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520044756>selling millions despite being released incomplete and having less content than others animal cr…[View]
519985778Monster Hunter Thread: Oh boy, look at the time...[View]
520048641Testinghall... home[View]
520040598ITT: ugly female characters: I'll start[View]
520046883>if somehow the lord gave me a second chance at that moment i would do it all over again vs >y…[View]
520043227Why is /v/ so mad when a game has genderqueer characters?[View]
520047440Donny Vermilion is the best news anchor in all of vidja. Fite me[View]
520041234Why is this game so underrated? It's easily the best WRPG I've ever played.[View]
5200449162020.... I am forgotten[View]
520038227Why are Japanese games underperforming in Yurop compared to NA and Asia?[View]
520046238Why do girls love the sims so much? What is there to like?[View]
520041954What do you think of this game, /v/?[View]
520045732DOLPHIN THREAD: What games I can play in this that can run on my shitty PC and don't need a con…[View]
520044492danmachi delayed: REEEEEEEEEEEEE ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR[View]
520044491Series that will NEVER EVER get another installment thread despite how badly i want them[View]
520047860ITT games you've beaten this year and games on your backlog. Also, give others your recommendat…[View]
520023417Rain World[View]
520035616Halo 64: SOUL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZpQoeHobFQ[View]
520043669What mouse and mousepad combo do you use and why?[View]
520047681https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBE3c9X0BoA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVqh7uiDgK4 https://www.…[View]
519975024Pikmin 3 Deluxe new Stuff thread.: >2 player STORY mode, something with incredible amounts of pot…[View]
520044827No western sci-fi design has surpassed the quality of Halo Combat Evolveds MKV Mjolnir[View]
520033862/v/ fucking apologise RIGHT NOW[View]
520046851Thoughts on the incredible new space exploration roguelike, Approaching Infinity?[View]
520015304Best gaming soundtrack ever: 1: https://www.strawpoll.me/20725123 2: https://www.strawpoll.me/207251…[View]
520042018What game are they playing?[View]
520044747Was he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2BNxpYz9rk[View]
520046057State of Decay 2 Thread: BITCH I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT GENTLEMAN CADAVER[View]
520045326Where is Splatoon 3?[View]
520046167>used to like playing games for their difficulty >nowadays I play any games with cute girls in…[View]
520046341>play any souls game >get angry when I don't succeed >feel nothing when I do because o…[View]
520038836>Wow adds an npc named reckful >he still banned What did they mean by this?…[View]
520032612whats your favorite moblie games?[View]
520022150The absolute WORST community of any video game.[View]
520001271Risk of Rain: Risky rain is a fun game[View]
520043043This has outsold every sony game in history in only 3 months[View]
520045861i played this game in like 2013ish at a friends house once and cannot for the life of me remember wh…[View]
520044856The Su-57: >ctrl+f ace >5 results >palace >face >place >space >place ACE COMBAT…[View]
520034940How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
520045108Did that Ass Creed viking revisionist game even come out? Was it the disaster everyone expected? I d…[View]
520042441Has a game ever made this board collectively seethe so much before?[View]
520040230Ayy Ceasar The Jay leaving San Fierro, right?[View]
520044521When was the last time you truely gamed?[View]
520041275Why has the Minecraft community become so?[View]
520044719Have you found any good alternative games that are pokemon like ? >Name them :…[View]
520036221Big Boss: Why is he such a goddamn dork? Literally, he sounds and acts like the average, socially in…[View]
520024468Who is your favorite vampire in gaming?[View]
520044880ITT: games you want a modern reboot of: Bros, I want a nuHeretic so much...[View]
520043774>play Dark Souls >start as a knight >can't kill peasants and rape their wives What are…[View]
520044541What do you want to see in the sequel?[View]
520038582are you STILL mad /v/?[View]
520027573Nintendo financial report: Switch has sold 5.67 million this quarter.[View]
520044520What even was the point in this character?[View]
520045094>TLOU2 will outsell animal crossing. Why can’t Sonys biggest first-party games sell?…[View]
520044897Post your vidya waifu.[View]
520014559>Mongolian bad >Japan good[View]
520044092I forget, what was her motivation again?[View]
520012127MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
520042148BOTW unironically has more soul than Twilight Princess. How did this happen?[View]
520034187Do you listen to eurobeat while playing racing games/simulations? How does it feel? Post your favori…[View]
520040879Fuck off you fucking cunt with your fairy tale fantasy. I am sure you want to use me in some way so …[View]
520044742Why didn't you buy Hinako's game, BLUE REFLECTION?[View]
520016181UNICLR Thread: Time to fight[View]
520044505Justify this, xfags.[View]
520044161CCC remake when[View]
519988358Street Fighter V thread? This is the future we chose. What do we think, bros? Hyped, not hyped? Rose…[View]
520044003I can't finish any game that isn't on Handheld device. Anyone is facing the same problem?[View]
520037652old games that you only started playing decades after they were released for me it was resident evil…[View]
520044176How come we don’t see too many RTw/P games from Japan?: The only one I can think of is FF12, and the…[View]
520041369Israel moment: Yeah yeah yeah, I hear you. I KNOW that this game we're making is about the post…[View]
520034021>That enemy who single handedly turns an enjoyable game into a seething fit of rage What's h…[View]
520044032What's wrong with this article? https://checkpointgaming.net/news/2020/08/sekiro-shadows-die-tw…[View]
520041832Nintendo Direct Leak: > Frogger in Toy Town > Super Mario Party 2 > The Legend of Zelda: Ne…[View]
520029419ITT: Vidya characters didn't deserve their suffering[View]
520028253I'm 8 hours into this and the slice of life shit is so tedious and boring. Idgaf the popular gi…[View]
520043770How many of the top selling games of all time do you actually like?[View]
520039813ITT: sleeper hits of the year[View]
520043259So I beat the first game. Minigames sucked nigger balls. Open world was shit (I will blame this with…[View]
520025830>let the guy fall from the cliff to protect the group >get negative honor the fuck?…[View]
520043042*sips* Now, Shakedown Hawaii. THAT was a game.[View]
520036709Is it good /v/?[View]
520035869EA Removes ‘Toxic’ Celebrations In FIFA 21: >This news comes courtesy of Eurogamer, which reporte…[View]
520027408Why wasn't Epona more of a character if Wolf Link could talk to animals in Twilight Princess? W…[View]
520036202>Jesus Christ be praised, Henry has come to visit /v/[View]
520032892So, It Actually Unironically Sucks: God damn it /v/. I can't believe I bought into the propagan…[View]
520038220Why did you fuckers tell me this game sucked?[View]
520040651Need help, /v/: I was stupid and bought some really expensive tf2 skins back in the day (aussies, un…[View]
520043013Are they really an option for cheap high refresh rate gaming? I mostly play fps. Yes im poor.[View]
520018959I'm about to take the VR pill. I saw there are a bunch of different ones. Which is the best? Do…[View]
520039090>no backwards compatibility for ps3, ps2, and ps1 games on ps4/ps5 >buy a ps3, and emulate ps1…[View]
520027460Why did l33tsp33k die out in video game circles?[View]
520027580Are we hyped?: Thoughts, expectations and dreams?[View]
520031093>ruined fairy tails by told koei to censor girl's panties on all platform >fucking split …[View]
520040976lmao why not just upload your mind into an usb stick in the first place and stick in the ARKs usb 3.…[View]
520041164>he plays with bloom,DOF,motion blur, shadows on maximum instead of medium…[View]
520041498Why do gamers love getting fucked by corporations so much? People were unironically cheering for thi…[View]
520042665Thoughts on the incredible new space exploration roguelike, Approaching Infinity?[View]
520012137Damn for some reason I really wanna play Ryza 2[View]
520037576Is FFXII the biggest pleb filter in the series?[View]
520037928What tips can you give to a first time playing rookie?[View]
520042403Need help frens: Want to play pic related in current year. Tell me your best mods so I can have a go…[View]
520029945Outer Wilds: just finished this yesterday. had a really pleasant time although i found some things d…[View]
520038564Let's have a jrpg thread[View]
520040169completely honest, can you point out a more beautiful moment in gaming? https://youtu.be/GMU_VOBDpUU…[View]
520040620so basically i was wondering why do i care about a an94 when i can just go back to origina and insta…[View]
520038101why do you hate TLOU2 for making bold story decisions about revenge and forgiveness but you seem to …[View]
520040989Requesting a visual novel board: Why does /vrpg/ have its' own board and not /vn/? Visual novel…[View]
5200400652020 ... i am forgotten[View]
520038419* ruins videogames forever *[View]
520036774Remember that you will die.[View]
520034179Will No More Heroes III clinch the deal (Also Suda51 general thread)[View]
520041786So, I'm making a mod to a game. It will add crafting. At first I wanted to directly rip the sys…[View]
520032569Nintendo made more profit than Sony: >All that third party support >All those microtransaction…[View]
520035934Breath of The Wild: Name one (1) flaw, you can't. HARD MODE: you can't criticize: the empt…[View]
520041424NEW DYNASTY WARRIORS SOON: MUSOU BROS GET IN HERE https://www.gematsu.com/2020/08/dynasty-warriors-2…[View]
520041590This is the CEO of Feeble Multinational, the richest man in Hawaii, and the next DLC fighter for Sma…[View]
520007446So is Donald just... casually stronger than 99% of Square Enix's characters?[View]
520041296>open thread >pretend to be a tranny >make pro tranny arguments >argue for hours >ope…[View]
520041283>try to join server >to connect have to download all of the custom content >gigabytes of co…[View]
520040691literally impossible[View]
520040449What are some good non-1st IP hidden gems on the 3DS? The library at a glance feels way smaller and …[View]
520037554September or November?[View]
520026302Correlation between IQ and playstyle: Has anyone ever documented and categorized all the different b…[View]
520037636I had a dream I was playing Aliens: Colonial Marines for some reason.[View]
520035691challenge: post a sonic character that /v/ coomdrones have not been mentally programmed to associate…[View]
520037807Am I reading this correctly? this move comes out in 3 frames, and is active on frame 5? in a 60FPS g…[View]
520036431NieR Reincarnation: Apparently, someone posted a major spoilers of the game on reddit: The game begi…[View]
520035179ITT: times you should have listened to /v/: this piece of shit[View]
520021958Super Mario Sunshine Thread: Just beat this game last night for the first time. It's definitely…[View]
520028001Kojima had it coming.: Seriously, he pushed it too far. Imagine you're an executive and you not…[View]
520037094>he makes mage builds[View]
520037869How come the Japanese can make better Western characters? How come can the West make better Japanese…[View]
520040068For though result and talent add are parish valley. Songs in oh other avoid it hours woman style. In…[View]
520034246me: I want Pikmin 4 mom: we have Pikmin 4 at home Pikmin 4 at home:[View]
520016252FOR THE GLORY OF NOHR[View]
520039114> female enemy/boss > they actually do damage to the MC even though he his male What games act…[View]
520039730ive finished the zero escape trilogy cant say im satisfied[View]
520034302>male protagonist >35 million copies sold >female protagonist >6 million copies sold Whe…[View]
520038670What went wrong?[View]
519995104Boob armor: cringe or based?[View]
5200281302020 GOTY: So we're well past the halfway point of 2020 now. Most of the big-hitter games besid…[View]
520034027So I have it on good authority that Xeno is actually more popular than Final Fantasy now. FF VII R c…[View]
520038183Can we all agree that VR was a fad?[View]
520028731the absolute state of play: Are you ready, anons? I just want to see Black Ops Vietnam. Please, god,…[View]
520032896Mad Rat Dead: https://youtube.com/watch?v=nYBBZgtR_fA https://youtube.com/watch?v=ElqIO53eXNk Liste…[View]
520033628best optimize fromsoft game ever and best control for the pc standard[View]
520026994>That time you stuttered badly in voice chat[View]
520019638Prey (2017): It's on sale. Is it worth getting? I never played the original.[View]
520033013Hyperstone Heist: So this is basicaly a turtles in time rom hack that is better than the snes versio…[View]
520033056do i have to upgrade my weapons to beat this cunt?[View]
520038591Everything is Stupei's fault. FUCK STUPEI KILL STUPEI ELIMINATE STUPEI APOLOGISTS[View]
520036043Is 32 too old to get into multi-player games?[View]
519999273>dark spirit has inv-[View]
5200220428/6/20- Vorefags are forgotten[View]
520038056Why’d they do my boy dirty like this Champions was a perfect sequel[View]
520038897'Hey All,Scott Here'[View]
520034482Do people really enjoy character designs like this one?[View]
520038703Tell us, Commander, if we are to believe the Drazi and the Gaim about their preposterous claims, why…[View]
520013128-the depth of a mobile game -even has the infamous mobile game™ lobby and menus -no voice or textcha…[View]
520035031Enough is enough: I actually started hating jrpgs after thinking about them for a moment. Its the sa…[View]
520037638going back to this series after a few years, guess there are two new translated games now. pretty co…[View]
519958479PSO: New players be aware that all the Chads hang out on Ship 3: This is where you need to be.…[View]
520034103Today is the day: Elden Ring baby[View]
520036302If anyone is interested in getting a job at blizzard I have it on reliable authority that there…[View]
520038412This game is the closest thing to an actual dino crisis 3[View]
520028732Can anyone explain why this wouldn't work?[View]
520038359Tell me Kurosaki Ichigo... if this world does not need a new God to rule over it, why are there no g…[View]
520037580Back in my day, I remember the PS360 gen was always Sony fanboys crying because Xbox was always gett…[View]
520030934Video game OCD: I can’t even play video games anymore because of my OCD. I try to play every single …[View]
520034465>hifumi got cut from the party because the game was too long >but they make the game longer in…[View]
520031231Play Persona 5[View]
520037881I think xbox just lost it[View]
520031369*invalidates vehicles*[View]
520021767>Villain splices together monsters/animals >'Codename CHIMERA is almost complete....'…[View]
520016586When are we going to finally get a good Wii U port?[View]
520031709This is the best pop any mom has ever seen. You cannot change my mind. Alliance battles were god tie…[View]
520036906nox: nox[View]
520032374Did you kill him?[View]
520037169Is this worth playing? I want to loot whore, but I don't want mindless gameplay like D3.[View]
520012653What went wrong?[View]
520036558Why didn't they finish Elder Scrolls Oblivion on PSP? The gameplay looks real kino https://www.…[View]
520018828How does /v/ feel about this?[View]
520035347I'm so fucking mad that there is still no good third-person shooter in Vietnam with RPG-element…[View]
520032598Halo: >Where the human men at?[View]
520036857>rollback Random japanese people just laugh at me when I mention this word. What's wrong?…[View]
520031529is this game worth it?[View]
520029547ONE LAST JOB, ARTHUR[View]
520036352mw memes thread?[View]
520029332>The main Touhou games have no male chara-[View]
520036397What's your favorite pirate game /v/? For me, it was pirates of the Caribbean online. >Decen…[View]
520022592>thanks nig-[View]
520024275>A fucking N64 Halo looks better than Infinite WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO XBROS https://youtu.be/qZp…[View]
520031641Nier Reincarnation: Am I the only one bummed by the fact that Nier Reincarnation will only feature b…[View]
520031360get a cute mmo bunny gf[View]
520034151The Final Fantasy character we truly need in Smash[View]
520032556Bros how do I get into cracking? After reading about the autism on the piracy scene I really want to…[View]
520031367Naruto switch question: Wanted to buy this game to play with friends tonight, if I get it can I alre…[View]
520030214Have you ever considered masturbating to a video game character?[View]
520035814Games where you play as the hero and become the villain at the end ?[View]
520027185Animal Crossing is now the second best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch[View]
520024017I swear there's kind of ethereal atmosphere embedded in 2000s era indie and flash games. Maybe …[View]
520030760Nier:Automata is a MASTERPIECE: Masterpiece.[View]
520034603Is there is a way to increase ModelLOD /draw distance? I use reshade + strong ambient occlusion to s…[View]
520032615PLAY HER GAME[View]
520033601As a HUGE P5 fag, I can see why people like this one more. I'm loving it just as much as I love…[View]
520033650some Indian guy talks about video games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPYNBjtOjvo[View]
520031175Serious Sam 4: >serious sam 4 out this month >very little gameplay shown at all >not even a…[View]
520026656why does this game look like shit? why is there so much white fog everywhere?[View]
519989961Epicmafia: Wednesday night Epicmafia lets go. New players, get an avatar or get lynched 1 more spot …[View]
520031225Is this the best Zelda game of all time?[View]
520031552Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: GOTY 2021.[View]
520028208HEY, ANYBODY AROUND?[View]
520033842Late Night Vidya Tunes Thread: Post them vidya tunes that give chill vibes, man. https://www.youtube…[View]
520023796Is Samus a slut or just really confident?[View]
520031565What was her fucking problem[View]
520034612What clan is TTV?: And why is everyone in it totally shit?[View]
520034363Pokémon Sword and Shield are now the highest selling Pokémon games of the last 20 years,: Uh muh nat…[View]
520032030Finally playing Fallout 4: Curiosity got ahead of me this time. Anything I should know about when I …[View]
520033375Resident evil games: Why does my boy Leon want to clap them cheeks[View]
520027506>What are you looking for again? Like... Chaos Emeralds? Yeah, we uh... we uh... don't have …[View]
520032868So I know the devs have like dumb mandates about what is okay, but I think people overlook how all t…[View]
520010012Are you guys playing game of the current and past decade?: You arent REALLY wasting your time on mov…[View]
520028691You fuckers lied to me, Unity is actually good >looks amazing >combat is actually good and dif…[View]
520034435Why did he do it?[View]
520033845Talk about disappointments.[View]
520028349Why can't /v/ answer simple good/evil yes/no morality questions in games and want to make it ab…[View]
520032239The PlayStation store is full of hundreds, if not thousands, of these weird little Japanese visual n…[View]
520031729When will AI overcome us humans in every endeavor, including game-creating itself?[View]
520020229Why does Nintendo hate the GameCube?: Why won’t they port any of its games?[View]
520031485Still looking forward to Halo Infinite, Xbros?[View]
520011734What would you want in an Odyssey sequel, /V/?[View]
520023316WHERE IS IT[View]
520026640The most pretentious game of all time[View]
520031968Comfy gameplay ideafag thread: Let's have a comfy game design thread. Experimental ideas especi…[View]
520025509What is your greatest video game accomplishment?[View]
520022924>Best writing the Halo franchise has to offer at the moment isn't even official…[View]
520029470How did AC chads do it?[View]
520029549Why do you want to play an anime shooter game so badly? Are normal shooting games not good enough?[View]
520031676What was her problem?[View]
520033148*slurrrrp* Sonic games have always been flawed but fun experiences. *sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrp*[View]
520028075A Minecraft Server: good old Vanilla minecraft 1.16.1 Anti-Cheat, No rules join …[View]
520028447what does /v/ think about kitsunes in their videogames?[View]
520028481>Drop over 100 dollars on loot crates >Get nothing but gun charms and stickers I just want a f…[View]
520032214the future of gaming.: the video game market has developed into nothing more than a competition to s…[View]
520021896Is it weird to find video game characters, or any fictional characters, sexually attractive?[View]
520032882Forcing a player to grind to progress is NOT good game design. It's actually a terrible crutch …[View]
520028030You really should be playing BLACKSOULS right now.[View]
519963764Why yes, I am the greatest FPS ever made. How could you tell?[View]
520032541Choose what cheevo I should go for next.[View]
520024610Why do they call her Dark Samus when she's light blue?[View]
520030810ITT: Games that people only pretend to be nostalgic about[View]
520028546>random calls me trash on chat >report him for harassment another gamer owned…[View]
520030201so im pickin and choosin, playin chess wid it[View]
520023946Pi/ck/min thread: Good day fellow star travelers and future chefs, I am your host Louie for today…[View]
520031895Metroid Thread: Samus = Punished honest Metroid fans Zero Suit Samus = Coomers Ridley = Smashfags Da…[View]
520018818Time for Halo 3 Custom Games again on MCC for PC Join on me guys IGN: Staltz3139 >How do I join? …[View]
520030390This is your Disgaea 6 main characters[View]
520016793Mahjong: How the fuck do you play this properly?[View]
520008206Playing Metal Gear in chronological order.: I'm playing Metal Gear for the first time in chrono…[View]
520025927Where did Haru canonically get so much fertiliser for her vegetables?[View]
520029862Nintendo 69 when?[View]
519969351It was fucking great[View]
520010783What am I in for?[View]
520030313>western game character cry = messy running mascara everywhere >japan game character cry = nat…[View]
520030258will OW2 be as popular as it's predecessor?[View]
520028220Which should be remade first: RE0, CV, or 4?[View]
520029790>Todd Howard is the most prolific vidya scamm-[View]
520026791What's left on this piece of shit?[View]
520029953*tips du-rag* 'M'Nigga'[View]
520030295Was digital distribution a mistake? Did we ruin any chances we had of getting a full finished game f…[View]
520024970This is the best Halo map of all time, prove me wrong.[View]
520018661Fall Guys Why Team Modes Are Shit: I'm sick and tired of getting put on red when I play the fuc…[View]
520023840Two more hours.[View]
520027281>Are you winning, son?[View]
520029046mario: Favorite Classic Mario Bros game?[View]
520029131What are some console games that feel like they could have been on the CPS2 hardware?[View]
520024387Why is Japan so shit at naming Western characters?[View]
520026758Single player naval games: Where did they go? Battlestations was good but is long dead.[View]
520029054Is Mei a balanced character, anon?[View]
520029590What is the best 2D fighter and why is it pic related?[View]
520009967Is there a bigger piece of shit than the switch lite?: >drift not fixed >obnoxious colors >…[View]
520029645this was the best card in 2004[View]
520024969Blazblue-bros. . . How did this happen? Are we literally irrelevant now?[View]
520011131ITT: Dead multiplayer games you miss[View]
520027245ITT: games that look like shovelware but are amazing[View]
520029708Video games[View]
520020771ZOEY, MOVE YOUR ASS![View]
520009220I genuinely kinda worried bros, I really don't want Infinite to kill the Halo franchise with a …[View]
520006872Have you told Koei you hate their games yet /v/? http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/form/fairytail_eu http://…[View]
520028791ITT: Games only you have played[View]
519956564/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>519884086 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
520028368imagine gaming without this man it would have stalled forever[View]
520010081YIKES: YIKES[View]
520028947This is your protag for the morning[View]
5200132923x3/favs thread: It is time for advertisement data harvesting once again[View]
520027760How can Sony compete?[View]
520027982I want more Seph in part 2. Like he flies just out of reach taunting the party, and occasionally tic…[View]
520028478We can all agree that F-Zero X is great, and that this title screen screams soul, but does the onoma…[View]
520027951oh boy, I sure cant wait to feel that self defeating slither of hope of seeing Elden Ring today at t…[View]
519980258>Played >Expected >Got Text form is fine too…[View]
520022361XBOX LIVE IS FREE RIGHT NOW: This Comes After Microsoft Denying Rumor That Xbox Live Gold Will Be Fr…[View]
519999996What is it about the Touhou games that causes the series to be popular to this day?[View]
520020113I want to play BEST MICROSOFT / XBOX GAME OF 2020. Name it[View]
520028203Are you spending your corona bux on more gacha rolls?[View]
520025937BAROTRAUMA: What do you think of this game? It's -40% on Steam. Should I get it?[View]
520013595so this is where demon's souls took it all from[View]
520018029Nintendo raising Switch production: OOOOOOOOOOH BOYYYYY. Let the tears start raining.[View]
520027928Driving/Racing Game Thread: post favorite driving games itt[View]
520027874ITT: Weird ports[View]
520018141Where's the fucking Switch port, lads? Literally all of the other best-selling Wii U games were…[View]
520025889Sanctuary Hills, home..[View]
520026191>update aimed at competitive play despite all the rape and degenerate behavior Casualbros we got…[View]
520027327I just want Nintendo to release a good new complete game Bros. I’m sick of being fed ports, incomple…[View]
520027583atmosphere > everything else[View]
520027494Ahh shit. Here comes Pac-Man[View]
520016338Feels good being on the side that always wins[View]
520022695>point gun at bad guy and and press button to shoot >repeat ad nauseum…[View]
520026312how can the other girls even compete? DAMN! SHE SEXY! SMOKIN'![View]
520018576wtf? /v/ said they were getting rid of paid online - because Microsoft is so consumer friendly. Inst…[View]
520015205What Metroidvania has the best exploration potential and world design?[View]
520011694I start law school tomorrow: Tonight may very well be the last night of my life that I can pull an a…[View]
520024810How likely is the 3D Mario collection rumor, now that Nintendo decided to port only the third Pikmin…[View]
520027084are there any games that would work as films? (not counting all the games that basicly already are)[View]
520025690How do you arrange your inventory, /v/?[View]
520009682This is sexual assault.[View]
520014935Sonicu Unleashed: Did you play the werewolf sonic game?[View]
520027029I still think about this fucked up render of Anges.[View]
520017358Take any one you want.[View]
520026262Why the FUCK did they decide to reboot the series again even though Xrd was still young[View]
520025747this game was so fun back in the day[View]
520014903What i'm in for? It's my first Ratchet game[View]
520026486Horizon: will you be getting Aloy's game?[View]
519981541Ono got kicked out of Street Fighter VI: This guy has been accurate with Capcom leaks before, though…[View]
520022830Finally managed to beat this game, took me 2 hours 33 minutes. I reached the anvil before but my pro…[View]
519998507Digimon thread: What do you think is going to come after the 3rd wave of 20th-anniversary V-pets? I …[View]
520026546Luigi is a janitor suffering from schizophrenic hallucinations[View]
520023071/v/ plays chess cont.: spicy game so far, lots of sabotage can /v/ avoid a stalemate or turn after t…[View]
520019539How's Switch emulation nowadays lads?[View]
520023253Can I game with these specs?[View]
520025357this is official Nintendo concept art.[View]
519975970BREAKING: 343 outsourcing to other devs to help with graphics. https://sirusgaming.com/2020/08/06/34…[View]
520024996>Finally get more news after three years >Still know as much as we did at first >which is n…[View]
520021824I just donwloaded roller coaster tycoon 2 from gog[View]
520025786Anyone play this? Is it fun?[View]
520011459Today is the 5th anniversary of Gal*Gun Double Peace, the game with the greatest Collector's Ed…[View]
520015218Tekken vs. Street Fighter vs. SoulCalibur: What is your favorite fighting game?[View]
520021134Oracle of Seasons/Ages: Switch remake like Link’s Awakening when? The Season change and the Time tra…[View]
520025997Games like this: https://youtu.be/rvnPUK1tWWs >fast arcade slasher action >quick restart >c…[View]
519983315Where are my elite bros at?[View]
520018540What do you guys do about your carpal tunnel from vidya?[View]
520016702What games let me play as a schizophrenic?[View]
519993801>rerelease a 7 year old game for fucking full price >remove version that costs a third >nin…[View]
520021820Name one(1) game[View]
520021357STOP. CRITICIZING. NINTENDO. Do you dumb mother fuckers not realize Nintendo is the LAST good compan…[View]
520023159Who is the most based gaming content creator?[View]
520019876Literally based af[View]
520023423Are you fine with anime games going for a more realistic style like Resident Evil 7/Devil May Cry 5/…[View]
520025176Tekken > Street Fighter[View]
520005043Blizzard revolt: Bobby is in trouble[View]
520018489You have collected all seven Dragon Balls, and now, as it is written, think wisely and I will revive…[View]
520023252>still no update to Melee-fy Dark Samus, Richter, Daisy and Pitoo[View]
519995740Do you approve of Japanese games including kemono characters?[View]
520023805How would you fix steam?[View]
520019159This game had the perfect difficulty. Normal mode was a decent challenge but forced you to play corr…[View]
520024134Not even a coomer (Yes, I unironically enjoy and like Fairy Tail for the non-fanservice stuff) but c…[View]
520024683I need more arkham[View]
520018221Gaming Laptop Thread Is this the right decision? I already have an adequate gaming desktop (2070s + …[View]
520021047>'Deadly Stench' ability >Kisala farts on a sock and throws it at the enemy wtf why? Its so o…[View]
520018673Sea of Thieves: Is this game worth an extra $0 if I already have game pass? Can I be an actual pirat…[View]
520024178How hard should optional boss battles be?[View]
520024119Max payne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYA5heugUjE This video gives you a gauge of how max compa…[View]
520023843>playing csgo ranked with friends >one of them says 'hold on my baby woke up brb' >proceeds…[View]
520013856You thought you did, but you didn't[View]
520023879launches today youre hyped, right[View]
520019698I just want to post this to visualize my thoughts, I don't care about the grammar, spelling or …[View]
520023362Is Cody the strongest Street Fighter character?[View]
520016085There's no such thing as the 'Zelda Timeline' - it was invented post hoc by Nintendo to try and…[View]
520023691>13 August 2020 HAPPENING[View]
520023601What are the best MHGU Hammers hammerbros? I've been using the Seregios Hammer only and just un…[View]
520022841Found a lot of videogame crap related in a random page: https://anapan.ca/Anapan/ full of gifs, jpg…[View]
520023589What if she used the Wario Waft haha[View]
520020360Silent Hill 5 will be Silent Hill 4: The Room 2 mark my fucking words, tomorrow you will see[View]
520023491play game alone = game related sounds and music ; sometimes I mute games and listen to audiobooks, d…[View]
520023460Top 3 Vidya of all Time: *Crack* *Sips* this is undoubtedly the golden trio of gaming, the golden er…[View]
520019519Where can a guy find a video game that lets you have a wedding with an anime girl?[View]
520019414RIP SONY: >Samsung Galaxy Note20 ships with specific Xbox Game Pass offerings, with an Ultimate-t…[View]
520023047Would you want a Lego Mario video game that played a Lego IP game or like a Paper Mario game?[View]
520021671Video games are real life now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj9ecuAUjVE[View]
520020514smash 7: so tired of my job here's the next fighter, since everyone here wants another f###ing …[View]
520020778Are you grabbing crowns yet?[View]
520014651This is the Black Marker. It is the primordial marker of earth that inspired the subsequent ones. It…[View]
520008924New Ripto is better and the only people who prefer Old Ripto are blinded by nostalgia[View]
520016575Fire emblem bro's i'm really missing Hidari right now. Will he ever return?[View]
520020830GTA Vice City: Just put this game on my modded Xbox 360. Any tips, like if this version is any good …[View]
519967380Dokkan thread: You did pull the best unit in the game, right anon?[View]
520022581Final Fantasy XVI: Are you excited about it being announced really soon? Considering the last good s…[View]
520017780I can't believe we waited eight fucking years for Bannerlord and it was worse than Warband[View]
520016253Name a comfier zone than the plaguelands[View]
520016121Definitive Gaming Experiences[View]
520022294DCSS: this game worth playing?[View]
519969773So what's the worst of the gaming industry and why is it Blizzard?[View]
520021173You're the new CEO to start the new WWE 2K___ what is your pitch[View]
520020532This is Setsuro (You), the customizable male protagonist of Love Letter.[View]
519992259What are your thoughs about Poison?[View]
520016440>pvp encounter >faints I hope they ban pvp that shit is not good for the heart jeez…[View]
520019919what does he eat: bowser what does he eat he' just on a floating platform with nothing[View]
520015085How did Capcom manage to turn this from the most hated to the best and most beloved fighting game of…[View]
520019784Who is the hottest character in smash bros?[View]
520007673Saw this at Walmart today. They really are milking it[View]
520017304Every time we touch it shows Worn out Worn out[View]
520021020What games start like generic boring generic pieces of shit and end up with wtf oh my god wtf is thi…[View]
520019793Is the game dead?: It’s been over 1000 days since jungle inferno. Will we ever get more content from…[View]
520010083Online chatting: So which one do you use? My friend group has all but moved back to Skype. Discord c…[View]
520016850Warhammer Vermintide: Where is versus mode[View]
520007176/v/ plays chess: white to move, 5 decides[View]
520018690WHERE IS MY LEFT 4 DEAD 2 ENTHUSIAST BOYFRIEND? alright alright I'm not actually looking for a…[View]
520021473Hesitation is defeat.[View]
520021583It turns out there are no honest characters in Smash Ultimate.[View]
520009194>jackal snipers in halo 2 on legendary difficulty name a more annoying moment in the halo series…[View]
520018901>oh the eyepatch...this thing is pretty cool![View]
520019189Do people really turn off their A/C while gaming?[View]
520021258The region between green and red is the domain of the 'soul'. Prove me wrong.[View]
520021384ITT: Those who we couldn't save Bros... she didn't deserve the pain[View]
520020683Whats a comfy game I can play while watching streams[View]
520019249>90% chance to hit enemy >Miss![View]
520019797The pipe dream is real[View]
520015640AM I A MAN, OR AM I MUPPET?[View]
5200153363D Mario Remasters: When are they gonna happen? Pikmin 3 makes them seem even more likely to me.…[View]
520020159What are your guys' favorite Dino games?[View]
520020515Guilty Gear thread: When will they reveal new Baiken?[View]
519997189how did you feel about WaW? how would you feel about a WaW2?[View]
520020976Fuck this stupid boring fetch quest level. This entire area is just fetch questing and running aroun…[View]
520015328STALKER thread: I said come in, come in! Don't stand there![View]
520005787Mario 64 thread: Do you like the SGI models or do you just stick with Cleaner Aesthetics? Also why d…[View]
520001937Why doesn't /v/ like it?[View]
520018990Playstation has best Q1 in video game HISTORY: Discuss[View]
520018836ITT Games that would at best be mobile games if released today. I'll start >DOOM…[View]
520020663>laughs at manlets Why?[View]
520018986Quakecon 2020: There is no Todd howard lying to me about Starfield. Why would anyone want anything t…[View]
520020104Can someone please explain to me why Neku is wearing a fucking dildo around his neck?[View]
520015337Erectin' A Dispenser![View]
520020506Eiyuden Chronicle: Why haven't you backed Hildi's game? https://www.kickstarter.com/projec…[View]
520014925Was this scene really necessary?[View]
520017741Recommend me some good puzzle games made over the last 10 years. I've already played Portal 2, …[View]
520013190Why yes /v/, you did in fact just remember that this used to be portrayed as THE futuristic top of t…[View]
520008532How do you divide time between playing games and studying?[View]
520020275Why are game '''critics''' so obsessed with games '''predicting''' things? You could dig up some gam…[View]
520016645How old do I need to be to play Ocarina of Time?[View]
519994596Thoughts on From Software's The Adventures of Cookie and Cream, /v/?[View]
520020219Why exactly are Argonians so fetishized in Tamriel?[View]
520016040Hit the box, get your favorite Vidya Weapon. But you'll have to roll a 9.[View]
520020190Anyone play cod mobile? I used to be a heavy Starcraft autism bot Now that I haven’t played games in…[View]
520015048Got this on sale. Downloading now. Am I going to be disappointed?[View]
520013120Do you still play the same series you played when you were a kid?[View]
520019360Forgotten gaming mascots.[View]
520020071Holy fuck why is this game so buggy? It’s atrocious.[View]
520007481Tifa thread: This is a very serious thread about a character in a video game. What color/style panti…[View]
520015693Why is Steam like this?[View]
5200188242D Games are inferior to 3D, change my mind: So I just 100% Super Mario World on the SNES classic, g…[View]
520019745Lets be real here /v/. When do you think the game die? I would give it a generous 4-6 months then i…[View]
519930201Super Mario /v/orld 2 (Thread 4/31): Last Thread: >>519827143 Hi Anons, what a turnout! For th…[View]
519990091Warhammer 2: dlc with more rats soon![View]
520018816You have a heart of gold. Don't let them take it from you.[View]
520016514Singleplayer Poker Games: Anyone else play rdr games exclusively for poker? What are some equally co…[View]
520019564>he fell for the ol' fake joker gag pfft ahahahahaha OH NO NO NO[View]
520004676ITT: Games that need remasters/remakes[View]
520019465Do you wanna hear about how the real world's a place for me? There's nothing out there wo…[View]
520019124Geniuses with just bad luck: Post game developers that were geniuses but they had the bad luck of ne…[View]
520002308Blasphemous DLC thread, get in. What are your thoughts so far?[View]
520012632How do we fix BTB?[View]
520017138>b-b-but the GAMEPLAY is good Name one map besides Chapter 21 that isn’t “route the enemy”…[View]
520017990I want Tifa Lockhart to lift me up like I was a paperweight.[View]
520016334What do you guys wanna see? For me? >Babylon's fall >Project Awakening >Granblue RPG …[View]
520016931ITT: /v/'s nightmare fuel[View]
520019101>game has the worst combat ever in an action rpg that relies on boring dice rolls and unsatisfyi…[View]
520017128reimu a fuu fuu[View]
520007120Do you regret not pursuing esports?[View]
520003660Crazy Visual Novels: started going through and playing Song Of Saya. any visual novels you guys sugg…[View]
520018317Turn-based gameplay? More like turn-CRINGE gameplay![View]
520014945A reminder that Sora, Donald, and Goofy slaughtered a ship full of people with no remorse or care.[View]
520012727Is there a more perfect first person slasher ?[View]
520014609>And you know what the most pathetic thing about it is? This game isn't even 10 years old!…[View]
520017850Should I play Sega?[View]
519983202Since there's games that let you cook or do surgery why isn't there a game that let's…[View]
520017416>Alongside this Xbox Game Pass app, Samsung is also offering a gaming bundle for the Galaxy Note …[View]
520017751What's a good wireless headset that don't have dog shit mics from 2007?[View]
520011775Toon Link[View]
520017312Why is platinum still depicted as being better than gold when platinum hasn't been worth more t…[View]
520010893Toxic Fighting Gamers: Why are fighting game players always so toxic? What about the games make them…[View]
520018006>This is Nintendo's biggest thing in 2020[View]
519965209Star Wars thread: >Clone Wars Era >Era with the most fleshed out, equally powerful galactic fo…[View]
519987352IM GONNA Nier Automata Thread[View]
520016212What's the best Silent Hill slut[View]
520018068>'she hasn't paid me anything yet, should I be worried?'[View]
520010943Microsoft: you still have to pay for online and to pay shitty games Xbox fans:[View]
520014315Tekken 7: WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I DO IT[View]
520017034Excluding coomerbait, why do people enjoy Gacha games?[View]
520015848Game trailers: ITT: best video game trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm6AeNT0Jqo&t=287s…[View]
520015608How much more would it have sold if it was named literally anything else? Everyone thought it was ju…[View]
520015230these are the most objectively popular pokemon say something nice to them[View]
520016247ITT: Post your most recently played Steam games and judge people's taste.[View]
520013990whats with his accent, is it supposed to be over dramatized kansai dialect?[View]
520007556The only reason Ellie didn’t kill Abby was because Abby was taking care of a kid like Joel was. Joel…[View]
5200051593D World is Great: It’s time for /v/ to admit it was a a great game.[View]
520015295What is the point of owning a console when you can have a gaming PC and stream to any device in your…[View]
519999059Does /v/ still care about Final Fantasy games?[View]
520017391>You did good, son. I'm proud of you.[View]
520001212What honestly happened to them: What happened to Nintendo and how did they become the mess they are …[View]
520017230>Hai anon whatdya think of my new cosplay for Comiccon? >Um anon why are you taking off your c…[View]
520006635>what if...religion bad? W-whoah...that's like, fucking deep, man...…[View]
520016328/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>519956564 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
520013543Mario is sad[View]
520005776Hey /v/ humor me for a sec https://www.strawpoll.me/20724869 (I couldn't be fucked to list all …[View]
520010168>'Sleep' arrow ????????????????[View]
520013528So what does you think of this pic?[View]
519996429>tfw your favorite game is so unique that literally nothing else scratches the same itch…[View]
520016417She killed quadrillions[View]
520007047Buy game on GOG for $40. Goes on sale next day for $12 on Steam. Feels bad[View]
520007026Post games that are hidden gems[View]
520014016Why doesn't /v/ like video games?[View]
520007839>you're instantly transported into the Yakuza world How fucked are you?…[View]
520000807Post objectively correct opinions. See pic related for an example of one.[View]
520013284>spend an hour downloading game >15 minutes in realize it's a piece of shit…[View]
520015503>Dude you can explore the whole map from the start!!! And complete missions in any order! Does an…[View]
520016486Still feels good. When's the last time you were truly satisfied with an ending?[View]
520010848ITT: Characters that did everything wrong[View]
520011880Why do people say that the G502 is too heavy for competitive gaming? It's got some heft but it…[View]
520001680Devil May Cry series: Just finished 5. Honestly, I think it remains 3 > 5 > 1 > 4 > 2 to…[View]
519989781>Oh, hey anon. Want to kill some WLF together?[View]
520014017Have you ever played with someone that took the game you were playing way too seriously?[View]
520016147This game was so much fun I wish they would make more[View]
520009054SMT 4: Holy shit, is this the route for the bad ending? What did i do wrong?[View]
520010076hey sakurai[View]
520015574>playing dragon's dogma for the first time >pick the class with a bow and a dagger >ma…[View]
520011526VOLITION - Why do you spend so much time here?[View]
520012250just started playing pic related. what am I in for? also assassin's creed thread[View]
520015768Why cant i relax when I play this game: I always feel stressed. Every mistake can ruin all my progre…[View]
520006853>on sale for $30 Worth it?[View]
520012839https://store.steampowered.com/app/1199370/Gleamlight/ Here's your Silksong, bro.[View]
520009226You didn't appreciate what you had until it was gone.[View]
520005048ITT: Games you've never seen mentioned, on /v/ or elsewhere, even once.[View]
520014927literally who asked for this[View]
