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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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599615498Barry. Where's Barry?[View]
599613584SMT V: already forgotten[View]
599615508Just a reminder, Dung Eater raped his ass.[View]
599615692What kind of delay will it be this time?[View]
599615646Why are the devs so incompetent when it comes to managing this garbage emulator?[View]
599599069It's 1996 and in a different timeline Valve is started by African-American entrepreneur Garlan …[View]
599613997Why Yes: I do buy horror games based on how much I want to fuck the monsters. How could you tell?…[View]
599613262RACIAL PINNACLE[View]
599613036video game music peaked here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofj5flVbK2M[View]
599614148>Sonic 2006 It's time to apologise, it wasn't that bad[View]
599613393>game has sexy women any games like this[View]
599614908You're coming back, right?[View]
599614895>random loud noises >less than 20 minutes of gameplay Why is puppetcombo hyped so much?…[View]
599613543Was it kino?[View]
599615181>soulslike >it's always garbage[View]
599606407Bluebros....I think it's our time.[View]
599615134You like MGS2, Allen?[View]
599600765Fighters pass 3 what would be your picks? mine are >Eggman >Crash >Rayman >Hornet from H…[View]
599574707World of Warcraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZtedjN1JXY One word: YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS Have you …[View]
599611074Is Paimon cute?[View]
599607761Is it mostly nostalgia or was there something truly special about early World of Warcraft?[View]
599610927>final boss is the main protagonist of the first game[View]
599599928So /v/, do you think ugly Sonic has a change in making an appearance in the 3rd Sonic movie?[View]
599609191WayForward. What do we think of this company?[View]
599613823Adventure Ludo.[View]
599614516Literal shit[View]
599604502What's your opinion on Demon's Souls 7?[View]
599614325How did it happen that consoles need huge investments such as exclusive contracts, first party game …[View]
599606341ER: 2/10 too anime. Hope that From goes back to Gimmick Souls(DaS and DeS) and put this bootleg KH g…[View]
599600784Elden Ring is a feminist game: >Goddess is a woman >strongest warrior is a woman >most impo…[View]
599613973oh wow wow yes oh wow got him yes wow good mini game wow got him[View]
599614059Indie Live Expo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAJzzWkxjKA The show starts in about 12 hours, it…[View]
599610204>randomized dungeon >randomized battle drops >randomized chest rewards >randomized skill…[View]
599614092Friday night and no games to play.[View]
599614083>Groidspoken failed >Chocoflop GP failed >Marvel games failed and the studios got sold off …[View]
599609323Did you know that New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey is a reference to Big City from the 1994 Ga…[View]
599602792Will Embracer be the next THQ?[View]
599613595>level starts >crash winks at the screen >begins riding the hog what did he mean by this?…[View]
599601006You did Purify your terraria world right /v/?[View]
599610026>I love Yakuza >Huh? Who's Jo Amon?[View]
599609098Jackbox Thread I have Jackbox Party Pack 8,7,6 Cycling through the games https://www.twitch.tv/thebl…[View]
599612013Why do they let him get away with it?[View]
599613767What’s the appropriate route should the resident evil series take? Keep going the Ethan winters rout…[View]
599610207be honest. how would a Ninja Gaiden 4 even work? Because DESU, Gaiden never found its 'style' that i…[View]
599599356BLOCK THIS ONE[View]
599607123Is this the greatest duo in all of vidya?[View]
599588435Who do you pick?[View]
599613657How would you go about making an ugly sonic game?[View]
599611656membrane keyboards > mechanical[View]
599593614[BREAKING NEWS] New Suda Game Teased: >A new Suda51 game could potentially be announced at the en…[View]
599534401ITT: worst of their series: Let's compile a list of games that are objectively the worst in the…[View]
599608432Did it kill Switch dead in the water? Have people finally realized that they can play Nintendo games…[View]
599613583ordered the XR 6600 XT and think about sending it back and getting the 3060 instead for 25€ more. th…[View]
599608682Sup /v/, would you guys be interested in an unboxing thread? Just got some packages in the mail toda…[View]
599580979>play japanese game >onsen scene every single time why are japanese like this?…[View]
599608468Which one is more fun to do the retard in? Both are at 25€ currently[View]
599613459is this true?[View]
599598784bros, i miss him[View]
599604854ITT: Games that aren't good[View]
599612905(1) 6.8 user score[View]
599559008Simple reminder. Angel = (You) Heaven = Our world Angel's Heaven = A cool way to say it Banish …[View]
599609206Code Vein 2 when?[View]
599609902And I'm tired of pretending it's not: Greatest console of all time[View]
599600857ITT: Red Flags. >rap/hip-hop song (especially from last few years) in trailer…[View]
599611378Nobetachads…: Did you go with the Spicy Sweet Chili Flavor, the Cool Ranch Flavor, or the Nacho Chee…[View]
599605096You didn't buy one from a scalper, right Anon?[View]
599589548Will you be partaking in the Fortnite Obi Wan Kenobi tournament?[View]
599610157Shit guys, I am weak! I was playing WoW since Cata release, unsubbed like 4 months ago but something…[View]
599613007ITT: Recognizable Game Studios that no one talks about[View]
599607395What is the worst modding community to ever exist and why it is the Nexus Skyrim modding community? …[View]
599609965CHOTTO MATTE[View]
599611497Thoughts on Cerberus and Illusive Man: And how badly they fucked it up in 3[View]
599611940Remember when Nintendo made their own not-Pokemon game?[View]
599604435>the day journalists lost what little credibility they had[View]
599607605>there will never be another good sci-fi video game feels bad bros...[View]
599612631Elden Motherfucking Ring!: okay, i'll admit, i downloaded the cracked version first, since i ne…[View]
599610131>fang shows up >fang starts talking[View]
599612430analogic terror be like[View]
599589378GaryC thread: https://garyc.me/sketch/ draw the vidya https://sketchy-bot.github.io/sketch for advan…[View]
599599952It was a different time...[View]
599608572Thoughts so far about the game Post your >main >most waited newcomer…[View]
599611557>women bros[View]
599609254>So, Makoto has a new boyfriend[View]
599606870I WANT TO BE KATY PERRY.[View]
599611024What is the most comfy vidya system?[View]
599599201>game presents the player with a seemingly benign choice of things, practically fluff flavor text…[View]
599610856Virtual reality is dystopian.[View]
599610907Evil Dead: Who's your demon main and why is it Eligos? Henriettafags need not apply.[View]
599611415Please don't preorder Battlefield 7[View]
599608027So it’s pretty much all but confirmed that they’re either going to port it to consoles and do a rema…[View]
599611521Same map Same link Same non linear quest line Different sky island for each arm power Same small dun…[View]
599610557Are these games canon to the LoTR universe? t. not knower of anything lotr related[View]
599610459The best game of all time.[View]
599610306Hey, hey hold on a minute there! I'm afraid you're committing a 524, that's scrolling…[View]
599601459Would I be cringe for buying this?[View]
599610979Spooky things in non spooky games: Can we talk about spooky things in non spooky games? I like threa…[View]
599610793Has there ever been a more brutal mogging?[View]
599610740Mii: Show me some good Miiverse art[View]
599605854Anon has no maidens! Maidenless![View]
599609352is there really anything to play on psp apart from ps1 games[View]
599609467this prank was AWESOME man[View]
599610367Worth pirating? Is it as good as the first one? >inb4 first one wasnt good Shut up im asking peo…[View]
599606206Does yu narukami make nier reincarnation worth playing?[View]
599605057I don't much care for the delivery boy thing. Just want an action game and ride motorcycles. Wi…[View]
599601594Remaster collection fucking when? This series was so much better than Killzone desu[View]
599607505>Boomers unironically thought these were the peak of video games[View]
599607541for me alien race is the best race to play[View]
599607626Let me guess you need more?[View]
599609939the half-life of a first order reaction does not depend on initial concentration[View]
599606548>tfw playing 3ds while sitting all comfy in my bed[View]
599598101Stellaris: I understand it's Paradox and its awful monetization and I don't give a flying …[View]
599606736If you could headpat any game character, who would it be?[View]
599607379Literally one of the games of all time[View]
599609610why can't I buy and play pso2 offline? I can play pso and psu offline.[View]
599598901Since Old World is out - anybody tried it and can say if it's good game and worth playing? I re…[View]
599608073This didn't age well, the gameplay sucks[View]
599603381anything comparable to this?[View]
599609485Was this Eggman’s most OP mech?[View]
599608291You didn't forget to calibrate your monitor, did you?[View]
599603213Rain World: Discuss[View]
599604848What's do people hate mobile emulation so much? You type and touch and jerk off on your phone a…[View]
599609228It's Friday, therefore it's time for a husbando thread.[View]
599599195Show me your taste in vidya ain't as fucked up as the rest of your useless goddamn generation.[View]
599608716>db xenoverse series >dbz budokai tenkaichi series >fighter z >db kakarot out of every m…[View]
599608062Kill fia[View]
599601608What's the weirdest piece of dialogue you've seen in vidya?[View]
599603093Is there a hope for this franchise to make a proper comeback? I miss it like you wouldn't belie…[View]
599605416Is it true?[View]
599605709In FPS, should you see your own legs and/or shadow?[View]
599608302This is the most confusing game series[View]
599608283Any games where I can play as a Broccoli Golem?[View]
599608156I don't want Death Stranding 2 for Christ sake... Kojima is old, he needs to do other things th…[View]
599607915You have five minutes to convince me that futas are not the future in video games[View]
599601327You didn't beat the game.[View]
599600727FFVII-IX: I didn't find pic related very good. Not terrible but just par for the course. How do…[View]
599607864Steam Library thread. Post your most played Steam games, rate others, hate others, etc.[View]
599606530Would this pairing work anywhere near as well if it was an imp boy partnered with a human girl?[View]
599607404ice hoc,ey[View]
599607357What's your favorite videogame rivalry?[View]
599604492why cant stealth classes use big two handed weapons?[View]
599607321>sexy sonic[View]
599602870>sho anyway >like i was saying >343 ruined halo…[View]
599607284Leave the Pokemon League to me Ash[View]
599606862Western game devs are sh-[View]
599607231where's that bitch kiryu[View]
599607229>finally kill back guy who's been killing me all game >call him a nigger in chat >quit…[View]
599607187>Owl reciting the Iron Code while the death sound effect is playing https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
599601336Arkham Knight > Arkham City > Arkham Origins > Arkham Asylum: Change my mind[View]
599606890where was he going?[View]
599605106>Humans fuck up the whole universe by accidentally creating omnicidal AI and jump gate technology…[View]
599607114To support or not support[View]
599605183DOGFIGHT RING: Place your bets and explain your pick[View]
599607046>Samus talked game = ruined ONE (1) fucking job, Mercury Steaming pile of shit, ONE…[View]
599607027>You might be on a Team with people that cannot unlock Arthur[View]
599590654The Best Assassin's Creed Game[View]
599599929For me, it's Xbox, the soulful underdog[View]
599602834What we think of Blaze the Cat here around here? Does she deserve more games?[View]
599606895Cyberpunk 2077? More like Cyberkino 2077![View]
599601104>film grain[View]
599602498John Witcher: >Lands you in hot shit >Never explains himself >His motives are dogshit >U…[View]
599584403uhhh, Bernie-bros? What in the fuck happened? Bew 3 hopes trailer up btw: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
599606301Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Thoughts on this roguelike, /v/? They just released a proper PC-optimised v…[View]
599604208Gartic Phone: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=01653a00c0 Let's play doodle game with Broken Telep…[View]
599605129Preorder Splatoon 3[View]
599605434>character can be customizable[View]
599605401Titan Fall 2: what the hell is attrition/frontier?? Does the game finally work now on pc? https://w…[View]
599597376Your lightsaber feels like a baseball bat. How did they fuck up such a fundamental detail? You shoul…[View]
599595165Here's your new monster champ, bro! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjPS3j5XNss[View]
599579854Why can't /v/ admit he's the best in the game right now?[View]
599605630Video game thread[View]
599600705Zombies: Does anyone here know why Richtofen kept sending zombies after the ultimus crew? Couldn…[View]
599595618When did you realise Vintage Story was superior to Minecraft? You aren't still waiting for the …[View]
599605295Are you ready for super halal kart?[View]
599599884I hate gacha games so much. My addiction to WWE Champions has legitimately destroyed my life. I…[View]
599601153Why didn't TBT games had a proper come back? After nuCOM, it seemed like it was having a new pe…[View]
599601938>play earthbound for the first time >first enemy is a runaway dog >forced to bash it to dea…[View]
599605083The pleb filter.[View]
599570581did Elden Ring meet your expectations?[View]
599580027Fire Emblem Three Hopes New Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EGQ3oKDcj0 Berniebros... I don…[View]
599605409>almost 3 months after the release >already less than 100 people are playing it To the people …[View]
599604187i was looking into pokemon alternatives and realized I don't want alternatives for the monsters…[View]
599605245What can I say I love FPS's There is nothing like the rush of hunting people down and killing t…[View]
599604776Hello /v/ I represent a wealthy client who is a fan of this website, but for obvious reasons he can …[View]
599605387The sequel will drop....at any moment now...[View]
599605016Edgykino suggestions?[View]
599601484Which boomer shooter is the best? Which boomer shooter mod is the best?[View]
599603232Remember Kharak[View]
599604795How do we save WVN?[View]
599601691Yeah, that happened.[View]
599604943>Is so bloated with shitty mobile ports that it cant even run properly I cant even browse games a…[View]
599597805You do own /v/'s rising right?[View]
599597657thoughts on this masterpiece? https://peachpunchgames.itch.io/muscle-maidens-bodyguard[View]
599604121>OH N-![View]
599603684mods too busy masturbating to the child porn threads to delete them?[View]
599604128:D: :D[View]
599603681>after about 50 tries finally beat her >she has a second phase i'm not feeling so well…[View]
599592868mogs your favourite souls game[View]
599602080breath of the wild 2.... does exist![View]
599593172I thought this game didn't work on steam? That is all I heard for a while yet I just bought it …[View]
599604634Moments in video games that hit very hard. Emotionally, actions-wise, climactic moments, anything. I…[View]
599604618Gameplay : Deus Ex Invisible War > DXMD > DXHR > Deus Ex[View]
599598839Is this the best video game ever made?[View]
599602554Why are old video games getting so fucking expensive? You could buy a new copy of picrel for like $1…[View]
599604508Jigsaw Thread: Wapple Edition: its time to jig boys https://puzzle.aggie.io/iIWj4p[View]
599600970So what game franchise HASN'T been ruined by the message/wokefags yet? Literally Splatoon 3 is …[View]
599602543I've recently developed underground mining autism. Any decent vidya out there that does a good …[View]
599603356Farcry with MGS skin : aka Utter Shit[View]
599604240What went wrong?[View]
599602679what exactly was R2 anyway?[View]
599597083Best action game of all time: Will NG2 ever be topped? Fuck, playing it again and its just amazing. …[View]
599598369PS4 version of elden ring on ps5: Is the smoothness worth the graphic downgrade?[View]
599583153YESSSSS Delivery walking sim kino is on the menu, boys.[View]
599575053Do people really think the Super Nintendo had better music than the Genesis? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
599603606Whomst?: WHOMST[View]
599601486She literally killed millions..[View]
599602279Space station 13 > Dwarf fortress[View]
599589950You have 3 months to make a popular horror indie game post your award winning idea that will surely …[View]
599573114There's nothing Final Fantasy about this game. The frenetic DMC like combat, the lack of playab…[View]
599601589It 1996 and in a diffelent timerine Varve is stated by Japanese-American entepeneu Nekotani Genji. W…[View]
599600216https://youtu.be/4AQq7BBrhFE?t=3899 So apparently Ian Flynn tried to remind SEGA that the Master Eme…[View]
599596306What's a character you like from a game you think is mediocre or bad?[View]
599603354You will witness true horror.[View]
599599959meanwhile in the /v/ nightmare realm...[View]
599600374Why hasn't there been a 4096-bit console?[View]
599573895Famitsu - XBOX outsells PS5 in Japan: The Xbox Series S has outsold the PS5 in Japan for the first t…[View]
599603091Three cheers for Fervus![View]
599595443How are you coping with senran kagura dying?[View]
599601784MGO: Is this any fun on consoles? I've never got into MGO because of the kbm retards sprinting…[View]
599584459Its time[View]
599602668cringe thread: post vidya cringe[View]
599599620Skyrim Alternate Ending https://youtu.be/QdmM9d2P3F4 Discuss[View]
599602538>multiplayer game >it allows cheating[View]
599573009Elden ring lore general: I'll start it off with this question, what is the link between these t…[View]
599597479What was his name again?[View]
599585562Here comes the best RPG.[View]
599602313This man popularized and developed an entire video game genre from modding ARMA 2. Say something nic…[View]
599596597Has there ever been a game that had difficulty settings be the opposite of they’re displayed as just…[View]
599581868>play finnish game >sauna scene every single time why are fins like this?…[View]
599601225Thank GOODNESS a lore vid finally came out on these important characters!!!![View]
599595881>20 Days Till Summer Games Fest Hopes? Dreams? Expectations?[View]
599598279Internal Sega guy here. I don't work in any high level stuff so don't get your hopes up fo…[View]
599599282ITT: The most fucked up shit you've ever seen in a video game[View]
599600368Halo Infinite Campaign: Anyone still playing this? Is there a reason to after finishing the plot?…[View]
599596126whats your favorite Playstation 2 game[View]
599601808What went wrong?[View]
599596824Alice Ayslum: Been waiting nearly a year, been in Dev since at least 2019[View]
599599531I hate memes. Show me ANY video game made after 2010 that doesn’t acknowledge or try to start memes.[View]
599601605>OK, SHITSTAIN, PULL OVER[View]
599595373Are there any WWI games out there that aren't dead?[View]
599597329Deck bros how's you deck doing?[View]
599601285Is it better to burn DVDs or use OPL for PS2?[View]
599600229>does literally everything wrong[View]
599600447Antonblast: So it reached its funding goal in under 3 days, with 32 days left to spare. Are you exci…[View]
599563264Dragons doodoo 2: If it actually comes out what changes would you like to see for me it would be …[View]
599595708>zoomers shit their pants over this[View]
599598485Here is your final boss bro, the legendary Elden Dildo btw half of the fight will be you chasing aft…[View]
599596784A little bit of Monika in my life A little bit of Monika by my side A little bit of Monika is all I …[View]
599600835Nintendo owes me bing-bing.[View]
599597508Nintendosisters... wtf is this?[View]
599530835post a pic, get a game reccomendation[View]
599599087Is Elden Ring really worse than all of these?[View]
599597418MVS: Your Top Tier, kind sir.[View]
599600615Games similar like Gladius, LotR Conquest and Battle Brothers: >Turn based >quick time event h…[View]
599593601So uh..... where are the games?[View]
599600001Tifa is not for lewd: Stop sexualising her[View]
599600297Why do people say this is worse than the first one? The introduction of combos makes the game much m…[View]
599600078Play dead by daylight[View]
599596961Emulation: based or cringe? What's the /v/erdict? On one hand, it's cool we have game pres…[View]
599598928Will we ever get any actual interesting new characters in Overwatch?[View]
599600175What are your thoughts on video games that involve consensual cuckolding?[View]
599599580Welcome to Camp Navarro. So you're the new replacement. YOU ARE OUT OF UNIFORM SOLDIER. WHERE I…[View]
599599763A true RPG player dips Monk or Vivi or Crossblooded Sorc or whatever is necessary. A true RPG player…[View]
599600378Hello anons what are your gamernames[View]
599599995[something seems to be bothering Carth. Maybe you should speak to him and see if you can get him to …[View]
599591401Integrated batteries are bullshit and I'm tired of pretending they're not.[View]
599599873ITT: janky games Morrowind Stalker Deus Ex VTMB what else?[View]
599596180>cg trailer reveal 2020 >release date 2022 >hyped as Dead Space successor Will it be good?…[View]
599594794Thought I'd let you all know, right now there's a duplication glitch going on with steam t…[View]
599598647DMC1: DMC1 was great and the most underrated in the series. Are there actual shills on /v/? Looking …[View]
599599232Should I go Ryzen or Intel?[View]
599598427Do you forgive translators for their past mistakes?[View]
599599445We need an MMORPG to contain FFXIV trannies and then we need another MMORPG that is actually good li…[View]
599599334Why does the Sonic franchise attract the most autistic fanbase ever?[View]
599599286Do smartphone (gacha) games come with too much content?[View]
599564169Vidya game figures, which ones do you own?[View]
599599042You ready for magical girl y'shotla?[View]
599597781Why did this even happen?[View]
599597148Is 144hz just a meme? I think my eyes are defective because I can't tell the difference between…[View]
599590832Is it overrated? Be honest[View]
599589892*skruah* *DEE do DEE do* Sam, we have an unusual delivery for you. We need you to make sure that thi…[View]
599583861>river of blood, moonveil and bloodhound step are still not nerfed pvpbros... it's over…[View]
599592937Sony does it again. Another pack so they can claim this shit sells millions.[View]
599595249>spends months dropping mug edgy arg clues for some big announcement >it's literally just…[View]
599599029I've been waiting for you...friends.: ITT: Games with bad voice acting. Really bad, preferably.…[View]
599596797This triggers autists[View]
599598846He wants to walk the desert. Seething. coping, dancing to tik tok music[View]
599597926>Speedrun >It's just 30 minutes of glitching out of bounds and reloading saves…[View]
599596307So why aren't you playing the 'cracked' Blue Protocol closed beta as a totally flat loli with n…[View]
599598039Sonic stands no chance against her.[View]
599593520Whats the best, safest site where I can get n64 roms (specially ocarina of time)?[View]
599595665What's the worst game to speedrun ever ? Like there's so much RNG it's just impossibl…[View]
599596509Persona 4: 1.- I 100% agree that incels are women's fault. Instead of rewarding some socially i…[View]
599598360beat me, hate me, you can never break me[View]
599598348I'm gonna do it, senpai. I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna summon someone to help me…[View]
599595386This is unironically better than Super Mario World[View]
599587793It's boring. I made the mistake of playing Elden Ring before this and now I can't go back …[View]
599592173Eld/from/soul/soulless: I get it now. This game, it feels like reading a book that my girlfriend lov…[View]
599598191>Pick up that can janny.[View]
599597858HOGS OF WAR: >who here played it? >who never heard of it? >why won't they get a small …[View]
599596252Props to Santa Monica for transforming a psychopathic murderer to a caring father and reasonable man…[View]
599593521Is FF just shitty in general? Or is it just FF7 thats shit? The remake was crap as well.[View]
599595962Play PUBG mobile.[View]
599594248Morrowind is the best Elder Scrolls and it's not close even[View]
599594398BRUUUUUUUUUH BRUUUUUUUUUH bruuuuuuhhhh...[View]
599595168bel slave: anons wake up new fetish just dropped[View]
599594858Is there any /v/idya that can satisfy my inline skating fix?[View]
599596589Unironically post monkey themed games...for reasons. Gorillas et al and all species of Hominidae co…[View]
599594892Ben Broad: Ben Broad[View]
599597626Prototype is fucking garbage. No idea what people see in this janky shit.[View]
599597634What will be in the next game? Do they end it at costa del sol??? This project should be 3 games max…[View]
599597550Got ahold of some info for a trailer coming out in the next couple weeks, and since I'm not inv…[View]
599595657What do you do for guns and armour?[View]
599597534Why was 8th gen such a gold mine for publishers and devs? It seems like everything made shit loads o…[View]
599591959biblically accurate angels or normal angels?[View]
599597519If I send my dudes on a quest to get stuff does it matter if they have any monsters or can I save mo…[View]
599591971What went so right?[View]
599592371I'm a Linux gamer. Why aren't you?[View]
599597387Do you also work for 6 months while mommy feeds you and the take 6 months off buying and playing gam…[View]
599596770Sonic 06: I was six years old when this game came out, and wasn't really involved in the online…[View]
599546081ITT: your best sliders.[View]
599592230Deus Ex and Tomb Raider allegedly both getting a lot of more entries: From a Kotaku article: >Whe…[View]
599591814another digital vs physical analogy: >I just got back from hunting. >Darn, it feels good to ge…[View]
599595569Would you make playing vidya your job?[View]
599594975Gotham Knights Thread: Why didn't they just give Dick a fucking wingsuit to lean into his Flyin…[View]
599596150Do you only play one type of game?: I grew up playing zombie games. I love Zombies :-)[View]
599587298What the fuck would happen?: What would happen if you took two portals connected to each other, and …[View]
599595951>Mary.. >James... >Forgive me... >I told you that I wanted to die, James. I wanted the p…[View]
599588156RTS Tower Defense Hybrids: Just finished playing Creeper World 3 and I'm new looking for more g…[View]
599586227They’re better than the Genesis games overall. Or at least just as good.[View]
599596197Why are zoomers so cringe?[View]
599596549https://tcrf.net/Marvel_Super_Heroes_vs._Street_Fighter_(Arcade)#Unused_Graphics What did Capcom mea…[View]
599595592There is no lore and no story in this shit and I'm tired of pretending there is.[View]
599585152It was absolutely better than the first game. Not even a contest.[View]
599596501what are some good fighting games to play nowdays?[View]
599593195Videogame Objects you want IRL[View]
599594916Is there any game about searching for weird creatures for the simple joy of finding them? Got the id…[View]
599593149Would you have watched a Smash anime?[View]
599594681>what is a dog with no hares to hunt? He's just like me.[View]
