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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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541966863https://youtu.be/FYXXzeeqaJ4 You guys excited for the future of Doom Eternal? You think the devs and…[View]
541919159Well?: Well?[View]
541975267sonybros..... at least we have movie games right? bloodborne?[View]
541970295Demon's Souls Remake: Fuck you, I hated it.[View]
541970798Absolver: This game was incredibly shallow content-wise but the general concept and mechanics were t…[View]
541972131How do I get rid of the fart smells on my computer chair?[View]
541960490Which games have the best world simulation going on[View]
541976794Vidya Sin.: Confess your sins, others decide if you get absolved or if you fucking suck. >Preorde…[View]
541975147*filters snoy and nintendobrained zoomers in your path*[View]
541975891dying light: wtf am i doing wrong? i die almost every day, there are virtually no gauzes anywhere so…[View]
541972164games where you play as the villain/bad guy/antagonist etc? not like “twist ending” style but like e…[View]
541977434What is the ugliest artstyle you have seen in any game?[View]
541972052so, what about that next game?[View]
541971198My wife Marianne[View]
541978307i've lost too many hours saso-ing this this mission made me realize how truly fucking unstable …[View]
541977879'Borderlands' movie announced, Discuss.: https://variety.com/2021/film/news/kevin-hart-borderlands-c…[View]
541968176That's an uhh... very interesting dungeon design.[View]
541976227They should make a halo game where you play as marines and you don’t have shields and in multiplayer…[View]
541975608What was his fucking problem?[View]
541977293Steam exclude tags: Steam recently allowed you to exclude more tags, up to ten. So I need to expand …[View]
541976224INTEREST YA IN A PINT?[View]
541976607Rydia: There was a good topic yesterday about the best FF girl, but apparently it triggered the jann…[View]
541970472What is in store for her sf6[View]
541977790Who asked for this[View]
541973009Why can't Nintendo fanatics accept that video games don't need to be low-brow entertainmen…[View]
541972313Really makes you think[View]
541976759What's the best game ever made by Sony?[View]
541976496Vampire daughter is the most hot RE female character Prove me wrong Protip: you might[View]
541977452Can we pressure Capcom to make the 'bad ending' canon?[View]
541974572CELESTE CLASSIC 2: It's out. Thoughts on the game? Personally I'd love to see a whole gam…[View]
541975893Play Last Origin: The boobs are better, nothing's locked behind seasonal events, and there…[View]
541972931Barry, where's Barry?[View]
541966285post best GBA rpg's with top tier story and gameplay. i don't accept pokegay[View]
541976590Is it just me or did the level design take a major hit in this game? Feels pretty neutered compared …[View]
541975487Panam bros? You still exist?[View]
541966946>Gamestop is now worth more than Apple How does this make you feel?[View]
541977119>murder the khans >murder the fiends >ally w/ boomers >help the brotherhood >don’t fu…[View]
541974868>You will never play as murloc[View]
541970762Why is this level disliked? Is it people getting filtered by the maze-like vertical layout and respa…[View]
541970686name a better game[View]
541964910*is literally the same fucking game copypasted for 28 years*[View]
541972020Post yfw the only game that achieved next gen graphical fidelity is not even a game and is so niche …[View]
541975768Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: I love these games but something occurred to me: Are they an RPG or a…[View]
541975151Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
541976608*surpass modern CRPGs*[View]
541964682Bloodstained: Fuck every single person on this board that shilled this pile of shit. It's such …[View]
541974293PCbros, I don't feel so good...[View]
541974864I mean all things considered, this was the shining moment of the Dark Souls II[View]
541976282Can you imagine a world where Notch licensed Minecraft and its assets under GPL instead of cucking o…[View]
541975827What was the point of it?[View]
541930036What happened?[View]
541971279Gothic: How the fuck am I supposed to open this?[View]
541975990Nightdive Studios: Why do they suck?[View]
541971284Why is it so praised?[View]
541938398Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this Danganronpa thread. The one th…[View]
541975835What are some games that take place underwater?[View]
541972217It's Ma'am[View]
541957810Worms Armageddon: Worm thread! You can grab the full game for free here: https://drive.google.com/fi…[View]
541974740what were they thinking with these swords?[View]
541973825ITT: Gamer health issues: I know a lot of gamers have the nerd neck, the gamer dent/dome/skull, the …[View]
541974000>black ops 2 was 8 years ago[View]
541952897How do we revitalise the RTS genre?: Go.[View]
541965484admit it, you cried[View]
541975606>mod a game to hell and back >play for 5 mins >play something else…[View]
541971981Wait what? The next game from the shovel knight guys just came out out of fucking nowhere.[View]
541975557>Can't even imagine the elden ring >Surprised that there's no news about it…[View]
541952710Wich is better?: NVIDIA or AMD[View]
541973834ITT: Games that make you question your intelligence I cant do it bros...[View]
541971396Ratchet & Clank 2002: Ratchet & Clank 2002[View]
541971850Death Guard Vidya: Do you think we will ever get a 40k game from the perspective of Grandfathers fav…[View]
541963667>be me, 26 >reading ability starting to slow down, can't keep up with subs for anime game…[View]
541974136Will it be better than Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
541965672Did the PlayStation 5 get its second videogame yet? Seriously what the fuck does this thing have? Wh…[View]
541961501>game franchise changes studio >becomes even better than the original games Guess what game…[View]
541974679Thoughts on these games?[View]
541969189Why doesn't anyone like this game?[View]
541959349Would you risk you're life to save this?[View]
541973643>muh 80's >muh coke >muh neon >muh extremely basic 80's top 40 The greatest pl…[View]
541975156Can't help myself: Has it happened to you that you have many games to complete or games with ha…[View]
541918436Library of Ruina: Those Shi guys are kicking my ass. Hard to win a clash when their dice rolls are a…[View]
541968132She's right you know[View]
541961412Post video game robots that you think are cool /v/.[View]
541968076Doom Shitposting Thread[View]
541971618How the fuck do you play this shit[View]
541974954SkullGirls - 2nd encore: Wouldn't you think this game was ahead of its time back when it was re…[View]
541961656Just finished this kino. Why doesn't any cyberpunk game even come close? 2077 reminded me of it…[View]
541974691SOLARLIGHT EXPOSED AS A PEDO: https://youtu.be/zwEfi_Sh7Pc He groomed two underage boys on Discord, …[View]
541974219RE5: >His all out Haymaker and Backhand do 3000 damage >A fully upgraded magnum does 3000 or …[View]
541971840Anons post a picture and you recommend a game[View]
541970693Whats next for Yakuza series?[View]
541973807>Game has an entry that ends with '0'. is there a bigger red flag for a shitty series…[View]
541969198Alcina > Mia[View]
541974059FUCK HEDGIE[View]
541968793How come he became such a beloved character?[View]
541974326King Arthur: Knight's Tale: Is this any good? Is it more like Divinity OS, Wasteland 2-3, or Nu…[View]
541974248Anyone else actually love this game? I think it's been the only perfect arcade to console exper…[View]
541974161Remember when Brawl straight up spoiled Mother 3?[View]
541971421>yes >I said ecelebs should be banned >your thread does not deserve to exist >some threa…[View]
541947649Sekiro - A paunful experience: I've never been much into SoulsBorne games but Sekiro has finall…[View]
541974106Switching from Xiaoyu to Zafina was a great idea. I'm almost purples with less than 400 games.[View]
541974046What am I in for, /v/?[View]
541971680Which X-men character is this?[View]
541963060/v/ Iceberg Chart: Inspired by the Iceberg Chart on /x/. Post any legit/made up conspiracy theories.…[View]
541973631Why dont more games let you make customizable bases? I played a game as divisive as fo76 just for th…[View]
541973906What other 6th Gen series have aged beautifully? Bonus points for also neglected.[View]
541970407Youtube Big shot calls FONV The Frontier Better than FO3/New Vegas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
541968716Find a flaw.: You fucking can't.[View]
541968896Binding of Isaac Repentance Boss Leak: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C6copJUkx7A&list=PLjx3iPoT4…[View]
541966978Games never got better than this huh?[View]
541973501>doesn't have Elecmon and Betamon what the fuck were they thinking? I thought only Pokemon r…[View]
541972893Shinada is the best Yakuza protagonist.[View]
541970454Recently bought this game as I wanted to try out a new souls-like rogue RPG. However I'm having…[View]
541967123How many times have you beaten RE4?: I think I've beaten it atleast 4 times by now.[View]
541969330post a game you consider great and I will explain why it's shit and give it a metacritic score[View]
541970595he did nothing wrong[View]
541971989Gamma mogs every other sonic character and you know it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRL_vXZOjt4…[View]
541970719What's the /v/erdict?[View]
541973171You DO have this memorized, right anon?[View]
541973125>cunnymods are coming to CP2077 we literally just can't stop winning cyberchads…[View]
541954023Today, The Last of Us 2 has surpassed The Witcher 3 as the game with most awards. here's the mo…[View]
541972709Would you and how would you make/ want a game with this aesthetic?[View]
541971381>'Well maybe after all this is over, I'll pay her a call... and the boy.'…[View]
541969337Do you think Capcom was aware of what they were doing by making sexy vampires the main villains in R…[View]
541970679As the world hones in on the great reset, how's your stock of back ups going? Got plenty of spa…[View]
541966395>fighting game not totally braindead but not hard enough for casuals Any other fighting games lik…[View]
541969151Ethan is based: After years of playing unrealistic anime heroes 7 fixed shit by letting us play as j…[View]
541970482>Yhuh, cdneb. Huf. E's kuehk du nip so bicco ymm ujan oui ihdem oui muug mega y kmywat tuhid…[View]
541971759This is what /v/ thinks women find attractive at the age of 27. Yeah, I'm sure girls love men a…[View]
541966506let's laugh at the zelda timeline[View]
541970750How fast can she run?[View]
541971787IMO Peak FG what's yours?[View]
541955739Do we like this game? Which of the 3ds fire emblem games are worth playing? The Tellius games were f…[View]
54197201324th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Finalists: >The winners will be revealed at the D.I.C.E. Awards cerem…[View]
541969217Is buying a used/refurbished Nintendo Wii worth it? I never had a console in my entire life, except …[View]
541969123>grrrr, fresh meat ![View]
541970598Does /v/ like android girls?[View]
541969363>only a consolefag deals in absolutes[View]
541967481>3 hours in >Have done nothing but hit the ‘X’ button This isn’t a particularly good game, is…[View]
541961835What's her appeal?[View]
541970270Post vidya characters who got tha drip[View]
541971763I honestly wouldn't mind a 3rd Street Fighter character in Smash.[View]
541939646Deep Rock Galactic has sold 2 Million Units: What went fucking right, /v/?[View]
541968348Did most of you actually played CYBERPUNK 2077 and disliked it.: Or are you just bandwagon hopping N…[View]
541971631Chose the Plague Doctor by accident.: First one in the Training department. Fuck.[View]
541970808>Killed Chrom why did she do it?[View]
541966172How many of the games you play do you usually pirate ?: >inb4 this post glows. No, I'm just …[View]
541966558dogma balls: just started dragon dogma as a strider how the fuck am i supposed to evade attacks ther…[View]
541968759>friends are calling me a faggot becuase I think this game deviates too much from the typical RE …[View]
541964282Name a better Rhythm game. An ACTUAL rhythm game. not some generic waifu garbage where all you do is…[View]
541971114I beelined research for the P-51 Mustang, but these slow speeds and low g-tolerance are killing me. …[View]
541962787What types of games do OLs play?[View]
541964692Luigi floating on an egg over the sea: Luigi floating on an egg over the sea[View]
541968637Atomicrops: This game is hella dope. I really love the art and animation..[View]
541899036Resident Evil: >takes a knife to his mouth >lost a hand >lost a leg >stabbed multiple ti…[View]
541970773What are some games with strange mechanics that seem out of place?[View]
541968613Okay /v/ fill in the blank A game is only good if it includes __________.[View]
541970705Subversive Games: What are some games that subvert expectations of the genre and are good? This pict…[View]
541937584This game doesn't have a single bad level. If you think it does, you got filtered.[View]
541959685Kevin Hart to play Roland in new Borderlands movie: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/ke…[View]
541966619Good evening /v/! Are you going to play Love Live! School Idol Festival ~after school ACTIVITY~ Wai-…[View]
541956156Why are Hylians the master race when the Sheikah made robots, teleporters, tablets, a de-aging ray, …[View]
541970545Why is he so angry?[View]
541960385>he conserves shotgun ammo for bosses You're not one of those, are you anon? You know that s…[View]
541970249How many men did he murder?[View]
541899645Name ONE good roguelike[View]
541968531>Relaunch the Arkham series with new and improved visuals, colours, etc >Does not launch it on…[View]
541969738YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE A STORY WITHOUT A GAME: burn in hell rockstar[View]
541970271Games you have nearly completely forgotten: Anybody else play a game when they were young and have s…[View]
541969114When did Konami go to shit?[View]
541943995>Greirat >gray-rat >is gray >has rat like features Dark souls lore…[View]
541953417I can’t pinpoint why I don’t like the new hitman games compared to the originals. Mechanically they …[View]
541970008for me....it's marion[View]
541968663>Mass Effect Andromeda >Fallout 76 >Anthem >Cyberpunk 2077 >Warcraft 3 Reforged >M…[View]
541965713Gimme a game I should start playing right now[View]
541969645Japanese indies scene: The west has a really big and strong one, but I don't see much indie gam…[View]
541967621Ethan dies! IT'S OVER![View]
541968760So is /v/ now into seniors?: I salute you.[View]
541965424>2021 >DSi XL build quality still hasn’t been beaten…[View]
541963072What are some RPGs that use personally types to determine character stats and attributes? Something …[View]
541969141Khajiit has wares, if you have coin![View]
541969135Can you please explain?[View]
541968937Games with absolutely no women: I mean zero, zilch, nada. I just played through this game in like 3 …[View]
541969046fuck these things easy to kill annoyances[View]
541944642Find a flaw.[View]
541968956post your top 10 most played gayms: and bully others for their shit taste[View]
541961312brehs, i miss maple story 2 :([View]
541965432God Todd Live stream for something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OedVKKUhRQo&ab_channel=Bethe…[View]
541968790>game completely forgets the plot point it set up at the end of the revious game…[View]
541964983Can someone tell me why these games are so popular? The amount of degeneracy among its fanbase is so…[View]
541965087SMTbros ww@?[View]
541960470>Can I play Among Us on your phone?[View]
541966658dyson sphere program thread just bought it, downloading. is it any good? I loved Factorio and Worker…[View]
541966552What game have you replayed the most?[View]
541968542How do I beat La Suite boss?[View]
541968110They literally put MovieBob into this game, without us noticing.[View]
541968363Will there ever be a game OST to surpass this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPVohspy054[View]
541960128Name a better JRPG series: I dare you.[View]
541963587Just installed this. What am I in for, /v/?[View]
541957862>game you were hyped for was a complete disappointment What's her name?…[View]
541968074Why did it fail?[View]
541966084what's the deal with game jams? Share experiences[View]
541964214>hate games with lots of long cutscenes >also have an autistic need to understand 100% of the …[View]
541967323Switch Super: The next Switch model is the 'Super Switch'. It's due to release around October a…[View]
541967582Best GBA emulator? Need to play Harvest Moon[View]
541967890I want my daughter to be exactly like her.[View]
541966903Sex scenes in vidya. Why are they always so cringe? Who decided that this shit must always be in wes…[View]
541967154What did square enix mean by this?[View]
541961435why are there no good gaming youtubers /v/?[View]
541928604YOU FUCKED UP MY GAME[View]
541965121>GTA IV = RDR2 > RDR1 = Max Payne 3 > Bully > GTA V = GTA SA > GTA VC > GTA III…[View]
541964161What do they eat?[View]
541967032>how did I live >IN A KINGDOM OF THIEEEEVES…[View]
541960821webm thread[View]
541967564Who the fuck puts platform jumping in a walking simulator? Playing through this and every fucking se…[View]
541963774OHNONONONONONONONONO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Fix our game and make your own tools while you’re at it. …[View]
541967524what are some games about abuse?[View]
541966391>play japanese game >includes a crossdressing segment 'as a joke'…[View]
541966080guys... I can't play final finatasy 7: a realm reborn... aerith is too sexy...[View]
541958737OH FUC-[View]
541966575Will you buy her game, /v/?[View]
541966990>here's your overworld theme, bro https://mobile.twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/13541573…[View]
541965395Golden Sun: Where is the Dark Dawn sequel???????[View]
541962887Cyberpunk: Someone give me a quick rundown on this. How come gaming 'journalists' are shitting all o…[View]
541960994Imagine: a hentai nsfw Yume Nikki fangame where the MC visits several dream worlds where she can fuc…[View]
541965692Who would win?[View]
541951239Why does Yakuza hate its female characters so much?[View]
541961149botw 2 first leaked image[View]
541962075>torrent game >get call from my isp >get a warning and hang up >torrent another game…[View]
541957107I just beat this game. What did I think of it /v/?[View]
541960709/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>541890359 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
541955904what the fuck was that ending? what even happened?[View]
541959856Dragon Ball FighterZ: Who is better?[View]
541927563Why did dmc drop the paranormal/demon hunting agency angle so hard? It is such a shame a lot of cool…[View]
541966817>The closest acknowledgement we have gotten to Legacy of Kain in years is a reference in Astro…[View]
541958538How do I get a gf like Judy?[View]
541959654>I just love SMT! It's so much better than all those other generic anime JRPGs out there!…[View]
541959787Is she a tyrant? Would explain her height, claws and even the yuge tits.[View]
541957254SMT thread Post favorite demons[View]
541966749So, what vidya are you getting for Christmas?[View]
541963350Do you have any special edition consoles or do you think they are a waste of money?[View]
541966637Ok you were right this is normietier[View]
541964601Here's your controller patent, bro[View]
541966597WORST GAME OF ALL TIME: Has there ever been a game with more inferior, wretched mission design? I am…[View]
541966546Is Cannonball a remix of X vs Zero? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9_KLdeaijs https://www.youtube.…[View]
541960612Which consoles do you actually own? For me, it's >PS3 >GameCube >DS >Switch…[View]
541966361>Oh wow look at this ancient precursor civilisation structure that hasn't been accessed in m…[View]
541961912>best game in the franchise is lesser known or obscure What it's name?…[View]
541907980It's...dare i say it.....better than RE2 remake[View]
541934768Ganyu is gone soon ROLL ROLL ROLL: Also what are some good fucking 4 star artifacts for my team?…[View]
541964860Cyberpunk: Who was the true villain and why?[View]
541958927APPLE BUYING POKEMON: HUGE FUCKING LEAK: Apple is apparently in talks with Nintendo to buy HALF of t…[View]
541963639How do we feel about etrian odyssey iv[View]
541965632what's so great about him? why does everyone and their grandmother seem to think he's the …[View]
541947335Snake Eater: *is literally impossible to emulate in your path* PC bros, when are we getting a PC por…[View]
541965379Top Releases of December 2020: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/593110/view/30201946872224498…[View]
541965471https://newsroom.intel.com/articles/intel-releases-iris-xe-desktop-graphics-cards/ https://www.intel…[View]
541966001Time to save the Dimitrescu bloodline[View]
541965960Omori thread How is everyone enjoying the game I love Aubrey so much[View]
541965930ANY player line in inquisition that is not complete dogshit?[View]
541957385I build vagina[View]
541965786>Every other RPG/Setting steals its ideas, concepts from something that already exist >Morrow…[View]
541948028Post an interesting outfit from a game you like.[View]
541965269What are the best courtroom, crime, and drama games you have played? Ace Attorney and Judgement are …[View]
541963562Cuz I'm a mage.[View]
541928632TCHINA bad: Bloody spell. Pros: -Mods already on steam workshop -Not Soulslike. More Nier Automata l…[View]
541963848It's a good Far Cry game[View]
541962625The only game to make turn-based combat fun.[View]
541965348Why did Chris give up on Leon and now he's bothering Ethan?[View]
541962810>tfw want to play a game but can't[View]
541960626>Bunny Day >collect eggs >Halloween >collect candy >Turkey Day >collect mushrooms …[View]
541964104It's the same exact house as Ethan's in Heavy Rain[View]
5419579922021...I am forgotten[View]
541965058>number 1 genre in the world right now is one where you unironically pay thousands of dollars for…[View]
541956441Is this collection worth it?[View]
541961919What video games are you looking forward to playing this year?[View]
541963410Let's take a minute off the Jap waifu simulators, what do you think about these less known RPGs…[View]
541931264>a-anon there’s a vacancy at the amagi inn tonight, u- um(voice trembling) w-would you be in-inte…[View]
541964940We're winning[View]
541937173Rune Factory: Let's start the day with a hearty greeting! Good morning![View]
541963420I did not care for Breath of the Wild.[View]
541964850Fuck digital games. Physical is the future POWER TO THE PLAYERS[View]
541960890>Metal Gear built decades before REX and the literalwho 2D ones is fully bipedal, can jump, and h…[View]
541964776Trying to find games with attractive but mature looking anime girls pleaase respond[View]
541964708What went wrong?[View]
541959319Are the other games playing?[View]
541962632>N64 emulation is b-[View]
541959629>2021 >people buy horror games to coom >future games will try to appeal to this degenerate …[View]
541964394was it kino?[View]
541960989this is geoff keighley.[View]
541952472What went wrong?[View]
541961671Getting back to games mid-playthrough: Do you guys also have a hard time getting back to a game afte…[View]
541964317HOW does he do it?[View]
541964223post it rate it[View]
541964046Why don't we see more cryptids in games? And even then, why not use them effectively in creepy …[View]
541948159Is the primordial tyrant from ReV:III going to normalise veins of big titted characters? It feels li…[View]
541964090>Enemy wheelbarrow spotted, haha![View]
541963458Missed opportunities in games: How in THE FUCK can they choose to pronounce this guys name as lou-c…[View]
541962552>Skeleton boss >IVE GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU…[View]
541962958What's your guys' favorite legendaries and why? I personally am a fan of the regis (specif…[View]
541963268Tabletop Simbros: what games do you guys play on Tabletop Sim? >single player >with friends…[View]
541938091Tyler McVicker claims Valve employees are begging for him to comment on why he changed his channel n…[View]
541963532Olimar is the greatest Nintendo protagonist.[View]
541960948What's the worst case of hand-holding you've seen in a video game?[View]
541963549Animal Crossing: >here's your gyroid update bro[View]
541963312>*has the kinoest collection of kino bosses of any game ever in yourpath* is there any other game…[View]
541959261fun dumb action games: what are your favorite action games, /v/?[View]
541958490Am i the only one that fapped to MK female characters when i was young ?[View]
541929919Here's your Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell dungeon bro[View]
541960561TF2: Scout is the best class for salt farming in tf2, which also makes him the best class in general…[View]
541940743It's over, Shazam is finished.[View]
541940038Literally impossible[View]
541942362>dad abandoned him >dad is also a serial rapist >only romance option who cheats on Shepard …[View]
541962896danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls 2 was supposed to be the final full announcement last year on Danga…[View]
541959138Say my name.[View]
541951227>His top 10 games doesn't include any strategy titles[View]
541959180Which pokemon creature would you keep as a pet?[View]
541961924>Quicksaves aren't allowed[View]
541962518>Japanese level >'YOOOOOOOOOOO!'[View]
541957394Do they ever state directly in the canon if this creature is a male with long hair or female with bi…[View]
541958840There is no better theme[View]
541960395>2 days until release >Still no steam store page anyone else worried it'll be a delayed r…[View]
541936914WHAT WENT SO RIGHT?[View]
541962480FFIX Coziness: The coziest room in the game imo. The soft moonlight on the old wood. Discarded equip…[View]
541962468HOES MAD[View]
541962465Gamestop?: Will Gamestop give me more money back on returns now that their company is pumping? Where…[View]
541945798Ok /v/, actual question: Who own's Morshu, as well as all the other Zelda CDI character's?…[View]
541955014>only way to download offline installers easily or get your cloud saves is to install galaxy …[View]
541947669>w-we need to take the Epic exclusive deal on Hitman 3 or we'll go bankrupt :((( >btw we…[View]
541960787Post the most memorable /v/ music: This shit is in my head constantly https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
541959194This is what played in George Floyd's head 24/7[View]
541957991The Last of Us part 2 is now the game with most awards of all time.[View]
541951416Why did Cyberpunk fail?[View]
541936290How is your game going /v/ ? You ARE working on a game, right ?[View]
541959630Okay but who is the guilty gear?[View]
541962089Noita Thread: Took me quite a few tries, but I did it. Blind, of course. PS: I hate fucking NHissis…[View]
541956991https://youtu.be/n2nvk9c1AyU ee oo ee EEII ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YAY ba daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YAY ba ba…[View]
541958770is it good?[View]
541957935ITT games you need high IQ and sophisticated taste to truly appreciate.[View]
541959396>here anon, I got you that Rhythm Heaven game you always wanted![View]
54195609411 years old today: Say something nice[View]
541961431ITT: GTA Killers[View]
541960063what is the worst dark souls area?[View]
541948736So why Xenoblade purist decide to get pissy about Xenoblade 2? I thought last year we all had come t…[View]
541953395Vidya feet[View]
541959251games for midwits: There are many ways to find truly good games, e.g. metacritic is a very reliable …[View]
541960071How many games fo you have on it? Ia bought the console 3 months ago for Bloodborne, FF7 and Persona…[View]
541959994Is anyone here actually looking forward to the Diamond and Pearl remakes or is it more like a popcor…[View]
541960436Super Smash Bros: Ultimate Fighter Pass vol. 2/Challenger Pack 9 'leak': Anonymous sources tell me P…[View]
541955710January Direct: I hope you guys are ready, its been way too long but sleeping giant Nintendo is abou…[View]
541888771/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>541860991 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
