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510125819This is the greatest game Rockstar has made so far and probably where they peaked, I doubt they can …[View]
510060663Monster Hunter: What kind of new monster have you always wanted to see in the game? Personally I’d …[View]
510173237>STOP! You've violated the law. What loot does he find on you?[View]
510091353>he actually fucking linked it...[View]
510174801>game's cover is misleading[View]
510174247>winks at camera[View]
510163154Anon, you have made the claim of being a gamer, but are not playing games. Your opening statement?[View]
510173969Anybody like causing property damage and setting cities on fire like in GTA? What similar games to …[View]
510174302ITT: Games that accurate predicted the future.[View]
510160608>meanwhile, at the /v/illage...[View]
510174236ITT: IRL bosses that could only be defeated with a level 100 Speech stat[View]
510170756shadowverse is fun[View]
510127646Bowser Competency Analysis: Is he retarded and incompetent or a legitimate threat foiled by his own …[View]
510140810FF1: A group of adventurers restore the power of four elemental orbs and close an infinite time loop…[View]
510174119Umineko: I'm still mad[View]
510160929The most powerful enemy in the game's first appearance weeps like a baby. And what man would co…[View]
510163087NINTENDO BROS...[View]
510171371There are several Ceruleans hiding in threads on this board. Can you find them all?[View]
510010394DOA Thread: Today we discuss the importance of TomonoBASED Itagaki and how he changed the video game…[View]
510173892DEUS EX REMAKE: Square Enix leaker here. Deus Ex Remake is HAPPENING but... it doesn't look goo…[View]
510169330>huuuur duuuur just peak a corner and throw a dynamite bro, you have to play like this the entire…[View]
510173758Any of you frequent this guy? Lots of 4chan pasta in his streams[View]
510170148Next Hideo Kojima Game: You buy it, put the disk in your console and the game start >Kojima Produ…[View]
510169949Buyfags and Denuvofags btfo!: >drm free >day 0 crack >pirated by millions >still goes o…[View]
510163912>VR for gaming >99% of their buyers are white males >use a negress in a office for marketin…[View]
510160006video games: video games[View]
510173384You stupid fucking peace of shits I play Halo 3[View]
510169327Filename thread[View]
510170594the cringe mexican show[View]
510150561JRPGs are the greatest video game genre.[View]
510156901ITT: Powerup if you're bad, powerdown if you're good: Post items, powerups, and abilities …[View]
510173162Why do people get upset when I say that the newest GOW wasn't a GOW game? It's a cool game…[View]
510164031What am I in for?[View]
510173049Is adventure mode worth playing? Boruto's story recommends me playing adventure first but if no…[View]
510169287does Twilight Princess deserve all the hate it got?[View]
510165128What new FF jobs would you like to see in a new FF tactics? Also they don't have to be from the…[View]
510172838MAMA MIA!: https://soupmemes.com/generator/super-mario-64-conspiracy-theories[View]
510169162What are the chances of Sony losing next gen[View]
510171017Was it autism?[View]
510170904>Here's your female representation bro[View]
510138525Why not just sell Video Games in USB sticks at this point?[View]
510171160>my cat got stuck in a tree, help me brave adventurer >1. Don't worry, I'll help you…[View]
510170193Everyone hates Phil Fish, sure, but Fez might be one of the most profound indie games of all time, a…[View]
510166301This guy is full of shit.[View]
510170549>gameplay >atmosphere >story Can you name some other games that pulled off all 3?…[View]
510172208Free Flora: She is moving, I was going to sell her on Nookazon but fuck it, I want to give it for fr…[View]
510146076I was playing Wacky Races and this tree has a nice ass[View]
510171836How do we improve the stealing mechanics in video games?[View]
510171993>Of course I love Dating simu- I mean JRPGs! How did you know?[View]
510171113I wanted to save money for the new Xbox but dumped 100+bucks on these two. Are they even good?[View]
510170160Why does it have the worst fanbase? It's been constantly delayed, CDPR constantly changes it on…[View]
510166639>press E to interact[View]
510167537I never listen to normie music only vidya music .[View]
510162537I don't understand boomer humor.[View]
510171601>best version of the character is from a soulless spin-off title from a 3rd party developer Why …[View]
510120809Why do you hate physical games /v/? Why do you hate owning your games?[View]
510147582ITT: Images that make you uncomfortable[View]
510171365>'Eat your Butterfingers anon, I want you nice and plump!'[View]
510149130What game allows me to romance a cowgirl[View]
510164595These games are hideous.[View]
510162828>best naruto game is a 360 exclusive rpg huh[View]
510170593>bro what the fuck these old games look like shit they're just nostalgia That's because…[View]
510170813What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
510161292How is your day going, /v/?[View]
510149376>the mountain is not only a mountain, a physical entity you must struggle to climb through platfo…[View]
510168812Watcha be needin?[View]
510163754Lads I really miss this game.[View]
510161283Are there any games where you can be an empty shell of a sociopath who cannot relate to humans and f…[View]
510169282Ave, true to the Redfield Bloodline: Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for Leon to impregn…[View]
510170443Friday the nymph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekR2g_f2Ots[View]
510166002>building PC gaming rigs since teenage years >only ever had subtle, sparse, uniform lighting i…[View]
510164363Is there a man more based than Tim?[View]
510170085Yo Yo Yo! I got VTMB thread We don't know what kind! Buy 'em and hatch 'em![View]
510164797What games fit in the 'bad but still fun and entertaining' category?[View]
510163003What npc dragged you down a depraved rabbit hole that you will never escape from[View]
510165767What game can you play to meet new friends? I don't want to play Fortnite.[View]
510165551ITT: Games with unique moral dilemmas[View]
510169630>you will never go back to the time when jRPGs were top notch in both quality and variety…[View]
510169598Damn, characters in kid's games look like THIS??[View]
510166771>Hear about game, sounds interesting >Read reviews and threads on here >All positive, ravin…[View]
510169132ITT: Spooky stuff hidden in the files of games[View]
510156637So now that banjo is in, who should be the second Rare rep for smash brothers ultimate?[View]
510164854Arx Fatalis just got a update scheduled for June 10th.[View]
510165289How can one guy be so based ?[View]
510157897Which Just Cause game you would recommend to me ?[View]
510166801PS3/Xbox 360 gen was so cancer: >Start of pay per monthly bullshit >ALSO that short period wh…[View]
510168963was it shotakino?[View]
510166130Why do publishers still put out shitty licensed games when they could probably make more money by ju…[View]
510164590ITT: Post your favorite From software boss[View]
510168790What is /v/ opinion on Minecraft Dungeon?[View]
510165283Is gacha the future of gaming?[View]
510152541Want to know who would be a good addition to smash Doomguy[View]
510159960most of the 'massive library' is shovelware, the N64 'no gaems' is way better[View]
510168492Ughhh Omikron is sooo boringgggg: But i'm 50% in and I have to finish it, ughhh I didn't w…[View]
510158726Describe a video game using a Spongebob quote.[View]
510160840FF7R part 2: Marketing data shows that the vast majority of paying customers for the remake only kno…[View]
510168228Play world of warships[View]
510167974>“So right now, it’s like I’ve been putting in 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, 100 percent into …[View]
510165741>xeno DE Is already 1080p on Yuzu This is just sad https://www.patreon.com/posts/xenoblade-on-376…[View]
510165542Fish A Fish is gone: R.I.P.[View]
510141186The Switch is a 30 fps port machine. Be honest, you don't even like playing it. You pick it u…[View]
510167943>PC gaming since 90s >suddenly realize something while laying in bed >open wikipedia >ch…[View]
510109281The last game you quit/uninstalled, why did you do it?[View]
510157254SMBZ: >episode 2 almost finished Who's ready for some sprite fight kino?…[View]
510161526Atari VCS: >Ryzen >Linux >Can have full control, install any OS and launcher What are your …[View]
510167727Remember when shittalking was a selling point for online video games? I fucking hate this cucked in…[View]
510162083>Game requires your constant attention What are some other games that do this? Why do people play…[View]
510149992How do you call this kind of character ?[View]
510145806It's over.[View]
510164497Remember when Funky suddenly became a gun maniac in DK64?[View]
510154572Are they fucking serious with this shit?[View]
510164637SEGA HIRE THIS MAN!!![View]
510139492Gimme some short n sweet games[View]
510135628Which one was your favorite anon?[View]
510087693Do I need to play Total War: Warhammer 1 to understand Warhammer 2?[View]
510166925do you guys remember this?[View]
510164178What're your favorite games? Mario's Cement Factory, Fire, and Octopus are pure classics[View]
510162846yandere sim: So, this shit gonna get finish?[View]
510167069What are some games about civil war?[View]
510161701>OMIGOSH HE'S SO MYSTERIOUS! >Hey...what if he's a human!? >Holy shit Sans is so …[View]
510165581>2011 >thinking Dark Souls is coming to PC because of a petition I seriously hope you guys don…[View]
510157325>MMO >Devs cater whales and people who grind for 18 hours a day >Game is ruined for everyo…[View]
510161190So, is it dead on arrival?[View]
510134896How does GOG stay afloat? No one actually buys games there, right?[View]
510155084>post an album >anons recommend a game[View]
510166627I want to go home and play games: Why can't it be always like in school time[View]
510147627>Renowned mercenary >Regularly gets jobs protecting villages >Might be over 100 years old …[View]
510166384EZA: >god tier Bosman, Huber, Don >high tier Jones, Ben >medium tier Damiani, Ian >l…[View]
510161307It looks painful haha[View]
510166408Thanks for beta testing[View]
510163249Us gaymurz get entitled and pissy over a lot of shit, but this thing right here truly is a gigantic …[View]
510154372Meanwhile at the Shinra Electric Power Company headquarters...[View]
510164694>stumble upon binyot playing through pic related with MMod >ngl looks and sounds kinda cool …[View]
510162908when did you realize video games weren't for you anymore?[View]
510162523Why was Majoras Mask so averaged compared to the master piece that is OoT?[View]
510155798HE'S BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiflgcabNyM YouTube Poop thread[View]
510159228List me some games about making M O N E Y No GTA shit, also tried euro truck sim and elite dangerous…[View]
510160636LC / LoR thread: This is what my Briah looks like. How fucked am I for Tiph in 3 days?[View]
510162418Helltaker thread Civil discussion edition hopefully Does the final boss really get more difficult …[View]
510165335Do you guys think I'll have a chance with her when I get isekai'd into her world?[View]
510156930You plan on finishing that backlog anytime soon?[View]
510162490Am I the only one who didn't romance Chloe? I feel like the love story angle over simplifies Ma…[View]
510163568Old /v/ Music Selections: Does anyone have/know where to get copies of VGM The Best volumes 1, 2, an…[View]
510165852It's happening[View]
510162804If i get this right, there is an edition that comes with the free dlc and other with the paid conten…[View]
510145789So, how are you coping /v/?[View]
510165615HUUH: HUUH[View]
510149518Zero games: >gameplay Z3 > Z2 > Z4 = Z1 >music Z2 > Z4 > Z3 > Z1 >story Z4 …[View]
510159609I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
510160275Very contemporary game, but it had some too out there elements, like law abiding cop that wasn'…[View]
510163678>can't skip long cutscene[View]
510165427I wish i could destroy the social media in real life[View]
510153492>Persona series garners mainstream attention because of pic related and Joker's inclusion in…[View]
510164928Happy 5th Anniversary, Splatoon[View]
510150182is star fox a good game?[View]
510163358So, I just finished Nehrim: At Fate's Edge earlier and I have to say, the story was alright, bu…[View]
510162265How come consoles are just barely managing to reach the bare minimum standard set by PC six years ag…[View]
510124865fallout 4: >exploring the map >oh, what is this, a robot racetrack? >I wonder if I can make…[View]
510160396Why do Journalists contradict themseslves so much?: > IGN 2019 - FF7 is barely a top 100 game of …[View]
510104681What're your thoughts on the 2007 Wii title Super Paper Mario?[View]
510152184Hey. It's up to us to take down umbrella.[View]
510164678skribbl.io: It's time again. Give me as many words, vidya or not, ITT to add to the list. The g…[View]
510163091Why the bad reviews? It's pretty fun[View]
510160534On grounded difficulty, this is the greatest survival horror experience you're ever going to ha…[View]
510161436>'lewds' >'coomer >'visceral' >'fun' >'fleshed-out' >'world building' >'comfy' …[View]
510158479Good games white black protaganist: Where are they ? Last good game is GTA San Andreas.[View]
510157235>gaming on a spreadsheet machine[View]
510162960Are there any reliable tutorials on modding this thing to play imports? I know you can use other met…[View]
510164003What's it's name again?[View]
510147229Clubhouse Games: its almost here lads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BTtR3pAda0[View]
510158572How would you compare New Vegas with the world right now? Who are the real world equivalent of each …[View]
510161221ITT: Only the best handheld games[View]
510145525UNICLR Thread: Don't ever stop VOing[View]
510159242free dark souls II code: take it[View]
510138516i miss PoP :([View]
510163345I will remind them[View]
510160589the last real good console: the ps3 was the last good console. everything after it is basically just…[View]
510156854Anything good in the gog sale? I'm thinking about picking up Majesty What did you boys get[View]
510137748Give me one reason why GTA SA sucks. That's right, you can't.[View]
510162996Tony Hawk: Are you guys hoping the remasters have new tricks? I would love to see some of Tony'…[View]
510162154Cannot remember video game.: god please, one of you help me I remember this old gamecube, or PS2 gam…[View]
510153325This is actually the worst joke boss in the entire series.[View]
510162778Why hasn't the west ever tried to appeal to the female coomer market? Japan clearly shows that …[View]
510076929look at dis nigga[View]
510104102SMT Thread: what the fuck I just started Nocturne and I can't believe you faggots actually were…[View]
510161056>video games don't feel the void anymore[View]
510162239>Nintendo console / handheld unboxing by onions for blood faggot on youtube >adds OoT item ge…[View]
510157119What are some lizards in games?[View]
510162472ITT: 'villains' who did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
510145182Gonna buy 2 copies of this and you /v/irgins can't stop me[View]
510140771ITT: Waiting Music Post some good lobby/loading/pause/etc music https://youtu.be/MJrZKCZ2pqo https:/…[View]
510136794are you playing pokémon masters, anon? Dawn just came out today[View]
510157039>Abby can’t be ripped, its a post apocalyptic world with little resources! >Joel spends 20+ ye…[View]
510142086NamcoT collection coming out in Japan next month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWgP_TVWLA0[View]
510051670play koikatsu[View]
510159689SEGA's big announcement was teased 3 years ago:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y50nAoA5KwY…[View]
510149521Helltaker thread make /v/ seethe edition Why did so many people get filtered by the last puzzle an…[View]
510158947How do indie developers promote their games?[View]
510145031I just tried this and like... what's the appeal? The combat is so absurdly dull and boring that…[View]
510152291>be console fag >got told how much better fps games are on pc >get a pc and a couple vidy…[View]
510161719Why gamers want sexist entertainment?: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kotaku.com.au/2020/05/saints…[View]
510114940>getting better reviews than the last three paper mario games BUG FABLES CHAD RISE UP…[View]
510155342How do I write a good plot for an RPG maker game[View]
510157773Are they going to release it on August 7th 2020 to commemorate the date of the first level?[View]
510145906underrated games that are unique and establish new genres https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4DAtJMmez…[View]
510161361every game ported to Switch becomes 10x better due to portability, but the price tags suck[View]
510160770why do 8th gen games have such shit textures?[View]
510159469https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPzHcG6n83o Yeah, I'm thinking HE'S IN![View]
510159398>buy a new game (maneater) >PS4 Pro kicks the bucket That's fine, not like I wanted to pl…[View]
510159685weeb garbage for incels[View]
510158627SEGA LEAK: I'm back. Sega's big announcement is revolutionary eye tracking technology tha…[View]
510155614>just blow on your cartridge bro[View]
510160708And the 2020 game of the year is... Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition![View]
510159834hey guys its me cool adam[View]
510160787Post real life bosses.[View]
510150295Persona 4 Golden PC: Don't really care if you believe me or not. Got word from a friend who wor…[View]
510159780Do you agree /v/?[View]
510159714When will we finally get a xenoblade x port?[View]
510150227Best character in the series?[View]
510102105I finally picked this up. What am I in for? His default suit looks gay.[View]
510160367I liked this game :)[View]
510158420np-37602- 8 is fucking gay[View]
510144962>SEGA released early designs of Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Big and Omega >they never released earl…[View]
510154523They have a lot in common. The biggest thing being that they were the company's last home conso…[View]
510154501Good mobile games exist. Good gacha games exist. However, they're all rhythm games. Rhythm game…[View]
510154795got your feet wet? here are the controls for swimming: r1: stroke with right arm r2: stroke with lef…[View]
510143101Kyoko kirigri[View]
510153210People around here love TW obviously, but what else is worth getting? it's hard to tell whats s…[View]
510154238Is this still worth getting into in the current year?[View]
510143848Should digital games ever cost more than thirty dollars?[View]
510147513What are some things in video games that appeal to your inner autist? For me, its bestiaries in RPGs…[View]
510158940What was his fucking problem?[View]
510133632Post your 3DS. Other handhelds also welcome. Pic related is mine.[View]
510159034Monster Train: Tell me the best factions combination. Why is it Awoken and Umbra?[View]
510158836>Early game bosses become regular enemies later in the game[View]
510131975Your favourite soulsborne weapon,why? For me its the Claymore in DeS/DS1/DS3 i used it in every blin…[View]
510158773was it horror kino?[View]
510158707>get rare and expensive item >sell it for profit >sit with the gold and feel bad about spen…[View]
510158570So what's the count?[View]
510131848Post KINO tower climbing themes https://youtu.be/9hSrrXJkHjQ[View]
510143636Why didn't you tell me how fucking amazing this is[View]
510158409When will we have a new Monkey Island?[View]
510155305What is the Star Wars Jedi Apprentice of Video Games?[View]
510158225Games oozing with atmosphere like Darkest Dungeon? The narrator really fucking carries this shit.[View]
510157573Horror vidya thread? Is The Suffering worth playing[View]
510151928Post movies and we make game suggestions based on them. Really want a game like this.[View]
510116579XIV: I can't believe it's fucking dead bros. Where did it all go wrong?[View]
510157854Get out of here, S.T.A.L.K.E.R..[View]
510154608For me, it's Reiko Nagase.[View]
510138707>Get crash bandicoot remaster >Dont think it looks that great, just a below average platformer…[View]
510157171I've been playing this game and I am so far loving it, but I started to notice that street crim…[View]
510143070sonic games have good musi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o47N-aYd08&list=PLR9iagBwu6s8C2JYSs…[View]
510155165Kat doesn't smell. She takes a bath every day.[View]
510157367Is this any good? Why or why not?[View]
510065992what's your favorite party game /v/? also why aren't there more jackbox ripoffs yet?[View]
510152453Hollow Knight is more about combat Ori is more about movement Wich one do you prefer ?[View]
510113572>this is a WWII Destroyer What the hell were the Japanese thinking?[View]
510143180He was easily the most morally reprehensible. Such a fucking snake..[View]
510157316Recommend me some games with this aesthetic.[View]
510156503God himself[View]
510147338Death Stranding won the most goty awards In 2019.[View]
510135139How did they fuck up PSO2's PC launch so badly? Everything that can go wrong seems to have gone…[View]
510150792ITT: canonically gay characters.[View]
510122792Loved every second of Bloodborne so far. However, I cannot be FUCKED at ALL killing Micolash. Holy s…[View]
510152041Post your 3ds[View]
510156720What exactly was this fucker's problem?[View]
510137432Now that the dust has settled, you will get the game, right /v/?[View]
510157215If you could change the ending to a SINGLE game of your choosing, what would it be and why?[View]
510157205ITT: quotes you use in real life: It's Hegelian dialectics, not personal animosity[View]
510059932Why the FUCK is there TWEWY art for Anime Expo 2020?[View]
510153867Why couldn't Luigi just go with you on this adventure? Mario&Luigi series is Dead. This was…[View]
510157116Can we have a PC build thread? How's my build look /v/?[View]
510154914How do we fix MMOs?[View]
510155372Life is a game[View]
510155197why is this list so small?[View]
510144141Halo Infinite July 2020 Leak: Hello, The Xbox Studio Event scheduled for July 9th at 11 am PST. It w…[View]
510049206smash ultimate fighters pass Vol 2 thread: Reminder that the Nintendo of Japan employees who worked …[View]
510154437Playin ds3 Cinders mod, didn't know orbeck would disappear. I just wanted Soul Stream from him.…[View]
510156705Animal Crossing: I need puppers, help me /v/ for I am stupid. Do I need to get those cards?[View]
510136554MK9: What went wrong?[View]
510146240What's the point of building robots that look like this?[View]
510153487Do you buy games DAY ONE, Anon-kun?[View]
510148190After finishing this game I can safely say: No one enjoys it, people only pretend to do for internet…[View]
510149158this is the hardest game i have ever played...they made it so damn difficult so I deleted it because…[View]
510152084How high does your favorite antagonist rank on the antisocial personality disorder spectrum?[View]
510156153Slay the Spire 2: Epileptic Hulabaloo: I haven't seen this game mentioned yet on /v/. Its prett…[View]
510152689Do you think Sekiro deserved GOTY?[View]
510055134https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27bw7lLSRls NINTENDO[View]
510146750Honestly, what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
510149686Just started playing DBZ Kakarot: Why is this character so eternally butthurt?[View]
510152472What is he up to?[View]
510110129PS5 is not even backwards compatible with PS4: Why is Sony so incompetent?[View]
510087625Library Of Ruina / lobotomy corporation: Waiting for the update I want to know what this pic means L…[View]
510154063Hidden gems: What are your favorite games that no one's ever played? Post your favorite hidden …[View]
510134360>Game of the Year Edition >Game never won 'game of the year' Is this like a running joke in th…[View]
510155139>Can't access new zone until the guys have some food, new mission says to order chinese >…[View]
510154590Vr Chat Skins: Why has no one made my boy anon as a skin in vr chat?[View]
510151908'Problem, Joker?'[View]
510149905So if RE4 came out in a pre-RE7 world would it still be well received as it was originally? What mad…[View]
510108389SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 CONFIRMED: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-1234619…[View]
510154646Games for real men[View]
510148942Discord alternatives: It's pretty clear most of you have an aversion to Discord itself so what …[View]
510145951>ywn again be back in college playing games with your buds[View]
510154118Who would win?[View]
510150434>fanbase is ruined by stupid fucking shippers please OH please TELL me I'm not the ONLY fuck…[View]
510154226Games with Hitler in them[View]
510145610>Japan yet again makes another shit game >another POS hyped up again by the retards on /v/ OH …[View]
510147370Why does /v/ hate Xenoblade 1 now[View]
510152249Hullabaloo and howdy-do, musty prawns and Timbuktu, yeltsy-bye and hibberty poo, kick em in the dish…[View]
510142148What is wrong with Metal Gear Survive that wasn't wrong with Metal Gear Acid, Portable Ops, Ris…[View]
510153603Sekiro is a living proof you can create a game with a lot of cinematic value and gameplay value at t…[View]
510152190I come here for the luls and shitposting, its not a place to actually talk about games. Like how on…[View]
510153479Reminder to remember the 6 millions[View]
510152178Is 1 shard so much to ask for?[View]
510100951>he unironically supports the NCR[View]
510150967Is the Layton series over?[View]
510145075>that will be $100 kid >enjoy your 15 min adventure!…[View]
510109009The Dishonored Series Has Not Been Put on Hold, Says Arkane: http://archive.is/FDuhc#selection-1209.…[View]
510151001LEVEL OF AGGRESSION 11[View]
510145035Is it wrong to use Steam as a gold-standard to compare every other service against?[View]
510146265>the protagonist's father dies and then he's sold into slavery[View]
510141680What games can I play on my PC to ease my mind off the fact that my wife tested positive for pregnan…[View]
510141178vcraft 1.15.2 Minecraft Server: mc.vcraft.org / comfy edition Over 250 unique play…[View]
510144451bannerlord mid game: help me /v/, i'm a brainlet. i got this game and i'm enjoying it so f…[View]
510147606Post videya collections[View]
510149805Holy shit what the fuck is going on at Nightdive? This demo is even worse than the last[View]
510136328Why did Crimson Heads never return?[View]
510124518There's not going to be weapon durability again right? r-right??????[View]
510151332What is your favorite survival game where you have to maintain your drank, food and work towards bet…[View]
510151074You guys ever heard of this 4chan thing? It BLOWS. nothing beats Hypnospace.[View]
510147956For me, it's this bad boy[View]
510151551This is why the next gen consoles are fucked Lets review the history of resolutions increasing as te…[View]
510147274I have zero hope for this. 343 simply doesn't have the talent to make a great game. Even if the…[View]
510097279What does /v/ think of the current state of Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm Studios?[View]
510147910It's good or no? I don't like golf[View]
510143609Do you think Japanese developers makes their characters underage in order to prevent porn drawings?[View]
510148604ITT: Dumb shit you do when first starting a game >check to see if the characters can slow walk …[View]
510142678King of Fighters thread. Any high level footage or players I should be following? Is Mexico still on…[View]
510151041quake hampions[View]
510151020Grabbed this on an Origin sale a while back and finally played it for a few hours. It's pretty …[View]
510150302Kazana Kiryu is relentlessly handsome[View]
510149598I don't care what /v/ says, console wars are fun especially because they only happen once every…[View]
510142056Is it really that bad?[View]
510144739Your daily reminder that >pic related is a better JRPG than Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edit…[View]
510145405It's 5pm[View]
510149875bioshock: how's the port? might pick it up if it's 60fps 720p[View]
510134402Which ones are best?: How do you rank them /v ?[View]
510150238I'm gonna bury those two motherfuckers[View]
510143792Biggest secrets in vidya?[View]
510147812So when does this shit start being fun?[View]
510149397>that guy that calls Sonic 'The Blue Blur'[View]
510142615Nintendo is cutting back on 'brand ambassadors' it seems. Whatever that means.[View]
510148307where is he now?[View]
510148693>anon has the decency to put a big vidya spoiler in spoiler text >read it anyway, not paying a…[View]
510142575you aren't a homosexual right? you do play Girls Frontline right? what's your favorite fir…[View]
510148619Are they gamers or faggots or both? Seriously, those monitors are fucking heavy. This is dedication…[View]
510147871Window switching with fullscreen games: Why does this work so shittily in lots of games? >switchi…[View]
510149890Racing game thread, for me it's Gran Turismo Sport. Also, 2020 I am remembered.[View]
510149857K I N O I N N I O N I K[View]
510149821>Bombed spectacularly on both Japan (its home turf, where the thing is an institution) and the we…[View]
510148038>japanese game has actually good writing what the fuck[View]
510145836How do i get cards? i'm about to finish the game and i have only 4[View]
510149743Playing Infiltrator in Planetside 2 is the highest skill cap activity in any video game, all time. E…[View]
510149652Best part of the remake[View]
510149626Besides Naughty Dog going SJW with The last of us 2, do you think TLOU2 would sell well? Personally,…[View]
510149507How is this? and is it better than Subnautica Will be playing solo, saw a bunch of memes about it wh…[View]
510147106Who Favorite Witch?[View]
510140995You're in the club and this guy slaps your robot girlfriend's ass - what do?[View]
510136047It's fucking out. Download link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d834d922cd8ee9d16e4719ef5e266c31417a066f…[View]
510148886Are the Hist trees the oldest race in Tamriel?[View]
510149060Literally impossible.[View]
510148174Moscow, home. At least it was til I fucked everything up.[View]
510148814Why is Foxhound so much more compelling than the other boss squads?[View]
510142665>Literally Forces Peach to Convert and be his Queen at the beginning of the game He already won…[View]
510140481For me, it's the HOLY carpet eater[View]
510143110Does he play as cool as he looks?[View]
510143069Why did Ninja Gaiden die as a series?[View]
510126630Nier: Automata: Nier: Automata is a VIDEO GAME by developer Yoko Taro. It is the sequel to Nier whic…[View]
510148540does anyone still play overwatch?[View]
510148210Feel like pure shit just want them back[View]
510148673I'm actually surprised by how fun Breakthrough on Solomon Islands is. It's like Laguna Pre…[View]
510147629What Makes a Good Dragon Fight?: And what games have them?[View]
510135467VIdeo game developers.: Would you buy and play a video game made by people with physiognomies like t…[View]
510145604Is it safe to come out yet?[View]
510143658> I'M LOOKING FOR BILL WILLIAMSON > WE WAS LIKE FAMILY ONCE > John never interacts wit…[View]
510140582>he doesn't play videogames on the hardest available difficulty on his first playthrough…[View]
510148193Why does no one talk about the other two Mario Bros?[View]
510134206Kirby thread: When do you think the next kirby game will be announced?[View]
510146447Looking back and playing it now, is AC Unity that bad? From what I see they've fixed most bugs[View]
510135485What game has the best character creation?[View]
510144103Ys: Just started Ys 8 and I'm having a blast with it, but I was wondering where to go with the …[View]
510129216New Fzero game for Switch[View]
510145694For me its the Mctwist Such a cool move. Whats your favorite?[View]
510046415Why are dungeon crawlers alive and well in japan, but not in the west?[View]
510147783game bad. movie game. tranny. Do you like me now?[View]
510146871So whats the final verdict, which is superior[View]
510147723Bombergirl Shiro[View]
510139390Where the fuck are the Might Seeds in MHGU? MonHun thread[View]
510147305>Scams you out of 90 percent of your revenue forever >offers you nothing that forming an indep…[View]
510144896Best vampire vidya?[View]
510147067which games do you believe would decisively end the console war(for at least a gen) if they became e…[View]
510144404What's the future of the immersive sim genre?[View]
510141852Why is Melee so overpowered in new vegas early game? No matter how i build my character, i can bare…[View]
510147256Break time...[View]
510147457>Villain creates shell company to hide dealings from the authorities >Villain then creates an …[View]
510078412Name 1(ONE) Touhou game[View]
510147052>A Hideo Kojima Game >Created by Hideo Kojima >Written by Hideo Kojima >Art directory by…[View]
510136767I will post this everyday until E3 I will be clinging to hope in possibility that when E3 returns it…[View]
510146581Fallout New Vegas: Who had the moral high ground? Who could objectively actually hold the region?…[View]
510144097ITT: Games you want remastered/remade[View]
510147143>people drop Pathfinder cause of cooldown nerf Really shows the community only plays top tier and…[View]
510144378I know /v/ hates Borderlands but can we talk about BL3? I know the stories in the series aren't…[View]
510144476Luigi floating on an egg over the sea: Luigi floating on an egg over the sea[View]
510146953Performance Redpills: What are some performance/optimization redpills, /v/? Here are some valuable o…[View]
510142107So a few months ago I bought a $1500 pc with a 3600x and 2080S and I've finally went through th…[View]
510146670Where's gaming?[View]
510144648>western rpg:five guys::japanese rpg: burger king[View]
510146774Im afraid /sony/ bros it shaping up to look like MS will have all the momentum this gen[View]
510144736Perhaps something can be worked out after all. Put a silly hat on, bob-omb.[View]
510143443PSO2: Show your characters Here's mine: Asuka 'NA' Langley[View]
510146361Can SEXBox bring back the goty of tennis?[View]
510144685Is anyone even anticipating any game in 2020 or the near future? I literally can't think of one…[View]
510141887Are you guys excited for the new Earthworm Jim game?[View]
510146123Have you guys been playing this? Just bought it, felt in the mood for arcade racing and car tuning. …[View]
510139879Call me a brainlet, but I've been playing this game for a while (just beat daisoujou) and I sti…[View]
510140395*sips* They don't make 'em like they used to[View]
510145723Dokkan thread: Kefla comes out tonight on JP and she's top tier. Are you gonna summon?[View]
510082521It will redefine the gaming of this decade just like Dark Souls redefined the previous one.[View]
510137993Rave.dj: Make a jam, make it /v/idya. https://rave.dj/9-vGCCftosL0IA This shot just works too well.…[View]
510141289 000 days till E3[View]
510145516NES Remix: Why does nobody talk about this series?[View]
510122202Does your favorite video game antagonist rank high in antisocial personality disorder?[View]
510128756JRPG Thread: Can we have a JRPG thwead? Post: >weccomendations >yo favowites >backlog Get t…[View]
510145625ITT: Games that you wish got a sequel.[View]
510141171>donate hundreds of dollars to the camp >Bill donates a bat wing >Dutch and Grimshaw whin…[View]
510140569>western game mode about zombies >all the zombies are nazis Anyone tired of this trope?…[View]
510145550>Game has a maximum quality preset >Quality options aren't maxed out Why?…[View]
510142741>I can only play co op games with friends how do I fix this[View]
510145293What's the biggest omission from this list?[View]
510145129Mamma Papa Brickolini will no cook-a no linguini Sorry if it makes you cry but all we have is Pizza …[View]
510135739Microsoft will never, ever extend a gesture of good will again.[View]
510138596Was he gay for Nerevar?[View]
510143897Popsicle: >Buh buh buh buh buh bah >POPSICLE! What did they mean by this?…[View]
510145156just marathoned this, AMaA[View]
510140386Best horror games?: I'm currently playing Silent Hill 2. What are some other good horror games?…[View]
510140657Magicks: I never got to play Magicka when it came out do any anons want to play through the campaign…[View]
510145256Imagine being an EOP and playing cucked localizations.[View]
510143467what are some good multiplayer games on this thing other than smash, minecraft, and mario kart?[View]
510144754The whole city’s on fire![View]
510144484I dug my DSiXL and DSTWO card out of storage the other day, and I forget, can the DSTWO only do DS g…[View]
510144640lets get physical boys. post them collections[View]
510127674False memories about video games: My whole life i always remembered DK and Diddy's eyes would p…[View]
510144269WRATH Aeon of Ruin: >i.e based boomer shooter release date is Feb 25 2021 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
510139704>oh yea that happened Why did they waste this series with a generic fighting game? They could of …[View]
510144172ITT sequels that you still hope will happen even though you know they never. For me its a sequel to …[View]
510143356Federation or Empire?[View]
510144198Can we please have a Dead Rising thread anons? they are my favorite[View]
510140062'Anon you have been diagnosed with a weird anus to mouth cancer... just one day of life' what game w…[View]
510129603Yeah i'm the thinking she's in[View]
510136070AWW DUDE[View]
510140037Redpill me on the Virtual Boy.[View]
510123420My god. I just finished dark souls 1 and coming off of that to dark souls 2 is so jarring. It almost…[View]
510139910Does this console have one of the greatest vidya lineups ever created?[View]
510141706Are you excited for the next Nep game?[View]
510143764Is it just me or they made the asians look more yellow?[View]
510143018What does /v/ think of this game? My friend is really into it and had gifted it to me when it was on…[View]
510116497Do you want a CV remake or a RE0 remake?[View]
510138317Smash: What does the Smash roster look like if it only included characters from games you played?…[View]
510129186Replace one word in your favorite video game title with 'anal'.[View]
510141259>haven't paid for a game in 10 years >saved thousands of dollars…[View]
510139893I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I've ruled as Tamriel's Emperor. But for all these y…[View]
510120901Share your AC tier list. https://tiermaker.com/create/assassin-s-creed-games--6560[View]
510142709Seriously: How can they Top this?[View]
510132213Coworker told me about this today. Considering picking it up since it's only 3 bucks. Has anyon…[View]
510141728This game is better than Diablo[View]
510135619can you change jobs?[View]
510143097What went so...: Right?[View]
510140441Is Hideo Kojima real??[View]
510139410Is MK11 Fujin the hottest dude in vidya history?[View]
510142405Is there any hope for the sequel?[View]
510140284ITT: games only you've played[View]
510104885Hey let's have a Terraria thread. What'cha building today?[View]
510142542>enemies can beg for mercy/bargain for life >you can't…[View]
510140939How mad do you get at your vidya? The furthest I go is I start clapping while saying 'BRAVO [company…[View]
510142487thoughts on the upcoming Silent Hill 4 remaster?[View]
510144113Well /v/, what would you choose based on what videogames have taught you?[View]
510137520overrated piece of shit[View]
510126583F U L L Y M O D E L L ED TYPEWRITER Should Capcom hire those 2 guys from this re4 hd project?[View]
510141948havent played a vidya in the last 4 years. i really enjoyed terraria, cortex command, dwarf fortress…[View]
510122569>Want to buy a new chair because my old one is falling to bits and is decidedly NOT comfy >Loo…[View]
510129595>overwatch 2 >shadowlands >diablo 2 remastered and 4 Blizzard is back on the menu boys…[View]
510137826Idol animation thread[View]
510142190Is there any reliable way to predict how game prices will change in the foreseeable future by analys…[View]
510085761What’s the verdict on subverse?[View]
510076119The Chapter calls and /v/ answer[View]
510127709The end of Final Fantasy is here.[View]
510138716This is the ultimate archer form. You might not like it but this is what peak performance looks like…[View]
510123870THE CHAD PS2: >aborts the dreamcast >curbstomps the gamecube >makes a poo poo on the shitbo…[View]
510141097finally beat all of the original modern warfare games why are they so much better than battlefield, …[View]
510138212I 100% DQ XI back when it came out on PS4, more than 100 hours were devoted to it. Is the Switch ver…[View]
510140087>angry retro game review >'Alright! After playing this awful game all day, I've made it t…[View]
510137582one of the comfiest games ever created prove me wrong[View]
510139114Why was this game so good?[View]
510121730Killer7 PC version: I'm interested in playing it, is the PC version good?[View]
510138563Nep with guns: Will it be fun[View]
510127854Thicc thursday[View]
510141121What are some games with cute tomboys? Asking for a friend[View]
510139335Xbox Game Studios stealing talent from Sony: >Anon still downplaying Xbox Game Studios…[View]
510139536What made persona 4 so much better then other ones?[View]
510138983Love the first game, but what the fuck am I supposed to be doing in this thing? It seems so alien co…[View]
510140546Star Trek: For a franchise with so many games, which ones are actually worth playing?[View]
510138474Who the FUCK are the smoothbrained dullards that keep unironically replying to the daily 'say words,…[View]
510127050Posts your favorite mugen sprite[View]
510138408>health potion >it's actually blood[View]
510136965/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>510095339 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
510139187Wtf? /v/ told me Arthur Morgan was a modern progressive?[View]
510137924Well this is shaping up to be hot shit. Anyone looking forward to the beta soon?[View]
510139306>Here's our controllers, bro.[View]
510124117*invents stealth*[View]
510139959i just came to a realisation on retro games: as most of you if you admit and are honest with yoursel…[View]
510134852Remember when the Neptunia series was still getting new mainline games?[View]
51013933488 years old[View]
510140558Which games have the best enemies?[View]
510140471thinking of getting this shitty 3rd party Switch controller so I can put it in an official Wii U Pro…[View]
510140057It's almost friday you already sold your turnips rigth anon?[View]
510139236seriously just how much of this catalog is shovelware? I'll take the nogaems N64 over this anyd…[View]
510136002Luigi is the shit: Luigi has more balls then mario and luigi the shit yet mario gets all the attenti…[View]
510140202What game is this?[View]
510134428Was it kino?[View]
510137224X COM 2: Hows your campaign going?[View]
510140365Grandia: /v/ slash![View]
510137240is this sony's way of finally killing off the vita?[View]
510138494Which one will you pick, /v/?[View]
510139984why does /v/ not like the idea of games with big strong women mommies >Final Fantasy 13 >Tal…[View]
510135725Why the FUCK hasn't this gotten a re-release?[View]
510139069>game forces you to kill the objective good guy[View]
510132992What is better? Dark souls 3 or Bloodborne[View]
510133965>cutscenes >cutscenes >cutscenes >cutscenes >30 sec 'gameplay' >cutscenes >cuts…[View]
510079202Hows your game going /v/?[View]
510139695Did anyone ever find the 'secret terminal' mentioned by Todd Howard back in his 2016 DICE interview?…[View]
510139934Super Gun/Arcade General: Has anyone got a chance to get their hands on this particular super gun? I…[View]
510137305PSO2 thread: Remember to use the fucking tweaker to update NA PSO2 after downloading it from the ms …[View]
510138432Why is she so ugly?[View]
510135856Why does it seem that only men care about the length of videogames? How Long to Beat says there are …[View]
510139774The Test: What secret word did you get anons?[View]
510138903Why did Cutter age backwords in cryo?[View]
510130894>Join TF2 matchmaking.: >CAN YOU QUACK? >CAN YOU QUACK LIKE A DUCK? WHEN YOU SUCK?…[View]
510137460Mafia II: It's like GTA but with better story[View]
510132903Are there any games where you can torture people or commit other sadistic acts?[View]
510137358Is life a PvP game or a PvE game? The way you answer is important.[View]
510139414Should more games be made in 240p?[View]
510115021I just got Iroha's game! How about you?[View]
510136860Unironic SIMPs in Vidja[View]
510139231You're working too hard.[View]
510138717Why do Mexicans love Nintendo so much?[View]
510028540YOU WILL BE VISITED BY MARIO: >lock yourself in bathroom >shut off the light >stare into th…[View]
510097067Which Animal Crossing villager on your island is your favorite? Which is the least favorite?[View]
