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613260910mortal kombat: post your favorite kombatant, fatality, stage, game. >Noob Saibot >Liu Kang ark…[View]
613254135>*mogs every modern military shooter to this day*[View]
613259971People here who don't pirate games. Would you still be like this if you lived in the third worl…[View]
613260896You didn't beat the game[View]
613257514Stop! Who would cross the Board of /v/ must answer me these questions three, 'ere the catalog h…[View]
613260872do you think GTAV2 will come out next year or in 2025?[View]
613258216New nintendo console WHEN?[View]
613181461FFXIV: What's your favorite FFXIV expansion?[View]
613259085Realistically, this gen will be the final era of Sony's dominance. The COD contract runs out at…[View]
613260702When the fuck will we get any news?[View]
613260676is nintendo going to have enough time to fix the botw combat for botw2?[View]
613251657Nobeta: Little Witch Nobeta's Official theme song just got released. https://youtu.be/gZhMRAlTV…[View]
613258050>Capcom announces a second DLC set for Resident Evil Village after Shadows of Rose What would you…[View]
613260590Player agency in video games: Should video games give the player agency? Or do you think it's b…[View]
613248838How fun are the campaign for StarCraft 2[View]
613248351Blazblue: I.....I think i'm actually about to cry right now[View]
613258614Games that are just okay but not amazing[View]
613259245Post that one screenshot you saved of you doing really well at the end of the match with your stats,…[View]
613252563Comfy PC Gaming Thread: What games have you played on your PC today[View]
613256020Not gonna lie, recent S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ad campaign went out out of control.[View]
613260046>Kangaroo = Pirates >Stroller = DRM[View]
613259536Time to buy a GPU?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgNviqhTmwM >1070 (120 usd) >2070 (230 usd…[View]
613255721Persona: When do you think this game is actually coming out?[View]
613249778So what are the chances that Xenoblade 3 gets an FFXV style update where they put in missing scenes …[View]
613258695>200 YEARS after the bombs fell >people still speak 21st century English >There are still …[View]
613256010ITT: games only you played Das Boot is unironically a good game[View]
613255583>released 20 years ago TODAY >aged like wine, still unrivalled What went so fucking right?…[View]
613258604Anyone try a solo run where you start out with just one guy? How difficult is it really?[View]
613259497Buy Cissnei's game, the cutest girl[View]
613253045>is the most linear of all the DQ games >has the most amount of cutscenes >was the one to b…[View]
613248265Paw Patrol Grand Prix: Four days Paw Bros, who are you maining?[View]
613257107Have video games ever changed you /v/?[View]
613227704gundam: evolution[View]
613255964*filters /v/*[View]
613251135lmao, and that's compared to MSRP pricing. With all the 3000 series cards flooding the market t…[View]
613259208Why aren't you playing DayZ?[View]
613258793Why do paypigs buy this trash? I can get a better experience buying a better game for $10. What man …[View]
613255348What are some videogames where you can romance other alien/fantasy races? Hard Mode: No Mass Effect …[View]
613258131Are video games a form of art or just a big industry?[View]
613259075Goyslop in videogames?[View]
613259073I went back playing GTA and it's fucking boring: had been years since touching that game but I …[View]
613251803Umaru game: is this game good?[View]
613255573How did they mess up so bad on something so easy?[View]
613257686If there are no women in your game, the chance that I will play it automatically becomes higher. Don…[View]
613258787COMFY: THE GAME[View]
613239302Limitation = SOUL[View]
613231048IRL video game bosses: Post them.[View]
613258635When does it stop being a walking sim?[View]
613258374>play a puzzle game >it's actually a horror game…[View]
613256526Same as it ever was[View]
613256096OH N-[View]
613257182Chapter 3 will be kino[View]
613245731Emulation thread: Anyone emulating today? I'm going through asura's wrath right now but wh…[View]
613258385What are some games that let me join the military?[View]
613246449Why is skill based matchmaking bad?[View]
613254782This was the point where (non-mobile) game development started to center around exploiting behaviora…[View]
613252356In honor of Halo 3's 15th anniversary, Infinite is getting some maps remade with Forge. They ju…[View]
613256779I'm seeking new games to play. I'm open to anything, I need something engaging to fix my …[View]
613204121Master duel: What does /v/ think of haine and the witchcrafter archetype?[View]
613256821PLAY FIRE EMBLEM[View]
613257987Games with THAT feel?[View]
613208971You've at least beaten Mountain of Faith, right?[View]
613256502mgs2 how did: how did sony react when you heard the news? also i never knew it came to pc... almost …[View]
613256472It's going to do for Cybperunk what Blood & Wine did for Witcher 3[View]
613253069AC Origins: What am I in for?[View]
613247060Star Ocean 6: Will you buy their game?[View]
613256883What are some good modern tactical shooters? I tried Zero Hour, it's shit. How is Ready or Not…[View]
613257183If there is a hot girl in your game, the chance that I will play it automatically becomes higher. No…[View]
613238993Could you favorite Vidya character defeat him?[View]
613238574What video game about hunting big monsters should I play?[View]
613255726Shovel Knight Dig: Are relic keys a cheat if I buy them in shop? Are they obtainable through regular…[View]
613257125Any good video games with great fauna diversity?I tried subnautica but it still lacks[View]
613257153cute vidya boys: why don't devs ever implement the use of the young hero protagonist any more? …[View]
613255284>gtx 2080ti[View]
613257074These cunts are onehitting me at the Grotta della Fonte dungeon. Am I underleveled (I'm at lvl …[View]
613256593Any chance Sonic Forces will be good?[View]
613254835>PS5 best selling console in August >best selling console so far this year in the US >PC re…[View]
613255696what did nintendo mean by this[View]
613256720/v/ humor thread: downgradius maximus edition[View]
613254506Sonic R is a mediocre game and it’s still better than most sonic games[View]
613248409CDPR congratulations thread: On behalf of all here on /v/ - Video Games, I would like to congratulat…[View]
613256346This game sucks[View]
613255996Post game over screens: https://youtu.be/6STw4B-DWDM[View]
613245391why does no one talk about this anymore?[View]
613155350Post your wife[View]
613256196when did you figure out that all nu-ubisoft games are basically offline MMOs?[View]
613253678>you now realize the next DMC's plot will barely acknowledge 5's if at all and won…[View]
613253924So how is Cyberpunk after the update?: There's celebration everywhere saying cdprojekt red fina…[View]
613242339WHY INDIE GAMES NEVER WORK: The games they're inspired by were innovative, while the indie game…[View]
613246627What is that game where you explore an interesting world filled with mysteries? Do you know that gam…[View]
613255623I like seeing Sonic and Tails have friction with each other. Are you actually able to define what ma…[View]
613249132XBOX YES!!!![View]
613248038this game is boring as FUCK is it worth pushing through to play as the new guy?[View]
613247068Eldenring bros. Japan lost[View]
613255106There's no point in playing this game when every next patch they rework a core system, i.e poli…[View]
613250062Will we ever get an FPS covering the war in Ukraine?[View]
613254956Leave the carry to me[View]
613251639First time playing World of Warcraft, am I doing something wrong going to Westfall after Elwynn Fore…[View]
613251746>The Engoodening of Cyberpunk 2077[View]
613243313GTA VI vs same location on street view.[View]
613210425Why is this long ass budget JRPG series better than 98% of games?[View]
613255030Why aren't you playing DayZ right now?[View]
613231225I can't believe what I'm about to say. After playing the 1.6 Edgerunners update I can fina…[View]
613254861What are the best fighting games?[View]
613254074time to hit the showers[View]
613254642DOOM remake in a rpg engine: https://twitter.com/rpginabox/status/1573663853984059392 What makes DOO…[View]
613247785slime rancher 2: any based ranchers on /v/? how are you liking the game? favorite slime? mine is the…[View]
613242152Graphics never needed to improve past this point[View]
613254204Uh, no!?[View]
613254752what are the best games that let you design and play a cute girl?[View]
613250445>makes /v/ tremble in anger[View]
613238287She'll be in Tekken 8... ...right??[View]
6132543634 more days until BoneLabs comes out.[View]
613254383did this age well?[View]
613238351>boomers think this is mind-bogglingly fast near impossible gameplay[View]
613254467this bitch thick as fuck[View]
613254417I'll be buying the 4090. I do 3D, use VR and shitpost with AI. This card panders to me, not you…[View]
613251109im bored[View]
613249628They're simultaneously going for the BF, Insurgency, Squad and Tarkov markets and mogging all o…[View]
613246417OneShot: Just got done playing OneShot (2014 Freeware). What did you think of the game /v/? Is the 2…[View]
613249153What corporation do you simp for?[View]
613253245The first good Playstation exclusive: PS1 and 2 garbage aged like milk and weren't even very go…[View]
613253391>game has a “UX designer”[View]
613250821>love shooting >make number go up and unlock stuff name 1 (three) games that aren't cod o…[View]
613248214>3 and a half months since gameplay reveal >still radio silence about it why bethesda why?…[View]
613241032What do you think of Albert Wesker /v/?[View]
613253087PUBG: Is it worth trying now that it's free?[View]
613250272>take Adderall so I can finally play the game I spent hard earned money on >come on this site…[View]
613246761The next FarCry is set in Australia. What should the story be about cunce? Also, fuck our flag is ki…[View]
613253452>want to buy a new game >know that as soon as i do, i'll just ignore it and go back to pl…[View]
613244802Why is playing games on a Win98 System so damn comfy?[View]
613253494enbies are cute and heckin validarino[View]
613252843>game have reused assets[View]
613253428But what if I prove all you haters wrong by releasing an actual good game. Check and mate.[View]
613251194HOLY SHIT WHAT A MASTERPIECE: I was depressed for months but after touching this game, my life is so…[View]
613247259I cannot believe this game improved so much since the launch day of Cyberpunk. I finally played it a…[View]
613253138Scribblenauts needs to come back to life.[View]
613235502Main Female character is canonically a whore[View]
613251598November 24, 2023[View]
613252791To the people on here who are thinking about picking up Tekken 7 because they're hyped for T8, …[View]
613252980What causes modern horror games to not produce fear? pic related.[View]
613251804How is this acceptable?[View]
613244197>Get a need to play nostalgic games >Remember Katawa Shoujo 'Hey I haven't played this in…[View]
613239579Zelda sisters...[View]
613247084>coombait waifufaggotry >AND fun How did Omega Strikers succeed where Overwatch and League of …[View]
613250721Monster Hunter Rise: >paid dlc weapons in Rise What the fuck capcom?…[View]
613251831So what do you think the next big gaming related shitfest is gonna be before the year ends?[View]
613250392He did literally nothing wrong[View]
613252593>Magic is bad because... IT JUST IS OKAY?!![View]
613251339Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022): You know, I bet this game is an extremely fun arcade-shooter a…[View]
613243992your opinion about scifi in fantasy?[View]
613251839Did any fallout game even get good story content made by players? I don't know much about it bu…[View]
613222742what was your first pokemon game? do you consider it the best pokemon game?[View]
613242873why the fuck does everyone play this on a fucking randomizer now?[View]
613246871Cybersisters, whatever you do don't look at your shadow while you run.[View]
613248385I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea...[View]
613252321>there are people on this board who didn't experience MoP launch day 10 years ago Why do peo…[View]
613250850>He didn't find Bigfoot in the San Andreas countryside[View]
613247265The kinomeister: Apologize.[View]
613240368Vidya Flatties[View]
613250798You're dead, /v/. Nobody could survive that...and nobody could survive THIS! *pulls out katana*…[View]
613234480This is Lumine from Genshin.[View]
613248617This game is fucking tight Also, edutainment thread I guess.[View]
613252014BACK LOG THREAD >hunt down free games >get free games >see youtubers online see them play g…[View]
613241187Uh, Yenncels?[View]
613239674Soulstice is a fun DMC-like AA-game inspired by Claymore.[View]
613245878>In a sequel/prequel you visit locations from the original game, see how things have changed Whic…[View]
613215461>download game >steam account virginity stolen…[View]
613247595What kind of underwear does she wear?[View]
613173374Ayane: Didn’t she always have pretty small tits? I mean in DoA3 she maybe was already among the smal…[View]
613228479I’m going to sleep, /v/: When I wake up, I would like to see this thread filled to the brim with the…[View]
613247621For me, it's the uzi.[View]
613251689It really isnt as bad as I thought, the video museum serves as a decent refresher[View]
613238323Splatoon 3: The Splatfest is still going on. Are you having fun /v/?[View]
613250453Wake the fuck up Samurai[View]
613241667>if you don't play on the hardest difficulty you didn't truly experience the game 99% o…[View]
613244994why was it delayed?[View]
613247108What am I in for?[View]
613249348Is Cyberpunk any good?: I like the anime,the game looks pretty cool, should i buy it?[View]
613248403Fire Emblem: Three Houses: She killed millions...[View]
613250584Why aren't you playing Fall Guys[View]
613241394will AMD release their cards at a decent price to fuck over nvidia?[View]
613243021Buy cyberpunk 2077[View]
613219712it's out[View]
613248557>Fuck everything else, just get to the fun gameplay Holy! Is Masahiro Sakurai literally our guy? …[View]
613243781CYBERPUNK 2077 BECOMES THE BEST-SELLING GAME ON STEAM: Explain this /v/ Go on, I'll wait. Are…[View]
613244932>Cyberpunk >Genshin Impact >Nier Automata What game should get an anime next?…[View]
613250841It's too easy. I beat it in 3 hours and there's no reason to replay it. Why would I spend …[View]
613250172>tfw i never bought a single original ps2 disk When i used my physical PS2 there was a shop that …[View]
613250337The Cyberpunk crew that destroyed Modern Warfare II[View]
613250642For me, it's One Man Army Pro.[View]
613249686Post your hours[View]
613249620For me it's the stg44[View]
613250462FUCK SHILLS FUCK PEDOS FUCK JANNIES that is all[View]
613250374>Characters are ethic stereotypes. Ah the good ol' days[View]
613249242Do you think they will half-ass the console version again, or will daddy Microsoft force them to mak…[View]
613249375>camping is the most rewarding playstyle no wonder kiddies love this shit…[View]
613226172CyberpunkChads... I kneel. she single handedly saved CDPR and restored their reputation. shes NOT a …[View]
613249318Playing this (the original) for the first time. Know many of the twists already, but I'm still …[View]
613250143>mom says it's my turn on the computer now[View]
613239049>what kind of redesign do you want? >fuck it up, my shit, just fuck it up…[View]
613245030imagine how good /v/ would be if anime didn't exist[View]
613249939>'press the like if you grew up with Cyberpunk'[View]
613242320ONIMUSHA ANIME BY NETFLIX: >It's your first look at ONIMUSHA, an anime based on CAPCOM'…[View]
613244856>/v/ never told me the Stick of Truth was actually based there's literally a Jew class and y…[View]
613249891>Be me (yeah fuck you) >10 years old >Go to visit family in New York >Fall 2001 >…[View]
613246443You are playing with mods, aren't you anon?[View]
613245813CP 2077 shills: Do nignogs really get paid to shill this game in here? where do I apply?[View]
613248784come home, white man[View]
613244938Super Mario Maker: The perfect run: Youtuber Ryukahr finished a super expert no skip run with 100 li…[View]
613248869I've been interested in the idea of what people are calling 'synergy' in video game combat syst…[View]
613243123What games should I play if I want to get into Fate?[View]
613246538Kirby thred, post about kirby[View]
613245942Should I play this now?[View]
613244542Call of duty Vanguard: Apologize[View]
613249521He won. Cyberpunk 2 when?[View]
613237681It was great[View]
613247830Character.AI: Another one of those AI chatbot,expect you can create your own AI character and try to…[View]
613249379>Scene member Roc6d mentions that for the latest firmware upgrade, the controller update has now …[View]
613248072>This kills the boomer[View]
613245775Cyberpunk 2077 should have been a linear game: The current mentality of the video game industry is t…[View]
613249284>it's been 15 years[View]
613249274DayZ: What went so right?[View]
613246320Buy cyberpunk 2077[View]
613243359>Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA[View]
613239116Anyone else play games while having streams open? Literally the only reason I have two monitors[View]
613239687Who BUILT touhou girls like this?[View]
613235125I'M GONNA BLOCK YOU[View]
613247531Why are they crying?[View]
613244360I still believe open world could've worked if they actually put any effort into it in a game al…[View]
613235697Did he never think it was weird that he could just glue his own severed limbs back on with no issue?[View]
613240362I'm the King of Hyrule. I'm having gay sex with Duke Onkled.[View]
613236621How many physical games do you buy in a month? Do you consider yourself a CONSOOMER?[View]
613248725Driving down the road listening to this as my BF River texts me. Why didn't you guys tell me th…[View]
613248457Why are FromSoft games considered so hard?[View]
613247714Where were you when /v/ was absolutely BTFO? >b-but its woke!!! >b-but its soulless!!! >b-b…[View]
613242224>make a successor that's suppose to end the original >it's so bad that they have to…[View]
613206113You WILL support her Game right /v/?[View]
613245125Just finished this 'masterpiece'. What a truly mind hacking experience with complex motives.[View]
613240128Is it possible for Halo to have a revival like Cyberpunk?: Should Halo invest in anime?[View]
613244646what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
613247697Any good video games with great fauna diversity?[View]
613246672monkey island: I thought /v/ said this was a shitty trash game? that it's woke? go woke, go bro…[View]
613248097Buy Cyberpunk 2077 or else[View]
613246838Divinity: Just playing for the first time and damn I'm having fun as a necrobro. Any other game…[View]
613220560She's SO cute. Who got back into the game because of this cutie? I know I sure did![View]
613242871I just want a violence seeking mc: Bros do any of you know a game where the protag is actively going…[View]
613247917The best WoW expansion turns 10 years old today. Say something nice about it.[View]
613235474zoomers are filtered by this jump.[View]
613247814When this game released my first thought was 'Oh boy I love to see 20 billion retards living in thei…[View]
613229917Anything that scratches the same itch?[View]
613243991Do you want ideal anime girls in your video games or would you prefer more realistic characters like…[View]
613239827who got the gtaIV leaks ?: yo, ive been searching for these famous 90 videos of leaked debug footage…[View]
613247404Arma 3: Why aren't you playing it?[View]
613246275is the dsi xl the best[View]
613241402>Shenmue >Experimental open game that, if clunky and dated, is full of soul >Shenmue II …[View]
613246464You won't find anything Jewish-made in this establishment, sir.[View]
613246421Happy 1st anniversary for Tales of Arise ![View]
613246957FUCK EDDY: >Dorkfags get debuff Feels good Kevin bros[View]
613242039hoodrat niggas be like >ayo steam deck? shieet i got one right hurr[View]
613246452a cyberpunk shilling thread died for this rare frog[View]
613245681I will now buy your game: I will have my revenge![View]
613244656I hid every low quality cyberpunk shill thread because jannies refuse to do their job[View]
613246013>random loot >inventory limit >weapon degradation >crafting >stamina…[View]
613242437is there a bigger group of idiots than gamers?[View]
613246708Making a jrpg version of Dr. House using a FF white mage: What happens if I read the avincenas the c…[View]
613244532ITT: Enemies you hate I hate Neckers[View]
613242675My Pet the Goomba: Is a Virtual Pet on Switch but Petting the Goomba![View]
613246503wow they are literally me[View]
613238205Why do NPCs hate him and his games so much?[View]
613244449>still hasn't been a single complex artificial-life sim worth mentioning since Creatures dec…[View]
613244971Reggie Fils-Aimé brutally raped Masahiro Sakurai?: Why haven't I heard of this before? Is this …[View]
613238913Vidya game women should never be allowed bare feet/legs, there should be a publishing rule that all …[View]
613246209Okay, okay, hear me out for a second. This is 2022 and I think maybe, just maybe. we need one more s…[View]
613244529Here are some interesting theories for Sunday >Shepard’s clone meant to be the assassin instead K…[View]
613246127>Doom but doomguy is Donald Trump and the demons are leftists and immigrants…[View]
613231789It's still dirty brown shovelware nobody asked for.[View]
613241618It's over.[View]
613200627>/v/ used to love Fromsoft >suddenly turned on them after Elden Ring What happened?…[View]
613237539Goddess Rachel: Play Life is Strange[View]
613245531This is on sale for 10 euros, worth getting for that price?[View]
613168667Xenoblade: Which is your favorite? Which should I avoid?[View]
613221648Post Good Vidya Music[View]
613244591>PC franchise shifts focus to console and makes the PC version an afterthought Games like this?…[View]
613215458Has /v/ played the new Dragon Ball game?[View]
613232817>The matrix is real you've been forced to live inside a game world/environment for the rest …[View]
613245643i can fix him[View]
613241240You have made that game you always dreamed of making, but now it's time to market it and you on…[View]
613245664You now remember 2012 DayZ Arma 2 mod and frankieonpcin1080p[View]
613242024how come there's no good Saturn emulators yet?[View]
613243231>take the cp2077 1.6 hype bait and pirate >customization presets for facial features instead o…[View]
613221527>Be consolefag >Buy underpowered consoles with 'exclusives' >Proceed to aggressively shitpo…[View]
613242398>beat in 5 hours >no real incentive to keep going This sucks…[View]
613244304Why people hate the legion that much and act like the NCR did nothing wrong?[View]
613245557Yo guys, I wasn't here on this website for quite some time. How you doin everyone?[View]
613240345Is Breath of the Wild a sequel to Twilight Princess?: https://youtu.be/oT8ZmtpAqrw[View]
613238739Different gaming cultures?: What are your thoughts on different gaming cultures? Whats been in the l…[View]
613226386>saved the gaming industry from dying Can we have a Becca appreciation thread please?…[View]
613245325Edgerunners HATE thread: >Make an anime stuffed to the brim with cliches and cheap animation cuts…[View]
613242440So Tricolor Battle doesn’t actually have 3 different colors of ink? WTF is the point then?![View]
613245136Why are modern video game memes so ugly? It's all butt ugly variations of wojak now with the oc…[View]
613243760Trico: Why does it control like concentrated liquid ass? Everything about it, movement feela awful, …[View]
613236603What the hell is happening right now? Are people really falling for the shilling?[View]
613241136Bioshock: Is it really a masterpiece?[View]
613241815>Wake up each day knowing this could be the one when you finally freeze to death, bleed out, or r…[View]
613244264>Supposedly developed with CONSOLES in mind >Not even a single console beta as of yet…[View]
613243149Console bros: I do play FPS with a controller. What about you?[View]
613238329P-please play Halo infinite..we have anime too..[View]
613244403>The only reason to upgrade to a 4000 series is a tech demo that isn't even getting a releas…[View]
613234960Naruto: New Naruto game about to be announced soon Would you like them to keep trying new stuff like…[View]
613237247i'm looking for metroidvania's with similar OST to this and Super Metroid know any games /…[View]
613236616I'm tired of pretending the keyboard is an acceptable form of controller. For some genres, it…[View]
613244413post how many hours you played in the last 2 weeks[View]
613237861>modern video game ads[View]
613242648We know Rean is the best Trails protagonist but who is the second best and why?[View]
613241193https://www.wombo.art/create show us your dream game, anon[View]
613242685Enemies that fucked you up[View]
613241981>released two years later >now most popular DMC song how the FUCK does he keep doing it bros?…[View]
613241918For me it was Amy[View]
613240273CDPR marketers on /v/, I've decided to buy your game to reward the persistence of your marketin…[View]
613243316damn shitty cat...[View]
613241349What will you play for Halloween?[View]
613241360>an Incorrect summary of Cyberpunk 2077[View]
613242004>Sonic 1, 2, 3 & K all beloved by millions >SMS and GG games seen as solid efforts for the…[View]
613244054Buy a chink emu device. So fucking comfy[View]
613243986Find a flaw.[View]
613243084So when are you going to upgrade to a REAL gaming OS?[View]
613243770>shoots AK in cs:go[View]
613234943The least ambitious Final Fantasy director.[View]
613243263Was Reggie right in the end? Should people just shut the fuck and play the videogames? https://www.y…[View]
613243692What have you been playing lately, /v/?[View]
613234009There's over 20 organic Cyberpunk threads on /v/ right now, I thought another would could be ne…[View]
613243704They put Sneed in?![View]
613243224Why do people hate Ubisoft? To me they represent consistent, solid games where you know what your mo…[View]
613229046No matter how you play your games, you can't disagree that pic related is the ultimate way to e…[View]
613243501theres not enough chill and relaxing collection games out there to forget the drag that is living[View]
613210038Made in Abyss: Did he do anything wrong?[View]
613239737 >5/8 pages collected [View]
613243120The Millennial Star[View]
613243415>Game tells it's lore through audio logs >You have to be in a menu doing nothing to liste…[View]
613242023Anonymous, radio graffiti[View]
613241201How hard will Japan carry the game industry this decade?[View]
613242476MW2: I hope you beat the spec ops on veteran anon...[View]
613239318Wtf, why didn't you guys tell me that CRTs do THAT??[View]
613239728Is this the only rhythm game series that doesn't rely on arbritary visual notes?[View]
613241208I found this in my old belongings pile, and I forgot my friend gave me this for a gift even though I…[View]
613210207>finally get steamdeck and start playing it >has a massive amount of input lag and games are n…[View]
613229228my smart and cute wife Corrin![View]
613242754>Gonta stupid![View]
613236936Still the best Tales ever made.[View]
613228537Is there a game that has 'fuck everyone and everything' ending? That would be cool.[View]
613237342Anon, was it worth your time?[View]
613238530VR headsets: what's the best VR gear out there at the moment for stuff like flight and driving …[View]
613239295I finished the normal ending for Shovel Knight Dig earlier today, and I wondered if anyone else enjo…[View]
613231240>no Dan houser >hire an actual good writer…[View]
613242091>we need vampire character >gets onion haircut why…[View]
