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632348507Ashley with glasses is cute CUTE[View]
632346453Do you still buy physical videogames?[View]
632348310>only one apartment in the entire game that you could fast travel into What the fuck? Why would t…[View]
632349045Do you read the lore books in rpgs?[View]
632349058My base roster for the next Mario Kart: > Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Koop…[View]
632347342Capcom is sitting on a golden goose and they don't even realize it. But no no I'm sure Exo…[View]
632347905Japan: What made Monster Hunter so popular on PSP[View]
632343932Are competitive games pointless?: They seem to remove the enjoyable parts of the games.[View]
632294724I liked cute mouse Ashley, so i make another thread about mouse Ashley[View]
632346846Anyone interested in discussing ULTRAKILL and the absolute shitshow that this (admittedly quite good…[View]
632348742Long bearded Arthur: Long bearded Arthur[View]
632340263The last character you played as has just made you a turkey club, how is it?[View]
632336820Is this the best transgender character in gaming?[View]
632335567Please do not pirate/emulate totk. The devs worked hard on that game, pay like everyone else.[View]
632343532what's the big deal with this guy? why is he on so many games?[View]
632330480Dark Souls style Castlevania when? I want to throw axes at sparlking vampires in 3D.[View]
632348008what are some catholic approved games?[View]
632343337Have you ever attended a videogame tournament? What was it like?[View]
632348091>Randomly gets with Tali if you don't romance her WTF was he cucking us the whole time?…[View]
632344132What was his problem?[View]
632344452when indie devs will start making ps1/ps2 era games???[View]
632282776Prey 2017: Was it a good game?[View]
632333998Nature is healing[View]
632314780This was the peak fromsoftware, wish this game still got more content[View]
632338576>almost no augments unlike the rest of overwatch >get to beat the shit out of people for a liv…[View]
632347718God, I need MORE collectathons: Good, big collectathons. Not indie shit that can be 100% finished in…[View]
632338935Why are zoomer games such trash?: It's basically all bottom of the barrel shovelware made with …[View]
632334718Are there any games left that need the demake treatment? Almost everything I played growing up got a…[View]
632347639>Game lets you acquire secret item that gives an abnormal status condition >Party members stea…[View]
632346989I play Battlefield 2042 extensively today, and i realize you need: >at least 80 FPS to have smoot…[View]
632339213Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632344236Post kino movie games[View]
632345819SAY THE LINE, SOULSFAG![View]
632344016Who wins?[View]
632347429just got a gringo banned on steam foruns: learn your place crackas and ham sandwiches[View]
632342686Infamous 2 > Prototype > Infamous >>>>>>>>>Prototype 2[View]
632289442Diablo IV: This is so powerful...[View]
632346092I love this man so much.[View]
632342061What are your thoughts about games that give away legacy content? I was reading an article on WoW fr…[View]
632344518I love these two like you wouldn’t believe.[View]
632342951It speaks for itself.[View]
632347130I don't know why this is so cute/funny to me, Bayonetta 2 running natively on Windows 7[View]
632338976WE FLY HIGH[View]
632347036Wild 9: >'Like, cool!'[View]
632279751Is there a video game girl that you love as a Waifu /v/?[View]
632345187>we went from games being 'perfect for switch' to the switch being the worst possible console for…[View]
632346835I upgraded to Xbox series X instead of ps5 because[View]
632342997What are some good games that deal with reincarnation?[View]
632342996>one of the most influential FPS of all time >now reduced to a F2P dead game Literally what we…[View]
632346324I’m tired of people pretending this wasn’t good[View]
632344782LEON, Your favorite yellow womb has now a bonekiller voice, accept it and fuck my sister[View]
632345112My business is failing[View]
632345191Who is your childhood vidya crush /v/?[View]
632346136Already have mine preordered :)[View]
632338616Is this game any good?: or did it used to be good? it looks cool but idk if i'm late to the par…[View]
632342885TLOU port is Certified Trash: TLOU port is so shit it brought entire Steam network down You're …[View]
632330403games you quit because they were simply too ugly for you to enjoy?[View]
632345959looks fucking retarded.[View]
632345952>what are things you remember from games as a kid that just aren't there? when i used to pla…[View]
632345493Runescape Advertised Games: I'm trying to find this game I once downloaded from the Runescape h…[View]
632320536This woman...[View]
632342817what do you guys think the Dark Souls of video games is?[View]
632322189Future of Nintendo: Does anyone actually have a positive outlook for Nintendo in the coming years? T…[View]
632345394Samus vs Godzilla: Samus has been taking out Giant Alien monsters every Tuesday but can she take on …[View]
632344612>examine object >dialogue box says it's useless and it doesn't get picked up >thr…[View]
632343064>Make characters based on Egypt >White What?…[View]
632345502sussus amongus[View]
632345775>Dude! Just let me just super glue this gigantic lego city i keep in my cramped basement so it wi…[View]
632343404Hey bros, can I power my Steam Deck off and on via a keyboard (and possibly a mouse or controller, t…[View]
632341605over: steam bros...... its ogre[View]
632334867blocking is an alien concept to 98% of chipp players.[View]
632345557I just don't find Elden Ring bosses fun to fight[View]
632338994Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
632344204I love grey or white haired vidya girls /v/[View]
632342559Does world of warcraft work on steam deck[View]
632343467Princess Hilda thread[View]
632316013deltarune: do you guys think the next secret bosses will live up to the hype that was set by spamton…[View]
632325492Time to get fucked, stud.[View]
632338892Remember when Fallout was gritty as fuck?[View]
632344056>he doesn't use the forums Explain yourself[View]
632335741Why doesn't Nintendo just retire the Zelda franchise already? It's clear they've run …[View]
632341349why are there no good mecha games? Literally the only good series is Metal Gear and you don’t even u…[View]
632340919Realistically speaking, how do we cure his yellow fever?[View]
632336547She's just standing there, menacingly....[View]
632345018Both miiverse and miitomo were great as social media services but unfortunately Nintendo shut down m…[View]
632342332>still looks like a mod That would be 70$ plus tip please understandu[View]
632337112Oh yeah, that happened[View]
632344565I have been selected to fight Heihachi Mishima in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.[View]
632342375What's stopping you from developing your very own game and making a shitzillion dollars, /v/? …[View]
632344828Orsinium Area... home.[View]
632339795People hated Silent Hill 4 for not being yet another SH2 retread[View]
632344639It looks really fun but Can you turn the gore off? [View]
632344507Where does the franchise rank among all gaming franchises after RE4R? Personally? Probably top 2[View]
632339768Is /v/ finally able to admit that Fortnite is a good video game?[View]
632325802Play Tales[View]
632340037R.I.P Zelda: What used to be the greatest Action Adventure franchise around has now just been turned…[View]
632344078I fucking hate this motherfucker to my very core. Waking up and remembering I have to fight him acti…[View]
632343315Embarrassing Gamestop Stories: When I went in to pick up the King K. Rool amiibo, the cashier asked …[View]
632340029Lara with gun[View]
632334431>5 more years of snoys seething about Zelda Are you ready kids?[View]
632341149They just wanted to help their people.[View]
632341947>you will never play Booshee Robble Brorbialle[View]
632343635>2023 >niles fags still complaining about scrambed eggs…[View]
632337514Potion seller, please, forgive my arrogance. I cannot handle your strongest potions but still I must…[View]
632343158why was he banned?[View]
632339738>You like survival horror games?: >Their early work was a little too horror focused for my tas…[View]
632342850WTF is this shit?? I'm disgusted! It's a children's game ffs![View]
632343235SIFU REVIEW: Hi /v/ I have recently been writing review for games in the persona of Starscream. (jus…[View]
632343184Will Nintendo be able to ban RetroArch?[View]
632343162I played 2 hours of vidya today[View]
632342395what are the best n64 romhacks that are console compatible? my favorite one so far is Mario Sapphire[View]
632342428>Servers go down >Millions of dollars worth of skins stolen…[View]
632340297Is Game Informer still a good magazine? I used to read it back in the day, and I’d like to get a mon…[View]
632343023>Enemy Blocks path >Very little health left What do?…[View]
632332321Why are we always insanely angry over Zelda? Why can't we just enjoy vidya KINO?[View]
632342964Steam deck: >try to play bioshock >crashes randomly and map takes ages to open >try to play…[View]
632342880What are some games with fun melee combat?[View]
632334812What in the world was he thinking? Imagine if the new counter strike had been announced and these w…[View]
632334706Why is this game so beloved by zoomers? Apparently Black Ops 2 is considered the best Cod in the ent…[View]
632342492give it to me straight /v/ is this game getting delayed again?[View]
632325215Why do they wear the mask?[View]
632342224When will the Steam Deck go on sale again? I missed it[View]
632342738>showcase of gameplay after nearly 6 long years of bated waiting >puts a rock on a stick >*…[View]
632340889Any tips for a zoomer playing Morrowind for the first time? This armor looks bussin no cap[View]
632336030Kek microsoft has American politicians in their pocket and are now accusing Sony of anticompetitive …[View]
632336146given the salient issue of the inflated egos and ostentatious posturing often displayed by independe…[View]
632334996jigsaw puzzles: https://jiggie.fun/FjPMrf 200[View]
632341552>ride with Hans Capon to the edge of the map to finish the game with all DLC installed >tonal …[View]
632337850Would he like the Persona series?[View]
632337732are Gen IV and V the only Pokemon games that still hold up?[View]
632325380But /v/ told me this was a hallway simulator[View]
632339792Why does everyone keep exceeding their expectations for this game? It’s a direct sequel to Botw, you…[View]
632315752>*Is even more meta than before*[View]
632341623Orsinium Area... home.[View]
632340101I can BET we gon see this bitch naked this game[View]
632339115TUNIC: Tunic is a masterpiece. It succeeds in making each area more interesting than the last. It su…[View]
632341030Do you prefer serious golf games or silly/themed games? Mini golfers move along[View]
632340572Post video games you've never played and why you haven't played them.[View]
632337915>game still being played despite not receiving a single update since launch…[View]
632339531snoy sisters... they're laughing at us again.[View]
632339301Games that were likely abandoned that you still have hope for[View]
632341618Still unsurpassed.[View]
632338147What the fuck is an albinauric woman even[View]
632340624Is nepheli loux from elden ring the best tomboy in gaming?[View]
632341493CAMMY // MANON: Dev match bros get the fuck in here https://youtu.be/uxJIlPrfd_E I try not to coom p…[View]
632327205Jim Sterling put out a video yesterday talking about the 3DS and Wii U eshop closure. And you know,…[View]
632326668>Consistently awful PC ports I'm about at my limit. I'm beginning to think it's m…[View]
632341336Snoo PINGAS usual, I see[View]
632339947anon I brought monster hunter tri and red steel 2 to play[View]
632340824so no special 1 outfits?[View]
632334068Why did Nintendo steal part this Basketball anime intro for their shitty Flute game? https://www.you…[View]
632340854Just finished Wo Long, what did I think about it?[View]
632330936Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Man, this next build of Besiege is something else.[View]
632338092In which games can you kill god?[View]
632339934He's literally me.[View]
632340159Who would buy this piece of shit?[View]
632340812why are light gun games so hard[View]
632340680>2023... >I am...forgotten?[View]
632337685Mark Darrah has returned as consultant to work on Dragon Age Dreadwolf: https://venturebeat.com/game…[View]
632338969Ladies, gentlemen lets settle this once and fucking for all. Is League of Legends a good game?[View]
632338449All I want is a Nikki GF, every girl in existence is inferior, what vengeful god have I wronged to d…[View]
632340549why can't I get this game to work on my steam deck? trying to map the touchpads to the control …[View]
632340504Honest Hearts and OWB suck ass, are the rest of the DLC worth it?[View]
632336812Why are there no more chad protagonists in games?[View]
632340478>RTX enabled vs RTX off[View]
632337664finish your backlog[View]
632339356I miss the realism color filter of yearly PS3/xbox360 games. fuck this modern cartoony shit like gta…[View]
632338723*autistically screams till you lower the volume*[View]
632340171Games for this feel?[View]
632339601Mario… Could you teach me some Italian?[View]
632337786Do they go to heaven when they die?[View]
632339780How is the Switch such a dogshit piece of hardware that it makes a 6+ year sequel to a game on a pre…[View]
632337579not like this sisters...[View]
632335345What is your ideal Digimon game?[View]
632338205ITT: moments in vidya that are pure soul, doesnt matter how the overall game turned out https://www.…[View]
632339195I have just killed your pizza tower thread.[View]
632337929Kratos: Why do some people believe the new God of War games 'Ruined' Kratos? Last I checked there wa…[View]
632317340Cmon /v/ stop being a contrarian and accept that this is the masterpiece of our generation.[View]
632338523See you in 6 years for a true new Zelda game and not BOTW 1.5[View]
632281671Post the best girl of her vidya.[View]
632339468Age of Wonder: With the 4th game coming out, I decided to give 3 a shot since it was sitting in my b…[View]
632339398>Elden Ring won >Cyberpunk won >Edgerunners won >Hogwarts Legacy won its over shazam /v/…[View]
632332683How do you feel about them?[View]
632337705*Despite everything, It's still you.[View]
632337536jailbroken switch: Can you jailbreak your Switch already? Don't wanna know how, I can look tha…[View]
632337650I plan on spending a few thousand hours in this and not finishing it.[View]
632337531>you can play the original Doom games inside Doom Eternal. Does that mean the Doom games are actu…[View]
632337157Name a cheaper CPU.[View]
632337970How much of re4r new content[View]
63231764730s gamers: >Turn 30 >can no longer keep up in competitive vidya…[View]
632338836Predict the first week sales. I predict 350k physical domestic and 3 million globally.[View]
632338467Is there any video games where bosses drop parts dynamically as you attack it like Nikke? Every othe…[View]
632331375Any games which can be sociologically, anthropologically, and physiologically dismantled saliently a…[View]
632331442Remake Remake, Japan[View]
632320086I love Dragon Quest![View]
632338475>...Initializing >Configuring User Settings >Readying Windows *dum bum bum bahhh* >Welco…[View]
632326896>You think because you say nothing... you are strong?[View]
632333592Which overhated game is going to be remember fondly is the next decade?[View]
632336738There has been a Mario game since 2017. Meanwhile, there has been 2 Metroid games, 2 Zelda games, 2 …[View]
632337752>one of the most popular and influential games of all time is about rescuing and protecting a you…[View]
632335107What was the last post 2010 that you enjoyed playing?[View]
632337815Who was in the wrong here?[View]
632335208>selling porn in an underage game I assume nothing will ever be done to this problem >yeah duu…[View]
632337709This is... fun![View]
632332640Underrated Gems: Post 'em.[View]
632337532Which version of FFVI should I play?[View]
632297727Play Mount & Blade Bannerlord[View]
632337286Ohhh deckies!!! >steam deck is a better switch >won’t be able to run ToTK at launch…[View]
632302003Master Duel: R.I.P, Red-eyes girl in MD when?[View]
632334146So, what was the point of the secret cow level?[View]
632335830Any good Revolutionary war games?[View]
632320827Limbus Company: Outisbros, how are we feeling?[View]
632334994>free (as in freedom) games can't be lu-[View]
632334697Imagine being excited for a mobile game in 2023: That could never be me. Actually when i think about…[View]
632296085Game equivalent to this?[View]
6323298633,000+ angry copers: >We're not coping! >We're not coping! >We're not from t…[View]
632336657Whenever I see the left girl being posted here I always assume it's Terra from Final Fantasy.[View]
632324519>TotK not even released yet >/v/ is already crying…[View]
632337159what the fuck is this piece of shit game[View]
632327847>even Japan is okay with the deal It’s pretty much theirs now[View]
632331674Why are so many games doing crafting autism?[View]
632323161Tears of the Kingdom: WE WAITED SIX FUCKING YEARS JUST TO PUT A ROCK ON A STICK!?[View]
632333015>Haha morty look I combined this long stick with a pitchfork and I call it a long pitchfork stick…[View]
632336149Remember me?: Two years later, we can now run a ChatGPT-like AI model on a local PC. It's only …[View]
632337260>and now Tears of the Kingdom dont have it Why are new games so afraid of Underwater?…[View]
632336409Husbando?: Have you ever fallen in love with a video game male?[View]
632337234Why is it so bad?[View]
632334065>you will have to eventually buy an RTX card in your lifetime I thought I had more time.…[View]
632333702source engine still has the best movement physics and controls of any game undisputed[View]
632334123Are there other games with a cast of mostly cute, cartoony gals in a similar fashon of Wayforward?: …[View]
632337085>Message from Steam Support on Mar 28 @ 2:08pm >We are investigating this issue further. As so…[View]
632336056>Don’t worry, I won’t have you lashed to a cross like the rest of these degenerates. It’s useful …[View]
632336982ITT: forced franchises[View]
632330256>pick up partial invisibility >take just as much damage as before WTF? and this is supposed to…[View]
632335586>Morrowind is basically a retelling of the New Testament >a quest in Skyrim is about getting s…[View]
632336906I miss the realism color filter of yearly PS3/xbox360 games. fuck this modern cartoony shit like gta…[View]
632336542First Elden Ring DLC Boss Leaked[View]
632336318Was it any good?[View]
632313863Is /v/ ready to admit that Action Horror RE > Survival Horror RE yet? Notice how much more fun th…[View]
632333202>never liked overwatch, only porn >twink outsider of the friend group, everyone plays normie s…[View]
632331314finding friends to play games with: so idk if this is the right place to ask this but I don't w…[View]
632336651i wish this game was good. halo with controller is comfy.[View]
632336252Why do Japanese developers hate their games so much they have to ripoff Western games like Minecraft…[View]
632331146Dude you committed a war crime even if you don't press anything!: >Feel bad for killing thos…[View]
632336229Why not make new ips instead of ruining already existing franchises. It's like wanting the rebo…[View]
632335280How are you enjoying your nice GOTY game fellas?[View]
632334408>It starts with...[View]
632331156The time of purification is at hand.[View]
632330708>There are NO good games with greenskin protagonists[View]
632336152What's the deal with main characters with braided hair?[View]
632336141Kino: It's like Civ V but good. I love the Syndicate for their spionage. Jack Gelder is a chad …[View]
632336087Why do PlayStation developers never feel like optimizing their games for PC? I played Horizon and Da…[View]
632333141Me and the boys about to go convert some heathens.[View]
632319652What is the Double Down of video games?[View]
632323845Was this shot of Ada Wong's ass necessary?[View]
632334339You guys got any recommendations for Sci-Fi games or racing games for Xbox One that's available…[View]
632334907Have you played the best game of 2017?[View]
632330749>is still incapable of running any of the Burnout games without severe graphical issues There is…[View]
632323073ITT: shitty games that /v/ tricked you into playing[View]
632332021I had a switch for 2 months I gave it to my sick friend before they died. Years later I talk to my g…[View]
632331758>try to emulate a game >remapping inputs doesn't work, except randomly they do work somet…[View]
632332273Tears of the Kingdom is even worse than a DLC: We seriously waited 6 years... and for this? I wasn…[View]
632335276No Man's Sky: Is this worth getting into or is it gonna be something that takes over your whole…[View]
632335659I just saw TOTK footage. Yeah, It's over. RE4 Remake confirmed GOTY. No other game is decent co…[View]
632302015Since TOTK is a pile of shit, let's talk about some other zelda games.: Played the minish cap r…[View]
632330561Explain how reusing assets is somehow a bad thing[View]
632328268This weapon would be too heavy for an average person to use[View]
632332782FPS where you can play as an LGBT?[View]
632335127Clash Thread: >Great gameplay >Great music >Great graphics >Decent story >Unique set…[View]
632335474>Game has a challenging start but gets easier >keeps awarding unbalanced tools that deflate e…[View]
632333797>waah waah gog games is gone piracy is le heckin dead waah waah!! So? Just use rutracker like eve…[View]
632335396Why don't his games have ladders[View]
632335380>Spy can sap door and cart now Wow[View]
632330597I love gaming[View]
632335259Am I an ugly irredeemable unloved newfag, if I don't like overly difficult games?[View]
632333605>Steam goes down >games stolen[View]
632334343Activision says Merger proceedings will not effect it's relationship with Sony: Everyone is hug…[View]
632334242This game made me realize how hard being a politician really is[View]
632325853Here are your 2023 pc games, bro![View]
632306031Is Armored Core 6 really the only thing to look forward to this year? I literally can't think o…[View]
632334353I found out I have leukemia and it made me wonder what the last game you would ever play be?[View]
632332590Games only you liked, I'll start. Ah you were at my side all along. My mentor...my guiding Rog…[View]
632333004Favorite sports game?[View]
632334807are there any other crpgs fit for coop besides divinity 2[View]
632334685ITT: games that have an actual purpose beyond entertaining the player[View]
632248309Explain to me the appeal for this armor style.[View]
632334612Avoid: >reddit >steam forums >discord >rpgcodex >resetera Any other garbage forums/si…[View]
632333046the only think I'm looking forward to this year is CP77 and TW3 DLCs it's over[View]
632330316Cream the Rabbit thread[View]
632327831R6S was ruined by compbabies: >levels are far more linear and closed off >far less environment…[View]
632104610/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>631971404 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
632331414SKYRIM IS A 9/10![View]
632326669Gog games is fucking dead. >piece of shit like igg still alive[View]
632330878Why are Steam Deck fans like this?[View]
632323430I don't even care about Gorion, Bhaal or Sarevok. I just want to help Edwin become a lich.[View]
632334214>takes a year to add a single mob to the game that does nothing >third party devs can do this …[View]
632333145They are unpozzable[View]
632327681Even in anime, there has never been a localized anime that is somehow better than the sub. What give…[View]
632319075Do you mod your games?[View]
632332339Worst customer service in the business >son grabs controller, >starts pressing buttons maniaca…[View]
632334114Zelda: .[View]
632328250What would you like to see in the next installment?[View]
632283025mega man battle network: BN5 was the shittest game in the series.[View]
632333441Does King Kong deserve a new video game adaptation?[View]
632283904Be honest, /vee/. Your first choice was to comfort her.[View]
632316087anyone else feel like there's less actual memorable character designs these days? like, there…[View]
632333612>kills the last MMO you were able to enjoy in your path[View]
632332637You will see how the journos will use the “new” creation/fusion mechanics in Zelda ToTK as a perfect…[View]
632332838When was the last time a game made you so mad you started crying?[View]
632326937Tears of the Kingdom looks amazing: I am convinced after this trailer. Being able to fuse any item t…[View]
63233134110 Fucking Years.[View]
632333714>lendeded my younger brother borrow my laptop to play fartnight >get laptop back a few days la…[View]
632318337Who are the cutest /v/ boys, /v/?[View]
632331528The people have spoken. The new Tears of The Kingdom trailer looks amazing.[View]
632331591Predict how the vidya industry will be in ten years Bonus: first trips will reflect the actual futur…[View]
632331706>I play pokemon for the gameplay.[View]
632331862What are the best hangover games?[View]
632330135TIL Sony spends more money than McDonald's every year lobbying US government officials. Why are…[View]
632331043is /v/ prepared for Diablo 4?[View]
632331241After the fiasco that is TLOU on PC i need a sober and honest opinion about the other zombie Snoy ga…[View]
632329376>impregnates women[View]
632333336wyverian: where do they come from? do they exist cause some chad hunter decided to fuck some monster…[View]
632333327CSGO / CS2: Why are Americans so shit at their own game[View]
632301832>does nothing >still wins with the fall of GOG today, now comes the next question; What did S…[View]
632333305What is the most philosophically deep game you have ever played?[View]
632333086Anyone think that we'll get a moment like this in Tears of the Kingdom?[View]
632333116MBTL has sold over 400,000 units: >400k sales >2 years at EVO Kamone won https://www.gematsu.…[View]
632328164Explain what CHIM is[View]
632328484Which should be my first Switch game, I need the peak of kino. >Octopath Traveler 2 >Xenoblade…[View]
632333103It actually makes sense to make this game PS5 exclusive. The money they make off PC and Xbox especia…[View]
632329561The Last Of Us Part I: The PC performance is really bad,[View]
632327864Conker 64 proto: https://twitter.com/InTimsWorld/status/1640811381485195271 now in 'action'…[View]
632327426why do demons need such big asses?[View]
632300690Which game is better?[View]
632332828>YOU ARE FORERUNNER Man, what did he mean by that? I'm puzzled.[View]
632272667We can all agree that this is the worst FromSoft game, right? The open world is absolutely barren an…[View]
632312389PCchads... we got too cocky[View]
632313064Genshin sisters, our response?[View]
632321054So, about not having a PC build...[View]
632329209Any games/kino that take place in the communist hellscape that is China? I’ve noticed when video ga…[View]
632329189Future naughty dog games will be on PC day 1: Why should anyone buy a PS5 after this?[View]
632330676It's over RE4R won[View]
632331730Only deranged psychos like this game, like people that are genuinely insane[View]
632331514If Your Name is Written in This Book.. You Die on This Minecraft Server: dont join this minecraft se…[View]
632268183This is a fucking joke[View]
632331997How do I enter this mode?[View]
632331882Riders on the storm...[View]
632331731Bayonetta 3 Bros...they're making fun of us again. Our response? https://youtu.be/5_DIdp05lMM[View]
632292913why do so many people here dislike 'pixelshit'?[View]
632329802>RE4 remake >Dead Space remake >Last of Us remake >Diablo 2 remake >Silent Hill remak…[View]
632331480Big: Oof[View]
632331725What's the best way to pull the history of CSGO matches and its betting odds?[View]
632330693>Aladdin simulator >people are mad about it why?…[View]
632329159how do i get started in getting good at this game? i hear people talk about frame data, safe on bloc…[View]
632329517Is pic related OP?[View]
632331469Sherry Birkin[View]
632317645Welcome to Africa, Mr. Redfield. With my freaking mind![View]
632331437What is your favorite Monster Rancher game?[View]
632331286It's free on Steam. Anyone played it?[View]
