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659553052who decides what is and isn't okay to depict in a videogame?[View]
659564706sexiest male white videogame protag since arthur morgan. how does rockstar do it?[View]
659564647DO. YOU. KNOW. WHY. YOU'RE. HERE.[View]
659561089I wish Spiders were real...[View]
659553759Can I get a mobile gaem recommendation? Preferably rpg[View]
659563656Sera is a textbook butterface. Those who dislike her are pathetic gachafags cranking it to japanese …[View]
659564541Me (on the left)[View]
659562775The C-Consciousness are absolute retards: > be the group comprised of brilliant minds > set u…[View]
659563559HAPPENING: GTA VI Trailer just dropped?: It’s real? Just dropped 5 minutes ago on their official web…[View]
659557240>Sweet Baby Inc's Kim Belair offers developers advice on making truly diverse and inclusive …[View]
659564369GTA Vi Trailer is up: >2025 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBZY2fkU-0…[View]
659561324Being excited about games doesn’t mean you are naive or dumb, /v/. Why do you hate everything?[View]
659564064WE WUZ IN VICE CITY CUZ[View]
659551030Wapeach! Cute Gremlin General!!![View]
659560878What's the appeal? There's literally not a single good thing about this time-wasting gamep…[View]
659547338>emulating DS games on PC soulless[View]
659564143Sonicbros, we won[View]
659556148kant if he ant[View]
659557634Risk of Rain Returns: >6th Stage >25 minutes >Rainstorm difficulty >Zero mountain shrine…[View]
659531148Cyberpunk 2077: What would the reaction to Cyberpunk have been if it launched with all the features …[View]
659553709She killed 2.[View]
659559596>game makes you look like an idiot[View]
659563821I'm genuinely not excited, I'd rather having RDR3 https://youtu.be/QdBZY2fkU-0[View]
659552113Why couldn't FF16 have been like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bzfpIlKOmg[View]
659563224WHAT THE FUCK[View]
659563416>it's just GTA V 2[View]
659562385How come new games can't produce feelings of discovery, mystery and adventure?[View]
659563523>good ending is 100% RNG[View]
659560637Post obscure waifus.[View]
659563118I actually like her[View]
659563463>here's your gta 6 bro >that will be 80$ + tip…[View]
659562741Oh no no vegastrannies: Not even reddit likes your 'fallout' game.[View]
659550969Bump limit![View]
659562392The Ultimate cutie-pie![View]
659558416GTA 6 will fail: The success of a major video game depends on the youngest generation. Zoomers domin…[View]
659561034Signs that game might be good[View]
659563413GTA 6 - Grand Theft Auto VI: DADDY'S BACK, YOU BITCHES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBZY2f…[View]
659541319Don't forget to spit on its grave. What you queuing for on MODO modern now that the format is m…[View]
659526194Starbreeze (Payday devs) is making a Dungeons & Dragons game. WotC really wants to capitalize on…[View]
659563307Remember when /v/ pretended this game had an abundance of shills and was rigged to win the game awar…[View]
659559429What compels game translators to do this?[View]
659559557Granny Cream's Hot Butter Ice Cream: We take the hot butter Mix it with the ice cream Freeze it…[View]
659563219Beep boop play Darkstalkers[View]
659562878>GTA 5 sold 150 million copies >I’ve never played it and have no desire to…[View]
659557967Does this actually happen?[View]
659519778like clockwork: https://www.nexusmods.com/baldursgate3/mods/4799 The indominable, splendacious, stal…[View]
659558028Cultist Simulator / Book of Hours thread: The Bureau is asleep, post your Hourfu[View]
659562904Kerry had the best missions because they were mainly just fun. The Cyberpunk sequel should do away w…[View]
659561298Insurgency dev 'New World Interactive' gets the axe.: https://insider-gaming.com/insurgency-develope…[View]
659559518XIV: Was Eureka really that beloved? Doesn't seem like it Many new players fellate its value as…[View]
659548752Why aren't there many games set in medieval Africa?[View]
659555724what exactly is the point of extremely low 'tell me a story' difficulties? at that point just watch …[View]
659561906Pick one[View]
659530860>3080 ti[View]
659557706Is there a more modern game that manages resources similar to Stronghold? I enjoyed watching them vi…[View]
659562549Look Basically I'm just not gonna play it (GTA IV, V, VI, or RDR2!!) I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
659544516Worth it /v/ros?[View]
659559178Why does street fighter constantly advertise itself with nice anime-esque images like this?[View]
659562339>'Well since this thread is gonna get 404'd, there's one more secret I have to share...…[View]
659551780>2077 is exactly the same as 2020 Are CDPR writers such lazy hacks that they handwave away having…[View]
659549406How mad do you think paypigs will be when they realize the tech update they've been waiting 3 y…[View]
659554540final fantasy 1 pixel remaster is just too easy: was final fantasy 1 only hard because of the NES li…[View]
659558321It's not entirely impossible right? Could GTA 6 come to Switch as well?[View]
659558957GTA 6 TRAILER: https://twitter.com/gta6trailerleak/status/1731795100546539836?s=46&t=RE4akuAVu3l…[View]
659555697Worst Fighting Game: What's the worst fighting game you've ever played? Mine is DBFZ…[View]
659562157Captain Wesker... Where's Chris?[View]
659540441>Grand Theft Auto >Grand Theft Auto 2 >Grand Theft Auto III >Grand Theft Auto: Vice City…[View]
659557304Holy mother of kino... is AC:Zero worth it? or should i skip it and play 7?[View]
659561286This game’s impending failure is going to atom-bomb video games as a whole. This will literally be t…[View]
659561328Can we all agree this is the best game of all time? Like even if you don't, you faggots surely …[View]
659561136pick one.[View]
659560841My point? I don't have one. You know this game so well, this is just something that can logical…[View]
659560434Dragon Ball FighterZ: >Finally decide to get FighterZ because Steam sales >Went in expecting G…[View]
659553039I want to make friends to play vidya with. I don;t know where else to took for and I'm more lik…[View]
659541793Cerberus was a perfectly legitimate organization that did nothing wrong.[View]
659561837POV: you just shittalked Nintendo online[View]
659502396DQM: >this just came out >no threads at all So what's the verdict /v/? Is it fun, is it g…[View]
659558769Who's the most annoying person you know? >Brother refuses to play anything but 1st person ga…[View]
659557624No weebslop will ever manage to be the focus of so much anticipation and speculation worldwide[View]
659558839Play Warframe[View]
659528584https://store.steampowered.com/app/1845910/Dragon_Age_Dreadwolf/ It's up.[View]
659556629I killed this bitch as soon as I found out she's a disgusting Shar worshipper.[View]
659550478>Play this as a kid/teenager >Could spend 9999999999999 hours playing it horsing around and ju…[View]
659558247What games am I supposed to be excited for next year?[View]
659561042Why does Gwyndolin have snegs (snake legs)?[View]
659544559Could any vidya character defeat him?[View]
659548853you aren't supporting genocide... right?[View]
659558919>3070 8gb[View]
659562989GTA VI TRAILER: GTA VI TRAILER IS OFFICIALLY OUT Holy fucking fuck balls this looks incredible. http…[View]
659538081Why the fuck do we need messages like these to be put in games today?[View]
659561054Ive seen a lot of misogynistic remarks against women and MtFs nowadays. /v/ has fallen[View]
659560876Dark Souls 2 is the best game in the trilogy. Try to convince me otherwise. >best fashion souls …[View]
659535805Why would they put this scene in the game? They're not even making love they're just bangi…[View]
659561037Why are unarmed fighters and monk classes more of an Eastern game thing than Western? Is the idea of…[View]
659561005I tire of mid games. RECOMMEND GOOD GAMES OR DIE IN THE NAME OF THE ORDER![View]
659560975>Globohomo propaganda Looks like shit[View]
659556770Spiderman 2 PS5: >millions of dollars >Huge Dev team >This is the end result Look what the…[View]
659556667>Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 3 had a focus on gameplay over story >4, 5, 6 had a balance between ga…[View]
659537429Necromorphs vs Combine vs Flood vs Reapers vs Zerg. Who wins? Whos world will be the shittiest to li…[View]
659560329GTA 6 trailer[View]
659552287and dropped. typical Aonuma handholding. fuck this game[View]
659559791why did it die?[View]
659560475What the hell was his problem?[View]
659536613>Having a better keyboard fucks you over[View]
659560461Thanks to this one game the 2010s haven't been a total waste for the games industry.[View]
659553026>install Faulconer's music mod >game becomes instant KINO…[View]
659558016December 2023... I am forgotten[View]
659560314ITT: Games that are easy to play but hard to master. CS is pretty fun and easy but to be really goo…[View]
659559143Time to play FF13 again[View]
659558257>flatter and angrier than Mirai The incarnation of sex[View]
659551257any games about fighting lovecraftian horrors from outer space?[View]
659560241What the fuck is up with League? Why do minor stat changes require such heavy updates ? I've b…[View]
659559948>GTA VI trailer means no one is talking about how ToTK will win at The Game Awards…[View]
659555434>Western fanservice[View]
659543879honestly though, why does Nintendo have such a vendetta against fangames? are they that mentally sca…[View]
659555501Just realized my computer can emulate 3DS. Are there even any good games though? I mean I like the m…[View]
659559802Is tonight the night ? https://garticphone.com/en/?c=0031a31810 DONT be a nigga and leave immediat…[View]
659546681Bloons Thread: Just got my second black C.H.I.M.P.S. medal. 0-4-2 villages really carry a lot of my…[View]
659550919Do you have unnaturally good or bad luck with RNG mechanics? Even with 95% chances to find an item i…[View]
659555267Post your BeeGeeThree toon[View]
659558947Let's face it >GTA 6 will outsell every game >GTA 5 will be a massive success >Everyon…[View]
659542976He’s not mysterious, he’s literally just a US government Glowie: Why are people so retarded and act …[View]
659557352Fem Pyro is a top tier character design[View]
659557273It's unironically harder than Dota 2, by far.[View]
659556046i want them to remake dmc2 just because dante looks cool as fuck in dmc2[View]
659549295what if the rumours about her being a single mom (with a black child) are true?[View]
659484346Sonic Dream Team first 30 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD7Yp3WM60A confirmed better than…[View]
659554665Remember all those anons who were telling everyone the game would be out by 2023?[View]
659546259Will GTA 6 come to PC day 1?: https://strawpoll.com/NoZr36wKpy3 well /v/?[View]
659524614Limbus Company: TWO ENVY TWO ENVY[View]
659556509https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx500-celebration-dlss-ray-tracing-new-games-win-prizes/ …[View]
659557812Childhood was thinking Mantis was the best boss fight in MGS1. Adulthood is realizing that Vulcan Ra…[View]
659553726Why is this game crushing every 20 fucking minutes What is this piece of shit![View]
659555110>LitRPG What the fuck is this[View]
659555635>Arkham Knight on Switch holy shit[View]
659557886/v/ You've just got to accept it; your game boy is gone. It's at the bottom of the ocean.[View]
659553856What are your genuine thoughts on Aconcagua: The Game?[View]
659557557I JUST BEAT UNDYNE WOO: I ran away till i got her to the hotland and then i gave her the cup of wate…[View]
659558476>game features subtle fanservice Can I get some suggestions? It NEEDS to be there, but not thrown…[View]
659544071I need a weapon[View]
659557096Why does it have so many 'they\them' players, its not particularly pozzed game.[View]
659557530OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
659557056Animal crossing gamecube :)[View]
659557187Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT7opfRd2C0[View]
659548031>many games feature segments where the player actively tortures a man >not a single time in hi…[View]
659558056I need a healthy stream of constant new indie steam games to play after work for 30-60 minutes befor…[View]
659553703'Rockstar Trailer 1': They still refuse to give a name. They refuse to even acknowledge it as GTA. W…[View]
659553943Biggest thing in gaming history: and still no countdown sticky?[View]
659557956>meanwhile, in the /v/alam ministries /v/arracks...[View]
659556108Nobody cares about this because nobody who isn't babysat by Twitch streamers cares about GTA V.…[View]
659555976I need recommendations for good non-woke games that I can play, and then fap to the girls in when I…[View]
659553873Baldurs Gate 3 TGA Gamepass Shadow Drop: >ALERT HAPPENING >Baldurs Gate 3 Coming To Gamepass F…[View]
659537167This game is going to be the flop of the century.[View]
659553523What was the most kino trailer any game has ever had? My vote is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCr…[View]
659550834DAILY REMINDER[View]
659505368Consider this, a fairy in your game.[View]
659554000technical limitations = SOUL[View]
659550646Realistic expectations? What features do you think will be added/removed/censored compared to previo…[View]
659555801I just beat this was it good?[View]
659548170Are there any /v/illains you would befriend?[View]
659545034Godzilla games: Godzilla games, good and bad, whatcha got? Minus One is an amazing film and i got th…[View]
659557145Take the red pill, GTA 6 will be wokeshit: >'strang trans wahmen' coloured female protagonist …[View]
659557160>visual novels are too easy to be considered gam-[View]
659529928With all the lore about ghost children, hyper advanced robotics, killer purple and porn, i sometimes…[View]
659556790games to play without a mouse?[View]
659554001Time to teach american liberals how games should be made.[View]
659544838King of /v/ 2023 (Round 1) Part 6: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for…[View]
659555395Do we have any bingo boards for this years VGAs?[View]
659556806>game has an interesting update >what's this feeling? Is this...hype? >feeling the zin…[View]
659526151I was 13 when this game came out.[View]
659555383>shit combat >empty map >autistic protagonist >buggy as hell >tries to be historicall…[View]
659547176how slow is your pc?[View]
659530058Shadowheartbros won.[View]
659553649APR or UFLL?[View]
659550320What's the consensus?[View]
659553448How would Hank Hill fare in a Yakuza game?[View]
659552967COME TO SCHOOL![View]
659548193what kind of person plays grapplers?[View]
659550665>buy game full price week one >get to enjoy it while it's fresh, partake in discussions a…[View]
659554894This is a game that will define a generation.[View]
659555510What happened to this era of gaming?: What happened to the old early 2010s age of jerking off to Cor…[View]
659550539Jiiiiiigllllyyy Puuuff Jiggillyyyyyy Puff Jiiiiiigllllyyy Puuuff Jiggillyyyyyy Puff[View]
659556498post games you literally can't beat without cheating[View]
659546115DALL-E 3: generate vidya related images. or don't bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.co…[View]
659554085>lethal company >join 'transgenders only' >dude asks 'what do you identify as' >'I ident…[View]
659485135Why are upskirts becoming less common in Japanese vidya, are they turning away from the lewd?[View]
659555720What the fuck is her deal?[View]
659554978>no Mario Sunshine 2 where you explore the other islands around Delfino with a bunch of new nozzl…[View]
659534529Reminder that the 'quarter muncher' myth of arcade gaming is purely a western phenomenon. (Japanese)…[View]
659555789A cyberpunk game.. with actual megacorporations trying to destroy each other.. and not just a family…[View]
659549930>*The sound of ten different notifications appearing on your screen* >hellatorius victorialis …[View]
659555046>game starts with a nietzsche quote[View]
659552609>+5% lightning resistance for 12 seconds after deflecting a physical ice attack…[View]
6595533673 days until Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora[View]
659545409How is this for switch on portable mode? Watched some videos and it looked like ass but im gonna ask…[View]
659553747Granblue Fantasy: At least they tried to make the game playable forever by making an actual OFFLINE …[View]
659544327>Th-the gameplay isn't bad! You just didn’t follow a highly specific build online: Why are f…[View]
659555090How are the remastered versions of Homeworld games?[View]
659555062>Screenshake: Max >Motion Blur: On >Anti-Aliasing: TAA >Chromatic Abberation: On >Dif…[View]
659555041How are they so FUCKING COOL!!![View]
659551353SIGNALIS: ITT: barely talked about /v/ideas What should I expect from this game?[View]
659551794How can GTA VI ever live up to this unhealthy amount of hype?[View]
659550574lewd dungeon crawlers: What are you fav ones? Mine are Dungeon Travelers 2-2[View]
659552354I never played Halo once. Is it still worth it?[View]
659553745WoW is fucking back![View]
659551646What is it about this game that makes double digit IQ apes think it's the best story they ever …[View]
659551247shitty vidya thread: talk about your favorite game or something idk[View]
659553959The Game Awards: Hopes? Fears? Expecations?[View]
659549431itt forgotten games[View]
659548272Tim Cain namesdrop Star Control 2 as the biggest influence to Fallout https://youtu.be/2j6qqh3H-0Y?t…[View]
659536428It's dead.[View]
659553713>here you go Sars, your typical Maine citizen[View]
659553914>Finish the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3 >Cannot be assed putting in the last 3 hours to beat …[View]
659552359Vidya dilfs[View]
659553361>/v/ is filled with subhumans who piss and shit themselves because of new GTA what happened to t…[View]
659551241Is it reckless to make Kirby crossovers knowing the full extent of his powers?[View]
659551026ITT mourn the games you loved that were lost to time and died[View]
659551915Do you think this game will get ported to PS4?[View]
659530139Cygames bringing back the classic JRPG aesthetic. Final Fantasy and Tales of are quivering in their …[View]
659454432>12 hour Video Game Essay >It's just a wiki Plot Summary…[View]
659525406you can now filter games by triggers! so hecking cool! now i will never leave my safe space ever aga…[View]
659550489Mameda Bakeru: Just got my import copy delivered today but won't be able to play it until later…[View]
659552459What are the best games for playing as a cleric? Either cRPG style or Skyrim/Dark Souls style[View]
659551234What is the video game equivalent of a delicious Arnold Palmer? (an Arnold Palmer is a mixed drink c…[View]
659551319is it though?[View]
659553435Roguelikes made ARPG genre redundant Average roguelike has about as much actual substance as most AR…[View]
659549278Action RPG thread. What are the GOAT action rpgs?[View]
659552926Imagine being a Snoy and having to settle for shovelware and moviegames while the other two consoles…[View]
659517774Why have you stopped playing Overwatch 2, anon?[View]
659550206Why did developers move away from gameplay density in favor of long, shallow, bloated experiences? …[View]
659523417Why do they care so much about what happens in the privacy of our computer rooms?[View]
659548445>Why did I move here? >I guess it was the weather... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkkoHAzjn…[View]
659550000>That one GTA V mission where you had to torture a random pajeet What controversy will GTA VI cau…[View]
659553204Have you ever cosplayed at a video game convention?[View]
659546990>We want the furry audience.[View]
659548507Was it flop?[View]
659552502What will you do for your favourite game.: What would you do if some how and in some way your favori…[View]
659549191Starfield was a flo-AAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
659551932>gets brutally mogged by Ninja Gaiden a year before[View]
659550843sex with Futaba: sex with Futaba[View]
659552870Any chance this little guy will get anything next year? >inb4 you’re greedy Yes and I don’t care…[View]
659547994>you will never be a Satori[View]
659551276How tired are you of notalent bugmen doing wikipedia lore youtube vids?[View]
659547696>top tier vr hardware >zero games Its a shame really…[View]
659546557Do you ever imagine yourself as a player character of the game you're playing? Or do you keep h…[View]
659545628Fighting games: I stopped playing fighting games when I stopped being a kid, but I used to really li…[View]
659552483The Cat Lady: could there actually be better depression kino?[View]
659551419Snake's box in the Fortnite trailer says 'The Orange' on it. The Orange Box? Half-life 3 confir…[View]
659552410Is the game worth it for 40 bucks? I enjoyed MKX a lot[View]
659549757>every single song in this game is some soundcloud 808 Drill/Trap bass boosted Hip-hop song What …[View]
659547451Nintendo Switch games: What are some kino switch games? I wanna make sure I'm not missing anyth…[View]
659545372the mere fact that I like this game will make people uncontrollably seethe in this thread and I thin…[View]
659543216What are some popular franchises you never played?[View]
659550716Slay the Spire: Why is it so good?[View]
659548532>The toon awards[View]
659543806I refuse to play a game unless it has an alpha bitch[View]
659551610GTA VI: You will reclaim this[View]
659551784Why has no one made anything else like it?: There are so many different ways the concept of a first …[View]
659551792> Mod about having fake friends W H Y ?[View]
659551679I hope another doodle champion webgame is made for the 2024 Olympics.[View]
659550636do you remember love, /v/?[View]
659551587ITT: Games that refuse to die: It will get even more seasons of DLC with Daima and the upcoming mang…[View]
659548323Post vidya moments that made you feel like this[View]
659545802The Game Awards have been saved[View]
659551226Stimcuck or Grapplechad?[View]
659548148what are some good games for a 'simpler times' feel? i hate everybody form of entertainment trying t…[View]
659488059It's over.[View]
659540726Kill all localizers.[View]
659551029No one played the original, wtf.[View]
659549147>you wake up tomorrow >go out >there's a package at the door but you don't remmeb…[View]
659548991did you like Tales of Arise[View]
659550125MFW PIZZA TOWER won't win GOTY because consolefags didn't play it[View]
659550513WE KEEP SAYING IT BROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c80-CEMyXuY[View]
659529204Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader: Let's talk about this game before the board is unusable tomorrow…[View]
659541749What is the Gundam SEED Destiny of vidya?[View]
659550695All you people have terrible fucking taste in videogames.[View]
659548203Admit it, you guys hate this game right? Contrarian little fucks. This is the kind of soul that we n…[View]
659547734I've played a few stages so far and what exactly is the point of this game? What purpose does i…[View]
659548932What the fuck were they thinking? Miyazaki would have never allowed a design this frivolous and crud…[View]
659550382Where do you go for hentai games that wont bring a bunch of computer STDs?[View]
659545961He STILL couldn't win.[View]
659550301This is my backlog: Which one should I play first?[View]
659550387Post games with mobile hubs. It could be just you, or for party management like like the airships in…[View]
659550384>Japanese game >GIANT STRONG character is 180cm 80kgs…[View]
659537287Smart People Games: Any more intelligent games like Alan Wake 2?[View]
659529998Dragon Age dreadwolf full Reveal in 2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCokMTQ6qKk[View]
659547298Came back to Iceborne, what are my goals supposed to be right now? I'm getting special assignme…[View]
659549787Granblue Fantasy: Beelzebub is so fucking hot[View]
659545032Is there a single design in strive that isn't a downgrade?[View]
659546831reddit spergs keep acting like this character is good simply cause the female voa is 6/10 hot but re…[View]
659544424Starfield: OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
659549195Is she the most controversial from character? The comments on her page are a warzone, besides gwyndo…[View]
659549619>buy game full price week one >get to enjoy it while it's fresh, partake in discussions a…[View]
659543713>millenials in managment and milenials in game dev sometimes mixed with boomers >it's som…[View]
659545695Do you think GTA 6 could outdo RDR2 in terms of character models?[View]
659534605Do you own any vidya merchandise?[View]
659547784My name is not important... What is important is what I'm going to do... I just fuckin' ha…[View]
659549752>saves gaming[View]
659541187Xenoblade 2: I can't believe it's been 6 years already. Times sure flies. Am I wrong to ex…[View]
659544370Grand theft auto VI: Since we know that GTA 6 will be a pozzed woke ESG friendly shitshow. Wouldn…[View]
659546821What even is this?[View]
659502867I would not recommend this rancid pile of horseshit to anyone for any price.: Holy shit, it's s…[View]
659542596*blinding lights starts playing*[View]
659503175Post unfun vidya mechanics >gun jamming[View]
659536460ITT words you learned from vidya.[View]
659548191We're going SHOPPING! 8D Shopping with money we don't haz :>[View]
659545004Most annoying fanbases[View]
659548059it’s my GOTY[View]
659543091Someone talked to me in public chat and I just panic quit the server....[View]
659549153>when you realize that sex can be animated with a sine wave[View]
659538640Are you in the waiting room too /v/?[View]
659548250>be me >at vidya tournament >standing there watching the others play their match >dude …[View]
659544304God, I wish human females were real.[View]
659479416Based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5jy6mLelAU[View]
659539967How are PC gamers going to cope this time?[View]
659539068It's a garbage. How the fuck did it even get nominated? How much did you think Nintendo pay the…[View]
659547738Aside from Okami what games have you play as a true quadruped animal (not a wolf-Link sort of charac…[View]
659548432Best MMOs of all time. Post em.[View]
659546434My fox wife Krystal is so cute, she loves me so much, thoughts?[View]
659544951I do not care about GTA VI.[View]
659546982Are fighting games good for you?[View]
659546030Eve is my wife.[View]
659540709Imoen if she real[View]
659546785Will GTA7 be the most anticipated game of all time when it releases in 2045?[View]
659542136pirates when they download a new game[View]
659548152When will the militant shill campaigns stop?: Cyberpunk is unironically the only game I truly believ…[View]
659548245God Hand: >he hasn't completed a KMS run How can you even be comfortable browsing /v/ if you…[View]
659530232Sonic Boom: Why does literally no one, ever, at any point, talk about this game? It looks like Sonic…[View]
659545264You will never see this squirrel in another game ever again[View]
659548067What are some simple games to relieve stress?[View]
659525374>make an easy mode mod >problem chud? why do you care what people do with their singleplayer e…[View]
659538958Mallow is transgender: Or non-binary at least. If you notice all the male nimbus land residents are …[View]
659467153Do you also like umbrella women, /v/?[View]
659547978>$60-80 for a single plane/vehicle How are people okay with this, not even warthunder is this jew…[View]
659474667Wapeach! Absolute Gremlin[View]
659547256I love this janky game.[View]
659547749The Playstation Vita has been clutch this year, been getting a lot of gaming done. I wish the batter…[View]
659541519He saved fortnite[View]
6595477953 days until potentially news about multiversus.[View]
659542046I just got the new Oculus 3. What are the good VR games, if any?[View]
659547246Betrayer... In truth, it was I who was betrayed.[View]
659523594Cyberpunk 2077 patch 2.1: They actually fixed every single damn thing. Very nice. https://www.youtub…[View]
659538704This gameplay is fire fr fr[View]
659546538>GTA VI, exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast 2! how would /v/ react to this?…[View]
659541954Why do people not like talking about actual video games? Video games are fun. I'm playing the n…[View]
659545852I can't believe Haruka would let this uggo impregnate her Makes me sick...[View]
659543145>Tutorial takes 3 HOURS >Most linear zelda ever, it barely opens up after the arbiter's g…[View]
659545306Who is your favorite vidya clown?[View]
659533306What games are like this? I nominate Arkham Knight.[View]
659543725We are all voting for Final Fantasy 16 VA right /v/?[View]
659545329Is he ever going to make game music ever again?[View]
659547168Danganronpa: What makes this franchise so popular and beloved all around the world?[View]
659546063>GTA is about to be finally free of the fifth game's 10+ years long tyranny >meanwhile th…[View]
659539758Has there ever been a developer with a bigger fall from glory? Maybe Creative Assembly and Rare are …[View]
659546779One of the most anticipated indie games is a cute slime game: AND ITS FULL OF SO MUCH SOUL >4 mil…[View]
