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467276987Is deadly premonition a good game, v? people either say that the world is dumb and the gameplay is …[View]
467279010Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong[View]
467271249DMC Thread: Am i the only one who would rather they give Dante more devil arms like a King Agni and …[View]
467276743What other games have distraction milkers?[View]
467272310Lemonade for real though this game wasn't THAT bad[View]
467278195>mfw Titanfall 2 player numbers are still low[View]
467239934shill me this game: as soneone who loved majoras mask and ocarina of time will i like this?[View]
467278356I wanna pirate pic related because I hear good things about this game. Is it worthwhile?[View]
467247790I made this just so there's a more concise image floating around. I'm not fully up to date…[View]
467276887Steel Division 2: Why aren't you killing fascist scum right now, comrade![View]
467278607It's up https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.valvesoftware.underlords[View]
467269149ITT: games that deserve a sequel but will never get one[View]
467277564Has anyone received their physical copy of the game?[View]
467278458Where do I get more images?: I loved this character[View]
467274907Why don't we have a game in which we can play as a Big Sister? Will there ever be any more Bios…[View]
467273049The last character you played as is now your personal bodyguard. How effective and intimidating are …[View]
467269446Final Fantasy XIV: JUST ONE WEEK BROS[View]
467276492What are some good baseball games /v/?: I wanna make a baseball team of retired actors[View]
467274461You thought the debacle surrounding Tifa's breasts was bad? Name a bigger fuck up in any JRPG t…[View]
467278021MMORPGs: What are the best MMORPGs out there nowadays? Bonus points if they have anime artstyle. …[View]
467247840Name one thing that would fix TF2.[View]
467277063>ywn play a proper wh40K game Imagine if all these stupid fucking AAA studios spent half a billio…[View]
467276898 [View]
467277856PlayStation®Vita hacking's weekly thread: What are you playing?[View]
467272704FF7 Final Fantasy VII Remake: I really don't care what any of you say or if it was censorship, …[View]
467277630Judgment - June 25th: This is coming out sooner than I expected. Are you ready?[View]
467276524So, how badly is the gore censored in the Vita version of Muv-Luv Alternative? I'm going on a t…[View]
467277025tas: why were his eyes yellow?[View]
467276881You're only allowed to say Sekiro is shit of you've beaten the Guardian Ape.[View]
467277050Dilbert was one of the first PC games I ever played. Dilbert 4 when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
467273631Skating games: Have any good ones been released in the past 5 years?[View]
467274943Be honest /v/ Does your dick control your wallet?[View]
467276968Ninjala: It looks like it has the aesthetic of Splatoon mixed with Kingdom Hearts II's Struggle…[View]
467274204Where the fuck can I find a good ps1 emulator[View]
467276908>Game makes the effort to use native voice actors of a foreign language >They speak a modern v…[View]
467266202Comfy game[View]
467264793I don't know what makes Miranda attractive, because she is weird looking, but I can't help…[View]
467271802>yeah bro it took me 30 tries to beat Iudex Gundyr, and I have been stuck on high wall lothric fo…[View]
467273912GOAT vidya openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEf-OI4pHB4[View]
467274415What happened to Nintendo's ethics department?[View]
467273623How the fuck do we stop this bros. I don't want 10 year dev time games that cost $150 with DLC.…[View]
467276389I NEED HELP CTRBROS: QUICK, can anyone confirm that the eshop is doing the early preorder unlock for…[View]
467274171what am I in for? is it better than Dusk?[View]
467274796why you didn't tell me this game is so good /v/ ?[View]
467275438>Doesn't even have a thread on /vg/, the autistic board with obsessive fanbases What went wr…[View]
467272534Why does nobody talk about Doom 64?[View]
467274550Yakuza 0: What am I in for?[View]
467232306Why is aerith so much prettier than tifa?[View]
467276096That kid: >be kid >go to guys house >new friend looks at me and says let's play some …[View]
467274895What the fuck? V /V/ told me her breasts weren't smaller at all! This is bullshit https://twitt…[View]
467275496ITT that one enemy in the game that ruins your good time[View]
467275716Why is it so focused on the girl Steve now?[View]
467272356>boss is immune to debuffs >regular enemies are too easy to kill to use any debuffs…[View]
467269767Why are Asian gamers obsessed with buying png's of anime girls while western gamers are obsesse…[View]
467273747You cannot grasp the true from of Mother Thread 's attack![View]
467270524Dota Underlords out on Mobile: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dota-underlords/id1465996312 https://pl…[View]
467238130Dragon Quest thread: Lets talk about such a great series![View]
467267127How worried are we PC bros?: I panic upgraded my CPU (i7-920 to server cpu) now eyeing an rx580 and …[View]
467268627'This reminds me of a puzzle'[View]
467274901It's out. https://www.underlords.com/home You ARE going to play the superior auto chess right a…[View]
467274912ice climbers[View]
467259034What characters should get CUT for the next Smash?[View]
467274758I want to try a Yakuza game, and Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 0 are both on sale on steam. Which one is …[View]
467245679GAME OF THE DECADE THREAD: LETS VOTE ON THE GAME OF THE DECADE BROS. Previous thread: >>467232…[View]
467274496Mechastorm part 2 is out[View]
467270754who was in the wrong?[View]
467248294>metroidvania >linear as fuck How can this even compare with more modern entries in the genre …[View]
467272654This game finally came out (sort of). any one tried it? Is it any good? How does it compare to sotc?[View]
467273487OMg!! Did he just said the F word?!?! OMG omh this game is so mature and grown up like myself! OMG a…[View]
467274313Will it surpass Undertale as the best RPG of all time?[View]
467271619Now this is confirmed to win GOTY, what’s the front runner for the 2020 GOTY?[View]
467274401Why yes I only poop if it's liquid other wise clean up of the pants is nonconsequential[View]
467274583>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
467274575What are some other PC games that let you drive/customize beaters?[View]
467274563So what's the hopes for Patch 8.2?[View]
467271851Microsoft Shifts Xbox Focus to One Next-Gen Console: What does this mean?[View]
467268424 [View]
467272637Price seems a bit too steep on these Switch ports for what they actually are, huh[View]
467266809what do you think about ID adding so much lore into Doom?[View]
467273313>character heavily armored >dies from sword slashes…[View]
467274162you feel it too, don't you?[View]
467269794>there is nothing wrong with marrying your blade[View]
467258857>a spiritual successor to the original UFO: Enemy Unknown How will Phoenix Point turn out, anons?…[View]
467273948'HEY META KNIGHT!'[View]
467271795What is the best Dragon Quest game and why is it 8?[View]
467273990>when she sees your Nintendo Switch[View]
467269621FFXI: I miss this game. People complain about how tedious it was and how it forced you to team up wi…[View]
467246736Sekiro: >No post launch content What were they thinking? Especially because it's by activisi…[View]
467269263Best view[View]
467273368>more than 2 months later >still no crack…[View]
467271620How does Nintendo justify this being full price?[View]
467257067still can't be topped.[View]
467271889What is the perfect game?[View]
467273208So is she wife status? Or is she just a flavor of the month?[View]
467273395Here's your Geralt bro[View]
467271793Why aren't you playing the greatest fighthing game of all time?[View]
467272651Why does Marlene look so bad compared to everyone else?[View]
467269513Smash Bros Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Leak: Hello /v/! We had a good E3 presentation with the reve…[View]
467273498What games let me use a greatsword and without being slow as all hell? I tried warrior in Dragon…[View]
467273137Will she make the game worth playing?[View]
467271641https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnAbwvLnAeo What are /v/'s thoughts on one of the best endings …[View]
4672728582019 I am forgotten[View]
467271689KOTOR: *falls in love with you*[View]
467269964Modern Warfare is fire yall: Ma niqqas ready to buy dis?[View]
467268928 [View]
467259302MARIO ROYALE THREAD: >http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main >Squad code is '/v/'…[View]
467270659>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
467268730Make it /v/ related: Go nuts.[View]
467202598webm thread: webm thread[View]
467224968At what time does Crash release on Switch?: Besides 4 days ago, of course[View]
467272095Why did the Terrans like Sweet Home Alabama? Practically none of them have been on Earth at all.[View]
467267859Lmao this happened just last year[View]
467270708it was actually kind of good and fun and you're kind of a baby if you don't like it especi…[View]
467269167Reminder that this is the kind of PC and NS exclusives[View]
467270347Finish the image, /v/[View]
467234028only 3 days left now guys[View]
467270065ITT: /v/idya with the worst fanbases Let’s start with the obvious like pic related.[View]
467266407what would you like to see in a future wario game?[View]
467270375Why isn't there a game where you play as a stray cat in an open city with both rural and urban …[View]
467237106>FFVIIのコンピレーション作品で判明した設定が新たに盛り込まれたりと、ストリーの面でも厚みが増やしている。 >Settings established in the FFVII Com…[View]
467261660Post snowy places in vidya. The snowier the better.[View]
467267792You guys think he should be in Smash Ultimate?[View]
467271401>he doesn't play SNK games[View]
467270628I love my 3DS!: Do you still use yours? I can see myself still finding new stuff to play up until 20…[View]
467271360what's your monthly budget for donating to streamers? I tried to stick to $50 or less and split…[View]
467270176>literally zero good games have come out since October 2010 >the decade is ending soon what TH…[View]
467270631Here's your controller bro[View]
467216146>By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. >Remember…[View]
467269238Could you recommend me a game based on my wishlist, as nothing on my wishlist is currently on sale. …[View]
467267898for me it's granny from watch dogs[View]
467271074Not a big fan of Compilation stuff, but the Omega Weapon was not a bad concept. I wouldn't mind…[View]
467265742What's the best Yugioh game /v/?[View]
467270898Where's my Pokemon sword/shield roast thread?[View]
467270696https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTR2fA1eF0A Here's your FFVII remake, bro![View]
467269997>2 weeks after release >still no crack Aren't you ashamed, /v/?…[View]
467270301What was his name again?[View]
467270439NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufikwk7_AD0[View]
467267973Admit it, you miss tripping, You miss knowing that at any moment during a high intensity set you cou…[View]
467268642>Start game >Main menu has framerate dips…[View]
467265121What would you do with a goo clone of yourself?[View]
467270378Terrible combat: What are some games which do everything right instead but ruin most important part?…[View]
467270358If the biggest source of high horsed whining comes from MtF trannies and their faghag cohorts, how d…[View]
467270204Mi Amigo Pedro: How are those scores coming, añons?[View]
467270203Cyberpunk 2077 Antagonist Details: >JUNE 19 2019 >In an impromptu interview with Kotaku, Richa…[View]
467268616BOTW 2 will have a rune that acts like a portal gun as long as it is aimed at a flat surface, it wil…[View]
467253359WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?[View]
467265524>MGSV will never be finished It still hurts bros[View]
467268808Rush B[View]
467269706What do you think about For honor?: I’ve started playing during beta and had a break from it for a y…[View]
467268995Whats your personal GotY for the last 15 years?[View]
467266563What's the essential non JRPG Japanese kino? And no, westernized games like MGS and Souls do no…[View]
467230965What kind of character will you go for in Cyberpunk 2077? (even if you can't choose factions bu…[View]
467268964Why does this series make war look so comfy?[View]
467266552Dota Underlords now available on phones: >https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dota-underlords/id1465996…[View]
467268275How much of their failure can be attributed to feminist pandering? It seems the studio is disillusio…[View]
467244545ITT: Games only you played[View]
467235364Touhou: What's your favorite Touhou game anon?[View]
467269143BUFF BAYO[View]
467269256>why yes, I do enjoy Fortnite: Battle Royale >and I have a suspicion what gave it off: I appea…[View]
467266129>FFVIIのコンピレーション作品で判明した股定か新たに盛り込まれたりと、ストーリーの面でも厚みか増している。 Game ruined, you can go back to hating SE…[View]
467267264Y'all ready for some fucking fun?![View]
467268058ITT: Flawed games you've enjoyed: Hub world + mission structure = comfy[View]
467266589What exactly is this expression attempting to convey?[View]
467259142Why did people think EX Troopers had anything to do with Megaman Legends 3?[View]
467266083>ethics department: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1LTS0vpVjI FF7 > FF7(((R)))[View]
467269216Flippin' A![View]
467269080>Coming out in less than 6 months overshadowed by cyberpunk,ffvii,pokemon and botw. Where is the …[View]
467269068Can /v/ name the best western and eastern game designers ever? Or is it too far gone down the zoome…[View]
467266708This is just so incredibly comfy and smile-inducing. Great (Switch) port also. Are there any other g…[View]
467240619Video Games should always focus primarly on GAMEPLAY, the story should only serve as a pretext for t…[View]
467238931Starbound: This came out a few days ago. Is Starbound a real game yet or am I better off replaying T…[View]
467266071Rebel Galaxy: free video game https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rebel-galaxy/home…[View]
467268864BOARD GAME ONLINE: BOARD GAME ONLINE https://s1.boardgame-online.com/g/game.php?g=oQzF&k=wUo…[View]
467268539AMID EVIL: It's out. On GOG and Steam. (Or on your local torrent tracker, if you wish.)[View]
467268703What are some games with a cool character customization?[View]
467263498 [View]
467260594>multi-billion dollar IP[View]
467264370Useless and hornless party members.[View]
467267462Post box box art here[View]
467261418rematch when?[View]
467266289So, /v/, ya want some green stuff? C'mon, hurry up, pick me up, shithead.[View]
467266884What kind of games do North Koreans play?[View]
467265702Why are zoomers incapable of being able to control more than 1 unit? Why is mobashit like League so …[View]
467265553What's the reaper of videogames?[View]
467268129Tifa's breasts: Are you kidding me? Are we truly at the point characters must have their bodies…[View]
467268063PQ 2 Thread: You DID protect her smile, right /v/?[View]
467265683Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
467261138Do you get proud when you beat a game?[View]
467268005Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans thread. Post your village chief![View]
467267901games that will never get a sequel/remake[View]
467262763NEW BUNDLE IN 15[View]
467232970>unkillable friendly NPCs >forces Gordon to be the good guy hero >overall tame feel to the …[View]
467264424Help me banjo, im cold[View]
467267515You haven't truly played this game until you've wall jumped through it[View]
467245279Final Fantasy XIV: Why is everyone still shitting on RDM when BRD and MCH are the ones on suicide wa…[View]
467265159Is my friend pedro already cracked or did i just fail for some maleware? https://igg-games.com/my-fr…[View]
467267484https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QznWKlIdh_4 frogboys unite![View]
467267479Press F to pay respects.[View]
467261869>playing video games during summer Anon! Come outside and play with us!…[View]
467266546Is it, dare i say, /ourending/?[View]
467266294Where’s the snes,n64,gba,gameboy,gamecube virtual console for switch[View]
467255901Resident Evil 2, Shadow of the Colossus, System Shock..: What other game is in need of a remake?…[View]
467237370What do YOU hope to see in the Grand Theft Auto 5: Online Casino Update?[View]
467266934Hello. This is mayor Mike Haggar.[View]
467263680Do you own any video game merchandise?[View]
467264292>355 days until E3[View]
467265154Post your teams. Rate, hate, etc[View]
467266813Here's your Avengers[View]
467260257/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467173925 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467263294Since none of the 'bowsette' artists have taken the initiative to create 'fan art' for this, I'…[View]
467266661Is the supports only purpose in life just to put down supplies for his officer so he can make a garr…[View]
467266637Mario Galaxy: Literally the game with the best OST ever. bravely default as a close second, of cour…[View]
467266573she's like lightning but actually good[View]
467264016>LET THE MUSIC PLAY https://youtu.be/kAHHFc-gIeI[View]
467265007>game make you cry[View]
467264402Rise of Nations is the best strategy made ever made[View]
467263343Says here you had a job at Sony in the Ethics Department. Care to explain?[View]
467265113Just bought this game and when does it start getting fun? I'm tired as fuck because it feels li…[View]
467265440Kingdom Hearts III: I need some advice for the Young Xehanort, Ansem and Xemnas battle on critical m…[View]
467265737>im the bad guy >duh[View]
467263290>less than a week until Oculus gets BTFO Did you preorder?[View]
467266067They got a quick buck for this shit load of fuck[View]
467263493>bootlicker immediately stands up to defend blizzard after red shirt guy lays the smackdown How d…[View]
467261237So, HL3 basically confirmed?[View]
467263268Can we have a New Vegas thread? Please? One good thread on this shit board[View]
467265912>and so we have it, the face of the western gamer[View]
467265914Literally impossible.[View]
467262071tick tock[View]
467265848Are you excited for Kasumi's announcement in Smash?[View]
467265694I don't even...[View]
467260326>tfw oldfag and still love videogames I won.[View]
467259487>Madness can take many forms, but none so contemptible as man's belief in a mythology of his…[View]
467261919What the fuck is Arcana Blood?: Just saw this on Steam. At least I know where that Thief Arthur dude…[View]
467263789HL:Uplink >> Half-Life[View]
467265334Quack-quack, motherfuckerrr[View]
467264936>looks better than the original in essentially everyway >Diaper fags still insist the original…[View]
467264847Why hasnt the best final fantasy got a remake?[View]
467264485Why are slimes so cute? Can I get one as a pet?[View]
467213589Cyberpunk 2077 DLC will be as big as Witcher 3: https://www.pcgamer.com/cd-projekt-plans-witcher-3-s…[View]
467264891Million Arthur: Arcana Blood: Verdict?[View]
467254457What's next for Samus Aran?[View]
467249413Grandia HD Collection Isn’t on PS4 at Launch Because the Remaster Doesn’t Support 4K: What did they …[View]
467256760Artificial Difficulty: The Game[View]
467264963This was fine[View]
467264805Games that LITERALLY only you played[View]
467251701Steel division 2: What the fuck? Triple AAA game steel division 2 just released and nobody is talkin…[View]
467264550What is this expression attempting to convey?[View]
467264585Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yRFOnGM8-I[View]
467262560Why do we hate Yumi again? Are you picking up the English release of Peach Ball soon?[View]
467260290Will this ever happen again?[View]
467262812>be EA >make loot boxes in every game we can >get in major shit for them so stop >idea.j…[View]
467252682What the fuck went so wrong, holy shit. Game just came out and just dropped new guest characters.[View]
467228314Am i literally the only one looking forward to this?[View]
467264595Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
467261891Dear Switchfags. Do I get the physical copy of Sonic Mania? Or do I download the discounted version …[View]
467261995What went wrong? I spent £60 on this[View]
467263236Man.. do I pull the trigger? Does it have the arena battle mode like on the ps1?[View]
467248453Granblue Versus: 2019, I am forgotten >no news at E3 >no news when the beta ended There's…[View]
467255584Baba is YOU thou![View]
467264102tfw hacking is underused trope in video games[View]
467264224Opinions on this cup of popcorn?[View]
467263015>Death Stranding? No bro, BOTW 2 is where it's at.[View]
467263354What if you saw him at the foot of your bed? What would he say?[View]
467258848Best protagonist of this generation[View]
467260285>Xenonauts 2 Flew under my radar. Was it good?[View]
467263857Witcher 3: Yep, i'm feeling a strong 10/10 to a light 11/10 on this one[View]
467262828Roller Coaster Adventure: How come nobody is talking about this sick game or it's awesome cover…[View]
467256928STORY GAME: 78% of you faggots need to calm the fuck down. Chances are, if you're on this board…[View]
467257117>playing a new rpg >constant urge to alt tab and check the outcome of each quest choice before…[View]
467263664Just bought this game and when does it start getting fun? I'm tired as fuck because it feels li…[View]
467173925/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467098752 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467263095oh, fuck off.[View]
467260212Decisions decisions[View]
467263520>makes same game 7 times https://youtu.be/_Sma_QeJ2vM[View]
467252901I thought /v/ said Pokémon sword and shield were gonna flop hard: MUH NATIONAL DEX faggots Eat dick…[View]
467257572Favorite Miku game?[View]
467258438So is this ever going to Fucking come out?[View]
467261598Games onlly you have played.[View]
467262406What the flying fuck is wrong with Japan?[View]
467262923>game gets progressively worse with each new update What are some other games that had potential …[View]
467260564Now that he's been gone for more than 3 years we can admit he was the worst CEO nintendo ever h…[View]
467263012Where do you think you are going? I only want Gothic 2 thread from you - that's the toll here. …[View]
467262976Define objectivity and the plausibility of utilizing it for making great games. Genetic similarity i…[View]
467262936>comparing CGI to in game render Tifa is still prettier than Aerith[View]
467262858So how is it /v/?: It released today and I haven't seen any posts about it.[View]
467262831Just finished the first one, what would be the easiest way for me to get my deck back?[View]
467262754Thoughts on this game? I just started it on Hard, and it's kind of too hard atm. Any tips?[View]
467235631Don’t mind me. Just the best retro inspired game coming through.[View]
467262438You now remember Pangya[View]
467259491Best game ever made. I'll never understand how casuals can praise BotW when the real best game …[View]
467262582The PROPER Tamrielic Racial Tier List: God Tier: >Nords >Colovian Imperials >Argonians High…[View]
467262409>you can revive your party members when they go down >they can't revive YOU, so when you …[View]
467243979SNK Thread: JUST fucking imagine[View]
467241704Is Underlords going to be dead on arrival just like Artifact was? Can Valve even make a good game an…[View]
467261084Are they Sega reps?[View]
467255492Finally played this Why does everyone suck its dick so much? It's literally just an open world…[View]
467261720revisiting read dead 2: >that slow-ass grandma walk you're forced to endure to leave the cam…[View]
467261002>game has audiologs >but you cant listen to them while playing…[View]
467260612Why did it fail?[View]
467253657Sonic music thread: Were the songs by Crush 40 and other artists the only good thing about Sonic 06?…[View]
467261908What are some games where you're small?[View]
467235296>Smogon University Is there anything more autistic than competitive Pokemon?…[View]
467257219>'oh boy finally home from work' >'time to sit on Boredlands Online RPG #28271 and repeat the …[View]
467241039Never Ever Wishlist: Anyone else have any highly unlikely games they want made? Mine is pic related.…[View]
467261523Why does Ann trigger /v/ so much?[View]
467260045What was his dinner policy?[View]
467253283best wild west games that aren't Red Dead?[View]
467258523Senran Kagura Reflections: THANKS FOR BETATESTING[View]
467260703You know, I like Splatoon for reasons beyond being a lusty old creep. So let's talk shop. I rea…[View]
467254540Find a redeeming factor.[View]
467255887IT'S HAPPENING | IT'S HAPPENING | IT'S HAPPENING: https://gematsu.com/2019/06/disaste…[View]
467257487For me, it's the Dunmer. The best Elder Scrolls race.[View]
467257424Your critique of my vidya choices is a personal attack on my character /v/, it has taken the enjoyab…[View]
467258154i don't get it this weapon[View]
467226530Bloodstained: How many stupid backer designed enemies are in this game? There are two different type…[View]
467226181Crash Team Racing thread: When are the servers up? I want to spend money.[View]
467255128'ya'll on the internet are just a bunch of women hater incels!' meanwhile: bow down for our gee…[View]
467258159How: I can't believe this fucking guy is the new President. How the fuck did they get away with…[View]
467235112Are you still upset?[View]
467258620LOVELESS, act 1: Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess We seek it thus, and take to the sky…[View]
467257545>all the boredom of modern day open world games; menial errands, shit dialogues, follow-the-map-m…[View]
467260337This is Shutaro Iida, director of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. He also directed HD. Say someth…[View]
467257052>game >fun pick both here. Anyone else playing it?…[View]
4672503715 MORE DAYS UNTIL STEAM SALE: What are you buying? What are you hoping for? Will valve do something …[View]
467259485Why did Majora's Mask need the expansion pak? It's barely larger than OOT, if at all.[View]
467260203Will they put him in smash?[View]
467260121Competitive Games: The feeling of utilizing a skill that you had to sit down and practice gives me a…[View]
467255814You're all going to eat so much shit when Star Citizen comes out as one of the most forward pus…[View]
467249709THIS. GAME. IS. POOPY!!!!!!![View]
467259124Tifa Asian Confirmed: >Aerith and Tifa are double heroines. One has a western-style look and the …[View]
467259727Will we ever see WW2-era Price again?[View]
467256930>is mostly dependent on his ranged specials >all his attacks are dependent on his 'ammo' meter…[View]
467255012Why can't wee games again with this level of pixel art?[View]
467257817do you have friends to play video games with /v/?[View]
467245294XIV: Hope you guys are ready for a whole cavalcade of edgy bullshit next week.[View]
467259361>Microsoft spent time shilling a korean Counterstrike clone at E3 What did they mean by this?…[View]
467236962MARIO ROYALE THREAD >http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main >Squad code is '/v/'…[View]
467248737This is Yanderedev. Say something nice about him[View]
467255825Why do game devs care so much about realism?[View]
467258426>play video game >it's the best fuckin video game you ever done played >wish you could…[View]
467253735Pure Kino experience, why you fags never told me about this game?[View]
467253482You did manage to pull Summer Laegjarn, right anon?[View]
467258240would you play an open world harry potter universe rpg?[View]
467257960this whole board needs to be purged. warcraft thread[View]
467248910You have 10 seconds to post your favorite vidya girl.[View]
467258294How do you come back to a game after a hiatus? I feel like JRPGs are generally the most common genre…[View]
467256937It's amazing how much having some rock formations, individual trees, and a variety of shrubs ca…[View]
467257739ITT: Fuck you I liked it: LET THE SPEED MEND IT[View]
467256981Nessa thread[View]
467186280Yes, yes let's get to the real issue. How many good Star Trek games have you played? I mean per…[View]
467256706cute bootsies[View]
467256675Will he be in the Remake?[View]
467254209I haven't been looking forward to a launch date this much in a long time. Put 1k+ hours into SM…[View]
467256438Stop interuppting my story[View]
467257330Thoughts on this game? Also how do I git gud?[View]
467255997So now that enough time has passed, can we conclusively agree that Nintendo conclusively won E3?[View]
467257383is it possible to play this game as an incel or do I have to romance one of the whores?[View]
467256361are you ready for his costume, /v/?[View]
467257757What are some games to prepare me for getting drafted and going to Iran?[View]
467251883Hoho Haha[View]
467256801>Haven’t played RDR2 online since it came out >maybe it got better >find what I think is a…[View]
467255923I just bought pic related Was it a good decision?[View]
467257267>mfw the game is good[View]
467233025Fixed your Cyberpunk, bro[View]
467256915Autochess: >Valve shits out Dota Underlords >Epic hired its own team to make an autochess game…[View]
467257176AHHH FUUUUCK.[View]
467256694ZEN ZEN DAME DA[View]
467257108real life end game gear[View]
467255163Rebecca Chambers is better than Tifa Lockheart: Rebecca is a clear 10/10 through out the RE series a…[View]
467251181Why is this allowed?[View]
467256819>Yeah hi, so will this version of Tetris solve racism or will it be just another frivolous divers…[View]
467255641I miss old Gmod: Made a video about how Gmod was a big part of my childhood and how it taught me how…[View]
467253848If Zelda isn't playable in BOTW 2: The Sequel, do you at least expect her to be a persistent NP…[View]
467256205Hyrule... Home...[View]
467255212Why do video game devs never get pic rel right?[View]
467255480play FFXV[View]
467243656Astral Chain: Overview trailer is up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRgolbpH6Qg[View]
467256326Why did they give parry such a shitty control? I cannot count how many times I've done the cont…[View]
467254274Rebel Galaxy now free on Epic ![View]
467253662Why the fuck are 100 pokemon threads being made today? You have a board for this shit. >>>/…[View]
467253175Smash Ultimate Online: >Get a match >your preferences are ignored >Huge map >Items ON …[View]
467254332What is a truly dead genre?: My vote goes for shoot ‘em ups. Gradius V was one of the last triple A …[View]
467256125Games you played while waiting for wizardry/recommended games while waiting for wizardry. Three yea…[View]
467256097Why haven't you played the original yet?[View]
467256061Post your gaming platforms and the most played game on them over the last year for you. >PC - Tit…[View]
467254852Well, are you still gonna play it?[View]
467255970play indie games[View]
467250714>https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/judgment OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
467255475Will you play Ninja Theory's new game?[View]
467243875>that guy who listens to video game soundtracks instead of listening real music…[View]
4672539620 games to play, why[View]
467253759What am I in for?[View]
467253640Is this game good?[View]
467255047Hey look it's AnthemVR Are we getting an actual videogame VRbros? Something that isn't a t…[View]
467250128I've always really loved lightgun shooting games. My world was rocked when I played Time Crisis…[View]
467255162Damn bros have you heard of this game it’s pretty good[View]
467250123Post Pokemon that should have been added to Smash over Incineroar.[View]
467249314bros, 3D is hard as fuck. how the fuck do I make now my disney princess fighter?[View]
467252248>Hugo decides to run off AGAIN after seeing hundreds upon hundreds of dead bodies Holy shit this …[View]
467255404Enjoy lads G99VP-3R8X8-FAXY4[View]
467241101The best game in Star Wars history and no game like it will ever exist.[View]
467249463ITT: vidya characters that you're pretty sure only you've ever fapped to[View]
467194534conversation with the artist behind the Cyberpunk poster: I for one unironically welcome more wester…[View]
467254589Which do I buy?[View]
467255309Has there realistically ever been a more necessary game?[View]
467254086This game is bad because Jon Tron said so.[View]
467255187>press start to continue >press literally anything else…[View]
467252609Holy shit how long do I have to drive these goddamn fucking forklifts?![View]
467251370there are still people who still play this rng game[View]
467254952>tfw playing game >get spoiled on plot point >forget about spoiler while playing >dont r…[View]
467254680Going to refund this garbage piece of shit and get my 200 dollary doos back. What should I spend it …[View]
467254937Final Fantasy is an RPG[View]
467252764Is that a switch?[View]
467224462What does Hearthstone do right that other online card games do wrong?[View]
467252792/v/ meta: >that one meta thread Hiro allows Why can't you talk and discuss like normal peopl…[View]
467254636>VRfags will defend this[View]
467254425What are some top tier frogs in video games?[View]
467252883Can you name any vidya that was revealed to be all a dream? (Like SMB2)[View]
467254549ITT: Games that should have a competitive scene: This one have a lot of potential. >inb4 stuck i…[View]
467252936POST VIDEO GAME SONGS THAT JUST MAKES YOU WANNA RIP AND TEAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAf-lY_…[View]
467254464Any games out there like pic related?[View]
467241116>yes, I use FitGirl Repacks to download all my games. How could you tell?…[View]
467254321Attorney Online Vidya (cucks, formerly virgins): lmao not only you locked your doc but reported the …[View]
467246224ITT: Games only you played: This game needed a sequel. I loved it. It was pretty challenging at time…[View]
467253078Why aren't YOU playing Azur Lane right now?[View]
467252004>2019 >still no Sailor Moon video game[View]
467252104こんにちは、Todd Howardです。Fallout 76 をもう購入しましたか。[View]
467254067CHAD LORENZ CHAD LORENZ: apologize, immediately[View]
467253990Post yur favourite games anons. It dosnt have to be 3x3 https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/[View]
467245537We're going to Mars bros[View]
467247786Asset flipping Iceborne: MH team is so fucking lazy they are even reusing the seasonal event decorat…[View]
467250221ITT: Items that ruined the entire game[View]
467251349>your 'ally' betrays you[View]
467253687Handsome Men??: Handsome Men!![View]
467243950I grew up playing video games and enjoying them. But lately I just play them cause I tell myself it’…[View]
467252976>burnt out of gaming >last week played past 2 weeks 120 hours what to do now? I doN't fin…[View]
467236629Comfy Switch Thread: What you playin today??[View]
467253290ITT: games that only you played[View]
467246106>anime game set in medival fantasy >costume dlc has modern swimwear and clothing…[View]
467228960PS4 Emulator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBBHisNM74o&feature=youtu.be Bloodborne PC imminen…[View]
467253314>optional boss is strongest enemy in the gams[View]
467233610Here's that controller you wanted, son.[View]
467245030>enter castle >see this What the FUCK. Immersion ruined.…[View]
467251810>dude, let's just make the player run all the way back to the boss every time for no reason …[View]
467253298Does anyone remember this absolute masterpiece of a game[View]
467239797>only 960k units sold Bloodborne? More like stillborn! lmao This is even more of a failure than D…[View]
467232138In the end of the Banjo trailer, K. Rool falls down a big hole and goes underground, which will lead…[View]
467252362PC version will have RTX[View]
467252389Was Sephiroth trying at all when he fought Genesis and Angeal? Crisis Core make them looks relative …[View]
467252596What should they rerelease on Wii?[View]
467252875Are you ready for the GOTY?[View]
467252585Who is the Misaki of videogames?[View]
467249324[ H I T M A N | 2 ]: New Miami escalation Edition Bank level IN 5 FREAKING DAYS Hype thread Get your…[View]
467252807I sure am glad Ubisoft finally decided to listen to their customers and give them what they want.[View]
467216495Been playing the shit out of this, what are the odds the second one will be good as well?[View]
467250721Why is there no music playing in Barkley Shut up and Jam Gaiden?[View]
467248931>Works Pokefags into a lying shoot[View]
467252520Is some shitty dancing anime girl simulator really the best that VR can pull off when it comes to ga…[View]
467245091Do you own gamer stickers?[View]
467250269Yo this game is awesome wtf[View]
467249867Why doesn't Epic Games remakes One Must Fall: 2097 in Unreal Engine 4?[View]
467252163LUMO: This game is really awesome, I wish more people would play it[View]
467251815https://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201906200034/ For the SRW fans on /v/, T's getting new DLC that ta…[View]
467252151Fuck cancer[View]
467251114Are there any good games up on kikestarter?[View]
467242042ITT: Characters who deserve to be Echo Fighters: Funky Kong is an obvious one. >Replace some smas…[View]
467249818Will this game sink the entire crowd funding ship when they inevitably are unable to complete it or …[View]
467250842What went so right?[View]
467250652Now that videogames are dead forever, what's your favorite way of consumer exploitation?[View]
467249631What the fuck even is up with JRPGS? >cutesy protag with a gigantic 6 foot wide rocksword >wie…[View]
467247824Full - Life - CONSEQUNCES: Its time to end this ONES AND FOR ALL ;3[View]
467241810>King Crimson in Eyes of Heaven just make Diavolo invisible That's not how it works. For rea…[View]
467248169That's a lot of soul missing from SMM2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Y3vvHvKCk[View]
467251548Your latest pleasant surprise in gaming?: Managed to get this for real cheap and got 35 hours out of…[View]
467249839Yakuza E3 game dev interview: https://nichegamer.com/2019/06/18/toshihiro-nagoshi-interview-creating…[View]
467251418What happens if you weld together two metal Pokémons? Does it hurt them? Can they separate again wit…[View]
467246980The choice of time: Persona 5 or Persona 5R? I have not played any of them, what is best for me for …[View]
467215281>W-WHY IS THAT GUY WEARING LIKE THAT? >And that weird hair? >AND THAT SWORD >Ignore him …[View]
467251304Tifa's breasts: Are you kidding me? Are we truly at the point characters must have their bodies…[View]
467249682HE'S IN[View]
467248213RILLA ROO... WINS[View]
467246978This entire board must be purged.[View]
467248972>Normal is piss easy >Hard is fucking impossible…[View]
467249004VtMB 2: This game looks fucking terrible. I understand that the first game came with its own set of …[View]
467245227how do you even come up with a good gamer tag? i've always just used my first name (greg).[View]
467249240*dabs on FF7R*[View]
467250681The state of Epic Games: disaster or trashfire?[View]
467250223would you like to be turned into a living chair by your tzimisce waifu, haha?[View]
467244126What's the best competitive online video game?[View]
467250253'GAMESTOP could be here' he thought, 'l've never been in this neighborhood before. There could …[View]
467247146Pokemon SwSh hype thread: Please no dexcel shitposting. This is a thread for us who understand why s…[View]
467249836>he lowered his standards for the quality of video games he'll play…[View]
467249987June 2019...... I am forgotten............[View]
467250051is it good?[View]
467248681Can Sonic ever be the best at anything?[View]
467247105are there any other JRPGs that focus on combat & exploration rather than hand-holding you a set …[View]
467237006Why aren't you working on that vidya idea of yours anon?[View]
467249497>They nerfed my main Jerry! >They nerfed your main? >My main, Jerry!…[View]
467248805Bloodstained:Chads Edition: How mad are you right now that Miriam isn't looking at you this way…[View]
467247501https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjBywY4l6c4 based Mick did it again[View]
467244053It just occurred to me that Sakurai is the last guy from the 8-bit era who's still making video…[View]
467249049Post game franchises that do this[View]
467246926Remember when Xbox got railed for 'always online' in 2013 but now there's people unironically e…[View]
467201274this game good[View]
467248595>will never get a good full metal alchemist game ever[View]
467205363Hey anon! Give me THAT! You know what THAT is, right?[View]
467248018Daily reminder that the Sega Saturn is the greatest console of all time[View]
467239425What is /v/'s favorite map maker?[View]
467245567Tales of: So I just got tales of vesperia and fired it up, should I play with english or nippon voic…[View]
467246068What if he had fired the buster?: >no Sigma virus >no Zero >no Repliforce rebellion >no …[View]
467248125https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft0QpOS3tmQ WE HAVE TAKEN CHARWIE[View]
467245640Happy Pride month /v/ <3[View]
467248332Can /v/ make this vidya related?[View]
467248171Dragon Quest: Is Smash how we finally get Square to promote DQ internationally for real?[View]
467248326This is gonna be epic my dudes!!!!!!!![View]
467245495>character leaves the party in the middle of the game and never shows up again…[View]
467244550Games with this feel ?[View]
467248031Well that was underwhelming[View]
467244570Why the FUCK am I having recurring dreams of wandering this spooky wasteland? Its like the 4th day i…[View]
467247642Here lies Totori Forgotten due to a lack of thighs. She will be missed[View]
467247929I like the soundtrack to Final Fantasy XII but why is the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Tactics so muc…[View]
467243783Holy shit! Disaster Report - Schoolgirl Edition is getting localized! https://youtu.be/7QQjskzvnFs[View]
467247805BING BING WAHOO[View]
467247762every Philadelphia's wet dream[View]
467243858What's the best Kirby game?[View]
467247602>He bought the PS4? >Move headquarters to California…[View]
467226119Is he the luckiest vidya character of all time?[View]
467245283Why would they do this?[View]
467247514https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPY22aCkCnE HE'S IN[View]
467247480Imagine being creative assembly and making all this shit after rome 2 instead of just making medieva…[View]
467240450Witcher 3 for the Switch censored: >remove hanged bodies >don't bother to remove the rope…[View]
467245629I've 131 Gold Points burning a whole in my Switch and I'm looking to grab a nice cheap gam…[View]
467246651>Current state of pc gaming[View]
467242953Butts are superior[View]
467245882Reminder that if you hate Final Fantasy XV, you're either a brainlet or a loser.[View]
467247021What was his fucking problem?[View]
467241829Konami please, bring it back, at least remake the first game in Fox Engine, come on now[View]
467240796Switch Tax!: How is this even real?[View]
467244939This was suprisingly a lot of fun. Recommend me some games like this /v/.[View]
467239701>sudden influx of games set in japan now: why[View]
467241369hey nice video game, can i play after you?[View]
467242174>male villager has higher HP than female soldier[View]
467245186hmm hm hm hm hm miya lemi, hmm hm hm hm hmm hm hm miya remi[View]
467246212>sun level >shadow enemies[View]
467241724What's the best Emulator so I can play Minish cap on PC?[View]
467242926So, what have they been working on?[View]
467244759What are some good games that will take away the bad ideas in my head?[View]
467245548Vidya?awwww man! So way back in /v/ threads,got our anons posting side to side Side,side to side Thi…[View]
467245518What are some games where the main character goes through a mental breakdown?[View]
467241931>Tifa doesn't look like a cowtit JAV porn star >muh tits, muh censorship, muh SJW Why nob…[View]
467245168Food in vidya: Post grub, lads.[View]
467242809>a terrorist leader starts telling the party about a conspiracy against the lower class…[View]
467242410>yes I only main greatsword, how do you notice[View]
467239040Has /v/ moved on from the playstation yet? Did you go to Switch or PC for your weebshit options, or …[View]
467242340>hardest ds1 boss? for me it was these 2 faggots. ng+ was four kings. also what the fuck was tha…[View]
467241507They Are Billions: What did I think of it?[View]
467231056>defeats the Cuphead boss you struggled with for hours in one try Nothin' personel…[View]