510138542Holy shit this is LITERALLY just CS:GO. I have seen Chinese bootlegs with more originality than this…[View]
510137009Open Fortress: >Saves Arena FPS[View]
510134920>Play Hollow Knight for hours with spouse >Getting close to ending after ~90% completion >C…[View]
510136858>game makes the player invisible if you position the camera to close[View]
510134414So is it decent now or is it still shit?[View]
510134807I just beat the Mantis Lords. When does it get good?[View]
510138456>lootbox and gacha trash >preorder and devlopers need gofundme >a fucking remake >full …[View]
510123862Mr. Howard has arrived..[View]
510138682Are you hyped for AC:Valhalla?: I can't wait, I love vikings, they are my favorite culture. I a…[View]
510136514>launch game you downloaded online >command prompt appears and closes instantly >game launc…[View]
510127030>here's your mari- nintendo world bro[View]
510138026GPD Win Max: >powerful enough to emulate PS2, handles Citra and even Cemu > m.2 nvme ssd suppo…[View]
510135047Is this oddly-specific character Tumblr incarnate?[View]
510133685What was his fucking problem?[View]
510131358Reminder that if you ever used Jet in any of the Fallouts' your were huffing cow farts.[View]
510126850Are you really just gonna leave without feeding me?[View]
510137725Zoomer kino: Post the best zoomer games[View]
510134024Is this any good?[View]
510138197I will remind them[View]
510108868Do your gaming friendships last?[View]
510041710Why the FUCK is there no Persona Collection on modern consoles?[View]
510126275No local co-op, no buy.[View]
510051245Crusader Kings 3: This is shaping up as the most feature complete Paradox launch in ages[View]
510132969What's the best way to have fun with this game?[View]
510125908This was a really good console back in the day, and many games released on it hold up really well. W…[View]
510137452I like being mean to NPCs.: SO WHAT, HUH!? WATCHA GON DO ABOUT IT!? I'm tired of you pussies sa…[View]
510137857Post games with best world map design. Pic unrelated[View]
510137331Fuck Poochy: Fuck Poochy[View]
510137791https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cebGl_MaWnI Damn, Unity looks like that????[View]
510095084ITT post the most godawful dialogue you've ever experienced in games[View]
510121323>Have a game about going to hell to get a harem of demon girls >Even get the devil in on it …[View]
510137478Accidentally downloaded that gay shit. I'm so sick and tired of literal gay shit being forced i…[View]
510095339/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>510019553 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
510135125Deus Ex thread: Would you get augmented?[View]
510135448Should I really get vanilla P5 even tho Royal is Out...?[View]
510129470>objectively a better game than THPS4, THUG, and American Wasteland >BAWWW IT SUCKS, BAM BAD! …[View]
510133962I never touched the series before, should I play this?[View]
510137469>'Lets go for a pick.'[View]
510136823Was he right?[View]
510137056As video game sizes are ballooning well over 100Gb and discs not being able hold the full game, why …[View]
510135860>Roblox is higher than minecraft[View]
510136998Sometimes I'll go back to older games from before the turn of the century, or some of the earli…[View]
510133578How are the DLCs for Civ VI? Do I need them or is the base experience fine?[View]
510123631Who's the most well written character in Fromsoft history? This includes Echoes, Kings Field, S…[View]
510123000This game out today, anyone try it yet? The heroes get some new abilities in the Circus that are pre…[View]
510082621Who would win?[View]
510110301Microsoft is fucking up: Why is it so hard for Microsoft to get their shit together? All they have t…[View]
510135613>adult guy main character gets little girl party member >adult woman main character gets littl…[View]
510135194>1984 'gamer' humor Don't let me ever see you fucks bitch about Japanese humor again after t…[View]
510077595Is nu-Deus Ex worth playing?[View]
510132810whats your favorite simulator game /v/?[View]
510127310a fucking TREE[View]
510120697What's up with games giving the enemies and villains the best designs? Post your favorite enemi…[View]
510109798Post a game without posting it, others anons guess I'll start with an easy one:[View]
510136461...hm... *stands up and salute* Big Boss... the world maybe better off without snakes and some may n…[View]
510098327The new xenoblade is censored. Your thoughts, /v/? Why do you think it's okay for Xenoblade to …[View]
510136203this is the best shin megami tensei game, no contest[View]
510134660'are you winning son?' is now a reddit meme so nice to see 4chan vidya memes on my favorite site[View]
510135924So is that game they showed at E3 about playing as chimps ever going to come out? Looked kind of int…[View]
510130846Earthbound is a good game.[View]
510135012What is the point of playing on Cemu if you have the switch version? >stutters when loading new …[View]
510120513Great game. Great port. No issues whatsoever playing the game. Lots of mechanics but nothing overwhe…[View]
510126725Do you prefer your JRPGs with bunny girl outfits or maid outfits? I prefer maid myself, but both are…[View]
510135454feel like shit just want it on steam.. yakuza thread for pc retards [View]
510134256Your Turn to Die thread: What happened with this? I remember like two months ago Nankidai said the n…[View]
510135484Dark Souls 2 did nothing wrong[View]
510135658Why was the Gamecube so weak?: PS2 and Xbox could handle Burnout 3. Why couldn't the GC? Burnou…[View]
510131620>you are the bad guy[View]
510104873PS4 Devkit: my brother was moving out of his apartment and there was a ps4 that had been by the TV f…[View]
510135443>I main Byleth in Smash[View]
510134798Why yes, i do like every single Paper Mario game, had a blast with Bug Fables and am looking forward…[View]
510135527Why aren't there many multiplayer RPGs even though RPGs are meant to be mulitplayer?[View]
510126102>that guy whose attention span has degraded to the point that he has to listen to podcasts to whi…[View]
510134454LA Noire's story is amazing. The gameplay was a bit mediocre. It should have been a tv series i…[View]
510121868How did they do it?[View]
510123145Name a better Vietnam shooter. Protip: >you can't[View]
510133728Have ya been coding anon?[View]
510135325What's the game you have spent time playing without actually liking it?[View]
510135305civ 6 is better than civ 5[View]
510131268If a game doesn't have panty shots, its not worth my time.[View]
510134909He's doing it again.[View]
510133038Are the story in these games (as in the 2016 and 2018 revivals) any good? >nb4'no'…[View]
510118948The last non-vidya musician you listened to now does the soundtrack for your favorite game. How does…[View]
510133660Blood Bowl 2: This shit's on sale, is it good?[View]
510108431Mario 64 Conspiracies[View]
510134743Ratchet thread: This game has a nearly perfect first half but its clear they had to rush the rest of…[View]
510134727This game is fun. Can we have a thread on it?[View]
510130986>that Boomer that had a heart attack during his boss fight[View]
510132460What did Nintendo mean by this? Is Mario[View]
510134421>beloved classic >ugly ass graphics >no fucking remake How am I supposed to play this shi…[View]
510132050Play Risen[View]
510092384>Oh shit, PSO2 is out. I should check that out. >turns out it had the most botched launch in t…[View]
510134271>'and the winner by knockout is' >'no money, mo' problems!'…[View]
510134248Why does this exist? ... Does it exist?[View]
510130903Which is the better choice for someone who's never played fighting games?[View]
510128003>Game has romance >Can't romance best girl…[View]
510120293What went wrong?[View]
510127413>game asks you to make a choice or to choose a dialogue option >assess the situation and/or yo…[View]
510133505Whats your mario kart tierlist /v/?: this is my one[View]
510134097Hellmoo: Guns got nerfed finally anyone wana play? Post apocalyptic game with a variety of mutations…[View]
510130009I hate this fucking game[View]
510128218I really, REALLY want to play PSO2. Should I spend $400 on an Xbox One X or $2,000 on a PC and conve…[View]
510101538Name a better game composer[View]
510119229Phantasy Star > Final Fantasy[View]
510132070>Cate Blanchett to star in Eli Roth's Borderlands movie um, don't get me wrong, I do th…[View]
510131890Will you be happy if Tifa looked like this in the Remake?[View]
510131940>The night, once the font of the unknown, becomes only the lack of the sun. I have conceived of a…[View]
510130451FUCK, this game is Hard![View]
510132224Games that made you tear up[View]
510133543Who's your favorite new horizons villager anon? Here's a fun game, look up your birthday a…[View]
510132796ITT Subtle imagery in vidya[View]
510127585How would you improve her birthday?[View]
510130575>Antagonist comes back for revenge as a cyborg What games do this?[View]
510125868You will come to my aid, ok?[View]
510127000A game where you are a video game journalist. You start out as a loser sharing an apartment with 4 o…[View]
510130368literally goty hearthstone btfo[View]
510133191Preorders are up. Is it worth getting? Looked up some gameplay and wasn’t very impressed[View]
510091265Morrigan or Lilith??[View]
510113789Which is the better game, /v/? Ninja Gaiden Black or Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360? I have to go with B…[View]
510129861My most aesthetic solution to date.[View]
510132645Is Orwell a good game? I’ve been thinking of getting it on the next Steam sale.[View]
510132493Why did game demos die /v/?: Is it because you sheep consoomers will buy the game no matter what? Wi…[View]
510131493>the scene that filtered a generation[View]
510128451Comes now the King of Bones![View]
510132870Who's fault was it?: Kojima or Konami? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfn4UBmhfAM It still hur…[View]
510132241>video game songs that give you ptsd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMA-kUNFAmw…[View]
510128635Is Doom a 2D game or a 3D game?[View]
510122803Eternity lies ahead of us, and behind. Have you drunk your fill?[View]
510132742What are some games that teach the best life lessons?[View]
510126249I miss this series like you wouldn't believe it.[View]
510129625Never played yakuza before. Should I start with this since 0 is much better?[View]
510126965So are these the most reddit games of all time?[View]
510132206Last of Us? Great game can't wait for the second one.[View]
510132218This series is the absolute pinnacle of games that are just competent and polished enough so that no…[View]
510132127>kills Aerith twice[View]
510130663Name even one (1) OST that's more soulful. You can't.[View]
510129103Danganronpa x zero escape conecction: hear me out what if the religious fanatic mentioned at the end…[View]
510131447RISE AND SHINE, MR. KRABS[View]
510126996whats the last game valve gave away? exactly[View]
510131573Mario 64 Conspiracy Thread: SM64 Conspiracy Thread. Can someone redpill me on some of these? >the…[View]
510130773Will Fable IV ever happen?[View]
510128747Are visual novels video games?[View]
510115628*mogs the switch*[View]
510117582Why was the Gamecube so weak?: PS2 and Xbox could handle Burnout 3. Why couldn't the GC? Burnou…[View]
510129369Why haven't you played I-Ninja yet, anon?[View]
510123976Metal Gear Survive was Kojima's idea.There was absolutely nothing strange or out of place about…[View]
510128940Is one tricking her a sin, guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAdnG-G7778&t=1s[View]
510073536How are those coooding lessons coming along, /v/?[View]
510130193Half Life Alyx scary GPU temperatures: Why does Half Life Alyx push my graphics card so much worse t…[View]
510130851S. P. T.[View]
510130239Golden Sun is notoriously easy even for a turn based JRPG. But is it possible to beat it while runni…[View]
510130503TOTAL WAR WARHAMMER 2 grom the paunch: I did a livestream and it was great at the end of it we had a…[View]
510130000i paid 20 dollars for a service that doesnt has super mario rpg? how do i get my money back[View]
510127545who the hell thought this was a good idea? im on my 10th rare core and im trying to get KOS MOS how …[View]
510127976I'm playing Skyrim for the first time and having fun with it. I've never played an Elder S…[View]
510129998Why was Neverwinter Nights 2 taken off Steam?[View]
510130213I wanted to get into the Sims, but there's this shitty 'aging' feature that makes them grow old…[View]
510128276For me it's daisy[View]
510127638Hellmoo: Guns got nerfed finally anyone wana play? Post apocalyptic game with a variety of mutations…[View]
510128317This is the first console war in 14 years where one side didn't do some dumb shit before the co…[View]
510105554Do modern kids actually like video games, or do they just pretend to because they see other kids pla…[View]
510130028How would you thank Anita Sarkeesian for all of the great things she has done for gaming?[View]
510125959What does it take to become a great speedrun master?[View]
510123406>he calls cutscenes 'movies'[View]
510118262>game advertises it has dragons >play it >they’re actually wyverns Why the FUCK is this …[View]
510129572What are some legitimately difficult RPGs?[View]
510127726When you think about it the grinch leak is something the grinch himself would do: >create false h…[View]
510129691>makes every other crpg obsolete[View]
510129609Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 x Berserk: Can Guts beat Demi-Fiend? How would Skull Knight fair a…[View]
510093869https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muvcSuubHYA >'But what would Classic Sonic in 3D even look like?!…[View]
510117632is gta 3 the most important game of the 21st century or would that go to darksouls?[View]
510126859Let’s rate each other’s island villagers as a whole.[View]
510115993>Buy game because it costs only 5 dollars >Always out of money from building a coaster >FUC…[View]
510125031I literally cannot play my switch because I can't make the Ethernet cable click into place when…[View]
510129378KartRider Rush: Why is this garbage game suddenly so popular?[View]
510125973Finished this last night. Pretty good despite some questionable design choices and the Fanfiction-ti…[View]
510122708Which game(s) are you playing first?[View]
510129343Vidya and IRL Music: Examples of vidya songs and actual songs crossing streams https://www.youtube.c…[View]
510125346ユニyay An important message for everynyan(current students and graduates/associate archmages of paste…[View]
510129231SEGA are shit I am glad kikes are bringing naggers into your country and hope they breed you out, fu…[View]
510126153Ace Combat: IT'S TIME FOR ME TO DANCE WITH THE ANGELS!!!! *crashes* MARCUSSSSS!!!! MARCUSSS!!!…[View]
510126576Games that satisfy this kind of autism?[View]
510117543What does it taste like?[View]
510127783Why haven't you played the best game of 2019 yet /v/?[View]
510127967What are the biggest difficulty spikes in gaming?[View]
510126660How the fuck do you get this to work? I have my ps4 connected with ethernet and a second phone conne…[View]
510123282I bought the wrong Xenoblade: >didn't want to spend $60 on a Wii port that's been barel…[View]
510128340FFVII Remake: So now that it's been almost two months, can we all finally admit that the game w…[View]
510127812Name a single armor in all of videogames that look worse than the toilet gear from Fallout 4 You lit…[View]
510116595Just Bought This On Steam: What should I expect?[View]
510124814>Monolith Soft was created to make Xenogears 2 >plans never happened because Square wanted to …[View]
510114157Halo CE Hasn't Aged Well: Not bait and I'm not a zoomer. I played it for the first time in…[View]
510126641Smash Leak: Mr. Hanafuda will be a newcomer on the Smash fighter pass, with his source series being …[View]
510127503Beyond Good and Evil 2, WTF? They got me all hyped for a game they gave no news for in 2 years. Anyo…[View]
510113103Why did ARMS fail?[View]
510096032/v/ sings - Lullaby for a Dead Man (World at War): >deadline? You have until the end of June, I g…[View]
510100128Tifa: How can other girls even compete?[View]
510114627PS5 'Tempest Engine' Hardware Acceleration Will Free Up CPU Power, Making PS5 More Powerfu…[View]
510127787Why were so many against Arthas's peaceful protest of Stratholme?[View]
510121315What gacha games are you playing?[View]
510127538Do you have Raimond in your town?: Anon you didn't miss out right? You are a part of cool kids …[View]
510126829Two Nintendo Directs Coming: Two Directs will be coming the first week of June. I'm not up for …[View]
510115698>Game is your go to when you want to chill[View]
510085001What game?[View]
510125495>Steam? >Nah I get all my games on the Epic Game Store…[View]
510126059You know, he had a point.[View]
510117171What's the best controller for PC gaming? Is the Pro Controller any good?[View]
510122509Are there any good modern games that have a good low poly feel like Mega Man Legends? The only ones …[View]
510122643Pac-Man thread.[View]
510126164Tf2: How has this game lived so long?[View]
510076418you can not identify this game or explain why it's so terrible[View]
510125002>look at Steam guides for an older game >all of them are in Russian…[View]
510126691decided im going to stop buying steam games in 3games time: what should i get also have a rule that …[View]
510119003I only played 2 and Black Flag and enjoyed both. I like the openish world and the Templar/Assassin l…[View]
510123741What game franchise has the worst fans on /v/?[View]
510124225Why evolutionless pokemon exists?[View]
510126592My most aesthetic solution to date[View]
510125130What's the most POPULAR video game opinion? A statement that every gamer from the most casual o…[View]
510123337Did the AssCreed series make history discussion better or worse?[View]
510121647Bossfights with this feel?[View]
510125445What games will help me be more like Lalo?[View]
510117295Is there a character in Smash Ultimate you actually like fighting against? Seems that everyone just …[View]
510126241>Why yes, I buy all my games from Epic store. How could you tell? >Steam? Never heard of her.…[View]
510125721Why Nintendo fans are like this? This is from an official Nintendo magazine and they allow toxicity …[View]
510118198Ciel is...[View]
510124975Shantae 5: Here you go /v/ enjoy magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0B89876E360EA694FE1F6C4BCC158EBEFA5D6E04…[View]
510125787Wtf happened?[View]
510125420FREE Arma 3 Karts!: Start your engines - this is Arma 3 Karts! When we unveiled our 2014 April Fools…[View]
510125924>Trails in the Sky SC never ever >Trails in the Sky 3rd never ever >Trails of Cold Steel ne…[View]
510114236ITT: We discuss THOSE parts in games.[View]
510123981Melty Blood: You should play Melty Blood, it's a good game...[View]
510125842Does anyone else get more horny in sex vidya scenes than actual porn? Post your favorite sex scenes …[View]
510124757Why is this genre SO FUCKING HARD[View]
510116764ITT: Vidya related stuff you will never ever stop to mad about it[View]
510113294Edelgard: Edeñgard[View]
510125047Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: I just finished Dragon's Dogma after 60 hours with Warrior and…[View]
510125385YTTD Thread: Might as well start a thread while we're waiting for 3-1B. Who survived so far for…[View]
510125382games with this feel?[View]
510117538Why does /v/ seethe when you talk about Bug Fables? You should be happy a /v/ game is successful.[View]
510115401Why haven't they made a 3D Zelda in this art style?[View]
510125405>bioshock the collection has existed on PS4 for years now >today 2K have just released Bioshoc…[View]
510124971Why does Nintendo keep doing this? They end up ruining franchises and then 10 years after the fact t…[View]
510105620Greatest video game of all time. That's it, that's the whole thread.[View]
510125363What happened to Rainbow Six?[View]
510125294Paper Mario: This thread is about Paper Mario 64 and The Thousand Year Door and how they are so much…[View]
510121767Medieval 2 is still the best total war game. Best charges, best physics, best armies.[View]
510116224I feel games are rapidly just becoming product. We're at the point where having a jump button i…[View]
510125201>game has wyverns >they aren't tiny, feathered, nor extinct…[View]
510116467Indie games that are no homo[View]
510123829>Game >Game 2 >Game 3 >G4me >Game V >Game: Origins >Game: Awakening >Game VI…[View]
510125110Will FF6 and FF8, one day, also get full-on remakes like 7 is getting? It’s not fucking fair, why is…[View]
510123050What the hell is this character, Nintendo? Stop putting OC garbage into your games. Why do you fags …[View]
510075457>meanwhile in class /v/....[View]
510123532Well? Do you?[View]
510124770>fight against an opera singer >as the battle progresses the boss’s singing gets more louder a…[View]
510119930Everyone hypes up Super Mario 64's beta builds, but I'm more curious about the DS remake…[View]
510120063Hyrule Castle Town.....home....[View]
510124571Any other games similar to the Summon Night: Swordcraft Story games?[View]
510051397why is she so annoying? does it ever stop? also trails of cold steel thread i guess[View]
510124372Update of Doom Eternal: Where i can download the last update of Doom eternal? i have the game cracke…[View]
510117160>There is still no sequel in the making At least you can netplay it really well…[View]
510116185>two characters have great chemistry together >can't be together because it would upset s…[View]
510124173ITT: Games you wish would be remastered[View]
510124121What happened to this? Also dorf fort thread i guess[View]
510122748What's y'alls favorite minecraft modpack?: RL is fun and all , but tech heavy ones like Mc…[View]
510123107Just less than 3 weeks lads I'm hyped as fuck[View]
510113790YOU. You a Dark Elf lover? Get out of my city, you filthy piece of trash.[View]
510121785KOF Thread: Lets have a thread for this cutie's birthday[View]
510114635I like this for the script and events, but it feels very basic. What are some other games like this?…[View]
510120103>/v/ says a game is complete irredeemable garbage >its actually pretty good every fucking time…[View]
510123940It better fucking have multiplayer this time KuF heros is 'coming soon' to steam.[View]
510119569https://portraitai.com/ Go[View]
510123907This and Red Alert 2 were the peak of the franchise.[View]
510114463it's over, /v/ this quarantine was the last time you could really enjoy playing videogames, fro…[View]
510106613>He didn't buy the DLC yet[View]
510123451What are your biggest 'oops' moments in vidya? Both singleplayer and multiplayer?[View]
510120969Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: IFR: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8_UZT8nL-U AAAAAAAAAAAAWW…[View]
510098972Feels kinda like Darkstalkers but the combos are 5 times longer[View]
510104389Marisa's wife should be added to Smash Brothers Ultimate[View]
510123412Questionable Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKIt0kVL9hw With all the great ideas out there, …[View]
510120456Post your top 5 fav games and guess that persons favorite Helltaker gal 1: Resident evil 4 2: Monste…[View]
510099345What the fuck happened?[View]
510123169Final Fantasy would still be good if Square hadn't gone with Playstation and destroyed their le…[View]
510118686I know there are mods that make the females wear skimpy stripper clothes, but are there mods that co…[View]
510120546I'm considering joining the MLG Pro circuit, I just haven't decided what game to play. An…[View]
510118307I did not care for the Ocarina of Time.[View]
510119989Explain to me how fapping to titties makes you a whiny bitch. Seriously why do coomers here complain…[View]
510122901Baldur's Gate 3: Hopes Dreams Expectations[View]
510099468what does /v/ think about this game?[View]
510108394Sonic The Hedgehog movie sequel confirmed: Source: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/sonic-the-hedg…[View]
510122735>Brains don't have a real factoring in learning moves. Typing does.…[View]
510106982Play Code: Vein[View]
510091576This was pretty good but holy fuck the ending was absolutely terrible. I genuinely don't know w…[View]
510121259ITT: /v/'s top 100 games over the years[View]
510111763People are debating whether it's remastered or a remake. The real answer: It's somewhere i…[View]
510119318Fuck this game[View]
510122241REMEMBER: We will be watching.[View]
510121067>review game >summarize the entire game I just played >put some random number at the end Wh…[View]
510114017Magilou: Best Tales Girl. Saved Tales of Berseria[View]
510121126i don't see any Monster Hunter, so i make one Post what you want as long as it's MH remate…[View]
510116435Finally, a good Final Fantasy game.[View]
510121959Has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts on this Mabinogi private server?[View]
510119010What does /v/ think of this guy?[View]
510116701The Bad Guys: Are there any games, specifically city builders or management games, that let you play…[View]
510120889Big brain power[View]
510104574ex-industry oldfag here with birds in places. Elden Ring gameplay trailer is dropping late next week…[View]
510119535Fuck this Jimmy neutron boy genius sounding bitch He killed millions all because wonder pink is such…[View]
510119769>select language >Portuguese is a Brazilian flag >Spanish is a Mexican flag >Chinese is …[View]
510120602Custom Waifu Thread: isn't she cute, /v/? also post your custom waifu[View]
510120108Goodnight, /v/![View]
510117968Is VR Kanojo the apex of virtual reality as a genre?[View]
510117442Which one is the better game?[View]
510113634Risk of Rain: You're going to need a bigger umbrella. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAqBj6Khlf8/?…[View]
510120497Man, all this stuff is going to be so great in an eventual Mario Kart 9 in like 5 years from now[/sp…[View]
510112142Persona 5 Royal: fucking fag cat should've died with mementos[View]
510118802>final boss is a random character that appears at the start of the game 15 seconds and never agai…[View]
510121263Xbox or PlayStation?[View]
510120835Steam Profile Thread: ITT: Post your Steam profile and we will judge you.[View]
510114975Should I pick it up? $10.50 on steam. I like XCOM but got bored with Gears Tactics[View]
510119260ITT: autistic things you do while playing games[View]
510117157Play The Forest: Play The Forest. Play the fucking shit out of it.[View]
510120669Is this game fixed yet?[View]
510120452Why was the Gamecube so weak?: PS2 and Xbox could handle Burnout 3. Why couldn't the GC? Burnou…[View]
510120425How did they manage to pull this off on PS1?[View]
510118620Games with this feel?[View]
510115774Is this game fun?[View]
510119382Natural Selection 2: >Less than 500 active players >Have a much more popular game (Subnautica)…[View]
510117893Just finished this and it was honestly the most fun I've had with vidya in about 15 years What …[View]
510119560do I have autism if I enjoy zach games?[View]
510117392itt: god-tier party members[View]
510118941What's wrong with self-inserting?[View]
510119592' I did not care for The Horde.'[View]
510116220>japanese character design[View]
510116093If I read the word Soul from /v/ one more time I think I'm going to scream[View]
510114880You can only post in this thread if you've tried to log in as Zezima[View]
510117364Oh fuck, what do I do?[View]
510115116He's gone[View]
510117053im playing it again /v/. for what seems like the 40th time.[View]
510117939What game had the absolute worst marketing?[View]
510117820how the fuck do i force stop civ 6 from running the epic launcher thinks it's running, can…[View]
510114792So... what's exactly 'Sonic Roboblast 2'? I heard it's a fangame made using Doom's so…[View]
510116478Do you prefer your JRPGs with bunny girl outfits or maid outfits? I prefer maid myself, but both are…[View]
510118890This is 30 year old girl who wields giant axe in her game.[View]
510096258Helltaker: I've seen threads about this game on /v/ daily for over a month now. Who's shil…[View]
510076750The last video game character you played has turned into Amy Rose. What changes?[View]
510110020PlayStation 5 event set for June 3rd: What are you expecting?[View]
510108985There will never be another good Paper Mario game in our lifetime[View]
510113228Shit games you enjoy[View]
510110456what went wrong?[View]
510108120DMC Thread: Who is Dante talking to?[View]
510117513Any mobile games worth getting on iphone?: I ask for a friend.[View]
510117940Daily reminder /v/ belong to /us/ and you little shit eating incel losers can fuck off to /reddit/ J…[View]
510118092I think the government made the Deus Ex thread on purpose, to get rid of the population growth.…[View]
510118278Why bother calling it a season pass if you only have one season? Was there meant to be more seasons?[View]
510062058Post some TECHNOLOGY[View]
510113862AI Dungeon: Anyone still played this thing recently? I remember the threads from a few months ago ag…[View]
510116135What are your thoughts on Dragon Age Inquisition?[View]
510113651never palyed a tekken game do i get Tekken 5 or Tekken TAG Tournament. whitch game has more content[View]
510114969> I'M LOOKING FOR BILL WILLIAMSON > WE WAS LIKE FAMILY ONCE > John never interacts wit…[View]
510116007why where PlayStation players such pussies faggots, the trash talk game on PSN was embarrassingly ta…[View]
510113835why did no one tell me ff9 is so good[View]
510117574Power Bomberman: http://www.bombermanboard.com/viewtopic.php?t=1925 Get the FUCK in here. Usual pass…[View]
510117519Classic Vidya related YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/sP2WjnolVqc[View]
510117936fist of the b0rf star game when?[View]
510114257>watching a video essay >wii shop music starts playing in the background…[View]
510116358ITT: singleplayer FPS: Post singleplayer FPS games, no multiplayer although you can discuss multipla…[View]
510093348What do you guys think? I'm having fun so far, but I'm worried the cave aesthetic will war…[View]
510114992Let's fucking settle this debate once and for all..WHICH is the hardest?[View]
510117323>download pay to win game >spend money >start owning poorfags and tell them to get a job…[View]
510116114Megaman Starforce/Ryūsei no Rockman: >story about a tragic hikineet that doesn't want to for…[View]
510113824>want to play NWN2 with a friend >find out hamachi and Tungle are no longer free/exist anymore…[View]
510117612Do you think we will ever see a sequel to Deus Ex?[View]
510117525death of playstation studios: Phil's bringing the games and dumpstering the competition's …[View]
510090167RTS thread: Anyone else excited for Command and Conquer Remastered?[View]
510114228Why do sewer levels have a bad reputation? How do we fix this?[View]
510113937what are some hard to watch vidya scenes?[View]
510097795Triple A Avatar The Last Airbender game when?[View]
510116532I thought that PSN alone was making more than all of Nintendo?[View]
510116228Literally what happened to Ghostwire? All it had was that Japanese girl[View]
510116290Was the mystery of Dark Souls III's catacomb crab ever solved?[View]
510115981Why did Miyamoto create such a monstrosity?[View]
510117278>playing Super Mega Baseball 3 >have a decent back and forth, game is 3-3 going into extra inn…[View]
510085703What is your opinion on the character naoto from the video game persona 4 for the ps2?[View]
510115193Baldur's Gate 3 Sizzle tomorrow. Also what the fuck is a sizzle?[View]
510095827How many niggas in a row is optimal for rpgs?[View]
510112228Still makes my blood boil thinking about it. I hate redditors so fucking goddamn much.[View]
510116872Well, I have a laptop that can actually run steam (I’ve been working with a windows xp computer for …[View]
510077650>Download Retro Arch >Need to install 'core' >50 different cores to choose from >Choose …[View]
510109520I don't feel enjoyment anymore when playing videogames. Every game has its flaws that turn me o…[View]
510104542Are there any DB games focused on the original DB beside the GBA game? Got tired of having 50 DB gam…[View]
510113853Working at Rockstar studios: How is it like working there. I don't mind doing extra crunch if t…[View]
510116335>anime fighting game >all characters are balanced with each other…[View]
510114925What wolfendoom have you been playing lately?[View]
510116519As with any game, Morrowind is made of 3d models, with the ability to walk slowly on two feet creati…[View]
510111863ITT: Favorite Weapons: I’ll start, it’s a shame it’s stuck in such a shit franchise[View]
510116184Roguelike thread: From the classic to the more obscure. Which are your favourites?[View]
510112505Why does /v/ hate video games?[View]
510116246Why this game is so fun even after 26 years after development ?[View]
510074556Fuck the switch: The Wii U was better. >NintendoLand vs 1-2 Switch, no comparison : https://www.y…[View]
510115996>to the town of TLOU rode a stranger one fine dayyy (ooo ooo ooo) >hardly spoke to folks aroun…[View]
510114141Mafia 2 remastered: I've literally just been raped because of my naive nostalgia My wallets ble…[View]
510111338> world is peaceful > Player comes and fucks it up What are some other games like this…[View]
510115953>'Manhood' 'is a big as a Muruk (aka dragon)'. How can other guys compete?…[View]
510112893>Exile bad guy, exile must have killed all the miners on peragus >Why would the jedi council c…[View]
510115790All I see on here are people hating on games. What are some games that you genuinely love?[View]
510113392Cringe thread[View]
510115276ITT the last game you played with your younger brother and beat[View]
510102969Kojima-san, why don't you explain to folks at home what a PlayStation exclusive is?[View]
510113897Xbox Series X will launch in Japan under the title SEGA Uranus[View]
510111771Vagrant Story: I just bought this game Give me the tutorial anons, I have no idea what I'm doin…[View]
510113832Game desires that will never be fulfilled: Why isn't there something like Ys but in a scifi set…[View]
510115390Put her in Smash or I'll give the Jews her gas![View]
510112689ITT: that one boss[View]
510115082Am I a psychopath for wanting my party members in games to actually sound like they got brutally mur…[View]
510111463If the creators of a fan games remained anonymous throughout the entire period of creating a fan gam…[View]
510107906A decade and a half later, KOTOR II is still the best written Western RPG. How is that possible?[View]
510111906Why was the Gamecube so weak?: PS2 and Xbox could handle Burnout 3. Why couldn't the GC? This w…[View]
510115090>b-but no one uses backwards compatability anyways!! why are snoys such liars? why are they so po…[View]
510112829>tfw that game you loved is never getting a sequel and there's nothing similar to it being m…[View]
510115019It seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake is not performing so well ...: 1 Month + 2 Weeks Later, it se…[View]
510113219>Only house leader to give you a hug. I actually feel bad for people who chose the other routes.…[View]
510100383Daily reminder that we're never getting 3[View]
510112323Games that you have fun playing but absolutely hate.[View]
510114653This is Kino.[View]
510103420Next Gen won't run a copy paste of AC Odyssey in 4k/60fps: https://www.ign.com/articles/assassi…[View]
510114574>that asshole who looks up the ending on youtube because he doesn't want to work for it…[View]
510108474Vidya Maps: Post em, lads[View]
510072272I regret being roped into the PC master race meme as a teenager >spent thousands on meme hardware…[View]
510110439you DO maintenance your arcade sticks, right /v/?[View]
510114383Splatoon for Wii U was released on this day in Japan, 6 years ago[View]
510106101ITT: classic games you never played until recently for no real reason. This game is so fucking good …[View]
510113391Resettra +rannies in a nutshell[View]
510109973What was his problem?[View]
510114238Dr. Ivo Robotnik: A thread dedicated to the greatest scientific genius in the world. Hedgeniggers no…[View]
510103017>That developer that released an online-multiplayer game exclusively on a console near the end of…[View]
510112796There's kids out there who when asked what they are going to be when they grow up answer 'video…[View]
510106417Reminder that Watch_Dogs: Legion is going to be a better cyberpunk game than Cyberpunk 2077[View]
510113442>Part 1: Super chill prologue with Kiryu-san, racing taxis, beating street thugs and not fucking …[View]
510094493>still no comfy and colourful Landsknecht RPG Is there any other period of history more ignored t…[View]
510082412>Arkane Studios turns 20. >Giving away Arx Fatalis for free on their anniversary. What do you …[View]
510110018Which race has a worse reputation, Orcs or Redguard?[View]
510105263What's the best non-porn cum game?[View]
510113780COD MW cheaters?: /v/, it's been a while, I've been having encounters with a certain play …[View]
510077059For Honor thread: So what do you think of pic related? I was looking for an immersive game (immersiv…[View]
510071707So there's a warhammer sale on steam right now and I was suprised to discover that there are ar…[View]
510110610ITT when men cried: Moments that get the water works going, sad shit.[View]
510108490NEVER EVER[View]
510113571>he doesn't like Morrowind[View]
510112496https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTxBAuXUHMU&feature=emb_title >as real as possible >believ…[View]
510112721It's an interesting game but I have one big problem with it: it's too open ended, you don…[View]
510108095WTF is this? I thought Nintendo had standards?[View]
510112385Say what you will about CoD, but the period between its inception all the way to BLOPS was pure magi…[View]
510111376It's kind of a shock mor me to go from such a great, simple game as Metal Gear Solid 3 to Metal…[View]
510111503>Rosterfags still can't argue against this I guess this is the definitive tier list.…[View]
510109001Why don't they just put it on Steam already?: All the hype is gone. Anyone who was excited abou…[View]
510103373Why are you browsing /v/ right now? Go play a game.[View]
510112695No social link for Persona 4's Biggest (and therefore, Best) Girl? By the way, Merry Thursday.[View]
510113050What are some games without stories that still possess kino qualities?[View]
510108725have you ever bought a gun because of a video game?[View]
510073656>E essateydamo cehg du so ghaac, vylehk Rikku'c pareht yc E oyhg tufh ran cgend yht druhk eh…[View]
510107674WHY CAN'T I GET TORTOISE SVN TO DOWNLOAD OPEN FORTRESS? Any project that uses this stupid softw…[View]
510112490Indie games that are no homo[View]
510105876ITT: Games that frontloaded all of the content at the start of the game, to pander to journalists wh…[View]
510108452Ragnarok Online: Which Private Server is the best now? Really want to get back into it. And post you…[View]
510112294Post your backlog on strawpoll and get anons to vote on what you should play next >i'll star…[View]
510112352How did they get away with this?[View]
510109297Reddit: The FPS[View]
510109465ITT: games that are oozing soul[View]
510103480Best episode in years.[View]
510110920I've been looking into getting a couple usb N64 Controllers, does anyone have any recommendatio…[View]
510105338how do you think video games will be like in 50 years time from now?[View]
510112036ITT: Favorite easter eggs Remember in Pilotwings 64, where when you shoot the Mario head on Mt. Rush…[View]
510111987what are some games that made you feel like this?[View]
510107867Fuck, Marry, Kill[View]
510109307ITT: games where devs legit put soul and passion into[View]
510107519Invasions: A primarily PVE experience being forcibly turned into PVP by the arrival of a hostile pla…[View]
510101964I'm playing the pre-sequel now, first time I've played borderlands games, and it's ac…[View]
510107450GOG Summer Sale: Anyone have a haul yet? I think I’m gonna splurge all the D&D CRPGs[View]
510108873Crazy Taxi: I wish this game was better expanded on. I think a variety of maps and mission objective…[View]
510111474Pathfinder: I hope you don't mind if I just borrow these funds from your treasury, anon.[View]
510110694Anyone wanna play this shit game? Made a Team Arena, friendly fire off, random BF and FD stages. ID:…[View]
510110189I've never played a Castlevania game so i bought the Rondo of Blood/Symphony of the night bundl…[View]
510111283How come no one has tried to make an indie game in the style of SMW3 and SMW? They are the most icon…[View]
510108984Are these things supposed to fit on a GBA SP? I bought a third party one and it presses down the L a…[View]
510111151>Stay Awhile and Listen[View]
510111067Who was in the wrong?[View]
510104624The 'Snake Repeats Everything' Problem: You mean when Snake repeats everything he hears back to the …[View]
510110898>The game was never localized outside Japan, and was noted by IGN as an example of racism in vide…[View]
510109457The ending wasn't that bad[View]
510106486What are some spooky grey alien games?[View]
510110674Was this asspull really necessary?[View]
510109287Does /v/ like the King of Koopas?[View]
510106918Which is considered the best Worms game again? A few of them are on sale on GOG right now and I have…[View]
510110438Fuck red fags[View]
510107671Play League of Legends.[View]
510081373Why aren't you playing GOTY 2020?[View]
510046761>wonderful 101 thread got 404ed What the fuck? Does /v/ literally not play games?…[View]
510109790>have decades of experience with fps such as quake 3, wolfestein enemy territory, tf2, UT, etc …[View]
510109909Time to eat those words, sexists who thought the women would come in last. Leave your apologies here…[View]
510107452I CAN'T SEE SHIT[View]
510107298when is it releasing on switch?[View]
510105536How do we fix the erotic horror genre?[View]
510085372>recreating a NES prototype that never was announced from original source code spread across 40 f…[View]
510109507>JRPGs >Loli party member Even worse >granny voice…[View]
510108507You have until midnight to play a videogame, and if you can't, you'll have to leave /v/. T…[View]
510109402>Japanese RPG >you can marry your sister[View]
510100275I don't understand it, why is this game blowing up so much?[View]
510109362Ay yo, post your favorite easter eggs in video games before I break you in half white boi[View]
510105867>saves pc from steam monopoly >gives you free aaa games thank uncle tim…[View]
510050865You ARE going to buy the best Paper Mario game, right anon?[View]
510105948Unique vidya: What are the most unique, atypical, one of a kind video games you can think of? Games …[View]
510107489>easy mode is too easy >normal mode is too hard…[View]
510106938Oh my God, I love the map de_dust. Maybe today, if I pwn enough noobs, I can raise my ranks in the s…[View]
510108637What is /v/'s favorite vita games that aren't first party games(Ex: P4G, Killzone mercenar…[View]
510109124Why is /v/ always talking about trannies? Shouldn't you be talking about kind of thing in /o/?[View]
510103963What are your thoughts on the original Binding of Isaac?[View]
510076759>Game is called Snowboard Kids >There's a titty monster as a playable character wtf…[View]
510108786>game goes from 7/10 to 9/10[View]
510107658ITT: games you’re amazed are still alive[View]
510104152i had a thought and decided i'd see if it was worth a thread. are there any games or genres tha…[View]
510100227'grrrrrr i'm ANGRY!'[View]
510108072>No Merchant Republics, Theocracies or Nomads dropped[View]
510101802Persona (5) Fans deserve the rope. Change my mind.[View]
510108306what are the best mods to make new vegas good to play and look at at?[View]
510090547pictures like this what are they called?[View]
510087835Did we get too cocky?[View]
510107338Alright Sam, you're mission is to get to page 10. But watch out for alarms. >Let me guess, t…[View]
510093929Xbox has games and exclusives: >“Led by Halo Infinite, our 15 Xbox Game Studios teams are hard at…[View]
510079718YOU. What is the scariest horror game idea you can think up?: I want you to think of the most pants-…[View]
510108170Order 1886: I'm sad that this was Ready at Dawn's last real game before making VR shit. Th…[View]
510104053What's the point of this game? If you want good exploration, just play witcher 3[View]
510104454Is there a single game that makes you question and challenges your beliefs?[View]
510085648PSO2 Thread. You may only post CASTs here.[View]
510104106JRPG Thread!: JAPANESE ROLE PLAYING GAMES Post >recommendations >currently or recently played …[View]
510108010>Yes, I did RDM that kid because he kept on talking with his mic.[View]
510107694>Triple jump to rooftop without opening canon >Yoshi doesn't even spawn, but there's…[View]
510107931>'actually, I like Jun'[View]
510084908IS this game worth playing?[View]
510107835Is there any other franchise as important as Half-Life when it comes to impact on gaming? 1, 2, and …[View]
