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452031862Is Monster Hunter: World a good game?[View]
452030132mario: mario[View]
452029932>this guy still is the head of Xbox No, phill. In videogame there's only one winner, you or …[View]
452031872ITT: concept art We almost got a muscle girl Morrigan.[View]
452030480How, exactly, does Anthem have 90+ awarded accolades when it was just released and being reviewed bo…[View]
452026064Comfy Friday Night Tetris Thread: Since Tetris 99 has been out for some time I thought I'd star…[View]
452031153Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
452031256How would you go about making an exciting American Civil War game?[View]
452031554Are there any games that capture the same feeling or themes as this movie?[View]
452031080Rec me some underrated ps2 games[View]
452031502>It's unironically good. Honestly, they should have kept all that stupid shit from the firs…[View]
452027550Far Cry 5: Hey this game is not so bad! why did you guys hate it?[View]
452031369ANTHEM SUCKSW![View]
452030908When this baby hits 55 you're gonna see some serious shit.[View]
452030470ITT: Shitty games that got what they deserved: Feels good knowing that the public sometimes has the …[View]
451965069What's the worst ending you've seen in a game?[View]
452024249>retards here thought she was talking about Smash OH NONONONO EDELGARD DECONFIRMED AHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
452029905Is this series the closest we have to Zelda 2 on modern systems[View]
452026906>anime avatar[View]
452009473Itt: classic minecraft parodies[View]
452031026Megaman X Music: This is indisputably the best theme in the X series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
452030620Smash bros announcement: Hello in the latest direct we got an announcement that we were going to get…[View]
452018948What are some good songs with lyrics in vidya? https://youtu.be/0N1_0SUGlDQ[View]
452028316>games are getting simpler as technology advances fuck this gay earth senpai…[View]
452030076Dont worry I got ya brotha![View]
452002302They see me floppin' they hatin'[View]
452027056Hopes? Fears?[View]
452020508Bioware is going to get shot in the head and left to die in a ditch by EA, aren't they?[View]
452029031TUMBLING DOWN[View]
452030139What went right?[View]
452027114everyone hating it that means we like it right?[View]
452022126>get a job >barely any time to play vidya on weekdays >too tired to play vidya on weekends …[View]
452030540Why aren't you playing a castlevania game right now?[View]
452025059Have you ever lacked the motivation to play vidya /v/? Did a specific game break the routine?[View]
452030441I can't believe the new president is literally named Doug.[View]
4520304153DS Thread: Post your homescreens.[View]
452004095DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Ding dong, best dbz game is here. Pick 32 characters from it and we'll…[View]
452028616SSSStevefags make Klungo very angry. They annoying and can't make reassssonable argumentsss exc…[View]
452020401>had to restart a chapter 3 times >now on the final mission with an unfixable bug that doesn…[View]
452028187What two characters can save fighterz?[View]
451971487Mods are distracted Quickly, post vidya catgirls[View]
452030057Hey Mari̭͚̝͉̕o̰̬̬,̪͓̙̬ l̝͈ͅò̙̖͙͎̺̹ok̟̰̰̺͉ w͈̘̪̥͖͕h̸̙̦̗̜͘͘a̡̭̺͓͎̣͕̦t͙̘̠̖̬̣͕͚ͅ Į͍͉͇͍̥͚̰͓͇̳̦͇̗̦́͘ͅ ̴̴…[View]
452027342Horror Games for the PC: What are some good indie horror games? We used to have a lot of them during…[View]
452027263'Here's your controller, bro.'[View]
452029098Modern Warfare Thread: I cant believe MW2 is dead...[View]
452025987ITT popular indies that you thought were trash[View]
452019449>2019 >still no good live-action videogame adaption movie How is this still the case almost 30…[View]
452025935Shockingly Above Average Surprise: Games that you really enjoyed for being above average and a consi…[View]
452029878is this game already out in Korea? if it is, does it play the same as the US version currently in Cl…[View]
452025589Did u rike it?[View]
452024245Reddit: The game.[View]
452028649Game Recommendations: Can someone recommend me games with this aesthetic? https://youtu.be/pueHiqWe…[View]
452029347My brother is streaming. I like to make him happy by shilling his stream. Stop in and shit post.[View]
452022085This game is fucking horrible: Barry still is based tho[View]
452027650https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb7EKOS774Q Does /v/ still love Fire Emblem?[View]
452020106>wants to destroy all worlds because he lost his waifu Why was he so based?…[View]
452029432So /v/, did you enjoy Reddit: The Game?[View]
452029189No game franchise has given me more pure joy than the Ratchet Ps3 games. Do any other games capture …[View]
452029478Post your RDR2 gallery[View]
452029449>tfw still 'soulsborne-esque' mmo I know there's Dragon's Dogma Online, but you know...…[View]
452029379Is it good?[View]
452007253Fuck Marry Cuddle[View]
452028603So far we have: >Metal Gear Solid >Sonic the Hedgehog >Mega Man >Pac-Man >Street Figh…[View]
452028938Was Cloud a fucking fag?[View]
452022574Is this game good?[View]
452028953>shadowbringers comes out >IT happens again It's going to be glorious.…[View]
452010070Did he and his fans deserve all the hate? they just wanted a new GS game.[View]
452028914Resident Evil 2: Why is Capcom pushing LeonxClaire angle in the remake?? They were clearly platonic …[View]
452027374REGIEEEEEEE???!! REGGIE?![View]
452017405Tell me games that really made you feel you went on a great quest or adventure[View]
452019080Halo: the master chief collection We have 14/16 players for CE customs, get in here Xbros! Message T…[View]
452028838[chair clattering][View]
452028817how nae finna dop this...[View]
452019135>Xbox Game Pass on Switch through streaming >Means Banjo, Forza and a ton of AAA games can be…[View]
452026945What are some of the best free games right now for my laptop, /v/?[View]
452028751It was actually pretty good[View]
451985491Why doesn't anyone care about good spritework anymore?[View]
452007159Be honest /v/, would you play a game where you only play as Zero Suit Samus ?[View]
452022235Just how bad is Dissidia NT? I keep seeing it in the bargain bin for about $8 and I'm always te…[View]
452026851Is he wrong?[View]
452023165What makes a good boss to you? Someone with a flashy weak spot that you need to hit 3 times? Someone…[View]
452023191This is a 19 year old Mexican: Her name is Angel, she has super human powers and incredible dexterit…[View]
452026680i'm going clinically insane: this legendary spanish eldorado spoken of in legend eludes me what…[View]
452025948Is this the same size as 2Bs ass?: There are a few people here who think this is a big butt. They ev…[View]
452013756>https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon (embed) Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy >https://www.twitc…[View]
452009359You know what to do[View]
452026118>stevefags and banjotards still arguing when the microsoft character is already chosen at this po…[View]
452028225Was this game too ahead of its time?[View]
452027941What do (((we))) honestly think of the new guy? Generic suit? Most people seem fixated on the meme n…[View]
452025520What does /v/ think of mousegirls?[View]
452026295post a game in the thread you've never played and others give their opinions on it and whether …[View]
452028107Battlestation thread![View]
452022643Who else is having fun?[View]
452028023ITT:: Only the best video game song covers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22vbhTi1ieI[View]
452024337THATS THE NAME OF THE GAME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRR39NsdNdg[View]
452027059>'select skin color' >picks the most nigger shade as possible…[View]
452023312in ultimate, why mario over dr mario? and vice versa[View]
452027902video games like this? what's the first game that comes to mind?[View]
452025241zelos or kratos?[View]
452027821This game is pure kino[View]
452025267*Ahem* Gentlemen..[View]
452027745get in here boys we'll try to keep it vidya related https://skribbl.io/?rM2tCTPi9J[View]
452019137>let's make zelda the leader of the champions even though she has zero powers and acts like …[View]
452025673How do I become a video game developer?[View]
452024472What went so absolutely right?[View]
452026879ITT: Images that didn't age well: I'll start with an easy one[View]
452027593>darkness is immune to all other elements[View]
452022585This has to be one of the worst single player experiences I've ever had in a video game The amo…[View]
452026334I tink Zeruda get stale, so I make Windu Waika. You hate Windu Waika and tink it fo babies, so I for…[View]
452027061Any games for this feeling?[View]
452027329Am i fucked if i went 7 chapters in without really learning any dragon moves from dojima? I dont kn…[View]
452026583Howdy folks.[View]
452027324>unskippable cutscenes and forced exposition >10 min long animations for literally everything …[View]
452019787What other clicker/idle games are worth playing? Universal Paperclips was pretty good >http://www…[View]
452026941Xbox-Nintendo Alliance under Bowser confirmed[View]
452025646I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that this E3 will be videogam…[View]
452025492Well, /v/? Do you?[View]
452025169With all the turmoil a new king is about to rise. https://bgr.com/2019/02/22/google-project-yeti-gam…[View]
452026908>western audiences bought the same shit since the xbox 360 era >now suddenly everyone hates th…[View]
452026817Play Yume Nikki fangames[View]
452026816Be honest /v/. How much quieter would this board be if most of you didn't spend every waking ho…[View]
452025442WoW Classic Thread >Faction, class, race, professions on your first main? >What are your plans…[View]
452023945I'm about to waste all of my money on this someone please stop me[View]
452020207Should kids under a certain age be prohibited from purchasing violent video games?[View]
452026186>tfw no GF perscribe me a gams for this fuel[View]
452024774Were Deus Ex and MGS 2 the last games attempting to say something meaningful?[View]
452022734Why does he pretend one of his arms is broken?[View]
452026164What company makes the highest quality action figures? I'm looking for some Kingdom Hearts 3 on…[View]
452025548>Xbox/Nintendo partnership >New Google console in the works >Steam finally has a competitor…[View]
452025297>you do nothing but play videogames >you still suck at them…[View]
452026567Come join me on my birthday! https://www.twitch.tv/venusargo[View]
452025751FeMC Joker discussion: If she actually ends up happening, how do you hope her design ends up looking…[View]
452025418can anyone come up with any other criticisms to combat this with other than 'diffrent gaemplay!!!11 …[View]
452024976Was the Majora's Mask remake really THAT bad?[View]
452022573What games properly delve into overcoming loneliness, through love and companionship?[View]
452022339>freeshop is kill >go to 3dsisos >3hrs download time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
452023745Is this the worst exclusive ever made?[View]
452022968Kingdom Hearts 3: >Make you wait over 12 years for a game >Ending is just a 'to be continued' …[View]
452023309>when your friends start talking a bunch of MMO Jargon in general chat[View]
452026034BATTLE BROTHAS!!![View]
452022853sleep tight, sweet prince[View]
452023053>we’ll never get a MGR2 where cyborg Chico is the main villain Fuck this…[View]
452018193How do you deal with edgy incels and underaged tweens online shouting at each other in multiplayer g…[View]
451970281>poorly describe a game >others try to guess it A ragtag crew of heavily armed deliverymen cra…[View]
452015689Would you guys say that bayonetta is Empowering to women or Objectifying to women? I'm for the …[View]
4520258862019..... I am forgotten...........[View]
452025438Games only you have played: Games only you have played[View]
452022838You have to have consensual loving sex with the last female party member you teamed up with. How fuc…[View]
452010947ITT: forgotten games: I'll start[View]
452025774Stop playing soku[View]
452024870Picked this up on the Steam sale, it's pretty great desu. Any of the DLC worth buying?[View]
452025261>beat Arena owner >'The arena was shut down.'…[View]
452025676*saves the game*[View]
452020628Hows that backlog going /v/? Personally I'm playing sonic adventure right now[View]
452023254Best combat on the NES. Underrated game.[View]
452020854Will he have a chance to release Dragon Age 4 bros[View]
452022301>it's a good game,just not a good [bad franchise] game[View]
452025245Hey oldfags, what was the name of that guy who programmed an entire forum full of AI posters he woul…[View]
452023928will they ever remake this kino?: only problem was the abysmal camera[View]
452024068Why was BotW Link more beloved compared to other links?[View]
452025382This is an American battleship[View]
452024875>download a game >by the time it finishes installing don't feel like playing any more …[View]
452024564This triggers mainland chink.[View]
452025093should there be a new 4chan MC server: I believe that due to MCs stunt in popularity at this moment …[View]
452024971What's the fuck was his problem?[View]
452024807What was the last 'real' era of gaming?[View]
452024938Lets link vidya game music we enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5P3HMPe3Jw[View]
452024368>duel takes place in a jigsaw trap[View]
452019727How do you go from this:[View]
452024871Is Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI EULA Really That bad? does anyone have reasons etc???[View]
452022365In your dreams, magical thoughts. All things are real, unless you dream they're not~[View]
452023804Fuck this game[View]
452024693Have you truly beaten the Mario games if you use warp pipes?[View]
452016460How do I find a decent way to start playing this game? I dont own a PSP[View]
452024730ITT: Post Old Flash/Bowser/Shockwave vidya: Also share links to said gaems if they still exist so an…[View]
452023535Post your Number of Vidyas per console: >Sega Genesis: 15 >SNES: 9 >Gameboy: 18 >Game Ge…[View]
452024434*ahem* FUCK THE BEAR AND FUCK THE BULL[View]
452024164How do you feel about Midna? I definitely like her better than any of the other LoZ companions.[View]
452023676What's a Advance Wars thread?[View]
452004938>watch overwatch league >literally every game is 3 tanks and 3 supports vs 3 tanks and 3 suppo…[View]
452021897'We are the result of an experiment aimed at creating a superconsciousness called 'C-Consciousn…[View]
452018440Comfiest and Nostalgic songs: What are the comfiest songs? https://youtu.be/1bdfqYVmNmM https://yout…[View]
452023408Have you ever raged online through your mic before ? >Be me 1 month ago >Play Red Dead Online …[View]
452021569Are you ready for the new P5 Pc edition?[View]
452023868>Have 70 characters to choose from >Many have diverse and interesting movesets and stats >P…[View]
452014519Video Game Betrayals: The Video Game Industry Crash of 1983 Timed Exclusives Superman 64 Ultima IX S…[View]
452005169Has anyone of you had adverse side effects from using VR?[View]
452022842So /v/, did you enjoy Reddit: The Game?[View]
452022895giv fem joker[View]
452010773Was fallout nv that good?[View]
452022416play the game faggot[View]
451989449Why do Female Argonians have breasts?[View]
452024260https://noclip.website/ >can look at maps and models from games demonry…[View]
452022763He's in.[View]
452023992smash dlc: I have a source with ties to a higher up at Namco and while I cannot disclose who either …[View]
452011439yakuza: Brave are you enjoying kiwami?[View]
452022397Webm thread[View]
452023997What are some good html games?[View]
452022348What did you think of Octo Expansion in terms of its gameplay and story?[View]
452019123What is the consensus? I like the new civs, even if they're a little gimmicky.[View]
452015662have you pre-ordered Fate/Extella Link yet[View]
452022780The Longest Sword in Hyrule: How long do you think Ganondorf's penis is /v/? I want to see data…[View]
452019058ITT: Games no one remember[View]
452017861ITT: Things that are fucking disappointing about Smash Ultimate, or as I like to call it, SSBU. Fuck…[View]
452016719Remember when Smash Bros was about Nintendo All-Stars?[View]
452002947DMC Threado postin' fake spoilers until we get real ones[View]
452023686https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdgmH9Vv2-I Post vidya trailers with the bad guys winning / getting …[View]
452022229What happened to movie-tie in video games? They were all the rage in the early to mid 2000s[View]
452011997best way to emulate this fucker?[View]
452022168Did he really do anything wrong?[View]
452022682Why didn't /v/ tell me this game was so good? It's pulpy, fun, satisfying and a whole bunc…[View]
452012019What was the last game you went to a midnight release of, /v/?[View]
452022064>Underground ruins changed to a generic cave. >Torch is stapled to the cave wall instead of be…[View]
452018102Talion is dead. This is your main character for Middle Earth 3.[View]
452023268Banjo-Kazooie thread: They're in[View]
452023056*ruins your game*[View]
452022209Kind of disgusted from the celebrations here about the possibility of vulnerable people being fired:…[View]
452017380>evil version of the protagonist is just a recolor of them[View]
452018723ITT: Characters that /v/ didn't save[View]
452021318Fucking Maintenance edition. When are we getting our own VG thread edition? Will Kurtz even be that …[View]
452021412Why didn't Snake just shake his hand?[View]
452022469Jetpack Joyride thread[View]
4520197768 days until they come home boys[View]
452022073guys i found herobrine what do i do?[View]
452019679Describe the next evolution to battle royale games[View]
452020262Do we agree all agree that Link's Awakening is the best final boss fight in the Zelda series? A…[View]
452018897Is Bayonetta a feminist game?[View]
452017352Best menu song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9ChkYgrBtQ[View]
452021781When will Westerndevs finally put out a good game in 2019?[View]
452022057Vaporware: Vaporware[View]
452020662>no ps4 version Why is namco fucking us over?[View]
452019980kinect: did you enjoy the kinect? do you have any memories from playing it with friends?[View]
452021225holy fucking SOUL[View]
452018849I fucking miss this[View]
452017223Monster Hunter World is too easy and casua--[View]
452021890How are you guys enjoying Dirt Rally 2.0 so far?[View]
452019826HAPPENING!!!: https://web.archive.org/web/20190223025200/http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/02/or…[View]
452017852I have this mental dilemma. I have a Steam wishlist of indie games. They range from about ten to twe…[View]
452020205I just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
452015963WoW Classic Thread >Faction, class, race, professions on your first main? >What are your plans…[View]
452019808Kid Icarus: Uprising: What would you like in the sequel that's not coming for like more 18 more…[View]
452022063/v/ 2025: Where the fuck is Diablo 4? I thought Blizzard being acquired by THQ Nordic would mean the…[View]
452016098KH3 cope thread: Why was it so disappointing bros? https://youtu.be/XtbmsqOZays[View]
452022029>EA releases game >the vast majority of people complaining have obviously never played it >…[View]
452011673Let's be real for a second, this is the greatest JRPG ever made.[View]
452014143>Paid reviews don't exis-[View]
452017562Sekiro will obviously be better than Nioh 2 and Ghost of Arkham, but will it live up to fan expectat…[View]
452019662What's wrong with Incineroar exactly?: He's been a blast to play in Smash so far[View]
452020862Fallout _ 3 ___[View]
452009891Did you roll for any Dragonflower bait?[View]
452018567I just beat the 5th dungeon (second one in the dark world). Should I drop this shitty game, or does …[View]
452021383Post your Granblue Fighter V main.[View]
452020779So /v/, did you enjoy Reddit: The Game?[View]
452000121/v/ Plays - Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart: Fast Friday Fun SRB2 kart is a Mario kart like mod on the doom …[View]
452018580My father's brother's uncle's lost bastard son is Sakurai's brother and can conf…[View]
452011594Guess the metacritic score. Personally I'm going with a 65.[View]
452017541Any hope that GTA 6 will be more Sopranos than Breaking Bad?[View]
452021642Is paying streamers to advertise your game a bad thing? Is it pitiful? Or is it just them trying to …[View]
452018553Well let me have a rule and a saw and a board[View]
452020073>FF15 took a long time to release and it sucked >KH3 took a long time to release and it sucked…[View]
452019441what are some must have switch videogames? other than smash and BotW ofc[View]
452000520Is this sarcasm or do 'gamers' actually act like this? I can't fucking tell. What is this shit?[View]
451987963Bring back Kaito![View]
452015013Kingdom Hearts Thread: Official Kingdom Hearts series ranking chart[View]
452020124>Getting a lag stab in Dark Souls[View]
452013689Nier: Automata: >play through nier automata >try to play in japanese >there's a lot of…[View]
452004069Classic General: Holy shit this game is sublime, what other 10+ year old vidya are you playing for t…[View]
452020010Just got one of these for pretty cheap and I'm new to VR gaming. It came with three sensors and…[View]
452019768Who thought this was a good idea? https://youtu.be/u_JNoENvhnY[View]
452004473What a great game, holy shit. How do I fill this void in my life now?[View]
451996505Did you cry?: Because i sure did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKOKRmwxb-w[View]
452017537This is my first time plaing SMT IV and also my first SMT game, are there any tips and advice i shou…[View]
452018802If I won my local lottery of around 300 million could I potentially get a hold of her IP from Square…[View]
452019984Tree of Savior: best cos play ever[View]
452018250I'll definitely stick out if a walk around like this... Hey, I'm in a bind, here. Do you m…[View]
452019948>game as a live service[View]
452012939>buy for $20 >still not worth it what a pile of fucking trash, how did this happen…[View]
452019793Post mains and GSP. also does anyone know the highest known GSP? I'll start: Diddy Kong 3.9M[View]
452019748post videogame characters and music they'd listen to[View]
452012795Why does /v/ keep saying Overwatch is a dead game?[View]
452019698Minecraft Hunger Games is still the best Battle Royale[View]
452017979Stop playing bad games[View]
451951893/v/idya drawthread: Previous thread >>451912289 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
452018917What's he listening to[View]
451999352You may not like it, but this is what peak Metroid looks like[View]
452018029Garbage control customization: What the hell is wrong with jap developers? Input menu is the most co…[View]
452010756Why did Lawbreakers fail?[View]
452018968Best Lobby Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcnKBu_uUZc[View]
452017769OH NONONONO[View]
452016542Why is no one talking about this? it comes out in 2 weeks[View]
452008654It's honestly not that bad and I'm struggling to understand why just mentioning the name o…[View]
451975719Armored Core: Thoughts? Opinions? Favorites? Any hope for a new game or is From stuck on the Souls f…[View]
452017691What are some wholesome games? Or games that take place in a rural setting.[View]
452014991>Fallout 76 redemption story https://bethesda.net/en/article/7Lw6jVvhjzSNzuUMmKZgwn/fallout-76-10…[View]
452018141hold these steam keys for me, will ya?[View]
452010965S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is the best game series that has ever existed. Here is a discord for …[View]
452002959GRACIAS SORA![View]
452018354Did they think nobody would notice this gibberish?[View]
452016346IT'S DENTON REMEMBER THE Deus Ex thread[View]
452015908ITT: Put googly eyes on vidya characters[View]
452018551What went wrong?[View]
452018290>protagonist of the first game has to be rescued by the protagonist of the second game…[View]
451979102It hurts[View]
452017938MK11 Thread: Will she be back bros? She’s my main.[View]
452017570What are some good Jewish games?[View]
452010153What does 'ethics in games journalism' mean to you?[View]
452017279See you at E3 bros[View]
452017960Did Undyne brutally murder children?[View]
452015970Is there anything actually worth playing on this piece of shit? (I'm a grown man btw so no baby…[View]
452016952Remember this shit?[View]
4520178173DS Thread: Just bought one from Craigslist for only $120 which included everything in pic related. …[View]
452016930Absolute mad lad[View]
452017567>party disbands[View]
452016321I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you don't own your Steam games.[View]
452014608Why is he so perfect?[View]
452017731One year ago today (Feb 22nd), Fortnite Season 3, arguably the season where the game really blew up …[View]
452016946God this is shit. Just played the demo. 60 bucks for a full version of this? Revisiting the same shi…[View]
452017635252 KB PNG Ok, bu WHAT IF >Link and Cloud are ganging up on Ganondorf, who has kidnapped Zelda …[View]
452012619Any particular reason this is 42 fucking gigabytes big? Even in 2019 that seems crazy to me. Still, …[View]
452015903its on faggots, theyre gonna take the servers down[View]
452004764I've never seen a man so deflated about the current state of video games.[View]
452017440What are some KINO twist endings?[View]
452017291What happened i thought the E3 Trailer was pretty cool[View]
451983036>gets early review code to review game >reviews game negatively and honestly >EA blacklists…[View]
452016648gen 8[View]
452013787Tree of Savior: uu~i?[View]
452017258I'm angy. ANGRY AT NINTENDO![View]
452017327Minecraft server: B4GV7.mcserv.me No rules, have fun.[View]
452011168I thought you guys said the online was playable now. 80% of my matches in quickplay feel like they h…[View]
452017204It’s Friday night, where are the fucking /v/keend lobbies? Let’s fucking get drunk and have some fun…[View]
452015986OH SHIT[View]
452015720Traitors Who Did Nothing Wrong: Post lovable traitors[View]
451980579ITT: anime character you want in smash[View]
452017030XLINK KAI DISCUSSION THREAD: For those of you who don't know, Xlink Kai is program that allows …[View]
452011687TWO MORE WEEKS[View]
452013867Mobile Gaming: Give me your recommendations, gachafags need not reply[View]
451992136DOA thread?[View]
452014949Favorite Games: https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/ Post those 3x3's, 4x4's, or 5x5…[View]
452011470Let's have a buyfag thread. Anything in the mail? Anything arrive recently? Figures, artbooks, …[View]
452016883Why is /v/ so full of casuals?[View]
452014275Badly describe a game, other /v/tards try to guess what game it is. Starting with an easy one Some s…[View]
452013892ITT: Disappointing dlcs.[View]
452006520So, where are them?[View]
452016742Finding John Marston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NuYx8oP_S8[View]
452015818What games lets you slay abominations with your bare hands?[View]
452014374she wasn't bad just cute and airheaded[View]
452016631they are unstoppable[View]
452004562What song immediately comes to mind when you think of Vice City?[View]
452011235Final fantasy: Which entry is your favorite?[View]
452016530Friday Night at SCP: Secret Laboratory: >twocows.mooo.com:7777 GET IN HERE BOYS…[View]
452016362>multiplayer mode >player characters have a lot of random voice lines and dialogues that make …[View]
452013571Nadine from Uncharted 4 wasn't supposed to appear in the game: Really makes you think[View]
452014591When did you realize Makoto was best girl?[View]
451997273Utawarerumono: You did buy it right?[View]
452014691Is there an MMO out there where I can create my own adventures with strangers or is all lame questin…[View]
452016452ITT: monsters that should return in Iceborne[View]
452016410what are some other games where the main characters die on a boat and are replaced by a similar look…[View]
451993537I was really enjoying the game until he showed up. It feels like there's no risk of him killing…[View]
452016121ATB and turn based combat: Why do modern gamers hate this so much for? Why can't they understan…[View]
452015725Tekken thread. Who are you maining? Have you won a local yet? Thoughts on the new characters in unde…[View]
452015268Remember how soulful Mario was before the 'New Super Mario' series? Well, that's NEVER coming b…[View]
4520161953D Platformer Suggestions: Sup fellas. Just finished Spyro Reignited and while it was fun it was way…[View]
452014597Meruru and Totori will only be playable via DLC in Lulua. Calling it now.[View]
452015048Fuck sake, it literally triggers me when I see whole YouTube and all other fucking review outlets so…[View]
452000594Ok so let me get this straight. From what i can understand. Chrom is one of Marth's children. C…[View]
452014589Be honest /v/, how much sex do you think she has? Think she does it with rodin every other day? Mayb…[View]
452015854>80 employees have left DICE since early 2018 following dissapointing BFII and BF:V That's a…[View]
452015835>make post with links to a news article that talks about new denuvo crack >ok >make post to…[View]
452015485I've finished beating the final boss on hyperdevotion noire but i didn't get the true endi…[View]
452015758There's like 7,000 of these games. Are they any fun?[View]
452012237Recommend niche/not obvious games based on what the Anon above you says they like. Example >I lik…[View]
452014961Gaming has not gotten worse it has gotten better. The 2000s was truly the downfall of gaming and now…[View]
452014370Why do multiplayer looter shooters keep failing? Is it a flawed concept or has it just not been exec…[View]
451980961Shantae will get in Smash Ultimate DLC and bring upon the most BTFO ever >BTFO Shantae haters …[View]
452015058>2019 is almost over >PS4 6.0.0+ isn't hacked yet Woooooooooooooow, the PS4 has a 50 bill…[View]
452013805Let's face it, he'd be an excellent DLC fighter: https://youtu.be/t7wJ8pE2qKU[View]
452015492>Majula > Firelink (DS3) > Nexus > Hunter's Dream > Firelink (DS1) You know it…[View]
452014135Yo-Kai Watch thread? Yo-Kai Watch thread.[View]
452015091It's like this level was focus tested on everything that makes a level complete shit. The only …[View]
452015291What SotN is; A very good, well rounded game What SotN is not; An all time great master piece What l…[View]
452014367>is the best character in MGR[View]
452003827Imagine not being an idort[View]
452010159Comfy switch thread[View]
452007626ITT: Predict What Happens At Bethesda's E3 2019 Conference: >H-Haha guys it just werks get i…[View]
452012232How did some random polish dev come out of nowhere and become some of the biggest, most respected, a…[View]
452010453what are your thoughts on the daemon x machina demo? is mech vidya finally saved?[View]
452014971It's all so tiring. I just want to talk about Star Trek Games, Janny.[View]
452014229>Final battle theme incorporates the villain's leitmotif[View]
452011625>can't use healing spells outside of combat[View]
452009639Mementos: What does everyone think of mementos in Persona 5? Did Atlus get it right or are there hug…[View]
452011189>enemies can open doors[View]
452012107Should I sell my PS4 Pro towards an Xbox One X? The only games I'd be missing would be the Cybe…[View]
452014732Why do mods delete threads about Star Trek video games?[View]
452013541fuck you, your dumbass anime protagonist is never going to get into smash. stevebros unite[View]
452014641Space Vidya: Post any vidya that is space related. Space exploration, exploitation, expansion, explo…[View]
452003472Let's say Capcom remade this game...: And they asked you what you'd like to see changed or…[View]
452005910kill a series and revive one >kill Nier >revive No more heroes…[View]
452012402Why the hell would microsoft charge for xbox live on XBOX and not on PC?[View]
452013906Post games people pretend to like[View]
452014334Where's the sequel?[View]
452014321Pure video game kino[View]
452013357How long do they have to live?[View]
452013572twewy: Played pic related a couple years ago, wanted to complete the game 100% but got bored and put…[View]
452014309How the fuck did they do it? How CDPR, an almost unknown developer at the time, manage to make one o…[View]
452014159Why the fuck did they ruin the original atmosphere?[View]
452014130Post obscure games only you've played.[View]
452013189wtf is wrong with western enemy design? is this not the most generic shit youve ever seen? and what …[View]
452006532idk what to play. I just wanna like vidya again[View]
452003814Samus should be /fit/ anyone who disagree is a poo poo pee pee head[View]
452013342 [View]
452009996Silent Hills is coming back: Can't say how I know or how I'm involved because this is bein…[View]
452012409This is Phil Spencer. This man is singlehandedly saving video games. Say something nice to him.[View]
452013640Think of the last character you played as. Now go to https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/VS_Battles_Wi…[View]
452012318What video games are fun?[View]
452013556>Squeenix Sale ?Tomb Raider games 80% off I bought Tomb Raider II for a buck and the Womb Raider …[View]
451997339ESA Winter: Indie Edition >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Super Mario Bros warpless >https…[View]
452007356ITT: only the most satisfying vidya weapons[View]
452007317Is this Miyazaki dude some weirdo obsessed with creepypastas? Why are all his games varying levels o…[View]
451999272Vidya characters eating burgers![View]
452010303Was there a harder button mashing section?[View]
452011054Why is a single collection of games on the Xbone allowed to be better than the entirety of the Switc…[View]
452012786was early Roblox kino? will it ever be the same?[View]
452013151IA/VT 2 when? Miku is good and all but she has enough games already, IA deserves a sequel.[View]
452010006Worst Collectors Editions: What's the worst Collector's Edition ever made? https://www.you…[View]
452012954>Found the halo: combat evolved disc >tfw playing through the campaign this is just sad. It…[View]
452003113With how good Capcom has been lately, do you think we’ll see a third Okami game?[View]
451964673She's Redfield.[View]
452000887What a weird timeline: https://gematsu.com/2019/02/rumor-microsoft-and-nintendo-collaborating-to-bri…[View]
452012675>tfw you want both steve AND banjo Play into my hands, puppets.[View]
452011974Anybody got a link to this shit? I gotta go back in time and just fucking live there.[View]
452012728St.Jiub: Can we take a amoment to appreciate what an absolute unit this man is[View]
452012512What's the first game that actually made you notice how well it played? Maybe you had played go…[View]
452004320What games do you recommend for someone wanting to get into the Harvest Moon series /v/?[View]
452012375What are some falls from grace in video games?[View]
452012497what's the best site to play yugioh online?[View]
452011858Vad är det bästa Mulle Meck-spelet?[View]
452010893What are some essential Gamecube titles?[View]
452012458My body is ready -Reggie 2007 My body is still ready -Reggie 2019[View]
452012395did her game do well financially?[View]
452009821Since Anthem is a flop why hasn't EA pulled the trigger to bring back this cash cow? Literally …[View]
452010720Is there any game that has a moment/event where your character essentially dies but is so fucking de…[View]
452011504<<Throw anyone who liked Kanto to Solitary!>>[View]
451957379Please buy /ourdaughter/'s game, /v/. It's currently on sale and she's sad that peopl…[View]
452011580Games that treat mental health with respect[View]
4520102213 houses[View]
452009139Daily reminder that Felicia is a Christian nun. That makes her liberals' worst enemy.[View]
452002063The Hunter: Call of the Wild: This game is fucking amazing, and I know it's super niche because…[View]
452008481>Survival crafting is huge for immersion, roleplaying, and risks:rewards. >It's basically…[View]
452009102Why do you gamers install sex mods on your games? If you want to jack off, go to Pornhub or somethin…[View]
452010789Do you think we’ll ever see a TWEWY sequel, /v/?[View]
452010389>*sells out your company to Microsoft*[View]
452011283itt: kino final bosses[View]
452009938>163cm male >can be an operator[View]
451926698Look at this nep.[View]
452008731ITT: /v/ makes a game: Alright faggots, we might be useless alone, but together we can make somethin…[View]
452009309I just finished my persona 5 speedrun see pic related. How do I sign up for agdq?[View]
452011391Post absolute kino in gaming: Webm unrelated to gaming but os an example of kino.[View]
452009513Is Fire Emblem Fates worth playing? What's the best version? English or fantranslation?[View]
452009382Oh my fucking God what the fuck happened to Bioware?[View]
452006232>that feel when RE2 was too easy (had 500 ammo at the end of my B playthrough) and you hope RE3 c…[View]
452009394>i watched the Phantom Pain trailers again. Can we get a gaming baww/regret/tragedy thread?…[View]
452010828These are the only Zelda games with a jump button. Therefore, these are the only good Zelda games.[View]
451991692Holy shit what a blunder[View]
452011234I love Magilou[View]
452011198Why is Mh the only series , no the only thing that applies 'old bad new good' . /v/ has always conde…[View]
451962920I want those days back[View]
452007817Is /v/ Team Claire or Team Ada?[View]
452011001Crazy taxi needs a reboot and should be called crazy ride service[View]
452010962Banjo & Kazooie in Smash: What are you waiting for Banjo & Kazooie in smash? After all these…[View]
4520021103D Zelda was a mistake[View]
452010309Vidya webms thread.[View]
452009432will we ever get a game this black again?[View]
452010796Atelier Series: Which one should I buy if I want to get started? Should I get the Arland Trilogy or …[View]
452002175i’m not going to say anthem is a perfect game. it’s not. but it’s got tremendous potential and alrea…[View]
451962064You feel a Terraria thread watching you...[View]
452009584hey /v/, this will be the gayest post you'll ever see but I just wanted to get sum words out. I…[View]
452008234Gonna be playing through the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games for the first time. What graphical mods should I u…[View]
452002113is 4k worth it?[View]
452010371HARD TIMES: (happiest days of my life) Hard times gone by~[View]
452006362Will they ever team up again? They worked pretty well together in Vendetta.[View]
452010135Enlighten me, Mr. Potter. If you think you can't defeat the One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, why do y…[View]
452007730Does /v/ hate indie games?: For all the talk about triple A game's being too easy or political,…[View]
452006283Who is the craziest, most insane and/or most unhinged video game character?[View]
452009384What the fuck are all the enemies doing when Bond is looking at his watch? Why do they just stand th…[View]
452006251are metroid fans the only nintendo fanbase who don't take shit? Fed force looked awful and ther…[View]
452008648>best I can do Is $5 anon, take it or leave it[View]
452009757You fuck young boys Valdez?[View]
452008874>Microsoft is basically going third-party >loyalists like CrapGamer are furious and claiming t…[View]
452006656Kingdom hearts: I just bought the complete kingdom hearts collection /v/ they play 1.5>2.5>2.8…[View]
452007505Digital Illusions' (DICE) long lost Genesis run 'n' gun 'Hardcore' is to be…[View]
452009610Why do people dickride this game? It's seriously one of the worst fighting games I've ever…[View]
451988416gaming mice: >he still uses a 502[View]
452008784>slippery floor level Worse than underwater levels[View]
452002012When does it kick into gear this start is slow as hell.[View]
452002021Characters you share a name with[View]
452008501>Overwatch is dead what just happened?[View]
452008727Weebs don't bow to the west-: https://twistedvoxel.com/yakuza-3-remaster-cuts-transphobic-quest…[View]
452001537Fire Emblem: >Koei Tecmo is co-developing the game Will they fuck it up?…[View]
452008721/v/eekend 32-Amiibo Smash Tournament: Back from last week. Four selections per poster. Winners can…[View]
452006409Games for THIS feel?[View]
451961580Anne is a bimbo and that's a GOOD thing![View]
451997903redpill me on this. is it better than V now? how's the AI? also civilization thread i guess.[View]
4520087613DS Thread: Post your homescreen.[View]
452006173Is this actually a good game or is it just waifu bait?[View]
451996234Just got a new phone with 100 gigs of space and realized I can play mobile shit again. Any recommend…[View]
452004504Alright bros, post your fucking Super Mario Maker levels and let's have some FUN. Flaming Dogfi…[View]
452007794Here is your next fighter pass character[View]
452004104How do you revive a dead game?: I used to play C&C Renegade. https://renegade-x.com/ Fans put ou…[View]
451998956she killed millions[View]
452007224Why did /v/ pretend to be scared of Ao Oni?: >Shitty walking sim horror game but made in RPG Make…[View]
451994758>Bloodborne is already on display in a museum Does this confirm it's the best game of the ge…[View]
452007543Tekken: >Chaos Judgment >Bloody Scissors >Imploding Star >Infernal Avalanche >Scarlet…[View]
452008171Tree of Savior: Have you become a bully yet?[View]
452008167Paws the game, bro.[View]
451992743The FF 7 Remake is gonna fail for one big reason no one ever mentions. SE can't do action comba…[View]
452004158any games that with this feel?[View]
452003552yikes: how long before DENUVO goes out of business? is there any incentive for major games to use th…[View]
451998278Japanese Characters vs Western Characters: Which one is more attractive /v/?[View]
452005958SMM2: What are some charactars you liked to see get skins in Super Mario Maker 2[View]
452003097thump thump thump thump Thump Thump Thump Thump THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP[View]
452002945Quake Champions: What went wrong?[View]
452003514La-Mulana 2 - $25 The Messenger - $20 Rabi-Ribi - $18 Timespinner - $20 Iconoclasts - $20 The Mummy …[View]
451996556>Moments you felt like this playing through of a game.[View]
452005997Anyone else played this? It was okay. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is still my favourite NIS sto…[View]
452003080What went wrong?[View]
452005465Is there any life/bio simulator thats not complete shit?[View]
452005812What the fuck? I just found out that this game was released a long time ago. I assumed it was cance…[View]
452006120Where's the hype for this game?[View]
451948360>going to be as large as other G games What monsters will make this roster sing, /v/…[View]
452007185Are H-Games getting better or is it just me? Why watch porn or play videogames when you could kill t…[View]
452006794Who did it better?[View]
452006857Was he a beta?: >marries a former prostitute >lets himself get henpecked by wife >son looks…[View]
452007205What are some games that makes you into a weak ass pussy ?: For me it's SS2. I'm not that …[View]
451994160The greatest debate of our time.[View]
452006496How the fuck could the idea that mutants might not be able to procreate ever cross his mind?[View]
452004832For me, it's Lammy[View]
452004925Games You Liked and Their Metacritic Scores: 68[View]
452003048any games with ONLY this feel?[View]
452004309What's in the egg?[View]
452001289only one check cleared?[View]
452001861Well, boys. Someone finally put the nail in the coffin. Who knew it'd be a Titanfall spinoff. I…[View]
452005495ITT: we post vidya characters absolutely nobody hates, lest they have no soul[View]
452004258Hey /v/ has there ever been any actual good sports games instead of Ea's really bad games? Hone…[View]
452006169What are some games with this kind of feel?[View]
452005857>the hardware, infrastructure and finance of microsoft >the games, IPs, design philosophy and …[View]
452005508How's that game you've been working on coming along?[View]
452004603Now that a DQ representative is basically deconfirmed, are you ready for him, /v/?[View]
452005036AYO HOL UP SO U BE SAYIN[View]
452005276heres your smash 6 roster bro >Blue = Normal >Red = Echo >Green = DLC…[View]
452005882>ITT Games with actual good stories[View]
