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566311970Anyone else excited for this? I loved the original and I like the direction the new one seems to be …[View]
566308707>open cheat engine >make game 4x faster >game becomes better I like the game but reducing t…[View]
566309951Warhammer: Why do they hate their fanbase so goddamn much?[View]
566311967>Whaddaya want? I'm a busy man...[View]
566315010Luigi thread: What should the next luigi’s mansion be like? Should the year of luigi ever come back,…[View]
566306884whoa... so this... is a famed... PC Exclusive...[View]
566312113For some reason, there are people who find normal that this takes 4 years[View]
566310851>tfw you don't know any of the secrets or sidequests because you owned this piece of shit gu…[View]
566308824The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell: Palefaces gon' get got[View]
566314029Should more games have goo mechanics?[View]
566314428>saves switch gaming[View]
566307485> shits on you while you're in full cover These things are the bane of my fucking existence …[View]
566315549What trading/management game have you been playing lately, bros? I've been playing this game wh…[View]
566311206'why yes i play rushdown and grapplers, they obviously take more skill. i also dont like zoners. how…[View]
566309963Horror Thread: Post some good horror games. Walking simulators not allowed[View]
566312602>Cute character can easily defeat and dominate you /v/ros???[View]
566313184YIIK: Why didn't anyone just tell him what was going on?[View]
566315281was this the peak of gaming?[View]
566315246ITT: Worst vidya osts: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWHmhb0nf3M[View]
566311793ITT save vidya in 1 sentence or less. I'll start: >Replace all characters with cute girls…[View]
566303529you know it's going to have shit graphics because it's bethesda and yet you're still …[View]
566315065Puyo Puyo: Well my little finger doesn't work properly and won't for a month and I sank in…[View]
566300128Anyone playing Death Trash[View]
566312615Did you play Costume Quest 1 and 2? Did you 100% them?[View]
566303329Noone cares about yiik Noone cares about the gays Bring back Lyle, Tomar and RE8! Fuck![View]
566314107hell let loose: artillery players be like >yoooo this gameplay is so fire…[View]
566314514Free skins: About a year ago I got an email saying someone tried to change my Epic account password,…[View]
566314101What happened to all the games where I can do cool spy shit?[View]
566313870Verdict on the new /v_/ boards?[View]
566307861What went wrong?[View]
566311403MOUSE: >bought a deathadder on sale without considering size >too big and uncomfortable for my…[View]
566314479>My god, Fisher. What are you doing? The mission's over.[View]
566271236I fell for the meme and installed this game, 2 second GCD, all my abilities are carbon copies of eac…[View]
566311856Predict the total sales numbers of the Switch after it ceases production.[View]
566310369Post the last two games you played, and then say which one you preferred. And then explain why if yo…[View]
566311195How come Crash doesn't attract autism and anger like Sonic does? They both went through the sam…[View]
566309942>game starts shit-talking the player for their choice in weaponry Why is this allowed?…[View]
566309106Games to play with your pet /v/?[View]
566308023Which Mass Effect had the best armor design and overall art direction?[View]
566275083srs question how am I supposed hold my controller for this? >style switching while moving >air…[View]
566313065ITT: Games that turned out to be better than you expected[View]
566306118So apparently, Sakurai appears in the credits for Super Meat Boy Forever, listed under 'Super specia…[View]
566300592you will buy her right anon ?[View]
566312364https://youtu.be/Gk35_ozbbUI You are buying Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, right /v/?[View]
566313538Are there any good MMOs left? As in, ones that have enough mechanics to let me kind of roleplay and …[View]
566311381>Hatred - a passion to destroy one another. -MGS4 If Snake's frantic and speedy rage towards…[View]
566312097I’m so happy Densha bros[View]
566296008Shhhh...be veeeeeeeeery quiet...[View]
566313329is it worth it bros? I've really wanted to try a skateboard sim but Session seems a little jank…[View]
566313212ITT: games you can smell just by looking at the cover.[View]
566311671>tfw a new generation of consoles launched nearly a year ago and STILL no one cares bit weird inn…[View]
566312190Playing Nier Reincarnation really makes you feel like a Drakengard character[View]
566287995ITT: post how you are feeling and what you're playing/will play today[View]
566310958>Its the '/b/ invades /v/' day again. There is a fucking reason why 4channel and chan are separat…[View]
566310772>old game on steam >doesn't have achievements…[View]
566304198I have lost all faith in having discussion on this board. So many buzzwords, so many actual schizoph…[View]
566308361What the fuck? /V/ TOLD ME IT WAS DOGS HIT, YOU FUCKERS LIED TO ME[View]
566307443Are ya' winning son?[View]
566306875>Scary things in non-horror vidya.[View]
566308329What exactly did she mean by this?[View]
566281013>renders all of your infantry completely useless Nothing personnel, US players.…[View]
566307005It just keeps getting worse.[View]
566311573Kenshi thread. Just captured the leaders of the Black dragon Ninjas. How is your Kenshi doing?[View]
566301634DFO Overkill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MDV2fLXKo0 I'm glad they are leaving the gamepla…[View]
566311443I never asked for this.[View]
566311545we can no longer have vidya discussions every single thread is filled with shitposting,angry retards…[View]
566311475What is the cutest pokemon and why it's Ivysaur?[View]
566311512Get up, loser. We got a CSGO SOURCE 2 HYPE TRAIN to catch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X70kSLOV2L…[View]
566305627gamer powder[View]
566304381Fire Emblem: Do you train Nino?[View]
566308929Metroid thread: Which Metroid are you currently replaying? For me it's Zero Mission.[View]
566311426Comfy P.N.03 thread: You know the drill, get more people to play P.N.03 by talking about how you act…[View]
566310420>spirit invades >i lose >he does the points down gesture…[View]
566304286Help me decide which one to play[View]
566301537WarioWare Get It Together has gone gold: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1423358152809005…[View]
566310083Empire building open world games: It felt like there was a time when plenty of games like this came …[View]
566310932>game has yes/no choice for something you'll be saying Yes to a lot >cursor defaults to n…[View]
566306317What game did edgy right?[View]
566306076The most notable enemy in skyrim is not what it seems. Although many people believe in to be a drago…[View]
566308515>effortlessly revitalizes the modern RTS genre[View]
566309579How come Dragon Ball Kakarot has better voice acting and better engine than Final Fantasy VII Remake…[View]
566308728This is what The Last of Us multiplayer should have been.[View]
566310321ffxiv: serveru are brokeru[View]
566299027Post best battle themes from vidya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-CiKnm0M9o[View]
566295260guess the game[View]
566307069I'm selling a Nintendo Switch on eBay. I already received a message from a brand new account as…[View]
566309732>It's a mandatory women's lacrosse level[View]
566309215Add yourself to picture[View]
566308880How do I get a free or very cheap minecraft premium account: I recently found out that my account ha…[View]
566308867RS3 or OSRS: RS3 ironman > OSRS ironman >OSRS normal > RS3 normal simple as[View]
566308783No wonder it's about to cross 100,000,000 units sold.[View]
566297691NEO TWEWY thread: You did buy all of her CDs, right?[View]
566302579One of the best villains in Star Wars history.[View]
566301004genshin impact: i'm at chapter 2 when does it get goods? the most fun part until now was rollin…[View]
566297128Here is your Nintendo profits bros.[View]
566296973guess the game[View]
566305328hard truths: >most complete Zelda game >best combat >best story >best companion >best…[View]
566306879August 2021... I am forgotten....[View]
566306868The only reason to care about the pixel remasters[View]
566309126Is Vegeta the best Boss[View]
566294789what was your favorite browser game as a kid[View]
566295047mvc2: It actually fucking worked[View]
566306292what is he doing?[View]
566308952What game should I play?[View]
566309079KAIN IS DEIFIED[View]
566307880So, anons, do you watch any reviewer unironically? And since we're on the subject: how the fuc…[View]
566308657Have you ever aced with a meme buy, /v/?[View]
566307072It's over.[View]
566308703Zenos and the Scions are kinda cringe. I liked ARR most when everything was more human and grounded …[View]
566308506Piratebros we just fucking lost...: his post marks few changes in my path. i have taken two decision…[View]
566308471Nothing personal, filth.[View]
566308393>but Steam Deck is weak, it couldn't emulate Nintendo Switch lol[View]
566308323>Any game that I don't like is being shilled >Game is too simple for me? It's for ca…[View]
566305669I fight for the men I've held in my arms, dying on foreign soil! I fight for their wives and ch…[View]
566308274thoughts on the tony hawk franchise? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buGgsZ5Vs5I[View]
566308238literally garbage fucking graphics and valve is going to have no gen z audience if they don't s…[View]
566279457>a lives system in a Zelda game fucking why[View]
566300725>you cannot rest with enemies nearby[View]
566274513This is cringe. Why is this cringe? Is it a good thing that it is cringe? https://www.gamesradar.co…[View]
566297959>Game known as the best in the series but is secretly one of the worst Any other games that come …[View]
566307785Dirty Bomb 2.0?: is XDefiant just dirty bomb 2.0 made by Ubisoft? https://youtu.be/sPIoyDQ5BWw https…[View]
566305759Stalking and Killing a Female Pedestrian GTA 4 Challenge/Gameplay: anyone else do this kinda thing?:…[View]
566306570I'll fucking say it[View]
566304589Handheld master race. If you can't hold it and play it it ain't worth playin'. Simple…[View]
566306225this game sold over 15 million units. lmao[View]
566307472Why did they think it was a good idea to let an 18 year girl serve on an elite task force for the po…[View]
566289460Have we regressed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqVIFuRBMBM[View]
566307539Beautiful gesture. Would this work for us too? Is there a way we could cosplay to influence the way …[View]
566302220Now that the dust has settled what do you think of The Duke[View]
566301635Are we overreacting to Wokeness in Games?: Maybe some woke games are shit and they fail and some wok…[View]
566293069The Ascent: Anyone playing or enjoying Ascent? Thinking about starting a playthrough but the loot ma…[View]
566306939What is wrong with this woman?[View]
566304062What's the best online FPS that I can play right now?[View]
566307234There is no time to be lost! Battle Brothers! Today, the enemy is at our door! We know our duty and …[View]
566303957How much longer is this shit? I finished the Pitax chapter and I'm ready to play something else…[View]
566305136Any Neopets players still around? If so, what do you like to do in-game nowadays? I mostly restock a…[View]
566306826Games like the suicide squad[View]
566303271Play Ys[View]
566306974Janny are you ok?[View]
566306628Thoughts on custom characters?[View]
566299405Platforming or rail grinding?[View]
566306862Painscreek killings: >ruins game by having the PI spoonfeed you all the answers…[View]
566306623Enter the zone, Sonichu style: With the recent theft of Chris Chan's licence plates it has occu…[View]
566300559This game had so much potential, but they decided to rip off Ken Penders' garbage and relegate …[View]
566305937Oh no...[View]
566298542Pyra is pretty fun to play in Smash, who do you think will be the last rep?[View]
566305802>game has a card system one of the largest modern red flags[View]
566296385>katanas have higher attack ratings than longswords Why do video games do this?…[View]
566237869Sanae is literally filtering me. I can beat her, but then Kanako finishes me off.[View]
566289486Is there someone autistic enough to prove him wrong?[View]
566306469if the /trash/trannies can have 7-8 threads up we can have one too claim your carfu before another a…[View]
566306290damn Outer Worlds sucks ass LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCaoKa7-85Y Obsidian is trash[View]
566302171Chucklefish's latest game, Starmancer, just went into early access. How is it?[View]
566306176Smoke grenade? More like SIMP grenade.[View]
566303180What other waifus are they going to add to Pokemon Unite?[View]
566306101>downloaded a video game for free from a Russian Website >browser search engine has been chang…[View]
566305407They should make Papers, Please sequel but with Covid passports.[View]
566280505Metroidvania: for me? its meaningful backtracking[View]
566301316light weapons guy: light weapons guy[View]
566305992What do you think of the Switch and its library of games? Do you think it has another 3 years of lif…[View]
566290686HL2 VR edition[View]
566305916Been to BL/v/CKED recently?: Its the best place for niggershit, cuçkshit and cųckold accessories (ak…[View]
566305823We can all agree that Liquid has taken the title of Big Chris right?[View]
566300986Who would in a fight?[View]
566305642*sells 200 million of units per year, but still don't put a dent on the switch sales* Isn'…[View]
566302326I just want to find a game that immerses me like this did back when it dropped[View]
566290210I want to buy one for my PC. What USB cable should I get for it, can someone recommend me one? I jus…[View]
566303359Back 4 Blood: Yup, I’m thinking this game is gonna be good[View]
566305432Here's your controller, bronald[View]
566304036it's never going to come out[View]
566301693Why does /v/ so utterly despise Tales now? /v/ used to like the series, but now every entry is writt…[View]
566303616what equipment and battalions should i use to make lysithea(my cute wife) the most powerful mage in …[View]
566298114Why are you still playing video games? (Or watching anime for that matter) It's sad and patheti…[View]
566303996What the fuck was their problem[View]
566292928VRchat: Play VRchat with me! It's fun and you can make new 'friends' and stuff! Who e…[View]
566296523If you do not recognize this, please uninstall Team Fortress 2. Thank you.[View]
566304082DEY HEA[View]
5663021415 years ago we got the true canon Metroid 2 remake: Samus Returns is SHIT[View]
566304557Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi[View]
566278961What went wrong?: >Classes removed >Heroes are in >ONLY 7 maps >No campaign >No unedi…[View]
566303631New World: Where is your God now?[View]
566302303In what game I can practice my spoken English?[View]
566304505How about the janitors niggerlovers start doing their job instead of turning this community into an …[View]
566304080Any point in picking up one of these? I have a PSP and a 3DS.[View]
566298796Looking back, was it really the best?[View]
566288396Switch has been amazing this year so far: >NEO TWEWY >Project Triangle Strategy >Legend of …[View]
566293005have you played lily's game?[View]
566304343/vr/ jannies can't handle the truth. Game is hated, cope. https://desuarchive.org/vr/thread/800…[View]
566246110>powercreep is real >makes 3 older legends now useless Good job Respawn.…[View]
566301143So this is the famed WoW killer[View]
566303458Who's the weakest character that could beat Demoman in a drinking contest?[View]
566291548What do you think is the best yugioh game?[View]
566269527GPD Win Max 2021: GPD bros... Will this be the last one? Can they survive the deckpocalypse?[View]
566304109>dude, violence bad >if you like violence you're an asshole >ok, now buy and play our …[View]
566297847Salve, friend[View]
566299278I did not care for Final Fantasy VIII.[View]
566301393Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: One more month until RPG's are saved.[View]
566298004Whats his favorite game?[View]
566297816Bully: How do you want the sequel?[View]
566303535aew is still not good[View]
566300872CHURCH BAD DRAGONFUCKERS GOOD: Imagine thinking heavensward is a good expansion[View]
566302976can we finally admit that it's pretty good?[View]
566303814Ok I just got fortnite for the first time today Where are all the coomer girl skins?[View]
566302551Team Asobi thread: Japan Studio Bros… It’s not over[View]
566303795This game is addicting.[View]
566300809Fuck rich people.[View]
566287841>you will never enjoy a video game this much ever again what's he playing bros?…[View]
566303684What happened to wrestling games? They used to be pretty good[View]
566300682>ywn learn martial arts with zmaster Bo Rai Cho Why even live?[View]
566296478>FInd new gun >oohh number go up! >immediately start looking for a better gun >repeat fo…[View]
566300036Is this any good? Its on sale on switch and im bored[View]
566294683I love her so much, bros...[View]
566303332Why is Ubisoft like this?[View]
566303379God of War Ragnarok: Yes I know Anthony Burch is the ultimate final cuck of the universe but memes a…[View]
566271493come have fun and draw some vidya /v/ https://garyc.me/sketch/ >alternate client with eraser http…[View]
566297615I just bought a PS VITA recommend me games, please: Also ports and all that good stuff[View]
566299890Game me one indie game that isn't 1. an exact copy of a retro game 2. a pretentious walking si…[View]
566296591I thought we got over the ''generic white guy'' protagonist era?[View]
566289596What are some good building/sandbox games that's not the sims, minecraft, terraria, fallout 4 e…[View]
566284024Atelier: Sterk is so lucky.[View]
566303090Cute girls stuck in bad/dead games[View]
566300080how do you feel about this creature?[View]
566295941>japanese female character with non-japanese name >Iris >Lily >Alice >Karen >Mary/…[View]
566298429I'm can't wait for the FF6 pixel remaster!!!: I'm excited for my wife Tina's new…[View]
566291570Games with shrooms?[View]
566302905Did this game get any significant updates after its initial release?[View]
566281915Who decides what’s canon to a game?[View]
566281068bros my game's release date finally got announced today wanted to drop by with some free keys. …[View]
566300006New Square IP leaked: Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, confirmed on PS4/5 Maybe a card game o…[View]
566291965multiplayer games ruined gaming. Multiplayer games are bad because the enjoyment that comes from the…[View]
566301567gm_construct... home.[View]
566302429What went wrong?: >slow as shit >gay artstyle >worst soundtrack in the series >no plot a…[View]
566301301are there any cyberpunk mods that turn off the police so I can go around killing women indiscriminat…[View]
566296301Are men written by women more complex?[View]
566302010blemmye: any games where you play as a blemmye?[View]
566302241>remaster of [game] comes out >it's shit…[View]
566294993What are some shmups that you would recommend. I've only played pic related. Bonus points for o…[View]
566298563Is the Metal Gear series well-written?[View]
566254653Why do Japanese games come out on everything except Xbox?[View]
566299819>ホモは出入り禁止だ Homo is off limits >今のナウなヤングにはこれくらいホモっぽいキャラデザがウケるのかい? Is this kind of homoerotic ch…[View]
566286485Why people don't mind it when a Japanese company scams them but lose their mind if an American …[View]
566300582remember what they took from you[View]
566301489>be from poor black family >move to Europe >use your natural genetic advantage over whitebo…[View]
566299757I can't help but find this game creepys. It's so happy peppy uwu chill that it fells like …[View]
566301803>Boy, this is worse than that time I got a job at the Black Mesa Research Facility…[View]
566290525What are some vidya you'd like people to stop posting about?[View]
566300693Go home and be a Fortnite man![View]
566296669BoTW had some really cool looking armor sets.[View]
566300226Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Best version of Final Fantasy III hands down. I’ve always found the mu…[View]
566300721>buy game >it sucks >money stolen…[View]
566289836Are you guys hyped for the upcoming Made in Abyss game?[View]
566297041So it's 'OverStrke' or 'CounterWatch' as made by Chinks? Why do people play it?[View]
566301228Lemme tell you a gaming fact: >The American version of Mario Bros 2 was different from the Japane…[View]
566296572Ryzen bros I'm not feeling so good....[View]
566300980>2010 >'You sent a payment of 9.95 EUR to Mojang Specifications' >2021 >still playing wi…[View]
566295347If Microsoft released a full remake of Banjo Kazooie for free on every Xbox as their answer to Astro…[View]
566300736The most hated retro fps of all time. https://desuarchive.org/vr/thread/8005550/#8005550[View]
566295706Redpill me on this game. I already know it's not a platformer.[View]
566284901>Old = Good >New = Bad Why are Nostalgiafags like this?…[View]
566300436uhm, I just wanted to see how to complete a level, wtf has this anything to do with 'hacking'?[View]
566294291>Play Nier Automata >It's alright, I'm already opening up tabs for 2B feet and stock…[View]
566288725Fallout 3 vs New Vegas: Why Obsidian writing is so shit? Imagine rip-off everything from Fallout 3 e…[View]
566300819the similarities are quite striking and odd but there >bug people >the most insufferable fanba…[View]
566299807Guilty Gear Strive: Play Zato© 1™[View]
566291928KH:FM: >m0gs NuSona and Shit Megami Transei >set a bar for action games and ARPG’s in general …[View]
566300686what are some games with locker room mechanics?[View]
566298904Dead Space: Anyone else playing this again after the remake announcement?[View]
566298607It's fucking boring[View]
566299307Yes Miyazaki, I like Dark Crystal too. But maybe you should come up with your own ideas instead of s…[View]
566299918Who cares what they eat in a videogame series where magic and ghosts exist?[View]
566300468Death Trash: Currently eyeing it but >Early Access I hear it's a little light on content ri…[View]
566299792Should the Mario & Luigi series come back?: The blue muppet said Paper Mario would see improveme…[View]
566298560>is only in two games >get localized in the west three years after launch >instantly become…[View]
566300151What if From Software made a game focused around hand-to-hand combat?[View]
566300381Controller wires: Are there any negative effects to replacing my Afterglow Xbox 360 controller wire …[View]
566261907game with cow?[View]
566282380I played portal 2 with my gf. She literally couldn't solve the puzzle, and it took like an hour…[View]
566292874Halo NEEDS a BR unironically: Before you call me slurs, hear me out The data mine needs to be true b…[View]
566298694>Well anon-kun? Tell me which of these unpronounceable Japanese names did that one Japanese thing…[View]
566298590https://videocardz.com/newz/asus-developing-geforce-rtx-3070-with-noctua-cooling-solution >Not jo…[View]
566299739Is the worst 'remake' ever? Does anything even come close?[View]
566298657>Yes, I have read and accept the Eula. >actually haven't read it >actually pirated the…[View]
566286284>System of a Down - Legend of Zelda.mp3 >Quake3Arena FULL GAME.zip.exe >britney_spears_blow…[View]
566298648RPG Time: What happened to this? It was the most soulful thing Xbox showed off last decade but it…[View]
566299638ITT: Post some good game reviews.[View]
566292456Shes in[View]
566292510I'M IN[View]
566296245Reminder that the window is closing to stock up on the best controller for PC gaming.[View]
566291014So fucking true[View]
566298092This is Boone today. Feel old yet?[View]
566299656replacing the the town with corridors was a mistake.[View]
566298161Splitgate: Arena shooters are saved. You faggots said they would never be popular again.[View]
566298598Main the schizo.[View]
566298445Is it any good?[View]
566298841>worshipped figure in a video game series becomes an iconoclast of itself…[View]
566293417It's not even a contest[View]
566271826Dark Souls 2[View]
566295109Fuck you /v/ it's just dialogue boxes[View]
566297428Yume Nikki: I was wondering if anyone here played/thought of playing/likes the idea of playing Yume …[View]
566293950Here you go, your FNAF movie villain[View]
566289248It occurs to me that Rosalina is very much the odd one out of the Mario Ladies. Pauline looks more d…[View]
566297271> The Midsummer festival has ended 3 days early >Blizzard said on the front page of Blizzard l…[View]
566280378The greatest debate[View]
566282945/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread:>>566219810 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
566298592This is the best fucking game I've played in years. I no longer believed that video games coul…[View]
566295570>Dead storyline gets an update decades later How many games do this?[View]
566289015I don’t feel so good…….[View]
566298617Which race is the niggers of Hyrule?[View]
566299015S&box thread: Anyone ported over any cool PS2 content in S&box yet?[View]
566234018Get AI to make some vidya art for you: Use this python notebook in the cloud to run the generator: h…[View]
566295205When did you stop playing Overwatch?[View]
566294415How many copies would the Steam Deck need to sell for active Linux users on steam to cross 10%?[View]
566282790Name a worse video game[View]
566282354Hey Styg if you read this please add more arena matches. They're so fun.[View]
566296151I wish I had my childlike excitement and joy for vidya left in me[View]
566295908Here is your mob farm faggit[View]
566294440Is it possible for a game to have too much soul?[View]
566297748F2P GAMES: i need something to play but dont want to spend any money, any of you have suggestions…[View]
566295080What do we want from Killing Floor 3?[View]
566294714PC specs: Post em[View]
566275709>briefly enter story mode as Franklin just before playing online >spend a minute knocking out …[View]
566296208It is time to apologize.[View]
566289957Microsoft will never recover from allowing Bungie to leave Halo[View]
566273873Which version of OOT do you prefer?[View]
566287484I miss him.[View]
566294619Halo? More like good ass game -lo[View]
566261692Have you been able to buy one without buying from scalpers?[View]
566295828I dont get MMOs. Ive tried the likes of WoW,FF14, runscape ect and they all are incredibly boring. T…[View]
566293098Which Arknights is your favorite?[View]
566296791>Barges into your game >throws smokebomb at Yoda >'target acquired' >Swooce into SLASHSH…[View]
566295713Add a letter to a video game title. I'll start. Rape escape[View]
566292876I want kill everyone including myself :)[View]
566291052LMAO: Good riddance[View]
566293657What games does each board play?[View]
566297151>be in recent sekiro thread about advice for new players >anon says remember to always listen …[View]
566291081How do I get good at Project Zomboid?[View]
566296637Was he a good villain?[View]
566296739Why the hell did Elder Scrolls get rid of death warrants from Morrowind, they were a great feature t…[View]
566279660I thought this game was about discovering the killers, literally WHAT. And why does everyone pretend…[View]
566296471Wind Waker is garbage.[View]
566266464Best game ever made.[View]
566296846it's that thread again: So anons, which faction is the best and which one is the worst? It…[View]
566291495Eldensoulsbornediestwice bros, what do I think of Vaatividya's lore channel?[View]
566293747Is this a B game?[View]
566294230MARIO GOLF GOT AN UPDATE >new course: New donk city from amrio odyssey >toadette, whose specia…[View]
566296428New World delayed to September 28th: What happened Amazonbros?[View]
566294712This triggers the zoom zoom[View]
566292920Pikmin 2 is the greatest console game of all time.[View]
566294958>more enemy types >more weapons and better mods >more than 2 colors on screen >better mo…[View]
566296056All of my fucking friends are playing guilty gear +R on their computers. They all suck ass and will …[View]
566292842best african videogames?[View]