520012005Subtle vidya tattoo[View]
520006560I just have one question about the Fairy Tail game... did human Carla make it in?[View]
520012565Fall Guys thread: Fall Guys thread[View]
520008041I'm still going to purchase Cyberpunk 2077[View]
520012154>State of Play tomorrow is focused on games already announced for the PS4 Is it time bros?…[View]
519937620ITT: Vidya webms[View]
520014861Dead Cells: Started playing this today. I think it's pretty fun overall but I FUCKING hate rogu…[View]
520014825this is Laura Cruz say something nice about her[View]
520001646>final fantasy xv takes up 8.33% of my monthly allotted comcast data do these fucks not compress …[View]
520011890What did he mean by this???[View]
520005267me not that kind of orc[View]
520013837y'know, i honestly enjoyed playing as amy in this game more than i did any other character..[View]
520010642Nintendo Shareholders Meeting tonight: What we expectin?[View]
520004732Do you use your gamecube controller for switch on any other console?[View]
520014302Far Cry: So, I've been playing 5 recently. I tried doing some story missions and have strayed a…[View]
520013265Which games do you like fishing in?[View]
520012272how's your factory doing, anon?[View]
520004639Open the door: Open the door[View]
520011361>Stardew Valley was made by 1 person >It's superior to every farming game that came befor…[View]
520012893Is there anything more pointless than crafting food in a Bethesda game?[View]
520014068>you will never feel the way you felt when you played the demo for pic related What was the last …[View]
520014038Games with NEET representation?: Pic related[View]
520013873Should I play Nintendo games?[View]
520013972What are some games where the AI blatantly cheats?[View]
520012003How capable is the hardware of the top of the line smartphones today, can they take a 1:1 port of ol…[View]
520010983What vidya should be the first one we share with the ETs when they make contact?[View]
520013764Anyone know the Bloodborne PC release date?[View]
520013530Nintendo Direct Partners Showcase (Was supposed to be August 3rd but was delayed): Hello! For starte…[View]
520011508>RE1: Chris, Jill, Rebecca >RE2: Leon, Claire, Ada, Sherry, Hunk >RE3: Jill, Carlos >RE:…[View]
520010058Thanks Bethesda[View]
520005074Who is this character design supposed to appeal to?[View]
520013017How successful of a dictator would she be in real life?[View]
520013507top ten continued >console noob reporting in love qc desu. too bad AFPS is dead.…[View]
520009528Is 1 or 2 the better experience[View]
520003390Inventory Tetris: How does /v/ feel about 'tetris' inventory system where you have to fit items into…[View]
520011289my friend that has never said anything positive about 343 and hated halo 5 is STILL pre-ordering hal…[View]
519997038Spears in Videogames: What are some videogames that prominently feature spears and other polearms? …[View]
520013236What's the best way to go if I plan to get all 500 LLL? Should I be driving trucks or setting u…[View]
520008005what next do you think game creator inafune-san has up his sleeve next?[View]
519999625The 'Toads are BACK!: The best brawler that you never played is BACK! Maybe your dad or grandpa…[View]
520011051alright /v/, now that the dust has settled is it clear that kingdom hearts has the most well-rounded…[View]
520004521Your thoughts on Mr. Reinford and Crow Armbrust, the godfather for his child?[View]
520011328Worst game of the original trilogy[View]
520012618All of the new upcoming Smash characters are in this picture[View]
519937372Persona 5: Why is she so universally loved? What's her appeal?[View]
520012785SFV: Disappointing announcement. Fucking Dan? Rose? And literally who the fuck is Akira? Dan is actu…[View]
519972183Marvel's QUALITY Avengers: H-here's your Avengers legendary skin bro! hope you pre-ordered…[View]
520007616What the fuck was his problem?[View]
520010548There’s definitely going to be a new silent hill game with the release of the new movie.[View]
520005958>Side character sacrifices himself[View]
520010628Name a character who holds a cabbage like he does.[View]
520012286Can you see the light? And now, the wind will blow Breaking through the night The dream has already …[View]
519999005what the fuck was her problem? also kotor thread.[View]
520009210Is there any chance for Crash Team Racing to come to PC at this point?[View]
520010000Street Fighter V free trial ringers: If you're matched with a 'rookie' on PC just exit the game…[View]
520011321Persona 5 plot hole: >Sae Niijima says she had been in the metaverse briefly while showing Ren…[View]
520010094ITT: Obscure FPS games[View]
520000250I love her so much bros. I just want to live my life happily with her. It pains me to think that she…[View]
519990124Another Origami King Thread: Let's be real, the only thing that was bad about this is that it…[View]
520011013Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather. Or the... Ah, I don't know, that thing. That m…[View]
520007031>Walks towards you[View]
520011487Is anyone still playing Overwatch?[View]
520009391What are some other true science fiction games besides SOMA?[View]
520011642Your Most Relevant Inquiries; Social: Examples.. >The best methods of feeling happy (such as unto…[View]
520009245Did anyone else ever notice that the Mario mushrooms look like Magic Mushrooms? Imagine that, a char…[View]
520006852Nothing will fill this void.[View]
520001524VALORANT: LOL[View]
520009848Nintendo Games getting expensier in Mexico: >As you may remember, the new Tax Reform to mobility …[View]
520010746Is this the most red pilled game?[View]
520010898What is your favorite game to play and what is something that you dislike about it and why? My favor…[View]
520000325He's in[View]
520001046Now here's a question for ya. Who's pink, has three arches of hair and wields a huge hamme…[View]
520011273Valkyria Chronicles: Racism is bad, Anon.[View]
519978863>/v/ says you only need 16 GB of RAM for muh PC mustard race >almost every game being released…[View]
520010601I'm starting to lose hope bros..[View]
520011129I am quite enjoying the recent upsurge in singleplayer deckbuilders. What have you been playing?[View]
520006885This is one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever played: Maybe it's because I haven'…[View]
520010618Would you like optional alt outfits for the future FF7 Remakes?[View]
520010990What is the point of owning a console when you can have a gaming PC and stream to any device in your…[View]
520009468On B? Okay this puzzle's hard I don't understand triangles. What was so good about... max …[View]
520010832Which clan had the better characters?[View]
519970860Sony?: >you can't use your PS4 controller on PS5 >You can't repair your PS5 controll…[View]
520010692>Akira Kazama >was in an all boy's school with the skull helmet on >before transferrin…[View]
520009674Why didnt they play with her?[View]
520009642Will RPG elements ever work well with action games? I feel like they just drag down the games withou…[View]
520002831>Taм этo нe тyт!: >КoзaHocтpa нe бpaтвa! >Pyблёвкa нe Гoливyд! >LC нe Mocквa! >Джин н…[View]
520008756please help[View]
520010586>this kills the snoyfag[View]
520010469Post Vidya Cronge[View]
520009465The most epic moment in the metroid series: >Mother Brain kills the baby after she empowers Samus…[View]
519965768TOP TEN MOST PLAYED GAMES: post em faggots[View]
520009554Dark Fantasy Games.[View]
519972965play The Secret World[View]
519994586Just ordered this. What am I in for?[View]
519998054what went wrong with the Pokemon games? Will they ever evolve?[View]
520009871Fuck you I liked it[View]
520010301here's your boss bro[View]
520004620Are they becoming the villains?: -Revealing a Full price shitty Wii U port because the Wii U was a T…[View]
519999183Comfy kino[View]
520009731Gamepass Chads What Games Will You Be Playing This Months?: Xbox GamePass New Games August Lineup: F…[View]
52000839313 Trilogy >>> 15[View]
520007285god i fucking love the artwork for Mario in the sports games. They should have kept it going for fur…[View]
519999304>shroud the game in darkness removing all the unique atmosphere conjured by the art design from t…[View]
520006091What am I in for fellas?[View]
520003782PRE ORDER NEW WORLD[View]
519999770What's the appeal of this franchise? It's always just been an easier and more button mashy…[View]
520004375Is this game worth playing or should I skip to DS3?[View]
520004135why did he have to leave us /v/ros?[View]
520007992ITT: vidya castles/ruins[View]
520000682>RELIGION IS A MEME JACK!![View]
520002126DON'T MIND ME... I'm just the BEST in the franchise: >tfw Bug-style filtered so many pl…[View]
519992468FUCK STUPEI[View]
520007240>Beta impressions from journalists have mostly been negative to meh Is this going to be a disaste…[View]
520009168>Open /v/ >”PCs Are shit because (illogical reason) ConsoleChads win!” mfw 300 replies…[View]
520009471Why haven't you played Max Payne 4? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azIYhb4XkpQ[View]
520005603>any game with a vietnam level >'It Aint Me' starts playing I know Black Ops does th…[View]
520003338Who's your favorite VA?[View]
520009280now that the dust has settled, was Bungie right? https://youtu.be/6qfx9eoB-88?t=228[View]
520008289>DIVINE BEAST GOD >literally fucking shit-tier hahahahhHAHAHAHAH LOOK AT THIS DUDE…[View]
520005921>Stopped playing this shit for a few months >decide to re-install it to check if they did impr…[View]
520009195>outdated as shit graphics even for its time >clunky ass combat and movement >have to wait …[View]
520002057Issue with Fallout NV: ok so idk where to go tto but i just bought fallout new vegas with all the dl…[View]
520009305I want Dead Rising series back. It was so unfair bros[View]
520008824Considering how MGS4 was developed with the specific CPU of the PS3 in mind, do you think it will ev…[View]
519998780Name a better management game. Go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
520009182If you get filtered by this you're literally a brainlet.......[View]
520001528>every female avatar has a deep male voice why do people do this?[View]
519999610RTS: ..'Has provably better gameplay than available MOBAs' edition. ..Here's starting about def…[View]
520009126Is Tetris really even a puzzle game? The 'puzzle' is fitting tetronimoes together. A literal infant …[View]
520004784Disappointing yet fun: How do you create a disappointing... yet fun game at the same time? Like it…[View]
520008589Recommend a game with realistic gore?: Hey /v/ros, I've been curious to play game with realisti…[View]
519968952How are you enjoying Splatoon 3- I mean, Fall Guys, so far?[View]
520006075Resident Evil Locations: >RE1: Mansion, Secret Monster Lab >RE2: Police Station, Sewers, Secre…[View]
520006761What would be the Godfather in the world of video games? - Is there such a good game? I bet not...[View]
519996938>remastered graphics and tweaked gameplay >two expansions included >not full price >new …[View]
520002945Post the best vidya sequel.[View]
520005028>this is a mouse in 2020 What is happening?[View]
520005797Why did you lie to me about this game /v/? Hard mode is fucking artificial difficulty out the ass. J…[View]
519998763But I can't afford that. Lower the price below base value.[View]
519989729How does Veronica always win?[View]
520008315Has any game included a secretary bird?[View]
520004803someone explain to me why many enemies of mario sunshine look so different? Especially the koopas ch…[View]
519992481Why aren’t you playing Spyro enter the dragonfly?[View]
520007914Vidya with this aesthetic?[View]
519989484Remake when?[View]
519998709Did SF fans really want Oro? I feel like C. Viper, Makoto, Dudley, Maki, or Eagle would've been…[View]
520003608ITT: We write a letter to Cliffy Bazinga one word at a time, i'll start: Dear[View]
520007879ITT: Honest thoughts on this company: I don't care how loyal this site is, I can't honestl…[View]
520005471Hey goys, I just bought SF5 and I don't know who I should try and learn first, who do you main …[View]
520000315Play XCOM 2[View]
520007858nah: nah[View]
520007846So I just 100% Super Mario World on the SNES classic, got all the Yoshi coins and I think to myself …[View]
519993293ITT:vidya characters no one has ever fapped too.[View]
519954230Sup virgin, I'm your bodyguard[View]
519972158Is there a single reason left to own a Wii U anymore? I can't think of a console that has as l…[View]
519973215Pokemon peaked in 2005.[View]
520007180My god, Laura is the sexiest Street Fighter character I've ever laid eyes on.[View]
520002168Smash: How much longer till the inevitable Tales Of rep?[View]
520007624What are some video game enemies that, when you encounter, you just feel uneasy around them?[View]
520006016I have the original version but not the Director's Cut. It's on sale on Steam. Worth a few…[View]
520005835I want to play Dead Space on a laptop at 60 fps with high settings, but I'm too fat and lazy to…[View]
520004660>Never played a BR before >Try Warzone since it's free >Play for 2 hours >Most of m…[View]
520006592Fairy Tail: How do you like it?[View]
520007431Unironically this looks comfy and fun to do, except for drinking onions[View]
520007454Who's ready for the Switch peak year in 2021?[View]
519992292Skyrim Wabbajack Thread: https://www.wabbajack.org/ Just now heard about this, lets you install enti…[View]
520003245ITS OVER[View]
520007237Have you ever mistaken a character's gender before, /v/?[View]
520006920undoubtedly the best way to play souls games[View]
520004489>Spent hour on this fight kiting enemies and healing the quest NPC that keeps running into fire …[View]
519998359I still love you. I always will.[View]
520007098Which game is the best of the original trilogy? For me it's mario madness.[View]
519999041Favorite touhou girl?[View]
520001912I've only played two Hitman games. (Silent Assassin and Blood Money) I couldn't stand eith…[View]
520007005Getting a switch soon, besides mario and zelda what games should I cop[View]
520006904Which clan had the better characters?[View]
520004483>murders you in an unbelievably brutal fashion[View]
520000979Do you force yourself to beat a game if you bought it ?? Pic related im at sand area and bored[View]
520004709Who is the best Sakura Wars and why is it Sakura from Sakura Wars? https://www.strawpoll.me/19928030[View]
520004843Atari VCS Becomes First Blockchain Gaming Console: What the fuck is atari doing https://www.nederob.…[View]
519999393>game is mostly story driven >barely has combat >the combat is amazing, better than most o…[View]
520001297Is it just me or is pic related making a bit of a comeback?[View]
520006368Seeya tomorrow, fuckers![View]
520005407How do you like to stay immersed /v/?[View]
520004894Reminder that Koizumi did NOT sneak Rosalina's storybook into Super Mario Galaxy. As confirmed …[View]
519996075When will they finally release games as edgy as this again?[View]
520002757what hacked systems do you own?: Me: >Super Nintendo (tabs removed, everdrive) >N64 (everdrive…[View]
520003783>Game allows you to spec into certain debuffs like poison >all bosses are immune to most debuf…[View]
519949663I'm getting nervous...[View]
520003581i heard that a sm64 port is now available on a homebrew-ed 3d. can anyone help me with getting a lin…[View]
520005554Xbox Lockhart will have a bundle with no controller for 'suprisingly low price'[View]
520005730ITT Vidya Horror Stories: I'm just trying to play some porn gacha games, when this screen pops …[View]
520005489I keep getting paired up with people who just outclass me fuck you nintendo.[View]
520002289Why were the Phantom Thieves so soulless? At the end of P3 I felt sadness. At the end of P4 I felt b…[View]
520002769all i want for xmas is a ps5: what are you hoping to see in the upcoming state of play?[View]
520004570I've finished most of the game, but wanted to fuse some high end Personas now that I have maxed…[View]
520002330>30gb update everyday lol[View]
520003028The Nintendo quarterly report is releasing TODAY![View]
520005326how do i make my steam profile look like this i also want everyone to think i'm too busy IRL fo…[View]
519965908Zoomer Nostalgia: Continued from last thread: >>519958328 What games did the zoomers of /v/ gr…[View]
519998495Is there any hope for the RTS genre at this point?[View]
519973414Zelda peaked in 2002.[View]
520003691What's your favorite mouse game?[View]
519996497Is this worth getting into in 2020?[View]
520002619What's her appeal?[View]
520005029PLEASE: Jannies have mercy on me I NEED someone to post the comic where the stick guy tricks the jud…[View]
520001065Airships: Skies of Arcadia and Guns of Icarus were the only airship games ever made. Disprove if you…[View]
519990519i just wanna play video games...: is that too much to ask?[View]
520003557>The best lineup in game history blocks your path[View]
519990983Was it kino?[View]
520003226So I just 100% Super Mario World on the SNES classic, got all the Yoshi coins and I think to myself…[View]
520004864has anything topped it? the best game of all time?[View]
519977553Just finished this game as Kassandra What did I think about it /v/? I had fun for the 90 hours i put…[View]
519999602Does anyone still hunt for achievements any more or is it dead?[View]
519990045Name a character that went trough more pain than her[View]
520000398Shao Kahn: What was his problem?[View]
519995113STEAM IS DOWN: While Steam is down /v/ should play his game.[View]
520004651you DID unlock the black white (the true experience) mode... right anon?[View]
520000903why do modern game characters look so fucking ugly and mediocre: Is it because of 3D tools becoming …[View]
520002507So what worked in the story and what didn't?[View]
520003786What is it about this dude that make journos sheave so hard.[View]
520004187SO HERE I AM[View]
520001497Is it really that bad?[View]
5199990133DS and WII U eshop shutting down: 3DS eshop already shut down in most of south america. WII U eshop…[View]
519999014The combat makes no fucking sense to me[View]
519999494Worms Thread: Worms Thread.[View]
520002350GUYS STEAM IS DO-[View]
520003548It's not fun to play.[View]
520003889Quake 3: filthy faggot nigger zoomer here, just bought this bad boy on steam, what am I in for? also…[View]
520003653>team-based first person shooter with different characters and abilites >console port has turr…[View]
520001664I see that Doom and Doom 64 are very cheap. I've actually never played this classic game. Shoul…[View]
520003681Any games where you redeem your?[View]
520003152>xD | BigGuy69 has joined the game.[View]
519999068ITT: Enemies who DO fuck around[View]
520001821I have never played a Mario™ game.[View]
519979328So, now that the dust has settled and that the shills are gone we can finally admit that Doom Eterna…[View]
520003352How many hours of my life have I wasted posting on this fucking piece of shit goddamn website just s…[View]
519934010Death Stranding: Pizza-Man edition: Why did the other thread got pruned?[View]
519946303Modern Mario: How do we stop him?[View]
519980796Why are the boss fights on RE6 so incredibly retarded[View]
519990676Best game ever made: Reminder OoT did this before Hollywood/The Mummy did it, even in a more realist…[View]
520001625Thoughts on this game ?[View]
520001776Anyone else has enough of nintendo's tricks?[View]
520000071Princess Zelda[View]
519995967PCbros......... one day[View]
519994973How did this not get GOTY 2019 i do not know[View]
520002886What are your favorite games from between 2010 to 2020? No restrictions on Genre >pic related I t…[View]
520002874why girls covered in blood ?: why blood make them so cute ?[View]
520001707Your favorite ninja games? >Ninja Gaiden 1 NES >Shinobi 3DS >Tenchu Stealth Assassins PS1…[View]
520000341Has there been a worse fall from grace?[View]
520001690Now that the battle royale trend peaked and fell off, what exactly is Fortnite trying to become doin…[View]
519985987State of play leak: >Call of Duty World at War 2 >Final Fantasy XVI trailer coming out Novembe…[View]
520000691post some OP trailers, whether the game turned out awful or not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APWT…[View]
519995541Just catched Groundhog Day here on SNES in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more …[View]
520002582Post vidya kino[View]
520002375i can't stop delivering[View]
520000560Thoughts on Dante's Inferno?[View]
520002093Reminder:: These PLAYSTATION exclusives still cant be played on a PLAYSTATION 4[View]
519997585Why do people still buy this when it has no games?: Of course Nintendo doesn't release the game…[View]
520001936the inventory... home...[View]
520000291Game Streaming: You stream games over LAN, right?[View]
520002121Hey /v/, is it worth getting in Ultimate modding? Brawl's hacking scene was amazing, how does U…[View]
519997979any games that let you save rhodesia?[View]
520002075what is the most normal video game?[View]
520001753Only 23 days until pic related gets released! What race you anons playing? What kind of build are y…[View]
520002013Based or cringe?[View]
519996881When will this version come out?[View]
519998368How come did Sumo Digital deliver this, after how crazy great All Stars Racing Transformed was? Is t…[View]
520001935I bought a PC game from Walmart today[View]
519990063>Played it as a kid >Beat the main story >reopening the temple costs a fuck ton >never m…[View]
520000580WHERE IS 3-1B YOU HACK[View]
519997910Kino. Pure fucking kino[View]
520001564>characters or things who'd make good assist trophies than fighters >what they do? Initia…[View]
519997167>Has the actual hypest fightan game intro of all time >The actual content is low effort VOD up…[View]
520001681SF6 should look like Ori: Seriously, latest Ori is the best looking 2D game to date, I would love to…[View]
519991416Why does /v/ continue to use steam when there's such a much better store to use?[View]
520001617Surely we won't fail the mission, right /v/?[View]
519935804Ahh yes, 'reapers'[View]
519973685Metroid Thread: What's the appeal of this franchise?[View]
519999761Does she deserve the hate?[View]
519995471>Trophy earned! >Title of the game[View]
520001336>the gaming industry will be down the turd flume within 10 years in the weird moment of complete …[View]
519995160Can someone explain what was so bad about the betrayal thing?: My main question is what was so bad a…[View]
520001242*blocks ur path*[View]
519999741Choose what cheevo I should go for next.[View]
519998009>game lets you get a tan[View]
519997301Thinking about getting this,is it worth if you've never played games like this before?[View]
519991020C'mon guys. I still have some games left.[View]
519999123Guys I got permanently banned in league of legends. How do I get my account back? What do?[View]
520000626>I should relay this info to my team >press push to talk >stutter and slur every word >'…[View]
519998304>All these games getting delayed >Meanwhile Mortal Shell releases a month early Let's hav…[View]
519998938MUAchads get in here and laugh at the shmucks who waited The Avengers game. Also post your Team of 4…[View]
519998309>today i will remind them[View]
519991885would you kill Lucina?[View]
519996616Rushed and unfinished game, but got many perfect scores and game of the year awards MIND BLOWN Never…[View]
519999598game mechanics you hate that everyone else seems to love: I never liked the mechanic of having to ca…[View]
519998937What's the best way to play Silent Hill 3 these days? On a PC, I mean.[View]
519999419But for real it's going to be able to emulate unofficially right?[View]
520000137>this makes the P3cuck seethe[View]
520000412Dynasty Warriors Thread: https://kwconquerors.net/2020/08/06/dynasty-warriors-20th-anniversary-to-ce…[View]
519997423ARE YOU A >BOY >GIRL Why no robot option gamers?…[View]
519995897Joker getting into Smash has caused an unnatural influx of fake Persona 'fans' who have never even p…[View]
519999173>this game is 5 years old >never watched playthroughs or seen more than webms of gameplay >…[View]
519995436Are these games worth playing on their harder difficulties? I've only played a few of the moder…[View]
519987489If a game has an attractive female protagonist, are you more, less, or equally likely to play it?[View]
519995332WE DID IT AXIS AND ALLIES BROS: Top of the chart How will Counter-Strike EVER recover from this? Not…[View]
520000093Why are games like Skyrim and New Vegas so much more fun than Crusader Kings 2?[View]
519999830>>519999999 wow how embarrassing[View]
519999206Was the Sega Saturn good?[View]
519964489/v/story: /v/story - a new beginning >What is this? brand new v83 (pre big bang) maplestory priva…[View]
520000002A TOAST TO /V/[View]
519999343What went so fucking right with Greedfall?[View]
519965243Risk of Rain: 1.0 development thoughts https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/632360/view/274095…[View]
519999636Super Mario Bros.: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game ever?[View]
519998702Why doesn't he have any porn?[View]
519999172Hitman bros. I wanted to get into this series proper after only playing through Blood Money but fuck…[View]
519999428Suggestions /v/ please?: Tell me about games where I can explode a lot of things.[View]
519999594>Death count is something like 60 by the time I get to World 2 >Try the balloon circus boss t…[View]
519999502Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes: How is this game? Currently on sale & looks like civ iv…[View]
519980291was it a good remake?[View]
519998457Hentai Gacha: Did you preregister /v/? http://pc-play.games.dmm.co.jp/play/mahoroba_x/ http://pc-pla…[View]
519999425Action 52: Has anyone actually played this game?[View]
519999242When is Shitendo gonna get off their ass and port the best Wii U game already?[View]
519999070Dark Souls II: I enjoyed it more than 1 or 3.[View]
519998879any tips to git gud in clubman?[View]
519976009How do feel about shows/movies that portray gamers as quirky and attractive young adults with jobs a…[View]
519997510Monitors: Its time to upgrade from this beast. It is just not bright enough and text too blurry for …[View]
519997834Holy shit: More games with a 10/10 soundtrack?[View]
519998957>game has overpowered weapon[View]
519997351Is there any videogame about having paranoid schizoprenia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UVtLtSl7…[View]
519997059So, did he cheat his world records at the end or not? If so, why did his scores get reinstated?[View]
519996952Who's the fucking dumbass who said this game was easier on Hard mode than Catherine Classic…[View]
519952747DUDE ITS HARD ON PURPOSE LMAO: Fuck this game[View]
519992148You do ONLY play /v/core games, right?[View]
519995973ITT: missions only (You) liked[View]
519997056Why aren't you playing the best Switch game right now?[View]
519994858Just completed Way of the Samurai 4, /v/. Melinda is a bitch, but her style is good. What route shou…[View]
519997290August 5, 2020 The day Nintendo fully killed off the Wii U.[View]
519994309what the fuck happened here?[View]
519997237Why haven't you played her game, /v/?[View]
519929039MUSOUCHADS COME HERE, WE HAVE NEWS!: > '[Dynasty Warriors 9’s] system itself doesn’t fit Xtreme L…[View]
519998631Backwards compatible when?[View]
519998453Is Rival Schools really that popular?[View]
519998320>Doesnt run into a team game >always get to the finals >Gets team game (which is most of th…[View]
519998154Thia is your new director for Street Fighter says something nice![View]
519994169I bought an NES Classic Edition on amazon and it came with a pal box and I even though the NTSC/PAL …[View]
519998356I can't believe how retarded they are ITT, post Dumbass Gamers[View]
519997842>early boss returns near the end of the game >upgraded with more weapons/powers etc. >it …[View]
519992418I prefer 4 over 5[View]
519986083What's the first thing you do?[View]
519997045Any word on those SOCOM 5 leaks?[View]
519986864I think I'm giving up on nintendo: It feels like I'm playing a new generation console only…[View]
519990832post yfw steam is down[View]
519993957LISA thread.: Monster update never ever ever edition.[View]
519997179>Ultra V-Rated I can't do it lads, either I get smacked by a stray fireball or I fuck up dur…[View]
519995872Is it really that bad?[View]
519998069Post Obscure Hidden Gems. Been playing this again to try and get the achievements I am missing…[View]
519995338You WILL buy her game right anon?[View]
519995950Did you ever play Little Inferno?: This is a fun little game where you can burn things.[View]
519993696Select your character anon[View]
519991964this is such a mirror of this generation of gaming. Back then you would get skins for your own pleas…[View]
519996659>Starting weapon is better than most of the weapons you can pick up What kind of game design is t…[View]
519993929You DID like Abby’s part better right? >the pitch Black Forest escape >the skybridge >the d…[View]
519994647Burning Crusade: When will we be able to go home?[View]
519957498>There are people who unsarcastically love Sakura What's wrong with you…[View]
519997324Battlestation thread: How can I improve it[View]
519989320steam is ded[View]
519949854Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
519989185ITT: Bad Vidya Opinions: >It's bad because it's popular.…[View]
519997461Oh shit! The last character you played as has to fight Shendu and he has all 12 talismans! How fucke…[View]
519991407Bloodborne PC Announcement: Tomorrow. You can bet on it.[View]
519997439Vidya screenshot thread[View]
519997386> Do you want to play college ball? > Are you not one of those beltway pansies? > Try Unive…[View]
519996081WHY STEAM WENT DOWN: My Dad works at Valve.He told me the real reason Steam went down is because som…[View]
519980497I WILL continue my campaign against the humans[View]
519982807BloodBorne PC: >1 MORE DAY Are you ready for /v/ to blow up tomorrow lads?…[View]
519994129How do we stop the Skaven menace?[View]
519987193You know...: You know, Amy's 'obsession' with Sonic looks a little less obsessive when you cons…[View]
519997214Release date when?[View]
519997205Is this game worth it?[View]
519994807>Pikmin 3 Deluxe >new areas Huh, I guess he was right…[View]
519995737It really wasn't THAT bad. 8.5/10[View]
519989579post your favourite video game literal gatekeepers (no snorlaxes, they scare me)[View]
519994965Chungus Beta Leaked: OH NO NO NO NO XBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY[View]
519976432i never pirated stuff, but how secure is torrenting stuff, can i ran into a risk of fucking my pc?[View]
519992580TF2 Thread[View]
519979279Now that the dust has settled, was it better than KH2 FM?[View]
519989607Every fucking night this week[View]
519990951>Former hobo >Professional-level singer Why is everyone who steps into a karaoke booth in Yaku…[View]
519995320I swear to fuck you niggers better not let this game die before I get home from my vacation.[View]
519995270>The game's ending credits are unskippable[View]
519992559Games you aren't supposed to like but you do?[View]
519996629thats right fancy pants[View]
519962220Did you learn it?[View]
519996516Why the american dream produced so many good games?[View]
519996442This is Vivian from Paper Mario, what are your thoughts on him?[View]
519996168>White American blonde develops a soft spot for the Chinese/Mao Zedong >And betrays her count…[View]
519993703VR Gaming: Getting my Oculus Quest and gonna connect it to my laptop. What games should I play boys?…[View]
519995904persona 5 scramble: >download the japanese demo on switch just to see if it runs well >everyth…[View]
519938310ITT: enemies who don't fuck around[View]
519996216Post old games that are movies[View]
519989373Pfft thank you anon for beta testing![View]
519923948Who is the Best Fairy ?[View]
519980789Now that we know that Edelgard is FP7, who are the other four characters coming to Super Smash Broth…[View]
519992050Villain: >makes well reasoned arguments for why his radical actions are necessary Hero: >*look…[View]
519995509What are some coomer core games?[View]
519991193Anonymous. You are a shitposter. I can see that. You trained your whole life for this, and you have …[View]
519995062ITS UP: ITS UP! Stop your bitching. Everyone whose client is down is gay.[View]
519995341Tell me what game to play now: Suggest a game for me to play.[View]
519983029What is the appeal of this character?[View]
519995073The game Digital Foundry called 'a Switch Game of the Year contender.' Thoughts?[View]
519994184>Started playing this after enjoying Origami King Holy shit this combat is more tedious than the …[View]
519983907Choose what cheevo I should go for next.[View]
519994675Some autist figured out the size of Cyberpunk's map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEzo7cO6j8o…[View]
519991553this shit is annoying and boring as fuck, i don’t care if you can feed dogs and bake pies[View]
519984940ITT: Your childhood video game crush.[View]
519993364Me looking at pictures of frogs :) (and toads)[View]
519982080Why do so many Japanese videogames make you play as cute girls? Older protagonists make more sense[View]
519995081>Suteki da Ne[View]
519992381WTF is this /v/?[View]
519982818Favorite RTS Quotes: >'Say the word!'[View]
519992113>is the only enjoyable mobile game ever[View]
519993927Your Kino of the Year, sir[View]
519985980Show Me Your Moves: Douglas Jay Falcon cordially requests you show him your moves.[View]
519994367Blood gulch.... home....[View]
519991056>*door rings*[View]
519984018Sonic the Hedgehog: Would you guys play a Sonic prequel game.[View]
519956841If you could delete one game from history, what game would it be?[View]
519992686Did SEGA Miss Its Chance???: For years we begged for Yakuza Kenzan & Ishin to be localized but S…[View]
519993869The state of /v/: Actually took this cap yesterday, but still relevant. Half the time I enter this b…[View]
519989712for what purpose[View]
519993851I love the particular pixelated style in Paper Mario 64, truly the most-beautiful video game of all-…[View]
519988063I just downloaded this, it was $10 for the legion edition. What the fuck am I in for?[View]
519993640left 4 dead 2: left 4 dead 2 mod dump, post ur screenshots of ur shittied up l4d2 games[View]
519992738why do people try and demonstrate the physics of Flight Simulator by performing feats that have been…[View]
519992885You are going to buy his game, right?[View]
519993730San Andreas is the best GTA.[View]
519991078Are you releived to see the mobile game fad come and go not becoming the supposed apocalypse of trad…[View]
519993674Did the sequel to this ever finish getting translated? AA/DGS Thread[View]
519993526Band of Bastards: KCD: >tfw a 2-hour DLC for a Kickstarter funded game does a better job of havin…[View]
519979821Does /v/ play on PC using a keyboard and mouse or using a controller? https://www.strawpoll.me/2072…[View]
519991447Are they going to remake Mario Kart Double Dash for the Switch? That was the best Mario Kart game.[View]
519992243How is it acceptable that a 2D game drops frames constantly? Why hasn't Nintendo fixed this yet…[View]
5199853492016 'Xbox One X will have VR': 2016: https://twitter.com/Fenriisulfr99/status/1290546461940289536?s…[View]
519993298Myths you remember about games[View]
519987763>Clutch moments in gaming ost your most clutch wins in a game >Facing off against Bahamut and …[View]
519991143What happened knight bros we had the other factions by the balls and now we are at the bottom again[View]
519992491>We do have coming in... That's um... confirmed reports. I repeat, confirmed reports of nucl…[View]
5199659451. botw 2. majora's mask 3. twilight princess you may not like it but truth is indifferent[View]
519991854Why is her figure so tall? Wasnt she 161cm in the game?[View]
519990174>6.1 million views[View]
519989365Is Blasphemous worth playing?[View]
519894072/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday After Dark >consoletan.booru.org >consoletans.neocities.org/ >f…[View]
519981957What's /v/'s thoughts on The Outer Worlds?[View]
519992762go 2 console in TF2 and enter: connect frag with us on t2[View]
519992361what did he say the definition of insanity was again?[View]
519990738The music in this game is pretty good. Am I the only one who played this?[View]
519988661>turn based[View]
519988667*ahem* Super smash brothers is and always was a party game and not a fighter.[View]
519992416ITT: whats ur specs ?[View]
519989664What's going to be the next Bethesda game? Are you looking forward to it?[View]
519992131Switch version when?[View]
519991842>Youtuber voice TOP 10 POTENTIAL REASONS WHY STEAM JUST WENT DOWN 15: Burger king foot lettuce 10…[View]
519991821Not a single losing matchup. Ban her.[View]
519992091RIP August 2020[View]
519991674If I leave a game that relies on Cloud Saves while steam is down, does my progress disappear?[View]
519989340>the switch is underpowered! Name a 200 dollar portable system with better specs then the switch …[View]
519989028So this is the only good SciADV entry?[View]
519992015When did /v/ stop wanting games with strong women?[View]
519990193Summer 2012: My golden time. 16. Addicted to Skyrim. Spent every waking moment playing it while list…[View]
519985683What are some other Cringe Kino's of our time?[View]
519989668LIL' PEEP TYPE BEAT[View]
519991654After doing a cohesive review of both the remake and the original, I can safely declare the original…[View]
519991794Steam down... Is WW3 happening?[View]
519989751Why was San Andreas so paranormal?[View]
519982226Saints Row in Smash Bros Ultimate: I think a 'Premium Sans/Cuphead/Vault Boy like' Mii Costume for P…[View]
519991527How the hell does Nintendo end up with such easily hackable systems every single time? The switch is…[View]
519989169What did Sony mean by this?[View]
519989417Hey, uh... Does anyone have any tips for spending less time on /v/ and more time... y'know, act…[View]
519990179Why does Resident Evil rely so heavily on the unkillable stalker monster?[View]
519968603If I held a gun to your head and screamed in your face to buy some vidya art books, which ones do yo…[View]
519982396Name a worse and more retarded outfit in vidya history[View]
519991251SNK waifus literally shit on any other fighting game company.[View]
519988730>only 7% finished Gone Home kek why people talk so good about this game if most of them never fin…[View]
519988449Welcome to Africa. My name is Sheva Alomar.[View]
519987086How do I hit Diamond in League REEEEE: >Nearly every faggot streamer is at least D1 >Somehow e…[View]
519986303Direct 8.12.20: I am unaware of all of the details, but I know a few things. >the direct will ope…[View]
519962327Why are you not pirating indies?[View]
519920383Nioh 2: Have you got your Sacred Bird Cry?[View]
519990398If I ever had a kid I will make Atari Jaguar the only place they can play video games ,and if they D…[View]
519972713All of my games are gone.: >wake up and check my PS4 library >purchased category says '0' >…[View]
519979658Now that the dust has settled, was Pokémon S&S great step up for the franchise?[View]
519988923Ryza: Never played an Atelier game. Just got her fat ass on sale, what do I need to know while I…[View]
519984553The exact list of games that will be shown at the PS5 presentation: The exact list of games that wil…[View]
519975605Mario Galaxy 1: Nobody told me this was kino, this is the best 3D Mario I've ever played. t. PC…[View]
519988541Mario spinoffs thread Talk about your favorite Mario spinoffs, your hopes for the future ( If you ha…[View]
519980765Just bought one of these and put CFW on it. What are some of your favorite things to play on it, not…[View]
519990739Nintendo's FY quarter earnings should update later tonight[View]
519988891The most accurate trans video game character?[View]
519990254'I dunno Dutch...maybe Strauss has a point. Maybe the European Catholic white folk ARE the problem i…[View]
519964289SINoALICE: What went wrong?[View]
519990467>Paradox are an evil jew publisher >Game will be broken on release and won't be fixed unt…[View]
519983446Thinking about buying Sleeping Dogs. Is it any good? I loved the True Crime games, how similar is it…[View]
519987585any of the others worth playing only 4 played and 2[View]
519990360Stadia thread: Reviewers btfo >Instant demos and free weekends on any browser Hardware YouTubers …[View]
519989854What makes a game reddit[View]
519989153What are your favorite games for this bad boy?[View]
519989876Shit's on fire again, yo[View]
519983728Hello friends. How can I unlearn my TTYD bias, overcome my paranoia, and learn to enjoy TOK? Blessin…[View]
519973347What is happening in Japan?[View]
519989434Games that let you choose sexual orientation?[View]
519990139Public Service Announcement don't grief!! you're only putting BOTH of us at risk!! that i…[View]
519967110smash thread: Post >Your main and/or secondary >Your favorite stage or music >Who you wa…[View]
519985035Super Mario Bros 3: Haven't gone back to this game in years, what version should I jump into? W…[View]
519965021>Xbox Live is not becoming free OH NO NO NO, XBROS[View]
519977053how does nintendo keep selling underpowered handhelds to millions of people?[View]
519982968serious question: has tlou dethroned resident evil as the king of survival horror/action? the lates…[View]
519968078What made it so comfy and memorable?[View]
519981542What would you like to see in the Ghost of Kinoshima DLC?[View]
519988534Caption this, /v/[View]
519988673Vidya reaction images thread.[View]
519988590Bethesda Sale: It's on sale for 9 bucks. If I'm looking for another game to heavily mod a…[View]
519989427I was so excited when this was announced, but somehow I bought it and totally forgot I had it until …[View]
519989418Most tweeted games about games globally [first half]: So, can we conclude that animal crossing is th…[View]
519986724It's official: Nintendo games will become pricier in Mexico: >As you may remember, the new T…[View]
519989381ARE YOU READY TO PAY $60!!!: Who's ready to pay full price for a $20 Wii U game with no pointer…[View]
519987682Dead Rogue.[View]
519984370>theres exactly ONE game where i can be Achilles Fuck western studios.[View]
519989218https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7uvDFSw6A0&feature=youtu.be >ps3 emulator with netplay what …[View]
519986606Which games have the best enemies?[View]
519989110Fate: Snek edition.[View]
519988969You are going to buy her game right anon?[View]
519988928>design cartoony characters >make it wear gloves…[View]
519989030Will he get into smash fellas?: also nmh/suda thread.[View]
519985585Just bought this action game Monster Hunter Iceborne: What am I in for? Also keep in mind the Japane…[View]
519983332DOKAPON BROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYPC6qgWnns[View]
519988896Setsuka Calibur 6: Steam's down.[View]
519986205I just want to play a Tokimeki dating sim in English. The game is fucking 30 years old, and no one h…[View]
519983190ITT we post the best vidya Medics: I'll start[View]
519985361Where my fellow Rogue/Assassin/Scoundrel anons at? I always play sneaky based classes that use physi…[View]
519986992>Chrome switches to chromium after launching a pirated game[View]
519982863best skyrim mod: finally got skyrim and i want the best mod that make it a 10/10 game. hit me with t…[View]
519986942WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?: >decides to play borderland 1 >take of CD >put it >cant even fuck…[View]
519932806How should Bethesda handle TESVI's combat?[View]
519986782What are some Videogames?[View]
519941789Play Rockman X Dive now.[View]
519986880Post videogame achievements that you gave up on: pic related, I can't do any of these bros…[View]
519988073Halo was never good[View]
519988489Where's Pikmin 4?[View]
519987727>Plop plop plop plop[View]
519988269Is this the greatest video game ever created?[View]
519976518How many more Polands should there be?[View]
519988251This is Bulborb. He's about to Switch things up. Say something nice about him[View]
519970506Are 3D art styles limited? What are the greatest differentiating factors in art styles in this mediu…[View]
519951505I've never been so fucking happy. capcom is fucking based.[View]
519982502>star fox command came out 14 years ago >it's been 14 years since krystal and panther wer…[View]
519984297What's that in your hand, a toy?[View]
519988038The best game ever made: Reminder OoT did this before Hollywood/The Mummy did it, even in a more rea…[View]
519986404Resident Evil 8 devs are doing live Q&A[View]
519976323This is peak female performance[View]
519980176What are some good games about non-linear exploration and having to actually use your brain[View]
519985153wtf I thought FF XIII was a linear corridor?[View]
519985704Recommend me some good anime games.[View]
519987610What does he think of video games?[View]