659546074>first game is about puzzle and philosophy >second game is about politic and social medias …[View]
659545854Hey /v/ whatchu doin?[View]
659543228What did From mean by this?[View]
659541639Just upgraded from the Gtx 1660S the Gtx 3050 8GB. What am I in for?[View]
659528337>Currently quit my job because they're shady as fuck and tried to fire me for reporting a wo…[View]
659546401Do it really be like that?[View]
659545261BG3 Thread: Alright - Bills are mounting but income is coming in, all I have to do is not go out and…[View]
659543005Videogame brats: Who is the biggest brat in all of vidya[View]
659542664>buys $50 Amiibo watch >play Just Dance (Mario version) >retire to the Toad Café and enjoy …[View]
659544373best lego game: I played starwars and it was pretty fun. any recommendations?[View]
659546409Outer Heaven – Big Boss: metal gear solid mgsv mgs5 the phantom pain ground zeroes big boss outer he…[View]
659546204>wake up >see this What do?[View]
659545714My xbox 360 controller of 10 years has started to drift, what controller is good for PC gayming nowa…[View]
659539843What are the best farming games? I already know Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.[View]
659513961>new one punch man game is a hit with all the early reviewers and beta testers on yt OPMbros it…[View]
659546027What could GTAVI even possibly add to the series? Vice City had motorcycles and boats. San Andreas h…[View]
659536953DALL-E 3: generate vidya related images. or don't bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.co…[View]
659544650ITT: Post vidya music that's living rent free in your head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK0G…[View]
659545991Twisted Metal thread: Remove the ice missile, it's useless to the player and only exists to fuc…[View]
659538034Can your job make a good video game? I've worked a lot of jobs, and some of them are good ideas…[View]
659541536>seeing vr headsets discounted I'm so tempted bros....is vr worth it?…[View]
659538563>2023 >this is still the only good business simulator Prove me wrong…[View]
659543431>weight limit >volume limit >encumbrance Fuck off with these shitty features. I just want t…[View]
659545739>saying ggs to me ever[View]
659542645If you ask me, i fully support Nintendo going hard after All these fcking degenerates ruining their …[View]
659544759When was the last time you played a local multiplayer game?[View]
659545492>FINALLY IT’S UP! >Time to spam this 4 hour long video essay made by some fucking faggot about…[View]
659538720I'm gonna go Gamestop, anyone need anything?[View]
659543864I like this fish :)[View]
659545403Monster Hunter: Give me one reason why I should play this.[View]
659545285It's time TO USE THAT[View]
659541032What are some good games that has beginner level Japanese?[View]
659544508remember, the flight mechanic needs to be as stimulating as webbing onto a helicopter and catching a…[View]
6595391182023 Vidya Gaem Awards: Award Category suggestions: what's up /v/, the 2023 Vidya Gaem Awards n…[View]
659544396So this is the power of Japanese games...[View]
659545059There are so many games about war, what are some games about peace?[View]
659544075I hope everyone can agree this was best Far Cry[View]
659544946name a game with funner combat you cant[View]
659529787>Game that exposed 'git gud' crowd for whiny casuals they are Why haven't you played this GO…[View]
659535779can you claim to have beaten a game when you have died to a boss 100 times before beating him?[View]
659543913bros. i developed a habit now where whenever i play games, i have some sort of podcast or random inf…[View]
659538816>Gta 4 releases, /v/ says it's shit, says San Andreas is the best >Gta 5 releases, /v/ sa…[View]
659538117>come home from work >time for some vidya >open game.exe and tab out >open 4channel >…[View]
659540935do capbucks really and truely?[View]
659485143Splatoon 3: Here's that gold reward you ordered[View]
659542217After Nintendo: After Microsoft buys Nintendo, should Microsoft drop the Xbox Branding entirely and …[View]
659544593Beautiful Power[View]
659543654/v/ is my most played game[View]
659537986The eternal debate.[View]
659540207Is Blue Archive the new Touhou?[View]
659537817The strongest video game character...[View]
659542102How would you design a second person shooter?[View]
659540890Alan Wake 2 thread: so was Tom Zane the big bad after all? did he dupe Alan into releasing the dark …[View]
659544204Meanwhile at The Willamette Park/v/iew Mall[View]
659542165Does Gordon wear a helmet or not in Half-Life 1 & 2?[View]
659542868Too many cutscenes in FF16: Gamers are fucking dense man. I said that I thought there were too many …[View]
659532309what's the longest time you've played vidya without stopping?[View]
659544135>There you are, playing your favorite game and all of the sudden you're (cringe) you didn…[View]
659533439votv voices of the void thread: Am I retarded if I checked everywhere for the funny green forest box…[View]
659543296Is there any legal recourse against this?[View]
659540486Capcom Insider info: >Dragon's Dogma 2: - The game is actually going to have 16 vocations. T…[View]
659540921Why do Japanese game devs make their Japanese women look like White people in their products?[View]
659522727It's a good game, but why does it have such an insufferable fanbase?[View]
659542790What went right?[View]
659535889>no Flash game >no Superman game >yet another Nigger-Man game How come?…[View]
659542768I am a grown ass man and I can't play horror games[View]
659542376Do you hook up your old consoles or do you solely emulate?[View]
659542616ITT: embarrassing video game memories >midsummer >Play ski jumping game on ps2 >Menu song p…[View]
659543661ITT: Games only you played[View]
659530309He's right, you know.[View]
659539593Got gifted a nintendo switch What decent games are there for it?[View]
659543350Let me guess, you need more.[View]
659533692>dude lets all turn in and watch 2 hours of advertisements why are you like this?…[View]
659541570Why did the worse designed 90s monster IP succeed[View]
659540008What's the right amount of challenge in a video game?[View]
659539204Dort Fort: What killed the hype?[View]
659543280This Pokemon was surely designed for children[View]
659514047IT'S UP >IT'S UP IT'S UP >IT'S UP IT'S UP >IT'S UP IT'S …[View]
659513031Ace Attorney thread. What was her problem?[View]
659543142What am I in for?[View]
659537332Fuck EA for ruining the Sims franchise[View]
659541647are there any good games about conspiracies ?[View]
659539065The classic experience[View]
659510302E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy: How are your legs?[View]
6595427213 days until Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora[View]
659541503Games that bacome much better if you skip all cutscenes[View]
659542074ITT: Crossover fighting games you want: Personally, I think Dragon Ball vs either Marvel or DC could…[View]
659542150I will never be a real Unreal Tournament announcer: In fact, such tournaments won't probably oc…[View]
659542636What was THIS supposed to mean?[View]
659537073Considering that RDR2 had such atrocious mission design, how bad will the mission design be in VI? W…[View]
659534339Alright 14 years have passed, is it a misunderstood hidden gem now or do we still hate it?[View]
659512191This game generated so much seethe here i had to see what the fuss is all about, what am i in for?[View]
659534380what's taking so long?[View]
659530124Am i the only one who doesn't care about GTA VI?[View]
659537572Even the fucking Apple Arcade game kept Rouges fat bat tats, this is a true Sonic Game[View]
659538551Has a completely SFW video game ever accidentally given you a new fetish?[View]
659525684King of /v/ 2023 (Round 1) Part 5: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for…[View]
659539086>Most important and relevant Latin American country >Richest culture and history in Latin Amer…[View]
659541974What was it like playing games on a mobile phone in the year 2000?[View]
659541890So here’s my wife Little Mermaid.[View]
659540774ITT: Peak reddit.[View]
659541037This is better than Spiderman 2 (ps5). I think it was ahead of its time releasing in 2014 (sorta. I’…[View]
659536784GTA VI is already mindbreaking frogfags. Imagine what tomorrow will look like.[View]
659539336Which of the post-Black Flag, pre-Origin AssCreeds are worth playing? Or is it one of those 'you wil…[View]
659541159Who is guessing that they're not gonna call it gta 6 but instead name it like gta without any n…[View]
659541553What will happen if I give my money to them? Are they financing terrorism?[View]
659540721Is Persona 5 a good game?[View]
659541513>game is called Trailer 1: Tuesday WTF were they thinking?[View]
659541354What are some based characters that stayed based even after the rest of the series got pozzed?[View]
659541376i like the girl with the long hair i think her name is miku[View]
659534940>still supposedly has one unrevealed big game in store that they think is going to sell millions …[View]
659536859>GTA 6 is just RDR2 but set in modern Miami: KINOOOOOOO[View]
659539567Banjo bros, they are hearing us! >You've seen from our history that we haven't touched …[View]
659541317You can make quick work of that opponent anon, but choose not to. That brute force approach is not g…[View]
659527148>produces immesurable damage to your IPs reputation forever in your path…[View]
659541062Just how are you supposed to beat this guy?[View]
659534557>just got added >already the top game on Insignia Live We can’t stop winning…[View]
659535518Toy chica is venting[View]
659539617Who'd win in a fight? Five Night Feddy or a bulldozer?[View]
659538692I only used 4chan through catalogue, idk how the retarded thread/post mix list works Oh right video …[View]
659518812It's a shame Japan didn't share the west's love for FPS and shooters. Imagine how kin…[View]
659540989Imagine the shitstorm if they announce you can pick the gender of the protagonist or maybe they…[View]
659540359Master Duel: How can Konami make their events fun?[View]
659540945I will not stand for this[View]
659540620Here's your Bloodlines 2 character design bro.[View]
659539696Groznyj Grad...[View]
659540621Why do their games mog the competition so hard?[View]
659532882Why haven't you joined the verse yet? After this year's Citizen on the upward and accelera…[View]
659526326Does anyone know how to extract the SF6 models for animations? Or any mod to use in-game for that? A…[View]
659538385Have you organized your local GTA VI™ trailer watch party yet /v/ ?[View]
659532942I have never seen a game so passionately defended in its first two weeks of existence and so barely …[View]
659527087>tfw you realize that video games are a such a prominent battlefield of the culture war because b…[View]
659538147Am I the only one who finds the combat here extremely dull? It's just brain dead button mashing…[View]
659537957why does this game, the only real Skyrim killer, never get talked about?[View]
659537086>played all the games in the franchise, some multiple times >cant remember the names and basic…[View]
659535161Who the fuck cares about peter parker, I want an MJ game now! She's so cool![View]
659490769How do you make the healer class more interesting to play?[View]
659538113Q1 2024 will be the new 1998.[View]
659534435The Deltarune community needs it's own 'HOT CHICK HEAVEN' video.[View]
659517378Why is Vice City so soulless compared to III?[View]
659523525Is it just me or is the stigma against 'casual' games disappearing? It's like nobody cares abou…[View]
659534007Less than 24 hours Gaston chads[View]
659487908Master Duel: >drops this in standby phase nothing personnel[View]
659533629GTA VI LEAK: LEAKED GTA VI SOUNDTRACK https://youtu.be/p5l0RaG-Uso[View]
659538893Halo Infinite is getting Firefight: PvE finally added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_x0LVnITTg…[View]
659537503>Videogame has fantastic and doritastic creatures Name 5 videogames[View]
659539246>what do I play video games for? the atmosphere, of course![View]
659532158Bionicle sisters... We lost[View]
659537931So what's with all the jerking off and anticipation over a trailer that's just going to be…[View]
6595382871 > 2 > 3[View]
659537509Skeletron is the only time I can remember being so pissed at a game that I had to turn it off and do…[View]
659533270When will mods do something about generals?: What's even the point of /vg/ if all these retarde…[View]
659519092ITT: Forgotten video games[View]
659538234He is literally me: Not even joking I don't even like the game, but ever since the first traile…[View]
659539024Barry. Where's Barry?[View]
659536378can you recommend me some good games for MS-DOS?[View]
659512768>when that song came on[View]
659524638Red Dead 2 had great female characters, easily Rockstar's best.[View]
65953762950K viewers waiting for GTA VI trailer that's 19 hours away[View]
659531214Draenei females should have feet[View]
659525257You'll buy it[View]
659538967I think my child is a casual. He's so young but the signs are already there.[View]
659538849>Niggers and trannies seething on Twitter because Natlan isn't Africa…[View]
659538817What do you think of the fridge freezer and the oven is on the floor and the oven is on the floor an…[View]
659524158Behold the only non-party fighting game that will actually have a large community. Are you ready to…[View]
659535534why do people play this shit? whats the appeal?: I got a zoomer friend that plays this shit all the …[View]
659534225Post games only you have played[View]
659517472alright /v/ hands up[View]
659528847What does the N stand for?[View]
659537217Are all three Watch Dogs games good and worth playing in current year?[View]
659538027>The feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. It's not going to have any feeding problems…[View]
659537574Post em[View]
659536338What is a fun video game to play?[View]
659538045There's so many things wrong with this game I don't even know where to start.[View]
659534514This is what they took from you[View]
659530572Why is the PS3 so slow? I thought we had the power of the CELL...[View]
659538036What's the best combination for peak gaming? For me it's top left and bottom right[View]
659528559DALL-E 3: generate vidya related images bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator…[View]
659537949is pragmata going to be at the game awards? https://youtu.be/p1Q367c8gIM[View]
659537662Trailer in 3 days Prime bros[View]
659537774NPR's Best Games of 2023: https://www.npr.org/2023/07/18/1187554727/best-new-video-games-xbox-p…[View]
659536614meat courtains: canon outtie vidya characters[View]
659534345So I’ve been playing tales if the abyss for the first time and recently discovered that i shouldnt b…[View]
659534507>have no motivation to play games >i want to play a game but my brain says no >i just want …[View]
659537575>Poison ivy dies in arkham knight >FFW to the Suicide Squad game >Apparently Lex Luthor gre…[View]
659536694do you actually think GTA 6 will feature new gameplay paradigms the likes of which this industry has…[View]
659525241Are you hyped for death stranding 2?[View]
659537470Play dragon ball(tm) xenoverse 2 Jugar dragon ball (tm) xenoverse 2 Plz it’s a ghost town ;_;[View]
659537187What are some other menhera core videogames?[View]
659531954what were they thinking: >hypnospace 'outlaw' >you play as an internet cop…[View]
659501028700$ games spending: If you had a 700$ in your pocket, what video games would you buy?[View]
659534470Arma or Squad?[View]
659529376Fire Emblem Engage: why arent you marrying your little sister right now?[View]
659532834Why did I moved here? I guess it was the weather.[View]
659535715When playing BL3, I kept thinking something felt off with the female faces. Found out why.[View]
659516162>6 years since the announcement It's dead, isn't it?[View]
659509191Suicide Squad plot LEAKED: >Harley wins and gives a speech, Batman says it's shit and then d…[View]
659525225Why did he do it?[View]
659526908who's your League of Legends waifu![View]
659531661Who was this game made for? It must be some sort of money laundering scheme.[View]
659517264>'Voice actors should always match their character's ethnicity!' >cast an American-Korean…[View]
659536617Is SNK the worst Fighting Game company? They're so amateur and mediocre compared to everyone el…[View]
659534994who was in the wrong here?[View]
659530061Baldur's Gate 3 has fully modeled Bat Penis for Gay Vampire character: FULLY MODELED I REPEAT F…[View]
659535782Switch 2 will release in 2 model. Hybrid and console only, with a portable only to release in 2026. …[View]
659531821Imma be honest with y'all. I'm a bit of a casual.[View]
659525746chibiterasu on his wee way to page 10 please allow him safe travels[View]
659531980btd6 thread: update 40 looks pretty cool. are you excited for corvus, anons?[View]
659536023Why is the god of war 2 game so Fckin long been trying to compete it for a year now still nowhere ne…[View]
6595351764chan is strictly a Lalafell website. Other races please head to reddit and discord instead.[View]
659531078How are those V-ranks coming along, /v/? You didn't forget her game, did you?[View]
659532635The most iconic game artwork i ever seen in my life[View]
659534383will starfield be as iconic as skyrim?[View]
659531568You WILL be watching GTA VI trailer admit it[View]
659507213>Still no good Stargate game Why? The setting is perfect for some creativity.…[View]
659518778I'm tired of fotm games and I'm running out of timeless classics. This is a huge issue. pi…[View]
659535561post your biggest flex in any video game you ever played[View]
659535847is it good?[View]
659531974Got him on my 5th try. Is it just me or is DS3 pretty easy compared to the last two?[View]
659535452barter thread: Are barter threads allowed? https://barter.vg/ Got some games I'm looking to tur…[View]
659535787>I put a disc in console and play it like a normal well adjusted individual, works on ps1-5 >p…[View]
659530265>Made a friend in cs2 >We actually get along quite well >Added on steam >he has pronoun…[View]
659535068whats the game that has come out this year?[View]
659530891>But, it ruined the artstyle of the ga-ACK! shut the fuck up, if it looks good and functional, th…[View]
659533193I liked it[View]
659535198is there a guy in your friend group that wants to talk about something else?: what's his status…[View]
659529263EN SIXTY FOUR: What can you play on this thing that is not nintendo or rareware? >Ogre Battle 64 …[View]
659528519He's been awful for the Zelda series.[View]
659535262>this made millennial trannies piss their pants[View]
659526701>0 Nominations Kek /v/ lost again[View]
659534812Well Nikkechads?[View]
659534579Starfield, whatever happened there[View]
659525312What is a character from any media franchise that could be cool to see in Fortnite? The more creativ…[View]
659530160Wonder of U: >He attacks you Ruined https://youtu.be/Upodsfqs_-8?si=4q5Cy83UQBTivb-L…[View]
659521451What a downgrade in every way.[View]
659529494i havent cared about GTA in over a decade and still dont[View]
659534836Any other games for this feel?[View]
659529552I dont get it guys. >get up in the morning >work >get home >eat/do errands >go to the…[View]
659532289is this game good? it looks kinda good[View]
659534676if you had a kid, would you let him play AAA games?[View]
659534330Where is it?[View]
659526698>Russians are le evil >Americans are le good the video game…[View]
659532456Sonicbros.. Eggbros... Don't look...[View]
659531390the remedyverse is kino[View]
659529567Do video games still manage to fill the void?[View]
659526932what do you think about milk inside a bag of milk and its sequel outside a bag of milk?[View]
659527953I can predict the plot of GTA VI (Screenshot This).: >Jason is a former soldier and skinhead, who…[View]
659498536Monster Hunter: Why was Rise such a disappointment?[View]
659532175Would some nerd here have any clue what new era new energy could mean? Could it be a specific series…[View]
659534042What's your favorite PS4 exclusive?[View]
659516740Heroes of Might and Magic III: What happened to that Factory patch? was it because the guy died?…[View]
659529665Post you're waifu[View]
659534151I would give my life for this beautiful spanish goddess[View]
659527169>gg ez[View]
659522152[Good News]: Phil Spencer hints that changes are coming to the Xbox achievements system. What do you…[View]
659534283>watched a stream or lets play You didn't win unless you played it in one sitting, blind.…[View]
659531382>get sniped from halfway across the map >rinse and repeat how the fuck do i git gud this game …[View]
659534150Fear of KH going woke: Are you a Kingdom Hearts fan? Do you fear Kingdom Hearts going woke?[View]
659533507If Kojima has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Kojima has ten fans, then I am one of them. …[View]
659529640What games to play?: I have been living under a rock and didn't play any vidya released in the …[View]
659533916Reminder: Will it be a crime posters get punished in addition: i don't get the hype for this, o…[View]
659529047I like vidya tomboys[View]
659533279Why don't games have more designs like this?[View]
659529515Black Mesa Xen: >Xen became a magical forest instead of rocky alien world what were they thinking…[View]
659523884How come no other fighting games have clothes damage system?[View]
659531396>Halo is back![View]
659423356Fire Emblem: My stupid cute little Black Eagles![View]
659532392winter gaymes: what do you usualy play when it snows outside for me its skyrim with survival and wea…[View]
659531042Has he finally succeeded in his goal of destroying his company once and for all?[View]
659532660>be me >playing through MHW and Iceborne for the first time >skip out on Leshen/Behemoth an…[View]
659533039>It's actually real[View]
659484915Official GTA VI Trailer Countdown Thread: >When? Tuesday 9am EST (32 Hours Away) >Where can I …[View]
659519581Are you prepared for tomorrow?[View]
659519210I have never played even one (1) game in this entire series: Which one should I start with? I know t…[View]
659532849>Videogame has fantastic and doritastic creatures Name 5 videogames[View]
659530245>new jojo character is out >no one is talking about it…[View]
659531587We’re so BACK[View]
659532674>that feeling when you are an indie dev and you try to play the marketing game, by trying to evok…[View]
659531601Are you good at sniping? Is your dpi set super high? Is your mouse heavy or light? Any aiming tric…[View]
659530406Atmospheric. Fantasy. Kino.[View]
659531691My Time at Sandrock: what was his problem?[View]
659532040Vidya Wizard Thread 30+: Whatcha playing and how long have you walked this path?[View]
659529289The only hope I have left of happiness is VR. anyone else? I have no earthly desires. I just want to…[View]
659531625'The Day Before isnt fake': >Predict how trash this will be https://twitter.com/FntasticHQ/status…[View]
659530013Why don't you own a steamdeck OLED?[View]
659528875Why can't you men look like this?[View]
659529837>make a thread about video games >first post: buy an ad or 'ok' or 'op faggot' >shitpost or…[View]
659529921>Exclusivité Epic Store[View]
659530734I wish this game got a port to modern platforms. I love this game and it's prequels but I fucki…[View]
659531565>he is a cheevo hunter are you okay?[View]
659527386Yagami: why is he so cool?[View]
659520771FG Character Design: What makes a fighting game character's design good and what makes it bad?…[View]
659519721Waifus you love from games you never played[View]
659531629This will NEVER be topped. The amount of SOVL is just unmatchable.[View]
659527919Are we just going to ignore this?[View]
659531530>The far right militia mission in the leaks is just a mission >It's just a random mission…[View]
659530870I enjoy all of them :)[View]
659529749Yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. But that's only because people will stop using thos…[View]
659531286Does anyone have the gta6 leaks with AUDIO?[View]
659524643Why do people suddenly shit on him?[View]
659531232Post the healthbar, guess the game: Let's-a-go!![View]
659529874>combat is just jumping around randomly and mashing buttons This is what weebs think is better t…[View]
659519146Pick one[View]
659530892What are some games with a hair growth mechanic over time? All I can think of is RDR2.[View]
659530865>racism bad >sexism bad >bullying good what's wrong with this picture…[View]
659530859How do i achieve this body build?[View]
659514375What's other /a/ & /v/ crossover you want to see?[View]
659529894Payday 3 Devblog 2: 100 dollars + tips edition[View]
659530701tf2: This has more cultural impact than all games released in the past 5 years combined[View]
659530707MK3 Komplete Kodes: Dropping a scan/pic from my old strategy guide[View]
659509926ITT:Delisted/Abandonware games: What's your favorite abandonware game? For me it's pic rel…[View]
659529159What makes them identify as Bridget and not say Ladiva?[View]
659528809>FF15 Director Hajime Tabata said he left Square Enix due to a difference in philosophy between h…[View]
659524371Skyrim: What is better /v/ >To be born good or >to overcome your evil nature, through great ef…[View]
659525759Reminder that Valve and Gaben can beat Rockstar and GTA tomorrow by just tweeting one number. No ann…[View]
659530014disney speedstorm: she cute[View]
659528794>game got memed and shat on for years >decide to play it out of morbid curiosity >it's…[View]
659528150Stop pretending to be a fan of games you've never cleared (preferably on the hardest difficulty…[View]
659526718Comfy /deck/ Thread: What are you playing on your Deck/Ally/Go?[View]
659530072Yep, it's RPG time[View]
659530026HighScore Gaming Token: Why you nerds gaming on your phones for fun when you can be making money to …[View]
659518437Mother Glooperior says that you have the potential to be a better person[View]
659529770What made every journo chimp out so hard? Every youtube review and article is some 2017 BoTW tier …[View]
659529415>game has cute girls[View]
659529765>JRPG or other similar game set in 'modern' times ('EarthBound-inspired' games included) >you …[View]
659527542Why did Umineko turn into straight garbage after chapter 2? It was very fun when it was Battler tryi…[View]
659412948What is the demographic for this game?[View]
659528943I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I'm completely obsessed with Frankziska von K…[View]
659526398for me it's the IV logo[View]
659529580Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game[View]
659528615If you think all modern games are shit (not saying goyslop isn't a thing) and you cant enjoy an…[View]
659529559I like Pandaren[View]
659492648>attack >get hit >attack >get hit >attack >get hit it's so fucking boring, wh…[View]
659529474>game sequel/threequel is soulless Gimme a hug, man…[View]
659526880*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* >WOAH SHINY LOOT DROP!! *click* *click* *click* *…[View]
659528228We NEED more games that you let you throw kunai. What the fuck is japan doing?[View]
659508559Is current RuneScape better than ever before?: I'm not much of a player myself (used to play wh…[View]
659529061Gamers: “We want big boobs in Overwarch!” Blizzard:[View]
659529062God damn it.A sequel to Space Marines and they really have to cling on to the Smurfs and not give th…[View]
659502440>people really chose this over Drussy[View]
659529142Tomorrow’s the big day. One last time /v/? >Why did I move here? I guess it was the Weather….…[View]
659522420>durr hurr im a pineapple duck why does anyone tolerate any of these new pokemon? they've be…[View]
659528873This is my favorite game of all time: I don't give a fuck anymore. I love CDPR.[View]
659528984>I put a disc in console and play it like a normal well adjusted individual, works on ps1-5 >p…[View]
659528919>Oh >Ah >Ah! >Aaaahh!!…[View]
659528892>Jump not assigned to Space Bar[View]
659522001Name a better remake[View]
659525980Play Warframe /v/[View]
659456243Oh yeah, THAT (didn't) happened[View]
659513964They should make more furry skins. It'd be funny.[View]
659518218DALL-E 3: generate vidya related images bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator…[View]
659528789Will it be Sonic Adventure 3: Battle?[View]
659525869Should I give it a tyr?[View]
659527838I will now buy your game.[View]
659528639>Over 400k likes and the trailer isn't even out: GTA 6 is the biggest game of all time, hand…[View]
659523787None of you actually own your games I hate PC retards so much[View]
659527979Lysithea from fire emblem 3 H is clear of every character from engage. I tried to start engage, dopp…[View]
659527805Do you have any hope left for TES6?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws0ufhrgWJw[View]
659522263Possible RIP to some of the better gaming media websites: I heard buyouts are usually bad for the cu…[View]
659524115is this game worth it solo?thinking of buying it[View]
659528498Episode III: hat bastard child's been a burden on this Earth since the day he was born. Shiftle…[View]
