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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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551964140>50 bongs for a upscaled remake It's like these guys WANT me to pirate.…[View]
551970517What are some good games which say the n word alot?[View]
551909189>game 'nonhumans' are >humans that are green >humans with long ears >humans that are sho…[View]
551966742Barotrauma: I can't play so let me vicariously through you guys edition. no MP cracked version…[View]
551969576Why do attractive women like Diablo 2 so much?[View]
551966319Why was this game so much better than the rest? What happened after which caused the franchise to de…[View]
551966836This board needs to be purified.[View]
551958342eShop indie sale thread: what are you getting /v/? Here's what (You) should buy: >Furi ($5.9…[View]
551951784RuneScape thread: How is OSRS right now? Playerbase, community? I haven't played it since like …[View]
551965601There's no reason to use subs if you don't speak Japanese.[View]
551968441cock a doodle doo[View]
551967731Why even give the option? Who WOULDN'T continue to punch xim?[View]
551968886All current space games suck. Starfield can't come fast enough. Imagine the mods![View]
551970125let's go justin[View]
551970083Let me guess...[View]
551965770what does /v/ think of Jade?[View]
551967120Can't belive people bought 3D All Stars.[View]
5519565813x3 thread: R8, h8, masturb8: https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/[View]
551960376This is the best game ever made.: Apart from being a good enough game on its own every single issue …[View]
551965920This is so true[View]
551966972Why was the 2010s such a soulless decade for vidya?[View]
551969859good old days[View]
551968389Pc release when?[View]
551961176This just made the Switch 10x more enjoyable[View]
551962803so, what did you guys think?[View]
551969614lmao dis nigga is called eustace[View]
551951618How much gamescore do you have?[View]
551968874>that kid who shinestalled before the test[View]
551937664Elder Scrolls Thread: Post deep lore.[View]
551882447/v/ picks the best games of the 2010s year by year: Previous thread >>551871092 Pick your favo…[View]
551969084>BUGS FUCKIN BUNNY[View]
551969334/VGM/: We need more video game music threads. Listen and say something about the song posted above …[View]
551969275OROCHIBROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbXDQND5EmU[View]
551966940UNICLR Thread: Game time[View]
551968960games where the hero comes back from the brink to defeat his rival[View]
551964706Do we like Muse Dash?[View]
551968259Objectively the best wrestling games to date. With great sound tracks. HCTP gets point mostly for ju…[View]
551957751FGCancer: The Juice is No Longer Worth the Squeeze: I want you to imagine any other genre taking maj…[View]
551966295ITT: Video Game food that makes you salivate at 1 am[View]
551969112smash fans[View]
551968480>30 weapons in inventory >All entirely useless except the one or two you've upgraded Wow …[View]
551964198sonic 30th: here is your REAL state of sonic /v/ros >no new 2d game for now, future is 3d >hea…[View]
551965016I will not upgrade. Consoooooomers will seethe.[View]
551963927sketchful thread https://sketchful.io/room/rg8zK[View]
551968618Literally Impossible[View]
551965854Is it really that bad? Why do people buy products, not finish them & continue to buy games of si…[View]
551963996I got this shit for monster hunter, what else is there?[View]
551968758Why do the enemy encounters in RE8 look so shitty and disorienting?[View]
551963161Comfy nier thread[View]
551967472Any other good arcade sports games?[View]
551968679>fan-made reimagining of Bloodborne styled to look like a PS1 game >'that's kinda cool, I…[View]
551966682I have a PS5, a Nintendo Switch, and an Oculus Quest 2 I also have Xiao, Hu Tao, Qiqi, Keqing, Venti…[View]
551963060Who would you main in a Ben 10 Fighting Game?[View]
551963823best video game rivals?[View]
551953119Thoughts on upcoming Chinese games?[View]
551964841>THIS made boomer shit, piss, and cum back in the 70s[View]
551968303time for a HARDCORE Disco Elysium Thread[View]
551958068What's the appeal of this character?[View]
551958951serious sam x onirism: Finally, the crossover we've all been waiting for.[View]
551959167Japan: thank you for existing[View]
551954573is it-a good for me.... to destroy the world?[View]
551952584I really like Midna you guys.[View]
551967949Who is your most recent vidya crush?[View]
551967938The weak should fear the strong.[View]
551966421>livery editor confirmed What's the best looking paint color for HW cars and why is it white…[View]
551967835The 3DS was one of the best consoles ever made.[View]
551958705How did they get away with this on a sony platform?[View]
551963614What the fuck happened?[View]
551967427/v/hings only you do?: >find 'non-romanceable' short hair tomboy NPC >commit suicide in front …[View]
551960445*is the most annoying quest in the game*[View]
551960976Why haven't you finished La-Mulana yet?[View]
551967080I am genuinely bored, I don't want to play, watch or eat anything, is that normal?[View]
551948116post you're toon you fucks show everyone you're slider-fu[View]
551962172Games that looked bad when they were new: Post examples of games that looked bad then and now.…[View]
551965589WAVE RACE https://youtu.be/rz9eYvuZOYg[View]
551901273Your Ace Attorney and thread , please.[View]
551958514I recently finished Harvester, and vanilla The Talos Principle. Tell me what should I play next. Fro…[View]
551963386this is cool, should I buy it? it looks so cool[View]
551963548How crazy do you get with your mods, /v/?[View]
551966647It's okay. Ai does some cool things, but other than that they are very easy to defeat[View]
551960797It’s still missing Full Powered Jiren and SSG Goku and Vegeta.[View]
551900024>spend 1k on a vr headset >immediately made obsolete by a 300$ Facebook toy Oh no no no, inde…[View]
551966496I can't wait for village bros... my body is ready.[View]
551966159battlestation thread: battlestation[View]
551966456What are some games that make brainlets seethe and reeee?[View]
551966238MY WIFE IS IN BROS[View]
551960379What's the best RE2 remake mod?[View]
551960716Yumeutsutsu: Anyone played these games on Vita or elsewhere? Anything censored? Is it a straight up …[View]
551927493What games that are good for Ramadan's spirit and aesthetics?[View]
551962697is Cybermeme 2077 the greatest jewish scam of the past 14 years?[View]
551819446Ayane is a deadly kunoichi with appearances in the Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden and Fatal Frame serie…[View]
551963623ITT: we brainstorm the next big game mechanic that will take the world by storm[View]
551966183she's in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbXDQND5EmU[View]
551965990Name a better cyberpunk game.[View]
551954825Bloodborne: What's the story in this game?[View]
551964134What are some of your favorite vidya mysteries?[View]
551961960sketchful thread? sketchful thread.[View]
551956345>Kill undead skeleton >Loot: Bone (216)[View]
551955082Why did Kojima decide to make the nameless medic guy the main character of Metal Gear Solid V?[View]
551942283>gtx 960 2gb[View]
551965615look on the bright side: no matter how bad life gets, at least you arent a no life Bernie poster…[View]
551911685Why do Japanese developers succeed at creating the best games ever made while western developers str…[View]
551965612He wont drop me the golden boy smithing text. Should i just wait til im higher level and have more l…[View]
551964373This game made me a believer in ray tracing. The future is here.[View]
551964805>pay $60 for game on release >get a seizure >die so thia is the power of next-generation ga…[View]
551960908Play Grim Dawn.[View]
551944835Monster Hunter: You WILL eat the dango[View]
551946381'Ok so imagine a hula hoop': Is there anything that's a bigger red flag for not understanding t…[View]
551965027/v/ must surrender to shermieposting[View]
551921240How can Star Fox be saved?[View]
551963527I need this ):[View]
551964450Actraiser is better than Super Metroid.[View]
551964972https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6B6ijLucGM You think it might be able to release this year?[View]
551919668New RE8 Footage: Hunting and Combat Mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hd-76EAPE&ab_cha…[View]
551958937what was your favorite perk in Fallout 3/Fallout NV?[View]
551959732The King of Fighters XV: Shermie trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbXDQND5EmU God I wish tha…[View]
551961574kof15: is this game gonna get censored at evo?[View]
551949334How will they ruin Yuffie's personality in the remake?[View]
551964049Why does literally every single remaster/remake/whatever pull this shit? Why do they always needless…[View]
551964710how tf do I pass midgame hell? I'm in mama's chapter and I have to do this long ass missio…[View]
551957426Play Dawn's great great grandmother's game.[View]
551939305Why aren’t you playing TemTem? It’s better than Pokémon and Cipanku is out.[View]
551935534>Best costume in the game is a pre-order exclusive[View]
551962597Why was Vaas so popular? He’s only in half the game[View]
551955376do you play vidya with your no one, /v/?[View]
551845939Digimon: >The plant you found turns into this They make zero effort to have some of these Digilut…[View]
551943441Nobody cares if today is the 20th anniversary of Animal Crossing. But a new game comes out at same t…[View]
551964229Can you delete games from your PS account permanently?[View]
551914210Hang on a second. I've gotta drop something off.[View]
551963185Lol y'all listen to music while you play?: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeupV6rs/ Do you guys listen …[View]
551958945Resident Evil 7: this game is actually Resident Evil 1 combined with Resident Evil Revelations 1 in …[View]
551963862This is the best competitive 1v1 game ever made.[View]
551962241OUTTA HERE MOVE![View]
551959539How do you make it through video game droughts? I seriously have nothing I want to play and there is…[View]
551961101games for this feel[View]
551936793/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Code of the Black Knights: LAST TIME >We travelled to a concentration camp…[View]
551956675>Go to pirate a game >Doesn't work >Scour 50 forum pages for fixes, 10 youtube videos …[View]
551958364>have my first tabletop session ever today >We are playing cyberpunk 2020 >at first it…[View]
551955962what are some clearly indicators that a gamer doesn't have sex? >he doesn't buy yearly …[View]
551963372I enjoyed the games: I enjoyed the games[View]
551948609Issues with the setting and developer aside, how would you fix this one mechanically to make it at l…[View]
551963253What are some games with friendly & welcoming communities? The type of community that does not n…[View]
551959560What games allow you to commit war crimes?[View]
551961954What are some of the best arcade games?[View]
551918687Even the original D2 devs are shitting on diablo Reforged[View]
551951368battlestation thread: post em faggots[View]
551961006What am I in for?[View]
551937476What do you think about Ann Takamaki from Persona 5?[View]
551962858>Nintendo >Makes DLC a limited, one-time physical release on the My Nintendo store where once …[View]
551962734You have beat the union boss in league of maidens.... right?[View]
551958953Was anyone else put off by the vibrators and genital customization. I dont want to play that, even i…[View]
551958310a REAL hero[View]
551961910>game lets you tackle high level content with your friends[View]
551960075>Oh, yeah! I'm a woman and I play video games too![View]
551941205Find a flaw[View]
551961380>Me trying to read the text boxes in Disco Elysium[View]
551961827Have you ever played Zandronum?[View]
551959083I've come up with a new recipe![View]
5519616631080 snowboarding and small piece of evidence for Nintendo Switch Pro VR: I was looking at the list …[View]
551958018Aw shucks!: You beat me in a Pokémon battle! But I spent all of my money on food earlier... Isn…[View]
551960568>when you tell her you reached LE in CSGO with a controller because the meta boils down to memori…[View]
551957135Do people really go to jail for pirating games?[View]
551955931How come other franchises don't go the way of the sonic fantism and are like 237489023742803 pl…[View]
551961301>Not a single thing this summer about playstation. Is sony even trying?…[View]
551960334What's the deal with Darkstalkers and drills, anyway?[View]
551960980What are some wholesome games where I can hang out with my beautiful and loyal girlfriend? Pic relat…[View]
551958171>leveling up refills and increases max HP and does a massive amount of damage in a large radius…[View]
551960870Did the remaster remove this part of the final fmv? I swear I didn't see it and I just finished…[View]
551960146Oxenfree 2: The most well-written walking simulator out there is getting a sequel. Thoughts and expe…[View]
551960896Character Themes: ITT post kino character themes https://youtu.be/-CaBHg3E1Zw[View]
551960817Your going to Minecraft[View]
551956619Man, South Koreans are really good at making Western Females https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRjHcM5…[View]
551952781Dragalia Lost: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
551954570Do Anons really?: >niggers on this board glorify precious anime maidens being trapped in dogshit …[View]
551960524>rains on your parade[View]
551953946Why is facial resemblance among female characterg so common in Jap games?[View]
551960320How does she see or fight with her eyes covered?: What a dummy[View]
551959634I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames yo…[View]
551957296Well /v/?[View]
551954478Was this the best time to announce this, though? https://nichegamer.com/2021/04/14/riot-control-simu…[View]
551960337>game has a lot of dialogue[View]
551958596Worth playing?[View]
551957165Knuckles the Echidna: Knuckles used to be the coolest motherfucker. Goddamn how the roughest have fa…[View]
551959853The translation got cancelled.[View]
551960038Video game streaming platforms.: For as much flack as people gave it. For every single one the few g…[View]
551954516Cyberchads...: >Bethesda releases Fallout 76, catastrophic backlash >recovers in like two mont…[View]
551957349What game do you play when you get really bored and don't want to play the 1000 other games you…[View]
551958592What do you like about Budokai Tenkaichi 3?[View]
551955857we need a new RPG bros[View]
551955264>cdpr stock is at all time low how do you fuck it up this hard?[View]
551959901>yeah bro just [SKKKNRIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffff.......fff..fffff...] just let me play some NES, …[View]
551959575MK11 DLCs: There will be 3 more DLC packs for MK11. Each pack will come with 3 skin packs and some c…[View]
551959843Literally never got better then this[View]
551957949I wonder if indie games on steam are gonna start getting harder again so people can't beat them…[View]
551954524The King of Fighters XV: SHERMIE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbXDQND5EmU[View]
551959513>no indie games with the anime-inspired artstyle of 00’s kinotoons I know you should be the chang…[View]
551951608Play Blue Reflection.[View]
551958395>game is more than 30 hours long[View]
551945408Fucking KEK[View]
551958846don't open /v/[View]
551957780WHERE THE FUCK IS IT[View]
551888251>make a cute girl >ruin her design by adding a pair of glasses Why is this allowed?…[View]
551958245> Accidentally spreads Random rule everywhere[View]
551951575Iraq War Game: Anybody else looking forward to the Iraq War game? After being in development hell fo…[View]
551958890It doesn't need a remake.: The fact Capcom has put RE4 on pretty much every console each genera…[View]
551919124What the fuck is her problem?[View]
551958104What do you think of the N64/PS1/Saturn era, /v/?[View]
551949128Play Jump Force.[View]
551958757AC thread? AC thread.[View]
551958284What GAMES are CHADS playing right now:[View]
551958928I have a PS5, a Nintendo Switch, and an Oculus Quest 2 I also have Xiao, Hu Tao, Qiqi, Keqing, Venti…[View]
551957271Name a better character[View]
551958439did they...really?[View]
551951667>Game has tomboys Yes I will now consume[View]
551943916Isaac Repentance: How to play online mode: >enable debugconsole in your options.ini >add --net…[View]
551937198Google Game Without Typing The Game's Name: See if google nails it. I'll start.[View]
551944729Post actually good fan redesigns.[View]
551952312It's shit[View]
551958585GOD I wish that were me[View]
551957289Am I wrong though?: Why do video games baby you to death? Today’s games have 30 minute tutorials wit…[View]
551915380>Sold more than 4 million cartridges and Nintendo Power scored it 4 out of 5 and praised its 'sup…[View]
551956902Iteration #1: >RE1 is well-received >RE2 is better in every way and well-received >RE3 is r…[View]
551881273returnal leak: space milf roguelike gameplay trailer got leaked https://streamable.com/36durx[View]
551951185ITT: Characters who should've been the main character from their respective games.[View]
551958162YOU KILLED MY FRIENDS FOR ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS? how much do you charge for killing someone?[View]
551951052MLB The Show is promoted as an Xbox game, what happened Sonybros...[View]
551957813Space Games Thread: What are your favorite games that take place in and/or are about exploring and l…[View]
551875047Xenoblade: The real reason why the blue switch lite was annouced was to complete the siblings set.…[View]
551949016Danganronpa is a pretty damn good game![View]
551958032>tries to rape aqua for the fifth time[View]
551957890Why did Nintendo make the bezel so damn big?[View]
551958009Senrans vs Neps: Post the characters you want to be in[View]
551950284Name one extremely violent video game[View]
551953181Kotor: It's been nearly two decades since the Knights of the old Republic came out. Does it rea…[View]
551957260Wanna watch me jerk off?[View]
551956010MLB: The Show 21: >Less than 6 days remaining until GOTY releases Hype levels: In orbit. Has /v/…[View]
551957918games that take place in heck[View]
551954357Based or cringe?[View]
551957387>langrisser remake, YU-NO remake, and now pic all use the same shit artist why…[View]
551946238>Chinese game >Gets manga and anime adaptations by Japanese studio How did this happen?…[View]
551925141The face of Gaming Journalism has ranked all of the FF games: 12 - FF2 11 - FF8 10 - FF13 9 - FF10 8…[View]
551948913You guys told me the Yakuza series was a masterpiece when things couldn't be farther from the t…[View]
551950157Post the worst game in their respective series[View]
551955760>Quiet, here comes the guard[View]
551939703Aztech: Forgotten Gods: Thoughts on this Aztec themed game developed by Mexicans? https://www.youtub…[View]
551949707Dead Space Remake: Trailer soon[View]
551956886fake leaks everywhere: here is your REAL state of sonic /v/ros >no new 2d game for now, future is…[View]
551956553Are there any differences between the switch and the switch lite, besides the removable joycons?[View]
551954538>group is called Viet Cong >character is literally LITERALLY named 'Le Cong' Who writes this s…[View]
551955393Comfy Switch Thread: How was the indie world showcase anons? Did anything catch your eye?[View]
55195581640k Visuals: How would describe the 40k aesthetic? What makes it dark and gritty compared to a game …[View]
551951934Remember how UGLY Street Fighter 4 was?[View]
551953835What the fuck was this guys problem? Was it autism?[View]
551928115Will you buy this game ? If so, phone, console or PC ? I still haven't finished Scarlet Grace a…[View]
551954615KOF XV thread: She's in Coomerbros we are going home[View]
551929146>constantly BTFOing simps and thots in his livestreams Is he our guy now? Redpilled LTG is pretty…[View]
551952237>A platformer with a thousand costumes to use in different places? That would never work…[View]
551952706You will never play OoT for the first time again[View]
551956046Wheres Tenchu[View]
551956661What other games give me crafting thats similar to ffxiv? I want to actually do stuff other than thr…[View]
551956680Resident Evil 7 thread: >Be Me >New Deputy at the Police station in some back water swamp in L…[View]
551953890>Play whatever you want for $1 (introductory price) when it releases >Decide later you want to…[View]
551956451Social stratification.: Stratification means to sort data/people/objects into distinct groups or lay…[View]
551949460What are your thoughts on Metro 2033? I think it's a below-average game with uninteresting and …[View]
551935872Defend this.[View]
551944181NITW Thread: I didn't think it was that bad.[View]
551955159ITT: characters that nobody likes[View]
551953882So who will be the next meme mommy wife /v/ will obsess over after that Resident Evil game comes out…[View]
551951263Oof: Oof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSk2AEx2fOc[View]
551946202name a better game engine[View]
551955932BATTLE TUNES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r2aaytdsJA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsZqG6sw-vM…[View]
551940447*ruins your game*[View]
551953336ITT we post vaporware[View]
551955371ITT: Games with shit control schemes[View]
551954387>Sell half a million gold worth of daedric weapons and armour >Still not even a journeyman of …[View]
5519324352021 and people still don't have a 10+ year badge.[View]
551952816It's cancelled, isnt it?[View]
551953590>accidentally pick up two villagers in my boat >try to punch one to death so I can get in >…[View]
551955237I heard the moonman is making a new game while the recent gestalt remake is just a distraction by th…[View]
551952905Only Western Games have ugly character desig—[View]
551947893The Sims: M-mommy...[View]
551955169So this is just going to be a Nu-Hitman clone with better shooting mechanics, a social system, and m…[View]
551955128This game had SOUL. https://youtu.be/_C1AmqmflX8[View]
551952318ok ratchet chads are we looking forward to rift apart? pc fats need not apply[View]
551954194Why would nintendo model the asses if this is a kids game?[View]
551953574It's TIME to TimeSplitters thread[View]
551952749MY. ASS. IS. HEAVY.[View]
551953172Make a picture of a game with stock images or some shit and we try to guess the game. I'll go …[View]
551946094Multiple developers somehow agreed that this was an appropriate design for a vampire.[View]
551950856Are video games good for you?[View]
551954549Japanese Indie World: Why does Japan Indie World looks so much better ?[View]
551950659What game has the best graphics?[View]
551954495This Altina from Cold Steel IV. Say something nice about her.[View]
551940393Reminder that source code releases and leaks are absolutely useless, unless it's a very popular…[View]
551937236How is that vidya channel anon? You are not that guy that posts every day and only gets 4-12 views.…[View]
551949259Imagine the Kaine upskirts[View]
551949428>tfw life is unfulfilling when not playing a persona game. Any other social sim games comparable …[View]
551948957/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread: >>551890047 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
551933283>59 days until E3 Hopes, fears, expectations?[View]
551943098I miss my boy like you wouldn’t believe...[View]
551914509Don't mind me, just the best combat in any 3rd person action game ever: Why haven't you ta…[View]
551953690Pick one to protect you and the others need assistance.[View]
551954097IR aiming: >basically the best and most reliable feature of the Wiimote >Gyro is what survives…[View]
551891091What are the best video game angels?[View]
551951534Good times never last.[View]
551953403>Hoi owslander zookuh Joshua Graham?[View]
551953682What went wrong?[View]
551953498My first fap[View]
551953615>Get beat in fighting game >Had no idea what to do no move I did worked >Rewatch match >…[View]
551952605he's holding back nintendo. this bitch ass nigga needs to die[View]
551951157What's the Tokyo Drift of /v/?[View]
551946917Is the game fun? The Switch version's on sale and I'm curious.[View]
551951785What is the thing on the side of Kabal's head?[View]
551923373Basically modern gaming in a nutshell.[View]
551953180How was I supposed to know?[View]
551953159hey /v/: Do you want to earn the respect of fellow stalkers? Do you want to build a team of loyal fr…[View]
551953127What are some games with stupidly expensive in-game items? Bonus points if the economic is player dr…[View]
551953125He's gone. He's actually gone. And he's never coming back. Sleep tight my precious li…[View]
551934760Cyberpunk has officially DIED!!!!!!!!!!!: Insiders are reporting that CDPR are scrapping all DLC and…[View]
551946512where wyverian women at[View]
551949889OH N-[View]
551952394they don't make rhythm games like they used to[View]
551948964Was this peak DBZ?[View]
551952098Finally, a good AAA game since Doom Eternal.[View]
551952784>see a million threads about this game >been playing stepmania for a couple of months >half…[View]
551940527Why do these make zoomers seethe?[View]
551952665who survives and why[View]
551950609>'Why yes, I am a Chad, how did you know?'[View]
551952712What the hell was capcom thinking: The worst characters I've ever played[View]
551921993I always wondered why the Nintendo scene is more active and has more 'quality' when it comes to hack…[View]
551952639PS2 Bread: What’s up asswipes? I got freemcboot and OPL. What are some good lesser known games? Some…[View]
551950543What are some good /comfy/ games?[View]
551951069>You are on: RED team >gregor joined the game >gregor was assigned to RED team Anyone else …[View]
551945361You have 10 seconds to name 5 good videogames about zombies or you'll be food to walkers, u hea…[View]
551951539Persona 5 AG thread: With it being pretty much confirmed that Akechi is getting his own game, what a…[View]
551947448>enter server >check score tab >anime/furry profiles pictures stomping the game >leave t…[View]
551948627Why is this trending at #1??[View]
551948060What PS3 games have you been buying?[View]
551949667I love RE4 and hate RE5. RE1 is great. What can I expect from 7? How does the 'feel' compa…[View]
551935371>hostesses >JAV idols >gravure idols >attracts people like this https://twitter.com/domi…[View]
551945716Anon I heard your a superman fan and we at DC need your help. We need 7 villains and 1 hero to be bo…[View]
551948153Kurisu is just a female version of Light[View]
551952049Eul decided DOTA, the game he was working on, was to be an open source project. Why haven't you…[View]
551942957I just shifted from playstation to pc, how the fuck are you even supposed to decide what games to pl…[View]
551950252How long is this fucking game? I've been playing it for almost a year and I still haven't …[View]
551951762Cant wait to battle between these two in June. JONESYCHADS RISE[View]
551934509>this game is bad >why? >it's too anime…[View]
551950584Why is Doom 1 considered superior to Doom 2?[View]
551872881>I just had this great idea! I'm going to write a BAD character who totally REDEEMS himself …[View]
551951356Here's your 'male' character bro[View]
551950515You think there is anything to the rumors? Any wishes on the hardware?[View]
551951009david bowie videogame: thoughts ?[View]
551947041video games induce schizophrenia[View]
551925810YIIK 2 BABY: ITS HAPPENING https://twitter.com/AckkStudios/status/1378740393840308227[View]
551947596/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>551890047 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
551937891Onirism: Should I buy Carol's game? I'm not sure about how much content is there, and it…[View]
551951057recommend me some jrpgs preferably no ps1 games also must include lolis[View]
551946995can someone help me: I'm trying to find a Gameboy Advance 'Console' emulation device for my son…[View]
551950176What happpened to the anon making a furry hunting game?: It was something like Duck Hunt and there w…[View]
551948225why do the characters i love always end up being low tier shit[View]
551943471why won't Capcom give the best Resident Evil game the REngine treatment?[View]