541957436can some one please tell me hwat the fuck a strand type game is supposed to be[View]
541958129>Sora! I've been waiting for you for so long...[View]
541960070Lego Sywalker Saga: Will this have stupid voice overs?[View]
541918287Name games you played in the last 4 weeks >Cyberpunk >Kingmaker >Battleshit 2 (deleted afte…[View]
541957000What's /v/s favorite conveyor belt game?[View]
541944821ITT: Dialogue that causes erections[View]
541960134Adding alt costume dlc for the characters would be the easiest money Nintendo ever made.[View]
541960407The Wonderful 101 / TW101: FUCK the fucking toilet achievement in this game, I swear I've been …[View]
541959118Aerith thread: Do you think she trained to use her rod, or she just use it to channel her magic powe…[View]
541954638Say heavenly[View]
541960296>game has academic environment >suddenly the sense of struggle become real and harder even tho…[View]
541958297>2015+6 >he doesn't play any MOBAs Care to explain yourself?…[View]
541941859ITT: Games you did not enjoy but completed anyways[View]
541956678What the fuck was his problem?[View]
541959827what the fuck was his problem?[View]
541956352What makes New Vegas better than a typical Bethesda game? Is it the writing? World design? A bit of …[View]
541948579ITT: 'modern' games (at least no older than 2016) that unironically filtered you because they were t…[View]
541959705hey... is that ellen page in witcher 1?[View]
541935938He's probably not in ultimate: But imo he is all but confirmed for smash 6. Given that its unli…[View]
541958775Thought on nu-raider?[View]
541957774>game makes fun of you for being a chronic masturbator[View]
541956118Can we admit that this game is garbage?: Dull combat that takes no strategy whatsoever and barely in…[View]
541956403>history is written by the victor, and here I was thinking we won Who was Victor though?…[View]
541955419>replaying game >reach 'that' part >lose all interest What is it for you? Pic related, fuck…[View]
5419529201TB Xbox Expansion Card: I have owned one since launch, yet I still cannot get SeX.[View]
541956739Mafia 2: What would have been the other alternative endings ? It also ends pretty abrupt but otherwi…[View]
541945053Just bought my first xbox controller as a playstation who had played with ps controller since ps1. G…[View]
541956468Literally impossible[View]
541953494Why does everyone say Tom Nook is the evil one when Isabelle exists?[View]
541959162What do they do for fun in the Undercity?[View]
541957941*AHEM* Mod Skyrim NOW.[View]
541954653Name a better tutorial town[View]
541958359When did League of Legends lose its soul?[View]
541954304>you can see the final level from the first level[View]
541955619Dyson Sphere Program, anyone play it? Worth getting? It looks good but I see its an early-access gam…[View]
541958721There is not a single combat system that wouldn't be improved by removing stat progression and …[View]
541958639It was ahead of it's time.[View]
541958930i miss her like you wouldnt believe.[View]
541952657Which Hunie are going to pop first?[View]
541957180Barry, where's Barry?[View]
541958756Tehenhauin, prophet of Sotek demands a Warhammer Total War thread and as many sacrifices of ratmen a…[View]
541958735I'm looking for a good game to play while I grind out levels in FFXIV. I just finished out Huni…[View]
541952656well, which one is it /v/?[View]
541948857Why is the best looking Sonic game over 13 years old.[View]
541957207Why is this so good?[View]
541957030Nintendo Direct Leak 1.28.2021: Third Party Games: Grand Theft Auto 5 releases in April. Fall Guys: …[View]
541957729ITT: '''villains''' who were actually in the right[View]
541957735Honest-to-God thoughts on The Origami King? It's certainly better than any of the post-Super Pa…[View]
541956436Your money or your life.[View]
541953520PC bros, we got too cocky...[View]
541955559Who shot down the first chopper How did Leon and Ashley get back home on a shitty jet ski from Europ…[View]
541954296The great debate[View]
541957908Just finished this kino. Why doesn't any cyberpunk game even come close? 2077 reminded me of it…[View]
541958005This is free on Gamepass :^)[View]
541956630https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/modding-support Apologize.[View]
541955108Farcry 3: Why is it so good? I played it around 2014, I just went through again, and it absolutely h…[View]
541941083>I'm glad I never pirated any game![View]
541948997what do they eat[View]
541957837BioMutant: is alive, May 25th, 2021[View]
541952829Was this the worst thing to happen to gaming[View]
541956667>choose gayest skin >win >watch the other team seethe…[View]
541944734It's finally out!: what do you think /v/? is it good?[View]
541946909Only the best vidya bros can be posted ITT[View]
541947884Have you ever fallen in love with a vidya character?[View]
541954971>Game records how many times you saved, without reason at all[View]
541950868Mass Effect: You did romance best girl and give her a home, right?[View]
541957081>2 days until release >Still no steam store page anyone else worried it'll be a delayed r…[View]
541957653>Less than one week left I'm going to miss it, bros...[View]
541957637Spartan rate thread[View]
541956057How do I unlock the floss?[View]
541952315I-is that HL2 ambience playing? I'm - I'm getting so spooked AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!![View]
541956093>Can't get in without a mask[View]
541957418So this is how it all ends huh? My old rival... you have bested me...Goofy[View]
541951876So now that the PS5 is officially dead, what's next for snoy?[View]
541947046The Great Debate: Which is worse?[View]
541954310I have a conundrum for PC gamers who can't emulate certain (beloved) games due to various issue…[View]
541955104SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: what was the best 2010s sonic game?[View]
541955030>dad walks in[View]
541956524Was he alone?[View]
541956543Three games for such an anticlimactic death? Were they winging the story?[View]
541944771alright, maybe this gen is okay.[View]
541954769I Hate Redanians: The Redanians in the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt make me feel a more inten…[View]
541955863why do so many of the characters look like africans?[View]
541952009Is it okay to admit that you enjoy the series now since it isn’t that popular with normalfags anymor…[View]
541929326https://twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/1354066937081376768?s=20 Gay Pride Month and Mario items, …[View]
541946579>I regard bad ideas as non-canon. Coward. You accept the good with the bad.…[View]
541954482GTA Trilogy Remaster: Rockstar Dundee formally Ruffian Games is hard at work on HD remasters for GTA…[View]
541956385What's the dumbest opinion you seen on /v/?: I'll start >Hard mode is meant to be play…[View]
541954995Do all strategy games have stupid AI?: higher difficulties give them a handicap where they get extra…[View]
541940319>open world Its going to be shit, isn't it?[View]
541941009Be honest, do you believe Sakurai is really that good?: Just a question. I'm curious about what…[View]
541953352What do you think it's like being a Gym Leader, bros? What do they do when they're not bei…[View]
541953458Did anyone else use video game characters as role models growing up because they had shitty parents …[View]
541954403Whats the problem with 4chan and its war with reddit? Why is everyone on here so angry with everybod…[View]
541956270>finish game >snap disc in half[View]
541934342we don't need to focus on graphi-[View]
541956160What are some games similar to the Fable franchise?[View]
541953772it's a parrot lol[View]
541951537Battle Brothers: I’m a fan of Glen Cook, whose Black Company series of novels I wholeheartedly recom…[View]
541903480Kiseki thread?: Kiseki thread[View]
541948058Can you please explain?[View]
541955914>Be Microsoft >One of the most powerful and richest companies in the world >Still can'…[View]
541931062When does it get bad? Im 3 hours in and im really enjoying it: gives lots of roleplay and dialogue o…[View]
541947963what do they eat[View]
541955782Trope you are sick of seeing: Mandatory tutorial for sequels are fucking awful[View]
541942429>Hear about how this supposedly is one of the best games of all time >Decide to actually try i…[View]
541954767It's actually pretty good. And most of the bad glitches have been removed on PC. The next updat…[View]
541951190How come Angels are portrayed as assholes in media? Why aren’t they chill bros or heroic saints that…[View]
541910746Shiggy has to be bullshitting us. That stache doesn't look a day younger than 38.[View]
541952868Binding of Isaac final boss analysis (spoilers): (1/?) Basically the pattern is, every final boss re…[View]
541955387>Peach's royal '''guards''' Why are Toads so fucking pathetic?[View]
541953894Two generations later is it still accurate?[View]
541952801I know /v/ hates gacha shit, but what are some gacha games with fun gameplay?[View]
541954756Does this piece of shit work on the switch?[View]
541943448Name one JRPG with an actual well written and coherent plot that doesn't pose a million questio…[View]
541939258Is it good? I've been looking for long JRPGs[View]
541952413This game really exposed me as a brainlet. I only got as far as the third island in 30 hours of game…[View]
541954348Will nintendo ever fund anything like this again?[View]
541953787Was he a Zionist?[View]
541954985Remember that time Elon musk and Open AI made an AI that plays dota? What are some other examples of…[View]
541949964Cyberpunk 2077.[View]
541951043Puyo Puyo Thread[View]
541943330Are devs fucking retarded?: >requires a 1k GPU to play in 1080p >runs on an iGPU in 1080p…[View]
541929040You'll buy their game right anon?[View]
541926335One developer contends that a Switch Pro might not be that big of a deal: >After making light of …[View]
541951170This is Judy Alvarez's face model. Say something nice about her.[View]
541952531When it comes down to it, this really is a flawless remake.[View]
541954548I'M ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_87RChirsw[View]
541954550You could build your own console if you really wanted to, you know.[View]
541954516Look at what just arrived in the mail![View]
541954261>You WILL discuss videogames >You WILL not post off-topic garbage >You WILL not post hololi…[View]
541911832Convince me that it would have been worse if they'd simply done a 1:1 remake.[View]
541930483VITA THREAD: Just got one, post recs[View]
541954112>Oh, so the 'events' in your life is what makes you stronger? Avoiding them cheapens your life, y…[View]
541946707VR Games?: Gonna be buying the Rift S, cause its the only one available where im from at the moment …[View]
541952172Greedfall worth it?: Just bought a PS4 off a buddy of mine for cheap. Got online and saw this game w…[View]
541948430FFXII: Let's talk about one of the best Final Fantasy of all time.[View]
541949903Vaporwave thread: I actually wanted to play as a British monkey[View]
541952130just bought Cyberpunk: what am I in for?[View]
541953613Did anybody else ever wish they could enter the Video Zone as a kid[View]
541942290hahaha https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/593110/view/3020194687222449850[View]
541838435Dragon Ball FighterZ: take your pick[View]
541950613Just finished this. What did I think of it?[View]
541947156>search 'apparel' >no results let's change that by starting a video game apparel thread p…[View]
541934590How the fuck do people like this shit game?: >cant control your party members >party ai is abs…[View]
541953450What was their endgame?[View]
541953378IT'S OUT[View]
541951972It's out. Does anybody still play?[View]
541939220Can we admit that this game is garbage?: Dull combat that takes no strategy whatsoever and barely in…[View]
541952787How woke is it? Is it worth it to learn Lua to make games on this? I'm a fucking brainlet who w…[View]
541952345>Go into game store >Workers keep shilling shit I don't care about…[View]
541952464Why yes, I do believe that ZeldaxLink is the only true ship. How could you tell?[View]
541953193>'it's a prank, bro!'[View]
541948387ITT: Overrated shit[View]
541938703It's out[View]
541952950defend this shit nintenbros[View]
541940348ITT: Favourite game from the year you were born. I'll start.[View]
541949983>no Elden Ring: >no AoE4 >here's your TES VI, bro... *gibs Starfield* >no CoH3 Will…[View]
541952675I almost forgot i have this thing, what games should i try so i can buy them later on other plattfor…[View]
541937782>Physical media is dea[View]
541950997>one shots you Heh nothing personel kiddo[View]
541943296Persona 3 is best Persona: The game that is written like a novel with deep lore and immersive gamepl…[View]
541952558post the best /v/ memes thread: >'By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I c…[View]
541937334Name a better fighting game. You can't.[View]
541950109Collectibles of any kind is THE most laziest form of 'CONTEN' imaginable[View]
541951521Why does North America keep getting snubbed for special editions of Nintendo games. Why do they not …[View]
541944970Mario Maker 2: why'd they stop updating it? i'll never not be disappointed that they releg…[View]
541940658What is it about this one game in particular that draws in the mentally ill? I know, I know >King…[View]
541952303Best. Villain Motivation. Ever.[View]
541952289Do you like Satori?[View]
541948106Which of these games are worth buying?[View]
541952092Can we agree how lazy the last 2 DLC's were? Boring and uninteresting content compared to the b…[View]
541951128>video games are not ar-[View]
541951373>whole island is supposed to be covered in a scary, unsettling paranormal fog >In reality it…[View]
541925523I think I know why Minecraft is so soulless now. It used to be so barren, but that barrenness create…[View]
541944941>really want to get into card games. >there are like 10000 cards to remember. Is it over for n…[View]
541950127>he plays Cyberpunk / Fallout / Skyrim >he doesn`t max out melee and damage threshold fromt he…[View]
541935064itt: dumb easter eggs/4th wall breaks that get you: >player character starts to get antsy if you …[View]
541942247Best/Cool armor in games?[View]
541949027Hideo Kojima ruined a whole generation of video game writers: PTSD AND LSD Conceited with low self e…[View]
541949961minecraft servers: What are some /v/ approved minecraft servers?[View]
541949556Son, we have to talk about the kind of video games you've been playing.[View]
541949834I don't care to play the other games, especially not the RE3 remake. This is Jill Valentine.[View]
541950793How do I stop getting angry at video games? I just split my lip punching myself in anger, and I hate…[View]
541951561>look for sekiro gameplay on ps5 to see how much faster respawn loading screens are >every vid…[View]
541951279>FGCucks will defend this[View]
541949002>best in the series by far >only fable game without a pc port this needs to happen, the game c…[View]
541947308>play a new video game >get bored after 1 hour >browse 4chan for 6 hours How do i stop doi…[View]
541945341Games you adore despite an obvious flaw: Maybe part of it is being a serieslong monhun fag but Kojim…[View]
541950804what are some essential workshop addons for pic related? anything between bug fixes, improvements, q…[View]
541948075GBA E-READER AND DIGIMON: Why wasn't there a digimon tamers game for the GBA using the E-reader…[View]
541913383Civ 6: Vietnam: >Vietnam >No bonus to rice…[View]
541945860Bio mutant release date: Release date in pic related >Xbox One, PS4, and PC…[View]
541951282I recently homebrewed my 3ds and now that I'm done playing all the games I wanted to on it I…[View]
541946692Zelda: BotW Zelda is such a fucking nerd and I just want to spoil and pamper her![View]
541944839So she's like Kairi's sister now?[View]
541932721Name a shmup with more soul. You can't.[View]
541946886>Post your face when people are still trying to defend Cyberjunk in 2021. Your choices don't…[View]
541950991>nickname is tied to the steam/epic store username Disgusting.[View]
541950916START THE RIOT!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IEYGmiD5cg[View]
541946206Hey guys its me again. I started a thread yesterday about how Youtube wasnt working on my WiiU but i…[View]
541944751Did it filter you?[View]
541950801What are the odds this thing actually releases and isn't a scam?[View]
541941584Am I the only one who thinks that all the maps in the nu hitman 3 are smaller than Sapienza?[View]
541916521Play Divinity: Original Sin[View]
541947510I need a good tactical game, first person shooter, singleplayer (vs AI) only. What would you /v/irg…[View]
541950658Today's featured industry sell-out: In this thread we discuss today's much reviled sell-ou…[View]
541947731Trying to Scratch an Itch: There's a strange mechanic I enjoy that I've only experienced i…[View]
541949862What do they eat?[View]
541949939DSP - Dyson Sphere Program: There was a discussion yesterday for how to get continuous fire for a ri…[View]
541935136So Dragons don't need armor because of their thick skin right?[View]
541948653Metroid Prime 4: Will it fail? Will the series be permanently shelfed?[View]
541947070Will you be watching it? It's tonight at 6:30pm.[View]
541898196The fall of Donkey Kong: What the fuck happend to Donkey Kong? He went from being one of the most ic…[View]
541950183How is this a roguelite, it's just an arcade game. There's no stages, just the same enemie…[View]
541949520why did they charge 60 dollars for an expansion and put a 3 on the cover?[View]
541949945>Why yes, I am a Wario main. How could you tell?[View]
541934790This game feels nothing like AC Odyssey: Here I expected another AC Odyssey 1.5 but this game feels …[View]
541949927Why did this never happen?[View]
541947721If she doesn't have a bob cut, then I'm not interested.[View]
541949734>both allies and enemy's are retarded[View]
541922798Let's fight Edelgard together anon.[View]
541941806shes ugly[View]
541933537Any game you can't beat by the 40 hour mark is full of time wasting filler[View]
541947243How do we fix Overwatch?[View]
541947003Is getting fucked by RNG inherently an important part of the RPG experience? or is it something that…[View]
541944789there are literally no games to play[View]
541945067Have you grown out of certain genres?[View]
541948918I'm so fucking tired of normies getting filtered by this nigga[View]
541939198i don't like hard games. i don't like competitive online/multiplayer games. i just like ea…[View]
541942845legit achievement hunters: how do you cope knowing that 90% of steam uses sam?[View]
541945637games that capture this feel?: i love big betrayals after spending tons of time adventuring with and…[View]
541916220Linux is great: Want to make your life shittier for no reason? Install Linux! It's great! You c…[View]
541948849>He uses 'Style over Substance' as an argument[View]
541948826what's with soulless stuff lately wtf[View]
541940740bang bang bang pull my devil trigger![View]
541946332/v/ could buy Gamestop: This is incredibly vidya related, so mods hold your dicks before fucking me …[View]
541948668What if we had a game inspired by Castlevanias platforming, Mortal Kombat's fatalities, and Dev…[View]
541948643The generation that killed video games[View]
541945387Maybe I should...[View]
541947021Raise your hand if you tried a faith build.[View]
541938497Mr. Francis Morgan York, I demand Deadly Premonition thread.: So says Mr. Steward.[View]
541948253JUICE? WHO'S GOT THE JUICE?![View]
541941615It actually has too much water.[View]
541914969Herobrine's seed has finally been found!: https://minecraftathome.com/projects/herobrine.html …[View]
541928468Are there no games with combat as good as Monster Hunter? List some I can try[View]
541946876Did you play any fun games today /v/?[View]
541934825What's the oldest polish video game?[View]
541947780Cyber-shadow: is this game being ignored because it's a day one on Gamepass? let me check metac…[View]
541939315Ladies and Gentlemen: The first true next gen game that’s not a remake or also on last gen consoles …[View]
541940573how does an unreleased game manage to get 200 awards?[View]
541863931you...did romance Tali.. right anon??[View]
541933205guilty gear strive: Oh Boy Guilty Gear Strive is looking mad good. They now have indie game dev redd…[View]
541945347I miss them every day, bros...[View]
541942409>listening to vidya music >fantasize about performing it in high school or a convention or cam…[View]
541947161>name the first game after the damsel to push the protagonist being a self insert you should name…[View]
541946998>adds in analog control mod to pic related NOW, it is perfect.[View]
541947026Is Fallout: The Frontier good for you?[View]
541946492i like swamp levels[View]
541942324Well, /v/?[View]
541926650Can You Name Video Game Niggas?: Without using Google, can you think of any male black video game ch…[View]
541945449>more shit to do than in any gta game[View]
541946474Does Switch have a lot of good games? Can you mod it or is it still not possible?[View]
541945035Is catle of illusion on the genesis STILL the best mickey video game ?[View]
541946327Who was in the wrong here?[View]
541946637YOU FUCKED UP MY FACE[View]
541945895Hitman 3: The last good game in the history of vidya.[View]
541940456should I emulate this on Project64 or Dolphin?[View]
541942553Is this game good? I enjoyed it back in the day[View]
541905095>Combat is entirely RNG based[View]
541945181Fallout: How come ghouls don't say normie in the new games?[View]
541939808Metal Gear: Why did they cancel this game? Even with Platinum's gameplay, I still think they co…[View]
54194594213 Sentinels: >aoi, kaze ni, yurareru... >minute later song cuts out Man 2-10 hit different.…[View]
541946159Play GTA 5: Explain what you don't like about the PC version (for modding capability) without m…[View]
541938051If there was competing versions release, would you prefer an Intelligent Systems developed Panel de …[View]
541945017SAY THE WORD![View]
541942659Use your video game knowledge to survive this encounter.: *SCREEEEEEEEEECH* CLANK* *SCREEEENCH CLANK…[View]
541941717Play Bloodstained.[View]
541942339>it's an xbox fucks up your muscle memory update again >quit game now one option above so…[View]
541945490LG CX - HGIG vs DTM Great Debate: if you have an LG CX, do you use Dynamic Tone mapping or HGIG? why…[View]
5419457242020-2021 Press F[View]
541940969[Saldy, you know it to be true]: Can someone explain to me why it’s biologically impossible for wome…[View]
541944920I liked spyro more[View]
541945815>2021 >still no ai that learns from he player >still no game that modifies itself when its …[View]
541945745Take a suck[View]
541945617So is Dragon Ques XI any good? last one I played was ages ago..[View]
541940410Dead Space: What went so awfully right?[View]
541940860What's the /v/erdict?[View]
541944426PS5 just got its first game announced. >Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Op 2 who excite?…[View]
541945381Here is your new Silent Hill bro[View]
541944352Driving vidya?: I only played NFS MW for a few hours and Street Racing Syndicate. What are some must…[View]
541928205Just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my new gaming PC: Spent the last two hours cleaning up …[View]
541944935Why did 2D games have so much soul?[View]
541943994Can't choose what to play: I fucking hate when a game takes 100 hours to finish. I want to play…[View]
541939121Does Nintendo hate colors or something? Why is it that most Switch games have the very same washed-o…[View]
541937870list your top 11 favorite vidya gaems for me, its >Final Fantasy XV >Undertale >Crusader Ki…[View]
541945167Have you ever bought a game because of your dick? I bought Dead or Alive 5 and spent 30 hours posing…[View]
541945043>download battletech >die in the tutorial >uninstall game out of shame who else /failure/ h…[View]
541944417>tfw no modern Ranma ½ game[View]
541945006Why are the remake so soulless compared to the original Yakuza 1 and 2: Kiwamis have cheap reused co…[View]
541944982do you cosplay, /v/? post your cosplays in this thread[View]
541944947What are the odds this series will ever get a remake/reboot? I know they had that remake of original…[View]
541943425Is Hairworks worth it? Does having it make the experience more rich? Picture sort of related.[View]
541941994Mass Effect: Recommend me games in the same vein[View]
541941996I'm thinking about getting one of these: Just for two games: Crash Team Racing remake and RDR1 …[View]
541944019>Create classics like System shock 2, SWAT4 and all Bioshocks >Infinite comes out, it's a…[View]
541914421What gameplay mechanics should your ideal stealth game must have, /v/?[View]
541940251thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
541943847Did you inject him with the serum?[View]
541943579What location from RE was the most soulful?[View]
541932267Bioshock Infinite was an awful game.[View]
541944353https://twitter.com/Rajaontheedge/status/1354103878426324994 https://www.anandtech.com/show/16453/in…[View]
541942665What games manage to create a feeling of urgency without imposing any actual time limits?[View]
541914765Post the menu of a game and let others guess what it is.[View]
541944068bloody hell[View]
541941025calling it now, one of these two is gonna get in Smash[View]
541944293ITT: Kino areas in video games[View]
541942208which one /v/?[View]
541934901Is this good yet? Can I make my own faction yet? What's still missing that was in Warband?[View]
541940534This hurts to look at >4 million then vs 24 million now >Skyrim was the most played game…[View]
541939512Why is this considered offensive instead of cultural representation? Native American culture is cool…[View]
541904632ITT: soulful modern games[View]
541943853*AHEM* Mod Skyrim[View]
541885181ITT: Post Awful Game Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjyWXiZrSlQ[View]
541943532>gives you a heart attack[View]
541942134I am no longer asking. Your coins. Hand them over.[View]
541942957Danganronpa: Look at this picture they have their hair length swapped. Doesnt it make for interestin…[View]
541938692Post a game/series with more SOUL Pro-tip: You can't[View]
541939702Games that are going to cited by future world leaders and politicians as influential to their worldv…[View]
5419372703x3 thread[View]
541942971is this game worth playing w/o any dlc?: So im a poorfag and i got this game a long time ago, but i …[View]
541943340post games with huge potential killed by game designers who hate their own genre[View]
541935576has there ever been a video game song so beautiful, that it almost made you cry? for me its this …[View]
541934921webm thread: Webm thread[View]
541935758Is there a future for gaming laptops?: every zoomer want one[View]
541923523Fallout the Frontier: Did you guys fuck the deathclaw yet? https://youtu.be/JiA3t7c9voU[View]
541939317What makes a game the best?[View]
541942918so what's the deal with persona spin offs like dancin all night?[View]
541942835>game with only one tactical path wants you to make you feel guilty for having fun…[View]
541940443>there are people wasting their life away playing trash like this: same goes for moba players. ju…[View]
541941031Name me one anime game that is not kusoge that is also not DragonBall FighterZ. I’ll wait.[View]
541929024Are these worth playing through?[View]
541914282I'm playing this for the first time and it's kinda.... boring? I finished RE1 (1996) and R…[View]
541938646Who is your favorite voice actors in vidya /v/? For me, it's Aoi Yuuki. She always voices the b…[View]
541923524Where you at mechabros? I've been playing or attempting to play Formula Front.[View]
541941027what's the best non-simulator car game i can play on PC?[View]
541938541Scissorman from Clock Tower is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimateh[View]
541938609>'why don't you ever play generic battle royale gaem with us?' >yfw you're the fifth…[View]
541931661Just bought this, what am I in for?[View]
541926114Paper Mario: This is the best Mario RPG. Yes it's better than SMRPG, TTYD or any Mario & Lu…[View]
541867682>I'm putting together a team. We're going to Fhirdiad. The lizard must die. You in? How…[View]
541936860be a youtuber: rougelike rougelite metroidvania twin stick shooter pixel art style shut the FUCK u…[View]