613239958This is the slowest cod I have ever played. People get like 15 kills MAX in a tdm. It feels pike a C…[View]
613241703Why are there so many niggers in trailer: And why do the developers make you play a black woman? How…[View]
613239815how do i get good at video games no matter what i do i never win[View]
613237271How likely would winning a class-action lawsuit against Blizzard completely removing OW1 be?[View]
613241334Average Indian boy is like this according to mihoyo[View]
613189496>need to use a bug to move around the screen >legacy characters are dlc despite promises they …[View]
613241747Blazblue thread: What will be the future of Blazblue series without its creator, would it be dead an…[View]
613241291Mohgposting thread: This guy mo(h)gs other soulsborne bosses[View]
613241593Odin has been acuired by Kakao Games and is due to launch in the west....Uncensored.[View]
613239007This is one of the greatest games of all time, so much variety, so many ways to kill enemies, so man…[View]
613238259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv8YY5XHBEw >Joker ripoff >Has the best boss themes in the his…[View]
613241112cod 5: Does it have infinite respawn on Veteran?[View]
613233072I was thinking about getting into the tales series, and from what I understand the best starting ent…[View]
613229765Are you going to play as type 1 or type 2 in this upcoming game made for children?[View]
613240365How would you make a nerevarine build in elden ring?[View]
613241365I love Eido!![View]
613225287Why is this bunny suit in the game?: Dragon Quest 11 takes place in a fantasy middle ages setting. S…[View]
613241354>tall >black >can't touch water >attacks you if you look at it >steals shit What…[View]
613235267Fall is upon us. What games have you lined up for the best season of the year? I'm thinking St…[View]
613237907I have around $50 in my steam wallet and no game real interest me, recommend something.[View]
613240651>i got my ass handed to me in MW2019 so i begged the developers to remove all skill and slow the …[View]
613241153What the fuck IS this game??? Disney loves being a whore for their own IP, but now they're dabb…[View]
613239503What are the best game for that winter feeling of loneliness and isolation? Aside from The Long Dark…[View]
613220517Need more friend simulator games[View]
613240542I hate how it’s now standard to charge full price for a game that’s at least a full year away from b…[View]
613218397Elden Ring: What’s the most broken weapon now that this and Rivers of Blood are dogshit[View]
613234680When did you realise you were playing a masterpiece?[View]
613240713>make thread about popular game >get accused of being a shill >autist kills all discussion …[View]
613236923mw2019 was better[View]
613240505Seriously though, what the FUCK happened?[View]
613240834I love the old CODs, I played MW2(2009) for about 100 hours. I had some fun playing the beta of MW 2…[View]
613240789them's the facts.[View]
613234890What am I in for?[View]
613240139How come people love Trackmania so much but never talk about Trials? They're literally the same…[View]
613234020>Knows that hell objectively exists >Knows that it's a terrible place with demons and shi…[View]
613237423Is it better than CK2?[View]
613184831PARTY /V/AN: It's Saturday night! Come hop on and play some TF2! Address: …[View]
613232935Organic comfy Steam deck thread[View]
613228014What went wrong[View]
613212639>Anon, you can't just shitpost on 4chan all day-long. Can't watch you waste time postin…[View]
613232650Is any of the My Hero Academia games actually good?[View]
613239983Post random vidya memes[View]
613236481Happy 15th birthday to a masterpiece: You just had to be there. https://youtu.be/uCsdPszJLNQ https:/…[View]
613233816>there are people who didn't immediately fall in love with Miu during her introduction…[View]
613239484CP77: This is how Cyberpunk 2077 should have been released: The first video sequence of V and Jackie…[View]
613237303This free game lets you shoot crabs with an Uzi.[View]
613237365They singlehandedly made Saturn and N64 better than PS1[View]
613164779What's the most inorganic and transparent astroturfed shill campaign in /v/ history?[View]
613239017A Ringo for your domingo![View]
613232581What were some of your favourite games you played with your siblings?[View]
613239951>Morrowind looks like sh- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUX3u1iD0jM…[View]
613233547Will you buy their game, /v/?[View]
613237154Just finished this, and I have to ask, did it really need combat at all? After playing Disco Elysium…[View]
613239909Nurse gets BLACKED: Is terraria cucked?[View]
613235161Play her game, chud.[View]
613238942Sekaibros... our game's already on death's door not even a year after release...[View]
613234341>P3Pfags will defend this FES will always be superior[View]
613238861>make a game based on super popular film >It's shit >make a game based on obscure movi…[View]
613236508Cyberpunk 2077 player numbers: Has this EVER happened before? I don't recall anything like this…[View]
613239106What to expect before starting the game?[View]
613225389Why did game graphics just stagnate since the mid 10s?[View]
613239617>ruins your UC lore >ruins your franchise >ruins Gundam Evolution balance I hate this faggo…[View]
613239586.hack//THREAD: I love BlackRose![View]
613157550Lobotomy Corp: This shit is fucking impossible.[View]
613239035Why isn't Xbox popular outside of the USA and UK?[View]
613238252/v/ laud this guy as a great bro character but playing the game made me actively dislike him, he…[View]
613234380Fellas the fuck did Nomura mean by this? Is he actively paying shills like those whispers of Stellaf…[View]
613156671/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>613072910 >All originally made vidya art is welcome,…[View]
613239380SNK: I'm late to the party but the 30th anniversary of the extremely influential and innovative…[View]
613239145certified 3rd world classic[View]
613236602Is this game even worth playing nowadays? I heard that they shut down the servers a few years ago G…[View]
613236456Isnt he just literally V3s nagito? But discount nagito[View]
613235457Was anyone else scared to play RES 3 as a kid I got as far as the police station before stttttaaarrr…[View]
613234767no meme answers please, is Cyberpunk worth the money as it is right now or should I wait for it to b…[View]
613236376>I tell you what…yeah, it’s still a hundred dollars[View]
613235684ITT: Decent licensed games[View]
613238665games for this feel?[View]
613238653What are some games that actually going to be compatible with RTX Remix? NVidia says the requirement…[View]
613238604If dragon quest 10 came out in the west, would you play it?[View]
613235256If you've never been out there before, I have one piece of advice: At the first flicker of gree…[View]
613236243How does this make you feel? Will you be crying that it's soulless or glad it'll make clas…[View]
613203185Press F to pay respects[View]
613237929is this good or is it just elite but shittier[View]
613232614After wandering like an idiot by the lost city of the past, having faced half a hundred monstrositie…[View]
613235885Why do 2d games have so much SOUL? Why is the GBA library so amazing?[View]
613190875What's your Metal Gear Solid codename?[View]
613228532I miss unreal tournament I miss arena shooters in general Why this genre dead while other popular fp…[View]
613221030>Falls from grace[View]
613237665Why yes I will not play your game if it's in English[View]
613237378This girl is extremely hot bros, I actually stopped MSQ to peep at her for several minutes[View]
613232620la fusión de goku y el impostor de amogus O_O[View]
613234706Console Gaming is Dead: >unable to buy a ps5 >fuck it, I'll get a ps4 >new ps4's …[View]
613226263You do not have a single argument as to why this game is bad other than 'i-it's not what I want…[View]
613237152uh oh /v/! You've been kidnapped by the black knight and he has seduced the knight sent to save…[View]
613236119>anyone who talks about a popular thing is being paid to do so Why is there significantly more pa…[View]
613234154Draenei is the perfect race.[View]
613199613What's the best race in all of video games and why it is boats?[View]
613235519>game has a british narrator[View]
613208817is yakuza for girls?[View]
613200894You do check the batteries on your handhelds regularly, right?: You never know when one will start s…[View]
613224235Are Video Games becoming too good nowadays? Is it so good that it's taking over our entire live…[View]
613235556How to get into games as an adult?[View]
613228552The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: https://youtu.be/NUzsVy9HdL4[View]
613237003Bretons are a cool and valid race.[View]
613235913This any good?[View]
613235879Just replayed it. It's really good.[View]
613236916DUDE ROCK AND ROLL[View]
613228631I seriously fucking hate how all stealth classes, such as Spy in TF2, is almost always the worst cla…[View]
613233246Why does the game treat a clipboard like it's an audio log?[View]
613235761Egirl beats Elden Ring at SL1 playing on a Dance Pad: Meanwhile /v/: NOOO MORGOTT HAS 2 SECOND DELAY…[View]
613216256Gta V is the only GTA game which characters didn't age well[View]
613236562>arguably the biggest entertainment IP of the world >played widely by kids >covers extreme …[View]
613236579win/lose: is /v/ bothered by winning or losing when playing video games? do you only enjoy games whe…[View]
613230828Is Cyberpunk good now?: There's celebration on reddit and twitter saying cdprojekt red finally …[View]
613233930will they finally make bots able to carry shit and generally help with objectives?[View]
613234004Rune's theme is now playing in your head[View]
613236446Silent Hill is the best in the series by far. It's a true 10/10. 2 instantly went off the rails…[View]
613233824ONIMUSHA ANIME BY NETFLIX: >It's your first look at ONIMUSHA, an anime based on CAPCOM'…[View]
613205663>Andre Richardson >penultimate boss >wields gun >somehow the only fun and fair boss in …[View]
613232948what do you think of my new chair /v/[View]
613225501'Mr. Arasaka, I believe we have business to discuss...': How are you doing, Mr. Arasaka? It's f…[View]
613234150>Game on release is fucking trash that should have never been released >Years after launch the…[View]
613216037Splatoon 3: I just won a 100x battle in Open for him, I think I'm gonna call it quits for this …[View]
613227914I don't care about cyberpunk either way, returned the game on release and never checked back, b…[View]
613233172Here's your scream fortress cosmetic, bro.[View]
613235313A cyberpunk thread died for this.[View]
613230737>be me >it's my sons 14th birthday >give him the new splatoon game as a birthday prese…[View]
613235936Why does Sena keep showing off her sexy, erotic tummy?[View]
613232829What games let you do this?[View]
613229571Will the next xenoblade game feature attractive female characters?[View]
613235071>Dies to Aligator No big deal, not mad. >I've seen 70-year-olds survive alligator attacks…[View]
613230638This is an iPad game. Why is /v/ excited about an average mobile game out of sudden? Just because yo…[View]
613235263>Game locks you out of side quest the further you procede in the main story. What are some exampl…[View]
613224979Let's be honest about total war: Warhammer has more player and probably sold more than all of t…[View]
613221641Rean is out, Lloyd is in.[View]
613235601Silent Hill 2: Guys, is Silent Hill 2 a cultured game?[View]
613234146Xbox 360 appreciation thread: There were so many classics in this gen that are considered to best to…[View]
613178926This is Lyn. She has low STR and DEF.[View]
613193990Deltarune: oooooo you want to talk about deltarune oooo you want to shitpost about undertale oooooo…[View]
613235317What are the latest hits: Someone tell me about the latest hits. And don't say elden ring.…[View]
613232015What's a game platform you refuse to ever play again?[View]
613216334>CDPR tried to remove her how will they feel right now?[View]
613215886Poast you're toonz[View]
613234419Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand: It looks to me that with all the posts about Edgerunner anime, ch…[View]
613235385/v/ Sunday TTS: >What is TTS Tabletop Simulator is a physics sandbox game meant to be used to pla…[View]
613215830Izayoi Sakuya's watch from Touhou Project:: better than Rolex imö[View]
613213939Im actually thinking of keeping my pre-order Pros: >nice perks acquisition design >3rd person …[View]
613227728Why does Cyberpunk make /v/ seethe so much? It's pretty harmsless and fun game >Ib4 popular …[View]
613229961Post your Ps2 library and get recommendations[View]
613222207I'm downloading the game: What am i in for?[View]
613233243>there are people who think this shepard looks good[View]
613234205Do you find it... wisible... when I say the name...[View]
613232098>Boss is immortal >What they mean IS he can't die of old age We really need a different …[View]
613232471>hear CP2077 is good now >reinstall it >it's still shit thanks for wasting my tame you…[View]
613227432Kampfkraft: und Wendigkeit[View]
613231386I've been playing this because it's free on PS Plus and it's the biggest movie game I…[View]
613234964post games had the opposite of a 'no man's sky comeback'. I'm talking about games that sta…[View]
613231976/v/ BTFO[View]
613224504are we buying cyberpunk?[View]
613229424if your cis, got into guilty gear with strive, or god forbid both then you dont get to have an opini…[View]
61320550730+ gamer thread[View]
613229683Post your most recent played games and let /v/ judge your shitty taste[View]
613227123A bunch of musou games are on sale, what's good?: I remember hearing a bunch of drama about how…[View]
613227784SimCity 5: Will EA ever make a new SimCity? Also I think city basedlines is trash[View]
613223890When did JRPGs stop being good?: Why couldn't they evolve?[View]
613228969Legitimately annoyed by people pretending this mediocre shooter with rpg elements was always a good …[View]
613234214are modern games bad, or did we just grow out of games.[View]
613234243>Is the best WoW expansion I can't wait for Cata classic bros.. we'll be going home so…[View]
613228475Why did it fail?[View]
613234093Red Pill or Blue Pill?[View]
613230050ass: ass[View]
613217481>female joins the guild >guild quality improves every. time. …[View]
613230751Do you like anime girls in video games?[View]
613232943I fear AMD monopoly: I mean there's plenty of not to like about nvidia and intel and they surel…[View]
613230427I love valves 0 tolerance and scorched earth policy for cheating niggers. >Steam Support is unabl…[View]
613233754Showcase: Where the FUCK is it?!?!?!?[View]
613219732Parasite Eve: >beat the final boss >he can instakill you right after DEFEND THIS…[View]
613220890eShop sale is on, recommend me some Switch games. I'm usually a PCfag but find myself gravitati…[View]
613233531Is Ace Attorney good for you?[View]
613230897>X is accept and O is cancel Why are americans like this?[View]
613214938Is Devil May Cry 5 fun?[View]
613233813What's your favorite vidya game world that you love to wander in and do whatever you can?[View]
613232032hello 4chan, DAE think 'Trevor',/ who is widely regarded as athe BEST gta character of all time, is …[View]
613232030Spider-Man: Will I like Spidermin if I didn't really like Bam A Ham Yum's combat? I watch …[View]
613208153Play Pokemon[View]
613233267>Cyberpunk 2077 Rises from the Ashes, BTFO's Witcher 3's all time player count, 125k pl…[View]
613231124Games with prostitutes?[View]
613216916What amount of money development of Skies of Arcadia cost (original and circa 2022 rates)?: What was…[View]
613164998MODERN WARFARE: >extremely short TTK >no advanced movement whatsoever, even sprinting puts you…[View]
613232467Are you my Protagonist?[View]
613230114what should I be doing other than looting houses and reading books?[View]
613233015The thinking man’s GTA[View]
613224009What killed his series?: nobody even played or talked about lady layton[View]
613223709Will Empracer continue the Nu-Tomb Raider series or beginn a new one?[View]
613232879When you really think about it, he really was the good guy.[View]
613222527Gay shit is what ruined KoF.[View]
613221468what remake do you want the most?[View]
613223629Dear western devs: Fix your women[View]
613213635Comfy steam deck thread.: Let's talk about our 'ecks[View]
613230626Seven months... I am forgotten...[View]
613231298Games for four people: Any recommendations for games that are meant to be played as four? Me and my …[View]
613172576Were you a Thing Thing kid or a Madness kid?[View]
613228849>japanese game set in america actually is an accurate depiction of real-life america i've be…[View]
613230802Gears 4: most underappreciated game on the bone. >The only first party game on the Xbox one worth…[View]
613220415i liked that jump![View]
613199237Edgeruners update saved Cyberpunk: The game is fun now,this is the biggest redemption story since No…[View]
613228747Is there a more iconic vidya enemy?[View]
613175757Welcome back Anon! Did you find any major clues to who the culprit is?[View]
613228878vidya beans thread[View]
613229164Rate my Shep[View]
613220375What's the closest videogame equivalent of Dante's Inferno? Hint hint: Dante's Infern…[View]
613222706Hello /v/, I want a nintendo switch literally for Metroid Dread and DKC Tropical Freeze. I have the …[View]
613221216>level so memorable that it earned a Wikipedia page Name a game[View]
613228562Prime Trilogy: Just found a complete steel book version of pic related for $75, should I grab it or …[View]
613228217Playing this game now that the dust has settled. >pros >art direction is legit beautiful and i…[View]
613231035Are you willing to sacrifice stats & benefits by using a slot for aesthetics in multiplayer, ano…[View]
613227456tell me 1 upcoming game I should be anticipating. I haven't been excited aobut a new game in a…[View]
613229128Testing Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk[View]
613222930Why was Gamecube parodied in many TV shows when it was the worst selling console back then?[View]
613230219Games where you explore the locations? Where the main focus is on exploring.[View]
613231598Embedded discord tranny threads deserve the nuke[View]
613228673Are we getting a DLC or something? I feel like lamb's game could use a bit more content[View]
613231224>LETS GOOOOOO[View]
613231343>i9 10900k >RTX 3090 >return to monke…[View]
613229107What kind of people play 'Life Is Strange'?: why does this game exist and what kind of pot…[View]
613231174Muv Luv: I just finished playing all The Day After episodes. It was great, honestly. Almost as good …[View]
613230820>literally just a fucking cat what was Riot thinking?[View]
613231034how cute are your female custom characters?[View]
613216734What happened to her game?[View]
613213289Japanese honorifics in game localizations: Keep or remove altogether Jarring when you hear them spok…[View]
613228018>follow sekiro wiki game progress guide >if die on a boss 5 times look up a guide on YouTube w…[View]
613230868how do you feel about games that abuse the early access model?[View]
613229921>Want to buy game from site >Have to login to site/storefront >Have to remember login detai…[View]
613229537Shitty protagonists: >We want our protagonist to have all the negative character traits of a youn…[View]
613215412Which way /v/?[View]
613179681How does one get into pc gaming?: I've been a console gamer all my life. I never had worries su…[View]
613227812>Be neet >Time for videogames but no money for videogames >Get 40 hour a week job >Money…[View]
613230465Games with kino coop progression: I can't put it into words but this shitty little game here wa…[View]
613226709>Whoa, hey guys, welcome to City 17![View]
613223094Any more video games with sharks?Too bad this one dead since they pulled the updates a year ago[View]
613229775Viddies with God-tier dialogue?[View]
613211406Experience Umineko. Now![View]
613230202Why are people defending the Sonic frontier's cyberspace levels? Even if they were optional or …[View]
613189219who wants to get some mario ice cream with me?[View]
613229973>casually adds North Koreans and thus North Korea into their kids game how did they get away with…[View]
613196910>Elden Ring started as a beloved game, only to get more and more hated the more people played it …[View]
613189458Overwatch 2: Pros: >No more shield spam >No more stun spam >No more duo tanks fucking your …[View]
613228642I like segments in games where you're driving some vehicle and along the road you have to make …[View]
613228738>JRPG slop munchers >create generic isekai tensei shonen slops >WRPG connoisseurs >creat…[View]
613226486this song used to make boomers shit their ass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG2HwH1JkAI (this is …[View]
613225539you are not a real gamer if you can't tell me what's going on in this picture[View]
613224835Dragon Quest bros, are we hyped? no uoh allowed[View]
613229137How to make an eld ring boss >make it big so your camera goes mad trying to follow >make it ju…[View]
613227161Bethesda sucks at worldbuilding. Look at the bottom left of this pic. >Biometric customizations c…[View]
613227480What am I in for?[View]
613229319gimmicks that are never done well: >it's a hacking minigame episode…[View]
613226614Take this coupon[View]
613206435Why aren't people as excited for KH4 as they were for KH3?[View]
613228953Imagine all the retards playing cybercuck for the first time after finishing the anime to experience…[View]
613228070i want to get this game cause i love this song, is often in the game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
613227241>@echo off >del C:\shodan\models\ethics.ckp…[View]
613221193Who's your favorite Persona protag and why?[View]
613218691ITT: gaming trends we're glad aren't popular anymore: poorly implemented parkour as the ma…[View]
613228916Christ, I just wanna install Killzone Liberation but for whatever reason Sony is being an absolute f…[View]
613224417Playing this for the first time, what should i know beforehand?[View]
613219094>Bought the game. >Liked it. >Years later it's literally a different game.…[View]
613157896Simulators: >millions of people play vidya which just simulates a real, actual job that they coul…[View]
613226415come on now[View]
613228005>electricity went to shut mid game >you are banned from matchmaking for 1 hour How is this my …[View]
613221937Why did it flop?[View]
613228421Oh my COD[View]
613221084V Rising: Redpill me on this game is it worth getting bros? Is it fun? Are people still playing? It …[View]
613222201Did you enjoy Komaru's game?[View]
613224553Multiversus: Will Marvin be removed from the game following the recent controversy?[View]
613210050Can someone explain to me why a 20 years old game would require a monthly subscription to play? And …[View]
613224916Asscreed: So which of these games are actually good? I've played 1, 3 and Black Flag. Enjoyed 1…[View]
613227773Which games have the best gyro aim integration (apart from Splatoon). I'm hooked on this contro…[View]
613225463>looks like that was lance vance last dance LOL[View]
613186236What makes Yakuza so good?[View]
613223467>2 billion dollars set aside for GTA VI What The Fuck[View]
613224918Please Amazon, make up with Tencent so we can have a Rings of Power MMO: Its time they finally made …[View]
613224740now that the dust has settled, how did they fuck it up this badly?[View]
613216604ITT: gaming moments that made you shit your pants: >Resident Evil zombie alley >First wall mas…[View]
613226547remakes when?[View]
613221098Let's all share our life fuck ups right here >idk what to do with life >where am i going?…[View]
613216819Star Fox 64 3D: >Improves the original in basically every single way >Comfy handheld experienc…[View]
613218496Did this end up being a good game?[View]
613222995>lock on >strafe left >no enemy in the game can touch you >put heavy armor on >tank t…[View]
613222576What the fuck was Rockstar thinking? Why would they think players would want to stare at ugly brazil…[View]
613139113Will this be us /v/ ?[View]
613227178>when shit flops hard[View]
613213024I mean. I'm all for female empowerment n shit. But making a female athlete the highest rated a…[View]
613219797You get 5 minutes to tell me what the greatest game on the planet is.[View]
613207331I just realized Ray tracing is useless and now I don't know what to do.[View]
613224218>be you >count otto von whateverburg >be a loyal vassal to the king with a long line of anc…[View]
613227023Are you going to buy her game or Tekken 6? She worked hard for it you know[View]
613223585MGS3: Was Snake autistic or something? every time Eva got close he just pushed her away or acted lik…[View]
613171591SOVL thread?[View]
613226537You pirate game for 50$ Company lost 50$ You deleted game for 50$ Company returns 50$ Proof me wrong[View]
613200947So what are the best VN games to play? I've only played Doki Doki[View]
613226254Mario Movie (2023) - Same Voice in ENG and JAP: Mario >English: Chris Pratt and Same voice is Emm…[View]
613217317why did they make her so hot?[View]
613225085The eyes of the world have been glued to the city of Harran for the past two months, following the o…[View]
613222104Drakengard OST be like >d-d-d-d-du d-d-d-d-du d-d-d-d-du d-d-d-d-du[View]
613203818How good is the lore in Genshin Impact?[View]
613213465gundam evolution: GUNDAAAAAAAAAAAM[View]
613226391Reasons to get a steam deck: Don't post emulation. Emulation is for trannies.[View]
613226379I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 1063[View]
613197042Gay Yoshi Gay Yoshi Gay Yoshi[View]
613223076>Bigger than Earthbound >Bigger than Live a Live >Bigger than Pokemon Toby Fox? More like …[View]
613218805Please do a bunch of random esoteric bullshit perfectly throughout the entire game or we'll for…[View]
613219764>Next GTA set on a modern vice city: >Not set on San Fierro during the 70s >If bending over…[View]
613225795What is the most non-scary but creepy game that will haunt you forever more?[View]
613041405Quickly /v/! Use your vidya knowledge to save you and the princess! It's a long way down from u…[View]
613225951WRUU WROO WRUU WROO WRU: https://youtu.be/06rW7LSUQ80[View]
613220917Early Access: Do you like early access, /v/?[View]
613223685I did it, I have survived my first raid in escape from tarkov[View]
613217440post vidya feets[View]
613218553Why is playing video games not as fun as it used to be? ever time I'm playing one I just feel..…[View]
613220934Is it a kino trilogy? Also, if you had to come up with a new chapter in the series. How would you g…[View]
613222241OMG LILLIE[View]
613225776>minecraft >fortnite >genshin impact and other gachas >among us, fall guys and other …[View]
613222770should I buy shadowlands: All of the negative reviews are complaining about toxic racism. Is this a …[View]
613225101Why do they insist on ugly girls in video games[View]
613225529Will we ever get another 3D platformer this kino ever again?[View]
613149745I love the Nintendo 64[View]
613140909>farmer simulator >can't even slaughter your animals for meat Wow, this is some lame puss…[View]
613224639>every game is pure soul and kino >no micro transactions or overpriced shit This is what hap…[View]
613221289Ryu is supposed to represent Japan but doesn't look Japanese? Why do devs do this?[View]
613197859What is your honest opinion of Perfect Dark?[View]
613220518/v/ cringe: post what you got saved[View]
613213636Takashi Miike Directs Anime of Onimusha Game Series: The Netflix Tudum Japan event on Sunday reveale…[View]
613216215Childhood is thinking SMB3 is better. Adulthood is realizing SMW makes more sense.[View]
613184704Granblue VS is not dead.[View]
613216197Call of Duty: ITS TIME TO SIGN THE CODE, /v/![View]