551947876ITT: Wasted potential games Pic related >entire premise of the series is your oc character fuckin…[View]
551948636im so hyped for starfield theres no way it wont be amazing[View]
551950348Will there be a PS5 VR?: Is the PS5 going to have its own VR headset too? Or will Sony ditch VR as a…[View]
551928437Animations: What game has the best animations?[View]
551949790bros...: how do i beat them?[View]
551927761BEST RPG OF 2010s[View]
551891354Mystery Niggas[View]
551948027HOTD: This is it bros, the moment we’ve been waiting for Return of best lightgun game[View]
551948386You HAVE played the greatest game of all time haven't you?[View]
551950326Bing Bing Wahoo Platformer thread: whatcha playing my high jumping niggas right now im playing throu…[View]
551932291>forgotten immediately Was it bad or just short?[View]
551946890wtf happened to her face[View]
551946825>want to play terraria >remember happiness/pylons >remember torch luck >remember hardmod…[View]
551938678Crutch character. If you used her in your party you played on easy mode.[View]
551945084are card games video games?[View]
551949925>the only thing they update are ways to squeeze more money out from you How come no one has made …[View]
551949464Metroid Switch: Fuck Nintendo of America, I'm quitting and wanted to do something before I left…[View]
551910909>say thing >all your voice lines removed https://www.wowhead.com/news/new-voice-actor-for-kael…[View]
551947597Any thoughts about this guy from grand theft auto III[View]
551929440>he hasn't 100%'d the game he claims is his all time favorite…[View]
551931374You'll buy it anyway[View]
551947520>2006 was 50 years ago >you'll never play on the 360 for the first time again…[View]
551934497>CYP2077 new updates >actually fixing near all of it >new dlc announcement soon >Complet…[View]
551934863Well, /v/?[View]
551945574Seriously are Fatlus fans the worst?[View]
551949032Is Genshin Impact the first AAA gacha game?[View]
551949272cool game[View]
551941379Final Fantasy XV: I'm on Chapter 8 now and I think I'm going to go on hiatus for the unfor…[View]
551948667How the fuck was Cyberpunk 2077 supposed to compete with Ghostrunner?[View]
551947289What the fuck are you guys playing while waiting for Nier/Returnal later this month? I'm alread…[View]
551937787Tf2 for autists: Saw someone wrote tf2 attracts autistic people... Do you think so?[View]
551947230What are some reddit games?[View]
551949063I really like this game but have no desire to play it anymore. Why do modern games have shorter shel…[View]
551943778Devil May Cry HD Collection, along with 4 and 5, are on sale for PC: Do I pull the trigger and get t…[View]
551934359Will the real video gamers please stand up?: https://twitter.com/Nero_Shen47/status/1382307796855750…[View]
551943749Why must puzzle games be so confusing?[View]
551890047/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>551824689 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
551941092Who are these games for?[View]
551946249We need a spin off prequel game starring the one and only Morgana[View]
551947994>play game >hear girl[View]
551948607>Capture the what? I just want to kill people![View]
551946918Thoughts on King's Field?[View]
551938218>7.0 Realistically, how do you counter this without postwar tanks with APDS or HEAT?…[View]
551947005Graphics card seller, i am going to play games, and i need only your strongest graphics cards[View]
551948410Why is Japan putting an e-girl into a children's video game?[View]
551945845Irelia if she real[View]
551939848>Tlou 1 is too much of game-y experience to be enjoyable The absolute state of game journalism…[View]
551882775how about a screenshot thread post whatever games you want, but keep it to 2-3 posts per game, no fu…[View]
551941993What do you think it tastes like? I like to think it's chicken noodle soup with green onions.[View]
551948026Jim Ryan Redemption Arc: PlayStation was destined to disappear but Jim Ryan is modernizing the compa…[View]
551933110What went wrong?[View]
551945838Why is he the best boss fight in the whole Arkham series?[View]
551941336CWC’s Adult Chronicles: So /v/, could we mod something to make this a fun and workable game? I almos…[View]
551944732Games that got undeserved hate[View]
551940146>ugh, did they really have to get all political? this is so pozzed[View]
551939768Name 1 (ONE) game with a 10/10 OST Just ONE[View]
551929784Thoughts on the size of this lad?[View]
551947293What went wrong?[View]
551945462FF14 looks better on PS5 than on PC. What a time to be alive.[View]
551947775Hey /v/, theres a sale on psn right now and I can get Earth Defense Force 4.1 for 10 bucks Saints Ro…[View]
551940887https://github.com/ferib/D2R-Offline Diablo 2 Alpha cracked and playable offline[View]
551947572Your thoughts?[View]
551947483Is it good? Is it scary? [View]
551945680It’s over...[View]
551947408ITT: absolute kino[View]
551947397The only people who didn't join the stormcloaks: Are the kind of guys who like seeing Elves fuc…[View]
551947484Its not a remake. Its a sequel set between NieR and Automata. You didn't think there was only o…[View]
551946319Portals: A conclusion is yet to be reached. However, the small area between the impact surface and …[View]
551943445Try to deny it: You can't[View]
551911461Its all so tiresome[View]
551946793Whats up niggers. This worth play it?[View]
551945698why did you blow up[View]
551944542My name is Rean Coldsteel. And I am the greatest JRPG protagonist of all time. Haha...[View]
551947031I know you can hear me, boy. meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow m…[View]
551945126Monster Hunter: favorite elder dragon in the series?[View]
551946965Why did the Genesis/Mega Drive never get the same explosion in nostalgia with ‘nerds’ the same way t…[View]
551946870Battlefield 4: Why was obliteration, the best game mode, abandoned by the playerbase so fast?[View]
551929537Is this game worth getting? What was the original about, and what was so god or bad about it Nier th…[View]
551942881ITT: Games only YOU played[View]
551945597>bomberman series what went right?[View]
551944903What makes a good female character design?[View]
551946083Just had a match against some female twitch streamer: I was the killer and she was constantly saying…[View]
551932024wtf is this ?[View]
551940751Where the fuck are the GAMES[View]
551938816>tfw no gf[View]
551939390>You will never be rich enough to get your terrible OC into every important indie game Why even l…[View]
551944000Is Snake's 1911 truly that impressive or was it mostly kojima babble[View]
551936643Games with slavery mechanics?: Games with slavery mechanics? The best I have is Rome 2 Total War whe…[View]
551946127How do you prefer your sniping? Sniper Elite, Call of Duty, something more obnoxiously realistic or …[View]
551946185I really wish Cyberpunk was good but it just fails to keep me engaged for extended periods of time.[View]
551946029I don't know what it is /v/. I don't have the energy to game anymore.[View]
551936705https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c0hZ4w7T2o NINTENDO WON https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getsu_Fūma_De…[View]
551945112Are the Olli Olli games any good? Olli Olli World looked interesting during the Nintendo Direct toda…[View]
551942432KOF XV: 2 hours and 10 minutes left. So, who's it going to be?[View]
551943426Time for my first BT3 AI tournament. Double Team battle. Choose teams:[View]
551937898Is this game really as bad as people say it is? I just bought the other games on sale and am on the …[View]
551945676Why there aren't goblins in dark souls? I want to hunt down goblins And what about goblin bosse…[View]
551943606Post ur favorite classic video game[View]
551943685Left or Right?[View]
551941973Earth Defense Force: Will this game be garbage or good like EDF 4.1/5?[View]
551944419do the old gta games hold up?[View]
551936402Help me break my addiction, /v/[View]
551944531Would the cringe DOA game series be revitalized by being developed more western style?[View]
551936415These bosses suck.[View]
551939590LMAO: According to Digital Foundy, the solution to the PS5 SSD storage space problem is to buy anoth…[View]
551937830>Radio Graffiti, /v/ you're on the horn[View]
551937605Outer Worlds: Just bought pic related for $20. What am I in for?[View]
551936216Post some 2000s games, FPS preferred but something you think should be played. I've gotten into…[View]
551938138Duke Nukem: I hate anime[View]
551944327>One game? I don’t know why? I bought a ps5 with no games to buy?[View]
551936218I start playing this and I already complete the first dungeon with a level 10 party. Do you guys cou…[View]
551929468Give me your honest opinion of this game[View]
551944612Is your game less fun than a YoYo? Why it might be time to reconsider your passions.[View]
551922929What a good larger (wireless) mouse for non-competitive games and media production? Alot feel too sm…[View]
551935420no new bloody roar in sight: new hot bunny never ever, they changed her design for 3 and it sucked a…[View]
551942897ITT: Post hidden gems/games no one talks about[View]
551938342>Open Steam store >Picrelated[View]
551935491/VGM/: What is the saddest video game music??[View]
551940000/v/...it’s time...: Confess your regrets[View]
551944219>I wish the Nemesis system had never come to me... >I wish I could just play this Ubiclone and…[View]
551943507What’s the best Senran Kagura game?[View]
551944158WHERE MY CONTURAS NIGGAS AT?: in hindsight War Rock was the greatest online FPS of the past 20 years…[View]
551933989I feel like playing this. Are there any mandatory stability mods or anything to make it playable on …[View]
551941103>she goes back to her fiancé What the FUCK[View]
551943582Soul vs Soulless[View]
551931519Why were mystery-solving games mostly confined to handhelds?[View]
551943773You'll never dance with anthro girls, anon[View]
551943765You can mash an win against good players Literally vanilla skyrim on an xbox 360 is more competitive…[View]
551941086A good character design is one that can be recognized just by its silhouette[View]
551943212>replaying Nioh 2 >finish most bosses without dying, only Enenra and Snake manage to kill me (…[View]
551926224Binding of Isaac Repentance: Reminder that >Maw of the Void, Mom's Knife, Brimstone, Lil Bri…[View]
551943027BIPOC friendly games, name them in this thread.[View]
551942398All in all dark souls 3 is the best in the series[View]
551937116Beat em ups are fucking boring. This has to be the worst genre in video game history. Why does anyon…[View]
551943396Rean's OTP: Which is it /v/ Alisa Cumdoll Cat[View]
551943320Misogynistic Gamers: Why do gamers hate women so much, /v/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDrE[View]
551900703Portals: A fucking hula hoop single handedly explains it's A.[View]
551942248I see: https://twitter.com/Rainbow6Game/status/1382373350127898626[View]
551940426Why even bother naming these teams after western cities if 99% of the entire league is Korean?[View]
551943139Vidya cosplay thread: Post some video game cosplays, no females allowed[View]
551938540You'll never get Sly Cooper remake... Enjoy your tlou 1 remake[View]
551923878Give me your best radical robots /v/.[View]
551942853>make a Cyberpunk 2077 thread >all the mentally ill tranny shizos come foaming around the mout…[View]
551940150>dad walks in[View]
551937981Toussaint. Home.[View]
551939352IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX5rs0jjkw8[View]
551940526Post overhyped games that are too easy.[View]
551888358this ain't it, Bioware[View]
551935971What's better, defense or offense?[View]
551939765Which game to buy? I can get either of these games for free. I have not played either before and I h…[View]
551934818Draw the last character you played as, using this duck[View]
551940152Baldur's Gate 3: Why did they make her cute though? She looks and acts like an anime character …[View]
551941619>walk out of spawn >see this wat do?[View]
551940554How about a game of Jackbox?: Anyone want to play some Jackbox tonight?[View]
551872983Coc2 thread: Best way to make the code readable?[View]
551920504Reaction times: It's time, /v/. https://humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime Benchmarks: <1…[View]
551927059How do you deal with annoying little shits in multiplayer games who are only there to make everyone …[View]
551934324>items you pick up become visible on your character model[View]
551940029Guys, I actually got an Xbox Series S without paying a scalper! Gamestop had it in stock today, and …[View]
551941323What are some hard games with happy endings?[View]
551941726Should i just give in and get the 5800X? I've been waiting for the 5900x/ 5950x to be available…[View]
551939558How the hell do I get these games to work on PC?: Prototype 1 was 1 fps on startup, and Prototype 2 …[View]
551940736>what new feature do you want in your waifu farming game? >Sen's fortress…[View]
551822482Welcome home[View]
551941280Are there any other games that do this? Let you unlock silly alt costumes for your character Bonus p…[View]
551939443After all these years it's still based when is Mortal Kombat having their classics anniversary?[View]
551941240how gett biggest and hottest ass in fallout vegas[View]
551911921How come One Piece hasn't gotten a good fighting game yet? Pirate Warriors is an okay musou but…[View]
551939724Ihihihi, looks like I'll have to save the Smash Ultimate fighter's pass![View]
551940064Play Tales of Zestiria[View]
551936305You can scan one vidya girl[View]
551920007Monster Hunter: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
551935254>it's time 8 more days bros[View]
551931067Microsoft has 4 big AAA exclusive titles for Xbox Series/PC: (https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-ru…[View]
551940674What was his fucking problem?[View]
551940470https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJWZlqLxiLg&t=234s Lost Odyssey is one a whole other level. This…[View]
551896874The House of the Dead Remake: Looks alright I guess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWYzf2pAJzo…[View]
551939335Is this /v/?[View]
551934535Will this be the generation that killed non-Nintendo consoles?[View]
551939572RE4: why Leon is such a simp virgin? >protects a bioterrorist just because shes a women >gives…[View]
551937398Who is the strongest character Sonic could defeat in Dragon Ball?[View]
551939579is there a term for games like max payne, fear, vanquish, stranglehold, etc that focus on stylized c…[View]
551936831ITT We judge eachother based on currently installed vidya: Horizon: Zero Dawn Mad Max Space Hulk: De…[View]
551937456Hi /v/ aint got enough wifi to play online games. Any recommendations for single player games? Rpg…[View]
551939431Now that the dust has settled, which one 'REALLY MADE YOU FEEL'™ the most like Batman?[View]
551939827All work and no play for El Presidente![View]
551938117Look, officer...[View]
551939735My first fap[View]
551936582Anon I don't think it'll fit![View]
551912792Describe what you think Starfield will be like.[View]
551924863>tfw my computer is only as good as a ps4 pro/xbox one x Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
551935109This is the best competitive 1v1 game ever made.[View]
551938059i want to start a minecraft world: i really want to start a survival world in mindcraft to try to re…[View]
551939341Professor Layton: What do you think about Professor Layton?[View]
551936576Disco Elysium: how's the case going?[View]
551899265Mexicans are developing an Aztec game only for Switch: https://youtu.be/LWKht3gpX7o >In Aztech’s …[View]
551939093The Holy Trinity: The Holy Trinity[View]
551938031play Hylics 2[View]
551904706How the FUCK do Goombas reproduce?[View]
551907963>game is hard to learn, easy to master[View]
551935740ITT: Games only (you) have played: I'll start, pic related.[View]
551936634ITT Nightmare fuel[View]
551937513This game any good? Want to play something like Gears of War.[View]
551938714Do you give preferential treatment to your favorites in video games?[View]
551938081You guys ever feel like GTA should just end? Don't get me wrong, I love the series and I'm…[View]
551937574reminder that microsoft could easily shit all over Epic and steam with their Windows bucks but are t…[View]
551938840Symbols of gaming superiority. Ill start.[View]
551938805>thought satisfactory had 4 diferent maps >It actually has one supermassive fuckhuge map, and …[View]
551935669Huge Bitch: That's a Huge Bitch[View]
551937416Risk of Rain: How do we fix Artificer?[View]
551925193Fallout or Elder Scrolls: Which video game universe would you rather live in[View]
551938328Why is this so good? I am 80 hours into this game and I'm not remotely fed up or bored with it[View]
551936679I couldn’t be happier with my SeXbox. The future shines bright like a motherfucker. Only thing I w…[View]
551931583COMFY 3DS THREAD - MARIO KART 7 EDITION: You know the drill, but this time as a special surprise we…[View]
551936351Things that make you avoid a game at all costs: Which one is it for you, /v/? For me it's anthr…[View]
551930529How come only the Japanese have this kind of dedication to game design?[View]
551937573Uh bros? Konami actually announced a non pachinko game[View]
551898842>No TMNT Thread >Especially after being the only note-worthy thing about the Indie Direct. Get…[View]
551931719PLAY IT[View]
551932752Damage reduction: which one /v/?[View]
551930032Witchcraft ask you for ideas for Digimon Survive. What do you reply?: YukimiBotamon > Moonmon …[View]
551935610How would you feel if Sub-Zero had a White/Black mocap face in the next Mortal Kombat game without a…[View]
551936029Back away in circles around the arena and wait for an opening. Why is this tediousness considered th…[View]
551937074What’s the /v/erdict?[View]
551924683>Less that 20% of the smash characters are known to have fucked well, thats 19% more than the pla…[View]
551937593What do you think happened to that vault with 1 woman and 999 men?[View]
551902710>play assfaggots a few years back >a lot of people play cancerous assassins that jump on you o…[View]
551926281Fez source code release when? >the game is currently built on top of free and open-source softwar…[View]
551936637What indie games have you been playing, /v/?[View]
551934385I haven't been on /v/ for 6 years. This place sure looks like a mess. More than before. I'…[View]
551935808>The average PS3 is currently more expensive than the latest PS5 game When will this trend end?…[View]
551883479Well, /v/? Why don't you? Do you want snoy to win?[View]
551932918now you remember[View]
551934708Vidya catgirls thread[View]
551936771I never really realized until now, but GTA V has some really good acting. Even if you didn't li…[View]
551897445Emulate the original or wait for the HD remaster?[View]
551923639>play rpg game >it doesn't even give me enough stat points to make myself as great as I a…[View]
551934675>tranq enemy >throw their body into water >they dont drown…[View]
551934216I kind of miss the dirtier style of the old guilty gear games[View]
551936759>easter egg discovered 8 (eight) years after the dev put it in The game literally died before it …[View]
551932947Twitch and Youtube Profile picture: Been using this drawing for a while on my Twitch after and I…[View]
551930842>..... after buying all the energy drinks in the vending machines I went and had a make out sessi…[View]
551890556>racist, snitch, disloyal, retarded, short sighted, emotional, shit at warfare, uses the voice to…[View]
551934594>Meanwhile, at the tree /v/illage...[View]
551936874Just read pic related and now I'm hungry for a game that let me be an all powerful asshole and …[View]
551933760The Next Smash Bros Fighter: Get Ready /v/ on June 15th 2021 (E3 Direct) he will be revealed. Cope n…[View]
551931880my leg vibrat u good guy[View]
551936480I'm a schizophrenic autistic living in a mental hospital. What game should I play?[View]
551936481M2 STG Direct #6 tomorrow: They are going to show 30 min of gameplay of Senjin Aleste. But you'…[View]
551933054Nintendo and Xbox: Just what the hell are they planning? Whatever it is, I’d be worried if I were So…[View]
551936291It doesn't matter Now what happens, I will never give up the fight Long as the cum inside drive…[View]
551934196>1990 videogame has a female exclusive class designed to Peg men >very first one is the protag…[View]
551932061>meet girl that likes to play LOL >she tells me she plays support…[View]
551934614Post characters you liked from forgettable games[View]
551935525Post super easy games for babies.[View]
551936136>timmy boy loses hundreds of millions of dollars each year on epic fail store >grab free games…[View]
551933106EVIL video game opinions: It's not enough to be unpopular, I need video game opinions that are …[View]
551934832Smash Ultimate: How would you buff them? Do you have specific buff ideas for other characters?…[View]
551936027My first fap[View]
551925436Princess Zelda thread: Why does Nintendo refuse to let her shine outside of handheld games and spino…[View]
551932189Why are people so obsessed with practicality of equipment and gear in videogames? traditional armors…[View]
551933345Fat or slim is better?[View]
551930423Signs of SOUL?: >game has Asian characters >they speak with a fitting amount of Engrish relat…[View]
551935813This game looks cool as fuck.[View]
551908848WOW they really made his model justice compared to his original FFVII model! Remember him?[View]
551935410Post your most played multiplayer game.[View]
551922852ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
551935096Well this really puts things into perspective[View]
551930087The game triggers me so much but I can't stop playing. Help.[View]
551934729Metal gear solid rat: Metal gear solid rat[View]
551935351JVK116 &morrowind: so guys what was behind the potrait room[View]
551930104Street Fighter V: Who do you main in Street Fighter V? Is it >Ryu >Ken >Sakura >Akuma …[View]
551930981>Showcasing a stylized Japanese aesthetic, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon delivers a dynamic hack-and…[View]
551930530Is it good yet?[View]
551870804Is it actually good?[View]
551881430What the FUCK was that? I played KH1,2 and Birth By Sleep before finally getting around to playing …[View]
551933140Why she keep looking at me like this when I walk into her store?[View]
551933630>Game punishes you for not paying attention to the world building.[View]
551935117F13 Definitive Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_AHb9RZm1g[View]
551934952Stellaris: >Ahh yes excellent, we have our genetic healthcare clinic fully operational and runnin…[View]
551932521what are some psychedelic video games?[View]
551934571Why Is salmon run So grindy?[View]
551929261Blueball of the Century: Remember when /v/ spent a few months salivating over Corp I Mommy, only for…[View]
551934124Post video game crossovers[View]
551931952ITT : We post game characters who canonically fuck Orcs[View]
551931723What does a exposed tummy is supposed to add to gameplay quality?[View]
551931095Oh, right... THAT happened.[View]
551933581Emulation: Has emulation gone too far?[View]
551934673Do you anyone who is a beancounter?[View]
551934490>That item cannot be used at this time >Panic about when it can be used or if I missed it alre…[View]
551933185>boss has hidden second phase[View]
551927831Defend Tekken 7 in one post[View]
551933729Does MS gimp its own sales to promote gamepass? On psn store games are usually cheaper, almost steam…[View]
551934252Virtual reality is a gimmi- https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDrE[View]
551933006How do you prevent not to lose steam games and saves?[View]
551932691Find a flaw.[View]
551929130what game let me replay the classic yugioh experience?[View]
551928779>GTX 1050ti[View]
551933419>Fixed an issue where, after the player commits a crime on the roof of a building, NCPD officers …[View]
551930907why are you not playing beyond the wire right now? new british faction just released today.[View]
551933974I just want one thread where people aren’t posting under several level layers of irony and schizophr…[View]
551930459Is this game actually good or it's just a reddit meme like Celeste?[View]
551932876Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby: This is his year. You've seen it happen to Zelda, you've seen it …[View]
551930802It had the best combat[View]
551915859Are the KOTOR games worth it if I'm a fan of RPGs but not a fan of Star Wars (I've watched…[View]
551932140>They're still making RPGmaker on console Fucking why? It was understandable in the 90s and …[View]
551933495Ask Iwata: Now that the book has released, has anyone got a link to the epub/PDF version? Can't…[View]
551933862Rance? Never heard of em.[View]
551927878xenoblade 2: xenoblade chronicles 2 is arguably one of the greatest video games released in the past…[View]
551933649What are some PvP games where there's genuine consequences for losing?[View]
551931032>sunlight spear >actually is thunder[View]
551931639Remember, 'DS' stands for 'Developer System': Not 'Dual Screen'. Stop thinking it ever stood for 'Du…[View]
551932415What style of RPG WOULDN’T benefit from a Gambit system?[View]
551928185WHAT THE FUCK IS IN THIS DAMN BOX: It will not be worth the wait and only be something new and stupi…[View]
551928520>Come out! Your death will be quick and painless. wat do[View]
551932371Muh Realism: The same people talking shit about Valhalla being unrealistic are the ones sucking GoT…[View]
551932805>buy some dlc in the ps store >i forgot to download a couple of them >a couple of days late…[View]
551933304What are some games? I can't find enjoyment apart from in certain platformers, Genshin Impact a…[View]
551932570You know, no matter how depressed I get about the state of modern gaming, I keep finding solace in t…[View]
551930970How come this managed to be the most soulful system of the 21st century?[View]
551928062>games worth a shit on pc gamepass Age of Empires series Alan Wake Alien Isolation Amogus Burnout…[View]
551918109The state of modern gaming: Why, bros? I've done what I can. I've refused to buy unfinishe…[View]
551932790what's your favorite VIDEO GAMES reaction face /v/ros?[View]
551930331Any games where you can get married?[View]
551932226For me, it's Ryuji Sakamoto.[View]
551931784Are there any good Ragnarok Online servers left that are worth playing? I know it's an imbalanc…[View]
551930058So I found a map which did absolutely nothing and by chance didn't find the boss until I search…[View]
551926183HOMM V: can someone explain how the level/mission structure works? Do you carry over units, Resource…[View]
551922696the ps3 store shutdown made me legit worry, is my steam library in danger any time soon?[View]
551931662ITT: Best game of its respective console.[View]
551932552>inno this what do[View]
551922374The most underrated console of all time: It has no right to be this good.[View]
551931825Just started Monster Sanctuary, is it any good?: Having fun so far in the first couple hours. Who…[View]
551911154Why is every fucking modern indie game a roguelike? Is it because they can't string together pr…[View]
551929108ITS OVER[View]
551932268last night there was an MMO thread and some anons were giving solid advice on returning to FFXI. can…[View]
551928205Moya: Sad, isn't it? Just a tragedy? Morrigan is the best, but /v/ waifus Yennefer von Vomitber…[View]
551924717Here's your control scheme, bro. Make sure to remember them.[View]
551932112Yakuza: >it's a taiga episode Balls status: in.[View]
551925067Resident Evil VIIIlage: This game looks like shit. Where are the shadows?[View]
551932142MORROWIND: ok so what was behind the portrait room[View]
551931878No you silly Anon, Aether can't have dri-[View]
551929639>video card sounds like a jet engine whenever it's being utilized >i am now actively avoi…[View]
551930949Monster Hunter Rise: Who's your favorite new monster?[View]
551925057In their tongue he’s known as Dovahkiin...WYVERNBORN[View]
551923097Balan wonderworld: Balan chads we've won[View]
551929339gamez: dude imagine this in bioshock[View]
551931945why do remakes always ruin the soulful lighting[View]
551930490Cing: I miss these niggas like you wouldn't believe.[View]
551927727what does /v/ think of this game?[View]