452001808Uuuuuuuhhhhh, lads, why are japanese games so problematic?[View]
451997954>Vehicle spam the game[View]
452003680Why is LLSIFAS still not out? I need my cross-group interactions.[View]
452005545>'We are proud to announce the long awaited sequel' >'We know you guys are hyped and we will p…[View]
451944860>RPG maker h-games increase prodction value thanks to Steam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH4_k…[View]
451993558ITT: we make the roster of MvC4 one post at a time and others can rate them if they wish[View]
452005205BEST VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!!: What are some of your favorite video game songs? I'll start. https://…[View]
451999978REmake 2 is a great game but the difficulty is a meme. Pic related, my inventory at the end of Stand…[View]
451986831>Overwatch is dead what just happened?[View]
452003329so i cant hear anything when looking directly at things in some games, mainly Bethesda games. just b…[View]
452004694What are you playing my fellow Nintenbros and Xbros?[View]
451985513Name a better JRPG protagonists than Yuri from Tales of Vesperia. I'll wait.[View]
452002547Name a bigger cocktease[View]
452004535Hey cocksucka, wht are you buying games that support fuckin chinks?[View]
452002885*is picked in your game because you didn’t ban him*[View]
452004969>Boss starts limping and starts to look more fatigued and in pain as the fight goes on and you st…[View]
451978710Hey, Anon! What do you think of my new zero suit?[View]
452000081what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
451958505Sony: “We want fewer, bigger games”: Welp, it’s tike to say goodbye to all those dead AA franchises …[View]
452003889Games you play with your gf?: For me? Ghost Squad.[View]
452004758Steam Degeneracy: Can someone describe me what type of porn is available on steam? I know it's …[View]
451994307What went so right?[View]
452001920Imagine if RE4 was launch this year, Separate Ways and Assigment Ada would be: paid dlcs, free dlcs …[View]
451979540Do you guys have any subtle gamer tattoos?[View]
452002152O-oh dear, this is embarrassing... C-could you please draw my f-face back on, /v/?[View]
452003763TOMORROW I'LL[View]
452003785Why are you not playing anthem anon?[View]
452003628/v/ will defend this[View]
452002776>makes a literal orchestral masterpiece >calls it egg planet What did nintendo mean by this an…[View]
452003153Why is it still the best wrestling game?[View]
451996781Console VR: It's pretty clear at this point that the future of VR will hinge on whether console…[View]
451999998When given the option to choose your gender in video games, do you choose your own gender or the opp…[View]
452004018Xtinendo: Is it possible that 2019 will be a great year for Microsoft? The Xbone lineup looks pretty…[View]
452003781What games can I FUCK the sister of a friend of the hero?[View]
451995830Valve has confirmed that Based Artifact will rise again! Are your bodies ready for the glorious new …[View]
452001687Face it, this is exactly what /v/ is doing when they are complaining about the new operator. Can you…[View]
452003949>the current (and absolute) state of western gaming[View]
452003945Are we going to buy Left Alive?[View]
4519940853x3 Thread: I know I'm cheating with some of these since they're collections but I don…[View]
452003764Mach Rider: Why won't Mach Rider come back? Would've been a great retro character in Smash…[View]
451967704Is luck a legitimate part of videogames? Or even as a stat in RPGs?[View]
452000784What are the best Adventure Car games?[View]
452002628What are some of the most disturbing scenes in videogames?[View]
452002040What went wrong?[View]
452002715Happy Birthday Kasumi!: Say something nice to her. (Also to my grandma)[View]
452003103Objective Facts: Producing games is simple and cheap. Each computer being utilized is plausibly of a…[View]
452003049Has anyone of you had adverse side effects from using VR?[View]
452002117Anon, why did you give my game 6/10? Is there anything I can do for you to make it 8/10?[View]
452002795>game is about killing/destroying things How original and creative![View]
452003370https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnPNh7Izje0 Postal 2 is just a low brow Deus Ex game.[View]
452001130I just got done playing through Resident Evil 7. The game was tedious. It had some cool moments, but…[View]
452002035Thoughts about this leak? What do you expect from Switch’s FF remake and from FF XVI? I have a feeli…[View]
452002942this shit was overrated as fuck but it isn't as bad as /v/ makes it out to be.[View]
451998990Are they actually good games or are you guys just memeing?[View]
451949209Post your custom characters. Any game is fine.[View]
452000281Who's your best? And who's your favorite? These are two different questions.[View]
452001303Do you know who ate all the donuts?[View]
451972593>hey guys we ported System Shock to modern systems so lets try to remake the entire game amirite?…[View]
451999795Help, /v/. I can't fucking mash. I have gone through so much bullshit on European Extreme, and …[View]
452002496I was just invited to play Spellbreak. This game is fun. Who else is playing?[View]
451999003This nigger is not funny[View]
452003075Is MGS the only series where the protagonists actually age over time and become burdened with regret…[View]
452000942Doki Doki Literature Club?: >More like Fucki Fucki Literature Chub! >Why would you make a game…[View]
451999549Why do so many people hate the Fate franchise?[View]
451990128SO HERE I AM[View]
452001790Any way you would change Mr X? What's her tier boys?[View]
451999301ITS OFFICIAL RE2MAKE SUCKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBibAdNZ53U BASED GEORGE[View]
452002296Diablofans is closing due to dwindling interest in Diablo. The site owner gave Blizzard the domain n…[View]
452001943Any boomers here? Remember these games?[View]
451999330Ever play a game you knew was quality but hated it anyway?: One of those where you can feel the hard…[View]
452001613Will the next elder scrolls suck?[View]
452002279What are your favorite Pokemon hacks, /v/? What's the worst hack you ever played?[View]
451989507based catherine[View]
452002187In your opinion, which game was better, and why?[View]
452000618So did these things single-handedly kill both the amiibo craze as well as any interest Nintendo migh…[View]
451997106whats your favorite game of all time, anon?[View]
451985859>always console user >hear how good PCs apparently are >invest and build my own PC I finall…[View]
452002003These are characters from Anthem: Why? Why can't the west make attractive characters?[View]
452000139Genres that need to return: When was the last time we had a good space fighter game?[View]
452002046WHAT was his problem?[View]
451978575HEY HONEY, NEED DMC thread[View]
452000317Would you play a Quake battle royale?[View]
452000886Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE![View]
452001760Sam and Max: were they gay?[View]
452000751SO HERE I AM[View]
452001649FUCK AAA PUBLISHERS: >Waiting for my 'totally legal' copy of Metro Exodus to install …[View]
452000380FUCKIBG BASED[View]
452001631Do you play idol games /v/[View]
452000254This comes out in 5 days: Sleeper hit or a flop to surpass Anthem?[View]
451993326ITT: that game you didn't think much of at first but ended up loving.[View]
452001603Are we never going to get another truly great TMNT game ever again? It saddens me that back in the l…[View]
451976229Why is he do damn likeable?[View]
452000487Tree of Savior: Which one would you marry and which one to hold hand?[View]
451997447Do you think the Tomb Raider franchise should move on from just raiding tombs and try to go in the s…[View]
452001175This is a Claire. She saved Resident Evil[View]
452001438Crackdown 3 story spoilers: Did any of you guys play this? In case you didn't know -Crackdown g…[View]
452000569Someone I know dug pic related up when looking for junk to repair and sell. Said I could have it if …[View]
452001030What was in the egg? Why is the blood from the Dark Soul needed to paint a new portrait? Who is the …[View]
451975470Gamedev question of the day: Would you rather be a good artist and a mediocre programmer, or a good …[View]
451970160>the map in Ds2 doesn't make se-[View]
451976389>if you kill him youll be just like him! >Lol ok Is there any protagonist more based and dare …[View]
451996013You can't lose the console war if you kill console exclusivity[View]
451999198ITT: criminally underrated games[View]
451975439Underrated and Hidden Gems: ITT Hidden gems/Indie stuff/underrated games. This game has amazing atmo…[View]
452001063>returning fan favorite characters >balanced gameplay >spectacular graphics >blends grim…[View]
451995669Why do peachfags insist she's a knock off? Rosalina has never been the damsel in distress. Rosa…[View]
451995754You know he was only added because they wanted more call of duty bros to buy the game, right? Also g…[View]
451991410So how'd the PC version of God Eater 3 turn out[View]
452000703Is it worth getting to keep me busy over the weekend?[View]
451999150How do we bring back the dreamcast?[View]
451998651>play mmo >play a male character >dudes think I'm a girl pretending to be a guy when t…[View]
452000351>2019 >Still no Virtua Fighter games on PC…[View]
451998139>Playing a shitty, watered down story instead of immersing in a rich, well-written world from a g…[View]
451982492MK is pretty stupid in theory now. As a fighting game it's not really that good and does a lot …[View]
451998573How do I get this costume on REmake? Thanks /v/ee[View]
452000780ITT: Games you didn't expect to like at all, but actually ended up surprising you >get gift…[View]
451997939Is there a studio out there with less integrity? Their output is just F2P clones of FotM games.[View]
451997952Who bought Jibanyan’s game?[View]
451999604was this game meant to be a battle royale? theres only one person left playing[View]
452000654>can't put points into Female Attraction past level 30 >respec locked at 25 >have to w…[View]
451976331Well, it turns out everyone loves the Link's Awakening remake and is quite happy about it.[View]
451998076There should be more things like this in games[View]
451998974Why the hell can't they make a game better than this, even after so many years?[View]
451995492We’re one day closer to going home, bros... and no ret paladins allowed![View]
451984926it's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK158ih4smY[View]
451999581Last part of this sucks sweaty balls[View]
451998447Resident Evil Thread because fuck you I just S+'d Claire A.: >RPD section has the best Origi…[View]
452000268I love Minako![View]
451977928>best gameplay in the entire Final Fantasy series >completely overlooked because it's par…[View]
451994525Shh. It's all over now. https://9to5google.com/2019/02/21/google-yeti-gaming-hardware-gdc/[View]
451996342Oralce Link is the new Toon Link, with his design appearing more and more in recent games. He'l…[View]
451935603>In the original RE2 Claire A and Leon B are the canon routes Does that mean Claire is the main c…[View]
451998478SNK Heroines is on Steam, it is fun? does it has mods already?[View]
451999172>Yfw a bunch of women and minorities ended up making a better game than Bioware's A team tha…[View]
451999332What are some more games like this?[View]
451996442Itt: games only YOU have played.[View]
451999628>sends you to hell[View]
451999446Why did fighting games die?[View]
451982895The game is FREE and only 4~ GB to install: http://store.steampowered.com/app/700330/SCP_Secret_Labo…[View]
451999563>Game has different endings depending if link wants to continue being a train conductor, becomes …[View]
451999404What happened to game demos?[View]
451995768FUCKING JANNIES DELETING EVERY THREAD anyway do you use a fightstick /v/[View]
451998343>complains about loot boxes and micro transactions >EA announces new game >redditors shit o…[View]
451996794Fuck / Marry / Kill / Befriend / Ignore[View]
451997673What are the best psp games? Been playing gladiator begins on ppsspp and need some recs.[View]
451996854Anybody just feel like the mechanics and online in ultimate make you play less time than smash 4? I …[View]
451999381Dreams beta: Did any of you boys get in the Dreams beta? If so what did you make? (Pic related - a w…[View]
451983691I miss retro games where women had petite butts: Nowadays games are often featuring women with big b…[View]
451999327So when portal 3?: -Will Valve ever do it?[View]
451988165Zeal, if you're here please respond: Were you the one in pic related? If yes, i beg you answer …[View]
451999283I WANT MY MOMMY BACK[View]
451999256virtual dress-up: Post them loadouts, doesn't matter what game they're from. If you have a…[View]
451999245Actiblizz, take me home To the place I belong Eastern kingdoms, blackrock mountain. Take me home, A…[View]
451994862This is a good game, you know. It has ups, and downs. But it's a good game and you should play …[View]
451992416Before buying a game I recommend checking out who the developers are and Google their names and face…[View]
451991976Whats that one game you've never played but wanted to?[View]
451994439Today is my BIRTHDAY, nya! What'd you get me? You're playing my game right nyeow, aren…[View]
451972060I've only played KH1 and KH2. Does the other games add value to the series, or are they just wo…[View]
451969871I'll start: Incoming Wizardry[View]
451973063Sony just don't deserve all the hate at all: >Giving Japan Studio total freedom to create th…[View]
451996693Is it worth playing?[View]
451998769What are some games where the protagonist realizes they've accomplished nothing good over the c…[View]
451997740>can't drink toilet water in Fallout 4 dropped[View]
451987064>start reading berserk >dark souls LITERALLY ripped it off this is the most shameless creative…[View]
451995724>TW makes a return >Saves Sony >Saves the BR genre When is this happening?…[View]
451982823Mario Maker 2 Thread[View]
451997037So what are you guys eating/drinking on the first day playing classic wow, you have planned somethin…[View]
451993631Yet another rosterfaggotry thread[View]
451994649>my favorite video game of all time is Shadow of the Colossus What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
451996485Why are Smash fans like this? can't they just wait for the next game?[View]
451966808My wife Catria, why is she so perfect?[View]
451997056You now possess the powers of the game necromancy. You can revive a game console company from the de…[View]
451985265What did she mean by this?[View]
451995612vice city 2: what would you like to see in it[View]
451997053What's he up to?[View]
451998160Devil Engine: anyone played it yet? meant to be a spiritual successor to Thunder Force looks great a…[View]
451995980>This is literally the single least trustworthy woman on the planet >I'd better spend yea…[View]
451993348Halo Infinite: Brad Sams is claiming that the next Halo may consist of RPG elements such as the play…[View]
451989158And it begins. Fortnite reigns supreme again. Nothing will topple Epic. Apex will be forgotten in a …[View]
451996328Does /v/ like DOOM?[View]
451998057Its a fucking mess out there Adam...[View]
451996573This is my perfect husband, Sir Meta Knight. You don't have to say anything, I just wanted to s…[View]
451975459>okay, we've defeated the evil, corrupt queen of this country >should the old queen come …[View]
451934430>Exactly Alfred. Joker's gone too far this time. I'm putting a stop to him…[View]
451997726Lads, I bought this game a couple days ago from gamestop for a little less than $10 and I regret it.…[View]
451980102>In a game against Vaevictis, team ROX banned 5 support champions during the pick/ban process. …[View]
451984539Why the endgame is so shit?[View]
451996140Who was in the wrong here?[View]
451997394ESA Winter 2019 European Speedrunner Assembly: Press F for Stream 2 edition >https://www.twitch.t…[View]
451996229>IM SICK OF FURRY FAGGOTS what did he mean by this?[View]
451997451I killed Zevran, ignored Sten, kicked out Wynn and Oghren. Wish I could kick Alistair too. Didn’t go…[View]
451993570>game has an animal companion >all it does is trigger landmines or alert enemies Has this conc…[View]
451997278>Multiplayer map set at night[View]
451997192>tfw gtx 1060 6gb with 1080p 144 Hz monitor >spend it mostly on doom mods, cs go, bad company …[View]
451996880>Playing Portal 2 with online friend I met some hours ago >He fucking sucks >Call him names…[View]
451996838Kingdom Hearts 3: Did it live up to the hype? https://www.strawpoll.me/17483826[View]
451995965Did games really get worse? Did they really?[View]
451996407>PC game >it is unplayable with keyboard+mouse…[View]
451996787>get unusual >get 40 russian retards trying to scam me for it by having a fake steam admin pro…[View]
451996784does vee like tokobot[View]
451990159Reminder bejita is 5'5' When will manlets learn?[View]
451996736What are you >Playin >Brewin >Hatin I'm trying to make this shitpile work, but I lack …[View]
451992870Reminder that General Hashasky's Great Adventure is in production and will be out before the en…[View]
451995639Do you prefer silent or talking protagonist?[View]
451983661ITT: Previous games you'd play on the PS5: REJOICE! PS5 Backwards Compatibility Thread…[View]
451996151>chill spd >def smoke Can't wait to put this dumb bunny down.…[View]
451996258What's /v/'s thoughts on Unturned?[View]
451995662Should I buy a Switch?[View]
451993357Gamer Tag: You choose my new tag Dubs get[View]
451995967What are some games like Crusader Kings 2?[View]
451973435ESA Winter 2019 European Speedrunner Assembly: Comfy edition >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon S…[View]
451995840Guys I'm heading down to Nohr for a bit. Could someone mind my Ryoma for me?[View]
451992782RE2: Okay, this is based[View]
451974862Why is no one playing the new Farcry game?[View]
451995678Games that are overrated and underrated at the same time[View]
451995585Hollow Knight: Bravaa! Hollow Knight thread [View]
451990906>game is 4 to 6 hours long >lets you start killing shit immediately without wasting your time …[View]
451946309What would Epic needs doing in order for /v/ and reddit start liking it.[View]
451994015Why is Richthofen so based? and handsome[View]
451995065Marvel video games: Considering how wildly popular the mcu has been for the last decade+, why has th…[View]
451995395Skyrim: I did the resto loop and now I can’t make regular potions anymore. Is there a way to fix thi…[View]
451995392ITT: Post the most disgusting reddit video you can find Ill start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y…[View]
451995117show your video game related tattoos /v/: I'll start[View]
451993962Gather Your Party: I miss it guys. Out of all of the things /v/ created this was by far the best. Wh…[View]
451994507dokkan battle: post your favorite team you nigger faggots[View]
451990552Post chocolate vidya girls. No Western she-baboons, please.[View]
451991483I have 20 bucks on steam, what should I buy?[View]
451973267They’re going crazy at BioWare. They had some chocolate wrappers made wth the meta score next to the…[View]
451994172desert levels = fire levels > forest levels = jungle levels > factory/industrial levels = beac…[View]
451961713NEW LEFT ALIVE GAMEPLAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiUksNpXfSE[View]
451994192Did you swing your precious Dino Crisis thread around? Well I guess I can help you.[View]
451994275Question, if there is no Superman game being made by Rocksteady, Neatherrealm or WB Montreal, then w…[View]
4519902703>1>2 What's her name /v/?[View]
451993657Fallout 76 Roadmap, DLC revealed. https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/article/7Lw6jVvhjzSNzuUMmKZgwn/fal…[View]
451994135>tfw STALKER 2 is going to be shit and generic What are you most afraid of?…[View]
451993652When did this start to get fun? If I want to click these so many repeated screen I better off playin…[View]
451992378How the fuck did get a 0 in never comprised when I was never spotted and no kills were ever noticed?…[View]
451992470what do you drink when playing video games ?[View]
451993960Unironically the best over the top snowboarding mechanics since SSX Tricky.[View]
451993875Sexist Game SNK Heroines Debuts on PC.: https://store.steampowered.com/app/794580/SNK_HEROINES_Tag_T…[View]
451988706Have fun: Ok /v/ do what you do best http://deathgenerator.com/#sv[View]
451985646>objectively bad games that you like[View]
451989382>indie game >it's actually good What's her name, /v/?…[View]
451992990A franchise with zero plot like Mario (putting aside Super Mario Galaxy) gets better RPGs than a fra…[View]
451993649Who would win lads? >Captcha:' I'm not a robot' Also Alita best girl…[View]
451993630Civilization 6: WOW WHAT A DEAL!!![View]
451991121Who was in the wrong here?[View]
451993282>shes out Madman did it and /v/ lost AGAIN[View]
451993250>It's another /v/ joins your game and acts as cringey as possible 'ironically'…[View]
451993480Will it ever receive a truly worthy vidya adaptation that does the work justice?[View]
451992124Crash Bandicoot RPG like M&L: What do you think? Would you like it?[View]
451993449Smash /v/eekend thread Let's have some fun together FFA Room with Items/FS Meter ID: 2BG30 Pass…[View]
451993172Some guy Bang Bang Bang, pulled his Devil Trigger: How come there are no other threads about how som…[View]
451991879Fortnite is an online daycare. And that's a good thing[View]
451992636What gaming laptop should I get?[View]
451992174>he actually buys games from Marvellous, Compile Heart and Gust Care to explain?…[View]
451985141games ruined by waifucrap fanservice: we get loli raphael and ponytail sophitia.BAD DLC[View]
451981140Post best game in the year you were born: I'll start with the undefeatable.[View]
451993028RE4 Spin-off Thread: >Ashley is playable character >Ashley must navigate through the dark regi…[View]
4519930203DS Thread: Post homescreen.[View]
451992613MISSION BEGINS IN Seven Years To This Day[View]
451986321Fallout 76 is LITERALLY SAVED How can the absolute madman Todd Howard keep doing it? https://fallout…[View]
451992965Wtf /v/ loves Claire now?[View]
451992862Tell me about the shmups available on the switch /v/, or just talk about shmups, that works too.[View]
451988042Mind if we have another Klonoa thread? The last one was actually pretty decent for the most part. Do…[View]
451992561what are your favorite video game characters?: mine are Zelda and the italian guy[View]
451986115People are really eating this crap, sony ps5 wont have bc[View]
451992634Her Master didn't talk to her for a fucking hour and she became so desperate for a purpose that…[View]
451991372Anthem: Feb 22, 2019: The day gamers rose up.[View]
451990349By the logic of the game, she did nothing wrong.[View]
451991519Bowser: Bowser[View]
451986062>there is no final boss because too video gamey[View]
451992294post good vidya .webm[View]
451992262Anthem: Why does mindless marketing matter more than hiring 1 or 2 additional devs? Possibly compete…[View]
451992228Project Stream Google: Why is /v/ not talking about this? From a CNBC article on it: >The service…[View]
451992117Was this a Kingdom Hearts reference?[View]
451989295ITT: Immortal games[View]
451986618RE2 IS NOT HARD, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAVE AMMO: >fall for meme >hardcore >never use ammo …[View]
451988536Why is it whenever /v/ mentions western games they almost always refer to American games? Do you ret…[View]
451992043She feels great bros Exactly what values I needed Dead or Alive 6 thread[View]
451978848Thoughts on Subnautica?[View]
451990912It's my wife's birthday today, please wish Kasumi a happy birthday!![View]
451991698What are some good games with spiders in them?[View]
451991895Is there a good place to get a crack of this? I've had a look around and most sites seem sketch…[View]
451966980post your Sims 4 harem[View]
451991802GOLD FISH![View]
451983129What went wrong?[View]
451970237What CIV games should be played and in which order? Which ones are completely discardable?[View]
451991642Why is this legal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIT3aeaMgvs[View]
451984150>Sakurai has gone on record saying he loves Minecraft, considers it the best game ever made, and …[View]
451986527Does the new God of War really have long cutscenes, or is this a lie?[View]
451991278So /v/, what kind of new deep lore can we draw from this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWj63t4lFl…[View]
451989570Miss me yet[View]
451991330Fallout: Predictions for the Future: Do you think that Bethesda can right the ship? Will they reintr…[View]
451980926Never played Shadow of the Colossus before Is the PS4 remaster good or should I go with the original…[View]
451991270why is nobody talking about this hidden gem?[View]
451990682Which Atelier Arland games should I play before Lulua is released?[View]
451989429Final Fantasy: Is this the most divisive game in the entire series? People say it's unique and …[View]
451989875What games let me become a demon lord. Pic related[View]
451991009When should I use Warlock Punch?[View]
451991109You're a bunch of misogynist hypocrites[View]
451991021>racoon city >sheriff badge has a beaver[View]
451990661Why isn't she in SNK Heroines?: She is the second most popular SNK female character[View]
451990932ITT: Weird/Obscure ports[View]
451989186OH NO NO NO NO It's over /v/ros! The honeymoon phase is over.[View]
451979603>tfw we'll never go back to the golden age of FPS's >won't be seven again with …[View]
451990874When will he finally get his own game?[View]
451990292>Pikachu So /v/ I've been hearing that you guys have video game related discord servers fil…[View]
451990850Have you ever cried at a video game and then felt ashamed about it afterwards?[View]
451990823anyone else eddicted to this shit?: never been here before and doubtless never will return. Have no …[View]
451990757Have you been involved in a mélee recently?[View]
451986608underrated shooters from this generation[View]
451990519discussing games > playing games prove me wrong[View]
451989303>handsome >full of spirit and adventure due to being 15 >fucking fire swordsman, can probab…[View]
451986565Until Dawn: Is this game worth 20 bucks?[View]
451990432https://twitter.com/NintendoAUNZ/status/1098824747431968768/photo/1 Where were you when Nintendo cel…[View]
451990302https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningColorfulRaisinAliens Eternal reminder that Marc Laidlaw decided to re…[View]
451990245>corner one of the students as the true culprit >most of the others agree with you >all evi…[View]
451990175>'Stop saying the game is trash, I'm having fun with it'[View]
451988484What game does brown justice?[View]
451988085>'allright, son! Game time's over! Time to go out in the sunny weather and play with your fr…[View]
451988821Xbox Game Pass is coming to Switch, and no posts on /v/? wtf?[View]
451988954why dont they make challenging games anymore? >inb4 autistic collectathoning is difficult…[View]
451990093>The First Free Fallout 76 DLC is Wild Appalachia and drops in March APOLOGIZE…[View]
451988515It's happening bros[View]
451990071In hindsight, this was actually a pretty good game. The flaws are still there tho.[View]
451989395Still use your ps2 reddit?[View]
451989926eShop down?: I don't know if its just me, but is anyone else's Nintendo eShop currently do…[View]
451989646Street Fighter 3 would have been a lot more popular with this roster: Ryu Ken Akuma Chun-Li Blanka D…[View]
451986937ITT games only you have played[View]
451974005they turned her from a white girl into an el goblino... How could they[View]
451986614Would you >have all the psychic powers of Ness >but legs are paralyzed and you're bound …[View]
451989719Honestly mario could kick master chiefs butt[View]
451989714Reuben Langdon survives assassination attempt while filming documentary: https://apptrigger.com/2019…[View]
451987450Her boobs are back whine about something else[View]
451987609any of you cunts sick of playin with fucking spastics and wanna team up? link ya discord or some shi…[View]
451989328It is me or they nerfed him pretty badly in Ultimate? After maining him in Smash4, he just feels odd…[View]
451988579rate this SMB 1-1 run[View]
451988582>work in the week >very less time for games and anime >make huge plays for today and the we…[View]
451988245Why is Satan so cute?[View]
451986639Half-Life 2 Episode 3/Half-Life 3: Will it ever not hurt?[View]
451973860Here’s your controller /v/[View]
451988646>Mfw when your crush invites you to play vidya alone Later virgins[View]
451986626Darkest Dungeon: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
451984563does bloodborne need a sequel?: dark souls didnt need a sequel but it got two and they were lapped u…[View]
451988103Klonoa thread: New one cause mods are niggers As I was saying, Klonoa 1 is a ps1 game and extremely …[View]
451989214I am a heron. Tell me something nice about the last game you played or I will fly into your kitchen…[View]
451986885You know, for someone who is super happy to be retired and away from the trolls, he sure can't …[View]
451985285Will Sekiro have chalice dungeons? I personally loved chalice dungeons in bloodborne and want to hav…[View]
451988102You ARE going to buy Granblue Re:Link and Granblue Versus, right?[View]
451988369>based matt is so sick of what his race is doing to AAA game development that he brings in his ja…[View]
451987549Nier: >normal is mouthbreather-tier storymode >hard is tutorial boss one-shotting you Did anyo…[View]
451986256Frostbite 2019 - Day 1: Smash Ult tournament, doubles currently https://www.twitch.tv/mvg_league htt…[View]
451988392Anybody else notice we haven't seen any new first party non-smash amiibo in a while? There used…[View]
451988864i don't get it, so fucking boring. most of the combat comes down to reaction time and who looks…[View]
451961341Upupupupu!: See you soooon![View]
451988192Is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim one of the greatest games of all time?[View]
451985703Japanese 'humour'''''[View]
451976786The EA Jew Got Me: My EA account was banned because of an emblem I made in a Battlefield game. I can…[View]
451986223ITT tragic characters that just wanted a normal life[View]
451988025>Meanwhile, at Nintendo of America's office[View]
451987890Wat do /v/: >i would beat you up irl How do you respond /v/?[View]
451979368Old gamers: Any old gamers here? Any old gamers that have Youtube channels you could recommend?…[View]
451961794Due to the recent YouTube fiasco, there's rumblings of discontent against the big let's pl…[View]
451987785What are some games with poc sliders?[View]
451987874>/v/ says the game is hard an probably needs some grind at first >the game is fucking easy Wh…[View]
451985024>tfw you played the telltale monkey island and sam and max games but can't remember any of i…[View]
451985949Activison just layoffed 700 dudes[View]
451985867Rayman 4 soon: >Recovery of deleted game ideas >3d OpenWorld >Re-adapted plot >Raving Ra…[View]
451981573BioWare made chocolate bars with Anthem’s Metascore on the wrapper.[View]
451969887Catherine Full Body: Mods, this is video games. They are legitimately censoring the game.[View]
451987278For me, it’s Karin[View]
451985764Where do you pirate your games? I used to use IGG but now it just isnt as good.[View]
451982460BDO Xbox One: Have you preordered your copy yet /v/?[View]
451984217Who's the Metaknight/Bayonetta of Smash Ultimate?[View]
451987136Oh shit![View]
451987115best girl[View]
451985813Comfy 3ds thread: Post homescreens, what are you playing right now? Make recomendations[View]
451986849Haven and Hearth: Are their any villages up from the /v or /vg community?[View]
451981608So since the next generation of consoles will arrive in less than two years let's talk about wh…[View]
451964745>2019 >i'm fogotten[View]
451967628When exactly did you realize Rainbow Six Siege died?[View]
451984530Valkyria Chronicles: So this is on sale for the Switch. Is it worth it? I didn't play 4. Did it…[View]
451986591Is it canon? Can both versions be canon at the same time?[View]
451957504ANTHEM: How are you bros enjoying Anthem?[View]
451986172Why doesn't Earthbound have a run button?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulBYfJ4M5ks LMAO AT …[View]
451949646post vidya fanart you made[View]
451984891Reggie Appreciation Thread: His retirement means Nintendo lost its face and SOUL[View]
451985502Roadmap: What you think about fallout 76 roadmap? I think it looks pretty good[View]
451986217ded gaem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKuE-FQfD5s[View]
451975757just bought this because it was on sale. what am I in for?[View]
451986079So what was the actual reason why the game ended up the way it was? A lot has been said throughout t…[View]
451981662Hyuck gawrsh all this power in lil' ol' me? Defeating Xehanort will be easy![View]
451985783Jill Valentine: She's the best Resident Evil character, right?[View]
451984906>tfw every multiplayer game now is either a shitty battle royale or a shitty competitive one wtf …[View]
451984014Smash /v/eekend thread Let's have some fun together FFA Room with Items/FS Meter ID: 2BG30 Pass…[View]
4519856871.5 fucking caps at gamebro! ROFL[View]
451979264Games you played too death: By that I mean games you really like but you played the so much that you…[View]
451962143https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzXSRrWwHy0 Apex Legends is fun.[View]
451985659This finally just came out in America and there's really only two other releases to look forwar…[View]
451984845i thought there were no boys in touhou[View]
451982804>Buy 2k17 >Have fun, but wish I was playing something better The itch is back, brother. And un…[View]
451946498Muv Luv: Will it ever be topped? I just started Alternative Ep 10 and I'm feeling shit I haven…[View]
451985612>enemies get buffed after they respawn[View]
451985545This is gonna be our year lads[View]
451983831trying to watch reggie's goodbye video on work wifi and it froze on an extremely good frame[View]
451984632Hi, I'm that other Atlus JRPG that's better than Persona 5 in every way.[View]
451985415What's the weirdest online encounter you've ever had that was video game related? >a fe…[View]
451984076So I just got God of War and am having a blast. But I keep getting fucked by all the cut scenes when…[View]
451985387I miss them, bros.[View]
45197985915 Minutes of Left Alive: https://youtu.be/RKKQltIgeWI This is such an MGS wannabe holy fuck, the mu…[View]
451985127Is it normal that everytime I reach a boss or a new level, everything hit much harder and I do no da…[View]
451980105Aside from ME3, what is the worst vidya ending of all time?[View]
451967785I sure wish CliffyB would make another videogame.[View]
451983468>protagonist becomes the villain games with this trope?[View]
451984296Is it really worth upgrading from 1080p? >Costs a lot more >Requires a beast of a PC rig >W…[View]
451984295Wow classic: Is this a sign? Whos ready for classic here?[View]
451978284Just in case any of you still give a shit about halo. Here's a build of Eldewrito 0.6.1 modded …[View]
451954254What are some steam red flags?: >1k hours on TF2[View]
451977216>PC gamers worship le gayben literally why?[View]
451984045Why doesn't Earthbound have a run button?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulBYfJ4M5ks LMAO AT …[View]
451975163This is why Japanese games arent taken seriously[View]
451962368PlayStation 5 to have backwards compatibility with every PlayStation console: Mark Cerny is the lead…[View]
451984426Now that Microsoft and Nintendo are working closely together, what Xbox games do you want to see on …[View]
451982612Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn: Look out for a surprise at the end of episode Ardyn. Let’s just say…[View]
451983682Is game good?[View]
451983025>hi all, glhf >ggwp[View]
451980229Megaman Legends: Just started playing this for the first time, and god, it has so much SOUL. Is the …[View]
451981895OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
451983973If this had been the Smash 64 Roster, who would you have mained?[View]
451983342Post random things involving game development[View]
451984226'It's possible immersing anybody in [example] because there are levels of intensity which are O…[View]
451984195BREHS i'm literally shaking right now PRECURE AND DRAGON BALL LITERALLY CONFIRMED[View]
451979323These are the best video game adaptations of Berserk currently available. Thoughts? Anything worth …[View]
451936409Is this the bohemian rhapsody of video games?[View]
451978029yfw Steve and Banjo fags got tricked THEYRE THE ONES GETTING IN[View]
451982285Was having a 13 year old girl being tentacle raped really necessary?[View]
451980805I'm getting that DS feeling... A mystery is concealed here! An endless journey-- The prey prote…[View]
451983919>Japanese game with God in it >Not only is he a good guy, he's the protagonist…[View]
451980371H U B R I S: >Artifact is to trading card games what Half-Life 2 was to single-player action game…[View]
451983815GREEN LIGHT. GO GO GO[View]
451983093Rom Hacks: Any good ones recommended by /v/ Give me your picks.[View]
451983102The blood of Jesus conquers all sin and judgment for those who believe. >and, lo, I am with you …[View]
451983628ITT: Most hype OSTs of all time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmmTzhEZzEM[View]
451956925Play a gacha game right now.[View]
451978236You know i hear people talk about how great the character building and roleplaying and exploration a…[View]
451983470Play Warframe. It has cute boys.[View]
451983412Switch lan play: for hacked switched anyone wanna play something onlinew[View]
451981193>he preordered?[View]
451983147I always found KoF more entertaining than other fighing games is the community alive? Is it a good s…[View]
451949941So what exactly is it about this particular MMO that attracts insufferable autists?[View]
451983021Why games are so expensive today?? Last game that i bought on day 1 was nier automata[View]
451977746Wonderful 101: Why this game failed, /v/? It had good characters, action, music, story, everything, …[View]
451976783Is the 144hz meme worth it if I don't play very competitively?[View]
451975383S4 League MAX /v/ lobby is live: Play S4 League with /v/ http://s4max.com/ On login insert your desi…[View]
451957730ITT: The absolute worst Smash DLC picks: >never had a good game >has zero personality >bori…[View]
451979974Danganronpa V3 was simply the best in the series and everyone who says otherwise is a retard[View]
451982537Other loot games: What are some some other good games that are like Anthem and Destiny? Anthem felt …[View]
451982326Car Fry V: Just finished this game and I quite liked it. Keep in mind I havent played a ubisoft sand…[View]
451982076How did Bandai Namco and CC2 get away with this cultural appropriation?[View]
451982310Is there a resource that has specific software settings/information for the original Nintendo DS? I…[View]
451982295Why did he get shit on so much? Was it his addiction to Runescape?[View]
451981946>be (((game))) (((journalist))) >act surprised when an EA game is shit why is yong yeah so uni…[View]
451982273Anyone else’s fucking heartache when they play a game they used to play >be 21 >be 2019 >u…[View]
451982258What are some games that have the best hunger mechanics, ie minecraft Pic unrelated[View]
451979223Who is the DMX of the video game industry?[View]
451978778This is your new DOA: Depend whether you like it or not, the english dub is Dynasty Warriors 3 tier:…[View]
451967918Post hateproof games. I'll start.[View]
451977985TF2: >'Please say something in chat about me wearing a gibus!'[View]
451981470Can I put denuvo cracks in official Steam versions of games with denuvo to remove it?[View]
451981918heres your apocalypse bro[View]
451981941What is Link looking at?[View]
451981781Kojima San. Nobody knew who I was until I started to drive.[View]
451981753Smash /v/eekend thread Let's have some fun together FFA Room with Items/FS Meter ID: 2BG30 Pass…[View]
451977163How could this be happening to us, BioBros?[View]
451975559Where were you when Cliffy B had a mental breakdown and is now arguing with a shitposting dwarf on t…[View]
451981549Is classic halo gameplay outdated? Were we wrong about 5?[View]
451981297Name a better E-sport game[View]
451981472>toby started with a fever dream-inspired ending and worked backwards What the fuck are we in for…[View]
451978858Her thighs drives me mad[View]
451975691109 days until E3. What are your hopes? What are your dreams?[View]
451979992What an underwhelming ending.[View]
451978896She did nothing wrong[View]
451981016You can shoryuken, right /v/?[View]
451981139Are the Transformers games based on the new films any good?[View]
451979409>diablo style loot system[View]
451979971>assassin game >using rifle[View]
451973543>play apex >land somewhere >die within a minute i don't get it…[View]
451979858What's the easiest way to play FFVI on the PC/laptop? I want to play it again but not dig out m…[View]
451981007*blocks your path*[View]
451980324>Hey anon, do you have a mic?[View]
451975396I heard /v/ doesn't like Deus Ex anymore[View]
451979831Post dem Smash DLC Predictions[View]
451979682What would you like to say about BioWare before they are dissolved?[View]
451939125Is this still the best FPS game ever released? I know Time Splitters Future Perfect does some great …[View]
451979640Now that Jordan is queen, have you all forgotten Julia?[View]
451980283Werewolf RPG would be cool. Im sure that one game will never[View]
451968378Which is the better [Adjective phrase] Knight game? I can't make up my mind SK has some of the …[View]
451979381Devil Engine: Why is this game so fucking hard? I can't get past the second stage[View]
451979012Why is there 0 hype or discussion about this game? It's gonna be DOA isnt it?[View]
451967570Post those literal garbage 1/10 games[View]
451980392Name a more iconic quartet in gaming: I'll wait.[View]
451968926What vidya fan theories are there that turned out to be true?[View]
451979630Mtg Arena: so whats the whitest deck i can build here ? if you know what i mean[View]
451977710This will be the next Apex[View]
451977236*gets delayed again*[View]
451977795Why aren't you making your own vidya, anon?[View]
451976886How is this going to affect the industry?: MS is planning to bring Gamepass to PlayStation, Switch, …[View]
451975890Minecraft Server: New minecraft server, this one will actually stay up unlike every other one /v/ ha…[View]
451979629>anthem is gaining popularity >start an impromptu steam sale…[View]
451976493It's so satisfying to play an online FPS where you don't die as soon as someone pulls the …[View]
451979479What the fuck was his problem?[View]
451973425Why are these almost universally considered the best games ever? What makes them special?[View]
451972212Quick post your favorite beer and video game. >Reds/angry orchard >REmake…[View]
451978942I need to clean my room, give me some good OST[View]
451974587ITT Subtle Vidya Humor: You get it, don't you?[View]
451920042>game cracked yesterday >zero threads about exodus Did chinkposting kill all discussion for th…[View]
451979104Slap city: >The jenny fox controller[View]
451974129https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBibAdNZ53U /our/guy has some not so nice things to say about RE2mak…[View]
451978387Is there a specific yoshi named Yoshi, or are they all named Yoshi and we just meet a different one …[View]
451976212Ecort missions: a game that came out in 2005 did escort missions better than a game that came out in…[View]
4519644203x3 Thread Link if you don't have one yet https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/[View]
451977041Did I purchase a good first graphic's card?[View]
451977883Since I recently bought my first fightstick this week,I want to ask if /v/ prefers Pad or Stick for …[View]
451975996K I N O: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiON7VlmSqA[View]
451976540Scary games that aren't in the horror genre.[View]
451977910>Game remixes a character's theme song >it's better than the original song https://w…[View]
451964672I don't get it[View]