632328008Most Koei Tecmo games are average[View]
632327980Holy shit fuck Capcom how can any company be this petty?[View]
632322926Will we ever get a good Avatar game?[View]
632331292What went wrong?[View]
632325372Rank the games in this series: Which are the best, which are the ones to avoid?[View]
632329884FYI , 3ds & Wii U: ESHOP's letting you redeem codes again! Lets have a share thread. feel f…[View]
632328828Buy 'refurbished' they said...[View]
632326252>Hey Chris, welcome to africa.[View]
632326916Rank Leon voices. For me it's 1. japanese 2. Italian 3. English https://youtu.be/ErwJ3VNuIxQ[View]
632307013Thank you for remaking games: Without the Demon's Souls remake, I would have never played Demon…[View]
632319316Life by You: Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
632330975>suck this game’s dick >talk about how it is revolutionary >release it to other platforms …[View]
632330957This was the first time I used the riot gun in RE4make. It was nice.[View]
632286586What went wrong?[View]
632327805Are there any non hentai games where pregnancy is a mechanic? Its weird there are so many games with…[View]
632330489Still the best most memorable OST in the history of games. How the fuck did they do it?[View]
632314184is lore important, or is it a shield used to compensate for lacklustre gameplay?[View]
632330751If i enjoy this what other similar games should i play?[View]
632302703Has IS convinced you to love Fjorm yet?[View]
632330605Shazam bros lost[View]
632328812Be honest /v/ if you were trapped in quarantine with your legally psychopathic sister how long would…[View]
632330547>Hell, It's about time...: https://youtu.be/rnSlg-I03oQ[View]
632330057https://store.steampowered.com/app/2225480/REMORE_INFESTED_KINGDOM/ Looks kinda cool[View]
632329223I have a PS5 but all the games I have played on it are PS4 games.[View]
632327436so we had this i.d.: >our writers came up with the i.d. to >the i.d. was to >it wasn't…[View]
632315454Yeah, GOTY.[View]
632311117Why would they make a gaming device that uses fucking linux? What were they thinking? Linux is godaw…[View]
632329808It's over for nipbros. : ([View]
632327068>oh r'luhhor ahlloigehye hafh ya[View]
632329651Show yours.[View]
632327653Oh you wanted dungeons...? NO YOU GET BOTW: NUTS AND BOLTS >HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Literally the fucki…[View]
632328509Resident Evil: Virus Outbreak (2025): I have information, for a resident evil game that started deve…[View]
632328616worst level in video game history[View]
632329384I'm so shite at Elden Ring[View]
632324616Why is every 'RPG' just a God of War clone now?: I just want a traditional party based RPG, is that …[View]
632329738Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632324805Getting back into gaming after a 10 year+ break: I've barely been on /v/ in a decade , what…[View]
632323753You do kill this rambling, tribalistic, angry nigger right?[View]
632325801Would you play a game with a fat protagonist?[View]
632328135PIRATEBROS, IT'S OVER[View]
632329394Vidya Tropes: >the mom is hotter than the female protag[View]
632329275>Gaming on a Mac[View]
632324368MIranda Lawson: She put the ass in Mass Effect.[View]
632325543Why is this supposedly the rarest achievement in Bayonetta. Are people really that shit? All you do …[View]
632318574Persona X: New Alice[View]
632327384How do they do it? Why Nintendo keep winning? Is it because they focus on actual gameplay and fun wh…[View]
632328968EDF: Post about EDF.[View]
632328123>We're losing this battle start fighting or I'll find someone who can!…[View]
632327762Is Ghostwire tokyo going to be saved by new update?[View]
632329026>Play strategy game >Only win because the enemy AI is dumb Is there anything more immersion br…[View]
632319770It was a better and more influential game than Mario 64 and I'm tired of acting like it wasn…[View]
632324386Sheva: Perfect casting choice, thoughts?[View]
632282706anyone playing this game with keyboard/mouse is faggot.[View]
632328543Is it worth it?[View]
632295704Neet girl date night: You weren't filtered by that dialogue, right?[View]
632325984>game has a character creator >streamers be like:…[View]
632328950Best Selling PS5 games: >the best selling ps5 game is a ps3 game remake >the second best is th…[View]
632313169Take the Codex pill[View]
632328160why are poorfags like this?[View]
632325576>RTX 3060[View]
632328317Are there any modern games that AREN'T goyslop?[View]
632313872Nintendo internally HATES Meleefags: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu8x8NeLwBA&t=2805s Already…[View]
632327887Is MOBA like Diablo 4 kind of battle experience? or is it more slow paced[View]
632328264Chen is suspicious![View]
632323549Japanese PC video game vs Western PS5 console flagship[View]
632319154>Numemon again Dropped this shitty game[View]
632291191Tekken 8: Jun trailer is out https://youtu.be/PbJ0ie1Ao3U Look at the insane difference in character…[View]
632326412Will ToTK surpass it? I'm trembling in my boots after the gameplay footage, Elden Bros..[View]
632326912>'We want the boss we had in the previous game to be a selectable character in our new game, but …[View]
632323241What does 'grand strategy' mean?[View]
632311489They need to just cancel her game, rework it, and release it as DLC as originally planned. It's…[View]
632327639Did they remove the island section with the militiamen and chaingunners in the remake? That was the …[View]
632327640BOOM HEADSHOT[View]
632290982can we have a real discussion thread?: no >le IT'S THE EXACT.... I liked the fused mechanic …[View]
632316163>Valorant major tournament >5k viewers >CSGO random tournament in some random village in Ro…[View]
632319061Dovahkiin! No!!: Dovahkiin! No!![View]
632326920Yo, Mr. White! Fusing mechanics, yo! Tears of the Kingdom is gonna be the bomb, yo![View]
632288082Why do they want to be FromSofware so badly?[View]
632324363I don't know you and I don't care to know you.[View]
632326142PSVR2: What are some good games to play now?[View]
632322349I played this game with my therapist and she was terrible at it because of it's mini-games, is …[View]
632327774Will Capcom launch the next Monster Hunter title on a Nintendo platform?[View]
632327572doshin the giant: doshin the giant[View]
632323832This game is pretty bad and boring. I'm so sick of people claiming it as the best SM game.[View]
632317221>get a heavy cold >tfw unironically too sick for video games My face is melting.…[View]
632322470Post you're toons[View]
632278481Microsoft declares war on Sony: 7/11 are from Washington which Microsoft is based in and if this is …[View]
632324636You killed him, right?[View]
632327257>lol what if link did that[View]
632327259Just downloaded this, it's my first souls game. Any beginner tips other than play as royalty?[View]
632327354:->: I've noticed that my favorite characters are also parkourists. What other game protags …[View]
632320785Discuss H-game.[View]
632322719Admit it. You believed it.[View]
632327204Vidya spiders: What are some games with big ol' spiders in them?[View]
632322978Graveyard thread: Games and services that are gone now, but you remember them. Remember PlayStation …[View]
632324139Cream the Rabbit thread[View]
632309829How does he have so many dick riders from making a mediocre mmo?!?!?![View]
632326957REMAKES: Remakes are destroying the industry as we speak and you guys just swallow it and ask for mo…[View]
632326776It's funny how all you fucking cocksucking faggots are screaming get fucked zeldafag lol $70 dl…[View]
632324435Mario without mustache[View]
632311908Diablo IV: I am about to try my very first Diablo game.[View]
632322254Alicia, my beloved...[View]
632325673Immersive Sims: Far Cry 2 is an immersive sim and you cannot claim otherwise.[View]
632316401Going in blind, know nothing about the game or its lore. Any advice?[View]
632323207Cmon /v/.[View]
632324564Post worst game ever made[View]
632321569So are they both just fucked in the head?[View]
632323004It will be like that.[View]
632324768ITT: Characters who died as virgins.[View]
632320675I will never forgive FromSoft for introducing this mechanic that every single piece of shit indie de…[View]
632320789Sony lineups will never be this good again[View]
632324829How long until this hack fraud fucking retard croaks and dies choking on an onigiri? Zelda would can…[View]
632323875They're gonna fuck up the remake aren't they?: Mainly because 95% of remakes are always in…[View]
632294927Where's my Joan of Arc game?[View]
632322270Should I use keyboard and mouse or controller to play it?[View]
632326130>put a rock on a stick >put a pitchfork on a stick >put a mushroom on a shield Woah...kino.…[View]
632322880Zelda ToK: You gonna have your shrines and NO DUNGEONS and you gonna shut the f up about it and like…[View]
632326145Just picked up one of these. Why are the graphics so shit, and why do almost none of the games have …[View]
632323984Why is he wearing a dress?[View]
632325591Shit game to be 2bh[View]
632314340Frag thread: Post your most impressive frags in multiplayer video games here.[View]
632324309so she's just elizabeth2 right[View]
632323770>tfw the best pokemon game on switch is a glorified photo mode[View]
632323908Time to save the world, Anon! You're with me?[View]
632325571Does /v/ go for 100% in games with collectables?[View]
632322212>graphics: ultra >fps limit: 40 >motion blur: on…[View]
632324623imagine this with >raytracing >no loading zones literally the perfect PS5 game…[View]
632323240After Bridges, play the amazing sequel: Drawbridges.[View]
632322756What games are you looking forward to play on Niᥒtend𐐬 Switch™?[View]
632322420What genre do you call music like this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7z0qUTFVrhQ I hear it a lot in…[View]
632267883It’s over[View]
632321051Fit(ness) Boxing: Fist of the North Star: Calling Switch modders, Unity devfags, and others - the NA…[View]
632324618Eastern vs Western Development: Learn the difference. It could save your life.[View]
632320564Your SSR servant is here, boss.[View]
632320731What game does nights best?[View]
632318860Crime Boss Rockay City: >It's shit To the surpise of absolutely no one. No wonder the devs t…[View]
632321495The age old debate[View]
632291657>$70 Nintendo game >Free mobile game Is Nintendo falling behind, /v/?…[View]
632322243Where is he going?[View]
632322619ERECTIN' A /V/ISPENCER[View]
632321825Reminder that every time a remake or indie game comes out /v/ has a honeymoon phase only to call the…[View]
632319463>Streamers are the only ones that got to play the CS2 beta Why is Valve pandering to streamers so…[View]
632276471Jigsaw puzzles!: Jigsaw enjoyers, heed my call! https://jiggie.fun/1hXnvU vidya game waifu[View]
632324471>new zelda game >starfield >resident evil 4 remake >hogwarts legacy >diablo 4 >FF…[View]
632321652Japanese, MH, English or French?[View]
632324230What are your honest thoughts about Localization in vidya and as a profession in general?[View]
632307948>CRT filter: ON yep, it's kino time[View]
632323467Will Tears of the Kingdom be actually good?[View]
632324324Hast Thou Played The Good Game?[View]
632321556PC HAS noteworthy exclusives[View]
632321789Why does it always turn to shit?[View]
632323360i travel to your shitty country i cum in yo parasites i dont give a fuck[View]
632324056do you think making games for tiktok-addled zoomers is easy money?[View]
632323219>gog takes down website that has been stealing games and giving them out for free >piratefags …[View]
632266202New mod to fix Ashley's crimson chin https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevil42023/mods/197[View]
632322620>Say something bad about any game 'YEAH BRO YOU ARE RIGHT THIS GAME SUCKS THIS IS BAD WHY DO NORM…[View]
632315248Resident Evil 5 remake: What do you want in the remake? A smarter partner AI for one, would be ideal…[View]
632311402Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632317904This game will be pure soul. Reminds me of the good days when devs actually put effort into their ga…[View]
632304412>The last character you played as MUST have sex with Ryza.[View]
632323383>follow modding guide >author goes on an autistic tirade about some other rando he hates Why d…[View]
632323451Hand over your Dwarven arrows.[View]
632323003Should I be playing this on Master difficulty for first playthrough?: Or play through on Normal, unl…[View]
632323403If you alter gear in this game is it permanent or can you switch it back later if you dont like it?[View]
632306697Is it a success or flop?[View]
632322613Happy 21 years of Kingdom Hearts everyone.[View]
632319992why are light gun games so fucking hard? i really wish we got proper games before they disappeared f…[View]
632320784Why is it so hard to get excited for videogames nowadays?[View]
632318721>archivemant unlocked: the bigger they are...[View]
632321324does adding a mushroom to your sword fix the durability issue?[View]
632323035>ewgf ewgf dewgf dewgf b21 cd1 range drive you hanashi ni naran na[View]
632323135Objective Survive: The Game[View]
632323053SHE'S A MERCENARY[View]
632321147Splatoon: /x/ themed war starts in a few days Footfags will be last place[View]
632322008>everyone likes it Sonybros...[View]
632319797has a game ever made you feel like this halfway in or during the finale?[View]
632319303>playing Agarest for the first time >meet random elf girl in the forest apparently in the proc…[View]
632322849MILF: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PbJ0ie1Ao3U[View]
632321169>Counter Strike started out as a mod for HL1 >Team Fortress started out as a mod first for Qua…[View]
632322681Towerclimb: Should've went to club instead[View]
632315390>tfw you lived long enough to see Nintendo save gaming not once, but twice in a single generation…[View]
632322340post beautiful male protags: I will always love this prince :3[View]
632318615why doesn't china make real life overlord tanks[View]
632318749>install new game >NEW ITEMS IN SHOP[View]
632321154What are some unforgivable video game sins? I'll start with using AT in racing games.[View]
632320330Diablo3sisters .... we didn't know how good we had it[View]
632321951It's true[View]
632316189The fuck was his problem 'ey[View]
632320289The Legend of Plants: Zombies of the Kingdom: HE'S IN[View]
632295707Post characters you wanna have sex with in this thread. And also reason why. >Baiken I want to ma…[View]
632321993>The only good game devs left in the industry Say something nice about them. >Contrarians need…[View]
632321390>Defeat the last boss >The game just refuses to fucking end I hate when games do this shit. Im…[View]
632321463I think the NCR is probably the best faction of fallout to covertly redpill retards on real world is…[View]
632319803Game Maps: post your favorite.[View]
632320548IPs that would benefit from giving the best character a spin-off game[View]
632320261Just got 2 wraps 2 small pizzas and a large bottle of water for dinner: What are some good games to …[View]
632321731You are welcome Nintendo.[View]
632307171Post vidya cars you like.[View]
632318370How may I help you, King /v/v/v/?[View]
632320468This game is just so meh, I fully agree on everything what the critics have said. It is not more tha…[View]
632308336the absolute state of pc gaymers[View]
632319364>still the king[View]
632298219I literally just wanted to see Link walk into a dungeon. That was all. The fact that they can't…[View]
632320570bravo nintendo[View]
632321508You now remember PGR4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y--yLw924g[View]
632321374Why are Japanese game developers like this? Must everything be oversexualized?[View]
632321408>Decide to actually get a few games for my Xbox because I never use the damn thing. >Friend gi…[View]
632320707Thank god Steam warned me about this smut. I will no longer buy your game.[View]
632305626Dark and Darker: Nexon who filed a copyright lawsuit and a cease and desist on Ironmace studios, the…[View]
632320429>still no bloodborne port why is sony keeping bloodborne hostage on the ps4? they ported all the …[View]
632320012post em[View]
632320558Back in my day you used to play the game to unlock characters instead buying them.[View]
632319727Have you guys ever spent time grinding for an item that was BIS? What's tthe longest you'v…[View]
632294741BotW 2: See that stick? ......You can put a rock on it![View]
632321181Sony is completely and utterly dead: >The Ape Escape devs are no longer working with Sony. >Th…[View]
632320621I don't have any frens[View]
632316048What are the best PSX emulators? I'm emulating Donald Duck Goin Quackers using Retroarch but I …[View]
632317390i finally got it lads...[View]
632319636Thoughts about Koei Tecmo[View]
632319351>Mortal Kombat 12 will probably have a couple older female fighters to show how detailed their ga…[View]
632318146>that kid who swore on his life that you could get super saiyan 5 goku in budokai tenkaichi 3…[View]
632320293Aged like milk: I played literally 100 games on this console and not a single one held up[View]
632301394What pc games do attractive women play?[View]
632316041why the hell did I buy this console if all the exclusives are coming on PC? >PC exclusives on PC…[View]
632320063I want to go back.[View]
632320652>Be me >Just tryin'ta get through da noight aloive >da missus gone bloody mental, daft…[View]
632320278>he illegally emulates games[View]
632310051What went so wrong?[View]
632318919How come Bandai can't make a second good Digimon game? I blame the anime personally.[View]
632317698Was the person who designed this boss fight mentally ill, or just unbelievably incompetent?[View]
632319338How the fuck does Niᥒtend𐐬𐐬 do it every time? Another 10/10 masterpiece[View]
632316964can lycanthropy be cured in the witcher? geralt says he cured a bunch of werewolves before but later…[View]
632320096Rizz Dripman will save gaming with DS2[View]
632320064Why arent there more games set in small towns?[View]
632313164What the fuck was his problem?[View]
632316523Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon: Am I the only one hyped for this early access shite? Looks like a…[View]
632320152So? Are you playing it?[View]
632298051>nu-/v/ loves remakes This place is done for.[View]
632315858is resident evil 4 buggy?: i looked for the red shield tablet for 10 minutes in the room, then i loo…[View]
632319715and elder scrolls 6 is not coming out anytime soon[View]
632318331I just want to play the damn game what is this shit aaaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
632319914>Ah, maestro, might I help you peruse our premiere pornography?[View]
632317884Why do people call it 'Grim Yawn'?[View]
632318647Shit game.: >Not scary. >Gameplay is shit. >Bosses are neither fun to fight or scary. >S…[View]
632318686lego 2k drive: LEGO RACER CHADS... ARE WE GOING HOME? https://youtu.be/HLuK8_AmAx4[View]
632319705>muh dungeons Yes. Fuck you.[View]
632319292>think of game >install game >never play it >delete after a few months…[View]
632311209The most ambitious game of this generation[View]
632317268what is your opinion on modding?[View]
632319624The Last of Us just released ON STEAM: Are you happy now /v/ ?[View]
632318208Who's your favorite videogame enemies? I love games where you kill nazis because they're u…[View]
632319410I think it's time we apologized[View]
632316009>40% What went so fucking wrong with The Last of Us port?[View]
632315075What games do you refuse to play without mods?[View]
632319301>enemies drop loot >game puts loot on the floor, forcing you to pick it up like some kind of l…[View]
632315875We did it bros. Weapon degradability is back baby![View]
632319280>I'm gonna beat you so hard, you'll have a Twitch account >Thanks for the third reic…[View]
632314847When you use almost every search engine for games like Resident Evil 2, 3, Dead Space, any other rem…[View]
632318665Hows that gaming channel coming along?[View]
632311231Sega and Tencent are dropping of E3: In case you had any doubts, now it’s legitimately over for real…[View]
632315017>Souls veteran here[View]
632317643>mfw I walk into EVO[View]
632273778The next game will kill this franchise[View]
632315732Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara: A new bratformer is on the way this year. you will buy it? https:/…[View]
632318760>won't stop talking about her ex what's her fucking problem[View]
632316584OH NO NO NO[View]
632318680Any (good) video games about NTR/cuckolding/cheating? Not necessarily H-games, any games with cheati…[View]
632307680RE4 gun meta: What guns do you guys use? I'm on first playthrough. So far it seems TMP is quite…[View]
632314142The Last Of Us Part I: Its actually a pretty great re-master. Really improved the visuals. Thank god…[View]
632304107>Welcome to Africa, Mr. Redfield. My name is Sheva Alomar[View]
632318249What Skyrim mods should I install if I'm into hyper, futa, and bimbos?[View]
632294013Play Diablo 3[View]
632318064Diablo IV (4): This will be the fastest selling game of all time. More than 30 million shipped in 3 …[View]
632317541What's the /v/erdict?[View]
632310467RE4R is terrible: >sluggish animations and combat sequences. >leon is constantly underpowered…[View]
632263929Valve to Officially Support the Dolphin Emulator: Everybody's watching the Microsoft vs Sony le…[View]
632316001Re4 is a better action game, and re4 remake is a better RE game[View]
632309578>Takes 3 steps forward *PANT* *PAAAANT* *GASSSP*[View]
632317025I didn't beat the game.[View]
632314392Still the best jrpg of the modern era[View]
632315372Zelda TotK: Honestly? Im sold[View]
632297123Limbus Company: Outisbros, what are our hopes for the upcoming 000 Outis ID?[View]
632314823well, /v/?[View]
632315363It's up[View]
632316586More like Pooper Fartio Shart Pee-Pee[View]
632314941No splatoon thread? Stop being faggots and talk squids.: Get in, talk squids (or octos), where you f…[View]
632317703oh no, nintendo sisters, we got too cocky[View]
632313619Why are souls gamers like this?[View]
632284953>single item makes or breaks your build Why can't nu-Blizzard into Diablo 2 itemization?…[View]
632310703What's the best Star Wars game? In my opinion Star Wars the Old republic[View]
632312659System Shock Series: I constantly see you guys say how good these games are so clearly a thread abou…[View]
632317097He did nothing wrong[View]
632317440>Rockstar adding realistic animations to the player character[View]
632313067>game lets you pet the kitty cat[View]
632315656>gog games is down[View]
632316983i only have fun when playing competitive/ranked game modes. quickplay and servers are only fun for s…[View]
632317009This game looks really fucking ugly, I'm ngl bros[View]
632312931YS X: Unironically looks funnier than Zelda Tears of the Kingdom[View]
632315418Complexity for complexity's sake is a bad thing and I'm tired of pretending it's not.[View]
632316182Why do new games rarely get new content?: Why does it take so long to output productive and fun upda…[View]
632312217It was a different time. A better time.[View]
632315079so we're in agreement that the arsenal gear segment didn't actually happen, right?[View]
632315475Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Soul Vs soulless[View]
632313078>shooter game >guns have a safety mode[View]
632313646>'M-M-Matchmaking sucks!' Do you smurf? >'Yea' Do the streamers you watch smurf? >'Yea' You…[View]
632311178Hidden gems on PS3 thread: Looking for more shit to emulate[View]
632313216play ero games with smug ojou-sama's[View]
632314906>my eyes can't track fast moving objects as of late bros ;_;[View]
632308235PVZ2 Reflourished: Aaannndddd dropped[View]
632307761Dinkum and comfy lifesim games in general: Anyone played this? It has the worst name ever and it…[View]
632313861Explain this Deckheads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRH6_tN8g38[View]
632316634>Souls series comes out of nowhere and BTFOs 3D Zelda while they spent five years making Shitward…[View]
632316736Sir... how many remakes can we make?: .[View]
632308903Last of us NUDE MOD is up.: It's up boys.[View]
632313574How is this even legal?[View]
632310261So, /v/, now that the dust has settled, who did it better?[View]
632208054Wow...what a hole![View]
632297853Defend this.[View]
632316426Best 3D Pokemon game thread:[View]
632308967Can third-person shooter have gunplay as good as thier first-person counterparts?[View]
632316234Is Deadlink any good?[View]
632310203KOF: Post your mains right now[View]
632316101What kind of person cares so much about console wars that they seemingly pray that a game on a syste…[View]
632316080das it mane[View]
632307014Install 'wholesome' moba to play few games for fun >1st game entire team are bots who never group…[View]
632313610why was this allowed in the west streaming was still a thing and cancel culture was full effect yet…[View]
632315850So liminal So negative[View]
632313231Welcome to McDonald's, what can I get you?[View]
632306590portal is spooky[View]
632313851Fallout 3 VS New Vegas: no game will be able to reproduce this KINO[View]
632315178ITT: Subtle vidya merch[View]
632315704Sonic if he doesn't chuckle.[View]
632315367>the developers behind your favorite niche franchise went out of business…[View]
632305598>start hardcore mode because ive played the og multiple times >die 5 times to the first enemy …[View]
632314945Where was she?[View]
632300754Who's your favorite witch?[View]
632314446'elp: Do any of you autists on here know from what game this guy is? It's a snotling from …[View]
632315257>she gets all excited during the shooting minigame and starts cheering for you when you start to …[View]
632305585>want to replay a game because of that level What's the name of the level?…[View]
632315225My black fingers it's for sacred work[View]
632298071Why are the reviews shidding and cooming over this? The original was better. We just don't have…[View]
632293809The Last Of Us Part I: Its out https://store.steampowered.com/app/1888930/The_Last_of_Us_Part_I/…[View]
632311157What went wrong?[View]
632314407Reminder that Zero Escape 3 was a thing[View]
632313456What the fuck was his problem?[View]
632312698>game set in ukraine >developed by ukrainians >strongest faction speaks russian even in the…[View]
632312343>the Switch's final years are being spent on an overpriced reskin of a six year old game tha…[View]
632301170Who's your favourite video game influencer? And I'm not talking about e-celebs, I'm t…[View]
632312023>doesn't show or expand on anything the trailers didn't already show I'm looking f…[View]
632308604Where am I gonna get gog games now?[View]
632312195I hate this troon psuedo nudity, designers had to go out of their way to make an outfit that looks n…[View]
632311575I'm excited to play new upcoming videogames[View]
632312764*elevates your game to kino status with his presence*[View]
632313567You look like a cut of fuckable meat. Are you?[View]
632311115The gaming industry has been reverted back to how it was in the 90s, what aspect of video games does…[View]
632314420Skyrim Remakester: The Supreme Definitive Mega Edition, coming soon...[View]
632307938THPG: I regret playing this game. I had to stop at 71% when the main quest ended. The only thing it …[View]
632294331> heya, anon![View]
632314085>game has long, forced stealth section >it ends with them revealing they knew you were followi…[View]
632311204Now that dust finally settled, what went so horribly wrong?[View]
632307052Hey, inmate![View]
632314179Keiji Inafune: Kenji single handledly put Capcom on the map. Where's he respect? Where's t…[View]
632311612Have PC gamers gotten less and less smart over the years? Before, PC was the thinking man's pla…[View]
632313725Zoomer here Just played some of this game for the first time. And honestly, it's a 10/10 for me…[View]
632313992*blocks your path*[View]
632309715Defend this[View]
632312603>/v/ is literally LITERALLY seething over gluing a Rock to a Stick. You can't make this SHIT…[View]
632313615Is this biggest banger on gaming?[View]
632300403How come there is still no viable Steam competitor?[View]
632309827Microsoft is ruining Minecraft: Honestly, Microsoft keeps pushing Mojang to focus on DLCs instead of…[View]
632313645What kind of sex will they have in their reunion?[View]