551931632>That kid who actually found Bigfoot in San Andreas[View]
551921223Post your perfect games[View]
551923930>too dark to be final fantasy game[View]
551931170Virtual reality is a gimmi- https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDrE[View]
551931678>arrest thug >go after the mafia >fuck a hooker >get shot dead on the streets Why is th…[View]
551930565>*fixes your game* nothing personal bro[View]
551928597Trouble with the trolley, eh?[View]
551913173Hot take: I'd rather have a DA:O Remaster than Dragon Age 4. Would make for better threads.[View]
551921751What the fuck was her problem?[View]
551929710was he in the right?[View]
551917865assassin's creed 4 black flag: What made it so good?[View]
551929923The Overwatch League's 4th year starts in a few days. How is this bullshit still around? I…[View]
551931447Post settings the character from the last game you played wouldn't survive in.[View]
551929770Why don't we have a NEW Resident Evil with Jill as the protag?[View]
551924412le ebin list: Whaddya think, /v/?[View]
551924059rhythm games: Thoughts on this shit? It's kind of fun never really played rhythm games.[View]
551931130Come, my children.: Xbros, long have we sat in an apathetic silence, too busy enjoying our fulfillin…[View]
551931119ITT: games that made you question your sexuality[View]
551918910How does this compare to something like Honkai 3rd impact? Five minutes in and it seems exactly the …[View]
5519294603DS thread: Let's talk about the 3DS![View]
551927494>haven't played my switch since may of last year or so[View]
551926609Why is this allowed?[View]
551927072Biggest piece of shit I ever played: >Generic looter shooter gameplay >Trash ass story >Gam…[View]
55193011597/100 >ride there >oh no it's a trap >pew pew pew >pew pew pew pew pew pew pew …[View]
551930581ITT: Talentless Hacks[View]
551921251Still the best movie game, I don't care what anyone says.[View]
551925669Play XCOM 2 and Chimera Squad[View]
551930976Not so tiny anymore![View]
551930631GORD IS HERE: From ex-members of CDPR! IT IS GORD the game you have been waiting for! https://www.y…[View]
551924426How did they manage to make such a perfect game?[View]
551925460>Imperial Guards are the new jannies of /v/ What's the board like now?…[View]
551929267You guys down for some amiibo cock fighting? 4 Player Free for All. All Spirits except Super Armor a…[View]
551930505i am Dr, Mario and i am saving lives[View]
551917934underrated game OSTs?[View]
551917058Tales of Vesperia: For me, It's Patty.[View]
551929015Heres your new apex legend. What do you think of her?[View]
551899609why do you keep telling me the Watcher is the weakest character?[View]
551927918>game features skeletons as a playable race[View]
551922107Is this the best competitive 1v1 game ever made?[View]
551923717Is it just me, or do the female versions of self insert characters seem to inherently have more pers…[View]
551930052Games with slavery mechanics?: Games with slavery mechanics? The best I have is Rome 2 Total War whe…[View]
551926068ITT: Talentless Hacks[View]
551914135What are some really shit vidya opinions you’ve heard in the past?[View]
551924885Is overcentralization in single player/coop videogames a bad things? Should developers nerf these st…[View]
551928127>insult someone on /v/ >feel bad and realize he didn't deserve that…[View]
551927089>https://youtu.be/MZrucpT_mlA Here's your new OlliOlli.[View]
551929886>tfw your favorite superhero will never get a quality video game[View]
551930069Why are slavic games so buggy at release?[View]
551921303what went wrong?[View]
551929990Yakuza 6: God damn what a sad ending for Kiryu's story[View]
551897142GARTIC PHONE: GET IN https://garticphone.com/en/?c=1d24484a8 You draw what previous guy describes, y…[View]
551928301You've been playing video games all day! Why don't you go outside and play with the neighb…[View]
551925561What went wrong?[View]
551927017>that one time they played your favorite game >they played like literal retards >IM SEETHI…[View]
551927686Netherrealm Studios 2021/2022 plans: 'Mortal Kombat 11': Plans for this game were original…[View]
551858119Comfy Switch Thread: What are you playing /v/?[View]
551926949whats going on?[View]
551928270What are some of your guys' favorite games to play while high[View]
551929624https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyQ1R-m5knQ >mfw sony put 8k/4k 120 FPS on their PS5 box >mfw …[View]
551926942Actually fucking ruined. What were they thinking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uluhBgrtZUg[View]
551925142>play first game >it was good covering all of Season 1 >play the sequel >it introduces a…[View]
551929308What went right?[View]
551919868>'FF16 is just The Witcher 3 with DMC5's combat' so the perfect video game?…[View]
551923889>If you could have a superpower, what would it be? >I want to be a Box Fox! It's a wizard…[View]
551915871>[Speech 100] Did you remember to turn the stove off back East? >[SUCCEEDED] Yeah, I think s- …[View]
551923251I'm in love with Sara[View]
551900985Why are JRPGs the only genre still concerned with making rich and colorful vidya worlds for single p…[View]
551914063>game teaches you that high taxes for the poor and low taxes for the rich produces the perfect Ci…[View]
551928964Fans of Gothic, what dub do you recommend one uses for Gothic, in particular Gothic 2? I've hea…[View]
551925103>main character in the first game is the one in the wrong >antagonist from the first game beco…[View]
551928076What's the best TR game and why is it The Last Revelation?[View]
551927810What does /v/ think of Sophie Neuenmuller? I like her better than that fat cow that killed the serie…[View]
551921545>Nioh 2 was yet again another mediocre Souls clon-[View]
551922230I only ever played pokemon as a kid, played like 2/3 of emerald. Considering getting an emulator for…[View]
5519205393x3: Post 'em, rate 'em[View]
551925972finished the main story of Resident Evil 7 and damn, I actually feel bad for the Bakers, I even kind…[View]
551927359>ruins the entire game[View]
551923096Name a better feeling /v/.[View]
551928173Stardew Valley: This game is boring, you care more about work than having fun[View]
551923493Shin Megami Tensei Thread: Tyrone, you are but casual scum. Why don't you play a REAL Shin Mego…[View]
551928113Are there any good Ragnarok Online servers left that are worth playing? I know it's an imbalanc…[View]
551913572higu: look at this useless goat[View]
551927358Developers: > Watch cool new trailer of games on Steam > Look at the Developer > Chinese Co…[View]
551918853Games with no women.[View]
551918935Is it fixed?[View]
551922618Soul?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWgm64Zwsw4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQytX1IbL10…[View]
551927336There is no game[View]
551927721Press A to do it[View]
551922290>you can romance the antagonist[View]
551927685Library of Ruina: What the heck, this looks way more like what I thought Alriune would look like fro…[View]
551927660https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj_Dtj7c0Lc Opinions on cascadeur?[View]
551927506You guys lied to me. This game was kino and infinitely better than FF7 Remake.[View]
551919647Is this the best mega man game?: Is Mega Man Zero 3 the best mega man game? I believe so. >Best G…[View]
551919623Post overused class race combos >wood elf archer >orc big axe warrior >old human mage >e…[View]
551920258Into the trash it goes[View]
551921393Objective Fact:: The only thing that can save the MMO genre is a good VR MMO once the tech has been …[View]
551924274>side character in the first game is the main villain in the sequel[View]
551903868>2004 >video cards and processors are ass >RAM modules in the MB range >dial-up internet…[View]
551926219Best starter[View]
551909526>enemies can delete your savefile with their mere appearance[View]
551926692>2021 console games[View]
551926639it's been a big year for Chun-Li, but when does too much thighs become TOO much?[View]
551906046What went wrong?[View]
551922228What's the Honda ZOOMER of video games?[View]
551921114Phil Fish appreciation thread. Come in and say something nice about /ourguy/. I'll start: >a…[View]
551918652My favorite Final Fantasy. Play it.[View]
551923242That shinra boy just ain't right[View]
551925070>Station Log Stardate 49672.2 >Mr. Worf has taken the defiant through the wormhole into the Ga…[View]
551925720Super seducer 3: Did you get laid yet, anon?[View]
551923112What's your favorite game in the Xena-Souls-Borne series? Will Elden Ring live up to the hype?[View]
551925401What was his fucking problem?[View]
551925579Whatever happened to it?[View]
551924684We need to lobby for more sexy preteen boys in video games. Call your local politicians NOW.[View]
551924363Coomer Brain: What is a game that tested your feeble coomer brain?[View]
551922667Sex Tutorial game?: Are there any video games that will teach me how expertly: -suck dick -lick puss…[View]
551924401>game references 4chan[View]
551919369>draw a girl >call it male[View]
551912662Who the fuck thought of this ?[View]
551925234Nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx[View]
551906810Isaac Repentance: >we've added TONS of new amazing synergies you guys! >get a good run wi…[View]
551924441is he the strongest character in gta history?[View]
551924930today i am going to play soul hackers and space station 13. what about you bros?[View]
551923515Was the ps4 really home to the best indie games around[View]
551883309>game has its own brand of fictional soft drink[View]
551909841>dead space is not scary at all lmao >i am totally not coping whatsoever!…[View]
551917876never played a resident evil game and these are on sale, only can afford one. which do i get?[View]
551924038what external HDDs are recommended for me to legally play PS3 games that I have already purchased on…[View]
551921556>peaks gaming[View]
551912763Name the changes you'd like to see in the inevitable sequel/port/remake Also, xenoblade thread …[View]
551920416Are the Frogware Sherlock Holmes games worth marathoning?[View]
551924567>Make sure you bring your controller over, we're playing the new Zelda…[View]
551924436You know what? Fuck video games, I just want you cancelled.[View]
551917320Did this game have any potential or was it doomed from the start?[View]
551923543Post a game that is not Jackie Chan.[View]
551922113Anyone remember weird Russian games? The moomin is one such example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
551913873At what point does something stop being a video game?[View]
551892434ITT video game hot takes[View]
551924069This game is impossible to beat without a walkthrough what the fuck[View]
551918012>name it 'Little Big Dream' >plaster Sackboy on the cover >put him as the main character in…[View]
551923949was it good? enough for an eop to study kanji for? are all the characters still retarded?[View]
551874525Balan Wonderworld Demo to Be Taken Down: >The announcement came from the official Balan Wonderwor…[View]
551923460Persona 5 is one of the most soulful games I've ever played[View]
551912371Why did they think that people would care about overwatch esports?[View]
551919709>that enemy that always unnerved you since you were a child and still does whats its name? for me…[View]
551917806>Wastes every bullet you give her by shooting you in the back >If she has no ammo, she just st…[View]
551918319Just finished this as my first Yakuza game. Are the stories in the other entries as good as in 0? Al…[View]
551881535PS3 Prices Have Officially Exploded: You can't even download PS3 patches anymore[View]
551922139Why is playing as a killer so infuriating?: Mind you, survivor in solo Q is pure trash too, i'm…[View]
551923128Why did none of you tell me how much fun Pikmin is?[View]
551923414When will we see this brown cutie again?: I miss her[View]
551920501So I've heard all the rumors for rock band 5 are fake. Google just flags it as legit when it…[View]
551913754How did these games get away with having such shit gunplay outside of VATS?[View]
551917231Literally the only game I'm looking forward to[View]
551920636I never played any of these 3 should I get it[View]
551923105PLAY IT[View]
551921936It's so bad It's just so bad now...[View]
551915634Half Life 2 is painfully mediocre, you can't prove me wrong.[View]
551913752Why are orcs in video games generally ugly?[View]
551921490>Objective >”???”[View]
551921583Ollie Ollie Oxenfree 2 thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAMBJrJQWj4[View]
551910369Balan Wonderworld... This was game from the famous Sonic creator... It was....so long-awaited.... Ho…[View]
551921671These are japanese blades[View]
551919581what went right? and what went wrong?[View]
551920202is /v/ ready for gaming's next OoT, also known as Elden Ring?[View]
551922664Do you get upset when a dev goes out of their way to make their game incompatible with mods?[View]
551915167>billion to one odds >dude achieves it >oh nonononono bros hes cheating…[View]
551906086What do we think of the original legendary[View]
551921980Is he right ?[View]
551916175Why does my PS3 play better than my Xbox One?: I swear is it forced V-sync fucking up my response ti…[View]
551918441Vidya Music: ITT best vidya music I'll start with some >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4uk…[View]
551920773Give me game to play: No weeb trash or pixel shit pls.[View]
551912726Why are gamers so hard to please?[View]
551922610Balan Wonderworld: Yuji Naka: Have you seen what it's like to release game out there, NUMB-BIRA…[View]
551921423I thought Death Stranding was genuinely funny[View]
551915701Kingdom hearths would be 100% better set in the warner bros verse[View]
551913429weapon wedensday: post your weaponfu(s) from your favorite game(s)[View]
551919704What's a good base building game that isn't Rimworld?[View]
551921992>weak to templars >immune to melee[View]
551918125I'll cringe you[View]
551922152Library of Ruina: not a stealth thread: If you want to discuss, discuss. don't be a fucking dum…[View]
551905278>hey, Hunter, go kill this huge wyvern for me! >but before you go, go eat! >you'll nee…[View]
551918625FUCK IT: I love playing on my PC, 60-144hz, max settings is amazing, the better experience for sure …[View]
551920652it's never coming out is it?[View]
551893635You cannot debate this.[View]
551921342POST /V/ MUSIC WITH GUITARS IN IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NBl9NXBT3g[View]
551921075Where my mixed reality chads at?: Alyx is easily the best game but I've put way more hours into…[View]
551920929It's Leddit, I know but > Random MGS2 related Twitter account that's building up to som…[View]
551914614Days Gone: Buy pc version so I can hopefully get sequel later. Thanks[View]
551915425I'm sorry but what was this game again?[View]
551918629Optimization Thread: How the fuck can they look good but run beautifully even on literal potato mach…[View]
551824824Did you work on your game today?[View]
551919503The Ultimate Redguard: >Name: Jamal >Class: Criminal >Major Skills: Blade, Hand-to-Hand, At…[View]
551918718Guys we need a prequel with him[View]
551860028Is League of Legends worth playing?[View]
551921203SONY RECORD BREAKING REVENUE: Share this to scare Jim Ryan haters and /v/[View]
551910001best vidya for this feel?[View]
551915218Fellas... Who else is ready for Resident Evil 8?[View]
551918169Team Fortress 2 community update: >TF2 gets a community update >it's MvM garbage >co-d…[View]
551853965I played Legion and I liked it, what does /v/ think about Shadowlands? Should I try it?[View]
551919513KOTOR 1 vs KOTOR 2: I'd really like to have a discussion about why the sequel is considered bet…[View]
551916453Muramasa: So now that this game and its expansions are about to become inaccessible Vanillaware will…[View]
551920465SUS: see SUS written in island what do?[View]
551920670>Try doing commentary on trump. >Make fun of Mexicans taking our jobs >You walk into a stor…[View]
551896445Never buy this controller for PC: the usb port is a piece of fucking dogshit and will not last. My c…[View]
551918191this shit has been on my backlog for over a decade and after watching the first episode of the anime…[View]
551919514Reminder Sora is actually in the Naughtly List and undeserving of wielding the keyblade.[View]
551920576z0mg thanks for the trimmed mithril!!1![View]
551918692ITT: Vidya moments that made you cry[View]
551915209Xbox doesn't get nearly enough credit when it comes to the current state of indie games. XBLA w…[View]
551915485Danger of falling in love like this/Danger of falling apart/In the hands of another/Danger in fallin…[View]
551837824*flops*: What the fuck went wrong bros?[View]
551911683Reminder that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War bans PC players for reaching high rounds on Zombies: …[View]
551913191>last chapter of gaylo1 cock and balls torture evolved >already burned out how am I supposed t…[View]
551906906when you think about it, re1 and remake are the only 2 real Resident Evil games[View]
551917705Spore: Why hasn't anyone tried to make a succesor of this game that actually lived up to its pr…[View]
551919087Shepard really looked this bad?[View]
551918438>muh boat >muh family >fucking urbans >it's all your fault urbans! >it's al…[View]
551913608What made so much better than other soulless RE protags? And what made RE7 so good?[View]
551920029>peace day was a lot of fun :)[View]
551916351why is this the best 3D Castlevania ever made?[View]
551919965Will this be good?[View]
551919153buy. her. game.[View]
551900073GETSU FUMA DEN: UNDYING MOON - Reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FjlytiqFQ8&ab_channel=Ko…[View]
551910749>kill your first game in order to work on the sequel exclusively >take too long and now no one…[View]
551918607Why is he so garbage to use holy fuck[View]
551916097Already left comment in fallout thread, didn't get answers, I'll say it again here: Why do…[View]
551917325Which pokemon had the best post-game content?[View]
551910049This game is cute and fun.[View]
551919059F13 Definitive Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_AHb9RZm1g[View]
551917230CSGO: Is there really cheaters in every mm game? I've won my last 13 in a row[View]
551913531>female antagonist reluctantly has to work with MC >ends up becoming best girl…[View]
551917190Hey bro, catch this![View]
551898145MetaHuman: It's out.[View]
551908027Name a worse shotgun in vidya[View]
551919040>First Person >New Story >Survival Horror over action >RE: Engine Is there any way Resid…[View]
551914961>your college major >your favorite game genres or examples of favorite games I wonder how many…[View]
551918986>tfw SCP Secret Lab still isn't dead anyone played recently?[View]
551918819https://vroid.com/en/studio How good is Vroid to make anime girls?[View]
551916747Can we have one thread where people aren’t posting under several level layers of irony and schizophr…[View]
551859624Why did Hugo keep trying to rescue his god forsaken ugly family and not just tap that sorceress ass,…[View]
551918893Well, /v/? Which is the worst?[View]
551915561The moment that saved esports...[View]
551910907I think we are getting close to a PC Port Zelda bros.[View]
551889286Monster Hunter Rise: Are there any monsters in this game that are genuinely difficult?[View]
551918615Play Crossbell[View]
551914972Asura's: How does it compare to No More Heroes?[View]
551910814Objectively, what is the best Mega Man game?[View]
551875953Play 'Final Fantasy IX™'.[View]
551917238>you will never beat zombies ate my neighbors[View]
551916315Konami is back guys! Igarashi absolutely obliterated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3iuulEeQl8…[View]
551918452>sony in 2009 WE GOT UNCHARTED! >sony in 2020 WE GOT RETARDED!…[View]
551917990What is the videogame equivalent to this image?[View]
551918325>Everyone says Castlevania 64 is bad >Nostalgiafags insist shitty Mega Man Legends is good tho…[View]
551917123Why are there less games for Nintendo Switch lately when it is the most successful console in Japan?[View]
551916387Buy video juegos, you poorfag.[View]
551918225Japanese games are superior. And I'm tired of pretending they're not.[View]
551902793Games That Only CHADS Play:[View]
551912549Movie games like Last of Us, God of War, The Order: 1886, should cost $10, just like your average mo…[View]
551915536It's literally impossible to balance this character in a video game.[View]
551910993Am I the only one who was hyped when the Arbiter was announced for Killer Instinct? I love KI, and H…[View]
551887637>Final Fantasy XV has sold-in more than 8.9 million copies worldwide on all platforms since its r…[View]
551840251Webm thread[View]
551910521PLAY IT[View]
551875060Can we finally admit that both these games are casual bastardizations of Monster Hunter and the only…[View]
551917087FUCK SQUARE[View]
551901909https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD4R5dOIKQ4 Here's your realistic tactical shooter, bro.[View]
551917554Heihachi Mishima: Was he right?[View]
551907980What are some of the most iconic best parties in RPG vidya?[View]
551913658It's Morgana! Haha[View]
551900351Is AI-generation the future of horror? Personally, I think it is.[View]
551914695What makes a 'good' stylish action game? What are the requirements it has to have in order…[View]
551916092>game is super comfy[View]
551898813METAL SLUG![View]
551917317>game has a meta strategy >people get mad/refuse to play with you if you aren't running i…[View]
551911298FEZ is Back!: Will this open the doors for FEZ II without... You know who...[View]
551909784>start new sci fi game >currency is called 'credits'…[View]
551916975thoughts? according to steam reviews this is basically an unfinished game[View]
551916793Just a friendly reminder that if you play two stock your a nigger. Smash thread I guess[View]
551889424post dem purple characters[View]
551914531Why the fuck are people begging for Nintendo to add N64 games to NSO? Are they too stupid to use ret…[View]
551913750Naminé is literally the most evil Kingdom Hearts villain.[View]
551913640[spoiler]I swear the kid looked eighteen.[/spoiler][View]
551916547Where's my new game at, baby?[View]
551907941What went wrong?[View]
551916448What is the Amaranthe of videogames?[View]
551907115Japanese Danganronpa popularity poll[View]
551910727Tgis whole segment was terrible, I spent the entire time repeating the words 'This is reddit, this i…[View]
551915217What is your favorite Capcom game?[View]
551915854One month left, Ethan bros...[View]
551902887Are there any games that features the protagonist getting progressively more and more fucked up thro…[View]
551898729> SNES games used to be $69.99 30 years ago > it's not okay for games in 2021 to be $70, …[View]
551912736It's on sale so is it worth a buy? Is it better than hollow knight?[View]
551912863This game was multiplayer perfection. Just needed some more objective variety and bigger maps Why do…[View]
551868387Druckmann redemption arc.[View]
551855703MEANWHILE, Dimitri: >W-why d-did you choose Edelgard! Why did you chose the Empire?!! SO pathetic…[View]
551911871Mamma Fucking Mia: Why is there no indie 3d game that looks as good as the original Mario64? It…[View]
551915379What are some games that let me pilot a mech?[View]
551915376F13 Definitive Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_AHb9RZm1g[View]
551913380Gnosia: >best girl may or may not have a dick Why does Japan do this?…[View]
551906070Law/Justice themed characters in video games: Post characters that represent the law in video games,…[View]
551908856What's the chance of Rocksteady not fucking up with this?[View]
551905786Name a Sonic game without the letter 'o' in it.[View]
551910751McDonald’s UK getting Pokémon happy meals: Here we go again https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news…[View]
551911759I'M ONLY HUMAN[View]
551914576You may not like it, but this is what peak /comfy/ looks like.[View]
551914884Oh Well imagine As I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor And I can't help but to hear …[View]
551902714What is the most important Videogame: What is the most important videogame ever made both culturally…[View]
551910595Guys, how do I get through my backlog? I have around 130 games in my collection I need to get throug…[View]
551913970Did anyone see this when it came out?[View]
551906282ITT: Best Character Creations: What games have the best character creations?[View]
551878394Most obscure PS1: What are PS1 hidden gems?[View]
551894446IT IS UP: CYBERBROS WE WON https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/37984/hotfix-1-21 https://www.cyberpunk…[View]
551912638At this point wouldn't they be better off making this a sequel instead of DLC to a 5 year old g…[View]
551907639How have your ranked games been going, Anon?[View]
551903940prostitution is bad: the game: cringe[View]
551913406What is it that makes Monster Hunter so special to you?[View]
551913998>medieval fantasy game >ancient sci-fi technology…[View]
551902947Source Engine remote code execution exploit triggered by accepting a steam invite: https://www.youtu…[View]
551914185https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWYzf2pAJzo Finally a reason to use my sister's switch[View]
551914176what is your game you just put on and beat in a sitting once in a while? >raphael >comic color…[View]
551909854>sniper game >its pretty much a worse version of hitman why can't we get good sniper game…[View]
551889454Boomers are so dumb. They used to play shit like this and still consider it better than modern RPGs.[View]
551907663*filters you*[View]
551910613If the fondest memories you have of childhood are all based around video games have you lived a path…[View]
551913701What went wrong?[View]
551909667Cool it, Wakka![View]
551904861so plotwise, which rpg from snes is the best?[View]
551904364Final Fantasy VII Remake: >timed exclusivity for on PS4 just ended >only confirmed to be comin…[View]
551907736Fighting games are impossible to learn. Knowing inputs, combos or frametraps does nothing when someo…[View]
551858106Epic Games losing money on EGS: Is Tim doin, alright?[View]
551873721So, was he gay or not?[View]
551905862SUDA51: Can we have a Suda51 lore thread? I know a fuck ton of people haven’t played The Silver Case…[View]
551910817April 2021, I am forgotten...[View]
551913214New Getsu Fuma Den: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxyvPNCcZA0 APOLOGIZE[View]
551912360Why does Miyazaki hate us? Why isn't he releasing this? We're trapped in our homes with no…[View]
551911969>it's ok when Mario panders to furries[View]
551909932Why yes, I do play as a female khajiit in every TES game. What do you take me for, a subhuman faggot…[View]
551841257Starsector: this cat in anyone elses portrait folder? I swear I didn't put it there[View]
551908571>build a zipline >never build the second half of the zipline this seriously must be 95% of the…[View]
551878824>8 GB VRAM lmao. this thing will last you a year at best. RTX3080's 10GB VRAM is not much be…[View]
551910901Are they based again?[View]
551910142Captain Toad: Where's the sequel, Nintendo?[View]
551908301Why is it like this?[View]
551912804The game that saved Mega Man from Inafune[View]
551912783Marisa has no emotion[View]
551910619>he plays skyrim without ordinator Perk mod Explain yourself[View]
551907708>Yeah, it's a good game, but it's a shame it's so short[View]
551912715>filters you from getting 100%[View]
551912634He did nothing wrong.[View]
551908315>revival if old IP aims to 'appeal to a wider audience'[View]
551911858Anons who got a ps5, is it loud yet? I remember my ps4 being whisper quiet at launch, but then turni…[View]
551904619RE Village Thread: KNEEL[View]
551909107the cut areas suck but the gameplay was fun[View]
551910057I skipped Monster Hunter World and Generations. Is the Iceborne + MHW bundle worth $40 on PC? How ea…[View]
551897037House of the Dead Remake announced for Switch: B A S E D https://youtu.be/nWYzf2pAJzo[View]
551903065Did it kill or resurrect the series?[View]
551898646Nintendo fans be like >Which underage girl has a better ass?[View]
551900767>Arthur, there is no time for some red dead redemption, we need more money! How subtle, rock star…[View]