467188815What are some good Yugioh games?[View]
467243317What game lets me achieve my ultimate dream after years of hard work and struggle?[View]
467235285whats the top 3 sonic games?[View]
467243935>Good game lads, we were beatten fair and square. >Remember this feeling of bitterness when we…[View]
467240113>/v/ kills the first truly moddable console because because 'buttons are mushy' >Suck off DLC,…[View]
467242548*Bwooong Bweeeeennnn*[View]
467224374It was good.[View]
467243898Chaos Temple.[View]
467241936Do I need 8 core or 6 core Ryzen to run ray traced Undertale 3?[View]
467243964>decides to create what will become the most hyped game in recent history >wants to build an u…[View]
467239676Is the Sims a good game?[View]
467242539fortnight tryhards: fortnight tryhards are ruing the game do you agree and why[View]
467241175BOARD GAME ONLINE: https://s1.boardgame-online.com/g/game.php?g=oQyB&k=dge join in faggets, we…[View]
467242114Did you let go, anon?[View]
467240015I fucking hate the Joycons: >Waggle shit in Mario Odyssey >No real D-Pad >Right stick place…[View]
467235845>gives you a house and doesn't hassle you about paying, lets you pay your debt at your own l…[View]
467242886Wonderful 101 research is doing well: >Speaking to VGC at E3 2019, studio head Atsushi Inaba prov…[View]
467212242What were the best reactions you saw to Banjo being revealed?[View]
467241814Are you playing his content patch? It's coming next week.[View]
467243112Now that the dust has settled, what is the gayest video game there is?[View]
467237143Let's have a 3x3 Thread!: It's always nice to have these once in a while. Post your favour…[View]
467240609What's the best mech saga in all viday and why Front Mission deserves such title?[View]
467238637Children of Morta: Why aren't you playing the demo yet? Best roguelike/roguelite since gungeon.…[View]
467242104vidya feels: >2012 >living at my dads >played skyrim >remember one day i was exploring s…[View]
467242910What are some games where i can kill myself?[View]
467242885Dammit GF, when I said I wanted Pokemon to look like Zelda I meant Breath of the Wild, not Ocarina o…[View]
467240246Things we'll never have a chance to see turned into a Telltale game[View]
467242578>Bad guy falls off something to his death >If you go down to that area afterwards their body …[View]
467234910Dark Souls has good gamepla-[View]
46724079410/10 production values and amazing the first time, but replaying this game is so boring, it really …[View]
467241787How well would Ash do in Silent Hill?[View]
467222813Why am I banned all the time? :([View]
467241861>BANG, BANG, BANG >on my DMC thread…[View]
467232461Final Fantasy XIV: If Eden if FF8 based, THE BEST FF ENEMY IS CONFIRMED, GET YOUR HOCKEY ON BOYS.…[View]
467223913>he didn't pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 yet AHAHAHAAHA, What are you? An idiot? Cyberpunk 2077 i…[View]
467230009R U I N E D U I N E D[View]
467241834Foxhole: Anyone from /v/ playing this? New update dropped and the game is fun as fuck right now. no…[View]
467241302JUDGMENT? MORE LIKE FLOPMENT LOL: Yakuza Kiwami - 80 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - 83 Yakuza Kiwami 2…[View]
467241696>Browse /vg/ >Hmm I should check out the overwatch general, I remember playing that game and h…[View]
467241839>Die, clanner! How do you even respond to this without sounding like a clanner?…[View]
467234310>saves current generation[View]
467231409“FFVIIR looks so bland” “where’s the color??”[View]
467238593>Download Mario Kart Wii >Get a message from Internet Service Provider Reee. I downloaded this…[View]
467237014Who knew that Microsoft was /lit/?[View]
467239530YouTuber Etika missing after posting distressing video alluding to suicide: Thread theme: https://ww…[View]
467237119Aside from NOT being a platformer and the questionable re-design, was there really anything wrong wi…[View]
467224376/v/ in a nutshell: >Tifa Tits >Cybertranny >Muh Brown/White Nessa >Smash threads Do you …[View]
467239095Smash Leak: Got sent this recently, what do you think?[View]
467206876White Nesse Vs Negra Nesse: DESU I love Nesse being white, it fits better than black[View]
467239879MPs in a spin as games chief appears to deny Fortnite makes money: https //www theguardian.com/games…[View]
467237205CTR day one early thread: Where my day 1 early niggas at?[View]
467241234>2019 >i am forgotten[View]
467235958It's just me or does anyone here also dislike the look RE Engine made games have? I don't …[View]
467241410Pokepunk 2077: https://youtu.be/AEt4kCZQYro[View]
467240279Rune Factory Thread: Let's! Work! Hard! Today![View]
467241231>Sees leaked images of the switch mini 'Oh, boy! I really wanna get one, I think this'll be …[View]
467241032Are there any games that give you the feel of a religious fanatic banishing the unworthy into the Ab…[View]
467240326Play 7th Stand User https://7thjojo.tumblr.com/post/98202338885/after-several-months-in-the-making-t…[View]
467239818>make game rated M for 18+ audience >crowd still go 'think of the chilluns!!' Most 18+ shooter…[View]
467236037>it's real[View]
467240213Well, what are you waiting for?: random DOT org[View]
467240843Sea of Thieves général: How’s your venture to pirate kino coming along? Any fun stories?[View]
467232548GOTD: Post Game of the Decade, I'll make a strawpoll of all suggestions.[View]
467238448My thicc body is god damn ready! No more useless joycons, just buy the pro pad and dock and enjoy th…[View]
467240308EA calls loot boxes 'surprise mechanics' and compares them to Kinder Eggs: https://www.pcg…[View]
467240571>REmake >hold square + d-pad to run >ah, just like the originals >okay lets play RE0 nex…[View]
467240631whats some smell kino?[View]
467186019>Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 2 Original is No Longer Canon! OH NO NO NO NO https://www.destruct…[View]
467236440I pretty much only replay games from my past, or older games these days. Nothing new excites me, if …[View]
467240531VLR: ITT: Impossible puzzles VLR thread[View]
467236730Has Rockstars arrogance about thinking they don’t need to release on PC finally caught up to them? T…[View]
467234918Is this the most underrated game in the series?[View]
467180458Isn't Splatoon 3 too soon? why the last splatfest?[View]
467236167Do you think there will ever be a Fable 4? Fable 3 sucked balls. Fable 2 was the best of the series…[View]
467236528ESTO ES EL FIN SORA[View]
467237707If you take away the game breaking glitches, the awful physics, the cringey story, the furry panderi…[View]
467240342Is this game good?[View]
467224923It's Ryona from Senran Kagura![View]
467236196Youkai Watch 4 cuts 500+ Youkai: Oh no no bros I thought Gamefreak were just lazy???[View]
467210683Overwatch is dead: Overwatch died after they added sombra, change my mind.[View]
467236940Mario Royale (girl's fortnite) thread: >he didn't memorize all levels by heart as of no…[View]
467237773is todd howard new peter molyneux?[View]
467221226Mass Effect: You chose Quarians over machines, right?[View]
467234736What are some of the best lego videogames[View]
467235832Adventure games: I'm tired, I want to play a game with a sense of adventure. Tales of vesperia …[View]
467232291More claw/-type weapons like this?[View]
467239527Looking for a way to AFK in Red Dead 2 online to grind levels while I sleep. Any ideas?[View]
467238281Chucky: >1 day left >still no reviews or spoilers Anyone else worried?…[View]
467239312>The DLC isn't included in the base game >have to buy it all day 1 or buy the special edi…[View]
467236972shin megami tensei V>final fantasy VII remake[View]
467233754What's your favorite piece of video game lore /v/?[View]
467238532>Piranha Plant >Just a mook >Got in before Toad and Waluigi >Not even a main mook like G…[View]
467231293To all the people not in the know. The reason this is such a big deal is because Rare is owned by Mi…[View]
467227449>needing to unlock things through challenges or grinding makes you feel like you've worked t…[View]
467214392Blessed images only[View]
467239120>Finnish studio >Only Finn character is a janny who speaks broken English but why?…[View]
467239029Oh, my dearest Anon. What VNs have you been playing lately?[View]
467236595DISASTER REPORT 4 WESTERN LOCALIZAITON!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6jHR4pRxyA HOLYFUCKING SH…[View]
467236724Snoy strikes again![View]
467238973https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM4jMJzkPOI Any games with this feel? Besides Silent Hill.[View]
467236965>Kirby devours his enemies whole and assimilates their powers into his being >Mario takes cont…[View]
467236751>Still no third game It's not fucking fair[View]
467238698Dont mind me making a graal online classic thread in the morning to avoid it dying[View]
467235431Curse broken.[View]
467231404are there any games where i can kill kurds?[View]
467227975M... Mommy![View]
467237932So if you get this with the legacy dlc its better than buying both 1 and 2?[View]
467237751When will we get the Bigfoot survival horror game we deserve?[View]
467238558imagine actually putting a woman on thd battlefield thatd be crazy![View]
467236912Play a JRPG[View]
467236909Gekkoukan High...Home.[View]
467236775Dude WoW Classic will be so epic it's gonna be like that time I played it 15 years ago! - 20 ye…[View]
467235853Samurai SHOWDOWN - 2 Trailers: Hanzo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_r3MZj36wc Earthquake https://…[View]
467237447Team Sonic Racing bombed. Is 'modern' Sonic finally dead?[View]
467233929Did you believe it was a SJW decision from the start or did you like me thought it was just a run of…[View]
467235795When I got this assignment, I was hoping there'd be more gambling.[View]
467234750What did Sakurai mean with this shot?: Is that him acknowledging leaks and the internet shit flingin…[View]
467230390>another E3 went by >with no new Wars announcement It's dead, isn't it? Hold me, /v/…[View]
467232495Now that the dust has settled, was he right?[View]
467233281Persona: >tfw she's probably married to some stranger in Persona 5 timeline It hurts bros, I…[View]
467232421Sevastapol Medbay... home.[View]
467227550Twitch and Youtube has completely fucked me. If I'm at home, I literally can't do anything…[View]
467237123Do you still use your 3DS?[View]
467234482Am I the only one who likes the cgi old cartoony style more than the literally just another realisti…[View]
467232297why does this buggy piece of shit crash so often? launched it 6 times in 2 days, crash before 5 out …[View]
467230932Double Soul (with chaos union) or Cross System (with beast out)? Which was better?[View]
467236292A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visua…[View]
467232496Was it kino?[View]
467232862>no romance option for him as a female character Shit game[View]
467236950What is the most recent game that has an active speedrunning community primarily centered on exploit…[View]
467236481Was COD ever good?[View]
467220658Is Romancing Saga any good? Been listening to parts of the soundtrack and I'm in love. https://…[View]
467236524Disaster Report 4 coming west for PS4, Switch and PC: https://youtu.be/G6jHR4pRxyA >inb4 NISA…[View]
467233919How did we go from this...[View]
467213993MARIO ROYALE THREAD: >http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main >Squad code is '/v/'…[View]
467231691Games with the best fan art?: For me it’s Undertale :3[View]
467236387Age of Wonders: Planetfall: Which race will you play as? Mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwY8-I…[View]
467232948Does he have a chance to make Smash Bros?[View]
467232870It's time for you to choose who your favorite video game bros is. But it may be difficult, beca…[View]
467236068Will Philips release 32k/480fps console in 2020?[View]
467235828Is Erick 'Maverick' Thorn the sexiest playable character in an FPS game?[View]
467231825Is this still true? Neil Cicierega should make a game[View]
467232951Post your best dead games: F[View]
467226176Nioh: What is your opinion on Nioh and the upcoming sequel? Whenever I see it mentioned on /v/ I fee…[View]
467235709The Witcher 2 did soulslike better than Dark Souls. Prove me wrong.[View]
467229248How did we go from this...[View]
467225509Will project Borealis be a valid successor to the half-life franchise? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
467235074Are these graphics really acceptable for the most profitable game of the last few years? Look at tho…[View]
467206175will gamefreak fix this before they release it?[View]
467235518Are you ready for the biggest failure of the game industry?: Everyone who pre-ordered this shit is r…[View]
467235352Why haven't you left pokemon behind and joined the Digimon crowd yet? Pictured: Lilithmon X-an…[View]
467234238Will Sega release 16k/240fps console in 2020?[View]
467203260Why is this game's atmosphere so unsettling? It veers into the uncanny valley yet I can't …[View]
467228995Anna from metro Exodus is the absolute pinnicle of waifu material. There has never been before anyon…[View]
467222072He really did deliver.[View]
467233653Beenox are gonna patch in Switch's 'Boost Mode' down the line to decrease loading times... righ…[View]
467235181He's in.[View]
467231894>there will never be a true sequel to plants vs zombies that isn't free to play mobile crap …[View]
467228261PlayStation Home....Home[View]
467226809Will Nintendo release 4k/60fps console in 2020?[View]
467235064Fire Emblem Heroes - Special Heroes (Summer Returns): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdQE1cjp81U HY…[View]
467234538Why is Nintendo so unethical?[View]
467230645Comfy 3D World Levels[View]
467221853gaming mice: Why don't you have a G Pro Wireless?[View]
467219952>'B-but Tifa would look unnatural with big tits!'[View]
467230014>villain redemption arc what games do this?[View]
467232043nuDoom is the best Doom ga-[View]
467228251>2020 >not playing multi-player games exclusively…[View]
467213924Escape form Tarkov: what went wrong?[View]
467232036You know the word.... gaaaay?[View]
467231405Will you be buying it?[View]
467234397The Flowers of Robert Maplethorpe.[View]
467234351>next 10 months of Cyberpunk threads will be tranny posting, trannies posting and people pretendi…[View]
467226021REAL GAMER HOURS: What are you playing?[View]
467232542Shitting on Bethesda: Honestly fuck them hard. They screwed up enormously with Fallout 76 and I have…[View]
467234202This is Maya: She loves positive people. Say something good about her.[View]
467234193>Game has row of bathroom stalls[View]
467221456If you like beat em ups, this one is worth checking out.[View]
467234048What is unironically the best survival game?[View]
467234131Who is this and what the fuck is his problem?[View]
467232224Pokemon SwSh hype thread: Please no dexcel shitposting. This is a thread for us who understand why s…[View]
467234064State of the Industry: Who cares about Tifa's titty censorship? The bigger issue at hand is com…[View]
467209630Dead Space is the best horror game ever made[View]
467230518Denuvo has won: So where's the cracks, guys? The last major crack for an important Denuvo game …[View]
467233776It's better than KH3[View]
467224307Nintendo ripping off Tamers12345?: as most of you remember, Tamers12345 put Ganondorf in his BotW sp…[View]
467233674Did you say, /v/?[View]
467223747Ryza hasn't been getting as many threads recently because of lack of news. Please Gust, don…[View]
467228691You did keep the tattoo, right /v/?[View]
467214060Will it ever get popular in the west ?: i started playing this game today and after 6 hours in i alr…[View]
467224043Clean your pc right now[View]
467233236Rebecca appreciation thread: Because she's the best.[View]
467227485Anyone hyped for this: >4 hours left. If you can't read French…[View]
467231785Hey /v/ member that action game with the cute Brazilian girl, turns out it's probably not dead …[View]
467228030Well /v/? Do you have the gamer horns?[View]
467230905Why are Switch games so washed out these days?[View]
467206237Why isn't gamefaqs popular anymore? Do any of you miss having to print out a walkthrough of the…[View]
467232853OHNONONO LOOK AT THIS Tree HAHAHAHA Holy shit. The trainer looks more out of place than OoT Link t…[View]
467219379They're in: Who's next?[View]
467229961How BADASS is this game going to be?[View]
467233294What are some examples of games that died at launch?[View]
467232093Auto Swim: >go on Youtube to watch Adult Swim >auto correct types 'Auto' instead of 'Adult' …[View]
467232958Why is SaS gonna be a fucking mess?[View]
467228859Why did Nintendo give the anime rights to draw the official Zelda manga to two literal whos? They di…[View]
467232405Why the fuck doesn't Wolfenstein do multiplayer anymore?[View]
467233165FF VIII REMASTERED PS4: anyone here excited to play the remastered version of triple triad this year…[View]
467222738Literally the best fps in years[View]
467233106I've 131 Gold Points burning a whole in my Switch and I'm looking to grab a nice cheap gam…[View]
467233084even the boss is a waifu[View]
467229394>gotta buy the game again on a different console to get the canon OST it's okay when Japan d…[View]
467231512One of the best games of all time, instant classic. CHANGE MY MIND[View]
467231597Fallout 76 is unironically the best 'Bethesda' game since Morrowind: Fallout 76 has the best build v…[View]
467230430>Hehe dark souls i so hard amirite guys?[View]
467232292He's IN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXCtmz9g2yU[View]
467230582What is that last missing CG? I've heard you have to beat the last of the those big monsters bu…[View]
467231421Just bought this LG 7300 for the low latency. What TV do you game on?[View]
467232330>literally cant discuss Cyberpunk without /pol/ or trannies having constant meltdowns How do we f…[View]
467228909This game was great. I liked to play as the wizard.[View]
467226426Is this officially the best Mega-Man game ? Why does /v/ never discuss it?[View]
467232169Which genre has better character design, Fighting games or RPGs?[View]
467229213So can we all agree the PS4 is sony worst console yet?[View]
467231156Comfy Switch Thread How is the performance of Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Switch?[View]
467230687Are Randi, Duran, and Sword of Mana's protagonist related? Oh _______ of Mana thread[View]
467231517It wasn't that bad.[View]
467230175Hey /v/. I need your help. I haven't played a 'good' Fantasy MMORPG in a while. > WoW's…[View]
467229907Can some one explain ray tracing to me[View]
467223909Why are people complaining so much about Pokemon?: If you complain you are literally endorsing crunc…[View]
467222431Why does everyone talk about bitches and whores when this was the real point of adachi? The MC is a …[View]
467226691confess your VIDEO GAME sins, anon[View]
467221915Daily reminder Tifa's tits are for Aerith only![View]
467230434What does /v/ think of this?[View]
467230886Is there a better trailer? https://youtu.be/zw47_q9wbBE[View]
467231478Are you ready?[View]
467228316Muse Dash: Anyone else played this rythem game that just came out today?[View]
467229407what are your favourite surprise mechanics in vidya?[View]
467230674What's the point? Why should I get this one instead of Navi?[View]
467226812>/v/ shills a game to death >it's actually filled with lesbians and black/mixed races in …[View]
467230758Did anyone feel the game was dull as hell? The lack of real party relationships just sanks the mood …[View]
467230708Off topic threads have been a staple of /v/ culture for years. Why do jannies and newfags get trigge…[View]
467209813VR IS NOT TRASH?: Now that the virtual dust has settled.. Between these two who would you rather hav…[View]
467228127Umineko No Naku Koro Ni help me: Can someone explain to a really low IQ what Umineko was all about? …[View]
467227160>enemy as 12000 ping[View]
467227716>Playing Pokemon Gold >Come across some weird tree blocking my path >All it does when I int…[View]
467230829This is the portrait of the hero himself.[View]
467231131>not maining fists[View]
467227409Pokemon is the most rehashed garbage ever made[View]
467229069>villain from the last vidya you played apologized to you after all he did How would you respond?…[View]
467229853They only made this game to piss off the two people who still call gamestop and ask if they have bat…[View]
467213494Why can't gaming conventions be like this anymore?[View]
467221353PSVR: Do any of you guys have a PSVR? If so, what do you think of it? What are your favourite games …[View]
467227719did nintendo ever acknowledge the existence of the CD-I games?[View]
467229716Wow. This is just sad now[View]
467229689monster hunter: how are your preloads going?[View]
467230332Quick, how many digimon are there?[View]
467229089Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right a…[View]
467230383Enough is ENOUGH: I've had it with these motherfucking tifa tits-smash-waifu posts in this moth…[View]
467225949>Yfw Classicfags think it will be the same as the old days[View]
467229118I just want to play racing and rts games: But i have no one to play with[View]
467230273Post non vidya related gifs and others have to guess what game ist meant to be[View]
467225916Thanks for betatesting[View]
467229945Name me some good games with eldritch horrors[View]
467221680Scions of the Seventh Dawn bout to drop dat XIV album in 8 days. Who in there?[View]
467201463Dragon Quest thread! >Favorite Hero >Favorite Companion >Favorite Class/Vocation >Favori…[View]
467226706Where can I easily download decrypted ISOs for Citra?[View]
467226461I get worried when any games gets called 'action game' these days. It's just code for cheap cas…[View]
467226004When your website was good 10 years ago and anyone relevant has moved onto a career outside of being…[View]
467225110what did you guys think of pokemon gale of darkness?[View]
467228220You haven't forgotten to feed me some cl*rks, have you?[View]
467229239I've 131 Gold Points burning a whole in my Switch and I'm looking to grab a nice cheap gam…[View]
467229226Why do men love open world and survival games so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewfDa63HK1k…[View]
467228075I love people complaining that the Switch is too big or is it just salty Vita users?[View]
467227182Have you experienced getting into a certain game/genre so much that you can't enjoy anything el…[View]
467227149What's wrong big boy? You ARE going to max out my stats tonight, aren't you?[View]
467226075hey guys, what are your feelings about the term 'gamer' Personally i cringe so fucking hard when i h…[View]
467225381>day 11 >healed all the kids on day 10 >no one is dead >5 characters infected >have 1…[View]
467228782I want to play Yakuza 3 right now. How do I go on about this issue?[View]
467227675That's one hell of a uniform. Looks so good on him.[View]
467229031Waifu isn't good if she's not a sexy anthro grill. Tifa is meh. Boobs or not.[View]
467227723in pokemon, when you black out while fighting against one of the criminal teams in their base, who t…[View]
467229063>Tifa literally getting turned into a feminine boy on consoles by developers 'ethics team' aka sj…[View]
467228228Would games with this setting work?[View]
467185551When did Halo go from baby's first FPS to essential boomer-core?[View]
467228824This game really isn’t that bad. I didn’t like it at first but it’s starting to get better. Warrior …[View]
467228857I finally got around to buying a Raspberry Pi, and set it up with RetroPi, but I don't trust my…[View]
467215213Would you touch next gen if it was FIVE NINETY NINE[View]
467228801So with the whole shitstorm around cyberpunk 2077, and trannies and sjw's going full retard, ar…[View]
467228724“FFVIIR looks so bland” “where’s the color??”[View]
467223091I miss vanilla community servers. Now they are all gone. Like tears in the rain.[View]
467224169>game allows you to play as a staunch honorable human >he plays as some prancy gay elfboi…[View]
467212929Why aren't there more videogames about becoming small and exploring the human body? The potenti…[View]
467219829you know why this year E3 was shit? because there wasnt any cringe like every year before[View]
467227857Could you guys recommend me vidya songs similar to the following? I find myself performing better at…[View]
467228354I get depressed playing this timefiller because this dude has a much nicer home and much nicer thing…[View]
467223201Will Nintendo ever make a better 2D metroid?[View]
467226357Ingrid is so perfect Fire Emblem Bros.[View]
467151797This is what peak performance looks like.[View]
467222741This is fucking soulless compared to Dota Auto Chess[View]
467214570HIRE ME NINTENDO[View]
467223972I guess cinderblocks from 2077 are really heavy.[View]
467226048Borderlands Handsome sale: >Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary will be available for …[View]
467227491>low cut instead of high cut >chest is competely covered >even fucking necks are covered I …[View]
467224882Sunset found her squatting in the grass groaning[View]
467222989should i play it? or just go straight to Wolfenstein 2 TNC[View]
467225034So can i marry Paya or am i stuck with that roastie, Zelda?[View]
467226483RAID: Shadow Legends: Is this a decent mobile RPG? I've noticed that some Youtubers started shi…[View]
467224860Why is this better than actual Persona games?[View]
467226137Why'd they make him so sexy in the remake?[View]
467215610Original, Dissidia or Remake?: So which one /v/?[View]
467177761THE HERO[View]
467224030For me, it's Veronica from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.[View]
467222193>will have less than a quarter of the current yokai roster >less than the amount of pokemon al…[View]
467226398Name a better basketball game.[View]
467218146I want a fun cooking game does it exist?[View]
467226273games with fairies?[View]
467226192Why are you not playing Overwatch, anon?[View]
467223917Play Foxhole https://youtu.be/9VHjj7M-V4k https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FKWCmW6h1I8[View]
467225764>Spiral Knights died for this[View]
467219297THE FALL OF SJW'S IT'S HAPPENING?: What the fuck is going on. This game single handlendly …[View]
467221769Fallout New Vegas mod recommendations: I want to replay Fallout NV and I’ve never played with mods, …[View]
467226367Hey, what is happening? Just want to play videogames, guess it's all a dream? >That characte…[View]
467222710Gonna do another playthrough in anticipation of the sequel. Will finally do a Malkavian playthrough.…[View]
467226156here's your controller[View]
467204832Morph Cube![View]
467223691Hey anons, I hope you're all going to pre order our new indie game from our french studio arkan…[View]
467226474Help finding a game: Help finding a game In elementary school in like 3rd 4th and 5th grade we had t…[View]
467220082Nuts and Bolts will be an alternate skin right?[View]
467215504Is this game worth playing if I liked I, II, and V?[View]
467223675I miss you Suzy[View]
467216573What the fuck is the appeal?[View]
467224869>We got the rockets! >We got the rockets! >We got the rockets! >We got the rockets! >…[View]
467221841What if I told you there exists a console with no DLC, no Microtransactions, no SJW/'progressive rep…[View]
467225569are mmos shit because of the souless grind the have become, or are they shit becasue the video game …[View]
467198561UNIST Thread: And it will never rest until the clouds are clear[View]
467222940>post your favorite game of all time >the vidya genre where you suck >comment about other a…[View]
467223685ITT Chad things you do in vidya >why yes, I only go caving and never strip mine, how could you te…[View]
467218183about to play the max payne series for the first time. what am i in for?[View]
467222093What do you usually do in this game?[View]
467222838Drem Yol Lok, Greetings. Forget the question of whether or not the Imperials or Stormcloaks were rig…[View]
467217934I've always wondered, would this game be praised if it came out around 2008-09 where you got 'a…[View]
467208878>we had to tighten her chest as not to get unnatural during all the intense action >The Honey …[View]
467224904halo online: why aren't you guys playing halo online?it's a ghost town and we need some mo…[View]
467216007Post a non vidya related gif and others have to guess which game it represents[View]
467171236Fallout 76 is unironically the best 'Bethesda' game since Morrowind: Fallout 76 has the best build v…[View]
467221465>here's your game world, bro[View]
467219842How to spot a viral marketer on /v/ >/v/ used to love X >X is basically Y on steroids >X is…[View]
467224786Is he God?[View]
467221776>Animal Crossing New Horizons comes out >You play it for months >New Switch model comes out…[View]
467224653Fuck Pinkertons[View]
467214106Fighting games are pretty fun[View]
467224941Has there ever been a more epic villain monologue than Cid at the top of Pharos?[View]
467221772Exoskeleton kino: Show me them exoskeletons.[View]
467219892The Wii may have had shovelware, but there ARE definitely some good third party exclusives for it. A…[View]
467216369why did they have to pick the most s-o-y artstyle ever[View]
467190895Uh it's probably not a problem. Probably.[View]
467217884Fuck the Driftin.io thread. Come play an actual good .io game. hole-io.com[View]
467215771Why did the RTS genre die, /v/?[View]
467221797....2019.....i am forgotten....[View]
467220972Boring: Not baiting but holy shit this game is boring to play. The characters are fun and over the t…[View]
467220817Travis it's smash or be smashed: >His return has been hyped up since the Switch reveal >N…[View]
467222560'D-did we win bros?'[View]
467220748This any good? recommended if you like Souls?[View]
467223095Did anyone give a single shit about this at Nintendo's E3 This is almost as laughable as Capcom…[View]
467219819How's your game coming along, /v/?: You have been working on your game, right?[View]
467220196>decide to play >go on smash arena >enter arena >get into match >they're just s…[View]
467221903Literally gonna be another AAA walking simulator with hour-long cutscenes and 'hold X to win' battle…[View]
467219163>graphic settings >low, medium, high[View]
467222957Whats your favorite vidya Cosplay?[View]
467221887Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming to Steam: Wtf?[View]
467222680Pious Augustus will be the final DLC character.[View]
467222724any good codlikes out there?: everything is battle royale or hero shooters now used to play phantom …[View]
467141519It's time for my Sacrifice work manager.[View]
467222579Since we know he's not Shane who is he then?[View]
467217435Isn't it about time you replayed Call of Pripyat?[View]
467221159Factual Opinions: •Nutrition is what a lot of energy levels, personality, interest and investment in…[View]
467214832steam summer sale will not be having steam cards or mini games. going to be like the chinese new ye…[View]
467215479About this start this in preparation for the second one, what type of vamp should I be bros?[View]
467216212Bold and Brash[View]
467212247>This is an elite tactical operator >Fucking cargo shorts Thanks ubishit…[View]
467219184Is it as comfy as 3?[View]
467222247I just want to go home and play video games. Who else must toil here?[View]
467220846This is Cloud, say something nice about him![View]
467222220It's just business Johnny![View]
467221002JRPGs and MMOs are garbage games for casuals who can't deal with high skill floors and ceilings…[View]
467219329Splenky: Has the dust finally settled? what's the consensus? are you gonna buy the new one?…[View]
467201563Dawn of the final day. How are you killing the wait?[View]
467189520What's been the most disappointing video game of 2019 so far for you anon?[View]
467202314Bloodstained thread: What progress are you at anons? At 70% at 20 hours[View]
467203434Who was right. The Stormcloaks or the Imperials?[View]
467221231I curse myself for playing this[View]
467221758why is masterhand so rarely considered a possible dlc?[View]
467192337JACKBOX THREAD: >ywn get to go to a monster mash and sext and seduce all the attendees it hurts /…[View]
467221101>*funds a Kickstarter and makes a game in your path* Well /v/? What's your excuse?…[View]
467218359So turns out Game Freak May have actually been right. Yokai Watch has a even smaller monster pool th…[View]
467174951>Creative Assembly takes down mods that are too hot >Members of their team bitch about muh cre…[View]
467221556Guys i need to know if this is normal like all the people i play with that play overwatch siege cod …[View]
467214820The cancellation of Scalebound hurt him pretty bad, huh? He hasn't made a game since.[View]
467216730Why don't girls like the switch?[View]
467216268is this game worth $60 bucks, should I get it digital or physical copy?[View]
467201684good game, thoughts[View]
467221241seething cope dilate have sex soi zoomer incel faggot boomer cuck sneed cunny based nigger redpilled…[View]
467218269Sonic the Hedgehog and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race[View]
467218395Why are multiplayer games so unfun these days?[View]
467221145Steam link: Is it possible to connect a wireless xbox one controller to the samsung steam link app u…[View]
467216128Hi /v/ It was my birthday today, and I played mario party with my friends. I won in the end, but bur…[View]
467217749>Anon, why do you always play your handheld in the car?[View]
467219381Cyberpunk concerns: Does anyone know if you can kill random people on the street or run them over wi…[View]
467220506Why haven't /v/ killed off this piece of shit yet?[View]
467211740What GPU do you think you'll need for cyberpunk 2077?: Post your expectations. 4k/60 rtx on/off…[View]
467217592Just when you thought CPDR & Rockstar were the only good devs nowadays..[View]
467220739They took his job![View]
467195775Games That Only You Played: late night edition[View]
467213697>Lucina, dark pit, Roy, Shulk, Corrin, Chrom, Robin, incineroar, Rob, Joker? Who the fuck are the…[View]
467217225What are some essential Soviet-core games? Not Stalker or Metro. Already played them to oblivion. Pl…[View]
467219307who playin it?: 50 vs 50 still available? can i play it without updating it? (tired of almost daily …[View]
467213587Which one?[View]
467220343>Finally had sex yesterday. >Opinions on gaming completely unchanged. ???…[View]
467214434Post your ideas for Banjo-Threeie[View]
467216414>top tier lovecraftian atmosphere >a huge island full of many depth levels to explore >elab…[View]
467217164Should Ape Escape 4 have 1000 monkeys? At some point in playing Super Mario Odyssey I realized that …[View]
467220475>Big Boss' arm is a literal copy paste from Kaz, except that it's 8% bigger and has a s…[View]
467209170Why nobody watches Underlords? Is it that bad?[View]
467212223Okay Anon, let's hear YOUR idea for a video game then. We're all listening.[View]
467220040>not even 7 can save the absolute shitshow modern Final Fantasy is Atlus always wins baby…[View]
467215969ITT: Generic NPC Designs in Vidya: Only post the best.[View]
467216567I’m not sure which one of these 4 I should cash in for. Any recommendations guys? Spending 374 or a…[View]
467213163ITT: Casual filters[View]
467182778About Daggerfall dungeons.[View]
467217493>Amid evil is out >no thread Amid evil thread…[View]
467217070Let's get crazy.[View]
467219340Genichiro...had a hard life[View]
467217913Game of the Decade: Nier: Automata is game of the decade[View]
467218590Why do all games made in Unreal Engine have that weird dark bluish metallic lighting to them?[View]
467219007Why don't you play a real shin megoomi tensay game?[View]
467216419is a switch worth it in 2019?: I have a decent pc, is the selection of games worth it?[View]
467209868Redpill me on XIV /v/. The last mmo I played was WoW back during WoD. Should I play ffxiv? What make…[View]
467218849Sekiro: So do people bother farming skill points and use the Dragonmask at all? I dont see people me…[View]
467218761When I got this assignment, I was hoping there'd be more gambling.[View]
4672183382019... lucina is... forgotten...[View]
467217347>be me >join voice chat to play with friends >they make fun outta my shitty mic >it beco…[View]
467218218Which games make you smile the most?[View]
4672125981 more day left until Crash Bandicoot completely kills it. are you getting your last sanic races in?[View]
467215423>don't mind me, stay focused, keep playing![View]
467216271Literally whats the point in using anything other than the swords imported from 1? I'm playing …[View]
467217393Fantastic Gameplay thread: Alright /v/agz Where are the fun games? The games you go home to just smi…[View]
467216807deep lore thread: https://talktotransformer.com/[View]
467216360I always thought of this guy as a person similar to Carmack with what he accomplished with Unreal En…[View]
467216150Games for this feel?[View]
467197678It's OK when Nintendo does it[View]
467213495>almost 100 hours in on my first playthrough of The Darkest Dungeon The nightmare will be over so…[View]
467217554Attention, earth creatures! This planet is now part of the Furon Empire. Your benevolent masters wel…[View]
467211865/v/ wishes it had these PvP melee skills[View]
467217197Is their time over?[View]
467218184>dad abandons him >cheats on his romance partner what did Bioware mean by this?…[View]
467208214Is it illegal to sell fake games to GameStop?[View]
467217997RCT 1/2 vs RCT 3: Which one is the best anons ?[View]
467217450Why do women, girls and actual fagots like TLoZ that much?[View]
467217874Games like Dark Souls.: What are some games similar to the Souls games? I just want a decent sized g…[View]
467216795Did notch steal the procedural generation and other algorithms for Minecraft from the Infiniminer so…[View]
467213207What was the last time you really wanted to be inside a game?[View]
467216862Do you ever get bored and start killing your teammates? And when you get banned from the lobby you t…[View]
467216962Hey Jayden, I’m stuck... could you help~?[View]
467215134what are you doing?[View]
467210769COUNTRY ROADS[View]
467217382>see this in your feed >it's not even all bosses and endings what do?…[View]
4672013353 > Online > 4 > 5[View]
467215212Foxhole: How's everyone feeling about the new update? please, I jus wanna talk about my favour…[View]
467211508Pokémon Sword and Shield leak[View]
467216251Games like this: For PC must HAVE controller support and be PvP focused so far i played Fortnite (ch…[View]
467215052You didnt put RGB in your PC, did you?[View]
467215396Is it possible to play and beat every retail game (that’s because made and released up to this point…[View]
467208423how the fuck do i climb out of gold should i just counterpick ruthlessly[View]
467211787S-tier vidya ships: post em[View]
467216142>Get game >install >installment complete >play for a bit then quit to menu to look at se…[View]
467215745https://www.gamespot.com/videos/take-two-games-might-be-shorter-but-have-more-dlc-/2300-6450143/ uhh…[View]
467207331No memes, whos getting cut next game?: IMO we need echos/semi clones gone and characters reworked …[View]
467213980Would you play it[View]
467214875>every zone stays with you forever How did they do it?[View]
467143874Items that can't be used in Mario Maker 2 3d World theme: It seems that reviewer embargo has be…[View]
467212720good thread[View]
467186474Media franchise worth billions[View]
467162610why are all 40K video games so fucking awful?[View]
467215690Fallout New Vegas mod recommendations: I want to replay Fallout NV and I’ve never played with mods, …[View]
467200213What is the greatest love story in video games?[View]
467207046*ruins your entire series*[View]
467212592Why haven't you listened the official Bethesda E3 song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPN0qhS…[View]
467211000what went wrong?[View]
467213849what gives a game soul?[View]
467213083you feel it too, don't you?[View]
467211248Been playing this game for 5 colossi now, and it looks and sounds great but it's fucking terrib…[View]
467215540She's in[View]
467213224/v/ WILL defend nozomi's bullshit[View]
467214029Kotora deserved to be a gen1 pokemon. He's just as iconic as the other ones and by now he'…[View]
467214279•MOBA is surpassed by RTS, but mostly SupCom. •Sandbox games – specifically, an economy with 'only k…[View]
467213405only post god tier multiplayer games Ill start[View]
467207832Hello, Shorty. What are you doing?[View]
467213342Is the Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27-inch WQHD worth it?[View]
467213882>TFW I'm still buying SWSH and no one can stop me[View]
467213218I doubt you could even imagine it /v/[View]
467215162>that time John Edwards tried to campaign on Second Life >this was the result…[View]
467173787Aerisu: Aerisu~[View]
467214287Is Doom worth 20 bucks?[View]
467204768Can we legitimately say that Brown girls are popular now?[View]
467214447Now that i've got your attention, please tell me what your favorite game is, and how you'r…[View]
467214975Ara ara, did you roll for me, Anon-kun?: There's only a day left until my banner goes away. You…[View]
467194578>about to kill over a dozen people with saejima >can’t kill a single blind girl or assassin t…[View]
467212791I'm I the only one who think this looks bad[View]
4671751933DS Thread: Do you still play and enjoy your 3DS /v/? I don't want it to die![View]
467210359Bosses that gave you multiple fetishes: I'll start[View]
467214758What are some games about muscle girls?[View]
467204896Post your favorite Zelda girl[View]
467214291Admit it, you loved playing this game when it came out[View]
467213948Here's your new Bayonetta bro.[View]
467214348Nintendo France: 'Double digits growth for Switch...: best attach-rate for Nintendo platform ever, h…[View]
467212750>game lets you buy skins that don't fit the lore[View]
467214538Why did they make Ranger the one with a hard life?[View]
467212275Was Samurai Shodown ever good?[View]
467214318What's next for our guy?[View]
467214421Did they correct the hitboxes and reactions of characters to damage in the next games? Flying like a…[View]
467209238This is Cid, my husband. He's my husband, so don't make eyes at him[View]
467212897Is Obra Dinn any good? I don't want to get memed into playing another dull indiefag game with a…[View]
467192161>login Steam after a week >'hey bro bought that mic yet xD'…[View]
467208934Okay when is it coming to PC and switch I’m getting tired of pretending to hate it[View]
467213089>tfw missed all the Enderal hype threads back in March >tfw finally beat this amazing mod How …[View]
467213485What are the best games with dark humor?[View]
467212727Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: It's been sitting on my hard drive for months now and I ha…[View]
467214023What are your guys thoughts on Mega64?[View]
467213973Collector's Editions: >The Legend of Zelda: Lin's Awakening >Astral Chain >Fire E…[View]
467213586What are some good comfy roleplaying games where I can just spend my time in my house being a farmer…[View]
467212590League of Legends or Dota 2, which one is better?[View]
467213896What games let you play as a cute girl with big thighs?[View]
467212876We have something in common. We're both NEETs, we're both autist. But the thing is, when s…[View]
467211195PK FREEZE[View]
467194210So how badly has this image aged now?[View]
467211589>Why yes! Me and my sons would like to purchase 3 copies of Halo Reach! How could you tell?…[View]
467193756Does this mean that piracy is just a 'surprise discount' now?[View]
467206291I'm about to start this what clan should i pick ?[View]
467210334You ever just play a video game for 10 hours a day[View]
467209523games where you can use a riot shield?[View]
467213227How the fuck do you beat this cunt. I'm level 11 and I hit for about 15 dmg with each hit.[View]
467209785Irl vidya bosses thread[View]
467213173He is next...[View]
467211328fucking secrets: god damnit. what other shit am i missing in hollow knight?[View]
467213128Should I jailbreak my switch?[View]
467209084it was a good remake, if not, convince me otherwise[View]
467212926What's the /v/erdict? its shit[View]
467208413What will his Final Smash be?[View]
467201692Kingdom Hearts always had terrible writing. Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't worse than the other two, yo…[View]
467212818How the fuck MkLeo does manage to make an at best B-tier character look like Brawl Metaknight/Sm4sh …[View]
467211104Recettear vs Moonlighter: Which is better?[View]