659528465RTS: Play RTS. You have no excuse now.[View]
659526780>GTA 6 not coming to PC alright fuck it guys. should i get an xbox or ps5? I'm only looking …[View]
659527374do I spend $800 to fix my pc or just buy a ps5?[View]
659525838Devil May Cry 2 wasn't that bad. It's like an average PS2 action game. I don't see th…[View]
659519630Shantae: I really want to play the new (old) game already. I always like it when canceled games get …[View]
659527434THE PRAGMATIC WHITE PILL (っ^‿^)っ: Take a look at this: 2010-2013 2014-2016 2016-2019 And here now ar…[View]
659513594/tv/ has a zillion Christmas movies. Name 1 (one) Christmas game.[View]
659528261Fortnite: The new Chapter 5 map might the best map of all time Discuss.[View]
659524664Do you have a 'guilty pleasure' game?[View]
659523179me and Asuna[View]
659519536>times when schizos were right[View]
659524434>Western game humor.[View]
659526125im a doom eternal pro and couldn't even beat the first boss in this game. wtf[View]
659527992>movement feels like shit until you get 1000 kudos What were they THINKING…[View]
659405842This is the current state of Pokemon.[View]
659510050Epic explains why it hasn't sued Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft over 30% fee | Epic vs Google: ht…[View]
659524619Where are starfield fans gone now?[View]
659527945game of the year just dropped boys[View]
659524319Legitimately one of the worst games I've played.[View]
659527225Is this the true GOTY of 2023? No, it's the GOAT of 1776!: What are your thoughts on Alex Jones…[View]
659524059You will soon all feel ashamed of your words & deeds...[View]
659526063How the hell can you gaming 12 hours at day being married and with a daughter?[View]
659514384How come gacha games are so stigmatized on /v/?[View]
659526682>Fallout New Vegas --- >Fallout 4[View]
659525932Better than every Classic Mega Man?[View]
659501624What are some good mouse-related video games?[View]
659521287You should only be allowed to call yourself a fan of a game if you've 100% it.[View]
659527357This is what they took from you.... if only zoomers knew...[View]
659524105people with swords always make for the best bosses this is fact[View]
659522801Hollow Knight: >Expects you to lose to bosses to learn patterns >Puts Benches way too far…[View]
659519096In Cyberpunk when you transport your consciousness from one body to another body, does the flame of …[View]
659512795Genuinely hate this fag: He is literally worse than Kojima. Complete hack whose entire claim to fame…[View]
659515313He's in[View]
659521969We asked 100 married men: what game would you hate for your wife to walk in on you playing?[View]
659448556What is your favorite Pokemon?[View]
659522347What a dogshit year for video games[View]
659523793electrode with ditto face plushie: would you buy him?[View]
659521790How do you think temmie chang feels about the sexualization of her avatar?[View]
659524993I don't get it[View]
659518363today is asuka's birthday when is her series gonna get a new, proper videogame adaptation?[View]
659445845Slay the Princess: Emotionless sex with Prisoner![View]
659517939What's going on?[View]
659512507They really just want it to be V again[View]
659526452a concept for mob farming in morrowind: the crafting mod for morrowind gave me a interesting idea (t…[View]
659525032Hytale: Sigh... Maybe there will be a closed beta in 2025. I kind of want to give up on the game but…[View]
659522938How will 343 embarrass themselves today?[View]
659526271sonic: why have classic niggers forgotten what being cool is[View]
659526253>ive seen people think that im like a stoic no-fapper now >guy we talk about these things beca…[View]
659520895What went wrong?[View]
659526173wagie games: god i hate mondays[View]
659496305Rouge if she netflix[View]
659526074They keep insisting that it's the Apollo Justice Triology when only the 4th game vaguely is, th…[View]
659518469Am i the only one who doesn't care about GTA VI?[View]
659525771Did I really fail my pacifist run if I only shoot glownigger spooks?[View]
659518337STALKER GAMMA is now more popular than Escape from Tarkov[View]
659525891Can under night 2 save the anime fighter genre?[View]
659523797Indiedevs are now making better looking stuff than AAA american devs.[View]
659511296This motherfucker from Star Ocean is possibly the ugliest protagonist I have ever seen in any JRPG, …[View]
659521796how the fuck do I find the sandwich in the pizza hut in the garage level?[View]
659524942Name a better video game main story. I'll wait.[View]
659513019>finish Super Mario World, never look back on it again >Keep coming back to Super Mario 64 wha…[View]
659521703why wasn't she a romance option?[View]
659524576Epicbros....what do we make of this?[View]
659523632Absolutely destroys Lies of Pee[View]
659523534Handholding with Mizora Barefooted walks on the beach with Mizora Cuddling with Mizora Marrying Mizo…[View]
659525218Liu Kang is an idiot: >Creates new timeline >reincarnates most of the previous timelines villa…[View]
659525212Motherfuckin Contra! https://youtu.be/SWr_uipRW-I?si=Avr2KpkCC_eZD_60[View]
659523850This mission could get me laid: When i was 16 a girl in school asked me if i could come to her house…[View]
659522738>Quest 1 released in 2019 >Cost $400 >A new model comes out a year later >All replacemen…[View]
659520894Is there a better split Joycon controller with gyro than these? Preferably without the gaymer lights…[View]
659525028Lies of Pee: Me: MUM! Can we buy Bloodborne? Mum: Sure, honey! here's your birthday present! Th…[View]
659524220Time's best games of the year are >1. Alan Wake II >2. Baldur’s Gate 3 >3. Spider-Man …[View]
659518683Will it make Cyberskunk 2077 feel 20 years old?[View]
659523171I 100% BOTW with all korok seeds but I can't force myself to play TOTK after tutorial island. …[View]
659523010i dumped ff14's memory... what does it mean??????[View]
659523674Why is Link so rarely depicted as dominant in fanart when he's a hero that defeats Ganon in the…[View]
659522287Animal crossing new horizons is a lost opportunity and is a great example of how not to handle UX. A…[View]
659520627I believe that most American voice actors must be completely removed from any game, I can't sta…[View]
659520891How did they get away with it[View]
659521469>in mmorpg discord vc >they start talking about irl travel plans, their careers, and other bo…[View]
659518324Most satisfying vidya guns[View]
659520908>Fortnite is now a platform for multiple live-service titles Will this be enough to keep making m…[View]
659523836What does this image represent?[View]
659515869>releasing tomorrow >no one is talking about it…[View]
659523062With TLOU II Remastered coming out, /v/irgins can play it for the first time and form their own opin…[View]
659523717What rank did you get to in Halo 2 matchmaking back in the day? What was your preferred playlist(s)?[View]
659519070uematsu music going beyond videogames: Isn't like surreal to see uematsu music being played in …[View]
659520146List of the best video games ever: Pong Tetris Pac-Man Space Invaders Mario Bros Super Mario Bros So…[View]
659508206Finally they fixed Adam Smasher[View]
659523173what are you currently playing on your chinese handheld?[View]
659522042Games That Never Were: NEVER EVER Post games that are lost to time.[View]
659517481>decide to finally play this game >roll a wizard since people say wizards are OP and fun >d…[View]
659519223>insert disc >still must download the entire game from Sony server Then what’s the point of ph…[View]
659519038homeless guy here I found this game while digging through a garbage dumpster for food..... is it rea…[View]
659520365Reload Animations you enjoy!: I really like this one because it feels really crisp yet realistic (mi…[View]
659522363Yakuza: which yakuza games I can skip? and which one should i play?[View]
659522045What's a game you refused to buy because of the box art?[View]
659509838what happened?[View]
659488776It's over...[View]
659519501need tips, bros >playing the forest >time to build a base >don't want to do glitches, …[View]
659522968What are some games where the port/remaster/remake runs worse than the original? Pic unrelated[View]
659522663>JRPGs are eas-[View]
659513629Jet Force Gemini’s Switch release has ‘broken’ widescreen mode: https://www.nintendoworldreport.com/…[View]
659522493Can the last party you played as beat the WICKED TWISTERS?[View]
659503253King of /v/ 2023: (Round 1) Part 4: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-fo…[View]
659517864/v/, why don't you have any 1CC? Aren't you a hardcore gamer?[View]
659522683IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wZeUJDkAO0[View]
659510117Mass Effect 3: It really isn't that bad.[View]
659517890>Freeman, right? I've got a message for you. >Make sure you don't- (gets shot by bla…[View]
659516763Three more days.[View]
659518338>Evil Within 2 launched 13th October 2017 >One year later in October 2018 they update the game…[View]
659521472PC faggots are overly obsessed with resolution and FPS.: I had to learn how to use a player-made exe…[View]
659521496Lies of P: Yep, it's really that good https://youtu.be/-wZeUJDkAO0?si=25Qw10bEK5YIkCCi…[View]
659521879How is that physical video games collection coming along anon? Any recent buys? December wishlist?[View]
659522193>GTA 6 is gonna be the game of the deca-ACK[View]
659521043No VN should have voice acting so I can instead do a read-a-long with my friends[View]
659516458>'would you look at that, 9:30 pm, better hit the sack. fun time is over' >close game and rise…[View]
659522391Now that the year is pretty much over, we post games that everyone slept on. Pic related. I don’t ha…[View]
659511992Who was in the wrong here?[View]
65950674972 hours until Baldur's Gate 3 wins GOTY[View]
659520994>this was considered acceptable character design in 2003 wow[View]
659521753>/v/ hates devil may cry now WTF?! what happened????? DMCbros??[View]
659511041My wives are fighting[View]
659521138Which popular video games you haven't played? I never played a metal gear game.[View]
659521928Aight, making sure we're all on the same page whenever this eventually comes out. I'll pos…[View]
659521890One copy of Super Mario RPG, please[View]
659511724pc sisters, I...[View]
659472181Why does everyone suddenly hate this game? It's not even out yet.[View]
659499184Yoshi? Yoshi![View]
659510484>unfinished game mogs every doom game[View]
659508785Xeno Games: Serious question. Why are there so many schizos who are convinced that the ending of Fut…[View]
659514508>Ok Crytek, we need a tech demo schlock game for the release of the Xbox One, it doesn't hav…[View]
659518885>Plays most modern titles and indies in 1440p 60fps >Dev mode let's you play ps2, GameCub…[View]
659518996What is the most beautiful love story in vidya?[View]
659513653This Peppino killed a thread[View]
659521362We will be there[View]
659509183I played 10 hours of games this past weekend, I guess my backlog is going to be beaten after all[View]
659519182Post you're waifu[View]
659520950hidetaka miyazaki here this is the best videogame I have ever played[View]
659520152Viper from XCOM 2[View]
659521142Didn't play GTAV, won't play GTAVI.[View]
659518423VISUAL NOVELS ARE VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!![View]
659506652Unexplorable areas in video games Areas are so interesting when you can't explore them. They…[View]
659519768>The individual desires judgment. Without that desire, the cohesion of groups is impossible, and …[View]
659499602Reminder that console gaming offers better value for money: I've always found it illogical when…[View]
659518447>Run down with a cold >Constantly tired >Gotta fucking work anyway >Come home to play vi…[View]
659513547Is minesweeper retro now? It is 30 years old by now...[View]
659520761Choose your controller bro[View]
659520580Multiplatforms on the Switch: Does anybody even buy these? Who the hell plays shit like the Witcher …[View]
659515373>game has a framerate cap, usually some absurdly low number like 60fps >physics are tied to fr…[View]
659520410Adult Time[View]
659519162Turok: We will never get a proper conclusion to the series, it hurts bros..[View]
659481816>No-life Nioh 2 for a month >every other game feels mechanically dull now Radagon in Elden Rin…[View]
659518201Why is Sony so w*ke?[View]
659516496Elementary School Prodigy. Greatest Detective. Incredible swordsmanship. Polite to peers and elders,…[View]
659502686/v/ will fuck anything will eyelashes and lipstick[View]
659504313Would it be possible to redeem a Cambion by giving her lots of kisses, handholding, cuddling, having…[View]
659518040>less than 100 views Xbox faggots don't support japanese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5…[View]
659517489Which four franchises are the Mount Rushmore of Video Games?[View]
659516287ITT: Post memory-holed games[View]
659519651What's the count?[View]
659518904>game presents you with a difficult choice[View]
659510993And the winner for Game of the Year at the 2023 Game Awards is..... BALDU-wait....? .......STARFIELD…[View]
659519464the best thing about TotK is the fact that she made resetera types seethe[View]
659519412Cyberpunk 2077 patch notes are up: >Kino incoming https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/49597/update-…[View]
659517498>smartest girl in town How did she know it was a farce?[View]
659511886Noita: >decide to shift lava >all water becomes lava This will be a fun run…[View]
659516830GTA 6 TRAILER LEAK!: GET IN HERE blogs.mtdv.me/pViw0NonF3 >>blogs.mtdv.me/pViw0NonF3 blogs.mtd…[View]
659503854DALL-E 3: generate vidya related images bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator…[View]
659517372da sky is not da limit saar[View]
659516550Oh no. Slinkbugs! Turn into a tree and wait for them to leave.[View]
659493096FFXIV: A toast to 10 more years.[View]
659508604I don't see the big deal with souls games. They seem pretty shit[View]
659513861What's it going to take for them to die?[View]
659476368Will we ever return to the era of social gaming?[View]
659517117Who did it better thread?[View]
659518790>The Game Awards 2023 happens >awards are fine so far, Hi-Fi Rush is best action game, Baldur…[View]
659518773>2023 >no other game has even come close to matching the christmas feeling of Mafia 2…[View]
659503362still the best instrumental vidya soundtrack ever made[View]
659517528IT'S HERE!: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!1 I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!11 https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
659504489v be like >tw-two more weeks until vr is actually dead for real this time guys! ignore how popula…[View]
659500387Fire Emblem Heroes: Why is the plot of the shitty gacha game better written and more ambitious than …[View]
659518159JUST: Classic WoW Season of Discovery already overrun with bots[View]
659511226What's this colour scheme phenomena called?[View]
659516912you will own everything and be apathetical: spoiled for choice and no motivation. how do you pick on…[View]
659514753>Winter owner Ludmilla How does one own the winter?[View]
659510815Hey, you: Yes, you. What do you call this.[View]
659517198HAHAHAHAHHAH look at psyduck run!!!!!!!! He's gonna get run over!!!![View]
659502519>Japanese '''''fanservice'''''[View]
659514849LoL: Can someone explakn the ranking system to me? If i understand correctly there is a hidden mmr t…[View]
659517970dmc bros... they are laughing at us again...[View]
659457701>library of ruina >lobotomy corporation >limbus company I thought these were the same gam…[View]
659514873Why do people hate other Earthbound-inspired RPGs but enjoy this one? It even shares some thematic s…[View]
659517849He was right you know[View]
659502694GTA 6 will be the end of the video game industry.[View]
659510745I like the idea of Anbernic handheld but hate the brand, is there an actually good alternative to th…[View]
659517749The Fortnite sex update was a lie Its over...[View]
659500016How do we stop the over sexualization of men in video games?[View]
659506202uhhhh please play fortnite?[View]
659513998Thoughts on Dominican video games?[View]
659517679>PC cucks won't get to play GTA VI until 2027[View]
659507401VIDEO GAMES: >What video game(s) are you currently playing >Are you enjoying that video game? …[View]
659510723Thank you Super Mario Bros, it seems the only thing you haven’t drained is your cum all over my face[View]
659516935Looking for keys is not fun[View]
659517467Anyone else put off by the Yakuza games these days? Shit just looks goofy now and the fanbase has be…[View]
659514552>game has huge amount of weapons but only limited upgrade materials Why do so many devs do this s…[View]
659508113>Has to wait 3 weeks for his favorite repacker to compress the entire game. >another 3 weeks …[View]
659515857what am I in for? are these games fun? my handsome stepfather just bought this for me[View]
659512505Starcraft is the greatest game ever made[View]
659517269>load game >immediately save game[View]
659515383IM GONNA FUCKING COOOOOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBZY2fkU-0[View]
659516834>overshadows the gay awards this week[View]
659517138Waifu Thread[View]
659512396Was there anything that could've saved it?[View]
659517047Pump Up The Jam!~[View]
659509550Rags to riches update never ever[View]
659515231What went wrong for Diva series?[View]
659513881Alisa or Alisa?[View]
659516839I don't want to study or get a job. I just want to game![View]
659516546what went wrong?[View]
659516581How is that physical video games collection coming along anon? Any recent buys? I want to make a vis…[View]
659509275don't wanna gank my lane at all? wanna stay bottom and farm camps all game? so be it. i'm …[View]
659514236how did it end up like this parkerbros?[View]
659514649Any other xianxia kinoge like Sword and Fairy 7? I only know of amazing cultivation simulator.[View]
659500702SPOILERS: Just finished this. Game doesn't seem to explain why there are apparently 2 Ganons? W…[View]
659510858PC port when?[View]
659515257In 3 days this will be declared GOTY and reap 1st place in every single category and all you can do …[View]
659514159Granblue wins again[View]
659515306I just want to say that GH3 was my introduction to 'Cult of Personality' and my favorite song from t…[View]
659509338Update/DLC expectations: What are your expectations for FF16 at the Game Awards?[View]
659491973Is there a single reason to buy this console?: - Mario Kart 8 - Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze - The L…[View]
659513524>the future of mobile gaming[View]
659514553What is /v/'s greatest meme and why is it Milhouse??[View]
659509530>tfw realized he and Roger Ebert were right all along[View]
659513915Who dares disturb my meditation?[View]
659513101As a sandbox and as a racer online are the only things gta5 succeeds at The story missions are rigid…[View]
659504018Why aren't new cool videogames not coming out? Most of the latest big studios dropped the worst…[View]
659514103devil may cry thread: hey how's it going DMCbros? let's have a comfy dmc thread my wife fi…[View]
659506886>buy game >it's unwinnable >money stolen atleast devil may cry doesn't scam the p…[View]
659515431The best 2D mario ever made is not even an official canon one. lmao AAA cucks.[View]
659515406What went wrong?[View]
659512637Would it be cringe if I added a scene to my game where the male MC ends up completely naked in front…[View]
659489873Guilty Gear Strive: Are you going to play Elphelt's game when she comes out this month?[View]
659513696Comfy Jack Garland thread. https://youtu.be/OQO5DXJK9AM?si=GWyuUzPpfTrX9qv8[View]
659499416Slay the Spire: This game is too hard. I don't think I've ever played a harder non-action …[View]
659514737GTA 6 trailler will kill the game awards. Good[View]
659514696Last Eastern game you enjoyed and last Western game you enjoyed go![View]
659500535this game is kicking my fucking ass i have used a guide more than once because i keep getting stuck[View]
659514293GTA VI Trailer is up: >It's 1 minute and 31 seconds long, according to Metadata. https://www…[View]
659512274>Jinx is now a depressed schizophrenic with PTSD and severe daddy issues to an donutsteel Thanks …[View]
659514598Nintendo 18+ Games: >007 GoldenEye Nintendo is pussy[View]
659323719Bloons thread: Version 40 edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axj_FvJARrU Main changes: >New…[View]
659514359The best Sonic game since Sonic 3&K is a mobile game https://youtube.com/watch?v=SYdW9dFFMA8?si=…[View]
659490162What went wrong[View]
659514357Did Disgaea 7 Fix the last two games problems.: Avoided spoilers.Did Disgaea 7 Manage to back scale …[View]
659506403Keyboard and mouse are objectively superior than gamepad for: 1. Fightings 2. FPS 3. 3rd person game…[View]
659513276we hanging in there, Pac-bros?[View]
659498514Post canonically trans vidya characters[View]
659487382what exactly is anyone supposed to play these days? >all games are either tech demos, tech demos …[View]
659512309Games that need Mods: How the fuck do you have a pixel turn based rpg active combat time game and fu…[View]
659506164Play Ys IX[View]
659512542God fucking damn it. I re-installed.[View]
659462098Do you think Lae'zel would get mad if you tried to princess carry her?[View]
659513290Alan Wake is TIME Game of The Year: https://time.com/6340124/best-video-games-2023[View]
659503356Why the fuck did skyrim age so much better than Oblivion and Morrowind? Oblivion in particular is so…[View]
659513394ummmm pokebros dont look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejaafDCH7zs&ab_channel=Catriony[View]
659513308*Saves gaming* *Saves beauty*[View]
659505716Games where I can rescue a Princess? No Bing Bang Wahoo suggestions pls.[View]
659504729post your gamer license proof ITT.[View]
659500785BG3 Degeneracy Removed by Mods: I just saw this get posted to Nexus lol: https://www.nexusmods.com/b…[View]
659509802I think Starfield is the embodiment of 'those fake games they put on tv shows'[View]
659512770Have you played the good Fallout: New Vegas mods yet?: I just discovered Dragbody's mods on thi…[View]
659508596>sneak around very slowly >get spotted just once >have to reload save >no autosave becau…[View]
659509154Terraria Thread? why not.: I saw this funny tweet from red and I thought I’d post it and start a thr…[View]
659505972>be me >playing BG3 for the first time >after alien ship crashes, just exploring >pick u…[View]
65951109510 years of FF14. Cheers.[View]
659442143Tales is Dead ![View]
659499026Is it viable for gaming in 2023?[View]
659512474>co-workers start talking about TGA at the Christmas event[View]
659511769>2020+3 >almost 2020+3+1 >still no kino game What gives?…[View]
659493481WHY IS NOBODY EXCITED ABOUT STELLAR BLADE!?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X3JR3pG0I8 It's l…[View]
659512346webm thread[View]
659434564Lies of P: Did you like It?[View]
659512264>What the rebels like to forget, is that the Empire's what's keeping the Dominion out o…[View]
659512229Farlight 84: Anyone play this? Just found it on steam and it looks like a more fun and overwatch-y f…[View]
659492012How did this series manage to start and remain at the top of the genre unsurpassed?[View]
659506436Greetings niggers, should I play total faggot cockhammer 1 or just go straight to 2? And no I'm…[View]
659504039>teammate decides to throw the game[View]
659471341new Potato thread discuss stronk clumsy southern belle here[View]
659505993>tfw i become so jaded to give a shit about any new game from this event Meh…[View]
659508179>5 years of post-release active development and a bunch of big DLCs >Still worse than X3…[View]
659509354(You) will own nothing and you WILL be very happy :)[View]
659504813Games with this feel?[View]
659508235Why does no one ever talk about Corruption?[View]
659510290minecraft is beautiful[View]
659491003its just bad design bros[View]
659510413Armored Core 6: It was better than Elden Ring[View]
659510630DMC enjoyers thread: I just finished my 3 hours long session of humiliating vergil on DMD mode, how …[View]
659511702>I will get myself a top tier high end $4k gaming system so I can play shitty ps4 ports and emula…[View]
659504213ITT: canonically videogame characters[View]
659510945What are the police of Animal Crossing actually policing?[View]
659509824i cant wait for retards to make 200 simultaneous threads about this fucking trailer tomorrow spoiler…[View]
659503845Are we witnessing the greatest gaming moment of all time?[View]
659505209Lethal Company: >On last run before quota deadline, its already 5:00PM >Need to find one more …[View]
659506751>son..... if only.... I had spent more time defending...... massive corporation X.... over massiv…[View]
659505373You may not like it. But this is the future of gaming.[View]
659506847This is bad game design, and I'm tired of pretending like it's not.[View]
659510330Post overrated games: I'll start.[View]
659510910What can we expect from Dota 2's Holiday update? More garbage?[View]
659503931Anal WOKE 2 is GOTY[View]
659509490>/v/edditors unironically think no one is excited for GTA 6 >/v/edditors unironically think Ro…[View]
659475981Are you looking forward to the newest Neptunia game!?[View]
659502416PC port fucking when[View]
659504997i think we need camera upskirting back in vidya[View]
659510425Grand Theft Auto 6: Logo reveal in 2 hours[View]
659509213Games where you can get down?[View]
659509313>New Monster Hunter >Borderlands 4 reveal >Uncharted 5 >FromSoft Trailer (not DLC) >A…[View]
659510312did Mario actually love Peach or did he just use her to save his brother?[View]
659500759Why is this character suddenly so poplar?[View]
659505818Hey, Good morning.[View]
659509995Episode III: That bastard child's been a burden on this Earth since the day he was born. Shiftl…[View]
659509380'Like a flower that blooms in the soil of our carnal and corrupt society, I shall administer retrib…[View]
659509268CohhCarnage: Brotherman[View]
659509852We know that the campaign is the dogshit, but what about the real video game?[View]
659467929Soooo...after playing most of (skipped 3R, 5, and 6) the resident evil games and saving this one for…[View]
659509804>Sidelines fun characters from the first game >Constantly shoves horrible characters in your f…[View]
659505159This generation has been around for almost 4 years now and there are still no games. What gives? Wil…[View]
659502982i want to FUCK Valentina![View]
659504993Do I just not have enough normie friends or does it seem like nobody gives a shit about GTA 6? Liter…[View]
659506681Will you be getting Aoko's game?[View]
659509525finally an answer to what if onimusha and okami had a lovechild https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Eamju…[View]
659508491I can't believe how soulless starfield is not even jeremy soule could save it, bless his heart,…[View]
659509348Roblox: >pedo groups running amok >moderation does nothing to ban them >surpassed minecraft…[View]
659500197The N-Gage has sold more copies than the Steam Deck, let that sink in for a moment.[View]
659502682So how's Last Train Home? It seems like a neat idea on paper and the reviews are high, but has …[View]
659506160why does japan do this?[View]
659500930Now that the dust has settled, can we admit this is a dogshit game with slippery controls, dropped i…[View]
659506997see this, what do?[View]
659458185>Zelda 2 came out nearly four decades ago >Still causes nightmares for the boomers that got fi…[View]
659508742When does it gets fun?[View]
659493113Fallout New Vegas is nothing but boring empty desert. Fallout 3 is so superior to NV in atmosphere a…[View]
659508401Are you gonna roll for the Snow Owner?[View]
659505798few days in SoD is forgotten: wow bros[View]
659506535What went wrong?[View]
659495030Why don't you play fighting games?[View]
659494092Chapter 5 Fortnite: Why are they trying so hard to make this game into what it isn't? This upda…[View]
659502204>hey guys, what do you think of [popular game] >'uhhhh it's tripel A slop!' That doesn…[View]
659501431i pirate games because i can and will get away with it and if i had the money i would spent it on so…[View]
659495028Elden Ring: Why would anyone go for a literally ice cold non comforting doll? In the elden lord endi…[View]
659498420You ready to go fast again /v/?[View]
659504109Which one is more important?[View]
659504889Thoughts on K/DA?[View]
659505603>series so forgotten that you cant even generate any character other than snake in bing fuck kona…[View]
659505535Now that the dust has settled, which ME ending is the best one? Which one is the canon one for ME4(5…[View]
659497395do you like megaman?[View]
659491447Elden Ring DLC Wishes: Imagine if they add a ring that grants you the ability to timed block with 2h…[View]
659506945INAZUMA ELEVEN | Victory Road | PV4 Trailer [ENG SUB]: HOLY FUCK vidya is saved >simultaneous wor…[View]
659504940ROASTIE REDEEMED![View]
659504509Fallout 1 is the easiest classic crpg in existence. it literally hands you every instruction to beat…[View]