551879689ULTRAKILL: P-1 is out, did you beat it? how many restarts? JUDGEMENT[View]
551906885Are there any good paid mobile games that aren't pay to win waifu bait gacha or boring grindfes…[View]
5519069822 MONTHS: What are you hopan and expectan, what are you fearan[View]
551911275I just came across pic related and remembered that I really wanted to play it back in the day but ne…[View]
551908941is it any good?[View]
551899817What do you want next from VALVE ?[View]
551907254Why do people buy sports video games when they are literally the exact same every year?[View]
551904924Is this the best competitive 1v1 game ever made?[View]
551906384Recommend a game: Let's start a 'recommend me a game' thread Recommend me a game that... >ha…[View]
551905358>Nintendo remake HYPE BROS >Sony remake wtf? the industry is dead sony is an awful company and…[View]
551905381Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update DELAYED: https://youtu.be/6YgKUZnUyak tl;dw: >its.. its just so…[View]
551910503more stupid coop games like this?[View]
551909416you bought all the dlc before the shutdown, right?[View]
551893974Bloodborne: This is my favorite game. Discuss.[View]
551906896We're going home bros[View]
551886960Is it worth playing on emulator?[View]
551910284Source code release for the PC versions of the first two Twisted Metal games when?[View]
551907612Oof: Oof https://youtu.be/gSk2AEx2fOc[View]
551899480what killed vidya?[View]
551906385play Xenoverse 2 you dolt[View]
551895820to be honest[View]
551910012Let's talk about the best RPG ever made[View]
551902419Masterpiece Thread: Post masterpieces[View]
551907840I'm not crazy right? This guy is an Ace Attorney reference.[View]
551909708>Romancing SaGa 3 remake more expensive than Frontier SaGa remake >they released Frontier SaG…[View]
551908108...and nothing of value was lost[View]
551908779>own 150+ SNES/N64/PSX/GBA games >still pirate them when I want to play any of them >they s…[View]
551904997Would you watch it?[View]
551909385Best gaming crossovers?[View]
551908995Vermintide 2 is getting a free expansion in less than a week. Will it save it?[View]
551888964PICROSS CHADS GET IN HERE: https://youtu.be/nbT3iujPZMs whatever happened to the sega one?…[View]
551906725Smash luigis little dick off: Why would anyone ever play Luigi?[View]
551906978>The only TF2 news we see now are a bunch of shitty community MvM events.…[View]
551907553I am going to post this every day until Tenchu is revived. Day 7[View]
551905495Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1689: Balan Wonderworld (PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) – 7/7…[View]
551802849How do you get gud at this game? Do you play with wasd or arrow keys? Is it worth it going to freepl…[View]
551840950Are you carried in smash?[View]
551908561>Filtered millions of players[View]
551906656https://twitter.com/Rainbow6Game/status/1382373350127898626?s=20 guys they put rick and Morty in sie…[View]
551905731972 you're on the horn.[View]
551907218What is up with ubisoft and making a really charismatic and interesting villains but never truly usi…[View]
551908184I want to get into performance/motion/facial capture. Does anyone have any experience of it? Is iClo…[View]
551873160Why is Sony like this? Who does this appeal to? Their fanbase plays nothing but GTA, FIFA and CoD.[View]
551908206Guilty Gear Strive will be shit.: Prove me wrong.[View]
551907821Violence against women in VR: Have videogames gone too far, /v/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDrE…[View]
551908119Woof woof[View]
551908149A simple ultimatum Leave now and take your rewards or ________________[View]
551907984>game is linked to your hardware any games for this feel[View]
551903986Is Kingdom Hearts worth playing?[View]
551904396I'm gonna punch you[View]
551906380>flame boss >i got a cold to pick with you…[View]
551893820Coco Bandicoot: Share cute pictures of Coco Bandicoot, it'll brighten your day![View]
551903018>Try to play game >My anxiety takes over and I end up closing it and not doing anything Anyone…[View]
551907650What the fuck were they thinking with the Colecovision AC adaptor? Was it really necessary?[View]
551897815Rate it[View]
551890410I look forward to this a lot. Dead Space 1&2 were amazing.[View]
551904967What exactly does Japan do so much different than the west when it comes to video game design?[View]
551906356>Mfw when I see fire emblem fans[View]
551899121How is playing games for their story different than watching a movie or reading a book?[View]
551894225Patch #21: Anybody wants to discuss the new Mordhau patch? It came out today.[View]
551907525Now that all the doubters were proven wrong by the alpha and a survey filled out by a couple thousan…[View]
551865690MHW: why do MH autists hate it?[View]
551907480What game have you played most in these trying times as you adjust to the normal?[View]
551906671What the fuck is Spacewar? I've never heard of this game[View]
551906739PS5: Lads I have the option of selling my PS5 to some loser who wants to buy it for 1000 dollars. I …[View]
551907456Games only you played: I never see anyone talk about this game. I remember it being insanely difficu…[View]
551904930How is Mario's Super Picross going for you guys?[View]
551896753Anyone else notice how fucking long Ky's neck is?[View]
551891157Wild Arms: Where does /v/ stand on the Wild Arms series? https://youtu.be/Oq0QfD59NP0 What was the b…[View]
551888482Minecraft 1.17 releasing in 2 parts: >https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/a-caves---cliffs-an…[View]
5519032431080p, medium settings, and locked 45fps with 75hz monitor is the sweet spot before it degenerates i…[View]
551900508>59 Days Till E3 >hopes? >dreams? >expectations?…[View]
551886338>Twitch is now a softporn website with fuckton of regulation that hurt small non just chatting-st…[View]
551860391Here's your final boss, bro[View]
551906845Monster Hunter Frontier: will we ever get something similar in a modern engine?[View]
551906327My name is Rean Coldsteel and I'm the best JRPG protagonist of all time.[View]
551816778Why is it so hard for developers to make a convincing world?[View]
551900567well, /v/?[View]
551906708should I buy this?[View]
551854797How in the fuck can you play Isaac for this long?: Tboi isn't even an mmo or multiplayer game. …[View]
551906324You like video games motherfucker?[View]
551902547Do you support any content creators?[View]
551901746I don't understand how people are tolerating bitcoin miners and scalpers making it so you can…[View]
551899615Why is it so hard for them to just make a game about counter-terrorism units killing each other?[View]
551898223Why did you stop playing World of Warships?[View]
551903362uhhhhhhhhhhh guys??? i'm playing soul hackers and don't remember seeing this demon in any …[View]
551905876>filters burgers heh, nothin personel, mutt[View]
551905978open world is gay no matter what you say wouldn't you agree that it would be better to follow a…[View]
551877838This is OFFICIAL art for a game that was released on a Nintendo Switch.[View]
551905817Aztech: Forgotten Gods: What does /v/ think about this game?[View]
551904165Has there ever been a game that's wasted its potential more than Minecraft?: Pretty much everyt…[View]
551883103What, exactly, is so great about this game? Why is it somehow every zoomer's favorite Metroidva…[View]
551905484subtle vidya tattoo thread post'em[View]
551899595I am not paying 70$ for a videogame[View]
551904464FFXV Gilgamesh: Look at how they massacred my boy[View]
551903352He was robbed.[View]
551905285I love Tomb Raider: Discuss[View]
551905208>everything that happened in the game was scripted by Alan Wake >he even created the main char…[View]
551901516Assassin's Creed: Patrice Désilets on why AAA studios have turned their back on social stealth:…[View]
551902917What's the purpose of this conector on the Wii U game pad?[View]
551902101>'Tekken is not a complex game, most of its techniques can be performed by button mashing' - Hara…[View]
551902034What are the chances that Marlene was raped at 12 years old, or that Joel did anything to stop it?[View]
551902447what did Raid shadow legends mean by this?[View]
551904887DLSS coming to Unity: >GTC 2021: Unity Adding NVIDIA DLSS Support to Their Game Engine AMDBros...…[View]
551899460remake when?[View]
551899302Why does PC never get any sports games?[View]
551904454well, /v/?[View]
551903162>you bought a console for a game in development[View]
551904684PS4/PS4 PRO: Can the PS4 PRO SSD fit into the PS4? I'm pretty sure the HDD can but not sure abo…[View]
551898809All jokes aside, is it really that bad?[View]
551901660How do we fix the bigotry problem in gaming and make it more LGBTQ+ friendly?[View]
551903394Why do people believe this bitch when Jeralt establishes from the get go that you shouldn't tru…[View]
551836440Find a flaw.[View]
551901565>sequel is a different genre[View]
551904405Would you play a FE x Zelda crossover game?[View]
551901878Battlefleet Gothic Armada: How much of a bigbrain do I need to be to play this? The lore wouldn…[View]
551903901Moments you were stuck on for quite some time and felt completely stupid once you figured it out bec…[View]
551896242>fez on switch Does anyone still give a shit about this game though?[View]
551904451Why are Yasuo players fucking dumb?[View]
551902482>tfw playing with mouse fucks my wrist up >stop playing for a while and the pain goes away Bui…[View]
551904316Hi baby! How's it going? This beat is non-stop.[View]
551901787'I have half life, Mr Freeman.'[View]
551903760Returnal hype thread: OH GOD THE WAIT IS LITERALLY KILLING ME First time I've been this excited…[View]
551888512Why haven't you played 鬼谷八荒 yet? All those reviews can't be wrong, can they?[View]
551902307>game begins with the protagonist being born >suffers immensely throughout his life; forced to…[View]
551892448Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the prettiest games on PC[View]
551899485Oddword: Soulstorm: >we were short on time and we had a low budget! >that's why we weren…[View]
551903946I honestly don't think there's an untapped market as huge as quality single player superhe…[View]
551903884Ace Combat: Just finished Skies Unknown. Can we have an Ace Combat Thread? Best stages/music/aces. g…[View]
551903852MH drip: What's your favorite MonHun set? Preferably for the fashion but set bonuses are fine t…[View]
551903850just how low can they go?[View]
551903574Do you guys think it'd be dumb to sell my Xbox, Xbox 360, and my PS1 consoles to pool in money …[View]
551902308ITT: A different time[View]
551880919Play SMT games.[View]
551896419This 'game' is just a button masher. Do genshitfags really enjoy this?[View]
551901057any euros play rust? I don't like playing it solo.[View]
551903151What is your favourite haulage simulation entertainment software?[View]
551897685/v/idya girls that you would absolutely fucking destroy with love and care to try and have a nice he…[View]
551900373Oh shit, here we go again[View]
551901210Persona 5: >'Akechi, thank you. You became a mass murderer for our sake. I swear I won't let…[View]
551890450>that game only YOU played[View]
551903238ITT being disappointed by normies >Hot shit in the nerd circles at school >New freshman coming…[View]
551903198What are some video games with cool insects?[View]
551883187Games that are the best in the series but no one recognizes[View]
551860914What games do I get?[View]
551899443Why Rayman 3 sucks: >swapped the serious and dark theme for one that is silly and humourous >l…[View]
551902921It was the worst of times[View]
551901128Neo TWEWY Famitsu info: https://twitter.com/aitaikimochi/status/1382374089034141698 Uzuki and Kariya…[View]
551902817Vidya clowns thread: Post your vidya clown pics here[View]
551902717Violence against women in VR: Have videogames gone too far, /v/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDrE[View]
551902031What went wrong with the Donkey Kong series?[View]
551900321>Best game in the series is the most hated[View]
551898601how the fuck am I supposed to keep track of all the games I'm interested in? I even hand wrote …[View]
551878546>Actually looks really fun to play >Nobody cares because of the wine aunt protag Sad desu.…[View]
551899931Totori is still the cutest.[View]
551888571>Post-game content is as big as the main game What's her name, /v/?…[View]
551899437Mass Effect: How do i get Asari gf?[View]
551896534Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying of course you don't[View]
551894731This is your prom date for the night.[View]
551901262So this is the New Vegas remake you were talking about[View]
551890220THIS... IS HEAD RADIO[View]
551899217Did capcom cancel Pragmata? No news for ages.[View]
551900542Is Zelda the most based game series of all time?[View]
551901792how do you cope with the fact we'll never see another good fallout game?[View]
551896872Daily reminder https://fineleatherjackets.net/monkeyinflation[View]
551898052>If I said it's bad enough times maybe it will catch on!!! Facts: >This game sold more th…[View]
551898020>he thinks rolling in souls is unrealistic[View]
551869320ITT: say big no no word and get money stolen[View]
551901562Oh, yeah, this is a thing.[View]
551901503What the fuck is his problem?[View]
551901491morning Mr Freeman[View]
551886678>https://youtu.be/MzOiQHawQxU Damn...[View]
551890658If you have ever unironically uttered any of these phrases... >No achievement no buy >This nee…[View]
551893817I have no friends. How do I find some frens to play vidya with?[View]
551900381What games have exploration as rewarding as Subnautica?[View]
551856930>alt-tab >alt-tab back >game crashes…[View]
551900962This is the optimal way to design a female videogame character[View]
551899017Workers & Resources - Soviet Republic: Soviet Republic is the best logistics and supply chain ga…[View]
551897227why is it allowed to falsely advertise on biggest pc game store?[View]
551899403why did this dogshit boss have to be in mortal journey[View]
551900715Even if there's just a download code inside the case, the official images on Bandi Namco's…[View]
551900065I'm seriously starting to become unhinged. I beat the shit out of my mother the other day becau…[View]
551900650PLAY IT[View]
551900104Why does every gaming site want my phone number?: Fucking Twitch is asking for my phone number if I …[View]
551898251Yes, I I spam save states and rewind functions when playing old games. How can you tell?[View]
551899474games that are halal[View]
551899514play the division 2[View]
551899041Am I stupid for not giving a shit about lore when actually playing the game? I like the lore in Metr…[View]
551900473What games have you been playing to pass the time as we adjust to the new normal?[View]
551899224What games will be on the KFConsole?[View]
551846651how in the FUCK is this related to resident evil[View]
551899970Just bought it. Never played the other ones. What am i in for?[View]
551893535How are you supposed to do it?![View]
551899146vodya success storeies?[View]
551896776I can't be the only one who was excited to see this announcement[View]
551898446Do you guys follow expanded media about your favorite games? Stuff like comics and voice dramas, mus…[View]
551895492halo mcc: i can ALMOST excuse the godawful map selection in halo reach but why the FUCK do BR and DM…[View]
551891174Games for this aesthetic?[View]
551896259I just played Valorant: And now I want to have sex with Sage. Should I move to China for this?…[View]
551895496>game requires you to have thousands of hours worth of knowledge of past media >which includes…[View]
551900021Okay this is epic https://youtu.be/vc2cg9jHj4g[View]
551898763Wtf happened to this game???: A year ago and still no update, wtf????[View]
551897881People who cheat in games should be arrested. Even singleplayer games. In addition, people who pirat…[View]
551899957I find everything about this game fascinating.[View]
551899968Face it: There hasn't been any good indie presentation since he left.[View]
551898657'Journalism': Why did this make me seethe so hard this morning, /v/? I like porn and sex and BDSM to…[View]
551899372When did you give up on /v/? I gave up on this board when it got flooded with /pol/mutts and normalf…[View]
551888642>CS:GO >One of the biggest games in the world >Inventory/trading is constantly broken >M…[View]
551893390Are you buying one, /v/? Where will you be when Snoys, Xdrones, and Nintendies will fry in hell?[View]
551881786ds2 is easily the most difficult and fun souls game with the caveat that you dont use lifegems, whic…[View]
551898516Here's your powerup bro[View]
551877983How will drama journos recover, /v/? https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/37984/hotfix-1-21[View]
551898682in this thread we celebrate small girls in videogames. old hags are not welcomes.[View]
551896662>see you in 400 days[View]
551885678Post ONLY the most kino boss fights.[View]
551890286ARPG Thread: What are the best ARPGs right now? i want to play something while waiting for D2 remast…[View]
551898201>crafting? upgrading? >i just sell all my materials and but my weapons from the merchant…[View]
551899438Why aren't YOU playing HL2 Update + MMOD right now?[View]
551898287BROS WE ARE FINALLY GOING HOME NEW RAGNAROK GAME https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vTMK4g2rzuw&featu…[View]
551899227Best One Liners: >pffft Where's everyone going? Bingo?[View]
551891224Official non-From Soulslike 2021 version: Any games we should add? Why no one has been able to capt…[View]
551891064>Still has running water and electricity >Still have farms and livestock >Everyone travels …[View]
551896841How do we stop him?[View]
551895706>Hmm those are a lot of different fantasy races and classes.. I'll pick a human warrior.…[View]
551893134imagine if everyone in prison had a gaming computer in their cell all networked and you could just h…[View]
551899223I KNOW WHO I AM[View]
551880428>is the most shallow immersive sim ever made Why do people praise this so much? I'm a consol…[View]
551896612Done: IT'S HAPPEEEEEEN[View]
551892619what's his weapon gonna be, /v/?[View]
551897278>he plays video games as a job >he plays video games out of habit You don't do this, righ…[View]
551885148What happened to game forums? What happened to teamspeak and vent?[View]
551897507Steel a soul for a second chance But you'll never become a man My chosen torture makes me stron…[View]
551898927*points down*[View]
551898891What went wrong? Is he just incapable of making a good game anymore?[View]
551876613unparalleled kino[View]
551887216Riot Control Simulator: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1579210/Riot_Control_Simulator/ How fast …[View]
551898821>750 ti[View]
551898065How much tax do you pay on stock gains in the land of the free, again?[View]
551858960EOP milkbros...[View]
551898712https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FjlytiqFQ8 friendship with CASTLEVANIA has ended. now GETSU FUHMA i…[View]
551898668>Make shitty game but with cinematic story >Reviewers and liberals love it Many such cases…[View]
551881554>Putting all their eggs in one basket >After how back tlou 2 was Is sony finished?…[View]
551898542Rpgs that arent just ripping of tolkiens look: Rpg's and other games that are doing more origin…[View]
551890667Hai /v/! Can you help a weeb out? I’m looking for games that are set in Japan. Can you give me any r…[View]
551897715Will we ever see another Marathon game?[View]
551894329I bought this yesterday. What is your thoughts on this game? I played MGS2, MGS3 and MGS: Ghost Babe…[View]
551898161Use a real man's weapon.[View]
551898142Why do people buy Madden NFL every year yet they demonize them. People need to realize that THEY are…[View]
551898275>game has some terrible exploits that allows you to get to the ending in less than a minute…[View]
551898304>developer is so confident that their first ever project is going to be a massive success that th…[View]
551890595We really need a Mystical Ninja/Goemon compilation for modern systems[View]
551893986Where were you when Ghostrunner absolutely blew the fuck out another cyberpunk game that released in…[View]
551898075look how they massacred my boy[View]
551898057The King of Fighters XV: MYSTERY NIGGA[View]
551888682>new update is out >still no blueprint building >still no copy paste for buildings >layi…[View]
551897739Will the Witcher 3 ever be surpassed bros?[View]
551895000Blizzard: What happened to Blizzard? They used to be loved, they were the best.[View]
551887239Does /v/ still consider Fatal Frame to be kino-tier horror?[View]
551896009FFXIV Shadowbringers: COCK[View]
551889881Suda51 vs Kojims: Who’s a better dev?[View]
551884907Would Ryu put up a good fight against Dante?[View]
551897371The game peaked here[View]
551897510Shantae coping thread Maybe she'll get her Smash announcement next direct...[View]
551887019Wrath of the Righteous: >Redeemed succubus who's forbidden desire is having tea and cookies …[View]
551890525NINTENDO INDIE WORLD: Get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RNkRaNfCp4[View]
551896886ITT Vidya Women struggle to understand[View]
551890175How much does what a dev say and do affect how comfortable you are recommending a game?[View]
551891684This was a really good stealth game that nobody talked about[View]
551897258what upcoming games are you waiting for, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3LF7bIdB7M[View]
551897143SYNTHETIK 2: Hey hey people...[View]
551896894Koikatsu 2 when?[View]
551890975>mogs every PC game pshh nothing personal kid[View]
551896881ITT: times /v/ genuinely apologized[View]
551892439PLAY IT[View]
551896818time to filter plebs again[View]
551893062will we ever see a console that can stand up to pic relateds legacy?[View]
551891670I finally did it, after being a normie snoy macfag my whole life, I finally bought a PC and can pira…[View]
551895853Actually looked fun. Not gonna buy it, but it looks fun.[View]
551876043Games with slavery?: Games with slavery mechanics? The best I have is Rome 2 Total War where slaves …[View]
551884519Why aren’t you playing TemTem? It’s better than Pokémon and Cipanku is out.[View]
551896491man this looks like ass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWYzf2pAJzo[View]
551891658>he used Blacktail instead of the Red9 Holy shit, could you possibly be any more low T? You might…[View]
551878609post vidya creatures and characters which make you happy and smile.[View]
551896372>eats your food[View]
551882805Dang, original Xbox games looked pretty good[View]
551864923why do so many females play this game?[View]
551892803What does /v/ think about Luigi?[View]
551895505what do they eat?[View]
551894121The nintendo Wii was released 20 years ago[View]
551893839Name a better value for hardcore gamers. I'm waiting.[View]
551895532X-Men COTA: https://www.polygon.com/2021/4/14/22336505/x-men-children-of-the-atom-an-oral-history So…[View]
551872774ESO: What am i in for ?[View]
551895119ITT Games that not a single soul on planet played[View]
551890815i wanna fuck y'shtola so bad bros my legs are quaking[View]
551894268What's the best platform to play this on?[View]
551890026with all the censorship nowadays, this 20+ year old ad makes even more sense. Let that sink in.[View]
551894954Any of you guys have tried this? It's pretty good Looks like very pay to win but the overall ga…[View]
551872503>GPU dies Name a worse gaming fate right now. I guess it's time to buy an Xbox Sex S…[View]
551869394Is Sony trying to create their own 'breed' of players?: Isolating ppl, not showing up in e…[View]
551878149Indie Direct: >FEARAN' >HOPAN' >EXPECTAN' That time of the day again, /v/. F…[View]
551890246Internet Cafe stories: >used to go as a kid every other day >2-3 bux for a few hours >major…[View]
551893408Is this series any good? I'm on the fence, because I like the artstyle, but heard that the game…[View]
551890249lol wtf[View]
551894339>yfw https://wccftech.com/cyberpunk-2077-update-1-21-out-now-reduces-crashes-and-fixes-bugs/ >…[View]
551894208More like this?[View]
551880475Wow... It looks amazing...[View]
551874406Whatever happened to T H I C C girls in games?[View]
551890940Are we excited for Crowsworn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz2dyV8ck00[View]
551859983What an amazing game. If only more games followed BOTW's example.[View]
551891238About to hit 1600 EA versions, they're going fast as fuck these days, damn. Yuzu 1600 waiting t…[View]
551830886oh my g*d... da graphics..[View]
551892919Abandon all delusions of control.[View]
551891876The post below is your new game location home[View]
551891646>mess around with enemy levels, hp and builds >give insane values a legion soldier takes 5 hea…[View]
551889154ITT: Games to should not exist.[View]
551892956Why would you buy this? You're already spent tons. Might as well as to go for 3080 or 3090.[View]
551886530Uncharted 4: Good edition[View]
551893275The new Dota 2's hero design legit made me instantly not wanting to play this game ever again.:…[View]
551890716I want to believe[View]
551861986ITT: Games literally no one likes.[View]
551891730Hmmmm: Hmmm[View]
551892802Is there any chance that Naughty Dog will work on a new Jak game?[View]
551891594What other games uses herbs as a reward?[View]
551890747If Balan Wonderland was reskinned as Sonic Costumes people would call it a 7/10. It’s not the gamepl…[View]
551891637The RNG in this game is so fucking retarded >sector 4 on hard, doing really good >3 shields, 5…[View]
551891801ITT: Games where executive meddling made the game worse.[View]
551892337Are slots/online casino vidya?[View]
551890165Wait a minute... that card...[View]
551891103Monster Hunter: Does Monster Hunter count as jank?[View]
551890565Lads how do I enjoy single player games again. I only have fun with MP.[View]
551892373new snapshot just came out, with an announcement: >they removed most new features from the new sn…[View]
551890279I bought tuis game cause you told me it was good, /v/, that and it had a 60% discount.i hope you wer…[View]
551889573any LFG stories Destinybros?: always manage to find LFG Dads to be the most chill and skilled[View]
551886931Rocket League: >gets unlisted from Steam on September 2020 >goes free on Epic >24 hour peak…[View]
551891992does the western release of taiko on switch have the quest mode from the vita, im playing it now it…[View]
551819272Post rare enemies[View]
551884875honest talk, it's fun, but in multiplayer and pic related I feel like I'm in a mmo doing a…[View]
5518904632021 and we are still stuck with ugly/mediocre protagonists: Do you remember when characters were ho…[View]
551891549BOMBS AWAY[View]
551889306KOFXV: Are you ready to finally see a playable Botan?[View]
551883198The greatest platformer ever made: Mogs mariotrannies and sonicautists to the grave[View]
551876952What does V think of Gamepass?[View]
551891353The Gran Turismo 5 updates (EU, disk) are up again, updating to 2.17, seems like it was Sony's …[View]
551871812How would you Fix TF2? BONUS: No addition to weapons or MvM.[View]
551888957She did nothing wrong.[View]
551891073What are some games where the villain was right all along?[View]
551891012>HEres your new Update Bro https://creators.tf/digitaldirective Th-thanks...…[View]
551890567Did you turn in your Gamepass quests today anon?[View]
551888643What's the last game that really hit you in the feels? For me its pic related .[View]
551888323I use to like browsing/v/ when I'm bored for video game talk, now it's all coomer bs. Ther…[View]
551881921>Defeats TWO Super Saiyan Blues and Golden Frieza as a SS1 >Gives a fused SSB a run for his mo…[View]
551851314This part was transphobic and you cannot argue otherwise.[View]
551884394I just realized that the stage “Techno Base” from Sonic Advance 2 is a pun of “techno bass”.[View]
551887630Kojima in Cyberpunk.: ITT: Cyberpunk easter eggs[View]
551890475THIS IS THE RISE AND FALL OF... ____________[View]
551889751How many times did you finish a game you really like ?: I think I've finished pic related at le…[View]
551890385Conqueror's Blade: Is it any good? I'm looking for something similar to Mount&Blade bu…[View]
551890317>game X from Y generation is the GOAT >new game sucks! Why do developers keep making games tha…[View]