541937431/vr/: >Is VR a meme? Been thinking about buying for a while now. All my friends have some sort of…[View]
541936141Remember when you could get excited for a video game with this logo on it?[View]
541940029have games ever taught you anything about life?[View]
541939695They switch places, what happens?[View]
541889107Hitman Bread: What is he doing in his free time?[View]
541938039Name ten things that are video games /v/[View]
541938349MMO worth playing? It's ok even on mobile, since you can just connect phone to PC and play it t…[View]
541939097is having a two different textures overlayed on top of each other with an offset the best way to avo…[View]
541916113Why yes, I am a man of refinement and good taste.[View]
541919458What is a bigger meme? 4k or 120+hz. From personal experience think 4k is a pure meme. Sure it does …[View]
541939485'emergent gameplay' webMs[View]
541940283>10 years later >/v/ still hates me[View]
54193726919 million >19 million 19 million >19 million 19 million >19 million 19 million >19 mill…[View]
541940704Valerie wants a baby[View]
541938571It's STILL less feature-complete than Warband.[View]
541940543Tall women aren't attractive, they look like a tranny Wtf is wrong with you guys[View]
541940530system > console[View]
541940239>left click head >miss good game you have there, retards.…[View]
541940208how do i get into a healer role (specifically white mage) after getting so used to braindead classes…[View]
541939239Otis: >Don’t cut me off like that it’s rude >Now you will pay the price fleshwalker…[View]
541939202I love her so much[View]
541937851Too many mommy threads Let's discuss games with daughterfus[View]
541931680How is PS2 emulation doing these days?[View]
541936195>This takes place in just 6 years.[View]
541940258AAAAAHHH I'm gonna CHOOOOOM!![View]
541935874Games with a cool sci-fi aesthetic?[View]
541938772is there a more dedicated, based and versatile gamer on /v/? also thousands of hours between tarkov,…[View]
541936876Barry, where's Barry?[View]
541930671Will he ever come back to save us ?[View]
541935472Castlevania: Just got the collection for the Switch so I can finally get around to playing this seri…[View]
541932419What went wrong.[View]
541936505Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia is coming to super smash bros ultimate[View]
541939458About Final Fantasy VII...: Final Fantasy VII is no work of ordinary human creation. Square Soft kne…[View]
541898119It's Your Turn To Die, Nankidai: (Depending on how popular this thread gets, BE WARY of tagged …[View]
541927742Why is every indie game an Earthbound ripoff, or a Metroidvania or a top-down Zelda clone? I thought…[View]
541932256France Console Sales: It’s not looking good for PS5, it’s supposed to be outselling by more than 2:1…[View]
541937117https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0om2qHS1o4 Should I buy this for streaming, /v/?[View]
541936427Here is the future gamer bro.[View]
541938732Reminder that if you: >chose the master key >summoned anyone >skipped any optional bosses …[View]
541924475This is the Resident Evil 8 map Thoughts?[View]
541934748>he doesn't have a $6k gaming chair Are you even a gamer, /v/?[View]
541938624>threads about vtubers and internet drama go on for 500 posts >Thread about Berserk and boss d…[View]
541939329>named Futa >is also gay Bravo, Japan.[View]
541927932Playing this on rpcs3 for the first time The atmosphere in this game is top notch, tried 5-1 right a…[View]
541898221yikes dawg[View]
541934946Totally legit leak: Hey guys, real leaker, and sonic team employee. I don't like the publisher…[View]
541936036How much does Kojma actually believe in the shit be put in the MGS series[View]
541932397is Hellpoint a worthy soulslike?[View]
541938954>too lonely to fill the void with games what now bros...[View]
541935070Aerith cute exposed neck.[View]
541931363just bought a switch and keep pressing the wrong button, wtf wrong with nintendo[View]
541937450Which case was the worst/most nonsensical?[View]
541935804Squere Western: Is Western Square crazy or Japanese Square doesn't care about anything other th…[View]
541936403I loved this game as a kid because your armour could turn into a motorcycle[View]
541938029BOSS GET DOWN The enemy sniper ...[View]
541925246I noticed that everyone just uses the melee weapons in this game because aiming on console is such a…[View]
541931267This is THE PEAK of character design So simple yet so iconic[View]
541921771Building a PC is expensiv-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y0A83_J57w&feature=emb_title…[View]
541934902This game turns 10 this year. Say something nice about it[View]
541937853Valhalla has been pissing me off so much lately couldnt even figure out how to parry properly for th…[View]
541930753>PATA PATA PATA PON What did Almighty Kami mean by this ?[View]
541934332This game is rage-inducing: Why am I playing it again?[View]
541931525Who has the best tummy in vidya?[View]
541936437Why do the characters in this game feel like they have absolutely no depth to them?[View]
541929443Atelier Ryza DLC: Better hurry up and claim it. It was previously being misreported as a pre-order e…[View]
541936724Tell Me Why: Why does no one talk about this master piece?[View]
541937663The painted world was a cozy, warm place before you came to it. What did you do to it?[View]
541929883Most games progress difficulty by having enemies get stronger and stronger. But are there any games …[View]
541933667Such an underrated game, didn't get the popularity it deserves till it was too late. All what w…[View]
541937058Holy shit bros This game is incredible[View]
541922295These guys are like 60 years old and they’re beating the shit out of people half their age[View]
541933854What the fuck was his problem[View]
541936273>Navi is soo annoying! amirite, gamers?[View]
541937340Next gen consoles is the biggest scam ever. Example: xbox one x came out less than 4 years ago, now …[View]
541934658None of these games are actually good.[View]
541933034>A refund? My goodness. Surely it doesn't have to come to that. You know, there are lots of …[View]
54193581760s B movies aesthetic: Please /v/ recommend me any good games with a 60s b movie aesthetic[View]
541937030Jeane is cute! CUTE![View]
541936859Now now now, kiddo, I know you're all like, huh, busy doing this trannyposting of yours, I get …[View]
541926271Pic related is fun but giving me hella motion sickness What do[View]
541927258Shit games overrated by /v/ Thread: I finish this game now. > Factions don't matter > The…[View]
541932743>no animals in the gigantic fucking city but rats >only pet there is a cat a fucking cat that …[View]
541924243Name ONE good Mystery Dungeon game. >Hard Mode: Don’t mention Pokemon Mystery Dungeon…[View]
541933465Why do more games not take place in the most aesthetically kino setting: Ancient Rome. The sand dune…[View]
541936498any info on the stalker 2 AI? Factions interacting regardless of the player and the NPCs being able …[View]
541929827So, what are they? As someone who only played the very first entries in the series back on the PSX, …[View]
541936414Ace Attorney: Why are pic related's games so good? (Eat your shit Apollo)[View]
541933858>game only lets you get the best gear at the end of the game >game doesn't have ng+…[View]
541935118Say something nice.[View]
541931635I play legacy of Goku on my GBA while I eat here: Am I based or what[View]
541936156I Want Him to Torture Me: What's wrong with me? I'm not joking, I'm seriously fucked.…[View]
541936123Why yes I appear offline when I play online, how could you tell?[View]
541896416Can someone explain to me why this game gets so much hate? Is it just retarded star wars fans?[View]
541933672>when the game has a shadow clone bossfight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcskDhPvSLw…[View]
541935742This is Camilla, Queen of the popular Fire Emblem franchise. Say something nice about her.[View]
541914773I strongly believe Soma Cruz is the coolest video game character of all time. Everything about him i…[View]
541931368Why are companies allowed to do this?[View]
541932613We have about 30 Capcom threads going on at once.: What is happening? I understand having a single t…[View]
541932590Stylish Action Thread: What are you playing stylish action bros? I've been doing an NSIC Platin…[View]
541935379There are no game discussions here, fuck off janny.[View]
541886659Is this the comfiest console? >matte >customizable faceplates >dual IPS screens >fixes p…[View]
541935324>Intel CPU >AMD GPU >vidya on HDD…[View]
541929396>Silverhand because he has silver hand Lore's deep here lads.[View]
541933663Why is it that companies like Bethesda believe that mods should cost money, when the simple truth is…[View]
541934608Cool mythology games: Will Hades ever be matched? It's literally the PERFECT game. Who's y…[View]
541934939This is the closest we have to Classic+, pretty fucking good features also.[View]
54193498699 knights 2: >one miwwion troops >one mirrion trooops Wowwwwww…[View]
541928368Opera buys YoYo Games for ~10M: What does this mean for GameMaker?[View]
541926646>I miss when Xenoblade didn't have fanservice[View]
541931330>Island in the middle of a lake >It holds a massive secret dungeon What are your favorite rari…[View]
541933108Favorite Starcraft Unit?: Mine is the Goliath. The unit portrait is badass and it's useful in a…[View]
541934941Playing Final Fantasy is bad for you. You should not play it. Ever. Don't play it late at night…[View]
541932750>filters Soulsbabies[View]
541930458Question for /v/: If i play enough video games, will i be able to become a wizard?[View]
541920347>7 years of development[View]
541914168Cyber-shadow thread: It's 10/10, familia[View]
541934625sonic if he man: sonic if he man[View]
541933165What're some cryptid games?[View]
541930389SERIOUS Halo multiplayer discussion, lorefags OUT How would you balance the weapons without making e…[View]
541933654Naughty Dog was never goo...[View]
541933056Who survives the Bydo?[View]
541931919Best games for the quest 2? I bought Beat Saber and The Climb already. LOVE IT![View]
541933496Well? What's the verdict?[View]
541931545There was something disturbingly familiar about the letter before me. The handwriting was all pretty…[View]
541928928What is he trying to say?[View]
541932446ITT: Great moments in gaming journalism.[View]
541933762>abandons you when you need him the most[View]
541933124Don't ever order a console from Walmart.com consolechads[View]
541931207>This is an actual American Nintendo advertisement that now has over 1 million views on youtube h…[View]
541934028>C-CAN YOU FEEEEL IT?[View]
541932085>best engine fps engine >bare bones features >feels and works perfectly >mod friendly …[View]
541933996ZOM DUDUDUDU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU20tl6cbW4&t=[View]
541931438itt: characters that you couldn't save.[View]
541930810NSwitch is a shit. Will sell it. Change my mind.[View]
541836763So, is the sequel censored or what?[View]
541933136now that the dust has settled...: was it better than 7?[View]
541925005I'm so gay for Nanashi. I don't know what it is, but something about him makes so fucking …[View]
541927696What are some video games with a lot of soul and confiness you can immerse yourself in?[View]
541909318What's the best rhythm gacha game? From gameplay to songs to extra things to do.[View]
541931787Nintendo Switch Lite: Third worlder here, is worth buying one of these? I kind of wish to have a han…[View]
541930854Video game thread about video games: Hello, I enjoyed this video game. Are there more video games li…[View]
541929330Is there a single video game character who could defeat Kirby?[View]
541933568The absolute fucking state of Nintendo fans. If you defend this collab under any context given you a…[View]
541933368>He plays vidyas with the autosave enabled[View]
541915217Which online game has the lowest iq playerbase? and why is it league of legends?[View]
541913207Why did you people say these were the best action games ever made? They're casual shallow garba…[View]
541929735what am i in for?[View]
541930950Games about male psychology: Games that explore the psychology of young, sexually deprived men?…[View]
541931875Was it kino?[View]
541930440What's the best way to play rondo of blood?[View]
541932746literally this: june 20[View]
541920843GoT: How is /v not giving this game more props? I am starting to think /v just likes to complain no …[View]
541926485hey guys just made a quick strawpoll to see what you guys would be buying the new guilty gear on Pl…[View]
541917389>We're presenting this brand new special edition Switch console - for those of you that want…[View]
541932526So seeing as EMU Paradise doesn't have PS2 ISOs for download anymore, where can one reliably go…[View]
541908338So I was browsing >>>>>twitter and one of the hentai artists I follow retweeted this.…[View]
541932303What do you think of the Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Red Flood?[View]
541930126Yakuza 7: Have you 100% Yakuza LAD yet anon ?[View]
541926474How do I learn to enjoy video games again?[View]
541912402What monitor do you use for pc gaming? I'm looking to get my first 1440p 144hz monitor. Budget…[View]
541925953yakisoba pan[View]
541929065>'trust me bro, it's done, the game is dead, wg had it coming finally!' >go check the ser…[View]
541932014Holy friggin crap Lois, it's Johnny Silverhand![View]
541931796>ports that make no sense but you'd love to see anyway, system shock 1 but its on the 3DS (…[View]
541920774The Medium is a rather promising entry in an almost entirely abandoned genre, and it's a shame …[View]
541926301Is Slay the Spire simply the best?: I have ran into multiple games now that seem similar such as Mon…[View]
541827676Dead or Alive. A videogame about cute ninjas. Do you like it?[View]
541928159I'm in love[View]
541931095What are some games with DEEP RELATIONSHIPS?[View]
541929780ITT: Characters thatare confirmed to not be virgins[View]
541930102When you've been playing an RPG for a long time: and it's taken weeks of careful character…[View]
541930954https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck57sOYq7YI&ab_channel=Nintendo Ah it's nothing again[View]
541928289Street fighter alpha 2 vs 3: which game was better?[View]
541928238Play The Evil Within[View]
541928182> the one boss that gives you trouble despite everyone claiming it's an easy ass fight Name…[View]
541928805What are some of the best flashes of brilliance a studio has ever shown?[View]
541930263Do game developers eat?[View]
541929068What's the worst horror game twist you've ever seen?[View]
541922301Is it even worth the trouble to try to get one of these right now?[View]
541925942>actively attacks Noble Alliance, takes their territory and hands it to the Imperial Army >'w-…[View]
541924976I downloaded this but my computer laggs so much, what am I doing wrong?[View]
541926424Digimon: Is this a good Digimon game /v/? I've got the itch to play a fun monster trainer game,…[View]
541927070What is your HONEST opinion on this character?[View]
541927225>DoF: off >Film grain: off >Chromatic abberation: off…[View]
541930104What is he doing right now ?[View]
541926638I was wrong. You're not greedy.[View]
541929385dam people still playing AQW these days ?[View]
541928008The witness: Cringe or based?[View]
541926230GTA: Vice City Remake (2021): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTq9-LKdEME[View]
541929757Not actually for lesbians: But for guys playing lesbians. Look at this very board, for example. None…[View]
541927605Literally the only choice in a game that matters.[View]
541928763I only play TDM. It's full of camping bullshit but every other mode can't hold my interest…[View]
541928509Asshole NPCs: Go[View]
541925825Who is your favorite voice actors in vidya /v/? For me, it's Aoi Yuuki. She always voices the b…[View]
541929419Switch Pro Never: >What a retard. That's exacly the point of a Pro model: running the same s…[View]
541929404Immersive sim is a cursed genre.[View]
541929241Would your favorite vidya character BEAT or LOSE to the video game character of the person above you…[View]
541906625Just bought this game, how does this character work?[View]
541928774>Indie games are sh-[View]
541853106Thoughts on the new resident evil villain[View]
541928301Screenshot Thread: Post em[View]
541914014What is the best Persona game and why?[View]
541928915where are the exclusives they were talking about?[View]
541926854what are some fun shooters to hop into for an hour and get off? pic not related[View]
541921984>biblically accurate angels >herman miller chairs >nintendo is the only developer making ga…[View]
541927239>Games with tutorials and beginnings so shitty and confusing you didn't even play past them…[View]
541865576Steam 2004... Home..[View]
541927026The Medium: This game is gonna be shit, isn’t it? Ik people are looking forward to it because the Si…[View]
541925989Revolver Oshawott LOL[View]
541928556>no enemies >no multiplayer I like the game but these mistakes cripple it…[View]
541928247soul vs soulless shading[View]
541923864Trial and error bullshit.[View]
541925864Come one, come all, And welcome to the show! See where joy and happiness Go to cry! Come one, come a…[View]
541924294Why is VR so expensive ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can buy 3 switches with that money[View]
541928001>want to play good game >there are no good game…[View]
541927764Insane/Stupid predictions: I'll start: Within the next 10 years, on account of Sony losing face…[View]
541919016At what point does a roster get big enough that this UI just doesn't fucking work anymore?[View]
541927303Really made me think[View]
541927982Couch controller games: What games can i play from my couch with an xbox controller? Home office tak…[View]
541902147What are the best (meaning worst) examples of this?[View]
541927765a thing of beauty i know will never fade away[View]
541927485GayBox thread: Post LGBTQ+ inclusive consoles![View]
541927684ONE GAME[View]
541926975FF XIV: Patch 5.45 confirmed for next week. 6.0 announcement + 5.5 livestream on Feb 5. https://na.f…[View]
541925948Stop modding Skyrim. It's enough.[View]
541916513I used to watch these bumblefucks with my meals but nowadays I can't find anything entertaining…[View]
541927420>have to put xbox published games on Steam in attempt to pander to former-xbox fans who abandoned…[View]
541902492Does having a large population effect how hard raids get? I always recruit any decent looking coloni…[View]
541895181Genshin Impact: Who are your favorite characters? For me, its Mona.[View]
541927320Is there a way to taking things out of containers only if the container is full? If I produce too mu…[View]
541927304Filename thread[View]
541921547Will this reveal ever be topped?: The hype and shock of seeing Snake added for the first time was th…[View]
541926883Barry, where's Barry?[View]
541926926>Playing diarrhea sounds over the loud speaker Kojima, you absolute lad.…[View]
541926907Why was this hated? I'm trying it with gayme pass. the gameplay is good and the lore is interes…[View]
541926871*Blocks your Path*: Stop right there /v/ Did you play the game or is that a borrowed opinion?[View]
541924498How close are you to completing your Cold War Battle pass? Im at 62.[View]
541926731Which Disgaea game for the Switch should I buy?[View]
541925503>It's a 'Quiet murders an entire outpost because one guy looked at Boss funny'-episode I jus…[View]
541918029Is this the most beautiful valley in the entire Digital World or just the most beautiful valley in t…[View]
541924409Sorry Shiho, but we cant let dr Maruki unrapes you and let you live your life guilt free without any…[View]
541923918What did you like about this game?[View]
541926317>evil nazi zombies[View]
541926601Steam UI: /v/, I come to you in a time of great need. My eyes are bleeding and I have aids and rays …[View]
541914650ITT : wasted potentials[View]
541926362ITT:Literal Vaperware: >8 years in development >Still stuck in a limbo due to constant shift o…[View]
541926679Fallout: Frontier [Thread]: What went wrong and what went right /v/? Post what you found in your tre…[View]
541925126>Alexa? >Play Red Dead Redemption 2™. >Now this is more like it! Realistically, what can st…[View]
541924118Post cool trailers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL4ZxDWLwpM[View]
541926506>this was done in 2011: We need to find a way to make these mass producible.[View]
541912897Canon Halo combat: Are the Spartans in the lore actually fighting the covenant like this? With the j…[View]
541887479Powerful Animations: Any animations that you think radiate power in a single frame or more?[View]
541906594>ctrl+f >no ryza 2 thread The game just came out, why aren't you playing it?…[View]
541919737Can we have a comfy vidya thread for once?[View]
541876813Why were old versions of Minecraft so creepy?[View]
541923897>he learned his trademark style from finishing an optional side story Could have been unlocked ri…[View]
5419260563 years 18 exclusives 18 lies[View]
541926064What games actually execute the hardest difficulty well without becoming utter bullshit?[View]
541924030>Note to self, don't drink tap water at Jerry Garcia's I don't get it…[View]
541925960vidya music thread. post and rate others taste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3emFUXbC5U[View]
541924723Play HOI 4 (modded)[View]
541925861>boss music is a remix of the overworld theme[View]
541919873Ninja gaiden black: Baby's first action-adventure game[View]
541925689New resident evil had me like :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrHbU6YiPEY[View]
541925007What's a /v/ approved gaming floorpad?[View]
541923176DAMN I'M SHITIHƧ M'I ИMAႧ[View]
541924728>Joins TF2 community server >sees moderator as soldier >dominates him as sniper >says ez…[View]
541924309>give dude water >elite mercenaries now want to kill you…[View]
541920571Are you hyped for REVIIIage, /v/?[View]
541922614Will there ever be a mainstream game series as artistic and surreal as the Myst series?[View]
541924657>this came out 6 years ago Graphically still holds up to this day[View]
541923589>Upgrade made your character become more and more grotesque. I just play RAD recently and really …[View]
541909645Would you ever consider a vidya tattoo?[View]
541909681I know it's the ugly duckling of the series but god damn the story is enjoyable. It's com…[View]
541917905>check out pokemon fangames >has 'nonbinary' option I'm starting to support Nin…[View]
541921772I didn't even realize, this comes out today. Is anyone gonna get it?[View]
541921770>Game mocks the player[View]
541921834What are some pretty good games to play from the epic games free weekly games? I've been collec…[View]
541924943Post cool video game intros https://youtu.be/WedxvbNhiN4[View]
541881651Zelda 35th: Mario 35th is winding down. Post some hopes and expectations.[View]
541918097who was in the wrong here?[View]
541923457You now realise that this pathetic loser is voiced by Rean[View]
541917231I made a song about gaming on linux, rate it please: I'm gaming on linux yeah, and I'm gam…[View]
541923645What are you're hopes for Breath of the Wild 2?[View]
541918806>game forces you to kill people and then punishes you for it[View]
541922458What went wrong?[View]
541923853Have you beaten QWOP?[View]
541923703Play XCOM 2[View]
541905519why is league so widely hated by people who have never played it before?[View]
541924552what are some games that start out sombre but take a sudden turn into the absurd?[View]
541921857FINALLY. After an hour and a half, I finally beat this fucking monster. How much harder is Gael comp…[View]
541921225You are in charger of designing a new Gex game, what media do you parody?[View]
541923859I'm surprised that Sega and Konami haven't done a collaboration yet. A DDR game with remix…[View]
541913341Dead Cells: Fatal Falls: Who's excited for this? Coming out today.[View]
541922708You DID get S tier in valorant shooting practice yes?[View]
541878806>Play WoW >Have no fun >Play FFXIV >Have fun FFXIV is superior…[View]
541923408Hey guys, sorry for that xbox live incident, we just wanted to make better games for you. Now, anyon…[View]
541923704How can I LIVEDEX if Gamefreak doesn't allow us to get every Pokemon?[View]
541919996I like Link but he looks like a pop figure.[View]
541919467Anyone else want a new LA Noire?[View]
541920312What went right?: Kobolds just came out. This is ok.[View]
541923558When did developers chicken out, bros?[View]
541923503Never had a friend like you..[View]
541869572Demon's Souls: Don't play the Demon's Souls Remake.[View]
541919324What games can I smoothly play at 1080p @ 60 Hz with a GTX 1650?[View]
541921607it's dead, jim.[View]
541918060Do you play games with your siblings?[View]
541922153I decided to watch the Devil May Cry anime. I don't know how to feel about it.[View]
541921752I miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
541920859New BoF game when? None since BoF IV[View]
541923214I have to reload every major fight ten to 15 times. All my meelee character keep missing, all my spe…[View]
541921039Is BOTW a horror game?: >Just starting the game is oddly terrifying. If it's your first time…[View]
541906582>kills your shitty game nothing personal kid[View]
541923162>your squad is ambushed and killed >you have to escape a battalion of soviet forces converging…[View]
541921847>think 'oh i haven't played a fighting game in a long time, that'd be fun' >mash but…[View]
541917438Japan Studio is working on a Silent Hill reboot. Bluepoint is remaking the entire Metal Gear Solid s…[View]
541920661So we're all in agreement that pic related is the best FF game, right?[View]
541883821What video game news/announcement do you wish would happen?[View]
541918185Who thought it was a good idea to lock progression in dungeons behind class locked doors? Also what …[View]
541922597>choose class >anything other than wizard Pathetic...…[View]
541919387>Resident Evil 4 remake studio just got curbstomped Thoughts?[View]
541922527SOVL SOVLESS[View]
541922430The War on Reality: 'RDR2 is a good game' I'm stuck at 60 percent, can't be motivated to f…[View]
541918919what does /v/ think about star citizen ? Looks pretty nice on youtube[View]
541877291How come Konami doesn't make games anymore?[View]
541922251>DOSHO! DOSHO![View]
541911605>A literal racist virus[View]
541920315You know they will get that money from you one way or another right?[View]
541913965>fantasy game >kingdom is GOOD >empire is EVIL…[View]
541914917The two types of video game outfits[View]
541918603What did the glowies mean by this?[View]
541921896What the nintendies don't want you to know.[View]
541921768What are some games with tight jeans?[View]
541921762Why do they let women playtest games?[View]
541915867is elder scrolls online any good?[View]
541876509Only 7 days left anon. Make sure to get Ganyu before her banner is over.[View]
541907365How come MMOs never have such nice cities? I'd rather play in this than boring, tiny shithole l…[View]
541919716My ps5 is on the way. Shame I'm one of the last stops on my ups drivers route. It's 7am an…[View]
541919764Outriders: A 1-3 Co-op Destiny-like game. All it takes for this game to succeed is the gunplay not t…[View]
541920806>remake Doom with fancy 3D engine >everyone treats you like second coming of Jesus JUST…[View]
541916268Resident Evil: Mommy™: >The part where you have to find the dragon emblem on the riding crop and …[View]
541907608Half life 2 got so much right but the gunplay is atrocious.: The first game isn't much better b…[View]
541907805Water Hazard was a good and fun level.[View]
541921398Only glitch/cheat free speedruns count If you lose cheats or glitches I close the video[View]
541921484Can we get a comfy racing video games thread, /v/? >currently playing DiRT Rally 2.0 >all time…[View]
541919414> playing commando eclipse 7 > get clover + spinel tonic loop > I have become god > get …[View]
541907361What do you unironically think of this man and his games? Would you say he's overrated?[View]
541921030>and this is my son's room, he's quite the gamer[View]
541907621The game that killed /v/[View]
541918807>Corporations BAD UM HELLLO YOU MAKE GAMES AT A CORP[View]
541908658'You'll never guess who the developer is' ITT we guess who the developer is I think it's u…[View]
