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478588724Are there any video games that feature white male and asian female relationships?[View]
478607310Insurgency 2 is the best multiplayer shooter out.: It's crazy.[View]
478595396Fallout 4: What is the best faction and why is it Railroad?[View]
478601710>2019 >the action genre has yet to top this 2005 game What went wrong?…[View]
478597146Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 5th Fighter and a Fighter pass: Hello, today I bring you information of t…[View]
478534736Find. A. Single. Flaw.[View]
4786070059 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 10 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 1 > 2: (when you throw away all personal…[View]
478597760>september 19th, 2019 i am forgotten...[View]
478595793What kind of anime-style game should ILLUSION develop now after Koikatsu?[View]
478604554For me it's P4 dancing all night Naoto[View]
478606747>Well you must be quite the shitposter to get past my jannies >What vidya do you play?…[View]
478605331Sekiro thread: Sekiro thread: • Gameplay • Lore • Game mechanics • Trolling and raging Everything we…[View]
478606496Anyone else in game development here?[View]
478595837>'What is the best game in x series?' >People who haven't played all the games reply to t…[View]
478605552why is he so angry?: i need to know[View]
478605445>go fiddling with any cocks around here and you're gonna have yourself a real BIG... party…[View]
478605664FNaF: Man... anyone remember how the Five nights at Freddy's community was like back in 2014? A…[View]
478606186Yeah, come on! Leave poor GameSpot alone, they can only rush through so many games to review at once…[View]
478599984Steam Labs: Valve has finally given us the kino dumpster diving experience everyone dreams of /v/. T…[View]
478595947Alright fags, let’s settle this up, which one is the better game?[View]
478595831why is god of war GOTY and not rdr 2?: so ive been playing god of war for a few days so far... and i…[View]
478605191What was the videogame you wanted to create as a child like, /v/?[View]
478601628Why the hell is there hype for this? A serviceable action game, with all the depth sucked out from i…[View]
478603012Sayonara Wild Hearts: why arent you playing the best temple run clone ever made?[View]
478605849The Guardian lists the top 50 games of the 21st century: And its gay lol https://www.theguardian.com…[View]
478605816You cannot petition the Lord with prayer: What have they done to the Earth? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO O…[View]
478605771what are some games with plot holes?[View]
478602429Mass Effect: Was this really necessary?[View]
478605708What does /v/ have to say?[View]
478605359Playing Banjo-Kazooie for the first time. It's pretty good so far. Is it worth 100%ing, or shou…[View]
478603752I hate mercedes[View]
478599460What's your opinion about Dragon's Crown?[View]
478591749FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT GENESIS IS SUPERIOR TO SNES: >Sonic is better than Mario >Streets of Ra…[View]
478604080how is the game doing? I last really played ~2012. briefly returned ~2014/15 but life got in the way[View]
478605448ANYTHING: COULD get a REMAKE.[View]
478595824With videogames, we can create another world... a better one.[View]
478605221check this out[View]
478605223asymmetrical sticks[View]
478602495What's your favorite fighting game? 2d or 3d?[View]
478605187My short play got banned on anthem subreddit for 'Encouraging Suicide among the staff' lul 1/2:…[View]
478604798what's the coomer clan?[View]
478570278It's happening![View]
478604348Terminator Resistance: New Terminator FPS from the makers of the 2014 Rambo rail shooter. Coming thi…[View]
478604847>he is an early adopter top kek enjoy you inferior Switch[View]
478602954Could it be saved[View]
478602124How's that Squad going?[View]
478597148NEW APE ESCAPE MIGHT BE ANNOUNCED 'SOON': Just look at these two interviews Famitsu did recently wit…[View]
478602557Post house.[View]
478604851Mass Effect Andromeda basically rips off of The Last of the Mohicans: >each story features a girl…[View]
478604219How did a team of frogs with a budget of four baguettes and a cigarette make the literal game of the…[View]
478602003EGS bullshit aside, is Anno 1800 the best in the series yet?[View]
478604771What's your favourite videogame remix album?[View]
478604734Reminder that it is very likely this will never release.[View]
478599573Zelda: Fuck this bitch I just want to get to the fucking shrine.[View]
478597246HOLY SHIT! I actually regret spending 3k on a gaming pc...[View]
478574169Are gamers the most pathetic demographic?[View]
478523512Imagine blowing battlefield out of the fucking water with ease.[View]
478603585>game has a timegate mechanic[View]
478575383How do I beat this part?[View]
478576237>2019 >still no good new Berserk game[View]
478601276Favorite Games List: Favorite doesn't mean they are superior to others, but roast me anons…[View]
478600551Is the Enclave evil?[View]
478601342Any mech games that can make me feel like pic related?[View]
478600586The Area 51 raid is tomorrow. What kind of video games do aliens from outer space like?[View]
