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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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580784649saving the open world genre with one easy step[View]
580789568You ever beat a video game in dripping sweat, /v/?[View]
580789049Blacklist /v/ros, our kino fixed by ubisoft You can now play it with latest ubisoft connect client[View]
580790859post your running animation[View]
580783634How come American game dev can't code? I thought the USA had the best univ in the world?[View]
580785871This game is fucking shit, the combat is all akward, there are enemies everywhere, there's like…[View]
580790527FUCK THE OSCARS ...you know?[View]
580784447I am playing Sekiro blind and this boss was pretty fun, thrilling and didn't felt unfair (aroun…[View]
580789062>enemy spawns above you[View]
580790442Why are kirin women so horny for rajang men?[View]
580787845Is there a reason for Ryza to be smiling like that?[View]
580789136I haven't had any fun playing video games in a long time and I finally discovered the reason. I…[View]
580771142Why can't Americans make cute video game characters? Why does everything have to be creepy and …[View]
580790037What she need help with?[View]
580790320ITT: Excellent Platformer games that don't deserve to be forgotten[View]
580784701>DUDE AYN RAND BAD LMAO[View]
580790205Games for this feel?[View]
580782879I see you chose Bulbasaur as your starter Pokemon. I also like to live dangerously.[View]
580789249Do DMChuds really like this nostalgia-wanking cash in?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlFeBxSBZUo…[View]
580790109What led him down the root to becoming a tranny? Sure, it's mental illness, but what accelerate…[View]
580789947why are gacha games starting to die out?[View]
580786419rain world: How do I play this shitty ass 'video-game'? Just run away from the green faggot looking …[View]
580787101> wanted to protect the fountain that gave his kingdom life > brave enough to face an usurper …[View]
580787987the best rock band[View]
580789596Do you think Atlus are trying to sabotage Sega releasing their games on PC? They chose to put the or…[View]
580784245>put game on pc >no denuvo I'm almost sure Jim Ryan is a pc fan agent making sure pcfags …[View]
580789395>dude Fallout New Vegas is like the best fallout ever >Just download these 98 mods and it…[View]
580783919ITT: games that have great character customization: FF14[View]
580789123How long must we wait?[View]
580786580Aaaaaaaah she's fucking cute[View]
580757683this is my wife 2b say something nice about her[View]
580787204Blasphemous: Looking forward to the free DLC?[View]
580781629>Your country >Games you played today and games you are hyped for >Favorite Japanese game…[View]
580786221Annnnnnnnnd FLOP[View]
580737862Pokémon BDSP sell 6 million copies at launch: https://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-brilliant-diamo…[View]
580785026The Game Awards: >hopes >fears >expectations…[View]
580789223>I call on the Moon's pale light! >This fight is over... >No escape! >Fall! >Aba…[View]
580788101do players of other genres experience character crisis?[View]
580787421Are you excited for Christmas /v/?[View]
580778940Crusader Kings: Anyone playing Crusader Kings? Crusader Kings thread[View]
580787376What are some [s4s]core games?[View]
580788790>zoomers consider this a videogame[View]
580788998DEAR PESKY PLUM/v/ERS[View]
580789032Mark my words, fuckers. There will be a Chrono Trigger announcement at the game awards. Chronochads …[View]
580789019Who was in the wrong here?[View]
580784349You want play game? https://jigex.com/XaZYc 300 pieces. Get in here. I'm like 80% sure the pict…[View]
580788854CoD Warzone Pacific: Man, these new guns suck ass. And I already fully leveled my garand and stg44 b…[View]
580785427It wasn't THAT bad.[View]
580788881>mario is able to become whatever he throws his hat at What could possibly be next for Mario?…[View]
580780950It's up!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGDEMl6-mvE[View]
580788838When does this game get fun?[View]
580788808Wait a second....[View]
580788708When Geoff calls it quits, who will be his successor?[View]
580788425It's a goddamn masterpiece wtf is wrong with you lamo[View]
580785960I was thinking about battle passes and that made me think of a burger place nearby's loyalty sy…[View]
580771542Hexen: Choose your class.[View]
580758782Multiversus is getting a new trailer on TGA, right?[View]
580785313Why is it non of the other RE games are as scary as 7?[View]
580781859how good does this game get: im like 30 hours in and at the part in octagonia, playing on draconian …[View]
580748505Games that made you say 'I can't belive people's taste in video games is this shitty'[View]
580780361The wide-screen in Mania and the S1 and 2 ports ruined me. How do I play this game? Best romhack wit…[View]
580782754>get out of here stalker >this is upstate new york >wrong side of the fucking planet…[View]
580788534games for this feel?[View]
580787740Shin Megami Tensei V is a big success: It's the second best selling game in Amazon Mexico We wo…[View]
580787659Who's your vidya mistress?[View]
580787691How did Valve know this was the future[View]
580777538Which is more overrated?[View]
580777216The Dick Detective: I hate this dude so much. > Every girl in Japan is wet for him > Gets hype…[View]
580778656>5 fucking gamemodes on launch >no forge until 9 months >3 playlists this is not only halo …[View]
580788067>Indie games get daily threads on /v/ for years >Average AAA game stops having threads when sh…[View]
580787149Uhm, hello, SOUL department??[View]
580783674Post cringy vidya characters[View]
580788003how can one company make plebbitors and console gaymers seethe so hard???[View]
580786274How were you supposed to know to jump on them?[View]
580785786LA Noire: Did you like it? Will they ever make another game like it? A sequel would be pretty cool, …[View]
580787752*is still more technically impressive than a modern Pokemon game*[View]
580784814choose your partners[View]
580784420Fuyuhiko is my husband![View]
580766131>STALKER 2 is soulle- Literally holds Soul in his hand lmao Also nice Sunrise suit…[View]
580787865>buy game >immediately look for mods >get cold feet because I don't want to spend lit…[View]
580787351What age did you grow out of your multiplayer phase? You aren't a slave to the online Jew, righ…[View]
580786775forget about waking the windfish, waking up this fucker here is dangerous[View]
580783783trying to play this after finishing several runs through the first game, and I have to say . . . I…[View]
580787496My stuff came in the mail! Got my hands on >4x Sony Dual Shock controllers >Original fat body …[View]
580787634What games have the deepest lore?[View]
580784120100% Orange Juice: I'm bored lets play some 100% Orange Juice Lobby: 100% QP juice Password: ra…[View]
580782980Does it live up to the insane amounts of hype surrounding it?[View]
580784419Fighting stances + Idle animations thread[View]
580787405Joseph Staten (Lead writer of Halo CE, 2 and ODST) confirms Halo 2 was always Arbiter's game. C…[View]
580786682Trackmania used to be COOL and RAD. Now it is just a bunch of autists wanking over nanoseconds[View]
580774415I still like Quake 4[View]
580786606Popular games with a terrible story but good side content: Well?[View]
580787290>Best armor design in the entire Halo series >It's almost never used in any games I'…[View]
580777937ITT: annoying game tropes:: >enemy is only vulnerable when attacking…[View]
580787091Hi. I'm NG Resonance. What would you like to talk about?[View]
580776143>game of the year is an MMO expansion https://youtu.be/YcrEllXYVvU[View]
580786078rave.dj: Create mashups that contain at least one vidya song. Here’s mine: https://rave.dj/KZbcQ3GC5…[View]
580786421Why is he so fucking unstoppable?[View]
580759064Unreal Engine 5 porn will hit society like a nuke[View]
580785690OneShot Console Edition: OneShot is coming to consoles next year. Anyone on /v/ still care about thi…[View]
580786895(halo infinite spoiler don't click) Wow 343, just wow[View]
580785092>2021 >still no option to go to straight to downloads from the taskbar icon in steam…[View]
580786058Did you find it without googling it?. It's OK to say no anon.[View]
580785412>game gives you a character so broken it feels like you're cheating…[View]
580782910You're about to enter the most dangerous dungeon in the Kingdom of /V/. Because of limited budg…[View]
580785682Who was in the wrong here?[View]
580786571Siralim: Anyone else played siralim ultimate? It came out of ea recently and I think it might be the…[View]
580782353Superman video games: The three most iconic superheroes over the past few decades are Superman, Batm…[View]
580781896>stuttering >broken VRR >shit performance >shit graphics >no raytracing >designed …[View]
580784241What was your go-to arcade game anon?[View]
580786025The region just sucks.. the characters... their local pokemon... their legendaries. I would never li…[View]
580782464Do you like playing fighting games with your sister?[View]
580784262So did they kill him off or are they just pretending they didnt try to force this guy as the new mas…[View]
580778443Are there any games that let me partake in the wholesale slaughter of knife ear faggots?[View]
580783190Is this Game worth picking up? It’s 20 dollars on steam. I don’t care about style points letter grad…[View]
580785905It's honestly okay to not like a game if you're not having fun with it or good at it, if s…[View]
580785857Oh no no no! PC Engine Bros, we got too cocky![View]
580785843What's the longest you ever waited for a video game to come out and what was the video game in …[View]
580780829your opinions[View]
580781668>meanwhile, at the last remaining /v/ settlement...[View]
580785714It's pretty simple, if a game is open world, i'll not even pirate it, open world games are…[View]
580783793Would the best way to play be the remaster with a mod for the licensed music, and is there any trans…[View]
580785663Imagine the grocery bill.[View]
580785415Game has gorgeous art and effort put into the visuals to sell and make a name for itself >...but …[View]
580781617Final Fantasy: I want to get into Final Fantasy, where do I start? I only want to play 3D Final Fant…[View]
580785443>people are still buying consoles when disks are DRM checks literally the only point of having a …[View]
580751547So: Whats ur opinion on muscular females in videogames?[View]
580781818The end of traditional gaming Sega and EA would continue to scrap during early 2001, after Dreamcas…[View]
580785494this speedrun race is off the hook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58rSKVOxvDg[View]
580784818Why did Nintendo abandon cardboard gaming peripherals?[View]
580783929Is nuzlock fun?[View]
580756332God of War PC Requiriments: https://sms.playstation.com/stories/god-war-2018-pc-system-requirements…[View]
580782567I started playing The Outer Worlds. Do I enjoy it, /v/?[View]
580784891who mobile gundam master race?[View]
580780391Why did the covenant want these things?[View]
580784874Smash Ultimate: Quality > Quantity: this game is the pinnacle of Quantity > Quality >Echo f…[View]
580782331This is Chun-Li, the strongest woman in the world. Say something nice about her![View]
580779236ITT characters that use retarded weapons Bonus points if they're from a western game[View]
580782956>still no game were you play as Brother One What is Yoko Taro waiting for?…[View]
5807833985, there is only a total of 5 excluvise games for the PS5. The console have been out for over a year…[View]
580784450>mfw too tired to play videogames[View]
580780232It's already here!: >that will be $0 dollars sir Where the fuck are my pirate fag mustards a…[View]
580774243im actually sad this game (apparently) sucks I like BF, I was hoping to buy this on release and play…[View]
580784510Post a board game, get suggestions gor a video game[View]
580784487What the fuck are they trying to communicate to me: >Bobby Peni8 >Voodoo Orchestra >Boner O…[View]
580781289I got a 48 inch 120hz G-Sync OLED TV during black friday and it's now my primary PC monitor ins…[View]
580784429Why are the basic mechanics in this game so hard? They make you combine random ass buttons just to d…[View]
580783079So they basically are pretending 4 and 5 didnt happen? Is this the best thing 343 has ever done?[View]
580783923Better than the remaster[View]
580761341Is Cyberpunk 2077 an RPG?[View]
580783906What are the chances we'll EVER see the 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever? Or even get a new gam…[View]
580784126Hidden Gem Thread: Any genre any platform[View]
580783087Smash Summit 12: Who do you think will win? Any events you're looking forward to?[View]
580782524>this is the pinnacle of online simracing When are simracers going to realize that its shit? Ther…[View]
580784068Price whatsapp: +52 81 2035 1363[View]
580782895Would you buy Cybernetics?[View]
580781429Am I crazy for wanting an xbox surface tablet?[View]
580783958THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE PLAYED: which way is that?[View]
580782605Favorite vidya communists of all time?: pic rel is mine[View]
580782758>N64 is retro!!1 >What do you mean retro is an era!!1!?!?…[View]
580780150You can NEVER go back: They took this from (You)[View]
580780768Barry. Where's Barry?[View]
580781636What's the deal with the Master Emerald now? I've been playing the past few Sonic games wh…[View]
580783328Ready or Not: So has anyone on /v/ shilled out $120 to try the alpha?[View]
580783654Do you think they used lightning in the bedroom?[View]
580782937Shit game companies: Pic related. >Hmmm we can't make DMC anymore >Let's make DMC...…[View]
580782907I will spend $79,99 on Japan game and $0,00 on Judeo-American game.[View]
580777604ITT: Concept Art[View]
580779429Come on /v/ please vote for Dread as Goty, we can't possible let Halo win it and as a way to pu…[View]
580780470so how tf did that happen?[View]
580774182>It doesn't need to contain the game[View]
580778851Why do I like shitty sports games?[View]
580783085>ywn have jill valentine as your sexy secretary[View]
580782424>Genre: Roguelike[View]
580783363Free/libre video games (that is both the assets and the game code are free as in freedom) suck becau…[View]
580772882The Arbiter: Is he based?[View]
580761350>4.0 never ever[View]
580778771ITT: Worst game covers of all time: Post em.[View]
580782732>people always say morrowind is so much better on pc >it's the exact same game am i missi…[View]
580729045What was his fucking problem?[View]
580771074in a way this makes complete sense and isn't at all confusing[View]
580777990This is a titan skull.[View]
580732180Blazblue Centralfiction Rollback: Imagine wasting time learning combos lmao[View]
580780754vita tan is the best handheld[View]
580782616The best character in Endwalker, prove me wrong >Spoilers: you can't…[View]
580779010The eternal debate[View]
580782795Paying for P2P: What went wrong? I thought Nintendo were the good guys. Nippon Japan Mario desu :…[View]
580769474The Game Awards: >leaked sonic movie 2 trailer >leaked sonic frontiers/rangers trailer >lea…[View]
580781530What video games make you feel good[View]
580768685Never played this series before, what am I in for /v/?[View]
580781260Are there any video games that you can't stand looking at anymore because you associate painful…[View]
580781234What are your favorite boss fights against a robot? Hard mode: No Mega Man.[View]
580781415Game Builder Garage: >december, current year >i am forgotten…[View]
580779574He's going to be back and put the dumb Muppet in his place.[View]
580782245>[Collectible] is scattered all over the world. Try to find them all![View]
580781893>2006 >come home from school >dad cooked something >eat with him while watching tv >g…[View]
580765786Halosisters.... we got too cocky...[View]
580781332What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
580782429/v/ is dying because no one uses this board anymore except for trannies who don't play video ga…[View]
580781471Name a cooler alien species in all of vidya.[View]
580616608>design a goddess >say she's a tengu why?…[View]
580773661I’m trying to make a King of /v/ fan game in RPG Paper Maker. I may or may not finish it because I a…[View]
580781352good hunter..[View]
580782132>WARNING: The ZooM Slaya™ has entered the facility.[View]
58077750628 hours to announce Persona 5 Royal for Steam and EGS[View]
580781987Warframe: For me its Nova. Look at them thighs[View]
580777778I really like this Mario[View]
580779179Playable day -7 on PC.[View]
580779294I fucking hate modern day Internet, I want out[View]
580781071This is literally the only reason why I'm excited for Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.[View]
580780873Halo shitfinite: How will they make back the 500 million they invested into this pile of trash?…[View]
580773598Persona 4: Why did Naoto consider it okay for herself to go in the boy's bathroom and changing …[View]
580779783A Random /v/ Thread: The Definitive Edition: >Little improvement to make it better than the origi…[View]
580780885>ICO was responsible for influencing Half-Life 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Zelda Twilight Princess, Ha…[View]
580781515New Tomb Raider rebolt coming to Playstation. Timed excluaive. April 2022. Trailer tomorrow.[View]
580776263Is your dad a gamer? If not, was there ever a time when he used to play games?[View]
580778208Embrace eternity.[View]
580774359Steam reviews should be timegated until a few days after a game comes out.[View]
5807804482021 Sylvanas.[View]
580780317do you think elden ring will have sickdark aspects akin to bloodborne, or will it be more family-fri…[View]
580779879Gaylo actually looks good what are we supposed to do now?[View]
580765495Dr.Dre is now officially video game related subject matter.[View]
580781030i am giving away 2 codes for Evil Within 1 DLC The Executioner 5ME5P-PFZ3K-I2XD4 The Consequence ZMI…[View]
580781147pokemon is great on NES consoles[View]
580777616Games with objectively bad plots: .[View]
580781094Early VGA 2021 featuring Deathloop Edition: Who here is tuning in to tomorrows Deathloop shill strea…[View]
580778091Is Iron Harvest any good? I'm digging the aesthetics.[View]
580779779What are you playing and why isn't it Neotokyo?[View]
580777737Holy shit this is easily the worst Final Fantasy story by a long shot >Lets go get the Dusk Shard…[View]
580780305ITT: Cringe gamer moments For me, I once developed unironic romantic interest with a furry on a disc…[View]
580772898>2022 >Starfield - PC, Xbox >Monster Hunter Rise - PC, Nintendo >Total War Warhammer 3 -…[View]
580761969How do you feel about the time mechanic in Dead Rising?[View]
580772868Do you wish me to leave before finishing my story?[View]
580770854What are some puzzle games that involve spatial reasoning? Maybe something similar to pic related or…[View]
580780664What are some games with French people in them?[View]
580769502I don't know about you But faggots are pretty based If ask me[View]
580779381>comment section on a video game music upload >first comment >'woah, this game is so underr…[View]
580751996Xbox chads keep winning.[View]
580779489I've just played an hour of Halo Infinite and nothing prepares you for this. When the pilot fou…[View]
580746010welcome to the new world order[View]
580747450It was good, actually.[View]
580780208When does this get fun?[View]
580779416>Was it Ubisoft's intention to make such a redpilled song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v…[View]
580776669'Play-to-Earn' games: Exerpt from their LinkedIn website >Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired uni…[View]
580780432I gave up on the Mako 'exploration' after clearing the 7th world or so I don't give a SHIT abou…[View]
580776774Nolan North: Nolan North[View]
580780250Christmas Nero thread: Gimme your rarest edits, /v/[View]
580777308What does he even do[View]
580765986Do you regret staying home playing games as you flew through your teen years? Imagine how much has h…[View]
580760267>people unironically liked this piece of trash[View]
580774737Take the Godotpill[View]
580759440name a game with better music than donkey kong tropical freeze[View]
580779247Choose 3, the rest will try to kill you Who do you choose and why?[View]
580761512Why didn't Chris just explain to Ethan what was happening? It literally wouldn't have take…[View]
580780098Mom says it's my turn on the Playstation.[View]
580779981se: 4c4h.ploudos.me minecraft server[View]
580780012Will we ever get a Yakuza game as large as 5? There is just so much to do in it.[View]
580762229Why were BOTW fairies fat?[View]
580765528>Villain is evil because... uhhh...[View]
580779949How is it?[View]
580779728Which FIFA game has the best movement 'feel'? I played 14 and it felt really clunky and unfun to me,…[View]
580777273Halo.Infinite-CODEX: Halo.Infinite-CODEX[View]
580777747I am so glad this cancerous doesn't happen anymore for non-literally-who games.[View]
580771665>its a good game now: apologize[View]
580774672What's your favorite video game sword?[View]
580779542Game makes you press L+R to start game instead of START[View]
580779638Yeah... I'm thinking it's a masterpiece[View]
580774575>Pick up that can.[View]
580776726AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT Graphics: faster than the 3090 costs 33.3% less more efficient you can actual…[View]
580745937Why can no studio touch FROM when it comes to Knight design?[View]
580777243So what are they going to be? I'm thinking >Breath of the Wild 2 >Bloodborne on PC >Pe…[View]
580775632Alice? Where is Alice?[View]
580778749So now that endwalker is over who’s work will they adapt next? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apol…[View]
580777675Games you finally gave a chance and ended up loving? Dicey dungeons for me, now I tend to give a try…[View]
580778138Midwits hate this bird.[View]
580773510GOTY Checking In: All you faggots that complain about >teh games industry being dead >corpos s…[View]
580775165If this shit does not shadowdrop on PC tomorrow I will buy a PS4.: I'm tired of waiting. I will…[View]
580771996When is FFXI going to get a remake that doesn't get cancelled?[View]
580779154>being forced to camp is a good thing because it's what you'd realistically do and imme…[View]
580773781Just bought this after looking at the specs I'm pretty satisfied but anyone else got this and h…[View]
580779083Did they just shut down the servers for this version of the game?: Everytime me and my mate go to pl…[View]
580756406SONIC MOVIE 2 Official Poster: First Trailer drops tomorrow during the Game Awards! (8 Pm ET)!…[View]
580778971now that the dust has settled...: Shadowbringers>Heavensward>Stormblood>Endwalker…[View]
580777638OH NO NO NO[View]
580765617Who are your favorite fairy companions[View]
580777609pc ported sequel when?[View]
580778141Just played the first two missions and saved a squad of marines... A big meh. Everything feels flat …[View]
580778708Fucking Mini-Games[View]
580778203Best games with eldritch abominations?Or one where i can befriend one?[View]
580777823Is there a reason why long time fans hate final fantasy xiv endwalker message?[View]
580778650>Halo Infinite runs on 1080p and 30 FPS on Series S Series S bros…? https://youtu.be/wMEb7PuH9aw…[View]
580738214Video Game Swimsuits!: The thread last time was pretty amazing! So I thought I would make another on…[View]
580771750all he had to to was pretend to like his sister that was literally it had he done that the world wou…[View]
580769081What went wrong? And what does it mean for RF series?[View]
580775337Never ever Snoys[View]
580775915What’s the best free co-op game right now?[View]
580777494minecraft: yes i´m again but plz if join in the minecraft server, i make a great thing on the server…[View]
580769536Best VR/AR games?: Just bought the Index. I have Alyx, Beat Saber, H3 and fucking VR Chat, what are …[View]
580777808Games that helped boost your mood?[View]
580775843Ah-haaa. Old /v/-beard. Is there any in this rout of a board with the authority to discuss Lord of t…[View]
580776723A friendly reminder to give characters in your game canonical age.[View]
580776959choose a starter[View]
580774353Where's Fei?[View]
580772580New 1.18 Minecraft server. Come check out the new caves and cliffs update with the /vm/bros New Mine…[View]
580777154I'm excited[View]
580759839What are your favorite RPGs based on anime/manga?[View]
580768080What are you hoping to see at The Game Awards this year?[View]
580777141this game is impossible, why doesn't it have an easy mode[View]
580773592All you faggots screamed like a bunch of autistics that I was an idiot for buying a gaming laptop. W…[View]
580777212Nintendo leaked sequel: >I heard about a sequel to a usually forgotten Nintendo series that prett…[View]
580775838Play Pokémon Masters EX.[View]
580776660Is it a good idea to start a public Minecraft server in 2021?[View]
580777728What are some other games like Super Meat Boy? I dunno shit about platformers but here's what I…[View]
580776215You ARE playing the greatest game of all time, right?[View]
580776547Was this....the good ending?[View]
580743706We need a weapon for female characters[View]
580775403Does EU4 hold up? And is it any good vanilla or do I need an expansion? I have a month before my ne…[View]
580777453Witcher: What are you hopes and dreams for season 2, /v/? Will we see a lot of stuff from the game? …[View]
580773937>QTEs >le epic moviegame noninteractive bullshit >Ryu won't shut the fuck up >Ryu t…[View]
580768801Never forget.[View]
580775562How do you sneak in gaming instead of working? Phone under the desk? Remote desktop? coolmathgames.c…[View]
580775164Play my game /v/.[View]
580776808Why is this fucking game being shoved in my face by the algorithm?[View]
580770726Sergeant, intelligence sends you an asian woman to aid you in your personal revenge against the crim…[View]
580762997Do you love when your country is represented in videogames?[View]
580766141>make the absolute best playing, most enjoyable game in the series >give demons tons of unique…[View]
580776981>Literally just the last of us but edgy and quirky and toxic made by a single Incel with the budg…[View]
580739864Was the golden age of vidya in the past or is it yet to come?[View]
580768117I have total faith. They WILL NOT fuck this up[View]
580776797he's so cool, bros....[View]
580764630so it's decided, i am going to replay these, they better be good does anyone have a great romha…[View]
580775153Stupid Mario Bros. 3[View]
580774649Will she betray/try to kill you?[View]
580774251>No Co-Op I don't care how many indians you hired to shill /v/, I ain't buying.…[View]
580770491What is your favorite crossdressing scene in vidya?[View]
580749163>he doesn't play racing games explain yourself. were you dropped on your head when you were …[View]
580773327A hypothetical bot fix: What is in your idea the best fix for the bot problem. Albeit if Valve will …[View]
580776056In what year were Western developers forbidden to make sexy models?[View]
580771053>50 quid for a fucking campaign The fuck are these cunts smoking?[View]
580776345rest in piece fubukibro[View]
580767825Sonybros… it’s over. I’m selling this piece of shit. Will xbros welcome me?[View]
580774652Is there any fucking way I can buy EU games on PSN??? I made an account in a new region but it won…[View]
580776214GAAN: Get in here and keep shitposting about MSFS and/or aviation accidents.[View]
580774853what's your favourite song on this? custom prefered[View]
580774568is this game actually good[View]
580770568Is being a game developer genuinely worth it these days? I always wanted to be one, but I sorta gave…[View]
580771947>tfw trying to log in outside of NEET hours[View]
580775130minecraft: 4c4h.ploudos.me join in my minecraft server plz[View]
580775965Game Changers 2021: Part One: Like 2020 before it, 2021 has been a year that some will remember as a…[View]
580772228Hytale Thread: It looks soooo comfy. Ive been following its development since 2019 and just wish the…[View]
580775176There are people on this board who think playing games other than popular sports franchises, GTA and…[View]
580757802>villain has a redemption arc[View]
580760276When did you realize that a good OST is actually, in fact, more important that good gameplay?[View]