566285530What the fuck happened?[View]
566293336What are some of the best games for single player roleplaying? You know, games that allow you to eas…[View]
566291523Someone beated Sekiro blindfolded https://youtu.be/Xk4cFopy7Ec wth[View]
566294356Can we expect Bloodborne II one day?[View]
566292727S&Box thread: The game looks less empty than the first version of it and it updates everyday. I …[View]
566295598games for this feel?[View]
566295568>the end of a game is the exact beginning of the next game Which games do this? Love that shit…[View]
566294931I'm gonna play Disco Elysium. What am I in for?[View]
566290967Should I get it for drinking games?[View]
566279472Paper Mario: Rate them all. >Paper Mario : 8/10 >TTYD : 8/10 >Super : 6/10 >Sticker : 2/…[View]
566294910I heard this is basically like it Tool made a Metroidvania. Is it worth getting? It's fairly ch…[View]
566289196>3090 >1440p 240hz monitor >only use it to browse 4chan…[View]
566294123Hopes and expectations for BoTW2?[View]
566287485I have a switch and I have a PC. I have the opportunity to get a PS5 for 700 dollars. I have a decen…[View]
566292552Miqo'te thread[View]
566273072play sims[View]
566293843What went wrong?[View]
566286565>constantly have to melee for ammo, not a real shooter >gay upgrade system for zoomers >lev…[View]
566265370Why did he help us kill Elidibus? Did dying undo his tethering? Or was he convinced to place his fa…[View]
566273232Why are wifi users discriminated against in MP games? These days wireless internet is just as good a…[View]
566278787NINTENDO IS DYING: >By comparison, Switch hardware sales were down 21.7 percent to 4.45 million u…[View]
566291995Would you rather have >AAA game that used its budget to have advanced and innovative game mechani…[View]
566293387Nice game guys[View]
566291815*Squaresoft's best game blocks your path*[View]
566278515/v/ on hyperbeam: https://hyperbeam.com/v/4chan What is hyperbeam? It creates a virtual machine that…[View]
566288726While Episode Two was better, Episode One is underrated. It took the weaker urban combat parts of HL…[View]
566286904post games that were shilled heavily on here[View]
566288103PLATINUM is fucking dead: https://youtu.be/L5BsIw9fV3E This is it? This is what you have been workin…[View]
566238876What was the most pathetic example?[View]
566205292Monster Hunter Stories 2: safe for work to not be deleted Kulve update in a few hours lads[View]
566281157Video games with tails: What are good video games coming out soon that have a playable character wit…[View]
566290476PS4 infamous: Why does no one like it?[View]
566291259Damn, it sure died fast, nobody is talking about it anymore[View]
566289938Why was there no good Naruto games on the 3DS?[View]
566294019this nigga is broken[View]
566270395Hello fellow civilians, I'm just here to wish you all a good day. From one REGULAR CIVILIAN to …[View]
566293569Mini Motorways: Anyone played this? Comfy little game.[View]
566293869>nintendo made a deliberate decision not to make current switches obsolete by only updating the s…[View]
566293620screenshot thread, lets fuckin go[View]
566293826>This vydia is better than yours >Why ? >Links 2 hours video…[View]
566292646I CANNOT go on because of stress: As a BIPOC being hunted down by a white, potentially Heterosexual …[View]
566288484EarthBound General /EBG/: Welcome to EB general. Post Opinions on the game, fanart and drawfags are …[View]
566288542Was it really that bad?[View]
566288350Chalice dungeons are really bad game design and I can't believe someone really let them slide[View]
566293472if if video games are are so good then how come there's no video game 2[View]
566292806well done switch, well done. HOWEVER[View]
566293702Jesus fucking christ what an absolutely awful game. What a waste of a free game.[View]
566289954>Doom Roguelike 2 is out >made by the same dev as the original >zero threads about it…[View]
566291430So playing Deadspace 3 with a fren. gotta say this game is way over hated now I have played 1&2 …[View]
566248882Press F to pay respects[View]
566293576HEY BOY[View]
566293172I did not care for the ridley fight in super metroid[View]
566293440Do you still remember the first time you fapped/shlickd to a vidya character? Who was it?[View]
566293438120 million dollar hack n slash game: >120 million dollar hack n slash anime game…[View]
566292721Hilda~ Hilda~ Hilda~[View]
566281978A snoot game thread on /v/?[View]
566293006It's trash.[View]
566271508Why is it that when it comes to Sony narrative exclusives, people either treat them as games with st…[View]
566208518there doesnt seem to be a Fuga thread how far are you into the pee conspiracy?[View]
566279367Can you explain how eSports keep sucking the soul out of games?[View]
566292631Games with Cowgirls in them[View]
566292630Look out, Mother Brain.[View]
566292319>Run out of ammo, have no grenades, didn't skill melee >Have to smash every enemies head …[View]
566292365FFXV was a mistake. Play FFIV instead.[View]
566292171The following PAYDAY 2 thread has been approved for mature audiences only[View]
566282460Your wife Rise[View]
566291469What games are good for playing with girls?[View]
566154154my love for Karen is eternal[View]
566292476How could I ever go back to a non-ultra-wide monitor again[View]
566289758END OF RINE -------------------------------RINE ENDS HERE[View]
566287265alright just got this set up what am i in for?[View]
566284667Black: >FPS on consoles can't be good! No. Black is awesome.…[View]
566289602ITT: guess the game from the NPC: you post an NPC, fellow anons guess the game, simple as starting w…[View]
566286389dungeon crawlers: I've been playing smt and it's pretty cool. Why don't they make mor…[View]
566291631I miss this feeling.[View]
566268112I’m so excited for the OLED Switch. Every hands on that comes out has nice things to say about it. D…[View]
566256418https://twitter.com/FF_XIV_EN/status/1423192064628445188 HE'S IN[View]
566289065Is this the the only game that has gotten doors to work in multiplayer and actually have a gameplay …[View]
566278397>Portal 1 has a bit of humor in the form of GLaDOS, companion cube and 'the cake is a lie' >al…[View]
566289582This game had apologists at a time.[View]
566277447BLIZZARD'S HEAD OF HR FIRED: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/blizzards-head-of-human-resource…[View]
566285406Gartic Phone: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=032241867 join you fags[View]
566279557What are some PC games worth playing in 2021?[View]
566291091[Josh] Cat. [Drake] Meow [Josh] Where's the hornetaur body? [Drake] It's right there, see …[View]
566286728Where did wario succeed where shadow failed?[View]
566291462https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50htcGR0HIs new game announced by Nippon Ichi why do they all look m…[View]
566286028FFXIV sub count is growing: >https://massivelyop.com/2021/08/05/square-enix-q2-2021-financials-fi…[View]
566291508Townscaper: Surprisingly fun. I haven't been able to play it much because my 4 year old son alw…[View]
566291490Barry, where's Barry?[View]
566279112This has no right to be as good as it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipVrglfEXLA[View]
566290325Vidya tomboys[View]
566284134looking for some good flash games recommend me some[View]
566286630Play FlatOut 2[View]
566289770>Blocks your path What do you do?[View]
566290307Now anon. Your Pa was hung for killing your Ma who beat you.Lets forget that shall we?The past is de…[View]
566290930All American games are about picking up a gun and shooting as many people as you can.[View]
566288941Are there any games that can make me feel what genuine happiness is like?[View]
566284983>shows WayForward how to make a proper beat em up Made a thread last night and a literal wayforwa…[View]
566290154do you think i have autism, /v/?[View]
566277693Who's your favorite voice actors in games? Is Laura Bailey one of them?[View]
566251493>Still no announcement or even a teaser It's going to be a disaster…[View]
566282507>It insists upon itself What are some vidya that do this? Or is this literally not even a valid c…[View]
566287036What caused infinite grinding to become staple '''gameplay''' in a majority of games these days? It …[View]
566287289The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell: Palefaces gon' get got[View]
566287095Characters women will never understand.[View]
566290180Proof that bigger isn’t alway better.[View]
566290141Games for this feel?[View]
566288538>______, a retrospective[View]
566278887Just bought Prey 2017, it's installing right now. Expecting a more casual System Shock 2, what …[View]
566290015Joining stormchads: >noooooooo!! Skyrim will never have chance against dominion, muh united empir…[View]
566278004Creator of Gone Home in Deep Shit Over New Allegations: >“It turns my stomach to think that he st…[View]
566289985Games should NOT be: >Overly challenging. Most people should be able to complete them, even non-g…[View]
566285270Did you claim your free games, anon? t. Tim[View]
566289931Just as good as Street Fighter and Marvel VS Capcom.[View]
566286654Thinking of playing Skyrim for the first time. What are the most patrician skills?[View]
566282325I have many pictures of botw link carrying botw zelda, which I will now post.[View]
566278943Would you describe the genre of fire emblem fates conquest’s story as a greek tragedy?[View]
566284023....... Hello?[View]
566288720whats in your GTA6 wishlist /v/[View]
566283682>2021 >no good games that properly explore deep sea horror I am most displeased.…[View]
566289595Frak! - BBC Model B vs Acorn Electron version - 1980s retrogaming at its finest!: https://www.youtub…[View]
566288853Is Starbase star based?[View]
566284517will it ever be topped?[View]
566286360I know we all hate microtransactions in video games. But what about things that don't give you …[View]
566287838Dark souls players BARELY touched definition of pain.[View]
566287620why zoomers hate games they never played?[View]
566289230The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (2021)[View]
566282949Please no shitposting, no politics, just post one lgbt vidya character that you enjoyed[View]
566286881>boss fight takes 2 hours[View]
566289128>remember pic related >one of the first games I played on Steam when I was literally 13 >th…[View]
5662806532 > 1 > 3[View]
566284992wtf is this shit fire emblem fags? i don't want to play as some little brat[View]
566276259This was 99% political statement and 1% game.[View]
566286052This guy is much more funny than AVGN.[View]
566283654What's your favorite racing game?[View]
566288976>reddit expected Trump supporters killing simulator >game has no connection to real world poli…[View]
566284010maybe I'm getting old and I have dementia but it seems like スカイワォードソード puzzles are a little mor…[View]
566288885Name a more comfy multiplayer lobby[View]
566288851anyone wanna trade a bf1 key for any other key?[View]
566279345BRAINLETS BTFO: ITT: we post games only suitable for intelligent, high IQ gamers. >Pathologic 1,…[View]
566258087Praise my name![View]
566278010What was the biggest ever cringe moment of any E3?[View]
566284856What's your favorite cfps shootan, anon?[View]
566283842is it time for Guild Wars 3?[View]
566269941The authentic 1997 experience[View]
566288514Did any of you play this? I remember the year 2001 vividly. As an 8 year old this captured my imagi…[View]
566285950Naughty Dog Is Hiring a Monetization Designer for Its ‘First Standalone Multiplayer Game’: THE LAST …[View]
566270476Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread: Software Sales (physical only) 01./00. [NSW] Neo: The World Ends with Y…[View]
566282821Burn the tree, Bigby[View]
566283384You did get in, right? Starts in 2 hours.[View]
566282316Bug Fables thread: Discuss the game thats better than the Paper Mario series.[View]
566287145What are some /v/ approved devs / publisher? You guys are always like >buying games from company …[View]
566286078When will RTS have another golden age? All the RTS games worth playing were released in 1995-2005, a…[View]
566279781How come no other games use inflation as a mechanic? And if he got into smash do you think they woul…[View]
566287318ITT: Brutal moggings.[View]
566277775What was Phelps' problem?[View]
566274932Choose six vidya characters to fill this out.[View]
566284918He literally did nothing wrong[View]
566283159Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live on August 25 will be 2 hours long: GEOFF BROS! ITS HAPPENING!…[View]
566287149How bad is it really? Is it 'not even worth playing'-bad or just not as good as the first one[View]
566288194Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Look at this cute Slytherin cocksleeve, made to be a dominatrix too. Ga…[View]
566287106best OST in the series[View]
566281439ARPG: Last Epoch: Love TQ and Grim Dawn, how's Lost Epoch?[View]
566288068>[NSW] Crayon Shin-chan - 142.476 >[NSW] Neo: The World Ends with You - 18.799 >[PS4] Neo: …[View]
566283964So why are you praising them so much? The only thing they are right is their aptitude towards w*man[View]
566286618How were these games so fucking good?[View]
566272032>there's tryhard even in a pokemon game What's their problem holy fuck…[View]
566196876Highfleet thread[View]
566280367bomber thread: bomberman thread about bomber man[View]
566287810Tomorrow my PS5 arrives. What's the consensus among those who actually own one? Do the upgrades…[View]
566279417This is my Nintendo shitcube[View]
566287514nose or eyes: What was his fucking problem?[View]
566285373How good is her game?[View]
566163969Play Fear & Hunger[View]
566286152Buy a PS5[View]
566287405Why were all the men in this game cucks except Tommy? He even called Elli's life with Dina a jo…[View]
566279879what killed WoW?[View]
566253568>Justifying religious rebellion How is Genshin getting away with this?…[View]
566285208what should i play /v/ i like > fnv > stellaris > hl…[View]
566278545I'm 15 hours in and slowly edging towards the end of 'Grime'. Anyone else playing, or else any…[View]
566283946Untitled Goose Game: Give me your honest opinion of this game.[View]
566278902What was the last video game you played? Say something nice about it.[View]
566286975Why didn't they take the opportunity to bloat the roster(in a good way) with echoes and half-cl…[View]
566286870Would a Hachishaku game work? The criteria is the ghost must be 8ft tall, attracted to little boys a…[View]
566285654Blizzard 2002[View]
566263769STAR WARS IS BAKC[View]
566284784Do you buy games or licences?: Pirate parasite edgelords not welcome, the only thing you buy is meth…[View]
566285323For me it's Riela.[View]
566278434>next to no marketing in the West >mixed reviews >got leaked 2 weeks early >bombed in J…[View]
566278423Whats the point of learning about game design from people who dont make games themselves?[View]
566271774Games with Zero Hype[View]
566282581>FFXV tanked >FFVIIR tanked >Intergrade embarrassment >Neo TWETY barely even made a bli…[View]
566283727The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: This is the future of gaming. The end times are here[View]
566283753Any evolution games like spore?[View]
566282279What is /v/‘s opinion on Alienware computers?[View]
566286292cris tales gets a 7: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/cris-tales cris bros....[View]
566219810/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>566171013 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
566286130>play CS:GO >get chinese teammates >they only speak in their language >get vote kicked n…[View]
566274257>game remaster changes the artistic direction for the worse >revisionism campaigns indoctrinat…[View]
566285802>have to take a break every hour to let CPU cool down otherwise the game starts stuttering to hel…[View]
566285448Age of Empires IV bros...: you got invited, right?[View]
566266734Is Idol Manager any good?[View]
566285762https://youtu.be/0s4DpRTZenw >thumbnail what did he mean by this[View]
566277646Why is it so fucking awful? Isn't it from the same company that made new Vegas?[View]
566285890ROUND DRAW: OK LET'S GO[View]
566260165Think of a vidya character. Got it? Ok. now go to http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php. Take the…[View]
566285675Tell me about your chao garden.[View]
566285617Anyone else can’t redeem his code on Xbox? It says product unavailable[View]
566269334>survives in space >drowns in water[View]
566269303Say something you believe would start a fight in this thread:: >isometric action RPGs are general…[View]
566282150>this guy walks in and slaps your rathian’s ass wut do?[View]
566274476Games only Redditors hate[View]
566284327For me, it's the elven longsword[View]
566246435Guilty Gear Strive: >mfw I'm enjoying the game a lot more now that I've stopped trying …[View]
566280489Why did they add this bad level and ruin the whole atmosphere of the game? It feels like RE5 was alr…[View]
566284960ITT: Terrible character design[View]
566265675ITT: shit sequels that forever killed their series[View]
566284905>Fallout: New Vegas[View]
566279857Confess your sins my bros. I'll start I use cheats on most single player games and spend too mu…[View]
566283145What the fuck bros theres a secret special move in DMC5? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0kY8H6UHk…[View]
566282663deus ex thread[View]
566284819What game has your favorite UI, /v/?[View]
566282927Why is this Fanbase alway so salty?[View]
566284772Two MILLION copies sold Best in the series yet Guarantee we're about to get either a remake of …[View]
566275518Is the world ready for Forza Horizon 5, /v/?[View]
566284689Stealth 100: ITT stealth at its finest[View]
566219669Linux gayman: Have you moved to GNU/Linux yet? What's stopping you? Most games run perfectly ou…[View]
566281918What pairs well with gamer wine?[View]
566284662What are some /v/ approved devs / publisher? You guys are always like >buying games from company…[View]
566281103Why couldn't we save her?[View]
566223702Actual Here Comes Niko! thread: tl;dr buggy and boring, pirate it for the Tamagotchi I have a feelin…[View]
566284015Is switch ever gonna get DLSS?[View]
566282682Is the PS5 the official LGBTQP+ console this generation? I want to play with likeminded individuals.[View]
566284225Corey from Hotline Miami![View]
566268207my god what a disaster[View]
566284036COLONIALS Lament: https://youtu.be/F0LLerKWycQ[View]
566282213I always hear talk about anons trying to get through their backlog but never any that have 'fin…[View]
566283769małe prostitutes in gaming: Why is fallout New Vegas the only game to have make prostitutes In the l…[View]
566248441He’s so fucking cool.[View]
566274107>sandbox game >99% of the buildings aren't enterable LOL who seriously buys their games? …[View]
566282707I still can’t get over this[View]
566275463Play me in this video game of chess. https://lichess.org/Msi4OaDZ[View]
566283728Thank God Halo Infinite barely has any aim assist: You controller kids wont have your little robot a…[View]
566283627>'Thanks for inviting me over to play Sega anon! What should we play first?'…[View]
566273775Imagine needing to skip puzzles and use invincibility in fucking Rat-shit and Wank. Why do snoys eve…[View]
566282789>GPD: Destroyed >Ayo neo: Destroyed >Smach Z: lol >ONEXPlayer: Destroyed Valve has singl…[View]
566273857What games are played by women? >inb4 my gf... No, you don't have one, don't lie…[View]
566283428I can't play games made past 2013.: Too many niggers. Too many faggots. Too many (ugly) bitches…[View]
566283336Hideki Kamiya finally makes an arcade shooter: The mad lad finally did it, after years of shoving it…[View]
566283186Dude, light is evil, darkness is good. I fucking hate this weeb trope...[View]
566282870POV: you’re Saber[View]
566278268Games with Giant, Intelligent, Friendly, Talking Spiders?[View]
566275694A lot of wow streamers and youtubers seem to have jumped ship, and all at the same time. thats kind …[View]
566283118Did your parents allowed you to play big boys games? My parents doesn't even know that's g…[View]
566282512The 80s and the 90s had the best depictions of medieval fantasy[View]
566282625what franchise would make great a MMOs?[View]
566248591NEO TWEWY thread: Rhyme…had a hard life[View]
566268236>luv FF7 and 8 >ate FF9 simple as[View]
566282839rest in peace lakshmana[View]
566280837TH wasn't made by IS SoV was a remake It's been 6 years since the last FE game[View]
566281970>Took them 20 fucking years to place units on walls >Units are commically larger than building…[View]
566275851well, what's the best worms game?[View]
566233420Gartic Phone Thread https://garticphone.com/de/?c=05147d924 Join, game will start when we have 4+ pe…[View]
566280484silent hill 3: >god will make paradise >check out all this cool nightmare world shit though wa…[View]
566273752What in the actual FUCK is a 'puff puff'?[View]
566281367if this blizzard debacle has shown anything its that there are a disturbing amount of blizzdrones wh…[View]
566269254Ight bros, let’s settle this. Is she a Loli? Oh ya and DOA thread[View]
566281210Will you buy Danganronpa 4?[View]
566279693cum to the green side /v/[View]
566282530'Villains' that are in the right[View]
566281179what killed wow: disgusting paypiggies will defend this and argue that it isnt p2w[View]
566280860>add 100 new monsters in the game >the only one that can be ride on are some world jobbers, th…[View]
566270706Resident Evil: Let's see some ranks anons: >Order of games RE2 >REmake 2 >REmake >R…[View]
566279335This is your PS2 and Dreamcast retro console[View]
566281017Age of Empires 4 closed beta today You hype? Expectations? I think it looks pretty fun despite the u…[View]
566280875do I need the better card: I currently have a very old about 7-8yo radeon r9 200. it served me well …[View]
566281946SMITE - The Ceaseless Whirlpool | Charybdis Cinematic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeZbwwdMLAg H…[View]
566272569Blood Gulch[View]
566282096The Part Where He Kills You: >GLaDos: Well this is the part where he kills you >Wheatley: Hell…[View]
566220438They took the money and ran, didn’t they?[View]
566276112Why is like all new Sonic merchandise classicpedo shit? Does SEGA know Aaron Webber is making them l…[View]
566279369>Our design is just getting more mature and respectful. You’re not going to wear a bikini to a fi…[View]
566273991SCP: So i actually gave a shot at RPC and its kinda nicer than i expected, not too big and i hope it…[View]
566272126>press to talk >laughs[View]
566275943>Custom character >Name yourself after a side-character in the game. >Act villanous. >Th…[View]
566270537>get a salaried position >can literally afford every console, accessory, and VR headset withi…[View]
566279008This is the head of Blizzard now? She looks familiar somehow....[View]
566276132>bless unleashed gets released tomorrow Are you ready to be scammed once again, /v/?…[View]
566277827Thief: No one told me this was a fucking horror game[View]
566266804what went horribly wrong?[View]
566266834>look an item >it's another fucking torch >look an item >it's another fucking …[View]
566277834Final Fantasy XIV: use your fucking tank stance.[View]
566256396whats the last 10/10 video game that came out[View]
566274558>Game has a stamina bar[View]
566280423Is this thing worth it and easy to hack?[View]
566280742How come Dragon Ball Kakarot has better voice acting and better engine than Final Fantasy VII Remake…[View]
566273709Explain to me how this could work in real life.[View]
566260379What do you think of terraria?[View]
566278692Bros, I'm paralyzed with choice activity. I bought a hackable Switch for SMTV, BotW2 etc. but …[View]
566280106>called great ones >are all pathetic piles of disgusting shit Was this a localization failure …[View]
566261156So how's your game coming along, gamede/v/s?[View]
566280102>Ekun, Linzi and Tristian are all of the 'good' alignment Meanwhile Ekun kills children Linzi mur…[View]
566277021GC>UYA: you know it's true[View]
566280625Who's laughing now[View]
566278686I never played Metroid and I'm going to start with Zero Mission soon. I'm interested in Dr…[View]
566250325Nintendo IR FY 2022 Q1 (April 1 - Jun 30) 2021: Hardware Shipped To Date 89.04 Millions Units Softwa…[View]
566275050Games where I can upgrade starter weapons so they can still be used in the late game?[View]
566279336What is the age of consent in New Vegas?[View]
566272410>provide conflict for the story and therefore gameplay >can be a fantastic boss fight that cha…[View]
566270213Should governments regulate gacha games?[View]
566277876ITT: Games that make you feel like an Isekai protagonist: What games make you feel like in isekai pr…[View]
566208000Etrian Odyssey: It's time to discuss the greatest JRPG series ever made[View]
566274025What the fuck was his problem?[View]
566279069Is it true that content creators don't care about money and don't want their viewers to do…[View]
566278807How will Micro$oft sabotage pic related? Good old fashioned EEE? Discuss.[View]
566277917Are beta codes not working for console yet till it goes live? Keeps saying my codes don’t work on Xb…[View]
566264074so basically Resistance released on PC overnight, how do you feel about it? is it good? does it make…[View]
566275480Just got a superb in rhythm heaven fever remix 10... So what'd you guys do today?[View]
566268665>dodging gives you i-frames[View]
566273523Why aren't you playing the best version of mario 64 on pc?: https://twitter.com/dariosamo/statu…[View]
566278997What do they eat?[View]
566275305Games about dealing with muscle pain and sleep apnea?: Every day is pain dizziness and breathlessnes…[View]
566275910>blizzard gives up on trying to make their moba a success >immediately decides to add a loli W…[View]
566246024You're prepared for the greatest lineup in Atlus history, right? Persona 3 Remake + Persona 6.[View]
566276675Fuck this asshole[View]
566277404What's the best video game[View]
566278282What would the score be with a Nintendo bonus? 99?[View]
566276110Mass Effect LEGENDARY Edition: Post your favourite moments from the trilogy.[View]
566276394Jesus the final level is bad[View]
566277760>DUDE IT WAS ALL A DREAM XD fuck this game[View]
566227258Ace Attorney: I love her[View]
566275081What the hell am I supposed to choose?[View]
566276478There are, in fact, two Iosefkas: The real one and an imposter.[View]
566277489https://archive. org()details()no-intro_romsets Fuck nintendo. Here's some roms I found on arch…[View]
566278756axiom kinoverge is back in the menu kind of spoilery, but coming from the dev himself[View]
566278751This is the most overrated game that has ever existed. How can anyone even find it fun? It is LITERA…[View]
566278319so anon,, did you enjoy my new game?[View]
566278679What are some examples of good legendary beasts vs bad in video games? What makes a good monster des…[View]
566266682Is this the closest English speakers can get to tokimeki memorial?[View]
566266178damn it's good program! just run iso file and play[View]
566277790>I have never bought a game full priced I also pirate games if i feel like its shit AMA…[View]
566277620SMT: Do you pick routes based on characters?[View]
566278591Tomboy of the 1890s: Literally you leave her alone for less than a minute and she switch to the wild…[View]
566271673BULLSHIT WEAPON[View]
566267552Steam Deck is too big to be a handheld[View]
566276474morrowind thread i guess: when do i get ridiculously OP? is it even achievable at this point or did …[View]
566278195This game is pretty based. Makes me feel like I'm playing a real video game.[View]
566272851Sheamus O'Rynn: This is the Samus we deserve.[View]
566276352Everland bros, any news with development?[View]
566246893what the hell is this 16th century European knight doing in feudal Japan?[View]
566260762Ghirahim is a better villian than any incarnation of Ganondorf/Ganon[View]
566278073Are any games of only some of the time, not all of it?[View]
566272834I like that you can see what a gelatinous tub of shit the guy is in the reflection. I just hope the …[View]
566277740It's almost here.[View]