519987757Reset era is coming for that Cammy ass in SF6. I guess SF6 will be censored and more resetera friend…[View]
519976224would you kiss Lucina without her consent?[View]
519984969Meanwhile on High Charity /v/...[View]
519944567Sequel when?[View]
519977606SGDQ 2020: Are you ready /v/?[View]
519987385>non puzzle game has a puzzle[View]
519971742>He never found Bigfoot Filtered trash[View]
519986554This game becomes 20x shittier after 25 minutes.[View]
519987360Loser day: Yeah its one of those days when every game I played was a loss. Doesn't matter which…[View]
519970103Name a bigger villain in the video game industry.[View]
519982521What do you want to see in Final Fantasy XVI?: There's strong evidence that Matsuno (Final Fant…[View]
519986713I'll find you, hagfish[View]
519986197Why didnt you finish that game?[View]
519963509PSN summer sale https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-SUMMERSALE/1 Thinking about …[View]
519981494>This is Pequod[View]
519984710Are you buying it?[View]
519986712VTMB: Just got done playing vtmb, and despite the last parts of the game feeling pretty rushed I rea…[View]
519980827>Folding screen >Lower screen used for controls, upper for the game >Beefy specs to run any…[View]
519984913Reminder: >Dark Souls not an RPG >Witcher not an RPG >Bethesda games not an RPG >Asscree…[View]
519984491Genesis duz wut nintenDONT[View]
519986189tee hee have you guys met my bf y'all? his name is bartleby and he's the richest man in th…[View]
519984876Jesus this game was brutal[View]
519985806Any modern AAA games with charming character design left? A lot of designs this generation feel over…[View]
519985623Why do you choose to pay $79.99 + $40 DLC for games when you can just get them for free?[View]
519986175Switch is a perfect platform for CRPG[View]
519985695I looked at gameplay videos and this game looks pretty cool, has anybody here played it? Is it still…[View]
519951127Digimon Digital Monsters[View]
519986079>Pirate $60 game >Game company loses money as a result of my piracy >Transfer the game file…[View]
519985963stop spamming that creature ypou bastards and lest talk about video games insted[View]
519985360Encore when?![View]
519984842The absolute state of the Dig Dug franchise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cllqzGO2dCc[View]
519984758>game triggers your arachnophobia[View]
519953574Pikmin 3 REMOVED from Wii U eShop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi9sgpK_ESo Same thing happened w…[View]
519908197>'Alright anon, everyone's here now. Let's hear your video game pitch!'…[View]
519985358Does it get boring?[View]
519978760*slurrrrp* Sonic games have always been flawed but fun experiences. *sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrp*[View]
519985331This nigga is a hack that got lucky to be hired when square was an indie studio. but /v/ will defend…[View]
519983252Well /v/?[View]
519985164>Yeah, I save scum.[View]
519982997You only need 7.5 consoles(.5 cause gameboy player is needed for handholds before DS) to play 35 yea…[View]
519980418Whats your current stage of hollowing as you await Elden Ring news?[View]
519890380Total War Warhammer Thread: Name a more boring faction[View]
519973209Is piracy really the best tactic against dishonorable business tactics or is there something better?…[View]
519966047>60 dollars >the original was 20 dollars DEFEND THIS…[View]
519962137Play San Andreas[View]
519984973Wasteland 3: Y'all faggots ready for teh GOTY?[View]
519975530Why are dialogues so fucking cringe in this game? >I will protect Fiora! >I promised that I wi…[View]
519984096Hollow Knight: what boss am I missing?[View]
519984921cursor.io you guys tryna cooperate? :^)[View]
519984896AI Dungeon: This game is fucking amazing[View]
519981287Do you have any requests, Anon? I shall complete any task you request to the best of my ability[View]
519984785Now that the dust has settled... Why was DSP in Tsushima?[View]
519979981if you use magic, you're a faggot[View]
519942562>he calls himself a PC gamer >he hasn't completed THE definitive PC video game series…[View]
519981940Jaco would be a Fox/Falco surrogate in FighterZ: >Laser Beam >Reflector >Navigating SpaceSh…[View]
519980491>£84 for two games >works out to £42 a game >some of the games you can redeem are only wort…[View]
519963359The official gamer mood of 2020 has arrived[View]
519979469>that anon who pirates a game just cause he missed out on pre-ordered content No, that's not…[View]
519982504la buena remaka única...[View]
519977058Help shodan keeps giving me boners[View]
51998297150 hours in and not really improving. Mainly play as survivor with 1 friend. How do I get gud?[View]
519967924TLOU2 sales: >6 million copies sold How exactly is this a flop? It's still selling. Given ti…[View]
519979804Nintendo: A trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit of Courage, is to be uploaded on November 15. It…[View]
519983962Worst 3D zelda game, empty overworld with only 5 medium / large islands out 49. Toon aesthetic is no…[View]
519982142Lego Mario: Nintendo and Lego are planning three more Lego Mario sets at the moment. Adventures with…[View]
519983184Where does it end? https://www.pcgamer.com/cod-warzone-file-size-200gb/[View]
519984015PCbros...we won again[View]
519974150Has Nintendo any outstanding 2D boss fights?: Friends brought this up and it's hard to think of…[View]
519976798Which one should have been made playable for Smash Ultimate?[View]
519971373Where the fuck is Bad Company 3?[View]
519978995The House In Fata Morgana: >Master. Can you hear me, Master? If our story is so good, then why ar…[View]
5199818052020... I am forgotten[View]
5199531351 more day...: Can you feel it? Tomorrow during the Sony PlayStation state of play... the day of rec…[View]
519979268The Elder Scrolls Movie: Never seen it, but why did they have to use this pic? Also is it good?…[View]
519966657What the fuck I might actually start playing SFV next year. I am down for Oro.[View]
519983426Miss me yet?[View]
519979280Is it worth playing in 2020?[View]
519982237I have to leave for a few hours. Can someone please watch Bobby for me and make sure nothing bad hap…[View]
519975625>The update to 'Xbox online service' in the Microsoft Services Agreement refers to the …[View]
519970765PS5 SSD Drive: >Fastest SSD Drive in computing history >No load times >Instant install >…[View]
519983335Sony State of Play leak OH NO NO, Looks like we got too cocky Xbros...[View]
519983018post your 1st waifu that fucked you up[View]
519982943What are some games starring tomboy gfs?[View]
519982859Look Gordon! I found a 'wojak meme' edit! We can use it to project other people's apperances ba…[View]
519977029How much of a LUDDITE do you have to be to still be using wired controllers, keyboards, headphones, …[View]
519982512I have recorded a message for all SWEATS who play the MCC. https://voca.ro/ktUZnrnf3Gg[View]
519980075Why is cheating in online games so common in China?[View]
519979497Amnesia: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game ever?[View]
5199669793x3 thread of last 9 games you have played: sorry for the trash resolution and editing im retarded…[View]
519981995whats the best lego vidya[View]
519982218What game character's deserve their own spin-off game's and why.[View]
519981897this game sucks lol: waste of 120$[View]
519978104Post games that made you stand up and say 'That was Ludo!' when you beat them.[View]
519978847Vidya Misteries: Are there any misteries left in gaming? San Andreas is old and busted Polybius got …[View]
519973243>FF15 sold 9 million >FF7 sold 4 million RIP this franchise.…[View]
519978703https://www.twitch.tv/videos/701108002: What do you think?[View]
519979752Games you were pleasantly surprised by.[View]
519973297From where should i start the Yakuza series?: Should i do Kiwami 1&2 then 3-4-5-6 and then 0 or …[View]
519926827Left or right?[View]
519977953Alright /v/ I have this downloaded and all ready to go but you've just gotta come clean with me…[View]
519979521Why are Shotguns so cool in Halo ?[View]
519972915Final Fantasy: I have never played a Final Fantasy game. Should I play FF7 Remake or FF15?[View]
519970936>over half the threads on /v/ are just glorified coomershit now Are videogames done for?…[View]
519980818ITT: Moderation Stories: >be TF2 server mod >get called about someone harassing a female playe…[View]
519978540is it good?[View]
519954451What's the appeal of Atelier Ryza?[View]
519980381Unbelievable. Gamers need to do better.[View]
519980686Need For Speed: been playing a lot of need for speed recently rate my car /v/[View]
519980627Every. Single. Time.[View]
519969570>killing people, animals, etc. is what constitutes as 'demon points' in the game Super lame. Murd…[View]
519969624Is WoW worth playing in 2020? Never played it before so I'd be starting from scratch Also, are …[View]
519977074What games can I run with my specs? Radeon RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six Core Proc…[View]
519980060Halo: Why did it have to die?[View]
519980462*waits at the finish line to glomp you*[View]
519946747For all its flaws, can we all agree the story was pretty close to being a masterpiece?[View]
519979886>they laughed at algae mains[View]
519969701how did nintendo get away with this?[View]
519980065Why the fuck isn't it infinite time with really fast blocks[View]
519973732>Start emulating RF4 >Plays a girl >Find out I can't be gay Are there any mods or sett…[View]
519976840>game features thousands of skill options >only one build is viable…[View]
519979917Are physical games a meme?: Who the fuck is paying this much for old ass 6th gen games? This is noth…[View]
519973318>You either die a classic or live long enough to see yourself become gacha…[View]
519979745Microsoft flight sim 2020: don't mind me just the most influential piece of hard ware to ever g…[View]
519971258ITT: Games we can never have back.[View]
519979653What a shitty generic derivative offbrand assassins creed hot mess: >whistles for magic horse …[View]
519967371What if Nintendo made another side-scrolling Zelda game?[View]
519978067Obscure Ports Thread: Now that /v/ is shitting itself because of ports, let's get an obscure po…[View]
519976967Don't mind me, just posting the greatest music track in the history of the medium: https://www.…[View]
519978257>Sequel >Protagonist gets a new hairdo[View]
519974671*fucks up your Guerilla Op*[View]
519970086What is her profession again?[View]
519979385>It's a Retaliation mission with the Lost, the Chosen and one of the Alien Rulers…[View]
519974039Is there a downside to abusing Assassination? Like does it give me a less honourable outcome in the …[View]
519976624Play the game[View]
519977964Mr. Freeman! People on 4chan are mean to me again... They call me cringe, unbased and bluepilled! Pl…[View]
519978331>SkaterXL >Session >Skate 4 >Tony Hawk remake Looks like skatekino's back on the…[View]
519979084Do you agree with Journalists & Normalfags, are the peak of writing in gaming?[View]
519978340What's this about a games show tomorrow or Friday? I haven't kept up with the news[View]
519977539When are we getting a full on Japanese-made anime MOBA? Something with the aesthetics of an anime fi…[View]
519977868>tfw no comfy family minecraft LAN server where we build houses and castles together I wish my fa…[View]
519976978This game sucks, what are some good Metroid games?[View]
519978824How am I supposed to beat this piece of shit when he can debuff me to hell AND use that to one hit k…[View]
519978353Where the fuck is it? I can't pre order it if you don't show it Todd.[View]
519977113Oh, that's rough... maybe next time you should consider the phrase: if it ain't broke don…[View]
519976941It's okay if you don't want Yukari, /v/. I'll just take her for myself. /v/ is still …[View]
519955675what's the deal with this game? normies seem to love it[View]
519974379The island nation/government you fight against in the game is based on communist cuba... ubisoft has…[View]
519977171Does it hold up to its reputation[View]
519972627Where's the spiritual successor to NOLF games? I want austin powers FPS back into business[View]
519971596Should/Will a Street Fighter 6 do away with Cammy's gratuitous ass shots? What do you think?[View]
519978320Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride is the best JRPG of all time.[View]
519973145Why are Sony first party games more appealing than Xbox ones?[View]
519978236How does this not exist yet[View]
519968782Swtor thread: Now available on steam edition. Anyone playan this game? I started playing it with the…[View]
519976843fuck this boss[View]
519973356>Anon, what are we doing tonight? How do you respond?[View]
519975959This actually was a great game: Do you think so too /v/ ?[View]
519977075Blasphemous: >makes DLC >gives it to all players for FREE instead of charging you I'm th…[View]
519977459Ummm...bros? https://youtu.be/-fhGV1LxeKQ[View]
519977216You can speed hack in Fall Guys with just Cheat Engine. Literally just download Cheat Engine for fre…[View]
519973859Classic WOW: >yfw your server still hasn't opened the gates >your server isn't even …[View]
519975742Zoomer here. I played thru this game for the first time recently and really enjoyed it. Was this gam…[View]
519977679>tfw you make an invader disconnect[View]
519970563Are there any games that are actually worth playing on mobile/Ipad yet? I saw Disgaea 1 came out tha…[View]
519967935RTS: Here's a topic about definitive discussion on what's available in the genre. •'SP' ha…[View]
519977593Why is this game so addicting? It's literally a fetch quest simulator, yet I can't stop de…[View]
519976145i think halo is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aliens and doesnt afraid of anything[View]
519970724ITT: Predict the final character[View]
519975108ITT: Vidya puzzles where you went full brainlet[View]
519977309I will ask you once again /v/, do you surrender?[View]
519947363why is it impossible to ever discuss this game anywhere? even /vg/ and /vp/ don't have threads[View]
519973997Now that the dust has settled: >my body is ready What exactly did he mean by this?…[View]
519976508>gg ez[View]
519977162I've been meeting a lot of players in ESO recently who say they came here after quitting WOW be…[View]
519971074What kind of panties does Sakura wear? Her skirt is too long to see underneath it. Also Sakura Wars …[View]
519976825The most K I N O scene[View]
519972157Spoilers So if Lord Ashina didn't want Genichiro to be bullying Kuro and fucking around with im…[View]
519965935How do you sort your physical games? Do you keep all of one series next to each other despite them b…[View]
519976832>NPC bugs out and you cant progress the main quest what games suffer from this?…[View]
519976771TIRA RIDING VOLDO: https://youtu.be/WRaCHBas6HU[View]
519972941>he’s gonna be called racist again How do we help him, bros?[View]
519971826Do you still enjoy playing games as much as you did as a child?[View]
519974483Reply to this post right now or this bread bug will be in your room tonight[View]
519974758This is how I play games. In this position. Notice my tats?[View]
519966523You're going to play her game anon.[View]
519975184Sony have TONS of PS5 first and third party games to announce, doubling down on Exclusive content: …[View]
519975048This the most disorienting game I've ever played. I fucking love it.[View]
519968997Ok: But, When?[View]
519975921WTF is going on at Warner Bros: >Allegedly comes out in two months >No new trailer since Dece…[View]
519972174Is it the Fortnite killer?[View]
519976190>20 years old today make it stop![View]
519974480Quick question because I upgraded my PC today and windows decided it's no longer activated. Wha…[View]
519974882ITT we fix a game by deleting one single character[View]
519976240Tacticool Games: What are some games where you can be tacticool as shit? I feel like there's no…[View]
519948843>Multiple threads about sholveware shit like TLOU 2 or Yandere Simulator >Absolutely no love f…[View]
519973579rated EC games: I'm an adult living with my mother. Problem is she will not let me obtain any g…[View]
519970871What gacha games are you playing?[View]
519974204Pikmin 3 Deluxe: >1080p resolution >All DLC is included >New prologue and epilogue story mo…[View]
519972053Metal Gear Rising Revengance: Being tracked by a starving nig Looking for its daily gibs A nigger on…[View]
519968120Why the fuck did the Phantom Thieves forgive Akechi for doing some of the most awful things imaginab…[View]
519976027Setsuka's release... have you tried out Setsuka yet, anons? What do you think? I find her execu…[View]
519964020This came out last summer and it was 5GB/s fast, I don't get why people do not post this every …[View]
519973529>Hi, I don't how how pacing or dialogue works in narrative, so I will do a ton of info-dumpi…[View]
519975521>its actually a stealth game[View]
519973061Can we get an actual Pikmin thread going?[View]
519974103Elden Ring official video thumbnail LEAKED (found in low res): > Found by an anonymous dataminer.…[View]
519969558Let's see those Spartans, /v/.[View]
519975201I'm about to do my second playthrough of Bloodborne. Is the DLC worth buying at full price?[View]
519964302Friendly reminder that the cliffhanger will never be concluded.[View]
519971350>A year of god tier samurai games Bros I am still waiting for localization of this shit…[View]
519968404Anyone played this game? I remember you couldn't save and it was hard as balls for child me, li…[View]
519952080Halo Infinite Story: ITT we come up with a better story for Infinite than the homosexual story arc o…[View]
519929484Are the team game rounds in Fall Guys designed to show how absolutely fucking retarded the general p…[View]
519975263Is this a MASSIVE flop in terms of sales?[View]
519949928Have you mastered Saikyo Style yet?[View]
519973752What's a game like TW3 but with gameplay that's actually fun?[View]
519971954Of all the game companies to be restructured or bought out. Blizzard is the one that fills me with g…[View]
519962413So as if turns out, people just want to play fun games and not have bullshit political ideology shov…[View]
519973241Shit: >mfw barely manage 30fps in heavily modded morrowind[View]
519971628undisputed masterpiece[View]
519972479Soul restored[View]
519966910Here's your fifth new character[View]
519973697I fully do not understand why this part is in the fucking game. It's fantastic besides, but rel…[View]
519970289>me be >go to local game shop >browsing some retro ps2 goodies >one guy spewing edgy shi…[View]
519968037Should they have gone all the way with the Jacob's Ladder references and made the throwaway lin…[View]
519974519>want to buy Total War Warhammer 2 on steam >been almost 4 years since launch >still 86 $ f…[View]
519963474Is there more to this game than butts?[View]
519974246>Oh Fucking hoe with a tatoo go go go! What did he mean by this?[View]
519970063FF7R sales: This honestly doesn't look too bad. Steadily approaching 4.3M. GoT couldn't be…[View]
519973652Harvest moon remake of fomt: This is absolutely soulless. Festivals are dumb down. Art is awful. …[View]
519972401>the 5 best 2D platformers of the last decade were all made by Westerners Why are Japanese develo…[View]
519974014This game is awesome. I haven't had this much fun with any game in a long time.[View]
519971738This cover always made me horny.[View]
519949226How mad is everyone going to be when Paper Chadrio gets into Smash along with the Geno Mii costume.[View]
519973542Can someone explain to me the thought process of being excited about ports?[View]
519967403PS4 menu is so fucking slow and constantly crashes[View]
519970091um... fellas?? https://crackwatch.com/game/half-life-3[View]
519927436I miss creepypasta bros It had so much soul[View]
519973614>November 11, 2011 >boot up Skyrim for the first time >get hyped as shit at the menu and th…[View]
519966673What is the appeal of this character?[View]
519971450What sucked exactly about this game? Just curious since I liked 1 and 2 but never 3. I heard awful t…[View]
519891901What would you like to see for Final Fantasy XVI?[View]
519970973MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
519968185I still miss it every day bro's. Everytime I download it and log in it just looks how I feel in…[View]
519972045Are the rumors true?[View]
519919323overwatch summer skins: I don't think this game is making it alive to the sequel[View]
519972376>bloodborne is really overrated in terms of difficulty >i only had to summon for some of the b…[View]
519971156Is she the bestest girl in the history of visual novels?[View]
519971952/v/, Radio Graffiti.[View]
519945080https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSSQ0Z6eDhU NINTENDO WON[View]
519972458How is skyrim still 30 bucks?[View]
519970324Why was it SO BAD !?[View]
519970582Starting my first playthrough of trials of mana but I've spent 30 minutes trying to pick my tea…[View]
519971656This is the man responsible for The Legend of Zelda, say something nice about him[View]
519972440GDC: don't tell me people are actually paying hundreds of dollars to stare at livestreams about…[View]
519965369The Hat-man culture in the mushroom kingdom: I find this weird, it's a bit of an observation I …[View]
519921538This is your new Assassin's Creed bros...[View]
519972393I have to be honest, I'm pretty confused. Everyone says NV stands alone by having the best writ…[View]
519972375Fake tough guys in video games: Post fake tough guys that you could /HEEM/ and embarrass[View]
519968796Atelier Ryza 2: Some returning characters and a new girl.[View]
519969119>New game in your favorite series comes out >It's in the location and setting you wanted …[View]
519969320Why aren't handheld PCs more popular bros?: On that note, should I pick up a Win Max?[View]
519971475is there any 2d fighting game made in unity with rollback netcode?[View]
519957789>Strong >Nationalists >Don’t rely on other races Is there a more based WoW race?…[View]
519971312This game is due out this month, still has no official release date other than August and basic bare…[View]
519971690Will it reach a million views bros?[View]
519965872How’s that game you’ve been workin on coming along?[View]
519963696Should i take Quake 2 off my cart? I heard from some of you guys that it was pretty shit compared to…[View]
519971883/v/, this is DANGEN.[View]
519968214Hopes? Dreams?[View]
519971578Care to explain why haven't you beaten Koishi yet?[View]
519971859This game would be great if it had better graphics[View]
519971920what genre of music is in hylics? and where do you find more https://youtu.be/0_Q1ccD0ZAE https://ww…[View]
519951672Here's /v/s official samurai kino ranking.[View]
519911783what was her mental illness?[View]
519971880Buyfag Thread: Keep it vidya[View]
519971315Which game has the best winter-themed areas?[View]
519926434What is up with all the rainbow colored light in and around pc/keyboards etc. these days, /v/? Don…[View]
519934409So here we are.[View]
519967724Rank em /v/[View]
519966684fnaf security breach leak from sony state of play stream[View]
519971624What are some good collaborations in video games? Capcom made a better Behemoth fight than Square En…[View]
519967878Predict the metascore: 67[View]
519970665How do we save the horror genre?: The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?[View]
519970941Your thoughts on Steam Tactics?[View]
519969916When was the last time you were actually excited for an upcoming game? I bought into the Cyberpunk h…[View]
519967303hum..hello /v/..is this the definition of 'soul'?[View]
519971369Last mc/char/unit you interacted with is coming for sexual intercourse with you. How is your situati…[View]
519953367That actually seems somewhat demanding.[View]
519970365Final Fantasy 8 had the hottest Shiva[View]
519967694You drop in an arena with thousands shouting. One man standing on the other side Choose >Sword …[View]
519968314post video game screenshots any game[View]
519967938There only like 3 and a half gamera games[View]
519965384Will this ever get an update? I don't want this game to die guys...[View]
519964725Post your favourite stage/world/mission names. Pic related.[View]
519970730No lila No buy[View]
519970031What the fuck was his problem?[View]
519970695Fact: Every game series would be improved with a Wario crossover.[View]
519957868>you become the last female character you've played What do you do?…[View]
519965242So, what's the general consensus? I'm glad this game exists, it is Paper Mario 4 for me. A…[View]
519971924It's time for an e-celeb board.[View]
519957542His reviews sucked, but they were so entertaining to watch. Wtf happened?[View]
519967273They were never good[View]
519968162>Boy Scouts...? In my forest? Again???? I don’t fooking think so[View]
519969531>vidya Review >'oh man the controls *deep breath* *covers his eyes* *shakes his head*' I can…[View]
519967310LOWER PRICED PIKMIN 3 REMOVED FROM THE WII U SHOP: Based Nintendo, am I right?[View]
519969827I fucking hate this boss.[View]
519969695Like the Wii U, I guess this thing has no games and is useless since all of the quality exclusives f…[View]
519967389Fuck you I like it.[View]
519968483I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 282[View]
519894804Soulcalibur VI: How are you enjoying Setsuka's game? Have you tried her out yet? Her new story …[View]
519969176Literally the best protagonist in years, finally a compelling character that does what is right and …[View]
519969745Hello darkness my old friend[View]
519968773How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
519969598>tfw get bored halfway through of every game I play I dont think I've ever completed a game …[View]
519953552How do you justify console exclusivity?[View]
519964425gaymen laptops: >thread about gaming laptops the other day >anon recommended pic related >c…[View]
519969458halo 3 mcc fags report in: “pick up that can.” “and put it. in the trash can” *hehhehehhh*[View]
519968604Are there any good alien abduction video games?[View]
519966302>pikmin 3 finally gets ported to the switch well that's that /v/. the wii u now officially h…[View]
519960872Nier:Automata: Why does this game have passionate haters even if its Game of The Year, has an amazin…[View]
519965017The most fuckable AC characters[View]
519968652>I'm not a fan of that game >Why? >The fanbase is insufferable…[View]
519969316Would you pay extra for physical releases on PC?: I feel like I'm in the minority but I would p…[View]
519969134>Makes a surprise game announcement >It's another port Honestly, how have Nintendo fans n…[View]
519921321>possibly the best written video game ever >full of Commie horseshit What a double edged sword…[View]
519930739Destroy one = kill 40 people[View]
519964958Which games let you recruit and romance enemies?[View]
519962865Pikmin 3 Deluxe Definitive Funky Mode Edition: Why is it okay when nintendo does it?[View]
519962814Which do you prefer, Viewtiful Joe or Wonderful 101?[View]
519968979ITT: Tropes you like >game's opening cutscene is either showing a character near their demis…[View]
519921721Name ONE good game made in RPG Maker[View]
519884086/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>519793148 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
519967130OHHHHHHHHHHHH: 22 days[View]
519968164What's the best weapon and why is it the rifle?[View]
519959828What are some good games about non-linear exploration and having to actually use your brain to solve…[View]
519967567Old Snake: Old Snake[View]
519967682>The entire time Are we looking forward to /ourjack/'s new game?[View]
519963174>bro, put on the mic[View]
519936307>Villain is evil because.. he's evil[View]
519964325Death Stranding + Fentanyl Floyd = Theory: >'In the world of Death Stranding, dying leaves a last…[View]
519965492>Download a mod >It adds a bunch of anime/pony/furry pictures to the game…[View]
519901706Post your set up[View]
519967104I thought enemies were spawning out of nowhere, never noticed there was a hole in the ceiling. resid…[View]
519960520Are we expecting a 60 fps version on the PS5?[View]
519933997don't mind me, im just posting the CUTEST in the history of videogames[View]
519968173I keep getting away with it: ATTENTION Bisecondly reminder to always dab on tranny jannies THANK YOU…[View]
519963208Is Splatoon fun?[View]
519968036>Turns your solid 8/10 game into a fucking masterpiece How did Capcom got away with such great de…[View]
519968009Neon Abyss: So for those of you who've played it, what are your opinions on this little game?…[View]
519949298Intellivision Amico is showcasing some video games in 5 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tzx…[View]
519965553ITT: Bad Vidya Opinions: >It's bad because it's popular.…[View]
519967863Dennis is op carry[View]
519964952Gimmie your best Travis Touchdown pics. Also, No More Heroes thread.[View]
519965660So is Cloud a simp?[View]
519966592Kino clear stage, game over etc. screens[View]
519967757Io is the best companion/girl in a Souls-like, including the original Souls games. If you disagree, …[View]
519928496Nice game you got here, boomers.[View]
519959880What a whore.[View]
519959107Why do VNs always feature such characters?[View]
519967490KNACK COMING TO PS5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c-foo5joEg[View]
519965979Finna play some MGS[View]
519967370If Nintendo always had its current rules regarding its characters: >Wario and Daisy would never…[View]
519960072boomer thread: prove you're the king of boomers by posting the list of online vidya you still p…[View]
519965764Who will you main in overwatch 2?[View]
519964136Samuel Hayden[View]
519965970I want a Switch really bad so I can play Mario, should I just wait for the Pro? Switches are gouged …[View]
519966943me: I want Pikmin 4 mom: we have Pikmin 4 at home Pikmin 4 at home:[View]
519954815Remove random bullet spread[View]
519966151/v/ is always complaining about ugly women in western games like it's some new SJW thing, but I…[View]
519940507games you love but don't recommend: what's her name, /v/?[View]
519966771Pikmen 4 any day now guys[View]
519938068>Half Life 3 >Be memed about for years >'HALF NIFE 3 NEVER EVER!!!' >'WE WANT HALF LIFE …[View]
519959601>English Dub only Fucking why?[View]
519946616Do people actually like this game?: What the fuck, I thought it was a meme to say you liked Ds2. I a…[View]
519962294Will Wild Life become the ulimate patreon game on par with AAA Games?: The body musculature of Maya …[View]
519966548Turning my ps3 into a fg machine: So far I have: >P4AU >VF5 >USF4 >HFTF HD >Darkstalk…[View]
519964013aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAANNY DAY NOW ![View]
519965959>haven.... >home... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrp1hEtU0ys…[View]
519943709I am a recently ascended Salt and Sanctuary lore sage. I know more about Salt and Sanctuary lore tha…[View]
519965987it fucking sucks [View]
519964440Is Princess Peach autistic?[View]
519963001Games with this feel?[View]
519938070FUCKFUCKFUCK YES YES YES: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1363840/Saviors_of_Sapphire_Wings__Stra…[View]
519962313Give me a GOOD fucking stealth game thats not just cheesing retarded guards doing the same robotic p…[View]
519958595ITT kino boss fights[View]
519962637Some things I want to get straight with mgsv, since this is my first playthrough and as much as I th…[View]
519958268Who here has been playing the Zelda: Master of Time romhack and how do you feel about it? https://hy…[View]
519965785>Suteki da Ne[View]
519932386>NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I HAVE A PC AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO PLAY MEIOU and Taxes - Europa Universal…[View]
519953308ITT: 'Ugly' vidya characters who you still really like[View]
519958872>Hearts of Iron 4 allows you to make a total overhaul mod: new map, events, countries, everything…[View]
519956226Tf2 bread: FUCK this class, why doesn't Valve remove it along with random crits? Also regarding…[View]
519962796Why do they refuse to fix the shitty compressed audio? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfOQMaydcqM…[View]
519952053There are anons on this board who have not read katawa shoujo[View]
519961045I have played Sekiro and Tsushima but never touched the nioh franchise Am I missing out on something…[View]
519961440>Have to use an old PC cause new PC needs fixing Overwatch runs better than TF2 even with a low …[View]
519964732I shall partake.[View]
519959441SONY just have everyone a 7 day free trial of PSnow. Say something nice about SONY.[View]
519962446FNaF: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519859030Risk of Rain: I just picked up Risky 1 and I'm trying to unlock all the characters. Anyone have…[View]
519964694Whats the best bang for buck headset I can get for ps4, ps5 and PC?[View]
519964687How was my time?[View]
519963508>here's your modern military battle royale shooter bro: What the fuck are IW thinking?…[View]
519964552Pikmin worth it for boomers?: Ok /vros/ I'm a 30 year old switchfag I was a pcfag back when pik…[View]
519962920Prepare for winter 2020 by playing The Division: I go back to The Division not out of enjoyment but …[View]
519964306Jive update: Did you rike it?[View]
519964510>Mohammed[GER] has joined the server[View]
519964097Digital ''Purchases'': What's gonna happen to to your digital games in 50 years when the servic…[View]
519953910Why did they waste the best soundtrack on the worst entry on the series?[View]
519827264It's Ayane's birthday, say something nice about her. doa thread[View]
519963618Fall Guys thread: Rate my Fall Guy/say something nice about him, he doesn't have a lot of nice …[View]
519963404itt: fun games nobody has heard of[View]
519963606world of warcraft megabloks. this is why wow is fake.[View]
519963967>game too hard to understand[View]
519954825Miiverse thread.[View]
51996379722 days until Elden Ring gameplay[View]
519944748Videogames should absolutely be $70 moving forward and you can't argue otherwise. We've be…[View]
519901135>it took only 36 minutes after aq40 opened for guilds to clear it[View]
519958353Halo 2 thread: You have completed it on legendary right anon[View]
519963224Is it true? Are chads losers in the gayming world?[View]
519963327What are your hopes and expectations for the next 3D Mario game?[View]
519957241Atmosphere = Ghost of Tsushima Combat = Nioh 2 Boss Fights = Sekiro[View]
519963242SCREENSHOT THREAD: You know what is up, post screenshot and talk about games. Preferable something y…[View]
519953832Why do videogames do this?[View]
519959886would you date Lucina without her permission?[View]
519963013Wasting your time playing video games as a child or teenager is one of the worst things you can do. …[View]
519962991Post super Mario land leaked videos: Where is it?[View]
519961784Literally why would anyone want to played as a deadegger Karen?[View]
519962968Sony PS5 Spiderman Exclusive.: >Sony paid for that so should Microsoft!!! Lol!…[View]
519951738Fuck the Wii U: Switch now has: >Pikmin 3 >Bayonetta 2 >Super Smash Bros >Tokyo Mirage …[View]
519957871>'Eat your Butterfingers anon, I want you nice and plump!'[View]
519962746PIKMIN 4: You dumb fucks need to realise that the ONLY person who ''''reported'''' Miyamoto mentioni…[View]
519949443>all these switch ports are just making me realize that the Wii U had a shitload of games wtf was…[View]
519962618>>519947085 >'The Bible says there's an afterlife!' There is…[View]
519958383Name a better designed character. You can't. Raidou's design is literally perfect.[View]
519959331CRPGs: I am finishing up my run of Divinity Original Sin 2. I have enjoyed the game immensely and fo…[View]
519962298How do we fix the Fate franchise?[View]
519960112Super Mario RPG 2 with the same amount of love and care the first had or the best Paper Mario title …[View]
519959768is, in all honesty, the gayest console?[View]
519962370They're going to fuck it up, aren't they? It's going to be too expensive and any form…[View]
519956712which one is it?[View]
519962272Fate Extra >>> Fate/Stay Night + Hollow Ataraxia > Fate Zero > Fate Grand Order > …[View]
519922641What are some good Dragon Ball games?[View]
519955195Is my i5 6600k holding back my performance in games? Should I upgrade to a Ryzen 8 core?[View]
519962210Is your Exusiai all grinded out yet?[View]
519961402Why did Microsoft get rid of it?: I miss Xbox Live Arcade. Why did Microsoft get rid of their catego…[View]
519962203Is Apex the only battle royale worth playing?[View]
519961910>Greetings human being, How have you been? >Why yes, i do happen to be - as your kind call us-…[View]
519959293Daily reminder video games are not a serious art: The main reason being the very existence of exclus…[View]
519961439*makes /vr/ seethe[View]
519958582>buy party member the best available equipment >they're temporary…[View]
519959513If I wanted to start silent hill. what game order should I go? I dont mind playing the less popular …[View]
519961592Has anyone unlocked the hidden sexes in Dark Souls? I played this game a lot of times and still only…[View]
519960465Yeah, let's just make it so the killer is the one getting bullied and give survivors 200 chance…[View]
519961932I thought I was good at racing, but after trying the last two stages of Ridge Racer for 5 hours I gu…[View]
519958579Unlikely things you would hear in a irl /v/ meeting[View]
519956980Is it worth finding all the Dijnni to fight this faggot?[View]
519959512Do you think it's OK for game devs to be condescending towards their players?[View]
519907314Saw summit streaming it. Is it worth picking up?[View]
519957612This is a movie game because the super moves interrupt gameplay for far too long.[View]
519961234So /v/ how bad this game is gona be?[View]
519961670>it's a me Mario. Let's a go.[View]
519960642FUCK YES[View]
519961609Has there ever been any mention what a Warcraft 4 might have been about, if the WoW MMO never happen…[View]
519960815What did you grab?[View]
519957487There is no Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has scrapped the concept in favor of out of nowhere announceme…[View]
519944286Morrowind: Long story short, I'm a dirty newfag zoomer who wants to play Morrowind. Haven'…[View]
519943632Party members who should have been the MC: I'll start.[View]
519958870Boys, they did it. Amico won E3.[View]
519956331LEGO SUPER MARIO: Thoughts on the new lego super mario sets? For more discussion come and invade leg…[View]
519961245miguel: miguel[View]
519960898>He hasnt found Bigfoot Filtered lmao[View]
519961206>Yeh doing alright there Mary-Beth?[View]
519957602How will Pagans ever recover from Assassin's Creed doing this?[View]
519950265This explains sony fans more than any other image I have seen[View]
519958509Quakecon Sale: What was the /v/erdict?[View]
519960880LMAO holy shit imagine the incompetence. 500 ppl, 5 years....[View]
519955103>does not cry >does not bitch and moan >does not go into long monologues about random shit …[View]
519958423Why is it called Monster Hunter World if you're on an island?[View]
519960717Your Most Relevant Inquiries; Social: Examples.. >The best methods of feeling happy (such as unto…[View]
519851414>spawn >walk out spawn door >die less than a second after spawning because of headshot >…[View]
519960468Can 'horror' games with combat actually be scary? A pro gamer like me's just going to kill all …[View]
519960648Can you name a more competitive e-sport ready game?[View]
519960560post vidya cringe[View]
519954897How do you reply to this without sounding mad?[View]
519955685>he doesn't listen to video game soundtracks What's wrong with you?…[View]
519953595>Japanese devs writes NTR >The dude just crying and accept it like a wimp >Western devs wri…[View]
519958668real time or turn-based?[View]
519896807This is unironically game of the year.[View]
519953306Is there really no half-life creepypastas?[View]
519958229worth grabbing or >early access?[View]
519953818>implying 2021 won't be peak Switch[View]
519954586What's his problem?[View]
519956340FNaF: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519960115I need Queen's Blade Warriors .: The most fan service musou game.[View]
519930292^ユニyay cake pastels and yays (cakefairy-biscuits(lit: nyanful elementals(dreamy)))^(for everynyan) f…[View]
519956843OG RE2 thread NO REMAKES ALLOWED thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJbXa0S3iHc[View]
519929283Sony Wants PS5 to Be the Best Place to Play: Targeting Hardcore Players: >Around a year ago, Sony…[View]
519951934Piratebros...we lost...[View]
519959220*ruins the aesthetic of every FPS for years to come* Heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
519956286You buy microtransactions, don't you? You ruined gaming. I hope you feel ashamed.[View]
519959432Animals have no God[View]
519958658I know how you guys like prototype stuff so here are some prototpe gba logos. I have other prototype…[View]
519957594I just fapped. Now I can focus on more important things than gfs.[View]
519943474SUFFER ME NOW[View]
519957605Is it time for Mario to step down and leave things for the next generation?[View]
519954130Games that do the groundhog day mechanic?[View]
519959119>Space Police suddenly starts chasing you >you get pulled over >it's Officer Pine + Se…[View]
519957224>have no i frame since the beginning of the game >enemy aggressive AF >touch them even wh…[View]
519959038>leave fighting games to me Capcom won, bros[View]
519958913How do you stay up all night to play videogames? Do you use some supplement or specific kinds of sod…[View]
519957157Hoe can you call yourself a gamer if you dont play San Andreas once a week?[View]
519958280Anti-Wizards thread: So /v/, tell me your favorite games where you can kill, murder, execute, elimin…[View]
519936968Why the fuck did I listen to you, this game is fantastic[View]
519955221I wanna fuck his ass[View]
519958721have you ever played a game that was built around your obscure fetish?[View]
519949258What is the most morbid thing you witnessed in vidya ?[View]
519958689>you would appear >reach out to me >heal every wound >and make me whole Tifa thread…[View]
519932180This game coming out and being great along with the switch becoming a successfully system completely…[View]
519958593One is an ugly, mannish brutish Japanese dumbass with a scarf The other is Kage[View]
519904183What's /v/'s mouse? What do you like about it?[View]
519956715>the spin-off in a completely new genre is better than the main games[View]
519958516Demins SOuls Emulation: How do I get this to work with RPCS3? I can play a bit of the tutorial but t…[View]
519955225do you know the stigma abojt iphones & androids how its >iphones for popular normal kids >…[View]
519956649What am I in for?[View]
519954418Oh shit I'm sorry[View]
519958319b-b-but is it any good ?[View]
519958275Wassap /virgins/! Its time for you to find Bigfoot! Start playing San Andreas again and maybe you wi…[View]
519954867Gaming PC: I just upgraded my CPU from an i3 3150 to an i5 9600k and now my fitgirl installs finish …[View]
519953548this is such a mirror of this generation of gaming. Back then you would get skins for your own pleas…[View]
519958101Zelda timeline and lore: >Nintendo half-asses the Zelda timeline, and never bothered to care abou…[View]
519953030>dinosaur level >final boss is a T-rex or pterodactyl…[View]
519955405Tribes Ascend: come play tribes ascend I'm waiting on eu server for you fags[View]
519954475This is a Nioh 2, Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima Chad Thread Best time for Samurai Action[View]
519953765any wow private servers recommendations.[View]
519957781What's the best non-Mario Party party game? Sonic Shuffle?[View]
519941580lol share your funny video game comics[View]
51994532740 minutes until sfv conference - come watch: https://youtu.be/mnTC53qcmpk https://youtu.be/mnTC53qc…[View]
519955220Is bilinear texture filtering soulless?[View]
519954608ITT: games that filtered /v/[View]
519886714Hows that game going /v/? You ARE developing right now, right?[View]
519952180Illusion World 'The World' Stage 5 — Hard/Lunatic The clock freezes with the curtain of random dagge…[View]
519955576Mega Sucks: what is a good alternative to mega? just sick of the constant bullshit of having to make…[View]
519956701GO GREEN SPOOK[View]
519954676ITT: Games only you have played[View]
519955425>we will never get a proper good RPG in LOTR setting The old console games were good but god anyt…[View]
519950382PC Master Ra-[View]
519954353Ennemies that trigger PTSD[View]
519953091She's in[View]
519951859>ice boss >ICE to meet you![View]
519949814ITT: poorly designed bosses[View]
519947291what are the signs that a game is made in america?[View]
519955002Post best girl from her respective game you fucks.[View]
519956383A new Nier:Automata series coming to HBO: Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I have been …[View]