580775505ITT we pet Chop: who's a good boy?!?![View]
580774336So why did they think this would be the next stop for the Bomberman franchise?[View]
580765846Just completed this masterpiece but why did ori choose to kill himself in the end?[View]
580759913Prove her wrong. You can't.[View]
580775486If anyone but me was looking forward to this dont even bother, it's shit. That's all.[View]
580759331>Hey, do you remember Emet-Selch from Shadowbringers, that character that everyone went crazy for…[View]
5807662017th gen: >Normalfag explosion with CoD4 and Halo 3 >Recession and increasing dev costs killing…[View]
580774060I want to cry: I was working on my enderman farm and I broke my shulker box with a shit ton of mater…[View]
580775408>Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
580772947Everything's for sale, my friend. Everything! If I had a sister, I'd sell her in a second.[View]
580774308This is a a game by a team of 8. What is the excuse for other indies or even AA games to look so bad…[View]
580773170Games where characters can have their size altered?[View]
580771045Is there a point to play Smash for Wii U anymore?[View]
580764616Be sure to tune into The Game Awards tomorrow ;)[View]
580772873This is how indie games should look like.[View]
580773721I want to get a PC so I can play Battlefield 1942 and NBA 2k11. What do?[View]
580773494Deus Ex: How can it hold up so well? >>story presents meaningful ideas and concepts >>ga…[View]
580758921Is P.N.03 worth a download?: Or am I wasting my time? There are such conflicting opinions about this…[View]
580774692rankeds removed in FH5: they removed rankeds from FH5 because they were too PROBLEMATIC kek can…[View]
580770686What is his face trying to convey?[View]
580766623Was it really necessary?[View]
580764402Gamepass bros we finally won[View]
580774071Remember what they took from you[View]
580773389Who did you married?[View]
580774212Vidya Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JPGenwi-gw[View]
580774169Master Willem, I've come to bid you farewell. Oh, I know, I know. You think now, to betray me. …[View]
580772820How can I play it at 60 FPS? It is running at 5-10 FPS in my RTS 3080[View]
580771690Post the best walking simulators[View]
580768739Translucent Consoles: What do you guys think about this trend of translucent consoles? Which one was…[View]
580771913ITT: Games that don't need sequels: Skies of Arcadia is perfect as is and a sequel could only r…[View]
580770734Name some (surreal) horror titles that will make me absolutely shit and piss myself thinking about t…[View]
580773636Is there a worse feeling in the world than being monkey branched?[View]
580762215What was their problem?[View]
580773468Vidya merch thread: Post figures, collectibles and other vidya merch[View]
580773453After photorealistic video games graphics there will be anime graphics.[View]
580773450Reject Mario Kart Return to CTR Nitro Fueled[View]
580728890PULL UP: *WOOP WOOP*[View]
580768298>Game need trade with other player to complete. Why devs still do this?…[View]
580693874Danganronpa V3: It would've been a better game if Kaede was the actual protagonist …[View]
580763504God, why are they so FUCKING cool?[View]
580769004carreybros, we're coming home...[View]
580764414What are you hopes for the new Bioshock game that will be announced at The Game Awards tomorrow?…[View]
580771029BONUS STARS!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
580773006Fear it. Loathe it. Game of the Generation arrives all the same.[View]
580772952hopefully gamefreak releases a pokedex game & watch, and capcom releases a p.e.t. battle network…[View]
580757278Should I go for the industry standard 60fps monitor or is it not enough for gaming anymore?[View]
580770507As a community we need to come together to oust the people responsible for the recent influx of anti…[View]
580772182>that'll be $40 for two 25 year old roms starting to get pretty dang sick of this…[View]
580771494Is it worth playing post-patch or still bad?[View]
580726715Penny Arcade: He got a point, you know?[View]
580772194>aaaaah such a nice comfy day, let's try a new game >press download >8 hours remaining…[View]
580771878IT'S UP[View]
580771943I just like playing as the monke[View]
580772239Good games in the vein of Deus Ex? Is Invisible War worth playing?[View]
580751565>'Humanity should control the demons' >'Well no, of course the demon summoning program shouldn…[View]
580770019Halo: >Bitched a ship full of Spartans, 5,400 Marines, 750 Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, 800 UNSC …[View]
580734074Why is she the most popular blue archive?[View]
580769924The world wasn't ready for this masterpiece in 2006.[View]
580767875I don't really follow 'gaming news'. What is the PS5's big holiday exclusive this year? A…[View]
580769672Kill all Brotherhood of Steel faggots on site.[View]
580771607GUESS WHAT[View]
580771842Pirate Warriors: What's taking them so long to put it on game pass[View]
580770480I hurt myself... today...[View]
580767339They do miss Halo.[View]
580771903We should genocide plotfaggots in videogames. They're the cancer killing videogames. The best g…[View]
580733308Slay the Spire and its consequences have been a disaster for the indie race[View]
580766762Why does everyone hate the Luminary?: I thought he was a good MC[View]
580762982Are you going to buy Catherine Full Body on PC?[View]
580753462How were you supposed to know as a kid? Hard mode: no toad or reading the guide[View]
580741407Sylvanas confirmed dindu nuffin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtnpaOoecZ8 >Since the moment Sy…[View]
580771398What was their problem?[View]
580768578HONK HONK Get in, we're having a Halo thread[View]
580771194>pick random game on steam i dont even want >buy it >refund it hehehe nothing personal…[View]
580768175>gets blown out for lying about not changing lines in the remaster of season 1 >sell like comp…[View]
580771193>Hey let’s add dual classes but not give the dual classes a unique name like Titan Quest.…[View]
580770951Character deaths that hit hard: Don't forget to spoiler your shit[View]
580770837>When your girlfriend's ass is the size of your body.[View]
580771018Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are legitimate masterpieces and also better than the original, …[View]
580770439You say he killed Armored Core even though he make the only good one (For Answer)[View]
580769880Pure. Action. Kino.[View]
580769723So they say this board is hating on /biz and crypto, which is weird. Im a gamer as far as I can reme…[View]
580770656Halo: Infinite disc doesn't contain the game: >Halofags will defend this…[View]
580770056It's funny how all you fucking cocksucking faggots are screaming get fucked snoyboy where as in…[View]
580764487Post SFW vidya bath scenes or else[View]
580770643Will Sonic Frontiers be shit? Will Crash 4: It's About Time remain as the latest best game in t…[View]
580770556>STEEL BOOK edition >It's made of plastic Sheesh…[View]
580770435>lose to boss >game locks you into their ending Any kinos with this?…[View]
580767992Will we ever have a Final Fantasy X-3?: Do you want it to happen?[View]
580770025Am I boring if I always pick the main character in fighting games?[View]
580768271What games have characters with this kind of appeal?[View]
580764739why crono cross why not this?[View]
580770196If you have purchased Uncharted 4/TLL/Bundle before, you can upgrade to the PS5 remaster for 10 buck…[View]
580767845Don't play Prisma Illya (3DS, 2014)[View]
580768343>New gta online dlc will have Franklin and Lamar returning to the game after 8 years >dr dre i…[View]
580770036>Fun game. >Trivial things ruin all the fun. How the fuck did they manage to fuck that up? Has…[View]
580761638this is fun[View]
580766603we always complain about bad localizations so i thought it would be a great idea to make a thread ce…[View]
580768982Rune Factory thread: Rune Factory 4 Special just came out on Steam, post your progress and which gir…[View]
580752887Female V's Post'em: Would you fuck her ?[View]
580763369Does /v/ play the games they enjoy?[View]
580768730What was the deal with this guy?[View]
580767340Why is this allowed? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1756780/VALKYRIE_PROFILE_Niffynee/[View]
580755770Good Morning Halo sir! I have emailed the playlist code sir, the best by durgasoft![View]
580768875So this is the power of Xbox...[View]
580763176>Jumps frantically whenever you get near them >Can escape from fences >Kill themselves by j…[View]
580769482Does sony have a botted comment section on their YouTube channel to shill for their games?[View]
580769454What's your favorite victory theme in smash bros history? I like this one the most https://yout…[View]
580755860Is this peak human condition?[View]
580769378are you enjoying the halo infinite release?[View]
580765982> 2021 > These two are still the peak of Kirby character designs How did they do it?…[View]
580762453ITT: Kinos EOPs will never experience[View]
580765859>30 hours 30 hours >30 hours 30 hours >30 hours 30 hours >30 hours 30 hours DeepDownCHAD…[View]
580766284What are fun mods to use for botw? Right now I have durability removed which makes it a lot better. …[View]
580766181Xbros... We won...[View]
580769091Halo Campaign Install Fix: GET IN HERE CHUDS! >1- Force your store (steam or Xbox PC store) to de…[View]
580761509>I finally understand, Snake... We are the sons of liberty KINO[View]
580765419I know some of you goddamn fags play this game still. Get in here. How is the update treating you? Y…[View]
580761986Only games with soul may enter this thread[View]
580768850Rune Factory 4 Special: Who is your target for this playthrough? https://store.steampowered.com/app/…[View]
580768402GTA III Definitive Edition Driving Classics #2 - La Traviata - PC (4K UHD 60fps): https://www.youtub…[View]
580759354Be honest, would you be her boyfriend?[View]
580745335Switch in 2022?: Realistically, how is this supposed to survive next year? Do you think people will …[View]
580768668ive been thinking of playing through the marathon trilogy,are the games any good? both from the pers…[View]
580762273So where are the games?[View]
580768703Im scared ;_;[View]
580764881Game runs like shit dont bother[View]
580768581You're going to share...Right?[View]
580766340Druckmann’s original script for The Last of Us & likely remake story[View]
580763000Thoughts on anime liveries?[View]
580755109>Mario peaked with Galaxy >Zelda peaked with Majora >Metroid peaked with Zero Mission >A…[View]
580765696Have you bought Skyrim anniversary edition yet, anon?[View]
580754305There is no lower filth in vidya circles than indie defenders Indie devs have the nerve to ask mone…[View]
580750013Was it good?[View]
580730468>Good morning, sirs[View]
580716205SOAKED TO THE BONE[View]
580764416This is your team and you are the leader. Any questions?[View]
580766808Sylvanas was the most competent leader of the Horde: >expanded Horde territory to Lordaeron >R…[View]
580768101>People who actually got up and put everything into Wii motion controls >People actually broke…[View]
580749852>Haha, you thought it was Sylvanas who did it >but ACTUALLY it was le evil spinoff, our best g…[View]
580758996>pirate game >requires administrator privileges to launch…[View]
580759213Sonybros... we lost... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uql_El9VvOc[View]
580760935>Small indie games company can do reflections Now we have to buy specific hardware for it…[View]
580761146Any F.E.A.R lore sages here? What the hell happened with this nigga?[View]
580766554don't drink the tap water at jerry garcia's house[View]
580767885Halo Infinity Slow: FFS.... ANOTHER UPDATE?[View]
580764425give me some boomer shooter i've played most of it already[View]
580767827Drakensang online: Has anyone here played this? I played it back in 2013-14 and it was kind of a nea…[View]
580767661>21 gigs >lives in the country >1.8 mb/s why lord…[View]
580766415I drew a stick man.[View]
580766418TT: Characters that remind you of yourself[View]
580757789Is there any reason to play this series anymore now that blazblue got rollback? Gear is inferior in …[View]
580761074Post your favorite first person shooter.[View]
580767298You guys should check this out, it is mega fantastic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9Ct6rj82RI…[View]
580756870Doug Walker on video games and Americans: >Americans take games too literally — they are forever …[View]
580766890What did they censor this time around?[View]
580724351>near-universally panned by critics and audiences >hasn't even broken even with its produ…[View]
580750629>draw vidya character in paint by memory >guess who that character is…[View]
580765948Resident Evil 3 Remake is sh-[View]
580766183just started playing with a controller aim assist is completely busted[View]
580766103I can't figure out if this is a bad game with great ideas or a great game with bad ideas.[View]
580766941Why do Japanese RPGs tower above all other genres when it comes to memorable villains? You've g…[View]
580750587What's the point about replaying the same acts over and over with better gear every now n'…[View]
580765787Why do I like shitty sports games?[View]
580751845Post audio kino from games[View]
580744694Is tifa lockhart Asian?[View]
580761606Fire Emblem thread.: So, now that the dust has settled, what was the best fire emblem? Also Fire Emb…[View]
580762403>crying about paid cosmetics when you sub and tip to your favorite streamer for absolutely nothin…[View]
580766413Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl passed 6 million sales in 3 days, score the 3rd bigges…[View]
580766565>proposal: unit A2 should spend time with anon[View]
580683052Rune Factory 4 Special: Post your progress. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1580240/Rune_Factory_…[View]
580764138Why don't you play the best fightan game /v/?[View]
580764439>buy $350 console >have to tip $69,99 every time you want to play on it Why doesn't PC ha…[View]
580762646>We reached a point to where even suggesting a female character deserves punishment for being a v…[View]
580766052The last video game you played is now a Family Guy cutaway gag. How does it play out?[View]
580761834Don't ____ with Aria[View]
580766207What are some of the best video games that feature sheep, like pic related? Thread theme: https://ww…[View]
580765869>Mercury >hottest planet in the solar system >element: water…[View]
580766140Super Smash: My ultimate smash roster.[View]
580766093I want a game that feels like black metal like a dark forest in the winter[View]
580673398What killed the hype for Strive?[View]
580748830Fire Emblem: Who did Ike marry?[View]
580765742WOW: When did it die for you?[View]
580749436soul peaked in first two gens[View]
580763029Metal Gear Rising alternative scenario: Armstrong finally gets through Raiden. Who's the final …[View]
580739707>Fisher, another settlement needs to be infiltrated, get to work IT'S OVER SPLINTER CELL FA…[View]
580762562>Halo: Infinite won't let you replay story missions at launch, but the feature is coming…[View]
580765623Have you played a Red Hat video game? https://arcade.redhat.com/[View]
580765004I will wait for the Ps5 Pro[View]
580765605Does it kino?[View]
580758008Reminder to PC fags : when you die all of your Steam games go with you. You cannot give your account…[View]
580758906God I wish I was alive in her time. I would pump so much of my semen inside her womb.[View]
580764972Why does Europe look like a nice place to live in tv and movies while the US looks like a shit hole …[View]
580759687what's your go to game when bored[View]
580765439World of Warcraft: Sylvanaslands: Your Mary Sue, sir[View]
580764398>sends 3 raids in a row during early game Nothing personnel, kid[View]
580760436Which game developers who contribute to every aspect of the game you can name: Daisuke Ishiwatari ma…[View]
580760171No good space games: No Man's Sky took a long time to get multiplayer and it's still a rep…[View]
580763092Rumble Roses[View]
580765079Steam deck: Will they delay again?[View]
580763858Remember its the winter holidays. Cold outside, snow everywhere, you stay inside the warmth and feel…[View]
580761707What the fuck did I just play?[View]
580757137What kind of vidya do scumbag manipulators play?[View]
580763597Why can’t they be beat?[View]
580758046>fromfags are creaming their pants because they’re getting the same game for the 7th time When a…[View]
580758597Silksong: What do you want to see from Hungry Knight 3?[View]
580762859its over...[View]
580739359None of you better buy the infinite campaign not a single one of you. Do not support their scam[View]
580764665Anon linked me a page containing this amongst a few other cool charts the other day. Is there a site…[View]
580764556PC gamer issue with STALKER 2 info soon[View]
580748852>character has an easily-spammable instant-kill move which has a chance to fail if your luck stat…[View]
580743591Do you think Wan Wan Games will be successful?[View]
580761076Does anyone else on /v/ just not care about 'soul' elements in games? Things like lore, flavor text,…[View]
580764331>Built a gacha game >Killed it in a year >Repeat >Never remaster the old games >Never…[View]
580763380I've been sticking 10 GBA cartridges up my ass every day for the past 20 years. That's alm…[View]
580756235Wow that was uncalled for. Why are girls so mean?[View]
580763412I love playing winter themed video games in winter[View]
580751653Animal Crossing: Bought this game for my little sister but end up playing it myself every day. This …[View]
580757851I picked up Demon's Souls for the first time ever. Let me see if I get this straight: I go to a…[View]
580759151>your little pp isn't enough to best me anon[View]
580759821there is nothing fighting games offer over smash or dark souls pvp[View]
580754376>came out yesterday >already forgotten and heavily discounted What went wrong?…[View]
580760407WIll Melee ever be this kino again?[View]
580759605>tfw got the whole day off and just got Halo: Infinite on Xbox Game Pass It's gaming time.…[View]
580750696Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Says 'There’s No Real Tension' In Doing Missions With Jackie: >CD Projekt Red …[View]
580760092Post controllers zoomers will never understand[View]
580759686I'M EVIL BECAUSE.. I'M CUHRAZYYY. *holds up spork* I'M THE ASCIAN OF D00M! *dances ar…[View]
580761330What's the point of high fidelity graphics when pic related is more evocative than basically ev…[View]
580762628h1z1 on the verge of revival: there hasn't been a single good shooter since pubg in 2016, and e…[View]
580757841>Remastered in 20fps Literally what was the point, biggest waste of money in my life…[View]
580762681Free Codes: Frostpunk GOG[View]
580757459Coilwhine is the absolute worst thing about PC gaming by a mile. Once you realize it's there yo…[View]
580757213any TGA leaks?[View]
580757778>Game rewards you for doing side quests[View]
580761940Thoughts on this series?[View]
580732030Was it the worst in the trilogy?[View]
580760347Yeah, Megaman Battle Network is sure going to leak on he VGA...in another way...[View]
580754820What is the oldest game that you have completed? For me it is Another World (1991).[View]
580758973Objectively speaking, which is better: video game boobs or video game butts? Intellectual posters on…[View]
580761183Escape From Tarkov: >I'm putting together a team.[View]
580736146>being so assmad that most of players choose the male character so they make the thot one as cano…[View]
580757760>developer name is also game's name[View]
580759724Isn't it funny how he'd need to strip down to almost nothing in order to pee because his o…[View]
580758663games about rocks?[View]
580758687Give me one (1) good reason to play this game[View]
580761420Unironically the best game in assassin's creed series[View]
580756381For me, it's Sapienza https://youtu.be/B5GnEFC-CnY?t=71[View]
580758230It says here you haven't played Blue Reflection 2. Care to explain why?[View]
580758872>Instead of destroying the asteroid Vivec kept it suspended above his city to fuck with his subje…[View]
580760723Anyone knows what game is this?: Is it a real game or just some photoshop.[View]
580758790>tfw no gf[View]
580761893What video game will you be comfying with on Christmas eve anon?[View]
580761562So is Halo infinite an actually full blown open world game like botw? Sounds comfy desu[View]
580746691Sonic's interpretations: What's with some Sonicfags having the most awful mental meltdowns…[View]
580753802Your majesty, YOU MUST DIE![View]
580760468Do any of these routes have more or less content?[View]
580758048>swing sword at Shabom >it pops Navi is a stupid cunt, fuck her…[View]
580761529Why exactly do people hate this game?[View]
580761130It was a long-fought war, but victory was ours in the end. I hope you celebrate your commitment to t…[View]
580761289Will we get another Zelda game with a child Link? or is Nintendo dead for good now?[View]
580761234>based ragnell enjoyer: does Ike post here?[View]
580758798HI,/V/! Can you guys help me pick a series to review? Resident Evil Megaman and Megaman X Dark Souls…[View]
580760278History repeats itself[View]
580758974>mfw gonna play Halo Infinite's campaign for free on Game Pass[View]
580742624You do have level 10 Cyber-Legs right?[View]
580756615Why don't you just make your own videogame[View]
580760607any games for this feel?[View]
580760265Gravity Rush models have a history of being deleted/lost, so i hope some of you do a better job at a…[View]
580747769For me, it's the elven longsword[View]
580754964Doing a test: 1.) Favorite videogame 2.) Favorite exercise[View]
580757784A toast[View]
580753901Godfall: Got this shitty game for free on PS+ and I have no clue why anyone would play it in its cur…[View]
580760115Alright I voted with my wallet but everything is still shit and selling better then ever. Now what?[View]
580752851What are some other games that reference 4chan?[View]
580760227Is there a reason to continue playing after the story is over?[View]
580759390>'guys guys guys, let's just throw a sex doll into the game' >'people will just pretend i…[View]
580758442Ok, its time to clear up some serious misconceptions about weed. I'm a stoner (started in 2016)…[View]
580760028This is unironically exactly what the store needs. Ridiculous and silly cosmetics that will satisfy…[View]
5807426415 hours to go /v/ros... welcome home, white man[View]
580759937I will NOT watch your pretentious, 3 hours long video game analysis video essay[View]
580754767>oversized, mostly empty map that makes traversal a pain in the ass >barely any cars or pedest…[View]
580759014Refund it![View]
580759818i'd rather play vidya and jerk off then have sex with my girlfriend. it takes too much effort a…[View]
580759646Is the battle mechanics any different in Arceus?[View]
5807546801, 2, 3, ..100 percentages.[View]
580753893This input is literally impossible it doesnt even make any sense at all its difficult for the sake o…[View]
580759438Guild Wars 2: What went wrong?[View]
580759604Halo Infinite: Spartan bros... we're almost there. We're almost home.[View]
580755134>come here to recommend good (and consumer friendly) game >Get called shill >explain I just…[View]
580759575What was his problem?[View]
580759290Now explain to the folks at home what an 'immersive sim' is. Because to me it sounds like some fuck…[View]
580750745Video game characters that resembles someone in your life? For me, Raikou is like my mother.[View]
580757094Time to settle it once and for all: Which one is the ideal controller[View]
580759090I'M EXCITED not really[View]
580752357She saved the Pokemon franchise twice. Say thank you.[View]
580757972All right! we're all going to arthur's party![View]
580746428How the fuck were you supposed to know not to go on the most obvious path[View]
580759030itt: characters that canonically FUCKED[View]
580742710WoW: I kneel. https://youtu.be/LtnpaOoecZ8[View]
580758664FORZA THREAD: post ya main[View]
580739963*tricks his friends into eating human meat*[View]
580758358Why are women uncapable of making video games?[View]
580758584Are they canon bf/gf?[View]
580747685>hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh[View]
580758394why does it take them so long to port it to pc?[View]
580752669Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE: Have any of you played this game? Been considering trying the RE:IMAGINE…[View]
580743873Why did he do it bros?[View]
580757995what am I in for[View]
5807552341 day left for Blasphemous Wounds of Eventide https://youtu.be/UJ9yIOuvGmU[View]
580757332Remember Kharak[View]
580750610should I go with 1440p 144Hz or 4k 60Hz?[View]
580747904How the fuck is this going to work on consoles? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4o-nqw8is0[View]
580748629When did Mario Kart peak?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg_ITnHtNxw[View]
580758118>Nintendo >No Ninninedo[View]
580746047Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: SHE DID IT FUCKING AGAIN. KNEEL.[View]
580757961Hi /v/bros. Today i just finished System Shock EE and i am pondering witch game should i play next. …[View]
580750189Odyssey is good and all but it didn't click with me as much as Galaxy and SM64 did. Its the mos…[View]
580716147Reminder that Bluepoint is working on Bloodborne 2.[View]
580749348The Game Awards Leak: >leaked sonic 2 trailer and new game reveal >mfw it’s real…[View]
580750608We are just 9 hours away from the steam release of the most important remake of the last 15 years. H…[View]
580757120Post video game females with single digit IQ[View]
580752196Play Pac Man World.[View]
580739513you could have stopped this /v/[View]
580756792>press x to crouch[View]
580742276Was it shit?[View]
580723185>no fantasy mecha video game Why?[View]
580757362How do I make an MMO?[View]
580757395My Queen...[View]
580757649How could something so unbeilevably kino be so unforgettably forgotten?[View]
580757397Hey everybody, Geoff here I have the insider scoop on game awards lineup for tomorrow. INDIE DEVS …[View]
580753205Barghest is the best wife, look at her she is a high test woman and only wants one thing.[View]
580741265The future of Minecraft Java Edition: By 2025, the Java edition will receive it's last update b…[View]
580751106games with best coomer mods[View]
580756628> Smallest character is the strongest one[View]
580757560Halo Infinite Capmaing in less than 1h: So the new friendly tranny 343 game full of diversity is abo…[View]
580751953What do you want for 2022?[View]
580757487boomer shooters[View]
580754251>was supposed to be a dumpster fire >everyone wanted it to fail >r/halo absolutely, uniro…[View]
580751364No company exemplifies the conflct of art and business more than Sega: Fight me on this[View]
580756131>want to join a mmo guild >here bro, just fill out this 4 page application form, we'll ge…[View]
580754809Officially a wagie now. Games to cope?[View]
580746539FF: Why did it fail, /v/?[View]
580730412>actual ludo kino >sequels destroy tone Why?…[View]
580755037Literally nobody cares about videogames released from 2007-2016[View]
580757203Wh*toids give up God > Society collapses instantly[View]
580756432Hideo Kang-jima will be at The Game Awards[View]
580748010People went nuts when this thing costed $600. So why the fuck are people tolerating the new Xbox and…[View]
580757113games where I can feel the pain and suffering of the third reich.[View]
580755479BR ruined FPS. Open World ruined solo games.[View]
580756390What was the meaning behind this?[View]
580756991What are some games where the protagonist loses in the end?[View]
580755812can the fate of Hyrule really depend on such a lazy boy?[View]
58075582740k: Do you think we'll ever get another 40k RTS again after the colossal fuckup that was DoW3 …[View]
580756348Would you buy one?[View]
580740576Deep Rock Galactic: Why are scouts[View]
580755045Pathologic 2: Why haven't you played Pathologic yet, anon?[View]
580731571Non shill/bait Halo thread: How is the game lads? I am wageslaving for the next 7 more hours it feel…[View]
580756240What happened to this genre of vidya?[View]
580750839What if... and hear me out... these were never that good in terms of design or gameplay?[View]
580753615How do we stop the furry menace?[View]
580755782What games have good homosexual romance options.[View]
580755743*makes nocturne completely obsolete*[View]