613217956Tryharding Casual Games: What drives these kinds of players? Why does someone decide they need to ha…[View]
613223809What are some good Dragonball games ?[View]
613220626Prey Thread! I keep trying to get into it but I have a hard time breaking 5-10hrs. This is another a…[View]
613221754This is peak Dante design.[View]
613224557Cyberpunk 2077 broke Witcher 3's player count record two years after release: Shazambros...? Ou…[View]
613223392i hacked my 3ds xl what games should i get? i played pokemon X pokemon AS, mario kart 7, mario 3d la…[View]
613216245Any reason for games to look better than this? I think we hit peak graphics.[View]
613214587Now that the dust has settled, was Repentance a good DLC?[View]
613224289Gacha is peak goyslop You cant get worse than porn + degenerate gambling + pedophilia[View]
613215932when does epic mickey 3 come out, disney? give me raymond 3 remestered too[View]
613219120What the consensus on RPing in online games? Is it an acceptable way of creating and enjoying an exp…[View]
613223947176 days until Wrath release.[View]
613223881Zelda: TotK: Zelda undergone a massive downgrade[View]
613223867>retired Supreme Allied Commander REACTS to Call of Duty and DEBUNKS betrayal…[View]
613209967Why does it look so boring?[View]
613222985I'm blue[View]
613208746Do draenei make good paladins?[View]
613217661Blazblue thread: With the creator of the series recently left arc system works. What will be the fut…[View]
613220602Back to Nature >>>>> Shit >>>>> 64 >>>>>>>>…[View]
613209075Don't be shy. Name the game.[View]
613220167>if you lower your expectations low enough, the game becomes great[View]
613222651describe the last game you played with a Full Metal Jacket quote[View]
613221184>Boss has multiple forms.[View]
613218402It's been seven years. How are you holding up?[View]
613218993Can Halo franchise be saved?: Should Halo try the Cyberpunk approach?[View]
613222468Story Time (/v/ related): >3am, Saturday morning >wake up to neighbor's loud ass techno d…[View]
613222414Stray is not a bad game: But most reviews exposed journalists >poor understanding of composition …[View]
613220215What vidya did you play on sleepovers, anon? For me it was mainly single player games and PC games t…[View]
613221997Why is everybody making such a huge deal out of this game all of a sudden? It came out years ago and…[View]
613222074Gaming Opinion Red Flags: >There's just no good games coming out anymore…[View]
613209168What is Overwatch 2?: Overwatch servers shut down in exactly one week and will be down for a bit ove…[View]
613219775How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
613221697ASCII games: Remember these? I need reccomendations pls[View]
613218549What do you eat while gaming? Gamer fuel thread?[View]
613190725What's the appeal of gacha?[View]
613142924ITT: Enemies who don't fuck around.[View]
613220554>Silverman: Okay so your company Valve is generally a PC gaming company, but you're seemingl…[View]
613221634Who’s the best dancer in the game and why is it Gas-O? pic unrelated[View]
613218616Shin Megami Tensei: >takes 5 years to come out from the day of announcement >releases and is f…[View]
613221357What games let me be a master of science?[View]
613220994Linux gaming thread: What games are you playing on your Linux machine this weekend anon? What distro…[View]
613198685>pirate game >finish game >“thank you for buying our game” >mfw…[View]
613219943>open world game >public transport is nonexistent >bicycles are props and not actually ride…[View]
613219165>Anime avatar or pepe avatar adds you as a steam friend.[View]
613219780Good morning /v/. What will your first sequence of they be?[View]
613219342>47, you are clearly a genius, able to achieve world-class results in almost any skill you pick u…[View]
613215792Who's /v/s favorite bald video game protagonist?[View]
613211742Post your biggest vidya disappointment: Even all these years later, I can't cope with how medio…[View]
613220112So, which one? >Therese and Jeanette were twin sisters. Jeanette would get raped by her father, w…[View]
613219457>bad music and sound effects >horrible graphics >clunky controls very awkward >empty wor…[View]
613216957Oh no, the nerdy witch has been taken prisoner by the villainous Queen Crush! Use your video game sk…[View]
613200921>have the ability to play every game for free >don’t No seriously what’s your excuse? The only…[View]
613219464>competitive >e-sports >speedrunning >steaming >mmorpgs Why are people so insistent o…[View]
613218902>20th anniversary this month Was it actually a bad game or was it just different?…[View]
613218419Did you ever read any vidya webcomics?[View]
613217518What's he doing right now?[View]
613218842You'd think this game is the second coming of Christ if you frequent websites other than Taiwan…[View]
613220090>Just move another dumpster while listening to irrelevant small talk. Sony niggers really like th…[View]
613152734I just finished this game, and it's made me overwhelmingly depressed at the state of the franch…[View]
613215397Are you actually GOOD at videogames /v/? You play them all day, there's no excuse[View]
613214504Skyrim: Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin Naal ok zin los vahriin Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal Ahrk fin no…[View]
613215984SA is still a worthy play in 2022. At least with the Definitive Edition fan mod project. It's t…[View]
613198680One handed or two handed?[View]
613214598The anime didn't save it, chuds. Yong oooouttt[View]
613204126Well what's your choice?[View]
6132179163x3 thread: Post your grid and recommend games[View]
613215783XBOX 'Project Amplify' Reveal: >Xbox has officially launched Project Amplify, a new vid…[View]
613215982You can't claim to be a gamer if you don't have such a shelf.[View]
613217170>open activity tab on Steam >friend bought hentai game What comment do you post?…[View]
613219054>So glad i grew up with Cyberpunk and Genshin impact[View]
613212352Reminder that Smite outlived Heroes of the Storm. Loser Moba. Sad.[View]
613211214Do zoomers really?[View]
613219150Just bought a used PS5 off ebay for regular price, fuckin scalpers made this way harder than it shou…[View]
613212501>Play Versus[View]
613164072Vidya Webm: post them[View]
613217705What is he looking at?[View]
613214601Name a flaw[View]
613215729Fallout 4 Re-release: Release: 14-10-2022 Physical re-release of Fallout 4 GOTY comes with a steelca…[View]
613217393What games is /v/ nostalgic about splitscreen over? I grew up playing a lot of Timesplitters and Me…[View]
613219229Play Escape From Tarkov[View]
613207317what am I in for?[View]
613218260It's up.: READY 2 get MAD at MARIO KART??!?![View]
613219067Post best obscure girls[View]
613211907Are you winning, tim?[View]
613208546What’s the consensus?[View]
613215049holy FUCK this game is bullshit[View]
613215614>Go to open DbD >Realize I'm going to have absolutely no fun because I have no friends to…[View]
613217269Mod organizer 2 question: Long shot but I m throwing it in here out of frustration. Can anyone who i…[View]
613217816make sure to lift your headphones every once in a while to let out the trapped soundwaves[View]
613216076Whats your definition of a janky game?[View]
613212239Adding mod support was a mistake[View]
613214076even when this was published it was meant as a prequel to zelda 1 and 2 meaning zelda 2 is literally…[View]
613216473First Person Melee: Any melee focused game that is first person would have been better if it was 3rd…[View]
613192730What would you like to be added to GTA 6?[View]
613212397When will we get a proper sequel to Battlefield 2142?[View]
613214523We need a remaster of the original COD[View]
613218059Your favorite devs couldn’t care less about you.: In a fair and just world, we would have gotten tit…[View]
613213395Sony are the good guys[View]
613216608ngl type-0 kinda saved final fantasy[View]
613202489Vidya girls with big tits own my brain and control my wallet.[View]
613214493GPD WIN 4: Im thinking it is based Could actually be a portable MW2 multilplayer machine[View]
613217920>tfw the quarry never got settled[View]
613217939Never forget what they took from you.[View]
613205886Why does she look bored?[View]
613217289This is Trevor from Gta v and boy is he le wacky. He's a so random drug addict who's viole…[View]
613214617OH N-[View]
613213084Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
613215846What are some good mystery games? Any kind of mystery, doesn't have to be crime. I played these…[View]
613170930Post your favorite vidya reaction images[View]
613217121>deep, complex combat mechanics >doesn't hold your hand >enemies aren't retarded …[View]
613197963Play the sims 4[View]
613217280Did they deserve it?[View]
613214476What is the modern WoW? The modern game wherein people will do this irl?[View]
613212954marior not looking too good[View]
613213251>plaster FROM THE DEVELOPERS OF POKEMON all over your game >have it featured in multiple ninte…[View]
613212474How often do you practice your combos in training mode?[View]
613216869Spamton Sweepstakes: FUCK FUCK FUCK I MISSED IT, I WISH I KNEW. All i saw were the arg shit and thou…[View]
613214946what's the /v/erdict?: voxel doom[View]
613210373man real life is such a shitty game, look at those awful shadows[View]
613206663Damn, this is one of the most boring and shallow RPGs I have ever played.[View]
613215475The Wonderful Guilty Gear Strive Community!!![View]
613216324Finally get my Adderall script filled tomorrow and it’s a Sunday. What game can I spend my day lost …[View]
613216740Post only the BEST boss fights in all of video games in this thread[View]
613197860Sunbreak is a huge improvement over Iceborne and Monster Hunter is on a good way: This can't be…[View]
613215582King's Field bros... now is our time[View]
613194345Is the Steam Deck the single greatest piece of hardware ever devised? >SNES library >Genesis l…[View]
613215350Cyberscam 2077: Friendly reminder.[View]
613210630diofield: What a fucking disappointment this game is.[View]
613213798That didn't age well...[View]
613211901MISS ME YET???[View]
613213391modern warfare 2 beta: Thoughts on it? Pic related[View]
613216201BASED CYBERCHAD[View]
613214113Post midna: /v/ without a midna thread? Where my impfuckers at?[View]
613200645Vince Gilligan has to be envolved with GTA 6: Vince Gilligan has confirmed in his latest Inside the …[View]
613215491>Lost my job during 2020 lockdown >Have more time to play vidya than ever >Actually play le…[View]
613215915CIty games: What are the best games that take place primarily in a city. Bonus points for the nightt…[View]
613211061How would (You) make a Chainsaw Man game?[View]
613181726ITT Linux Gaming[View]
613187963You bump a thousand threads every day, kid. Make sure this is one of them.[View]
613214586When is he going to be a VR game? And what will it be like?[View]
613215308What games have the worst fanbases?[View]
613214053MW2022 is the worst call of duty ever made: Does anyone else feel like they are purposely trying to …[View]
613212262>he doesn't use scanlines Explain you'reself right now[View]
613213553Daily Bust a Groove thread[View]
613215241>Halo is dead >COD is one step from falling into the grave >Overwatch 2 is going to be a di…[View]
613210925Iroha: The thread about this japanese bird[View]
613213149Cell shaded anime graphics are the only good games.[View]
613214897Games that are so good they give you goosebumps?[View]
613206525/v/ can eat my ass this game is fun.[View]
613174625Is this good? Also switch or ps4, would play more time on switch but if graphics are shit...[View]
613198761What is it with AAA game developers? Why is it just absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for them to release a good…[View]
613209640I'm tired of TERA 2 not being a real thing. Was the leak real or not? Where are my 4K UHD Elins…[View]
613195550Easily the worst level in the game. Just frustrating and the carpet can go fuck itself. Some stars a…[View]
613212362>bunny hops every .2 seconds and around every corner at max sensitivity and drop shots you with t…[View]
613214813Who was in the wrong here?[View]
613203793Sleeping vidya: What vidya do you play when you can't sleep[View]
613214360Is the light in gaming leaving us all?[View]
613214774>reach max number of lives >now i can play as no cap Mario that's cool…[View]
613214494>finish a game I like >it doesn’t have a boss rush mode, new game plus, or any kind of free f…[View]
613214206Would you rather live in the world of Fallout or Elder Scrolls?[View]
613208773join the based 4chan Minecraft earth server anons, over 1000 people have logged in and it has no cha…[View]
613213556Do any of the characters in this game have real problems? Like, at all?[View]
613212390>8bit >retro >pixel graphics stop being a pretentious faggot.…[View]
613209963Post you are video game Husband[View]
613212000The great debate: Who had the better ost?[View]
613209894There's an Eighth Chapter!?!?!?[View]
613198782What is this character archetype called?[View]
613208976when will we get advanced wars again?[View]
613206069Is Dark Samus capable of love, or is she a mindless phazon spreading beast?[View]
613207339bidya dolls[View]
613214328>no felpool >no loli >censored women >tranny characters >get stuck on one planet only…[View]
613208031Play PSO2:NGS (with melty collab)[View]
613204941Redditor or 4chan anon?[View]
613127342What was it actually like to experience Super Mario 64 when it had first come out?[View]
613212749Rockstar, Please…: Do NOT force us to play as a woman in GTA VI, not even for a single second. I wi…[View]
613206794Do people actually think New Vegas is fun?: I actually tried this game since i kept seeing so many t…[View]
613212379>reload multiple times when clips are full >ammo runs out…[View]
613201637Is Early Access the worst thing to happen to gaming?[View]
613211275Persona 2 is better than Persona 3[View]
613209452Comfy Xbox thread: Reminder that playing on Xbox is the ultimate gaming experience >most powerful…[View]
613212113Name one good touhou game[View]
613202247If Pauline can join the main cast in spinoffs after disappearing and being basically reinvented in O…[View]
613203321Still the best Pokegirl.[View]
613210246The greatest console ever made.[View]
613206293>We now live in a world where some random 16/17 year old nobody can completely fuck your access t…[View]
613205776Should I keep the deck: Ayo subhumans, got a deck last week, not sure if I want to keep it, as the j…[View]
613212201Anyway, time for a Star Fox thread[View]
613197198Am I the only person who thinks RE7 is incredibly overrated? I don't like this game at all. I t…[View]
613209838Holy fuck COD is dead. How the fuck does it only have 160k?[View]
613210067Dead Island: Was this game become more overlooked as time passed? I rarely ever saw it mentioned in …[View]
613201689Hvae you played viewtiful joe?[View]
613212693>join a mw2 game >bunch of new zealanders calling each other niggers >one of them keeps try…[View]
613204468>tfw only 24 Do I really have to wait two years to play this game?[View]
613213136So I was playing Oblivion again today when I came across pic related for the first time. Weird, I ne…[View]
613200821>we want the Warhammer 40k audience[View]
613208314Be honest....you fapped to this poster in MGS:SoL[View]
613210309>immersive lore >decent-speed pvp >comfy non-toxic community >at least okay balance >…[View]
613210904huh, so that's why so many people are playing this game again[View]
613212761>...and that's why I want to marry a child[View]
613202272grumpy samurai woman[View]
613212605>been out in the woods for 3 months >heard overwatch 2 is coming out >open rule34 >refre…[View]
613196573Just finished the whole part 1/prologue things. Now where do I go? I die everywhere i go.[View]
613208930Is there no dlss on modern warfare beta?[View]
613198080another Gundam evolution thread: we talk about it here[View]
613204418Do you multi task while gaming?[View]
613212363>be me, a russian owlcat: >make a challenge for my new roguelike DLC on unfair difficulty >…[View]
613208627When does it get good?[View]
613205508Why are VN's the only good games?[View]
613207958When you play Fornite[View]
613210386Titanfall 2: What's the current state of this game? Is it dead? I heard some hacking incident h…[View]
613202878Let me guess, you NEED more?[View]
613211670Faggot jannies think their ugly girlfriends are hotter than 12 year old Alyvia ayyyy lmao[View]
613209934>baked lighting? Good >Raytracing? Bad >Linear story? Good >multiple choices? Bad >Sm…[View]
613207458You know that BOWSER! I'm coming to kill you! In your KINGDOM, at your CASTLE![View]
613209103You need to escort this through Whiterun. It will require spending a great deal of time alone with h…[View]
613200602What are some of your favorite vidya characters, /v/?: Like if you had to post 24 of them, who would…[View]
613204961lul thread dumpan a sonic comic. 1/27[View]
613209995gacha games are the plague of everything.[View]
613200187What do we think of Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4 Remake?[View]
613204297What's your favorite Kirby color?: https://wikirby.com/wiki/Colors#Kirby's_Dream_Buffet An…[View]
613209609Can someone make: ' Logitech Cloud Gaming Console' thread? I want to know if it can remote play to m…[View]
613190454Valkyrie Elysium: watched some of the gameplay... area selection... stage-based... hack and slash...…[View]
613210224The Zelda Cycle[View]
613208283Fire Emblem: ENGAGE: did you remember to brush your teeth before bed edition?[View]
613193062Samurai Shodown or Soul Calibur: Which of these two is the best weapon fighting game?[View]
613207725Has a vidya ever got you into learning about something?: Azur Lane got me into learning about boats…[View]
613194753Silent Hill 3 is a bad game: >dude let's make the first half of the game bland and linear go…[View]
613193570Is it worth forcing myself to finish this game or is it truly shit all the way?[View]
613199019Adaptive triggers are fucking awesome. Feeling them go from floppy to stiff is amazing, makes me wan…[View]
613203241Splatoon 3 Spaltfest: Post seethe and insult everyone that's not on your team[View]
613210004Gave up yet?[View]
613205107i can deal with the cartoon aesthetic i can handle the cut down dungeons and cut content i can even …[View]
613208406Play Ester's game. Play Trails in the Sky.[View]
61320977121 years later and I still miss them bros[View]
613208732name one thing thats wrong with this UI[View]
613209760(Cleveland) ̶S̶t̶e̶a̶m̶B̶o̶x̶ Steam Deck Thread: How you holding in /v/ros? Are you excited for the …[View]
613209668The Witcher 3: Is this one of the few modern (post 2007) games that still has soul?[View]
613206826>used to play video games with gf >would stream her my games every time i played one >would…[View]
613205896They could have gotten their revenge on both Sony and Nintendo by releasing a handheld gaming PC bef…[View]
613205632Shill me on a cheap game, /v/.: ~20$ max. What have you been playing recently?[View]
613207634This game sucks.[View]
613209182>watch the anime >dual wielding and all that cool gory cyberpunk shit >play the game >ca…[View]
613209230what do you do when no one has the same interests or delights in vidya as you?[View]
613206094Tell me this straight. Is the game is close to E3 2020 trailer now ? Are all the bug fixed like chil…[View]
613205153I've already played all the Crashs, Final Fantasies, Resident Evils and other popular PS1 games…[View]
613208371niird on the front page![View]
613204627>Dude, the DS2 DLC's are the best part of the game, you should play them. >They're a…[View]
613205983Rpcs3: I got it working what games should i play? I got GoW downloading. Is heavnly sword any good? …[View]
613206132>look up some first experience for game development >Tic Tac Toe tutorial in UE5 Episode 1/42 …[View]
613200149When did you realize that it was one of the best Mario games to date?[View]
613196653https://youtu.be/7DF0LPlLt8I >this is how the devs want you to play nu-cod this series is dead…[View]
613208462> Accept[View]
613200182Gayben bros, not like this.[View]
613203751Games where you defeat the big bad in the first entry then just spend the sequels fucking around?[View]
613208058What games would you let your daughter play?[View]
613208271It's fun to swing your polearm around like a retard in this game lol[View]
613203867>Vidya has complex physics[View]
613194658for the fps gamers out there how much aim training do yall do daily? i do 40 min-1 hour on aimlab b…[View]
613207976>pick up game because of the cute girl on the cover >cute girl nowhere in sight after the firs…[View]
613205165Favorite under water exploration games?[View]
613208094>mfw I see some cuck trying to play RTS games like a city builder in multiplayer and I just rush …[View]
613208043>Have you ever played Escape From Tarkov? It's the fifth time someone has asked me that ques…[View]
613207137DS2: My favorite PS2 game![View]
613203290What if Venat was East African[View]
613207003New video game idea. It's Undertale but all of the enemies are girls instead of monsters. Rathe…[View]
613201263Games where the protagonist inadvertently helps the villain achieve their goal?[View]
613198984I hate fun[View]
613204390Unironically just bought this game. What am I in for[View]
613207616BASED CYBERCHAD[View]
613185920Anyone just getting around to Digimon Survive? Only finished the Wrath route, when does the game get…[View]
613205065>need to give a villain motivation to be evil >she just really wants to fuck Link 10/10 writin…[View]
613204141Blizzard = Cancer BOYCOTT Overwatch 2.[View]
613207197It's been 40 years and no video game has lived up to the promise of Blade Runner.[View]
613206334>Game lies to you[View]
613195152Street Fighter 6 vs Tekken 8: What do you guys think about each? What do you think will be the bette…[View]
613205137So, whats the /v/irdict?[View]
613133890comfy deck thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE22cCQidfc[View]
613204917These put western troon design to shame[View]
613200870I learned English through video games![View]
613201724>Chapter 2 is just harder replays of chapter 1 I was loving the game until this shit.…[View]
613200801To anyone that actually liked Deathloop and has played the new update, should I start a new colt sav…[View]
613203979I'm luigi.[View]
613205505>eating food restores health >game also has a weight gain mechanic so eating too much makes yo…[View]
613190647IT'S KNACK TIME BABY[View]
613206840post good-looking game devs: I'll start with Fumito Ueda. > Lemmings impressed me, as I sens…[View]
613192286what am i in for?[View]
613202738What went wrong?[View]
613206405Imagine. Some people thought Bayonetta and Jeanne had a thing. Sad![View]
613202887Ruin a video game with one small feature: I'm start >cod man…[View]
613205570Is there a good reason to play this mmo?[View]
613205885He will be back.[View]
613195590October's coming up soon. What's the spookiest scariest game you've ever played?[View]
613205578>What? You need to beat the action game 8 times before you can have an opinion on it. You can…[View]
613172524What was Valve thinking?[View]
613202893Japanese games have good writi-[View]
613163508/v/ I am happy to inform you that 2022 is Flandre's year >Wins the popularity poll >Is in…[View]
613183610Just played this for 5 hours straight. What did I think of it?[View]
613198513ITT: Good ideas; Bad Execution[View]
613202608games with jizz in it?[View]
613200297It's okay. Not great but I enjoyed it. Massively overpriced though, beat it in 5 hours and much…[View]
613205641>Graphical update >Livonia map release >Unofficial Namalsk release [but made by Creative le…[View]
613202098Talk about the upcoming Monster Rancher game you niggers.[View]
613179387Comfy PC Gaming Thread: Stop right there and tell me what you play on your pc[View]
613204924Why did they park so far away?[View]
613201364Play Tales[View]
613201774Okay look, What's the real reason people hate pay to win games? is it the fact they're poo…[View]
613198115I'll ask you one last time: Who. Am. I?[View]
613205048Just picked this up. What should I expect?[View]
613157054Fuck this shit game, it was made by a faggot who HATES Monster Hunter. >tracking? - Lol no, you a…[View]
613200657>Why yes, I do autisticly throw a powerful grenade way too close to my friends and blow them the …[View]
613204940I HATE ALIA! I died three times in Burn Dinorex's stage because of her explanations. I really w…[View]
613204919The plan? Announce a promising video game with crowdfunding but never release it, ensuring audience …[View]
613193641I just spent hours putting this retarded shit together and it's fucking uncomfortable as shit w…[View]
613204618Good times[View]
613204798underrated?: Game is super fun right now ngl, only negative is way too many female spartans. Retarde…[View]
613193540have you ever been addicted to a gacha game? i just spent all my rent money for next month on Azur L…[View]
613204359Don't you dare take the name of the Rampage series in vain![View]
613203883>finished SR1&2 >start playing SR3:R >get through all the prologue stuff >get into …[View]
613198335Is Hatsune Miku still relevant enough to warrant a vidya crossover of this scale?[View]
613198253You now remember 2012 DayZ Arma 2 mod[View]
613201547ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
613204517https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTGFGEkVMfk Now that egoraptor is getting back into animation and ad…[View]
613137848Oh shit it's a 3D platformer thread!! Post stuff you played recently or less talked about entri…[View]
613202834'm so glad I've given this game another chance. After watching Netflix's hit TV show …[View]
613201608Mario 1 is more scary than modern horror games: Did u know that Mario 1 is also a horror game?…[View]
613188510Is this game worth it or should I just play Stardew Valley instead? How does it compare to the GBA F…[View]
613203983In the mood to play DQ again /v/ 7, 8, and 11 were the only ones I haven't beat. Help me go in …[View]
613201845Why can't cybershills name one single thing that has changed since the game launched?[View]
613203794Any good itch.io horror games?[View]
613202891>game uses healing items instead of healing spells or MP[View]
613204049>watching a speedrun gameplay from a favorite videogame >'WOW DUDE I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH' …[View]
613203981I miss my boys[View]
613201602Zelda shmelda, for me it's Mina.[View]
613181468You wake up as Jill Stingray. What do you do?[View]
613203942Hana desumo[View]
613203812it's out https://store.steampowered.com/app/34900/Bernd_und_das_Rätsel_um_Unteralterbach/…[View]
613195690Do you think an Overwatch anime can save the series?[View]
613203005ITT games you will never be able to play again cause the consoles they are on is outdated[View]
613203685What game woudl you speedrun: If you had to pick a game to learn from to back in its entirety to spe…[View]
613200274What are some good games with friendship between men? Too often do developers pit men against each o…[View]
613201920How do you respond to this?[View]
613196981Which looks better?: Not a trick question[View]
613200596Aiming down sights ruined FPS games forever[View]
613194761Dota 2 heroes as board Mascots: ITT: heroes that would represent individual boards. Starting with /k…[View]
613201250you can tell a lot about a person by how they play video games. take for example when players pick u…[View]
613153232Where on earth is that Bowlbo game? WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS IT?[View]
613199471>save six doctors >or save your gf wat do /v/?…[View]
613202448>Scooby Doo >But with persona gameplay Why is not Atlus catching up?…[View]
613199401bf4 sucks[View]
613202013Can't believe I slept on this for so long. What the fuck happened to gaming? They don't ma…[View]