451978369pop quiz, hotshot: I just bought a new 2ds xl with mario kart 7 pre installed. I also have another 2…[View]
451978062Post vaporwave[View]
451978061What will I think of it?[View]
451975589When do you think Capcom will pull the plug on SFV? What do you think there next fighter will be, a…[View]
451978037Playstation 5: When will it be announced?[View]
451977305>2020 >Doug Bowser is accused of sexually harassing male co workers >gets fired SO LONG GAY…[View]
451976983Any Other Rappers that can connect with Games[View]
451977998What chink jank are you looking forward to the most, /v/? You ARE giving money to chinese sweatshop …[View]
451974501It's about time for a Groudon thread. Groudon may provide answers to your questions, granted yo…[View]
451976631So is he dead or...?[View]
451972575Seeing you here now[View]
451977094When will it be his turn bros? :-([View]
451976775Pokemon King and Pokemon Queen: 2/26 7:00PST Story focused around a Pokemon virus Character creation…[View]
451976791Is 40k - Mechanicus the only good 40k video game since Dawn of War 2?[View]
451968067ITT: we laugh about the absolute state of the videogame industry: AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH…[View]
451951759>$3,000 gaming rig >15 year old 720p monitor from goodwill Why do PC gamers do this?…[View]
451971641What percentage of Akalis glow in the dark paint is cum?[View]
451976362Here is a picture of animal crossing switch. More to come soon.[View]
451977154>Struggle with games because of poor eyesight >Get new glasses >Play zoomer online BR games…[View]
451976380Metro thread, gather here stalkers I'm just about to start playing this and I'm thinking w…[View]
451976491Why do the one we love the most always leave us in the end?[View]
451976941Every day until her game is out.[View]
451974012Redpill me on this /v/, is this version any good?[View]
451975298ITT: Shitty Games with Decent Soundtracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lro9WHNfFX8&t=16s…[View]
451974827Fat friday: Post fat vidya girls pls don’t 404[View]
451973368>game stars with a nuke going off in a major city >The President is warped to Ding Dong Dell …[View]
451976213how do you get that 3rd and 4th ending?[View]
451976147>pregnant enemies >births your children[View]
451976242Vidya soundtracks with deep lore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kcF7E69C6Q[View]
451960425Sony Microsoft Nintendo on suicide watch - Google console coming March 2019: >Google sent out a f…[View]
451972473Lets get a webm thread going[View]
451970543What's a game you don't regret having dumped hundreds, if not thousands of hours into?[View]
451968309Ok, so I have never played any final fantasy games and the only jrpgs I've played are a couple …[View]
451966996Imagine being so BTFO'd by Sony that you have to join forces with the enemy in a desperate effo…[View]
451975204left or right[View]
451973897Grim Fandango: About to play it. Is it as difficult as everybody says it is? Most people told me it…[View]
451971262How much time do you think you've spent playing games?[View]
451961774Which VR generation are you waiting for?[View]
451975530>items can miss[View]
451975119How does /v/ feel about smol characters?[View]
451975595Sora wears a wife beater[View]
451974536CohhCarnage says Anthem is good and all the haters are just bandwagoning against EA. He's a pro…[View]
451974710What are some vidya for this feel desu? Personally, I'm thinking Tales of Graces.[View]
451975495>I play video games[View]
451975451This boss is pretty ruff.[View]
451973067My Body Isn't Ready: https://www.cnet.com/news/twitter-grieves-as-nintendo-president-reggie-fil…[View]
451935551DOA: Are you guys playing the Deluxe Demo this weekend?[View]
451975373Which Telltale game has the best gameplay?[View]
451975332what are some games where you can skip time?[View]
451973996Rita Mordio pleases old men for blastia cores!![View]
451975064holy god damn this felt good[View]
451974563Can a new Wario Land be profitable?[View]
451974973>Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX Barely finished downloading Metro Exodus and it's already here.…[View]
451908248oh my fucking god this game is unbelievable[View]
451967639Zoomers will argue otherwise but boomers will understand[View]
451973840ANTHEM ALREADY ON SALE: OH NO NO NO NO NO Seriously, there are Biodrones and braindead faggots buyi…[View]
451974896>he didn’t name his horse in RDR2 Rocinante[View]
451974886https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FmMre6NMtU OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO 24FPS CINEMATIC GAMI…[View]
451972828test bread do not interact 𐎒[View]
451974730Atelier Lulua PV2: I WANT TO PROTECT MOMMY'S ATELIER https://youtu.be/Awpeyh2VbWs[View]
451966998WHy the fuck does it run so badly on an nvidia 1080 ? I even got a blue screen while exploring. GPU …[View]
451973452#AnthemGate: EA blacklisting people who give Anthem bad reviews. This is what happens when you let S…[View]
451974693Metro exodus: So i pirated it and it works fine But How do i update the pirated version to the newes…[View]
451974297post the game that has your favorite artstyle[View]
451974550What does /v/ thinks about this game?: I think it is pretty good for what it tries to be. Graphics a…[View]
451973419is Rust fun? it has a high player count and seems to have been handled well by the developers unlike…[View]
451969405lads where did the Fox robot go? Anyone else remember this very old PC video game?[View]
451973870Games that are worth buying for the OST alone.[View]
451964689>Roster looking like shit >Information starved >Kombat Kasts are ass >Boon is dead insid…[View]
451973212So it is possible after all. What was the hardest boss in the game for you?[View]
451974006darkest dungeon too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlGMsJgyORk >it habbening…[View]
451974261Xbox on Nintendo Switch holy shiiit: https://www.analogoutmedia.com/post/xbox-game-pass-rumored-to-n…[View]
451974054Have millenials ruined video games[View]
451974228I can finally retire: I can watch the sunset on a perfectly balanced Smash roster. Konami (Snake, Si…[View]
451968786>Fortnite: 7.6 million concurrent players >Apex Legends: 2 million concurrent players NOOOOOOO…[View]
451969397She was 16 when she mo-capped Jill.[View]
451960364ITT: games that are touted as the best in genre but no one can back up why[View]
451940705Anyone interested in a Gathering Storm thread? There is sjw global warming propaganda and cute girls…[View]
451965813ITT: Only the most cancerous characters[View]
451973271what am I exactly looking at here /v/?[View]
451973969' Battle for Azeroth cured my WoW addiction. Now I can finally get on with my life'[View]
451973963Video game music similarities blog: Greetings, I'm starting a blog about the similarity between…[View]
451973615i think its time for a cortex thread[View]
451973673Stop playing AAA games.[View]
451973493Will you be my daddy mr. Anon?[View]
451950615Only one left.[View]
451972349So while I enjoyed Tales of Vesperia, I found myself getting tired of all the meandering about the W…[View]
451972879What went right?[View]
451973708It's time to discuss the deepest lore of all time.[View]
451973691Who is your favorite Twitch streamer, /v/? Do you donate to them and support them, even if they are …[View]
451969654Will this be the next Anthem?[View]
451950885post your subtle vidya attire[View]
451971892CrossCode Thread: What the fuck was his deal?[View]
451971865Anon why haven't you played Puyo Puyo yet?[View]
451973439ITT: Your favorite Minecraft creations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TWCaix1UCY[View]
451954418These are the people you pay to play online with.[View]
451973364Shitty Anarchy (with ip this time): WBA or World Border Anarchy is a 100% Vanilla Anarchy server wit…[View]
451973115Friday and no vidya butt thread?: Let us change that.[View]
451973318>bioware vs bethesda[View]
451969749Why re there so many tired gamers: I've been playing videogames with my son and showing him all…[View]
451971469>Apex is the living proof a company wont get broke if they go wok- Still weird, i could swear Ape…[View]
451966339Sweet, sweet justice. Get fucked, uninspired cash grab publishers.[View]
451962464Is strife a good game?[View]
451971285>Past/Fantasy: Gold >Modern: Cash >Future/Sci-fi: Credits There has to be more, right? Are …[View]
451973086Is Switch worth buying for Xenoblade 2, Octopath Traveler and FE Threehouses? Already played BotW on…[View]
451971143what video games let you maybe play as god?[View]
451972997Nostalgia bread: Because I'm sorting my old images and find all kinds of shit. You can post som…[View]
451948247What happened to Bioware?[View]
451958163what is the point in 'role playing'? you make up a character and then pretend to be it? How childish…[View]
451970058GuP Dream Tank Match: This came out yesterday. How stable are the framerates on Switch compared to P…[View]
451970924Catherine thread: LGBS folks on /v/ Whats your opinion of Rin?[View]
451967714Why is there no porn of this semen gypsy: ????[View]
451970284>second-most popular FE male >top tier in Smash >top tier in the TCG, about to get even str…[View]
451968579owgh crab broke ma knoife[View]
451963612So if he's Nintendo born but Microsoft owned and they are basically merging, we pretty much win…[View]
451972414'It's not fair, /v/.' 'That worthless piece of trash hasn't appeared on a Nintendo system …[View]
451970228Play Paladins.[View]
451972137SCP: twocows.mooo.com:7777[View]
451968860It's been almost 4 years since Hotline Miami 2 and the end of that series. When the fuck is Den…[View]
451970109its UNREAL how bad this game is, im i right fellas?[View]
451950606ESA: >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Kingdumb Hearts >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon2 El…[View]
451972004Imagine having the audacity to charge $12 for this shit.[View]
451971717Banjo, you fool![View]
451971908Why do people hate Resident Evil 5 so much?: I'm replaying it right now and it's actually …[View]
451971887Yakuza Thread: How are those 100% completion lists coming along /v/?[View]
451971857>that one game you heard about one time and kinda half remember every few months What happened to…[View]
451967339>game tries to be funny >it actually is[View]
451949930>ActiBlizz lays off 800 people >Telltale shut down >Visceral closed >Gazillion shuttered…[View]
451971309Were any of these games ever good?[View]
451970189Here’s a picture of what animal crossing switch will look like graphics wise. More to come later![View]
451970607Post your favorite final boss battles.[View]
451965928>>Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX >> rip denuvo…[View]
451969853It's not fair. I want to play it for the first time again[View]
451971146Snipers in Vidya: Snipers are unfun to play against. They're sure as hell fun to play as, but t…[View]
451961934>games can't be kin-[View]
451971306> “My name is Reggie. I’m about kicking ass. I’m about taking names. And we’re about making games…[View]
451967751Is this even worth buying cheap? I know about the fucked up faces, but just how bad is it really?[View]
451970030Mr X has ruined Resi 2 Remake for me.: I was really enjoying the game until he showed up. It feels l…[View]
451967859Yes, this is an actual PC game screenshot[View]
451928072Starsector Yesterday a modder and his mod were banned from official forums because the dev was no lo…[View]
451971164Are you ready for the female protagonist in Persona 5 remaster?[View]
451970491this is the real d.o.a. of 2019[View]
451970947Me, I've no love for magick and its kind. Fire and steel, honed to an edge - that's all a …[View]
451971023Why is Samus so fucking fat?: I know she lost weight in later games, but how could she be so fat in …[View]
451965729So why did Blizzard decide to remaster WC3 before D2?[View]
451967893When will zombies go out of fashion so that dinosaurs can make a comeback?[View]
451970657Shitty Anarchy lmao: WBA or World Border Anarchy is a 100% Vanilla Anarchy server with a twist! The …[View]
451970794Microsoft is bringing Ori to Switch, Gamepass too and it could arrive to PlayStation[View]
451961164VIDYA SCREENSHOT THREAD: Post the last screenshot you took. Others rate the screenshot and the game/…[View]
451970773Can't nintendo sue this guy for this? Are warp pipes even copyrighted? So many games get away w…[View]
451968472Hey /v/, Smash got me pretty interested in Castlevania. What games in the series should and shouldn…[View]
451969583The main supporting character of the last game you played is replaced with Uncle. What happens?[View]
451969310>best game since Fortnite >/v/ ignores it thats whats wrong with this shithole…[View]
451970584>he thinks that because he shares a hobbie with 17% of the population he's part of a 'commun…[View]
451970553This year r-right?[View]
451943762Next Square Game: Square-Enix has a major AAA title releasing in late 2019 according to financial re…[View]
451970446Andromeda vs Anthem: BioWare is finished. https://youtu.be/GCTJX65f0W8[View]
451967967>DLC (for anything besides expansion equivalents) >Day 1 DLC >On-disk DLC >Pre-order bon…[View]
451967741>Hear everyone says a game is bad >Try it for yourself to see if it’s true >it’s just as ba…[View]
451970126Who plays this thing?[View]
451968550Now this is gaming history[View]
451970053Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.[View]
451967503Return to Drangleic: starts tomorrow and you have literally zero excuse not to play >b-but i dont…[View]
451969852Khajiit has fine wares, if you have coin![View]
451968834Is it really that bad?[View]
451969719Imagine wasting your childhood and teenage years playing wow shit then doing the same thing again as…[View]
451968985Why are axes in games so bland compared to swords and spears?[View]
451969652tfw no Battle Angel Rising: Reveangance by Platinum Games[View]
451969581This looks pretty neat. Been awhile since I've gotten my L4D fix.[View]
451969553Would you say this is accurate, /v/?[View]
451969036what went so right?[View]
451955471This is Celica. Can you actually say something nice about her?[View]
451969375Hey everyone. I’m Mitchell Farley Wolfe from DKVine and the kongversation. I have sources that tell …[View]
451969338Is Donut County a good game?[View]
451932610Catherine or Katherine?: > Catherine She is a 22-year-old woman with a 'charming face' and an am…[View]
451966364Is there anything inherently wrong with Turn based combat /v/?[View]
451969228Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmaqwNtonB4 Who's gonn…[View]
451969167https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660-ti/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/g…[View]
451967024 [View]
451969097Pathologic/IPL: >Haruspex part of the game is supposed to be released in Q2 >no progress updat…[View]
451968923DEX is better than ST-[View]
451968590Post franchises that are lost forever[View]
451968040Holy shit. I have been playing this for NINE hours straight. Addictive as fuck. Like I legit have be…[View]
451968864What are some games where you can meet your waifu in real life?[View]
451968837look at this dude[View]
451968706Games that let me live a quiet life: What are some games where im able to live a quiet life?[View]
451957581predict his moveset[View]
451967419Wich developer will make the unavoidable adaptation?[View]
451962359This is no place for a Darksiders Thread[View]
451968393*Stomp* * stomp* *stomp* in the distance >Yfw[View]
451964756Why do people always remember Worms Armageddon, but no one ever talks about Worms World Party?[View]
451957291guys pls help me out. Look at pic why is this happening how can these temps be so bad? When I play p…[View]
451968391>Enemy commander keeps skipping his turn[View]
451960335So if i dont wanna build a budget pc, the xbone x is the best alternative. Imagine how next gen cons…[View]
451949538Smash Quickplay Thread: Quickplay thread time, /v/. What are: >Your mains and GSP >The charact…[View]
451964692Swat 4: Play Swat 4[View]
451946193>you now remember the disappointment[View]
451964118What game do you have the most playtime on /v/?[View]
451964983Ganondorf is cool and all but when will the REAL Ganon return to the big screen?[View]
451967734Most innovative online game this decade passing through[View]
451964547The Nintendo 3DS came out on February 26, 2011.[View]
451967853How much is it going to cost?[View]
451968075Why is his plan this retarded? >were going to help the ascian's win >then the master race…[View]
451964943How do I beat this spirit?[View]
451966427How come action games with tank controls have never seen a revival? We have seen pretty much every k…[View]
451962720Is there any way we can save him from the claws of zoomers?[View]
451967109ITT: gone, but never forgotten[View]
451967809Can we get bulk bogan to trending?: Guy, this is the greatest fucking song of all time https://youtu…[View]
451967768hey anon... TRYTOBLOCKTHIS[View]
451967051Lawbrakers or Apex Legends?[View]
451964659Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX: Gentlemen....we need to fucking do something about this RIGHT NOW[View]
451957975Games that filthy burgers won't play[View]
451966445Yep, I can definitely see the Popeye influence here.[View]
451961126>the absolute STATE of Western gaming[View]
451931808Reimu in smash: Reimu would be pretty neat in smash imagine the possibilities >She would be a zon…[View]
451951458ITT: Based silent protagonists[View]
451964271I had big hopes for Bioware because I loved KOTOR and Dragon Age:Origins. Do you think they'll …[View]
451965549>All these empty mountains and endless oceans UGH WHY ARE THE WORLDS SO SAMEY?…[View]
451957917What video game lets me run a company to the ground ?[View]
451926603Cuphead/Ori and one major MS series (between Halo, Gears and Forza) are coming to the Switch. This i…[View]
451967451I'm a little surprised the Mass Effect trilogy hasn't been ported to Switch.[View]
451957143dont feel sorry for bioware they died a long time ago.[View]
451967253Recommend me a game where I can be a blacksmith, anon. Not a warrior with smithing skills but a char…[View]
451930654Anons aged 40+, how do you deal with being an older gamer?[View]
451967125I'd just like to take a moment to thank Dauphong for his vast collection of shared games[View]
451963768RE - most overrated franchise out there!: Is there more overrated shit of a franchise than pic relat…[View]
451951919>The Kingdom Hearts Virgin >The Bouncer chad Please tell me you're not the first, Anon…[View]
451961134The first object you see after turning your head to the left is now the basis of Dr. Wily's nex…[View]
451965110Apologize right now.[View]
451964605Ori coming to Switch, Gamepass coming to PlayStation: >Gematsu has also heard that a Switch versi…[View]
451951540HE’S IN[View]
451966324Post some cool vehicles[View]
451964948Hate it or love it: No matter what you say. But you can't deny the roadmap looks pretty good…[View]
451962578You're wrong! Kingdom Hearts is[View]
451963681'Look, a Mark Five!'[View]
451966138What is the current state of mmos? it feels like i cant find a good one these days.[View]
451960871What is the greatest fantasy race in vidya and is it the dwarves?[View]
451966012What are some games that break the 4th wall?[View]
451964629Is this sale correct? what's the catch? Also is this worth it? only played Dark Souls 1 2 and B…[View]
451965970What are some single-player PC games? My backlog is empty. No grinding allowed. That pic of games …[View]
451941226Guys, i've really tried having fun with a battle royale for once, but i played like three match…[View]
451953980Nioh: What's the best way to farm Glory?[View]
451962303What are these numbers that show up after I win a fight in Jump Ultimate Stars?[View]
451965387What are some things that makes a sad ending even more depressing for you? >most of the character…[View]
451963813What do you think about games that include optional mini-games in them? Do you like like them for th…[View]
451962141If her attacks are generated through organic matter, her morph ball bombs must be fecal matter.[View]
451964712Why does everything NISA touch turn to shit?[View]
451965324Are there any games where the villain's powers are a mystery?[View]
451964058Death Stranding to be released on PC aswell. DIscuss.[View]
451964684Sonic Adventure DX PC: Pic unrelated. So idk if anyone here has or knows where to find the full vers…[View]
451964526>boss has an incredibly good weapon to steal >among the mandatory characters there's no …[View]
451962954Smash Ultimate Data mining 2.0.1: Is there anything new about the datamining of smash? There is the …[View]
451964763>Sure Anon, I'll take care of your little sister.[View]
451959908About to take some shrooms, what are some good, easy to play games with great visuals?[View]
451964563Will a new pcie3 gpu work on my pcie2 MB?[View]
451948393https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd139Nin33M Have you guys seen this yet? Apparently its the spiritua…[View]
451948053Catherine Full Body: cool so now that i know it's getting censored i can safely skip it, thanks…[View]
451963140Do you think that games can increase your testosterone? If so, can you name some?[View]
451947978Subnautica thread /v/ros[View]
451928850EA Game Changers: >Gets paid by EA to shill. >Critics slam the game. >Oh fuck my audience i…[View]
451959416I just finished Fire Emblem awakening and I am excited to try Fates just to see how bad the story mu…[View]
451963865Literally any day now lads[View]
451964106>hentai game review >focuses more on quality of gameplay than porn…[View]
451964089Is it possible to reach angel status without cheating or using the belt? How do I git gud at this ga…[View]
451964072>The good guy in the party is actually the traitor Why do JRPGs like doing this?…[View]
451964040>cuckshit in my japanese games dropped.[View]
451964009Why do you people hate Anthem so much? Its good[View]
451962327You guys will argue about everything[View]
451963881Can Sony be stopped? No wonder /v/ is so obsessed with them.[View]
451963512Do you like playing Snoy movies? I do, every once in a while. [View]
451956860Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX Far.Cry.New.Dawn-CODEX[View]
451959918What did Kazooie mean by this?[View]
451963721ITT a franchises worst character >consistently beaten by Phoenix >whines and bitches and claim…[View]
451936997>Do forgive me for interrupting the festivites, but I have a small announcement to make. *ahem* F…[View]
451958348What difficulty you cunts playing? I picked Ranger Hardcore expecting it to be the equivalent of the…[View]
451963558>glorified choose your own adventure novel/nerd fantasy simulator >gamers think this is 'good…[View]
451963171>tfw when kids these days will never know about mass effect[View]
451961995Old Stuff: Do you still remember?[View]
451959874Please help me. I've been stuck on the undead burg since Christmas and guides aren't helpi…[View]
45194574620 minutes until the deluxe weekend demo you gonna play it?[View]
451963141What are some games that make me feel good to be a gangster?[View]
451956996>Play as a male character on an MMO >HA! fagboy you like looking at men >Play as Female …[View]
451958331You have the choice of either restoring Senran Kagura to it's former glory, or having a threeso…[View]
451961076>Japanese ''''''''humor'''''''''[View]
451948121>they are not buying it 9/9/9/8 in Famitsu[View]
451961662>Final boss has an OP, unbeatable ability Name the game[View]
451961887Which games I get to see big boobies[View]
451961826IT'S FREEMAN. WHACK 'IM[View]
451962878How are you enjoying your new Soulja game console, /v/?[View]
451962276Bosses: Hey anons I need a new action game to play with some good boss fights. My only requirements …[View]
451962765*COUGH* *SNEEZE* *COUGH* *AHEM* A toast to KH3[View]
451938262Who else is looking forward to Valve's inevitable mass layoffs?[View]
451962438Antigravity Racing Games: It's time to appreciate one of the most overlooked genres Post your f…[View]
451958345Redpill me on Nicalis, why does /v/ hate this company?[View]
451931370enderal is fucking terrible[View]
451960404Black Desert Online for Xbox: This is coming next week. Should I get this or is it a scam? I'll…[View]
451962105Can we discuss the worms games /v/? Its been a while[View]
451962236>muh death-based culture >muh KH-lite gameplay…[View]
451960805>fuck up the timing and accidently let go of shield too early >uh... I mean perfectly time a p…[View]
451940580Everyone of the fucks that disliked this ended up paying for online anyway.[View]
451960682>Mom said its my rurn to play the jew gasser 9000[View]
451962154How is it even possible to make software this fucking incompetent?[View]
451961364Anthem Flops: Wew I thought people said it was going to be good[View]
451961242For me, it's Bangalore.[View]
451956243ITT: Good games that were ruined by their developers[View]
451960516Who is the GOAT?[View]
451960937Games with this aesthetic[View]
451960169ITT post mom-core flash games[View]
451960767Spider-man is a Marvel IP, how in the holy name of ass is this game a PS4 exclusive? I mean I don…[View]
451960636You know what... New Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually great. Good music, too. This track is incredibl…[View]
451959983I swear to God if they use the most boring location and song in all of Persona 5 for Smash I won’t d…[View]
451958238why dont they make actually challenging games anymore?[View]
451961169Reminder that this is happening tonight! Or tomorrow morning. So if you're EST, go to bed aroun…[View]
451961512Why the fuck do i have to pay to use something i already have? whoever thought about charging people…[View]
451959892Best girl[View]
451961464Pirating Games: Does anyone have a recent (2018-2019) GOG master torrent? The newest one I find is f…[View]
451947221Let's do this! I start Transmogrification / vanity slots are bad because they take the joy out …[View]
451959393Can the magic of Drakengard's batshitness be replicated? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwYYyX…[View]
451952645Screenshot Thread.[View]
451961296what are some weeb games that are actually good[View]
451960932>Microsoft wants to release a streaming/digital only console without disc drive >They are gonn…[View]
451953274Best F1 racing game?: Should i just go for the last one or what? Also cracked versione of the one yo…[View]
451961247How is it that they own the largest and highest-selling franchise not just in gaming, but in media a…[View]
451960538Mass Effect Thread: Best Girl Edition [View]
451959876>Dude smartphones lmao[View]
451960979SUDAVERSE THREAD STRIKES AGAIN: DLC1 is finally confirmed for next Friday https://twitter.com/Ninten…[View]
451949370>The only straight white male is LITERALLY toxic B R A V O[View]
451956067Hey /v/, would you mind standing for the photo for when you get BTFO when I get revealed for Smash[View]
451959503I miss them /v/[View]
451959561Post video games with the best music.[View]
451957383Etrian Odyssey Nexus: Just got it, first EO game. What's your favorite party composition? What …[View]
451949117>DMC5: 21M Views, releasing in 13 days >GOW: 20M Views, sold 3.3 million copies in 3 Days >…[View]
451913968KurtzPel closed beta, what did you all learn? I learned that korean is a shit language, and should b…[View]
451957789I think those the best Crash game. I would be more interested in future Crash titles if I'm the…[View]
451960359Do you spend time on your pc when you dont play video games? also why is phoneposting considered bad…[View]
451937326Whats your excuse for not cheating? Dont you have enough money or brains to acquire them?[View]
45195990380 employees left DICE Sweden since 2018: >About 80 employees have left the Swedish game develope…[View]
451959726Dead or Alive 6 / doa6 : ERP-free version: Beta live, who are you guys playing? I'm looking for…[View]
451960510In terms of facial animations: 2>3>1: Sam Lakers btfo[View]
451956573https://youtu.be/Bs5QGN-zhwM You DO play The Sims without cheats, right anon?[View]
451954565what does the 'N' stand for?[View]
451960241>edgy bad[View]
451960426What are some games about exacting revenge against people who have wronged you?[View]
451950993What are some good games for girls?[View]
451960151ITT games only you played[View]
451960246>Be Razor >Be top shit on the blacklist >Literally get cucked by a undercover thot at the e…[View]
451960234Why can't video games be simple again?[View]
451960210Oh shit he did it[View]
451957731Just finished E. Great stuff. Quite a sad world though. Room for a sequel?[View]
451919009The last 5 games you played. Rate them. 9/10 6/10 9/10 6/10 7/10[View]
451960079I need more of this[View]
451959314Good evening, Anon. Isn't this weekend just perfect to get a few Extreme Perfects in your favor…[View]
451959968Where were you when you learned Microsoft was going 3rd party?[View]
451959472>no DMC thread Let's change that >tfw Spring Break starts literally the day it comes out …[View]
451958346discuss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X46oWXucL4 highlights: pubg btfoing dota no mans sky drop…[View]
451959206Down you go![View]
451958371why can't you join the imperial in oblivion? a game located in the province that pretty much IS…[View]
451941641ITT: Character styles so good/subtle, you could even wear them in real life without sticking out too…[View]
451958646Why is almost every game post-2011 a pile of crap?[View]
451959473Yakuza thread: Alright lads, what makes Kiwmai bosses so shit?[View]
451958441any actually good pirate games?[View]
451959663Glitch or meme-awareness. You be the judge.[View]
451956783The weekend is arriving /v/! What games will you be playing to celebrate it?[View]
451959451FUCKING GAMESTOP: Haven't seen a gamestop thread in a bit. I ordered Metroid Prime 1 & 2 fr…[View]
451945465Shiren the Wanderer is returning!: https://www.4gamer.net/games/450/G045093/20190222027/ Shiren the …[View]
451934723Are experiences the logical next step in the evolution of video games?[View]
451937809Linux Gaming thread: How do we improve Linux gaming?[View]
451958953Suck on it[View]
451958856He's in[View]
451934086What makes Japanese female design superior to the Western one?[View]
451949289>people with ADD/ADHD cant enjoy this game and that is a fact[View]
451955861ITT: Otherwise good games ruined by one small thing Dungeons 3: and it's memes. The whole game …[View]
451958912Will we ever get a true sequel?[View]
451958256Why did the mainline Metroid games go through a seemingly unrecoverable brain drain? >No new plan…[View]
451958624Wtf? I thought DoA6 was supposed to be serious and mature??: How can anyone defend this?[View]
451928382>All Western devs are imploding >All Japanese devs are doing they best they've been in y…[View]
451958930I have nvidia 1080, and it's at 100% usage and ~82 degrees temperature constantly while playing…[View]
451956762OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
451920587Nightly VR thread: Let's have at it /v/[View]
451956517Nintendo won.[View]
451956659>Alien tech is meant to look organic[View]
451948623>rodents as pet companions Any games that do this?[View]
451958263Better than Witcher 2 desu[View]
451956252>I kept playing all these shitty AAA games because despite all of the massive flaws just because …[View]
451955326Top 10 Selling Video Games (Retail and Digital), January 2019: 1 - Kingdom Hearts III 2 - Resident …[View]
451958151SuperData, Etc.: •Fortnite has monthly revenues with a peaking in December; January revenues are dow…[View]
451955230Opinions? I am all for trying out new stuff but From might have overdone it this time. No RPG elemen…[View]
451951221What was the purpose of Ellie being a lesbian? She literally showed no signs of being gay throughout…[View]
451958029EA can't even get good anthem reviews if they pay for them! https://www.vg247.com/2019/02/22/pa…[View]
451956504pure K I N O[View]
451954010Games everyone forgot about that need a sequel[View]
451957898Solid vs Liquid: So who really was the inferior twin?[View]
451948308Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission: Are you excited for the most content packed, action packed, fanfic…[View]
451956057What games let me be a real motherfucking G?[View]
451953652We're going home /v/ros.[View]
451954256Has anyone owned one to play video games on? What was it like?[View]
451956175>enemy just works[View]
451952608What's the best type of ambient occlusion?[View]
451954875Give me a rundown on this game. Is it worth getting at current price?[View]
451945143When was the last time you discovered a new game because of /v/? Its shocking how seldom that happen…[View]
451953187Why do the best animu always invariably get the worst vidya?[View]
451956116damn bros, we've gone so far...[View]
451956772How would a subspace story mode play out with SSBU roster?: lets say that it’s a remake, not a seque…[View]
451955301>why do you want to kill us, anon?[View]
451955275You wouldn't[View]
451954873ITT: popular games you will never play I will never play this series just out of sheer cringe and em…[View]
451953750The Elder Scrolls: Online Thread: I want to buy The Elder Scrolls: Online. My first choice was WoW b…[View]
451956775My mate finished TES: Redguard. And you think Oblivion is the best?[View]
451956746What are some games without official digital releases?[View]
451952161I am really hoping infinite will be good Please be good[View]
451946557what does the N stand for?[View]
451947656Games based on bollywood movies: Yay or nay?[View]
451956470>do you see now /v/?[View]
451952221What are the biggest mysteries in gaming?[View]
451956249>'We want the Souls audience' Y i k e s[View]
451952095>post the last game you actually played and enjoyed >realize how long ago it was released Is t…[View]
451955265Can the mods please ban me? This is the worst place in the internet.[View]
451956358What game is this, /v/?[View]
451952228>This guy walks into Falador and slaps your gf's ass what do you do?…[View]
451952420>the last good COD game[View]
451951737When you think about, Demon's Souls is really just Bloodborne 1.[View]
451956176video arcade game room costa rica: american pinball, rockola, jukebox, arcade machines and all free …[View]
451951048Pleb Filter: The Game[View]
451948734I bought it. What am I in for lads?[View]
451952780>I once started collecting phone numbers shown in GTA SA in the hopes of calling one of these num…[View]
451953598I don't care What the trolls say, it looks fun. I'm going to buy and enjoy this game, neve…[View]
451951125How would you fix Sonic? Modern Sonic is the definition of inconsistency. It's been going throu…[View]
451949356I dont like him, he smells like fish[View]
451955407Fuck ALL modern games that don't let you go down the fast way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8…[View]
451955368What games contain massive amounts of QUALITY?[View]
451952114Any videogame with this enemy?[View]
451952374Slap City: >nerfed non stop for 8 months in a row >even after the game died he is still gettin…[View]
451951160Mr.EA? I don't feel so good[View]
451955136oh yeah that happened[View]
451952907What made this game different from fallout 3 exactly?: I remember playing it back in 2011 and not ev…[View]
451954996Why doesn't /v/ like Ann? She's such a sweet girl.[View]
451947590What does /v/ think about DotA Auto Chess?: I never see any threads about it. Won my first game toda…[View]
451952696Videogames used to be rich with creativity and focus on complex yet introspective problem solving, c…[View]
451947494I had fun: I guess it helped I played the demo after a stressful smash session.[View]
451954760Metroidvanias are just 2D collectathons.[View]
451953000What the fuck was his problem?[View]
451949293Are games like this dead?[View]
451954494Post vidya magic users with large mana pools[View]
451953025>gf went to study for an exam at her friend's house >got the whole house to myself, hell …[View]
451952440what does AAA games mean anyways? they are suppose to be like high quality stuff but most of the tim…[View]
451951557Most underappreciated gem: Prove me wrong.[View]
451953234What makes a good plot?[View]
451951443Sssshhh. Lara is sleeping[View]
451951901Dragon's Dogma: >have extensively used most classes except Warrior >excited to try a Warr…[View]
451953715> no fucking upcoming new release announces at all The fuck happened to industry? You’d think the…[View]
451901804Skullgirls: Skullgirl is getting a Switch Port /v/ are you going to pick it up?[View]
451927275What makes a gay character “forced”? Talking about their sexuality? Does that make straight characte…[View]
451953543This game is just too boring, any mod to turn Raiden into an anime girl or something?[View]
451953439That new Fallout game is getting a lot of unnecessary flack, huh bros? As a well informed gamer /v/r…[View]
451948531These are the only games worth playing in this series.[View]
451950980>as a kid always years behind on video games because we didn't have enough money to buy new …[View]
451953249Last night my buddy and I, both fathers in our mid 30's, finally settled in for some Anthem str…[View]
451949134How come, in all the years following SMACs success, there hasn't been a single good SMAC clone?[View]
451952423When are we getting Wild West themed Souls game by Fromsoft?[View]
451950642So how many millions can Cuphead make if it actually ends up on the Switch[View]
451947780Any logical reason you're not playing Evenicle 2 right now?[View]
451912453>worst game in the series is the best selling Why does this always happen? Why do people love ba…[View]
451932000Why is The Sims 1 so aesthetically superior to literally every other entry in the series? What makes…[View]
451911280World of Warcraft Classic: >Those retail players are gonna get btfo in classic, where raids where…[View]
451944063What do you want to see in Super Mario Maker 2? I want more playable characters. Luigi and Toad is c…[View]
451948645Post ywn >1hp[View]
451951891>All games are boring shit Why are games like this?[View]
451951808>mfw Splatoon's map rotation system basically handicaps the entire online multiplayer compon…[View]
451951839I really wish I could find a single person who has made a video on this that isn't a minecraft …[View]
451951886>Leave the big industrious city to be ruled by a >Black >woman >New Bordeaux turns into…[View]
451950343Best street racing Game?: What game can I race an 86 in?[View]
451951824Unironically what are some games: Looking for fun single player games that can run on toasters (or a…[View]
451932674Is that fag Yandere Dev still working on this piece of shit? I'd reckon most 12 year olds that …[View]
451949843What do you guys think about tyler1? Is he kino?[View]
451951387This Fucking Soundtrack: I wanna order this soundtrack on vinyl. Where the fuck can I get it? Have f…[View]
451951331What is your opinion on Ludger Will Kresnik?[View]
451950687Ah, the portable Cleveland Steamer can be taken with you into the shitter Ahhmmm, it can eh, you kno…[View]
451950769The greatest company in the world.[View]
451950538Why is he such a beta orbiter[View]
451949264Post your favorite comfy game[View]
451949827Which games are the most M. Night Shyamalan kind?[View]
451951324This game really captures the feel of Dark Soul's jolly cooperation.[View]
451948107Hey /v/, check out what I found at Goodwill for 25 cents. What the consensus on this game?[View]
451947745Don't bully Lifeline, please. Thank you.[View]
451951238Oh No No No[View]
451942423Post characters from japanese games who's dubbed voices sound better than the original.[View]
451925109Anthem: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FLOP OF THE CENTURY Bioware is gonna go bye-bye.[View]
451950393Why is Claire spelled A-D-A?[View]
451947686*heavy mic breathing* H-h-have you guys seena’ wingman around here *fat rolling noises* I only picke…[View]
451950104How do they get away with this?[View]
451949795>Steve deconfirmed >Mementos datamined, given even more credibility to the Erdrick leak. Yup, …[View]
451944963Why is trans gender characters okay only when Japan does it?[View]
451937363Post your running animation[View]
451947628Did you buy a spider cider?[View]
451926864NEXT GEN XBOX WILL BE REVEALED AT E3 2010: Release date : End 2020 Launch title : Halo Infinite Ther…[View]
451947401i gonna say The L-word[View]
451949206its fucking trash .t someone who played 2033 and LL[View]
451950536What are some games?[View]
451950119Remember to stretch before every gaming session, /v/!! https://livestreamfails.com/post/16355[View]
451940962>game takes away 12 years of your life >isn't even enjoyable >can't stop playing …[View]
451948194RE2: Let’s be real, it goes to shit the moment you leave the parking garage. This was a problem with…[View]
451938816What's the worst thing about the games industry right now?[View]
451948660>metro exodus[View]
451947164>that one guy who stopped playing video games years ago but keeps coming back to /v/…[View]
451948964>nishiki goes to prison instead of kiryu >Kiryu saves nishiki's sister >Kiryu starts a…[View]
451947192If Fox and Flaco didn’t have their shine would they still be top tier?[View]
451948317Why do Japanese games always have better gameplay than western games?[View]
451948932Reminder that this is what Solid Snake looks like.[View]
451947705can we get an actual Lisa thread since the last one got baleeted?[View]
451949985What a boring 'rpg'[View]
451943889>3.0 Update coming soon >Includes all previous game engines >Melee Mode >Brawl Mode >…[View]
451948540Why is there no PlayStation button icon support for PC games?[View]
451944494The more Anne threads I see the more I start to like her Guess what I'm trying to say is I love…[View]
451933720Titanfall 2: If you mained Tone you are a colossal faggot[View]
451948090How come anime games on /agdg/ have girls more fappable than the /aco/ version? I though women in th…[View]
451946460any tips before i start already installed the unofficial patch[View]
451949810>roy is a legendary feh hero Did anyone actually ask for this? How useless.…[View]
451930027are you ready for Microsoft games on the Switch /v/? https://www.vg247.com/2019/02/22/xbox-game-pass…[View]
451936935Me and my friends took the day off today so we can play Anthem all weekend. You jelly, /v/?[View]
45194912618 years later, still can't be emulated: No Xbox consoles can be emulated to a passable standar…[View]
451948486Why the fuck can't I respawn?[View]
451947516When is Animal Crossing switch gonna be shown off? Also post your favorite villager.[View]
451949015After visiting hltv.org i can tell CSGO have the most stupid videogame community of them all but can…[View]
451946504>Yfw a bunch of women and minorities ended up making a better game than Bioware's A team tha…[View]
451948569Currently working in a sector of MS that has a big part in the Nintendo partnership >Yes, Xbox Li…[View]
451936168Would TF2 be better if the characters were girls?[View]
451945016>invests in tons of studios to make exclusives >puts them all on Switch Is this guy a Nintend…[View]
451908609ESA: >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon (embed) Pokebad or Ass >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarat…[View]
451945190Divine Cybermancy: >you gain EYE thread >you gain EYE thread >you gain EYE thread >Your …[View]
451947387are these fags the sole reason mother 3 wont get an official western release?[View]
451947770Hey remember that time Chris Redfield punched a fucking boulder[View]
451947723Why is this the only FPS i manage to have fun with? I tried many others but i don't know what …[View]
451947962>the protagonist is the villain and he doesn't tell his plot until very late in the game…[View]
451938846Remember me?[View]
451948440Nintendo X Microsoft Information Leaked, Smash Bros, Rare, etc.: Hey to all of you people out there,…[View]
451948882>all these people saying Jane is Joker alt >not Falcon echo…[View]
451938903https://youtu.be/APWTJMyM4qg Is this still the best trailer of all time ? This shit made buy the sy…[View]
451927584Final Fantas VII Remake: The genius behind Kingdom Hearts III is bringing us thid gsmre. Will it liv…[View]
451947529I want to go back.[View]
451946953Hey /v/ are you prepared for the future?[View]