580744663In what year would go back and tell the industry >'SHIT GO BACK EVERYTHING IS GOING DOWN THE SHIT…[View]
580748718Videogames women: You see alot of numbers, but from where do they get them? Firstly they say 49% of …[View]
580741009>game has no progression[View]
580755563Boomers shit their pants over this...[View]
580755336GTAO: The Contracts: https://youtu.be/aLUGHQq2aek we are going home MK2 sisters[View]
580755452>post pic of game >guess game[View]
580750706What if Sonic Team had gone with their original plan of making a Sonic RPG with Sonic Adventure?[View]
580754291Meanwhile on ancient egypt /v/...: *symbol for man* *symbol for winning game* *symbol for game was e…[View]
580755942What would vidya be like today if the Nintendo-Sony Partnership never fell through and the SNES-CD w…[View]
580754303I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45…[View]
580751753What kind of cat will Elden Ring introduce us to this time?[View]
580755798Niggers coaly tho, cobson got the gemmy tho Got the 'jakky, tho janny is a tranny, tho (Cob Gan…[View]
580754145How can I save all that money? Banker already don't want to deal with me.[View]
580754732Warning: Video kino inbound[View]
580742646Games where you bring light to darkness? Bonus points for 4th wall breaking.[View]
580753036The fact that /v/ keeps wondering why modern gaming is seemingly getting worse and worse is bafflin…[View]
580726453Oh my Pagan Gods, is that a TEMPLAR coming to stop me from murdering a dozen innocent people for a d…[View]
580721279Give me ONE good reason why you're still gaming at 60Hz.[View]
580755365Xbox Won: Imagine paying 80 quid for a game[View]
580749283an impossible game to beat without hints[View]
580754524the power of the gaming industry: https://youtu.be/RgUIAwFsUS[View]
580755030AND TO THE SUPRISE OF NO ONE sylvanas gets reedmeed because of her faggot simp developer, who has a …[View]
580755038>sip Hello anon. Would you care to have some free snacks?[View]
580733343>Open your dms >See this How do you respond?…[View]
580753169well, when is blizzard realeasing their own version with NFT too ?[View]
580753132Will Miyazaki ever top this? There still hasn't been a videogame that feels as incredible as e…[View]
580753530Bros, I want to go back... https://youtu.be/4ddJ1OKV63Q[View]
580741647Started playing this again and holy shit this games community became soulless after the bandwagon ha…[View]
580753129Perfection doesn't exist in modern gami-[View]
580754689She's kinda cute for a robot lol[View]
580751602I liked it, but it wasn't as good as Shadowbringers. The best parts: All the dungeons Zenos b…[View]
580748654https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrn-v4ySSlc What did Hideo 'the holodomor didnt happen but I wish it…[View]
580738132Let's Play Sonic Adventure, Part 2: Last thread: >>580624614 Yesterday I turned a simple …[View]
580752546who is the Magnum of videogames?[View]
580747203The great debate.[View]
580753115Is Halo Infinite the game of the year?[View]
580753960How much did Microsoft pay for this headline?[View]
580749736Nioh 2: What am I supposed to spend my money on? I have 6 million in the bank and I feel like I got …[View]
580754361>JRPG >neo-christians are the bad guys[View]
580749318ITT:Games that are worth it for the modding community alone: >Bethesga games >Total war >GT…[View]
580754274thanks for reminding[View]
580738808Would you want to have a loving older sister like MARI?[View]
580737334Why did the RTS genre die out?[View]
580754195What are some games where you can grow impressive hair (facial or otherwise)? I know about Don’t Sta…[View]
580754173I don't have a problem with the Dwarf Fortress UI. I'm also able to navigate through it wi…[View]
580742082Wow, he’s literally me…[View]
580751257Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) is giving away the majority of their content, for free. All you ha…[View]
580736157What's your favorite video game sword?[View]
580751593Have you ever faced an asari commando before? Few humans have.[View]
580753692Did you read videogame magazines?[View]
580749232What does /v/ think of idle/incremental games?[View]
580751108ITT: games with horny bait[View]
580752549what went wrong?[View]
580748051>Oh my god really stinky farts noooo! >Nooo not the wine, please don't spill the wine on …[View]
580753082post kino[View]
580749071I want to go back. I don't want any more campy shit. I don't want anymore over the top bul…[View]
580746378Why are people so eager to defend this piece of shit game? As soon as you criticize it everyone want…[View]
580750720Do you wanna go to my treehouse link?[View]
580746572why is she sad[View]
580746040I love this game but why did it not have pitbulls?[View]
580750484It's the year 2000. You're going to the store to buy new video games. You only have enough…[View]
580749018>22 years later >Still the best FPS ever made How did they do it?…[View]
580752950Wait...I thought it was the most popular MMO ever?: I'm confused?[View]
580747416Best GTA protagonist.[View]
580746224I´ll never forgive this pile of shit for what it has done to halberds. How can they butcher an entir…[View]
580746393Team Silent is overrated, this game was no worse than 3 and 4 were[View]
580748746how a game can be this good???[View]
580752590Digimon Survive: Now that the game is being rated in multiple countries when do we think it will get…[View]
580729746>For me it's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist[View]
580751727Famicom Detective Club: Why did it flop? It came and went with zero fanfare.[View]
580751486Basically all emulators of popular systems that came before the playstation are pixel perfect to the…[View]
580683153Are we about to enter an era of gaming even worse than lootboxes?[View]
580752206Inaba... Home...[View]
580750589This was the worst dlc: TLAD was not great, but it still fitted more with the main game[View]
580749406Fighting Games: Do you guys bother to learn combos? I just learn the basics and then when I get to h…[View]
580736879>5 big reveals at TGA tomorrow Whats your predictions?[View]
580745930Destructable enviroments: Here's a video showing the destructible environment in Red Faction wh…[View]
580747514Just beat it. What did I think about it?[View]
580748036Why have early 2000 video games not maintained their popularity in comparison to early 2000s anime, …[View]
580750383>Dark Souls 3 areas Why is the PVP of this game so shit and boring?[View]
580751025hey /v/ i can't wait for the game awards tomorrow! do you want to watch it with me? UwU[View]
580745640>boss regains sanity during second phase. kino.[View]
580750628is there any hope?[View]
580735509It's mama Luigi to you[View]
580700268Mark your calendars[View]
580739392>'In 2077, what makes someone a criminal?'[View]
580741537>The young protagonist gets into a heated argument with their master/sensei/teacher/ father figur…[View]
580740485>I play female characters because >because... >I don't want to stare at a man's a…[View]
580751292Halo Infinite campaign release time: For those wondering when it will be out[View]
580732739why did you stop playing world of warcraft?[View]
580747973What did Dragon's Dogma mean by this?[View]
580744731Could a 3d game with Amano aesthetics work?[View]
580747972Is anyone else fascinated by cross-gen or last gen ports of AAA games? Their ugliness and poor perfo…[View]
580751151whats her fucking problem[View]
580750975hey anon, i see you're having trouble with that backlog of video games, would you like some ass…[View]
580751109What are some games with consequences?[View]
580747320>class is so powerful it can kill itself and the entire party[View]
580750317Japan: SMTV was mediocre.[View]
580747004This game rules. Why didn't people buy more Dreamcasts?[View]
580747325for me? its Serious Sam 2[View]
580744623Is Black Desert better than Endwalker?[View]
580739106Vampire The Masquerade: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
580740871THIS. This is how you redeem a villain. I literally shed a manly tear at this part. No other game ha…[View]
580750069One of my friends started playing League of Legends. Is it too late for him?[View]
580730741i have never understood why this board held rain world in such a high regard its pretty boring[View]
580747116>5 games with elden ring levels of hype will be revealed What are you expecting vee?…[View]
580746702After all the previous attempts, how is that no dev accurately portrayed vikings? Is it a cursed set…[View]
580750325just gimme a new 300 golden banana macguffin hunt with 8 playable kongs + a dk game & watch[View]
580749491What happened to them after The Parish?[View]
580750341Had a terrible dream last night: >I was playing some multiplayer game, but I was actually inside …[View]
580744012It's a masterpiece in game design[View]
580746752What configuration do you use on your Intel CPU when playing video games?[View]
580748564Hey /v/, Recently my first ever arcade stick arrived and after testing it some with Tekken I wanted …[View]
580749428Why don't you have video game collections yet?[View]
580749764Morrowboomers have yet to give ONE legitimate argument in how Quest Markers are bad[View]
580749168>Lootbox >Microtransactions >NFT >Adding this after you paid for the game, and making it…[View]
580741865this game has no content what are they even adding in their updates? it feels like I'm playing …[View]
580747548>Kojima made a whole game about killing commies and africans >the only woman follows you aroun…[View]
580747969Clit Her name is Clit[View]
580748541Why’d he do it bros?[View]
580739069Spellforce: The RTS part is shit The RPG part is actually okay Addon made everyone dead and gay. Ki…[View]
580749737mermaid's chest and belly[View]
580749278re4vr: Can't get enough[View]
580699264Runescape has the best lore out of any MMO[View]
580747740>they don't know that the clockmaker created the first ones who created the jailer to test t…[View]
580746736Why did Kingdom Hearts fail while Crash Bandicoot became a huge hit?[View]
580664086Puzzle time?[View]
580748913Out of all the trainers, why is Hex Maniac among the most popular? Is it a goth thing or what?[View]
580743349All these anon screeching about Persona 5 Royal, when the best Persona game is already on Steam. Why…[View]
580749484Hey /v, you guys heard of the Shiba Inu game being made by Playside Studios?: It's a card colle…[View]
580749136I'm excited[View]
580749179Playstation bros, How do we recover from this[View]
580749135SMT has been turned into gayshit[View]
580739838boomer gamer thread: How do my fellow 30 years old gamers manage their dwindling reaction time? Pers…[View]
580747621Why exactly do people shit on the camera in this game? It's convenient as fuck to be able to tu…[View]
580747252g4 portal: >build a going into games machine >solved the smell problem What game do you think …[View]
580738603Prowerbros, we won.[View]
580746143Why do manchildren love this game so much?[View]
580747924Halo: Infinite: Incredible game. Campaign was amazing, feels good different.[View]
580748294Infinite: Crack out yet? Fuck 343. >inb4 goypass You're a literal kiked double nigger if you…[View]
580746962'Villains' who did nothing wrong: I'll start[View]
580747136help: I went to the end to get my elytra and now I'm lost. I'm running out of food and I r…[View]
580743841Endwalker: One of the best moments coming through[View]
5807471861 day until his next Magus Opius is revealed...[View]
580744479IT'S OVER: the soul is gone[View]
580726862Demon's Souls: >play the original Demon's Souls for the first time >realise it…[View]
580744828FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK: why did they have to take it away from us?[View]
580671990What's her tax policy?[View]
580747590Halo: SIR, DO NOT REDEEM![View]
580747565>“I spend zero energy on ‘how do I make other gaming platforms smaller so that Xbox gets bigger’,…[View]
580747162No Sonic Frontiers lol.[View]
580735334This is inappropriate. A princess should not dress like this.[View]
580745707good morning[View]
580743980I’m already planning on scalping this and buying a series x[View]
580747615What went right?[View]
580740638Riot games is shit: People who play any games from riot are unironically miniroties[View]
580747381Yeah I'm thinking sonic's back[View]
580747247>a giant thino dude with a big fucking mace as a God >gets killed by a faggot gay ass bird in …[View]
580746850PSP Street: What went wrong?[View]
580746214the main character of the last game you played needs to fight steven seagal to the death, who would …[View]
580747226ITT: Post your personal top 10 for each year from the last decade.[View]
580745991whenever I play video games I always have this mindset to rush it and I end up not enjoying the game…[View]
580747205Let's discuss Fate/stay night, but as a video game.[View]
580743487How do you feel about pokemon (doubles and triples) being the most complex rpg in existence?[View]
580747195hood bros... not like this[View]
580741954Romhacking has made this gen the best imo.[View]
580746753But /v/ said nobody likes Disgaea 6[View]
580746502I Reinstalled League again.[View]
580745994is it a mistake playing the normal version of Death Stranding? Should I wait for the directors cut t…[View]
580742686You're over encumbered: You're playing a videogame, you do quests, kill things, time flies…[View]
580746963Did they...?[View]
580745412When is this dumb glutton's game coming out?[View]
580746314Why not put a weak spot on the back of his hand and shoulder? how else were you supposed to know?[View]
580724482What the fuck is this UI trend called I fucking hate it[View]
580741053Most intelligent Sonic review: This game sucks harder than Super Mario. It's literally Pinball …[View]
580719448How come koikatsu series never reached popularity of artificial academy? I mean everyone ignored new…[View]
580743724It's christmas, here have a cute present.[View]
580744862Have you ever put vidya before your own physical needs or hygiene?[View]
580745668What am I for?[View]
580744953/v/ doesn't want to admit it but the Switch is the best Nintendo console sinee the SNES[View]
580744598Game good[View]
580743307Why do /v/eddit hipsters hate this game?[View]
580746102Post only the most edgy kino in video games https://youtu.be/LDu9AY15fQI[View]
580726867ITT: only the comfiest vidya hubs[View]
580746552Bought this for $10 and I'm really having fun, this game is so bad that if I believe that the m…[View]
580736162>Villain is evil because...he's ugly[View]
580744162everytime i pirate a vidya game all these companies lose money, it's starting to weigh on my ps…[View]
580736559>Canonically extremely powerful weapon is extremely powerful in gameplay as well Kino, what are s…[View]
580741006Rate top 5 games you played this year, where 1 is ur goty. 1. Lost Judgment 2. SMTV 3. Neo TWEWY 4. …[View]
580742254Thoughts on this? Looks like it could be either fun or shit. How bad will I get rekt jumping into th…[View]
580742098Less than 12 hours until monster raising kino is back on the menu, what monsters are you lads gonna …[View]
580743239fake soul, it could fool the masses got anymore examples?[View]
580745850Imagine if KIKIYAMA turned out to be just an alias of some AAA dev. What big/non-indie games that we…[View]
580745792What went wrong?[View]
580742179+++ MOJANG BTFO – 1.18CHUDS ON SUICIDE WATCH RIGHT NOW +++: 1.17 cavegen in 1.7.10: https://forum.me…[View]
580741753This is the average chinese according to video games[View]
580745695Which video game character could possibly defeat the Wonder of U?[View]
580737368I’m starting to become obsessed with Fortnite.[View]
580745158I hate fire emblem awakening[View]
580703751Why did they make Halo's new AI companion autistic.[View]
580745712Why do people like this game? I don't know how I managed to play this shit when I younger, but …[View]
580745664What are some $60 dollar games you can complete in one sitting?[View]
580738676Jiggy Wednesday https://jigex.com/yksxz Nsfw 300[View]
580741703Who are they protecting?: Why do compaies not give the ppl what they want?[View]
580734580How did Tomb Raider go from a puzzle platformer to a cover shooter?[View]
580741980Is Metal Gear Rising the most 'Metal' game ever made?[View]
580742483Was Halo Reach's live action trailer just a very intense football match?[View]
580712731videogame figures[View]
580731263how did they get away with this?[View]
580745508There is a girl in my 12 yo little brothers class that is a tranny and is even taking testosterone. …[View]
580745164n-new world bros....[View]
580719573Here's your Halo villain, bro Say something nice about her[View]
580737645More games like this? it was amazing. Loved the focus on story and gameplay, with the h elements tre…[View]
580738138Which games let you fight a boss on the moon?[View]
580718339VR Thread: I'm thinking about getting a Quest 2 for playing VR. I didn't realize that you …[View]
580741998What is next for Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianon? Next Witcher protag?[View]
580744665Why didn't you guys tell me Minecraft is so kino with the elytra? I feel like a literal god, ab…[View]
580731301Comfy Tummy thread: post your favourite vidya game tummy/midriff[View]
580744040So do you think jacket survived the nukes because you bought the premium pass for payday 2 like I me…[View]
580697714The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience: This face was rendered in real-time. Holy snap. H…[View]
580738070NIne NIne NIne: Was there a better way they could handle the TWEEST with the ports? I didn't fe…[View]
580714124Low Poly Ladies Thread: Post low poly girls from your favourite games showing off what few beautiful…[View]
580745236This is peak crpg.[View]
580744358Post games with dragons and assorted lizards.[View]
580744431is pc gaming piracy dead?[View]
580745043Yep, it's gamer time.[View]
580745067I'm about to puke: what the hell?[View]
580745034Just finished playing half-life 2 for the 180th time: >feels good man also half-life thread…[View]
580737116It's no masterpiece[View]
580716547SMT V Best Bad Ending: Hey anon, let's destroy the throne.[View]
580738349Uhh… personakeks? Explain this[View]
580743495They are soooooo Ready to make Sweet Sweet Love with eachother and to settle down together in order …[View]
580744493What gives? Didn't 1.0.2 release like a week ago? Why won't it actually update?[View]
580648106Post your 'Ole Reliable'[View]
580744464Post anything soulful[View]
580739238Are there any games to look forwards to in the future these days?[View]
580742553The video that destroyed zoomers and /v/[View]
580742780GF Works at NRS & Cheated - They're Making MK12: Repost from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mort…[View]
580742726>play game I like all day >get in bed >search “[game] tips and tricks” or “[game] beginner’…[View]
580741892>fortnite's movie will have 2 sex scenes what the fuck?[View]
580741645>we'll never see okinawa recreated in the dragon engine It hurts bros…[View]
580731914>Elden Ring is shaping up to be a disaste-[View]
580738379people are ok with this[View]
580737530Play his game[View]
580741597She's basically a better Lara Croft[View]
580743934>janny's sister is approaching you, menacingly what do?[View]
580739746Why is the Game Awards on a Thursday? Is Geoff retarded?[View]
580742682NEED FOR SPEED[View]
580741847>not the goddamn frontlinerinos Its a better system, deal with it[View]
580743756>make tranny character >looks like a man on a wig and too much make up…[View]
580729552Sea of Thieves: Why aren't (You) playing Sea of Thieves, anon?[View]
580735442This game is a chud's wet dream.[View]
580740036I am your God now.[View]
580739014>he tells me anime artstyle isn't racially ambiguous fuck you[View]
580741060did somebody said boomer shooter thread[View]
580742185Fuck it. Call of Duty: Warzone thread[View]
580739891Hello and welcome to Game Sack.[View]
580743491>I'm gay. >This is who I am.[View]
580737879Its 2023 and the next Nintendo system is arriving at the price of $599. Nintendo abandons the switch…[View]
580741894Fuckign eridANUS[View]
580719882Arcane: How can something so good come out of such a shitty video game?[View]
580740205Talos Principle: I saw this game on sale on steam, it has super good reviews, but I'm a bit of …[View]
580710668Have you played the Mandela Catalog game?: https://thornebaker.itch.io/maplecounty Discussion of oth…[View]
580742484In video games, after photorealistic graphics there will be anime graphics. This not a predication.[View]
580738182You can't tell me Hollow Knight didn't smash this[View]
580737118Vehicles are a crutch for bad players. If I see you using one, I can and I shall assume that you are…[View]
580741858It sucks, failed to be a proper sequel to 3.[View]
580729617Versus XIII and Verum Rex Thread: let's discuss Versus XIII and it's rumored spiritual suc…[View]
580725904Final Fantasy 13 Remaster: It's time for her trilogy to get a PS4 remaster, and a PS5 patch on …[View]
580729289/v/ humor thread[View]
580721215>resurrect you dead mom >she comes back to life as a man what do?…[View]
580739374New Horizons is a billion times better than New Leaf because of QoL features alone that the only rea…[View]
580738797*btfos Devil Gay Cringe*[View]
580737389Anyone hype for this dropping next month? Alternatively, anyone want to shitpost about how you can m…[View]
580739387How do I caliber my monitor to get the best image fidelity out of it? Is Windows built in color cali…[View]
580739726pc noob here, how do I make games ignore my mouse and keyboard? I normally play with pad, and I have…[View]
580742368Will it be at the game awards? probably not normie enough to show up plus Nintendo are pretty conser…[View]
580738635Why is the story nonexistent? Why do all these characters they introduced at the beginning barely pl…[View]
580741583>dude gore lmao[View]
580740659>Meanwhile, in /v/harnam...[View]
580739607Just installed Nioh 2: What do I spend points on?[View]
58070532321yo zoomer here who played this on release. This is unironically my Ocarina of Time and I'll n…[View]
580737383KUROHYO 2: IT'S HAPPENING https://youtu.be/fiA7x1ckGKw[View]
580732057>forced 50 isn't this the point of matchmaking? To put you against similarly skilled players…[View]
580739812>create the best RTS ever >never make a sequel >all 'spiritual successors' or fangames comp…[View]
580728874Where is Nintendo supposed to go after this? Anything else would be a downgrade unless it was spec u…[View]
580731868Monster Rancher: One more day, boys. Do I need to play 1 or can I skip straight to 2? Will I miss ou…[View]
580735119How was Hyrule Warriors so good, yet all other Warriors games so shit?[View]
580740574Why play games on launch when they're more expensive, have less features, are filled with bugs …[View]
580741471>That, I can't deny KINO[View]
580737796Is there a single game that failed more?[View]
580735565this is Dayvid Cayge. say something nice about him.[View]
580739843Warhammer: >no good Tau game[View]
580741381What are some games where i can kill americans?[View]
580734582What are some good games to play when you're hammered?[View]
580741282i started this thread to spark a discussion about the legend of zelda franchise, like where IS the g…[View]
580740229Flop or will it save tri ace from going full TOSE and gacha exclusively?[View]
580737817>games that have been lost forever to the digital dust You cannot find anyway to legally buy a di…[View]
580739557What black magic did sony do to get all these games to release on the same year on the same platform…[View]
580740967Good morning fellow neets, what are we playing today? For me, since its snowing outside, it'll …[View]
580741025>his shitty online game is so casual that it doesnt have it's own suicide hotline lmaoing at…[View]
580729889>reeeee no co-op at launch Welcome to open world games, most of them don't have co-op. Next.…[View]
580738118/v/, I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls lately and now I am in the mood for fantasy/medieval…[View]
580731256FFXIV ENDWALKER: Did you like KINOwalker?[View]
580740686Now you've done it![View]
580740821How many untranslated Japanese games have you finished so far?[View]
580704426Any day now they're gonna announce The Sims 5. What features and technical improvements are you…[View]
580740517Mario Kart Tour is trash?[View]
580740786Meme desu[View]
580740784I drew a stick man.[View]
580740007Rockstar suxs: >cancel highly anticipated game >release lacklustre remaster of classic game …[View]
580726148they say you can't hear pictures[View]
580740663Soulsfans when Elden Ring comes out and they need to beat it without a wiki[View]
580733682Based pooches: Keep it vidya[View]
580736940Are there any video games where you play as an honest police officer? And I mean games about police …[View]
580737125The verdict?[View]
580740395What are some games you uninstalled without finishing and why?[View]
580733149Is this big 'Remastered' necessary? it ruins the nice box art[View]
580738503So we know about video games but what about audio games[View]
580734971What is his problem? My party is level 26-28 and he’s tearing my ass apart.[View]
580715027Does the PS5 have any chance of living up to the legacy of the PS2?[View]
580739918They were actually the good guys[View]
580736083Best /v/ tomboys: What are some of the best tomboys /v/ has to offer?[View]
580739787Prices are getting higher lately.[View]
580716136So you can play Twisted Metal Black on PS5 flawlessly, but not the PS3 reboot? What is Sony's l…[View]
580738804Why did they do it, bros?[View]
580684196What caused Game Inflation?[View]
580738219What is the most unoriginal, generic, uninsipred, soulless video game ever made? I'd go with ei…[View]
580713568Cross Code: The absolute peak of 2D top down map design: Beat the game a while back and cant stop th…[View]
580735829Wait, is 13 Sentinels a coomer game?[View]
580707293Games /v/ tricked you into playing[View]
580727847She's killed billions.[View]
580738038What games have the best character customization?[View]
580737041What games feature false flag attacks as a key point of their plot?[View]
580735368>/v/ says game is shit >it's actually the GOTY Don't you get tired of being always w…[View]
580739036/v/ told me this game was good but it's not. At least I didn't pay for it. >mission 2 …[View]
580737973Exanima: Combat is great but campaign is trash. Boring unnecessarily complicated empty corridors. De…[View]
580736183Hey /v/, let's play some board games https://www.boardgame-online.com?page=joingame&g=rdAd…[View]
580736939If I was a girl I would be a turbodyke. I would eat out every single girl at school & then tell …[View]
580649080FGO: Here's your Santa Claus for this christmas, bro.[View]
580730723CDDA thread[View]
580698893/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>580650949 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
580736546Is this shit any good?[View]
580737457>Preston asks me to find some woman who was kidnapped >go get her and bring her to back to th…[View]
580735945What kind of video games would they make at the CIA?[View]
5807311273D games take too long to develop[View]
580733657Why do people still unironically recommend this even though it has worse gameplay? I don't care…[View]
580735567On reflection, it wasn't that bad. Disappoointing? Yeah, sure, 3 different colors that are basi…[View]
580730575Reminder that if you own a PC you can also emulate and mod games, the 'i have no games to play' excu…[View]
580731340Do people actually project themselves onto the main character when playing an RPG?[View]
580725436Should we genocide storyfags and return to arcade gaming roots?[View]
580722286How tall is Samus?: And no bullshit data from old Nintendo Power guides or magazines now. Do we have…[View]
580733462Star Trek ship browser “game”: Does anybody remember a browser based “game” where you can go all ove…[View]
580738117Dumb Embarrassing Mistakes you've made in Vidiya >Playing soulslike game >have a massive …[View]
580703574Even if you dislike Undertale, you must admit the true final boss gives goosebumps. Fucking Epic htt…[View]
580736608WoW fags be like I can fix her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay0kAVRyyok[View]
580737724They all die fighting Sonic. It's their fate...[View]
580737962Dabs on console players and poorfags. >Nothing personal[View]
580737926Catherine: What was your favorite ending? For me, True Freedom.[View]