659507458Daggerfall: >HALT! HALT! HALT! Morrowind: >YOU N'WAH! Oblivion: >WHY. WON'T. YOU.…[View]
659505539Guys literally only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting.[View]
659506784Meanwhile at The Willamette Park/v/iew Mall[View]
659496753Games where two rivals team up to face down a common threat?[View]
659502623Space Station 13: Why are all the servers furry ERP or Russian? Is it dead?[View]
659503240>game has elegant and attractive holy women I will now play your game (even if they're medi…[View]
659492425Why would LifeInvader (Facebook) still be a thing among young people in 2023+? Where's the Tikt…[View]
659495687Is there any scenario where a controller beats a Keyboard and mouse?[View]
659495163Why are there no good piracy themed games?[View]
659486992>play game >love it, best game ever >won't recommend game to anyone What's her …[View]
659496478What the hell is going on?: Did Rockstar just defined the new blue/orange combo?[View]
659503945ITT: Games that have aged poorly[View]
659491454The fact that they fixed the game and continued working on it for 3 years is admirable[View]
659493008The Day Before: This is going to be the biggest disappointment, isn't it? Mere days from releas…[View]
659505236>win >type 'gg ez' in chat >report the entire enemy team >get a notification later that …[View]
659495541Why does Fecal Fantasy XVI look so bad?[View]
659482832It really, genuinely is not that difficult, and I'm not that good at video games.[View]
659504719>it's fun with friends >tfw I accidently mudered my gaming buddy when I was 9…[View]
659506615Hey you finally got that thing working.[View]
659504190Talk me out of preordering this: Hands down my fav series but I'm suspicious of how they left m…[View]
659503203It's still crazy Nintendo pooped this one out.[View]
659503723Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have the same map[View]
659374974Magical Girls: Why aren't there more video games focused around Magical Girls, or as the Japane…[View]
659505862EXODUS: Sunflower on the Horizon: I'm an anon who's lurked for years, and this is my first…[View]
659496105ITT: Games that have aged like milk[View]
659505784>game has cute brown girl >but the game is also shit Fug.…[View]
659503101Is the the most legendary Video game player?[View]
659505702Naruto ninja storm Connections thread What are some games that reward cheating?[View]
659503994>walk in to bathroom on fps game >open toilet door >there is a huge unflushed turd in the t…[View]
659503168If you use this little “emulation feature” to play through a game it’s fair to say you didn’t actual…[View]
659502569How long is this trailers[View]
659496891What do you want to see announced there? >Hard mode: be realistic[View]
659495390is it normal for me to feel things whenever a girl mentions anything about catching (You)? haha...[View]
659504440>You are lame, Anon. Don't try to level up my social link.[View]
659503450>Play any newly released FPS game a lobby >First month is the only time you can play it before…[View]
659501557Gamer thread with niggas: Hello you filthy /v/lacks, what vidya are you playing?[View]
659503680>discover the game's meta >'haha wow this is fun, I'm so OP' >get bored and drop …[View]
659504849your favorite game do be kinda mid though[View]
659495858The camera is fine. You're just used to PC games where you fidget your mouse to compensate for …[View]
659497573Woah, is this true?[View]
659504363What are you playing today?[View]
659504626y.... you took them all... from me... billie eilish... all-might... jinx league of legends... and ev…[View]
659504331atheists worship some fat fuck: lol[View]
659504669>made and released within 2 years >still the best 3D RPG out there What went so right? Why can…[View]
659504631>mfw >Top X NES videogames >1) Super Mario Bros >Top X Nintendo DS videogames >1) New…[View]
659504521>cast 50 buffs before every combat >oneshot the enemies Yep, this is peak gameplay.…[View]
659500590I am a zoomzoom, what am I in for?[View]
659487035TF2: >/v/ will defend this[View]
659504210Yoooooo this shit is fire ong tho ngl.[View]
659499865What happened to the hype for visual novels and VN translations? There used to be a ton of excitemen…[View]
659486528>lose hours of progress because I opened a door at the wrong time and my team got pinned to the w…[View]
659503181QQuick, QQ! Towards page 10![View]
659491768DALL-E / AI Thread: bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator[View]
659503912> the state of nu/v/ >ai thread >loli thread >bara thread >gacha thread >eceleb t…[View]
659499423In this ITT: Claim you're waifu[View]
659499795Before the autofellatio awards this thursday, post the actual vidya that deserve to be nominated/sho…[View]
659476283What am I in for?[View]
659492274Face it tiger ..... You just hit the jackpot[View]
659500998About to play my first Stalker game to see if they're good, what am I in for /v/?[View]
659436409GTA VI Map: Thoughts on the map leak? Looks like it's around 30-40% larger than GTA V's ap…[View]
659501605dawn of the final day tommorow rockstar will release gta 6 trailer tell me your theories hopes dream…[View]
659503615zoomers be like yooo this shit fire[View]
659502178Will it ever be dethroned?[View]
659503425dmc expert + dark souls veteran + KH2FM speedrunner here any tips on defeating the first enemy ninja…[View]
659500003>developer continually forces his poorly-disguised fetish into his games…[View]
659491947Need I remind you, that in the case of a national emergency, FEMA has a list of six million American…[View]
659496694least perverted Undertale fan[View]
659495486The is the best vidya adaptation of Aliens so far, but YOU aren't fucking playing it. Care to e…[View]
659486813Blizzard couldn't even balance new classic wow season What a disappointment[View]
659503327animal crossing thread: Playing for the first time, set up a campsite and my first visitor was Raymo…[View]
659470491Every day, the world gets trippier[View]
659501995Is it worth it to try to do every quest in ER? There is so many of them and it kinda sucks having to…[View]
659498958THIS SPRING[View]
659502634>this bitch is wearing perfume That's a pretty problematic line in 2023. How are they going …[View]
659453358>Impossible to beat withou a lot of summons + cheese build What's the point of this game con…[View]
659484172Just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
659476223>game goes from 9/10 to 3/10 Fuck the wall. Fuck the devs. Fuck that shitcat. Fuck karma. Fuck th…[View]
659489952see this. What do?[View]
659502516>not only defeats you but also drains 3 mp[View]
659498369was 2002 - 2006 the darkest age of gaming?[View]
659502346Cringe thread, keep it vidya[View]
659495938gamer-fuel thread? for me its the 5k calories mega combo cheese butter soda popcorn 30 dollars + tip[View]
659492584Is it worth going for an Nvidia card just for DLSS or are all upscalers a meme?: I'm currently …[View]
659500291>2009 + 14 >no explanation of what a Splashwo is…[View]
659501964Book of Hours: I spent five hours playing this game yesterday, four of which were spent reorganizing…[View]
659486416le empowering black vidya game man: damn you telling me that blacks are into vidya gaemz as well???…[View]
659501781Why is Halo Infinite dead again?[View]
659501752My stance: Bayonetta is a misogynistic caricature, and so is Stellar Blade. The only difference is t…[View]
659500836Post impossible trophies[View]
659480756Darkest Dungeon: That'll be 9.99 dollarydoos plus tax![View]
659459097Tevi thread How is everyone enjoying it? >what is the number above the hp bar??? >is it possi…[View]
659500104What would the best way of implementing an invisibility mechanic to multiplayer vidya (mostly FPS), …[View]
659494913okay, throw me some numbers: okay, throw me some numbers[View]
659498076Play Trails of Cold Steel[View]
659501409AY RIG[View]
659493535>female character is than the male ones[View]
659494376Every main board now seems to have an AI art general. Why are they not banning this shit, its consta…[View]
659497191Boron you fat fucking cat[View]
659478907Why was Mega Man never as big as the other 3?[View]
659484349Regarding half life. Was gonna finally read the leaked plot of ep3. Found out that its missing from …[View]
659495658Xenogears story >man uses nanotechnology to replicate DNA entrons and discovering physical eviden…[View]
659497464Eleanor Thread: The flattest.[View]
659498430How do you cope with the fact that zoomers can now play this game?[View]
6594505634 more days until The Game Awards. List your hopes and expectations.[View]
659500790dodge souls sucks why do people like this garbage so much ?[View]
659498364>Chuds bought thia game to make us seethe >It got 0 nominations and everybody hates the game …[View]
659494798This deal is tempting not gonna cap...[View]
659500394Was this the beginning of useless video game ‘analysis’ essays?[View]
659493204The white pill:: The early 2010s were just fine. The mid 2010s were just fine. The late 2010s were j…[View]
659499215Isn't is strange that if you call a game people get mad without you having a chance to defend y…[View]
659496530>Elden Ring expansion in February >Dragon's Dogma 2 in March Adventure bros... we're…[View]
659484373MMMOs are back baby[View]
659498227Could a Frieren dungeon crawler work?[View]
659492225Bear With Me Collectors Edition: RYJY9I3726KRWVT special courier: 8G0EI56A3V2QVJH Railway Empire: A…[View]
659495528AMD might take a year to fix the motherboard BIOSes burning down houses, but their CPUs are worth th…[View]
659499682>/v/ is a ninja gaiden board now WTF! what went wrong DMCbros???[View]
659498779>that guy who claims he's beaten the game but hasn't got all the achievements…[View]
659499713Fromsoft names: Fromsoft games that satisfy my naming autism. Every name of a place or character or …[View]
659494546Name the game.[View]
659499503Rockstar chads how are we feeling today, 1 more day kings.[View]
659493280Press P to piss on this shit stain of a game: This is the reason modern Mario sucks[View]
659491683why is it so much better than devil may cry?[View]
659488051Hi-Fi Rush: >adored by /v/ on release >hated now What happened?…[View]
659482545Wii games thread!: Have you played any Wii games recently? Whats your favorite game on the system? D…[View]
659491067Why did spyro change his name?[View]
659494920You can't fix her: Because she is already perfect. Also, what does /v/ think of TCOAAL? I figur…[View]
659497625What the fuck was her problem?[View]
659475772post an album, get an equivalent game I'll start[View]
659498425Why is pic related the only game that has really good doppelganger combat. Swear every other game is…[View]
659491986King of /v/ 2023: (Round 1) Part 3: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-fo…[View]
659496842Void Stranger: How DO they know? I miss the threads, when is the E- level pack? When's Black On…[View]
659499059I have a question!: Why is every single Western games filed with black trannies?[View]
659480621Knuckles Chaotix: The most underrated Sonic game and swan song to the main classic games.[View]
659498029New Counter-Strike vidya terrorist gameplay leaked: Looks like pure kino https://streamable.com/c57s…[View]
659497629So as it turns out, this thing actually kicks ass.[View]
659498802I’M GONNA KILL PRAXIS[View]
659497030>saves steam dumpster diving the chances of finding good new hidden gems went from 1% to 10% sinc…[View]
659497094YOU, get a chance to revive one of these series back from the dead better than ever before. Which on…[View]
659468651>alt fire >shoots two rounds What were they thinking?…[View]
659493126This is my favorite game. Do I have good taste[View]
659496862GTA has sold on average 44 million across it’s 5 entries. It’s the second largest sales average of a…[View]
659498535Remind me, how do we feel about Project Q destroying Steam Deck in sales and reviews?[View]
659494960Prove you're not an XIV cultist: Post your critiques of this game[View]
659493854>Can you beat [game] with only [x]?[View]
659497428Has any video game changed your life /v/?[View]
659488697this is a Siege Tank from Starcraft:Brood War[View]
659489164The Talos Principle Thread: Can we get a Talos Principle 1 thread? Just beat it not too long ago and…[View]
659498310INAZUMA ELEVEN | Victory Road | PV4 Trailer [ENG SUB]: HOLY FUCK vidya is saved >simultaneous wor…[View]
659480823Is Horizon Zero Dawn worth buying? how woke is it?[View]
659497583question? I only have enough cash to get one game for now, should I get this? https://youtu.be/ae231…[View]
659496350>these are the killer robots that scared zoomers[View]
659498205I want to make up with you[View]
659498213Will there ever be a console version? How does it compare to Planet Coaster?[View]
659495524I'm okay.[View]
659463891Did anybody here play Ender Lilies? It's basically 2D souls but you play a loli and all your at…[View]
659497943> Set number of classes with expanding array of weapons and items vs > Expanding array of non-…[View]
659496184i would like an open world game set in mexico[View]
659476979Mod to remove Red guards?[View]
659497783it killed arcade racers[View]
659480829It's time for Xbox to call it quits. Sony beat you AGAIN. You will never be profitable.[View]
659490059I miss these assholes[View]
659494923SONO IO, MARIO[View]
659495617Normal difficulty is the way the game supposed to be played. Your not anything special because you b…[View]
659496570>Only 9 Vocations DEAD ON ARRIVAL[View]
659482441In the end everything he introduced is implemented now in all consoles.[View]
659492040This fucking shit pisses me off, and it was all for nothing.[View]
659495546Do you have any weird gaming habits?: Not even necessarily bad or funny habits, just odd or unusual …[View]
659496431Games where you can kill goblins as a cute girl.[View]
659493064>always have to be the one to invite friends to play >only one who has to rejection constantly…[View]
659497261'you might not know their name but you have definitely heard them before' put me in the driver seat …[View]
659487589Dragon Ball: You may not like it, but this is the perfect FighterZ 2 roster[View]
659497037One of these games was released a few months ago and took 8 years to make.[View]
659496428What's her name again?[View]
659494543I've been having these weird thots lately[View]
659490437When valve releases the new generation of steamboxes with steamOS, will consoles stand a chance?[View]
659491331Escape From Tarkov: Any anons got a stable source for new Tarkov releases to pirate? I'm trying…[View]
659466626>Anon, ENGAGE![View]
659475789which is your favorite pokemon?[View]
659495068Post the greatest action rpgs[View]
659496712Hey /v/, you see that bum? I can /heem/ him with no sweat.[View]
659487291Name a better 4x grand strategy game than picrel. Go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
659494068Can a game be considered good if it doesn’t play good?[View]
659496451There have been no good videogames this year[View]
659496317devil may cry thread :3: hey how's it going DMCbros? let's have a comfy dmc thread my wife…[View]
659496338Dragon's Dogma 2: This isn't worthy of a sequel. It looks more like Dragon's Dogma 1.…[View]
659491228How can you possibly make a shooter so fucking boring?: Not just bad (it is bad, it's awful you…[View]
659496395what are some games to play with your grandma?[View]
659496393Games with this feel >https://youtu.be/JXTc3Choroo?si=9YVp2NF3r5WvKNhA…[View]
659496173what's worse Losing by a landslide and getting stomped? or Losing by a hair in a drawn out exte…[View]
659473725Why dont we have more sexy legs in videogames?[View]
659466446Starfield: Apologize.[View]
659496251what are they cooking right now?[View]
659495936>Anon why don't you ever wear gloves?[View]
659475894This is how Nintendo can still win.[View]
659495956>owning retardd zoomers in an online match >owning retarded zoomers that talk about shit they …[View]
659495923What are some forgotten dead franchises that you think still have potential? For me it's Jet Mo…[View]
659495761Which one of these girls are considered as true gamer girl >the one who only plays nintendo platf…[View]
659492068This is the best JRPG dev and it's not even close. In one year, they will have released: >La…[View]
659495645Should these be in 6?[View]
659489480itt post your personal 10/10 game[View]
659492673it was fun what should my gf and I play next? Is BG3 any good for local coop?[View]
659493371Americans are stupid: You, a bunch of Americans without good taste, how is it possible that you woul…[View]
659495176I'm bad.[View]
659487219The last good obsidian game.[View]
659495447Hello dear /v/sers I really wanted to play Diablo 2 but because I don't want to get disappointe…[View]
659436569>made the most influential modern fantasy book series >created the most complex and most discu…[View]
659494052Monster Hunter 6: Monster Hunter 6 for The Game Award Show, it's totally gonna be there. Dragon…[View]
659494702>PRESS X TO SUCK DICK who asked for this honestly[View]
659494058Japanese game used to be great in 2017-20 but how can they fall so soon?: Japanese game used to be g…[View]
659489497I can fix her[View]
659491531Armored Core 6: Just finished this game (true ending) What did I think of it?[View]
659493347The only game I am looking forward to.[View]
659488328itt: essential gamer fuel[View]
659469165>Thank you for installing Windows 12! >I'm afraid I've detected objectionable conten…[View]
659492605>Remake >Remaster >Rerelease >Reboot >Reimagining…[View]
659494721>finally get a new Sonic game with Adventure style level design, open and flowing >finally abl…[View]
659470346sup /v/, the 2023 Vidya Gaem Awards need (You) to make skits this year https://youtu.be/VQ0q29rMLSI …[View]
659494620Here it is, the best Obsidian game.[View]
659473795buru akaibu[View]
659457808>Zoomers shit and pissed their pants in fear over this[View]
659480058What video games did you play this weekend, /v/? You didn't just spend it refreshing the catalo…[View]
659493229How do you cope with your hobby being idolatry?[View]
659480931Fallout: >Fallout 3 - 12.4 million copies >Fallout 4 - 25 million copies >Fallout: New Vega…[View]
659492272Why are they like this?[View]
659494075Sonic Prime Dash is unironically one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while.[View]
659491018turok bros...we are BACK. boomer shooter kino[View]
659487674Why isn't there more games where they put girls in armor but they all wear skin tight bodysuits…[View]
659470732Pandaren are my favorite race in WoW. What is your favorite race?[View]
659468427Post your collection / battlestations: >pic related[View]
659484341Quasimorphs: So are you playing this newslop /v/? I keep getting fucking lit up by framers without a…[View]
659493646>open a thread about this >its nothing but lolischizos being pervy What the fuck?…[View]
659468301I love Mario Party![View]
659492286Do you use mods or addons for vidya, /v/?[View]
659493238I'm a simple man, /v/: >I wake up >touch pp >play gta >talk to people on /v/ about …[View]
659486037There's literally nothing wrong with video game developers making remakes. Often times those ol…[View]
659492530GTA V 2: Who else is excited for GTA V 2?[View]
659492529These two games are more intricate and require more autism than any of the 'teehee look at me I…[View]
659491557THIS SUMMER[View]
659478040*record scratches* Yep, thats me You are probably wondering how I ended up in this situation...[View]
659489207>Oh, my BALLS![View]
659491771Bombergirl: Which way, white man ?[View]
659492643>make a game that heavily relies on RNG >players can mitigate it through trinkets, quirks and …[View]
659491051Play Sakuna's game.[View]
659476965>Saves you from globalhomo[View]
659492112Breath of the Wild: I want to replay BOTW but TOTK is still fresh in my head. How long is an appropr…[View]
659489867go play garten of banban right now[View]
659482418Her purpose?[View]
659490096>Pumpkin Boss >I'M GONA CARVE YOU UP…[View]
659491450Chinguen todos a su puta pinche perra pendejisima imbécil idiota madre pendejos[View]
659491009Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life: Can any bean counters tell me how many more games you sell/ how …[View]
659462605GTA 3 is eerie: Feel like video essays and liminal spaces becoming a meme has ruined any chance of a…[View]
659491547This made millennials piss and shit their pants[View]
659485216Surely it will come out after Budokai Tenkaichi 4, r-right?[View]
659487117Literally no vidya character can beat picrep: Fight me.[View]
659487995Soon on your switch. Anyone happy?[View]
659477918>ruins your playthrough[View]
659477404>Outsells Xenoblade and fire emblem Weeb games were a mistake[View]
659491359>cucks a guy by sleeping with his wife >is an illegal drug dealer >also a synth informant …[View]
659490845FFXV: Now that the dust has settled, how was Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition feat. Gordan Freeman f…[View]
659491223are you a bad enough dude to run the new far cry game? an avatar game by women, for women[View]
659491087Now that the success of Lies of P is more than confirmed, NEOWIZ should bring back S4 League.[View]
659478739If these games was the original beat-em up style, you'd have been able to do things like grab o…[View]
659490039where's the PS5 pro[View]
659490660Eldelasrecargas: Shadow freddy, vuelta al ruedo, y es que nadie puede hacer que sea fiel a tu timide…[View]
659414748How did one franchise that doesn't even take itself very seriously with anything manage to mind…[View]
659459264Don't Starve: Wurt is so fucking OP holy shit, she's just Webber on steroids.[View]
6594338672006: What a time to be alive.[View]
659481084Mexican Mario: Mexican Mario[View]
659490104Hey this is the guy that made a blog post on here i am just wondering is my build bad? >>65896…[View]
659472209I never see text adventure games mentioned on /v/: What are some of the best ones?[View]
659489850This game sucks[View]
659478620FREE DOOM[View]
659488694>exploring in horror game, no music >chase starts, loud music plays or >exploring in horror…[View]
659475752It’s time to apologize[View]
659487707vidya boobs thread[View]
659475632Ace Combat Thread: Is this game just kinda shit? I'm getting filtered because I am just immense…[View]
659488156She's unironically perfect.[View]
659470076Today you have awakened from an 8 year coma. Have any good games been made since you fell asleep in …[View]
659477507How would YOU save Halo?[View]
659481483This doesn't even make any sense, what a dumb fucking genre.[View]
659489759>the devs insert their fetish into the game Why does that keep happening?…[View]
659489610are we fans of the fatal fury movie?[View]
659479676What are some good games with hookshot?[View]
659486061So nobody noticed this flying city making a slipspace rupture, nobody detected it entering the atmos…[View]
659473261It was ahead of its time.[View]
659455876FFXIV: How did the community get to be this bad? Why did it come to this?[View]
659485343To kill a tree, all one needs to do is cut a few inches under the bark all around. The outermost par…[View]
659482979I always build a fighter in RPGs because I feel like I'm missing out on cool shields if I pick …[View]
659478640Four more days[View]
659489509Is the Sonic Frontiers DLC worth it?[View]
659486383Goddamn this movie is boring Any good Alien games besides Isolation?[View]
659484096>leaks your billion dollar video game[View]
659489575I can't follow Rockshart on my main anymore because I they literally started blocking people th…[View]
659488931Do you play violent games anon?[View]
659489070LaD Gaiden: It was pure kino.[View]
659479341What games had predictable endings?[View]
659481502Why is the NGC is more well remembered than the PS2 and Xbox today?[View]
659482324I recently bought a PS5 and have FFXV on it because of PS Plus. I've already played a little bi…[View]
659475972This is a great game. Shame I have to hate it.[View]
659488627I believe one reason games cost so much too make a d so much to buy is to cut down on creativity and…[View]
659479097Does it matter what system that you play on? They were mocking me on /vr/ because I played classic g…[View]
659484816>from the metal gear 4 novelization[View]
659487362There has been an uptick in Halo threads the past few weeks. What is causing this?[View]
659485991Please help!!: I just died for the first time and lost everything!! Where did it go?? Who enjoys a g…[View]
659484112>mfw I play DoL for the first time[View]
659484920Do they have a baby-difficulty mandate for all of their games?[View]
659488065>try to play this shit on DS >horrible unplayable mess >try Switch remake a decade later …[View]
659479770I haven't played video games since 2009: I got addicted to League of Legends played that for 3 …[View]
659486101Zelden Ring[View]
659487497what do you think final fantasy 17 will be like?[View]
659481516King of /v/ 2023: (Round 1) Part 2: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-fo…[View]
659482406Why does nintendo hate their fans?: >200 player cap limit >no prize over 5k >no sponsors …[View]
659481316why did she do it[View]
659485669how tf you even beat this game?[View]
659487862hidetaka miyazaki here this is the best game I have ever played[View]
659440995>Batman Games >Play as Batman, he's unambiguously the main protagonist, no one steals the…[View]
659431126My Time in Sandrock: Let's talk about the GOTY: My Time in Sandrock. and yes, that is my wife, …[View]
659466764The Dall e thread: https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator https://bing.com/create[View]
659474417GG bros report in[View]
659483669V-sync always off[View]
659459420Deck thread: >he didn't buy a Deck OLED It's like you hate fun. Also Deckbros post rece…[View]
659487552WoW of Warcraft bloat: Is there any other game that forces you to download tens of addons in order t…[View]
659482202Welcome to LAN-halla, anon this is your home now![View]
659486686hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds up spork* my name is katebbe but u can call me t3h c@tGiRl oF d00m!!!…[View]
659462353It's crazy how /v/ is so contrarian now that most people here are suddenly pretending to not ca…[View]
659481820She takes all your money: Would you still do it?[View]
659480976Tittyfucking Rinko nee-san[View]
659484721i hope we get new episodes of prb in gta6[View]
659479570I seriously need more vidya like this[View]
659484156>Dear Steam Customer, >As of December 31, 2023, due to our content licensing arrangements, you…[View]
659484543Will they finally change it so you don't have to hold X or A to run in GTA6?[View]
659481803What does /v/ think about Dying Light?[View]
659486239Will we ever see Kane and Lynch 3? Why was 2's ending so anticlimactic?[View]
65948120750 anons are isekai'd to the world in Shadow of the Colossus: Each anon gets a sword and a hors…[View]
659459659The real GOTY[View]
659483427How's that rice farming coming up?[View]
659485942Dark souls 3 > cuckborne: >best bosses >best areas >best weapons >best spells >bes…[View]
659485767Final Fantasy VII / 7 / FFVII / FF7: /biz/ gets it. Amazing that so many /v/ fags still don't.…[View]
659479026>1080p is all anybody needs >1440p is the sweet spot >after 4K, I can't go back AAAAAA…[View]
659481690where we dropping, boys?[View]
659484292Forgotten devs: Are there any developers of old Flash, RPG Maker or other simple games that you wish…[View]
659482119I just beat swarm disaster difficulty 5.[View]
659482234Dark Souls II is my favorite of the trilogy. I don’t know why it gets so much hate. Care to explain…[View]
659459720So this is what happens when AI runs gaming[View]
659485042Your favorite vidya chud?[View]
659458004Master Duel: I am bored of today's meta, I think! Make cooler decks Konami. And by cooler I mea…[View]
659479627Her name[View]
659484938Why don't you just take your cumbrain vidya waifu posting to /h/? Post hardcore r34 and leave t…[View]
659483375>game tricks you into thinking it's good just for long enough you can't refund What is …[View]
659474264who's your /v/ideogame mistress?[View]
659467473What video game system would you buy for $700?[View]
659439512You ARE playing Sonic Dream Team right? It’s only the first good Sonic game since 2017[View]
659483963This picture angers the rockstar shills, they will do everything they can to cover up the fact that …[View]
659481783>*crossovers into your universe* TMNT, Exoprimal,Rainbow six, and spy x family are the most recen…[View]
659482658Important things don't seem to happen in small areas in RPGs anymore: It's always big open…[View]
659473253What are some good far-right core games[View]
659481441*Mogs GG Jive without even trying*[View]
659458308Which one do I start with and what should I do?[View]
659480475What's the last game you had fun playing?[View]
659483238105 is the number that comes to my head..when I think of all the years I want to beat up rockstar sh…[View]
659431928The only reason people hate this game is because its a PS5 exclusive. meaning that they didn'…[View]