451945715>you can't get the good ending without using shitty stealth Hella fcking ep*c…[View]
451948654ITT: Blasphemy in gaming I'll start: Using mouselook and jump and crouch in Doom[View]
451908286Resident Evil 2: Anthem scores 63/100 on metacritic Resident Evil 2 still holds the title as best g…[View]
451946490Post yfw this level[View]
451947797What's up sonygroids My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, r…[View]
451947212Saints Row 4 was so bad it killed Michael Duncan Clarke. Discuss.[View]
451947138>be a wow guild leader >have a very good player >he regularly yells and harasses our girl h…[View]
451945780Gameplay just came out for MGS 5 chapter 3. it's got a cute in it. https://youtu.be/Pw3srn5ggg…[View]
451947134>bosses break out of your combo strings with next to zero tells >Burst Artes railroad you into…[View]
451948170Does Phil Spencer works out? He looks like the type, even if he seemed a little bloated in the past …[View]
451941775Can we have a thread about non-human (or close-to-human IE: elf) races done right? Why are they so f…[View]
451947568post big irons[View]
451946615Any video games where the villain is literally invincible?[View]
451944976*blocks your path*[View]
451947928>ctrl+f >no Yakuza thread Let's get going.…[View]
451942163>2019 is worst year for gamers[View]
451945897** Anti-Piracy Checkpoint **: Hold it right there, /v/. This here is a checkpoint, didn’t you notice…[View]
451944416Forced Gay in games: >Be me >Just got ME: Andromeda yesterday for $4 >Talking to crew mem…[View]
451939019This is your grandma tonight[View]
451940392*points gun at kojimbo* RELEASE THE FUCKING GAME RIGHT NOW[View]
451947149can i kill him!?[View]
451945474Why don't we have a real Love Live VN yet?[View]
4518832532: its gonna suck, isnt it[View]
451945928>~100 days until E3 >no sony conference >nintendo and microsoft teaming up to give us the g…[View]
451945858>he managed to find a copy edition How is everyones game going? What Yokai you using? Yokai threa…[View]
451944909WoW Classic Thread >Faction, class, race, professions on your first main? >What are your plans…[View]
451941020Why aren't you playing GOTY 2019: Dirt Rally 2.0 yet /v/? Crack is out.[View]
451943551Flash games: What was his problem?[View]
451943559New final fantasy movie when?[View]
451941397I'm going to do it[View]
451946824Cybersun 2077 thread[View]
451946482>game has episodic releases[View]
451944440Do real doctors like Dr.Mario?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q_CIusQjjb0[View]
451941585E3 won't be the same without Sony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcSsy9Pc4w8[View]
451945747Why does japan copy the west so much?: https://youtu.be/O6FwFELdVIQ https://youtu.be/SAsHFSrh0i8…[View]
451886932Whose your favorite idol from one of the idol games you like so much /v/?[View]
451945913What if she was norted instead of Terra? How do you think the story would have panned out?[View]
451946123Play Jet Set Radio.[View]
451938756EA influencer afraid to criticize Anthem: EA has a program for their influencers called EA Game Chan…[View]
451940226Only the most based soundtracks are allowed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeAAi7jWOl8[View]
451946667I've only played KH1 and KH2. Does the other games add value to the series, or are they just wo…[View]
451946619Holy shit dude Anthem naysayers BTFO'D. The game is just fine https://youtu.be/rn60wH1zZXQ[View]
451941039>co-op has asymmetrical cutscenes and missions or just parts of missions Games that do this with …[View]
451939154Why did /v/ pretend to be scared of Ao Oni?: >Shitty walking sim horror game but made in RPG Make…[View]
451946325how do i acquire a Five gf?[View]
451945089Doug Bowsette[View]
451934064We should send him a thank you card collage from /v/ for all he has done for gaming[View]
451944657ITT: Underrated games you’ve never seen talked about on /v/[View]
451946006We claim this thread for the greater good![View]
451943845COMMUNISM IS A LIE[View]
451943521It's a bunch of third world shitters.[View]
451941092>conduct a 'beta' where you let high-profile content creators play the game for exposure >don…[View]
451920396If this game is such masterpiece why isn't there a moral grey area with the factions? While the…[View]
451944000Hornet is for _________[View]
451944056sims 4: are you going to buy the strangerville pack,/v???[View]
451945778ITT: Surprisingly good licensed games[View]
451946089Birkin did nothing wrong.: >be me >literal child prodigy >spent all my years studying scien…[View]
451944347Why is wolf so popular in competitive play?[View]
451944610i think i am falling in love with razer products.[View]
451940159To all Anthem haters: You. Yes, you. The one screaming, 'Loading screens!' and 'Bioware lied to us!'…[View]
451941041ITT: games that died but shouldn't have [View]
451942061What game announcement are you looking forward too most from E3?[View]
451943089What emotion does this image make you feel?[View]
451945084You're at the club and this guy readies Benediction on your girlfriend's ass. What do you …[View]
451942717>Spend like an hour in character creation making a very cute girl >Doesn't matter because…[View]
451936925Do you still play FighterZ?[View]
451945226>Original game has holes or flaws in the game & story that held back its' potential >…[View]
451929112daily reminder that EA is not your friend and will lie in your face for money[View]
451944772God, I'm so fucking bored. What should I play?[View]
451944486Could main character from the last game you played beat the strongest character in all video games?[View]
451922113>playing as d-class >made my way all the way from light to entrance solo, everyone else is dea…[View]
451945149I stopped playing at New Londo.[View]
451924420Explain: >people criticize the game by claiming the only weapon you get is a katana >there is …[View]
451943146You are the guy in charge of the next NFS OST: What would you choose?(Examples of music used in vide…[View]
451910881>30$ Is it worth it?[View]
451944197>The last two big arcades are on the verge of bankruptcy >All that will be left are barcades a…[View]
451943043Vib Ribbon thread[View]
451944895spess: >here's your perfectly aligned hexagon constellation of satellite relays, bro time wa…[View]
451944764Should Leon take steroids like Chris?: Yep[View]
451935536Based Catherine[View]
451942418Anon. Would you kindly get stepped on by a big daddy?[View]
451944618FUCK this stage[View]
451943016are the modern far cry games anywhere near as fun as this?[View]
451944585If I made video games, my company would be Swear Enix and my game would be called Final Fucking Fant…[View]
451944545Lego Star Wars: Is there a more cozy casual game than this?[View]
451940032*blocks your path*[View]
451942121Post a videogame character from your country[View]
45194443223 days until GDC[View]
451941015PC FUCKING WHEN?[View]
451944406>thats the thing you see, cause it...[View]
451932446>/v/ recommends you a game >it's literally spyware Glad to know /v/ is still shit. https:…[View]
451937876>games is localized with original japanese voices only, no dub >no subtitles are included for …[View]
451944186>tfw no Coco gf to play in the snow with Any games for this feel?[View]
451927783Weebs don't bow to the west-: https://twistedvoxel.com/yakuza-3-remaster-cuts-transphobic-quest…[View]
451941098Did you let go?[View]
451939473Games people pretend to like to fit in on /v/?[View]
451943429what the h*ck, bros you told me 3D was always PD especially japs[View]
451943585How profitable would be to slap togheter some animations of waifus getting fucked, make them play at…[View]
451943567Do you think publishers will finally learn the lesson that your game doesn't get to be a $60 ga…[View]
451940728>games have infinite replay value >books do not Really?…[View]
451925459How the fuck does a $10 computer science project end up being of the best games of the generation?[View]
451943305You know what? I can forgive the overused played out feudal japan setting. I can forgive the tryhard…[View]
451936839Square-Enix's next game, 'Last Idea' https://www.lastidea.jp/ Thoughts?[View]
451943248What are some video games where you are the villian?[View]
451942376Remember, lads.. Stick to Ace Combat thread and you'll make it.[View]
451938654>passed the first area feels fucking great bros[View]
451941656Why do people bother working in the big budget videogame industry? How could the pain in the ass and…[View]
451942207>Game comes out >/v/ praises it/doesn't really talk about it >Popular youtuber shits o…[View]
451941076Who's More Annoying?: was it The Verge, who commissioned a camera crew to document this amateur…[View]
451936069>Play game that 4chan shits on >It is actually fun What is my name?…[View]
451940697Is Japan saving the videogame industry?[View]
451942904Dark Souls with rally tires.[View]
451942845This kills the Radeon.[View]
451941278Some guy is badgering me to give this a go and that it is a better game than Overwatch. Am I being d…[View]
451941073Did any of you ever beat it?[View]
451941708WTF ? I Love Electronic Arts now ![View]
451933606Why do normies pretend to like video games?[View]
451942365Guys, I just found out about this game called Entropia Universe And what about it, you might ask? We…[View]
451940436hows my steam cart lookin brehs[View]
451939426Vidya Music Thread: Post your bestest jam Bonus points for live version https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
4519409572 wins already today baby!. Once you master the tspin the game goes easy mode[View]
451929425Will we ever get a sequel?[View]
451942183So what's the best genre in all of gaming?[View]
451942145What the fuck is going on?: >Quiet is almost completly exposed because she needs to be dressed li…[View]
451938745>KH3 was shi-[View]
451917271Klonoa thread?[View]
451942939Objectivley speaking, /v/ is the board with the best memes. Correct?[View]
451896092ITT: Post your custom characters. Any game is fine.[View]
451941602What games have 4chan memes in them?: This one has 'Hans...Get ze flammenwerfer'[View]
451940998How do we stop this, /v/?[View]
451940698Metal Gear Solid is twebty years based on the european release. Metal Gear thread then.[View]
451941384Now that Dark Souls is on a Nintendo platform, can we all agree that it kind of sucks and that Zelda…[View]
451912289/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>451859558 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
451937048I AM TUROK[View]
451941134Rain World accidentally became one of the greatest games ever. Like it or not, it's the truth[View]
451939769Wouldn't it be funny if Mario and Luigi were larvae? Bowser could be a cockroach! Bugiverse out…[View]
451930847Does he even have any weaknesses? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dle3WRAu4D4[View]
451895435Vidya Crash In Progress: >ActiBlizz lays off 800 people >Telltale shut down >Visceral close…[View]
451940940What are some games with ghost rape?[View]
451938895Should I buy 1 for 200$[View]
451940828Why is she so perfect?[View]
451929012What went so right?[View]
451907510It just feels like another Metro game, its not bad of course, but how come there have been so few th…[View]
451939654>characters in Inquisition were actually cute and based >Andromeda was not that bad after all …[View]
451927983Exclusive games of the gen: Why was this gen so bad bros ?[View]
451920570Smash ultimate dlc thread: Since xbox live and the gamepass are coming to the switch and will probab…[View]
451931425Google plans to announce long-rumored ‘Yeti’ hardware at GDC event: https://9to5google.com/2019/02/2…[View]
451922954Separate /v/ posters into two groups.[View]
451938780>brother claimed my apex legend prime reward double I murder him[View]
451933103How can one post be so infuriating. This is the type of people we have to deal with in 2019.[View]
451936872Who is the target audience for these characters?[View]
451940285me grog me no like banjo smash no like banjo grog like smash but grog not like banjo[View]
451939138Do you ever watch small Twitch steamers? I personally love finding some small streamer who talks a l…[View]
451920394https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RouYJpn9RJs IT'S UP[View]
451940152how come this is literally the only game that can handle server side ragdolls?[View]
451936873Ave, true to Mr. House.[View]
451940009Procedes to ban all female support champions and still wins the game why are all female esports team…[View]
451935579Do you think it's better than DKC and DKC2?[View]
451936314Zoomers are still asleep! Time for a classic Dungeon Crawler Thread!: What dungeon are you crawling …[View]
451938182Square Enix: Congratulations, the big guys at SE have tasked (You) with saving the company! How woul…[View]
451908220What did /v/ think of the story and Arthur in Red Dead Redemption 2? When will RDR3 take place? Will…[View]
451938558DIOS MIO...[View]
451924018Last game you played now has Mr. X in it. How is it different?[View]
451931338Now that AAA companies have been putting out nothing but failures/mediocre releases left and right, …[View]
451933664I'm at point K12. Need info on my extraction.[View]
451938359What's your opinion of him?[View]
451927404Get woke, go br-[View]
451930942Is this game supposed to be really fucking hard or am I a brainlet?[View]
451938237Oh hi there! Tryin' to play some games? To bad it's me.[View]
451935968One week and I am forgotten.[View]
451894548pick one[View]
451937683The madman did it again.[View]
451923524People shit on RE6, but it's moments like this that made it a great game https://youtu.be/MCP7r…[View]
451937883star wars games: hey guys im a big fan of the starwars series, do you have any good starwars games t…[View]
451938708>takes the worst from linear games and combines it with the worst from open world games…[View]
451937081post video game gifs that makes you lol[View]
451932174ITT: You hear it, you lose.[View]
451934056DBFZ thread not talking about Vic. I just got the game a week ago. Want 21 on second, Goku Black on …[View]
451936167what's the best apk emulator for PC?[View]
451936745 I just bought ME:A again [View]
451925869What are some good replacements now that his channel is dead?[View]
451900249play neopets[View]
451937218Post only the most redpilled games.[View]
451937035Lost Planet 2 is finally backwards compatible but I have no friends to play in coop with.[View]
451933242Sequel when?[View]
451937979Epic games pulling their ads from YT because they where being shown on a pedophile's channel is…[View]
451935856what went wrong ?[View]
451937124>final boss is demon[View]
451931416Are you guys ready for google to enter the console game? feels like the last company to seriously ju…[View]
451937413>23 years later since the first Resident Evil game >Rebecca is still undisputed best girl of t…[View]
451922670Vidya Blackpill: If this game came out today, we would all be shitting on Konami for succuming to we…[View]
451936683Why did AR games die so quickly?[View]
451890540Xeno Thread: I want to be stuck on a different planet, again.[View]
451937356DBFZ: I miss the pre-release threads for this. Talking about dbs, roster predictions and hell, even …[View]
451937236Oh nothing to see here just the best persona game comin through[View]
451937337Mario Larvae. ITT Forgotten video game character redesigns.[View]
451921104you can only play 3 of this games ever again[View]
451889084does he ever get his dick wet?[View]
451937227RIP in pepperoni. Now who will people meme on?[View]
451936618Can I play this in moonrunes if I change my Switch's language to Japanese? It says it doesn…[View]
451937009Nintendo has put out a notification on acquisition of Treasury Shares. So what does this mean?[View]
451936671What was her problem?[View]
451929045Action games are not scary[View]
451932334Moral Kombat 11: Do you like Jade's new core values?[View]
451936002A fucking quest bug...: just started playing witcher 3 and im stuck on this stupid combat bug with t…[View]
451936317How do we save the indie horror genre?[View]
451935296Jet Set Radio thread: Is this game trapped in Xbox classic hell forever?, i can't play it prope…[View]
451929970>Anthem loading times are as long as sonic 06 https://twitter.com/Nitomatta/status/10984091977738…[View]
451936271Blizzard North: Is he a time traveler?[View]
451935557>when you try a 144hz monitor for the first time[View]
451936447>tranny janny deletes vidya thread You may not like it but this is video games and the thread was…[View]
451932372Dead or Alive 6 Deluxe Demo: You can play our game for free all weekend with all characters and mode…[View]
451924875What is the best musou game to play for someone who hasn't touched any before? I need a cathart…[View]
451933418RiP in paces.[View]
451936161Have you ever considered applying Tetris Feng Sui to your room, /v/?[View]
451932521>bosses break out of your combo strings with next to zero tells >Burst Artes railroad you into…[View]
451928810What's your favorite game to play with your bro?[View]
451934519Stranger of Sword City: Is this game any good? I've got a sudden itch for party-based dungeon c…[View]
451886727How do you feel about this Doug Bowser guy, /v/?[View]
451928870It's boring.[View]
451935994What the fuck is up with this game? Why can't I find anything other than the trailer from the /…[View]
451933643OH FUCK, /v/! Defeat Mario! You're only allowed to have four party members, so decide who is up…[View]
451930120Would it have still failed had it not released within three weeks of Overwatch?[View]
451930215So, I checked out my Steam and... IT'S HAPPENING![View]
451930707Comfy Enderal thread.[View]
451935789Minecraft: Open to anybody Minecraft server Feel free to have fun, anything goes really. SpankyPotat…[View]
451930831What did you think of it, /v/?[View]
451932873I'm 15 hours in and the only hard enemy in this game is the platforming.[View]
451931951What would you want in a new Dino Crisis game?[View]
451935429*wins february* heh...nothin' personell anthem & metro[View]
451929809Atelier Lulua: Second trailer is out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awpeyh2VbWs Big bird monster c…[View]
451930557Does /v/ have some sort of official guide to gaming headsets?[View]
451878690Largest Diablo 3 fansite with Blizzard ties shuts down. Is there any hope left for Diablo 3? DLC c…[View]
451929827Ubisoft needs a Loremaster for Assassin's creed.: So with the lore for assassin's creed, I…[View]
451909559it's better than AAA[View]
451935270Jump on a car. Jump on the wall. Jump on a car. Jump on the wall. Now I got my Sandking back.[View]
451893623Only moments of pure kino are allowed in this thread[View]
451935231>he is in Sorry Doombabbys[View]
451922912Anthem took six years to develop and turned out to be shit while Ace Combat 7 was made in half the t…[View]
451934471Thumper: Sooo, the android port just got released. Slightly simplified compared to the PC version bu…[View]
451934583What games have the best 'Creature Creators'?[View]
451935084I like the Switch! How about you?[View]
451921816Arcanum: Arcanum thread Post builds and stuff what’s a good Rogue build?[View]
451934074Februarie 22nd i am forgotten[View]
451929565Twilight town.. why?: What’s the problem with kh3? why I can’t fully explore twilight town? Is there…[View]
451928142Goodbye, /v/[View]
451931610Can someone please host a server in AUS :)[View]
451934208Is this good character design?[View]
451931087Get woke,go broke. Is this the metal gear survive of far cry games? I debut the series is going to r…[View]
451933953No more wisdom No more power Only courage now[View]
451904824>'...and a special thanks to you. Thank you for playing!'[View]
451932301Press F to pay respects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hWm8cg9Eo[View]
451928663Just how important is the design of the main character for a game to be a success?: I'm playing…[View]
451934304If a game isade after 2006 it's shit[View]
451921383Yuna's yunas[View]
451933506only true gamers can name every girl in this pic[View]
451927346press 'S' to spit on their grave[View]
451923068>/tv/ has Brendan Fraser >/mu/ has Geoff Tate >/co/ has Frank Miller >/sp/ has Arsene We…[View]
451920716Is it still the best game of all time?[View]
451924272What are the best MMOs right now?[View]
451928296Reminder Calm vs. Mini is TOMORROW. It's not on Team liquid's calendar, and it's on a…[View]
451927550Jump Force DLC characters leaked: And it's all generic Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Piece and Narut…[View]
451887331>He hasn't hacked his 3DS yet What's your excuse?[View]
451913518is this game missing something that persona 4 had?[View]
451915110Anthem - Do The Right Thing: Do the right thing, guys. Today is a critical day.[View]
451929673Nintendo and Xbox thread: How are we doing after yesterday news my fellow nintenbros and xbros? Just…[View]
451932228Biomutant: So is it dead?[View]
451931034ITT: great vidya never posted on /v/[View]
451925225What do you call characters like this?[View]
451930775GW2 future?[View]
451928947what am i in for bois[View]
451931251it's comfy[View]
451926521Just installed it and i can kinda see the reason why kids like it. That's one of the most color…[View]
451921681What's /v/'s opinion on the Gal*Gun series?[View]
451931630>final level >has boss rush[View]
451921339RE2 Resident Evil 2 Remake is FUCKING SHIT: Where were you when you fell for the yOu NeEd To CoNsErV…[View]
451873376>empty an extended clip of an LMG in a bitchs neck at point blank >turns around and shoots me …[View]
451931284I want to play touhou![View]
451924783Why is this game so fucking good, /v/?[View]
451930716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqkNPcUMffU What did Sony mean by this?[View]
451929412Wuxia games: Western fans have RDR. Ed Wood fans have Resi 4. Are there any games for fans of Wuxia?…[View]
451922147no rewind button no buy t. veteran racing gamer >rewind was the only/greatest new feature in this…[View]
451928178Is DQXI good? I haven't played a lot of JRPGs (just Tales of Symphonia and Last Remnant) but co…[View]
451926189So /v/, did you enjoy Reddit: The Game?[View]
451928481And now, the season finale of Lords and Ladies...[View]
451930883uhhhh guys: what's going on with guild warz??[View]
451925027Awful gamer comics thread[View]
451925228Ice Cave!: This is the first dungeon I do as Adult Link, if anyone can explain why, then you're…[View]
451928530Did the Day 1 patch fix that issue with quickplay making it to where you'd drop into late game …[View]
451925080Predict metacritic score for each game.[View]
451929695ITT: best fanservice in gaming[View]
451928628As much as liked Mass Effect 2 it was probably the exact moment when BioWare went to shit.[View]
451925885Why wasn't manny pardo the sole protagonist of hm2?[View]
451929461Where the fuck is Borderlands 3?[View]
451909527Reminder: Gravity Rush and the mid budget PS games are dead and it's all your fault[View]
451926735What Persona game should I play first?[View]
451929746Is this the gamer national anthem? https://youtu.be/04F4xlWSFh0[View]
451929629>Go to a game store that stocks PS1, PS2, Xbox, Gba, DS etc. >99% shovelware stocks the shelve…[View]
451928718Look at this Nep. What made Zeus and Poseidon so much better than Caesar and Emperor? It just so goo…[View]
451929689Man children games thread[View]
451907089Nearly 2 decades later, and AAA game devs still can't match up to loot game classics. Take pic …[View]
451922795Majora's Mask Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Mf2mp6fms Pure Kino[View]
451929743Is this any good?[View]
451929724Press S to spit on this dead studio[View]
451926960>sold us out to casuals and children with the wii and ds >made a gazillion versions of the 3ds…[View]
451929608>Final boss >End sequence >THE END >Credits >In that order…[View]
451929023Looks like anthem didn't fly so good[View]
451921759Congrats anon, you're in!![View]
451928731Uh oh! I've seen enough hentai to know where THIS is going!![View]
451896825Why is Warrior so fucking boring? t. level 40[View]
451926791the hottest disgaea character[View]
451919329What would be the greatest vidya crossover?[View]
451920732Why didn't you play Lawbreakers and Radical Heights?[View]
451928686Have a terrible day.[View]
451917715> Female Protagonist confirmed for the next version of Persona 5 Apologize /v/…[View]
451924775any games where you can play as a female cop?[View]
451915416oh no nonono-noNO-NONONO: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Will Gabe and Valve take this as a lesson and return to t…[View]
451886225Xenoblade 2: Why is this so good?[View]
451924168Name one geuinely funny video game you played[View]
451928875the company that saved western vidya... say something nice about them[View]
451928841Heritage for the Future thread: Started playing this game with a few buddies lately and have been re…[View]
451902260What am I in for /v/?[View]
451928689What's the 'Dark Souls' of the Dark Souls franchise?[View]
451927242Classic Mode Bosses: >Bowser -> Giga Bowser Mario, Captain Falcon >Ganondorf -> Ganon Ze…[View]
451924017Bioware is dead Blizzard is dead This is a great timeline[View]
451924015so close to perfection but WHY DID THE DPAD HAVE TO BE SHIT??[View]
451928356>sonic gets metal box in Smash >doesn't turn into Metal Sonic…[View]
451926320 [View]
451926017Play League of Legends.[View]
451912326In all your years of gaming, what would you consider your top 3 games of all time? Prove your not a …[View]
451928164> be me > finally build gaming pc > have more power than I know what to do with > play g…[View]
451922303New thread Fuck you OP[View]
451918582Why are all pills so fucking useless? They fuck you up EVERYTIME. There is absolute no reason to eve…[View]
451919935So I actually enjoyed many of the Final Fantasy games. Especially VI, VII, X and XII. So I'm wo…[View]
451904068HORROR THREAD NOW!: ITT Tell me your most horrifying game rec, inb4 [insert game you don't like…[View]
451926795Project Scarlet / Nintendo and Microsoft partnership confirmed: Jeuxvideo.com (biggest french vidya …[View]
451927426>go to 'major' gaming ''journalism'' website to skim recent news story >page loads then goes d…[View]
451927620calling all fellow game enthusiasts how do we fix this???[View]
451924669Ludwig a best.[View]
451927553Who hurt him[View]
451920529Hey anon I'll trade your Pokemon Red cartridge for this[View]
451918985post a game from the last 2 years that you actually enjoyed[View]
451925963how can i play this game for free?[View]
451914317What went wrong?[View]
451927310What was his endgame?: I’ve beaten Jak 2 dozens of times and i’ve never really understood Krew’s mot…[View]
451925774>buy this thinking i'm in for a great time >but it's on Wii U virtual console >ge…[View]
451927251Chameleon: Daily reminder that Reptile, Ermac, and Mileena (possibly more) will be skipping MK11, an…[View]
451918162why aren't you playing dokkan battle[View]
451925696OH NO NO NO NO: https://thespinoff.co.nz/games/22-02-2019/is-anthem-the-final-nail-in-biowares-coffi…[View]
451913636Smash Alt Costumes: Post alts that shoulda been in the base game.[View]
451920550What’s the biggest form of hypocrisy that you’ve seen on /v/?[View]
4519191232006 is the year console gaming died 2010 is the year handheld gaming died[View]
451926945I have never played The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in my entire life what do i win?[View]
451926352Would you bow to her, or would it be too dishonorable?[View]
451923540109days until E3 HOPE? EXPECTATIONS? DREAM?[View]
451917751>Releasing the same month as Sekino. Its over dmcbros.[View]
451925272Post music that NEEDS to be in Smash if a character gets in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RsSJYz…[View]
451916637Why did Ada reveal she wasn't FBI just to try to shoot Leon to then 'sacrifice' herself to save…[View]
451919778Whos next?[View]
451919287Started this not long ago. Got to chapter one. The 'How to Rabi' screen comes up at the start. No in…[View]
451926487>here's your controller bro[View]
451922434Given the work he produced shouldn't we be elevating Hirabyashi to Mikami or Kamiya status?[View]
451896794Favourite games thread: Post your favourite games and rate others. it dosnt have to be 3x3 https://w…[View]
451918526Daily reminder: If you enjoyed this game you should be in a labor camp.[View]
451926019Best 3 games of each generation: Starting with gen 3 (NES) Gen 3: SMB3, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden Ge…[View]
451910131Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale[View]
451921509I was really enjoying this until that bitch Ashley decided to join the fray.[View]
451923178How do we make all stars as popular as smash?[View]
451916081Fine, you were right... It's shit. Happy now?[View]
451884765Prove you're an oldfag. I have been shitting on blizzdrones since WoW became a thing and floode…[View]
451923667Battle Royal Chess 100 players, each control a pawn until they find upgrades with better pieces You…[View]
451925375It's boomer, right?[View]
451925775did you know that the cake is a lie?[View]
451920430So you've pre-ordered best idol, right?[View]
451923552Can we get a big ol' TECHNOLOGY thread?[View]
451924942I hope when Doug Bowser retires from NoA someone says 'So long, gay bowser.'[View]
451925431ITT: Post games that allow you to fulfill your dreams of buying your way through a capitalist societ…[View]
451919359Is there any reason to keep this thing?: Or can the xbox one just play everything this can?[View]
451918724I have been getting knee deep into bloodborne lore content on youtube. The best two creators I found…[View]
451920848Morrowind = fall Oblivion = summer Skyrim = winter What is TES VI gonna be?[View]
451920041Wish(the app) Thread: has /v/ gotten any neat vidya related stuff from this app?[View]
451924072Anthem Huge downgrade: Bruh look at this downgrade. it can be considered a scam https://www.youtube.…[View]
451908047UNIST Thread: Nighty Night[View]
451923995This game came out today, are you playing this bros?[View]
451924112hey anon, since apex legends came out lots of folks have been playing this here mech game. standby f…[View]
451920513Uncharted: The Last Legacy was a standalone expansion for Uncharted 4 that cost $40 and was 8 hours …[View]
451924847Name a bigger tone shift in video games.[View]
451924851best Tales girl[View]
451924619What am I in for /v/[View]
451924719Best mech game?: >fun gameplay >deep customization with tons of options for different playstyl…[View]
451924670I love Anne so fucking much holy shit.[View]
451924636YFW you hear this https://youtu.be/jREJaKHvUyU[View]
451901027Exclusively Vidya Words. Get in Here! https://skribbl.io/?oyotjbFuCq[View]
451922137What the fuck is this?: Why are stinky Brazilians obsessed with God of War? Same goes for the other …[View]
451924131Are they dying? All their games are slowly but surely bleeding players and there's nothing new …[View]
451922459OMG Slopes! Yay ,cool! its still gonna have >Not every mario enemy >Not every power-up >a t…[View]
451916172Will Tifa be attractive in the Final Fantasy VII Remake?[View]
451924125So these guys are the undisputed best in the industry at battle cutscenes/QTEs, right? Ultimate Ninj…[View]
451923972so is it going to have open world roaming like an actual MMO or just the same dungeons and pvp maps?[View]
451921275Absolutely kino.[View]
451919190Cum on Anon, why aren't you awakening the crystals? Do you need... Motivation?[View]
451923794ONE PIECE vs FAIRYTAIL: just want to share this android game One piece vs Fairytail !![View]
451913190Post your most hopeful smash entry you know will never get in.[View]
451920868Can somebody spoil me on this game's twist? I tried getting into it several times, both pacifis…[View]
451921530You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best[View]
451910895Are you excited[View]
451919765My work is done.: I can finally retire. I've brought balance to Smash Bros. I can watch the sun…[View]
451913918Does it hold up[View]
451920370Recommend me more games like this: Soulsfag here, wanting to get more into actual metroidvania after…[View]
451921103You are now realizing young adults didn't play any of these games, or (better yet, this one get…[View]
451879779Why would they make him so fucking hard >Everything does double damange >90% of his moves leav…[View]
451923058ITT: If you hear the music, you lose[View]
451922117Just finished Killer7. I enjoyed it but I'm also kind of unfulfilled. It delivered but then the…[View]
451920648You look fabulous, darlings.[View]
451922947Comfy vidya music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq7kyf1T_lk[View]
451920818Leak from korea: Who can translate this? http://m.kipris.or.kr/mobile/search/view_trademark.do?appln…[View]
451907491>Main character is the party's healer[View]
451922627>party member is secretly way stronger[View]
451920820Haven't been here in a few years. Is this literally /v/ - Smash Bros now? I used to be here a l…[View]
451921132Has there ever been a better demo disc than the Windows 95 game sampler?[View]
451921529Anybody think this game can be saved with a final mix[View]
451920124What would you do if every day you woke up, Larxene was standing over your bed telling you how much …[View]
451922184I didn't care for this piece of shit in 2033. I didn't care for it in Last Light, and in E…[View]
451920928Succ dude?[View]
451921629What could have been...[View]
451911081Did he deserve it?[View]
451917010Question: Does anyone know the name of the game that as you progress further throughout the game, th…[View]
451918805Post your Granblue Versus main[View]
451914896What should I get Mafia 3 or Watch Dogs 2[View]
451920519Predict the meta critic score.[View]
45191355213 Sentinels: Anyone still excited for this gem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5WdsUIwHF4…[View]
451920283So do you think he'll permanently stay gone? Or do you think he'll pop up in Nintendo…[View]
451921427Why don't you own a VR set yet /v/? They're cheaper than ever and the games keep getting b…[View]
451915836It's actually a bit sad how much money they've spent marketing this shitty game.[View]
451921260Do you remember your first main /v/? Sure, you'd had a handful of characters before them, but t…[View]
451912935post 3d steves[View]
451921357>people bitch about Fighterz having too many Gokus >Release a new game with two hundred Gokus …[View]
451920103How the fuck can people enjoy this style of fighting game? The camera ruins it, and I don't mea…[View]
451920285Based mobile games thread: My list: >Cell lab: Evolution Sandbox https://play.google.com/store/ap…[View]
451921031So /v/, did you enjoy Reddit: The Game?[View]
451919258What was the point of this again?[View]
451919484What games allow you to beat a man to death with his own arm?[View]
451910641Nothing will ever be able to come close to this ever again. Why even live?[View]
451919167Would it be feasible to run RE engine games on the Switch?[View]
4519100369 names my ekans[View]
451908520Tetris 99: Why are people surprised that when they find out they enjoy this as much as they do? it…[View]
451907254>Last boss >'If you kill him you'll be just like him!'…[View]
451919483Why is it most 'spin off' games just seem to be 'main line games that the company didn't want t…[View]
451920027Call me retard but I can't manage to change a flat tyre, I press the button but nothing happens…[View]
451913162looking for game to put many hours in: newfag here, been getting hit with a lot of nostalgia from ba…[View]
451914696whose death was more kino?[View]
451918331So is the Dead Space franchise officially dead now? Is there any hope at all for a Dead Space 4?[View]
451915862So is this game better than the first?[View]
451917753who are your favorite cs go pros?: mine are ScreaM and JW[View]
451919695he's in: he's in[View]
451919517Post your favorite vidya covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYjowNfWV-A[View]
451916290So what do you think gaming is like outside of the simulation?[View]
451916338Name 1 game that wasn't disappointing that came out in the last 5 years[View]
451916892What if I told you: Goku debuted as a video game character in the west. He's in.[View]
451918095Here's your Fighter Pass[View]
451897583Do, do I know you from somewhere? I mean, you look dang familiar. Like, as if we've done this b…[View]
451913483You're making me look BAD.[View]
451918065Fuck you for not supporting his 10 year legacy[View]
451919325what ya doing with your anthem money?: hm?[View]
451891149You will not forget this DMC THREAD[View]
451917079These things are fucking terrifying.[View]
451916420>Sekiro >DMC5 >Dreams >Bayo 3 >Astral Chains >Ghost of Tsushima >Nioh 2 >Dae…[View]
451918671What sort of vidya related figures/statues do you own, /v/? Any you want to own but don’t have the m…[View]
451913840Ahh, you ignorant slaves...[View]
451918750What's the best way to play Final Fantasy 1-6 in 2019 /v/?[View]
451909208About to play through this game for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
451915568X gon' give it to ya[View]
451915840What are the shark movies of video games?[View]
451906220I. WILL. NOT. SUBMIT.[View]
451918592Is there a vidya corporation, dev team, publishers, etc. that you legitimately like? Pic related. Li…[View]
451913173I for one welcome our new overlord[View]
451917680Pokemon Red/Blue Prototype Leaked: The leaker approached Helix Chamber and shared a lot of assets fr…[View]
451870614so /v/ what am I in for?[View]
451916714Find me a company with a better universe Reminder that Megaman and Resident Evil both are in their u…[View]
451918619I'm going to fully admit this, it took me way too long to realize stunning one of the hands and…[View]
451871943>upcoming HTC Vive Pro Eye will feature eye tracking >allows gaze-based UI navigation and ass…[View]
451908438Is this the flop of the decade?[View]
451910618Chill vidya music thread: Post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ygvv_Ae3dg[View]
451918371If you find Caesar's Legion so frightening at this remove, imagine them rampaging across the St…[View]
451917147Path of Radiance is shit. >Chapter 27 >Victory condition: Arrive >Arrived >Fuck you. No…[View]
451916846>visit /vg/ after not going there for years >10+ gachashit threads in the catalog What happene…[View]
451874274Who are some obvious Smash roster omissions so far?[View]
451917416Here’s your jump force dlc lads: Are you happy?[View]
451884208Thoughts? Not a mod[View]
451915104So what specifically, besides judaism, prevented Nintendo from just doing this? * Made in only 2-and…[View]
451911983Games with this theme?[View]
451909291What game should I buy to celebrate my 21st birthday? My attempt at a small get together with all 4 …[View]
451911872P5: Was Hifumi actually supposed to be a Phantom Thief at some point?[View]
451917038the absolute state of Artifact[View]
451917251I love maid![View]
451910219Jump Force - Season Pass characters revealed: >Seto Kaiba (Yu Gi Oh) >Hitsugaya Toshiro (Bleac…[View]
451853523Final Fantasy 8: >Annoversary is this year and nothing >Main character is the most important …[View]
451916270If you didn't put her in the elevator you're a fucking virgin.[View]
451902970ATLUS is holding their yearly player survey on their site. PCbros, this is your chance to ask for a …[View]
451916381I got a month of Origin Premier to try out Anthem, BF V, and Titanfall 2. I probably won't revi…[View]
451912646In order for Fallout 5 to be good, what needs to happen?[View]
451916608I really don’t get why people hate Anthem so much. I mean I get the bugs and dumbass optimization on…[View]
451916543vidya covers you can hear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VAF-4Er7_A[View]
451906840Give gifs please[View]
451915847Create a Smash Roster but..: Nintendo didnt make any more consoles or consoles or games after the N6…[View]
451878275Redpill me on God Eater 3. If I want a much faster Monster Hunter (who the fuck has time to sit thro…[View]
451913957It's not coming out, is it?[View]
451910427Play League of Legends[View]
451915536Make a Shazam game /v/[View]
451916254>install epic games lawnchair >remember i have an account since 2015 >reset password >lo…[View]
451849580What went oh so wrong? at least in America anyway[View]
451914883Now that the dust has settled on Metoo Exodus, are you considering purchasing the expansion pass?[View]
451899774Adafags on suicide watch[View]
451903717smash fans, post your smash main and i will decide whether or not to let you in[View]
451915959What are some games where the protagonist realizes they've done nothing good throughout their a…[View]
451900932Holy shit this game is hard.[View]
451911768Tell me it's worth pre-ordering this shit[View]
451914389This is the year, right?[View]
451915228This looks fun. Maybe life isn’t worthless.[View]
451915691>I run up my computer >get ready to load up some 4chan >get ready to bitch about Bethesda…[View]
451908692Pick your last pathetic character so I can end this![View]
451910098>'You know what would really make gamers happy and will be a great business decision? Removing a …[View]
451912184This must be my biggest disappointment next to Gran Turismo Sport and Octopath Traveler. The game is…[View]
451903605Was it good, or shit?[View]
451906082>One copy of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, please.[View]
451901504How's that game you've been working on coming along?[View]
451913591First 20 min of Bloodborne is amazing (up until Father Gasconstein) then it turns into a meme fest o…[View]
451898342>game has a musclegirl >3d model barely looks muscular at all wtf…[View]
451901485Evenicle 2: Eroge Senrans 2 is out in Japan. English relase when? https://exhentai.org/g/1369391/cec…[View]
451911602Metal Slime Appears[View]
451912958Are there any family guy video games?[View]
451915256>Battlefield V came out in November >Had no idea it was released, I thought it was still in de…[View]
451896013>you are visited by a magical frog >'I can bring back one of your favorite dead multiplayer ga…[View]
451915142Types of Cyberpunk: Ive been thinking about cyberpunk recently. Which cyberpunk do you prefer? The…[View]
451909995Detroit: Only 2 choices! >join humans, kill all robots >Join robots, violent revolution Where …[View]
451914976The global economy should be collapsing in the next 6 months, how will the video game industry respo…[View]
451910986Is not anywhere near the masterpiece most people think it is. Still pretty good. Solid 7/10.[View]
451914829So did the United States make there super soldiers gay so there wouldn't be super humans runnin…[View]
451914170Do you like my car?[View]
451913628Tree of Savior: a special uu~i to you[View]
451912696Games with really just out there abilities or mechanics that you don't see often or at all.[View]
451913683>enemy can go sicko mode[View]
451914546How the fuck do I do the fucking calendar puzzle, I am brainlet please tell me.[View]
451912767so which one of you is this? https://livestreamfails.com/post/41868[View]
451887518Holy SHIT[View]
451907991Man, this game is unimaginably tedious. Why do they sell the eight paths so hard if you have to do a…[View]
451908457I'm 21 and can't feel scared anymore playing horror games Is there any game that can repli…[View]
451914250rip Sony[View]
451866145RIP Bioware: ZERO POSITIVE REVIEWS Fucking hell even Andromeda did better[View]
451908208Playstatio Home: What went right?[View]
451912235Fuck you /v/. Celica wasn't as bad as you made her out to be.[View]
451910580Admit /v/ the resident evil franchise would be much better if it were still exclusive to Nintendo. C…[View]
451909098Thoughts on 2b2t?[View]
451911747Convince me that this is NOT a nintendo game at heart: >that polish and accessibility >fast, s…[View]
451913513>this kills the Korean[View]
451911740>When 2 of the smaller guys team up to beat the big bad What's her name, /v/?…[View]
451908034>game has an absurd amount of weapons and calibers >all weapon looks the same >you can…[View]
451908563Why do you idiots play games for the story? Like wtf just go watch a movie.[View]
451912398Any games which let me hide the pain?[View]
451911441>Hideo Kojima >One of the most well known game developers of all time >Beg, grovel and spen…[View]