580737689What is the best place to play vidya and why is the bed?[View]
580705512I'm having fun[View]
580734134>see French name in game >Target kill him even if it means losing the game…[View]
580658407OFF and other rpg maker games: how is your purification going anon?[View]
580737487Why aren't you playing the better Omori yet, /v/?[View]
580728272How does /v/ feel about 'multicade' type setups? I've been giving it a bit of thought recently.…[View]
580718023Name 1 (ONE) game with a 10/10 OST Just ONE.[View]
580736772RANKING BASED VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS #5: Caeser. Guy didnt fuck around Wears a dog head. Destroyed th…[View]
580736507Why did it have so much fucking bloom? Every game was an eyesore[View]
580733204If the internet was shut off right now and you had no idea when you'd be able to access it agai…[View]
580731529>beats Mechwarrior 5 and Battletech on first attempt This is hands down the best new mech game on…[View]
580736908>Protagonist gets visibly more jaded as the game progresses: Name a more kino trope[View]
580735976<10k soon: It's over.[View]
580736843>ADACHI IS BAD BECAUSE....HE KILLS WOMEN FOR NOT HAVING SEX WITH HIM!!!! Why is he the bad guy ag…[View]
580733974Does /v/ rate Morag?[View]
580735854We won.[View]
580731939Is Nintendos strategy with their Mario games to create an amazing foundation and then leave the game…[View]
580732685What went so unbelievably right? Will lariancucks ever stop losing?[View]
580655068/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday consoletan.booru.org consoletans.neocities.org/ flockmod.com/r/thebreakr…[View]
580735929Why are brown girls in fighting games so damn perfect?[View]
580734672For those that completed this game (or watched on YouTube like me), where do you think Alex's r…[View]
580731584https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0yB2wDHMUI Calling it - Sylvannas wears the crown to become a Xel…[View]
580724890Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
580736114>Kim, give me your gun[View]
580734789Wasteland: There is not a single bad game in these series.[View]
580728151Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy have both historically had fuck awful battle systems (excepting the j…[View]
580713343250 people voted last thread https://strawpoll.com/duopzfd92[View]
580721291Glad you could make it Sylvanas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay0kAVRyyok[View]
580730870>ruined your gaming session.[View]
580727278what do i do now[View]
580727009holy kek[View]
5807130453rd generation is objectively the worst ones to play these days[View]
580731569Why does Miyazaki always make the final boss an old man?[View]
580735560What happened to Romero's game? Has he said a thing since he took down the Kickstarter?[View]
580715170They deserved to be in Smash: Fuck you.[View]
580733402>platforming game >platforms move in an irattic manor I'm always up for a challange!…[View]
580633065Play Fire Emblem Heroes.[View]
580649943GARFIELD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZE5QZofYGw[View]
580722848Who's ready for Atlus to announce they're porting Persona 1 and 2 (the best Persona games)…[View]
580718787Spiders in games[View]
580735763ITT: Crack in video game form[View]
580734429Furry GTA when.[View]
580730380I hate myself, but at least I could afford it with the job I have so it's not all bad. >stil…[View]
580733843Really thought they would be doing more for this generation[View]
580733031>Pirate game >Enjoy it >Send $60 directly to lead developer…[View]
580727283How do I play this in 2021.9 without wanting to blow my brains out from all the lagging/crashing shi…[View]
580734778uh oh[View]
580730438What are the best games to play on a main monitor while watching/listening to something on a side mo…[View]
580731168BONUS STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
580730419so... *crunch* who's gonna win goty *crunch crunch* this year? *buurp*[View]
580675554AVGN200: AVGN200[View]
580734581>switch has been around for only 5 years I want thing to die already...…[View]
580727075Infinite Multiplayer: This is unironically exactly what the store needs. Ridiculous and silly cosme…[View]
580735018When the semester is almost over[View]
580732060Good games with eye-candy protagonists?[View]
580734949Anyone know something about the next NFS game? People speculate it might be a pro street style game[View]
580731595>Get ROG Zephyrus g14 >Hook to HDTV >Can play pretty good >Stop playing consoles What ha…[View]
580734905What would a Tourretes Guy game be like?: >lawn mowing >driving missions to get two cheeseburg…[View]
580732074Switch hacker Gary Bowser must pay Nintendo $10m on top of his $4.5m fine: >Gary Bowser, a member…[View]
580727757>you can pick one game or /v/ meme character to join The 12 Knights of /v/idya, sworn by oath to …[View]
580731673Name a bigger hack(please no retarded responses faggots)[View]
580729662Fear it. Loathe it. Game of the Generation arrives all the same.[View]
580733417how to digitize claymation/sculpture to look like this? for a hylics inspired game...[View]
580734071ITT: Bullshit enemies[View]
580732368I've Discovered Greatness: >runs and looks good >can be played online and thankfully offl…[View]
580693094why do people shit on dark souls 2's hollowing mechanic but are fine with dark souls 3 effectiv…[View]
580697448Sakuna: Am I being a bitch or is the farming in this game extremely unfun? Like, you have to till yo…[View]
580708958So now that the dust has settled, is Street Fighter V really that bad?[View]
580729198There aren't enough low stakes, relatable setting AAA vidya being made[View]
580734062Damn you VALVE! You are NOT GOD! This act of MONOPOLY is UNCONSCIONABLE![View]
580713653How would you personally feel if the DLC for Resident Evil Village was about Alcina Dimitrescu?[View]
580725139Any proof or leaks Sonic Frontiers will be at TGA?[View]
580733936The Path To Valravn Part 1 - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice #2 - PC: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
580733459What have you done with my board, DEGENERATES???[View]
580727074Greed mode: What are your ideas for other modes based on the 7 deadly sins[View]
580716537Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Single player game for the Switch, out tomorrow Any good?[View]
580720026new trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7UkgKYK4nw[View]
580710734Local birb is so cute it kills[View]
580732879Next Nintendo console: They will completely abandon the Switch and all backwards compatibility. They…[View]
580726339Kirby eats you. What power does he gain?[View]
580731579NRS reveal at TGS: god I hope it turns out to be horror kino fighting[View]
580731448ITT: game mechanics you hate[View]
580731658Is there a mod where you can have ALL 8 characters in your party?[View]
580722283Why did 343 succeed where CD Projekt Red failed?[View]
580733042Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
580728232TGA leaked: it's official.[View]
580723338Celebrity voice actors are a colossal waste of money.[View]
580722759oh my god I love the map dust. I can pwn so many noobs on it. Maybe today I can pwn enough noobs on …[View]
580731180This is actually a good thing: I am glad that Blizzard finally laid to rest debates about how corrup…[View]
580732635>game feels too casual >a couple players afk every match >a couple doing only challenges …[View]
580728458Is the plot twist in this game really THAT good? See people talking about how this game’s narrative …[View]
580723542Widely considered the best game of all time in japan, does it live up to the hype?[View]
580729119Why do you consider Dead or Alive 5 to be better than Dead or Alive 6? Even with Tamaki and Kula in …[View]
580732263What's the point of playing Bloodborne after you've killed Gascoigne? Nothing else in the …[View]
580633586Name a bigger franchise flop than Jak: >Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy sold 4.2 million cop…[View]
580688002the gigastacy stride[View]
580729219I unironically miss them.[View]
580713878Blazblue Rollback: Another game has been blessed by rollback. Thank fuck Jap devs are finally learni…[View]
580732031Best horror games where you can't fight back? I like feeling hopeless, just like irl.[View]
580721058which one is better? pros cons of each? they look similar.[View]
580725056Is it good?[View]
580725760Famitsu readers top 100 games of all time (2017)[View]
580717713My gf[View]
580726136Any good zelda likes?: Do you guys know of any 3d games where is story based but not extremely deep …[View]
580714186About to play FFXII: What should I expect?[View]
580730715>the gaming industry will be down the shitter in the next 10 years -Gabe Newell in 2013 he called…[View]
580731315Resident Evil 3 Remake is sh-[View]
580718603Skullgirls: Who's the last character going to be?[View]
580726679What's your favorite Nvidia gpu?[View]
580730034Hey /v/ Remeber this game?[View]
580715879HoHoHo Hello /v/, tell me what vidya you desire this year and you may just get it![View]
580723712nuke duke them[View]
580729770XCOM 3: hopes? expectations? do you believe the TGA leaks?[View]
580730047Imperial Guard >speaks with the intensity of a thousand suns >uses language in such a way that…[View]
580695368I want to shoot the nigger monkey who thought weapons breaking every 10 hits was a good idea.[View]
580726303FFXIV ENDWALKER: Was he retarded?[View]
580713815Playing female characters means you are a gay[View]
580713189Metroid: where can the story go from here? >metroids are extinct (supposedly) >x parasites ar…[View]
580729275Chrono Cross, non ?[View]
580722934>put golden blanket over your head >become invincible to all attacks Why was this allowed?…[View]
580728080I'm Dark Souls but better.[View]
580730348Alien Horror: Why are there no good horror games involving alien abductions? Same problem as dinosau…[View]
580720530Any games with cool mechs (besides Overwatch)?[View]
580727448>Permanently banned: Mass TDB at spawn Ah, good memories, What are some fun games to troll in the…[View]
580718041Dude. Let's EAT Tatsu![View]
580730640I wana play MW2019?????????????? Can't even get to the main menu[View]
580729348Hitler and Emeto-Selch is sorry too[View]
580730554>free to play game >all profits come from in-game purchases >still calls them microtransact…[View]
580724816This aged far better than one would've expected.[View]
580729390ITT: dishonest game design.[View]
580724924Spellforce 3: This any good? Worth 20€?[View]
580720829Games for mediocre PC: I've gotten a new computer that can handle games such as New Vegas, HL1,…[View]
580726646>Game rewards you at the end for doing all the side quests[View]
580726180GTA VI will be set in modern day San Fierro featuring the decline of organized crime. Key story elem…[View]
580730038Any of you homo's played this game yet? Looks like it'll be a fun distracted for a day or …[View]
580722437I've spent almost 1K Euros on Train Simulator DLC alone[View]
580723290Are we ever going to get another good DC game?: I mean Injustice is great but it's ultimately s…[View]
580728054Unironically a good map.[View]
580729597Original Starcraft II plot before the fuckup: There must have been a draft way back in 1998 that exp…[View]
580725304Prove that you actually play video games[View]
580728362Anyone else write essays on video games?: I'm currently writing an amazing fucking essay on Rat…[View]
580728651Who is your favorite Nintendo girl?[View]
580721904NO SWEAT[View]
580722915>Can't play multiplayer games anymore because my reaction time and execution have degraded …[View]
580727043>Game so shit he has to give it away for free[View]
580726409TFA, CW 2.0, ArcCW or m9k? FA:S 2.0 is the correct answer btw[View]
580726701>want to buy game >characters are sexy as hell >gameplay looks awful…[View]
580727117Play PsiloSybil: PLAY IT![View]
580729142>That cocksucking piece of shit CDPR’s CEO - I can’t even say his name - murdered Cyberpunk, and …[View]
580722348I'm shopping for new headphones, I'm avoiding 'gaming headphones' since they…[View]
580717649Let's be honest, this was a great game in a franchise that desperately needed a good entry.[View]
580693587$15 for a flower[View]
580728720>game gives you bad rng for enemy encounters[View]
580715720TMNT: Okay, I'll bite. Who is the target audience of this?[View]
580628254It's done: https://mega.nz/file/K58wBJCQ#7he1-anmzKNosqfM8qMgOsRQlkflBhEinc3F_SgjJeA It's …[View]
580726694Take me down to the PS5 Where they censor Dead Or Alive Wash the Cheeto dust off my hand Take the Ka…[View]
580728141Now that SMTV has come and gone, how does Devil Survivor compare to all the rest? I've never pl…[View]
580716332Do you like ruins in your games? https://pastebin.com/Q0wBYtRa[View]
580728215Post Vidya Music That Gives You Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JPGenwi-gw[View]
580728153Our song of hope, she dances on the wind higher, oh higher E'er our vows endure, and remain for…[View]
580728047https://youtu.be/9JIjSOnsD6k >docile animals >diverse landscapes >more piano in the soundtr…[View]
580727902Forecast warm, leftover chicken for the dogs I've been jumping over fences in a hundred differe…[View]
580725160Okay it’s out: What’s the verdict /v/ Do we love it or do we love it?[View]
580692276So now that the dust is settled, what do Mexicans think about this?[View]
580726306Lets have a thread about the most underrated post apoc game of all time: Metro Exodus[View]
580727710TriAce chads is their last stand?[View]
580726447Why do so many people simp geofront translations? I don't get it, this is nintendo treehouse le…[View]
580727242Now that part 6 is out are we gonna get a new JoJo game?[View]
580723465A match browser would be nice[View]
580716902>still no game based on the californication music video[View]
580716195When SMT5 gets it's expansion next year, what demons do you expect to return?[View]
580712167You emulated, you get immolated[View]
580723126Kirby: Probably the only super famous vidya character that I have never seen a single person going h…[View]
580723726Looking For A Game (important): Hi /v/, my dad passed this year and I'm trying to find a PC gam…[View]
580727047Atlus finally came up with an original story for an SMT game[View]
580726691Kingdom Hearts: Happy 20th anniversary to a game that changed everything[View]
580708035What is your honest opinion about this armor?[View]
580723553Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth playing?[View]
580717443Isaac / TBOI / Repentance: How do I start unlocking the tainted characters? I have opened up and cle…[View]
580723960Just bought Labyrinth of Refrain what am I in for /v/[View]
580726546Requesting Sion Eltnam Atlasia transforming into a Zubat[View]
580723936Nier 3 when Yoko Taro? No, that shitty mobile gacha doesn't count[View]
580723853>Tfw actually care about the Warcraft universe >Tfw glad public opinion at least shifted to re…[View]
580726576>actual defensive options for aerial combat >All Formchanges are useful unlike Drive forms and…[View]
580726340>faster than you can say... canned tomata's >Mother Goose been rootin' around in you…[View]
580726172>we had one shot at getting a game as good as Resident Evil 7 >we missed it…[View]
580682140There's 0 fun games to play![View]
580719136Bro it´s out[View]
580695908A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism: Train! Train! I love my station! A-Train released on steam today. Anyo…[View]
580725980yfw you never played Halo[View]
580724828How do we fix the Ubisoft tower game mechanic, /v/?[View]
580722635Is this the Cardano of online card games?[View]
580719104I've been getting back into PC gaming and I decided to get a new keyboard since it was on sale.…[View]
580721610>How to make Halo 4/343i Halo games good: >* = important >*Chief lands on Forerunner planet…[View]
580723241Do you miss anyone you used to play vidya with?[View]
580720047So much vidya to play, so little time[View]
580720152FFXIV ENDWALKER: Thank her right now[View]
580701468Games with the old school fantasy aesthetic?[View]
580720713>SaGa sale Alright SaGafags, which one of these games is any good? I've only played Frontie…[View]
580724625Do anyone gives a fuck about this year AAA sony movies after 6 months of release? Less alone last ye…[View]
580706824Rumors: Chrono Cross Remaster is 'going to launch as a PS5 exclusive.': NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK I DON…[View]
580720612Give me one good reason that you're not playing Paladins.[View]
580717618So i really really love Musou Games, and i really wanna know what franchises could fit well for it?[View]
580723320is it the new meta?[View]
580717586Ahhhh, the Shadow Temple. The final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time before Ganon…[View]
580721098What was his problem?[View]
580718952What is the best game made one (1) person?[View]
580721217>it doesn't NEED to be original >it doesn't NEED a story >it doesn't NEED …[View]
580716389Which one should I get /v/ros?: I'd rather get the trilogy but I can't afford it so I…[View]
580716353Does anyone want to play smash ultimate with me?[View]
580712105*jumps down in front of u* WELCOME TO CYBERTRON MOTHERFUCKER https://youtu.be/gXUTQV3UNUA[View]
580720087>game is developed, tested and compiled on PC >it's even completely playable on PC intern…[View]
580723523Let's cry about the future together.: I remember back when the late 00s-early 10s stuff like ic…[View]
580690272Be honest /v/, you didn't like this game very much and only really cared for the soundtrack[View]
580723346Play Guardians of the Galaxy[View]
5807167052020...i am forgotten...[View]
580683623I’m a gamedev. What are some features that you want in a soulslike with diablolike elements? What ar…[View]
580686764ITT: Post an historical figure and other anons will guess what video games he or she would be good a…[View]
580706547>he doesn't like GTA 4 noire atmosphere[View]
580716431ITT: Times games shit on the players HARD..: >ditches the MC >becomes happier and more success…[View]
580722247I just came up with the next billion dollar video game idea: Get this its Battletanx but the genders…[View]
580717538Kanto, you cannot top these visuals at all, this aesthetic was peak pokemon adventure[View]
580720697I'm done with Kirby. I want to break free from baby game syndrome so recommend a game or series…[View]
580713793Subtle vidya merch[View]
580717234I'M WALKING HERE[View]
580699667>harder diffculty >just make enemies damage sponges and hit harder…[View]
580722608Repair thread: Anyone here repair their own consoles/handhelds? Just finished with pic related a few…[View]
580710294Dear oldfags, what was /v/ like in the real old days? (2004-2006) A lot of the 'oldfag' threads here…[View]
580717415Silksong: Well, the cat is out of the bag, Silksong will shadow drop tomorrow at The Game Awards, ti…[View]
580719229tackfam chads, who's your main?[View]
580718945Do you think it's possible to make a game with an unstoppable protagonist fun?[View]
580721163Oh…Undead, are we? And one without much time remaining. Just about ready to fall apart, I'd say…[View]
580721114https://youtu.be/E9gUcbDcd7E: Soul! https://youtu.be/E9gUcbDcd7E[View]
580716040We won shoechads![View]
580719931If games ever use Scratch n' Sniffs as a promotional item I will waste my life savings on them[View]
580721902Games with female protagonists can be good.[View]
580710648Any games and or mods where I can play as daredevil?[View]
580720359What game is this? All reverse search engines give nothing.[View]
580721658Second Extinction: why doesn't anyone play his game? its fun[View]
580708698Imagine caring about cosmetic microtransactions in a FPS that has no effect on gameplay, still gonna…[View]
580716837what happened[View]
580720398ITT: Rate what anons have installed and post what you've got[View]
580718856So there is there a reason to go for both all collectables and less than 2 hours in a single playthr…[View]
580714519It's better than Half-Life: ALYX.[View]
580707901What is your perfect game?[View]
580718898>so ummh well...we might have lost the entire of the US east cost server database so all players …[View]
580720191Why aren't there more games modeled after old adventure games? VNs are really popular. Just tak…[View]
580720680i started this thread to spark a discussion about the legend of zelda franchise, like where IS the g…[View]
580719276i just bought 6 games from steam and all 6 give trade cards is it enough i idle in the menu for 15-3…[View]
580680937100% Orange Juice: Come play some Orange Juice with /v/. Lobby name: /v/ lobby Password: pas sword…[View]
580719669Dungeon Dice Monsters mod made by a Japanese NEET was playtested more than Magic: the Gathering[View]
580716436sony sisters... not like this....[View]
580710073Whats the most horrific in-game or in lore event that people would raise concern for you if you spok…[View]
580713739What game series have every game just be basically the same thing?[View]
580679481>Drops every plot point set up by the last few games by killing every villain offscreen and remov…[View]
580720105Figure Fantasy: Anyone play Figure Fantasy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRavYtlephM&ab_chann…[View]
580665060Sonic Frontiers will probably be shit. Let's just get the coping done with now before Thursday …[View]
580714142Any day now...[View]
580715492I miss this god like series...[View]
580710673>finally get a ps5 >everyone tells me the “must have game,” is a glorified VN for teenage girl…[View]
580720527The Belgian police are blocking off the highway and stopping everyone to inspect them. They say 'hi…[View]
580720478Demakes: Are there any videogames with portable simul-releases that were actually good? Sometimes th…[View]
580712529>oh this game has inventory limits? >I'll just mod in unlimited inventory and continue ha…[View]
580715443Mods are asleep, post boss fight music. https://youtu.be/4Edu8-D1jAY[View]
580713145>1070 owners[View]
580715905Inuyasha is now the protagonist of the last game you played. How do things change?[View]
580720321i fucking hate trannies and their obsession with anyone right wing so much[View]
580704150I'm not sure if anyone cares but DDO has almost all the quest packs available for free until th…[View]
580713335Which aim trainer does /v/ use to enhance your FPS gaming ability?[View]
580711341This is my DESTINY[View]
580708559Xbox games are not on disc: Xbos Series uses 50GB discs, so games don't fit. Comparison: Playst…[View]
580663579When did you realize eSports are a joke?[View]
580718685Why did we lose?[View]
580720014>roastie female main character[View]
580717160Post soulful live action vidya trailers[View]
580719515why dthey do it bros why did they ruin the story by making the antagonist some autistic bird girl yo…[View]
580697138The great debate.[View]
5807099682B or not 2B[View]
580698806Why do gamers have such shit taste?[View]
580713178Do you think people will still give a shit about the Switch next year with so many incredible big ga…[View]
580716971RPGreats: Top 100 Games of all time: >1. EarthBound >2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Isl…[View]
580719194>his game doesnt have it's own Suicide Hotline and in-game Suicide help channels lmao fuckin…[View]
580718906Gamer gear thread. Do you wear vidya merchandise in public /v/?[View]
580708637Play FGO[View]
580710397Just think: if this piece of shit didn't exist we'd be getting TES VI next year[View]
580698910How do you feel about degenerate games like this?[View]
580711519>Leave Atriox to me[View]
580718091Why are Germans like this?[View]
580676165Library of runia: Wrap trains are half off at the moment. Where are you riding?[View]
580711869The Legend of Dragoon: If there was one old PS1 JRPG that needs a remake, it's this game It…[View]
580718724my son has aspergers (not strong, but not mild, etc), and he has no idea about social skills or tren…[View]
580715992Did you ever fall for gaming glasses meme /v/? I did, except I didn't pay $80 for a pair, just …[View]
580717175halo infinite: >new halo game coming out >nobody cares what went wrong?…[View]
580717819I’m still mad[View]
580712289Hopes? Expectations? Fears?[View]
580712892Where's the hype?[View]
580716635All the hype for this shitty DLC from RE4 faggots: 45 minutes of content (at best) with no payoff. W…[View]
580716994Jesus, I have not seen this many disastrous launches in a long time. I think the cynicals on this bo…[View]
580691375What game do you think Atlus is bringing to PC?[View]
580712301Mario's clothes are such a nice shade of red[View]
580718301Best Christmas games?[View]
580718217All the hype for this shitty DLC from RE4 faggots: 45 minutes of content (at best) with no payoff. W…[View]
580718231What are the essential cute animal games?[View]
580711063>legendary visor >pay wall >$10 >looks like shit…[View]
580713265i cant be the only one that enjoyed the strike force missions in black ops II[View]
580713107>spend like 3 weeks straight grinding for Juicy Queenbeat >can't fucking replant them the…[View]
580717403Elder Scrolls Lore: Did Dagoth Ur go mad after being betrayed and buried under red mountain? Or was …[View]
580712031Find a flaw. This was the series peak.[View]
580713491soul fist[View]
580716204The game awards: According to Keighley, there are 'at least four or five things' at TGA on the same …[View]
580704252Pirate Warriors 4: Pirate Warriors 4 is hitting game pass tomorrow. Anyone gonna try it out?[View]
580717856Anyone who says 5th gen games didn't look like they ran on the shittiest computers on this eart…[View]
580706640Have you seen this girl?[View]
580714819This game looks promising as hell >>https://store.steampowered.com/app/976890/Hidden_Deep/…[View]
580646338Is Rosalina the prettiest character Nintendo has ever made?[View]
580717195What's a game I can play without having to give my full attention to[View]
580694816Kenshi: Where are we headed today, /v/ros?[View]
580714027Doom 3 was a nice FPS horror game. Sort of a precursor to Dead Space. It also aged pretty well[View]
580709147>Game is fucking amazing >Filters too many casual to average players due to its difficulty so …[View]
580684351How are you liking it so far, newbies?[View]
580716187post vidya characters and try to guess them wombo.art[View]
580700721Final Fantasy: I want to get into the Final Fantasy series, where do I start? Can I start with XIII?…[View]
580711042I launched the rocket. Now what?[View]
580717173What are some games that added AWESOME new designs for old characters?[View]
580717005what's the single most difficult decision you've ever had to make in a video game?[View]
580697449This thread is dedicated to the dwindling art of 2d games What are you favorite 2d games visually an…[View]
580716952Why live if Singleplayer, First person, Roleplaying games are the 1%, of the unholy amounts of Trash…[View]
580716939GOML: zoomers can't into minesweeper http://www.minesweeper.info/wiki/Minesweeper_X[View]
580716889>reach city center with the big home location crystal >first player i see has < LGBTQ> t…[View]
580685751Halo Infinite really does run like garbage holy shit[View]
580691876What's better than 1 Fire Emblem thread on /v/?: TWO FIRE EMBLEM THREADS![View]
580716156>game has a item that is strong but is limited in use or quantity >decide to keep it inventory…[View]
580708494>There will never be another game like Final Fantasy VIII, the thinking man's JRPG…[View]
580708614Metal Gear Solid V: Why did people say it has a shitty story? It's just scattered around rather…[View]
580710097yo these games aren't as good as Link's Awakening, dunno why capcom even tried back then, …[View]
580709410What exactly is the Suicide Squad game supposed to be? A 'cinematic' Uncharted-like? A beat-em-up? A…[View]
580695730bomberman looks like THAT?[View]
580710396>5 Gachas >3 of them is dead >No port or localization for older Tales games How do we fix T…[View]
580709286The more I think about it, the more I realize how much personal experience and >nostalgia plays a…[View]
580716131Pay for a resolution / fps bump and no multiplayer[View]
580715663Where can I get this game for pc[View]
580713618Now that Resident Evil's Creator admits Claire was the main character. whats next for her story…[View]
580693051Why would devs make a bad game? They wouldn't do it on purpose, right? What compels a dev to sh…[View]