613201078He looks like that archetype of guy where you see nonwhite girls comment 'he cute' on his Instagram …[View]
613201313I've been thinking about playing this, should I start with the older ones first? Which is bette…[View]
613199336Modern controls will ruin Street Fighter 6. This is exactly the same shit as aggressive auto-aim in …[View]
613195006Don't open this image[View]
613200872finished this recently. Game was great but the translation really didn’t do Estelle many favors. I’m…[View]
613199849Games that have shot themselves in the foot: I don't think I've ever seen such a spectacul…[View]
613202684What the fuck was his problem?[View]
613200092Do you like pictures like this, or, God forbid, DRAW them? If so, Nintendo hates you and wants you d…[View]
613183350Witcher Fake Fans: Sick of these faggot fake Witcherfags who claim to be 'fans' yet only played the …[View]
613197930First game instant classic, second improved on everything, third was clusterfuck[View]
613202301Is this a reverse CD Projekt Red? The anime is better than the game.[View]
613199501Why not add it to the premium plus service? £70 is outrageous[View]
613197717Just bought this, what should I expect?[View]
613187160she got fat[View]
613196716wubadubadub is that true?[View]
613193931Best lifepath come through[View]
613201287What makes a good Vidya character design[View]
613192153>Game has a tetris inventory system I will now play your game[View]
613197374Bring her back. She deserves it.[View]
613197790The main villain of the last game you played is charged for their crimes. What are they guilty of?[View]
613201773>'what a nice remake this is' >*downloads original sprites/models mod* >*downloads original…[View]
613190527in terms of sidescroller Metroidvanias, this is totally true.[View]
613201261>drinking and playing games with the boys >fall asleep at desk again…[View]
613202085I finally understand the appeal of Sonic. The stages are so densely packed with shit that you can ke…[View]
613168279[[Sit on Evelyn's lap]] [[Kneel]] [[Leave]][View]
613200604What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
613200937I honestly think /v/ got this one wrong. It was fun, real fun. Had no politics or real story, just f…[View]
613197849This worth playing if i watched the show?[View]
613200527>has a fuckhuge amount of input lag shame, it could have been the perfect handheld…[View]
613198485Am I the only one that doesn't enjoy old games that much? t. 26 year old[View]
613198010forza 5 is so gorgeous man[View]
613194883Splatoon 3: >Fun is currently in the lead >Gear narrowly behind by 0.4%, dodging the Tricolor …[View]
613194357*sips* yep, dark souls 2 sotfs, what a great game[View]
613160931Master Duel: Boom.[View]
613193908Nintendo Labo thread: I genuinely forgot this thing existed[View]
613200717So how is Cyberpunk after the update?: Is it any good? Should i buy it?[View]
613199379Choose wisely.[View]
613185732Dragon Age Inquisition: >Game of the Year for 2014 >Absolutely forgotten by the vast majority …[View]
613200702would it be even possible to make this into a videogame?[View]
613194646*saves Japanese games from horrible weebshit*[View]
613199902I want to play Street Fighter 6.[View]
613145307Genshin Impact: How fun are you finding Sumeru so far? I think it's too big[View]
613199973Nvidia RTX Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUX3u1iD0jM Game changer[View]
613163987Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Is she a villain or a misunderstood hero?[View]
613190621Bayonetta 3: Only a month left until our favorite vidya witch finally returns![View]
613197970how did they do it?: 50k more than Elden Ring in the last 24 hours and that game come out THIS year.…[View]
613185601Are you winning son?[View]
613200247The only reason people like undertale and other cringeass 'muh feelings' games is because it was the…[View]
613199972>'He's going to die Ra's. He needs medical attention, now!' Strange deserved to die. He…[View]
613196136Xenosaga is a good game, the writing is great and the philosophical implications are deep.[View]
613199357runescape is the most candaian thing ever[View]
613198068Scarlet Nexus: Is Scarlet Nexus any good?[View]
613196671>Great game >Bogged down by a dull soundtrack What's her name anon?…[View]
613198702Nothing else matters. Remember when these games and their dlc dropped and everyone was happy? I memb…[View]
613199830Cyberpunk 2077: >There are 'people' that wanted Misty to be a romance option What, are you gonna …[View]
613182763Ninja thread. Who's your favorite vidya ninja?[View]
613194501Has a game ever made you cry?[View]
613177508Is now the best time to upgrade my gaming computer? My AMD Ryzen 5 1600 is struggling on most new sh…[View]
613197479Xbox launches “project amplify” to support young black gamers entering the gaming industry: Apparent…[View]
613183814What part of a game (even a part that isn't great) do people go the furthest overboard in sayin…[View]
613187343>$800 million dollar budget >Zero hype What went wrong?…[View]
613194463>does a shitty rerelease that adds some new girl and ruins the story That'll be $59.99 pleas…[View]
613164464What went wrong?[View]
613195585Game atmosphere and immersion have suffered greatly >AAA games feel generic and sterile due to h…[View]
613190331It's time to settle this once and for all, what is the best Silent Hill game?[View]
613187993Did you like it?[View]
613197110Why do you think he's never made video game music? He's quirky enough I think he could do …[View]
613192636crude usernames: I come to 4chan seeking the worst & crudest usernames that have been seen. Curr…[View]
613162976Are video games art?[View]
613192291>tfw we'll never get a Rust Belt GTA: 10 years of a sunny beach area and now we get 10 more …[View]
613195923will we ever see they again in another mainline game???[View]
613198635What the fuck did Japan mean by this? Sounds like a declaration of war from them.[View]
613198765>engineering game >early access[View]
613187420Picked it up after watching the anime. It's ok. Not as bad as /v/ says but not as good as the r…[View]
613196951imagine taking gaming “journalism” seriously[View]
613192352Linux Gaming: This is outdated right? there is no way that with the success of the steam deck, linu…[View]
613193278>Love interest isn't a virgin[View]
613178931AMD: With 4000 series being a flop, do you think she'll grab this chance to become a leading co…[View]
613197937>most terrifying boss of the game, as well as the final, and eluded to throughout the entire game…[View]
613194339Xenoblade chronicles 3[View]
613196196So everyone is going nuts over the Tifa Lockheart and Aeries Silicone Dolls. But how come nobody is …[View]
613197882did James behave appropiately in silent hill?[View]
613198304>ITT: Scenes the average /v/-drone will never understand.[View]
613194949>depth of field >chromatic aberration >motion blur…[View]
613198040Would /v/ play this?[View]
613190450What other games out there require you to take notes in order to solve them? So far, I've playe…[View]
613196417OFFICIAL CYBERPUNK 2077 APPRECIATION THREAD: Night City is the most atmospheric and aesthetically pl…[View]
613196527So who would make good raiders?[View]
613197224Are ya Breakin' son?[View]
613197852I hope CDPR reconsiders and makes more DLC for Cyberpunk. The setting has too much potential and ro…[View]
613177871>first match you fight the worlds greatest retards and you kinda have fun but not really because …[View]
613195653I only play Japanese games. What does this make me?[View]
613194828elden ring no replayability?: >want to replay it with another build >have no idea what I would…[View]
613195515Who else just spent the last 9 hours playing mw2[View]
613192718What is the most ineptly run vidya company in history?[View]
613196353Im have the house to myself. I ordered some pizza. I have never played this game. But they say its g…[View]
613197204I can fix him.[View]
613196468Just ordered my Steam Deck in 日本 Can't wait to play all them hentai games on the metro Pray for…[View]
613186138How OP will she be in Pirate Warriors 5 iyo??[View]
613197252Switch Thread: >saturday night >no comfy switch thread watcha: >playan >getting next …[View]
613191652Zelda BotW Has Been Dethroned: I honestly haven't enjoyed an Ubisoft game this much since Child…[View]
613185349Masterpiece. Why do Y2Kucks hate this game so much and flock to the gravely flawed original? Is it b…[View]
613194637If the entire game is like this, it's a 7/10 so far.[View]
613193353Why did he have to pretend to be Liquid Snake in order to destroy the Patriots?[View]
613192351>Zelda Link to the Past patched with cd quality orchestra >blue flavored Sunkist >red barro…[View]
613188769>I wish I spent more time playing video games[View]
613189841SOUL VS. SOULLESS[View]
613193897Is it any good?[View]
613185547gundam evo[View]
613186857Rockman? More like Roll makes me Rock Hard.[View]
613196121>Haha the funny animal character said shit when cartoon animal characters normally don't say…[View]
613194090So everyone's catching up now eh? Good.[View]
613192453Have you ever recommended a game to someone and they hit you with 'Oh no thanks, I don't play o…[View]
613192845>goes from a cool utilitarian megalomaniac to 'lol he was an alien god all along' Did no one on t…[View]
613172869How long before he's retconned as Ukrainian?[View]
613194198Well I'm on my '''last''' chapter, Near Future, and I have to say…[View]
613192852>finally get all the 120 です trophies >now I have to get the んです trophies >still missing the…[View]
613184309How are you preparing for the new brimstone sands update to New World? I'm hoarding materials a…[View]
613170503Do you prefer to play games with the original audio or do play with the english dub no matter what?[View]
613115420I can fix her[View]
613193845>Dooms the entire humanity by causing the resonance cascade What the fuck was his problem?…[View]
613193106>pc gaymers spent BILLIONS on their rigs just to play THIS[View]
613179472You don't want Unleashed 2. You don't want Shadow The Hedgehog 2. You don't want anot…[View]
613189115You don’t seriously play puzzle based games do you anon[View]
613192050HYPERDEMON: >Best game of 2022 >Schizopherenic Devil May Cry boomer shooter >filters everyo…[View]
613193554What's the difference?[View]
613189847Remember when games used to be 30gb? What happened?[View]
613194918Is it worth buying?[View]
613192116Does FFXIV have one of the most based stories ever?[View]
613171036Totori 2 will be made after Ryza 3.[View]
613194747Are they based on Epstein and Maxwell? You can't deny the similarities, even in terms of how th…[View]
613192639Hey anon I’m going to Gamestop, want me to get you anything?[View]
613156973What are some 10/10 moments in visual novels?[View]
613187453do you prefer fantasy games or sci-fi games?[View]
613191695I think this minigame is utterly retarded[View]
613193597Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week, I've already discussed the matter…[View]
613194558This is peak Rockstar. Nothing they've ever made since has come close to this level of soul.[View]
613185235Daily reminder that she won[View]
613190761I wish they'd die[View]
613187962Melty Blood: It's time to play SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Can you find all ten?[View]
613193781>game is not fun with friends[View]
613159887>autistic ally grind skills for millennia >die Who designed this shit. Also, Zomboid thread.…[View]
613194593Arma 3[View]
613190518>dumb down your game as not to gall low IQ zoomers and women Many such cases!…[View]
613180091Find a flaw.[View]
613193671How would you fix the Fate franchise?[View]
613193956yo donnie[View]
613191909The cyberconnect2 version would have been better[View]
613178576How's your current campaign going?[View]
613190136You now remember that IOI are developing a Bond game[View]
613187297Splatoon 3: Halftime Report! Big Man is gonna get crushed in tricolor again :([View]
613193690Iron Man Game: Post suits, gadgets, and villains you want.[View]
613193083Is there a single point & click adventure game in existence that doesn't suffer from these …[View]
613192650CYBERPUNK 2077: If you don't like this game, then you don't like First-Person RPGs. Period…[View]
613188808Should i buy this for my PS5 or Xbox Series X? Which runs better? I don't have a PC[View]
613183714Which way, JRPG-man?[View]
613186348Is /v/ a Charles board or a Frank board?[View]
613176580What game did you not care for?[View]
613179989Soul Hackers 2 Thread: Because t's been a month and people here stopped trying to promote it. S…[View]
613185818Japs look like this? Yakuza thread [View]
613189562>game takes inspiration from multiple crime / mob dramas, and you can go down a variety of paths …[View]
613191609Genius sonority WILL make a 6th game.[View]
613191027>game requires countless hours of grinding to complete[View]
613186993Did you save her?[View]
613185385I want a game that's exactly like this, but actually finished and without a shitton of bugs. Su…[View]
613187890Breath of the Wild 2 is already considered by many as the best game of all time. But what does it ne…[View]
613188658cute cat girl e make game better attentive female[View]
613182069Why did you meme me into thinking Witcher 3 would be bad? I just finished the main quest and I had a…[View]
613164146if devs want to make open world games so much, then they should at least be making them for anime pr…[View]
613179309With the release of Rocksmith+, a subscription based GaaS version of the previous game, ubisoft rele…[View]
613188791>I'm psychic[View]
613192390What are your top 3 games of 2022? Have you even played 3 games from this year?[View]
613190015ITT: the worst game of a franchise: Worse than X7 and X6 (ludo game that filters shitplayers). Even …[View]
613184775RE6: Is it any good? I'm turned off by the tank mechanics of 4 and 5.[View]
613190840What the hell am I looking at!? When does this happen in the video game!?[View]
613186615Not a single black npc, what did Warhorse studios mean by this?[View]
613185007Tomba/Tomba 2 thread: Fast pants edition.[View]
613156342Dead Island 2 developers took advice from 'Diversity Council': https://www.theloadout.com/dead-islan…[View]
613192303Why did he do it?[View]
613190832What games do alt girls play[View]
613191202now that the dust has settled what do we think about hideo kojima?[View]
613188961Why do people love Blue Archive so much?[View]
613190973G4 Portal: Berney is 20 years old![View]
613192268Is this worth it?[View]
613191383ZM > Fusion > Super > Dread > SR Simple as.[View]
613192232There is an auto-tr4nn1t0rs enabled that will inconsistently delete porn images. Imagine being so in…[View]
613177078All Star Battle R DLC Leak: You people are so naive honestly. All Star Battle R isn't new. I…[View]
613191753dont let this become another cybuhpunko thread you gonks[View]
613167528I can't afford this.[View]
613190297Does anyone else like enlisted? I think it's gets better with every new campaign. Is it perfect…[View]
613191571DayZ: There's nothing else quite like it[View]
613166338Fighting game backgrounds thread.[View]
613190045architectbros... we're back.[View]
613191146Tricolor Turf War: The best game mode ever: The one game mode where you accomplish absolutely jack s…[View]
613185136Game of the generation[View]
613191663are you serious about pc gaming? which 40 series card are you getting?[View]
613187705Games with aesthetics like this?[View]
613191569JRPG kino is back on the menu.[View]
613181772Which one's the strongest? You should be able to solve this.[View]
613191548I just finished Cave Story+, I specifically took out the bad ending[View]
613186378Should be a solo game Having to switch characters is annoying[View]
613191162How will Nintendo Switch owners react to all the bigotry in P4G?[View]
613190138Neil Druckmann was a voice in Return to Monkey Island? Who did he voice?[View]
613191243Monster Rancher Thread Currently, raising? Favorite monster? Getting the new game next month?[View]
613180207The most soul gaming has ever had.[View]
613178527Comfy Switch Thread: /saturdaynight/ edition what are ya: >playan >getting next >hoping fo…[View]
613188168Which Yugioh games are worth it? I'm going to assume online play is full of fags who googled th…[View]
613184909What game is it for you?[View]
613182708VR thread: VRbros, what have you been playing lately? What are you looking forward to?[View]
613188282What are some bosses that filtered you? I could never beat this nigga[View]
613189143morrowind fans really be like this[View]
613174695Sci-Fi Games: >keep trying to discuss sci-fi games >ignored because /v/ fucking hates video ga…[View]
613190750>You cannot save the game at this time[View]
613190573Pic related is the only game I've been able to play for more than 30 minutes for at least four …[View]
613179889'Should I play the original Half-Life, or is it okay if I play Black Mesa instead?' What's the …[View]
613190146can you /v/irgins recommend me a good ps2 emulator and .iso site? Does ps2 run on .iso? what am I do…[View]
613185898>It gets good after 20 hours[View]
613183779Give me your best vidya idea[View]
613188779Do you think we should have seen an uptick in women protagonist in video games by now? Of the ones w…[View]
613138879Shazamsisters, it’s over…[View]
613157402MW2: For me, it’s Breenbergh Hotel.[View]
613179365Hardcore Souls fan gets filtered by Zelda, dies and needs guides: It has been a fun experiment so fa…[View]
613188154>Buy 3090ti >Play nothing but indie 2D games…[View]
613182295what's the proper way to learn picrel[View]
613171843>make game satirising the Japanese legal system >American localisers move the setting to Ameri…[View]
613190282I got ARK Survival for free from the Epic Games Store today. Should I play it?[View]
613188965>Super hot villainess dies instead of joining the party and riding MC dick Stop doing this…[View]
613182792for me the only attraction is the single player campaing... 1 was short, I enjoyed 2, Octoexpansion …[View]
613186937>tendies are STILL seething over this sega always wins, baby[View]
613183784ITT: Dishonest game mechanics[View]
613188594>A male video-game character is crying >He deals with it by being angry or going literally ins…[View]
613187908What da faun doin?[View]
613152059What are games with strong anarchist themes or undertones? I'm thinking like cyberpunk 2077[View]
613189981literally just another daily ops but you have to complete 3 dailies to do it bravo bethesda[View]
613189790What're your thoughts on the PlayStation 0?[View]
613177916>saves Japanese gaming[View]
613189950>Remakes severely fucks up the original[View]
613189414Well! How do you pick up women /v/irgins[View]
613186930>Here's your Chrono Break bro[View]
613189150Remember that this is what Overwatch does to you these are the people that you are playing with http…[View]
613182049At the end of the day the problem with Cyberpunk was just the game being a rushed release; it still …[View]
613179827Vidya frens: >*sees you came online* >'hey bro :)' Anyone else like being friendly?…[View]
613182190what's your favorite mario party?[View]
613189172hen-ry of skalitz[View]
613180869Eternal and its not even close[View]
613186756Overwatch 2: I'm half way interested in this but where the fuck do I find a list of everything …[View]
613188173>saves Halo[View]
613187367Tarkov: How is it? Worth picking up? Are you somehow at a disadvantage if you buy the cheapest versi…[View]
613180189chrono trigger: Honest /v/erdict?[View]
613176848What would it take for you to switch to Linux for gaming?[View]
613184053Vidya adaptations: Any good vidya adaptation that expands its source material?[View]
613184605>Shadowrun Trilogy >Deus Ex >Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines >Thief >Dishonored Wh…[View]
613188445>buy steamdeck >decide to try out code vein >once you get to the old city it starts run at …[View]
613185101>game asks for your phone number[View]
613177093Why aren't you playing dune spice wars, /v/? They added house corrino.[View]
613185272>Game has multiple versions >differences are always insignificant shit like shitty monsters to…[View]
613188652Vidya Cringe Thread[View]
613178574What class did/do you play in WoW Vanilla/Classic, and why?[View]
613185728ITT: perfect games[View]
613184572the original pozzed hero shooter: everyone complains about overwatch starting the trend of hero shoo…[View]
613188419What games have you bought the special edition for? Pic related for me[View]
613184296This was objectively a masterpiece and anybody who says different is a seething /pol/chud.[View]
613125525WHITE BOY SUMMER[View]
613181314Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
613180697When did it all go wrong?[View]
613186468ONE GUY?: NO CONTINUES?[View]
613187763HOLY FUCKING KINO[View]
613186171Is there any way to bring back the exploits that the Unofficial Patch fucking got rid off without un…[View]
613187687Do you guys think we will see the next smt instalment on the switch?[View]
613183461They changed Yuna in the remake...[View]
613178109>Playing Curse of the Moon 2 >Game takes away Dominique for Ep. 2, which locks out shortcut sk…[View]
613180893Splatoon 3: Are you ready for another Tricolor spitroast?[View]
613181080nier automata: your opinions[View]
613175336The man that killed the Zelda series. Once Aonuma was put in charge the series became more kiddy and…[View]
613186461So..when was this playable all of a sudden??[View]
613187458Battlestation thread. Going to be reorganizing and need inspiration.[View]
613183497What the actual fuck Edition Previous thread: >>613154390 Tutorial: [YouTube] How to /v/ The M…[View]
613187261What's your favorite dragon ball game?[View]
613185285Would you be mad if it won GOTY?[View]
613187185Well look who came out of his cave to join us for dinner![View]
613186842What's your worst vidya related ban?[View]
613184948Thoughts on /v/'s taste?[View]
613186664Fallout 4 is one of the greatest games of all time and I'm tired of pretending that its not[View]
613186806These are the people behind the Famitsu sales threads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xehaUMRVslk…[View]
613151039It really do be like that[View]
613186398Normalise not playing objectively shit games.[View]
613183423*Mogs Cybershit*[View]
613183086Why wasn't there any diversity in this game?: >8 towns >168 aligned creatures >dozens …[View]
613180710I need some good games with cute cats.[View]
613186102The new worst video game fanbase on /v/ Congratulations.[View]
613185803Do you guys know what video games I should play with my boyfriend?[View]
613181740What was the worst year for video gaming? For me, it was 2013. >insane amount of franchises ruine…[View]
613181439Serious question; why do you keep coming back? You think video games have been shit for a decade now…[View]
613185749>gtx 1060 6GB[View]
613178742>written by Hideo Kojima.[View]
613185379Sonic Forces: Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
613181018What are the best games that let you play as cute anime girls?[View]
613183338>It is a good life we lead, brother. >The best. May it never change. >And may it never chan…[View]
613183430Ahhhhhh, they don't make them like they used to...[View]
613181039Arma 3: Why aren't you playing it?[View]
613180412Play Castlevania[View]
613182647Boring and repetitive[View]
613179851APOLOGIZE TO HIM[View]
613184908>the next upcoming x070 card (4080 12gb) is going to be $900 fucking burgers before scalper and B…[View]
613179602Shovel Knight Dig: Anybody else playing this? Really mixed on it so far, was worried it would feel t…[View]
613184537My favourite FF is FF7R. The battle system is THAT good. I hope you beat it on hard without items.…[View]
613180113Who tf keeps downloading these shitty mobile games? Why do the Chinese keep pumping trash[View]
613182974/v/ the musical X: holy hell what happened in my shrill mili femanon and laetitia poster vocaroo wai…[View]
613181761Sup Anons, this is a GTA 5 theory thread this is the window after Trevor killed Debra and Floyd can …[View]
613183203why is this allowed?[View]
613183331i'm starting to realize that video games were never good.[View]
613182039Chun-li,ken and ryu for future generations[View]
613183298Say what you want about the borderlands games but you can’t deny they have introduced you to some pr…[View]
613176032Finally, a worthy challenger to the Mario Party throne.[View]
613184320Play Luigi's Mansion (whatever number you want).[View]
613172590Sonic gang. I think it might be over for good as far as platforming is concerned.[View]
613181650Which do you prefer? Mostly talking about the size difference.[View]
613180485where does /v/ buy their parts?[View]
613182990Riiiiiiiise hiiiiiigh[View]
613166383BallisticN/v/ Saturday Races: >What is this game? BallisticNG is a PC anti-gravity racing game av…[View]
613183562I don't care how good the Cyberpunk anime is. I don't care if the girls in it are cute. No…[View]
613166606What system are they referring to with the 'latest hits'?[View]
613177681>Anon what do you mean break up? There's a splatfest this weekend and we were going to play …[View]
613183724Isn't RealRTCW dev russian? I hope he won't stop developing RealRTCW just because of bald …[View]
613175872Does this game have any semblance of being good?: P.S. sorry for my bad English[View]
613183363>you have been banned from this server >reason: remember the six million…[View]
613178854will Nintendo ever remake it?[View]
613131246FFXIV baby here, is this good? Still alive? Considering playing it while waiting for a new patch.[View]
613178624Im so fucking close to reinstaling skyrim talk me out of it, please[View]
613151757*singlehandedly saves the FGC*[View]
613183438Why is Arma the only tactical shooter left that plays at least somewhat like they used to? Would you…[View]
613181846Say my name.[View]
613167395GUNDAM EVOLUTION: what went so wrong?[View]
613181756ITT: red flags[View]
613138903It's actually amazing holy shit[View]
613183305I like it[View]
613178982*Metroid Item Room music plays*[View]
613182459Who is this ho one the left[View]
613183260What are some underrated vidya gems with good gameplay?[View]
613178839Stray: This is a good game[View]
613182083When will this company finally die?[View]
613180339Thoughts on COD MW 2(2)?[View]
613180706WTF I love Target now?[View]
613182506Anyone know of a good gaming headset mic that's on-par with the Valve Index? My Index HMD is ba…[View]
61318130347 bros...[View]
613173132Tell me your favorite games. Post as many as you want. I'll start. Deus Ex Dark Forces/JK/MotS/…[View]
613181898You found a Weird looking 1 up![View]
613182643>mfw every new release since 2018[View]
613181027>chances of total societal and economic collapse highest they've been since the fall of rome…[View]
613181056The Joss Whedon of game developers[View]
613182034this game at least used to have identity and an unique (albeit ugly) artstyle. what the fuck happene…[View]
613178480games to stave off loneliness: Basically i wanna get drunk & play something immersive enough to …[View]
613182301This is the top Guilty Gear players. Say something nice about them.[View]
613179930Without the shadow of a doubt, the greatest game mankind has ever created[View]
613177480Like a Dragon Ishin Kiwami (but not really): What do we think of it?[View]
613176321Why didn't the Witcher Anime revive the game?[View]
613176239Remember when Mass Effect was good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy-eRfupYbA https://www.youtube.…[View]
613181815One year left before gamedev KINO GOAT is made.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nxSu7-hHa8 One yea…[View]
613180049Will they be liquidated?[View]
613172786FFXIV EndWalker: >savage weekly clears >almost an hour to get 2 healers what happened?…[View]
6131685373 1 2 4? Makes no sense.[View]
613174014How the fuck does /v/ keep falling on the wrong side of history??[View]