510107384RPG classes: What's your go-to class in RPGs?[View]
510107670Why didn't they add gyro aim to the Switch version, like they did for RE5 and RE6? The only goo…[View]
510102836Wait a minute...: Is this a don quixote reference?[View]
510106901Just bought this since its currently on sale, what am i getting in to?[View]
510107203It was a different time[View]
510087635https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii9y97PlFwQ Does he have a point? Are third person shooters just laz…[View]
510106980YOU CAN'T HURT ME /v/[View]
510088056Can game reviews be trusted anymore?[View]
510101646Did Chris Roberts kill that dude making videos about how much of a scam this is? He had some intervi…[View]
510058593>Kojima's right hand man has left him for dead >The Kojima Productions veteran left the c…[View]
510104332>game has DLC announced before launch Why do vidya players put up with this garbage?…[View]
510101159What are some good spooky, atmospheric games? I don't want straight horror, just something comf…[View]
510104060I can no longer enjoy video games: I suffer from some pretty bad OCD and it seriously hinders my enj…[View]
510097174play post scriptum[View]
510096874Bing bing wahoo: Just replayed pic related for the first time since I got it on release *13* years a…[View]
510105915W-What is he doing?[View]
510107102>using one of the colorblind hud modes cause it looks cool[View]
510105872If they made another game with a specific location, where would it be?[View]
510106967>You're actually fighting for the bad guys What game?[View]
510106836Is there any way to remove the fucking drm on red dead redemption 2? It's fucking annoying![View]
510097929What's the most annoying enemy ever put into a video game?[View]
510089758What went wrong?[View]
510106925>He doesn't cheat money in RPGs.[View]
510106940SEGA Neptune: It's. Fucking. Happening. Seriously. What are your thoughts on a new SEGA console…[View]
510105686What's the deal with this dude? Gimme the rundown[View]
510100000Whats the best place to get MK11 on? >Steam >Xbone >Switch…[View]
510104479I still don't get why RE3make didn't get the same love as RE2make by the devs.[View]
510097236Make one thats vidya related or post your favorites[View]
510101578Is it actually good or is it just a meme?[View]
510102843rest in peace blockland[View]
510098593New counter strike: We need new counter strike[View]
510105723It's out[View]
510106339Shitty video game music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u04gmzXTIMU[View]
510106116Azur Lane: Crosswave is coming to Switch WITH A HIGHER AGE RATING BASED NINTENDO SAVING US FROM SNOY…[View]
510097163>Who's ready to fly on a zipline?! i am!![View]
510100483Indie games thread: What have you been playing lately? Did you discover some hidden gem, you crazy m…[View]
510103596Please talk me out of getting this, I have $30 in my bank account and this adds up to $20. These are…[View]
510069325What're your thoughts on the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Paper Mario: The Origami King?[View]
510091335Black & White 3 confirmed: God game kino is back on the menu, /v/oys[View]
510106008Does your favorite Chinese cartoon have character more alpha than this?[View]
510101040So the Darkest Dungeon Butcher's Circus just dropped: What's your party line-up?[View]
510066028>Gone from Steam[View]
510105750https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKeljSgDHJk Ragnarok Online had the greatest town and dungeon themes…[View]
510105685Do you have aimlet syndrome? I do, can't aim for shit[View]
510087446>'It's a game that looks like everything in it is made from real-world items! It's tota…[View]
510105586Why does he want to summon the Elector Counts so bad? And why can't you ever bring him to the m…[View]
510105526If he real, Mario[View]
510105456wait a sec..[View]
510094508I love H&K G3 so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZDSKyoh8Hg[View]
510091242What does it mean for a game to age badly? Why would games become worse over time?[View]
510103552Anyone here ever finish this game? Is it worth it?[View]
510103602FINdie Games: MSC, Noita, Baba, and all the other classics throughout the years. What makes one coun…[View]
510104680Why is this game praised? the writing is pretty subpar, animations are ugly and uncanny, and combat …[View]
510101472Xbox lockhart thread[View]
510098398Will it ever be topped?[View]
510083093>he talks to himself out loud while he games like he has an audience[View]
510104231imagine being a women[View]
510095751>3 years ago >Barely over a minute long > Like 4 persona games in the meantime So this is t…[View]
510099018music i wanted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ry2pjYgiLU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1UdTvLo…[View]
510103736Are you liking it?[View]
510104747Filename Thread: Let's have a filename thread and hopefully it gets more than 10 posts[View]
510102776Are Gearbox/2k embarrassed of Borderlands 1? They seem to ignore its existence.[View]
510051070Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: It will be far better than BG2 and no RPG will ever be able to t…[View]
510099454ITT: We try to find at least one game set in each country of the world Pic related, Venezuela[View]
510062443Play modded Skyrim.[View]
510083656What's your controversial /v/ opinion?[View]
510101715>And what, Gul'dan, must we give in return?[View]
510104158Dun-dun-dun-dun DENDENDEN: Dendenden DUN-DUN[View]
510095278>I am forgotten[View]
510094492Let's hear your videogame idea, anon.[View]
510095861It wasnt THAT bad[View]
510100667>Nintendo SOULESS >Literal who fan MEGA SOUL…[View]
510103856Fuck, Marry, Kill[View]
510103983Concept art thread[View]
510101386>tfw you can't play games with anybody because of the coof and because i don't have fri…[View]
510103734In about six months[View]
510102865BotW is freedom. It's the freedom America has lost[View]
510103294Could this visual style of being partially sprite based but partially polygon based work outside of …[View]
510084239hey /v/ zoomer here. I spent some time with my older cousin and he said in the early xbox 360 days …[View]
510096775Is it wrong that i prefer Sonic 06 over this ? This feels even more slapped together and half assed …[View]
510103246ITT: Games /v/ tricked you into playing.[View]
510102037Would Nintendo be able to this on this day and age without causing an uproar?[View]
510100189Why won't they release Kancolle in the west?[View]
510103381Aw, this is terrible! Ptooey! Who would post memes like this anyway? Oh, what? You think this is fun…[View]
510103337>Fire Emblem unit that isn't riding a horse[View]
510103319*blocks your path*[View]
510103289I give up, Edeltards. Guess if you can't beat em, join em.[View]
510103170What was his tax policy?[View]
510090306What went right?[View]
510041441And lo and behold, no one cared.[View]
510102520only got 5 bucks: which one should I buy /v/?[View]
510087937PS5: It looks like PS5 won't be backwards compatible with Ps4 either. F[View]
510102862>game has rabbits[View]
510098207>mario odyssey good >mario sunshine bad[View]
510094413To commemorate Legends of Runeterra, let's have a thread about actually good TCG games. Post ca…[View]
510082623Xenoblade Definitive Edition thread Lets do this![View]
510102301>requires Full name, home address, age, occupation, phone number, credit card, social security nu…[View]
510098897Is this the greatest game of all time?[View]
510088973Name a more kino ending[View]
510102679nothing personal chosen1[View]
510102320Is having the slap important if you're going to include the gun?[View]
510093534I'm hitting coziness levels which shouldn't be possible[View]
510094451Got an idea for a game anon? Share them[View]
510101579Would you buy a Rayman 2 remake?[View]
510080047Terraria Journey's End: >we want the calamity audience also terraria thread…[View]
510096973Resident Evil 8 Coming April 2021.[View]
510102475I’m definitely getting this[View]
510098447Minecraft Dungeons: Damn this game is fun[View]
510091291How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
510101597>Five years later. >Soulsborne drones STILL obsessed. Will we see five more years of asspain w…[View]
510099557Is this the best Tycoon type game?[View]
510095906>try to play game >end up getting MOGGED by enemy I thought I could escape the moggings in vid…[View]
510100646Oh, CDPR, you mischievous scamps![View]
510095802For me, it's Parappa 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VEmni_QzYk[View]
510097042So where the fuck is the 4th princess? Galaxy was over 10 years ago, it has been long due.[View]
510089508>Play MMO >Has no grinding or quests >Spend whole time exploring, raids & dungeons and…[View]
510101643Did Soma have the best creature design this gen? Can't think of anything that tops it.[View]
510101731>Boss fully heals himself when he's about to die[View]
510101671mario says Janny rights![View]
510101314>literally unplayable garbage without QOL and balance mods Nice sure worth the price. What mods d…[View]
510101520>The boss can heal themself[View]
510099603i've never played an RTS before, will this be an ok starting point?[View]
510099371Love this game. My only complaint is the lack of female characters, I understand that the source mat…[View]
510096703Steelbook cases: Never had a steelbook case. Do they rust easily, not just from humidity, but from s…[View]
510101346Favorite OLDER male video game characters?[View]
510100079Weird ports thread[View]
510094335Will we ever get another console that breaks 150 million sold like PS2 and DS? Even the highly succe…[View]
510099723Me gusta El goblina[View]
510096917Well XChads? What backwards compatible games will you be trying first? >Backwards compatible game…[View]
510089795Musha shaka paka[View]
510096860Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Why was this game so poorly received? And any chance they actually finish t…[View]
510092589This is the ideal female waifu. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
510099073Post your teams: Fuck characters. Let's talk about spirits. Specifically for fighting in arena …[View]
510097654Post Irish Video Game Characters[View]
510095346Why is 2 the best game in the series, /v/?[View]
510098504Xbox: Most expensive Juul charger: Anyone else do this?[View]
510097731Are going to visit Gamer Land? Are you going to take your mom with you?[View]
510099902um guys I have some insider information. NINTENDO IS BUYING SEGA feel free to ask any questions[View]
510092169System shock demo Thoughts? The alpha had some major problems that need to get fixed for this game t…[View]
510096949Bloodborne on pc: hmmm...bros?... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7qt0cHs6J0[View]
510098703Stop saying 'gamers', It's not a nice word: We should be identified as 'People of Play'[View]
510100139dbfz: was going to reply to a dragon ball fighterz thread but I forgot it was on page 10 >>510…[View]
510098250Were they autistic?[View]
510098590What vidya feature war elephants? Other rare instruments of war also welcome[View]
510092508This is Mecha-Bu from Sonic CD and Mania.[View]
510099431i fixed a meme i saw on twitter[View]
510099289What's a good character creation game?[View]
510087182Would they be able to get away with this today?[View]
510098913Going against Hero: Pac-Man here. I just lost my elite smash ranking due to having to face hero play…[View]
510099245Name ONE (1) WRONG THING WITH MMO'S. You guys say they are shit but are incapable of putting it…[View]
510099236Good mobile games recommendations?: I've been playing King Crusher. Its a roguelike and its fun…[View]
510097952Are you excited to go back? Also, post tribe of choice favorite dungeon.[View]
510099009>Why yes I can't wait for the announcement of the next game for PS5, how could you tell?…[View]
510096676For me its Courtney Gears![View]
510098930finished. where do I go from here bros?[View]
510098914Is /v/ still playing Overwatch? Turns out Quick Play Classic is still fun. Avoid normal Quick Play a…[View]
510091606What the fuck is wrong with indie character designs?[View]
510098690Does anyone know why the maps on bf4 sucked compared to bf3? Also even metro is better in bf3 than b…[View]
510097968It looks alright[View]
510098179>Game is released. >'Psyche! It is not what you expected, it is in fact a different thing as a…[View]
510087007Games where your most trusted ally betrays you?[View]
510091273Was it kino?[View]
510090370Where were you when Naughty Dog revolutionized video games?[View]
510092778Anon, you did BOYCOTT persona 5 royal right?[View]
510098449Psychological horror: What video games have genuinely frightened you/gotten under your skin? Has a g…[View]
510095974Twitch Audit: the Twitch streamer known as 'Destiny' bragged about recieving $20k in PPP funding. It…[View]
510063920Anybody else monitoring the GOG summer sale?[View]
510097805This a good game to get off to?[View]
510096426Sonybros... we lost... HDR and higher framerate... we can’t kee... up[View]
510097714Mario: I love Mario. I love the universe, the settings, the characters. Mario is probably my favorit…[View]
510097774>literally every casual match gets invaded by cheaters >trade servers are the only consistentl…[View]
510051767as a PC gamer im HIGHLY interested in the XSX, anyone else here contemplating jumping ship at launch…[View]
510094810What are some good Sega Genesis games? They better be good or i kick your ass nerd[View]
510093202What's the /v/erdict?[View]
510097141It wasn't that bad[View]
510097098>character intro showcase >they used DLC costumes/custom colors for the entire video instead o…[View]
510019553/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>509938013 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
510088269/v/ legitimately thinks this is a bad thing: >Backwards compatible games run natively on the Xbox…[View]
510091816What do you think of Space Haven?: >Needs more water[View]
510070662But 4chan told me it would be Microsoft buying SEGA? WHAT[View]
510097681>Matchmaking? Best way of playing online games >Dedicated servers? Lame, hope it goes away for…[View]
510095775What was the last freeware game you played?[View]
510096514Who's the best?[View]
510096431Why don't we have more videogames with a early 2000s setting?[View]
510095308Why does everyone keep denouncing me in this game? Even Gandhi hates my guts[View]
510095993What's your favorite RPG Maker Horror game?[View]
510090436>every vidya now has FOMO shit attached to it[View]
510096656SCP Secret Laboratory: The d-bois are in trouble! Can YOU save them!?!? The facility securing, conta…[View]
510097028Got Playstation Now today. Can anyone please recommend any games? (Not Control or Last of us etc I a…[View]
510095721Post a gif of your favorite game that does not have a gun or sword, whatsoever[View]
510093458DmC: Is it worth playing? I dig all the other Devil May Cry games (besides 2).[View]
510096461What other female characters be added as DLC? At the moment we only have 4, I'm thinking Pan an…[View]
510096774play half life alyx[View]
510057252Is VRchat any good fun?[View]
510057546Tell me /v/, Quake or Doom and why?[View]
510054060Forgotten DS titles: Any forgotten ds titles that aren't from the cookiecutter list you always …[View]
510094402This would be my favorite Mario if they didn't rush it out the door causing half the maps to be…[View]
510091074Do you think Miyazaki is aware oh ooooooohhhhing? It's like a prayer to him[View]
510085540Best vidya tracks: Post 'em https://youtu.be/JpprlLkFycI[View]
510079827>Look under a characters skirt >It's a black void…[View]
510093226TIM YOU CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!@!!@!@!@!@@![View]
510096386Can we have a comfy Red Dead thread? Revolver, Redemption and Redemption 2 allowed.[View]
510084376TLOU 2 DOWNGRADE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9HOGMrLU0M[View]
510094630Being a game critic/reviewer or even eceleb shill seems exhausting. I've been larping as a crit…[View]
510096229Papers, please.[View]
510054119Animal Crossing Thread: Share fun screenshots and dodos![View]
510072124Get a fucking life.: Imagine being angry over a game having lesbians and a transgender character in …[View]
510094663Back in stock. Is it worth?[View]
510094827Well I did it: I have beaten Arena fight 51 without taking no damage at all, I guess it's safe …[View]
510088259the valve index is officialy a flop, valve jumped ship and now sucking off hp to save them, you cant…[View]
5100957607 days: https://youtu.be/vKzwbsI7ISQ?t=13[View]
510092535Bug Fables: So is this game worth getting?[View]
510092210>this has a Very Positive rating on Steam what the fuck[View]
510095741Geforce Experience Help: I have the nvidia geforce experience recording for my pc where i can record…[View]
510095869Pillars of Eternity 2: What went so horribly, horribly wrong?[View]
510095401This is an interaction with a Japanese Goblin.[View]
510095047how the fuck you still care about videogames[View]
510094059Stop installing porn mods on your games.[View]
510084513>Fallout 2 and NV show civilizations and societies with developed economies and political structu…[View]
510082595Darkest Dungeon latest DLC is out now: What's your opinion /v/? https://store.steampowered.com/…[View]
510088407Name a game that pits man against machine.[View]
510085252>we have to make character uglier and fat >and make her ching ching eyes slantier too what the…[View]
51005970712 Switch SKU's listed on Amazon: Including an exclusive Capcom game Warner 2 : NSW / XBO Warne…[View]
510089772This and mafia 1 remake are the only games I'm hyped for https://youtu.be/FbUS_l2NCLs This isn…[View]
510095523Underrated hidden gems[View]
510090568>the online will NEVER be fixed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
510037630So it's just better than the board game?[View]
510095280were these games peak fathercore?[View]
510083276Are there any games or movies/anime/TV shows that give off the same vibes as the Witcher 3 crones?…[View]
510095194Oh my God, HE'S GOD[View]
510086687mario if he[View]
510092909>Remastereds >Ports >Remakes…[View]
510070781Where did they go so wrong?[View]
510068924Why Skyrim is Epic: If asked which is your favourite Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim is the easy answer. …[View]
510088336Budget Laptop thread: Is a GTX 1660 Ti Max Q good enough today?[View]
510094868Sly Cooper: How would you retcon Thieves in Time?[View]
510094929Why is nobody talking about xbox lockhart the console that will dominate next gen sales wise?[View]
510094903This game looks fun basically easier overcooked but is kinda expensive. demo is good but no online y…[View]
510092028who here /hype/?[View]
510086079>hmmm, i actually liking Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse..[View]
510062439Desperados: Desperados III is a story-driven, hardcore tactical stealth game, set in a ruthless Wild…[View]
510093397leaked from deleted 4chan clone deleted due to nintendo erratas every copy is personalized[View]
510092679Tlou2: Are you faggots ready for this shit ass game?[View]
510058428Samurai Shodown: just bought the game on switch, it's really fucking amazing, I never played a …[View]
510094405>That one kid who accessed the Mario 64 secret levels in Zelda's castle…[View]
510083134What is the best Yugioh video game?[View]
510078083Botw Sequel Leaks Part 2: I posted the leak pictured the other day, and I recently got some new info…[View]
510094232>>510094068 I prefer her horse[View]
510094030Minecraft Dungeons: What's the framerate on the PS4?[View]
510087746We are getting Rain, Reptile and Emac in the upcoming Kombat Pack right guys?[View]
510094193What games let me fly cool space ships?[View]
510086280*blocks your path*[View]
510091620What's with the bullshit about Sekiro being the hardest game ever? I just finished the return e…[View]
510092936skribbl.io custom vidya and vidya characters wordlist come play https://skribbl.io/?91zisKsryp6U[View]
510068810If Sony were smart the first thing they should reveal on june 3rd is Bloodborne PS5 backwards compat…[View]
510093954Videogames stopped being good when they stopped shipping with manuals full of artwork and outlines o…[View]
510088473Now that the dust has settled, what was the absolute best game on this console?[View]
510091893theres literally a cutscene or menu every 5 minutes.[View]
510093645>Sequel has a party member turn to the enemies side because of how much the public screwed the fi…[View]
510093629Minecraft /v/ server: I made a minecraft server so we can play it's for 1.…[View]
510093530You've are challenged by Pokemon Trainer Red![View]
510086686I just finished playing this and excuse me but WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK? I WAS TOLD TO PLAY REAN…[View]
510092135what questions remain ananswered in Fire Emblem 3 Houses?[View]
510092413How the fuck did I miss this? This is incredible. EA went full fucking mask off and hired a former S…[View]
510092524TIE Defender, Standing By.[View]
510091310Eurojank: Is there an American or Japanese equivalent to this term?[View]
510089763>got away with murdering an innocent king and later became queen of its country >got away with…[View]
510091705I still can't believe how butthurt everyone got about New Sindel. I didn't even know she h…[View]
510091003>pirating indie games[View]
510088851Buy discount games from Epic?: Should I buy Metro Exodus from Epic Store since I can get the whole p…[View]
510050954YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT I'M FINNA SAY: Just do it. You know what you have to do.[View]
510089812hes so cute^^[View]
510093039>Jeralt! Jeralt! Jeralt! WHAT is her problem?[View]
510093032How did they get away with this?[View]
510085647This game has been in development since early 2018 and we still don't know anything.: The last …[View]
510073141>We're going to increase the spawn rate of Black Lotus, and we're going to add many add…[View]
510086704Who the FUCK at Nintendo thought this was acceptable?[View]
510092615>what was built by men can also be abolished by men[View]
510083273How do you feel about this fluffy fella? I want to fluff his hair.[View]
510092486Papers, please.[View]
510090802ANARCHY 1.15.2: alternateanarchy.world 1.15.2 ANARCHY https://discord.gg/MAFXrDp JOIN[View]
510092089Has anyone ever used rpg maker like an animation software and made an rpg maker movie?[View]
510047371How do we continue to make Ace Combat a success?[View]
510092312>Both Male and Female Eivor are canon It's a tranny isn't it?…[View]
510092146>favorite factions and lords all start very close to skaven >whole game is spent playing basic…[View]
510092195>There are people who turn the music off when playing any game, regardless of the quality of the …[View]
510071385Play World of Warships.[View]
510084450Even based Cory loves tlou 2. How does it feel that you are always on the losing side?[View]
510072767how is a hedgehog an 'ultimate life form'? what does that even mean anyways?[View]
510086168>game is unanimously loved >too afraid to buy it because I'm retarded and might not get i…[View]
510076842We know what the M, the L and the W stand for, but what does the DK stand for?[View]
510091239What's an online game with dead multiplayer that you really miss?[View]
510091391>Game 2 doesn't have anything to do with the first game. >Game 3 is the sequel or prequel…[View]
510081509PATHFINDER KINGMAKER: so who is better goddammit, Tristian or Harrim?[View]
510091572Your new era?!: Is the next game just the two timelines fighting?[View]
510088587>rent game on blockbuster for a weekend >rent it again the next weekend hoping you file wasn…[View]
510084882Welcome, anon, to the Vidya' Holodeck. What is your desired scenario?[View]
510085220Atmosphere > Story > Characters > Gameplay > Artstyle > Music > Graphics[View]
510085307Reminder that leakers aren't safe here anymore[View]
510085596Grim Leechers are enemies from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, its remake, Yoshi's Is…[View]
510038030>this game got GOTY in 2015 >same year as Bloodborne just let that sink in.…[View]
510090661Anon its your sisters turn to play[View]
510085408Did you enjoy Sekiro's high difficulty, anons?[View]
510089058PCfag here, haven't played on a console since xbox 360. Thinking of picking up console gaming a…[View]
510089830One of the better launchers I've used desu. Looks a bit cleaner than steam and installs are fas…[View]
510088887hey that mechanicus game is on sale, anybody play it? worth it?[View]
510087547Eat my dust and lick my crack[View]
510086015Which mods/romhacks are you playing?[View]
510087815JRPGs are the greatest video game genre.[View]
510090213mr. miyazaki, the tax policies...[View]
510089087what the fuck? why is this on steam?[View]
510088465All this dumb bitch does is apologize[View]
510085547>game starts stuttering after an hour of playing >have to change the resolution to 800x600 and…[View]
510076974What's the best FOV to paly at?[View]
510090186that's racist![View]
510069181Okay so I don't want to be one of that guys but in the first 10 hours, >90% of unique male c…[View]
510086710Any chance of this being good? SAO not having any good games is a crime.[View]
510082964Looking back, was it kino?[View]
510089707What's Blizzard going to now that they cancelled their big convention even though they have 2 A…[View]
510084426Is this game the ultimate pleb filter[View]
510089625This is how Sony Wins: Prove it wrong /v/ You can't[View]
510067604It's not really good.[View]
510089485Screencap this Rockstar's next game will be a new Midnight Club and after that arcadey import s…[View]
510087716>play League >mid lane (only fun role) >cesspool filled with 1HKO champions that also have …[View]
510083848Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Story Mode: What's yours opinions about story mode?[View]
510079536Have you praised your Emperor today /v/?[View]
510081450Whats the best way to play ps1 and ps2 on a hdtv?[View]
510079348Let’s be honest, Remake Aeris is the most beautiful vidya girl ever made.[View]
510086629https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNZ6iPunU2k >uses multiple timelines. >warping through singula…[View]
510088068The last game you played gets a anime adaptation by pic related how does it go?[View]
510080187Downloading right now, what am I in for?[View]
510079862>no E3 >no TGS >no nintendo direct >upcoming games are just PS5 ports is gaming dead?…[View]
510006382Tifa was trained by Zangan, a world famous martial artist.[View]
510088608ITT: Based vidya rivalries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOpZJZE0UR4[View]
510084832>Highly anticipated game comes out. >'Psyche! It is not what you expected, it is in fact a dif…[View]
510082006SFV Design Contest: https://game.capcom.com/cfn/sfv/coscon#en What offensive designs are you all goi…[View]
510083616Chris Avellone writes the story for a game in your favorite series,: Does it end up good, or bad?…[View]
510079272Why aren't you gaming at 4k?[View]
510088039Fact: The PS4 is just a low-end dedicated gaming PC.[View]
510088227ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR MOTION ON THE OCEAN FLOOR https://youtu.be/ursqGlsaciM[View]
510079414See what happens why you simply remaster your beloved game with improved graphics, audio and gamepla…[View]
510082190why are they so long bro.....[View]
510082775name the series.[View]
510087987Where is the new Batman game?[View]
510087857Well, that didn't take long. Don't know what the fuck Riot was thinking with this one.[View]
510081930*disappears in your path*[View]
510073570Miss me yet, maggots?[View]
510080083What goes in panel 4?[View]
510087565Fuck this game[View]
510076598What is the ideal RPG party size?[View]
510085934this game shows you it isn't about technology and having the most advanced engine bla bla, it…[View]
510087220*Has an overly complicated combat system in your path*[View]
510079092What is he up to now?[View]
510069094I am addicted to trophies and platinums What about you /v/ Do you care about achievements/trophies i…[View]
510057095HP to reveal Next-gen VR Headset reveal in 1 hour: HP Reverb G2 official announcement + specs reveal…[View]
510087154alternateanarchy.world: I enjoy Minecraft but a lot of the multiplayer worlds dont accept cucks like…[View]
510087125Have you played Mario 64 2? It was only released in Japan.[View]
510067537This is Lucifer, the Morningstar, the Tempter, the Ruler of Demons, the Ruler of the World, the Ange…[View]
510077096I can’t stand this BIASED bullshit Joker >Rebel’s Guard works like a bullshit shield with almost …[View]
510087064SSBU: What did Sakurai mean by this?[View]
510087059Game for this feel?[View]
510086997What's the order of the When They Cry series? I've only ever played one series of visual n…[View]
510082427I need more games with this aesthetic.[View]
510085450>Sonic known for whoring himself out for every system >this is his most hardware instensive ga…[View]
510084963How do you beat this fucking cunt he's just solo'd an entire fucking stack of archers beca…[View]
510084952Just finished Driver San Francisco really fun game now I need to start a new game. Help me out her…[View]
510086491Guestimate on thumbstick differences?: Thinking about buying kintrolfreeks for both my switch and an…[View]
510076859To those who grew up on Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake: What are your opinions on modern FPS like Halo,…[View]
510086570The only developers who never hired staff from Resetera in exchanged for 63 paid review scores[View]
510080707>NINTENDO HIRE THIS MA-[View]
510084746wtf is disc 11?[View]
510086164>garbage 10 year old seed generation that constantly overlaps and makes a mess of biomes >Rand…[View]
510085405Have shills on /v/ ever ruined your hype or experience with a game?[View]
510084359Terraria Challenges: So I'm currently doing a pure summoner run on Master mode and I was wonder…[View]
510083098Jak and Daxter: I'M GONNA KILL] PRAXIS but for real this time[/spoiler https://dailygamingrepor…[View]
510085006Was it kino?[View]
510085675Bootleg ps3 controller: Sony doesn't sell ps3 controllers anymore, so can you guys recommend me…[View]
510059960FVII REMAKE was the most sold game in April in the UK: https://www.3djuegos.com/noticias-ver/204742/…[View]
510084454VTMB Bloodlines thread: VTMB Bloodlines thread Gameplay or release date SOON[View]
510084434What does /v/ think of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin? I think it looks like a satisfying shooter[View]
510076386Thank them for their service[View]
510076682Nintendo '''innovations'''[View]
510082276Play modded Morrowind[View]
510085343I just installed two games.[View]
510085696Marvel's Avengers.: >when the special edition looks better than the game itself does. This …[View]
510085678welcome all cucks alternateanarchy.world: I have made a Minecraft server with no rules that welcome …[View]
510085393Post the best open world games NOW[View]
510065595Is the RPG Maker games age over? Imagine being the Madness Fantasy dev working so hard for nothing. …[View]
510085579Was this /our game/?: Plot: You're a clone made up of genetic material from all the deadliest w…[View]
510082008I love Selene.[View]
510007737Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition dated for August 27 in Japan. https://youtu.be/G…[View]
510085471What is he looking at, /v/?[View]
510062049Go play AOE2 you fucking faggot[View]
510085258He’s in[View]
510082201>new PC game comes out with fast load times >runs at high frames without any stutter >does…[View]
510082713There's no way that this cunt isn't fucking cheating.[View]
510082931whats the best way to play this game? and how do I do it?[View]
510083595What're some good military-related horror games /v/?[View]
510082373Do you believe that you are owed a victory when you purchase a video game?[View]
510082110>2011+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 >Not keeping you vidya game collection in the fridge I seriously hope …[View]
510079528It seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake is not performing so well ...: 1 Month + 2 Weeks Later, it se…[View]
510085056then it all went downhill after this[View]
510076098>lIIumination finally announces a Super Mario Bros movie to be reIeased in theaters >Nintendo …[View]
510084323woooaaahhh....... mario if he real ... i'm a loss of words.....[View]
510084567>$500 for the console >$60 per year so the console allows you to use your own internet, assumi…[View]
510045383PSO2 thread: Help I've been creating a character for 3 hours edition does this look good?…[View]
510084228Hey /v/, I bought pic related about half a year ago when it was on sale and still haven't manag…[View]
510084667>town npc's are killable[View]
510084512yakuza: anyone else hope they bring back the best activity for future yakuza games? or do a spin off…[View]
510081160GTA EFLC equivalent of If I'm right EFLC is pretty much the same as GTA IV 1.…[View]
510068740>we never really grow up hihi, we are children forever hihi, gook cartoon tits and fart I'g …[View]
510055914How would you make a game based around Trevor Henderson’s monsters?[View]
510072101Will there ever be a game as ____ as Dragon's Dogma?[View]
510053420Xenogears 2 Didn’t Happen Because of FF: Spirits Within – Monolith Soft President Sugiura: https://w…[View]
510069090Play Nioh 2.[View]
510084284Get ready to move your pingors![View]
510083728FFXIV thread: Fuck off Jannie. We were having a harmless FFXIV thread. Nowhere is it stated that we …[View]
510084221I will post this everyday until NGPX I will cling to hope in possibility that this NGPX will be vide…[View]
510081780Here’s your HD remaster bro[View]
510072431ITT: Dead game series that will likely never come back[View]
510082292A new anrachy server for all to enjoy: I have gained interest in Minecraft anarchy servers and I tho…[View]
510082592Destroy all humans: You know you wanted this /v/, stop ignoring your heart.[View]
510068916Which vidya character that isn’t already playable could we mostly/all agree would be an acceptable p…[View]
510082912>the game has secret bosses[View]
510050038Persona 5: Is it just me, or does this guy's arc not fit P5 at all. Both he and Sumire are good…[View]
510083751ITT: Childhood vidya rage[View]
510083235What games are better played at 30 fps or below instead of 60 fps?[View]
510079607Post unfairly criticized games.[View]
510064804What happened to all the Animal Crossing threads?: Weeks ago we would get a fuckton in the catalog a…[View]
510079798>The only game that shows how USA is the true evil of this world >The only game that teaches h…[View]
510083420Are males fighting females still controversial in video games?[View]
510083508Virtual Basement Working On Next Gen Wrestling Game: While WWE has the market cornered on wrestling …[View]
51008167890% of Life Is Strange was taken from The Butterfly Effect and Donnie Darko. Good movies.[View]
510083457What are some games that are heavily grounded in realism?[View]
510083390Makoto-Chan is the best Waifu in Yakuza 0: And You can't argue with that[View]
510080779I want to FEEL (doesn't matter which feeling). Recommend me games that strongly make me FEEL. G…[View]
510083364>There are people who don't like true ending because it's not depressing. Disgusting…[View]
510075705>Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The defini…[View]
510083337What are some games you guys are actually looking forward to? I'm excited to play the Command …[View]
510064117Now that the dust has settled, was it a good sequel to Dark Souls 1?[View]
510082921Post your battlestation.[View]
510082410>germans with ppsh-41's at Normandy I can put up with a lot. I can put up with niggers. I ca…[View]
510066350What are your hopes and expectations for the new Silent Hill game being announced on June 3rd at the…[View]
510081667Did you buy Shantae's game today?[View]
510081779How the hell did they manage to fuck up so badly? >gamesize went from 8 gb to 45 >graphics loo…[View]
510078802Ancient Lake... Home...[View]
510082949What are some games with regicide? (the killing of a king/queen/royal/country leader)[View]
510082193Do you have to be homosexual to like these games?: The gameplay is typical ARPG shit and the story l…[View]
510081241What does that mean?[View]
510078048Play MARIOOIRAM.: Play MARIOOIRAM.[View]
510075126Why did it flop?[View]
510063967>kills the protagonist >massacres an army >fucks his half-sister because she looks like his…[View]
510077724Make it vidya related[View]
510063817What are some useless pieces video game knowledge that you've kept since your childhood and can…[View]
510049906Famitsu sales: Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software and hardware sales data fo…[View]
510075279>Hey guys if you guys don't know who I am >My name is Jesse Wellens I'm uhhh >Yo…[View]
510077642Post underrated videogame gems.[View]
510079979BOWSER IS GOD[View]
510081589Why do PC fags ssethe so much?[View]
510068645How are Ai's songs? Are they good?[View]
510072016Who's the hardest boss you ever fought?[View]
510079487Another shit month: I already own everything they keep putting out. I think it's been over a ye…[View]
510077284How do we save Japanese vidya from China? https://www.gamesradar.com/platinum-games-partners-with-ch…[View]
509982013Etna: Etna[View]
510079020Who is the best video game character? I say it's Hoover.[View]
510072060how is this game, is it good? or am i better off playing tf2[View]
510076986It's only me or Blaze from sonic is hot[View]
510068837Which games has the same feeling as the Discworld books?[View]
510073808>that guy that calls Sonic 'The Blue Blur'[View]
510080940will rockstar ever poop this game out onto the switch? or vice city or something? i need my portable…[View]
510066308Imagine if this game came out THIS year instead of last: -We would've had a Sonic game in 2020 …[View]
510081114Game developers hire staff from Resetera in exchange for paid reviews & media shilling[View]
5100801636th gen thread: Aka the best gen and the last good gen. what have you been playing / emulating? post…[View]
510066659Name a single western game released in the last few years that both has better gameplay and a better…[View]
510080868Primefaggots FUMING now we are getting Metroid 5 first[View]
510078082>plug in Ethernet cable >it doesn't make an audible click >unplug and replug it back i…[View]
510080756How would you feel if Nintendo made a home console with hardware competitive with the Xbox Series X …[View]
510074216I never played any Dragon Age games, and the only thing I know about them are the webms of 'Bioware …[View]
510079519Why aren't there any good games that takes place in the Indian subcontinent?[View]
510079905oh, for me? it's the NCR[View]
510072638Alright hidetaka listen me up.: A shart mechanic, now that would improve the game.[View]
510080487KARMEN! also, Patapon thread [View]
510080612>Be a witcher >Return to a village with a head of a Fiend that had been terrorizing local fol…[View]
510031181You are designing the Smash Ultimate DLC characters, but for each character you add, there is one ru…[View]
510080543Did the latest update make the game much easier that it was before?: Or am I going crazy after not p…[View]
510074134Why is she so perfect?[View]
510072995Why are modern game developers especially in the indies such lazy, whinny, faggots?[View]
510074240Sakura Wars: it's time for the daily thread niggers, will we hear about something next week whe…[View]
510022359What are some unjustly hated game endings?[View]
510078278Ratchet and Clank is a bad series. Insomniac should grow up and focus on Resistance. Look at Naughte…[View]
510076615I'm Bob![View]
510077259Syphon Filter>Metal Gear Solid[View]
510076046he did nothing wrong[View]
510079609Guys I had to summon Mickey to save me while fighting Xaldin. Am I bad at video games? Critical Mode…[View]
510075876PS4 IS SHIT: I'm trying to fix my loud ass PS4. It keeps over heating, and I've heard that…[View]
510077000Daily reminder it's a mediocre game[View]
510079795ITT: elder god-tier RPG companions[View]
510075027This looks just like color background of joker from game awards super smash brothers ultimate. Shant…[View]
510073280>Nintendo died in 2012 >Sony died in 2012 >Microsoft died in 2012 >4chan died in 2013 …[View]
510078719>defeats tourists in your path[View]
510079251Play Ragnarok Online.[View]
510079538Now that the dust has settled which one was better, Origins or Odyssey[View]
510074509>why is a game being breakable bad design?[View]
510073318DMC Thread: Bruh wtf is wrong with this nigga's leg[View]
510075963What was his fucking problem?[View]
510076646Would you, /v/ ?[View]
510069339Do you own one, what are your thoughts on it? I found mine that I lost a long time ago and using it …[View]
510078617what kind of sick twisted nightmares must horror game developers go through[View]
510075195How do I finish video games after barely finishing video games for years?[View]
510075440Danganronpa Thread: alright boys, Identity V crossover is live. What are we expecting announcement w…[View]
510062742Action games on PC: Now that I have your attention, please help me. I'm going through the Devi…[View]
510079369>game ends with a timeskip that shows you the main cast years later[View]
510078782What are some cute and funny games?[View]
510076060>tell me YOUR favorite gametheory anon[View]
510077323ITT games only you have played[View]
510078484Abby vs Nadine: Who wins?[View]
510078456Where are my MOUL'ers at?[View]
510078305https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewfOjErIXxM >*teleports on your war table* >Oops, I'm no …[View]
510078219what are some quality korean games?[View]
510074328Video games are for children. This movie will be for children. Why the fuck do you care? >BUT THE…[View]
510072056>out exploring with 3 guys and 6 babies >jumping from tree to tree to get some fruit >retar…[View]
510073662is there a single player game that captures the magic of wow?[View]
510071220Vindictus: Does /v/ still play this crappy, unoptimized korean fap bait but fun MMO?[View]
510073668The Castlevania sage: I am the Castlevania sage, I know everything there is to know about Castlevani…[View]
510077098N64 emulation is still ass: Holy fuck just look at this. Error on the top left Textures dissapearing…[View]
510077434Imagine the smell.[View]
510054693not gonna lie, this game is a chore to play, I'm not even baiting[View]
510077142But why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0apmp25XS0[View]
510077091DeS = BB > DaS >>>>>>>>> DaS2 = DaS3[View]
510074352ITT: subseries that are better than the main series >inb4 Persona::MegaTen…[View]
510074880What gameplay innovations are you hoping to see next generation?[View]
510076367This is the be all end all Souls ranking to put all the threads to rest. Demon Souls = Dark Souls = …[View]
510074838Sound thread.[View]
510070156Can he be trusted?[View]
510073145What's his endgame in the remake?[View]
510075154Think Capcom will bring her back?[View]
510075010Well, /v/? Have you learned yet?[View]
510075423i completed rdr2, what do i do after in the game?[View]
510070838> he doesn't get 100% on all collectibles and achievements/trophies in all the games he play…[View]
510076393>go to shrine >starts raining >can't climb the tower to get potential loot up there du…[View]
510074530I know it'll never happen: I wish Bamco would notice this trend of remakes/remasters and just m…[View]
510071110Xenogears disc 2, lol[View]
510052187*sneaks through catalog*[View]
510072553post your command center[View]
510072810Do you think that a game that takes all the current day conspiracies could ever be made again withou…[View]
510075880Tell me about these whores. Are they as cool as they look?[View]
510076094I was getting bored of the nonstop autistic shit posting that takes place on this board, and decided…[View]
510024750terraria: >destiny the party girl has arrived >moves in to dog's room…[View]
510075907Final boss theme is game opening / main theme: Name a better music trope Ah, sorry. You can't…[View]
510061879simple question: sonic is bad yes or no?[View]
510073985Post videogames that defeated videogame journalism.[View]
510074351Xeeeennno: Why are they all constantly casually talking over each other while battling for their liv…[View]
510070315Half-Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8blc_sPYy8 >FULLY…[View]
510058110THANK YOU TIM: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games >https://www.epicgames.com/store/…[View]
510041606System Shock Remake: The new system shock demo is pretty fun. Anyone else try it out?[View]
510071817what local coop pc game would you recommend?[View]
510073328Majora's Mask? More like Major Ass![View]
510075182bannerlord: What a blunder. 8 years in development for a shittier warband. Mod tools are still a yea…[View]
510067905This is a thread for appreciating Bubble Bobble.[View]