580714497KIDS ARE CRUEL JACK[View]
580711660They Look sooooo Good Together![View]
580709124Is the fire a great one?[View]
580713392Jigsaw: Come and jig with me. Its the most fun ive had in years with multiplayer gaming. https://jig…[View]
580711943>battlefield game: Do they still not know? Black female leads=no buy from mes[View]
580699086>offline for an entire day >no one cares[View]
580713984What went wrong with the PS5?[View]
580712369Overrated piece of reddit shit[View]
580711856What were your thoughts on 4?[View]
580707427lammy: say hello to my wife[View]
580706321how slow is your computer?[View]
580714279My wife’s son’s boyfriend’s stepdad just bought one of these bad boys for me. What are the must have…[View]
580713004BATTLE STATION THREAD: Comfy Christmas Edition[View]
580710646MUGEN thread: post mains post rosters post webms post weird findings post mugen[View]
580685543Still can't believe they turned her into a whore, she was so pure.[View]
580713051What would he think about the games based on his daughterwife today?[View]
580700715Witcher 4 when?[View]
580714513What was Sin?: Maybe he was the friends we made along the way... but I can't help but feel he i…[View]
580713917ITT: we post most overrated and shitty games ever[View]
580709428TF2: >Valve memoryholed this[View]
580712856ITT we post what song we will use to gen our first monster. Also discuss game https://www.youtube.co…[View]
580710457I will never, ever, EVER forgive this[View]
580713263How much does the Vidya game design industry pay?: What is it like? Asking for a friend.[View]
580675439How hyped are you guys for Elden Ring?[View]
580685213Comfy vidya collection thread: r8, h8, apprei8, masturb8[View]
580711284It's actually happening PC bros. Did anyone get the source for the banner ad?[View]
580709117leave Xenohart to me[View]
580712556>poor map variety >no new game modes >no forge >no creative and absurd custom game creat…[View]
580713084So this game that 343 pretends doesnt exist is somehow better than the half a billion dollar game th…[View]
580713570What game are you playing this week and what do you like about it? Feel free to post webms or screen…[View]
580712037two more days[View]
580711213Sea of Thieves: What is it about this game that filters /v/ so much?[View]
580712160Anyone with an early Sonic Encyclospeedia know what game wasn't mentioned?: Ian Flynn mentioned…[View]
580713000>Song of Double Time >Does not make time go twice as fast, which would be a lot more useful th…[View]
580707865>WATA’s highest graded game How much will it go for?[View]
580711454Was reading about the Thalmor in Elder Scrolls lore: And what is this >Third Aldmeri Dominion Th…[View]
580708029What RPG class do you tend to choose, /v/?[View]
580713125Becomes a big hit and due to popular demand rockstar games gives funding to yu suzuki to make shenmu…[View]
580699104Let's play /V/ rockbusters: alrite? here are your cryptic clues: This is the way Jamaican fella…[View]
580683268games like the movie 'the mist'?[View]
580703423Free will doesn't exist The ultimate goal of humanity is contentment/happiness, ambition is to …[View]
580712995>It was supposed to be shit. >Somehow, someway, it wasn't shit.…[View]
580675563Blazblue Centralfiction Rollback: Christmas came early, it's nice to have BB and it's play…[View]
580707706Keep or sell?: Should you sell a game that you won't use in the future?[View]
580712837>Game has gorgeous art and effort put into the visuals to sell and make a name for itself >...…[View]
580711772Fucking phenomenal[View]
580711568What went wrong?[View]
580712304All the hype for this shitty DLC from RE4 faggots: 45 minutes of content (at best) with no payoff. W…[View]
580702027Do you think Mario will ever revert to his 2D personality? Also, soul vs soulless thread.[View]
580655250Is the main reason this game is as popular as it is is being in the right place at the right time? m…[View]
580710239Did you play this game /vee/? what did you think of it? Does it deserve a sequel?[View]
580706441I just finishef Mafia 1 Definitive Edition. It was pretty nice. Should I try this pic related? Is it…[View]
580711584>You are the chosen one, an avatar of ancient creature, just you.. but also thousands of other pl…[View]
580709958>Why yes, I'm thinking Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the best stealth-action game ever made, w…[View]
580690073For me, it's the dead island collector's edition.[View]
580711718Monster Hunter: Get the fuck in here and talk about what you want from Ryozo in the next Sunbreak tr…[View]
580701672Why does this game make /v/ seethe so much?[View]
580707601How did some indiegame make demons that are scarier than anything to come out of Doom 2016 and Etern…[View]
580710496Why do people call me entitled when i say i want a game that works on launch? Is it so much to ask t…[View]
580712024This was the late time From was innovative with their boss design: How do people keep eating their s…[View]
580709596>Halo and God of War both on PC Mario is next[View]
580711682Hello? Is this thing on?[View]
580711630these games are fucking amazing, no wonder they are selling so well they're doing better than s…[View]
580710257>Omega, what a pisshole[View]
580703740>Bring up PS5 exclusives >'UHHH MULTIPLAT AND SHIT AND I DONT CARE' >Bring up how the Swit…[View]
580710776>Resolution at 640x480 (stretched out on widescreen monitor) >All graphics options set as low …[View]
580710924>gym Paladins have to perform a phalanx to dispel the Manlet Scourge[View]
580711203Blue Thread: Mods killed the red thread. This is now a blue thread. Post blue characters.[View]
580702763The Final Fantasy 7 remake will be released on Xbox Gamepass on Christmas day. It will be announced …[View]
580701658>l4d2 killer[View]
580703485>6 years >500 million dollars >Only 1 biome >Less level variety than halo 1 >No Co-op…[View]
580690024Can anyone tell me why a game that did not need an update got a 'remaster' with worse ai, worse grap…[View]
580706121The start of the downfall of gaming[View]
580701294it's actually fun as fuck[View]
580707224>harasses you about horoscopes and flowers >cries to you about lesbian rejection >gossips a…[View]
580702184Why is literally every JRPG protag either a guy who's only character trait is being a 'nice guy…[View]
580710553Green characters: ITT - Post GREEN characters It's a better colour than red[View]
580707096new nekopara game: https://twitter.com/nekopara_pr/status/1465238860942614528[View]
580702535>they'll never top Shadowbringers haha[View]
580711108MKXII reveal trailer (TGA): >Starts with the last hit of the MK11 reveal trailer (image) >came…[View]
580707263Way of Samurai: I have been waiting for 10 years for another game like this to come out. Am I going …[View]
580710745Why is halo infinites lobby so souless?[View]
580709992Nier Replicant: Sell me on this game[View]
580710993Steam Deck? More like Steam Gay! haha[View]
580703220Friday night funkin: Why do people here start seething when someone talk about this game ? I never p…[View]
580704185If you could make a game using these girls, what would it be about?[View]
580710507play naruto ninja storm[View]
580709263For me, it’s Killer Instinct[View]
580704432Just finished my first playthrough of New Vegas: People /here/ are right, this game is kino as fuck.…[View]
580710658Australian game journalists name Quake the best game of all time[View]
580708290In a just world, World in Conflict would have been more popular than Starcraft.[View]
580706129>game has pray to win mechanics[View]
580710530No (Man's) Sky: >Try this game on gamepass. >Absolutely hate it until I get off the first…[View]
580710289Sonic Frontiers: So what does this digital-to-analog converter have to do with the upcoming Sonic ga…[View]
5806906302 more days.[View]
580708843>unfinished games >old classic games being ruined >developers telling the players they…[View]
580705910Don't mind me, just pirating some games. It's a victimless crime after all... right?[View]
580701414I'm halfway through SMTV (just beat hydra) and I gotta say, its fun, but its sorely lacking in …[View]
580707698proto yoshi[View]
580706078find a flaw[View]
580708661>watching old school PS1 graphics on youtube >pirating a bunch of shit taking up bandwidth …[View]
580710061RESIDENT EVIL TWO[View]
580707690How good is it?[View]
580709513>shits all over anything 343 can come up with[View]
5807096912020: >The Last of Us Part II >Hades >Crusader Kings III >Ghosts of Tsushima >Half-L…[View]
580702734Literally unfair.[View]
580701353how do dark souls 3 fags cope with this?[View]
580707336>Armored skin >Strongest grab in the game >Does nothing but camp resource spots >Only ma…[View]
580705980Century: Age of ashes: Play dragon game[View]
580658747FLIPENDO! They never used this spell in the movie or films, what the fuck[View]
580706996What do you want from part 4?[View]
580705851>Ruins your far harbor experience >Nothing personal kid…[View]
580709310g4 portal: >built a going into games machine >solved the smell problem Where did he go, /v/?…[View]
580704258Top tier pro athlete millionaires cramped up at a computer hunched over a monitor playing Counter St…[View]
580708909Mashu is the best sidekick in gaming.[View]
580708176I miss you.[View]
580646386What went wrong with this genre?[View]
580707662Should we cut some slack to 343 industries?: Here's the link to my video if you want to support…[View]
580695692fangames: What are the good ones and what are the not-so-good but enjoyable ones?[View]
580709006Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator: Haha, what if I took the organ market from Cruelty Squad and …[View]
580706845>Cruel cruel world must I go on?[View]
580707610Perfect video game endings don't exist-[View]
580708770unironically PC goty how the fuck did this happen?[View]
580701867>game won't open >close steam >reopen steam, but it doesn't actually open >ope…[View]
580708687Mass Effect 4 Concept Art: Why are there Human Relays? How long after Destroy is this?[View]
580704330How can I fix this game mechanic without boring the player?[View]
580708678>Execution requirements balance moves >Catch-up mechanics keep games intense! >Faction asym…[View]
580703797Sorry ladies, Christmas is for the bros.[View]
580708634The Obsession with Post-Launch Content: Why must modern multiplayer games always have “seasons” post…[View]
580698381>DS1 Blighttown >DSII The whole game, specifically the gutter >BB Forbidden woods >DSII…[View]
580708570How do I get my workshop mods in l4d2 working on Versus again?[View]
580708541>Floridians closing anything during a hurricane Unrealistic, Rockstar.[View]
580708352Mention Maps: Why is nobody mentioning the lack of maps in Halo Infinite? It’s so laughably lacking …[View]
580690941>Is best Fallout DLC[View]
580700510ITT: comfy upbeat catchy vidya melodies Preferably pre-gen 7 but not necessarily, themed around natu…[View]
580705692What's the best Santa in games?[View]
580707349You have one, right anon?: It's back and she is glorious![View]
580705157If you guys really wanna know what the consensus is on Halo Infinite, wait 2 weeks after launch when…[View]
580708139What's with japan and their love for amogus?[View]
580704625>BOTW, an action game, was great >DQ XI, an rpg, was great >Elden Ring is looking good. …[View]
580708110Winter/Christmas related vidya thread[View]
580699658Any tips for party/character builds for maximum story enjoyment while still not being too gimped by …[View]
580707940Underrated multiplayer games: For me, it's Factions[View]
580707074Do you expect it to be better than No Man's Sky, Mass Effect, and/or Skyrim? What do you hope f…[View]
580707785Games where you can improvise weapons?[View]
580706646How am I supposed to compete competitively in video games with people that have a full Gaming setup?…[View]
580697027You have one month to assassinate the main character of the last game you played. You have infinite …[View]
580694439Sorry, anons, but she's kinda winning me over. She's adorable.[View]
580702073This is the best Bioshock and the only people who disagree are hipsters who think old = good.[View]
580685663Top 5 RPGs of all time: Do you agree?[View]
580705443is it good?[View]
580690197So whats next for the Metroid series now that Metroid Dread is a success?[View]
580698659Persona 3 remake leak: Atlus is releasing a Persona 3 remake that lets you play as either the male o…[View]
580706596How would you re envision this game for a modern audience?[View]
580707313DS3 Predicting the Future?: should we start nuking planets? and are unitologists like christians or …[View]
580691861THIS MONTH FOR SURE[View]
580698092Sea of Thieves: About to get my first Xbox console since the 360. Picrel looks like it could either …[View]
580695010If you like halo infinite, you're gay and wrong.: Sure, the mechanics are fine. Feels pretty po…[View]
580703552Portal 2 is better than portal 1[View]
580700381Picked this up in the last Steam sale, what am I in for? Are there any character builds that are non…[View]
580697341Doom 3 was a pretty good game, all things considered[View]
580706698>Decoy Octopus was a member of FOXHOUND that specialized in impersonation. His disguises were so …[View]
580705757THAT SPY IS MY ASS[View]
580702020CTR Nitro Fueled will get a PC port next year.[View]
580702831Snoy movie game before it was cool or underrated maserpiece?[View]
580701891How are people not bored with easy games?: >Game has 100's of skills, customization options,…[View]
580702464It is time to apologize?[View]
580705713Chris Redfield is a Bi-Ace icon.: Why are they like this? Why?[View]
580699305will it save PC gaming?[View]
580704530It's that time of year faggots, post your favorite game you've played this year[View]
580704971Marrying Veronica in Veronica's game![View]
580699031Queer and Hunger: >Flip coin >Die People paid money for this shit?…[View]
580619216This is Aya Shameimaru! She's the journalist who runs the NEWS! Her stories tell only the truth…[View]
580706649>traded in my ps4 which I haven't bought a game for since 2018 >literally only used it to…[View]
580698309Real talk, where the fuck do I get one of these retail price? I'm not following Twitter faggots…[View]
580693802Anons report scalper prices for your cunt!! >Northern Singapore >PS5: 850$ >PS5 used: 710$ …[View]
580691191Are you playing Blue Archive yet?[View]
580699836it's the current state of the remake worth playing?[View]
580692158Could you take him in a fist fight?[View]
580702562Quest 2: Give me some SIDE LOAD games to PLAY![View]
580703104I'm excited[View]
580692780A 4channer played nothing but Gacha for 10 years. This is what happened to his wallet.[View]
580689186>fucks 100 guys >deletes all memory of fucking those guys >clicks out her vagina module and…[View]
580702307>Demon souls but uglier and boring/tedious Why are some game developers this lacking of self awar…[View]
580705882>unstable packet loss: the game Holy shit it's so bad, I had some issues before but last fe…[View]
580703949What does this guy say again?[View]
580705028This is fucking impossible[View]
580704675> game gives you increased max HP > late game enemies deal extra damage What is the fucking po…[View]
580705752Why is emulation so soulless?[View]
580699570Anyone know any steam games on the smaller side? like 10 gigs or less.Can be anything, retro, indie.…[View]
580705593Board Games in Vidya: What are some neat board game modes in vidya. Not board games that have been a…[View]
580691227Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Thread: Base game is only $3 right now and all DLC is $4. Now's the t…[View]
580705574Banning sexuality = banning art = banning history = BANNING GAMING[View]
580700060Games /v/ tricked you into buying: >Game is way too easy >Adventure Quest flash game tier grap…[View]
580705425in 2021 just having functional mechanics that feel decent puts you into goty territory >shit stor…[View]
580698371Ferelden is such a lovely kingdom. It would be a shame if someone were to murder its king and take t…[View]
580703943Ellie!: I only played every Dead Space game for ellie. I liked Dead Space I the most tho. Wish I co…[View]
580705173[Blocks your path][View]
580704827Dude, So. Are. you. READY? For HALO INFINITE[View]
580703491Portal 1 is way better than portal 2[View]
580692868>he bought the game just for you[View]
580703293You just got a sick ass kill on some poor scrub Post your taunt animation[View]
5807046643for3 Shit halo games.[View]
580701178Heading to Poppo on Tenkaichi street, you guys want anything?[View]
580702956/v/!!! /v/!!!! I'm the CUMM MAN[View]
580699243ps5 cat: ps5 cat[View]
580699478why do people call Final Fantasy a RPG if you play a pre-defined character that goes through a pre-d…[View]
580703591>le millenial girl[View]
580694308Sins of the MMORPG genre: >automated social aspects such as party finders >automated explorati…[View]
580692961What the fuck, man? I just wanted to solve some puzzles I didn't ask for these feels[View]
580703548>you get to remake one game to your liking >you get to pick new story, new mechanics, characte…[View]
580703314oc thread: post Ocs made by a artist NOT YOU that they look like from a videogame[View]
580702441>Literally every game in [GENRE] is bad. >What makes [GAME] bad? >If you need this explaine…[View]
580704041>joke wimpy side character gets a badass arc name some vidya[View]
580698825What the hell was her problem?[View]
580703374Rare /v/ images.[View]
580703880Why can't Valve just admit that they don't want anything more to do with this franchise in…[View]
580703990>we need a pistol in our modern FPS for our player to start off with[View]
580700334I heard Limbus Company is going to be a Gacha game... Wouldn't you say that's a rumor?…[View]
580702875Jack Frost is cute. Cute![View]
580702359Total War is saved! The day is ours![View]
580698078Smash Ultimate: Did you like Ultimate's newcomers? Who's your favorite?[View]
580687727Paper Mario Thread: Just beat this Gem. Why did /v/ say this was bad? Most fun I've had since t…[View]
580697072What are some party games BESIDES mario party?[View]
580702461>video game constantly gives you achievements for the most petty and trivial shit to the point th…[View]
580653173Deep Rock Galactic: game is getting too popular /v/ros[View]
580673302Post some good OSTs from recent video games. Here's a sickdope track from Rider's Republic…[View]
580672240Please start using your microphones more: You can at least work on your social skills... Please…[View]
580702647Kingdom Hearts 4: Or whatever the next KH game is, will we see it at the game awards?[View]
580698458Is someone at Valve a pregfag?[View]
580703226How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
580699589it's up[View]
580667491>you're a Resident Evil character What would be your signature pistol?…[View]
580688502Any games where I can uncover hidden secrets,unearth conspiracies,explore different modes of thinkin…[View]
580702895how do we cancel miners?[View]
580702665>go to metacritic top games of all time >scroll down 50 games >only a couple aren't pl…[View]
580703187>the game that made backtracking kino[View]
580703156It's been a year What Went Wrong? Can it be salvaged or is it better to just abandon it at this…[View]
580702290>first person game >there's no button to scratch behind your ear and smell it on your fin…[View]
580698276>fated hero of prophecy >can’t run what was Bethesda thinking here?…[View]
580693163Red pill on how to use the Odachi better. Humans are fine but outside of bolting boar and moonlit sn…[View]
580701669SaGa: How do I get into this series? The games that are available on Steam are on sale right now.…[View]
580677061ITT:: We post videogame enemies without actually posting them[View]
580693695What's mahjong?[View]
580688196You'll own nothing in games. You will be poor in virtual worlds, like you're poor IRL. Pay…[View]
580702810but seriously who the fucks wants a chrono cross remake boomers are nostalgic for any fucking thing[View]
580696950I never switched out Brotherhood in the entire game. It's the best weapon after the ultimate we…[View]
580702590What are some mmorpgs you look forward to? Or is this genre completely dead at this point?[View]
580696947Would you?[View]
580702427Glad you could make it, Sylvanas.[View]
580702232Should games actively reject meta?[View]
580702226What's the greatest victory pose of all time?[View]
580702474Hated the idea of nu-Bioware touching Mass Effect again so much I just kinda forced myself to forget…[View]
580689426Battlebros, I don't feel so good[View]
580689765PS3 enthusiast only: How is your Slim or Ultra Slim, anon-dono?[View]
580655786>Currently sitting at an 87 Metacritic and is critically acclaimed 343 did the unthinkable and sa…[View]
580693859THE E3 2018 TRAILER WAS A LIE: None of the stuff from this trailer is in the actual campaign: >no…[View]
580690546Cash Grab Anime Games: Let's try to keep it work safe this time.[View]
580701921games with flowcharts and branching paths?[View]
580701318Is there any way to play this game with motion sickness without wanting to throw up after an hour?[View]
580701163>character whispers 'shhhhhh' whenever they perform a stealth kill[View]
580701938We need a solid Daredevil game[View]
580701928Your bid has failed, please try again: Your bid has failed, please try again Your bid has failed, pl…[View]
580700929The Matrix Awakens: What the fuck is this shit? Some VR game? It's supposed to be at the Game A…[View]
580687270Whichever anon shilled this to me Thank you so god damned fucking much[View]
580700770Kneel before Raven Beak[View]
580699007remember when the nintentards were hyped for literal cardboard?[View]
580698514ITT: series that did not become good until seventh gen[View]
580686506Rimworld: Need advice on how to keep my base cool. My barrack still reaches 60°C[View]
580700007guys look...[View]
580681808This is my mom[View]
580700696What games let you meticulously create an idealized version of your waifu, and then have sex with th…[View]
580658556Based Inti Creates, we're back Gal*Gun bros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d4p_x1oLSE[View]
580685904The grey filter just ruins everything for me. I don't understand how zoomers sit through this s…[View]
580684741people are ok with this[View]
580700517>chase scene >accidentally a civilian >figured I could shoot the running suspect to reload …[View]
580688976How did frenchbread screw up this badly?[View]
580699082Nintendo needs to fucking buy them[View]
580694087Me and the wife[View]
580699961Why don't more bideo bames take place here?[View]
580695370Vampire Savior: Tamashii no Mayoigo: has anyone read these mangas? I have tried to find them transla…[View]
580695150Will I be able to just jump in tho this and find some enjoyment, or will I be fucked by not knowing …[View]
580698670The sun has fallen out of orbit and is heading straight for earth.: You have been chosen randomly to…[View]
580695991I miss them, bros...[View]
580698528How were you supposed to know to shoot the fake Ganon?[View]
580699309Hydro City or Hydrocity?[View]
580698384Which rpg has the worst story?[View]
580656979Souls games are mediocre at best yet praised as something beyond this world? Why[View]
580697478It's not fair bros, FUCK the radiance[View]
580696534MTGbros...: How is a fanmade Dungeon Dice Monsters Tabletop Simulator mod made by a single Asian NEE…[View]
580699914After using fists, every other weapon just feels wrong when I try and use it. I have no idea how to …[View]
580699851Can we have a thread dedicated to official vidya artwork? Really liked these shots from the Samus Re…[View]
580697529Be Honest Would You? Breed Mettaton or let Mettaton Breed You? [View]
580694618Why is Rin so shit? she ruins miku's game[View]
580698369Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator: Is anyone else playing this? I bought the top of Lung and I…[View]
580699218Should games avoid putting characters in problematic relationships?[View]
580650949/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>580593524 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
580696627PS5: When’s the first big exclusive getting released?[View]
580685040What's his tax policy?[View]
580695703This is your date tonight.[View]
580696067Name 1 (one) good Ubisoft game.[View]
580691469You've been locked up for the past 10 years. What do you think of current gaming?[View]
580697830/sneedclave/ - i breathe in stereo: >Fuck The Brotherhood of steel >Fuck The NCR >Fuck The …[View]
580687227EA is worse than Hitler: ...[View]
580693501Yogscast Jingle Jam: Have they been redeemed for Yogventures?[View]
580652753>just wait until the prices get lower, bro![View]
580698718She will live this time around.[View]
580692440Scenario C is the worst from a gameplay design perspective.: I’m getting tired of surviving 1/2+ hou…[View]
580698624No more halo campaigns: >343i fucks up the campaign >everyone who does play it gets it on gam…[View]
580698879what are they saying?[View]
580698646>>580695713 Shenmue[View]
580677696>Half a billion budget, the most expensive game ever created >It is shit and has less content …[View]
580697931Better than literally any soulsshit game.[View]
580698432so now that there's a definite release window will you be picking this up? excited to play agai…[View]
580696680>BC2 Rush >BF3 Rush >2042 Rush >BC2 vs BF3 Rush >BF3 vs 2042 Rush >BC2 vs 2042 Rus…[View]
580698130Community run dedicated servers can still come back, right?[View]
580687030Look at these spiders[View]
580695427Still the best hacking game out there: Goddammit I just wish there was a game similar to this. An op…[View]
580695578you wouldn't trade in your A2 robot for a newer model, would you?[View]
580696326Why did they make his character model look like AJ Styles for this game? Makes him look uncanny, alt…[View]
580690451Ubisoft becomes the first AAA company to enter the market of NFTs: How will this affect vidya?…[View]
580691614Halo Infinite: It just keeps getting worse…[View]
580685517resident evil village dlc leak: >Sins of the Father story DLC >Set in 203X >You play as Ros…[View]
580694310What went wrong anon?[View]
580696685terraria bread[View]
580694784SEX SEX SEX SEX[View]
580691105>re-start playing cs go with friends >want a classic knife for 1.6 nostalgia >chances of dr…[View]
580696032videogames: I made this image in power point, I would love a smach bros-style video game with these …[View]
580693982>team members are randomly shuffled[View]
580675987ITT: Characters who had their characterization ruined in later installments of the series[View]
580692482FF7R: >Allows his girlfriend to be taken in by Don Corneo despite knowing how fucked up he is …[View]
580696796>one year left >still no idea what is it about It's gonna flop, isn't it?…[View]
580697223Map: I'm making a map for ArmA3 and I'm in the geography stage, I've watched and read…[View]
580686841play oneshot[View]
580689559>Game has a dog >You can't save it[View]
580683668the antagonist of the last game you beat now has pic related, Would the protagonist of that game sti…[View]
580694173The last vidya character you played is coming over for dinner, what're you making?[View]
580684931>10/10 mechanics >10/10 level design >1/10 story >literally NO fucking music, just ambie…[View]
580689145>Elves want me to legalise gay marriage WTF i guess i'm team /dwarf/ now…[View]
580695473these are the top 10 most profitable video game companies of 202[View]
580695175Did anyone NOT see the ending coming? It's spelled out through the game so many times that mind…[View]
580696692Most played games: Alright, /v/ - The Vidya. Besides TF2 and MMOs, what is your most played game on …[View]
580696662Play Fortnite.[View]
580695138I never made it past the 1st region[View]
580678808People don't ask for FPS games to have lock-on auto aim or racers to have autopilot, so why are…[View]
580696478>be playing game >suddenly a character voiced by robin atkins downes shows up and immediately …[View]
580694464>It's still £40 with expansions >DoW III already goes for £30 Why?…[View]
580688058Elin are the best playable race in any MMO.[View]
580680346*rapes your dopanine receptors*: You ARE grinding for the next dragon egg, right anon?[View]
580696062Anyone can recommend me some website that lists all games (including the most underrated and untrans…[View]
580694370which idol would you m@ster?[View]
580675725>you do not have enough pp boy[View]