659451192Splatoon 3: One hour left for Big Run! Don’t stop now, fight ‘till the very end, B&D depends on …[View]
659476452Did you believed back then?[View]
659481036Roblox is dying. That’s the sad truth that many gamers have to face. Roblox, the online platform tha…[View]
659476619Pitch me the next Arkham game.[View]
659472889Picked this up today on sale on Steam, so far it's pretty good. I like to tank and hit shit so …[View]
659477510How do I get better at video games?: I suck ass at pretty much everything I play. No matter whether …[View]
659482071I hated it hope gta 6 won't be as soulless[View]
659467686i can fix him[View]
659478373Where do I start with DMC?[View]
659445486Are these two Reploids or Robot Masters?[View]
659480198This unit beat the SA2 hero story during the loading screens of 06.[View]
659457346What's the worst gaming related injury you've ever endured?[View]
659480730Will GTA VI be a terrible game?: >takes place in fucking Miami >FEMALE lead in a GANGSTER stor…[View]
659474189Guilty Gear Strive: What went wrong?[View]
659481894Imagine falling for games marketing? I will never play [game] because Old game that I played from th…[View]
659481029>character in a fantasy world were gods literally manifest every time is an atheist…[View]
659468671Why hasn’t any other video games embraced beast men skins like Fortnite has?[View]
659472535>kill a rat >it drops 5 gold, a longsword, and a healing potion…[View]
659470524You did save her right?[View]
659478104>join CSS zombie escape server >just people talking about BBC on mic what the fuck is wrong w…[View]
659477572What's the most excited you've ever gotten over something that happened in a vidya gaem?[View]
659481770Bitsy: >check out indie game on itch.io front page >play it >it's made in bitsy >cl…[View]
659481109How I sleep at night knowing I'll never have to buy a 20 dollar map pack ever again, and the fu…[View]
659467902>filters your Dead God progression[View]
659479873what are some comfy games to play this holiday season? doesn't have to be set during or about C…[View]
659477617What's the last bad game that you have played?[View]
659475215The official difficulty tier list[View]
659478782>mfw I will singlehandlely BTFO this industry, alone[View]
659479109oh shit been playing dragon quest xi and now it's 5 am in the morning didn't notice time[View]
659455558do you think the xbox series one x and ps4 pro+ also known as ps5 will be able to run gta 6 well?[View]
659478512How many awards will the critically acclaimed, Baldur's Gate 3 win?[View]
659478918>just bought a ps5 off my friends kid >go to pick it up >what games do you have for it? …[View]
659478756Miku Monday IMMEDIATELY[View]
659472095how do people learn games like SS13 and Dwarf Fortrress? they're harder than my job[View]
659470851whoever made this game either really hated buffy or really, really liked buffy[View]
659480895>that one character who obviously wants to fuck the protag, but the game doesn't allow that …[View]
659477091Why did no one tell me I shouldn't have played this blind[View]
659475157What happens if the heroine is captured?[View]
659475423Knuckle Sandwich I will keep posting video games until you fucking start talking about video games: …[View]
659475191>push to talk enabled by default, even on console >restricted to hearing only squad voice chat…[View]
659472967why can't more games be like this?[View]
659480596SOULful mario images thread[View]
659477337S.T.A.L.K.E.R. M.I.S.E.R.Y.: Home.[View]
659475331So what was the last Battlefield game you played? I stopped with BF4, but I liked 1 enough to play f…[View]
659480171Why did Mario never get a proper anime in the 2000's like Kirby or Sonic?[View]
659452732Used overload gear on my nikke wife, viper[View]
659478674Wutville: He made enough to buy a house from this map[View]
659461658How bad is the leftism in RDR2?: I just got this game since it was on sale and I heard it was good. …[View]
659478249Why the hate?[View]
659458867Why there is no love for this game? I remember when the first one came out everybody were gushing it…[View]
659478607>Aw yeah! This is happening! What did he mean by that?[View]
659476793why are there no games with in depth pipe mechanics?[View]
659438380Less than 2 days left for the trailer of the most awaited game of all time, GTA 6 How are we feeling…[View]
659221326/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>658995843 >If you drew it and it's vidya, you c…[View]
659478719these are all just the same game[View]
659468380This game should be awesome but it sucks...why[View]
659479653Are you goys ready for killer bean phantom pain https://youtu.be/9vu_xNVeQG0?si=s2k2Fs9GHHO72fHH…[View]
659467276Damn Mabinogi girls are hot! Gonna spurt to some pixel babes tonight[View]
659477847What are some video games which objectively allow me to punch you like an 808?[View]
659478775If rockstar got a dollar for every lie they ever told, they would be the first company to reach a tr…[View]
659478428Why do their games feel so monumental compared to other releases? The hype for them is unreal.[View]
659470459GTA, but actually good.[View]
659477030Name a better series[View]
659478416I am the Eggman They are the Egg Men[View]
659478708Ho Ho Ho! What's on your Christmas list this year, /v/?[View]
659479074Was Sonic 06 the first TORtanic-like gaming disaster in gaming?[View]
659479108why won't it come out on xbox?[View]
659469943Game reccomendation thread: My taste in vidya is lacking and I need more kino in my soul. Recommend …[View]
659417842Do Brazilians like Xbox?[View]
659478058what games does he play[View]
659475985How come japan now has better writing than the west. I used to think it was physically impossible to…[View]
659476493I want an edgy Wario game where he drinks and smokes and fucks whores with lots of gunplay and nudit…[View]
659477797You Will Soon Witness A Completely New Genre From The God Himself...[View]
659473861It's Li Li Stormstout from Warcraft fame![View]
659477304level scaling ruins every game it's in[View]
659478294Literally Me games?[View]
659478304I feel like shit and called out of work. Time to play MM on my switch bros.[View]
659476767what is the honda crx of vidya?[View]
659472141King of /v/ 2023: (Qualifiers Results/Round 1): KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalm…[View]
659477461Why the war between DMChads and NGChads has stopped? It was based[View]
659474287Fumihide Aoki has taken down the Wapeach posts and privated his account. Did the nintendo ninjas get…[View]
659463582sfw husbando thread: post husbandos without getting pruned challenge[View]
659477416Imagine my webm with this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv4UD4ICd_0 And yes, I will basicall…[View]
659473305Haven't played this game since it came out: Hankering for a good tactics game. Does it hold up?…[View]
659466393Why wasn't Preston Garvey an Irish catholic?[View]
659476150We need more sci fi horror vidya[View]
659475976To the anon who keeps posting this guy in gta threads…what is pic related’s story? How badly did roc…[View]
659466128Your soul / soulless meme is shit: The meme is just 30 years old boomers whining on how their 'child…[View]
659477783Can you really call yourself a gamer if you haven't beaten third world war for the sega cd?[View]
659477351Persona 3: Going into hibernation for 2 months. Wake me up when Persona 3 Reload is out.[View]
659476676Vidya trends you hate: Instead of well made cut scenes, even aaa games these days have dialogue scen…[View]
659475212fat erasure[View]
659476329https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u15tEo0wsQI Name a more kino end credits, closest I can think of is …[View]
659476113you will buy her remaster next year, right anon?[View]
659475543this is the biggest game I have ever played in my entire life. there is so much you can do. Unironic…[View]
659476865Monster Hunter Rise 2 never ever....[View]
659455431>go to sewer >cursed and sent back to bonfire >go to flooded cave >ghosts come up from f…[View]
659474887Why haven’t you played donkey eared witch girls game?[View]
659413141Can the last video game character you played as kill Andy from Undead Unluck?[View]
659476620How are the Japanese so good at making video games?[View]
659471943will there ever be another Bayonetta game?[View]
659430738Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader: For those we cherish[View]
659473383>friends says his father works at nintendo >he actually does…[View]
659465526what are some good games with mares?[View]
659476923Resident Evil: Paypig[View]
659466772He has never looked this old: damn time flies.[View]
659475098Screenshot Thread!: Post your screenshots /v/[View]
659476538>By men abandoned, thus abandoned men...[View]
659476047What drives a man to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on virtual anime girls?[View]
659476258Why are there so many posers in vidya lately who pretend to be a fan of certain games/series? You tr…[View]
659450318Sybil from Pseudoregalia is angry[View]
659476585>IT'S A BULLET BONANZA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUF2mXgJ2yk…[View]
659445156Miyamoto was right to completely shut this idea down as soon as he heard of it.[View]
659475016>will be better than Mass Effect[View]
659476335This game is literally america It's all about shooting niggas and it's fun[View]
659418736Post you're waifus[View]
659475295Why hasn't there been a single high budget gladiator game made yet? It feels like something tha…[View]
659469794why didn't his sneedilicious video bane get nominated for any The Game Awards awards at the The…[View]
659464693WoW: I started as a lvl 1 and the leveling experience is fucking terrible. Idk how they can expect t…[View]
659468353Megaman Battle Network is how RPGs should be, real time reactive combat with strategy and positionin…[View]
659474119>when a skin gets a 15% discount[View]
659453352Todd Howard 'Fallout show is canon': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kQ8i2FpRDk >Fans of the gam…[View]
659471668What is the most quotable video game?[View]
659475368What is hidetaka miyazaki's best game?[View]
659410645>Jade in story: Stoic badass with a strong sense of justice, takes no shit, >Jade in gameplay:…[View]
659463261add a 10th class[View]
659475978Hyrule Warriors: How's the grind? Somebody mentioned the other day that Shiek's Level 4+ w…[View]
659475904wow they even got jannie into the game: Bravo larian[View]
659475838I never manage to be committed to MMO's even the coomer outfits aren't worth since you hav…[View]
659475808When the fuck are we getting another good Dynasty Warriors: Its been too long, and 5 was the peak. A…[View]
659474969Do any other games do this?[View]
659470206>game has Denuvo on PC >it has a Switch port thank fucking god for emulation…[View]
659473780why was he so mad at the zoomer guy?[View]
659405347Half Life 1: Just finished this game. Let's talk about it.[View]
659474551Video games needs more Scottish women[View]
659475173is it worth playing? many anons claim its troonslop made to milk yt algorithms[View]
659466523How much do you spend on video games yearly?[View]
659474085>be Ice Climbers >have one (1) game >16 years later, a miracle happens >you two become a…[View]
659473454Fuck I love the gentle outlines her belly so fucking much oh my GOD. Now I see why Leon turned down …[View]
659399158>2023 >still no Blood Meridian game[View]
659436184Thief: How's your Thief: The Black Parade playthrough going, anons? Surely you're playing …[View]
659466620>move in >never leave no matter what Why are ugly villagers a thing?…[View]
659469967Dragons Dogma 2: Will it have an awesone endgame like the first one bros?[View]
659474901December 2023... I am forgotten...[View]
659474197I'm having a lot of fun in the new Fortnite season[View]
659472728Donkey Kong Country: Were rocketbarrel levels a good addition?[View]
659468951should food restore health or stamina?[View]
659450923Does anyone else do this while playing ?[View]
659475206Kino incoming thread[View]
659473141What do you think of my idea for a game?: I'm thinking of making an anime-style game where a wi…[View]
659434742Darkwood Thread: >just beat this >less than 5% of players have even cleared it >was easily …[View]
659472996Wutville: Home.[View]
659474062>Advanced alien shotgun >Still has to reload shells like primitive human weapons…[View]
659421613>there's a race of bird people >there's a race of fish people >there's a rac…[View]
659474042How come Japan consistently makes the best action games in the industry?[View]
659470250if Max Payne were a conductor he would be Max Trayne[View]
659465680What's the point of making a boss impossible to beat? You need to farm 30-50 levels for the fig…[View]
659468280GTAVI will completely mindbreak /v/ just like Baldur's Gate 3.[View]
659468869I should kill you faggots for recommending this bullshit[View]
659472850Games that let you play a Paladin: Whats the best game to live your paladin power fantasy, /v/ ?…[View]
659473360/V/ Psyops: Shit you started doing unironicly after seeing it in a game. I've been helplessly a…[View]
659472107>outsells the switch[View]
659472974Why does BG3 generate so much useless seething?[View]
659473630I wouldn't say a single word to Rockstar games, I would listen. Which no one did.[View]
659469416Why arent these remaked?[View]
659465139Mortal Kombat 1: Woolay is back on the menu and Khameleon is a chick. Also here's your Jade bro…[View]
659464395rivals: Here's your Melee killer, sempai.[View]
659469696Coworker is a big smash fan and has been talking my ear off about the community and tournaments and …[View]
659474102>1>2>3 >2>1>3 Which is it /v/?…[View]
659469409Why are snes games more fun than today's indie games? Is it so difficult to create a game with …[View]
659466849>Enemies can taunt you[View]
659471563How does one single game make /v/irgins seethe so much?[View]
659473784What are the best free (as in freedom) games?[View]
659470843What is the best modern game studio? Are there even any good ones left?[View]
659464202they dont make them like they used to[View]
659460302Why isnt Battler the King of /v/?[View]
659469353>last moment of unfiltered pure kino in video game history Where did it all go so wrong?…[View]
659469492you now hear the whistling[View]
659470503It's all over man.. Game over, brother[View]
659469691Left or right?[View]
659466803Play her new game... in 2024[View]
659472178Little goody two shoes!!![View]
659464647The biggest videogame based on the biggest movie ever made releases in 4 days, and nobody is talking…[View]
659466661Did video games in the past just have an inherent quality to them that makes them more nostalgic and…[View]
659472803>finally play 76 >it's actually good what the fuck…[View]
659469551VEE: Are you tuned in vee?[View]
659467479Whiterun.... home....[View]
659472782Smash Ultimate: How many hours /v/?[View]
659470189What's the next step of his master plan?[View]
659473013Why do trannies pretend that the original is better than pic related?[View]
659472078Any games that teach you skills?: Simulator games (Euro Truck Sim etc.) is all I could come up with.…[View]
659472840>buy this game >store clerk was giving me funny looks is this a pedo game?…[View]
659472827hitman more like shitman haha[View]
659443907Stardew Valley Thread: Stupid piece of shit of a cat, what's the fucking point of this useless …[View]
659469435Does anyone else miss Fall Guys? The sheer chaotic and pungent beauty in playing with other seasoned…[View]
659445062Wapeach speculation: Thoughts? https://youtu.be/q3_ks3no2Ig https://youtu.be/PgVmuo1hJTs[View]
659467174I…I’m sorry Hoshido and my entire biological family, I choose my titty monster sister.[View]
659462358Once you have sex these game become pretty mid[View]
659469043What games do you usually play on?[View]
659462541How come it's socially acceptable to mod men to look hot but not women?[View]
659462186So after about 16 hours. I finally completed pirating this game on my Steam Deck and...I have zero m…[View]
659465146GTAVI will completely mindbreak /v/.[View]
659467507I can't decide between 1440p and 2160p. Please advise. Is 2160p worth the premium?[View]
659441617This is...The New Normal...[View]
659464350Will Rockstar ever top San Andreas?[View]
659471892>RX 5700 XT[View]
659472307>2014+9 >there are '''''''''''people''''''''' who STILL TGA means anything…[View]
659471996I'm buying it.[View]
659472112Think about how good all these games would have been without...[View]
659463161Games made by gamers kind of suck ass honestly. I'm sick of Metroidvanias, Soulslikes and love …[View]
659465545Ys: What am I in for? Gonna start with I & II Chronicles.[View]
659457285The Ultimate _________[View]
659471320ITT: games only you played[View]
659471498>PC will never, EVER get GTA6[View]
659471332What are the chances of Skyrim being released on iPhone 15?[View]
659468151>Smash isn't a fighting ga-[View]
659471059What did Funky Kong mean by this?[View]
659469507Time to show americans how games should be made.[View]
659465531Played zombie on cs 2, worst thing i ever saw. Cs 1.6 has: >new weapons >new game modes >am…[View]
659466842It's over, Zoomers won[View]
659469876Recommend me a game with these terms: >grim >has no women >hack and slash >serious >d…[View]
659471298Is it just me or do modern MMORPGs just not give that comfy exploration immersion vibe, and instead …[View]
659469974THE GAME AWARDS 2023: Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams? Will this be Geoff's Magnum Opus?[View]
659467118>mfw i play xenogears and my 200+ IQ triples[View]
659468909How am I suppose to finish my games if I have to go to work tomorrow?[View]
659466740GTAVI will completely mindbreak /v/.[View]
659464404I could have fixed her: If there is no Vaylin romance in next expansion i'am out[View]
659470350Knuckle Sandwich: This shit is so weird. I like it, but then it grates on me in a way only 2013 did.…[View]
659463956PC release when?[View]
659469128ITT: Badass final bosses[View]
659429650Why is DS1 considered the best souls game?[View]
659469380Things are not looking good for rockstar: This time they are going to regret not releasing the PC re…[View]
659461481>shazamtroons spent months before release shitposting about how the game WILL have quest markets …[View]
659317330How's that game coming along, /v/?[View]
659470176ITT: Obscure vidya waifus For me Jewels > Mia in NFS[View]
659469474What was your first playthrough like?[View]
659467358What comfy games do you enjoy when you need to unwind from a bullshit day? When I was stuck in fast …[View]
659469421The life of an Alistar main: Truly an unfair world on the rift for the Alistar mains out there, gett…[View]
659443687In every 3x3 thread I at least see one of the Kingdom Hearts games pop up multiple times? Are they k…[View]
659463934>mfw smash players call casuals 'friendlies' >mfw smash players call mirror matches 'dittos' …[View]
659469307Will GTA VI be terrible on release?: >No Dan Houser >Fortnite inspired map and design >Two …[View]
659466691Ghoulish horror (you). Brought low and driven into the mud.[View]
659464412Destiny Bungie: Damm that trailer was sick, can't wait for Rise of Iron to come out What's…[View]
659468208BG3 Aylin Genderswap & Anti LGBT mods: I just saw this get posted to Nexus lol: https://www.nex…[View]
659458979The Very Best of Iconic VGM: [1/6] Hello fellow /v/irgins, Share only the best VGM that has stuck wi…[View]
659467561games where you timetravel to save party members[View]
659468109Wyll would have been a fan favorite if they had made him a darkskinned chunni girl[View]
659469210>Rockstar releases the trailer >It’s just a 80s retrowank miami themed vehicles and skins for …[View]
659446779Starfield Passes 12 Million Players: >Starfield was a fl-AAACKKKK Kneel and beg forgiveness from …[View]
659465029King of /v/ 2023: (Qualifiers Interim/Results) Part 2: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https:/…[View]
659460739Excitement for GTA6 is the ultimate shit test. The same people hyping themselves were the same peopl…[View]
659468618What are your favorite games that /v/ never discusses?[View]
659468901Should Teyon finally do a Dredd game next?[View]
659457349Players should be forced into completing side quests: Playing the story missions so you can get to t…[View]
659458957>the audio log you were listening to gets interrupted by dialogue when you enter the next room…[View]
659466012CONFIRMED! Batman dies in Kill the Justice League: It is Warner's second game to kill Batman, i…[View]
659457207Same voice actor thread[View]
659468297Unexpected horror in non-horror games. Just eerie moments that don't feel right. Let me start …[View]
659464635mods: you didn't beat the game[View]
659432025This board is full of retards[View]
659455092GUNDAM HAMMER![View]
659468223still waiting for darkstalkers 4[View]
659468087The parents of rockstar games employees ended up raising backstabbers and cowards[View]
659436643Why don't fighting game developers just make the hitboxes match the actual sprites/models? Is t…[View]
659453407I've been told this is one of the greatest games ever made. Is it true? Should I check it out?[View]
659455916The Dall e thread: https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator https://bing.com/create[View]
659467879games with boobage?: i wanted to know what more or less maintstream games have some boobage in them.…[View]
659465865Play no hud stealth games[View]
659467795Is there a worse boss in the entire fucking Yakuza series? I'd rather fucking run a gauntlet th…[View]
659467197doom fan here, I tried playing this and got my ass handed to myself wtf :( how do i unlock the easy…[View]
659457046Elden Ring is a masterclass in RPG game design: Elden Ring should be a case study for ARPG developer…[View]
659465212Which vidya characters could take them?[View]
659467705fat guy = me not playing vidya while wasting time browsing /v/ squirrel = brown immigrants working m…[View]
659458502Sega Announcement soon Dec 7th: Hints are already dropping on a new Virchua Fighter onto the horizon…[View]
659467034GTA VI - Florida Jits: In this thread post which Florida jit you will be roleplaying as on GTA VI: O…[View]
659462759>Winter >lolis >scoopin' loli shit >dog >cat >holdin' dog n' cat …[View]
659465541GTAVI will completely mindbreak /v/.[View]
659456780The PlayStation Portable: Sony may be liquid diarrhea shit today, but they will always be based in m…[View]
659467357You went back in time You're now playing CS 1.6, DotA (modded Warcraft 3) and early Minecraft H…[View]
659463889What is your favorite RTS unit, /v/?[View]
659462998Noita bread: How are your runs going? I just restarted a 20 hour god run becuase I accidentally pick…[View]
659466381Considering getting an og Steam Deck from eBay. How easy is it to play Epic games on here? i have a …[View]
659464463Dragon Quest 9 is the greatest game of all time.[View]
659456879what is the best way to play s.t.a.l.k.e.r?[View]
659428731fishing lvls?[View]
659466879Super Mario RPG: Will SE or Nintendo ever make another game like this? I mean, no-fuss plot, fun tur…[View]
659459698Why hasn't it been surpassed?[View]
659450162Why do most people not play the games they buy?: 12% of people have not even completed the very firs…[View]
659466491Why didn't you buy Immortals of Aveum anon? Also, how dare you?[View]
659461364>Villain is evil because…she’s an atheist[View]
659466158Fallout 4: >Most sold and popular game in it's series is the worst one…[View]
659464049Crossover of Danganronpa, ZTD and Ace Attorney announced: I would pay for a crossover between ZTD, A…[View]
659456865>I created minecraft you know, Notch actually took the idea from my incredible music, i told him …[View]
659455374I've spent a lot of time outdoors and for me it's gotta be Kingdom Come. The forests, moun…[View]
659462081>remember vidya song >can't remember what vidya it's from AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH…[View]
659459453What are your top 5 MMOs to play in 2023?[View]
659462076I didn't see it as a category for the TGAs, so I'll ask it here. In your opinion, what is …[View]
659466262Everyone talks about Mario Party, but when is there gonna be a Zelda Party where you go around and c…[View]
659443241SAKURAI NO.[View]
659466135GTAVI Predictions: >Game is set in Florida, so main villain will be a racist, sexist Republican g…[View]
659442815This free mod is better than most full price triple A releases[View]
659465973I want Rockshart Games to pay for how they treated PC players over the years. They need their comeup…[View]
659440928>PS3 actually OUTSOLD the 360 by the end of 7th gen Holy shit, so Xbox has lost EVERY console gen…[View]
659465161>Asian male lead standing stoic, stern and collected >Black female lead looking ferocious, int…[View]
659463102They could probably kick your ass in Vidya. Are you afraid of being beaten by women?[View]
659357951Splacoom: I have no ulterior motives. Post sexy squids.[View]
659464380>Dark Brotherhood is an evil version of the Catholic church >FO3 is filled with religious symb…[View]
659459319Dark Souls 1 might just be the greatest game of all time[View]
659465341Recommend me non-woke games that have girls I can jerk off to when I'm done playing.[View]
659465473You watch a movie like Resident Evil Extinction and you can pick who directed it. (Russell Mulcahy.)…[View]
659454919How do you drive this shit?[View]
659463941Exanima Thread: Thoughts on Hellmode? I like it because it's just different, not really for the…[View]
659463106Disney Speedstorm[View]
659462587enjoying her DLC?[View]
659446464Best games of 2023 as ranked by Time magazine. Is their list based or is it cringe? 10. Dredge 9. D…[View]
659465008>Almost 2025 >Still no new Godzilla game…[View]
659462550What went right? Everything.[View]
659418301Least Favorite 3x3: Post your LEAST favorite games in this 3x3 thread![View]
659462364I don't see the big deal with souls games. They seem pretty shit[View]
659461520Penny's Big BRAP: antisonicbros.........what went wrong? we can't make good games, this wa…[View]
659460804I don't usually use the term reddit as an adjective to describe something, but in case of fallo…[View]
659463169>Baldurs gate 3 >Hi-fi Rush >Lies of P >Armored Core >Zelda TotK >Atomic Heart …[View]
659464752So, I chose the [Slay the Princess] option, but I got this thing, and now I'm confused. Do I ha…[View]
659454090Sekiro: Started this game yesterday. Just beat lady butterfly. What a fuckin rush man. This is the m…[View]
659433732Panambros...: we're so fucking bad[View]
659461124So do you think the shit Suicide Squad game will quietly launch in February or will it get delayed a…[View]
659463130they STINK[View]
659464542What did you guys think? I think despite it's many flaws, i really enjoyed it. Just hope they …[View]
659461484if you don't use a stock controller not only did you cheat you didn't actually beat the ga…[View]
659454243What do they eat?[View]
659461715How many dlcs did you buy and do you regret it?[View]
659462193I wish there were any good modern godzilla games so bad bros[View]
659463245>american level >american music plays[View]
659463447>Play old game meant for low resolutions on a modern display >The UI is somehow more pleasing …[View]
659459507>Hey thanks for helping us man >but now I'm gonna need you to fuck off because uhhh reaso…[View]
659384875Dragon's Dogma 2: Dragon's Dogma 2? More like Dragon's Dogma 1.2. It looks lazy as fu…[View]
659462607>Recent hanger-on to established gang, full of entitlement off the bat >Reckless, impetuous, a…[View]
659440448Bravo, Sony![View]
659464230Is Persona good for you?[View]
659449636No one cared about me until I put on the mask[View]
659444287Aika from Skies of Arcadia.[View]
659461002It was the first Souls game.[View]
659458264For me its Violet[View]
659463981I hope he gets revenge on Rockstar games and becomes their fucking boogeyman in human clothes[View]
659462593If you could only play one game from the last five years what would it be?[View]
659463957Wats ur top 3 games of all time??? Lol Here’s mine: 1. Spore 2008 2. Wild arms 1996 3. Halo original…[View]
659453360The first time I played this and saw her dying I did not cry or cared that much. Now I can't st…[View]
659460623Driver: Weird to think about the fact that the last Driver game came out two years before GTA V. It …[View]
659457309Who dares disturb my meditation?[View]
659460975Play METRIA the Starlight.[View]
659460180What’s your opinion on the Moonlight Swords of From Software?[View]
659463036the recent emergence of souls threads is proof that gangstalking is real: I recently started playing…[View]
659463113are fan translations usually better or worse than official ones?[View]
659460696>Diablo but Minecraft[View]
659447914What made Demons Souls unique in 2009?[View]
659462253Simply kino[View]
659463321Does anyone care about this? It has no real fanbase like Resident Evil or Dead Space so I supose the…[View]
659451942remember smbz?[View]
659457835There are no games worth playing[View]