510072971Wtf was his problem?[View]
510058385Who was your first video game crush /v/?[View]
510074906Sakura Wars: If this game gets a sequel they need to have more gameplay I felt like I was playing a …[View]
510069415I got my NEET Corona bux. What should I buy?[View]
51007470123: 23[View]
510069091Is this the first visual novel game of the FPS genre?: The game requires no thinking, any tactics ar…[View]
510068604Japanese Role-Playing Game Thread: Stella Deus edition. You know the drill! Post: >recommendation…[View]
510055181>12 days until E3 >if it was fucking happening…[View]
510074318Dawn of War II: I know nothing about DOW2, but I liked the first one. I'm bored and was thinkin…[View]
510074282Power Rangers Battle for the Grid: >on sale on Switch >he doesnt main Vergil Ranger What team…[View]
510073901/Fashion Souls Thread/: Post your fav. soulsborne outfits /v/ros[View]
510074251>Hello, anon. Please come in. >We heard you've been working hardon your game as of lately…[View]
510073374Hey /v/, you guys mean a lot to me so I figured it's important that you meet my wife. This is J…[View]
510074202What did they mean by this?[View]
510074197Dios mio.... la obra maestra de miyamoto[View]
510074156Why don't you kids play Third Strike?[View]
510057896BB > Sekiro > DS 2 > DS 3 > DS 1 no one has played Demon's Souls, at least i'm…[View]
510070308Which games have riots in them? Pic related comes to mind.[View]
510071919>tfw you're making good progress in a game and your memory card gets corrupted I'm sad …[View]
510063657Trials of Mana: futomomo ecchi ecchi h-witch[View]
510070925Am I the only one looking forward to Clubhouse Games on /v/? I can't wait to wreck faggots in b…[View]
510066603Should I buy Legendary Edition or Special Edition? Which one has the best mods?[View]
510048812I don’t really “get” it. The story isn’t anything special really and it’s impossible to lose/piss ea…[View]
510073730Tell me about unturned lads? Do you think it's good? >pic unrelated…[View]
510064378Why does the FPS genre get no waifus?: And before you say 'Overwatch' I mean the campaign-based FPS…[View]
510073520>indie game >it's actually good What's her name, /v/?…[View]
510072853Vagrus - The Riven Realms: It's nigh time you learn to read /v/ because this shit will be great…[View]
510029353What are some of the greatest filters in vidya?[View]
510072787>Happens literally 10 minutes after Will Nomura be mad enough to keep this kino pacing in?…[View]
510073386Y.T.R.: There's too many bandits on /v/, what do we do?[View]
510042353Sonic Thread: What is your favorite Sonic game that does not exist? I would love to live in a timeli…[View]
510070440What did he do wrong again?[View]
510071961What the hell were they thinking? The rest of the game was mostly well written which makes this reta…[View]
510065000Why does this game take place in Spain specifically? That seems like a completely random location fo…[View]
510044476Final Fantasy 7 remake sequel: This design will look fucking stupid with the realistic artstyle of t…[View]
510072575How did he job so hard to the combine?[View]
510064841I can't fucking believe I took your advice /v/ and wasted 2200 dollars on a gaming PC last mont…[View]
510070587kurzick or luxon?[View]
510072886What videya related promises have you made in your life v?: I made my brother promise he would disow…[View]
510071830Just started playing DBZ Kakarot recently. Never watched the show. Does this character ever stop bei…[View]
5100728053d web browser games: Does anyone remember them? I used play a game called contract wars on daily ba…[View]
510072714Post vidya naivety from when you were young: When I was little I didn’t know about programming or an…[View]
510069714doot do-do do do do do do-dooooooooooooooooooooooooo DAYYYYYYYYYYYTOOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
510071991When will Nintendo make a new Punch Out?[View]
510070845Bro’s...where’s the release date If we don’t get it during June I’m afraid the game is probably anot…[View]
510071901play Smash Ultimate or give a reason to not play it here[View]
510071463Gaming's biggest hacks, who are they?[View]
510064585Now that every single fucking normie has a Switch, will it get more third party games that aren…[View]
510066489Street Fighter V Season V Speculation: Who do we think will make it to Street Fighter V season 'V,' …[View]
510071380Yep i think kiseki is saved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHI--2F-19o[View]
510072421What are some games set in the 60s?[View]
510070881Stop collecting starcaps[View]
510035146Will you visit Super Nintendo Land, /v/?[View]
510071538Team17 steam sale: What are the best games from these niggas? I need recs[View]
510069061How come the animations look incredible in cutscenes and janky ingame?[View]
510067265damn ciri looks like that?![View]
510069605Game studios can no longer utilize motion capture for videogames because of coronavirus, is this a g…[View]
510071168>knockoff feature in game is done better than the original game it was knocking off…[View]
510072089I will now buy your game[View]
510071885Games about a youthful happiness being slowly crushed by the grim realities of life, culminating in …[View]
510062380Aerith thread: Cloud-kun you are so amazing...[View]
510069656How do I get Louie to live on my island in Animal Crossing New Horizons? I like him because he looks…[View]
510071693Wonderful 101 thread: perfect as all things should be[View]
510071374ITT: subseries that are better than the main series[View]
510071742What's your favourite starategy game?[View]
510071267Any games about going over the hills and far away?[View]
510070761You can't silence me: In Civilization: Revolutions, democratic capitalism is conceived as the u…[View]
510071673Danganronpa Thread: Identity V event should be going live. What announcements are you expecting in J…[View]
510061748>tfw you realize that the Dunmer's curse was becoming niggers[View]
510071598SMTIV Thread: Just Beat SMTIV. I liked it (did'nt LOVE it). Ended up skipping 80% of the dialog…[View]
510070849>game updates boxart >is crap[View]
510071423>an ancient evil awakens[View]
510071393Discuss Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.[View]
510071367artifact is back baybee: get ready for the biggest card game of all time[View]
510071324>jazz guitar plays[View]
510068683Here are your 'free' ps plus games of june, bros. Say something nice about them.[View]
510070979Why aren't you playing Dota 2?[View]
510036936Who was your first video game crush /v/?[View]
510064975What's your favorite mission in GTA San Andreas? For me, it's burglar.[View]
510070835Why do people play gacha '''games'''?[View]
510068974Just found my old PS2 but got no games, how can I hack it?[View]
510060526>game adds vulkan support >it runs way better how do they do it?…[View]
510066508Female bar owner means prostitute in English[View]
510070626>final boss is called like the game's title >final boss theme is called like the game…[View]
510063804AVGN: What games was he objectively wrong about? Or misunderstood?[View]
510070840>dances stupidly[View]
510065209>playing osu >install a bunch of the new ranked maps >one of them has a questionable anime …[View]
510051559You literally cannot refute this[View]
510070613What are some games for this feel?[View]
510066269Yandere Simulator's development status: For the first time in a while, Yandere Simulator's…[View]
510069210Consoles with the worst fanbase? Pic very related.[View]
510065524>release shitty localization >people complain >sega takes this as gaijin not wanting pso2 a…[View]
510070447Xbox stuff for anons: Backwards compatibility: -Today they announced that the BC program select tile…[View]
510068806never cleaned my mouse and key board solidified sweat is building up along with dust/dirt and other …[View]
510066610Imaging paying anything over 50$ for this pile of shit 350 million fucking dollars and they can only…[View]
510046696What did Rockstar games mean by this?[View]
510063664Hello video game reaction image seller. I am going into battle and I need your strongest video game …[View]
510069000Are dark skinned characters bad game design?: >While designing the main character, 'Quote', Amaya…[View]
510069808why is this game dead in NA[View]
510061606Elder Scrolls Online ESO: Seriously why do retards on this site shill this garbage? This is a new lo…[View]
510067284/dlg/ - Deathloop general: Is /v/ excited for Arkane Studios' upcoming game 'Deathloop'?[View]
510070214ZX Spectrum > BBC Micro[View]
510069081Have you played The Scorched Contract Mod /v/ros?[View]
510069980ITT: Cringe moments in videogame[View]
510052174Should i get Xenoblade DE or Final Fantasy 7 RE?[View]
510065052Which sells games better? Cute girls or sexy girls?[View]
510065801I know most PC users hate consoles. But personally i am kinda thankful they exist. Because of this g…[View]
510067491Imagine if indies knew how to make PBR materials.[View]
510069715>Game goes to shit halfway through[View]
510068753>weapon durability[View]
510030084Can we finally admit that BotW was a needed breath of fresh air after decades of 3D Zelda repeating …[View]
510069697How did Paradox Interactive get away with this blatant racism?: https://youtu.be/XGWWB3OH3uQ[View]
510069529Uh exsqueeze me Civ6 is fun and based[View]
510068308Is this worth buying if i already beat the original a few months ago?[View]
510069312>Game dev gets massively overblown ego leading to them going solo and releasing flop because they…[View]
510069180>play game in sci-fi setting >it has two-legged mechs what a stupid idea, mechs are retarded…[View]
510058671Tell me the truth /v/. How hyped are you for the remake release next week?[View]
510057829PC Specs Thread: Post PC specs. What do you think of my current build, /v/? Is it competitive agains…[View]
510063809https://www.twitch.tv/squareenix More info on Outriders by People Can fly in 5 minutes, looks shit[View]
510068448>game has inventory management why? it's never fun and is always a hassle, no exception…[View]
510068681What is the most fun character to play as in the spectacle fighter genre? The answer is Nero with Ba…[View]
510064956Videogame enemies that still give you the creeps.[View]
510068471sceptile servine decidueye dlc spirits: sceptile 30% servine 20% decidueye 10%[View]
510064865>people actually play games at sub 60 FPS HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA[View]
510048950Convince me otherwise.[View]
510001983Alright, what are some tips to leveling up your employees? I'm on Day 25 and doing pretty good,…[View]
510067573This is called the 'pokepark' it was a theme park the opened in 2005 and closed in 2006.[View]
510068608SHITTING ON PS5 LEGACY MODE: >Backwards compatible games run natively on the Xbox Series X hardwa…[View]
510064120low iq maybe: Am i retarded or are the puzzles just way too vague?[View]
510065949Simping is OK: There is nothing wrong with being a simp. Anime women are the perfect ideal, they exi…[View]
510068061Just bought these games, how did I do, /v/?[View]
510062517Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is free on the Epic Games Store right now[View]
510065875>tfw ywn live in the pokemon universe[View]
510067892Play brutal doom. its pretty fun.[View]
510067805Destroy All Humans!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uhquJWdH_U[View]
510066361I like the chalices lol[View]
510033589>killed more innocent people than Frieza, Cell and Buu put together >somehow one of the 'good …[View]
510050492how do i get into immersive sim games?[View]
510068052>mfw he thinks couple of screenshots will spoil the biggest game ever made…[View]
510063376LITERALLY impossible.[View]
510068406Are you ashamed of your words and deeds?[View]
510068127THE CHAD PS2: >aborts the dreamcast >curbstomps the gamecube >makes a poo poo on the shitbo…[View]
510062283What comfy games did you get to play for the first time thanks to quarantine? >Yume 2kki >Twil…[View]
510056046PS5 SSD: Let's say Cerny is telling the truth and the PS5's magic SSD has 9GB/s of effecti…[View]
510067496Bleszinski says he was 'deeply depressed' for about a year and was put on an anti-depressant medicat…[View]
510062980/v/'s thoughts on the Danganronpa Series?[View]
510067001What cum-shitting cockgoblin thought it would be a good idea to make an Artorias-type roll-spam boss…[View]
510067532What happened to Mickey Rourke? >'Goddamn cockbreath commie motherfuckers!'…[View]
510061763Would you buy a new console from them?[View]
510067646For me its the mctwist. The most kino move.[View]
510067630This is fucking DOG SHIT. What kind of a fucking retarded studio introduces mandatory clunky platfor…[View]
510057243Last of Us 2: This is the game you guys were shitting on? Say what you want about the story with the…[View]
510067594ITT pleasant surprises[View]
510066030it's fujiwara no mokou, from the fujiwara no mokou project, also known as the touhou project, a…[View]
510064091So after you take me back to my place, how about we do some...Resident Evil thread?[View]
510065137hello im a mac and im a pc[View]
510047193Itt: Images that trigger /v/[View]
510067242Wtf did he mean by this?[View]
510064087All race fetishists deserve to be castrated with a brick. That is all.[View]
510065550Witcher 3: Witcher 3 is making a comeback for some reason. Not complaining, because I actually am st…[View]
510067103Is it a 3D Metroidvania?[View]
510063027What defines an RPG? Why can't /v/ agree on what defines an RPG?[View]
510042612Cyberpunk's abysmal gameplay: Are people really excited for this shit?[View]
510067047I'M WIGGIN OUT MAN[View]
510066579>be me >Reinstall fallout 4 again because im bored >No native ultrawide support >For a g…[View]
510061882ITT: Modern masterpieces that will be remembered for years >pic related literally defined modern …[View]
510024563MMO: Lets talk about MMO >Black Desert Online + Best PVP + Best character selection >World of …[View]
510059386Is this the most beautiful vidya girl face ever rendered?: Hard mode: No Aeris/Teefs, you guys have …[View]
510065186>has her own comic >has her own show >has her own movie When is she going to have her own g…[View]
510066734On the 8th of June, IGN will be hosting an interview with David Hayter about the Metal Gear series. …[View]
510066372Why this is so fucking retarded?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJQHlDM98m0 Its a pure cancer that…[View]
510066589remote co-op games: What are some games I can play with my girlfriend if she's in a different c…[View]
510065962What other horror icons should be in this?[View]
510063941Does /v/ like Dungeon Defenders? A new one just came out today.[View]
510031491Azur Lane: Crosswave is coming to Switch WITH A HIGHER AGE RATING BASED NINTENDO SAVING US FROM SNO…[View]
510066408>indie game >it is good[View]
510056847It's going to be shit, isn't it?[View]
510057710Will Silent Hill ever return?[View]
510060658Will they stop embarassing the harvest moon name this time?[View]
510048156Xenoblade: Are you going to play the 2020 GOTY?[View]
510057465>core gameplay mechanic behind gacha >giant empty maps with no efficient way to travel >ran…[View]
510066082>game has a conviction stat >game has a fortitude stat >game has homesickness stat >game…[View]
510049149>gaming is dying guize[View]
510064162Honey Select Two is out: What are we thinking bros?[View]
510065884Do you need like fast-paced shooters /v/?[View]
510027007>7 years later >no game even comes close What went so right?…[View]
510054973>no boost mode >no downclocking Is this taking shots at Sony? Does this mean PS5 will down c…[View]
510063295What's the worst side quest you've ever done?[View]
510065762The Starship Damrey: Is it worth a yohoho?[View]
510063631Klonoa: Wait... it's a boy?[View]
510065687What's he up to nowadays?[View]
510062168goys in arms: best WW2 FPS series, shame there isn’t a Wehrmacht edition[View]
510062862Has a game ever made you stop and admire the view?[View]
510051819Infinite Undiscovery: How is this game, /v/ros?[View]
510063647Remember when Naughty Dog invented wide linear level design? Remember when Naughty Dog invented NPCs…[View]
510064730What do you guys think of Q, anon? Isn't Q, Anon, a cool guy? or something more?[View]
510064704people take these games seriously.[View]
510064232Okay: Okay[View]
510065293Piracy Myths: Because of the misinformation being spread, I wish to dedicate a thread dispelling rum…[View]
510062241Legend of Heroes: Can we have a Kiseki thread? What the fuck was his fucking problem?[View]
510059285Games for this feel.[View]
510064318How hard did Heidegger get dabbed on here?[View]
510064969What am I in for?[View]
510056620Do people actually still play this? I certainly enjoyed it back in like 2011, but shit like Rimworld…[View]
510064125How come there ain't a Smokey and the Bandit video game daddy?[View]
510061353Why was Robin Williams in FF8?[View]
510063706was he based? I'm thinking he's based. Also I'm in love with Sunny Smiles[View]
510053536>www.bandicam.com >Unregistered HyperCam 2…[View]
510064634>game reuses models from previous installments[View]
510062447hows guild wars 2 ?[View]
510059647ITT: vidya scenes that would not happen today[View]
510064931>be leveling >alt-z zoomed in for immersion >arrive at quest location and see these mobs …[View]
510061589You will NEVER play The Witcher 2 for the third time again: because your first two playthroughs are …[View]
510041635Metal Gear Sahelanthropus: Why did it make monkey noises?[View]
510064605What a kino villain: Just finished dragon age 2 for the first time. overall thought the story was gr…[View]
510062327Do you think they will reveal 2 characters not including the arms character? I'm getting a weir…[View]
510062057>like thing >it becomes a meme >not allowed to like thing anymore What's her name?…[View]
510052879With modern games lowering the bar with every passing year, I cannot stress how much backwards compa…[View]
509995482ITT: That level[View]
510056930video game girls in yukatas thread[View]
510063835Sit properly, faglords[View]
510062932Switch Dungeon Crawlers: Looking for something to scratch the Wizardry/Etrian Odyssey itch on Switch…[View]
510064164Nintendo DSi (TWL) Releases: As a note, none of this stuff are 'leaks', just releases from 2019 / 20…[View]
510060675>50 hours into the game >only discovered half the bonfires The amount of content in this game …[View]
510060301Nice touches in games >As the game progress your outfit starts to wear down…[View]
510062362Post your JRPG party[View]
510063049Best souls game: >Demon's Souls >Dark Souls >Bloodborne Which will you choose /v/?…[View]
510044458PS5 to include updates for 'select PS4 titles': Oh no bros... https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ps5/…[View]
510063910Is the online worse than brawl and smash4’s?[View]
510048446The Elder Scrolls 6: >Oblivion streamlined Morrowind >Skyrim streamlined Oblivion >Bethesda…[View]
510063184Arkane 20th: What is it, bros? New AF? https://twitter.com/yulo_tomorrow/status/1265658054462386178…[View]
510063528Considering how popular super hero movies are, how come there have been so few superhero games? It d…[View]
510063453Online games with decent communities?[View]
510061281Embrace your dreams, and whatever happens...[View]
510063574What the hell were they thinking?[View]
510060112So what ever happened to this? This was shown even though the game was done and the developers knew …[View]
510058153Anyone tired of seeing Sonic threads? Like talk about something else, fuck.[View]
510063167Don't step on corpse[View]
510058018If Borderlands Handsome Collection, I will kill myself.[View]
510061692VR Games thread: What VR games are you playing? What VR games are you looking forward to? I can…[View]
510062197Illuminations Super Mario Movie Trailer 2 HD: >Generic epic music plays. Gold text over a dark re…[View]
510061191>He isn't practicing to win online EVO this year What's your excuse?…[View]
510063237Castlevania grimoire of souls: Any particular reason this game hasn't been released yet? Or is …[View]
510059612>Press any Button *Presses power Button*[View]
510058583Persona 5 Royal scrapped harem content: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6i4jnWu2jw&t= we we…[View]
510061245>he actually plays it on safety mode[View]
510054853>Game starts out bright and colourful >Each level is darker and more depressing than the last …[View]
510061071Do any of you actually like video games?[View]
510061827Choose your party of 4.[View]
510062801Why do you guys like leaks so much? Doesn't it ruin the surprise? You can't even tell if i…[View]
510062395Is Sony going to use the next gen as an excuse to raise the standard price of games to $70?[View]
510062345Are there any modern games that play like Crossed Swords? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCh5dp-pat…[View]
510060370>Jap game >WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR????!!!!…[View]
510062618Post your favorite keyblades[View]
510049547What in the fuck were they thinking? Why are 99% of remasters completely fucked up?[View]
510061772Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June.: https://twitter.co…[View]
510059114The Origami Chads: >PM64, TTYD, SPM, SS, CS Chapter 1 Grassland into Fortress >TOK Chapter 1 W…[View]
510057023Last of Us 2 is SAVED![View]
510059035Is there a retail version of this?[View]
510062116IT'S FREE: Play Quake Champions Today![View]
510060209Yakuza 0: Played Yakuza 0 after never playing a Yakuza game before and glad I did. Had some really f…[View]
510059078Do you play in 4:3 games that were meant for it, or do you disregard stretching like a faggot? (mods…[View]
510055615/v/'s thoughts on Geometry Dash?[View]
510061185>Stealth segment in an action game >Get seen once do the whole level again…[View]
510061483finished it a few hours ago. prob wont answer any question: -all the leaked footage is true and it…[View]
510061790hey whats up anon, want some divine grass?[View]
510060873Hey neighbor![View]
510060836as a video game, Assassins Creed is probably the worst successful franchise in history. As a history…[View]
510057021Blade Strangers: Play her game[View]
510061593>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nftXCH9KllE >game takes place in real life…[View]
510056858Please, name 1, one fucking western RPG where I can make a spear fighter and they aren't shit. …[View]
510061123Is Crisis core any good? Is it brought up in the remake?[View]
510061194Is there any rumors you wish weren't true? Mine currently is I hope cod 2020 isn't veitnam…[View]
510054147Were bethesda justified in not giving Obsidian royalties or were they being petty?[View]
509986952L M A O[View]
510060763>No Aztec gods ever >But King Arthur and Cthulhu are okay Why?…[View]
510061295i like the show but is the game any good?[View]
510053230This is the most challenging ARPG I have played.[View]
510059527DbD/SH: Daaaaaaamn, rapist demons look like THAT?![View]
510061025Is there anything he can't do?[View]
510061010so what are the last 5 characters you want to see added to the final season of sfv, /v/?[View]
510059441I just don't like it. The narrative is great, the world building is great, but is just don…[View]
510025452Helltaker: What happens now? Sequel, Heaventaker or maybe literally nothing? Also post your favourit…[View]
510056991Just one more day![View]
510045565Enjoying this more than basically any game from the last 5-6 years.[View]
510056489Best way to play Silent Hill on PC?[View]
510060775I might be crazy but this guy could save Xenoblade[View]
510051158>Switch library is pretty ass as is >The few games I *am* interested in are functionally bette…[View]
510059117Google wouldn’t lie would it /v?[View]
510060458Why are there so many Gokus?[View]
510057374It's been seven years. Why is there still no good Frozen video game?[View]
510056125In the entire history of video games only three consoles sold over 1 billion games can you guess wha…[View]
510056080Will it ever be topped?[View]
510060501Space Station 13 thread: You should have gone janitor.[View]
510052545Press M to (Marry) Edelgard[View]
510043363Is nothing sacred anymore?[View]
510059576Would you say that MMOs have a higher concentration of autist players than any other genre? If not, …[View]
510059896The party of the last JRPG you played swap worlds and objectives with the party of the last WRPG you…[View]
510059564>becomes LE CRAYCRAY because of some chick simp ass nigga[View]
510056739>The Blood Moon is rising...[View]
510058604>Ocarina of Time? >More like Ocarina of Time to go to sleep…[View]
510057648Look past the jank and there is a much deeper level of immersion in Shenmue than Yakuza. Sony fags w…[View]
510052386Diablo 3: >Play Diablo 1&2 >Deckard Cain is just some old fart that exists for the sake of…[View]
510050652What went wrong?[View]
510059106How do we bring SOUL back to video games?[View]
510056612What happened to the ARMS revival? I thought they announced something recently?[View]
510054136goalpost moving: the fanbase if the game isn't a 1:1 replica of TTYD, it's shit[View]
510058210I had to lower to Very Easy to waste this motherfucker real difficulty spike and I was level 37[View]
510059123Thoughts on Symmetra on this current season? What can I do to climb out of plat, tips, and tricks, p…[View]
510059605What happened to pic related in Persona 5?[View]
510058708It is now safe to turn off /v/[View]
510058902questioning thread: ok japanese worship /v/ fag can you defend konami without kojima?[View]
510057647Why does Microsoft always abandon their consoles halfway through a generation? Do they not realise t…[View]
510054943Who are the most ungrateful and disrespectful gamers? Melee players or TTYD players?[View]
510058148>game has you press both L and R shoulder buttons at the title screen instead of A in order to pr…[View]
510054612>Be born >'Our beautiful little Dohvakiin. You represent our favorite thing in this world, The…[View]
510053939None of these fanbases are real nintendo fans.[View]
510055661>when he thinks if you play video games, you automatically understand game design and how to do i…[View]
510047237Daily reminder that the Google Stadia exists.[View]
510052317So what skill should i use as signature to get the most out of the game ? Visual Calculus / Percepti…[View]
510057504What would a Druckmann-Kojima Production be like?[View]
510045980>pvp player is low health >runs away and heals…[View]
510055627I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 213[View]
510018564images that put a grin on your dumb ugly mug[View]
510054610Is it time for them to finally complete the big three?[View]
510056418Extremely rare occurrences in videogames: What are some bugs/ glitches/ discoveries in videogames th…[View]
510045024Is AC ODYSSEY the best looking game of this generation, /v/? Protip: it IS.[View]
510057017Story DLC never?[View]
510055119Post a fucking image and have others guess what game you're thinking of with it pic related[View]
510054818So, what will Sega announce?[View]
510050505Post the video game with a non video game picture.[View]
510056654No this can't be happening bros...uncle Tim is betrayed us and is now shilling for Microsoft...[View]
510056115ITT: games you played during midnight lunch[View]
510053307*saves 2020*[View]
510058502I just had a fucking Déjà vu from the future. It's gonna be MinMin[View]
510058470it's not fair /v/ros[View]
510058454>ywn play skyrim for the first time again feels bad man[View]
510058435what did you guys expect from the story before all this bs happened?[View]
510058365Pathmaker Kingfinder: okay niggas it's we discuss PK what's your favorite/usual party comp…[View]
510057864>click the wrong download button on that ROM site, opens by default >cursor starts moving on i…[View]
510053643Should I get this or Xenoblade?[View]
510056595>I'M A ROBOT AND I'M SO SAD WAAAAAH why do people even like this game?…[View]
509982507What's the last game that you genuinely enjoyed?[View]
510050292Are there any games that morons like me will enjoy?[View]
510029064Rimworld: >take Dwarf Fortress >remove the mess that is z-levels >create a masterpiece Who …[View]
510057841How many kills you got today, psycho?[View]
510057723>new switch lite comes in >stick starts drifting 36 hours in…[View]
510049692ITT: flip a game's box art upside down, others guess what game it is[View]
510057318Was the force with him in some sense? Amazing how going from a story standpoint he was able to do al…[View]
510044778skribbl.io: got a custom /v/ list so you fags better get drawin' and guessin' https://skri…[View]
510050225Just finished this and I'm genuilly surprised on how much such a departure from classic megaman…[View]
510054661>can't even land right in an arcade flying game: Wow what a loser.[View]
510053051Post gamer cringe.[View]
510054323New species in Animal Crossing: What new species you personally want in AC? I really want sharks tha…[View]
510036636Play Azur Lane[View]
510039948>dark spirit has invade- Is there any greater feeling? I usually wait until they are in front of …[View]
510056923The party of the last JRPG you played swap worlds and objectives with the party of the last WRPG you…[View]
510050645MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
510034567are you preparing those discord raid review bombings?: TLoU2 is going to be Goty, sell ten millions …[View]
510055347Games that aged like MILK: >games can't be dat-- It's actually a miracle FS managed to …[View]
510056820Fuck Lorkhan.[View]
510056716>https://store.steampowered.com/app/1191630/Shantae_and_the_Seven_Sirens/ Some new Shantae game j…[View]
510056404Its up[View]
510058424Anyone else pick this up recently? I heard so much praise I had to check it out but it's kinda …[View]
510055735Based Party Member Club: Are you on the list?[View]
510032608I just want Dragon's Dogma 2...[View]
510051985Why did you do this to her gaymers? She didn't deserve it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e96…[View]
510051060OBSIDIAN should fuck off from WRPG[View]
510056039Games only you played pic related[View]
510056143What are the best Tony Hawk levels?: also really liked all the school iterations[View]
510048516Post favorite vidya protags in this thread 'I LIVE...AGAIN'[View]
510048206Xbox Series X will be compatible with 'thousands' of games at launch: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/20…[View]
510048568Series X Backwards Compatability detailed: >No Downclocks or boost modes. Titles have full access…[View]
510056101Playing SMT IV for the first time and I got the wheelchair dude after Infernal Tokyo so apparently I…[View]
510054437Woo!: Woo![View]
510056025what are your hopes and dreams for the reveal on june 10th?[View]
510053628This is the best FPS in the last decade. Play Titanfall 2 right fucking now.[View]
510041746What's her endgame, /v/?[View]
510055776>I wonder, did those clothes come with the stink of poverty or did you add that yourself?…[View]
510055147How come we finally had a Final Fantasy with non-linear design, a focus on exploration and no transi…[View]
510055830Cyberpunk-bros....: We got too cocky![View]
5100549022020 I am fogotten[View]
510037114Leaked FFXIV Switch port 2021[View]
510051885Will she ever make it into smash?[View]
510055497They will announce the event for June 3 today right?[View]
510055437Do you have any vidya merch? Would you buy bootlegged ones if they were too expensive?[View]
510054334Today's my birthday /v/; May we have a SMT Thread to celebrate? >Who's your favorite de…[View]
510054649Hi. I´m the anon that a few days ago opened a couple of threads saying that this game was lame and g…[View]
510050801*filters you*[View]
510053982When does this get good?[View]
5100525753x3 Soundtrack version: Post your favorite soundtracks. Just remember to use: Soundtrack cover if a…[View]
510053292P5R: Do you think the third semester may have been improved if you played as Akechi setting up his o…[View]
510054763Will we ever get another Gauntlet?[View]
510048981Tales of: Why is Yuri so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnfFVqGE6w8[View]
510050481cursed images[View]
510052159So... what are good games exclusive to the switch? Is the new Mario good? That Zelda BoTW? Any sugge…[View]
510051570What happened?[View]
510043913This isn’t a dragon. It’s actually a wyvern[View]
510050446>still no virtual console >online subscription still ass >e-shop is a dumping ground for mo…[View]
510053526Where is the pingu leak /v/..... you promised this......[View]
510047316Never played any of these games before but I've been interested. Are they okay on consoles?[View]
510051809Paper Mario: How would you fix this chapter?[View]
510048818Why can't I stop playing this game?[View]
510054689>26GB update This is starting to get out of control.[View]
510048549>have a game in library that is kinda fun to play and has yet to complete it >no endurance to …[View]
510048321>PM64 Chapter 1 Grasslands into Fortress >TTYD Chapter 1 Grasslands into Dragon Fortress >S…[View]
510050726Thousands Of Games Are Already Playable On Xbox Series X: https://www.purexbox.com/news/2020/05/micr…[View]
510053138You couldn't protect her.[View]
510049331So, this dude was evil, right?[View]
510053981>watched Wholesome Direct >every game is about colorful chibi animals gardening and doing slic…[View]
510052660how your second life going /v/?[View]
510053909>*Blocks your path*[View]
510039397Whats a good office chair that wont fuck me up if I sit for ages? Preferably something thats availab…[View]
510047228>Game ending hints at a sequel.[View]
510034636Why are whites so overpowered in Chess?: Nerfs when? This has been going on for too long.[View]
510053972new EA star wars game: EA working on new Star Wars game. Saw a brief presentation with some snippets…[View]
510051142Why are androgynous characters so rare in current vidya?[View]
510053919whats your favorite Dota 2 custom game?[View]
510051494Nirn is just another daedric sphere.[View]
510022084What's the worst player base you've had to deal with? I've played league, dota, CS:GO…[View]
510035756Do chuds just grasp at anything to seethe about now days? Whining about this shit is already overdon…[View]
510018162>take incredibly serious and important figure in Buddhist mythology >'haha its name sounds kin…[View]
510053559daily reminder to awoo[View]
510051503>play random old shmup >final level >'dude aliens lmao'…[View]
510044474Why did we never see Infamous 1 and 2 remastered? Will they maybe get remastered for the ps5? I kno…[View]
510044273>why, yes I do play DOTA, how could you tell?[View]
510053253it still hurts bros..[View]
510053206>Down with Ulfric the killer of kings! >On the day of your death we will drink and we'll …[View]
510053176Is Rome 2 worth playing yet?[View]
510053114Post ITT your favorite game openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz5_8EhMoOY[View]
510050382Is this a good game?[View]
510052134>Game starts out bright and colourful >Evil takes over and every level is more depressing and …[View]
510051802>One copy of Persona 5 Royal please[View]
510036259>'you see, Gwyn lost everything because his society was founded on an unsustainable tax policy. R…[View]
510048642Let's settle this once and for all. Was FFXV or MGS5 the bigger piece of shit? https://www.stra…[View]
509982542Afternoon viyda sound thread[View]
510046942How many video game protagonists can you name whose parents are both alive and well? Also, they need…[View]
510041262YES YES!!![View]
510052639It's going to be shit, isn't it?[View]
510036516I'm still waiting for someone to take my place...[View]
510045615Post your hand and your controller of choice[View]
510052582this game is literally soul[View]
510034229just started playing this and the story, music and atmosphere is amazing why do /v/irgins hate it so…[View]
510045018DMC 6: We're fine without it. I've been loving this series since my big brother rented RE …[View]
510051383why haven't you built a retro pc yet?[View]
510041206just left my 'team' 'mates' behind in a 4v5 situation what you gonna do about it faggots?[View]
510051882What do you hope to see in the sequel?[View]
510045580Just beat all of the Chapter 4's. Wow! What a great game.[View]
510047436Glitchy Masochism: I'm currently trying to 100% the PAL PS2 version of Sonic Heroes. It's …[View]
510049869What was his endgame?[View]
510050598Post your favorite game developer[View]
510049430Thank them for their service[View]
510036812This is a half american half european man according to rockstar.[View]
510049487Vidya PTSD: > hEEEEEY > sTAR of the Zanarkand Apes > Ahaaaaaa…[View]
510050434What was Naughty Dog's fucking problem?[View]
510051863Don’t look back, /v/[View]
510050109Everything's great with this game, the battle system, although breaking the difficulty with bat…[View]
510049863>have amazing idea to create a Minecraft clone that's set in space on various planets >s…[View]
510046174>Half of the game is gritty ghetto crime drama >Other half is goofy James Bond/Ocean's El…[View]
510050034I want that hat[View]
510051505GAME FREAK[View]
510051636>Mom found the umbilical cord.[View]
510050405JUST ONE HOUR BABY[View]
510051496my fellow console bros, do you play on a tv, monitor or a projector? why?[View]
510002310How talented do you have to be to build a gaming PC?[View]
510048238I can't afford that. Lower your price.[View]
510037571Japs going SJW: How would /v/ cope if this game came out in the current year and the trailer made it…[View]
510037947For me it’s Eirika[View]
510050964Cracker is in https://www.gematsu.com/2020/05/one-piece-pirate-warriors-4-dlc-character-charlotte-cr…[View]
510039082>best Ryzen CPU gets BTFO by a fucking i5 Ohnononononono hahahahahahaha…[View]
509996556What was the highest turnip buying price you've ever had on Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I…[View]
510050926platform wars are dumb: In my Opinion the whole platform wars stuff is just incredibly dumb to me. I…[View]
510050350Look at this smug motherfucker. I'm glad it's never coming back.[View]
510049213Have you ever played a video game you've been wanting to play for years and it's everythin…[View]
510021179what the fuck was his problem?[View]
510047562What's the worst advertisement you've ever seen for a video game? https://youtu.be/o13N08S…[View]
510045617>Nomura replaced Amano and Mitsuda replaced Uematsu >Tetsuya Takahashi and Soraya Saga directi…[View]
510050582Pitch a new Xena Warrior Princess game for modern systems.[View]
510048998Have they ever actually lost a console generation? Even with the PS3's horrendous start, it sti…[View]
510050145Will she wear pants in Silent Hill 3 remake?[View]
510042884Cyber Sleuth: So should i start digimon with this one or try to emulate one of the earlier ? Did we …[View]
510050429They can't keep getting away with it!![View]
510048602Which type of stealth game do you prefer?[View]
510050285anyone beat the demo on GOG? pretty kino, just as good as Shadow Tactics[View]
510050251Older men in vidya thread. >77 years old and still pumping strong[View]
510047362I need a powerful laptop to play vidya any recommendations[View]
510041732Some day, I will own this board.[View]
510041332No video game movie will ever top tron.[View]
510045447The Surge 1 and 2 are easily the best 'souls-like' out there. Why /v/ never talk about them?[View]
510038969>First game better than the sequel(s) What's it's name, /v/?[View]
510030723>/v/ always talks about how CDPR is the only developer outside Japan that knows how to make women…[View]
510046812>started playing this >Wow it's great lot of possibilities, better than slay the spire …[View]
510044286>indie game >female protagonist >she's actually attractive Gris is a miracle…[View]
510009095Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition: why did they make it more anime? original game had a more …[View]
510034941GOG Summer Sale: What are you buyin? I got Grimrock and think about getting Neo Scavenger.[View]
510040475What was your favorite track in the OST?[View]
510039605> 10 years past > still best crpg ever made in 21st century WTF?…[View]
510049502This shit any good?[View]
510048768“Play Digital Devil Saga,” they said.: I’m convinced nobody played this. The amount of grinding for …[View]
510049079Why are 'cuh-razy' DMC fans so high and mighty?[View]
510039012This game doesn’t know what type of Mario game it wants to be.[View]
510048258Why doesn't Jewtendo do sales like based Sony?[View]
510048335Phill Spencer appreciation thread: In this thread we discuss the jesus of gaming, Phill Spencer. He …[View]
510049228>final boss comes out of the closet[View]
510033584Edna: Edna[View]
510047221Name a more fitting image to describe modern sony than this. >some asian guy playing a playstatio…[View]
510049164Name of this pc game?: I'm looking for the name of a PC game which was made approx. between 200…[View]
510049061>game has uninspired crafting system that was tacked on simply because of padding and AAA market …[View]
510048982Chadiroth: How are they gonna handle him in the next few parts?[View]
510048476Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: God, it's almost here[View]
510048958What are some games where the main characters look different between sequels?[View]
510048687Would you?[View]
510048395I miss it, bros.[View]
510047713Is the Switch worth buying yet? I'm not paying for online so online games such as Animal Crossi…[View]
510035227Triple monitor or Ultrawide?[View]
510045248need adivices for this shithead in mortal empire[View]
510048559>He uses a shield in any Dark Souls game[View]
510036315>this is Jane Valderama >this is Trisha Takanawa Intentional? Anyways, loving SR3R so far. I…[View]
510045553Bernkastel did literally nothing wrong.[View]
510048003ITT: Rare Vidya Items You Own[View]
510038310what's shakin' bacon? is hunie pop 2 dead?[View]
510048306Tell Everett I'm cold[View]
510048187Mafia Thread: Okay Anon, Here's we're gonna learn what it takes to be a real mafioso.…[View]
510047590Why aren't there more games based on The Thing?[View]
510034106I recently started playing PUBG.: But just die. sad[View]
510036147Seong Mi-na is pure[View]
510044195Downtown>Santa Monica>>Hollywood>Chinatown[View]
510048136What the Golf is already out on Switch. I want to know if we can play golf with a tissue box as the …[View]
510037808This is a Japanese shaman girl. Say something nice about her.[View]
51004356410/10 Mobile Games: Pic very related[View]
510045737Why are you like this[View]
510040340Gameplay is not the most important aspect of a memorable videogame: Unless it's painfully borin…[View]
510042731Why do games do this?[View]
510044235calling all gay faggots: i have a question for all the gays here what video game characters do you f…[View]
510019019Why would you kill a boss if she looks like this?[View]
510047518Police kill squads exterminating ghetto/favela rats are kino. What games have more of this?[View]
510047904What is this ? chinese cartoons turned into Video Games ?[View]
510047117GTA VI will take place in san fiero and will be released in early 2022[View]
510012579What ruined RTS gaming?: Was it just overshadowed by MOBA types or did something else do it? (Speaki…[View]
510047689You let her get her legs crushed like you were supposed to, right?[View]
510036563Custom Robo's spritiual successor Synaptic Drive is out: From the creator of Custom Robo, Synap…[View]
510036260How did playing videogames become profitable again? I thought there'd been like 20 ad revenue h…[View]
510044785what are some korean games?[View]
510041183>When you do all the side quests before starting the main quest.[View]
510047470>sprite a cannon >call it a computer virus Bravo, Japan. Bravoooo.…[View]
510027678When was the peak of WRPG?[View]
510006214the world ends with you: so is there a new fucking announcement or what[View]
510047295>look up '[game] final boss/ending' on youtube and watch it >no longer have to buy or play the…[View]
510044631its going to be amazing and you can do nothing about it[View]
510042975What are some good recent ero game?[View]
509994021Monster Hunter: I fucking hate this cunt.[View]
510040742Aren't you supposed to be gamers? Why aren't you playing video games right now?[View]
510044439>Can you name even one game? I thought not. powerful.[View]
510039947Find one (1) flaw[View]
510046559Will this be their swan song?[View]
510046603>ordered a PS2 freemcboot memory card last week >still hasn't arrived yet Bros I'm …[View]
510042361Why did he do it?[View]
510040693So how is it?[View]
510041768Why did this kill Visceral?: It wasn't that bad of a game. Sure, it wasn't a 10/10 GOTY bu…[View]
510026605>5 second lag to opening map this shit is overrated as fuck[View]
510046054Is the online worse than brawl and smash4’s?[View]
510045810They'd better not make me wait 2 years for fucking DDD II.038430232294 with Kairi and Riku vent…[View]
510011529Was it kino?[View]