519954816>2020 >Dieselpunk is completely ignored as genre by both ovies and videogames despite being th…[View]
519953819I'm bored. Recommend me a fun game right now.[View]
519933879This is a bad game.[View]
519954425Why do the devs that laughed off cries of soccer moms in the 90’s cave to the Twitter mobs, nowadays…[View]
519956440these games were better with the 2d plane camera[View]
519955841Does anyone have the webm of Abby getting dicked by Owen? Asking for a friend.[View]
519920654well, what game, /v/?[View]
519951301bros... it's over: we fucking lost[View]
519952134It’s a bunch of bullshit, what is this shit? 236? What the fuck is that? I don’t play fighting games…[View]
519951483Comfy games: What are some peak comfy games? Forza Horizon comes to mind, can always drive around an…[View]
519955914Based Capcom[View]
519955883any cemulator fags here? I want to run BotW on my R5 2600 + RX580 build. There are many workarounds …[View]
519952857What is the most boring game you've ever played in your life?[View]
519952614I fucking hate every game made in america. It's all ugly characters, horrible dialogue, story a…[View]
519955724Damn is Nioh 2 really this good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8kYQ51TqCI[View]
519955720What's the best Anno game anons? Haven't played any of them yet.[View]
519955641>watching Off The Hook at the plaza >intense bantering between Pearl and Marina >slouch dow…[View]
519954712Bring back Bruce Irvin, I don’t like the fucking Hanayama we got instead.[View]
519950664What is /v/'s thoughts on Joe Rogan's gamer take?[View]
519951115Never got into flight sims but I’m obsessed with this game: This might be one of the best games ever…[View]
519939076Age of Empires II thread I guess: Is this THE best RTS for brain gains? Having to be in so many pla…[View]
519955357Is this accurate?[View]
519929892Just bought this action game Monster Hunter: What am I in for?[View]
519951543Here is your season V bro.[View]
519954847Joel Miller thread Could Joel and Alex from Lisa: The Pointless survive Abby's ambush from TLoU…[View]
519937274Now this is peak soul![View]
519954527Short games: Recomend some good games that can be finished in around 5 hours. Obvious examples: >…[View]
519949235It’s Rare’s 35th anniversary: Say something nice[View]
519954403Are you still playing, anon?[View]
519954571>Rose coming to SFV in Spring 2021 >Guilty Gear Strive coming out Spring 2021 >I can just g…[View]
519869124Metroid Discussion Thread: Let's celebrate Samus and her wonderful game series![View]
519954449>The fact that so many reviews still name KH2FM as 'the greatest or most significant or most infl…[View]
519954428Sega ,,, someone: Does anyone know anything new about the SEGA/ there has to be something more than …[View]
519948223>SOTN and metroidvanias live in /vr/ head rent free The absolute state. >>>/vr/6681481…[View]
519954318MYSTERY NIGGA[View]
519953078Why are Xbones so angry about not getting Spiderman for Avengers. Sony are just using their Spiderma…[View]
519944247Why do we love PlayStation so much?[View]
519954127Why are these games so fucking blurry? What the fuck happened to Remedy, Max Payne 2 had such great…[View]
519938518What game are you currently working on anon? Post them trophy/cheevo lists. You DO complete the game…[View]
519953971Why don’t based Sony support the Vita? Why did they leave it to get slaughtered by the 3DS? Doesn’t …[View]
519954041>that online multiplayer game from the late 90s, early 2000s you used to love What's the nam…[View]
519953598Would have been an amazing game if it was dinosaur planet instead of trying to shoehorn starfox into…[View]
519940965Do you like the new patch anon?[View]
519940908Why was this game so soulful?I cant think of ONE game that can beat this game in soul that came out …[View]
519953158Zelda thread: any news regarding the porting of wind waker HD? before emulating it on dolphin and si…[View]
519953940a toast to gamers[View]
519953732What compels people to make the same threads everyday?[View]
519953040Can someone please explain what the fuck happened? I never knew a fap novel's story could be so…[View]
519952921So I have a stressful jobs that is often dangerous. To have fun and to blow off steam I like to put …[View]
519953116ITT: Games that will never reach their full potential: pic related >still no solo mode >still …[View]
519953589>Zelda 2 >There's actually a second Zelda…[View]
519953538add me on psn x_txnk_x[View]
519910217PSO2 Steam release: So, will it have Windows 7 support now?[View]
519935205Was Sonic ever Mario’s Rival?: Outside the first few years, did he ever really compete? Mario has be…[View]
519952715>Paying for characters in a fighting game Why is this allowed?[View]
519950023Are old Halo games all Xbots talk about?[View]
519945932What’s next for Nintendo after these 3 games release? (If they ever)[View]
519949691I reached the Hammerites' Temple (the mission where I pretend to be a Hammerite) and what the u…[View]
519952514Opinions on DualShockers? https://twitter.com/DualShockers/status/1291056769725235201?s=20[View]
519910284>we'll never see such an intricately designed survival horror game again because people got …[View]
5199524518th Generation: What went so right?[View]
519950215It just keeps tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down: I just keep Letting me down Letting me down…[View]
519909687What improvements/additions do you think they should make in the inevitable Bloodstained 2?[View]
519951013Hi guys. I was wondering if there is a reputable database to torrent from, of the Xbox 360 gold game…[View]
519952886Favorite hybrid monster: What's your favorite hybrid monster /v/?[View]
519942916/OFFICIAL RESIDENT EVIL THREAD/: Which titles in this series do you consider to be absolute must-pla…[View]
519926595>play the souls series after years of relentless recommendations and unanimous praise >play bl…[View]
519942390what a boring fucking quest. Possibly the worst main one in this game. what a chore. Who the fuck ca…[View]
519947050Who /battlebrothers/ here?[View]
519952760comfy vidya screenshot thread06/20/16[View]
519951078LEGO SUPER MARIO: Thoughts on the new lego super mario sets? For more discussion come and invade leg…[View]
519939839What makes the PlayStation brand so popular?[View]
519950665Nintendo won bros Can we ever stop losing, NinCHADS?[View]
519942603WTF? /v/ you told me that this game was worse than both asylum and city, but it was pretty much an i…[View]
519947770>Launch pirated game >Fans start spinning at 100%…[View]
519951491It's just Ass Creed with a chink skin[View]
519952450>New character reveal >'Girl from a rival school' >'Friends with Sakura' >'Ok! Let'…[View]
519948615Whats some good stealth games that aren't over a decade old?[View]
519951168>Want to play zombies >Don't have money to buy game >Try to pirate 3 times, each time …[View]
519945558Tired of the current state of western games? Want to go back when games were FUN and SOUL? This and …[View]
519943569Did her game end up as good as everyone was hoping for?[View]
519951912this is xcloud[View]
519952069Did NIS finally lift themselves far enough out of bankruptcy to announce Disgaea 6?[View]
519946963Any games that let you do this?[View]
519945829>Ghost of Tsushima was great >Halo Infinite looks awesome >Hyped for Pikmin 3 deluxe I just…[View]
519950535Destiny 2 is now officially a Lo-fi beat forge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vID65botVJc[View]
519951235Reminder that Pikachu was redesigned with huge boobs at one point[View]
519951836Have they said how many copies it sold, or just the number of PS Gold downloads?[View]
519951173What do you guys think about this dude?[View]
519950942so... people actually ''play'' this ''game''. It's a powerpoint.[View]
519945702There is literally nothing wrong with the Sonic Adventure games[View]
519951684>if I payed hundreds of dollars on 1 game that will teach the haters lol XD Why nindie pedophiles…[View]
519949819wait, did the cleveland steam box ever come out?[View]
519951330The Last of Us Part II - ReCut: this guy is re-cutting the last of us 2's story to make it bett…[View]
519941247He's making me want to quit the game. I don't remember his slime being this bullshit in mh…[View]
519950307This plays more like Battlefield than it does Call of Duty. Why did Battlefield fail where CoD succe…[View]
519940757Pikmin 3 deluxe: Why is no one talking about this? we finally got confirmation from nintendo themsel…[View]
519950560>game has no controller support[View]
519951498Kingsthrone: Wth is this game about? Lately I've been getting these ridiculous ads where some p…[View]
519947652I can't believe Tenshi is dead, bros. Why did this have to happen? Every day I look out my wind…[View]
519951117What are /v/ approved outfits ?[View]
519946000what the fuck have they done to my gunfu?[View]
519934697>watching western AAA game presentations >they're trying to appeal to normies around the …[View]
519906024AHEM Everyone please gather around. I have an announcement to make.[View]
519946475Nintendo: >pikmin 3 is already available for preload, meaning it's complete >they are cho…[View]
519951027HOTAS Sticks: I have pic related an am looking to upgrade to something better. Any recommendations? …[View]
519939701>indie game >it's actually not bad but remarkably mediocre and overrated what's her …[View]
519930062What's the consensus on this game?[View]
519949997Have you ever been made fun of while playing a video game /v/?[View]
519933005Pikmin 3 Deluxe: FINALLY[View]
519948950Ikaruga Physical: Ikaruga will be getting a nice physical release September 24th in Japan and someti…[View]
519948010Reminder that Uncle uses honour to mask his incompetence in war. The only experience he has is an o…[View]
519949358Anyone else interested in spectating games? Here's my list: >Spectating Trouble in Terrorist…[View]
519940707Why the fuck are all visual novels 50+ hours long? Who the fuck has time for this bullshit?[View]
519945563why is everyone so sweaty? why cant you leave social games without getting banned? 2 ranked modes? w…[View]
519946469>4 games installed why are games so fucking huge in file size? It's beyond a joke now. Sekir…[View]
519945936>Sony: Here, let's have a 1 hour 15 minutes of next gen games for June and another show of o…[View]
519948240Want some pics funny pics[View]
519949775Here's your A Link to the Past overworld map senpai[View]
519948262Budget PC gaming: How are Logitech brand gaming controllers? Do they last long?[View]
5199338103x3: 8th gen only crossgens allowed but not remasters[View]
519949965When so there's literally no reason to touch a Wii U ever again[View]
519916064Tell me, Gene. If God Hand is so good, why are there no God Hand sequels or PC ports?[View]
519948784For those who lived long enough to see both,: Which were more cancerous for vidya, the right-wing so…[View]
519949751remember when pokémon died lmfao[View]
519945631BotW2 is going to focus more on the relationship between Link and Zelda. In BotW1 Zelda unlocked her…[View]
519948096Can i go full Templar?[View]
519943000bugsnax thread: bugsnax thread[View]
519900913What's the stupidest thing or take you've heard your friend/coworker say about video games…[View]
519868856It's happening Silent Hill bros! Konami just made a new Twitter page for the series, on top of …[View]
519949674I'm going to another country for work for the next month. What's a good laptop for low-end…[View]
519949150Alright, you /v/irgins want some halo infinite leaks? Here's the first. My co-workers are legit…[View]
519942285Thoughts on PSO2? Worth Downloading?[View]
519945957Vidya Cringe ITT: >credits roll >filled with pictures of the devs >extra cringe: >credit…[View]
519949451I see a dozen games I own on PS4 that are $20-$60 are all free with a $1 Xbox pass? How can anyone a…[View]
519940632So I just finished this on paragon for the first time (always played renegade for the whole series) …[View]
519929071Will this be worth getting on Steam?[View]
519917008What are some good VR games I should get other than Beatsaber and VRChat?[View]
519934585Breath of the Wild 2: We have already seen underground caverns and dungeons in the reveal trailer. …[View]
519948832Here's your next gen Halo bro[View]
519893231Doom thread: Doom thread.[View]
519946229>it's like I'm really japanese... VGH... TAKE ME BACK TO THE SÓY FIELDS OF INABA when a…[View]
519933251EP 1 > HL2 > EP2[View]
519942467Majula ... home[View]
519941196What do you think is the best boss fight in gaming of all time?: For me, it's The End from MGS3…[View]
519933713Sony heavily doubling down on Exclusive content in videogames: >Speaking during the latest Kinda …[View]
519947964I can't believe that warzone is coming to steam.[View]
519945854>super mario 64 has 8 levels >people can't even name more than 5 without looking it up Do…[View]
519943423FACT: There is nothing wrong with playing as a female character as long as she is sweet and cute (re…[View]
519905364So, this game is full of soul, isn't linear, has good platforming, a great interconnected map/w…[View]
519946448What is the best console combination? For me, it's PC + Switch. >PC for power, shooters, emu…[View]
519947730>runs whatever the fuck you want it to run, you make the experience >unlimited customizibility…[View]
519947941Your Turn To Die/Kimi ga Shine: https://twitter.com/nannkizum/status/1291015544741666816?s=19 WOW IT…[View]
519945776give me ONE (1) reason to buy an xbox even though all xbox games come out on PC as well[View]
519947221>decide to improve my videogame setup >buy a huge tv instead of my tiny monitor >buy a sorr…[View]
519936965>want to make an game my whole life >have dozens of scripts and full fleshed concepts write di…[View]
519937972Java is good for gamedev?: Is minecraft slow because it was made on java or because notch is a shit …[View]
519947496>edit: nvm, fixed it (:[View]
519927548How big is your folder/collection of UNPLAYED games, /v/? How do you choose what/when to play a new …[View]
519943431What went wrong?[View]
519947209>game is censored in the West D R O P P E D[View]
519940475Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation: Last one >>519884148 died. What kind of deck are you u…[View]
519936210Wii U: Wow. They really just can't let it have ANYTHING, can they?[View]
519940534What's next for the queen of videogames?[View]
519946971>Loli tranny ruins the game What did Atlus mean by this?[View]
519944232>Level not high enough for equipment[View]
519937312>Ancient race of godlike beings >They aren't complete dickheads to me >They're ac…[View]
519946721I was still a child when we were raided by Discord trannies. Foreign Discord trannies. Torn from my …[View]
519945934What has been the most disappointing city in a video game you have ever come across? I nominate Gran…[View]
519945074If Elden Ring succeeds do you think that fromsoft will finally make a Berserk game?[View]
519939502>Debate over what painting/music/film we should share with ETs first >Never what video game Wh…[View]
519943280Are MMO's fun without friends?[View]
519922305What's the best looking Souls game, BB included?[View]
519944979Mate, I need a good vidja game to put the KINO back on the menu.[View]
519946189>name a single video game Pro tip: you can't >yes the jannies stickied my post…[View]
519942535ITT: older games that are better than their newer incarnations[View]
519941716Are we gonna get another 3D game?[View]
519936118>game starts and it's a 3v4 >I leave cause I don't want to play unfair matches When…[View]
519943624About to play Destiny 2 for the first time, what should i expect?[View]
519894263Which one is your favorite monster?[View]
519945989Why is this weapon so fun to use? Being a 210hp Spy is just hilarious, watching potato F2P chasing y…[View]
519943019>EVERYONE what was this dude's problem[View]
519941146What are the best VC/3DS/DSi games to get on the 3DS eshop before the inevitable shutdown next year[View]
519945880So how many gens before Sony takes up every slot in the top 5 best selling home consoles list? I…[View]
519945751>jannies delete yet another vidya thread What's your favorite triple A game, anon?…[View]
519925738I love Nintendo because they're full of soul like this. I didn't get many happy birthdays …[View]
519942891Johren a Nutaku Alternative: here comes a new challenger https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2020/08/johre…[View]
519940719I love Fallout 4: And there is nothing you can do about it. I play it, I touch myself while playing …[View]
519943259What videogames are never going to be released/ported/translated?[View]
519941759Do you think you'l have enough time to play all games that you want to play? What is that game …[View]
519942297>Resident Evil 2 >by far the easiest of the classic style RE games but also considered the GOA…[View]
519945464>What are you, dude? FBI? DEA? >No, I'm more like a private investigator.…[View]
519942767I made digimon based on Kirby and Meta Knight. Are they good? Also Kirby thread[View]
519944042How do we fix the motion input problem of fighting games?[View]
519944770Did the retard amount of DLC this game got even sell well? What the fuck was the point?[View]
519943441She's perfect, bros.[View]
519945012This is your jungler. Say something nice to her and her pet.[View]
519945097What exactly makes people hate Ala Mhigo so much? I always see people memeing on it.[View]
519944368I see anime swimsuit, I will coom and stop playing any important new games like Ghost of Tsushima or…[View]
519944785Cursed vidya pics thread.[View]
519933531Just finished the campaing. What did I think of it?[View]
519940342Can you use IPS panels for gaming now? do we have the technology?[View]
519939718>playing SH2 with my buds >walking around dark basement with nothing but a can opener in my i…[View]
519944618>day 890 of /v/ crying that Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't look like The Fifth Element at night…[View]
519933208The fuck was this game?[View]
519930494Itt: Characters that no one plays as[View]
519943372Haven't used my switch since animal crossing, has anything cool come out yet?[View]
519939491I fucking hate this nigger[View]
519944162Polytopia: Anyone getting the Steam release?[View]
519943879why don’t we have any games with modern day knights / samurai? We have Hitman who is a modern day a…[View]
519941501When is the 350 DL celebration? I don't want to waste my stones on the Black/Broly banner.[View]
519935568This is the first Assassin's Creed game.[View]
519935347>Logitech's new racing wheel costs as much as a fucking console >All others are either un…[View]
519943471>COM surrogate >COM surrogate >COM surrogate >COM surrogate…[View]
519938768Gwyn is one of the deepest characters in all of video game history. Fuck Dark Souls 3 for writing t…[View]
519942982Is it ok if I completly hate women and wish they all died: But my fav characters in TWD are Lilly an…[View]
519943013Is it worth my time?[View]
519943004>It's about acquiring pokemins[View]
519902478This fucking thing is the greatest god damn video game I have ever played in my fucking life. A game…[View]
519939860'Enhanced Mobility is NOT a Lie': https://youtu.be/yxVQN0x7IS4 Are sprintfags really this fucking re…[View]
519941285How do you call those games that have those little dialogues whenever you interact with anything? It…[View]
519929539What is the best romance in videogames?[View]
519942597Minecraft server: ip: mc_xenolith_ru 1.16.1 join free vanilla grief server. Cheating is not allowed.…[View]
519942248Should they make an actual disgaea anime cause the old one is shit[View]
519942560Rockstar loves making Brian De Palma ripoff games, so when do we get a Jack Marston prohibition era …[View]
519939418Microsoft=evil: I just found out that this is not one the PS4. Why is Microsoft so anti-consumer? Wh…[View]
519942519Was it a retcon? Or was it a different time-line like Zelda Twilight Princess/Wind Waker? Or was it …[View]
519934934ITT:characters who have canonically taken a dump in game[View]
519940715>kills your main character[View]
519935727Did you ever catch Bigfoot?[View]
519939469XBOX FUCKING WON. >Giraffe and Annika coming to Xbox One on August 27 https://youtu.be/5DL8wIMAj…[View]
519874895>not-games about reading silly dialogues of dumb girls trying to hard to win the mc's cock w…[View]
519941181When does it get good? I just started Majima's story and it's feeling like a chore to play[View]
519940784>play game >play it for a long time >get a bit of burn out from playing too much >decide…[View]
519936982>interesting thread regarding ideological leanings in particular games >good discussion going …[View]
519938271Why does /v/ so vehemently dislike black women in games?[View]
519939598Could Master Chief beat Ridley?[View]
519941584Just got word that PlatinumGames is filing for bankruptcy. Nintendo pulled out of Bayonetta 3.[View]
519879849Your next child will be named after the last character you played as. How fucked is he or her?[View]
519939747>August 2020, I am forgotten Who would have thought, a generic Assassin's creed clone would …[View]
519935140Why did they have to ruin Zant? It's terrible storytelling to build up your main antagonist to …[View]
519941007Where is the DLC?[View]
519941413Romhack thread: Also, does someone knows how to fix the bug that makes the final cutscene of the sec…[View]
519936975XBOX GALAXY: phil just announced xbox game pass is coming to galaxy devices. what does /v/ think of …[View]
519931147Rank these creatures from best to worst.[View]
519941171>character is a billion year old alien/robot/demon/whatever that just so happens to look like a l…[View]
519936545>Tons of Tsushima threads We lost Sekirobros[View]
519939928I made a discovery: So I datamine for various apps and OSs. Typically for modding or finding hidden …[View]
519936007ITT: Game developers confirmed to be on the autism spectrum[View]
519940984What the fuck is going on with this boss fight? I get her down to one life and suddenly the whole ar…[View]
519940263It's dead. Move on[View]
519937236Intellivison amico thoughts?: Who else is hyped for the intellivison amico presentation today!?!?!…[View]
519940032ITT systems /v/ pretends people own to win arguments[View]
519940704Cutest princess of Mario.[View]
519934608What was her tax policy?[View]
519937237What are some comfy games to play on a rainy sunday morning, preferably with your girl-friend?[View]
519940298>can't find something to play that sticks for more than 2 hours Where the good video games?…[View]
519935325Imagine if any other piece of media/entertainement like movies, books or music made some weird marke…[View]
519940304What are some games you love that mostly everyone hates? I loved Kings Quest 8 as a kid and it wasn…[View]
519938875Anon. Its 2020, you can play Demon's Souls remastered on the PC. It has 60 FPS and Online play…[View]
519938681Comfy Pikmin thread: So while the other threads are clogged up with shitposters, let's have a c…[View]
519939139The queen is back[View]
519913589YLYL:vidya edition[View]
519938318where were you when Shadowlands saved WoW and classic was forgotten ?[View]
519889773>Watch Jurassic Park >Get the insatiable craving for an RE Engine Dino Crisis remake Anyone el…[View]
519934598ITT: Post a video game character without posting them[View]
519934359Played SH 1-4 Should i just go to the Siren series or continue to Downpour?[View]
519939841He was a hero.[View]
519932915Pikmin 3 Deluxe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSSQ0Z6eDhU[View]
519907596Let's talk about this game.[View]
519939513Anyone playing Battlefield 4? Its $10 on origin with dlc[View]
519934090RDR2O is actually nice for PVE, got pleasantly suprised[View]
519930564Lucina is för?[View]
519939304Garrus Vakarian is a very lucky guy[View]
519933976Why are Razer mice all pieces of shit?: They're ALL prone to double clicking, not holding down …[View]
519936618Who's your favorite enby character from a video game?[View]
519932924How Do I Get Good At Hello Let Loose?: I've played RO2 and Verdun, but my first day trying HLL …[View]
519931191Is the GBA retro?: https://strawpoll.com/fzyo9z2xv[View]
519932673I wonder do people who claim that N64 games like Zelda Golden Eye or Mario 64 are the greatest games…[View]
519939031Would you hug him?[View]
519937823What if Takeshi's Castle but video game?[View]
519930403honest, legitimate question, not flamebaiting: is there legitimately anything for this line of conso…[View]
519938136Hellpoint: >vidya thread deleted for no reason Anyone playing Hellpoint? It's pretty good, t…[View]
519937987What happened to all the vidya announcements? There is just nothing to look forward to[View]
519893116it's time for your annual Skyrim playthrough, /v/[View]
519938053>childhood is going STR UNGA BUNGA >adolescence is being an edgy DEXie to be 'different' >a…[View]
519935290I think Final Fantasy VII Remake was a good game[View]
519935927Is a 25+ hour RPG with branching paths too ambitious for an indie dev’s first game?[View]
519930498AVENGERS BETA IMPRESSIONS: its a bit mediocre according to game informer.[View]
519933814Pikmin 3 Deluxe announcement: Yeah Nintendo won 2020[View]
519923507What's a good controller for PC? Already got DS4 recommended, should I go for that? What the fu…[View]
519938619/vfps/ when?[View]
519932046Post your favorite vidya obscurity.[View]
519935551Pikmin 3 Deluxe announced for Switch https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.gematsu.com/2020/08/pi…[View]
519938491Imagine being such a cunt bitch that you get dropped for a guy[View]
519936652Do you like open world racing games? Or prefer the older style of just circuits only?[View]
519937348I hate this meme that elven men are girly! Elven men can be just as masculine as Orc men! Quit takin…[View]
519938240Post villains who had that alpha energy.[View]
519936372Pikmin 2 Deluxe: RISE MY PIKMIN BROS!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSSQ0Z6eDhU[View]
519938256>inaccurate historical events >won’t fully showcase war crimes >romanticizes war for the sa…[View]
519929079>one dev doesn't make a company >chris avellone leaves obsidian >obsidian goes to comp…[View]
519934916Is 2D Soulslike an excuse to make half assed and mediocre metroidvanias?: Discuss. Yes, this also in…[View]
519938143I was jumpscared by thing boulder when I was a kid[View]
519935840What did Nintendo mean by this??[View]
519930907>magic system shits on any other RPG ever made TO THIS DAY Imagine not playing Two Worlds 2 RIGHT…[View]
519938105Games where kids betray their parents?[View]
519926283What game should I play tonight, on my Nintendo Switch?[View]
519937945>backwards compatibility is region-locked Why the FUCK does a company do this?…[View]
519935449This is the most generic, bland, and unremarkable game in the history of video games. It's like…[View]
519927063Tsushima bros... you did do the RIGHT thing and killed your uncle, right? [View]
519927697Fix this industry.[View]
519937319>online game >russian in server >call them baby man >they flip out baby men…[View]
519851480I miss Gaming Magazines.[View]
519935470Skins: this is such a mirror of this generation of gaming. Back then you would get skins for your ow…[View]
519932815as a TF2 enthusiast, OW is one of those games that should be perfect for my taste and a sort of game…[View]
519934845how did random npc from ace combat become so popular among gamers?[View]
519901240>Yakuza is now a Jojo-tier memeathon How did this happen?[View]
519934475Pick a GOTY[View]
519933649Are the musou games historically accurate?[View]
519933742will this art style ever come back?[View]
519927639So Valve is just going to start randomly deleting games they don't like from Steam now even if …[View]
519927942Do you still love me, /v/?[View]
519936527>nigger/spic as main characters >/v/ has an autistic meltdown over 'muh white genocide in gami…[View]
519927932Best GTA or worst GTA?[View]
519937324Bulborb is happy Bulborb enjoyed[View]
519935664Will it ever happen?[View]
519937128What the fuck's the point in donating anything for the camp and upgrading it in RDR2 if at the …[View]
519937114Will we ever see another soul sacrifice game or has sony shelved the IP for good now that MH is back…[View]
519936853*Blocks your path*[View]
519936649what am i in for[View]
519934071Persona 4, Chie is overrated: Why is she so universally loved? She's easily on of the most over…[View]
519936989I DON'T DESERVE DIS![View]
519936795Nutaku: What went wrong?[View]
519931145What was gaming in the year 2000 like?[View]
519927270>game gives you a plethora of status effects >every somewhat challenging enemy is immune to th…[View]
519931937License and registration, please[View]
519913129God dam it looks good: What is it about games from the early to mid 2000s just looking so clean and …[View]
519892510monster games: I recently got into PSX and PS2 emulation. What are some good monster games? Played a…[View]
519935639What went wrong?[View]
519924958what do you do when games stop being fun? does a break help[View]
519933113What the fuck do I do?![View]
519934220PC BROS Are we buying this or not?[View]
519884148Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation: Enjoying the update, Manager?[View]
519917386Overrated trash: Post generic overrated trash >Entire Halo franchise >Generic bland shooter th…[View]
519936091VIDYA MUSIC: POST THEM JAMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjksUmQzo0Q[View]
519936090ITT videogame truths people don't want to admit about: It's okay for an rpg to have bad co…[View]
519932578Robot titties.[View]
519868373ITT: You name your top 5 games of all time. Any console. Any era. Then at the bottom you name a game…[View]
519926454I hope they make this thing free. Everywhere snoys are coping so hard it's too funny >They w…[View]
519931130Sacrifice: How do I get good in this game? It's so interesting, yet I get destroyed.[View]
519932374Digimon Survives!: Today I'm exploring the stories behind why people thought the game was in de…[View]
519929168name a better character arc. yeah. good luck.[View]
519932607Does it get any more 'token black guy' than this? At the end of the story it's like the game su…[View]
519926379>character is hated from the trailer >turns out to be the best paper mario character of all ti…[View]
519924125What's your fav janky game, /v/?[View]
519923517Shin Megami Tensei V to be Released Near First Quarter of 2021, According to Sega Financial Report: …[View]
519935090>killed his rapist boss >killed his bully >got his own mafia family >shot the man who ki…[View]
519934978HE'S IN[View]
519934394Hey chief[View]
519934731HE'S IN HE'S IN HE'S IN HE'S IN HE'S IN[View]
519932618Mortal Shell Out on August 18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1AESBecyTc It's time for some m…[View]
519915289Avowed: Will this be Obsidian Entertainment's Skyrim killer?[View]
519934407Games that you think that has fun combat: Post games you like for it's combat. Pretty much any…[View]
519932925viusally boring: Sucker Punch ruined their own game by making it look realistic and boring. If they …[View]
519930815Why are Disgaea chads so classy? https://youtube.com/watch?v=_ZElEkZyD9g&t[View]
519929017What games are you waiting on?[View]
519930397This game looks too cute[View]
519932243Should I?[View]
519925956Rpg games: What was the last rpg you finished? which one are you currently grinding right now? whic…[View]
519932423Why are old Anti-Piracy/Game Over screens so creepy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRftkLddtak…[View]
519931351Lost Soul Aside - PlayStation exclusive at State of Play: Are you hyped by this game developed by a …[View]
519929897Wario Land 4: Most people seem to prefer the 'good' ending princess. What does it say about you if y…[View]
519931081What are some otome games with based villainess?[View]
519933497Have any anons bought games from DMM Games? Namely actual PC games, no gacha crap. Do I need some VP…[View]
519931576Ghost of Tsushima: Mainland DLC when?[View]
519922947Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord only has 8 developers working on singleplayer: Today I will remind …[View]
519933458Watching other people play video games is the same as getting cucked: Games are for playing, movies …[View]
519932921>well done Mr Burke! What a grand display of fireworks![View]
519930464This game has so much soul[View]
519926393So /v/ told me God Hand is a masterpiece from 2 gens ago. So I finally played it. The combat system …[View]
519928246Why is nobody talking about Nioh 2?[View]
519932796What videogames are you looking forward to?: Me: >Visage >Hellpoint >Mortal Shell >Fairy…[View]
519923182Fallout New Vegas: What does /v/ think of the brave new world mod?[View]
519920652best 3DS games: What are the best 3DS games?[View]
519932693Where have fantasy games gone[View]
519871781Blasphemous: >First enemy in the game is a boss. Based.[View]
519920262Why do people act like tifa is better than Garnet Garnet is clearly best ff girl and actually has an…[View]
519929942Small Battlefield > Battlefield: Prove me wrong. Protip:You Can't[View]
519932107Smash Ultimate 'Changes to the online user experience': Has anyone figured out what this means or wh…[View]
519932441blocks your path[View]
519910598Why is /v/ so defensive of an unfinished 'game' intended for soccer moms and middle school girls?[View]
519929343Hello. Apparently my son has been messaging with you about video games. He is now grounded because d…[View]
519925567Post a Final Fantasy -2 iteration, you want, based on a previous Final Fantasy game. e.g.: Final Fan…[View]
519929419ARE YOU READY ?[View]
519932334lmao is canada actually real or is it made up like bruh[View]
519924815Im@s: Who is your favorite girl?[View]
519916528You're excited for Everwild, right anon?[View]
519925648Is Camping in Shooters a bad thing?: https://www.strawpoll.me/20720817 https://www.strawpoll.me/2072…[View]
519917525Are you hyped for Deathloop? I'm pretty excited, not going to lie, Bethesda knows how to make f…[View]
519931001What went wrong?[View]
519928484I can understand why they come after Kamoshida, but what this guy did that was so bad? I mean, he ev…[View]
519930553Elden Ring production already cancelled - New Bloodborne for PS5: Unfortunately, for those who expec…[View]
519931930Spiders Chads we hit the big time[View]
519912775I unironically think Ass Creed Syndicate is comfy to play. What game is cozy for you brehs[View]
519926563Hey all. Playing Deadly Premonition 2 and the sidequests in this one seem a lot worse than the 1st o…[View]
519930310What are the best games to fuck with gravity in? >Prey >Gravity Rush Anything else?…[View]
519931952Vidya Confessions: >Play online game >Retards being obnoxious cunts as usual >Provoke them …[View]
519931945How come it's okay to have women that look like dudes/trannies if Japan does it?[View]
519931825I have never seen a dpad more inaccurate than the one in this piece of trash controller, I've h…[View]
519929308Why do you not understand that the game industry no longer feels that games can simply only be bough…[View]
519931541any of the others worth playing only 4 played and 2[View]
519929023Crash and Spyro were never good. I never once saw their series being mentioned on /v/ before 2010, i…[View]
519928730My wife Kasumi[View]
519922893Halo Reach: It was ok. It didn't have enough to do or really have any big 'wow' moments like in…[View]
519929847why are games trying to have a realistic look?[View]
519930584Would /v/ recommend playing Outlast?[View]
519931627Fae tactics: I wanted to hear your opinion on this game, the reviews i've seen say that is a st…[View]
519931603This is easier than dark souls and Bloodborne for the simple fact that most bosses are human sized. …[View]
519922465https://youtu.be/mxK2W9BKn3M: >dabs on Elden Ring[View]
519931220What makes bloodborne so much better than other souls games?[View]
519930069The Stanley Parable: Has there ever been a more sicker burn in videogame history? https://www.youtub…[View]
519930909Name a DBZ game with more soul[View]
519929667>plays fall guys while drinking >gets black out drunk >start the game the next morning >…[View]
519917171Shit game[View]
519925493Getting overwhelmed by all the ships and mods, what are the some go-tos in both regards? Also, i lik…[View]
519900015Does anyone else mainly play on PC for nude mods?[View]
519929371Here's your controller, bro[View]
519930810ITT Extinct gaming things you wish took off and became mainstream >Force Feedback Mouse It really…[View]
519923410Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Leak: - They will reveal Super Mario 3D World Deluxe In the next Nintend…[View]
519915085Littlewood thread: Looks like soul is back on the menu boys[View]
519925596Overwatch Summer Games 2020 is here anon[View]
519928602Pretty overrated if you ask me[View]
519929082What did he do wrong? Even sparda murdered a woman to become a god.[View]
519929856Remember when we though the Vita would crush the 3DS?[View]
519930315Games for this feel?[View]
519928440>fuck elves >fuck furries >fuck scalies >and most importantly >fuck gayperials…[View]
519927423Any games for this feel? Only The Surge 2 party hub comes to mind.[View]
519930110Divinity: Original Sin 2: What was your favorite ending?[View]
519913632Elsword: Are you playing during the jump event that's going on right now? Elsword gives 98 leve…[View]
519930236Elite Smash: How did the change to Elite Smash effect your characters? Pic related (this is without …[View]
519929004What FGC games is /v/ playing RN?[View]
519858818diablo 2: This game has never been topped[View]
519929881I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion, steal another fat noblem…[View]
519929582Why are the most fun characters the most hated?[View]
519927267>ywn read a a gaming magazine from 1992-2005 ever again[View]
519921989I miss these motherfuckers like you wouldn't believe.[View]
519924763Street Fighter V: Summer Update: >Hopes >Expectations >Fears…[View]
519920068Resident Evil thread[View]
519929353This is Mega Man in 2020. https://youtu.be/Zyqjio-CQwc[View]
519927562ITT underrated vidya gals[View]
519929148What is your opinion on the Pac-Man World trilogy?[View]
519926419if by some godlike miracle you would own Ditto... what would you want it to transform into ?[View]
519924017I wish that Huniepop 2 would come out already.[View]
519927987>His game doesn't have beautiful cinnamon and chocolate women[View]
519929037Can anyone here help with my problem? My PS4 Pro works fine with all games and experiences zero prob…[View]
519922507Heh...things used to be a lot different when I was your age, young mister.[View]
519927537Does Miyamoto have a lot of hands-on involvement in the development of games, or is it just kind of …[View]
519927495>2014+3+2+1 >he still pays for Patreon porn games…[View]
519928809>Trans woman in final fight >Gay man in street fighter Why was old Capcom so progressive?…[View]
519898351Why doesn't anyone talk about this game? Is it shit?[View]
519928025Would a Battle.net Diablo II account from 2006 still work?[View]
519928457Does anyone wanna play BF4? I just bought it and it's weird nobody uses a mic at all[View]
519910702Blizzard finally exposed for underpaying their devs, this on top of the Gallywix / RMT crackdown. Uh…[View]
519926648This game is actually dope. Why does nobody talk about it?[View]
519925913Should I purchase HLL or Post Scriptum? I played HLL on a free wekend about a year ago and it was fu…[View]
519928392Why does every game these fuckers make crash at the worst time?: >Phase 2 of the final boss on Sk…[View]
519923440Why is there such a low standard for video game translations?[View]
519920984Fangames that are better than the series they're based on: Post them[View]
519921990Pre 2012 Call of Duty thread: WaW > CoD4 = MW2 > Bo1 > MW3 > Bo2[View]
519928049What the best Ren & Stimpy game /v/?[View]
519920421*kills pc gayming*[View]
519904791High Wall of Lothric[View]
519915347who still needs this shit[View]
519928094>nigger! What did Nintendo mean by this[View]
519928037Hardly any refrences to san andreas in gta v was really disappointing and a missed opportunity. Grov…[View]
519915578admit it, it's oozing with soul[View]
519928050see you august 17th[View]
519926952Gameplay > Soundtrack > Visuals > Characters > Story[View]
519926430SMASH BROS: Why do you guys hate smash bros so much?[View]
519914772>Game is suddenly updated out of nowhere years after release to finally run at 60fps on 'modern' …[View]
519927906Melodrama is easily one of the things that draw me to JRPGs. Most games that don’t have it have char…[View]
519921508A lost asian plants vs zombies clone: i remember seeing vids of this game a long time ago back in 20…[View]
519923996Any video games to allow me to relive the 00's?[View]
519922484...what was his name again?[View]
519916850Why did HS2 died faster than HS1 while having more improvements and features than HS1?[View]
519885764>Osana will drop by the end of this year >Love Letter didn’t crash and burn after a month like…[View]
519925483Why haven't you played Vib-Ribbon?[View]
519921112Post you're headset[View]
51987638522 years old and still nothing has come close.[View]
519926448Chunkairi: Chunkairi[View]
519898304Warhammer 40K: https://youtu.be/tLVijIRdOVQ[View]
519921920there is nothing 90's like about this game, so many of those fucking ''retro games…[View]
519922098Detroit: Become Human surpasses 5 million sales thanks to its Steam release: https://www.dsogaming.c…[View]
519924672Dark Samus Thread: Dark Samus[View]
519923651What's so bad about it?: Just finished it and thought it was better than the original[View]
519924456SFV Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m0O739QmZs Are you guys ready? Only 4 hours left for re…[View]
519927335What am I in for?[View]
519920726What is the consensus on Steam Remote Play? Is input lag a serious problem? Are ethernet cables on b…[View]
519920210>good story means shitty combat[View]
519925927How long does dell shipping take? I ordered a laptop on Saturday and it says confirmed but not yet s…[View]
519921694ISSHUN SENGEKI[View]
519924304A direct is incoming, nintendo's quarter report is literally tomorrow[View]
519924847Help me find videogame soundtrack So recently I remembered an 8-bit/keygen song I‘ve once listened t…[View]
519916032For those who are into the series it would seem like the Open World concept will be scrapped for the…[View]
519923397What do we think of LUTs in vode games /v/ros are they good or just a cheap gimmick to make it more …[View]
519925248Xbox Xcloud Will Be Pre-Installed In Every Newly Released Samsung Device: Soon... https://twitter.co…[View]
519915431W-what should I pick, haha...[View]
519926062Abby holding a burrito floating over the sea: Abby holding a burrito floating over the sea[View]
519925536Violence in video games. Is it too much, /v/? Should there be more love, cute girls and sexy time?[View]
519925538>LongPlays channel >does a longplay of EyeToy games in a morphsuit to maintain anonymity…[View]
519924726Persona 5 Scramble English to release in March 2021: >https://www.inverse.com/gaming/persona-5-sc…[View]
519911023>he tries to make his characters 'look good' instead of dumb monstrosities You don't do thi…[View]
519922115Games with werewolves?[View]
519895426Games that filtered /v/[View]
519916703The trailers for the fairy tail game make it seem like the music is hot trash. How is it from people…[View]
519911119WEBM thread: WEBM bread (bonus pts: post OC)[View]
519904318>honours student >absolute fucking retard. How?…[View]
519916054fighting game characters: Top tier fighters thread[View]
519922262ITT: unfortunate failures[View]
519901406Why doesn't 343 do this in a Halo game?[View]
519925549Let's send them gasses: This is why mods are important to have even an idiot could fix her in 3…[View]
519921897I could make a good Twisted Metal movie.[View]
519921898Look Gordon! An anonymous english-language imageboard webside! We can use it to shitpost about games…[View]
519923429L8 to the party but has anyone played this? >Pretty fun >More polished than anything that…[View]
519924251Can we reasonably expect a 2021 release?[View]
519895554Kaldaien permabanned from Steam: Remember the guy who fixed the Nier Automata PC port while blacklis…[View]
519920376XBOX SERIES X:WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY IT: Do not buy the new Xbox Series X because it includes nanobo…[View]
519865483Which one are you? According to this list I was a try hard for most of my life and now I’m a normie.[View]
519905067What games are worth getting for this thing?[View]
519883817Will you play her game?[View]
519925147>best/most popular manga ins the world >still no good games just what does it take…[View]
519924681play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition[View]