566274581got this from the mail today: thougths?[View]
566276747What are some sprite games that put /vr/ to shame?[View]
566272903>80% of games released on consoles are every year are also released on PC (not including emulatio…[View]
566273407It was good[View]
566268476Bloodborne: These giants are pretty easy to kill, just parry them when they do their long range atta…[View]
566276148I'm hoping it has settlement building, and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
566200049Blaster Master Zero Thread: A gentle reminder to do it for them.[View]
566276101Please give me deep lore on all the jobs and races.[View]
566277284What the fuck are we supposed to do? I don't to use anything Chromium-based, even things like U…[View]
566245465Play Fate/Grand Order[View]
566275914>nintendo makes a virtual console on the switch 'for the fans' >makes it the worst possible fu…[View]
566275005>pulls a star destroyer from out of the sky Nothing personnel.[View]
566276840Games for this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pnhfRN9x4Q[View]
566274413I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
566276678Rennburg. Home.: Where would you rather live, /v/? For me, its Dean Square[View]
566275120Is there a decent site that gives you info on the best settings to use in a PC gamer for maximum per…[View]
566275934Killing communists is pretty kino[View]
566275982Sony PC port list: Sony has a whole slate of PC ports planned including 2 over the rest of this year…[View]
566274889Is he right? Does gameplay just not matter anymore to zoomers?[View]
566274767Yokotaro backs PC handhelds: https://twitter.com/yokotaro/status/1423282683078012928 Its happening, …[View]
566269935How can they top it?[View]
566270152Play Danganronpa[View]
566242857>ruins your game genre forever[View]
566228305Post your vidya wife.[View]
566275862>unbalances your fighting game[View]
566269602I’m going to buy a new 3ds XL: Should I buy a regular one or pay a couple hundred extra and buy the …[View]
566259575steam avatar thread: post em[View]
566253764˙ǝǝM ǝǝƆ ¿ʇǝʎ ɥsnɹ ʎʇiʌɐɹפ pǝʎɐld noʎ ʇ,uǝʌɐɥ ʎɥM[View]
566270960Which Xenoblade game is the best one?[View]
566275352Games with a story similar to DQ5?[View]
566273089>best MK game >no sequel Boon is a hack[View]
566270619>14 was a joke >15 is getting millions of views per update video with tons of hype what happen…[View]
566261959This is one of the games of all time.[View]
566272742*scans board for rebuttals*: *finds none* Looks like further education is in order regarding the inh…[View]
566271512>Highest skill ceiling >Soulful game design >Huge playerbase >Constant updates >Massi…[View]
566270682ITT: Games only you played Is there a way to play it on windows 10?[View]
5662622196 minutes of XDefiant gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPIoyDQ5BWw&t=45s thoughts?…[View]
566273010but is it worth playing?[View]
566275245dust settled: in light of botw, TP is the best aging Zelda game. If we never get another traditional…[View]
566274213Will there ever be another great car combat game?[View]
566275097Final Fantasy: What does the white outline around my Knight mean?[View]
566246159What deck we all gonna play when it comes out?[View]
566257637Halo video up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdbj_nkTWps[View]
566266013I'm thinking about buying, is it worth it?[View]
566271858Alien Fireteam Elite: Is having a hard mode, a selling point for a game?[View]
566273087Do you like walking simulators?[View]
566261492Gundam Unicorn: >best Gundam anime >best Gundam video game How can it be so based?…[View]
566272957post protagonists that wear glasses: /v/ please list out every single vidya protagonist that wears p…[View]
566266894Makes a better 3d mario than oddesey only to shackle it to a 8 year-old game no one wants this is wh…[View]
566274197AYE LAB DE GONGE[View]
566264639ITT: games that require a high iq to enjoy[View]
566272625Are those viable for gaming???? I'd love to get one but playing minecraft on one seems difficu…[View]
566270484Why is he so hot guys?[View]
566270692HELLOO PATCH THE GAME??[View]
566271814>eip 1559 released >mining profits same as yesterday sorry /v/tards, no gpus for you yet…[View]
566274280dead game on launch thats what you get for letting trannies and niggerfaggots develop a mod into a g…[View]
566261837is sekiro harder than dark souls 3 ??? on pc btw[View]
566265320What fantasy game has the best lore?[View]
566266583So... is their relationship romantic or not?[View]
566273839aluring skull: >aluring skull does this shit ever work? it never works when I need it to.…[View]
566272923I'd like to recognize Fallout: New Vegas for having the best male prostitutes out of any game[View]
566269337Psp: Psp[View]
566264803What is she looking at?[View]
566272694So this is the famed WoW killer...[View]
566273843>game has ratt[View]
566273338who allowed this?[View]
566271746>steam oomfie starts hitting on me[View]
566273814This plague, the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it[View]
566271963Auron's story is the saddest thing in FFX and it gets nowhere near as much attention as it dese…[View]
566269249What are some mobile games with SOUL?[View]
566273197Only fnaf 1 is good faggots. Rest is fuckggotery[View]
566269110I'm beginning to think /v/ doesn't like videogames....[View]
566198161Can we just have an Elite thread?[View]
566267040>press C to jump[View]
566273643Really good fan game: I like it and it's fun[View]
566273289>buy physical game >game requires you to download all the data to work at all why the fuck eve…[View]
566272837Why wasn't this included in the ninja gaiden collection?[View]
566272461Purchase cute outfits for your pokewaifus![View]
566273208Back4Blood Beta Codes - Got 3 of 'em: Hey bros. I enrolled in the B4B beta a while ago and forg…[View]
566255837What is the appeal of Shantae games?[View]
566269909ITT: Correct assertions only -no subjective opinions allowed >A game with a day/night cycle must …[View]
566273047>paying more than 40 bucks for videogames do uneducated poorfags really?…[View]
566272679Have you?[View]
566268298>everyone says this game is shit >actually play it >it's fine and all the things peopl…[View]
566271079is it any good?[View]
566262391Heres your soap skin[View]
566257823Holy shit playing as Tracer is fun af. Wish I knew this sooner.[View]
566266490ITT: Games you wish existed: Deep Rock Galactic spinoff game thats essentially Planetside 2, but wi…[View]
566272512What are some games set in the priveval world? Stone age, bronze age. Barbarian age.[View]
566272404are there any upcoming elf games to look out for?[View]
566272394ok when mario does it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfxgbsXeTdE[View]
566266261Who thought covering up a third of the screen with your character was good game design?[View]
566269369>/v/ catalog right now[View]
566271881>Kovarex hasn’t posted a blog post in a while[View]
566271945There will never be another metal gear game and if konami is working on one it'll feel weird be…[View]
566269085Does the Pope shit in the woods ?: I don't get it[View]
566270831Games with equipment upgrade like chocobos dungeon? I really love that game[View]
566270036MMmmmmmhhh Mmmhhh Mhhh Mhhhhhhhh >Mhhh Mhhh Mhhhhhh Mhhhh Mhhh Mhhhhhh MMmmmmmhhh Mmmhhh Mhhh Mhh…[View]
566265119What is the biggest emotional response a video game has garnered out of you?[View]
566261926Fallout 3 BRUTALLY mogs New Vegas.[View]
566246449where the fuck are all the new star wars games? there were so many after the prequels came out[View]
566271741>be japanese game nobody even cares in japan, only one game ever got translated and it flopped in…[View]
566268321recommend me some games i could play while listening to podcasts[View]
566271719PSO2: >new class out >still nothing to do >economy is getting more and more buttfucked, N.M…[View]
566269586Embracer Group (the parent company of THQ) bought out eight more studios, including 3D Realms.[View]
566235209Melty Blood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orN3wFEPSNY https://www.4gamer.net/games/580/G058032/20…[View]
566269463Oh Fuck: best part of a boss fight is the anticipation right before the gameplay starts[View]
566271001Why are Japanese devs so much better than Western devs at creating strong female characters?[View]
566266831>Japan thinks this is who modern players want to play as, and then wonder why their games flop…[View]
566270623Bought physical for $1. Good choice?[View]
566269794What skin should I unlock for Seer? I'm thinking Afrofuturism[View]
566271152This... Yes... I would become Him. I would save everyone. This I believed. Yet still they cried out,…[View]
566194873should he be nerfed?[View]
566259315>barely any exploration >barely any customization >barely any gameplay variety Stop calling…[View]
566268404This is an unedited screenshot from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Say something nice about it.[View]
566263987Easy Pete, I'm going into battle, and I need your strongest dynamite[View]
566229372WHAT TIME IS IT /V/? https://twitter.com/eventhubs/status/1423095853783429121[View]
566267263Good sci fi games set in the solar sysem: What games let me kill b*lters and e*rth scum? I need to b…[View]
566266353how can we save the little magical girls genre?[View]
566264605>here's your bartender for tonight[View]
566261060You’ve got a Death Note. You can only write vidya-related names in it. Same rules apply.[View]
566259514how good/bad are the DLC's for SWTOR? I actually enjoyed some of the class stories and was hopi…[View]
566264212Can someone tell me if this game has a good ending? I'm on... Brazil? and I have to play in sma…[View]
566268151perfect game doesn't exist-[View]
566270224NEO: The World Ends With You: I accidently sold some pins, are all pins reobtainable or am I fucked?…[View]
566192309Final part of LB6 was pure kino FGO is back, baby[View]
566266302Sex should replace achievements in video games.[View]
566270002Post games that have no subhumans.[View]
566269932this part was pretty fucked up for a kids game[View]
566256530>PC exclusives[View]
566271506Lizardfolk are better than any other beastman race in all games.[View]
566263574Dragon Quest 11: This is literally fucking impossible[View]
566243437If people can look at BFV and genuinely decide they want more of that, then FPS as a genre has hit r…[View]
566269201He INSISTS upon himself[View]
566267032this is lambda delta from umineko. say something nice about her[View]
566267986Game design then: >When designing this game, I remembered the days of my childhood when I would e…[View]
566258514Will the steam deck be powerful enough to run Switch games fluently on Yuzu/Ryujinx?[View]
566266354Games about the Deep ones?[View]
566266226Ar Tonelico: Which one's should I play and what versions if there are multiple? I'm trying…[View]
566268086/v/ was right: What are times /v/ actually got it right for you?[View]
566182295Alice needs another game.[View]
566268584>Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... and my arm... even my f…[View]
566268547>Strength, Vitality, Endurance build[View]
566268410What do you guys actually want to see in Breath of the Wild 2? It looks pretty underwhelming so far,…[View]
566268493I am looking for a videogame I found on a website last year, unfortunately I am not able to locate i…[View]
566268336When did hearthstone start to go downhill?[View]
566268362Why are gamers like this?[View]
566267554Why can't GTA online run with more then 20fps when singleplayer is 300fps? Are rockstar program…[View]
566259883ITT: only the most iconic weapons.[View]
566267987Okay.. I woke up. What happens next?[View]
566261102Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is 300K away from being the best selling Mario Kart game on its own, eclipsing M…[View]
566265021Would Makoto make for a good wife?[View]
566265127>new smash leak apparently claims Phoenix Wright is gonna be the last character added to the rost…[View]
566267602It's gonna be revealed on the 11th? Why the fuck did you release the tease this early then?![View]
566266287>266 days until S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2[View]
566257395EARLY COPY BOIS[View]
566266104How do we fix the 'tragic villain backstory' problem?[View]
566263808What would you do with a personal android like this, /v?[View]
566263604Holy shit how did it get so much funding https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mongooserodeo/crowswor…[View]
566263284Shinobi: What's the best Shinobi game? thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH0mQsDMHp…[View]
566239940Call me retarded but[View]
566265784Buy a V1 Switch and go to the free games zone for the next 3 years, anon.[View]
566263527Why most swedes play minecraft in English? All the swedish youtubers playing minecraft(that I'v…[View]
566266005Why is this allowed? Reminder that these people receive games for free.[View]
566261914Red Dead Redemption 2: What's /g 's opinion on this title? I have put about 30 hours, and …[View]
566255713play flatout[View]
566266934Too many games have survival/crafting mechanics[View]
566261841Ummm.... le bad![View]
566266842Why do I need a new heatsink and a proprietary SSD to upgrade my PS5's tiny storage?[View]
566266709I'll show that Parker kid who's the better photographer...[View]
566264972Operation harsh doorstop: what do you think about the upcoming game operation harsh doorstop it will…[View]
566260179Did you win the consolegacha yet, /v/? I got a silent one on my third roll.[View]
566265039The Wayward Realms: The original developers of The Elder Scrolls Arena/Dagerfall are making a spirit…[View]
566266692Last time I checked wall hacking was a form of cheating, what the fuck is this shit?[View]
566265132I wonder how long after release this game will be ruined by online cheating on PC[View]
566262776>It's a masterpiece that surpasses the original >/v/ hates it everi singel tiem…[View]
566266580The IDOLM@STER Starlit Season: Demo is out, anyone tried it out? Only played One For All before this…[View]
566263073What games should I buy for my 3090?[View]
566266529Shenmue 3: >SOTN >I almost never found glitches playing >Bloodstained >All bosses clippe…[View]
566261234You WILL play P.N.03: You WILL download the Dolphin emulator. You WILL download the P.N.03 ROM. You …[View]
566253932What was her Party Trick again?[View]
566265321this is how Starbound should have been[View]
566263775I've never played KotOR before but I was wondering. Am I able to get a double bladed lightsaber…[View]
566265131So how is this game? its just got cracked. Is it like Persona or what?[View]
566255109Can /v/ recommend me some good VN's? I just finished DDLC and want to fall down the rabbit hole…[View]
566264932That Game: >10 years old >Friend showed me a game he got that summer called Rise of Nations …[View]
566262873Have you played any video games with microtranactions recently?[View]
566262251Soul/Soulless thread[View]
566262698Kolin: Kolin[View]
566257192FF Pixel Remake: Concisdering buying this, especially since the steam releases of FF5 and FF6 were s…[View]
566260419>get older >i now prefer pick up and play games like genshin impact >with frequent auto che…[View]
566251498Is it true that nostalgia doesn’t allow you to admit that some of your childhood games were bad?[View]
566249898>poisons the well for the entire rts genre i fucking hate this game. you have people who grew up …[View]
566259024Wishgranter thread: Post vidya wishes here stalker[View]
566265887christ. the guy is doing his darndest but the game is so fucking boring i don't know how he can…[View]
566261483FFXIV: Why is the crystal DC filled with shitters[View]
566261870Why is Japanese physical game store so soulful Gamestop is too spacious and soulless[View]
566265798Nintendo's T239 system will be released by November 2022, just a reminder.[View]
566255802What are your honest thoughts on Alcina Dimitrescu, from Resident Evil Village/RE8?[View]
566265737i miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
566262889>silent protagonist[View]
566265342Thoughts on MUD games? Anyone here still regularly plays it? I'm new to MUD, I just started pla…[View]
566264964What is your opinion about the disapearance of first-person shooters since the pandemic started?[View]
566265687>the most profitable piece of entertainment media in history of the world >outdid every book, …[View]
566265330>MMORPGs >MOBAs >Battle Royales >Collectible Trading Card Games What will be the next ba…[View]
566232827Emulating on the Steam Deck: Will it replace your PSP/Vita/3DS/Switch as your portable emulation sta…[View]
566262292Excuse me! I have a question![View]
566260505post games that were too smart for /v/[View]
566264879What would you like from a ytp game?[View]
566258042ITT: Intro cinematics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU317jQ_pSU[View]
566261192Oblivion: Objectively the best overall collection of NPCs in the history of gaming https://www.youtu…[View]
566262858Remaster when?[View]
566247886What the fuck was his problem?[View]
566247010Crysis 2 Remastered is looking pretty dishy. >SVOGI replacing LPV, so much more accurate indirect…[View]
566264186What legendary pokemon memes am I missing here? articuno, moltres, zapdos have the mozart thing lug…[View]
566262114are Star Wars games dead? Fallen order was kinda meh, doubt there will be a something better in the …[View]
566263632here is your first genshin anniversary reward bro[View]
566261179>play subnautica >see reaper leviathan >uninstall…[View]
566255981Kill Michael is the true ending of GTA V >actually planned to kill Trevor >good guy Brad gets …[View]
566257394Valve ought to be publicly PUNISHED for pushing a handheld with such inferior performance.[View]
566251972Why did they kill it bros?[View]
566248653Punishing Gray Raven: Did you roll for best girl?[View]
566259185>be me >have this sudden urge to become competetive at fighting games >play X for 35h >i…[View]
566243381What was the first game you ever emulated?[View]
566263838I have returned from the living to give the dead VOMIT[View]
566260596>youtuber gives a negative review to a game you like[View]
566250554>post yfw[View]
566262337>saying “I play games on my computer” sounds so retarded that computer gamers had to invent the t…[View]
566255573The gamer club should strive to be a little more like the anime club[View]
566250872I really hate the underlying vibe of creepyness present throughout this entire game. It's not s…[View]
566258943She killed no one lol...[View]
566263439>game controls on mobile just as good as on PC and console more like this?…[View]
566261885Deus Ex: About to start it up again /v/. What build should I do and what mods should I run if any?…[View]
566262938How would you make the perfect stone age game? I'm thinking of a Blizzard-esque RTS consisting …[View]
566257136i don’t get it[View]
566260475Should every game be legally required to have an option to disable all purchasable cosmetics and onl…[View]
566255476Just finished this on normal and it was fucking hard: Do I suck at games? I've never played a M…[View]
566263264I feel like I’m playing the game wrong but at the same time I’ve had no problems up to week 2 day 4 …[View]
566257917WASH AWAY THE ANGER[View]
566260937Was it kino?[View]
566257216Gaming injuries: Have your every gotten any gaming related injuries, /v/? I couldn’t do a QTE in Mk…[View]
5662538605 months until Elden Ring[View]
566262998Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association: >Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, 564 …[View]
566256112How were you supposed to know[View]
566256929>Press down on left analog to sprint This feels super disgusting and awkward. Why is it a standar…[View]
566262672This is a japanese male protagonist[View]
566255694Blaze is built for human cock.[View]
566255295>street fighter >you don't fight streets…[View]
566262630Question for people here that generally have never bought a nintendo console before, buy any of thei…[View]
566251590Are visual novels (VNs) video games?[View]
566259434>open game >immediately lose interest >close game What’s her name?…[View]
566257181>Switch has surpassed PS3 in sales Bros what the fuck is going on? Sony we’re supposed to have th…[View]
566262561>people are unironically quitting WoW for GW2 when the latter made a tranny character back in 201…[View]
566261338>Why yes, i do get mad at videogames. Even smash my keyboard into a million pieces against the de…[View]
566262231RS3 or OSRS: RS3 ironman > OSRS ironman > OSRS normal > RS3 normal[View]
566248467White Knight Chronicles 2: Should we play this bros?[View]
566260904Games that feel like work?[View]
566259827Why are there no games with a Carnivale aesthetic?[View]
566261062If a game continues to provide the developer / publisher a profitable amount of income no matter how…[View]
566261746Should I mem rep? I read in a thread once that you should avoid having Yin and Yang in the same depa…[View]
566234145>loses arm to her clank >loses to nefarious >loses Why was she failing so hard in her dimen…[View]
566252814I dare you to find me a racing game with more soul. Protip: you can't[View]
566247505I want to get into persona is persona 5 royal a good entry point if I never played a game of the sa…[View]
566257965Fuck you, I liked her. She's cute.[View]
566261690>Playing the Jo-Beth levels in Timesplitters Future Perfect with the fat character cheat on…[View]
566260636>New World delayed until end of September OH NO NO NO[View]
566261116Why does everyone one shots you in this piece of shit game?[View]
566261212Why arent there any good james bond games?[View]
566260896Why do game developers do this?[View]
566261576Now that the dust has settled. Why does it make wow and ff xiv trannies so mad? Survival of the fitt…[View]
566260963So now that the dust has settled. Was it kino?[View]
566261303would Team Fortress 2 reskin of Lambda Wars be fun? both Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 are made wi…[View]
566261415So how long before the inevitable Switch eshop release gets announced?[View]
566250524iit: games that people with IQs of 90 think are 'profound' but arnt.[View]
566256821>about to play final mission >have been playing in nightmare > look up what reward I get fo…[View]
566258401How has there never been an LA Noire 2? It did extremely well and has become so ingrained in culture…[View]
566243432Is youngster Joey the most popular pokemon npc that doesn't have anything to do with porn?[View]
566254005>deage your teen crush then put her in your game can't believe Kojima actually got away with…[View]
566235397WEBM thread.[View]
566260230hitman: how do i get on the plane and escape in vitage year? both targets eliminated and now i'…[View]
566249102So how much different and\or better the game got after a year? I've sunk about 100 hours into i…[View]
566261020>literally everyone that played Bloodborne agrees that it's the best in the series >also…[View]
566253379Play Honkai Impact[View]
566231135>That old multiplayer game you miss dearly but cant play again because the servers are defunct Wh…[View]
566257881Quests enjoyer or Quick leveler: I love MMORPGs!! (Currently coming back to GW2 if you’re wondering.…[View]
566257032This is objectively the greatest video game ever made. You literally cannot make an argument to the …[View]
566258031Will you play Blue Reflection 2?[View]
566257437shit this game actually IS hard[View]
566248118Post screenshots that are good enough to be wallpapers[View]
566248745Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning...: It was a ______ game[View]
566257851how do we convince konomi to remake mgs 3?[View]
566260201Remaster when?[View]
566259132Was that... Good?[View]
566258387Hello, I'm completly new to Zelda games, never played any of them or anything. A couple days ag…[View]
566260332>ITT: Games in a series that has an obnoxious fanbase that can't shut up about it…[View]
566253938If your game lets me punch things to death i will atleast try it[View]
566220432terraria is the greatest video game that has ever been made, i wonder if anything will top it within…[View]
566249605>cheats on you with the catguy Give me one reason for not getting the bad end…[View]
566256816SOVL vs soulless thread[View]
566257297Sword of Legends Online home of the funniest and cutest.[View]
566259139This was the first thing I ever masturbated to[View]
566251002Why do people have a problem with Samus being sexy?: Case in point: Zero Mission.[View]
566242979So why did Liquid Ocelot hate Big Boss? Isn't cipher responsible for all the shit given to him,…[View]
566257418Here's your controller, bromel fresh from the box phantom models pls comeback[View]
566256615why are there two versions[View]
566258505Damn bro, this game fucks[View]
566258630CPS3 overhyped ?: I don't like being a smartass; But cps3 had horrible sound, low resolution, h…[View]
566259921>lame boring sky island shit >not based sailing the oceans with actual sailing/water physics m…[View]
566259784>Request refund of game I don't like plus DLC I bought with it >The game gets approved fo…[View]
566259394Obama was riding and he stared farting I was like what the fuck if you farting? He said nah I said b…[View]
566259656>Thief 1 and 2 are a buck each on steam What's your excuse, taffer?…[View]
566254951Why do you like her, but not her game?[View]
566255754All sonic games are bad: I played sonic 1 and 2 and they were both fucking awful. Are there any good…[View]
566251786>post apocalyptic game >women in charge whew…[View]
566252567>You can now play as gay icons We won.[View]
566259263Get the platinum trophy right now, anon.[View]
566253992your over reliance on framerate makes you weak[View]
566259215Any good games where prostitutes play a major part? Preferably teenage ones[View]
566239746>does fucking nothing, has no games or at least worthwhile features like xbox >breaks sale rec…[View]
566248143>bandits attacking my base >Once the fight is over realize my hash smuggling squad is being ea…[View]
566257221Among Us: What do you think about Among Us? Why did it blow up and why is it still being played?…[View]
566247547>get through the first 2 hours >get to scripted bar fight scene >literally just a long QTE …[View]
566254289Fucking soul How can others mmos even compete? And I'm 100% serious, shit like this reminds me …[View]
566206793>C:\Users\Anon\AppData\Local\GAME >C:\Users\Anon\AppData\Roaming\GAME >C:\Users\Anon\Docume…[View]
566258921The most based man in TF2[View]
566257842Yakuza 5: literally what purpose did these scenes serve ?[View]
566251736Was the background of this image ever sourced? Was it from like a tech demo or something?[View]
566223396>beloved entry is... LE BAD![View]
566258014Aya Neo 2: So. Will they make another machine using the new Zen 3 chips? Or is it over for Aya Neo V…[View]
566240745name a comfier game than minecraft, i dare you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpXrLkX9yuA[View]
566255202>space game >battleship >carrier >cruiser >frigate >corvette >fighter…[View]
566251995How would you fix GTA 5 story?[View]
566252185What does your ideal Digimon game look like Both in terms of gameplay and visuals, combat, monster s…[View]
566247153>add woman in discord to play videogames >Shes always either offline, idle or do not disturb…[View]
566248649Did you know?: The real name for the Sega Master System was originally the 'SEGA System', or sometim…[View]
566256150MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
566242452Do you agree?[View]
566226197>Here's your arcade bro[View]
566254701You guys remember when Sega made a commie general a kart racer character, right?[View]
566145914KOTOR 2: >new and interesting character appears on the ship >have once conversation with her a…[View]
566254131Granblue Fantasy: You do have a good grid, right?[View]
566250732Fallout 3 vs New Vegas: The most perfect example of Soul vs Souless Take everything that make Fallou…[View]
566253864WHO THE FUCK WAS IT????????????[View]
566249420Whats the best controller for MP FPS games?: trigger broke on my controller and left thumb stick is …[View]