510046835ITT: people from your small country who are in big video games Kiwi anon here, pic related, I was pl…[View]
510045301The future has arrived[View]
510044471>kill russians >kill cops What an amazing game it was.…[View]
510045478>Well, sequel time already huh? Welcome back I guess. I'm sure you missed me more than I mis…[View]
510043462seriously what went wrong ?[View]
510046498who's ready for the remaster to be announced on monday along with Jet Set Radio, SA 1+2 and StH…[View]
510038898Lucas Pope: The man who saved vidya. Discuss[View]
510042362why did Naughty Dog make these changes?: they gave him >smaller shoulders >narrower chin >t…[View]
510045848>super serious very dark and gritty campaign story >suddenly get told to put an oil filter on …[View]
510043527What the fuck were they thinking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He09JaBVZdE[View]
510046065ITT: Pic related in vidya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcxrsaT2nAQ https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
510041742Was Black Ops 2 the last great COD game?[View]
510032732What videogame franchise dear to you is now forever ruined by cooomers?[View]
510044049Is FE8 good or not?[View]
510042523They don't make em like they used to[View]
510027020Are they right?[View]
510039783Just go vegan bro, it's healthier[View]
510033625Its just so comfy playing on console bro. How do PC sit at a desk all day? Also post battlestation[View]
510036190Better than Symphony of the Night in every single way and everybody knows it.[View]
510042632Good morning, /v/![View]
510035457The Great Debate: Which one is objectively a better main character??[View]
510042613Vidya Music: Which one is your favorite? the one that you knew from the moment it graced your ears, …[View]
510005703Digimon Games: What do you think of Digimon games?[View]
510040156>Game review >Evil version of the reviewer shows up…[View]
510045440Which one of you did this?[View]
510042180If they were going to place the cockpit so low on the design, why even have it be humanoid? They cou…[View]
510033089this fight is fucking garbage[View]
510024467DISNEY PRODUCING KINGDOM HEARTS TV SHOW FOR DISNEY+: >Will use KH3's CGI engine >Currentl…[View]
510039986Me? Well... I'm Bob-Omb.[View]
510042969>100h long Qwent simulator what the fuck /v/[View]
510044408female partners: >sassy >want mario's dick male partners >shy or rowdy >want mario…[View]
510041782Is it true Dota 2 playera still mourn the death of the Skeleton King?[View]
510044669>Here's your Kinect gameplay bro[View]
510039040you literally cannot refute any of his perfectly-constructed arguments as to why this game is severe…[View]
510033291How the fuck is this VN 2nd highest on VNDB? The characters and story are slightly good but the actu…[View]
510043859Hey Anons a qestion about GTA5: I met with a player in a lobby he started spawning money bags under …[View]
510042090What games should I pirate[View]
510043753Yeah i'm thinking i'm based[View]
510041741This is lame. Can we get E3 back?[View]
510040839Did her BaS design intimidate you?[View]
510038064You not an Al Bhed are you bruddah?[View]
510039724>I know you wish things were different. I wish things were different >But they ain't.…[View]
510043926How do you feel about CRT filters?[View]
510042776>Yeah, yeah, yeah homie It's yo' man OG Loc in the place You kno' wha' I…[View]
510043465I know the anon who replied to me in this thread won't read this, but I feel like I need to say…[View]
510039470system shock remake demo: has anyone played the demo thats up I HAVE many problem with this, optimiz…[View]
510038936How much harder would Persona 5 be if guns had individual magazines equivalent to their real-world c…[View]
510043872>builds a sentry in your path[View]
510037271Times that vidya got you laid: Not expecting a whole lot of legit stories and posts in this thread, …[View]
510041551ITT: 神ゲー: Post only the best of the best; the works from God himself. I'll start.[View]
510042942>new developer remakes a classic game >its even better than the original…[View]
510042854Rank them[View]
510042487Why it be like this?[View]
510041104https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0nuOWjc7bo&feature=emb_title >NINTENDO HIRE THIS MAN but uni…[View]
510034739Dark Souls II: sotfs: Just getting into this, played Dark Souls I, but what is with the levelling in…[View]
510041291What other games play like Kotor? I like the active turn based combat system and the exploration for…[View]
510043171Comfy mobile port/emulation thread: What have you all been playing? I just copied disc 1 of Tales of…[View]
510033568IT seems like Sans is aware of your true identify as the player and past events taking place in Unde…[View]
510039826RE SURVEY TIME: >your favourite Resident Evil game >your favourite Resident Evil girl >your…[View]
510042735Faber did nothing wrong[View]
509956295What fighting games does /v/ play?[View]
510039380I just can't give money to those people anymore.[View]
510042479ok so despite its criminal offenses listed below, is pic related a good and enjoyable game ? list of…[View]
510042456>can't play ffxiv on ps4 because i forgot the password to login on in Why the fuck is the lo…[View]
510042342>Rub daughter cunny across the floor when you pull her legs >she starts feeling good >she s…[View]
510038473How do we stop the toxicity in our games?[View]
510042186Pretend you're fucking Xyzzy: https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=71 It's Card…[View]
510037980>download 50 gb game on shitty 20 mbps connection >play it for 5 minutes >forget about it …[View]
510037363Why is Cloud on a wheelchair[View]
510041726shit talk/hate mail: i saw a thread on here some time ago about funny hate mail you were sent, how a…[View]
510040397What are you playing today?[View]
510010442Webm thread. Post webms.[View]
510039891As a fiend falls, the faint hope blossoms.: Today Circus comes in town! Is somewhere a countdown bro…[View]
510040774Was this confirmed real or fake now that the source code is out?[View]
510037991>he watches youtube videos how to defeat a boss fight >he asks forums how to get a material/ar…[View]
510038517Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on Tiberian Sun?[View]
510034385/v/ fix this game[View]
510040283I hope maximo:ghosts to glory never gets a remaster. I don't want anyone censoring my titty pri…[View]
510036570started this game on yuzu tonight. its really a fun game. nintendo knows what they are doing. no fil…[View]
510037596look /v/ it's Tetra![View]
510038986Is this actually made by the Custom Robo Arena devs? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033640/SYNA…[View]
510040196MGR 2 when?[View]
510041282Did the inclusion of mounts and flying mounts ruin the immersion of MMOs?[View]
510038352>first X game in 15 years >it's chink mobile shit I've accepted the fact that the Me…[View]
510036830>10 years old where does the time go[View]
510039042>joke character has secret powers and is actually one of the best characters in the game…[View]
510037912Am I the only one that thinks Mario Kart would have been better as a turn-based game?[View]
510039436Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA[View]
510041073What did Randy Pitchford mean by this?[View]
510035810So anon, who's your favorite animal crossing character?[View]
510041103For me it's Primarina-chan.[View]
510036059Well, was he right?[View]
510041032Anti-Tifa thread: Tifabots btfo[View]
510036316How do we stop the homogenization of gameplay in modern titles? Sure, old games could have weird and…[View]
510040959i just tried this. the ship models are cool and the rpg segments are well implemented, but the comba…[View]
510038935>2020 >still no release https://youtu.be/S1WmmsEXtyE…[View]
510036816Maman! Zere is no Wonderful 100 thread![View]
510038954VIDYA OST: is there a videogame soundtrack that pumps you up more that this? i dont think its possib…[View]
510039594Why don't we get games based on cartoons anymore?[View]
510036421Dead Rising PC Port: How is this on PC? Does it run well or am I going to need patches/mods? Should …[View]
510039014 why am I not having fun anymore [View]
510039782>full crossplay with ps4, steam and switch >better online than majority of fighting games, esp…[View]
510032995Is this game good? The main criticism is about fan-service which I don’t mind.[View]
510031260What happens if I outlevel a friend? Is there some scaling shit that will tone down my damage and ex…[View]
510033898>Touhou 2009 >Touhou 2019 Which do you prefer?…[View]
510040146Nice games you've got there consolefriends, mind if I... PLAY them? *WWWWRRRRRROOOOOPPTTTSHHSDO…[View]
510016697>Broken exp system not optional >Linear and smallest region in the franchise >3 major citie…[View]
509984349What did you like about the RPG Maker 2000 game Yume Nikki?[View]
510038529>Weapon is incredibly powerful in the lore >It's actually also incredibly powerful in gam…[View]
510037008Where can I download save games for games? I want to replay a game and I want to illegally download …[View]
510016276AssCreed Odyssey thread: >Meet Socrates on Assassin's Creed Odyssey >Hyped because he…[View]
510035852I know Half Life Alyx was disappointing but they've added liquid to bottles in the latest updat…[View]
510022648>Vita fags on suicide watch[View]
510037187>Iconic character from the series is killed off suddenly for cheap shock value Why does this keep…[View]
510038145nevar 4get[View]
510037754goalpost moving: the fanbase if the game isn't a 1:1 replica of TTYD, it's shit[View]
510039583Why did they make her arms even bigger?[View]
510033016convince me to play EVE Online again I only played it for 1 month before I stopped playing it[View]
510039520>Cyberpunk 2077 fans. This tranny shit will be the plunder of deacade and i will laugh my head of…[View]
510039479dragon ball fighterz: thoughts on ultra instinct goku dlc?[View]
510037326In our life time are we going to play a singleplayer experience where npc's are self aware of t…[View]
510039420**3x3 OST Edition**: Rules: Pictures are covers of the OST of said game, fan-made ones are acceptab…[View]
510039330Xbox exclusive.[View]
510039242>/v/ thinks that warping from the start in Souls games is a bad design choice >/v/ also unanim…[View]
510029191CRPGs: Let's have a comfy CRPGs thread![View]
510038837Fuck you, this looks cool.[View]
510034514Can Jade beat Tifa?[View]
510037809>We're hosting a stamp rally today! So this is how it's going to be, huh? Even despite …[View]
510039067>Did you know? PERSON also plays videogames >In fact, PERSO plays so much videogames he forget…[View]
510039128Why developers do this?[View]
510037974>Expect silly meme game >Get genuinely interesting strategy with depth It's actually pret…[View]
510038821Is this good character design?[View]
510036237How did Bioware get away with this?[View]
510036293It's happening.[View]
510037489>2020 >still no arbitrary code execution How the fuck?…[View]
510035762Is 3A worth it?: Like do we really need hyper realistic games with more details than real life itsel…[View]
510038085Isn't it lovely how people from all over the world can come together in their appreciation for …[View]
510032997How has Christopher Bee still not topped himself here?[View]
510031608Was he right?[View]
510030345Which game is better, Deus Ex Human Revolution or Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
510035132WATCH IT JENSEN[View]
510038328>1 more month The wait is killing me[View]
510038060Here's your new Berserk content bro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMo7zA-zFGI[View]
510038132You are now tasked with making a Mistborn game, /v/. What do you do?[View]
510031526What went wrong[View]
510035747Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions: Are you going to buy Oliver and Benji's new game? https…[View]
510037880Female main characters having male romantic partners: Making Ellie a lesbian was the safest option. …[View]
510006791“Don’t worry guys it’s just a few incels.”[View]
510037732>Bro, I totally play better when I'm high! >Hey maaan don't blame me for playing lik…[View]
510037593I did not care for The Witcher 3: did not care for 'The Witcher 3' What? Did not care for 'The Witch…[View]
510033836Is it me or graphics was just slightly better than tlou remaster?[View]
510035363what are some good horror roguelikes /v/?[View]
510037731>Game features: Tarot cards![View]
509936715you can not identify this game[View]
510037598What are you gonna play today?[View]
510030220Is it worth getting into WoW in 2020?[View]
510037562Are you ready to fight the Japanese Goo of unoriginality in Xenoblade 3 ?[View]
510027061Imma let you finish, but Perfect Dark has the greatest firing range of all time. >Incredible weap…[View]
510036258What are some good games that make you feel actually proud to be white? With all this black washing…[View]
510017940>Oh shit, PSO2 is out today. I should check that out. >turns out it had the most botched launc…[View]
510034960Why do good games only come from America or Japan and why is eurojank so prevalent?[View]
510028568Cursed images/videos: Post the most unholy vidya related stuff you had to witness. https://www.yout…[View]
510036741Cloud-san! I've did it, I've developed a new materia![View]
510034898What are some good games about looting and killing looters? Pic related is down right now.[View]
510031969Is voiced protagonist a no no in RPGs? Is Cyberpunk 2077 going to be shit?[View]
510029982>Game tries to prevent you from exploring[View]
510037338Hope Halo Infinite will have 'funny' part.: https://youtu.be/wak7Oz3fVe8 >soul https://youtu.be/6…[View]
510037318Make Germany great again! Russia’s UN mission in Geneva has criticized the just-released computer ga…[View]
510010773After 2,600 people voted, /v/ has declared these the 10 most overrated games of all time. Does that …[View]
510033942What's the worst game to ever win GOTY? My pick is either this or Inquisition.[View]
509915565Reminder that this is the official /v/ Jackbox game tier list If you disagree you're wrong and …[View]
510032391Starcraft 2's campaigns are cool as fuck, and look way better than SC1. When will you admit thi…[View]
510007307>September 25, 2007 >run to blockbuster after class >buy a copy of Halo 3 >run home, pop…[View]
510036737Ever since Skyrim came out, Zenimax has been trying super hard to turn TES into a generic fantasy se…[View]
510034896Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
510032364What's the ugliest looking monster you have fought in a video game?[View]
510025241Who optimized this shit?[View]
510019298why are the old AVGN episodes so damn comfy? they are like the perfect background noise videos[View]
510036263just downloading GTA V will i have a good time playing it? is it worth it? (singleplayer)[View]
510034387Valkyria Chronicles: I want to eat Alicia Melchiott’s bread.[View]
510028586Holy fucking shit, Nintendo. JUST GO AHEAD AND ANNOUNCE THIS FUCKING GAME FOR THE SWITCH. I'm …[View]
510036853Michael was right[View]
510036845How's it going dude?[View]
510030170UH OH leak bros[View]
510007093Inspired to make a TECHNOLOGY thread since this was added to Half Life Alyx[View]
510036669You. I should have known.[View]
510018424LEGO MARIO: Thoughts?[View]
510013428>six months later >STILL not deconfimed[View]
510036546Mad about the direction Paper Mario is going? Vote with your money and buy my game.[View]
510033317Sega Saturn: Why is it so beautiful?[View]
509975064Paper Mario is right here, guys! On the Switch Tomorrow![View]
510036379this game is 3 dollars like at any time does it have any of the shit that made the XBLA game special…[View]
510036356CUSTOM ROBO ARENA BROS ITS FINALLY FUCKING OUT ON STEAM https://store.steampowered.com/app/1033640/S…[View]
510036347Sierra Death Generator thread: Go on the site and make some shit.[View]
510032923This is Howard Phillips Lovecraft from japanese video game! She's also a virgin and has her fir…[View]
510035276What do you love about /v/ ?[View]
510036141bros, i need a 2tb hardrive/ssd to store my isos, any recommandations? >dont need to be cheapest …[View]
510035118After finally being able to play this, holy shit my zoomer ass got destroyed by Rusty Bucket Bay. Th…[View]
510035337We are gathered to find out the case of the 10/10 video game. /v/ Your opening statement?[View]
510032804Cyberpunk 2077: 14 days until it will all be revealed >night time gameplay >city center with b…[View]
510029179Did your favorite game make the cut?[View]
510025667ITT: Shitty games that got sequels that no one asked for: I'll start[View]
510032406Do games need a tutorial? Should a game be punished by critics for not spoonfeeding you information?[View]
510035882best 3D-Jump-’n’-Run there is. Especially the story is so great and bizarre for such a game.[View]
510028569Have any of you /v/irgins even heard of this game? It's pretty fun.[View]
510035867El visionario del videojuegos[View]
510035568>i'm supposed to take a villain who's name is Mcburn seriously…[View]
510035840YOU JUST KNOW[View]
510032828Trying to find a game: Hey /v/, wanna help me out? There's a game I can't for the life of …[View]
510035732cyber mummy[View]
510035408Don't mind me, just pirating these mountains.[View]
509983106Shining Force thread.[View]
509937571>On sale on the Switch What's your excuse for not getting one of the best fighters on the ma…[View]
510030871woah... onee san sugoku kakkoii ne 。。[View]
510033649I've decided to give myself brain damage so I started to play LoL what is the best start champi…[View]
510030936post halo infinite leaks in this thread[View]
510008615F/GO literally gives you the best girl for free. Everything else you pull is just gravy.[View]
510031591Eh, it was kinda hard but not really. Just got to memorize his attacks. His lightning deflection is …[View]
510034608Thoughts ? https://youtu.be/4ZppZ4hc27g[View]
510032649>F/SN and F/HA - Well crafted VN's >Fate/Unlimited Codes - Good Fightan >Fate/E and F/…[View]
510035207Quantum League: I am gonna go pro in Quantum League[View]
510025608'Playing' a video game by watching a Youtube 'let's play' is on par with pirating said game. Bu…[View]
510035064how do I stop being totally obliterated by the aliums in this? what is the best time to build a 2nd …[View]
510034987*Blocks your path*[View]
510035058Did anyone actually win this? I spent so much money on this shit.[View]
510031142>Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizop…[View]
510034972What are some games that are only enjoyable with savestates and/or walkthroughs?[View]
5100330968:7 vs 4:3 SNES[View]
510033648When the FUCK is Hrist getting her own game?[View]
510032845why do all the fake movesets people make for him always feature some retarded ammo gimmick? surely t…[View]
510032628Hello ninja shotas and lolis In case you didn't know, there will be a second Ninjala demo. This…[View]
510014271WTF do I get???!?!??[View]
510019532Dungeon Crawlers Thread: Here's your dungeon crawler bro..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x…[View]
509988451Go ahead and make a wish /v/[View]
510020723Clem: Clem[View]
510034037>Chapter 1: Awaken[View]
510033147Who is the gaming's Scrappy-Doo?[View]
510034206So how many teraflops do you need for good gameplay?[View]
510007794Star Ocean: Is this series dead? The last two entries were terrible but I think the IP still has pot…[View]
510033931Could you define 'Jack Pleasure'?[View]
510014550Melee Mod Idea: So I’m a modding newfag and I was possibly thinking about Modding Smash Bros Melee t…[View]
510024638They have a real shit at winning this generation. As long as their first party games are actually go…[View]
509962639Mario 64 thread: Post any info you have[View]
510026162Vidya terms that make your dick soft >open world >post-apcolapitc >progressive, diverse, in…[View]
510021219CDPR's upcoming conference at E3 on 11 June 2020 really needs to blow us away. It's no sec…[View]
510020749Wonderful 101 Thread: Unite up and give me some tips on how to fight Dooras.[View]
510032910Does Spyro the Dragon (PS1) have sever camera issues or is it just me?: Ok here's the thing. I …[View]
510030432Why can't they just announce a date for the fucking event?: I hear rumors about June 3, if that…[View]
510024747>game has voice chat >is the mute button saying i'm muted? >or it is saying that i sho…[View]
510030401Idea for a game? Need an artist. Would be made for fun and kekz.: I have an idea for a game. It woul…[View]
510032215*Has an overly convoluted combat system in your path*[View]
509986749What's the vidya equivalent of pouring ketchup on a super well-done steak?[View]
510021057Why haven't you become an anime girl that plays video games and makes $20,000 for 2 hours of wo…[View]
510015042Does the Xboner even have all that gay 'watch tv' shit that they advertised back in 2013? Where you…[View]
510032964You guys wanna play uno real quick and i can record it and make it my upload tonight?[View]
510031236Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 secret endings were the best things about those games. The ideas of where thi…[View]
510031843Why is it so much more forgettable than any of Rockstar's other franchises?[View]
510031810I was watching... various places...[View]
510031105>e-'sport' 'athlets'[View]
510024760Why does 343 want this series dead SO fucking badly?[View]
510031943>we'll never have an actual story mode in Smash again thamks to Sakurai's autism fuck t…[View]
510028083Role playing games work better in 3rd person than they do in first, and work best in isometric view.…[View]
510023316>Playing Dragon Ball FighterZ >Opponent lands a hit on you >me for the next 45 minutes…[View]
510007483>stadia >epic Why do they hate Steam?[View]
509995323>he summons[View]
510028594>E essateydamo cehg du so ghaac, vylehk Rikku'c pareht yc E oyhg tufh ran cgend yht druhk eh…[View]
510024110What kind of games are best for making friends?[View]
510028437Character design: So how accurate is this image? I haven't played a ton of older games, but wer…[View]
509976818Cyberpunk 2077 bros GET IN HERE: S O O N[View]
510025952How come the Deku stopped showing up in Zelda games?[View]
510026846damn they added Rick May's statue in the game F[View]
510030102That would be $59 goy 59 fucking United States dollars[View]
510026987Does /v/ like indie games?[View]
510024359Where i can get a new one of this? are the generic clones good enough?[View]
509981501MOMMY LOBA THREAD[View]
510031849>Game has multiple ending >All of them are canon…[View]
509987184What would you rate the Ultimate newcomers?: Overall pretty solid lineup so far, imo.[View]
510031747Anno History Collection: >We are updating the first four Anno games (1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404) t…[View]
510029507What is your opinion on the Naruto Ninja STORM series? The games never really grew because every gam…[View]
510020670Anon, close your desktop right now.[View]
510030000what's your game set up /v/? do you buy chinese-jew products Linus advertise to enhance your Ga…[View]
510028454DBFZ Fighterz: UI Goku is out and very fun! Love paying money for more powerful characters![View]
510019224>No Aztec gods ever >But King Arthur and Cthulhu are okay Why?…[View]
510012996>Destabilize an entire region >Allow a bunch of dirty tribals larping as mobsters to take over…[View]
510022831How many games are installed on your computer right now? (owning the game or having the installer on…[View]
510031248I did not care for the Witcher 3: I did not care for 'The Witcher 3' What? Did not care for 'The Wit…[View]
510014387NO DON'T DO IT MARIO[View]
510011636Post jiggle physics gif/webm in vidya[View]
510031474Can you enjoy this game if you aren't homosexual or pedo?: Seems like people mostly care about …[View]
510008023>PM64 Chapter 1 Grasslands into Fortress >TTYD Chapter 1 Grasslands into Dragon Fortress >S…[View]
510030894Im about to try and get into Street Fighter V. Any tips? Im thinking of either picking up Ryu or Sak…[View]
510027849Is Kerbal Space Program worth a try?[View]
510031167tranny souls[View]
510030374Fighting Game Girls Thread: Post the breast in the genre[View]
510029387Aside from all the social justice bullshit that dominated the game's release aside, was it actu…[View]
510011806Did guns make melee combat obsolete? What's the modern or sci-fi equivalent to the sword?[View]
510029508Is a Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1650S rig good enough to make you guys proud?[View]
510027347Xenogears 2 Didn’t Happen Because of FF: Spirits Within – Monolith Soft President Sugiura: Xenogears…[View]
510030353>buff/nerf lasts only a few seconds[View]
510024954behold the ultimate life form[View]
510030879thinkin about that gote....[View]
510028873Kakarot: Was it the best anime game adaption ever?[View]
510027334Remember that time Kenji Inafune produced a Ninja Gaiden game? And it had music composed by Grant Ki…[View]
510029219lets discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
510028525What's the best video game?[View]
510027874Let's be honest: >0/10 as Fallout >10/10 as shooter No discuss.…[View]
510030697ITT: post your favorite vidya and anons say something nice about it[View]
510008187I will never understand the appeal of this character, and I like just about every Kirby character[View]
510025084What went wrong?: > /v/ defends the games that old-/v/ always hated > /v/ shits on the games t…[View]
510008998So did she save Overwatch?[View]
510030350>A Marine Cypher-T? >No, army.[View]
510030481Vidya cosplay thread[View]
510024728How are those programming lessons coming along, /v/?[View]
510030412>play a VN >the character you're playing as, is shown in a CG >most basic looking blac…[View]
510027869With another weak rival out of the way Persona 5 Royal is confirmed to be the best jrpg of the gener…[View]
510029702Any predictions on who the final 5 DLC characters will be?[View]
510029798>Conducts horrific experiments on children >Forces children to kill their entire families >…[View]
510030134For me, it was , , , , X, R2, R1, L2, L1[View]
510016250I wish buff females were in more games. I'm not gay though[View]
510027512>game has no controller support. IT'S 2020[View]
509974821Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition: Discuss theories and, most importantly, things you like.…[View]
510021821I only use shotguns in CS:GO, I have played over 500 competitive matchmaking games with shotgun only…[View]
510029090do you like subnautica[View]
510016057Worst Vidya Music: Obligatory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o47N-aYd08&t=1s[View]
510028731frog eater here. why do americans care so much about 'muh diversity' in vidya? i remember a time whe…[View]
509985287>Finish watching your favorite anime >Find out there is a game based on it >It's actua…[View]
510025042Kino of Tsushima won over TLoU2[View]
509981268Meanwhile, in class /v/...[View]
510000610favorite resident evil and character?[View]
510027770>You can’t shoot your horse like you could in RDR1[View]
510018725I got a beautiful smile. >hopes for 2k21? >Favorite player? >favorite mode?…[View]
510004697Play League of Legends.[View]
510012356UNICLR Thread: Underwater[View]
510021614STOP!: STOP! Alright, you stopped? Good. Now post the best final boss themes in vidya. https://www.y…[View]
510026482She looks good to me[View]
510026114blunder of the millenia: you guys are ignoring the biggest fuck up in tlus2[View]
510028575whoever made Halo 2 legendary should rot in hell. this shit is seriously impossible >hurr durr ju…[View]
510023929What's the vidya equivalent to music theory?[View]
510018454Who's ready to go to Super Nintendo World?[View]
510016157ITT: Unsatisfying vidya weapons[View]
510028847>defeat large enemy >achievement unlocked >the harder they fall…[View]
510007252>this fat bastard[View]
510026113Sly Cooper: How would you retcon Thieves in Time?[View]
510019158Guys, this artwork of Tae.. It's stirring something visceral in me, man. I can't describe …[View]
510028609Should I play Armored Core 5V?[View]
509970271Thoughts on the Lovers Arcana?[View]
510028536>Let's hold an ingame funeral in a PvP area What the hell were they thinking?…[View]
510026493>game's in-game models look better than the ones in the pre-rendered FMV cutscenes…[View]
510028275What is your favourite METAL track from /v/idya anon? https://youtu.be/OtSGboNK3-E[View]
510028404Please play my very first Super Mario Maker 2 stage and tell me how shit it is RV6-8DD-WWF Thank you…[View]
510014131I honestly can't believe I'm actually saying this, but, against all odds, all 6 of you 3D/…[View]
510027531is this adulthood if you dont make any friends in games?[View]
510026217video games are for[View]
510025328recently got a vr headset dudes, name some games where i can beat women[View]
510025278So... umm... I don't want Jodie to be a SJW edgy suicidal dyke: But how can I just let those te…[View]
510014289>un It's over. It's fucking over.[View]
509994579If you want to know if your beloved character is getting into smash[View]
510018437>be me >instal red alert 2 on my toaster laptop because its the only thing it can run >star…[View]
510017620>if you have kids now they will consider every single game you've ever played to be old and …[View]
510027075What game should I play next from patrician core? I've finished everything with a red circle.[View]
510027793/v/ just just copies from resetera, soulless board[View]
510025553why did Todd Howard fuck up his lore and turn him into a meme character? They should have kept Kirkb…[View]
510027079Kill all kikes and niggers, that's my 'ficcial instructions![View]
509981705mario: mario[View]
510017694Are you ready to give it another shot, anon?[View]
510024058Smash Fighter Pass 2[View]
510026041Games only you played: I must have been the only kid that got educational pc games from the library …[View]
510024432seriously how do i get good at this game? im completing eveyones character tutorials at the moment.[View]
510026340Should there be more incel representation in the vidiya?[View]
510025424Battle station thread: Rate my setup[View]
510026958>1996 >Nintendo releases Mario 64, feature a main villain who's homosexual Proof that it…[View]
509990215Always heard about Touhou, don't know much about it. Are the main games good? If so, where shou…[View]
510022796Which one is better?[View]
510026604What are some games that are worth analyzing?[View]
510017659This game any good?[View]
510017031According to the Love Live video game, this is what (You) look like, /v/. Is this true?[View]
510023889Your daily reminder that >pic related is better than Phantasy Star Online 2.…[View]
510019329A thread for those we couldn't save[View]
510008731Imagine waiting 12 years to see Animal Crossing return to home consoles just for it to be basically …[View]
510016327I can't believe mario, crash and tomb raider are fucking dead...[View]
509859146>Still no ranked Turf War...[View]
510023974Remember this hidden gem from Rockstar? My favorite was the blackout riot level[View]
510009540What went wrong with Retro's revival of the series?[View]
510022259ITT: We pray for Elden Ring[View]
509988880Doom PC update: So since they listened and removed denuvo we are going to un review bomb it right? h…[View]
510025048Best Character In DA Trilogy[View]
510021924>the west asserts that it's an unplayable piece of shit >japanese gamers consider it a ma…[View]
510020262mario 64 1994 alpha source code has code related to erratas[View]
510025309Literally nothing wrong with this.[View]
5100233392b2t.net A minecraft anarchy server: This post is mainly directed to all the oldfags who where here …[View]
510020287>owns the horde >owns the alliance >owns even gods Who can stop her?…[View]
510023817How the fuck do you excuse this pile of dogshit?[View]
510012110Why Are You Already Fighting the Console/PC War?: There aren't any real games announced for the…[View]
510025604What was his endgame?[View]
510014281hey, /v/? why is it so based?[View]
510020627Who wins here?[View]
510024596>Your favorite franchise is a husk of its former self >The reasoning is that the devs are eith…[View]
510025263W's and wins: The thread: Have you recently had a win you're very proud of? Wanna share it…[View]
510017253Nier: Ok /v/ what order should I play Nier in? I own pic related because I bought a shit ton of chea…[View]
510024537>First entry has the most soul Why is this almost always the case? https://youtu.be/Np5PdpsfINA…[View]
510015213Is he /ourguy/?[View]
510015880what are good ps1 games nobody talk about[View]
510018183>drains your gameboy's battery life nothing personel kid[View]
510023708Metal Gear Solid V July 5 2014 Prototype Real Mission 51 Chapter 3 ChicoVil DEBUG FULLMISSION Includ…[View]
510016736I know I'm 2 years late to the party but I just finished Red Dead Redemption 2 and it was absol…[View]
510021031Welcome to Auto-McPuyo! What would you like to order?[View]
510014712JRPGs are the greatest video game genre.[View]
510024565A space game is a pirate game in space.[View]
509977883How did this game get so many awards and praise? Were people just blind to the trashfire that it was…[View]
510017995New Vegas: What should I do, /v/? I don't want to help out the Powder Gangers because they are …[View]
510021679Would this actually help you get gains?[View]
510023923you now remember the ouya[View]
510022167This picture absolutely kills Nu-/v/[View]
510022162Are there any other games with pay2win speedruns?[View]
510015197With the cost of game development rising every year, making a profit on a game has only become more …[View]
510022993You're going to have to say you love me 100 times! If you love me, you have to say it, /v/![View]
509961428Persona thread: You fuckers told me Chie/Rise were best waifu in 4. I’m calling bullshit after maxin…[View]
510018013that'll be $160, plus tip[View]
510018650What. The. Fuck?[View]
510018371Do I really want to go back, or is it just nostalgia talking?[View]
510023939Switch Thread: What are you playing /v/? Any recommendations to other anons? Finally solved your dri…[View]
510023882Hey, look behind you![View]
510007869rain world good game[View]
510021918>release long list of bugs before game even comes out >new, gamebreaking bug is found in multi…[View]
509994619Helltaker, while the dev is enjoying his fame. What would be a good followup?[View]
510017628What is your favorite level in all of the soulsborne games? For me, it was the Fishing Hamlet. It wa…[View]
510018716I got this on sale a couple weeks ago but I didn't play it until just recently It is absolutely…[View]
510005185Fire Emblem Heroes: It's up. https://youtu.be/A69PNtmOp0k[View]
510017760Are you jelly, /v/? Why the fuck did I do this to myself, I'm in shambles[View]
510017298Sekiro Fag Again: I beat Genichiro and The Guardian Ape in the same day. This game is incredible. In…[View]
510018802hahahah imagine being the writer of this shit game[View]
510021486Who was your favorite GTA V protagonist?: Surely there was one you preferred among the three. Mine i…[View]
510019510Name one (1) game where weapon durability is a good or fun mechanic. you can't[View]
510020891Can I play bloodborne with a friend through the entire game or just for bosses? I'm trying to g…[View]
509970470Aerith thread: What are some words you would use to describe her?[View]
510023108This is the best video game composer of all time, say something nice about him.[View]
510020508Where is the god damn chimp out gamethread?: I thought /v/ was redpilled.[View]
510010178Do you really need to have >100fps in your games?[View]
509996189/v/ plays Pokemon Clover: LAST TIME >escaping from the ebin islands, our adventure began again …[View]
510019438Forgetting online, why didn't you like GTA 5? I believe it's the best game from the past d…[View]
510018835>play fantasy RPG game >play as female elf do it every time my favourite was playing as a fema…[View]
510021250The other 'spooky things' thread died. Now post in this one.[View]
510022492Post video game related music that will play when you die. https://youtu.be/VO6zckb_tw4[View]
510021369>colonials pay 60 Nordamerika Reichsmark to play a movie[View]
510020951What are some really genuinely consistently scary games /v/? I haven't played a game that freak…[View]
510018543Why haven't you played the greatest first person shooter ever?[View]
510014693What do you folks think about the future of the Metal Gear series?[View]
510016689The Last of Us Part II: >Vita Did she deserve it?[View]
510017739I am in the market for the best linear storydriven fps titles. Enlighten me.[View]
510017692ITT Vidya music that turns you into a fucking man https://youtu.be/xK8k6UvwV5I[View]
510022134Will it be shit or as based as P.T?[View]
509943850Are you ready, Spongebros? BFBB Rehydrated thread: New trailer showing multiple languages is up. htt…[View]
510019417Last of us part 2 upgrade: Right is leak from months back old build, left is from yesterday stream…[View]
510015094INVENTORY WEIGHT IN GAMES: Is this just a dated mechanic like lives or continues outside of survival…[View]
510019490What the fuck is this and why do i keep seeing threads about it[View]
510019825Virtual boy: Just a reminder if you stared into one if these, may god have mercy on your soul[View]
510011939>get trapped by some bitch in a hellscape where you watch all your loved ones get murdered over a…[View]
510019150>turns dragons into a joke[View]
510021098Think you're too good for my buns!? C'mere![View]
510019616open game, launcher updating... launcher opens... another launcher opens.... launcher updating... ga…[View]
510017437Rune Factory 4 Special: -Remaster the game -STILL doesn't let you marry the cute dragon girl in…[View]
510004284what went so right?[View]
510020151Houses for best bros: So, did you built your dreambro a proper comfy setting that fit their characte…[View]
510020839>god eater managed to escape the vita >Soul Sacrifice didn't Fucking why? Same with freed…[View]
510021152Aw, fuck! You just lost in a MOBA game. On what role's shoulders does the blame exclusively fal…[View]
510014685What're your thoughts on the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Paper Mario: The Origami King?[View]
510016596>game forces you to kill the hero[View]
510017404Which one will be the better game?[View]
510018824uhh what did w*stern gaming mean by this?[View]
510020928PC release FUCKING when. We have to get the full franchise on master race soon.[View]
510018617The Last of Us 2 is heavily influenced by the Crysis series. One of the lead level designers worked …[View]
509992089Games about photography?[View]
510016897What a game.[View]
510020620>better wrestling than WWE games OH NO NO NO how can 2K even compete?[View]
509953943Terraria thread: What the FUCK was his problem? Why did he kidnap the Mechanic?[View]
510014023Capcom please[View]
510020376I need this so badly[View]
510013969NINTENDO NX2 LEAKS: Nintendo will be releasing a new iteration of the Switch in 2022, currently code…[View]
510020080MW: WZ: > Just won on Batlle Royale after a long drought > MFW…[View]
509982158/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>509938013 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
510019526Is pso2 worth the 7 hour download?[View]
509976318What are your favorite vidya soundtracks /v/. Not individual tracks but entire OSTs, pic related[View]
510018772Literally impossible: Fuck this shit. Ice on both sides of a barrierless narrow road, leading into a…[View]
510017870Am I gonna have a hard time beating this without the use of save states?[View]
510019947Vidya characters that did deserve to die.[View]
510014794How the fuck do you even beat this dude?[View]
510017963I knew i should of saved it: Who has the full video? Ive only seen it once here. It becomes a laser …[View]
510017257Reminder that this soulless bean counter is Nintendo's current CEO.[View]
510019327Constant game updates Day one multigig patches Terrible loading times Games saying they're read…[View]
510018114share your pso2 characters[View]
510009358back in business: 2022[View]
510017281What if 4chan were around to see the 1997 launch /of a game called Final Fantasy VII/?: >The prot…[View]
510017038Music Game Appreciation: What ever happened to colorful music games like Parappa, Jet Set Radio or G…[View]
510002718What are the best DS games? So far I’ve got >all the Mario games >all the Sonic games >all …[View]
510018129Dead space: Which dead space game is best? https://www.strawpoll.me/20189446[View]
510018925Why is Chris Redfield such a chad? Also reminder he can spank leon ass if the two fought[View]
510018343Mafia 2 thread: did Henry deserve it?[View]
510009410>single handedly saves arena shooters[View]
510015641Whoa, looking cool, Joker![View]
510005697Is this the only thing Digimanz ever got right besides the anime? Really just the first season thoug…[View]
510015650Who are the best evil party members in RPGs?[View]
510018517A tour of black mesa facility: https://youtu.be/0PE61NylbuM[View]
510011506A fantasy based on lies...[View]
510009796whats your favorite map?[View]
509990686FFXIV: Have you helped a sprout today?[View]
510016870So who is the guy on the left? Always wondered.[View]
510016480Indie smash fighter reveal: This will be in the next indie direct, was scheduled for june, but won…[View]
510017313ITT most disappointing hyped bosses in vidya[View]
510000134What controller does /v/ use to play fighting games?[View]
510017805Should I?[View]
510016005Oh yes[View]
510016782Bosses with this feel?[View]
510017470>Behold the heart of the world! Progenitor of life, father and mother, alpha and omega! Our creat…[View]
509985260Microsoft Acquiring Sega?: https://gamerant.com/microsoft-sega-big-announcement/amp/ Highly unlikely…[View]
510016832It's been about a year and a half since the merge. How you bros hold up?[View]
510012771I hope elden ring never gets released and never shows any footage because the game I imagined in my …[View]
510009023Characters in vidya that didn't deserve to die.[View]
510010494>Hasn't released a mainline game in almost a decade >Bethesda puts out Skyrim 2 How do th…[View]
510012148>Nothing Happens: The Game Jesus Christ, I finished FF7 Remake, then went to OG FF7 and had a bla…[View]
510016910Why does everyone hate this game so much?[View]
510005473ITT: Ports/Remakes that are straight up better than the original.[View]
510014067NINTENDO SWITCH REECOMMENDATIONS: i just bought a nintendo switch off ebay because i feel hollow and…[View]
510017273Choose, the voice or the face?[View]
510015295I'm bored and lonely, /v/, give me a game to fill that void. No Persona[View]
510017042Fix it.[View]
510016786I used to find find Bandicam to be trustworthy on almost all my other games yet now when I finally r…[View]
509994391Is this the end of Final Fantasy?[View]
510016484DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO multiply?[View]
510010532Only 'V' more characters left for SFV: https://twitter.com/StreetFighter/status/1265660100850733058?…[View]
510013094Is there a way to find Jaws Unleashed? can't seem to find it anywhere to play. I miss that game…[View]
510016479Xeno Series mobile gacha when?[View]
510016661https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azshoAWDMbk >kills r6s >dabs on valorant Are you ready for 3v3…[View]
509971340creepy shit in games: Let's have one of these threads about weird shit in non-horror games, myt…[View]
510014762I like how this is actually, actually, actually happening[View]
510011651what happened to all the hype surrounding this game?: someone open up a lobby tonight.[View]
509989789Why aren't you playing Skyrim right now?[View]
510015019>be snake >Random fucker, take hostage Chico and Paz >Chico is the nicest guy in the organi…[View]
510016140is anyone else having this with fallout new vegas where they can't load where the sunset saperl…[View]
510013212I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the Citadel[View]
509972681How does /v/ feel about Argonians?[View]
510016445oy mates, does the zx spectrum has any fun games? The only game I know for it are Ultimate (Rareware…[View]
510009821MK11 Aftermath - Who's Next: I've been sitting on this stuff for a while now mainly wantin…[View]
510015895Pardon me, sir. Were you hoping to have a fun and fulfilling ending to your highly anticipated game?[View]
510011004>Spend 10 Years using a Laptop with Intel Pentium and Integrated Graphics >Get a custom built …[View]
510007696Post and picture and the poster below recommends you a game based on your pic.[View]
510016274>'Scorpion' >'Sub Zero' Who would have thought that such corny ass names would have such a hug…[View]
510014948Guild Wars 2: Does /v/ play Guild Wars 2? I'm lonely[View]
510016186ITT: that one boss[View]
510012856Alright /v/, what's a good PSX game? Looking for something to play before I play Persona 2 Eter…[View]
5100049502 DAYS: 2 DAYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ioc90NK7CQ[View]