541921006Water Templer[View]
541909563Are they overrated? Do critics overrate their games because Greg Kasavin is their buddy?[View]
541919510>https://twitter.com/DysonProgram/status/1353749949092163584 How do you feel about the growing po…[View]
541920724Will The Elder Scrolls 6 be the first AAAA game in history?[View]
541919639was this game even good?[View]
541911318Is it worth playing through again with Chris or should I just watch the cutscenes?[View]
541915890>RTX is a me-[View]
541918765>Nomura ruined Sakaguchi's vision! >This remake is the worst thing that ever happened! Im…[View]
541912129'street fighter 5 proportions are unrealis...'[View]
541919105ITT: Games /v/ pretends to like: You faggots are too casual to play this game, but you pretend to ha…[View]
541918286Sekino It's not fair bros why wont they make DLC for it? Why is it so god damn good? FUCK FUCK …[View]
541920036Cosmo! Wanda! I wish Mario was real![View]
541920092I skipped the N64, been going back and playing games I missed, is it any good?[View]
541919689>Trophy for killing an enemy with an exploding barrel[View]
541914439Female Sephiroth[View]
541917315The good old days.: Crazy taxi is 21 years today. I miss SEGA consoles so much...[View]
541833763I just got Zara and her skin, what am I in for ?[View]
541919548Will we ever get a single player RPG with a world the size and variety of an MMO, that's not ju…[View]
541915326find a single flaw[View]
541919272Why don't you play MHGU on Ryujinx right now?[View]
541907047What is the best way to enjoy this game with the full HUD off???[View]
541917831SAY THE WORD![View]
541918361half life 2 is inferior to half life: change my mind[View]
541918706So half life 3 came out, and nobody is talking about it anymore.: What happened?[View]
541915036What does /v/ think of the Ubisoft Naruto games?[View]
541918972Hard to find a good steak around here...not like back home.[View]
541911473Music: post vidya bangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSfQL8bNRGQ[View]
541919187Why don't you relax a second? Get your bearings. Let's see what the damage is.[View]
541913320Xbox Series X or a gaming laptop[View]
541908224Are they /ourguys/[View]
541909557Characters who should have been playable in Smash a long time ago and probably wont be because we ne…[View]
541912907Koopas eyes are the black dots: Koopas eyes are the black dots[View]
5419159281. Why do you cum? 2. Well cum![View]
541914108What is about (competitive) multiplayer games that attracts so many angry people, /v/? 15 years ago …[View]
541918741are you playing paint game?[View]
541918882>'HOLLOWFAGS CAN'T TAKE ANY CRITICISM' >90% of the 'criticism' sound like a spoiled child…[View]
541916527>Gee, Catherine, I don't know about this... >Well, how about we automate it so that when …[View]
541918645I actually forgot how fun, challenging and soulful this game was. now that my backlog is cleared I c…[View]
541911664Bloomberg recommends Nintendo stock, ignores Sony: Sony on suicide watch https://www.bloomberg.com/f…[View]
541911865ITT: We take IRL conspiracy theories and apply them to Video Games. I'll start. Jews did Raccoo…[View]
541908257What's the best way to emulate this? SNES?[View]
541918339Post based game dev[View]
541890984it's dead.[View]
541917680Play dow2. Pls. ;_;[View]
541915483Why do AAA games take so long to make?[View]
541886353About to get started on rain world, anything I should know before going in? It's a bit of an ol…[View]
541906839Yakuza 0: 185 hours I spent playing this. I wanted it done many times. I groaned when they introduce…[View]
541914595Cousin look here! These stupid american babies actually hating on our game! They say there isn'…[View]
541917845I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 456[View]
541884908Where do you go first?[View]
541878079Calligula Effect: Play his game. It's very good.[View]
541914610Does it still hold up? I remember this being the biggest game of 2007 but you rarely see anyone talk…[View]
541916204What should I change my steam message sound to?[View]
541917221I think I have proof the Frontier devs are derailing threads.: Once again this aint concrete but, an…[View]
541913937CDPR: The hell is happening? Did they miraculously fix the game or?[View]
541906440Is there a class of people more worthless and pathetic than localizers? Translation and Localization…[View]
541905228>buy next gen console >cant even play at 4k snoys will defend this by diverting attention thei…[View]
541907959Can we get some cute/sexy women in western games again, vidya devs?[View]
541914908oldfag thread[View]
541912923Mothman is here[View]
541892418*mogs Johnny Silverhand*[View]
541910619korriban... home...[View]
541914806The Typing of The DEAD[View]
541913628What went wrong?[View]
541913913/v/ reviews Sonic '06 one post at a time. >Anon is sitting on his couch, enjoying Mega Driv…[View]
541914693Dyson Sphere Program has sold over 200,000 units in its first week: Well deserved.[View]
541867028Name a cuter Zelda[View]
541907417Dude, weeb shovelware! Nothing beats stroking my dick to moeshit on the go![View]
541915883What is your favorite vidya race, /v/? For me its Draenai.[View]
541916409Daily Reminder that Tencent is taking over: Tencent is being funded by the Chinese banks who are fun…[View]
541913327Does Doom Slayer wears underwear?[View]
541914802So what is Gabe's vision here? Games connected directly in to our brains? And what secret messa…[View]
541916225what is your favorite video game genre?: what is your favorite video game genre? (my favorites are p…[View]
541914192subtle vidya tat thread? subtle vidya tat thread.[View]
541914090Xenosaga>>>>xenobade: atleast Xenosaga had a good and worthwile message that christianit…[View]
541905209What am I in for?[View]
541915991>tfw I can't even beat a game with save states.[View]
541910609>puzzle section >click random shit until I get the right answer…[View]
541902212So why the fuck do these still guys sound big animals in Smash? Aren't their normal voices pret…[View]
541914831ITT: Name vidya characters that are deep[View]
541915397More like Pokemon Masters SEX because I want to cum cum creampie Dawn in her new outfit.[View]
541915227>silent protagonist >'You sure don't talk a lot, do you?'…[View]
541914698Do your save files look like pic related?[View]
541911549Hopes and expectations for Mafia IV, /v/? Also: 1>REmake>2>shitniggers[View]
541913494Can halo still become the go to FPS of sports chads?[View]
541903368I just finished Omori, lets talk about it. >watched the trailer and expected the game to have or …[View]
541913317so what went wrong?[View]
541915128Take the 90s Computer Game Pill[View]
541906813>Ara ara, if it isn't Bowser-san. My dear husband is not at home right now, so would you min…[View]
541914840>it's ok that it's sexist[View]
541909228Mass Effect Legendary Edition: The mass effect trilogy was a masterpiece. If they can just iron out …[View]
541908173What the hell is the appeal of this game? Is it the bright colors and the stupid dancing that appeal…[View]
541914490Dyson Sphere Program thread: How is your Dyson sphere doing?[View]
541914394Recommend me the best Racing games on Switch hard mode: no bing bing kart 8[View]
541910318Tikal from Sonic Adventure 1, the best Sonic game ever made? I kneel[View]
541869410I wish this game flopped.[View]
541911181What's your take on the rumors of a Claire+Sherry game set between RE2 and Code Veronica? Do yo…[View]
541856684Fallout The Frontier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_87RChirsw >video already has 32K views an…[View]
541914264...Could it be?[View]
541897915>Hard difficulty just turns every enemy into a damage sponge[View]
541911684Fuck you I liked it thread.[View]
541913143bruh: > ctrl+f > no noita thread warhammer 40k edition…[View]
541913495Is it still scalp-city where you are? In Emustralia, new consoles are still out of stock, AMD 6xxx c…[View]
541913442Games you are not allowed to like if you post on /v/: Kicking off with a classic.[View]
541913906Is this the best vidya protagonist of all time?[View]
541877424Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley.[View]
541909912Games only you played[View]
541909456This is the greatest promo image for any game, ever.[View]
541911281Just finished this, what a diamond in the rough, it needs a sequel or reboot, the concept itself is …[View]
541913316How are people STILL getting the term 'remake' and 'remaster' mixed up?[View]
541912174Losing motivation bros..: >trying to perfect judgement cut x 3 >can do it on air no prob >h…[View]
541894367The most iconic video game team of all time.[View]
541905669This game was always sub par horde shooter but with god tier atmosphere and sound design while also …[View]
541913356>Xbone launches >Flops >Satya Nutella wanted to shut down Xbox brand >Please understand.…[View]
541908614have you, perhaps, ever bought a shit game because you were horny[View]
541909963What's his name again?[View]
541912293What are some xbox games worrth playing? I like competitive type shit and also Rpgs[View]
541902023Yeah I'm thinking they're back. POWER TO THE PLAYERS![View]
541909350PREPARE TO DIE, infidel.[View]
541904484Is the endgame any fun?: I miss delivering[View]
541911213Do you have any videogame tattoos?[View]
541867042Here are your boss monsters for this duel bro[View]
541903765>developer channels his coomer powers into creating fun and atmospheric FPS game Why are you not …[View]
541903524What’s some prime gothic/victorian vidya?[View]
541896804>https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/593110/view/3020194687222449850 >one of the best-sell…[View]
541908247I’m worried about the Adventure remakes if they’re real. Both are controversial, and only one of the…[View]
541912713I dont even know where Tahiti is....[View]
541910617realism is good.: i have always had more fun with games that succeed at replicating real life system…[View]
54191276818 Exclusives. 3 years ago. Where are they /v/?[View]
541912705post your one-million-dollar idea for a videogame. I'll start: Supernatural/Superpowers RPG: In…[View]
541909971>water level[View]
541909567ssbu: i just wanna be one of the greats bros, i wanna be up there with esrb leaker. i don’t have any…[View]
541910596Are people gonna get all three Yakuza Remasters at once or one at a time?[View]
5419033483x3 5x5 4x4[View]
541911042What's next for Fnaf?[View]
541908809Back in the early 2000s, there were rumors that PlayStation 2’s were being used as supercomputers in…[View]
541908865Persona protagonists should be named and have dialogue: I've always thought Persona protags wer…[View]
541900440Was this game made specifically to appeal to video game journalists?[View]
541905858Is this game any good? I loved midnight castle succubus and want more[View]
541910173Soo...how did you know it wasn't the real one?[View]
541899420I love her[View]
541902724>literally better than the PS5 and Switch combined[View]
541910803>character name is California[View]
541906045Is it good? I heard critics didn't like it.[View]
541909415I build vagina[View]
541891861>survive THIS, and i'll show you my special attack! post yfw[View]
541906539Would you play a zombie game set in 17th century Korea if it had 28 days later zombies?[View]
541910681Name a video game you like and fetish you like. Others suggest a doujinshi for you. Atelier totori a…[View]
541907727all I want it: I just want to be robbed, raped and stabbed to death in the fields of westall by a ho…[View]
541905039Why are they doing it? What is gained from sending out a shitton of bots to every game constantly? A…[View]
541909191Hey Doc! Glad you could come! Wanna play some Halo Infinite on my new XBox Series X?[View]
541896442DMC Thread: Here's my take on what DMC4 should've been. The sappy romance between Nero and…[View]
541857797So, how's it coming along?[View]
541901748Her 2nd game is out today, getting it?[View]
541907484>buy switch game off Amazon >$90 overpriced Canadian shit >have 1.5 month return window …[View]
541874667Souls Mods: which total conversion mod is your favorite, anon? Cinders? Daughters of Ash? Augur of D…[View]
541895410Whats the best yakuza game and why is it Judgement?[View]
541896793What happened to Halo?[View]
541907356>Decide to play an old favorite of mine. >I have to be in great shape, mentally and physically…[View]
541909652>game features your fetish[View]
541906760ITT: Game sequels/spin-offs with settings we can only dream of. 1. A new Assassin's Creed game …[View]
541909303Going blind on this game was the best decision ever, what a great game[View]
541836701 turdstrike [View]
541904541Getting Filtered: Can anyone help me out here? I tried looking at builds on the forums but they…[View]
541901204Post Kino Vidya Music: https://youtu.be/LFzb6oIl2wM https://youtu.be/LFzb6oIl2wM https://youtu.be/LF…[View]
541904619>games you 100%'d and why depression is a motherfucker. who would put themselves through thi…[View]
541899742does people in your country buy xbox?[View]
541903836Here's your gen 4 remake bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4yh0JGa6gM[View]
541881363Admit it, it's kino.[View]
541903894>Playing through game for first time >Get to the Aires scene >Game tries to make me feel sa…[View]
541904562It’s better than Banjo Tooie[View]
541906990If you had to pick between two games. One has a unique setting, memorable characters and original st…[View]
541904213Look what I got in the mail! I love Bloodborne! Also Bloodborne thread.[View]
541902349Assassins Creed Unity: Why did this get such bad reviews? Just bought it on steam for $5[View]
541908275Never played this. Is it worth getting into?[View]
541837384ITT: Games that died too soon[View]
541905590I haven't played any Metroid or Castlevania game. Will I enjoy metroidvanias?[View]
541908205>game rewards you with healing as part of story >undead party member fucking dies How the fuck…[View]
541905435el oh el?[View]
541906580Why was Yakuza able to so successfully switch to the jrpg genre while monhun made a shitty pokemon r…[View]
541906836What graphics card is the PS5 and SEX ? I have a 3090 lol I should be set for even PS6-7 games[View]
541905585>Reflect damage Defend this right now[View]
541907940Who likes the IGN podcasts? Game Scoop and the Xbox one are fun. The Nintendo one is alright but I f…[View]
541907358L E T S P L A Y[View]
541907850There has never been a good game. Sell me on these consoomer trap flat panel displays and useless ne…[View]
541905824Sekiro - A paunful experience: I've never been much into SoulsBorne games but Sekiro has finall…[View]
541906630Are all south americans pc like this?[View]
541906351you hear it you lose[View]
541906863>2008 >265 ping every 10 seconds SOVL[View]
541902906Why aren't you playing RPGMaker horror games?[View]
541884754Chun-Li for Smash: Do you really think Sakurai, Ono, Capcom, Nintendo, and Sakurai would really igno…[View]
541907629ITT:: Good / comfy videogame box art.[View]
541907612RTS support thread: Uruks are happy edition[View]
541907182What's a multiplayer FPS for PC that I can play with a gamepad and not get wrecked? I want to b…[View]
541871276>PC port/remaster never ever[View]
541907480What's your favorite /v/-related packaging? For me it's the Playstation 2.[View]
541903342Filename thread.[View]
541889610What's the definitive version?[View]
541902532uhhh Shazam what's this?[View]
541893743This is the shittiest CC ever: Green filtering over everything, lack of a color wheel and limited op…[View]
541891934Darkest Dungeon: Can we have a thread about this? I just picked it up (complete edition) for the Swi…[View]
541905178wtf is this? no way Capcom approved of this.[View]
541889023VR: Is VR the future? How long until we are in a Matrix or .hack scenario? Will people even need psy…[View]
541905340Most underrated roguelite.[View]
541905959>oooh im so quirky >le customers always right Ebil da joka baby tier wacky pirateman xD this …[View]
541903892Novelty Weapons: What's your favorite novelty/dumb weapon? Pic for me, helps that it's pre…[View]
541887585It's amazing how soulful SwSh is.[View]
541897662Hlaalu, Redoran or Telvanni?[View]
541906754Jankwolf: >last gen graphic >janky gameplay >story doesnt seem interestig VTMB2 After al…[View]
541901819Shadowbringers bros... its over... Soon...[View]
541900013What was his fucking problem?[View]
541884802Why doesn't Nintendo just make the next Switch as powerful as the PS5 and Series X and end the …[View]
541905576>NPC starts talking about their fetishes[View]
541899048Is 18 years in prison enough to break a man?[View]
541906129Just started iracing nascar. Damn it's fun[View]
541902167>he plays JRPGs for the gameplay >he plays FPSs for the campaign >he plays fighting games f…[View]
541906085Nintendo is the only company left with pure unadulterated soul. Prove me wrong.[View]
541900121So do these guys just sleep all day or what[View]
541897475ITT: This happened[View]
541901032People fear what they don't understand.[View]
541906056>buys game >plays it wrong Why do casuals always do this?…[View]
541904526Who was in the wrong here?[View]
541905564Why is it much comfier watching RTA in Japan streams than any recent AGDQ/SGDQ?[View]
541900263Picked up an Xbox Series X controller because I wanted to try it. Compared to the Dualshock 4 it has…[View]
541904156Who is your favorite female villain in video games?[View]
541898256ITT: vidya images you can't post anymore[View]
541905563I haven't enjoyed playing a street fighter in over 5 years.... I used to love the community and…[View]
541905049Video Games: Haru Okumura is a character from the video game Persona 5.[View]
541905573What are some games /v/ constantly praised back in the day, but now it never talks about them ever?[View]
541901750gamestop: How do short sellers get out of this if people simply continue holding onto their stocks?…[View]
541904705This game is like a betrayal after 24 years of trust. Yeah, 13 and 15 sucked and they made some weir…[View]
541904487>ai just as braindead and exploitable as anything >attacks are predictable >not more aggres…[View]
541905195>...so if we make the cutscenes non-skippable, and we add some walking sections, we can sell a 4 …[View]
541903643FAST racing games: Are there any games that capture the same feel as F-Zero? Begging for a new game …[View]
541905090>Attack boosted by 20% when HP are below 20%[View]
541892719Japanese Wizardry: Why do these exist? Seem pretty soulless compared to the original series being ye…[View]
541899886resident evil village ending leaked[View]
541889717Mr. House is the best Fallout character and it's not even close.[View]
541892908Who are the audiohpiles of /v/? CRTfags?[View]
541904932Game should be free, like wild buffalo.[View]
541902661Do you think they're milking the franchise too much at this point?[View]
541820661World bros...we lost...[View]
541901668This isn't Resident Evil, this is gay[View]
541904512>Hey I'm XxXOmegaXxX starting a translation patch for (popular untranslated game) >I just…[View]
541878673New Danganronpa coming to PS5/Steam: https://hrmos.co/pages/spchun/jobs/04020010 Job listing categor…[View]
541904468what games with Dante Rolfe enjoy?[View]
541898503I'm really close to considering buying Hitman 3 but I don't know. Anyone who played this g…[View]
541904570>Q4 2020[View]
541904478When is this fucking game coming out on physical format for Switch??[View]
541904442Who would win in a fight? Who has the better theme music?[View]
541901961what the fuck happened[View]
541902195is kojima the greatest coomer friendly developer of all itme?[View]
541897805If they had kept Alex Mercer as the protagonist where would the series be now?[View]
541890537>like a game and want to discuss gameplay/lore >fanbase is largely shit for one reason or anot…[View]
541902085Western RPGs: Mass Effect is in my top 5 favorite game series ever. Played every BioWare game to dea…[View]
541903829what are some videogames where developers blatantly favor some characters over others and refuse to …[View]
541897893Any vidya like pic rel?[View]
541894080We all know this is the best Pokemon game, right?[View]
541901393OH NO NO NO MR. BANKER[View]
541891660Resident Evil 25th has more Coming: Resident Evil: Re:Verse Updates >Sam and Tyrone from Resistan…[View]
541886015Zero Time Dilemma is hilariously stupid.[View]
541901861ORE WA SUPA MARIO DA[View]
541902362So the game comes with the original in the catridge / CD or you only get a shitty download code like…[View]
541896002This is the best Zelda game. If you disagree, you're a fucking retard.[View]
541902920Still the best Elder Scrolls game[View]
541900967Can't wait to play it on Steam[View]
541890395Rank the Blizzard games you've played[View]
541902127ITT: Series that you wish would make a comeback >tfw R* will never come out with another Midnight…[View]
541902739ITT: Games you liked when you sucked at games[View]
541902727This is RPGCodex's top RPGs for 2020.[View]
541898038Why do all the kids look the same no matter the parent and only the hair color changes?[View]
541902667What's the deal with the world beyond Hyrule? Everywhere that is not Hyrule is always some kind…[View]
541882010>600 pages book on fucking Wario Land 4 Was this really necessary?[View]
541899491Post >yfw[View]
541887272When are they going to put Crash Bandicoot in Smash Bros? Not only is it one of the best selling and…[View]
541899950Alright Anon it's your turn to tell the class about what games you played today. You did play s…[View]
541894879Since we know it's coming now in a month, what mechanics do you hope to see implemented?[View]
541901235Why did we stop having Deltarune threads /v/?[View]
541901594This game is so good, it raised the bar for the entire Metroidvania genre so much so that its hard t…[View]
541898136がgames to play while drunk. O am relatively drunk as of now butI think i am wired. If you all wpuld …[View]
541891558What were they thinking with this design?[View]
541900303What game is this?: I saw a webm once where someone had built some sort of cage/vehicle/incendiary d…[View]
541901324What are some games with puppets in them?[View]
541899401Minecraft Server: I want to host a Minecraft server, and give people 30 days to build amazing and fu…[View]
541895041What went so right?[View]
541900112Castlevania starts at Symphony of the Night.[View]
541901227Two days more, Steam-kyodais[View]
541840765NEW FUCKING VALVE GAME GET IN HERE: Valve is set to release Citadel soon, which was revealed in this…[View]
541890359/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>541860991 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
541898346I can't really smoke. I can do every other drug. But weed is such a raging stimulant for me. Ev…[View]
541898765Devil Survivor: No sequel[View]
541896714Why the fuck did she do it?[View]
541898774Why does everyone want to make their own Uncharted?[View]
541896762>play pokemon game >level up >your pokemon is trying to learn [move name] >no descriptio…[View]
541894723Why is Aria of Sorrow so overrated? Its not bad, its an ok metroidvania. The exploration was pretty …[View]
541898851i regret this like you wouldn't believe[View]
541898535PS1 vs Ps3 (PS1 Emulation) ?: So i was thinking about buying and playing PS1 games that i never got …[View]
541900390Chrono Cross: peak soul This game aged wonderfully[View]
541898373Anyone else looking forward to Cyber Shadow dropping today? Seems like it might be fun.[View]
541887797Yakuza LAD: Majimachads.. i fucking kneel..[View]
541899947Will it be the best or the worst Bravely Default? I’m honestly scared, I lked the final demo but I’m…[View]
541900081If you could be a specific nameless NPC from any video game who would it be? I'd be Seong-Hui…[View]
541893289>16 Years >5 Shows >10 Games + Handheld ports >Ungodly amount of Flash Games Protector o…[View]
541894240Post ideas for some fucking kino: I'll start. An FPS cyberpunk game set in a neon dystopian Mia…[View]
541880910>brutally mogs every other action game[View]
541899368Penis poopoo fuck hooooobooooogooogooogagagagagaga fuck fuck fuck loolooloo phffffffpppppp cock shit…[View]
541899757Hello /v/, I just want to say that I'm a little bit through this game and I'm enjoying it …[View]
541892595I've never played this game because I can't get over how hideous it is[View]
541896314This game will be amazing[View]
541889712Why aren’t you playing Skul?[View]
541899572splatoon: splatoon thread discuss splatoon people yes[View]
541898893I would just like to remind everyone that the mods being on break doesn't mean you can just flo…[View]
541898671How would something like Giygas be rendered using modern graphics tech?[View]
541897972What the fuck is happening in this game[View]
541896125>Game doesn't let you save whenever[View]
541899313Hey boss, where are we going?[View]
541879974Where do you get your vidya news?[View]
541896876Speculation for bio shock sequel: Remember that zhykionn guy? Who supposedly leaked bioshock 4 And …[View]
541889079Is there anything more cringe than adults who build epic RGB PCs and battlestations?[View]
541889347Pro-life vs Pro-abortion[View]
541890380Wassup /v/ can a loc come up in yo crib?[View]
541898290What am I in for?[View]
541893330Can I hop into the VR bandwagon if I am a poorfag?[View]
541892824>Report unusual behavior. >Barricade your homes. >Bang all SFM waifus. Heh, bang my ass.…[View]
541895323Extermination.io: can /v/ beat my time? also there is a level editor and browser after you beat the …[View]
541897485OPEN YOUR HEART[View]
541897104what is the best rpg on the ps1?[View]
541898482i unironically think the future of gaming is handheld mode[View]
541892705ITT: Your ideal game[View]
541898306>Here’s your new civ bro.[View]
541869630Switch is going to sell 200 million units: >The company’s New Media Measure survey, which is fiel…[View]
541896615IM GOING TO || have a bakugan game thread || DO YOU HEAR ME DAN[View]
541898234i've officially become a wizard. What are some games to celebrate my newfound powers?[View]
541898214Videogames is fun. Yes.[View]
541889098Best video game sneks?[View]
541891785VTMB: Why did they give her so much fucking health. You can melt the actual final boss in 10 seconds…[View]
541895691>the last game with soul[View]
541894292Why was this the worse videogame death battle?[View]
541880071>it wasn’t the final boss >you’re only halfway through the game…[View]
541875080>Plebbit singlehandedly saved Gamestop[View]
541882324Battletoads (2020): Why did it fail?[View]
541894134I never understood why was she on the game[View]
541894934Tomboy characters in vidya: Should there be more?[View]
541897804https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg7BZqpBOT8 >sweaty japs fucking tryharding the shit out of any g…[View]
541890003This game is 15 years old and hasn't gotten a remaster yet[View]
541892427UNICLR: doing things a little differently[View]
541897725Puzzle game: English Country Tune: I did it. Sweet.[View]
541837008Sonic 30th Anniversary: Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Remake Details: Sonic 30th Anniversary: Sonic Adve…[View]
541877640What's your favorite legendary pokemon? For me? It's this guys[View]
541896574LOOK AT THIS DUDE[View]
541857747Turn based combat: Why the hell does this still exist and why do people keep asking for it?[View]
541885759>He bought? >Dump it[View]
541897162touhou vidya thread, post them 1ccs. Also, why is IN considered the best when Sa is clearly better.[View]
541897301We drink to our youth, to days come and gone. For the age of aggression is just about done. We'…[View]
541896986ITT: we make a fighting game roster I'll start with the entire cast of personal 5[View]
541892574>spend entire life working way up the ranks in the military >get outranked by a 1 year old emo…[View]
541891857Fence sitting: Fence sitting thread. post games you are on the fence about getting. see if shitpost…[View]
541885912>Interactive movie with 40% cutscenes >Hunting is just a joke for kids like ubishit >sudd…[View]
541897143KONAMI: See ya assholes, shouldn't have fired Kojima[View]
541885749X box Live enforcement autism: So I was playing gta 5 online today trying to do new heist and some a…[View]
541888837Need some comfy Diablo clones. Are there any gems other than Grim Dawn?[View]
541888138Is there a bigger scam in this world than gaming chairs? There are comfy chairs out there that cost …[View]