451905548>Zhang Zongchang, known as the 'Dogmeat General' because of his love for the gambling game of tha…[View]
451912797In this video[View]
451895553RTS life support thread. What you boys playing? Anyone seen BANNERMEN? Just came out today. https:/…[View]
451910235Why are 2h swords so terrible in every video game?[View]
451912785i have come to provide you with meta knight[View]
451912610I guarantee NONE of you can beat my score on particles.swf >>>/f/3382014[View]
451912181Anyone else miss the good old days of demo discs? Back in the day we'd play the demos over and …[View]
451912331AC7: I just can't stop using the 2000. It's not even the best but everything about feels g…[View]
451854761Why Kingdom Hearts 3 is good: >Biggest worlds in the series >Tons of exploration and secrets, …[View]
451910891It's my birthday, can we get a thread going for the best Persona girl?[View]
451859558/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>451789720 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
451912556When the heck is Hitman Season 3 gonna happen[View]
451912579say something nice about him[View]
451912486Dreamcast lol: https://www.twitch.tv/crashcrashblah[View]
451889148why the f* i never saw any of you posting about those 2 semen demons cuties? I had to play the game …[View]
451911331Explain why Nintendo even bothered with funding the sequel. I missed Bayonetta 2 since it was on Wii…[View]
451909805What vidya feels like listening 'Hurt'?[View]
451909541Factorio: Where the fuck is version 0.17? It's been 14 months since 0.16.[View]
451911854Day 2 of crossing daggerfall, had to do alot today so not alot of progress, i found a village: All i…[View]
451910582I'm gonna say the N word[View]
451911808Why do racing games always have the best soundtrack?[View]
451907498My name is Reggie, and I, am happy.[View]
451893142Minish Cap is the most underrated Zelda game. Prove me wrong.[View]
451910092Fuck you /v/. We WILL win. The gamers will triumph. This is our Anthem.[View]
451911462Bowser says the n-word: I'm gonna say it! https://youtu.be/631c1fz87I8?t=60[View]
4519109071 week till MGS/front mission and nobody gives a shit[View]
451911379What happened? Where is it?[View]
451910792Sherry is cute and funny![View]
451911516>he doesnt know the best games let me fill you cunts in race: burnout 3 fight: primal rage platf…[View]
451908908Dragon Ball FighterZ thread (save this meme before it's too late)[View]
451896416I love The Dokis! They are very cute! The Dokis![View]
451910314Saint Game: I could have sworn this guy made a game but I can't remember what it was for the li…[View]
451911414What are some thing you don't miss from older games/hardware? >handhelds with no backlights …[View]
451908297Uhhhh.... Wow. I am speechless. >If A woman wins though I won't be married to a man, but I a…[View]
451851640>hey there handsome[View]
451910507>Reggie is retiring Soon my Mother bros, our time is at hand.[View]
451907546>le whole world wants to destroy russia meme >colonel actually thinks there are NATO troops in…[View]
451910353What are some good Robin Hood video games?[View]
451909864Reminder that this faggot killed Xbox and it will never recover[View]
451890793Please convince me not to buy Overwatch.I'm in a serious need of a 'good' hero shooter game.Is …[View]
451905414Thank you, Bioware!: Last night my buddy and I, both fathers in our mid 30's, finally settled i…[View]
451909535be honest /v/[View]
451850364We're going home.: ret pally reporting in to take all potential dps gear and chad out on everyo…[View]
451911159>tournament has an overly long code of conduct[View]
451895425Now that the dust has settled, is Reggie leaving NOA a good or bad thing? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
451908254I am only just now learning that Conker started with an E10+ title called Conkers Pocket Tales. This…[View]
451908302Would you marry this Koopa?[View]
451908264Ghost of Tsushima: >It’s an open-world samurai adventure >The game is relatively grounded and …[View]
451905974Are old games better than new games or are boomers blinded with nostalgia? Every time you try to tal…[View]
451910608Is Nathan Drake the luckiest vidya character of all time?[View]
451863170Xcom3 - Phoenix Point - Xenonauts2: 2019 is the year of tactics.[View]
451905434Defend this FF7 Fags: > Legendary warrior with godlike superhuman powers > Is capable of defe…[View]
451907732Battle Chasers: Is Battle Chasers any good? Thinking about picking this one up. Any anons have issue…[View]
451910052What game has the best storytelling?[View]
451906204muh free will[View]
451909586>game has obstuse and buggy controls[View]
451909952why are people begging for a fzero reboot when a far superior racing IP with far more potential exis…[View]
451910158BlazBlue Thread[View]
451908710>game sequel >you can visit an area from the previous game and see how things are different Wh…[View]
451902074This is the best 2D platformer of all time.[View]
451905789Was it really that bad?[View]
451907323Are you going to play Uma Musume when it comes out?[View]
451909793I never played any of the Yakuza games and I want to start getting into them. Where do I start? What…[View]
451909981What can be said except that video games are the premier in the virtual space of human. Nintendo. So…[View]
451908778TWD A New Frontier was a masterpiece: The third season of these games doesn't get enough love, …[View]
451902340do you prefer Bowser as vicious, princess-kidnapping monster or a goofy, kart-racing dad?[View]
451909883>Bring back mega gothic atmosphere. >Replace fastpaced grind ultradestruction chaos with slow …[View]
451909870is .hack GU worth 20 bucks /v/?[View]
451904547>make the same exact game six times in a row It's ok when Japan does it.…[View]
451908475There is a new sheriff in town.[View]
451908380>bunch of tryhards from a clan join the server and stack the other team with the intention of pub…[View]
451905687>beautiful memorable world chock full of interesting content >Memorable shrine quests like Eve…[View]
451909128Which is your favorite kratos magic power Mine is the genie[View]
451909792How long until we get we get a Final Mix version?[View]
451909369Fucking H3 Kids have no tastes.[View]
451909569anyone remember illbleed?: A pretty interesting dreamcast title that didn't get enough love. Al…[View]
451908752is the mercenaries mode in Rev 2 any good? It's 20 bucks on switch and I was thinking of taking…[View]
451909006>only 1 analog stick how are you supposed to use this with ps4?[View]
451909125Did he do anything wrong?[View]
451907262>Iwata is dead >Reggie in retired The golden age is over...…[View]
451909360Play Overwatch.[View]
451907787would you play a video game based on Psycho Pass?[View]
451908094I'll take 10 hams, please.[View]
451908669Your daily reminder that >pic related is better than Anthem, and you shouldn't buy anything …[View]
451860818Why didn't you buy BLUE REFLECTION?[View]
451907140Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: If Nintendo does another BotW style Zelda game what are some features th…[View]
451909083everyone i know leaves in the end you could have it all my empire of dirt[View]
451909067I already miss Reggie what the fuck /v/ros[View]
451906850Looks like my summer vacation is.... over >dearly beloved starts playing Was it kino?…[View]
451900404is this worth getting?[View]
451908480So will /v/ still be seething about Undertale in 20 years, you know when Deltarune comes out?[View]
451897791Why didn't other games have revered and mythical players who everyone knew about? I doubt any g…[View]
451908856>Anthem is a deceptive game. >Once that new game smell began to fade, I started to see Anthem …[View]
451873743What do you think about Jump Force's DLC lineup? >Bisky instead of Chrollo…[View]
451908557PLAY. THE. GAME.[View]
451840771KurtZpel open beta thread: Post your cutie brapholder[View]
451907448>people think this beautiful angel is ugly[View]
451908590ESA Marathon: >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon (embed) Pokemon ORAS (almost done) >https://w…[View]
451907876>/2019/ I am forgotten[View]
451908363Friendly reminder.[View]
451891275Post your fightstick /v/. I wanna see it.[View]
451908562What's the appeal of gacha games?Who can be so miserable that consider those games fun?[View]
451901613Hidden gems: Show me your Hidden gems[View]
451908490I got RDR2 yesterday because I never buy games on release. I like it. Post your Arthur.[View]
451908229Rune Factory / Harvest Moon: I said I would revise the chart for ages, and I finally did it. Tell me…[View]
451893325ITT: Kingdom Hearts characters that only got better in III: The two most notable ones are Terra and …[View]
451905284Why do we we still support this hover-handing scam artist again?[View]
451907853https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTjJEx10RJI Card games are saved.[View]
451906551What are the Kongs looking over the horizon at? Also DKC thread I guess[View]
451906534is this good box art?[View]
451907001Devil May Cry 5 threads should be moved to /vg/ until the game releases. The threads are either shit…[View]
451885139WE'RE IN.[View]
451907760What was the turning point for Japanese character design? What exactly happened to make it ALL go to…[View]
451907964Apex Legends: god I wish there more white or asian characters in this game. It's so fucking fun…[View]
451907997Well, at least it's better than Andromeda Didn't played long but as it now there really a …[View]
451875390How do you like your armors and weapons? Pure fantasy? Pure function? Something inbetween?[View]
451907720He's in[View]
451901793Will Chitoge return in Mario Maker 2?[View]
451905604FURI: Just beat Furi for the first time today /v/, what doya think of muh rank? also, Furi thread…[View]
451907785Your currently most wanted character gets revealed to be part of the Fighter Pass for Smash Ultimate…[View]
451907449Why did Dragonball FighterZ die?[View]
451903110Did Nintendo peak? If they did, then when do you think they peaked?[View]
451902196ITT post the best party member of their respective games.[View]
451904568Why does Asuka put up with Lili?[View]
451896767Please give me advice on how to play Lil Mac.: I want to get good like you.[View]
451907434What's the hardest boss fight you've beaten in a game?[View]
451904531Haha who’s ready for launch? xD[View]
451879291Vidya Catgirl thread.[View]
451901383Okay so I've been out of the Tetris game for a while if you can't tell by this post, hones…[View]
451906336With Reggie gone there’s no one to stop him from getting into smash now.: Ha give up fuckers it’s hi…[View]
451907373>Could have made an Otogi or Tenchu game instead opted for a gutted Soulslike that pleases nobody…[View]
451902445Whenever you feel like a loser, remember that Nintendo fanboys spent $70 on a cardboard box and some…[View]
451906481>tfw your favorite character disappears and won't come back[View]
451907313Kote! We never got to save sev.[/spoiler[View]
451871680Share your experience with Smash Ultimate's online: Vent about characters, share fun or interes…[View]
451905029ITT: the cringest games of all time[View]
451879658Metal gear rising: >Sets out his plans in a perfectly understandable manner which has the sympath…[View]
451900947Can someone please explain to me why the fuck Nintendo think's its a good idea to do a 1:1 Rema…[View]
451906871One of copy of resident evil 2 remake please![View]
451906616shake shake[View]
451906708Games are basically digital toys. Thats why /v/ is mostly manchildren[View]
451905550Where does Bioware go from here?[View]
451904481imagine being actually afraid of a videogame[View]
451886189ESA Marathon: >https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon GTA: Lost and D*mned >https://www.twitch.tv/e…[View]
451905247Just beat DQ11 and enjoyed it. What other games in the franchise are worth playing?[View]
451906856I never thought it was physically possible to make worse expansion than wotlk. But damn, bfa is rea…[View]
451906829roblox: roblox is my fav game XD OWOWO[View]
451906861Who is the best Soul Calibur boy?[View]
451906818What did Kono mean by this official Ace Combat map?[View]
451901898What if Liara was a human?[View]
451904762For me, it's painkiller[View]
451906738Literally fucking unplayable..[View]
451900614itt: vidya reaction images post em[View]
451893850Another string referring to Joker was found in smash. This one is referring to costume 06, and has a…[View]
451893431Post an image, get a game recommendation[View]
451905220Are you still playing Dragalia Lost? Void Battles in a hour.[View]
451904292What's the best way to do lizard, bird, cat, etc races?[View]
451880213 [View]
451906348>The only good game in a franchise is the first one[View]
451896353Chao thread.[View]
451903731ITT: Vidya characters that are literally you[View]
451901594ITT: underrated bosses[View]
451902678CHEW ENJOY ALL THE FILLING: That's why.[View]
451901587Little Big Planet: Anybody remember these games? Any memories you wanna share with me? This was my …[View]
451905846Post Game Overs & Bad Endings[View]
451905873>Yes, I'll pre-order Cyberpunk 2077[View]
451905791>Battle Royals? Back in my day we called it death match. A twisted death match. https://www.yout…[View]
451895579RTS (dead genre) General: *saves the RTS genre* >pshht... nothin personnel kids…[View]
451902784why the vita never got it's own monster hunter? seems like an odd choice considering the handhe…[View]
451901887He is a good showman, but he didn't make games. Why should we care?[View]
451899368Tamamo Thread Fuck You Best Girl[View]
451904694Sequel when?[View]
451902971>advertise Dragon's Dogma for the capcom store >there isn't any actual Dragon's…[View]
451896705my little mutt[View]
451897454Which one should I buy?[View]
451904832(Gentle reminder that this is a thing) https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Pp10t7jNFj[View]
451905325When will SNK pull a epic prank on Rock?[View]
451905118Once upon a time...[View]
451905083RON PAUL[View]
451901889Why don’t games use the d-pad for movement any more, it’s a great input method What the fuck[View]
451905067What are the best storage boxes/cases for games? I have a bunch of limited editions that I don’t wan…[View]
451904821What the FUCK was his fucking problem?[View]
451896438>Town is literally a ripoff of pic related >Yokai Watch are better games than nu-Pokemon Face …[View]
451904671What will happen to Xbox and Playstation now that gaming is heading in the direction of streaming?[View]
451904528>What was it all for, if the Boss has some kind of plan, what is it?[View]
451904428I need dungeon crawlers. Comfy dungeon crawlers.[View]
451904219So this piece of shit comes out in like 10 minutes. I wonder if the servers will shit the bed. Predi…[View]
451903103How can any other mario villian compare? He's absolutely based[View]
451893147Reminder that Kris is Susie's boyfriend.[View]
451900786>Gameplay is shit >Music is shit >Visuals are shit >'B-but the story is good!' Name t…[View]
451903193>use rare resource to open door >room contains EXACTLY one (1) of that resource…[View]
451903151hehehehehehe stupid monkey[View]
451903353She killed billions...[View]
451886141Describe a video game using quotes from Homestar Runner[View]
451901703Daily reminder that Tenchu died for this. Miyazaki could hypothetically bring back Splinter Cell in …[View]
451902638Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
451902494kirby mains unite help me out here, i need some tips from fellow kirby players[View]
451899559even now there is hope for man[View]
451898154draw a vidya scene/moment in mspaint, others try to guess what it is[View]
451902994Damn, it sounds fucking retarded on paper but it genuinely felt like this game's heart was in t…[View]
451893728What was her problem?[View]
451883396ITT: series that don't deserve the praise and hype: I'll start.[View]
451900891>playing Elite Dangerous >zipping around the galaxy at thousands of times the speed of light …[View]
451901354What is your game rotation that you play on a daily basis? >be me >rocket league >apex >…[View]
451903464how do I beat mission 39? I'm stuck in this for more than 5 hours[View]
451903067Will Sekiro have a hard mode? It's common knowledge that Souls games lose most of their difficu…[View]
451901779KH3: Was it worth the wait?[View]
451903091>motion controllers are not a thing anymore >Link is still right handed Does it mean that he…[View]
451902740Hello I am Japan Quite frankly I want to become a video game character Which one should I pick?[View]
451901771>First game rated E10+ >Followup rated M[View]
451902803Normies ruined it.[View]
451902237>choosing Claire for the first playthrough making her the main character…[View]
4519027573 wins in a row baby!! When you master the tspin the game goes full easy mode[View]
451876004>makes the FE fanbase seethe[View]
451902375Why are these characters compared so often?[View]
451901085Hey handsome have you got the time?[View]
451900529Are there games that have a choise system where it's not clearly right or wrong? The last game …[View]
451902634someone make a smash arena, fuck[View]
451901214So long Reggi[View]
451899709What went wrong?[View]
451900598>most fully realized town in a zelda game outside of MM >the only zelda to have a meaningful u…[View]
451880367How well would they all fare in one another’s worlds/universes?[View]
451901724Geralt is now the face of vidya. Deal with it, contrarians. >infinite goty awards >big crossov…[View]
451902396What are some games that let me start a religion?[View]
451899954What do you want to see in the inevitable remake of Resident Evil 3?[View]
451888864Xbox Gamepass is coming to the Switch: https://nintendoeverything.com/rumor-microsoft-planning-xbox-…[View]
451901958HOLY SHIT HE'S IN[View]
451901026Pc is irrelevant to us japanese gamers[View]
451898254wtf I love Nintendo now[View]
451898996Was/is it kino?[View]
451901807>tfw you finish a great game and have no idea what to play next.[View]
451896181Violent first person shooters turn young gamers in future school shooters.[View]
451901005Will we just sit by and let gaming die like this?[View]
451898867>owning pets[View]
451895218Atari B.T.F.O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1J7FVvYY2U[View]
451898186how did he become a champion of the glitz pit? don't all toads suck at fighting?[View]
451895653>No actual keyblade war, 80% of the game is filler and 20% of it is story that just does the bare…[View]
451897612Why is the main story so shit?[View]
451900218I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that this E3 will be videogam…[View]
451859832SPIES... BLOODY USELESS[View]
451901092>american level >burger is healing item Why do devs do this?…[View]
451901478Pleb Filter: The Game[View]
451898064>dad walks in[View]
451900326You have the chance to make a kingdom hearts rip off. Must use both /v/ and /co/ related IP holders.…[View]
451901183What's the plan, Duke?[View]
451898274>Switch emulation better than N64 emulation currently Its not fair bros. I just wanna play mischi…[View]
451854565>Bowser takes Reggie's place >Furukawa takes Iwata's place >Koizumi will inevitab…[View]
451898708You know what's coming, don't you /v/? You haven't even thought. Genuine, actual crin…[View]
451900127ITT: Cancelled games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxt4CclwufI[View]
451897670>indie games are shi-[View]
451900449this just got BC on xbone. I'm curious and willing to try... was it kino?[View]
451899579Well, /v/?[View]
451900620>Nioh >good combat, shit level design >Soulsborne >bad combat, good level design Will Ni…[View]
451900438Kingdom Hearts 3 Cut Content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfNgrQJ69z8 Imagine being so shit that…[View]
451900394>One of the party members dies or gets left behind[View]
451895091Is there even a game better than the Witcher 3 in the last decade? I don't think so.[View]
451868701Are you guys just gonna ignore that on this very day, 7 years ago, Team Fabulous 2 was released?[View]
451897181>single player had well developed campaigns recreating historical passages remember when games tr…[View]
451900126Silent Hill 2: Alright lads, I'm playing this through for the first time. As someone who's…[View]
451895903Need your advice /v/ I'm in the market for a GOOD wireless gaming mouse. >wireless hear me …[View]
451898565Would you like to see a Nintendo Land sequel on the Switch? What new minigames would you want?[View]
451895808Switch Thread: What do I play now? I beat Mario and Zelda and smash is only fun with friends.[View]
451900149$98 dollarydoos is Namco nutjobs?[View]
451898575If you could only play one Halo game before you die, which game would you play?[View]
451897343its 4 am and im awake playing games and feeling good about it since my wife went to her boyfriends h…[View]
451899238What's an easy but profitable porn game idea?[View]
451899167You know, the gameplay in this GAME is actually pretty good. What have you been up to in the GAME?[View]
451899537>game has a secret boss >he wears slippers…[View]
451898451Will they use existing assets in future remakes? I really hope capcom keep jordan![View]
451900120If you could get the authorization and copyrights to reboot any series and develop a new game for it…[View]
451896691e click e click e click e click e click e click e click e click e click e click e click e click e cl…[View]
451899680Wtf I am triggered af right now[View]
451898065>Japanese '''Humor'''[View]
451847265Darkest dungeon 2: >'I remember days when the sun shone, and laughter could be heard from the tav…[View]
451897892>Link's Awakening >Super Mario 64 >Ocarina of Time >Majora's Mask >Sunshine…[View]
451899196If 1-9 Ibuki is best Dangan grill[View]
451899764What are some games with complicated game mechanics?[View]
451898025>VAS ORT FLAM >CORP POR oOOOoooOoOOoOoOoOOoO…[View]
451842158Resident Evil: >RE8 ending >TerraSave arriving to help the survivors of whatever shit happened…[View]
451899395Do real doctors like Dr. Mario?[View]
451898943Video Games: Love em? Hate em? Reply below![View]
451899475this is the best fight in the series[View]
451899562Haven't played any of the of Close Combat games since CC3 and I want to go back to it. How were…[View]
451898906>xbox gamepass on the switch What the fuck microsoft thinking?[View]
451899327>Dungeon crawler has an extra dungeon >Power-leveling to max level doesn't guarantee that…[View]
451894047How's your city going /v/?[View]
451890551Is there a reason why Japan is incapable of designing a female villain without making them a porno c…[View]
451898937ITT: franchises that should have died and stayed in the fucking 90[View]
451899036Defend this shit Personafags.[View]
451898376Which Mimi is the best Mimi?[View]
451898924games set only at night[View]
451898949>been playing my /vr/ consoles for the past years exclusively >decide to play my ps3 after yea…[View]
451898890WoW Classic Thread >Faction, class, race, professions on your first main? >What are your plans…[View]
451894410Probably the single most handsome and cool vidya protagonist[View]
451888624Are the remakes better?[View]
451894373Persona 5 NG+ Challenges: After beating P5 for the first time, are there any unique challenges to tr…[View]
451898242SMT thread: I know there are some maniacs who can just galaxy brain whatever skills they want on to …[View]
451897857For fuck's sake, just give him and Charizard one or two more mid-air jumps.[View]
451898574Well, /v/? Where do you fall?[View]
451896552>game features wyverns >calls them dragons…[View]
451897802Why have games turned to shit? I swear to God, DMC V demo was disappointing and Anthem's scores…[View]
451896553Old games that zoomers still enjoy >put my 10 year old nephew in front of DOOM >couldn't …[View]
451897090JUST LIKE MY SISTER[View]
451896151Convince me not to buy either The Elder Scrolls Online or the FInal Fantasy MMo for the PS4 I had to…[View]
451897149If you were to replace this useless traitor piece of shit with someone better, like say GUSTAVUS MAG…[View]
451897292Complete Trash: Such a fucking disappointment. were the fuck did they go wrong?[View]
451897960Bayonetta: Just started up 2 after having played 1 late Spring of last year. I’ve gotta say, even af…[View]
451890756Pick a row, all of the games in the other 3 disappear forever[View]
451897561Caravan truly is the Dark Souls of Fallout games.[View]
451870202CORE VALUES[View]
451894281>crashes to desktop[View]
451894467jump in retards https://skribbl.io/?EmxSFrefvv[View]
451897505Is there any game with a character creator good enough to make this?[View]
451897785what's the /v/onsensus?[View]
451897296Once this year's over with, what will this decade even be remembered for in gaming?[View]
451881386>mementos stage confirmed >5ch leak was right >hes in…[View]
451895710You have 10 seconds to tell me why you haven't played a Contra game.[View]
451895835Three strikes and you're out[View]
451897532Who had the better release art?[View]
451897514Well, /v/?[View]
451893391Are you gonna miss him?[View]
451890483any anons looking forward to this?[View]
451897356Are there any tolerable mobile games? Tolerable being an actual game and not a microtransaction shit…[View]
451895161Was this game unfinished because it came out on PS3/360?[View]
451892938why are you lying to yourselves, /v/?[View]
451891772What games do you play with your gf? My gf just got me pic related and lego dc supervillains for Val…[View]
451887921Is it true?[View]
451893036So who’s /v/‘s favorite top god? Also rank em cuz why not Mang0>Hbox(when he’s not a bitch)>me…[View]
451896132Why the fuck is it so hard?[View]
451896491Cell: Did they ever work out how to properly program for this thing?[View]
451897058Yakuza: Nishiki.... had a hard life[View]
451896951>Undertale music uses NES/SNES soundfonts >Deltarune music uses Sega Genesis soundfonts >De…[View]
451892156Games that deserve attention, but are better off without it: Have you ever loved a game and wished f…[View]
451890971> literally have access to dozens of AAA games on PC > play nothing but this for 3 days strai…[View]
451896735>tfw your favorite game is dead[View]
451895921Attention, /v/! I, Fujiwara no Mokou, have come to tell you something very important. *ahem* FUCK KA…[View]
451861774IGN: 6.5, its Okay.: RIP Anthem.[View]
451896749Why aren't game covers considered as cool as album covers? I know a while ago people just used …[View]
451895080Official release in 5 hours. Is it even worth playing?[View]
451896581>no game where you can play as the newly installed leader of an impoverished, war torn sub-sahara…[View]
451891561You assholes better vote for Trauma Center in the Atlus survey. Do it or I'll hang myself https…[View]
451891695Do you typically take the direct route to beat a game or go for the 100% completion/platinum trophy …[View]
451874303how big will the asshurt be here when this gets released and gets perfect scores?[View]
451887353Is it finally happening?: >https://app.tenderbeta.com/ >https://www.trustnomore.com/…[View]
451890634Why is the game called Tetris if T-Spins are objectively better to go for?[View]
451895037What are some good games that give you a sense of mystery, that make you go 'what the fuck is going …[View]
451894502post great avatars[View]
451896385All of the extra modes are absolute shit. I would have rather paid for some actual DLC with a fuckin…[View]
451892272If your name gets called, get off /v/ and play whatever game that anon told you to play. Mark, play …[View]
451895379Is Nintendo dying?[View]
451895648>in a board meeting >completely zoning out to what management is saying, day dreaming about wa…[View]
451896310>Bowser -> Giga Bowser Mario, Captain Falcon >Ganondorf -> Ganon Zelda >Ganon Link, Y…[View]
451896296What ya playing tonight /v/?[View]
451896232What went so horribly wrong /v/? Mass Effect 2 & 3 should have been masterpieces, but instead th…[View]
451888263What's the best Mario platformer?[View]
451890438Mega Man 1: >tfw 3 days playing and I've only beaten Cut Man and Bomb Man AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
451862974Post completely useless to the story fapbait characters. They should have made her male.[View]
451852418>Zoomers are now having childhood nostalgia for the era where everything went to shit (2007-2013)…[View]
451892008Why do you play vidya?[View]
451891254FFX-2: Just finished this game, including beating the superboss, can we talk about you? It started p…[View]
451892859>years old game announced for Switch >People think its a new game Why are Nintendo fans so ig…[View]
451887410What is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? Sekiro Is Like taking a hamburger Removing the meat Removing on…[View]
451887506Good evening gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone on another succesful …[View]
451890865heres you controlled bro[View]
451891316Please give me some good tips to manage my backlog[View]
451864760Sega or Nintendo?: Which company do you personally prefer more in regards to their respectively owne…[View]
451891834What is your favorite Mega Man game /v/?[View]
451895621Final Fantasy IX: Yay or Nay?: Is this game worth getting? I've heard that it's great and…[View]
451895476best controller: this is peak controller design and you can't prove it wrong[View]
451887743DOA6. Outfit destruction removes Christie's bra Christie better with long hair or short? https…[View]
451894068I bought this game recently. What am I supposed to do in it? Get the other girls to fall in love wit…[View]
451895596ITT: post interesting vidya trivia (or trividya, as I like to call it). I'll start. >When Jo…[View]
451895521>Any day my invitation will come...[View]
451895098Why aren't there more Hot Hench-Women in Video Games /v/?[View]
451895324>Nintendo makes a Mario game with realistic graphics[View]
451893251How long you reckon until this is half off?[View]
451882537Resident Evil 2 Remake: She did nothing wrong, she was a good girl.[View]
451895296OH YEAH YEAH.[View]
451890159have you bought a claire redfield figure?: https://www.play-asia.com/resident-evil-14-scale-statue-z…[View]
451892443Chrono Trigger: Never played this. Give me a quick rundown.[View]
451890284Bundle Shit: Are any of these worth playing?[View]
451893748> 50 years old virgin >cucked by his childhood love interest when he was in jail and have to a…[View]
451893016Atlus really making us wait, huh?[View]
451882870Get woke, Go broke. Is the franchise done now?[View]
451893513who is the best voice actress?[View]
451857871viyda webm thread[View]
451894685I finally did it Time to wait for silksong[View]
451886768Press F[View]
451894643this kills the meleefag[View]
451892556Weebs don't bow to the west-: https://twistedvoxel.com/yakuza-3-remaster-cuts-transphobic-quest…[View]
451873725>thump thump thump >thump thump thump >thump thump thUMP >THUMP THUMP THUMP >THUMP TH…[View]
451894409>Ubisoft logo is the 666 >Bathomet weapon skins >Devil character outfits >Devil masks …[View]
451893978Is this effect good or bad?[View]
451884886Who is the cutest monster?[View]
451891765Shadow of War: Frodo, did I ever tell you the tale of Celebrimbor, Prince of the Ñoldor, Lord of Ere…[View]
451892842What's the hardest thing you've ever done in a video game, /v/? For me it was beating Luna…[View]
451893969This is the Anthem: Throw all ya hands up[View]
451893865Get anything good?[View]
451888653fuck discord, lets go back to the simplicity of ventrilo[View]
451893760Listening to this music makes me so fucking depressed. No other developer has destroyed something be…[View]
451893592>tfw nostaglic when hearing majula's theme >tfw nostaglic for DS2…[View]
451887137>Monsters can be made friendly battle partners >Hunters are the real villains, just wonton mur…[View]
451891995someone fight me on halo wars 2[View]
451893512What do?[View]
451889893Good night /v/, I hope you all have sweet dreams. I know I will.[View]
451892790>tfw new releases dont get my attention how do i cure the burnout?[View]
451893010>too stupid for tetris >good at lame shit like fighting games…[View]
451892224RL thread: Post your custom Rocket League cars here! Do it, faggot![View]
451893232let's play skribbl.io: play skribbl.io with my friend and me i need people https://skribbl.io/?…[View]
451892417This worth getting during the Steam sale?[View]
451887742Why aren't you playing Anthem, /v/? It's dope. Makes you feel like Iron Man.[View]
451891597Cut content doesn't make a game incomplete[View]
451888843Miss me yet?[View]
451887463Endgame right here bros[View]
451892748what's the most disappointing game you've ever played[View]
451889518Epic just won.[View]
451892561Well I should be gettin on.[View]
451892638>gets banned because tourneytards can’t play around them[View]
451892107Tired of PC gamers telling me theres no reason to own an xbox. I have one cuz i dont game on my lapt…[View]
451890857Rico Muerte. Big time hustler.[View]
451890997Just discovering this masterpiece. (I was too young to play it when it first came out) Just beat Or…[View]
451891662Suck on it[View]
451892474I need a durable controller for playing dark souls trilogy on the PC. Between the Xbox 1 controller…[View]
451886027looking for a small community https://64ch.net/v/ is your answer unrulecucked[View]
451892345This game sucks ass and only retards pretending to be boomers like it.[View]
451889164>mfw brother deletes my GTA SA 100% save to make room for FF shit[View]
451884437Recommend some new switch games to me. I enjoyed all of these somewhat. Not pictured : Attack On Tit…[View]
451892232What are some games about hell?[View]
451889682/v/ in 2004 >WTF is this SJW SHIT, why do the Jews keep pushing black people in our faces >get…[View]
451892173I keep seeing bad news about this game give me a quick run down[View]
451889767UBISOFT ARE SATANIC FAGGOTS: Why did they fill rainbow six with pentagrams and satanic imagery? Even…[View]
451891382H O U S E R E D O R A N[View]
451887950It's almost been 3 years since the Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine closed down and I'm still r…[View]
451891346>Join in the middle of a match >Die once >'Oh my fucking god wow, this kid is trash' >Vo…[View]
451891162SPAADMC THREAD[View]
451891887>PSN throttling your download speeds[View]
451886917Yeah man who wants to play dmc v with all its insane combo potential and really cool gothic setting …[View]
451891331Are there any lore about claire redfield when she isn't fighting zombies? What's she like …[View]
451884584You get to have a complete collection of officially licensed physcially distributed games for one of…[View]
451890280Would this break Resident evil 2 cannon: Robert kendo surviving like he dose in Ghost survivors woul…[View]
451891664You just know[View]
451888321is he the most overpowered video game character in history?[View]
451891337Play her game.[View]
451891589The campaign wasn’t THAT good.[View]
451886749What does /v/ think about DotA Auto Chess?: I never see any threads about it. Won my first game toda…[View]
451880359Metroidvania: How accurate is this?[View]
451886210>Western gaming[View]
451891005>Beloved by critics >Beloved by all players aside from a handful of autistic purists and cont…[View]
451888164This is the only Street Fighter that really feels 'street'[View]
451867835>one of the most anticipated titles of the decade >completely forgotten after a couple months…[View]
451871106Metroid Prime: Why was it so good?[View]
451888908Why does /v/ hate Starfy so much?[View]
451886704He killed millions...[View]
451888608Why is xbox so based bros?[View]
451887423>'little' mac >is actually 5'11'' What does it mean?…[View]
451888962where are all the cyberpunk shooters?[View]
451890723Should Valve get tough on cheating?[View]
451888696Thoughts on Garry’s Mod? It’s been out for over a decade, will it stay popular or is it in decline?[View]
451885675Why are you so gullible into actually believing such stupid fake leaks bullshit /v/?[View]
451880681Start playing Guilty Gear you mongrel[View]
451890584*blocks your car path[View]
451885420/SCP/ Secret Laboratory: The game is FREE and only 4~ GB to install: http://store.steampowered.com/a…[View]
451833972Post your favorite memes ITT[View]
451875350Is anyone looking forward to Far Cry New Dawn?[View]
451885030Tomorrow I'll[View]
451884698ITT: Vidya memoryhole[View]
451890201*mumble rap intensifies*[View]
451890153Apex Legend: Truly an undefeated god. I'm on Xbox one. GT: The Rat Tickler Lets play this new F…[View]
451888257ARKANOID VS SPACE INVADERS: >Gameplay Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=socy374PQ9M…[View]
451889773Almost got eaten by cannibals 10/10 game.[View]
451890042JUMP FORCE DLC LEAKED: Kaiba AllMight Biscuit Grimmjow Toshiro Law Buu Bakugou Madara This is fro…[View]
451889926Old Sims Blues: Are you ready for The Sims 4: ft. Big Mountain with unironically the same quirkly le…[View]
451886432Name a single game with a fun healer class/character,i will wait[View]
451888642I’M GONNA SAY kirby thread[View]
451887524Imagine making a joke like this in our the year of our current 2019th year.[View]
451888539Thimbleweed Park is free on the Epic Games Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/thim…[View]
451889712That's probably not your funny bone, cause... ...this shit ain't funny[View]
451887962Do you prefer square or hex grids in your strategy games? Have you found it makes much of a differen…[View]
451883198Will you break her heart, /v/?[View]
451888285You have 30 seconds to say why this game flopped HARD[View]
451889558>Get home late from classes >have a sudden unironic urge to boot up Skyrim >play it for abo…[View]
451889517Gabe, I'm sorry: >Try to install UE4 because I want to try to make games >it installs the…[View]
451859189Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle vs Legends? Which gacha is better?[View]
451888218How many times have you bought Skyrim?[View]
451888627'I'LL KILL YOUUUUUU'[View]
451879107DMC: see it isn't Vergil's fault this time[View]
451887104LGB folks on /v/, who’s your favorite gay character? I nominate Rin from Catherine, because s/he…[View]
451868281Why is he so hated by the Smash community?[View]
451889069I still can't figure out if video games actually were better when I was a kid or if it was due …[View]
451859840xiv: >level everything to 70 >don't like any of the jobs what do I do…[View]
451874458>Reggie leaves Nintendo >Nintendo fanboys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5DFkwTOBWU I like …[View]
451881073>Marry One >Fuck One >Kill One…[View]
451888714dm_overwatch, home[View]
451881043yo hol up, this guy's black?[View]
451888559Time to complain, classicbros, don't let the normalfags destroy our favorite survival horror fr…[View]
451877230What is the objective rankings of the 3D Zelda games[View]
451886801unironically the best gta-like, better than any actual gta too. suck the shit out of my asshole[View]
451883904Today, I will remind them...[View]
451887432>bioware is for ____[View]
451881426>parents watching big bang theory in the living room >anon you should watch this it's so …[View]
451884712Nintendo Direct 4.15.19: There's a nintendo direct on april 15th Reggie will present the direct…[View]
451888341what are some comfy vidya?[View]
451886997Does it still live up to the hype it gets?[View]
451883752Do you think we'll ever get a Ninja Gaiden 4?[View]
451887959Could Sora beat The Thing? Can anyone? Why the hell is there not more of these abominations in vidya…[View]
451888226>ywn take a comfy train across post apocalyptic Russia w your diverse group of bros why bros...…[View]
451888180We live in a society where Screaming Milhouse won a /V/ Hunger Games....[View]
451885632Which Pokemon game should I play to get into the series?[View]
451887878/v/ are you ready for the savior of (korean) gayman[View]
451840963Megaman: We all know Death battle sucks ass. But seriously. Who is the strongest megaman?[View]
451888119Sanctuary Hills... home.[View]
451887558haven't played any of them. bought Bloodborne GOTY edition. getting Souls trilogy next week. wh…[View]
451887624Best Skyrim Experience Thread Reminder I didn't know about loading a previous save cuz i was re…[View]
451884920WTF runescape?!?! How can shit like this get past quality control?[View]
451885704Gordon Freeman I presume?[View]
451885189LMAOOO so you're telling me this BITCH spent a decade trapped in the dark realm where literally…[View]
451887126Play Soulcalibur VI or Mistress Valentine will make you regret it. Will you become another prisoner …[View]
451884332Games with this type of aesthetic?[View]
451875832Oh no! A group of mermaid pirates attacks. What are you going to do?[View]
451879226Why do gamers become or want to become serial killers? How do we solve the question?[View]
451887678I'm gonna to fight her soon. Any tips?[View]
451887667>tfw there will never be another game with a dynamic screensaver Post games that came with their …[View]
451887630le hidden gems: Post games that surprised you. Thought this game was going to be furry trash, and it…[View]
451887427have you tried coding your own games?[View]
451885552J>PQ DEXLESS THIEF KNOW HOW TO DO PQ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@…[View]
451887603I tried to get into pocket circuit because I saw Kiryu playing it and it looked cool but when I went…[View]
451873270I will post this everyday until Monokuma's Smash announcement I will cling to hope in possibili…[View]
451887510>Nintendo stock jumped 4% in 15 minutes today Looks like someone was privy to some secret informa…[View]
451887375What was this nigga's problem?[View]
451884571Just finished pic related, it was good for sure, but sadly compared to 0 it pales, is there any othe…[View]
451860968How is it possible that FighterZ has both teen and adult Gohan? I hate how this game tries to stay r…[View]
451887295/v/eekend NES ONLINE: Come take me on in wario's woods you fucking gays 4236 3587 9110[View]
451887216Playing spiderman for the first time on PS4, amazed by the details. Came across this easter egg feat…[View]
451887172Wait... we don't get the Xray goggles with this release???[View]
451886949imagine actually thinking video games are scary[View]
451885194>FFXV has one of the worst real time action combat systems eve-[View]
451877947Hiveswap: Act 2[View]
451886836Why do so many people have a stick up their ass about the new Far Cry? It's a reduced price sta…[View]
451884693Am I playing the game wrong, because I am not having any fun and don't see why everyone loved i…[View]
451884005>there are people on /v/ who buy games on release or worse, pre order them…[View]
451883071play Night in the Woods it's on sale[View]
451886679What are some games with good horse combat?[View]
451841874Silksong: Will we see him in Hornets game acting like a good big brother?[View]
451886275>So Jay, what did YOU think of Anthem?[View]
451886592Will you continue to support Nintendo throughout 2019? Do you still approve of their choices, and ar…[View]
451886583>boss has self-destruct sequence[View]
451886197When do you feel like maps are just too fucking big?[View]
451886507Hi /v/, I'm trying to find an old meme/exploitable from around the time of Mega Man 9 (I think?…[View]
451848151its over nintenbros...[View]
4518864892 out 1 to go[View]
451883770>best friend is the final boss what other games do this[View]
451886136Crash you’re a fool for letting me turn to my final form[View]
451886228Armored ladies in video games represent christian values[View]
451885232I've just finished playing MGS, should I keep playing in the release order or should I play in …[View]
451880483>final fantasy[View]
451884768Based, is he...our guy?[View]
451885657RDR1 VS RDR2: Which is better and why?[View]
451882952Weebs don't bow to the west-: https://twistedvoxel.com/yakuza-3-remaster-cuts-transphobic-quest…[View]
451883681Thinking about getting this. How good is it, bros?[View]
451873432How does this make you feel?[View]
451885981*Blocks your path*[View]
451881613I just want a game that'll ignite my love for vidya[View]
451885879How did I live in a kingdom of thieves[View]
451885859are you gonna miss them when theyre gone /v/ ? >https://kotaku.com/guild-wars-2-developer-arenane…[View]
451885864It all returns to nothing It all comes TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOOOOWN[View]