659462673Favourite Transcore Game?: for me, it's pic related[View]
659462440Jojo 2d fighter game[View]
659459631Post concept art for any game. Here's the original Phoenix Wright.[View]
659459042>Ted Woolsey wasn’t allowed to name this guy “James Bomb” >”Croaka Cola” in the remake was oka…[View]
659458952Care to recommend some comfy cozy games?[View]
659461058So what happened to this?[View]
659462138Sonic: just beat the game barring a few annoying bosses like the casino bumper's game was fun,…[View]
659462715Fuck it, FNF Bread: Since Friday Night Funkin is basically on life support and dead to the masses, w…[View]
659449629>will be stuck on the shittiest console forever[View]
659443178Stop liking evil women /v/[View]
659461720This game is fun but a bit too easy for now earth crystal even on hard[View]
659459332What are some unpolished gems?[View]
659460654Yep, it's RPG time[View]
659459046King of /v/ 2023: (Qualifiers Interim): KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/tim…[View]
659460945ITT: your biggest purchase regret I will never cope with the fact I bought full price this shit.[View]
659416606blueish library: So the next drill boosting yellow special student means that turrets are the meta?…[View]
659460319psa don't buy arkham knight on switch you fucking retard: Hey /v/, so I got Batman Trilogy on S…[View]
659459486Why are they called console 'exclusives' if they end up on pc anyways?[View]
659459464How do I get my gf into soulsborne games? I really want to get her into vidya. The most she's b…[View]
659461558*makes any cloud gaming console completely irrelevant and a waste of time'[View]
659459687Why aren't you playing The King of Fighters XV?[View]
659453413Devil May Cry: Why is Morrison black? The director said it was the same person too.[View]
659459073What the fuck was his problem?[View]
659459791When did you realize it was better than 1?[View]
659461185You DID pick the correct girl right? Please tell me you didn't fall for the Atoli/Shino meme.[View]
659447368DO. YOU. REALIZE.: Do you realize, that if the Rockstar department sees those leak videos, That you …[View]
659456946What are the best 3DS games? I already have >Pokemon mainline and Mystery Dungeon >Dragon Ques…[View]
659456259Stop the disgusting objectification of male video game characters.[View]
659449752Sable Sunday: Sable Sunday[View]
659457086venom was a completely different character from harry at least with brock you could still tell it wa…[View]
659460525You are a actual faggot if you think this isn't the best SNES platformer[View]
659416441Hate epic. Simple as.: Just hate the EPIC GAMES STORE. Hate the EGS shills. Dont really love Valve/S…[View]
659406228It's time to face my anxiety and join a random online lobby in lethal company wish me luck![View]
659446826>ITT: female characters from games you don't play (images only) You know the drill, ignore p…[View]
659459615Do you have vidya friends?: >Make vidya friend >Remember all the horrible shit i've said …[View]
6594491582hu: I think I'm ready to finally take the plunge, now where the hell do I start with this shit…[View]
659452020Was it a good remake?[View]
659446498VR thread: Any new vr games worth playing?[View]
659459735Difficulty Options ruined gaming: Why bother balancing your game? Just make the player do it and cal…[View]
659457150>dies in game >'continue yes or no' >choose 'no' >load save instead >beat game >ga…[View]
659456631It is genuinely, unironically, officially over.[View]
659387032A FUCKING FISH[View]
659447608I was about to buy a new high-end gaming setup and as a final sanity check, I spent a few hours watc…[View]
659459383>There you are, playing your favorite game and all of the sudden you're (cringe) you didn…[View]
659411287Nobody except me huh?[View]
659457158Master Duel: when will HE be announced by HIM to get unbanned[View]
659459521There are real 'human' beings that think Mr.X is even close to as well designed as Jack. Here's…[View]
659457561Adults playing video games is no different than children playing with toys. You are a child.[View]
659459068I love how AI will make my art skills obsolete. Time to make literal garbage because this shit can o…[View]
659450181>bosses that require fast and precise touch control inputs >playing the fucking flute by blowi…[View]
659458741You'll pay for Black's death, bloody psychopaths Killer7![View]
659435178ITT: Best girls stuck in bad intellectual properties.[View]
659448262Post: vidya that reminds you of a better time[View]
659447789DALL-E 3 AI THREAD: post your AI slops. create here: bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/…[View]
659458529I dropped the first game because it was too reptetitive, is the second one better?[View]
659453964Everyone looking forward to playing as a Latina in GTA is going to eventually become trans.[View]
659458151Has a videogame actually ever made you cry? Do real people aka not Streamers/Youtubers actually cry …[View]
659431398This is such a novel and cool device and we failed it.[View]
659458296I hope you all realize gta6 is still 2 years away[View]
659455829Piracy: Is there an act truly as selfless and courageous than video game piracy? I don't mean t…[View]
659457425>Tomb raider remasters Has AI gone too far?[View]
659457546Which game do you wish you could relive the release again? For me it’s Pokémon colesseum[View]
659447154in my humble opinion: The yakuza series needs a serious reboot after yakuza 8 This reboot needs to s…[View]
659457438Animatronics are CUTE![View]
659452327what vidya music do you listen to for studying? I'm getting ready for my finals and I'm bo…[View]
659431191Master Duel: Cyberse was a mistake[View]
659447105>we've built our name with great Batman games >what do we do next? >... >I KNOW …[View]
659456483>shit game >kino soundtrack What comes to mind? pic related…[View]
659457691what went wrong[View]
659457662>sharty >doxxes pedos like rev and goonclown >4chan >ummm, uhhh, ummm, fucked with some …[View]
659454834post the cosmetic/taunt/effect you want to be added in the next Smissmas update[View]
659457506>spaghetti boss >'PASTA LA VISTA BABY!'[View]
659447394>wants to be a good person >joins the Yakuza ???????…[View]
659457379the only series disney released that was worth a damn. why didnt they make more like it?[View]
659445564>Epic Store exclusive[View]
659429021I am Japanese. I live in Japan. Do you like this acter? In Japan she is no person. No one likes her.…[View]
659455756Assassins Creed: Code Red: >you either play as a female ninja >or a nigga samurai JFL HOLY SH…[View]
659457081I'm playing video games right now[View]
659450036>He bought a OLED monitor for vidya[View]
659457206My idea for a video game trailer would be this guy clutching a coin in his hand with the R* logo, as…[View]
659456856>millennials start working in videogame companies and are the ones behind most indie games >vi…[View]
659449574Can this game be redeemed?[View]
659456997How important is music in vidya in your opinion?[View]
659453605is it really THAT bad?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UuXuRwxGcg >inb4 buy an ad…[View]
659450208>2+ months >still under 2 million views Paperbros... we lost The mandate will come back in ful…[View]
659451518Armored Kino VI: Meanwhile, on Rubicon /v/…[View]
659453890>30fps How do people play this?[View]
659456602Which one is a cheaper option, a PS5 or a gaming PC?[View]
659454073Any other games were the story becomes batshit insane near the end?[View]
659452065What games make you feel like a god by the end?[View]
659456617$1,600 RTX 4090 getting 60-120FPS in HL1(a game from 1998) with RT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7…[View]
659456523Enhanced edition or classic?[View]
659453373>Great character design >Stuck by development hell…[View]
659453916How do I get my gf into soulsborne games? I really want to get her into vidya. The most she's b…[View]
659446792WoW classic: Been itching to get into an mmo again and i never really played wow either. The only ot…[View]
659456068>Bring a manual or guide book for a game to school to show others >Someone keeps asking to bor…[View]
659456321My doctor just diagnosed stage iv ass cancer. What are some games that can cheer me up?[View]
659452383>game is easy >fans make difficulty mod >the 'difficulty' is that enemies are all cheap as …[View]
659436621Mortal Kombat 1 Quan Chi Trailer: Bald is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMQOKRhpc_s…[View]
659452197King of /v/ 2023 (Qualifiers) Part 9: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-…[View]
659455539The vidya Ship of Theseus[View]
659449092Post your gaming fuel: >this is too spicy for white people Do ya'll really??…[View]
659421887Why does XIV look so plastic and soulless?[View]
659449284ITT enemies that are literally you[View]
659447868Worst game in the series.[View]
659452893What was his problem?[View]
659454893Dead By Daylight: Is he the most kino killer in this game we’ve had yet?[View]
659442130What killed 2000s MMOs?[View]
659455715The absolute worst thing ever which is utterly horrible as well as terrible,: and bad in every way w…[View]
659455681Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai.[View]
659440792So, ayyy lmaoos are canon in the new Fallout show?[View]
659454161Play Warframe /v/.[View]
659445556why is the wifi chip so fucking bad?[View]
659452830It took 20 years for us to finally get a good Sonic game[View]
659455010The Game Awards are SAVED yet again[View]
659424635>Wow... hella f*ckin epic.......[View]
659453972I murdered every single midge that this game shoved in my face. The entirety of the goblin camp, eve…[View]
659453454Persona 6 should: >take place in America >have a college age protagonist >the Magician best…[View]
659449443Is there a special vidya girl that warms your heart?[View]
659452607Should more games have jiggle physics?[View]
659446191How is Minecraft on PS3 in 2023?[View]
659454345I am embarking on a quest to explore a plethora of Japanese hack and slash games that were specifica…[View]
659454685Janny get me bans (yuh) And he ain't got no fans (yuh) Pull up in the lam (skreet) He pull up i…[View]
659453175The only good thing about this game is it's soundtrack[View]
659454535Sonic as a franchise wouldn't be as intolerable if not for the fact people can't stop maki…[View]
659454516Why are there so few UGC-centric games, even though they are the most beneficial and fulfilling to p…[View]
659452038What happened to Sonic?[View]
659450942Here is the gta 6 map reconstructed from all those leaked clips. It's about 50% bigger than the…[View]
659454424>Bridget 3k yen >Mai 2k yen The free market has spoken…[View]
659453980Do I need to play Quantum Break to understand Alan Wake 2? I played control but apparently this is c…[View]
659454285I made a thread seething about yakuza 7 being gay earlier. Just downloaded scarlet nexus: What am i …[View]
659448428Old games have a certain interactive aesthetic to them where just seeing a screenshot makes you wond…[View]
659393279Face it tiger....you just hit the jackpot[View]
659452280>tfw you've made a gaming friend online[View]
659446349What made you quit your 100% attempt?[View]
659451589Post games where average joe has to explore, and solve a mystery[View]
659451393Realistically, how hard is he seething right now?[View]
659450264Imagine the size of her shits[View]
659439925I'm gonna be replaying this until the day I die.[View]
659449085What are the odds they actually keep the funny stuff like BJ's Used Autos, people still doing g…[View]
659450957>(You) fragged PLAYER >PLAYER has left the game.…[View]
659449995>Played REmake; Best level design, too trial and error. Retards who don't understand the mea…[View]
659449297I hate this character she doesn't belong in Smash[View]
659443131the gamers of /v/ have abandoned me...[View]
659439956Slavery Games: Are there any multiplayer games where I can work as a slave for other players? I…[View]
659453169>be console pleb my whole life >recently got good PC >realize I don't want to play any…[View]
659441761Hey /v/, what does hp and mp stand for and what do these potions taste like?[View]
659448791Why are japanese yuri dungeon crawlers like this[View]
659447976He’s the only man left that can save gaming. But y’all not ready for that discussion yet.[View]
659416661BUY HIS/HER GAME[View]
659453294If you use Drive Rush or Drive Impact I will close the game and block you[View]
659452237sex with halsin[View]
659453269For the Last 10 years I have been building my ps1 and ps2 retro collection. I haven't played al…[View]
659448293>game takes place in america >school is full of guns and bullets…[View]
659453170This is my husband, Kamui. Say something nice about him! He's part-dragon![View]
659451852GUI sketch done.: My GUI now has ancient old nice ornaments. :D Gotta start working on it's fun…[View]
659449923How many hours you spend playing vidya in average during a day? Do you wish to play more or less tha…[View]
659449763Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Could this be actually decent? I saw that they did add some of these co…[View]
659453052Do any of you fags happen to have a save file for pic related with all 80 main stages cleared? I dou…[View]
659447131Sony Sisters....: What the fuck is this[View]
659448975>'And when you think about it, your life on earth is the greatest game of all. And like any good …[View]
659448009>hasn’t been topped since Honestly miss old bungie. Games just don’t feel the same anymore. I fee…[View]
659449387Friends? Maybe???: Hi there!! Anyone wants to be my friend? I use discord and Instagram:3 (I prefer …[View]
659452886Waifu Thread: Post vidya girls you want to princess carry.[View]
6594498971-900-CULT: There's a new Hotline Miami Total Conversion Mod coming out soon and it looks coo…[View]
659438782DALL-E 3: bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator[View]
659452678Holy shit why has this series been shitting the bed so badly with its final bosses in the past decad…[View]
659440265Here's that Ys game you wanted, son.[View]
659452706You legitimately aren't a true Grand Theft Auto fan unless you know who this is. I guarantee mo…[View]
659446153What are some vidya where you can marry multiple girls at once?[View]
659452625'Snake, you know who that is?'[View]
659452424Exodus > Last Light > 2033, with 2033 being a 9/10 game sorry, I dont make the rules[View]
659444568>game forces you to use the wiki[View]
659424164Team Fortress 2: Any update ideas? would another Mann Co event work? Pic related just disappears for…[View]
659447620I want to play this game but I'm too poor to afford VR[View]
659439294Comfy horror thread: Which video game horror would be the hardest to survive in real life?[View]
659451926Why did I move her ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkkoHAzjnUs[View]
659445112Grand Theft Auto isn't fun to play, the story isn't actually that good, and it mostly appe…[View]
659413320It's going to be lit.[View]
659450754You know that the map leak is most likely real? Also it doesn’t seem that the map will be a lot larg…[View]
659450953Honestly, the female characters are good, but I wish if their clothes weren't too revealing[View]
659451818half life thread: what the fuck /v/? you guys warned me this game had some slow parts but it flows l…[View]
659449137post obscure waifus[View]
659448725How come Cyberpunk gets a pass but Fallout Frontier doesn't?[View]
659451889Knuckle Sandwich: This shit is so weird. I like it, but then it grates on me in a way only 2013 did.…[View]
659441936In regards to GTA VI, we already know it will top V but how can it possibly top the masterpiece that…[View]
659426738Senran Kagura: Who's your favorite Senran? What's your favorite Senran game? Boobs or ass?…[View]
659451462Are you going yo play Samurai Shodown RPG now that the English fan translation is out?[View]
659446929Undertale: I can't believe I psyopped myself into disliking a game that I hadn't even play…[View]
659451383what solarpunk games would you recommend for me[View]
659451335Fucking whore. I don’t know who this bitch is but she’s so fucking busted. Keeps littering the scree…[View]
659443574/v/, I trust your judgement. What's the best version?[View]
659440072You *do* have a video game related background on your PC, don't you?[View]
659443698Is this fun?[View]
659381628Splatoon 3: Day 2: Salmonids are still searching for a good deal at B&D (they’re unaware of the …[View]
659439873video game cat[View]
659363610This game is fucking bullshit[View]
659416134Rorikstead... I'm from Rorikstead.[View]
659443993Any creative game ideas you can do with dragons?[View]
659450016Recommend me games that feature Napoleon.[View]
659439328>Has the speed of a sekiro boss in a slow game >Has no openings Fuck this shitty game and the …[View]
659449485What went right with PS4?[View]
659450126Literally ahead of his time. Now every console is always online. He was too ahead of the curve.[View]
659400175Post your league of legends waifu[View]
659450402>player Buster Highman has joined the game[View]
659425670>amd cpu >amd gpu >linux yup, it's gaming time…[View]
659444403>blocks your path[View]
659448315More games need furry women[View]
659437089>a basic ass shitty mob can kill you in 1 hit Yeeeeaaaahhh... I think I'm done with these ga…[View]
659448312why is there no good Christmas game /vee/?[View]
659447820What is it with tourists here basing all of their opinions and taste in games around what is 'reddit…[View]
659449703Acquire - Weird fun games: Anyone play the games from Acquire? For decades they only made a single t…[View]
659449737Ore wa... SUPA BEJITA-DA.[View]
659440009I think it's safe to say that we're back, PoEbros. Literally the hypest league in years.[View]
659442469>completely linear choiceless theme park DOS 2 asset flip >mindlessly lauded as the best game…[View]
659444061my aunt bought my nephew a ps5 for christmas. what are some ps5 games a 10 year old boy would like? …[View]
659446841france's greatest achievment.[View]
659446000Just a couple of months left for the RTS of the decade.[View]
659439906King of /v/ 2023 (Qualifiers) Part 8: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-…[View]
659449198In less than 5 days I believe Rockstar games will be bankrupt and it will likely be because of this …[View]
659445248There’s a leaker who claimed MGS DELTA will be using. metal gear survive’s crafting system and stami…[View]
659449132Anyone else playing this? It won all those awards so I had to get it, you know?[View]
659448894East Coast is better than West Coast[View]
659448310>I will get myself a top tier high end $4k gaming system so I can play shitty ps4 ports and emula…[View]
659447948Should I get a Switch Lite? I love its pick up and play nature.[View]
659447732>Game has choice >Pro players only pick one of the choices Is this poor game design?…[View]
659445838Which GTA 4 ending was better?[View]
659448157is this game good? I liked Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Control, but I never see people talking about t…[View]
659448346I can't wait for Christmas with my transgender girlfriend! What did you get for you friends and…[View]
659448459Daily Bust a Groove thread: Is Comet an evil person? She turns people into food and eats them[View]
659448192Hotline Miami: Do you like hurting other people?[View]
659387893>every boss is so hard that the game forces you to use mimic tear + spam magic from far away unle…[View]
659448280We are gonna kill all the things you love: First it was the degenerate game of COAL, a CIA psyop to …[View]
659442684Is emulation evil?: For the mere price of a good laptop or Deck at MINIMUM, you can basically play m…[View]
659446160Why does a small town have so many cops?[View]
659448207Fortnite is fun shame about all these advertisments though[View]
659447008Okay I'm stumped.[View]
659442898>avoid clicking any flirty options >fucking alexios goes 'i know what i want' and leans in to …[View]
659448128This is the man calling you an incel on /v/: This is the man who spams the cuck threads.[View]
659444586Indie Game Dev Thread: NO MORE EXCUSES Post your game or give feedback (I'm not posting my game…[View]
659446924>killzone2, mgo2 (yes, that mgo), playstation home, resistance, dead space 2, battlefield bc2, bf…[View]
659445525This is gonna be the greatest game ever made, isn't it?[View]
659447835I have a series x but still go back to the PS4[View]
659446304Just finished and it was fun. Why did everyone say it was dogshit?[View]
659445393Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising/ Relink: >konnichawa, anon-san >we arr tinkin obu adin ryukishi…[View]
659440267>party member betrays you[View]
659447729>Played REmake; Best level design, too trial and error. Retards who don't understand the mea…[View]
659444716Why did the Senran Kagura series disappear?[View]
659447664>modder uses Ko-fi to host mods >you have to write email and amount you want to donate (you ca…[View]
659446763We are bad boys ;)[View]
659439030It has been 5 years since X4 released. Did you enjoy your 1K hours in it? Did they improved the game…[View]
659427110subtle vidya clothing[View]
659442795Armored Core 6: Don't you just hate it when you fall from the grid?[View]
659446915Hey Lois, remember the time I was in Fortnite?[View]
659440594How did some literally who indie games like Slay the Princess and The Coffin of Andy and Leyley surp…[View]
659440914>play game >see an ugly woman >delete game…[View]
659442779Where do you download roms?[View]
659446528Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising[View]
659446846There's literally nothing wrong with making the same game again as long as the developer is hon…[View]
659447053r8 my cool things[View]
659439958>Triggers /v/[View]
659446435ITT VAs that only appear in 10/10 games[View]
659446749>world full of superpowers and magical abilities and fantastic technology >MC's primary f…[View]
659443621Why isn't Halo popular anymore?[View]
659442686>try Fortnite for Peter and Snake >it's actually fun Fuck you /v/ why did you put me off …[View]
659408524>he bought IPS HAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
659446639Workers and Bracken should be friends[View]
659445172>patch comes out >it redownload the whole fucking 130gb of the game again why is this accepted…[View]
659446816>dies in game >'continue yes or no' >choose 'no' >load save instead >beat game >ga…[View]
659446775What are some games with little sisters that obsess over their brothers?[View]
659432094>Celeste is a 2018 platform game developed and published by indie studio Maddy Makes Games.[a] Th…[View]
659441393You have to hand it to the creators of BioShock Infinite, they easily could have made racist Christi…[View]
659445706>is the best souls boss in your path[View]
659446475Man, those Hero Wars ads keep getting weirder and more grotesque by the second[View]
659445893>I'm so emotionally invested in a hobby made for children (video games)…[View]
659434329For people who've played Atomic Heart, what did you think about it? Did you at least have fun w…[View]
659446115I don't even have a captain's log for this: Because this is dead serious, The videos of th…[View]
659437546total warhammer: I AM SUPREME[View]
659446009Games about sexy evil violent females ?[View]
659441407Which game would you most want to isikai into?[View]
659444486What am I in for[View]
659439523I'm here to discuss VIDEO GAMES: But apparently this board is a 'spam fugly wojaks at anons you…[View]
659445946Video games and related communities are becoming less and less tolerant of reactionaries. Soon you…[View]
659446006Leave GTA to me.[View]
659444010WTF is his problem?[View]
659443786you got games on your sega dreamcast?[View]
659445501It's time God-tier Trope thread Whats your favorite?[View]
659436821Play Powerwash![View]
659445512ITT: the most annoying enemies in gaming These fuckers in Elden Ring >Constantly flying around th…[View]
659437290You WILL reply to this thread. You WILL shill your favorite game ITT. You WILL get Anon's inter…[View]
659436076ITT games that made you throw your controller: >pic related >hard mode Still haven't beat…[View]
659445121Is there any hope left for Tomb Raider?[View]
659445051Dynasty warriors Liu Bei Football in his baby son?: Did Liu Bei ever do this or tried to have done t…[View]
659429491Master! please play my game, Brown Dust 2! Im super powerful now![View]
659418530Why did everyone hate this? Its unironically good. Was it just 'old good new bad' fags?[View]
659436592Hey /v/ what can you tell me about puyo puyo and madou monogatari? I just started playing madou mono…[View]
659443646Should I buy Nier Automata for Switch or is too much of a downgrade and I should get Steam version? …[View]
659441969Why dont we get Godzilla games anymore?[View]
659439950What are your favorite games you would label as autism fuel? Shit that you can sink hours into, read…[View]
659442996Recommend me some PS1 games[View]
659426326This will sell our video game.[View]
659442796Does /v/ like puzzle games?[View]
659442849why is modern legend of zelda so shit? not a single memorable moment in botw or totk[View]
659440368Games that can only be played once[View]
659423097This is what gamers want in their games[View]
659444002Is this the best game ever made? Perchance[View]
659444779new GTA V leak !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yke9BhP1uks[View]
659440909Horror games: >it was all a metaphor Wow! What a twist![View]
659439840what a comfy gaem and it's free.[View]
659440408Resident Evil 4 Remake is by every objective measure the best video game of 2023. Games that releas…[View]
659418113>Spend 30 hours building a massive train-based mega factory >Realize it doesn't really wo…[View]
659425093>CTRL+F 'GTA' in catalog: 0 results: What the fuck guys, it's only two (2) days before the t…[View]
659444604cheesed to meet you[View]
659444587What a horrible night to post on /v/.[View]
659444321Theoretically: If this man had an opportunity to get revenge on Rockstar games, what would you want …[View]
659444515Budokai Tenkaichi 3 AI Tournament: Going to start a BT3 AI tournament (Single) Need at least 16 figh…[View]
659443854zero escape: what the fuck even was this series? i unironically only properly remember the first gam…[View]
659443226War of Rights: Is it war, or is it right?: https://youtube.com/shorts/ABLvsRoLRcI?feature=share >…[View]
659439895Man, i really cant understand how people spend so much money on gacha.[View]
659436214Hello! Have (you) considered joining the Monolith?[View]
659443520Guys, I don't think she is attractive. Talk about this for 500 posts.[View]
659443361Whose job is it to create the desktop icons? Why are they so often shit and blurry? Are there any me…[View]
659418548Wapeach Priich: MIYAMOTOOOOO[View]
659416838>God's don't have followers they have victims[View]
659443301When are we getting a new Star Fox game and will Krystal be in it? [View]
659434939What did /v/ think about Rain Code? I missed all the early threads to avoid spoilers.[View]
659436256It's gonna be shit, you just know it[View]
659440603Now that the dust has settled, was it a good game?[View]
659438315He's the true hero of Half Life. You can't prove me wrong.[View]
659417645Draw your vidya beloved in MSPaint.[View]
659432153just beat pic rel, where do i go from here, i own both other games but cannot decide between. (the r…[View]
659441986Would it be kino if they collaborated on a console? >SEGA branding and creative control >Micro…[View]
659442823>inb4 lucia and jason were just place holder assets all along and the main protag is still unknow…[View]
65942713120 years later, what do you think of Fate? Have you read the VN?[View]
659442334i miss them...[View]
659438214Do you trust your loved ones with your gaming collection if you were to die?[View]
659438264How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
659435778>Be Borderlands 3 >Perfect Borderlands gameplay >Ruin it with horrible writing that it…[View]
659438035>can't have sexy women protagonist because fat ugly bitches on twitter would complain >ca…[View]
659442602Fallout: It's over[View]
659439069>snoys pissed their pants, shat their diapers and laid their loads over this…[View]
659439529im a doom pro but I cant even kiIl the first boss in this game, any tips?[View]
659437895>enters a fighting game tournament >'What country do you want to represent?' >…[View]
659438112>Never played WoW in my entire life >I played Classic, and it's literally the best experi…[View]
659430912Metro Exodus is a good game.[View]
659424629What are /v/'s thoughts on the highest grossing video game franchise of all time?[View]
659409020Is this game kino or reddit?[View]
659430390Spyro 1 > Spyro 2 > Spyro 3 This is irrefutable, but you are welcome to post your coping and s…[View]
659437543This is a thread for every Far Cry game, except the shitty 2nd one.[View]
659442131According to the judgement of the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale.. jannies are... trann…[View]
659440845GTA 6 Leaked: https://youtu.be/lYCBGcEP_aI[View]