541895586Harry Potter vidya: So given WB wants Harry Potter/Wizarding World to basically be their equivalent …[View]
541895647Son, did I just see you playing Minecraft? Aren't you a little too old to be playing that game?…[View]
541895710This isn’t a very good game, is it?[View]
541890639>been playing Tekken for 25 years >still can't get out of green rank in 7…[View]
541889501Genuinely a fantastic game.[View]
541888546>pirate game >install >start game >command prompt flashes >svchost goes brrrrrrrrr …[View]
541896535What's her endgame?[View]
541862102The game is fixed now. Please come back.[View]
541895850Night night[View]
541877796Mine certainly isn’t. And a powerful PC in my country is 3 times more expensive than one of the big …[View]
541891354>no best girl thread lets fix that shall we[View]
541880924Play BOTW on PC.[View]
541895653dark spirit has invade...[View]
541896116Times where the 3rd game in a series was better than the first two[View]
541895795I thought pajeetsoft were the good guys? Wtf /v/.....[View]
541874973ITT:Budding vidya characters that aren't lolis: Extra point if they are main characters as well…[View]
541892862Why can't I wear the Enlightened One's outfit at the academy? Why does FemBeth get to fuc…[View]
541894052hee ho![View]
54184086719 million people claimed Battlefront II when it was free on Epic Store You claimed battlefront 2, r…[View]
541891261I love my cute and beautiful redhead wife sophie. Way more than my real wife who just yells at me al…[View]
541894686>protagonist has a squared off nose I will now buy your game Post games with retarded aesthetics…[View]
541854461fightstick thread: Post your fightstick /v/[View]
541895313an old friend of mine (arabian friend in steam) has a lot of very high profile friends in tech, but …[View]
541893536*creates your werewolf game*[View]
541895340Meta thread: Dear /v/. I am trying to stop watching porn. Let's work together to cease posting …[View]
541887313Back 4 Blood: Anyone else excited for this? I used to play l4d2 all day every day until I couldn’t f…[View]
541893420God I love brown girls[View]
541895321>Notice BF2 is picking up steam again >Decide to hop in for a little bit of fun >'90 gb dow…[View]
541893264Why do Classiccucks like Sonic Mania Adventures? I thought Sonic didn’t need story?[View]
541889195Someone I know told me you can't be a real gamer if you don't own one of these gamer dolls…[View]
541894786When did you realize you were too stupid for videogames?[View]
541893341What went wrong?[View]
541892691Psycholonials: Since we're just over a week away from this thing's release, how much do yo…[View]
541894726The ultimate native res DS/GBA gaming experience.[View]
541892679Warrior or Rogue[View]
541842027How could Bandai Namco make you like the next Digimon game?[View]
541894805I played this back when it first came out, and yeah this conversation in game is a meme now. But hon…[View]
541890803Why the fuck does this series always come close to being greatness. >Never the option to play as …[View]
541891641Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
541875328Which category does your favorite vidya protagonist fit in?[View]
541874294How did they discovered ethan winters face? When or where was it revealed?[View]
541891732>mom walks in[View]
541894578Just finished this: And personally I found it to the best Resident Evil game, it's at least up …[View]
541894508>dark spirit has invade-[View]
541802463What happens if this game flops?[View]
541888930Why is Azur Lane superior to other gacha?: Is it because it's less time and money consuming?…[View]
541893178Do you think he still plays minecraft?[View]
541874632ITT: Franchises That Are Overrated in /v/: Other than the battle system and the setting, everything …[View]
541891270>switch to the Japanese dub to help practice alongside my nihongo classes >localization isn…[View]
541888737Why cant /v/ enjoy videogames or be happy that other do so? You guys need to calm down and have fun …[View]
541890442VR Game Walking Dead Saints and Sinners made $29 million in its first year >Bu-bu-bu-but VR is de…[View]
541852582huniepop2: >2 weeks left CLAIM YOUR WAIFU[View]
541840365Liberty City. Home.[View]
541889265>btfos triple A horror '''experiences''' yet is an RPGmaker game produced by an autistic finngoli…[View]
541891681Are you a game developer? Is fan service important for your game's success? If so, does that im…[View]
541882731Why are people so obsessed with efficiently completing games (and other media) these days People hav…[View]
541892531Why don't more games feature cross platform features?[View]
541890310https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSNueywjBBo Any games that feature zombies that you like? Cute zombi…[View]
541893057Admit it, it's kino.[View]
541868912Hitman 3: Chongqing. Home.[View]
541893318What are some games that are fun and rewarding to support in?[View]
541893060How do we save it?[View]
541890336Video Game Box Art: Show me the best box art you've ever seen.[View]
541889372Gamers have truly, finally risen up. If you don't own GameStop right now, you aren't an ac…[View]
541891976Friend form high school adds me on FB We chat awhile, nice to catch up Asks if I play games on pc, …[View]
541891683>board up windows >lock all doors >tooth fairy still delivers money…[View]
541888303Does he even know what he is doing?[View]
541876462why is it that every woke game is a failure /v/[View]
541890939>wanna play this >gotta buy a full priced Port im so conflicted.…[View]
541891319Why is Balrog's son white?[View]
541858581if I want to play a melee chracter is barb or paladin a better choice? Barbarian seems to have more …[View]
541892603What went wrong?[View]
541890593WHY DID I MOVED HERE?[View]
541889848Is it worth $60?[View]
541892085Puyo Puyo: How many times in a row can the same color puyo appear, 6 times?[View]
541891936Dualshock 4 > Dualsense My right thumb hurts after I played ~40 minutes with dualsense. Can'…[View]
541892614Doom 2016 was superior to Eternal in every way. The Slayer felt stronger, the story was better befor…[View]
541891638Monke > Liztard[View]
541890787Oh well, I guess I'm not doing anything today either[View]
541892310Anons I need help. I've been trying to find a OST that's been on my HDD for ages. It'…[View]
541879927Has anyone ever actually beaten this guy legit (without crouching in the corner) After everything th…[View]
541890692games where the sequel is objectively improvement over original in every way[View]
541882041City Builders: I've been trying to get back into Cities Skylines (and even Sim City 4) but I gi…[View]
541892054>Your son wants his first vidya for his birthday present. What's it going to be /v/?…[View]
541839232risk of rain thread: 2>1 also lunar items are a fuck[View]
541880984TENCENT planning on hostile take over of US game company: Any ideas of who, if it isn't EA or T…[View]
541891908Gamers...it's time to rise up[View]
541888989TF2C: I like it a lot.[View]
541891735Salt and Sanctuary: >kill everything with flintlock[View]
541881569Was he the best protagonist Rockstar ever had? I miss him bros...[View]
541883864ITT: Fake video games you wish existed[View]
541891595ITT: Games only you played[View]
541890464Can she handle REVII?[View]
541887707Girlfriend simulator: Can you recommend any video games where you can have a girlfriend?[View]
541889837Hi, she'll be on the roster for Pirate Warriors 5, say something nice to her![View]
541891392>parody of the newest Zelda game >calls that Link the Hero of Time…[View]
541891107Why is she so perfect bros[View]
541891289Last us: Looking at TLOU2 “female” or rather tranny appearances making Mass Effect Andromeda has act…[View]
541888397Man this was a flop[View]
541887448ITT: Post only the worst redesigns[View]
541890735>Want to play a game >Can't because reason What's her name? LoL. Everytime I think o…[View]
541890150Is pursuing a career in playing video games a worthwhile endeavor?[View]
541878224Sekiro: >Is the only good boss in sekiro in your path Why couldn't all the bosses be as well…[View]
541887521>ice boss >'Hey that's not cool man!'…[View]
541888910>Finally got it working on an Emulator. Excellent, now the real question is: When will Project M …[View]
541890624What are some games where I can go on vacations with hot women?[View]
541885712Elder Scrolls Thread: Why the fuck do people like Argonians? >Literally created to be slaves …[View]
541804453idolm@ster: Starlight Stage: Are you going to play the new im@s game?[View]
541887298i wanna play this game for the lolis and haha... memes, can i just jump right into any one?[View]
541886281what are you playing right now, /v/? excited for anything? want to review a game you finished recent…[View]
541890135why is it so fun [View]
541881857I'm finally getting around to this and despite the poorly written dialog, it's a lot of fu…[View]
541882803What vidya related thing are you excited for in 2021?[View]
541890206anyone want to play league of legends normals? euw/eune[View]
541882913>80% of /v/ had a PS3, Wii or 360 as their first console[View]
541885753Breath Of The Wild 2: What the hell is this going to be like? It's a direct sequel so are we go…[View]
541880693How do these work?[View]
541890075Literally did nothing wrong. In fact, he did the most good out of everyone.[View]
541885960Eileen>Amelia>Maria>>>Doll Agreed?[View]
541860991/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>541769030 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
541884443What are the most brutal deaths seen in video games?[View]
541889887Now that Nintendo figured out they only ever have to dangle ONE new game in front of their fanbase t…[View]
541873504What game lets you rent out a girl?[View]
541889879Game Dev Help.: Hello /v/, Its some faggot who wants to make a video game here. Too bad I barely hav…[View]
541884365Name a better raid.[View]
541876817Let me guess, you got filtered.[View]
541885026Are you a bad enough dude to be in every game?[View]
541888382Oddworld: HEY[View]
541879206Why was Sephiroth such a douchebag?[View]
541888812You did pay $5000 to be put in the bar in the 3rd remake of his game, didn't you /v/?[View]
541882184Genshin Impact: Why is she so hot?[View]
541889312>Microsoft is pro-consume- Honestly, Tencent can't buy the xbox division from M$ fast enough…[View]
541885390How do I cure myself of being such a min/max faggot? Even in children games like Pokemon I can'…[View]
541884689>One difficulty, AKA intended way to play the game >Options menu to allow tweaking enemy hp, d…[View]
541813093HELLO HUMANS: HI HUMAN FRIEND GUYS! >How are my fellow skin loving Humans doing? >I love my sk…[View]
541851078HERE WE GOOOOO!: Now that KaijuKino is back on the menu, when the hell are we gonna get a GOOD Kaiju…[View]
541870617Post songs that fit her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrGw_cOgwa8[View]
541857784>new one in development thoughts?[View]
541882984Post kino game music covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1IcJg42WLg[View]
541866490Claim your vidya car: For me, it's the Toyota Celica GT4[View]
541886651Defunct MMO Firefall: Has anyone here ever played Firefall? I always wanted to play it but never had…[View]
541887819There are only 3 kinds of Vidya: >1. Arcade Games: Simple to understand but hard to master games …[View]
541876409Thoughts on her body of work?[View]
541888580Thoughts on King of Fighters XV? What character are we gonna see this week? When are they going to r…[View]
541888305So, what was it /v/?[View]
541879608>oh hey dad great timing >gonna die now lmao cya why is this game praised again…[View]
541888772>Decide to replay older monster hunter because its been a while since I've sat down to play …[View]
541879265Hogwarts Game THREAD: *Sips Drink* >it doesn't need to start at Year 1 >it doesn't n…[View]
541888692https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYycp9tSvVw What is the manliest video game?[View]
541883064What game has /v/ been making since Katawa Shoujo?[View]
541889729Where do you see yourself in 10 years?[View]
541888671what went so wrong[View]
541887391>wants to make MGSV a modern masterpiece >konami orders him to ship the story unfinished >s…[View]
541870467When are we gonna get a decent mecha game?[View]
541885121>only the most absolutely egregious and heinous crimes warrants someone being assigned to a marau…[View]
541886463Favorite love stories in vidya: My pick is FF8. There's something so romantic about a doomed lo…[View]
541886612Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Pure fucking Kino - The game. Gameplay - 9/10 Metroidvania. Great, s…[View]
541873767>make a bad game >convince people its just for le hardcore gamers…[View]
541882212What are you favorite video game cover? Image unrelated.[View]
541878730>game thanks you for playing it in credits[View]
541886720What the fuck is her problem?[View]
541879864You are the final boss of the game. What is your theme/battle music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
541887950What is a lesser known game that could be considered the greatest of all time?[View]
541876512OMORI thread: I'm seven hours in. I saw the second flashback and beat some centipede boss. Does…[View]
541881905fellas help me out here so i started playing this, i chose hard cause it was in the middle and i tho…[View]
541887442>mfw the outlander pulls up with his fancy Balmoran guar >mfw pardon me, Mr. Colovian Fur Helm…[View]
541884778riddle me this: how can a straight , heterosexual normal and well adjusted guy play this game?[View]
541887615He literally did nothing wrong[View]
541885072What went wrong?[View]
541869043Finally gonna start this: Any tips?[View]
541885934do games still have the exploding red barrel meme? I stopped playing new games around 10 years ago.[View]
541884561Why are all speed runners emotional losers?[View]
541826398Why were none of the nu-Man trilogy games able to come close to it?[View]
541887445Minecraft vs Roblox: Which game is better?[View]
541883116pills here[View]
541885746Are you a chad explorer?[View]
541884470Any games that take place in realistic modern day japan? I know there's yakuza but I'm loo…[View]
541878694Is Chulip getting rereleased or remade? I've been seeing a lot of this game recently.[View]
541839762Let me guess, you want 'more'.[View]
541878858Videogames you find to be overrated[View]
541885141Unironically the best JRPG of all time.[View]
541886940Why did they talk all the sex out of Hitman?[View]
541885913Why is everyone obsessing about this retarded creepypasta-tier character?[View]
541876651>kinda bug >kinda snax >actually is all bug…[View]
541886915Was it autism?[View]
541886705So we can all agree that Metroid Prime is the best Metroid game?[View]
541865994ITT: Casual Filters[View]
541829820What's your favorite TWEWY song, /v/? For me, it's TELL ME WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WERE[View]
541795893I like racing games[View]
541828928Cyberpunk 2077: Apparently this game is broken and unplayable because a youtube influencer with 1M s…[View]
541881982what are the most realistic ghost games?[View]
541874045Can we talk about Ys please? I really like Dana's design and story. IX will be released in some…[View]
541886341Slay the Spire: Bought this game a couple days ago and just beat the heart on ascension 2 with defec…[View]
541885221Jesus Christ[View]
541877603So what’s up with the wing? I played all of FF7 after he was announced and finished it today. Never …[View]
541886156HOUSE REAL BIG[View]
541886140Literally unfixable. FUBAR.[View]
541878873Choose your fighter[View]
541885995PS5 sells 6000 units in the UK, worse than Japan: What went wrong.[View]
541882995I got a horrible vision about sakurai confirming filia from skullgirls for smash. Please comfort me …[View]
541884683>People start to disconect or afk as soon they loose the first match[View]
541884312sir, finishing this fight[View]
541876734why did people play mmos before parsing and logs became a thing? whats the point of it?[View]
541883198The dipshit duality of /v/.[View]
541882883so anon, what was the first game you pirated and why did you do it?[View]
541885798>game doesn't have clearly identifiable criteria for what constitutes 100% completion Being …[View]
541885741Are Steam forums the worst place to discuss videogames?: For some reason when dipshits post here and…[View]
541885720She's hot[View]
541885657>Game lets you consume defeated enemies[View]
541885656Since when did they start making save icons in real life?[View]
541885542>Remake lacks soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDfdPS9BNtc[View]
541883667Who honestly believed this shit? The warning signs were blaring in the very beginning[View]
541885435Daily reminder that for a broseph ale and bag of holobites you could force your superior corpo shaft…[View]
541883669Why is it on so many 'best games of all time' lists?[View]
541878303Dust2 is a shit map[View]
541885238I miss Destar: post melee screenshots[View]
541885139I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames[View]
541875462Silent Hill 4 is the single greatest pleb filter of all time[View]
541884752What games let me feel being in ultra instinct?[View]
541846872Melee Wolf: >people actually think he'll be tournament legal…[View]
541883631>fuck you[View]
541884520space engineers: What are you building in Space Engineers /v/?[View]
541878265Why won't they make a DLC to this game?[View]
541884279What are some games that you absolutely loved as a lad but can no longer bear as an adult?[View]
541878681'Anon, take my girls to Hot Topic and buy some ice cream when you are done, oh, and make sure they a…[View]
541873079>knocks you out >you wake up chained to a bed >she force feeds you viagra >sucks all the…[View]
541879384Just started this: Not even good. Botw is waaaaaaaaaay better.[View]
541880225>new trailer drops tommoroow how hyped are you bros?[View]
541883129So the DLC will be set in Arizona?[View]
54188384390s Capcom exec Yoshiki Okamoto wants a new Darkstalkers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-jiOuxVUo…[View]
541881907>watch skyrim mod showcase video >mfw I hear the guys voice https://youtu.be/gUVh9VEB9ps…[View]
541883756So how would you want your persona to look? What myth/legend do you want?[View]
541883721how hard is Master difficulty in Titanfall 2? I just noticed Steam has achievements for Titanfall 2 …[View]
541881963My first Elder Scrolls was Skyrim and it's one of my favorite games to play. Having said that I…[View]
541849131Damn! Horizon Zero Dawn was that bad?![View]
541877808Running an emulator with a CRT filter is like putting exhaust speakers on your electric car.[View]
541882102What if Morrowind Combat was precisely animated so when you Left click, it would show animations for…[View]
541883389>Zelda uses a shitload of mythical creatures as bases for it's monsters like dragons, giants…[View]
541883185>Do not pray for an easy life, pray to be *ka-chick* stronger men[View]
541878125What do you think about source code hoarders?[View]
541875343ITT: Games ruined by reddit[View]
541883085>Statement: there will never be another good star wars game >Irritated conclusion: I am gettin…[View]
541881591This is literally the scariest modern survival horror game No other came close to the atmosphere, e…[View]
541878204Anon... check your head right now.[View]
541882895PS5 SSD: So what’s so special about the ps5 ssd again? Was it smarter for Sony to focus less on grap…[View]
541882834This game looks like SHIT.[View]
541882767game when?[View]
541882790>______ Iceberg Explained[View]
541875962Do you see what I see?[View]
541880806Machine, turn back...now. The layers of this ULTRAKILL thread are not for your kind.[View]
541882659Was it a good boss fight?[View]
541880994Did it have soul?[View]
541880597Post Gates of Oblivion reveal predictions for tomorrow[View]
541882576Will Xbox Series XX and PS5 Pro exist as well?[View]
541880023So the game comes with the original in the catridge / CD or you only get a shitty download code like…[View]
541881654I can beat any and every one of you worthless faggots in a 1v1 on any game, any platform, and any da…[View]
541882452RE8 MAP Holy crap this village looks kino[View]
541821920How will they fuck it up?: And how hard?[View]
541881794Is there anyway for Capcom to make Chris Redfield an actual interesting character with a personality…[View]
541876521What can we expect from IW's cod this year?[View]
541879915Apart from 'MUH REDGUARD' he's actually one of the best characters.[View]
541882214>Memory card corrupted[View]
541880873Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Luigi?[View]
541882130How deep in the lore are you?: Nintendo Head Office Mario Club Bicycle parking secret Wisdom Guard P…[View]
541882057Cyber Shadow: And it's out.[View]
541881865>buggy game releases a patch that’s a bigger size than the game itself[View]
541880148>always hated English dubs for years >pick Japanese for my spring semester so I could understa…[View]
541871175Wolves hunt in packs![View]
541880453None of the GBA Castlevania games hold a candle to SOTN, including Aria of Sorrow.[View]
541879763Is this game good?[View]
541878669I got a package in the mail today. You guys wanna see what's inside? Hint: it's gaming rel…[View]
541881734>game has unlockable controls[View]
541873092water temple[View]
541866960Who is the best Persona girl and why is it her?[View]
541878015Why is /v/ like this?[View]
541881392Best Cheap Turn-Based JRPG on steam? Looking for something that would be fun to spend a week blastin…[View]
541880805No one game can have this much soul[View]
541875675>Where am I from? Megaton of course, where else bro?[View]
541856418What the hell is it with fighting game players being so toxic and filled to the brim with blacks? Ar…[View]
541873978>10 years and this is still the greatest visual novel ever made What went wrong with the genre? …[View]
541881272How do I stop raging at fighting games? I'm trying hard to catch myself but I go from 0-100 and…[View]
541876932What am I in for[View]
541877515>Game filters you unexpectedly[View]
541878923Best Mega Man game? I vote MML2.[View]
541879550Why is she so cute bros[View]
541872167Gaming sins[View]
541881040Did you get filtered?[View]
541879642What ending did you get? How do you think they will implement expansions with all the different endi…[View]
541880990YTP thread?[View]
541879872Which game has the most secrets/hidden areas/Easter eggs? Preference towards indies but I guess AAA …[View]
541872026Play L.A. Noire.[View]
541879730pewdiepie at the bridge[View]
541880858Metal Chocobo is the best looking Keyblade.[View]
541874031Why'd he do it?[View]
541872519I have not...come this far....[View]
541818404how tf can this be a 2006 game? it's ahead of his time in literally every aspect[View]
541875648bokujo monogatari (and derivatives like stardew valley) thread: ellie best girl[View]
541880643What vidya character is the stinkiest?[View]
541840916Gabe is starting to scare me[View]
541864662Old era tf2: Are they any servers that run stock tf2 or any way to play simple old tf2 again? Tfclas…[View]
541876936How do we make games fun again?[View]
541878720>Pure kino in its rawest form >Only 14% of people have even unlocked the first area You weren…[View]
541880013https://mobile.twitter.com/nakayuji/status/1353259189389332480 Daily reminder that this abomination…[View]
541877085>2021, I still get filtered by this game[View]
541880370Is it really worth the playthrough?[View]
541878668Why is Coco such a bitch?[View]
541879663FFXIV 6.0: Announcement on the 5th. What do you want to see? >Chemist >Beastmaster >Fordola…[View]
541880221>What’s happened..... >okay >alright >Cries >I understand…[View]
541880217ITT You Laugh, You Lose Keep it vidya[View]
541879859Is this video correct? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWVtZJo-HqI[View]
541880119>decide to play The Holt dlc mission to play the slayer gate >they updated it to be harder …[View]
541879586The gods took this away from him, how the hell does he cope with such a loss?[View]
541877213I never played a Civilization game, saw a let's play of this and was mesmerized at the depth of…[View]
541879194Solitude(Morrowind)... home[View]
541878967So we are still in agreement this is one of the greatest games ever made right? This is really the g…[View]
541875605Is it REALLY that hard to get one of these? Here's what I did: >ask Microcenter when their r…[View]
541879840What’s your ‘never ever’ sequel? Synaptic drive doesn’t count sadly.[View]
541876195I miss him so much bros[View]
541879376Will they ever be topped?[View]
541879490He's never coming back bros[View]
541879338What’s the best (or most promising) gaming laptop(s) below $1000 if you had to narrow it down?[View]
541879420She killed millions...[View]
541825854Why can't she stop winning?[View]
541871071Just finished FF7 and now I’m about to start this, which is the better RPG and what am I in for?[View]
541879424What version of AOE2 do I play to be like pic related?[View]
541877573Should there be more cartoon musou?[View]
541855912Has a game ever made you actually mad/insane?[View]
541877039Smash Leak: he's in[View]
541878909What's his fucking problem[View]
541877149Any good headphones for gaming? no audio-autist shit, just need to hear footsteps and be able to tel…[View]
541861673>announced at start of console's lifespan >released near the end of console's lifesp…[View]
541877564How would you make a Tails Gets Trolled game?[View]
541872375Who's the right choice here?[View]
541877496Meat game thread: We need to make a pantheon of meat games. Pitch a game and the counsel will decide…[View]
541867868Here's your fucking vampire raging final boss bro[View]
541876215Is this the real final boss? >tfw final form no longer allows you to delay the restart any longer…[View]
541878902wagie wagie get in (remote) cagie: So I have a new job that pays far more than my old one but I end …[View]
541847262>Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_87RChirsw…[View]
541873518>_________ is an overrated game! Why do you care if a game is overrated? People always treat thin…[View]
541878796Why doesn't Agent 47 have sex with an attractive woman?[View]
541878481>lemme get uhhhhh[View]
5418787671 week until his next Magnum Opus is revealed...[View]
541832819>Boomers actually thought this looked good I can't stop laughing[View]
541878586What did you think it's under Parappa hat?[View]
541877694Ayo these to are da coolest niggas in video games[View]
541876147why is DMC1 Dante so fucking based. Everything else is cringe[View]
541878456was son from hotline miami 2 the ultimate basedboy?[View]
541878392LMAO XDDDD[View]
541874315How do you get an e-gf to play video games with? Do they use Reddit or something?[View]
541872826So are they a thing or what?[View]
541877030>Resident Evil 3 was original supposed to be about HUNK on a cruise ship >We have to wait unt…[View]
541877784>Skyrim looks better on the Old version of the game and has a better art style. How did the Morr…[View]
541875101How anal about guide following/making perfect choices do you need to be to max all confidants? Like …[View]
541875556Why don't games have robots like this? It's always dumb lazy android shit all the time.[View]
541876524It's Dead Space 2's 10th anniversary. I come bearing gifts (sort of): How is /v celebratin…[View]
541874285Post your vidya fetish: >All the warriors show up to assist you against the final boss…[View]
541877810with the movie coming, any good zilla games?[View]
541877826MC thread: Post and Discuss main characters nobody hates[View]
541874884>tfw 1 hp[View]
541877968>'So you now know if guards start to see you with this radial wheel that points to that guard exa…[View]
541876072A remaster of Mario Superstar Baseball is coming to Switch this year. It has the gameplay mechanics …[View]
541876971Any good horror games that make you go insane?[View]
541877775It's Jill.[View]
541868341Does /v/ like shipgirls?[View]
541868672Did horrible fan art ever ruin a video game character for you?[View]
541877685I think Sonic is dead....[View]
541877654>cutscene cutscene cutscene Dropped. I have played a lot of Final Fantasy games over the course o…[View]
541874381What are some of /v/'s all-time favorite scotformers? Pic related is mine[View]
541860529Why didn't Sailor Moon get as much push into the vidya market as Dragonball?[View]