580680613Aesthetics > Graphics[View]
580691646What's the angriest you got at a game?[View]
580695337What is the roles in Pong were reversed?[View]
580694638What if you wanted to play Endwalker?[View]
580677771>character gets censored >it improves the design…[View]
580695774Chrono Cross thread: Chrono Cross thread[View]
580682796Who and why[View]
580695713games for this feel?[View]
580694005>What's that bro? You want to make a fire? Afraid I can't do that... Seriously every ti…[View]
580692310Halo Shitinite: 6 years, $500M budget, and you get the 1/4 the views of your competitors on the eve …[View]
580676261Dragon's Dogma 2: Dragon's Dogma Teaser in TGA 2021 * I believe it's one of the big T…[View]
580690574>this constitutes humor to the average modern normie gamer our industry is fucked...…[View]
580694957Why do you retards do this? Even /tv/ doesn't: >Appealing to popularity and using that to ar…[View]
580680648Are there really people who enjoy playing this clunky piece of shit? Please tell me there are mods t…[View]
580694325I can't wait for infinite to come out so I can spam pirate links and make the Pajeet shills see…[View]
580695195ENGINEER GAMING[View]
580667890Linux gaming thread.[View]
580615820Fire Emblem: Sothis GOOD![View]
580687214ITT: the first game you played/remember playing[View]
580690051COME ON VOTE FOR DREAD FFS. This is more important than preventing TLOU 2 from winning the players…[View]
580691248>horror game lets you bring friends[View]
580692374*blocks your path*[View]
580679621I realized there are certain atmosphere's that just can't exist in real life, VR seems lik…[View]
580686598Tails Tails Tails Tails... Tails[View]
580690743this is how piracy improves sales[View]
580690626Do you like horses /v/?[View]
580694189KINO: Best ad of the marketing campaign. APOLOGIZE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOybX31NSdA…[View]
580682653choose your partners[View]
580691496Not todd: R8 my Skyrim vampire character[View]
580675915>Dude just spend 200 attempts and 10 hours on one boss until you learn and memorize every one of …[View]
580680848Before their 30th and 25th anniversaries wrap up, which one has gone to shit more?: >Sonic kinda …[View]
580692283>enemy team has a hacker >they still lose…[View]
580686194I wish I could wipe this game from my memory and experience it again[View]
580694289Whats the consensus? Seems cute[View]
580667331>0 threads ever since a20 released[View]
580692376Making friends: I can't make friends online. I'm close to giving up. >find cool vidya …[View]
580681454Dota 2: Be honest /v/: How many hours have you wasted on it?[View]
580692249Games only you played[View]
580693498They should make a game staring her. What dev should she go with?[View]
580674838I'm a zoomer and I can only play video games for up to two hours before needing to switch to so…[View]
580690870>here's your campaign unlockeables bro[View]
580693408What are your favorite games with this aesthetic?[View]
580692398Portal Reloaded: This mod feels like an official expansion to Portal 2. I urge you to play it.…[View]
580686896How long until kids on here start nostalgiaing over Fortnite and PUBG?[View]
580693169I'm honestly considering taking the digital pill: Shin Megami Tensei V was only available for p…[View]
580691435Halo: Infinite: >it's kino APOLOGIZE[View]
580692013>Successful game launch >Comic book >Tie in novels >Spinoff prequel >Spinoff multipla…[View]
580689548Daredevil Game Rumor Roundup: On March 25 2020, someone posted on here 'leaks' regarding a Daredevil…[View]
580682968Nintendo Switch line up looking decent.[View]
580689171Why hasn't Microsoft shut them down yet?[View]
580692034>HOLY POGGERS....A MYSTERY....DID THEY ALL LE DIE? why are there so many of these fucking youtube…[View]
580690589DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY![View]
580690754Worth it in 2021?[View]
580690049What's up turds? My computer fag friend left these in my garage and now they're going in t…[View]
580690378Post item combos from any game that aren't necessarily 'gamebreaking' but are still i…[View]
580692149>game isn't as good as RE7[View]
5806866962 more days.[View]
580692165Oled or normal?: As someone who likes to keep his consoles for decades i really don't like the …[View]
580691958>Fart >It's Solid What games surprised you after they released?…[View]
580689385I am quite competent programmer and I like making games, but it's hard to make money out of it.…[View]
580691810What is your favorite weapon in Elden Ring? I've been enjoying the winged spear.[View]
580639271Be honest, did you start the game on Hard or Normal for your first run? Little normal babies, tell m…[View]
580691925What video game would be the most fun to LARP?[View]
580670032You! Yes, you! Post the last game you played right now![View]
580688836Nintendo Switch online is experiencing an outage https://nintendoeverything.com/switch-network-servi…[View]
580680005Baiken Thread: Does anyone got that picture of Baiken that is in black and white and her legs is up …[View]
580691878Game Breaking Bugs: Share your encounters with bugs that either seriously affected your playthrough …[View]
580691772imagine buying the same fucking game every year for full price and it's still not enough for th…[View]
580679521It's been two fucking years, what happened to it?[View]
580691632What was her problem?[View]
580691598Good morning sirs, did you buy the halo infinites?[View]
580683802ITT: gaming bruh moments[View]
580682842https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ocuRFlf8iA Surprise, it's shit[View]
580689996Emulation autism: CRT shaders. Do you use them? Which one is your favorite? Which one is the best fo…[View]
580688936>Game looks like shit >Missing features >Less biomes than Halo 1 >Empty WHAT THE FUCK D…[View]
580691498this would be automatic goty if we didn't live in jew tranny world[View]
580687826>720p 30fps[View]
580685983The power of LAW[View]
580689081Age of Calamity is actually one of the most disgusting games I have ever played in my life. Disgrace…[View]
580670508FFXIV ENDWALKER: Why are we being sage?[View]
580684530Thoughts on this game?[View]
580685317>he plays games on anything above 1080p[View]
580690457What is your HONEST opinion on this weapon?[View]
580687403>Pajeet shills unironically defending 343 on /v/ even after every review confirms that the game i…[View]
580688160For me, it's the R-9A2 Delta.[View]
580685319team fashion 2: post/rate/discuss your TF2 loadouts and anons taste in them[View]
58068275370% OF NAUGHTY DOG EMPLOYEES RESIGNED or were laid off between 2015 and 2020, that's why the la…[View]
580690967Thanks for playing Dead Space 3: After the awakening DLC we need to nuke the moons, all of them. how…[View]
580690805would you rather die with dignity and left hooked on a machine stinking of piss?[View]
580690735Has there ever been a worse launch for any mmo?[View]
580687538Do you ever sleep to vidya music, /v/?[View]
580683498Friend told me today that this was the greatest VN and not even Shakespeare comes close. How right i…[View]
580679807ITT: games whose popularity comes mainly or entirely from secondaries (people who consume the game v…[View]
580685127Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: I played 13 Sentinels, is this game good?[View]
580687509Which game has objectively the hardest puzzles?[View]
580690281>guilty gear finally makes a popular black character >everyone picks the colors that makes her…[View]
580676981Where my Atomic Purple niggas at?[View]
580677280>what if we made Mario 64 but actually good[View]
580690458>Heres your controller, broski[View]
580685609How did Bethesda do it bros? This game is awesome[View]
580682213>He didn’t 106% Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time[View]
580685453Dino Crisis remake coming to Playstation, Xbox and PC. Trailer will premiere on Thursday during The …[View]
580687978what an amazing anniversary! Nintendo really cares.[View]
580690123>he uses aim training software >when you can just buy an aimbot…[View]
580684795Thoughts on EVE Online? I rarely see this game brought up here.[View]
580687858What will it take for Vidya to dip? I’m not even looking for a crash just a dip like in 2012 or 2019…[View]
580690092How do gamers celebrate Christmas?[View]
580555408How's that game coming along?[View]
580690021>Likable or iconic characters who only get a cameo instead of actually being playable in a game C…[View]
580685910CHOOSE A PLAYER[View]
580686340Hey mister, do you video games?[View]
580679058I love 3D play forming collect-a-thons. I feel like I’ve played most of the AAA titles, and a few of…[View]
580689619Halo always fucking sucked get over it[View]
580689702Why is NA one of the worst regions when it comes to Esports competitions?[View]
580686837What does /v/ think of Chicory: A Colorful Tale?[View]
580682938Indie games are the future of the western gaming industry. You might not like it, but it's the …[View]
580634624>Select Language >English >American flag…[View]
580689405This game brainwashed me: I've played this game for about 2 years now i got 1.5k hours in it an…[View]
580688238Halo: Infinite: Incredible game, feels good different.[View]
580664589NFTS ARE THE FUTURE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSVoJ0WUQfY[View]
580685842Are you gonna buy gaylo or play it on gamepass?[View]
580687487>Spends $1500 on a custom built high end gaming PC >Spends $500 on a 1440p 144hz IPS monitor …[View]
580687160Play fate: do it now.[View]
580687441The beginning of the downfall of gaming industry[View]
580652136What's the most uncomfortable game you've ever played?[View]
580658207Open world games are a failed experiment[View]
580688087there's almost no difference between high and ultra[View]
580686986No Virgins in Gaming: Know what group is severely underrepresented in vidya? Virgins. Pic related, t…[View]
580680263Epic Games... all I can say is just... ZAMN[View]
580687949>liking Witcher 3[View]
580633789How many games have you finished this year? Me around 70+, still, I have like 500+ in my backlog[View]
580688270see you at The Crossroads[View]
580687995How do I get rid of the Loner trait irl?[View]
580687793The newest update is fucking my framerate. For some reason it stays above 60 for a few seconds then …[View]
580681670give me gamecube/wii titles[View]
580684652>5 years >$500 million What killed the hype?…[View]
580680642Project SEKAI just released in NA under the name Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage. Anyone playing it? Mai…[View]
580676394Did Halo invent the FPS genre?[View]
580688501Nothing Happens: The Game[View]
580676548The Great Debate[View]
580688169GOTY congratulations: I know it's a little early, but fuck it. It's GOTY. We won bros.…[View]
580688269THREE FOR THREE: What is wrong with this company? What else could possibly be broken/missing with th…[View]
580688136Post the worst character in their respective series Starting off with a no-brainer[View]
580673642>get to area 3 >Geiger counter as ambient noise in ass swamp area >subarea is a nice treeto…[View]
580685615It's been a YEAR already, is it fucking fixed yet?[View]
580682162Well vee?? 90 or 120fov?[View]
580686610What did they mean by this?[View]
580685340games that give you that wierd feeling when you play them at a specific time for me it's the si…[View]
580685994>fight the camera: the boss[View]
580679925Is xer right? Was this indeed a great year for RPGs?[View]
580687056One Piece Pirate Warriors 4: One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 is landing on Game Pass tomorrow for both X…[View]
580683375You know who is truly the most cancerous online player? The one that is given the opportunity to pla…[View]
580649823boomer shooter: point and click on head zoomer shooter: literal 4d chess[View]
580686689>hold back right >Instantly win every encounter I thought this game was hard…[View]
580687475>You'll never be hyped for a game like KH3 ever again https://youtu.be/lz1w_uW3lSE…[View]
580683010Stupidest lines of dialogue in gaming history: Wtf did he meant?[View]
580681458Phil Spencer says he spends ‘zero energy’ on console wars: >THE XBOX BOSS INSISTS HE’S MORE INTER…[View]
580686974How do I find a godot programmer to help me make the remake of Battle City. pic related is my model …[View]
580687197EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER: Why is the EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER so fucking slow? did they build it with Electron…[View]
580687449>beat out Cyberpunk and Star Citizen as the most expensive game to make >looks like it’ll be p…[View]
580685341>Playing Kingdom Hearts >Little Mermaid, Kairi, Yuffie or Alice shows up >Get distracted fr…[View]
580687215Why i suck so much in warframe?: I mean im trying so much and end losing almost all mission i didnt …[View]
580634757>final boss defeats the protagonists >gets defeated by weak side character…[View]
580682947Gurumin: Parin![View]
580684027Parry and slowdown are a shit mechanic. I was actually intimidated by these guys until I learned you…[View]
580684930What are some good stealth games pic unrelated its just something I found on google[View]
580683015Alright /v/, The last 2 video games you’ve played now have a crossover fighting game. How good is th…[View]
580682981Be careful Forzabros: or you will be banned[View]
580686430Kotor thread: >>Acted nice toward everybody, made alot of new friends >>Chosen Evil Endi…[View]
580673921>everyone calls nords racist >dunmer, argonians, redguards, and altmer are all far more racist…[View]
580685978I'm not paying $2000 for a graphics card.[View]
580681790If you didn't like this game you are a literal c&uck[View]
580679309If real life was an RPG, what would your build/skills look like? What compliments and complaints wou…[View]
580683370Console player looking to buy a deck. Which games should I start buying in steam sales in anticipati…[View]
580685561So what was the Endwalker logo about? The moon never got a giant hole blown out of it.[View]
580685845How the fuck are people paying so much money for such a piece of shit? No wonder society is collapsi…[View]
580678769Why is this so common in vidya?[View]
580685459>games you just can't bring yourself to re-play It's instantly shit as soon as I get in…[View]
580684724>'Bro, what if I just combine Earthbound and SMT?'[View]
580685017Why so much hate: I'm having a lot of fun playing Gran Turismo 6 on my PlayStation 3 and my T30…[View]
580685418call of duty devs should add an option to pay $30 extra to unlock every attachment for day 1 guns. d…[View]
580685384>get into airship for the first time >the theme music plays…[View]
580676802Why aren't you play CoD V? Huh /v/?[View]
580684619Why don't retards realize that adding a 'easy mode' or fucking with variable difficulty shit in…[View]
580685326Feeeeeels like I just can't take no more.[View]
580685157Melty Blood: Type Lumina: What went wrong?[View]
580684906Post your Christmas setup, /v/ bros[View]
580629483Bastila: I get to fug her.. right?[View]
580672665You should play Dead Estate, anon[View]
580683839Zukobros...we lost our slot to a cat[View]
580682189Whose your Tekken main?[View]
580684656Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon: >Following a listing on Po…[View]
580682210CV1: Wielding an enchanted whip, a warrior ventures into a demon-ridden castle to kill Dracula CV2: …[View]
580683315ITT: How you supremely fucked up your saves: I was talking to a dude IRL today who's experienci…[View]
580683039Hey guys, I just got a PS5. What are some good games for it?[View]
580681809post racist game title? anyone know if it's posible to get game freaks to change the title to a…[View]
580677583This is Halo Infinite.[View]
580678860Asynchronous multiplayer is fucking awesome. My buddy and I have had a game going for 3 days now.[View]
580671287Friendly reminder to NEVER EVER show your power level IRL[View]
580664148Why were these games so comfy?[View]
580669216>Medieval fantasy game >Features 'ancient' ruins with futuristic tech and autonomous machines…[View]
580682141tfw you will never play persona 5 for the first time ever again[View]
580680739>watching early 2000s gameplay videos >nu metal starts playing…[View]
580680276Most notorious Nintendo hacker of all is named Bowser: You couldn't make this shit up. Most not…[View]
580673761SWTOR expansion delayed until February 2022[View]
580682467this is /v/: Coom, female thread image = BAN This shit is killing /v/[View]
580674963>morrowind review gets recommended on youtube >eh, why not, i'll watch it on the train …[View]
580683134DIGITAL CUCKS: Try playing some guy through the N64 app, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO!! LMAO, DIGITAL K…[View]
580673629Skyrim Roulette: Fuck it[View]
580680759currently trying to design a controller for my PC in Xbox Design Lab or whatever its called. Anyone …[View]
580680338>343 shit the bed 3 times now Microsoft needs to fire everyone that works at this company. They t…[View]
580681398What games will you buy for Christmas?[View]
580680130Best pokemon game.[View]
580679648For me, it's the slow loot body animation. What's your favorite slow animation?[View]
580682018>tfw everyone hates your favorite game for me it’s mgs4[View]
580676568Nintendo needs to buy all of these: >Intelligent Systems >Hal Laboratory >Camelot >Game …[View]
580682138Sonic Frontiers: are you really telling me that the team who made Sonic Forces, the most linear game…[View]
580635763Will Miyazaki ever be able to recapture this feeling?[View]
580679659What are your hopes for Nioh triple? Nunchucks maybe?[View]
580682528Imagine showing this to someone during The Great Plauge Of Marseille in 1720[View]
580682389Best game for playing Poker solo? I just want a simple way to play comfy Poker against computer play…[View]
580677183>have no money >no guaranteed costumers >no assets *creates a good game, with biome and cre…[View]
580678650what is the best cod mp ?[View]
580677149I'm way too fucking stupid for these games[View]
580676808The absolute state of Halo Infinite: Here's you $15 cosmetic bro![View]
580679921Play Smash Remix.[View]
580666756>Game lets you pick straight or gay romances >But the gay one is canon Are there any games th…[View]
580679372Activision this is not acceptable[View]
580680836What is Birdo's gender?[View]
580669380What the name /v/ mine is Backstab[View]
580682069TOP KEK[View]
580672663>Villain is evil because...he's ugly[View]
580678406MGS2: Best way to play this game in 2021?[View]
580679682Hey /v/, remember me?[View]
580658141PURE SEX[View]
580665709Zoomers had the best games[View]
580678693Why is Jack Frost so cute?[View]
580679294Today after work i went to buy some things in a store when i went to cash out i was confronted by a …[View]
580653903Tales of Series Devs talk about how to regain the trust of the fans after the poor receptions of tal…[View]
580681426>TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES What a great game. >b-banham combat!! Who cares, they have thun…[View]
580677370What's his tax policy?[View]
580681289WAZZZAAAAAAP /v/![View]
580677979>I needs must request your presence, anon[View]
580680784uuuuh... Sonybros...[View]
580662989CB2077: One year later, has the game been fixed?[View]
580680014Playing a first person game with a controller is ___[View]
580653007What visual novel are you currently playing /v/? And yes, before some election tourist shits up the …[View]
580680626You're with him![View]
580681210Image Request: Hey guys, could you pass me Christmas photos of Shogun Raiden from Genshin Impact?…[View]
580673085What do you pick?[View]
580676147>fight bosses in wrong order >lose content God I love those open-world games with 'free' explo…[View]
580680427What is next for Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon.[View]
580677953Mileena: Would you kiss her?[View]
580677287Play Monster Girl Dreams![View]
580679642>its another /v/ tells you game is shit when its actually good episode I hate these episodes the …[View]
580680483>What are you, some kind of goat?[View]
580654083>GOTY they said >it's actually the worst game in the series…[View]
580654316It's out. What's the verdict?[View]
580664609Why are FFXIV players so bad at math?[View]
580677076I hated the ds3 ending: couldn't even fuck Ellie. just had to die at the end... fuck Dead space…[View]
580676807The great debate[View]
580680449ITT: Fuck you, i liked it.[View]
580680085We deserve to control our land. >kills random traveler We aren't savages. >gets heart cu…[View]
580680060ITT: Games you put hundreds of hours into as a kid only because you had nothing else to play[View]
580678106only old-school gamers remember who here 2010s kids?[View]
580672447Here's your christian representation in Video games: There's your good christian girl to b…[View]
580674730Halo bros: We are transcending the entertainment medium https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/146…[View]
580674597>talking with American in VC >he mentions how he wasn't able to play video games before 1…[View]
580677290Teaser at TGAs, more to come in 2022, PC day 1[View]
580658640I just realised TF2 has lootboxes, MTX, NFTs, etc.[View]
580679549What's the worst video game level from your childhood?[View]
580678716>Sensible progression We're working on that. >Slayer Playlists We're working on that…[View]
580679507Halo infinite is shit: >No Co-op >No Forge >No Slayer >Can't choose game mode >M…[View]
580676167Female Bison...: imagine that haha[View]
580673446You remember how raytracing was advertised as 'next big step' in graphics? Well, few years have pass…[View]
580679427Did 343 cut out wildlife from the Halo campaign? In previews and reviews I've only seen some bi…[View]
580675980We're going home borderlands bros...[View]
580668739Why aren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
580657473Gartic Phone: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=01111524e0 Let's draw funny vidya shit in doodle ga…[View]
580675483i just want a new kaiju brawler[View]
580659235ITT: vidya PTSD[View]
580679224How about a round of Vinegar Talk, you baboon-faced toilet?[View]
580677184>My favorite game? Why, it has to be the underrated Japanese exclusive, 'Lesbian Elf Princess Pan…[View]
580677051Why did you lie to me /v/? Its fucking kino, and the most soulful fighter game I've ever seen.[View]
580667653Now that the dust has settled... Was it good?[View]
580655414So now that Vince Zampella is in charge of Battlefield do you think the next game will BTFO Call of …[View]
580676214>itt:fuck you I liked it[View]
580677405A Hololive RPG will be announced at the Game Awards No, im NOT giving you any proof[View]
580678876Play Black Survival fuckers: Now. Go.[View]
580677773Art: Post video game art Bonus points for official concept art[View]
580678864nier phone game: it’s the only yoko taro game i haven’t played aside from the new card game and the …[View]
580673983>does nothing about Micah >does nothing about Dutch >continues to follow Dutch’s orders as…[View]
580678778>Game has gay people[View]
580674201Stop browsing /v/ and go play video games.[View]
580659878Define 'movie game'[View]
580678726wtf this is actually pretty good, why did they have to force those stupid gimmick controls[View]
580677035Why isn't the pixel collection on consoles yet What the fuck are they thinking[View]
580671085>RPG gives you a bike half way through the game[View]
580672395post things you used to enjoy and then were ruined by a mainstream video game[View]
580670938binding of isaac: switchfag here, been doing the challenges but currently stuck on >brains >ul…[View]
580677534Are there any games that critique consumerist degeneracy?[View]
580677263Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to be announced at The Game Awards: Also Xeno thread[View]
580677491Bros its soon here.[View]
580678375Remember when MMOs had good gameplay and world building and not just graphics wankery?[View]
580631460Resident Evil 4 VR: What's your loadout anons? Currently using just the default Handgun. VR mak…[View]
580670862>remains the best Total War game[View]
580670824Any games about mold?[View]
580671892Astérix games: Any good games with this fucker francais? I only played the NES game on an emulator (…[View]
580673117Elden Ring: What's the point in wearing this? Seems absolutely pointless[View]
580661348For me, It's the elven longsword[View]
580675605Who's your favorite streamer and why is it Kyedae?[View]
580673034Ninja Gaiden: Should I ? I've never played a ninja Gaiden Game (other than that dumb fixed cam…[View]
580671956Looking for new games to play: Sup /v/, I'm currently looking for a new game to play, something…[View]
580674559NOOO! THE GOTY MUST HAVE AT LEAST 60 HOURS OF CUTSCENES AND DIALOG!: Take the Ludo pill fags, reject…[View]
580677257>trying to enjoy JRPG's but they all have an insultingly easy difficulty What's the poi…[View]
580677191>it’s not a teddy bear with its head blown up Fuggg[View]
580673015why is the best medieval city builder of all time locked to the worst company and worst launcher of …[View]
580676312>Maradino is terrififed of spiders! Damn, I love this game, such attention to details.…[View]
580672641Post deeply upsetting Video game images.[View]
580657915Sonic Thread: Let's have a videogame thread I honestly consider Adv1 superior to 2.[View]
580677316Games only you played[View]
580671834Play Fire Emblem![View]
580669914Help, I want to play Skyrim again[View]
580677267This game use to be so much fun back when it still had players.[View]
580673756Azur Lane Thread[View]
580673020Jojo is also videogames dumb mod: So excited for new game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k4XpPOkZ…[View]
580661367Did anyone actually get mad at this? I liked TLOU but people were actually seething hard over Joel…[View]
580677021what the hell[View]
580675836Yuna or Lenne?[View]
580676392What do the intellectual giants of /v/ think about God Eater?[View]
580676029The part where he kills you: >Hello! This is he part where i kill you…[View]
580676973screenshot thread: Mama is stuck in the middle of a lake... great... screenshot thread I guess…[View]
580676959Remember how funny it was when Cloud had to crossdress? haha[View]
580676930How come we never got a better version of spore?[View]
580676629And to no surprise to anyone it's shit just like all of 343's other games.[View]
580672373Yugioh Master Duel: People said everyone was going to play this card. I barely see it[View]
580676653>only game I've played the past 6 months is just roguelikes because I can't immersed in…[View]
580676115Noir Kino[View]
580675876why are people arguing about what's the strongest SMT protagonist when the smt 1 mc kill god wi…[View]
580674425>Casts tarukaja on your dick[View]
580674278Master Duel is releasing sometime this month. What deck are you going to build first?[View]
580657882Apparently, Kalashnikov Concern stole their latest weapon design for a shotgun from a video game. ht…[View]
580675910ZAMN! Disgaea looks like THAT??[View]
580672678When is it going to sink in for people that this piece of shit has absolutely nothing going for it a…[View]
580675946A woman (male) replaced social interactions with videogames. This is what happened to his political …[View]
580666514How are you coping with the permanent loss of PC gaming as an affordable hobby?[View]
580674789>last level's theme is a climactic badass reprise of the first level's theme…[View]
580675285A FUCKING TOILET[View]
580670260It's been 20 years and she's still sitting on that toilet, say something nice about her[View]
580629134BLAZBLUE Thread: The best fighting game in the world.[View]
580662776The red cross: What is your opinion ? I'm talking about them making drama over the red cross sy…[View]
580672353is there a way to get the international version of Hearts of Iron IV running in Germany? we only get…[View]
580675181I regret not going all digital with the Switch[View]
580674819I choose to believe /v/ and video games in general are getting better. https://youtu.be/xgRuBL1nOcM?…[View]
580667293Vidya has collapsed[View]
580640393fuck machine lifeforms[View]
580661376Did he redeem himself?[View]
580675358What's your favorite video game, /v/, and what about it made it become your favorite?[View]
580673039How would you react if instead of the new Deltarune chapter being released it's suddenly an upd…[View]