659441854Here's your game bro. Can I borrow the new Modern Warfare now?[View]
659436692Can we have a filename thread? Keep it vidya.[View]
659441132Why has nobody made an actual animal crossing clone yet? Would nintendo get too pissy? Farming games…[View]
659434428Why do you play multiplayer games when single players games are way comfier, anon?[View]
659429821Monster Hunter: World: Why did everyone end up loving this game? What made it so great?[View]
659435639>If you ever used spirit ashes then you didn't beat the game[View]
659438484Reverse 1999: A gacha for intellectuals.[View]
659433312Cooperative Faux Pas: Has a company, or property ever fucked up so badly that you can't support…[View]
659440452>he doesnt end his every post on gaming forums with >Regards Nickname…[View]
659425346ITT segments that filtered you as a kid.[View]
659439697at this this point, I've lost interest[View]
659439870can I get some of the examples of bg3 being shilled on here? Any imgs/caps/examples are fine.[View]
659439931In terms of story/lore, what games have the most interesting religious cosmology?[View]
659441117voice actors: anyone else unable to play games that don't have voice actors? Can't seem to…[View]
659439797Should I get a gamer chair? What do you use?[View]
659437450is there a way to lower the difficulty any further? ninja dog is kicking my ass I could easily beat …[View]
659414942Why can't hordeanimals behave like human beings?[View]
659429017Shadow of the Erdtree: Your hopes and fears for the DLC?[View]
659438454Which Akane is best?[View]
659437824I refuse to buy souls games because they are not on GOG. I deleted my Steam account years ago.[View]
659418793>Fps limit: 30 >V-sync: On >Motion Blur: On >Film grain: On >Bloom: On >Depth of F…[View]
659401046Why did Monster Hunter Rise flop so hard?[View]
659442472What exactly went wrong?[View]
659429891Well /v/?: You are a trio of creatures, from times long forgot wicked to wander vast emptiness of wo…[View]
659440137It's time to admit 2D sonic isn't the way forward. Both sonic mania and sonic superstars f…[View]
659438270I'm looking for a good action RPG on ps5/ps4. What do you guys recommend? How is is FF 16 and N…[View]
659440116Can I be Dall-E too?[View]
659437240>2023 >worse online than Halo 1 wtf is wrong with this country? why are they always 20 years b…[View]
659437348>I will now play your game[View]
659439912What are some of the best musou games? I'm looking to get into the series[View]
659436343Name a better RPG franchise in the last decade. You can't.[View]
659437829Post vidya songs that absolutely fucking mog Alan Wake 2. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
659439783face the grind build the autism[View]
659435019ITT: Games with artstyles you want to see more of[View]
659439647Say his name.[View]
659434707Why are western AAA games so bad when so much money is invested in them?[View]
659427253Modern day game preservation: In future, how are people going to play 7th, 8th and 9th generation co…[View]
659353235Slay the Princess: Would you accept a gift from Razor?[View]
659437740>game quadruples down in it's worst aspects for one last time I was almost having fun…[View]
659439143we did it![View]
659435407GTA VI Soundtrack: so with the trailer for GTA VI almost upon us, any speculation to the soundtrack …[View]
659429867Fear and Hunger: I just finished playing this, and I didn't understand what the fuck was the po…[View]
659401843>millennials start working in videogame companies and are the ones behind most indie games >vi…[View]
659435410>Game takes up nearly all the storage on my deck >Can only keep 4-5 games downloaded while it…[View]
659429727Tomorrow I'll...[View]
659426586Vidya Boys[View]
659439185Thoughts on Front Mission remake ? Is modern mode better than classic mode ? I kinda like more how t…[View]
659430509>and YOU go to hell[View]
659432328Rank them. And remember, there IS a correct answer.[View]
659438375Garbage: This game's AI is total dogshit and sucks any fun out of the game. Why bother with cre…[View]
659428862DALL-E 3: generate vidya related images bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator…[View]
659421761The charges, officer?[View]
659438378Counter Strike 2 is so bad it makes us go back and play Counter Strike 1, a tale as old as this past…[View]
659438174>trailer's been up for an hour >no threads What killed the hype?…[View]
659434583deltarune: will we ever get that ending we deserve?[View]
659438169how do I into rythm games?[View]
659435491play vrchat it's winter vket time[View]
659424668When did it all go so wrong?[View]
659436203Gundam Evolution: It came and went. Even Paladins outlived it. What happened?[View]
659433997>The last character you played as has to fight him to the death Who wins?…[View]
659438685>Backstory full of instances of the Tribunal having big flashy anime fights with Daedric Princes …[View]
659438673For me it's Scorpion's Lair[View]
659437943>Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic What game is it?…[View]
659432324This is getting embarrassing GTA was leaked AGAIN today, How the fuck can a company be this fucking…[View]
659374546what kinda guy did you play?[View]
659437739xbox peaked with the 360[View]
659431686Vidya Old Man Thread: Post your favorite grandpa.[View]
659437130SSSSSSSSTOP IT[View]
659438081>Just finised pic rel >Feel empty realizing the we never going to get something similar again.…[View]
659436418game of the year[View]
659432332What are some fun 2 player games for this[View]
659431897Sex update aside, what are your thoughts on Cult of the lamb?[View]
659437251He actually knows jackshit about games and only cares about nostalgic ones.[View]
659436561Fate/Extra: >FUCKING Buddha literally helps a. A.I commit Forever War What the fuck was Nasu thin…[View]
659436285Could you?[View]
659430424>everything is so ungodly slow you legitimately cannot take damage from anything unless you'…[View]
659437538I can't be the only one who hates the multiplayer on BG3 am I?????: >friends keep begging me…[View]
659421951>There's a jailbreak for PS5 right now >Still can't jailbreak a PS4 beyond firmware …[View]
659430824Hear me out...[View]
659435156*starts playing in your path*[View]
659436102>Marika >Malenia >Melina fucking hack…[View]
659435463>entire series down to the mechanics of the giant monsters and robots designed like a videogame a…[View]
659437391What the fuck did I just read[View]
659432963>boss has a sidekick[View]
659403761For those of you part of a video game fandom, are there any certain repeated phrases or arguments fr…[View]
659437016Starsector: I've tried it some years ago and had fun as a smuggler but really couldn't get…[View]
659437003will we ever get a modern hunter x hunter mmo?: i really want one[View]
659401526>If you don't like it go make your own Monopoly Oh wait...[View]
659425887King of /v/ 2023 (Qualifiers) Part 7: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-…[View]
659436963How did some literally who indie games like Slay the Princess and The Coffin of Andy and Leyley surp…[View]
659432754Are Japanese game fans just extremely sensitive? I'm playing through some WORST GAMES OF ALL TI…[View]
659435569*skillfully places a critical stickybomb under your feet and gracefully detonates it*[View]
659436861Path of Exile. Thoughts?[View]
659426995The birth of a soiboy[View]
659436004Games you would erase forever from history if you could: For me, it's pic related.[View]
659433518Quan Chi trailer. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMQOKRhpc_s[View]
659433701Gay theory: >Ruined the concept of video games theories and cursed us with mascot horror and zoom…[View]
659436684>Absolutelly mogs Nemona[View]
659434647No games Spider woke 2 isn't a game.[View]
659414892>want to play rimworld >remember that you needs mods because base game is crap >spend sever…[View]
659430924What is the best competitive video game for men?[View]
659436224Rich anon here. How much do I need to pay Westwood to remake this game?[View]
659424594>Mogs every Online Multiplayer events[View]
659436229Are there any good android games that aren't ports or emulated from other consoles? I used the …[View]
659434254What’s your opinion on super Mario wonder[View]
659436215He got slapped haha[View]
659436154>my gayming laptop is getting old probably >Shit performance in games, barely holds 85/95 CPU/…[View]
659434384>1 irl hour in jail Was it good game design?[View]
659435968>great combat >massive world with lots of secrets >a dozen or so very well written quests …[View]
659434957sex with halsin[View]
659397594The Witcher 4: Polaris will be the best RPG ever made: >'Our trademark is the freedom given to th…[View]
659435738>be me >Break pc glass panel because i am retarded >Ask company for another glass window ju…[View]
659359681Why SoulCalibur not as popular as Tekken and other big name fighting games?[View]
659434117sequel when?[View]
659435532Starfield: what were his motivations again?[View]
659427639How do you safely navigate your way out of this situation?[View]
659431601>trust me bro sonic unleashed is the best 3D game in the serie-[View]
659415428Do you like Disgaea?[View]
659428173What are your favorite games to play during this comfy season?[View]
659431725>house boss >'I'm just built different'…[View]
659427304why do so many people struggle with fightan inputs? moving the stick a quarter circle is not that ha…[View]
659429201I just %100 Vampire survivors[View]
659431735IRL bosses and tips how to beat them. How do I beat him? He seems to be immune to elemental and his …[View]
659429790This game doesn't deserve to be called Baldur's Gate.: The writing truly makes this game u…[View]
659433663Why is it called Square Enix when Enix was the surviving company and was doing better than Square wa…[View]
659426045So who was in the wrong here?[View]
659435094they made women look like that because: 'they' are simply trannies and by making women uglier, they …[View]
659430015>sonic fundamentally doesn't work in three dimen-[View]
659432128so it's shit huh[View]
659434257Remember when Jaina wanted to dismantle the Horde, /v/? Good times.[View]
659434536'Well, that just happened!'[View]
659433694Just finished this. 10/10. One question though, was the Nameless Puppet the corpse of Carlo?[View]
659434750I decided to play SFV for old times sake. Man the animations and responsiveness of characters feel s…[View]
659432941Soulcalibur turns your favorite female character into a slut.[View]
659423886dragon quest: Bros im so scared. >dark story for mature audience >no more turn based combat IT…[View]
659427262>People thought this was actually witty >Mario RPGs sell better in Japan than Fire Emblem etc …[View]
659426243Did you find yourself waiting for a game to release for so long that you are not the man you used to…[View]
659434276You finally got hired for a demanding new job, you're not going to be a neet anymore. What…[View]
659428056got this on the last epic sale when does it get good im in chapter 6[View]
659431308Starting working on my GUI, chuds.[View]
659431392Don't mind me, guys: I'm just being the most Kino moment in vidya history in the past 10 y…[View]
659434303husk protag thread: This fucker nearly dies, falls, gets beaten up in every mission but eventually h…[View]
659433852I have 80 hours played, and am stuck in plat 4, Lily main. How the hell do I improve? What do I even…[View]
659433472Ubisoft needs to remaster their Naruto games already, everyone is dying for those games to be availa…[View]
659431118turok 3: already beat this twice, wtf bros. it's good but idk if its worth the 30 bucks I paid…[View]
659433004It's over Leon! I have become the resident evil![View]
659431167Most overrated games of all time: I'll start[View]
659429948JRPG: What's been your favorite new JRPG this year?[View]
659433925Queen Marika the Eternal: She's bad or good?[View]
659426748Its official, the game will never have Multiplayer. Maybe review bomb anons were right. That being s…[View]
659431006Who is watching TGA and how many more are going to be left before this shitshow dies in a fire?: I d…[View]
659430635So what happened to Riot's MMO?[View]
659418705can we stop pretending to hate this game now? it's a modern day Silent Hill masterpiece.[View]
659405645Japan went too far man[View]
659430050Games weren’t better in the past, we just can’t accept that we’re unable to enjoy things like we use…[View]
659432603>Game character looks like this This is no more appealing than a manjawed Western face scan. Try …[View]
659428708Let's Play Together: Lame Games!: Hop in and play with other anons lame games from the NES era …[View]
659416176Can we finally admit that Aonuma was a mistake?[View]
659433752>Movie game Japan GOOD[View]
659429370I need your opinion /v/, I feel like playing one of these two today but can't choose.[View]
659430984when gta 6 comes out this board will unironically start calling this game good[View]
659432243Remind me again why consoles are still a thing? Why are consoles nowadays built with x86 or off the …[View]
659431924This game and the copies it has spawned prove that indie devs are just as creatively bankrupt, unins…[View]
659433421Do you like Dark Samus, /v/?[View]
6594304574 days until Avatar: Frontiers of pandora[View]
659409563He will die before HL3 is released[View]
659431907There are too many zoom zoom characters in Street Fighter 6 for me to get it yet. Luke, Jamie, Kimbe…[View]
659431107why do you do this?[View]
659433063>rare footage of Daigo ACTUALLY angry[View]
659433124>games are played the same way since the ps2? Is VR the only long term solution? Can't physi…[View]
659430265>Buy a PS5 slim to replace my ageing PS4 >Copy all PS4 my saves over to a usb, stick it in the…[View]
659432947I got the urge to play some cRPGs a few months ago, finished both Pathfinder games, ATOM, Underrail …[View]
659432921Only I dare.[View]
659424595who spent money on it? Who actually even owns this?[View]
659432735Legitimately one of the worst games I've played.[View]
659427432Worth it /v/ros?[View]
659432717Killer Bean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vu_xNVeQG0 NEW KINO JUST DROPPED[View]
659430040My wife Aerith[View]
659413278Are you exited anon?: To not see her in a mainline game ever again?[View]
659429682If buyiong a game doesn't mean you own it, then pirating a game doesn't mean you stole it.[View]
659432527Megalodon waiting room.[View]
659427954>December 3rd >Already forgotten Uhoh blizzbros what happened…[View]
659431557Are there any good terminator games?[View]
659432129Xcom 3 any day now...: Why did it never get a fucking sequel? I went back to play Enemy within and i…[View]
659431920fortnite sex has been canceled bros...[View]
659429621worth emulating or skip straight to 2?[View]
659425942Now The Dust Is Finally About To Settle…: Did GTA V have a good story or not and why?[View]
659404686Fifteen years later, what do you think of it?[View]
659430302Have you heard his mixtapes yet, /v/?[View]
659418843How would have Cyberpunk 2077 been received by the press and players if it had been released in the …[View]
659427848Hop in, bro~[View]
659430142Nintendo needs to do something big for the franchise next, we can not just get a repackaged BotW aga…[View]
659431343Master Duel: Why is Novox such a weakling?[View]
659431339OD-OD-OD-ODS-ODS-OD-ODST Helljumpers standing down[View]
659430665Which Pokemon would you own as a pet[View]
659426683How much worse than Gothic is this? Just reached Harbor Town and so far it seems kinda fun.[View]
659431083Why yeas i like Final Fantasy XIV and New Vegas. How could you tell?[View]
659423513Saints Row 2022: Now that the dust has settled, was it really THAT bad?[View]
659431058Alan woke 2: Totally forgotten what gone wrong??[View]
659416241I've just played Life is Strange and it made me realize that I should probably stop wasting my …[View]
659416190I think CJ overreacted a little when he did that[View]
659429117hows your gas station vee?[View]
659427501>massacre all the teifling rapefugees and the grove >kill isobel and everyone in the last ligh…[View]
659427439haven't you heard /v/? bird is the word[View]
659428801Name that game, /v/[View]
659420670>money stolen I didn't even say word[View]
659428836what the FUCK[View]
659412335Why is the world not interested in Xbox?: Is there anything Microsoft can do to level the playing fi…[View]
659430298So, um...[View]
659429496NES: The only True Video Game Console: From an objective point of view, and from knowing the true ar…[View]
659426468>if a video game had autism[View]
659428248Does Pokemon suck?[View]
659430536>Good Luck, Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCWvlQo4XJw[View]
659430428this statue in halo 3 odst[View]
659430273Yu Yu Hakusho is a manga and anime about a young man who was killed in an car accident and through a…[View]
659427102i've never played any mmos, but i want to start because i want some human interaction is there …[View]
659427981What am I in for?[View]
659427246discord is eventually going to take away my username, since its in moonrunes. plus all non-latin scr…[View]
659430146My face when I proceed through a stop sign intersection.[View]
659422828What are they feeding to the cats in Skyrim?[View]
659429568>Epic nerfed his ass Its so fucking over bros...[View]
659427715Damn, Switch chads are eatin good[View]
659429915.: .[View]
659429324Give me the best arena shooters to play right now[View]
659428753He fucking lied to me: He PROMISED us that he wouldnt upgrade the Steam Deck so soon. He fucking STO…[View]
659427787>State of Decay 3 is going to be a GaaS game I guess this is the future of Xbox exclusives becaus…[View]
659429710Post yfw: you realize the space pirates in Metroid were just stealing games[View]
659426971what happened to this? for those who don't know its a live interactive series on twitch where p…[View]
659418751Why are indies the only games worth playing nowadays? Post other indies that are single-handedly sav…[View]
659403726Play Trails of Cold Steel[View]
659419371The Dall e thread: https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator https://bing.com/create[View]
659427516Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks May Have Just Come From a Rockstar Employee’s Son: For once, his dad really…[View]
659424303Star Wars is soulless now.[View]
659429463Wait... am I the baddie?[View]
659428178>Nominated for indie GOTY >Is a two hour long VN Maybe Dave the Diver isn't so bad…[View]
659385479From which game does this series get good? I tried the first Tom Raider and Holy shit the controls a…[View]
659417546How much storage do you have, /v/? Is it enough?[View]
659428005the smelter demon kinda got their shit pushed in with an appropriate upgraded mace or rapier I don…[View]
659419810>Game is a hate letter to fans[View]
659410084Yellow man! Er, I mean... Disco Elysium thread.[View]
659426996Games weren’t better in the past, we just can’t accept that we’re unable to enjoy things like we use…[View]
659420601What sites do you use to pirate vidya?[View]
659417534Biggest thing in gaming history: and /v/ doesnt talk about it… How come?[View]
659425270>I...I have been looking at the scars...on my back. The stumps that were...that were once my wing…[View]
659396157Starfield “Over 12 Million Players Since Launch”: >quarter of players didn’t even finish the firs…[View]
659427425Vidya music that gets you like this: https://youtu.be/jXu9htg70P8[View]
659426736Gordon!: Gordon You lousy motherfucker! Get your dork ass down to the test chamber, or else I'l…[View]
659389358Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: >Only one Fusion monster is in the top 20 Branded Fusion should go to 2…[View]
659428912Why don't they go to back to the sprite based artstyle? The 3d plastic look is really bland and…[View]
659419707>Lies to you >Steals your shit >Traps you in a cage >Crew forgives her Fair enough…[View]
659422554Space Buns[View]
659425724It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28Kq_1onePc[View]
659417307>Why [character] from [game] is the best fictional character - 38:43 >Why [game] cured my depr…[View]
659428692Rivals 2: What went so right? Why didn't it flop like Multiversus and NASB?[View]
659428604I can't believe you've done this. But I can fix her.[View]
659427440I miss Multiversus. Think we'll get a trailer at the game awards?[View]
659402845>no game about raising a goblin family[View]
659427030The new weapon mod system in Fortnite is really good. This was a necessary addition to spice up the …[View]
659422521Current GPU feels: >6750xt[View]
659428434What are (You) playing on your Vita, Anon?[View]
659428313>2023 >Still no FLCL game[View]
659426563Are we finally hitting the Ready Player One era of VR?[View]
659426286Beauty appreciation thread: Art is beauty, beauty is art. ITT we celebrate beauty, no uggos allowed.…[View]
659424329Why does Sora make you so mad?[View]
659420845what's the OK Computer of videogames?[View]
659414662Steam Deck: Sunday Steam Deckies, what are we playing? Playing Mana Khemia 2. I didnt like it all wh…[View]
659427135What game doesn't belong in the catagory it's nominated for in TGA?[View]
659412627>fantasy game has a rat race >they're all filthy, violent and plague-ridden That's a…[View]
659427291GTA 5 is the best video game ever, and GTA 6 will be even better[View]
659427048This is the worst attempt at a title-drop and like the top 5 worst lines in Final Fantasy. I find it…[View]
659426115>We can't take much more of this, captain![View]
659427763She's cute: CUTE!!!![View]
659426764Why is Yuffie so popular?[View]
659426327I will NOT redeem starfield[View]
659426754>Try to find women to game with and potentially get a girlfriend with similar interest >all th…[View]
659425426Why aren't you playing half life right now?[View]
659427162Xbox is going THIRD PARTY in your lifetime[View]
659427475what are some games with solarpunk aesthetics?[View]
659427448Eternights: I move, I counter and it doesn;' t register? This game is shit :([View]
659427359>They turned lego fortnite's meowskulls into a black human Its so fucking over...…[View]
659424117Ive see so many Ponys laugh at this but he is right, Gamepass is the best deal in gaming AND the fut…[View]
659402426We need to talk about the COTY (Comfy of the Year). Whatcha buildin?[View]
659427196>unambiguously cucked by a NTR man >sleeps in a coffin for thirty (30) years to cope >conti…[View]
659426859What video game characters got worse redesigns over time?[View]
659424806What was the last real Zelda game?[View]
659422465Now that the dust has settled: Was Lords of the Fallen (2023) a good Souls clone?[View]
659425082If the heroine is defeated, what happens after?[View]
659426367why do they do it? why do they put themselves in a meme that's supposed to be about soi retards…[View]
659419205I am going to jailbreak my ps3, anything to keep in mind?[View]
659414141Are you ready for Clairebear's new remake trailer next week?[View]
659420912>I am playing THE GAME >THE ONE THAT WILL TAKE ME TO MY END Games that give me this feel?…[View]
659426518Why are they pushing rouge so hard lately? I'd be fine with it if omega got some spotlight too …[View]
659424748In Kaz I trust: https://youtu.be/PDjjv1w-yWI Kazunori Yamauchi: The Thread[View]
659423845thought about this, also is anyone surprised who is number 1?[View]
659423080>expecting the steam dock to be a plug in and play type of deal >It's actually a broken, …[View]
659424890is there any reason to check out darkstalkers 1 and 2 if I'm already playing 3[View]
659424531This fucking game is literally worse than Fallout 4, like by a lot. I had fun with Fallout 4 and a l…[View]
659426452sex with bowman[View]
659423702If western game devs like blacks so much why don't they make a game about Nubian mythology?[View]
659423860It's over[View]
659426171How do I get 5 points on the prize task?[View]
659423575'can you survive five nights at freddys' lmao yeah what the animatronics gonna do? scream at me?[View]
659424883Do you ever get drunk while gaming? How does it affect the experience for you?[View]
659425860play fortnite!![View]
659398708Who is this Ramen Shop Owner?[View]
659421748Happy Birthday Eric Barone / ConcernedApe[View]
659419453digimon: how the hell do you get into this series[View]
659425714Did the collection release this year include the remake of the first game? Stuff like that makes com…[View]
659425394How the fuck did Twinkborne get released, sell 1 million copies, DLC and Sequel announced, all befor…[View]
659424637>best 3d sonic since adventure 2 >undoes the failure of 06 >most soulful story, gameplay an…[View]
659425626>is a better immersive sim than thief[View]
659425624what is more kino the sound of collecting rupee or sound of collecting coin or the sound of collecti…[View]
659425397>game has cute enemy monsters[View]
659419674Akechi is ____[View]
659422079This is homophobia towards their gay fans.[View]
659424004Stop liking pirate women.[View]
659422658I would like a balanced 1v1 competitive game to learn.: What games am I on equal start with my oppon…[View]
659423884You know what, F4 ain't that bad all things considered[View]
659419141>LEON FUCK MY SISTER Why is he like this???[View]
659370592Why was the PlayStation so successful?[View]
659415868How big do you like your numbers in RPGs?[View]
659424079December 2023... I am forgotten...[View]
659423827I liked this game. Ignore the markings on the cover, I'm not Jason Brown.[View]
659424839Western Influence on Japanese Video Games: A Continuation of this thread of sorts >>659421175 …[View]
659423205Come play Zombie Master /v/[View]
659424997Final version of the No Alphabets mod for BG3 is out. Features include: -Aylin is now a fully voice …[View]
659424967Hexen: Beyond Heretic: The Dark Souls of FPS game[View]
659424467I want more strategy games where you can switch to take manual control of units in the field and I w…[View]
659407174This caused an uproar with Asian gamers because they think she looks ugly lol[View]
659373817They're even trying to invade indie games that get less than 1000 players with their 'make the …[View]
659422563the exit 8: Anybody play this? You're stuck in an infinite series of hallways and passages in a…[View]
659419127Will he pull it off a second time?[View]
659421721>'Number One: In 1945, corporations paid 50% of federal taxes; now they pay about 5%. Number Two:…[View]
6594040274 more days until 3D fighting games are saved![View]
659420225What was his problem?[View]
659412956Fortnite: Are you enjoying Chapter 5 anon?[View]
659424463What's so good about Fortnite? All the fanservice sounds like complete autism pandering to feed…[View]
659422061What did they do to this poor man why does he look like this[View]
659422515Game you have autistic obsession with and why: >pic I love the story and atmosphere and monsters …[View]
659421414Whatever happened to Lords of the Fallen?: I heard everyone was pretty excuted about it and Jeenine …[View]
659424405by now everyone knows that spore got fucked over during development by EA and the final game was way…[View]
659419324this is peak gaming...[View]
659424345Nintendo's next console will be called the 'Snitch'. It will look a lot like the Switch but wil…[View]
659387717Games with this atmosphere?[View]
659407739Shantae will give you one (1) wish! what do you wish for?[View]
659377858Dragon's Dogma II: let's keep the hopium going for our MKbros[View]
659412547why does Nintendo hate their own fanbase?[View]
659419894Face it. He fucking won.[View]
659422895Alright class, please turn in your Zelda essays before you leave for Winter Break[View]
659420461>Pipe workers, zoners and sørmirbæren join South Gate Station >Deadly psi beetles, dangerous m…[View]
659419876harmIess is too hard for me can I lower the difficulty any further? I can easily beat doom eternal …[View]
659417058Why was the GameCube so unsuccessful?[View]
659420874>Radeon RX 590 >Ryzen 7 2700X[View]
659423712which female vidya character would you cosplay as?[View]
659423641I’m gonna be a big fat fucking mother Druid.[View]
659423369What's her problem?[View]
659422846r8 games installed[View]
659421690>released 12 years ago >still the king of open world games how'd they do it…[View]
659414271King of /v/ (Qualifiers) Part 6: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-r…[View]
659423187>saves and ruins gaming at the same time this guy is an agent of chaos…[View]
659423051is there any multiplayer game where you can play as a slime?[View]
659392586>he was just off camera all along This is actually brilliant. I did not see that coming.…[View]
659421478I want to like M&B but every time I get to the part where a lord invites you to a kingdom and gi…[View]
659417640>one of best FPS games ever >Nintendo game…[View]
659409608Grand Theft Auto 6: What are the chances that the pedestrian models will have metahuman levels of de…[View]
659422620Why is Xbox such a big disaster?[View]
659422651Is he right?[View]
659422854>characters all wear suits for the finale K TO THE I TO THE N TO THE O KINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