632308654When did Mortal Kombat switch from very realistic and grounded to goofy and overly tongue-in-cheek? …[View]
632310524>Game has strong modding community >Said community for the most part completely fails to under…[View]
632282080I highly enjoyed my time with it, but upon further reflection it doesn't beat the original. The…[View]
632308531How comes they never used bioweapon operatives against Umbrella or it's terrorist factions? We …[View]
632312626I just want a new fun Lord of the Rings game.[View]
632313093Are there any good games for this piece of shit system?[View]
632300959Pizza Tower: i'm gonna head to the supermarket, can you guys watch my mushroom? do NOT let her …[View]
632309997It's creepy and I'm tired of pretending it isn't.[View]
632281703>Based woman are no more >Devs want to appeal to the jornos > Japan is starting to pay atte…[View]
632312249We're into the 3rd year of the console's lifespan, and there's only one proper exclus…[View]
632310740Colonel, I am at the Objective.[View]
632309830i dont like the precedent set by Steam requiring Windows 10, and GOG implemented DRM. gaming used to…[View]
63231311210/10 masterpiece[View]
632307129Tears of the Kingdom: They changed the UI![View]
632312431Are they good or just a meme? My other option is the series x controller. Games I play are fighters …[View]
632299975Windows 7 will stop working on Steam on January 1st, 2024: Related: https://www.engadget.com/microso…[View]
632312890ALTTP Zelda: A cute! Cute!!!![View]
632312387What is it about these games that attracts the most autistic modders on the planet?[View]
632312840CS is a low skill ceiling RNG game that was literally designed so you didn't move and shoot. Th…[View]
632311632I'll miss this little fucker like you wouldn't believe: RIP eShop bag.[View]
632310535My boy Harry Tipper![View]
632307768Games and the internet killed my ability to concentrate and my attention span. I can't do anyth…[View]
632305614>lvl 1 rat joins the party![View]
632312578Will you help me? I'm not a gamer but my brother asked me for some fifa (pc) to torrent and the…[View]
632310447Which one should I try first?[View]
632311880Where are the good games? There's nothing coming out to be excited about.[View]
632305002>play vidya >see midriff >all innies, no outies fuck off game devs…[View]
632284616Multiversus Open Beta to close: https://multiversus.com/en/news/open-beta-update Apparently relaunch…[View]
632294147What are some 2 player games you guys recommend outside of the frontpage listicle stuff like fortnit…[View]
632308847I want to be a game creator: Anyone here in the biz? Problem is im more of an idea guy. I am not exa…[View]
632310608https://youtu.be/3VNul2QETPE >There is something wrong here... something which makes my sheath re…[View]
632311962Elegant Edge Waifu: Elegant Edge needs to be a new champion, she looks so cute[View]
632297915Resident Evil 5 Remake: >Welcome to Africa[View]
632311729This is Kazuya Mishima, please say something nice about him.[View]
632310654Video Game Autism: Video Game Autism. Hard Mode: the picture speaks to you[View]
632309676What’re you playing, /v/?: Post your recently played Played orange box back in the day on a 360. Pla…[View]
632301438RE4 DLC You Want: Skins, weapons, whatever. How about Treasure Skins/Accessories where Leon and Ashl…[View]
632308190I love genshin impact bros[View]
632310908Now that multiversus shut down in months, the live service bullshit has to be over, right? Nobody ca…[View]
632303692>condition >acceptable[View]
632302146Reminder that this game is the reason Zelda is open-world slop[View]
632311237>having your product required to constantly get patches and updates was considered a plot point i…[View]
632306169It’s real: The warehouse is real, let’s watch the prices PLUMMET[View]
632291496/ctt/ - console-tan tuesday consoletan.booru.org consoletans.neocities.org/ flockmod.com/r/thebreakr…[View]
632308034Bros... They're getting old...[View]
632310324Atelier Ryza 3: I know items are supposed to be strong in atelier games but I think they made them a…[View]
632299065>brown girl is best girl Name the game[View]
632310827Bad Company series is officially kill https://www.pcgamer.com/mirrors-edge-and-bad-company-2-are-bei…[View]
632309034Three (3) days until the Tetris movie.[View]
632308803Are you ready for GOTY?[View]
632310661When's the crack coming? is piracy dead?[View]
632310549Soul taker![View]
632303832What games have deep lore to them?[View]
632312749>Game has a very repetitive gameplay loop Name them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_inUax_RTUo…[View]
632312978mario if he served with a side of oreos[View]
632306420The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: >It doesn't NEED a new map >It doesn't NE…[View]
632300841what is the greatest minecraft block?[View]
632290172Zelda Tears Info: >Original Map Supposedly changed, Aonuma barely showed it but we see an aerial …[View]
632310354what the fuck nintendo :/[View]
632309178> pay for Elden Ring: > game has too much content to be finished in one blind playthrough >…[View]
632305015Conkerbros, we're going home....[View]
632301117ITT: Good games trapped on dead hardware[View]
632304183Cyberpunk 2077 is NOT getting a subway system, as previously rumored: Shazam-sama, please stop. It…[View]
632306753Literally a perfect game. Even Nintendo can't improve on it, just add more stuff.[View]
632310120https://youtu.be/NdojONa7Zm4 Oi, peasant. It is time you take to the fields for your daily wage[View]
632305386It's been over 10 fucking years, why isn't it out yet[View]
632301154Counter Strike 2: Valve official announcement for Counter Strike 2. Available now FREE! https://www.…[View]
632309028I'm afraid Mario is dead.[View]
632309641>best heist movie ever >gets made into the worst heist video game ever…[View]
632309713what did he mean by this?[View]
632309652>game series features recurring themes[View]
632309435>male player with a female character >character is only attracted to women…[View]
632309286Would you like some rye?[View]
632307824History will repeat itself: RESIDENT EVIL 4 WINS GOTY 2023![View]
632303707I'm so excited for his game, bros. But when the fuck are we getting a real Dragon's Dogma …[View]
632308353Et tu, Ippon?[View]
632304616What went wrong?[View]
632308534I enjoyed this game a decade ago and I will enjoy TotK. I love games where I can MacGyver some bulls…[View]
632265687Andy and Leyley thread[View]
632307485>Zelda totk be like:[View]
632308072how do you react?[View]
632275648>03/28/23 New board added: /vn/ - Visual Novels What would your reaction be?…[View]
632296331My suspension of disbelief immediately plummets when I see a 10 foot tall knight, clad head-to-toe i…[View]
632307771So was he always supposed to sound British? I always figured he was an aussie[View]
632307639What's the most expensive game ever released? Hard mode: no arcade machines.[View]
632274093Tekken 8: Jun trailer… soon[View]
632308269Do you guys think Matt and Ryan have ever spit-roasted a female guest together?[View]
632308019Final Fantasy XVI: Who is ready for adventure kino[View]
632298091What are your gaming red flags?[View]
632308975Best relationships in vidya: Which couples are the best?[View]
632305116>still holds up almost perfectly despite being 30 years old How? I'm a 23 year old zoom and…[View]
632301289I'm sick and tires of the open world meme When are we getting a REAL Zelda game again?[View]
632308820Tears looks pretty boring, it looks like over priced DLC for BotW more than a new zelda game, especi…[View]
632308814Eiyuden thingy rising: Is this the power of '90s videogames? Why can't I stop playing this…[View]
632304135Am i the only one that takes a huge pleasure in pirating a game?, all the hours / months the develop…[View]
632297448Games where your accomplishments were overshadowed: >It's been fifteen years, and you could …[View]
632306250>long loading times and jank voice acting but the gameplay is neat and the game looks great can…[View]
632308392>unskippable tutorial >unskippable cutscenes >weapon health mechanics >overencumbered me…[View]
632294810This is literally a reddit tier game why does/v/ jerk it off so hard?[View]
632304862Is this the worst rpg of all time?: >Completely soulless and shitty open world with nothing at al…[View]
632305403I know the leaks are almost definitely bullshit, but what do you guys want to see in a hypothetical …[View]
632308528ChatGPT creating Mario 64 levels: More info in the screenshot https://youtu.be/-rweprGlaeQ[View]
632307604The age of roms is finished[View]
6323069613D ruined RTS[View]
632302346TotK - What are you going to try out when you get the game?: I'm going to play a stealth build …[View]
632303131The US Congress say Sony is engaging in activities that hurt XBOX in Japan.: https://exputer.com/new…[View]
632271892>RTX is a huge me-[View]
632304884>7.6 OH NONONO[View]
632305062PCsisters...we lost...[View]
632307407He's fat and he don't run too fast (well you're walkin' and a-talkin') But …[View]
632308141Here's your viking leader, bro[View]
632304648you didn't beat the game[View]
632308092https://www.pcgamer.com/mirrors-edge-and-bad-company-2-are-being-removed-from-sale-forever/ Bad Comp…[View]
632306872grab an elder scroll, we're going on an adventure[View]
632307338Predict first week sales for the new switch oled model[View]
632308017I promised Marko I'd protect him....and now he's DEAD![View]
632301981Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel EoS in less than a year: https://www.dualshockers.com/yu-gi-oh-cross-duel-shutti…[View]
632296098why cant overwatch do esports well[View]
632305471the time it took to create something could be spent actually finding a way over yourself[View]
632303132I think crippled vidya girls are nice[View]
632307590Turns out all the experience creating an inclusive echo chamber for developers and game journalists …[View]
632306823ITT: The most overrated game ever[View]
632306806>Finish P-2 >Close the game >Can still hear the Sentry beeping…[View]
632302645Kanna Thread: Make sure you water your plants every day! It's good for them![View]
632306324OMFG... fellow Frombros... could this indicate that the Dark Souls and Elden Ring universes are conn…[View]
632307135the moment james becomes silent hill is so cool it really is a video game moment ever[View]
632303770Hear me out[View]
632301771So did this 10 minute gameplay video confirm the Artbook leak? >Materials able to fuse to weapons…[View]
632298110One big reason why I hate Persona 4 is because the villain's motivations really do not make any…[View]
632289582>still no crack Fuck you[View]
632280186vidya rodentia thread[View]
632300362>19 million sounds like a lot >but actually it wasn't…[View]
632300150DRIV3R: What went wrong with this one, /v/ros?[View]
632298872It is time to finally accept it Diablo 2 was a bad game if you just wanted to have fun Games do not …[View]
632305647seriously, what gacha games do you guys play?[View]
632303936Was this pose really necessary?[View]
632306114>High end console market Do you think Sony regrets inventing that term right now?…[View]
632301364>tfw you lived long enough to see Nintendo save gaming not once, but twice in a single generation…[View]
632306147I wish Franziska kept her long hair.[View]
632302153NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The price of Game Pass just went up 15x overnight. It's not fucking fair bros.[View]
632298204third world esl poorfag bros, it's up[View]
632267872MGS3 REMAKE INCOMING: >Konami Set To Bring New Castlevania And Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake To E3 a…[View]
632305210Donkey Kong[View]
632284756This is an imageboard. What is your favorite vidya image?[View]
632269198What's the best fighting game to get into?[View]
632292463>the striker charm makes you move faster noice[View]
632306039It's over[View]
632304869Admit it, you played Pokemon White just for her.[View]
632304143Trying to find an xbox game plz help: Ok /v/, I’m trying to find the name of an old xbox 360 game th…[View]
632303667this was the superior remake even with the censorship sneed cope and dilate[View]
632305628Valve's version of Overwatch 2[View]
632304895Something up. There have been a LOT of anti-PC threads over the past few months. What's going o…[View]
632300772So how many days / weeks until this is cracked? How can you even prevent emulation with software? Th…[View]
632299148Were there any good games for this thing?[View]
632305489LoZ: ToTK: >Weapon Durability is back[View]
632302601>western games are pozzed >Indie games are pozzed >Japanese games are gettin pozzed too The…[View]
632300828You fags would've complain NO MATTER WHAT he showed.[View]
632305391WTF did they spend so much time on BOTW for?: >still shit framerate >still poor graphics only …[View]
632303515How did Japan make not 1 but 2 of the greatest games of the modern era? Wasn’t Japanese games suppos…[View]
632304475>its literally the same game First Overwatch 2 now CS, whats next?[View]
632305197>Mr. Chai, I'm pretty sure 808 wasn't created for that purpose.…[View]
632304976Company of Heroes 3: I'm just gonna say, gameplay overall is definitely better, less content bu…[View]
632302983Gayming Skillz: What MP FPS requires the most mechanical skill in terms of aim and movement?[View]
632304731>NPC can learn your move set[View]
632295875GOOD MORNING SIRS![View]
632304917You just know they will clone him and make the clone the one that dies in RE5. Who in their right mi…[View]
632258095>ummmmm hey leon, do you have a gaiaonline account? u should totes add me there…[View]
632286598Now that the dust has settled. What went so right?[View]
632304493Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: >Same boring map with just some assets moved around and lifted into t…[View]
632304826C:\> C:\>cd games C:\games> C:\games>cd wolf3d C:\games\wolf3d> C:\games\wolf3d>wo…[View]
632303449The lack of GOOD sanrio games is unacceptable![View]
632298234>Dumps levels into >VIT >END >STR Do your worst fucker…[View]
632291896>W-what's wrong L-Leon-kun? >Are y-you craving m-my Los Plagies?…[View]
632304450The great debate.[View]
632296215I'm unironically more excited for this than TOTK.[View]
632301882Tears of Kiiings[View]
632297784Why were boomers so obsessed with playing this Korean game?[View]
632303686It's over, he hates it[View]
632303460Zelda: Link's Awakening: If this game was developed on the SNES it would be considered the best…[View]
632303531Why All The Trash Getting Thrown At Microsoft now?: They're trying to make gaming more affordab…[View]
632298706Oi, Shujin![View]
632304119Arena fighters > Fighting games[View]
632303941>get hit once >forced to watch a movie this is why fighting games are dead…[View]
632303340It's Joever for Sony.[View]
632298856Fuck it. >Favorite Map >Favorite Wonder Weapon >Favorite Crew/Character…[View]
632302603The eShop's code redemption extended: >The 3DS and Wii U eShops are no longer allowing purch…[View]
632284286Has anyone else noticed this?[View]
632303276Where the hell do I go if I actually want to talk about video games? In here it's just pol comp…[View]
632293985RE4 Remake isn't bad. It takes the good things from games like TLoU and gets rid of everything …[View]
632302941The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is looking pretty good guys[View]
632303597>interact with object >'[random monster] attacks!'…[View]
632303539Vidya Cringe Thread[View]
632302885What are your favorite campaigns? What are the best campaigns? What are your fav/best civilizations?…[View]
632296224If this is so beloved and revered by the gaming community why hasn’t it gotten a direct sequel yet?[View]
632297071How does a game flop this good?: >Terrible graphics >Stupid story >Annoying difficulty spik…[View]
632302965Do tendies really enjoy those gameplay videos where the narrator treats them like literal children?[View]
632294430Zelda: Gameplay video for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2: Tears of the Kingdom has droppe…[View]
632300153Blizzard - the biggest jews: >starcraft 2, tried to make it online only but somehow cracked. maps…[View]
632299490What are we playing this April bros?[View]
632294225>set in a very definite post apocalypse >protagonists find a space capsule in a museum >it…[View]
632301638FIIIINAAALY, THE SIFU, COMES BAK TO STEAM: Sifu arrives on steam. Love this dam game, Great to final…[View]
632298470>Game punishes you for playing well Worst idea in gaming ever. Skill isn't rewarded, they fo…[View]
632295721This boss fight is the most retarded thing I have ever seen in my entire life as video game player. …[View]
632301837Wow the Chasm from Genshin added more content than Zelda totk for FREE This is embarrassing[View]
632299408Well, /v/? Was Stormblood really the worst expansion in FFXIV?[View]
632298672ALTTP Zelda: Perfection in 2D form.[View]
632302159>632 days until Sonic The Movie 3[View]
632294618what would mario say in response to this?[View]
632293513Rate the Zelda Tears of the King trailer out of 10: 8/10 >Fusion is great >Falling from the sk…[View]
632297121>$70 >re-used assets up the ass >oh but look you can fuse broken weapons and make retarded …[View]
632299852Another high quality Epic Games Store exclusive.[View]
632302468I need pictures! Pictures of squids! (And octos)[View]
632302514>Reloading save resets difficulty or control settings[View]
632302049HOL UP WITE BOI: put down the controler slow and steady and slide the ESG approved klaus schwab game…[View]
632290891Empress won't be cracking RE4: Piratebros...[View]
632299560*kills twitch*[View]
632301887Why westerns don't put sexy women in their games?[View]
632302172>big bad villain's master plan is to spell his name backwards[View]
632296906How much do you guys usually tip when buying a new GPU? I finally decided to make the switch from co…[View]
632301448The most ambitious game in a generation[View]
632294651SCORN: Remember his suffering[View]
632298502Playstation peaked here[View]
632301462Utterly creatively bankrupt.[View]
632300130You hate RE4R. You'll hate TotK. You'll hate Starfield. You'll hate Street Fighter VI…[View]
632301654*saves Japanese games for the last decade*[View]
632301627its out[View]
632247551The Magic Is Gone: What broke the spell for you?[View]
632301598Half-Life 3: Will they announce Half-Life 3 in the same year Half-Life 2 took place in (2023)?…[View]
632299746ITT: Games you want to be re-released or remastered[View]
632293724This game is really bad. $60 for THOSE controls? With THAT camera? With THIS shitty targeting system…[View]
632295926https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6343158 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:29c4d9d863f6058dcc46c5d97fc3…[View]
63227987840% INCREASE IN PERFORMANCE: RAY TRACING IS SAVED https://wccftech.com/nvidia-shows-ada-lovelaces-op…[View]
632296686Joel Keks.... What's our reply to this?[View]
632287358is hi fi rush fun[View]
632300865Cheers to another 6 years of bitching /v/.[View]
632294608Balan Wonderworld: This game isn't actually that bad. I bought the game as a joke and only star…[View]
632300530>TotK Gameplay Demonstration >'Let's dive into this river' Oh boy here it comes, underwat…[View]
632292130The last time RE was not goyslop[View]
632300631So now that the dust has settled and all hype is dead, what can be done with Diablo 5 to fix D4?[View]
632267049Master Duel: SHE'S FINALLY FREE* *in a Solo Mode loaner deck :^) Also new Selection pack + Nib …[View]
632294536Breath of the Wild really did mindbreak /v/: Looking at the new gameplay revealed, I was quite impre…[View]
632300706ITT: canon short stacks[View]
632300129>hardest boss youve been struggling with has a second phase![View]
632293005Play a gacha game![View]
632299235why didnt you buy skins/play it /v/ sisters.....[View]
632238653Pizza Tower: quick, post pizza toppings[View]
632299226Actually the most fun I've had in years.[View]
632299556>ruins your video game[View]
632300007I fused a mushroom to my shield: *laughs*[View]
632300214George Floyd: I CAN’T BREATHE! Aonuma: Quick, rerelease breath of the wild to get this man some oxyg…[View]
632292263Genshin Boys,,,, Elden Sisters... WE LOST....[View]
632300283Would have been nice to see an even stronger Ashley.[View]
632300240So does this mean for people who picked body type 3 this arrow WONT fly straight?[View]
632300236The switch is the worst console I have ever bought. There is absolutely nothing I want to play on th…[View]
632289746The Reddit leak was real holy shit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/11x6zzv/…[View]
632298484Yeah, this will win GOTY, no doubt: this looks so awesome >they built upon durability, making it …[View]
632299905Arrrrggghhhhhh... Once this tentacle reaches page 11, my sanity will be restored to me...[View]
632299530XBOX sales: Skate 1 & 3 are 80% off on Xbox right now[View]
632294884Behold, the superior DLC[View]
632265461The game that killed Zelda.[View]
632299719This game ain't too bad. It looks like shit, art style wise, but it's fun.[View]
632298489What am I in for?[View]
632295289Why does she have no art this is ridiculous[View]
632299523>game has fun dancing mini games[View]
632297841A literal gachapon machine. What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
632297757Which one?[View]
632297806>Joel gets a beautiful memorial dedicated to him outside his house >Nearly everyone in Jackson…[View]
632296198The Last Of Us is FINALLY on PC. Rejoice[View]
632294647I love it when games add black bars to a 16:9 image to make the cutscenes 'cinematic'[View]
632298539>Persona 4 has good writin-[View]
632298203Any RPG Recomendations?: Leaning towards CRPG's or tactical grid based rpg's like FFT. Jus…[View]
632296930Nuts and bolts was really ahead of its time.[View]
632295319So this...is the power...of the Nintendo Switch™... That'll be $69.99![View]
632297716In a parallel universe Blizzard went the single player RPG route and Warcraft became a beloved serie…[View]
632298659>Atlus bend the knee to China and changed Kaneko’s designs It’s over[View]
632298869Tears of the Kingdom will make going back to playing Breath of the Wild feel like a step down and re…[View]
632285301that's a man[View]
632298829I hope the last of us IA a great success on PC so Playstation can bring Bloodborne to pc[View]
632298782>deluxe edition >offers P2W content in a single player game What a fucking cash grab. Basicall…[View]
632288974Tears of the Kingdom: I think we can all agree now: Genshin is the new king[View]
632298283Any moments in a game that made you cry?[View]
632288765'sex on the front page.[View]
632293774What's next for Fate franchise?[View]
632292180The absolute state of this industry.[View]
632295624>Completely original map >Incredibly unique and original gameplay mechanics >Actual complex…[View]
632297787>never liked overwatch, only porn >twink outsider of the friend group, everyone plays normie s…[View]
632298436tears of the kingdom: It's over... isn't it? It's just a tech demo filled with things…[View]
632298429Japan game industry will be nuked in 8 weeks: If in 24 hours I don't find any issue regarding a…[View]
632298329RE3: I beat it last night and this game was great Sure, it is not very long (took me 8 hours) but th…[View]
632285490I really hate that the only way to guarantee a good game now is to just carbon copy one from when de…[View]
632295985Who is your favorite voice actor in video games? For me it's Troy Baker.[View]
632283829which ending was the correct one again[View]
632297943>zoomer/v/ doesn't even care about trips anymore[View]
632297443You think TotK has a cool fusion mechanic? I'll show you a cool fusion mechanic![View]
632296737>Yo T I love xbox[View]
632293648Long pitchfork[View]
632294413This game is a masterpiece, but it's too hard and the controls are ass. It's also got tons…[View]
632295937Is there anything worse than a big empty open world?[View]
632297331G0G gives away Alwa's Awakening: G0G gives away Alwa's Awakening --fr33 gam3-- G0G gives a…[View]
632295105Resident evil 4: So hard mode is going to be added in the DLC right?[View]
632289527>oh no bros they took DLC and turned it into its own game! it's gonna be terrible! I know so…[View]
632294598Ok /v/. Time for you to dinner. If you think TotK lacks new and exciting content, then what would yo…[View]
632297382Would Dragon Quest have managed to succeed in Japan if it wasn't so heavily promoted and tied t…[View]
632292790Majoras Mask is just OOT DLC: >Same UI >Same Graphics >Same combat Nintendo is getting gree…[View]
632293435Left 4 Dead: Should have been left for dead.[View]
632281060Should I get My Hero One's Justice 1 or 2 for my Switch? Or is there any other MHA game you wou…[View]
632295089>OG Resident Evil 4 with the HD project mod is all you need If you need more you are a fag…[View]
632292751>attaches a rock to a stick >makes banjo-kazooie boats >noclips through the ceiling >6 y…[View]
632296430The new Nintendo Switch looks sweeeeet[View]
632295413>find horror RPG maker game >it's about trauma and depression When will RPG maker devs us…[View]
632294084Still the king. 9hobos will disagree >Durr the plot is too confusing Filtered…[View]
632296531the retards that gave botw 10/10 are the same ones that jack off witcher 3 and probably just bought …[View]
632294489HIGH SPEED CHASE IN SECTOR 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnxbSWyoM9g[View]
632274040Times up, Windows 7 is dead.[View]
632296371The great debate[View]
632294424>7 years for status effect combination on items >7 years for things added to the same map >…[View]
632293946Will this be 1/4 as good as Elden Ring?[View]
632222302Take me back to the 90s bros I don't wanna be here anymore.[View]
632296495Why are all video game franchises like this now?[View]
632270943Project Zomboid: Fact checkers jointly verified by the CDC and United States Army have concluded tha…[View]
632289675You don't mind that your love interest has already being loved before you, right /v/?[View]
632287023>game is literally impossible to complete without a guide[View]
632292409The Zelda series is dead, what they're giving us now is 'Open World Minecraft, Starring Link!' …[View]
632289263So TotK is pretty much 100% confirmed to be BotW DLC with new abilities Anyone else disappointed? We…[View]
632248735>turning off a setting that makes the game look worse makes the game run twice as fast Why is tha…[View]
632296082>voip: off >avatars and names: off wow csgo bots are so smart…[View]
632294385I kill Kaidan Alenko off every playthrough because he's bisexual and I hate faggots.[View]
632292959Wishlisted unreleased: What games you looking forward to?[View]
632293861So was he gay? Or people are just delusional[View]
632295734sometimes I wish I knew japanese[View]
632295961Will this be good?[View]
632293701I HATE THE ANTICHRIST: MineSweeper thread. Left or right? Please discuss helpful and informative the…[View]
632294914Now that the dust has settled….what went wrong?[View]
632294073Really makes you think[View]
632295831So how is Capcom going to fuck this one up?: Its either this or 5 next, and probably this since it i…[View]
632292319Are you ready for the next 6 years of /v/ seething about Breath of The Wild?[View]
632295772Nintendo removed Pokerus in accordance to covid-64 for family friendly reasons but they had a pictur…[View]
632294132>game is fucking impossible to beat[View]
632293493By far the best in the franchise. The selection of tracks is fucking awesome unlike 8 before the dlc…[View]
632293747Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632295595Chuds will never understand why representation matters[View]
632284941ONE HOUR LEFT[View]
632289431Chief Bitores 'Big Cheese' Mendez[View]
632293776You WILL buy it anyways $70 plus tip included[View]
632295396Holy mother of shit games. Why did I waste my time with this crap?[View]
632295278Piratebros... It's over.[View]
632293990>PS2 - RT On >PC - RT off[View]
632178695This is your anti-demon ninja Rinko for the day[View]
632286069The most uncomfortable question in gaming: Do you enjoy killing?[View]
632295309RE4bros... we lost...[View]
632295257>the 'fusing' doesn't actually make unique combinations of the two items melding into one ne…[View]
632294607gaming moce: Let's talk about these things Which one do you have? Are you planning to get a new…[View]