566256052show me a picture of your computer: i like computers :D[View]
566246495>OoT decomp at 87% and rising greatly It's finally happening. What do (You) want to come out…[View]
566254149How do Mario Bros cope with this?[View]
566256964love it hate it: >love an old game but it's obscure and its online is practically dead >f…[View]
566257316Reminder that sony is run by fucking retards for taking away the god damn community tab. Seriously. …[View]
566256695So is Cyberpunk a weeb game with the amount of Japanese in it even though the game is set in America…[View]
566256865The Heroine of SMT V: More beautiful than any Persona thot[View]
566257379What's you favorite video game Cosplay?[View]
566247197What's a good anime fighting game that's both loved by everyone AND is good?[View]
566257150>mfw fgo lostbelt 6 story mogged all vidya gaems in the past decade[View]
566253637Should I grab the Spyro trilogy or the Crash trilogy?: For context Spyro is 13,99 and Crash is 19,99…[View]
566249340>Games modding community is almost nothing but reshade presets[View]
566247514why did it never happen?[View]
566203301>guys has a shit opinion on videogames >ask him if gen5 was the death of pokemon >he reply …[View]
566253468Do permanent powerups make games too easy?[View]
566256897I started playing this last night and I enjoyed myself [View]
566252545>game deletes your entire progress if you die at the very end Why is this allowed…[View]
566252726What will YOU DO when this FUCKER comes to your house /v/?[View]
566255709please unwind your videogame related anger in this thread I'll start WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY GI…[View]
566254704Was it a mistake to make the Xbox look like a box? Historically, consumers have not been receptive t…[View]
566256424Tell me why is Northstar the best titan?[View]
56624775916 years later, did anything change?[View]
566248308Where are the games?: Built a new gaming PC after so many years away (possibly 10). And no one on my…[View]
566255231>buy strive >play axl >put in about 40 hours between practice and online battles >every …[View]
566248065Why no, I don't actually play games. I just watch walkthroughs. What made you think I did?[View]
566253949Rejoice, momo is getting nerfed this friday. please dont rage quit just yet noob anons, hang on a li…[View]
566234289The utter state of the Gaming Industry.: >Second Re-release of a 2013 game that originally came o…[View]
566219156Streets of Rage 4 is disappointing garbage: First of all, I dislike most of the soundtrack. Overall,…[View]
566252223https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-rtx-a2000-desktop-workstation-graphics-card-is-low-profile THANK …[View]
566254547Who's the strongest character in Action Taimanin?[View]
566240668bombergirl thread?[View]
566250082This is the best indie game ever produced[View]
566255194Where is it?[View]
566245314Metroid: Other M Did Not Change Samus: The two manga volumes (Metroid: Volume 1 and Metroid: Volume …[View]
566240952DNF: Overkill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MDV2fLXKo0 New trailer just dropped. Fmage is still …[View]
566252547Metroid thread: I am replaying Super Metroid for the tenth time and just reached Lower Norfair. I ha…[View]
566231668FFXIV: I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for getting FFXIV on the top of the list in peopl…[View]
566247272this guy is a fucking psychopath[View]
566243002What will sequel look like?[View]
566246376Will I like this and The Fractured but Whole if I'm not a fan of nu-South Park? I love the olde…[View]
566252770Winston did nothing wrong.[View]
566253757not so difficult[View]
566230832How's the new balance patch?[View]
566251370Is it active in Australia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvd5Mrjq3jc&ab_channel=Hunt%3AShowdow…[View]
5662392701 MORE DAY OF EGS SALES: Dont forget anons! What are you guys picking up? I picked up Chivalry 2 and…[View]
566245389Gacha girls are the best video game girls, right?[View]
566244692Lavenza is cute. CUTE![View]
566248115Hey /v/ I need your help I'm triying to fin a game similar to summer memories I saw in an ad on…[View]
566248754What's the game that no matter what you replay at least once a year? And most importantly, what…[View]
566253290Will we ever get DOA 7?: Or has the series been ruined by DLC greed, gacha and VV?[View]
566252794I pirated this game, then decided to buy it because it's indie and was actually good. It won…[View]
566252262Shigeru Miyamoto holding a dachshund: Shigeru Miyamoto holding a dachshund[View]
566252751/v/idya tattoos[View]
566248021>Playing a cute indie game >Look up who made it >Name sounds asian >Suddenly lose intere…[View]
566252748>have extended and well constructed lore >interesting anesthetics and effects >acceptable/…[View]
566244249>Singlehandedly causes the destruction of the video game industry >All new games come with mic…[View]
566250882was it based or cringe?[View]
566245734Chuck's suck and.. Oh I get it now.[View]
566248038AND GAYMAN![View]
566247554now that the dust has settled, can we agree that a microphone and pair play was the best way to teac…[View]
566247572FAITO OON NANO DESU[View]
566250612Patchouli sneaking a snack to page 10: Patchouli sneaking a snack to page 10[View]
566240590UNICLR Thread: This bear bitch slapped me and took my soda[View]
566251606How come there was never a proper single-player Ghost in the Shell action RPG?[View]
566214249*enters your thread*: anyone care to know the inherit flaws in ffxiv's core design?[View]
566251434Name a scarier horror game with scarier atmosphere[View]
566242850The main protagonist of the last game you played replaces Modern Sonic in Sonic Forces. What changes…[View]
566195001How are you holding up Sudabros? I'm replaying The Silver Case in preparation of NMH3. It might…[View]
566241369If you're going to play Three Houses, play her route last so you can enjoy the comedy.[View]
566250776I think everyone should play Princess Tomato[View]
566244408>this made boomers piss and shit their pants[View]
566197186Vidya opinions that get you this?[View]
566251473Games for this feel.[View]
566247454which system was more powerful?: PS1 or N64[View]
566249778>solid snake is a euphemism for boner[View]
566247568Why haven't you played P.N.03 yet?: If you like shooters and if you are an ass man, there'…[View]
566246169Cliffy B is working on a new game[View]
566250794WATCH_DOGS: So i recently decided to replay this, since i really enjoyed it when it came out. I reme…[View]
566249001ITT: Ice magic: Games that let me be a cryomancer? Pyrofags are not allowed to post[View]
566247776Games with Felines ?[View]
566250987>Destroys Sonic Team[View]
566250810If companies would start requiring being vaccinated in order to be allowed to play their games, all …[View]
566247512Post billion dollar franchises that are completely dead for inexplicable reasons. I’ll start with an…[View]
566250183Bryan Fury[View]
566248979Falcon claws>lunar staff> dragon sword>dragon sword & archfiend blade>kusarigama>…[View]
566250385Why does the new Super Monkey Ball music sound like it's Super Sheep Ball instead? https://twit…[View]
566247708What are some chud-core games?[View]
566238426How would you implement mud in to a game?[View]
566247131>start single player game >GAME would like to connect to the internet…[View]
566244479If you read a game, are you playing the story?[View]
566246643>Need to advance the plot in Resident Evil >lets have Steve cause a gasleak because he was dis…[View]
566249470Soooo... they got 2 million dollars... Where's that update Haha...[View]
566250146>oh >uhhhh we were going to ask you to come shower with us *giggle* >but we changed our min…[View]
566218076Halo Infinite will have a Battle Royale: Halo is dead.[View]
566246716Rain, I love you. You are important to me and I will never abandon you. Please forgive me.[View]
566235184>Video game >Nintendo console Explain why he shouldn't get into Smash.…[View]
566245116>game series has an established continuity/timeline between its games >retcons so much shit th…[View]
566245581MGS on Switch: >Has been in Smash Ultimate since day 1 >His games aren't Why? The Switch …[View]
566244168Best part of Dead Space 3 for me by far.[View]
566248338video game review website: wow those giant bomb guys really look different than I remember them look…[View]
566245998Alright /v/ I'm finally manning up, what should I expect?[View]
566246402>Here's your controller, bro.[View]
566244829Can anyone tell me why my stupid lizard brain likes this game and death stranding ?[View]
566243042Samurai Shodown thread: How's the Steam version? What makes Hibiki such a high-tier waifu?…[View]
566242893What's your favorite Metroid?[View]
566235892I just replayed it for the first time in a few years and it's honestly better than I remember I…[View]
566245493holy shit this game is boring why do so many people play this?[View]
566249095S&Box: Anyone also have their key? What do you think about 'Garry's Mod 2' so far?[View]
566249073Bros... I miss him... ;_;[View]
566241437>Want to play multiplayer game >Don't find any of the popular multiplayer games fun…[View]
566246138Persona 5 is better.[View]
566248963What are some games that have moments where the developers literally give you the finger?[View]
566248621Why do people keep posting this? I get the point, Ancient - Medieval - Imperial - Medieval??? But En…[View]
566246763best 2d zelda in your path[View]
566226491Skullface's Plan: How was his plan suppose to even work? Use the virus to kill off the English …[View]
566243113Is there a difference between lighting and bloom? Was playing Half Life 2: Lost Coast, and heard in …[View]
566248662>WoW losing first place to FF14 Can they cuck WoW out of second place?[View]
566245884How can other game developers developers even compete?[View]
566247387what went wrong?[View]
566248374>Meanwhile, at the end of the /v/idya world...[View]
566246059Word on the street about Jessie is that she has a --[View]
566242978Sunsoft vs. Capcom (A pretty damn lame and normie-level pitch): Sunsoft: >1).- Rolf (Galaxy Fight…[View]
566247490>progress too far into the game >get locked out of content, like subquests, with no warning…[View]
566248263EIGHT ACQUISITIONS: https://embracer.com/release/eight-announced-acquisitions-contribute-an-estimate…[View]
566248210I very highly doubt people here play ESO but what's the best questline in this game?[View]
566243765All things considered, it was not a bad game. Trash collection simulator? Yes. But it was miles ahea…[View]
566246462>What good is a world that goes on forever? That's pretty lame Where the fuck did this KINO …[View]
566228850Characters you wish you could be[View]
566230626What happened to the racing genre? Most newer games have been shit and most of the franchises have g…[View]
566242309>Why yes I do roleplay as a NCR ranger in Fallout New Vegas how could you tell?…[View]
566243631Games where you can play another game inside of the game you are playing? Bonus points if the game w…[View]
566247746Tales of Edna[View]
566239739Luke may not be Rook. But that doesn't change the fact that Ingrid WILL in the base roster of S…[View]
566238854How do we stop toxic microagression culture in the game industry?[View]
566235232It has been 902 days since Silksong was revealed.[View]
566246514Does /v/ do this in games?[View]
566242074Just finished Ghost of tsushima an hour ago. What did I think of it?[View]
566245501Did you know: PCs had joystick support before mice existed so stop being a weird purist and just buy…[View]
566230623Why didn't Leon push Ashley face down, grab her by the ears and ride her like Seabiscuit? That …[View]
566242776how do we save the horror genre?[View]
566224779Which faction of Fallout : New Vegas is best for the Mojave ? Mr. House obviously ! https://www.yout…[View]
566244918Just bought it. Is it any good bros?[View]
566245378what is the Pearl Jam of video games?[View]
566192435Who is the hottest Digimon girl?[View]
566247039h-he was rideable in the mobile game based on the first mh stories. s-surly he will be obtainable in…[View]
566245583hard to play borderlands 3 without this hunk of meat on the screen *sigh*[View]
566230487NEO TWEWY thread: Greetings sheeple of /v/! I have an announcement to make![View]
566246885I just won according to my Keikaku.[View]
566243080Has any dev actually made a GOOD remaster? Why are they so shit?[View]
566237621Why do you hate him? He did nothing wrong, he just wants to help Rhea.[View]
566244909Ghosts was actually good, you're just a whiny bitch[View]
566246743Lol Fuck you it's videogames[View]
566244197Did you pre order yet /v/?[View]
566243128>ecelebs coming out admitting they were paid to promote this and actually hate Strive When I sai…[View]
566239524ITT Weird Enemy Designs: Post designs that make you go ‘why’? Pic related >Whole area made up of …[View]
566243797First Mario, now Zelda. Who's next, boys? I would be so happy if they made a Metroid Game and W…[View]
566245941Bros, I did it. Got myself a hackable Switch. Now what games should I pirate?[View]
566217921Why do games never take place on Uranus? You couldn't name one if you tried.[View]
566244286And nothing of value was lost[View]
566240293jon was right, you don't have to teach someone else the controls if you are both new to a game[View]
566181385Resident Evil Village: RE1-3 >evil guy created a deadly virus RE7-8 >duuuude there's this…[View]
566212664Is Old School Runescape beyond saving at this point? What went wrong?[View]
566238942It's better than you remember.: >more action, less realism than base game >good story, go…[View]
566245294Should I sell my copy of Hades on switch now that it’s getting a physical release on Xbox?[View]
566219684River City Bullies[View]
566244496>BTFOs new vegas in exploration, atmosphere, unmarked quests, world, and environmental storytelli…[View]
566245485>devs take feedback from coomers[View]
566243865I dont understand how a gaming company can ban you for cursing like you turn on the game and hear cu…[View]
566236856Are Diablo clones a meme?: I feel like I should love these things, since I love looting shit in game…[View]
566225561Yakuza: Is this how I am supposed to treat my son-in-law, /v/? I'm curious.[View]
566241293Is there a game where you ust destroy everything/ Not saving people, people don't deserve to be…[View]
566240585Sonic on Switch: >Sonic Forces - 30fps >Team Sonic Racing - 30fps >this - 30fps how come?…[View]
566245816games for this feel?[View]
566244217I can't wait for the FF6 pixel remaster!!: I'm excited to see all the updates to my wife T…[View]
566221665Outside of Mario, what Nintendo series do you want to see get a movie / anime adaptation?[View]
566242143Age of Empires: >Has MKB support >Doesn’t port to Xbox Xbox could’ve had >Halo Infinite …[View]
566238826>tfw i see vaporeon[View]
566245353Okay, this isn't funny anymore. I can buy a 3080Ti and PS5 at market value soon right?[View]
566241894Nioh is way way way way way too fucking hard it should not have been allowed to be sold at retail[View]
566245571The gears combat in this game fucking sucks dick[View]
566236196How can you be so bad at Werewolf after playing it 500 times with the same people?[View]
566227648What does /v/ think of blatant product placement[View]
566245427Does /v/ like coffee? I usually have a mug on hand when playing vidya[View]
566237150This game will fail. Nintendo doesn't care about it, ATLUS doesn't care about it, and it g…[View]
566240148Why does Playstation treat their indies so badly?[View]
566239667This is Ebby, he's an Eevee and my best friend! He was given to me by grandpa before he died a…[View]
566244783WoW was the best game ever made: >ywn be a youngster in love with warcraft lore again >ywn sav…[View]
566243918>It’s March 2005, I’m on my way home in the car as a 15 year old holding my brand new copy of Spl…[View]
566243091This is a long shot, but did anyone play a really obscure 2000s chatroom game that resembles the car…[View]
566236262>game remaster throws lighting engine and artistic detail out the window…[View]
566245008whos the vidya equivalent? New Blood?[View]
566224238>wasting a turn on buff/debuff spells in a jrpg Nobody actually does this right?…[View]
566234197smash dlc: you guys have no reason to believe me but i will be proven right in about a month. i don…[View]
566242535New 'A Fox in Space' Clip https://youtu.be/vuMeiNFtxEA[View]
566229761What went wrong?[View]
566244157You did play the 2011 Wii release of Fortune Street with your pals right /v/? You didn't miss o…[View]
566164183Quest for Mata Nui: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoWwzbJrqgs where you at, bonklechads?…[View]
566241983Imagine if Wii did not happen and gaming remained neckbeard thing[View]
566244742>match is over, type gg >entire steam profile spammed with insults and death threats What are …[View]
566232632Anyone else lost the ability to savor games?[View]
566242720She’s Mario’s mother.[View]
566239592Post your victory dance, /v/[View]
566241685Wtf was her problem?[View]
566244485I will know by fortnight[View]
566244474A turkroach indie dev showed wayforward how to make a proper beat em up. Sad![View]
566244463Devil May Cry 5: I’ve tried to play this game twice in the past and on my third attempt I became fuc…[View]
566242267Skyrim: 10th year antivirus is coming up, any expectations?[View]
566243782What is their endgame?[View]
566243227LET'S WATCH SOME X-PLAY, FAGGOTS: GET IN cytu be/r/v_watches[View]
566242705Warframe's New War final boss was leaked.[View]
566244135Why do gunshots in this game sound like someone crinkling a bag of chips?[View]
566230371IF YOUR SE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THIS: Go back to your console fag, you aren't a real gamer.…[View]
566238380Post your Miitopia Party and rate and judge others[View]
566241208>Using 'tubgirl' as a name in-game >zoomers trying to own me with 'imagine being a woman' my d…[View]
566242724Is Nell good for you?[View]
566221104/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>566171013 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
566238902Why did nobody in the 90s complain about fighting game inputs? There’s a shit ton of people who comp…[View]
566243241What are some fun things about mmos besides the obvious like playing in a massive world with thousan…[View]
566235918What is the best version to play 1989's Prince of Persia, /v/?[View]
566241120D O G A R S DOGARUZU[View]
566234508Why should I have to ply healer? It’s not fun.[View]
566236306Shit, why did nobody tell me that Nintendo did a collaboration with Pixar?[View]
566230946Bethesda employee here. This guy will get sue for sexual misconduct soon. Say goodbye to Elder Scrol…[View]
566243474Name a better in game band than the MIDNIGHT RIDERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLM4tU8qxQc KEE…[View]
566238927Why does /v/ hate the last of Us and call it a movie game despite all the impressive physics and int…[View]
566241236boss thread[View]
566237546>tanks can go wild and speedrun the dungeon >tanks can also chill out and do single pulls whil…[View]
566235827what the fuck was sony thinking?[View]
566215972Blue Reflection Second Light: Some new magazine scans.[View]
566241643What is the best, most powerful GPU?[View]
566216454Music that makes you genuinely nostalgic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp9kEAx1q1k[View]
566241631Post yfw the game allows you to have fun in YOUR way[View]
566239508Do u think the demons ever raped doomguy?[View]
566239304Wow this actually looks good. Thoughts? Also, haters gonna hate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTv…[View]
566241009https://www.pcgamer.com/former-elder-scrolls-devs-announce-grand-rpg-the-wayward-realms/ Former Elde…[View]
566239303The Dalmasca Estersand.... HOME[View]
566230060I just want you to know that you've been a great part of my life. Your posts have always cheere…[View]
566234635Why haven't you purchased Game Pass yet?[View]
566240979Should there be consequences for falsely mass reporting people in games to get them banned?[View]
566241709I Hated RS Random Events: anyone else?[View]
566241124The last good CoD and best in the series.[View]
566219409>Game needs a fan-made theory to make the plot interesting We're all in agreement that this …[View]
566235628PS5 Storage Prices - Seagate SSD: 500GB - $149.99 1TB - $254.99 2TB - $514.99 4TB - $999.99 Is this …[View]
566240860ITT: Vidya music that unironically made you cry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sesSVipHk-A…[View]
566233143Remember to pet the dolphin[View]
566241953Wayward Realms: Finally, a game to live up to the exorbitantly high standards of Daggerfall! https:/…[View]
566240880Facescan is a mista-[View]
566241502>heh thanks for beta testing; Steamies, snoys, tendo's, xchuds[View]
566240449this is when I realise I wasn’t just playing a bad pokemon ripoff. I was playing one of the worst vi…[View]
566236468Honest thoughts on Yomi from the videogame series; Senran Kagura?[View]
566240985Space Games: Recommend some games about outer space or take place in a space setting.[View]
566226747What games are you looking forward to[View]
566239072Finally the ultimate gaming chair[View]
566238971Why are snow levels always so comfy, /v/?[View]
566241587I love the concept of a school for the most talented people on Earth, and then 47/48 of them are Jap…[View]
566240548>Story mode is lackluster other than a few cool bosses >Matchmaking is abysmal with people pul…[View]
566236230Leak: Here is some info on the last fighters pass for Smash Ultimate. >Final fighter will NOT be…[View]
566239501What went right?[View]
566229474Post your current team /v/[View]
566231475My darling girl Kasumi :)[View]
566240779ITT post gsms that surprised you by being way better than you thought they would be.[View]
566236067What would you have done?[View]
566174665We're going home, bros.[View]
566240670Amiibo leak: -Releases 2/30/71 -Works with literally no games -Taco Bell exclusive[View]
566239467>characters don't recieve exp if they're KO >boss one shots one of them right before…[View]
566236258The Ultimate Pleb Filter[View]
566237784If you prefer your Crash having pink fleshy lips then you prefer playing as a midget that wears a su…[View]
566231991So...did they fuck?[View]
566237408Once respected as making good mature games, even makes the most popular game creation engine. But th…[View]
566238485Not maining a mace: why do you even feed yourself?[View]
566235332I Have a new switch. Why does nintendo switch need you to have a 'primary console'? I can…[View]
566239517Grime: Bros... Anybody find the Jawplate Legs in Feaster's Den? I looked everywhere and uncover…[View]
566240361>this is a 'temple' according to Nintendo.[View]
566200451Be honest, who died when you first underwent the Suicide Mission?[View]
566226361So, what is your favorite Dark Souls game /v/? :^)[View]
566239753>nvm fixed it :)[View]
566238720Why aren't you playing Splitgate? It's so popular that you have to wait an hour just to pl…[View]
566239497Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: One more month until the greatest RPG of all-time is finally rel…[View]
566239847Society is collapsing[View]
566239232Do you trust them to make Bloodborne 2?[View]
56622664212 years later, how do you look back on it?[View]
5662394132021 i am utterly forgotten a fotm in the wind[View]
566234532>You killed my one friend who I knew for a fewdays[View]
566237825>Selling IPs does this actually happen?[View]
566236074Halo Infinite and Metroid Dread: 'They' really are seething over these two games, huh?[View]
566237435If you had unlimited resources to make the video game of your dreams, what kind of game would you ma…[View]
566238897What could've been done to make her a good character after Arthas died?[View]
566231346>people only like [game] because it has good graphics, music, story, and gameplay. If you removed…[View]
566237923What is so bad about the Arcade1up machines? I've played a couple of them at Wal-Mart and Best …[View]
566238247What are the best Ace Attorney fangames?[View]
566236537How would you have saved her?[View]
566239030>search up video game song >silvagunner upload shows up Maybe they were funny like five years …[View]
566235190bad game[View]
566238904Merry Christmas anon! What are some games about Christmas?[View]
566223107Nioh Character Concept Designs: Just posting some interesting finds from the official artbook. Also …[View]
566235170Jak & Daxter[View]
566238703What are some games with cute cartoon characters?[View]
56623399004-08-2021..... i am forgotten.......................[View]
566218054Play YIIk. It's a cult classic.[View]
566234871>watch Nintendo Rewind >get to Animal Crossing phone AR feature >see this WHAT THE FUCK NIN…[View]
566230074you are white: what do?[View]
566230885A man can dream...[View]
566236167Will they ever get a game again?[View]
566227848Shin Megami Tensei: Is this real?[View]
566237957>spin-off is better than the original franchise[View]
566224334What is your complete honest opinion on this cute BRAVER boy here? Did you enjoy the BRAVER content …[View]
566235886Yo Candy Kong did you know that in some PC games you can use both the Mouse and a Gamepad at the sam…[View]
566236807It's a tuesday night lockdown, your parents tell you can get any 2 games for the 2 week lockdow…[View]
566206715Church bad[View]
566238151Halo? More like Good Ass Game -lo[View]
566237720Fatal Fury 1: This game sucks massive fucking cock. The special moves are impossible to execute, the…[View]
566235096Why isn’t combat design as interesting as the game it usually rips off?[View]
566236706What do you think of the character Viper from the video game Valorant?[View]
566221357Hilda~ Hilda~ Hilda~[View]
566235574if you weren't nostalgic for old games then you would instantly recognize they're shit[View]
566229298why aren't there more moms in video games?[View]
5662019063x3 Thread: You know the drill. Rate, hate, or whatever else.[View]
566229203Name a more retarded group of devs.[View]
566237457Why don't more games have polymorph? What are some games (Besides Warcraft) that have polymorph…[View]
566236889>another night where I go to sleep at almost 6am playing videogames I must stop doing this to mys…[View]
566235924Pokemon: Hey /v/ does any have a shiny Mime Jr they will trade for my shiny Lucario? Or maybe someon…[View]
566236640What games have you been playing /v/? I just acquired loop hero and I've been having a ton of f…[View]
566233601Damn, PS5 looks like THAT?![View]
566235210now that the cheeto dust has settled , what went wrong?[View]
566236985FIGHT STICK THREAD: I really want a BOXX. How much of an advantage does this give you in terms of pr…[View]
566236130Why the fuck is this game so hard? Backtracking is so gay[View]
566222549>GTX 770[View]
566234116I will post this everyday until E3 I am clinging to hope in possibility that E3 is videogames you wa…[View]
566233030I think fallout 3 sucks[View]
566236387>Mass Effect claims to run at 120fps on the Xbox series X, however it is actually a horribly unst…[View]
566236560Name a more soulless developer[View]
566233792>No, THIS is my arcade, bro[View]
566235396Is it me, or the most popular gaming systems are the cheaper ones?[View]
566230102just picked up black ops 2 on 360, what do you think of the game /v/? this game was my childhood[View]
566236459What are some fighting games worth playing?[View]
566234254got this from gamestop today: thoughts?[View]
566234802'Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...' Bloodborne Thread[View]
566178550>game >spiders are an enemy type You know honestly, I'm getting tired of this trope. How …[View]
566232486I just beat this game. It was fun. I hope Digital Devil Saga 2 is better. Also, I want to fuck Argil…[View]
566236116How do you make a game succeed really well on Kickstarter? Like over 1000 donors If you got 1000 peo…[View]
566235945Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (PSO2 NGS): How are you liking the new (old) Braver class?[View]
566235764>game has character profiles >Favorite Food: ______________…[View]
566231268>Try to play this game >1660 super[View]