541845971Dota 2: How would you fix the game?[View]
541877552post your battlestations[View]
541867707>implying you wouldn't[View]
541875549>microsoft is pro-consume-[View]
541863881Post subtle vidya references. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doihYFkeWsQ[View]
541875827Has there been any lawsuits or government hearings regarding banned people not being able to access …[View]
541876673One of the worst games of all time along with Dark Souls 2[View]
541877374i miss these niggas like you wouldnt believe[View]
541875195Annoying piece of shits in games.[View]
541875214Is this still worth getting? Should I buy BOCW instead? Mainly for multiplayer btw.[View]
541877016Stupid bitch[View]
541876797Why are so many anons calling other anons who are excited for RE8 shills? I've never seen this…[View]
541827552vidya webms: post your favorite vidya webms that you yourself made[View]
541875837Now that the dust has settled, what truly was the best Sims game in the series?[View]
541877140Lamar roasts Franklin: Gamers literally cannot help themselves but repeat this scene from the notori…[View]
541872575ITT: Characters who should have had a romance route. I want to lovingly fuck Mitsuo's boipussy …[View]
541875321Botw is good for a nintendo game[View]
541832118>Goes into a Danganronpa thread >Mikanfags infest and ruin it I fucking hate them so much…[View]
541871254fuck the vampire milf Mia is best girl[View]
541863147Behold, the best 2 platformers of the 4th gen[View]
541812037BB Alternative Dark War: https://twitter.com/bbdarkwar/status/1351819253364609027 https://twitter.co…[View]
541874112best game ever made[View]
541876764'hmmm??... pa-paya'[View]
541874879Strongest Weapon: The spy from TF2 has a knife that deals 200% of the enemies max health as damage i…[View]
541874939Thoughts on Shadow of the Tomb Raider?[View]
541869785/v/ expectations on Elden Ring?[View]
541873405has it ever occurred to you that maybe not buying games you know they'll be shit would cause de…[View]
541875531Why can't the Japanese make games like these?[View]
541869135Which one will come out first?[View]
541875396Main quest vs side quest: Anyone else pretty much lose interest in most side quests in RPGs? I use t…[View]
541875164Tencent raising billions to buy EA, Take-Two, or others: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/77498/report…[View]
541855197Entire Roster leaked for KOF XV: Every character from past games will be in the game That's w…[View]
541871574Why are black haired girls unpopular in Jap games?[View]
541876139>Game doesn't use the D-Pad at all, you have to use the control stick and the D-pad does not…[View]
541874735SWOLLEN Battery thread: Imagine if they were like blue balls and they just need to RELEASE hahaha…[View]
541874361BATTLEFRONT 2: Is it any good?[View]
541875875How the hell did they get the shooting to feel so fucking satisfying? I fucking hate the cinematic c…[View]
541875004Why does ioi hate me?: >If you’re playing Hitman 3 on the Epic Games Store and purchased the past…[View]
541855117Switch owners, why didn't you buy Xenoblade Chronicles as of yet? What's holding you back …[View]
541824082>Resident Evil 7 is nothing like the classic resident evil ga- https://youtu.be/2thOf7iu98c…[View]
541867990Gaming Mice Thread: I have been using pic related for 3 years and I really like the unlockable scrol…[View]
541875891nagito: Im going to say the h word hajime[View]
541875551why the hell did das3's player base flux over 20k so much in 2020? did it just go on sale a bun…[View]
541875812Finish Mass Effect 3[View]
541874874Did they finally unJUSTed the game?[View]
541875801it's decently fun. would be better if everyone spoke english though.[View]
541874251Vidya reaction thread?: Vidya reaction thread[View]
541871397Runescape can't be bas-[View]
541869268What's your highest cybergrind wave in Ultrakill? Mines 14[View]
541875576>she hasn't played Highly Responsive to Prayers If you haven't even touched any of the …[View]
541874940Scourge is the coolest Sonic character.[View]
541873558ITT: licensed games that were actually good[View]
541875424Guns of the Patriots.: What a title.[View]
541861240>kid joins JRPG party[View]
541873538>determines who wins or losses[View]
541871305Why do /v/ hate PS5? I think it's a pretty good console.[View]
541875373ITT: Vidya songs that have been permanently ruined. https://youtu.be/2RKnfOAI1A0[View]
541872912Itt: shitty level design[View]
541875224games will never be as fun again as they used to[View]
541872734How big do you think her feet are? Her hands are huge.[View]
541822565Stardew Valley: Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here and what did they mean by t…[View]
541870404For the low price of $29.99...[View]
541873490>Break into a little girl's piano concert >Bully her and belittle her performance >Sho…[View]
541872545Games only you played[View]
541874761*pranks you*[View]
541875061Disgaea 6: How the fuck did they get away with this design?[View]
541874813why did this game die?: its literally so obscure if you search up deadbolt on google the only result…[View]
541825778Fighting games[View]
541874909Games with this aesthetic?[View]
541871056Is it worth getting?[View]
541873123Was it rigged?[View]
54187467916 years later and Rockstar still hasn't been able to top these 2 hours of comedic genius.[View]
541856403THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS DO?[View]
541874585>entire game is 2 maps Jesus, I can see why they handed this game over for free to millions.…[View]
541871105Just downloaded this. I'm gathering rocks and wood. What else am I in for?[View]
541867563>supernova flashlights and lens flare >be advised bug >ps3 UI bugs in the PC version >fu…[View]
541870628This is a man.[View]
541848913notice anything?[View]
541858885Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI): NerveGear is happening!!!! thank you based Gabe!![View]
541867279>/v/ memes about speedrunners being trans forever >writers come out and confirm Celeste's…[View]
541874043You ARE protecting her smile, are you not nomad?[View]
541873546Donkey Kong 64 is better than Banjo Tooie[View]
541863893Upcoming Warner Bros. Games Will Seemingly Have a 'Heavy Focus' on Live Service: https://w…[View]
541872458Favorite video game quotes? Mine is when the G-Man says 'consequences will never be the same'[View]
541857691thoughts on remaster of re4? i genuinely hope they dont make it some VR shite[View]
541852403Guess what came in the mail today, /v/![View]
541873741holy shit the extreme S O U L[View]
541868416Is this still a good place to 'acquire' free games?[View]
541872527ok guys i know this off topic but does anyone have that thread about a guy lathering his dick in fis…[View]
541863041ITT: games that make you feel like a brainlet[View]
541873593Why aren’t you playing the best roguelite in existence?[View]
541837591What's your genuinely unpopular vidya opinion?[View]
541867712when was the last time a video game made you cry?[View]
541867229Sprites: Sprites Thread! Post your best sprites![View]
541834028FFXIV 6.0: Thoughts on the leaks?[View]
541872669Console graphics: >Switch Vs >PS5 Prove me wrong…[View]
541873320>this 'game' made boomers literally shit and piss in their pants[View]
541866643BG: >'Yeah, I always play Elves in RPGs. How could you tell?[View]
541866038Why is this thing sold out everywhere?[View]
541870672>no good games coming out besides sequels[View]
541870761ok guys i know this off topic but does anyone have that thread about a guy lathering his dick in fis…[View]
541853562ESO worth getting into? Never played it before and currently looking to get into an MMO, and its bet…[View]
541839097>anons exist that think this is better than DMC3 Explain yourselves[View]
541872952>travels to the underworld and kill the goddess of time just so his lolis will stop dying >end…[View]
541871514Tfw you ruin a great boss fight: >Lol here fight two in a small arena :)…[View]
541872210Just beat this. What should be my next Platinum game?[View]
541869061What is the most yuri-licious vidya game?[View]
541872371Have you played his game?[View]
541872485UFC 4: Feel like game is just fucked and I can't replicate the way other players fuck me over a…[View]
541864151Khajiit has wares, if you have coin![View]
541870370Is there a single minority more oppressed than left-handed gamers? This industry doesn't even a…[View]
541871049Franziska Von Karma (young): Franziska Von Karma (young)[View]
541865909>6 inventory slots Was this really necessary?[View]
541871606It dies? It got fucked to death?[View]
541869380How the HELL do I make this full screen on pc? Also Ryza 2 thread[View]
541872028When do you think it'll release?[View]
541805169They NEED to add the option to join her[View]
541869753Haru Okumura[View]
541870107Is there any way to git gud at this game? I've hit a spot where I get bored very quickly of it[View]
541871751*blocks your path*[View]
541871702Soon, this world shall approach it's demise and humanity's willpower shall be tested in th…[View]
541866195Arkane under straits: https://youtu.be/QZOQpFZn6jA Just found this video. Apparently Arkane are caug…[View]
541871612Super Robot Wars: I love this franchise so fucking much[View]
541871567Vermintide thread: All I need is one damn veteran item and I'll have all the achievements unloc…[View]
541870705*dead* Sexhaver420: MGE ME FAGGOT[View]
541871504WATCH PLAYIN?[View]
541870971Was this that big of an issue?[View]
541871117Why is this game so poorly optimized?[View]
541868681Are you the kind of person who juggles multiple video games at once or do you prefer to complete one…[View]
541871283Call of Duty: Is Call of Duty the biggest babysitter on Videogame industry?[View]
541871280first person shooters: Why the hell does this still exist and why do people keep asking for it?…[View]
541870327>But it's different now that I'm poor and aging I'll never see this face again[View]
541864886Pretend it was part of the Dark Souls series. Where would you rank it??[View]
541871041BREAKING NEWS: Jews did Raccoon City.[View]
541870936>2D platformers[View]
541869363When's the last time you played a game without a guide or reading up on it before hand? And do …[View]
541870454A new challenge.: www.33-01.com[View]
541868480How terrifying would it be if Heartless from all the the KH games started showing up in the real wor…[View]
541870720games with early 2000s SEGA aesthetic?[View]
541870669Now that Hitman is wrapped up, it's time for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 to shine. Contrac…[View]
541870645Should I get hunt showdown? inb4 good with friends I have not friends[View]
541862981Remasters: If you could choose one game to get a remaster in the present day, what would it be? Hard…[View]
541858587post yfw[View]
541862756First time I'm actually rooting for the villains[View]
541865214>series gets doomed from the start with the shittiest possible name imaginable Any other similar …[View]
541868907Remake fucking when?[View]
541870330You're not some kind of Gundam weeaboo, are you?[View]
541856579ONIRISM An abnormal state of consciousness in which dreamlike, often disturbing illusions are experi…[View]
541866850post turn-based games with good AI[View]
541865385>the greatest ARPG ever created was released on this day 2 years ago Say something nice about KH3…[View]
541857903Ah. Such a shame... I always thought we'd end up being good friends...[View]
541870082>Judy is the most heartbroken when you pick suicide ending, even if you're male V and romanc…[View]
541870062noita: noita thread I'm fucking awful but I'm getting better at wandcrafting and perk choo…[View]
541867470Does this game stay this fucking hard all the way through? I'm getting dunked and filtered in t…[View]
541867261why is she so popular again?[View]
541849471Are you ready for Playstation to win this console generation too? https://www.vg247.com/2020/12/11/p…[View]
541867141>Come up with incomplete, vague story with no concrete answers >Do the same thing across three…[View]
541857009>Lazlo breaks into your house >tells you to name 10 best Western games the past 10 years or el…[View]
541869827Here's your Mileena, bro[View]
541869768>human male >class fighter >weapon sword and shield Oh yeah it's main character time…[View]
541869697factorio thread: Anyone still playing this game? I saw some dyson threads so I thought I would make …[View]
541862591How did they think they would get away with this?[View]
541868737How the fuck did he win his lawsuit against Sega?[View]
541867585This is allegorical...[View]
541868298Is this the definitive Warioware game?[View]
541865567Why do people hate her again? She's not half as fucking horrible as anons said.[View]
541866239>keeps paying guy who hates sonic easy money for the le ironic lelz[View]
541869252These are Japanese pirates[View]
541865258What went so horribly wrong?[View]
541864652>Carl stop it! >Quit it! Mom's'll hear >Mom! They're up to sumtin' What…[View]
541866893Will we ever get a good Dear or Alive game again?[View]
541868943What is their best franchise?[View]
541868720sonic: i thought this game was cute[View]
541868847I just don't know what's so funny about a fat bugs bunny[View]
541865679Bottom ten Games: I have a general idea of what your top ten consists of. Probably Morrowind, New Ve…[View]
541868816Any games that take place in japan? I know there's yakuza but I'm looking for something le…[View]
541866240>dark spirit has inva-[View]
541866778Can I skip the first State of Decay?[View]
541862817>Skyrim is 10y old >Oblivion is 15y old >Morrowind is 20y old >Daggerfall is 25y old…[View]
541868549Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Lords of the West: New expansion. Thoughts? https://store.st…[View]
541855907Please: Recommend me a game series (at least with 2 games) that isn't >JRPG >WRPG >Act…[View]
541864910>start game >1 minute of unskippable title screens >game starts the story without letting m…[View]
541864575What did she mean by this?[View]
541868368Exanima Bros Thread: What is your method to persist waiting for updates aside from just forgetting t…[View]
541852068Why are multiplayer games so shit?[View]
541866183Everything keeps killing me /v/, I thought BR meant everything was meant to be my level?[View]
541868104The West, so afraid of strong government, now has no government. Only financial power.[View]
541867790Star Wars thread: Theres never going to be a solid SW game again now right? How fucked are we /v/?…[View]
541868095ITT: Games that aged horrendously[View]
541862532Is Fallout: Frontier good?[View]
541806946This retarded shit is why mainline SMT is a dead franchise.[View]
541862434How come Sony is far ahead of anyone else when it comes to innovations and video game technology?[View]
541867864the worst character in the game and the worst mission.[View]
541865890Here your next Resident Evil games bro[View]
541862357I always see these old games recommended around here or in 3x3s. Pic related is one of the more comm…[View]
541855637I'm on the griffin quest and this sucks[View]
541861317>player's appearance gradually changes over the course of the game What other games do this?…[View]
541851227Tell me about your game idea. What would you really like to play?[View]
541842734ITT: Post an image, get a vidya recommendation[View]
541867608>The Medium >Scorn Tormentum 2 >Vometorium Is Beksinski the new Lovecraft of video games?…[View]
541858569Why did he do it?[View]
541867154I’m going to bed in a few minutes and just wanted to make sure you guys were doing ok and see what g…[View]
541840854Tencent taking over: Looks like gaming is finally dying, Tencent is going to buy all the big western…[View]
541866751Gamestop lies about RE Village collectors edition:: So i go into gamestop and try to preorder RE Vil…[View]
541863801Worth cluttering my PS4 PS+ library with or nah?[View]
541816960Are you ready for Yayoayo bros? You're skipping the anemo homo right?[View]
541862906Are there any good games coming out this year?[View]
541850971best games of 2020: Do you agree?[View]
541867207>he hasnt been saving since launch for him pathetic[View]
541867157This is the current second most popular fire emblem character who has yet to place in the choose you…[View]
541857729omega labyrinth Life: how censored is it on the switch?[View]
541857382Vidya Pet Peeves: >that one faggot that can't speak up or mumbles all the time >fetch que…[View]
541861217How do I get the squirrel suit?[View]
541825648PS5 sells 6000 units in the UK, worse than Japan: What went wrong.[View]
541864678I pirated project cars game of the year edition but when I ran the exe the game boots on my pc but d…[View]
541865790>teleports behind you >pshhh.. nothing personnel kid…[View]
541859221Haytham Kenway: what was his endgame?[View]
541861772Roguelite Thread: >https://tierlists.com/create/roguelites-but-readable Post em, rate em, bonus …[View]
541866018Cyberpunk 2077 is a disaster.: And you owe Ubisoft an apology.[View]
541866782ITT: Vidya trailers or pre-release gameplay videos you used to watch over and over again in exciteme…[View]
541866313Milla Jovovich is mai waifu.[View]
541861218Why does this piece of shit even exist?[View]
541866043has a video game ever made you cry? I cry like a bitch to everything but never vidya[View]
541866651Looking for a Zelda interview: Anyone have the interview where Aonuma or another Breath of the Wild …[View]
541866512madeline is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: she is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
541866000You did clear Naxxramas, right, /v/?[View]
541863067Minecraft Cheater vs 4 autistic children FINALE REMATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4v6slOxxXs…[View]
541857007Did console friends get to enjoy the game yet after the big patch? It's fun.[View]
541852095You people said this game was trash, so why am I having a ton of fun playing it? I'm also playi…[View]
541861063General venting: Fuck Nintendo They're going back to being corporate, Tingle's artist and …[View]
541856363Pick one[View]
541859642The Big Thr33: Will a new challenger ever approach the BIG THREE of gaming or will these three compa…[View]
541863381How would you fix this perk and other meta perks (both killer and survivor)? Also, DBD thread.[View]
541858178which is better, scripted events or procedural events?[View]
541855402What games let me kill in the name of God?[View]
541865664If you had to pick between two games. One has a unique setting, memorable characters and original st…[View]
541865883>Why yes, I exclusively play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, how did you know?…[View]
541866080What are some games where you play as a CIA agent?[View]
541864270you can not identify this game[View]
541865847>you killed the homosexual child murdering monsters you’re a genocidal maniac does Toby fox reall…[View]
541865783DOOM 3 is a good game[View]
541863130/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>541769030 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
541865357What did Game Freak mean by this[View]
541865652fellas help me out here so i started playing this, i chose hard cause it was in the middle and i tho…[View]
541865598Cosmic Break Universal: >no thread Did we grow tired of it already?…[View]
541862145>NEW Pokemon snap coming out soon >Poketards are going nuts and are happy it's happening …[View]
541865519https://youtu.be/tvYV878vUJE Tell me someone else has played this. It's the most entertaining k…[View]
541862110You accidently become CEO of Nintendo. You only have five minutes to pass sweeping corporate executi…[View]
541858778I know nothing about Warhammer- how many books and shit am I going to need to read to understand thi…[View]
541865412who will you play in the beta?[View]
541860149What if you killed Putin in Hitman 3..... with a BANANA???????? Toppling anti-American world leaders…[View]
541864206what do they eat[View]
541861531So /v/ what is your definition of artificial difficulty?[View]
541865008>Boss has literally one attack I wish more games did this[View]
541863859Pure ludo. Are any of the modern games worth playing?[View]
541862004>game has missable treasures >choose the wrong path and miss it forever this shouldn't be…[View]
541861145>boss deals unavoidable damage Is this essentially bad game design?[View]
541864978What gaming icon's death has stung the most to you? Hard mode: No Iwata Retard filter: No e-cel…[View]
541864837>put D2 disc in >installation begins >10 seconds later >installation stops >battle.ne…[View]
541862961Synthetik: Thoughts on Synthetik?[View]
541828097POG: LET'S FRIGGIN GOOOOOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9sVj8KBGJM[View]
541860326New Curly thread since old one got nuked for some reason. Continue[View]
541864515Who shattered it, /v/?[View]
541859708Who's the better protagonist?[View]
541864243Which AVGN episodes are most kino /v/?[View]
541856395I still don't get the coin toss, did the devs add it in just to confuse us or is it bad writing…[View]
541863312Are boomers this desperate to shill their shitty old games? lmao[View]
541862832do you believe in all of those video game themes and storylines about taking control of your own fat…[View]
541860194Do you think he’ll ever get his own game? He’s one of the few characters who’s backstory is still a …[View]
541863996its good[View]
541858459Twilight Princess >>>> Wind Waker Only zoomers disagree[View]
541861803They would have gotten away with it too[View]
541863963>game is a perfect 10/10 right up until the final boss >final boss does a 180 and shits on eve…[View]
541863739Any police chads on /v/ right now? Besides SWAT 3 and 4 and LC/LSPDFR, are there any other good cop …[View]
541862790I love them. They're hot[View]
541861689Duel academy. Home.[View]
541796654>I'm putting together a team. We're going to Enbarr. That woman must die. You in? How d…[View]
541861067Fire Emblem Heroes CYL 5: The Midway result[View]
541851980Vicarious Visions has taken over Blizzard: Vicarious Visions being 'merged' with Blizzard …[View]
541861129>main character is actually a lamp[View]
541860818When the hell will I actually be able to buy a 3080?[View]
541856942pre ordered and pre downloaded tomorrow we dine[View]
541862581this game is a good game.[View]
541863596Since Otacon is Jewish, does he get it through Strangelove or through Huey? Both?[View]
541861174Yakuza Remastered Collection: >3 days before release date >still no store page It's still…[View]
541860684>consistent playerbase for 3.5 years >'''dead''' Why is /v/ so retarded?…[View]
541833701None of the Tomb Raider games feature horses[View]
541840071>Ethan come back to bed dear.[View]
541862807ITT games that start with the letter D[View]
541860724>mfw fell for the AMD GPU meme[View]
541860013>pick up bloodborne >fucking suck at it >get to this guy >get filtered Any tips for impr…[View]
541863243What is the Vidya equivalent of this, where a guy Works in something and makes his own stuff?[View]
541832614Trials of Mana is a single player Action role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Window…[View]
541860753Galactic Civilization 3: Why does no one talk about this game? This shit is amazing. >Start game …[View]
541861630King of fighters XV: Why is street fighter so shit, yet idiots keep consuming it and it´s more popul…[View]
541862821Beginner question for veteran commanders Should I try to focus on an A-Team as much as possible by c…[View]
541861095Play daggerfall right now.[View]
541862163*blocks ur path*[View]
541860201itt: things that didn't age well[View]
541858228Why are PC fags like this?[View]
541856375Well is it still true /v/?[View]
541862141'That explains the horrible things I've seen': 'That explains the horrible things I've see…[View]
541860496Which one are you /v/?[View]
541861013Hey so I found this game called Sengoku Hime 2. It looks like there's a few versions of it and …[View]
541862228Post villainous old men[View]
541862216is it worth it to build a $2000 midrange PC to play coomman 3?[View]
541832998Why do nu-males hate Red Dead 2 so much? Does the pure, unfiltered masculinity of this game scare th…[View]
541860296How can you not have enemies, that's the best part[View]
541849183You don't get tilted when someone teabags/taunts, right /v/?[View]
541861693'Let's take a look'[View]
541853706What is happening in 37 days?[View]
541861635Favorite game from before you were born: For me, it's Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.[View]
541857821https://amielleon.dreamwidth.org/237826.html Was the fujo right? Was Ike actually gay?[View]
541861458Do you think Fallout: New Vegas 2 will come out?[View]
541861347do you play games on your phone?[View]
541860965My father, was a drinker...[View]
541847606I've literally never played RE before but the RE village threads are convincing me. Where the h…[View]
541763594This is still toby's best song in Undertale and btfos megalovania https://youtu.be/bPCMJC1Ig6s[View]
541855636Play Mass Effect[View]
541861126dmc thread: capcom please hire me[View]
541858415What VN’s do you own, /v/? What are you reading right now?[View]
541848782About to start this for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
541859952Why aren't you playing Heroes of the Storm, and ignoring all coombait to play as HIGH IQ charac…[View]
541769030/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>541710556 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
541859625What's the most interesting speedgame to watch: In my opinion it's Goldeneye. There's…[View]
541860835Vidya females you imagine are futa: There is no way Shelly ain't sporting a huge cock that…[View]
541809703Best of /v/ thread: ITT we post the best threads and posts in /v/. The ones that made us laugh.…[View]
541828589Do you play porn games, /v/?[View]
541858519>there are people who are legit mad we got two BB units instead of Ashoka as the last battlefront…[View]
541860678What went so horribly wrong?[View]
541857426how the fuck did he get away with it?[View]
541858929What's your opinion on cosmetics that completely break the atmosphere of the game?[View]
541860103>throw WR Minecraft seed[View]
541860543>System failing, master! What a lovely, lovely voice.[View]
541860253ITT: Criminally underrated gems Why the fuck did they never release this in the US?[View]
541860540Hey, guys! Where can I ask questions regarding PSP decompressions/decompilations and other related s…[View]
541852694I am UNABLE to get used to gyro controls for this game, how do people do it? I've tried the pro…[View]
541860145Post music that fully heals your HP https://youtu.be/26n6SWY3jUc[View]
541860516>does everything wrong[View]
541859817There are only three genuine legitimate 10/10 video games and this is one of them.[View]
541860469Which one of you assholes stole Clementine’s boot?[View]
541822102Dyson Sphere Program: Holy shit I love this game. Where are you guys at? Anyone finished their firs…[View]
541847556Tell me one thing he did wrong im fucking waiting[View]
541859967Anything to look forward to or should I just sell my switch?: I haven't used it in around 5 mon…[View]
541858703GTCHADS RISE UP: >dabs on Supershit[View]
541858417/BC2/ - Bad Company 2 General: It was just so good bros...[View]
541860237Gabe really is a saint.[View]
541859146Pic related is literally the most overpowered enemy in video games history.: You literally can'…[View]
541857887The Switch has been out for like idk, 4 years? Is it worth playing? >Mario Odyssey looks neat …[View]
541858373>Son, I bought you that Dark Souls game you told keep telling me about!…[View]
541859849Australia: We made KKND and Powerslide[View]
541859778Ender Lilies: >grimdark + cute loli >soulslike >jojo vibes >vanillaware vibes >godtie…[View]
541859545the awp is a bullshit weapon[View]
541855560OMORI thread: lets discuss our thoughts on the game. >favorite dream world zone >favorite char…[View]
541859578What vidya can evoke this feeling?[View]
541848214Indie devs of /v/ (I know there are some of you) why the fuck do you still put DRM on your games? Do…[View]
541858205When are we getting another good Godzilla game /v/ros?[View]
541859494How possible would it be to get a bill to congress to outlaw DRM?: Now with the orange retard out of…[View]
541857393game of the year.[View]
541859154Uncharted Multiplayer: Will there ever be a better multiplayer than Uncharted 2 and 3?[View]