580675249>Plot resolves around main character gaining some otherwordly power >True ending ends with MC …[View]
580675198Both the libleft and authleft quadrants love stealing. They also support piracy or pirate themselves…[View]
580673320Is it worth it to own one in 2021?[View]
580660007>chinese game >online only >30 minutes, MINIMUM >only one role matters >forced meta a…[View]
580658085>+2% ice damage against forest trolls during nighttime[View]
580651525>2021 >Some people on /v/ still believe that shadows in persona 4 were character's real s…[View]
580632949Play Advance Wars[View]
580674890RE2 Remake Mods: Why are all the mods coomer shit? I just wanna find some badass looking Leon costum…[View]
580672367Dread bros...[View]
580674376>poorest city in the game >filled with drug addicts >name is very close to BRAzIL HOW DID T…[View]
580671131Here's your trash port mustard race LOL[View]
580651387Honest thoughts on Princess Ruto? Was she a good Princess for her people?[View]
580672354what games can I play on my PC that are fun? you guys know what I mean?[View]
580670173Honest thoughts on Yumi from the videogame series Senran Kagura?[View]
580674576After playing this one, i've been looking for more horror games that have an actual gameplay lo…[View]
580664940>superior hardware >superior online service >gamepass >more exclusives on the horizon …[View]
580668836Nier: Is his game good?[View]
580673672>watching old school PS1 graphics on youtube >pirating a bunch of shit taking up bandwidth …[View]
580673483>open world game with enterable buildings. why are there so few of these games? I have a hunger f…[View]
580662981Excuse me, but what is this?[View]
580673510Somewhere in alternate universe where Square Enix are competent[View]
580673268>ps5 fails yet again to track my hours played after a session >mfw i'm a steam chad and t…[View]
580671295Does /v/ own vidya merch?[View]
580674083Persona 5 The Royal is problematic: This whole fucking game is about rejecting a reality that a CLIN…[View]
580674379If you played more than 10 Final Fantasy games, rank the entire ARR-Endwalker arc in your top ten[View]
580671863SO LONG GAY BOWSER[View]
580673584You faggots keep shilling this game and I actually decided to give it a try. 3 hours in, and I'…[View]
580665467ITS THE[View]
580665476Asriel as it gets.[View]
580667835>DLC villain is better than all of villains in the base game[View]
580670664>3 years ago We will probably never get all these characters to gather like this again…[View]
580665302>draw a girl >call it a boy japan needs to stop…[View]
580669851cozy game reccs: I finally got the big sick. What games do you play while sick, /v/?[View]
580671657What is your HONEST opinion on this character?[View]
580673857Mileena Thread: Lips and/or Teeth are all welcome[View]
580672938Time to leave them all behind[View]
580671362Is the Final Fantasy series good?[View]
580673741Games that got you through the Great Recession, I'll start.[View]
580661485What was PC gaming like in the year 2000?[View]
580670249why did they do it /v/? 8000 years for Nuclear Kim livery[View]
580647591Kanna Thread: I love this plant. What's Blaster Master?[View]
580669242>game has unskippable credits[View]
580662125Absolutely fucking pathetic: >Fortnite's web-swinging is better than Avengers' https://…[View]
580664848are you ready /v/?[View]
580662129describe a game by scent or an image of something that smells and anons will guess the game[View]
580661487Do you like Mahjong, /v/?[View]
580669896You vill trust official binaries and you vill be happy.[View]
580671739Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection coming January 28 https://blog.playstation.com/2021/12/07/unc…[View]
580672291WTF how the fuck is Halo leading the game awards players choice of goty. Come on why are you xbros v…[View]
580670974You guys don’t understand what this game means to me that I lived to see it’s day. When I was younge…[View]
580655316Thoughts on bikini armor in vidya?[View]
580673029Hazel in a hula top.[View]
580667771Lost Judgment: What are your honest thoughts on Takuya Kimura?[View]
580670160What are YOU watching next year, /v/?[View]
580639108Who's fromsoftware's hardest boss? pic related, Orphan Of Kos or Friede?[View]
580672330remember when /v/ got excited for this?[View]
580672426you fucked up my face[View]
580659031Get woke go broke. It's really that simple.[View]
580670704>There is such little glory in a poor man's life >He works for his money and it takes a w…[View]
580669619>having sex with teenage girl is...LE BAD![View]
580670924Any games where I can go full schizo?: Any games where I can go full schizo?[View]
580672301Yeah I just missed the sale but what's the best game I can buy rn?[View]
580664815Is this actually worth playing or is it just more coomerbait?[View]
580672371>Elden Ring looks like shi-[View]
580665553ITT: mspaint /v/ threads in a nutshell[View]
580671036>people genuinely liked this game[View]
580671673Are there any good MUDS still out there? So far I've tried, >HELLMoo >discworld >HateM…[View]
580672284Stranger of Paradise: Will we get any news on FF Origin in TGA?[View]
580672048The last good game Blizzard made[View]
580672249Why can't I get into this game? On paper it ticks all the right bosses with the genre, setting,…[View]
580670714For those born in the early to mid 80s, what was this era of gaming like? Did parents really think v…[View]
580592729is this any good? I've never played the series, but it's dropping on PC tomorrow and looks…[View]
580667213Every Mario, Zelda, Smash, and Pokemon game is the exact same. Mario and Zelda even share the same b…[View]
580637419The PS3 and 360 era was when video games went to shit because it was when devs realized you could hi…[View]
580670197the great debate: kek[View]
580666593Solar Ash: >Released almost a week ago >0 (zero) topics about it since then What went wrong?…[View]
580671662Thoughts on the Mandela Catalog game? https://thornebaker.itch.io/maplecounty[View]
580671772I'm in love with Valkyrie.[View]
580668503post or talk about games that are taking a long time to make or you think will not get finished or m…[View]
580671021SOMbros... we farmed their thunderfuries and scarab lords and they turned their backs to us when we …[View]
580666876Why didn't they make a jedi academy instead? Even the same story goes[View]
580667607What's the future for Gothic? The remake is horrible but I liked the original game. A remaster …[View]
580662416Muh halo weather: Halo doesn't need snow and sand. What's wrong with grass plains and moun…[View]
580670996>ywn live in a comfy Vault-Tec controll vault to escape nuclear fire[View]
580666872I see so many guys playing Cyberpunk 2077 as a girl but why? The old ''I j-just dont like …[View]
580655069Humble Choice December 2021: JUST[View]
580670828Best minecraft mods for a 'vanilla plus' experience? I haven't played the game in lik…[View]
580609116Excuse me, but you are casting a spell without my permission. Do you not hear me fool? By Andraste…[View]
580671217What’s the best ending in DS1 and why is it the Age of Fire?[View]
580670504'THE' Battlefront II thread: So I learned that in Galactic Conq., the AI actually can decide what un…[View]
580669410EMERGENCY ORDER: Last game character you played as gets this assignment. Do they complete their miss…[View]
580658340Name a single visual novel protagonist that suffered more than Okabe. You can't. >inb4 Shiro…[View]
580670784Ik the writing is shit and its bloated as hell but its still the comfiest game of all time so ¯\_(ツ)…[View]
580654656What was up with this?[View]
580670841Danganronpa 2: Mikan thread! But only mentally sound people allowed!! The rest of you don't des…[View]
580669247Nomura is fucking insane.[View]
580668130Select your WIFE. Except the last person THATS gay..[View]
580667116forza horizon will never beat this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t--wHx4dyrQ[View]
580670630>download at 50% >turn off computer >turn on computer >download at 0% Excuse me but, wha…[View]
580620270Persona 5 Royal is coming to Steam and EGS[View]
580647270Why do PC modders get so butthurt when you use their work without permission?: You modded a game wit…[View]
580645024>We've merged our handheld and home console so you get DOUBLE the 1st party games! >End u…[View]
580664751Why are you still using standard arcade sticks for fighting games?[View]
580669527I KEEP ON WALKIN'[View]
580669257recommend me some addictive steam games to help me distract myself and forget about her[View]
580669103Destiny 2 packs are outselling Halo: Infinite on top sellers: What happened 343bros?[View]
580668821no matter the year we're currently in, no matter the budget, nor the technology; we will never …[View]
580668505You know the DP remakes aren't that bad.[View]
580664754He's right you know[View]
580663787Are they, dare I say it, back and better than ever?[View]
580669269>beat Eternal >play 2016 again >a downgrade in every possible way, have to force myself to …[View]
580669998>you are your worst enemy[View]
580670034>watching old school PS1 graphics on youtube >pirating a bunch of shit taking up bandwidth …[View]
580669904what are the best games released this year, or at least last couple years?[View]
580666524>i'm sure to win because my speed is superior[View]
580665119As much as people complain about it... the lack of SBMM is what killed this game I just re-installed…[View]
580661753Did you guys like Fatal Frame 5? I thought this game was pretty damn good. Too bad they most likely …[View]
580669814Marvel vs. Capcom: Dark Dimension! Welcome...to my (magical) realm![View]
580669784Is botting old games frowned upon?[View]
580668728This is fucking great: Finally a good game. Why didn't /v/ tell me about it?[View]
580667972The greatest game mankind has ever created[View]
580666937> The pic that makes /v/ seethe[View]
580661039tactics general bread: >be XCOM >pic related blocks path What do?…[View]
580650734GARFIELD!!!! in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZE5QZo…[View]
580665490These will be the face of the Halo Series and Marekting campaign: They will also be the superiors of…[View]
580665983Halo Infinite Doesn't Need Boss Battles: Halo was NEVER good when it came to boss battles. Halo…[View]
580669207Soulsfags will defend this[View]
580661362I just realized no video game lets you hug people[View]
580640970Halo: What went wrong?[View]
580666826>smash online server is down AAAAAAAAAAA I MUST TO SMASH[View]
580667840How about you sit over here. We have a PS5 just for you.[View]
580659668gachabros….. we’re dying….[View]
580658964So how do you win on de_mirage as terrorists?[View]
580668991What are some good games based around Pagan theology? I can only think of Valheim.[View]
580667578Library of runia: Wrap trains are half off at the moment. Where are you riding?[View]
580668738Why there's no new Matrix game ?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=7dWog07pwRg[View]
580665051Name a good game released in the past 5 years. That's right, you can't.[View]
580660627>GTX 1070ti[View]
580667424Shhh, Makoto is sleeping…[View]
580666424>subtitles: on >text size: large >sound effects volume: 60% >music volume: 70% >dialo…[View]
580668701anyone else think video game graphics are TOO good these days? i even have nostalgia for PS3 and wii…[View]
580664950>poorest shithole in the game, filled with druggies is literally called BRAZIL how todd get away …[View]
580646334It's time to express how you feel /v/. Fill in the blanks and let us know with a drawing.[View]
580663965Welp. i guess is time to download the game from some blogspot.[View]
580667961I FUCKIN NEED IT[View]
580665376>simple and brutalist design vs >generic sci-fi Never played Halo before but so far the origin…[View]
580668435Skyrim Modding: Okay I'm starting a new mod list. I've downgraded to SSE but kept all the …[View]
580667431Final Fantasy XIII: I want to get into Final Fantasy, should I get XIII on Steam?[View]
580659246piece of shit garbage absolute trash[View]
580662480I know ALL about the Zerg Gerad.......we've seen the tapes a hundred ti-[View]
580668276Did she have schizophrenia?[View]
580663759I need level recommendations: Anyone else playing this? Because holy fuck I thought it was just a du…[View]
580665183So this game will never relase,and even if it did, it was gonna be pozzed to fuck How can a develope…[View]
580664638Please sirs, enjoy the GTA Trilogy Remaster game![View]
580633827Is PS5 losing popularity?[View]
580667627ITT: 'What the FUCK were they thinking??'[View]
580654428Here is your Game Pass for Playstation bro.[View]
580662381What are some franchises where ONE game just mogs every single other entry to the point that there…[View]
580658841Among Us. AMONGUS! Sussy sus... among us. AMONG US![View]
580658828ITT: Post the worst games you've played recently. Ignore bait.[View]
580650756PC literally never ever[View]
580664593Play Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. It contains the pinnacle of Japanese storytelling.[View]
580664341I don't really get the appeal of this. It's just arkanoid with bullet dodging every once i…[View]
580667056I've never been a big graphicsfag but after trying VR recently I'm convinced that poorfags…[View]
580660259any comfy factorio-like idle-ish games i can play while watching some anime? just got diagnosed with…[View]
580662502How do I find my love for videogames again? I grew up with them, but now it seems like a chore now t…[View]
580664181FFXIV ENDWALKER: She did it again bros. Why is he so good creating stories?[View]
580664008Gaming died ever since this became the norm. The only ones that pull it off are those that pioneered…[View]
580660507Post your game of the year so far. For me it's pic related. Shit is amazing. They somehow toppe…[View]
580666763>le blitzball[View]
580618149I like limited size Minecraft worlds more because I can 'finish' them, build everything[View]
580662726Games you can hear.[View]
580665554what are the best speedruns to watch, best strats, clutch moments, good audience feedback if they…[View]
580642640why is vsync so hard?[View]
580666256What are /v/ 's favorite Christmas/Winter games[View]
580661852This game was literally designed that the player would purchase a game guide. It's purposely cr…[View]
580665363>/v/ call “hell let loose” a “walking sim” because they’re too retarded to be a squad leader/comm…[View]
580666447You will not be able to defeat Raven Beak in your current state or ever. Have I mentioned how handso…[View]
580572817The last vidya character you played as is trapped on the USG Ishimura. Does he/she survive?[View]
580665436Why not? I done it my whole life without problem[View]
580665907ITT: casual filters[View]
580657543>/v/ will defend this Well? Go ahead. Tell me how this is better then gamepass. I'm waiting…[View]
580663767Halo is shit: >2014 tier graphics >Cant even sustain 60 FPS on 30 series GPU's LMAOO…[View]
580645776FUCK GEOFF KEIGHLEY: The Game Awards 2021 Lineup: >The Legend of Zelda: Curse of the Wild >Blo…[View]
580641379ITT: Games that are literally never coming out[View]
580665654zomboidbros... we're almost there... it's so close I can taste it...[View]
580665290Kino Game Moments & Dialogue: >tfw when chip out of luck[View]
580661821You vill trust in our binaries, nozing vrong wizh zat.[View]
580662627This game is fun, anybody else reccomend something similar, like medieval city builder type? I'…[View]
580662468Part 2 when?[View]
580665369Games for this feel?: >On a beach >Anon minds his own business >Clic on your character, may…[View]
580664712Any good online shooters out there?: besides TF2[View]
580659120>watching people play video games Why not just play video games??[View]
580652251playing soldier and demo in TF2 will never get old[View]
580663968What went wrong[View]
580653850Digimon story cyber sleuth: Why is this game still forcing me to walk through dungeons full of digim…[View]
580664151What are your thoughts on the new and improved Bella Goth?[View]
580657542Just started playing FF7R. Why does every boomer coomer worship Tifa and Aeris while ignoring Jessie…[View]
580663373Stop liking strong female characters in video games.[View]
580642479Chrono Cross remake and Xenoblade 3 are going to be announced TGA[View]
580663159>Do you remember me? >Capture you or set you free >I am all, I am all of me…[View]
580662791So they basically stole WoW's story? How pathetic can you get?[View]
580641005Smash Ultimate is 3 years old now today, RANK THE NEWCOMERS YOU FAGS: Here's all the tier-list …[View]
5806640141 days until his next Mugnam Opium is revealed...[View]
580664553any day now Xrdbros...[View]
580620681The Jailer is part of the clockmaker's master keikaku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boMCwA_F…[View]
580651526ITT: He's now the director of your favorite series. How does it turn out?[View]
580660161Do we even know what we can expect from the La-Mulana 2 DLC? And when the fuck is it going to be rel…[View]
580660945Darkness = Chaos Light = Law Nothingness = Neutral[View]
580661828let me see your walking animation[View]
580634472Halo: The first Halo campaign with no replay value >B-but you can fart around on an empty open wo…[View]
580651581Ok but why though?[View]
580663994>linear gameplay[View]
580646462snoy here, i finally caved in and got myself an xbox. i spent 150€ for the entire haul, did i get j…[View]
580663705which is your favourite digital monster game?[View]
580628672GoG demise: So GoG is selling porn games now, are they doing really that bad?[View]
580626505Why are there no other games like Dragon's Dogma? By which I mean: >open world arpg >but …[View]
580662046Why do smashfags praise Sakurai's masturbatory game? Only third party characters respect the or…[View]
580640070Where are all the good games?: I was born in 99' and I can safely say that almost every single …[View]
580657253You know you'd like this[View]
580648741>The Beta of Ubisoft Quartz, the first playable NFTs designed by the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation…[View]
580659951>achievement Unlocked: The bigger they are....[View]
580661563I created a charachter in skyrim, it'a female redguard, dressed in pelts. I occupied the alchem…[View]
580659343Who is your favorite voice actor in video games and why is it Troy Baker?[View]
580662225Will we ever see new tracks?[View]
580660940>Beyond this, our plan for 2022 and beyond is to introduce some form of a paid update path for Su…[View]
580662187T.T: back 4 blood is too scary..[View]
580663403Trannies are actually pretty based[View]
580663320What are some good political games?[View]
580660090>game has canon in-universe respawn/saving mechanic >you can lose it and 'game over' for real…[View]
580651853fuck YES[View]
580646960What the fuck was hee's problem?[View]
580654880This is the most unpolished game I've attempted to play[View]
580663047Mortal Shell: This game is free on PS+ How is it?[View]
580663024>vidya reviewer call his 'dark side'[View]
580662778Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Dawn of the Battle Royale!!: Yugioh Rush Duel game just came out on Switch eshop…[View]
580643303FFXIV Endwalker: Help bros, this game has actually given me an existential crisis. I can't come…[View]
580660570MMMMMMMMMMMMM: Mimiger Noun A contemptuous term for a black or dark-furred Mimiga.[View]
580656464There are times when even grown men weep[View]
580651769Play her game, or else...[View]
580660501They don't make 'em like this anymore.[View]
580656492What do they do for fun?[View]
580657230nintendo fans talk about ocarina of time being the best game ever made acting like Warcraft III does…[View]
580662447Will BF1 be considered the peak of Battlefield by the general public 5 years from now?[View]
580662134>bell boss >I've got a BELL to RING with you!…[View]
580633030>dlc ruins the base game[View]
580661771Gaming Stories Thread: >playing VR Town of Salem >8 players all chaos >before game starts …[View]
58066178999% of modern video games are shit.[View]
580651891Post vidya characters dressed up for Christmas.[View]
580660418i just held x and the combat played itself very slowly :|[View]
580655989Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece: For people who think games can't be art, I say Silent Hill 2 ri…[View]
580659152The first ever AAA NFT game will be announced at TGA[View]
580639304It's dead now. Hundreds of people will be laid off. Are you happy?[View]
580662145Objectively one of very few games in entire series that got survival part and making player feel ten…[View]
580660018which one is better?[View]
580661920Another Eden: Can't believe there's no /vg/ for this Total newfag here, just finished Chap…[View]
580658203Teardown: Play it, it's finished now. For players: did you get all 207 campaign points? https:/…[View]
580660075What are you guys ordering from GrubHub for the game awards?[View]
580661564>try to post on game's subreddit >thread automatically instantly deleted >no reason pr…[View]
580661692Most advanced tech in the galaxy versus Star Base with Merculite Missiles Who wins? The answer might…[View]
580635882Boomer Shooter thread: Playan? Waitan? Hopan? Currently playing Final Doom, and Sigil. Also enjoying…[View]
580656424Why won't writers write for video games?[View]
580618429Microtransactions have completely killed gaming, Halo infinite is the perfect example of a game that…[View]
5806400053x3 thread: r8[View]
580660994games for someone who likes mmorpg grinding, hates storytelling, but still enjoys an open fantasy wo…[View]
580657870Glory to Artstozka![View]
580642609>starts the 'movie-game' genre in your path >is still somehow regarded as one the be…[View]
580661196Which has been the biggest disappointment of 2021?[View]
580659986It's officially Tummy day in Fortnite! Are you hopping onto the battle bus today, /v/?[View]
580656467What the fuck is malding?[View]
580652447Are there campaign leaks yet?[View]
580658091>complain on forum about how 50 dollar online only game with 50 dollars worth of dlc isn't w…[View]
580659458It will take the PC at least 5 years to catch up to the PS5 games' brilliant visuals.[View]
580660457Asriel as it gets.[View]
580655406>mario kart select screen >he doesn't pick Donkey Kong every single time explain you are …[View]
580660094Rockstar Games at TGA Info: As you know, after Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Editio…[View]
580659330why does it have to be so dramatic like pls ur just a title screen like istg i cant[View]
580657486COME NEREVAR[View]
580635215Can video games cause mental illness?[View]
580625945Most played Switch games: New eshop ranking added: most played games in the last 2 weeks Does your g…[View]
580660949Why did they never translate 2-2? Are they fucking gay?[View]
580658357Guys guys guys! I jailbroke my Switch. Just downloaded every game worth a shit. I am also black! Don…[View]
580659557>this apparently needs a remaster[View]
580657520thunder tier one: tacticool bros we did it...[View]
580657292i hope capcom does their own Game & Watch, make it look like a P.E.T. and each battle chip has o…[View]
580652940Why didn't Sora stop Bambi's mother from dying?[View]
580652336>However in it's homeland, Elden Ring reception has been quite negative >Ishibashi Tsuyos…[View]
580660670We make a special trip just for you. Same low price.[View]
580653837Who is that guy?: Do you really think this is how it actually goes? After the recent Resident E movi…[View]
580654665Why does 343 insist on centering Halo around Master Chief? Hes a cool guy who doesnt afraid of anyth…[View]
580659958is he handsomely roguish or roguishly handsome?[View]
580651217>Forces you to stop jerking off and go to church every Sunday[View]
580660250which one of you was this[View]
580657242Why the FUCK did no one tell me about this game? This is like the hidden gems of hidden gems. I have…[View]
580658547>reason for refunding: >it isn't fun…[View]
580658717Jake: >Russians Nuke San Francissco >Russian mobsters infiltrate the US government, police, pa…[View]
580645229look at those eyes[View]
580658909You grinding for the Tactical Precision skin?[View]
580658875Hedwyn from Pyre and Wakka from Final Fantasy 10. Best two out of three in their respective sports. …[View]
580655742>I spend zero energy on ‘how do I make other gaming platforms smaller so that Xbox gets bigger’,”…[View]
580658638Best way to kill nekkers?[View]
580658541Why do you like Chun Li?[View]
580634929When will games get kissing right?: It's always so janky.[View]
580658058>lurk spec ops the line threads >nothing but 'people' calling the game bad simply because it d…[View]
580538792rave.dj: Create mashups that contain at least one vidya song. Here are mine: https://rave.dj/60jcEZ1…[View]
580655543Poison thread: Today is Poison's birthday[View]
580640745Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection trailer: Come on guys, how does this not have a thread alrea…[View]
580659092>tfw Crono Cross getting a remaster before Crono Trigger >tfw no 2D-HD style Crono Trigger or …[View]
580656832What happened to the video game crash /v/ promised me for years and years? The big publishers make r…[View]
580658992I fucking hate Elves, I hate them with all the particles of my body. Post your favorite elf slaying …[View]
580656809>finished work >gf/wife not yet home cause she had to work late >haha fuck that bitch >j…[View]
580653190Pure kino[View]
580647912Vermintide 2: This is your elf ranger for the night.[View]
580653158>jrpg >teenagers/young adults fight and kill god >they're treated like heroes…[View]
580657160The room with the Master Sword in the temple of time in OOT has windows so why didn't Ganondorf…[View]
580658049I'm bored, let's post vidya comic.[View]
580656803Let's create the worst video game possible, one post at a time. I'll start. >game exclu…[View]
580655670i am browsing /v/ and eating pizza, i feel excessively comfy, what are you playing today bros?[View]
580519729Binding of Isaac: Satoru Iwata is todays daily. Don't disappoint him.[View]
580647559/treecko/ thread: Thread for treecko users.[View]
580656554Dark Souls: Am I missing out for only having played the third one? Should I also go for the other tw…[View]
580654767care to fucking explain yourselves god eater fags?[View]
580589863I can't keep pretending this isn't a gigantic disaster. We literally have reviewers giving…[View]
580608059>Final boss is weak[View]
580656070>Fnf for the Riverdale crowd This is the next Hunt down the free man[View]
580655140>love the new terrain changes >still can't find anything to do in the world The survival …[View]
580657556>game has gameplay[View]
580409232Jiggy sunday Sexy https://jigex.com/ojdM9[View]
580653364Here's your controller bro[View]
580657179only fucking book worth reading, fuck only story worth investing in that shit game[View]
580651502So we're all in agreement this franchise has the best stories to tell in all of Nintendo?[View]
580651613M E T R O I D: Now that the dust from Dread's release has settled, how does /v/ feel about the …[View]
580657134>Silent Hill Homecoming was Le Bad >one of the most disturbing and violent normal enemies in t…[View]
580656985I will never forgive EA for this: Why didn't they add more content?? It's what everyone wa…[View]
580654559Finnish games thread: Anybody got hogher reaolution of the finnish games list? Previous anon posted …[View]
580656904Considering that chess is mostly played online can we call chess a videogame now?[View]
580657193Would the world be a better place if Sigurd got put into melee instead of Marth and used both a swor…[View]
580655304Can I get into SMT with Devil Survivor 2?[View]
580652268UNREAL ENGINE: Why is it that the Unreal Engine looks breathtaking in tech demos but like a piece of…[View]
580645621Is Fortnite the most FAMOUS and POPULAR videogame in the world? And if it is not, what is it?[View]
580656648This game was spoiled for me i'd say about 16 years ago and I immediately dropped it and said I…[View]
580641753>I am forgotten[View]
580649947The Final Fantasy VII of the new generation of young gamers.[View]
580651267>robot will love you for who you are[View]
580643143Mama Luigi 30th anniversary thread: On this day 30 years ago, the Super Mario World episode “Mama Lu…[View]
580651209Play Duel Links: Or else you won't be getting any new Yugioh game ever[View]
580652272Ubishit making NFTs: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=eSVoJ0WUQfY&feature=emb_…[View]