451880445and i just won!: What is Microsoft senpai-san sending me /v/ anon's?[View]
451878905what if we took a character, whose claim to fame is having a hot bod but HIDEOUS face, and made her …[View]
451881190Why does Nintendo hate it?[View]
451873091>Responsible for DmC: Devil May Cry >Responsible for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z >Responsible for…[View]
451879470> Hey kid, wanna Jogress?[View]
451885351Bamco fails at everything they create except fighting games. Why do they still try?[View]
451879058Why is every Mexican a luchador in videogames?[View]
451885385Is it forgotten?[View]
451877796Is it true that they have ties with the Yakuza?[View]
451885346Is god gonna be mad at me for playing this game? It doesn't seem really christian friendly[View]
451885320ITT: Underrated as fuck soundtracks from licensed games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wBsd2uuRIU…[View]
451885159Are there any PC games other than Alien: Isolation that support deep color output aka 10 bit color?[View]
451885249What does /v/ think of the greatest video game critic of all time?[View]
451872946https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Dark Souls 2 https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon2 FFX for an indeter…[View]
451818991Shout out to the good old days.[View]
451882845>89 metacritic score How badly will /v/ be seething when this happens?[View]
451877353Unpopular Opinion General: >KH3 was amazing and has hours of replayability without Critical Mode …[View]
451885097Pick your poison /v/[View]
4518764433DS Thread: Post homescreens.[View]
451884021https://kotaku.com/nintendo-president-reggie-fils-aime-is-retiring-1832793123 > REGGIE'S STE…[View]
451883903>You seriously don't think a conservative mind can chart a new course for the world do you? …[View]
451883993Atlus is hosting a survey for feedback on their games. Interestingly, they also ask if players are i…[View]
451884837Hey xbros. What do you think of todays bc update? I only played lost planet 1 and enjoyed it somewha…[View]
451874504Which do you think is better, Super Metroid or Castlevania Symphony of the Night? Both are in my top…[View]
451884449>Burnout 3 turns 15 this year You better give me a re-release, EA.[View]
451884550ITT: 10/10 vidya dads Hard mode: No dead dads[View]
451884678>YOU SEETHE, BRO!? How do you respond?[View]
451870709>games has perfect girl[View]
451883584Game genres and which race dominates at them: FPS: WHITE RTS: ASIAN MOBA: ASIAN BR: WHITE FIGHTING: …[View]
451882024Fast paced online shooters could be better of they were slower[View]
451869863>Cyst: it's a Clot but retarded >Slasher: it's a Clot but fast >Gorefiend: It…[View]
451882420Does /v/ still fuck with this game?[View]
451883272What's the fastest way to unlocking characters in Smash? Don't know if I'm doing thi…[View]
451884174lets get a Terraria base thread goin[View]
451868881Anthem now at 64/100 and dropping (for reference Andromeda is at 74/100): >I'm slowly drifti…[View]
451883103Do you own a PS4 yet?[View]
451883032Why are boys in gacha games so cute?[View]
451883093If you didn't destroy the platforms by going in-between them then you're a bitch.[View]
451884161EEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH?!: What do you mean you didn't buy Let's Go?! Are you too poor to affo…[View]
451884152This man is unintentionally responsible for the degradation of writing in western video games.[View]
451883794What the fuck is happening with PlayStation Chat? Why does it never work?[View]
451883269guys why cant i get my friends to by MK11, im so sad[View]
451845101Yakuza Thread: Why are these games such a bitch to 100%? Also, are Yakuza 3-5 getting a 'Kiwami' rem…[View]
451883491Wargroove: how is it? i want to know if its easy to customize or mod the game, how about the multipl…[View]
451879839>Blizzard rips off Warhammer for their franchises twice >Gets rewarded for it by normies Why i…[View]
451873110E3 2019: This is gonna be a really different year for E3... >Sony isn't coming >No Reggie…[View]
451878918I'm so glad this game is included with PSPlus this month. I've never played a Hitman game …[View]
451883916Smash DLC: Do you like your already confirmed Fighyet Pass?[View]
451879994Well /v/, did he do the right thing? Also LISA thread[View]
451877025>tfw no heather gf ITS NOT FAIR BROS WHY DO I HAVE TO LIVE ON THIS CRUEL EARTH…[View]
451883661>Dark skin >Big lips >Nips way of making black characters Why do they always do this?…[View]
451878480Can Dragon Age 4 save Bioware?[View]
451879523>'I heard you bought Skullgirls and quit before even finishing the tutorial. Jeez anon, could you…[View]
451882862Is this unironically one of the best games ever made /v/?[View]
451882058Minecraft Epic Mod: Awesome Minecraft Mod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLWr4ZwEaU4[View]
451883590Is this the Dark Souls of soulsborne games?[View]
451883394This is Baranor of Umbar, sergeant of Gondor, commander of Minas Ithil, Mercenary Command of Vanishi…[View]
451877225Damn dirty orcs: These disgusting creatures are invading our beautiful tamriel. All they do is poiso…[View]
451883480Minecraft Servers: I know it's a meme and all, but I've spent the past hour looking for a …[View]
451883347'Lawdrayne. Home. At least it was befo' I fucked errthan up.'[View]
451883276Hey, remember me?[View]
451883275If you could get the authorization and copyrights to reboot any series and develop a new game for it…[View]
451881202Can it be fixed?[View]
451881952Who do you like more?[View]
451883114Do you have any hope for pokemon gen 8?[View]
451881402>kills your zoomer game nothing personnel anthemshills[View]
451883081That's not Ash.[View]
451880932What's the last game that deeply impacted you?[View]
451879489dragon quest xi or persona 5?[View]
451882872>game has leaderboards >top times are nothing but 00:00:01…[View]
451882946Server is up, look for /v/idya Karts.[View]
451882868what are some fun games that require you to actually use your brane?[View]
451882661>Spin is Neutral B >Belly Flop is Down Smash Why would we ever need Crash Bandicoot?…[View]
451882781can someone recommend me a Platform Games With a good plot?[View]
451880895ITT: things zoomers won't get[View]
451862605https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1650-specs-release-date,38662.html Looks like a…[View]
451878912So I'm over here, pickin 'n choosin. Playing chess with it too[View]
451882582What is your favorite PS2 game? Exclusive or multiplat.[View]
451871809Hey guys, to keep it short, I'm going through a terrible heartbreak at the moment and I was won…[View]
451882458What are games for this feeling?[View]
451882359President Bowser.: Alright ya goonies, now that i’m the king and Nintendo’s president of America ya’…[View]
451882431Hello, game developers and publishers. I'm part of the new generation that is satisfied in watc…[View]
451881515post staves: post staves[View]
451877090>Game gives you a special reward if you defeat the boss without getting hit.…[View]
451881003Is there a vidya with too much blood and gore?[View]
451881030Let's go back to a better time[View]
451881096I bought a Switch for some reason but don't have any money for games. What one game should I ge…[View]
451869703what is the beta/prototype you wish would be found? which is the most sad loss?[View]
451882065>look forward to metro exodus for 3 years >buy it in 2018 >drama happens >refund it >…[View]
451879304So what the fuck was it? >The early worlds are about 90% complete, with the middle worlds being a…[View]
451881662Is Amy the most perfect woman to ever exist?[View]
451880214Leaked Switch Bundles: Wow Walmart Europe you’ve done it again[View]
451870491What's the best type of ambient occlusion?[View]
451862527ITT: based and redpilled protagonists[View]
451879842>Game thanks you for playing What other games thank you for playing? I know lots of them have tha…[View]
451881760>in two years every game will be released on streaming services only >maximum influx of consum…[View]
451880993Post video game characters that canonical like darker men. /pol/ fags are not allowed[View]
451881704>unfunny and annoying >shitty boring mission design >horrible gun feel >repetitive what…[View]
451878770Another day, another zoomer game ruined. Feels so fucking good to cheat and dab on these niggers. Be…[View]
451881430Someone needs to start paying people to sub Gamecenter CX faster.[View]
451881431*ahem* I WON[View]
451854410Time for some Jackbox, fellas! https://mixer.com/itchyscrewdrive How to play: >Open the stream li…[View]
451881273Cultist Simulator Thread: I'm not much for card games, but I've really enjoyed this one so…[View]
451879996This game is one of the only stone age/cave men games I can think of, but is it any fun? All the rec…[View]
451881184Post yfw the game is good[View]
451814050It's fucking boring shit, isn't it? It's literally the same game as the previous two …[View]
451880640Cyberpunk: What will your character be?[View]
451880940Remember when Final Fantasy had really cool and memorable villains? I don't even remember who t…[View]
451880556Why aren't you playing the open-world extravaganza of the year?[View]
451880771>See master tier techies player what do?[View]
451880775Fuck I wanted to buy this game saw it on steam then found out its only on Epic tried to download it …[View]
451879812BABYLON'S FALL: When the fuck are we going to get more info on this?[View]
451880639What is the vidya theme you take into battle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGetImTgyFA[View]
451880606Are there video games where you can feel a girls hair? Bonus points if it's in VR.[View]
451880543>tfw we will never do s/v/en saturdays again[View]
451876882Complete fucking PC pleb here, need to play the game 'Everybody's gone to the rapture' for my c…[View]
451851148Post yfw cazadors are actually real[View]
451879781Elsword: Balance patch. https://elsword.koggames.com/balance-patch-update-february-2019/[View]
451856927What are your greenflags /v/?[View]
451878732>Mai doesn't turn back into a man Shit game[View]
451877191>have to do tedious side-content in order to get a good ending of the game I really did want to l…[View]
451879170>Doug Bowser.[View]
451880220WHERE IS PIKMIN 4 DOUG[View]
451851064So in the end, who was right?[View]
451877118>unreal >unity >havok 3 cancer engines that kill games…[View]
451878412>solid snake is a clone of big boss >they don't look the same ok…[View]
451879967How much effort should a meme game have?[View]
451872395Is there any group of people more annoying than Mother 3 fans who constantly bitch about the game no…[View]
451878261Controller Tier List: >God tier Gamecube controller >Great tier PS4 controller, NES controller…[View]
451879168Thimbleweed Park is free on the Epic Games Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/thim…[View]
451879846>Final boss is transformed version of the villain >Still just referred to by their regular-ass…[View]
451879640I've never played the Thief games and they're super cheap right now. There's the thre…[View]
451875378Why did /v/ pretend to be scared of Ao Oni?: >Shitty walking sim horror game but made in RPG Make…[View]
451879539How did you take this news and the leak? Do you even believe that they're still working on it i…[View]
4518711582019.... I am forgotten[View]
451879597Why are contrarions on /v/ so obssessed with hating these 4 games in particular?[View]
451879707What games do supreme gentlemen play?[View]
451879704ITT vidya smiles you want to protecc[View]
451879683Need a hug?!![View]
451872063>people here actually thought they would do something with the license kek…[View]
451869892How many times do they get to fail before EA disposes of them? >TORtanic >ME3 Ending Controver…[View]
451875389Playing Def Jam Fight For New York made me appreciate Japanese 3d fighting games like Tekken, DOA, a…[View]
451878669Rate my Astolfo /v/[View]
451879436BLOWN THE FUCK OUT[View]
451879421>ojou-sama character treats you like shit >the only form to get her respect is winning against…[View]
451873423ITT: based gay characters[View]
451876232 [View]
451875764>scrape together as much money as possible to buy a game >walk into town because taking the bu…[View]
451877301why aren't there any good horror games from america? list all the great horror games and little…[View]
451872784Why haven't Action games progressed past the PS2 era?[View]
451865828Characters that canonically gotten laid.[View]
451878782The only good parts of this game are Moscow and Novosibirsk[View]
451876534Andrew Ryan: >Cunning and brilliant to a fault. A man so ensnared by his flawed ideology that he…[View]
451846359These are characters from Anthem: Why? Why can't the west make attractive characters?[View]
451867118Dragon Quest XI is finally on sale. Well, what are you waiting for?![View]
451876881What was that youtubers name that died a while back? He had luigi in his name iirc[View]
451878494actual footage of bowser taking over as NOA President: https://youtu.be/83GoGHBkdyg?t=89[View]
451875242I've never played any FF game before but I'm interested. Which one should I pick up on Ste…[View]
451878668Ys thread: Is there any difference between the GoG and Steam version of pic related? Which did you g…[View]
451876380What am I in for[View]
451877671Give me a quick rundown on Chrono Trigger.[View]
451876752Xcom 2: What’s the best DLC you’ve ever bought? Pic related is mine also XCom thread because they’r…[View]
451859401DMC Thread: Foolishness, Dante, foolishness. Might controls everything. And without strength, you ca…[View]
451877184>/v/ tells me its a bad game >decide to play it myself >its not Why is /v/ always wrong?…[View]
451876114What's your favorite bullshit open world game?[View]
451878528>Joke character becomes broken late game[View]
451877082THIS GAME: Is better then undertale or deltarune get rekt goat fucking zoomers[View]
451872861https://twitter.com/Marvel/status/1098670336202166277 Make sure to vote for Skrull if you want to se…[View]
451877227Fuck me this game is boring. One of the most barebones RPGs I've ever played. Apparently the co…[View]
451876147She's in[View]
451878279It comes out in a week, I dont know about this, its tugging the fuck out of my nostalgia strings, bu…[View]
451878147Tree of Savior: say it with me now uu~i [View]
451874220According to Japan, this is a dragon.: ?????[View]
451877785F2P strategy games: What are people playing? Are there even such Dota2 aside? That genre seems reall…[View]
451861329Bowser guy.: This dude used to work for EA for eight fucking years. It's over Nintenbros...…[View]
451877745le ags101: What the fuck is up with this meme? I see nintensois online worshipping this thing and my…[View]
451874798>Designs get worse with each installment What other series do this?[View]
451877609Retarded thought experiment: >sudden update to Breath of The Wild >Dark Link's set now u…[View]
451873509Who has the coolest last name in video games?[View]
451874071Action games are not scary[View]
451866936The Knight gets into Smash. How do you react?[View]
451877392I'm still waiting.[View]
451843368How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
451876772I bought 60 Axe cards at launch at about 20 dollars each. Now they're worth 3 dollars. I fell f…[View]
451874475What emotion is this face trying to convey?[View]
451867452Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
451877031>A new game is either complete shit or a masterpiece. Everything has to be black and white >A …[View]
451876987thank you R* for making the best game of all time[View]
451854074Press F to pay respects[View]
451876152WHERE'D HE GO!?[View]
451874964Banjo-Kazooie thread: I simply can't believe it, even if Banjo and Kazoie don't make it in…[View]
451869117Is this worth it for someone who liked EU/EW but hated 2? It's on a deep sale atm and I've…[View]
451874660What is the best fight stick?[View]
451875992sanghelios... home...[View]
451867590Got to New Londo. Uh, what is with all of these ghosts and why can't I hit them?[View]
451864864ITT: Moments in games that are genuinely funny[View]
451875982More of This: Also, Fire Emblem thread? >Favorite Game >Favorite Class >Favorite Character …[View]
451869360>ArenaNet is following in Blizzard's footsteps and purging the SJW material doing work that …[View]
451866120>Reggie retiring >still no Mother 3 What went wrong?…[View]
451875892>Barry? Get rid of Sherry for me.[View]
451875781Post the most noteworthy game released on your birthday. Doesn't have to be from the year you w…[View]
451875767What games have left you disappointed in their conclusion?[View]
451874029Surely somebody here has something to say about pic related? Are these games really that bland? I ca…[View]
451873802Sup, /v/. What are some good games that focus on base building an economics? Factorio is sort of an …[View]
451875679>15 Mother/Earthbound threads on the front page right now How stupid would Nintendo be to not cap…[View]
451873481How exactly did this concept came to be in the first place? Seems like fanfic with a budget.[View]
451874983Did he make it /v/ro's?[View]
451874879So, Bandana Dee was popular, important, unique but Sakurai still ignored him.: Isaac? Not important …[View]
451875108What are some chill games to play before you go to bed?[View]
451866680You beat Jevil, right? You're not a casual, are you?[View]
451875182Xenosaga 3 Question: A question about this game's been nagging at me for the longest time regar…[View]
451863836Serious question about Reggie: Why does he so loved, when he's the president of NoA? Doesn…[View]
451874608What a grand and intoxicating Morrowind Thread [View]
451873243Was this a Konosuba referense?[View]
451874993NEWS: HOLY SHIT GUYS![View]
451868967Leave 2019 to me[View]
451874945Rune Factory thread, hows that farm goin?[View]
451874679>load up old ass multiplayer game >enter server >Arabic squiggles in textbox >voice come…[View]
451873134LOW TIER.....GOD, gives his impressions on Jade's reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFvNS…[View]
451873639Name a more iconic scene than this. Pro tip: you can’t[View]
451848137Was this really necessary?[View]
451870027>'Bro, you're a gamer? What do you play?' >'Eh, mostly indie games.' >'Oh, you mean li…[View]
451871441Play Nico-senpai's game[View]
451873506IGN Kingdom Hearts 2 Review: Now that the dust has settled, were they right /v/?[View]
4518711344k is a meme: I bought a 50 inches 4K TV with a PS4 Pro and I notice no difference from 1080p. If ne…[View]
451873893I can appreciate fanart like this because it's cute, but Zelda's ass is something like 3 t…[View]
451870686Is this game any good?[View]
451874328Is this the most influential Chinese bootleg of all time?[View]
451873379>Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-11, designated Nine-Tailed Fox, has entered the facility. All rem…[View]
451869238>evil version of the protagonist is called 'dark [protagonist's name]'…[View]
451861264MICROSOFT BRINGING GAMEPASS AND X-CLOUD TO NINTENDO SWITCH: Holy shit god damn https://twitter.com/D…[View]
451871392Yep. They're done.[View]
451874053It's actually happening!! Oh no bros...[View]
451873815 [View]
451864739Play Destiny Child[View]
451872762Headphones for ps4: I need help deciding which headphones. The three I am looking at are the 598sr, …[View]
451873895You're going to be able to select from a wide array of characters. Some of them, like Bucken-Be…[View]
451870487Sea of Thieves: This game was dead on arrival, is Summit the only thing keeping this game going?…[View]
451873385>game doesn’t allow character creation or customization[View]
451873157When you think this will go on sale for xbox, dont feel like shelling 60$[View]
451873021Single parts that ruined entire games[View]
451869849>gf went to study for an exam with her classmate, won't be back until tomorrow >all frien…[View]
451800774I want to play Touhou.[View]
451870193*blocks your path*[View]
451872757Was thinking about getting into wow again. Should I just play the current one or wait till classic …[View]
451873602A Tribute To Reggie Fils-Aimé (Former President Of Nintendo Of America): https://youtu.be/_RkZg-jgYG…[View]
451867572Would multiplayer FPS games be better if all sniper rifles were removed?[View]
451873532>The Shinjuku-based Japanese gaming giant today released their latest financial results. >They…[View]
451829536The only good games in this series.[View]
451869058<<Ace Combat thread>>[View]
451869273*creates a Netflix show of your favourite videogame series*[View]
451873431We should put Reggie in Smash Bros. It would be the perfect way to immortalize him.[View]
451873346>game has cavalry[View]
451873216His body is ready indeed: You will be miss[View]
451868750ITT: videogame music 'ruined' (or made popular) by memes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVXnoanopz…[View]
451840203Seriously, where do western developers get this idea that all women should look unattractive? Most w…[View]
451846254What online game did you cyber sex for the first time anon?[View]
451872970Are these games as hard as people say they are?[View]
451872965Press S to shit on Reggie's legacy[View]
451872959so what do you think the games are like outside of the simulation?[View]
451872217RNG: the boss fight[View]
451870986Who are the 5 Namco Bandai characters most likely to be DLC in Smash?[View]
451872792Steve tips?[View]
451872774>load up old ass multiplayer game >enter server >Arabic squiggles in textbox >voice come…[View]
451871439ICE IS HERE: this is shit stop fucking with me I did nothing wrong[View]
451872072Xbox Avatars: Why is this happening?[View]
451872694we deus ex now >https://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/china-has-unveiled-its-first-female-ai-ne…[View]
451871484Book cover thread again? Vidya only lest the caretaker curse us https://nullk.github.io/penguin.html…[View]
451871217>DS1 >isn't dark >DS2 >is dark >DS3 >isn't dark Hmmm...…[View]
451871171Neil Druckmann should of never worked in the games industry?[View]
451870453Since when were there jungles in Russia????[View]
451832615So THAT'S why they call him Mr. X[View]
451865567Second hornet fight: Literally Hollow Knight/Silksong thread [View]
451870783ITT: post your favorite vidya women[View]
451872437Post some really well made trailers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_JRFsSe9JE[View]
451870648Ryu vs Ryu: Who would win in a fight?[View]
451855513>the characters which are supposed to be hot in-lore all look ugly >the character that's …[View]
451869341*ahem* FUCK YOUKAI[View]
451861587Never played dungeon crawlers, but I want to start playing them. Sell me your favorite Dungeon Crawl…[View]
451872235Eedapee dupu Smash? WAHOO![View]
451870971-Bethesda bailed out on doing conference this year. -Epic Games will be doing a showcase focusing on…[View]
451866507The protagonist of the last game you just played is replaced by Idris Elba. How does this affect you…[View]
451871148Whats the vidja equivalent of the Usual Suspects twist? My bet is on the SS2 twist.[View]
451857952God I fucking hate Nomura so god damn much, I absolutely hate everything about his artsyle. He manag…[View]
451871958long link[View]
451870871Fuck the haters Post your main faggots[View]
451869186>Iwata is gone. >Reggie is gone. It’s only a matter of time before miyamoto‘s gone as well, th…[View]
451869705>data mine reveals most obvious stage choice for Joker >matches a 'leak' >Erdrickfags think…[View]
451871968Ask a guy who’s about to retire from Nintendo anything[View]
451842165here's your smash roster niggas[View]
451867697Well /v/?[View]
451869826ITT: Possible Kino in games >Joker comes to Smash >Announcer says JOKER in joker's voice …[View]
451871816Why is the combat, overworld an puzzles sooo fuuuckiiing baaaaaad. I'm back at Loegres meeting …[View]
451868769What do you think of the new Nintendo boss?[View]
451871542RE2 House Rules: Have you some house rules while playing RE2? I remember applying some house rules w…[View]
451871491Games with this feel?[View]
451868510Alright nerd. What do you think of Chiaki?[View]
451871354>final boss has AK37[View]
451845591How has your experience with online Smash been so far? Anything juicy to share?[View]
451869347Shadow of War: Why did we hate this? I decided to pick up a used copy since I have nothing else to p…[View]
451871290Post your favorite games, prove to me that you aren't a NPC[View]
451870725>Sweet >Loyal >Compassionate What other word describe our princess Olette?…[View]
451869608These... seems to be energy resources.[View]
451870323*KOs you at 50% with F-air*[View]
451869550Remember when some old pieces of shit tried to ban “violent games” and failed completely I’m happy …[View]
451855585https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Swarm (MorphX) https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon2 FFX for an indet…[View]
451870402Post video games NOBODY has played.[View]
451864616Nintendo's attitude towards trophies/achievements: >'When they create their games, [Nintendo…[View]
451870326What was the /v/erdict on this bad boy?[View]
451870918Yo can you at least pick me up?[View]
451867794Now that the dust has settled.: Does this thing even work? I don't want to get scammed desu.…[View]
451870869ITT the 'sun haters' are BTFO 'The Long Tomorrow by Dan O’Bannon and Jean “Mobius” Giraud is a 16-pa…[View]
451865513Is it fun?[View]
451870494Is there something like Civilization games but without the nigger-meme countries?[View]
451870807Headphones for ps4: I need help deciding which headphones. The three I am looking at are the 598sr, …[View]
451867774Are they the only ones that can save Bethesda?[View]
451870092If you had to choose between shooting her bathing suit off or helping her back up, which would you c…[View]
451870540This game is top comfy.[View]
451870518LOST IN VIVO: So now that the dust has settled is this game any good? Is it really comparable to Sil…[View]
451869026Gamepass and Ori coming to switch???: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sCuG984QIbU[View]
451868269This game is horribly overrated fucking shit[View]
451869196>grind to get enough resources to build online shit, which takes long enough as it is >5 days …[View]
451870369Here's your game sir It'll be $59.99 plus tip.[View]
451869072>If it's not fun, why bother? >more than half of Nintendo's library isn't fun s…[View]
451868173>tfw can't into customization anyone else?[View]
451864578Desktop thread Hard Mode: No deleting anything before posting[View]
451870063What's something only you do or shit you do in video games: What's something only you do o…[View]
451854778When did you first build your gaming pc?[View]
451865753Literally just a 2 hour walking simulator, why did it get so much praise?[View]
451870029>Daemon X Machina >Rune Factory 5 >Astral Chain Gotta say, I like this new weeb Nintendo.…[View]
451805973Did he do anything wrong?[View]
451869865Fuck this shitty fucking console.[View]
451869861>get to 3-2 >lose interest >beat O&S >lose interest >get to things betwixt >lo…[View]
451868001Is Final Fantasy gay?[View]
451866457League of Legends: We need 1 more for a 5 stack in League, anyone wanna join? Fair warning, we'…[View]
451866429>I listen to video game music[View]
451850370Have millenials ruined the open world genre?[View]
451856821Thimbleweed Park is free on the Epic Games Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/thim…[View]
451824540Gen 2 will save VR.[View]
451863408Duke Nukem: Alien Armageddon 2.0 is out: https://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-alien-armageddon/down…[View]
451865307Why this aesthetic isnt more popular?[View]
451867870wait, /v/ Am I missing a joke? This can't be... real, right? Is there some kind of force of nat…[View]
451868801How come we don't get any wrpgs anymore? Dragon Age Inquisition was like five years ago.[View]
451866278Castlevania: I have always wanted to get into the series, and I saw that this one is the first chron…[View]
451865183What do they eat?[View]
451869038I didn't buy it and I won't buy SSB ultimate[View]
451864990I just beat Castlevania 1 ask me anything.[View]
451867948Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: How can a Pokemon spinoff be so fucking good?[View]
451869025are esports fundamentally flawed as a concept or does it vary game to game? post your idea of a good…[View]
451863834 [View]
451868858Why do villains always win in the end?[View]
451868821What are some /v/ approved AA and indie games? Been kinda getting in to them recently and could use …[View]
451861173what happened with good looking characters?[View]
451868689Does anyone else think FF 7 remake is just gonna expose Sephiroth for the overrated pos he is? He…[View]
451866214S to spit on his french head[View]
451863147>I only play singleplayer lmao multiplayer is for faggots[View]
451868589Hundreds of millions invested and Bioware still makes an average game? https://www.metacritic.com/ga…[View]
451867564Ever been so good people thought you were hacking?[View]
451865380QUICK post god tier game related songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJiHDmyhE1A[View]
451865289Warning, primary target is, uhh, engaged in, uhh command and control tactics with biotics. Repeat, p…[View]
451868054What are your favorite games from the 'Zoomer Era'? (released 2005-2020)[View]
451868072mining failure thread: >tfw mining byproduct[View]
451868315>Being this much of a Whelp.[View]
451866890wtf was his problem?[View]
451865146I got it.[View]
451866721So will it be good?[View]
451867496>China can't make good gam--[View]
451866479Dragon's Dogma: >not strong enough to kill wrym duo on Bitterblack >upgrading Cursed Blig…[View]
451868015>final boss is an unbeatable mary sue[View]
451867996play.mc-x.one: play.mc-x.one Hello Minecrafters! MC-X Anarchy is a semi-vanilla survival server wher…[View]
451866870Why Bioware is racist to Asians bros[View]
451864195Prove me wrong /v/.[View]
451865585I spent the last 6 hours jerking off to this game[View]
451866918Every game release 2019 so far has been a let down or a failure.....[View]
451859183this is the next DLC character for Smash Ultimate: What’s your reaction ?[View]
451867627I can't believe he's finally gone...: Rest in peace[View]
451865579>7 out of 9 twitter trends in France are related to Nintendo Why does France love Nintendo so muc…[View]
451863857>mfw 2019 is my 20th year of being a NEET Do you remember what you were playing exactly 20 years …[View]
451862590Smash Ultimate DLC: Joker, Slime, Frisk, Qbby and Steve. In that order. Those are the characters you…[View]
451865449Has there been any game made by a woman without male help?[View]
451867262>Why didn't you buy xy >play xy gatcha shit >tod: buy my game >whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…[View]
451864590>most war games are about fighting russians or fellow 'evil' americans Why not make mor…[View]
451864242Rats may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
451789720/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>451754641 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
451865435Sucks that I couldn't ally myself with the German vampire hunters. They were such a beautiful p…[View]
451864732Damn shame.[View]
451866945its a shame this game is competitively flawed and wont see play in the esports scene for longer than…[View]
451865893>'horror' game >it has a female companion constantly yapping in your ear…[View]
451864145Is the Dualshock 5 gonna be better or worse than this shit? What addition could be even worse than t…[View]
451864867DARKEST DUNGEON 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlGMsJgyORk HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING BROS IM SO FU…[View]
451863383Why didn't you buy our game anon?[View]
451866590I play Overwatch every day.[View]
451866717Resident Evil: Should I play the remakes or originals if im new to the series?[View]
451862487>work at fucking gamestop >kids always coming in doing fortnite dances >people begging for …[View]
451864790MGS: 2>1>3>trash[View]
451860482NRS has killed the fighting game genre: Thanks to NRS, these are the only things that matter to peop…[View]
451866386george washingtoad[View]
451866448what idol games are my idolbros playing?[View]
451864179Controller Kino post em[View]
451852712Why are christian angels always misrepresented in japanese video games?[View]
451865798Hey little donnie video games[View]
451865574THQ Nordic Raises $225 Million In Capital For Even More Game Franchises: >THQ Nordic has acquired…[View]
451865354>Grind your pepperbox Hanz! down with subhumans! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cfmr6p-nSs Were…[View]
451865695ITT: Licensed songs that you'll always relate to a game because it was used in ads or in-game b…[View]
451865690>sadie adler[View]
451860561Was it kino?[View]
451865546Is it true that /v/ likes /co/mics?[View]
451865536Will this finally kill off Bioware?[View]
451859673was it kino?[View]
451865480You will buy his game /v/? ... For her.[View]
451865297Anon, you stink![View]
451864103>call out aimbotter hoping his team kicks him >he just calls me a I'M A RACIST TWAT >g…[View]
451862567DON'T PUT THE BLAME ON ME[View]
451865117Why are ambient occlusion solutions so terrible? Is there a single game that does it right without b…[View]
451865093Tell me again, /v/, who is she?[View]
451837730Why are females always the best healers?[View]
451865089What you doing with your cancelled anthem money?: I think my answer is clear[View]
451863848Xenoblade Chronicles 2: What are they up to? What's their endgame?[View]
451848591Evenicle 2: Thoughts? It released today. What did you think of the first game?[View]
451864798Is it me or every story told in WoW sucks? How is it possible to go from wc2/3 to this? Even the b…[View]
451863425Kreia: >'Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret that had eluded you,…[View]
451836546>Fantasy setting >people wielding guns, magic and shit >hey man want my gun? >nah BB. i…[View]
451864953Remember the good times /v/[View]
451861632Days Gone Preview Embargo will be lift in March 6th. Sony has confidence on it.: Looks like Sony is …[View]
451862927SAY MY NAME![View]
451864782TerraTech Free Weekend: I was looking for a new game to play and I saw TerraTech on free weekend, th…[View]
451862930How did smash 4 fuck up the sound effects so much?: https://youtu.be/7v85clzW7UM Listen to this shit…[View]
451860178After watching the response to Link's Awakening, I kind of wonder how /v/ would respond if Wind…[View]
451864171Nintendo Stocks: >fire your best spokesman >hire an EA drop out that has the last name of your…[View]
451862335If any game needs a remake it's this one[View]
451864603What are some games with convoluted stories?[View]
451858426>Talking to yourself while gaming as if you're hosting a Let's Play You're not som…[View]
451862645So what does the definitive edition add? I know about the 16 bit graphics and apparently there are m…[View]
451864258>the new president of nintendo is a bald manlet called bowser yikes[View]
451863562ITT: Post your favorites, others will tell you how much of an NPC you are[View]
451860078ITT God Tier Character Themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_qaJ2fI_fM[View]
451858869ITT: Casual filters[View]
451863989Penguin Classics Thread: Penguin Classics Thread Post 'em, /v/ros. https://nullk.github.io/peng…[View]
451859663>we live in an age where there's a Nintendo-funded and Team Ninja-developed Ultimate Allianc…[View]
451864025Can people smarter than me explain something to me? >own RE3 via PS3 digital download >recentl…[View]
451861112>can't save on Ranger mode >have to rely solely on the games shit autosave >pray it do…[View]
451861684Just a reminder. This is your new Nintendo of America president[View]
451864340HE'S IN[View]
451859214What does /v/ think of Generation Zero? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtvVuF3dE1c[View]
451864280Am I the bad guy in this?[View]
451862925It's a man who follows a religion where they don't identify with any gender.[View]
451864143LITERALLY the only reason why i'm not killing myself.[View]
451858947The reaper has arrived to take you away. What game would you challenge death for a chance to save yo…[View]
451842054Remake when? >Reworked cutscenes >More demons >A hardest difficulty >New bosses >Cuts…[View]
451863507Who has a bigger dong? Mr.X or Thanos?[View]
451861481ITT: Pokémon who should ACTUALLY be in smash. I’ll start[View]
451862638Now that Reggie is out, has the final obstacle to Big Maring's release been removed? Why did he…[View]
451844605sims 4: are you excited for strangerville pack,/v??? ALIEN,BROS! AYY LMAO!![View]
451816557Post your favorite sprite of all time.[View]
451848081This is your new Nintendo America president. Say something nice about them.[View]
451863586Take the vitapill: vita is powerful enough to have games that are switch tier in terms of graphics. …[View]
451863860I'm pre-ordering The Division 2 It'll be a good game, right? Haha[View]
451863657Dear pesky /v/, The Corporates and I have taken over Nintendo of America! Reggie Fils-Aime is now a …[View]
451863258why reggie i loved you why did you do this to me i miss you so much god fucking dammit[View]
451855475Work on the game, nigger.[View]
451850337>game uses a time limit as a game mechanic[View]
451861507>yfw he's the next one to go[View]
451862845Thank you nig[View]
451825545Don't forget to vote bros https://atlus.com/survey/[View]
451840472It's way better than stalker.[View]
451863382Would you press it for the greatest video game of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN_eL5uk…[View]
451862672Alrigth /v/ redpill me on controllers for the PC, i'm finally that age where i understand why y…[View]
451857447So, you guys looking forward to seeing Bayonetta in Muslim Kombat 11? https://www.destructoid.com/lo…[View]
451854993Final Fantasy XV Or Breath Of The Wild?: which was the best game of this generation?[View]
451858118ITT: Dead franchises. Ridge Racer 7 came out 13 years ago.[View]
4518624893x3 thread, r8, h8, and most importantly of all masterb8.[View]
451854264rimworld thread: This is my base on day 31. What should I improve?[View]
451863164SILENT HILL 2 REMAKE: Now close your eyes and imagine Silent Hill 2 remake made by Kojima or a simil…[View]
451863131Games where you can play as the monster?[View]
451862661Tomb raider sale: All the original games and reboots except for Shadow, is this a good price? I…[View]
451854148>we will never get another DK game[View]
451818364The truth lies before you. Do not deny the truth.[View]
451862946>Only registered and activated users can see links[View]
451859987A sad doomguy confirmation for smash.[View]
451860665What am I in for?[View]
451862541What am I in for?[View]
451860878Reggie.: Does Fils-Aimé have any social media or anything? My life doesn't seem whole without t…[View]
451859406Reggie: retires at 57. Doug Bowser: 57yo yfw Doug is just a 3 year meme.[View]
451857680>Switch owners so starved of games they're building hype for a game about being a fucking se…[View]
451857842>game tricks you into having fun[View]
451860470Was this really necessary?[View]
451861095Lost Planet 1 or 2?: Which Lost Planet game is more fun in solo playthrough?[View]
451862397>I replay it annually[View]
451862383He's in.[View]
451862272ITT: Subtle video game merch[View]
451860972TTK is ridiculous: Why am I unloading full clips into people only for them to turn around and OHKO m…[View]
451862061Who is best girl, and why is it Kerillian? Vermintide thread, I guess.[View]
451862121>Tfw there will never be a crossover game where Megaman.EXE fights the Sigma Virus in the cyber w…[View]
451860127Do you feel bad for them?[View]
451862109If you hear it you lose[View]
451860138We will never get another Midnight Club game.[View]
451831949Comfy Enderal thread.[View]
451848636you see this is why nintendofags need their own containment board[View]
451856217Why didn't Doom II have cool new bosses like the original?[View]
451858631Nioh is Ninja Gaiden of this generation[View]
451804590Happy birthday metal gear rising! 6 years old already. and happy first anniversary for metal gear s…[View]
451811561>30 days to release >no marketing at all >no gameplay trailers/ boss trailers etc What are …[View]
451849724Why did /v/ pretend to be scared of Ao Oni?: >Shitty walking sim horror game but made in RPG Make…[View]
451857606How would you revive the RTS gente?[View]
451859914it's not hard[View]
451851760name a better quintiology[View]
451861280Which vidya character would make the best mommy? > for me, it's claire redfield…[View]
451861121>Fire Emblem isn't vidya Guess this is yet another Reggie thread[View]
451859414What have I become My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end[View]
451850835>party members are LGBTQ[View]
451860715You DID side with Great House Hlaalu, right /v/? >Hella rich >Has ties to the upper echelons o…[View]
451860504E3 won't be the same without him.: Farewell Reggie.[View]
451861390What do you want to see in WTC5?[View]
451860931Now that Reggie is out of the picture, will we finally get Mother 3?[View]
451854107This guy is unironically based. Not afraid of the memes and good spokesperson all around. Nintendo w…[View]
451861004Just beat pic related: I am in awe at how much soul this game has, it even BTFOs the first game when…[View]
451861240Games for this feel, /v/ros?[View]
451860997He finally did it[View]
451859139>play RPG >get punished for being evil[View]
451860000I couldn't get into battle royale..[View]
451860965https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc-sPOJwFDM >'Ban anime titties games because they normalize ped…[View]
451857525So now that Reggie is gone, can Nintendo please focus on the Latin America videogame market? >Swi…[View]
451859346C'mon Bowser, give us Mother 3![View]
451860267Worst game I’ve played. Too easy, not fun and boring. Change my mind.[View]
451855229>IS IT POSSIBLE to BEAT [game] WITHOUT [crucial item/mechanic/etc.]?!?!?!? >always a 10-15 min…[View]
451854050>yfw EA lowkey owns Nintendo now[View]
451858160>tfw been waiting since Sept 27 2012 Oh god when will it end?[View]
451858969Onimusha on PC worth $20? I loved the game back on PS2 but I'm really annoyed it's neither…[View]
451851525was this a money-laundering scheme?[View]
451850852ITT: most kino moments in vidya[View]
451859568>Mexican videogame character >They are luchadores…[View]
451859532Is this the point where action games truly died off?[View]
451816503Breath of the Wild: So outside of korok seeds and weapons that break after 5-10 swings is there any …[View]
451859408>game allows you to have demon companions[View]
451858541>the absolute state of Western gaming[View]
451859357>Character has inner monologue >Refers to themselves as 'I' instead of 'we'…[View]
451855495Alright lads let it all out, post shit that got you feeling emotional[View]
451854908I hope boomers enjoyed their shitty isometric games in the 90’s since you’ll probably die soon while…[View]
451855390We game gives you that feel[View]
451855667Which PC games launchers do you use? I only really use the big 3.[View]
451854541If any Skullgirls characters were to make it into Cross Tag Battle, who would you choose and what wo…[View]
451859145Goodbye fuckers You’ll no longer see my body ready for anything anymore[View]
451854052Hey guys, what's going on he-[View]
451856451Are we getting the Year of Bowser in 2020?[View]
4518557203>1>2. Pic unrelated.[View]
451857149Bought PS4 like ages ago Where the heck are games?[View]
451855457Hey can you come in for a second: Hi, Mario. Thank you for coming. I’ve called this meeting because …[View]
451826494Characters who’ve canonically been No Way Fag’d[View]
451843460DMC thread[View]
451851986why havent you played it yet[View]
451844959How is the most bland girl also the best girl? How is that possible?[View]
451833756So what is the final verdict?[View]
451856874>Go to eleutheria >Oh this is lookin pretty spooky >AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA GIAN…[View]
451852520BLACK nintendo president set to retire: https://www.geek.com/games/reggie-fils-aime-famous-black-nin…[View]