467211742blocks your path[View]
467194831Black Desert: >When the newest class can T-Pose to assert dominance over you while only being 1/2…[View]
467203526Imagine still gatekeeping potential newcomers for Smash after we got 7 Fire Emblem characters. Your…[View]
467203729Make it /v/ related: I have a meme AND IT INVOLVES YOU! [View]
467211005>Yet another copy of a valve game >yet again its more popular than the original How does RIOT …[View]
467208419What's the most complex game you've ever played? What are some complex games you've …[View]
467212608What can change the nature of a man?[View]
467212006i have just watched gameplays for both new vampire masquarade and outer worlds holy fuck, they syck …[View]
467208228how can you say ocarina of time is the greatest game of all time when it has shit-all post game cont…[View]
467205939Is this portrayal of Tifa more true to the original game than the remake?[View]
467212283>kenshi is the closest thing we will ever have to a survival horror rts…[View]
467198940...to say something nice about the worst game you have ever played.[View]
467209425Do you like actual real world factors coming into play with video games? Politics, economics, etc.[View]
467211790What game where I can manipulate Time?[View]
467208298What are some red flags when adding a steam account?[View]
467212110LISA: What was the best companion in LISA?[View]
467210356Buy iota[View]
467196798continued from >>467181981[View]
467188837So let me get this straight. The reason this game is hated on /v/ now despite no one here fucking pl…[View]
467206957mua thread >most wanted moon knight >personal main Nightcrawler >planned team Nightcrawker,…[View]
467210534Guys have 35 euros what game do i buy from Steam and play?[View]
467210037based asian girl tell the truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8pEcOhsdjY[View]
467173309MK11 Best Selling Game of 2019: GET WOKE GO BRO-- https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2019/jun/19/mortal-…[View]
467209979>Ethics department[View]
467209331wonder how long it's gonna be til i can play this game with an english translation[View]
467208568Art style is more important than fidelity, got it? Good![View]
467210274He's a farcry from the pain train he was in X.[View]
467210389So you people like to get angry at things instead of enjoying the highest form of entertainment, vid…[View]
467210351yep san andreas was a good game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcGYElbP5BQ[View]
467211234The only universally loved thing in Pokemon left is the character design of the female characters. W…[View]
467211404its happening we are going home[View]
467200846What would Pokemon look like without the perversion of copyright? Continuing with Pokemon as an exam…[View]
467211441>tfw have to battle rng to get every capsule toy What's the point?…[View]
467208819what did you buy from her /v ?[View]
467206529Why do americans think nessa is a nigger instead of a pajeeta?[View]
467211319>The hero of the story goes crazy in the end What video games do this?[View]
467181640Astral chain thread: https://youtu.be/VcCjXASmUH0 Damn the game looks amazing[View]
467210867>bought Hitman 2 gold edition on PS4 when it came out >assumed I'll get full access to DL…[View]
467211058bought cyber sleuth for her, arrives tomorrow, what am I in for?[View]
467209831>Mario Kart series >Team Sonic Racing >Crash Team Racing >Diddy Kong Racing >Banjo Pi…[View]
467210819Who are your favorite first bosses in Vidya?[View]
467210791The Great Debate continues: Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
467210932Whats some good skyrim mods[View]
467203662Name just ONE (1) game better than Ocarina of Time[View]
467201595Super Dragon Ball Heroes: ADULT PAN >ADULT PAN ADULT PAN >ADULT PAN…[View]
467202353He'll slaughter thor like the first baulder fight, and either earn to weild mjiolnir through ou…[View]
467139193will she ever be topped as the best pokewife?[View]
467210284>playing Breath of The Wild >it starts to rain Is this the worst part about the game?…[View]
467205358Why do games have such shitty story? Can't devs just hire professional writers and create somet…[View]
467210361What could FromSoft do to redeem this game? Does it need redeeming?[View]
467201285He's in[View]
467204234New Vegas is still my favourite game ever.[View]
467209486Your daily reminder that >pic related is STILL laughing at the absolute STATE of Game Freak, /vp/…[View]
467198852Do you guys have multiple current consoles or what?: I only have a laptop and a switch. Sometimes pl…[View]
467210021>doesn't understand why the pistol you start with can't deal good body damage >think…[View]
467209965Kojima's titties: Y'all ready for the remake!? Also what did Kojima mean by this?[View]
467204072Now that the dust has settled[View]
467205058Why is it so highly praised? It's a boring as shit hide and seek simulator.[View]
467203840Good Idea Bad Idea?: So both of their most current games are a success. What would simply merging th…[View]
467209804>stop thinking about it >start winning Huh. What are some other games too fast for our mind?…[View]
467205980GTA ONLINE: Are you ready to own an casino? https://twitter.com/RockstarGames/status/113923096653743…[View]
467209054So irrelevant millineal hipster birds and bears get in smash but the best sonic character can't…[View]
467209453Exclusivity in any form should not be allowed. It's a shallow tactic by publishers designed to …[View]
467197701Why doesn't Andy just knock her up?[View]
467209362Skyrim Politics: Stormcloaks? Imperials? Who do you side with? Why? What is the deep lore of these f…[View]
467194793>Sonic fans hype up some piece of shit game >comes out and nobody plays it or discusses it at …[View]
467201446https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiu_BE7d2sA Just look at this and try to tell me this game won'…[View]
467209043Nessa ISNT black, she's LATINA![View]
467209179why does Amy get the best themes?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhp4fT8iyS8 also comfy vidya ost th…[View]
467158196What are your thoughts on Scott Cawthon /v/?[View]
467207105Alright, alright, alright. Let's see what we've got: Destiny 2 thread[View]
467207773>World 1-1 >76 Players Left >World 1-2 >24 Players Left >Lost - 1 >76 Players Left…[View]
467204149Kaiju Vidya Thread?: Whats some good ones besides the Pipeworks trilogy.[View]
467201492Hey lads, got any advice for someone that wants to start streaming shit? I’d mainly want to stream S…[View]
467200368Fixed the roster inb4 “no you didn’t, Incineroar is still there.” I know :) [View]
467195915Final Fantasy XIV ShadOwbringers: *Ahem* FUCK HYDAELYN[View]
467168242Tell me 1 reason why SJW is good,[View]
467208287did you know maryio was originally named puck man but sega changed it when players would scratch out…[View]
467206020I feel like the only people complaining about the gaming industry's treatment of workers are al…[View]
467208536rate him[View]
467208459Kerbal: anyone still playing this and what mods are you using?[View]
467207116You are playing in the stress test right now, right? You're not a loser, right?[View]
467201773Mirror Mirror on the Wall What's /v/'s favorite game of All?[View]
467205801>pokemon parody >uses a status move >ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE!…[View]
467203371What went wrong?[View]
467204705So when's the next one?: I want to hear more about BotW2.[View]
467207215Why are twitch streamers with anime avatars always the worst? It's like an anime avatar marks y…[View]
467208232I once had a dream I was fucking Bastilla Shan and Kreia on Malachor V[View]
467204641You hear it you lose turum turum turum tum turum[View]
467208131its late night hours, post sadcore games[View]
467200872What's the worst thing you've ever said to a person in an online game?[View]
467205069One copy of Cyberpunk 2077 please[View]
467181613What is this game's legacy?[View]
467204251>give away season pass for free >fill it with characters nobody wants Thanks SNK…[View]
467205838>12 years[View]
467207535So what's the conclusion of the Tansut case given he claimed it was the same source that told h…[View]
467202638>no combo potential >but is easily comboed >largest character model, but lighter than Samus…[View]
467202151*singlehandedly creates the best soundtrack of all time*[View]
467190957Nintendo Switch Thread: Do you buy your games as physical or digital and why? How big of an SD card…[View]
467203239Holy Shit! Guys WTF!!! This is the BIGGEST Diamond Vein I have ever found. It's 12 fuckign diam…[View]
467197051You think SFV can last for 5 more years /v/?[View]
467198161if another Poker Night at the Inventory were to ever exist, what would you want the cast to be?[View]
467206712>ethics department Thank fuck i don't play FF trash[View]
467202861meanwhile at the R/v/.....[View]
467206827>Gains an actual personality in the same game where she gets killed off by the biggest mary sue s…[View]
467204890It's the city of dreams, and I'm a big dreamer[View]
467136041FE Three Houses: Thread 2--- The supreme Waifu of BlueChads is here: 'The latest Twitter updates int…[View]
467202337What does Judge Eyes / Judgment bring to the Yakuza series since it is basically one? How does it co…[View]
467205005Smash: this is not supposed to be a successful thread[View]
467204372papyruscool: , hello my name is joy,i party like a rockstar look like a movie star play like a owne …[View]
467196734Stage builder: Stage builder thread, big lewd dump tonight[View]
467200356Let's try this again. The last thread didn't exactly go so well. I'm going to name so…[View]
467206373>'Why did I move here again? I guess it was the weather.'[View]
467197505I secretly love xbox: Its just comfy. Better online. Better controller. Game pass. Back compat.…[View]
467200468are you winning your game son?[View]
467204668*ahem* How is this allowed in *2020*? Weren't they running this demo on a beefy pc?[View]
467196112What games give this feel?[View]
467205914>sv_pure will never be unfucked ever again[View]
467196132how could a Unreal 4 game look this good?[View]
467204396Final Fantasy VIIR : How will Nomura fuck it up?: Who cares about Tifa, what I want to know is: how …[View]
467201746You ever just think about video games you know all of these people put hours and hours I'm lost…[View]
467203959Xbox Brand More Valuable Than Sony and Nintendo: https://screenrant.com/xbox-brand-more-valuable-son…[View]
467203809Was it autism?[View]
467204870Yeah, I'm thinking she's in.[View]
467205292Any other decent casual MMOs like MS2 with even somewhat of a playerbase still around?[View]
467203749>still no PC release date[View]
467196528>ITT : games that only you played[View]
4672033038 hour install on a 6 year old game!: this is why I don't play games like I used to.[View]
467203593Sir, if you don't buy my father's game, he'll beat the shit out of me! Oh no, he…[View]
467202640If your MC doesn't look like this I'm not playing your gamse[View]
467200513This is the best trilogy in gaming. Silent Hill's a close second.[View]
467150521Why aren't you playing Planetside, /v/? It has actual DirectX 11.[View]
467204845NICE CROPDUSTER!!![View]
467204087How contrarian have you ever been for the sake of being contrarian? I unironicly called EA based dur…[View]
467204495EA: They’re not loot boxes, they’re “surprise mechanics,” and they’re “quite ethical”: >'Kerry Ho…[View]
467186620Digimon Wins[View]
467204675>buy it at full price >beat off all week >request money back with 1 hour and 53 minutes pla…[View]
467200232Anyone want to play Rock Band 4 online mutiplayer? Xbox live and I do vocals[View]
467202438EARTHBOUND GENERAL TIPS for MY FAGGOT ASS: Love this game, never beat it though. Only got past 4side…[View]
467201510Sonic wears shoes and gloves. Let that sink in.[View]
467193572What's your ONE go-to mod for improving Skyrim?[View]
467199416You people need to stop complaining. She looks hot as fuck in this game. They totally ruined Tifa, t…[View]
467202395The local EB games accidentally gave it to me early. Also CTR Thread.[View]
467200227Post and rate 3x3[View]
467198580I need to know your favorite ship based combat games. I need to broadside something, anything, that …[View]
467197516What are some good gothic video games that aren't Castlevania?[View]
467203571What are some games that allow me to create mechanical armies?[View]
467202265play foxhole[View]
467200903Bladerunner: Hello, I represent a small group of Video game and film preservationists and we have re…[View]
467203384Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
467202497What games actually reflect changes on your characters model as a result of story progression/action…[View]
467202349All the good boards are closed for the night or I'm banned from them. Can I stay here? Sneed.[View]
467193846i need a genesis game right FUCKING now[View]
467202872What the fuck was his problem?[View]
467197767Aerith: Thoughts on her design change?[View]
467191686Baldur's Gate Thread: HEY IT'S ME IMOEN![View]
467202531i pretty much played every ps4 exclusive except for the psvr titles, should i get one?[View]
467197797Post vidya characters, who don't normally hold guns, holding guns[View]
467202339Why no, I don't plan on buying Three Houses? Hmm? Favorite fire emblem game? Path of Radiance o…[View]
467183848Let's play a driftan game /v/ party room link http://driftin.io/?l=YLXNOYXNCXJLK-0[View]
467201312>shop sells expensive item >grind for $$$ >buy item >get it in the next fucking dungeon …[View]
467197847So with all the talk about Tifa being unethical, did I make the right choice in buying FF7 over the …[View]
467202890So im on summer vacation and away from home. I got decent modern PC and was asking any game requests…[View]
467198246Nintendo Switch Mini: How does this make you feel?[View]
467200393Vidya?Aww man. So way back in /v/ threads...CAUSE BABBBYYYYYY TOOONIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT POST GOD TE…[View]
467200842Hey hey /v/ Sseth here[View]
467202348Why couldn't they top it?[View]
467202443>When English has been taken over by zoomer gaming[View]
467202452Rhythm game players of /v/, does anyone else play Tapsonic Bold on PC? It's pretty much the onl…[View]
467195435Best movie game?: For me it's path of neo[View]
467198135Just a friendly reminder that the last two games released from Square Enix's development team 1…[View]
467201578Does /v/ have a favorite streamer?[View]
467201351Heard in some e-celeb video that Tifa is DLC. This true?[View]
467198959This game is all kinds of fucked up[View]
467201554Why Sony?[View]
467184093Describe your gaming crew.[View]
467201307>The black mist swirling around Cloud and Aerith in the E3 trailer are mysterious beings called “…[View]
467147286Let me join the Phantom Thieves or I'll leak your identities.[View]
467197259As the paragon of virtue and the guardian of life, Cetrion stands as the watchful eye over all the r…[View]
467188910Comfy Bloodstained Thread: How's progress going, senpai?[View]
467199428What the fuck was his problem, he had zero motivation to betray grove street.[View]
467187101>he doesnt dual wield[View]
467201663Isn't it sad[View]
467199310So in Remake do we just fade to black like in original or do they at least kiss or hug or touch fore…[View]
467199471DA 2 was a fine game.[View]
467199715HELLOOOOOO /v/! We're one day closer to Sir Cumference, yes, THE Sir Cumference from Pacman and…[View]
467201239Post whatever you like listenen to while driving in vidya whether you added is or it's apart of…[View]
467201223A Night in The Woods server: https://discord.gg/wjMEcb[View]
467201176>NOOOO! You can't just go running in other peoples' palaces and steal their hearts like…[View]
467162079just built a new pc: should I install Windows 7 or 10? >inb4 linux no…[View]
467198365Smash Fanfiction/Headcanon Thread: The last thread was really comfy so let's do it again! Post …[View]
467201009I never understood just how sex starved /v/ was until Cyberpunk got hyped and every single thread is…[View]
467198019So, which big celebrity are they going to reveal next?[View]
467197232Brave soldiers of Repliforce. We have all been wrongfully judged as Mavericks by the humans. We cann…[View]
467198978Pokéflop: What? B-but bros, twitters screencap shills said this game was doing well![View]
467199570Why is there no crisis core remaster[View]
467187207Why are western Smash fans like this?[View]
467196606Minecraft thread.[View]
467197540Gothic: 1>>>2 Prove me wrong, faggots[View]
467197728ITT >sounds in game that makes your fight or flight senses kick in[View]
467196786Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R[View]
467199780what are some horror games that dont rely on cheap jumpscares that arent actually scary?[View]
467197247WHO DO YOU VOODOO[View]
467196160 this may never start We could fall apart [View]
467196547>WoW currently at an all-time low active subscriber count >FFXIV currently at an all-time high…[View]
467180147DMC Thread: Every character in this game is on the spectrum.[View]
467198190Why did they censor Tifa?: Guess Numora isn't so based after all. First, KH3, and now THIS?!!…[View]
467196849They Are Billions: >lets make the game slow as fuck for crippled idiots with the reaction speed o…[View]
467170489See you on Friday, lads.[View]
467198480>enjoying Breath of The Wild >rain starts pouring…[View]
467198402BARS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPxvTd_jCPQ[View]
467199564MARIO ROYALE http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#game LETS GO CUNNY BOYS[View]
467197194What will be the first game you'll play on your Switch Mini?[View]
467195046banjo kazooie lore thread 2; is banjo a bear from DCK3? rareware general talk also allowed[View]
467199453John Wick video games: What are some games that basically let you be like John Wick and play like th…[View]
467197627Astral Chain Overview trailer: https://youtu.be/VcCjXASmUH0 Looks amazing desu, need a playable demo…[View]
467198946I love Selene![View]
467197349is fall damage still a thing in modern games? im a hopeless Nintencel so i dont really know about re…[View]
467198238>Western games composers don't put effort in their soundtra-[View]
4671980182019... I am forgotten...[View]
467198678This was my first dmc game and I’ve beaten it on every difficulty. What other games are out there wi…[View]
467190682does anyone miss the late 90s/eary 2000s Sega aesthetic? there was just something kind of optimistic…[View]
467198734Post Kino[View]
467196351Can someone please make my miserable life happy and give me a serial key for Dota Underlords? In exc…[View]
467173256Found what you are looking for amongst the dead, anon?[View]
467183295Meanwhile on Rebel Flagship /v/...[View]
467197647>OMG Nintendo ruined Wario Wario thread[View]
467171529Take the indie pill. Fuck AAA games.[View]
467159145Why do people legitimately think he has a chance to get in Smash over the likes of fucking Resident …[View]
467198187Why won't normies accept my gaming habits: >Be me >Sat comfy in the dark >mummy come…[View]
467195894Autism: ITT: examples of autistic vidya accomplishments Hardmode: they aren't tied to any achie…[View]
467182556What the hell is her issue?[View]
467196210With all these remakes being thrown around, when are they going to do the only remake that matters? …[View]
467198169>*vote kicks you* you suck ass at tank[View]
467167262Cyberpunk creator answers question on controversial transgender poster: >So basically you can see…[View]
467195103>Boss can heal himself[View]
467127618So from interviews and stuff it sounds like the Cyberpunk character creation is like this: >pick …[View]
467187448Claim your weaponfu /v/: Real or fiction, swords, guns, etc. everything goes[View]
467191175Why is she so fucking hot?[View]
467197668I just want to be left alone guys is that so hard? pic somewhat related[View]
467183265SOUL RESTORED[View]
467194350Read more VNs.[View]
467197525/tytg/: The You Testament general come discuss the greatest game of all time[View]
467187828it's going to flop[View]
467197490Games where the main character undergoes great personal development?[View]
467197460>half-life 3[View]
467095402Why is it wrong to have sexualized females, but protagonists that look like pic related are fine?[View]
467196119Roll game when?[View]
467190291This game is great and dare I say a seriously underrated Switch title. For those of you who play, wh…[View]
467183604Friendly reminder that Kirby thinks you're amazing.[View]
467197156So this is the latest Valve game that all the Steam fanboys told me would become one of the most pop…[View]
467181142Persona: I've heard nothing but good stuff about this game. But I don't know where to star…[View]
467196208Kaz Hirai Has Retired From Sony And PlayStation: >Back in February 2018, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai annou…[View]
467189776Where were you when Half-Life 2: Episode 3 came out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54bpxhCEwDQ…[View]
467190152i need some mecha games /v/[View]
467173505Here are five random games from my backlog. Please help me decide what to play. I don't know if…[View]
467192602I will now play your game. Other devs, see this? Do more of this.[View]
467191909Was it kino?[View]
467193819Can someone explain to me why in spite of all the companies EA has cannibalized, BioWare was allowed…[View]
467192957Post your age and how old you think you'll be when you fight him[View]
467196457After 5 years I can finally lay Mario Kart 8 to rest, its been a fun run but jesus fuck you needed n…[View]
467194546Why do people not praise Japanese games for them being so diverse? Take their fighting games you can…[View]
467181981new thread from >>467167084[View]
467187703Are you ready to apologize yet?[View]
467188746if you will spend the rest of your life whit only one console (not PC) what would be ?[View]
467166157I think it'd be hilarious if Miss Cloud got teased endlessly in the remake haha: Wouldn't …[View]
467194853play the manliest VN around. Ouran Host Club for PS2[View]
467194884COD: What is your guys favorite call of duty[View]
467196358>Yeah i always make sure to stay hydrated, how could you tell?[View]
467189826shenume thread: i started shenmue 1 a few days ago, always have interested in the series. It was on …[View]
467194493how did nintendo get away with this?[View]
467186651What is your favorite Resident Evil game and favorite Resident Evil character?[View]
467194694Why do thots like this game so much?[View]
467195360I never see rocket league threads here, there isn't even a general, why is that? RL thread[View]
467190713Death Stranding: How do will think the gameplay will be?[View]
467193742>tfw your friend from out of state is coming over this weekend and you've been training to b…[View]
467183554In this thread I will post pictures and videos proving that Tifa's Tifas are big in the remake.…[View]
467195154Play Kid Icarus Uprising NOW faggot![View]
467193401This year's E3 was pretty shit[View]
467189729Is Bloodstained worth the price tag: /v/ keeps telling me it's actually good but is it worth $4…[View]
467195784Why does the Animal Crossing game look far worse than the Mario Kart track?[View]
467193556>want a gamer grrllllfiriend >shop at gamestop >look at all the qt3.14 grlls there behind t…[View]
467190693I'm going to download Sony Vegas[View]
467195468>villains motives are petty[View]
467194683This dude with a huge sword on his back comes onto your train, what do you do?[View]
467194662>he didn't pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 yet AHAHAHAAHA, What are you? An idiot? Cyberpunk 2077 i…[View]
467191278Why are fitness games so rare nowadays? You'd think combining physical activity with a hobby as…[View]
467188845>Having a farm in Skyrim.[View]
467195248Give me some garbage anime games that will make me cry my heart out. Length doesn’t matter.[View]
467193334What does /v/ think about the events in Mario and Sonic.[View]
467160609Is the Yo-Kai Watch series any good? I need to find a replacement for Pokemon now that it's dea…[View]
467195105Subtle gaming gear thread: Subtle gaming gear thread[View]
467195036How's the Switch port?[View]
467187526https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR4N5OhcY9s 10 years since this was uploaded.[View]
4671935812019...we are...forgotten![View]
467183757please, /v/, you're my final hope for the last week I've been trying to remember a game wh…[View]
467194281once this take hold, every gaming company is going down the toilet soon we will only remember the go…[View]
467193671Is she worth pirating?[View]
467192664Hmm Quake is too difficult. What if we... >slow the game down >nerf movement >make the game…[View]
467191887the fucking state of switch...[View]
467189581ITT: How to spot a bad game: >ppl say it's comfy[View]
467192982Devil May Cry for Switch is coming June 23: It's gonna be 20 American dollars for your PS2 port…[View]
467194582I want to start a discussion for a topic that i need answers on. Though I feel i wont get those ques…[View]
467194573 [View]
467194562I'm a GL GameDev: And I swear that from today, I'll use all my tricks and influences, ever…[View]
467191578video games are fucking dead lmao[View]
467184894Haven't see one in a while so decided to make one. This thread is dedicated to amazing music fr…[View]
467194449Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467185257 [View]
4671761044 Strength 4 Stam Elden Ring?[View]
467172836Post your vidya wallpapers lads (any platform)[View]
467190985My Friend Pedro: Anyone getting this?[View]
467194156Final Fantasy X-3: Hey /v/ you haven't forgot have you? HA HA HA HA it's still canon HA HA…[View]
467194137>”I guess this really is our final fantasy.” REALLY??[View]
467192927do not step on the bee god help you if you do[View]
467194056So, whats the verdict?[View]
467192923GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas > The Ballad of Gay Tony > 5 > 3 > Vice City > Vice Cit…[View]
467193017Why is this shit so good?[View]
467190219what did /v/ do with home plate?, (easily the comfiest safehouse in any video game ever). i made the…[View]
467167890Don't forget anons, we're getting a new Dragon Quest Monsters game, starring a young Erik …[View]
467193139this game is too hard[View]
467193591Why does no one online ever talk about this? It's not that bad an rpg imo, but it's oversh…[View]
467162883What's your favorite vidya BGM?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAnjUnxhUJ8[View]
467180650Endless Legends: >Get this game gifted to me years ago >'well It's sitting on my backlog,…[View]
467192994Master System: Is this the most underrated console of all time?[View]
467189662Anonymous: Namco Vs. Capcom - My Roster There's Namco X Capcom for Ps2, but it's not a fig…[View]
467193378ITT: mechanics and other gameplay features you never used and/or didn't know about initially[View]
467193175Never should of come here![View]
467154426Defend FF7 Remake Tifa without using the words 'incel', 'have sex' or 'just watch porn instead, lol'[View]
467190774You will not reinstall Epic Games Launcher.[View]
467192026>it'll be five years until they show the remake versions of yuffie, catsith and vincent >…[View]
467167462Banjo lore thread Why the fuck are there flowers when there isn't even grass?[View]
467190987Are you excited for Evil Genius 2 /v/?[View]
467185843Da me da ne...[View]
467180595Why does it seem like everyone who hates Skyrim has still played it for hundreds of hours?[View]
467192703>friend comes over to play some games >asks if he can borrow and that he will give me the game…[View]
467167818Senran Kagura: I think I'm in love guys.[View]
467192179Encutasta World: Hola! quiero dejarles una encuesta sobre su participación en los futuros reinos de …[View]
467181181Good night, sweet prince.[View]
467189104Are you ready to play his game /v/?[View]
467179336Final Fantasy XIV SHADOWBRINGERS: These are you enemy in 5.0 they are NOT fuck breeding[View]
467192376ITT: we design our fantasy videogame, doesnt matter how strange it turns out, and other say if they …[View]
467192131So uh... if you don't play indies then you're not a real gamer.[View]
467192263What went wrong?[View]
467177517The objective rareware tier list[View]
467190960>By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. >Remember…[View]
467191124Thoughts on Yordles?[View]
467184412did microsoft even implement this into the XBOX?[View]
467191450bouta play RF4 any tips?[View]
467191713Formerly chucks[View]
467191614These are your docs for tonight.[View]
467187882Tifa's boobs and 'modern take' on Cloud cross-dressing: Put these faggots in their place, /v/. …[View]
467187373I'm gonna let you in a little secret, /v/. Arcade Games were slot machines for kids. DLCs and …[View]
467189963>209 hours in >Playing with friends I'm having fun with this, not the greatest but fun, …[View]
467190110>KH3 thread >falseflagging >samefagging >XV kun boogyman >”stupid kids game, get be…[View]
467191086what is diddy kong doing to Zelda?[View]
467185394>Valve makes Artifact >it goes down DOA >Valve makes Auto Chess Cash-in >it goes down DO…[View]
467190991You may not like it but this is the most perfect boss in video game history.[View]
467191273Best of /v/: Post the best screencaps to come out of this board.[View]
467188941thanks nig[View]
467190726What are some fun 2 player co-op games /v/ ?: i want somethig new to play with my big old friend…[View]
467190623> Teamfight Tactics, as it’s known, has been on top of Twitch ever since an hour after its releas…[View]
467190934Monsters from Frontier you'd bring to main MH: Replying to >>467181621 but if I were to c…[View]
467189841Are there any other series, developers, or games that can even compare? This isn't a shitpost, …[View]
467185236Is it true that this game doesn't even have air combos? you could do some crazy stuff in Darksi…[View]
467190067what is the 'pick up that can' of modern video games? Has anything even come close to this absolute …[View]
467189506I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames[View]
467190472A Man Played Video Games Nonstop For 73 Hours. This Is How His Organs Shut Down.: VIDYA GAMES! https…[View]
467180315PC Game Controllers: I'm looking to get a controller for my PC but I don't really want to …[View]
467125670Hmm Quake is too difficult. What if we... >slow the game down >nerf movement >make the game…[View]
467189923>but game >start it up >make my first charicter >except i dont because all the servers …[View]
467190580Why yes I play Creatures Village. What gave that away?[View]
467189347was he actually doomguy in disguise?[View]
467190393Give me ONE good reason you haven't got all the spirits yet?[View]
467184918NAME MEME MAN: Well?[View]
467189775>DLC never[View]
467185942World War Z sells 600,000 copies on the Epic store https://www.pcgamesn.com/world-war-z/epic-sales…[View]
467164887Be quiet you guys! Asagi is sleeping![View]
467188159Dead by daylight: Is this good[View]
467184990He's perfect[View]
467188974How do I git gud?[View]
467179635You faggots don't even have a clue what SOUL means. You wouldn't know SOUL if it came up t…[View]
467165197Think with your dick: have your ever bought a game because you thought a character was hot[View]
467187303>Literally no good games[View]
467189372>Childhood is laughing at trap Cloud >Adulthood is fapping to tr- Oh no. We're looking at…[View]
467188228Which JRPG franchise has the highest amount of best girls?[View]
467188241https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=88BGA0_CvCs SUPPORT HER GAAAAAME!!!![View]
467188494>me waiting for XCX HD[View]
467188384https://youtu.be/J4wZUR0V9NA >makes only one full vidya soundtrack >it's the best vidya s…[View]
467184753what is your opinion on depth of field effects? do you think it makes games looks good? i feel like,…[View]
467188794>mk11 isn't for cuc-[View]
467152914Pokémon sword and shield were 2nd most pre ordered game at GameStop during E3: BUT BUT BUT BUT /v/ s…[View]
467175768The sun has fallen out of orbit with the Earth and will collide in 5 minutes. Your only chance of su…[View]
467187385Tree of Savior General - /tosg/: Did you get her kitty's kitty as pet yet anon kun?[View]
467186415Baiken is for[View]
467185408I-I may not have Banjo, Ridley, or K.Rool... But I'm still the best smash game right? :'([View]
467188273Should I wait for switch version?[View]
467184404fuck this piece of shit[View]
467186902How did this game outsell the whole Metroid franchise?[View]
467176295What are some GOOD mobile games? Is pic related playable?[View]
467185889what games can gay people play?[View]
467185118Why are Nintendo games so popular with speedrunning?[View]
467173693Who are the sexiest girls in vidya?[View]
467185451>oh yeah, that happened.[View]
467187896Crusader Kings: how did he get here?[View]
467186825remember that only pussies noob bitches need venom, real apex predators can kill their prey with she…[View]
467184059*outsells Sekiro, DMC5, Ace Combat 7 and Metro Exodus*[View]
467174168Dr. Peach says:[View]
467187972buying rune scim[View]
467185235What vidya has made you so mad you broke your console/controller/monitor/tv/wall?[View]
467187742Attorney Online Vidya cucks (AOV) seething at the CHAD docbomber[View]
467170446>People are already finishing miriam's game: Uhhh have sex incels bloodstained thread…[View]
467186849is there a game you hate with a ver ? if so why?[View]
467186821Which vidya character has the best hairstyle[View]
467187559Who is your favorite gelatinous video game character?[View]
467186679This guy are sick.: This guy are sick.[View]
467186026Guten Tag, mein fellow /v/sters. Sie has remembered to preorder 2 copies of Wolfenstein: Youngblood,…[View]
467187083Holy FUCK those are some tig ol bitties. This kinda shit would make Sony lose their shit.[View]
467185287Can I do a full play through of DS3 Coop on ps4? My girlfriend wants to do it but idk how easy it wo…[View]
467185980What was his fucking problem?[View]
467183501Crashchads WW@?[View]
467187129What the heck, bros? You told me no one would buy games on Epic.[View]
467184704Let me get this shit straight. This console has: >The best Mario >The best Zelda >The best …[View]
467186910>game has great character customization >it's first person Why implement a customization…[View]
467180827Anyone know if the PC port is from the Switch or 3DS version? I would assume the Switch, but seen a …[View]
467186879Post a Megaman character[View]
467186820Are there any video games that feature white male and asian female relationships?[View]
467185827How the fuck is this still $80 Canadian? How often does this shit go on sale on the eshop?[View]
467180643Why did Shulk choose the village woman over the princess?[View]
467186567*bes more scummy than EA*[View]
467183709What are your red flags /v/?[View]
467177978Cyberpunk 2077 RPS fiasco: >Be Rock Paper Shotgun >Be progressive liberal publication looking …[View]
467186508Breath of the Wild 2 Ganondorf Thread: Will Link finally break him free of his curse this time aroun…[View]
467182559Hello, I am the patrician's choice.[View]
467162872Just two hours away.[View]
467181764Games you're playing right now and future games you're excited for? Playing right now. To…[View]
467185902Hey anon, Martin and I are gonna go back to his place after the expo to play some Street Fighter. Th…[View]
467144442Now that we got Ridley Banjo and K Rool who's the next character bandwagon everyones gonna jump…[View]
467184393Consider yourself warned[View]
467172842ITT: iq, political ideology, favorite fire emblem unit, favorite console 91, liberal democrat, camil…[View]
467185565post the worst weapons ever ITT i'll start[View]
467182528Games with handsome robot assistants?[View]
467157291HOLY SHIT B A S E D[View]
467185629S O U L L E S S[View]
467185276Do you like Fio from Metal Slug?[View]
467185709The Witcher 2 does soulslike better than Dark Souls.[View]
467180171Have you done a melee only run of New Vegas? Did you have fun with it?[View]
467185039Here's a genuinely awesome idea. Either Avalanche Studios or Avalanche Software should seriousl…[View]
467185535FUCKING DROPPED[View]
467183678No JoJo thread?[View]
467181398It's challenging finding games better than ARK. It's a MP sandbox, with an economy, so the…[View]
467176130Rise is cute CUTE![View]
467181621MH Frontier's legacy: Since Monster Hunter Frontier is shutting down after a decade, that means…[View]
467184310Why is Nintendo always 2 generations behind on technology?[View]
467185241new mario royale thread http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main how is everyone doing[View]
467184426I feel like playing a horror game. Is this any good or is it yet another boring hide and seek simula…[View]
467185024Do you think us xbros will get it eventually?[View]
467183339Atelier Ryza: Anyone else looking forward to it?[View]
467180574Who is the best girl in video games?[View]
467184683You arrive at the final bosses[View]
467183545Are there any other games besides GW2 that lets you make actual muscle girls? I like playing as gian…[View]
467184843First time playing through FF7 in preparation for the remake. Just finishing up Cosmo Canyon now. So…[View]
467183065Final Fantasy is simply too normie friendly nowdays for this kind of design[View]
467183708dog at my game disc again[View]
467184669>non-horror game suddenly has a horror segment what are some examples?…[View]
467184525That day... Did you see a black car?[View]
467129032Pathologic 2 Bread: Boyardee, onion.How are your buns today?There's a new patch and that means …[View]
467179930Astral Chain: GOTY 2019 https://youtu.be/qRgolbpH6Qg[View]
467181287How much does he actually weigh? He is 5' 7' according to google, but his weight is unknown.[View]
467176135>The PS2 is still faster than the Xbox One at handling alpha effects >The PS2 is still faster …[View]
467180096H-hey everyone *sniffle* Today I will present t-to you why Marche from F-Final *brap* Fantasy is evi…[View]
467179994So the guys that made Layers of Fear are making this (announced at MS conference E3). Im a bit of a…[View]
467179282Tifa's Censorship via 'Ethical Branch' is proof God hates us and wants us to be miserable.: I a…[View]
467166779Some new Tales of Arise info: >They can't reveal Alphen's age yet but compared to previ…[View]
467183038Will you play her game?[View]
467176674>Kazuya gets into Smash >EWGF is in his moveset >Can only be activated via inputs Would you…[View]
467184097>free games thread[View]
467179491Post things that trigger your PTSD >'the arcana is the means by which all is revealed'…[View]
467183002Do you think Yandere Dev's progress would improve if he switched to GNU/Linux?[View]
467183742What's the best way to play the old C&C games these days? They're not on GOG for some …[View]
467184034Do you have any good vidya papes?[View]
467184024Which Minecraft version is the best? Some say its Beta 1.7.3 (last update before hunger) but I think…[View]
467183529What the fuck happened with that leaked Harry Potter game?[View]
467183925ITT: Story-based games with the saddest' yet fulfilling endings.[View]
467182704>itt we predict the soundtrack[View]
467146380Lets talk about this game. Post your stories. I'll start. >Boot up my first game of stellari…[View]
467135143>here's your sci-fi assault rifle bro[View]
467179753What are some good games for smartphone?[View]
467183475I have an 18 hour flight to Sydney coming up. Which Switch games should I buy for the trip? Bringing…[View]
467182751>get on mic anon >'h-hi guys' >wow anon ur voice makes my pussy dripping wet holy shit, wha…[View]
467182071Don't mind me, just hauling this canister to page 10.[View]
467181165There are bots right now battling it out on old servers right now. No human has joined them in years…[View]
467182857How do we save the Pac-Man franchise?[View]
467176572How do you take screenshots of your games? Why does steam put screenshots of games in folders that d…[View]
467182902I'LL HAVE THIS BOARD[View]
467182625how often did you play this scene already?: just tried out latest cemu at its finally working great…[View]
467183321How much do you think a Vita is worth? My current job has a shitton of downtime, and I figure instea…[View]
467098752/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467068126 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467177916>and this, ladies and gentlemen, are the many faces, of the western gamer…[View]
467181570RIP: January 20, 1960 - June 19, 2019 See you, space cowboy, :´([View]
467181106Minecraft 1.14.2: vanilla server that needs people rules are common sense…[View]
467171363I can't wrap my head around the lack of a proper fishing mechanic. It reminds me of Pacific Ri…[View]
467181474DABA Thread: Been playing Auto Chess Mobile for a bit but I plan to play Dota Underlords on full rel…[View]
467182968Why does this absolute ADHD Sigourney Weaver looking ass piece of shit have to fidget with his guns …[View]
467181471>you will never play Polybius[View]
467181271What do you do when you feel the urge to play games but every game you play makes you feel bored and…[View]
467182893Amid evil is out today[View]
467179727>shitty story >shitty voice acting >mediocre alien design at best >yet still a really fu…[View]
467179027>The women in DMCV are ugly as fuck >Square has an ethics division about how socially accepta…[View]
467182215Why does everyone hate this game again? I'm playing through it for the first time and am having…[View]
467181156Post moments when you shit your pants while gaming[View]
467170351Sonic Forces Speed Battle: You will be playing for the adorable Team Rose, right?[View]
467181016How do we fix the soulless epidemic?[View]
467179119switch mini leaked: will you buy it?[View]
467182329Why did Battle for Bikini Bottom get a remake but not this?[View]
467180865This is the ideal controller tier-list. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks…[View]
467181698'big lincoln sends you to lisa thread'[View]
467168254Which mods will rejuvenate this geriatric scrotum of a game into playability in Current Year +4?[View]
467178601Remember how DX11 tessellation was being hyped up back in 2010? Funny how no developer ever gives a …[View]
467179385>max durability decreases when you repair a item[View]
467176249What game have you sunked the most time into? For me I think it would be Minecraft.[View]
467182024Show me some average games.[View]
467174743Do you still stay up all night gaming with your friends?[View]
467174232What's a Todd got to do in order to get you excited for this /v/?[View]
467181903Mindless Games: Can anyone recommend some games that do not require reflexes or focus?[View]
467175330They're gonna get rid of the domestic abuse aren't they[View]
467180165REMAKE WHEN[View]
467179773Filename thread.[View]
467178686games only you played[View]
467181065So now that we know that a special edition or dlc isn't coming, how do we feel about this game …[View]
467180980Bought this for 5 bucks: Is it worth it? Is it actually fun? Is it worth it for the single player? I…[View]
467176779Would you name your daughter a video game related name? If so, what would you name her?[View]
467178387Post Mario lore[View]
467181171Why do people like this game? It's basically an ocarina of time mod.[View]
467178720If you used this weapon you were an asshole.[View]
467179957I want this game to succeed. I want this game to be the best seller of all time for GameFreak. I rea…[View]
467180551Anyone else feel cheated out of the vidya future we dreamt of as kids? Modern vidya has so many cool…[View]
467166493*Gets in your game* Heh, nothing personnel, kid.[View]
467180731Play a Suikoden game right now.[View]
467180950What's a Rune Factory type game with good combat?[View]
467180821Why is this game so kino?[View]
467180714>Flare Blitz's off stage Haha I'm good at Smash.[View]
467180713What are some games with a satisfying sense of progression? I like the concept of starting out weak …[View]
467180679What are some games where body armor might prevent all damage but the concussive force of any weapon…[View]
467179502How do I get better at Smash?: Is it just practice, bros? I went to my friend's house the other…[View]
467178949Todd pls...[View]
467167084Mario Royale: Mario Royale Last thread: >>467150518 http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main Sq…[View]
467176302will it finally kill L4D[View]