510008089>when literally every single games you play becomes boring after 30 minutes of playtime even thou…[View]
510015784Why is it that you can't criticize Western AAA gaming for being too cinematic without hordes of…[View]
510010320Tick-tock Snoys ,it's only a matter of time until Persona 5 is on switch.[View]
510014798I just hacked my 3ds. Any game recommendations? The games I've played are Pokemon X Pokemon AS …[View]
510009862Is this the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
509967912This is how much it’ll cost to build a gaming PC with the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s specs: PC >CPU:…[View]
510008050After a long day of stressful work and endless phone calls, Stanley decided to spend the rest of his…[View]
510004058Elsword Thread: I'm starting to lose hope[View]
510013914regardless of the games that came before it, is it fun?[View]
510007798>the absolute state of game journalists[View]
510005338>fire 2183127398718378712897389178973892718937891278937892768363764786327846761739881902823908190…[View]
510005063Recently beat Persona 5 and now I've got the SMT itch. What should I play next? Games I own inc…[View]
510014221How did the people responsible for this train-wreck not lose their jobs? Isn't accepting respon…[View]
510014354>Mario 64 >only like 4 games before it What happened to Mario 5-63?…[View]
510015384Does it make me a pedo to like Neptune?[View]
510012252Kindly create for me a backlog of the MUST PLAY pc games released in the last 2 decades. My componen…[View]
509986627PSO2 thread: Ship 2 is the official /v/ ship[View]
510014017As many of us have seen, a major complaint with games now is content. What is content truly? What is…[View]
510015332is BoF4 still the comfiest jrpg?[View]
510009724Here's your only romance option bro[View]
510008665>Persona 5: $13 >Persona 5 The Royal: $60 Is there any reason to buy the Royal? Any at all, be…[View]
509990848>have hundreds of guns >killing has a negative outcome that is hidden from you >only 3% of…[View]
510013709Now this is a Final Fantasy 7 remake.[View]
510014443But first, tell me. Why's a cat want to fight for Skyrim?[View]
510015028There is a demo of the destroy all humans remake on gog.[View]
510010563GPD Win Max: What are your thoughts on this handheld PC thing? It seems to be able to run stuff kind…[View]
510014659PSVita in TLOU2: What did Sony mean by this?[View]
510010169>play JRPG >the villain is capitalism[View]
510013870Well at this point it's just scalie porn[View]
510011827ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
510014910why is this game good again?: go ahead and try to defend that /v/[View]
510009596just got banned for a week in wow for auction house maniupulation because i was the only one having …[View]
510006795Aside from the genocide the impure is there any reason why the Enclave are bad leaders? They have th…[View]
510008965>Dota and League players love new people coming to their game Is this true? Nevermind that I…[View]
510014719I DID MY TIME[View]
510011741What the fuck happened bros???[View]
510012427This game is too fucking edgy it's like it was made by a 8 years old fanfiction writer. It has …[View]
510014651What does /v/ think of Starsector?: tri-tachyon gang[View]
510002371Where did he go? What is he doing now when he left the industry?[View]
509994210ITT: BASED INDIE DEVS: Name some indie Devs that constantly put out good shit.[View]
510009923In what game is it the most fun to play as a necromancer? I like raising undead to fight for me. Als…[View]
510012759The world ends with you: You guys are delusional if you think a sequel will be announced, it'll…[View]
510014361Post interesting saved potrait AI results. It's down until July and I wanna build up my collect…[View]
510010539How does /v/ feel about CRT shaders?[View]
509997738Fighting Game Girls™[View]
510014257Oninaki: /v/'s thoughts on Oninaki?[View]
510012891ITT: Games no one played[View]
510013992Serious question: I have 2 (two) real life friends, and we're definitely growing apart. Seems …[View]
509984079SMITE: How did it manage to be the only survivor in the great LoL clone wars of 2011 - 2014?[View]
509981283just admit its too difficult to be an enjoyable game[View]
510006864Final Fantasy XVI will be announced at the Summer Game Fest: According to information I got from an …[View]
510013082I want to sniff Tifa's feet[View]
509959845>still has less content than New Leaf What was the delay for then? Seems to me like it was a PR m…[View]
509975438What are the best Western games you can play on PC? Give me at least the top 5 you can think of beca…[View]
510011513Fibbage time! Get in here! https://meet.google.com/umg-gtoa-yze[View]
510003212ITT: actual garbage: Post only the most mediocre games YOU have played[View]
510012504Saw this shit for $10 on psn, should I start yakuza with this or 0?[View]
510013779anyone know which game came out w gun buddies first? just curious[View]
510012004Tifa Thread: What's your /mood/ ?[View]
509990845Can you even imagine it?[View]
510008761one man[View]
509988616Do you still play Killing Floor /v/? I miss the original.[View]
510006152So what will the killer announcement be? Rayman? Splinter Cell? Beyond Good and Evil? Prince of Pers…[View]
510012390what's the Pablo Honey of video games?[View]
510013419Another wanderer, here to lick my father's boots. Good job.[View]
509999615Worst PC port ever?[View]
509985261This is the greatest fighting game I have ever played and the game I put the most amount of time int…[View]
509989460this is pretty good[View]
510011686Pick the only kino moment in shitty game companies history[View]
510011491What was his endgame?[View]
510001997How do we make a remake of the series happen?: First of all, is it possible? Is there even high qual…[View]
510003971I miss the golden era of PC games.[View]
510010368Now that the dust has settled . . .: Where does ION Fury stand among the BUILD shooters? I thought i…[View]
510004280Never made an objectively bad game[View]
510012052Capcom FY2019 Financial Results Announcement: Iceborne is now Capcom's 7th best selling game of…[View]
510003014Just finished this for the first time, went in blind. I had a good time but the game is kinda short …[View]
510010371Why there is no crack yet ,what's happening ?[View]
510010410which should I play, brosefs?[View]
510012321576P IN DOCKED MODE: How the fuck can Nintendo faggots excuse this kind of bullshit? How can a (surp…[View]
510008403what's your excuse?[View]
510012348Silent Hill happening: You’ll niggas ready?[View]
509964425Fighter pass vol 2 thread[View]
510001784I’m new to pc gaming. What are the best games on Steam (any genre)?[View]
510010792Post your favorite pleb filters in games.[View]
510003117Games you only played a handful of hours before dropping for whatever reason only to come back to by…[View]
510012174...hm... *stands up and salute* Big Boss... the world maybe better off without snakes and some may n…[View]
510010032Is this the only vidya company that has as many/as close as many iconic franchises as Nintendo?[View]
510011449>You can't kill him snake or you'll be just like him What did Kaz mean by this?…[View]
510005314The mighty ZARDOZ commands you to discuss the last game you played in at least two sentences.[View]
510010816Fucking AMAZING year for gaming[View]
509999005Now that all consoles use a double stick gamepad and games have sophisticated movement and camera sy…[View]
510004939it wanted to be Heat+Menace 2 Society: but it was Beverly Hills Cop+Lethal Weapon Maybe Sam Houser s…[View]
509989408THIS MAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GOLDENEYE: he personally got the bond license for nintendo and told rare…[View]
510002120Best way to go about playing this game? Should I emulate or play on a PC private server?[View]
510001364Why are almost all UK street fighter character's black in the mainline games? Dudley, Birdie, e…[View]
510008514SHIT ENEMY DESIGN: >Boss is immune to damage for half the fight so you don't kill it too qui…[View]
510009610So what exactly did Sony mean by this?[View]
510010050is it weird to prefer the original over DQB2? Just based on the demos alone, the first one has a mor…[View]
510006895is PS VR worth it? there are some exclusives I want to play on it such as ace combat 7, RE7, and eve…[View]
509985657This image sums up modern sony pretty well. >weeb playing on his ps vita while a californian lesb…[View]
510010615Are modern RPGs too easy?[View]
510006101FUCK FF7 ( FINAL FA**OTRY): The Chad of RPGs needs a remaster.[View]
510004903In time, you will know the full extent of my Darkest Dungeon thread [View]
510010392Where did their bodies come from? Specifically I mean Roxas and Naminé, although Xion and the replic…[View]
510004818Confess your gaming sins.[View]
510010175ITT: Enemies that dont exist: ill start[View]
509958380Say goodbye to future entries, Microsoft/Sega fucked up the PC launch of Phantasy Star Online 2[View]
510006131What's /v/'s opinion on Crysis?[View]
510009281Play Pathfinder: Kingmaker[View]
510009582How excited are you for the PS5?[View]
510007996Psst, /v/...: You just lost the game[View]
510006696>10 years old >still holds up[View]
509994060Did people stop caring about this as soon as it came out?[View]
510008659TLOU part II: Just admit it fags, the game looks pretty fun and it seems like we really are gonna ha…[View]
510008341Oblivion is comfiest and most relaxing TES game. >Morrowind: always dark, gloomy, cliff racers e…[View]
510009516Anyone have a mirror to LOU2 leaks?: Tryna see this fucked up snuff tier fight scene I keep hearing …[View]
510004904>still no moebius game yet why not[View]
510008019I want a video game where you can play as the offspring of a human and an eldritch god[View]
509996713>skateboard mission in mall >controls like shit WTF?…[View]
510008028>Characters who are Spirits can't become playable! Actually, there is a way they can. Simply…[View]
510007041Okay /v/ros, this is fucked. I'm playing the Trials of Mana PS4 game and fighting these little …[View]
510007354Goddamn this game is frustrating as fuck. The devs ruined Majima with this bullshit Majima everywher…[View]
510008875The single most overrated game of all time. It's just fitting blocks together for autists.[View]
510007138ITT:NOPE moments in video games[View]
510008835I hope they don't fuck up this scene in the remake bros[View]
509996405What went wrong?[View]
510005907Mareep! :D[View]
510003672>wipes your entire disk drive[View]
510005290>there are more people watching CS GO reruns than Valorant what went wrong here? it died 10x fas…[View]
510007260Are ya winning son?[View]
510003825The Sonic franchise was never good. Paper Mario: TTYD was a 7/10 at best. The only decent JRPG serie…[View]
510005510It's back online. Enjoy. https://archive.org/details/yandereSimulatorSource[View]
510002268*AHEM* Yep, i think It's time...[View]
509992469Would you Play Stella Glow on Switch?[View]
510008324Describe a game using a Spongebob quote: >'Either you (a) put the dime in me pants, (b) put the d…[View]
509993947>zero hype after the state of play What the fuck?[View]
510008279Arkane 20th Anniversary: Happy Birthday, Arkane! Looking forward to Arx Fatalis II on Friday[View]
510003710Hexaghost is dropped into the last vidya you played. What happens?[View]
510000547Why the fuck did he blow up that stadium? What was his endgame?[View]
509999836Banjo-Threeie is made but it's developed by Double Fine Would you take it?[View]
509993303What is the stupidest thing you've done that resulted in a game console or game being destroyed…[View]
510008104You think Capcom will ever add her back? Is Season 5 her time to shine?[View]
510002249Oh yeah that's the stuff[View]
510004708What the fuck is going on? I just fought a UI Goku smurfing and he built like 6 bars off one combo e…[View]
510007506At what point do you become so 'advanced' that you stop caring about graphics to play a video game? …[View]
510007980Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Why isn't /v/ talking about this? Upcomin…[View]
510007935Please play Monster Train. Thank you.[View]
509997610What is the longest RPG? I mean if I wanted to sit down and be prepared to sink dozens upon dozens o…[View]
510003610>free game made by one guy based on spooky internet community-made Goosebump monsters >able to…[View]
509984953Just put up an E.Y.E. Battle Royal server, come join for some fun or else you're a filthy Jian.…[View]
509997289I had no idea big bland was black![View]
510002917>until now you can't hurt NPCs in any way >but you're supposed to know you have to b…[View]
510007678>If you're sad or suffering, I'll just have to starve you until you muster a smile! WHA…[View]
509993393Minecraft Dungeons: What's the /v/eredict?[View]
510007493Give me an OP build.[View]
510005001>Made in a lab by some evil guy >Has a fucked up experience where he has to watch the girl he …[View]
510007534DON KAT DON KAT[View]
509970550Tansut leaks Neku from TWEWY for Smash: This is the same guy who previously leaked Cloud and Hero. H…[View]
510007123Snowboarding Vidya: just picked up Steep for 9.89 on sale. I swear those fuckers knew what they were…[View]
509961047Does it deserve the praise?[View]
509999637Guys Help: They all want my dick[View]
510001653Yo ho ho ho it's a pirates life for me[View]
510002161So this entire game is basically >die over and over again to hordes of enemies attacking you at t…[View]
510006914best game mechanic = double jump worst = breakable weapons[View]
510007030Mortal Kombat on Sega Genesis is the best video game ever[View]
510002389Is having your characters use fictional swearing SOUL, or just self-censorship?[View]
509986519Working on the platinum for this game. I've got a couple trophies to go: >no save >finish…[View]
510006746Wayfoward girls: I would like to see shantae as a DLC character[View]
510004154You guys lied to me. This shit is actually fun for some pew pew bot slaying.[View]
510006796> want to buy something from all these sales > realize I already own Phantom Pain > realize…[View]
509974987What did we think of the Desperados demo /v/?[View]
509986287Post the best H-games. Keep it SFW.[View]
510005119>windows store preventing people from playing the game due to admin privilege garbage >downloa…[View]
510006662First time playing Xenoblade. Should I go physical, or digital? Physical’s cheaper, digital will let…[View]
509964306ITT: Vidya music with no business being as soulful as it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcpNJcVJ…[View]
509996286>still has the best soundtrack of the souls games https://youtu.be/x3WBu8Lxa9Q…[View]
509999771Why is there no Miiverse on Switch? We're basically back to DS levels of online and they want y…[View]
509990806model 1887 akimbo shotguns[View]
510003646Translation never[View]
510005947Hear me out for a moment. What if you took Monster Rancher, but instead of CDs and DVDs you used bar…[View]
510002440>cultist sim releases a new DLC AGAIN??[View]
510005741Maplestory 2: THEY DID IT ITS FINALLY OVER Now that they shut down servers maybe they realized what …[View]
509999997What's your favorite Touhou game? Personally, I find Fairy Wars to be highly enjoyable. The mec…[View]
510005654It is important to stay at home for sure... do you miss the arcade dancing games? I do, also, I thin…[View]
509999204What's a man, /v/?[View]
509961583None of these are real nintendo fans[View]
510002213Areas in games that made you instantly comfy upon entering? Alchemy Lab does it for me[View]
510001124Goddamnit, this game actually looks fun. Why can’t it have a good story to accompany it, though?[View]
509998772NES games into 3D BTFO ZOOMERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OORxEmEdwnQ[View]
510002160>In Diablo III, Town Portal has been altered. [...] >Unlike its previous appearances, Town Por…[View]
510004741Max Payne on GBA was goat[View]
509976040Microsoft have purchased SEGA Sammy Holding behind closed doors: Since Feburary of this year, many d…[View]
509995226Reminder that this existed, post fucking game failures[View]
509996431What're your most played games /v/?[View]
510003124>So whaddaya like to do for fun, Anon? Are you into that online gaming?…[View]
509997791Why is DeSu so based? This shit couldn't get released today a war would break out.[View]
509994797Anyone else feel like Skyrim would have been better if it was a third person game rather than first …[View]
509992475Sonic the Hedgehog: What would you guys like to see in the next mainline Sonic Game? For me it’s Adv…[View]
510003134XFire was the best social platform for gaming: >title Change my mind. >had broadcasting and st…[View]
510003981ITT: Add more pins onto Sonic and Luigi[View]
510003612So anyone has the link to the high quality music?[View]
509989201Games that needed another year of development[View]
510003387>he wasn't chosen to be a Samurai[View]
509964115Daily reminder that we're never ever getting a sequel[View]
510003370>For me, it's the humble platformer. The BEST genre.[View]
510001010LOOK UP AT THE SKY[View]
510002110This is the pinnacle of video games.[View]
509996834You have until midnight to play a videogame, and if you can't, you'll have to leave /v/. T…[View]
509990460what is the most playable rpcs3 game?[View]
509933140How did atlus get away with putting this in etrian odyssey?[View]
509999569Does anyone else have trouble naming their characters in games?[View]
509934402Fuck you, the driving in this game was piss. I don't care how realistic you think it is It…[View]
509997437Most underrated or obscure gems you know ? i will put Mr gimmick as an example, it had the potential…[View]
510002863Why the fuck isn’t she in Smash yet? She’s more iconic than Shitmus, who got THREE slots and nobody …[View]
510002758Games that involve figures of speech?[View]
509994749This is your PlayStation 5 lineup reveal for June 3rd: >Horizon Zero Dawn 2 developed by Guerilla…[View]
510002720Indie-friendly news sites: What are some news/blog sites that are friendly to indie devs, or have a …[View]
509996947When is it coming to switch?[View]
510002309Have you ever been scared while playing a game?[View]
510001151Just image for a moment that there are people that think children's toys are 'difficult' or eve…[View]
509987956>Boss is literally just a larger version of a regular enemy[View]
509993278Which video game released between 2010 and 2020 had the WORST story?[View]
509999580How come Capcom is the only JAP company that still keeps their source codes and assets on archive wh…[View]
510000818Why is CS:GO so toxic? Because it's F2P?[View]
510002202Say goodbye to 'Xbox', because this bears the Dreamcast name now You won't have to wait long, y…[View]
510000541So when are they fixing that annoying bug where you can just randomly die from full health because s…[View]
509998317Final Fantasy XVI and Crimson Arbitrium will be announced at the Summer Game Fest: According to info…[View]
509993132Maybe it's just me, but I dont think I can listen to a person die with realistic detail over an…[View]
510000365Meanwhile, in /v/illage...[View]
509984050Lots of new Smash info: Got some new information to share. >There will be a SoulCalibur spirit e…[View]
509990354>instantly saves Warhammer 40k games[View]
509995150Why did this game filter /v/ so hard?[View]
509996261People actually trust Square Enix with a new TWEWY game after the shit new story in Final Remix. You…[View]
509974776Why do Edeltards give this dumb bitch a free pass? She's worse than Hitler in all routes but he…[View]
509956831Magic, is in fact, not real.[View]
509995927They've fucking lost their minds.[View]
510000014>Poison persists after battle >damages you as you walk >can kill you in overworld…[View]
509997016why does he love money so much?[View]
510000683Please play Monster Train. Thank you.[View]
510001437Underrail: Have you beaten Dominating mode, aka 'all the containers are fucking empty mode?' If so t…[View]
509998949Dr. Dolphin: It’s up. https://youtu.be/0KVHcI_VfFc[View]
510001265Why the fuck is Microsoft taking notes on Bless Online when it comes to launching PSO2? For fuck sak…[View]
510000845Final Fantasy XVI will be announced at the Summer Game Fest: According to information I got from an …[View]
510001150Does anyone else hate this massive cunt?[View]
509990707Can we look forward to a resurgence of PS1 style horror games in the near future?[View]
509998308>coomerware >can fuck tentacles, wolves, dogs, lizards >can't even eat ass as an optio…[View]
509999643OLD MEN[View]
510000839>The demons are actually inter-dimensional ayy lmaos[View]
509998464hey smashfags, you guys got any more toxic shit to say about other people's wants in baby fight…[View]
509989410How do I make it as a twitch streamer/youtuber?[View]
509995058Did they sell those million copies?[View]
509998727Game looks great guys[View]
509997741what other actually good games have been set in the warhammer 40k universe?[View]
509998527Is calling something 'gatekeeping' a valid form of criticism?[View]
509997778It is TIME: My fellow, /v/. It is time to dissect the message from this cryptic relic. I will reveal…[View]
509932853I hate this fucking game even when I win I hate this fucking game[View]
509997936have you ever made a commision? https://uploadir.com/u/v59qo2xh[View]
509999916What went right?[View]
510000416Combine the gameplay of two of your favourite games and post how well it turns out.[View]
509864736Dead or Alive Thread: Today, we discuss the importance of bums. Post anything DOA related![View]
509991985Is this worth checking out in 2020?[View]
509996347Borderlands: The Handsome Collection: Just to remind all of you, /v/ros. This game will be free tomo…[View]
509996120Anon its your brothers turn to play[View]
509999762Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions: >August 28 Does anyone care? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
509998701Remember this /v/? https://m.youtube.com/watc.comh?v=NSnAdcyxCZ4[View]
509946669Whoops! excuse me! coming through! just the best legend of zelda game Coming through![View]
509997906FACT: Minecrafters are the most powerful race on earth[View]
509994682Humanization Thread? Post non human vidya characters depicted as people ITT[View]
509998875Piratechads Its fucking out on switch. The successor to paper mario. https://switch-xci.com/bug-fabl…[View]
509998725Dragon Quest: On this episode of 'I can't believe it's not DBZ' King Vegeta goes to the me…[View]
509999717Crimson Arbitrium - Agni's Anthology will be announced at the Summer Game Fest: This is the nam…[View]
509997721Anyone got funny Vidya Related Vocaroos? I'm in the mood to hear a video game character say som…[View]
509999512Dungeon Crawlers: Where's that other guy posting dungeon crawling threads? I just played throug…[View]
509999449Which is better?: Which is better, perfect world or WoW?[View]
509994345So, I just bought it and am currently playing it and enjoying. What do you guys think about it?[View]
509971024Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is coming to Switch in FY2021: FYI: > Coming in FY2021 to Switc…[View]
509998728Tell me zoomers what's good about this game?[View]
509867038/ctt/ - Console Tan Tuesday - After Dark https://consoletan.booru.org https://aggie.io/mqlld01_5v ht…[View]
509997807>game about manly dad trying to teach his son to be a man wtf how nu-Sony released a game like th…[View]
509998287Any advice?[View]
509999286>stuck in the same rank for ages[View]
509991375Anna Navarre was: >a) OUT >b) OF >c) LINE >d) all of the above…[View]
509990002Well /v/?[View]
509997642This is a Heroes of Might and Magic thread. I have been curious about something that has been keepin…[View]
509996037>first game is by far the best in the series >the fewest people have played it Any other examp…[View]
509997412Metal Gear Solid is overrated, pretentious garbage[View]
509989984>tfw you choke in the last circle on warzone AHHHH HOW DO I GET THE CLUTCH GENE…[View]
509998512ACNH Harv photos: Post your best photos from Big Harv's island[View]
509995461Ratchet & Clank Cut Content: This thread has been on my mind for a while because there's so…[View]
509988835Who is right: the Epic Games hypeman or the Epic Games engineer?[View]
509998405Instead of bitching about SOUL SOULLESS why doesn't anyone just limit their resources on purpos…[View]
509997751Is there a program for windows that I can use to make my controller vibrate continuously?[View]
509976584Have the Irish made any good games?[View]
509994741Multiplayer games that are fun without friends: I want to play with other humans, but all my friends…[View]
509995605Come here you crazy lifeform![View]
509997850Always fucked up around here. Or is it because of the drugs?[View]
509998101It's my birthday recommend me some games to treat myself for today I like games with gun porn F…[View]
509997834What are your thoughts on Free to Play Games, and do you have any favorites?[View]
509998031Post stuff from your vidya collection that you think it's cool.[View]
509983341Mass Effect Remasters: Remasters are coming, and they need some upgrades. Besides obvious graphical …[View]
509991039Tell me what is a good build to play Pathfinder: Kingmaker Don't say monk plz[View]
509997757Is there a single game where you can wrap up winter?[View]
509995443Splatoon is shit[View]
509997728FISTS OF JUSTICE[View]
509984982Is anyone holding off on killing themselves until they get to play elden ring? That's literally…[View]
509994864...hm... *stands up and salute* Big Boss... the world maybe better off without snakes and some may n…[View]
509996156>New citra android beta comes out >It is incompatible with my device…[View]
509992179vcraft 1.15.2 Minecraft Server: vcraft.xyz / abos abolished edition Over 230 uniqu…[View]
5099974724 gigs for a two hour game what the fuck?![View]
509994870Mythic hero trailer soon. Who do you want to see?[View]
509997404>main girl is worst girl why do they always do this?[View]
509994498>be at home >spend day playing vidya today was a good day…[View]
509997225vidya equivalent of this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErmZRsCIUsE[View]
509996818We can all agree that she's best girl, right?[View]
509991476>Graphics downgrade to kiddie cell shaded easy garbage[View]
509996593Games Only You Played[View]
509996936What else belongs at tier 5+?[View]
509996930/comfy/ games only. Post them.[View]
509993635ITT: Games nobody remembers[View]
509986598What is it /v/? Supposed to be Sega related[View]
509994317I'll take an RPG, with an interesting setting, large map size with multiple zones, good storyli…[View]
509996205well, what do you think? https://youtu.be/s00Y8_Ur1dg[View]
509996447what would a microsoft developed sonic game look like?[View]
509996437No excuse >>nb4 eww gay furry its a 1/40 chance + patch to remove him from the background…[View]
509986472Have you ever convinced yourself you were a fictional character?[View]
509992216>tfw you replayed your favourite games and have to wait even longer to replay them again[View]
509956773MK11: Aftermath: So now to address the elephant in the room... Who's ending is canon?[View]
509996185super columbine massacre rpg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k28PPRMNXyc Should games try to be art…[View]
509996251>character uses her charm in battle[View]
509994468Yeah I'm thinking we are going to have to preorder if we want to live in a different world[View]
509987960ITT Honest mains.[View]
509996020What made Kay'l think a /v/tard would be a good cop?: Like, bro, you come at me asking to trade…[View]
509995969Name a game with a comfier setting than Flotsam from The Witcher 2: Small backwater town in the midd…[View]
509995957ITT: Best kirby game[View]
509992484Who remembers?[View]
509977563what disgusts you /v/?[View]
509994793where should I start with Jap mech games? I have every platform but would prefer something on PS4 or…[View]
509995359am I literally the only one getting this for switch when it comes out?[View]
509994859Play Disco Elysium right now.[View]
509995440Is Steam down for anyone else?[View]
509990963Outside of exclusives, does this console beat out PS5 in pretty much every other comparable category…[View]
509995409Which gaming communities can this quote be applied to?[View]
509987993What's their endgame?[View]
509992004Welcome back to EB games anon what can I get you today?[View]
509989751Why didn't you play CrossCode?[View]
509994962who's laughing now?[View]
509993036What went so, so right?[View]
509986036Lost odyssey: What was the point of the kids? Why would I level them up and how would I know I was g…[View]
509946853Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Post cute Animal Crossing designs to wear![View]
509994765>yfw sony tries to keep the same DVD style shape for the PS5 and the thing melts and whirrrr…[View]
509994518Hear that? It's the sound of fa/tg/uys taking over your games.[View]
509994643No Mans Sky: How is the game? I'm late to the news and yes I just saw internet historians video…[View]
509992090Don't you think it's amazing that we're able to pinpoint the exact second that video …[View]
509910974OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://youtu.be/ihkvEEDTf3w[View]
509988568Let's talk about French Bread's gift to the world on the video games board for talking abo…[View]
509994606NINTENDO HIRE THIS MAN: no please I need a fucking job. I've spent too much being a hapless nee…[View]
509988514Does there exist a more traditional turn-based RPG like Dragon Quest, but with a character creator a…[View]
509989574What is the most disappointing vidya roster you’ve ever seen?[View]
509990837Will this game ever hit mainstream popularity or is it doomed to eternal mediocrity?[View]
509984318Wtf I love Blizzard now[View]
509991120Wholesome resident evil thread[View]
509994380is this shit worth emulating on pc? I don't want to get a ds just because of twewy[View]
509993336Are we going to get a videogame journalist uprising if Elden Ring turns out to be more difficult tha…[View]
509991286I like these two.[View]
509994129No.. no.. not that way.. nno[View]
509989915what does /v/ think of this one[View]
509993670Is it possible to sexually harass people in VR? Also VR thread.[View]
509992492I don't know why, but i have a crippling weakness to cute witches. Post cute vidya witches.[View]
509976009Defend paid mods[View]
509992802Who else enjoys achievement hunting here? I know a lot of people say they aren't worth anything…[View]
509993230PS4: Was looking into getting a PS4, but what does this thing have other than P5R and Bloodborne? Co…[View]
509990831i have an idea for a videogame. something like Pokemon, element-based stats (water beats fire, fire …[View]
509992003Okay, okay. Shitpost little. But not so much that They hear you. They got people everywhere, always …[View]
509972470>google online gaming handle >find out I share the name with an infamous diaper furry…[View]
509984892>See interesting thread >Go inside and browse replies >Six replies in and the whole thread …[View]
509993484Super Moves: >Alright, here's the 4-1-1, folks. Say some gangster is dissing your fly girl. …[View]
509993457Was this asspull really necessary?[View]
509949875Thoughts on Star Citizen? You guys did play the free weekend, right? https://files.catbox.moe/gvfhdf…[View]
509993276reminder that akuma, a street fighter icon. was part of the base roster for tekken 7 as a guest but …[View]
509931475Monster Hunter: What do you want to see in MH6? What kinda of new locations, monsters, mechanics, we…[View]
509993169They’re finally in bros[View]
509984614Any games that play like resident evil and silent hill? Already played Dino crisis and parasite Eve …[View]
509963490One more month until Persona 6 reveal: >https://gamerant.com/persona-6-atlus-new-game-plus-expo/a…[View]
509991404Videogames died after 2007[View]
509992042Why the fuck is N64 emulation in the original 3ds so shit?[View]
509986520why is america like this?[View]
509992791So... Mario Royale. Anyone remember it?[View]
509954197ITT Tropes you love: >NPCs refer to power-ups and health pickups as items of every day use >Bo…[View]
509991546>Can't have any discussion of your favorite character because he/she is absolutely (ENDLESSL…[View]
509983191The sheer amount of shitters on the MCC enrages me!: I cannot deal with this anymore. Every match I …[View]
509991030What are some great Father/Daughter games excluding the witcher 3 and the last of us?[View]
509962943Why can't boomies into building? My 12 yo brother had no problem figuring this shit out but my …[View]
509991486Was he /ourguy/?[View]
509989634Reggie always right[View]
509992378Franken/v/: >/v/ creates a protagonist for their new game >anon takes a trait from a video gam…[View]
509992074tf2 balance gladitorial arena: How do we fix the Pyro?[View]
509985134>played Overwatch a ton back when it came out up to after the Ana update >eventually burnout a…[View]
509992284>even the doll, should it please you AKA >I created this doll who's appearance is based o…[View]
509983332Reccomend me some 3ds games, I mostly missed this system except for MH4U. I've seen /v/'s …[View]
509987374What went so wrong?[View]
509992093What are some games for the truly gifted?[View]
509986975Why does Blizzard and other companies pander to China for MMORPGS first? Isn't USA full of Amer…[View]
509991059Sakura Wars: Look at her go edition![View]
509988132These are the best games of all time, you can disagree all you want, but ultimately it's true[View]
509985174>2020 is a bad year for gam-[View]
509991414This Game Hasn't Aged Well: I would love an actual full remake that re-imagined all the bland e…[View]
50998915610 hours in persona 2 IS and it's probably gonna be my new faveourite persona game, should of s…[View]
509991619Demo is up[View]
509990575How fucking big is this thing? I decided to download it because it was '''''free''''' on PS plus, bu…[View]
509991543Pic not related, oneyplays discussion thread: I think oney is still stuck in 2009, hes obsessed with…[View]
509991518What are the chances of the next GTA game being set in Canada? I mean GTA: GTA rolls off the tongue …[View]
509991168advertisement: One of the announcements that Nintendo has prepared is the development of a fire embl…[View]
509984502Ys: >unskippable intro cutscene >also it's long as shit why the FUCK is this allowed?…[View]
509956880What the fuck was Gant’s problem?[View]
509983719What games have rats in them?[View]
509990685How is it that we know almost nothing about halo infinite but its supposed to release this year. Wha…[View]
509982123Do you like this controller?[View]
509989816What are some good games that make you feel actually proud to be white? With all this black washing…[View]
509986595Average /v/ user[View]
509991012ITT: Video game OSTs with no bad tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBWl9p0fH28[View]
509987524Skeleton Mario without nose and mustache = soul Skeleton Mario with nose and mustache = soulless[View]
509985945Why is Mortal Kombat so much less fun and complex compared to literally every other fighter out, and…[View]
509984294Games where you can win a fight by cheating?[View]
509988081Takashi himself said in an interview since resources and staffing was limited (BOTW 2 stole half of …[View]
509981176I tried playing this game again, but the graphics are too shit. What do?[View]
509989206Will this game open the door to normalize ultraviolence or will it still be criticized?[View]
509964502Helltaker: Blinis[View]
509987735What went so wrong?[View]
509947941Is Witcher 3 worth a buy? /v/ memes on it hard, but it seems like a comfy open world game[View]
509987034Warhammer Battle March: >2020, I am.....Forgotten....[View]
509990075ITT: vaporware[View]
509985797this worth playing?[View]
509983697Nobody has beaten the original zelda without a walkthrough or a guide or a tip from a friend. Prove …[View]
509988963For all the many valid complaints about this game, the shooting itself feels so fucking good. Hopefu…[View]
509986846How is your tribe coming? Care to share some tips/tricks?[View]
509988714Why people still trust and believe gaming journalists? How can people be this stupid to not realize …[View]
509988070Why they didn't make it happen in Resident Evil 2 Remake?[View]
509989914why does every one keep saying halo infinity has special meaning in its name: its been the name of t…[View]
509984282Is it considered P2W when companies release top tier DLC characters in fighting games?[View]
509978251Am I missing something or is the game supposed to look this terrible?[View]
509990059I KEEP getting filtered by Level 9 on Arcade mode on Mania difficult at the fucking elevator. I made…[View]
509990045>So Troy, for this next scene I need you to lay on the floor while Laura beats you to death with …[View]
509988631Sea of Thieves: Will you be getting the best pirate game when it comes to Steam on June 3rd?[View]
509986034What is his endgame?[View]
509987931What was the name of that Worlds Online troll whose avatar was in a wheelchair? There was a thread a…[View]
509989049Fnaf on switch: So at around 5PM EST i saw nintendo uploaded a video of Five nights at freddie'…[View]
509988774Ah... N-Neku-sama.... I kneel.....[View]
509975897Do you think there's any chance of Sony revealing a new Ape Escape game with the PlayStation 5?[View]
509985107why dont the 'tactical fps' designers of today realize that scope sway really isnt so extreme irl? o…[View]
509989445This based game is coming out in 2 days. Have you preordered yet, anon?: >first game was overrate…[View]
509989198MK11 Switch is officially broken: With the latest update, the digital version of MK11 is too large t…[View]
509978925>Playing Deep Rock >doing egg hunt for a promotion >team is mining loads of gold nitra and …[View]
509989275He killed MILLIONS.[View]
509989264Do you buy merchandise of your favorite games?[View]
509970030This is a good system and far more engaging and immersive than screwdriver inside hole picking.[View]
509980762Space exploration and colonization games? Need some recommendations, post some cool space pictures a…[View]
509988590>game has a weird render or character that's not modeled very well >funny youtube man act…[View]
509903621>game has hitbox problems >celebrate it as a feature…[View]
509983813Stamina or Posture?[View]
509971398Cultist simulator: It's free to play till the 1st of June and half off, redpill me on this game…[View]
509989173>grow up with an older brother >sometimes he let me play vidya with him >whenever we played…[View]
509986329This is the first gen in 14 years where neither Sony not Microsoft has had a controversial launch. S…[View]
509978775I have an addiction to gaming, I am giving away my steam to break away from it: Hello /v/. Today is …[View]
509979917Tell me what you see /v/[View]
509989067SFV - Reaper icon: Is this a joke? I've literally played 4 games, and quit 3. I now appear to b…[View]
509953103Does the WoW protagonist have canon friends the way the Warrior of Light in XIV has friends?[View]
509956045How come she didn't go insane? Over the span of a few days, she failed to protect any of her pe…[View]
509984372Remember /v/ - that agony is your triumph.[View]
509984343I lowkey kinda want a Vita now, but god damn they're $300-700 everywhere I look. Where would be…[View]
509988934How did we go from this..: To...[View]
509983801>best RPGs of all time >zelda is anywhere on the list >ocarina of time is in the top 5…[View]
509986204Post your most wanted character for Smash name Then put a % of chance you believe it would enter in …[View]
509986747Which should I play for the first time? I already own both versions.[View]
509984771What was more talked about?: So, for the millennials, which game was talked about more in your schoo…[View]
509987772play SamuraiShowdown, it is great, it is about Japan and ninjas or something like that[View]
509982240/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>509938013 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
509986873What are the most deepstate picks for Vol. 2?[View]
509983168Hi, anon, you have to check out this game. It's the most innovative shooter I've played in…[View]
509983406It is true that I killed my Mentor... And yet I am not his murderer[View]
509944543Purchase The Wonderful 101 by Platinum Games[View]
509987523Why is BEhavior like this? Dead by Daylight is not a meth simulator.[View]
509967208>nu-deus ex is half a movie game Why didn't you fags tell me? I had high hopes but I get thi…[View]
509986419>HEY HEYYOU! YEAH YOU What games have you played/will play that have shitty story but good kino m…[View]
509979313Which 'retro' fucking video gaaaame: Hey 'retro' gaming fuckers, I've had this question burning…[View]
509987208What is Rance doing here?[View]
509982201How do you respond to someone in an online competitive game whem they say they hope your parents die…[View]
509987756Item Clause: Why doesn't Smogon use it? Are 6 leftovers really considered ok in Smogon's i…[View]
509982203Sup dude?[View]
509981758Perfect gamerino: Is there such a thing as a perfect game? Not a game that everyone likes, but a gam…[View]
509985412Do you often get accused of hacking in multiplayer games? Are you actually hacking?[View]
509984672>Well you know the host actually has a huge advantage[View]
509985516Low Def or High Def?[View]
509983087What are some good licensed games? Pic related is still one of the best games based off a movie Ive …[View]
509987358The Souls King has spoken[View]
509987393MCC coming to PS4 in late 2020[View]
509986063Are there any good games that let me pretend to have a girlfriend? I tried using hentai games and hu…[View]
509985842Attention, ground units - anti-citizen reported in this community. Code: lock, cauterize, stabilize.…[View]
509985832Why aren't threads that start with some variation of 'What are some games where' autosaged yet…[View]
509986098Top 5 final boss in vidya history.[View]
509987013MC Nether Update: I have no idea how people dislike this. It got rid of so many progression problems…[View]
509975695>GOYIM BUY A BETTER FUCKIN SSD come faggots tell me im poor and cant afford 1 tb samsung ssd…[View]
509985040>already dead Lmao[View]
509971237Damn, these dungeons are getting harder and harder. Is my team just shit?[View]
509986989MK: Now I will buy your game.[View]
509985359What do you think of the idea of console Combinations?: Can it happen?[View]
509986946Fuck Mario Maker: This game is superior and we need more.[View]
509984106Is it worth pirating?[View]
509983437Whoops! excuse me! coming through! just the best Fallout game Coming through![View]
509977342Tifa Thread: You know the drill[View]
509986548Will there ever be an actual fun RPG or even just a fun mobile game? There must be hundreds on app s…[View]
509982051Given the events of FF7R, is Advent Children now canon?[View]
509985658What are some good coop games to play with my online girlfriend?[View]
509985718Gameplay looks fun[View]
509985180>5v5 or 6v6 >hero abilities >ultimates >corridors >choke-points >micro-transaction…[View]
509985804Multiplayer FPS is dead[View]
509984069Sol Press Will No Longer Focus On Publishing Visual Novels: http://archive.is/1drmU >To further e…[View]
509978661Fact: These are objectively the best games of all time[View]
509984589WoW probably has at least another 3 expansions left in it. BfA did a lot of damage to the brand, wit…[View]
509979875What games feature unkillable enemies that can be defeat through means of non combat? It’s always be…[View]
509986065>Horror game >Elevator has doors on both sides…[View]
509982317Gamefly: Does Gamefly still sell Gamecube games?[View]
509936345female partners: >sassy >want mario's dick male partners >shy or rowdy >want mario…[View]
509985885I'M YOUR MOM[View]
509985717>bats in vidya are depicted as at least pests or blood thirst beasts >in reality they're …[View]
509954865Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: What did Square Enix mean by this redesign?[View]
509982315Autumn Plains.....home.[View]
509985596Here's your Bang Bros bro. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TffBBsY0ZGs[View]
509983576Goodnight, /v/![View]
509985529What went so right?[View]
509981335Where are the RX 570chads at? Report in.[View]
509983448sceptile servine decidueye dlc spirits: sceptile 30% servine 20% decidueye 10% super smash bros ulti…[View]
509980779>you will never be able to enjoy MGS the same way you did pre-death stranding…[View]
509985345I'm in the mood to play The Sims 3(or 4 if its good). Does it have good mods to make it more 'r…[View]
509979595This is Kojima's Only God Forgives[View]
509985217For me it's System Shock 2 by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios[View]
509976389What's your opinion on this game?[View]
509985203>lol just wait til' he fires two shows at you so you can even get him to vulnerable state …[View]
509985110Iconic tanks in /v/idya: post em[View]
509984289FF7R OST is out.: But I can't find the track that plays when Aerith gets the worst dress. Fuck …[View]