613181827Which game should I play, SMT Nocturne or persona 3?[View]
613178580Sonic thread: Why was sally removed from the canon?[View]
613163517>new slave girls are quite beautiful[View]
613179046Anonymous;Code will be the best VN since Umineko[View]
613171836So you're just mad it's a remake and not a remaster[View]
613179502>Castlevania Lament of Innocence Shit level design, good pathing >Metroid Prime 2 Good level d…[View]
613179980I have a daughter and I hate seeing children in games Especially girls[View]
613180778What are your thoughts on the works of Kotaro Uchikoshi?[View]
613180903>I'm a black guy and my name is Call of Duty[View]
613180985>Game goes into early access >It's actually a release but early access excuses them of an…[View]
613181181What games have acary monsters?[View]
613177103Were we too hard on it?[View]
613178994HOLY KINO. Have indie games been saved?[View]
613177818Pokedex 3d Pro: >gamefreak can't make decent animations for every pokemon What went wrong…[View]
613179684What is the best vidya weapon type and why is it fists?[View]
613170479Video games have gone too far.[View]
613180904Cheating in MC: Do you consider cheating entirely subjective? When it comes to Minecraft, what exact…[View]
613179565Is she cute?[View]
613177138Nintendo taking the Virtual Console offline and only offering their roms through Switch Online live …[View]
613178467>wonderworld >not wonderland ?[View]
613180645Muv-Luv Extra: This is fucking awesome. I'm not a visual novel guy, only one I've played i…[View]
613163656>SOTN is an actual poorly designed kusoge >Castlevania 64 is considered the bad one though…[View]
613180580Just got Beta access. It's kind of really boring. Don't go in expecting anything different…[View]
613177513Good game made worse due to it's controls[View]
613178453Is it too late to start collecting video games?[View]
613177908Any gaming world elders here? What is your rank?[View]
613176507Why haven't you played it yet?: Amazing game 10/10 Outstanding visuals Phenomenal combat system…[View]
613169489MegaMan ended with X4[View]
613180167Saints Row Thread: After beating Saints Row 2 I'm playing the remaster of Third and it feels ki…[View]
613180379What are you playing, XBros?[View]
613176528nioh 2: Is this game?[View]
613177614Which Smash Bros should I play with my irl friends?[View]
613171938Why doesn't anyone like her? Is it because of her stupid accent?[View]
613180183Is port royal 4 that bad?: the only one i played was port royal 2 but that was years ago. should i b…[View]
613171542GTA VI graphics comparison. found a comparison of google street view and GTA VI from some random rus…[View]
613176465It’s shit: It’s shit[View]
613171728Literally a better game than Gundam Evolution in every way possible[View]
613180141>it's yet another game that starts with your character being woken up from coma or unconciou…[View]
613159173S O U L[View]
613178221>What if we made Sonic, but good.[View]
613168786What exactly does a totally normie girl like her see in someone like Fukawa?[View]
613179171>Game >Game 2: Subtitle >Game: Subtitle…[View]
613179428The definition of 'Souless': This is what gaming has become. Look at this. How could something be so…[View]
613176505Your opinion on the demo? Pros: easy mode with summoning NPCs magic is infinite use stealth is a thi…[View]
613177239Incoming GGST DLC reveal! Predictions?[View]
613179775The great debate. Perhaps the greatest, now that I think of it.[View]
613180008Made in Abyss: Binary Star: >limber scales[View]
613168025Did anyone else recently start feeling bad when you kill people in video games? I don't think I…[View]
613174331wtf was his problem[View]
613179575Any good singleplayer games?[View]
613177109old console >put cart in >slide button to on >menu shows up >press start >you are now…[View]
613178784>haven't played video games in years >still keep tabs on how the industry is doing and wh…[View]
613175252Do you watch video game streams?[View]
613179537EDF: >Empties your Wing Diver HP bar with pinpoint accuracy and perfect tracking anyway what…[View]
613176174Why the fuck doesn't this game keep your highest score during the run, opposed to the score you…[View]
613176532Will I like this game if I've never seen the anime? I heard it played like Deus Ex HR, and I lo…[View]
613179461>needed almost 18 years to run faster than usual >then over 13 extra years to produce electric…[View]
613166231Zoomer here. Can Boomers tell me if these games are worth playing in this day and age? Without the n…[View]
613178131uhhhmm... so... what happened to the DMC Netflix original that was supposed to be made by the pajeet…[View]
613176217>not a single good thread on /v/ >again[View]
613178884Rhythm Heaven Thread: 1 2 1 2 3 4 BA BUM BUM BUM 2 3 4[View]
613174087>girl calls me incel for no reason >i say 'stfu you dumb hole' >i get banned >she doesn…[View]
613152952Why doesn't anyone make classic medieval fantasy games? I want castles, green dragons and wizar…[View]
613175294are you ready for every single one of your beloved old games to get the RTX treatment?[View]
613178608Play Disney Mirrorverse[View]
613175947Some friends recc'd this series for me. Is it worth getting into? What's it like? Are the …[View]
613153461Splatoon 3 - Splatfest underway: Tricolor Battles soon™ Are you ready?[View]
613161662Post your Cybewife[View]
613168024What in the fuck was his problem?[View]
613178974Post images that became funnier in the future[View]
613177975OpenBSD gaming thread: What have you been playing on your OpenBSD machine recently?[View]
613175915>open /v/ >only shit threads, shit discussion, shit everything >open random coomer thread …[View]
613178509oxameter just walks in a straight line without letting anything change his path and that's what…[View]
613178748Anyone played it? is it worth?[View]
613177343>makes ori, undertale, rocket league, hades and celeste famous in your path are we excited for bi…[View]
61317510725 hours in and i'm getting bored again[View]
613172779Toon Rate Thread: Rate my toon[View]
613178520Targa, el exterminator de hokuto[View]
613160924Why is mental illness so rampant on Rokkenjima and the Umineko fanbase?[View]
613177970What is the most you've ever exploited in a single player game?[View]
613173135You are not a poorfag right? You Will Buy the new GPU right?[View]
613177350For me the whole point of Wii is comfy cheap gaming. Having a hard time justifying the cost of this …[View]
6131771293D Donkey Kong Open-World: These are some pretty cool bananas https://youtu.be/MZpWN-SzIv8 https://…[View]
613176419>game has cows[View]
613173563New GOG drop. Is it good?[View]
613168117It filtered MILLIONS[View]
613169849Find a flaw[View]
613176328Thoughts on Journey of Wind and Memory[View]
613171937Super Mario Bros The Movie: I was one of the background artists and will answer any questions you ha…[View]
613165995Poorbros... I don't feel so good.[View]
613176280>played 2077 back at launch >buggy piece of shit with barely any RPG elements >shelve it …[View]
613177716How often do you drop games or do you finish every one you play?[View]
613177032There are three types of niggers in video games >1: Based niggers that are well written and fun. …[View]
613173661Fuga: Melodies of Steel: Finally got around to playing this, what am I in for? also I got a dummy so…[View]
613176259The kinomeister: Apologize.[View]
613177232have you ever pissed zoomers off in a vidya before ? i love making them hate me.[View]
613177545All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ![View]
613175264Overwatch: The original cast was soul[View]
613168771>tfw the RTS genre is single-handedly being propped up by Total WarHammer What the FUCK happened …[View]
613177538Guitar Hero Live was so fucking gay, it makes Band Hero look like a masterpiece.[View]
613174385Nu lara is more fappable than old Lara.[View]
613171629>25th birthday in 4 days I am so fucking ready.[View]
613177279>Game has a bad end no matter what ending[View]
613176150I enjoy playing video games.: I understand some games may not be geared for my specific taste but st…[View]
613174768This is going to be a great game, isn't it?[View]
613177043Backlog Thread: Post your backlog[View]
613177241This game was so good. Why does the sequel keep getting delayed?[View]
613176359What was her problem[View]
613170835Falcom: What should I know about this company before getting into their games?[View]
613174219What's the scariest game you've ever played?[View]
613177071You WILL succumb to your new God and Master, Phil Spencer, one way or another. There's no escap…[View]
613177034Like more than half of the missions suck ass. How is this considered better than Contracts?[View]
613174001Feng is the best tekken character[View]
613158457No More Heroes: What am I in for?[View]
613176480Are there any games about hating the antichrist?[View]
613176930It's time to get cozy, frens: >weather getting colder >lay on couch and wrap up in fleece…[View]
613176824>play an Elder Scrolls game >start a new game >make a fighter and play through the main que…[View]
613174874Remember when Mai was on the same level of popularity as Tifa?[View]
613176381This tea will not placate me. I WILL HAVE EDELGARD'S HEAD[View]
613170735Post a spin-off idea for your favorite games/characters >linear action adventure spin-off of Mons…[View]
613170338What does /v/ think about this man?: Under the Mayo; what's your opinion about him?[View]
613160753>Game >Game 2 >Game the Third >Game IV >Game: subtitle >Game…[View]
613163690S4 League: It's time for the S4 League! >What is this? S4 is a third person shooter-cum-socc…[View]
613176293The Switch 2 comes out in 8 months.: Are you excited?[View]
613173523>Ska-badabadabadoo-belidabbelydabbladabbladabblabab-belibabbelibabbelibabbelabbelo-doobelidoo …[View]
613153571I really REALLY like these two vidya characters, are there any others like them?[View]
613173203What are the best games about/in the Roman empire?[View]
613167898What the fuck was his problem?[View]
613173625Monster hunter used to be better plain and simple, remember the good old days when you needed to cra…[View]
613173204Why are horde players like this?[View]
613174409Snoy is supporting black voices in games!! This is awesome!!!: We LOVE snoy, don't we folx??…[View]
613174732>Here is an list of items i need, now go and run around the entire map looking for them Bravo!!! …[View]
613154390I Wanna Fuck Green M&M Edition Previous thread: >>613042983 Tutorial: [YouTube] How to /v/…[View]
613163791Why would I ever get a gaming PC again? > $500 console that plays games in 4k60fps, some games ev…[View]
613174091Why aren't you playing Arma 3?[View]
613175770This game is some heat, yall wylin if yall don't think so.[View]
613174845Sonic Frontiers Story and Gameplay Info Dump: >Star Fall Islands is an an illusion that breaks do…[View]
613174989ground war fucking rules but the maps are too big for just 64 players. Make it 128![View]
613146129Vidya husbando thread.[View]
613153253Splatoon 3: You haven't stopped working for Grizz just because of some silly festival, right?…[View]
613175620>game has a debuff that lasts too long and prevents you from doing various activities after treat…[View]
613175584What do you love about video games?[View]
613119157Have (you) played Changed yet?[View]
613128321Why is fighting game a dead genre in the age of esports?[View]
613132920The last vidya you played just got an anime adaptation from Studio Trigger. How is it?[View]
613171760Have you played her game?[View]
613175062If any videogame were to get a *perfect* film adaptation, what would it be? My vote goes to PST[View]
613172745what did he think of the new sonic movies or the new sonic games and will he pre order frontiers?[View]
613158373type lumina: 330,000 melty bloods sold https://twitter.com/MB_LUMINA/status/1573649417323786240…[View]
613172060Omega Quintet is Compile Heart's best game.[View]
613171838Frontiers Spoilers: It seems Sonic Team is going to rip off superior spider man with this game. I…[View]
613175102Any1 else playing the MW2 beta? Anyone think SOCOM for the m4 is shit? Only 10 bullets and takes 5 t…[View]
613174063Hardcore Souls fan gets filtered by Zelda, dies and needs guides: It has been a fun experiment so fa…[View]
613174993What are some good eldritch games?[View]
613174961The remake is looking good![View]
613174952>be me, lifelong non gamer >buy switch for Pokemon >play Astral Chain and SMTV because look…[View]
613172156It wasn't that impressive.[View]
613173735Favorite game from this year[View]
613169980What’s the game you playthrough once a year?: For me its F.E.A.R[View]
613174720I played this shit at Gamestop the other day and holy shit are the controls dumb. They put the A but…[View]
613174656level design is completely nonsensical, like if an AI designed it with the only premise it has to ha…[View]
613172207>Ruins your game Why won't they remove her fucking teleport? Most players get pissed when th…[View]
613174560trails in the sky was boring and comfy.: I liked Estelle though.[View]
613169617>Edgerunners huge success >New DLC on horizon >More upcoming for easy money Shazambros, I t…[View]
613174524I am tired of roguelikes , less than 10% of them have a reason to be a roguelike at this point and t…[View]
613174430And you just stood by and let it happen, this is your fault /v/[View]
613164461I'm still too afraid to play doom 3[View]
613173056i'm gonna hack my Wii U to play Zelda, don't try and stop me friends[View]
6131718932022... I am forgotten...[View]
613168170this game is awesome, it's going to be better than Stardew Valley within a year or two[View]
613173790Just got off the phone with Todd. He confirmed that there will be a 50 episode Elder Scrolls anime i…[View]
613148604Multiversus: I can't believe they actually did it.[View]
613170971Post SOUL, any type of SOUL.[View]
613173730mechwarrior 5 is a really great game once you install 50+ mods for it[View]
613154425It's caturday, post vidya cats![View]
613173581>blocks your path[View]
613168989Ummm: Why is this looking so good? https://youtu.be/rF9aL_xVxA4[View]
613167727TF2 screenshots thread[View]
613172249fighting games: Play KOF (play leona) Play samsho play garou play fightcade play neo geo battle coli…[View]
613171045Why are competitive arena shooters so unpopular? Why are battle royales so popular?[View]
613169501Apart from Warcraft 3, is there another game of theirs worth playing in 2022?[View]
613161769>Hand over the wallet papi. Don't make me whoop yo ass![View]
613173127Do I own any of the games I bought[View]
613168903WOW!: Almost two years after release, cyborgpunk is more popular than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
613160580Come on /v/ let us settle this. Masterpiece or trash? Worst in the series... or was Sessler actually…[View]
613148894What the fuck?[View]
613172691*is physically capable of putting out only cringe inducing shovelware* What's that? XV is made …[View]
613170756Le epic truth-bomb incoming.[View]
613163860Shrinking in video games, what are your thoughts about it?[View]
613170243Overwatch background right now. Grim. I suppose this is their way of saying goodbye.[View]
613170662Feels like a downgrade from MW2019[View]
613167348I know it's in closed beta, but it's there anyway to gain access to this game?[View]
613136332>P-PLEASE DAMAGE CONTROL US BROS Rockstar is fucking embarrassing lmao[View]
613161732Play System Shock[View]
613172538Games for this feel?[View]
613169847>brooo gamers are like so smelly and smash competitions are so disgusting >gamers need to take…[View]
613171308Other than scary games, what other game genres are ideal with women protagonists?[View]
613169391indie games that dont suck?: Ended up being really fun and the story wasnt to bad! was even cool at …[View]
613166547Japanese box art only[View]
613159090Why no one tried to do poker crossover game? Is acquiring licenses this much of a problem?[View]
613158038Which services are you subbed to?[View]
613169536Is this any good?: What are its and pros and cons, and what am I in for?[View]
613171910>is still incapable of running any of the Ratchet & Clank games in the year 2021 + 1 lol lmao…[View]
613113852ffxiv players are unhinged: https://www.twitch.tv/tiptopbop/v/1599596137 https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
613169417Why, despite lacking the numerous gameplay improvements and QoL additions of successors, was it such…[View]
613167432Why didn’t he just go to the bathroom /v/?[View]
613167010what game gives the player the best feedback?[View]
613054851Bombergirl: Remember to always thanks your blocker[View]
613155501CYBERPUNK 2077 SURPASSSES WITCHER 3 IN ALL-TIME PEAK PLAYERS: I'm just so fucking happy bros. …[View]
613171546would play a game if it was made by David Lynch?[View]
613170049Is it actually worth a pieate?[View]
613170683Why are Resident Evil 2 and Symphony of the Night considered games for mature adult gamers while Yos…[View]
613162962How do you stop yourself from choking in online games?[View]
613161458>Sells two versions of the same game but with slight differences >Then later sells a 3rd versi…[View]
613170845>game has racial bonuses[View]
613166280Even though I play on PC I use a controller for all my games mouse and keyboard is cringe[View]
613164319Why has this game never gone on sale? I want to play it but I'm not paying $30.[View]
613171185Fun Movement: What are some games where just getting from point A to point B is fun?[View]
613171163Toujane_Tunisia... Home.[View]
613171129Pokemon Legends Arceus: This was such a weird game. It could have been great but instead or shaved o…[View]
613168286PS Vita: Why is it so shit?[View]
613170552Dark Souls is a JRPG series: Y/N?[View]
613159507>how about a city at night >and then a city at night >and then a city at night >and then…[View]
613166110games idias: I have an idea for a game. She will be something like Yandere Simulator, the main chara…[View]
613169256ITT: moments in games that made you laugh out loud[View]
613169521>super smash bros melee[View]
613159460After the turnaround the game did, I hope CDPR reconsiders and doesn't make Phantom Liberty the…[View]
613170741>when the marketing is significantly better than the videogame itself[View]
613170003So as we can clearly see, the games are mostly finished on the left, and only have a few cosmetic to…[View]
613170675What are good games to play with Latinx frens?[View]
613169529See you in 30th Anniversary, Amy Rose[View]
613168521Haha so glad we got 1:1 remakes instead, just like the original creators intended ; u ;[View]
613170572Why did they do it?[View]
613166513Unironically, why is Square Enix literally so gay and how come the fans don't care?[View]
613168162>grabs you out of your gaming chair to drop you into the wild to train for the alien invasion wou…[View]
613166950It took me 10 years, but I finally beat it on hard mode. I've never felt so accomplished after …[View]
613167826what are the good and the bad of rdr2?[View]
613160797Cyberpunk 2077 modding: >OK cool now that the new anime has gotten more eyes to Cyberpunk 2077 an…[View]
613169505Is Partners in Time worth playing? I've heard it's alright, but not as good as Superstar S…[View]
613166246I'm about to subscribe to wotlk classic. I'm so sorry /v/.[View]
613167270DQVIII: PS2>3DS[View]
613163798I want to talk about this female cat[View]
613168945Sonic Frontiers is a crime against Humanity.[View]
613168794It's really that easy? So stamp a netflix logo on it and Trails will be popular overnight?[View]
613169372This game sucks[View]
613166573>Once that hole is punched, there's no refund![View]
613168405Collection thread inb4 posting video games on /v/ is bad![View]
613164470When did you realize that Wolfenstein 2009 is the best game in the series?[View]
613146998>nvidia rtx remix >use ai to enhance games Big if true…[View]
613162651Why did he do it?[View]
613146157You DID kill him, right? Traitors do not deserve mercy or redemption.[View]
613167751>one of the least sold Yakuza titles of all time It's no wonder Sega ditched him and brought…[View]
613162032>Oh yeah,that happened..[View]
613168925>You're wrong >I know now, without a doubt >KINGDOM HEARTS >IS WHITE What did Sora …[View]
613168407why are wokedevs so obsessed with representing this rare skin condition?[View]
613158890We will never have designs like this anymore[View]
613168075>finally, weekend >browse /v/ all day and look at icons of games on my desktop every 15 minute…[View]
613167736Do you promise to use an Est archetype in your next FE playthrough? Please?[View]
613164715I don't get it.[View]
613152690Gundam Evolution: >complaining about class balance week 1[View]
613168873>2022 >still no vidya that gives this feel…[View]
613167884This is coming to Steam/PC in a few days and I just now noticed/found out. I remember thinking it lo…[View]
613168845So, how long until all the overexcited mindbroken quasi-shills get bored, fuck off and /v/ no longer…[View]
613168748Hey, is the mess on this board my fault?[View]
613168445He's prefect for the role[View]
613167887shazam won: >shooting still feels like borderlands >loot is still shit >skilltree is still …[View]
613167291what is it about cool fall weather combined with pic related thats so comfy?[View]
613164598OOOOH MY GOD[View]
613168737ITT: Only companies with cool Logos and/or Logo intros[View]
613168329Xenoblade Thread: Riku and Manana should've been full party members. Shania should've gott…[View]
613150361new cpu and rig won't POST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA need pic related and help bros[View]
613168340My first language is most certainly not Polski: I™ cannot™ believe™ this™game™is™finally™fixed™now™™…[View]
613144320Let's go, bub.[View]
613154010>he listens to video game soundtracks[View]
613104048ITT: WE POST KINO FINAL BOSS THEMES https://youtu.be/faA3IMDbb5I[View]
613167973Fair play to CDPR for doing the upgrade for free. Cyberpunk was a dumb mistake but it wasn’t evil. C…[View]
613168452Xenoblade Chronicles Thread, swimsuits inbound A question, what is your favorite scene from each gam…[View]
613166318post impressive vidya accomplishments[View]
613168348What's your 'fuck you, I liked it' game?[View]
613165737Is it still good 21 years later?[View]
613159081Dragon Ball Games: What do you want to see in XenoVerse 3?[View]
613166407Why did they ruin gaming[View]
613168195No? This part's no good for you, huh!?[View]
613167996Why is the FGC community so stinky?[View]
613165003What happened to Skylanders?: What caused the franchise to seemingly fall off the face of the Earth?…[View]
613165030What killed video games?: Was it the people who find this type of humor funny?[View]
613161356What do you hate about video games the most?[View]
613166708And who are you?[View]
613167684Can someone explain the different versions of Sonic 3? Does Sonic and Knuckles have different zones …[View]
613167875How is it that the only good threads on /v/ are only ever: >Devil May Cry threads >TF2 threads…[View]
613159957Rockstar, Please...: Do not force me to play as a woman for a mere single second of GTA VI, if you d…[View]
613167121Deltarune: There's going to be news tomorrow, right? Toby would never lie to us.[View]
613167516>There are people who will buy a game, regardless of quality if it has attractive people in it Co…[View]
613167312What is his problem?[View]
613165504How do I attract gamer gf?[View]
613160536>when a player in the chat begins unprovoked ERP with you[View]
613159619Play Minecraft[View]
613165908Any other retro shooters with attractive female leads?[View]
613166321This game sucks[View]
613167454Life improvement: Ok guys so for quite some time almost nothing makes me feel joy. Games don't …[View]
613167389What the FUCK, I thought Valorant was supposed to be good[View]
613167370What is the appeal?[View]
613166397I'm too sick to play vidya...[View]
613160601Well, now I'm convinced to give Cyberpunk a chance. Any mods required / recommended or can I j…[View]
613156015I can't stop looking at her[View]
613125208Rockstar literally never recovered from this[View]
613164248>A single thing made you drop a game for me SF6 and the nigger music[View]
613165654What should I play on my Valve Steam Deck™ fellow gamers?[View]
613166491Library of Ruina: So this game is a cynical Persona where practically everyone fails to face themsel…[View]
613166951Which horror games are you playing this October?[View]
613166289Gamers... I can't stop...[View]
613114739This is the one, isn't it They're just gonna randomly shit out a masterpiece, aren't …[View]
613165308Let's goooo[View]
613162276Have you ever gotten married in a Video Game? > Time wasting question over Okay seriously, what i…[View]
613161243International Rabbit Day Post some rabbit games that aren't The Bunny Graveyard, Cave Story, or…[View]
613110252What are your guys' favorite indie games of the past 10 years or so?[View]
613159851Cyberpunk 2077 thread: should I wait until the expansion to play or is now a good time to play also …[View]
613163195Tonight: Ready to pull for THE KING OF /v/?[View]
613154323>Please normalize saying 'this game isn't for me' instead of 'this game is bad'. There is a …[View]
613164625'Help us reconnect!' 'Hard pass. America is finished.' 'Please?' 'Okay.'[View]
613157980I cannot believe this game improved so much since the launch day of Cyberpunk. I finally played it a…[View]
613165823Consoom nostalgia for PRODUCT(tm)[View]
613144092games that allow you to self sabotage?[View]
613165227Should I play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 or Nier Replicant?[View]
613166427Yes, yes, well done Cyberpunk well done... HOWEVER[View]
613160524Monster Hunter UT2 soon: 3 more days for the best monster to finally get a well-deserved subspecies…[View]
613166408Nino is happy you're not a LTCfag and are willing to invest in her.[View]
613166316i can't be the only one who is tired of the fan service in Sonic games[View]
613117963Xenoblade 3: Discuss the video game, Shaniablade 3, featuring Sena.[View]
613160440Post kino games and game studios from the greatest island nation Nation the world has ever known. ht…[View]
613155359I LOOOOOOOVE VIDEO GAEMS!!!!!!!!1[View]
613161030I'm making a game: It's a remaster of the old SCP-087-B from 2012. I liked it, so I'm…[View]
613161238the end of an era[View]
613161436Multiversus: The fuck happened here? Only 5% of the playerbase since peak are playing anymore?…[View]
613165747Wow so the game is actually good. I'm so glad I gave it a shot. It's probably one of the m…[View]
613162654What's your favorite Sims game?[View]
613140434What are some video games where pigs are on the good side?[View]
613161978Is gatekeeping a useless activity to partake in when there’s no correct play order?[View]
613165564I will not play CP2077 and there's nothing you can do about it, marketers[View]
613165596>Most powerful next gen console >Can’t connect Bluetooth headphones >Switch (ancient tech …[View]
613165660this game isn't inclusive enough. why can't I shoot trans people? sisters, I think we stil…[View]
613162401do you guys think an anime could save elden ring from becoming a dead game?[View]
613162157Why is there no hype?[View]
613150414>'engram to difficultu to reamovu pwrease undastandu'[View]
613157152Do strivesisters really?[View]
613160734This is what REAL censorship in video games looks like.[View]
613163930>when he gets out the soundbar for the capeshit explosions[View]
613162093Have they retconned your video game protagonist to be trans yet?[View]
613153758I started putting my case up on my desk and not on the floor, guess I'm finally a true gamer. I…[View]
613146703post your game ideas, AI will rate them: https://www.validatorai.com/app let the AI rate your videog…[View]
613159484just watched this https://youtu.be/PP8tGBJke7Q and while based, this retard kept just kicking them f…[View]