599592673Which controller has the best D-pad? For me, it's the Xbox 360.[View]
599595241play total war: Three kingdoms[View]
599593643What annoys you most about h-games?[View]
599557774MultiVersus Thread: Where my Bugbros at[View]
599590192Admit it. You loved this game when you first played it, and had to be conditioned out of it for sill…[View]
599595357post weapon name kino[View]
5995944192022 is a crappy year for Nintendo: >Mario Strikers Battle League didn't have enough new con…[View]
599593603Devil May Cry Thread: Between his new found mega popularity and Itsuno's autism about Dante wil…[View]
599595629What multiplayer game are you to buy in the sale ?[View]
599594030>Soul doesn’t exi-[View]
59959124712 days until June.[View]
599594361>100 hours of dialogue[View]
599595525how dare they?[View]
599594313Best in Gaming[View]
599593743Are movies or games better?[View]
599590309>And this is my collection. See those antlers over there? I can go on all day how tough it was to…[View]
599520203Deep Rock Galactic: comfy times with the lads. what's your newest loadout?[View]
599587573Has any other game ever had a playerbase tank this badly?[View]
599592987SMW hacks: I just got around to beating Plumber for All Seasons, and it's awesome. I love the c…[View]
599595137It's here: What will you be flying, bros? Star Citizen is going LITERALLY FREE to play for a fe…[View]
599578057>/v/ is now a Total War game Whats the factions?[View]
599590450I just briefly humored the thought of playing Xenosaga. What would I think of it?[View]
599578571Cyberpunk 2077? More like Cyberkino 2077.[View]
599583064Has a video game ever made you cry? What was her name? For me it's telltales walking dead S1[View]
599590210MARVEL SNAP | Official Announcement & Gameplay First Look: SHARTSTONE BROS! MAGIC NERDS! We have…[View]
599585389Are Resident Evil 5 & 6 even worth playing? They seem so boring[View]
599591112This is Yaia, say something nice[View]
599594852When will it release, do we have any news? I really loved 1 and 2, especially 2.[View]
599591081Terrible games that /v/ tricked you into buying. I'll start.[View]
599579309salt and sacrifice: >that happened[View]
599591446>Game insults you[View]
599594359Just finished ME1[View]
599588390>Zelda Botw is delayed until 2023 >Another unwanted Splatoon/Xenoblade sequel >Only interes…[View]
599551132Master Duel: Gotta love how much asshurt 13 yo girls cause shittards.[View]
599593510FUCK YOU WHY WON'T YOU FALL?!?![View]
599585465Give me good moral reasons to betray Millicent please. I want her dex talisman so bad and I don…[View]
599594097Gifs: Just that[View]
599589653*Crushing Counters and bashes in your path*[View]
599594005have you ever been banned in a video game?[View]
599592120How is keeping your game on a hard drive different than keeping it on a disc?[View]
599590093Marvel SNAP: >free to play >fast gameplay >unique deckbuilding >playable on both mobile …[View]
599590978>whoops can't show that in a Christian vidya[View]
599593882>Meanwhile at the undead /v/illage...[View]
599565168Hatsune Miku! Which game are you playing?! What song are you stuck on? Does Miku even wear a bra? Wh…[View]
599585720Champions released since the last time EU won worlds: 82 Yorick Leona Wu Kong Skarner Talon Riven Xe…[View]
59959286210 years later and still true.[View]
599590830Ace combat 7 bros: What is the most optimal way to have fun in multiplayer?[View]
599582307>fuse two monsters together >find this new fused monster in a random encounter 20 minutes late…[View]
599593129Nobeta: Which one do I pick?[View]
599585758>want to replay game >can't because my 8 gigbaytes of RAM power isn't enough anymore…[View]
599590907Would you use it in PVE anon?[View]
599592050Have you guys used your Joycon controllers to play Wii games with WAGGLAN on a Dolphin emulator? If …[View]
599593189>game lets you glitch out of bounds[View]
599590732Who are we maining boys?[View]
599587636>RMA'd my Steam Deck because a button didn't work >Was a loud fan version >Valve …[View]
599588614What's the most assholish thing you've done in a MP videogame?[View]
599586349Man, I miss the 360/PS3 era. Let's have a comfy thread about it. What are your favorite seventh…[View]
599589983Halo bros.... I feel nothing but pain....[View]
599588315What am I in for?[View]
599592807Why does Sega hate Shadow so much?[View]
599592891Do you play any browser games, /v/?[View]
599579754just reminder: to boost your gaming performance, don't forget to turn on game mode on your wind…[View]
599584118A new Zelda game would be the cleanest, best pleasure[View]
599591070What are some Scottish games and characters?[View]
599590552it's egregious how often these are used. lazy piece of shit devs.[View]
599589704Death Stranding 2: Literally who asked for this?[View]
599592658Recommend me some good coop games that i can play with my family[View]
599572682It’s Over: I’m in a bad place in my life right now and I’m finally caving and installing Genshin Imp…[View]
599592538>sure was an uptick in weird incest shit after Game of Thrones got popular >marika canonically…[View]
599592471when are from software going to make a game that isn't dark souls? i want evergrace 3[View]
599588587Sup guys, cirno here[View]
599590960I love being a supportfag, what games have the best supports?[View]
599590338Looking for rpgs to play: I haven't finished an rpg since 2019 and I have a lot of free time wi…[View]
599592361agnomus: agnomus[View]
599592079I need more recommendations on 'Corruption' games: -and no i don't mean your shitty hentai visu…[View]
599574174Komeiji Koishi From the VIDEO GAME SERIES, Touhou Project[View]
599591539Link should have been a girl[View]
599591717final chase[View]
599577189who's in the right?[View]
599592156>his console doesn't eat monsters for breakfast Anyways I got this thing for cheap and what …[View]
599592004>see image of a Pepe flower at the bottom of the catalog >accidentally refresh the catalog and…[View]
599592134>brainrapes you backwards[View]
599591018>tells his friends he is making video about the Gameboy Advance >they buy up a bunch of copies…[View]
599590905Fuck this game: Metroid Dread has such awful controls and does almost everything in its power to con…[View]
599587910Where's my anime girls, WG?![View]
599591637this game is great i hope it gets a sequel[View]
599585952Street Fighter: Thoughts on this character?[View]
599588740digital 'games' (non-transferable licences) are a scam: >you cant resell them because n…[View]
599588404Post vidya characters who are really cool.[View]
599587249sonic kino frontiers: SEGA want the high scores and sales and aren't fucking around this time. …[View]
5995211402022: Year of Star Citizen: How many /v/edditor cultists and Something Awful goons are going to kill…[View]
599589778Wholesome Persona Thread: This thread is a wholesome thread for the best self inserting game of all …[View]
599590837Sorry Physicalbros...: Now that I switched to PC I've become entirely digitalpilled. I don…[View]
599574241Why western developers unable to design characters like this?[View]
599590864Post 'em, but for vidya soundtracks specifically.[View]
599591670>And the Specters where are they now?[View]
59959033420 years ago, we already had a MED BVLL vs nordcuck simulator[View]
599580828>Game removes Core mechanic to the game >Game instantly improves multiple times over…[View]
599591206what will be the next step of his master plan?[View]
599591578so are you just fucked if you have a weak comp/poor itemization at mid game?[View]
599587318This kills the Berniefag[View]
599589505WHAT THE F***[View]
599564685Play Granblue Fantasy Versus[View]
599588572What was that new game that was supposed to come out that's like the 90's Duke Nukem 3D bu…[View]
599589201bruh this game hella quirky fr no cap doe tf??????? litty[View]
599591024i tried it. it's not really better than elden ring.[View]
599577960Farcry with MGS skin : aka Utter Shit[View]
599591127What's the best monster collecting videogame?[View]
599590487Can you just leave me alone? Stop monitoring my phone, stop fucking up stuff outside my house, and s…[View]
599572082>ywn be as cool as cool porygon[View]
599587494So is this thing worth it yet? It's back in stock in stores in my country but I can't talk…[View]
599587456Well I'll be damned, it's actually incredibly fucking fun.[View]
599586830The best shit game of all time.[View]
599588943Mass Effect ffct: Friendly reminder that Shepard killed 300000 innocent people for nothing[View]
599588946>REAL faggot reacts to OP[View]
599579056>game with down-to-earth looking girls Why can't we have this more?…[View]
599590358Kill Godfrey[View]
599590829If it isn't P2W will you be playing it?[View]
599590250why are there no good isekai games?[View]
599581449Replaying older FromSoftware games made me realize how boring Elden Ring was. Seriously, i thought t…[View]
599590636good single player games: im convinced not one exists that isnt so mind-numbingly monotonous that i …[View]
599587886why does the final product look like she just ate 20 bags of cheetos? also why do vampires act like …[View]
599585324When did you join Minecraft?: I joined Minecraft on Beta 1.9 Pre-Release[View]
599586430What the fuck is 'Zenless Zone Zero'?[View]
599586261Look at Mega Man[View]
599583498>game is better than the movie Any other examples of this?[View]
599590426Elden Ring Celebration: Congratulations Elden Ring for being in the Top 10 of most played steam game…[View]
599578027Meanwhile, in Bizarro /v/[View]
599589189Final Fantasy Versus XIII: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
599589923Ewan Mcgregor in Fortnite[View]
599590029RUSE CONFIRMED?: WHAT DID REEDUS MEAN BY THIS???? https://www.leoedit.com/culture/norman-reedus-on-t…[View]
599588636For those with a Steam deck: >When did you preorder? >How long after that were you able to pur…[View]
599589959will I enjoy this if I'm not a pedophile: Besides the blonde girl I only see lolis being posted…[View]
599589271What eShop games do you play? Bunch of indie/low budget games and there are hundreds if not thousand…[View]
599581719Metal Jesus Rocks- Cringe or based?[View]
599589827Will we ever have a new game?[View]
599589824what's a game series you really love?: I've loved God of War since 1 was released in 2005.…[View]
599574719New Vegas: Cool in-depth roleplay ideas?: At this point the only reason I replay New Vegas - aside f…[View]
599589443What characters did you use to fill out your main cast?[View]
599585190Where the fuck do I start, the character creation alone is confusing.[View]
599588770Fix your back bitch![View]
599587443>human >male >white >warrior time to play.…[View]
599583487Fuck aztec shit, we need a soulslike pirate game https://youtu.be/p34hQgvOpM8[View]
599587918DA:O: Hey /v/, just wanted to know if there are any games similar do DA:O. I've tried playing D…[View]
599589487I played for too long and now everything in real life feels bad and scary.[View]
599589482Battletech/Mechwarrior thread: Today we celebrate the day the Clans got fucked sideways by space Com…[View]
599589451Mario kart bans female drivers.[View]
599586509FE Warriors Three Hopes: Facist glow-up edition https://youtu.be/2EGQ3oKDcj0[View]
599586002Modern Warfare II[View]
599586882Shock in the System[View]
599568026Was it really that bad?[View]
599584920Khajiit has wares if you have coin.[View]
599585328what are some deep video games?[View]
5995811892022: Year of the Adaption: And we're back with Sony vs Microsoft vs Sega vs Nintendo. Which o…[View]
599581432The anon has fallen in love with a Western female video game character![View]
599588175Should I take my old handhelds to get recycled? Every once in a while I see something in the news or…[View]
599586378the great debate[View]
599586459Good vs. Evil systems or Fascists vs. Anarchy systems?[View]
599587150Would Lua be hard to learn for someone with no programming experience? I want to use Love2D https://…[View]
599588430pokegirl thread: I just have sex with my own hand[View]
599588892ITT: Mindblowing vidya facts[View]
599583159What pre-7th gen video game character, that isn't Sonic, would be mostly likely to use zoomer p…[View]
599587286Will Nintendo fix the input lag for the Switch Pro? I don't know if I can deal with another con…[View]
599584890How many trillion life points they put in hornet second fight? I'm trying to beat her for 5 day…[View]
599558934Any h-games you liked for the gameplay?[View]
599584891>sequel lets you explore the world again and see how the setting and people change Any more games…[View]
599576356Why did they rewrite their lore for this one game when this game can't even have a sequel witho…[View]
599588528WTF NINTENDO?![View]
599588463I love being a supportfag, what games have the best supports?[View]
599540705Which Fortnite skin is quintessential /v/core? Which is reddit?[View]
599583260*rubs head* Le' me ask you summin anon! why does the PS5 have NO GAMES! Why do the fans keep co…[View]
599588054>game makes fun of cut beta content What game?[View]
599588030Anyone here like CAW (video game wrestling)?: Its pretty creative and hilarious stuff https://youtu.…[View]
599583219I decided to replay picrelated after almost a decade and I have to ask: why is this game so damn goo…[View]
599586675Truth: Assertion: MMOs are the best genre. Evidence: Simultaneous characters is skillfulness, densit…[View]
599587971>Dude the timeloop was all just in your head! Why can't we get any good time loop games?…[View]
599586041It is time to reevaluate Dark Souls 3[View]
599578990Will persona 5 ever get a port for pc?[View]
599580329ITT: Games you want ported to modern consoles[View]
599587915Anybody looking forward to the new pokemon? My main problem is that they'll make the routes tin…[View]
599587586Spooki encounter: >decide to play warzone >Play public match >join party of three >they …[View]
599566954EPIC GAMES STORE MEGA SALE: What games are you buying bros? Here are some of the best deals >Fina…[View]
599586312Comfy Nostalgia Thread: The world you used to play videogames with your frens at weekend in lan even…[View]
599584521Raisei thread?: Raisei thread.[View]
599578268Why do so many people hate Danganronpa V3? I loved it, although I still want more games.[View]
599536431Will you be summoning?[View]
599586125does any game suddenly become good once you know the story?[View]
599586927The FBI uses GTA Online as ways to track people because Rockstar's security is such shit.[View]
599584490Why remake a game from a relatively new console?[View]
599584014Are visual novels video games?[View]
599577376Realistically, why does the gaming journalist cabal push so hard for easy modes?[View]
599525534Who you picking?[View]
599582859>One copy of Kao the Kangaroo. And make it quick.[View]
599584339Persona 4: 1.- I 100% agree that incels are women's fault. Instead of rewarding some socially i…[View]
599574693How do we save TF2?[View]
5995250102022, the year Nintendo went WOKE.: Will this be remembered as the year Nintendo went fully woke? Le…[View]
599587018>go forth... >become Elden Ring I literally dropped the game when this happened…[View]
599583630What went wrong?[View]
599585112Do you like space elves /v/?[View]
599585041>Mfw the enemy team thinks im cheating[View]
599586870Have you ever used CARD POP! with friends?[View]
599581826Nick sisters is it over for NASB? Did multiversus kill the game?[View]
599580039how did kids back in the 90s argue who was better on the playground our after school? mario or sonic…[View]
599582275What's your favorite gacha?[View]
599586520need suggestions for games to grab from g2jew around €10 to play this weekend[View]
599586034I love them so much[View]
599585643Have you ever backed a game on kickstarter, /v/? How did it go?[View]
599578547What will you main in the best MMORPG ever made?[View]
599586321Soon I'll come around Lost and never found Waiting for my words Seen but never heard Buried und…[View]
599586318Why are there still no simulation games about being a maidservant?[View]
599582323Salt and Sacrifice: >turn soulslike into monster hunter >make the world like DeS >only on e…[View]
599584768What do they eat?[View]
599545987Post your three most recently played Steam games.[View]
599585515Who would be your most wanted character for a MVC4? (a true MVC4, not MVCI)[View]
599586161Why is everyone on this board so obsessed with gender and race? Also why is everyone so sexist, raci…[View]
599579575RPCS3: Daily reminder pic related is a dumpster fire[View]
599576983who tops?[View]
599585865I fucking love Toads so much[View]
599583661How do i stop doing this?[View]
599584702Most Important Videogame Topics: •Genes are some 100% similar, from the same starter cells, amongst …[View]
599583764Another kill to my name.[View]
599583669Can you believe the guy who made this was the main artist in Night in the Woods[View]
599543816>elden ring playerbase dropped 90% oh no no no no[View]
599585740I made this thread just to remind you that: La-Mulana franchise exists. Thank you[View]
599585081DInosaur Games: For me? It's the Big All web-game from 2001.[View]
599584283You think you can just spam Rivers of Blood and walk away?![View]
599585608East vs West: We criticize both things we hate in western games and things we hate in japanese games…[View]
599563776Limbus company / Project moon: OH SHIT IM FEELIN IT new gameplay video out Winter 2022 release http…[View]
599581747It’s been 4 years where the fuck is We <3 Katamari Reroll[View]
599582773AI Generated Game Covers: https://neuralblender.com/my-art use the prompt [Fake game title] for [con…[View]
599568128World of Warcraft looking for new narrative director: https://careers.blizzard.com/global/en/job/BLE…[View]
599584587FACT: The Sonic 3K sprite is the best one[View]
599585238CENTER SPEAKER[View]
599574503How the fuck did a moderately successful franchise of a 90s mascot is now the most profitable IP on …[View]
599585159Marvel Snap: this is gonna be a mega flop[View]
599583383>best Duke Nukem in the last 20 years isn't even a Duke Nukem game how…[View]
599585257minecraft: this is a comfy minecraft thread post your builds and discuss minecraft/mods >favorite…[View]
599580047Play Fate Grand Order[View]
599582450I've caught a gamer. What should I do with it..?[View]
599580990Is it fun solo?[View]
599584979Darktide: Are you ready for kino?[View]
599585032Never forget that the anus tonging tranny mods and jannies let this offtopic garbage archive[View]
599583806>irl adventure >take a leisurely pace >video game adventure >zip zoom zoom everywhere wi…[View]
599584632Remember when game covers looked so much better than the gameplay? Now you've got games chuckin…[View]
599583479localization thread[View]
599578415Ace of Spades: Lets play together anons ! Server: aos://2522533699:32887 >What is it? WW1-themed …[View]
599581129It's almost criminal how beautiful she is.[View]
599580538Play fighting games. NOW[View]
599584689Has anyone ever died from playing a video game?[View]
599581556Plant gaming[View]
599583393Wtf went wrong????[View]
599584572>tank character doesn't have good defense >instead he's a berserker who heals as lo…[View]
599582710Xbox/PC version announcement during the Xbox showcase this year.[View]
599581892>boy is cute what did Miyazaki mean by this?[View]
599584337>blocks your flight master[View]
599581841ONLY /v/ DEAL IN ABSOLUTES[View]
599581059What did KOJIMA MEAN BY THIS?!!?!?[View]
599574651>great game ruined by backtracking Other games like this?[View]
599560396Upskirt thread[View]
599582202Cotton Fantasy: They wouldn't censor a witch, right?[View]
599580384Alucard from the castlevania franchise[View]
599567354Say something bad about your favorite game.[View]
599581903>he buys digital: Whats it feel like to have your money stolen and to own NOTHING? Whats next? No…[View]
599579403Why are Japanese media more likely to depict angels as abominations than Western media?[View]
599583287THIS SUMMER[View]
599580962You will play video games and stop shitposting[View]
599558963How did we go from this[View]
599578136why do indie pixel art looks like this?[View]
599572948Has this ever been refuted?[View]
599583307Is this one of the best western hgames?[View]
599580862It's... shit?[View]
599583302OH NO NO NO NO HHAHAHA[View]
599575596>taps on glass with fork >here's your weekly reminder to pick up the free game on epic th…[View]
599577890we were fucking robbed. we were supposed to get the bridge between mgs2 and 4, but instead we got a …[View]
599580540Hi I never played a video game where should I start[View]
599583594What went wrong? Nearly 10 years and still a tech demo at best.[View]
599580701What the FUCK is up Anon? Are you STOKED for the new RE : 8 VILLAGE DLC[View]
599583585*singlehandedly change the entire video games culture in your path*: https://www.resetera.com/thread…[View]
599581907What video games allow me to take over the ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA?[View]
599583558Why do 99.9% of consoles and games sold in japan are switch and switch games?[View]
599567031>'that kid' at school who tells you about a video game that never existed…[View]
599583232You can only reply to this Multiversus thread if you didnt unlock her[View]
599583173any recommended websites where i can look for old games like conflict vietnam ? i checked gog but no…[View]
599582798what are the differences between a swag game, a style game, and a class game?[View]
599581393>an entirely new, build-from-scratch open world souls-like game was finished and released faster …[View]
599583410What did ID mean by this?[View]
599573274>Starfield delayed until 2023. Could even be 2024. >Elder Scrolls is next. Probably won't…[View]
599583318>Civ killer >CK killer >ZERO threads Sad!…[View]
599574961> tfw 8 gigs of vram isnt enough for modern games[View]
599583147Why is everyone on this board so obsessed with gender and race? Also why is everyone so sexist, raci…[View]
599582991>when you work at Nintendo and Miyamoto is rampaging through the building because someone put a h…[View]
599572060>What if we removed all the environmental storytelling and replaced it with cutscenes and also ma…[View]
599582259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovjpek4ALmM So, which one did you pick, /v/?[View]
599582185Zombies: Does anyone here know why Richtofen kept sending zombies after the ultimus crew? Couldn…[View]
599579613ANON! Why haven't you watched my movies yet! You do play my games right?[View]
599574540Is it good?[View]
599577035>Yes, I've played all the Assassin's Creed and Farcry series to the end How did you kno…[View]
599582548Should i buy a switch lite if i already own OLED one? I wanted something more *light* hehe[View]
599575267Factual Zelda rankings[View]
599574879Will Xcucks ever recover?[View]
599579095Online games that have good solo experience, name them.[View]
599527713BETHESDA https://twitter.com/GameSpot/status/1527417419504812032[View]
599562431>decide to revisit counter-strike again >soloqueue because none of my friends care about this …[View]
599581519What exactly was she expecting to happen?[View]
599555058Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: >Best outfits >Best class story >Best class mentor and comrade…[View]
599526330Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes: What do we actually know about Shez? Isn't it unfair to not …[View]
599582331ITT: Bad/Funny vidya cosplay[View]
599580389Embracer is actually willing to do shit with the franchises instead of bury them in dust. Will we fi…[View]
599581725Presenting to the emergency room[View]
599580673Play Azur Lane[View]
599582263Most Important Videogame Topics: •Genes are some 100% similar, from the same starter cells, amongst …[View]
599576658What was the last time you felt scammed after playing a game? Even if you didn't pay for it.[View]
599569307What FF protagonist is the best and why is it Squall?[View]
599570410What do you say to the nice man for all the free games he gives you?[View]
599579837Why do people play as anyone but sonic? The other characters can cheat their way through levels with…[View]
599582024Imagine helping these cucks after they were going to kill you for nothing.[View]
599574154Dark Souls loremaster here Ask and I shall answer[View]
599577482Thinking's man game[View]
599580421Why does the texture of AAA games over the past three years feel close to clay? Can anyone explain t…[View]
599575645Ace Attorney: I don't understand the DL-6 incident. First of all, why did the police even feel …[View]
599533638Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread - Top 30: Software Sales (physical only) 1. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sport…[View]
599579434ey pass me that g-fuel bro[View]
599519691Fighting games are just flowchart. That's why they're not popular, for the vast majority o…[View]
599578170>finally get around to playing pic related after skipping it for several years due to it being no…[View]
599580394Nowadays, I enjoy it more than 3[View]
599578710misread sprites[View]
599575741>lowers your max HP Why didn't they tell us in the he description? It's just an asshol…[View]
599579820The eternal debate: Okay, which one is the better now? Both are on sale, and both pick up the same t…[View]
599570003The last good Zelda game was A Link To The Past.[View]
599580763Fight Fest Thread: Who are you maining?[View]
599547142Should I buy a graphics card now or wait for RTX 4000?[View]
599547058I want a 2nd one[View]
599573663SERVERS ARE UP!!![View]
599580038My hotwife Yelan.[View]
599578179Franchises that get way too much hate? Musou isn't complex in gameplay, but it perfectly captur…[View]
599520897What's your dream Gundam game?[View]
599575265>100% positive reviews no fucking way[View]
599575431Games where you kill armed enemies unarmed?[View]
599579915I only play games to get beat up by hot women[View]
599566147Why don't MMORPGs instill you with a sense of adventure anymore? I can't think of really a…[View]
599568873Pirate!: You have no excuse[View]
599554358He's back...: Well, you faggots cried for this, now enjoy this trash being back.[View]
599580547ITT: Post Real Vidya Greenies: I am SICK and TIRED Of all these threads feminising orcs and goblins.…[View]
599580521AHEM I have an announcement to make.[View]
599579484why is he so based compared to the 'accurate' looking one[View]
599578364RGB: I noticed this the other day[View]
599578885I'm having fun.[View]
599573397Should I if I liked 1?[View]
599577404Future of gaming is mobile[View]
599561896>some what niche game >discord is the only community it gets…[View]
599572958Video game graphics are degrading: Video games look worse nowadays than they did in the past. In ter…[View]
599578312>Not a video game character >Has 14 video game Explain this??…[View]
599571346Is there any redeeming quality except One More Soul To The Call?[View]
599579610Need help remembering a game >most known for its colorful and intentionally shit graphics >sho…[View]
599568784Play Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2.[View]
599579618Whoa, look there. I may be an emotionless undead wizard who desacrates people's corpses and har…[View]
599564925Looks like Beksinski kino back on the menu, boys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v0AiLHS4c8 hopefu…[View]
599576864Games that divided /v/[View]
599577251AI The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative: https://www.exophase.com/game/ai-the-somnium-files-nirvana-…[View]