509984845Do you like Worms?[View]
509984939It's too hot to play vidya and I barely have the energy to watch internet videos. I now underst…[View]
509982924>i only play japanese games, the west sucks[View]
509980496Doom Eternal Slayer: >WOT IF DOOMSLAYER AND THE CRUCIBLE WOZ IN DOOM 2 It's a third-person h…[View]
509976208Which way, gamerman?[View]
509984707Steam Library: Post your steam library. Rate, hate and reccomend games.[View]
509984673World of Warcraft ruined rpgs.[View]
509983867>Unlock Darker Side >Get angry enough I gotta take a break when everything prior is piss easy.…[View]
509983267Listen Guys 2020 how can it be ..: The Polish Brigade .. lol !!! money men Ruined Hollywood an Now g…[View]
509981949Why are wrpgs always so gritty and brown[View]
509966241PSO2 thread: the NA version is a PIECE OF SHIT![View]
509980375What games capture a nice seaside/aquatic atmosphere and feel?[View]
509982413Mac Anu...home...[View]
509922783THE FUTURE OF SFV:CE: We know our players are wondering what’s next for Street Fighter V, so we have…[View]
509977032Stealth 2hu thread[View]
509978804griefers make GTAO fun and challenging.[View]
509978402Ninjala: Are you ready for the second open beta in 4 days? it will last 10 hours.[View]
509982375Do you think the next kirby game should be 3D?: I think it could be an open world platformer. Someth…[View]
509982184Is this the most iconic model of the entire gaming history?[View]
509974015Is /v/ really forgetting and not giving a shit about this? >Slips spy device in with muh ssd dist…[View]
509979802Hey /v/, can anyone recommend a comfy mobile or web browser game? I cant really use computers while …[View]
509980916Solid 60+ hour JRPG on the phone. Superior graphically and in performance to the 3ds version. People…[View]
509976939CDDA: It's not very fun...[View]
509982994is it black magic and why isn't stadia/evo using it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9yFrTxrq…[View]
509983752Sea of Thieves thread: Anyone checking out the update?[View]
509983171What is the most soulful PC game: https://strawpoll.com/pcs5hfkk[View]
509982103Playing these games made me want to master CQC moves in real life, is joining the military the best …[View]
509904062>DDLC Semi-interesting plot-twist, but games being meta isn't exactly super new >Lobotom…[View]
509977864how come my friend’s copy of mario 64 have this mode but mine doesn’t?[View]
509980112Nioh 2 Thread: Tips for an Odachi build?[View]
509982417What are essential and hidden gem Anime games for the Switch?[View]
509944528Witcher 3: I'm sorry did geralt get fucking one shotted by a fucking vampire?[View]
509982759https://www.ign.com/articles/kingdom-hearts-tv-show-disney-report >Kingdom Hearts is finally gett…[View]
509983378What does you think of changing the steam store region to buy games cheaper? Is it better than pirac…[View]
509982609I can't fucking do it, bros. It's beyond me.[View]
509982584Escape from New York: I'm planning on remaking Escape from New York as a condensed version on t…[View]
509980848Why was the build quality of the Dualshock 2 so much better than the later playstation controllers?:…[View]
509983003Reminder: Games dont age. But standards do.[View]
509980723where is worms anon i want to play :-([View]
509976023what are some visual novels I should play?Except Danganronpa, Steins gate & phoenix wright since…[View]
509934641ITT: Games with absolute god-tier official art[View]
509980297What did Troika mean by this?[View]
509979686What's the recommended path to go? I am at the point where I can go to >abandoned dungeon …[View]
509980619Are there any games with synthwave soundtracks? Shit like this, that gets your blood pumping while h…[View]
509979828Do you guys think Boss Rush modes are necessary? What are you opinions on them?[View]
509970804Do we like Hearthstone?[View]
509981728Controversial opinion: Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are equally great games[View]
509973537Cyberpunk: This do be soundin' P fresh doe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOB-1b5TQ-Q…[View]
509979084Was there any need for asspulls?[View]
509979334Game is KINO.[View]
509974823The Great Debate[View]
509981663ITT: Games you should only play with a controler[View]
509975515>game starts with protagonist as an innocent child >suddenly..…[View]
509938013/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>509866970 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
509979846>Chads Moonshine What did Insomniac mean by this?[View]
509973389I want to raise a virtual ant colony. What are some of the best Ant games out there? Bee colony game…[View]
509982282anyone else playing this its pretty great, messing with the enchants is fun[View]
509966435What did they mean by this?[View]
509974146Holy shit this has to be one of the most unpolished, messy and worst performing multiplayer game I h…[View]
509974919This is the best of its series[View]
509979569Is Arthur Morgan the greatest video game protagonist? https://youtube.com/watch?v=91xwKJLy9jw[View]
509977945ITT: underrated games[View]
509982029>Bad Company 2 has more active players than Day of Infamy Fucking how? How did Day of Infamy die …[View]
509979284I want to hunt down everysingle fate fag and slit thier throats one by one. Ironic weeb trash like t…[View]
509926813*kills the yakuza series*[View]
509959664Do you like it? 6/10[View]
509964352How much is your steam account worth?: https://steamdb.info/calculator/ Post it faggots. Only the ac…[View]
509978327I'm finally getting into this game. What do I need to know before starting?[View]
509955440How did you feel when you finally reached him?[View]
509981684Please don't go, the drones need you, they look up to you.[View]
509954082Are we allowed to say this is a good game now?[View]
509974734Thread of Mana: So how much longer until the Legend of Mana remake is announced? Which arc was the b…[View]
509981041How the hell am I supposed to beat this guy??? Can someone help me?[View]
509981350What are some good games that let me drift?[View]
509981160A fantasy based on lies...[View]
509978802So, will PXZ3 ever happen?: It has been 5 years since PXZ2.[View]
509980789What are the simplest PS4 fighting games for a guy who doesn't really play fighting games to ge…[View]
509981235*dodges all your attacks* *forces you to fat roll* *heals himself*[View]
509970005nomura is literally going to cram a subplot about versus xiii into ff7: think about; nomura's o…[View]
509970913Why aren't you playing a cute JRPG right now?[View]
509981251Nintendo containment board when?[View]
509973598COME ON, RUN AWAY[View]
509891290Major lacerations detected.[View]
509979393Sunset Overdrive: Play this with mouse and keyboard or controller?[View]
509980972What did he mean by this?[View]
509979463What videos games does he play?[View]
509980301>4 more fucking years >10 year gap between GTAs >biggest by far because of the greedy kik…[View]
509979092If you guys like tifa so much, why don't you just marry her![View]
509978612sooo....what are they working on now that everyone hates them with the force of a million suns?[View]
509979924The funniest part about all of this is that there's so little to show before Abby that if they …[View]
509948496Faggot Ion Hazzikostas ''''confirms'''' no blue eyes for blood elves. Blue post:[View]
509939949ITT: 10/10 Vidya Female Designs[View]
509980708am I just bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4boMq2UlmA&feature=youtu.be[View]
509961090i miss when mass effect was good are there any recent comparisons? dying for something similar to ma…[View]
509977746Jane did nothing wrong.[View]
509971791Esports casters ranking: How can anyone else even come close ?[View]
509978118Carry Case: exist a carry case for the nintendo switch with ex machina joycons ?[View]
509969398Who has the worst fanbase and why is it Dragon Quest fags? Honorable mention goes out to Kingdom Hea…[View]
509973185>154349 results for 'zoomer' Wow I had no idea /v/ loved these little guys from Metroid so much…[View]
509900054Why has no Total War game ever surpassed the quality of Medieval 2?[View]
509978017Barbie Horse Adventures thread Get in here and let's discuss the game of the millennia.[View]
509969617How would you apply Sekiro's combat system to Souls' RPG mechanics with different play sty…[View]
509974697Are the Lords of Shadow games worth playing? Or should i just play Soul Reaver instead?[View]
509979509Games about ancient pre ice age civilisations?: Ancient pre ice age civilisations? https://www.youtu…[View]
509972658Sonic 30th Anniversary Leak: Sonic Mania 2: >A 2D Classic Gameplay >10 Playable Characters: So…[View]
509980108Metro Last Light Thread: Finished this earlier today. I quite enjoyed it. The atmosphere is definite…[View]
509972548TVTropes: The Autism Part 2: Inspired by >>509876265. Make fun of TVTropes edition[View]
509975138Do you resent playing video games at such a young age? Do you think your life would be different if …[View]
509957556Did RE4 really deserve to win GOTY unanimously?[View]
509961573What went wrong?[View]
509977724If you had to write and direct a game about North Korea, what kind of game would it be?[View]
509975647What are some top tier vidya with waifus?[View]
509979793><<Get wet, wild, and do dirty, dirty things!>> what did he mean by this?…[View]
509978232Here's your western female character bro[View]
509946191>create the perfect female video game character design >shove her into some year old dead end …[View]
509979070Rank the female fighters[View]
509962763>Red9 >Striker >Semi-Auto Simple as.…[View]
509973032Remember when /v/ said this game was better than Dead by Daylight?: I remember, and current /v/ like…[View]
509978005>He actually starts sobbing infront of Mayuri and Daru Man, I cried harder than I did with the an…[View]
509970042gog is bad because you cant take the dos games they sell and run them on a real dos machine and they…[View]
509978657Games that have a lost civilisation?: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_craneos.htm…[View]
509974994Since this is free on PS4, is it worth the 80gb download for either singleplayer or multiplayer?[View]
509973390ITT: Fighting game recommendations: I've got a hankering to play a fighting game, but I haven…[View]
509978309>Graphics settings: Epic[View]
509977332Look at this weasel.[View]
509978527*saves 2020*[View]
509955532I'm about to start this game, what I am for, /v/?[View]
509970853Linux gaming thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
509977275>'Anon, come into voice chat!'[View]
509977648You lived to see the MMORPG genre birth and die in your lifetime.[View]
509977070Phantasy Star or Shining Force?[View]
509975703Hello /v/, could you guys help me out? I'm losing my interest on games, I dunno, its not fun an…[View]
509977156What did David Cage mean by this?: > David Cage particularly liked the early moment when the play…[View]
509957059Beat Genichiro: Just wanted to thank some anon yesterday who was posting webms trying to help me red…[View]
509977771>you will never be able to enjoy MGS the same way you did pre-death stranding…[View]
509962590Shmups: who shit at shmups here? >tfw would've got an extend if I just finished this nigger …[View]
509968983So what exactly makes it better than skyrim? The writing and story are pretty good but boomers and c…[View]
509940308Marlel's Averagers: Does anybody give a shit anymore?[View]
509913249Do you like puzzles?[View]
509977487What went wrong?[View]
509977580Any games about the absolute futility of it all?[View]
509970502What's the /v/erdict? Is it any fun or was it just praised by wii u shills? Also what's th…[View]
509973770How does it make you feel that Monster Hunter World has sold 16 million copies?[View]
509977630My sides, im actually surprised cuckman have such sense of humour[View]
509977556Denuvo removed: Wow, they actually did it https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/en/article/7puA2mxWqIyP1b…[View]
509977095What are some kosher mods to try? Also FTL thread[View]
509970564Watcha get?[View]
509976097Here it is, your Top 10 most casual normie shit[View]
509949593Post 10/10s only[View]
509977043Peak armor[View]
509974593Times that made you go 'What were the devs thinking': >the boss 'fights'…[View]
509976808SOUL SOULLESS[View]
509974827[PROTOTYPE] weapon ideas: What are some power mutations Mercer could develop that would make him eve…[View]
509972751Hey JC, did I ever tell you about the time all augmented people in the world went apeshit at the sam…[View]
509976341>just started full-time wagie work post grad >hop on my discord >feel disgust towards my fr…[View]
509947368Mass Effect: Remastered Mass Effect 1 >improves visual quality >adds more life and npc to cita…[View]
509941791>buying the game on day one[View]
509974819IMPORTANT VIDEO GAME QUESTION: should I buy Animal Crossing or subscribe to b/Bisjoujo Mom's on…[View]
509974852Name a more iconic trio. You simply can't.[View]
509975417>grappler based character >entire moveset depends on grabs >enemy is immune to grabs…[View]
509975894Gonna beat this bitch's ASS[View]
509976314It still hurts, bros.[View]
509968104Well, /v/? What's it going to be?[View]
509934167When are we getting news on my new game?[View]
509968878Has this game aged well /v/?[View]
509969881HEY FAGS GET IN HERE AND PLAY SOME MEGAMAN https://megamanroyale.com/[View]
509976315if you collect this you're a fucking BITCH[View]
509976201Character design: Do you prefer western or Japanese character designs?[View]
509975641top OST: >We're all connected https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzhEaLzJl_s best thing since M…[View]
509976064being a persona fan makes you no better than an isis member[View]
509975851Mobile games that you can play while you're driving a car: Hi, I'll be going for a long wo…[View]
509975847Hey /v/, do you mind if you and the last character you played as watched this for me while I grab a …[View]
509962628Hotline Miami Thread: Hotline Miami Thread[View]
509974928Asuka AND Homura![View]
509971778aiportrait thread: https://portraitai.com[View]
509971539>*BRAAAAAAP* >so myazuki >how is it going with that tax policing mechanic?…[View]
509975629What are some games where the story doesn't get good until 100 hours in?[View]
509975440Why didn't you tell me about this game, /v/? It's honestly pretty incredible.[View]
50997344590 minutes of TLOU2 gameplay leaked on spankbang. i might be slow to this news. is this the footage …[View]
509975103I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee[View]
509964851>boss is a shadow copy of player character[View]
509975274>Be EU >Make US windows account >Buy a Microsoft gift card >VPN to NA >Become a premi…[View]
509963952Am I an asshole for being an e-bushido? A lot of my friends think I'm a prick because of the re…[View]
509970789Jesus fucking Christ this is one of the worst games I have ever played >the animations: glitchy s…[View]
509972546YOUR MAJESTY[View]
509932024Botw Sequel Leaks: New trailer coming in June, but I don't know what will be revealed. >Name…[View]
509975037I present to you: the origin of vampires in TES in a nutshell.[View]
509970342Last Remnant: Last Remnant, should I be using a guide with this game. Or is it okay to go in blind?…[View]
509961851What's with all the 6th and 7th generation hate lately? Especially the GameCube. What gives?[View]
509949565>listens to audience and fixes all problems yep, we're back.[View]
509973154What are your hopes for Final Fantasy XVI?[View]
509974910What are some other games that do this?: >start game >get 1 or 2 quests into the main story be…[View]
509971279Nioh 1 & 2 Thread: How can the DLC top this fight and the latter segment? Are you looking forwar…[View]
509946998>quite literally the same game every time >the only good song is the series main theme >not…[View]
509967530I thought NRS couldn't make attractive females?[View]
509974604Guys, how am I supposed to pick this lock? How was I supposed to know that chests would have unbreak…[View]
509963139>Game has a snowdog level[View]
509970081>exploring game >accidentally progress past a checkpoint >turns out ive missed critical ite…[View]
509974239Hey /v/ros, my ps4 pro makes a clicking noise and takes fucking aggges to boot or start up a game. W…[View]
509974140ITT: guilty pleasures[View]
509965224JRPGs are the greatest video game genre.[View]
509973052>vsync: yes/no[View]
509972801It appears my superiority has led to some controversy[View]
509974004Any vidya characters that share the same energy like the narrarration used here?[View]
509971419Fighter Pass 2: Give it to me straight /v/, What are his chances for Smash? Also Smash DLC thread.…[View]
509903076Why aren't you playing SMITE right now? What's your excuse?[View]
5099734472077 and Money Men ...: If You look at PC gaming , a Huge franchised Died , with Hitman , play first…[View]
509966248I can't beat this game. Why wont they add a easy mode like dark souls has with summoning? Fuck …[View]
509967254Paper Mario 64 is the best Paper Mario game and the best Mario RPG[View]
509928651>SSD faster than even a $3000 gaming PC >more teraflops than the most expensive vidya gaming c…[View]
509973330Borderlands: The Handsome Collection: Just to remind you all, /v/ros. This game will be free tomorro…[View]
509941764Tifa Thread: Why is she so perfect?[View]
509962271NOT THE DOG[View]
509965025ITT: games in which you keep going down, down down through a single dungeon, or similar location. Or…[View]
509969942Can anyone explain to me what Monster Hunter is about?: Never paid attention to it, always thought i…[View]
509963556Red Alert C&C Remastered: Is there any hope at all that this won't be crap?[View]
509973592What are some games where its canonical that the player character is a virgin?[View]
509970360What exactly am I in for here /v/?[View]
509966316>one of the greatest games ever made >has already decreased in value to less than a cheeseburg…[View]
509973540Why are lions under utilized in video games?[View]
509972824>gets 2 updates >'Were not doing anymore updates!' Are you fucking kidding me…[View]
509973247>monthly subscription And how to kill a franchise[View]
509973209Mom said it’s MY turn on the Vita[View]
509973178Here's your tente..*ahem* captain Price yo[View]
509961967Why am I getting destroyed so hard?: I'm enjoying the game but I'm consistently getting my…[View]
509967654Greatest soundtrack of all time?[View]
509972506I miss this nigga so much[View]
509973071> still no isaac repentance > still no spelunk 2 > still no super meat boy 2…[View]
509972840>HEY HEY YOUU! YEA YOU. name some games where you start as an overpowered character and as the st…[View]
509971865I pretty much sure I watched every scott the woz video and I don't remember once laughing at th…[View]
509972818>Objective: ??????[View]
509972815ITT: Weird cut content in games: pic related was found in an old spongebob game recently[View]
509972283Ahem, fuck knights.[View]
509971814Why are there no good vampire games nowadays?[View]
509969258What is the best Game Over screen in vidya history?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaG_0-tZLB8…[View]
509960812>Leslie's Theme That's actually damn good[View]
509972672Did Deus ex predicted onions ?[View]
509971434Is Bloodstained for Switch playable or should I just get it for PC/PS4?[View]
509971451Halo with sprint is superior to halo without sprint. >omfg sprint sucks >is literally too garb…[View]
509972483Why is every fucking song in this game's OST so fitting and atmospheric?[View]
509963293Jesus fucking Christ this is one of the worst games I have ever played >the animations: glitchy s…[View]
509935483What was the moment you decided MMOs aren’t for you?[View]
509968903Summertime Gaming: How ya'll holding up with the weather? Been playing some Paper Mario 64 sinc…[View]
509956615What does /v/ think about the Crash franchises newfound success this generation?[View]
509965903>game has e-celeb cameos[View]
509970664>'Color Splash may have had bad gameplay but the writing was at least goo-'…[View]
509969774Rouge: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
509970935Are you ready for complete shit fest?[View]
509960969Describe him[View]
509971637WAIT A SECOND HOL UP YOU MEAN TO SAY.........???????[View]
509964917This game is just a fucking visual novel. Why did it get so much attention?[View]
509968239>game has that type of annoying creature[View]
509952073HEY YOU: Pick up that rat[View]
509944683defend realism.[View]
509971621kenshi thread fags. thinking about leaving my comfy base in the border zone because i only get to fi…[View]
509970087What are some of the dumbest video game titles?[View]
509966091Nier Automata is already a classic. 2B will grow to be one of gaming's biggest icons.[View]
509959754Fuck Eve Because Edmund is such a retard, getting angel deals to fight Mega Satan is one of the most…[View]
509971459VITA MEANS LIFE[View]
509971564so I watched the TLoU2 presentation: why do people pretend that this game is going to be a flop? yea…[View]
509971456what would a game about waluigi could be about?[View]
509956598Why can't more indie games have hand drawn animation like cuphead?[View]
509964290Spooky secrets: What are some hidden things in video games that are creepy or unnerving? Bonus point…[View]
509967732What the FUCK went wrong?[View]
509971204Here’s your harem ending, bros. https://twitter.com/regularpanties/status/1265753438090080256?s=21…[View]
509969698Free on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1076280/Showdown_Bandit[View]
509971149This was the greatest period in video game history. Back when games were creative, fun, and ethereal…[View]
509971143So now that Valve has finally embraced the coom in Dota 2, can we expect the game to pick up steam a…[View]
509966186What if I tell you there is gonna be a partnership between sega and microsoft so they can sell the x…[View]
509966404PS5 is using RDNa 1.5. Basically, it's 10Tflops of compute power is closer to 7Tflops of the XS…[View]
509969748What's the Japanese equivalent to this? There isn't one.[View]
509970752guess the game[View]
509970157fuck this game, fuck the devs, and fuck the fans[View]
509943330Achievements: >6% of players quit before even trying >18% of 'players' didnt even play >21%…[View]
509966445Will there ever be an experience like this again? People often talk about Japan Time on /v/ and I’m…[View]
509969848question: is the switch lite worth it? i would probably just buy it to play smash and mario kart.…[View]
509970016Who buying these limited edition pogs?[View]
509949758Summer Sale: >Summer sale has begun >Not a single thread about it For shame. Is pathologic 2 g…[View]
509957349100% OJ: Popopopopopo! Pohihihi~[View]
509970427>INT users >see STR Chads doing all the cool shit >the earth trembles before their might …[View]
509968610Need help finding an old flash game: I need your help identifying an old flash game I played on Newg…[View]
509967398Hey /v/ Are you enjoying your video game?[View]
509963794Smtv when?[View]
509961280>'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' >You escape during the first mission.…[View]
509968386Strength > Dex[View]
509966408The new Sonic Game: Hey guys, I work at Sonic Team and I'm here to give you some info for the n…[View]
509965672I believe that this board is a battleground. The site of a feminist infiltration.[View]
509969956Sekiro: What was the most difficult boss in the game? What was the best region and area to explore? …[View]
509969935TES fans >god I wish Skyrim dungeons weren’t so linear! Also TES fans >god I HATE Blackreach! …[View]
509961929Grand Theft Auto: Which one was the best and what do you want for GTA 6?[View]
509969338Liberty Island, whatever happened there....[View]
509969409What stage did you always skate? For me? Manhattan[View]
509967438Time for some skribbl https://skribbl.io/?Sfud4X3DHCdl[View]
509956021New Vegas: I never play energy weapon focus character before and was thinking about making one. Anyt…[View]
509969640What did I think about it?[View]
509968928So, I got my switch a few months back and have slowly been building my library as I finish games tha…[View]
509969614Alright /v/, time for your ultimate attack.[View]
509969385Looks like shit, who even wanted this?[View]
509962207Shantae thread: Seven Sirens hits tomorrow. Are you excited? First review is out, says that it'…[View]
509964194Why does 343 hate Halo?: Is it spite? Pride? Why ruin your own product?[View]
509966985Is there a difference in playing a game from different video game distributors? Meaning does one lau…[View]
509965842Nook's buying turnips for 557. Dodo code is FXRW4. Feel free to take any fruit if you need it. …[View]
509912807redpill me on prey it finally got a denuvo-free gog release and I'm kinda tempted[View]
509969219When are preorders opening up? I want my vidya Also how much will they be?[View]
509967267Majora's Mask Lore: Other thread got archived but I was enjoying the conversation :( Discuss lo…[View]
509968962Ratchet is a pretty cool dude who likes shooting stuff[View]
509962692If you're not willing to pay $100 for him you don't deserve him.[View]
509966397I am about to start ratchet and clank and this thing has golden bolts do they carry over into a new …[View]
509965218What went wrong with this franchise?[View]
509963662Trials of Mana: Have you pwayed my game yet? If not, give it a twy. You might wike it![View]
509968908What games have the best and worst localizations/translations?[View]
509964618I can't do it niggas[View]
509966060TWEWY BROS......WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???????[View]
509947626>I'll kill you! >I'll KILL YOU! >LEAVE THIS PLACE!…[View]
509957089Post your mains.[View]
509960842According to /v/, the three most overrated of all time are Mario 64, Final Fantasy VI and Super Metr…[View]
509963909When does this game get fun?: i'm reaching chapter four and it feels like i've spent more …[View]
509946559>Game forces you to choose which party member dies[View]
509963054Why aren't you playing League of Legends right now?[View]
509968408Hello, Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions.[View]
509968369ITT 90s Aesthetic Vidya: >tfw we will never get 90s vidya era aesthetics ever again…[View]
509965482I want to play it.[View]
509968356>shoot in the general direction of some middle schooler in a Keanu Reeves skin or some shit >h…[View]
509967429How is it? Worth a buy or a rental?[View]
509968132Play deponia[View]
509967489Wait a minute that card.[View]
509964975Am I the only one here who gives a shit about this game? The demo just came out on GOG.[View]
509957934ITT the most overrated games of all time[View]
509968202>still no smt5 news[View]
509968041ok retards i am no leaker or have any insight in nintendo, i dont work there and i dont know any kin…[View]
509964120How to spot corporate marketing campaigns on /v/: Its really simple. Anyone saying anything about an…[View]
509967350Super Mario 64 Rabbit Hole: >anon on some obscure 4chan-like board posts mario 64 alpha leaks fro…[View]
509967780>game looks bad >its actually good[View]
509963762>The decade is the 2010s >Fallout receives terminal cancer with Fallout 4 and 76 >Elder Scr…[View]
509967703Did anyone else have this experience >be about 10 years old >playing wind waker with my olde…[View]
509963352rune factory 4: I don't get it. Just started playing and it is obvious as fuck that Clorica is …[View]
509967502Imagine pixel art but PBR.[View]
509967372TVTropes Thread Part 2: Inspired by >>509876265. Welcome to the TVTropes 'appreciation' thread…[View]
509965364How does Sony do it?[View]
509966780What's the difference?: What's the difference between Pac-Man Championship Edition, CE DX+…[View]
509967249Tansut leaks Neku from TWEWY for Smash: Tansut posted this in the Smash speculation thread on resete…[View]
509959093I was playing Morrowind and during one of the quests, I cant remember the exact name of it, but its …[View]
509966434What's the best hitman game?[View]
509961025Admit it, you all liked the last of us 1 but you had to be le epic 4chan contrarian so you hated it …[View]
509966432What's your most memorable playthrough?[View]
509922425Nintendo Switch thread. What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? Any good sales or h…[View]
509966671Screw the rumors started by XBOX fanboys LAST OF US - PART II is looking good boys. https://www.yout…[View]
509957294What are the best GBA/SP games? I'm looking to fill my knowledge gap[View]
509962623Kino is coming.[View]
509966391What do you hate about /v/ and positive change would you like to see on this godforgotten website[View]
509966660ITT: We post objects. I'll start[View]
509964646>Nintendo uploads a trailer for FNaF Help Wanted on Switch >Private it right after uhh bro’s w…[View]
509965784Unironically the only game I'm really looking forward to[View]
509964267Are the rumors true?[View]
509964842>It's fun Why does that statement makes /v/ seethe?[View]
509964453Are Horror games supposed to be 'fun' to play?[View]
509962976>hotline miami 2 Bravo Druckmann for killing off the last Vita owner[View]
509966136ITT: THAT Level[View]
509966068>healers never ran out mana past 3.1 >even when they risked to, just had to innervate and mana…[View]
509966000the tranny dies wtf?[View]
509957107i'm crying...[View]
509965961just beat doom eternal, 7/10, good game i have started all of these but haven't finished any of…[View]
509962764How could they continue past 8DX?[View]
509965887MMOs & WoW: >he still has hope for the MMO genre >when it is designed from the top down to…[View]
509928364FFVI...the greatest Final Fantasy game ever?: I just finished this. All the time I played it, I…[View]
509949162What is your favorite video game genre? For me, it's 2D platformers. Such a simple idea, yet at…[View]
509963030Is Tiber Septim the biggest chad in all of vidya?[View]
509964927>your favorite game franchise has been dead for years What's her name /v/?…[View]
509965716what's a game like pic related[View]
509965658>With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed.[View]
509965602SCP Secret Laboratory: The d-bois are in trouble! Can YOU save them!?!? The facility securing, conta…[View]
509965596KOF x WWE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li7qwhV5GKs I appreciate the gesture, even if I will neve…[View]
509962229Why would anyone do that?[View]
509918859Devil May Cry: If Devil May Cry continued on its path of not being a full on combo focused action ga…[View]
509959492When is /v/ going to admit that Nutendo is soulless?[View]
509962987A Resident Evil announcement is coming in June 10th: Looks like RE8 is back on the menu https://www.…[View]
5099590942020 or 2021[View]
509962537Swsh DLC Leaks: Release dates: Isle of Armour: June 20th. Crown Tundra: November 13th. Galarian Form…[View]
509965054Anyone playing this too? Was fun at first but then became a chore.[View]
509931738The last video game character you played has turned into Princess Peach. What changes?[View]
509964697SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. Price sky rocketed everywhere. Only the pleb slim is in stock. I just want a Pr…[View]
509952271>spot dodging spam and all moves are safe the game[View]
509964715Is Ryuji a pitfag?[View]
509958835Would you prefer >stable 30 fps >fps fluctuates between 30 and 60, never above or below that i…[View]
509963885Why is making vidya friends so hard nowadays? Was it the death of community servers that fucked ever…[View]
509963725Games for this feel?[View]
509964319Were going home fellow zoomers soon[View]
509960484VITA LIVES!!![View]
509963991i know that /b is not my personaly army,but is it possible that we put us together and make it possi…[View]
509962487Chance of success 99%: >I don't have a gun, trust me Daniel How do you respond?…[View]
509949242You're becoming hysterical.[View]
509964189SHUT UP[View]
509943927How do you feel about Termina being a parallel universe that was formed by Majora's magic and t…[View]
509964071>open /v/ >have to scroll through multiple threads before I see one about TLOU2 >There was …[View]
509963042Im legit considering installing this (never played it before) because i CRAVE a lonesome grind witho…[View]
509963708Phantom Pain reviews scores: How can you people still trust reviews. Did I play the wrong fucking ga…[View]
509963658I only play games for gamers such as myself that require skill like bloodborne, games that only puni…[View]
509963681What would you do to give her a good birthday?[View]
509933460THERE IS A WAY TO PLAY PSO2 ON W7 AND W10 LTSC But to do that someone who has Halo:MCC installed nee…[View]
509950303>this man breaks into your room >he demands to see your Sega Saturn collection What do?…[View]
509963765Why are there no IRPGs?[View]
509963740>yeah, I’m a gamer[View]
509893020I thought this cunt was meant to be Uber powerful? He just spent the whole DLC getting the shit kick…[View]
509963578Should video game access be revoked for unproductive members of society such as alt-right incels or …[View]
509951124>'''Definitive''' Edition Have you ever been scammed /v/?[View]
509961783Can you beat my Minesweeper record? http://minesweeperonline.com/[View]
509961476FUCK How do I get past this?[View]
509963426Dark Souls thread: >set down summon sign >summoned as spear of the church I just wanted to be …[View]
509963117How did amazon manage to put out such a god awful game?[View]
509962728Why hasn't Sony revealed our free June games yet, PS Plus bros?[View]
509963027>Actually got a legitimate copy for once through game pass >saw this, can't play the game…[View]
509955628GIB CHIP NOW[View]
509963114Remember me?: Yeah you do[View]
509962686>game has an unbeatable segment Do developers even playtest their games anymore?…[View]
509956048how important was venom snake to the legend of big boss? Also, MGS thread[View]
509959531I want a game where i can play as a Lagomorph. Reisenposters gets the kick.[View]
509962849characters who did nothing wrong?: >literally just a ptsd ridden baby…[View]
509962452Vidya OST thread: Post good OST and bad OST I'll start with the good https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
509962796Hello. Any hollow around to trade with? Need 2 sunlight medals to get the great lighting spear. I…[View]
509960064KINGDOM HEARTS: >Disney originally wanted to make it but it didn’t work out Looks like Nomura tol…[View]
509962640Last game you played is going to have a spin-off: Post ideas for new gameplay and direction[View]
509951171https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/129049-patch-01267456/ TONIGHTS THE NIGHT[View]
509962401Where were you when Valve pulled down your pants and fucked you and everyone clapped? >skeleton k…[View]
509961989TLoU 2: Not gonna lie, it looks pretty fucking good. Probably gonna pre-order it.[View]
509962470Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg Is good game?[View]
509954061I'm the only person with good taste on this board[View]
509962380ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
509962352Is skyforge worth getting into now or no?[View]
509954870Ragnarok Online - 4th Classes boogaloo: >Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZIHMX9odwY&fea…[View]
509948526Why do normalfags consider this game hard? it's easy. Doesn't take long to get the timing …[View]
509962296Quick post best symphonic versions of video games tracks. Distant Worlds 1-5 is pretty kino[View]
509959532Is there some Playstation 3 exclusives that I should play? Now emulation is supposed to be good I…[View]
509954913Sea of thieves: So I am aware they launched too soon and had a crappy start but is the game worth it…[View]
509952948Still the king[View]
509959913Man EFF this game: How am I suppose to believe a fetus remembers her time in the belly damn this is …[View]
509962140Let's discuss the recent resurgence of AA games[View]
509961915He’s a mii fighter[View]
509961893Samus: post Samus[View]
509961684Why are there no cubist games?[View]
509960881WEBM THREAD: Look at the red dude let's have a webm thread post your webms you fucks.[View]
509961837will we ever see games again?[View]
509954105Does this thing have ANY games that aren't just waggleshit?[View]
509961641Plz recommend me games like 'Yomawari: i finished playing Yomawari Midnight Shadows and i'm sea…[View]
509961627once upon a time, a blue eyed boy from the old west, learned one of lifes cruelest lessons. that evi…[View]
509956801Xcom: Chimera squad or WotC?[View]
509958421Raw ratings PLUMMET: 1.8 1.7 1.6[View]
509891209What does /v/ think about Olgierd?[View]
509961039It's All So Tiresome: https://twitter.com/yaboivelvet/status/1265518757830627328[View]
509954848Meanwhile, in toontown...[View]
509956052Be honest /v/, are you gonna watch HISTORY or a shitshow about a lesbian 'game' that has already bee…[View]
509957671So this was a waste of fucking time. Did people really pay full price for it back in the day?[View]
509927508Smash Bros DLC Fighters Pass Thread: Are these the only characters people actually want (who have ta…[View]
509959247How elitist do you have to be to not only expect everyone to know your whole fucking language just t…[View]
509960772How can anyone hate on cyberpunk 2077 when CDPR managed to revolutionize open world RPGs with TW3?[View]
509942718Doom Eternal Update 1.1: It's up.[View]
509954162World War II: Best WWII games? Shooters, strategy, tactics, sims Hard mode: realistic, not arcadey D…[View]
509956442Is Red Dead Redemption 2 woke? Trying to decide if I want to return it, as the 14 day window on Stea…[View]
509960394Trials of Mana: More like trials of shit. If you like this sinchey, poorly written, shallow game the…[View]
509951759is unreal going to have a monopoly on game engines?[View]
509960615I hate this video game so much.[View]
5099478671 more hour until /v/ loses once again[View]
509946546Destroy all humans: What’s your opinion on the game[View]
509959706vidya for this feel?[View]
509959972Will they ever port the best game in the series to Switch? Also Pikmin 4 when[View]
509953548>open task manager >CPU spikes to 100%[View]
509948251Female representation in fiction in the 80's vs now: What happened?[View]
509952706>Hold X to run Tap X to Sprint[View]
509957210Wait, what? Darkness? Light? What brings darkness is the samething that brings Light? Riku is the Li…[View]
509955963RESIDENT EVIL 8 BEING ANNOUNCED ON JUNE 10: https://www.relyonhorror.com/latest-news/a-resident-evil…[View]
509959983Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
509959796Continuing from other prey thread: Since I didn't see this thread >>509912807 until late …[View]
509959171>Play TF2 with some other kid many years ago when I was like 12-13 >He had anger and self har…[View]
509959775>when Mario Kart Tour pulls a literal monkey's paw on you[View]
509945065Half-Life: Return to Ravenholm Footage: Absolutely no-one is talking about this here? https://youtu.…[View]
509959619Will this ever get a proper sequal?[View]
509948886Do I play some racing game or do I drink some gasoline?[View]
509957564How come we never see them in Half Life 2?[View]
509956232Why is this the lowest rated Zelda game? It didn’t get a single perfect review score, whereas WW got…[View]
509958620>designs one of the most detailed open world games of all time >designs a massive amount of br…[View]
509955743>*gives you a free head massage*[View]
509957792>we're trapped in a beck and play, there's nothing that is going to happen, we're …[View]
509955592what went wrong?[View]
509959084What the absolute FUCK. I did NOT sign up for these feels. I am completely crushed right now and thi…[View]
509957834I enjoyed it[View]
509958034Is last of us 2 going to be our version of Captain Marvel? I can absolutely see people spite buying …[View]
509956170What's the difference?: What's the difference between Pac-Man Championship Edition, CE DX+…[View]
509958365Videogame I just realized I want >Reality is not fixed, but rather a set of agreed upon assumptio…[View]
509958853OH NOOOO[View]
50994531880 MINUTES TILL THE SPECTACULAR SHITSHOW COMMENCE! https://youtu.be/eML5icfq5VM[View]
509933539How did Helltakers become so insanely popular all of a sudden?[View]
509957262This is a damn good video game[View]
509949507What is the best fallout game?[View]
509956337did you like it?[View]
509958282how does /v/ feel about last minute delays?[View]
509956857Tomb Raider: Got the urge today and decided to start a run of the first 5 Tomb Raider games. Which o…[View]
509880404>Developers think skimpy outfits will protect you from damage Why do developers do this?…[View]
509954243>Exile is out Did Alex fuck up?[View]
509957745ps4 exclusives to pc: bloodborne has that tag too... hmmmmm...[View]
509957730Basedny revealing their console on gay month[View]
509939309Shhh Lavenza's sleeping.[View]
509943654FF7 wife wars: Aerith is the kind of girl you kinda just think is 'just kinda pretty' at the beginni…[View]
509944342Specs don't make a console worth buying and they never have, games do. The DS was weaker than t…[View]
509954063Who is your favorite manakete?[View]
509957420The Last of us 2: Playstation is streaming now on twitch gameplay >join the anti-sjw gang >spa…[View]
509957207>15 days until E3[View]
509956843/v/ sings 'Out of Touch': Song: https://youtu.be/DCkJ5lGPqFs?t=25 (starts at 0:25) Lyrics: https://p…[View]
509956708>watch one Dark Souls meme >get spammed with memelord's community posts for weeks What…[View]
509956741Anon plays modern warfare: >Be me >Open Modern Warfare >Want to grind for camos >Shipmen…[View]
509956862How come does Metal Gear get the pass when it does the same bullshit as Kingdom Hearts?[View]
509955556This is the worst JRPG I've ever played in my life.[View]
509957091AVP: We're never getting a sequel, are we?[View]
509955472>Japanese Box Art[View]
509939220>hitscan enemies bad Where did this recent trend come from?[View]
509952187How is the player supposed to know to boost off a bomb explosion while trying to pick up a plant to …[View]
509951914Pathfinder: *saves CRPGs*[View]
509956949>DLC and season pass are everywhere, even in game series that didn't have extensions before …[View]
509956867Drop tables: >Be me >Degenerate lootbox gambler >Get depressed after losing 600€ on lootbox…[View]
509926953Xenoblade Chronicles Remaster downgrade: Defend this.[View]
509915934Are you gonna play my wives game?[View]
509951525>game has a shoehorned crafting system >game is not an RPG but has upgradeable armor and weapo…[View]
509956081Muffet wave!: https://youtu.be/KGqLIm_iyP4[View]
509953484GET IN HERE: TFLOU 2 PREVIEW: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/05/25/state-of-play-get-a-preview…[View]
509954562Goldeneye 007 - Bunker 2: Getting filtered hard by this level. Also is it just me or is throwing kni…[View]
509955516This game was so fucking good[View]
509952631what the fuck[View]
509956716I used to be a cop like you: Then I took a nigger to the knee.[View]
509956695I want to play Pikmin 1, 2, and 3 (never played 3) and Super Mario 3D World. Should I buy a Wii U (e…[View]
509953187minecraft: so is this just a children's game or something? It was just released yesterday, I…[View]
509954765>im going to say the h word hajime and you gonna love it[View]
509956562what does /v/ think of dirge of cerberus[View]
509956570Why did none of you queers tell me this was good? Is cause you play as a negro?[View]
509954741FUUUUSION (POTARA DANCE) (Result=Rike) - SMash bRos: ROY + IKE = RIKE[View]
509953460How do you stop your gaming chair from getting all sweaty in the hot summer heat[View]
509944154PSA: Don't get Influenced By Shitters: If you aren't having fun while playing a game, you …[View]
509954309Get in here lads time to stick it to Naughty Dogshit: There's gonna be a live gameplay on youtu…[View]
509947239Why does everyone hate this? I haven't played cod since mw2, but this campaign is fun. Haven…[View]
509955992>PC taking even more exclusives away Thank you for the betatesting, PS3…[View]
509953745TLoU 2: So how is /v/ going to react once it wins GOTY?[View]
5099487214k PC gaming is a meme: Unless you have a 50 inch PC monitor, 4k gives no noticeable difference over…[View]
509956248Only in Smash Bros[View]
509954525ITT: yeah, that happened...[View]
509955059You know it's true[View]
509953886If the title has 'simulator' in it, the game was made by a brainlet.[View]
509953232Why the fuck wont ID fix Champions, It's not to late to unfuck it, it just needs some love and …[View]
509947517Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
509952721I can't stop watching anime vtubers, what the fuck has this weeb shit done to me? i don't …[View]
509955014Why aren't you playing the best Mario Kart game there is, Mario Kart Tour? >The largest rost…[View]
509946475/v/ makes a level, one post at a time[View]
509955881>you have to look up a guide to find out to equip the weakest weapons you have wow what amazing f…[View]