541859387Sacrifice a thread to summon the elector counts.[View]
541858657>build a PC? Nah bro, I just bought a prebuilt. I've had it for years without issue.…[View]
541856663More Cyberpunk than Cyberpunk[View]
541851505Re6 was better than you thought.[View]
541859037Why does he always get friendzoned by the princess does he actually enjoys suffering?[View]
541859223Faceless Void Spirit Breaker[View]
541848570What's the best game for comfy exploring?[View]
54185911510/10 alternative outfits[View]
541858062God tier game[View]
541852346SOULESS REMAKE: DO NOT PRE ORDER SYSTEM SHOCK. It's the most souless piece of trash ever seen.…[View]
541858307'Alcina Dimitrescu, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?'[View]
541851757Its good[View]
541857021>Two years since they were announced to be working on Metroid Prime 4 >No word since.…[View]
541858428ITT: We're having a lan party at anon's house[View]
541856239gaming terminology: Hey v, I need some help with my gaming terminology. Help me name these columns…[View]
541855507>run in circles around boss >roll >wait until they lower shield and hit. Woah, truly the ga…[View]
541848962What are your thoughts on doomguy x isabelle?[View]
541824815Who is your favorite taimanin?: Mine is Sakura[View]
541852903explain the Ethan hate: Ethan is pretty badass. If you are decent and do stuff at a decent pace he d…[View]
541855084Are we ever going to get a proper JoJo fighting game again? HoTF was fucking awesome, and the fan-se…[View]
541855656You ever think about that snake wears thigh highs?[View]
541858216Why did they lock hourly music behind the reception office and force you to listen to a guitar loop …[View]
541858215ITT: the best OTPs[View]
541855679What am I in for as a new player to the franchise?[View]
541852042Do you play games on your smartphone? https://www.strawpoll.me/42512878[View]
541858035ACA NEOGEO when?[View]
541834024Here's an actual TORtanic: >Marvel's Avengers Falls Silent With Update Plans Again, Haw…[View]
541852827Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle/Eyes of Heaven Switch Re-release when? Pic unrelated[View]
541856926Anyone who plays gacha and especially chinkshit should be shot. >>>/vmg/…[View]
541844151Will she be in sfv as DLC or in 6[View]
541827160where is the PC version?[View]
541857732>Final fight in game >It's your teammates because you turn agaisnt them…[View]
541856335What's the verdict?[View]
541857826Fallout: The Frontier: Can't wait for the steam reviews bros[View]
541856661his fight is the best in the game: >fun mechanics >he keeps you on alert the whole time >fa…[View]
541857624Name one notable game that came out of Canada that isn't from the Assassin's Creed franchi…[View]
541855172>damage type: water[View]
541855216What's his name again?[View]
541857148Nexus? More like NIGXUS amirite?[View]
541854801Crudux Cruo[View]
541851879https://youtu.be/F0ziOLLQgCA What are some vidya music tracks that make you feel something?[View]
541856001Why can't chess players move on? Their game is 1500 years old and was never designed to be play…[View]
541855192I can't get this fucking shit to work: MGS2 with the fix it just doesn't run I installed e…[View]
541857289okay guys after i dropped the game for two years i got back on and actually finished the main story …[View]
541857261>Press N for Night-Vision[View]
541826872Is dead space the worst vidya setting you could end up in? Is there any other vidya that surpass it …[View]
541856442How can a mod so far surpass the base game in every conceivable way?[View]
541851680Next-gen bros, I don't feel so good...: >Over the past 4-5 months, we’ve discussed repeated …[View]
541854682What was the dumbest thing that you've ever done with vidya when you were younger /v/? https://…[View]
541847092I was told that Playstation 5 is as powerful as 2080 Super but apparently it has trouble rendering b…[View]
541856063Why was this unbelievably kino?[View]
541799021*sells insane amounts in your path* https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/hyrule-warriors-age-of-calamity-…[View]
541854672have you played her game today /v/?[View]
541855780>I dreamed I was a infantry man in a napoleonic era line battle last night. Honestly to most stre…[View]
541852551Bloodborne thread: Do you think the Doll is somehow connected to the Great Ones? Why is she happy to…[View]
541846881This is so difficult. Why do I have to start from the beginning if I die too many times?[View]
541855124This was suppose to be the next big thing in gaming and change the open world gaming forever but als…[View]
541848515Phil Spencer: Microsoft almost abandoned Xbox brand after the Xbox One launch: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
541854749Jackbox Games Thread: If you can erase one party pack from existence, which one would it be? I'…[View]
541855176Why are New Vegas shills so obnoxious?[View]
541855387Why isn't there a single survival game with fantasy races like elves, dorfs and etc?[View]
541854574Do you know why they call it the xbox 360? Because when you see it, you turn around 360 degrees and …[View]
541855925Medium: 3 more days until Microsofts first new IP Are you hyped? Will it be good or it will be a med…[View]
541856323>Hit points >Health points >Horse power >Hawlett Packard >Harry Potter Which one /v/…[View]
541852884How well did this sell? Will there be a sequel? I'm not finished with the game yet but well int…[View]
541847594Barry,where's Barry?[View]
541853580Did Ice Cream Man do anything wrong?[View]
541853918What makes this game so great?[View]
541856394Danganronpa v3 Ending: >Makes fun of onions boy consumer culture >Questions the Morality of co…[View]
541851808danganronpa: both Danganronpa 1•2 Reload and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony are coming to Nintendo …[View]
541852271He is fucking doing it. Gatekeeper is fucking doing it![View]
541849310LMAO!: Can these morons do anything right?[View]
541847540ITT: Games that make you question your intelligence[View]
541854786Etrian Odyssey General: I'm getting close to the the end of Etrian Odyssey IV and I'm abso…[View]
541846546Is it fun with friends?[View]
541853763>oooh watch out for those pointy bits![View]
541768637Labyrinth of Refrain: Does this game have good yuri content?[View]
541853547>start using lisa music for a tabletop RPG setting >realize that I really want to play Lisa ag…[View]
541839212What went wrong?[View]
541854070Why does this console have so many racing games?[View]
541848520I did not care for Silent Hill 3.[View]
541851752Will they do it?[View]
541854319Is it worth it?[View]
541835394New RE will suck: >Makes a 'horror' game >Makes the antagonist a sexually attractive female wi…[View]
541855527FighterZ: If you do any of these things you're a shitter >Play Vegito >Use assists to ext…[View]
541844371Daily reminder that censorship comes from China and Hollywood.[View]
541853358What is he doing?[View]
541853492>gives you a boner in your path[View]
541854862Why do we pretend this is a good system[View]
541854226Why does Nintendo insist on finishing games and then holding the files for them hostage for months b…[View]
541854121How do I get better at farming? Pic related is my main btw[View]
541850218Hitman 3: What is the best level and why is it Berlin?[View]
541851037trouble with da trolley ayy /v/[View]
541852770I can't believe they ruined the best modern turn-based JRPG with that lazy, soulless Shitch seq…[View]
541840378Was he gay or just incredibly autistic?[View]
541855015>European game with European setting/characters >English dub has European accents >Japanese…[View]
541850014Is there a community with a better sense of humor than TF2's?[View]
541841931Xenoblade 2 is 100% next DLC: like arms they were not added at the start due to being released at a …[View]
541838757BOTW: Breath of the Wild is a good game. But it is NOT a masterpiece. It did not push the boundaries…[View]
541822318Yeah, Resident Evil is ruined forever thanks to the autistic zoomers with mommy fetish leeching on i…[View]
541781641Is there any youtube vidya channel funnier than old Game Grumps? Please direct me to them.[View]
541854696Cat bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZkDN8jHneo[View]
541842247STR > INT[View]
541852267Any Yuzu devs here?: Fix MHGU already. You literally just have to copy paste this code https://githu…[View]
541854181Disco Thread: Another fine day in Martinaise[View]
541853020If The Elder Scrolls VI is actually set in Hammerfell, then I really don't want to play as a Re…[View]
541845203What does she mean with 'cake' /v/?[View]
541854504trial daz renders: https://daz3ddl.com?i=iTAvCvgPCt give me tokens you cunts how else am I going to …[View]
541851379Any fags know what is going on here? (ROM on nintendont on Wii Homebrew) Google is being shit. Is it…[View]
541854452Remember ARTIFACT announcement ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0qZTS38cjw It was the first new V…[View]
541851438While Windwaker HD has some new content and a completely new look, and both 64 remakes fof the 3DS g…[View]
541854195Nintendo Getting sued again[View]
541852720any good civilization building games?[View]
541853235What is the most 'Gothic' game of all vidya[View]
541852501Don't mind me just the posting best Resident Evil character ever[View]
541853981Here's your new AoE2 unit bro[View]
541841683I like Mike.[View]
541783861A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game Is Reportedly In Development Without EA and BioWare: h…[View]
541851406Why are serial killer side quests the best kind of side quests?[View]
541853109Post boring and repetitive shit /v/ tricked you into playing Unlike Yoko Taro's open world game…[View]
541808483Guilty Gear Thread: A reminder that Fanny is going to save Faust and be a DLC character in GGST. Als…[View]
541848893>Hey Sora. Don't tell Rapunzel I said this but I think people only like her movie because sh…[View]
541852272Would you play a True Detective based game set in the Arklay mountains?[View]
541852927ITT: The best overrated games: Games that are universally acclaimed but don't deserve to be so.…[View]
541853421Did the ending of Bayonetta 1 make anyone else cry? It’s not even that it’s sad at all, it’s just so…[View]
541848143https://youtu.be/dxW9dVm6ZjM you're now back in 2010, what's the first videogame you play?…[View]
541853331What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
541853123Yep, now I'll buy your game[View]
541852994What are some games where something beautiful and arousing is poorly mimicked by a hideous abominati…[View]
541822596GTA 6 Leaked Screenshot: GTA 6 Leaked Screenshot[View]
541829735It's a FUCKING WYVERN NOT a DRAGON. >muh medieval cookie drawings >b-b-but dnd doesn- Shu…[View]
541851312>top 10 games list >7 of them are games the person played as a kid…[View]
541852784Kid Icarus: What chapter drops Artillery Claws? I need them to cheese boss mode on hard with dem for…[View]
541852794>he runs exhaustion perks ngmi[View]
541852648if i have a hacked 3ds are these worth emulating for higher resolution?[View]
541798560Oh my god WHAT THE FUCK was that ending? A full-length fucking MOVIE of cutscenes of exposition and …[View]
541840846Why don't they make Lightgun Games anymore?[View]
541851714Which hair colors have the highest number of attractive vidya girls? I think blonde is definitely up…[View]
541821891Can someone explain the 'Kiryu doesn't kill anyone' meme to me? Because I just played the part …[View]
541852473Smash Legends: >Smash Legends: acknowledge the new 3D multiplayer game for mobile that should deb…[View]
541849256Does /v/ prefer 3D graphics or 2D sprites?[View]
541847595>Make a game >Make no good levels for it How did they do it?…[View]
541842849Is streaming any fun?: Or is it a waste of time. I feel like its more about entertaining people than…[View]
541838887Post iconic/comfy 1st levels[View]
541851963Team Fortress 2 rage: I destroy this guy’s teleporter, he proceeds to throw a tantrum about it befor…[View]
541852317He's in.[View]
541852284Foxhole: Did we do it bros? Did we kill it? War 69 (funny sex number) an no-ones playing Fuck Collie…[View]
541845531I find these hoes so attractive.[View]
541837196In this thread: Popular games that are overrated and mediocre at best. I'll start: Hades.[View]
541842029Why aren't you playing Minecraft 2: Better In Every Conceivable Way?[View]
541851993Does anyone still play Kancolle?[View]
541852178>14 years later >It's still the best in it's genre How did Valve do it?…[View]
541851342If Microsoft hadn't scrapped their plans for an 'xBoy' handheld console what do you think would…[View]
541843068Guilty Gear Strive new trailer: >No PC console crossplay >No mention of Rollback >Story mod…[View]
541851305PS5 supply: >Still selling out within 30 seconds of going on sale, even at 3am Why the fuck can t…[View]
541846256When did Ass Creed stop being popular?[View]
541851043noko: What's the minimum I can spend buying all the things required to play Half Life: Alyx?…[View]
541851678>getting more cybernetics actually impacts the story, the way characters act around you and the e…[View]
541846382>woke up after having a fever dream of having a family and celebrating my non existence son birth…[View]
541843341What is the most disturbing game you ever played?[View]
541848304>play online game >someone starts hurting my feelings this fucking sucks…[View]
541837930Horizon FB lead designer pasts away: Press F boys...... Hope Horizon 2 is amazing like the first one…[View]
541850490I really enjoy jrps[View]
541844950Dream Fallout Game: Judge mine and pitch yours. >Set in the northern commonwealth, near the borde…[View]
541838989Comfy Xbox thread.: post all about what you are playing on your xbox past or present.[View]
541851613>mfw he got a false copy of Sunder[View]
541839242Cold War Zombies DLC Leak: more info responding to my post yesterday as people seemed to be interest…[View]
541850905I just started this game and fuck me do controls suck ass, i'm a patient person but this made m…[View]
541846694I want a pc game: with decent story, pretty simple gameplay. preferably pretty long and good. maybe …[View]
541850756Are the Ori games emotionally manipulative?[View]
541851351took me 6 hours to download this dumpster fire, really disappointed. Being free isn't an excuse…[View]
541842689What games are you playing on your phone?[View]
541839779>Instantly kills you in one shoot Heh, nothing personal kid[View]
541850070Gameplay Thread, COOMERS STAY OUT: >normal mode is too easy >hard mode is too hard…[View]
541845850ITT: Best licensed games ever made thread: post them[View]
541848625Do you prefer to play challenging/difficult games? Or do you treat gaming as a completely mindless a…[View]
541841240Which Series?: Which series should I play?[View]
541847291MERCEDES: This is now a MERCEDES thread[View]
541850830>alien explodes in a gruesome, bloody mess >T rating >human gets a paper cut >M rating…[View]
541837063Romancing SaGa: Never played a SaGa game, which game is the better to start with, 2 or 3? also, sho…[View]
541848519I want a new Bleach game so badly.[View]
541846310>start playing a game that's pretty fun >game starts to take off >Pro players starts…[View]
541850731>They finally introduced ping base matchmaking: Holy White Supremacy[View]
541848643what does /v/ think of this game: neat story, kino gameplay and very nice presentation how was this …[View]
541849916Based Pixie.[View]
541850461YAKISOBA PAN[View]
541847992Why won’t Paradox make Victoria 3? Yes, compared to it’s newer titles, it didn’t sell well in its op…[View]
541845597>new good >old bad what games?[View]
541845162>The new bug centres around the 'Down on the Street' quest, in which Goro Takemura is m…[View]
541846036Be honest, /v/. If you had no other option to play or shitpost, would you have the acquired skill to…[View]
541850000>Perfect games don’t exis-[View]
541847558Miku: Don't forget to play at least 2 hours of Project Diva today.[View]
541850184Just wanted to stop by and post the best gaming-related videos on Youtube. Just a combined 6 hours o…[View]
541846374The Jak and Daxter 4 we never got: >was set to be a reboot/reimagining/sequel for PS3 >Steampu…[View]
541844492Wasteland 3: >easiest difficulty is white man shivering like a defenseless coward >hardest dif…[View]
541832212are there any games which take place in scotland?[View]
541849958Thoughts about Far Cry 5 arcade mode? Are ubisoft based to encourage people create maps or just lazy…[View]
541848525>Filters min maxers[View]
541849694New Indies: Besides pic related, what recent weirdo indie games should I play?[View]
541849945Castlevania starts at Symphony of the Night.[View]
541846851Filename thread?[View]
541845375Why do people like her? She’s very close to some shitty Mary Sue tier of character[View]
541847660How do i get into fighting games?[View]
541835569Any video games that have made a big impact on your life?[View]
541849646>So I just deleted your whole profile. Wondering why? Please consult the criteria below: >You…[View]
541849465Play battlefield it's 20 kr: https://www.cdkeys.com/battlefield-3-pc-cd-key-origin[View]
541846912>I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't really like Genshin Impact >I just thi…[View]
541848583Why does this game have such a toxic vibe?[View]
541849071Emulators: Anyone know of a good gameboy/gameboy advance emulator for the wii? I just need one that …[View]
541847650This shit is impossible[View]
541849325>the short little melody that plays right as you start the game also plays in the game ending scr…[View]
541847050Can it even be fixed? All the missing content, all the missing systems... And they can't even f…[View]
541848985What the?! Go away! Youll just bring them here! I just have to hide here until page 10 and then ill …[View]
541842198>brawl taunts >brawl in the family >there will be brawl >shitloads of machinima like wol…[View]
541835313Omori: What went wrong? This was the perfect youtuber rpgmaker bait game and it fell so far under th…[View]
541846568Bros.... You said this game had no waifus.......[View]
541844365Do you guys re-sell your games when you're done with them or do they just sit on your shelf for…[View]
541825257What went so horrendously wrong?[View]
541849161So now that the dust has settled. Was it a good game /v/?[View]
541848418A date?[View]
541839791No Man's Wharf... home...[View]
541844253Could he still redeem himself after the disaster that was Bioshock Infinite?[View]
541848685What went wrong?[View]
541848553The most significant factor separating a good fighting game player from a bad one is their personali…[View]
541845445Who do you prefer, Balrog or Dudley?[View]
541846742Is a Nintendo 2DS XL worth buying in 2021?: I have access to full speed 3DS emulation (Citra) on my …[View]
541846920Grim Fandango: Anyone here managed to beat this without a guide?[View]
541843258Katawa Shoujo: hey there /v/ do you miss me?[View]
541840238DESPITE BEING THE BEST OF ARKHAM SERIES: Origins didn't get a remaster. Why?[View]
541847181for god's sake, all i want are vidya songs that can make me feel like this one: https://www.you…[View]
541846930Steam top releases in December 2020 https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/302…[View]
541831365The holy quadrilogy of cancer normalfag games[View]
541796816Are items/skills like these ever worth it?[View]
541846536what's the most obscure shit you ever found on vidya?[View]
541847984Marvel vs Capcom 2 Thread: We had a pretty good Marvel 3 thread yesterday, so why not a Marvel 2 thr…[View]
541846090good western games? been playing desperados 3 and have been enjoying it. scratch my gunslinger itch …[View]
541843386Are you a good hero or a heretic?: You did the right thing and served the Avatar of the God Emperor …[View]
541845212RE8; it's gonna be shit. But you dumb millenials wouldn't listen. YOu were too busy going …[View]
541847309Play corpo.[View]
541845126Ultimate Smash: So I went to play the new Smash and found out the right stick is involved in combat.…[View]
541847691>we reviewed all our options and decided to centre gameplay around the roll >you'll be ab…[View]
541846891Last Smash Fighters: I have a friend that works close with the Smash team. Their name will remain na…[View]
541847130The people who constantly bitch about cultural appropriation are the same ones who stole geek cultur…[View]
541847571>reoccurring villain is a psychopath What's her name /v/?[View]
541845458The last game you played now has Mario as the main character, who looks/acts/plays just like in his …[View]
541845107Ancient Civilizations in Games: What ancient civilizations would you like to see more in games? For …[View]
541847137Western devs take note.[View]
541834645Why am I so bad at fighting game inputs? I can't even do simple ones outside of a vacuum in tra…[View]
541841852How do you analyze video games?[View]
541843673What’s her problem?[View]
541846296Modest Video Games: I’m wearing a heart monitor due to white coat hypertension and can’t fap for a w…[View]
541846993What went wrong?[View]
541807986Mystery focused/puzzle games or VNs: >no Ace Attorney game since 2017 >DGS2 fantranslation mig…[View]
541838241Was Bitter Springs justified?[View]
541842208thread of characters who did nothing wrong and deserve love I'll start[View]
541839737Is he the best Link?[View]
541844394Do chink gamers really justify the pay-to-win system ? why western gamers condemn it on the other ha…[View]
541846768What are your hopes for it? Do you expect it to be as good at UT? When do you think it will actuall…[View]
541842578Is The Sims the most successful spinoff game ever made?[View]
541840393Jap devs: Try to make ugly characters and they end up hot Western devs: try to make hot characters …[View]
541842883what went wrong[View]
541843189If smash is not a fighting game then why does it consistently have the most players, entries, and vi…[View]
541837356Man, I'm old[View]
541841297>too dumb to play Papers Please I made it to like Day 6 before I lost my money...…[View]
541845139Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooooing! *eyes pop out* AROOOOOOOOGA! *jaw drops tongue rolls out* WO…[View]
541838161>You’re not my real dad[View]
5418464843 x 3 r8 h8 masturb8[View]
541836401Someone shill me on a game I can mindlessly/autistically sink a couple hundred hours into >inb4 l…[View]
541846387Lizzie's bar... Home..[View]
541844736What will it take for /v/ to acknowledge it as the masterpiece that it is?[View]
541843367>skeleton character is the best unit in the game what games do this?[View]
541846336Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
541844519Do you mix your PC/Console audio?: I'm sick of switching headphones between console and PC. Do …[View]
541846319>crosses that straight up take half your gold >half the enemies hit you from a distance and wh…[View]
541843880Kek /v/ will never be able to justify this[View]
541844386Atelier Ryza 2 is censored: Will you still buy it?[View]
541839668If they really go through and purchase EA how will it affect the gaming industry?[View]
541841998Looking for PC metroidvania/platformer: I'm looking for some smooth and somewhat challenging me…[View]
541839992The eternal debate.[View]
541845065>Sneak up on enemy gang >Throw 30 grenades >Shoot them point blank with shotgun a dozen tim…[View]
541818179ITT: Cool vidya armors.[View]
541842676SMT: The 3DS received a lot of smt games and ports. What are the chances that more games will be por…[View]
541812579It's them![View]
541843320What is the most angry you have gotten at a videogame?[View]
541844608I want to buy Echidna Wars DX but it has a retarded DRM system Why do indie devs use DRM, I have mon…[View]
541845789Why don't Americans take off their shoes before gaming?[View]
541840073It's not a lake[View]
541844897Monster Hunter: What have you been hunting recently? What is your favorite armor set? Favorite weapo…[View]
541844348WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP ONLINE: Tell me what the plot of Resident Evil 8 is about. Yeah, I thought so.…[View]
541844558The Last of Us Part II becomes most awarded video game ever by fans: following 89th Readers' Ch…[View]
541842750Play XCOM 2[View]
541840838>female main character can romance other characters >they're all male Dropped…[View]
541844152Are these Zelda games worth playing?[View]
541845664*sees you*[View]
541845204I don't understand how some people get angry at video games. And I don't mean 'grrr this …[View]
541844619This is the only real version of Geralt. Not some faggy, healthy skin, puffy faced fag from Witcher …[View]
541843874Can someone recommend a headset for pc gaming. I asked a friend and he recommended some shit that wa…[View]
541845268nuBattlefront 2: Is disappointing, mostly because everything feels horribly unbalanced until you unl…[View]
541843938Your Reaction: Smash Reboots the Roster: They attempt to look at Nintendo's 40 Year history of …[View]
541832045was it bad or are people being harsh when looking in hindsight?[View]
541844578>make a highly intelligent and well thought out argument for why a game is shit, truly a well wri…[View]
541762264What goes on here?[View]
541827851Just admit it. It really wasn't that bad.[View]
541844976Luigi's Mansion 3 Boilerworks[View]
541841581>this will never be real[View]
541843924Play any dating sims lately, /v/?[View]
541833076How did he survive in a fridge for 200 years?[View]
541840810How would you react to Yakuza 8 being an Isekai? We know Ichiban will be the protagonist so its got …[View]
541827914>makes one of the single best looking fighting games of all time >say fuck it and decide to ma…[View]
541843031Is this title worth getting for the switch? I've never played it before. Is it any good?[View]
541833421Super Nintendo Kart: Hi. I've travelled back in time from the year 2027 to warn you all of the …[View]
541837747>single handedly justifies the cost of a VR setup in your path[View]
541844508Why no more Def Jam fighting games? Yeah, Icon was absolute garbage but Fight for NY is still f…[View]
541807182>start playing Classic >find out everyone just “boosts” and pay real money for gold online Do …[View]
541842828Lady Dimitrescu, I'd like to hang out for a while so we can get to know each other.[View]
541830457What the fuck happened?[View]
541842843How do I get a gf like Judy?[View]
541842195Switch fans are delusional. The new gen consoles just came out, are in extremely short supply, and h…[View]
541837271Senran Kagura[View]
541839776Just finished playing it for the first time. A masterpiece. Remind me to never listen to retards on …[View]
541844043Now let's go shoot some fucking guns[View]
541828834Ha ha! Ha ha![View]
541840790This is Mega Man in 2021. So, whom do you pick? For me it's Iris.[View]
541843959>Still has the best story out of all SMT games[View]
541843656Are you- are you a...male?? CRINGE!!!! EEWWWWWW!!!! STFU BITCH BOI!!!!! I'LL KICK U IN UR PUSSY…[View]
541842185It's been nearly 4 years. Why did this game mindbreak /v/ so badly?[View]
541830898>people are still talking about how badly they fucked up FFVII Remake almost a year after release…[View]
541843663Why is Sakurai too retarded to make actually fun characters instead of over centrilizing gimmicks?[View]
541830689What was his end goal again?[View]
541838037Just started playing this. Seems really fun but why are there only 2 stages for the main mode?[View]
541843536YOU WANNA KNOW HOW I GOT THIS SILVERHAND?: My father....[View]
541843480Now that the dust has settled, did you like it?[View]
541841953FGO has more cultural diversity than any Western game[View]
541826408What's a normal guy got to do to buy a PS5? I've been at this for a month and its really f…[View]
541843331I CANT stand 'Gaming' Youtubers: Back in the good ole days... >pewdiepie gets tired of games and …[View]
541840620I want to replay Call of Pripyat. What're some decent mods for this one?[View]
541843295One step from eden: Uhhh bros am I playing this well? What am I even doing? One step from eden threa…[View]
541841595If you unironically like this game you have incredibly shit taste and standards. Seeing faggots defe…[View]
541843221All games should have co-op. Even the most mediocre games have been fun simply because I was able to…[View]
541841545>So this is the power....of the Nintendo Switch....[View]
541843152Minecraft: Old grass looked better ngl[View]