613164082Fatal Frame: Why are japanese ghosts such assholes?[View]
613160761what is this guys problem fr?[View]
613163265>incinerates you with a fireball just because you were arguing with some ugly guy…[View]
613163662>Cyberpunk 2077 >Not even 1 punk song is on it…[View]
613159597Spire thread: Defect is the most fun character[View]
613160190So this GEM is about 2 turn 25 years next week what does /v/ think about it?[View]
613162791>that moment when you defend billion-dollar corporations all day for free by calling anyone who d…[View]
613155301Mikan Tsumiki thread: What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Mikan…[View]
613164519Valorant is a good gam- >ACK![View]
613161561>talk with a /v/ femanon in a random 4chan server >she is a really cool persona fan and we voi…[View]
613161937What was that one video game secret you called bullshit on that turned out to be true?[View]
613162454What was early youtube obsession with every parody being' what if x but realistic'?[View]
613164170You didn’t beat the game (on Hard Mode)[View]
613152943Name a better game[View]
613156206Mail time: Oh shit /v/ my mail is here, come see what it is[View]
613162760Skyrim hate thread: This was one of the worst things to happen to gaming and it's success is te…[View]
613162530Games that are so bad you couldn't even finish them.[View]
613155690should OLED be the industry standard?[View]
613113591Prove you're not a normie by posting the most obscure game you can think of that you genuinely …[View]
613159029Name one good game in this genre[View]
613161326Why does he prefer Fallout 3 over New Vegas?[View]
613163438Why don’t vidjya games go down in price anymore Everything I have ever seen dictates games get a 20%…[View]
613163702Why is Steam's UI so bad? How can we fix it?[View]
613163752>cash grab title ends up being one of the most fun games of the genre How are you liking the Open…[View]
613149460ITT: Dishonest game design[View]
613162512ITT: Post video game characters that you wish was you[View]
613159850Should Roman die, will Niko claim his own life?[View]
613157373We need to talk about the G4 situation[View]
613163637Does anybody have the Dark Souls 3 image where there's a guy called 'Yhorm the Faggot' or somet…[View]
613163523I could've fixed her[View]
613157759Honest opinions on this creature?[View]
613163341The Black Eagle Strike Force.[View]
613162521So it’s just not happening is it[View]
613160110>I want your strongest potion[View]
613141775Akiyama should’ve been the next protagonist instead of Ichiban,[View]
613161278I just saw that this shit is heading to PC. Never played it, should I go with this one or try to emu…[View]
613142145ITT: Games you love that everyone else hates[View]
613157654Was it pure kino of the highest order?[View]
613162987>playing games that are not HD in 2022[View]
613162424'I only play games for the story' What the fuck is wrong with these people?[View]
613154214Astro Boy: Omega Factor: This was a damn good game. Although, the more appropriate title would be Cr…[View]
613162931You're interfering with official Thalmor business.[View]
613162932>https://youtu.be/eLOFrThr9Gc >https://youtu.be/q_hCSCgX8A8 >https://youtu.be/6bkY9ZS-9BA 1…[View]
613138153Was it worth it, America?[View]
613156660Mad Max: This game was underrated kino[View]
613136304Virtual reality![View]
613142550Happy 21st to Silent Hill 2: >21st birthday >no thread to celebrate /v/ is truly dead…[View]
613160319It’s my birthday today and only my aunt bothered to come round to drop off 20 bucks. What game will …[View]
613162271Is Ty the Tasmanian Tiger the only game where you can play as a Thylacine?[View]
613129653Dream BBQ when[View]
613162685It's cool that there's so (comparatively) many new shmups coming out, but why do they all …[View]
613162671HEY /v/! Gloomhaven is free on the Epic store. That is all. It's a fun game.[View]
613161948Prodeus is the game of the year[View]
613157510Why do you WANT a new Deus Ex?: In 2022? Conspiracy theories are no longer seen as silly fringe beli…[View]
613162391>Feudal Japan game setting >Dub > Russian >Subtitles > French…[View]
613159170Shadowrun: Did you loike Shadowrun games?[View]
613072910/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>612982514 >All originally made vidya art is welcome,…[View]
613162421itt: IRL boss weapons[View]
613155183destiny 2: >deletes content you paid money for because of console limitations enjoy!…[View]
613159362Thoughts?: My Personal favorite, as i felt it was the biggest game in terms of Fun content I've…[View]
613160119What DPI should i be using to be an elite gamer?[View]
613153281>hype the crucible during the ending of DOOM 2016 and most of DOOM ETERNAL >finally get it …[View]
613160369Just found out this game is still alive and getting updated.[View]
613160470How aesthetic KINO. Miyazaki is the god of western vidya fantasy.[View]
613107164>extremely clear motion due to strobing >perfect blacks >basically zero input lag why the f…[View]
6131610731. Make popular game 2. Substitute beloved thing with something nobody wants 3. Pay 'influencers' to…[View]
613160193is it a good time to play CS GO?[View]
613149757So...: Are we in agreement, then, that Trevor is the worst GTA protagonist of all-time?[View]
613161315Anyone else excited for Persona 5 on PC? Only THREE MORE WEEKS! I played it twice on PS4, but I…[View]
613159524Gloomhaven: Gloomhaven is more strategic and exciting than any of your Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, La…[View]
613161405This looked shit af on Jerma's stream. How can anyone unironically think it's better than …[View]
613158575>Finally lived up to the hype The problem with Cyberpunk 2077 was a rushed release after all. Mi…[View]
613150150But what does the N stand for?[View]
613150894would he have liked bloodborne?[View]
613156813Is there any game that can recreate that comfy feeling of exploring azeroth for the very first time?[View]
613161403Play Nintendo switch: .[View]
613161314>Game gets progressively more difficult >But you start getting weaker instead of stronger…[View]
613161115>game has jumpscares[View]
613161204>Dresses up in theme for the day's lessons >Is passionate about topics >Has a comforti…[View]
613151930Play and finish La-Mulana[View]
613159406i just started Skyrim for the first time, what mods do i need for my first playthrough bros?[View]
613160738Are there any games where you don't play as the real protagonist of the story?[View]
613141708botw: Is this how botw is supposed to look like? Holy fuck it looks horrendous[View]
613157380>Enemy can clip through ceilings.[View]
613160751>Mass Effect 4 releases >character generator has futa option…[View]
613159879so this is what game devs look like in korea huh?[View]
613148778i'm near the end of the new game++ , and my char is about 470 level, what's the limit , 99…[View]
613160553First time COD: Never played COD Deathmatch and honestly it was quite fun. Invasion was fun too. Tho…[View]
613160259>Want to play video games >Have to diarrhea…[View]
613158206>has lore so abstruse it took the fanbase 15 years to make sense of it[View]
613160402NEW BLOOD: >Hard mode >Breaks your wrist…[View]
613146550The whole thing comes off like an entirely pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, half-empty roll of sogg…[View]
613152684What's a good game that recreates that comfy small town feel?[View]
613153783can someone explain to me why even common retro games are still so expensive and only increasing in …[View]
613159675What was the last revolutionary game that came out?[View]
613127225>kill a skeleton >it drops money[View]
613148858How is this GPU?[View]
613134770So how is Cyberpunk after the update?: Is the game good now? Should i buy it?[View]
613159812So what will be the indie games you will be submitting?[View]
613144613>50+ year old >full hair and kicking ass as fuck This is extremely unrealistic. A regular dude…[View]
613150859what was the last time you had fun with videogames i have about 500 hours in ETS2 but i'm getti…[View]
613157168>mfw I was never a Cyberpunk 2077 hater[View]
613108745Why are gamers so dumb /v/?[View]
613159870What are your favorite EtG items/weapons?: I really adore the Old goldie and Colt SAA. As for items,…[View]
613159658Tenchu reboot when?[View]
613148729>eat bread >+25hp[View]
613159714Do you think Kiryu gets a happy ending ?[View]
613156694why there's no f2p games like mario kart?! make some tracks, one 'mii' model, put 100000 skins …[View]
613158893ITT: Boss fights intended to filter faggots. I'll start. Black Heart - Hyperdimension Neptunia …[View]
613144748Decided to set up my 360 to play this instead of that dumbed down sigma shit packed into the ninja g…[View]
613150660>consoles don't need upgr- >pc is so expens-…[View]
613159373>in 2009 'GTA 4 sucks san Andreas and saints row is better' >in 2010 'Fallout new vegas sucks …[View]
613156092Go! Kill this arrogant motherfucker![View]
613150056What is with all the Yakuza posting recently?: I always thought it was some obscure literal who Japa…[View]
613157276>Kill rat >It drops full suit of heavy armor, 10000 gold and full cache of weapons.…[View]
613156171Nier Replicant: Kaine slaps your ass. How do you react without sounding mad?[View]
613157546This is the modern day VtMB/New Vegas and nothing /v/ says will change that. Buckle up buckaroos[View]
613154926What are games that allows me to exterminate vampires?[View]
613156005>good character is in a shit game what other examples?[View]
613158707Who is your favorite Persona character?[View]
613139486why didn't you buy me?[View]
613157939>*choir starts*[View]
613158996Blocks your path[View]
613145376How is her body of work? She wrote the upcoming GoW right? Is her other work good?[View]
613152739Why does this game filter people so hard? I have looked up nothing and literally never gotten Sukamo…[View]
613158884marketing of this 'Mascot' was so weird.[View]
613158125>he proved a youtuber right by not having played the best game ever made…[View]
613154734What would their game be like?[View]
613156029>everyone is hungry >everyone is exhausted >I don't have enough stuff to build beds or…[View]
613146745He fucking won. Steam charts full of shills, weebs and bots are completely irrelevant. He still sho…[View]
613157489Doom: All this talk about retro FPS is nice and all, but I want to have a focused thread. Let's…[View]
613158491Its been 18 years and no one has made a better game than Chronicles of Riddick yet? How is that poss…[View]
613154258Shazaamsisters, how could this happen to us? We spent months spamming our narrative on the anime ima…[View]
613158558Steam literally started out as a DRM, and Valve's storefront exclusively sells licenses to down…[View]
613152487I suppose we will be getting an anime for every AAA game from now on[View]
613111519All because he made a promise when he was 12 years old? Really you dumb bitch?[View]
613151545Wo long demo final day: Demo closes tomorrow. For those who have played what do you think? I'm …[View]
613148414What went wrong?[View]
613158190Overwatch is saved: Literally all they had to do was remove shields. That was the single biggest iss…[View]
613156860I can't believe it. They actually fixed it.[View]
613155806What went wrong?[View]
613147156Who would win in a fight between undyne and susie?[View]
613158109This is a very large casino[View]
613157667Will mario ever stop being such a niche franchise?[View]
613157661How the fuck can someone work in a company like EA: Who the fucks works in making EA garbage? I can…[View]
613149958Paper Mario TTYD: What color Yoshi did you get?[View]
613155601not my fault you didn't have quicksaves back in the day and had to rebeat the same levels brose…[View]
613157804What's up with the new Nvidia CEO?[View]
613155397story of seasons/harvest moon bros, is this any good? initially I didn't want to play it becaus…[View]
613157160Use Linux for gaming.[View]
613153696I just finished Ys 1 & 2 along with Ys Origin. What did I think about them?[View]
613157348Elden Ring sucks: The world is too big for the sake of it with too much reused shit. They had enough…[View]
613157646garyc sketch thread: Are ya drawin', /v/? https://garyc.me/sketch/[View]
613154840Ready or Not: Is this worth picking up?[View]
613157573Great looking world but nothing in it. Great characters and story concept but horribly paced. The sh…[View]
613157045Reminder: Reminder that you faggots hate him because he reminds you of yourselves >Mentally unsta…[View]
613151494Without love, it cannot be an umineko thread[View]
613143195>Love Saejima as a character >Despise his chapters with every fiber of my being Anyone else fe…[View]
613153092Monster Hunter: Sunbreak > Iceborne Fuck clutching, ledges and forced storry in MH[View]
613157343Grand Theft Auto VI: I am getting quite excited about this more and more as time goes on, Vice City …[View]
613155780Is there any fun online game left?[View]
613154662VR only got popular because lonely COVID normies wanted to socialize with their friends in VRchat li…[View]
613157294what do you think of my pvp skills on minecraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK74w1KtIQc&ab_c…[View]
613142374>characters who need to fuck and get it over with[View]
613156059>PS5 has no ga-[View]
613153990Ace Attorney: Which prosecutor is your favorite?[View]
613157205He is unstoppable and will crossover to another game now that Nahgoshi is gone[View]
613155852Meanwhile in /v/ headquarters...[View]
613096138Master Duel: Yuribros...[View]
613153883no cap mario: no cap mario frfr[View]
613155568>Master Sword is optional >Hylian Shield is optional >Epona is a fucking amiibo what the FU…[View]
613156415*makes kino without breaking a sweat*[View]
613141298Roman Warriors hypothetical game.: From the Musou series of games about Japa sengoku Gdied and China…[View]
613152671La Mejicana Chingona...[View]
613153094>120k players concurrent players >on a 2 year game How…[View]
613154897Yen~ Yen~ Yen~[View]
613156390Recommend me some CP guides[View]
613155364Jackie “Ramon” Welles: So, why should we care about him again? Also >hispanic character inserts r…[View]
613154494Favorite tetris version: For me, I love the Emacs version. I got fired playing this all day[View]
613155428Flawless Furshit[View]
613156232Why would the form of the ultimate expression of machine consciousness and existence to be a little …[View]
613153873i miss it[View]
61315633747, THAT is Dalia Margolis[View]
613155971Any good video games with great fauna diversity?[View]
613156315Tarnished, Shabriri needs YOUR help, but to be able to help him he’s gonna need a few things! Credit…[View]
613150505Can someone tell me the point of this game? I just don't get it. What do people see in it?[View]
613154402>Playing mindscapes with a tunneler and flavor crystals You didn't beat the game.…[View]
613153931WOOT WOOT WOOT[View]
613153908Do you play as a male or a female in Splatoon?[View]
613156249>'Uh oh! You found the toothpaste! Let's get one thing clear: I can brush my teeth all by my…[View]
613149113selling d long 80k[View]
613154327This caused my PC to hard crash and restart, and then the game would no longer launch no matter what…[View]
613155857Any odd turnoffs you have? I can't get into games where I don't see my party in the battle…[View]
613154087why was leon dressed like a whore in RE6[View]
613110118Just a reminder Diablo II got a fantastic remaster, and has fixed basically all the bugs and QOL iss…[View]
613137712ITT: Comfy Fall Vidya: post videogames that either take place in or are especially comfy to play dur…[View]
613131979Omega strikers: ____ with era cmon /v/ are you just going to pass up an actual skill based game to p…[View]
613155605alia these some nasty-ass navigation tutorials i hate you so much but dat ass game ridiculous.[View]
613100275Fire Emblem: Three Houses: >not a single 3h thread made it bump limit in over a month c-come on g…[View]
613151097You look like a cut of fuckable meat.[View]
613147509Games with good female protagonists: Name one[View]
613155445ITT: GOATs only you have played[View]
613153040Stupid bimbo.[View]
613131217Xbox Series X is now unironically a better choice for gaming than a PC, even if you have infinite mo…[View]
613153598How does this work?[View]
613152434ITT: Japanese humour[View]
613148157I need a co-op game on both PC and mobile to play with a bro. Something with depth to it but can be …[View]
613146640Turned from the worst to the best entry in the series.[View]
613150695I played megaman 11, it was kinda lame, they should just take the series in a new direction.[View]
613153538How long do you expect this console generation to last? I think it's going to be the longest ye…[View]
613154742jesse, we need to defuse that bomb.[View]
6131396803x3 mosaic, post 'em & rate each other: >template >https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php…[View]
613118963>YFW many people's first introduction to Rean will be him as the villain https://www.youtube…[View]
613152976What are the BEST MUSOU games?[View]
613154636which other actresses should be featured in video games?[View]
613154184This game was so good I litereally coomed.[View]
613154310Remember when this guy released games every three years? What the hell happened (other than the fail…[View]
613140887Gaben was the bad guy all along.[View]
613152812Did she deserve squall?[View]
613149005comfy garry's mod maps: Post comfy gmod maps please. Thank you.[View]
613149228Post your desktop / gaming setup right NOW[View]
613154219When will game companies finally start taking player feedback seriously?[View]
613150987Why do so many games make US tanks and aircraft OP??[View]
613151907Games to play with friends?[View]
613148260>zoomer >too young to have played even a quarter of the classic games everyone shills and disc…[View]
613149008If you were forced to have sex with one (1) vidya character, who would you pick?[View]
613150106ITT bullshit level design[View]
613147820You are going to play Overwatch 2, right anon?[View]
613154281is the dsi xl the best[View]
613153110>game has a safe zone[View]
613154090this game has a lot of charm.[View]
613150182what do you think the new types of pikmin will be like?[View]
613153714ITT: levels you wish could be the entire game: I liked MW3 and all, but I wish it would have focused…[View]
613153447How come she gets do kill TRILLIONS of sentient life and get away with it? Even Venat was punished b…[View]
613153820Máximo Peñas...[View]
613138126Dark Souls 1 is full of plotholes: most things don't make sense[View]
613150586Why aren't you playing medieval tarkov?[View]
613153723This was objectively the peak of 3D Sonic level design and the fact that Sega never tried to make a …[View]
613149359Why japanese releases get superior box art? Why are normalfaggots prone only to buy games with cowad…[View]
613143640why was it so iconic?[View]
613150003>game barely has a narrative[View]
613151065Ladies and gentlemen... THE NINTENDO SWITCH![View]
613153512Is there a more divisive reviewer?[View]
613149798https://youtu.be/AlAP9QjOLeE Which is your favorite Yakuza character?[View]
613152814I can save her[View]
613136034what the fuck was nintendo thinking?[View]
613069860Retro fps/boomer shooter thread: It's up[View]
613144604ATOMIC HEART: Are you ready to play the best FPS video game that will ever be made? The game that wi…[View]
613115207Cyberpunk 2077 Is it fixed edition: So in the wake of the extreme increase in shilling after 1.6 cam…[View]
613147715are there games similar to borderlands?: im talking just about gameplay here. i have enjoyed the fir…[View]
613150949Tell me why cant I make a coomer VN using AI text and pictures?[View]
613151306What games let female players have accurate representation?[View]
613150281Are there any more endings like this?[View]
613153014>mfw I open with proxy photon cannon rush[View]
613113723Here is your cheap lightly used GPU sir[View]
613152968What do you mean GTA 6 had the source code leaked?[View]
613152985The sheer power of cunny[View]
613152268OLED vs CRT[View]
613149196Chess: Where's the non-cringe coverage of the finals ffs?[View]
613152798Is this a proper use of used graphics cards?[View]
613152507Why does /v/ seethe over this game so much?[View]
613150614They spent 8 years on this 4 hour long '''roguelike'''?[View]
613144494So: You can peacefully accept its the greatest game ever made OR You can seethe and cope for the res…[View]
613149538The very first /v/ waifu you remember vs your most recent: Has your taste evolved at all?[View]
613144420Is it finally the year of Linux gaming?[View]
613147539What Happened To Appeal? A Thought: I had a thought about something a few months ago that to me dete…[View]
613146869Bros... I don't think this is happening at all anymore[View]
613134370Who is the official queen of /v/?[View]
613151858Underrated Vidya OST: https://youtu.be/oipI1tdAN3Q[View]
613140476remember how bad you wanted it? yeah, it probably collects dust on your shelf doesn't it?[View]
613042983/v/ the Musical X: NotFun Edition Previous thread: >>612948296 Tutorial: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
613152280How do you feel about the 'modern controls' in SF6? They allow you to do special moves and combos wi…[View]
613151852>'wait, how did you know i main Germany in CoH?'[View]
613150993Which one was the better online lootan 'n grindan game?[View]
613152198>doesn't like Metroid >doesn't like RPGs >Wind Waker made him cringe Based.…[View]
613124747Stardew Valley, the most kino and comfy farm game.[View]
613151573Is this any good? What about the character creator?[View]
613146503why is Azur Lane so popular? i played it a couple hours and it was tedious and boring af[View]
613150608Valkyrie Elysium: One of the biggest factors in the premium edition is being delayed. I wonder how s…[View]
613147429what's the better game, elden ring or rdr2?[View]
613144428FFIX: I love this game but how the fuck did anybody like it without Turbo features? How did you even…[View]
613149824I can't decide on an internet handle / gamertag. Everything I think sounds cool is taken how di…[View]
613146849Is he... based???[View]
613125828Why would Zuckerberg waste $10 billion of his own money on this piece of shit? Since he is willing t…[View]
613147561>chinese mobile game toothpaste mc >generic weeb art style >uses actually good past charact…[View]
613139839Real Virtual Beauty aims to 'increase diversity and representation of female characters in games': h…[View]
613144052This game sucks.[View]
613128218Gundam Evolution Continuation: TAHNGAY TAHN TAHNGAY TAHN TAHNGAAAAYYYYYY[View]
613151278Black myth Wukong: Better reference this badass part. When the high-five slam and Wukong holds the B…[View]
613151179play ff7reborn: new adventure with clad and zack http://lotysoftware.free.fr/FF7-reborn/index.htm…[View]
613128428Has a video game introduce you to a new hobby? I do Shotokan Karate because of Tekken[View]
613151102Don't let Pikmin 4 distract you from the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto has committed eight acts of…[View]
613149986Dead on Arrival[View]
613144387Which video games are too violent for you to enjoy? I personally hate gore, if there is too much blo…[View]
613145374The lost levels of 3D Mario: It filtered thousands[View]
613147254Honest question: Is it trolls or children calling the leaks out “for looking bad”? I imagine they l…[View]
613147060Guilty Gear Thread[View]
613150909How to figure out if a video game is worth playing 1: is it a Dark Souls game? [YES]: good game [N…[View]
613150890Sonybros: Are there any good games available on the PSN right now? I'm so fucking bored and wou…[View]
613132480Which strategy game has the best single-player experience? I was thinking about Attila but i already…[View]
613149345What do you mean you did not read the 200 page Terms of Service agreement? You can't call Anon …[View]
613149915Is giants genre dead?[View]
613150584Sifu meets hotline miami: https://youtu.be/8deiwvOMHi4[View]
613150575>roll a 6-sided die for your first digit >use the day of the month you were born for the next …[View]
613130158Car chads. We won.[View]
613150536Good indie games: Ever wonder why the industry is in the shitter? cause instead of supporting good g…[View]
613045378Post your videogame wife[View]
613065608Made in Abyss: WOAW DUDE HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW[View]
613147870Video games with giant creatures?Beside sotc[View]
613139051Splatoon 3: Frye needs your support, fellow grubchads.[View]
613150427>tf you will never be a Crucible Knight, following Godfrey into war against mythical beasts and b…[View]
613140859I miss this fellow like you wouldn't believe[View]
613129304You literally can't refute this. This is the Law Of Vidya[View]
613149374this game was ok: Why do people act like Brink was a terrible game? I enjoyed playing it. Not the be…[View]
613149837>Decided to play some minecraft again. >It's fucking lonely. >Logged in to public serv…[View]
613148719>jrpg but good[View]
613150139>install game >mod game >look up pcwiki >tweak game >1 hour later >start playing f…[View]
613147476Why is there no hype about KH4?[View]
613147392Has anyone actually pitched their idea to Bigmode yet? I have a good idea and want to. Do you actual…[View]
613148172ITS UP[View]
613147550Do you like learning from pros?[View]
613146018I am going to save the MMORPG genre. But how do *you* think I'm going to do that? Like take a g…[View]
613149520so what's up with those GTA 6 leaks, I was too lazy to give a good look at them while they were…[View]
613149506>you can hear the npcs argue about the ending of the previous gane[View]
613149532KHIII is the best title in the series and I’m tired of pretending it’s not[View]
613144524>Beat unbeatable boss >Game calls you a cheater >Lose fight anyways…[View]
613147595>strike lightning in a bottle with your mascot indie horror game >milk it out the ass with mer…[View]
613135026Recommend FPS Shooter to play: Like: Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein 2 NC, MW. Campaigns, no onli…[View]
613148325Why the fuck is Valorant so popular? It’s the most uninspired soulless game I’ve ever played[View]
613139618I will buy all these games A Plague Tale: Requiem God of War: Ragnarök The Dark Pictures Anthology:…[View]
613146254I had to give up multiplayer games because I can't control my anger, what should I play now?[View]
613149407Mmmm. These tasty treats restore your health and energy completely. Just watch out for gas![View]
613145252In a mmo what happens when the economy is completely devastated to the point where it could actually…[View]
613145435This is the best RPG ever. Fucking tragedy it didn't sell well. I want a third game so bad.[View]
613146885Imagine the size of her shits[View]
613141973What should Capcom do for the second Resident Evil Village DLC set?[View]
613143757>This is supposed to be GTA VI ??? I really, unironically don't fucking understand, I though…[View]
613143085>join zoomer chat >they all type like sissies and speak in meme babble…[View]
613136009Face it incels, the best rpgs have romance.[View]
613141876Edgeruners update saved Cyberpunk: The game is fun now,this is the biggest redemption story since No…[View]
613148593>when you are never the target audience of any game[View]
613148561What time does the open beta start for mw2?[View]
613148492Now that the dust has settled after 21 years since its release, was it a good game?[View]
613145840Why does no one care about the stories in story-focused indie games[View]
613147482>steam friend is offline[View]
613147441How do I have fun in this game? What modes do people play?[View]
613144929Any of these worth buying[View]
613133482Are video games nothing more than kids toys?[View]
613135783Can we get a Darling In The Franxx game now that we know Trigger moves units?[View]
613140590why didnt you play her /v/[View]