599577159How 'diverse' is your character?[View]
599579172>prejudiced against al bhed >doesn't recognize one right in front of him Hmmmm...what is …[View]
599579557Enjoying your licen... uh, I mean games??? Do you honestly like not getting anything?[View]
599578414Does anyone else get really upset when they see a WRONG video game opinion posted on /v/?[View]
599576957ITT, games where you play as Gigachad[View]
599570646I'd honestly love to see this guy in a sonic game: It'd be pretty sweet for Sonic to have …[View]
599573320Name one game genre you'll absolutely not play[View]
599577539Why multiplayer games cater so much for premades? It seems like if you don't have a party ready…[View]
599578325>>59957 >size difference >belly bulge Good shit OP…[View]
599575040Video game addiction (VGA), also known as gaming disorder or internet gaming disorder, is generally …[View]
599573140This game is amazing but I'm genuinely too stupid for it. I can literally feel my brain shuttin…[View]
599576790Cyberpunk 2077: This game is a Deus Ex spinoff.[View]
599570912Slay the Spire: Rank the characters in terms of fun For me it goes: Defect > Ironclad > Silent…[View]
599573685Phoenix Wright: Should I play the trilogy on the ds? Or play the 3ds versions.[View]
599556742Cute Witch Funny![View]
599577845STIJENA I KAMEN BRAT![View]
599557608Façade: >Knock on door >He opens the door >Say “melon” >disgustedleer.jpg >He closes …[View]
599575950>ZAMN bro what do you mean you aren't nostalgic for the corporate-sponsored rebelliousness a…[View]
599575748Anyone want ot talk about video games[View]
599576416This is a picture of your average gamer[View]
599573197Pure underrated kino[View]
599578021Why does the moderation team of /v/ protect blatant cuckold and niggerspam? Kill yourselves, chinks.[View]
599577989SNU SNU[View]
599566590Matchmaking killed gaming[View]
599570760It really is the best mmo ever made[View]
599575381Souls pvp would be objectively better if you couldn't open the inventory during combat[View]
599577425I believe the crests are to blame.[View]
599572894>There's still no Mania 2 or an equivalent I'm sorry but what the FUCK Only Sonic autis…[View]
599562765Is there danger?[View]
599577554Oh crazy American. You riku Eartaboundaru? OKAY. I make a Mozza-Tree! i put on Ninatendu Sixateefowa…[View]
599569325How do you go from this...[View]
599575548What is the fairy tail of vidya?[View]
599576747Kenshi is very kino, say hi to Chuddy McManletson[View]
599541517A reminder that while New Vegas may have the better roleplaying, Fallout 3 will always have the bett…[View]
599552628What is /v/'s opinion on Night Elves?[View]
599575575>new thing comes out >/v/ hates it with a passion >wait 3-5 years or until its successor re…[View]
599575751What game lets me fly like a butterfly?[View]
599565870Is Friday Night Funkin still alive?[View]
599577135>get stoned >ruin everybody's game I hope people don't mind me blazing hehe…[View]
599559795Dragon's Dogma vs Nioh: Which one should I play?[View]
599575890The Great Debate[View]
599574217>open Steam >go to Library >what is this? >it looks unusually empty >click some recen…[View]
599573042Friday is Cirnos day of the week[View]
599576797>make 10/10 waifu >she's impossible to romance Why…[View]
599576551>Shopkeeper only works 8 hours and also takes weekends off I appreciate attempting to add immersi…[View]
599575332Well?: Mods DO count btw[View]
599564391Yuffie is Asian. Tifa is Hapa. Aerith is White.[View]
599576104King of Fighters: Be the American Japan thinks all white people are.[View]
599576547>secret is hidden behind a fake wall >its a normal random wall indistinguishable from the rest…[View]
599571096Nigga What!? Part 2: Okay people, ive been playing other online games and ive had NO notification of…[View]
599576735RENAME THE VACCINATOR: I decided to play some TF2 for old times sake and when looking through my med…[View]
599571787World of Final Fantasy we need sequel! >This Sequel just-like Monster Hunter Stories 2…[View]
599571076bros why am i so terrible at every game? ive spent a lot of my life playing games but ive always suc…[View]
599576326Is 'soul' in video games an actual thing?[View]
599564498Why she is so popular?[View]
599574347Pocky & Rocky Reshrine: The game finally arrived two days ago and I just finished it. Definitely…[View]
599560840This is the most annoying thing ever put into a video game.[View]
599568706What went wrong? When is it coming to PC?[View]
599576331Post the last game you played.[View]
599571941Does this shit actually work? Sounds like it's filled with compatibility issues and some games …[View]
599568547luigi thread[View]
599558068What's this?[View]
599575568WHAT A MANSION[View]
599575449cod 2022 reveal trailer any day now >you WILL pre-order the €80 deluxe edition for the funny embl…[View]
599543504Why is there no better alternative than pic related?[View]
599574662The older I get, the more I realize how little I enjoy most video games.[View]
599573569>when someone tries to get me to play Xbox or Playstation games devoid of the Nintendo magic…[View]
599574816Intelbros it was supposed to be OUR turn...[View]
599575228Why does Capcom hate charge blade so much?[View]
599570981Opinions on Pac-Man Arrangement (1996)?[View]
599574908Is there an instance where Elden Ring isn't a viable answer for a game recommendation of any ki…[View]
599575402What game has the best hammers?[View]
599567871Triangle Strategy: Stop liking evil women[View]
599571056X-23: Will X-23 be in the PS5 Wolverine game?[View]
599573039>game has a billion prequels >you'll only get the full story if you play all of them…[View]
599573561On Fridays, we play Lost Planet.[View]
599575278You were the only one to make me forget my dream...[View]
599571150I don't care what /v/ or normies say, they're all my favorite games of all time and I love…[View]
599569235How is Forza: so smooth? I'm on a 960m/ laptop 750ti and the game is completely smooth yes it h…[View]
599575098I will make this thread every single day until Hollow Knight Silksong gets actual news beyond 'we…[View]
599570229when the fuck is it coming to playstation? I would gladly trade it for all the sony games you guys w…[View]
599573596HEY BIG GUY[View]
599573995What are other indie games that aren't listed anywhere but the Dev site like Starsector?[View]
599573051>There are 'people' here who play multiple MMOs and juggle their vidya gaming schedule between th…[View]
599560186Input reading always has been a thing in souls games. Why are people complaining about it?[View]
599574930Why did they change so much for the worse? I felt Nintendo was my friend when I was a kid, and now I…[View]
599572221With the current sale on the Uplay store + discount code I can get pic related for $5 leaf bux. How…[View]
599574084Have there been any video game crossovers that weren't just fighting games?[View]
599574465When is Bloodlines 2 coming out?[View]
599574831Last three levels have >1 shot bazookas firing like semiauto rifles >mp40 enemies that run an…[View]
599570763>'How many recycled bosses do you want?' >'Yes'…[View]
599573680>game has a catchy theme in the main menu[View]
599571982>Look at Metacritic scores for fun >LEGO City Undercover beats MGS: Ground Zeroes in user scor…[View]
599574297shit that breaks your immersion in vidya: >thin sheet of plywood blocks .50BMG shot…[View]
599568323Where the Velma Chads at?[View]
599572504I can't deal with virgins[View]
599423562Flyff Universe Launch: >new graphics >gameplay fixes >no download needed lets goooooo made …[View]
599572268that one change was all it took to take OoT from a 10 to an 11/10[View]
599572870Just say no to drugs.[View]
599565417If Disney made a smash game who would you main?[View]
599573427laughing out loud[View]
599556414*double clicks* heh... do I order another one of these or do I try something else and hope it lasts …[View]
599568690XCOM: XCOM thread Since the last one was so popular we're making another one Talk about em bitc…[View]
599574335remember when this happened?[View]
599574258tlauncher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymSDKi1l68Y&ab_channel=MrCheezeWhiz im not familiar w…[View]
599572425RE3 (Gamecube) is still the peak of the series[View]
599571185What’s the general opinion on half-life nowadays? I think in retrospect it plays like a very archaic…[View]
599571901We didn't know how good we had it[View]
599572830Splatoon nerf proposals: I have some nerfs and reworks in mind for the weapons I enjoy playing again…[View]
599573671Will he save monster hunter rise?[View]
599572624Just bought all SSX games for PS2 and SSX3 for Xbox What am I in for?[View]
599572527Uh... sneedbros?[View]
599573149I genuinely think this is the most soulful game Nintendo has ever made[View]
599573389>Genshin Impact >Azur Lane >Girl's Frontline >League of Legends >Epic Games Stor…[View]
599567361Are any of these any good? I like snow missions[View]
599499805play Cute Force[View]
599573253i just finished disco elysium i just want to say that the phasmid is kinda cute fr and i want to FUC…[View]
599572657*toots the flute*[View]
599569197Half Life thread: Zoomer here I'm playing through half life and I like it a lot the game feels …[View]
599572805>Rated E for Everyone[View]
599572671What would've happened if Atlus kept the publishing rights to Demon Souls and the whole Soulsbo…[View]
599565598shoutout to all the true gamers out there[View]
599572261Why do so many games have dishonest design and mislead the player into thinking the game is what it …[View]
599570370Post fictional video game bosses/enemies[View]
599566074Fallout 1 remake: There is a mod that is attempting to recreate Fallout 1. What do you think about t…[View]
599571569What causes Randy to lose the most money? Picking up memelands 3 for free or leaving it to rot?[View]
599572625AH HA HA HA HA HA[View]
599568268P3 has the best atmosphere P4 has the best characters P5 has the best gameplay[View]
599566595Why is RE4 still considered the golden child despite being more actiony while RE6 gets shit on for b…[View]
599568558Waypoints BAD[View]
599571560>someone leaked information about Saints Row Reboot back in January https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/…[View]
599517815Was this outfit really necessary?[View]
599571124is there any chance the new silent hill is good?[View]
599565783Aight /v/, Pyra or Mythra?[View]
599567948I enjoy playing tanks and healers in video games[View]
599572087Should we add Elden Ring to the Holy Trinity of Open World RPGs?[View]
599571697beeg yoshi: beeg yoshi[View]
599571473It needs more ports.[View]
599570569Name a bigger kikestarter scam at the moment[View]
599572234Comfy Souls thread?[View]
599562586Quick, claim your vidya wife before the americans wake up.[View]
599569987Thoughts on femlalas?[View]
599571253Good lord when does this game end I just got to the ship part where the game strips your gear I just…[View]
599522216WoW: Vulpera love Alliance men.[View]
599571385What a deal[View]
599567792why won't you play her game[View]
599563656Play Golden Sun[View]
599554147HE's BACK[View]
599571174Why did the Xbox D-Pad suck so much dick?[View]
599568493he should stick with japanese folklore and gothic periods his fantasy work sucks[View]
599568840I installed fortnite last week and everything was fine until yesterday and I played it without any p…[View]
599566114FUCK this bullshit is impossible.[View]
599566106what went wrong?[View]
599570497After playing Skyrim on and off for about a decade I tried Morrowind recently and fucking loved it. …[View]
599554597Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: They fucked up again >Gunlance https://youtu.be/6PeajwwG7YM >Cha…[View]
599568829A toast, to /v/ideo games[View]
599567484I think video games are okay[View]
599569008If you picked up that can, you didn't beat the game.[View]
599512052Now THIS is peak D&D[View]
599556790Forza Horizon 5 cockpit hands: I can't get over how shit the hands look in this game compared t…[View]
599535006Games that should have become franchises.[View]
599567084how dead are the servers for multiplayer[View]
599559858Blizzard Entertainment: What went so terribly wrong?[View]
599570567>download ROMS >boot PC next day >cmd starts and closes immediately uhhh, bros? why did thi…[View]
599569357Is anyone on here familiar with the PDAFT for dummies tutorial and able to help me?: I'm stuck …[View]
599565703Why isn't there a new Jet Set Radio?[View]
599561554Envoy in the capital >ᵈ.. ᵈ-ᵈᵒᵒᵗ ᵈᵒᵒᵗ Envoy on the Haligtree branches >DOOT DOOT MOTHERFUCKER…[View]
599567852Curseforge kills third-party launcher support: Curseforge updated their API with a new setting that …[View]
599567670Live out your fantasy in Stellaris. Does /v/ play any 4x/stragety games?[View]
599564113borderlands 3 free on epic games store[View]
599570034Pictured: the best Zelda design[View]
599552557>muh bad tim I don't mind 2bh.[View]
599569636ITT: franchises ruined by faggots on /v/: 1. fire emblem (3H especially) 2. final fantasy (7R especi…[View]
599567092They are sooooo Ready to make Sweet Sweet Love with Each other in order to make a big family alongsi…[View]
599562726Who is the target audience[View]
599564568What songs surprised you and became your favorite?: What songs did you find through these rhythm gam…[View]
599564314I hate Borderlands 1 & 2: Explain why I shouldn't play Borderlands 3 now that it's fre…[View]
599560114>Disney will never make a Smash clo--[View]
599569720How are your 1cc's, /v/?[View]
599563983What's the best way to play this in 2022? That's the CURRENT year.[View]
599569009Unpopular opinion[View]
599557808Steam Cerebral Puzzle Showcase: Anyone trying any demos? Any puzzle game recommendations? https://st…[View]
599569007Why so many games have combat but it has no feeling of impact and weight?[View]
59956223524 hours until the Japan Indie Game Expo starts. one of the last game events worth giving a shit abo…[View]
599569327>pokegirl thread, off topic >5 sonic movie threads, yeahhh ontopic videogames hehehehe brainde…[View]
599569240>kaboomers kaboomed so much to this[View]
599547528Alloy's adventure in Forbidden West flopped but was it due to Elden Ring exclusively?: Out of a…[View]
599569095https://twitter.com/GabrielSassone/status/1527404712970047492 Mesh shader almost doubles performance…[View]
599565176>Flimsy hinges, if they don't break they fuck up the cables connected to the top screen >…[View]
599541930DLN.002 : ROLL[View]
599568901this is the perfect female design[View]
599566973ARMA Reforger https://store.steampowered.com/app/1874880/Arma_Reforger/ Will it have PiP scopes?…[View]
599565081My wife Sumire is so cute[View]
599567826This shit isn't fucking clearable. What were they thinking?[View]
599568672>Of course I care more about fps than graphic settings[View]
599567346>Yoshi:' gajinn rememebr no addon okay? prease understando? ' >Faggot anon 'Yes, Yoshi-p' >…[View]
599500896ELDEN RING LORE THREAD: Post questions, in-game text and images, have an open mind and make sure you…[View]
599565521So... What is it?[View]
599559241What's your go to PvP MMORPG or private server in 2022?[View]
599567381say hello to youtube twitch chat[View]
599568052This is one of the most highly requested character (Not the number one but still highly requested) f…[View]
599567972what did i think of this game?[View]
599567179Why did they make him an angry incel?[View]
599566238I only know about this game because of that laugh scene and the cute girls, it is worth playing?[View]
599562046What makes a good Sonic game?[View]
599562186Are quality builds fags or chads?[View]
599558404What am I in for?[View]
599564864Why didnt ANY other MMORPG do comfy menu based combat??[View]
599567508try not to cringe: the game[View]
599561247What’s your first impression of Frida?[View]
599552485ITT: /v/ compiles a list of 100 games that (You) should play before you die, only one game per post.…[View]
599566649Where do you go for video game reviews? Don't say /v/[View]
599562519this will be the death of SMT, mark my fucking words[View]
599566785Let's discuss the merits of and post female video game elves Discussion of or posting male vide…[View]
599564242Need more content with him in the remake: Don't care if it messes with the story's pacing …[View]
599557318ITT: Overrated shit I'll start[View]
599563467>this made boomers shit and piss their pants[View]
599565865Is this game fun[View]
599565953>enemies shoot 200 bullets in your direction >you loot 5 from them…[View]
599561000Mon Nickname Thread: Roy[View]
599566315NAME GAMES where you get to kill JAPS! i.e. the REAL ENEMY of WW2![View]
599552936>Final Fantasy 1 let you pick the classes for your entire party before you even start the game Ar…[View]
599562478Hey there. I'm about to buy Kohan Warchest on Steam via VPN with the same currency as the count…[View]
599566081Does roleplay (not erp) even exist in mmos anymore? I feel like I’ll never get the experience the jo…[View]
599563636>tfw struggling more with this fat bitch with her heat seeking lasers and gank clones than with m…[View]
599562741Name a better stealth game[View]
599558949the UNDISPUTED best monster.[View]
599565872>and today on '''''''''videogames'''''''''', local janny doesnt do his job…[View]
599559647A smash clones that plays really fucking well: with the IPs to back it up... holy shit this is going…[View]
599563771Your opinion on Pokemon Gale of Darkness?[View]
599565624Darksiders: Are these games anything to write home about?[View]
599561756So I was playing Oblivion again today when I came across pic related for the first time. Weird, I ne…[View]
599564710Manhunt: memes aside is this good?[View]
599546051Outer Wilds: I finally finished it I finally brought the band back together...[View]
599558912Huh?: >I have become king of two other cities. Let's go anywhere we want and leave our lives…[View]
599555106This is pretty much the peak of the fps genre, how can id improve this for their next game?[View]
599564824Any games where the MC becomes a villain?[View]
599558603should i plug in my ps1 and play vidya on it[View]
599564387What's the appeal of postal franchise?[View]
599551326Post the Elden Beast in all its dumpy glory.[View]
599545926battlestation thread no cleaning allowed[View]
599560452unironic SOVL[View]
599559403Anyone playing this....?[View]
599547769What is your favorite speedrun of all time[View]
599563136If you genuinely believe that there aren't any women with natural breasts like her, then you…[View]
599558901Vidya hug thread? This is for all the anons who have been feeling down and just need a hug[View]
599565202>movie is so shit, only thing people can talk about is SONIC Based[View]
599563696Please watch our sport[View]
599555419one piece odyssey: they revealed the battle system[View]
599510965Who is your video game mistress?[View]
599458746How is your farm coming along anon? I'm about to end winter of the first year.[View]
599552450Do you like doom mods, /v/?[View]
599564643Why are Japanese games still popular on /v/?[View]
599563340>He didn't chose the Harem Ending[View]
599564059my favourite games are:: Nier Automata Guilty Gear X2 Breath of the Wild Sekiro thoughts?[View]
599561751What Went Wrong?[View]
599563278>look into OPL >need to get a bunch of other shit like fat PS2 and hard drives etc >not onl…[View]
599514131Library of Ruina: I've been stuck on this fight for the a good while now, and I simply just don…[View]
599558559so is VR worth buying yet?[View]
599564671>Video games where you play as the bad guys we need more of this[View]
599562801Tomb Raider: Are you guys excited for the animated tv series and the new game? Tell me about Lara Cr…[View]
599561757When did you realize its the best FE game[View]
599564550honorary Syphon Filter[View]
599564313Two days until Dragon's Dogma 2[View]
599560326Tarnished, pull my finger.[View]
599530031What was his problem?[View]
599556172Nothing makes me drop a game faster than seeing any girl with this ugly skrillex side shave haircut[View]
599564017Alright boomers, post your vidya waifu - if you're less than 28, you need not apply! No one wan…[View]
599562930Why not just hire the guys who made the sonic movies to do every video game movie?[View]
599564039Games for this feel?[View]
599563770What's your honest opinion of this man?[View]
599563968>”enter character name” >types own name[View]
599550174Well /v/? Which is better.[View]
599563701>play a side gamemode for so long you forget there's a maingame >rediscover the main cont…[View]
599559649Rebecca is sex[View]
599563101am i the only one who spams esc every time i see a cutscene?[View]
599561841I had a dream where I went back in time to the GameCube era but now I'm awake...[View]
599562929What did Dark Souls II mean by this?[View]
599508221Why are devs so lazy?[View]
599552417You guys lied, you said this was shit.[View]
599563104WTF?: Rainbow Six Siege 2022[View]
599560416emerald herald: still the best maiden get fucked elden faggots[View]
599542305mechanical keyboards are a meme: literally no reason not to just get a cheap rubber dome[View]
599561038Flight games without ROLL: Old gamer here. I loved pre-2000 (space-)flight games such as Rogue Squad…[View]
599528576I have beat FTL with every ship layout on hard difficulty, as well as earning all achievements on ha…[View]
599563387trying to play mgs4 on the special build: resolution scaling doesnt work, any ideas?[View]
599562269>kills billions >gets away with it[View]
599561373Wind's howling[View]
599558649>Heaven or hell? Let's rock! What did they mean by this?[View]
599539940genuine character assassination, what possessed them to want to make yukari so unlikable?[View]
599560994Whats with the lack of Squilliams? Does noone care anymore?[View]
599563001ITT: Video games that were absolutely ruined by trannies[View]
599562995WE ARE GOING HOME BROS: blizzard finally listened. Dragonflight will be the next good expansion. We …[View]
599560016It's over....[View]
599558615A reminder that kojima did not create the Silent Hills concept movie. it was completely outsourced a…[View]
599556313How come there's never been a sports MMO? Like imagine a big map and you can go between a train…[View]
599557253Arne Magnusson's VA passed away: >Appear at the very end of EP2 >Steal the entire show …[View]
599541206draw a game in paint using simple shapes: other anons guess the game starting off easy[View]
599561586are these the most sought out sequels in gaming?[View]
599517056This will be the first femcel protagonist in video game history.[View]
599561679Imagine if PS5 would have launched with Jumping Flash remake and new Ape Escape game[View]
599565059it's almost been a year now, is she allowed on /v/ yet?[View]
599562089Douchebag Link returns to Termina: Is it good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yMe8bpeX60&list…[View]
599562289I haven't played any elder scrolls game before which gender is best for playing it with mods Fe…[View]
599532174Linux gaming thread: Watcha playin'? How's it runnin'? Watcha playin' on?[View]
599559574>there goes sonic the hedgehog![View]
599560918when did it peak?[View]
599562019Gameplay's core is perfecting world by imagination and cute magic。^yni art-game (fairi cute mag…[View]
599561851any vidya protagonist with confirmed microdick?[View]
599485071Girls Frontline 2: Did your T-Doll wife get in?[View]
599549174Why are developers afraid of putting clowns in their games?[View]
599562060Xbros, Sonybros, Switchbros, vote here. What team are you on? https://strawpoll.com/polls/LVyKxv8p8n…[View]
599547042Worst VA in the series.[View]
599558197Are bleed builds REALLY overpowered? They seem to have low base damage in exchange for bleed.[View]
599555067He's in.[View]
599556653Games don't do it for me anymore. Am I finally free?[View]
599556421What was her problem? Disco Elysium thread.[View]
599553327>hyped up as this new near unkillable mob you have to sneak around >mojang says that towering …[View]
599561525Why did they call it 'Scare Island' in Europe? It was 'Scream Team' in the USA. Makes no sense at al…[View]
599561203I just got a 55 inch 4k HDR QLED. What are some ludo games to test it on?[View]
599561623Fuck this piece of shit I hate it so much. Especially because it commonly appears as a divine weapon…[View]
599555532Everyone forgot about Forza Horizon 5...[View]
599532796Is post Adventure Sonic really that bad or is it just trendy to hate?[View]
599560485Genshin Impact X Vocaloid crossover costumes wheh ?[View]
599561317You know it's coming[View]
599559330What was Harada thinking?[View]
599560102uoh! they made IB remake?[View]
599558376What is your HONEST opinion on this man?[View]
599560161Was this a somewhat decent cod? Kind of have a cod itch right now and want to play a newer one. Have…[View]
599560989rhythm games?[View]
599556193Playstation and Xbox fans, tell me. What would the Switch 2 have to have for you to get it?[View]
599555702Is it really okay for the princess and her knight to be in love?[View]
599556286But why does the Suezo you get from Travis Scott's Astroworld have these stats and die in one w…[View]
599536079Ask a guy from the US working at Bandai Namco in Japan anything.[View]
599559062This room will be your tomb[View]
599560271ITT: Underrated gems I'll start[View]
599553803Plant gaming[View]
599548086Are we ready for Glen Schofield next HORROR KINO?[View]
599553404Which DMC game do you think is the best? Rank the series if you want.[View]
599560807>I AM HIS WILL I really like this game, shame it runs like actual shit[View]
599556332Dark Samus is for...[View]
599558305>ITT; The biggest 'holy fuck' moments in vidya[View]
599560635What’s your first impression of Kelly?[View]
599559551Why did the original ff7 get shat on in Japan?[View]
599560597Sex with video game armors[View]
599527785What is the single greatest moment from the Final Fantasy series in your opinion?[View]
599548151JPs voted on their favorite MH monsters again. Weird how not a single World/Iceborne original made i…[View]
599558696Capcom Fighting Collection: Capcom Fighting Collection comes out in a month are you buying it, anon…[View]
599559063How the fuck was this approved?[View]
599556962>battle ui takes 95% of the screen >remake makes it worse lol lmao…[View]
599559759How long until this game will inevitably close?[View]
599551984Did it have the best libary of all time or was it just the most consistent?[View]
599554215Does /v/ even play videogames? Name the last 5 games you played[View]
599539791Burn the Erdtree to the ground, and incinerate all that divides and distinguishes Ahh, may chaos tak…[View]
599556462Should we add Elden Ring to the Holy Trinity of open world RPGs?[View]
599559596Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.[View]
599558852>I'M MOTHERFUCKING DEATH BITCHES FUCK YEAH Why did the writers thought this was a good idea?…[View]
599541979what's the point of these kind of videos?[View]
599554482game for my mom: My mom is currently staying at home because of her treatment and is going to stay f…[View]
599551638Gambling games: /biz/ here. What are games to stimulate the gambling feeling? I need to be distracte…[View]
599554342NEW XENOBLADE 3 INFO Side attacks: https://twitter.com/XenobladeJP/status/1527546488347586561 https:…[View]
599554079PLUSHIE THREAD: Post Vidya Plushies[View]
599557546How would you improve the Megaman Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation formula?[View]
599555862minecraft: few years back, i would download this just after googlin 'minecraft free download…[View]