566230090Is the game worth playing?[View]
566235254Did this game get fucking cancelled or something? I swear I haven't heard a peep about it in li…[View]
566234415Since he’s basically confirmed as the final smash dlc, how overpowered is he gonna be? Bayonetta lev…[View]
566234851>two campiagn trailers both of which are unremarkable as fuck >Big Team Battle mode will have …[View]
566207827Besides his retarded looking hair, I think he looks neat. I hope SF6 is mostly brand new characters …[View]
566117405Will Capcom ever develop another Megaman game?[View]
566235375Nova Drift: You driftin' /v/?[View]
566231081still the best after all these years[View]
566227186Fallout New Vegas: So I just finished FNV and what a great fucking game. For many years now Ive hear…[View]
566236181How do people justify how they treated Chris over the last decade?[View]
566234125Meanwhile in Water Temple /V/[View]
566203136Top: soul Bottom: soulless[View]
566230884Have you ever felt SHIVERS in real life /v/?: I imagine this is what's it kind of like https://…[View]
566232249Was he out of line?[View]
566227928you DIDNT kick twilly away right anon?[View]
566229451For me, it's Ann and Shiho. Their bond is unbreakable.[View]
566233787Swords of Legends Online: What /v/ thinks about this game? should i buy it?[View]
566234685monster rancher: how the FUCK do I get a copy of this game without paying 100+ dollars[View]
566221221Did Faye choose Kratos so that her son would have his powers ? His god killer powers ? She must have…[View]
566233506whats that old game you play every single day bc you love it so much. mine is halo 2 specifically pl…[View]
566228967Hades is pretty bad as an action game and boring as a roguelite.[View]
566194728Persona 5 Reimagined Mod: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_vtNug1Opjo Holy fuck this looks horrible Some…[View]
566221674Why the fuck do you guys hate this game? It's a masterpiece, it's the most open world and …[View]
566234698>Day and night cycle[View]
566208296Filename Thread[View]
566229015>People suddenly like Wii U games.[View]
566231593Rain world thread Just started my first hunter playthrough, now i'm at the wall, how fucked am …[View]
566232538>battle pass >loot boxes >experience >fort night emotes >generic power ranger armor …[View]
566227789Adam Sessler Reviews Fallout 76: It's time we acknowledge the fact that Fallout 76 is a good ga…[View]
566206445I have nothing more to hide. Except that one time I went to a village and slaughtered my wife and da…[View]
566229719you no he go fast some times butt i really like sonic gams they so fun and cool and i like music yea…[View]
566234247Beta starts tomorrow, are you going to try it?[View]
566232593Genshin: Part 2 of the new patch coming next week. Ready for more Kinozuma?[View]
566231049PS5 Devkit: PS5 Devkit[View]
566230806>this amount of hands off freedom of exploration makes nearly all gamers of all age groups piss a…[View]
566233432>lets go anon. we got some aliens to kill[View]
566230162broken enemies that made you quit the game like a little girl?[View]
566233864This made rosterfags piss and shit their pants in 2021[View]
566232510What do you think it's like at Nintendo and Retro Studios over this Metroid game? Think it…[View]
566233071Will he ever make another game or is he just gonna hang out with celebrities until retirement?[View]
566232615Genshin Impact: >Salary Day >Fuck yeah let's goooooo >Great Misfortune T-Thanks....…[View]
566229484Post objectively bad character designs.[View]
566233329Hey /v/ do you buy video game merchandise? Pic related is a Marie Rose Action Doll. It lets you prac…[View]
566224373Senran x Nep: Well, /v/? Who are the rest of the characters gonna be?[View]
566233736What are some fighting games worth playing?[View]
566232265Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Post 'em[View]
566229139Isnt Metroidvania like, the most brain dead and overrated genre?[View]
566225483>That guy that immediately picks Shy Guy when they're available in the roster without hesita…[View]
566218206I have a feeling that you and I are about to become, VERY close.[View]
566233516ITT:Pure video game kinography[View]
566222642>Killing this woman is wrong. >Delivering this woman to her stalker so she can be raped foreve…[View]
566215372Sick of FF14, game just doesn't do it for me and I finish half of stormblood. Should I move to …[View]
566210560imagine wasting money in a 'gaming' monitor when CRTs exist: >perfect motion clarity >better r…[View]
566231003What killed hack 'n slash?: Is it true that Miyazaki is responsible for killing the hack '…[View]
566230572Sushi or Tempura?[View]
566226304>Every game gets progressively harder than the previous one This has been true since demons souls…[View]
566232836Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Challenger Pack 11 (speculation): Hesitated about posting this here, gi…[View]
566230554Uhhh switchbros?[View]
566232185If your PC couldn't run this badboy back in 2004, then sorry but ur gay.[View]
566224695>game set in Spain in 2004 >village looks like it's from the 1700s what the fuck? why is …[View]
566175695Generate some games they won't make: Use this python notebook to run the generator: https://col…[View]
566184150PLAY IT AGAIN[View]
566232627pso2ng: What went so wrong?[View]
566232475LETS FUCKING GO nozuchi bros get in here[View]
566226214>Heh, that's funny, Francis. Why don't you take your mustache, your little vest, and yo…[View]
5662247649/10. The inventory screen alone should sell you on this game. Jesus fuck, thank god.[View]
566232267I drew John Linneman from Digital Foundry[View]
566231913My backlog is growing[View]
566228435Playing this right now, what I'm into to?[View]
566179824Now that Strive and SFv are finished, will Melty Blood save the fighting games genre?[View]
566232037Bros I'm seeing too many sprouts[View]
566193956Pitch me an idea for a unique Souls boss: Forget about those retarded 'muh multistaged bosses with e…[View]
566225565>story has romance[View]
566228894these games are not good[View]
566228995Laughs in ease of upgradeability Enjoy finding a compatible drive with compatible heatsink and 9001…[View]
566220191Would you make a deal, anon?[View]
566231767who bitch dis is[View]
566231016ITT: Video game characters that you share a name with.[View]
566230374Should I move onto Isaac after Hades? I liked Hades but wanted it to have more variety. If not Isaac…[View]
566229136Just bought pic related. What am I in for?[View]
566209098What's the best class to play as in Mass Effect 2?[View]
566231041North Korean Racing Game: Literally better than AAA Western games right now https://www.youtube.com…[View]
566228195Forgotten Hope 2: This game has no right being this hard, wtf. >inb4 git gud zoomer I'm 26 …[View]
566231401>Uh oh! This place isn't getting enough cars! >NO SHIT! THE ONLY HOUSES OF THAT COLOR ARE…[View]
566230119Call of juarez thread: i just finished all of the call of juarez games on hard mode (except cartel b…[View]
566206407What kinda “ultimate assassin” has 5 foot long twintails?[View]
566231085>NO! >O >![View]
566228448>a feral ratchet corners you wat do?[View]
566230020Final Fantasy Tactics 2 when? What is your thoughts on PTS?[View]
566231145POST YOUR DEMONBRO >pic related[View]
566230948If you use a mouse and a keyboard to play a video game, well there’s a good chance that you probably…[View]
566226080how come these players never wear shirts?[View]
566230301Has he become out of touch with his fans?[View]
566230809Vidya soundtracks: How important is a game's soundtrack to you? Personally, the music in a game…[View]
566217839Would you be interested in a PlayStation PC?: As in a desktop computer sold by Sony which runs a pro…[View]
566225954What happened to the walrus people? Why are they only in morrowind?[View]
566227751Which game has the beat shotgun sound effect? I'm looking for the best sounding one, so please …[View]
566227831People are just spatting out words. Not dialog, just long, annoying and incredibly unfunny words.[View]
566228081what are some good desert themes? hard mode: no mario, zelda, or sonic i'll start https://yout…[View]
566230463Best girl[View]
566228795I wasted another day of my life playing a game I hate.[View]
566228365So is Digimon Survive dead?[View]
566230327I lost the game[View]
566226421Is there a single mod in any video game as good as Mekanism? Minecraft thread.[View]
566211569NEO TWEWY thread: Whhrre the fuccckkk ammj I?[View]
566228051Making good games is not profitable. Churning out the same COD AssCreed garbage every 6 months makes…[View]
566220439How hard is Bloodborne compared to the other fromsoft games?[View]
566210403Post pictures of vidya characters fighting[View]
566229630What are your favorite plot twists, /v/?[View]
566225545I was supposed to be working at home but I spent all day browsing /v/. What do I report to my boss?[View]
566202869Scary things from non-horror games[View]
566229557What games have good romance?: Silent self-insert shit doesn't count.[View]
566227064wat do /v/[View]
566224980Why the fuck don't they add any singleplayer content to this fucking game after you finish it t…[View]
566191123Halo 3 was never really that good: - Worst gunplay in the series - Slowest movement in the series - …[View]
566229629Why yes, I do play my games with the BGM turned off, how could you tell?[View]
566228974Is this a good game?[View]
566227383RUN AWAY LITTLE GIRL run away[View]
566228257>best track in the game is wasted on a meme boss[View]
566229343GIVE UP![View]
566229367WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE SOARATORIUM TICKETS???!!!!!: Can’t fucking find them[View]
566226176Can we take a moment to appreciate Rare?[View]
566223090When will /v/ understand that most people dont care about gaming hardware and just want to play fun …[View]
566224819Neptunia PS5: How’s this game? Is it filled with based fanservice?[View]
566224457Legal-savvy and bureaucrat anons, give me a hand here Internet content creators dependent on video g…[View]
566225263This isn't a FFXIV thread but, what other games went from the most disastrous launch ever to th…[View]
566229082how could this happen...: > Multiple former employees, who spoke with Polygon anonymously out of …[View]
566223635What a joke. Everything became completely different after the first planet, especially Parvati and h…[View]
566227785This is literally the most poorly designed action game I have ever had the displeasure of playing. Y…[View]
566228383Now looking at it... yeah, this is completely unacceptable. What in god's name was Sega thinkin…[View]
566228918Challenger Pack 11 (spec: Hesitated about posting this here, given the nature of this blessed site, …[View]
566171013/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread:>>566112482 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
566199841Genshin Impact: Stop whatever you are doing - dailies, story quests, exploration. Just stop for a mo…[View]
566228096Schizocore Games: post them[View]
566227230Doesn't this controller look cool?[View]
566218461Is this any good?: Do t give a crap about any 'political agenda'. Just want a game that can give me …[View]
566217239I've heard there are Gamepass deniers on this board Explain your motives Inb4 I'm a pirate[View]
566228223*ting ting ting* excuse me, one moment of your time please >employee at falcom during its golden …[View]
566225529>friend tells me to play Splitgate >”Hmm, made by 4 people and somehow mogged the Halo Infini…[View]
566222227Choose one.[View]
566226695I'm pretty sure he burned in hell along with Carver and the rest of the group[View]
566227970August 4th 2021… I am… forgotten…[View]
566223602Will there be a PS5 Pro?[View]
566225684>decide to check out the games on e-shop >scroll through the list of new titles >Eskimo …[View]
566228389What would you consider one of the best musical compositions for a game? I've always thought Co…[View]
566221736Will it ever come out?[View]
566228129if i kill these things while the village isn't being rendered, do i still lose popularity?[View]
566180317look at this dude[View]
566224279Say this was built IRL by a newborn british empire, if gamplay limitations like 'no nukes' or 'doesn…[View]
566215992why did everquest never get as big of a following as WoW or the other MMOS?[View]
566218169What video games are as replayable as these two masterpieces?[View]
566227310So he won't make games anymore?[View]
566220350Why do you think he doesn't want to speak about it, /v/?[View]
566225349Hotline Miami: >prison riot/breakout is one of the best concepts for a level >has some of the …[View]
566217875>Highest skill ceiling >Huge playerbase >Constant updates >Massive esport scene >Stro…[View]
566226396You better be playing Brickadia, /v/[View]
566225087Disgaea 6: The characters in this are pretty good, it's a shame they're stuck in a game wi…[View]
566226313/v/ I need help finding a game, it use to have a shit ton of webms posted here years ago. It was thi…[View]
566227529Just beat this, it's really not as bad as people say. Enjoyed it a lot. Someone on /v/ tricked …[View]
566226024Bootleg Games Thread[View]
566174154Stop playing casual trash Embrace simulators and learn real world things >b-but die casual…[View]
566224408So this is where that scene came from[View]
566225085How did final fantasy get outdone by a game with a fraction of its own budget?[View]
566223589A Thor:Ragnarok reference in Dragon Quest! Cool.[View]
566227128Arrrrgh a Dark Wizard in my children's platformer. Save me Sakurai I'm going insane[View]
566223617I don't give a flying fuck about the Resident Evil series.[View]
566227072Who is the Samus aran of video games[View]
566226062Are you ready to buy your new GPU /v/?: Ethereum update EIP 1559 starts today, basically BTFOing 99%…[View]
566221106How do we go from this[View]
566217967Is Metal Gear Rising the best Metal Gear?[View]
566159404Ace Attorney: >You'll have to excuse me for throwing my hallowed chalice in the Board of Mon…[View]
566224425Mario Movie leak (image included): >Mario and the gang get sent to the real world after the prota…[View]
566170779ITT: Toon thread. Post your toons.[View]
566216873Post character deaths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF_SGUHFWB8[View]
566223590WOO OH YEAH[View]
566219027What's the best way to play this game? And why does every FF beg this question?[View]
566220538August 2021.... I am forgotten.....[View]
566221617Is this any good?[View]
566225814so we all agree these games werent that good and just had fun plots and characters, right?[View]
566186131Gartic Phone: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=1c079f8de Get in. You draw, you describe, you keep it vi…[View]
566225206Saw a 360 on sale for 30 bucks today. Is that a good price? It comes from an actual store so it has …[View]
566218671>zoomers will never know this fe-[View]
566225884this shit out yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IXYgM6ti1Q[View]
566196724Why didn't you play Gravity Rush?[View]
566221901MXL or D2R?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSso6IdmbrQ&ab_channel=MedianXL[View]
566223818What is Shigamoto's greatest triumph?[View]
566217468whats the appeal[View]
566222046who else here is a fan of pokemon xD[View]
566225587I have never seen a worst release than this. A year later and the game is still broken.[View]
566217791Fellow xbros what you playing? Currently exploring the world in flight sim then some halo followed b…[View]
566224338You know what they say Have CEX[View]
566225315What are some games about a lonely wanderer going on a quiet journey through the wilderness?[View]
566225248Oy veyy: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVXnoanopzA what did nintendo mean by this?…[View]
566218145Play Dynasty Warriors 9[View]
566225016Writing in video games will not improve due to poor teaching in colleges[View]
566225107Fallout Mod Creators: Why are fallout, particularly NV mod creators, such obnoxious, seething, prete…[View]
566224880Is bacta good for you?[View]
566196921Game is named after her, is the worst character in the game. How did Nintendo fuck this up?[View]
566222897>to get the true ending you have to defeat the secret boss after the final boss >it’s directly…[View]
566212435Japanese character design is superior[View]
566224667ITT: Post a Pic get a recommendation: Shame that there's, Little-to-no games that let you play …[View]
566222834Who would win?[View]
566222168>big compny delivers a shitty remake of a beloved game with no cinematics(one of their main promi…[View]
566182723God, what a dumb design.[View]
566221257I want to kms: >be me >playing mobile terraria, expert mode. >actually put effort into maki…[View]
566223759>Whoa he's fast! >Wait, it's not his speed! He's using the chaos emerald to war…[View]
566206118Biased opinion: Makoto nijima is best girl: Hands down, best girl in all of persona[View]
566216206ITT: only the most useless weapons of all time[View]
566223438FFXIV: This is throllo uchiha Friend of the ixil, and the pixilles Slayer of irifit, titan, and even…[View]
566220937Anyone play or is playing Chivalry 2?: What do you guys like, dislike, or would like to see done dif…[View]
566223919Strive: This game is fucking garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEiuRdCZ8UA[View]
566219938>play any multiplayer game >it's filled with meta and tryhard memes Am i getting bad at g…[View]
566213890Did Kratos fucked his Sister ?[View]
566221786Dead money: What a fucking awful dlc I started using tcl a couple hours in because it was so fucking…[View]
566195601Literally me[View]
566185486Does /v/ prefer to play for fun or optimally?[View]
566221335> playing XCOM for the first time ever, Enemy Unknown > pick classic difficulty, ironman I fuc…[View]
566223582What are some games best played with this as the input method?[View]
566204458What the fuck was his problem exactly?: He had everything in life, including a literal servant who w…[View]
566223551El Presidente[View]
566212254how did it all go so incredibly wrong?[View]
566222545Half Life: you didn't see a resonance cascade[View]
566221246Code Veronica is bad.[View]
566201657i need a battle station thread: cookies for rainbow puke[View]
566223316What games give you choices that are actually hard to make instead of making you pick between obviou…[View]
566221354Doom 3 shotgun[View]
566200184Is it ever coming to PC? Be honest bros..[View]
566222375ITT: scary shit from non horror games[View]
566219240What went wrong?[View]
566221469>don't heal because healing's for pussies >get bad ending because of it Wooooow what…[View]
566213134does /v/ play mobile games?[View]
566221994>1/3rd of umbilical cord >4 in game So this is the mathematical prowess of the so called 'supe…[View]
566216341Why desire demons didn't appear in later games?[View]
566220709What's the POint of Building a PC in 2021?: this is literally the worst time to build one becau…[View]
566220151Does NGS have the potential to surpass PSO? It's still the best in the online series of games.[View]
566222275>sell free game for 30 bucks What's the point?[View]
566222771>boss has an instant kill[View]
566220290Was the campaign really that good or is it just nostalgia?[View]
566221802I COOM to gunshot sounds. What game has the most realistic gun sounds and just carnage sounds in gen…[View]
566219228>Mini motorways >bad AI >too random >breaks often This 'game' is shit.…[View]
566218876>Games cant be both kino and lud-[View]
566176445ITT things that make you unreasonably angry in video games >Enemies just fucking spawn into rooms…[View]
566221092>There's a devil in the house >There's a devil in the house…[View]
566215828Why was it forgotten so quickly?[View]
566221157Best female parties: Post games with good female party members, 1 shit girl invalidates your team. B…[View]
566219536Shantae is going to be the final DLC character for Smash Ultimate. The mii costume doesn't deco…[View]
566217452Meanwhile on the US/V/ Ishimura[View]
566161471Steam Deck will be an emulation beast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuEeOfFOIdg This is Aya Neo, …[View]
566206371Half-Life: How would you innovate on the HL formula to justify HL3's existence? Hard mode: no …[View]
566216468Still the best Tales girl and still part of the best Tales game[View]
566218251Thinking of picking this up, is it any good?[View]
566211296Fighting games: How does one even get into fighting games?[View]
566221504What's the appeal?[View]
566172887.webm thread[View]
566220052I tried out the single player pirated version of Tarkov and I liked it. I understand that it's …[View]
566212294>Human >Male >Archer >Lawful Good…[View]
566213562THIS SUMMER[View]
566220446Female Hermitaur armor is the best armor in the series, prove me wrong.[View]
566218310Based and redpilled.[View]
566205705>in development for 5 years >Still no gameplay trailer ITS OVER…[View]
566220283fuck you, /v/. I liked it[View]
566217892Stop playing The Sims 4. I know what mods you installed.[View]
566201867start a vidya related argument ITT[View]
566214334Video game sluts you need to make babies with.[View]
566220578Applied on indeed for a game tester position: was me and a group of 5 other people, after they took …[View]
566192340I've never felt such strong emotions to a fictional character before. My words can't expre…[View]
566220489What makes a good Sonic game?[View]
566200647What games let me replay the classic yugioh experience?[View]
566219764Is there even a single thought at all in that little head of yours about this game?[View]
566216517>*filters everyone*[View]
566215717Post your oldest steam friend login date[View]
566215462management vidya: games similar to Rimworld, dorf fortress or Kenshi[View]
566218536What is your favorite Nier Automata bossfight?[View]
566100547Mystery Nigga: Does anyone even care at this point?[View]
566219784Better than Diablo 2 in every way.[View]
566196947Nickelodeon all stars brawl: They are in[View]
566195418How are you doing fellow tankers?[View]
566219894Why didn't any of you tell me about this gem??? It's like they turned r/politicalcompassme…[View]
566211086LOL Respawn removed her butt.[View]
566218991What’s the appeal to Gacha aside from gambling?: Most of the redeeming qualities can be found in an …[View]
566192692Fallout 3: Best 3D RPG[View]
566219781Why don't nu-games have kino openings anymore?[View]
566212651What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
566218078what the fuck was her problem?: >kills her mom >joins her non blood related siblings to fight …[View]
566211431>pass the controller bro[View]
566213694Face it chuds, Elden Ring needs an easy mode[View]
566219659What are some games with weapons as satisfying as this one?[View]
566217263This is peak character design[View]
566218231Was she retarded/slow.[View]
566214831>add one of the best vidya characters in any series to their game >only let her be purchasable…[View]
566205193Why the fuck does the dragon look so jewish? I can't help but think it every time I see his fac…[View]
566193994Sony states PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have been successful: Expect more ports PC…[View]
566218901Fallout New Vegas is the greatest RPG ever made.[View]
566219147happy early anniversary[View]
566213469https://metroid2remake.blogspot.com/2021/08/almost-5-years-later.html What do you think it'll b…[View]
566207120How does Nintendo get away with releasing consoles with only a handful of games worth playing? All t…[View]
566215965s&box thread: load up the game and play with me on construct![View]
566214490wh are people flipping out over the return of built-in cheat codes?[View]
566217923Day 46 waiting for Bloodborne (pc edition)[View]
566219019>reset my pc >realize i forgot to backup my cracked games save >because they're in app…[View]
566218978silent hill 2 thread[View]
566218038>when the drum and bass starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh7DGxsHPhM…[View]
566215069>hurr its a remake these player stats are normal >who cares about player stats anyways >you…[View]
566218841I don't get it this game is incredibly baste why does /v/ hate it[View]
566216946Soulsborne games can't work with flails, they break the balance of the game by creating a proje…[View]
566218768Budokai Tenkaichi 3 tourney: Need 16 participants for a BT3 tourney, who's in? I need a bit of …[View]
566215006Xbox is making a comeback[View]
566215851Welcome to the Amagi Inn.: I will show you to your room.[View]
566218462So I've played inquistion a few times but never played origins, so I knew who morrigan was - re…[View]
566175591Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
566212334dark souls is boring but easy: >walk to an enemy press R1 >walk to an enemy press R1 >walk …[View]
566215023Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011): >Populace largely forced/coerced into an experimental, regulato…[View]
566199183*beats you at pokemon*[View]
566198495Why wasn’t Seiros playable? Kind of sucked that there were no dragon or beast units that were playab…[View]
566209386How do you cope with being filtered?[View]
566217031These fucking aliens just won't stop[View]
566206348games with this feel?[View]
566215702Post videogame characters that are literally you[View]
566210498are you a fan of the nerdy/gamer girl character archetype that's become popular over the last f…[View]
566215223What's the best motorbike racing game?[View]
566204271The Ascent, damn that's beautiful[View]
566217502>the puzzle that filtered everyone[View]
566150397Who’s the biggest con artist out of these three?[View]
566213207Was it kino?[View]
566216901The best Zelda.[View]
566211728I need some Summer Time games with bright blue aqua colored water![View]
566212065Demon Turf: You have played Beebz' demo, right /v/?[View]
566208314Why does Japan love Dragon Quest so much?[View]
566214863This game is boring and tedious to play. The spritework sucks and the dialog is trying way too hard …[View]
566216923>whole game is about a man fighting to save his waifu What's her name, /v/?…[View]
566209752Which Sega secondary mascot got the most fucked over? And why is it Billy Hatcher?[View]
566215468How do you nerf it without making it useless?[View]
566210859Guys, is it weird that Quelaag from Dark Souls gives me an erection? Like, that whole spider half is…[View]
566217294woah haha it's me Crash, your orange marsupial friend.[View]
566170786>As far as how the Dead Space remake is going to differ from the original, Yazijian said that the…[View]
566147459What are your hopes and fears for Breath of the Wild 2?[View]
566207610GTA leaks for 2021-2025: 1:E&E trailer will arrive in September showing actual gameplay. 2:E…[View]
566216170PS5: Why would you buy the first model of any playstation console ever. Like, I get it, get the firs…[View]
566217085Feel like absolute shit lads... Just want him back...[View]
566217057His name is Blood Björne, you can't convince me otherwise.[View]
566215320Holy fucking based. Voodo 2 boys where we at? Ready to toss my 3080 in the trash personally. I simpl…[View]
566211275Do anyone here still use one of these or is this whole board skub fags now?[View]
566215540Why didn't they fire more arrow volleys?[View]
566216718Sea of Thieves: my only regret is not having a crew[View]
566177924I don't have bad taste, and after having played this game for the first time recently I have co…[View]
566216690Why didn't you guys tell me this was better than Project M?[View]
566214189why didn't anyone tell me how fucking fun Kenshi is[View]
566210689She killed billions...[View]
566212459my 8bitdo bit the bullet and I need a new PC controller while I wait for the replacement to ship. Is…[View]
566203926Dudes I'm like totally stoned right now., What are some good games to play will hella baked? Pi…[View]
566212315Pathfinder: Wrath of Self-Righteous: Where were you when female RPGs protagonists were saved?[View]
566216342Oh my god is that...is that...is that the next heckin call of duty??? Is that the next entry to my f…[View]
566207221Pokemon Unite: She's in![View]
566215291Imagine paying $350 for a slightly bigger screen.[View]