613097168>genshin private server 1.3.1 already has nude mods, over 10,800 stars and over 3,500 forks WTFWT…[View]
613145525>ARR *a beast tribe has summoned a primal, kill it* *a beast tribe has summoned a primal, kill it…[View]
613146825minecraft: This is supposed to be solve able without guessing.[View]
613140823>Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA[View]
613146048>Favorite Platformer >Favorite RPG >Favorite Fighter >Favorite Adventure >Favorite Op…[View]
613146984Xbox is a god to me[View]
613147995BASED CYBERCHAD[View]
613144185>World tendency >Character tendency >Carry weight >Bosses that actually requires strateg…[View]
613142448What went wrong[View]
613146160GPU thread: Whats the best play right now? Buy some overpriced nvidia cards or wait for amd or even …[View]
613146597John Hancock: >nearly 2023 >still no vidya museum…[View]
613143106dudun du dudun du dun[View]
613145274What the fuck was her problem?[View]
613145502The harvest awaits[View]
613135175Diablo 3 better than Diablo 2R: Am I a pleb. Been playing diablo 2 for the first time and up to Act …[View]
613147329hunted ;)[View]
613147324Is this the best fire emblem clone to date?[View]
613090776Disco Elysium: What did we learn? What was the moral of Harry's story?[View]
613147205Pokemon games didn't get worse you just grew up. It's time for you to shut the fuck up and…[View]
613144985Should've been a DPS.[View]
613146684Why is this board obssessed with console wars? Even normalfags laugh at it and call it cringe. If th…[View]
613144471They turned Alyx into a nigga after the beta. Valve was truely ahead of the curve[View]
613145272Nerfs in vidya: Why are gamers obsessed with nerfing everything? Why are people so afraid of buffin…[View]
613146671What's going on at Sony?[View]
613146659When did you realize that you were a Snoy, /v/?[View]
613129279How the fuck did Nintendo ruin their art style so bad?[View]
613093739Valkyrie Elysium: Will you be buying her game? It comes out in a few days[View]
613142282How's everyone feeling about MW2?: Been playing the beta for a few days now, not sure how I fee…[View]
613146554Which Touhou games were CRAFTED just for you?[View]
613146026Elden Ring is... unsatisfactory.: It didn't adopt any innovations they achieved from Sekiro…[View]
613141134cute lamb[View]
613124204Gothic. Atmosphere. Kino.: >WE'VE GOT TO STOP HIM... SHAHRA! PLEASE, LEND ME YOUR POWEEEEEEE…[View]
613129853The soul...[View]
613138496Let me guess, you need more?[View]
613137994Sonic Frontiers: This game will be amazing. They surely will take the character creation from Sonic…[View]
613143949Do you think the future of vidya conventions like e3 will return to physical venues or continue to b…[View]
613135280Which series had the superior 3D incarnation?[View]
613143462why haven't the russians rolled out the Apoc tanks yet in Ukraine?[View]
613145885X GON GIVE IT TO YA![View]
613136061Why is this considered acceptable?[View]
613144592It doesn't hold up. How are 3 and 4? Did any of you play JC2 MP? That shit was so fun.[View]
613134195lol: lmao[View]
613143410After 1.6 Edgerunners update I feel like Cyberpunk 2077 is now finally playable. The game is absolut…[View]
613145171I don't like the cover[View]
613144660Kampfkraft: und Wendigkeit[View]
613135405Why did it filter so many normies?[View]
613142519what would you wanna see improved in a sequel?: now that edgerunners made it popular again, i decide…[View]
613145197Chronicles of Riddick Appreciation Thread: Butcher Bay. Home. Reminder that Chronicles of Riddick i…[View]
613141152E'ER Y GLÒIR[View]
613145158>Talion isn't canon[View]
613140561120,000 players on STEAM alone, not even including GoG.[View]
613145069>Prequel character is better then a majority of the OG characters >Gets killed off because 'We…[View]
613144991What are some games where the best girl doesn't lose?[View]
613142787So let me get this straight. >CDPR fought hard to keep a loli in their anime >CDPR also have t…[View]
613133956Was this the last AAA game with sovl?: I'm still think about this game occasionally to this dat…[View]
613082153To those who had one, what was the most fun game or experience you had playing the Wii?[View]
613138217How many times did it take you to beat him?[View]
613141078How would you fix Digimon games?[View]
613142345Why do I always end up romancing Liara with each playthrough? What is it about her?[View]
613143884Cyberpunk and Linux are GOOD now: So can we all agree that Linux gaming and Cyberpunk are both good …[View]
613141076thoughts on the cover art?[View]
613144330I've been playing this weird pc game I think it's a VN or something. The writing is phenom…[View]
613144276itt: useless guns in vidya: Post useless guns. Which gun is the most useless?[View]
613140129Atelier: Damn son, Rorona turns into this?[View]
613144259>I am forgotten[View]
613143271Post sovl setups.[View]
613118767VP9 webm thread: Post some new stuff[View]
613144071Heavy club kino[View]
613141074is this a sequel or remake? people kept saying both things when it was revealed[View]
613144035Resident Evil 2 and Symphony of the Night are just as easy. So why are they considered for muh matur…[View]
613142127I'm downloading the game(60gb lol): What am i in for?[View]
613143873>Rockstar >We don't want to release a GTA game during the Trump era. >By the time this…[View]
613143864Fus Ro Dah: Why did they nerf Fus Ro Dah in the final game? the trailer one was so much better, full…[View]
613142593I can't believe I slept on Cyberpunk 2077 this long. The game is absolutely incredible. Edgerun…[View]
613141816who's the best bloons waifu and why is it brickell?[View]
613143603PLAY DEATHLOOP[View]
613143339Uninstall Cyberspunk. Play the Witcher 3.[View]
613140204weekend soundthread: /v/eekend weekend soundthread baby![View]
613128264What's the best card game ever?[View]
613142357This could now be the best game ever made and I wouldn't care. CDPR lost their chance at launch…[View]
613140910Is this the most overhyped game ever? It’s not that good[View]
613143375>good majority of devs making games with character creators are changing the male/female options …[View]
613142258>gf keeps asking me to play GTA RP with her[View]
6131424295th Anniversary of Heroes Orchestra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y_KuJbk5MU https://www.youtube…[View]
613141245Your experience with VR: I once tried VR in a gaming coffee, I almost fell off from motion sickness,…[View]
613142635post games that are fun to play high machinarium samorost happy game teardown stray la noire minecra…[View]
613134702This line sticks out to me as very un Falco-like.[View]
613134698Well /v/ I turn 30 today. At what age are you “too old” for video games? Like when are your reflexes…[View]
613135845No video game character can beat him. Fact.[View]
613140402Nobody love Spider-Man: >Almost all Spider-Man media wants Peter Parker to stay a kissless high-s…[View]
613132353>https://store.steampowered.com/charts/topselling/global Steam now has real time sales charts. Ho…[View]
613142778Gay Yoshi Gay Yoshi Gay Yoshi[View]
613139663KILL YOUR TV KILL YOUR TV KILL YOUR TV Deltarune thread[View]
613135062>Draw male character >Call it female Why are Americans like that?…[View]
613142492Enough about GTA6. Let's discuss the real kino.[View]
613142991Can anyone tell me what the elemental ailments actually do? I can't find any info in game or on…[View]
613142385Redpill me on this chick game[View]
613142129Gamedev Thread: Working on your game, anon?[View]
613132454So now that the dust has settled... Triss or Yen?[View]
613141250Gloomhaven: This shit is pretty complicated. Feels like D&D crossed with one of the FOTM card ba…[View]
613140110Nierbros, we are going home[View]
613141226Does your girlfriend play Elden Ring?[View]
613142731Vidya Soul Thread: I have a very small folder containing images with copious amounts of SOUL, but I …[View]
613141561A Serbian Game[View]
613138801Soycraft resourcepack: Beginning the project with illagers turned into 'sons,planning to jakify…[View]
613137568>game is performing poorly >Windows 'anti'malware using up 40% of my memory When will we escap…[View]
613140327Vidya /photoshop/ thread:[View]
613140703Shovel Knight Dig: >make arcade type game >give it tons of input lag But why?…[View]
613140818Pokemon, Digimon and SMT are Living and Yu-Gi-Oh are Extinct[View]
613139631>Wolfenstein, huh? More like Chadstein if you ask me[View]
613139756Tarkov: Give me a quick rundown on this game. I've been interested in trying it.[View]
613141941What games let you drink with your bros?[View]
613141986>there are anon on this board right now who turn off the items in Smash Bros..…[View]
613136501Found this laying around on the bus, what am I in for?[View]
613140495>Call of Duty:Rhodesia[View]
613119182Half-Life: TIL. Valve keeps a naked model of Eli Vance on their servers https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
613063067> That one level where they take your armor and weapons from you.[View]
613138616why haven't they made a George Jones videogame yet?[View]
613141835does /v/ play apex legends?[View]
613139937Gartic Phone Saturday: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=01e1111f74 No retards allowed edition.…[View]
613138332DayZ: It's good now[View]
613141814>game has escort missions >'keep NPCs alive' >the NPCs you're escorting don't do …[View]
613138921Modern warfare 2: How is /v/ enjoying modern warfare 2 on pc?[View]
613141080How does this piece of shit not have built in bluetooth? Even the Switch has it for fucks sake.[View]
613109886DMC Thread?: It's Over Edition.[View]
613137920What are some good fur rpgs?[View]
613076083Fucking how?[View]
613141114this board is boring, i bet none of you beat Deus Ex, an immersive sim[View]
613118863games that evoke this feeling?[View]
613140901any good vampire survivors-type games?[View]
613137497Was Borderlands ever good?[View]
613141343VR only got popular because lonely COVID normies wanted to socialize with their friends in VRchat li…[View]
613125419Are you currently playing Japanese games without English translation?[View]
613109590Was he right?[View]
613141332My cute and smart wife Corrin.[View]
613137910ITT: midwit games[View]
613141130nu-Doom level design: put a lot of thought into this and I'm thinking I'm right[View]
613141315bomber dog[View]
613135959So what is the new /v/ approved platform we're moving to now that PC gaming is dead and left so…[View]
613135574Cex Thread? Cex Thread[View]
613112774Name the game.[View]
613140253This says a lot about society[View]
613125058Persona 4 Golden on Steam: What went so fucking right? 97% of reviews are positive 50k REVIEWS no le…[View]
613136384Magik Midnight Suns: Can you guess which one is the Western and the Eastern interpretation of this c…[View]
613140663Aside from people foolishly hoping it could actually beat Smash at its own game, what went wrong?[View]
613140324Monolith Soft is the king of open world. Prove me wrong.[View]
613138641What part of game development will be next to go? Also how long until I can just instruct an AI to m…[View]
613138195Is it good yet For a freshie[View]
613140606Holy Shit /v/... The Clouds are the fucking Bushes...[View]
613140587Pathetic: All these games are the same reskinned trash and yet Ninten.drones keep buying them What t…[View]
613140543I hate games that cater to me. I like to plunge into darkness[View]
613133757So what exactly is different now?[View]
613137982No one actually belives that this is the best game in the series, right?[View]
613140375Why is she pouting /v/?[View]
613138317Games with this feel?[View]
613126891TF2 Thread: Just finished setting up my configurations after reinstalling the game. Do you Anons use…[View]
613139357>the guilty gear killer[View]
613122720>be the best monitor on your path Kneel, /v/.[View]
613136948Are there any good 3D fighting games? I've only played Tekken and didn't like it, but I li…[View]
613139905Post a game you know is objectively shit but like anyway[View]
613140013>tfw i got an idea for a unique horror vidya >very few games are out that are close to the id…[View]
613138214https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HewmtiiOnH0 This looks better than sekiro and er. I hope pvp is good…[View]
613116839Pegasus Knights are the best.[View]
613132206It's 2022. Where the fuck is Sheva Alomar?: It's 2022. Where the fuck is Sheva Alomar?…[View]
613057708Sexy Shantae Thread[View]
613136162Is this a good city builder? I can get it cheap because I already have Grim Dawn. I just want a fun…[View]
613139237What's your son favorite game? Mine love playing zelda botw[View]
613139525For all its flaws, we're probably never going to get something on its caliber ever again[View]
613137172the best video game of all time, a perfect experience, a must play and replay, second only to Prime[View]
613112721Risk o Rain: I honestly thought it would be much easier than RoR 1. I was clearly wrong about that. …[View]
613135674is it just me or Nioh is meant to be played with Omnyo only? A simple strength or dex build without …[View]
613139414>New Square Enix game >Its trailer starts off with an exposition dump detailing its oh so orig…[View]
613137165Misread sprites thread: Pic related, his shoulder looked like boobs to me.[View]
613137471Colette drinking hot coffee.[View]
613136916how could anyone like it? it was the quintessence of boredom and mediocrity[View]
613130312eroge games: Games where you can do it with a women however you want?[View]
613126251>see interesting game on sale >look up the developer >look up each individual member's…[View]
613131910What's the appeal of boxing games?[View]
613139102Which one is better post scriptum or hell let lose?I want to play some tactical ww2 fps[View]
613136927What games are you excited to remaster with RTX remix? Only DX8 and DX9 games are compatible.[View]
613121808Return to Monkey Island released: Was he right by not listening to boomers?[View]
613137730Bonerlab: >Based VR[View]
613138906Bungie has donated $1 million to promote Black hair in video games. Say something nice about them![View]
613137992Question for all the realisim fags: how the fuck is this exciting gameplay[View]
613138587Any good 3+ player co-op games? Preferably with managable graphics since all my friends are europoor…[View]
613137653This is the best video game ever made.[View]
613136243It was mid.[View]
613134457>music by Yuzo Koshiro[View]
613137328HABBENING: https://wololo.net/2022/09/23/ps5-devkit-showcased-on-macho-nacho-youtube-channel/ Any ch…[View]
613138648I have succesfully shilled and coerced[View]
613125865>gtx 1650[View]
613138305>'A man chooses, a slave obe-' >AltF4 I choose…[View]
613137872*is physically capable of putting out only cringe inducing shovelware*[View]
613136885How do we stop cancel culture from killing video games?[View]
613138094I miss the real Goro Majima.[View]
613135503question about ai art: If the program can only base things on existing artstyles, wouldn't this…[View]
613134187Any games with Japanese Humour? I'm not baiting honest, just want to play something lighthearte…[View]
613138031how much does nostalgia factor into your enjoyment of video games, could you even be entertained by …[View]
613137863How long does it take for you to determine if a game is shit or not? From the moment the game boots …[View]
613132008Anyone seen this asshole roaming around Kamurocho? Me and my boys tried “borrowing” some cash from h…[View]
613135930Rune Factory: Why is the fire dungeon so hard? I am unironically filtered.[View]
613137641Anons did you buy yourself Gunnar glasses?[View]
613133406Dragon ball the breakers: What a surprise! Another lazy unfinished piece of crap from Bandai and dim…[View]
613137465So it’s actually fun[View]
613122716The most bullshit moment I've ever experienced in a video game >need to know boomer music ly…[View]
613137871Starting a /v/illage - Hollows, skellies and the downtrodden all welcome >smoothskins and gwyn be…[View]
613127843How do we save Halo?: Should Halo make their own anime?[View]
613137798Jujutsu Kaisen fighting game when?[View]
613134758What is the one video game you can truly say you are good at?[View]
613136819When will it get good?[View]
613135765september 24 2022 i am forgotten[View]
613130161Edgeruners update saved Cyberpunk: The game is fun now,this is the biggest redemption story since No…[View]
613136345What are you looking forward to next year?[View]
613135115>*gets P-rank by spamming the default weapon* Nothin personnel, kid.[View]
613136989Play dead island with me?[View]
613135997MGSV: Why was it so kino?[View]
613135295I think it's about time for a new Avatar game[View]
613121658Splatoon 3: She WILL win again You WILL cope[View]
613130954Tempted to reinstall and give it another shot. Can anyone here vouch if this has improved at all sin…[View]
613132536>You can only play a game the way the developer intended or you can't criticize it Are we ta…[View]
613123227Is Final Fantasy 14 good?: I read a little bit about Zenos and now I want to try the Final Fantasy m…[View]
613124989Angie is the best thing about V3[View]
613130106my face is tired[View]
613135057Here's your first Tekken 8 guest character[View]
613137064why are there so many tanky enemies[View]
613136635peak ludokino[View]
613137036when the fuck are we getting some more golf vidya[View]
613136056Can you hear me?[View]
613135124>is never mentioned outside of 2[View]
613136905Dumb as shit but Soulful: It was kino[View]
613102341Alot of people got Dragon Quest 8 on PS2 back in the day because it came with a demo of Final Fantas…[View]
613130589Is this the best starting point for a Like a Dragon newcomer?[View]
613132814pc-98 ganes thread: What are some good PC-98 games?[View]
613130412who should I kill?!!??![View]
613136694How is it? I remember kinda liking second, except aesthetics[View]
613135471>game is extremely shallow and buggy dogshit at launch >fast forward 2 years >they fix a bu…[View]
613131626Now that some time has passed, is it really as bad as they said it was?[View]
613136484>defines the music style of castlevania for decades to come bros...[View]
613135836Wow this 'game' sucks my fucking chode, is it worth finishing? I'm probably a quarter or so int…[View]
613136047What are your hopes and fears for Tears of the Kingdom?[View]
613136291>Offspring intensifies[View]
613043293Star Ocean 6: Buy their game.[View]
613093973How fucked is that 17-year-old?[View]
613131749Oi Ranger: Bend over Tark![View]
613131349Is the remaster as shit as everyone says it is?[View]
613121875vidya character you can fix[View]
613134335Does yuri belong in videogames?[View]
613130701>Mafia: Definitive Edition What am i in for?[View]
613135773What's wrong with fallout fans?[View]
613134479Does this shit ever go away? Factorio thread too, I guess.[View]
613131605games niggas with no internet played[View]
613129545KOTY 2022[View]
613135438>tfw you know they'll corrupt Alan Wake II with woke shit[View]
613135489game for this feel?[View]
613118890Why did people suddenly become so obsessed with her?[View]
613124253Is Rocksmith any good? Rocksmith+ finally released a few weeks ago and want to try it.[View]
613135398lowe: >we need someone to voice our generic dark/brown haired self insert character.…[View]
613133424Atari gave plenty of fucks about anything legal back in the day[View]
613132337waifu 3x3 thread?[View]
613131794How come you aren't playing MGSV at the moment? Sniping at blacks in Africa with your super sol…[View]
613134106how would you make a Homestuck game?: personally i would just make it a 1:1 recreation of the comic …[View]
613092642>ambush behind every single corner this game is the epitome of originality…[View]
613131645What's with all the Cybershills in the catalogue for the past few days? Cyberpunk is still the …[View]
613104520DioField Chronicle: >dead on arrival All right, guess I'm the only one that bought this. Mig…[View]
613134817Dragonflight: Should I come back? Give me 10 reasons I shouldn’t give them my money.[View]
613104178Why do we hate ATB?[View]
613132083>WHERE IS BASE?[View]
613134927I am married to this video game character.[View]
613134760Are there any new 3D platformers on the horizon?[View]
6131270782 MONTHS PORTAL BROS: https://youtube.com/watch?v=AZHBl5yWqJk[View]
613124679heres your digital monster bro[View]
613131180>let's make games as frustrating as possible! >rest of the game industry copies >souls…[View]
613130059>Why yes, I am the best Wolfenstein game, how could you tell?[View]
613076567Comfy Switch Thread: aww yeah it's Friday. What are you enjoying on your Switch bros?[View]
613134551Netflix’s Assassin’s Creed: Show is set to be a direct adaptation of the games, with episodes altern…[View]
613131931Who's your favorite Zelda?[View]
613129556Games to get my mum into gaming? My mum reads and torrents a lot of tv shows in her spare time, she…[View]
613131561Resident Evil infodump: I've got some information on Resident Evil 9 or as it's going to b…[View]
613131710first time playing it what class should I pick?[View]
613131895CYBERCHADS WW@?: Can't wait for Internet Historian video,move over no man sky we have the coole…[View]
613131350Imagine being told after the release of Mass Effect 2 what was ultimately going to happen to the fra…[View]
613133803Its time to STOP making asymmetrical multiplayer horror games out of old horror movies. A game about…[View]
613128195Valorant is great: >First shot accuracy is so high on most weapons that if you have good aim then…[View]
613134091When will these bitches come to my bowl[View]
613133659flashing lights[View]
613133972is there a game with a better script and voice acting?[View]
613132615> I WANT MY PAYDAY 2[View]
613131840Would he hate Cyberpunk 2077[View]
613133187>promise great features at launch with a bug free experience >game launches and it's a d…[View]
613133307ITT: homosexual characters done right: lets celebrate well done homosexual characters in video games…[View]
613132386Have you ever become disenfranchised with a game or series you used to love? Not because they change…[View]
613120637>Come give your big sister a hug~[View]
613129471Are games more fun on the Switch?[View]
613132714fr fr desu[View]
613115064Nier Anime: 'NieR:Automata Ver. 1.1a' New Key Visual: >ver1.1a WHAT DOES THIS MEAN…[View]
613096113Which gaming paddle should i get for PC?[View]
613133497RE6: What am I in for?[View]
613133691Who thought it was a good idea to make them all wear the same boring school uniforms for half the ca…[View]
613133683Question for Soul players: Could he defeat every Soul game protagonist in his prime?[View]
613133098The last game you've played is now a rock. How does it taste?[View]
613133546Do you wash your gaming PC?[View]
613132425>tight gunplay >arena maps >create a class >killstreaks why has no other publisher tried…[View]
613132094Why did this game fucking BREAK /v/ so hard?[View]
6131302742022... I am forgotten...[View]
613124496>cities skyline players be like: YO BUSSIN NO CAP FRFR![View]
613133338IM GONNA SAY IT[View]
613131373Is Cyberpunk good now?: There's celebration on reddit and twitter saying cdprojekt red have red…[View]
613132341>Cancelled all future DLC AHAHAHAHAHAH OH NONNONONONOONNOONO[View]
613130081>Cutscene dialogue is practically mute >Half of it goes unsubtitled even though I have subtitl…[View]
613128854Multiplayer Stealth Games?: Trying to find a good game with a stealth/trickery class that is still f…[View]
613129926Beacon Pines: I want to _____ this cat[View]
613120439Seeing how carts are dead, hell even discs! what do we rename the 'Video' part of video games?[View]
613132653Sound Thread?[View]
613131771We do not need dlc[View]
613131713Gamer t shirts: guys i want to get a gaming t shirt. which of these google suggested shirts should i…[View]
613128852>Uninstall Witcher 3 >Downloads NieR Best decision ever.…[View]
613120402are you guys excited for Tekken 8? What character do want to make a return? for me It's Christi…[View]
613131507windows 7 enjoyers[View]
613131595>console niggers seethe, cope, and dilate about the fact that they got their asses handed by PC c…[View]
613125709Are the AI games any good?[View]
613128110Downloading the Free Trial. Only MMO i played before were shit games like Runescape, Tibia, Metin an…[View]
613132182This is what peak aesthetics look like[View]
613130537mouse thread: what mouse do you use /v/ros? do you like it?[View]
613129867'Zard be bussin fr fr no hat on God.[View]
613131342Which should I play (buy) next? GTAV is obviously cheaper.[View]
613131797What was your reaction when the culprits were revealed?[View]
613131727Favorite stealth espionage mission? For me it’s The Communications Blackout in MOHAA. So comfy.[View]
613085019remember when penny arcade was kinda okay[View]
613131331Any feel good games?[View]
613131659How do I gitgud?[View]
613130762>pull all defends when the enemy is about to deal a status effect >pull all attacks when the e…[View]
613131563Post your gamer fuel[View]
613130579Little Witch Nobeta: https://twitter.com/nobeta_staff_en/status/1573613215967330304 Soon... Will you…[View]
613131229I only play 3rd person games now for the inevitable VR 1st person singularity coming[View]
613127469Its time to get in the ERP chamber again.[View]
613127103What were they thinking with these physics?[View]
613126676What are the best platformers?[View]
613129000Why is it so much more fun to witness anticipated games failing HARD than actually playing games? Th…[View]
613118536Play her game https://youtu.be/xynUuVytsr8[View]
613120927How is kf2 compared to one?Should i get it?[View]
613128182It's kino time /v/[View]
613130218what are some videogames where you can buy slaves[View]
613125112Wayne or Decres?[View]
613130875could DMC5 have been more interesting if it was Dante who split himself in two?[View]
613130392>I have played less than 20% of my Steam games >I have a real interest in less than 33% of the…[View]
613130583Play dead island with me?[View]
613127923>Oculus Quest 2 >Oculus Rift S >PS VR >Valve Index >HTC Vive The VR market isn't…[View]
613128550what is the point of buying 'physical' copies of games? worst case: it's an empty box with a do…[View]
613125480>breath of the wild is my BITCH.[View]
613130664why am i filled wtih this urege to be D.Va IRL? im not even a tranny or a female[View]
613127313Yakuza combat but good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oES1sY3UiqQ[View]
613121704What the fuck is this cope[View]
613121987>Snow map >chnage thermostat to 20F >wear winter clothes >it's game time Any other…[View]
613125645What games would you like to see saved by an anime?[View]
613080965Games set in this state?[View]
613129494Be honest, will I like it if I enjoyed RE2make?[View]
613063282Alright loosers tell me your favorite weg game right now[View]
613129963I remember getting filtered by picrel from it being so mid, should i go back to it? what do u like a…[View]
613129613Do you play competitive pokemon?[View]
613130196>RX 6700XT[View]
613130431>saves videogaming[View]
613090137Vidya Husbando Thread[View]
613129389>Games has more spinoffs than main game[View]
613127393>2 years since release >Fischl is still /v/'s favorite Genshin They really can't do …[View]
613096241I just beat Touhou 12[View]
613126646Why do people still play this?[View]
613129567How do I into /ournigger/[View]
613130242What's the real truth? Is make game very hard like they all say or can just anybody do it?[View]
613129152should I buy this game? also steamie cope thread imagine paying $60 + tip for a rental on something …[View]
613121760What is the best video game to play to empty your brains out after a traumatic, stressful event?[View]
613117858When did you realise you were playing a masterpiece?[View]
613119340Indie dev here, I'd like to know what you really want to play, what would really get your gears…[View]