599556273>Now there ain't no reason to go bein rude to them trans folk I reckon really Rockstar?…[View]
599549332Which is best?[View]
599543090I don't think Monika is going to make it /v/ros...[View]
599557542Darktide: Well it's gonna be shit bros[View]
599559184What are some games where you can go full schizo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI1BjOrO9xc[View]
599556010Vidya Characters Pokemon Evolution Thread[View]
599557925Franchises where the first game is the only good one.[View]
599556752Revachol, home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gAdsI57kBY[View]
599524285Is this demo any good?[View]
599526175Is /v/ enjoying the new Halo TV show?[View]
599558773Red Solstice 2: This is a good game, it's like a mashup of XCOM and Dawn of War 2. If you ever …[View]
599551869How do I get into shmups? I've only ever played Ikaruga. Also I'm not masochistic enough f…[View]
599554445killer7: So when does this get good?[View]
599558621Why haven't they made a bootleg Bloody Roar game yet? They keep making smash clones why not a B…[View]
599556971massive Titan Quest patch just dropped 4 days ago https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/475150/vie…[View]
599550971Is overwatch good?[View]
599553972icebergs: Remember when vidya icebergs had actually interesting shit and weren't just 'lol ever…[View]
599558392>'A game unsure of what it wants to achieve. When it lets itself, it's a fantastic adrenalin…[View]
599558394ahm, guys... im actually getting kinda hyped right now...[View]
599556580Such a waste: >Japanese game >great soundtrack >zero creativity in utilizing it >sad tra…[View]
599557972wow guys! mae borowski made it into f1! she's joined the small underdog backmarker team mercede…[View]
599558216whats poppin' /v/?[View]
599535440>help me fix the Elden Ring[View]
5995537312007 was the best year for vidya[View]
599556231ITT shit games that only boomers like[View]
599557987How is the Duke nukem 2001 build fellow /v/rod? Is it true that a bunch of amateurs are going to 'fi…[View]
599554039What with eldenfags obsession with tools?[View]
599557480Gothic. Atmosphere. Kino.[View]
599557853Post drums.[View]
599557823I tried to play the older games but oooh the clunkiness, I can't stand the clunkiness[View]
599554795What's her appeal?[View]
599438106Play VRchat![View]
599552840Can anyone defeat him? He's basically unbeatable.[View]
599551093We need more this trope[View]
599546817Gameplay's core is perfecting world by imagination and cute magic。^yni art-game (fairi cute mag…[View]
599518431What good things did it do for the series?[View]
599549924What the hell was Nintendo's marketing department thinking??[View]
599547647When did you realize Strive was a bad game?[View]
599557084>2D fighting game but the entire roster is cunny Post your main[View]
599550264Why are we still here? Just to suffer?[View]
599549683>English dub is so good Capcom used Liam O'brien's screams in the Japanese voice over G…[View]
599550881Who is the most flexible video game character? :)[View]
599556829Executive Manager, today we will be observing how to suppress Abnormalities in the branches of Lobot…[View]
599550267Fuck Marry Kill Kiss Headpat Slap Hold Hands with Beat up Cuddle with Cheat on Sniff Rape Torture Pu…[View]
599547829I’m going to carve a Swastika in to my body every day until it is made backwards compatible I am no…[View]
599547513Morrowind: Is there ANY game more broken and full of exploits?[View]
599554447Brainlet here, i can't shoot the coin, how can i improve my aim[View]
599556403Mortal Kombat Project: I haven't touched MKP since 2009 or 2010, there seems to be a dozen vers…[View]
599554702Do you suffer from Gamer Insomnia?[View]
599549916Daily Tales Thread[View]
599556142Cloud's Mam Aerith's Mam[View]
599549007What is the secret of mana?[View]
599552030Are you guys excited for The Callisto Protocol? It's made by former devs of Dead Space[View]
599552307What does /v/ think of Final Fantasy 16?[View]
599546154105%??? that is WAY too expensive![View]
599555891NPC Waifus: What are the implications when falling in love with an NPC Waifu? Do they attract you /v…[View]
599536924Multiversus Thread: New thread. Still waiting for dataminers to do their deep dig, but in the meanti…[View]
599552930Why aren't you playing the best MMO available right now?[View]
599555619you WILL buy and play ninja turtle collection[View]
599555215Rocket Punch: Rocket Punch[View]
599555527Why do so many games rely on the MMO trinity? Even outside MMO's, basically all JRPGs follow th…[View]
599539385Ash died...: https://youtu.be/6Ok7Cm9ATk8[View]
599555464Halo LOL: Paramount made Master Chief commit suicide so Cortana could take control of his body to sa…[View]
599554419Does she really have a penis?[View]
599553116Name games that you cant play because of ONE thing: Can be anything as long as it’s not very broad l…[View]
599554054ITT we talk anything about games. Norms, etiquette, rules, buzzwords, politics nothing matters. Spil…[View]
599550991vrising: Now that vrising is out, was it vampire kino?[View]
599554776>game series has a conclusive ending >'people' keep begging for more even though the story is …[View]
599549138Any of you guys tried this game? Is it fun?[View]
599554063It is currently only for 10 bucks on steam, worth it?[View]
599554090demons souls has a better theme than dark souls. it feels dreary. the music and particle animation i…[View]
599552279Noita is very hard. I usually die on the third level. Often something chainstuns me from offscreen. …[View]
599554592>mfw composite looks fine if you're sitting at a proper distance away from the CRT…[View]
599548064What went right?[View]
599549703Recommend me an MMO to play that's preferably old or graphically looks old. I want to play some…[View]
599554790Don't know?: nnwp we dont want ya.[View]
599550349>Yes, I've played all the Assassin's Creed and Farcry series til the end How did you kn…[View]
599549974MISTOVER Thread: >Just got the game >WTF why is pic related me and why am I so cute? >MFW I…[View]
599554494Have you played more console, PC, handheld, or arcade games in your life?: https://strawpoll.com/pol…[View]
599545007>penis size affects game play[View]
599548591Which one are you getting?[View]
599551592Hey Ansem got those pizzas you ordered[View]
599554149>use the same starting word everyday >it’s actually the word Gamer bros we fucking won…[View]
599552780There's a pipe bomb in your mailbox /v/[View]
599514972The Legend of Zelda: Discuss the 17 games in the franchise. When are Nintendo going to get off their…[View]
599554194PSO2NGS: >New massive region in June >Massive catch up event right now >Level cap to 60 in …[View]
599547852what went so wrong[View]
599551274It's time to suck ass and drink Bubba's cum: ...And I'm all out of cum.[View]
599548861good morning sirs Install epic geme store install fortnite[View]
599552129This made Zoomers piss & shit[View]
599547362what is the worst video game ending?[View]
599540428Unsatisfying Ending (N): *Spoilers in first post*[View]
599551712Welcome to Re/v/achol! Can anyone fucking explain why the word FAGGOT gets buzzed for the kid/s but …[View]
599541585Is it true that zoomers are not freaked out at all by this level?[View]
599548017Does difficulty make winning more memorable?[View]
599548885Fuck this piece of shit, i want to play Drakengard 3: E SYS: 'sys_fs_stat' failed with 0x8…[View]
599518972What do you think of videogame characters?[View]
599546445Japanese Game Developers name their favorite SNES game that wasn't on the SNES Mini: Daisuke Is…[View]
599554002Am I making the game too easy by playing with the ai partner[View]
599544965>open your _____ to sex the genshin killer is finally here. also >PG 16 your power doesn…[View]
599515796>https://steamdb.info/app/1702330/history/ Rune Factory 5 is coming to Steam on July 13.…[View]
599552809Are other Dragon Quests worth playing if I thought the third act was gay and boring?[View]
599553781games for this feel[View]
599523317MIQUELLA, MAH BOI![View]
599553485Unseen Studios: Is hiring. What will you apply for anon? Help shape the future of gaimu https://twit…[View]
599553724Games for this feel?[View]
599553660Replaying it after Elden Ring and it's still absolutely amazing.[View]
599553652test drive unlimited solar crown: i was interested in this but the rich asshole vibe is pushing me a…[View]
599553603Majula ... Dark Souls 2 ... home[View]
599551660What the FUCK is up /v/? Are you fucking STOOOKED for the RE:8 VILLAGE DLC in June?[View]
599469654What the hell was her problem? Jesus Christ![View]
599550678Should we play Dragon Quest XI S - Definitive Edition - ?[View]
599537151How do you feel about all the porn games on Steam?[View]
599552906'When gamers came along,': 'The planet laughed at us.'[View]
599541340Why is Tifa so perfect, /v/?[View]
599548397Is the game industry cannibalizing itself?: Because it feels like it, Microsoft buying activision-bl…[View]
599516853Anon... why did YOU let me die?...[View]
599550648Wolverine PS5: kino is back on the menu bros[View]
599549065>Hundreds of people have logged they ass onto the based as fuck 4chan Minecraft server for 1.17.1…[View]
599549201She got robbed.[View]
599545293I chose Ann for her personality[View]
599528437So apparently, Nintendo considers Metroid to be a household name. Now I can't help but try to i…[View]
599552123Ok I have played BOTW and Mario, is there any other great exclusives or can I safely uninstall Yuzu?[View]
599548289How do I find friends or join friend groups in video games or centered around video games? I'm …[View]
599551446Honk Honk, here's your pizza burger, anon![View]
599552105they made a just cause 4?[View]
599552342With everything being a service now, what do the terms 'anti-consumer' and 'pro-consu…[View]
599551497Yes MGSV is the best game ever[View]
599490927Deltarune: Post your greatest hopes and your greatest fears for ch 3-5. Also the most tamest predict…[View]
599550731He was right[View]
599552272do something /v/ gamba is bad[View]
599548890MGS1 was ok until this button mashing bullshit[View]
599546841>be me >chasing a ship >they are trying to get Away from a fight >think they are scared …[View]
599552182>mfw elden ring wasnt as enjoyable as ds3[View]
599551279FromSoftware characters are bori-[View]
599543536If you were going to dedicate thousands of hours into a game, what game would it be?[View]
599550628ITT:: Hidden/overlooked gems.[View]
599544425>video game gets a animation adaptation >the show is actually better than the game Why is this…[View]
599549761Apologize. Microsoft about to strike back in Japan. First Sony. Next is Nintendo. Spencer was right.…[View]
599540509>Shinji Matou is bas-[View]
599551330when did russian become the evil guys of gaming?[View]
599550830This is why video games will never be taken seriously as a medium.[View]
599551552Really the Cygames of China[View]
599533820>he didn't invade today What's your excuse?[View]
599506464Soul/Soulless thread[View]
599551454I love this overpowered gun. What are some games you can actually play this in?[View]
599547408Deepest Lore[View]
599547884Just beat this. Why do people say this game was about circumcision? What am I missing?[View]
599551176what was the point of making it a girl?[View]
599546717The queens of /v/.[View]
599551214So, how is Old World?[View]
599538325This game is fucking bullshit[View]
599545601Boomer thread[View]
599550557>Crouching enables stealth[View]
599546092Sell me this console[View]
599546472GTA V Story Thread: >be me >be at friend's house >playing GTA V single player >hand…[View]
599546548Fuck me this game is hard >Spend 5 literal hours running drugs, military equipment and luxury it…[View]
599549495Mojang is incompetent: OH NONONONO MINECRAFTBROS https://marshdeer.github.io/howlongmojang/…[View]
599528672Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: >Best outfits >Best and most consistently high quality Job Quests…[View]
599547216Who the hell thought this was a good idea[View]
599549051lemme guess, you need more?[View]
599548495>Narrowly win a match >'GG ez'[View]
599504216The hell are you looking at /v?[View]
599541179Did you like Dragon Quest Builders?[View]
599547876This will get shabbhos b&: FaVORTE cs main>? Q why is it big kYIEV[View]
599547324BILL GATE REMAKE: Bill Gates offers to remake to any video game ever made. Which game do you pick?…[View]
599546390What am I in for? And how long does it take to 100%?[View]
599545828This kong has a funny face[View]
599542691What we think of Falco?[View]
599547960I've never played Lillie's game but i do know her quite well.[View]
599546557I just want a remaster man Not even a full remake Lemme play as that HD Mint Magic[View]
599550116Can a little girl really run an entire city?[View]
599545560MultiVersus: Potential new characters?: So I’ve heard from a few sources about potential new charact…[View]
599549887>multiple love interests >no harem end This should be illegal…[View]
599546264What does /v/ think of the Samosbor games?[View]
599545050NES bootlegs were pure soul[View]
599547991So, how that's UE5 project going, anon?[View]
599544859System Shock 2 thread: Finally got to playing it after hearing about it for years and my god, what a…[View]
599541783January 1988: The Mika Chan incident.[View]
599547543Do they just stop fixing games: These Days? This mess is from 2017 and I had the fallowing glitches …[View]
599549817Friendly reminder for the three anons that care, tomorrow (and the day after) is the next Indie Live…[View]
599537615Propose an update to chess Add pieces or change some rules or whatever[View]
599549781>Blizzard instead decides to ruin Warcraft 3 there was no way to fuck up with the first 2, so wha…[View]
599539370Why didnt they put it on PS4? they hate money?[View]
599547606What are some Hidden Gems for the Wii? They don't have to be amazing, they just have to be good…[View]
599545687the good one on gameboy, not the soulless DX on color, and not the purposely janky remake on switch[View]
599535216The chief problem with a Dark Souls like game as an 'open world game' begins the instant you leave t…[View]
599547278Was it good or has it aged like spoiled milk?[View]
599477154Ace of Spades: SERVER ADDRESS aos://3901461577 >What is it? WW1-themed voxel shooter with buildin…[View]
599549307I like you anon, you have a kind face :)[View]
599472373Top or bottom?[View]
599546152>join literally any gaming community >share an opinion that is slightly outside of the popular…[View]
599547736btd6: whos your favourite boss?[View]
599545735>tfw you remember that edgy username you had in middle school[View]
599540085Daily MGS4 thread[View]
599542072How can Golf video games progress beyond 'press the button when the moving mark lines up with the ot…[View]
599545885Am I supposed to be just pressing the attack button? What am I doing wrong or when does the combat g…[View]
599547450>This made boomers literally shit their pants Really?[View]
599546235legend of heroes: The canon choice[View]
599543981What is the worst Zelda game?[View]
599547269https://youtu.be/c5uT7fas-WE >Everyone's dancing furiously.[View]
599546159Will I avenge my fathers death...?[View]
599548246Masterchef rocks: If you could meet any video game character who would you be and why? I would be ma…[View]
599548597He's in.[View]
599536151What is it about nintendo fans and autism? https://youtu.be/9Oid5AkSzv4[View]
599540674>Squeeeeeeeeenix bleeding money again because they're retards >QUICK! Let's milk FF …[View]
5995404927bros what the FUCK are we gonna do now[View]
599543502Thread for black /v/ bros only: Post a Japanese black game character you want to model yourself afte…[View]
599537405>PS5 has no gam-[View]
599545349NEVER forget what they took from us[View]
599543695Play Blue Archive.[View]
599547107Did you play the new Pokémon game?[View]
599546307holy shit I want this so bad[View]
599527128Master Duel: One Ghost Belle a day keeps Called by the Grave away.[View]
599544291po po po[View]
599546773>makes Shigeru Miyamoto boil with rage[View]
599546519ice cream with the girls[View]
599546358Is the samsung LA22A450C1 TV good for PS2 gaming? It has component but it also has HDMI[View]
599545887Hopes? Fears? I simply don't trust Sonic Team to make a good game, especially in a genre they…[View]
599544463>multiple sonic games per year in different gameplay styles on different platforms Will we EVER g…[View]
599539009You fuckers told me the Epic Games Store was garbage.[View]
599544848Discuss away /v/[View]
599543880Who was your first video game crush /v/?[View]
599546920what were they thinking?: what were they thinking?[View]
599544478Silent Hill: Push these niggas off me like, 'Huh' Push these bitches off me like, 'Huh' Push these n…[View]
599541254If I emulate the wii u version, can I play it uncensored? Is there an uncensor patch for this like w…[View]
599545387>Before games were made for little kids, teenagers and adults unwinding after work >Now they a…[View]
599543134I had it!: No really, it can be writtten than one such as I can be of had enough! Structurally withi…[View]
599540924Why aren’t video games fun anymore?[View]
599538705has anyone else played a videogame so much that you were transported back to the time it was set but…[View]
599542491>*teleports behind you* >heh, nothing personal kiddo…[View]
599545690Will we honestly get anything even one tenth as monumental as this announcement?[View]
599534134https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVUQWJgzh_c You are going to buy Mommy's games, right? :3[View]
599531558Go play Trails.[View]
599546325>want to replay old game I loved >get a few hours in >start getting really sleepy because …[View]
599544812Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II gonna be good?[View]
599545341>punch Big Boo in 64 >URGH Thwomp noise Is Big Boo the ghost of a Thwomp?…[View]
599542686>if you're too sick for school, you're too sick for videogames There was a time when th…[View]
599533732Final Fantasy: Aside from the original, who did Cloud the best?[View]
599542918Rememeber that time gamefreak made a character based off real women and she actually turned out to b…[View]
599542529>Miyazaki-san: 'I told all my art designers, you must do better, you need to convey the tragic el…[View]
599541057is quest 2 worth it just for PCVR? i found a listing of a 64gb version for only 100 dollars and im t…[View]
599544350WARNING TO ALL MINECRAFT PLAYERS: Uri Marchand/Overwolf/CurseForge/Israeli dataminer just RAPED100!!…[View]
599542157Are Masculine or Feminine protagonists preferable?[View]
599545906why do most video games fail at immersing the player into the world they made? I can only remember 3…[View]
599527017Dolphin(GC & Wii) emulator drops Win 7 & 8 Support: .... Really????[View]
599536620Silent Hill: >3 new games >all 3 games will be shit…[View]
599545769/v/ humor thread[View]
599438269FFXI Anniversary: How are you all doing in XI?[View]
599540073Truth Hurts: This is objectively a bad video game[View]
599543548Help pls: So I got a 32GB micro SD card for my 2DS and wanted to move over the games that were on th…[View]
599540691Wishlist thread: Post games on your Steam wishlist, that are 'coming soon', or just games you are lo…[View]
599545536any other soulful simulation village/town games like this?[View]
599454750Post the worst fucking firearms in vidya[View]
599541229It's the best Souls game just for having no weapon durability.[View]
599545184Post franchises you're optimistic about for the future[View]
599540635Late as fuck but I finally got around to playing the new Hitman trilogy, I really enjoyed it. Now te…[View]
599545294why are conmen so common in the industry?[View]
599543680game de/v/: I make 'organic' video games. By that I mean profit is not my main concern. In today…[View]
599542952What is it about old games being so dang clunky?[View]
599544448>story mission strips you of your loot and gear GOD DAMMIT THIS PISSES ME OFF…[View]
599543879>the type of guy who wants a gamer girl gf don't be that kind of guy, /v/ A gamer girl gf wo…[View]
599539784Today is Vampire Savior's 25th anniversary.[View]
599544838Why did she do it?[View]
599544003Whoaaaa this looks like doom mixed with minecraft for me[View]
599544712Ivalice bros...[View]
599542134Why is this series so underrated when it's so flippin good?[View]
599538873This is Jacques de Molay the last grand master of the Knights Templar according to Japan[View]
599537129What was a video game that had biggest impact on you and changed you for the different?[View]
599515107imagine knowing back in the late 2000s that the god of war series would become the most s*y gaming f…[View]
599539312This motherfucker won't follow me[View]
599543898Should I buy sonic generations or forces or none?[View]
599542892Imagine how perfect feet Rosalina must have, she levitates all the time. She rarely walks. Because o…[View]
599537914How do you stop being so indecisive in class based games? Let it be an MMO or Monster Hunter and eve…[View]
599535969>Save a suicidal teenager's life >After she wakes up my co-worker gets mildly annoyed and…[View]
599544282>something wacky happens in a fun light hearted japanese game >UH WOAH JAPAN THIS MAKES NO SEN…[View]
599503057Does anyone else get bummed out when they realize fantasy worlds don't exist? Sometimes I feel …[View]
599539703So, I've been seeing the past few years that there are less and less people saying Zelda OoT is…[View]
599523880>A big-titted milf wants to fuck me? >NOOOOO AAHHH IM LITERALLY GOING INSANE SAVE ME SHADOWMAN…[View]
599539832There is no debate.[View]
599537417DNF Duel: We can't stop winning DNFbros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMmd77abac0…[View]
599538589Persona 4: >Villain is 'evil' because... girls don't like him…[View]
599536856Total War Thread: Let's be honest here, we all know that Medieval 2 is the best one.[View]
599538513/v/ btfo’d[View]
599538262Miyazaki’s favorite games of all time: >Ico >The Last Guardian >Shadow of the Colossus >…[View]
599540883What are some good beetle games? No, this isn't a meme thread I actually want to talk about bee…[View]
599536203this is some motherfucking bullshit[View]
599537808So...: Better than Nick All Stars?[View]
599540715where's my Sellen marriage ending?[View]
599537356What the fuck was his problem?[View]
599543468What are some games where I can see high numbers?[View]
599540912Yup. It's monster hunter time.[View]
599543075Vidya is cool and you are too.: Post ur favorite vidya anon.[View]
599460773What videogame makes you feel 'comfy'?[View]
599543285Nintendo Switch: Alright, let's settle this, /v/... Nintendo Switch, great system or greatest s…[View]
599525461What fuck am I doing wrong. >attacks just bounce off xord >only way to hurt him is to stun him…[View]
599533257Help bros?? I wanna see what all the hype is about.[View]
599542403You now remember this game[View]
599531001Does the official death of E3 make you sad?[View]
599537773do zelda games still live up to the hype? Was the n64 era that much better than nuzelda?[View]
599543053What's the best phone controller for emulation and what's the best shell for retroarch to …[View]
599535843So does Genshin Impact make money outside of in-game purchases? Because if that game is making this …[View]
599533116>there will never be a game that evokes the same feelings of loneliness and dread as much as Port…[View]
599538348Xbox 360 hard dribves: Hey /v/ I recently got an Xbox 360 and for awhile I've just been using a…[View]
599475783Vidya YLYL thread. GIGAKEK edition. Post only the funniest things related to video games ITT.[View]
599542270>game as a service[View]
599532519Best games to play while taking a huge shit?[View]
599540361What am I in for?: It any good as the first?[View]
599536023For me, it's The Couch Console®[View]
599540271Hey guys dont mind me just playing the number one game on steam right now[View]
599540181its fun[View]
599539408please be quiet she's sleeping[View]
599541749In my humble opinion...: Mass effect is the best game ever if we talk about story (Halo is trash) Re…[View]
599540702>Creates the greatest soundtrack Why in the fuck 343 don’t hire him?!???…[View]
599540678Mega Man Battle Network[View]
599541860>seething zoomer messages me talking shit >call him a faggot >he reports me and i get bann…[View]
5995404682022… I am remembered[View]
599521335memes aside, this dude legitimately made me fear for my character when I fought him.[View]
599540634I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 934[View]
599541689Baldur's Gate: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
599534591tfw too many games to play and not enough time[View]
599536108Streaming and youtube killed video games[View]
599478006Why did this character ever get popular? He's like the ultimate jobber.[View]
599540283>dude what if gods were uncaring[View]
599534379why didnt you niggers tell me how fucking KINO this game is?[View]
599535756>play any f2p card game >play at low ranks >face meta decks >get emoted when you lose I …[View]
599518753Steam Library: Steam Library thread. Post your most played Steam games, rate others, hate others, et…[View]
599541041What was his tax policy?[View]
599529017I can never get used to this shit[View]
599539581Any Japanese game since 2021 with high metascore than Genshin?: IDK how Japanese game fall so easily…[View]
599540889What are some games with characters like this?[View]
599533550What is your HONEST opinion on this creature?[View]
599538816Why is he so based?[View]
599526586kirby 64: 20 minutes until kirby 64 drops on nso 3 minutes until someone says you can emulate it rig…[View]
599539294>Yes, I've played every Assassin's Creed and Farcry series exist How did you know?…[View]
599538329>Go into FF thread >XIVniggers derail the thread Is there a more hated fanbase in a franchaise…[View]
599484020Video game dog[View]
599533669Buy this game NOW and thrn play it NOW and then LOVE it forever. I have over 2k hours in this game I…[View]
599536919How would a galaxy 3 work and could it ever happen?[View]
599540079This is why I don't do voice chat when I play online with other people[View]
599539902Is Beyond Good and Evil worth playing?[View]
599489581Post your Fortnite main[View]
599528929>feminine character >tube mouth absolute peak character design.…[View]
599539859When does it get fun?[View]
599539820What did EA mean by this?[View]
599539595>The Lands Between is Pangaea What did George Raymond R Martin mean by this?…[View]
599538517Assassin's Creed peaked with the first game[View]
599532630Thoughts on Sonic Battle?[View]
599528149Aerith is literally the prettiest woman ever[View]
599529301If someone offered you 100k starting salary to work in a game company then who would you work for an…[View]
599535051Is DS emulation good?[View]
599538796Is Plutonium safe?: Is this shit safe? Some of my friends want to play some COD 5 Zombies, but appar…[View]
599534360Why the fuck is it so hard to do combos in the middle of a match? It either feels like I'm too …[View]
599538008GRABBIN PILLS[View]
599539098G4 Portal: >be cast to play The Incredible Hulk >permanently dye your skin blue What the FUCK …[View]
599536084The Fucking State of Konami.[View]
599535713Poison is my wife[View]
599533357Did I get filtered? This feels like a shittier, glitchier Deus Ex with terrible combat and stealth. …[View]
599445602>mfw no evil dead the game thread[View]
599536021Games that start off good but get really dull: You read the subject, I'll start. This bastard g…[View]