509954115There have been a lot of threads recently about the eerie mysteries and conspiracies of Mario 64. Wh…[View]
509954512If you don't let me win /v, I'm going to jump![View]
509955885Draco Centauros. Any quesions?[View]
509949740Are we ever going to Garlemald? Will we ever get a Judge Job? Will Yoshi P ever take a risk and make…[View]
509946640Will we Never see Another major Tf2 Update?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7lEiRlJxyQ[View]
509955128Why didn’t Crash Bandicoot ever have more waifus?[View]
509950239ITT: the little things: What are some things you love being able to do when playing vidya? Alternati…[View]
509954890Name 26 video games[View]
509955523>everyone get in here[View]
509955198what happened now?[View]
509951019>Japanese game clearly states matter-of-factly that a girl's virginity is valuable ROASTIES …[View]
509952527Is it only people on the internet that care about framerate? Does the average person even give a shi…[View]
509954985>A Masquerade violation has occured VTMB thread[View]
509954974What went wrong?[View]
5099543182KAT. YES.[View]
509955000what are some good mods?[View]
509943283Siege of Shanghai... Home...[View]
509954240I bought this and I'm already losing characters and its only still the beginning. Can I get som…[View]
509951389I have a GTX 1060 6GB, and I'm thinking to upgrade. Is a Radeon 5700 worth it? I am not in the…[View]
509947853AerisDies Thread: If you know what this thread is, you can post in it. If not, you're not welco…[View]
509954651Is this game good yet? Does anyone even play this still?[View]
509953037Stop pirating videogames.[View]
509945983whats the best Star Wars game ever made[View]
509944316Imagine developing a game for 5 years with a massive budget only for it to be worse than a side proj…[View]
509954959Be honest /v/.: Would you play a video game with this premise?[View]
509945691What is her endgame?[View]
509940392>Game pranks the player[View]
509931368How did the Animal Crossing community become so bad?[View]
5099546832020: I am forgotten[View]
509954265When will we get a good WW2 game?[View]
509914446Samurai Shodown PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrxugAyDpdY The new Samurai Shodown is finally c…[View]
509954608Who's idea do you think it was to make frieza's ass this big?[View]
509921268Do u draw pixel art /v/? Here's mine.[View]
509946039Is this game really that bad?[View]
509942478>Futaba was listening to you try to fuck your teacher >Futaba watches you fap…[View]
509945762Why was it so good?[View]
509954458Enjoy Starfield :): .[View]
509951054MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
509920036>Have to edit .ini file to change graphics settings[View]
509953796>finally release overseas as a Microsoft exclusive >tfw Microsoft kills your game on launch wi…[View]
509944690What is the vidya equivalent of this?[View]
509954051https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GesHvzwaOzM >prototype is better than the original…[View]
509953689Why was the pixel art for Donkey Kong and SMRPG so.... different? More realistic looking? Not sure w…[View]
509910487comfy terraria thread: staying indoors edition[View]
509953997>horror game >enter area >someone is locked in a room with a window >OH THANK GOD YOU…[View]
509952557I think most indie titles are low effort garbage but indie studios are the only people who can produ…[View]
509940639New Sherlock Holmes game, thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQoDjyusE-0[View]
5099516653DS is better than PS Vi...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJJ3i2RU8TI[View]
509952072Sable: Been looking forward to this game ever since I learned about it. In a recent interview they s…[View]
509952728>Thousand Year Door >Luigi's Mansion >Melee >Pikmin 1 & 2 >F-Zero GX >Pha…[View]
509921782did you guys know that you can breakdance in mario?[View]
509952370>gambling minigames[View]
509932989What free2play game is actually fun? All of the below slowly killed my soul >LoL, Doter, HotS …[View]
509952827You're doing fantasssstic[View]
509953341Anyone have the PSP Gradius series guidebook?[View]
509951723My PS2 game are almost 20 years old and I don’t want to prevent deterioration like melty blue cases.…[View]
509953063Sell me on this game as someone who's played the original and absolutely loved it but never wen…[View]
509950379The World Ends With You 2020 TEASE: Sequel incoming! This is NOT a drill! https://twitter.com/AnimeE…[View]
509948535he's out[View]
509946773Megaten: For me, its Digital Devil Saga[View]
509951754What was the last anime game you played?[View]
509952781THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: Don’t do this to me Square. Don’t you fucking do this. I refuse to get my h…[View]
509950483the gameplay and city are fun so far but the story and characters are absolute trash. Hell, not even…[View]
509943375Legit question, where do you even go from this? Did they killed Smash with Ultimate? What else is th…[View]
509952436give ur tips, advice: Why isn't there a fucking short hop button? Having to press 2 jump button…[View]
509951913Was he right?[View]
509930175Name a fucking worse launch in gaming history, I'm actually seething at how incompetent microsh…[View]
509949005Let's play a game /v/. post a digital monster, and others will post what data they're made…[View]
509949306Imagine thinking Disco Elysium was the best RPG of 2019 and not Pathologic 2[View]
509950253why the fuck is this game $200 on ebay now, I thought it looked interesting but is it really that go…[View]
509952186>JRPG >Main antagonist lectures you on his middle school-tier philosophy at every given opport…[View]
509952185This game is pretty good. Why did you lie to me /v/?[View]
509950362YOUandMEandHER: So I have to say this game was absolutely incredible and if you haven't played …[View]
509952085People like to give indie games a lot of flack for 'pixelshit' but I think flat shaded, low poly is …[View]
509951952This is fine[View]
509951935Here's your Avengers game, bro.[View]
509951378Say your daily Elden Ring prayers /v/ >Now I lay me down to sleep, >Iooooooohhhhhto Gwyn my so…[View]
509917790If this gen is the 1.5 one, what will be the next one?[View]
509945295What games do you play when it's too hot?[View]
509941996Platformers: What are some good platformers I can get on steam?[View]
509951831I enjoyed Cubivore, is there another games like these?[View]
509950502Post a video game character without actually posting them[View]
509945786Are you gonna play Shadowlands?: Remember the expansions following a line of good/bad so it has to b…[View]
509951163Choke maymay: any choke edit of George Floyd?[View]
509951429Is he a kike?[View]
509938275here's your new trackmania bro: >stadium for the 3rd time except now it's on a subscrip…[View]
509950976>press in the right analogue stick to run[View]
509951592>Play GTA IV with mods >Laptop Overheats[View]
509940394Redpill me on the 1995/07/29 build.[View]
509833701You did buy Kizuna Ai's game, right?[View]
509951417XCDE soundtrack: Alright since Nintendo are as usual being absolute dickwads about people uploading …[View]
509951448Dance games and stuff: It is important to stay at home for sure... do you miss the arcade dancing ga…[View]
509949683All the shit going on in Hong Kong made me replay this. Fuck, it's really great. Gobbet a cute.[View]
509951254Left or right, /v/?[View]
509945284Whats so good about this game?[View]
509951186Which girl /v/?[View]
509950605Well /v/?[View]
509949114>naming da girl in Nocturne 'Bismark'[View]
5099249053DS Thread: Are YOU man enough to play your 3DS games again? Why not discuss your favorite one in th…[View]
509940115Why does neo-/v/ hate dungeon crawlers?[View]
509948914ITT: Vidya casual filters.[View]
509949392Name ONE game where playing against snipers is fun[View]
509944431Why do game companies put out a shit product when they could make the best videogame in the world wi…[View]
509939852Elevator Pitch: In 100 words or less, give me your best idea for a new video game[View]
509947821Who's laughing now?[View]
509950418What do you honestly think about it?[View]
509876265>This is an actual entry for the NightmareFuel page for Crash 2 on TVTropes…[View]
509950617Anyone picking this up? I haven't played it since the free month on game pass in 2018. Was pret…[View]
509927716Morrowind was the only good TES game[View]
509941609Time to earn your paycheck team. Got a doozy of a Deep Rock Galactic thread on the way.[View]
509942634Does he deserve his own game?[View]
509950319https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1265661272311414787 Since Street Fighter V has announced its ne…[View]
509948652>game lies to the player[View]
509949585Is it fake or not?[View]
509950208>download game from ps store >shitty internet so sleep so it can download >wake up and find…[View]
509948073A rebel Human instinctive BMRF scientist professor and theoretical physics doctorate was teaching a …[View]
509879847P4 golden is still stuck on the vita.[View]
509950098Anybody here into tv box emulation?[View]
509946497Makoto for SFV[View]
509949923Is Proton good for Linux gaming?[View]
509947990>Game introduces the coolest weapon/skill/vehicle in the entire franchise >Later entries drop …[View]
509938238Good night sweet Prince.[View]
509949723>250,000 games: For reference, GameFAQs only has 200,000 games cataloged. MobyGames has 120,000. …[View]
509949395Are there any games where you can show off how superior the guns are to pathetic locals still using …[View]
509949542https://discord.gg/4FaYTH4: Join this Discord Server[View]
509939564Will it return?[View]
509892734>open map viewer out of curiosity just fuck my shit up[View]
509949538Backlog hell is infinite: Anon. I just bought for next week....[View]
509948970What went wrong?[View]
509949482stupid achievements thread >your teammate died and you can revive him? don't do that yet, go…[View]
509932662Why do people pretend to like these games?[View]
509944495>he quit a fighting game because he landed on the wrong odds and someone’s fursona appears in Tra…[View]
509946560What the fuck is their problem?[View]
509949376This is what TLOU2 thinks they're showing.[View]
509944415*jumps across the room at you with no warning*[View]
509887385What's the biggest flaw stopping you from enjoying this game?[View]
509949282Games only you played BUT also liked: >Ninety-nine-nights 1[View]
509942709Paper Mario Origami King now obsolete PaperMariofags BTFO!!!! https://youtu.be/vXxsf50FeoY[View]
5099153483x3 thread[View]
509940817I don't know a single person this game would appeal to. Do you?[View]
509947091>One copy of Persona 5 Royal please[View]
509946276What is the best videogame enemy and why is it dinosaurs?[View]
509949120What games have blocked off areas until a specific event in the game allows you to go through that a…[View]
509947357>that game is waiting for you to play it >you don't feel like playing it yet what's …[View]
509945282Fifty fousand people use to live 'ere, nah it's a ghost tahn[View]
5099072212=4 > 3 > shit > worms that live in shit > star wars holiday special > 1[View]
509948865Where is he now?[View]
509947694>Obscure game you like is only played and followed by talentless autists who keep the game alive …[View]
509947128make a game in dreams[View]
509948825>when you UTTERLY dominate on your waifu[View]
509931445Post your fav vidya towns/cities: Inaba... home[View]
509938030TWEWY Thread: This year's Anime Expo reveals new TWEWY-themed key art. Could this mean somethin…[View]
509945150Less than two hours[View]
509948513[Dark Souls] Do you think our civilization could survive the undead curse and the dark sign?: It cam…[View]
509947781A is for Asura.[View]
509948662Why did they kill themselves in the end?[View]
509918016>GOG Summer Sale started over an hour ago >no thread Seriously?…[View]
509946285101 Video Games To Play Before You Die: 1. Super Mario 64 (N64) 2. Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive) 3. Din…[View]
509944409Aerith thread: Is there a more perfect woman?[View]
509947714Why does /v/ hate the Tales of franchise now?[View]
509940053Terrible box art: Post 'em[View]
509945109When was the last time a game actually made you FEEL something?[View]
509942229What makes Edelgard such a wildly popular character?[View]
509948160Are you going to play any jrpgs this week?[View]
509935218Good kid? Good kid? Why? Does he help the fucking poor? No. He sits on his ass all day, smoking dope…[View]
509947397>Paper Mario threads are absolute shit shows Can we get a new fucking trailer so people can shut …[View]
509945652This is a simple mining mission! Deposit your quota of Morkite into the MULE and we'll send a D…[View]
509942158There will be at least a few dragons in TES6 r-right?[View]
509947918That twist was retarded.[View]
509908736There's literally nothing worth playing in this platform. >inb4 gacha >inb4 emulate…[View]
509937529ITT: Series done dirty: Post your once beloved game series that has been normied, censored, retconne…[View]
509938454Puzzle game thread: Is it me or is the Puzzle game genre dying in the video game industry or in gene…[View]
509941708This is a Switch game running at 720p with 20fps it got 9.3 from IGN and GOTY from Famitsu.[View]
509933848Age Old Debate: Tifa or Aerith?: Part 2 >>509828364[View]
509947345How were you supposed to know that you need to hold it in your hands..?[View]
509947531New XCDF leaked art[View]
509946780>he does it for free[View]
509946179Last day to get civilization 6 for free on the epic games store[View]
509947475>'And this game is supposed to be rated E?!?'[View]
509943791>Climb towers to reveal points of interest >Collect 900 of X item scattered around the world …[View]
509947390Jak and Daxter thread: >Get potentially hyped fuckers https://www.ladbible.com/technology/gaming-…[View]
509943365The Matrix is a good movie; concordantly, it must have good games. The Matrix does not have good gam…[View]
509944752>tfw you're the last person alive in your team and everybody is watching your every move…[View]
509945774what contribution?[View]
509943402How are you fags enjoying the new Greenskin patch?[View]
509947130Any placesto pirate psp roms from?: Heard there is a google drive full of the downloadable content o…[View]
509946943If the Switch uses the Tegra X1 ARM SoC, some high end mobile SoCs have surpassed the X1 in performa…[View]
509946623Horizon Zero Down on PC: Can't wait /v/ros[View]
509942929Less Than 2 Hours. Predictions? Its an 8 minute 'gameplay' reveal How much do you want to bet they…[View]
509944624Dragon Quest: Dragon Quest thread peko[View]
509945058ITT: Pleb filters[View]
509940775Smash list leak: Not all these characters will make the cut. but a few insiders have talked about 8 …[View]
509942858Sonic Riders thread: >Sonic Riders got a new patch that rebalances the gear and adds texture pack…[View]
509919907How does it feel that XIV is never ever going to reach the perfection of this?[View]
509945427*sip* Ahhh Oblivion, now THAT was a video game.[View]
509943952Don't mind me, just posting the best Kingdom Hearts character[View]
509946359this is so true OMEGALUL PepeLaugh gaming is at its peek YEP YEP YEP YEP[View]
509941556>A fucking laptop is stronger than a next gen console PS5, that's not even out yet. Why can…[View]
509942012>Ruins Smash 4 by wasting dev resources Nothing personal kid[View]
509944476>Elden... ring... a...any d.. any day.. n-now[View]
509939659why are all the visual novels fucking Japanese. give me some fucking slav visual novels.[View]
509944802Flash Games: Does anybody know that one parkour themed platformer that ripped of aestetic of portal?…[View]
509945894Steam Profile Thread: Post your profile and we will judge you.[View]
509945382The reason videogames are viewed as a Manchild hobby by normies is because they simulate work while …[View]
509937686Why did Kojima betray his fans?[View]
509945945Is there a way to transfer saves between a Switch Lite and OG Switch without homebrew and without ha…[View]
509945915Meanwhile in the /v/ Everfall...[View]
509937208did 2B raise too hard female character designs?[View]
509945879the best mmorpg expansion ever made[View]
509936128Sonic music >>>>> Mario music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIgNq87PbK0[View]
509861926Anyone else get filtered by pic related? Just me? ok...[View]
509902503Play Red Dead Redemption 2[View]
509940075PlayStation 5 will be '100x faster' than the PlayStation 4, Sony confirm: Sony’s latest re…[View]
509945702How many euros or dollars have you spent in vidya in 2020?[View]
509945703Looking for a third for Trios in Warzone: Hey all! My buddy and I play a lot of Warzone, but we neve…[View]
509945693>demos are making a comeback Desperados/RTT thread[View]
509944008hi /v/ What is the last game that you truly and vividly remember enjoying every moment of playing?[View]
509942960PS5 event details: - Focus will be next-gen games running on PS5 hardware - Don't expect detail…[View]
509944418Advance Wars Thread: AW Thread[View]
509945245you still playing it?[View]
509945172But Grounder, gay robot love is forbidden![View]
509942921Found a game similar Ao Oni with a female character. Deepthroat Manor https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
509945296Rawr! Pride Lands is the best Kingdom Hearts world![View]
509942996i have iq of 50 ask me: anything[View]
509944659Was it really safer? didn't look or feel like it.[View]
509943442Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing thread.[View]
509943713there's nothing wrong with having popular villagers in your town[View]
509945093>normal game+snow = comfy prove me wrong[View]
509941616ITT: Post your 'favorite game' on Steam and we will judge you.[View]
509942830Onto the second episode. After finishing the first, I really wish they didn't give Rachel a voi…[View]
509944367>The closest thing we will ever get to modern Robocop / Terminator / TMNT games are from MK and I…[View]
509944827What's the difference?: What's the difference between Pac-Man Championship Edition, CE DX+…[View]
509943629Playing this for the first time: Beat most of p3 and p4 Never tried much of smt except devil summon…[View]
509941687What's the best way to play this game? It looks like shit on the switch[View]
509944742Do you play as a guy or a girl in videogames? For me, it's both.[View]
509944739What if Wesker is like Junji Ito's Tomie?[View]
509939171WHERE IS IT?[View]
509921385I just wasted 2500 dollars on a gaming PC last month: Why didn't someone tell me the ps5 would …[View]
509942449As an Estelle waifufag who is also into NTR, I hope Rean gives her the dick good and hard and I hope…[View]
509878819Kino game armors: Pic related[View]
509943457Can you tell what this image is referencing to?[View]
509937537 hi [View]
509944006Observation: I don't get it. Is this another deep zoomer game?[View]
509943479Ooooooo.... Post your favorite vidya that's based off cartoooooons... [View]
509943876are we ever going to see another good X-Men game?[View]
509938520Knack 3 confirmed by Playstation UK: Looks like good games are back on the menu, boys.[View]
509943483BIOSHOCK: Just finished this game for the first time (hard). Some of the menus were pretty clunky fo…[View]
509939735>hey nintendo the gamecube was great but we wanted more third party games and the controller was …[View]
509941495how do we fix the pokemon series?[View]
509940179Game of the year 2021.[View]
509913428I HAVE >701.7GB of >155456 GAMES[View]
509940428PSO2 NA: Well.... with the less content, new performance issues, worse graphics, and less configura…[View]
509943557>on sale on GoG What's the /v/erdict?[View]
509943574>there was supposed to be a Donkey Kong CD-I game but it was cancelled Just imagine all the memes…[View]
509943543*ruins the gaming community*[View]
509942098Is Atelier Ryza actually a good game or just coomerbait?[View]
509943092ITT: games from your childhood[View]
509941729>game gets good reviews PAID, DOESN'T COUNT >game gets bad reviews HAHA, WE TOLD YOU THE…[View]
509939623Is it any good?[View]
509943261Seeing Neo-/v/ get filtered by this game really is the last nail in the coffin for this board ever p…[View]
509939258Now that the dust has settled...: Are videogames a form of art? Should video games be fun?[View]
509940947give ur tips, advice: Smash Ultimate Tips How not to be shitty at the game:[View]
509938884why are do the colors in Arma 2 seem very low quality? when I quit and the game autosaves the colors…[View]
509928624I can’t help but think that people complaining about the monetization model are complete ignorant co…[View]
509938245How were you supposed to know you can press the buttons in?[View]
509937663>Western Devs can't design wome-[View]
509942621Has there ever been a single good Barney game? Is such a thing ever possible?[View]
509874430I want villagers to call me a bloated idiot in Animal Crossing: New Horizons thread. What about you?[View]
509939473Why didn't they just call it Budokai 4?[View]
509942619>friends tell me to play Warzone with them >it's actually really fun >way more polishe…[View]
509937357ITT: kino game engines[View]
509940803>first person shooter >goes into third person when you take cover…[View]
509942390Damn. This game is now playable when playing with controller[View]
509942513Can we rest for a while?[View]
509942206Where’s the switch version?[View]
509942119Games you play because of tropical / refreshing environments[View]
509942310>playing maneater >keep going to surface so i dont take damage from drowning…[View]
509940067Mining lvls?[View]
509942296I actually like the chalice dungeons, one think I don't understand though is, non-root dungeons…[View]
509940915Name a better written race of synthetic beings[View]
509941918>'reported kiddo :)'[View]
509938345About to import my character from Origins/Awakening and start this bad boy for the first time ever. …[View]
509941090>Snake >Ryu >Cloud >Megaman >Sonic >Banjo How can Melee even compete?…[View]
509940480Say my name, /v/[View]
509941881its up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHsGO8a8WOE[View]
509933261>forever trapped on the ps3 why does sony get a pass for this shit?[View]
509928608Is this any good? First and last pokemon i played was blue[View]
509941398DESTROY ALL HUMANS DEMO IS OUT NOT A DRILL PUNY EARTHLINGS https://www.gog.com/game/destroy_all_huma…[View]
5099402142 hours to go![View]
509941574Is Golden Axe dead?[View]
509935845Do you trust Dr. Dolphin as your doctor?[View]
509902964BotW: i am stuck. wat do?[View]
509941158Is the future PS?[View]
509922870Uhhh Silent Hill PS5 bros.........[View]
509930838THE DEBATE RAGES ON: Okay, /v/. Settle an argument for me. Do you need to uninstall your graphics dr…[View]
509935492Why did you trick me into buying this shit? Was enjoying the game yesterday (despite the terrible op…[View]
509936785Literally impossible.[View]
509927571Hello /v/ I fixed 2B Got rid of those fat legs[View]
509931861Why does Microsoft insist on this windows phone 8 TILES TILES TILES nonsense UI?[View]
509940879Do you own figures?[View]
509940939Actual Wonderful 101 Thread: Proper Wonderful 101 thread, the other one is awful[View]
509940581Why yes I play as an honorable human male STR warrior in every game, how could you tell?[View]
509927024>Get bodied by Jap online >message from 黒キラー24 >草…[View]
509930718Was it kino?[View]
509940725ITT: Game music to jam to: GIF edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V81DlvZkxGE[View]
509936001I was thinking of games with occult/mythological connections and I came to the Rayman series. The en…[View]
509938461How did it go so wrong? I just replayed and finished San Andreas since ~2005/2006, and it's so …[View]
509935984Next game in the series will be one of the first PS5 titles to be unveiled next week >sequel to I…[View]
509933216How did Nintendo create the cutest character design in vidya?[View]
509897673Nioh 2: I dare you to find a bigger chad in the series[View]
509940472what are some inflexible video game?[View]
509938145Finally, GTA V is playable[View]
509938479Will the Switch get another Mario Kart game in its life or is MK8 DX the only console MK we'll …[View]
509937838ALRIGHT, PLACE YA BETS! When are they coming?[View]
509935073>removes all of your fucking health[View]
509940349>That'll be $1499.99 plus tax plus tip >no refunds >please agree to this textbook of c…[View]
509933338He has abasolutely no plans to ever finisht the series does he?[View]
509940309Star Citizen: Redpill me on this game. I NEVER heard about this, and suddenly I've been seeing …[View]
509939649Vidya Autism: How does one harness this power? I'm envious of those willing to dedicate thousan…[View]
509933065Undooming Valkyria Chronicles: How can Valkyria Chronicles avoid certain doom at hands of the stegos…[View]
509933757Since Gamestop is going out of business I wont have to pay my GS credit card off. maxed it out at 2…[View]
509940131>Hey it's Timmy Tencent! >OVER HERE TIMMY!…[View]
509938150>they actually started the Greymoor expansion with 'hey you, you're finally awake' on a cart…[View]
509939843Games I want to make: 1. An RTS like total war real time battles except... I own it 2. A pirate game…[View]
509937892>Missing the Red Catseye and learning you can't go back for it Is there any worse feeling?…[View]
509938412What am I in for?[View]
509930158>no e3 to look forward to this year[View]
509934769Paper mario sucks. It's basically super mario fan fiction the game.[View]
509938640To those who grew up on Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake: What are your opinions on modern FPS like Halo,…[View]
509936908halp pls: I've got $19.03 on Steam, need to get back into vidya, recommend me something to pick…[View]
509938516Will they include her route in the remake?[View]
509931180It's buggy Characters have potato faces Combat is dumb but i don't care,i somehow still lo…[View]
509938430Why do console players get competitive advantages like bonus XP, aim assist, etc when playing agains…[View]
509938090New Vegas Thread: What are some good mods for this game?[View]
509936532>NOOOOOOO MUH ORIGINAL BOOMER KINO HAS BEEN DEFILED Is this the most autistic fanbase ever?…[View]
509925171So my friend gave me one of these entirely for free, but I don't have any games to go with it …[View]
509937580Shmups: >So let's talk about Aleste then. What is, by the way, the proper pronunciation of t…[View]
509936838What went wrong?[View]
509939314why everyone camping in bf1? It's just ridiculous[View]
509936712It's getting to be fighting game season. Games are coming out, EVO is coming up, Whatcha playin…[View]
509937728Play racing games.[View]
509938969Push the cart into the beam they said...[View]
509937417>commercial failure at launch >become cult classic years later >still beloved in Japan >…[View]
509931065Between this and DQ XI, which is better for a newcomer?: Own these both already (3DS and Switch resp…[View]
509934454What is the most comfy Steam game and why is it Town of Salem?[View]
509938853What's the difference?: What's the difference between Pac-Man Championship Edition, CE DX+…[View]
509929021Do you use a wrist rest?[View]
509936630Fast & Furious Crossroads: New Trailer out La Familia chads get in here https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
509937803Shantae switch tomorrow: Will you play the new Shantae tomorrow on the switch? Posting cute Sirens /…[View]
509930070>want to play horror game >have to wait until night time…[View]
509925676RAGNAROK ONLINE 4TH CLASSES ANNOUNCED They just won't let it die ragbros....[View]
509937641Hey bro you like long ass raids bro? You like doing long ass attunement quests in cookie cutter hall…[View]
509929315Friendly reminder that PM64 patricians are merely cautiously optimistic. Only TTYDfags are raging be…[View]
509937804tell me about it, /v/.[View]
509928497Your daily reminder that >pic related will never be outsold by Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive …[View]
509933150>Paper Mario = Establish series, people love it >TTYD = same, but people love it >SPM = dif…[View]
509931419Worst final fantasy villain of all time[View]
509937070DESTROY ALL HUMANS DEMO IS OUT NOT A DRILL PUNY EARTHLINGS https://www.gog.com/game/destroy_all_hum…[View]
509931371>Story barely exists therefore its secretly amazing[View]
509938121/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>509866970 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
509930710Bloodborne PC port potentially leaked?: https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/6961-buy-key-steam-bloodbo…[View]
509931960the reason this series is dead is because its too hard change my mind[View]
509918380Thoughts on Tatsunoko vs Capcom?[View]
509931102>screaming so hard at smash my throat hurts[View]
509937940Fix the worst game genre names: Immersive Sim Rougelite Souls-like Shoot em up Metroidvania[View]
509913119>game lists a girl's three sizes This should be mandatary[View]
509934931Play any good video games brehs?[View]
509917428Buy the fucking DLC next month.: Or I'll kill you.[View]
509924216What game was the most 'ahead of its time' at launch?[View]
509866970/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>509789684 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
509936804what audience is this pandering towards?[View]
509930015I guess I'm not buying a ps5 afterall.[View]
509937604make it /v/ related[View]
509937572GOTY 2021.[View]
509897589Yo Clem that Kenny guy is a violent retard trust me I got a master plan to prove it to you.[View]
509931218>who was in the wrong? Should the knight just have asked for the strongest potion he could safely…[View]
509936269>playing delivery game >get knocked out and my shit stolen from mouth breathers >keep tryin…[View]
509929534>caco threa-[View]
509937234>be me >playing Dark Souls 3 for a while >decide to level up a convenant to the highest ran…[View]
509932215What kind of game would he make?[View]
509937113Horror Jrpg Revival: Just finished Shadow Hearts 1 and 2 recently, and played Koudelka almost 2 year…[View]
509932948Why do modern games still struggle to implement functional mirrors?[View]
509934728How is my 2011 x86 CPU able to run PS3 games built around a state-of-the-art PowerPC architecture re…[View]
509914585Apparently this picture has been blowing up on plebbit, and has also been posted in discords I'…[View]
509934859To people who like Reach, what exactly do you like about it and why?[View]
509934517Now that the dust has settled what exactly went wrong?[View]
509936710What skull and difficulty combination is best for challenge and fun in Halo Reach?[View]
509936650Shovelware: The Console[View]
509928404Live ending makes more sense. If Water is canon, then James is just a guy who never got over his wif…[View]
509934649What went wrong?[View]
509919591>Best ending in the whole franchise >Gets retconned I fucking hate nu-nintendo…[View]
509930631Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: GOTY 2021. Other WRPGs, JRPGs and even cRPGs don't even hav…[View]
509932132What is your reaction time? this is mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQBBs6ei8cA with 10 tries…[View]
509883398Huge SEGA related tech scoop: Apparently Famitsu tech journalist is teasing a huge scoop related to …[View]
509936165Gameplay being typical RPG shit...: Can you enjoy this game when you are hetero? Genuine question si…[View]
509936179Lost Kingdom: Is this supposed to be the origin of the tanuki leaf? With the trees with tails and th…[View]
509904231>Main character dies and is replaced during the game Are there any games that pull this off? Dyin…[View]
509915198Why does Dragon Ball Fighter Z have so many tier whores? Every time I go online everyone's play…[View]
509932415My personal Fighters Pass 2 predictions. Thoughts?: Before you all inevitably throw a piss fit, no, …[View]
509911685The people who are so aggressively negative when it comes to The Origami King are not real Paper Mar…[View]
509936027Bought the first 3 Thief games on steam since it was so cheap a few days ago. Any patches or mods I …[View]
509930000dr koopa troopa: this is the state of nintendo character design in 2020[View]
509930667Bravely Default or Bravely Second? Fire Emblem Fates Conquest or Birthright? Only have the DQ and SM…[View]
509930591Royal is apparently the definitive edition, but I'm broke as fuck. However, the original is dir…[View]
509928908>Character uses a sledge hammer >Is named Sledge…[View]
509933248Are you collecting, son?[View]
509882963these mobile ads are just bizarre why the fuck do they invent a puzzle mechanic that hasn't bee…[View]
509933264>combine rebellion and devil sword sparda to get devil sword dante B R A V O…[View]
509929687Autistic Imagination in Vidya: Besides Terraria, what games let you fully unleash your autism and go…[View]
509934337It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHsGO8a8WOE[View]
509891742>B-b-but Halo 2 will save it!: OH NO NO NO NO I even included the stats from Saturday, and it…[View]
509916392A true visionary[View]
509930854>>>/x/25054315 /x/ are talking about lucifer being inside of mario 64[View]
509935236You just know[View]
509931779I saved you. You were going to bed bored, playing only shitty ports. Your platform was on the brink …[View]
509935151>be me >mother comes to my room and offers her body since she knows how much failure i am in t…[View]
509932078Does your taste in vidya differ when you're intoxicated compared to when you're sober?[View]
509928753>he doesn't have alternate accounts where he pretends to be a woman online to get free games…[View]
509931459>Remove MAKO >Remove elevator loads >Add more romance options >Add gunplay from ME3 GOAT…[View]
509934445What was his fucking problem?[View]
509932482Every copy of Mario 64 is personalized[View]
509934679Astroneers got a dedicated server update yesterday. Anyone up for a good time?[View]
509918460This is Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight. Say something nice about him.[View]
509926129Vidya memories: > Playing GTA 3, just cruising around the first island at night > I'm dri…[View]
509934226You didn't fall for the meme of this game being good, did you?[View]
509920980PlayStation 5 to be revealed in June 3rd: https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-05-27/son…[View]
509889905Actually making Xcom story focused and taking place on a smaller more intense arenas is a really goo…[View]
509930645This man is 69 years old playing the same character.[View]
509934221why was it so kino[View]
509932346Klonoa coming to PS4 PC and Nintendo Switch. >HD remake of the original game >Developed by Mo…[View]
509925601Indirectly responsible for at least eleven thousand deaths and you fags still love her.[View]
509926262What was the last game you completed before you graduated high school /v/? Pic related[View]
509933992https://youtu.be/aLX9aYBf91g Brazilian playing switch lite on TV like a boss. Why nintendo is so dum…[View]
509933554>I'm sure I'll win because my agility is superior[View]
509922892minecraft dungeons: how is it?[View]
509931080anyone know when this game will be out?[View]
509928489Who are some of the cheesiest, cheapest, unfair, final bosses for you anons? may or may not be fight…[View]
509933163Play Smash Remix.[View]
509933220is it worth 20€? i don't know anything about this series[View]
509933695What are some games that were good the first time but lost their appeal as the series went on?[View]
509916283What do you think about emulation?[View]
509927724>Royalty >Ends his character development within the first few hours of the game >Gentleman …[View]
509930389ITS FUCKING UP https://www.gog.com/game/destroy_all_humans_demo[View]
509933257Games for 'kids': Unpopular opinion? Kids dont deserve to be fed bad games just because they'r…[View]
509928620Just got one of these, can now play all ps4 games worth playing on my pc. Will do the same with the …[View]
509931397>equip gear with +1% crit >base crit chance is zero >you have 0% chance to crit…[View]
509931414Cities skylines Humble Bundle: is is any good? anything i should know? is it worth it?[View]
509929552This any good and will it be worth getting roasted by all my friends?[View]
509933042Share this![View]
509924039>Interesting game world. >Explore 1 main location with secrets and shortcuts RE1 style. >Ro…[View]
509932912ROTMG: >be me >19 yo >play rotmg >not cute, but a smooth nerd >get tome of puri, plan…[View]
509928987>crossbows have damage scaling[View]
509929353this game[View]
509924668Lego Island... home...[View]
509932458Xcom: Why is this game's main story so simple? You'd expect it it to be a big huge worldwi…[View]
509925075Why no one speaks about the fact what this company is basically EA clone?: After years ubishait dege…[View]
509929551>game is horrible but /v/ defends it because it has waifus[View]
509932293Final Fantasy 14 thread: Are we ever going to Garlemald? Will we ever get a Judge Job? Will Yoshi P …[View]
509932284IGN shamefur dispray: >IGN xenoblade review pops up >reviewer calls the original wii game 'an …[View]
509931382HIL-DA HIL-DA HIL-DA[View]
509890036Mortal Shell: Dark Souls beater or just another dogged contender? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1…[View]
509927746Tora in XCDE: So does anyone know why Tora is in DEs artbook? Cause according to datamines hes not i…[View]
509923671defend this[View]
509930221ITT: perfect vidya soundtracks[View]
509926513I am looking forward to this game.[View]
509906873>Buy gaming magazine from 1999 >All male writing staff >Every other game advert has a woman…[View]
509931889>indie game >it is good[View]
509926416https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AI3pmwKnMw Resident evil Code Veronica should get remake. Because i…[View]
509926691>he doesn’t main Wario whenever he’s playable in game You’re playing it wrong. Wario Thread.…[View]
509930992Without using glitches & exploits, what games let you create the most broken, godlike character?[View]
509928539So whats the deal with filling games aimed at younger people with apocalyptic, dark, cool as shit lo…[View]
509929158I want her back.[View]
509923535TrackMania is dead: https://trackmania.com/2020/05/27/trackmania-details-racing-experiences-with-sta…[View]
509926842Your move[View]
509922724Defend this[View]
509930781Uta fags this is on sale for 30 bucks is it worth it?[View]
509923839Quantum League: So this was apparently release on (((Early Access))) Will it be any good. I'm h…[View]
509930326thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tsHkpesBdY: How come the second part of this quote ne…[View]
509931042Meta Thread: Can we talk about the current state of /v/?[View]
509927975should I draw or play sekiro?[View]
509930895Thinking about getting pic related, is it any good?[View]
509928241These two games are what i'm very interested right now and they are on sale for basically the s…[View]
509929768I have theory that Rockstar removed the Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie songs from Vice City becau…[View]
509930626What can I say, I love big VIDEOGAME tits.[View]
509930830post your favourite pictures of the doll hugging the hunter[View]
509926254maple story 2: its about to shut down soon, any last words?[View]
509930789>Buying Gf >Selling Runescape thread[View]
509854824FFXIV: >is still the best primal[View]
509920231Dragon age: Why did this series spawn such cringe memes?[View]
509916675PSO2: So do they jiggle or not?[View]
509927990>Over 100 hours of gameplay! >20 hours of content, 70 hours of filler, 10 hours of content at …[View]
509926864>finally built a PC I'm never going back consolebros[View]
509925553fuking hell this is tedious[View]
509926997Do any of the VR headsets out there allow you to output your computer's display to the headset?[View]
509920329FFVII Remake Soundtrack: It comes out today. Are you going to get it?[View]
509838775Elden Ring Thread: What are some of your hopes for Elden Ring? Are you concerned about the switch to…[View]
509926252>game doesn't thank me for playing after I beat it[View]
509927786Street Fighter V Competition: Post your designs artists of /v/[View]
509928681>can only play Souls, Monster Hunter and Yakuza No other games are fun, what do?…[View]
509930225>3 new stages >costume design contest >5 more characters >last season of the game well h…[View]
509929805Does DoA still have a playerbase? Too late to get into the series?[View]
509905556Is apex legends the best battle royale right now?[View]
509907085There's nothing wrong with being a linear game, Kojima. The first two hours and a couple of the…[View]
509929828Kneecapping Hardware via software: >Start up PS4 >Slow to load >Every game I play crashes …[View]
509923196I really love the music, style and presentation of this game. Shame that the actual story and charac…[View]
509895331Are there any protagonists in a Nintendo game better written than Dimitri?[View]
509929684What the fuck was her problem?[View]
509924178Here is some information about gtavi. Got it from my brother who is a game tester in California, so …[View]
509875363what do you miss about sf4?[View]
509929723Punk to WorldWide: I hope Punk to worldwide!!! I feel Punk! Do you PUNK? https://youtu.be/d5K_QRDJn_…[View]
509929693what are some games like fantasy life? also any gba and ds and 3ds recomendation?[View]
509929531HIL-DA! HIL-DA![View]
509929527Where the fuck do you buy ps3 controllers? I have two but they are both broken and the chinaman ps3…[View]
509927460is she waifu material?[View]
509926508S O U L[View]
509928418Anon-san. Are you the one that stepped on my Grand Theft Auto Vice City disc and broke it?[View]
509911605As much as I love pc gaming, I don't think I will ever build another gaming PC again. Over the …[View]
509917645ITT: post 10/10 DLCs (pic related)[View]
509928627Stay fucking jelly.[View]
509928819HE’S IN[View]
509927584MK11 KP3 2021: MK11 Kombat Pack 3 is rumoured to have 42 overall characters on the final roster unti…[View]
509921231RETROARCH 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Retroarch is 10 years old now Thoughts on retroarch?[View]
509926886The last video game character you played has turned into Princess Peach. What changes?[View]
509927459How do we go from this:[View]
509920504This looks like absolute garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uPitwqc0ag&feature=emb_logo…[View]
509923985When will he return to save the gaming industry?[View]
509860741Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: This is my first time playing Dragon's Dogma and I defeated Gr…[View]
509922170Never played a Mario Kart game: Which game should I pick and what are considered the best?[View]
509900536best girl got no route why do vns always do this[View]
509828364Age Old Debate: Tifa or Aerith?: Initially I've always been Tifa and now I'm in a weird to…[View]
509927846This is actually cool. Its PvE+PvP+Capture the Flag. Id rather it be like BF 1942, but maybe they im…[View]
509910651Am I supposed to feel bad for the Saints? They steal from a guy who instead of killing them in retur…[View]
509928260I will post this everyday until NGPX I will cling to hope in possibility that this NGPX will be vide…[View]
509923630who is your favorite vidya character ?[View]
509928117Mado from the Yume Nikki series, together with her doujin friends, how did you like their games?[View]
509927442Shhh. Lip is sleeping. Please Don't wake her up.[View]
509928027TODD DID IT!: He's selling skyrim again, but with kirkbride and rolston's lore in it! http…[View]
509924446Transmogging in BotW2?: would that be a nice compromise for the 'weapon breaking' issue? >pro bre…[View]
509901628The mad man actually did it. He sold peopleSkyrim again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK5t5RWUB5w…[View]
509925313Who do you main in Tekken?[View]
509923542Wait is over sonybros[View]
509919984>cities skyline base game for $1 https://www.humblebundle.com/games/cities-skylines does this gam…[View]
509922958VTMB thread: I've been meaning to play this game for years, but it seems pretty unstable on mod…[View]
509927443Indie Game Thread: >last game finished Huntdown. Great game. Recommend if you're into retro…[View]
509924780OH NO NO NO NO[View]
509926236What are some low-powered RPGs besides Baldur's Gate?[View]
509916408smash leak: ***this image is just an edit, but is going to come*** ninjala will bring 13 songs to sm…[View]
509915901ITT : Games that needed a full Remake[View]
509852889Absolute state of gaming journalism in 2020.[View]
509926275>Studio Ghibli inspired atmospheric Metroidvania Puzzle Platformer indie game…[View]
509925689Majora's Mask: How do you feel about Termina being a parallel universe that was formed by Major…[View]
509926897me(the gamer on the left) and my waifu (Mileena)[View]
509926881DBD Silent Hill: Anyone else excited? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8VGnRN5-mc[