632287662thoughts on bombergirl?[View]
632291695Nice $70 DLC have there, Nintendorks.[View]
632292324>new zelda coming out in 2 months >new nintendo console coming out next year >don't ow…[View]
632294085>Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom[View]
632291156what the fuck can even save saints row as a franchise?[View]
632290609I knew Zelda fans were fucking drones and delusional but dear fucking god, the comments section of t…[View]
632294725*walks to page 10*[View]
632281003Does Sony have the best cast of females?: In my opinion it's a toss up between Sony and Capcom:…[View]
632291337Pretty much the only franchise that bothers innovating and pushing the industry forward.[View]
632288662>same exact game.. but with Islands >very minor changes >lightning filter That'll be 6…[View]
632250734Things removed in the Remake: Leon getting caught in the sea monster rope Leon running from a boulde…[View]
632289176Breath of the Wild: Tear of the Kingdom: A Zelda Story gameplay video is up. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
632293823>It’s the exact same as Majoras Mask! This is what these tears of the tiktok copers/zoomers thin…[View]
632293878>wow, my shield is so powerful[View]
632294395Chuck Norris bros, what went wrong?[View]
632275994Dark and Darker removed from Steam: What can be done about corporate bullying in the video game indu…[View]
632292092why are they actively lying to us a month before it comes out?[View]
632290417Which one of these two girls is better? There IS a right answer.[View]
632291262Dude you committed a war crime even if you don't press anything!: >Feel bad for killing thos…[View]
632281265Limbus Company: While having lost the battle, the war has been won. Faustkeks reputation in shambles…[View]
632294067>pay 70 bucks for a video game UHHHHHHHHHH NO? >pay 7000 bucks over a period of a few years to…[View]
632287007World of Horror OST: I read a comment somewhere that the World of Horror OST is a 'ripoff' of some o…[View]
632291292The crafting system looks great and it looks like Skyloft is getting revisited. I can understand why…[View]
6322900462,500+ angry copers: >We're not coping! >We're not coping! >We're not from …[View]
632294007Octopath Traveler: What would you rate the soundtrack out of 10?[View]
632293964>Durability in breath of the wild is bad! >Yes, I do in fact know more about game design than …[View]
632286656Did you play this cool new puzzle game called Storyteller, /v/?[View]
632281067Risky Rain Returns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsvW969_Ggw If you didn't see it, there…[View]
632275834What would you do to improve the Pokemon series?[View]
632293670>of course it's not the same world as is, it's changed in many ways. if we talk about a…[View]
632293332Play Battfront II on XBOX, it's fucking awesome![View]
632279829Resident Evil 4 (2005): so, what's the best way to play this game in 2023: wii, ps2 or modded p…[View]
632287203Tears of the Kingdom Trailer is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6qna-ZCbxA[View]
632293395Why does it get /v/ so hot and flustered?[View]
632293524What are some games that subtly reference current political events?[View]
632293504Has anybody else here tried this? The idea appeals to me, but the game is so fucking hard.[View]
632286538Is ANY Psp game worth playing today?[View]
632291498why would anyone who never play any of these two game start? how do they get new players[View]
632292205>That'll be $70 plus tip >He doesn't know Should we tell him?…[View]
632289890The Witcher Sirius: The Witcher Project Sirius is a japanese take on the Witcher Series, a one time …[View]
632293141Post you are first game[View]
632292963VR thread: The game that saved VR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_U3UVs-vC4[View]
632293285Is it good?[View]
632291568>Same low quality textures >Same low draw-distance >Same fps >Even the same UI Has there…[View]
632293162>One map has more unique assets and content than entire nu-mw2.[View]
632285235Best Batman Arkham?[View]
632292269the girls your mother always warned you about[View]
632289673This has to be the ugliest Tekken has ever been. From the character designs themselves, to how they…[View]
632285882Are there any games with gameplay similar to DOW2 campaign? I just really liked the RPG mechanics an…[View]
632292796so now that BotW2 is confirmed to be a massive flop, will nintendo please go back to making ACTUAL z…[View]
632278958Grand Theft Auto: You WILL be playing through the entirety of GTA solely as Jason, right, gamers?…[View]
632287642you can´t make this shit up[View]
632292160The trees are coloured yellow here. Not many trees are yellow. What's that, a branch? When you …[View]
632292523OoT bros...[View]
632290934Why did i move here?[View]
632292387*wobble wobble*[View]
632292651Post alternate costumes for characters in games that are based on characters from other video games.[View]
632291271_____ ___[View]
632285143>i killed my wife for preventing her from having sex with other men Kek, what a cunt.…[View]
632280412Post soul[View]
632292357What is the meat arrow going to do?[View]
632292441Current State of /v/: Mods: Please pin this thread for the next 2 months.[View]
632284797How can they get away with this?[View]
632286773Post some modern games with good stories[View]
632291542That's it? That's Tears of the Kingdom? That was just Breath of the Wild with floating isl…[View]
632271680Final Fantasy 16: >no playable party members >no MP >no element affinities >not a RPG …[View]
632285528Why has there been no good Western games in the past 5 years?[View]
632290216>44 billion dollar company shits out a blurry pixelated trailer for their most anticipated game o…[View]
632292134Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora leaked screenshots + gameplay video soon?[View]
632290681Fuck his hack. He killed the Zelda series[View]
632288224Mipha > Zelda[View]
632283372full price for 10yo game the absolute audacity of modern gaming industry, yet i'm pretty sure i…[View]
632289606what are your hopes for the remake?[View]
632274756Have minimaps cause dzoomerd brain damage? Is this why games sucks now?[View]
632292048kazuya bros we didn't know how good we had it....[View]
632289680https://www.famitsu.com/news/202303/28297111.html Marie Rose's new swimsuit[View]
632289085Why is he still the sexiest Link?[View]
632273447linux time.: I'm thinking of switching to linux after a few month but idk what distro should I …[View]
632280737mediocre action game and terrible resident evil game but its fun with friends[View]
632289737>only play long games >don't like multiplayer or JRPGs Is there any escape from this hell…[View]
632281535Playing Resident Evil 2 remake for the first time and I just summoned Mr. X. I’m scared bros[View]
632289803what are some kino math games?[View]
632289103The spirit of gaming is alive.[View]
632270536Kanna thread: This thread is to discuss Kanna from the hit videogame series Blaster Master Zero Ple…[View]
632285630was anybody else forbidden to play games when you were under 18? i didnt get to play videogames unti…[View]
632230169What is going to happen from this? You cannot force Japanese to like something they don’t[View]
632290202I'm genuinely comtemplating making those cheap android games made by pajeets to make a quick bu…[View]
632290207Genshin Hebepact: Are you still playing Genshin Impact?[View]
632289298You didn't beat the game[View]
632291514>struggle through game on medium >try hard mode >unable to beat tutorial level >people o…[View]
632291428Did Ninja Kiwi break the game with Paragons or is it just a natural evolution of the game?[View]
632277294Do you like short girls in your videogames?[View]
632289496How did Link and Cloud become extremely popular Yaoi characters?[View]
632281141What is this style of graphics in games called? It looks kind of pixelated and old yet detailed and …[View]
632291278https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6qna-ZCbxA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1NqcD_QAuw NINTENDO WON…[View]
632291164How can anyone be hyped when >most of the content is gonna be recycled and paired with an at best…[View]
632289735>Game looks awesome >/v/ seethes for some reason…[View]
632291136how do we fix the horror genre?[View]
632288390So... it's gmod for kids. Where's the interesting combat, tough enemies to challenge your …[View]
632278638ITT: games women cannot and will never understand[View]
632290112wtf is this thing for[View]
632290594Wow BOTW2 looks shit: 10 years for this shit[View]
632286864What are the odds of Ellie getting a nude mod in TLOU PC? How will Naughty Dog combat this?[View]
632275045>release today >zero threads[View]
632290052>finished the previous Yakuza games casually after 30-40 hours >this fucker took me 98 hours W…[View]
632289904Diablo IV thread:: Any hopes and dreams for this game? Any expectations?[View]
632290841https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0-nzrEft4w Do you have faith in Tears of the kingdom now?[View]
632287216>Same world and gameplay as BOTW >Throw some sky islands in between >BREAKABLE WEAPONS AGAI…[View]
632290738TEKKEN 8: JUN KAZAMA IS ALIVE THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://youtu.be/PbJ0ie1Ao3U[View]
632287676Which one you liked more?[View]
632282812are bioshock games worth replaying[View]
632288425Legend of Zelda TOTK: >weapon durability still in >same map as botw (they weren't hiding …[View]
632288756I COMMAND THEE, KNEEL[View]
632286064Hy guys< 3: Hi /v/ i'm Tifa Lockhart ask me anything[View]
632289475You will regret your words & deeds[View]
632289953Hey faggots. How about fixing online before hosting tournaments? I still can't play with anyone…[View]
632290114>'One ticket for Super Mario movie please.'[View]
632280127The absolute STATE of romhackers: >I made a hack so it would no longer make fun of me for being a…[View]
632289592NEW zelda TOTK map from today: Best Zelda map ever. It looks so good[View]
632289802My predictions for The Elder Scrolls VI: My predictions for The Elder Scrolls VI : > 3 major cit…[View]
632282289Steammies are furious because we have Fall Guys and Rocket League. And we won't stop getting ne…[View]
632283420*grabs your balls* What do you do?[View]
632289368Nintendo bros, come home.[View]
632289742Tekken 8 Jun trailer: Based Namco releasing Jun's trailer at the same time as Zelda. Zelda was …[View]
632289602ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCcEuSvRKAc[View]
632289593>take Kinstones from Minish Cap >make it into a integral weapon mechanic The mad man has done…[View]
632288081intel will save pc gaming[View]
632286976The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: ZELDA /V/ROS IT'S TIME:https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
632289394Why is this allowed?[View]
632287463is there anything good to play on this thing?[View]
632284263DAILY REMINDER[View]
632289364It looks so good[View]
632272154Proud owner of the best boss theme in the series Octopath thread[View]
632282484Gosh, I wish human females were real[View]
632286248what are the best games for android? right now i'm downloading into the breach and slay the spi…[View]
632289172That's it? That's TotK? That was just a bunch of cheap walk cycles![View]
632272810Korea Time: Starcraft: Broodwar, ASL Season 15, Round of 16, Group C Soulkey, Best, Snow, Light For …[View]
632285483Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Showcase Thread: If I can't play as Zelda I'm not buy…[View]
632289101>A 70 DOLLAR DLC[View]
632288212Have you played Termina already? It's pretty good![View]
632288909It was just meant to be DLC. Sonysistas what do we do now?[View]
632287701Everyone in video games should be maximum sexualized. All the women should be sexy big tiddie curvac…[View]
632287128Who is this new alien game for again?[View]
632288561What are some video games with harbor levels?[View]
632285217Weapons are going to be unique and unbreakable like in Souls games, right, anons?[View]
632288893So how's that gm_botw_map gameplay demonstration? Literally Garry's mod but Japanese[View]
632285910Do you guys use one of these telescopic controllers?[View]
632273396Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
632286948How do I stop pirating games?[View]
632232209Why isn't there a game like Master Duel but for MtG?[View]
632282674>Spend $70 dollars >Bought a bunch of costumes for my favorite characters >Game goes offlin…[View]
632285968Was this the best Dragon Quest?[View]
632224963>tfw learning of what the Dwemer did to the Falmer What the actual fuck?…[View]
632113564Play any good VNs lately?[View]
632280642Opinions about Sims 4 13th expansion pack?[View]
632288328So now that everyone agrees the DS and RE4 remakes are embarrassing woke garbage, is there any hope …[View]
632275376Come home, white man.[View]
632285331̵T̷в̶o̵й̸ ̷п̶y̸т̵ь̸ ̷з̴a̴в̵e̵p̶ш̴a̶e̸т̴c̶я̷.̴ ̴ И̸д̶и̴ ̵к̶o̸ ̵м̶н̸e̷[View]
632287054How will Capcom pull off RE5: >Game will receive tons of media controversy due to racism >Nu-…[View]
632288120>same graphics >same animations >same combat systems >same items and monster drops >s…[View]
632288085>'Sexual' games are accused for 'normalizing pedophilia and rape culture' >Meanwhile same peop…[View]
632217276What went so horribly wrong with Animal Crossing New Horizons?[View]
632281983AS AN ELEMENT[View]
632284975Post games that are shameless ripoffs. The original. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=552eylG17Oo The…[View]
632274758What is the best fighting game franchise[View]
632287917I feel like my eyes are too attuned to HD graphics now. I can't look at SDTV games without thin…[View]
632287094>marries a guy that shits his pants after being dumped by solid snake lel…[View]
632285206>forest level >flutes and violins >ice level >piano and xylophones >lava level >dr…[View]
632269091Do you use mods to enhance your video games?[View]
632279575>old composer won't sign over all of the rights to his music to you >just pay someone els…[View]
632285038Was this ever explained?[View]
632285661Sifu Update: Who's ready to beat some niggas up again? 15 minutes son[View]
632281809>click interesting thread >some guy derailed it to be about muh troons >click different thr…[View]
632287548Zelda fans when they fuse a stick with a rock[View]
632282475how come search-action is such an underrated genre? i cannot find any other game like this masterpie…[View]
632285859>30 fps[View]
632287278>we call the floating landmasses... sky islands How do they come up with this shit?…[View]
632281617What if Ashley from Resident Evil 4 was just a tiny mouse? What would you do?[View]
632287385I fused a mushroom to my shield.[View]
632284870Now that the dust is settled. How does it hold up? Is it still jank as fuck with no optimization? Do…[View]
6322795861,700 angry copers: >We're not coping! >We're not coping! >We're not from t…[View]
632259230>Ryza must have sex with the last character you played as.[View]
632287129Are there any fun pvp tower defense games exactly like this but without the microtransaction hell?[View]
632212993genshin: is there any place where i can read up or understand the lore and story of genshin? i fini…[View]
632287032Metal Gear?[View]
632287027IM WALKIN HERE[View]
632286623Let's be real here. How far do you think they would have gotten?[View]
632282084I really like this game but it runs so fucking bad on Switch. What a piece of shit of a console.[View]
632286991I want Mistral to hug me.[View]
632286919Finally played this garbage: Why did /v/ shill this again? Outside of the presentation, Hand of Fate…[View]
632283936I do it for her.[View]
632286876>dream warrior >literally a ghost >do not have corporeal form >deal contact damage team …[View]
632213798Why do people think this game is pro communism again? Stuff like this clearly paints it in a poor li…[View]
632284081>Forever ruins the video game market[View]
632282404>boss lays down a big glowing fuck you circle of death >'I guess I'll just stand inside, …[View]
632286465Is there any chance the ending to this game will be good?[View]
632283728What do you want to improve or add a new one to Baldur's Gate 3?[View]
632281515This is mid[View]
632285103>sit all day on front of a monitor and play vidya >need at least 3 of these to focus why…[View]
632285230ITT: Post a vidya track that captures your state of mind: https://youtu.be/9YE_YxJ7K7M[View]
632285350Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632277784>I share this website with normalfaggots who unironically use the term 'terminally online'…[View]
632279319>“The one. The only. Catbat.” Literally who?[View]
632285585What should they do in it?: Hypothetical game Darkstalkers 4[View]
632284725My friend is into reselling 360 games. He invited me over and said i can have any 3 games i want for…[View]
632285373any video games where intelligence is a mechanic? I want to play a game that tests my mathematical s…[View]
632285731Japanese regulator clears Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard: N-nani??? Sony sisters??? …[View]
632285735>this filters the Souls babies: What happened? I thought you guys were the elite hardcore gamers?…[View]
632281726>Power creep reaches point of no return[View]
632284726I've been playing video games for 15+ years and I still suck at them[View]
632285254Now this is an actually fun cyberpunk game[View]
632271520>literal outlaw >game forces you to holster your weapon in certain areas because muh story…[View]
632280791Vidya maps: Post vidya maps[View]
632275024Home is here Windows 7 and 8: Come home Windows 7 man.[View]
632278212>install game >see [BLANK] >uninstalls game What is it for you? For me it's probably a…[View]
632284467Mortal Kombat: Mileena is cute![View]
632280730Powerspikes in video games Tell me about the times you got some power or item, that just made the th…[View]
632278745The great debate[View]
632285120>2 years to get on the horse >4 years to feed horse >horse handles and moves like shit >…[View]
632281621Hollow Knight IS NOT A SOULS-LIKE, stop saying it is.[View]
632280735>Half-Life 3 directed by Hideo Kojima Would you play it?[View]
632265837>takes days of grinding to change skills once >half the classes are literally unplayable this …[View]
632255415Psychonauts: Which one of Lili's games is your favorite? >Psychonauts: Lili Saves The Camp a…[View]
632259778Final Fantasy IX: Be honest did you cry?[View]
632281516Is Nintendo in the right? Do they really think that people will buy a stupid Mario Galaxy album for …[View]
632284830just found out ant effect works twice on Ijiraq for some reason.[View]
632283250What we drankan What we playan what we EATAN LADS[View]
632261929>Already price drop in US Not a good sign[View]
632283982have you played this masterpiece yet?[View]
632284430It's going to run like dogshit on Switch with constant dips to 20fps[View]
632283308It's over E3bros...[View]
632267182https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/announcements/detail/3684547474477817940 Added 'En…[View]
632284439GOG gives away Alwa's Awakening: GOG gives away Alwa's Awakening -free game- GOG gives awa…[View]
632283165OH NOOOO! Where's the yellow tape and white spray paint to hint me to enter the tomb????[View]
632284390Phoenix Wright After all this time why do we not know his family?: Besides his adopted daughter…[View]
63228184315 Resident evil threads in catologue: You chink obsessed mentally ill faggots should kill yourself.…[View]
632283724Shepard: Shepard[View]
632281357Persona 5: So why was this censored again?[View]
632280173She deserves a remake[View]
632275494Imagine being a PC gamer: You waste thousands to play freemium and indie pixel trash that can run on…[View]
6322783618/10 for REmake 4 Really easy on standard though, almost slept through some of it desu. I did my pre…[View]
632275593>10 min gameplay demo of Tears of the Kingdom >it's actually a 10 min gameplay of Breath …[View]
632273363>boss loudly announces his attack >still get hit am i mentally deficient…[View]
632283496... april[View]
632283874AI anticheat: Do you think this works? Will it be adopted or is cheating too beneficial for both the…[View]
632278318He did nothing wrong. After all these years I completely understand him.[View]
632281768What is the fps of the real world? What is the resolution of our eye, does our eyes have motion blu…[View]
632283934Finally played this garbage: Why did /v/ shill this again? Outside of the presentation, Hand of Fate…[View]
632283914Two Tailed Fox Tuesday: Welcome again to another Tuesday. Let us continue our video game discussion …[View]
632282025What went wrong?[View]
632275990For me it's Mot[View]
632275518How can we improveful the MineCrafts?[View]
632282827So did they ever explain why he chose to look like he wants to get manhandled?[View]
632281817RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE: The nu-Salazar fight on Professional is absolute AIDS...[View]
632273608Heavy armor should also provide Charisma bonus when worn by a female character.[View]
632203197OOT: Who is the best girl?[View]
632278751>wait a minute... that board...[View]
632281212Did you like it?[View]
632279161>Can't fuck best girl Why even bother?[View]
632283427I'll miss this little fucker like you wouldn't believe[View]
632283371What are some video games that you ACTUALLY ENJOY and aren't just pretending to like because it…[View]
632282627How much longer with 8GB VRAM last at 1440p? I don't care about being at High or even Medium-Hi…[View]
632275326>Game has smart faceless female character I will now splurge money on your game…[View]
632264779The moment this bad boy was introduced, it was the end of good games forever.[View]
632282502How long will it take for 'mods' to be made?: How long do you think it will take for modders to do t…[View]
632280051>Wuthering Waves will kill Genshi-[View]
632274956Where is she?[View]
632281639Can we have a serious discussion regarding why I'm better than you at most games? I find it lau…[View]
632251661Monster Hunter: Which one?[View]
632281348Nöw explain why you own a steam deck despite being inferior to the nintendo switch, even the Vita[View]
632275374Tears of the Kingdom Direct Waiting Room: Only a few more hours until Aonuma-san will blow us all aw…[View]
632281241Post your first run stats[View]
632279881>mention you have erotic thoughts about Tails >it's never welcome anywhere…[View]
632282579>playing your games on easy mode[View]
632282624vidya norfs[View]
632279830>2023 >still no game with story as deep and thoughtful as hunterxhunter…[View]
632282531>Monster Battling RPG >Filled with abunch of weird extra features great when will devs start r…[View]
632282270What are some badass games with extremely gay names?[View]
632281154I just found this[View]
632276225The Last of Us: I just LOVE when people try to clearly say that what Joel did at the end was wrong a…[View]
632282035Empires of the Undergrowth: Anybody here like playing games about ants?[View]
632265773Finished Mario 64 today, what did I think of it.[View]
6322434603DS/Wii U eshop: It's officially over. Now we panic about the Poke Transporter not working and …[View]
632280921dpad: What controller has the best dpad? Dualsense is trash. How's Series X? Using DS4, but wil…[View]
632281850>...And the secluded king of the Propaned Capital... ... Zanzibart the Unfallen!…[View]
632280071GOOD MORNING AMERICA, what FUCKIN American games are we gonna FUCKIN play today? https://youtu.be/L…[View]
632274513Play Nioh[View]
632281306Resident Evil 4 Remake: Am I supposed to just run past most enemies on professional? They're st…[View]
632278639Funny video game drawings?[View]
632276847There are 'people' out there who are demanding another Resident Evil 1 remake because the 2002 versi…[View]
632245768What kind of visual novels does /v/ play?[View]
63227575206/09 2023: Are you gamers ready to blastoff? To the stars![View]
632271427RE4make: How is the performance in-game so far? Smooth as previous REs?[View]
632276024Why did detective / whodunnit vidya die out?[View]
632241106Filename Thread: Filename Thread[View]
632276749There aren't enough games based around meltalurgy and manufacturing: And before anyone suggests…[View]
632236252Dead or Alive: How the hell did the og Xbox game completely mog DOAX2 on the 360? The graphics are b…[View]
632275391What will kids nowadays collect lol[View]
632280635How is English patch? Going to replay first 3 games. >Vita on >UNDUB Roms on yup gaming time…[View]
632252832Should I build a gaming PC or just buy a PS5?: PC gaming really feels like a meme and a joke nowaday…[View]
632280308uhhh....REbros? Why is our game getting outsold by The Last of Us?[View]
632278953Why are ther almost zero games set in 15-16th century, /v/? Its such a fun time with all the explora…[View]
632280793Shitty games /v/ shilled you into playing: >Tries to be an 'old school hardcore FPS' by removing …[View]
632280032You know, Ellie... Leon actually KILLED the bad guy. You're not supposed to just let them go.[View]
632280719>pov: you are an asian woman minding her own business[View]
632253037RE4 Mercenaries: >HUNK confirmed >Krauser confirmed >Wesker confirmed >Luis finally play…[View]
632280640Fart jump in GTA 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljW8RXxInSc[View]
632260854remember this game?[View]
632280128>just 2B-2A-236AC-623BD-236A-2141236AC-(BC)-236A-2141236A-623BD-236A-623A-2363214A-236236AC you n…[View]
632279060Reached my goal of helping 3000 people beat the final boss of Elden ring! 5K is my next goal! love a…[View]
632280098Free Radical Design: >makes good game in your path what are they up to nowadays??…[View]
632276594Here's your new China friendly Persona design bros.[View]
632279315Name a more violent game, you can't[View]
632280262>dream warrior >literally a ghost >do not have corporeal form >deal contact damage team …[View]
632256824Will 'modern' style handmade videogames die if future AI can generate emergent storylines on the fly…[View]
632257773Can someone explain to me why shadowless light sources are still a thing in 2023?[View]
632279904Video games where the player character owes at least one slave?[View]
632275458ITT: Games don't exist[View]
632278492ENOUGH WITH THE REMAKES! Enough of this, I don't want to play regurgitated old shit[View]
632277757Is Soul Calibur IVY[View]
632279983The alt-right is making fun of us again, /v/ros…[View]
632278024Where the fuck is it?[View]
632277585He's been reuploading his old videos! This is just the beginning, year of the spoon is upon us![View]
632223530SNAKE EATER![View]
632277013Is it still good in modern day?[View]
632278004kinda boring gameplay desu ngl desu. and why is combat still able to kill you on easy mode? the main…[View]
632278113Reminder to not buy the Demake, dont give in to fomo![View]
632279339only you[View]
632273572why did they age her by 40 years for no reason at all?[View]
632279808Does real life have raytracing or do I need an expensive gaming PC to experience it?[View]
632279574this is what a crab looks like in real life[View]
632278864>multiverse shuts down >ygo cross duel shuts down live service games, more like live service f…[View]
632227430Is the Druid in Diablo IV really as bad as people are saying?[View]
632275819March 28th 2023... Cookie has been forgotten...[View]
632273264Why are open world games so common when they are so boring?[View]
632279403https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBj8cCtwjYQ I fixed the Yoshi Clan music from Yoshi's New Islan…[View]
632278730>'Yes I will be enjoying TOTK, FFXVI and Starfield this year, how did you know?'…[View]
632277850will it live to the hype?: and will it ever leave EA?[View]
632276648>devs try to create a counter for an OP strategy >the counter becomes the new OP strategy so t…[View]
632276885>I am not a gay Then what the fuck is this then Kojima?!?!?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaABZq…[View]
632279268What are some games that use flavor text? Everyone knows about souls games, but I also know Vagrant …[View]
632271236/v/! I am so glad you're here! I just got word that another settlement needs our help! I'l…[View]
632278412Is Ethel a good character?[View]
632278641join us on the battlefield, brothers[View]