467174785>friends tell me to get on mic >do so >we all have a jolly good time and lots of laughs bec…[View]
467173694Do people unironically believe in the concept of redemption? Bad people cannot become good people. I…[View]
467177998Have you or would you tell a parent or someone you care about in real life your thoughts on Tifa…[View]
467180242Was he in the wrong for what he did, or is this case just not as black and white as it seems?[View]
467179124Honestly cant wait. Rune factory 4 was the best in the series. https://youtu.be/PwI0mzf2flY[View]
467179239Haven't played in the last 3 years and about to start a new play through. What are some ESSENTI…[View]
467168427What are you playing now /v/?[View]
467177874Would you rather a game in series be equal in quality to the previous, or have it take 2 steps forwa…[View]
467175882give me a hug man[View]
467173856Unpopular /v/idya opinions. Your opinion should be unpopular by /v/ standards, not just unpopular am…[View]
467179739Anyone else enjoy this gem? I can't clear the 'Holy War' scenario yet but I won 'Israel Surroun…[View]
467176056Your little fuckin nuts are gonna start quakin buddy[View]
467179510this game's soundtrack is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s71xP3cf790 oh and spongebob ga…[View]
467179430What are some weird settings you turned on in games?: Do you ever have motion blur toggled on in vid…[View]
467179214Take me with you to take down Kamoshida's Palace or I'm going in by myself.[View]
467174754Hello /v/ I dont post often but would like to know what you guys think about Killing floor 2. Its on…[View]
467167212KH3 is literally the worst most unfinished piece of shit game ever made. Doesn't even have a fu…[View]
467178479Dep an Tru[View]
467169529Who is your favorite gay video game character?[View]
467167202>here's your character redemption bro >just kidding! it's a prank. Why the fuck woul…[View]
467179254Children of Morta: lol this is complete dogshit >b..but at least the pixel art is good though! lm…[View]
467179072Is the Switch port the definitive version? Is there anything different besides LB switching? How do …[View]
467170459Okay, but hear me out... Bald Pearl.[View]
467179071>year 2006, be FF fan, liked 12 but want a REAL FF game >see cool new game 'Versus XIII' excl…[View]
467167470I heard FFXIV is an LGBT-friendly game for cute transgirls like me. Is that right?[View]
467171218>best game in the series >stuck forever on a system only three people owned…[View]
467173029What other achievements should be in Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
467176725ITT Dream game concepts/fusions FFXV’s modern fantasy aesthetic mixed with a GTA gameplay would like…[View]
467178828Which Jaina was best?[View]
467178819Astral Chain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRgolbpH6Qg New video is up, what do you think /v/ros?…[View]
467176381How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
467178809He's in![View]
467178805do you trust fairies?[View]
467178393has this game's community gotten any better?[View]
467178750What is the meaning of this? The pages, they've changed; 'the Primis crew is in Smash'. What co…[View]
467175410What's the most underrated Resident Evil?[View]
467156894DEUS EX THREAD: >game has an 'invisible' karma system >it only affects how different NPCs will…[View]
467177720>putting cute girls in a fighting game where they get brutally murdered Why?…[View]
467176448Wouldst thou like to play Persona 5, Bayonetta 2, and Bloodborne on the PC?[View]
467178339Finally got around to playing this and it's fucking fantastic. It honestly shits all over Souls…[View]
467178307So, were you saying something, /v/?[View]
467177360>Game has a 'twist' >It's foreshadowed to such a ridiculous degree that it…[View]
467178264Mario Lore: [View]
467178154Be quiet anon, the mage is sleeping[View]
467177728It's up https://www.twitch.tv/spike_chunsoft[View]
467171785What's he so afraid of?[View]
467176667>thumb hurts from too much vidya what do i do bros? it feels like its gonna fall off…[View]
467171689>don't play vidya anymore >just watch speedruns of them anyone else?…[View]
467171581>Hypno YOU JUST KNOW[View]
467172828how's that game coming along /v/~[View]
467175949>He doesn't wear his gamer diaper while he plays video games Anon...…[View]
467176839Igarashi-san did it. He actually did it. I'm crying now. This is the happiest day of my life.[View]
467176789Is Mei plump?[View]
467176415What are some other video games that feature characters models based off of real-life porn stars?[View]
467176383I need a FUN MMO to play, like I have never tried Splatoon and people have suggested that, but I…[View]
467177701How do we save the Pac-Man franchise?[View]
467158948When does this game pick up? Is it really the Chrono Trigger in the rough the SNES JRPG fans missed …[View]
467177686Will games be charming by default ever again?[View]
467177541>sonichu run[View]
467173297God what went so horribly wrong?[View]
467177531Thoughts on Skylanders?: I thought it was the shit when I was around elementary school. I would alwa…[View]
467175189Subtle vidya clothes: Do you own any subtle game related clothes? Pic related: my outfit from today.…[View]
467175416>FE fans are doing better than pokemon fans What happened to this timeline?…[View]
467177431They're Surprise Mechanics. Stop calling them lootboxes.[View]
467177361Big if true.[View]
467176471Pre-order Animal Crossing: New Horizons™, coming March 2020 for the Nintendo Switch™[View]
467176550In what games can you be a crustacean?[View]
467172971Why Is the lot such a big fucking deal? I'm sure the girl who owns it will sell it to who ever …[View]
467173582How dare Game Freak tell me that I can't have every single Pokemon in Sword and Shield. I…[View]
467176845Why do I keep being put on squads with kids?[View]
467162613Why are the Dota 2 character designs so pig dog ugly and generic?[View]
467127262>Capital city >8 houses Explain this[View]
467176715What PS3 temperatures are safe? Can I really fuck it up by changing the thermal paste?[View]
467174698Is this finally an acknowledgment that new competitive multiplayer games barely stand a chance of pl…[View]
467174302MK 11 Skins Leaked: Yeah, it looks like some classic skins are making a return[View]
467176360ey yo fuk whites we wuz kangs bowser needs to give us reperassions[View]
467167541>Cyberpunk is only the 4th most pre-ordered game despite the humongous hype >loses to cod and …[View]
467176320What went right?[View]
467172465Who is canon best girl, and why is it not makoto[View]
467176263Let's do one of these.[View]
467170502ITT memes you regret falling for: >have been playing shooters since the days of halo 2 xbox live …[View]
467175136>kill final boss >you die as well[View]
467172559Does anyone else just like to walk around open worlds? I find it weirdly satisfying to just walk aro…[View]
467175924>ranked game >tryhard starts whingeing[View]
467140159This is a young woman of British Indian descent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Indian Also k…[View]
467149236Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
467110258Here's your fighter pass, bro[View]
467175256Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? It's DRM free. https://www.gog.com/game/cyber…[View]
467175876I'm fighting for my fucking life![View]
467134937$799 US DOLLARS[View]
467170571Why does /v/ hate this so much?[View]
467175532What are some games with surprise mechanics?[View]
467173354ITT: Shit games boomers tricked you into playing[View]
467163485Post unethical video game characters[View]
467170078Would you fuck a Slaanesh Daemonette?[View]
467175385>Controls >Jump: Jump Button >Crouch: Crouch Button…[View]
467173910Who would you main in a horror fighting game?[View]
467175373trannies dance in front of a mirror: the game[View]
467156396This looks so fucking bad. What happened? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klfa18JK98k[View]
467169358Why is japanese humour so unfunny?[View]
467165356Tifas tits arent even that big in the original game, if anything they were scaled up in the remake. …[View]
467167303What is the most soulles video game ever made?: What is the most soulles video game ever made?…[View]
467162991>ethics department[View]
467174669What games you borrowed from your friends, but never gave it back and still have today? Mine's …[View]
467174907Name a better crossover[View]
467174629What game has the best character creator?: I want create cool or nice look characters in a game sinc…[View]
467174779Kaiju/Godzilla Vidya: Lets have a good talk, bitch boys. All your Duncans and Macrosaurus'…[View]
467172523PS4 Crash team racing Bros: Get in here[View]
467171420He’s in[View]
467165037The casserole demon is about to turn Chef maam into grub Only videogame knowledge might stop him[View]
467173737Are there any video games where non-lethal is actually far more difficult than lethal? Hard mode: N…[View]
467174234Any Xbone owners here? No point in me having the game on two platforms so I figured somebody here ca…[View]
467150941Fun in Gaming: It's challenging finding games better than ARK. It's a MP sandbox, with an …[View]
467174392every Philadelphia's wet dream[View]
467158521I love podcasts about games.[View]
467173764Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467164564ITT: Games you sometimes feel that only you knew about/played.[View]
467174165>sequel never it hurts[View]
467172125Why yes, I play turn-based RPGs. How did you know?[View]
467173801Anybody up for playing?[View]
467163898Male videogame ships thread[View]
467170579Dr. Mario World will add more Doctors after Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad: https://ja…[View]
467173060Let's suppose something weird as fuck happens, and the ex-3Dfx engineers decide to knock on the…[View]
467169429>how well you perform playing a particular game is inversely correlated to how well others around…[View]
467173460>RPG let’s you choose Gender: >Females get +1 to INT[View]
467173407>HERE COMES DAISY![View]
467173251Bloodstained: Just finished pic related. What a good game, when is that DLC coming out?[View]
467173375Why aren't you playing Tomba 1 or 2 on a PSX emulator RIGHT NOW?[View]
467172169ITT:post your favorite game and other will try to guess your personality I'll start[View]
4671729962019 I am forgotten...[View]
467173192What are some games that let be build an authoritatian society and lead humanity into the light?[View]
467171416Megaman thread: Archive...Home[View]
467170487Is barrett really black? His hair seems to be fairly straight instead of curly like a normal black g…[View]
467165472Mirror Mirror on the Wall What is /v/'s favorite game of All?[View]
467172624What are some good couch-coop or fighting games for playing with friends /v/ ? Do you play with your…[View]
467173072Who is your favorite yokai from yo-kai watch /v/ ?: Post it ![View]
467171531/id/thebigbraingamer/ please add me. I am very lonely and would like to make friends from here to pl…[View]
467162909Is Dragon Quest IX worth playing solo? I hear it’s like an mmo[View]
467167558Anyone else think rating systems in videogames are outdated? Like, nobody actually uses the numbers …[View]
467170657Underlords: Anyone got an Open Beta Key available? :33[View]
467172579I am going to sleep, /v/. Send me a video game to play when I wake up.[View]
467169883I'm so damn bad at League of Legends, how the hell can I rapidly improve without embarrassing m…[View]
467172515Fallout New Vegas: Hey, my man! T-t-ten of spades. First Recon Sharpshooter. At your s-s-service.…[View]
467168881I just bought some video games Which one should I play first?[View]
467170875When you really look into Sonic's feats and abilities he over powered as fuck no wonder his fri…[View]
467170247Metal Gear Solid Rising: Do you think the Metal gear solid rising demo showed in 2010 is still avail…[View]
467171678Listen Faggots: Final Fantasy VII R is perfect. Everything that was changed was done for the better.…[View]
467172283what are some games that have perfect girls[View]
467169220>developers gaslight fanbase into thinking previous iterations of game were worse to justify poor…[View]
467169021Crash: Crash[View]
467171827Would you want new echo fighters as free DLC?[View]
467172017Things grown adults never complain about in other mediums: >The boobs are too small! >It has t…[View]
4671711632007 was 12 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wjpQG9e9xA[View]
467164536What was your favorite roblox obby?[View]
467142917Is it your GOTY?[View]
467171737>outlives your favorite FPS and every shooter subgenre How'd they do it, /v/?…[View]
467168495>game makes you get an in-game job[View]
467170994Are there any good MMOs in 2019?[View]
467171562Remember me, /v/?[View]
467171524How did they manage to fuck up a level editor?[View]
467168284before dark souls became the hardest game of all time what was the previous hardest game of all time…[View]
467166418I DID MY TIME[View]
467170687An evil crocodile has invaded my island and stolen all of my bananas. Better jump on their heads! Pl…[View]
467170590get in here bros we're /coming home/[View]
467167057could Guts make it in the Mortal Kombat universe and live?[View]
467165969ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
467166949starnigger royale[View]
467170345Post your ideas for a video game: >Castlevania done in the style of the newest God of War >Pla…[View]
467170861>playing offline single player >map has a treasure chest that can only be accessed with the as…[View]
467164298>he doesn't listen to old ass nightcore from 10 years ago while gaming gay…[View]
467171083Men, we led those dumb bugs out to the middle of nowhere to keep 'em from gettin' their fi…[View]
467168741Is the solution to censorship in games just to make everyone a furry? That fucking houseboat game at…[View]
467166184fightstick thread: Does /v/ use a fightstick for fighting games?[View]
467170137Why don't you play proper racing games, anon? Are you bad at them?[View]
467160142Why the fuck aren't you hype?[View]
467154713How can you tell the difference between a business and artistic decisions? Wasn't Tifa's b…[View]
467167969>spent the whole day on /v/ again >didn't play any actual video games…[View]
467163459Naoto is my _______.[View]
467136930So whats the deal with Cyberpunk 2077? Is it an RPG or an action game?[View]
467170603What are some games where the hero turns evil?[View]
467170417I like to hold in my shit instead of going to the bathroom. What is wrong with me?[View]
467170556Does /v/ watch animations? Commentary absolutely does not count[View]
467153296Does /v/ remember the good old days of playing Maplestory?[View]
4671641032019... I am forgotten[View]
467170365Can you find him, /v/?[View]
467168957Have you all signed up to get the free legendary in BL3 yet? It's literally free and all you do…[View]
467134856/Virtual Reality/ thread: Why don't you have an oculus quest yet?[View]
467170293What if Half-Life 3 was the friends we made along the way?[View]
467168285volleyball games?[View]
467169660>tfw no WoD game set in St. Petersburg[View]
467170070Thoughts on Serious Sam games?[View]
467170053So what exactly is the deal with GameFreak? >Sub 150 employees >Only has ever developed indie …[View]
467165474This is Link. he is an ideal swordsman among Hyrule region. and probably has an ideal body, too[View]
467167705When are we gonna see GTA 6 /v/? I actually have high hopes for this game. I thought V really shit t…[View]
467165724Nintendo Leaks: Dragon Quest: The Zenithian Trilogy- Dragon Quest IV, V, and Vi are coming to Ninte…[View]
467159923Which version of Ocarina of Time should I play? I have never played a Zelda game before. 3DS, Wii U?…[View]
467169450Why can't anyone make a game like Ragnarok Online? Is it really so fucking complicated?[View]
467168865Battlefield: Which battlefield is the best one[View]
467166609Play Mortal Kombat 11. It’s the best fighting game and game of the generation.[View]
467169481Shinra is Nintendo: Has anyone else noticed that Shinra from Final Fantasy VII is clearly meant to b…[View]
467166798Why aren't there any serial killer simulators?[View]
467169305*Boots up[View]
467151149this cant be real[View]
467169394>I mean why do amerishits say this all the time? Do they like sounding like the mouthbreathing re…[View]
467168667free bete steam code to my game: come to my stream get chance to win steam beta code off my game fre…[View]
467168378FFXIV: The moogle event ends soon, how many philosophy tomes have you gotten /v/? Should I get a pe…[View]
467167625What tribe is Elena from?[View]
467169059I can't get into, no matter how much I try. I'm a WoW vet since Burning Crusade. This game…[View]
467168163>If you kill him, you'll be just like him![View]
467169138why did fighting games do away with character endings?[View]
467139130Rebecca > all other women in the RE universe[View]
467169018If video games are escapism, what are you escaping from? How have video games helped you?[View]
467168472>ywn build spaceships with your best friends again Why does time kill everything I love?…[View]
467166934What am I in for?[View]
467165648Post videogame legs.[View]
467149687>Based Switch Port. You have pre-ordered the Switch, right anon? You're not a virgin... righ…[View]
467168034Is there any chance we can get the old Tifa design back? Or at the very least the big breasts?[View]
467136120What would Blizzard have to do to get you to resubscribe to WoW?[View]
467162593ITT: songs you like from games you HAVEN'T played: POST'EM >https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
467165384GET OFF MY BACK![View]
467168123>Deltarune is never coming out >Bannerlord is never coming out ONE, NOTHING WRONG WITH ME…[View]
467162156>The February 2019 reveal trailer for the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awak…[View]
467163438What do you consider good writing in a video game?[View]
467167561Why are people telling each other to have sex whenever someone makes a thought out point or argument…[View]
467153654Hows that iron man going /v/?[View]
467166838Just finished this, what did I think of it?[View]
467157149>Phantasy Star Online 2[View]
467168169ITT: Games being broken by the player[View]
467168115Was Arthur's last ride the most powerful moment in all of gaming?[View]
467168074a fucking scorpion.[View]
467164992This was just supposed to be some spin off. Let it do whatever then we can have our own game. Why di…[View]
467166987https://wccftech.com/alpha-protocol-removed-from-steam BOPУЙ УБИBAЙ EБИ ГУCEЙ ЖДИ OTBETHOГO ГУДКA…[View]
467160316When will Rouge get her own game?[View]
467167987Metal Gear Online Room (PC): Server's up, if you have MGSV on Steam then get in here! Matching …[View]
467164174Potential alt costume?[View]
467164425They added nothing to the game. Story wise or gameplay wise. Completely unnecessary in the remake[View]
467161251It's Ryouna![View]
467166848>kids are going to grow up thinking loot boxes and microtransactions in 60$ games are normal How …[View]
467145172How are you guys enjoying Bloodstained?[View]
467162049What are some of the most iconic vidya melee weapons?[View]
467167042>the game over screen isn't canon[View]
467166398FFVII Remake is fucked: >Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Confirms Honey Bee Inn Cross-Dressing …[View]
467167341Battlefield lookin ass: Which is the best one[View]
467165363>soulless robot literally built as a housewife >the most useless out of all Mega girls >not…[View]
467165101On one hand, the downgrade is a disappointment, and I guess Nomura and Ferrari did everything they c…[View]
467166991Why is it so fucking good?[View]
467165154>turn on videogamu >it's a generic white male/woman protag…[View]
467166586I'm gonna play BotW master mode for the first time. Any tips?[View]
467163817Barkley 2: Anyone played the demo? So far it's hilarious, I really hope they manage to put out …[View]
467165712Games where the character becomes so buff in the sequel they outgrow their old outfit from the first…[View]
467164031Steam: How do I change my Steam name/ID/Profile so that it won't be traced back to a bunch of e…[View]
467136970I give up on this game, its fucking impossible to pass further than the second level for me. Fuck th…[View]
467157314kill Paarthurnax.[View]
467159869Whats your favorite DLC from any game? ESOs Clockwork City has to be mine. The writing is some of th…[View]
467165624Mutant Football League: What’s your opinion on it?[View]
467155108GTA 3 had the shittiest radio stations except Chatterbox[View]
467157835Starting this game (Ultimate Edition) for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
467156853Does Nakoruru legitimately have a chance to Smash or is this just speculation and 'flying weapon' as…[View]
467147135too scary :([View]
467166557>ITT 'Oh, that happened'[View]
467158173Hey guys, Ive got some money to upgrade one part of my PC, what should I upgrade? Thanks in advanc…[View]
467166307Pay up[View]
467129723>this kills the game[View]
467165186>Be Japanese game developer >Put random shit that doesn't make sense into your game and d…[View]
467157445>*starts up smash* >'Umm....Daddy? who are all these weird looking characters?'…[View]
467166395Well I feel dumb. I thought this was just a personal choice and laughed at the nutjobs. Turns out ev…[View]
467166035So is this one of the few games worth playing on the WiiU? I was looking at the catalog and it'…[View]
467166439Thief : The Dark Project > Thief 2 : The Metal Age[View]
467109282Games with god tier combat thread What games do you think have the best combat? No westernshit.[View]
467165985It just makes sense: He literally works for the Color,Costume, and Companion Theories (even though I…[View]
4671614823DS Thread: Post themes 3DS's What are you playing collections etc[View]
467162853>remake is more soulfull than the original game name a more comfy vidya moment…[View]
467163897Why aren't you playing Girls' Frontline? It's objectively the best gacha.[View]
467163925See you in Smash 6![View]
467160180'cough' Anon....I dont feel so good...[View]
467165871name 1 game with a strong female character in it[View]
467161757Man, I hope the new stalker has a couple of stalker girls.[View]
467164923Vanjo: Vanjo[View]
467149415Mario's missing his head! Can /v/ give him a new one?[View]
467165767What is the vidya equivalent of modern architecture?[View]
467165408This is a japanese dragon[View]
467164169Persona was a mistake: Let's establish one thing first: Persona is not a game, it's a visu…[View]
467153945XIV Shadowbringers: what are your hopes for future wondrous tails content[View]
467165121filename thread[View]
467164761What are the essential difficult indie games? Bonus points if platformer Bonus bonus if Metroidvania[View]
467165565Let's face it Cybermeme 2077 looks a sequel to like Rage 2[View]
467161583Persona is shit[View]
467142035ITT: vidya tattoos What you'd get, what you wouldn't get, and just whatever looks fucking …[View]
467164548Was today the Fourth of July? If not, is the Empire striking back or what? Looks like things are gon…[View]
467164635One week later, I am forgotten.[View]
467139882>DUDE LOOK AT ALL THOSE REALMS (only 1 is properly done though) >DUDE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ALL T…[View]
467161185vidya cities:: post only the best[View]
467163036There has to be a game where i can play as a cute mermaid (that's not Goemon) I WANT TO KNOW![View]
467161539>Shut the fuck up and don't interrupt me, you fat weirdo. That was pretty uncalled for.…[View]
467165357Just got 6 months of GamePass, I just saved $280. :)[View]
467164396this game's ok[View]
467163772Glad you could make it, Arthur.[View]
467136501AVGN celebrates having 3 million subscribers: He gives some updates/ hes releasing the autobiography…[View]
467159949OFFICIAL LAUGH AT WALUIGI THREAD (The Discord leak is fake) https://twitter.com/New_WabiSabi/status/…[View]
467157430Why are all these epic exclusives still avaliable on steam? https://store.steampowered.com/app/41202…[View]
467164664That weird dream again, deja vu![View]
467164467Post some games that had no right being as good as they are[View]
467165048why do i suddenly want to become a hacker?[View]
467150518Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale >bigbros >firechads >starniggers >cheatfags >lag http…[View]
467144269risk of rain: >steam sale nearby >millions of people trying out new games and focused on other…[View]
467163392What's up with this guy? He always seemed so mysterious in the first two Banjo games.[View]
467146304I think Nomura is full of shit and possibly lying about the existence of an ethics department in Squ…[View]
467163560what's your monthly budget for donating to streamers? I try to stay under $50 and break it into…[View]
467156451I don't know that it is, but I just can't get into it and I'm a huge RPG faggot that …[View]
467121797Custom Maid: OK, this is EPIC https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097580/CUSTOM_ORDER_MAID_3D2_Its_a…[View]
467163190What's the appeal? Seems like an uglier weeb Hearthstone[View]
467163567What games did you find easy to platinum?: I'll start....[View]
467164519First pit now banjo[View]
467164484/vg/ sucks at smash get in here ID 9TQSL PW 4258[View]
467160389Why can't modern games into mirrors???[View]
467146982Thoughts on the change of aesthetic in the Destroy All Humans! Remake? https://youtu.be/Ni3xYKjaJZo[View]
467163354mario maker 2 dead on arrival: I was thinking to myself 'how is Nintendo going to fuck up a potentia…[View]
467160557What game has the best clouds?[View]
467163431ITT: those that deserve to be in, but never will[View]
467162163*Blocks your path* Half-Life Mods thread[View]
467162285Hey, Keanu Reeves here! I love video games, but I need your help! They're saying I'm going…[View]
467159754it’s up[View]
467162630Whys Roll so funny?[View]
467161367>He pronounces it 'Skull-too-luh'[View]
467161905i just want to make a video game bros[View]
467157107Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? It's DRM free. https://www.gog.com/game/cyber…[View]
467163035Female Power Fantasy: So I've been seeing a lot of people use the 'Male Power Fantasy' argument…[View]
467160967>adds censored Tifa to the top Japanese devs on suicide watch[View]
467159048Syphon Filter: Is it still worth playing?[View]
467163356Su from rance but she's wearing a formal attire and is cute. Rance/alicesoft thread, are you ex…[View]
467162686Is anyone aside from me legitimately hyped for this game? It sucks because most /v/ posters seem lik…[View]
467150591The Witcher 3 Switch Port Includes All Content On-Cart: So now that this is a thing, what are the ch…[View]
467162516What is she yelling /v/?[View]
467160071Just started playing this and it reminds me a LOT of Hollow Knight. If i loved Hollow knight will i …[View]
467159682Do you consider yourself a game collector /v/? Is now a good time to start collecting 6/7th gen gam…[View]
467162830Why did they make the bird so cute?[View]
467091161What's 'home' to you /v/?[View]
467080534Star wars: Why don't more star wars games have jedi knight combat? Freedom in gameplay is great…[View]
467160931Literally impossible to S-rank.[View]
467161750>it's actually out on steam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvvEZz2qR5s…[View]
467162574persona/smt: TOMATO SOUP[View]
467159950Find games to play on steam: Hi /v/ I just finished a several month complete redo of my site whatSho…[View]
4671594693 weeks left, bros! Anyone played the jap version? How many scenes are there, more than reflexions?[View]
467161971>dirge of cerberus Reminder this trash heap exists[View]
467156841ITT: Pleb filters[View]
467161150>RPG has a charm/seduce ability >It works against females Shit makes no sense.…[View]
467161505Travis is the next DLC character. Let's meme it into happening /v/.[View]
467157535This man is a genius.[View]
467159678>He still uses Windows for games LOL, even LTSC can't save you from the botnet. Just use WIN…[View]
467161961Filename Thread[View]
467151639https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-expansions-dlc/ where were you when CDPR releases Hearts of Ston…[View]
467161802DNF 2001: Hey this game was mentioned some threads ago, can someone post some gameplay from this gam…[View]
467161535Rate my e-mail to Bethsoft.[View]
467161738What the fuck happened?[View]
467160865What am I supposed to be doing again?[View]
467156794Is Sekiro an accurate representation of feudal Japan?[View]
467161653MMORPGs are dead: and all we get is free battle Royale multiplayer games, no interactions or anythin…[View]
467159910Who was in the wrong?[View]
467153270THEY'RE IN BOYS: I still can't fucking believe it.[View]
467160835What the fuck is the appeal of this game?[View]
467161424>Valve's version of Dota chess is going to be the most pop- OH NONONONONONON…[View]
467161494Playing this for the first time ever, and can you really not change characters during Adventure mode…[View]
467161109>MC of the sequel isn't as cute as previous MC Why does this always happen?…[View]
467157584When it comes to PC, what mods do you think people will want most?[View]
467161380Shows spic and promotes racemixing in premiere trailer. Sure Halo Infinite will be great[View]
467159736this any good?[View]
467161240What does /v/ think about DKR?[View]
467161113She Killed Billions: hows the campaign going?[View]
467153207Why won't they let me fap to my waifu in peace?[View]
467157058>bro if you actually cared about e3 this year you are legally a MANCHILD…[View]
467160151Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.[View]
467157479This isn't the future I dreamed about.[View]
467160424>mfw I bought a ps4 just to play CTR[View]
467150697Guys, this isnt a fluke. Riot is literally shitting on everyone establishing a new genre. Enjoy your…[View]
467153436What was the last vidya ending that made you act like this? >Wonderful 101 can never be beat…[View]
467118880Every smash dlc character has multiple entities on the panorama.[View]
467160616Can't we have a Megaman thread that reaches bump limit just for fucking once?![View]
467157264Smash DLC Information: Alright, all of you nerds, geeks, neckbeards, and everything in between, list…[View]
467159904Where will games be in the next 22 years?[View]
467160395why are women so bad at making videogames[View]
467160375NO Please Crash, I Don't wanna BE Forgotten!!! ;_; :_;[View]
467149232Bloodstained: A FUCKING CAT[View]
467159898Kh thread: Any tips on beating him in bbs?[View]
467146237>'Anon, as a member of the opposite sex, I sense no charm from you. Your generic speech pattern, …[View]
467159437This is the best fighting game this generation.[View]
467158943>mid level boss is stronger than boss[View]
467160127>Japanese devs create games for their local market without giving a fucking about what the west t…[View]
467157908they’ve taken all the fun out of Rocket League: I’ve been playing this game since the day it was rel…[View]
467159021It's impossible to mess this design up[View]
467159026>this kills the Mario Kart fag[View]
467159914Did this based bears reveal trailer turn this gay black dude straight? At first, the gay black dude …[View]
467158950Persona? Sorry, I'm not a virgin.[View]
467159131>desert level[View]
467132239>It's just a redesign! >Actually I think it looks hotter! >Why do you even care what m…[View]
467158424Video games unironically stopped looking good after the dreamcast. What happened?[View]
467151757We talk all things Zelda Thoughts on the sequel to Breath of the Wild? Hopes, expectations, worries?[View]
467157119Predict the metacritic score.[View]
467158805Be honest what was/is your competitive rank?[View]
467155119I really hope next gen games are all designed around the idea of an ssd being commonplace, it would …[View]
467129749>EA's VP of legal and government affairs refuses to use the term 'lootboxes' in fa…[View]
467159485What's some other cuck kino like pic related?[View]
467158372Ultimate Aliance games: I just started the first one. What do you think of the games?, What am i for…[View]
467157650Thinking of buying this to my children. They are 3 and 4 years old. Has anyone tried the game with k…[View]
467157956S O U L https://youtu.be/2HqGNaEMF70[View]
467159110Diddy Kong Racing HD Remake: When?[View]
467159338what morrowind mod is this?[View]
467159330How does this game do it? Its such a big world with so many characters and still manages to stay so …[View]
467159315SHE SHOULD BE IN[View]
467158517can someone please help me with this game? Im scared to ask because you will all just call me bad[View]
467158871Phoenix Wright in Smash: Why is Phoenix seemingly the one smash dlc candidate that gets the least ha…[View]
467158060Tales Of thread: Tales of Arise looks good and there's a Tales of Graces Anniversary event late…[View]
467152438>'Are you really in charge here?'[View]
467149648Why didn't this piece of shit have a second stick?: It fucking sucks how many games had such te…[View]
467152791Whoever designed this and thought it would be even remotely marketable or appealing should be fuckin…[View]
467158161So how exactly did he become the 'symbol' of 'GAMERS'?[View]
467154031Are thre any video game characters that make you feel...you know... *sigh*[View]
467159091>Roll, Kalinka & Tempo >Ciel & Alouette/Prairie >Aile, Ashe & Pandora >Roll …[View]
467158964Arena thread? Arena bread Rules: >3 stock 10 min >FFA no items >no customs bc last time was…[View]
467158998>Game features level with enemies that aren’t white >Game features antagonist who betrays you …[View]
467153204So how long until I regret this?[View]
467136486Banjoo: Will we get a remake?[View]
467157051Hold this L, piratecels[View]
467158091Is this game worth playing if i enjoyed the first?[View]
467158665HERE'S YOUR NEW POWERUP, F.AM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhCxiGv9ltg[View]
467145278/V/ros... it's over https://youtu.be/3GXVXYl3_8c[View]
467158529Wake up gweilo, we have an empire to burn what you do ?[View]
467157120>want to play a game >open my games library >realize how big my library is and how long it …[View]
467158240What are some good single-player games with top-tier melee combat that aren't Soulsbornekiro or…[View]
467158221damn, that's how nessa look like ?[View]
467133562Fuck fighting games. Seriously, fuck them. I've put in almost 2 thousand hours into them the pa…[View]
467154126Post characters that will get a visit from the ethics department[View]
467158336>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
467158312Treasure Town ... Home.[View]
467094785As expected, Bloodstained ended being a mediocre title and Hollow Knight is still the uncontested ki…[View]
467158256Why yes I make smash bros arenas who wants too join?[View]
467157353How do we fix him?[View]
467155270DARKWOOD THREAD Tag your spoilers for any newcomers! Not to be gay but god I would suck the life out…[View]
467150253>name your character[View]
467158085Is anyone even playing Imperator: Rome anymore?[View]
467157360APOLOGIZE (I don't know why the last thread was deleted despite it being videogame related, can…[View]
467130094Steam sale is in 6 days, what do you plan on getting?[View]
467145819What's your excuse for not playing the best horror game of all time, /v/?[View]
467157991It's summer time. What happened to /v/?[View]
467098137Super Smash Bros. headcanon thread, post your best stuff.[View]
467154369What went wrong?[View]
467156807*ahem* Ich Will.[View]
467154490>calling yourself a 'gamer'[View]
467152290why is everyone so prone to flaming/scapegoating during online games? why is this problem especially…[View]
467157660How does this game do it? Its such a big world with so many characters and still manages to stay so …[View]
467155291Help me to choose what game I play tonight: I'm just about to smoke a massive joint and chill w…[View]
467155245Anyone else unironically excited for next Ass Creed? Can't wait to play as a sheildmaiden bros[View]
467157447Miiverse: Miiverse thread?[View]
467157118Don't mind me, just posting the only candidate for best dating sim. VNs need not apply.[View]
467141515Best Persona girl thread[View]
467155712Is it any good? I don't care if it's a true MMO, I just wanna see more of Tamriel and Cold…[View]
467149964PACK IT UP, LEAK'S FAKE: Back to the never-ever bin Undertalefags and Waluigifags where you bel…[View]
467156934Elder Scrolls Thread: Favorite game/race/build? Where do you want Elder Scrolls 6 to be set?[View]
467156903ITT: games only you have played[View]
467156868DDaily rreminder tthat GGodot lliterally ddid nnothing wwrong.[View]
467156835MARIO ROYALE THREAD: >come play >http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#game >type /v/ in squad…[View]
467156767What did he mean by this?[View]
467151806JWE Update 1.8: Is it cool if we have a JWE thread? We finally got an update that added much needed …[View]
467156503Would he have been happy with classic? >tfw he won't get to go home…[View]
467148930>beat someone in fightan game >'you suck at this game'…[View]
467154756You weren't going to use any of them in the first place. Have sex.[View]
467151851Golden Age of cRPGs: CRPG virgin here, I need you to redpill me /v/. Where do I start? >Is the B…[View]
467139810Switch Mini: Thanks for beta testing, early adopters.[View]
467156043Samurai Shodown boss leak: cute feet[View]
467154625>'One copy of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, please.'[View]
467155367>mom cancels your wow sub[View]
467156268There’s a hidden message in the Death Stranding logo. If you look at the dripping letters, it spells…[View]
467154778What are some Shoot-Em-Ups for getting into the genre? I'm kinda amazed by Ikaruga but I don…[View]
467156190Rated e for everyone[View]
467154192Massive flop coming through[View]
467155259Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467155872valvebros... i don't feel so good...[View]
467154608do you want to see a first-age lotr game developed by fromsoftware? imo souls series came the closes…[View]
467149858Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a New Vegas thread[View]
467155769Since /v/ is shit, I can make whatever threads I want and it won't decrease the board quality.[View]
467153247At what point did Square Enix become irredeemable?[View]
467154771I've noticed there's been a lot of Star Fox threads this week. What's got everyone fe…[View]
467139669Thoughts and opinions?[View]
467153661How's that backlog going, /v/? I'm just starting Sleeping Dogs, thinking I might knock off…[View]
467148561>DOOM >0 results You should all be ashamed of yourselves.…[View]
467155298Your favorite game is being remastered as a Battle Royale game. Would it be fun, /v/?[View]
467154932It's any good?[View]
467154470>buy physical copy of game >it’s a voucher with a download code…[View]
467153148We had an interesting 500 post thread earlier, wherein people said that any game that takes a sexy c…[View]
467153706Smash ultimate fighter pass leak[View]
467154545>ocarina of time is a good game[View]
467152023this is impossible to win[View]
467154859>'Im not sexist I just think that male dominated hobbies like video games shouldn't cater to…[View]
467152035>Steam Summer sale soon >Games Done Quick soon Is there a more comfy time on /v/?…[View]
467153942>gets in[View]
467154228Why are warthogs so fucking fun bros? Why don't they just make a whole game where you drive aro…[View]
467109545>Metal Gear Rising came out six years ago[View]
467154705Where are the video games?[View]
467153264Spike Chunsoft: Spike Chunsoft is having a stream later today and they claim to have 'exciting news.…[View]
467151652Legend of Zelda: what do you want from the BOTW sequel[View]
467142882Cyberpunk 2077 comfy thread: >character background corpo, street kid and nomad these will influen…[View]
467154521Alpha screenshots thread[View]
467140780ITT: Forgotten games[View]
467153893Post vidya characters that are true bros.[View]
467154007I am Sam. Sam I am. Do you like Rom and Ram?[View]
467148126DMC Thread: Post your favourite devil arms and future devil arm concepts you'd like to see…[View]
467149470Why do you still play vidya?[View]
467152227The Arbiter: >Dabs on 2 billions of humans existance on Reach >gets away with it How did he do…[View]
467148803Name just ONE (1) game better than Ocarina of Time.[View]
467154076Who is the most powerful (male) character in vidya?[View]
467153964>game 'remake' >it just adds unnecessary dialogue, soulless graphics and takes out what made t…[View]
467152871DoomGuy for SMASH: This picture was taken recently. As we all knew, Bethesda has been in the talks w…[View]
467150125Where are the games?[View]
467153335Why is the dialogue in this game so bad?? I dont mean the companions or the voice acting but the pla…[View]
467151032Meet your new favorite wojak - sojak!: So, anon...[View]
467115354Dragon Quest thread: Lets have a fun thread on Dragon Quest. Both mainline and the fun side games.…[View]
467149243>'Wanna go for walkies anon?'[View]
467152205If Smash can have multiple incarnations of Mario or Zelda or Samus, or the three Links, I think it…[View]
467152525I'm ready to finally move on, I hope one day you can do it too.[View]
467152194Where is it?[View]
467152978>indie game >not on linux pirated :)[View]
467151642Final Fantasy: Let’s talk about Final Fantasy spin offs and lesser known games[View]
467153163Minecraft Fast: I’m fasting Minecraft for 7 days so God will answer my prayers. So I’m playing Skyri…[View]
467152984OH NO NO NO NO NO VALVEBROS How could this happen to us? The Riot chads are winning again!!!![View]
467152252>Get into elite smash with Pokemon Trainer >Manage to stay in, reach 4.9 million GSP >The m…[View]
467147765Shoot me![View]
467147624The gameplay is fun and all but why does this game look so hideous?[View]
467141090What went wrong?[View]
467152263>only 109 Yokai OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
467152815Why did SEGA permit this?[View]
467149704Night Hawk[View]
467150094Hello, I am the best Final Fantasy game.[View]
467149830ITT: Games that are good elements in everything EXCEPT gameplay.[View]
467146802ITT: Games that deserves a remaster or port for current consoles[View]
467144974Where were you when KH3 FM was confirmed to be better than KH2 FM? 13 bosses and story (limit cut ep…[View]
467151973>first time playing game >chooses hardest difficulty available…[View]
467150028>Browsing games at gamestop >See an interesting game >Look at the back >No option to pla…[View]
467148024JOIN RETASRDS: https://skribbl.io/?RZx8j3w7ED[View]
467146981Yokai Watch 4 is out did anyone buy it?[View]
467147168What are you emulating, /v/?[View]
467149508About to play this for the first time in my life (t.28 year old) because I always see it being broug…[View]
467150026the dark secret of the Sega Saturn: everything was a flat quad. it was never quite in 3D at all. eve…[View]
467152419Square Enix said they are expanding the midgar part of FF7 by adding new event, but is that really a…[View]
467147036>The west can't design attractive wom-[View]
467151832I just beat Jet Set Radio Future for the 1st time the other day. What are your thoughts? And which J…[View]
467150387Captain, I've finished my investigation into Federation video games. Unfortunately I was unable…[View]
467139458What are your honest thoughts on EA?[View]
467149035Any non p2w games for killing some time on the go? Playing some Duel Links every now and then but it…[View]
467149106I’m torn /v/, I want to play DQ4 but I hear the DS version has no party chat while the mobile versio…[View]
467144765Was it good? I haven't played it since I never owned an xbox, but for some weird reason I want …[View]
467145746Daily reminder: Bald women are the only acceptable women[View]
467132794SONY WON: https://nintendosoup.com/mysterious-dragon-quest-xi-s-ps4-disc-appears-in-japan/…[View]
467149615>Kojima doesn't work on the ga-[View]
467151172Timmy Tencent has left Shenmue to die on the Holidays. Does it even have a chance? >Death Strand…[View]
467140748>bloodborne is balan-[View]
467133597the switch gains nothing by having a touchscreen[View]
467151367>First stage theme is the best theme in the game[View]
467148535>shit game has adorable characters[View]
467150567so this........... is the power............ of the ps4 pro............... whoa [View]
467139638FFXIV: This is Minfilia.[View]
467147436METROIDVANIAS DONT EXIST: 1. what faggoty bitch call genre of game by name of some retarded other ga…[View]