599529237Live A Live stream: https://youtu.be/WoNj1DlfL4Q SE is airing a Live A Live stream in 9 hours. What?…[View]
599538827https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffKHSRnaWf8 >People still do stuff like animation of TF2 15 years…[View]
599531747You! Yes YOU! You are dead!_____[View]
599537329Elden Ring: So whats the lore behind the giant dead maidens sits on Nokstella and Nokron?[View]
599537750Thanks Timmy![View]
599538596Lady Maria is such a fucking jobber holy shit I thought she was hard on my first playthrough but I b…[View]
599537996I remember everyone talking about how broken it was at the beginning. But no one ever brought up all…[View]
599534532Do you know a single person who's a fan of this series? Not just 'yeah I liked it okay', like a…[View]
599535469Boomers ruined my favorite franchises for the past decade[View]
599527556ITT: We come up with Sequel and Spin off names for GAME GAME 2: Badder than before.[View]
599529514heroes 2... home...[View]
599530162Never again...[View]
599533868Anons, what is a cool crossover dynamic you'd like to see? I'll start: > I think Zero f…[View]
599534564I would like JRPG recs where you have the option to romance a knight girl, /v/. Excella's game …[View]
599529829What are the best examples of emergent gameplay?[View]
599530287Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak are coming to PS4/PS5 this fall. Sony is working very closely with …[View]
599536949DMC3/SE: >trying to S rank M3 as Vergil on my 2nd playthrough(Hard) >Orb requirement always ge…[View]
599533432What games do dragons justice? They're fucking huge, heavy, beasts. Their skin thick, their sca…[View]
599534641Games where the second installment is the best in the series[View]
599530895>brings about the death and mutation of humanity >no one in universe considers her in the wron…[View]
599537748>SCP just died games for this feel?[View]
599537686xbots...where's our games?[View]
599535916Since the Advance Wars remake is never releasing, what are your thoughts on setting the game in a di…[View]
5995375912022...I am forgotten...[View]
599478354'Household Name' Nintendo Franchises According to Nintendo: Kirby and Fire Emblem BTFO!!!![View]
599532425how are you enjoying /v/ rising?[View]
599536268This is the real Master Chief. An absolute Chad. An unstoppable machine of war. I don't want hi…[View]
599537350any boomers here remember driv3rgate? were you outraged?[View]
599523707Multiversus code thread: Hoping to gain codes? Have some to share? Please leave them in this thread,…[View]
599537051Did your parents ever take your video games away as a punishment? One of my friends must have had hi…[View]
599537317I first tried him because I played the other games before but is it good design to put a somewhat ch…[View]
599492853is this the weirdest out of place non sequitur in souls history? part of why ds2 has so much charm[View]
599537176Haven't played this game since Sakura or whatever dropped. How are all the new fighters? Is mos…[View]
599529567So, who is this guy? What is he up to?[View]
599532597you may not like it but this is what peak tank build looks like.[View]
599534392And remember, if those Deadites ever return, you can always call me.[View]
599535293Go pico, yeah yeah, go pico[View]
599537021ITT:: Soulful game design[View]
599528039Ultra Despair Girls is fun.[View]
599519192Does /v/ like Dragon Quest 11?[View]
599516584How actually was gaming in the clinton years?[View]
599534856Inafune NFTS: >IT'S FUCKING REAL[View]
599530425its dead[View]
599536783What are some games where it doesn't matter? Where none of it matters?[View]
599534047GOD SAVE THE- MAYDIC![View]
599512614well /v/?[View]
599536685Luigi did you shit yourself?[View]
599536594why isn't fighting sentinels seen as a valid method of earning nanites? you used salvaged glass…[View]
599536294Why are there no video games set at universities? Everything set at a school is set in high school.[View]
599528339>Your average gamer in 2022[View]
599527137shit games /v/ tricked you into playing[View]
599528309They have never made a good game in their entire history.[View]
599536464I LIKE THAT JUMP![View]
599534867>Demon's souls >lone valiant knight venturing into a perilous journey with nothing but hi…[View]
599527381When did you realize it was the greatest game of all time?[View]
599523031To you who have been playing video games since the original NES or older, what do you think about vi…[View]
599433475How is this shit legal?[View]
599526774Have you ever apologized in online video games?[View]
599534873Have you beaten it yet?[View]
599534185wow they somehow managed to make mafia 3 even worse than the second one, how is this possible? even …[View]
599535753>he hands the empire carpet blunt wat do?[View]
599535503MASS EFFECT 4 TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_rY6gn7GNM[View]
599512885MultiVerSUS - Taz x Harley 3 (No Mao-Mao Allowed): I just saw these Mao Mao posts. They made me unco…[View]
599531850we're never getting a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 remake, right?[View]
599529845>gritty looking armor >coomer cortana >no flood bullshit >forerunner weapons >pea…[View]
599535095HONK! HONK! HONKHONKHONK! *Explodes*[View]
599523945Is pic related actually worth playing or am I falling for a meme[View]
599534501this is the most boring game I've ever played[View]
599533918So why did this fag wear a Lone Ranger mask again? Was it some kind of Phantom of the Opera shit? Or…[View]
599534345What's that 'ol Gorgatron doin'?[View]
599531620Naruto X Boruto Shinobi Striker: I wonder did anyone played this abomination? The game tries to be a…[View]
599534231Radahn: I'm torn, /v/. During this run I have beaten every boss up to this guy without summonin…[View]
599525030Factual Zelda ratings[View]
599530629What’s the /v/erdict?[View]
599534784Anyone here got a gpd win3? Are they worth it bros or better off with steam deck?[View]
599529758>Game is about 'mental health' >Dwells on suicide and depression and reinforces it to players …[View]
599533837>it actually outsold call of duty despite coming out months after it How the hell do they keep on…[View]
599529680Why don't games use prerendered backgrounds anymore?[View]
599531670>achievement is rng-based[View]
599531985This was the worst Persona game. Why do so many people defend it?[View]
599529953Why is modern vidya so afraid to appeal to monster fuckers?[View]
599533716why is that zoomer games aren't creative at all?: it's feels as if their games were pastic…[View]
599534205Are there any decent maid games that aren't just LN or gatcha?[View]
599533434God, I love Japan: The amount of money I spend on buying Japanese stuff not just vidya, I could supp…[View]
599534358find a flaw[View]
599532782This is surprisingly good, the balancing is all over the place but I still manage to have fun, I lik…[View]
599527972What irrefutable argument can you give that a 17-year old console isn't /vr/-eligible and never…[View]
599533226How y'all loving your steamdeck?[View]
599525274I-I'm NOT a trashy skank![View]
599532447What went wrong?[View]
599528261Dark Cloud: Which one was better?[View]
599533010I think playing a Silent Hill 2 remake would be the cleanest, best pleasure[View]
599520470I didn't even know this shit was coming out. What the fuck is it and is it good? probably not…[View]
599530359>enemy can turn you into a door[View]
599533001Post what you're looking forward to rest of 2022[View]
599533660I did not care for Sonic Adventure 2.[View]
599529139This game is actually pretty fun. It’s pretty janky but I have to say, it’s quite soulful.[View]
599513069I am Japanese and I wish the death of PLAYSTATION.: I am very angry at the odd behavior of PLAYSTATI…[View]
599502756Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: What are your >Hopes >Dreams >Expectations >Nightmares For…[View]
599516509Reminder that FF7 is and always was a leftist game. >Anti-Corporation >Anti-Capitalism >Ant…[View]
599532921Deltarune thread? Deltarune thread: >Noelle will ride with me.[View]
599531092Your lightsaber feels and plays like a baseball bat. How did they fuck up this fundamental detail?[View]
599533237>trying to S rank 3 as Vergil on my 2nd playthrough(Hard) >Orb requirement always gets me a A …[View]
599530286Rhythm Heaven: >8 perfects left in DS FUCK YOU Fillbots 2 and Rhythm Rally 2 The funny thing is y…[View]
599533427warcraft's loss of faction identity: Alliance was always meant to be pompous heroic assholes an…[View]
599526830Boomers don't seriously...[View]
599528064Which gacha games are worth playing?[View]
599532494The great debate, which holds the title as the best retro console?[View]
599514620Is he autistic?[View]
599525965ITT: overhated video games.[View]
599527631Is it worth playing, or should I just watch a playthrough on Youtube?[View]
599532919*Sluuuuuuurp* (1) 6.8 user score[View]
599531037>Promised to sell you a nice mansion >You bought.jpg >Move in >It's a broken piec…[View]
599532717Reminder that there will be a Final Fantasy IX animated series.[View]
599530775FUCK demons.[View]
599519403what's your favorite pokemon?[View]
599529868Touhou: I really like Clownpiece’s torch. It’s so mesmerizing and pretty...[View]
599512686This is the worst boss Fromsoft have ever made (Radagon + Elden Beast). It is well documented how ga…[View]
599532598Maplestory: Kerning City... home. At least until the Big Bang fucked everything up.[View]
599532032is Star Citizen a SCAM ?: is Star Citizen a SCAM ?[View]
599530276>Soundtrack 10/10 >Unique design >Original and stylish gameplay >Rts elements >The b…[View]
599520669What is the rarest game you have a physical copy of?[View]
599532000Why is /v/ so obsessed with FF7R?[View]
599532390would you?[View]
599528902>'''''''''''''''''''''''''DK''''''''''''''''''''''''' Summit >Has a statue of Mario Explain.…[View]
599532429What are some games with this aesthetic?[View]
599532423Will there be a wasteland 4? Will it be able to do what 3 couldn't, have a song that's bet…[View]
599530736Why is yuri so rare in vidya when it's everywhere in anime/manga?[View]
599528898is there a way to get for black hat minecraft on Mac im goonin for the craft.[View]
599532203DS3 maiden a shit worst souls maiden >member Firelink >member Nexus >member transport harp…[View]
599524293*singlehandedly change the entire video games culture in your path*[View]
599528256Silksong chads: Where is her game...?[View]
599516629>her entire personality is 'i have big boobs' bravo Nasu[View]
599528823=Which one was The GOAT? =Which one sucked shithole?[View]
599529241Better snag them now. After today if you want to legally acquire the Classic Sonic games outside of …[View]
599529007IT'S UP![View]
599531302Is there a more kino intro to a video game than wind waker’s? https://youtube.com/watch?v=ujEZQbBi2…[View]
599525125Kingdom Of Loathing: I'm a fag who was playing an Idle game called NGU IDLE for almost 3 years.…[View]
599525332Scenes women will never understand[View]
599531276How do you feel about Blue Archive?[View]
599531412Who would win in a fight?[View]
599531371Battle Brothers: How do I into it? Builds? Tips?[View]
599509595Now that nintendo is significantly owned by the middle-east, what are some hopes/changes you expect …[View]
59945754115 years later, still the best Pokegirl[View]
599531059GET IN FAGGS NEW GAME SOON https://sketchful.io/room/ORo2N[View]
599528959AI The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative: AI The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative's achievements…[View]
599530567What went so right?[View]
599531008Post soulless games[View]
599529871>adds fixed camera perspective there I fixed your fucking game.[View]
599518512What killed MMOs as a genre to the point where the only ones that are allowed to exist are FFXIV and…[View]
599526347Math and videogames: So being a mexican with really poor education, I decided to stop being a retard…[View]
599526285>New challenger appears[View]
599530657Why did he lie to us?[View]
599529109video games with deers?[View]
599526158How much life do you think the PS4 has left in it? Will Elden Ring be the last big release? I'm…[View]
599489254Why elden shit didn't have any cool areas like this?[View]
599527136you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds[View]
599527030Spinoffs as good as the real games: I'll start.[View]
599523876This is the best plant in Garden Warfare 2 You cannot refute this[View]
599526825Playing this for the first time co-op: It's like a lost N64 game. (I mean this as a bad thing, …[View]
599526557Imagine not marrying your best friend's daughter. Bro, he's your best friend. Are we suppo…[View]
599527257POSTAL: you do feel nostalgia for early y2k kino right /v/?[View]
599525016>add anon from /v/ >all he talks about is video games…[View]
599528358You didn't beat the game.[View]
599523296I CAN'T JUMP UP HERE.[View]
599528084>tfw you remember your contrarian phase where you hated fallout 3 for no reason and just because …[View]
599524935Why is there so much porn on /v/ lately? is hiroshimoot shortstaffed or something?[View]
599529685why hasn't any open world RPG been able to top it yet ? you could do so much in it and it was f…[View]
599527642Does anyone on /v/ only play on console? Ive never met a PC fag irl[View]
599529854I mean... psx one unironically looks far better.[View]
599526727Sony sisters…..[View]
599524674>Game functions perfectly for years >New game plus moves to EGS >Gets an update out of the …[View]
599523384Which one and why?[View]
599527595Nintendo Direct June 1st: Our first summer Nintendo Direct will air on June 1st surprisingly. It is …[View]
599527994FFVII Remake sucks: I have genuinely never played another game that holds the players hand as much a…[View]
599526772>to play untranslated games you must memorize 30,000 words It's over.…[View]
599529441What are some games besides Teardown and Noita where I can set fire to things and watch them burn, l…[View]
599529107Kinda bug Kinda snax[View]
599506692>WoW dead >Warcraft rts dead >SC dead >Hots dead >OW dead >Titan dead >HS dead …[View]
599528698White men farming king kong’s testicles for easy XP, typical[View]
599523965Terraria: This game sucks[View]
599507136Nigga What!?: I got a Xbox chat ban of a day for I dont remember what comment (Maybe retarded?, not …[View]
599528452Elitists: >joins server >”ugh so many newbies” >leaves What do you think about these cunts …[View]
599528738Any cancelled games you were looking forward to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_1_Nvn7DPM[View]
599527437>you see this in the trees What do you do?[View]
599528227It's time to suck ass and drink Bubba's cum: and I'm all out of cum[View]
599512246Hmm...what should I play?[View]
599521549Games with romanceable Tomboys: I love tomboys more then anything. Let’s discuss games that feature …[View]
599528128>In a safe area where nothing bad can happen >Pause anyway…[View]
5995193253x3/4x4/5x5 Thread: Post ‘em & rate ‘em[View]
599526345What I wouldn’t do for a new Kirby collection[View]
599525983Can I get a new Spyro game please?[View]
599523854The damage it did to the industry cannot be understated.[View]
599524476Is she really a princess?: >Rules the Mushroom Kingdom and happens to be named Toadstool >Neve…[View]
599527971How's this D-pad on the pro controller?[View]
599528375'toss thread: New 'toss just dropped[View]
599528298There can only be one.[View]
599526643What the hell were they thinking?[View]
599515792Bigieu is for?[View]
599528169i need me a gamer headset what's the best one under 100$? /v/[View]
599528017What actually qualifies something to be a 'video game'? Are visual novels a video game? If you made …[View]
599526743Do you like collecting things in games? What is your favorite type of thing to collect[View]
599526753Is this worth to play?[View]
599525662Is Rebirth or the OG better?[View]
599526370>fat and ugly >befriend him >he is okay and get good ending…[View]
599526576Do I start with Ys I+II or Ys Origins first?[View]
599527106What character fandoms are indicative of a completely deranged state of mind?[View]
599522003Why exactly did so many people develop a raging hate boner for the Zelda franchise?[View]
599477651Borderlands 3 Free: must have been a sales disaster in epicfailstore[View]
599508318Dragon Quest XI S: you married the BEST girl right /v/?[View]
599524979DMC: Does /v/ like DMC1? It's the most unique one for me. It has a perfect difficulty curve fro…[View]
599527216Star citizen[View]
599527782elden ring weapons: what yall thing about the candelabra thingy??[View]
599521352/v/ I'm craving good dungeon keeper style games and the well is running dry I've already p…[View]
599527780>'only come out at night' >'lean and hungry type' That's it? What the fuck, I thought you…[View]
599527630Letting females enter male hobbies and spaces was a huge mistake.: They've already ruined cinem…[View]
599527624What are some games that will test my brain?[View]
599527613If every hero from every fighting game were to battle each other in a giant battle royal, who would …[View]
599527554>makes /v/ seethe >makes resetera seethe Yep, I'm thinking based.…[View]
599516741I want to play this, what does /v/ think about it?[View]
599526672need help: I need help, /v/. I'm trying to figure out what game this is. It's a Point And…[View]
599524035Which one should I download tonight, lads? Both have interesting settings, I cannot decide.[View]
599524820TF2 Thread.: Is TF2 anyone else's go to game in the Summer for when it gets too hot to bother p…[View]
5995230152022 and this game is still completely broken[View]
599527156>No, I don't play clunky games.[View]
599522174They don't make em like this anymore.[View]
599526562Where is he now?[View]
599517990>easily one of the best action games ever made was he right?[View]
599525298>create gpu sag problem >sell overpriced solution Why is this allowed again? Look at this shit…[View]
599525437TF2 will expload: Imagine this. TF2 recovers from the bot crisis. the devs give a fuck for a while a…[View]
599526232i did it[View]
599498080How to kill your franchise[View]
599523775Do you want another romancable teacher in Persona 6?[View]
599526757>they want you to back them up >still no switch demo…[View]
599526323Nintendo Patents “Attestation Program”: Why is no one talking about this? This new patented system w…[View]
599524853>post Apoc Game >Racially diverse communities…[View]
599526721Funny weapon modding thread?[View]
599524590So why doesn't this have any motion controls on the Switch again? They couldn't program sh…[View]
599473085Star Citizen devs scale back roadmap to avoid timeline “distractions”: Stop distracting them! >St…[View]
599525472and Pacifica… well, Pacifica is still Pacifica.[View]
599518882Ffvii dlc: Just got a ps5 and played the dlc. Why did they make him a boss for the main story charac…[View]
599520053BIOnic READing[View]
599523176Pic related on sale, worth? I played with my discord friends and fucked around years ago in browser …[View]
599522313Kojima went through a rough patch with MGS3 and 4. But he managed to rebound and give us two masterp…[View]
599517131Wordle 20/5[View]
599517649>there will never be another game like dmc3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmeMu8qb_t4 jesus...…[View]
599526543Minecraft 1.20: Will we finally get an End Update?[View]
599525952When did gaming peak for you?: When did gaming peak for you? For me it's Final Fantasy X in 200…[View]
599522791What were they thinking?[View]
599462996DR. Robotniks Ring Racers: They just rebranded v2 as a sequel Thoughts? https://twitter.com/KartKrew…[View]
599495495Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: >a green haired cheeky loli tulpa goddess vs >a white haired…[View]
599521404What is your favorite vidya game movie adaptation?[View]
599497113What went wrong?[View]
599423068Post your honest thoughts on Resident Evil Village.[View]
599515923I have a dream that I will change the world, with you by my side.[View]
599524305koth_king... home...[View]
599525984The world demands more of 'Tails being a little shit.' Why do you refuse to accept progress?[View]
599520823Ugly characters that look better in non-official art. How are you faggots attracted to this?[View]
599515589What made it so fucking great?[View]
599524808What drives a fighting game to be so shit and self-contained, everything you learn only pertains to …[View]
599525897>characters in the game are in deep shit, they're gettin fucked up, they're losing hope…[View]
599524920console kiddie here. Considering building a PC. What are some things i should know before making the…[View]
599525280>game has a character creator >It has a 'Randomized' button >Click it for hours until I am …[View]
599487510DEAD RISING[View]
599525851>Okay, everything is resolved and I've got video game up and running. For anyone having the …[View]
599525586>make someone uncomfy >money stolen[View]
599525252Deedlit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YNgbjDCfPU[View]
599523612Rayman: >Rayman 4 gets cancelled in favour of another version of Rayman Raving Rabbids >Rayman…[View]
599524089Have you ever blown your load to her?[View]
599518990ITT Perfect Dub Voice Casting[View]
599524905'Thank you for showing up to the meeting! But let's jump straight into it Anon. What is your ga…[View]
599523643Anon dont forget to stream your gaming: for 0 viewers[View]
599516886Which MMORPG has the best PvP?[View]
599523459Link got robbed[View]
599521591Ocarina of Time: Where is the Switch native port on 60 fps?[View]
599515615OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
599520878They are Built for Each other[View]
599524264>spend 7 hours modding a game to perfection >launch it maybe 30 times to check for errors >…[View]
599490878Fallout 3 VS New Vegas: Fallout new Vegas: Railroad you in everything even the ideology to follow. P…[View]
599524029The charges, officer?[View]
599520697.: >but it was about banjo never getting in. we already won NOPE! Sorry Banjokes, but it was quit…[View]
599524952People don't actually fall for this kind of scam, do they?[View]
599517465Was Eastward any good? The physical edition comes out next week and I’m debating on getting it. was…[View]
599524357Is there a good website I can go to that details version differences?: Is there any website I can go…[View]
599497275How do I shut this guy the fuck up? Every goddamn second >It's almost scary how good I am …[View]
599523139How was he related to the demigods again?[View]
599520101I am forgotten[View]
599523445Boomers ruined my favorite franchises for the past decade[View]
599451642XCOM Thread: Talk about XCOM[View]
599524128Just installed Doom Eternal and I'm about to play it. What am I in for /v/?[View]
599517180Why did people stop caring about PoE? Did D2R steal their players?[View]
599522737Play Annalynn: Play Annalynn https://store.steampowered.com/app/1508460/Annalynn/[View]
599519363Ah yes the shattering[View]
599516610Got my email today.[View]
599510756Wow Bungie...thank you so much. This is exactly why I play their games. Literally every day I was pl…[View]
599524240Tohru Adachi: How is he so based?[View]
599523910>speak for the first time in years in an MMORPG guild discord >no one remembers or knows who i…[View]
599488002bloodborne comics: Holy fucking cringe[View]
599521289why did they give ann a 4chan reference on his hoodie?[View]
599519319This is the most fun I've had playing an online shooter in years[View]
599523608Can't believe it's nearly been 5 years since this trash came out[View]
599520731Thoughts on Shiki?[View]
599524057LET ME SOLO HER BROS ITS UP https://youtu.be/azyDeqdMkJE[View]
599508179Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of: So fit finally came out today. Anyone give it a go yet? I’m picking …[View]
599522083Every non-current gen game should be on steam: Thanks.[View]
599520980isos: Where get isos nowadays?[View]
599522602Peak android performance.[View]
599514080He was wrong[View]
599519539Which ones from the bottom row are worth playing?[View]
599486992stop liking bad girls[View]
599523571I run nioh 2 at 60 fps but minecraft at 15[View]
599514593After the end of World War II, the world was split into two - East and West. This marked the beginni…[View]
599522283Well done Elden Ring, well done. However...[View]
599519445Where is her game brothers?[View]
599494910Master Duel: Are you done with the fusion event? then come duel with that one deck you dont bring to…[View]
599518576>/v/ pretends to hate Morrowind just admit you wish you were capable of playing it…[View]
599521740I want to play this. Is this SJW shit? I already see no boob armor on female[View]
599509860It's over, sony-sisters[View]
599518091NASB: So it's officially dead, right?[View]
599513704Japanese Horror: Just finished pic related. Are the other ones better? If I wanted to play 2, is the…[View]
599507224Here's your Dendro Archon[View]
599523241Here is your next gen Arma 4 experience.[View]
599523195Tranzit is so underrated it's nuts, it is like Outbreak but actually good. would be sick if som…[View]
599522842Why does she dress like that?[View]
599502402What else?[View]
599522596Naga will never be playable.[View]
599515034Sifu: >kill enemy >lose[View]
599516017Is /v/ still Tsundere about Twin Snakes?[View]
599522748Two towers. Two teams. Two flags. Are you good enough? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_0G6WPuss4…[View]
599522585>Little bros keep begging me to play Fortnite with them[View]
599522437DMC1: >Rail Shooter Section in action game bad why? I just don't get people who want the sam…[View]
599522707Apex Legends Mobile - just released Catalyst Black - 5/25 Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds - 5/25 Rotaeno - 5…[View]
599518083come to Mick and Ralph's for all your shopping needs![View]
599521257PC bros...: I KNEEL[View]
599521640How bad can it be?[View]
599522310>I'll kill you...if it's the last thing I do[View]
599517513The Sims Thread: What's next for the BEST Simulation Game in forever?[View]
599519178I need vidya images that go HARD ITT[View]
599522321Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros Melee character?[View]
599522365the legendary chica: she scared the shit out of millions of zoomers.[View]
599511993Why did people go so crazy for the reveal of Twilight Princess?: https://youtu.be/VE2Dc1sx71U[View]
599520973VTMB: How come no one told me the ending sequence to this game was so kino?[View]
599518740Did consoletards really used to think this framerate was acceptable?[View]
599520078>WoW has spanish translation >GW2 has spanish translation >ESO is going to have one in June…[View]
599519831tapir snout?[View]
599519065What am I in for? >finished Revelations a while ago and completely forgot what happened…[View]
599520512I made Alice in Minecraft (again)[View]
599519335Discuss VNs.[View]
599521958bugbros? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1906750/Roly_Poly/ What are some games where you play as…[View]
599516842Old World: What's the consensus, /v/ros? Is it Civilization IV + Crusader Kings 2?[View]
599517062Assertion: MMOs are the best genre. Evidence: Simultaneous characters is skillfulness, density of op…[View]
599505310>leaks the TF2 source code and creates the years-long bot issues which have effectively killed th…[View]
599521721I fucked the cow And I'll fuck her again[View]
599520610We are two and a half years into the decade, the first fourth until 2030 is finished. What are the b…[View]