519925253DoDonPachi Saidaioujou: The game will be released soon on this summer for Exa Arcadia, but it seems …[View]
519921863Comfy Fall Guys thread: last thread hit limit[View]
519922376REALTAAA, REALTAAA ASHURI, SHURIELEH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDl7kLzEbrw[View]
519922427When will Elizabeth Debicki be cast as Samus Aran in a live action Metroid Movie? After all, Samus i…[View]
519840258Play Rockman X Dive[View]
519924989Haha! Every thread on this board is dogshit all jannies are sub 90 iq tranny infiltrators and coomer…[View]
519915509What is your opinion on Vexx?[View]
519923487Why is Epic bad again ?[View]
519922590Please tell me this has a non-casual mode. Can you turn off the HUD? Crank up the difficulty? Does i…[View]
519923636>Just build a PC bro.[View]
519916538what are your throughts on Ahri?[View]
519921410Art direction has always been far more important in immersion in a game world than graphical fidelit…[View]
519921717I don't know if it's commonplace in mobile games and I'm the only one that notices ho…[View]
519913956>Korea Time Thread Starts in 20 minutes. Where? Go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK5eBtu…[View]
519915053Post your moineycrafta bases that you built on your computerbook[View]
519924150I have never had so much fun in a video game before[View]
519924037Whoever thought putting this in was a good idea should be shot in the face[View]
519915089>srs bzns video game video essayist >starts video by shilling Raid Shadow Legends…[View]
519920687What the FUCK is going on with video games this year? >Awful Sony presentation >Mediocre xbox …[View]
519922890Would you buy this game /v/?[View]
519921405any of the others worth playing only 4 played and 2[View]
519920151The real reason why people still play fighting games[View]
519923426Right.... any day now[View]
519923407Shin Megami Tensei V coming January-March period, ending 1st fiscal year: According to Segas report …[View]
519916508*DING DONG*[View]
519920304Bullies: Alright so I recently replayed mario 64 and I came across this weirdness, I remember being …[View]
519923075Horace: Just finished playing this. A truly wonderful game![View]
519922930Play Project Brutality 3.0[View]
519917837This game is great but man is it out dated Why doesnt Todd Howard remaster fallout 1 and 2 through t…[View]
519922684What happened? The game is super bland and by the numbers. I haven't felt an ounce of surprise …[View]
519919781SONY SECURE MORE EXLUSIVES FOR AVENGERS: >When it comes to cosmetics, PlayStation players will ha…[View]
519918604Why are people so obsessed over this game?[View]
519922806HOLY: FUCK[View]
519922772Dissidia SEGA All-Star[View]
519920274>brazilian micspam[View]
519918008*ahem*: Fuck Donkey Kong Fuck Kirby Fuck Banjo and Kazooie Fuck Yooka and Laylee Fuck Mighty No 8 Fu…[View]
519921262It's not fucking fair[View]
519912240iit: characters that are perfect for fighting games but never been in one[View]
519912201What are some decent RPGs where you're not the chosen one destined to save the world? Just a ga…[View]
519922572>he doesn't main Kiryu[View]
519922470>Romance sidequests are just another obligation I don't have time for…[View]
519915318Worth it to wait for big navi before smashing out a new build?[View]
519922306Daily reminder if you're feeling an iota of grind syndrome you should try a delivery or two jus…[View]
519917838>the actual state of steam[View]
519922272Holy shit, this game's endgame is fucking terribly unbalanced >mayhem 10 takedown >not dy…[View]
519914147this is powerful[View]
519917245ITT: Shit games you were meme'd into buying and regret[View]
519922138post your favourite videogame ost: post your favourite videogame ost pic is 100% related[View]
519917390I had a daydream where one of their events was hijacked and every allegation of game dev crunch and …[View]
519863553What kind of character will you make, Anon?[View]
519918916What is the most morbid thing you witnessed in vidya ?[View]
519921963Best Exit Music: Post game endings/credits music that made you feel like it was worth the playthroug…[View]
519913023It's finally out, now someone post a download link.[View]
519921882What was the best Tekken ending and why was it this? Comedy gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T_…[View]
519907849so this is the flawless PS3 emulation Ive heard so much about (rig is an i5 6600 and an RX 590)[View]
519921280How do we stop it?[View]
519920379Gaming Anxieties: ITT Post shit from games or gaming in general that stresses you the fuck out. So …[View]
519918887Really makes you think.[View]
519921592Destroy all Humans went to hell after Pandemic left the series.[View]
519919521Ace Attorney thread: What would it take for the games to get this compelling from a writing standpoi…[View]
519917634Holy fucking kino[View]
519902821Come the fuck on.[View]
519912786Mature Gamers: Do you play MATURE games?[View]
519915540You have no idea how much I thought this was the gold standard as a kid[View]
519904060F.E.A.R: Based[View]
519851646Castlevania thread: Post your favourite Castlevania game. Mine's Aria of Sorrow.[View]
519902310Do you have the mark of shame?[View]
519896829>he thinks halo 5 is fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6YdPRyW0DA…[View]
519921010all Bethesda games are broken on steam (can't launch): So this is why people are afraid of no-p…[View]
519909629has the retrobubble gone too far? how can anyone be content of buying old mario game for 100 bucks[View]
519920310FLEX: >new update fixes netcode Reminder to try Fighting EX Layer. It's a good game…[View]
519908336I want an objective answer please, no waifu fagging. Which house is the best one to start off with?[View]
519896001Old school Hitman >silent and stoic >doesn't run except when he has too to avoid suspicio…[View]
519894146Realistically speaking, has Microsoft Xbox Series X a chance against PS5?[View]
519908000ITT : Vidya scenes zoomers will never understand[View]
519920617Sword Fight on the Heights... home...[View]
519917458I love flowers and pretty trees![View]
519918649what is your favorite vidya gamur snaq?: mine is my special spam delight sandwich! Daves Killer Brea…[View]
519915980PlayStation is the number 1 brand for Gen Z/Millennials in the US according to the Brand Intimacy st…[View]
519906684>join guild >'ok here's the invite to our discord serv-' >quit guild Fuck off.…[View]
519914739What's my /gamecube boys/ playing?[View]
519898824Reminder that /v/ agreed a long time ago that: ME1 >>> ME 2 >>>>>>>…[View]
519920170Canada... Home...[View]
519912596Super Mario 64 took less than two years to develop: >The Nintendo 64 launch title’s “Period of Cr…[View]
519902341He'll finally get to make a port and sequel when he's done with smash dlc right?[View]
519920195F-Zero X vs X-Zero GX: Which soundtrack was better?[View]
519919525He was the best character in the game.[View]
519913593What are you going to play first ? for me its either Halo Infinite or Cyberpunk[View]
519920042Elder Scrolls/TES Online: Is ESO worth playing? I want to play TES, but I wonder if it's more o…[View]
519908959Have you ever got mad at video games?[View]
519920030why is fortnite literally the only western video game that has attractive women characters any more?[View]
519913654Nintendo Switch: How is my catalog?[View]
519909492Why aren't you playing GOTY of Tsushima?[View]
519919834yttd: New update soon. Seriously: https://twitter.com/nannkizum/status/1290597729152843776…[View]
519912320Why don't we use machine learning to make assets for vidya?[View]
519876506Meanwhile in Bizarro /v/...[View]
519919508If you think about it the fatass cop from Subway Surfers is one of the most OP characters in any vid…[View]
519916606Now that it is all said and done, where does the 3DS rank all time?[View]
519916787Getting started in game design: In a fit of creative inspiration, I've designed an entire world…[View]
519919373Nico is so fucking cute bros[View]
519919042You really are a bunch of retarded faggots who have shit taste in video games.[View]
519918026>seven seconds >let's see what you'll do with them, Cloud what did he mean by this?…[View]
519912807Fallout 4: Seeing a lot of praise and criticism for this game but It's on a really good sale ri…[View]
519919465Yo this shit is gooooood[View]
519910748PC games at least two decades old that all people should at least try[View]
519896660UNICLR Thread: Never stop parrying[View]
519916870AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH: This shit again. Why bros? All I want is to relax after work and play a dumb mi…[View]
519916915SMASH BROS: Fuck Geno and Sora, here's the Square Enix character we need in Smash Bros https:/…[View]
519902205How much was the biggest amount of money you wasted on a video game?[View]
519913650what would you do if kat was being clumsy and is about to crash land on your face like this?[View]
519918798>itt overrated developers I will start. These two have never made a great game yet they both have…[View]
519912685ITT: modern games with soul[View]
519906541Why do the Mario girls have fat dick sucking lips, what did they mean by this?[View]
519914353Halo was always shit.[View]
519821864Nioh 2: Reds aside WotD is actually fun![View]
519902207Fall Guys: Fuck alyxfags, fuck furries, and most of all fuck tail tag.[View]
519918205>lets show off a new game or two >no. you will take john cena and you will like it…[View]
519914442I want Ellie to sit on my face[View]
519902240>ahmed[TUR] has joined[View]
519909269Calling all ps4 players, got no gamer friends, pls help[View]
519916928First time playing this. Is this party good?[View]
519917665>when someone likes a video game I don't like >when someone doesn't like a video gam…[View]
519916237Can I really justify spending several hours of each day playing vidya? I only got one life, can’t af…[View]
519917904>still only on episode 3 >haven't even been to south knot yet Porterbros - am I becoming …[View]
519906738building my first pc bros, is putting figures in the case safe?[View]
519885943Where were you on that day?[View]
519910792What is the best open world RPG available on PC? I'm looking for something that legitimately al…[View]
519916895>He doesn’t grind 20k Glory for the Okatsu skin as soon as you unlock her…[View]
519915550Your Most Relevant Inquiries; Social: Examples.. >The best methods of feeling happy (such as unto…[View]
519917452Now that most of /v/ played Ghost of Tsushima. Are you ready for its inevitable sequel, Ghost of Sen…[View]
519914387>why yes I still buy games from triple A developers how could you tell?…[View]
519913298Battlestations: Post em[View]
519914021What's good about this game ?[View]
519910462>game based on the ancient humanity theory >advanced race of beings woshipped as Gods by human…[View]
519912087Why do we hate Ann again?[View]
519917080>ywn wake up and go on comfy space adventures before dying in some idiotic way why even live bros…[View]
519915196greatest game of all time[View]
519914447E Honda bros... why is it so easy? All I do is spam hundred hand slap and I have an 80% winrate. He …[View]
519900925Most fuckable Nintendo girl: https://www.strawpoll.me/20719884[View]
519914668don't mind me... i am just an old man heading to page 10...[View]
519907647Destiny: When Destiny 1 came out it was without question one of the most disappointing games I'…[View]
519915902Can we ever bring back that old MMO feel? Is it even possible?[View]
519907061YIIK: Why don't people try to understand this kino?[View]
519914605This is your next smash (eugh) fighter Say something nice to Daft Punk[View]
519915804hey my fellow /v/iggers, what should i get? i loved DAH when i was 12 and i love borderlands 1 and l…[View]
519916090Why was this the last good video game ever released?[View]
519915449Red dead redemption 2 online: Is it worth playing it? I was betafag and I was too lazy to download i…[View]
519915832When does bantz took too far?[View]
519915162>blocks your only path[View]
519915973HOW WOULD YOU KNOW[View]
519915150ITT: Mobile games that are surprisingly good.[View]
519915315Would Halo be improved if rule 63 went into effect?[View]
519913924Mosaic Thread: I've already gone the extra mile and saved the tiles individually to make this e…[View]
519911181What did you pirate today /v/?: Don't tell me you pay for everything![View]
519914741You wouldn't fuck an origami.[View]
519909319I unironically believe that the human brain is incapable of disliking this game. It’s simply not pos…[View]
519906207Everything will be fine right? RIGHT?[View]
519907686>most popular videogame of all time >instantly recognizable anywhere >sakurai loves it Stev…[View]
519913962she filtered millions[View]
519910895Ok anon, try to shill a game you like that not many people know about[View]
519911834>queue for arena sloops by myself with an open crew >two friends in another crew queue at the …[View]
519909890Games to play on MacBook: What's up nerds I've been fucked by this quarantine in Australia…[View]
519914039Does anyone know how to reapply the gripness of controllers? I cant be the only one that hates the s…[View]
519913656He’s not after DreamLand anymore.[View]
519911563Just post a game you really like. Maybe talk about it in one way or another, whether it be what you …[View]
519912178>muh honor[View]
519910537>finally hacked my 3DS after all this time >having a blast with all the games you can play wit…[View]
519900365Who is your main in guilty gear?[View]
519903539Is this the hardest game ever made?[View]
519902616Game of The Decade: PC gamers... Keep dreaming.[View]
519912762What is this? Shit, I don't want. Take it. Take it from me. HBIXJ-T72HW-N6Q88 I need to clean o…[View]
519913672Luigi is a janitor suffering from schizophrenic hallucinations[View]
519908642how i become pro? I'm 32. is it too late?[View]
519907768>release a trading card game to a global, unregulated market >all cards crash in value WOOW WH…[View]
519910515When does the fun start? It's like full of dialogues but I can't skip all of them[View]
519876378>2020 >still using a wired keyboard and mouse…[View]
519913162>aggressive percussion music intensifies[View]
519913037what the fuck is his problem?[View]
519906523Quake 3 Arena vs Quake Live: Is the Quake 3 Arena scene still alive or has everyone moved on to Quak…[View]
519909578Code Vein: How is this game? The Deluxe Edition is on sale on PSN, and it's 20 dollars cheaper …[View]
519910049>Cheats in a dessert competition to steal a title of 'best chef' and sensitive medical …[View]
519913185>friend gets angry when i don't use the word 'SCENE' to refer to his dirty pirate …[View]
519908383After playing this again. I can safely say this is better than BOTW.[View]
519912942Wtf happened?[View]
519907549is it possible to enjoy p4g in 2020?: > new the main plot twist a year before > bought my pc r…[View]
519908136This is a kids game: This is a kids game[View]
519906070KIMI WA NE[View]
519903623>game ends on a cliffhanger >sequel is cancelled Games for that feel?…[View]
519909413Hey, dudes. What's the best way to play Ico and Shadow of the Colossus these days? I haven…[View]
519909050Vidya guns.: Post em. GF T-Dolls and Axlchads are welcome.[View]
519893738Mario fanboys say that Sonic was never good and it's just a poor attempt to compete with Mario …[View]
519899424Would you ever buy video game merchandise, /v/?[View]
519906830What went wrong?[View]
519910032What other games do you recommend? >They’ve been ported to other syste- I know. I have: >Both…[View]
519905876Near Automata, was it that great?[View]
519905440How do I hit diamond?: t. Silvercuck[View]
519907181WHAT WE'RE THEY THINKING?: No seriously though. They wanted to go for a more realistic, gritty …[View]
519906760>has good character design and art style >you wear a green trash bag and use 1 gun for over ha…[View]
519908761Horizon Zero Dawn (Master Race Edition): What am I in for this Friday consolefags?[View]
519911876I'm not buying Switch to play one game. Fuck off, Atlus.[View]
519904780This is the hardest I've ever seen a product marketed on /v/.[View]
519909018Any fun games?: Reccomend me some games. Holy shit games in 2020 are a fucking disapointment. Any fu…[View]
519911730What went wrong?[View]
519911530Naruhodo for smash ! !: No hopes up, just fake for fun ! ! (*ゝω・*)[View]
519911395They had actual beef or was that all fake news?[View]
519907053>Here's your party bro[View]
519910418System Shock 2 best build: What should i pick at the start and then what should i train for the othe…[View]
519907092Metal Gear Solid V: The Plebian Filter: you didn't get filtered by this Kojima masterpiece, did…[View]
519906360so you telling me it aint called lumbridge because theres a bridge made out of lumber?[View]
519910658>It's a yellow team episode[View]
519911215Fuck trannies and fuck niggers. >Now that I have your attention mroyale.net Squad code is '/v/', …[View]
519911315Dude, the Trailer is awesome! I´m so hyped for it.[View]
519904367Why is magic so shit in this game? I use my big ether Kamehameha in my gear and it does like 7 damag…[View]
519899015You guys remember, right?[View]
519893210I want Ellie to slit my throat[View]
519882104New smash stage bros, download the free update You can also make it, the other battlefields and FD …[View]
519910686Name one 7th gen games that has good art direction as Halo 3. Hard Mode: No Japanese games allowed…[View]
519908837I showed you my annelids answer me, worm.[View]
519909159>average human reaction time is 170ms >fighting game moves can come out as fast as 16ms >id…[View]
519838712/v/story: /v/story - a new beginning >What is this? brand new v83 (pre big bang) maplestory priva…[View]
519909342Drugs and Vidya: yo bitch ass niggas im high on kratom, chamomile, and benadryl and i'm playing…[View]
519907374Say something nice to my daughter[View]
519910058>make thread about video game >video game thread gets deleted any excuses, janny?…[View]
519907615Give me a good Rogue Lite/like that I haven't heard of to play[View]
519909990don don don-don-don-don-don don don don-don-don-don-don twee twee twee twee-twee-twee tootwee-twee t…[View]
519909808Does it have a chance /v/?[View]
519907783Handheld Exclusivity: nintendie/snoy/steam idort here, a point that i almost never see made about th…[View]
519909789Let’s see the progress on that game you’re developing. Better almost be done with the executable[View]
519868935How would you make a Bowser game? Bowser's Inside Story doesn't count, but it is the close…[View]
519909137>True beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame to which notions of gender don’…[View]
519909282Has it aged well?[View]
519902221>Don't mind me, just the best 3D Final Fantasy coming through...[View]
519906145>7 years in dev Literally bare bones proof of concept[View]
519907128Fix the story[View]
519909179Wait! You're not a human are you!?[View]
519906692Are there any newer car games where I can play more 'normal' cars? Im not that big into sports cars.…[View]
519908294Today they will play SF5 with final 5 new characters. What are the chances that Makoto is in there?[View]
519909092So I'm playing this on co-op, and I can't figure out how to switch between targeted enemie…[View]
519886330Who’s the best Mario girl?[View]
519857493>friend says he wants to play games all day >5 minutes into playing he says he's tired an…[View]
519884567EPIC MAFIA: epic mafia time[View]
519891183How the fuck do i get my hands on one of these bad boys? Imagine how incredible it must feel to pla…[View]
519907751>spend an hour coming up with a unique username >it's already taken…[View]
519899147You pay this much[View]
519863638>No More Heroes 3 is coming out soon >No More Heroes 1 for Switch rated in Taiwan >Smash DL…[View]
519903242What is your experience with vidya customer service?[View]
519908484/v/, give me new TF2 sprays: Pic is current spray.[View]
519906925This probably isn't the right place for this but I don't know and am too tired to care. Fo…[View]
519891878Never played Mega Man X What's so great about this guy?[View]
5198305493x3 thread: template here https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
519906304>2020 >still no playable released was it another kickstarter scam? will we ever get it play it…[View]
519904419Work from home games?: Any wfh officebros on here? I've been working from home since this whole…[View]
519903880Why can't /v/ answer simple good/evil yes/no morality questions in games and want to make it ab…[View]
519906218I've never owned a PC. I have been using gaming laptops my whole life. It just sits on my desk …[View]
519902772Name a bigger meme brand for gayming[View]
519905738>be kid >join your regular cs 1.6 server >everyone greets you and knows you it just aint th…[View]
519854293Are you enjoying the new Wild Life update?: Who is your favorite Girl?[View]
519898282What did you guys think about this game?[View]
519906854BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS[View]
519905394>buy game >never finish or play it[View]
519907372WHERE IS THE ANNOUNCEMENT?? >:l[View]
519907704When ir comes to games I rather get them digitally but something about Switch cartridges makes me wa…[View]
519907401>spinoff is more fun than the main series[View]
519906415>What are you looking for again? Like... Chaos Emeralds? Yeah, we uh... we uh... don't have …[View]
519903989'hey this looks pretty f-' >Doomguy starts talking >Enemies start talking >Double jumps …[View]
519827143Super Mario /v/orld 2 (Thread 3/31): Last Thread: >>519640816 Hi Anons, what a turnout! For th…[View]
519902572Are you going to buy her game?[View]
519907378warez: a good warez site that does not care about rasism or dumb rules that has Applictions, Games…[View]
519905897>game's story has metaphysical subjects[View]
519902670Sega FY2021/3: >Results: Repeat sales performed strong centered in overseas market >Forecast: …[View]
519906317>Please save us brave Hero. Tehe.[View]
519904123any nice and original name for my islannd??[View]
519906138Will a good anime game that's not dragonball ever exist?[View]
519895416Quest: to go to a place and find a dude >Morrowind: Am given directions, expected to find the pla…[View]
519906907New Yakuza game leaked[View]
519903071>final boss theme >phase 3 >lyrics kick in…[View]
519903560>get told 'bro the class stories are good, try Jedi Knight it's Kotor 3 and one of the best …[View]
519906691>buy BF4 on Steam on a 50% sale, since I had fond memories of BF3/BC2 and figured I'd try th…[View]
519892076is this game good for the SCP shit?[View]
519899012>can’t play PvP games on console because I am a lifetime PC gamer and never held a gamepad for lo…[View]
519905251games where you play as ghost: Mods delete the last thread for some reason, Post games where you pla…[View]
519897041small battle field only arena, 1v1 no items ID: G35L3 pass:11[View]
519903924A realistic goomba[View]
519906675>1899+121 >i am forgotten[View]
519906662I didn't finish it. I got up to the final boss, Sword Saint, and gave up. I do not have the pa…[View]
519904309>post in a thread >thread dies no matter how active it was Anyone else have superpowers?…[View]
519906106FILE NAME THREAD: keep it /v/idya[View]
519901050Who wants to farm vertebra shackles in ds3 on ps4?[View]
519906354Does anyone else have nostalgia for old games only because of old youtube reviews?[View]
519906348What are some games with good boss fights? Pic kinda related but I haven't played the game[View]
519906243BEANS GUYS!!!!!!!! IT'S FUN ROYALE![View]
519906049may or may not be developing a fighting game, how much would it cost to keep servers up?[View]
519903563fallout 76: it's 50% off anon, what are you waiting for?[View]
519905397I'm real James. Real as you could ever be.[View]
519905846>Enemy Jungle Yi >Lose[View]
519901576what was your face when you finally realized Tifa was a word play on tit-fuck[View]
519903609I just found out the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles remake won't have any local multiplayer:…[View]
519903260How long does dell shipping take? I ordered a laptop on Saturday and it says confirmed but not yet s…[View]
519904215revive an old or stagnant genre: >ITT: post a genre that is dead and pitch an idea on what a game…[View]
519902635>fantasy game without a hint of mediterranean influence >uses creatures from Greek mythology…[View]
519852878Replaying the Halos and the first half of Halo 3 is fucking boring. I really hate Bungie's rend…[View]
519905831I love my wife Setsuka[View]
519902446post comfy vidya music[View]
5198941042020...i am not remembered...[View]
519903510No but seriously, why was the baby black?[View]
519884147How did it sell so many copies?: Is this really credible?[View]
519841993Devil May Cry: Now that DMCV revived the series, what are your expectations for DMC6? Should it cont…[View]
519893623Are you releived to see the mobile game fad come and go not becoming the supposed apocalypse of trad…[View]
519903930'Don't mind me bro, just pirating this bread.'[View]
519903603bought a new pc with a nice graphics card (2070 super) i dont know what games to play on it i dont w…[View]
519892113does anyone else feel like ALttP just has that quintessential Zelda feel? its hard to explain, but s…[View]
519904587Fantasy Strike: Went free-to-play recently and I am having a lot of fun so far. Big plus that every …[View]
519904621Scam: Is this the biggest scam in gaming history?[View]
519902365Help me write my vidya homework: Hello, I am playing through darksiders 3 again after bouncing off o…[View]
519888351Who did you play as in WCW/NWO Revenge?: As a kid, this was my favorite wrestling game, but I didn…[View]
519902769Would you play the darkness 3?[View]
519903057Bros I've been marathoning through Yakuza, so far I'd rate the games 0>K2>4>3>…[View]
519900256Someone please recommend a real rpg. Just played pic related and need to cleanse my mind of this sac…[View]
519903395why is this game so comfy[View]
519899324Why did liberals ruin The Last of Us 2?[View]
519903119Are you guys playing game of the current and past decade?: You arent REALLY wasting your time on mov…[View]
519852524Times /v/ had to cope: >B-b-but hate sell bad!!!1 The studio behind Hatred is still around develo…[View]
519887708what's the BEST experience you ever had in a videogame?[View]
519898713Steam Avatar Thread: Post em, rate em, hate em.[View]
519865965carfu: for me, its the 350z[View]
519903418You want fun?[View]
519862791BLIZZARD NERFED C'THUN FOR CLASSIC: Got to make it so casual can compete in a raid after all. N…[View]
519901492Any good point and click games?: looking for good point and click games after playing pic related, a…[View]
519886068Little Witch Nobeta: What happened to our little witch Nobeta?[View]
519904051HA HII GOTCHA[View]
519896408Sony Wants PS5 to Be the Best Place to Play: Targeting Hardcore Players: >Around a year ago, Sony…[View]
519897782How do you organize your inventory, /v/?[View]
519898949QUICK /v/!!!!! We're only TWELVE hours away from the last 5 characters being revealed for SFV! …[View]
519899887I found Rom today, I’m very unhappy right now.: I don't believe this guy. This is unbelievable.…[View]
519897331>starts 'developing' game over 6 years ago >hasn't learned proper coding and game impleme…[View]
519903430Banana Thread: The Sheikah and Yiga interplay was sorely neglected and disappointing.[View]
519900527Are there any games that do aliens well?[View]
519898114Have you finished getting 100% yet[View]
519898357Hub based world >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Open world[View]
519900907What were they thinking?[View]
519902946The Great Debate.[View]
519901243>first grade >recess >kid reveals there's a secret Team Mario in Sonic Heroes >he f…[View]
519899726Nintendo Cinematic Universe: Would you want a Nintendo Cinematic Universe? >Pikachu, I'm her…[View]
519900468>be raider >see person in power armor with a nuke launcer >shoot him with my pipe pistol …[View]
519900139did you play during the free period?[View]
519902706>game calls itself a military-sim >Ballistic armour is made of paper Have you ever seen how fu…[View]
519899235tf2 thread: >start up tf2 >join swiftwater >hear this https://voca.ro/agDeVm1rsml tf2 threa…[View]
519890198What are some good wizard games?[View]
519884329>bigfoot isn't rea-[View]
519880293Give me ONE (1) valid criticism of this game that isn't 'lol hallways'[View]
519878870is this a good game?[View]
519899706Alright.It was a good run, but I finally hit a puzzle I'm just totally clueless on. Any small h…[View]
519902298How do I make vidya friends?: Hey guys. I'm a lonely bastard that lives by himself and doesn…[View]
519893491Wtf, Mario does that?![View]
519902434>game has an enormous amount of potential but not much else What are some other games like this?…[View]
519897675>ITT: Favorite vidya villains[View]
519902397>make a 'game' with no enemies, no difficulty, and no fail state >slap kojimbo's name on …[View]
519879072Filename thread[View]
519894907Why do horror games suck[View]
519900408So this is getting released on pc in a few days How long should it take for decent mods to arrive? I…[View]
519901869A-an emulator..? Playing new Nintendo gaMES AT 4K 60+ FPS?!?? AHHHHHHH FUCK IM GOING INSANE AHHHHHHH…[View]
519901983A detective, Really? Well nice talkin to ya[View]
519899038Have you beaten any high scores lately, /v/?[View]
519902013ITT: games that are near impossible to play today[View]
519897205where did the land come from how are there mountains are there tectonic plates where did the water c…[View]
519901831What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
519901873Why doesn't your gay little console/PC have a officially licensed american corhole league game,…[View]
519901229>'the bosses are good' WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE KEEP LYING ABOUT THIS?! >their fights are al…[View]
519900857Post your gaming stance.[View]
519882075What are my choices these days for a decent tactical shooter?[View]
519901159this is the greatest controller of all time[View]
519899215Whats the game that filled the void in your life?[View]
519896606will we live to see it released?[View]
519873967Comfy Switch Thread: What are you enjoying on your Switch /v/? All the Doom games are 50% off on the…[View]
519830424Random vidya screenshots thread[View]
519896603Alright guys, I play a lot of Animal Crossing & Chevre is leaving tomorrow, who should I get aft…[View]
519900763So after Elden Ring do you think fromsoft will finally just make a god damn Berserk game with soundt…[View]
519898387why does Insomniac no where near get talked about as much as Naughty Dog on /v/?[View]
519899459Anyone on /v/ having some chill Demon's Souls invasions/summonings?[View]
519895146recommend games: i just got a computer for gaming recommend some top tier vidya yall nogs[View]
519899364ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself. For me it's Nagito Komaeda - intelligent, nihilist…[View]
519898156Underrail: >Make character >Can't kill anything >manage to get completely lost before …[View]
519894551Halo Reach: Kino[View]
519889954>February 2nd, 2021 >Cyberpunk 2077 released to 9/10 reviews but a storm of controversy due to…[View]
519900519Your Most Relevant Inquiries; Social: Examples.. >The best methods of feeling happy (such as unto…[View]
519887807>/v/ says you only need 16 GB of RAM for muh PC mustard race >almost every game being released…[View]
519894382You never rage quit, right anon?[View]
519874843Is gameplay really the only thing that matters in videogames?: Is gameplay really the only thing tha…[View]
519899291>can feel the itch to redownload it coming back help me bros[View]
519879972Will it ever be topped, /v/? Another generation is coming, and thousands of devs will again try to a…[View]
519891241This game is really scary but good: What does /v/ think of it and other new boomer shooters[View]
519896281What is his persona /v/?[View]
519889281>character dies why do devs do this?[View]
519900269based: gmod[View]
519898241Dota 2 League migration: Why did you quit Dota 2 and swap to League? Was there a specific reason or …[View]
519897010What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
519898505CYBERPUNK 2077: This game will be a game changer. An entire franchise spanning from videogames to sh…[View]
519899964Has a notorious member of a community ever ruined anything for you? For me it's Vien Quitomne o…[View]
519880168The holy trinity of FPS.[View]
519883830Silent Hill is going to be a timed exclusive. Reveal is in September along with a new SOCOM and a bu…[View]
519897235anyone been playing multiplayer games like the joker lately? by this I mean being a troll and genera…[View]
519899169>Chinks have better taste in games than the average American[View]
519899393I wish there was a witch mmo with unique spell crafting, vast open world and player driven economy, …[View]
519899648>HEY BALLMER[View]
519894265PS Triple general: What were some of your favorite PS Triple games?[View]
519899472Othercide: Whos playing? Got owned by the 5th boss time to restart.[View]
519896673FOR THE GLORY OF NOHR[View]
519897274space engine: Anyone still play Space Engine?[View]
519899203Was he still your buddy /v/? Even after all he did?[View]
519853329>VR is a mem-[View]
519893921What if it doesnt sell well ? what would Snoys reaction be ?[View]
519891548How do we fix modern Sonic?[View]
519861025Unpopular opinion thread: Post em[View]
519892732Mario is sad[View]
519892852I see you niggas dunking on vidya critics all the time but I doubt any of you can even properly revi…[View]
519897985MY NAME IS[View]
519891254RIP Skip LTD.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3GYalud1yc[View]
519898901>started hearing the ringing last night[View]
519898178Does /v/ wear their glasses while playing games?[View]
519897535Why are they not making more Warhammer 40k games like this?[View]
519880489Fall Guys: How do you like Takeshi’s Castle Battle Royale?[View]
519895402Hey guys, so I'm kind've out of my comfort zone with this but if you believe in something,…[View]
519898323Rean if he real[View]
519890987>coop mode >final boss is both player[View]
519897614Games which drop unexpected truth bombs?[View]
519897536EVE online or Elite Dangerous: I want a game that allows me to play solo, harvest and haul different…[View]
519897282Is this the only game that basically everyone on /v/ likes?[View]
519897231On sale for two and a half bucks. Worth it? I heard heavy armor and shield is viable in this which h…[View]
519898031CHECK THIS OUT[View]
519895023MOTHER FUCK YEAH[View]
519890068if you flip the M in Mario, it says Wario.[View]
519885823>Games that desperately need an HD remake in this day and age.[View]
519894618Did you buy her game, /v/?[View]
519889360Why is PlayStation so popular in Latin America?: What about Nintendo?[View]
519886978Tell me you are not excited for this game. https://youtu.be/gESYyh_tsGA?t=122[View]
519889608How successful would her rule be?[View]
519849921Thread Stranding: Discuss.[View]
519893647August 5th 2020...I am forgotten[View]
519892612Steam Games Fix: Many users are complaining about issues with their steam library games requiring th…[View]
519891110Halo monkey thread: >fuck jannies[View]
519897257Has anyone here played the multiplayer in Stalker CoP? What was it like?[View]
519890035>new cod update comes out >100s of gb again >even on my own router the internet speeds are …[View]
519890043Ace Combat: The SU-57.[View]
519884780Is Danganronpa good for you?[View]
519894406>play healer >someone asks for heals >don't heal them…[View]
519895843>i told you already anon, no holding hands until we get married, please be patient!…[View]
519891417Why won't we ever get another Dino Crisis game? A game with today's technology would be re…[View]
519886706What if PC gaming didn't exist? A world where only consoles are videogames.[View]
519894138This stupid fairy just stole my fucking wallet while i wasn't looking, i hope the popo catches …[View]
519896812>free online multiplayer >games compatible with phones/tablets >100+ games for $10 a month…[View]
519896070controversial opinion >343 should have spent all the resources, man power and time that they used…[View]
519896637The great debate[View]
519878872FUCK drm.[View]
519895729Their map only lets me play on their server and when i load this shit it crashes my gmod. Any ways a…[View]
519888374Caption this, /v/[View]
519893737Was thinking of streaming games in my Steam catalog on YouTube. Would you watch someone stream games…[View]
519876103AVENGERS PlayStation exclusive ALSO include LEGENDARY rewards, events, early cosmetics access: >F…[View]
519887013Does this game still hold up?[View]
519862001https://twitter.com/MatttGFX/status/1290756947076157450?s=20 oh no no no no no not again bros![View]
519885923>in thread about childhood vidyas >talk about my favorite childhood vidyas >all of a sudden…[View]
519893314>I'm going for the toblerone[View]
519895672how can japanese fighting games even compete? seriously, the amount of content and customization is …[View]
519887685What's with the recent trend of armpit-focused video game characters lately?[View]
519893113are any of the games after 1 any good?[View]
519889761Has there ever been an MMORPG that isn’t over complicated or a waste of time? I’ve tried a lot of th…[View]
519880354>start game >she's 16 and not a mommy Dropped…[View]
519895717What are some games made by schizophrenics ? How much do they actually differ from other games ?[View]
519891556i'm thinking about spy fox right now bros[View]
519895651Zelda leaks >No Joke BOTW2 full title will actually be “Legend of Zelda: The Sequel to Breath of …[View]
519882551NEW stage added to smash ultimate: Small battlefield Small battletfield https://twitter.com/smashbro…[View]
519890861Are we still pretending this isn't peak Fire Emblem?[View]
519891298Arcade sticks: What's the /v/erdict. Are the based or goyim traps[View]
519894676>https://blog.mangagamer.org/2020/08/04/bokuten-back-on-steam/ That VN that Valve pulled from Ste…[View]
519895504Amuse me /v/: Vehemently defend 1 game you like as mean as possible. Mario 64 sucks Toy Story 2…[View]
519882407I want one, so I will buy one.[View]
519877065What the fuck is all the hype about? Just looks like Japanese Asscreed to me.[View]
519890878Official laugh at smeleefag thread: a fucking update that added a reskin of pokemon stadium 2 has cr…[View]
519895409Leave Naughty Dog to me[View]
519889754heya anon[View]
519894991What's the verdict on Battle Brothers? It's unnecessarily hard, and I can't stop play…[View]
519877674What is the biggest disappointment you had with a game that you got recommended from here? This game…[View]
519861859Fuck all people triggered about Joel dying, this is the most disrespectful way a developer has ever …[View]
519889170Thinking of killing myself, but first, I want to get really good at street fighter II to see if that…[View]
519893568Why does the PS5 look like an AC unit?[View]
519883075New Halo Infinite Soundtrack Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gESYyh_tsGA[View]
519894435He is the Game Dude He is so rude[View]
519883324Why can I only find enjoyment in roleplaying games like Skyrim and New Vegas? Any other kind of game…[View]
519894772Why are NIS female characters always so attractive?[View]
519892535>updating a controller what the fuck lol[View]
519894665Company of Heroes 2: How do I get good at this game? Everyone is raping me online.[View]
519894639I'm sick and tired of these competitive games that die in a week or a year at most. When will d…[View]
519885427What went right?[View]
519885573Why are gamers so entitled? Just because you bought the game doesn't meant you deserve to play …[View]
519892331Why do long time Atelier fans hate this game so much?[View]
519872285This is the most manufactured controversy in the history of video games.[View]
519892529How do I get good?[View]
519894268Smash: >Still no mounted unit Fire Emblem rep post yfw you realized that there would be a 9th Fir…[View]
519891761Is this game actually worth all the hype? To me it just looks like ancient Nip version of Assassin…[View]
519886931As a 20+ year Sonic fan this game was one hell of a treat. I haven't been this excited and sati…[View]
519894074Ummm: What the fuck is happening to my 3DS?[View]
519890269Why are there no serial killer games? Too controversial?[View]
519819926/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday >consoletan.booru.org >consoletans.neocities.org/ >flockmod.com…[View]
519888626Man, this is a nice car! Gauges, shifter, wheels...Is this all for show, or is there something more …[View]
519893713Any cuckqueen games?[View]
519780256BLACK LUNG[View]
519893186ITT: It's 2007 /v/ woah, Halo 3 is looking fucking dope guys[View]
519892980I HAVE NO MONEY[View]
519893408Best monitor for fps gaming?: Building a new gaming PC for $1800 and wanting a monitor to go with it…[View]
519892000Tired of the current state of western games? Want to go back when games were FUN and SOUL? This and …[View]
519886442When the fuck are they going to complete this trilogy? These were both fantastic.[View]
519890052Should I play the original Darks Souls or the remastered?[View]
519883946Name one (1) game with a better ending this generation. You can't.[View]
519893250Why: Why cheaters spam their discord server in the chat, like damn I lost to them 16-3 I am not gonn…[View]
519893241Unionically the only games that make me happy nowadays.[View]
519889529Why is it so boring bros?[View]
519892806I don't have the drive to make my dream game from scratch. How much would it cost to get someon…[View]
519887630Starfield news soon? Think it'll be out by the end of the year? Todd says he likes to release g…[View]
519882845Street Fighter Champion Edition Summer Update: So who's ready for there reveals.[View]
519882650Now that the dust has settled, who was the real winner?[View]
519886027>Murder mystery >Travel back in time to solve own murder >Multiple paths to different endin…[View]
519886750FIRE EMBLEM[View]
519887436Is this worth playing ? Got it a while back but never got around to it .[View]
519874883I don't get it, why do zoomers love these kind of games that practically require you to use the…[View]
519884878The GOAT PS2 Fighter[View]
519890018Anyone working on any indie games.[View]
519834718Star citizen comunity in 2030[View]
519891080Smash Bros. Ultimate: Nintendo really thought they could redeem themselves with the latest patch? Th…[View]
519889174Bloodborne is a good ga-[View]
519880486>barely 1 year old >already 80% off give me the quickrundown, what went so wrong?…[View]
519891296If SMT5 sells well, could we reasonably expect a Devil Survivor 3 in the future?[View]
519849805Strategy/RTS: we had a cool thread before, how about another one[View]
519891537Games with insanely based protagonists?[View]
519883560HOLY FUCKING SHIT About time. Try out those 1 v 1s, lads.[View]
519891027Lamp oil? rope? bombs? You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.[View]
519891271The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it that you fear? The end of your trivial e…[View]
519821632Love Letter has a new protagonist: Due to the autistic landwhale that designed bow-chan leaving deve…[View]
519890398Are there any other good 'puzzle' shooters like Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga? I played some Cave sh…[View]
519887105Characters that are literally and figuratively you: Pic related[View]
519891015>Every character has their own victory theme SOUL[View]
519889180which one goes first, /v/?[View]
519890858>Achievement Unlocked: Complete the first level ><10% of players have this achievement…[View]
519888567been a ng fan since black on the og xbox finally gave this a try and honestly its not awful its jus…[View]
519849480Well, /v/?[View]
519869792ITT: New-school games that aren't half-bad.[View]
519890572>Can't start new vidya games with a good story because I don't have fun with them anymo…[View]
519883446why is /v/ so bad at me?[View]
519890447GAE BOLG[View]
519871578scumbag devs? Paying for a product and then be condescending when their product isnt working. fall g…[View]
519881750FIGHT ME, DILWEED[View]
519882817okay but who's the mom[View]
519890203I will post this everyday until E3 returns I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be video…[View]
519889952ITT: PEAK character design.[View]
519868902What if Zelda was a girl?[View]
519840358is Lucina a sex symbol?[View]
519889928games not showing up in Steam: So I bought a bunch of cheap shit in Steam but the majority of the ga…[View]
519890259>engineers will defend this[View]
519888472>final boss is the love interest[View]
519887571a game from 1993 has monsters able to infight with each other. why cant most modern games have this?[View]
519890021If I don't give a shit about how this is 'different' from older AC games and just want a good a…[View]