451853450ITT: The last good entry in a serie before it went spiralling downhill[View]
451851456Does /v/ play any gacha games?[View]
451850428>In a game against Vaevictis, team ROX banned 5 support champions during the pick/ban process. Al…[View]
451855419Reggie feels-anime is leaving: Literally Soul vs Souless[View]
451857203What are your thoughts on my attache case?[View]
451854379Who is best Vault Hunter and why is it Gaige?[View]
451857562TERA x PUBG: Who the fuck actually asked for this? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGESkJZkxWw…[View]
451854021Do you miss me /v/? I certainly miss you.[View]
451857459Why don't games push boundaries anymore?[View]
451856194Do you remember the basics of CQC?[View]
451853587So, me and my friend want to change our usernames so we match per say. for example one i saw was 'ex…[View]
451857679What did she mean by this?[View]
451829396What are the KANTOOOOOOOOOOs from other franchises? Sonic: GREEN HIIIIIIIILL Digimon: ADVENTUREEEEEE…[View]
451857604OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
451857552Partner with xbox they said..[View]
451801510I've been playing ace combat 7 for a while and I'm having good time. what about previous g…[View]
451854596The Utawarerumono sequels are currently on sale for 15€, why aren't you playing/reading them?…[View]
451851681Is it worth picking up or should I just emulate the originals? Pls respond.[View]
451856884You were deafened.[View]
451855763Goodnight, /v/![View]
451856472I hate how his reviews are interrupted multiple times for his shitty sketches with his spic cousin o…[View]
451856997>0 friends online[View]
451856891CHEW ENJOY ALL THE FILLING: That's why.[View]
451851573I AM TUROK[View]
451856283this game is so fucking hard, any tips?[View]
451856837We need more Reggie threads, fuck your video games incels.[View]
451852676>all of these CoD babies arguing over Metro[View]
451852926which is the best senran and why is pic related?[View]
451853782Should I play this game /v/?[View]
451855610What's the best gacha game you can be ftp in?[View]
451842946Imagine being on the wrong side of history and buying a vita over a 3DS. Have weebs every dabbed on …[View]
451855449How do I make myself enjoy this game /v/? Does it get better halfway through? The sidequests are ann…[View]
451853228Reggie is throwing in the towel[View]
451856405If you honestly buy games off of this platform you should really consider killing yourself[View]
451856350Things ain't looking good[View]
451856116It's been along day. Without you my friend, I'll tell you all about it when I see you ag…[View]
451832123>'I-I wasn't flirting commander'[View]
451848203>Called 'Easy Pete' >Most difficult boss in the game What are some other games that subvert ex…[View]
451853490so that's what the button really do[View]
451855758I for one, welcome our new overlord[View]
451844143Why I can't enjoy Civilization 6 as much as 5?[View]
451855889With Reggie gone, will they finally localize this game?[View]
451850560Good games to play when depressed? I was playing DDS but I can't' handle the dungeons righ…[View]
451855116What are some based and red-pilled video games?[View]
451853103https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hWm8cg9Eo Mods, in need of a Sticky[View]
451845797What is up with Paladins? It's nowhere near as popular as Overwatch and yet they keep it update…[View]
451837117Filename Thread[View]
451855071what did /v/ think of this game looks interesting and I’m finna buy it[View]
451855326What is your opinion about angry white women ?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqxi8z4Ci14 link…[View]
451850398That's right, he runs Nintendo now. Mario BTFO[View]
451845913Amnesia but bad[View]
451854467BILL CAME OUT ON TOP[View]
451855315Rise of the Tomb Raider: The 20 Year Celebration edition is heavily discounted and includes the Seas…[View]
451854346Why is like the third most powerful fighter in Dragon Ball universe available right from the gecko? …[View]
451853221Wasted potential: the video game[View]
451854710MK 11 Kombat Kast: New Kombat Kast and a kharacter reveal in 30 minutes.[View]
451854950HE WON[View]
451854353/v/intendo community guidelines[View]
451852505How fucked is Nintendo now?[View]
451844964Action games are not scary[View]
451833730https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Back to Gaya https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon2 FFX for an indeter…[View]
451854450I unironically think he would be a great choice for Smash.[View]
451854181apology for poor english when were you when reggie retires? i was sat at home eating smegma butter w…[View]
451852383>If its not fun, why bother? >Makes games that are only slightly better then snoy ''games'' so…[View]
451852136https://imgur.com/a/3WVW08V Precision gaming.[View]
451853624ICE IS HERE: so I have be blamed for a lot of shit first of all I was actually abused that is why I …[View]
451847169Next character - Smash: > Joker > Erdrick Reveal: April, playable right after the Smash direct…[View]
451853716>Dark Souls 2? Big fan.[View]
451854093If you suddenly had to choose to stop discussing western or eastern games entirely which one would y…[View]
451852957Custom character thread! Any game[View]
451851078Now that Battlefield is dead. How do I scratch the military shooter genre itching my ass craves?[View]
451853667Post vidya husbandos[View]
451850870I'm about to play through Cave Story again (Aeon Genesis, fuck Nicalis) after not having played…[View]
451849638What race do you usually go for in RPGs?: For me, it's elves, dark ones preferably. Sexy, edgy,…[View]
451846145REGGIE SET TO RETIRE.[View]
451850910Is Gibraltar a good character?[View]
451847798Death Mark Horror Game Launches on Steam on April 4: Nice work, snoy, keep all the jap devs coming. …[View]
451848312How Would You Respond to This?: My friend been sending me this every time I say that I like somethin…[View]
451840449Good 3D exploration game: Have any games with a Pokemon RF/LG, BoTW, The Witness or Mafia town'…[View]
451853205I'm going through a pretty bad dry spell right now. What games should I play?[View]
451851767Yakuza 6: Hello friends. I'm playing Yakuza 0 on the PC right now and will be heading over to K…[View]
451850068What was his problem?[View]
451853118why does this piece of shit series not die? what kind of braindamaged retards buy this every year? m…[View]
451847343Who was the best?[View]
451852626things in gaming that make you suicidal: >you'll never play an mmo like everquest or swg eve…[View]
451848285Doom Guy[View]
451844769Is it worth buying?: This shit comes to consoles next week, how did beta testing go?[View]
451852602WTF lads? Why is my luck so shitty?[View]
451852989There's this sale going on right now and I want to play some JRPGs, which ones are worth gettin…[View]
451851520ITT: Characters that did everything wrong and got away with it[View]
451850092This is your daugther for today, you just fell from the sky down to Battleship Bay. What do you do?[View]
451847725What are some of your guilty pleasure games /v/?[View]
451850573My body is ready to leave Nintendo good bye my fans. I will immensely miss you.[View]
451852738BROS... THE TRIO.....[View]
451843742What are some Turn based games that are good for a novice to get into? I'm getting burned out f…[View]
451850860When was the last time a video game made you cry?[View]
451852370For me, it's Halo 5. The best Halo multiplayer since Halo 2.[View]
451851647Anthem: >No negative reviews APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW[View]
451849253Are his employees going to be refer to as koopalings now?[View]
451849930IT'S FROM BOWSER[View]
451852308What was his fucking problem?[View]
451852265MARIO IS DEAD![View]
451851135IM ABOUT TO DO IT /V/!!!!![View]
451851763>merican game >black people talk slowly, calmly and are very eloquent >nip game >black c…[View]
451852046I've never game torrent with this many leechers in a long time on day one People must have real…[View]
451850983apex legends is currently hackers versus hackers so, have you ever cheated in a video game?[View]
451849947ANNOUNCED BOYS GET IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KE9xF89ODU https://store.steampowered.co…[View]
451848135Look what I got as an early Birthday gift. Do any of you have something like this?[View]
451850495When will the Japanese devs finally realize that beautiful women in conservative clothing is infinit…[View]
451850297Play Wii Fit U[View]
451850658Why does the Splatoon team hate non-japanese players so much?[View]
451848939Dishonored is best played on Low Chaos, Non-Lethal and Ghost play style. Prove me wrong[View]
451849309Favorite video game ost tracks https://youtu.be/WAYFS0H24P4[View]
451851283Every day until her game is out.[View]
451850680>play video game for over a hundred hours >still bad at it…[View]
451851187>Weak stupid character reveals he is only pretending to be weak and stupid oh and FUCK livia…[View]
451849715Bowser kidnapped mario and luigi[View]
451849707*cockblocks your rookie cop boyfriend*[View]
451849221This is the rest of your Smash Ultimate DLC[View]
451851126Farewell thread to Reggie (check it): FAGGOTS listen up, to all the artfags, memelords, zoomers boom…[View]
451851120DEVOTION: Wtf this game came out 2 days ago and already has 4k overwhelmingly positive reviews... Is…[View]
451846168Reggie is retiring as Nintendo America President. Doug Bowser to take over: https://www.businesswire…[View]
451805541So, there was a thread a couple of days ago about character design, and one anon asked something lik…[View]
451848981Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission: English Card Creation Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
451850682Wtf Nintendo why[View]
451844074western gaming was a mistake[View]
451838973Why is it okay when Japan censors their own games to appease trannies?[View]
451850832all hail the new guard[View]
451849191What happened /v/ how did it all go so wrong[View]
451850706So after I beat the game What steps should I take to start maxing out characters? I so far have a c…[View]
451850637NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/21/18235072/nintendo-reggie-fils-aime-retires-dou…[View]
451828015>Steve got deconfirmed yesterday Press S to spit on his corpse. SSSSSSSS…[View]
451850625Fuck, Nintendo is dying...[View]
45185061724 days until GDC[View]
451848253>reggie gets replaced >john kodera gets replaced is he next bros?…[View]
451850394This is Rosalina: Adoptive mother of the Luma and Captain of the Comet Observatory. Rosalina enjoys …[View]
451849520>he never gave us Mother 3[View]
451847406>no dd thread Such a terrible assault cannot be left unanswered![View]
451850106*points gun at kojimbo* RELEASE DEATH STRANDING RIGHT NOW[View]
451849350Honestly, though, you have been browsing this board for a long time. Don't you have anything el…[View]
451849617fuck this bull shit game how is anyone supposed to get past Red Ross[View]
451850107>the new president of Nintendo looks like a fucking a wojak fitting[View]
451850018Hey NoA, say hello to your new president[View]
451840562NO ALT COSTUMES ON DMC5. CONFIRMED BY CAPCOM'S PR HIMSELF https://twitter.com/gypsyOtoko/status…[View]
451836732why do people watch streamers? 90% of them play easy multiplayer games on pc.[View]
451849646Could you give me some stories of Dwarf Fortress?: I love reading them, and I know, that 4chan is a …[View]
451848087Nintendo is dead.[View]
451847726How do I get good as this rat.[View]
451839791>I can either fuck a drunken penniless child or an eternally young vampire prettyboy >I'd…[View]
451845746What video game character could defeat him?[View]
451838346Whats the Evangelion of Video Games? Hardmode: No MGS2, Xenogears or Drakengard[View]
451849238Guess the job wasn't fun anymore...[View]
451843568Whats the most obscure secret or fact you know?[View]
451849749Here's the next DLC newcomer, say something nice about him.[View]
451822869Is Wraith the best Legend?[View]
451846893i can't stop imagining myself hanging out with the metal jesus crew in seattle and discussing m…[View]
451846424Here's your DLC, bro[View]
451841941Atelier Lulua: Hey, /v/, it's Meruru! Let's go on an adventure together![View]
451846739games like this?[View]
451844443What the fuck is this?[View]
451846334Arcade stick: What is the best arcade stick to get for fighting games? Max price would be around 250…[View]
451835502Which Link is the best boy??[View]
451848370Chrono Trigger: Well? What would you do?[View]
451849443Video Gaming Legends: Clubfoot Bobfleadip[View]
451848528I'm out of the loop, do we stan or cancel this game?[View]
451848791Squeenix sale: Anything worth it?[View]
451846224IT'S OGRE: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190221005804/en/[View]
451849392Xbox: So we all know why the Xbox One had a miserable launch, but why is it that it continued to fai…[View]
451849285s- so who's next? ;_:[View]
451849121Reggie huh? What a nerd[View]
451845590what is the 'Creating Rem Lezar' of video games?[View]
451848730End of an Era >Iwata dies >Reggie retires >Miyamoto is going senile…[View]
451849049What are some games where I can go to bed forever?[View]
451847260How important is conpketing games to you /v/? Not just finishing the game but getting every collecti…[View]
451845648How do you feel about stereotypes in videogames?[View]
451837184Borderlands 3: What's your wishlist? Personally, all I want is equippable melee weapons and the…[View]
451843424To those autistic /v/irgins out there who defend difficulty for the sake of difficulty, allow me to …[View]
451833725Buy her game[View]
451831490What is happening? Why EA stock value keep going down? Apex was released just some weeks ago and it …[View]
451848725>Resident Evil 2 was on the n64 >REmake just hit the corner >still FOUR characters left to…[View]
451847239Is buying video game figures based or not? I just want to give companies I like that little bit extr…[View]
451842184So I finally got around to playing Bloodborne at a friends house last night >(Xbox/PC master rac…[View]
451846993Will wrestling games ever be good again? 2K is getting stale it needs competition. NJPW AAA and TNA …[View]
451848445She has such a hot ass and only 15 years old.[View]
451848317Yennefer > Shani > Anna Henrietta > Cerys an Craite >>>>>>>>>…[View]
451844689Would you, /v/?[View]
451815646this is going to revolutionize mobile gaming[View]
451848713Good games to play when depressed? I was playing DDS but I can't' handle the dungeons righ…[View]
451841487how based am I /v/?: 1 > torna > X > 2[View]
451814724>nu-DMC sucked >DMC 5 is made by the same team >Reports of demo being shit >Denuvo Why d…[View]
451848369anyone believe that this is ROBLOX: it has evolved[View]
451847430>Villian dies at mid game What gomes does this?[View]
451848347>Enemy Snartle attacked itself![View]
451841741The State of IGN: Thots on this gaming site?[View]
451842795FFXV: I'm still fucking mad. How could they make a game that's so close to being good yet …[View]
451848302Buy Jump Force[View]
451848252What is wrong with Bungie?: I came across this old interview quote just now: >Do you see Destiny …[View]
451841259Why didn't Nintendo think he was popular?[View]
451842062>Be a mall rat >Watch thotties get down to Every time we touch while hanging out at the Time C…[View]
451848184Duke Nukem: Alien Armageddon 2.0 is out: https://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-alien-armageddon/down…[View]
451846164Late into the game - but I've finally discovered the trove that is unofficial english fan-trans…[View]
451846215REGGIE IS RETIRING https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1098661725660864513 https://www.business…[View]
451847968>typing out lengthy reply in a happenin thread >I'm anon, you're anon, we all anon …[View]
451843148Games for this feel?[View]
451847840kinocore: only games that make you feel like pic related after playing, wondering what to do next in…[View]
451845584Maybe Legends is the Game Nintendo will revive[View]
451841289What are some essential New Vegas mods?[View]
451846029I can't believe how weak and void of normal features this thing is... yet it costs the same as …[View]
451845439https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/77502341 You know I'M com…[View]
451837593is this the stupidest mechanic in any game ever?[View]
451847447https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsLNYgTwPSo >Voez now has over 200 songs on Switch…[View]
451832891Crackdown 3 (2019) has more primitive physics than Crackdown (2007): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
451832010haha so true[View]
451846737Name a more JUST franchise than Rayman.[View]
451846583what games let me explore the milky way?[View]
451846303What video game best compliments a fresh hot plate of shishito peppers?[View]
451833107Xbox won BABYYYYYYYYY[View]
451845268headset: I am looking to get a new headset for ps4 I had TB elite 800's mic was terrible. I am …[View]
451847018Memes are everywhere.[View]
451847017Seeing as the Mouse just purchased 20th century fox among others could we theoretically be getting w…[View]
451844276What was the meaning of this scene?: For a few seconds during one of the first cutscenes in Persona …[View]
451831832rune factory bread pls so which one is your favorite?[View]
451843762If I want to play an egyptian god why only games are mobas?[View]
451844437uuh /v/ help[View]
451792585Post your Granblue Versus main[View]
451839506Kingmaker: I'm waiting for my friend to start another Divinity original sin 2 campaign, will ki…[View]
451841353Can someone explain the revisonist history for this game? Played it on release and it was shit and t…[View]
451846020You are tasked with making a GOOD Star Wars game. How do you do it?[View]
451846590name a game with more soul: protip: you can't[View]
451844447I can't play this game longer than 10 minutes at a time Because i get Too scared. any more game…[View]
451846294 [View]
451846531>ROX’s offence: >In a game against Vaevictis, team ROX >banned 5 support champions during t…[View]
451846453cucks: cucks[View]
451846447Bye Reggie: He retired[View]
451845839I think I'm in love.[View]
451846268you ain't a true gamer if you hadn't play God Hand yet.[View]
451846169***** Custom Characters Thread ***** Let's see some of the characters you've made in vidya…[View]
451843279Dead or Alive 6: The DoA 6 demo is up for preload for anyone that wants to experience some Core Valu…[View]
451841931Video games aren't fun anymore.[View]
451845418Can have everybody hear me? Can EVERYBODY hear me? Can everybody hear ME? CAN YOU HEAR ME? FUCK EL…[View]
451833513Xbox won[View]
451844608GOD HAND THE HAND OF THE GOD ΤΗΑΤ ΗΑS THE GOD HAND: I just bought this gem on ps3 and went through t…[View]
451845891why wasnt this as successful as marvel vs capcom?[View]
451842038>character is generally despised >you're the only one that finds her attractive Any char…[View]
451844057>Remake PS2 game >It's worse than the original in every way Why are games today unable to…[View]
451845672solo mode fucking when[View]
451845857You guys dont really think that preferring a certain type of console or game over another makes you …[View]
451844392>tfw we will never get a true sequel to Bad Company 2 It fucking hurts.…[View]
451844030Any of you have Tokyo Xanadu?: Does the combat get deeper later? Maybe combos to unlock? This is Per…[View]
451845805ITT: Games you've seen posted on /v/ but never actually played[View]
451845718Old demo games: Abandonware thread Been trying to find this game for years, already made one thread …[View]
451838267Why can’t any other home console match the amount the PS2 has sold?: Even if you go into the 100 mil…[View]
451845664Pokemon: What the fuck went wrong?[View]
451845659really makes you think[View]
451845625Can someone tell me the best way to make millions in this game? I do cargo missions and wish to make…[View]
451845616Buy SMAC you pleb. It's on sale, only two bucks.[View]
451828339>Joker releases in April >from there, 10 more months until the Feb 2020 deadline to release 4 …[View]
451838280It's currently 5 EUR on Steam. Is it worth the price? I mean, it's so cheap that I can fuc…[View]
451841474What game currently provides the definitive fallout experience?[View]
451843635Reminder people only like Shovel Knight because it's easy: People would love Cuphead more if it…[View]
451845129Have you accepted that Jill/Leon will be DLC in smash yet?[View]
451840696What's your first impression about the awakening remake?[View]
451845420Persona Dancing: Atlus asked fans to show off their funky dance moves that they learned from Persona…[View]
451841430Catherine: >*ting* *ting* *ting* *ting* *AHEM* ATTENTION EVERYONE, CAN I HAVE EVERYONE'S ATT…[View]
451843643This is the most toxic creator in the videogame industry of all time. He's completely ruined gr…[View]
451837201>game tries to appeal female gamers >it sucks balls Why is it always like this?…[View]
451842861Well fuck me, not even 30 min in and this is already the most reddit shit I've seen in my entir…[View]
451845126ITT: Games only you have played and why you played them: This because it copies PS2 era JRPGs near p…[View]
451842050Do any other MMOs other than WoW have a strong Arena/3v3 scene?[View]
451841831BC > Wrath > MoP > Vanilla > Early Cata > Legion > Later Cata > BFA > WOD An…[View]
451844313How is there not a Bramble Blast stage in Smash? Is Sakurai a retarded faggot?[View]
451838707' To the town of Ag...[View]
451844706Any other games like osrs where I can just relax and grind out a non-combat skill/profession in a wo…[View]
451844294What is your favorite sword in all the vidya?[View]
451843658>i practically have a minecraft server made for you guys >it's called 2b2t.org >(that…[View]
451843240nintendo switch emu?: Can someone help me find the sauce on a EMUlator?[View]
451843415Watch dogs: >Hospitalized for extreme dehydration.[View]
451844297HERE COMES AMOS[View]
451844545Is she the sexiest and most perfect female video game character ever made?[View]
451841261Vive Focusannounced by Valve: Basically Valves answer to Occulus Quest[View]
451821825>we'll soon have tech capable of pic related in real time >animation still hasn't mo…[View]
451834047Is he doomed to end up like Mikami and Inafune, only being relevant as a producer for minor titles u…[View]
451843947HEY HONEY, NEED DMC thread[View]
451844138>stealth kill can't work because your level is not enough[View]
451836290What are your thoughts on i-frames in games?[View]
451842639>/v/cels hate open world games >love stalker, enderal, and witcher 3…[View]
451843874It's not bad.: Why does everyone on /v/ hate this game?[View]
451842570>be me >playing ow comp >allways active and friendly in voicechat when I play comp >from…[View]
451834575What's the best DS emulator out there?[View]
451842372>Le sad violin woman Is she finished? Her works in FFXV and KH3 are extremely mediocre.…[View]
451843010So basically it's all over?[View]
451843125What games has good and big forests?[View]
451834479Why does /v/ hate Dead Cells but love Hollow Knight and Darkest Dungeon?[View]
451842538Catherine: The more I age the more are realize the True Freedom ending is the only correct one. Whic…[View]
451843908What a soulless piece of shit Where the fuck are the tank controls Nintendo? baka[View]
451842870Disgaea thread, don't forget to vote for your favorite characters in the poll. http://dengekion…[View]
451843641DMC Thread[View]
451843538KOTOR V KOTOR II: Which is better and why?[View]
451841787Anonymous: im about to play this game, what can /v/ tell me about it[View]
451842628DLCs that are better than the main game[View]
451836364How do we fix gaming on Linux?[View]
451835137Let's try some word-association. First word: Ambrosia.[View]
451843169>he fell for the t-spin meme >doesn't know about the power of combos or back-to-backs…[View]
451826910If The Elder Scrolls VI is confirmed to be set in Hammerfell, will /v/ cry about “forced diversity” …[View]
451843163>that guy who jerked off to female vidya enemies after killing them I've busted quite a few …[View]
451842854Trips decides the name of a sea creature in my game[View]
451840856>starcraft >you can't craft stars[View]
451815041what do they eat[View]
451843074When do you think 3D and motion controls will make it's return?[View]
451801120>Play FFXIV >DPS are almost always terrible >When I get dps who can do decent damage they a…[View]
451832341I'm at the store, anybody want anything?[View]
451841923Kane & Lynch Thief Murdered Just Cause 3 Tomb Raider Temple of Osiris (I loved the previous solo…[View]
451810069Micaiah appreciation thread.[View]
451834649Dragon Quest bread[View]
451842883Weren't we supposed to get news about this with the newest V-Jump today?[View]
451841373ITT: Caracters that should to be a recruitable hero in Darkes Dungeon 2 (Does not need to be from th…[View]
451842735>PS4 emulated code Veronica >PS3 Code Veronica HD remaster The remaster just ain't... ri…[View]
451842525Who would you main in a Drag Race fighting game?[View]
451841664OH NONONONOONONON: The sequel to TORtanic[View]
451833645ITT: Games that deserves a flop[View]
451842542can we have a good old spacesim thread? Did you know that on May 12th 2017, the Arecibo Observatory …[View]
451842534GOTY 2019 revealed https://nintendoeverything.com/gunman-clive-creator-reveals-mechstermination-for…[View]
451824971why are all women in western games like this? how come japanese games are the only games where femal…[View]
451838471That will be $60 Plus tip[View]
451825897Sony says STOP to console wars: >'I think Nintendo’s doing wonderful things with Switch, and the …[View]
451779324The MMORPG Genre: >MMORPGS are completely dead >MOBAs on their way out >anyone who played E…[View]
451839749discuss Megaman[View]
451838419Why do all realistic looking games have to be so serious?[View]
451835528Every time I see a complaint about this game it's objectively wrong. Is this the ultimate vidya…[View]
451834587what's the modern day equivalent to pic related?[View]
451841212In Pillars of Eternity, which Godlike is best: Death, Moon, Nature or Fire?[View]
451840869Remake/60fps rerelease fucking when?[View]
451841206What are the most interesting vidya-related conspiracy theories? Such as the infamous Polybius cabin…[View]
451840660Why did the ancestor hate him so much?[View]
451840670ITT: pleb filter[View]
451841159Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
451841094do you think naughty dog knows what their games have done for the SFM community?[View]
451841380Code Milkers when?[View]
451841156>characters/classes/cards being unbalanced and having meta tiers is intended…[View]
451839747Why isn't Call of Duty Black Ops 2 recognized as one of the best shooters ever made?[View]
451837376JRPGs: What is this game biggest flaw?[View]
451795843Why does this game's big success piss so much of /v/ off? It's easily the best Battle Roya…[View]
451836980>tfw burned out of vidya my only joy... what can I do?[View]
451837754>game says it doesn't autosave >okay whatever >try to save >cannot save at this t…[View]
451840975Women like winners, /v/.[View]
451831545>still playing in 2019[View]
451826916Atlus survey for the US market: Leave you feedback bros: https://atlus.com/survey/ You can also tell…[View]
451839667Can anyone else not fucking stand how TAA is forced in every game nowadays? I would rather have jagg…[View]
451834790I love Sylvando from Dragon Quest XI, but I can't tell if he's supposed to be mocking gay …[View]
451838817is there a website where it suggests GAMES according to your RIG info unlike other retarded websites…[View]
451840836games with unbeatable bosses?[View]
451806280webm: take a webm leave a webm[View]
451840812Games with this aesthetic?[View]
451838412What are some truly disturbing games?[View]
451832716Why is he so based?[View]
451835659*Ahem* FUCK the Council and FUCK Krogans![View]
451840525Say Happy Birthday, /v/[View]
451837401Downpour Planet. Rain World thread sluggos Reminder to leave Big Sis's brain alone, because IT…[View]
451840476Any other games like osrs where I can just relax and grind out a non-combat skill/profession in a wo…[View]
451837639so, i tought, i want make a game with gamemaker... advice?[View]
451840320How come i'm so good at Apex but terrible at other shooters? Is it cause Apex takes real skill …[View]
451840034Rhonda > Phoebe > Olga > Lila >>>>>>> everyone else > power gap …[View]
451837847Am i the only one who is dissapointed in god of war 2018 setting?: Wow, norse gods, odin and thor, i…[View]
451840167Moments in gaming where comments summarized the game savagely.[View]
451838665ITT: good games based on terrible IPs reminder that Sword Art Online is the worst anime ever made an…[View]
451839941Fallout 2 alien blaster: I'm wanting to play Fallout 2 and get the Alien Blaster before the oil…[View]
451836739Are these two the most iconic female vidya characters of this century?[View]
451830596Name me ONE harder game. I'll wait.[View]
451839701So, he is confirmed for Smash DLC, right?[View]
451839896Which other company shows the most potential for developing a fourth system next gen?[View]
451839957>Don't mind me, just pirating this wine.[View]
451839893>game is written by fujoshi[View]
451837605He killed millions.[View]
451838212>publisher/dev release franchise on ps1 >publisher/dev release sequels on ps2 >publisher/de…[View]
451839424Darkest Dungeon: game is currently on sale, is it worth getting? and are the dlcs worth getting with…[View]
451839239If he hated Bayonetta so much, why did he grab her butt?[View]
451811271What is the most time you spent in one game?: Bonus points if its a single player game[View]
451839618squeeze my hog: would you let raiden squeeze your hog?[View]
451838284Roguelike/Roguelite Thread: What are you currently playing? What are your favourites? What games are…[View]
451839431>load Flint, Michigan scenario >check the city's biggest problems >high crime rate …[View]
451838771Ah, WoW Classic. I loved Vanilla so much. This will be great! >I'll get to explo- oh yeah..…[View]
451839407Where were you when you heard the news that Bioware was closing?[View]
451838181Is this shit any good? I don't know much about MOBA but I like the third-person view and I…[View]
451839379What are the mods to make this game fun? >inb4 uninstall.exe[View]
451835732Not this again. https://youtu.be/PrGFyteWscw[View]
451836871LeakBro here: Last Idea will be a turn based RPG for PS4/PC/XB/Switch set in Japan in modern times. …[View]
451837764If they are sending top downs to the switch would you look forward to Phantom Hourglass on the switc…[View]
451837423Honestly ? this game has the worst community of any Halo Game, a shell of its former self, full of d…[View]
451835469How were the kids supposed to know to jump into the painting?[View]
451818596Play Red Alert 2.[View]
451834765How am I supposed to beat this???[View]
451824952Vice City...home...[View]
451839081WoW dead HotS dead OW dead Diablo dead Press 'S' to dab on Blizzard's grave[View]
451828204Name 1 (ONE) game OST that is underrated with no bad tracks. Just one.[View]
451839051*city of commerce starts playing*[View]
451838639Why did Nintendo have to ruin a raunchy litty little puzzle game?[View]
451835718Is there any video game character that could possibly defeat Link?: https://youtu.be/An3Swbu1Qh0…[View]
451838946What are some good games where the main character wears skinny light blue jeans?[View]
451838943Smash Bros: Shes in[View]
451823363Finally got to play Majora's Mask and it's honestly overrated as fuck. The overworld feels…[View]
451838564The ride never ends[View]
451838694What are some games where the protagonist, or you, is sexually frustrated?[View]
451838115you got your servant's chocolate, right?[View]
451838612Post games with literally cringey cutscenes[View]
451838315Fuck you /v/ Stop ignoring my vidya threads[View]
451816198Why hasn't there been any horror game based off of Unit 731 yet?[View]
451831926Leaked Harry Potter RPG: No new information on the supposedly leaked Harry Potter RPG? Has it been c…[View]
451783684which is better? samurai edge or Matilda also RE2 thread[View]
451838292Alm finishes[View]
451836682>early 90's game >80% of soundtrack is grunge music…[View]
4518268792019.... I am.... forgotten....[View]
451838053H-he still has a chance, right Sorabros?[View]
451837128Be 100% honest /v/.: Do you consider this franchise fucking garbage? I know I do. It has like only 2…[View]
451837997>that incredible movement >that fun as fuck campaign >that multiplayer I feel ashamed that…[View]
451836105>clerics can use swords[View]
451837790>The ordinary inability to discriminate between the photographic and the TV image is not merely a…[View]
451828521Boycott MK11 if we don't get sexier female characters.[View]
451825482Hey /v/, what's your favorite pokemon?[View]
451835721How does Sony manage to make 'PlayStation' sound so premier and cool? If you think about it, 'Play S…[View]
451826667Anthem flop: So now that we know Anthem is absolute garbage and not even paid shills were able to sa…[View]
451832419Apex Legends is dying after 3 weeks: >b-but muh Fortnite killer lmao you didnt actually think it …[View]
451815587Reimu in smash: I want to see Reimu in smash for the sole purpose of watching the internet implode E…[View]
451838658Are there any video games with human male on female anthro relationships?[View]
451836220>retard /v/ thinks it will flop Game is a live service, it won't flop. It will be a good gam…[View]
451803548Oh no /v/. Baby hornet has escaped. We need to get her back to Australia so they can get back to wor…[View]
451836303Slowpoke thread: ITT post games you never got to fully enjoy in their heyday but you're able to…[View]
451837331If Doomguy gets into Smash, whatever is his default appearance will become his most important design…[View]
451830641>he doesn't play game at 120 degrees field of view[View]
451835650hoi4 thread: >No hype for the new dlc >new dlc only has one good thing that mods don't ha…[View]
451835907>I AM MORE THAN A mm thread!! DIE WILY!![View]
451828335>1 week left for an animal crossing direct to happen this month It's coming... right bros?…[View]
451836051https://youtu.be/sVXnoanopzA Oh no! Look go-guys! The items are getting rubbery and bouncing away! O…[View]
451836115Kirby: The demo is now up for North AmeriCunts How you like the new Devilish mode?[View]
451831772Favorite Dead Franchises: What's your favorite franchise that for whatever reason died out, and…[View]
451836264>don't give a shit about rockstar >think GTA is boring as shit >thought bully was lame…[View]
451837016Thank you, insect overlords[View]
451836049*thoroughly and permanently beats the life out of dracula so god damn hard he has to reincarnate int…[View]
451834927For me, it's Aerie.[View]
451836883Times where /v/ lied to you: >8gb of ram is more then enough for games bro >get an i5 bro game…[View]
451826152Post your toon, doesnt matter what game just post it[View]
451834872SHE'S IN!!!!!!!![View]
451799636 [View]
451834160Speaking of Jump games, how has this one not been fan translated yet? All those NES game translation…[View]
451834713Since it's obvious most of you are gonna main/play Joker, which alt would you use?[View]
451826843This was really something special.[View]
451832227So I finally played Bloodborne ...: and its easily the best game of the last decade. The characters,…[View]
451835029Hey you, YES (You). You have 10 seconds to name a hidden turd. By hidden turd this I mean a genuinel…[View]
451834980Humble Monthly: Is it worth the $11 a month if I purchase a years worth?[View]
451834805Hello /V/. I have just finished a 2 and a half month long journey. I played through all of the Metal…[View]
451834924Ebuyer: Hi, on Monday I received my new graphics card from ebuyer uk, it's a Asus dual fan rx 5…[View]
451836423I want to... rank up...: I can't get out.. mg2... please.. help me...[View]
451835212Does anyone else have the philosophy of never using the internet as a resource when playing a game? …[View]
451835476Was there really no way to salvage Charizard when bringing back Ivysaur and Squirtle? Why is he so a…[View]
451833028You are able to use the likeness of any actor/actress/model for a video game character in their new …[View]
451832754Ao Oni Cringe: Why was /v/ so scared of this game?[View]
451835506I just want a game that'll ignite my love for vidya[View]
451836239>Enemy turns out to be a trap[View]
4518361343D games with rewarding exploration: Have any games with a Pokemon RF/LG, BoTW, The Witness or Mafia…[View]
451809657Hey /v/, how's your stream coming?[View]
451834589Since Nnitendo is being secretive about what's coming in Smash Ultimate's 3.0 update, do y…[View]
451751435KurtzPel global closed beta test set for February 20 to 25: WEEBS GET IN HERE https://gematsu.com/20…[View]
451832218You know how young Xehanort makes a comment about how Andy’s heart brings life to his toys. How do y…[View]
451833579Why can't Elder Scrolls VI be set in Black Marsh? Look how comfy it is.[View]
451835936DAEMONXMACHINA: Did you play the demo? Did you enjoy it? Are you excited for more? Did you give your…[View]
451831236The last 3 games you played are now one game. What is it now ?[View]
451835196stupid quick cash grab kusoge: it is literally the worst mario game i ever played why is it selling …[View]
451829138Will it ever be possible to discuss Sekiro on this board without having the thread shat up by Soulsf…[View]
451834547Whose ready for Sora to BTFO of every Erdrickfag and every other SE characterfag when he gets reveal…[View]
451833797LISA Thread's on, baby.[View]
451835459Raven fucks a regular guy story: http://comics.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600061479 Chapter 3…[View]
451834596This game is retardedly hard[View]
451805689Look at this imp![View]
451835198Knowing that there’s gonna be thousands of clothing dlc and that the ones in the original game will …[View]
451823450ITT: games YOU think are masterpieces: also you just noticed there are 4 characters on this cover…[View]
451799583To All of Mankind teaser trailer, details and screenshots: https://gematsu.com/2019/02/to-all-of-man…[View]
451835187Fuck Sub Zero. This guy fucking sucks. Throwing around ice spells from a distance like a pussy and f…[View]
451833887Do you trust 343 with Halo? Bonnie Ross: >Yeah, with Halo 4, just given the nature of being a bra…[View]
451834429Why does Valve do this?[View]
451822186Did you win a game today anon?[View]
451835042I like modern sonic.: Damn you classic sonic.[View]
451835017What are some games about clowns? https://vocaroo.com/i/s0GoLpHoUcsH[View]
451834176what do you think when playing video games ?[View]
451834949>game lets you play as a ridiculously cute female >it's first person I don't know wh…[View]
451820806Is this the biggest flop in video game history?[View]
451830639Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Pyra or Mithra? minge mullets need not apply[View]
451834697Where did the meme come from that this game is hard? Yes, you can get fucked by shit RNG and yes the…[View]
451834231Why is the Megaman ZX series so meh?[View]
451786303>here's your stage music, bro https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DbT5T35aUUE…[View]
451826232Is it possible for a game to be TOO complicated?[View]
451834571why are people who play games such brash ignoramuses[View]
451829378Why does everyone suddenly know who Gordon and act like he's this big hero?[View]
451834586Breath of the wild: Why no redeads?[View]
451822468DO YOU WANT A XENOVERSE 3?[View]
451832363>Put settings to open mic >max out sensitivity to where they can even hear my fridge >star…[View]
451834268I haven't found out about a good game from /v/ in years. This place sucks now.[View]
451833030Xbox won. Also Resident Evil Code Veronica X is coming today too.[View]
451834423Rhonda > Phoebe > Olga > Lila >>>>>>> everyone else > power gap …[View]
451828801why aren't the pokkais at Square Enix greenlighting Sleeping Dogs 2? It was one of the few open…[View]
451832903Free game on Ebin Gaems https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/thimbleweed-park/home#[View]
451834208How can one developer be so based?[View]
451833823ITT: 'Holy fucking shit, people still play this!'[View]
451791831https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnxqVd2OiQc >B-BUT OVERWATCH DEAD IS J-JUST A MEME…[View]
451833647That stench!?![View]
451829165Dead or Alive 6 - Full Game Demo Goes Live Tomorrow 8AM ET: https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/prod…[View]
451826858>5 year old >Still no games How did they do it?…[View]
451825865Your favorite demon: For me, it's Oukuninushi.[View]
451832021why tho[View]
451831153Why did no one tell me that pic related was so damn good? I'm playing using my headset with bin…[View]
451832421Long hair Bayo is best bayo[View]
451832954ITT: games that just can't be topped[View]
451833501Sony-Ericsson F305 games: Help a fellow fag out /v/. I've searched everywhere I could think of…[View]
451820923>the final boss is your master[View]
451832261How the fuck console peasants can even compete?: Sony fags and Xbonners on suicide watch PC gaming a…[View]
451833460EA shitposting: Let's discuss this dumpsterfire for a sec. With Anthem releasing tomorrow to av…[View]
451795865He did nothing wrong.[View]
451833390Haven't had a wild specimen thread in a while[View]
451828528Does this puss anyone else off? >Bashes the game. So many negatives. 7/10. The full review read l…[View]
451833154Is it considered cheating if I used xbox one's standby mode to completely finish RE2 without us…[View]
451831106GTASA > GTA5 in length (And quality): Using speedrunner statistics, GTAV is shorter than GTASA by…[View]
451830278Hi all, I've worked in the video game industry since 1995. I started as a 2D animator working i…[View]
451833195>Here’s your new Call Of Duty bro[View]
451810082ESA Winter: https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Pokeymans race https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon2 FFX …[View]
451832948SS13: Yesterday SS13 thread was pretty good. Lets talk more about this game and other BYOND games…[View]
451832446>say 'gg wp' >really mean 'good game white power'…[View]
451831921>there are people that legitamately get upset, sad, and lose sleep if you insult their favorite p…[View]
451822602ITT: post god-tier vidya music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rwAvUvvQzQ[View]
451832838What are some games where i can build a party with this criteria?[View]
451815115>good Digimon games don’t exis-[View]
451830664Who has the best dance moves?[View]
451829886COME NEREVAR[View]
451832712Why are there no DC games with all their heroes/heroines, save for the mess that is Injustice? It…[View]
451832381Emulation Thread: Okay /v/irgins, if I only emulate one Dragon Quest game, which should I get? Prefe…[View]
451831712I'VE COME TO MAKE AN Sonic Adventure thread[/spoiler}[View]
451825595What was the best era for video games? It could just be me growing old, but it doesnt feel the same …[View]
451829342Any games with this aesthetic?[View]
451829231I want a dlc where they add this g4 form instead of the shitty one we have.[View]
451829189Monkey's Paw: Post something positive about an incoming game, while also posting a downside for…[View]
451832001Vermintide: BY TAAL[View]
451791294DMC thread: Just started playing the whole DMC series this month and I love it. DMC1 is probably my …[View]
451831389ITT: unironically good mobile games[View]
451831754HERE'S JOHNNY![View]
451831803The pink eye must itch like hell.[View]
451829912Why's there so much controversy about Catherine lately?[View]
451830707ITT: Vidya characters who did NOTHING WRONG: I'll start.[View]
451829828Games for this feel[View]
451830050Reminder: If you're an adult and you still play videogames you're awesome and I admire you…[View]
451819642So these are the best 10 games ever, right? >Gothic >Gothic II >Deus Ex >Resident Evil 4…[View]
451821264Wii U: Is it the worst console made by Nintendo?[View]
451829213When will VR take off? Will it ever take off or will it always be a niche peripheral like a steering…[View]