599521101What games can I pummel things with my fists?[View]
599521330draw your sword, ramza[View]
599517735>game has a mechanic where the main character dies and can come back to life Any games like this?…[View]
599517467>added new stuff >forgot to fix the main gameplay loop still boring…[View]
599520967Well, /v/?[View]
599521115Puzzlechads GET IN HERE[View]
599521107What are some notable video game summaries?[View]
599509196This game is garbage. Easily the most overrated FPS of the era.[View]
599519272Can I have a fun time farming on this game[View]
599519128>game has enemies that are cuter than the main characters[View]
599517257>Sequel competently retcons the first games story Any other examples?[View]
599403065/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>599285965 >When requesting, post references and name…[View]
599517720This are my favorite games ever what are yours[View]
599512487>Rifleman 100 meters front![View]
599519312What are some good games that take place on a ship?[View]
599515474Does he have even a single bad game?[View]
599513047>replay game from your childhood >it's not nearly as good as you remember pic related…[View]
599514446Post your Steam profile and get recommended a class in FFXIV. I'll start, pic related.[View]
599518465What games give you the cleanest, best pleasure to play?[View]
599520463How would you make a villain for your vidya: Pic related is how I'd make a villain for an India…[View]
599515040This is what Dark Souls II would have been if not for shitty console hardware limitations. Just like…[View]
599518162>best arcade racer in you're path[View]
599519565Geniuses often aren't recognised in thier own time[View]
599507152Elden Ring DLC Wishlist: Enough talk about the lore, what's your DLC wishlist, gameplay-wise? D…[View]
599518035Soul, a poorly defined and impossible to replicate idealism. Forever sought but never fully grasped.…[View]
599517705Does anyone happen to know any games like Elite, but not set in space? Things like multiple towns, p…[View]
599519121So why hasnt anyone made an autisitic 'realistic' version of harvest moon/ stardew valley? Like mine…[View]
599506318The Mario series isn't diverse enough, according to Activision Blizzard's new tool: Ninten…[View]
599516475>PS1 comes out of fucking nowhere and destroys the N64 >PS2 not only DOMINATES the Gamecube bu…[View]
599519960why didn't you port this to PC, why would you have to clone a github and run it in an emulator[View]
599449246How autistic do i have to be to enjoy this[View]
599519113When will you accept this is the best soulsborne game?[View]
599509586I love this little guy like you wouldn't believe[View]
599517739Why can't controllers have fun and interesting designs anymore like this?[View]
599490829Touhou: Why is this girl’s name “Clownpiece” and why is she wearing the Star-Spangled Banner?[View]
599512704The great debate[View]
599519564>villain becomes a hero in the next installment games for this feel?[View]
599518840duriel 1-shot me even though i had a trainer on for infinite health that shouldn't be legal[View]
599470627>b-b-but Inafune is not involved in the NFT! lmaaaooooooooo[View]
599516027just wanted to let you all know that scorch is the best titan in titanfall 2 you're welcome[View]
599518872games with cute indian chicks?[View]
599517112Is composite cable on CRT fine for PS1 and PS2? Or should I try to sell my composite CRT and get a c…[View]
599498040>Sonic fundamentally doesn't work in three dimensio-[View]
599517862Who's gonna win this one?[View]
599514290Defend this.[View]
599512176Are Paradox players the ultimate consumers?[View]
599469849Deep Rock Galactic.: Literally 4chan: The Game.[View]
599495112The Callisto Protocol: Dead Space and The Thing bros... we are finally going home...[View]
599512354>exploring the labyrinth with my Kirara-themed team of little girls as usual >climb all the wa…[View]
599514051https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN8geCTlZOo It still hurts, bros.[View]
599517475>pc mas-[View]
599518232I'm a compfag. How can I enjoy playing vidya games?[View]
599515346Sup /v/ just hanging around.[View]
599518178*sigh*.....it's cringe.[View]
599510121why hasn't sega capitalized on chao? they could've been a massive money maker[View]
599517307Restore the golden order[View]
599518219Which videogame has the best axes?: Excluded: Any videogame with impractically huge axes Any videoga…[View]
599517472you getting one right pokebros?[View]
599517932>you need to make a account to play this game >email password security question for what reaso…[View]
599517297Uncle Tim saving gaming: one game at a time[View]
599516543It was really quite shit.[View]
599490190I love Kanna from Blaster Master Zero![View]
599516189Accessibility features in games are awful and they always bring games down Making games for everyone…[View]
599517263Which controller has the worst d-pad?[View]
599517768It's about on par with all the other Silent Hill games but there's this big bullshit meme …[View]
599516432How come there haven't good starwars games in the las 20 years?: Outside of lego ones?[View]
599510215Kingdom Hearts is gay.[View]
599512661Is Bomberman good for you?[View]
599479326Post 10/10 video games (in your opinion)[View]
599516304Do you think more games should have marriage/dating mechanics?[View]
599491507>24' >1920x1080 >60+ FPS >60hz Let me guess... You NEED more?…[View]
599515372Ranni I ...[View]
599517262Talkin' bout bugsnax![View]
599515770What is the new go-to place for ROMs now? I can't find any websites that don't look infest…[View]
599514767Black Wife Tiche[View]
599515607why the shit is every shooter only 10 hours long? not only that but they have zero replay value besi…[View]
599517126aisha sexo[View]
599513998Do you still think he's kino anon?[View]
599516963>level curve[View]
599508558I want to sneed and feed Kaine.[View]
599515114okay, but you gotta admit this actually looks pretty dope[View]
599510858Why are the axis the bad guys in every single WW2 game?[View]
599514009How did Naughty dog do it? They did something no western dev have managed to do since They clearly h…[View]
599513771>You need boobs to look femini-[View]
599515927risk of rain players mod their game to look like this... what the fuck[View]
599516576I can't stop thinking about hypothetical videogames. If X Developer revived Y game If B game …[View]
599493285Occasional reminder.[View]
599509691Why does it have so many 'smurfs'?: In other games I can understand. But why rocket league? Its supe…[View]
599516480Futa Videgoames: Post Futas, your characters,futa NPCs, maybe Futas, go go go![View]
599480850Play King's Field (Japan) https://youtu.be/fys3jbrtThk[View]
599485098Destroy the golden order[View]
599505660>What'll it be?[View]
599477534Now that the honeymoon phase is over, can we finally admit that it's not a masterpiece or the g…[View]
599515309>use the regression spell in front of the Radagon statue in Leyndell >it changes to Marika …[View]
599504771Who is the MOST ATTRACTIVE Videogame Character ever? post one or reply to an anon who posted ill sta…[View]
599516329Is any of the Dark Souls copycat games worth playing? I don't mind them not being as good as Fr…[View]
599516286>Multiplayer only videogame >No multiplayer What did they mean by this?…[View]
599516242Name a better group of bros you'd rather hangout with[View]
599515416>These graphics made boomers shit their pants in 1998[View]
599515270This board has better taste than the average journo[View]
599515848Finally private servers are ded, official server chads we won.[View]
599508669do you ever think about the shitty russian and ukranian players youve met recently and think that ma…[View]
599513129>'Here's your DS emulator, bro.'[View]
599512721It's not looking good for us, Lost Planet 2 sisters...[View]
599515563>in order to play this game you must create a account >email ********* password ********** …[View]
599513675I hate life simulation games. I hate Sims. I hate Animal Crossing. I hate Harvest Moon. I hate Rune …[View]
599515280Post your cozy minecraft house anon[View]
599511421Does Daisy have light-brown skin or not?[View]
599509816>Hlaalu dead >Telvanni dead >Dres dead >Indoril (lol) dead >Redoran still standing st…[View]
599515380Absolute kino[View]
599514734I have 200 hours in Elden Ring and haven't ventured past Limgrave yet.[View]
599515294MultiVersus - Closed Alpha edition: Are you in? what do you think of the game so far? Previous threa…[View]
599475321Which vidya character would you be__________?[View]
599509718Never forget what they took from you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfHCZAK7p-s[View]
599514293Post top tier video game OST's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPWKQpDePx4 https://www.youtube…[View]
599512060>developed alongside Elden Ring >S team in charge of development >only installment to stray…[View]
599506457this combat made boomers cum and cream themselves non stop[View]
599509278Kenshi: It's $13.49 right now on steam. i'm not worried about it being difficult to 'win'.…[View]
599512956Mii Thread: Post your miis here, whether wacky or lame.[View]
599515359IT AIN'T ME[View]
599438760This game is pretty good. No, really. It has tons of content and despite being EA, I havent found a …[View]
599514863Sonic Blast, home.[View]
599513885>3D Sonic was never goo-ACK[View]
599504809What is your favorite race in WoW?[View]
599512347Sony wants to become a multiplatform developer. Playstation will be the next Sega. PS5 will be Sony…[View]
599511969Why do a select group of autistic on /v/ have such a intense hatred for this emulator? I tried it ou…[View]
599497620Mini Ranni[View]
599509643Visual Novels: >Anonymous;Code opening revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKv4l8KSgC8 Where…[View]
599515147When They Cry: More like When They Wait For Phase 2 Why Ryukishi such a hack. Why Higurashi and Umin…[View]
599509745Squid Sisters Thread: No lewd allowed[View]
599515072strange...he saw something in you..trusted you..[View]
599509492This is... Le Malin![View]
599514097How to get free joycon replacement: >joycon breaks >joycons never degraded cosmetically in the…[View]
599514856>indie game gets made >it's about witchcraft or occult related things Do indie developers…[View]
599513251Fuck all Playstation console motherfucker This thread brought to you by the Sega-Xbox Alliance[View]
599514748ITT franchises you love, but don't want a sequel for[View]
599514731How can a tarnished the midget beat a demigod?[View]
599514653I can't decide what to play tonight[View]
599452292Star Wars: Why did we get so few games during the sequel movies when the prequels had tons of games?…[View]
599514678Bandwoner jumper: the franchise. Actually all videogames are mainstream now i just want to shit on Z…[View]
599511720Graphics really matter: Well?[View]
599513072I'm gonna launch a thread niggas. I'm drunk and I had a hard time writing out these g. Die…[View]
599511915FACT: If you cannot adapt to an old game's controls you are low IQ, simple as[View]
599514441>framerate >>>>>> quality[View]
599511659Horror games that filtered you through fear[View]
599509125If your game doesn't have a small companions then I'm not gonna play it.[View]
599511640What is /v/ gamering tonight?[View]
599513601ITT - vidya characters with canonically large bush[View]
599514138Should i buy 3dworld or mario party if i want to play with mu bro?[View]
599514084Is it vaporware[View]
599504385Halo Thread: IT ALL RETURNS TO NOTHING....[View]
599513831>game is too easy[View]
599507770>matchmaking is still broken >dlc costume terry didn't get affected by one of the nerfs …[View]
599513839What's wrong with playing one game?[View]
599513862You fight her and her husband's daughter[View]
599513856What historical Roman event needs a game based on it? Absolutely needs? No, Sup Consul posting.[View]
599513821>Character leveling up doesn't restore HP and MP[View]
599507860Do you consider attending gamedev educational programs?[View]
599510364I love videogames!: Played HotA today. Was fun fun, pirates are cool! In general HoMM3 is awesome ga…[View]
599480956Cyberpunk is 2077 is a great game and I'm tired of pretending it's not. Say what you want …[View]
599510635>visit an old vidya song youtube video >everyone in the comments is talking about how nostalgi…[View]
599512579A Fourth Major Videogame Console: What currently-third party company do you think could make a conso…[View]
599510675What's your opinion on Guacamelee games? Are they worth it?[View]
599510909can you fags stop throwing your lifesavings into png's so the chinks can do little vidya projec…[View]
599513526What exactly was her plan again?[View]
599513507Remember when life was good. /v/?[View]
599513457I thought of an Idea for a video game. You are the husband/fiancé to a super sexy spy-agent women wi…[View]
599513384The ending of TLoU Part II we were wrongly denied according to the TLoU Part II artbook[View]
599512270>special edition >ultimate edition >gold edition >pre-order bonus >live service …[View]
599512749You faggots are meming me with this aren't you?[View]
599512083You were never one of us. You were nothing but a zoomer— a false anon. My eyes have been opened. Let…[View]
599512382Gee, it sure is boring around here...[View]
599513171What are some video games where I can murder coomers and coomer posters? Postal? My filters have 42 …[View]
599513158>Kalecgos: Anveena, I love you. Focus on my voice. Come back for me now. Only you can cleanse the…[View]
599492247MultiVerSUS - Taz x Harley 2: How's the test today? I hope Dataminers will get AES key soon! I…[View]
599510873What supplements do you use to maximize your KDR?[View]
599508863Literally Nayru, Farore, and Din.[View]
599512259When did TF2 players become so gay and nasally, don't remember voice chat always being like thi…[View]
599512834The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Has anyone on /v/ tried modding the PC port?[View]
599512407What made it the best JRPG ever made?[View]
599511628Which is your favourite Monster: I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
599507982Can we all agree that his fins are gorgeous?[View]
599507472Literally told the same story of revenge and forgiveness much better then TLOU2 did in a fucking DLC…[View]
599511481Are weapon buffs worth it?[View]
599503832MMOs: New World's gathering is really entertaining; I would like to discuss how easy it plausib…[View]
599509191>It appears Steams superiority has led to some controversy again[View]
599507757Project Wingman live orchestra: Jose finally finished his live orchestra, features Peacekeeper II, K…[View]
599440691Why are these games ultimately forgotten?[View]
599504215One of the most relatable protagonists we've seen[View]
599512413Armored brigade: Iwo jima invasion Tell me what you think[View]
599509438>anon asks what other anons favorite games are >other anon says his favorite game >ask if I…[View]
599512218Factions and territory wars: Why is there so few non strategy games that do it right? I mean games w…[View]
599512219You DID play Rean's games right anon?[View]
599510838Someone is working on a PT emulator: https://mega.nz/folder/sItlzbDT Key: 3Em2dO4co4qAnD0N3rKDwQ A d…[View]
599506880Many reviewers were harsh towards the game, thanks to its steep difficulty. Now it's not my pla…[View]
599511502I just played through this nigga and I'm not sure why it was so hated. >amazing graphics and…[View]
599511084Game has enemies[View]
599510735Post your fighting game main(s).[View]
599504762Gourmet Guy[View]
599508796Here's the deal valvecucks, if you support ukraine well I guess I just won't buy your game…[View]
599478892Why is it always evil in vidya?[View]
599509489Most Important Videogame Topics: •Genes are some 100% similar, from the same starter cells, amongst …[View]
599511680My wives :)[View]
599510980The beginning of the end.: Party chat ruined voice experience in all team based games. Solo queue n…[View]
599510579https://youtu.be/V8RkqQ8fQs4 Name a better trailer song, ill wait.[View]
599505990Is Amy really the best girl for Sonic?[View]
599479589What are the worst sequel titles of all time?[View]
599510487Any news round the office?[View]
599509787Prince of Perversia[View]
599509836>outsells the PS5 in Japan he cute :)[View]
599508449You DO play on community servers, right? You don't just accept bots and continue to play casual…[View]
599504510What vidya songs just make you wanna fucking J A M? Bonus points if its an obscure track I'll s…[View]
599500945lorefags are so fucking insufferable[View]
599509001be an incel and gamer: >the result[View]
599463027Is Bethesda run by retards?[View]
599438786What do you want from Danganronpa 4?[View]
599510875Post space marine kino[View]
599505597Laughing out Loud[View]
599509147With the current sale + discount code I can get pic related for $5 leaf bux. How is it? I think the …[View]
599510746Elden Ring Lore: >Empyreans are gifted wolf shadows by the greater will to serve as servants …[View]
599486290Why wasn't Geno added to complete the Big 3? Did Nintendo interfere with Sakurai's vision?[View]
599508378Good Mouse Only / Touch Games For Tablet: Hey, I'm the tablet gaming treadmill fag who plays ca…[View]
599506635>gt 720m >only play retrogames[View]
599510515Let's be honest for a second This was such a missed opportunity. Everybody talks about the art …[View]
599510452>play game for hours >realize I had the voices turned off >turn them on >the voices are …[View]
599510064>Easy mode is the intended difficulty WTF IS NORMAL DIFFICULTY THEN?!?[View]
599484864Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
599508454Resident Evil is supposed to be scary?: none of them are scary to me[View]
599507898Aside from Skyrim, what other games give the player the option to ride a dragon as a form of transpo…[View]
599502986Autumn Plains[View]
599488737Alright, I have created 3 reasons why the PS5 is bombing really hard right now. 1. Factory Productio…[View]
599510225Are these ports good or should I just emulate? I want to try out 3D Mario.[View]
599507165Why is Fate so gay?[View]
599506751Name your top 10 games of the 2010s[View]
599508118>Nomura's writing isn't shit, it's just different, it's more SINCERE! You iro…[View]
599507557How do you stop being so indecisive in class based games? Let it be an MMO or Monster Hunter and eve…[View]
599509414What purpose did these big industrial rooms with no entrances serve Black Mesa?[View]
599504306what does this achieve[View]
599507821I gave in and bought one. I prefer the DualShock layout but ds4windows is too much of a hassle[View]
599408269Kasumi and Ayane: I heard the two main girls of the series were shrunk to smaller boobs than Leifang…[View]
599509801I just downloaded this. What am I in for?[View]
599506286Plants Vs Zombies 2 Garden Warfare: WHERE are the GNOMES EA????? WHERE ARE MY GNOME GAME MODES/???!?…[View]
59950575915 In 2023: Can you believe it? Why don't more games begin with you being expelled from the bir…[View]
599498771Why is Elden Ring much more mainstream than the other Soulsborne games?[View]
599495675Ranni reduced to minimum wage after you take the gold mask ending[View]
599507584What single player card game is good? I dont really want to play yu gi oh[View]
599508254>Using an optical mouse in 2022 Ball mice are much more accurate than optical mice. They feel muc…[View]
599501931I still think Portal was better than Portal 2[View]
599503623Xbox has no ga-[View]
599507942The Bazaar: When did this game start development? 6 years ago? 7 years ago? Do you think it will eve…[View]
599509041What went so horribly catastrophically wrong?[View]
599506759Was it ever a great studio?[View]
599509174https://huggingface.co/spaces/akhaliq/AnimeGANv2: Mario >non binary >loves k-pop >gets anxi…[View]
599508807get on vent[View]
599503371Now that the honeymoon phase is over, can we finally admit that it's a (flawed) masterpiece and…[View]
599504435Can somebody explain what the appeal behind content like this is? I understand MandaloreGaming or Ra…[View]
599502570What does /v/ think of Mario 2 The Lost Levels?[View]
599506328is this piece of shit ever getting DLC?[View]
599506725What went right?[View]
599493783ITT fighting games moves you love to land[View]
599508832I kneel, mobile chads[View]
599507921Anyone remembers this masterpiece of a game? Side story. >Buys game >cocksucking win 10 doesn…[View]
599508007Please don't preorder Battlefield 7[View]
599506834Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong with Red Dead Online? Why did it fail compared to GTA…[View]
599507285> A fanfic > Every game is mid Why is so popular?…[View]
599494605Do you find her sexually attractive?[View]
599503350What stop companies making one of these devices as smartphone replacements that are proper handheld …[View]
599507497Name me 1 BAD GAME[View]
599508564428 Shibuya Scramble: Why was the previous thread deleted? >>599497887 What the fuck is wrong…[View]
599505914How would you buff Soldier of Godrick boss?[View]
599486607Choose two, the other two shut down[View]
599508451Aranea Highwind - the Hot Dragoon lady from FF15: Say something of nice about her[View]
599493212>digital game costs just as much as the physical Criminal. How do they keep getting away with it?…[View]
599508420>Yes it made a ton of money but the ethics department said it’s problematic and won’t let us make…[View]
599505745How often you clean up your vidya devices?[View]
599508354Lets play some Garden Warfare 2, /v/: Discuss vampire flower, also hosting a garden ops lobby if any…[View]
599507675GreedFall 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryl5dbOlpyg[View]
599507159post some other bad games with good artstyles some games look nice but just arent fun to play[View]
599508234Bros... I dont think I can finish muv luv.... I'm too weak[View]
599504708>is still incapable of running the first Ratchet & Clank at a stable framerate with no graphi…[View]
599507461Have you ever been in a dilemma regarding to getting into the series but, either you can't be f…[View]
599506361Sonic adventure 2 was the best sonic game ever made till date Why cant they make and good game anymo…[View]
599503695Videogame jokes thread[View]
599508128>create a male character because the model for the female characters look like trannies >grin…[View]
599507835Stunlocking is bad game design - it's you admitting to me that you couldn't think of an in…[View]
599507758okay unironically how the fuck do you beat them jesus christ project moon what the fuck. Why does th…[View]
599507818>Staying up late tonight?[View]
599480598DC Justice League: Here's your Justice League game: https://youtu.be/vHHdlzeLwh0[View]
599503146>spam zio >win every single battle Wow, SMT sure is hard…[View]
599507787https://youtu.be/51HkljhtCgI >All 2D sections are slow blocky platforming. This is literally just…[View]
599466067EPIC GAMES STORE MYSTERY GAME: What is it going to be?[View]
599494129Would you make a good husband to Asuka?[View]
599467172>Villain is 'evil' because... girls don't like him[View]
599506073What went so right?[View]
599507709Remember Kharak[View]
599501407Pokemon Arceus: Now that the dust has settled was it really that bad?[View]
599495109BLIZZARD FELTED: >Overwatch 2 is just a cheap reskin >Diablo 4 updates are minute long showcas…[View]
599498774>EPICGAMES STORE BAD why? >IT SELLS MY DATA what data? whats so important about that 'data'? …[View]
599507352I tried to like this but ooooooh the clunkiness the clunkiness though[View]
599507347Today is the 7th anniversary of Witcher 3. Say something nice about it.[View]
599506909STANDING HERE[View]
599475740Steam Deck: For those still waiting, when are you getting it? For those who got it, what are you pla…[View]
59948760591.15%: MINISH CHADS WE GOING HOME https://zelda64.dev/games/tmc[View]
599506908Today is the day steambros finally lost their muh epic is china narrative Its over[View]
599501034Which one has more wasted potential?[View]
599507073botw kinda just ends after you start farming lynels. idk what else to do. but my first time randomly…[View]
599505338https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVUQWJgzh_c What do you think of their upcoming lineup? (yes, includ…[View]
599481808What killed the hack and slash genre[View]
599504892Does /v/ actually like video games?[View]
599504167Since things are starting to heat up and summer is upon us, what /wet/ games are you going to play t…[View]
599506662Wonderlands: >newest dlc is 20 minutes long at $10 >newest patch deletes your story progress a…[View]
599497645I just finished this, and holy shit, what a massive downgrade from Fusion and Super.[View]
599506867This is crazy for 1996. They literally did everything they could.[View]
599505481>want to buy games before the eshop closes forever >can't find my gamepad Is there a way…[View]
599505585why can't sony make a good Zelda?[View]
599503348How do you think gaming will be like in 20 years?[View]
599434016Star Fox bros....[View]
599501132You faggots will argue about anything[View]
599495936This reveal was greater than any character reveal in SSBU[View]
599505649>Lemme tell you a coupla three tings. >Historically, Gaben always say that Epic Game Store is…[View]
599506690Will it ever come out on PC so we can install a mod that gets rid of as much story as possible and l…[View]
599504453Does anybody still play Quake Champions? I thought it was pretty good game.[View]
599494028>left: quantity over quality >right: quality over quantity…[View]
599484141Aloy is fucking pretty[View]
599489694How do you make turn based combat fun?[View]
599492564>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca2ME4Wy0eM >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-NJBZ7O29c I CO…[View]
599498676Why does RE4 get a pass for being more action-focused but not RE6 which objectively has deeper and b…[View]
599499576>Scam Citizen why did people give him so much money?[View]
599492791Elden Ring: >We've made an open world game for you to explore >punish you for exploring F…[View]
599506069>Own kh2 and kh1 on xbone and epic games store >Still prefer emulation when I feel the need to…[View]
599503894>make the best horror game of the decade >unable to recapture the magic >stuck with shit li…[View]
599506185here's you're Dino Crisis sequel bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3rUSypmN6o[View]
599491986Holy shit why did they make Velma so hot?[View]
599492419Did anyone even buy this rip off collectors edition?[View]
599500103>enemy mage NPC is a prestige unit[View]
599506009If I liked Fallout 3 and New Vegas, will I like Fallout 4[View]
599505974Its over Tales is dead[View]
599504595Whats your favorite voice actor in videogames? Picrel is Johnny Yong Bosch, voice of Adachi.[View]
599505814Guess what game this is a review of[View]
599497757How exactly do these prices happen? How many switch games today will fall to this problem 10-20 year…[View]
599504165'''''''''FINAL FANTASY''''''' XVI[View]
599498851>RTX 4090 heatsink leaked GET HYPED LOVELACEBROS[View]
599496674have you ever had a video game jingle or sound effect for your phone notification/ringtone?[View]
599505563This is Mr. Pants, Rare's most beloved character. Say something nice about him[View]
599502924Which one should I dive into /v/ros?? One or the other or both?[View]
599499495Platform exclusivity is dead and even japanese devs started to realize it.[View]
599504795In retrospect, was it actually good?[View]
599502824Handsome vidya dudes[View]