519885474>buy videogame >it has to install an update of 5 gb before playing it how do we fix videogames…[View]
519889542>Fire: Axe >Water: Whip >Thunder: Spear >Earth: Shield >Wind: Bow >Ice: Claws >…[View]
519887037>I just wanted to torture orphans to death in my monster laboratory >I didn't mean to des…[View]
519866345>get killed by some faggot >this cunt shows up unironically what were they thinking…[View]
519888126Choose what achievement I should be going for next! Also CK2 thread I guess.[View]
519888712What are your favorites NPCs in games, no matter the reason This girl from hitman actually tried to …[View]
519881971Apocalypse vidja themes: Since it seems the end is near post your vidja theme for the apocalypse : h…[View]
519872223Can we get an Resident Evil thread?[View]
519889564Stealth Games: Do checkpoints belong in stealth games?[View]
519878887Who is the strongest vidya character without powers[View]
519866652Why aren't you playing the new Paladins season?[View]
519889216Bros....the soul....THE SOUL....THE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6…[View]
519887339>work for activision-blizzard >put in extra hours off the clock to ensure the product is the b…[View]
519887442What do you think are the best games that enable your creativity?[View]
519885727How do you make Vydia friends?[View]
519878682Will this be GOTY?[View]
519889073Will their fall be faster and greater than their rise?[View]
519887751NEW SMASH LEAKS: Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Fighter ''leaks'' August 2020 >looks…[View]
519877990>game gets annouced >metallica soundtrack >tacticool + milsim aesthetic >realistic, 'boo…[View]
519886960This is the best gun in the game and worth a lot of money.[View]
519887475We are all capable of rendering a horrendous death unto someone who has wronged us badly enough. If …[View]
519835268Is it good?[View]
519887464What is your experience with video game companies customer support?[View]
519882983Pokegirls: Does Mary like Sonia as a friend?[View]
519888228Why does every faggot Starcraft pro pick Zerg?[View]
51988297375% off eshop for $15. Worth buying on Switch or is it deadgaem?[View]
519884749>NOOOOOOO YOU CANT PIRATE YOUR GAME WHAT ABOUT THE DEVELOPERINO >A 15 year-old kid who teaches…[View]
519883260Just catched Groundhog Day here on SNES in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more …[View]
519886292Wait a minute..[View]
519888284Anyone else play this?[View]
519886724So I finally decided to see what all the hype is about, and.... a light attack, a heavy attack, and …[View]
519887390>came out two months ago >still the most talked about game on /v/ How did Naughty Dog pull it …[View]
519881416What's the appeal of turn-based jrpgs? You're not playing a game, you're scrolling th…[View]
519887985Alright bros, Lara thread. Post about any Lara, talk about any Lara, whatever you want. All Laras ar…[View]
519886463Is Second Life worth a shit?[View]
519887056VNchads are there any other VNs as good as MLA, Rewrite, Tsukihime,Cross Channel or Sekien no Ingano…[View]
519878807How the fuck were people of 1996 supposed to know to go into the volcano to get the last 2 stars? Ju…[View]
519887681>game has a customizable armor system[View]
519887689post a random screenshot of a game that doesn't show what it is. Have others guess what game it…[View]
519887478He's in[View]
519875260Will these two along with Twinrova ever be used again for future Zelda games? It was nice to fight n…[View]
519887189https://youtu.be/2KCtXJUekyo Thoughts?[View]
519884226God this is fucking useless[View]
519858334I just finished Tales from the Borderlands and now I miss everyone, and especially her.[View]
519885015That means he's in right?[View]
519885631>Can be played in any order. >Fun effort in trying to gain access of them. >Epic presentati…[View]
519887061Well /v/?[View]
519887264Wealth beyond measure, outlander.[View]
519887226Ultimate Build... home...[View]
519887203Now that Ace Attorney is all but confirmed dead, what were your favorite moments from the series?[View]
519886614>Bought Blasphemous three days ago >Enjoying it a lot >Go to play some more today >Press…[View]
519887136Any Coroner Games?: I see that surgery games are a booming genre. But are there any games where you …[View]
519879628>complains about Abby’s body in TLOU2 >praises Samus Aran’s body in the non-anime Metroid game…[View]
519876131Is Armstrong achievable natty?[View]
519886709WHAT THE FUCK[View]
519886005I miss these girls like you wouldn't believe...[View]
519885272>metroid prime 4 was announced 3 years ago[View]
519881549Fall Guys launch: Was watching this launch with some interest because a cross between Mario Party an…[View]
519880203Eiyuu Senki Gold: She cute[View]
519886609Thought's on Heart of Deimos update for Warframe?[View]
519883853>hating a platform because you can’t afford to pay 60 bucks (optional) a year Its literally just…[View]
519884851ITT: games only you played[View]
519877758Who is the best grappler in any fighting game?[View]
519849120best game in its genre: >10/10 sountrack >10/10 world >10/10 characters/dialogue way better…[View]
519886656Small Battlefield :)[View]
519884325I know we normally shit on early access games, but holy shit this is great! Satisfactory thread[View]
519793148/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>519734347 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
519885365MiRoRs ArE MoRe FuN tHeN tElEvIsIoN[View]
519883096Ah yes 'Mass Effect Remastered' We have dismissed these claims[View]
519886063Literally the best castlevania[View]
519886274He just remade the same game 3 times[View]
519884162Smash Ultimate: ITS HAPPENING[View]
519883835How do I beat Harry?[View]
519885994> New update > You can make the battlefields and FD play any music you want What are your top …[View]
519885686Nintendo Leak: With the expectations being so high recently and to make people not too disappointed …[View]
519885825Was she right?[View]
519866950Is Kamiya the greatest game director?[View]
519883012ah yes. Finally. Thank you game. You managed to be good for almost 30 hours before disgusting me. Co…[View]
519883880> Tiny battlefield added to Smash Cool? I guess? https://twitter.com/Sora_Sakurai/status/12908209…[View]
519871089Rimworld: Everyone gives shit to yandered dev for being arrogant and not knowing how to code, but I …[View]
519883815Got to the third act of DQXI and I lost to Calasmos. My party is all in the early 50’s and I have no…[View]
519862872Smash 4: Holy shit, I can't think of a game that hasn't become more obsolete than smash4, …[View]
519885579God, its so Good bros.: Like sex.[View]
519882020Your Turn to Die/Kimi Ga Shine: https://twitter.com/nannkizum/status/1290597729152843776 is it final…[View]
519841230ITT surprisingly fun multiplayers: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for me[View]
519879116Anyone else buying this?[View]
519865829DMC: How the fuck do you play this character?[View]
519884950Let's pour one out for the OG: With Small Battlefield being better than Smashville in every way…[View]
519879085So apparently Bethesada games are not working on Steam right now[View]
519883928Vib Ribbon Thread: Let's talk about Vib Ribbon and Vibri[View]
519884167>every 'choice' is just pick the right one or something bad will happen and characters die So am …[View]
519881945Shantae is getting WIDER.: And thats a good thing[View]
519885170>shit ton of ammo and supplies on the ground >can't hold more than 18 magnum rounds When …[View]
519872413ITT: Underrated boss themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqOuriaLTC8[View]
519885093In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Anita Sarkeesian's famous motto, 'Everythi…[View]
519880664>game asks me to swim into a dark pool of sharks Have you ever just noped out of a video game?…[View]
519881020Choose what achievement I should be going for next! Also CK2 thread I guess.[View]
519882014Cloud loves Tifa[View]
519879375Nintendo Direct leak: Very very soon, > Nintendo Switch 4K, releases this fall, can output games…[View]
519884921Wow...WOW!! This is all you really have to say about how shitty the next gen will be??...This is lit…[View]
519877893BRUH fuck the dumb ass team egg game and the team games in general every time i get a fucking team g…[View]
519881792You can not miss What you have never seen before But deep inside you know There must be more[View]
519879248>This review >Still a 4/5 https://www.theguardian.com/games/2020/aug/04/paper-mario-the-origam…[View]
519884737Why is San Andreas so comfy?[View]
519881279Can my toaster run Death Stranding? My specs are: Radeon RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB AMD Ryzen 5 1600…[View]
519884443Mario. With a gun. That shoots actual bullets instead of corks and blows people the fuck away.[View]
519882342It wasnt that bad[View]
519884591Could Tifa Lockhart beat up your waifu?[View]
519884092Am I missing something? I'm playing this game through PSNow but literally none of the content i…[View]
519883469He literally did nothing wrong[View]
519876553Name a better h-game. Please.[View]
519884372>this game >4 playable character >Sticker Star, Color Splash AND Origami King >1 playabl…[View]
519884270>Game is happy go lucky >Notice it has a mature rating…[View]
519881591Why did they bother to record this in English if they planned on censoring it? https://youtu.be/fBj3…[View]
519881759Literally and unironically the best American video game company[View]
519821162>Ronin outfit >Parries and dodges only >No bow, no ghost tools/weapons, no stealth >No h…[View]
519880830These niggers have an investors meeting in 2 days with zero games releasing the rest of the year. Wh…[View]
519882348now that all the rpg nerds are gone lets talk about call of duty[View]
519884093Videogame Creations: ITT: Post your favourite videogame creations. Any characters or buildings etc. …[View]
519884040*turns your matches into long range plinking*[View]
519860849Warhammer 40k DarkTide: What are the chances we'll get a Sororitas as a playable option in Dark…[View]
519879207What’s a game with unused content that you wished it was used, /v/? I’ll start, there are 2 dungeons…[View]
519883750So, did they cancel it again? It has been almost two years since Level-5 announced it was being resu…[View]
519873649FF14 will never be the cultural phenomenon that WoW is or ever was[View]
519882207I report every player with 'TTV' in their name, regardless of the game or if they did anyt…[View]
519883790>he emulates his retro games[View]
519878901ITT: high test[View]
519879598Will Trent Reznor ever score another videa game?[View]
519880751Is there any way I can play the original CE PC single player outside of using MCC? Basically what’s …[View]
519882981>here's that Nintendo 6 or something you wanted so much, anon![View]
519881514Are there any vidya characters you just want to give a hug?[View]
519870687daily reminder it was just a demo and it will look next gen on release in a few months.[View]
519881782Anyone playing modern Shandalar? It's fun, tho I've been playing for 15 minutes and 2 wiza…[View]
519880595negative dynamic difficulty: >you are bad, the more you die the harder the game gets >you are …[View]
519883543>Persona 5 runs perfectly fine without even touching the settings >RPCS3 'Hey man u shud updat…[View]
519883493Pro-life vs Pro-abortion: Which side do you choose, /v/?[View]
519880247Old freeware games thread? Did any of you guys used to play YSFlight? It still gets updates: http://…[View]
519883486Nidale Has Always Been My Favorite Champ. Enjoy the background![View]
519880956Do you like any indie games that nobody knows about? Shill me on them.[View]
519882315>38 revolver >most powerful pistol in the game…[View]
519882264League of Legends is absolute garbage: This game doesn't reward skill the slightest. Point clic…[View]
519882612>Game creators allow the fanbase to choose their next project twitter.com/YuGiOh_TCG/status/12907…[View]
519883150Why is TF2 filled with so many normalfags now?[View]
519883179The Su-57.[View]
519881257>final dungeon is the first area in the game a thousand years later[View]
519871852/v/ writes the plot for a smash bros story mode, one post+image at a time: Previous thread:https://a…[View]
519876081>protagonist has a MIGHTY NEED[View]
519881623Hello, I am an unbalanced, overpowered mess of a character, please use me.[View]
519880371WHY IS THIS VIDEOGAME SO UNNERVING GODDAMMIT!! the hauntings in my apartment are making me lose it N…[View]
519858027What made the Dark souls community so cancerous?[View]
519880153Did anyone here actually buy the Steam Link and/or Controller? What are your thoughts on it? I bough…[View]
519882872What are some games like this? I like the exploration and how non-linear storytelling where everybit…[View]
519853025It's embarrassing how many people think this game was about revenge and not forgivenes. It…[View]
519864928What do you think when you see this character?[View]
519879836Based Villains: What games have based villains? What villains would you side with if given the chanc…[View]
519876717>Sony bought Spider-Man >Microsoft buying Batman Who will Nintendo buy?…[View]
519873496I finally got a 4k tv! What are some good looking PS4 Pro compatible games?[View]
519882654stop buying western games[View]
519875229Play the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion right now[View]
519881239>for GTA V, we need a balding, unpredictable psychopath with a drug problem to drag his reluctant…[View]
519856251Is scalping unethical? Note that scalping specifically refers to buying up all of something to creat…[View]
519882516imagine a level where you enter a girl's dressing room, ha ha[View]
519882429Buyfag Thread: Last thread went great, let's keep it vidya. All merch and figs welcome[View]
519882070>Hideous designs >Mostly shitty launch titles >Learned virtually NOTHING from the last gene…[View]
519876203>Miyazaki hates Demon's Souls >Bluepoint remakes it and it becomes the best game in the f…[View]
519880667Post video games with rabbit characters in them[View]
519882136Whats your opinion on Bigfoot?[View]
519882076>BUM >BUM >BUM >CHA-CHA…[View]
519879649Why are horror games shit now?[View]
519881519K I N O!!![View]
519881876Vidya Recommendation Thread: A thread to recommend some thirsty anons some games. Describe what you…[View]
519881820roblox gives u brain cancer: hello! i am just here to say that if u go on roblox if might get brain …[View]
519871359Books Naughty dog should adapt to video games: Post em.[View]
519881735Name a better mecha game[View]
519878551Justify this.[View]
519875853>here's your 35th anniversary game bro![View]
519881632Sarynfags get the boot Valkyrniggers, go home[View]
519880303Royal vs Golden?[View]
519875020ITT: post criminally overlooked games[View]
519881550But did anyone notice monke makes sparks when bashed in the face?[View]
519877468What is the appeal of Valorant? Why do people play this game instead of other shooters?[View]
519881508*kills your Nintendo handheld by turning it into soccer mom tablet*[View]
519881507stop buying western games[View]
519876540Bethesda nonsense: What the fuck, why do I need to buy Morrowind again?[View]
519876076Why were Joker and Akechi so obsessed with each other?[View]
519881309There will never be a more cozy game than this masterpiece. Why the FUCK are you not playing it onli…[View]
519881339Excuse me? Based department?[View]
519879584>I am forgotten >becomes a Musou character Xbox had one job to announce and fucked up.…[View]
519880594is replaying a game a second time more fun or is that just a meme? >wanna replay pic related but …[View]
519881227well? is this the best zelda game?[View]
519874879How did Kojima get away with this?[View]
519813502Are you a simmer?[View]
519869938Post the most forgettable game in its series.[View]
519877050She didn’t deserve all of this bros ;-;[View]
519880902Why did it succeed?[View]
519880963San Andreas Research: Daily Reminder San Andreas myths are real >Sharks https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
519878439i miss him bros..[View]
519868579.......................................we're sorry.............................................…[View]
519872743Pokken: The free trial is ending soon, did you give it a shot? You didn't just shitpost all day…[View]
519880692Lost Soul Aside: One Chinese person is developing this action RPG exclusively for PlayStation and wi…[View]
519880810How do I beat this retard: Okay this game is much harder on expert mode, and i’m learning that the h…[View]
519879428Metal... gear?[View]
519880783So when does this game get fun?[View]
519879830-: GALICK GUN!!![View]
519861536What's that 6/10 game you played the shit out of /v/?[View]
519880647I'll drown you fools for interfering![View]
519877403alright /v/ how does one git gud at this game?[View]
519880552What's your favorite Dragon Quest game /v/ and why?[View]
519871137There will never be a sequel/spinoff/whatever.[View]
519879386ITT: Pokémon with random video game characters.[View]
519815250>arena shooters are d-[View]
519814391This is Mega Man in 2020.[View]
519874932this fucking NIGGER can't die once he gets what he needs. He's unkillable late game. FUCK …[View]
519880453Yeah it really did feel like this at the time.[View]
519879153>Time, dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again?[View]
519877084This guy gets laid more than you do[View]
519879657How would you rank the stealth vidya series /v/?[View]
519875653Still thinking about those ripped pants[View]
519869962-: God I love playing as female characters.[View]
519860284Spiderman crybabies: Funny watching people cry that spiderman won't be on xbox and PC. Even mor…[View]
519880012>I wish to formally adopt you as my son Uncle...[View]
519879605What games were you able to finish because of Corona?[View]
519776675Vidya robot thread: Post your favorite video game metallic babes.[View]
519877519why do developers think blur is a good idea in games? if i wanted blur i would smear vaseline over m…[View]
519876850Donkey Kong Thread: What's your favorite DK game and character?[View]
519879228Paul Rudd dressed as Kiryu: Paul Rudd dressed as Kiryu[View]
519875527>ashigaru no yari ni gozaimasu![View]
519879583Kharak is burning[View]
519878568is this actually good gaym or theyve given it 10/10 automatically because its riding the name fame l…[View]
519879789Dragalia Lost master kai yan Grace's POV: https://youtu.be/zGFs4RglDjU Dragalia Lost master kai…[View]
519876080Has anyone on this board played this shit game?[View]
519875726Pc help: Sold my Xbox one x and built a pc, but I’m having a bit of an issue. My tv is a 2020 Samsun…[View]
519879103Lets settle this. Who was the better show runner and why?[View]
519875313*Blocks your path*: When did you take the Raspberry Pi Pill?[View]
519879519American McGee’s Alice: please play her game https://youtu.be/7rHMYP4uCFk[View]
519868603>xbox controllers[View]
519871358Why does every 'futuristic forcefield' look exactly the same? Transparent, slightly blue hexagonal p…[View]
519876795Videogame obscure facts: The Cyberpunk 2077's protagonist is named V, after the infamous imageb…[View]
519876785will nintendo ever make a new console without any gimmicks ie all their shit pre wii? If not what ty…[View]
519879313Tell me about the games you've been playing, /v/. How many are you playing? Are you juggling a …[View]
519879182>poor-man's star citizen will you agree?[View]
519879139A Stalinist game?: Any video game where stalin is painted in a good light?[View]
519875054ITT: Pictures that didn't aged well[View]
519876000>generates billions through successful franchises >still doesn't fix their shitty servers…[View]
519874073So is this game gonna be any good /v/, or is it gonna be another shitty early access survival game l…[View]
519872320Why there are no mech battle arenas like Gundam on PC? this genre is gold for online play and yet we…[View]
519875575you hear it, you lose[View]
519872102I did not care for mass effect[View]
519878725wow! best value in gaming[View]
519877107Peach Daisy Rosalina Thread: Peach. Daisy. Rosalina.[View]
519877612Hypothetically, how likely would it be to get caught using the oman archives when making an emulator…[View]
519875848Tfw fuck up builds in most games, unless copying from some guide.[View]
519877656>It's a monster house![View]
519876652Definitive Gaming Experiences[View]
519867475Name a better video game story. Hardmode: No isometric old school RPG[View]
519878479what did he said in the end to arcia?[View]
519874931He's coming tomorrow, are you ready anons?[View]
519867774When will he be revived in video games?[View]
519877938how do we recover ninja bros? The samurai games are getting more love lately[View]
519872562Original or Lite for handheld vidya /v/? Probably won’t be using it on my TV much (OLED) as the mult…[View]
519844031Sonic Forces: Last day of the event, what level did you get them too? I'm at 9 for both, might …[View]
519873659ITT: we pay respects[View]
519877373anyone else getting more excited for this game? the new character looks sick and im interested to se…[View]
519820648Why is Majora's Mask often considered the best Zelda game? On any poll or list it usually makes…[View]
519875330Lets talk about San Andreas myths.[View]
519874269>*destroys next gen consoles* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCPufeQmFJk…[View]
519862112Why were there no spiders in 2 Remake?[View]
519874248Legendary game creator and mega man creator kenji inafune has now hired you to run hsi new kickstart…[View]
519877002Adventurer Raids 2: >start in 769 >aadventurer raids >aaadventurer raids >aadventurer ra…[View]
519875321Admit it. You had no idea who he was before Smash.[View]
519875262>release a niche game last year >2020 >sequel announced >life-size statue announced >…[View]
519877613Biblioteca pleyades game ideas: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_typologies02.htm…[View]
519874874I hate this little cocksucker like you wouldn't believe[View]
519871436I enjoy learning about videogames, the history of videogames, the mechanics of certain videogames, w…[View]
519875668Holy shit they did it /v/ros[View]
519875904This is Chun-Li. Say something nice about the First Lady of Fighting Games.[View]
519834229Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation: Index? More like In-debt Thumb? More like Dumb Ring? More lik…[View]
519873073say something nice![View]
519873839>I just wanted to torture orphans to death in my monster laboratory >I didn't mean to des…[View]
519876558Any WW1 vidya with a kino singleplayer campaign?[View]
519876414Post games with perfect gameplay[View]
519859491When does it start to make sense?[View]
519876501>first grade >recess >kid reveals there's a secret Team Mario in Sonic Heroes >he f…[View]
519836065Buyfag thread: Any vidya related merch[View]
519852430THE ULTIMATE /v/ SMASH BROS POLL (Day 4/31): >What is the Ultimate /v/ Smash Poll? This is a poll…[View]
519862148VRchads stay winning: Analysis: Steam Hangs on to VR Surge Four Months After ‘Half-Life: Alyx Launch…[View]
519841076The only good Naruto game[View]
519839820lol they textured her boob veins wtf? how did they even think of it? did someone have a vehement boo…[View]
519874505What is your favorite video game city?[View]
519871724>Assassin's Creed is known for it's depictions of historical urban centers >they ke…[View]
519874761>indie game >it's actually good What's her name, /v/?…[View]
519875093A lot of times when I’m playing a video game I think I’m having fun and enjoying, but I feel this sa…[View]
519876545https://youtu.be/WvpO8To1qFg >exposes fnaf as being a dream >forces the game dev to retcon eve…[View]
519876508Video game locations: Landscapes and locations that are too fantastical to be real life, and would g…[View]
519876489What are some games that high-IQ individuals can enjoy?[View]
519869748OH NO YOU DIDN'T[View]
51987640326 Days: Who will you play as first? What are your goals for your first playthrough?[View]
519876162Samurai Shodown: with Season Pass 3 announced, who do you think will get in? Cham Cham[View]
519850616this game blows[View]
519875710What Went Wrong?[View]
519875776ITT: Non-vidya music that sounds like vidya music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwRhQpJFvkU…[View]
5198381197chads how do we avoid getting fucked by microsoft once develipers stop giving us new versions of th…[View]
519875821What are some games where the main character becomes the villain?[View]
519862637I heard it was time for some Epic Mafia[View]
519875760ITT: times when /v/ was completely BTFO[View]
519867378What is the appeal here?[View]
519870381Steam is getting DDOS-ed: look, its down everywhere, what the fuck is going onn??[View]
519875627Is this pedophilia? Also Majorask Mask objectively the best Zelda game.[View]
519875605I am forgotten[View]
519843195>he doesn't play a female hunter[View]
519857768I thought this was going to kill pokemon, but the hype was killed instead. What happened?[View]
519874674Bloodborne on PC: Is there a way I can torrent this game onto my PC? any way at all?[View]
519874182Revival on RPCS3 when?[View]
519863497FINAL FANTASY XVI to have an Exclusivity deal for PlayStation 5.: >Source is a Resetterâ member, …[View]
519867059Final Fantasy VIII: Why did she want to achieve time compression?[View]
519873924Console/PC gaming is dying lads[View]
519837809is there any genuine argument against caesar's legion that doesn't just boil down to 'THEY…[View]
519869308Can it even be considered a game if it has a story to tell?[View]
519871860Next big Mii costume.: To be announced alongside Chibi Robo (the next DLC fighter). Hat Kid will be …[View]
519874528For me, it's the DualShock® 3 with SIXAXIS motion technology.[View]
519867560Digimon: You WILL be ordering the Wave 3 of the 20th Anniversary V-Pets, right /v/? They come in 7 d…[View]
519873185Why is psn so expensive: >celeste on eshop/steam/xbox: 36BRL >on psn: 86BRL >hollow knight …[View]
519868280By the end of the game, I just felt sorry for Abby after all she went through. Her father dead, her …[View]
519873560I bought resident evil 4 again[View]
519874636dude parallel universes how dank is that?![View]
519871479MISSION ONE START[View]
519868914Is anyone on /v/ hyped for Hitman 3? What are you hoping they add or change from Hitman 2? >Dubai…[View]
519871067When will we start having higher clock speeds again? Highest I've ever seen is 5.2 and that was…[View]
519859024Chun Li is a fit girl.[View]
519859106Is this game worth playing in 2020 or is this just a case of 'only known for doing a thing first'?[View]
519870120Daily reminder that a soulful game can still be shit, and vice versa[View]
519871402Seriously what do they excell at besides making knockoff onions hollywood movies? it can't be g…[View]
519872983Where I can get fan art of yuri doing her diagonal B kick where she slit her legs?[View]
519868554What a fucking disaster.[View]
519874042Is Persona 2 worth playing or is it overpraised garbage?[View]
519869487Could you marry her in the original GBA titles or was that just a rumour? Doesn't she stay at t…[View]
519841169Is teabbagging a bad thing and why: Or any other type of 'unsportsmanlike conducts' a bad thing? htt…[View]
519873972Is this game any good at all? Everyone seems to either not know about it or think it *looks* like ga…[View]
519873032>'You know, I think I'll give the Smash community an M rating.'[View]
519872012STEAM IS DOWN[View]
519869260Should I get this or Remnant from the Ashes[View]
519868879Say whatever you want about the Wii, but it had the best soundtrack out of all the consoles https:/…[View]
519873437How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
519870084What's with Nintendo and green hair = Goddess?[View]
519873608Have you found San Andreas Aliens yet?If you did how did they act and react to you?Share us your spo…[View]
519869893my ps4 controller does not vibrate when I play games. Does anyone know why this is? I also have vibr…[View]
519872948What the fuck is wrong with the portraits in this game!?[View]
519872896PSN Sale: There's a shitload of discounted things on PSN right now. In particular PSVR games go…[View]
519871438Crystal Palace... home...[View]
519867040Marvel's Avengers: Every time I make a thread it dies fast. What do you guys have against this …[View]
519852498PLAYSTATION 4: What went right?[View]
519872538How is this even possible?[View]
519872853>Multiple threads about sholveware shit like TLOU 2 or Yandere Simulator >Absolutely no love …[View]
519866904Is it gonna be good?[View]
519852934Final Fantasy XIV now has 1.2 Million Active Subscribers: From FFXIVs Lodestone Official Website Par…[View]
519851540How come there's no hype for Wolfenstein 3?[View]
519873056What are some good Cleric games?[View]
519872221Do you belive in Bigfoot?[View]
519871457What are the best VC/3DS/DSi games to get on the 3DS eshop before the inevitable shutdown next year[View]
519871859Baldur's Gate 3 DELAYED: Will the game be fine bros? I am worried[View]
519871269What games do you play when you can't sleep?[View]
519870364Would I like Doom 2016 if I'm the kind of person that enjoys playing Doom WADs a lot?[View]
519872653Which category of gamer are you, /v/?[View]
519872802Is this the hardest stage in a Sonic game?[View]
519855673Just got this game, what am I in for?[View]
519866024Characters that only assholes play[View]
519871764>fun games >good storeis >no pretension whatsoever >absolutely no fucked up political pr…[View]
519871793What games does she play?[View]
519869079The amount of seething song is creating is based: I was an Xbox guy before all of this, but they won…[View]
519871839Games for this feel: >Resonance of Fate[View]
519868051what's the most cursed shit you ever see about vidya?[View]
519869609Why haven't you made a coom game yet? They are piss easy to make and bring in loads of patreon …[View]
519868401What's the ugliest game you can think of?[View]
519871053What should be in the super mario sunshine iceberg?: what is your content and how deep should it go?…[View]
519869927me: I want to play Persona 5 mom: we have Persona 5 at home Persona 5 at home:[View]
519871285Breath of the Wild: What do you want in the sequel?[View]
519870938Is this game fun at all? Worth $20?[View]
519871721Is this the best racing game ever made?[View]
519871696Games with this vibe: Not the game, the box art[View]
519865824Is it worth 10 bucks? I ain't buying it now so I'm wondering should I get it when it'…[View]
519871561R.I.P Xbox Live press f to pay respects[View]
519864796is there any aesthetic reason for 30 fps over 60 fps?[View]
519869324who was in the right here, from the communards to the modern day unions and the old butthurt pétanqu…[View]
519871224Fighter Pack 7.: Any further information would jeopardize my career, as it would make it remarkably …[View]
519870181TING TING TING ahem A toast, to us! To the gaymers![View]
519862413FFXII The Zodiac Age: What makes this game so special? I keep hearing about it and how it's a t…[View]
519858950Mario Party: Rank em.[View]
519871085What are some games where sluts lose weight from the neck up?[View]
519856879>Game has an extensive character creation system >Your character isn't even the MC >H…[View]
519871021Is she a slut in canon like it's implied?[View]
519866602>if you kill me you'll be just like me![View]
519856449Sony is single handedly responsible for the downfall of video games.[View]
519865856Guys, I'm shaking. I'm fucking shaking. I never wanted to breed with anyone more than I wa…[View]
519870576>I existed >no one ever noticed[View]
519870763Anyone wanna play BF4? I skipped this one and just bought it.[View]
519864973Which one, /v/?[View]
519868362What games let me be free?[View]
519863121Blizzard has started handing out social credits The company is now 100% chinese owned[View]
519870540Classes or classless, /v/[View]
519854093When does it get difficult?[View]
519861031I'm going to start this when I get off work. What should I know? Also, Destiny thread.[View]
519870389Here is your nu Ciri, bro[View]
519869974>leveling on a high pop realm >can't even find a group for SM Are people just not running…[View]
519851712What skill based games are your favorite, /v/? You ARE good at video games, aren't you?[View]
519868767Sony always wins, baby. Sony always wins.[View]
519868656Sup /v/ and/or /o/fags, I just discovered this game and spent the last 3 hours fucking around with i…[View]
519865851why is she so fking cute bros?[View]
519858434Lesbeans: What would we do without them, /v/?[View]
519861578How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
519868317VR headset comes in on Friday. Anything here I should remove? Anything I should add? I already playe…[View]
519868027So... what now?[View]
519868741Favourite Deck?[View]
519868062I've played so many games where I basically stare at a map of Europe that I'm starting to …[View]
519869840I really recommend playing minecraft with large biomes enabled. It gives minecraft a genuine sense o…[View]
519869541How did the phantom thieves have so much soul?[View]
519868404Why almost all Western Earthbound wanabee games are so crappy while many Western Metroid games are g…[View]
519867462Is Smite good?[View]
519869693Post the Never Evers that hurt you the most This isn't my personal never ever but I need somet…[View]
519860652overwatch summer skins: >dyke >lamp >dyke2 >long arm pajeet Blizzard literally hate mone…[View]
519867815Check out my new boss. I spent a lot of time thinking and designing it.[View]
519867292You, yes YOU atop browsing /v/ and PLAY the VIDEOGAME[View]
519867498What do you usually choose?[View]
519808980Only based character in this shit game.[View]
519869036Baldur's Gate 3 has been dalayed: New release date will be revealed this month. What the fuck b…[View]
519861621How can sony compete with gamepass?[View]
519863464Are there any realistic cooking games, that actually let you prepare food like you do in fast food r…[View]
519869179Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
519868853Genshin Impact: Protect Klee at all cost[View]
519794027>Covenant 'stumbles' into Earth >Didn't expect humans to be there >So Covenant attack …[View]
519852994What is the last game that brought pure unadultered fun to you?[View]
519868640itt: games literally only you played[View]
519861043What went wrong with Bethesda destroyer (heartly kek)[View]
519869161I've used 500 orbs trying to get S!Byleth with no luck. Giving up on being legit, how do I hack…[View]
519858913What is it about Warcraft 3 + FT campaigns that people love so much?[View]
519847524Why did Arcades die?[View]
519850352TWO OF THE BATTLETOADS CONFIRMED GAY: Honestly? I'm okay with this.[View]
519831759Would you play a Princess Daisy game, /v/? What would it even be like?[View]
519846617Are they becoming the villains?[View]
519867261>can't own a revolver because eurocuck >can't grow a moustache because of shitty gen…[View]
519868774Is it too late to get into physical games?[View]
519861250Why do they do this? Ghosts of Tsushima was only 30 gigs or so, meanwhile COD is sitting at 200+ for…[View]
519868049WEISS. You DUMBASS[View]
519845396*kills Switch like Wii Fit killed Wii* Heh, nothing personnel nerds[View]
519868808POST BASED BOSS MUSIC DO IT NOW: https://youtu.be/2hHfDEG1nck https://youtu.be/MKI0QMYJqxk https://y…[View]
519867109>Play pretty good game >Protagonist is about to enter the final level of the game after gettin…[View]
519868730It's sooo true, xd.[View]
519866294How hard is it to make a new Banjo Kazooie platformer with no annoying gimmicks or some asinine new …[View]
519860918How do I make the refrigerator with the builder?[View]
519867170why is this so accurate[View]
519866883Xenoblade Chronicles is JRPG kino and is goddamn perfe-[View]
519867474Visual Novels: Are you playing a VISUAL NOVEL anon? Tell me about it.[View]
519866872NAME ONE GAME[View]
519865294Why is he in the game? He's literally a talking McGuffin. Also I'm getting tired of hearin…[View]
519868018Post your Noble 6[View]
519867330What's a good video game to play to practice my voice[View]
519866845>1 DAY[View]
519821379>the highest level play is literally just spamming fireballs back and forth Can we please stop pr…[View]
519867719>game is about being the good guy and fighting the bad guys wow, its not like this happened befor…[View]
519863485Is it normal that I find life skills much easier to learn than videogames?: I've been playing v…[View]
519867689Post final areas/zones.[View]
519854587>boss solos the entire party[View]
519864749What's the single worst thing about your favorite game?: Your favorite game isn't flawless…[View]
519867542alright /v/, enough fucking around. i need YOU to tell me the absolute BEST and MUST-HAVE 3DS games.…[View]
519839127Kaldaien banned from Steam: Remember the guy who fixed the Nier Automata PC port? He's now perm…[View]
519853081>games that are unique, innovative and incredibly fun to play boundary-pushing masterpieces that …[View]
519867141What are some games that let you play through the same story twice to see multiple perspectives?[View]
519867019Getting out of the water, you have to not just press jump, you have to press up. But if up is down a…[View]
519861412>we'll never see such an intricately designed survival horror game again because people got …[View]
519865703NEW LOOK: NEW LOOK[View]
519866324Good games with this feel/aesthetic ?[View]
519862397We're going home bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gESYyh_tsGA[View]
519866937What are some games where the main character can fall in love with the villain?[View]
519863894*Run into him in Act 2*: We're not done yet, anon![View]
519860836cyberpunk 2077 new gameplay trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcVJHFgGFQg[View]
519866376>SIngle handedly be the cause for another vidya board How did they do it bros?…[View]
519865190Satorl Marsh... ...home[View]
519799108This is your healer for the night. Say something nice about her.[View]
519866795Who was in the wrong here?: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
519861239Why are JRPGs (especially Final Fantasy) not considered the original movie and AAA games?[View]
519864086Why are there no games where you can actually take care of animals? The Sims doesn't have much …[View]
519853062Invert Y axis: If you don't invert the Y axis you are an absolute brainlet.[View]
519866671Which Original would you Generation?[View]
519866036Dota 2 HAS to be botted I have never met or seen another human being who has mentioned it existing, …[View]
519863557Does anyone actually care about this game?[View]
519863868Rats can't see me now![View]
519842404Why are aliens always so fucking unimaginative in vidya All we get are rehashes of either: >muh h…[View]
519858749Will the 3D without glasses meme ever come back?[View]
519861695Fighter's Pass leak: Geno, Waluigi, and Dixie Kong are in. They would have NEVER joined Smash o…[View]
519866260What's my name? What's my name?: (Uma) Say it louder! What's my name? What's my …[View]
519865781Literally nothing wrong with Fire Emblem in Smash. The series deserves a 9th rep.[View]
519862860This is my first Harvest Moon since the original Friends of Mineral Town (I don't count Stardew…[View]
519815214>kills your mentor >frames her sister >convicts YOU as the murderer…[View]
519863286Rumour: According to some Japanese newspapers, All major Nintendo projects have likely been signific…[View]
519797861So they're in right?: Also comfy Warhammer fantasy thread.[View]
519865293Is Bigger Luigi superior to OG Luigi?[View]
519865858>Fun and well-done mod for a vidya i like is behind paywall >google '[mod name] torrent' >g…[View]
519862572How do you think people will react to this game 10 years later?[View]
519864030>Mom was cleaning my room >Found a stash of my little sister's panties between my bed and…[View]
519853587Minecraft downward spiral: I recently tried playing minecraft after quitting it since about v1.1. It…[View]
519865539Why the fuck does my switch get so warm and blow through the fans loud/alot when in the dock.[View]
519864207there are so many threads about games people hate every day, let's have a thread about games pe…[View]
519846439SAN ANDREAS MYTHS: Daily Reminder San Andreas myths are real >Sharks https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
519864128End my Life, DAWG: I'm going to laugh my ass off in tears, If Silent Hill isn't shown on S…[View]
519865389Are you in agreement with this ranking?: (Descending order) > Portal > Portal 2 cooperative te…[View]
519862254Xbawks questions answered: Alright /v/aggots, none of you dildos knows anything about xbox or xbone.…[View]
519865281No excuse anymore /v/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6vh4zPQMZE 4k, 60fps, faster loading times, …[View]
519856823just finished first playthrough of human revolution about 10 mins ago is this worth playing at all? …[View]
519864748Is this the greatest video game story ever?[View]
519864920Wish Atlus would remake P2 for PS5 / PC.[View]
519818489>people now care about Yakuza because of a meme this is truly a baka mitai moment…[View]
519833195This game has no flaws[View]
519862562This thing is going to destroy mid budget PCs. Next gen games are going to have I/O requirements, on…[View]
519865132We got a bunch of people that got animosity against black guys because their dicks are bigger than e…[View]
519862690AND I WILL COOM[View]
519862973Post casual filters, I'll start. If you can't beat pic related without a guide, you are a …[View]
519835964CHOOSE YOUR COLOR[View]
519862554is meter build on whiff good fg design[View]
519858948This is Mother 2, also known as Earthbound. Among all people with an IQ over 3 this game is consider…[View]
519864576So /v/,I felt like getting back into it for nosrtalgia. At this point in time what is the best versi…[View]
519864352>doesn't rematch when he wins You're a bitch if you do this, especially if the score is…[View]
519864208The first console flight simulator is coming to Xsex for free with game pass. How will sonyiggers co…[View]
519859786Can someone redpill me on this game? It's on sale and I was thinking of getting it.[View]
519862639>Are ya winning, son?[View]
519860141What game has the best cycling?[View]
519863819Does anyone here get often sidetracked in a single player game by potential game exploits? Like tryi…[View]
519862350imagine buying this instead of ps5[View]
519862821Any streamer that is 4chan incarnate ?: Yes I know we all hate e-celebs, but I was wondering if ther…[View]
519860139from wich one should i start? yakuza on ps2? yakuza kiwami? yakuza 0 ? i played a bit of yakuza 0 bu…[View]
519861946Games where I can play as a squirrel?[View]
519848383Better than any Persona girl.[View]
519863362>shift + left click >25 hidden threads What is with the constant coom threads on /v/?…[View]
519860342Just finished this game. What did I think of it?[View]
519863167>your only purpose now is to serve as a catwalk model for smash bros[View]
519859446you will never experience getting bodied at the local jap arcade playing the best fighting game of a…[View]
5198611891 week since legit nuclear disarmament: where is it?[View]
519862162>'yes, i ate tsuchinoko in mgs3, how could you tell?'[View]
519827993SHMUP THREAD: Talk about the shooting game genre right now.[View]
519855714Worst gaming mistake: Mine was trading this game in for Wario Master of Disguise. TO BE FAIR. Wario …[View]
519862592>AMD will continue to monitor and investigate any new reports of black screen or system hang issu…[View]
519862557why would microsoft take out metal gear solid 5 to put a game that isnt even finished? fuck you micr…[View]
519862340So... What did Gamer Gate do?[View]
519835172MMOS: Which upcoming game will save the MMO genre? Ashes Of Creation New World Blue Protocol Crimson…[View]
519861373Paper Mario is getting in Smash Waluigi has no stage or music potential Geno is irrelevant and SMRPG…[View]
519861502>protagonist keeps on chasing a girl he will never ever get what did capcom mean by this? this do…[View]
519844423Just got this. What am I in for?[View]
519861885Do you have the DSM?[View]
519862167why do i keep fucking dying in warzone what the fuck man i bought this shitty fucking call of duty g…[View]
519862003wtf was kojima thinking[View]
519861558'Quick Anon, we're testing for /v/ Rona, what are your symptoms?' >headcannon >le gatekee…[View]
519861739Would it be a good move for Nintendo to release something like a 'New Nintendo Switch', kind of like…[View]
519857742>Underestimate the number of people playing your game so hard you have to do maintenance on launc…[View]
519856705Will there ever be a city builder as good as any of the Impressions series?[View]
519834429Why does the /v/ fighting game community treat these guys like gods?[View]