451830646Gaming Regrets: Is there anything gaming related that you wish you could change?[View]
451830715ANTS: I wish this board has something interactive like in the pic I either get to see some game disc…[View]
451829310What do you drink when playing video games?[View]
451816794Since Tencent owns part of Epic is this going to impact all games on Epic's store? http://www.g…[View]
451829368ITT: Games that you regularly replay[View]
451827385I LIKE THAT JUMP[View]
451822646stupid quick cash grab kusoge: it is literally the worst mario game i ever played why is it selling …[View]
451830659Is there a more badass duo?[View]
451822860less than 4 months to E3, what are you looking forward to?[View]
451830809I have a lot of the Switch essentials, but I still can’t bring myself to buy this even for $40-$45. …[View]
451830032>game has realistic artstyle[View]
451826550>subtly destroys every RPG[View]
451830932Game I cannot remember: Hey, I played this game. I saw a screenshot of it online but i tried reverse…[View]
451827827LMAO religion sucks right guys?[View]
451830747Vidya scenes women, liberals and zoomers could NEVER understand.[View]
451801750Why havent you started cheating and ruining peoples games? Its godtier and getting caught means noth…[View]
451830527Eedapee dupu Smash? WAHOO![View]
451823427*siip* Yep.[View]
451817510Bioware presents the next evolution in the Role-Playing Games genre. A dialogue system that journali…[View]
451826280I have the opportunity to snag one of these for $100 Is it worth it for playing the handful of good …[View]
451827660Wanna play some games with me, anon?[View]
451824802H-holy based bros...BUY HER GAME!!![View]
4518305782019... I am forgotten.[View]
451824683Who was the best?[View]
451828567Games with this atmosphere?[View]
451806082/g/ chimps out way too much to discuss anything, so let's talk about Gayming PCs, /v/. Tell me …[View]
451828005>loved playing MH3U on the Wii U >when MH4U came out on the 3ds I played it twice and then dro…[View]
451829429Pic related will happen if you don't post Jack Frost.[View]
451818381Do you still shop at GameStop?[View]
451789167now that its cracked there is literally no reason for you to not to play Ultimate GF Sim 2019[View]
451809715I'd rather have this guy than Erdrick[View]
451829209What does /v/ think about Heroes of the Storm?[View]
451829571ITT: Vidya girls who deserve everything: Post yours[View]
451827720>final story arc is DLC[View]
451829648>find the practice of charging for online on console absolutely abhorrent >stopped buying SON…[View]
451828160So, after the events of (original) RE2, if somebody fucks Sherry, would her hymen grow back? Therefo…[View]
451820785I started playing through final fantasy VII and started wondering what game has the best turn based …[View]
451824690Where will zombie kino go after RE2 Remake? Clearly the game put the entire genre for the past 20 ye…[View]
451829247Tree of Savior: uu~i uu~i uu~i[View]
451828427top 3 non-shooter PVP games?[View]
451778276>there are retards that bought this explain yourselves[View]
451828995>be esports player >one of teams literally trolling making 5 egirls team that literally plat t…[View]
451785418 [View]
451828928I miss it, anons, even after it ended up being completely ruined by Omega.[View]
451820665'Phoenix, you have to fuck my sister.'[View]
451775651Atelier Lulua: Everyone is here! Ehehe[View]
451828705Futuristic games: Best games that take place in the distant future.[View]
451828445>not even a month and servers are down welp it was fun while it lasted. looks like fortnite will …[View]
451827083Why didn’t you buy their games, /v/?: You did this.[View]
451824834How would Pcbros react if the game turns out to be a GOG exclusive?[View]
451824060Who else is hyped?[View]
451827272Should I buy Anthem?[View]
451827476Which are the greatest Cyberpunk games on PC? All i can think about is the Shadowrun games and Deus…[View]
451828241Who was in the wrong here?[View]
451791928Will you buy his game?[View]
451823659*Clinks canopy glass* Ahem[View]
45182778511 years old.[View]
451827618Is ESO worth getting back into? used to play on ps4 a few years ago and seems like everyone i know i…[View]
451819032>you'll make an Awesome level >people will just skip it after the first death whats the b…[View]
451827860I made like Chow Yun Fat[View]
451814872Why would you play the same game 4 times?[View]
451826061Are there any half-Gypsy/half-Aboriginal Australian game makers?[View]
451825848>game teases return of popular companion in spin-off title >he's not in the next installm…[View]
451826432oh shit[View]
4518276873x3 Thread? 3x3 Thread.[View]
451827056What does /v/ think of Evilagram/Critpoints?[View]
451827596Tree of Savior: Question: [ ] uu~i?[View]
451827152>first to truly offer cross platform partying It's hard to quantify how big of an achievemen…[View]
451815559Have you reported on your fellow gamer who stepped out of line, /v/? This guy won't be botherin…[View]
451827463Home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTSK5waNs8[View]
451827070i put in an nintendo cartridge and the nostalgia critic and peter griffin bled at me[View]
451825707Is there any vidya character that could beat him?[View]
451825340anyone tried this? does it work?[View]
451827342>male protagonist instant buy[View]
451806015This is a flying Japanese cat.[View]
451824626Don't look so big from where I'm standing. Now it's just you and me, DMC THREAD…[View]
451827142Give me games that would inspire to go and have a loving and wholesome relationship with someone. So…[View]
451827098>here's your mouse bro[View]
451818164*ruins your NA server*[View]
451826426>perfect video game music doesn't exis....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZEV84o_E7U…[View]
451826704BREAKING BAD?![View]
451817550Yo-Kai Watch is still making big bucks: I find it funny that the idiots posting these articles aroun…[View]
451822252MGS4 > MGS5 MG4 had a better story. The gameplay was more mission oriented. i feel like MGS5…[View]
451797643ITT: Surprisingly good VGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBWjVglSVGk[View]
451826278Is this just what the moon always looks like in Hyrule or did Skull Kid summon another moon with a f…[View]
451826818This is the man that will always steal the spotlight, the virus sample and your waifu. How does he d…[View]
451805001Who else prefers her over fuckdolls like Tifa and Lulu?[View]
451825514What are some video games to play when you don't like video games any more?[View]
451825671Why do you pirate games /v/?[View]
451826325>game has obligatory poison filled level, probably in a forest or a swamp…[View]
451825593>Weak side character is the fan favorite. What are some other examples?…[View]
451825872>Wearing socks and sandals. >Being gay. Pick one.…[View]
451823150What would your ideal JoJo video game be like?[View]
451819459Friendly reminder that shitposting is not new and has always existed on the internet.[View]
451824179>pick honoka >lol she's dead now, go and pick hinata instead :) enjoy getting your limbs …[View]
451807536Why are there no bird video games? The world owes me playable birds![View]
451826421Are vidya games sexist? https://www.designweek.co.uk/issues/18-24-february-2019/are-video-games-inhe…[View]
451809048>Capcom try to rush out an asset reused 90's version of RE2 DLC/expansion >its fucking a …[View]
451821892Will you marry Jade in Dragon Quest XI S, /v/? Bonus points for marrying her in 2d mode[View]
451793445ANTHEM: 6 OUT OF 10 https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/anthem-review-no-i-in-team/1900-6417093/ AH HAH…[View]
451826226>Manage to get from 1.5 mil to 3.7 mil gsp in one day >Play the next day >Suddenly do so ba…[View]
451818256The Utawarerumono sequels are currently on sale on PSN for 15€. Why aren't you playing / readin…[View]
451823598The absolute state of Artifact[View]
451822709Are there any series that have a similar concept to Monster Hunter but with less character progressi…[View]
451824798game doesn't start anymore it just sits at this loading screen forever whyyyyyy[View]
451825631>horror survival game >building a base in which you are completely safe and no spooky monster…[View]
451825194>you shpuld start a youtube channel anon >sure, I guess so >decide to google all of my old …[View]
451825370>Items have level requirements[View]
451817957Which one should I get, /v/?[View]
451825434>The only true way to enjoy TF2 is by playing the Orange Box on 360 with all the cancerous update…[View]
451823784DeS: a raw experience, rough around some edges, experimental, gameplay still holds up very well, atm…[View]
451812972Doom (2016): Game's too red. I don't like it. Shame really since the graphics are really a…[View]
451824759Reminder that this smug motherfucker got into Tekken and you can do absolutely nothing about it.[View]
451819583I am not worthy of Lady Palutena's love.[View]
451824531Is there any vidya character who could ever hope to defeat Yujiro Hanma?[View]
451794172>leave 2019 to me[View]
451820680ITT: It's 2006: This gets really fucking hard out of nowhere, also is my touchscreen fucked or …[View]
451811127You're being held hostage by terrorists. Australia sends this chick to rescue you. How do you f…[View]
451825278Trials Rising Open Beta: >It couldn't get any worse Go to settings and change the Brightnes…[View]
451824260what went right[View]
451823120Dark Souls: You did manage to beat every boss without summoning, right?[View]
451821104>indie game is delayed >Literally every single time Why do theu give themselves such unrealist…[View]
451823593Why is pic related the only good Mexican metal band? >Not to mention most of the members aren…[View]
451822104>bioware and bethesda died[View]
451824869The classic Sonic games were so wild. I think if you were a kid when you played them you took that f…[View]
451824680Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don’t.[View]
451824859TYRANT NIGGAS[View]
451823379Now that we all had a good night's rest, can we all agree a datamine that 'matches' what a 'lea…[View]
451819875What am I in for[View]
451824004DEER OUTBREAK!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XLyBMdM7ZY It begins[View]
451815615__ __ __[View]
451823554How to make this playable in 2019 /v/irgins shits hard to look at and play[View]
451817840Xenoblade Chronicles 2: >lock parts of the game behind RNG bullshit Unironically, what the fuck w…[View]
451816329CHIN FROM HK97 IS IN SMASH!!![View]
451816836Source is so shit that Valve has turned to Unity to port Artifact to mobile: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
451822568Any games with good stealing mechanics?[View]
451822063mortal fucking kombat[View]
451804934OH FUCK! The stranger is on his way to kill you /v/! The protagonist in the last game you played is …[View]
451824072What's your favorite 2D Minecraft clone? What aspects are the most important to you? Building, …[View]
451821653>Ruins mounts for you in every other MMO There's no going back[View]
451820525There he goes![View]
451823941tips to develope a healthy relationship with vidya?[View]
451822473Is there any video game character that can beat him?[View]
451823701>be me >is the best KH opening[View]
451821959So what went wrong?[View]
451822296ywn go back[View]
451823594What did they mean by this?[View]
451821060>Series has several things from previous games, ie campy/cringy dialogue >Newfags acting like …[View]
451818997If you made a game what steps would you take to get people not pirate your game?[View]
451822643>tfw no penis-shaped hole in the wall for you to stick your penis through with Bayonetta on the o…[View]
451823328It occurred to me that I'm seeing a lot of similar complaints between the vanilla versions of t…[View]
451808585Hi, I'm that other Atlus JRPG that's better than Persona 5.[View]
451815576Apparently this drops today on Steam. Was it good?[View]
451814302FF7/FF8: childhood is idolizing final fantasy 7 adulthood is realizing final fantasy 8 was in every …[View]
451823208Half Life Mods are not working on my PC. It would start for exactly a second, then exit. does anyone…[View]
451822818Epic Store Receiving More Ubisoft Games: >On uPlay, you can preorder The Division 2 and get free …[View]
451823079Best game in the series[View]
451821534Buy Yakuza Kiwami on Steam NOW[View]
451821321Who's the [Ugly Bastard] of videogames?[View]
451822891This game is great. How come nobody ever talks about it? Did it flop?[View]
451807568How many more times does he have to btfo’d you incels before you give up? The madman just won’t die![View]
451822878https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrjjayEhNYw lel[View]
451820948>game has 'berzerkers'[View]
451816230I played the first game and found it boring and the ''story'' shit. Does this on…[View]
451821204>MMORPG >you can make any character you want >then there's that dude who makes a human…[View]
451819082VILE HANDIWORK[View]
451805574Based japan[View]
451820863Im an older gamer (38) Ive played a lot of stuff in my time. Lately ive been bored and looking for s…[View]
451820315GameStop Pro Day: Have you ever purchased a used game from GameStop? Did you regret it? Were you hap…[View]
451809572Anybody ever struggled with Vidya addiction as a teen?[View]
451805391Anyone else feel like the industry went to shit sometime after 2011[View]
451818072There were no games in 2018. There will be no games in 2019.[View]
451812597Why aren't you playing Skyrim in VR right now?[View]
451819587GDQ thread, this shit's gold[View]
451817396So this... is the power of Denuvo huh? Not bad.[View]
451821870Go play Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.[View]
451816421Looks fucking awful desu[View]
451821821>he still doesn't have the Chef Bonju avatar[View]
451821267Have any arena fighters successfully as highly competitive as their 2D counterparts?[View]
451810868Is he next? Or will they save him as the final reveal?[View]
451789612What are some forgotten vidya qts?[View]
451821504Are there any video game villains on the same level as JoJo villains? Powerful yet entertaining.[View]
451815897Anthem actually fucking did it: I am probably the oldest on this board (38) Ive played a lot of stuf…[View]
451817532why is /v/ so obsessed with black video game girls?[View]
451821361Alright so I'm playing the stalker trilogy through the nth time, all modded. But finding intere…[View]
451820865>HEY, DO YOU DO PARTIES? Cringe[View]
451817392Could she have been saved? What would you have done to help her? What makes you think she would have…[View]
451817104Fuck you if you Respec or Fast Travel[View]
451817494>Dreams will launch for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store in Early Access this spring for $…[View]
451819378>Yes mario, fuck me like the little butterfly slut I am!~ How did nintendo get away with it?…[View]
451819720:D just kidding fuck Zelda anyway why is Dedede the best character in smash?[View]
451819972Pick your fighter[View]
451817920Literally blocks your path[View]
451820657Death Mark coming to Steam in April: Will you get the scariest VN anons? It's really scary!…[View]
451820846Remember when costumes, perks, weapons, new endings, hidden levels and abilities were unlocked throu…[View]
451819879Is this shit worth a pirate?[View]
451812183First time playing this, any tips and advice?[View]
451820676>you preordered anthem[View]
451815534Witcher 3 is based: Just got done with the Witcher 3 base game and I love just how good the writing …[View]
451812415ITT: Hottest vidya characters[View]
451819030why doing dragon ball project z?[View]
451820597Here's your $60 video game bro And don't forget buy the $50 map pack[View]
451816672Why does shadow have such a gay theme? https://youtu.be/tKS4duPqNyo[View]
451815737What games has the best controller vibrations?[View]
451819565Why are there literally no good video game webcomics left? What went wrong?[View]
451819776How to use gyro aiming in PC?: Im currently playing REmake 2 and gyro aiming seems really cool but h…[View]
451815116Filename thread.[View]
451817183Goofy the incel[View]
451819445Tahiti: “For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies on…[View]
451800158>'hehehe can't wait until 2045 when kingdom hearts 4 comes out' >'i bet you anything the …[View]
451803181ITT: DLCs that are better than the main game[View]
451807775Gamer type: Which one are you? For me, it's chaotic evil[View]
451816606Saint's Row 2: Does /v/ have any recommendations for games like pic related. I really like the …[View]
451808706Persona 5 R: We're at most about a month away from the follow-up announcement set for March. Wh…[View]
451814527The last 2 *GOOD* consoles every released. Literally just stick with a PC after these.[View]
451818953Vidya nostalgia thread?[View]
451818362>Play game 900 hours >Collect a lot of ammo >game stolen…[View]
451818867Is battlefield 4 still active on pc? After the bf5 shitshow I'm thinking of reinstalling bf4 or…[View]
451818816Games with this feel?[View]
451816636What am I in for?[View]
451818796>make post about new game crack >post deleted >make post about a game news article about th…[View]
451813943Dead Franchises: ITT: Dead franchises[View]
451817570>several hundred games in library >nothing to play fuck…[View]
451816923The time has come, goodbye BioWare[View]
451790368Anyone else trying Enderal? The gameplay is still shitty Skyrim, but holy shit is the atmosphere, se…[View]
451813051Games for this feel?[View]
451798845Play League of Legends.[View]
451816894This is Katherine's ideal man[View]
451818269Fuck yuri and fuck white people[View]
451816348install skyrim, install 100+ mods, play for couple of hours then forget about it for another year: w…[View]
451814651Is there any website where I can see playerbase data of different video games? Steam games are alrea…[View]
451809927So which one are you getting. And remember you are not allowed to like or enjoy both you have to pic…[View]
451818129>Last Idea >Concluding Imagination >End Thought >Latter Dream >Recent Remnant >Rem…[View]
451816453Reminder that if you play colonist/sole survivor you should stick to your moe high school RPG drama …[View]
451817923>play on ranger hardcore >resources are finite and rare as fuck, which is good >clear an ar…[View]
451817817Yeah I'm thinkin' he's in.[View]
451817714Good night, anons.[View]
451809243post /v/ydia smiles worth protecting[View]
451814185Was his return anti-climatic? Should he have been playable?[View]
451805941Countries with barely any history or achievements like Canada or Australia are represented in Civ 6.…[View]
451812279Wow, look at ALL that GAMEPLAY[View]
451811040wtf ? I love ANTHEM now[View]
451817089Can Cyberpunk 2077 be saved? They're doing everything wrong and it's due out this year. Th…[View]
451810197>Final chapter:[Title of the game][View]
451816772*ahem*: I would just like to say... FUCK THOSE RAGHEAD INSURGENTS, FUCK SINJAR AND FUCK THE MIDDLE E…[View]
451807646Non-Nintendo Nintendo games: Let's post games that, while they weren't made by Nintendo, t…[View]
451810298Penguin Cover Thread: let's keep it /v/idya https://nullk.github.io/penguin.html[View]
451803842Do you ever play on your gameboy still?[View]
451797371Guys wtf am I supposed to just brute force this?[View]
451815527>*blocks your path*[View]
451802749EA Gives Away free stuff: You read that right, EA are giving away the 41st Ranger Platoon (see pic) …[View]
451791073How it was physically possible to make such bad expansion? It's even worse than wotlk and wod, …[View]
451816019https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mCtEd-eEdM&index=2&list=LLJc2r6zmoHDNun3sNbgXFrg this is a …[View]
451814687Just got married /v/ say something to my new wife.[View]
451814734map game thread: >playing hoi4 with a dozen or so friends its the best feeling achieving ultimate…[View]
451801971What's your favorite boss battle soundtrack? I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q…[View]
451810314Roguelike general: Which roguelike have you been playing lately? Pic related. It's honestly a …[View]
451813197how do i get good at halo 5?[View]
451808095Its time to admit that V is a good game.[View]
451787050What are some prototypes/unreleased games you want to be found[View]
451815631Oh no no no no no[View]
451815160*starts blinking frantically every two seconds even if the batteries are still half full* Who ever t…[View]
451815617What did he mean by this? http://www.donaldjtrump.com/far%20cry%20new%20dawn[View]
451815609https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQR3SRggiF0 What are some games where the main villain was actually …[View]
451811282>outfits deconfirm fighte- Is there still hope for my boy Rex?[View]
451815528>People still think that the story needed someone else to unleash BB's inner warmongering de…[View]
451812553>red guy uses fire magic >blue guy uses water magic >green guy uses grass/earth/poison/wind…[View]
451813415why is it literally so perfect bros?[View]
451815464A console full of HD gamecube games. Makes me want to floss.[View]
451804805>entire games soundtrack consists of 4 songs Why is this allowed?[View]
451815385Ssbu: Can you guess or explain what happened here?[View]
451814178Meanwhile in 4chan /v/[View]
451815085How would you defeat him?[View]
451815284ITT: bad games with great soundtracks.[View]
451780653Is this the most brainlet nothing game Nintendo has produced? Where is the creativity? ALttP Remake…[View]
451815057Sonichu: What is the best Sonichu chapter[View]
451814291Grinch leak: Did you actually think the grinch would make it in smash[View]
451814939Should lightning magic and electrical effects be yellow, or blue? Also, should dark lightning be gr…[View]
451814180ERDRICK CONFIRMED: Anti-Leakers absolutely FUMING right now. https://youtu.be/mx7bdObKX6E https://yo…[View]
451813484Yes. What are you gonna do about it?[View]
451815024*blocks Nia and Pyras path*[View]
451815001Kingdom Hearts Versus XIII Reconnect: The World Ends With Yozora: Is this an accurate title for the …[View]
451810779Based Catherine[View]
451814632Fear's awake, anger beats loud, face reality Never beat charity The enemy you're fighting …[View]
451812932Microsoft x Nintendo: There is a rumor going around that Microsoft and Nintendo are working on “big …[View]
451813549How does this make you feel?[View]
451814901Bravo, Bioware, BRAVO.[View]
451796725Resident Evil 3 remake: What are your thoughts of the RE3 remake potentially releasing prior to RE8…[View]
451810553This is a video game from 2007[View]
451812256any games aboot femcels?[View]
451801505Sid Meier's Civilization VI : Gathering Storm ™ thread[View]
451813632What games would make good movies?: Post video games that would work well as movies,ill start >mo…[View]
451811418FEfags sure have bad tastes.[View]
451812968Is there any game with a character creator good enough to make a 3D model of this? It's 2019 ff…[View]
451813127https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wka5RovFEo8 >Publisher spends more money on a trailer for a non-e…[View]
451801645Fill the gaps.[View]
451814534link is getting crushed![View]
451813534KH3 (non shitpost edition): What actually went wrong? All I ever see is 'the game was shit' with no …[View]
451799592I still have hope[View]
451810238>he does NOT play Overwatch I believe you owe me an explanation, anon.[View]
451811730>107 days until E3: The wait is LITERALLY killing me.[View]
451794904how do you pronounce gascoigne? gaskåine? gascone? gaskogne? Geschoigne?[View]
451812851What were your thoughts on bestbro's world?[View]
451814309>Finally beat LISA[View]
451811479Why gamers ruins everything?[View]
451812462What's the Latin American country with the most potential to create a good game?[View]
451806610>elf >blonde >young boy he’s the most generic character all the time but people love him. W…[View]
451802080Dragon Marked for Death: What /v/ thinks about this game? I´ve seen a lot of youtube vids about it r…[View]
451813928>Imagine you bought a Ps4 in the first 3 years Lmao[View]
451813894Play XCOM 2[View]
451813784For me, it's Nami[View]
451813389leave vidya to me[View]
451813682What’s your dream cross over /v/ mines smt x warhammer 40k[View]
451801141Facts: Nuro looks a lot better then Nero[View]
451808620Why are Japanese games still free from forced diversity? They also make a better diverse cast than t…[View]
451809598>game has your fetish[View]
451769246atmospheric vidja music: post ost's with atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife http…[View]
451810025FUCK OFF /V/[View]
451810989ITT: Games only you’ve played[View]
451810896>When someone calls you based or redpilled[View]
451812402>I'm fond of pigs.[View]
451811683'Fortnite is a fad, will die in a year' - The Doc Has Spoken: Epic Tencent Gook Developers Are Seeth…[View]
451780495Just found out yakuza kiwami released on pc several days ago Did they forget to market it or somethi…[View]
451804186New Vegas: Holy shit this is so boring and the engine surely does feel obsolete, why do you fellas k…[View]
451812432can my shitty pc run the RE2 remake if it could RE7?[View]
451805563now that metro is confirmed dead, whats the next franchise that epic will kill?[View]
451813113What is the thin crust pizza of videogames?[View]
451812108Vertigo in video games?: Is it weird that I genuinely feel like I'm losing my balance and going…[View]
451812730Recommend me some puzzle games: Maybe something like Portal, but general aesthetics don't matte…[View]
451809614Post jamming soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxhao80ZdQA[View]
451812565>destroys anthem with 2 big videos dare I say /ourguy/ ?[View]
451803608>no Farscape video games[View]
451809405name a better trilogy[View]
451812386Video Game Apparel: Hey /v/, do you own any video game clothes and accessories?[View]
451809951was the soundtrack its best part?[View]
451809472All Labo kits are currently only $40 USD at GameStop (nearly 50% off for some of them): https://www.…[View]
451812257why can't i just bind Shuffle/Calibur to a different button? why do i need to fuck about with t…[View]
451811301>Entire library of 1000s of games from the golden age of gaming on nearly EVERY console can be em…[View]
451809306Woah.... so this.... is the power..... of Denuvo..... Not bad![View]
451798618Resident Evil: Reminder that Resident Evil died with Raccoon City and that we will never again have …[View]
451798662Has anyone had a Mandela Effect related to videogames? I vividly remember pleasing baby deku tree by…[View]
451809389APEX: why is this trash game not loading[View]
451807584Guys, is there any new Dragon Ball Z games? Don't look at me with this face.[View]
451803707Project BBQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RG8Y254L5Q It's been a while since I've been…[View]
451811789You need to design a boss fight that will be accompanied by link related track. How would you design…[View]
451811787https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1088863390/ >Alright fellas, it's time to start making th…[View]
451808697Oh my god! I can't believe it! It's ashuree![View]
451800164First Person Shooter: As more fps games are seen as meh by people, what would be your ideal shooter?…[View]
451804851It's a shame this isn't on Steam, the game is gorgeous and even has a Photo mode for captu…[View]
451811121Thinking of buying a pre-built gaming PC for Devil May Cry 5's launch. Any suggestions?[View]
451809086>remake >remaster >rerelease >recopy >recycle…[View]
451809831I want to sleep with Asriel[View]
451809027Remake 2: Are you guys liking the new DLC?[View]
451811270>Barry, I don't like Sherry. Get rid of her for me, please?[View]
451811201This is better than the first game. The only con that it has it's the pointless travel around t…[View]
451806071What's the trashiest game you've ever played?[View]
451800241Is Claire Redfield autistic?[View]
451810949wats dis[View]
451733813>>Ecelebs still seething about sonic mania scores https://youtu.be/N73-VZrN0zI…[View]
451806741What the fuck is the appeal of the Witcher 3 to so many people? I played it for 110 hours and I thin…[View]
451810725Age of Empires: Let's talk about some aoe >Is aoe2 still the god tier for aoe? >aoe 1 def…[View]
451802673This is the best Battle royale game. No exceptions[View]
451808057Favorite Scene from Link's Awakening?: I like this one[View]
451809284>you have to pay money to change your username on console >that name can't say any naught…[View]
451809879>he leaked?[View]
451810442Enderal thread: Is this game worth trying out if you didn't like Skyrim?[View]
451797986Bayo in an art gallery.[View]
451793004PS4 Pro or RTX 2070: Both about $450 after tax. I want to upgrade my gtx 960 but everyone is saying …[View]
451809065Hironobu Sakaguchi: Is he working on anything? I miss him[View]
451809234[spoiler]Hitman thread[/spoiler]: Playing through the whole Hitman series except for Silent Assassin…[View]
451809964>be me >innocent, caring teenage sister to a sickly child in a dying world >Fucking chad br…[View]
451805874Do you think that Dark Souls IV will ever be released or is it over forever? What will Miyazaki do r…[View]
451808775What the fuck is wrong with the character design in this game? Same with Destiny. I cant pin point i…[View]
451809429>play online card game >lose because I haven't paid for UberGamerWinnerCard#46 Why do peo…[View]
451791638Kingdom Hearts 1: What am i supposed to do after the boss fight in Wonder Land? They tell me that Al…[View]
451807619What games give this feel: ?[View]
451796860are you ready for the hardest and deepest MMORPG to have ever existed?[View]
451809457nostalgia thread[View]
451809653any good anime games for PC?[View]
451808772>Game allows you to change your party whilst in mid-battle[View]
451806191>game about space >aliens are humanoid[View]
451809393Does WoW have ANY chance of returning to its former glory, even if its just a tenth of it?[View]
451797814>adding a complete card creation tool in a cardgame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaVf_cLHZl0 H…[View]
451798297I have feeling you an me are gonna get along just fine, [thread]Ace Combat thread[thread][View]
451807997Darkest Dungeon: Is this game worth buying? currently on sale. should I get it with the dlcs?[View]
451808436Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA[View]
451808331i only buy non-PC hardware if its a portable (phones suck) or if a console game benefits from real h…[View]
451783932ESA Winter: https://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon Now: Intermission SOON: You Are Empty https://esamarat…[View]
451807848Freddy needs a nanny. Because he is a very naughty boy[View]
451797760>1 week >no hype at all[View]
451808512Vidya Cultural Significance: Which are the video games which have had the most cultural impact, and …[View]
451808079Does /v/ still use their old consoles?[View]
451805501I bought ninja gaiden black for the og xbox and beat it i loved it..is ninja gaiden 2 just as good a…[View]
451804225Why do so many games neglect their sound and music design when it's arguably the most important…[View]
451800247Why are you playing anime games anon ? Do you hate challenge that much ?[View]
451806480Do you think VR gaming will be popular within the next years? And does anyone have the VR 'gaming' g…[View]
451806808One day all the whores and politicians will look up to us and shout 'give us your video games'. And …[View]
451800202ITT: Games erased from history[View]
451803768>pm'd you the fix :)[View]
451807567Devil May Cry[View]
451801978Is there a game that is similar to Eve Online, except it's on the seas with real ships? I liked…[View]
451807526I can't believe Todd payed for an anime cameo to sell Skyrim. Pretty bold of him![View]
451806473Are the Dragonball Xenoverse games any good? What are they about, how's the gameplay?[View]
451807407hitman: just finished the first game and found out I could play all the missions of the first game t…[View]
451736293God Eater: Really enjoying God Eater 3. A huge improvement from 2 and the female models are all grea…[View]
451795221What is the best grand theft auto? And why is it San andres? Friendly chat, please be respectful[View]
451803914Japanese games have bad graphics and the gameplay in all of their games is either hide behind cover …[View]
451795484Tooie is better, and no soul is not an argument[View]
451807004TRIAL OF PATIENCE Loading screens passed 14/500[View]
451804869If you could wield any keyblade, what would you want it to be?[View]
451802713Klonoa thread: Finally finished the first one, pretty good. Not as good as its sequel but it was nic…[View]
451806908I can't stop playing this: If I'm not I'm playing mods[View]
451806295TWO MORE DAYS[View]
451806592>pokemon king >pokemon queen What the fuck is nintendo thinking?…[View]
451806783Mr. STARS mod when?[View]
451802531Why does /v/ always celebrate when a game flops?[View]
451806746What percentage of time playing this game is spent just waiting for the fucking train to arrive at t…[View]
451799625Was the Secret of Mana remake an effortless cash grab, or was it a labour of love from a development…[View]
451805338Shaggy jump force: Holy shit he’s in https://youtu.be/hm3d5u7H1vQ[View]
451798954NO Spoilers: ITT: Post characters who suffered & deserved every bit of it[View]
451793854What happens when you run out of things to do?[View]
451804543RDR2 thread[View]
451803554Isn't there an arena fps with weapons that isn't 'generic sci-fi'? Something kind of like …[View]
451804473He's in[View]
451799780Paid Online: Why? Why did we allow this?[View]
451801157>finding the porn magazines in early final fantasy games[View]
451805843Why is no one making action games about government special agents anymore?[View]
451793509>he isnt buying pokemon kino[View]
451782749Video games with empty mall levels?[View]
451799428How do you become a black egret?[View]
451798626Persona 6 needs to have nothing short of LGBT dating options.: I'm currently playing through P4…[View]
451805219Nvidia: Is it worth $150? I'm thinking of buying one[View]
451805771I'm not an SJW, I like fanservice and I don't mind sexualization in games. But there'…[View]
451804663Where are they?[View]
451805646Fugg... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHCCG_vUA7k[View]
451804620cod zombies thread origins is better than mob[View]
451805503>animal leaves trail of flowers or something as it runs >DID YOU KNOW? The developers were hu…[View]
451800332>turn on video game >die >turn off video game What wrong with me? I remember when I was 16 …[View]
451805306>Aw, shit. An enemy wild card? I bet he's gonna be one awesome boss fight who can adapt to a…[View]
451780815APEX future content: >Humanity lives in the deepest reaches of explored space in a vast region kn…[View]
451798104Crash Nitro Fueled leak: >3 new Characters: Baby T, Komodo Moe, Koala Kong >With N.Oxide Editi…[View]
451779384Is vr worth it?[View]
451801494Tetris is the best game ever.: Thought ?[View]
451795098Far Cry: Far cry 3 was the last game in the series to have soul or anything memorable about it. Yeah…[View]
451805038Play Open X-Com[View]
451801040What game is the best place to jump into the dragon quest series? preferably something I can emulate…[View]
451804176Sequel Never[View]
451804741What is the best non smash crossover game? Pic unrelated[View]
451801352titanfall 2: What's that, you want a tense and exciting conclusion to the campaign? Well fuck y…[View]
451794140>Meanwhile in the Bionicle MMO...[View]
451804932>1990's >all the cool new video games got Doujins >artists would make parodys about al…[View]
451804397ITT selfless heroes[View]
451797491What is the best star wars game?[View]
451801073If i have the ps3 original do i want the ps4 remaster? They changed shit or is just a visual update?…[View]
451802758How many of you played this shit?[View]
451804410*ruins your social credit* Thanks Squeenix[View]
451801012Give me two good reasons to spend $40 on this instead of buying something like Resident Evil 2.[View]
451801552Will there ever be a top tier comfy game like this again? >going to that mexican place near grove…[View]
451804185god i wish that were me[View]
451804135How would you design a superhero vidya?[View]
451792374ITT: abandonware[View]
451798980the choice should be obvious[View]
451800010Metro Exodus is running perfectly in Proton: https://www.protondb.com/app/412020[View]
451803473>Far Cry New Dawn bombs >Ubisoft shills in /v/ blame the evil white males instead of the minor…[View]
451803441Elusive.: Evasive. Righteous traits for a Darkest Dungeon Thread.[View]
451800171Guys, I fell in love with a videogame character again, what do I do[View]
451796657I feel like I'm wasting my life when I play multiplayer games. They're the fast food of vi…[View]
451803145KH3 Indiana Jones dlc when?[View]
451786165Could Hakumen kill Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night?[View]
451796742Just think of how great a game you you have if you combined all four of these. It'd be the grea…[View]
451791879>This is a console game in 2019[View]
451801425so is there some agreed upon best way to play this on pc? uncensoring mods or something like that?[View]
451788461Why are they porting a 3DS rune factory to switch instead of Frontier?[View]
451802620>mfw someone says games with war are bad[View]
451801991Hey, /v/, /tg/ here. You guys seem pretty on the ball. Are these stats accurate?[View]
451802521What are some games that are ideal for farsighted people? I'm asking because i'm without m…[View]
451798789GONTA IDIOT[View]
451796483Spiderweb Software: Which is their best game series? >Avernum/Exile >Geneforge >Avadon…[View]
451802408Why is Blizzard so slow to develop games? They could have repurposed Overwatch's engine and mad…[View]
451801108Alright boomers redpill me on why Chrono Nigger is the considered the best JRPG[View]
451798220What does /v/ think of Iron Front: Liberation 1944? Am I the only one who ever played this game?[View]
451782807Are you good at fighting games?[View]
451801373Have you beaten it, /v/? Do you have any custom characters to share?[View]
451800739Heh I guess what's why Terran Ghosts costs so much vespene gas[View]
4517980123x3 thread. Be sure to rate![View]
451801654game with this feel?[View]
451801497>Emil (エミール) is currently trending worldwide on Twitter What's going on here? I know there…[View]
451789180How will it do?[View]
451800573After 10 years how the fuck is it still the worlds no. 2 most popular game?[View]
451796447Are there any examples of western games referencing japanese media? That isn't indie shit?[View]
451801315what a shitty way to end such a great game.[View]
451800676Remember when Bethesda used to be the good guys?[View]
451800989Say hello to the new Steam UI[View]
451797802*speaks in riddles*[View]
451798070ITT: Antagonists that did nothing wrong[View]
451795664Wargame: What went right[View]
451794932What was the point of inserting a crossdressing “mission” in the middle of this game? It served no p…[View]
451801006>there are players who played MGSV as 'Venom' Snake >a figment, a ghost that didnt e…[View]
451793820>When your series is over a decade old and all the original devs are gone so you have to assemble…[View]
451800047>a gold nugget stuck in an ocean of shit[View]
451800881Why is his music so bad? They always feel overcomposed and trying too hard to bring an epic feeling.[View]
451797213Please tell me i'm not the only one who love this game. What a great fucking time https://www.y…[View]
451798968>thread about a bug/glitch/error in a vidya >that one guy who goes in to say 'works fine for m…[View]
451797437>post yfw you realized video games were boring[View]
451800660>Phones and Wi-Fi have so many health risks that companies hide the fact that you understand the …[View]
451799795What do you imagine this version of Steve's voice to sound like?[View]
451797723Is there a vidya character that can beat him?[View]
451800304Was Dragon Age 2 when BioWare peaked?[View]
451795443one day I will own this board[View]
451800217Which videogame characters have the best clothes? Pic related is poison from SFxT[View]
451798145METRO EXODUS BTFO: http://fitgirl-repacks.site/metro-exodus/ OH NO NO NO HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
451800265does this capture the VR missions feeling ive been searching for?[View]
451798834Did the events of The Phantom Pain actually happen? There is zero reference to Walker Gears ever exi…[View]
451796018Is he chad?[View]
451771812When did you realize P5 is way better than TWEWY?[View]
451799443WOW dead OW dead Diablo dead HotS dead Press 'D' to dab on Blizzard's grave[View]
451796329Deep Rock Galactic '''General''': >You have 3 lives by default >Die within the first 15 second…[View]
451780470Modern Warfare 4 is going to be announced on March 6th: Hi there I don't wanna say how I'm…[View]
451799716Why do people hate basedware?[View]
451796504Guys, what do you think of the logo for my Esports Team? Serious[View]
451780490Which game allows you to be as edgy as possible?[View]
451798329Naruto games thread[View]
451799301Dark Souls: >You'll never experience the same feeling you got from the first time you starte…[View]
451798041Sun Civillian: Honestly at this point, I've accepted that MMOs are dead, and have moved my deni…[View]
451799276ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
451799337The most jewish and greedy company[View]
451799261Do you guys remember to recycle your games when you're done with them?[View]
451797629What's the best way of playing through this game on PC, should I just emulate the PS2 version o…[View]
451796830How do you quantify, objectively, if a game has 'soul'? Is it the lighting? I've seen games wit…[View]
451781953UNIST Thread: Japanese artists, man[View]
451797559What's your favorite FF logo? For me, it's VIII's.[View]
451798881Games with emo protagonists?[View]
451798439>all legendary vidya designers like kamyia or itsuno will die one day >their place will probab…[View]
451795496CHEW ENJOY ALL THE FILLING: that's why[View]
451798736Hi everyone, my name is Steve. This is Donovan, my bull. I'm so glad people just like me want m…[View]
451790474Kneejerk much? You guys are missing out on the best game in the series because of 'muh sjw' boogeyma…[View]
451796305How did we go from this...[View]
451795716*ahem* witches aren't real.[View]
451798507Why was KH3 such a second rate game? https://youtu.be/XtbmsqOZays[View]
451795872Is it me, or does the character customization in this game feel like shit? Making a goofy looking ch…[View]
451768710Sega removes transphobic elements from Yakuza 3 remaster: Sega removes transphobic elements from Yak…[View]
451789069Darkest dungeon's getting a sequel. What are your thoughts, /v/?[View]
451797127Your favourite vidya that /v/ hate.: So, what is it? Don't worry your secret is safe with me. M…[View]
451792584Is anybody actually sad about this at all?[View]
451796008>surely there is no way the RE2 remake can top the music of 'ALL EMPLOYEES' surely no- https://yo…[View]
451793715Catherine thread: Don’t you wanna know what’s under that skirt, /v/? It might be transphobic…[View]
451790172What do you generally think about remakes, /v/? https://www.strawpoll.me/17472582[View]
451795787Has there ever been something that this board was actually right about? Like a prediction or recomme…[View]
451796857He's coming back soon, right?[View]
451795042Your top 3 vidya music tracks no vocals (like with lyrics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROKcr2OTg…[View]
451784318What are some actually kino scenes in video games?[View]
451796392You chose only one girl right /v/?[View]
451794591Anthem appreciation thread: I am the oldest gamer here on this board. (38) Ive played a lot of stuff…[View]
451736713You guys are fags, Claire is hot as fuck. And her body is absolutely smokin'[View]
451797596>I love Apex Legends[View]
451793574Tree of Savior: The uu~i the uu~i[View]
451797528>Ruins your win streak.[View]
451797384Simracing thread. Fairly new to simracing, is iRacing worth it? I love the online system, but 13$ fo…[View]
451793093Anyone know where the fuck the latest /v/idya OST archive is? The older ones are either gone or lead…[View]
451758667Where did she hide the Materia?[View]
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451795429This game wa