599505435I have a dream. That one day, every developer in this industry will make their own games. A video ga…[View]
599503749How come Snake got his ass kicked by a girl?[View]
599504639>'ZEELLLLDAAAAAA' >*autistic noises* favorite vidya commercial?…[View]
599504173Now that the dust is settled, what do you think about Street Fighter 6's art design?[View]
599505268jesus christ they fucking killed her[View]
599505250What the FUCK happened to them? They seriously used to be the best place to play japanese games.[View]
599479660>playing the same game over and over again is this just mental illness I NEVER replay games if I …[View]
599483381what were his official instructions?[View]
599505006Now that the dust settled, is it good?[View]
599495857I used to play a lot of girls in fighting games and I suppose it's going to sound ridiculous bu…[View]
599503110To scanline or not to scanline, that is the question.[View]
599504693He betrayed us Verum Rex Chads.[View]
599504412Elden Ring bosses balanced around spirit summons: Are they, /v/? https://strawpoll.com/polls/GJn4G1D…[View]
599495575>Switch is not going anywhere any time soon >PS5 and Xbone catalogs consist of glorified ports…[View]
599502475This character design is pure soi. All other male protags had an air of confidence but this one look…[View]
599503338I really wanted to like it but it was so hard I freaked out and broke my tv[View]
599501694>this is a gym in gen 2[View]
599504498Persona 4: 1.- I 100% agree that incels are women's fault. Instead of rewarding some socially i…[View]
599503579Is he the most based Tales character?[View]
599488730Heather is sick and tired of the obscene phone calls![View]
599503524What was the last good E3?[View]
599490869PSOBB: Been playing couple of days on Ephinea server and just wanna say, thanks to the anon who reco…[View]
599493097Explain why Horizon is a bad game series, without using buzzwords or /pol/itics. Fighting dinosaurs …[View]
599503114engibros, do you feel bad about using the wrangler? this shit is still OP as fuck[View]
599497787>Doom Eternal looks significantly better on a DisplayHDR 400 monitor than in SDR but I cannot pro…[View]
599502915Odinbros where you at!?[View]
599504212Disregard the opinion of people praising tranny games like: >Umineko >HL1 >Disco Elysium…[View]
599504210I want to get into armored core. what's the best game to start with? I heard it's pic rela…[View]
599503845In the next reboot, 47 should be a catholic again who takes orders from the pope to kill the enemies…[View]
599504019>tops the OST industry with ease Heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
599502047Does it go on sale? Is it worth $8?[View]
599500826i'm escaping to the ONE PLACE that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism[View]
599501695Sweeney is giving out a free copy of Borderlands 3 today. Remember to pick it up and never buy anyth…[View]
599503689>enter new area >music fades out[View]
599503357witch option should i pick if i am trans?: witch option should i pick if i am trans?[View]
599503690Nanking Impact will never be japanese Mahjong Souless will never be japanese Azure Chink will never …[View]
599502306voice on or voice off? genre: rpg[View]
599502539patched? didn't beat the game[View]
599503821>epig gaymes shills flood the board[View]
599502229funkey: funkey[View]
599502603KNIGHTHOOD BAD![View]
599503724Videogame Haul: What've you picked up lately /v? Old, new, used whatever. For me it's bee…[View]
599503606Genshin Impact: New livestream tomorrow, free primos, also we got leaked pics of 2.8 with a huge cas…[View]
599495806games with SOUL..[View]
599503370>Alyx Vance's asian mother's canon name is Azian Vance You can't make this shit up…[View]
599473595>confirmed you can make your own character with an extensive character editor Kneel.…[View]
5995015271: >'Alright /v/....today where gonna write a 10 word post in what you learned in video games'.…[View]
599502991wii thread: what are your favorite wii games?[View]
599503359Armored Core 6: The game that will steal GOTY from Horizon 3 and Witcher 4 because From fans are rac…[View]
599503356do you play as a male elf, /v/?[View]
599501778Does a post-game unnerve anybody else? You're stuck in an unchanging world with nothing to do. …[View]
599503070Bully me for my taste in video games.: Bully me for my taste in video games. Don't hold back.…[View]
599501940Stellaris bread: It's a free weekend, and I'm in a strategy game mood, what DLC's are…[View]
599503082AI generated videogames when? >artflow.ai to generate characters >wombo.art to generate scenes…[View]
599502415Kenshi thread: fuck fogmen edition: Fogmen just ate my Shek gf Ruka All i could do was run away.…[View]
599503064I find this game strangely addictive. The core of it is simple, and when you think about it, almost …[View]
599491796Fix it[View]
599501482For the last time, nazism was not socialism. That would imply that socialism can do a good job manag…[View]
599503035What are some games where the battles are high-stakes? Where 1 mistake will cost you dearly?[View]
599503025Literally impossible.[View]
599501453Nintendo chads Get in here we won[View]
599503009Me when Nintendo doesn't reveal a new Smash character during a direct[View]
599495903ER: >/v/ will tell me this is good design and I need to git gud[View]
599501103Will Nintendo fix the horrible input lag issue in the Switch Pro?[View]
599500903Give me your best video game idea.[View]
599500827>WARNING: Contains Sóy[View]
599502836>IT'S ME IT'S ME IT'S C.C.C.P[View]
599502567ITT underrated Fate servants: For me it's poo Jeanne[View]
599501836What went so right?[View]
599480942Eh, I never really liked Half Life that much compared to other FPS, even though it was my first FPS …[View]
599502589Persona 4: >>599467172 1.- I 100% agree that incels are women's fault. Instead of rewardi…[View]
599502084>make one of the best zombie/parkour games with innovative movement, responsive combat >take e…[View]
599478296Windows XP... home...[View]
599502146>Confederacy always gets more kills than Union regardless of map Why does this mirror IRL so much…[View]
599502293>My currently installed list has too many games beginning with A-M >Have to install some games…[View]
599496256I know you guys will shit on me but I just wanted to say that I got to order my Steam Deck today and…[View]
599500378>No lollygagging[View]
599502149What are some games for someone with 120 IQ[View]
599499731Soul reserves ran dry in the year 1999[View]
599496489oh yeah you play fps games huh? then post your sensitivity and dpi and game loser[View]
599493989WHERES YOUR HEAD AT[View]
599501972Console fanboys: It seems like every few years the annoying fanboys flip sides >2006-2009 had the…[View]
599501591Old World: Released on steam today and nobody is talking about it? Is it dead already?[View]
599501157Team Fortress 2: Is sniper really overpowered? Why did it take so long for people to bitch about thi…[View]
599501913Holy Fuck, this was Kino![View]
599490436Daily reminder pic related is a dumpster fire[View]
599501770Any game where I can I play as Nazi Germany? preferably a strategy game. (please jannies and trannie…[View]
599501757>first person western RPG Is there any better type of game?[View]
599493737itt: Games you have mastered[View]
599500491Low Sensitivity is a meme unless you play nothing but counter-strike[View]
599500527>faggot tryhard invades my game >equip the 'stationary while invisible uses no power…[View]
599490496Was she a good character?[View]
599501631Samsung Contest: Hello guys, I'm trying to win this Samsung contest of the best picture taken, …[View]
599501114D00M 3 Greatest Game of All-Time Appreciation Thread[View]
599501439What are some games where the villain gets punished severely?[View]
599499773Never played a Warhammer game before. Where should I start? Also, Warhammer thread.[View]
599498525pick one[View]
599499572ITT, games only you played.[View]
599498913He did nothing wrong: He's actually based asf[View]
599488519Twilight Princess remake when??!![View]
599490852What’s a grand adventure game you like?: I’m finishing red dead redemption and it’s coming to an end…[View]
599493237Anyone else here ever have this issue: Just beat Rykard. He did not drop his Great Rune. Not only di…[View]
599497452Why do gacha games and especially Genshin Impact have so many underage looking characters? I've…[View]
599501165I miss him so much bros: Snakeu... thank you for all the memories and batshit kino, rest easy soldie…[View]
599498221The best western game ever made and the only reason to own a Series X[View]
599500304Ubisoft employee AMA: I worked under Michel Ancel during the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2. …[View]
599494481What are some mmorpgs where I have to constantly watch my back and actually try or I get shanked by …[View]
599501071Waiting for something to happen?[View]
599493368Any video games where you can get lost in the woods?[View]
599500150Sims 2 thread Talk about the best Sims game[View]
599500959How much does artstyle matter in games?[View]
599500951So uuuh ... when is it my turn to attack?[View]
599499267Whats next for him?[View]
599496224Will COD Modern Warfare 2 be a good game or will it flop?[View]
599468639>a pure stealth game >no dedicated stealth or crouch button what did Kojima mean by this?…[View]
599500450Where do you stand on achievements? Do they make you play a game over one that doesnt have achieveme…[View]
599496713Can actually imagine games made up to this point being talked about in a 100 years like great litera…[View]
599491916There is zero audience for this game.[View]
599497373What the fuck is he wearing?[View]
599497406I regret nothing[View]
599486520Video games for dumb people?[View]
599500396Anyone else enjoy shooting 10 year olds and listen them screech?[View]
599497323>Make the male character dress like a girl >They dont awaken to being a cock mongling slut and…[View]
599500317>shits on xenoblade for having cute sexy anime girls >mains the cutest sexiest anime girl in g…[View]
599494087You didn't forget about it ...right?[View]
599494046Where do you go for game reviews? Do you guys have specific reviewers whose opinions you value?[View]
599497214FF7 Remake: >Completely mogs the original How did those japs do it bros? I was skeptical hearing …[View]
599491218Has the unfounded hatred of Frontier died off yet?: So back in the day a few snippets of footage of …[View]
599500154Cool Starts in Crusader Kings?: I am an autistic loser who is obsessed with CK2. It's literally…[View]
599487314rabi-ribi: I'm enjoying this game a lot and want to try a 0% items run, but I need to know how …[View]
599500074the only survival game where you actually have to survive[View]
599499974>Welcome to 4chan![View]
599494943AI The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative: https://www.exophase.com/game/ai-the-somnium-files-nirvana-…[View]
599491302Nintendo deleting old TAS videos now: Im glad i decided to never give a single cent to this company …[View]
599499115I'll take the GEP Gun. I like to make a silent takedown.[View]
599494906>“Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game.” -Civilisation game-design…[View]
599494278Never forget what they took from you.[View]
599439494Nazrin...the mouse...[View]
599489113Is this the worst final boss in Soulsborne?[View]
599499482Vidya genderbender thread[View]
599488010Monster Hunter: Just how hard will they fuck the Gunlance this time?[View]
599484552I'm looking for games where you traverse inside an organism's body. Bonus points if the wh…[View]
599497191what was /v/'s consensus of this game when it first came out? also let's have a comfy orig…[View]
599491438What was PC gaming like in 2005?[View]
599499374Darktide news: NEWS >Article in edge magazine in july >Shills - i mean, 'influencers…[View]
599499369OPEN WORLD.MOE.KINO[View]
599498050lemmings is good: lemmings is great[View]
599499250>military stuff >paranormal stuff What are some games with both?…[View]
599497565Why does gamepass have no good games for kids?: I bought this shit for my son, but there literally i…[View]
599498925>strategy game >spam colonies in earlygame >win…[View]
599498934I miss this shit bros >be green >paint Kuruma purple >tint windows >fill it with green …[View]
599498045What are the greatest filters in gaming?[View]
599475932Its just a really bad Telltale game. Why is World of Darkness so fucking cursed by mediocre videogam…[View]
599498692Persona 4: 1.- I 100% agree that incels are women's fault. Instead of rewarding some socially i…[View]
599498943Fable: I cannot wait until 2023 when I will get to play Fable IV[View]
599489157KNEEL: the greatest souls game released to date >best bosses in the series gael, namelss king (9 …[View]
599498889World of Horror: What's the current state of this game? Did the dev come out of hiding to updat…[View]
599494106Ace Attorney: What could they possibly do for AA7? What do you want to see?[View]
599496160Little Witch Nobeta: What happened to her game?[View]
599494346What is your opinion on Ziggurat?[View]
599493143>he plays Japanese games in English[View]
599483151Gartic Phone: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=00e2dbbc3b Let's doodle vidya shit in Broken Teleph…[View]
599494545games other than xiv where the main character is a birb?[View]
599497321>main character is the coolest any games for this kino?[View]
599488884Holy mother of Kino: That's it, this is officially my GOAT videogame.[View]
599498163>Crossover between two shitty games[View]
599497793>make a GTA5 mission where it all goes wrong and you have to stop your team from getting killed b…[View]
599491014Ubisoft piece of shit DRM just broke my bootloader[View]
599496258How do we make DBZ games kino again?[View]
599495212ITS OVER[View]
599497178Worst game played[View]
599497883FPS Thread: What shooter have you been playing? Multiplayer or singleplayer, doesn't matter to …[View]
599497568>60 dollars >only 10 characters >trannyback netcode >no single player content >multip…[View]
599496319What games let me play a cool necromancer?[View]
599494986XBOX SERIES S: Is it worth buying this? It's dirt cheap[View]
599496815how do they afford to keep giving away these games?[View]
599497387I will not pay 70 dollars for a videogame I will not buy cyberpunk 2077 I will not buy a vr headset …[View]
599488491How the FUCK can we compete with this, Steambros?[View]
599496719Did you not hear? Your world is doomed... A flood army, a Gravemind, has you in its sights[View]
599497304Borderlands: >open maps rely on vehicles for you to cross the gaps between one dungeon or zone an…[View]
599493534What class will you play in wrath of the lich king classic?[View]
599489137>meanwhile, in 1999 /v/[View]
599493073>Villain is evil because….. a girl regretted having sex with him[View]
599488409Devil May Cry 'players' be like >woah now THIS is some amazing and challenging gameplay…[View]
599492207Multiversus thread[View]
599494561>GO ON WORK PATROL ? what did he mean by this?[View]
599480973>*Also on PC[View]
599496540What's the best dog game?[View]
599495360Why don't more Japanese games let you wield yuri magic?[View]
599494650Post games with a majority female fanbase.[View]
599490929Stardew Valley: What are some good mods for a heavily-modded playthrough? I want to change the game …[View]
599494873What’s the purpose of the “Kingdom” map in AC1? I get that it connects the cities, but after the 2nd…[View]
599496182its.... boring[View]
599488893Choose your class.[View]
599490564>mmos are dead >fps are dead >mobas are dead what to play online?…[View]
599480136how pissed would you be if they returned to liberty city?[View]
599494604Am i the only person on /v/ who unironically hasn't played elden ring?[View]
599482250Is it really that bad /v/? I want to play a new Sonic game and I'm tempted to give it a go.[View]
599496370Can adult person even be scared of horror games? filling tax form seems more scary[View]
599496168Did you know an English patch for the first Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling game came out? Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters …[View]
599493745little finger on A, ring finger on W/S, index on D[View]
599493970Old World: something that looks like a civ clone just released today, not even in early access how g…[View]
599491276What Switch games are worth playing besides BotW?[View]
599492554Sawmiiiiiiiiiiiill! Shout it at the mountaintops, baby! SAWMILL SAWMILL SAWMILL[View]
599480594Proud PS5 owner: Been seeing a LOT of shitposts on this board lately of people shitting on PS5 owner…[View]
599493780We are the Borg: What games are you playing? Existence as you know it is over. GIve us game suggesti…[View]
599490489Marvel Snap: new ccg game. here from /vg/. idk if y'all are interested but you collect superher…[View]
599495860https://youtu.be/nP00DhUvTqM Soul[View]
599490008the games... where are they...[View]
599494773>your favorite target(s) >your favorite location(s) >old hitman and nu hitman…[View]
599490229>You were good son real good >Maybe even the best…[View]
599483740Reminder that Nintendo will never hire that man.[View]
599493028How big is his dick[View]
599490478I recently started playing State of Decay 2 and I feel like it's a decent game, but what in the…[View]
599463128Warhammer 3: OH NONONON HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what went so wrong fantasoys? >Game will soon be abandon…[View]
599487907ITT: holy sites in gaming[View]
599493556He did nothing wrong.[View]
599494946Kneel to the Queen.[View]
599483160World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: The new WoW expansion trailer is on fleek! Was lowkey sussin on ret…[View]
599493138Mocap is the future[View]
599493271NINTENDO ANNOUNCEMENT IN 50 MINUTES: it is the Switch pro with Tloz Tale of Demise announcement immi…[View]
599494982Games that manually increase your body temperature >SFV[View]
599467721Sonic the hedgehog - I made Tails interesting: I fixed Tails. Tails is now this weird ally/rival sor…[View]
599491858You (cough), you haven't won here. You and your cis-bastard friends are gonna join the 41% in a…[View]
599494470Comfy Resident Evil thread[View]
599494469There's a man who has artistic vision...[View]
599491069YEAH GALO SENGEN[View]
599489473Why are there no Stargate games?[View]
599489396DEAD CRAFT: Was going to buy this game but found out Marvelous Inc. is owned by Tencent. Yikes, gon…[View]
599489210World of Warships: Anyone got the new French cruisers yet? How are they?[View]
599488958what is a good multiplayer pc game for a 30+ year old boomer with aging reflexes?[View]
599489895aged poorly: not worth playing in 2022[View]
599420806Fire Emblem Three Hopes: What do you hope from this upcoming game?[View]
599493850Ace Combat X Top Gun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg-9bcztciI&ab_channel=GameTrailers The on…[View]
599493035>gaming in 2022[View]
599490530Is this a good place to start learning how to make a game?[View]
599489817What does Tara smell like?[View]
599493568PURE LUDO: What are some games that transcend their medium, care little for the fluff and train you …[View]
599491828Are gaming laptops worth it under $1000? Just want to play wh3 without it stuttering every 2 seconds[View]
599492860Favorite mario game and why? btw mario if he real[View]
599491665Forest Temple. Home.[View]
599492910HAIL TO THE KING BABY: Why aren't you playing GOTY?[View]
599484234>Better gameplay than Tenkaichi 3 >Better story mode than Tenkaichi 3 >Better 'what if' cam…[View]
599479245Wouldn't it be cool if you crossed Advanced Wars with Valkyria Chronicles?[View]
599492380weegee if he real[View]
599464435Genshin Impact: It wasn't that long of a delay. So you actually have 12 days left to still get …[View]
599490107Here's your RtWP gameplay, bro Now you can beat any encounter in seconds.[View]
599490743>tfw you brave little sparks helps you genocide your race My little spark is going to get a rewar…[View]
599492850What are some games with incomprehensible mechanics?[View]
599423848I'm still laughing[View]
599490693what's your favorite touhou soundtrack, /v/? I just can't choose one or two..[View]
599492395Kneel to the Queen.[View]
599486126What's wrong with gacha games?[View]
599467486Blind sisters! Finally we can enjoy videogames too! https://youtu.be/-P7yfH_EO7Q[View]
599447897new xenoblade 3 info Field skills are back: https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/article/bb9adc0d-9cbe-475f…[View]
599465757Rate Ocarina of Time: If you have ever played OOT, post: >year you first played it >how you ra…[View]
599430943MultiVerSUS - Taz x Harley: Ready for the leaks tomorrow? :D I hope Dataminers will be ready![View]
599488950Do people actually buy this garbage? What compels someone to use something like this? Seems like a w…[View]
599492185I bet $500 on NAVI.[View]
599492172What's your gamer bugsnack of choice, /v/?[View]
599482451>Level up >Can't wait to spend skill point on something new that'll make gameplay mo…[View]
599488692Last of us Remake: I'm bringing some information out about this 'remake', I helped with the moc…[View]
599491686DS3 looks better than ER[View]
599487270NO THANKS, BRO![View]
599491689>not beating the triple gank boss on your first try ywnbtg[View]
599491638Well, /v/ do you cosplay any characters in Elden Ring? Or are you just a metafag?[View]
599491541I used to not want to kill the baby penguin in front of its mother but after it kept baiting me onto…[View]
599491368Opinions on Pac-in-Time?[View]
599485905Brits make the best video games[View]
599489854Activision Blizzard ESG Report Now Available: https://twitter.com/ATVI_AB/status/1527311667779973121…[View]
599491067Dead Rising: will we ever get another game?[View]
599489960How do I play civ?[View]
599486140we now live in an era where spending quality time with one's child is not such an intriguing an…[View]
599490758I'm gonna become the paul erdos of indie games.[View]
599490726Falcom, one of the biggest Sony fanboy devs in the industry, is finally kneeling to Nintendo[View]
599491187Insane how he was just allowed to get away with all of this[View]
599461414underrated waifus thread[View]
599482273Mikan Tsumiki: Why is she /v/'s official favourite dangan girl? What makes her so great?[View]
599480302It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzIrfB9rLPM Chiefags, I kneel[View]
599489437Games where the sequel is worse than the previous game: >Elden Ring VS Dark Souls 2…[View]
599486927lets have a yakuza thread[View]
599483935Elden ring: I just figured out that the problem woth Elden ring was its map. it's clumsy and me…[View]
599484205Pitch a new Conker game[View]
599490183(1) 6.8 user score[View]
599490458>You have a heart of mould, don't let them take it from you. Huh?[View]
599488816>generic civ clone has better reviews than civ clone with diversity NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
599487497>Twerk Race 3D makes 30 million dollars a month from ingame microtransactions So this is the futu…[View]
599490421> People get excited with every new game annoucement > Theorizing shit with lot of disney lice…[View]
599490395>make a death game VN series >the men fuck themselves and each other over for the sake of wome…[View]
599488684any worthwhile vidya yt channels you could recommend? need something to watch while regaining health…[View]
599485217...so did they just forget about liberating Timber? I thought Squall wasn't allowed to abandon …[View]
599490194What's next for Link?[View]
599488031Why is it so difficult for the west to make attractive female characters on par with the Japanese? C…[View]
599489657Why did they do this?[View]
599449420Master Duel: Daily reminder im the best card game around here![View]
599484105Let's settle it /v/: Which one is better: Standalone or RetroArch?[View]
599481563- Jack, I love you. >Punch your bowels. Heh, nothing personal kiddo.[View]
599490048Gartic Phone: gartic time https://garticphone.com/en/?c=01c27a918e https://garticphone.com/en/?c=01c…[View]
599489796My Lady...[View]
599463174CoD pro tries mouse and keyboard: Just point and click bro so easy[View]
599486076Was this a good ending.[View]
599474086>help npc >dies Why does fromsoftware do this?…[View]
599484263FNV thread. Again.: Do I have a hard time picking a faction in FNV because they’re all written so we…[View]
599475303Weekly Famitsu Sales: Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software and hardware sales …[View]
599486603oh my god. so this is genshin impact?[View]
599489043You're not part of the 7%, are you?[View]
599488493Witcher 3 came out exactly 7 years ago. Say something nice![View]
599488984I'm still waiting for my apology Cybertrannies[View]
599478034why does /v/ hate mechanical keyboards?[View]
599489531It does not deserve the fellatio: If the legend of Zelda is so good then how come I've never pl…[View]
599484041What the fuck is his problem?[View]
599484793How do I become like him?[View]
599488948it would be god-tier videogame if every level wasn't green[View]
599484063Holy shit this game sucks. What were they thinking[View]
599483182>Why yes, I never use save files because being able to load infinitely trivializes the game'…[View]
599488892>genshin is a casual ga-[View]
599489027style over substance[View]
599479247Sekiro: Oh my fucking god how do i kill father owl and the demon of hatred even?[View]
599482372https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/free-games THANK YOU TIM EPIC[View]
599486467Tell me /v/. Does a game need to be fun for it to be 'good'?[View]
599487861Which NES Castlevania game has blocks that break if you stand on them for too long? What level are t…[View]
599487757What are the best engineering video games?[View]
599488939Worst online matching ever05/: The majority of people playing Smash Ultimate online are sweatshop go…[View]
599485962What’s your rarest vidya thing you own?[View]
599487761Vidya ringtones? Here's mine. https://youtu.be/ts-h1x520zk?t=80[View]
599486719what is she sellen anyway?[View]
599466025Alhamdulillah. Let us game gracefully for Allah, brothers.[View]
599480343What's your honest opinion about this creature?[View]
599488296>she spent all day on /v/ holy shit, you're not that much of a loser are you?…[View]
599477167Why didn't you buy his game?[View]
599487616ITT songs from old video games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqEDR9VG_ws&ab_channel=RBX-Topic…[View]
599488612Has anyone seen the video where Kouki explains the theory behind Meiya's sex scene for 1 hour?:…[View]
599487221Dark Souls 2: You vermins lied to me. Dark Souls 2 : Sotfs is actually a good game and you underrage…[View]
599484183PLEASE play my game. It's BADASS[View]
599486063tasty lookin vidya food[View]
599487930Is this the hardest boss in JRPG history?[View]
599488512Has your country ever tried to ban video games?[View]
599487759Dark Sauls 2: I beat it. It's a bad game but I enjoyed it. I also didn't enjoy it. Thank g…[View]
599484734Actual Smash killer[View]
599488276What was his problem?[View]
599461007You ARE going to buy her DLC right?[View]
599485607HAIL TO THE KING BABY: Best asymmetrical multiplayer game ever made DBD is on suicide watch[View]
599482639Any Japanese game with higher metascore than Genshin since 2021?: IDK how Japanese game fall so easi…[View]
599481659I'll fix her by raping Junko in front of her.[View]
599478224It's better than HOI4 that's for sure.[View]
599478739Elden Ring has too many copy-passted bosse...: ... ACK[View]