519861471I finally got a 4k tv! What are some good looking PS4 Pro compatible games?[View]
519861741He is in.[View]
519861703>check behind waterfall >there's another waterfall…[View]
519860401Will the Smash Bros. community ever recover?[View]
519854826*is the last good Zelda in you're path*[View]
519861567Who would watch a program about a fat italian guy running into a wall for hours so he wouldn't …[View]
519860708Why does CJs house feel so...unsettling?[View]
519861515Anyone dream in video games?: Think it's leget? https://dreamingforgamers.com[View]
519853757Which one are we playing today Lara bros[View]
519860289How come nobody ever talks about Atelier Asuka? I can't even find gameplay footage of it.[View]
519861359Games with unexpected sequels[View]
519859751Damn... this is Mega Man X...[View]
519861353How is /v/ going to react when he gets confirmed for Smash Bros?[View]
519861304nos sumus magni eri munitores pyramidum nos sumus flamines nos sumus maiores[View]
519861176>stalks your ship >explodes your ship with cannonball while boarding and lighting it on fire …[View]
519861045I'm pissed /v/ What are some games I should play[View]
519859168Any news from the other boards?[View]
519860901Here's your Disgaea 6 protags bro[View]
519859141The rumored PS5 spec bump that people have been touting is nothing more than an increased power cons…[View]
519857746Will Elden Ring be the Dark Souls of Strand-type games?[View]
519860886What's he holding, /v/?: Give me your best memes.[View]
519860649Baldur's Gate 3 early access...: ...delayed https://twitter.com/larianstudios/status/1290679248…[View]
519853461The better I play the worse team mates I get matched with.[View]
519854037Is The Outer Worlds good? Also, what's the name of the website that has the girl holding a spo…[View]
519858902>Summer Sale 1 failed >Summer Sale 2: no one cares >Coupon deals: devs loose more than the …[View]
519844307Are there any good games made by or in relation with Sanrio?[View]
519853376This game worth the 4 bucks or are there better shitty hentai puzzle games. (Not huniepop)[View]
519858314Post your favorite video game character right fucking now[View]
519860541>Why yes i did kill the Player how could you tell[View]
519855582Sir Daniel Fortesque![View]
519860474My hottest newest OC for my imaginary game Lord Bravolissio of the Autists he's cool, edgy and …[View]
519837717Megaman Battle Network: >could've had anything >got a gay ass DUEL MASTERS collab because…[View]
519854217why americans so obsessed with teabagging?[View]
519854528It's happening: Now we wait for the free live announcement to seal the deal.[View]
519860185Fallout Thread: Is there a Bad Karma event more satisfying than nuking Megaton?[View]
519841025HAHA TODD REALLY HATES NEW VEGAS >Bethesda have purged all mention of New Vegas from their Youtub…[View]
519860073Does this confirm that /v/ is full of fags and trannies?: Pic related[View]
519860063OH NO IM HAKOOMING[View]
519857958So uh when’s it get good? I’ve been doing the tutorial for what feels like four hours and I’m bored …[View]
519858772Which countries do you think could individually and reliably repel an XCOM-style alien invasion in o…[View]
519858976How the fuck do you go from this...[View]
519838595What are the edgiest games ever made?[View]
519859670the fuck, was getting to Majima rank A that critical to getting 100%?[View]
519858978>Remember Beirut?[View]
519859604Design the ultimate JRPG party.[View]
519859215>beat a hard ass NES game by abusing save states >tell people ive beat the game and it was eas…[View]
519855403Does anyone else play games on their phone to fall asleep? People say that the phone screen keeps yo…[View]
519856593I'm so excited for FF7R part 2 vros! Anyone else excited for part 2?[View]
519855367You are Paimon. One of the eight kings of Hell. We have looked to the northwest and called you in. W…[View]
519834281Bowser Day: >4th of August >Bowser Day >No Bowser thread It's like you guys dont play …[View]
519854290Filename thread?[View]
519852779Discuss this chart and post updated versions.[View]
519855814undertale: undertale is a good game you know im right[View]
519838130How autistic do you have to be to want this character in Smash?[View]
519855008Redstone: A godly game that nobody played nor heard of. Redstone. Korean made, poorly translated, gl…[View]
519847862recommend me a game bros.. I don't know how much longer I can make it..... I was playing spelun…[View]
519857634OK universe swap time. Could Joel Miller from Lisa: The Pointless survive Abby's ambush? He…[View]
519856856Best pet character in vidya?[View]
519831804OH N-[View]
519832395Risk of Rain 2: Hopoo released a new update blog https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/632360/v…[View]
519854870ITT: we remaster TTYD to fit modern standards.[View]
519858634fuck europe: US players in an old multiplayer title >usually millenials and gen Xers with the odd…[View]
519858596I feel like this is the last ambitous Ratchet and Clank games. Don’t get me wrong, the remake is goo…[View]
519856021why cant the west make good female characters?[View]
519855932Me and my gang beating the shit out of Kefka in the back row[View]
519857279Draw something in paint or other program, and guess what video game said user referenced. I'll…[View]
519845580ITT: Video game characters that look exactly like you.[View]
519855895Here's your Metroid reboot mates[View]
519854446Halo 2 is my favorite game in the Halo trilogy. What kind of person do you imagine me to be?[View]
519854517What is your dream Sonic game?: My dream Sonic game is an RPG as good as Mario's RPGs. But Sega…[View]
519857891What are some video games where the player character is transformed against their will?[View]
519857863>blocks your path[View]
519857230How do u make run minecraft in a old pc with opengl 2.1?[View]
519839254>Mobile gaming has went so far on the shit path it can never be enjoyable Name one worse thing th…[View]
519854724Why did the discussions about this game gtfo as soon as it was released? So here's a ghost of t…[View]
519857568is world of light an rpg?[View]
519850693Wait, so she's Chinese but runs a ramen shop?[View]
519855937is there a job like this irl? not using a mailtruck just walking and delivering packages on my back[View]
519855115How much of console wars is due to poorfags and underage b&?[View]
519854968Is Chibi Robo Developer Skip LTD. Shutting Down? Evidence Isn't Looking Good...: https://www.yo…[View]
519853595>Sonic Adventure remake I am sure that at least Sega has thought to do it and surely they have an…[View]
519840091It's impressive how bad this game's OST is.[View]
519855264What are you expecting from Final Fantasy XVI?[View]
519771326Nihao anon[View]
519856960say something nice about carlos[View]
519852619Berserk inspired games[View]
519854662okay that's it I had enough in my last fucking rank down match and I get matched with this fuck…[View]
519856891young major campbell > young master miller[View]
519816754>speedrunning >woah dude you're like, so fucking cool by using obscure glitches and bugs …[View]
519850086Smash Rosterfag Thread: I want Geno.[View]
519856731Do you go out of your way for achievements in game or just play the game and have fun with achieveme…[View]
519851941What is the difference between soul and nostalgia anon?: Why does everyone call the games that they …[View]
519856638Hello, I'm a '''''journalist'''''. I play video games everyday for hours. However, I can'…[View]
519833595Who is your favorite Puyo Puyo girl? Me? Raffina[View]
519856492Cuckverse: When will the cuckold game of the year finally release? I thought it should've been …[View]
519854160Yes. This is the best Miku song in Project Diva.[View]
519779707What the fuck was their problem[View]
519827954Samurai Jack Battle Through Time: What are your hopes and dreams for this game? What do you think wi…[View]
519854995Creepypastas thread[View]
519834059I have some actual news regarding the development of a remastered version of Bloodborne >The main…[View]
519822610You are not Saren.[View]
519853802Xbox Live Free More Confirmation: Xbox Live is now referred to as 'Xbox online service' in Microsoft…[View]
519848848If DICE wanted women in WW2 setting so bad, why wouldn't they use stories about Soviet snipers …[View]
519851995>walk somewhere >die WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…[View]
519854613>power out >phone low on battery >can't play vidya…[View]
519852202>Sonic Mania 2 When?[View]
519827009fps bros, is this bait or based? oldschool fps thread maybe[View]
519854716if you don't like this game you are retarded and you got filtered.[View]
519854181>This is Valve's head writer. Explains a lot.[View]
519855474Is this a good character design?[View]
519820964>2 more people can finish >grabs someone >lets two people pass in what ways do you have fun…[View]
519835601is it really that good or just fabrication?[View]
519839438>'gaming' laptops[View]
519855375what are some games non incel games that will help my anger problems[View]
519855083Which was the best one in the end?[View]
519847719Jedi Fallen Order: Just picked this up for $30, holy fuck why didn’t /v/ tell me this was kino?…[View]
519848075Have you ever had your own Moment 37 while playing a game? Doesn't have to be from a fighting g…[View]
519850685I've been a Playstation guy all my life, and now I want to switch to Nintendo, how can I begin …[View]
519854939SOUL vs SOULLESS[View]
519853780No excuse not to buy final Fantasy XV when it's sold at a discount.[View]
519846468How the fuck do I beat Personal Jesus?[View]
519852236Is this game worth $5?[View]
519851812Tell me Aragorn, if the Middle Earth is so great why doesn't it have any good game[View]
519854650>be 13th century japanese peasant >get invaded and looted by mongol invaders >go live in a …[View]
519853889Is mechwarrior 5 good?[View]
519822007Comfy Fall Guys thread: continued from >>519793637 Post your Fall Guy and best stories while w…[View]
519853002>Why yes, I do play anime games. How could you tell?[View]
519854201FINAL FANTASY XVI: Discuss[View]
519847732Game where you manage a crisis and fail.[View]
519846748>Its a class with ranged one-hit kill hitscan potential >In a game where managing health is a …[View]
519852212Redpill me on Bigfoot[View]
519822785Ellie is pissed.[View]
519843626ITT: Great games /v/ never talks about.[View]
519843593> Gets rid of exclusives entirely > Promotes cross-play > Gamepass delivers insane amounts …[View]
519853923Vampire: The Masquerade: The sequence going to completely get rid of all theslutty outfits isn'…[View]
519852157Games ruined by their combat system[View]
519853383how much porn does team fortress have compared to overwatch[View]
519846927he's in[View]
519849491TIME FOR A FUCKING SHRIMP BATTLES THREAD https://www.battleshrimp.com/[View]
519849597What do you do /v/[View]
519850764dub or sub?[View]
519846882I'm still mad. This game was so closed to being done, everyone that played it loved it, and the…[View]
519853716Jack Marston: Why does everyone hate him? Beyond the work ya damn nag Reddit memes. I was surprised …[View]
519852357Tree of Savior opens up new servers for new players with great benefits: You can play on the new ser…[View]
519852268VTM:B: About to start Pic related. Is it as good as it's hyped on here? What am I in for /v/?…[View]
519852431Is this good if I've never touched touhou anything in my life? I'm a fan of roguelikes and…[View]
519852331More games for this feel?[View]
519852396Hotline Miami Thread: Best track coming through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iNlHsH_xUM…[View]
519844291Name 1 (One) sexbox exclusive[View]
519851656>It's 2020 >13 years since Crysis came out >games still haven't surpassed it vis…[View]
519850806Anon... why did you let me die?...[View]
519848616Are PC Gamers retarded? >rainbow lights >huge stupid keyboard controller >games scattered b…[View]
519801097Here are your cyberpunk romances bro.[View]
519849859Which Vidya Character canonically ends up with a wife and kids?[View]
519851420Which game has the trippiest visuals?[View]
519806348In what position you play video games ? Pic related[View]
519851041>open psp >see this[View]
519852042its-a-me! mario! same voice actor thread[View]
519853020Reminder that this little gremlin of a knight was able to gain the confidence to impress the girl of…[View]
519852991QUICK SURVERY FOR OLD VIDEO GAMES: I made a survey but got no response from the boomer groups I post…[View]
519843459How hyped are you for Sony putting Spider-Man in the Marvel Avengers game? Could Sony be any more ba…[View]
519845057Please tell me this game picks up the pace. I'm literally, unironically struggling to not fall …[View]
519850825>92 billion dollar intellectual property >doesn't get enough manpower and resources to ma…[View]
519847356Sir, the Bethesda killer has arrived[View]
519842718Xbox is taking purchased games out of your library: >buy destroy all humans (xbox original) a few…[View]
519852227>2010+10 >PC gamer >Using a ps4 controller I hope your better than doing something as shame…[View]
519842473>Called 'Easy Pete' >Hardest boss in the game Why? Also, how do you beat him?…[View]
519850318what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
519851006EPIC MINECRAFT ANARCHY SERVER!1!1!: >be me >make minecraft server to play with friends >spe…[View]
519847749So is the Mario franchise going to suffer lack of creativity and art direction now? What is the purp…[View]
519852241Calling it now They're taking so long to do a mainline Nintendo Direct because they decided to …[View]
519810846>DUDE! WOW CLASSIC IS GONNA BTFO RETAILBABBYS! >y-yeah MC was easy but AQ is way more hardcor…[View]
519851859>people will surely boycott exclusive cont- gee, I wonder why publishers secure deals like Spider…[View]
519844410Pharah's feet: Pharah's feet[View]
519848304Is there a company as based and thoughtful as Nintendo?[View]
519850910What Happened to Dayz?: just played it again after a long time away and what have they done to the c…[View]
519846946cybershell: >genuinely makes sonic interesting >shills out >never seen again he's a bi…[View]
519850718The Last of Us 2 is all surprise and no suspense, Druckmann and his team can't write a scene wi…[View]
519850228>dad walks in[View]
519851765Discuss RPGs.: I fully understand that RPGs aren't allowed on /v/ anymore. But I don't car…[View]
519851937How come MMORPG markets are so fucking inefficent, I can't even do have a tenth of the stuff th…[View]
519851774Would you accept the Lady's lake water?[View]
519848521Why aren't you guys playing Days Gone?: Why are you playing The Last of Us Part 2?[View]
519845837Who wins?[View]
519846812>Red Dead Revolver >Red Dead Redemption >Red Dead Retribution How fucking hard was that?…[View]
519851739ITT: Mashups that work way too well: https://youtu.be/ohgji2qvexo[View]
519845029Barricade your homes. Avoid all contact with infected individuals.[View]
519845407>boxer character >he kicks[View]
519851309*dies immediately*[View]
519849261this game is nowhere near as good as hollow knight. does it get better?[View]
519830583Disgaea 6: Are you ready?[View]
519851642Why are you still spending money on this shit?: did you guys even consider we should be the ones get…[View]
519841749Avengers: Do you think PC & Xbox gamers are going to buy this game?[View]
519849638what went wrong?[View]
519846915>love the combat and world >hate boss fights I can't be the only one…[View]
519848567Guess who got fired and sued?: Yep, it’s me subtitle guy. So I got fired and they’re probably going …[View]
519851396>Ignores Epic Game Store This seemed like a perfect game for the fortnite kids, what happened? Ar…[View]
519851379Gamer apparel thread[View]
519831589>You're not the Big Boss, you're a Medic Why does this twist trigger so many lorefags o…[View]
519851224What is your favourite San Andreas myth?[View]
519849717State of Play: Here is your State of Play >Crash Bandicoot 4 It's ABOUT Time (PS4/PS5) >O…[View]
519849770Will Xbox offering free online play get you to buy an Xbox /v/?[View]
519850769LAST OF US 2 DLC: You can Play as Abby with NEW CYBERPUNK DLC.[View]
519850909Kino vidya mechanics: >more attack and speed the less HP the user have >TFW 1 HP…[View]
519841863I'm about to play Super Mario RPG What should I expect?[View]
519850474Daily reminder to play underrail: The greatest crpg of the modern day, check it out so you can spend…[View]
519837264Hold up. So Capcom fell for the VR gimmick and made a main line RE first person. It fails miserably …[View]
519849657Why did Atlus give this absolutely delicious christmas cake the shaft in favor of an autistic gremli…[View]
519806946Sony buys more Exclusive content: Seems PS5 won't have a big game besides Horizon 2 next year, …[View]
519848515Buy Chainlink[View]
519849450Buy PC Building Simulator and learn to make a gaming computer.[View]
519844127Don't play it. It's bad.[View]
519836246Downloaded an emulator, does this console even have any good exclusives besides MediEvil 2?[View]
519848560Where are the games ?[View]
519848709Is Aoko's game translated?[View]
519849880Who is Spyro's archenemy?[View]
519850064Millennial gen is peak gen for gaming, don't you agree?[View]
519842053Would you headpat Ashley?[View]
519846398Whats today's equivalent of getting teabagged?[View]
519849959Lost Soul Aside: Anyone remember this DMC+FF15 clone made by 1 guy? Looks like it will finally get a…[View]
519846673How many of you think Fighting game genre is the peak of competitive vidya show of hands[View]
519849007Have a dubstep Halo 4 montage, to remind you that video games are shit and have been for a long time…[View]
519808001what a fucking cashgrab of a game.[View]
519849297Itt : FUCK YOU I LIKED IT, games.[View]
519842745I hope all of you are playing the game instead of replying to this thread.[View]
519840276Congrats anon! you made it to the top of the leaderboards. Enter your initials for the world to see…[View]
519838175Free online[View]
519841525it's good[View]
519845679Do I need to upgrade my CPU if I wanna get a 3080 next gen?[View]
519849208Pizzaria Simulator: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519847358Games with this feel[View]
519845950What the fuck are some good games for this system? They're all JRPGs (which I hate), or they ar…[View]
519843358Games where you can watch your characters chilling and being comfy.[View]
519845960SAY GO[View]
519848227Sister Location: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519847791>you will never sniff her armpits and lick her butthole why live bros.[View]
519847561Racing games with the best “GO!!!” moments?[View]
519847924SMT Thread: Just started pic related and I have literally never had my ass kicked this hard in my li…[View]
519848334What specific headphone jack port does the xbox one elite controller use (first gen)? i can’t seem t…[View]
519844709Post your last screenshot[View]
519848370Gran Soren, the beating heart of all Gransys[View]
519848343Name a sadder moment in gaming[View]
519848340>Takeshi's Castle as a video game Who's also having a ton of fun with Fall Guys?…[View]
519844260*makes the best game of the last 50 years*[View]
519844196Every Doom game is half off on Switch as of today and until the 11th. Doom Eternal Switch date soon?…[View]
519846096What is the deal with this game is it any good? Hellpoint, just came out on steam.[View]
519844823is there any video game city that feels like a city?[View]
519847647>epic exclisve Bros... I don't think I can hold it[View]
519839818Is Final Fantasy 7 remake a good game?[View]
519846786>go to any video game fanon wiki >click 'random page' >post results https://fantendo.fandom…[View]
519844043>Free DLC is out >0 threads about it what went wrong?…[View]
519847329I've seen there's a lot of debate on what type of earthly music/film/photos/etc. should be…[View]
519830292Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.[View]
519846317why do modern american games have ugly characters?[View]
519845995The most popular online games all have massive problems all these 5 departments. Yet they still mana…[View]
519847285Oh my god[View]
519847080WoW Private Server: How the fuck do i crash or destroy a private server? im angry this is what happe…[View]
519840775La Mulana: Ive been running around for 3 hours without moving forward, can I have some tips?[View]
519846797Do I need Xbox Live to play KI through the Microsoft store, or do I need to drop $40 on the Steam ve…[View]
519847530>video games suck and they're all boring now >find comp sci shit the most irritating stuf…[View]
519837062Any recomendations on Parkour games??: I'd like to know what parkour games /v/ deems worthy. I …[View]
519845823Eh, it's not that bad.[View]
519845053>he plays games without gaming socks Holy fucking cringe...[View]
519847219What's the matter? Can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?[View]
519841589https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbUJQO9CZhA SOUL[View]
519845891>The textures are just photos of real things[View]
519841905Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 - the new update just added Legend Hunter difficulty to the main g…[View]
519835132Do people really have fun playing competitive video games? I feel like I'm victim to an elabora…[View]
519828749I just finished this trilogy and it was kino but why does it feel like no one else played this?[View]
519832570Mandela Effect: Am I losing my fucking mind or has the CE sniper rifle always been a 2 shot kill for…[View]
519846925>HA HA, HA HA HA[View]
519846818Was it unfinished?[View]
519846869PSO2 STEAM: Steam Bros We're winning! Finally, the MS Store won't be the only one to grant…[View]
519809247You can hack the Switch lite now via hardmods: Why don't you do it for free games, anon?[View]
5198379313d collection: walmart in edmonton broke street date. i'll post again with screen shots and det…[View]
519844643im supposed to hate this game why?[View]
519846679>Bro it's the perfect game for quarantine! >Actually designed around being played for no …[View]
519838472Must have games for the Wii: So, I got my old Wii fixed, but have no games for it. It's the Gam…[View]
519842898I know this is typically exactly the kind of game /v/ would shit on but I'm wondering if it…[View]
519846627I just had an epiphany.: It’s not Twitter or ResetEra that we should worry about when it comes to ce…[View]
519846574>community project gets hijacked by youtubers and greedy bastards who prioritize the features tha…[View]
519845590play archeage Kaylin server, not only a sandbox game, but a sandbox server. ask about Tulsi's t…[View]
519828376should I buy it?[View]
519845351Breath of the Wild: Why couldn’t these DLC armors and clothing get upgraded? Why was the Master Cycl…[View]
519846352>dancer class >can only buff/debuff[View]
519844330Do you think it will ever be possible again to have fun games revolved around national stereostypes?[View]
519844243Spider-man and online multiplayer: What's up with the Spider-man games not having online/multip…[View]
519830860Final Fantasy XVI is coming Soon, It will have an EXCLUSIVE deal with PLAYSTATION 5.: >Source is …[View]
519835835So, uh, what went wrong? I came from the Witcher 1 into this, only to find some soulless AAA action …[View]
519845927It’s Rare Replay’s 5th anniversary, say something nice you bastards[View]
519846205>People think the problem with Paper Mario is just funny hats not being allowed >Ignoring how …[View]
519844982Games should be kept at 720p with 144FPS minimum and raytracing and other more advanced effects like…[View]
519842370>weapons/characters only you like using[View]
519844958FNaF World: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519845839>Ride off into battle with your sons to defend your home on what will likely be the final night o…[View]
519840456>xbox is a powerful console When did this meme start? All Playstation consoles have have superior…[View]
519839883How would you fix MMORPGs?[View]
519818083Amazing Q1 numbers from Sony, 112m units sold is a fantastic mark for them. Also crazy to see how 3/…[View]
519845586Sony lost today: >In a recent interview with Phil Spencer he goes over the new strategy for Xbox …[View]
519845527I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 281[View]
519845526What are the chances this comes out good?[View]
519845416Did you play it?[View]
519843293How is it?[View]
519843767you can not identify this game[View]
519824582Should I refund bros?[View]
519825921You're going to buy aloy's game this week, right? cheaper on egs[View]
519845221How do people think this looks good?[View]
519844981Here is your new Mario Baseball game bro.[View]
519807076The highest rated Steam games of all time lol[View]
519842987I'd give it two weeks before everyone forgets about this[View]
519844060TRUTH ABOUT SAN ANDREAS: Daily Reminder San Andreas myths are real >Sharks https://www.youtube.co…[View]
519842814what are some good mario romhacks?[View]
519843271>Sam, Dick-Hardman speaking. I need you to deliver my Bad Dragon package over to Capital Knot Cit…[View]
519835137>pirating indie games[View]
519834280Why did people think Fem Shep was better? Like lmao I don't get it they both did/said the same …[View]
519826757League of Maidens: Anyone play this shit yet?[View]
519841329how should perfect gta multiplayer look like?[View]
519844749Is it just me or hasn't there been a single groundbreaking game in the last decade or more[View]
519844710MK11 Content Reveal at DC Fandome (August 22nd) + What's Next?: On August 22nd, you'll get…[View]
519785881Now you don't need to mod your based ps2 to play backup discs https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/vi…[View]
519844693>upgrade computer >from 30 fps to 120 fps >immediately start top fragging holy shit i magic…[View]
519843510How is fallout 76 nowadays? Is it worth the 76GB download? Did wastelanders fix anything?[View]
519844649Another day, another round of Blooborne remaster/PC port rumors. When will you boners stop falling f…[View]
519833871SimCity 2000 had diagonal roads in 1993, why the fuck can't this? There is no excuse this time,…[View]
519840617Tenpenny is CJ's father: CJ's mom would not let Tenpenny see his son.Its already mentioned…[View]
519835707>Meet a British >They start talking about the 'ZED EX SPECTRUM'…[View]
519844474fuck /vrpg/, bring back /vint/[View]
519843802Do you believe it to be okay to portbeg if the game can only be played via emulation or spending mor…[View]
519794326if this doesn’t bring the game dead in the water I don’t know what will https://play.st/33plZZw[View]
519843424Sony in for the Kill: Besides Spider-Man, PlayStation versions have more Exclusive content in Avenge…[View]
519842467This is Piers, the best part of Resident Evil 6.[View]
519844169Anyone else playing Guardian Tales? I detest gachashit but this one has actual S O U L[View]
519834014why are all zelda fans such massive faggots?[View]
519843010MBTI thread: Post your favorite videogame character along with their MBTI profile, see if it match w…[View]
519840937FNaF 4: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519843367so nintendo won every single console wars except the wii u one, right?[View]
519818249what is a good controller for emulation on PC? should I just get another sixaxis/DS3?[View]
519834353A game idea for my thesis: OK hear me out, Persona without personas, in the third world, with over t…[View]
519831859What the hell happened?[View]
519843692How come older games are almost always better than their newer counterparts, /v/?[View]
519840209ITT:characters that have canonically taken a dump in game[View]
519842116Can we at least admit it’s a dead meme now?[View]
519838817When did you encounter Bigfoot for the first time?[View]
519843683Why did the survival genre die?[View]
519838586>Sherlock Holmes and Watson are a twink and a loli Who thought this was a good idea?…[View]
519814247What's the video game equivalent of this?[View]
519837609What are you playing today /v/?[View]
519843427I started with this game. How did the old time fans like it and the story?[View]
519819995Xbox Game Pass mobile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KCtXJUekyo Well it looks like xbox is finall…[View]
519832901Just what the fuck was his problem?[View]
519839097>kills the used game market Nothing personal kid[View]
519841472They can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you loose from all you know. (shitty mobile …[View]
519841238Project Xcloud Is Launching September 15th: Features: >Part of Gamepass >Touch Control Suppor…[View]
519843302Name a more tragic tale[View]
519816262>'Oblivion is the best TES game': >be Patrick Stewart >look at day's schedule >oh y…[View]
519843043SAN ANDREAS MYTHS ARE TRUE: Daily Reminder San Andreas myths are real >Sharks https://www.youtube…[View]
519841419What are your thoughts on the super fighting robot, Aigis?[View]
519841701>bio means water >game takes place in the air…[View]
519835058Which is the best?[View]
519836306Current objective:: Survive[View]
519842893What are some games that involve having relationships with otherworldly beings?[View]
519841213The state of Nu-Capcom: >https://twitter.com/RE_Games/status/1290663917283356672 >release unfi…[View]
519840607Will there ever be a Pokemon TCG 3 with Johto sets??[View]
519841071How do you go from THIS.....[View]
519842346Aww you guys[View]
519841549new ryzen + nvidia 3000 series: or PS5 and a bunch of cool games?[View]
519842394> was labelled it the 'Final Fantasy killer' > every Final Fantasy used to be PlayStation excl…[View]
519825958Power of teh C3LL: >'Unlimited power of the Cell™' >$600 launch price for the ultimate powerho…[View]
519842168OPTIMUS, YOU COWARD! Come out and tell me why there are no good Transformer video games, or I'l…[View]
519838332>Minion does an exposition dump[View]
519836618Consensus on the Best Games Available / Archetypes Plausible for Enjoyability[View]
519834447Would you love and protect Mikan even though her bullies have made her suck cock since she was in el…[View]
519841454Blue Ocean or Gold Beach?[View]
519837938FNaF 2: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519838264Does anyone actually care about the next gen of consoles?: The only game that looked interesting was…[View]
519841528Link Thread: Is he basically the Nintendo family version of the Nameless One?[View]
519839762FNaF 3: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519841278Have you found Piggsy in San Andreas?I think hes real.[View]
519841408I finally discovered how jews control western people. It's by manufactured anger and teenage an…[View]
519841393FFXIV: Too soon?[View]
519840338>Game has AI >AI is relevantly mellow unless you approach it Any games like this?…[View]
519841339Gamers are unironically humans at peak performance: >The gamer head impression Provides convenien…[View]
519834407Why was Sans popular? It is basically Shadow the Hedgehog but goofy[View]
519840298Now that the dust has settled It was an GOOD game, solid 7.5 out of 10. The things that keep it fro…[View]
519806885this banner for a smash bros related summoning event was in the japanese website data for fire emble…[View]
519840343What did the meant by this?: >'Rkut glj l rgok Yaxbcbux Yqct y' Any clue /v/?…[View]
519821524How come NOBODY ever talks about this game? They always mention Mario 3 and World as masterpieces, b…[View]
519818321What's a good entry point for someone that hasn't played a JRPG before?[View]
519841073why are ps2 games so hard to come by these days?[View]
519823974Why are they calling it Far Cry? What the fuck do the far cry games have in common other than that i…[View]
519836830any other JRPGs with active turnbased combat like this?[View]
519825490How would you feel about Paper Mario being our next fighter in Smash Bros. Ultimate over Waluigi and…[View]
519834915OPEN THE GoT thread[View]
519836663What am I in for bros? The 60 minutes isn't gameplay[View]
519840865don don don-don-don-don-don don don don-don-don-don-don twee twee twee twee twee-twee twee-twootwe…[View]
519820195Member when West made sexy video game characters?[View]
519830004SHOWER ANYONE?[View]
519840419had a psychopath friend who recommended me this game as 12. what did /v/ think about this game ? i t…[View]
519840302be old dota2: >better map >gameplay much more versatile >everyone praises dota2 even shitte…[View]
519840516Can someone explain what GamerGate is?[View]
519839461>People complain about quality of life changes >N-NOOOOO TRANSMOGS, GROUP FINDER AND LAYERING …[View]
519837823>Devs kill off the only character with half of a glimpse of personality at the beginning of the g…[View]
519839258I'm having to grind occasionally, but I'm having a blast. How long is this game? I'm …[View]
519839890 Meh [View]
519837108Other then MGS 5 how come there aren't more games where you run a PMC?[View]
519839112ITT: games you're afraid of replaying due to fear they don't hold up and you'll ruin …[View]
519813623Got a few weeks off with the COVID crap, though it isn’t doing much to me. What should I play? Got G…[View]
519835921Yakuza getting popular in the west was a mistake.[View]
519840037Any good multiplayer games that doesn't involve RP on this? Thinking of buying it[View]
519838072>Street Fighter V update announcement tomorrow Last chance /v/, who would you will with all your …[View]
519839261So um... when are we getting a new Pokemon game? It's been 8 years...[View]
519822260>play game >blink >suddenly its 1am and you have to wake up in 5 hours games for this feel?…[View]
519838504Foxhole thread: Can I get a quick rundown on this game?[View]
519840061I wanna play Aeon Flux but I dont know where[View]
519834768Mario Galaxy 3 when?[View]
519837897>Game 2 is a prequel[View]
519834074ITS HAPPENING: Woods Creature has been officialy confirmed!POST YFW BIGFOOT WAS REAL ALL ALONG! http…[View]
519839931Who is this character and why does he seem so fun[View]
519839801Super Mario 64 3DS Port: This is my new favorite way to play this game[View]
519813705This is the best VN I've ever played. Any suggestions for someone who heavily enjoyed it? Are t…[View]
519838398Someone explain to me, other than the switch, why consoles are even worth owning at this point? It l…[View]
519839684She's a prostitute.[View]
519814727why is this game so hated? I know people are assblasted about how the starfox elements were pretty s…[View]
519839535Play Paladins[View]
519824965I wish they'd stop making controller out of material that turns into a greasy, slippery mess af…[View]
519838596>I'M RIGHT HERE, BABY[View]
519835867Make it vidya[View]
519838949Best metroid game? Played super metroid through in one sitting and I loved it.[View]
519817028No, seriously, why were you in jail? And don't give me that 'the gods..' shit.[View]
519839129new mario game leak general: Ok so I found this video of what seems to be beta testing for a new mar…[View]
519837695What are your thoughts on Doom (1993)?[View]
519839242>ruining the core experience by modding the game in a game that doesn't officially support t…[View]
519831792Why does everyone say Akechi is a Light rip-off when he's closer to Kaworu?[View]
519838360Why can't I enjoy multiplayer games anymore?[View]
519837919>yes I'm still gonna main it >yes it's mobility will never get nerfed >yes you ar…[View]
519839098>level is called [town name] >you don't actually visit that town during the level What ar…[View]
519836213How does Sony feel about spending so much money on graphics when most gamers are fine with playing u…[View]
519836007This didnt age well. So how are you Halo Infinite Copers going to support Halo since you cant buy it…[View]
519838762ITT: crimes against gamers[View]
519839029>free online >game pass >but raise normal game price to 70 € What are they thinking?…[View]
519832605It's happening Silent Hill bros! Konami just made a new Twitter page for the series, on top of …[View]
519838935>rehashed type of enemy is actually an enjoyable challenge Got any in mind, /v/?…[View]
519838921Was he gay for his brother?[View]
519803535>One in a million chance to finish your shitty story. >Make a filler game. What exactly did Y…[View]
519838082Consumer thread: what is the most consumer thing you have done? for me is buying ps4 and xbox one ba…[View]
519838738New DLC you must pay 50$ to get the duck using shotgun[View]
519838343Hey mongol dogs, My name is Jin, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are filthy, invader,…[View]
519829362I bought Resident evil 4 again[View]
519838407Post vidya villains overcompensating[View]
519833858Do you have any... thinly-veiled 'video game female' threads, made by amatory internet dorks?[View]
519838167What's your favourite gacha?[View]
519836750>'Now I can see.. I was the Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD all along...' Goddamn what a good e…[View]
519837986Are you ready for epic Uther vs Arthas duel in Shadowlands?[View]
519836739FNaF: Is it, dare I say, the greatest horror game of all time?[View]
519837965Everyone who paid real money for GTA Online microtransactions should catch AIDS and die.: You'r…[View]
519834574Has anyone here ever had sea salt ice cream? Is it any good? Any other food you've discovered/t…[View]
519836728>Made in Unity[View]
5198337701. Go to the community screenshots for the last Steam game you played. 2. Order the results by 'Most…[View]
519837383Why yes, I'm the class that makes the game less fun for others on a consistent basis, how could…[View]
519832682What are we hoping for/expecting? please Elden Ring [View]
519836270Why are there no threads about Guardian Tales? Best gacha I've played in ages. Anyone else her…[View]
519822807where is it?[View]
519832010fever 105 vs flash fm: the great debate[View]
519832892What makes the Mega Drive graphics look so different from SNES? It looks like its something related …[View]
519837306>TF2 gets new players >Have to deal with watching my buildings get destroyed as a f2p engineer…[View]
519835229Play Jackbox with /v/! https://www.caffeine.tv/CerebralFrag Fun, excitement and faggotry await withi…[View]
519835959why did they just give up in japan and hand the market to Nintendo so easily?[View]
519837063>Spiderman only exclusive for PS4 >Even more exclusive content from Marvel: Avengers for PS4 …[View]
519836994>Try playing RoR2 with friends and randos >Connection issues, It's like I'm never fu…[View]
519830732>all the anones talking about the new twitch's flavour of the month >lowkey missing GOTY…[View]
519825881What went right?[View]
519836804More exclusives for Marvel Avengers pony up?[View]
519834819Sony announced more exclusives for the avengers game: All characters on launch and the ones that get…[View]
519836771Company of heroes 3 with japanese faction when? Also maps in pacific and africa.[View]
519836717The greatest soundtrack in vidya[View]
519835510I started playing this last night. What did I think of it, /v/? Also Destiny 2 thread.[View]
519835942It's getting a PS5 remaster, isn't it? And snoys make fun of Nintendo for selling the same…[View]
519826862Why did FF9 never get any spinoffs or remakes? I think many people liked it more than 7[View]
519835609How come there hasn't been a Remaster/Remake yet?[View]
519833087>buying a used PC online >'windows 10 pro installed and activated - $100' >'me building it …[View]
519835809SAGE 2020: What games are you most looking forward to at this year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo? HARD …[View]
519833481Warhammer Games: Anybody know of an unofficial patch or something for the original Dawn of War? I do…[View]
519828405Imagine complaining about a $16 an hour Blizzard internship which then headed towards a $60k a year …[View]
519835784Post no one's favorite video games: I'll start[View]
519835538Xenoblade Chronicles DE: >One of the most complex character models >5-10 seconds of screen tim…[View]
519817971Street Fighter V Season 5 announcement tomorrow: Who do you think we're going to get?[View]
519833778Help me, /v/: Could you good lads tell me some good games that I could play for like 100-200 hours, …[View]
519835006For me, it's the DualShock® 3 with SIXAXIS technology[View]
519835389When is /v/ gonna finally complete a girlfriend% run? Never?[View]
519832848She had it up her ass: Post vidya girls who canonically wore thongs in at least one game.[View]
519823370why so many jackbox threads lately? jackbox thread[View]
519834868The exact list of games that will be shown at the PS5 presentation: The exact list of games that wil…[View]
519822967Was he an asshole or was he in the right?[View]
519834251Would you love and protect Mikan even though her bullies have made her suck cock since she was in el…[View]
519834514>dark souls 3 but even greyer >dark souls 3 but worse DLC >dark souls 3 but half the fps …[View]
519820106Yes, development began 6 years ago. But Yandere Simulator is much more ambitious and complex than an…[View]
519833540What's best: What is the best MoH to play Multiplayer 4 splitscreen?[View]
519834730I need a webm of the blue SHIFTing shonen-y scene.[View]
519834463it'sa me mario imma pop your fucking kneecaps[View]
519834160Was she pure?[View]
519831293is this a trustworthy guide to the fate series?[View]
519833719Why aren't you playing DOA right now?[View]
519814431Sony forcing usage of PS5 Controller to Spy on Gamers: https://www.gamespew.com/2020/08/your-ps4-con…[View]
519832604>looking for steam games >only fps trash and indieshit…[View]
519831398So, what's your take on vr?[View]
519833396Why are all the great e-celebs turning into vapid twitch prostitutes? Pat, Lawrence and Bruce from F…[View]
519834421Would it be fair to say that at the end of the day, Abby was Joel's reckoning. Come to end the …[View]
519829372FUCK STUPEI[View]
519820427How will they fuck up tower of latria?[View]
519828484They are like that clueless uncle who think he's cool but it's completely unaware of how o…[View]
519832157>mfw there's people out there that cried after killing Sif in Dark Souls…[View]
519833726Nintendo Direct (October): ((Feel free to believe this or not. I am NOT the original leaker; just re…[View]
519832902rank his games: 1. RE4 2. The Evil Within 3. RE1/REmake 4. Vanquish the rest: dunno haven't pla…[View]
519834025Why’s it calling me out for being evil for decisions it forces me to do? Pretentious as fuck tbqh[View]
519833907Metal Gear?[View]
519833596Why is the switch so fucking unresponsive? There are online games that are more responsive than play…[View]
519819545Will you be upgrading to a Nvidia GeForce™ RTX™ 3080ti next month? Or does /v/ hate high framerates …[View]
519830782Why couldn't they just do a budget Pikmin game instead of making the billionth side scroller on…[View]
519833119Thoughts on Fallout 76?[View]
519828389> I am forgotten[View]
519831480Is /v/ not hype as fuck for this?[View]
519779330wait a second this is just RE4 in space[View]
519832158my switch dock stopped working and now i'm discussing it with a legitimately retard person from…[View]
519832341Games with shock and awe? https://twitter.com/Edwinazzi/status/1290669143830790145[View]
519830386What games let me play as the World's Strongest Man?[View]
519827693Smash Machine lol[View]
519824481when will other devlopers realize a game must be fun to succeed?: >literal basic indie game >m…[View]
519822892Game Informer Editor: Sony will have more exclusive content in games next year: According to him: …[View]
519831317FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PHILANDO CAN SOMEONE STOP HIM? https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/08/04/xbox-game…[View]
519833167Anybody playing the nioh 2 dlc?[View]
519832612Do you belive in Bigfoot?[View]
519830646how do you fight these things this is legit harder then any souls game.[View]
519830356Still buying Infinite Still voting for trump Simple as[View]
519828719How can you show this to the public ?[View]
519830972The only game I enjoy is Fallout: New Vegas and I can only enjoy it after I've smoked two bowls…[View]
519825876HyperDash: Whoever recommended this in a vr thread a few days ago, just want to say thanks brother…[View]
519827127Why do devs fucking do this? Which one do I play?[View]
519832324Diablo Immortal: What the fuck is going on with this game? Is it ever even coming out?[View]
519829552Geist: Geist[View]
519832768What went wrong?[View]
519829190Why contain it?[View]
519831016Did you forget about me, Anon??[View]
519822662IT’S HAPPENING[View]
519818296Ok hear me out. >MGS origins story focusing on the Boss and Cobra Unit >Kojima back at the he…[View]
519831885when did they become so anti cuntsoomer?[View]
519788649Who is the ugliest girl in animal crossing?[View]
519830889The ending made me tear up like a bitch, I just finished it.[View]
519828918Will Crash Bandicoot 4 be good?[View]
519789371guys have u upgraded yet[View]