467150848>Morrowind: I wish to defend my home from the Empire and I have the opportunity to do so by achie…[View]
467150843will this arkane kino be just as enjoyable in single player mode? unfortunately no friend of mine is…[View]
467149521never ever[View]
467150362A metal slime draws near![View]
467147171Ganon appreciation thread: Post your best Ganons[View]
467150573Do people actually still play this?[View]
467136187Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale: >bigbros >firechads >starniggers >cheatfags >lag htt…[View]
467140776This is LOW[View]
467147408Will miyamoto ever choose a personallity for her ?: or is she going to have a new personallity in ea…[View]
467145403Anyone have the original interview in Japanese? Trying to get to the bottom of the 'ethics departmen…[View]
467149797Singleplayer games that have high skill ceilings, mechanically speaking.: what are some good ones? (…[View]
467150251Why is Riley so unfairly hated?[View]
467148941When you're such a fraud you can't make it past one EVO: https://twitter.com/KaneBlueriver…[View]
467143191Take the indie pill. Fuck AAA gaming.[View]
467148396Why do Asian pro gamers always show up to tournaments wearing masks?[View]
467142331Best Assassin's Creed game?: I've never played AC games. Should I play all of them and sta…[View]
467149820>game only gets good at the 5th sequel[View]
467138361Tell us why we should hire you.[View]
467132912Are we back[View]
467149691What did Valve mean by this?[View]
467147501Andy O'Niel Has passed away: Developer for Metroid Prime has passed away.[View]
467146414Here's your super high quality banjo render, bro[View]
467146453SOULCORE VIDYA MUSIC: You know the drill. Post THAT track. https://youtu.be/KF32DRg9opA[View]
467142362Motion Controls: I miss motion controls bros, they were supposed to be the future. But all you fat l…[View]
467147406Comfy Switch Thread Whatcha playing right now? Hollow Knight for me[View]
467146393>implying censorship in gaming is bad i swear you fucks are literally pathetic, you get all mad o…[View]
467146191 [View]
467124794What phone games do /v/ play? I just upgraded my phone and need some games to play.[View]
467135697>get a ban for telling a guy to fuck off with his party invite spam bunch of bullshit…[View]
467148981Please play retail[View]
467101030Nintendo Girls: So now its confirmed that Nintendo is the only company left that has cute girls with…[View]
467143625The doctor is in![View]
467147668Everything will be peaceful while you are under the fairies' care.[View]
467146092Yup. Looks like Pokemon has no competition now. This looks like garbage.[View]
467141379smt thread?[View]
467132140How do you kill time on train trips, /v/?[View]
467144130Who asked for this garbage[View]
467144106Fire emblem: LITERALLY what the fuck is the point of this character? Why not just give the bitch som…[View]
467147876Defend this[View]
467148747>yeah, whatever, you fucking incel What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
467148617ITT well made karma systems[View]
467148479>bloodborne has the best weapons in the Soulsborne series You sure about that?…[View]
467138372Do you still play Pokemon Go?[View]
467147305Why is Aerith the best FF girl?[View]
467147895>Why is (game) so AWESOME???!!![View]
467148217so now that they let any literal who cereal mascot in, is it his time to shine?[View]
467147904Hey /v/, do you have pic related slightly turned into orchish? Like, an half-orc? Or did you ever se…[View]
467145197When you saw this shit you knew you were in for a good time[View]
467146398are falcom's games good?[View]
467147508This was just released. Is Wytchsun any good?[View]
467144565Name 3 games you pirated and then bought because they over performed. I'll start[View]
467135161You come home and see him fucking your wife What you do[View]
467143805Is there a more satisfying trilogy to play back to back?[View]
467147698This game was several times better than bravely default, why does it get no love?[View]
467139278you like this game?[View]
467143001what is SEGA planning ?[View]
467146598>he doesn't believe Waluigi will get in Smash >he doesn't believe the new Discord le…[View]
467144847Enough is enough.[View]
467147293So, is it actually any good or should I just wait for a Steam sale down the road?[View]
467147218The best part about the remake will be that they will get rid of savepoints, which are a shit outdat…[View]
467147069What are you hoping for Infinite? Ever since the e3 trailer, I have gotten back to halo 5 mp after a…[View]
467147038>modern game recreates levels from a decades-old entry in its series[View]
467140110the soap aint gonna pick itself up[View]
467137492Explain FF to a zoomer: I'm 19, never played Final Fantasy, haven't got a clue what it mea…[View]
467139725How did KotOR II make every single companion (except bao'whispering into the microphone on an airpla…[View]
467122564Crash Team Racing: EVERYONE WILL BE HERE Edition[View]
467143938STAR FOX: What is best Arwing?[View]
467144337Why aren't you giving em a second chance?[View]
467143890Nozomi from Shenmue is literally the most pointless character I’ve ever seen in a game. >Ryo show…[View]
467143207>open world >survival >crafting…[View]
467144538>Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis >When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this…[View]
467145856Do you guys like EarthBound?[View]
467141124Post a movie or a tv series, others recommend you a game[View]
467145137Rick taught me to pursue the truth and question everything. Sans taught me to NEVER give up even whe…[View]
467143706Sup /v/[View]
467144339Is it good ?: i really like the ost[View]
467132165>He STILL doesnt game on a CRT[View]
467145435MK11: here's your klassic costumes anon[View]
467137539what is the Kung Pow of videogames???[View]
467143501How many video games are you going to buy with your FREE GIFT CARD?[View]
467134243They are billions thread: It's out of early access[View]
467139447Name me some fun co-op videogames that I can play with my girlfriend.[View]
467140637Let your colours fly this #PrideMonth with the beautiful For ALL the Players PS4 theme, available fo…[View]
467144908What are some fan games that are better than the source material's recent products?[View]
467144783'Western gaming'[View]
467145050You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
467143337I will pay you to kill yourself. I've got a perfect spot all picked out for ya /v/. How does 12…[View]
467142924Poor Samus, getting censored for nothing just like Tifa...[View]
467139786I dont care much for the warioware games to be honest. don't get me wrong they're a fun no…[View]
467144943Paladins: Thoughts on the new Paladins champion /v/? https://youtu.be/8VWFqIgABdo[View]
467138229The worst mario kart.[View]
467142932>Dont be stupid anon, realistic looking black girls in video games cant be cu…[View]
467137709What DMC5 did to Vergil was cool and only unironic edgelords think his character was ruined. Vergil …[View]
467144552Someone more excited for the new Zelda because of Sidon?: I'm excited for the return of the bes…[View]
4671439401 2 3 4[View]
467143332I like this game[View]
467142228>take children's game character and turn it into an M rated game Why hasn't this ever h…[View]
467143348What if Shy Guys were actually female?[View]
467142743Name a more based character of SMT Ha ha you can't[View]
467143992Streets of rage has a good soundtr..........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGz_Hj63quY[View]
467139464>authoritarian >racist >against inter-species relationships >might is right Why was Javi…[View]
467143905that time /v/ sent p p to watamote: Does anyone have the screencap of that time /v/ sent a bunch of …[View]
467136184It has been about 10 years now. What does /V/ think of the XBLA wave/early indies like Super Meat Bo…[View]
467134136play touhou 1[View]
467134095Characters you relate to?[View]
467141625Wow thanks! I’ve been dying to play as Banjo- eh, where’s my Waluigi?[View]
467143323WoW Classic[View]
467143586Here's your actual fighter pass bro[View]
467143051This shit is impossible[View]
467142642FNV: Daily fucking reminder that these retards at Nipton got what they deserved whether you like or …[View]
467143237name some comfy buildan games[View]
467138236can we finally admit it wasnt that bad?[View]
467121938This was comfy af. Are any of the other .hack games worth playing?[View]
467140623Is this the only game series where you can unironically say that the bugs are part of the experience…[View]
467143258is he ourguy?[View]
467143242So, anon...[View]
467135759Octopath Traveler: Ok I'll admit it, I don't have money to buy this game, 60 dollars is wa…[View]
467136443does this game deserves a remake/remaster ?[View]
467143013You did beat it without shortcuts, right /v/ ?[View]
467141218Tom Clancy 2 Summit Strike: I recently bought an original Xbox from goodwill along with a few titles…[View]
467142934signs a gamer is low test? >'he wasnt badass just arrogant and idiotic' >'was he autistic?' …[View]
467130157You may not like it but this is the best rougelike on the market[View]
467130980>beta donates to my twitch stream >ignore him so he donates again >call him a cutie and add…[View]
467136039Anyone else scared/turned off by early 3d graphics?[View]
467138860I want a mix between The Sims and a cRPG[View]
467142670Need a ride?[View]
467142784Actual Smash gameplay thread. Speculate on the rest of their moveset and how good you think they…[View]
467137821Dragon Quest: So who else didn't play XI and is glad the S version is coming out to get the def…[View]
467133417Have you beaten it yet, /v/?[View]
467114638CTR Change.org Petition: Hello. With CTR drawing near release date on June the 21st I thought i…[View]
467105818Bloodstained: >Portraits of chinks, spics and gooks everywhere >DUDE MUH GIANT KITTY CAT AND D…[View]
467142643Chocolate? Did Nintendo say CHOCOLATE?[View]
467140373Did anything more come of this? Was it proven definitively real or fake? Now that E3 is over when wo…[View]
467124195PC port fucking when??[View]
467140157If I liked State of Decay 1 will I like the sequel ? I heard it's too bright. I was thinking of…[View]
467134008For me, it's bald[View]
467142326>'Diverse' main character.[View]
467136202Monster Hunter Iceborne Thread: MHW vanilla is trash, let's hope the expansion can redeem it. …[View]
467141074ITT: Games that you know you’ll enjoy but still haven’t played for some reason[View]
467130504cringiest games ever: the thread hard mode: no life is strange[View]
467141013I feel like they became anti-tiddy way before FF7 Remake. What's their most recent game that ha…[View]
467141674tired gamer thread dancing edition[View]
467141751>multiplayer is set in a simulation[View]
467141735What are some games about sore losers?[View]
467141632AC:O: This must be one of the worst examples of trying to milk customers in a singleplayer game >…[View]
467138484>Give female character fantasy armor >REEE BOOB PLATES >REEE IMPRACTICAL >Give her real…[View]
467141337I like cute games[View]
467117586vidya girls you wanted to fuck the moment you saw them[View]
467126516Which Lara is your favorite?[View]
467139923The virgin morgana vs the chad teddie. Why is teddie the superior animal companion?[View]
467129645Did RDR2 really deserve a 10/10 /v/?[View]
467141224Dead series lol[View]
467139956Games where you die alone and misunderstood despite trying your best not to?[View]
467137641Be honest /v/, do you even enjoy video games anymore? or anything else[View]
467106283STAR FOX: wassup /v/ros, here's a Starfox thread. Just out of curiosity, what would make playin…[View]
467140607LEVEL-5 does what GAMEFREAK DOESN'T: Yo-kai Watch 4 just launched and people discovered there…[View]
467140510>Stage 1 theme of Streets of Rage 2 starts to play[View]
467140530what are some good co op and multiplayer games ?[View]
467138375>slaughter hundred upon hundred mooks >7 of them capture you in a cutscene W H Y…[View]
467138819Death Stranding: *huff* *huff*[View]
467140335Grim Dawn: Been playing a ton of Grim Dawn lately and I'm not sure what class to play next. Fro…[View]
467136235Post soul vs soulless[View]
467140273Games journos are seething because the Niche Gamer owner's interview with Nagoshi (https://arch…[View]
467132704gaming laptops /v/?[View]
467138654ITT: Characters ruined by youtubers[View]
467140213>you will never buy a GPU from Todd[View]
467116792Square Enix's ethics department told Final Fantasy VII Remake devs to 'restrict' Tifa's ch…[View]
467138941>why, yes I play singleplayer and don't give a fuck about multiplayer, what will you do?…[View]
467135812>buy The Witcher 1 for 2 dollars on steam >install it >play for 20 minutes >WTF is this …[View]
467134185Is Tifa white or asian?[View]
467137562>don't mind the new Tifa design >pretend I'm angry and make thousands of threads any…[View]
467139824>Tifas pointless mammories only incels look at being censored bad >Aeris' beautiful 10/10…[View]
467138000Boomerpill me on World of Tanks.[View]
467137831I want to commit suicide by banging the minecraft creeper so goddamn bad. I can't stand it anym…[View]
467137005Here's your next Smash character.[View]
467139659AMID EVIL: Out of Early Access despite what it says on the Steam page, so now everybody can play it.…[View]
467137035Kenshi: How to into this game? Tips? Mods?[View]
467139518Here's your fighter pass, bro[View]
467139225Grand Theft Auto 5 is an Role Playing Game, because it is a game where you play the role of a crimin…[View]
467138785>instead of being a proper RPG it's just Witcher 3 with a nu-cyberpunk skin over it D R O P…[View]
467135237How do I get into fighting games?[View]
467138984is there a WW1/2 game from the german's perspective?[View]
467138014>inb4 ethics department ruins NieR 3[View]
467132893>He doesn't main the Swerve Star[View]
467124387How are you holding up, /v/?: >tfw too tired to play vidya[View]
467139065roguelikes: What are your favorite roguelike games?[View]
467136152What the fuck did you say about my games anon?[View]
467139298Who else played this?: Still my favorite game of all time, even with all the flaws. Intrepid Server …[View]
467138264DOTA 2 Skin: Sell or no?: Just got the Crystal Scavenger skin for Meepo off a Rylai Battle Blessing.…[View]
467138535Do you have any copies of Skyrim?[View]
467137836>I watch video game youtubers[View]
467138691Ann should just abandon her hopes and reams on whatever it is she wants to do and just embrace the o…[View]
467133214Pornhub Insights: Is your favorite video game character pure? Also, who the fuck looks up mario porn…[View]
467136946Sony Censoring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA3AeRAu1ow Hes not wrong[View]
467135008>Leon and Claire go seperate ways, but leave out messages for each other >don't leave out…[View]
467138560>*gets murdered and has its corpse reanimated by space station 13 in you're path*…[View]
467135425Chat Ban Thread: >mfw chat banned in Rocket League Christ; this game is boring as fuck without th…[View]
467137449SGDQ '19: Summer Games Done Quick 2019 starts this Sunday. What runs are you looking most forwa…[View]
467136953Was he autistic?[View]
467138314TwitchCon 2019, is it worth going?: Tickets just went on sale and I live in San Diego so it would be…[View]
467138308TIE Defender, Standing By.[View]
467137020>ok google, let's game[View]
467137413Best PS1 game?[View]
467138189Parasite eve: Hoping it comes back[View]
467138171Do you have a favorite moba character?[View]
467137876>New console gen coming soon. >Still nothing close to toy story graphics.…[View]
467132753Is it possible to trap yourself in this game? I'm on the lowest health possible against the se…[View]
467137296Its barely a game But why is it so much fun[View]
467136096Fire Emblem Three Houses: When did you realize that Blue Lions was the best house?[View]
467137481Is there a better video game goth girl?[View]
467132034EA: They’re not loot boxes, they’re “surprise mechanics,” and they’re “quite ethical.” https://mobil…[View]
467137926What are some games that have connected worlds? Pic related.[View]
467126559Final Fantasy XIV: Is Alphinaud /ourguy/?[View]
467137305Der Riese - Home[View]
467137589KH3 Sora's glossification: Was Sora 'fangirlised' in KH3? He doesn't have that courageous …[View]
467137123Who was the biggest draw in the Stardust Crusaders lads? It's Polnareff right? He carries the e…[View]
467136405(((Service))): How can zoomerfags and slaves even sleep at night knowing they pay for a bunch of lin…[View]
467137645What kind of drugs are good for vidya, /v/? Post experiences[View]
467137626>Your character doesn't get more muscular as he levels up[View]
467137621For anyone wondering, the shill system has been revamped https://orders.4channel.org/ That's wh…[View]
467086167W-What the fuck bros? You told me this game would be a TORtanic. Why did you lie to me?[View]
467135482What do we do about the söye3 problem?[View]
467135897Hey /v/. This is me and my Gf. We’ve been dating for around a year now and we love each other dearly…[View]
467134886Ready for SUPER graphics, boys?[View]
467135956GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Kuzco (yes, THE …[View]
467135640What do you assign the C buttons to when playing on an emulator?[View]
467135910Download kaiji game and join us :D: https://googumproduce.itch.io/rrps download client and lets gooo…[View]
467136945Nintendo always wins, baby![View]
467135351Why are N64 games so fucking ugly compared to Saturn or PSX games?[View]
467132258>you can play as Shovel Knight Holy fucking based[View]
467136880HEY! What have I told you guys about making games?[View]
467134002Sakurai said don’t buy the fighter pass unless you’re confident that you want all DLC characters reg…[View]
467135840We're three DLC character slots in. Prepare for the mandatory Fire Emblem: Three Houses rep.[View]
467110536>MARIO ROYALE! >Unofficial 4chan Mario Royale group. >www.infernoplus.com >Use /v/ tag.…[View]
467133936Is there anything more pathetic than revolving your life around beating an obscure game a microsecon…[View]
467135039Did we like it? Is it better than Hollow Knight?[View]
467133776Which one?[View]
467132849anal pound[View]
467134970This is the best Metroid game.[View]
467136691Are there any game where I can be an inglip follower?: The great dark lord demands it[View]
467132571Cyberpunk 2077 hype is officially CANCELLED!!!!!!!: What Went Wrong?[View]
467122479honestly, im not mad that i didnt get into literal who bros 5[View]
467105591Linux gaming thread: Linux is a good OS for gaming, no amount of falseflaging will change that.…[View]
467136515>it's yet another 'cool character design is stuck on mobage that's shut down' two parte…[View]
467132278Friendly reminder that the Sega Saturn is the greatest console of all time[View]
467133171Why did HotS die?[View]
467127857Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Won't Allow Human Dismemberment: What do we think of this?[View]
467134245What is his endgame?[View]
467135227Shadowverse: Why do people play this? Hearthstone is way more fun and way prettier than this ugly bo…[View]
467135594DAMN Alduin looks like THAT[View]
467134637>his waifu was nerfed by the ''ethics'' department YIKES, could never be my waifu…[View]
467109567The Hammer powerup has been leaked https://youtu.be/SPSbIkpLvHg[View]
467134035How much does it hurt the Japanese that Americans made the best sonic game?[View]
467136146This is a 16-year-old half-genie.[View]
467136110>Trailer starts >Dharkon's forces are marching uphill >Gun shots being heard from abov…[View]
467136091What was the last game that made you say 'I really enjoy playing this game'?[View]
467134831DON'T EVER GO DOWN ON ME AGAIN /V/!!!![View]
4671080063X3: 3x3 thread post your 3x3, rate others[View]
467131281I like *old game*, therefore, I am smart and not a vapid manchild at all.[View]
4671339359S: 9S[View]
467127875Why are roster speculation threads still a thing when the final two Smash fighters were already offi…[View]
467134813where is the strangest place you've played vidya?[View]
467134530Is there any difference between the original 360 and Rare replay version of this? Also why don…[View]
467133186It obviously seems possible, /v/ agreeing on qualifiers for what makes games fun.[View]
467135771why theres so little amount of games with mounted combat? is not that bad right?[View]
467133134You WERE invited to the beta of the greatest launcher of all time right /V/?[View]
467135617What the FUCK did she mean by this?[View]
467134279Were old games just better?[View]
467134048Do you guys have this feeling that Franklin and Trevor didn't existed at the time the first GTA…[View]
467133547Will it release this generation?[View]
467133860Do you think he's aware of the memes? Todd memes are quite popular, even outside of /v/ He does…[View]
467135316/v/, radio graffiti[View]
467133567>Constantly beg for him to be in >Finally gets in >Nobody plays him anymore >'t-that…[View]
467133017where does she rank in the echelon of brown?[View]
467132683I just started playing this for the first time. What am I in for? Tips for a new player?[View]
467132935What did nomura mean by this?[View]
467135221Spy has a surprise mechanic for you.[View]
467134372Pass the controler bro[View]
467134502>dad walks in[View]
467128234Hyrule Fields.... Home...[View]
467106015VTMB 2: QUICK! YOU JUST GOT BITEN AND NOW YOU NEED TO CHOOSE A CLAN! Which clan do you choose and w…[View]
467130974>implying /v/ can make this vidya related[View]
467133606>game dies because devs start working on shit nobody cares about instead of adding content people…[View]
467133932>first game was repackaging Dota and making it more casual >10 years later their second game …[View]
467118409REPEAT AFTER ME CDPR. STOLE. THE. SHOW. and nintendo “won” only on /v/ HAHAHA[View]
467114225Valve: Why can't they make good games anymore? You already know when they release halflife VR i…[View]
467133428/v/ btfo as always[View]
467134724Oh hey, Bloodstained is finally out. What a minute...where's my flop? YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE A…[View]
467134679What's this? Something new has been written in the Kronorium; 'We invite you to Smash'...[View]
467134090>302 days until Cyberpunk 2077[View]
467132775The chad teddie vs the virgin morgana. Why is teddie the better animal companion?[View]
467123639Why is this game so overrated? It's regarded as one of the best platformers of all time, despit…[View]
467121293Anarchs: What do they actually want? What's their endgame? They realise like everyone else that…[View]
467134426Ugh, what could have been...[View]
467134268Geno will be the next Smash Bros DLC character![View]
467134264Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition: What quality of life changes do you want to see? I'd like …[View]
467134219>Outdated faggot mech >Not only that, he’s an outdated faggot mech COMPARED TO the outdated fa…[View]
467134159Is she from an actually good game or is it more titty bait? I really wanted to like Xenoblade 2 with…[View]
467133883>The wizard will now install your software Why is there a wizard in my computer?…[View]
467132945I was so scared...[View]
467098963*Stands unshaken*[View]
467130814Corruption of Champions/Trials of Tainted Space Thread: Will any text-based game ever top these two?…[View]
467082807>if you support CDPR you are a moron >t, John Walker…[View]
467133701Thoughts on roll?[View]
467132127Are you excited for Kasumi to be announced as the next Smash Bros DLC fighter?[View]
467132964What did you play during the short time the site was down?[View]
467133561Post your game face when we're back.[View]
467133814What is the state of fov sliders in 2019?[View]
467133790Yikes. Never liked this cube garbage game. It's gaining it's popularity back only because…[View]
467127212Where were you when Link's Awakening got its soul back?[View]
467132784Claire vs Rebecca: Since the late 1990s until about a year ago I always strongly preferred Claire (I…[View]
467133470>volume setting in game >loud, medium, quiet…[View]
467126067i need a new adventure. What can /v/ recommend me? I played ESO, WoW, FF14, BDO. But there all shit …[View]
467133474Are you mad PC/PS4 bros?[View]
467131943STREET FIGHTER V: Even SonicFox thinks the game is good now. What's your excuse?[View]
467133525What are some games like this?[View]
467133238Floating Hands: What are some VR games where I actually have a body instead of lame floating disembo…[View]
467132884It's a pity this series bombed. The industry would benefit from having a wicker man for the SJW…[View]
467077482FE Three Houses: The supreme Waifu of BlueChads is here: 'The latest Twitter updates introduce Ingri…[View]
467132957Rage 2 https://pastebin.com/DHcdX9Rz While I'm glad that they didnt just leave the game to rot…[View]
467131617How can anon deal with the marketer problem on /v/?[View]
467132215ITT: Games that would be perfect except for that 1 feature: Fuck laws and fuck Judges![View]
467133243Hay /v/ guess what this image is suppose to mean[View]
467131753Photoshop her somewhere happy /v/[View]
467133239Runs in the family[View]
467131810Mortal Kombat 11 becomes the best-selling game of 2019 in the US after topping NPD's list for M…[View]
467128326combine two games: TES + Sims >basically TES >but NPCs/creatures have Sims level of dynamic in…[View]
467133175So . . .[View]
467129930Which class are you rolling? I’m going warrior because I’m stupid and like taking forever to level a…[View]
467133143>'hey man here's a post game to play' >'Ah shit, alright let's get this over with so…[View]
467133165What are you planning on playing in WoW classic? Use this link to make your spec. Rate mine.[View]
467133095join my minecraft server or else ur a jew play.simplyvanilla.ml[View]
467133079>Music dynamically boosts the intensity based on the scale of the ongoing battle…[View]
467132905well /v/, do we still believe woman in gaming industry??[View]
467087494Who is the best girl in DOA and why is it Ayane ?[View]
467091526Bone Central: Xbox gaming Thread. Windows 10 Store/Gamepass users welcome. Specials: Upgrade Xbox Li…[View]
467132205Nintendo literally reverting soulless decisions: APOLOGIZE[View]
467132993Favorite vidya podcasts? Pic related Ben Moore's GIANT FUCKING HEAD edition[View]
467132928any bosses with this aesthetic?[View]
467132953Medieval tapestry guess thread: https://htck.github.io/bayeux/#!/ Guess the game, post ya own.…[View]
467128967What are the most important qualities if character design?[View]
467132898Anon-san tell me you know something about this[View]
467121348Watch Dogs Legion: This one is going to be a major flop. How many models do you think they're g…[View]
467124589/mu/ has Fantano /b/ has boxxy I SUGGEST THAT MIKE BECOME OUR KING the king of /v/[View]
467125871Do you actually remember anything from these games? It feels like the most forgettable generation.[View]
467130334Which Zelda incarnation is the best? Why is it BotW?[View]
467114383Hunter, I...[View]
467125319What are your opinions on Blue Mages?[View]
467132681What was her problem?[View]
467127125This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
467100364>playing vidya >this pops up Wat do?[View]
467131038entry level game is the best of its genre what other games do that starcraft [View]
467132331What are some surprise mechanics in video games? Pic related.[View]
467127036Do these games have a continuing story or are they stand-alone? Do I need to ay the others to unders…[View]
467130604Why do people like her? She looks so generic and has a flat personality.[View]
467132550Classic WoW *sip* Oh yeah that’s a game[View]
467132380where is the risk of rain update[View]
467127460Is this a kid or a squid[View]
467126124When the fuck are they gonna announce it? I don't care about remakes of old shit.[View]
467131998Soul/Soulless thread[View]
467132353it seems like everyone likes her game[View]
467132338Considering the ever increasing power of AI and the fact AIs nowdays can generate entire movie scrip…[View]
467127958Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?[View]
467122652I LOVE ASHLEY[View]
467117613What? more of best vidya girl ever created? say no more[View]
467131072Do you own any gaymin stickers?[View]
467124641every generation games get dumber[View]
467132110ITT Underrated gems[View]
467128102what do you mean you didnt play okami?[View]
467128813Would you?[View]
467130176Animal Crossing.....home.....[View]
467130748its not fair bros![View]
467130165*gulf* *gulf* *gulf*[View]
467130817How do I enjoy playing games again? It feels like I used to be able to get sucked into a game for ho…[View]
467131671MHW: How likely is it bros? Or will hope get the better of me[View]
467131926risky rain: >2019 I am forgotten[View]
467130875Is it still a thing? Do i need a vpn for it?[View]
467131859Your Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54bpxhCEwDQ[View]
467129524Yokai Watch 4 is out: Are you playing it, anons?? Also what the FUCK did they do to the battle syste…[View]
467131251so now that basically any cereal mascot can get in, is he next?[View]
467131754>the chad league of legends vs the virgin dota 2[View]
467127816All I want is a life where I can spend rainy days with Hifumi while she teaches me shogi inside a ca…[View]
467125471>it runs like shit >its shit works well on my machine and is better than Dishonored 1. Not bet…[View]
467131652This game is so much more fun if you know how to wall jump[View]
467127452Xenoblade: M[View]
467131421>This guy killed all these people... but does that mean he deserved to die? >Sure he was a bad…[View]
467131557*Holds M2* Nothing personal, kid[View]
467121398About to play this for the first time: Are there any essential mods I should know about? Also, some …[View]
467131496Was Ollie the GOAT? Also, anyone want to play some THUG Pro multiplayer? http://thpsx.com/thugpro-…[View]
467126526It says here that you haven't tried Dofus, care to explain why?[View]
467131427He's in[View]
467131428MHW Iceborne thread again: How many monsters?[View]
467122607>Take a minuscule, minor asset away from a character >Character becomes bland and generic…[View]
467125138Summarize this game's story in 3 sentences or less.[View]
467104983Can we just have a Doom thread without the constant shitflinging between people who like the new Doo…[View]
467130313So they are going to make the same mistake of putting the best setpiece right at the beginning, aren…[View]
467096996NIER AUTOMATA SEQUEL https://sparkchronicles.com/nier-automata-2-in-development-with-a-high-budget-a…[View]
467123919>first Travis Strikes Again now Bloodstained Damn, Ever though a game was gonna be shit but it tu…[View]
467131061What are some actual good games on this thing? I can't seem to find any.[View]
467105701What the fuck happened? What went wrong?[View]
467121778Aonuma: There Were Too Many DLC Ideas, So We Decided To Make Breath Of The Wild 2 Instead: BASEDTEND…[View]
467129076I was wondering what /v/ thinks of this? If you want to report me, I honestly don't care. Just …[View]
467129689Guys, did you know that in the new Wolfenstein game you can: TWIST NAZIS HEADS OFF KILL PREGNANT NAZ…[View]
467130716Miriam: Perfect waifu in Idol simulator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt1cdHgRLwI[View]
467130571Reminder that 'two blu-ray discs' are full of 4K FMVs and there's no way SE would fill two BDs …[View]
467129162Why do people platinum/1000g games that they don't even like? What's the point?[View]
467130126vidia music thread: mfw the only good vidia OSTs on an apple music subscription is danganronpa and f…[View]
467130470can someone explain how Witcher 3 won GOTY awards in 2018? What witcher related content was released…[View]
467130270Bearer of the curse... Seek souls. Larger, more powerful souls. Seek the King, that is the only way.…[View]
467125806What's the norf fc of videogames?[View]
467129431For me, it's the cute Haru[View]
467128594For me it's drunk Yukiko[View]
467130156Are you going to be ready for Smash 6? Sakurai already said Ultimate is a one time thing half of the…[View]
467126514What ARPGs have a good endgame?[View]
467129868You ever wonder what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like?[View]
467118549Make sure you sit up straight while you game and browsing 4chan, /v/.[View]
467128343Hold my hand Anon[View]
467128012Who's in?[View]
467128664>japanese game >the menu music is so good i dont even start the game https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
467120827Find me a more compelling character in Persona.[View]
467129095itt: units that suck but you love them anyways[View]
467124702He is fucking in[View]
467127737Well guys....where is she?[View]
467128618>finally get into the roguelike genre >try to find new ones to play >99% of the games I see…[View]
467129550'They're the same size!' What now /v/ https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-19-square-enix…[View]
467128316what platform will you be playing My Friend Pedro on?[View]
467111251>comes out in less than a week >no one cares what went wrong?…[View]
467129391I can't believe that Nakoruru is fucking dead[View]
467129380Cyberpunk 2077: Boys, the game journalists are in an outrage over Cyberpunk 2077. Most left journali…[View]
467128021>Previously, aboard the US/v/ Ishimura...[View]
467107125OH NO NO NO[View]
467127740>walk into gamestop to buy some anime games >the clerk is female…[View]
467128265What are some 10+ year old games that have maintained an extremely popular following?[View]
467129068What are some games whose graphics still hold up to this day?[View]
467129036OH NONONONONO[View]
467127696Yeah, SHE'S FUCKING IN, BROS![View]
467077490Serve your Queen anon and resub to WoW.[View]
467126237is plagiarism of this magnitude possible today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4F1Dbu4mp8&list…[View]
467128462Give me one reason to buy a Switch. Give me one reason to buy a PS4. Give me one reason to buy a Xbo…[View]
467128430Roguelikes/Roguelites: What are your recent rougelikes/roguelites, /v/? What can you recommend to ot…[View]
467126279final fantasy 4,5 or 6: Hey guys I'm about to take a flight. I got a GBA emulator and have neve…[View]
467121149Any good games for colorblind people?[View]
467119732>game has cute characters >you can only play in first person, so you can't see any of the…[View]
467127272Cyberpunk 2077: AND I LOVE YOU RANDOM CITIZEN![View]
467128251It's shit. Bye.[View]
467122683Why is this considered acceptable for the most profitable media franchise on the planet?[View]
467125013Is The Old Hunters worth the purchase? I know Souls DLC tend to be much much harder than the base ga…[View]
467128150Will this be the greatest collector's edition item ever made?[View]
467117198Minecraft: >he uses cobblestone for his builds instead of the superior stone brick.…[View]
467126929If you could make love to any video game girls pooper, who would it be?[View]
467124136What happened to fun, arcadey sports games? Why is everything a shitty sim nowadays?[View]
467125684>Play kino hearts 2 as my first kh game >Its a fantastic peak action game >Play the others …[View]
467118961Pathfinder:Kingmaker >Enhanced: >he STILL hasn't finished his Unfair permadeath ironman r…[View]
467125962>ditch that trash FF from KH3 >breaks sales record >in attempt to fix the image of FF they …[View]
467126603do you play videogames while you are at the beach? I would but I'm confused by these women play…[View]
467127475what is the best fruit in animal crossing and why is it peaches?[View]
467127059Who was in your party?[View]
467127418ITT: IRL monkey paws >wanted a comfy interesting location whole map explore and loot like arma 3 …[View]
467068095Hey, Nomura here. I just thought I'd ruin for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.[View]
467108439>bigbros >firechads >starniggers >cheatfags…[View]
467114160It’s not about the tits. It’s about corporate meddling.: As an artist, nothing pisses me off more th…[View]
467125686Has JewNN ever been right?[View]
467127291Why does /v/ hate Toddposting now? Tumblr, Twitter, and even Reddit have taken up the mantle.[View]
467112220How do we fix Digimon?[View]
467124365Told you it was real. http://www.honsoncn.com/nintendo%20switch%20mini/accessories/clear-protective-…[View]
467096151Was Undertale a giant OFF rip off?[View]
467126882Why does /v/ praise this DLC turned game but hate BotW 2?[View]
467119894When was the last time this happened to you /v/?[View]
467126129>Why yes, I do think Devil May Cry 5 is the game of the year. How could you tell?…[View]
467126253Gilgameš ša KI.EN.GI u šar Uruk anāku. Lā taddar, ana ibrīya ṭîbāku.[View]
467118562The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.[View]
467119214Do you still play pokemon go? Does anyone?[View]
467126446Ey CJ, tell me why I didn't get in Smash Bros.[View]
467126035ITT: Post games that are filled with soul[View]
467122679Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Why'd they make botw Link a freakish manlet? he's a f…[View]
467122853>Japan makes great games because they aren’t influenced by SJW’s[View]
467121262How are you enjoyig the translated version of Koikatsu so far?[View]
467126648Imwee need more trans hardware[View]
467126737KH4 protagonist[View]
467126691Mario maker 2 soulless: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Y3vvHvKCk WTF! Is there some law that says e…[View]
467103637ETHIC'D: I hope the square enix ethic department takes a look at this and changes the problemat…[View]
467126651So uh.. heard you've been posting wojaks again. Instead of reaction pictures. Dontcha know that…[View]
467126569IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2WFM5ebM5o[View]
467088434Good streamers: Share some good streamers. Anyone know where I can find Joels 'Typing of the Dead' s…[View]
467120845we could have this...[View]
467124923zelda botw: Why was there so little enemy variety in breath of the wild?[View]
467121806Its over. The Switch is doomed.[View]
467125140Gears 5's New Map Builder Lets You Make Brutal Maps...on One Condition[View]
467118645Smash DLC: Say hello to your next DLC fighter![View]
467126245get out of my head: twinblade inspection complete[View]
467122538>dark souls is tough, but fair.[View]
467125148Will it ever get a re-release of somekind? I’m not paying near full price for a 17 year old game, su…[View]
467125638>this is the face of the western gamer[View]
467126178Post subtle gaming gear[View]
467121058Wait, no. ok Assassin's creed odyssey mixed with breath of the wild.[View]
467124928>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
467125117underlords key begging: please anon, donate me your spare underlords private beta key.[View]
467125725more about yesterday's 9.0 leak: > Next expansion is called World of Warcraft: Awakenings -…[View]
467124867Dab on the detractors[View]
467118173What the fuck? No way Death Stranding could be bad. Why is this hack slandering Kojima?[View]
467125602Will Battle for Azeroth be able to whether storm with Shadowbringers?[View]
467122959I'm playing it today for the first time lads. What am I in for?[View]
467125586I know gaming laptops are a meme, but what are some decent ones? Preferably that can run shit like E…[View]
467106686Guten Tag, mein fellow /v/sters. Sie has remembered to preorder 2 copies of Wolfenstein: Youngblood,…[View]
467124483What the fuck happened to GTA? GTA 4: >ayo neeko you wanna rob a bank >>ok >blow vault, …[View]
467123949How in the hell: is this game still selling? its literally in the top 10 of sales every month[View]
467124592What is objectively the best mmorpg?: Alright lads I think it's time we settled this once and f…[View]
467118658post yellow vidya characters[View]
467115516/our guy/[View]
467125276Filename thread?: Filename thread[View]
467121017ITT: HYPE Vidya Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH6WgNe5HZ8[View]
467119586Monster Hunter movie trailer leaked: Take a peek before it's gone https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
467125235make sure to stand up and stretch every 15 minutes, /v/! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY-k_YVkRKs…[View]
467123734Is this cyberpunk?[View]
467125190Dragon Quest: So who else didn't play XI and is glad the S version is coming out to get the def…[View]
467113542>*whistles for magic horse* >autoruns on road to quest marker >*toucan sam vision activates…[View]
467098086>Klonoa is chosen for one of the final slots >Fans rejoice with tears in their eyes >Klonoa…[View]
467123467Well look who came out of their cave![View]
467124413for me, it's knife juggler[View]
467117990Why does /v/ hate the developers so much?[View]
467122873Based Sakurai.[View]
467124448vidya pick-ups thread: what physical videogames have you bought recently?[View]
467123628Times a game made you feel like a brainlet: For me, it's Vah Ruta[View]
467124351>The True Goddess Reincarnation: Persona 5 The Royal Straight Flush[View]
467124028>no cloud saves WHAT THE FUCK NINTENDO[View]
467118619Ahh the good old 'germany is the badguys' ww2 meme When will it stop so we can have good ww2 games?[View]
467114948Final Fantasy XIV: You're going to play a gunbreaker, right?[View]
467124187Bumper: the Badger[View]
467124054>piledrivers your franchise into the fucking ground[View]
467124018Good morning, /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Doom Slayer? (yes, the…[View]
467120187I would give an arm to have this on PC.[View]
467123974So they're finally here, performing for you[View]
467121384Can someone give me a quick rundown on what's wrong with this game? Why do people say the GBA v…[View]
467123001Metro: If you didn't play these games on highest difficulties you didn't play them.[View]
467122537>there are jobs right now where all you have to do is tell devs big titties swinging around is un…[View]
467114901Weekly Tf2 Thread: a Weekly Tf2 Thread Share your >Loadout >Main >Hours >whatever else y…[View]
467107751Jojo: If you were in charge to make a new fighting game, how would you make it? What combat system w…[View]
467122748This is my daughter Jack the Ripper, say something nice about her.[View]
467118401He's in[View]
467123594So he's the japanese todd howard?[View]
467115082How is this compared to a ps4???: Poorfag here, can only afford this, should I sell my ps4 and get t…[View]
467122060How come SonicFox is so good at videogames?[View]
467122190My Friend Pedro: Are you going to buy it tomorrow?[View]
467120895Dark souls 2: most atmospheric Dark souls 2: most engaging pvp Dark souls 2: most innovative mechan…[View]
467123369Characters you would like see get in Smash Ultimate[View]
467123050As a former video game player myself... why did I eventually unplug myself?: To get laid.[View]
467107005>game incorporates current events[View]
467121864When does it get good?[View]
467098807>tifa was nerfed by Nomura officially Ahahahahahaha we won bro's[View]
467123232Shit! We got hostiles![View]
467121885luigis mansion 3: King boo is going to KILL Luigi this time he's not fucking around[View]
467123113Seen this yet, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPN0qhSyWy8[View]
467106852Which color of the Dualshock 4 is best, /v/: ?[View]
467116305So let me get this straight: As long as a game is 'complete' and 'challenging', that makes it good?…[View]
467110838Is it worth getting this as your first Castlevania game? I'm going to assume you start with Ron…[View]
467122136Why are people so apologetic towards such a fucked up industry? Willing to defend shitty business pr…[View]
467106117When is the last time you washed your mouse pad, /v/?[View]
467122674>get pwned u noob >gg ez[View]
467121869Competitive matchmaking ruined online gaming It's not about fun anymore, it's about rankin…[View]
467121486What the FUCK went wrong?[View]
467120607Chad Swadia or Incel Rhodok?[View]
467120873>one character >Kamurocho only Is Judgement still worth preordering for 60 bucks if I like Yak…[View]
467119143>not a thread about it in months >a sequel literally just got announced >a bear and a bird …[View]
467118992Any good videogames from this country?[View]
467122127>Sister, I felt something on my back. >I cant stop now, this is European Extreme! Please check…[View]
467116118Will Smash have a second set of DLC? Nintendo cannot possibly be so incompetent to not support their…[View]