632276408ITT: We post our favorite games and recommend anons other games to play I’ve also been thinking of e…[View]
632277270Why is Cyber Connects 3D animation so good? The models, the ultimate attacks and so on in all these …[View]
632270713GAME OF THE FUCKING DECADE, just beat it[View]
632273387Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632276535who lives who dies[View]
632275912just finished playing through a game[View]
632272609Billions: Billions[View]
632278728Did Dark and Darker steal files from Nexon and put it into their game? Answer: No That is all that m…[View]
632192840What if Ashley from Resident Evil 4 was just a tiny mouse? What would you do?[View]
632277683What do you think the African-American community thinks about this? https://youtu.be/6Ns03q8noEA[View]
632278627>rips off Guyver down to the bone >Becomes a mega hit and Anno is considered a master mind due…[View]
632276606Post dumb titles: You heard it, post dumb videogame titles that stuck even though they are horrible …[View]
632273301I have nothing to play. Where are all the good games?[View]
632273728Why is nobody talking about this[View]
632277397Why is everyone drinking Nvidia's Kool-aid and buying meme GPUs? Graphics quality isn't im…[View]
632272918If Japanese are so based why haven't they made a single game about cool ladies in suits?[View]
632261121It will have a level of freedom even botw can't match. Everyone knows botws biggest flaw is tut…[View]
632259345Did you do your dailies, anon?[View]
632276010Who actually owns kane & lynch?[View]
632276016GTA 4 is the best GTA game[View]
632266332(You) WILL post in this Midna thread![View]
632275460>cool ingredient >does nothing cool why is the elder scrolls filled with this?…[View]
632274810Are we ready for GOTY?[View]
632231201Splatoon: Every match of this I play my team are either constantly running off on their own to their…[View]
632273923>3 int[View]
632271983in a few hours, we're getting Tears of the Kindom trailer to dethrone BotW's 2017 trailer …[View]
632276706Holy shit: M..mario bros??...[View]
632274935What does /v/ think of this video game?[View]
632276506the era of cheating is gonna be over in less than 3 years: Cheaters say your prayers and kneel. http…[View]
632269483Why did they even have this 'puzzle' What was the point?[View]
632260073How were you supposed to know where to go after him[View]
632269480Games that let you play as the classic, macho All American hero?[View]
632277082Just started playing this. They made Isaac look like Adam Sandler[View]
632271326Mordhau: New paid DLC voices[View]
632269591Japan approves the Acitivision Microsoft merger https://www.jftc.go.jp/houdou/pressrelease/2023/mar/…[View]
63227298712 bucks for this on the Nintendo e-shop. Convince me not to waste that money on some Ubisoft game, …[View]
632275571If you know the words, you can join in too.[View]
632275139I just want a third-person Metroid where the traversal is reminiscent of the Prince of Persia trilog…[View]
632275064>'ate 'ollows >'ate da dark >'ate demons (not racial jus dont like…[View]
632277134TURD!: I think that over half of this game is insulting, its comically scripted and sucked dry of IQ…[View]
632272561will CS2 have better anti-cheat?[View]
632269947Terra Nil: Terra Nil coming out tonight. Are you excited? Really enjoyed the demo.[View]
632273287Why should I not put my trust and fate of Mojave into this securitron who cannot say no and enjoys i…[View]
632258571Hey anon! Wanna play video games with me, Zach and Lyle?[View]
632275914Is there any reason to subscribe to Phil Spencer's dollar store if you pirate all games?[View]
632276668Time to play games that my friends were hyped about when we're in highschool 10 years ago…[View]
632274582>everybody supposedly hates EA/Ubi (and would never buy their products) >still make billions i…[View]
632271249Were the 1990s really like this???[View]
632270149COOL MAGIC: Post games with cool magic. Anything more interesting than flashy DPS lights.[View]
632276446>he has VAC ban on his profile[View]
632271661What's the shittiest Roguelike out right now? That way I know which to avoid.[View]
632259317Limbus Company: It's over for script kiddies[View]
632274678looks like /v/ was wrong again[View]
632276324I fixed her: post evil women you saved from the dark path[View]
632273141Justify not using Dolphin now.[View]
632254251Xenoblade 3: Fucking admit it, she was the best character in the game[View]
632275084ayo? interesting[View]
632269516BioShock Infinite: Bioshock had anniversary 2 days ago, say something good about it[View]
632272262Bioware news: Next mass effect still at preproduction stage: https://venturebeat.com/games/mark-darr…[View]
632238849Final Fantasy XVI: Is this game basically Devil May Cry? >Yup. Does it have gameplay as good as D…[View]
632273942>Hey Sony, how much do you want for that ten year old PS3 ga-ACK![View]
632275895Infamous 2: >tfw you failed to hold a female(hag)'s arm what a jobber…[View]
632266740Resident evil 5: You dont know how much im waiting for the remake of 5, this is the title that i hav…[View]
632250676Rhythmbros..... I really like it.... I'm sorry, I let you all down.......[View]
632272569>Forspoken, whatever happened there...[View]
632268537any good fishing games?[View]
632273383My neighbour was blasting drill music and i could smell weed strongly. I started playing Resident Ev…[View]
632266979Does anyone play this game? Never seen much discussion about it. Currently busy with tutorials. Over…[View]
632273165>Resident evil 4 remake >Atelier Ryza 3 >Atelier Marie remake >Final Fantasy XVI >Dia…[View]
632275158Donkey Kong games have always been superior to Mario games.[View]
632274004how the fuck do i play this on PC?[View]
632265321What was the last CoD you bought and which do you think was the best. Last one: Black Ops Best one: …[View]
632273065Is the new Tomb Raider trilogy worth playing?: Epic gave it out for free a year ago or so and I…[View]
632259347Did Dark and Darker steal files from Nexon and put it into their game? Answer: No That is all that m…[View]
632274837The Gaucho amigo is OP. His powerup in the custerdome is fucking bullshit.[View]
632273685>Using GeForce experience >My fps is tanking on a lot of games >Remove it >FPS is back t…[View]
632271867*mogs diablo iv*[View]
632268682Imagine Lilith slowly touching your crotch with her toe when she slowly drops down from above.[View]
632273851/v/'s opinion on this new game?[View]
632226512Which is the best version/port of Puyo Puyo Fever?: Puyo Puyo Fever has been released on PS2, PSP, D…[View]
632270774Why did Bethesda do this?[View]
632259405Microsoft stopping $1 Game Pass: Why are M$ so fucking greedy? Who the FUCK is going to pay $15 a mo…[View]
632273071I'm tired of shitty difficulty settings. It's either easy, which means you can kill people…[View]
632269038https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1640353190414565378 NINTENDO WON[View]
632242108Is MegaMan a dead franchise?[View]
632263435I never cared for GTA 5: >unlikable characters >tedious missions >stripped down gameplay/ph…[View]
632274231ITT: dead publishers[View]
632263260Have you played your PS Vita recently?[View]
632273345Diablo 4: is just a Diablo 3 expansion.[View]
632271442How does he eat?[View]
632273629I don't like: I don't like videogames anymore because life is meaningless and we all die i…[View]
632273964Are either of the Ni No Cunny games any good??[View]
632271195Soruce 2 has a bunch of wallbang spots do you think these will be patched or are there intentionally…[View]
632271457Do you mod your games?[View]
632273461>this will sell our game[View]
632271019Which Smash game is the best to get into?[View]
632259970If this is so beloved and revered by the gaming community why hasn’t it gotten a direct sequel yet?[View]
632272662>5 years later[View]
632273338sorry, im not a pc gamer: i dont play freemium and indie pixel trash i have taste and self-respect…[View]
632272783Stop liking games I don't like[View]
632269497My dad won't stop playing paladins. Every game it's the same shit. Being a warrior is not …[View]
632272519I have never played: >resident evil >persona 3-5 >any MMO >any fromsoftware game >any…[View]
632273053Had a dream that the April Fool's Day event sucked ass. Basically the first reply to a post had…[View]
632272292>ass jiggle physics >in the year 2023 WTF CAPCOM IS BASED? https://youtu.be/pqCd38AKzcQ…[View]
632255514>coming home and rewarding yourself with playtime after a long day of honest productive work NEET…[View]
632263518Close But No Cigar: The remake is a great game when you stop to consider that its 2023 and its a AAA…[View]
632264707Will the Indiana Jones game by Wolfenstein studio have nazis ?[View]
632260702I LOVE new Ashley now!!! :)[View]
632272486I like it.[View]
632272314What can change the nature of a man: Well anons? What did you answer and why?[View]
632268731WILD HEARTS: >buy denuvo so people don't pirate your game >your game gets buggy as hell b…[View]
632272012/underrated/ general: Post games that you think are legitimately underrated. Pic related for me. It’…[View]
632271960TRAILER THIS YEAR[View]
632258683Stop being negative and post good games. Any good game[View]
632268949*cough* Shepard...[View]
632271824perfect games for entering the ZONE?[View]
632266337I feel sorry for zoomers. Their definition of a good game are movies that give you little to no cont…[View]
632272349RIDERS ON THE STORM[View]
632267554I'm starting another New Vegas playthrough, what new mods do you recommend /v/?[View]
632270070Ugly faces of vidya women: Show me the ugliest, nastiest female faces from video games, you can post…[View]
632271443i did it boys. i just beat subnautica HARDCORE mode first time, took 3 attempts and about 40 hours o…[View]
632261358Apparently Etie is a mediocre unit and outclassed quickly, but I'm going to use her anyway. Jus…[View]
632263534If you could remake Kancolle, what would you change to compete with the modern industry?[View]
632269092Most of the >wow moments from this have been spoiled to me, the overall plot was not (something …[View]
632267512Westerners should never touch japanese IPs[View]
632264862I dislike AI art because I'm a shut in and art is my only way to get contact with other humans …[View]
632237698Defend this.[View]
632269596Was it bad? I wanna play it sometime as i've already played Silent Hills 1-3 but i've seen…[View]
632237149ITT: your steam profile pic[View]
632266045Everything is the same: >Elden ring is just the same souls game but with open world and mounts …[View]
632247993NINTENDO DIRECT 2.14.2013: Tendies, get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cntz1GyM1Bs > YEA…[View]
632267374What choice did you make?[View]
632263589So is he around overthrowing the Courier in the end? What did he mean by 'assertive'?[View]
632249518Do you still play Japanese warship games? >inb4 it’s Chinese[View]
632242265Is it possible for a game to simultaneously be shilled and yet deserving of more attention?[View]
632269492>2023 >I am forgotten[View]
632271727Originally, our Skyrim expansion saw the Dragonborn lead his victorious civil war faction on the off…[View]
632251629where does SOTN rank in your top 100 list.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HnhPNS0rqM Be honest ch…[View]
632261605Zelda: >the ultimate final battle >zelda screams in terror every time you are hit >link doe…[View]
632265360whats the gshock of videogames?[View]
632271145Are you ready for a live service monster hunter game this year?[View]
632270637Captain Quark was a trans character done right[View]
632263030why is it so good bros[View]
632270365I hope the Dragon's Dogma 2 character creator is restricted so you can only make characters who…[View]
632270146>make a /v/ character >name them v[View]
632269850>silly fun little rhythm game with plastic toys >ends up rejuvenating the dying guitar culture…[View]
632267758>pre-20's Replaying the same couple of single player games over and over >20's Playi…[View]
632264118Do you use guides or walkthroughs when stuck? Or do you brute force it?[View]
632265770Welp, I had fun and I'm actually surprised, haven't given a single cent to blizzard for a …[View]
632266189Do vidya pantsu have gameplay implications?[View]
632268354I dont understand: So I recently got a ps4 and one of the first games i got was the remake of reside…[View]
632262007As of January 1 2024, Steam will officially stop supporting Windows 7: >After that date, the Stea…[View]
632266480Metal Dogs: Dogbros...we won.[View]
632267683What's the Free Bird of video games?[View]
632267731Can anyone here recommend some true gun fu vidya?[View]
632223979What should the gamer add to their gaming room?[View]
632264972DmC2 when[View]
632265880deliciously racist[View]
632262158[ sounds of water dripping and flowing ] [ sounds of a low howling breeze ] what a thrill[View]
632268614Tokyo Jungle: this game was really fun and unique, it's a shame we will never get anything like…[View]
632264514Why hasnt anyone made an indie horror game similar to Ao Oni?[View]
632269961What's the most messed up way a developer lets you kill someone in a game, ignoring Mortal Komb…[View]
632257525This game is the biggest piece of shit ever, I can't believe I let /v/ talk me into thinking it…[View]
632269605Here's your controller, braddah.[View]
632269361>stormblood is free to claim on all platforms till may 8 Why are you not playing the bestworst ex…[View]
632269660the only people complaining about the RE4 remake are shitskin third worlds ESLs who are angry that t…[View]
632269539https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/cdb92d5c9805f1c50721f3c03a16d7ccef049f79 FFXI…[View]
632269593Did you have an Eloisa, /v/?[View]
632258907>statue enemy what games do this[View]
632264352rate my Diablo 4 preparedness pre-order[View]
632262723what's the appeal?[View]
632269423>retards come here posting the awful character designs from nu-diablo like the angry manface demo…[View]
632269234ITT: Things that scare you[View]
632162741>this is bayonetta now feel old yet?[View]
632258573Dolphin emu is coming to steam https://dolphin-emu.org/blog/2023/03/28/coming-soon-dolphin-steam/…[View]
632269161Say something nice about Sif from dark souls[View]
632269149>Sorry Ada but I'm into Ashley and Claire farewell now[View]
632246962why is Imperial Rome more popular than the Roman Republic in video games?[View]
632267620all I ever want is a fat boyfriend that likes video games, how is it possible I still didn't fi…[View]
632253675How old is your Steam account?[View]
632267187Valheim: Worth revisiting? Haven’t touched it in a couple years.[View]
632268719Yeah, its just not good anymore. Remake is far better.[View]
632266306why do you people keep falling for the same exact types of low effort bait threads again and again?[View]
632262692The first open world game.[View]
632266437>*blocks your path*[View]
632245484>play Kingdom Hearts for the first time >These monkey enemies that shake their butt at you How…[View]
632267915anon shouldn't you be in bed instead of playing obscure weeb 3DS games[View]
632266296Anyone ever get nostalgia over shitty mid 2000's mmos? Picrel. Flyff was my entire life in midd…[View]
632260308>'Diablo' 4 comes out >everyone worldwide forgets picrel ever happened…[View]
632266675Bravely Default or Bravely Default 2, which has the better story?[View]
632253904I'm shit at games but want to play Elden ring. Never played a fromsoftware game before, any tip…[View]
632263495does anyone else find miyamoto just extremely off-putting?[View]
632263397um, based and wholesomerino! let me solo them does it again![View]
632267597>Island sucks liquid ass And you guys said this was unfaithfull[View]
632176894Jigsaw puzzles!: Jiggers, assemble! https://jiggie.fun/oGSUx9 252 sfw vidya[View]
632262034FE1 and FE8 to FF3 and FSN Counterpart: >Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Final Fantasy III Counter…[View]
632226887but but t was supposed to be the smash killer.[View]
632254108>Force developers to work from home because of Covid >Then sue them for working from home Clow…[View]
632257043Being able to name your character in a videogame is an outdated concept that should be retired in si…[View]
632267218LOVE IS WHAT I GOT[View]
632257830Dwarf Fortress: This game feels like watching paint dry[View]
632267138Termina is upon us![View]
632266662Sega - Revolutionized the arcade scene through visionaries like Yu Suzuki, sprite scaling tech secon…[View]
632241845/v/, forgive me, but I've fallen in love with a nu-character... I promise just this once[View]
632250539It was alright I guess[View]
632228264Relax, enjoy death[View]
632262072Most of the characters are children. What were they thinking?[View]
632263864Why does this remind me of a video game? https://youtu.be/MC0TWsAFeYc[View]
632238245Demon Turf: Was her DLC too short?[View]
632263021Name some video games besides Dungeon Travelers 2-2 and Fate/Extra CCC that you are missing out on i…[View]
632266604What would be the ideal gameplay for this scene in the remake. There's got to be some dedicated…[View]
632264398This is a snake[View]
632262370>NOOOOOO you have to spend 32535 hours learning the combos! You can't just >picks fat ret…[View]
632252354>Medical Frigate is under attack![View]
632265127>Buy cool fighting game >there is no rollback Why…[View]
632258707This is now the protagonist in the game you're currently playing. How screwed are you?[View]
632263268How did they get away with it?[View]
632261493What if they remade RE5 but made it less shit should they ditch the co-op to make it closer to 4, or…[View]
632265746As a PConly fag I really wanted to play this game But after watching the show and seeing this price …[View]
632254119Deep Rock Galactic: If I ever get my hands on this, it's over.[View]
632261543Is this Gen Z's 'Quirky Earthbound-inspired RPG about depression'[View]
632263207>See boomers, your games are heckin easy[View]
632255416be honest is he a genius or a hack?[View]
632257860Literally the most annoying, most retarded boss fight ever.[View]
632264485why haven't you played undernight?[View]
632256954Is it worth it bros?[View]
632265482>Zelda Skyword Sword, that game is the worst fucking game I ever played in my fucking life. Why i…[View]
632265214Why doesn't Microsoft make Xbox open-source and permit third party manufacturers such as Alienw…[View]
632264007>20 year old game? That's already retro.[View]
632251083Now that the game is free what's the verdict?[View]
632261927What's her name, /v/?[View]
632252308Paper Mario Decomp almost complete: https://github.com/pmret/papermario Currently at 99.76%, PC port…[View]
6322640064 Resident Evil: why did they invert the title? I liked playing 4 resident evil[View]
632264995Warframe: >have a clan dojo I've been working on all by myself >think I finally design so…[View]
632261075Microsoft buys Congress: Why are American politicians getting in the middle of a healthy competition…[View]
632264941Is it possible to make a platformer difficult without restricting levels to one possible route with …[View]
632264906Official PS3 Emulation Exists for PS5 but it's Buggy as All Hell: >A Sacred Symbols+ podcast…[View]
632264197Is it worth buying a physical 3DS game when it's bound to get more expensive in the next severa…[View]
632263447Thinking of divorcing my wife on diablo 4 launch day. Fuckin worth it. can't fuckin wait my bro…[View]
632261048TWWH3: I'm gonna start a Very Hard Katarina regular campaign, I've never done the regular …[View]
632258774I just wanted to tell you, Aonuma, good luck, we're all counting on you.[View]
632264558What is next for Pokemon video games, /v/? Now that the Ash timeline has ended and people got a bit …[View]
632235325Master Duel: Make normal monsters great again.[View]
632263694GODSPEED BABY[View]
632264227This Pokémon will be your children’s favorite[View]
632251674Leon wanna come with me and abandon the only reason you came her for lolz XD[View]
632261486Just tell me /v/, when are we finally getting a good remake of a game?[View]
632264447Can she beat Goku ?[View]
632257253Why does it look so... bland?[View]
632256358What video games do black men play?[View]
632261506come home white man[View]
632257957>Video games >Friends to play video games with >No work This is the perfect combination to …[View]
632264325When is the next Skyrim port[View]
632262289Diablo 4: please post that Diablo 3 official pre-launch picture. it was a guy with lots of snacks po…[View]
632260885Bob's Game[View]
632264008FFXIV FREE CAMPAIGN THINGY: Got to about the anima questline lands in EW, can i finish it it 4 days?…[View]
632257250Runescape is getting a new skill. Taming, Sailing, or Shamanism. Polling on the fourth of April. Ho…[View]
63225904512 years and I am still mad. Madder that people bought this too.[View]
632257226Octopath 2 Thread: >Badass boss sprite of a shura demon holding one of each weapon in his arms …[View]
632255046skullgirls: Why did this game filter out so many people?[View]
632263971I just laid my PS4 controller to rest...: The left analog stick was literally preventing me from goi…[View]
632263803Is the world ready for a black link?[View]
632212430If you never went to the E3, you lost your chance[View]
632254473The simpler the combat, the better, actually[View]
632262229what game is this?: Saw it in a video on a different game[View]
632262085What do Helghast girls feet smell like? Also, do you think we'll ever get another game if God s…[View]
632262956Post mobile kinos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBxG1Hai7sU[View]
632261676What are /v/ approved family time games?[View]
632238506Female footballers are complaining that they look ugly in FIFA 23.[View]
632257223What went so right?[View]
632259178/v/ - Video Games I am here for Mr. Stewart'a lunch. If it is ready I'd thank you a bunch.[View]
632263540THEY FIXED IT[View]
632250651big if true[View]
632229495Why is this game so divisive?[View]
632146531Husbando bread: You wouldn't marry a vidya man...would you? Discussion encouraged.[View]
632258514>'Hey anon wanna do some gaming?' >Sure, we could play some resident evil death by death, or m…[View]
632251197>game's most iconic boss is nigh unreachable[View]
632258078Random indie dabs on billion dollar company: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw_42CCJr2E >some ra…[View]
632259294Hi /v/ i'm Aerith ask me anything[View]
632262318Why did it fail to make any notable impact on the gaming landscape whatsoever?[View]
632261053How in the actual fuck is anybody supposed to play this luck based garbage. Literally how do you win…[View]
632258590thank you[View]
632260009When did Persona become the definitive JRPG over Final Fantasy?[View]
632256127How will Zelda ToTK even compete in a post-Elden Ring world?[View]
632257495>stock up on 40 health >die >load game >die >make small progress >save game >st…[View]
632216117How come Samara was never embraced by the coomer community? Like goddamn, look at these puppies.[View]
632257131am I insane?: am I the only person who hated the controls for RE3 remake? I felt like the dodge mech…[View]
632211565vidya foods you wish were real? For me, it's a rare candy with a side of moomoo milk[View]
632232137>they run fast now I don't want to go back in the dissection room bros...…[View]
632262213Grand Strategic Cuck Simulator: >100 dread and wife is terrified of me >Is my soul mate with 1…[View]
632255683Are they the blond queens of Nintendo?[View]
632261791If you stopped the thieving slave from getting punished, you're a cuck.[View]
632192527post your favorite album, and let anons guess what your favorite game is.[View]
6322569650cr3mix: P0st s0m3 g00d sh1t from here, chuds.[View]
632261470My wife yukiho[View]
632261290NuChris in Re5 remake be like please random african impregnate my sister and continue your bloodline[View]
632217725The Coffin of Andy and Leyley: >Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…[View]
632252587How do you feel about AI art potentially being banned from gaming?[View]
632171770Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society: I'm almost at the second set of credits for the game, …[View]
632240056Merrin: I am in love with this tomboy. This is literally the perfect woman. I want to lick her sweat…[View]
632259401Vidya music thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L38jov2on0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wICG…[View]
632255693sex with ashley[View]
632260010You do backup all your memories right[View]
632259813RE3: Just beat picrelated on Xbox SeX, hardcore difficulty, 40 y-o boomer that didnt play the origin…[View]
632257770>breaks your cpu priority regedit nothing personal, kid. enjoy your terribly optimized and janky …[View]
632248183Steam to end W7/W8/W8.1 Support in 2024: Will this affect you? https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs…[View]
632245147What fact about video games in 2023 makes you incomparably sad?[View]
632243859pitch your Harley Quinn game[View]
632253519Daily reminder that the Wii U & 3DS eShops died so that T239/Drake can run as T239/Drake is righ…[View]
632249521Xenoblade 2 is the greatest game of all time buried under some clunky menus, grindy side content, an…[View]
632255368>Insect themed Boss >You're startin' to bug me!…[View]
632259293It's over, Xbros.[View]
632259372Daily Bust a Groove thread: Who’s the most attractive Bust a Groove chratacer?[View]
632237696>we need you to come up with the ugliest, most nonsensical piece of shit gun ever made >say no…[View]
632256786there is really no reason to play video games on a difficulty setting other than normal or the equiv…[View]
632256154*Filters Millions*[View]
632251672What are some other boomer games you'd like to see remade? I'm way happier experiencing th…[View]
632258393>Why yes I will be emulating Tears of the Kin-ACK![View]
632258079Who's actually showing up to E3 this year?[View]
632257532why is this fucking thing constantly whimpering and moaning and sighing[View]
632257828Guys, When you play videogames. Please enjoy them like you did as a child. Life is too short to not…[View]
632259061I'm honestly starting to hate this game for how tryhard it is even when playing unranked, and a…[View]
632259054Where do I go the game doesnt tell me where to go it's too confusing that's it I'm un…[View]
632231940Resident Evil 4 Demake Metacritic scores. Capcom is dead. It's OVER.: Resident Evil 4 Demake Me…[View]
632258198Best Russian banes on steam?[View]
632245083Blue Archive: maintenance has starterd in a few hours they will be available (Cheerleader Hibiki wil…[View]
632258818How expensive is it to redub Ada's voice with AI now that ElevenLabs is cucked? Never modded an…[View]
632253787I'm drawn to JRPGs for some reason, but dear lord I just can't. They're SO goddamn bo…[View]
632253640Mario Movie Early Screening: Hey there! I’ll cut to the chase. My local theater does secret early sc…[View]
632252628If you could swap out one or all three typings to change it up, how would you do it? Or should we do…[View]
63224785110 years down, 12 hours to go![View]
632257698What mp games have healer/support classes that are actually good & fun to play as?[View]
632198583This is a Star Fox thread because some furry taking 6 years to finish a 40 minute fan animation is e…[View]
632256767What real world animal could take on a Deathclaw?[View]
632256134>no more grafix to obtain >no more money to obtain >people are tired of woke shit what will…[View]
632256973Hey hey[View]
632258176Will this series ever return?[View]
632243224>pick hardcore for first playthrough because it's apparently for returning RE4 players >d…[View]
632212718>GPU prices going full retard Do they want the discrete GPU market to be unaffordable to most gam…[View]
632253095Why do you like Japanese games, /v/?[View]
632258339Grand Strategic Cuck Simulator: 100 dread and wife is terrified of me >Is my soul mate with 100 o…[View]
632256493>try talk about Re4 >but that one guy always goes 'BUT IN THE ORIGINAL' every single time…[View]
632256135Another Day, Another Old Forum Departs[View]
632258131The new merchant is better. More soul.[View]
632258013Make it video games.[View]
632257713Next REmake: I was kind of skeptic at first about this because in retrospecive the original trilogy …[View]