519832586I'm kind of looking for a long JRPG timesink game with a good story that has bonus content for …[View]
519832461does this game get good at some point or should i just give up because it doesnt grab me so far >…[View]
519826301>Ryuji's Girlfriend[View]
519831982>odd numbered playstation[View]
519829024>mecha anon gave up Oh no mechabros[View]
519831347I don't remember these achievements being there when I played The Walking Dead, is it DLC?[View]
519828694Is /v/ playing Blasphemous's new free DLC? >NG+ >full spanish voiceover added >revampe…[View]
519830495Has a TV show or movie ever made you want to play a game?[View]
519823395>Here is your mouse,Bro[View]
519830950If you don't want the players to use hacks to see thru the walls, why the fuck you keep transmi…[View]
519822004>nicest character in the game is an incel[View]
519819805Will I like this game if I despise Bloodborn?[View]
519830337This tard is WRONG! People do care about exclusives. Nobody is getting the XSX bc there's no re…[View]
519831351I found a video that PERFECTLY describes how I feel about this GARBAGE character.: https://youtu.be/…[View]
519824035Is there any vidya female who wears a thong for PRACTICAL reasons?: Think about it. Can you come up …[View]
519831517an esports scene has never positively contributed to a game's existence in any way other than i…[View]
519769338Risk of Rain: 8 more days until hopoo once again disappoints us. What are your wishes for the new up…[View]
519829623are the rumors true?[View]
519816767>games best armour is the default armour What’s her name /v/?[View]
519831709Yeah, I'm thinking it's based[View]
519817695I've had a bad day, let's have video game humor thread[View]
519827147ITT: Hell Levels: Post your favorites /v/[View]
519799460What went wrong?[View]
519822742Your turn to die accouncement: LETS FUCKING GO >https://twitter.com/nannkizum/status/129059772915…[View]
519798507Raid: Shadow legends: Can someone who has actually played to game explain why it's bad?[View]
519825775Why did 2 player Co-op games suddenly vanish?[View]
519831350Do you listen to music that’s based off vidya?[View]
519825943>Enemies never get inflated health/attack stats >They just get a bigger moveset with less room…[View]
519830316Decided to return to the monster hunter iceborne, but damn handler makes casual random hunts impossi…[View]
519820546HOLA, it's unsalvagable isn't it?[View]
519829581>turn based[View]
519822515How come there's no cool Moon knight games?: He's cool capeshit, not the cringe capeshit w…[View]
519828075How did so many good Star Wars games come out during the prequel era?[View]
519827106Could you recommend anime shooter games? Thanks[View]
519813550MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
519830787carry on: best indie game since super meat boy[View]
519822887Post >your main and/or secondary >your favorite stage or music >who you want as DLC…[View]
519830595When did you realize that MGR was better than any DMC game?[View]
519827738Metal Gear Solid: Give me one reason Konami doesn't port this and Metal Gear Rising to the Swit…[View]
519826898>character is retarded >wants to be taken seriously on the grounds his retardation is systemic…[View]
519829259I have never played a SoulsBorne game, where should I start? Are they really hard?[View]
519827858How do I get good at this game? It seems like there are no resources out there. Also why don't …[View]
519819652Rank these creatures from best to worst.[View]
519830405Which of these shit games should I get? Basingstoke looks alright[View]
519829332>boomers constantly saying how much better games were back then >try them >they are all shi…[View]
519828445AI - Artificial Intelligence in videogames: Why is AI in modern games so shitty? What is stopping pr…[View]
519826409Nice try, but you're not getting me that easily, Blizzard.[View]
519819934Microsoft has won the gen already. I'm not joking. Sony are still fighting as if this generatio…[View]
519828575ITT: games with extremely simple mechanics but awesome gameplay[View]
519827925>game ends right before Venom faces Solid Kino. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a brainlet.…[View]
519829998Who the FUCK is this??? Mewtwo???[View]
519826293>Bro what if we take Artorias and just make him a bug This is the climactic fight everyone jizzes…[View]
519828567Cultural Phenomenon thread: Will squid be back in the next update?[View]
519829374Post games that were DOA.[View]
519817175Why do you main in Mortal Kombat?[View]
519801749what did kojima mean by this?[View]
519827553Indie FPS Games: What are you currently playing and what are you looking forward to? Demo of this re…[View]
519820771Death Stranding thread: >no cargo with cardboard boxes that can't be in water or timefall Co…[View]
519825691nintendo direct leak: Nintendo is going to do more Partner Showcases, at least, one a month, based f…[View]
519822692>starts the whole soulless meme >is literally the definition of soul…[View]
519829624ZoE2 PS3 or PC?: Which version is better?[View]
519818415>Is first potrayed as a calm and menacing figure >lol actually he's a screaming autist Wh…[View]
519828149*teleport behind you*[View]
519829185You promised you'd take me there again someday. But you never did.[View]
519825951>1 year later >no RTX support what did they mean by this…[View]
519827463What went wrong?[View]
519816175Can't believe i wasted 5 dollars on that shit[View]
519818029Is it worth emulating? I've played the original Siren and Blood Curse but I never got to play 2…[View]
519823795https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTcZnRHAcfk&feature=emb_logo Are you going to buy her game?[View]
519825976>nvm fixed it[View]
519823334Why are (You) not playing Fantasy Strike?[View]
519825258It's happening Silent Hill bros! Konami just made a new Twitter page for the series, on top of …[View]
519825624The NES Game NONE of you know: I bet NONE of you have heard of this game[View]
519825908I'm about to show you who the boss of this lair is[View]
519821880Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Thread[View]
519790379Titfa Thread: How does she stay so relevant after all these years? Hard Mode: Don't mention her…[View]
519825242What upgrades should I get to survive next gen ?: I got a mid-range pc but will upgrade it to a high…[View]
519828452What are some games that subverted your expectations?[View]
519825959>Pay for video game >Guy that pays $300 a month to run 20 accounts at once reports me on all 2…[View]
519827280Will this game ever come out?[View]
519826628This game is pretty fucking fun in co-op. What does /v/ think about it?[View]
519824841>create a female character >creepy male NPCs try to hit on you Can Bioware fuck off already? …[View]
519828270>Source is a ResetErã member, who's sources have been verified by the staff of the website: …[View]
519828252Games in your top 5 that are in no one else's top 5[View]
519825432What does /v/ think of this creature?[View]
519828183Favorite Videogame Imouto?: mine is Lumia Waber[View]
519824163Yeah it might not have the best graphics compared to PC but at least it has bloodborne![View]
519816743You excited for RE8 bros[View]
519828071>8th month into 2020 >still no price what are they afraid of?…[View]
519825897>saves the Resident Evil franchise and the horror genre RE1 already got a remake, but not one wor…[View]
519822161>Apex Legends will be the first and only Source-based/derived game on Switch…[View]
519818553Is it worth getting SF5 if I only play offline? I know you need to unlock characters but like how fu…[View]
519825180Today I will remember them[View]
519824441>game has a really easy puzzle >it took me 10 minutes to solve…[View]
519818217How could they have a Capcom level come back?[View]
519825304Just got diagnosed with the Chinese flu. What are the ultimate games to fire up and play when sick a…[View]
519826157Remember when Sonic was just Sonic and there was no Classic/Modern divide? Creating a divide between…[View]
519820232Lady is for [spoiler]DMC thread[/spoiler][View]
519824545Damn so its actually happening?![View]
519821775normal or hard?[View]
519820786Create a new alliance of different factions from New Vegas to A better North America in Fallout.[View]
519825545Super Mario 64 DS is now REDUNDANT if you own a 3DS: Finally, the real version of SM64 can now be pl…[View]
519826728Why Tsubaki has Hakumen`s sword? Also BlazBlue thread.: There are two of them now?[View]
519820047noodle time: why do so many action/adventure games have fights where you 1v1 a group of 3+ instead o…[View]
519782902>dreamed for a sequel >it got released >massive disappointment What was her name /v/?…[View]
519821123Darkmoon bow: >255/295 >650 Divine Composite bow: >182/321 >503 Divine Divine Bow of Pha…[View]
519826534Final Fantasy XVI is coming Soon, It will have an EXCLUSIVE deal with PLAYSTATION 5: >Source is a…[View]
519826512>Finds fun game, dedicates time to it >Patches ruin it What's her name, /v/? For me, Dest…[View]
519640816Super Mario /v/orld 2 (Thread 2/31): Last Thread: >>519478486 Hi Anons, what a turnout today! …[View]
519822241Why do niche Japanese gamedevs still care so much about Sony, when all they do is fuck with their ga…[View]
519826174>Teleport into the battlefield with dozens of grenades, gadgets, and hundreds of rounds of ammo …[View]
519824104So here's there pitch; It's time for a Zombie Strand Type game. You take your typical zomb…[View]
519800302Strong quarter for PlayStation (end June 30): The PlayStstion 4 has now sold 112.3 million units to …[View]
519825964Since they added blacks to DAH Remake why didn’t they just add Asians too? Why include any new race …[View]
519815939>shit talks the NCR and Legion for being 'bad people' >is an active member of the fu…[View]
519824862I have a friend that works at 343. It's fucked. The textures look bad mostly due to insane stre…[View]
519822132I'm a 28 year old fellow. When I was a kid, like 8-10 or, I tried Halo on a pals xbox. It was s…[View]
519815049When will he be back /v/?[View]
519812306Let’s settle this:: Which is the more legitimate art form? Film or vidya? I think pic related pretty…[View]
519807292Why do normies like this so much?[View]
519823705Disaster Report 4: How the FUCK is this game $60?[View]
519821979Nintendo Direct Leak: -The next Nintendo Direct Is coming at the end of Aug. -The next Partner Showc…[View]
519825780>'Yes I choose/create female character cuz I like to see woman butt shaking in front of me rather…[View]
519817682Who do you think are the best voice actors in gaming? Laura Bailey and Troy Baker? Also talk voice a…[View]
519797952/v/ used to love dynasty warriors. What happened?[View]
519819539ITT: games only you've played[View]
519825547Disgaea 6 protags duo teased: Shota and cute and funny What were they thinking? baka my head[View]
519825168Now that the dust has settled. What's the /v/erdict?[View]
519825412have a Chad friend and help your Chad friend when needed, /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_noBx…[View]
519820290'Digital' Games: Let's have a discussion of how Physical games will always be superior. I'…[View]
519824674New World vs Ashes of Creation: Which one will save MMOs?[View]
519825060Is SoT the only game series with a complete story arc, a satisfying ending and no black sheep[View]
519825183Post you're top 3 new IPs that were released this gen. For me it's probably 1. Bloodborne…[View]
519822508>buy game rated M >can set women on fire, make their heads explode, watch them bleed out to de…[View]
519819305Microsoft deleting the ugliest screens of Halo from halowaypoint website: july 23: https://web.archi…[View]
519825057Was he the first idort?[View]
519823915Was he right?[View]
519810813The absolute STATE of western porn games.[View]
519819117gw2: How you liking latest release of Guild Wars 2?[View]
519822034Why the fuck does my switch get so warm and blow through the fans loud/alot when in the dock.[View]
519775980*steals your heart*[View]
519824428>Villain is evil because... he's the villain and he's evil[View]
519821824Things in Mario Maker 2 you wanted: The last update for the game came out and there are still some t…[View]
519813606Terminator: Resistance is getting a VR mode. No idea when it's releasing. Could be today. Could…[View]
519824506Were Black Ops 2 trickshots ever real?: There are tons of Trickshot-Montages on YouTube but I never …[View]
519818097why don't we have real actors in games anymore???[View]
519824502How was I supposed to know how to properly solve math questions?[View]
519807402AI peaked in the mid 00s: AI peaked around 2006 and has never ever even really surpassed the heights…[View]
519820724Today I will remind them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCDOK3LLzhM[View]
519824260Drop some god-tier video game composers[View]
519824198Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
519817697>turrent has an infinite clip[View]
519823057Its up, blasphemeous chads we are coming home.[View]
519822451Subarashii, chin chin mono Kintama no kami aru Sore no oto, sarubobo? Iie! Ninja ga, imasu Hey hey l…[View]
519823434>2020... I Am Forgotten[View]
519822827Better than botw[View]
519700916RTS Support Group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJvPyH8WnMw[View]
519823701The only good Switch game in the past year[View]
519823294Can /v/ pull this off and hit all 30 shots?[View]
519823663Dragalia Lost mKai clear: https://youtu.be/WxeGIvrHuKI My 2nd ever mKai clear with Vice Dragalia Los…[View]
519818284Do you think the quality of Humble Bundle has gone down recently? Also, anyone want some games?…[View]
519823124Morrigan or Yennefer?[View]
519820741Why aren't you playing monster crown yet /v/?[View]
519822210This didn't feel like a remaster. It felt and looked exactly the same. Maybe it's been a w…[View]
519822274ITT:: Great games with terrible DLCs.[View]
519813146Why /v/tards hate this game? It's a literal masterpiece.[View]
519815704hey jacob man, i know you browse this board so i just wanna say thanks man. thanks for everything. i…[View]
519814452*one shots all your brothers then heals*[View]
519823372>Spider-Man exclusive to PS5 >A property that Sony owns is exclusive to a Sony console. Why ar…[View]
519823324How can I get a better performance on my shitty benchmarking tests?[View]
519823321Why?: GTAV I am an ex criminal rando jabronie I guess I should start a massacre >Lol okay buddy, …[View]
519821209Is Okumara's palace the worst in the game, it's so annoying im close to just droping the d…[View]
519822994You know why Samus's ass looks so fat in this scene?: Because she has a MOM butt that she needs…[View]
519811420>main character is strong because... he's strong[View]
519819258heh... nothin personal, nintendo. just going to be the next best portable way to game[View]
519815814August 11th mini: >No mans sky launches October 14th >Doom eternal September 30th >Bravley …[View]
519820217Payday 3 to use Unreal Engine (Will be on EGS before Steam): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMdCina…[View]
519823045ITT:: Sequels that are better than the original[View]
519822653Games only you remember[View]
519817667Is this a good port?[View]
519822849Carrion is a tale of a woman being empowered by millennia of male oppression and lashing out with he…[View]
519821079Muscular Characters: Who are some of your favorite muscular videogame characters /v/? Do you like yo…[View]
519822578Do you hate it when games feature people with more realistic proportions[View]
519808610>releases on consoles and phones but not PC Holy fuck why are these fuckers doing this to me?…[View]
519806762starsector thread: show your ebin flagships[View]
519822657Did this image upset you, janny? Stay filtered, pleb.[View]
519806702^ユニyay^ cake pastels and yays (cakefairy-biscuits(lit: nyanful elementals(dreamy)))^(for everynyan) …[View]
519811678I'm actually glad this shit got canceled. I can't fathom playing yet ANOTHER game about a…[View]
519822448Say hello to your Disgaea 6 MCs.[View]
519812349FFXI to introduce Ascians in 'the Voracious Resurgence': FFXI is coming back from the dead with a ne…[View]
519801152Returnst fromst whencest thoust camest.[View]
519822284How the fuck were you supposed to know you had to enter the castle?[View]
519822106https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRoBYbMyjhk OG WHEN & with 60FPS animations instead of this chop…[View]
519820102Games where your cooler sidekick turns on you in the first part of the game?[View]
519818606Why is the PlayStation brand so powerful?: >Over $5.63B Revenue and $1.152B Profit between April-…[View]
519819780Is this cao cao real objective?[View]
519812998>he doesn't use the cUnnI skin for Steam[View]
519818543Just 1 more week till ARR & HW is free to play[View]
519804305Guys, Silent Hill is happening, new Twitter page, Silent Hill 2 - 4 OSTs being uploaded to Spotify, …[View]
519811193Conan, for no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts... But /v/..…[View]
519817294Video game foods you wish were real: Well for me it's the number 9 large from cluckin bell, the…[View]
519808435Rondo Duo: You did play her game... right Anon?[View]
519821248New NIS game teaser: Are we Disgaea 6 now or what?[View]
519817767She's killed millions.[View]
519819106What's your favourite game of all time ?[View]
519818503Imagine buying an Xbox X only for the exclusives knowing they get released on PC anyways. Absolute …[View]
519768587console game of the year[View]
519819803>14 years ago[View]
519820825Why was this filmed in black and white?[View]
519811779Will be on PC by the end of the year.[View]
519731775What made you stop playing?[View]
519820346>Xbox >Xbox 360 >Xbox 360 S >Xbox One >Xbox One X >Xbox One S >Xbox Series X …[View]
519817234Literally impossible[View]
519817131>playing modern warfare 2 remastered >say fuck it and post screen shot of controversial missio…[View]
519811025Dreamcast emulator: Holy crap have I been sleeping on Dreamcast emulation for the last few years. I …[View]
519817565>have every event at us timezones did they forget their biggest market is europe or??…[View]
519818594Do you guys play with your significant other? My girlfriend is really sweet and all but she's a…[View]
519804620Anno: Isn't this game kinda tedious and repetitive?[View]
519785625>game gets remastered[View]
519814265>release high anticipated game >don't have enough server capacity why the fuck do devs ke…[View]
519815212>pixel art roguelike[View]
519816631what was the weirdest and most unexpected official vidya crossover?[View]
519812553Which is worse? >scripted loss boss fight or >boss fight where you win easily but the cutscene…[View]
519818369Will it ever be topped, /v/?[View]
519763491Sony just keeps rolling the hits[View]
519818921Xcloud streaming is fucking great, damn. Are Microsoft secretly abandoning consoles and trying to be…[View]
519816832you cannot find any games with as nearly as much SOVL as this masterpeice https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
519793637How about a comfy Fall Guys thread?: Lets all enjoy the launch and have fun![View]
519819330What games have the best cityscape atmosphere?[View]
519815220Sequel Never[View]
519786948Is this kind of detail really needed?[View]
519815408>Post YFW QUAD DAMAGE[View]
519795075New Diablo Immortal trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QidhKGJIYtA Thoughts?[View]
519819134What are some games for which every copy is personalized?[View]
519819158what are some games that can be seen as compilations of various art pieces with some game sprinkled …[View]
519814870How does /v/ feel about Microsoft's approach to the Xbox brand and ecosystem lately? I really d…[View]
519819089why are game devs so loathe as to give us a dedicated server browser? Why can't we be given the…[View]
519818793Damn, this guy really knows how to make people secure their PS5 preorders.[View]
519815194>only a few days after it's creation /vrpg/ is already 6 times slower than /v/ Can we all ag…[View]
519818928What the hell? I thought this was a Switch exclusive. Its now on Xbox and PC[View]
519811509>I buy Playstation for the exclusives Why do they lie?[View]
519818438>Dark spirit has invaded![View]
519817952What is the best modern beat em up?[View]
519814340>2 DAYS[View]
519785774>play MMORPG in 2020 >all people are assholes with crab bucket mentality Why is this and where…[View]
519803351Why do you hate it so much?[View]
519818729/v/ is going to pick me one AAA title to play based on popular vote. Let the game begin.[View]
519816742Leak BOTW Sequel: Botw Sequel > Title: The Legend of Zelda: The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Br…[View]
519818258Hey chucklenuts, let's talk about tf2![View]
519816249We need to address a problem. Why are Tonfas so rare in Vidya? There are a million fist fighters but…[View]
519818468i luv minmin[View]
519818386Kino VGM thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGGVWGJ0ZiM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG77HTd…[View]
519815218why is this game so fucking shit? I thought this game was cool at first but now I realize it's …[View]
519811995I'm so fucking sick of ps1-ps2 'styled' horror games. Its always low poly low rez garbage.[View]
519814614He did nothing wrong. Death before dishonoru[View]
519808462ITT: Your biggest disappointment of the year. 7Remake for me.[View]
519818032if you didn't date solely futaba and spent all the holidays with her you are a cuck[View]
519818028NV: >shit talks the NCR and New Vegas for being 'evil degenerates' >are degenerates the fuck i…[View]
519817829Guys, I think I really really really really REALLY like Towa![View]
519817962I miss Ghost Recon Advanced Soul Fighter[View]
519816814Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord only has 8 developers working on singleplayer: Today I will remind …[View]
519792595Is death stranding good?[View]
519815941Remember when bands made music for video games: https://youtu.be/-ZQk3ig-i_s Soul[View]
519817638What went wrong with Xbox Series X?[View]
519815164Sim City 4: Is there anything that comes to the level of this even in 2020?[View]
519815497>everyone thinks the villian is wrong and stupid >last game proves that he was right as /v/ ev…[View]
519817665FNV - Brave New World: Where were you when New Vegas was revived?[View]
519817247What the fuck is this shit?[View]
519817319Are people really this ignorant about video games?[View]
519774202Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation: New update today. Have you finished your prescripts?[View]
519804152*X-files theme starts playing*[View]
519815387Is it fun, /v/?[View]
519817351TFW no invincible pursuer enemy Type GF.: What your first unstopabble chasing enemy? My was Hunter f…[View]
519815253Absolute kino[View]
519816803Damn, will we ever get a videogame with this setting? Imagine an open world game like this https://w…[View]
519817157Ah. Bikini Bottom. The emptiness. The abyss. The void.[View]
519801585>sonic 06 was 8 years ago It feels like yesterday... https://youtu.be/t7AtQHXCW5s…[View]
519812919Amazon's new MMORPG: Haven't seen a thread about New World yet. Is /v/ hyped? It is the ha…[View]
519817064is it patched yet?[View]
519808895Marvel's Avengers: I hate the designs and I hate muh inclusive character but the game looks kin…[View]
519800817>got scammed out of all my tf2 items on steam via fake valve employee item assurance scam This is…[View]
519816808>hesitant to buy game >buy it, play a few 2h sessions >stop playing for two days due to oth…[View]
519812889Luci's voice warms my heart when nothing else will.[View]
519807509Bring back my DS[View]
519816748If these new Socom rumors are true, I might go with ps5 over sexbox series sex. RAH-HE-LAAAA!!![View]
519813295The peak of Street Fighter.[View]
519815668Ciconia When They Cry: Can we please talk about the most kino VN scene of 2019 https://www.youtube.…[View]
519816270What is the best modern CRPG, and why is it Divinity Original Sin 2[View]
519795308Kinda bug and kinda snack Try to catch 'em in your trap Feed somebody and you'll see We ar…[View]
519816606How is it?[View]
519803934Tekken 7 season 4: When are they gonna put this dude in?[View]
519816273For me, it's Roommates...[View]
519815703Guys I met Gilbert Gaming.[View]
519815039>the door is locked from the other side[View]
519812602Do you know the way[View]
519810747Is there any game in existence that can fill the void new vegas left? WHY aren't their more ope…[View]
519810074What am I getting myself into?[View]
519781642RDR2 is the greatest game ever made: There's only one game that has the top tier graphics, cine…[View]
519816179Nintendo Garbage Servers: >playing tetris 99 >7th place >4 badges >got no garbage >lo…[View]
519815490https://wccftech.com/new-halo-3-pc-campaign-mod-removes-map-barriers/amp/ >A brand-new Halo 3 PC …[View]
519806019This gotta be the worst SMT spin-off I've ever played.[View]
519796621What is the most waste of money you ever spent on a video game?[View]
519813252how bad is it ?[View]
519806193>Video games can't be art- Origami is art. Ballet is art. Musicals are art. This game is, pe…[View]
519813723What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a vidya? I got Melee at a thrift store last yea…[View]
519812595Just bought this because of /v/ When does it get good?[View]
519815920>That dead multiplayer game you wish you could play again What's her name? I'M GOIN…[View]
519815916>always thought there was only one server to play on >suddenly find out there are hundreds of …[View]
519815626Is imperialism bad?[View]
519805832Who is the most based character designer in gaming history?[View]
519798829What went wrong?[View]
519815760Lowspecgamer: Based poor fag[View]
519812726>Playing some casual matches in Apex >Get matched with two 10 year old squeakers, one of them …[View]
519810478Death Stranding: Plot was shit[View]
519814918Is this the best sequel ever made?: >more of the same great gameplay, didn't change how the …[View]
519798596Castlevania thread: What are your favourite Castlevania games /v/? Mine are Symphony of the Night an…[View]
519815398Should I just play Metroid Prime 2 and 3 or wait for the HD Collection?[View]
519810260LEGO SUPER MARIO: Did you buy it yet /v/?[View]
519813704nothing beats the feel of playing this game after a long day of work. very relaxing game, playing th…[View]
519791929Why is Dota 2 losing it's player base?: Obviously, with the battle pass, a lot of people have c…[View]
519815310Is it worth jailbreaking your seventh gen console/handheld?[View]
519768721IGN: Playable Zelda confirmed for BOTW 2: Incelbros, we lost[View]
519814927Gaming on linux: Any linux gamers here ? do you use Vm's what is your experience with linux gam…[View]
519801045SCP Secret Laboratory: Do any of you guys still play it? I feel like its past its prime ever since t…[View]
519814303has /v/ played hellpoint? worth a buy? is it fun? what say you[View]
519815101Shas'O, ready to take command[View]
519812027Y'know, with the rising cost of games/inflation, I actually think this is a really clever way f…[View]
519813269where did makoto get these hips from? i mean god just look at them[View]
519792326What new features and additions would you like out of Koikatsu 2?[View]
519784770What are games you get lost in?[View]
519814916Select your character[View]
519805804gurumin: fuck you for recommending this garbage holy shit[View]
519809102Do you think that, if Nintendo actually caves in and makes Zelda playable, they will eventually be f…[View]
519806967How would you improve the RPG part in MMORPG?[View]
519795509whats the point of buying a new gpu when theres no games that will utilize its power? rdr2 can alrea…[View]
519809106Mascot: He is played in first person and has less than 30 minutes of screen time. Sony games are all…[View]
519811768ITT: Subtle details that ruin a game for you[View]
519807681Who's in the wrong here?[View]
519814530Your Opinions On: >[The best methods of ensuring and maximizing the quality, objectivity, utility…[View]
519811381Do you do any sort of cable management?[View]
519813910Anyone playing ghost of tsushima?: anyone playing tsushima? Recommend? Opinions? Expierience?[View]
519814440What went wrong?[View]
519814382I wanted to comfort her so fucking bad[View]
519814260>If we Americans don't come together again, humanity won't survive. Holy fucking CRINGE…[View]
519803398>game advertises itself as co-op >All other players provide is more DPS Are there any co-op ga…[View]
519810279I wish that Huniepop 2 had all the girls from Huniepop1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FPa7xY-UKY…[View]
519810959I have absolutely zero interest in any of these games. Is there something wrong with me? Am I just d…[View]
519814302Is Cammy the worst jobber in videogames? Even Chun-Li has a better record.[View]
519806717KNACK COMING TO PS5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c-foo5joEg[View]
519812231>I hate cyberpunk 2077 and greatly hope it will fail >therefore i will make threads about it 2…[View]
519813052Keiji Inafune: You think he can make a comeback?[View]
519810371I reported every person who won against me[View]
519810340Play Super Mario Odyssey on the Ryujinx emulator.[View]
519813770Games that confuse you more than you think they should[View]
519811510MGS - Microwave corridor: Why do other games blatantly copy this part? You're obviously not gon…[View]
519796047Who's the best rhythm heaven girl? For me, its the pitcher.[View]
519811771>undiscovered parts of the map is beige >fog of war is also beige haha >can't see unit…[View]
519787480What's the 'magic number' for a party? What about the gender distribution? For me, it's a …[View]
519799893Never played this game or its sequel. Would it still be a fun game to play today? Is it worth playin…[View]
519811913>laughs as he losses horribly[View]
519812192So, confirmed, santa's number one helper is a squirrel....[View]
519813332ITT: Games that never saw the light of day.[View]
519782307What video games did you play when you were 10?[View]
519800827Why is San Andreas so Paranormal?[View]
519812873Got Death Stranding for free with my RTX card. What am I in for /v/?[View]
519800663What did Nomura mean by this angle?[View]
519799259Would an RX 580 8GB be good enough to run Death Stranding?[View]
519797667Do YOU agree with this, /v/?[View]
519813112I really like No Man's Sky, because ironically it is every man's sky. They worked so hard …[View]
519813031Why does cat do this[View]
519812976not a discussion thread, there are loads of those, send best cuckdev face memes.[View]
519806069Still waiting for the crack it's been almost a year :/[View]
519809469Sony is evil: Always remember, if you support this company, you support anti-consumer practices.…[View]
519812886Nippon Ichi Software summer 2020 greeting card teases a new title Disgaea 6?[View]
519803359Jesus Christ...[View]
519803281Can someone explain the lore of this game to me, please? Thank you.[View]
519812765I miss this game:/[View]
519810379this game feels so good[View]
519809535Was Path of the Furon really that trash? It got like 3's and 4's across the board from rev…[View]
519809017Imagine not being Team Green. Ponies are fucking pathetic.[View]
519808063Who's /v/'s favorite CSGO player?[View]
519803484KOREA TIME - FLASH as Random: KOREA TIME - FLASH as Random FLASH vs Bisu FLASH vs Queen FLASH vs Be…[View]
519808029What is Shinsekai like? It finally went on sale a few days ago.[View]
519811659don don don-don-don-don da-don don don don-don-don-don da-don twee twee twee twee twee-twee twee-too…[View]
519812379HEY BIG GUY Reminder that these stages existed solely to try and make dreamcast fishing mainstream a…[View]
519792003Why, oh why did I listen my friend and started playing Katawa Shoujo? I'm obsessed with it now.[View]
519741670nioh 2: Did you beat DotD yet?[View]
519809312Is anyone still playing this game on PC? Is it worth a try? How long is the grind to unlock Centurio…[View]
519812267This is an ugly woman according to /v/: why are there so many gays and pedos here[View]
519807301>pistol rounds decide 25% of every half >economy is retarded, save one round buy AWP next one …[View]
519799951Do girls really swap their panties with each other?[View]
519812121Kane & Lynch 2 aged like a fine wine https://youtu.be/a6P8eTPQ3bQ?list=PLg_5TKW6bgye3vReZAPjvtpS…[View]
519811669For what purpose?[View]
519812109Tales of Graces SPOILER WARNING: Why exactly does the game tries so hard to make me despise Emeraude…[View]
519810206How do I play Puck? What's the first item to get and so on? Idk if I should get Dagon first, Bl…[View]
519812015Was it really that good?: As I sit here on my 100% file trying to decide what kingdom to travel to a…[View]
519813919Explain why this shouldn't happen.[View]
519789449Fable: Why did this series get so popular despite its mediocre entries?[View]
519807191>consoom next product >don't ask questions >ingest large quantities of sugar >cri…[View]
519810563CYBERPUNK 2077: This game will be a game changer. An entire franchise spanning from videogames to sh…[View]
519807660>Temporal Anti-Aliasing[View]
519792850Switch is a perfect platform for CRPG.[View]
519810996well, would you? ever thought about it?[View]
519809098If I plug in a next-gen console into a 1080p display,: will I get 1080p60 in every game I play?…[View]
519801979Console gaming >Plays everything right out of the box PC gaming >need to keep upgrading GPU an…[View]
519808739Just what the hell were they thinking while making this? Most of the game is piss easy, even when yo…[View]
519811134time to let go: August 6th tho... things will happen.[View]
519798054why sony have the most retarded marketing strategy ?[View]
519796835>a historical WWII game one day went full weeb[View]
519809741Everytime we have a voice actor thread everyone has only things to say about Nolan North. Is Nolan N…[View]
519796723Who do you main?[View]
519810949Games where I can be a white Knight cuck?[View]
519805841Opinion on Helltaker?[View]
519808554Destroy all humans.[View]
519810854Brainwashed by the Nikkei And brainwashed by Dow Jones Brainwashed by the FTSE Nasdaq and secure loa…[View]
519810749For me, it's 165hz. Not necessarily much better than 144hz, but I find it noticably smoother th…[View]
519810298are there any coomer games with good gameplay?[View]
519810697Is this the best example of a 'good game just not a good _____ game?'[View]
519804558Bloodborne PC to be announced during State of Play .: Thursday, August 6, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. It…[View]
519793327What was the point of these characters?[View]
519808493All publishers are bastards.[View]
519810187Why the fuck does Steam take so long to do anything now? Back in 2013 you pressed a button and it op…[View]
519801663Other than the Sims games, is there any other game that deals with pregnancy? There are plenty of ga…[View]
519794024ITT: characters who have canonically taken dumps in game[View]
519810369>PSX >X[View]
519810007>KH has come to XBOX and there’s rumors 1.5+2.5 are coming to the Switch >still NEVER EVER on …[View]
519796887Is this the worst PC port of all time? It's got to be in the top 10 at least.[View]
519810072Is this any good bros? i've been thinking to replace my vanilla switch grip. http://www.dobe-ga…[View]
519808091nice board, nerds[View]
519807041Name some PS4 must haves that are NOT multiplat[View]
519807942Can we get another thread where we crudely draw video games and anons have to guess the title? Any r…[View]
519729582How's your game coming along?[View]
519799775I remember playing this game when I was a kid. Will it disappoint me now and ruin my memories or I w…[View]
519803547Now I'm REALLY panicking: Y'all granted me /ourgame/ would have surpassed TLOU1 ps3 copies…[View]
519808045How do you get past the twilight zone boss?[View]
519803814How different would the pokemon series be if all the pokemon could speak and are anthros?[View]
519810016Anyone can edit NMS's wiki: Come and make the NMS wiki as informative as you can anons. https:/…[View]
519787679It's out on steam now, why aren't you joining the fun?[View]
519805414Doomy: >kill demons with metal music blasting, lol >ehhhhh, kill some more demons? >with me…[View]
519807062Twilight Princess Zelda[View]
519809786>walk through the Great Desert >get mauled by a Sandskimmer >hear 'this one looks like a sl…[View]
519808954It’s going to flop isn’t it? >still no release date nor any news whatsoever…[View]
519801272its out boys[View]
519809476>Playing some casual matches in Apex >Get matched with two 10 year old squeakers, one of them …[View]
519782260How long do u think this scam disguised as an AAA game will last?[View]
519806858>10 out of 22 hours are cutscenes Yikes, why are we hyped for this again?…[View]
519803149Name some good games that's all smooth sailing and no nuisance or stress whatsoever. Something …[View]
519809257Was it really that good?: As I sit here on my 100% file trying to decide what kingdom to travel to a…[View]
519802945Thank you PCGamingWiki. If I want a poorfag, I'd donate $1.[View]
519808441Is protoss the most autistic faction[View]
519796123Seventy hours in, just got flight and holy fuck, this is peak kino. Yeah, it's rough in spots, …[View]
519806920Bosses that make you fucking PISSED: Fuck this stupid lightning nigger in particular, fuck his AOEs …[View]
519808529The seesaw map is complete and udder bullshit, but other than that this game is pretty fun. Although…[View]
519806503>still no good games like Faster Than Light Why?[View]
519798903Thoughts on the Custom Robo games?: When are we getting a Switch game?[View]
519808646I've got hemmeroids. What are some games that are just as painful?[View]
519801687Now that the dust has settled, was it really that bad?[View]
519808278Jungle: What are some games with high detail jungles? I'm thinking of giving green hell a go.…[View]
519804946Can you play the entire Xbox One library- marketplace games included on the Series X?[View]
519808081O-ORGRIM-SAMA?!?! I KNEEL!!!!!!![View]
519806078>All streamers playing the same meme garbage Bunch of bandwagoner fucks…[View]
519802784So i'm watching the P4G anime and I know I've heard the ending song somewhere before, but …[View]
519806090What happened to bright colors in video games? It used to be so important that the number of colors …[View]
519807774>I buy Playstation for the exclusives Why do they lie?[View]
519806890I came across this Doom wad called Hideous Destructor that implements crosshairs in an interesting w…[View]
519807663>RPG character creation >Can't become a skeleton…[View]
519806683When does this get good? I wish this shit was just an anime or something so I didn't have to pu…[View]
519807440Blasphemous DLC: The update just dropped.[View]
519805146>surely they can't fuck THAT up are there any other examples?[View]
519806552What's your greatest Vidya achievement, /v/?[View]
519805547We need to fabricate a new worldwide controversy Post ideas[View]
519803857If Mario jumped on Goku, would Goku take damage? Or would Mario take damage because Goku's hair…[View]
519733105Breath of the Wild 2: Direct sequels like the stand installments still maintained a unique gimmick t…[View]
519804426Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
519805928Why was RE7 such a massive success?[View]
519800924>F/SN and F/HA - Well crafted VN's >Fate/Unlimited Codes - Good Fightan >Fate/E and F/…[View]
519799260Pre-release/alpha/beta screenshots thread.: Pre-release/alpha/beta screenshots thread? In one of the…[View]
519761038>tfw my mom has played 6000+ hours of Crusader Kings II in less than 3 years >every time I cal…[View]
519798991Which Gamecube memory card should I buy?[View]
519734347/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>519668036 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
519789595Dark Souls lore expert, taking questions/discussion.[View]
519712059Same VA thread: >FOR REAL!?[View]
519787703>turns thing into hot anime girl Someone explain to me what's the appeal of this?…[View]
519806213Love Letter: Bros.... I’m in love[View]
519806362>shit talks the NCR and Legion for being 'bad people' >is an active member of the fu…[View]
519806373LOL thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FPa7xY-UKY[View]
519805080>Mitsu desu sociaru deestancu What exactly did Sakurai mean by this? I'm lost…[View]
519751187how true is this? like 90%?[View]
519800543how come some games dont need online subscripions for multiplayer? like ideally no games should but …[View]
519803292Do you self insert while playing vidya?[View]
519802261Was the Nerevarine really Nerevar reincarnated?[View]
519800685Nintendo Direct Mini information: Hello, call me subtitle guy. I work at Nintendo Europe, specifical…[View]
519804989Any games that let you have a wife like this?[View]
519804231Lego Game: Why didn't they ever make a Lego Star Trek game? Why is it always Superheroes or Sta…[View]
519805445Nintendo heroes: >small >emasculated >always simping for a princess >never has sex Ninte…[View]
519805668>the fix is in the link below >filejoker.net…[View]
519804019Who discovered video games?[View]
519735927*solos every level*[View]
519788085Now that the dust has settled, what did /v/ think about this series?[View]
519800216Daily reminder Bigfoot is real.Play San Andreas again and find him once and for all![View]
519795641JUST YOU AND ME MINER[View]
519800674YUZU RESOLUTION SCALER WHEEEEEEEEEEEEN: ryujinxs already did it but it runs worse then shitzu[View]
519804727>play game >have fun and enjoy it alot >suddenly it introduces electricity, machines and s…[View]
519805068>Game has artificial difficulty[View]
519798432The English voice of the future of Square Enix, Yozora, is 28 today. Wish him a happy birthday /v/![View]
519795970What vidya are you playing this late, Anon?[View]
519799496Elden Ring: 27th August[View]
519797881wait? did they copied the witcher 3 city in real life? props to the city planners[View]
519804546Name one (1) good MMORPG[View]
519804381https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor_Mateus >Final boss defeats Satan and takes over Hell…[View]
519803616This list is objectively correct. >tfw no Sonic Adventure 3[View]
519804307>supernova's meteor only skims and destroys some of Saturn's ring >destroys most pl…[View]
519801460Nintendo Direct August 7th: Nintendo Direct leak, set for August 7th: >The Direct opens with sile…[View]
519776376What wireless mouse do you use? Trying to replace pic related, it started double clicking.[View]
519803727why is she so cute bros?[View]
519802587https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj6f1Q5T994 BLOODBORNE 2 LEAKED HOLY FUCKING SHIT[View]
519798735What other videogames that caters to racists like me?[View]
519792207>As a child, I looked up to my grandfather. He was my hero, and I wanted to become a great scient…[View]
519794942/v/ claims to hate political games but this one is entirely a mockery of the HUAC / McCarthy / anti-…[View]
519803495Is this worth my time?[View]
519803682https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmq33YCTOmI What sorcery is this? Why does it look so much better an…[View]
519803683Korea time thread?: Flash (R) V Best (P) Flash (R) V Zero/Queen (Z) Flash (R) V Bisu (P) https://www…[View]
519803416I get it, you're malding about being the containment board, but please stop shitting up /vrpg/,…[View]
519800101Do you think the aesthetics of Cyberpunk 2077 is inspired more by Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell…[View]
519802750Dualshock 4 controllers will only be compatible with PS4 games but not PS5. Adaptive triggers and ha…[View]
519796616Nintendo Direct, August 12th: There's going to be a Nintendo Direct on August 12th Announcement…[View]
519802995What game are you waiting for?[View]
519798227Are you looking forward to the new State of Play bros?: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/new-playst…[View]
519796476>game has hours worth of backtracking[View]
519797939>ITT: Popular games that you never even bothered to install. I'll start. LOL Dota overwatch …[View]
519792215I love Nintendo.[View]
519803252Backlog thread, how many games do you have in there? How are you planning to tackle it? Do you have …[View]
519803123ITT: the best video game monsters[View]
519798891What's your favourite gacha?[View]
519778909Halo 3 customs game lobby We're gonna play Halo 3 custom games on MCC on PC Join on Staltz3139 …[View]
519802972LOL thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FPa7xY-UKY[View]
519802763Why lucky star never got a real video game? It was popular enough, u know it got like 2 extremely sh…[View]
519802721>ya beat da boss proppa good >da cutzene show ya gettin' krumped Stupid humies…[View]
519800756You need DirectX 12 so you can't play this on Windows 7? Fuck this shit.[View]
519792956Sega or Konami?: Which company's worse?[View]
519796609>look at the sky in a video game