580656608Post interviews with game developers here[View]
580655651When will we be able to buy PS5s?[View]
580581532>you parry with X >and Y >and RT + X >and RB +X >and RB + Y >and don't for…[View]
580656436Multiplayer minecraft: What's the best way to enjoy multiplayer minecraft in 20k+22-0.9? Any se…[View]
580654023Sonybro here. Not gonna lie, might sell my PS5 and by a Series X[View]
580655609>Difficulty: Very easy[View]
580649460Name one thing he said that was incorrect. You can't.[View]
580653083kek - halobabies on suicide watch[View]
580646293What went wrong boys?[View]
580653564>you start the game with average gear instead of pistol only[View]
580655904>game has mechs >game has locational damage More games need to do this.…[View]
580655642>Directed the dark matter trilogy >Might not even be a real person…[View]
580637279Do you agree?[View]
580654485While I'm liking this one, I have to acknowledge that Highfleet is the indie of the year.[View]
580607349Wipe is ~6 days away. Are you ready /v/?[View]
580655291Why does this piece of shit need to be updated once a week, its a fucking controller[View]
580638936>western remake makes the female character hotter how rare is this?[View]
580655458New Monark Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRu9PQX3RBE[View]
580651040What am I in for? It looks way too easy in that I can ambush everybody with my 6 man strong squad[View]
580652349Explain the reasoning why games always have each transformation is a separate character instead of f…[View]
580644040is it true that games nowadays are so big because devs know that modern processors can still handle …[View]
580650023>the absolute state of the mecha genre[View]
580652647Why did Alphadream make Luigi gay?[View]
580654261Mage Tower is back, baby. Blizzard literally fixed everything[View]
580640526FFXIV ENDWALKER: >wake up >see this What will you do?…[View]
580652962This game is too hard in <current year> How do we make it easy for today's gamers?[View]
580652591Based Sony, only charging $10 for the PS5 patch[View]
580653831Games where i can make pizza?[View]
580649059Pokemon Uranium: is it good?[View]
580654564So how is it?[View]
580649276I forgot our hivemind decision, monster hunter bros Do we prefer classic iceborne zinogre design or …[View]
580653748all ps games will eventually come to PC[View]
580654014Terraria Bread: Commie Block Edition[View]
580643059>old-school doomlike shooter >female protagonist, anime, memes Every. Fucking. Time. But we al…[View]
580652487>Unique >Fun >Skill based >Immersive >Tons of new things to learn >Good difficulty…[View]
580654092ITT we talk about how based IS Defence is: Literally the only game (besides ISIS simulator which was…[View]
580646418Halo Multiplayer: This is the best arena shooter in decades, content and monetization be damned…[View]
580651785I'm having fun :)[View]
580648852Here's your l4d2 killer bro[View]
580647161Tank Vidya: >chilling in your T-34 on Karelia map >Säkkijärven polkka starts playing What…[View]
580653425Halo chads is it our year?[View]
580649754why the fuck is blazblue still stuck in 2d limbo while every other arcysys game is 3d?[View]
580649495>person tries to describe why a game is good >'it's fun' what are some other red flags li…[View]
580653020They all die fighting Sonic. It's their fate...[View]
580649369What video games have Italianx representation?[View]
580649881SMTV has poor reviews on Amazon Japan: What did they not like?[View]
580643551>Lore so fucking terrible the IP holders refuse to let you use the name of the IP Any other examp…[View]
580652460No games to play: Recommed me some games. I like FPS, TPP medieval fantasy RPGs, horrors, immersive …[View]
580652701So i was playing wow and asked if someone knows a funny joke And i really didnt understand the joke,…[View]
580649862Any atmospheric games in which you slowly descent into the depths of hell and madness? Preferably ma…[View]
580647334What's the next anime they will add to Fortnite?[View]
580635310Overdone yet kino tropes in vidya: >twins bossfight >one enrages if the other one dies…[View]
580652425Catherine: Full Body: >trannies hate it >fujos hate it >both tried to 'cancel' it due to 'p…[View]
580645560Soul Reaver: Explain the appeal to me. I just finished the tower/church and the platforming and comb…[View]
580631661It's been too long since we've had a proper WRPG[View]
580559103Post atmosphere[View]
580646006Any games with cute character customization options like pic related?[View]
580651596Let me tell you a couple of three things. Forget Catalina, forget Maria who goes over to Staunton an…[View]
580644919I installed Valorant. What can I expect?[View]
580649896Is this complete? What Pokémon or body types are missing from this?[View]
580645820IN TO THE TRASH STORIES: Short n' Sweet edition Rules: 3 lines of greentext, followed by the su…[View]
580632227Gaming with no GPU: Is this feasible in 2021-2022? Been thinking about building a gaming pc, and pla…[View]
580648723How long until Halo Infinite’s player base dwindles and the world realizes 343 always has and will f…[View]
580651062a philosophical question: a bug has been found in CSGO that lets you practically see when enemy play…[View]
580649285>browse the store section in steam >find and interesting-looking game >'game requires a thi…[View]
580649708Yoshi-P cult will defend this game to death like Barry, won't they?[View]
580651580still better than ARR[View]
580643976Are you a cliche CHAD or a subvertion fag anon?[View]
580646848Elden Ring: what's this schizo moon space theory about[View]
580649147what games have cute dogs?[View]
580644093How important are graphics truly?[View]
580651445Why is it that Americans are still obsessed with Sonic when in Japan, Sonic's birthplace, peopl…[View]
580651246>forza transrizon 5 >nigloop >ratshit and jank >willyvania dread >gaylo shitfinite …[View]
580651061Oblivion's main quest: Pure kino, it deserves more love then it gets.[View]
580652627>game has christmas mechanics[View]
580645629What the fuck was his problem?[View]
580647075i think pokémon SUCK[View]
580650434>shadownerfs Fuck devs that practice this.[View]
580650984is the woodpecker skill worth going through this fucking screen. cause im about to throw my remote i…[View]
580650771is Persona 5 amazing because it’s style is it’s substance or am I just performing mental gymnastics?[View]
580647778Alt+Tab games: I need a game that I can alt+tab while working. I was doing it with Kenshi, but got b…[View]
580650353Shantae is perfect[View]
580651057TIE/D Defender, Standing By.[View]
580649309Siwtch could hit 100m by the end of the year: So the Switch was supposed to stop selling huh? Ninten…[View]
580650916what went so right [View]
580593524/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>580555785 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
580645845i am not enjoying myself, can this fat fuck just let me pass so i can rescue my wife[View]
580650250Why does Halo Infinite only have ONE biome?: Just rewatched the 2018 E3 announcement trailer and I c…[View]
580648750Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Garfield ISN'T going to be revealed today. He went to Brazil.…[View]
580602303Did Undertale have a good message?[View]
580648321SOON MY NIGGAS[View]
580648967The Nintendo goes in the bintendo[View]
580650086Why do the Japanese love this game? Is it good? Is it worth getting into? I've never played an …[View]
580646816Halochads, we fucking did it! We are on page 2! We are beating Battlefield![View]
580646220Devil Survivor: Is the Devil Survivor series as good as Persona?[View]
580628648Tales Of Crestoria Series is dead.... https://twitter.com/to_crestoria_EN/status/1468185559688675330…[View]
580647061Games for Trains?[View]
580645854Why is the OST so much worse compared to the first game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phk7di38iv…[View]
580644727Why is this game fun with a controller? I thought this is made by PC devs? What went wrong?[View]
580644134Do you clean underneath your keyboard keys, anon?[View]
580645365>rtx 3090 why did I buy this prebuilt at all just to fucking play console ports build on the ori…[View]
580649252Well? Do you?[View]
580634581What is the point of this race?[View]
580647520Just bought this game for $40 on Amazon What am I in for?[View]
580648935Yume Nikki Online: join now /v/ >https://ynonline.herokuapp.com >https://ynonline.herokuapp.co…[View]
580643527>play game >slow but steady learning curve >shit becomes actually difficult in the last 10%…[View]
580643726literally LITERALLY does not work >be playing game for hours >try to save >'lmao no' I…[View]
580643069The name's Jack Jack Garland.[View]
580634482Why is brutal murder ok in video games but not sex and sex appeal?[View]
580647750My two months long winter break just began and I have so many games I want to play I don't know…[View]
580641613are you ready to operate?[View]
580640507ITT we only post the best womyn of vidya: no tranime no incels[View]
580647351Why would a kid dress like that[View]
580644484THEY'RE IN[View]
580648398Animal Crossing: Wish this fat bird a happy birthday.[View]
580646721League of Legends: >ctrl F 'Vi' >0 results Care to explain urselves?…[View]
580646228Good RPG: Changes dialogue and plot if you have low Intelligence. Bad RPG: Changes nothing even if I…[View]
580645425How is the current state of this game? If i buy the standard edition game will i have to buy any DLC…[View]
580644640Whats the proper way to play this game? When i played it the first time like a year ago, i found it …[View]
580647314Windurst, home[View]
580644663Interesting how there's a direct correlation between the Halo games getting bad and the halo ga…[View]
580633234Safe way to afk in any game and avoid queues from logging back in. Very handy in FF14 right now. htt…[View]
580622815Halo: Infinite: What went wrong?[View]
580645179Genshin Impact wins PlayStation Partner Awards 2021: Don't tell me you haven't play the be…[View]
580641102The kid in the hat.[View]
580646896Kicking Bottom in Halo Infinite - Multiplayer Gameplay - PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXMVKBw…[View]
580630413With Hashino hopefully not working on Persona 6, what changes are you hoping for? I hope for another…[View]
580635767>discord, youtube, 4chan and other distractions how do people focus when gaming on PC? literally …[View]
580637273he was the most fun i had in a game[View]
580633492Predict this company's future[View]
580646239Reminder that if you have ever made use of a Wiki at any point in your life before, during, or after…[View]
580644090Pearl Harbor Day: Are you doing your part and shooting down Zeros in vidya today, anon? Relevant gam…[View]
580645973Thoughts on the Mandela Catalog game? https://thornebaker.itch.io/maplecounty[View]
580633885Do you still browse vidya forums, /v/?[View]
580639941>Show us your happy face![View]
580643440>posts 'bump' in thread >its actually sage are there any games where you can be a cunt? i only…[View]
580645660that new caldera map finna be lit frfr shheeeeeesh[View]
580643224Do console players actually use aim assist? I thought everyone turned that shit off, even nowadays I…[View]
580644345Why do so many mod authors eventually become ego tripping assholes? It happens even more often to mo…[View]
580640047>December >I am forgotten This was unironically the best game released this year…[View]
580645215What happened to the physical copies of PC games? It's like they disappeared[View]
580639238What happened to him? and video game essays in general[View]
580645474>the most true to form active COD game today the absolute state lmao[View]
580635145Should I sell my Xbox 360? I can pretty much play any relevant Xbox 360 game in the Xbone.[View]
580634293Is there any vidya character strong enough to defeat Uncle Grandpa?[View]
580593763Poorly describe a game, and let this AI bot interpret it: https://neuralblender.com/ Keep it vidya r…[View]
580643183ONE SAVE[View]
580645429Braybru closstagbatter: Hey this is pretty fun[View]
580636075https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc6KUlXP--M How much longer will 343 be allowed to get away with it?…[View]
580638320Why is every indie game either le quirky lolsorandom XD trash or 2deep4u trash? Why don't indie…[View]
580643910Halo Enemies: >WAIII HEE HEE!!! Why am I playing a Saturday morning cartoon? I thought this was a…[View]
580643832>is now a better halo game than infinite[View]
580624094How many copies is Pokemon Legends going to sell? 100 million?[View]
580643798Weapon: Stop, she is cute[View]
580644520Why isn't PC gaming popular in Japan?[View]
580643263>anon we can't do that, I would crush you[View]
580641129Hello! Welcome to Able Sisters Thread![View]
580629590What makes a vidya location feel alive and lived in to you? Post an example.[View]
580643882Halo Infinite game engine is a total mess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCj2wEi80zA >has frame…[View]
580616745>there are four or five’ reveals on the scale of Elden Ring at the Game Awards Any guesses /v/? h…[View]
580641127*Does nothing wrong in your path*[View]
580641098Help me report Nintendo to CNN: Next year Gal Gun Double Peace will be released on Switch, and it…[View]
580633143this is a 3 years progress according to Capcom[View]
580642078It's the 80 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor, what are you playing to remember it?[View]
580641472g4 portal: >made a going into games machine >disappeared from reality What game would you go i…[View]
580644465Now that the dust has settled--did Sony ever stand a chance? Xbox is wiping the floor with them righ…[View]
580644646All mechanics in one game: On November 18, 2011 MINECRAFT was released. >December 12,2021 >De…[View]
580644642What games are you looking forward to?[View]
580622362AI Somnium; Man I fucking ota, other than that what do you guys like about it?: Finished the game ea…[View]
580633926>Disgaea 6 most played switch game in the past 2 weeks, over Pokemon NIS-sama I kneel...…[View]
580644427>game has a really good spinoff >no one knows about it >no one buys it >it doesn't …[View]
580644515>PC gaming[View]
580642623FFXIV Endwalker: >no schizo edition SHE DID IT AGAIN KNEEL TO HER. HOW DARE YOU EVEN DOUBT HER PO…[View]
580643132>Think frequently about suicide >Just as im about to, a new game comes out >Have to postpon…[View]
580641256this is , challenging. you have to be fast and precise, shit.[View]
580643406I love this update but why did it take the devs so fucking long? Why are Mojang devs so slow compare…[View]
580640524Let 343 see this list of flaws if you want improvement: -No server browser and not even being allowe…[View]
580632892>The Cyberpunk launch, whatever happened there.[View]
580628767>Dies offscreen Really makes you think[View]
580643810Nate the Hate podcast featuring MVG and Jeff Grubb just confirmed Xenoblade 3 is getting announced a…[View]
580644276>*Tase you* Will we ever get a new game?[View]
580644264Albion: You heard that there's a new update. It now feels so much like oldschool Ultima Online.…[View]
580643449>IM OUT OF TOUCH[View]
580644169Level scaling on vs off?: Playin picrel right now, am level 11 in Phokis. Overall I like the game ex…[View]
580643949Aztec game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEESjT9hlTs Mexicans are developing a Souls like Aztec g…[View]
580642485Whats your go-to loadout? Also Fistful Of Frags thread[View]
580643112>it's called scaled armor >doesn't have scales >it's a gloryfied sleeveless …[View]
580642176Why does this burger look so good? How did Capcom do it?[View]
580637989Amazing update. Are you going to explore Retem on 15th of December /v/?[View]
580637595Play Gunfire Reborn inb4 >Muh furry It's normal to want to fuck the rabbit…[View]
580636959I have a serious hoarding problem: I have cabinets full of video games, anyone else have this proble…[View]
580641594Best game in the franchise.[View]
580643275what games does he play /v/ ?[View]
580638943Why are japanese games like this?[View]
580643669skyrim wabbajack mod lists: when will you take the wabbajack pill /v/? ive installed a few skyrim mo…[View]
580640953Favorite thread[View]
580627762How the fuck is aim assist a problem? It doesn't even come close to the kind of tracking a good…[View]
580643135Fallout 1 is the only protagonist that was an actual Vault Dweller[View]
5806435472022 will be the year of space games.[View]
580643456Time Crisis: One of my favorite series[View]
580626878Playing vidya at work: Do you guys do it? If yes, how? Soon I am going to get a promotion and become…[View]
580642648Dark Souls: Why is the dogde animation a goofy roll? Lmao it even has i-frames.[View]
580642558my wife...[View]
580643230Who are The Knights of /v/?[View]
580642034We need more brown girls on video games[View]
580641831halo bros!? this can't be happening! no one is interested in our game! the plan was 10 years no…[View]
580640529Miss Lana![View]
580641373>didn't care for this low-rate Ash from Pokemon looking motherfucker with those clown ass sh…[View]
580640271>Oh I know, I know. You think now, to betray me.[View]
580632512Now that the dust has settled; Was Blizzard right when they said 'You think you do but you don'…[View]
580642817>Mario voted for Trump What did Nintendo mean by this?[View]
580640948You should want this game to succeed. Don't you guys want a good experience and just let the de…[View]
580638063why arent new games exciting?[View]
580642724He's back, /v/. Play his game.[View]
580641023Remember Kharak[View]
5806314071 day until his next Magnum Opus is revealed...[View]
580640753When are we going to get actual historic world war games again? All this nazi bashing is just gettin…[View]
580639210ITT: /v/ characters who use 4chan[View]
580639896>random moose collisions while driving I will now play your game.[View]
580642367apple arcade: they gave me a 3 month apple arcade trial. what should i play?[View]
580638718Is my game bugged? I did all the missions available in Darkness in The capital, even the interim one…[View]
580641130Play elf games.[View]
580638664BERNIE BEAR![View]
580634345Play her game[View]
580623035>I WILL EXTERMINATE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Where did Kojima rip this plot point off…[View]
580638260Persona 3 remake: What would you add/change in a Persona 3 remake? I would add DLC that makes the pr…[View]
580638150Looks like the best rpg ever just got even better with the best mod ever. How do Gothic chads still …[View]
580626098Anyone use Dualsense for a long period of time? I wanted to get one but now I'm reading a lot o…[View]
580641559What's Your Favorite Nexus Force Faction?: And why is it Venture League? t. Lego Universe enjoy…[View]
580640652What happened to them?[View]
580624614Sonic Adventure: Playing Sonic Adventure for the first time on a Dreamcast emulator (Redream) and I…[View]
580635331you ever played a game that felt TOO big? im about 7 hour into my playthrough, and idk what the fuck…[View]
580619623King OFF /v/ 2021: Afterparty (part 4): Keep all tournament talk ITT. The Afterparty usually lasts a…[View]
580620302>elden ring is ba-[View]
580636359Deep Down bros.. In just 2 days we're gonna win. We're gonna be back. Are you prepared for…[View]
580638291It's hard to believe that it's been more than 20 years and there still isn't another …[View]
580639282Anyone on Aether wanna....?[View]
580561981What went so right and then so horribly wrong halfway through? This series faceplanted atleast aroun…[View]
580633470Switching to a new PC: Never did it before, anything I need to backup related to my Steam shit? My A…[View]
580608217Predictions about what Sonic game will be revealed at the Game Awards?[View]
580637450Bought pic related on a whim. Breddy gud arcade racer, but unlocking the 370Z Nismo not worth since …[View]
580639917ITT: characters you want to see in FF7 Remake[View]
580635106You DID get those 30 000 souls, right anon? You wouldn't let her live just because she's c…[View]
580626597What am I in for?[View]
580639409What level of Koikatsu are you on anon?[View]
580640692GOR ROK SOTEK BOK-BOK 'coomer' ITZA NU-EKK TETTO'EKKO 'sage' SLANN. CHOTEC BOK 'warmbloods' AXO…[View]
580636967literally why?[View]
580640654>the party freezes as deep rumblings from within the mines of /v/ shake the ground... something h…[View]
580638937What went wrong?[View]
580640178nick all star brawl: could a lupa DLC save the game?[View]
580635973I got an RTX 3070 for £650 in February. Is this okay? It wasn't an upgrade, it's my first …[View]
580618528World of Warships: Repulse soon, captain.[View]
580640396FFXIV Endwalker: Anyone who says ShB is better than EW should get themselves checked to a mental hea…[View]
580634776What's your preferred flavor of giant robots in video games?[View]
580639959ITT: the game you made the best friends on[View]
580634605Well, Boys. I got home yesterday and had a strange urge to build this. What do you think? I think it…[View]
580637378is halo infinite salvageable?[View]
580639962Strong and empowered[View]
580635340Based Volnutt.[View]
580625523>you fucked up my face[View]
580637657UE, Unity & GODOT: What's the best engine to use for a small group of friends that want to …[View]
580639810>Destiny has a Halo magnum >Halo Infinite does not Bungie > 343…[View]
580630285Any germanfags down to play vidyas? or is there a discord or something already[View]
580639707Why is Nintendo OK with pedophilia on their platform?: Gal Gun Double Peace will launch on Switch ne…[View]
580630639Scarlet Nexus: What the hell were they thinking with the characters?: Just finished it a while ago a…[View]
580593728Is this the most overrated FF? The towns literally all look the same and there is nothing to do in t…[View]
580631004Come out in 1 hour, no ones talking about it? what the fuck /v/?![View]
580638871,>Outlast and Whistleblower become horror icons shortly after release >No one ever talked abou…[View]
580637782Name a single good horror game[View]
580635374You've never appreciated having a dev team that put their heart and soul into their games /v/. …[View]
580639392What are some games with fun exploration aspects?[View]
580632694Horror games: What's your favorite genre and games?[View]
580638461Virgin simulator[View]
580639184get this So it's Civ 5 + mount & blade. there's a 5 dollar buy-in. you get one dude wh…[View]
580629731Is the writing in Trails of Cold Steel good?[View]
580637709Besides VtM:B, what's the best vampire game?[View]
580638504CHRISTMAS: Name kino games to play on Christmas.[View]
580635367How did people find the motivation to play games before there were trophies/achievements?[View]
580639132And another bites the dust. Too bad the story is still not completely done. And the characters are q…[View]
580632065>it's GOTY on your path[View]
580635964The Legend of Zelda: Oakarina of Time[View]
580636714Isometric perspective. The patrician and timeless vidya aesthetic.[View]
580617624FFXIV ENDWALKER: She did it again KNEEL[View]
580634276Mass Effect: I wanna break Omega's number one rule[View]
580636134Robert Edwin House: Founder, CEO, president, proprietor, technological and economic visionary, and s…[View]
580616885>game gets too hard >uninstall it >never touch it again…[View]
580638327What did he mean by this, and what does it say about his next game?[View]
580636441Video game phrases you thought you heard wrong but were correctly heard: >sorry guys I gotta jerk…[View]
580637596>first 5-10 hour of a game captivates me and is all i can think about... and then i hit the middl…[View]
580638684>over 15 months since launch What happened?[View]
580637183Should I sell my physical switch games and rebuy them digitally so I always have access to them on t…[View]
580633605This is the best Halo game in the franchise, the complainers must be a vocal minority or a blatant d…[View]
580638251Are zero-player games the solution to the overproduction crisis gaming is facing?[View]
580610592Detroit Become Human: Whose side were you on, anon? Humans or AI?[View]
580635772Hmm, after reading through your resume it seems like you still haven't played my game. Care to …[View]
580637638Who is your comfort character /v/?[View]
580638296Cinderace is by far the greatest video game character to have ever been conceived in the history of …[View]
580636031No way[View]
580635625why did they make him a slav[View]
580636705Character creation thread: What's a game with amazing character creation with gameplay to back …[View]
580638252Why did Sony trenies not support the only capable dev team they have?[View]
580632686SMT V: I would save my game, pay him for the map, take a screenshot and reload lol[View]
580636895>kills 9s for the millionth time >noooooooooo i love him actually you don't understand i …[View]
580636343does anyone have that picture of the really skinny esports player?[View]
580637135ENGINEER! POOT tf2 thread HERE.[View]
580628187Russian Whore: I can't believe they put fucking roastie whore wom* n into call of duty. I hate …[View]
580631171Will this become the new Terraria?[View]
580632305ITT: Easiest bosses in vidya: Sundowner is an absolute cakewalk even in your first playthrough…[View]
580633310What's the first game that comes to mind when you look at this picture?[View]
580636932Garchomp is the coolest![View]
580631765Is BotW Link an Architect?[View]
580625191>is a fucking shitty game series >has a massive influence on the medium and beyond it nothing …[View]
580620868>20 fucking 21 >pay $60 for a game >GAME RUNS AT 20 FUCKING FPS Inexcusable. Literally st…[View]
580633164I want to buy a PS5 for my boyfriend, for Christmas this year, but I don't want to spend all th…[View]
580637375best way to make gil in this game? I used to bot DoL alot back in the day but I don't think I s…[View]
5806373693DS thread: Playing kirby epic yarn as of right now, also do any of you have the collage of recommen…[View]
580635496>Played Halo 1,2,3,ODST,Reach,4,and 5 back to back when I had an Xbox one S on the cheap >Did …[View]
580634646>1400zł for one game O kurwa[View]
580637242Saves states = Good: You damn well bet the gay devs rig RNG to fuck you over so you play their shit …[View]
580636864>search for quality original content related to the game >it’s all stale memes and newbies ask…[View]
580636719This is Pokemon.[View]
580619876Was 2021 the worst year ever for videogames?[View]
580634712Which /v/idya factions/peoples/NPCs ooze NORF energy?[View]
580632615They are Built for Eachother[View]
580631492Think Rockstar will go back to giving us multiple cities in the next GTA?[View]
58061939730+ thread: It's my birthday today. How are all you aging gamers holding up?[View]
580633851She delayed the inevitable[View]
580628082What would you like to see for Soul Calibur VII?[View]
580636368What went wrong with Melty Blood: Type Lumina?[View]
580612442>Iwata: When someone really loves a character, they like to sketch them in their notebooks, right…[View]
580634398>'GTA IV? One of the greatest games ever made and easily the best in the series'…[View]
580597606He was a better protagonist than Frank.[View]
580636209Elsword thread. Who still plays this in 2021? Who is your waifu? What was the point of no return an…[View]
580631081ITT: games and things in games that are strange, mysterious, atmospheric, bizarre, unique, esoteric,…[View]
580633569So, how is it?[View]
580636020Nintendo forced to allow pre-order cancellations until launch: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20…[View]
580628518Xbox Controller with wireless adapter: What went wrong ?[View]
580635850>the level takes place inside a creature Any games for this feel? Off the top of my head I can th…[View]
580632668How will Todd edit the TES theme for our game in Hammerfell? I opt it's an edited version of ht…[View]
580630991>Gives him a literal horsecock >Makes him so dumb that he can only think about sex >Forces …[View]
580627625Lets discuss the best Fallout.[View]
580633270Do ghouls smell?[View]
580568349nickelodeon all star brawl: hey whassup. Garfield drops tomorrow[View]
580634241Halo infinite: I am not mad I am just disappointed. I was expecting something better but what I got …[View]
580587295Why did switch owners not buy it? It flopped hard, RIP mainline SMT[View]
580629940Are there any games/mods that do similar things as the pawnmorpher mod for Rimworld? I enjoyed it a …[View]

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