551887638What actually took place in this shed between Carpainter and Paula, before Ness arrival. >h-he on…[View]
551876139*forces you to replay the game 3 times*[View]
551889624most of those who say skyrim sucked are contrarians. there, i said it.[View]
551887427post dem red characters[View]
551889641I've noticed a pattern with Mario games, the series has had a soft reboot a few times, each tim…[View]
551889936Nintendo allowed THIS?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnLCCeXdkyE[View]
551890053Any other examples?[View]
551885653Nintendo Direct 12th June 2021 (E3): Nintendo will attend E3 with a Nintendo presentation. Prior to …[View]
551824689/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>551803383 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
551885625Has Elden Ring been cancelled? Covid hasn't stopped any other studio, even if it's delayed…[View]
551889127>Chad? Never heard of him.[View]
551889676anybody watching The separate but Equalizer[View]
551889578papers, please.[View]
551880012PLAY IT[View]
551879802Post yfw the last two DLC Smash characters are swordsmen.[View]
551888293Which game has the most compasive mc?[View]
551889027Find a flaw.[View]
551884689Oh no a Bydo has appeared in the last game you played. How fucked is everything?[View]
551888808>Game knows how to bait you into checking random events[View]
551883978You know, after Cyberpunk, this doesn't seem that bad...[View]
551882201What's your favorite MMO?[View]
551882429WHAT THE FUCK was his problem?: >gives children nightmares >based off of a rape scene >Give…[View]
551889074S O U L[View]
551859080CD Projekt has no plans to shelve Cyberpunk 2077: WE DID IT! >'I don't see an option to shel…[View]
551885779>play game >get even the slightest HINT of pozzed commiefornia garbage >immediately uninsta…[View]
551866042Dark Souls sucks: Fight me. I'll start with my biggest gripe about the game and I mean the orig…[View]
551885439post vidya characters with busted faces but banging bodies[View]
551888872Mikasa having another man? No I don't want that![View]
551887634What went so wrong?[View]
551852995Who be the mystery nigga?[View]
551884951Persona 5 sequel just announced.: Are you excited, /v/ros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azAuJbrGf…[View]
551888857What did he mean by 'too funky fresh'?[View]
551888789Satisfying Vidya Moments[View]
551879034What the fuck happened after MGS3?: (1) So, I think it’s basically uncontroversial to say that the w…[View]
551879221>War Thunder is better than World of Tanks Is it though? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1b89d4a…[View]
551887657Was it good?[View]
551878386Bioshock bros...[View]
551885353>'Let's put a gacha system in our game so players can brag about their rare pulls on social …[View]
551885690Actual games only you played?[View]
551885172should women be allowed to play multiplayer games?[View]
551888453>WHY DID YOU DO IT?!?!!?!?!1 >*GRAB BY THE THROAT* >TELL ME!!!!!…[View]
551869218Should I play The Sims 3 or The Sims 4? (no porn mods)[View]
551868796why do they refuse to revert MyM?[View]
551882803Where can the series go next?[View]
551884381How do we make this thing good in a way that satisfies both pvp and mvm players?[View]
551886204>current year+6 >nintendo hasn't truly remade made ocarina of time the 3ds version is bul…[View]
551886205>didnt come here for a few weeks aftere being here 24/7 >come back to check and its boring as …[View]
551887878>ps5 doesnt even have 50 gaemz lmao[View]
551886647Rising Storm 2: Haven't played for a while took a break when the epic games giveaway brought in…[View]
551885665What is their fucking problem[View]
551886496>difficulty: just the story >skip all sidequests…[View]
551884128>mfw I hear video game testers talk about how they're 'part of the team' and they 'worked' o…[View]
551878683>mfw I found out all the characters and events in Nioh 2 actually happened in IRL life mind = fuc…[View]
551887574How badly do you want to watch neo World of Warcraft to completely burn down to the ground[View]
551887421I need a gpu for 1080p gaming, wtf do I do. Do I just get something off eBay?[View]
551878330Ys thread, where do I fucking start, what games are worth playing and are there any games to avoid?[View]
551887030enlisted: i wanted to try the beta which is currently free, though i am worried about the installer,…[View]
551887215he's in smash[View]
551882032Why is it that Russians experience more systemic racism in Dota than any other people?[View]
551883589When you see it...[View]
551879278Any games where you can shoot the person you´re supposed to be rescuing?[View]
551884652>you will drink ze milk: Best girl from coc[View]
551879821You don't actually believe video games exist, right?[View]
551884030video game moments where you couldn't help but tear up[View]
551872701Post your gamer headsets[View]
551878680Anyway to mod this game to be harder? Anyway at all?[View]
551879041Have you ever seen the back of the castle in Mario 64?[View]
551886621Is the market for indie games dead?[View]
551886679>non-retro game doesn't have achievements/trophies[View]
551881573gorgeous ps2 games: Yesterday we've had a thread about the most gorgeous ps1 games, but what ab…[View]
551882092Will Bioware ever go back to make good games?[View]
5518693473x3 thread: Post your 9 favorite games ITT[View]
551886129I give up. If Sonic is turning away from video games and wants to go strictly non-interactive they h…[View]
551881805Why haven't you gotten a Switch yet, Anon? There's a brand new color now[View]
551879042>blocks your path[View]
551883016Did you already bought your Digital or Physical Copy of Onimusha: Warlords? It's on Discount no…[View]
551884513thoughts on competitive melee?[View]
551877743what are the best base management games?[View]
551884603the end of consoles is approaching: consoles aren't really a thing anymore. in the past each co…[View]
551883120Post your vidya collection /v/ 1/2[View]
551884638I just play a round fortnite and some kid screamed at me for killing him. Where are all the happy pe…[View]
551857642>meanwhile, on bizarro /v/...[View]
551879870>How to kill a cult classic in one easy step[View]
551883498She wasn't lying. That nerd can cum![View]
551875812Do you guys ever go back and play older vidya ? ive been doing this over the past year and i find it…[View]
551880242Welcome to City 17: You will enjoy our rations You will enjoy sharing apartments with strangers You …[View]
551880409Why does FF7 feature so many Asian girls?[View]
551883261Roblox: This shit has not changed a bit since I've been playing it in 2011. >Still can'…[View]
551883359>multiplayer video game support in ~2008 >correct formal responses, clear cut between automate…[View]
551879351Post your top 10 most awaited Japanese games: 1. NEO: The World Ends with You 2. Tales of Arise (ass…[View]
551884194Got gifted Changed, what am I in for?[View]
551885890play persona 3[View]
551881061Mass effect remaster is going to be sh-[View]
551883936I am beaten by the cops at the moment.[View]
551885726ITT: Games that were the death knell for their respective series[View]
551868762Will there ever be a Hat in Time 2?[View]
551885702Uh oh! What's the tranny janny doing with the little girl? Someone call the cops![View]
551877791>need grass to heal >need souls to buy grass >die because no grass >no souls to buy gra…[View]
551878057NINTENDO LEAKER IS REAL GTFIH: Holy shit boys, discuss. Looks like OP wasn't actually a faggot …[View]
551885276What went so wrong?[View]
551882216>Join server with friendly fire >Attack teammate >He retaliates and kills you >Repeat …[View]
551882420This is AAA gaming in 2021.[View]
551875474why did you not buy her video game, /v/?[View]
551880958I have a bit of python knowledge, but I've heard pygame is shit for development. Where do I sta…[View]
551881610Who was this design trying to appeal to?[View]
551881608Opinions on Donkey Kong 64?[View]
551872651What are your hopes and expectations for BLUE REFLECTION 2?[View]
551881617Can we have a thread for fixed camera games? It's my favorite genre[View]
551880854Why do we never see crossbow repeaters in video games? They RULED the ancient battlefield of the far…[View]
551884537Are you more of a 'PISSF****T' or a 'FUCK THE WORLD' kind of guy /v/?[View]
551871092/v/ picks the best games of the 2010s year by year: Previous thread >>551763092 Pick your favo…[View]
551874169>Kiryu Kazuma? I've awaited you.[View]
551883573>hack Wii U >still can't think of anything you want to play FUCK THIS SYSTEM.…[View]
551880263>'I'm.. still not in?' >'The latest characters were some FotM coombait sluts?' >'I-I…[View]
551858354Do you value realism and historical accuracy (particularly in regards to women) in video games?[View]
551867964Say my name.[View]
551876694Best COOM game?[View]
551881709Single player games are soul: he plays multiplayer games[View]
551883353Is safe to say that 'capshit' game genre is dead after the Bataman Arkham games concluded this ultim…[View]
551875448April 14 2021: I am forgotten[View]
551881178>finally take the game seriously and climb through the ranking in coh2 >suddenly get allies wh…[View]
551883307Finally, a good fucking remake.[View]
551880401Bros.. What is about to happen[View]
551882452In this fucking thread:: Post only the best vidya trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iqid90JR6…[View]
551883253Which game enemies are you most like, anon?[View]
551882280Damn, bomberman looks like THIS?[View]
551879054>Play my game![View]
551877513>Bitcoin is mooning >another year without GPUs stock to play videogames I just want to build a…[View]
551882810FFXIV Shadowbringers: Kneel[View]
551882394What was HIS problem?: DDS thread I guess[View]
551879215Will we ever get old anime shows getting new games or was captain tsubusa a one in a million chance.…[View]
551857961Tango Gameworks News: News incoming: Shinji Mikami will leave Tango Gameworks soon.[View]
551877742He needs those rats out.[View]
551879598Picross S6 announced: April 22nd bros[View]
551879891VR Thread: >Superior Quest race edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXU2fn2mbko…[View]
551868763DA2: >she's a whore, has stds and gets drunk everyday at the hanged man tavern what did we t…[View]
551776484How do I get into Touhou?[View]
551882069Morrowind thread: >boring story that doesnt make any fucking sense >you have to slowly walk ev…[View]
551876443>PS3 and PS Vita stores are shutting down >Not even a last sale before the shutdown >Games …[View]
551880190When pic related comes out how many copies you buying? I'm thinking 5-10 copies for me, if we a…[View]
551873881The great debate[View]
551873518I thought this was supposed to be better than the main game? I played to the second stage and it suc…[View]
551879980Morrowind thread: So, I am downloading morrowind for the very first time, I hated skyrim but the art…[View]
551878960>play CSGO and TF2 >sells skins and boxes for money >buy games on sales with cards / alt: b…[View]
551876581Is it just me, or is >The Man Who Rages Against the Storm almost *too* kino as a title for a farm…[View]
551881689Who makes the better evil empire in vidya. The quintessential militaristic Nazi carbon copies Or T…[View]
551876580Any fans of WW2 shooters here? This game looks interesting https://store.steampowered.com/app/134281…[View]
551870369I like it.[View]
551881579What the fuck did they mean by this >Got Gaben in >Got Glados in >Shitting on Valve's …[View]
551877053YOU TOLD ME THESE GAMES ARE HARD, /v/: I only died 30 times in Nocturne, that's pretty low comp…[View]
551872046How did a company get away with this on fucking sony platforms of all places?[View]
551881386hey earthlings[View]
551874425Play Trails of Cold Steel.[View]
551881309>game has a zone with the boss who knows your name[View]
551850686We did it Kojimabros. We're back.[View]
551880962I spent hours looking for myths in GTA San Andreas like bigfoot and CJ's mom ghost when the gam…[View]
551876559Persona 5X is a China-only gacha game: Originally shared by gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad, the Chinese…[View]
551874874SONY BUYING STUDIO: Lets fucking GOOO Square, welcome to the family[View]
551878601>We're watching you, scum[View]
551877223So why is this game good again?[View]
551878821Is this game dead?: Recently reached Masters in ranked and I'm done. I'm never playing thi…[View]
551875632Nintendo will buy Sega now?[View]
551778979This kind of RPG maker game is really fun. What are your favorites?[View]
551873509I've unironically been in a coma for the last 6 years what did I miss?[View]
551860343Cold Steel 4: Kneel.[View]
551880943>leftist dev >buy his game >give a negative review on Steam™ >refund…[View]
551880927>We STILL don't know who's directing this[View]
551853909What's the coolest Isaac can look? Also Repentance: good now or does it need further changes?[View]
551878212Admit it /v/, he is absolutely the most based chad.[View]
551880782>Expect to dislike a game due to low metacritic/youtube reviewers and /v/ >End up enjoyingit=…[View]
551846674Would autoplay save it?[View]
551880071Aren't you glad we got the Krystal we all know and love and not this plain-Jane?[View]
551876890any more games like this? I need my fix after finishing it three times now[View]
551872472>japanese cuisine[View]
551865098*slaps your shit on the way to the dunes*[View]
551880454>simpsons owned by fox >fox now owned by disney >multiple memelords confirmed to exist at s…[View]
551880171Never played any Diablo game. Is it fun?[View]
551877808-: Will Captain America ever get a good game?[View]
551877032I liked it: I liked it. You are all wrong. It's good.[View]
551879876>game makes him look better than the protagonists >responsible for the gang falling apart >…[View]
551877010Monster Hunter: You DID found all the rare endemics, right?[View]
551873971What's the appeal of this character?[View]
551878372I miss my modded minecraft savefile that corrupted because I didn't back it up. It was so comfy…[View]
551856226What was the moral of the story? With enough faith mountains can be moved and Arthur should have had…[View]
551854637What went wrong?[View]
551879979>action adventure type game >fights are pretty easy >optional fights are harder but still d…[View]
551870317Potential video game bosses thread[View]
551872991Can Ike be considered a chad?[View]
551875884Name a better area[View]
551869649Norf thread: All vidya norfs report in. The fate of soufies must be decided[View]
5517880492021...I am...forgotten...[View]
551869661What would a Jak game made by nuND be like, /v/?[View]
551879616I want to die i want to die i want to die i want to die i want to die i want to die i want to die i …[View]
551879574SONY GAMEPASS IS GARBAGE LOL: >Sphsal Ed is the insider who leaked FF7 for PS+ games, GearBox acq…[View]
551878304PC fags spent 5K on a graphics card for THIS[View]
551878375>Earth magic >it literally just throws rocks at people >this somehow counts as 'elemental d…[View]
551877414Well /v/, How do we fix Sony?[View]
551879321>shovelware game >god-tier soundtrack What's her name?…[View]
551868376Japanese female design > Western female design[View]
551861504The great debate.[View]
551876472What gaming communities have irreversibly lost respect from outsiders?[View]
551870895ITT: Censorship in Videogames: What are the worst examples of censorship in videogames? In before re…[View]
551874669what does he eat[View]
551878765Why are goats so lewd?[View]
551872114need it or keep it?[View]
551872476>wake up >see this what do?[View]
551878938I made a thread about modded Doom/Quake and tranny janny DELETED IT point blank we got to the point …[View]
551878668What are some video games series that were good in the past but now it's trash?[View]
551876935>play Wolfenstein new order >actual Polish voice actors for Polish characters now I see why PO…[View]
551876517People always talk about playing on the shitter, are you shitting for 30 minutes or are you playing …[View]
551876693>when the kino hits[View]
551874815Saints row 3 an almost 12 year old game is 60 fps on series x and ps5. Mean while gta is stuck at 30…[View]
551878457>game takes 150 hours to get to the point[View]
551844340STP: You are one of the city's top ordinary dudes, you have recently fell into the conundrum of…[View]
551878438Let's talk about the Cube world and Veloren Panorama[View]
551878307Admit it, you laugh every time one of his farts K.O. you.[View]
551877847>Steam says I have 100+ hours on a game >50% of that is the game on pause in the background wh…[View]
551870194no story = no goal = waste of time[View]
551876762post your favorite pokemon ill start mine is the vast white legendary pokemon resheram shes bigger …[View]
551849862Is Juna Crawford the greatest female JRPG character?: Juna has a compelling backstory. Her Crossbell…[View]
551833940New SNK character: Huh? Who is this? https://twitter.com/SNKPofficial/status/1382151624915886080…[View]
551869330How the FUCK do you beat this guy? I've been grinding slaves for hours and I'm still not a…[View]
551877330What game is this from?[View]
551877212>”lol the switch is a port machine” At least a good chunk of those ports are Deluxe/Definitive ed…[View]
551877695Welcome to Gigantaburger: What could I get ya?[View]
551873525PS5 April Update brings new storage options: >you can now transfer your PS5 games to USB extended…[View]
551869569Nier Replicant: What's your sales prediction for the first year? IMO, after Automata's suc…[View]
551866531Why are kouhais always the best?[View]
551876280Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. So what's your name?[View]
551812392Without parroting Dunkey, explain why this is a bad game.[View]
551874964Is it possible to play this game without doing the fortnite building bullshit?[View]
551876456>enemies can open doors[View]
551859984Following an npc while it 'talks' is NOT good gameplay!![View]
551877293Is there a gaming company that trannies didn't collapse to the ground yet?[View]
551871821is this a good deal for a gaming laptop? >rtx 2060 >i5-9300 >16gb ram >512gb SSD After m…[View]
551865108>Aloy is a video game legend now /v/ BTFO[View]
551877219PLAY IT[View]
551874831>Tell me why is this a good play >Tell me why is this a big mistake >Tell me why I just w…[View]
551876747Yes, I am a neet. Yes I only play japanese games. Yes, I don't do hand jew (masturbation) How c…[View]
551849527Nintendo Reportedly Copyright Claim Bowser’s Penis from Adult 3D Model Maker: WTF BROS THIS IS AN OU…[View]
551877046Lifeline/Operator’s Side PS2: Anybody remember this shit?[View]
551870123ANOTHER: b-bros I thought they were going bankrupt?[View]
551867843Why doesn't Australia make games?[View]
551872251Mecha game thread, not sure why the last one got deleted[View]
551870741Is this game worth getting? Why or why not. Nier thread[View]
551874715how /v/ uses a d-pad: Some games need to be played with a d-pad. Just built that way. I cannot think…[View]
551876713>look up Dark Souls lore >“And the Age of Fire gave way to the Age of Dark when the first unki…[View]
551874123You have bought several copies of MGSV, correct?[View]
551875372ITT:video game characters that are literally (you)[View]
551868081Fuck it I'm getting into gacha. Which one should I download? Ideally I want something with vari…[View]
551875713Why are gamers so impossible to please?[View]
551876484you no mess with lo wang ![View]
551868731the TRAGEDY of cube world: >10:12 Whenever I read vid titles such as this one I can't help i…[View]
551873256What do you guys think about in-game events? Is it a 'fun way to reward players for engaging in game…[View]
551871969>Yeah I read ya.... sir What the fuck was his problem?[View]
551874142Why don’t more “remakes” just go the Halo 1 Anniversary route and just give the game a nice graphica…[View]
551875086Is Vermintide 2 good or not?[View]
551871284Any games for this feel?[View]
551876085Xbox MLB: SonyBros....... They’re laughing at us[View]
551874984Do you willingly choose to financially support Sony or Microsoft by purchasing their products or ser…[View]
551856137Monster Hunter: Get off the turrets you buffoons it's counter signal![View]
551872871Fact: soap shoes > Sonic's other shoes[View]
551875806Name my band[View]
551874647Is it good? I've been waiting for it to go on sale for a while, and kinda want to see what /v/ …[View]
551875652Saving the gaming industry one release at a time[View]
551848980This is an adult female.[View]
551875392what do tarot cards?[View]
551874890compfags ruined this game more than bot makers could ever dream[View]
551852839What's your honest opinion on these series? Do you think they'll ever release another entr…[View]
551874917what are some shit game mechanics[View]
551871742What's next for Mass Effect after Legendary Edition? Will they do a Mass Effect 4, or Mass Effe…[View]
551855694ANGEL WITCH[View]
551873296Asides from DOOM Eternal, what other games have the protagonist cripple his opponents by removing th…[View]
551875006this is just disney cash grab[View]
551872469>troubleshooting why a game crashes (almost every single one has a problem in one form or another…[View]
551870073we share games that improved our music taste! I start whit pick related![View]
551842818For me, its Clayton and Grenadier Locust[View]
551859593Ohio anon-kun! Ready to watch Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny on my PS5?[View]
551870231ITT God tier Character Design: Post some god Tier character designs[View]
551873625This is part of the 'Holy trinity of Metroidvania' and it doesn't even have a normal difficulty…[View]
551873910just realized that my finger is sus[View]
551874153shitty game aside, balan is really hot though, does anybody agree haha[View]
5518725133x3 thread: R8, h8, masturb8: https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/[View]
551873860>PAM wants to speak with you[View]
551865304Shit game from a shit dev on a garbage console. I'm so fucking glad it gets zero hype.[View]
551874289what's the appeal of cosplay and cons?[View]
551864085>American civilization added >Special unit is biggest embarrassment in pentagon's history…[View]
551870650>Only 23.5% of PS4/PS5 players have completed Cyberpunk 2077 What went wrong?…[View]
551874035He killed millions. WoW thread[View]
551873091The World Ends With Hoodie[View]
551873148Spin-off where you play as the cats when[View]
551861646Excuse me! He asked for no pickles.[View]
551873809zm_death_star_escape Home...[View]
551858272>i dont own games, MS owns my games[View]
551855632No Man's Sky: How much of an improvement is this game since the initial release?[View]
551869675What makes a character 'honest'?[View]
551872157Did the dev ever fix the load times for random battles for Yiiks or is it as slow as ever?[View]
551872236no way...[View]
551872708IRL bosses[View]
551868742>game about a writer of thrillers >the story is entirely constructed out of the most tired thr…[View]
551871759>saves multiplayer gaming in 2021[View]
551870239>Next gen is already a bust >No interesting upcoming games >GAAS in every big release >S…[View]
551871853>5 hour tutorial[View]
551873293Hi /v/. Today is my 20th birthday and it’s also Animal Crossing’s 20th anniversary as well. I wish y…[View]
551869735>I've been working here since my mama was a baby[View]
551865279Fighting Games[View]
551872956i just finished nier and nier automata. can anyone recommend any other decent weeb/ anime games?[View]
551865097How did team rocket get so much power? Why is there no large police force in the games? Is there no …[View]
551855026This is the game that drove Genshin out of Japan. Say something nice about it.[View]
551865425Is Oneshot any good? Also are the devs working on a new game?[View]
551866235Ay, new kid. Who do you main in Smash?[View]
551871997https://youtu.be/BmuOpE0seG0 Are we excited bros? What are your hopes? There's a phenomenal lin…[View]
551871263It's both a buggy piece of shit and absolute ludo at the same time.[View]
551855934What the fuck is this shit?[View]
551871057Alucard the son of Dracula[View]
551872323Let's discuss mecha videogames. Pic related is Black Magic, a turn-based grid squad tactics ada…[View]
551871123Nothing can stop the power of X[View]
551872551LET'S GO JUSTIN[View]
551872525>new 'ability' gained >it's context sensitive only…[View]
551863865Lucky timing thread: I am here to save anons do you consider yourself autistic,do you think you have…[View]
551867529How the FUCK do Goombas reproduce?[View]
551870509PLAY IT[View]
551872208I wish they would bring back the Links series. PGA tour just isn’t the same[View]
551870785hi anon, would you like a blue titanite chunk?[View]
551871256>game sequel developer wants to 'appeal to a wider audience'[View]
551871556ITT: SUBTLE SYMBOLISM/FORESHADOWING IN GAMES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lMdc80JkWM…[View]
551864657LCS and VCS are underrated[View]
551864712Sorry, Ethan, the Redfield bloodline must continue[View]
551871884ITT: Games only you've played because everyone else is a zoomer faggot on this board[View]
551870035>Kills your franchise Appealing to coomer trash was a mistake[View]
551870562Honor. Duty. Sacrifice.: Semper Fi...[View]
551866780so is the new WWE game gonna be a disaster or nah[View]
551866843Daily reminder to kill all the Thalmors you cross with.[View]
551871508Is it still worth it? I'm looking for an MMORPG to waste hours in and I think this is the best …[View]
551871796What's the best Spider-Man game and why is it Web of Shadows?[View]
551866353What is the /v/erdict?[View]
551871595>Play a game for hours >Still bad at game why does that happen?…[View]
551868339Bully: A thread for discussing the Rockstar masterpiece Bully. Will there ever be a sequel? Who…[View]
551867757name your 3 favorite movies I'll draw your face[View]
551870973what are some other horror games with shooting?[View]
551871439>This triggers the localization team[View]
551869702>MAJOR I'M BURNING UP ...what?[View]
551862581>game has health bars[View]
551865762The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition is on sale for $10. Is it worth picking up or is it trash (e.g. from a ga…[View]
551870919every hero in overwatch is mei, which is symbolized by her cryosleep. Primordial energy. Rein? Big m…[View]
551869179>Sekiro is a terrible racing game Fromdrones will never recover from this…[View]
551849913>be me >playing TF2 >empty CTF room, three players total >just fucking around with each …[View]
551870331>tfw Minos Prime[View]
551847890This thread idea is probably cringe but post: >your persona >what your thief outfit would be …[View]
551869462RS3 or OSRS?[View]
551870803ITT:: games that would not be released in 2021[View]
551848623Is Shiki not video games you stupid fucking mod?: Shiki thread[View]
551871027The Dragon Of ResetEra[View]
551834384>Ulfric, with his steel sword drawn, yells 'High King Torygg, I challenge you to fair combat for …[View]
551864163What's YOUR excuse for not making game right now? And how's progress on that game going? …[View]
551859619If you taunt in video games you are a piece of shit. This one in particular makes my blood boil ever…[View]
551828708smash ultimate fighter prediction thread: Think of a fighter doesn't have a bomb or explosion a…[View]
551864725Which one is the worst?[View]
551868172>food as healing items in a game 20 years ago >see food on the ground >run over it >get …[View]
551858530Indie World for today: Let's start with the assumptions and bets: Date for Silksong... I don…[View]
551862052>mechanical and character design by Yoji Shinkawa I will now buy your game.…[View]
551851935I want to give the Disgaea series a shot, what game should I start with? What are the definitive edi…[View]
551870608What are some games with biblically accurate angels?[View]
551865364Cyberpunk 2077: So, has it been patched yet? People told me I just needed to wait a little and not …[View]
551866925Vice: Hi guys.I'm new here, I came here because I have a question for a long time. In general, …[View]
551865072> 2024 > Here is why TLOU2 is actually a sequel to the remake of TLOU1, not the badly aged ori…[View]
551869060Why Is no one PLAYING This shit? IM Having a blast[View]
551870438Why the fuck does Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast keep picking these shitty developer teams …[View]