566209352Mindless RPG: What's an RPG with a lot of mindless grinding? I just wanna level up for hours th…[View]
566204958is this game good?[View]
566212237Just bought pic related. What am I in for?[View]
566215601come get your bitch /v/[View]
566215987When will my wife get more skins, does hires not want my money?[View]
566213975Post an original and creative game, it seems like most just follow trends these days.[View]
566213992#Relatable: >want to play Tekken again >go to download it >60+ gigabytes >have to delete…[View]
566215849KINO, the game.[View]
566215897Why there is no game with good berserk mechanics?[View]
566190525dubs name my gun[View]
566212861Diablo 4 will have microtransactions[View]
566214428The *Dimensional Merge* has begun. Orz will really be here soon and then we can have a *party*. You …[View]
566215469Bros... https://youtu.be/MoWwzbJrqgs[View]
566215529Is this the most insufferable protagonist in gaming history? I bet that if this game was released a …[View]
566213002These prices bros....: I NEED an upgrade and am so close to caving l....[View]
566214959Do you guys have any good recommendations for some hentai games/visual novels? Something I can get o…[View]
566199273Did people seriously think Persona 5 Royal was gonna be a switch exclusive?[View]
566215315I really wish to forget everything about Bloodborne, then replay it all over again in 60fps[View]
566209589I'm Commander Shephard, and this is my favorite thread on 4chan.[View]
566214601why wont john beat resident evil 0[View]
566210259Gunslingerpro2009: Perhaps one of, if not, the GREATEST Garry's Mod ARG known to man.[View]
566215012rhydon this dick lmao[View]
566212934Final Fantasy XV: a really great game: Definitely the best Final Fantasy I've played since FF I…[View]
566203345DROP IN PS ACTIVE USERS AND PSNOW: Uhhhh Sony Sisters?[View]
566211018What game is this from?[View]
566214814I heard there was-a spaghetti and-a raviolli at page-a 10! Let's-a do this![View]
566210286is there a single player rpg game with similar difficulty than ffxiv savage? >instant reload/retr…[View]
566214784So this slime walks into a bar, and the barman says: 'Why so blue?'[View]
566183319>overwhelmingly positive Steam reviews >it’s actually just ok…[View]
566205543August 2021... I am forgotten[View]
566203163Have you played any Soul Calibur lately?[View]
566205645>Chaotic neutral[View]
566191596FFXIV: I haven't played WoW in years, but I decided to try FF14 because of all the press it…[View]
566214482Has anyone here played this game? I had my fun with it but the AI is still almost as shit as it on r…[View]
566208987GTAV, Skyrim and TLOU being remade till the end of times[View]
566212737dear forum posters, hello i am from india and i would like to find how to download and install free …[View]
566193750People talk a lot about Disco Elysium, but I’m afraid it’s communist propaganda because of some stuf…[View]
566210143Holy shit this sucks. How was this series popular before BotW?[View]
566151787DOA game thread: Can someone explain to me in detail how exactly to upgrade these decobromide things…[View]
566199440which game is better?[View]
566214246If companies want to spend millions advertising at things like the olympics then could they fund vid…[View]
566190967Julianne Stingray[View]
566197814>Start a new game >Play for a few hours >Realize all my mistakes >Restart game with new …[View]
566214123>spawn on the roof of an apartment buildig >rooftop door is locked >hop down into the balco…[View]
566208379Sony PC port list: Sony is planning to announce 5 PC ports this year and 7 with in the 1st half of n…[View]
566211639Video Game Infographics: Post some helpful video game infographics to brighten the horizons for othe…[View]
566211418Games only you played[View]
566213528Zelda vs Souls: a comparison: >ALTTP=Des >OOT=Dark Souls >MM=BB >WW=DS2 >TP=DS3 >…[View]
566213820any games where i can go full guro serial killer mode? i would like to behead and rape women. alread…[View]
566208757Favourite track?[View]
566207415ONE CAN ONLY INFER[View]
566213420>genocide it is then[View]
566187417Asuka using her ninja abilities to sneak her way to page 10 before anon notices...[View]
566213385Blizzard hate thread: >shill about feminism, POC and other virtual signaling bullshit >gets Me…[View]
566208613how would you make it good?[View]
566212754>IF YOU KILL ME YOU WILL BE JUST LIKE ME >OK name a more based response…[View]
566210565I enjoy video games with this type of body type.[View]
566200927Steam Controller: I love this thing. When are we getting another?[View]
566212837What are some horseback riding games?[View]
566210323>10 years ago >Be bullied because I played videogames >Now >All normalfags are playing v…[View]
566210140I need some help with my 2DS: Hi /g, The reason for this thread is because I need some help, but fir…[View]
566209849You! Yes, YOU! Name one (1) game with rats in it. I'll wait.[View]
566209178>hit skeleton enemy >they bleed[View]
566212593Pixel Game Maker MV: is it worth buying[View]
566210253why did no one tell me about this??? better than dark souls 3[View]
566209593Holy fuck, bros, I was finally able to get a new GPU from the Nigg Shuffle.[View]
566207571>human male fighter I sleep[View]
566208636It's time to,,,[View]
566209284>back 4 blood beta keys being given away en masse >literally nobody talkin about it its a flop…[View]
566210269>A game features corruption fetish Any other examples?[View]
566206094Who was in the wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aonHLvhW5jo[View]
566209343Uninstalling this shit: Is this supposed to make want to play the game?[View]
566211747A tale of bots and community server: So many claim to hate the bots and endlessly discuss how it…[View]
566207431You talking to me?[View]
566207882Zoomers are based: DAMN! Zoomers grew up with this? >Be 10 when Demons Souls come out >Be 11…[View]
566211203instant regret. this fucker had no self reservation in his actions and was sitting suicidal in his h…[View]
566199179Comfy tales thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rka7nbZrE_M[View]
566188545Did you maximize your Mona?[View]
566208503well, /v/ros?[View]
566208791DayZ: Thoughts on this game? I've seen a lot of hate for it here but it's actually really…[View]
566210904Final newcomer is pic related. You're welcome[View]
566192035Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Seen this game? It looks cool, art style is great for a HP game and you…[View]
566209971Well Chrom? How do you like my new dress?[View]
566152195LINUX GAMING THREAD: tuxbros, what are we playan' this week? are you getting the deck or just h…[View]
566208689Street Fighter V: Where will Akira be on this list?[View]
566209963Is Caim a twink?[View]
566210121daddy sephy saw your report card[View]
566210084Games for this feel?[View]
566200961Koikatsu: What are the pros and cons?[View]
566194549How do we save Blue Mage?[View]
566207532>'Super Mario Bros.' >not 'The Legend of Peach'…[View]
566209869BF 2042 Playtester here still present?: Looking for a privat contact - Cash for a Q&A[View]
566208326What went wrong?[View]
566204017>2021 >still not a good fate game[View]
566206136>This n64 came out 64 years ago[View]
566205129What is /v/'s favorite minecraft texture pack?: And do you use and shader packs at all?[View]
566208885This is the most recent console that can play Chrono Trigger. (It's also on Steam)[View]
566206684Just beat Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne. Can we get a thread about the endings? I know True demon is…[View]
566207098Rain World: Game of the decade.[View]
566203757What are the best video games that take place in Latin America? They don't have necessarily to …[View]
566206603Where do I get a desk chair like this bros?[View]
566207208What are the best PS3 games, I might have a bunch of time and nothing but a PS3 and infinite PS3 gam…[View]
566203645mfw face when crash: crash got no good games[View]
566209221gw property actions: Is gamesworkshop in the right or wrong to deny Modders to profit off their prop…[View]
566202541Help me, I'm getting filtered.[View]
566207515Indie game thread: Just finished pic related. Story's a bit too basic and the doors are obnoxio…[View]
566205615You folks excited to play Zelda at 60FPS on the Steam Deck?[View]
566208346Should I preorder Elden ring on my PlayStation Five, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo sw- oh wait haha[View]
566208682LOUD NOISE SCARY[View]
566207289I'm going to play dark souls for the first time. I plan to play all 3, but I hear DS 2 sucks, …[View]
566207836Play Azur Lane[View]
566208876>dude I need my four walls of video games and video game merch for my job, I'm an Internet c…[View]
566208106Is this series for chicks?: I look up any of them on YouTube and see nothing but women playing them…[View]
566205225Weapon Wednesday: Post your weaponfu(s) from your favorite game(s)[View]
566206852Anyone play it yet?[View]
566207948>incoming friend request >*clicks on 'reject'*…[View]
566205618Is this a psyop? Are dell and other PC manufacturers purposefully making their parts prone to failur…[View]
566206028How much more difficult would it be to play Resident Evil 4 through without the games audio?[View]
566206735Gog vs steam: Alright I need help here guys. Gog gifted me arkham knight even though I already have …[View]
566207580STOP SAYING THAT THING!: STOP Videogames[View]
566207159its over: its over[View]
566202969What happened amazonbros?[View]
566202861Why is Donkey Kong such a fucking good series?[View]
566196640hey /v/, what's your favorite Pokemon?[View]
566206943Do you play Fire Emblem Heroes?[View]
566201887Hey /v/, wanna know about the Miami Mutilator?[View]
566202530what are your must play obscure or popular games? I just beat Getting Over It and Rain World. Lookin…[View]
566207736Unite in a nutshell: >'You're aiming at me?' > No I was actually trying to hit those guys…[View]
566207716Post your coolest vidya avhrt[View]
566207585Whens his banner /V?: Imagine thicc Xi with jiggle physics.[View]
566205080Why is he so underrated?[View]
566207084>play an older game for the first time >really enjoy it >realize I would've loved it a…[View]
566205074whats a good vidya creepypasta /v/?[View]
566207452>Game >Game 2 >Game Revolution >Game: Type 4 >Game 64 >Game V >G: Game Evolutio…[View]
566203886>Little Mac is only 17 How do his parents feel about his boxing career?…[View]
566207107It's gonna be so bad, they're pissing on this franchises corpse and there are 'fans' with …[View]
566206415How would you make her smile?[View]
566187041Opinion of Greg Martin Sonic?[View]
566205726Is this the worst villain in the history of video games? Why do pseuds pretend she’s somehow compell…[View]
566206952look at this saucy nigga[View]
566205383>buy shooter game without researching it at all >mfw it’s third person instead of first…[View]
566204985how did you choose your gamertag: I've spent 4 months at this point trying to figure out an onl…[View]
566207003Best way/place to sell my old CSGO stuff for money that won't go into my steam wallet funds?[View]
5662067173x3 thread[View]
566198113Kirby thread: Why did the best ability never return?[View]
566189247strive: now THIS is a redesign I can support[View]
566205164>Elden Ring takes place in the realm of the Lands Between, sometime after the destruction of the …[View]
566201953It's over... now I can finally live a peaceful life as a civilian.[View]
566205365>game has bikini armour >it's the strongest equipment in the game…[View]
566205143I've never been a big MMO guy since I stopped playing Runescape but this is pretty fun so far. …[View]
566198879How the FUCK do you not break your controller playing this? You literally can't beat the game p…[View]
566197046About to start this. Anything I should know?[View]
566201274FFXVI: What the fuck is this garbage?[View]
566203991Why do casual players get angry because they are called casuals? Even normies get angry[View]
566206071>post this image on any social media >get hundreds of screeching replies from 30 something obe…[View]
566189171What are you playing today?[View]
566204537Inashallah, the Jews at GW will cancel the license they have with Creative Assembly and we have no m…[View]
566204273https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxjqSiRmiD4 Remember that time Final Fantasy was kinda YIKES? Look a…[View]
566202217>have not released a decent game in centuries Why are they here? we lost Dead Space guys for this…[View]
566206030Why the fuck would you grab a thin neck bottle like that?[View]
566204805>unbalances your fighting game[View]
566202631/v/ shills almost memed me into trying Final Fantasy XIV[View]
566203924Are the DLCs any good? I thought Fallout 4 was okay but wished it had more quests that aren't r…[View]
566205881games youve recommended to people but they play sonic adventure 2 instead[View]
566201652Why did it fail?[View]
566203797poopoo de caca[View]
566204502Wahoo! Its-a me, Mario! Lets-a go![View]
566202957AC multiplayer: It was underrated and pretty fresh, why didn't they continue making it? Are peo…[View]
566205285When are the majority of Western games going to stop chasing either the approval of a bunch of Lefit…[View]
566201770What game allows you to be as evil as possible?[View]
566200829anon, are you getting enough sleep? you should go to bed now[View]
566205504Literally impossible[View]
566203874Why did so many developers and studios stop making games for PC? Are the pre gen-7 golden years gone…[View]
566205467so, I wanna get the 3.1 Version of NAPP, a minecraft texture pack but it's patreon only and I d…[View]
566204920It's been about a year. How do you think they're doing on Prime 4? >Kyle Hefley >joi…[View]
566203348there are no gaems to play, tell me fun games to play.[View]
566202080FFIX sucks: I tried it after VIII but it so fucking boring[View]
566202150When is the last time you got invited to a LAN party?[View]
566203208>Lost Destiny >Lost Spider-Man >Crash 4 was a flop >Blizzard is on fire >Gettting sue…[View]
566176913It's over...[View]
566203680Is he EVER gonna run out of money?[View]
566202878left or right[View]
566200613Let's look at the background colours behind each character portrait. Joker - Red Hero - Purple …[View]
566199294Knock-off when?[View]
566200168Autistic things you do in games: >Play a new game >Like it >Do the story >Do all the sid…[View]
566189480Is this a flop?: https://corexbox.com/xbox-announces-15-37-billion-revenue/[View]
566204830>could this be a skeleton?, grub required ahead[View]
566203752you didn't fall for this, did you?[View]
566130105how is this motherfucker so fast? is he hopped up on so much painkillers that his spatial awareness …[View]
566201002>be me >quest 2 user >want to play all these pc exclusive vr games like boneworks, pavlov, …[View]
566187647Hey /v/, I'm dying of lung cancer and my ONLY contribution to the world of gaming still online …[View]
566171185Things you hadn't realised before in video games: In Metroid Fusion, I had never realised befor…[View]
566203670Things in vidya that bother you: >Put a long range scope on a weapon >The weapon now does more…[View]
566200668do i buy it?: can't get a gpu forever so fuck it[View]
566198334is this game based and redpilled?[View]
566204327Who was in the wrong?[View]
566203175> EA attributes its growth to various live-service aspects of its most popular games, including F…[View]
566204348Coronation Part 1: Rodric The Hero - A Plague Tale: Innocence PS5 (4K UHD 60fps): https://www.youtub…[View]
566204306Anyone else going to try this? Comes out in a couple of days. I remember seeing it like 3-4 years ag…[View]
566202131If someone wants to play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, should they play the originals or t…[View]
566204212No mor FPS Boost games are coming: It's over[View]
566204174What are you DND game story downloads?[View]
566200523how does Blizzard still have fans[View]
566203126Videogames were never good.[View]
566203945Sexy Video Game Women: Only the very best, the creme of the crop, the top tier women are allowed in …[View]
566191219Pixel Remasters: So are these worth it? I've played almost every other version of these games.…[View]
566203905What the fuck is this level design? Also doesnt help that the map is basically useless[View]
5661972832021: year of no games: Can we say 2022 will be the last year of the Switch and hopefully for Ninten…[View]
566203385Phew, /v/ almost baited me into buying Endwalker, thank god I got to my senses and realized that all…[View]
566201642remember when people thought the switch would flop. now it's projected to be the most successfu…[View]
566190863The devs really have no idea how to balance do they?[View]
566179713She WILL die in Remake Part 2 right? Will the time jannies rob us? Or the fact that this Aerith alre…[View]
566201710What kind of playerbase does the Draenei race attract?[View]
566180215Sekiro: The game so few talk about because so many got filtered.[View]
566192991Post your /v/ife, anon.[View]
566201024Alice madness returns is just dark souls for ULTRA casuals[View]
566199926Why he is such a Schizo ?[View]
566203282>game has good/evil routes >evil path is always the better and more fun route…[View]
566202489proof that you don't need every piece of music to be 'EPIC CHOIRS' to be memorable. https://www…[View]
566200747What am I for?[View]
566185124>Steam outage >all europe servers shutting down >cant start offline Data breach maybe?…[View]
566199219Thoughts on Roll?[View]
566200210Post your favorite vidya, music album and book and let other anons guess something about you.[View]
566202505Alright, let's do this: Post theories as to what the FUCK is happening in this game.[View]
566200929Is Pathologic HD Classic worth buying?[View]
566202795post your Souls character pls bonus points for waifu[View]
566195639Attorney Online Vidya: Come join us in Courtroom 3[View]
566201935China won.[View]
566200991Why was there a nuclear warhead down in the cathedral? How did the Master obtain it?[View]
566182460Why aren't there more confident female characters in Vidya? Lara lost her confidence in the ear…[View]
566195503Honest thoughts on NEO: TWEWY?[View]
566202517>Entire extended family walks in.[View]
566191161Why do people think you need more than this?[View]
566202628Warchards it's over...: GW is coming for mods now, ALL mods.[View]
566201284What's your favorite Twin Sticks, Anon?[View]
566180178play flatout[View]
566202338>Fallout 3? >Fallout: New Vegas? Why would I play any of those shitty games?…[View]
566197339What happened to standalone expansions? I remember the time when even GTA SA was dubbed a standalone…[View]
566202218This game would have been perfect to monetize the shit out of yet Activision didn't do it. Why?[View]
566196280>Walk 10 meters in starting area >Get killed by invisible anomalies and radiation you have lit…[View]
566172593This is a major city in skyrim.[View]
566202360>spend $700 on a high-res monitor for gaming >screen is filthy with dust and food particles Ex…[View]
566194925Joe Staten writing for Halo: Thoughts? Ik people have been shitting on the leaked story, but I think…[View]
566201124my game is better than your game[View]
566199671itt: great games whose controls sometimes make them suck[View]
566202126A magical place lost in time, forever gone and almost forgotten. You can play these games but you wi…[View]
566198142Why'd he do it, bros?[View]
566199795What are the best areas in vidya? For me it's hospitals. It doesn't take much effort to ma…[View]
566199442What are some good pirate games?[View]
566171689The Witcher 3: Yen is for___[View]
566200583yeah I'm something of a gamer myself[View]
566176802I don't understand, what was all the hype over it for?[View]
566197584how to have fun playing the sims?[View]
566182269What are the best murder mystery games? Preferably ones that require the player to actually solve it…[View]
566201802The official mim PC spec are out.[View]
566197169What's considered 'selling really well' for an indie game? 100,000 copies?[View]
5662005532 more months until we can play together. we're gonna have so much fun.[View]
566196776I want to know your opinion on helltaker , guys. Specially on its weird anniversary update[View]
566198175>bored, scrolling through Switch library >see Mad Rat Dead updating >we finally got the new…[View]
566198736Why is this allowed?[View]
566201487Anyone here with BF 2042 Playtest access?: Anyone here with BF 2042 Playtest access?[View]
566199884Would you?[View]
566199949>Completely destroys the balance of your game Heh...nothing personel, nigga.…[View]
566198726Anyone here remember this game? It cured by 'depression' during my mid teens[View]
566194990Since the PS3/XBOX360 gen, the default go to controller tends to have similar button layout which in…[View]
566191774Nintendo is retarded for not porting SMG2 to the Switch: I swear this company is run by retards. The…[View]
566194605How much time is necessary to determine the difference between reasonable frustration vs. 'review bo…[View]
566200892>add woman in discord to play videogames >Shes always either offline, idle or do not disturb…[View]
5661967232021 is the year of yellow[View]
566201071>mining crypto with your GPU[View]
566201068Trannies won[View]
566197832What are the bottom two and the top-right and are they as good as the rest?[View]
566192053Valve should be punished for selling the Steam Deck for being such an underpowered device[View]
566198021What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
566200819The female characters in this game are caricatures of what incels THINK women are. Ugly, hateful, am…[View]
566197427Fuga: Melodies of Steel: When you 100% complete the game you unlock a secret movie, but what is it a…[View]
566196030ruins an entire generation of zoomers: i was 7 years old in 2006. this 1 game turned me into a furry…[View]
566198861Bearer. Seek. Seek. Lest.[View]
566200154>Played a game today >Loved it You guys should try Bleed. It's pretty fun.…[View]
566199387The /v/ recommended games wiki is painfully outdated[View]
566198012Thoughts on this game? Got really popular after the console editions came out.[View]
566198296Will we ever know why Sakurai did this to us?[View]
566192437Oh no.[View]
566173226Explain why you still buy games knowing you can pirate them so easy[View]
566188868>he doesn't own a V1[View]
566175271What character archetype do you find insufferable 95-100% of the time? Just that kind of character t…[View]
566199676BROS ITS HAPPENING: New KI teased!![View]
566199806Is it better or worse than the dreamcast version?: And why?[View]
566191845Games with the deep ones?Beside dark corners of the earth[View]
566196797>Ruins your game[View]
566197530How come the only discussion around this game is whether or not the devs are communists? The first t…[View]
566190207Play higurashi[View]
566196854Are you aesthetics > function or function > aesthetics Would you put a bend in a road and make…[View]
566163828Enlisted: You ARE playing Enlisted are you anon? It's free.[View]
566192132But seriously, what the F*CK was his problem?!?[View]
566186862If the premise is that they aren't real and just part of a program, why do they have pre-meetin…[View]
566194316The main character of the last game you played has to fight the final boss of the second to last gam…[View]
566193252Why doesn't /v/ shit on Minecraft the way it does Skyrim? Both are pretty mediocre until you ac…[View]
566188491Sudaverse?: So, logistically speaking, how well do the worlds of No More Heroes and The Silver Case/…[View]
566151138>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38zduHkwGcc&t=11627s why is this guy such a huge faggot?…[View]
566195039The most based man in the industry.[View]
566197512Behold, the savior of PSO2 New Genesis[View]
566187857>Sex doesn’t se-[View]
566193608HE'S FUCKING IN monkey ball thread[View]
566197112I've made server just for /v/ IP:[View]
566141547When did you realize that Yukari is the best nusona girl?[View]
566188428what character is behind mario here?[View]
566189863WHAT were they THINKING?[View]
566198392The story begins: but who's gonna win?[View]
566195595I found the explosive cum, defeated Brachy yet havent found a single den with Bracy eggs.[View]
566094483I almost cried: Don't lie and say you didnt at least almost cry at the final isaac ending.…[View]
566195464Gaming is objectively getting worse: And there is nothing we can do about it. Even if we abandon mod…[View]
566197146Final Fantasy: What's the best one[View]
566196758Cast it https://technclub.com/gaming/final-fantasy-live-action-netflix-series-in-development/…[View]
566193079>2021 >he still hasn't played etrian odyssey Why, anon? it's the best atlus series…[View]
566198014Is it worth buying again?[View]
566190297What happened to the StarCraft 2 esports scene?[View]
566198067Anyone here with BF 2042 Playtest access?: Anyone here invited in thr BF 2042 Playtest? I have a pri…[View]
566189648You did purchase their game, right?: You do know it's going to be game of the year, right?…[View]
566196612people actually like melee fighting games?[View]
566195828Best looking suit in Dead Space?: For me it's the advanced suit[View]
566197542Playing this for the first time since it was on sale so I never got to take part in the movie launch…[View]
566146310Why does this game have so much padding that doesn't add anything and just wastes your time? Ho…[View]
566195470git gud[View]
566194564There are two warcraft phone games coming out, is anyone else excited for it?[View]
566193249Reminder that Link and Malon had a family together. Twilight Princess Link is a direct descendant of…[View]
566194540So this is one of those games where literally nothing changes at the end: >Samus goes to Aether t…[View]
566191731The charges officer?[View]
566196815Arica Harbor... Home.[View]
566192167Yugioh thread: Which deck are you gonna bring to the olympics, /v/?[View]
566189541Minecraft texture pack: so, I wanna get the 3.1 Version of NAPP, a minecraft texture pack but it…[View]
566197067>unbalances your fighting game[View]
566196784anybody else feel more of a connection with this guy than taka?[View]
566195508>for me, its Female Miqote moonie[View]
566191853How do I stop being addicted to OSRS?[View]
566196804>Demon Souls/Dark Souls Tranny souls >Bloodborne Trannyborne >Fallout: New Vegas Tranny: Ne…[View]
566184992Is Xbox making a comeback?[View]
566196471Is it just me or are point and click adventures really boring?[View]
566185963What are your favorite hair colors for vidya characters? I like green and black.[View]
566185532What takes more skill Healer or Tank? DPS shitters don't reply, you're worse than friendly…[View]
566193263Post Sonic fan art[View]
566191046Can't they at least remake this in HR's engine? This was outdated even by the time it came…[View]
566188814A box of Pocky (2 pack) is the exact same size as the Switch screen. Thought some of you might enjoy…[View]
566195945rate/post your teams for mvc2[View]
566175892Genshin Impact 2.0 Part 2: >all ascension mats ready >farmed two semi-perfect artifacts, one b…[View]
566190339Worth playing if i hate jrpg?[View]
566168757What was her problem again?[View]
566149442You WILL play gacha games.[View]
566194937Bros... I miss him...[View]
566191841Snoot Game thread What ending did you get?[View]
566193467>check game on digital store >no 'in-app purchases tag' >this one is clean I thin…[View]
566193207hotshot racing: what happened?[View]
566191514Any games with base/city building and other gameplay types built in? I liked Actraiser, This War of…[View]
566195376how can we save the metroidvania genre?[View]
566194434post yfw you realize death stranding is chapter 3 of mgsv[View]
566195056Twin snakes is canon[View]
566144415ITT: Trans characters in video games[View]
566191592itt: certified kino™ moments in vidya[View]
566180368jack froth thread[View]
566188987Doktor, turn off my cringe inhibitors >but Raiden, the amount of cringe you're facing is vre…[View]
566191465Atlus is the only company that still makes games. Everyone else makes movies, chud walking sims or l…[View]