541843012Ratropolis: Its like if Slay The Spire was a tower defense game! With rats! I like it.[View]
541812764Thoughts on this game? Is it fun?[View]
541833527What did Harada mean by this?[View]
541842653There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are born with worth, and everybody else. No m…[View]
541836194Switch Price increase?: This is from their latest Ad, why is it $400???[View]
541838534>Why yes, I exclusively play sword and board. How could you tell?[View]
541819798Post your vidya opinions that upset /v/?[View]
541842516>final boss cannot be defeated[View]
541835051Ultimate Smash: So I went to play the new Smash and found out the right stick is involved in combat.…[View]
541842393How much will it cost to buy a forgotten IP from a japanese company?[View]
541842372Gothic: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
541810248>Digital triggers in 2021 Why exactly does /v/ meme about this controller being good again?…[View]
541828670Ryu deconfirmed for Smash: So who's next?[View]
541819681How come Nintendo loves Mexican culture so much?[View]
541835717if nintendo made real consoles this is what zelda environments could look like[View]
541837932wtf /v/ I thought the PS2 was weaker than the gamecube? Gamecube is the weakest of the 3? I've …[View]
541832830Do you hate epic?[View]
541841491New AoE2 expansion and patch tomorrow Expectations? Will the new civs be broken? Will they nerf cav …[View]
541841941RPG MAKER for PC: RPG MAKER 2K3... only nerds know this Have you ever tried making a indie RPG on so…[View]
541758978Library of Ruina/Labotomy Corp: So, what am I in for? Just got into the Star of the City. Haven…[View]
541841889>We really were the Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain all along B R A V O K O J I M A R A V O K O …[View]
541840756>What went so horrendously wrong?[View]
541832320Astral Chain: To the 3 people who played it, how was it?[View]
541840965Go ahead and try to refute this.[View]
541841185>don't finish game >put random shit all over the place >call it open world and /v/…[View]
541828846ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME NEW BETA CONTENT LEAKED: Previous threads: >>541056554 # (thread 1) >…[View]
541836712Yakuza Thread: >Comes out in 3 days >Still no Steam page Wtf???…[View]
541838378Is Red autistic?[View]
541803521Left or right?[View]
541833037the greatest resident evil game ever made not an opinion but a fact[View]
541841267Rapid Boss Fights: >you barely beat a boss >their theme song speeds up…[View]
541835046Onirism: PIGTAILS CAROL PIGTAILS CAROL https://twitter.com/OnirismThegame/status/135376448559770009…[View]
541839978ITT pleb filter weapons[View]
541840921post battle stations[View]
541841059What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
541839502ITT: Your favorite gaming beverage?[View]
541840227You’re not a real Shin Megami Tensei fan if you didn’t read the original novel[View]
541839438joycon hardware ID?: is the switch joycon have a unique ID to know if it was purchased with the cons…[View]
541831297What games does he play?[View]
541840938>when /v/ calls you a tranny so much you decide to become one gym sterling thread…[View]
541839391which one?[View]
541840728NUNS was the ideal anime game.[View]
541827050>remember being hyped as fuck for twilight princess in 2005 or so >watching those trailers tha…[View]
541828949Disgusting: This game is clearly anti-american propaganda and you fuckers are okay with it[View]
541839410Is Sable the best AC girl?[View]
541838260I have a better taste than you: My [favorite games], including the following but not only: >Phoen…[View]
541804812>you now remember the racism RE5 controversy[View]
541840448YOU WILL NEVER, EVER[View]
541839569why did shadowlands succeed?[View]
541839051>diablo clone >has a butcher boss >'grr fresh meat lmao'…[View]
541827848Why is nobody talking about it?[View]
541840168You literally cant name a bigger fall from grace than Konami. Literally any other company you name a…[View]
541831351Why again didn’t she get some sort of punishment for arresting countless innocent people just for a …[View]
541840002Touhou: Also known as 2hu[View]
541811364>ugly drawn girls with 3DPD-tier personalities >PS2-era jank all around (expected and tolerabl…[View]
541834496hey, remember when everybody was celebrating TF2's most infamous brony cheater being sued by va…[View]
5418390072015 >promises games next year 2016 >promises games next year 2017 >promises games next yea…[View]
541799164>'R-rollback only works in 1v1's without items!!' >actually works in 4 player matches wit…[View]
541836978Oh n-[View]
541837819Genshin Impact: Just spent 3 hours enjoying playing game (ar 51) after work. Whats the hell with tro…[View]
541838602Post Alcina memes[View]
541839547Post your underrated vidya waifu[View]
541839479Imagine getting a giant fish tattooed on your back lol[View]
541836127>Battlefield dead >Mass Effect dead Did getting woke really kill two of EA's biggest fran…[View]
541831257Name the video game franchise[View]
541835373Why do games never have straight up warnings?: While I can handle gore, torture, and shit. I'd …[View]
541839246-Message censored-[View]
541838762>ooooohhh tell me more[View]
541839182>*parries u*[View]
541827128WHAT IS THE NEXT BOOMER FPS?: Doom Eternal DLC 2 will be released in a few months along with Wrath -…[View]
541831981>Smash trailer >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gAdZOKoxBA starts playing >pic related sho…[View]
541838684So what's supposed to be over here?[View]
541838934>mr. redfield... welcome to africa[View]
541835348>dude just port banana blitz instead 1 and/or 2, bb sold the most so it must have the most fans W…[View]
541831772How would you fix Halo?[View]
541838571>play online competitive game, do well >other player pms me after the game and sends me a disc…[View]
541838238Reimagine Classic Videogame Moment for Current Day: >Psycho Mantis disables your controller >g…[View]
541834595>GIVE CHIP[View]
541838737Monke Games: What are some games where I can play as monke[View]
541829137He used to be based But he turned into a whiny assblasted cringer[View]
541838672.....Do we NEED to save Tooty?[View]
541838682Despite it's flaws I kinda think it's my favorite[View]
541835786Yakuza 0 coming to the Switch?: https://www.dekudeals.com/items/yakuza-0[View]
541830569Games /v/ tricked you into buying[View]
541768528>PC gaming....[View]
541826705Is there a single videogame character that can defeat Nyotengu?[View]
541833276Let’s discuss the Sonic Adventure games[View]
541835909Is Dimitrescu cute?[View]
541838058What's the point of buying video games? *gulp* *gulp*[View]
541832974Play The Sims 4.[View]
541836809Reminder that the most entertaining streamers weren't even 'full time' streamers, but racecar d…[View]
541837868How is this Chinese game[View]
541838136Tales of...: This is Raven: my favorite character in the series. What do you think?[View]
541837913Rimworld bread: Will there ever be a better DF clone?[View]
541835870>Excellent. Can we expect to see Ryu Hayabusa in a new game anytime soon, Ninja Gaiden or otherwi…[View]
541826017Touhou thread: post 1CCs[View]
541835815ITT: Games WAYYYYYYYYY ahead of their time.[View]
541836927Daily reminder that the Sun ending is canon: And you Panam fags should consider suicide since Star d…[View]
5418373452021, i am forgotten[View]
541837729itt: Games for tranny audience.[View]
541836881I am a newfag and want the quintessential sjitposting memes of 4chan Pls no zoomer shit like Sneed, …[View]
541832646How do we stop Nintendo from monopolizing the video game industry?[View]
541833847What are some other games like pic related where engagement is fast and 'realistic', besides Rainbow…[View]
541835026VR is the most overrated shit: It's not really an immersive experience and the only real good a…[View]
541837348Best games you can finish in under half an hour?[View]
541832419>Fren hasn’t been online in 30 days >Check back in a week >Comments are full of people sayi…[View]
541759192How's that game you've been making coming along?[View]
541834213why do people on this board find most games boring but not their daily life?[View]
541835198Why does this game seem to be so hated here?[View]
541836397Persona 4: Do you think Yu and Nanako had baths together? They love saving water in Japan.[View]
541836853>/ddlc/ - Doki Doki Literature Club #1439[View]
541837171Did he physically aged 20 years between the games or did the stasis halted his aging somehow?[View]
541830491Best of the Decade: So what do you think of the last decade of gaming? Good, okay, utter shit?…[View]
541810798>he didn't even make it past Day 2 before giving up Explain yourself…[View]
541835438How does Yakuza 3, 4, 5, 6 compare to 0, Y1, Y2, and LAD? I loved 0 and LAD but found Y1 and Y2 aver…[View]
541836836'Well... since we're all gonna die, there's one more secret I feel I have to share for you…[View]
541832016All the good games that exist in 2020 are on pc[View]
541836779ITT: The game that you spent the most money on and what you spent it on. Split between Rock Band 2 a…[View]
541818336George is the SUPREME gentleman[View]
541829313Play Bloodstained.[View]
541834521>ywn experience the game that had a big impact on your life for the first time again >ywn have…[View]
541831004>Graphics don't matter because... uhhhh they just don't, okay?…[View]
541833485>xiv's next expansion is about to be announced >not even a whisper of leaked info Did squ…[View]
541832604Games where I can use powerful beam weapons?[View]
541834375I've play Resident Evil 1-5 and Code Veronica. Where is the Chris wants Leon to fuck Claire jok…[View]
541836229Anyone else jump in real life or flinch when trying to make a jump in game? Or getting shot in a fps…[View]
541816284Spyro: 3>2>1[View]
541835560This is carol, the main character of the game, onirism. What do you think of her new outfit and hair…[View]
541828625>game is basically a movie[View]
541830768Uncharted 4 multiplayer is fun[View]
541836160Gamestop: You listened to /biz/ and bought GME like we've been telling you since early summer, …[View]
541833481How do we stop this?[View]
541834665ITT: Post unimportant Vidya characters: Doesn't matter if they mean something to you despite th…[View]
541834992Smash: Mystery Niggas[View]
541833381It's no masterpiece[View]
541833185What kind of game is granblue fantasy?[View]
541832806Games that let you abuse/blackmail for guiltboners: What games do really give this feeling?[View]
541829225ITT: bad box art[View]
541835696>Glover 1 port to PC and 2 will finally be completed >Earthworm Jim 4 on tommy's wild rid…[View]
541835668What went wrong and what went right[View]
541835181A picture speaks 1000 words.[View]
541835558https://mobile.twitter.com/nakayuji/status/1353259189389332480 Daily reminder that this abomination…[View]
5418347722021 I am forgotten[View]
541835423Can anyone post the RE8 leaked cutscenes?: There's over 400mbs and all links have been DMCA…[View]
541835527no avgn thread?: post AVGN shit here[View]
541830637Shadowlands: It's been two months now. So what's the consensus, is it good and worth playi…[View]
541830960Don't mind me. But here's 3 leaked GTA VI screenies[View]
541829746Come play Project Gorgon you cunts, there is a free demo on Steam so you literally have no excuses. …[View]
541835036play Kane and Lynch 2: play Kane and Lynch 2[View]
541835245That new yakuza game looks funny[View]
541834505What are the most CONTENT-RICH games you've ever played? pic not related[View]
541834323What went wrong.[View]
541832479>Game has a sledgehammer to dig through walls[View]
541829971Post KEK.[View]
541834918Years come. Years go. In the end you'll just be a dead tranny to me.[View]
541831069What the fuck was his problem?[View]
541831885Okay, /v/, post em.[View]
541834807>start breeding pandas in minecraft >name tag all of them and keep track of their children…[View]
541810379Ethan... Free my family... Please.[View]
541816821Whose your fighting game main?[View]
541699503>he hasn't played Zero and Ao What's your excuse, /v/? They're kino.…[View]
541834307They're coming for us: It's getting like that, been on the PSN since 2008 and use to throw…[View]
541834423>game has an anticlimactic release after being hyped for years[View]
541834589SCP secret laboratory: Good news, everyone! The anon server for SCP Secret Lab is back! It was resur…[View]
541831743what was your gamerpic /v/? any other piratechads?[View]
541829090>Character complains about being in the cold, snowy area with exposed skin >Isn't affecte…[View]
541832673Why is this allowed?[View]
541819758The King of Fighters XV is trash: Some random dude on the interned created a better looking kof mode…[View]
541834498Playing Final Fantasy is bad for you. You should not play it. Ever. Don't play it late at night…[View]
541822665Think of the last game you played. Now add '& Knuckles' to it. How is it now?[View]
541816796Guys what the fuck is this spider thing on top of this building? I can't be the only one who se…[View]
541834449>that old game you never got around to playing back when it came out that you finally installed a…[View]
541834363Is this the best PC alternative to Mario Party or are there better clones out there?[View]
541826270Talk about aspects of games that you enjoy that aren't intended to be the main appeal, and mayb…[View]
541830048See that wasteland? You can climb in it[View]
541818558Where are the games? 2021 is looking empty as fuck[View]
541830864Xbox Portable.: >$500 >plays every single Xbox game >Can do everything your Xbox can do …[View]
541831608>get stuck or lost in a game and can't progress for any amount of time >get extremely irr…[View]
541814484ITT badass motherfuckers[View]
541834105JUMP Force >U Play? Ya! >U Good? Uh-huh... JUMP…[View]
541834007>The best cyberpunk game of 2020 APOLOGISE[View]
541823350What were they thinking?[View]
541833297Was it kino?[View]
541832364What's the best game to play out my colonialist fantasies?[View]
541833219Absolute based move. Yakuza thread I guess.[View]
541827167ITT villains who you felt bad for[View]
541831562Is this game good? My brother in-law gifted it to me for my birthday last week and has pestering me …[View]
541815713Isaac Repentance: >Q: is there true co-op ( 2 isaacs ) and can i play online? >A: Isaac will f…[View]
541833526Does anyone want to play ranked Apex with me? I'm on the border of Plat 2 and I need some actua…[View]
541829901What happened to Jaffe how come he doesn't make any good games anymore?[View]
541832973Witcher 3: Why is the game such a slog? I can't be arsed to immerse myself in yet another Game …[View]
541821128Hey guys youtube isnt loading on my wii u anymore. It just sits on this screen.[View]
541832265why do hitman fans cope so much?[View]
541832624When was the last time a game blew your mind with a twist? Post the game and >yfw >Divinity Or…[View]
541833221>game has insect people I will now buy your game.[View]
541833167RANGER BOI: Like a bit of uruk fighting uruk, do you? Join in then![View]
541830656>Rat enemy >Very grotesque, disgusting, and monster like…[View]
5418288652 warriors battle atop the tower.[View]
541832447Why doesn't Pac-Man eat the ghosts' eyes?[View]
541831208Are the Pokemon MD series reviews the greatest crime in gaming?: Discuss.[View]
541832889Good bad games: What are some incredibly flawed games that you really like? Especially games where i…[View]
541831367When is this fucking game coming out on physical format for Switch??[View]
541831242How do we save Sony?[View]
541831085What’s the scariest vidya you’ve ever played?[View]
541832020>/v/ tells me its bad >it’s actually good…[View]
541811615Games you regret buying[View]
5418326101 day until Ryza's sequel comes out![View]
541830420How do we fix Nintendo's image among gamers? Nintendo produces consoles for the whole family. T…[View]
541828887You told me these were the best Megaman games but they fucking suck. You lied to me, /v/,[View]
541828112Is this game based? Always thought about buying it, but it IS a bethesda game after all[View]
541815676Is it vaporware?[View]
541832302Does anybody here still play Quantum Theory on PS3 and if you do do you wanna' play multiplayer…[View]
541796339>genuinely 10/10 game becomes a genuinely 5/10 game when nostalgia glasses are removed…[View]
541831148What OS do i need to install for Fallout 3 to work well? XP? Loonix?[View]
541830181Xbox 360 Bread: Would it be worth my time to pick one of these up on the cheap and go back and play …[View]
541830076Now this is what i call good gameplay[View]
541797323WTF How the fuck did you allow this?[View]
541831995Could he beat Mr X?[View]
541816613I am forgotten...[View]
541829324He is a real Resident Evil fan. He, unlike you, has been with this franchise since day one. You on t…[View]
541827350Name a game more carried by a single character.[View]
541820670Gamestop thread: FUCKING GAMESTOP[View]
541831708What's type of character type you prefer to play in RPG?[View]
541830496>remake is superior to the original but is often forgotten What are more examples, /v/?…[View]
541829804The Sims 4 2021: Here's all the games and stuff for The Sims 4 over this year. > Paranormal …[View]
541830010Most forgettable big budget AAA game?[View]
541828712Filtered: This is so embarrassing[View]
541830665The perfect woman doesn't exi-...[View]
541828248Alcina: fit body or plump body? what would you prefer?[View]
541827862Well? https://youtu.be/5y0A83_J57w[View]
541808342L4D2/B4B: Is a perk system is inherently bad in a game like L4D? B4B show us how to badly introduce …[View]
541780085>ITT: post your main and outfit >bonus points for zero clipping…[View]
541805942What could have saved the N64?[View]
541830773I'm not gay but the artstyle of this VN is really good and the premise sounds pretty interestin…[View]
541829817Vote for Marianne in CYL5![View]
541821060RuneScape have been sold off to Americans: Based or rip?[View]
541830282can you feel it /v/? A new Yu-Gi-Oh game is coming[View]
541826521How's your backlog coming along /v/? Are you making progress? How many games have you played th…[View]
541830929>There were some reports today citing an over a week-old restructuring announcement from Konami t…[View]
541824107The woman game doesn't exi-...[View]
541830097Kokoto village, home..[View]
541821175Jesus christ what an ugly, sterile game this is. Even Doom 2016 had more charm.[View]
541830786I thought you said Cyberpunk 2077 got ruined by trannies?[View]
541821716Keanu Reeves is not a good voice actor: I love the narrative in this game but he could have had bett…[View]
541830743What role will Prince Sidon play in BOTW 2?[View]
541825824DOOM & texture filtering: What the fuck is his problem? Does he actually think that the defaults…[View]
541829810Blazebros... I don't feel so good...[View]
541829670Fatal Fury: which is better, the ACA versions or the Battle Archives compilation for PS4? The compil…[View]
541830287>Japanese 'humor'[View]
541828584Name a better Metroidvania.[View]
541822943>memo from random HR employee points to Capcom going woke >all female protagonists have been g…[View]
541830210I wonder what Capcom meant by this...[View]
541830161Werewolf: The Apocalypse: why would you ever want to play anything besides the werewolf form?[View]
541828127Why does this make /v/ seethe now? If you're an oldfag who used to browse over a decade ago eve…[View]
541807012Elden Ring bros the trailer isn't coming is it ?[View]
541825214This any good?: Know most of the pokefags and their autism were chased off to the generals but how i…[View]
541829674What went wrong?[View]
541827392Did this game even really need remastering? I feel like a port would have been fine. It plays fairly…[View]
541827073>Single-handedly wins E3 2018 with one game >Single-handedly wins E3 2019 with $5.99 DLC for t…[View]
541828437>makes a 2D game into 3D >loses all its charm this is just terrible…[View]
541828026is pic related worth it? it seems to scratch an itch i have of a 'make your own adventure' game that…[View]
541822923bad box art thread[View]
541803593VN Thread: What are you reading, and how are you enjoying it?[View]
541824892>Scavengers Studios game director accused of groping multiple female employees and blames it on b…[View]
541829514How good does it hold up compared to the original?[View]
541822891What went wrong?[View]
541804548What the fuck Gabe[View]
541820265Dragon fans of /v/, what is your favorite vidya dragon?[View]
541828990Any games with robust pixel character editors?: I love the ability to draw your character in the dra…[View]
541813660Now that the dust has obviously settled, can we all agree it was much better than 5?[View]
541823913Dev for Skull & Bones here. Just letting you know we made a polished version of the game on wha…[View]
541828254>sole >soleless[View]
541826083Why is everyone so angry about zoomers when 80 percent of this board are zoomers[View]
541828779>mikami cancelled RE 3.5 because it had hallucinations >now we have shit like vampires and wer…[View]
541823785Best FPS ever[View]
541828823What is the best Bond game?[View]
541814367Deep Rock Galactic: Why is discussion of this game avoided on /v/ and even /vm/? I bought it on a wh…[View]
541825950How did they fuck up so badly?[View]
541825340Alright anons, what games have you beaten since the New Year? For me its: Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Metal Ge…[View]
541827615How would you do a westren Puyo Puyo series / comic adoption[View]
541827449Why can't the Japanese make games like these?[View]
541828789Thoughts? I think it looks p cool. https://youtu.be/lfQilQWbZAo[View]
541828840About to start this up, anything I should watch out for? Favorite builds?[View]
541821958>when your throwaway filler game has more soul and effort put into it than your blockbuster mainl…[View]
541828070This: This. This fucking error. I'm literally not even able to play Minecraft with my friends b…[View]
541828663Look at this photo. Look at Todd, the look on his face. He's surrounded by a group of men, yet …[View]
541827459ITT: Vidya protags that know how to DANCE: https://youtu.be/FwOH2k_61HU[View]
541828598NEW GUILTY GEAR CONFIRM: A.B.A BROS RISE UP 4:26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jahBkx7Eik&t=1…[View]
541826841>antagonist is evil just for the sake of it[View]
541822061I keep booting this up, starting a campaign and then quitting once I realise how bullshit the victor…[View]
541828139You can know if you'll like a game just by looking up gameplay of it.[View]
541827348im bored of Grim Dawn and want to replay D2 Should I go for Path of Diablo or Project Diablo?[View]
541800517Bow to your king.[View]
541827364>What are you doing, son? >Hi, dad. Nothing, I have to escape from this big woman with huge ti…[View]
541828317post sound tracks that jolt you into action https://youtube.com/watch?v=EPDDkrDpZhU[View]
541828283You were close[View]
541827714>YOU CANT HIDE FOREVA[View]
541827519Is this any good? I want to play a war game[View]
541820103Tell me about this game, any good?[View]
541827712Given the incredible potential of video games and perverted imagination, I'm surprized vidya as…[View]
541824331Randomized Nintendo Direct: https://tane.us/nintendo/[View]
541827421Why did Capcom removed the Rising sun from E Honda's stage?[View]
541826337>2021 >I am forgotten... Did CP2077 being shit finally wake people up to Witcher 3 being a sub…[View]
541827530>2010+11 >still no horror game character that has even come close to him How does he do it?…[View]
541826235>SMT and Persona are the same franchise, why do their fans argue? >Mario and Sonic are the sam…[View]
541827786KH3 is kino[View]
541814284Are there any games to look forward to this year?[View]
541827498>1999+22 >i'm forgotten[View]
541826401frens of mineral town: Who should I marry[View]
541827570Anyone got the frontier trannies leaked pictures? Also frontier cringe thread[View]
541827445NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM cutest game I've ever played. I love it[View]
541825647What did go wrong?[View]
541824325Did they not touch the Hitman 1/2 missions AT ALL to make sure they were properly functioning in 3? …[View]
541827334>put D2 disc in >installation begins >10 seconds later >installation stops >battle.ne…[View]
541811476I will now buy your game[View]
541805439Let's take a break from Village and lady whogivesashit and have a comfy Resident Evil 4 thread.…[View]
541823230it's over they won[View]
541824257When is it coming to Switch?[View]
541817518Is it good?[View]
541819958ITT: Soiboi characters[View]
541822580>best game in the series >no one ever talks about it Many such cases…[View]
541821550Was Jim right about him?[View]
541823690Now that the Resident evil Village demo has been released, I have been...forgotten....[View]
541813654Anon, will you please be my friend? I can do anythig you want me to do as long as I don't die.[View]
541824775What's your favorite minigame in Mario Party DS? Mine has to be the Wiggler's Garden boss …[View]
541820901is Yakuza 3,4,5 going to DRM free?[View]
541826905Cyberpunk thread: *crack* *siiip* Is NiCola Blue basically the Monster Ultra of Cyberpunk?[View]
541819265> Graphics don't ma-[View]
541714210Has there ever been a game with a girlfriend/wife character that's not completely useless and u…[View]
541819671What GPU do you have and how much did you pay for it? 1080 - 300 euro[View]
541824778Games for this feeling? Homeless simulator isn't cutting it.[View]
541826723Kaiju vidya thread. Talk about kaiju and vidya. Godzilla vs Kong will revitalize kaiju vidya, I feel…[View]
541823454>boot up jrpg >play for 4 hours >'that was fun' >never open it up again…[View]
541826615This video has complicated my opinions on metroid other m. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTuMfsWw…[View]
541825267Smash Bros. Ultimate: They want high punishments in Smash... which would turn Smash into a movie lik…[View]
541826574Can you have fun with a Faith build in Dark Souls 2? I heard thunder lance were nerfed as fuck. I pl…[View]
541824468Can you consider yourself to be a genuine fan of a videogame franchise without having played all of …[View]
541826527Smash Última: Smash and its hype have inspired many to ride its coattails but not necessarily as int…[View]
5418261043x3: post em[View]
541825681>We've reached a point where most consumers pretend PS2 games are 'inaccessible' and 'need a…[View]
541824206engineer gaming[View]
541826450Bulborb in the afternoon[View]
541826360what are some popular fps games?[View]
541826126ITT: Virgin video game protagonists: ITT: Virgin video game protagonists[View]
541825729Random Encounters: What are your honest thoughts about random encounters in games? I've never s…[View]
541824215Who was in the wrong here?[View]
5418259063x3 thread[View]
541826287The 3DS version of this never got an english patch, FUCK.[View]
541826220remember when jill was canonically faceraped and impregnated?[View]
541789541Which one is the worst?[View]
541826152Well? Which weapon do you choose in monster hunter video games?[View]
541823697fighterz thread:: get in here faggots[View]
541809886Vidya fun fact: In DQIV if your female party members got confused they would sometimes rip off all t…[View]
541819658Why does no one talk about this game?[View]
541798473Killing Floor 2: What went wrong?[View]
541806617Nioh/GoT/Sek: Yeah, I’m thinking Nioh 2 won the Samurai/Ninja game-wave, hands down.[View]
541824072Sony Japan Studio: Another one leaves Japan Studio Thoughts?[View]
541812553Just when I thought that Nintendo had gotten just as bad as w*stern game companies, xbox pulls this …[View]
541824876Any games similar to Rocket Arena / Paladins?: I love love love Rocket Arena. Almost as much as I lo…[View]
541820303>Bowser means... Nothing to me[View]
541825780Remember what they took from us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDpVj7e2Brc[View]
541788417RIP: https://www.konami.com/games/corporate/en/news/release/20210115/ >We are dissolving the Prod…[View]
541820310This is what video games were supposed to develop into[View]
541824474Who do you pick?[View]
541823419you get 10 minutes with this bald fuck in which he is forced to answer truthfully to ANY QUESTION yo…[View]
541795109>fantasy game >spear users lose to sword users…[View]
541825530Peak comfy, good games Bonus points: Mouse only[View]

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