551869334Why haven't you played Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition? https://youtu.be/TNmRL3idKKw[View]
551868315WoW - 9.1. STORY LINE - NIGHTELF GENOCIDE: 9.1 is on PTR and Blizzard is once again doing everything…[View]
551835185>Series known for being a story driven rail shooter >Decide to make it open world now Is Ken L…[View]
551867464If it's not fun, why bother?[View]
551846214Reminder that your favorite 'RPG' probably isn't actually an RPG.[View]
551857849Bloodborne PC NOT HAPPENING EVER: Let's put these weekly rumors to rest once and for all. This …[View]
551866060Is anyone else tired of open worlds yet?: Every game is open world now. I miss following an engaging…[View]
551868434How can we fix him?[View]
551864128>game has shitty netcode[View]
551864591you were WRONG all along. P2P is the way too go. Now see how many mp games DEAD and unsalvageable. I…[View]
551865349Hey, to the anon that asked me about Needy Girl Overdose yesterday I didn't see your reply unti…[View]
551862327How does it feel knowing you will never live in Toussant?[View]
551858985>game gets a redesign >Its not only soulless but also objectively more ugly post exammples Pic…[View]
551868325Bloomberg Reports Sony Focus on Blockbusters: https://nichegamer.com/2021/04/11/bloomberg-reports-so…[View]
551864778You use a cord holder for gaming, right /v/?[View]
551868253>ruins any kind of discussion about any game that has even a single ''''hard'''' element in it as…[View]
551868882is chess an Esports?: is video games sports?[View]
551840575Stop fornicating with wyverian females.[View]
551866689What are some sequels better than their original games, surpassing them in every aspect? Pic not rel…[View]
551867980>poster armor is shit/low level Why do they always do this?[View]
551862725What went so good /v/?[View]
551866260Nintendo Indie Showcase today: which means direct next week right?[View]
551851273What's the most enjoyable way to play it in 2021?[View]
551866865> Game Reuses content for extra modes > Is some of the most fun in the game Which games do tha…[View]
551867068I dont know why I like darksouls, I mean, past the first couple of playthroughs surely you've s…[View]
551849550Why aren't you playing Paladins right now?[View]
551868703>Boss theme incorporates the game's main theme at some point[View]
551863752ITT: We reduce a game villain's entire motivations down to a simple >muh... For instance, …[View]
551858010Do you think Atlus will release the new Etrian Odyssey before Persona 6?[View]
551865421Is this a good character design for love interest who can be stolen from you? How could it be improv…[View]
551839275What was the last game you dropped, /v/?[View]
551859915What does the next elder scrolls game need to be perfect? And what will it actually be like?[View]
551853459SAVE PLAYSTATION: I hope Sony will be fixed and fire that faggot Jim Ryan by 2023 otherwise it'…[View]
551866587Persona 5: Obvious spoilers for P5. Did they ever even explain how this asshole got his Persona/the …[View]
551865708was it autism?[View]
551867113>Your Age >Your Favorite K.K. Slider song 27 K.K. Fusion…[View]
551860416Dubfag here: Currently the thought of playing an undubbed game disgusts me but there’s so many title…[View]
551868029Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy at the OIympic Games[View]
551831669Destiny 2: Season 14 Leaked Information: > Season 14 launches on May 11, and is called the Season…[View]
551866615PLAY IT[View]
551866949Now that dust has settled, is it a good game?[View]
551867853>game's ending ruins the entire story What are some games?[View]
551867389>Japanese series >Needs supplementary material and writer interviews just to explain it's…[View]
551840957Admit it, it has soul[View]
551864957Has anyone noticed how brown online gaming recently has become? Despite exclusively playing on the W…[View]
551867202>recently looked at prices for old PS2 and GameCube games online >Super Mario sunshine: over £…[View]
551863439The face of evil[View]
551861960He isn't evil, just lonely: He only kidnaps Peach because he wants Mario to hang out with him.…[View]
551857484>here's your exclusive line up bro[View]
551866661'2021? Pandemic? What are you talking about bro, It's 1995. Let's go to my home and play o…[View]
551866783>enter elevator in game >doors open from behind…[View]
551864543On our way to page 10. Dont mind us.[View]
551861780This was the best console shooter for almost almost ficve yearRszx ./ z[View]
551832512>nah this free mobile game is good you don't need to spend money >you just gotta play it …[View]
551834776Objectively speaking, the Stormcloaks are the correct choice: Why? >The Empire is weak and corrup…[View]
551844917Disco Elysium: >cute and a good writer how?[View]
551792331>free expansion to Vermintide You know, Fatshark might not be totally fucking beyond redemption y…[View]
551864941>devs release game that's a bit rough but has great potential if updated >drop it straigh…[View]
551849886Who is the most brilliant vidya character of all time?[View]
551861251https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS4DVy5TCBY&t=12s Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen! S…[View]
551806745Persona 6: What type of soundtrack should Persona 6 have? I think it should have a Djent soundtrack…[View]
551860250Hitman, 1 2 and 3: What map was the best /v/? Take the map survey while you are at it: https://docs.…[View]
551859223This game is truly ahead of its time[View]
551858543>videogame troll >its just a big strong retard…[View]
551854778Any good dinosaur fps games?[View]
551851760What the fuck was her problem?[View]
551865003I miss the times when there were arcade machines in the malls in the 80's and 90's and the…[View]
551862993ITT: Games that taint otherwise perfect franchises.[View]
551863137how might it has fallen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMsbMK9Odoc[View]
551824361What are some mmo's that arent dead?[View]
551858642Easily the best game I've played from a pure gameplay perspective. There have been games I…[View]
551774007Post cute video game robots /v/.[View]
551861346video game concepts: My idea is for a visual novel style game where you can only time travel backwar…[View]
551863310Anyone know where the music at the beginning of this video comes from? https://youtu.be/cAdL_My-TMA …[View]
551861452Immediately after I finish Bloodborne, i’m going to buy this game while the credits are rolling[View]
551862486>Skinny as fuck with bearly any flesh on their bones: >Do as much damage as a two handed 3 met…[View]
551861496>Favorite genre >Least favorite genre >a genre you never played or very rarely played >f…[View]
551851326This is the most overlooked Zelda game. Why? it's one of the best.[View]
551841929So, is the recent PS3 price trend going to be brief or are the games always going to be expensive no…[View]
551857708we need more games that would allow us to control/command truly gigantic units. currently only empir…[View]
551858926You, yeah you. What's your Reason.[View]
551838725Remember that time Dr. Eggman cut the bullshit and tried to straight up murder Dr. Light?[View]
551861262What multiplayer class based FPS that isn't coop can I look forward to in the future ? Is Dirty…[View]
551846550Why is ubisoft so obsessed with perfect historical accuracy in their games? It's boring as fuck[View]
551835391what vidya-girl does you're girl-friend resemble the most?[View]
551862256>S-SWITCH IS A PORT MACHINE!!!! so was the Game Boy so was the Game Gear so was the Game Boy Colo…[View]
551856214You guys play Pavlov shack?[View]
551860431have you ever boycotted a game?[View]
551863017The best Witch on Switch.[View]
551860574Es6 Redfall concept art: also the name isn't actually Redwall :))[View]
551860307video game ideas thread: visual novel style game where you can only time travel backwards. you can r…[View]
551848662I WANT TO GO BAAAAAAAAACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ4kSuE6x0c&ab_channel=kukunkun[View]
551863001the last character you played as now has to fight Pic related can they win[View]
551843263Forgotten reboots[View]
551862745What an amazing game. If only more games followed Death Stranding's example.[View]
551857047do you have a game that you replay once a year, /v/?[View]
551851556Did it hold up?[View]
551851335damn warframe look like that[View]
551771915/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday consoletan.booru.org consoletans.neocities.org/ flockmod.com/r//thebreak…[View]
551862163Yes anon, I'm going to GameStop™ to pick up my reserved PS5 so I can play The Last of Us 2™, ca…[View]
551854785the only soulful multiplayer game of the last decade[View]
551856165Was it kino?[View]
551857605>you a foreign raider is the good guy >the king defending his own land is the bad guy lol what…[View]
551860709PS3 is dead, but I've got a few games on here that can connect via LAN. Is it possible to use s…[View]
551855364>walk into room >Ryza is standing there like this What would you honestly do?…[View]
551861836wtf happened to >Far Cry 6 >Gotham Knights >Rocksteady's Suicide Squad ? all delayed f…[View]
551855325I've finished phase 1 recently and I have some questions i've seen several times on /v/ t…[View]
551853628Hey, you! Put that down![View]
551853217If you were born in 2000 or later your opinion on video games will never be relevant or informative.…[View]
551859980Only 'honest' mains ITT, game doesn't matter[View]
551860576you guys kept talking about SOUL, well here it is this game has SOUL in spades[View]
551859386VR Chat: >decide to hop on vr chat after a while >go to one of the popular public lobbies >…[View]
551854330>lol >lmao >:^) >GGWP…[View]
551857461Dragon Sheep: The Sheep Dragon is a unique type of dragon that drops wool to create large quantities…[View]
551858770Game Trailers: Post Game Trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOf9s9BdAK4[View]
551860234>Nicholas Gurr has joined the server.[View]
551851621something about this game feels so soulless and oddly corporate compared to any other mario game[View]
551857020Nier: Are you gyped for Replicant bros?[View]
551845716UNICLR Thread: April is nearly done[View]
551859396You will never see her again.[View]
551851446Guys, I think I’m just going to buy an Xbox from a scalper. At this point, I don’t care anymore. I d…[View]
551858869This is the kind of experimental game that will be fawned over in ten years! Check it out. -Sylvia C…[View]
551857046What went so incredibly right?[View]
551858465best place to play these games now, pc from steam or emulator?[View]
551856961ITT: Smiles you couldn't protect[View]
551845743Fake Rabi[View]
551856932Guys, I finally got myself a PS4. I haven't played any video games in the last 5 years. What ca…[View]
551859572I didn't feel like going to work today and just got a call from my boss to tell me that I got f…[View]
551859516Nioh 2: Does ninjutsu power increase the proc rate for poison and paralysis ninja tools or is it pur…[View]
551859306Only a bit over a month to go until people can play World's End Club on a normal device and not…[View]
551859303>Tfw Narnia's orcs were scarier than the ones from LOTR[View]
551859287What is it about flightsim players that makes them better than every other gamer in the amount of de…[View]
551856457>sequel to a great game is an absolute disaster any vidya equivalent to this? no /a/ discussions …[View]
551858117OMG LVL 40 I GOT MY MOUNT[View]
551843076So, which of these is the biggest cancer in modern vidya?[View]
551854654Anyone visit the LP archive? Any let's plays worth reading about?[View]
551847893>feeling thirsty? i can take care of that what did she mean by this[View]
551857225The ending is stupid.[View]
551858386So when do I get to recruit demons and punch god? Did /v/ trick me? post some niche vidya you'r…[View]
551856952IM THROWING AWAY ALL CONSOLES...: Bros....you told me that consoles can be emulated via PC...holy sh…[View]
551854885>3090 >6900 XT Who ended up buying these instead of 3080 and 6800XT?…[View]
551856447Crowsworn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz2dyV8ck00 So are Hollow-likes a thing now, /v/?…[View]
551858884>Steam should be allowed to monopolize PC gaming because... uhh, clicking more than one icons is …[View]
551855367Started KH2FM: Am I being baited by /v/ that this is the best Action RPG ever? DMC5 is far better.…[View]
551819535Master Chief confirmed for smash?[View]
551855956Should I?[View]
551831264>that game you played as a kid that you can no longer remember its name. What's her name /v/…[View]
551857392>pirate singleplayer game >spend thousands of games for pngs of anime girls in mobile games wh…[View]
551832235I genuinely miss Sonic 06's final fantasy-esque aesthetic. I unironically think it's a nic…[View]
551855491Why so many games if you fail at stealth it's instantly combat? I just want to social bluff my …[View]
551840557Describe your last shit with the name of a video game level or chapter >Bubblegloop Swamp…[View]
551855439wow I cant believe this These japanese fuckers finally made a story heavy game where multiple people…[View]
551854687Can I preorder yet?[View]
551858093>Favourite vidya is an over budget interactive movie on the playstation 4…[View]
551823307Holy shit. I'm genuinely feeling bad for Sony and their fans at this point. They went from bein…[View]
551842056Press F to pay respect maggots![View]
551836758How goes the trophy hunting /v/?[View]
551858156Racing games: Why did racing games go the way of RTS games[View]
551857352Absolute shit games you still play for some reason: Show your shame[View]
551848203Gonna start this right now, playing the whole saga thanks to gamepass on my series x. What should I …[View]
551858002Would you play a class-based battle royale with TF2 classes?[View]
551853130It's over Chaos keks.[View]
551851687Wtf I fell for gamepass, how did they do it /v/ros?[View]
551857423Where did her life go so horribly wrong?[View]
551840009Sega is considering a new Jet Set Radio title: Make as big of a social media stink of it as possible…[View]
551850585Going from one final fantasy to another is always really jarring I just got used to the turn based …[View]
551837030Which 3D Mario do you like better, anon?[View]
551846153>my 1060 6gb could die at literally any moment Bros it's been four and a half years and I…[View]
551855824>labels itself a 'franchise' in leaked trailer for investors >scares Todd into selli…[View]
551855851what is the best rougelike? >I posted tits so this will keep my threat alive, right?…[View]
551854093Is Brood War saved?[View]
551852101Soviet Republic may be the best logistics / train autism game you've never played[View]
551853740>Have guaranteed won run >Nope, sorry, never mind, the seed decided to put five thousand of th…[View]
551853787Its time.[View]
551856634>vidya has a gusic soundtrack[View]
551856709What am i in for[View]
551855296what's your irc xdcc channels for video games?[View]
551852512Visual novels are just JRPGs after you cut out the bullshit.[View]
551846119FFXIV 5.5: Now that the dust has settled and everyone got their 2B hairstyle What the fuck was Taro …[View]
551846245I want to go back[View]
551856339what's the deal with this company? why are they still around they have a terrible track record …[View]
551844476I like 'console wars'. I roleplay here daily as a fanatic snoy, xbot, nintranny and PChud, sometimes…[View]
551856301>Pirated game >Won't let you change language until you bought it on steam bros.. what cor…[View]
551852762Is cross play still being supported this gen?[View]
551851762Did Nintendo win with adverts like this? How many copies did Mario Allstars sell after people seen t…[View]
551810491Is folklore worth buying now? I missed out on it, and copies are going for 100 dollars. I just don’t…[View]
551853827I thought you guys said Valhxim wasn't FOTM kusoge?[View]
551853074Kairi is so pretty bros[View]
551854935Everyone's playing this stupid ass, shitty ass game in my country non-stop[View]
551855516Tuesday evening, Asshole REAMING Gotta turn the left into the right. Me? I'm reaming any asshol…[View]
551855512Sea of Thieves Dub: >be me >playing sea of thieves with friend >all we do is 'hunt' other p…[View]
551836174Actual Stylish Action Thread: Let's have a proper stylish action thread with no retardation. Ba…[View]
551852958Guilty Gear Strive will be shit.: Prove me wrong.[View]
551832203Zelda Classic: So apparently there's a an engine that lets you create your own Zelda games. It…[View]
551841220Is Cosmic Star Heroine any good? Supposedly it's reminiscent of Phantasy Star or Chrono Trigger…[View]
551834721this is what they took from us: this is what they took from us[View]
551847309Where the FUCK are they and will they ever come back?[View]
551850849nierbros...: This week’s Famitsu review scores are in. Balan Wonderworld (PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xb…[View]
551852389I love Azazel![View]
551854690Maybe the real platinum achievement were the friends we made along the way...[View]
551851969You can only choose one.[View]
551843191Play Digimon World 2003[View]
551849405>STILL the best looter shooter[View]
551850045What is the purpose of this character?[View]
551843890>not having an Epic password[View]
551853427>game has a hot spring >it completely heals your character after you stay in it for a while pu…[View]
551854502Pick you Characters[View]
551801552LMAO this guy got turned into a woman by a fucking book! hahahaha what a dumbass[View]
551851796How do I stop white doods from making fun of my voice when I use Overwatch voice chat? A nigga just…[View]
551854501Tower Defense Game General: what's your current addiction /v/?[View]
551853104Imagine having to spend hours in her musty gym bag or locker. How terrible for that little robot. Al…[View]
551840010Persona 5 is the best one.[View]
551816992Thank you Itsuno, Thank you Ninja Theory, Thank you Capcom: There is a God![View]
551837613THIS SUMMER[View]
551846956Games with cringey dialog[View]
551849952About to start this game? What should I expect? It's the PC-98 version.[View]
551851014Sneedou Chuckzunoha[View]
551852503holy fuck. been playing Persona for over 2 hours and haven't gotten to a save point yet. This i…[View]
551828376Shitty/mediocre ass games you like but nobody else does. I'll start pic related[View]
551834050>gta v came out when i was 11[View]
551851680What are some enemies that are balls?[View]
551849371The next Smash Bros character is located here.[View]
551820260I can't get a single good run with this character. The game refuses to give me any good items a…[View]
551831082This is the game that is killing Genshin Impact in Japan right now. Say something nice about it.[View]
551849648What did they mean by this?[View]
551850543>I feel like I’m trapped in Boy George’s pants![View]
551850580What are some good coomer games for the 3ds/ds, and is pic related good? I'm thinking about giv…[View]
551845993I just saved you from Sephiroth![View]
5518529383x3 thread?[View]
551848787Take the hot butter mix it with the ice cream[View]
551810785/v/ plays Fire Emblem: Code of the Black Knight: LAST TIME >escaping to a neighboring country tha…[View]
5518523752 new consoles, 3 new controllers including the elite series, 2 new headsets, 3 different goypass su…[View]
551849071>he got filtered by virus mode in Time Splitters[View]
551849760Emulation Thread: Why don't you play your emulated PS2 games with widescreen patches?[View]
551852483Would it have been good?[View]
551849572>in the mood for some crpg to play in my shitty laptop >remember about divinity original sin 2…[View]
551848856https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1382000636363956229 The time is fucking know Silksong bro…[View]
551852594Mmos: Why does every mmo run on the utter fucking scam that is the subscription model >buy the ga…[View]
551852540Morrowind: post dragonborns[View]
551851458Attention, entire world! Hear my proclamation: I am Rean Vi Erebonia, Emperor of the Holy Erebonian …[View]
551852473Who Favorite Rabbit?[View]
551852027>I do not care for Touhou[View]
551846717>'Tekken is not a complex game, most of its techniques can be performed by button mashing' - Hara…[View]
551797172Anyone else actually like DMC5's move to photorealism? I mostly just see people complaining abo…[View]
551852052Ahhh SOUL[View]
551850776Who's next?[View]
551851503Morrotards ! Nobody realistically talks like an encyclopedia. Yet, in Morrowind, even the beggars do…[View]
551850486can anyone tell me what game this sound effect is from? i think it's metal gear but i can'…[View]
551851478Look at these motherfuckers and tell me they aren't the best designed things in assfaggots[View]
551786462Can we have a monster girl thread? What's your favorite kind of female horror?[View]
551848518They put something in it to make you forget.[View]
551851272Has anyone played this? Some /fit/fag was recently bragging about solo developing this, looks good f…[View]
551838482What went so fucking wrong[View]
551851518FPS that is GOAT.[View]
551851382Hope you like bizarre SMT-esque apocalyptic Judeo-Christian horseshit as well as Celeste but in 3D[View]
551850958>splits your ears open with the pssh pssh pssh of a semi-auto rifle but never actually hits you e…[View]
551851221what the FUCK was his problem? Do you like the little update anon? Next episode soon![View]
551841058Kino vidya music thread: https://youtu.be/YtMSyLdk0Q8 Feels edition[View]
551849285Better than rdr[View]
551851018When's Bloodborne 2?[View]
551850909>Captured in a cutscene >Enemy takes your gear >They leave it literally 10 feet from your c…[View]
551845456>it's supposed to be a fun Disney game >Soundtrack is as depressing as a funeral…[View]
551847880Why haven't you played Koikatsu yet?[View]
551850458IT WAS HER TURN[View]
551844590>he quit fighting games after getting btfo'd by autistic black weebs that main king and raml…[View]
551850440>LONG UN-LIVE THE SHADOWSCYTHE: name a more iconic warcry[View]
551849652From Rise to World: So Im a new MH player who just beat MH rise all quests high/low rank, and though…[View]
551850581What are some games that turned out better than you expected?[View]
551845086>He STILL hasn't mastered rally games Why anon?[View]
551849823>Smashfag thread Nairo physically had sex with a minor and a couple months after the consequences…[View]
551849951now that the dust has settled, what did i think of it?[View]
551841617Why can't companies just make a faithful remake for once?[View]
551833505Do you think it's time for Chun-li to retire from the police and retire from that street fighti…[View]
551844157FF8 & 9 HD: Is there any particular reason they never patched analog control back into this and …[View]
551850103The thought of being alone on a Halo ring with flood everywhere scares the fucking shit out of me.[View]
551801129Jon Blow, one of the greatest game designers of all time, absolutely obliterates Hollow Knight and t…[View]
551847671Do you enjoy console FPS games? It seems that without having ideal aiming controls they often focus …[View]
551841880Open World Ubisoft games ruined a whole generation of gaming[View]
551850058What are some games for this feel?[View]
551848151>Chinese make games about building the best harem, abusing women and having the most sex >West…[View]
551849825>2/10 >it has a little something for everyone…[View]
551845893Who would have thought the most hyped game in 2020 was gonna be the new tortanic.[View]
551849929Outriders: Who the fuck told these amateurs that widespread nerfs were desirable or even necessary i…[View]
551849123>Join server with ff >Attack friendly >He retaliates and kills you >He gets banned autom…[View]
551847184This shit is hard as fuck, but still more fun to play than 99% of AAA games this generation. Why?[View]
55184372660 FPS VS. 30 FPS: THE HUMAN EYE CANNOT SEE PAST 30FPS. Just look at these two comparison shots of 3…[View]
551837586game mode: you do turn on game mode on u gamin... right?[View]
551848123>no 4 >no DmC Why?[View]
5518166693DS thread: Post you're 3DS Post you're favorite games Post you're favorite memories…[View]
551847279RDR is sjw shit.[View]
551848834Videogames already peaked and now we head towards the decline: Reminder that there is no future for …[View]
551846108FUCK IT: I love playing on my PC, 60-144hz, max settings is amazing, the better experience for sure …[View]
551820631Monster smacks you? >Wirefall away Oops stood near the tail too long and got swiped? >Wirefall…[View]
551849085All the music and set dressing can't hide the fact that Returns is a better designed game than …[View]
551822418Why do some anons genuinely think he was a good guy?[View]
551847302The protagonist of the PS5 generation of consoles[View]
551848994How did Assassin’s Creed devolve into rap battling talking squirrels?[View]
551848704Predict it's score.[View]
551847718Why is she so bullyable?[View]
551828551How do we fix lockpicking?[View]
551849124how do I get Kiryu’s haircut without showing the barber a picture of Kiryu?[View]
551849225REGGIE BTFOs MOTHER 3 TRANNIES: https://twitter.com/Reggie/status/1382157566742986757[View]
551848601When does something stop becoming a video game?[View]
551843374So is the goal of The Institute in Fallout 4 basically to create synths as a way to repopulate manki…[View]
551833850>2021 >still no good kunoichi games literally why?…[View]
551827731They made it in, against all odds.[View]
551843394>I've heard them say we've reached Morrowind - I'm sure they'll let us go …[View]
551847164>irish videogame character >nickname is 'clover'…[View]
551848618What are some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass? I paid for a month for 1$ so I want to play the b…[View]
551845740You guys play on RP servers right? Any stories?[View]
551848126ITT: post games that only YOU played. I'll start.[View]
551845276non-binary characters in vidya? pic related[View]
551833897Games with the best gore?[View]
551837819smithy is awesome[View]
551848035Any games where you explore an exotic world? I know about The Eternal Cylinder, but I'd like to…[View]
551848253What went wrong?[View]
551834076Would you consider yourself “good” at video games? What even is “good”?[View]
551845732Video Game Tattoos: Post some cool /v/ related tattoos[View]
551848472Mario Golf Super Rush: Think there be a demo released after tomorrow's indie world presentation…[View]
551842959Why can't games be this charming anymore?[View]
551844449>video games are so dead that I've gone back to binging anime, a medium I've considered…[View]
551844729You're getting much older. There is a limited amount of time and an ever increasing backlog of …[View]
551841224I actually enjoyed it[View]
551845953What is his PhD supposed to be?[View]
551846893Why exactly does this game lack the secret sauce? The gameplay is pretty good for what it is, but it…[View]
551848365Looks pretty cool with the jacket ngl[View]
551836303Balanced Wunderwelt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLgwLC_vuYI >watch this ad on a random video…[View]
551847502This is my entire game collection. Not the greatest, but it’s what I have collected over the years 2…[View]
551848127>Great taste in video games >chill af >Great content creator >Does Cosplay but not an E …[View]
551842869now that the dust has settled, can we agree that this is one of the most overrated games of all time…[View]
551848078I can’t stop jerking off to Rixia: Help /v/. I’ve gotten tons of pussy, but never in my life has som…[View]
551847578na ye...[View]
551840551All pre-release controversies aside, is the actual film worth seeing?[View]
551847603Games with this feel on PS4? I just want a fun adventure killing orcs and not 3edgywraithghostcantdi…[View]
551842386Oculus Quest 2 gets a MAJOR update: >Wireless Link >120Hz >Keyboard tracking >Infinite O…[View]
551845261Videogames are fucking garbage.[View]
551847921Were we the bad guys?[View]
551844731>scarring yourself for life with a drawing of a cheap waifu bait #2318 with 5 minutes worth of ch…[View]
551841698What are we getting for the 10th anniversary?[View]
551841079Is he suppose to be the most powerful SNK hero? People always talk about how powerful Kyo and Iori a…[View]
551836221Find a flaw[View]
551834169Baldur's Gate 3: What went wrong?[View]