467120375>no mgs4 for PS4 >no god for war prequels or any psp game for PS4 >no umjammer Lammy for PS…[View]
467118787She's in[View]
467122153Vampyr: Just got pic related from M$ onions pass. Played just the beginning. So far my impressions a…[View]
467116637One copy of Cyberpunk 2077 please[View]
467111920When did Aigis become so hot?[View]
467121280Look what came in the mail today![View]
467113904You guys ever think about how younger people that grew up with the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii as their first g…[View]
467121738vidya boys you wanted to fuck the moment you saw them[View]
467121845ITT: Video game characters that you should not pursue.[View]
467121668Luigi's Mansion 3: can we discuss this masterpiece? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAXgO7NOVMM…[View]
467119674Here's your new DLC fighter bro.[View]
467121574Just imagine what Star Fox could be like without Miyamoto...[View]
467121516>it's a boat level[View]
467108823controller thread: so, considering the fact that the new elite controller hasn't changed much, …[View]
467118697how do i enjoy video games without my depression ruining it for me?[View]
467120602How do they do it?[View]
467115650Code Vein: >tfw no Io gf[View]
467119217Why are us companies allowed to interact with them??[View]
467114357>Stand up GitarooMan! Why won't you fight?[View]
467119448Best DBZ game?[View]
467114909Gaming headset: 2 channel or 5.1 channel?[View]
467121189>ethics department THE ETHIC CLEANSING OF CREATIVE FREEDOM IS HERE![View]
467118437Trial on C97 in winter, full release in 2020. I can feel it.[View]
467121167ITT: Games you can't dislike.[View]
467117381These three will be our next Smash fighters. How do you feel about that?[View]
467121114Are there any other games that made up bullshit trophies that they supposedly have won?[View]
467115379Menat's a[View]
467117910Samurai Shodown: You may only reply to this thread if you have Samsho on preorder.[View]
467120792So when will the video game industry start bringing back SOUL?[View]
467116331What went wrong?[View]
467119748Buddy,you still there ?[View]
467120779What are the chances of her loosing virginity to her step dad?[View]
467120707borb: borb[View]
467119479How did they get away with this?[View]
467113317>Firearm stat increases the damage output of bullets Currently playing Vampire: The Masquerade an…[View]
467118876Is the IP dead? It's a shame, I really liked the character designs and gameplay even if its no…[View]
467120286cyberpunk 2077 will sell millions of copies, no matter how hard you SEETHE that's what's g…[View]
467071637>pre order game >learn about the bundle after I already bought it god damn it…[View]
467108393Did it have a good story?[View]
467119987>ethics department A new form of Video game cancer has emerged folks. I wonder what other western…[View]
467118716Started playing the series in release order. Liked the first game. I have hated Zelda 2 so far. Shou…[View]
467118420It's payne![View]
467117558Guy falls over in VR: Guy nearly dies whilst playing Imagine Dragons On hard https://youtu.be/eraWkb…[View]
467112196>Nurse, please hurry up inspecting my penis, I've got a Pokémon battle going with Chad!…[View]
467116381Thoughts on Dr. Mario World: It seems like not a lot of people are bugged that this puzzle game ende…[View]
467119312What the fuck was his problem? Are Ventrue the kikes of Vampire the Masquerade?[View]
467077617Bloodstained was released yesterday, right? Is it any good? Can't find shit in the catalog.[View]
467117719Which games have the most varied romance options?[View]
467116724Stop right there, post your steam avatar now mister.[View]
467118250oh no, kirby has a gun![View]
467117329Are women with big bobs too unrealistic for videogames?[View]
467117859ITT: Favorite megaten game[View]
467118861Kingdom Hearts referenced in Toy Story 4: We made it bros...[View]
467118846I hate shovel knight so fucking much Pic related[View]
467117146GOG Galaxy 2: Do any of you /v/irgins know where can I download the alpha for this?[View]
467118631whoa.. so this.. is the power of the most profitable franchise on the world..[View]
467118327>be more soulful than any game you ever played Nothing personal kid.[View]
467118378i did it bros[View]
467115923What is your favorite BOTW mod?[View]
467095429I don't know if you guys noticed, but I've been knitting[View]
467118131These sniper missions seem kinda unfair.[View]
467118006What's a game that ends or seems happy but is actually tragic when you think about it?[View]
467117195Metroid Prime 2: Echoes > Metroid Prime >>>>> Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[View]
467110825/v/idya boobs thread: how big is too big?[View]
467117237>'I play LoL, the leading competitive esport'[View]
467116526Nintendo insider here. You got a new Zelda game at E3, but are you ready for the new Mario? This wil…[View]
467117893>disguise mechanics[View]
467116464>brb smoke break[View]
467117847>finish game >melancholic rendition of the main theme with vocals starts playing over the last…[View]
467111743Is this the end for them?[View]
467097358Platinum boss Atsushi Inaba unimpressed by PS5/Scarlett: >Asked for his reaction to the platform …[View]
467103071Counter-Strike: Today marks the 20th anniversary of the series that became the ambassador of team ba…[View]
467112378>that one friend who got sucked into MOBA/gacha and was lost forever: I fucking miss you, Bill. …[View]
467117621For me, its Yang.[View]
467111407Gee, It sure is boring around here[View]
467114175>lets make a game where the main character is a biker who is complete fucking pussy fuck this gam…[View]
467115832Will you be buying Aqua's new game? It's a dungeon crawler, coming soon for the Playstatio…[View]
467115651>she is an sneaking operator that’s why she has big boss uniform I’m the only person in the fuck…[View]
467117505>be yuropoor >only russian or german servers >of course no one speaks english >no idea w…[View]
467109651Project Borealis (aka not-HL2: Episode 3): I can't believe it's actually still happening a…[View]
467117019ROLLIN ROCK https://youtu.be/WNXg5j05VXc[View]
467100787WebM Thread: Post those WebMs.[View]
467114203Hand Drawn Games: Do you think we're going to be seeing a trend in hand drawn games, or is it j…[View]
467099239KINGDOM HEARTS 3 DLC INFO: >“The part we see in the trailer isn’t a top class fight from a Limit …[View]
467099939A Hat in Time: Fricken buy me dude.[View]
467117207>want to play something new >nothing worth playing out…[View]
467115875Some new Tales of Arise info: >They can't reveal Alphen's age yet but compared to previ…[View]
467116067Alpha Protocol has been pulled from Steam. Incoming remaster is coming, MS may have bought the IP an…[View]
467115802I keep shitting and pissing blood, what games to take my mind off the red?[View]
467114291Hamtaro battle royale when?[View]
467116883What is his problem?[View]
467117039FFVII: >Square Enix has an ethics department, which instructed the developers of Final Fantasy 7 …[View]
467116997>knock enemy off ledge while he's still alive >doesn't make a peep as he's fall…[View]
467110360/v/'s Official Ranking of Significant Nintendo Switch Platform/Console Exclusives: Cadence of H…[View]
467114038ITT: Concept Art for Games Never Coming Out: Naughty Dog released a couple of Jak 4 concept art piec…[View]
467116880How does /v/ feel about this news? More Microsoft partnerships forming for PC gamers.[View]
467116863Any advice on how to get good? I'm on Chapter 4 and the gun nun is wrecking me. Enemies just se…[View]
467116361Here's your Cyberpunk RPG, bro[View]
467116756someone have classic memes with draw vydia characters?[View]
467105973You ready?[View]
467112324Who do I pick in this? I know there are like 3 different stories but does stuff change depending on …[View]
467111119HEY BUZZ[View]
467112934Smash Leak: So, how did everyone enjoy Nintendo’s E3 direct? I am sure that most of you were excited…[View]
467000650MHW Iceborne thread: How many monsters?[View]
467086919Fucking summer.... how do you deal with the heat and all the summerfags? Are you playing games, /v/?[View]
467116203Who wins?[View]
467111117Just beat Vampire the Masquerade for the second time with Malkavian. And with that clan I understood…[View]
467090326Did you buy anything during the E3 sale?[View]
467115437>look up game guide on YouTube >it’s a YouTubed trues way too hard to be funny and interrupts…[View]
467116017Is this worth getting? I normally avoid nintendo products but I got a 3DS and it was pretty good, an…[View]
467103474ITT: Vidya images that you can hear[View]
467115985Vg Animation: >Never tried photoshop timeline until today >With inspiration from the real log…[View]
467110406ALPHA PROTOCOL RE-RELEASE IMMINENT: >Notice: At the request of the publisher, Alpha Protocol™ is …[View]
467115978Story DLC never?[View]
467114515TOPKEK consoleniggers btfo >https://www.dexerto.com/overwatch/overwatch-players-reporting-game-br…[View]
467106071Here is your Switch Mini bro.[View]
467115720Funny how germany is always the bad guys in ww2 games When will the meme end?[View]
467115430 [View]
467115874Roster faggotry thread: Post them and rate them[View]
467113517>343 devs hired the man who lead halo CE modding on PC >we will soon have halo 1 modding with …[View]
467115364>Phantasy Star Online 2[View]
467080102Reminder that there's absolutely no excuse for willingly playing as elves in any game[View]
467115781>introduce new mythical >it isn't included in SWSH >remains canon only in LG E+P &…[View]
467115667well, /v/?[View]
467111327Are friends sorted based on who has the strongest Servant in this video game?[View]
467113905SMT Thread: Got this the other day. About to boot it up for the first time. What am I in for?[View]
467098116How do we feel about THQ Nordic[View]
467114969>Make cool models and unique animations >Sektor and Cyrax have the best designs ever >Nev…[View]
467110151Anon... Are you an NPC?[View]
467111634What do we think of this cutie?[View]
467110270>Game tells me to choose from 2 possible options >Think to myself 'woah, that's nice, may…[View]
467114682>you'll never have a family to defend It hurts /v/ros[View]
467109987'Doomguy and the Slayer are two diff-'[View]
467105673What games allow me to kill myself?[View]
467110631What new outfits can we expect in botw 2 for link to crossdress in?[View]
467111245How old were you when Pong was released in 1972? I remember these old days[View]
467115028Post games that DESPERATELY need a sequel: (But will never get one)[View]
467110401/v/ keeps parroting that open world games are empty boring trash blah blah blah, but does anyone els…[View]
4671147983x3: rate em[View]
467113770Any more like this? I mean games where cards translate into actions/deckbuilding elements. It is so …[View]
467089581FUCK YES[View]
467114495It's 8 PM and I'm about to begin studying for the exam. Any tips?[View]
467101330I just pirated crypt of the necrodancer. Any tips on how to get gud?[View]
467111729>Miyazaki pass the homework quick[View]
467105479This is a fact: There is more story missing in Katawa Shoujo than in the Caesar's Legion quest …[View]
467110590Project Borealis: Latest alpha testing footage: https://youtu.be/54bpxhCEwDQ memes aside HL3 might b…[View]
467104825>nu-Tifa Yikes, Tabata won[View]
467095686>Supposed to be twins >look pretty much the same except Vergil has his hair go back while also…[View]
467063219Are you going to buy Samurai Shodown?[View]
467094097>Demon's Souls Soundtrack composed by Shunsuke Kida. While the instrumentation is sparse (la…[View]
467105634My Friend Pedro launch trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyahBxUAYbs[View]
467112775i will never even come close to finishing even half the games in my steam library[View]
467114101>game world doesn't scale to your level and the player wanders into an area for which he…[View]
467110608Finally got RD2! Any tips before i start the game?[View]
467113042https://youtu.be/g-Y3vvHvKCk >Removes the humor the first game >No Skinny Mario >No Fly mi…[View]
467113998Persona: 'You sure do eat a lot' Kasumi: ... :( anyway , futaba best girl[View]
467113765Do you get to the cloud district very often?[View]
467113306This is the face of a Nintendo fan: Xbox always wins baby[View]
467096708Why do zoomers pretend this game is challenging?[View]
467113078CUT THE MONITORS![View]
467111045Are there even any good Digimon games other than World 1 and 3?[View]
467110458Play Skyrim™.[View]
467113576>watch videos of online games made by americans >people actually speak in the in game chat…[View]
467112084>game recognizes you're jumping toward water >jump animation changes to a dive…[View]
467112684Any fellow boomers here who thought half life series was always shit? 30 now and never once got the …[View]
467108616>sequel kills the protagonist of previous game by lesser reasons Why is this allowed?…[View]
467111371>the man who saved Sony with one fucking video Sony should have Chad Warden's statue in ever…[View]
467113172A Digimon rep will be in smash, thats all[View]
467106859I hate this fucker so much: I have wasted almost an entire day grinding to defeat him and im still s…[View]
467103759>look up game on youtube >click video >it's console footage with clunky stick aiming…[View]
467103315Final Fantasy XIV: So what ultimates do you think will come in 5.X and in what order? I expect Alexa…[View]
467106803You beat Ballos, didn't you /v/? You're not some loser who gave up at the finish, are you?[View]
467093834Could we have a Comfy screenshot thread?[View]
467094763Amid Evil is coming out today for those who got the game on Early Access. Full game comes out tomorr…[View]
467112776What are some video games about mass brainwashing and manipulation?[View]
467111203I can’t even imagine not knowing or loving Dragon Quest[View]
467112048You ever judged a game based on how it looked?[View]
467098397OH NO NO NO[View]
467111404The last vidya enemy you faced is now your best friend. Will you have many fun times together?[View]
467112536God damn I hope Classic absolutely DESTROYS Retail in popularity: Retail needs to fucking DIE. Not b…[View]
467100935>Mobile games aren't real games! >Half the generals on /vg/ are for mobile games Get with…[View]
467110051Why are fandoms resistant to VA change even if is clearly for the better? Take a look at MGSfags. Th…[View]
467112572Do any of you still play this game? I played this first, then league, now back to HoTs again. Leagu…[View]
467104452Dual wield![View]
467108193>Is a really good first boss in your path[View]
467112375Is she ever getting another game bros?[View]
467111736Tell me this man is not paid shill: >Sony announces new console >This guy says nothing >2 m…[View]
467112223>Always hear how people talk shit about Final Fantasy XII >Play it >It's the best game…[View]
467112168Kinda feel like playing an RPG P5 is like 20 bux on PoS4 but DQ looks dope... 80 buckaroos though wh…[View]
467111817CYBERPUNK 2077: POST YOUR V, /v/.[View]
467109814>Remaster/Remix/Remake/Director's Cut is worse than the original in every possible way What…[View]
467112090What will nu cid's personality be like[View]
467104532Defend this: >HK $57,138 budget Released 3 years after Kickstarter 2 developers $15 price tag …[View]
467111453Only the best[View]
467095890Is it worth as budget monitor? It price is 200$.[View]
467111381This game sucks[View]
467098478So let me get this straight. The last big trend is a game where you place hero and watch them fight …[View]
467105840Famitsu Sales: 6/10/19 – 6/16/19: Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales) 1.[NSW] Doraemon Story…[View]
467091357What would the PS5 logo look like?[View]
467111696Anyone else find it hilarious that people think this game is hard? Ultimate is pretty much the same …[View]
467111565What are some games like this?[View]
467109503Would you, /v/?[View]
467106219Do you guys not have phones?[View]
467111173Is ubisoft...okay?[View]
467110991Making the mother of all DLCs, Jack Can't fret over every egg[View]
467110241Good vr games?[View]
467110964Why will be the remaining two DLC fighters. No banjo or steve shitposting allowed, only about upcom…[View]
467109360*click* *clack* *click*[View]
467104095What are some kino single player fps games on pc? Something with good gameplay and story.[View]
467109064Only I have the brains to rule Lylat![View]
467109391Did you play this game, /v/? It was fucking kino as a kid, I'm willing to replay it just for fu…[View]
467109246The evil genius Dr Transparent has captured the Princess and made her invisible! Quick, use your vid…[View]
467110632PlatinumGames: What are your thoughts on PlatinumGames? I've played most of there titles and id…[View]
467086586Is No More Heroes really that good?: I never played NMH but I watched a few videos after the NMH3 re…[View]
467110708bladed fury: is this any good? i am getting muramasa vibes from the trailers, but have heard it…[View]
467103429How old were you when the original Final Fantasy was released the December of 1987? I was 29.[View]
467108451wtf was his problem?[View]
467103512*kills pokemon*[View]
467108626Can we all agree?[View]
467110196CTR Concerns: So before the link got taken down for copyright, a spic playthrough of Nitro Fueled sh…[View]
467101841ITT mass murderers[View]
467109305Why does /v/ hate this game so much? It's way better than the shitty outdated garbage that were…[View]
467109791Post games that would benefit from a style system[View]
467108319I wish the jail in KCD was like you could walk around there, make scratch marks on the walls, talk t…[View]
467108321Smash Ultimate: Who are the most honest/dishonest characters in the game? No Rosterfagging.[View]
467108989You wake up on Noveria[View]
467107573>all the bitching since the reveal No one likes tifa for her personality I guess…[View]
467109231Is this the best box art of all time?[View]
467101662ITT: Games people pretend to like[View]
467109371Pathfinder: >game becomes easier and more fun if you play it solo…[View]
467109385>Take a minuscule, minor asset away from a character >Character becomes bland and generic…[View]
467109226Send help Also, post your cities[View]
467108579He's better as a Tekken character[View]
467106884This is a very nice board. I cannot wait to move in here.[View]
467100981What do you think of this game?[View]
467104843Why is he the best all around character /v/? Also Mk 11 thread.[View]
467104671Warframe Thread: We have a bust size chart for the ladies, but we don't have a tier list of war…[View]
467108589>Remake of a game acknowledges the firsts existence and is either a time loop or alternate univer…[View]
467108131>Enemies get wet without even trying[View]
467108351I unironically can't wait for the inevitable remasters of all the classic games with ray tracin…[View]
467108486>teleports behind you[View]
467103573Good movie based games[View]
467105794Official Classicvania Podium: Found this on /vr/, what does /v/ think? I know, SOTN isn't here,…[View]
467092638>Really like Street Fighter >Launch of V was pretty bad but it is mechanically still a very fu…[View]
467106683this game is cute[View]
467105706>Objectively good games don't exi-[View]
467108097Is Guilty Gear thevideo game counterpart of anime's/manga's Jojo Bizarre Adventure when it…[View]
467099960Astral Chain: why haven't you pre-ordered GOTY 2019? are you fucking retarded? kys[View]
467107829So I just read this will have a ride able horse and will be open world.[View]
467107531>Buried FFXV >will bury censorship FF7R What can't he do?…[View]
467106596My wife Uzume wants a thread on /v/. Say only nice things about her.[View]
467101764https://venturebeat.com/2019/06/18/may-2019-npd-the-end-of-a-generation/ >“Mortal Kombat 11 repea…[View]
467086616>trailer looks like hot garbage >e3 gameplay video is actually pretty decent Whats your expect…[View]
467092267Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Did they really need to give Link a fucking Nintendo Switch in …[View]
467107130Ultima RPGs: now Ultima has a long history in RPGs going all the way back to the dawn of gaming, yet…[View]
467100691Remake was a mistake: There you have it faggots, Nomura confirms nu tifa's downgrade is due to …[View]
467107037ITT: Good games with Divine music[View]
467102252Update when?![View]
467089757SUPER MARIO BATTLE RIYALE: http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/ >SET SQUAD TAG TO /v/…[View]
467106373They're in.[View]
467106393*initiates S-Link with you*[View]
467101328No Half Life 3? All good, just make your own bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIwjZDUbNJc[View]
467101082>Marriage candidates What was Todd thinking?[View]
467105882What are my handheld bros playing?[View]
467103065Is there ANY excuse?: The Link you see here is from a game thats TWENTY-ONE (21) years old The backg…[View]
467079487What was the last video game YOU played and did you have fun, /v/?[View]
467107137Why hasn't the hack kojima put him into a game yet?[View]
467094003Can a macho 'feminine' looking character exist? Big Boss was fine and manly as fuck until GZ when th…[View]
467105345thoughts on this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/774171/Muse_Dash/[View]
467095646How do you know about that? ....aren't you Maria?[View]
467104643Is mario 64 ds the absolute worst remake of all time? I think it is You can plow your through the ga…[View]
467103887>Dead two years after release Ouch. Can we get a new Metroid now?[View]
467103210Zelda and her male prostitute[View]
467106380Eyestrain, blurry vision, eye health when playing vidya: Do you take few minute breaks after each ho…[View]
467031557mario lore time[View]
467105142>a morbidly obese, bisexual, tights wearing amateur fake wrestler is the last line of defense aga…[View]
467098839Translating FF7 into modern gwaffix and having all the dialogue voice wouldn't fit in a single …[View]
467106560Hollow Knight? More like This Game is so Shallow I might take a Hike![View]
467102367Why are only these two countries capable of gaming business on their own?[View]
467103989Games where you have sex with a god to become an improved species[View]
467095862>japanese rpg=jrpg >american rpg=wrpg >canadian rpg=wrpg >french rpg=wrpg polish rpg=wrp…[View]
467103692>party member betrays you[View]
467102834Omerta City of Gangsters: This could potentially be a very short thread. I'm playing 'Omerta Ci…[View]
467101972Star Fox: How long until we get a Wolf backstory game?[View]
467105771I'M A SCATMAN[View]
467092243Smash Ultimate: Post your picks, no matter how impossible or unrealistic[View]
467091387Super Smash Bros. Fighter Pass speculation thread:: We all can agree that Tales and Crash are the mo…[View]
467093378pleeeaaase nanny state, protect me: KEK neo /v/ will defend this[View]
467091893Alphabet Game: RULES: Think about your favourite game that starts with the letter A, next anon has t…[View]
467104074Haven't bought a game since Diablo 3. Is it true they sell cheat codes as a feature now?[View]
467104762Think we'll be able to pull off this aesthetic in Cyberpunk?[View]
467102643>Main antagonist of the game has a complex plan that involves everyone[View]
467105331>CD Project Red: “Hey Keanu we know you’re a private dude who doesn’t like too much attention fro…[View]
467105139When will Waluigifags realize that Daisy is the superior character in every Mario game she's ap…[View]
467104394>steam >2019[View]
467103296>start the game >blindly follow orders for 30m >get killed out of nowhere while the comman…[View]
467094935 [View]
467104662Why yes I main Wario, how can you tell?[View]
467102257I was looking forward to Shenmue 3, but now I CAN'T FUCKING PLAY IT because it's not on fu…[View]
467104629REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE where the fuck are the last 30 empire points in Alpha Communications Center…[View]
467103115How long has Banjo been done?[View]
467104640Collection of Mana: Was this any good? Should I get it?[View]
467103158What is the Sopranos of vidya? Hard mode: no sopranos game[View]
467092201>E3 was so bad that the high point was a movie celebrity[View]
467103017>ethics department in a video game company >ethics department…[View]
467103913Just bought this, what am I in for? What are the recommend mods?[View]
467084009what went wrong?[View]
467101568>the magic words boss... I've been waiting for 9 years, say them[View]
467103379Why was she such a fucking bitch?[View]
467103352Why yes, I am very much looking forward to Zelda x Link romance in BotW 2, what gave it away?[View]
467103064CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON![View]
467103658FUCK YES[View]
467101880Don and his establishment are gonna get nerfed so hard[View]
467102852ITT good games with superb music[View]
467103498mental illness[View]
467096326Now that the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox are out, we should be seeing footage of what th…[View]
467099109When does GW2 get fun? I just started playing and already unlocked every skill and there doesn’t see…[View]
467090321Please try this game, it's free. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rZEYLNg3gs It has the mo…[View]
467084585Crash Team Racing: just 2 more days[View]
467056183Subhumans born after 1999: Faggots born after 1999 will never understand this feel[View]
467102805>Just build a gaming pc and emulate bro Graphic cards are FUCKING EXPENSIVE and I'll probabl…[View]
467092180*pulls sister's hair*[View]
467102748COME: AND DIE...[View]
467072562I’ve never been so dispointed that a game turned out to be good. This was supposed to be another Mig…[View]
467099968...Literally who?[View]
467100269Why does Nippon suddenly have Jungle Fever?[View]
467097335>Pick a starting location for your character Well, /v/?[View]
467100705I'm so bored with gaming but I'm addicted. I keep queing in dota2 despite being shit at th…[View]
467102324Why is the Empire the right choice and why is Edelgard going to be the best girl?[View]
467078835How old were you when skyrim came out? I'll start. >10 years old[View]
467102198What are some games where I CAN FEEL THAT JAAAAZZZZZZZZ[View]
467091245>platform falls after you stand on it for a second[View]
467101581Why do gaming YouTubers look psychopathic when they try and act interested? https://youtu.be/Y0AK4yL…[View]
467099630PSN Digital Deluxe Price Increase: Anyone else notice the price increase use to be $10.00 for a delu…[View]
467099872I don't get it, this looks fine for a Nintendo 64 game, why are people suddenly hating on Ocari…[View]
467101719I want to kill the mods. Let's unite.[View]
467094319How do you think they stuck 2 SNES games onto the one cartridge?[View]
467101594>that kid who save scummed exams[View]
467098550Is this game worth $10?[View]
467101492Why hasn't ryu from ninja gaiden & doa ever been in a smash bros game[View]
467101392I'm going to say it[View]
467099937Undertale: Thank you... /v [View]
467101307I dont know why i keep coming to this board all it does is make me not want to play video games.[View]
467099168Video games with weight gain?[View]
467101012Ethical Tifa[View]
467095034All you videogame-playing incels need to have sex. Edit: thanks for the silver! Edit 2: wow, thanks …[View]
467053198Cyberpunk Thread: Post your V[View]
467101096Where were you when Half Life 3 was saved? https://youtu.be/54bpxhCEwDQ[View]
467098729>tifa is getting turned into a feminine boy on playstation Meanwhile on the personal computer.…[View]
467098010Second floor basement?[View]
467091163Final Fantasy XIV: Anyone else excited for the new jobs in Shadowbringers? Pretty sure this is the f…[View]
467087594Next World of Warcraft expansion leaked: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/c1szly/wow_leak/?sort…[View]
467100654HOLYSHIT NEW GREAT GAMES ADDED TO XBOX GAMEPASS!!!: its fucking nothing[View]
467088796We will never get a Pokémon game like this.: How does that make you feel, /v/?[View]
467100840Hey I have 50 bucks to spend on games. I'm gonna buy them off of a key site so that they are ch…[View]
467095528I'm very confused right now..[View]
467100674Hybrid game console Sony concept: 2 Controllers : MIP MAP: slide fasteners and clips. And 1 smaprtph…[View]
467096173Does /v/ even have any bingboys or is it just people roleplaying to shitpost? Is there seriously any…[View]
467100587Name a better opening to a game.[View]
467100559Not in a million years.[View]
467083449What did Sakurai/Nintendo mean by THIS ?: As a black man, I find this disturbing, even considering t…[View]
467098361Best PS4 steering wheel (that won't cost a fuckton)?: I want to get a PS4 steering wheel having…[View]
467097662Are there any games other than RDR2 where I can cook over a campfire?[View]
467093505Dropped like a hot potato[View]
467098754Bomberman is cute[View]
467082883Agree or Disagree?: Let's play a game! Post your unpopular (or popular) opinion, and then see i…[View]
467097303>Wake up and shower >go on /v/ >all the threads are discussing some shit game i dont care a…[View]
467096764It’s weird, i don’t see a single black in this game.[View]
467099868>reload weapon >depth of field kicks in[View]
467093027This legit looks nice, but how in the fuck can I afford this?[View]
46709854160$ >midgar only >FFXV combat >more than likely emo cloud on par with advent children >c…[View]
467092463Not sure what the big fuss is over this series. The cutscenes show you doing all this cool badass sh…[View]
467095379>female party member is reckless while male party member is gentle[View]
467099498>it clunky[View]
467099081You guys are STILL talking about Tifa's tits? Jesus christ.[View]
467097645Sega will show gameplay footage of Sakura Wars on June 26. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/06/19/fir…[View]
467094381it's not fair steambros... we were supposed to win and make gaben happy...[View]
467080312I need a good puzzle game so I was thinking about Prof Layton series. Is it any good, how's the…[View]
467094535>2019, I am forgotten... no but seriously, I remember all the threads in here and it was a little…[View]
467053214GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS: >Start off as a small time gang member who does drive bys with his …[View]
467096327Any other games where the player character is a positive, white male role-model and you go on epic a…[View]
467095626>dont worry bro it gets good on third playthrough[View]
467093946Why aren't you hyped for My Friend Pedro, /v/? It comes out tomorrow.[View]
467098583>Tartarus... the Prophets have betrayed us. Reminder this was peak Halo, and we'll never exp…[View]
467097393>no proper stick fight game yet Why? if my friend pedro can have one stick fights can too…[View]
467094217Realized I downloaded this through PS+ a while ago. Is it worth it? I've never played a Residen…[View]
467095672researched today whats this fuzz with autochess genre is and figured out that you just put character…[View]
467098739What's the best 4K HDR TV under $500? I want to get rid of my Samsung one which keeps resetting…[View]
467097269FFVII REMAKE: Hello /v/, these are the watchmen of ethics, say something nice to them.[View]
467096063what makes this game so good?[View]
467095324Reminder that /our guy/ loves Cyberpunk 2077! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq4HNFdNSlY[View]
467098527>twf you're the only one who still reads c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker in his voice…[View]
467097594Never played Crash. Should I play the remake or the originals?[View]
467096013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xTDVlNGKng: Geez.. Is Rockstar Games really this awful? I guess it …[View]
467095367Why did they make Zelda ugly? Not even shitposting, I'm genuinely bewildered. She didn't h…[View]
467098051WoW Classic: Blizzard can't be serious with all these realms. They really believe this many peo…[View]
467086667What video game character would be better if they were thiccer?[View]
467096420It's on Steam now[View]
467098141>tfw DLC Indiana Jones world[View]
467095965Steam Summer sale in 6 days: Are you ready anons? Show us your wishlist, shopping carts and whatever…[View]
467097090/v/ says this game ruined Dante's personality. How do?[View]
467098065>modern day Earth meets a fantasy planet Why is stuff like this so rare in video games? It's…[View]
467097784Well, /v/? How are YOU passing the time till Metroid Prime 4?[View]
467097818>he was one of those soi bois that brought a DS to school while all the chads took their psp…[View]
467094536I have not played dragon quest xi yet. Is there a point in playing the pc version? Do you guys think…[View]
467093168>new vegas with le randumb humor xD, small segmented maps with loading screens out of the ass and…[View]
467097646Is tabletop simulator magic the gathering fun? I loved to play face to face 10 years ago. Really wan…[View]
467096568>Hand is over. That thing, your Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition Seemed a bit too on the nose…[View]
467096818wanna play freelancer MP again where could I get a working game copy since GOG doesn't have it[View]
467095467ITT games that was either longer than expected or shorter than expected >be me >play Hollow Kn…[View]
467096719hnnnnngh: got my copy today, the oxide cover is pretty hideous but the game, it's so good guys …[View]
467094889I was just playing Bravely Default and I realized something. The title had a secret meaning, ok yes …[View]
467096928>RPG has that one party member[View]
467093037How the fuck would rare of even made a Banjo Threeie?: Tooie was probably the perfect sequel to the …[View]
467089042We had a nice FAST thread the other day, let's keep it up >Is BallisticNG worth getting or s…[View]
467096567Hey guys, is there any minecraft survival server inspired in LOTR worth a look? If not are there any…[View]
467095297Games that are carried entirely by their soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpqSdORmCX4…[View]
467094971Is there a comedic 'casual' jrpg in an day to day life fashion.[View]
467096905Early Death Stranding celebration thread! only 141 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes and 11 seconds until th…[View]
467096747Tommy Wiseau![View]
467095086Games for this feel?[View]
467087994Games where being neutral can ruin the story?[View]
467094760What games other than Space Engine give you this feel?[View]
467086609When it comes to switch ports like Witcher 3 or DOOM. I sometimes wonder who acualy buys and plays t…[View]
467068126/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>467001601 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467095875Which vidya character got flanderized the worst? I have to nominate Cloud from FF7. He's a dork…[View]
467090474>tfw 15 years ago a fucking WESTERN dev made character designs like this Yikes. What an ancient t…[View]
467094885what games do you play when you just can't anymore?[View]
467092551>June 2019 >I am forgotten[View]
467090024Who are the real villains in Doom, the demons you fight or the humans in the UAC that want an open b…[View]
467093107In awe of this lass, ABSOLUTE UNIT.[View]
467088598How dod they manage to trick people into paying a monthly fee to download mods?[View]
467087964wow... so this is the power of cyberpunk 2077...[View]
467095949>doppelganger boss >talk about being your own worst enemy…[View]
467094731Horror games for that feel?[View]
467094014Kirov reporting[View]
467093531Oh shit! What do?[View]
467095384>play on easy mode >still lose what the fuck to do…[View]
467095726I ditched this World of Warcraft private server admin clown in real life and then he banned me from …[View]
467094021Why was he such a whiny faggot?[View]
467095495Why western games suck now: It's the obsession with realistic movement. Developers try to make …[View]
467095089>Concept artist for the best movie about mechs >Stand up comedian >saves doom like its noth…[View]
467093457Tifa was made to wear a sports bra due to the 'ethical concerns.'[View]
467084931>The ethics department at Square Enix also told us that we had to tighten her chest >From ther…[View]
467086726Void Bastards: Why does nobody talk about this game?[View]
467090213Does anyone else feel like Red Dead Redemption 2 was designed by two teams at once?: >make a huge…[View]
467094812Gaben Pics: Post your best Gaben pics[View]
467094856This is Naoto's midriff.[View]
467092198Dragon Quest in Japan: I dont know any person who gives a shit about dragon quest, i also never play…[View]
467095008Who's the best vidya wife and why is it Anna?[View]
467069896so now that failed cereal mascots are allowed now is it safe to say that he's in?[View]
467084431This game is driving me mad. It literally made me unironically cheat for the first time in what? 15+…[View]
467088727>playing Fallout 2 for the first time >got bored and dropped it by the time I got to New Reno …[View]
467073669Vidya Tiddy Thread: Keep it vidya, please[View]
467090393Brown Girls Thread: White women are obsolete. We must embrace the age of Brown girls.[View]
467089104https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoAwyyDTiJ4: is there a bigger hypocrite in gaming?[View]
467094736Hollow Knight thread: ...Father... https://youtu.be/t1Q-wBpsnV8[View]
467085271Here's your Switch port of The Witcher 3, bro.[View]
467091904One copy of Cyberpunk 2077 please[View]
467091670Is there a cure for this?[View]
467092278Should I play this or tgm2p?[View]
467094561who else is playing this it's pretty great[View]
467090251*blocks your 100% S-rank*[View]
467092728NOOOOOOOOOOO https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/05/29/crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-removes-trophy…[View]
46709168640 bucks? seriously? and I bet the remaster will be $60![View]
467091682 [View]
467094282Mustard Race wins again baby But seriously, is this the only worthwhile game on the WiiU? Shits pret…[View]
467082554Is there a modern fps like Doom 2016 but without the upgrading shit?[View]
467090226Here's your goty bro.[View]
467088706HE's in[View]
467074376This game is very good. Why do you hate it?[View]
467090704Alright 4channers, I remember a video game from my childhood that i can't find,and don't r…[View]
467088467Poor Samuel Hayden has had an accident.[View]
467093101It's so good.[View]
467093776Well, he did it. He delivered the project, satisfying backers and without drama. Regardless of the …[View]
467089584Which game(s) is/are the ultimate game(s)?: By ultimate I mean such game that if mastered, the skill…[View]
467092258Tifa's boobies are not big enough...not to my esthetic liking[View]
467091354>manage to finally move the card blocking all the aces and other important cards you need >the…[View]
467093129I hate the Class System in this game > You can do everything, but you can't do everything ri…[View]
467092123Switch in 2020 and Beyond: Here you go bitches. Feel free to screen cap. 2020; Detective Pikachu Ani…[View]
467085865One copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 please, and put it on my bill.[View]
467092978best money making method?[View]
467093169>FPS game >Melee weapon is useless shit Why do devs keep doing this? Don't they get that …[View]
467084943She’s in.[View]
467090034>Monster Hunter World Iceborne in September >Persona 5 Royal in October >Death Stranding in…[View]
467077092What went wrong?[View]
467083025What games are you gonna keep playing and telling youngsters about when you grow old For me it'…[View]
467071178Lets do one of these.[View]
467090492You do still play Nanaca Crash, right?[View]
467089527Play Bloodborne[View]
467088819You might not like it, but this is what peak comfyness looks like.[View]
467078965Prove to me you can talk about videogames: I challenge anyone who bitches about /v/ 'not talking abo…[View]
467091325Thoughts on the upcoming movie Dragon Quest Your Story?[View]
467089668Was this game any good? I have never and will never watch the show, but I’ve heard this is basically…[View]
467089943This is why i don't want to replay Persona 5[View]
467089262Any games about being an unstoppable killing machine?[View]
467090320/v/ is fucking shit when it comes to discussing video games and anything related to it. Don’t deny i…[View]
467092530Play Hearthstone faggot![View]
467091790Who are the best party members for Angela? First time playing[View]
467090956pokémon girls: 5>7>4>3>61>2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
467084070Why yes, of course, I do play video games. What gave it away, may I ask ?[View]
467087739What did he mean by this?[View]
467087308Please post old videogame store pictures in this thread.[View]
467060332Post ur top 10 games of the decade (2010-2019) so far. For me: >Red Dead Redemption >The Witch…[View]
467091621ITT: Wholesome games that make you feel adorable and fuzzy inside[View]
467084724Post a trailer that made you buy a videogame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQCDj3emnHk[View]
467089921Where the fuck is it?[View]
467090681Who is the smartest video game character? HARD MODE: No omniscience/clairvoyance or other bullshit m…[View]
467089439who is your vidya mistress?[View]
467087665Why are good co-op/multiplayer games so rare these days? Feels like multiplayer is more about being …[View]
467085867The Switch is finally worth owning[View]
467089810Reminder that denuvo costs developers more than piracy ever did. Not only is it guaranteed costs, bu…[View]
467085814soon bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88VBun17AMI[View]
467081054Lloyd Irving celebration thread: The same leak that confirmed Joker, Banjo, and Erdrick said he…[View]
467091309>play 'intelligent' strategy game >bored due to lack of mental stimulation from simplistic gam…[View]
467077071Have there been any major breakthroughs in A.I in the past decade? It's almost 2020. How long d…[View]
467090092i'm looking for a certain game.: i'm looking for a very particular game that i just can…[View]
467087506>1 week left >I still have half of heavensward and all of stormblood left brehs,,, Im not gonn…[View]
467089489Guys... guys Guys listen. I have the best idea. guys listen I have the best idea ever guys I'll…[View]
467070172''Ethics Department'': >Tifa was a strong martial artist that just happens to have big boobs >…[View]
467089468>runescape pk video >this song starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yHuuBZgif0…[View]
467089384Breath of the Wild 2: They are gonna make the side quests less shitty in the sequel, right? They wer…[View]
467090824Who of the 5 Villain Rulers are the worst ruler? The best ruler? Who would YOU rather be ruled by?[View]
467066249June 2019.... I am forgotten...[View]
467090734Hey anon! Come over I bought an action replay we can have fun with some cheats!![View]
467088336Chess: Alright /v/, now what. I was promised a win using this move.[View]
467088337the physical unease would be staggering: >The Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing event is still in. We’…[View]
467087868Name a Better Friendship[View]
467090061Which one has the most consistent games?[View]
467090543Is animevo real?[View]
467088968Hows the Swicth port of FFVII? Haven't played it before since turn-based RPGs on PC/Console bor…[View]
467087914How would Chuchu jelly taste?[View]
467087830I swear to God if you're making games in here...[View]
467087901When did you first realize your attraction to cute little boys? For me, it was NiGHTS[View]
467080706Any video games with a good, romantic love story?[View]
467087503He's straight. Deal with it.[View]
467084421>1/4 american >is a massive slutbag What are ATLUS implying?…[View]
467066261Can you handle my strongest potions, traveler?[View]
467065624The last two never evers: if these two get in Ultimate, it will be legendary. would you agree?…[View]
467087092>gaming was at its peak in the late 90s/the early 00s and had been stuck in the downhill until 20…[View]
467080423Is miyamoto based?[View]
467086713GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING! Waphillio, /v/! Eedapee Klonoa! Padoo, THE Klonoa! Eedapee just here to remind …[View]
467089609>enemies sneak up on you[View]
467088142>Show me your favorite yuri games or you're getting licked, Anon![View]
467086816For me it's Hunt: Showdown[View]
467087305All the information I’ve got: Here we go: >Crash is Fighter Pass 4 >Coco is half of Crash’s co…[View]
467083030Rebecca is the best Resident Evil girl: Prove me wrong. Oh wait, you can't![View]
467089059Post your V: Post your style, augments, how you're character gonna look and how you're gon…[View]