599483028So what's the right choice and why /v/?[View]
599487652god damn it kingmaker was way more fun than wotr. Wotr looks better, the army part is better than ki…[View]
599485682Tired of eating dango friend? Come back to Astera and we'll start getting gains with a diet of …[View]
599482280Are Elden Ring bosses balanced around spirit summons?: Let have a poll, /v/. https://strawpoll.com/p…[View]
599487237Hey anon, let's have a chat. https://www.vg247.com/skyrim-anniversary-edition-rated-for-switc…[View]
599487148https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHpXh0xKebo INTEL WON IMAGINE ACTUALLY USING INFERIOR AYYMD TRASH GA…[View]
599485153You like to dance close to the fire, don't you?[View]
599487517>5 new dungeons >1 raid >4 zones >no flying ever >lgbtq+ dragon class >another fuc…[View]
599487393>SO LONG YOU FUCKING FAGGOT! Really Nintendo?[View]
599485518Why are younger pokemon characters so much hotter than older ones?[View]
599465958What was his fucking problem?[View]
599483339>no blade game: ps1 was really godd https://youtu.be/9ZayX2XCpDA[View]
599481079>follow gaming on twitter >only get sluts showing their assets and asking for follows because …[View]
599487431Now that the honey moon period is over and the dust has settled and the old lady has sung and the tr…[View]
599476368Will there ever be hope for Starcraft Ghost? Maybe even a fan completed one off the old builds?[View]
599483803Dear Xbox Fans, If we give you Street Fighter V, can we have Morrowind back?[View]
599486872TF2: When is the next TF2 update?[View]
599480445Why can't wrasslin games be fast, dumb and fun again? AEW game looks like shit before you bring…[View]
599460846Let's have a Kiseki thread. What game are you on?[View]
599478254>Fantasy setting >American accents[View]
599485296why does it feel so..... soulless?[View]
599484805I've seen TWO(2) children wearing sonic the hedgehog shirts while out in recent times. Is Sonic…[View]
599482167What went so horribly fucking wrong with WW2 fps games?[View]
599485826>may 2022 >I am forgotten[View]
599454720>This is a middle-aged woman according to Japan[View]
599483870>arica harbor >home[View]
599486657Play Metroid[View]
599484472Verdun/Tannenberg/Isonzo: Anyone playing these? I really enjoy them. I'm a WW1 buff and I just …[View]
599486364The best FF series post FF5[View]
599486606female protagonists are we...[View]
599486675Why are there no good Wizard of Oz games?[View]
599483253>play DS3 after ER >wait a second that shack…[View]
599481602Best game where you can play an instrument?[View]
599485039>Game is the only piece of media >It's not canon to itself…[View]
599486424>oh, you like [game]? >why don't you play [game that is related only superficially] inste…[View]
599447525These games make no logical sense[View]
599481492Great team dynamic and chemistry[View]
599474118Garden Warfare 2: The true successor to TF2[View]
599478827this is mario[View]
599485120Can he write something that isn't a cringe autismfic?[View]
599481748What other games are like this? I've been just playing the fastest maps against the computers. …[View]
599482845Video game webm thread[View]
599486019Worst online matching ever: The majority of people playing Smash Ultimate online are sweatshop gooks…[View]
599479085You do pay for and play all Warhammer 40,000 games, right?: Please be awesome folk and do your part …[View]
599388172I summon your /v/idya wife![View]
599485282Do you guys ever fantasize about ending the world, blowing it up, everyone dying etc? Old government…[View]
599481215Lyin' Jim Ryan: The Don Mattrick of our time? Or a well paid plant enacting a game of 4D corpor…[View]
599480928>HOG RIDAAA![View]
599479715When a game has better graphics or better movement mechanics or combat that means it's better t…[View]
599485145How is Yuenshen/Genshin/原神 so successful?[View]
599481925Anyone play Riders Republic?: I played lots of Steep and I wnana buy RR now. Dont really care if its…[View]
599484606DOOM Eternal: >saves the fps genre nothing personal[View]
599467368indie horror game >Gameplay is shit, and you just a walk and hide simulator half the time >Has…[View]
599484643your 90’s/early 00’s game soundtrack sir[View]
599475793wtf i hate ayn rand now[View]
599484446When are we going to get a bamham where you can play as the Joker and play pranks on ol' Bats?[View]
599478734ITT unexpectedly god tier vidya OSTs[View]
599397167DMC4: >Casualized DMC >Turned the series into leddit powerwank >Made Dante uncool and fland…[View]
599483176>hey bro get on VC >https://youtu.be/ug_zZSMt7J0?t=51…[View]
599483652best SPECIAL starting points? can't decide bross....[View]
599476995>game has different races to play as with special traits >Humans are the jack of all trades…[View]
599483225Are the civilian drivers literally programmed to randomly slam their cars into you on missions This …[View]
599483976O3DE Game Engine First Major Release of 2022 -- O3DE 22.05: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgjchfri…[View]
599482078>this made zoomers piss and shit their pants[View]
599482710KEYGEN: KEYGEN[View]
599473937New study shows fattiess have better endurance and are better at online games: >Published in Inte…[View]
599473870What made grow games so soulful?[View]
599478814does this get better after the first 10 minutes i wanna kill myself[View]
599482137Capcom has so many great franchises that have been lost to time.[View]
599479783>Adults bad[View]
599478018Was he really selling BioShock?[View]
599482706I have cancer. Please turn on your tank stance[View]
599459556MUH TRAILER MUH ALMOST COMPLETE yoshitpiss is such a fucking hack hahahahaha[View]
599476864>game allow you to became a pacifist[View]
599483090Only cool people wear this glam.[View]
599477038Junpei Ace detective[View]
599483031Reminder that CHADfrey aka HOARAH LOUX is the greatest souls boss ever. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
599482629>this made boomers piss and shit their pants in frustration were boomers really this bad at video…[View]
599481009itt: games only you have played[View]
5994787502nd person shooter: What are some examples of 2nd person gaming other than this Onion video? https:…[View]
5994726952022... I am forgotten..[View]
599452215What are some really depressing games? Looking for something with lots of death and misery.[View]
599479254How do you feel about memes in video games localizations?[View]
599480324Neo Twewy: > beat the super secret bonus boss without even realizing it was the bonus boss > i…[View]
599371035KOF XV: so are you happy with the roster's current state now?[View]
599480642>/v/ never talks about the biggest competitive game of all time Is it because you're bad?…[View]
599478146metal sonic sitting on an asteroid floating in space: metal sonic sitting on an asteroid floating in…[View]
599482321She actually asks the right questions There literally no reason for Nintendo to have big directs any…[View]
599467786>create minority / female character >make them attractive >no one complains It really is t…[View]
599475658Name my rogue[View]
599482047WHAT DOES IT MEAN[View]
599480154For me, it's the cursor.[View]
599478342He's a problem.[View]
599451825Pick your Vidya Characters[View]
599467453Souls loremaster here Ask and I shall answer[View]
599479862Let's see those PC's. R5 3600xt with a 1660 Super (waiting to get a 3060 ti / 3070) with 3…[View]
599479606Is it worth it getting the redux version?[View]
599481510>sonic if he real[View]
599473182favourite lines from videogames? post your faves even if they're cringy. lets enjoy some vidya…[View]
599481617Here is My main character design tell Me one thing you Like and one thing you Dislike.[View]
599477931* Robust turn-based tactical combat system * Retaliatory and opportunity fire * Different firing mod…[View]
599479341>american game >no McDonald's level[View]
599480861God of War Ragnarök: God of War Ragnarök is either gonna be a disappointment or the 2nd coming of Ch…[View]
599481239Echo 419 this is John Halo: I'm dropping in.[View]
599466648Is there such game?: >A game you've never seen anybody talk shit about…[View]
599472184>it's shit >why? >uh sometimes it makes you go back to a barrel to pick a different ch…[View]
599479119what was his problem[View]
599480441Though we may perish, our homeland is immortal![View]
599480863You didn't beat the game.[View]
599479320>Go on AI Dungeon after a year off it because of the retarded censorship >Make stories with th…[View]
599480721>Yes, I've played every Assassin's Creed and Farcry series exist How did you know?…[View]
599480716Anybody here play flying gorilla?: I’m level 47 and I have over 200,000 gorilla coin[View]
599446618SUPER Hitman General: Sup /v/ bros, so I just worked through the classic Hitman titles up to Blood M…[View]
599480164>Why doesn't this game have 30 sequels and reboots? >Omg why are games so sterile and bor…[View]
599471175Template Thread: Make your Amiibo[View]
599472880/v/ will try to tell you that PS+ is bad, while paying for this shit.[View]
599475998Don't mind me, just posting the best controller yet created.[View]
599478357I like both. I think they have both good and bad things about them and I'm sure many people her…[View]
599480458Opinions on Pac-in-Time?[View]
599457756Oh Kenshi's 55% off rn, everyone who wants to play it probably already has but it's a good…[View]
599475150MY ASS IS HEAVY[View]
599473604Super Smash Bros.™ Melee, for the Nintendo® Gamecube™.[View]
599466043Are bosses in Elden Ring balanced around spirit summons? Are you even supposed to beat lategame boss…[View]
599478969modern Monster Hunter is too fast. It's doesn't feel like you are a hunter at all. It brea…[View]
599475409why does it feel so...... soulless?[View]
599477362Elden Ring solved how should game developers handle difficulty options.[View]
599474456Final fantasy: FF7 news next month bros.[View]
599479967My ambition cannot be stopped.[View]
599478362video games from greece?[View]
599478136>cutscene transitions seamlessly to gameplay[View]
599479847>do Rya's Questline >do Frenzied Flame ending >Lord of Frenzied Flame seeks out snake …[View]
599474554ITT: Alternate Vidya Timelines[View]
599467969Why is it so hard for them to make a superman video game?: I'm honestly tired of the 150 spider…[View]
599462560mods are cancer of gaming[View]
599476421post videogame franchises that peaked on their first entry and only became worse afterwards[View]
599466179>game's villain comes face to face with MC >doesn't kill him, just hurts him and lea…[View]
599478405what are some good games featuring tales of loss of fire and faith?[View]
599475269Well, thou art of *passing* skill.: Warrior blood must *truly* run in thy veins, Tarnished.[View]
599477445ITT: Completely Soulless Games[View]
599476419>cast spells >skip 8 hours >cast spells >skip 8 hours >cast spells ... Is this the ri…[View]
599477026>whoa whats this enemy? >oh no, it grabbed me! >i better mash out of it's hold!…[View]
599479261> he does not distribute his programs as self-extracting, self-compiling shell scripts ngmi…[View]
599478710Have you ever incorporated certain mannerisms because of vidya? When I get hurt I tend to scream lik…[View]
599477318What are the best companions in vidya?[View]
599477701Muv Luv: How did she not hear the half ton alien sneaking up behind her[View]
599478865I wish... I had murdered... More children...[View]
599463526Is programming a game really difficult???: Can a chump like me with 0 coding skills learn how to do …[View]
599477540bd3: well guys borderlands 3 is free on epic, no i am not a shill, i hear so many shit about the sto…[View]
599473361How is it, Batman DC bros?[View]
599476449FIRE EMBLEM DYNASTY WARRIORS: Will we get special unlocked content if we have Three houses save data…[View]
599471375>tfw too many games to play[View]
599478661The wizard group encompasses all spellcasters working in the various fields of magic—both those who …[View]
599478617>japanese humor[View]
599475806The Dark Souls of card games: Its really fucking good. Reminds me of a PS3 game called Folklore but …[View]
599476090Are pic related body type girls gonna be much more common in videogames in a few years?[View]
599476280This thread is for purple video game dragon fans only. If you hate purple dragons, you are not allow…[View]
599472020Is VR worth it?[View]
599477031How did you find out what was causing the blue screen failure?: The cause of my blue screen almost a…[View]
599464260>ruins fighting games aesthetics forever[View]
599477954>Gears of War >Halo Any other Xbox franchises that have been completely ruined?…[View]
599477375Borderland 3: >free on epic is it worth it even at the discounted price?…[View]
599476920>hate adults >progressive >correct injustices >fuck God >hate authoritarians >a…[View]
599461661this week is the 10th anniversary ;_;[View]
599463654is it even POSSIBLE to play vidya during Summer?[View]
599476273thoughts? it's $9 on Ubi store[View]
5994769452 YEARS ON THE MARKET WITH NO GAMES TO PLAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iow392Lib1Q[View]
599466286>pronounces it “merry-oh” I seriously hate this[View]
599474705ITT: post mid grade nostalgia from mid grade games https://youtu.be/dEbE3fGfF-o[View]
599477551>Has a better roster than Ultimate >Characters have unique movesets and gimmicks >Based sta…[View]
599467890Dawn of war: >Fun campaign with cool storyline >2 good expansions, modders turn the third shit…[View]
599458498how is it can i enjoy it as a first silent hill experience[View]
599477438*sues videogame essayists and trannies into bankrupcy*: /ourguy/?[View]
599477145What exactly is Outer Wilds's lore about?[View]
599476189is sonic riders good[View]
599474572>Asagi on a Train And it doesn't involve molestation, wtf...[View]
599475315city escape[View]
599468792Guild Wars 1: Is it worth playing this game in 2022? Thinking of going in blind with some bros…[View]
599473898Is this sex?[View]
599463525do 7th gen games really need remakes?[View]
599471391gorgeous visuals and great music, but tell me something and be perfectly honest does it become repet…[View]
599468338PLAY SIMS 4![View]
599476181Inscryption: How the hell do I beat this guy? I can win phase 1 but then he plays 4 fucking sharks a…[View]
599476484>Bringing more than the hype, bringing the games HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
599396392hows that FUCKING GAME coming along!!?[View]
599474653when will this game come to playstation? this is your best game right? why dont I see more posts beg…[View]
599476406more like the forgotten game[View]
599475171Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread: Software Sales (physical only) 01./01. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports …[View]
599470373Star Citizen has come to: Today is a really big day. For the first time since November 2012 (I think…[View]
599470758This fat bastard tries making his first ever videogame and it's an instant GOAT contender? What…[View]
599470890why dont you a ps5 yet?[View]
599465209AI The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative: new character trailer dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
599474375>rips your mind of your mind >shit on it…[View]
599443113Post an image get a game recommendation[View]
599474215Weird West: What did I (you) think of it? It's kind of like a classic Fallout for the modern ag…[View]
599474269Deathverse: I saw this shit on the ps store this morning, surprise release of the open beta? I'…[View]
599462516Fallout wants to convince you that these creatures are horrible enemies that should be killed on sig…[View]
599475628Did you know an English patch for the first Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling game came out? Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters …[View]
599474786>[Game] critique >[Game] retrospective >[Game] X years later >[Game] deconstructed >[…[View]
599473707>it’s a Ciri’s Story quest[View]
599436940Who is your favorite H-game character?[View]
599470434Uhhhhh, Sonybros? This wasn’t supposed to happen[View]
599473527is there any games like postal 1?[View]
599475812>watching YouTuber talk about a game >Now I played this fps game on PC with a controller and- …[View]
599464838Read Dies Irae.[View]
599473892ITT The best patched glitches in vidya: >Chrom was once able to guarantee a kill by using Soaring…[View]
599475641Post you're Elden Ring toon\character\fashion.[View]
599470314>never takes off his helmet >no quirky 7ft tall goddess as an ally >no plucky asian sidekic…[View]
599475283>look up favorite video game ost >scroll to comments >bruh fr fr this music is lit in roblo…[View]
599473101ITT:Cool Sideports[View]
599472649Lesser known but amazing vidya ost's: what are some ost's from obscure/rarely discussed ga…[View]
599465284Is this worth playing? I just finished my first playthrough of Elden Ring and feel kinda like a top …[View]
599413879I dream one day I'll finally have a Steam Deck, I know it will come soon.[View]
599473732Is this really the best Kiryu saga Yakuza game?: It was... good I guess? Does the series get better …[View]
599475293Do summonfags really?[View]
599473363One of, if not THE best intro in gaming, a masterpiece in visual and audio design. https://youtu.be/…[View]
599436562>couldn't solo it >I used my mimic tear in the end Did I still beat the game?…[View]
599475272For me? Its the Runetracer[View]
599473380YOU WANNA FIGHT ME?[View]
599467293Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread: Software Sales (physical only) 01./01. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports …[View]
599452205Terraria unironically sucks: So the game that is considered 'better' than Minecraft has a confusing …[View]
599472394What are the top 3, best Paradox games[View]
599474934You're a Doom fan? Name every single character in this image.[View]
599457106RPCS3 chads: we eating good with the new update[View]
599471504WITHIN CELLS[View]
599474368Did Elden Ring prove that Japan can make good open world games?[View]
599473592>botw-chads btfo in 6 seconds This insane ride has all been one big lie.…[View]
599474369Why didn't Sony make memory cards bigger than 8MB?[View]
599400002videogame figures based or cringe[View]
599474162Are the rumors true? Is it finally coming to PC with the success of Elden Ring?[View]
599474326rank resident evil: 1. re4 2. 2make 3. re2 4. REmake 5. re3 6. Village 7. re1 8. re5 9. re7 10. re6 …[View]
599474609i think you are all missing the point. it's the same exact cyberjank no matter which life path …[View]
599472696legend of heroes: Assassins must be be able to deal with any situation.[View]
599474376It was supposed to be so good... why did he do it bros?[View]
599472985What am I in for and more importantly who should I go for?[View]
599474404Games for this feel? I want to feel her ass so bad[View]
599474335it needs the SotFS treatment[View]
599470271Baldur's Gate 3 Act 1: whats the /v/erdict?[View]
599474186>master class sorcerer >Refuses to use any sorcery after marrying Marika because of much faith…[View]
599462960It filtered millions...[View]
599469580I will make this thread every single day until Hollow Knight Silksong gets actual news beyond 'we…[View]
599473076>Find fort in empty plane >Kill all the enemies >Absolutely nothing there >Keep journeyi…[View]
599460220>2022 >Persona 2 is getting merchandise Surely they're revving up the hype train for the …[View]
599458293Let’s be honest, what the fuck is Nintendo going to do when the Switch finally loses momentum and ha…[View]
599472614stardust speedway[View]
599471538How do I stop thinking about her?[View]
599470085>Released within a month of Half Life 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Halo 2, Metroid Prime 2, World Of Wa…[View]
599468527Why is she so cute?[View]
599452829still the best fromsoft game and you know it[View]
599463603Steam Deck: Steam bros...[View]
599473151>game has sequel >one of the secret superbosses is the boss from the previous game…[View]
599470569Switch thread What are you playing right now? What are you eager to play? I think I'm going to …[View]
599472737Is this intended?: >Normal difficulty Fights are so easy I can afk in them >Hard I get 2-3 sh…[View]
599469804Escape from Tarkov and its consequences has been a disaster for video games.[View]
599471291Schizo: Anybody play this? Is this game like lobotomy corporation or scp foundation? I heard it is.…[View]
599473050This is Zero, from MegaMan X. He was created for the sole purpose of destroying MegaMan. Over 100 ye…[View]
599379656Monster Hunter: Hope he comes back for sunbreak[View]
599470450QTE: Remember when game devs started to use this to bring more interaction on cgs? How do we devolve…[View]
599472221UHH BROS???[View]
599462476silver is the best pokemon game /thread[View]
599472779Who's your demonfu?[View]
599472517>This made /v/ shid & piss their pants[View]
599472072Why isn't Soul Calibur just as popular as Tekken? I'm originally a Tekkenfag but I was rea…[View]
599472320>SOUL >literally >it's all about the souls you have to snatch from your opponents If y…[View]
599471754Skyrim Anniversary Edition rated for Switch: Starfield? Can wait. Skyrim? Eternal.[View]
599466476Is it true that pirates are the vegans of video games? >video game discussion >pirate must let…[View]
599464826>let's put a late game boss in an early game area, but also make him harder with more enemie…[View]
599470896Lost Planet 2? Conan: Exiles? Are any of them worth playing?[View]
599467986RIP Nintendo (1983-2022)[View]
599472386Is COD really going exclusive after the acquisition finishes? What the fuck[View]
599437507Blender: >downloads blender ok, so now what? Where do you even start?…[View]
599472371Was it kino?[View]
599459425>12 years and counting >OST still hasn't been surpassed…[View]
599462860I just finished this game. It's a 10/10 game but I'm so confused. What was the point of ev…[View]
599467586>he doesn't max str in RPGs[View]
599470657How can we save world of warcraft at this point? Give me your ideas /v/[View]
599472085What are some games with sturdy female characters?[View]
599472039Which GTA has the best radio station, anon?[View]
599458329Anyone else getting tired of the forced negativity on this board when it comes to games? I see more …[View]
599470130Commander Niall is the most overrated 'Tough Boss' in the entire game, and literally the best filter…[View]
599471959>puts spy trannies on suicide watch[View]
599462237Play Azur Lane[View]
599442406>Aim down sights >Pellet spread decreases…[View]
599471869“But that’s the thing. I’m not exactly a woman anymore. I’m what some would call… a futanari. It’s l…[View]
599463343Do not judge a woman's beauty on her features. Look instead at her convictions and actions. Tha…[View]
599471832Anyone else wanna play a wizard/mage in video games but don't feel like they are smart enough i…[View]
599466352Why isn’t this on the Xbox marketplace?[View]
599471781what are your hopes for Judge Eyes 3?[View]
599388727>2022 >this is STILL the best open world map designed ever how?…[View]
599465154Was it a good mechanic?[View]
599459296Why did he do it bros[View]
599471543Two Worlds III (2023): Can a nigger dare to dream?[View]
599467446lol thats my gf lol[View]
599470909I'm late to the party but I'm watching the Nintendo Indie Direct right now, or 'rn' as the…[View]
599467345NEW GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK TRAILER: https://youtu.be/-P7yfH_EO7Q[View]
599468237No matter if you love it or hate it, youre gonna be talking about this shit long after it gets reall…[View]
599468212How much longer will they last?[View]
599469480I just ripped all my Steam games to discs. Can I print covers, put them inside inside standard dvd c…[View]
599470142Any runners on /v/? Was just reading up on the history of speedrunning, shit looks fun as fuck.[View]
599471121Am I the only one who plays CS:Source just to explore various custom maps because I'm dogshit a…[View]
599471084Pac-Man World 2[View]
599470335Halo Paramount: Here's your Master Chief bro![View]
599465718Stop liking evil women, it's bad for you.[View]
599464675Prequel games are shit: All the suspense is gone and storytelling becomes irrelevant since you alrea…[View]
599456232Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2: How crazy are we expecting things to be?[View]
599464724Who's your Fortnite main?[View]
599467783what's the most sentimental game you've ever played? like just something so aggressively t…[View]
599461180>be early 2021 >find pic related in the wild >buy it so I can finally have an all-consoles …[View]
599457826sims thread: have you played any sims lately?[View]
599425953Ace of Spades: It's time for another Ace of Spades thread! SMGs are disabled. aos://3901461577 …[View]
599467507Halo but good[View]
599461221Is this game piss easy or did soloing Elden Ring just make me a man?[View]
599467426What's the best way to enjoy GTA III in 2022?[View]
599462631What does /v/ think about indie click and point adventures?[View]
599470197>A new C&C game >It's set in the Conan Universe Cool…[View]
599454291mario thread[View]
599470067Thoughts on RPG series Chaos hands?[View]
599469447>newest game is a major departure from the series What's her name?…[View]
599469891Portal 2: What are the best mods and workshop levels?[View]
599459592where is the best place to play this, the native PC port like most games?[View]
599464661remake it, pronto'[View]
599469830Deep Rock Galactic: Doing EU deep dive/elite deep dive Lobby: /v/ Password: Rage[View]
599464553Arabs own Nintendo now: What's their endgame?[View]
599468515old good new bad: as boomer how to explain that to a zoomer?[View]
599456891What is your video game idea anon?[View]
599468807emulation: companies get mad when we do it but don't make an effort to release it on newer gens…[View]
599469097what are some good pixelshit games i can play on my linux thinkpad?[View]
599463532What's next for Hideo and Kojima?[View]
599435561Fairy Fencer F: https://youtu.be/WAqxGs_r9xM Thoughts?[View]
599469535>mfw it's a WARIO thread[View]
599468390Genshin: *singlehandedly change the entire video games culture in your path*[View]
599467634Why is SoRiku so much better than SoKai?[View]
599467707Maverickbros, we're approaching the tower.[View]
599468559are scary games finally making a comeback?[View]
599469223What did they mean by this?[View]
599467768GREEDFALL 2: Yup, looks like eurojank RPG's are back on the menu! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
599461632The essential video game dog[View]
599468905why do i feel like valorant does the 'heroes from all over the world' thing way better that overwatc…[View]
599467524>a door >hmm >let's go >red >a ball >fun >red >red I'm sorry >r…[View]
599462332based moments ruined by the community[View]
599464093The 'are videogames art' debate was retarded from the very beginning since everything humanity does …[View]
599468965What are your favourite tech mods in minecraft?[View]
599466451Post good death animations[View]
599457516Why pirate? Just buy the games you can afford instead.[View]
599466805Famitsu Sales: 01./01. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports <SPT> (Nintendo) {2022.04.29} (¥4.980) - 1…[View]
599468540What is his tax policy?[View]
599453928Fable: I am looking forward to finally, in 2023, playing Fable IV.[View]
599458804>Morrowind combat is bad, you just miss all the time Explain this, then 16 hits in a row, not a s…[View]

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