551827063I have never played a dating VN in my life. Are there any worth playing?[View]
551847403kets settle this, y 12 or y 11[View]
551847576All jokes aside, this is kino of the highest order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjPy1H2lARA It m…[View]
551836781Do you play rhythm games?[View]
551811926Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
551845242>play through a brutally hard game all the way to the end >your final reward at the end of all…[View]
551847239The Sonic 3 prototype '''leak''' was in fact a deliberate effort on Sega of America's part The …[View]
551846005I have spent a thousand euros on physical ps1 and ps2 games in the past month. I think this way I ca…[View]
551847206only real ones have played the OG on a gray brick[View]
551845698Why did they commmit the most crime in Morrowind?[View]
551844314/v/ humor thread: Post ‘em[View]
551847078for me, its v3 hardx6[View]
551846723You don't scam in online games, do you anon?[View]
551846458Which DS emulator performs the best? I tried out DeSmuME with Pokemon Platinum and it was stuttering…[View]
551825441Get hype.[View]
551846819Now that we know that bethesda is the only one who can properly make fallout games, what's the …[View]
551840792How many wins you got? You do have wins... right? 62 win gang here.[View]
551845515Who could defeat him?[View]
551846743I was kinda looking for something new to play. What you like to play in there?[View]
551840912Wait a minute, it's actually fun?[View]
551835337>Meanwhile, on planet /v/enus...[View]
551843879>bought brand new San Andreas for PS2 for $50 in 2006 >Red screen…[View]
551846243What was the last good rpg you played dad?[View]
551840760Is Game Informer the last remaining decent gaming outlet out there? I get the feeling they're t…[View]
551841786Atlus Thread: What atlus games are you playing right now? I’m finishing radiant historia then gonna …[View]
551846174>that Monster Hunter Rise credit song Which song was better? Japanese or English version?…[View]
551844726What am I in for? Haven't played this game for a long time.[View]
551844083Soulless vs SOUL[View]
551844872Looter shooters: I like shooting stuff, and I like getting bigger guns with bigger numbers attached …[View]
551834395FFXIV 5.5: >he didn't get Nier raid plot[View]
551843984>BOTW2 >Elden Ring >Silksong >Dragon's Dogma 2 >Metroid Prime 4 >Bayonetta 3 …[View]
551844057What games or game genres make you feel like you are installing and maintaining a linux distro.[View]
551837898I've never played Minecraft[View]
551842770>British accent They had ONE JOB[View]
551845159Oh nooes!: I lost the Pokémon battle! B-but I don't have any money, are you sure there's n…[View]
551842223so how exactly are you supposed to wipe your ass? sometimes I get an itchy asshole and feel like im …[View]
551842286fuck it ill say what everyone is thinking. Bloodborne wasn't even that good snoys[View]
551838230DO NOT SUPPORT GAMEPASS PLEASE READ THIS: >Killing physical media >Killing game sales >Kill…[View]
551826539Play skullgirls or else[View]
551845501ITT: bad games that are carried by their art style[View]
551839471'making your own fun' is autism.[View]
551835565>the virgin 'Nier Automata inspired me to live every moment like it's my last, to stop self …[View]
551845252PS4 Communities shutting down?: They mentioned they were getting rid of them around the first of apr…[View]
551840652Your dad walking in is nothing compared to the shame it brings your soul. It's a permanent bran…[View]
551829694Unpopular Video Game Opinions Thread: Is he right?[View]
551844313Is abuse in the Five Nights at Freddy's community common? I saw the original Let's Plays …[View]
551845117How important is level and environment design to you when it comes to a game's overall quality?[View]
551843118>still playing as the virgeneer when you could be yeehaw chad[View]
551839903Castlevania vs Metroid: Which classic series is superior?[View]
551819143Filename thread: .[View]
551844928No, John: You are the demons[View]
551843718What game have you played with bad looking armor?[View]
551842558How little you understand! You cannot stop Lord Dagon. The Principalities have sparkled as gems in t…[View]
551833121Voice Thread: Sexy game voice acts that make you feel things? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVzQoa…[View]
551814339Happy Birthday K1[View]
551841113Is it too late to get into SFV? Is it dead? It's on sale right now and I'm wondering if I…[View]
551842532Do you think Sony is planning something? There's nothing good announced outside GOW: Ragnarok, …[View]
551844242Games /v/ will never understand because they are virgins[View]
551844332>the card QTE[View]
551834003The one and only Jill Valentine.[View]
551779174>Sekiro is a terrible racing game Fromdrones will never recover from this…[View]
551841054Favorite fighting game stage?[View]
551829530What games have a nice underwater atmosphere that arent Subnautica or Abzu?[View]
551836158thoughts on this qts?[View]
551832801Post You're idle animation[View]
551843630I didn't know exactly what Esports were until I played this and now I hate them.[View]
551836934Does voting with your wallet actually work if only 1% of people actually stick to their guns and ref…[View]
551840771Whats her fucking problem?[View]
551836267Which HW game should i buy: Definitive Edition, or Age of Calamity ? and why?[View]
551842901Have you ever dropped an otherwise good game because of some idiotic or unfair mechanic? I remember …[View]
551842201post vidya flamethrowers seems like you don't see them much anymore[View]
551841609tfw you will never see a new 3D Rayman game in your lifetime just more 2d shitters[View]
551842996How much longer do you think you have left? What are you going to do?[View]
551832082>best friend has cancer >is doing chemo, feeling pretty bad >Due to the effects of chemo he…[View]
551841519>Tag fighter >Lose round if 1 character loses all their health…[View]
551840003I want a good and clean Mass Effect thread and I don't want any 'legendary edition' crap in my …[View]
551828738>7 years later and people still can’t decide wether he’s in the right or in the wrong Truly the A…[View]
551843028Rhythm Games: Dusted off my DDR mat and my PS2 earlier today and it all still works just fine. Anyon…[View]
551841045Convince me not to drop this game.[View]
551835829Alright /v/, I just 'acquired' Baldurs Gate 'Enhanced' Edition, but I want to avoid all the new cont…[View]
551841150The antagonist of this game should just be some random thalmor captain instead of a god like all oth…[View]
551840778For me, it's Triss Merigold from The Witcher.[View]
551839228Can Indivisible be saved?[View]
551842747so it's even better than a lot of anon would have you believe?[View]
551832724You get to choose which ARPG series indie devs shamelessly rip off for the next decade:: Which will …[View]
551835519Gotta say I enjoy this more than New Vegas.[View]
551822913Bloodborne: Do you like bloodborne? Do you find its world building and lore compelling?[View]
551735917What upcoming indie games are you looking forward to?[View]
551824717It's been 15 years. We can stop pretending the game was bad just because it humiliated FFX.[View]
551842261Kojima is a genius.[View]
551842250Life is strange thread: >/v/ hates Chloe >But loves the beta incel Warren FUCKING LMAO, i be…[View]
551840594Why do people find the combat in this game fun, let alone complex?: >MOBAtrash abilities instead …[View]
551837102Neverhood and skullmonkeys, definitely not popular enough to warrant it but versions with high quali…[View]
551840458Why does he hate fetishes so much? What makes him so high and mighty?[View]
551833097I never got around to playing this one. Was it really that bad?[View]
551841594ACTIVATE IT[View]
551839869How did CDPR get away with this blatant Berserk rip off?[View]
551838836I will post this everyday until E3 I will be clinging to hope in possibility that the return of E3 w…[View]
551836665What do you consume during a nice long gaming session?[View]
551841360Dead Rising: I have never played any of these games. Which one should I get?[View]
551836598Why did so many people start with DaS3?[View]
551804793>Pick up S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly because of a recommendation from /v/ the other day >Haven…[View]
551826894gamer grub thread just made some meme curry, what you guys having tonight?[View]
551815080>two days left i'm scared bros[View]
551837985Haha isn't this comic hilarious guys?: It's pretty deep and original if you think about it…[View]
551840837How much detail are you expecting from GTA6? imo RDR2 had probably the most alive feeling world in a…[View]
551839847Well, turns out my PS3 isn’t hackable. I checked with the CFW tool and it’s not compatible. I’m tire…[View]
551841185This is a button masher[View]
551828174Just completed my first DnD campaign with my friends. Want to play a game to scratch the itch since …[View]
551830381notice how nintendo isn't tainting their IP by teaming up with fortnite[View]
551833949The King of Fighters XV: BOTANCHADS?!! https://twitter.com/SNKPofficial/status/1382151624915886080…[View]
551838279post games with incredibly underrated soundtracks and a sample. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAm3…[View]
551840861zelda cdi remake: Hype?[View]
551839328Tales of Arise: Will it save this dying franchise? Will it renew your faith? If he doesn't fuck…[View]
551837025Was it kino?[View]
551839671The righteous need not cower before the drumbeat of human progress. Though the song of yesterday fad…[View]
551809697Monster Hunter: She doesn't and will never have human feet[View]
551838931I'm so addicted to this game Paragon! It's the most fun I've had playing a MOBA in a …[View]
551838928>fork knife :][View]
551840505Among Us: NEYUBF 8/10[View]
551840450>the truth was in front of us the whole time[View]
551835876based Reggie[View]
551840041Next Total War installment: What are your hopes for the next real Total War? Given what we saw in 3 …[View]
551770898Daily reminder that you do not need some fancy graphics card to play some Rance.[View]
551836806Why is concept art always better than the actual product? Is there any example where it isn't?[View]
551840346>Difficulty: Very Easy[View]
551835381hmm... today i will play nintendogs for the nintendo ds for the very first time.[View]
551836841Motion controls were a regression of input technology.[View]
551838595>have pic related >Bought for about $600 in a bundle w/ two games and with ps+ >Aunt/ cousi…[View]
551799007I have no words.[View]
551831856Xenoblade Chronicles 2[View]
551833576holy fuck, the switch pro looks insane.[View]
551835679>We need a gun for the bad guys.[View]
551757295Disgaea RPG: >game basically launched last night >no threads Unless I missed it. Anyway anyone…[View]
551836690I just beat Knuckles' Chaotix, what did I think about it?[View]
551834973how often do you replay old games?[View]
551821667Holy shit Haruka's section is awful. Is it worth going through this trash to see the ending of …[View]
551830193Indexfags utterly btfo[View]
551839862>Microsoft GamePass is shiiiiitttt shiiitttt! This 1 dollar for unlimited 350+ games on Microsoft…[View]
551829084First 2 words that come to mind?[View]
551763092/v/ picks the best games of the 2010s year by year: Previous thread >>551751330 Pick your favo…[View]
551839881this is futaba say something nice about her[View]
551835041Is it better to focus on one game at a time or have multiple at once to break up the monotony?[View]
551839939Teraurge thread? will v3 ever come out? Subni best girl, fight me[View]
551838610Desktop thread? Post and rate others[View]
551839489hey anons. My country is still waiting on the vaccine so I figured what better time to distrust my g…[View]
551839681Mount Snakemore.[View]
551839612Is this the franchise everybody fanboys over, /v/[View]
551839221I'm really tired of femboys from steam/discord, when this shit will die?[View]
551839401For me, it's Slayers.[View]
551839324what are some games that trigger your ptsd?[View]
551834103you taffers ever played this?[View]
551838623'making your own fun' is autism.[View]
551832961Games where luck is an actually useful stat?[View]
551832817>people really wanted a new battletoads game where they looked like this…[View]
551750821why doesn’t /v/ talk about this game? it’s really fucking fun[View]
551816687Mortal Kombat bros, Who do you like better between Johnny Cage and Kung Lao?[View]
551835297flying gorila thred: https://youtu.be/fhQzkoHx4bo have u got all da skins?!?![View]
551838052how do you kill that which has no life?[View]
551835827Is there anything comfier than coffee and isometric sprite based game at late night?[View]
551835975What's a shittier artistic medium, television or videogames? Both have produced some of the wor…[View]
551833532In the end, who flopped harder?[View]
551825470Which one do you prefer the most?[View]
551838910You do make money by doing what you like the most, right /v/?[View]
551742003>Its up to us to take down Umbrella *rock music plays and credits roll*…[View]
551815117When's it coming out bros?[View]
551836013>Be me >Video game character >Body is composed mostly of simple shapes >Bright color …[View]
551836660>Dark Spirit has invaded[View]
551834425>PS5 is less powerful than Xbox Series X. >PS5 does not have full backwards compatibility with…[View]
551799526character '''''''''''''design'''''''''''''[View]
551838512What the fuck is this game and should I play it?[View]
551834729Why is /v/ crazy about this ordinary shit? DXMD was more interesting than this unironically[View]
551838151>release dogshit horror game >make minor changes and rerelease it 5 more times >make up som…[View]
551821627VR thread: I want to get a VR headset for PC. What is the best option? Quest 2 looks enticing but t…[View]
551825750Fuck off. Based Nintendo will never stoop to that level unlike Snoy and Microshit.[View]
551837271Anyone knows any game like this?[View]
551833617Fallout; Gun thread, Claim your weaponfu. I'll start. The orange Recharger gun.[View]
551829886>Dr. Nerevar, I’m IIS. >He wasn’t alone. >You don’t get to bring slaves. >They are not …[View]
551835598Would you say the only reason so many people in the Zelda fanbase hated Skyward Sword was due to it …[View]
551837808Hot Wheels Velocity X is the peak of video game story telling[View]
551836074Will he ever finish week 7, or be stuck coding shaders for eternity?[View]
551830641Who's the better of the pairs?[View]
551837023I just can't get motivated to play vidya anymore. Every time I think about it I think 'man I co…[View]
551719961Jigsaw thread? Jigsaw thread: Do jigsaw puzzles with fellow anons. https://www.jigsawexplorer.com/cr…[View]
551834320Anons, did Satoru Iwata appear to me in a dream? >fall asleep last night after playing MHRise and…[View]
551827443Open beta test in May[View]
551837279She destroyed many fields[View]
551832930she looks hotter in fortnite.[View]
551834891Donkey Kong Country 2 is one of the best games ever made, prove me wrong.[View]
551834840Game Dev career: Thinking about doing a double major in Creative Writing /Computer Science (Career i…[View]
551834481kirby thread: Is there anywhere cool to read about video game memes and shit that isn't like th…[View]
551835183Uga buga me beat you up!![View]
551827867ITT: we remember games that were video games: ahhh yes.... TOY COMMANDER..... now THAT was a video g…[View]
551815185Who is the Tommy Wiseau of the videogame industry?[View]
551813739Just bought this game. How good is it ?: Also I've never played a turn based tactics game.…[View]
551832536It's Balan Wonderworld, but good. Kinda.[View]
551836428He had one shot and he blew it[View]
551833213IX was the last wholesome of the series.: It has more character development and original lore and wh…[View]
551836616SCP secret laboratory: New server update tonight features Gender Pronouns! List of commands and desc…[View]
551766378>this is the only NSFW art frontpaged on Newgrounds Fuck Friday Night Funkin' and fuck its r…[View]
551836557What are some games that let me rangeban Soijak posters?[View]
551835110no freaking way[View]
551826082Lona Rpg: Give me one proper reason why I shouldn't just sell ass to this guy and get my money …[View]
551835694shitty game categories that are a good sign that a gamer isnt worth purchasing ill start: >female…[View]
551835967>join lobby >3 longsword users >they all main a palamute instead of a bombardier/gathering …[View]
551831568>My favourite Souls game? >Darks souls 2 of course.…[View]
551828160>'lets play ps3 anon' >he pulls out the HDMI cable and opens RPCS3…[View]
551834756I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 533[View]
551825983Is it better than the DS4? The DS4 had better ergonomics than the DS1-3 but bad dpad and triggers.[View]
551835801Mario didn't invent hat throwing: What are other examples of games doing things before it was g…[View]
551833243Will we ever see this girl again?[View]
551831571Give me THREE raisins why Mario 6r isn't the greatest game of all time.[View]
551834245Are you kidding me? This was hidden there all this time?[View]
551835592Pitch me a Blood Meridian game.[View]
551832447Nvidia Atlan and the Switch Pro: Drive Atlan combines Grace and Ampere https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog…[View]
551832981Outriders: How’s your build coming along? I’m currently stuck at exp8[View]
551834951Delta Squad! Lock and Load![View]
551834119What is the appeal of shovelware?[View]
551826769What are some fanbases with a dumbass vocal minority?[View]
551835165>save money for years, don't have much time to enjoy vidya from all the waging making me tir…[View]
551833203Is edf 4.1 worth it for 10 bucks on ps4, I've never played it before and I want to know what I…[View]
551834176what's going on here? I don't play dark souls[View]
551832529let me guess, you need more?[View]
551746856Starsector thread: I wanna start a new playthrough but its feeling kinda stale, what mods do you guy…[View]
551778304New ULTRAKILL update is out with the Perfect level and secret level. https://store.steampowered.com/…[View]
551834931Today I Must Remind /v/: You will never be a vidya.[View]
551832091Does /v/ like rhythm games?[View]
551830878Shill me on Switch. Are there any exclusives worth getting one? Is playing on the go a meme or somet…[View]
551831783Find a flaw[View]
551834598The great debate.[View]
551834184Official VR desktop implementation: https://www.oculus.com/blog/introducing-oculus-air-link-a-wirele…[View]
551831794VtMB 2: I kind of forgot about this but it was supposed to come out around now, so I looked it up. …[View]
551803279Genshin Impact: Anyone is loving how the story/lore is becoming way darker/macabre?[View]
551833883GIB CHIP[View]
551817625Is it worth a try?[View]
551826030Monster Hunter Rise: Enter CHADzu[View]
551831237>All Reviews: 98% Overwhelmingly Positive (234,000)[View]
551829869ITT: Great movie/TV tie-in games[View]
551817001FFXIV: Thoughts on the Nier raid?[View]
551833973>shift is hiring for a new game Are you ready for more god eater?[View]
551833370>Final boss changes the games genre[View]
551771382Not my problem.[View]
551833925>the single teacher post wall roastie trope Can japan ever have an original idea?…[View]
551833984ITT: Post an Album get a Game Recommendation[View]
551833707What was with that sperg DMC autist in the comfy Nier thread earlier? Nier thread I guess.[View]
551833927Those babes are gonna pay for shooting up my alien bastards.[View]
551833923Post games that you dropped Me this because I got tired of the Trial and Error gameplay[View]
551828185Jesus fucking christ with this game: I've never had a game with a level design so clunky and co…[View]
551831416Was it really that bad?[View]
551818647I was thinking about getting one for my niece is the drift really that bad?[View]
551827203Unable to play game without fapping every five minutes: I’m trying to play Hajimari No Kiseki, but e…[View]
551833773Shadowrun Returns thread.[View]
551832475>the true ending is locked behind a specific seed Can't make this up.…[View]
551818404Finally a good gaming monitor: The Asus rog swift pg32uqx The pros: >32-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) min…[View]
551830618City Hunter game: What would the best gameplay to a game adaptation of City Hunter. Of course, it ne…[View]
551832017I was born with thick foreskin[View]
551818110What game controller are you using for your PC gaming anon?[View]
551832689post vg anime girls you'd without a doubt probably simp for. Eri knows what's up. That…[View]
551827723>chainsaws for magic ammo >shoots epic Arachnotron™ weakpoint after lining up shot for 5 secon…[View]
551833303>Handholding with Kara[View]
551832049HEY BATTA BATTA!!![View]
551829802Unreal Tournament: Let's pretend it's 2004. What games do you recommend me /v/?[View]
551832701fucking terrible at deciding what to play, give me good shit for ps4[View]
551826752SeX: Got mine. Did you?[View]
551831507This is the reason why Sony paid 200 million to Epic and Japan Studio died. Are you happy now bros?…[View]
551832594Marie: >marie MARIE[View]
551828057>Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
551823993What's your most tense vidya experience?[View]
551828204>today >still no fun anime fps[View]
551804559how did a single fan autistically redrawing textures of majoras mask over the course of like over 5 …[View]
551831121Even as someone who shits on this game all of the time, I still replay it occasionally.[View]
551829619HOLY SHIT I FOUND HIM[View]
551821448I really like it when video game characters dress up as bunnies.[View]
551774815YOOOOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l-b_gXQ6nQ[View]
551829280MK11 KP3+4: Kombat Pack 3: Ermac Smoke Sareena Havik Ash Williams Kombat Pack 4: Reptile Kenshi Tak…[View]
551832715What does Soul Calibur need to be great again?[View]
551831958SOUL: What happened to soulful user interfaces in games?[View]
551827194why did riot get gifted with the greatest character designs in KDA?? there are no hotter women in an…[View]
551832328Is Infinite a possibly is a parody of edgy villain sue characters?[View]
551828308How do you cope with the fact that one day video games will no longer be made?[View]
551832057Trails of Coldsteel: AIIIIEEEE REAN-SAMA I KNEEL I love it how many kneeling position this game has…[View]
551832527I enjoy Foxhole for the logi and Eve Online for the mining/industry/trading. Can anyone recommend an…[View]
551823142ITT: we brainstorm ideas for the next big hit game mechanic[View]
551825057What are some wholesome RPGmaker games where I can hang out with my beautiful and loyal girlfriend? …[View]
551830728ITT: give me your best games with chain lightning in them[View]
551823030>Achievement unlocked: Feelin squirrelly[View]
551811629>they made the doomplate blue I really shouldn't be surprised that they're taking anoth…[View]
551832278Time to play the game... TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAAAAAAAAAAAME ![View]
551829058>person starts talking about game design[View]
551829791It’s shit.[View]
551820403We need more female characters like this.[View]
551832125Freedom Planet rant: I'm angry the creator of this game is now a tranny and I posted here to ve…[View]
551830551How do i become the Strelok?[View]
551830860Strange Journey: DS vs 3DS: Which one should I play?[View]
551827180is it better for something to die than to live on and become, in every sense of the word, soulless[View]
551831106no freaking way[View]
551812301Why aren't you playing Street Fighter V?[View]
551831596How are you liking our new rent-a-future? Do you miss physical releases yet?[View]
551831718Just installed a TB HDD into my PS3 with plans to jailbreak it. What programs do I need to download …[View]
551827927Tell Everett I'm cold.[View]
551817873which one /v/?[View]
551831559greedfall is getting an update and an expansion for the ps5 and xbox also steelrising is in developm…[View]
551823979Why can't I talk him down: What happened to quests having multiple solutions?[View]
551819403>that guy who played the same game for over a decade, never trying out anything else or stepping …[View]
551821492Play Silent Hill 2[View]
551812681>late game melee is just magic with no mana cost Defend this[View]
551830960>new game comes out >having fun but would be more fun with friends >bring up the game to a …[View]
551831402DBZ or MARIO is BETTER?[View]
551828848having multiple difficulty settings is bad game design[View]
551828273Holy shit this game is so good.[View]
551829206Has there ever been a more based NPC?[View]
551826460is it worth to upgrade my xbone controller (PC)?: >I don't like the plasticky/glossy/bad qua…[View]
551831039Why is GTA RP popular on twitch?: how is this fun to watch or play? am I just boring?[View]
551829645>try so hard to be Rockstar and instead become the laughing stock of the industry Should have jus…[View]
551827934Magic The Gathering Videogames Thread: Magic The Gathering Videogames Thread[View]
551829125DMC1 has much better content than DMC3. Better bosses, better environments, better pacing, better di…[View]
551828849In your professional gamer opinion what game or games have the BEST turn based combat?[View]
551831002>Pre-orders resident evil village deluxe edition[View]
551829228The last 3 games you played now fuse: I mean that there's a new game with a new universe create…[View]
551827729Got Questions for Xbox chads: How well does pic related run on Series S? is it enhanced? what are th…[View]
551830703Cod vanguard is a piece of shit: Got an insider. Game is dreadful, worse than WW2. Apparently the …[View]
551830687is there any way to run this on windows 7?[View]
551822867>friends tell me Metal Gear Rising is based >figure might as well try it despite the fact I ha…[View]
551829956How does /v/ critique video games?[View]
551830567>he brought?[View]
551823098fightstick thread: post them fightsticks /v/[View]
551829770Is there any hope for this? Even a slight one?[View]
551830406>The dark lord looks identical to Doomguy because.....eh I dunno I'll get back to you on tha…[View]
551825789>brb doorbell: >Last online 1709 days ago[View]
551829937I'm confused. Why was I supposed to want to stop him?[View]
551830172Gen 2 > Gen 3 > Gen 1 rest are trash[View]
551827532What was in your opinion The best version of sonic?[View]
551830105Quest 2 gets 120Hz and official Wireless (Air Link) support: Starting today. https://www.oculus.com/…[View]
551829259Dog = Steam users Cookie = Reviews Woman = Game developers[View]
551826849What games do /v/ praise the shit out of that you just don't get?: Post games /v/ seem to love …[View]
551829104Comfy Switch Thread[View]
551805127Why is smash bros a coomer franchise now???[View]
551828698Xbox Chads... I kneel.[View]
551822438C-could you please draw my f-face back on, /v/?[View]
551829516he did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
551829339Bayonetta 3 is in development[View]
551819684Gamedev thread.: What combat system am I better off making for an RPG that’s currently a one-man job…[View]
551828341>find a mildly interesting phone game >it shits forced ads at you every 30 secs I am convinced…[View]
551827142Accept it /v/[View]
551828927is it just me or when i play fallout 1 and 2 every time i get a notification it boots me off[View]
551826657CS:GO: i just spent 26 dollars on cs:go gambling and i gained nothing how do i cope with myself and …[View]
551821515What happened to PC getting this April 10th 2021?[View]
551827410How do I get into rhythm games? What are some good ones to start with? Are there many subgenres -to …[View]
551827220Guilty Gear: 2nd open beta test will be in May. Source: May's ass.[View]
551826967Resident Evil Remakes: Which is the best of the remakes so far? Which one stayed true to the origina…[View]
551824539What video games make you smarter /v/? There use to be a bunch of brain training games on the old Wi…[View]
551792075Remind me why Nier is bad, again.[View]
551829064Why is this board like this.[View]
551829190Imagine playing a game released 8 years ago and being this assmad to write a review about how the MC…[View]
551805947>the original binding of isaac is almost a decade old now what the fuck…[View]
551829164How is this even possible? What timeline are we living in?[View]