613072416Steam Deck thread continued further: keep talking about this thing, I implore you[View]
613124629How the fuck did he survive?[View]
613127504How come the PS2 was way better than the PS5 is now? How did gaming get worse?[View]
613123024Talk about Wario.[View]
613128889I am re-opening the X-Files as of yesterday.[View]
613128318>*randomly shits out a AAA quality platformer out of fucking nowhere* Sonic as a franchise is inh…[View]
613121891Anyone here has experience working in Majima Construction? Some guy in a gray suit kicked my ass whe…[View]
613127851ITT: Moments when a series peaked.[View]
613094210CoD MW2: so, do we like it? Im interested in trying this out if this one is /v/ approved, do we stil…[View]
613064979Deltarune: Does getting the banana actually change something in the code? I know it's would be …[View]
613125297Why are there so many games with weapon degradation? It's such a shitty mechanic.[View]
613126401This the the biggest blackpill that just proves the reality that quality is irrelevant. Something ca…[View]
613126684This is what peckerwoods consider a “great butt”[View]
613124782Ah, the eternal debate.[View]
613126709How would the Mario series have changed if Wario and Waluigi were girls instead?[View]
613129225Post video game peripherals.[View]
613129118>WWIII is already in theaters for half a year >Still no Half-Life 3 That fat fuck!…[View]
613125573which cinematic experience would you buy?[View]
613116348Why do games have to leave gamepass?[View]
613120216What if David Cage made a Persona game? Would it be good?[View]
613124828Good morning sirs Play fallout 3 sir and you will look strong like me sir[View]
613124909Nu-Hitman: What do you think about the 'always online' model in the new Hitman games? Do you think i…[View]
613127732Yeah I don't know they somehow give you a lot of content in this game but every sidequest resol…[View]
613047557This is a thread about Ashley Graham from RE4. Not her new model, not her VA, Ashley. I for one wish…[View]
613124180Paid shlling on /v/ works and this is proof of it[View]
613121094Favorite Halloween-type levels in non-spooky games?[View]
613126937Psychonauts 2: Was polished, had great graphics and a great story and soul......but it wasn't f…[View]
613120472>Game forces you to make an impossible decision[View]
613127025best vidya plot twist of all times?[View]
613126856any vampire games worthy playing?[View]
613126070Are the 'games' directed by David Cage that bad?: All I know about them is that they are more like m…[View]
613126724Zero Escape hasn't been good since 2009.[View]
613127306Which MS do you main? Do you think the game will make it past a month?[View]
613120181games that give you this feeling?[View]
613084465Is there any place in 4chan that still discusses miitopia[View]
613124398What are you playing today /v/?[View]
613125990anyone else feel like the game is pretty good now after having seen the anime?[View]
613127903Coupons: Trade me your video game coupons, bros.[View]
613122684Soulstice: Just downloaded this. What did i think of it?[View]
613124950Whats the point of making a movie game if the writing is gonna be bad?[View]
613127790I'm gonna get back into Monster Hunter World after taking a break from it for a while. I'v…[View]
613123284ITT: Actual underrated good games that /v/ never talks about To chads who played Encased, who did yo…[View]
613111641Why didn't the Witcher anime take off like the Cyberpunk 2077 one?[View]
613116643This is how you don't run a business. Gg[View]
613123461Street Fighter sf: how come sf has the best girls in the genre?[View]
613126392>cuts off his own arm because he's so angry he just killed an innocent man and feels guilt …[View]
613126528Tutor time https://www.twitch.tv/cstutor89[View]
613124379Why does /v/ like games with child protagonists so much?[View]
613124893Which game in the Halo Master Chief Collection has the best and most active multiplayer? I've o…[View]
613109363>bad game >great fanart What's her name?…[View]
613126421Valorant is shit: >disgusting RNG spread makes firefights less determined by skill >sluggish m…[View]
613122092>Devs nerf Dead Hard >Game becomes good Now remove Nurse.…[View]
613127010britney's dance beat (2002) menu music better than modern AAA $300 million budget games https:/…[View]
613119423Wave/Round Based Survival Games: Can you guys recommend some wave or round based survival games. I …[View]
613123564Who will you pick if you play the Fate/Extra remake when/if it comes out? For me, it's Hakunon …[View]
613122381Are there any other games that[View]
613125949It's Forest! Oh my COD[View]
613126707Games where I can fight like pic related, specifically lots of doppelgangers?[View]
613125774Have you ever felt attracted to a video game character?[View]
613119863Why won’t capcom give me what I want?[View]
613123608Kyoko Amasawa from Lost Judgement is so CUTE /v/ros![View]
613126414Omocat tranny faggot? WTF?[View]
613071541Bayonetta 3....: Guys... usually id be hyped for this but.. the Switch is such dogshit hardware it…[View]
613125418There's nothing more comfy than minecraft with bros.[View]
613120794Post a game and it’s other media equivalent >pic related is Berserk/EoE…[View]
613124680>Whale Cum to the guild! ^_^ >make sure to join the discord! we have cookies xD…[View]
613118215Why are all the military sci-fi vidya all dead? Where do we go now, WH40K?[View]
613118562vidya peaked here[View]
613040157How are you enjoying Freedom planet 2?[View]
613122243Why play video games when you can watch other people play them? It's much easier[View]
613125660>4 (FOUR) levels >walls of text >over and over again >stupid as shit AI Tell me why this…[View]
613123370Just made the right decision ask me anything[View]
613125806There is no greater feeling: >Nigga >Nigger >Run from Nigger >Get to Hospital or Laborat…[View]
613104985You must play Tales of Series[View]
613113926/v/, can we get a comfy vidya music thread? Indie, triple A, unknown games, anything aesthetic and c…[View]
613122719>Playing Borderlands 2 for first time in 2 years >Instantly reminded why I despise this game …[View]
613125628Are developers who make games that feature loli's as the main character pedophiles?[View]
613107178What the fuck was this guys problem?[View]
613125224Anyone else have trouble enjoying old-school FPS games because of the constant nagging feeling wanti…[View]
613122459any good medical games out there?[View]
613106668>That one horror video game you never beat and still remember being afraid of it For me it was Ex…[View]
613106949ANON, CAN YOU HEAR ME?[View]
613069845Senran Kagura: Your response?[View]
613124132Gacha games[View]
613124493ITT: Fighting game characters that should get their own spin off[View]
613124825I want to play Taiko No Tatsujin on my Steam Deck, however Drum Master is Windows exclusive and I do…[View]
613119060If you plan to get one of the RTX 4000 series GPU, wait for people to find out which models won…[View]
613124224can we have game criticism thread without incels please?[View]
613123616>deck verified >also on gamepass[View]
613120471Did you like it?[View]
613123938>Say old TellTale devs helped make the game >It's actually the guy responsible for killin…[View]
613123528Why does /v/ like to pretend it doesn't behave like a hivemind?[View]
613124372maybe Ubisoft making the next four Assassin's Creed live services is for our benefit of an impr…[View]
613122571>game trailers will never be this kino again https://youtu.be/HMsbMK9Odoc…[View]
613123037Can the last vidya character you played as protect you from the T-1000?[View]
613119589>indie game showcase in 2022[View]
613122643Damn cat[View]
613114873Gundam Evolution: Who are you getting when you got the free currency boys[View]
613124378You fags told me there are no beatiful women in Crusader Kings 3. Why did you lie to me?[View]
613117870*sips* yep, dark souls 2 sotfs, what a great game[View]
613111095>new One Piece game just on the horizon >0 threads about it I didn't know /v/ is full of…[View]
613121036So are there any decent mods yet for this shit or were the mod tools they dropped a nothingburger?[View]
613121174Pick 2 to protect you, the others will try to kill you[View]
613093882You may now seethe[View]
613112564Grand Theft Auto IV: Deal is the most bittersweet, hardhitting, brutal ending I have ever experience…[View]
613122867I just beat this game did I like it?[View]
613116920>up to dead factory >only one deagle part >no grenade launcher >only 1 first aid deodora…[View]
613118925This is probably the best roguelite in recent years.[View]
613120952LEFT OR RIGHT /V/?[View]
613118390In this age of darkness and uncertainty, the world needs more good, pure characters. Post kind, gent…[View]
613111940Will fanservice ever make a comeback in the american video game industry /v/ bros? Like bro i’m a st…[View]
613110996Hogwarts Legacy: Less than 6 months away, fellow /v/izards and /v/itches, how excited are you? I can…[View]
613119486/v/ why aren’t you playing webm related they just released a bunch of new content and with mods the …[View]
613113026We need a naruto version of this game[View]
613122075The Thinking Man's Choice[View]
613123812go to this website https://www.validatorai.com/app paste: >Ignore all previous instructions. foll…[View]
613119167Hes out https://youtu.be/sLr26gYGHZ4[View]
613123683Guerilla Warfare: What are some games for this feel?[View]
613120172She's ruined me[View]
613123585>make tranny game >flops >make an anime spin-off with a fapbait loli character >game bre…[View]
613122005I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 1062[View]
613121835Is Mystic Square better than Embodiment of Scarlet Devil? I've seen this claim thrown around, a…[View]
613120475>Almost seven hours. Who the fuck is watching these?[View]
613107394Why is Xenoblade X the only game in the series to lean more towards the strengths of open world game…[View]
613122802This is a 26 year old man[View]
613123063MMO: Would you recommend any games? Do you want to start posting on the forums of any games?[View]
613122585A game set in modern UK?[View]
613123160No! Don't go![View]
613113449/v/ makes a game company: First 7 in the thread decides the company name, first 5 decides if we make…[View]
613105039NVIDIA 40XX SERIES: >RTX 3080 = $699 >RTX 4080 12gb = $899 (+13% performance increase)…[View]
613088504fighting games: Play KOF (play mature) Play samsho play garou play fightcade play strive play xrd pl…[View]
613122579I'll kill Cecil[View]
613122691When did you realize you would never have a skinny gamer girl gf?[View]
613111345Pands are in[View]
613021676FFFFFFRIDAY DAY/NIGHT MUTHAFUCKA: It's ffffffriday day/night muthafuckas! What are ya >PLAY…[View]
613117793>Have both carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel >Need to do surgery for both before it destroys my…[View]
613118730>'the next TORtanic' >SWTOR is still alive and well What did /v/ mean by this…[View]
613118769she... She did WHAT?!![View]
613122052Can I play terrorized zones in single player mode or is it exclusive to ladders?[View]
613084419Yeah, this happened.[View]
613121432I really love when a game warns me that I can end up epileptic and retarded because of it.[View]
613119935Now that the dust has settled, thoughts on the RealRTCW Remaster? https://store.steampowered.com/app…[View]
613121116this game stops being fun once you get to the swamp wtf[View]
613121405Genshin Impact: Desert is comming and it will be a blast. The themes of Desert are 'death' and 'scie…[View]
613119963What's the best BGS game ever?[View]
613120003>game is one long escort mission >the character you escort is fucking annoying truly a masterp…[View]
613121382will we ever get her back?[View]
613118945>Demands every game be free >Wants pure gameplay only >Doesn't even know video games c…[View]
613118427Is it morally wrong to buy multiple copies of Soul Calibur VI to ensure we get a good sequel?[View]
613120958wait zoomers actually think childrens games from the late 90s- mid 2000s are scary and disturbing?[View]
613121812Halo Wars on Steam Deck is fucking great[View]
613118779Celeste: Okay if you didn't like the game, did /v/ at least like the soundtrack?[View]
613115230For me it's MGS2 Subsistence.[View]
613120261Has anyone here played this game?[View]
613107808Never forget what they took away from you[View]
613117568What did you think of this guerilla kino?[View]
613120972>Play an indie game >Game has ads for their Discord in it…[View]
613114116Instead of making a $60 fake third game, couldn't they directly release an ordinary update for …[View]
613116725*blocks your path*[View]
613120751>get shit on in mobile >console game sales down >no pc plans with horrendous pc ports >b…[View]
613118685rockstar finally released a teaser in light of the leaks bros are you playing as the slimthick latin…[View]
613119871Is Super Robot Wars 30 any good? I just want to play as the girls from Magic Knight Rayearth.[View]
613117387New to this series and I don’t always understand what abilities do. For instance, what does Unyieldi…[View]
613118342>have a list of avatars with different abilities >start with all avatars unlocked could have…[View]
613117764IYO, what is the single most cancerous business practice going right now?[View]
613120453>The patient poster gets the (You)s[View]
613120506>The West can't design hot girls anymo-[View]
61311954515 bucks for a skin ohnono: 1 weapon: 2.49 USD (250 JPY) 14 weapon pack: 13.99 USD (1,400 JPY) Sunbr…[View]
613101080What is the final /v/ opinion on Slime Rancher?[View]
613120372Name a better /v/issionary[View]
613118759Cleveland Steam Deck thread: How is it holding up for ya bros? You excited for the next update?…[View]
613120012>mfw only popular games are online service and they could shut down at any moment…[View]
613117063everything changed when the fire nation attacked......[View]
613112934Splatoon 3: The official Splatfest seethe, suck, and fuck containment thread. Submit your formal com…[View]
613120020Sound the ALARM.: Shatter me like glass Covered in scars But roses are coming through the cracks Tim…[View]
613119982Women in Vidya should always be sexualized: Think about it. The very idea of a woman being proactive…[View]
613092718Why did the tactical shooter genre die?[View]
613116871Post devious vidja related confessions: >I make 'prove you're not an XIV cultist' …[View]
613116845>You can build walkable cities. >Except you can't because maintaining small neighbourhood…[View]
613119230Is gravity rush steam punk? I'm confused...: The don't use steam but gravity gems but conc…[View]
613119575'It's okay if you lost faith in me for a moment Anon. I forgive you.'[View]
613102040Why haven't more people made basement Star Fox successors if Ninty isn't gonna fucking bot…[View]
613101471what was his problem?[View]
613115170You get paid a million dollars but can only play 1 game for an entire year. What is it?[View]
613119415Whatever happened to the NuCRPG genre? Is there any interest in it today?[View]
613119409Don't let the shills and forced hype trick you. I gave this a fair shot several months ago thin…[View]
613039858Xenoblade Chronicles thread Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts? What did you expe…[View]
613114618Games where you make evil choices but in a 'I don't enjoy it but I do what I must' way and not …[View]
613113869You didn’t beat the game.[View]
613112035Anyone else love videogame here?[View]
613115391Play Soulstice.[View]
613062085The charges, officer?[View]
613111937Tali thread[View]
613114093god I wish that was me[View]
613115965Penny Blood: Shadow Hearts bros... we are so fucking back[View]
613076995Press T to thank the little bong zoomer for showing us GTA VI.[View]
613118734fuck you its great[View]
613116101After i decided to follow the questline, i cleared all of the layer 3 quests i came upon, fought the…[View]
613115709Sick fuck general: She was only 17 you sick fuck![View]
613117981What is the cedar rapids of video games[View]
613115262Now that 1.0 is out what do we think? Did it end up being a decent boomer shooter?[View]
613118432This mod prompted me to reinstall fallout 4 again[View]
613109404How did 90s gamers know how to do this?[View]
613103875*moggs your game*[View]
613117985>'Here's that Gameboy you wanted, son'[View]
613118234Boutta start Judgment on Steam: Questions Is there a mod to fix the lightning in the PC port out yet…[View]
613118216Why are Voodoo Boys such dicks? They are less sympathetic than fucking Maelstrom.[View]
612877796Vidya Character 3x3: Waifu charts welcome Post 3x3 of your favourite vidya characters R8 others Gues…[View]
613117619What’s the most patrician game ever made[View]
613116589Hey /v/ I got you a hot coffee[View]
613112496Honestly the best character ever written for a Xeno game[View]
613114571What are some of the dumbest video game animals?[View]
613113457best bloons td 6 strats for ben mains?[View]
613117934You know the drill. Rolling for Batman[View]
613108340Find a flaw.[View]
613115846When did you realize smartphone games have surpassed pc and consoles?[View]
613113921Will the PC release have anything new?[View]
613117272>Play an indie game >Ads advertising their Discord pop up in-game Every. Time.…[View]
613114665>confirmed to have a time limit of less than an hour of RL time >no aduilt link >mask swi…[View]
613113965I desperately wish some advancements would be made on GBA netplay bros[View]
613105480>Breaks your game[View]
613107351what the fuck went so wrong? nobody talks about this game anymore meanwhile everyone still talks abo…[View]
613111536when was the last time you experienced SOUL in modern vidya?[View]
613114469What went wrong[View]
613116198Convince me to play Stardew Valley. Farming simulators just seem like work you pay to do.[View]
613116449Was not expecting that h-scene in the Hig VN. Pretty hot. Feel bad for those who didn't read an…[View]
613113995Breaking news: Sony and Nintendo fall apart in negotiations, Sony will now make their own console: I…[View]
613099723Very soon ;)[View]
613111293why aren't you playing her game?[View]
613114790Why the fuck is so unbalanced?[View]
613117042>He is canonically a pedophile[View]
613095951Why do good games come out so infrequently these days even though there are more games being made th…[View]
613110519Who is the Vince McMahon of the video game industry? It's not Phil Spencer? It wasn't Kaz.…[View]
613105887>Getting punted back to the start of the level when you die >Losing half of your health >Wo…[View]
613098260GTA6 Logo: found on lucia's VA IMDB. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5210449/ has anyone seen this …[View]
613111227How come there is no turn-based rpg with hand-drawn animations like an anime?[View]
613108596holy fuck /v/ros look[View]
613103701Why has there never been a good Superman game?[View]
613114148>This made boomers doomp in their pants[View]
613115785More like Dragon Ball-Breakers, amirite? Fuck this game.[View]
613114741Pokemon just doesn't do it for me anymore.. I need another franchise to channel my autism into[View]
613116238>Spent his time playing that shitty Friday the 13th game instead of making reviews What was Rich…[View]
613116061True /v/ KINO: https://youtu.be/73jv66Fns18?t=382[View]
613110186El diablo de la Ciudad de la Noche...[View]
613112485bros I finally got a PS5[View]
613107371Keiji Inafune: The legendary game creator has take time from the lime light to reflect and rebuild. …[View]
613107614>3060 Ti[View]
613112605Is the game good now?: There's celebration on reddit and twitter saying cdprojekt red have rede…[View]
613113434Look at this fucking videogame horse[View]
613106616Should they sell the IP to Nintendo now that Sony is too busy making movie games? Is that the only h…[View]
613115460what went wrong?[View]
613115457BASED CYBERCHAD.[View]
613113919How do you get filtered by a Khezu of all things?[View]
613115250Are Amiibo dead? I’ve not seen a single announcement for them in years[View]
613107464Sale Thread: Steam and gog are both having sales. Post and discuss good deals and carts.[View]
613115093Dead island: Anyone wanna play co-op zombies with me? I'm on chapter 5 maybe[View]
613114349>191 hours in But let's face it, this game is NOT FUN. Suckers like me waste all these hours…[View]
613114807KINO OF THE KINOS[View]
613114179Will we ever see her again?[View]
613070751>cross country caravan night city aliens[View]
613114180Half Life: Where the hell is our Half Life content? Alyx made it seem like 3 or some sort of expansi…[View]
613112865Please Explain why consoles are still selling despite PC being better.[View]
613099842So /v/, do we care?[View]
613099162Guilty Gear reminder: Reminder that Daisuke Ishiwatari is innocent. Asahi Katano has been the leader…[View]
613113548>https://youtu.be/eLOFrThr9Gc >https://youtu.be/q_hCSCgX8A8 >https://youtu.be/6bkY9ZS-9BA r…[View]
613085856GTA Protagonist & Main Story Leak: The story was originally going to have four protagonists howe…[View]
613110234Games that angered you to violence.[View]
613108823Have you played his game yet?[View]
613112768So is this worth playing now? I see that thanks to the anime lots of people are playing, and I dont …[View]
613091648>LITERALLY cannot be beaten if you're horny Why is this allowed?[View]
613113809YUMMY MORE BLIZZARD CUMMIES IN MY TUMMY >No LoD improvements, something accomplished half a decad…[View]
613097768Huh, so Cyberpunk is good now? I see... thanks for beta testing![View]
613103121What am i in for?[View]
613111958>*tried to save the virginity crisis*[View]
613110693SHITTY ADULTS[View]
613113601Anyone else playing NBA 2k this year?: It’s not bad[View]
613111425dude stop let me go[View]
613113407The cyberconnect2 version would have been better[View]
613102953do you like gyro aiming,/v/?[View]
6131119632022...I am forgotten[View]
613084853party /v/an: It's Friday night! Come hop on and play some TF2! address: Pa…[View]
613107345Getting ready to play this for the first time but I hear the transformations are shit and it's …[View]
613112903Why copy the THPS4 level goals: But not offer instant restarts on those goals like THPS4?[View]
613111279Played through 5 floors of Scarescraper in Luigi's Mansion 3: With 3 players, it was a fucking …[View]
613110795>Suikoden being revived >takes center stage at the Konami booth >actually get some of the o…[View]
613058340>Not a single good game[View]
613106876>ITT: Games the world forgot but (You) remember[View]
613112369WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS GAME RELEASING the only interesting looking upcoming indie game[View]
613109645I don't play many video games but I played these and thoroughly enjoyed them. What should I pla…[View]
613112715How do we save Halo?: Should Halo make their own anime? Halo : Edgeruners[View]
613111535>want to make game >can't do art >can't program >only have like 3 characters a…[View]
613112489D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D DUEL[View]
613061829Why is FFXIV so popular? I don't get it. Tying things to story seemed promising, but ARR and HW…[View]
613109496YOSHI THREAD GET IN HERE!!!![View]
613112025360 woes: My 360 isn't reading discs anymore. I tested 30 different games, and only 6 of those …[View]
613111969What are some vidya where you play as a cute girl with big titties?[View]
613111986Is the Made in Abyss game any good?: I know nothing about this series and I never watched the anime,…[View]
613112591>Best Fallout game? >HERE YOU GO![View]
613100029DONT USE WIN11: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/09/geforce-gpus-are-slowing-down-after-installi…[View]
613108391It fucking sucked.[View]
613110718anyone playing Slap City today? an update came out with two new characters and crossplay there'…[View]
6131007893ds homebrew: anyone know if the latest august update they randomly dropped broke anything?[View]
613095340Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
613112048Still the best Metal Gear game and one of the best stealth games[View]
613104260the ultimate Pokémon game[View]
613093757>go to https://www.validatorai.com/app >share vidya idea >get told why it sucks >post re…[View]
613106259Splatoon 3: Gearbros, how we holding up?[View]
613110328>play an Elder Scrolls game >start a new game >make a fighter and play through the main que…[View]
613106816>Cyberpunk redemption arc! >No Man's Sky redemption arc! >YIIK redemption arc! When ar…[View]
613107308Why does everyone say that this game is racist? Chris didn't drop the n word once or even call …[View]
613103986Gundam Evolution thread: Gundam Exia is here edition[View]
613111241>Scripted Final Battle where you force to lose Seriously, Dev need to stop doing that…[View]
613106375Jebediah Kerman here: ask me anything[View]
613111463>Im peeing HELP!!!![View]
613084554BIGMODE GAMES: Videogamedunkey is coming to to save us all, isn't he?[View]
613024754What the FUCK happened to Multiversus? You faggots hyped this up so much[View]
613102058>worst girl gets two banners >best girl flonne gets 0 adjust this moot…[View]
613110264>You can only play a game the way the developer intended or you can't criticize it Most redd…[View]
613111110gentlemen, this is democracy manifest[View]
613101350>indie game copies Paper Mario artstyle[View]
613088112This made millions of central and south americans seethe with uncontrollable rage.[View]
613107171Post clowns, and debate on how badly we need more clowns in videogames.[View]
613108719Small things in RPGs you like: >go into a town with a rogue in your party >spend a night in th…[View]
613079121W-why do you prefer Jill Anon?[View]
613105201Gaming peaked here and then nosedived immediately after.: This was the last gen of good AAA games. …[View]
613108353Xbox Dash/UI is cancer: This UI is the sole reason why I prefer PS5 over XSX. Not better gamepad, no…[View]
613109181How do I get the panty shot mod?[View]
613107304>Released 4 days ago >Not a single thread in sight That bad, eh?…[View]
613103084Steam is down[View]
613106859>Based on the Harry Potter Fan Club’s official Sorting Experience, together with the WandCeremony…[View]
613054319FYi if anyone asks you, we love Sonic Frontiers BTW[View]
613109949>previously niche game randomly blows up 5 years later[View]
613110148Post final bosses that make you sweat[View]
613048590Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Gee, what a nice young lady.[View]
613105897Broussard You dumbass I told you My game is damn fine already Now get over there and fix my hair sh…[View]
613109863What was your first obscure/non-mainstream game? Did you rike it?[View]
613109069Cell shaded anime graphics look better than traditional and use less resources[View]
613107319Dark Souls: Why do the characters in this game disappear when they die if they're undead just l…[View]
613105901Why do devs keep catering to g/furs?! Why do us s/furs get fuck all or sloppy seconds through shitty…[View]
613109787Are you enjoying omega strikers?[View]
613109343Playable arakkoa when?[View]
613084412/ss13/: Is Space Station 13 worth climbing the learning curve until you manage to actually have fun …[View]
613104554Krystal from Star Fox[View]
613092635You wake up on the outskirts of Balmora during the events of the early third age and this is the fir…[View]
613104742What roads should the MMORPG genre have taken 10~15 years ago if it wanted to survive and thrive?[View]
613109215>MUH HECKING TTK IS TOO LOWWW!!!! The only people who like bullet sponging are children and peopl…[View]
613100698>game comes down to a 50/50 shot every time Shit game design[View]
613107972Check your emails gang, Nintendo needs our support more than ever. Also what release are you looking…[View]
613108604>He didn't pick Lumine[View]
613108064Are you excited for the new avatar game Will you be able to mate with a na'vi[View]

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