566191105Alice: Yes, I'm starting another thread just to reply to someone. Wasn't here when the thr…[View]
566194507DOOM MODS: Anyone here play this one actively?[View]
566183324New World release delayed to September 28th: Amazonbros...[View]
566186169How do we feel about WoW 26 million sub count, you guys ready to head back to azeroth?[View]
566185575this is only the beginning[View]
566192675wtf is this real?[View]
566193548Thoughts? Why did /v/ and the FGC let it die?[View]
566192723western wrpgs: >create new char >start game >attack rat. miss >it hits me for 2 hp >m…[View]
566193474For me, its Ibuki[View]
566193715You're now in charge. What do you do?[View]
566193163Game & Plush boxes: Should more games be sold with plushes or other toys alongside them? Is this…[View]
566193747Why make the villains so much more interesting and charismatic than the protagonist? It makes me not…[View]
566193720>Can beat FFXV with just holding circle This is in the final dungeon btw when the final dungeons …[View]
566143881Kanna thread: This thread is to discuss Kanna from the hit videogame Blaster Master Zero[View]
566192482>PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PSV Soul >PS4/PS5 Soulless…[View]
566187637Why is there so many franchises that peaked 15-20 years ago?[View]
566181487How come western RPG romance peaked at Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins?[View]
566124830>leaked campaign ending >Multiplayer filled with bots >Obnoxious 'A.i' saying Cringy stuf…[View]
566192425Redpill me on Bloons: Is it a decent phone game?[View]
566189959>harasses you literally constantly >going back to base literally guarantees a boss fight unles…[View]
566153839Sona rework: Will the reworked sona be better or worse? I have seen too many mixed reaction. Now it…[View]
566175895Now that Pokémon Unite has been out for a month what is the current verdict?[View]
566160660>time for some big brain puzzles >it's all fucking mazes Did the faggots who praise this …[View]
566175654dark souls: which is better for a first time das1 player: dark souls PtD edition (obv gonna pirate b…[View]
566193195Looking a hell of a lot better than it did in the movie. Also soft-confirms insect/grub feeders will…[View]
566178505highfleet thread[View]
566193029>Jet Set Radio is trending on twitter QRD?[View]
566192369>3 year old semi-indie title >5 year old title >1 year old movie game >remake of decade …[View]
566188347Did they do it?[View]
566184134is im@s good for you?[View]
566160540Thief: Are Thief 1 and 2 worth buying?[View]
566190291I already want them to go back to making Liyue characters. Inazuma is such an oppressive, depressing…[View]
566184915Steam is down again... PC gaming is finished.[View]
566188075What went so fucking right?[View]
566183512>He fucking loves it[View]
566168519Meanwhile, at the /v/ mansion...[View]
566182472I cleaned my PC today after a yer: And got improvement of 10-20 FPS in various games[View]
566192502Games for this feel?[View]
566192478Does anyone here play DayZ? What server do you play on?[View]
566183404I love this little nigger like you wouldn't believe[View]
566175004What video games best represent both bats and knives? Too many sword games. I've played OFF bu…[View]
566192113What happened to Bugsnax[View]
566189869What the hell do I do in this game??[View]
566182942If the battle system in FFVII Remake is as bad as /v/ schizos claim it is, why is every new JRPG try…[View]
566189439post characters that look like you and or someone you know. >play re5 >see excella >looks…[View]
566185000can someone explain me what they have been doing for 4 years?[View]
566184542What do you think of the Switches library?[View]
566188358was it kino?[View]
566184013I still can't understand what BF Portal is supposed to be... will it be a standalone game or wi…[View]
566190907>fantastic jrpg-xcom hybrid >ultra autistic >easily 3-digit playtime >made by like 4 dud…[View]
566188802I'm in the mood to play this game[View]
566183258Rhea’s thicc ass: I totally wanna smash her[View]
566186863Talk about chink toys.[View]
566188850if 'it gets good 100h in' is a casual filter then isn't FFXIV considered a soulful hardcore ant…[View]
566190010How is the Switch port of this game? I need a comfy jRPG to immerse and/or distract me.[View]
566106878Any Sims 3 fans here?[View]
566180929Name a more pretentious game[View]
566190000What’s your favorite game from childhood that you enjoy playing to this day?[View]
566189929Is it Wall Kick or Wall Jump?[View]
566191318Video games were better when I didn't have to see 800 different people making the :O face every…[View]
566185781What are some 3DS games with cute girls?[View]
566182003Olympic Skateboarding revived my interest back for the sport. What are the essential skateboarding g…[View]
566190203BanG Dream! Girls Band Party on Switch: >A demo for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party for Nintendo Swi…[View]
566190220I fucking SUCK at starcraft how do I get good without making the game boring? There is no way I…[View]
566189809Since we are having like 5 Genshin threads all the time: Why not just make Genshin version of /vp/?…[View]
566190709Name a SINGLE worse online experience[View]
566187510Where to start with the Dark Souls franchise?[View]
566186369Factrio in space: Have you tried Dyson Sphere Program? It's a Factorio like game developed by t…[View]
566188060Sonybros, what went wrong?[View]
566190720>hello this is ichiban holdings[View]
566190591Dragon Quest XI: A really good game indeed. Did you guys like it more than Breath of the Wild? 2017 …[View]
566188496they fucked up bad not including a level editor[View]
566189880I had to break my rule of not paying more than $25 on Vidya to buy red dead 2, its worth it[View]
566159313Disgaea: Came for Etna. Stayed for Flonne.[View]
566188324I started playing this yesterday, and I really like it. What's /v/'s opinion?[View]
566180417What caused doom 3 to fail?[View]
566189970Welcome home, Mr. Jensen.[View]
5661883414 months until 2021 G.O.T.Y get released[View]
566188957Melty blood Type Lumina: Are you ready for him to become playable in the new melty?[View]
5661877352077 continued...: Because certain site 'officials' leave only meme-guy spam threads with controlled…[View]
566181940Splitgate is Being Overrun By Zoomers: I've been playing this game since LAST FUCKING YEAR and …[View]
566189136Only the most kino vidja endings allowed in this thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z_mfCbTJ4c…[View]
566189430PERSONA MUSIC: Why aren't you watching the live performance of the Persona series music? It…[View]
566181560>https://www.trulyexquisite.co.uk/24k-gold-ps5 Did you get a golden PS5 Anon?…[View]
566182653This game had no cultural impact.[View]
566179032exploration and overcoming the world's obstacles > poorly designed boss fights prove me wron…[View]
566189264Play 13 Sentinels[View]
566188668Why have I never seen a thread or even marketing for this game before? Only found out about it while…[View]
566184491>Trying to kill Vordt >Can't stop focusing on his big sexy ass. Fuck FromSoft and their a…[View]
566189045>tfw RTX 2070 SUUUUUUUPEEEER[View]
566187468itt: buyers remorse: >unskippable intros >unskippable dialogue text boxes (alternatively, slug…[View]
566181534I've been playing this game for 3 weeks now, been rolling on the event banner at least 5 times …[View]
566181195Meanwhile, at the /v/ limsa lominsa crystal...[View]
566188687What are some games where the 'bad guy' is actually good?[View]
566182271this game is underappreciated[View]
566188661Final fantasy tactics was a shit game. Story was a fucking rip off of tactics ogre Jobs were unbalan…[View]
566187723>white man came across the sea >he brought us pain and misery…[View]
566186857name a series which has been flanderized more than Tekken.[View]
566161157'Story-focused' RPGs seriously need to stop highlighting the Speech skill checks like this. It'…[View]
566186107What are some other good CRPG's that don't have a generic high fantasy setting?[View]
566187643Will genshin impact come to switch[View]
566186578Why does Samus have the butt of a black woman?: Come up with you explanations ITT[View]
566167046Why didn't we got a NuLara game will dual-wielding and sexy acrobatics?[View]
566188090what are some games where I can visit black holes?[View]
566186419Dark souls: >wow backtracking is so fun[View]
566187946Then >ARTIFICIAL DEMAND! snoystation 4 will outsell Switch 5 to 1 Now >ARTIFICIAL SHORTAGES sn…[View]
566187776He's got a will of steel, he's the skeleton on wheel.[View]
566187918what is best vidoe geam ?gkhsk[View]
566162526GPU hell: >be poorfag >still gaming with a rx 480 >it just died suddenly >cheapest gpu i…[View]
566185782Have you invested in my upcoming game Star Citizen anon? No? Why the fuck not?[View]
566183379>stadia flopped >gamepass is successful Why?…[View]
566186784Why are westerns unable to replicate the anime aesthetic? They technically could, with enough proper…[View]
566187787Is this the new Nobuo Uematsu?[View]
566182680>Ah inseparabile - d'amore il dio >Stringeva, o vergine, - tuo fato al mio! - >È il so…[View]
566187401It’s Pokémon for people who experimented sexually with their siblings.[View]
566187684Baba is You: Why doesn't this work? Do I really have to spell it horizontally? I did all this w…[View]
566187656Based Koei[View]
566173214Smash rosterfaggotry to end sooner than expected: Nintendo just erased all Smash August directs from…[View]
566182623Princess Zelda: We hate to see her go, but we love to watch her leave.[View]
566182526>can't discuss a game you like because of endless, unfunny shitposters or people who only fa…[View]
566175794Please remember Kiana's game, Genshin /v/ros...[View]
566065613What was the last vidya character you drew?[View]
566169052>Kino like this only sells 1 million units but mario tennis sells more than 3 million…[View]
566187005>your favourite game get a gacha game would you play it?[View]
566185754>Boring job exists >People make a game out of said boring job >Call it 'Simulator' >Gets…[View]
566174349Notable games releasing this year- >Deathloop >Far Cry 6 >Pathfinder 2 >Gta 5 Why are yo…[View]
566185132So I’m a decent fan of Bloober. Layers of Fear was sweet, I really Observer. And I didn’t even know …[View]
566181387*mogs all your magic whores*[View]
566184867why did balan wonderworld fail?[View]
566182425Which 'coming soon' games are on your wish list?[View]
566183971>Ba'al Buster They knew exactly what they were doing, wow.[View]
566180854Which game is worth playing for the first time?[View]
566186551what the fuck was his problem?![View]
566181505MAMA MIA[View]
566175852Who the fuck is this?[View]
566166940Fallout 3: A complete masterpiece The best 3d fallout no game will never reach his level again…[View]
566182231>you can play games on literal toasters now[View]
566185368Fucking Steam[View]
566186384Fuck the Tribals[View]
566172936Why was Yakuza 0 so iconic? Also, yakuza bread[View]
566186725Combat Fallout: Anons of /v/ what game do you know of that have the same combat gameplay of Fallout …[View]
566186669Does anyone know how the early access beta works? If you preorder on steam and then refund later can…[View]
566185627anyone have a link to this smash bros melee adventure mode mod?[View]
566181360Bloodborne: I'm fucking stuck I keep dying to that big group in the streets I went the other w…[View]
566182196Are there any games where sailing actually feels good? And don't say The Wind Waker we all know…[View]
566185401Infinite game storage?: Would having games on a NAS and using it with WiFi even work? https://youtu.…[View]
566186431Playstation Store sale adds new games: The Earth Defense and Trails Of are on sale https://pureplays…[View]
566176528Pwease, pway my gwame[View]
566181690Just got my steam controller in the mail and holy FUCK this thing feels WILD. I haven't even us…[View]
566181780Which games do RNG right?[View]
566150549would /v/ take the opportunity to work (for free) for a video game company for a year? what company?[View]
566179054GRIME: Anyone else playing this? It is kinda dope and seems to have a myriad of inspirations. Maybe …[View]
566166193The Ascent earned $5 Million: >The Ascent generated $5M in revenue during its launch weekend, whi…[View]
566184991What's the objectively best Zelda game?[View]
566185287What went wrong?[View]
566181925>he's still playing genshin when koikatsu party exists lmao https://illusioncards.booru.org/…[View]
566184040>Eternal Darkness is a good game Pargon me?[View]
566133910what went wrong?[View]
566185826this Activision sale seems a bit off...[View]
566185604Digimon: Now that Digimon Survive was delayed to 2022 is there anything else for digimon?[View]
566185412Whats the first game you gonna try on your Steam Deck?[View]
566185497Finished P5, which one of these do I play next?[View]
566181952Would gaming be better off without critic reviews? Think about it >No more shitty message board w…[View]
566178058Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Are these any different from the original games (mechanically, content…[View]
566183434>kills the shooter genre[View]
566183563Since I became a cartoon porn elitist I no longer have any desire to post softcore porn or make waif…[View]
566181793Does anyone else have this problem?[View]
566184978Why does Asia get the cool looking Harry Potter games. The art style on this seems really cool. Don…[View]
566184731Wait, why do we hate them again?[View]
566184930Where are the feet?[View]
566167069Lalafells, do you love them or hate them?[View]
566165139game has cute characters: now i will buy.[View]
566182967>activision blizzard >blizzard is not even the second biggest division in the company just…[View]
566177895Gentlemen. I think I found the new Genshin Impact. https://store.steampowered.com/app/557180/League_…[View]
566168732/v/ still has no arguments for why this is acceptable for gaming. “Just don’t be an asshole”. Gets b…[View]
566183996you can only post itt if it's raining where you live: What are you playing today, comfybros? Wh…[View]
566182557>he doesn't play video games Get the FUCK off my board, bitch[View]
566183946What happened to Pinball Video Games? How do we transcend the genre and make the best Pinball Vidya …[View]
566182013i miss new vegas style fallout bros is there any hope?[View]
566176172What was/is the best OS for gaming?[View]
566180189What makes a game have soul?[View]
566181924Why is this a case?[View]
566182532Melty Blood Type Lumina Color PAL editor: With the latest Famitsu Article we have properly seen info…[View]
566183405What was his endgoal?[View]
566183720They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I have theoretical degree in physics…[View]
566181386Is this worth buying on sale for the second time? Sonic mania thread i guess.[View]
566181658He's in.[View]
566175476Imagine buying a Steam Deck for LESS performance[View]
566169840PC requirements have been released for Battlefield 2042. Does your rig make the cut? Mine meets the …[View]
566181312>chinese humor[View]
566182129>that reviewer who keeps comparing NEO to Persona 5[View]
566183307ITT: 'Oh God Oh Fuck' levels: post 'em[View]
566182317>you now remember Bayonetta 3 will be held back by the switch and run sub 40 fps whenever it come…[View]
566183251>$70 games plus tip >Stylistically identical to 15 years ago Gamers really like getting taken …[View]
566178225Anime games are important.[View]
566177108Battlefield Won[View]
566159537new pokemon snap: You guys enjoying the new update?[View]
566183132ITT: Bosses you hate[View]
566182068Luigi's mansion: Wario castle: It's literally a match made in heaven >Wario steals king…[View]
566176252Is there a reason to go Fullscreen instead of borderless windowed?[View]
566147462Post Digimon now![View]
566179574Boomers of /v/, what was it like when the OG Xbox first got announced? Was it taken seriously, espec…[View]
566182868Black Book: One week until release. Play the fucking demo and tame the fucking demon.[View]
566158848PS5 no longer sells at a net loss: Well, that was quick.[View]
566181986>sword shield is ba-[View]
566182689What music do you listen too while you think about playing video games while browsing /v/ for hours …[View]
566180072Why are there so many threads shitting on FF14?[View]
566176240Sometimes when I teabag people in games I feel terrible about it afterwards[View]
566174162Boomer shooter thread: Ten days to Realms Deep[View]
566181550The scanner just lit up like a christmas tree! We've got a Deep Rock Galactic Thread incoming!…[View]
566167274>Is based in your path[View]
566178172>graphics aren't impor-[View]
566181830What was his motive?[View]
566178952>Horizon Zero Dawn >Aloy At least theres a mod that makes her face slightly better looking an…[View]
566181985Is fighting games worth it on pc? And which one should I play with little bro?[View]
566182023Let's talk VC4 and who did you send with Raz.[View]
566148274why do you like princess peach?[View]
566181618Kingdom Hearts 3: I finally decided to buy this and holy shit the acting and plot is terrible. I wa…[View]
566167931Why they are unable to make Half-Life 3?[View]
566158538There are people that call this town 'Oh-Net' instead of 'Won-Net' following the number town namin…[View]
566181778Fate: Here's your Vortigern[View]
566174562>Persona fans aren't ped-[View]
566171512Doom slayer Ike: he will make a good doom slayer not gonna lie[View]
566179150This makes no sense.[View]
566167571>2021 >no streamer/e celebrity plays Deus Ex why? really make you think doesn't it.…[View]
566177719Filename Thread: Filename Thread[View]
566180691>Slayers event Give me one good reason why you're not playing Ragnarok right now.…[View]
566181351>the version of a game most people is one missing one if its best moments Why is this allowed?…[View]
566181710Is it worth $1?[View]
566178994New World: I think New World will be a good combination of various MMO systems with a good future po…[View]
566179090Is this good character design?[View]
566181513>W-w-w-w-w-wow will die.... t-t-t-t-t-t-t-this time for sure...!![View]
566169913Kaede website.[View]
566180414PS5 is better: PS5 SSD I/O Advantage PS5 5.5GB/s ▬ Xbox Series X 2.4GB/s ▬ Ultra-fast performance ar…[View]
566178059never ever[View]
566179003ray-tracing is b-[View]
566172230Why exactly do people consider this character to be relatable? I doubt most of us are afraid of Wadd…[View]
566181283refute this[View]
566165509Finish. Your. Backlog.[View]
566173001Why do so many people pretend to like ffxiv? Is this a cult or something?[View]
566160052Why did no one tell me the first AssCreed had such a kino story? I've played every AC starting …[View]
566171664Thank god[View]
566180552Has v ever broken: A game? I usually don't do what the game expects me to and i 'ruin' the expe…[View]
566169610It's a surprise that a greedy man like Todd didn't release the remaster version of these g…[View]
566177295What makes Halo so kino?[View]
566153137Alcina. Alcina Dimitrescu.[View]
566174737Now that WoW is dead, can we try again?[View]
566180831ITT: good weapon design[View]
566180791>ruins your fighting game[View]
566172169Was it good?: Or merely shilled until forgotten?[View]
566176094Is this the most hype guest character reveal in fighting game history?[View]
566173612ITT A.I. moments of questionable actions[View]
566180585Minecraft improved combat mod: Gentlemen... mod support won. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxzuYR_…[View]
566153723are gache gamers gonna be alright?[View]
566180359I don't get it: I don't get it https://youtu.be/4CC5N1_bZsQ[View]
566180447What kind of mode are you going to make, /v/?[View]
566179775I reinstalled Second Life. Anyone wanna join me?[View]
566163318Hitman: You don't really use the Sieker 1 do you? Surely you arent that much of a casual?…[View]
566166553What went wrong?[View]
566180208Why don't skeletons in games have more ectoplasm?: It protects them against blunt attacks. It c…[View]
566177785Type how much are you cool[View]
566179909What was his endgoal?[View]
566180021Is Sonic made for trannies?: Everyone knows that Sonic and it's fans are associated with mental…[View]
566175565This movie sucks[View]
566148576We all agree that she's Seath's and Gwynevere's daughter, right?[View]
566178727>*makes glitch cheaters & CE users seethe*[View]
566178996Dota 2 is a dogshit fucking game[View]
566179637Where the fuck are the new sonico games? Nitroplus earns like 10 million dollars a month I doubt a v…[View]
566179593>Eliminate all the enemi—[View]
566172946African Royals: What's the /v/erdict?[View]
566177445What is your opinion on Steam games with these tags?[View]
566179512My god... onions got to him bros...[View]
566175383They didn't learn anything after making Evolve, did they?[View]
566179095HOI4 thread. What mod are you playing?[View]
566154617>Randy is being based for once What the FUCK.[View]
566154384>holds L2 in your path lmao nothing personnell beastie[View]
566179390Something about the next two expansions just didn't feel right, like they didn't even both…[View]
566173286Videogame items you'd like to try irl[View]
566178186>there are rich people out there with console rooms >rooms dedicated to a single console only…[View]
566176665Useless Minecraft features: >Bats when unseen, allow you to know there is a cave nearby— assuming…[View]
566179230I'm tilted: I hate this pink motherfucker like you wouldn't believe.[View]
566165173>I heccin love video game preservation. People should play janky, outdated video games from muh c…[View]
566155391>have a hot girl as main character in your game >kill her off so some blonde haired fag can go…[View]
566174036Has there ever been a really rare item or something in a game that you've spent a ton of time o…[View]
566174310just cause 2: ahh.... perfection[View]
566178770s&box thread: Decryption key when?[View]
566177610ITT: enemies that unnerve you[View]
566173778Is this the next big MMO?[View]
566126086Why do people hate Skyward Sword's enemy design?[View]
566144365He's in. https://twitter.com/Jewels_Booty/status/1422764152251105280[View]
566178346I GOT A BAD IDEA[View]
566166205Red Alert 2: >Gentlemen, it's a nuclear device. >Time is running out. >What do?…[View]
566144753ITT: Game that are without question the worst entries in their series that idiots and people dumb en…[View]
566176981How do I level up in real life?[View]
566172202Who is the Fate servant with the best backstory and it is Nero?[View]
566178250Games where the goal is to go deeper: what are some games where you go down and down and down and do…[View]
566177252eehhh guys: This game is fucking gay[View]
566172443Bayonetta: Bayonetta 3 when?[View]
566168691Santa Monica>Downtown>China Town>Hollywood[View]
566173787Japanese character design is superior[View]
566177370Link is NOT bottomless see? You can stop trying to look now[View]
566177756Psalm 137:9: Close your eyes. Let your ears listen to the radio. Do you hear my voice? Can you hear …[View]
566175919>play some TF2 pub >lose match >'someone commented on your profile' steam message appears …[View]
566169172Learn how to play P.N.03 (also, Vanessa's rump): ITT we teach the uneducated how to play P.N.03…[View]
566171127Only one man can save Xbox...and that man is CLIFF BLEZINSKI[View]
566177227whats the letterboxd for vidya: Any sites like this?[View]
566167352Bioshock 4: What are your >hopes >dreams >fears For this game? What setting/characters sho…[View]
566169803gameplay > music > atmosphere > graphics/story[View]
566165441Per all the criteria of canceling, Mario deserves to go. If Aunt Jemima and the Cleveland Indians ca…[View]
566171082OMG LADS wtf this trash just popped up into my eyes yeah it did..[View]
566176609This is on-topic because some people here still haven't gotten their new shiny GPUs and in turn…[View]
566171163Ever wondered what ps2 games would look like with ray tracing?[View]
566172113Games only you liked[View]
566174132Is 4k a meme?[View]
566079739ITT: obscure / rare enemies: must actually be able to find in the game through normal means, no dele…[View]
566173398>skip mw19 of retard file size >get cold war instead and have fun leveling up >buy mw19 two…[View]
566163850Scorn thread: Hey guys i gave you like 20 dollarydoos four years ago. Where's my game?[View]
566176138What's some good vidya gusic[View]
566176772Switch: Should I sell my physical copies and buy a V1?[View]
566172681TF2 Mobile: https://youtu.be/fzNhvseYGAg what does /v/ think?[View]
566161040>release MMO that is smaller than Durotar in classic wow >no new content until winter (maybe)…[View]
566174182Was anyone else expecting a super Luigi 3D world dlc to come out of the year of Luigi?[View]
566167421>Walk 10 meters in starting area >Get killed by invisible anomalies and radiation you have lit…[View]
566142997Worth playing or skip?[View]
566173653Resident Evil: Whats /v/'s predictions for RE9? Will the old cast be back?[View]
566176312What remasters and rereleases are you excited for?[View]
566175590What was his endgoal?[View]
566176101Who was Kojimbo trying to warn us about with this?[View]
566174980>Snake kills dozens of Russians and Genome Soldiers >'Haha, it's just like one of my anim…[View]
566175769Why does this board hate Path of Radiance? It's not hard but it's comfy[View]
566175841He's out in NA now. Also, Elsword thread.[View]
566172823What did Detroit: Become Human (2018) mean by this?[View]
566173945Vidya Waifu Thread: Who's you're vidya waifu? Mine's LilyPichu from Overwatch 2. She…[View]
566168202My friend mutes all music in every video game he plays[View]
566172913Easy mode.: I have executive functioning issues and adhd (diagnosed). As a result of this the slow a…[View]
566173674why are there no games with tasteful designed characters and a soulfull overworld?: they look all ge…[View]
566161621Brutal DOOM better than DOOM Eternal[View]
566170127Difficulty levels are cancer: There should be one difficulty that is challenging but fair, that…[View]
566172073Twilight Princess Ganondorf death[View]
566175401The Forgotten City: Fuck statues[View]
566166602Will it ever happen, if not, what should happen instead?[View]
566125680Make AI vidya references: Use this python notebook to run the generator: https://colab.research.goog…[View]
566167239RACE SELECTION: >humans >humans with cat ears >humans with bunny ears >humans with drago…[View]
566168761>The Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted women in v…[View]
566175124How is it still kino all these years later? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN5WFBjjtfI[View]
566175007Psalm 137:9: Close your eyes. Let your ears listen to the radio. Do you hear my voice? Can you hear …[View]
566174158>Wake up >See this Wat do?[View]
566173627FNV Mods Mr. House edition: I just finished NCR ending and I want to go for a Mr. House playthrough …[View]
566165536Devs of the past were based. What happened to video games brothers?[View]
566174713>Soundtrack feels like it was composed in-universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f8EEk1TW5I…[View]
566172449Why the FUCK is there not a single playable woman in TF2? There are NINE men and only one of whom is…[View]
566172661ITT: Games that need a remaster[View]
566170497>unbalanced game never gets patched[View]
566174373the xfiles game is the greatest FMV game ever made[View]
566170714Greentext your last memorable/funny/ebin gaming moment I don't have any because I haven't …[View]
566172445MMO Races: Looking for an MMO that has a good playable lizardfolk race that isn't ESO or Everqu…[View]
566173604My steam controller is almost here bros!![View]
566173829Resident evil village is a good action movie game with somewhat good writing but boring gameplay. Al…[View]
566166138Whats /v/ think of Metro[View]
566172292What do they eat?[View]
566172420YOU! What is your race in the elder scrolls its khajiit, they look cute desu[View]
566159764Play Cyberpunk 2077 (PC)[View]
566173626*sips sõy latte*[View]
566173524>You want a game with sexy or cute girls? We have some gacha I think >You dont want gacha? We …[View]
566172959SMT V: You will make sure Tokyo stays safe right, son of man?[View]