551824763What am I in for?[View]
551826817Diablo 2 still to this day, has the best original soundtrack of all time.[View]
551828290Any mods that makes it so that the enemies in this piece of SHIT game series are NOT fucking bullet …[View]
551824325Blazblue: Where's our rollback arcys? Where's our next game?! I'd even take a dating …[View]
551828817I like this game a lot. I don't get why people need to compare it to ocarina or whatever other …[View]
551818380>Bastards are treated badly in Japan! He was ostracized his entire life! Kind of strange that no …[View]
551827010how to get gud at Battle royale games: is anyone else garbage at this genre? any other multiplayer g…[View]
551827162Has anyone actually played this?[View]
551828484Tekken is a _[View]
551825196Hitman general: >you fell for the seven deadly sins meme[View]
551759647New Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade / INTERmission details, screenshots and renders. Get in here…[View]
551828303A friend of mine bought me Factorio as a birthday present, now its time to ruin my life. Post Factor…[View]
551827246FFXIV Bread Y'sholta best girl[View]
551825659How the fuck are you supposed to cut through thick mecha armor and shit with a thin rusty-ass sword?…[View]
551826481Why won’t they re-release Twin Snakes?[View]
551828248isaac if he good[View]
551826992>Saves the franchise[View]
551828008Kill Paarthurnax.[View]
551825259what the fuck was his problem[View]
551826898>back home from getting the covid vaccine >first thing i do is boot up mario 64 and practice l…[View]
551806209>character actually gets bigger as his STR increases[View]
551825850>Games where you cant see what the fuck you're doing[View]
551827004So uh how is this? I feel like I've barely heard anything about it since it came out, I just se…[View]
551827648Wasteland 3 thread.: DLC when?[View]
551827418Weird vidya merchandise[View]
551827440>this was release over ten years ago[View]
551823048You can connect any character back to Ryu somehow.[View]
551825692>Brtish character is a Paki What did Ubisoft mean by this?[View]
551825542Valve supported Creators.tf https://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=83043[View]
551817213Find a flaw.[View]
551825641>what if we made an enemy that servers absolutely no purpose and accomplishes no other goal other…[View]
551826423Alex the Kid[View]
551827404>video game has a childishly simple yet infallible god https://files.catbox.moe/d8llr0.mp3…[View]
551827336>all units be advised: feminism is awesome! What did he mean by this?[View]
551826989Multiplayer Racing?: What's a good racing game for ONLINE preferably on steam that i can play w…[View]
551818703Toons thread: Post your toons![View]
551817057Would Balan Wonderworld be improved if he was the main character?[View]
551824235Where did Springtrap's support for Smash go?: Springtrap was one of the most talked about chara…[View]
551824215Finished this game, and its better than the witcher 3: yeah i said it, its very good despite the bug…[View]
551771552He single handedly kept it alive and relevant for years. Encouraging fans to ask for a sequel, pushi…[View]
551821394Emulation Thread: What are you emulating, /v/?[View]
551826717Dayshift at Freddy's thread?[View]
551822172Rivals that actually lived up to the hype.[View]
551813738Look at this cat[View]
551799358Post your recently played tab from your Steam Library right the fuck now.[View]
551820518Max Payne 3: Based or cringe? What's the /v/eredict?[View]
551826565>You and me, JC. We'll rule the world in secret, with an invisible hand, the way the Illumin…[View]
551824075>Resistance 4 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass day one[View]
551753823Post handsome ass niggas from video games.[View]
551817957Where the fuck do I buy this thing?[View]
551821382For me, it was Reaper. And Hammond. They never made anything better.[View]
551825571What's the definitive edition?[View]
551797331NINE!??!?!?!!: Well, more like eight, but still Almost all of them are around an HOUR and they are a…[View]
551826419There is a video game featuring the French dish Pot-au-Feu, you either cook it or it is referenced, …[View]
551821813Jackbox? Jackbox.: Just testing to waters to see if there's interest in a game tonight.[View]
551819774Why is Japanese cover art always better than the American cover art?[View]
551822536Should I give all the items to one, and just leave some hp ups to the other, or should I split items…[View]
551809126What's the worst game to 100%[View]
551824057Looks like my investments are finally starting to pay off dividends. So long losers.[View]
551824240I only play pokemon games because of the kawaii girls :3[View]
551825918Serious question /v/ - Do you guys think that vulnerable groups (such as trans or non-binary) should…[View]
551822995>I can't buy a video card and it's ALL because of bitcoins!!!! >Are 'bitcoins' also …[View]
551820927Based or cringe?[View]
551826005>game has two wikis >one is really incomplete and outdated >the other is complete and up to…[View]
551824365Would you like to see an official remake/remaster of Oblivion? Why/ why not? I'd love to see a …[View]
551819949April 15th 2021: I am forgotten[View]
551793592Excuse me sir, but only 0/10 soundtracks are allowed here[View]
551823870Hitman: Is there something wrong me if I think it's better than Blood Money?[View]
551821286Violence against women in VR: Have videogames gone too far, /V/? https://youtu.be/7xSFYoJNDrE[View]
551825045Tfw when your favorite game becomes 'LE FUNNY INTERNET MEEMEE OF THE MONTH!!!' and then a million ch…[View]
551773601I have nothing but my sorrow and I want nothing more. It has been, it still is, faithful to me. Why …[View]
551819920Remove one thing form a game to improve it. Valkyrie Profile, remove the platforming[View]
551825109i did it guys. I saved gamestop......l'm leaving now......i leave everything to you anonku. sa…[View]
551823430AoE on xbox: Absolutely zero excuse for why this series shouldn’t be on Xbox. >Supports MKB >E…[View]
551807558>Beat Delirium as Tainted Eden >game ruined What did edmund mean by this? Is he still butthurt…[View]
551819932Post your favorite game, no matter how shitty it is or how hated it is by others[View]
551816093She's so cute[View]
551818325What are some of your most memorable moments in horror games? Which games had an impact even after y…[View]
551792450How come nuBlizzard is afraid of girls?[View]
551823583ANOTHER FIGHT IS COMING YOUR WAY: >opponent playing R. Mika >immediately disconnects ethernet…[View]
551803383/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>551768114 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
551824652Alonzo: Alonzo[View]
551823147>that section british campaign of the original COD[View]
551821432Would a Nolan video game be any good?[View]
551824347>Demon > Priest > Elf > Alien > Tetujin > Dwarf > Fighter…[View]
551816483What is your thoughts on the new horror gamemode Beggoten 3 Jesus wept on gmod? The torture, the rap…[View]
551804556Seriously Capcom?: So why are they just pandering to coomers with the vampire chick? Like it’s so bl…[View]
551824348What are some games to play while listening to podcasts or music? Don't care if they're gr…[View]
551818463Why do male elves all look like they're 5 doses of estrogen away from womanhood?[View]
551824119Diplomacy has failed! Team! Unite Up![View]
551805898Am I the only one who wants Rean in Smash Ultimate?[View]
551821802Videogames collections: Will the current videogame prices bubble explode eventually? I've been …[View]
551818646Okami: First time playing this, what am I in for?[View]
551823946Any games where the enemy you fight are within the walls?[View]
551816996Sick OST thread: >Cyberpunk >Dozens of platinum selling bands and artists >Music is written…[View]
551816603Mutant Mudds: What is /v/'s opinion on this series?[View]
551822464He's in[View]
551812841Senua: Senua[View]
551822752Sorry to ask here, but I haven't been able to find any answers elsewhere. I'm doing the fa…[View]
551794959your ps4 will be a brick in 5 years and you can do nothing[View]
551821503got me a panasonic CRT tv to play old games the way the are supposed to be enjoyed.[View]
551814981ITT Earliest vidya crushes[View]
551823467>DMC5's setting is the same ruined city/fantasy mix, including a big tower at the center of …[View]
5518136242B or A2: You have to choose one.[View]
551820515>makes the greatest indie games in the West Can the Finns be stopped?[View]
551820428Who is going to buy them?[View]
551823321Anyone up for some Amiibo cock fighting? 4 player free for all or 1v1? No auto healing. Any other sp…[View]
551821421This has to be the best CoD since Black Ops II.[View]
551773905Can’t they just ban this crypto shit already, it ruining the fucking environment.[View]
551817271Why are Granblue Fantasy's characters so controversial?[View]
551821202When are they coming back[View]
551783506Game seems too easy: Why does every Monster Hunter iteration seem easier than the last? I remember M…[View]
551823070the low quality pedopost pandemic: >(lust-provoking image of underage character) >(character’s…[View]
551818575What's next for Lara Croft and the iconic Tomb Raider series? Will it continue with our current…[View]
551823026Cracktorio: A friend of mine bought me Factorio as a birthday present, now its time to ruin my life.…[View]
551817192What the fuck is up with these Leaders?[View]
551823020How the HELL will snoys cope in 2022 when Digital Foundry reviews Killzone 4, Horizon Odyssey to the…[View]
551823018Does /v/ play any gacha?[View]
551822542mucho gusto hombres. es el taco tuesday. post tu favorite game y tacos for me its the beef chalupa s…[View]
551822923So we can all agree that Tales of Symphonia is the best Tales game right?[View]
551821907Tekken is a _[View]
551819708Zelda thread: BOTW is the only good open world game[View]
551820160what brand do you recommend for xbox360 controllers?[View]
551816492>Race: Human >Skin tone: Fair >Gender: Male >Class: Paladin >Alignment: Lawful Good…[View]
551821054Let me guess. You “need” more.[View]
551822734Do you keep video games you will never play again?[View]
551821491FFX: It's perfect in every way[View]
551791792PS Vita mandatory downloads: So I got this out of some dusty drawer and even though I know I'll…[View]
551821326>that friday night funkin mod that uses Pokimane fart compilation as the track…[View]
551821993Post you're favorite final boss theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1GhOzlGXQk[View]
551811124Do you value realism and historical accuracy (particularly in regards to women) in video games?[View]
551820614>videogame adaption is actually good Any other examples?[View]
551813469How would a blowjob from Hinoa be different from a blowjob from Minoto? Hinoa >Changes her pace, …[View]
551805064ITT: Unreal potential games: ITT: Fictional games you wish you could play[View]
551821145/v/ how the fuck did you beat this guy back then? I'm trying it again in the modern day and I k…[View]
551818648talk about that one online friend you made that you havent seen in YEARS[View]
551821412What are some video games that espouse leftist ideology? Or at least incorporate leftist philosophy …[View]
551809743ITT: Games onlly you like I enjoy the story and characters unironically[View]
551818410Lmao this is the power of the ps5? This looks like Deus EX from 2012. How do you console losers actu…[View]
551817504Capcom @ E3: >Mega Man Battle Network Collection >Battle Network, Battle Network 2, Battle Net…[View]
551789915Sonic The Hedgehog Collection Coming To PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation. >Sonic The Hedgehog …[View]
551807804this is actually really comfy. especially when you play away from home or in bed. perfect indie mach…[View]
551817352>'Bro, why would you buy games on the Playstation or Xbox store????' >'You don't even OWN…[View]
551819290Final Fantasy XV: So what happened with this clusterfuck? I mean, the world itself was fun to travel…[View]
551816965Patapon?: The Patapon series is my fav for the PSP anyone shares some good feelings for patapon in h…[View]
551819042It was kinda fun to play. Story was unintelligible as standalone game. But more to the point of the …[View]
551802584Is this guy supposed to be a skill check?[View]
551820924A Hat in Time but for drooling pants shitting retards[View]
551818451*surpasses Xenosaga*[View]
551787132>YIIK: A Postmodern RPG seriously what went wrong here? The gameplay is solid and the voice actin…[View]
551817202Is this game necessary to understand what's going on in Zero & Cold Steel III? I loved the …[View]
551813319So what's the actual message of the game?[View]
551820358Did it really deserve all the hate it got?[View]
551815020Why are Nintendo game resale values go up so high, while PC, PS2, Xbox games resale values plummet? …[View]
551818619>tfw I actually liked the tank combat in Arkham Knight Any games that play like it? I prefer the…[View]
551804881Will it be laughably short like 7 and R3make?[View]
551817532Subtle Gaming Clothing: What would you wear?[View]
551819848I don't care. I'm still buying disgaea 6.[View]
551811221We won again Sonykings[View]
551818696Why are dungeon puzzles so rare in RPGs these days, both western and japanese?[View]
551813642Show me some arcade games (you) are nostalgic for[View]
551815336Does Mass Effect really need a remake/remaster?[View]
551819621How do you feel about West Coast girls?[View]
551814578Best and worst bosses?[View]
551818928>1 GB+ patch >HUD & UI updates[View]
551818389What did they eat?[View]
551819374Anyone playing Barotrauma lately?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k15FpbPaw0[View]
551816124Games about love?[View]
551813338>spam backjump entire match >do completely random light tatsus >throws constantly you dont …[View]
551818535HOLY SHIT GUYS, BAIKEN LEAKED!!! https://youtu.be/DLzxrzFCyOs[View]
551819184Remakes: in response to the last thread >>551813878 because time anon. Take Oddworld for insta…[View]
551819128Why aren't all games in 3d yet?[View]
551806804Will we play their son in Nioh 3 bros ?[View]
551813130>Protagonist does absolutely anything to save his daughter/wife/mother/etc. Why does this trope …[View]
551813780Terraria thread: hooked on the game again[View]
551817637>wins both costumes why is juri such a coomer character?[View]
551818370BANDAI NAMCO's friends have inside information about the next game, Elden Ring. A Trailer is sc…[View]
551815137Hahds up criminal![View]
551818658Comfy Switch Thread[View]
551818113EDF: The EDF returns! ... in cube form!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTd3dcKKtjI&ab_channel=…[View]
551817108goblins should have more recognition in video games, it is incredible how such an impressive species…[View]
551817709Was this good writing?[View]
551813645Are video games for children?: The older I get (25) I cant help but think the majority of console ga…[View]
551814230Synthetik 2: GOTYAY was just announced[View]
551779337Most gorgeous PS1 games: What are the PS1 games with the best aesthetic?[View]
551816175Is beating Devil Daggers worth the time and effort?[View]
551818101What's your favorite Silent Hill weapon? For me, it's the fire axe.[View]
551818071release the Kojima cut[View]
551809843Boomers lost their shit to this[View]
551813282You don't fap to characters from games made for children, do you?[View]
551815349ITT: Enemies who unnerved you[View]
551817814has there ever been any games about surfing[View]
551817764Piracy thread: >looking up info about a game I wanna buy >see shit from devs >'here in our …[View]
551816975>Phones have no good game...[View]
551817673What are some games that evoke this emotion?[View]
551814874What deck should I build for Duel Links?[View]
551814759Direct: Think we'll get another full one before E3? If so what are you expecting from it? (inb4…[View]
551813379Is it really a 10/10?[View]
551815727will we ever get a PC release, bros?[View]
551816860What sonic game have you played the least or never finished? I cant stand Advance 3, Unleashed and R…[View]
551815324Oh shit, /v/, Reggie Furukawa just called you into his office and tells you to pick six Nintendo cha…[View]
551815143Zombie pixel games: Hi /v/. I am a humble zombie game connoisseur who's stash of zombie games g…[View]
551816397>concept art is better than the official game[View]
551812846Try this game out, /v/: QEYS. It's free: https://dta-informaatica.itch.io/qeys What were your s…[View]
551817208What was his fucking problem?[View]
551812531Why was this so bad? All they had to do is make more of the first.[View]
551815769where the video games at?[View]
551810271Absolute masterpieces[View]
551813635He bought our game?[View]
551797758>finally comes out >not a single thread[View]
551815425yes I do enjoy the assassins creed games[View]
551808920Redpill me on Shantae games[View]
551805787this is genuinely the type of shit that makes me hate nintendo, they could be funding this project a…[View]
551817161Why aren't you playing the most challenging and progressive monster catcher game ever? Damn, th…[View]
551783531RIP in peace 2D Metroid: 1986-2017[View]
551807414Dark Souls lore master here. Ask me anything lore related[View]
551814986>Not playing Rise over and slowly this time Lmfao. What are you even doing with your life if not …[View]
551813434Post games that are a bitch that are bitch to play online.[View]
551808893what went wrong?[View]
551813640I don't get the appeal of Last of Us. It's basically a shittier I am Legend with shroom zo…[View]
551815259ITT: That one game only you played[View]
551808150Emulation: We haven't had a proper emulation thread in a while. What games are you guys emulati…[View]
551803425What is the point of Steam??: I haven't bought a game in ages. However, I am excited about Nier…[View]
551814724Star Trek: How come no Trek games?[View]
551816719Can I play Control 7 if i haven't played the previous ones?[View]
551803785Quest 2 VR: >120 Hz support is now available on Oculus Quest 2. Developers can now ship apps that…[View]
551816472Did anyone ever give you shit for liking Kirby games when you were a kid?[View]
551798303Resident Evil Village is going to be a masterpiece; New Details!: From the gameinformer article …[View]
551814020What are your thoughts on the depiction of law enforcement personnel in video games? Good or bad?[View]
551815816Why the f*ck did they make this fox so damn sexy?[View]
551809547What if every Smash character was based on a version separate from their game counterpart? (e.g. the…[View]
551813148Xenoblade Chronicles: DEFINITIVE EDITION[View]
551815815Games with brutal death scenes?[View]
551811927What do you guys think of the story given how radically different it is from Abe's Exoddus?[View]
551814849what was his problem[View]
551813878Remake Autism: Why are some of you guys so autistic when it comes to remade games? I mean, it's…[View]
551811971Final Fantasy IX: Jump Rope Minigame: Did you ever get to 1000? What's your record? I gave up a…[View]
551813087Post imps[View]
551814346What are some mechanics you'd like to see the survival genre adopt?[View]
551815976Which COD games actually have good campaigns? Only ever played this one but it was pretty fun/[View]
551776771Why did this thing sell so much? It launched with literally just ports and shovelware. The Legend o…[View]
551811345whats the appeal of sniping: What motivates someone to reduce their gaming experience to just a fanc…[View]
551813196gamer™ humor: LOL[View]
551808003Whats her fucking problem?[View]
551801051Did you finally play it or are you still seething in your corner like a retard.[View]
551812425What are some well optimized pc games to run at 4k? I heard Doom 2016 runs really well at 4k. I also…[View]
551813964>It's already been a year[View]
551806227Is Valkyria Chronicles dead?[View]
551809231Indie World Direct: Maybe we'll get a a character reveal for smash? Or maybe we'll get a n…[View]
551814907ITT: Games with pseudogameplay[View]
551808290>emulate Mario games >they are all boring that made me drop them after few hours Seriously wha…[View]
551814263As a lifelong ePSXe user and hardcore advocate, I finally gave Duckstation a chance and I must say..…[View]
551804401New Mortal Kombat 2022: >Working title is Mortal Kombat Titan >Both standalone and an expansio…[View]
551810668Need game recommendations: This is a list based on games I've played in the past 2-3 years that…[View]
551814825Plz join my rust server I want friends.[View]
551808194Character creation and stats: I still think that character creation should be dependent on stat poin…[View]
551815124How is /v/ going to feel when Facebook BTFO Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo next week? >TFW we will …[View]
551807820I am a SALT AND SANCTUARY lore sage. I probably know more about SALT AND SANCTUARY than anybody else…[View]
551783567FFXIV 5.5: Honest thoughts on the patch?[View]
551796393Why people stick with the N64 version when the remake is much better? Just use 4x internal res and t…[View]
551811239it's easier than dark souls[View]
551807875Will I get one?[View]
551810804This is art[View]
551814613Have video games ever had a negative impact on your life?[View]
551812205Unusual animals you would want to see more of: I think only Final Fantasy has ridable running birds…[View]
551754972>sonic developers make a new game >it's fucking shit Makes You Think…[View]
551814539Now that we have a kino justice league movie, where is our kino justice league game?[View]
551813150Battlefield 4 maps are the worst maps ever in a fps game. They are shovelware shit garbage trash. No…[View]
551808043What is the best zombie game?[View]
551812481Psycholonials Chapter 8 out: Remember that these threads provide a deletion-proof place to discuss H…[View]
551794185if you're so fucking smart what would you have done in his situation[View]
551812292Hitman, 1 2 and 3: What map was the best /v/? Take the map survey while you are at it: https://docs.…[View]
551814087Anyone else having problems with having time to replay some of old favourites lately? I'm jumpi…[View]
551809324ITT: Games only white people can appreciate.[View]
551811441What would it take for you to play gacha[View]
551810124ITT : That game you regret not getting vs the game you actually got Guess which one[View]
551811859What are some hard games?[View]
551813482>join versus >get kicked[View]
551810518>learn about framerates years ago >build a gaming PC and use steam >gaming becomes this gar…[View]
551812930Any other fun schlock games like this that are short?[View]
551793410How did you feel when you discovered that wasn't actually her underwear?[View]
551813616i hate this boss, it resets too quickly, I think because the emulator lacks slowdown that would have…[View]
551811678What are the best RE2 Remake mods?[View]
551799239You are one of the city's top ordinary dudes, you have recently fell into the conundrum of resc…[View]
551810842literally why would you use any other mask?[View]
551772463Why did you fags lie to me? This game is incredible: I've finish all the other Arkham games 100…[View]
551813235Duckhunt Remastered (2021) for PC announced: wow[View]
551812980Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV: Miss me yet?[View]
551813207Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition: Thoughts on the new American 'civilization'? https://youtu.b…[View]
551810729bullies get no huggies >:) gn frens[View]
551811729What zones are you looking forward to leveling in BC?[View]
551809650World of Warcraft 9.1: here's your primus, bro.[View]
551805938>play it as a kid >absolutely hated it >play it again as a grown adult >absolutely love…[View]
551802485What do you do when this cutie stumbles up to you?[View]
551812083Dota: Can we have a thread to talk about the new update?[View]
551794247Do y'all think video game characters smoke weed? What vidya characters do y'all think lite…[View]
551799314What is your thoughts on the new horror gamemode Beggoten 3 Jesus wept on gmod? The torture, the rap…[View]
551807168Consumers are who to blame for the same, bland AAA game franchises and their disgusting DLC and loot…[View]
551806507Why is it so addicting bros? Netcode is garbage, cheaters everywhere yet still so fun[View]
551809479Monster Hunter: >he doesn't bring Flash Bombs to Rampages Do you enjoy being a liability to …[View]
551783193Cyberpunk is ba-[View]
551811885I stuff Emily's pussy with my glorious farmer spooge all day errydays, suck it Clunt[View]
551812609ITT: In your opinion, what are some games that you couldn't get into because they insist upon t…[View]
551801767>FPS game >Press Q >Character does not lean right…[View]
551811791>WAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAH *sniffle* IT WASN'T A .WAD Why do boomers do this?…[View]
551810232The aim in this game is fucking busted, i had enemies right on the middle of the fucking crosshair a…[View]
551795167GIMME GIMME GIMME![View]
551809150Parsec: What games has /v/ been playing with their friends through Parsec?[View]
551805381Metal Gear Solid HD collection: I asked yesterday if I should buy this and I did. What am I in for? …[View]
551809618uh hey, I got a shipment of dragon dildos for mr. anon. can you sign this?[View]
551802938Indieworld: silksong tomorrow. what else are they going to show?[View]
551805152Why am I not allowed to criticize this game?[View]
551766656What was Sonic Team even thinking when they came up with the werehog?[View]
551810182If there are so many leaks about Sonic, then could ya at least leak out Sega’s other projects?[View]
551808187the protagonist of the last videogame wants you dead, but majima and kiryu are honorbound to save yo…[View]
551790401How would you deal with Karin if she mocked you?[View]
551808285Fuck fangames and mods: Make your own games, you talentless hacks[View]
551809343INDESTRUCTIBLE: >playing Street Fighter V >blacklist every shoto I come across >online bec…[View]
55180950770 days until Steam Summer Sale: watcha buyin'?[View]
551808581I'm going to post this until you like it[View]
551801887best 3ds games?[View]
551809167is this one of the gaming moments ever made ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS5peqApgUA[View]
551809480People fear what they don't understand.[View]
551809964This is the factional control map of Tamriel, as of Skyrim. How will it look in TES VI?[View]
551805132Is SC2 the best competitive 1v1 game to play?[View]
551806127Is it kino?[View]
551799451*blocks your sim path*[View]
551809605What makes an RPG an RPG? Leveling? Open world? Choice? The JRPG understanding what makes an rpg an …[View]
551809614NO MORE HEROES 3 IN THE CAPCOM STORE.: This better means will see more killer7 stuff Capcom.[View]
551809420CRT monitors are the shit: So i managed to get this old lad to work again. This is a KFC 15' (i shit…[View]
551809385Samus: What's the best power suit design?[View]
551809565Favorite Fire Emblem characters? For me it's pic related[View]
551789148>damage increase while low on HP[View]
551799509Prove you aren't a braindead NPC by naming popular games you hate Prove you actually play games…[View]
551771956Nintendo: How do you feel about the news that Nintendo is shifting towards original IP's and aw…[View]
551807574Ethan Winters: How do you stop him?[View]
551809071Are video games for children?: The older I get (25) I cant help but think the majority of console ga…[View]
551810028This game's only issue is awful lack of content. Lackluster character balance is negligeable th…[View]
551808714>Game doesn't launch >Game crashes constantly >Game is locked to 30fps >Physics are…[View]
551809375I wanted a good base builder game. Fuck[View]
551810415Slay the Spire is a perfect game: Feel free to post other games you consider to be perfect.[View]
551810924Name a more TRAD game. I'll wait.[View]
551810445>Kills their Japanese branch >Invests half a billion dollars into Chinese developers Have they…[View]
551809980>name your top 5 games of the last decade or you'll get a bullet well?…[View]
551792846Sonic's 30th & The Leaks From 4/12: It's come to my attention that a new leak has circ…[View]
551810685>see Republic Commando on Switch eShop >buy it >try to issue commands to my squadmates …[View]

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