467088938every Philadelphia's wet dream[View]
467088963I'm a little tired, what are some games I can fall asleep to? Something that requires a bit of …[View]
467076681Why did you never get good at Quake /v/?[View]
467083764>I want my irrelevant, atrocious cereal-box-mascot-tier character in Smash! I don't care tha…[View]
467086189Gran Turismo Sport Has Sold an Estimated 8 Million Copies: Forzabros...[View]
467078687I've been thinking about giving a try to the dragon quest series, should I play this one?[View]
467088492>ywn be an italian zoomer having fun in a online videogame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVaEa6…[View]
467086805Do you think Medievil will release on pc?[View]
467069462Puhuhu: >See you in 18.75 hours[View]
467087368Gog Galaxy 2.0 technical alpha now released, looks hype. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfdmatuO6z…[View]
467085581Why are you not playing my video game, /v/?[View]
467084970Wii Appreciation Thread: When you pare down the Wii's library, it was honestly incredible. …[View]
467087895Can I please get some recommendations of obscure but good PS1 games?[View]
467086279>villain can be defeated through diplomacy, rather than actually fighting him what games let me d…[View]
467077230>absolute state of video games[View]
467087929Robot arena: Looking for a name of the PC game about robot olympics or something like that. Basicall…[View]
467085949What did you do to him?[View]
467083776I'm playing MGS with this thing and it looks absolutely awful, literally hurting my eyes. I kno…[View]
467065273Mario Battle Royale: http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main Staying up too late again edition. Get …[View]
467086980Dark Souls Remastered Online: does anyone know where I can get an online crack or a steamworksfix fo…[View]
467080995Konosuba - Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=hPpdIT29g-k https://www.youtube…[View]
467084686Are you ready for 8.2? Are you ready to fight FOR THE Horde! Can't wait to dispose Sylvanas[View]
467087154Pathologic 2 General[View]
467086139Vidya disappointments: >got 1080 ti >excited for witcher 3 >buy bundle on steam >play 1 …[View]
467084651What other JRPGs with a story this deep? もしかしては... This is the only one...?[View]
467087021Which games have the best mods, that expand the lore and fit right in?[View]
467086869Play Tomb Raider Underworld[View]
467084248Any video games with this aesthetic?[View]
467080352I think I'm officially old. I don't fucking understand this. Where is the fun?[View]
467086538Is there a limit to how much MTX and cosmetics a F2P should have? I recently started playing PoE aga…[View]
467078374Epic Store shitposting aside, it looks really good.[View]
467086662Anyone know this feel?: It's been more than a year and I still feel the void that this game has…[View]
467086660>boss goes to school and gets a degree[View]
467077876Banjo’s moveset: Since we haven’t seen all of his moves what do you think the rest will be[View]
467083387>356 days until E3 2020 Hopes? Fears? Expectations?[View]
467084178Played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night recently and loved it. Which other Castlevania games are w…[View]
467052661soon: soon? https://twitter.com/kinucakes/status/1141174896032022528[View]
467086349Where are the botw sequel lore threads? Don't you want to continue arguing about the 'hero' in …[View]
467060971UNIST Thread: Good to go[View]
467078573>be 11 years old >to poor to afford own pc >no internet back then >had a family pc in th…[View]
467080260ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
467076623>setup emulator >configure options >download a bunch of roms/isos,cias >start game >…[View]
467072021Has any game studio ever flopped harder than BossKey Productions? They released Lawbreakers and Radi…[View]
467063781I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and this is my Team Fortress 2 thread [View]
467080720Which one has better value for my money?[View]
467085530>Toxic behaviour? Reported. Racism and homophobia have no place in gaming today.…[View]
467073008/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday After Dark 'Pacific Saves the Day' consoletan.booru.org consoletans.neo…[View]
467041329DMC Thread: Do you got plenty of time?[View]
467072257*saves Vaati's career*[View]
467083376when did you realize destiny is superior to borderland?[View]
467082241ITT: Pleb filters I haven't seen any complaints about this game that didn't boil down to t…[View]
467077705Yandere Simulator Discussion: I wonder. How does /v/ feel about this game? The first rival is almost…[View]
467063609you fags told me this game was bad that final fight is bullshit tho[View]
467085183Is she Rosalina's girlfriend?[View]
467085161Games with this feel?[View]
467083246Long drawn out monologoues are unnecessary for epic boss fights,in fact they usually come off as edg…[View]
467084915For me its the Warrior.[View]
467083634How is this game allowed on Steam when it's oversexualizing women like this?[View]
467084874What are some games which are stood succesfully against the test of time?[View]
467080834Who wants some Wang? https://youtu.be/qDAoJIJ2ljU[View]
467083113Help me with a personal issue /v/ I have this thing where I can't seem to find the motivation t…[View]
467082263You have 5 (ten) seconds to post the cutest vidya character/entity you know Hard Mode: Do not post W…[View]
4670803074AM thread[View]
467084679we know you're playing videogames in there, come out with your hands up! DO IT![View]
467059828>be me >talking with girl >mention video games as my hobby >she says 'Oh yeah cool, I…[View]
467084479>/v/ will defend this[View]
467068640ELDEN RING......[View]
467079184If you haven't caught all 150 pokemon, you're not a real video gamer.[View]
467076149Play Deus Ex.: Play it.[View]
467084357Remake when?[View]
467083003Hey /v/. I hope you have been good and taking care of yourself![View]
467082007Fucking LMAO[View]
467084341y-you still remember me right bro?[View]
467080445Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon[View]
467083482uh huhuhuhuh, check it out Beavis uh huhuh Snake's about to score![View]
467083273>character counters his counters[View]
467080120REAL GAMER HOURS: What you guys playing?[View]
467083891Is this shit good or not? It has mixed reviews but it's been a top seller for almost a goddamn …[View]
467083375Screenshot Thread?[View]
467083629Have you taken your daily dose, /v/? How long has it been? You haven't forgotten have you?[View]
467082903Post vidya remated pictures that scream end of the 90s/Early 2000s.[View]
467083368Trails of Cold Steel III: You will buy one of the most hyped up games of this year, right anon? One …[View]
467083150>It's a Yahtzee nervously fumbles his way through another interview episode Why did they sen…[View]
467082462The great debate[View]
467080192Now that we agree GoW4 was terrible, how would you have fixed it?[View]
467083573I am forgotten: Been trying to get into this since it came out. It just won’t take. Atmosphere seems…[View]
467038636bruh... look at this DUDE....[View]
467081436Damn this is actually pretty fun.[View]
467079758>sekiro is the best game from has ever made OH NO NO OH HO HO[View]
467078339>/v/ hates big boobies now[View]
467074621dont mind me just digging comfy one block high caves[View]
467060270DOOM Eternal Spoilers/AMA: First off: Bosses: >Cyberdemon (Classic) >'Veteran Baron' >Titan…[View]
467081829https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5d20-PE5Ls FUCK WE MISSED THE CONCERT! WHAT DO WE DO?[View]
467083463What's the best way to play this game? On phone or DS/Emulated? Ghost Trick thread I guess.[View]
467082715Don't fall for /v/'s bait about this fucking game. I've never played such an unfinish…[View]
467083436Gamergaters are upset that HL2, a 15 year old game, dares to feature a PoC as a main character.: Tho…[View]
467083430Post tropes/cliches that you love >Halfway through it's revealed that the main antagonist wa…[View]
467064249NEW NOMURA INTERVIEW Nomura interview: -The black ghost thing is shows up in various places where Cl…[View]
467081525Why do so many high-budget AAA games use Unreal Engine, but no AAA games use Unity?[View]
467079507Hey Anon, come play Quake Champions. It's really fun![View]
467073304>no star fox for switch >no f-zero for switch >no metroid for switch >no warioware on sw…[View]
467078203POST YOUR MIRIAM[View]
467082784How much homage is too much?[View]
467080416when does this get fun?: i bought all the expansions, please tell me it gets better bros. i'm l…[View]
467082775Dragon Quest - Trailer: First good vidya movie? Will they mention stuff from the last game? https://…[View]
467074898How do you pronounce her name again?[View]
467076098Which games make you smile the most?[View]
467062154That FFVII translator sure loved the word retarded[View]
467079583Cuhrazyzee Game Thread: Talk about cuhrazy games DMC, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden etc etc[View]
467081462Games with a bunch of races to choose from? >with actually limits/differences to the races. So no…[View]
467078942Here is your alt OCs[View]
467081739I can't believe crashy bandicoot saw the light after all these years https://youtu.be/JyEfKb27n…[View]
467078184Go ahead and name a better Rogue-Lite. I'll wait.[View]
467081961Name a more aesthetic vidya vehicle.[View]
467082121Noooo you guys said they wouldn't add klassic kostumes!!![View]
467042717So how do we feel now that Lloyd and Crash are in? https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super…[View]
467081528Admit it, if his game was funded and everything worked out, you would have played it.[View]
467080374>DO NOT PLAY TRACK ONE OF THIS GAME CD IN AN AUDIO CD PLAYER >Play it Who /devilish/ here?…[View]
467081576Maximum Mike: The whole internet just got fucked by based Mike. What will we do /v/?[View]
467081756>he plays as a female character also >she (he) plays as a female character…[View]
467080010How are you supposed to play this piece of shit? All these enemies with guns that knock me down righ…[View]
466994910Jojo fighting game: Sequel when?[View]
467078916Why is she SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD?![View]
467081529>dota 2 >dota card game >dota chess game valve sure is putting source 2 to good use…[View]
467081595https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RavalfYLtww >post yfw this gets in as a track…[View]
467081505•A lot of gaming enjoyment and performance is of nutrition. … •Literature, art, and gameplay are of …[View]
467081151Why is it that zoomer can’t make friends anymore and substitute friendship with twitch? It wasn’t t…[View]
467081125SMT Thread So SMT V is dead right?[View]
467080714minigames: what are your guys favorite minigames?[View]
467078991Will you be hacking your Switch?[View]
467065568Monster Hunter Frontier closing in December: I don't think many people on /v/ played the game a…[View]
467080295How are they unable to tanscend the Uncharted formula? TLoU literally feels like a TC of Uncharted.[View]
467080772Who do you choose /v/?[View]
467081002Text Transformer thread. Remember to keep it vidya related. https://talktotransformer.com/[View]
467077707What was his fucking problem?[View]
467079354Valve is officially Riot's bitch.[View]
467041739Smash Ultimate Fighters pass predictions thread: Colette from the Tales series is possibly leaked by…[View]
467080768>Snake gets in Smash >Even Hideodorant Kojima couldn't stop Smashfags from smelling so ra…[View]
4670711392019. I am fUCKING DEAD LMAO.[View]
467080431Bro pass me the controller it's my turn! Wat do?[View]
467076413PREVIOUSLY on /v/...[View]
467080157>it's an online player knocks you out of the checkpoint again race again Why does this game …[View]
467077507There are people on /v/, right now, who have unironically played a khajiit before. It's honestl…[View]
467079486Monster Hunter World: >'All the weapons are viable!!!! Durrrr' So, now that this retardation is o…[View]
467067113WoW: CLASSIC: ITT: Post superior talent builts and tell us what faction/race/class/professions you a…[View]
467076603oh no no no: WE GOT COCKY VALVEBROS[View]
467080394>playing hitman 2 >next target is harry potter using an alias >he just flipendos all my rif…[View]
467080365C'mon /v/.[View]
467042941I remember nothing about them[View]
4670801302019...I am forgotten[View]
467078236MHW Handler Appreciation Threat: anal pound[View]
467079405are we PC gamers preparing for this?: I am >just purchased a cpu update x5670 ($23)....currently …[View]
467078914>moderate >get swarmed with knights and a fuckoff huge navy every time before i really start b…[View]
467079957what the FUCK[View]
467077394what are you doing?[View]
467042048ITT: Absolutely based game devs[View]
467078640>(insert game) is nostalgic? HA WHAT A FAGGOT KYS UNDERAGE B& >ONLY MY NOSTALGIC GAMES CAN…[View]
467077717>that one weapon that's in basically every fucking game because it's a meme at this poi…[View]
467079436Remember when Wario fought Not Peach?[View]
467079719>Nomura listens to an 'Ethics Department' to make his decision about female characters, resulted …[View]
467079151Alien: Isolation: Sell me on this game. I kind of hate hide and seek simulators. Is that all this g…[View]
467079669vidya cliches: >protagonist gets out of a difficult situation only to end up in an ever more dang…[View]
467079292*saves PC gaming*[View]
467079395So, are they just going to keep making 'Souls like' games forever with different settings and slight…[View]
4670780522019....... I am forgotten[View]
467075783Was this game one of the worst translations from 2D to 3D of all time?[View]
467079548I'm bored of VR.[View]
467077141Why are japanese media so much more clever than anything made in the west?[View]
467078465Was going to reply this to a thread asking why Super Monkey Ball failed before the it archived: They…[View]
467077818>These past few years have been the absolute best time for quality vidya waifu fanart in abundanc…[View]
467069709am i missing out if dont play this?[View]
467060556Oh no! Watch out, Mrs. President-hime![View]
467077975>'Yes I use VR all the time, how can you tell?'[View]
467075638Is Demon Souls still tolerable/playable: I'm curious since we've had it polished and itera…[View]
467079012GOD DAMN!!! I want to SUCK Klonoa's DICK I want him to EJACULATE in my MOUTH!!! I want to touc…[View]
467073813Do these games have deep combact mechanics or is it just mash city?[View]
467079181>get hired onto new dropship >meet the crew…[View]
467078897/int/craft is a Minecraft server made by members of /int/ where people play and rp as historical tow…[View]
467079016*AHEM* Fuck Fire Emblem Heroes Fuck Dokkan Battle Fuck Azur Lane Fuck Granblue Fuck Girls Frontline …[View]
467061872>this used up whore that has slept with her gym teacher on multiple occasions (read: fucked by hi…[View]
467078102What went wrong?[View]
467059829>microtransactions >shovelware >datamining >DLC >paid mods >streamers >DRM >…[View]
467077356Pre-order her game on Nintendo Switch.[View]
467077180>guild has an in-game chat >'don't forget to join our discord'…[View]
467077063>kingdom hearts 3 took 6 years to create >They had to restart from scratch 6 fucking years. Th…[View]
467074215Name one good flamethrower in video games. Then name a bad one.[View]
467078832Right Wing vidya: Are there any games that have you (or let you) play as a right winger? Since trann…[View]
467078253I made a thread asking for help on this game and you guys helped me a lot. Thanks for that. How do i…[View]
467074938Jack Frost died for... this...[View]
467072181How did they get away with this?[View]
467075058Shit character. Hate him. Little prissy faggot can kill with n-air's too early and all the kidd…[View]
467072554Is your gamer etiquette up to standards /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKmNei4CwiM[View]
467074931Good morning everyone![View]
467077134If they would remake IX, how badly they would do it?[View]
467078325This is your Kunoichi for tonight.[View]
467078297Hey /v/, can you recommend me some must-play video novels? I've already played Doki Doki Litera…[View]
467076479Why are you not playing based Xenoverse 2 or God Eater 3?[View]
467077890If you buy trophy/achievement autism baiting games like this, I pity you.[View]
467078365B A S E D[View]
467072821Kirby: Why is Dream Land 3 the only fun game in the entire series?[View]
467077381What games have the best muscle girls?[View]
467073741Holidays 2019[View]
467072551You know I'd be completely fine with 9S instead of 2B in Smash if they really wanted to go that…[View]
467077443I'm sorry Persona? Isn't that some dating sim? I've never played those virgin games I…[View]
467071256>Itt we make the most japanese game on earth I'll start. No english va.…[View]
467078113I am stuck on halfway trough a childrens game, on a level that I used to beat easily as a kid.[View]
467077376What ending best fit his character?[View]
467076136New eiyuu senki game but it's browser/mobile[View]
467068741DQV: >Beautiful CGI >Beautiful sound and feelings >Beautiful art direction and visual effec…[View]
467077784I want another metroidvania with the fucking wall jump It's so fun and satisfying to skip over …[View]
467063054Black people play mostly fighting games, right ? So what do other races or countries prefer ?[View]
467075013Minecraft, but 4K HDR and with Ray Tracing.[View]
467073687>My wife found out how much money I have in the bank (almost nothing) >She wants to know what …[View]
467077873Post mesmerizing video game covers[View]
467077856he runs[View]
467033471We won't go quietly. The Legion can count on that.[View]
467075705There is nothing wrong with liking old graphics in 2019. Only a zoomer would call this bad looking.[View]
467077764one of these threads[View]
467073764Remember me, /v/? You waited for me. You memed for me. You cried for me. You killed a crab for me. S…[View]
467077647what will happen to 2D Zelda? we received one every generation now we only have one console left[View]
467070882Any thoughts? besides >muh woke niggers I wonder if this is an attempt to drop the pacifist albat…[View]
467077624When Valve makes waves its a splash, when Riot makes waves its a TSUNAMI. Cant wait for Blizzard Au…[View]
467077531Enough about Tifa. Are you ready for a new generation of xX_Sephiroth_Xx edgy teens?[View]
467074262I'm noticing a trend with the DLC characters in Smash... So far, they all seem to have come fro…[View]
467077523The sooner a piece of shit gets released the sooner it can be forgotten.[View]
467076706In Super Mario Odyssey, the game does not handle Mario's legs being on two different slopes cor…[View]
467061601Post some games you are hugely nostalgic over. I played the shit out of this when I was 9 years old.[View]
467077173fucking hell styg give me a release date already[View]
467077156Payon Town...home[View]
467076389>he dedicates time to fighting games >doesn't even participate in tournaments…[View]
467075205Vidya with old Link as protag?[View]
467064658Jojo thread[View]
467076897Can you forgive him /v/?[View]
467075381Gain Brouzouf[View]
467073950KH3 Sora: Was sora 'fangirlised' or 'effeminised' in KH3? He doesn't have the courageous island…[View]
467076786For me it's Mahjong Triple Wars[View]
467075979>It's been 0 seconds since /v/ last cried about Tifa's tifas[View]
467041371>detective mystery game >protagonist is a whiny retard who gets stuck and cries What were they…[View]
467073998Final Boss Music: https://youtu.be/5nYpDOtHBu4?t=75[View]
467076530>He says 'ow' out loud when his character gets hurt in a video game[View]
467072607>Character is an intelligent proud Texan from the 1960’s >Has no issue being on the same team …[View]
467076478Any pvp focused alternatives?: For PC...needs to have controller support and not be an unoptimized m…[View]
467074628Is the Lucia missions worth doing?[View]
467074209This game is kind of a slog until you leave Midgar.[View]
467073598This is really fun.[View]
467073607why did this series suddenly die? it had tons of games on every single platform and then suddenly no…[View]
467073389Is there any video game character who could defeat Super Strong Bocchi?[View]
467076223Here's your Mario Kart 9 roster[View]
467076090Will Giant Bomb still be around in ten years with its aging staff?[View]
467075632>new Tifa is fine[View]
467061370Ok, I've done this before a while back and it went pretty well, so let's have another shot…[View]
467044851Hey /v/ pitch me a game you'd really like to see. No cynicism or cheap limitations, just pitch …[View]
467074991Bloodstained: It's pretty fun.[View]
467069348This has got to be a joke.[View]
467075038Luigi's Mansion 3: how did they make this look much more appealing after he initial reveal?…[View]
4670753052019, I am forgotten...[View]
467050742Graphics have come a long way haven't they?[View]
467075424Where the FUCK is it 343 I am NOT kidding[View]
467028745will Square ever top this?[View]
467073387How would you go about making it?[View]
467066893He's right you know[View]
467071070VR Will Never Be What You Want: So after watching Black Mirror Striking Vipers episode, I realized t…[View]
467061880Is this thing worth $50?[View]
467067672Stage Builder Thread: Post and discuss what you anons have made.[View]
467074684What are some video game characters that are stupid and arrogant, yet are still called badass by peo…[View]
467074965Affirmative Action: We should have affirmative action in esports to level the playing field for wome…[View]
467062034Why does nobody talk about the fact that Todd has a naked khajiit slave called 'Pretty Kitty' in Tod…[View]
467074613How the hell do I play this without a guide open constantly? Tips, advice?[View]
467073117Fire Emblem Three Houses: Best Blue Lions girl is finally here. https://twitter.com/FireEmblemJP/sta…[View]
467074883What's a game with cute young girls?[View]
467074342Can we get a buyfag thread? Just got this Legend of Zelda lightswitch for $75 at my local gaming sto…[View]
467072316Hey Big Bro ~[View]
467074905ITT odd exclusives[View]
467067140>You can use environmental hazards to beat the boss[View]
467070134Final Fantasy VII OG: Was it as good as everyone hypes it to be or was it overrated?[View]
467074430Who was in the wrong here?[View]
467071859How do i get to the colosseum of fools? How can i get to the top of the kindoms edge?[View]
467074015This isn’t a video game thread. What do you wanna talk about?[View]
467073868forza4: any forza bros playing the lego dlc?[View]
467074297To be quite honest, this board is lacking a decent [ H I T M A N | 2 ] thread, 47 Reviewbrah level E…[View]
467071318should i get final fantasy xii on switch is it a good game[View]
467072229Is Fortnite over?[View]
467071303What BB stands for?[View]
467056774Star fox thread. Is there a better duo than Wolf and Fox?[View]
467073572what were they even thinking[View]
467073462Hello there v! Today I am going to go over every series in the Smash Bros. Ultimate and pick one cha…[View]
467073769it really sucks how final fantasy and chrono trigger get all the limelight when this absolute GEM of…[View]
467053945>tfw have to wait a couple more years for r* to innovate gaming again...…[View]
467073717Amitie is going to be in Smash Ultimate![View]
467072730I dont care what anyone says, the only character that could ever top this reveal would be Goku.[View]
467073698When are the hackerbros gonna release the new civ vi june 2019 update? desu I would love nothing mor…[View]
467061631Just finished DQ3, should I continue onto 4? Or is another one better?[View]
467065678Why were racing games from the late 90s early 00s so comfy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpKlCKL9…[View]
467073601trade_clocktown... home...[View]
467067094Sekiro is one of my favorite games of all time[View]
467073446COMBO WHORE[View]
467065463>The ethics department at Square Enix also told us that we had to tighten her chest as not to get…[View]
467072278Was Rinoa too unethical?[View]
467073410You guys told me IN is easy[View]
467069895Do you think we’ll get into Smash Leonbros/REbros? I’m worried there wasn’t enough fan support for a…[View]
467060416>AAA Blockbuster campaign but with actually great writing and a kino story, along with a shit ton…[View]
467073249Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Info: Nomura on KH3 ReMind DLC. >The additional scenario is independent (sel…[View]
467073230>Nomura listens to an 'Ethics Department' to make his decision about female characters, resulted …[View]
467065519>What about a place where players can only move slowly, but really slow, yeah, players will love …[View]
467073030I just fucking KNOW this is possible[View]
467072486Is this a good steam list for the summer? Generally, I'm more of a Castlevania person and I kno…[View]
467071161What are some improvements Nintendo can make to online? It’s bare bones at the moment so there’s ple…[View]
467069957why do jews promote so much porn here ? If you point out a glitch in some ubisoft or bethesda game t…[View]
467069372this universe has ended and every vidya developer will be the god and architect of their own univers…[View]
467065576STARFOX: What do you want to see in the next game as far as level design and combat goes?[View]
467060898Is he the most compelling antagonist in all of the JRPG genre? No villain was more ahead of their ti…[View]
467069217Obscure Steam Indies Thread: New Releases Edition: Beyond a Total loss. Im getting hardcore LISA vib…[View]
467059606What are some vidya girls that give you a fearboner?[View]
467072335Which games let me save the princess?[View]
467072606>/v/ tells me game is shit >pick it up the other day >it's pretty good What the fuck /…[View]
467065591Data transfer from game to game: You know, that feature some games have to import your data from the…[View]
467058707Why do people love military games so much?[View]
467071574Skyrim: Who is your most badass character? And why is Galmar Stone-Fist?[View]
467066474Eric Sparrow, the biggest asshole in video games[View]
467065785>kill dragon boss >drops 2 scales[View]
467063128Sephiroth is a knock-off design from Escaflowne, a nearly forgotten anime from the mid 90s. How did …[View]
467072479Cadence of hyrule: Have any of you played this on a switch emulator? is there a way to play it even …[View]
467045147You have 10 seconds to post a more beautiful vidya girl. No fanart BTW[View]
467070264>I don't like this game because the graphics are too dated[View]
467070836It's actually impressive how quickly everyone forgot about Lulua and her game.[View]
467071389>game has one of the best looking cars ever[View]
467072394What went terribly wrong anons?[View]
467068610>the trailer that saved video games[View]
467040479It’s called consolidation. Strengthen governments and corporations, weaken individuals. With taxes, …[View]
467069314Any more 'this game is no Super Mario but does a honest job at it' games like this? Preferably with …[View]
467058892What's your favorite Pokemon game /v/? Mine's Black 2.[View]
467058065I don't get it. Women say there's nothing wrong with being promiscuous and dressing slutty…[View]
467068324XIVchads are laughing at us again, WoWbros...[View]
467066838How're you coping with the final two confirmed leaked fighters in Super Smash Brothers: Ultimat…[View]
467063327I never got around to playing the newer Deus ex games. What does /v/ think of them and how do they c…[View]
467019872Post WEBMs that will make anons excited about a video game.[View]
467071460Literally Whos: LEAKED manifesto claims 'gender-based discrimination' in esports, then calls for aff…[View]
467069349What went wrong?[View]
467067865Name the best game in the world or i'll eat your soul.[View]
467071254Why do so many high-budget AAA games use Unreal Engine, but no AAA games use Unity?[View]
467068617>SAHM NA! SAHM NA![View]
467065589THIS IS MY ESCAPE[View]
467071383Who /hype/ here?[View]
467069921Cell?? That's my name? That's way better than what I came up with: Jiren.[View]
467070552SHDQ 2019: Only a few more days lads, what are you excited to see? Will you be attending?[View]
467064247Why do Sonic fans like Mephiles so much now?[View]
467070929Mina-san -- Otsukaresama deshita![View]
467070356>Game has 'humor' >its actually funny[View]
467069378>Single note theme starts playing[View]
467070571Why was everyone losing their mind over Nessa? Even the reveal of Marina wasn't that problemati…[View]
467068140Playing Professor Layton for the first time, help me out.[View]
467001601/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>466903616 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
467062669I want a game that really rewards exploration on pc (preferably that came out in the last ten years)…[View]
467070654She's in[View]
467067013Paccie Thread[View]
467047871SWITCH MINI FUCKING LEAKED http://www.honsoncn.com/nintendo%20switch%20mini/accessories/clear-protec…[View]
467051573>First game is the best in the series >Sequels keep removing features present in the first Wha…[View]
467069826KOTOR Thread: About to start this again, played it a while back and didn't get very far on the …[View]
467068365Shenmue 3 : a 2019 game: Imagine thinking this looks good.[View]
467034182FF7 Remake: HE BOUGHT?[View]
467014125Melee thread: Lets have a thread about this great and classic game. My favorite character is falco, …[View]
467028993JUNE 25TH BOIS, the patch that saves WoW[View]
467069696Post your smash mains[View]
467068609Why aren't you playing the next big thing, /v/? Battle Royal is almost over, MABA is the future…[View]
467069189Unironically the best Dark Souls.[View]
467038428/v/ Plays Xcom 2: War of the Chosen on Iron Man: First 4 claim a character[View]
467004532Handsome vidya men.: /v/, stop whining about female character design and appreciate how good the des…[View]
467067651Reminder that this happened[View]
467055827Why does Nintendo like chocolate so much?[View]
467062068Is the painting skill the most busted thing in the fucking game? I just killed Twin Dragons and the …[View]
467067887Your thoughts on bravely second?[View]
467067846Is pic related the gamefreak of farming sims? >makes soulless cashgrabs >doesn't know wha…[View]
467064823I can't beat him[View]
467068962this filters the pleb[View]
467063868Just wait for datamine: Why don't you fags just wait for the next character files to get leaked…[View]
467063534What would a sequel need to actually catch on?[View]
467065495KH3 ReMind: http://ryokutya2089.com/archives/21152 >the new scenario is separte from thr main gam…[View]
467067938why is this alt so funny? everytime i encounter this skin, i laugh. lmao. it's so bad.[View]
467002758What are your thoughts on BOTW2?[View]
467068517Which game allow me to make a lot of good or weird friends?[View]
467068747Has there been any relatively recent news on the update? Stardew thread, I guess.[View]
467057973S T A R F O X: Get in here losers, we're making Star Fox games great again.[View]
467066580Uncharted: He killed millions...[View]
467053992Choose one[View]
467068286Dragon Quest V CGI Movie poster: >No Bianca Dropped[View]
467065474>just announced a couple weeks ago >already a metric cumlake of art Is she the new booru queen…[View]
467068354Persona 5: PlayStation 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzGoNlmLxDE Nintendo Switch...and PlayStati…[View]
467066543Anyone else have trouble geting into video games?: I got DOOM 2016 and was bored after 30 minutes. j…[View]
467068274Now that Pokémon is in discussions again because of (((S+S))), can we all agree that Black and White…[View]
467067876For me. It's AirQuake.[View]
467063545is /v/ enjoying the massive dump of Tifa fanarts?[View]
467068134Will TFT fill the market gap left by Hearthstone's decline?[View]
467013757What was the fire emblem fanbase like pre awakening?[View]
467062831Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin: Please buy and play this rice game when it comes out.[View]
467062607Sora's 'Fangirlization' in KH3: Was Sora changed for fangirls or something similar? Nobody else…[View]
467039895>Megaman discussion on /v/ is next to none He's dead again isn't he?…[View]
467057829Breath of the wild vs the witcher 3 Which was the better game?[View]
467067671Please rank the following aspects of the game. Combat Dungeons Bosses Overworld+Side quests Puzzl…[View]
467055916How do you guys feel about PN03?[View]
467066573LovePlus: Why was there never an official English release? Why are these types of games okay in Japa…[View]
467048370>yfw you realize the only actual DLC pick that would 'break the internet' like Joker and Banjo we…[View]
467063771Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA-: When was the last time you played a light-hearted JRPG?[View]
467066909I think my retro fps thread hanging out[View]
467052192stardew valley: how come none of you fucks never told me how fucking comfy this game was I got it on…[View]
467061798What is that one game detail that makes a game golden to you, no matter how insignificant. Weight in…[View]
467064296How's DB FighterZ doing these days? Will it survive to see evo 2020?[View]
467062791142 days until we take a baby to Mars[View]
467067153New 1v1 Dragon Ball fighting game when?[View]
467065051Did you already find your worth in the waking world, anon?[View]
467043027Have you ever been in love with a video game character?[View]
467066691For those who played the game already or at least the demo, how's the gameplay? I'm a bit …[View]
467061134Did you forgot about her /v/ its been only 231 days[View]
467065997https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwzLngJQtgk imagine if gamers rather than caring about retarded grap…[View]
467066942It is fucking bizarre that there are no other games of note with the same type of simple side-scroll…[View]
467058790Best MK character ever?[View]
467066821Reminder that anyone who likes Isabelle is a cuck with Bill as their bull[View]
467066127Trials of Mana: THIS is how the a 10/10 FEMALE looks like. You may not like it, but its the ultimate…[View]
467058086How good is this game? I played the original, but never got around to touching the sequel.[View]
467064381Knew there was a reason he was cut[View]
467064836This is your new best friend.[View]
467060185Do sexy girls sell games or is that just a meme?[View]
467053462Crash: >crash threads none stop for hours >literally zero right now I'm excited for CTR b…[View]
467042578Astral Chain: Co-op confirmed and explained. >https://www.siliconera.com/2019/06/18/astral-chain-…[View]
467059821Indie recommendation thread: >atmosphere >world building >good characters >fun mechanic…[View]
467064458>game has sexy female character >constant erection What's her name /v/?…[View]
467060484Is ICO good on pcsx2 ? I wanna give it a shot.[View]
467053061>game I like is coming out on epic games store >now I can’t play it I’ve always supported deve…[View]
467065450Best piece of unknown game music: I haven't even played the game this is from, but jesus this m…[View]
467064308Jill, Rebecca and Claire are all old hags. Sherry should be the next RE protagonist[View]
467064550Wii: So, I found a Wii while cleaning up that I had no idea I had. What should I do with it? What ar…[View]
467038395League TFT vs Dota Underlords: I hope this put to rest to those stupid fucks that thinks Dota is bet…[View]
467065539Anons... What if Doomguy gets in BOTH Mortal Kombat and Smash?[View]
467064954More games like this?[View]
467062595What the fuck happened to this game?[View]
467065181>mfw Death Stranding won't have the same 'honeymoon period' as MGSV >mfw the ga…[View]
467063776luigis mansion 3: KING BOO IS FUCKING PISSED[View]
467061309>played all the games I'm interested in, even the console exclusive ones. >out of despera…[View]
467062036Mid-GOTY reviews: We're already about halfway through the year. What is the best game you'…[View]
467062987So where is he actually from?[View]
467065060This is $30 on Amazon right now Aside from the actual game, is the Star Fox stuff good?[View]
467063594when did nintendo start becoming a souless shitty company?[View]
467064626GameFreak has no reason to try because 10s of millions will buy any shit they put out regardless[View]
467062891Dark souls 2: most atmospheric Dark souls 2: most engaging pvp Dark souls 2: most innovative mechan…[View]
467062717Play Gran Turismo[View]
467064314messages/music during loading screens game loads too fast to read them[View]
467064470>Game is so based it generates 10 direct sequels >Meanwhile AAA titles like call of duty can…[View]
467035352Meanwhile in 1997 usenet /v/.[View]
467064140What was his problem?[View]
467062386Give me bannerlords or give me death!: ITT: List things you want in Mount and blade II: Bannerlords.…[View]
467062939boomer vidya feels: >playing mega man, ninja gaiden and metal gear in late 80s >playing mario …[View]
467063802Why aren't you playing Tomb Raider anon?[View]
467063906Does Rebellion hates Steam or anything? OG Empire Earth.[View]
467063356>bought blood dragon a while back >played it on my cheap hp laptop >ran surprisingly well…[View]
467057196Why are HUDs and subtitles so tiny in modern games? They even do it to ports of PS2 games![View]
467049758Problem? edition >come play >http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#game >type /v/ in squad to …[View]
467058491migus are on sale on US PSN, which migus are good migus[View]
467063437>broke my right wrist Games I can play with just keyboard?[View]
467061998These games unironically have better graphics than Sword and Shield[View]
467059901can someone please tell me why it seems that I lost interest in almost every game? the only shit I p…[View]
467060170>Game is pretty boring at the start >Turns out pretty great halfway through…[View]
467063192>open world game >no fast travel system[View]
467063234Development engines for vidya.: Post them here, mainly looking for ones that happen to work for phon…[View]
467060684Best Medic in GMOD City RP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9Y1f7SGbOw I'm actually looking fo…[View]
467061639Why is character design like this still allowed in this day and age?[View]
467026387How did Claire become the most popular Resident Evil character so quickly?[View]
467058687What doth humanity?[View]
467060647>Be 13 >Visit friends place to play vidya >His parents start arguing…[View]
467059509Any good recent crpgs?[View]
467059174>Bro playing video games on a flight is WACK >YEah just watch the inflight entertainment on th…[View]
467040428Post games where removing content is okay. https://twitter.com/hashtag/dontBringBackNationalDex?src…[View]
467061948>remember to save your game, woof woof[View]
467062812Will Capcom add more DLC?[View]
467061493>Get into elite smash with Pokemon Trainer >Manage to stay in, get to 4.9 GSP >Majority of …[View]
467053148>playing a female even though you're a male I seriously hope you guys don't do this.…[View]
467054924What do you think the chances of this actually happening are?[View]
467061180/v/ As much as i look forward to such a wonderful list of games coming out, I can't be the only…[View]
467058630>That one asshole in the group that screams how broken the game is because hes missing obvious sh…[View]
467017248Who is going to take his place as A new impossible dream? Who is the character that can fit in the u…[View]
467047594Yo kai watch headed for massive flop in japan: YW4 is being predicted to have a 100,000-130,000 firs…[View]
467059904Why aren't you playing Paladins right now?[View]
467062141Hands down: Best melee combat I've seen in a game. And it's mostly believable too[View]
467055416Nerf this.[View]
467056403Which is the better GBA Metroid game; Fusion or Zero Mission?[View]
467061431Now that I'm unbanned. Is this the only back compat xbox one game you can't buy digitally?[View]
467059258CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1_k6XdAFLc[View]
467051463Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Thread 'WHERE THE FUCK IS BRIO' Edition Penguin Yay 1[View]
467061053Thoughts ?[View]
467060573Have you taken your daily dose today /v/?[View]
467059512this will be graphics for kirby games 2030[View]
467060001Remember me?[View]
467058026why exactly does k. rool have a belly button. he's a fucking crocodile[View]
467060943Artifact 2.0: TUMBLING DOWN[View]
467060007Need help with gaming.: Hey /v/, I'm trying to help my friend with some games. On two games thi…[View]
467061471what games do i play[View]
467042951Anyone played this yet? Is it any good? Also, wtf is with this games pricing, I was expecting it to…[View]
467061347Zelda has wonderful waifus.[View]
467058416Shadowbringers? I hardly know her. Where were you when WoW came back and BTFO XIV?[View]
467058017what were they thinking[View]
467056637>$40 >$10 day one DLC If this came out 10 years ago, it would be $15 max, and people would be …[View]
467035504Battle stations thread[View]
467052085Okay but seriously Where the FUCK is it, you greedy faggot pieces of shits??[View]
467061085I'm interested in this.[View]
467050494>market the game EXCLUSEVILY for girls >sells like shit because of that >oh i guess people …[View]
467057618Hes gonna take you back to the past....[View]
467059103What makes a Soulsborne? Is it difficulty? Deliberate combat? Is it the respawn/reach you bloodstain…[View]
466962360/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday 'Nextgen is Imminent' consoletan.booru.org consoletans.neocities.org/ fl…[View]
467058729>your favorite game is dead whilst tortanic floats on We live in an alternate reality where every…[View]
467060812Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
467060796FF8 thread: What the fuck did you just fucking say about my game, you little bitch? I'll have y…[View]
467059806L4D2 appreciation post. The AI allies were actually helpful, name another game with this feature. Yo…[View]
467058487Pokemon for man children?: I'm a huge nintendo fan; I have every nintendo console and all that …[View]
467055480*breathes in*[View]
467060038does this godamn gear even do anything am I wasting my time there doesn't seem to be any indica…[View]
467055048>'We're not a cinematic game. We're not crafting an immersive experience. We are a vide…[View]
467059110*sips* yep, Phantasy Star Online was a good game.[View]
467059905Risk of rain 2: So where is this update?[View]
467060557Old combos videos only you remember. https://youtu.be/2NWYw042ee4[View]
467056209I'm sick of cyberpunk/degenerate corporate future garbage themes. What are some vidya that take…[View]
467043808He's fucking broken: >Sword user = disjointed hitbox >Link's shield so most projecti…[View]
467060121What are /v/'s opinions on this game?: I love it.[View]
467030924Dantooine....home of the Jedi order...[View]
467055008ITT: times /v/ lied to you[View]
467060114What are you going to do when Cyberpunk 2077 comes out?[View]
467060181Imagine, not knowing what dragon quest is before the Super Smash announcement. Americans are so fuck…[View]
467059029Craziest JRPG names?: Some sound nice despite making no sense, some are just funny, i can't rec…[View]
467057978Since when is Justin Timberlake in this game?[View]
467051796Super Mario Odyssey 2: What would you want in a Super Mario Odyssey 2? It's inevitable if BOTW …[View]
467060032Marathoning these banes for the first time. I'm half way through DMC2, finding it pretty fun an…[View]
467060012>Why, yes, I played Yakuza 0, how could you tell?[View]
467051106What's gayer?: A) Falling in love with another man or B) Choosing to play as a female avatar wh…[View]
467057521Another E3 come and gone...: Well Metroidbros, looks like my time has come. Farewell[View]
467059818>Final Boss theme is just a remix of the main theme >Final fight gets you into THE ZONE…[View]
467057753Going to have another LAN party in a few weeks, would you guys go if invited? or are LAN parties too…[View]
467054183How would you make a game about government conspiracies, urban legends, and paranormal phenomena? Ha…[View]
467050325Is /v/ looking forward to Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition? What does /v/ think of AOE2 in gener…[View]
467058461I love Selene![View]
467054494>worse protagonist names I'll go first Rush Sykes, The Last Remnant…[View]
467055340switch thread, what are you playing?[View]
467059490Why is she such a bitch?[View]
467025575Who's your favorite Fire Emblem unit, anon? Why are they your favorite?[View]