632255525ITT: Post a cute anime girl and then the latest awful vidya experience you had to suffer. >burned…[View]
632257446It's actually pretty good for a game that looks like Code Monkeys.[View]
632256523WAW and BO1 zombies were kino: But then Bo2 and everything after was shit. But why?[View]
632251087Why didn't more AAA or even AA games come out that ripped off this game? It was extremely influ…[View]
632253610>Nintendo Mascot >Mario >Microsoft Mascot >Master Chief >Sony Mascot >??? Boomer G…[View]
632255156This is such a great game /v/[View]
632240337It’s joeover Congress wants to look into why Japanese games never release on Xbox consoles and also…[View]
632255567RE4 Remake: I like the bull guy, especially when he has a hammer. Just dodge around and let him kill…[View]
632256730I have too many games to play. Should i just rotate between them or play each one to completion?[View]
632232045Okay I get it, World is more fun, but 3 is objectively the better game[View]
632252845Would Skyrim be better without monster level scaling[View]
632254561>Fuga 2: >Devs let you play a one hour demo of Fuga 2 >Demo is only available in Jap land …[View]
632254750Who is she talking to?[View]
632253086Can food really enhance video games?[View]
632243513It's better than Undertale and I'm tired of pretending it's not.[View]
632256259How I sleep at night knowing RE4 2005 is better than RE4 2023[View]
632254926Persona 5: The Phantom X: It's out for Android and PC https://p5x.wanmei.com/m/index.html >A…[View]
632255281Imagine this: Imagine Cuphead but with a full 2D kingdom universe, with multiple stages. It could ha…[View]
632228370Why do so few games do romance right? There's hardly ever a good slow burn romance and romance …[View]
632247382Best Jurassic Park game?[View]
632252414What does this guy say again?[View]
632256089what are some planet Mars-based videogames?[View]
632256717The GOAT vidya is an anime and the GOAT anime is a vidya. (And I don't even like anime)[View]
632250601We got Morgan Freeman here, and some whore here. Game of the year? I dunno how that happened.[View]
632255753>It's another goddamn Capcom/RE4R thread[View]
632247232The best cast of characters the Fire Emblem series has to offer.[View]
632250583Marisa is playing a guitar today![View]
632254949>game has romance in side missions[View]
632258982Ah sweet Xbox Elite controller arrived[View]
632255808>ice boss >nice to meet you[View]
632253869Name ONE game with fluffy animals that isn't coom game. That's right, you can't.[View]
632253550Help me /v/. This goat is making me feel strange things.[View]
632256094>only way you can have a unified north defend against Nilfgaard is by killing Roache and Thaler S…[View]
632250290This is going to be a great game, isn't it?[View]
632240661I played this once like 15 years ago. Geno was based. Mallow was cool at first but kinda useless la…[View]
632253123dreams: did you have vidya related dreams /v/? i used to have them after playing sm64 and minecraft …[View]
632253584Fucking hell, why does HAL always go so damn hard in Kirby games? Isn't this franchise about a …[View]
632254067Isnt everyone taking it for granted?: Everyone is celebrating and acting like the game is already ou…[View]
632255379why do you faggots complain about the price of games?[View]
632254698what the hell is going on with the steam client? the hired some stupid poojeet or troon and now what…[View]
632254479What is the video game show thing in june?: It’s been so many years that I forgot what it’s even cal…[View]
632244763Final Fantasy XV: Can we have a thread about this game without shitposts or posting about someone na…[View]
632254583Why do people give a shit about microsoft getting activision/bilzzard?: >muh goyslop triple A gam…[View]
632253138I play games on normal[View]
632254483I miss him bros: I still can't believe the best fallout 2 player in the world is dead[View]
632222040Is gaming on Linux actually good now?[View]
632254953The Queens of /v/[View]
632252731I've been playing through N64 games for the first time and have been having lots of fun. But th…[View]
632255382the entire PC community is relying on her.... and yet she won't do it, bros... that's why …[View]
632255380Fuck this stupid faggot shit stage, it's just endless room after room after room after fucking …[View]
632253662in the world of lazy studios and remake after remake: this is the game of this generation[View]
632238475So is it actually a win? c[View]
632248679Monster Hunter Bread: post anything and everything MonHun[View]
632253846hand over that Elden Ring[View]
632245129>non horror game has jumpscares[View]
632234154Diablo 4's Transmog is AMAZING! You can hide your boots slot and be barefooted babe.[View]
632254808i suffer as a black mage[View]
632254357hideo kojima is fucking retarded zoomer pandering.[View]
632251653STRANGER OF PARADISE ON STEAM, APRIL 6th: WAITCHADS WON >better port >cheaper >all dlc is o…[View]
632248861Dead Island: Let’s be real. You mutilated every corpse and cut off every limb.[View]
632252846Sony was never good[View]
632254692>don't worry Ashley... Roe V. Wade won't be overturned. not on my watch.…[View]
632250442Arrrrggghhhhhhh a tentacle! I'm going insaaaaaaaaannnneeeeee[View]
632252017kino personified[View]
632254452BANNED STORIES: Ever get banned? I got wrongly banned once from a niche FPS game. I'm gold nova…[View]
632254374Genshin Impact makes me feel so beautiful.[View]
632253716*mogs the legend of zelda*[View]
632254398would you /v/?[View]
632252960>hides inside your shadow without your permission >goes everywhere with you >can make fun o…[View]
632254071>Rank based matchmaking:[View]
632251289>Still no fucking exclusives besides ratchet and horizon basically What the fuck is sony doing?…[View]
632250913ITT: Dead franchises: ITT: Dead franchises[View]
632236585So why was it taken down? Corporate bullying?[View]
632229223Twelve Tales: Conker 64 Incoming: Twelve Tales: Conker 64 Incoming[View]
632249646The bosses are unnecessarily difficult.[View]
632254058https://youtu.be/PhgNl2hL_ok HOLY RAVIOLI LUIGI!!!!![View]
632253468I know what you're thinking. Did I release five versions of Skyrim, or six? To tell you the tru…[View]
632248623Resident Evil 5: Will it happen? What will change?[View]
632247861What games do you think are overpriced?[View]
632251403>spend more time on /v/ talking about games than playing them Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
632250989What the fuck happened to video games?[View]
632252079Pokemon games are unplayable without an emulator fast forward feature[View]
632249742but /v/ told me it was going to be a hallway simulator[View]
632250732>Want to get into mobile gaming more because my new job has long periods where I can play games o…[View]
632246481prequels are boring[View]
632242478Kanna's huge fucking melons on the front page.[View]
632251354>Here's your controller bro[View]
632253394What if Joseph Frost survived the initial Cerberus attack and survived the Spencer Estate Incident? …[View]
6322406103DS Thread: In honor of the shop going down, post your 3DS and what games you're playing.…[View]
632250248Deus Ex: New game coming soon...i hope[View]
632248182What a shit roster.[View]
632251840Come meet your new Sheva for the Resident Evil 5 Remake /v/!!!: Say nice things only pls uwu!!!…[View]
632253028why did she do it?[View]
632247965What's a game where you play as someone with this personality? Not anyone from DBZ games obviou…[View]
632251085Imagine if Mass Effect 2 had actually ended like this.[View]
632149003Gamedev thread: How's that game coming along?[View]
632249496when did you realize video games are gay?[View]
632252730Gentlemen, I love foxgirls. I love them in everything including video games.[View]
632240504Who is the guy on the cover supposed to be?[View]
632252559>mission to save litteraly the presidents daughter >a former us major gone rogue is on the is…[View]
632252480>npc attacks me >guards do nothing >defend myself >everyone flips their shit…[View]
632247502What have (you) played today anon?[View]
632252386>Remakedrones will defend this writing[View]
632252446here's your ashley graham bros[View]
632248810Warrior Within: >we need a sequel to our Persian fairytale >let's make it emo themed >…[View]
632249159>westerners hated him >japs love him why?…[View]
632245827Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: calling ALL kindred[View]
632251052Am I too late to get into the Assassin's Creed series? There's a lot of talk about the ear…[View]
632246549My little bunny cant be this sassy[View]
632251093Now that the dust has settled: Who did it best?[View]
632247476need overwatch bf: I'm an hrt femboy and I need bf thats taller than me, and older than me, and…[View]
632251412How do you feel about brown girls in your video games?[View]
632251371What was she thinking?[View]
632251314Man, you guys weren't lying when you said the second half was bad[View]
632246038What next for Sony now that PSVR 2 was a hit with reviewers and gamers?[View]
632232746Funny to think that the pepe meme started here on /v/.[View]
632251675Noa Ushio from the hit video game Blue Archive[View]
632250147oh yeah that happened[View]
632246468Eating while having gaming: Do you do it?[View]
632246685>Only like old games I played as kid >Play them >They hold up completely >Feel good for …[View]
632189324Yakuza Thread: Why did Tanimura do it?[View]
632251415game when?[View]
632250671This part of the letter is written after 6 years of his 'awakening'. So according to Capcom, spaniar…[View]
632251393Hogwarts Legacy: Ignoring the culture war here for a second. Is the game fun or is it another bog st…[View]
632235823>/v/ hates everything and wants everything to fail >reddit loves everything and wants everythi…[View]
632178691Is it necessary to play a video game before viewing or reading adaptations or other official spinoff…[View]
632251037what do you want to see in counter-strike 2? i want to see more female agents, male to female agent …[View]
632247508PSA Nihon no Gaemu Komyunitii: 等々力 ハワーッドで~す !! Starfield の複数のコピーを事前注文しなかった理由を説明してください そして, 日本のビデオゲーム…[View]
632247243no one ever chose to play as tony hawk[View]
632246349Name a game you really like[View]
632250993precise moments in gaming where you realized you were playing a masterpiece: title >https://youtu…[View]
632249467How long does it take to get good at this game? I've played other shooters but only a couple ho…[View]
632250775The one thing ps360 generation did right were the hatemails[View]
632225236Final Fantasy 16: I'm trying to get into Final Fantasy, because I'm excited for 16. Which …[View]
632244968When the fuck does this get good? So far it is just talking for 90 % of the time.[View]
632250979Why is Roxy such a winner?[View]
632248243The Queens of /v/[View]
632242689Limbus Company: Ish[View]
632243310Cream the Rabbit is cute.[View]
632248726We are almost 25% into the year, I assume you've beaten a handful of games already, right? I…[View]
632228162goddess of victory nikke: Everyone shut the fuck up. The commander is resting.[View]
632250602can mods even fix this dumpster fire?[View]
632235746What is it about these types of races in video games that incite absolute rage and debate in people?…[View]
632250575“Did you really think you could get rid of me?”[View]
632246952>Zanzibar >Zaire >Afghanistan >Cuba >Seychelles >Cyprus >Costa Rica etc... Ther…[View]
632250529Damn, Corvo looks like that?! Hottest dude in vidya easily[View]
632247846tI's na eiree thgin. A tcefrep thgin rof sredips.[View]
632235147What if /v/ made it's own vidya?[View]
632250426Who is the biggest embarrassment? Yuji Naka, Keiji Inafune, or Chris-chan?[View]
632249102Horizon: Are these games good? I started playing the first one up to when your dad teaches you to hu…[View]
632247532Regarding the Purported Ceilings Surrounding Videogame Preferences: >And last, but not least, the…[View]
632245205How would you make a billiards video game that captured the spirit of playing the game rather than m…[View]
632242945Favorite sports games?[View]
632238261The remake has solidified my opinion once again that every Resident Evil going forward should be hea…[View]
632249040How do I make money off a VN? Because I don't have money for marketing and I don't have th…[View]
632246758zoomer game essays be like. Analysis: blocking is overpowered *turns on voice changer to make myself…[View]
632247834RE9 will feature Ashley and Leon: Re9 will feature Ashley and Leon. You will plays as Ashley with Le…[View]
632246051What's keeping SRO alive?[View]
632248032>Play MHFU on an emulator >Kill the monster after 30 mins >accidentally press the fast for…[View]
632248789Good game[View]
632249524Why weren't you there anon?[View]
632243340>This is real darkness. It's not death, or war, or child molestation. Real darkness has love…[View]
632235365Was he right?[View]
632215794>Shigeru Miyamoto has repeatedly stepped in to cancel new installments to franchises he was not i…[View]
632247059I cheat and use guides in every game i play[View]
632217237This game does not hold up. >Solved game >Your lucky if your class has 1 viable build while pa…[View]
632246836>Got filtered by FPS movement mode in RE4VR Who Teleportation, here?[View]
632246324Donkey Kong confirmed as Cranky's son. Who is Donkey Kong Jr. then?[View]
632248652BURN MY BREAD[View]
632248296Are you in this image?[View]
632247617Oblivion Defenders are retarded: >Busted Level Scaling enemies, bad economy, and horrible level u…[View]
632245669Who's that pokemon?[View]
632248889did steamdeck bros win?[View]
632247453Most played MMOs: There is no way Old School RuneScape is the most played and active MMO out there, …[View]
632230969This is Xenogears, one of 2 good video games made but the studio Monolith Soft. Say something about …[View]
632244862reminder that vagina exists and you should be actively persuing it literally every moment you are aw…[View]
632236446Post your fightan mains Yeah yeah i know SSBU and Slap City aren't real fighting games, still f…[View]
632243376Steam Deck: You guys HAVE bought a Steam Deck right? It's portable and can play anything[View]
632248597It's time to update.[View]
632248478>The Caesar has marked you for death, and the Legion obeys! Ready yourself for battle!…[View]
632244131>$40 got you full game, pokewalker, and figurine[View]
632247407He's back.[View]
632231065ARE YOU READY FOR A FUCKING MOST PIT /V/??!!!!!!!!![View]
632242472Playstation Vita: VitaCHADS rise up[View]
632248165Yalkuza: Like a Dragon: Man I love this game. Just started it last weekend and have been obsessed wi…[View]
632248301>Good, combat-focused, co-op indies/roguelikes with build & playstyle freedom.…[View]
632244979Games only men like: Every girl I talked to says this game's boring and stupid, but every guy p…[View]
632239714what games should someone into older women play?[View]
632246240tf2 doesn't even need autotune[View]
632223619When did Wario Land peak?[View]
632247982What are some games where you can choke your gf and a multibillion dollar corporation will doctor fo…[View]
632247324How do you get better at these games?[View]
632247816I'm loving the RE4 experience.[View]
632247773What were her abilities?[View]
632247006How do we fix the Resident Evil fandom/Franchise? It seems like it's beyond repair.[View]
632242281SMT: Lilith was adam's first wife not eve[View]
632240864>open world survival crafting[View]
632243916>super advanced alien tech that blows our tiny human minds >yellow Harrier with blue missiles …[View]
632246356>try to find new RPG to play >they're all roguelikes, action soulslike, vampire survivors…[View]
632207554What's the best 2D Sonic game? What do you think is the future of 2D sonic?[View]
632247575*blocks your path*[View]
632187769I need to beat 40 games in this year of 2023 to prove to myself I really love games! How many games …[View]
632246726Pikmin 4 night mode leak: I know a few things about Pikmin 4 and I wanted to share it before the gam…[View]
632244705Just finished Requiem: What does /v/ think of the Plague Tale games? I never see them discussed here…[View]
632245158If sonic the hedgehog appears in your room. What would you do?[View]
632244726>villains gets a redemption arc[View]
632245947>character named Dobermann >is a dog Bravo Kojima.…[View]
632239850how can SMT become as popular as persona?[View]
632245698What sort of people usually gravitate towards playing healers in games? It's a big responsibili…[View]
632247332Any others I'm missing?[View]
632239570Xenoblade Chronicles X: Did they ever explain what those blue crystals around New Los Angeles are?…[View]
632245209>play civ >3 barb camps spawn next to me >play pokémon >90% moves miss everytime >pla…[View]
632242995They should have gone further with the strong woman nu-Ashley. Hell, they should have turned Ada Won…[View]
632247235>someone kills me in a videogame/i kill someone trying to kill me in a videogame >they taunt m…[View]
632245664Are they serious with this game?: What the fuck? They seriously took the voice from that Total Nigge…[View]
632246875No other game has made me feel like such a man. She relies on me to protect her from her worries and…[View]
632239495Who did it better?[View]
632247076Space Channel 5: Fuck me sideways this game looks has so much SOVL https://youtu.be/WPJ_edmQu_c?t=30…[View]
632244360>Rips off Universal horror movies >Rips off Metroid >Rips off Ocarina of Time >Rips off …[View]
632241062Gen V was the magnum opus of mon designs and designs in general.[View]
632238659This is NOT 'Final Fantasy'. It's a FAKE.[View]
632238457Will TotK have a trailer that will top this? https://youtu.be/zw47_q9wbBE[View]
632245350Does this game have potential to be the next Among Us[View]
632242093anyone feel like doing it?[View]
632241993Even censorship is okay when Japan does it.[View]
632235856LEFT 4 DEAD 3 FOUND IN COUNTERSTRIKE 2 FILES: LEFT 4 DEAD 3 has been found in CS2 files!! L4D-bros, …[View]
632235965I bought Sekiro because it's the closest to a Bleach vidya on the PS4, what am I in for? I foun…[View]
632245446>Only good alternate costume in the game is paid content Not an accident…[View]
632243229>people still draw Ashley with the monkey ears and fringe The remake will NEVER be iconic…[View]
6322258343x3 Thread: Post yours, rate others and discuss vidya. Anti 3x3s allowed too.[View]
632192579I can fix her[View]
632243152>Oh you brought your Switch, Anon?[View]
632236225are you here for some spirit chuning[View]
632241813How often do you wait for a game to go on sale?[View]
632236567Everything about this game is better than the first, including the story. I'm convinced that th…[View]
632208159Vermintide 2: New patch a few hours away get hype v/ros[View]
632242928Killin' a person ain't no big deal Just put the AR15 to their head and POW...[View]
632245786>'Anon,You have to get out of here! I don't know how much longer I can last! Go!, get out of…[View]
632239403Monster Hunter: Whats a good game to get into the series with. I've tried a few times but just …[View]
632239797For me, it's Curie.[View]
632216482Be honest, how early did you play Undertale? Was it before or after it blew up?[View]
632240950>39 years old[View]
632243523i've never played this series before but it's painfully obvious they butchered me1 to hell…[View]
632241714Post your billion idea IP and I will make it real, anon![View]
632241817Does this game deserve a 95 on Metacritic? That means it is one of the greatest games ever made.[View]
632194554Granblue fantasy: Brothers this year is our year.[View]
632233906Have you invented that gaming PC yet?[View]
632239779What did they mean by this[View]
632204747Almost everything you faggots said wasn't going to be in the remake, WAS. The original is now o…[View]
632196915Ignoring Redfall's Commentary On Capitalism Does Its Creators A Disservice: ITS TIME TO LISTEN,…[View]
632245234'The kind of accident where you stab yourself fifty fucking times with a kitchen knife, you fucking …[View]
632199248Actually name a 6/10 game Like it's not even terrible and you actually had an alright time with…[View]
632242828>he was pretending to be retarded[View]
632235539who is worse, gacha players or mmo players?[View]
632241982>Girlfriend went to Florida for spring break >Took my switch too Why did she take it?…[View]
632243583This is what Emerald could've looked like if gamefreak was competent.[View]
632240819Sifu is coming to steam soon. Why is no one talking about it??[View]
632244260Why can I only play RPGs? Numbers going big and endless pointless fetch quests are the only things t…[View]
632244882>game breaks the fourth wall[View]
632242992You have so many games to choose from you don't know what games to get. You win so much with th…[View]
632244870Bruteforce Save Data: Can Bruteforce Save Data also get me DLCs on my PS3?[View]
632234661Is it impossible to become a video game critic?: How am I supposed to know all the obscure reference…[View]
632236018Zelda: A Link to the Past is the best Zelda game, and I'm tired of pretending it's not …[View]
6322367342023... im forgotten[View]
632235445>valorant is better than csgo[View]
632240206ITT: Terrible character designs[View]
632244337Were they ever wrong though?[View]
632235559>glowies are trying to hijack gaming consoles[View]
632240693The only ambitious game to release in 2023[View]
632237630The Kuruma.[View]
632244194It's about time we talked about Nintendo's most misunderstood masterpiece.[View]
632243923>community >inclusivity >consumer friendly >accessibility >diversity >equity…[View]
632242757>buy a video game >open it >select difficulty >you have to beat normal mode to play hard…[View]
632242241His game is going to be a mess isn't it[View]
632242862https://youtu.be/079tCc_JWJY?t=666 https://youtu.be/30rAsG0-8u4?t=56 https://youtu.be/Riuy359NMxo?t=…[View]
632225227Wuthering Waves: Wuthering Waves: 11 Minutes of Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sPKkDQPLQ0…[View]
632239203Most games end on a similar note, but for you what is the best/most satisfying ending in the souls s…[View]
632243126>enemies can open doors[View]
63223250940k Vidya: Was this the best 40k game ever? Discuss.[View]
632223375Game was alright, but wtf did they do to Saddler?: >Original Saddler: Evil con man with a somewha…[View]
632238797Can i get a QRD on the state of the game? Was looking for something to play instead of apex and saw …[View]
632239543short life span for a 'best game ever'[View]
632241789Not trying to hate, but his shit is boring and he's not a great storyteller. 6 years in the mak…[View]
632239202Holy shit this was amazing. Why didn't any of you tell me?[View]
632234215>puzzle is impossible to solve without a walkthrough[View]
63223711714 hours since I sent a message to steam support about them refunding $700 to my fucking steam walle…[View]
632243343full released: YEAH SURE ! Don't getme wrong the editor is awesome and it's an unique game…[View]
632243301Who is winning the metaverse arms race?[View]
632233420What is the best Tomb Raider game ever made?[View]
632223953Grand Theft Auto: You WILL be playing the entire game from start to finish solely as Jason, right??…[View]
632235372I actually liked the mini retro consoles gimmick[View]
632242883Life is Strange: BTS: omg this faggot. I just wanna do lesbian stuff like rub me and Rachel’s tits t…[View]
632236995quick question, if i wanted to emulate N64, should I use retroarch, ares or bizhawk? which one is mo…[View]
632237154Why are there no good anime co-op game? And no code vein doesn't count[View]
632239826>Finally build mid range rig as first custom PC >Never going back to consoles again This is an…[View]
632236529Wasn't expecting the game to get so dark[View]
632154384Post vidya webms that amuse you.[View]
632238413https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo5Ch-SL-EY This game makes me feel things I can't describe…[View]
632240437What genres are popular with all the races?: For example: Sports games are played more by black game…[View]
632238474I got a 3ds when I was like eight or something. I got it specifically for Mario 3d world. Mario was …[View]
632241921Gacha commission, mobile porn and social media is fucking aids They fuck up my 10 years of my life, …[View]
632235591>get told Diablo 2 is the best in the genre >start the game >necromancer is boring as fuck…[View]
632241768Meta Thread: Mods, can we please have a poll on whether or not to ban /vmg/ shit from /v/, please?…[View]
632237516RIP eshop bag: >it's still fucking listed[View]
6322417381. it's a beta 2. it will get fixed 3. and that's all there is to it :D[View]
632235434is this game good?[View]
632233887Cruelty Squad: Armor got fixed, anyone else trying another run? https://steamcommunity.com/app/13887…[View]
632229996Beating this game again after twenty years, it really does feel like an unfinished first attempt at …[View]
632240696He's right you know[View]
632238095finish your goddamn backlog.[View]
632241219Knowing Blizzard, this will be the most OP class in the game soon. They really don't know how t…[View]
632228723MORE CONGRESS MEMBERS INVESTIGATING SONY: >Microsoft buys activision blizzard >Sony cries and …[View]
632240668>Remember. No Lucian.[View]
632233656Square Enix what the hell is this? How did you make Max look even uglier?[View]
632236728Is it vaporware?[View]
632232319>be bear sighted >try vr without glasses >everything is blurry like its far away How? The …[View]
632240901Nintendo had given us some standalone Switch rereleases of VC and NSO titles but since they taken do…[View]
632237851What happened to the point-and-click genre?[View]
632237474ave chudesar[View]
632237976You know, the least they could've done was make this Free-2-Play so the online WOULDNT BE A FUC…[View]
632235026>character who teaches you how to play the game is one of the final bosses due to story reasons …[View]
632235292I play her vidya for story[View]
632239976Are we supposed to ignore what's happening at the Steam Market right now? Why the fuck is every…[View]
632229613Are you ready to find more ponchos?[View]
632236287Gartic Phone Lobby: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=0242680c4a[View]
632234817What are the most gory games?: Gears of War, CoD: World at War, Dead Island, Fallout: Troon Vegas. A…[View]
632236571Well, this is depressing. This pretty much confirms that the game is really bad if even this guy doe…[View]
6322225783DS/Wii U eshop: Oh Danny boy...the pipes, the pipes are calling[View]
632234446This is considered one of the hardest games of all time according to Chat GPT. Is this accurate?[View]
632231121this is gonna kill monster hunter, just you wait: Or alternatively 40 days after release it has had …[View]
632239695The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Chris Pratt wants you to see it twice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
632236505>game starts and good guys already lost any other game kinos like this?…[View]
632223085I miss young Ashley.[View]
632237615>Put something in your cart on a website >Site keeps emailing you about the thing you added ev…[View]
632232373>I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole How the fuck did this infantile s…[View]
632223270Limbus Company: What are your expectations for the new update?[View]
632239134Was it autism?[View]
632239381pokedex 3d pro: gayfreak tried to memory hole this good models + animations exist for every pokemon …[View]
632236673All these dead goblins... Ranrok's work, gotta be.[View]
632237121GLORIA LAS PLAGAS[View]
632236435You have done your taxes with Iris right /v/?[View]
632239148Flash had taken down the High Councilor, but the atrocities he had abetted during Superman's re…[View]
632215914You did not beat the game.[View]
632196937use your vidya knowledge to defeat the embodiment of your OWN vidya knowledge in order to save the m…[View]
632217845Comfy RE4 thread[View]
632230526xiv: Lets talk about the best girl[View]
632237082>Aim for enemy's head at point blank >It does nothing >Get one-tapped Why is this shit…[View]
63223751210 YEARS DOWN, 14 HOURS TO GO![View]
632237529LLM Skyrim when?: How long until we get some fully immersive, actually good open world games? With G…[View]
632210198Why did class-based shooters fail?[View]
632232925Absolute state of gayming: What happened to the gaming industry? I noticed that things got a little …[View]