566173715X and Y are severely underrated, and you'd be a fool not to think ORAS are a vast improvement o…[View]
566169770What the fuck, Sega.[View]
566159505Just saw on the news that Sony Games Division expects a 3 billion dollars profit this fiscal year. T…[View]
566172992video game thread.[View]
566173593GWENT: What's the consensus? Seems the new expansion is out just as I decide to come back to th…[View]
566170526Are you still hyped for the Made in Abyss video game?[View]
566173563why does she act like a flustered anime girl in her romance route[View]
566172716>playing as a heroine in dq3 and making sure you get the sexy personality gives you the biggest s…[View]
566171505Imagine running into Sakurai on the street out of nowhere. He's out and about with his wife, ma…[View]
566172249>You think you don't want my dick, but you do. Is this the final nail in the coffee for Bliz…[View]
566173204I'm making this mask in Blender3d but have troubles with mouth path, somebody give me advice[View]
566155427>Pokémon is shit now >Digimon got political Well anons, you ready to take the Yo-Kai pill?…[View]
566164975Welcome to RPGs, here are your party options[View]
566173075>play RPG >set MC's class to wizard >set his main love interest's class to fighte…[View]
566148606Are we hype for SOVL overdose boyos?[View]
566172441What's a game you play with your friends but rarely enjoy?[View]
566168350Holy shit this is kino Can't belive I didn't start playing this sooner[View]
566172395Is it dead?: I loved the game back in early 2020, but I got bored of playing the same stories again …[View]
566166025Finna play skyrim again. What’s your favorite build/race? I’m looking to mix it up. Feel free to dis…[View]
566169754So the optimal strategy in Bloodborne is to R1 spam everything right?[View]
566172783Reading the newspaper for an hour in Sapienza, Italy - ASMR - Hitman 3 - PC: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
566171494What was his endgame?[View]
566169176Any reason to keep this when I own a good Pc and a Switch?[View]
566142949literally who the fuck asked for this piece of shit? why couldn't you just make Ed the protag o…[View]
566172731it filtered millions[View]
566170164How does going back in time and killing Albert Eintein turn a bald russian into a japanese schoolgir…[View]
566168418bros...: Why does this game feel so satanic?[View]
566159832Mama mia!![View]
566166368Total War: Warhammer: Warhammer thread. Hows that campaign going lads How do we feel about the DLC?…[View]
566167852What do they eat?[View]
566172408>bad ending >is actually the good ending[View]
566172271>attack aircraft carrier group >strike group after strike group comes after me >4th one fin…[View]
566169526Why doesn't Miyamoto fight for better Yoshi games? It seems like Nintendo just gives the IP to …[View]
566167463What's missing from this photo?[View]
566157243AC Valhalla Any Good?: Just want to play a Viking game, don't really care about the AC franchis…[View]
566171292HOLY SHIT HE'S IN: Beat from Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio is coming to Super Monkey Ball Ban…[View]
566171854How to make the newgroundsplayer run good?[View]
566162395What are some immersive games that aren't tryhard walking simulators?[View]
566171792would it have been better if link's awakening and link between worlds switched systems they wer…[View]
566171012Here is your final smash dlc[View]
566168827monitors: in the market for a new monitor, is it worth splurging for a 144hz monitor if I don't…[View]
566170770ITT: Strong studios forgotten by time. Post companies that mattered to the core crowd in the past th…[View]
566170732>shell out for graphics card and build a PC what is there to play on this shit? Just better versi…[View]
566136854Designed for gooners.[View]
566171430Is Rockstar gonna try and make a more realistic game after red dead 2 or maybe something more arcade[View]
566163753>higher difficulties give enemies more health and more damage This is such fucking lazy design. A…[View]
566112482/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>566068441 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
566171457How the fuck are you supposed to beat the subway level?[View]
566160812>an obscure japanese game from 2004 still has the best two handed combat in the industry Explain …[View]
566161957*Completely Shits on overwatch* How did they do it[View]
566146831>*is superior to all other alternatives*[View]
566156861Was there any point to this, other than pandering to fucked up coomers?[View]
566109804Nickelodeon all stars brawl: She is in[View]
566171217Somebody help me: But nobody came No one is coming to help us[View]
566162765Boomer Shooter Thread: Realms Deep soon[View]
566129920EGS $130M LOSS: OHHH NO NO NO NO https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/130m-loss-expected-for-epic-gam…[View]
566169561Dead Space Remake: How do we save it bros?[View]
566169805Final Fantasy Birth By Chaos Over Days Dissidia Ducktales Edition: CHAOS THINKS BEATRICE IS JESSICA …[View]
566166274What exactly is 'video game culture' to you? Is it a meta of how people play video games? Criticism/…[View]
566145467Genshin Impact: Did you finish current event yet? I still didnt even explore all of Inazuma and thus…[View]
566160175SKELTON GAMERS: What games let you play as Skeletons? Skeleton Gamers report in. Benefits of Skeleto…[View]
566150920Any games like this but still alive?[View]
566166048Name 1 (one) protag that doesn't have a stereotypical vidya character occupation.: absolutely n…[View]
566169420You did play it, right? you're not a zoomer anon??[View]
566169302Idol master thread[View]
566162271Beat coming to Super Monkey Ball: GET IN HERE JET SET RADIO BROS... because it's the only thing…[View]
5660975572021 year of the Linux gaming desktop We're gonna make it tuxbros[View]
566170425How do you guys find time to play videogames? I work 50~60 hours per week and only have time for eat…[View]
566163393Why would you ever promise to put someone's OC into a video game? OCfags are genuinely the most…[View]
566170301What kind of tools are still playing Blizzard games at this point?[View]
566159648How does this mouse deal with dead skin?[View]
566125971Post your 1 HP face[View]
566168968Realistically, could anyone here beat Mario in a 1v1 fight to the death?[View]
566137035What's your favorite race to play as in video games?[View]
566169193The Steam Deck? We made it up.[View]
566170254Why do you buy the chigyu games, Anon? Why don't you buy a PlayStation 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dra…[View]
566159842>play competitive team game >don't feel like playing anymore >leave in the middle of t…[View]
566169669OBLIVION mods: I want to play oblivion what mods should i get? Is there a good repack?[View]
566170178why does nintendo show off phantasmagorical proof of concept trailers only to pull the rug out from …[View]
566167883Counter Strike: >multiple maps >everyone just plays de_dust only I dont get it.…[View]
566162105My main gaming device was the WiiU for 2/3 of the eighth generation. AMA[View]
566169904she killed millions and is into bestiality how is she not in prison yet[View]
566166865Fuck JRPGs[View]
566162221SMT V DEMON SHOWCASE #49: Today’s demon: Chironnupu Next: Shiisaa https://youtu.be/YwduPShikCY…[View]
566168867Happy 2021 Bowser Day, /v/![View]
566168675Do they actually talk about the game?[View]
566160436WoW is a chad game: noticed how he's playing WoW and not FFXIV or TES online?[View]
566158408I think Final Fantasy XV sucks.[View]
566165503>Zool is back Who asked for this https://store.steampowered.com/app/1647730/Zool_Redimensioned/ h…[View]
566168637What if Junpei was in persona 5?[View]
566160006What happened to Etrian Odyssey?[View]
566161509Is every content creator just a backpedaling grifter nowadays?[View]
566164784>he actually waits patiently for games to go on sale instead of pirating them…[View]
566169127Which dq hero do you like the most?[View]
566143794this game ruined fighting games. how can such an irredeemably shit game hold so much influence over …[View]
566167945Good Sixth Gen Licenced Games[View]
566168275Play overwatch[View]
566168903MFW I MISSED THE FUCKING ANNIVERSARY PLAYTHROUGH Also eye divine cybermancy thread[View]
566138617>he plays a Hyur[View]
566161732You think you're a gamer? If so, solve THIS![View]
566153418Why have graphics stopped advancing?[View]
566166408Hey anon *smooch*[View]
566143226>So many anons shitting on others by calling them consoomers I don't understand, why is that…[View]
566164747what does xbox taste like?[View]
566165720Why dont game developers add skimpy male armor to go with female bikini armors? Is it because stuido…[View]
566165915/v/idya punches: Do you think you could take a punch from Adam Jensen? All that spit coming out when…[View]
566160778>doesn't know how famous orc and goblin hentai is >human characters are ugly and there is…[View]
566163186>say something completely benign in vc >annoying friend says to shut the fuck up…[View]
566159539what happened to the tales killer?[View]
566162318who does this appeal to?[View]
566159381Couldn't this game have done without all the artificial difficulty bullshit like Divine Confett…[View]
566154225What are some good, non-politcal games?[View]
56616852715 hours in RDR2 and always forget horses doesn't work like skyrim and get myself killed in the…[View]
566168106Will Killing Children Ever Become A Common Thing In Modern Vidya?[View]
5661671933, 24, 20, 12, 19, 17, 17, 22, 19, 23, 19, 4, 0, 7, 6, 7, 19, 10, 12, 16, 17, 6, 14, 4, 3, 17, 24, 2…[View]
566168205Will the NX save Nintendo?[View]
566164059SONY REPORTS RECORD-BREAKING PROFITS THROUGH PLAYSTATION: Looks like the PS5 is all set to win this …[View]
566160198Play Rivet[View]
566166089GARTIC PHONE: GET IN HERE https://garticphone.com/en/?c=0d450795f starting at 8 players[View]
566113518>CLEAR THE RAMP >30 SECONDS >GOD BE WITH YOU Can the last character you played as survive D…[View]
566167450You will never be a lalafell[View]
566160976Shadow Tower: Don't mind me, just posting From's best game[View]
566161152>I am Shintaro Kazuma >I have 2 adopted sons, both of whom I have murdered their parents >A…[View]
566165082>1440p monitor >have to downsample from 5k to eliminate jaggies…[View]
566166886What is the point of all those glorious assets if I can't se shit from top down perspective? Su…[View]
566166312Humble august choice. What do you think of it?[View]
566167153What percentage of game devs are Hamburger Helper types these days, and what impact have they had on…[View]
566157335Which game allows you to summon an army of skeletons?[View]
566164136>weebs actually play this shit and think it's a good game and has good writing KEKW…[View]
566165294*copies WoW*[View]
566167341So this is pretty bad[View]
566152921Will MMOs ever get good? Why are people obessed with two of the most shallow games out in the genre …[View]
566167195Fata Deum: Fata Deum, a new god game in the vein of old Molyneux masterpieces. What do you expect?…[View]
566162124These are the current Next Gen console sales. What does /v/ think?[View]
566160597ITT: good rpg games.[View]
566155127ITT: expy characters in vidya[View]
566166826weeb games are fucking boring post any better weeb game than pic rel[View]
566162874Dragon Quest 6: Dragon Quest 6[View]
566164908Games with the best eating mechanics?[View]
566163695What did I think of it[View]
566166613>and then he said, 'FPS is my favorite genre!'[View]
566166521>no Erusean princess gf suffering[View]
566155502What's THE best indie game that you played in the last 5 years?[View]
5661662512021 the GOAT??: The year still has 4 monthzs left but I think it is safe to say that this was the b…[View]
566153228Convince me to join the gamer club in school when I could join the anime club instead??[View]
566160457What went wrong?[View]
566161343ITT: villains who weren't evil just broken[View]
566164984Tell me in one (1) word why did it absolutely murder wow[View]
566164684is Bully good?[View]
566163229DayZ Standalone: The concept of an open world multiplayer survival game where you gather loot, fight…[View]
566161810I went into this with no nostalgia. I didn't play it back then. I liked shooters, fighting and …[View]
566156229>30fps is unplayable! No it isn't >But it is! No it isn't, or else there would…[View]
566158939Reboot Sonic: /v/ helps me reboot SONIC THE HEDGHEHOOOOOOOG. Not sure if I should be asking /v/ for …[View]
566161996What would you do if Half Life 3 was confirmed this evening?[View]
566165925Games made by 4chan: What are some games made my 4chan users, /v/? The least I know are Pokémon clov…[View]
56615941004/08/2021 I...am forgotten....[View]
566161463PS5 Pro when?[View]
566085478How's your game going, /v/?[View]
566146835Imagine the sex[View]
566162284Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania: https://youtu.be/S9qoiSIpzs8 JET SET RAAAAAADDIIIIOOOOOO…in Monkey B…[View]
566156953Alien Isolation is overrated. How is it fun cowering and hiding? I don't mind if games are diff…[View]
566165362>The best Halo game this year. >Released on PS5 how the hec…[View]
566165330What are some games you can enjoy with a touchpad? prefer not having to touch a keyboard aswell beca…[View]
566165307Is there a lore reason why she was so strong? Was she eating humans to get stronger or just killing …[View]
566157973Say goodbye to your head, wanka![View]
566157856Will I Regret Buying This?: would it bottle neck for 1440p? thoughts? i would get a 5600x but that m…[View]
566150946will play her game when it comes out?[View]
566158905What's their endgame?[View]
566165179Why can't Arc System Works make a functional, menu based matchmaking system? >muh quick play…[View]
566165065All right, what the fuck did they mean by this[View]
566164730I'M A GOOD GUY![View]
566145951Name 3 vidya characters who went through more pain and suffering than she did. I unironically can’t[View]
566164146Remember that time you got fed up with video games and wanted to quit, but then that one game made y…[View]
566163484Is jailbreaking a right?[View]
566158181August...I am forgotten...[View]
566163135How do I learn to like this game? On paper it ticks all the boxes, I download it every few months or…[View]
566148254How do you achieve 'atmosphere'?[View]
566091430Hey /v/ can you watch Aradia for me? I gotta run to the store for a bit.[View]
566160837>1 taps your entire team[View]
566164316How come EAfront doesn't come close to this?[View]
566164506>no playable Tengu Man, this game will never surpass WoW and FF14. What's next? GW2 reaching…[View]
566158884Doesn’t play WoW or XIV. What his actual fucking problem screwing up both games?[View]
566144351If it's not fun, why bother?[View]
566162004Is it worth getting on sale?[View]
566163717>play a game from the 90s/2000s >it's kino in every conceivable way >play a game from…[View]
566159049How often do you get into intense, heated debates on this board? What do you usually get into intens…[View]
566163517pseudo-lovecraftian games: post non-horror games that give you an uncanny/tense feeling of unease, e…[View]
566163975Outriders: Is it any good? might download the demo to check it out but anyone played the endgame (if…[View]
566160691this is the best rhythm game[View]
566163581I like playing video games :)[View]
566126486Buyfag Thread[View]
566152241What are other examples of blatant planned obscolescence you've seen in the video game industry…[View]
566158979post (actual) celebrities having good taste in games[View]
566153662How long after release until the disappointment kicks in?: >good drops are rare >combat is muc…[View]
566163195>souls like[View]
566162830Legend of Heroes thread. >Favorite arc Liberl, havent played the Crossbell games yet >Favorite…[View]
566163114Here’s your Steam Deck in 2022[View]
566163183Uldah is the best starting city, Change my mind[View]
566157834ehhhh reehhh, ehhh reeeh, eh reeeehhh, eh reeeeh, eehhh reeeeh, doo doo doo dooooo, eh reeeehhh, doo…[View]
566160026Anons, I'm really missing fishing right now. And it's one of those activities that actuall…[View]
566152594Blur didn't get the respect it deserved[View]
566160668>ok אהרון so how do we make the game hard? >idk אבא just make every boss one hit kill the play…[View]
566162501What the fuck /v/?! You lied to me. You said WoW was dead. It's the #1 fucking MMORPG on Twitch…[View]
566161679Name the game![View]
566161047>'Investors alleges that Activision Blizzard’s intentional failure to discloseits ongoing problem…[View]
566157493Best FF protag: For some reason Square thought the annoying faggot Zell would be a better main chara…[View]
566159334Video games have gone too far.[View]
566153072What games do your irl friends play?[View]
566152997What am I supposed to do in this game? Following the yellow guide leads me to a dead end, map conti…[View]
566154135>He's playing multiple games at the same time. Explain[View]
5661610633dfx: sus[View]
566161116good or shit it looks like stardew but not gay[View]
566160832>Recommends SSD that runs hotter than every other competitor What did Cerny mean by this…[View]
566161484is knuckles black?[View]
566149929Ghostrunner is free for the next 24 hours: And it's short enough that you'd probably be ab…[View]
566153498yesterday I finished the OC with a pally now I want to beat the expacs or even the OC again as a spe…[View]
566139207From the trailer shown on Nintendo Direct, SMTV is clearly a very wonderful title that explores how …[View]
566161514So are these worth picking up? I've already played most versions of these games already.[View]
566156141What was his fucking problem?[View]
566161159Zero Escape thread: How does Sigma and Phi's endgame for the AB project in VLR even work? Do bo…[View]
566157601ITT: memes that only oldfags will get[View]
566159457Sacred: It's a shame what happened to Ascaron, I miss this series so much, and none of the alte…[View]
566159771why isn't /v/ funny? aren't you guys suppose to be funny?[View]
566152787what are some of the best aging video games, something still replayable even today as of 7am on a We…[View]
566157085When does it get fun?[View]
566149224who's your favorite starter?[View]
566161119What are the best 'not a bad way to go' in video games?[View]
566144901Your honest opinion on Freyja from Fire Emblem?[View]
566157905Is the remastered version worth getting or should I just emulate it?[View]
566157923Is Menat the best SFV newcomer?[View]
566159431>his dad is still cursed what an asshole[View]
566149331>DUDE GO EAST LMAO [100 speech] >okay >DUDE KYS LMAO [100 science] >madman does it Who w…[View]
566135235Name 1 (ONE) WORSE game than CS:GO[View]
566153791What games do you play when you look like this?[View]
566160157Looking at the Johto Pokedex actually calms me down. It's the most downright pleasant set of …[View]
566157927Bobby and Dan Barrows[View]
566156827ITT:: Games that saved you >Be me 2017 >Extremely depressed >Gf left,Fired from job cuz aut…[View]
566154467FI FO FIRE! FO FI FO FIRE![View]
566159895>lp >lp >mp >Special >FADC >Ultra Every character. Why did people even like this b…[View]
566159815But there is one they fear and his name is Dovahkiin, Wyvernborn...[View]
566155483Hey Anon, we've got a job for you: Would you ever be a game tester? You do really like vidya do…[View]
566160079>RPG >Gnomes can go under tables SOUL[View]
566159886Fate Koyanskaya Order: Left or right?[View]
566154920these graphics suck compared to what was shown off a few years before they unveiled wind waker, ther…[View]
566157367You will buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.[View]
566157775Welcome home, Mr. Jensen.[View]
566155395HE'S IN! Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Thread[View]
566155310Did you enjoy playing her game? Remember to read Tsubasa and EP 9 if you haven't already[View]
566159569was saya getting 'raped' supposed to hint at the fact that she doesnt care about the protag or somet…[View]
566159538Is world or tanks dead? Even it's /vg/ general doesn't exist anymore, i have to go to fuck…[View]
566155480GTA online heist: I'm looking for people to do help me do some heists and preparing them. Good …[View]
566158786>finish game >immediately uninstall and never play it again…[View]
566149952>boss fight has multiple shield/invulnerability phases[View]
566154505>Two black ovals >Two diagonal lines slapped on them >One neutral/curved line >The pinna…[View]
566158082Post ya TF2 main. Get judged by other anons based on your main[View]
566156451>story has biblical allegories[View]
566157721Since mordhau is getting pozzed The devs want to add women and niggers in the next update What are s…[View]
566149194The most based man in the gaming industry.[View]
566159159>Ray tracing is just a gimmick, even though all major GPU vendors and console platforms support i…[View]
566157940Shenmue 3: On sale for $12. TWELVE DOLLARS. There is no excuse this time not to buy the sequel to th…[View]
566157005What does /v/ think of Scarlet Nexus?[View]
566158843I'm sorry, it's just not very good. IS didnt know the kind of game they wanted to make, th…[View]
566149145Why does nobody care about Psychonauts 2?: The first game was this critical cult hit, people begged …[View]
566158961She's in[View]
566154039just picked these bad boys up on gumtree what am i in for?[View]
566146189>he plays as mages in games[View]
566158842>game is easy because...you have good gear :)[View]
566155896Hey Friendo's, Steve here: And Larson[View]
566155491Value of a day one Switch: I know that the first batches of Switch had hardware faulties that can be…[View]
566157662post your iddle animation[View]
566148687Fall Guys: Crazy how it's already been a year This game had potential to be so much bigger than…[View]
566156612>267 days until S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2[View]
566090882Ace Attorney: How far in are you, /v/?[View]
566154103>character customization in a fps game why does such thing even exist?[View]
566129919What was owning one of these like?[View]
566157526this is deviantart: the game: say something nice about it.[View]
566147565What should i play?[View]
566158404Licensed games with soul: From the music to the oc character design, you can tell the team put a lot…[View]
566156121I miss it: Think we will ever experience another kart racer like this with events like the GPS? Poss…[View]
566157824Webm thread: High quality webms only[View]
566151324Video game girls should have strong legs because 1) Sex 2) Sex 3) ?[View]
566155650Has anyone else ever made their own musical lyrics based off video games they played? I did this one…[View]
566114004Welcome aboard, Captain.[View]
566154670Dark Souls 3 is the Bloodborne of Dark Souls games. Discuss[View]
566156809Roblox: When did Roblox became like this? I wish people like this'd disappear from the game...I…[View]
566139762i played Maplestory and a guy named Tiger, pic related, was the most dominant player in the entire M…[View]
566157828The Legion is hands down the best choice A hostile world requires strength and discipline to survive…[View]
566156561Where are the new good sim/strat games at? I need something autistic but not too much[View]
566155669>tfw ethereum hard fork tomorrow that will make mining less worth it now that crypto mining is dy…[View]
566157407Cassie, champion of the Paladins realm, my bae[View]
566157176ITT: handsome vidya protags[View]
566155831thank you ni-[View]
566152872The face of evil[View]
566152729You're gonna extract him?: ...why?[View]
566151672you can play just ONE game for the rest of your life, what is it /v/? Mine pic related[View]
566157059DnD: >be me >dm for group of adventurers >start hookin up w one of adventurers >ff(flash…[View]
566153920Sneed Bernie[View]
566151121>playing Witcher 3 >go to brothel for quest >notice that the prostitutes all have a backsto…[View]
566153980Trashy 'cinematic experience' '''games''': RDR2 is barely a video game, it's an interactive mov…[View]
566149343>4 chinks and 1 chinkette made one of the most SOVLFVLL game of the last few years How's you…[View]
566150290ITT: iconic multiplayer FPS maps[View]
566135905OG Fallout thread.[View]
566129903Ikaruga from the videogame series; Senran Kagura![View]
566148969Guys I thought of a joke and I need feedback: Wouldn't it be funny if we called homosexual elve…[View]
566154838>dodge attack >swerve around autiscally irl…[View]
566154080the graphics for this game look terrible compared to earlier games, the price of being open world on…[View]
566149387Accessibility controllers: I got a significant burn tonight and my pinky, ring finger, and middle fi…[View]
566153978Streets of SimCity[View]
566151431Surge 2: Who the hell actually bought this game, or even played LMAO[View]
566149138Let's talk about the upcoming image filetype called JPEG XL or .jxl. /g/ is too slow - - - - - …[View]
566152786THP8 was the peak of the series...: You can't refute this.[View]
566152248Feraligatr is badass[View]
566096654Games Workshop going after Total War modders: Pretty nuts. And this is GW, not CA.[View]
566153523What games let me press the xxxx and the yyyy[View]
566150896ITT: Only the chaddest characters[View]
566155562>Enemies can't open doors >Enemies drop guns that don't reflect the ones they are ho…[View]
566126230What's the appeal of this weapon? It deals less damage than stock and requires more aim, why do…[View]
566155179How's that gaming channel going? Remember, you've only got a few years left to make it.[View]
566147619So we're all in agreement that FighterZ is better than Strive correct?[View]
566152870What went wrong?[View]
566155861Start the fokin race faggit[View]
566155771name a single mod better than this. spoiler: you can’t[View]
566152141It took Yuji Naka 3 years to make this.[View]
566155446Salve, friend. Welcome to the Forgotten City thread[View]
566153673What yakuza bosses filtered you For me it's this faggot[View]
566151276>it's the weekend in 2006 >4kids just ended, now I'm alone at dad's pc >load…[View]
566154493Well anon, come on: Its time to pitch your best vidya gaem idea to us to see if we think its worth m…[View]
566152969>I was so interested in this game >when it came out I was hooked >the elemental mechanics w…[View]
566153010Peak launchercore.[View]
566149359>lowered the difficulty without my consent >only noticed it at the end of the game HOW DARE YO…[View]
566154445Autism: The game[View]
566153263I FUCKING HATE GAMEFORGE: God i fucking hate gameforge, HOW can one company be this fucking retarded…[View]
566153436It's based[View]
566153768<< This is Galaxy, requesting a status report on all Cascadian flight units operational in the…[View]
566153692Play advance wars as Flak[View]
566081957What went wrong?[View]
566154787>tfw the Ruinbringers remain on top[View]
566153045I never learned how to integrate the Caveman into my combos.[View]
566154276she's kinda cute ngl[View]
566154528>action game >player moves and attacks really fast >most enemies attack like they were desi…[View]
566153613what do you think of ranked arenas?[View]
566154173>jumps across the map >charges back and forth >spins tail heh, nuthin personnel hunter.…[View]
566139519ITT: Post a image get a game recommendation .[View]
566154183There’s like no fighting game worth getting into right now. They’re all either at the end of updates…[View]
566153931Can we talk about retarded game mechanics? Pic related. Final Fantasy 7 has shit like this too. Over…[View]
566153825Will it be kino?[View]
566134443Have you gotten over the disappointment yet?[View]
566149169Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Why aren't you playing the best remaster Square Enix has done yet…[View]
566152979Need some technical help pc bros When I'm playing some games like Insurgency Sandstorm and Mode…[View]
566139617How could there be a 'frat boy culture' at Blizzard? The sort of Soi gargling code monkey manchildre…[View]
566146357How did they get away with it?[View]
566138520SONY IS KILLING IT!!!![View]
566148063He's literally killed thousands of people just because they were digging for treasure and he wa…[View]

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