659421106The wackiest game reviews?[View]
659419535Whoever scripted the pathing for this fucking dog needs to be thrown in prison for the rest of their…[View]
659416854>10 years later >game's only legacy is SFM porn…[View]
659422579>Kinect >Google stadia >VR >NFT's What will be the next thing that everyone will fo…[View]
659362727FFXIV: If female Hrothgar don't look like this than no one is going to play as them. Make them …[View]
659422059GOD HAND: Anyone have that old pic of some guy in a bare apartment with just a beer, cigarettes, and…[View]
659422378this game is overrated: This game is mediocre at best with a barren open world and even more barebon…[View]
659419295Post you're favorite vidya toons[View]
659422342It's over for Soul Calibur?[View]
659412193So…which part of X’s soul is Leviathan supposed to represent??[View]
659412824>artist gf mostly doesn't pay attention while I'm gaming >meet this guy >'Oh who…[View]
659421235I figured /v/ would know best so, Do Asian Traps like BWC? or do is it just a stupid meme I need to …[View]
659420936What if it ends up being shit after all these years of waiting?[View]
659419793>press buttons >screen state changes >sound plays why are games like this?…[View]
659422084Would Ghost Rider's penance stare even work on Junko Enoshima, or would she just enjoy the mise…[View]
659420702What will /v/ be like on GTA 6 trailer day?: I predict lots of complaining.[View]
659421549Fuck Yennefer and Triss. Ves is best girl. Tomboy waifu>everyone.[View]
659416046>game gets worse as it goes on[View]
659421996AH, SO THIS IS STAR FOX[View]
659411672Name the best 100% FREE game you've ever played.[View]
659421964Mario Kart[View]
659419947Nintendo won[View]
659421913Is it really bad or were people over-exaggerating because of the tank controls?[View]
659413474Seriously though, what whales do whenever their favorite gacha that they spend a few grand on it is …[View]
659419028What does /v/ think of this ferocious Yokai?[View]
659420865Well /v/, your years of pirating vidya have finally caught up to you and you've been sentenced …[View]
659418127>7th gen games were too ea-[View]
659421705>Fujos ship Sidon with Link in BotW >Nintendo responds by giving Sidon a qt Zora wife >Fujo…[View]
659412542DALL-E 3: bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator[View]
659417074I don't get something. There are games < 20 gb that looks incredible like NieR Replicant or …[View]
659419470just installed this. played this last when the early access released many years ago. is it any good …[View]
659415792/v/ lore[View]
659414830Holy shit guys!!! Someone is leaking GTA6 again!![View]
659410207>Both the PS1 and PS2 get lots of modding community support, especially with hard mods. >PS3 g…[View]
659421186Outer Heaven and Big Boss: metal gear solid mgsv mgs5 the phantom pain ground zeroes big boss outer …[View]
659392220Why did no westoid studio create games like bloodborne or dark souls or elden ring even though their…[View]
659421079Why didn't they just release a game?[View]
659421143So with Wonder selling gangbusters, SMRPG remake doing well enough, and TTTYD remake on the horizo, …[View]
659419692Is there ANY logical reason for this shit to still be costing almost 2000 rupees?[View]
659420294IS it safe to say Pokemon is now a Goyslop series ?[View]
659419221What's the best gaming mouse?[View]
659417157post character designs you like or I'll eat you :3[View]
659420798the REAL ninja gaiden: This game mogs the hell out of that poser ass ninja gayden black or whatever …[View]
659419624Did he deserve his fate?[View]
659418664>Jeez Lois, this is worse than that time I was in Fortnite[View]
659419398Bloodborne 2: Ni hao. I'm sitting in the From Software office and developing Bloodborne 2 right…[View]
659412793Should I play this?[View]
6594192492008-2013 was the peak era of Rockstar Games. You can't convince me otherwise.[View]
659420464>we got a show about fucking Blood Dragon instead of this What is Adi Shankar doing?…[View]
659420625>dies in game >'continue yes or no' >chooses 'no' >load save instead >beat game >g…[View]
659417954>Chromatic Aberration: >ON[View]
659398019Is RAITA a hack?[View]
659420570every game i wishlist on steam ends up with mixed reviews on launch[View]
659415346>top 10 games for [retro console] >#1 is a JRPG…[View]
659418537i want to play eroge games: Hello, I would like to play some eroge but I'm sick of the fact tha…[View]
659418513I miss it[View]
659419060dante may cry[View]
659417775When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard, anon?[View]
659411291.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kQ8i2FpRDk[View]
659418118pam pa ram pam pam pa ram pam pa ram[View]
659417551Persona 6 details: Hello people from internet. I am part of the new staff assigned to persona 6. Fir…[View]
6593557563x3 Thread: And what are you playing right now? >Zelda: TotK I can't believe the amount of f…[View]
659419709So, which game saved (You)r life, anon?[View]
659417925Aspirations in life? Gainful employment? Connections to important, influential people? Seeking out n…[View]
659412980>Get caught by the cover image >it's eurojank runnin on unreal engine Every single time.…[View]
659419591femdom snuff[View]
659419607this game's pretty fun[View]
659419271What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
659417806>let it die got a new update after like 3 years because people just wouldnt stop playing it >A…[View]
659419309Y’all hype for the TGA game awards?[View]
659418986am i retarded for considering purchasing the 4080 super when it comes out ?[View]
659417262Fashion Dreamer - Any anons still playing?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6TyDIMc04w We finally g…[View]
659419168>Alan Wake 2, huh? More like Anal Woke TOO if you ask sweet baby[View]
659417390I'm looking to start a gacha Which one would you recommend, /v/? Genshin, Blue Archive, Arknigh…[View]
659418939>On paper, Valve has a structureless system, without literal bosses or managers and one in which …[View]
659417548Reminder that Zelda is the father of Metroidvania[View]
659416509What did you tell him, /v/?[View]
6594157822023 may have been the year of Mario, but 2024 will be the year of Upero. Discuss your favorite Upe…[View]
659416930ITT: Post remakes that are superior to the original I'll start: >Resident Evil 2 The ugly an…[View]
659413952Nier Replicant: What was her problem?[View]
659415451WTF did I just play??[View]
659415086binding of isaac????: bethany is ez mode[View]
659411062Fire Emblem: What’s your favorite class anons?[View]
659418725>vydia NPCs blame the player for ruining their lives by interferring or playing the game itself…[View]
659417195ragnarok: what server do people play on these days? i remember trying leika a few years ago but it w…[View]
659411439Dragons Dogma: >finally decided to buy Dragons Dogma because many are creaming their pants over t…[View]
659415794Western games won again![View]
659413778Post kino and comfy world maps[View]
659417539>ruins your niche indie game community >calls the game racist for having tribal enemies Nothi…[View]
659417801devil may cry speedrunner here I had (almost) become a real woman but playing this game completely r…[View]
659418479Toy Day is almost upon us. Are you excited? What video game related thing are you giving your mother…[View]
659413548>hehe bleh![View]
659412205>subject of female gamer comes up >usually in the context of her preforming well >pleasant …[View]
659418243What are some games where you can just do whatever you want? Like Fallout New Vegas you can kill any…[View]
659378091Rogue Trader will save CRPGs.[View]
659416626Video games shouldn't cost $70 dollars[View]
659412106Which way Imperial man[View]
659415339Fuck Bloodborne Fuck Demon's Souls The Gravity Rush series is the one Playstation exclusive tha…[View]
659417876Vanilla, Director's or Dual Shock?[View]
659408562I kinda regret buying this game: It was on steam sale But now im crying each time im playing this I…[View]
659417014I just bought a handheld emulation device. Any recommendations for classic RPGs to load on there?[View]
659413836Can rockstar surpass what they achieved in RDR2 in GTA6? Or did they forever peak in 2018?[View]
659415567Okay, but WHY did he do it???[View]
659417828what is even the plot in the pre-AW2 games after the ending of the first game? Al frees Alice but re…[View]
659400563What makes Classic WoW better than Retail?: I never understood why Classic is better[View]
659403810>343 is so bad they've managed to trick everyone into thinking Reach is retroactively good…[View]
659417212OLED: Why haven't your switched to OLED yet /v/?[View]
659408992why did he do it[View]
659365282>new character announced for GBVS >nobody cares…[View]
659413935'I'm not responsible for how my body makes you feel.'[View]
659334105Tevi: Are you playing her game?[View]
659417159>people actually bought the scuffed ''remasters'' made to provoke fomo i shi…[View]
659416451Reminder that Nintendo will announce nothing at the game awards. There is nothing to look forward to…[View]
659416325What are your top 5 MMOs to play in 2023?: Pic related for me Note, in 2023 means it's gotta be…[View]
659411627Why was it so kino[View]
659417118What was his problem?[View]
659416691what is the new normal for western games? Is it really over? Every new western release is shit now…[View]
659416114She's not a selling point if she plays the same as half the roster.[View]
659416707Another indieslop rated overwhelmingly positive. How do they keep doing it?[View]
659412951Now that it's been 10 years since realse can we be honest now? Was it really a good character a…[View]
659415152I’m conditioned to linear games where backtracking is either impossible or tedious, games with small…[View]
659415334Valorant Chamionships: LETS GO GURLS https://www.twitch.tv/valorant[View]
659409745>Shit game >Kino soundtrack Name it.[View]
659415709it's too big[View]
659414252>Multiplayer game >No co-op[View]
659410986Mortality: How can you enjoy video games, when you know you will cease to exist in the not too dista…[View]
659415730>will appear in the last game you played if you do any kind of reset, retry or restart during a l…[View]
659412710Why didn't you fags tell me this game was actually decent? I've spent the kast few months …[View]
659416641Was 2023 a good year for jrpgs? We had some really solid releases like Octopath Traveler 2 and other…[View]
659413761is Playstation the weakest brand in the gaming market?[View]
659415712wheres the nikke collab?[View]
659382938How do we fix japanese game design?[View]
659413261Trying to make a video game and realizing how difficult it has made me me appreciate video games way…[View]
659410807Sonic Dream dev: Sonic Adventure successor, Cream will get a big focus: Sonic Adventurebros, we WON …[View]
659385214>send build to melee streamcels >they inadvertently leak your roster lol…[View]
659411041Diddy Kong Racing: If this game comes online on the Switch, I wonder how many people will remember t…[View]
659411580Is there at least one nice guy in Tekken?[View]
659411852Can /v/ handle a mature woman?[View]
659355518WEGs: What are your favorite WEG? So far the ones I actually enjoyed were >Being a DIK >Desert…[View]
659412678How do I unlock the Zeke fight? I finished the 6th Zadornov escape mission, but Kaz still hasn'…[View]
659412830Name a single 2023 game from the west that's actually good. not mid but good. Literally one(1)[View]
659410721Do you ACTUALLY play Street Fighter VI in ENGLISH? ENGLISH? IT SOUNDS LIKE SHITT[View]
659399983Where were you when Fortnite saved gaming? Will you finally agree that you got filtered by the build…[View]
659403642Artificial difficulty: Why is needing to practice any part of a game considered bad game design thes…[View]
659415843Do you like adding more Challenge to your games Anon?[View]
659413831Best weapon in the Souls series. Elden Ring's DLC should have a clone of it.[View]
659415449how do I find a woman like this[View]
659415707Do you play vidya gamest mods?[View]
659380239How do you keep your hardware safe from your family?: You can take a laptop anywhere you go, but a s…[View]
659411214>I should've killed you long ago.[View]
659361964Wapeach: Remember what they took from us.[View]
659413620EU rules publishers cannot stop you reselling your downloaded games: archive.is/NqWD1 STEAM IS FUCKE…[View]
659415458Jesus fuck, you guys didn't tell me this was a horror game[View]
659413143what am I in for? are these games similar to devil may cry? my stepdad just bought this for me on st…[View]
659395448You will be boycotting The Game Awards in solidarity with Starfield, right anon? We can't let t…[View]
659406169You know he's right.[View]
659400657Why are fighting games so boring?[View]
659412826Best games I've played so far: Share yours[View]
659407570Bloodborne ROLL: ROLL and you will become that creature. you are only allowed to roll twice.[View]
659404925D-E-D-I-C-A-T-E-D A-I: Daily reminder there is absolutely no objective reason to upgrade past a dual…[View]
659348348Play Warframe /v/.[View]
659405205Is Dark Souls 2 the best in the series or are fags just coping?[View]
659412589>that one kid who daydreamed himself as the protagonist of his favorite videogame…[View]
659413592'After Alyx Valve will make more games'[View]
659407351>i hate DRM because i care about my privacy and safety, that's why i.....download pirated vi…[View]
659414731>First and second instalment are meet with lukewarm reception >Third entry proves to be a mast…[View]
659414693Why can't Todd stop lying?: He has the money, the time, and the ability to make the game good e…[View]
659414638Elementary School Prodigy. Greatest Detective. Incredible swordsmanship. Polite to peers and elders,…[View]
659411307Why is Japan like this? https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/gp/bestsellers/videogames[View]
659412362What was the first game of your childhood that made you realize that not all games are good? For me,…[View]
659412231Prehistoric Kingdom spino reveal.: And Prehistoric Kingdom wonders why it can't get 1/10th the …[View]
659396832What went so right?[View]
659414410Trailer in 4 days Prime bros[View]
659414028>massacre all the teifling rapefugees and the grove >kill isobel and everyone in the last ligh…[View]
659412204ITT games that only you have played[View]
659402713Let's have a good old fashioned filename thread[View]
659414149>IT'S A DHAROK TUNNEL[View]
659411263>final boss is unkillable[View]
659411107>indie unity horror game >bloom, chromatic aberration, motion blur, lens flare, depth of field…[View]
659412483You should play Last Origin[View]
659412881this is objectively the best game in the grand theft auto franchise[View]
659410621/our guy/ Sseth made a video on this game and no one's talking about it? /v/ has fallen[View]
659402127Just got this abandonware boomer game. What am I in for?[View]
659412762Blue shell = affirmative action[View]
659412517Sea of Stars thread[View]
659412498Any other fan games that mog the official version?[View]
659411984Why no one, either From Software themselves or another developer, has made a Souls-like focused on P…[View]
659412313antagonists that literally did nothing wrong: I'll start. I don't see anybody talking abou…[View]
659411525It's already Sunday, do your parents know you're off your Lithium?[View]
659413629Great Writing: The Game: How did they do it? Are indie devs just inherently superior in this regard …[View]
659413604>'Gamers don't want games that are fun, they want games that instill FOMO and cause dopamine…[View]
659413350Terrible games /v/ memed you into play.[View]
659402631Kids today will never know what it's like for games to have naiveté and earnestness in all crea…[View]
659413487>he's never drawn his vidya waifu in MSPaint before For shame![View]
659411102>elden ring dlc is still far off according to producer what the fuck[View]
659413414>keeps you warm in the winter Based.[View]
659413375'We're going to have to act, if we want to live in a different world'[View]
659397695What is next Lara Croft?[View]
659405059DALL-E 3: bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator[View]
659409578Professional e-sports NG player here. I admit I've been shitposting about DMC for the last 5 ye…[View]
659413249Fuck J-Stars Victory Vs for not making Kumagawa playable.[View]
659411979Post vidya music that gives you a strong sense of its location and that place's atmosphere htt…[View]
659413158Yo whats this red stuff, it's spooking me since it's a different color from the rest.[View]
659411080Gonna play this, what am I in for?[View]
659403010>”Oh, Riot shield, I’m a pussy that use Riot shield!” How do you respond without sounding mad in…[View]
659401474You are not immune to Persona 3 reload[View]
659410192What are some good crime/mystery vidya?[View]
659409518Default character = best for immersion: >play RPG >character creation screen >male >huma…[View]
659404186If only there was a option to turn off female characters in the settings...[View]
659400376Fallout TV Show: >This is why you are watching it[View]
659410367Nikke is a deep and emotional story. What if the real enemy.....was Humanity?[View]
659412153You bought an N-Gage, didn't you?[View]
659411930Would it work?[View]
659409293how long until we start getting fortnite nostalgia threads already i've seen people do it for c…[View]
659412558> zero female body It is discrimination. Sovinism. Gender bias. Hypocricy. A fucken crime against…[View]
659412494>be me, play fuckton of musedash >play it on 7200 rpm hdd >the game need a minute to start …[View]
659412263I'm getting random lag spikes on my Skyrim bros >Installed Skyrim AE from Fitgirl >Update…[View]
659305576You DID get every title screen star in all 6 Battle Network games, right /v/?[View]
659401875Smash: they probably will just port it to the switch 2 and add another round or two of DLC.[View]
659412237Don't mind me, just adding to the fire. let's share some vergil memes while we're at …[View]
659412267Daggerfall: Fuck you /v/. This sucks.[View]
659410597Post the best vidya music from the past 5 years. Hardmode: from 2023. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
659411854Thoughts?: paper mario clone made by 2 Dominican guys. https://youtu.be/XqkKDfbWJmU[View]
659399138I want to play this for the first time. Which one should I play, the original or the remake?[View]
659401781I feel bad for all of you out there, I really do. >I feel bad for anyone still expecting decency …[View]
659410964I lost over 2000000 runes to a fucking Ant. I think I'm having a panic attack.[View]
659412070Darkest Dungeon Black Reliquary: Got through all the intermediate bosses. The plant lady fight was c…[View]
659411897>is urban in your path[View]
659409231>pause a game for hours at a time when I'm adulting >playtime still counts up when I…[View]
659411749>and you're plainly addicted to chaos >well im not sure that's true doc…[View]
659411729He was right, you know.[View]
659407565I'm having an incredibly difficult time jumping in Revenge of Shinobi. Sometimes I can press th…[View]
659411325She's so fucking cute.[View]
659390296King of /v/ 2023 (Qualifiers) Part 5: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT! —Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-…[View]
659410369Is it possible to play Grim Dawn without dozing off?[View]
659411454Phone emulation: Just got a fancy new phone with a pen I wanna emulate on, what're some good rp…[View]
659401519Don't lie to me! I know Dark Souls is a single player game, you can pause it![View]
659411413why dark souls have no story???[View]
659393741Metro Exodus: Why is slav shit always so soulful?[View]
659411226play The Witcher (2007)[View]
659411007Do you like fighting games? Whip do you like to play?[View]
659411229This board feels like there's a director which usually is a man from reddit, but the whole orch…[View]
659411135im on sick leave from work: what should i play? i was playing project zomboid but died by walking to…[View]
659410126Who's gonna win? Who's gonna lose? I've got The Game Awards Fever, hope you got it to…[View]
659411056DMCuck Here: I got cucked by this guy, it's too unfair....wHY SHOULD I BLOCK HIS ATTACKS? ALL T…[View]
659409456>massacre all the teifling rapefugees and the grove >kill isobel and everyone in the last ligh…[View]
659402525Things I didn't like about the Fallout trailer: >Too broad Fallout is broad but not that kin…[View]
659408951this is what induces fear in zoomers...[View]
659387950Play Rain World, NOW.[View]
659409539Have you ever seen or played a video game and wonder 'what were they thinking'?[View]
659410710H I R E: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnJlNru89Ys[View]
659364629Kingdom Come Deliverance: > best RPG of this generation > massive financial success > still…[View]
659410123>rtx 3060 12gb[View]
659408497What the fuck is up with this shot in the Persona 5 Royal intro?[View]
659406151>want to do 'quests' >forced to follow wiki guide…[View]
659410074>not a single other game has recreated the action movie feel as well as a game from 2005…[View]
659407679Meanwhile at the /v/ apartments…[View]
659410239MISS SAMUS ARAN: The thumbs-up sign had been used by the Galactic Federation for ages. Me, I was kno…[View]
659405672Todd Howard wtf??? How was this okay???[View]
659410402Times vidya was cool: ITT we talk about times video games were pretty cool, yeah I know they all suc…[View]
659410324Human = Fluoride Human with Double Brow Ridge and Blue Skin = Chloride Tranthropromorphic Characters…[View]
659410206Soul Calibur 6: What went right? What went wrong?[View]
659406338What do you think about the Tekken 8 roster?[View]
659392848>Dark Souls shouldn't have a difficulty setting because... because it just shouldn't, o…[View]
659402867I EARNED KIRYU[View]
659409452>Gamepass is not profitabl-[View]
659398612>game has genitals, pubes and Vitiligo options >still have to download prober afro hair mods …[View]
659409361Every couple years this happens: >find out about promising new indie game from friend of a friend…[View]
659408342Gen Z, please explain how you know you like a game if you’ve never played it. I get thinking that a…[View]
659409564>enter STV >it ain't me starts playing…[View]
659395845how would you fix this game[View]
659408621Why don't you listen to him irl?[View]
659408993Chapter 5: They messed up the movement and they brought back NPCs. I got my first W this season and …[View]
659406948Objectively dogshit enemy design: Assuming INFERNO >Ranged attack projectiles that are impossible…[View]
659409863Move along mentally ill faggots let us og gamers discuss the upcoming GTA 6[View]
659403932Idling in my PS5 These exclusives they will not heal[View]
659409805How did you get over your /v/idya addiction? Left my job to start a company and have just been playi…[View]
659408440Thoughts in terms of the survival/building game standard? I'm seeing people recommending the ex…[View]
659409646>be sick as a kid >Stil able to play vidya >Sick as an adult >Bedridden for days unable …[View]
659383564Minecraft: why did it flop?[View]
659404290Smash Ultimate: Which DLC character is worth 5,99€?[View]
659409319>like video games >bad at video games How do you cope with this? can't even beat genchiro…[View]
659389374So the consensus is that this is one of- if not- the best souls-like of all time. What did it do tha…[View]
6594034532024 looks lit Shadow of erdtree Dragon's Dogma II Persona 3 Reload FF VII Rebirth Granblue Fan…[View]
659404865Starfield: The game that saved the west.[View]
659409398Fighting game: Hi /v/ recommend me a fighting game I can play casually with friends but also invest …[View]
659406978what kind of illness is the cause of people paying and selling old retro games for high prices[View]
659409380smarsh: >new movesets for several characters, like ganon >'classic' movesets still an option …[View]
659409205It's never coming out isn't it?[View]
659409286sink i broke ze game lul[View]
659407564Here's your problem...[View]
659406431So /v/ Are they going to feed us 1 minute cinematic bullcrap of a teaser or will we see some aspects…[View]
659408983this is the greatest fucking game ever made[View]
659404276Are there any games where you can physically torture NPC's? People's Playground is an exam…[View]
659408527What do you think is the best Dragon Ball game?: I think it's pic related.[View]
659408958do you prefer siren 1 or 2?[View]
659393547This is the best controller.[View]
659397396>plot doesn't make sense >still enjoy it anyway are there games like this?…[View]
659395762This game will destroy Blizzard and Diablo: It's not even funny. The hype is increasing every d…[View]
659390659Claim you're waifus[View]
659404806videogames peaked here disagree = reddit[View]
659408531ITT: Horrible design: >Trying to 100% a game on first run >Miss an item/object >Cant go bac…[View]
659408504I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
659399054What were Japanese flying squirrels doing in Russia?[View]
659387334>we can never ever have this in a GTA ever because faggots keep complaining about 'open, unused a…[View]
659310513why is it like this?: >Be nice to people in-game >No one cares, no one thanks me, no one gives…[View]
659394781Why was it forgotten?[View]
659396557>gives you a concussion >breaks every single bone in your body >leaves you crippled and di…[View]
659402020>Stop right there, GOERS![View]
659407336skibidi koishi[View]
659405856I check pirate websites just to see if there's anything new i might like[View]
659406969Halo: >alienate fans by saying they are not going to adapt source material from the games into th…[View]
659402841It's over.[View]
659394234What games do brazil anons play? Is it just FIFA?[View]
659407278ITT: games that can't be discussed anymore[View]
659405598>Agent 47 is real[View]
659385907WARNING: THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE: be careful DMCbros, NG fans will tell you to play this game to mak…[View]
659400121This is Washington DC, 200 years after a nuclear detonation[View]
659381740Lara Croft: Lara Croft[View]
659404041Is this a good offer?: Why or why not?[View]
659406684Thought about cool math games /v/ https://youtu.be/si3i1ISDpvQ?si=-ewr_CoMqNcDiyXn[View]
659407518pyro: Do people still complain about w+m1? You'd have to be retarded to die to that if you can …[View]
659406935psycho-nuts thread: This Winter break imma play 2 for the First time. pretty hyped. What am i in for…[View]
659407393What was your best /v/ moment of the year for me it was the FNAF movie[View]
659396156Cammy White thread[View]
659331361Fire Emblem: My emotionally damaged Empress...[View]
659397897Still the best 'hacking' game out there and its a bit sad >b-but hacknet It's just a set of …[View]
659404397yoshitpiss daily crying thread[View]
659407301Any other games were the hero gets his plan ruined by the protagonist?[View]
659403056Is this any good now? Thinking about buying the complete edition, how many hours of gameplay btw?[View]
659399627Best non-sòy Dragon Age Origins blind let's play?: I want to finally play Inquisition and it…[View]
659406775How does he look?[View]
659405946What was his fucking problem[View]
659401574uh you don't get to bring friends[View]
659397624Revelations 3: It’s never gonna happen, is it?[View]
659386408Iconic Designs[View]
659406610>Experience the horror of what it's like to be French[View]
659390325Stop liking evil women /v/[View]
659402980I would really appreciate it if you bought a copy of Starfield sweetie.[View]
659391075heheheh: stand still /v/[View]
659402404What are some good video game songs to play on guitar?[View]
659398143*record scratches* Yep, thats me You are probably wondering how I ended up in this situation...[View]
659406136My God... there are no... video games to play.... I give up...[View]
659406146What are some games that really overstayed their welcome?[View]
659389034INDIE LIVE EXPO WINTER: day 2 in 40 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEdhAWcMrA0[View]
659405948Peter Griffin?!? Peter Griffin from Fortnite???[View]
659403489Which should I buy?: I'm considering purchasing Ally, which seems to make Modding easier, as I …[View]
659396171Soulsfags are bugmen who think they're very sophisticated and intelligent because they got good…[View]
659397153DALL-E 3: bing.com/create https://designer.microsoft.com/image-creator[View]
659403809This game has one of the endings of all time[View]
659380462>be indie game dev >make hit game >earn between 21m and 61m USD in sales (estimate based on…[View]
659404541comfy vidya music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ho6I9OIL0I[View]
659405375Times you could really relate to the story?[View]
659403035Fortnite Chapter 5 is here![View]
659398368New GTA Leaks: Does it look good? https://twitter.com/GTAVInewz/status/1731011461097369651 https://i…[View]
659401917>Play Japanese game >Have to stop every 1-2 hours to coom Literally can they stop tempting us …[View]

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