632231878Damn you, Kain! You are not God! This act of genocide is unconscionable!: >Conscience...? You dar…[View]
632229087How did indie developers go from this...[View]
632225630Sega Loli Championship![View]
632236923This game was really fun, whens titanfall 3?[View]
632230225>first playthrough still >have basic idea of what's in store and where to go >come to …[View]
632232249The greatest game of all time[View]
632186591Darkstalkers Morgan is she evil?: This is the only image I have of her off hand=.[View]
632237459JRPGs are just not good. I've given them the whole nine yards and played all the 'greats…[View]
632238140Label clearly states what console the game belongs to: Pretending to be ignorant for clout...do zoom…[View]
632205117Why is Doom 2's level design considered inferior to the original?[View]
632213571RE ENGINE RESIDENT EVIL 1 REMAKE IS COMING: What do you think about the inevitability of another RE1…[View]
632178728How come Wuxia games aren’t really common?[View]
6322324523DS Badge Arcade ;_;7: How many badges did you guys get before it all went away?[View]
632236168what does gamer girl pussy smell like bros[View]
632236774What's the deal with level 5 of cat mario? Like every other level is hard troll shit except the…[View]
632237674Eat shit, Andreas.[View]
632177327ITT: 'villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
632230981It's Mikan Monday. What are you playing tonight? And do you forgive MikaN?[View]
632237464Faust: i love this nigga so much.[View]
632207298Kill every single person in Spain.[View]
632237176ITT: Games with Kino movement[View]
632220557“I can fix her”[View]
632234634What went wrong?[View]
632155859Octopath Traveler 2: I want to have sex with this game's soundtrack.[View]
632233223I've never played pic rel because of the obvious shoehorned BLM parallel. Can you at least be a…[View]
632221314stop right there and tell me what video games you played today[View]
632236792Blacktail, my beloved[View]
632234410Kino or dogshit[View]
632233956they nerfed the fuck out of it. especially the protect ashley part.[View]
632230495Who's your favorite video game artist? What series do you think their style would be a perfect …[View]
632224250WTF did I just play?[View]
632233302What's your favorite song in 'Osu! Tatakae Ouendan'?[View]
632227370Why are Quakefags like this?[View]
632220180>be born in 1998 >try to play any online game and interact with someone >they are always at…[View]
632233041Never played this before is it better than the new ones? Starting it now curious to see how you guys…[View]
632234065>GeForce GTX 1080[View]
632223224HAPPENING: Sony is unfairly hurting Xbox in Japan[View]
632234046d2: final shape trailer: see attached file, or here: https://pastebin.com/ekbwcuVp[View]
632231231ITT: WE KNEEL: Kneel before the greatest vidya game that ever was and ever will be.[View]
632236230What are some games to play when you're miserable?[View]
632227393How do I ask for Leon's haircut at the barber without just showing him pictures of Leon?[View]
632230862LOOK AT THIS NEP[View]
632236112>ruins your game nothing personell chud[View]
632199014What's your go to Gamer Fuel? Mine is whole milk.[View]
632182670Cyberpunk 2077: Just fucking fuck you guys. You said the game is bad, and guess what. I played it fo…[View]
632235983Sonic Speed Simulator: Why is this actually kino?[View]
632186942Final Fantasy 16 combat: Im all in for the CHURAZEE fights, but Im a little worried after the PAX vi…[View]
632203917Sony hate: Fuck Sony, tell me the reasons why YOU personally want Sony to die[View]
632235618i fucking despise achievements and the social media page on my xbox and wish i could disable them co…[View]
632200678Is this best in the genre or theres something better?[View]
632232294I like Nintendo[View]
632233034In real life I am David the 31 year old grocery bagger but in video games I can be an agent provocat…[View]
632228309OMFG... fellow Frombros... could this indicate that the Dark Souls and Elden Ring universes are conn…[View]
632235065I'm going to tell you shits about Disney Infinity's development >Was made to sell toys…[View]
632232786What was the single most controversial moment in gaming?[View]
632197990Master Duel: DC top 10 is out, exosister, branded, p.u.n.k, ishizu and runick are the strongest deck…[View]
632234923TODAY I WILL REMIND THEM, when the virtual console goes offline then every game provided by the defu…[View]
632232270It's actually a nod to the traditional Amerifat horror films. Where actors/actresses in their 3…[View]
632220795Wow this pizza tower dlc SUCKED[View]
632234831>An indie game >it's 8 bit pixel art >it has themes about depression or mental illness…[View]
632227463If Capcom does an RE5 remake then are they eventually going to do a RE6 remake? How would that even …[View]
632235130Which game can you replay at any time and never get tired of it?[View]
632233442Its Over[View]
632215476why isn't she in SF6?[View]
632233563Who's responsible for this?[View]
632231235>have physical copy of pic related >It started crashing whenever I try to start a new game I…[View]
632223053/v/ plays Tear Ring Saga: LAST TIME >Arkis continued to fail to woo a blind girl >we got to th…[View]
632231945Sims: Whats next for the Sims series?[View]
632230835Emilie de Rochefort[View]
632225780ITT: Game devs lying[View]
632233197RE5 REMAKE: PURE UNADULTERATED ACTION KINO. It'll be RE4R chapter 11+ onwards turned to the MAX…[View]
632231850they fixed it![View]
632231743What am I in for?[View]
632232832A.I: Future of multiplayer games?: Is it inevitable? Do you think vidya companies will start introdu…[View]
632232990Divinity Original Sin 2: I've already started over 3 times from the prologue unhappy with my ch…[View]
632232064ITT: We laugh at Snoyniggers and Xbots: .[View]
632233762Well? What do you say?[View]
632177134...it's over. I refunded and left a negative review. its unironically time for gamers to rise …[View]
632234129Eat your slop, zoomies[View]
632232206let's go fishing[View]
632227507What do Stimpaks taste like?[View]
632230515>Queen Bitch throws a fit and sends me to the Abyss >can't be any worse than Drezen so re…[View]
632233390What happened?: I love all of KH, but the vibe of the first game was never replicated again. Every t…[View]
632228232Did you like his inclusion in Tekken 7?[View]
632233878The Forest (Original): After seeing all of the activity from SotF I finally went and played the orig…[View]
632233719It completely blows the original dead space out of the water. The atmosphere is incredible and a lot…[View]
632232543Nintendo about to release TOTK like...[View]
632226976>RPG MAKER fuck[View]
632228158I think it's perfectly fine if you want to play a competitive game and just fuck around, not ta…[View]
632232421This image was made to make fun of the state of gaming in the late 2000s, but frankly, I miss it. I …[View]
632224034Learn the difference[View]
632232120>can't trust reviewers because they are paid shills >can't trust players because the…[View]
632232968FF16: Tendies vs. Sharpies: Tendies: >The game is bad because it isn't on Switch Sharpies: …[View]
632227667Greatsword with counter ring > all[View]
632230723Buy Terminator 2 Pinball Arcade DLC on Wii U before it's gone forever: Terminator 2 Pinball Arc…[View]
632231921>Wanted: Dead >Stellar Blade >Devils Third How do these types of games keep getting made is…[View]
632229791Why SONY don't recognize the Nintendo Switch as a competitor?[View]
632231786Just finished the game with both characters, it was good! Why is Leon such a retard though? Learns A…[View]
632232927we lost everything we had to pay the price https://youtu.be/P4bKZT_Eg4A[View]
632211957Diablo IV (4): The Beta just ended. What's the /v/erdict?[View]
632221895You may not accept it but this is the pinnacle of of console design.[View]
632231324I've played games all my life and I'm still terrible at them[View]
632200642>concept art is better than the actual game[View]
632224687>he has anything less than a 70 series card yikes..[View]
632226371I want to play this, which version is better PSP or PS1?[View]
632189013Disney is in >Disney is in Disney is in >Disney is in Disney is in >Disney is in Disney is …[View]
632220916People who don't just mindlessly hate this game because it's new, what are some of your cr…[View]
632229206https://youtu.be/CtXC1uv7kLY i dont know why but everytime i watch pizza towers opening intro i thin…[View]
632225912Tell me why Independent Vegas is worst than the other factions with actual facts.[View]
632222675When did games forgot to have charismatic characters?[View]
632231864was it kino[View]
632231808July 2024.[View]
632231818>New releases and constant sales each months >Hundreds upon hundreds, literally thousands of g…[View]
632227159>Game comes out >Everybody is talking about it >Decide to get into game 1 month later >L…[View]
632228290Zelda Tears of the Snoy: You WILL buy her game, right?[View]
632230763Actually, that was the Commissioner with another idiotic and baffling Sam and Max thread.[View]
632231684You guys are all playing this right? Bloody Roar is based.[View]
632231674Realistically speaking, AI created games will be great.[View]
632225751he created it[View]
632228816>hollow knight 2 >dragon's dogma 2 >ace combat 8 >mario kart 9 >new 3d mario …[View]
632228759we need a good jurassic park tycoon game[View]
632218145Portal was the last original and creative game released. Prove me wrong.[View]
632229850>CapGOD taking us back to the absolute PEAK of 20xx COME HOME MILLENNIAL MAN…[View]
632231061Its really good but its honestly hard carried by the art (which is the one actually hard part to mak…[View]
632230321>report submitted, we take your reports very seriously[View]
632230519[Hint]: Hint[View]
632228530wait, isn't this game old as fuck? why are they trying to charge me 60 burger bucks for it?[View]
632230886What she held in her hand was a large, engorged male member. Yet it was hers. Her pupils locked onto…[View]
632206446What was /v/ like when Naruto dropped in Fortnite?[View]
632231136A prisa, a prisa, se escapan los corderitos[View]
632231180deus ex[View]
632230258Post cool vidya sprites[View]
632134873Is there a video game girl you would risk it all for?[View]
632226881For me, it's Jill Valentine.[View]
632229981Why did they all age 10 years in one summer?[View]
632228238I just started a replay, as I never actually finished the true ending. I own the original ps4 versio…[View]
632227487Metroid: Is Samus kinda gay?[View]
632225664do you share the same birthday with any vidya characters /v/?[View]
632230879>roughly a third of players beat games >even fewer play and beat it on hard if you beat a game…[View]
632228464Leon... Once the holy body spreads its word to the entire world, we can finally make black lives TRU…[View]
632225425Good news everyone: A bunch of old Nintendo stock from a warehouse in NYC liquidated, including a sh…[View]
632227695Post ideal settings for atmospheric games: >owlbro hoots outside my window every night >can…[View]
632226175Argonians are the most attractive race in Tamriel[View]
632217919Has a game ever made you really mad?[View]
632229360>Intel HD 4000[View]
632228767Stormblood is free, is the trial/game worth playing?[View]
632228064ITT: biggest falls from grace[View]
632151091Why is this game so hated on steam?[View]
632225452>videogames were considered a nerd-y/geek thing years ago >videogames is normie shit tier now …[View]
632228369Why can't japs introduce choice and consequence in their games properly?[View]
632214683How would you balance Steve in Smash Bros?[View]
632226116Why is she so smug?[View]
632229523Pikmin4 leak: Just like the last mainline Pikmin game these captains will have their own naming sche…[View]
632220349Claude is the most fundamentally evil/bad GTA protagonist, prove me wrong.[View]
632224790Gen 2 was the peak.[View]
632229298screenshot thread: screenshot thread[View]
632226384Seyda Neen. Home.[View]
632224967Marksman needs to be nerfed.[View]
632174116Whoever designed Rem4ke Ada deserves a raise, holy shit.[View]
632184604Are CRTs based or cringe?[View]
632213680>gg >gg wp >ez Which one do you pick?…[View]
632225842Who can STOP the Sima Clan after Cao Pi death?: DW10 Hypothetical non-historical scenarios.[View]
632227752So how does she sounds like in different languages? YouTube is so useless not a single video compari…[View]
632224492Pitch to me a final 13th Game Gear Sonic game, /v/[View]
632227640So I've made it to the beginning of chapter 2 and I need to say, what the fuck are these cutsce…[View]
632226034>click click click click click click click click click >consume potion >click click click …[View]
632229269Tell me about all your favorite games and why they just do it for you[View]
632228635You didn't beat the game[View]
632225691Mama Mia! Mario has fallen into a vat of industrial strength bleach, and has lost his colors! Can yo…[View]
632224843This is gonna blow up like Among Us did[View]
632225373astral chain 2 fucking when?[View]
632228885TRY MY SUNDAY BEST[View]
632206070>Chris Avellone accepts 'seven-figure payment' to settle libel suit with those who accu…[View]
632223709Game idea help: What kind of game would the character fit into?[View]
632228993>Oh wow, that game teaser actually looked neat. And the devs say it's inspired by Deus Ex an…[View]
632225420Is it worth it to train for dozens of hours until you become a god at the game (and a god in the gam…[View]
632228159Will we see remakes of obscure flawed games?: This might give a little redemption for this cash grab…[View]
632222983My cute wife Iris[View]
632216835No more 1$ gamepass[View]
632226093>Still no game like the XG series >modern ports (or even a fix to the shitty PC version of XGI…[View]
632226552I'm going to shrivel up...[View]
632225914Apologize right now.[View]
632227979ba ba ba di da ba ba ba ba[View]
632214416Why did we never get a Pokemon game where you play as Ash?[View]
632221994Should I get the PS5 version of RE4make?: Apparently it's not a locked 60 fps, even in frame-ra…[View]
632227465>March 2023 >I am forgotten[View]
632225245>2015, buy an Xbox One >decent console but the controllers headphone jack causes static/sound …[View]
632218458I'm buying Resident Evil 4[View]
632202330>The best MGS5 trailer is 10 years old today. >Back when there was a chance the game was going…[View]
632225337Thank you Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne: Thank you Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Your hard mode is on…[View]
632223460I didn't know Watch Dogs got sequels, how are they?[View]
632227924ITT: Vidya moments before disaster[View]
632220341Heresy grows from idleness![View]
632224853Mongorria.... Home...[View]
632226720Post your go-to comfy games that you keep going back to, to relax[View]
632226715the goat[View]
632219531Worst developers: 1. Activision/King/Blizzard/Microsoft 2. Ubisoft 3. Electronic Arts 4. Square Enix…[View]
632227502What did they mean by this?[View]
632224683You MUST devote your life to Bretonnia.[View]
632227369Why the fuck did they add a shitty boring overworld to it?: otherwise it's good[View]
632224507John Homero[View]
632227175>he beat Super Mario without warping to world 8 you DID beat mario 1 right anon..?…[View]
632212672>play video games >feel utterly empty inside when does it get better?…[View]
632224527How do i get good at this?[View]
632224493Fire Emblem is an incest series.[View]
632193880Too hard Too Boring Too Chinese *yawns*[View]
632226523Why was Resident Evil 3 Remake such a disappointment?[View]
632223745so is this like monster hunter but for weebs[View]
632226730COMPLETE CLAIRE-BEAR INSEMINATION: Would Chris be ok with Wesker dating Claire?[View]
632226493Do any of you have any cool looking pics of Thor from God of War Ragnarok?[View]
632226208Leon!: I got it![View]
632225683Is Gordon Freeman really a character or just a named vessel for the player to experience the world o…[View]
632222374How did Smash do it?: >playstation’s clone flopped >cartoon network’s clone flopped >nick’s…[View]
632204938Silent Hill 2 remake is a ‘poisoned chalice’, says former series writer Sam Barlow: >Sam Barlow, …[View]
632223834Hotline Miami threat: Thanks for bringing me out of retirement /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q…[View]
632224214>give character cool jacket >have him lose it permanently at the beginning of the game For wha…[View]
632225709What the fuck happened to this franchise?[View]
632223962King Arhur: Is it worth it if i liked the Excalibur movie and enjoyed X Com?[View]
632226125Hi, I'm Troy McClure! You may remember me from such games as 'World of Warcraft: the Rock Botto…[View]
632225317So... Why did you buy Skyrim in the first place?[View]
632216230Now that the dust has settled, is this better than SimCity 4?[View]
632220958Mystik Belle thread[View]
632225731why are we still pretending this isn't the best version of the game? this shits all over the wi…[View]
632224628Dethtek CSGO Rush | Workshop Maps: Let's get some CSGO matches going. Got a 128tick server in t…[View]
632201653Why are Valve fags like this?[View]
632224918Dodge Attack meme simulators[View]
632225840Why is BR Sun flopping compared to than Towa Tsugai?[View]
632225019>'Why yes, I am the best Silent Hill game, how could you tell?' https://youtu.be/xOSbEafTHfo http…[View]
632223640we almost there[View]
632223167Kill Lovetowners. Behead Lovetowners. Roundhouse kick a Tommerry into the concrete. Slam dunk a Tomm…[View]
632224305Why does almost every indie open world game choose to go with cartoony graphics?: It's the corp…[View]
632220816Will they remove her in the remake since she literally has zero fans? Or is it too hard to miss the …[View]
632225657Do you know what gets zero recognition? The soundtracks to games. Give me a thread full of good tune…[View]
632225432ITT: Bosses that make you audibly go 'Ugh...'[View]
632162272>least played character in Left 4 Dead 2 why?[View]
632224923Why did you buy this piece of shit?[View]
632223491Beat this >wear heavy armor They have armor piercing arrows >charge them They have stakes buri…[View]
632217615Why did this game trigger /v/ so hard?[View]
632206352Grand Theft Auto 6: I simply refuse to play as a woman. I refuse.[View]
632222628Controller tierlist?: Whats a good controller to replace my old ds4? Not looking for anything specia…[View]
632224929Why didn‘t nintendo include a 40hz limiter for the switch? I just forgot to turn off the 40fps cap o…[View]
632224298WTF? I LOVE new Ashley now[View]
632225058She will be an old hag in Black ops 2024.[View]
632199785FFXIV RANT: I've wasted a whole two fucking months of my life trying to find the so-called 'bes…[View]
632224665*ruins fromsoftware forever*[View]
632223820Since SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom got a remake, when are we gonna get a remake for Ed Edd n E…[View]
632219769Jack's game thread! I just started the third DLC.[View]
632216985Good lord, dinosaurs! It's a crisis! It's a....dino crisis![View]
632222949Resident Evil Rankings thread: RE4 Remake > RE8 > RE7 > RE4 > RE5 > RE2 Remake > R…[View]
632219538PC HAS games.[View]
632221552Why does anyone go back and play the Sonic Adventure series when this game mogs it in every way?[View]
632223046Hating popular vidya doesn't make you look cool or interesting There are plenty of talented fe…[View]
632216273I never cared for GTA 5: I think 4 was more impressive. 5 felt like more of the same but somehow les…[View]
632207101Look I just wanna talk about Banjo-Kazooie okay, we don't always need some clever thread prompt…[View]
632222773WHERE. IS. IT.[View]
632222839This game is very soulful I’d say. Even more than the original game.[View]
632224397What class should I play? Slow and Steady mode: Y/N? I never played WoW much in the past but I great…[View]
632208074huh? I guess being an objectively evil fascist paramilitary organization really doesn't pay off…[View]
632223348This is the weirdest DLC item I have ever seen.[View]
632215064who's your 'Literally me' in vidya ?[View]
632223425>th-they took away our ballistic missles meme dialogue! What is stopping any of us from taking th…[View]
632218339>Gamepass no longer have $1 option due to abuse How do you cope, Piratefags/Poorfags ?…[View]
632224207Gamergate? Adults shouldn't be playing video games anyway: It’s an indulgence for kids. The fac…[View]
632221414>someone makes fun of you for not try harding how do you respond[View]
632224007I can’t believe this game is already 21 years old Jesus Christ.[View]
632221891Diablo IV Immersive mode: This game would be great with an immersion mode: >No other players >…[View]
632218483>dilly dally shilly shally Literally how can you even respond to that?[View]
632218610I can’t tell if this thread should be on /v/ or /co/ but I’m making it here. What’s your opinion on …[View]
632223447It's crazy how much easier this game is with a mouse and keyboard. I feel like I am cheating. T…[View]
632223858*cause mass panic in the entire gaming industry*[View]
632212973Resident Evil 4 Remake has flopped: >2023 multi-platform game can only manage to do 29% better th…[View]
632221694There is no point in buying American localizations when DeepL exists. Import all your games from Jap…[View]
632223596Why was it so shit compared to the original DS?[View]
632217070Nostalgia Thread: What's a game that immediately takes you back to your childhood?[View]
632222591Tommy V: Incel? Or hero? Or both?[View]
632223150Pizza Tower: It's NICE![View]
632219916>game has an unstoppable force/incredibly powerful enemy or event that seeks to wreck your shit i…[View]
632222781>2023 >no good monster collector[View]
632221612i have a 20+ hour flight later this week. i finally have a use for this thing. what games should i g…[View]
632217610I just realized that Safer Sephiroth was a biblically accurate angel about 20 decades before they be…[View]
632222574There are no emulator devs more incompetent than the PCSX2 devs[View]
632222231Which leaders do you wanna see in Civ 7?[View]
632220223My non-gamer girlfriend got a Switch a few months back, with animal crossing and BOTW. She lacks rea…[View]
632221972LET IT GO[View]
632221209'Every single pixel will be generate soon. Not rendered: generated.' What do you think this means fo…[View]
632221473Getting adderal for my ADHD tommorow. Any games for this? >Factorio >Satisfactory >Minecraf…[View]
632217506This shit is absurd.[View]
632223328I have no idea what goes through a devs head to think interacting with you incels is supposed to be …[View]
632223286what is your favorite new indie game?[View]
632223132Reminder that Shepard only likes young women and not old ladies[View]
632208006Ubisoft has pulled out of E3 2023: This is what racism does. Sre you happy now?[View]
632222229I just beat 007 nightfire what did I think of it[View]
632219883Underrated Games: Post 'em.[View]
632222119>character can transform into different stuff and that lets him/her overcome different obstacles …[View]
632221554Oh yeah, that happened[View]
632206885>you got games on your phone ?[View]
632223056Yeah, Real Funny: >be me >replay Fallout 1 >see the seen where the Vault Dweller sadly wal…[View]
63222295390€ AAA Moment: Performance, what's that?[View]
632221796>everyone jerking off over nu-Ashley >Claire remains undeniable best girl especially since she…[View]
632218909My wife Yukiho[View]
632222405Excuse me, sir?[View]
632220345Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis: What does /v/ think of this game? Is it any good? I don't see…[View]
632219324>game is unwinnable without luck[View]
632218131>'Achievement: Start the Game!' >70% of players have this achievement…[View]
632221198this is an esport: What the FUCK happened to first person shooters?[View]
632222025wow this was so bad[View]
632206163>game has April Fools event Do you have any particular favourites?[View]
632217895https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZjtoCBla1g AV1 WON MPEG SHILLS BTFO[View]
632219106All you do is slash at his feet[View]
632222310itt: games so bad they are actually good[View]
632219091So it's gone?[View]
632222205Is this abandonware? Last release was 1.5 years ago.[View]
632217401What's your favorite video game monster /v/?[View]
6322051051080p, 1440p or 4k? And 60 hz, 144 hz or 240 hz?[View]
632219464>Another shitty Diablo games gets released >Blizzdrones inevetably disappointed >Diablo tou…[View]
632220896the fact that nintenbros on /v/ were idiotic enough to believe this 'leak' to be true should make an…[View]
632220475Why can't I talk about videogames here, I want to talk about videogames, not porn or politics, …[View]
632211220Why the fuck cant I get into this game?: I beat New Vegas and loved it, I beat 1 and liked it alot, …[View]
632216897Was the original story really that boring?[View]
632220963Are the Ryza games any good?[View]
632221738Western Gaming is Dead: >quirky, zany Reddit humor and quippy dialogue, millennioomer Twitter lin…[View]
632210016Can we stop pretending like this game didn't ruin the franchise?[View]
632221397I really hate the super high fidelity graphics in modern video games. Not that it is bad in itself, …[View]
632218992why has the quality of video game modding degraded the past decade?[View]
632219251why does Dread make /v/ seethe so hard?[View]
632221230might be getting excited over nothing but did someone otler than 'empress' just crack a recent denuv…[View]
632220235Project G.G.: I see zero hype for this game on this board, why is it? We should be getting some news…[View]
632219396Has nu-/v/ ever played this masterpiece?[View]
632218313>is literally the greatest game of all time in your path desu tbqh[View]
632219176Bros, she is so beautiful[View]
632211754Was it autism?[View]
632220406Why Does Saddler in RE4 Remake...: Look like he wants to give leon a loan with high interest?[View]
632217020>Well Dutch if you want to chop off your willy and become a lady I'll still accept you as fa…[View]
632218448>Forspoken, whatever happened there...[View]
632219956>ITT: Only the most chad NPC types may enter[View]
632220787What happened?: I love all of KH, but the vibe of the first game was never replicated again. Every t…[View]
632217747Visual Novels: Reading is important too[View]
632219506BioShock Remake: Do you want this?[View]
632221173Post comfy games that relax you. Pic related, it's a very introspective experience for me, it h…[View]
632219881>game has escort missions dropped[View]
632215819Guys, are you blind?! Look ever here![View]
632211227Alright scapers: which new skill do you want in OSRS? and why is it sailing?[View]
632202442>tfw finally hit BP lvl 60 How goes the grind, managers? Is it more efficient to run mirror dunge…[View]
632190027>actually had fun even if druid is terrible >the game slowly becomes unplayable and freezes aa…[View]
632220898I thought you died alone a long, long time ago[View]
632219517WOW Goblins[View]
632220786okami>wind waker[View]
632220720Steam vs GOG & Piracy: >pirate some game >its yours forever >cant find some old cringe …[View]
632219780>Minimum system requirements >Windows 10[View]
632171730Just finished muv-luv. I will now lay down the keyboard/controller and take a break because i'm…[View]
632220507>literally just spawning enemies randomly with no sense and throws them at you This was not the c…[View]
632217972PlZZA Tower: Has anyone modded him into Courage yet?[View]
632218573Better than Bioshock Better than Infinite Gameplay is far superior Music is better Twist is bette…[View]
632220241I want my games to stop updating all the time and ruining everything about what made that game fun[View]
632175456Now that the dust has settled...: I'm still not buying it, but at least it wasn't AS bad a…[View]
632216389>achievement requires you to play with a friend[View]
632152871She's dead, Harry. Wrapped in plastic...: Press f to pay respects[View]
632209550mechabros we are coming home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKO1s-CUZvY[View]
632220174Quest chads cant stop winning: >Index users paid $1000 to get inferior finger tracking thats only…[View]
632205736Everyone hates him but he was always based?[View]
632215005I can't stand this mew trend of making real life people exact models for vidya characters. Holy…[View]