467014921>her horrible voice acting It's a good thing the rest of the game is fantastic.…[View]
467056756I would LOVE a Wii Sports remake on the switch featuring the 5 original sports with lots of new mode…[View]
467053869Post video games with soul[View]
467058819Stress test tomorrow capped at level 15. Which class are you rolling and why?[View]
467052754Will we ever get more chill puzzle games like The Talos Principle and The Witness?[View]
467058823>not maining fist[View]
467048509>game about life of Goku >begins with DBZ What did they mean by this?…[View]
467058237I was just playing Bravely Default and I realized something. The title had a secret meaning, ok yes …[View]
467052365Do you still own any amiibo? Do you buy any?[View]
467049680Labyrinth Life: Anyone else going to get it? Can't wait to play it.[View]
467058490Well that was kino[View]
467058593Is this game fun?[View]
467056269Dark souls 1: best atmosphere Dark souls 2: best pvp Dark souls 3: best mechanics Demon souls: nost…[View]
467056580Why does this game make critics seethe so much?[View]
467058069Every piece of FFVII media has tried to make a more realistic art style rather than the anime arty s…[View]
467055278Let's talk about a game with a cyberpunk aesthetic made a by a Polish dev for a change[View]
467056973Is this worth checking out if I'm tired of open world emptiness?[View]
467055370Space Engine: Find anything fun under an alien sun, /v/? Found this gem orbiting a star just around …[View]
467056687Steam summer sale soon, post wishlists. You looking forward to those sweet 20% discounts?[View]
467057765Do you still remember all those good times you had with your old Guild/Clan mates in that one online…[View]
467047621Would you buy a 2b?[View]
467056015The doctor will see you now.[View]
467058169Borderlands thread muhfuggas Do you think you can drive-by in 3 because of pic related?[View]
467044604What game makes you feel like you're in love?[View]
467049269So do you faggots wanna discuss the greatest jrpg ever made (pic related) or nah? >That combat sy…[View]
467057991Baldur's Gate Thread: Welcome to your baldur's gate thread![View]
467057287Touhou: what the FUCK is so special about this god damn franchise and why does /v/ keep shilling it?…[View]
467037203What are your hopes and dreams for FFXIV Shadowbringers?[View]
467044535Nintendo DS: What are the best DS games? Everyone talks about the 3DS because it has such a huge fuc…[View]
467055753>you are going to raid a building with your brothers and is your final challenge put your music a…[View]
467057842>Game supposedly has good magic system and classes >No necromancer >Mfw…[View]
467052297Is HZD still the best looking console game ever?[View]
466971243Manager, why not sit down relax and have a can of opened well cheers. *suppression noises in backgro…[View]
467057353never forget: That ONE WEEK Ago HISTORY WAS MADE[View]
467057471New Batman Arkham game when? Each game has some flaws but I think every entry in the series is uniro…[View]
467056258Postal 2: What went right?[View]
467055998okay really what the fuck happened to this game? I cant seem to find it anywhere and it looks fun[View]
467057671It still stands up: Recently been re-playing Bioshock, a game released in 2007. It still stands up. …[View]
467052627Avengers: Come on guys let's have a comfy discussion[View]
467057276The 'Fortnight' of gaming through time: Has there ever been another instance of a game like 'Fortnig…[View]
467057496Next match when?[View]
467057443Indie recommendation thread: Let's have one of these threads. I've got $15 on steam, looki…[View]
467055194Next World of Warcraft expansion leaked[View]
467055439Yoolu know what you should play? Etrian Odyssey! It's a fun game, trust me.[View]
467055101Ace attorney thread: Love maya edition[View]
467052818Would you buy a next-gen console if someone told you it's going to have only one entry by every…[View]
467057362I really dont care much for the warioware games. don't get me wrong they're a fun novelty …[View]
467057339can 3D animation in games look not like cheap garbage and actually look as good as 2D traditional an…[View]
467052481Is the original Deus ex worth playing? What games are similar?: I've played the newer ones with…[View]
467056186What's the peak boomer videogame genre and why is it point and click adventure games? Why are t…[View]
4670559482020 hype: We're getting two highly anticipated Cyberpunk games next year. I find it ironic tha…[View]
467056728>fight tough boss >unload everything >boss goes to a second phase >boss has several phas…[View]
467057087This isn't Skyrim[View]
467057129Play minecraft with me huys: ip: batman1081.aternos.me[View]
467056964Steam Reviews Thread[View]
467055203So what's the verdict?[View]
467038883How much does Camilla weigh?[View]
467050329Why is anyone complaining about the fucking roster in Sword/Shield? It was always an obscure process…[View]
467055289Is this any good? I’m new to total war.[View]
467056764Should Sonic and company be redesigned and how so?[View]
467056373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck6hE2uCrPY >Hey kid, want some more?…[View]
467055331Let's be honest, this is like, super cringe right? Like sure maybe it was cool when you were TV…[View]
467054568Hotline Miami: >be me >gotta get a grip >mfw…[View]
467054185Why aren't you playing Fortnite right now, /v/?[View]
467045008>tfw you realize the yellow filter in a human revolution was because of Dentons glasses Woah…[View]
467052583>join expert l4d2 lobby >wait until we're near the end of the level >shoot everyone …[View]
467056327S T A R F O X: Get in here losers, we're making Star Fox games great again.[View]
467041438Why did Sony kill Senran Kagura?[View]
467051394Trust fairies[View]
467055679I know im going to get bashed, but what is amazing about this game to most? I'm running through…[View]
467055996I think I'm in love bros[View]
467056007God he was such a fun meme / good character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnVj20N58us[View]
467055453what's next for Xenoblade series?[View]
467055817ITT games that were way ahead of their time. I'll start by bringing up Desert Bus: >nailed e…[View]
467055610The Legend of Zelda: Sword and Shield[View]
467048842Is it over for Randy? Big if true[View]
467053337Where the fuck did Donkey Kong’s teeth go after the banjo reveal? They’re visible the entire cutscen…[View]
467051795I miss him bros[View]
467055483is there any open world survival crafting games that allow you to poo an equipped diaper?[View]
467053671LET'S TRY AGAIN: https://skribbl.io/?YMvktFaeGA /v/ pictionary, get in here lads, no niggers al…[View]
467052714What are your go to video games for when the depression gets 2 strong? I usually start of with Mass …[View]
467020946It ain't comin anytime soon bois: They're only now posting this open position.[View]
467055007What is the appeal of Speedrunning?: What is the point of running a game if rng can randomly factor …[View]
467050917>press any button to start >press the power button I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING I AM NOT …[View]
467053346>Invest all my shit into bus lines >Expand a city 10 fold >Have a giant metro terminal of P…[View]
467055253no idea where to go or what im supposed to do: indie games just so shittty. whoever told me this was…[View]
467027412Why indies don't learn professional 3D skills and digital sculpting? Is not like making a digit…[View]
467051272Here's your final DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate. This board is going to fucking explode.[View]
467041463What do you honestly think about Kojima's new game? When I saw the concept trailer I thought it…[View]
467050765>it clunky[View]
467054178Flash games: You may only post flash games kino in this thread[View]
467054609Did Perfect Dark really deserve a 97 on Metacritic /v/?[View]
467054835How to ranged build?[View]
467050167How can BOTW 2 even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMdsrZ1otlA[View]
467052441Final splatfest means Splatoon 3 or some spin off r-right, /v/?[View]
467049205Was it kino?[View]
467052640Hey can someone tell me an shitty game? I would accept any kind if it's just free,[View]
467043519Rank the Quake games /v/[View]
467051830Just booted this up, what should i know?[View]
466997806S T A R F O X: We need a new StarFox game.[View]
467053931How did this game cost 60 million dollars to make? It's like three tiny areas with nothing to d…[View]
467052295Thank you, Nig.[View]
467047632What do you think of Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown?[View]
467045619Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
467053851>'dude this game is so awesome you can go anywhere' >explore one quarter of the map >every …[View]
467046958Was the jump from a top-down perspective controversial on the release of gta3? Also gta thread.[View]
467053694I just want to play a good fucking jrpg that isn't boring as fuck. finally ffxv came out. oh sh…[View]
467050005anal pound[View]
467053552RNG is a crutch for bad game design. Prove me wrong. This thread may as well be a waste of space bec…[View]
467027479Who is the the single worst, most unlikable waifu in vidya?[View]
467053193I got the fucking collector's edition[View]
467053267'D-did we win b-bros...?'[View]
467053212>armor from a game's trailer isn't in the game[View]
467053032Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467051354thoughts on pic related? cant seem to get the good ending[View]
467049723Are you gonna buy/pirate SamSho? Looks fun[View]
467049953I'm sick of seeing this faggot everywhere[View]
467051668>enemy's level scales to the player's[View]
467037646Esoteric & occult vidya: Started this title recently and like the aesthetics a lot. What are sim…[View]
467051296It flopped on Pc Why did you let it fail?[View]
467052690>picking up a weapon is useless if you don't equip it. Go into your menu with the [start] bu…[View]
4670398433DS Thread: What are you playing? Let's see your 3DS[View]
467044569>almost 10 years since Mass Effect 2 captured the hearts on /v/irgins and normies alike Hold me b…[View]
467049635How come Twitch streamers that base 90% of their 'content' into 'reacting' to videos don't get…[View]
467022051I started the trial for this game and holy shit i'm in love. I'm only level 10 so far but …[View]
467051135>Inafune releases a janky game gets buried >Iga releases a janky game and gets mad praise Why …[View]
467050897This game had a little bit of hype before it came out since it was basically Advance Wars but it kin…[View]
467052385This is a banjo thread: What do you think is going to be the next dlc and why?[View]
467050878Scrub-Scrub-Scrub all the floors in Hyrule!!!![View]
467050904Starfield: Now that is has been confirmed to have space ships and interstellar travel what are your …[View]
467052246Are you excited for the DK64 remake coming next year? Best part of e3.[View]
467050846Asking: Hey this looks likes reddit >Think about these threads from /v/ >And all it's ab…[View]
467049941>Tfw you realise that your shit Tabata roadtrip was but a layer in Nomura's deep dream for y…[View]
466983262What was his fucking problem?[View]
467051220Only 70 days left tick-tock retail fags[View]
467051926>Hapa Futurism: the ideology of a hypothetical future white-Asian alliance, often symbolized by w…[View]
467051913Is.. is she single?[View]
467051815*ahem* permadeath random start heavily modden skyrim is literally the peak of video games[View]
467049243Why was intelligence required to say this?[View]
467051226>I doubt you could even imagine it. That which commanded the stars, giving life its fullest brill…[View]
467051838Who do I have to terminate to get a new Darkstalkers game?[View]
467051758Reboot ideas: Okay /v/. Here me out... you guys remember Skylanders? Well, how about Skylanders with…[View]
467051746Post 'em.: >Open Steam >Click your name in the top right >Click Profile. >Post …[View]
467048445Talk to Transformer https://talktotransformer.com/[View]
467049146Steam is DRM[View]
467049614plot twists that actually surprise you[View]
467041701How are my /v/ros enjoying Shang Tsung in MK11?[View]
467050298Why the fuck is Shovel Knight the local Indie Whore. How many damn games am I gonna see this faggot …[View]
467050832Any mmos that strongly emphasize grinding and socializing, where it's about the journey rather …[View]
467050285Name a more powerful video game character than Dry Bones on the Quacker that's right you can…[View]
467048412OH NO NO NO NO[View]
467051102Do you still play SS13, anon?[View]
467047698What killed gaming youtube?: It used to be fun, anarchic. 2013 seems to be the cut off point for goo…[View]
467044116Dead or Alive 6: Are you playing DOA now? It has KOF characters in.[View]
467051158Was it a deliberate tease, or coincidence?[View]
467043321>You've lived long enough to see people be nostalgic for a licensed game of a show you used …[View]
467051009Holy fuck it's actually good[View]
467048609>persona 3 is 19 years old >still no remake Where were you when atlus failed?…[View]
467050825Play, Raven Shield[View]
467049813Should we approve of leakers within the games industry? I find they suck the fun out of reveals ofte…[View]
467048929I've gotta admit I like this more than Super Sure it's a little more linear and there…[View]
467042985do you buy vidya figurines?[View]
467042145I wish Switch games looked better[View]
467048198How will 5G affect videogames?[View]
467047782I've spent a lot of time in my life playing MMOs. A lot of time.[View]
467031872Post your idle animation.[View]
467041612The most punchable faces in gaming I’d give anything to swing at his smug face[View]
467043452Crit quote: Your about to land a crit /v/, what's your quote?[View]
467047817When did you realize this game sucked balls, /v/?[View]
467050374ahhhhhh stormwind..... layer 6..... shard 13..... home[View]
467049717games with the best assets?[View]
467050042https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0W3xRgr70E >I was born in a small village Absolute Fucking Koji…[View]
467047040>saves the metroidvania >again APOLOGIZE…[View]
467047807>pick up Stardew Valley in the Switch e-shop sales for cheap to tide me over until Animal Crossin…[View]
467048120new switch just leaked https://gonintendo.com/stories/338030-rumor-chinese-accessory-maker-claims-to…[View]
467046821ITT: vidya analogies food analogies welcome[View]
467050252Smash Bros Gameplay Thread: Let's talk about this game & the experience we've had with…[View]
467045641Hello, we are the worst confidants in Persona 5.[View]
467049313Minecraft VS Fortnite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOD1JrqK34Y Why did he hurt them?[View]
467037236Why we don't see a renaissance of RTS games?[View]
467044972Is GTAV with graphics mods the greatest looking game of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU…[View]
467021239CTR Thread Based Switch Port Edition[View]
467049037Whacha playing /v/. I hope you're having a wonderful night/day[View]
467049950>Pride flag added to Fallout 76 today along with a pedobear cosplay/fursuit What did Todd mean by…[View]
467043675Are you excited for Ghostwire: Tokyo?[View]
467049734You did beat AT Nergigante right? Clock is ticking anon.[View]
467049515Describe her in two words or less, /v/.[View]
467036691Tim Sweeney’s Descent into Insanity: What’s wrong with him, /v/?[View]
467042998Games with convoluted stories.: What game series overall has the most complicated, convoluted, and o…[View]
466995568This game has quite possibly the worst story of any game that I have ever played to completion. How …[View]
467049650>The only thing good to come from this was the cinematics I JUST WANT SOMETHING I CAN NEVER HAVE…[View]
467045840ITT: Your stupid fuckups in games: I'm playing KOTOR 2 right now, and I just discovered that I…[View]
467040436Why is Kingdom Hearts the only series to get hate for being cheezy?[View]
467045091>massive open world futuristic city >dark and gritty atmosphere >adult themes, full nudity,…[View]
467048935Leave Tifa for me[View]
467049443Ribbon thread: You can only post pictures of Ribbon[View]
467048794>action combo based game >no taunt button Post vidya turn offs…[View]
467047843Come play Minecraft with me and my bros tonight Version 1.14.2 on Hard Mode Survi…[View]
467045547Persona Q2: I have seen literally 0 discussion about this game. Is anybody playing it? If so, what…[View]
467045940>2013 >Recommend me some good games /v/ >Fallout New Vegas >Halo >The Legend of Zelda…[View]
467048783Big thonk: Hey, /v/, i have a question that has been bugging me for a while; is Donkey kong a Mario …[View]
467025579MARIO ROYALE THREAD: >come play >http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#game >type /v/ in squad…[View]
467041712He's in right?[View]
467045425Who of the four villain kings are the worst ruler? The best ruler? Who would YOU rather be ruled by?[View]
467048223Was he right?[View]
467043462>temperature is constantly cold/freezing >wears a skimpy outfit what the fuck is wrong with th…[View]
467046635Hngh...Very well. Only fitting that money should be my end. My goal is met. I've no reason to..…[View]
467048473Final Fantasy X-3: You haven't forgot have you /v/? It's still canon HA HA HA HA HA HA HA …[View]
467040832>game features double-jump can't a single higher jump be enough?…[View]
467037271Bloodstained is 4 hours long: ITT: we laugh at kikestarter games[View]
467043064There are people on this board right now who will defend this shit game >Two goat herdings in the…[View]
467048201In 2019... I... am forgotten....[View]
467047983Cough: Metal Gear?[View]
467047941Hey Anon...: Do you want to live? Do you want to live on, no matter what kind of person you'll …[View]
467042995put in a vidya related sentence and let the computer finish it. pic related https://talktotransforme…[View]
467018548BotW 2 happened because the team had too many DLC ideas: https://nintendoeverything.com/zelda-breath…[View]
467046162>Fire Shield protects against ice >Ice Shield protects against fire aghhhh…[View]
467012276Remember this game? Yandere dev doesnt[View]
467047650Gothitelle.: Gothitelle.[View]
467047246i will be in every game and you can't stop me[View]
467047384>What are you scared for Anon? If we wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already…[View]
467045906There are people in this world and on this board right now who will never get something as joyful an…[View]
467047201Select your character[View]
467005230nessa: our new queen?[View]
4670119893D Zelda: How do you rank the 3D Zelda games /v/?[View]
467047598How long until you gave up trying to get here?[View]
467041731This is the most fun I've had with a game in 10 years[View]
467032939Are you enjoying Chugga's current LP of Chrono Trigger?[View]
467024127Baldur's Gate Thread: My's Inns never had rats no sir not a one![View]
467046302Name a better story in a videogame.[View]
467046194What do you think about this small champion of Hyrule?[View]
467045042Late 80s Japanese man trying to think of American names for a baseball game.[View]
467044602Can someone PLEASE tell me why recently every single game I buy has been an absolute dumpster fire f…[View]
467046810ITT: vidya characters dabbing[View]
467046947DID THEY FUCK?[View]
467047076I just got around to playing & finishing this game and wow, what a ride. I really enjoyed it. I …[View]
466999261Why is blood money considered better than 2 (2018)? [ H I T M A N | 2 ] thread[View]
467044403comfy rdr2 thread? no consolewar faggotry just comfy?[View]
467001851How are you enjoying Koikatsu now that it's translated?[View]
467041421Steam Summer Sale 2019: What will happen this year? Will we finally get a good sale again?[View]
467030681What happened?[View]
467045790ITT: games you would literally kill to have[View]
467042990Is this game any good?[View]
467039387Crash Bandicoot: So Vicarious Visions if definitely going to making a brand new Crash game after the…[View]
467038581What tetris block is most deserving of a spot in smash? For me its the duck block.[View]
467044384i finished this game recently and jesus christ it was an experience if you havent played it yet its …[View]
467045185Why did Sakurai make all the 3rd parties OP? Why are there no viable 1st party characters? Shilling[View]
467046107Cheap handhelds: What's the word on these cheap handhelds. I have cfw on a vita and 3ds, but th…[View]
467040219Mice: You didn't fall for the G502 meme did you?[View]
467045307Describe her in two words or less, /v/.[View]
467045246Vidya music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9towVurnx4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v47…[View]
467043136ITT good character designs[View]
467045713Teamfight Tactics thread: >spend 2 hours in queue for PBE >accidentally close game >can…[View]
467043474How did you feel when you saw the latest screenshots and trailers and realized this game pretty much…[View]
467032098Would you rather Sonic Adventure 3 or Sonic Heroes 2 or sell Sonic to Nintendo?[View]
467041772>perfectly fine game gets a soulless remake with unnecessary additions What’s her name /v/?…[View]
467045486Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467045413>If you hold the trigger down when your loading a second round into the chamber, arthur will keep…[View]
467045387https://store.steampowered.com/app/1076550/SAMURAI_SHODOWN_V_SPECIAL/ Based[View]
467045553WE CAN'T LET IT FALL INTO DR WAHWEE's hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ_FSVWR6ZE…[View]
467045476drop your steam and say your most hoped for smash dlc character, best answer gets pic related I gues…[View]
467035868Never played a dragon quest game in my life, where do I start?[View]
467045416CTR Nitro-Fueled: CTR Thread. 2 days to go.[View]
467041546Play Magic the Gathering Arena. https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena[View]
467037920Planet Zoo: This will unironically be GOTY. How will they fuck it up? I'm assuming that we will…[View]
4670341152019... I am forgotten...[View]
467042160STEAM CURATORS THREAD: Steam releases have been taken over by shovelware since steam opened the gate…[View]
467035581Am I the only non 'SJW' in the universe that doesnt like female characters in slutty outfits in my g…[View]
467043472Switch miniscule: Switch mini leaked, and it looks exactly like the mock ups people posted ages ago.…[View]
467044601Video Games Stopped getting Better: I was watching a Perfect Dark for The XBLA review a couple days …[View]
467044761Could this shit be anymore complicated. Although last time I played a basketball game was NBA 2k1 fo…[View]
467044556>submit to the three, the spirits and thy lords[View]
467031186I can't believe Nakoruru is fucking dead.[View]
46704317520 years of dust2, home.[View]
467044130Come play Minecraft with me and my bros tonight Version 1.14.2 on Hard Mode Survi…[View]
467044397What are some games i can play with /v/ ?[View]
467026778>classic outfit would be $9.99+ tip >bikini DLC would be $9.99+ tip Thank you, sir.…[View]
467041161Kazooie: Kazooie[View]
467044152June 2019.....I am past recollection.....[View]
467041641*cough cough* would one of you youngsters care to explain this “dilate” meme for an old man? Also ol…[View]
467043887Ready to apologize yet?[View]
467043805What are some games that feature an in-game internet?[View]
467043037>dad actually worked at Nintendo >no one ever believed me and called me a liar >it's a…[View]
467043793Besides Dynasty Warriors, what's the vidya equivalent of taking out 100 men?[View]
467021843>RTX is a mem-[View]
467043393Is it possible to even salvage the idea of Crash Bash, or is it just plain rotten?[View]
467043056Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC: I'll keep this intro short. I have a friend who works at Nin…[View]
467043698So are we all in agreement that R6 Siege is the best competitive shooter in the last decade?[View]
467021960Play Gran Turismo[View]
467042210Who's your most hated villain in gaming?[View]
467043395Hes really fucking fun[View]
467040342Will the cringe muh gamers gear meme designs ever end?[View]
467040381>hero character is one of the villains in the sequel[View]
467041429>reeeeeee 5e Why exactly is baldurs gate 3 using the 5e system a bad thing? I dont play tabletop,…[View]
467036548My first console is the Nintendo Switch. What was it like to have a DS?[View]
467042159He just doesn't talk enough. Thoughts on Witcher 3? How much will Joe Anderson's video sha…[View]
467041394Can you believe the blatant RACISM and TRANSPHOBIC messages CDPR is sending out? http://archive.is/U…[View]
467042842This fight wasn't that hard. It only took me like an hour. And yes I played it blind and appare…[View]
467042595This is why Digital distribution is a terrible idea[View]
467043131Deathgarden: So how is it?[View]
467041925>see that mountain? you can climb it[View]
467042756What went wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvVjkqB3LH0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LembwK…[View]
466990198Now that Morrigan is confirmed who will the final newcomer be?[View]
467041440>protagonist dies midgame and can't be ressurected What other games had the balls to pull a …[View]
467042785This game is not good: Combat: -Attack animation locks last way too long. -Serious lack of control o…[View]
467040753Monster Girl Quest > the last RPG you played[View]
467037515When this game comes out and everyone hates it will nostalgiafags finally admit that Shenmue was nev…[View]
467041175Wait this game is supposed to be fun? I forgot to have fun between all the people booting you out of…[View]
467040824If Mojang actually wanted to could they have ported Minecraft to PS2? Could the PS2 run Minecraft?[View]
467042631Is Street Fighter V worth it?[View]
467040015NOOOOOOOOOOO! I loved the base game, but I'm too young to play the special edition with the ext…[View]
467042613Hyrule Warriors thread: Who does /v/ like to play in Hyrule Warriors? I like Young Link, Twilight Mi…[View]
467037962>The Legend of Zelda came out 33 years old ago Where did the times go anons…[View]
467040289What happened to him /v/?[View]
467042602This board became shit ever since Lightfags were given even the slightest of respect. Imagine being …[View]
4669952152019... I am forgotten...[View]
467040359brothers help me... it keeps crashing after the cut scene after end of the first level[View]
467042337More games with this comfy atmosphere? Disney will never allow it in Star Wars again.[View]
467038816gib tips[View]
467037123>Super Smash Bros series Literally the best game of all time[View]
467040898Fuck Epic Games[View]
467037238Yes, yes, well done, FFXIV....: ...HOWEVER[View]
467040319'The mourner with the colossal baggage on his back is said to have come here to be the savior of all…[View]
467040836Who do you NOT want? https://www.strawpoll.me/18190619[View]
467036637Does /v/ remember this game?[View]
467037164>get hyped for Doom Eternal >replay 2016 >need more blood >go to play online again >p…[View]
467038171Where is it meant to be located?[View]
466997135Mantis Lord: it's fucking impossible[View]
467038998Well /v/?[View]
467040164>'Introducing Next Gen Console Game!!!' >runs at silky smooth 8k 30FPS…[View]
467023148Bloodstained: It's pretty decent, but we all know it's the worst Metroidvania by far. Even…[View]
467034559Let's face it. She is in.[View]
467038272>english va single handedly BTFO's the entire jap dub[View]
467036378Game, I must.[View]
467041092Do you think Oryx ever had to poop?[View]
467041408ITT: Developers that will bankrupt in your lifetime.[View]
467035882What is your favorite game you downloaded in the past year!?[View]
467038965I understand why people would write this off as just a movie game. But in some ways, this game still…[View]
467040183He's in.[View]
467035739[Terrifying Presence] buy my fucking game.[View]
467038209Describe her in two words or less, /v/.[View]
467028887Here's your controller, bro[View]
467035062are casuals ruining gaming?[View]
467012301Cyberpunk 2077 comfy thread: >minigames confirmed so far boxing shooting range racing hacking …[View]
467039892can ps4 play ps2 games well. also can you play online[View]
467034241Why don't game devs publish their own games?[View]
467040330>best girl isn't romanceable developers should be hanged for this crime…[View]
467039232We are in the style vs substance era. Do you prefer BOTW's vast open world with endless possib…[View]
467027761>It has been one week Guys, I've never been asleep for this long before, should I start to g…[View]
467039832Mewtwo and Lester the Unlikely got drunk and slept on a couch: https://youtu.be/_c9GDQdxWuU[View]
467040416Burgercube...: home[View]
467039838Post your style, augments, how you're character gonna look and how you're gonna play the g…[View]
467005101Get back here, Lois![View]
467034341>boot up WRPG play for 3 hours >hate the characters, get bored, quit >boot up JRPG >PLAY…[View]
467013316How come no one ever talks about it anymore? Was it that much of a crap, huh?[View]
467039250He's in.[View]
467036573Thinking about checking this out. Never played it, so I was going to join a Legendary server so I ca…[View]
467040130Gameplay that has caught you and your favorite games with that type of gameplay: When I was in middl…[View]
467038917Can /v/ get power bombs early?[View]
467037513Isabella! On the front page![View]
467039970What smash clones do you play? Liking this alot coming back to it, forgot how much fun the chars are…[View]
467037175Got the game yesterday, it's honestly kicking my ass. Any tips? This shit is harder than DMC5 o…[View]
467006773When did pokemon design go to utter shit? Why does every new pokemon look like a literal plastic toy[View]
467039930hollow knight greatest metroidvania: Still the king[View]
467028010Look How They Massacred My Boy[View]
467039367This game is good. Thanks to the anon who recommend it in a vita thread.[View]
467028173>the worst paid online of any console in history >poor build quality (breaking latches, flimsy…[View]
467039218>Leave the Megaman series to me![View]
467037184Are games in Japan more normalized?: I was seeing gamecenter cx anniversary and the people there loo…[View]
467002313Now that the dust has settled...: We can all agree these 2 are legit 1/10 choices for Smash, right? …[View]
467038120Which RPG has the best battle system? Dragon Quest is the baseline. Basic boring system, but does it…[View]
467037614I want to have sex with Crypto[View]
467035528DS2: I fucking SUCK at this. Had no problem with DeS, DS1 or 3 and absolutely fucking coasted throug…[View]
467039195Now that the dust has settled, was it a good remake?[View]
467035720Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? It's DRM free. https://www.gog.com/game/cyber…[View]
467038450What do you think the Hero's inclusion says about his chances for returning to future Smash tit…[View]
467036483you have 10 seconds to explain why didnt you buy yokai watch 3[View]
467037805Why would the council make him the Arbiter shortly before disowning all the Elites and replacing the…[View]
467038860VR isn't a meme if you're actually a trained and disciplined martial artist.. to hold such…[View]
467037160>watch cousin play spyro 3 >he flames the baskets Why does everyone flame the fucking baskets …[View]
467037264Talk to Transformer: https://talktotransformer.com/[View]
467034391Should I pick up DQ 11? I have a chance to get it very cheap on PS4, but I hear S has a bunch of coo…[View]
467038506for what reason did they need to nerf the aug when the sg553 is still the better gun and it's s…[View]
467022026ITT: post fighting games that people pretend to play for clout on the internet.[View]
467036282>game lets you play as real life people What are some other games that let you do this?…[View]
467036797Your favorite game is Super Mario Bros 3 What's your favorite game?[View]
467037359Sustaining the NEET? Eletyst?: I've been successfully NEETing for the last couple years, but th…[View]
467037942>give em the stick >DON'T GIVE EM THE STICK…[View]
467037778name a more retarded fucking game, ill wait[View]
467037802Will we ever escape the Paywall hysteria? Can companies manage their gaming budgets so they aren…[View]
467037798Chrono Trigger thread[View]
467036247SMT Shin Megami Tensei: >tfw we will never get a Devil Survivor 3 with Persona-tier production va…[View]
467036590Hey, Zoomers, just want you to know that you will NEVER have a challenging Pokemon game EVER again.[View]
467031746What are some good games that require a decent sized brain?[View]
467037703>SJWs are offended because the game is sexist/racist/transphobic >/v/ is offended because the …[View]
467037004What the hell happened to this game? It looked cool.[View]
467037324If Hell House isn't in the ffvii Remake I'm killing myself[View]
467037235>Why yes, I do consider Bloodborne to be the greatest game ever created, how could you tell?…[View]
467036801>Heavy is in Smash How would you react, /v/?[View]
467036817Why yes, of course, I do like to spend time entertaining and immersing myself with these things you …[View]
467036204What did they talk about?[View]
467026631>feeling nostalgic after the smash reveal >fire up the ol N64 to play banjo kazooie again >…[View]
467037339Summer Sale 2019 Event: >The Steam Summer sale is just around the corner! We're going to try…[View]
467033330So Sekiro 2 will take place in China based on how the Divine Child says we must 'go west' the secret…[View]
467036868Pure Pazaak[View]
467032310SEGA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TiwRgBeAvI[View]
467037219literally impossible.[View]
467036337What were you thinking when you saw this?[View]
467037132well? my money is on ratchet and clank since they just had their remake and movie, the last jak game…[View]
467036998What games I can play now that I came out of the closet to my relatives as a fellow brown transwhite…[View]
467024038Don't lie and be a sheep copying others , let's be honest it was over hyped and overrated.…[View]
467030821Unpopular opinions to have on /v/: Persona 1/2 are worse games than P3/4/5, and the series largely b…[View]
467035507Linux gaming thread: What would have to be improved in Linux in order for you to start using it for …[View]
467036916https://www.instagram.com/p/BwSYPBLH_4f/?hl=en >“The thing you wished for the most, is something …[View]
467036826Found a flash game. https://gamejolt.com/games/meestory/365498[View]
467036635Is it worth it?[View]
467036492Am I playing this game wrong or something? >AI do half the missions for me. >Feel like my guns…[View]
467036732Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467034881What game makes you feel like you're in love?[View]
467036003What’s his name again?[View]
467036672general mmo thread: >mmo has a story I just wanna farm and grind…[View]
467036636The FUCK was his problem?[View]
467036496I'M HORNY.[View]
467034720Yo-kai Watch 4 predicted to be a massive bomb in Japan: YW4 is being predicted to have a 100,000-130…[View]
467034728DAMN Alduin looks like THAT[View]
467036498It's time to face the facts /v/. Bethesda has never made a good game. They make unfinished garb…[View]
467034096When are we gonna get that 'Detective Chun-Li' spin-off game, Capcom?[View]
467034860DON'T TELL ME[View]
467034368Post the song for when your favorite character was included in your favorite game after 20 years. ht…[View]
467032546Tropical Freeze: This game needs catchier music, a reason to want to use Diddy over Dixie, and to cu…[View]
467028527I'm a insider at halo mcc dev team, ask me anything[View]
467036127>no new pirated games i'm getting scare[View]
466989102Do it faggot.[View]
467024808>implying diversity in gaming is bad i swear you fucks are literally pathetic, you get all mad ov…[View]
467036242Most forgettable FF party member of all time[View]
467033969Only chads know this game.[View]
467030001Oh don't mind me; Just the BEST SMT GAME walking around.[View]
467034421whatcha playin /v/[View]
467035858Are you excited F/GO bros?[View]
4670292848 copies of Final Fantasy IX, please[View]
467033482The Nameless Mod: How is it /v/?[View]
467019431this is slug hes a nosforatu thinblood say something nice about him[View]
467033917What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
467035584Are you guys excited for Contra Hard Corps 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaId54PxAMQ[View]
467033927Tales of Arise: >Is pandering to a western audience Get ready for some more LGTBQ bullshit. It…[View]
467035525Zero > 64 >2 > 1 >Adventures >>>>>>> Assault > Command[View]
467032982>make one of the best and most beloved games ever >developers denounce it and state it was a m…[View]
467033509redpill me on ark. is it any good?[View]
467035434Why aren't you playing realm of the mad god /v/? What is it? MMO dungeon crawling bullet hell s…[View]
467032234Hytale: It's not coming out is it[View]
467035395>two bricks in a row Can Valve recover from this?[View]
467033162Play Pathfinder Kingmaker: Enhanced Edition. It has romanceable Tieflings.[View]
467033516My dad said that you should by 5 more copies of Skyrim[View]
467024443[distant heckling] 'ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵗʰᵗᵃᵏᶦnᵍᵎ'[View]
467033294Have you apologized today, /v/?[View]
467031659Go fuck yourself.[View]
467020256Prove you aren't a blind nostalgiafag and name one thing this game fucked up.[View]
467029647What's a free game that is fun, is not competitive, I can play with other people (preferably fr…[View]
467029771GOG 2.0 Are you ready for GOG to absolutely btfo steamfags?[View]
467022189FFXIV: WE FALL[View]
467022314David Jaffe (god of war creator) is against unionization.[View]
467032797Does /v/ ever miss the movie tie in games?[View]
467029064Why is Nintendo STILL programming children to become horny, waifu-loving, weird fetish-having weebsh…[View]
467034934Good morning, /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Steve? and Alex? (yes,…[View]
467031939Wow so cool, I love motion blur, and bloom, and lens flare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrMRjK_5R…[View]
467031983Rise of Azshara – June 25!: >Surely, you must realize, you cannot resist. Rise of Azshara Feature…[View]
467019913Was the remake really THAT bad?[View]
467033289>gun maker sues video game dev what the fuck /v/?[View]
467024312Not using Zelda in Ultimate.. What is wrong with you?[View]
467034512What are some games that have weird covers?[View]
467034496In what city will the next Shadowrun game take place in?[View]
467033812How will they choose to show us this degeneracy in 4K?[View]
467024636The Official /dqg/ Dragon Quest Beginner's Guide: It ended up becoming giant, but here it is: T…[View]
467033816NPDs for May 2019: MK11 still number 1 Days Gone is second best game Smash won't stop selling…[View]
467034395Anyone still plays Dead By Daylight here? Is it still worth it and fun?[View]
467031891Anybody else excited for Touhou Genso M*hjong coming out on for the Switch?[View]
467034289I just finished DQ3 and loved it, which one should I play next between 4-8?[View]
467033296Why have I wasted so much time on this franchise?: It baffles me how ANYONE can say SA1 & 2 are …[View]
467030196Describe her in two words or less, /v/.[View]
467032613Technology thread?[View]
467033780>It’s just a generic witch >How does this confirm Banjo?? >cope How about YOU cope!…[View]
467034004Jessie,biggs and wedge are stuck in purgatory forever[View]
467014001Who would you main in a cryptid fighting game?[View]
467033980This game is pretty great. It's like Hollow Knight but less gay[View]
467017263we get it, you were bullied at school.[View]
467031917Hollow Knight Smash Leak: Is it real, /v/? Moveset in in 2nd post.[View]
467031723Why does it look like chink shit, /v/?[View]
467033489Games that allow you to have a cute and funny party.: Hard mode: be the best party composition / bui…[View]
467033357Nintendo should buy SEGA: Nintendo should just bite the bullet and fucking buy SEGA. Sure it might b…[View]
467020398Maybe...?: So, I'm trying to get good with a bunch of different characters in Smash, rather tha…[View]
467033354All this game does is exacerbate OCD[View]
467013785Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Thread: Ignore the Sonicfags Edition.[View]
466984343Will they keep Cloud's douch attitude through the whole first part of the remake?[View]
467033101Fire Emblem Three Houses: settle it https://www.strawpoll.me/18190307[View]
467031415you're getting the remake, right?[View]
467033231>And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud rec…[View]
467027630>dunmer >get dabbed on by nature >get dabbed on by big nord cock >get dabbed on by filth…[View]
467017881Hey Smashfags, remember me?[View]
467030936So Yaltabaoth was just humanity's collective treasure, right? What exactly were Nyx and Izanami…[View]
467020951Mario Royale The Game The Thread: Play with /v/ at http://www.infernoplus.com/royale/#main Make sure…[View]
467032560VTMB 2 discussion thread: So /v/, we all know combat seems very lackluster. what is the first thing …[View]
467032842Nothing is enjoyable anymore: How do you get out of a rut?[View]
467023448Is there a vn as good as katawa shoujo?[View]
467031554If the PS5 and Xbone can deliver their promises of native 4k, 60fps, raytracing experiences under 50…[View]
467031392/v/ pictionary: https://skribbl.io/?W2CLFYd5GM rev em up boys[View]
467032393god why is the writing so shit but the gameplay so good[View]
467030881Just picked this up yesterday since it was available for so cheap, not my first time playing bl2 but…[View]
467032216Who else here /droppingoutnextgen?/ it feesl like good games just started coming out and now they’re…[View]
467032514What are some Western vidya with Blond male main characters? They seem ubiquitously rare...[View]
467031235Dragon Quest 11 was amazing. Any word on when we can expect Dragon Quest 12?[View]
467030168Was WoW lore always that bad?[View]
467026604I love to play as a medic, i just want to make everybody happy[View]
467031108mario maker 2: >only 10 more days what else we can expect for future updates for the game that is…[View]
467032384We have to go back, back to a time when games were pure.[View]
467018608Just bought this. What am I getting myself into?[View]
467030809Here's your doomguy, bro.[View]
467031486Has a video game ever taken you to a magical realm? Bonus points for non H[View]
467031592Snap out of it!: You act like you've never seen a port before.[View]
467032305What did he mean by this?[View]
467031142What Soulsborne bosses were the most overhyped for you? I just beat Four Kings on my first try - dis…[View]
467031717Vincent,yuffie, and cid 2025 at the earliest[View]
467032016why was he such a busta?[View]
467031817Can not having friends really fuck you up like that?[View]
467031472I hate you all for telling me about this.[View]
467028378I have one day to return this thing. Should I?[View]
467017954Borderlands 3: >86 days for GOTY You ready for the fight of your life /v/?…[View]
466942194are you guys still playin tf2? why the fuck not?[View]
467026558we need to settle this once and for all who is the best written female video game character? (after …[View]
467030373Does Samurai Shodown deserve to be at evo?[View]
467031424Why the hell is the mana series, this colorful and charm filled world, always filled with so much su…[View]
467030190Don't you, forget about me Don't, don't, don't, don't Don't you, forge…[View]
467030583ITT: Casual Filter[View]
467028751Who's your favorite black video game character?[View]
467004839We need to have an honest discussion about this game without CDPR shills spamming this board How muc…[View]
467020654>No Daisy Looks like the theory that Luigi is getting a ghost GF might be true. Also, really glad…[View]
467030850Cyberpunk 2077 shills: When will CDPR Drones admit that the devs fumbled the game and are walking ba…[View]
467031127Why haven't you preordered my game yet anon? https://outerworlds.obsidian.net[View]
467030954Why is /v/ such a low quality board compared to others? Bait threads and threads that blatantly go a…[View]
467028360Why aren't you playing Seiken Densetsu 3 right now?[View]
467027294why is max payne 1 so comfy?[View]
467029326So he's pretty much the Todd Howard of Japan, right?[View]
467029523Most overrated horror franchise?[View]
467026327Will you play his game?[View]
467009559>instant kill attacks work on bosses[Vi