632213240Elden Ring: While most of the animals in Elden Ring behave 'normally', goats are unique in that they…[View]
632212525Honest opinion on Amy Rose and SEGAs newfound willingness to make her playable again in mainline gam…[View]
632218127God I hope this remake takes place in South Africa and most of the infected are white Elon-likes jus…[View]
632215936If you weren't part of Ahn Qiraj event in WoW. You missed out on the single greatest event in …[View]
632209356Kino: This game is actually kino and everyone who doesn't like it has been filtered. I agree th…[View]
632197887Is he right?[View]
632219520>raises your cortisol and stress levels and makes you fat and kills you with its mkultra japslop …[View]
632219483Piracy!: Ok so how do I properly pirate games?[View]
632216209>barely mentioned even for a second >like 5 options to choose from >3 current antags >th…[View]
632219281Any games that fucking retard pseud enjoys that no well adjusted person cares about that people make…[View]
632210376What are some franchises that perfectly describe this comic?[View]
632208613If Fromsoftware makes their own Dark and Darker, will Nexon sue them?[View]
632211498Was it a good game?[View]
632216846let me guess, you need more?[View]
632218705Good evening sirs, wat did u think of this game?[View]
632185736Day's Gone: It's like if The Last of Us wasn't shit.[View]
632208126>OG Ashley mod (face from 40 yo to 20 yo) >Shorts replacement (skirt) >OG Ada outfit >Ja…[View]
632210445rem4ke: AHHHH IT'S TOO HARD I CAN'T DO IT on professional Downstatirs is no problem but it…[View]
632205032Competitive FPS: I need to find a solid competitive fps to git gud and sweat at. >CSGO >Valora…[View]
632218524Have you drawn a kirby today?[View]
632211627so many have doubted SONY in the past but 2008 was truely the year of the PS3! LITTLE BIG PLANET gar…[View]
632135634FIX HER NOW[View]
632216558I love how this game become's 10x easier once you realize what taunt does[View]
632218567Speedrunning is the most degenerate act man has come up with.[View]
632217326>missed one of the treasures you collect as Ashley kill me[View]
632211852Jesus this game is annoying. No rhyme or reason to why enemies just pop out of nowhere. I don’t reca…[View]
632215257>no you don't understand it gets wayyyyy harder at starting at consecrated snowfields >yo…[View]
632214193Favorite games/rec thread?: What are your favorite games of all time and why? I am looking for some …[View]
632218147>remake soundtrack is lame just got to the water room, why did they remove this from their new OS…[View]
632213668She looks good.[View]
632217796>last online: forever ago Why don't they ever come back /v/?[View]
632135467What did he see? I think he saw a Pizza Tower thread[View]
632213112>'courier you must use this terminal to enter the bunker and find me' >terminal launches a mis…[View]
632215963what's a 'cuhrazee' game?[View]
632211171GOLDEN SUN THREAD[View]
632215526Why is the PS5 allowed to have less than a dozen exclusives over 2 years into its lifespan?[View]
632214607for me, it's jacketless Ashley: big bouncing tiddies on a qt in literally every scene.[View]
632215564Are these games worth playing if I liked Nioh a lot?: I've tried the first one a little bit and…[View]
632215997Videogames aren't fun anymore: The only OK game I've played in the last two years is Slay …[View]
632217336there's seriously an ass shot of Ada Wong in a 2023 vidya? absolutely disgusting. the objectifi…[View]
632217168did 47 have romantic feelings for diana?[View]
632216627>'Is it my turn to get remade?'[View]
632217053Intellivision Amigo: What went wrong?[View]
632217041>NOT ENOUGH ASS, STRANGER What did he mean by this?[View]
632216587Remake never[View]
632209843TIM STAMPER HAS A COPY OF TWELVE TALES CONKER 64: Whether or not this becomes a nothingburger or a l…[View]
632189980deep rock galactic: Is this game still good or did sseth ruin it for everyone?[View]
632213784Post 'em[View]
632212952Made a thread earlier about how I accidentally missed getting the estus flask the first and only tim…[View]
632215513Not working on laptop: >Have this connected to a USB adapter >Laptop instantly recognizes it. …[View]
632216681*Ahem* Gentlemen...[View]
632215881Sifu (2023): Is it kino? Should I get it for XSX?[View]
632216573BETA INVITE WHEN??? Do they even still let people in? Anyone got in the last 24 hours?[View]
632215150One thousand year later people will still be playing CoD[View]
632212726Hey /v/ i am in a mood for a samurai game. Something with focus on wandering around (preferably with…[View]
632216510no fucking way[View]
632216142>going on google maps strietview, setting it to 2008 and simulating your old walk home from highs…[View]
632202401MultiVersus closing its servers till 2024: HAHAHAHAHAHA, F2P SAVED THE FIGHTING GAMES ![View]
632214945Damn what a slut.[View]
632214178Fuck this thing[View]
632210386I never had any friends to play World of Warcraft with, so now I emulate the game and play it as a s…[View]
632214825Metal Slug Tactics: WHERE THE FUCK IS IT[View]
632198906>hall effect joysticks >analog triggers (through hall effect) >great d-pad >gyroscope …[View]
632205276How the FUCK are Capcom going to handle Sheva's alternate outfits in the inevitable RE5 remake?…[View]
632214947Forsooth: I want Two Worlds III so fucking bad.[View]
632211283solved games: For people that use this as a criticism, is ANY game exempt from from it? Most single …[View]
632211493Is Klee the cutest loli in Genshin Impact?[View]
632212035Was he right?[View]
632213202What the fuck? Why does my character have a foot fetish??[View]
632209480Kill Sonic the Hedgehog.[View]
632212085Would i enjoy this? The only roguelite i played are Hades and Dead Cells, love Hades and but Dead Ce…[View]
632215249>run around the desert while holding LB/L1 in order to find random junk. Thanks god for walkthrou…[View]
632215429>earlier in the story geralt mentions that he can cure lycanthropy >later, niellen is a werewo…[View]
632213462He's cute.[View]
632213105this is why i pirate: >i wanna play tiny tina wonderlands >its the only game with denuvo not c…[View]
632210245Autistic vidya things you've done/do: >be little lad decades ago with his gba >holy fuck …[View]
632215415*Single-handedly kills 'JRPG' as a socially relevant term*[View]
632209026Conker twelve tales dump incoming[View]
632205440What games would I enjoy?[View]
632211926there's so many faggots in this game oh my god[View]
632189571why dont simulator games have work place accident scenarios/options?[View]
632212391Which games let me play as a cute boy?[View]
632209773>mobs have the same abilities you do[View]
632213030How was this allowed?[View]
632214878Where is it? I am tired of playing games with Xbox 360 era graphics. Why does Nintendo insist on bei…[View]
632214364I just think Artorias is a really cool name. Simple as.[View]
632170241>zoomers be like UOOOH!!! women in suits!!! EROTIC!!!! Really need to you wimps to a strip club.…[View]
632193176god fucking dammit. this shit is gonna save blizzard, isn't it? all that good will they hemorra…[View]
632177881Games that make you FEEL like John Wick[View]
632203853jack black was the only good casting in the mario movie[View]
632185579Say something negative about a game you love.[View]
632214330Diablo 4 beta ended T_T: ...i must pre-order...i'm craving more adventure...more power...more l…[View]
632203171This is very accurate.[View]
632197989I play for she[View]
632208565I present to you, Sheva Alomar model for RE5 Remake.[View]
632202212The only thing the Steam Deck needs is Street Passes[View]
632207931Are you hyped?[View]
632209610IT'S HAPPENING[View]
632212225Guys the ___ GO GET IT![View]
632213885Rise... and shine.. *tuberculous sound* Mr. Freeman...: Its... *more tuberculous sound* 8 in the mor…[View]
632206605Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632211530They deserved better, bros... They deserved so much better...[View]
632146618What... have you done... TO MY DAUGHTEEEEEEEEEEEER?!?![View]
632214046Kaiserreich is ____[View]
632210025Is this game as good as some say? Everyone praises its story like its some fucking Godfather tier sh…[View]
632145428Microsoft will buy Activision Blizzard: Is Sony fucked? Is Jim Ryan stepping down? What are the cons…[View]
632124857I finished the current story in this game, and I went to /vg/ to look at what people are playing to …[View]
632213408What norwood level is he under that hat?[View]
632213380>Look at my eyes bitch![View]
632209162PS4sisters... *breathes in* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
632209087Heh heh heh...HO HO HO HOOOH![View]
632212730How's the all-digital future treating you /v/? Was it everything you hoped for?[View]
632211332what do you want out of this dog shit franchise?[View]
632146118cute space buns :3[View]
632185284/v/ gets scammed by valve. I love seeing buyer remorse. Should have bought a switch like a normal pe…[View]
632211512>zero cultural impact kek[View]
632206193Worlds Collide: 10 Years old and still the best vidya crossover story.[View]
632181917>videogame localisations are understadab-[View]
632205341Silent Hill 4 is underrated[View]
632210517So what is it /v/? Valorant or CSGO/CS2?[View]
632190217Confess, /v/[View]
632212368>nervously laugh after giving pronouns >money stolen What did the Pokemon Company mean by this…[View]
632209157>after hours and hours of struggle, gamers would rather kneel to a woman and hand her the throne …[View]
632212271The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct: What's the consensus? I think it's underrated and des…[View]
632207142>a dark spirit has inva-[View]
632211347>Ey Tone we're in one of dose 'video games'[View]
632209826I hate these models so god damn much.[View]
632207751>introduced paid online play >introduced achievements >knowingly sold a console with a maj…[View]
632207138Frag thread: Post some sick frags and/or silly killcams you've gotten in multiplayer games. Th…[View]
632209913There are too many video games[View]
632211537Never played the predecedents games before, is KartRider: Drift, worth my time?[View]
632211496Dragon Ball vidya: When are they adding the strongest Majin to FighterZ?[View]
632209573How can D4 even compete?[View]
632211071He's out[View]
632210668>almost 2'5 years into this gen > what the actual fuck is going on?…[View]
632211352Games that really stick with you or change your life: Games for this feel? name them For me, pic rel…[View]
632210838RE4 Remake: >”he didnt start on hardcore..”[View]
632209830Thoughts on Phantasy Star Universe?[View]
632209050Name a vidya character you would like to sssnniiiiiiifffffffffff in real life[View]
632210889Holy shit what a clusterfuck. I feel exhausted after playing for 30 minutes.[View]
632207418How will Capcom remake my favorite resident evil games?[View]
632206724LMAO Druid in Diablo 4[View]
632208513how do you discover new video games?[View]
632209887Towerclimb: >start from the first floor to get more items >keep upgrading gloves into arcane g…[View]
632210684>open beta has officially closed What am I supposed to do for the next 2 months?!…[View]
632207148What’s your favorite Switch game?[View]
632209227>the past is a gaping hole[View]
632209461anon I made some cookies we can have while we play timesplitters 2[View]
632208426Theyve been using the diablo immortal engine havent they[View]
632210726I what a Farsight Enclaves Video game,[View]
632207537Bosses that you only remember.: the subboss of Mortal Kombat 2 that literally no one remembers.…[View]
632208424I can fix her[View]
632210146Video games that should be used in college game design courses as examples of shitty design[View]
632210023Why are you not playing ESO?[View]
632205226Now that Atlus is open-minded can we expect gay and trap relationships in Persona 6?[View]
632210451Why do people who play solo que, team based games complain about RNG in singleplayer games? The rank…[View]
632205042Jak and Daxter: Zoomer here, why do people fellate this so much? This series is not that good. The f…[View]
632164467When did you realize it was better than 5?[View]
632208269What does this mean for the consumer? Will it lead to cheaper GPUs?[View]
632210409Games that you can't even buy but should be easily available: Why do they do it?[View]
632197168Microsoft removes microtransactions and stores from Red Fall: Microsoft already saving video games b…[View]
632198947Why don't xbox gamers buy games?[View]
632197950Why was DDLC so successful?[View]
632209594>Calls out and BTFO all the haters. How the fuck does he keep doing it?…[View]
632210195>ITS PAYNE WHACK HIM[View]
632200740Regeneradors: They ruined it >key card not on dead body >only one of them shows up after you p…[View]
632207489How dead is SC6? Game is on sale right now. Also fighting game thread I think[View]
632208787Limbus Company: How do you keep up with your sin resource management?[View]
632210034He's a good character[View]
632206228Holy fuck, the new PS5 leaked screenshots of FFVII Remake pt. 2 are insane. Did anyone manage to sav…[View]
632209856This game is peak operator kino[View]
632207828Nick is such a fucking faggot, Jesus Christ[View]
632209945Is there any way to play this with no setbacks?: The version I got keeps freezing on me and crashing…[View]
632205020Worth hiring?[View]
632205147> RTX 4080 is $1199 USD + tax +tip > Geforce now is $19.99 for a rtx4080 240hz 'Own nothi…[View]
632209149Tax Heaven 3000: You are paying your taxes, right, anon-kun?[View]
632208278smol Ei: ehe[View]
632207019So as Atlus started to port their games(even from nds) on modern platforms, which game do you lookin…[View]
632209308What's next for Mortal Kombat?[View]
632209465What does /v/ think of Gex?[View]
632209560Pictured:: The average Dark Souls 2 player[View]
632209507>Kojimbo >Always horny on main >Make MGSV >Quiet >Get backlash for muh sexism >Mak…[View]
632209203Resident Evil 9 Apocalypse: *Not Actual Game Logo* >First open world Resident Evil game. >Open…[View]
632207691Has a game ever put you in this mood while playing it?[View]
632208867need more games[View]
632111109This game was cool[View]
632207870*glass shatters*[View]
632209024post games you miss from childhood but don't think you would enjoy anymore[View]
632209113>dude le AI si le EBIL and it hates all humans even though it's supposed to not have any emo…[View]
632141325Thoughts on Grim Dawn?[View]
632208954gamers only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting[View]
632205881>people think this is sexy Video games damage your brain[View]
632202882Is Sephiroth a good villain?[View]
632208898>Droves flocking to Vanilla and Turtle Wow within the past month So it is still alive lol…[View]
632206621>click /v/ >end up on /u/ Huh?[View]
632208661Post your pure wife[View]
632208283His style is legendary: he didn't even have to flex this hard but he did holy shit[View]
632208530Would you like a Hunter x Hunter Rpg game or 3d fighter game?[View]
632207324How does the sequel compare to this? I see a lot of people who liked the first one say they hate the…[View]
632205834It killed the series.[View]
632206082why was boss so keen on bringin an ASSASSin back to his secret base despite his second in command wa…[View]
632204381At this point, the DLC is taking longer than the main game to develop.[View]
632207772Picrel just released today, are you playing it and if so, is it good/bad[View]
632205469Persona 5: The Phantom X: Here are the other party members. What do you think of them?[View]
632199397Eden bros where were you when we won >inb4 hurr old sprites were SOVL[View]
632208324>when Lust SIN start playing[View]
632208138>There is literally zero casual RPG's like Skyrim and Witcher Why? Isn't this a huge ma…[View]
632208120Why is japanese writing like this?[View]
632207098I'm hodling for the inevitable Outis 000[View]
632208004What was this resident evil for?[View]
632207626Why haven't you played The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante yet? It's on sale right now.[View]
632207876Yall want some of this?: Come get it. https://app.kosmi.io/room/fis16p[View]
632196423Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: You WILL buy her game, right?[View]
632205852>he doesn't own his games physically ngmi[View]
632194650>16 years between skyrim and elder scrolls 6[View]
632206253Release it already AAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
632207590What is the point of adding million races in fantasy video games when they all are just spicy humans…[View]
632207634What are some games you would describe as byzantine?[View]
632206995My switch has the red joycon on the left and the blue one on the right, is this normal? I see most s…[View]
632199637Controller innovation Paddles: Lets be hones all controllers need to have paddles the stagnation in …[View]
632201520first 3d game best 3d game[View]
632204796this is pretty cool. why aren't there more threads about it?[View]
632191698>Select difficulty >Hardcore >For people who have played the original >Oh, well I…[View]
632205770It was actually good.[View]
632207232I have a weird bug that hasn't been patched in years. The bug causes me to get kicked out of th…[View]
632205069ICO PS5: >ray tracing >zero loading zones >global illumination >key frame animation impr…[View]
632204936can we use voice ai tech to replace Lily Gao's shitty Ada Wong performance?[View]
632207130I still don't understand what she meant by this.[View]
632202729>still no good mods what went wrong?[View]
632207109How can one man be so based? He's pretty much the best video game character ever created.[View]
632206528postal changed me: > 2019, 14. > postal 2 on sale > buy because half of my steam friends ha…[View]
632205594>destroys your competitive scene[View]
632204651Ermmmmm hmmmppphhh Miya-miy-Miya-SUBARU KUN! Ermmmm *blechs vigorously * salutations my friend. I uh…[View]
632203451I for one welcome our Dragon overlords[View]
632196790How was I supposed to know?[View]
632198670>retards keep begging for an MGS3 remake >when MG1 and 2 exist THE SIXTH GEN DOES N O T NEED R…[View]
632192670Goy Pass: They're gonna increase the price[View]
632205075With the death of the eShop and by extension, the Virtual Console, how will we ever be able to play …[View]
632206649Remnant 2: >Fixes the issue from the first game where every boss is just an add rush This game is…[View]
632203736Let me guess, you need more?[View]
632204560it doesn't get any better than this bros Morrowind is the eternal vidya[View]
632206572More games need girls like Poison[View]
632188365Monday With Miku![View]
632206430>Kojimbo >Always horny on main >Make MGSV >Quiet >Get backlash for muh sexism >Mak…[View]
632205406why did she do it?[View]
632206153Ashley spent some time punching boulders with Chris in exchange for telling him where Leon is.[View]
632202754What in the fuck went so horribly wrong?[View]
632203804It’s up[View]
632202848/v/'s response to the RE4 remake has me completely convinced this game would have been absolute…[View]
632204269Witcher: Why did CDPR decided to completely pivot the story in Witcher 3 compared to the rest of the…[View]
632201981Is this thing good out of the box? I dont wanna change the parts but want a somehow cheap stick with…[View]
632206062Thank you mods and janitors for keeping /v/ vidya related. Fuck /vpol/ posters.[View]
632205632He is dead. There is no other explanation.[View]
632206052>FISTS OF FURY >Daughters of the Dragon called, they want their everything back >Fair warni…[View]
632179746What game?[View]
632203858Bloodborne: Today is the 8th anniversary of the greatest games on the PS4. How did you celebrate?…[View]
632197810>weapon durability[View]
632205517Is enemy variety important for a video game?[View]
632205621THREE TWO ONE RUSH![View]
632203276What went wrong?[View]
632205428Yes, you guessed it right - this is me. White, straight, human male. Why am I Lawful Good? Because w…[View]
632179029Will there ever be another good Star Wars game?[View]
632199302What's the best bike racing game?[View]
632198975In TES VI, all of skyrim will be blue. What a pathetic shell of its former glory the empire has beco…[View]
632200078What went wrong?[View]
632199218>white female character stays white in the remake >not only that, they made her look even cute…[View]
632195241The Last Of Us Part 1: /v/ is gonna turn tail on this series after it releases on pc, saying it was …[View]
632203505Resident Evil 4 Remake Already Sells more than 4 Million: Thank you for supporting her game![View]
632202358ENOUGH WITH THE REMAKES! Enough of this, I don't want to play regurgitated old shit[View]
632197783Halo: >no sprinting >no aim down sights >no slip n sliding >no grapplin like youre bahm…[View]
632199842this is literally white genocide[View]
632195737is rice good for you?[View]
632205161Best American game of 2023 so far?[View]
632204785God Hand remake for 2024. kamiya is involved somehow[View]
632198363Games that truly show the horrors of war?[View]
632194280I feel like if they want to remake 5 next, they really should just do a game about Wesker first. It…[View]
632203856Why is Nvidia so stingy with their VRAM?[View]
632204532Splatoon 3: Out of all kits picked during Nintendo's event yesterday, half of the kits were Spl…[View]
632190124homosexuals and bitter, neurotic BPD women have ruined this board.[View]
632204494Why aren't you playing pokemon fan games?[View]
632203237>finished vanilla P4 at least seven times on the PS2 >easily one of my favorite games of all t…[View]
632201413Favorite pornographic video games? For Floridians only Mine is the Nintendo classic Animal Crossing …[View]
632200562>makes lazy devs seethe[View]
632200881BILLIONS MUST DIE[View]
632199431What are your thoughts on the 20 most played games on Xbox?[View]
632199012https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1640353190414565378 NINTENDO WON GOTY 2023[View]
632202953I really hate chromatic aberration, that said, I've noticed some effects like sharpening have l…[View]
632202338What video games do you play with your sister?[View]
632196793Degrees of Lewdity mourning thread: Anons... it's dead[View]
632197549Daily reminder that hating tank controls is literally a sign of low IQ, being unable to navigate set…[View]
632193837Playing this on switch and it's boring as af. Warioware mogs this shitty series. Yes I'm …[View]
632163596Damn what the FUCK is this teaching feeling update?[View]
632204198PS2 footage: >FIFA 12 gameplay videos now look like this oh no no no ps2 bros...…[View]
632202979ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER Deluxe Edition: Should I get it ? 90% OFF CDN$ 11.99 It will be for my PC and…[View]
632204062Metroid Prime Pinball 2 would have saved the Wii U[View]
632201870There was a thread the other day on Alloy being the first female protagonist in a video game and it …[View]
632162672>boomer shooter >is still the king How? Arent people tired of playing the same map for the 50…[View]
632201038Should I get picrel if I like turn-based combat but don't care that much about stories in games…[View]
632203854'Oowh! You Pervert!! ' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5POvHmdtOMw[View]
632183363I play as a male character because I'm a man.[View]
632202518>2023 >still no good pirate/sailing games…[View]
632203304Why did this genre stop being produced?: seems pretty kino[View]
632200635Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC? And dont pretend like any of you ever l…[View]
632201115Name that level, /v/.[View]
632203434the queen of smash bros ultimate[View]
632201650Piratebro's... Will it be cracked? Have we finally lost?[View]
632197180ITT games /v/ would lynch you for not liking/not playing: i don't like zelda[View]
632201186Most beautiful vidya character: Magic mirror of the /v/all who is the fairest one of all? Hard mode:…[View]
632194514>play single player game >needs an online connection to run…[View]
632202283best games for 3ds? just hacked mine[View]
632199884How good are the emulators for the Nintendo 3DS?[View]
632202353Of the bunch of Souls-likes we got so far, Remnant was the one that understood Souls combat the most[View]
632189261What actually video games are you playing /v/? Prove you do more than whine like faga[View]
632203128>this game takes around 6 hours to finish I'm not that retarded, right?…[View]
632191473For the next month, I'll have about 3 uninterrupted hours of vidya playing per day at work. Whi…[View]
632196267HEHEHEHEHEHEH: Got some rare things on sale, Stranger! What can I do you for? Ooh, my back; time has…[View]
632196209Their games are going away Say something nice to them[View]
632200893When the fuck does it get good bros?[View]
632196349What's better resident evil village or the RE4 remake?[View]
632202589Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Yo I just finished this game. I cannot believe it was that short? I honestly…[View]
632200530UN FORASTERO[View]
632172606This is Termina thread. Have you played it already? Why or why not?[View]
632199768Gayke niggers like this garbage because they never played superior fps like Doom, Duke, Unreal and T…[View]
632195915>m-muh ehop!! Shut the fuck up and get in.[View]
632178175What the hell is taking so long[View]
632202230>no one on this board can name more than five of these games sad really...…[View]
632196263>9 days left until the Super Mario Bros. Movie[View]
632187718Homey! Somebody ate every dessert in the house! I need you to run to the store and pick up some of t…[View]
632200686I have been to the other side. I have been there and it's incredible. They have flying elephant…[View]
632202257I miss Lara[View]
632202250>Toriyama killed this[View]
632202215what are some games besides pinball i can play when my fastest monitor is flipped to portrait?[View]
632199992If anybody has MvC2 Arcade1up, how is it now?: Yes, I'm being seriously on this[View]
632145491Play the Citadel[View]
632185195Why did you stop playing Warframe?[View]
632196453Based or cringe?[View]
632202059Do you think they're actually friends or just work acquaintes?[View]
632199556Best fishing in games that aren't about fishing?[View]
632198686ELDEN RING shadow of the erdtree: Glory to the golden order dear tarnished, we have been blessed wit…[View]
632200409>hero shooters were the biggest craze for like half a year in 2016 and then died >battle royal…[View]
632194917Absolute Kino[View]
632177872now that he's proven innocent against mentally insane freaks what's next from him?[View]
632201657Which games do you play at work instead of doing work? Picrel is mine.[View]
632201598If they'd made decent Resident Evil movies in the 2010s is there any doubt Robert Pattinson wou…[View]
632193425Mods to fix FO4?: This game is shit. I bought a ps4 the day it came out and ended up playing Wastela…[View]
632190917>'Gore good, sexy women bad.' Why are Americans like that? Are they closet homos or something?…[View]
632199923How do I mute the dialogue[View]
632201421Metroid Prime Pinball 2 would have saved the Wii U[View]
632199762I don't know shit 'bout The Sims: I played The Urbz for a bit back on 2006 only to then re…[View]
632182986>First few hours felt trivial >Game was really good for the most of the remainder >Finding…[View]
632161489FinalFantasy VII: Rebirth - The 2nd chapter in a trilogy - A good entry point, even if players didn…[View]
632200117When did you give up on the video gaming industry?[View]
632200959So they learned that they need to get rid of shrines and make actual dungeons right?[View]
632188034>mogs your favorite controller[View]
632196838WiiU/3DS memorial: https://my-nintendo-3ds-wiiu-memories.nintendo.com/ Post'em[View]
632197753Nickelodeon All Star Brawl: Now that Multiversus is finally dead for the time being, let's have…[View]
632199171It just werks.[View]
632186287graphicfags are delusional: >graphicfags think kids are growing up with AAA goyslop >mfw they …[View]
632199032>this blew people's minds in the 70s[View]
632198276RESIDENT EVIL 6: Resident Evil 6 is the best Mercenaries game in the series. Jake Muller is the bes…[View]
632190387>Still can't play Fortnite on it why would anyone ever use this shit again?…[View]
632200786Elden shit and Dark Souls: So is Elden Ring the death of the best aspect of the Souls series? The li…[View]

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