478604028Android gamers for ever[View]
478592438Unpopular opinions about this.[View]
478602226>decide to try out retail since its included in my WoW classic sub >having a good time enjoyin…[View]
478583301Every Pokemon will be present in the new game BUT you have to remove one permanently, who do you cho…[View]
478603790ITT: vidya cosplay[View]
478602712ITT Original Characters[View]
478601616What's /v/'s opinion on FFXV?[View]
478600229Was Nier Automata a bad game? Or is that just /v/ being contrarion?[View]
478600626>Love MMOs >Played all kinds of them >Friend list is always empty and I never join guilds W…[View]
478603615What is /tv/'s opinion on Candice Cameron bure? What was her best appearance? >tfw there are…[View]
478598725>nothing will ever recapture the feeling of the original Twitch Plays Pokemon Legit depressing.…[View]
478600975Steam friend thread Post your steam and add fellow anons![View]
478592689Post pure kino vidya music: https://youtu.be/ul4JYGZLFQs[View]
478601286Alien game pls.[View]
478467049/v/ the Musical VII - SING MY SONG edition!: Remember to write about vidya! And no dramaposting! …[View]
478603310GTA V (5) (five) (cinco): Holy shit, what's with the long ass missions?[View]
478601031Daggerfall: I died over twenty times in the first dungeon bros. So I'm here to ask some shit. I…[View]
478603021>Only one of them got a redemption story Why thou[View]
478603119Can you just fuck up and be permenantly stuck? Inbetween 5 pebbles and the green lightning place, I …[View]
478603112Okay, not gonna lie, this was kinda epic https://youtu.be/B392KsWja4w[View]
478595937I can't wait to play the new Guilty Gear in 2020![View]
478596762Casual filter.[View]
478574763Name 1 (one) game where Bats are friends not foes[View]
478586786Should i play it ?[View]
478600324good games with dog companion?[View]
478601525It's shit.[View]
478602702WHAT DO WE WANT?[View]
478601305Why do reviewers always look like this?[View]
478544090Good morning 47, today you're headed straight into the den of lion, a Hitman Thread in one of t…[View]
478601201>remake of a game boy game with barely any extra content and butchered artsyle >$60 I was thin…[View]
478602078/v/, what do you think about XBOX slowly turning away from being a console and aiming towards a cons…[View]
478601505Who is he?[View]
478602229I doubt you could even imagine it[View]
47859714778 is pretty bad[View]
478588986Post your fates wifus[View]
478549664Never should have come here[View]
478600652Name 5 good games on this garbage console that aren't from Nintendo or Rare Pro tip: {spoiler]Y…[View]
4786019453DS: Farewell, good old friend.[View]
478584093Ya think they got vidya and waifus in heaven?[View]
478519817Steam Update thread: Sort by Metacritic score and post the lowest rated game you own, excluding free…[View]
478583824>taimanin asagi was banned >pic related is fine explain this…[View]
478594798Disney plans to reboot the Assassins Creed Movie: >According to sources close to We Got This Cove…[View]
478584307SWITCH: Thinking about going to get mine tomorrow. Anyone got the grey one?[View]
478600668How do you make good friends out of videogames?, why it's so fucking hard for us?[View]
478598473Redpill me on these games[View]
478601264I thought this game was supposed to make me feel stuff, but after beating it I don't feel parti…[View]
478597706So what type of micro transactions are in this game?[View]
478598931Handsome Jack: He was the hero[View]
478600831What would you guys think of a remastered Morrowind... with shouts and dragons added to it? Would yo…[View]
478593097Games for this feel?[View]
478599216https://youtu.be/I65dFWW75Dg This game was so awesome. I never played any other ones since they were…[View]
478600315How was the PSP so ahead of its time?[View]
478598861Are there any RPGs where entering someone's house uninvited gives NPCs a negative reaction towa…[View]
478600925It's time to discuss the RPG of the decade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqVzFjna00Y[View]
478600907Filenames!!!!!!: str is the best. dex cucks watch out for your wifes[View]
478600814For what purpose[View]
478599618Here's your modern industry bro[View]
478594415>Want to stream games >Only play really obscure games and some fighting games on the side.…[View]
478596070NBA 2K20 TEAM LEBRON JAMES VS TEAM KAWHI LEONARD!: https://youtu.be/1VjsD-8pUvg[View]
478599827>A Hideo Kojima 'Game' Ah, my sides[View]
478598858ITT: Worst Developers Currently Operating: I think Eidos Montreal has to be one of the worst develop…[View]
478589146What was his problem?[View]
478592910Daily reminder that lots of retards killed others and started mass shootings because of violent vide…[View]
478596581Are you ready for all these games, /v/? They're all coming out this year.: https://docs.google.…[View]
478599225>Hey, it’s that loser anom who does nothing but play video games all day everyday…[View]
478598386Guys who roll female characters, did you also play with barbies when you were little?[View]
478600205How is posible that noone have ever put a fucking bomb in their studios?[View]
478599865If japan is so based why haven't they sexualized mature women properly yet huh?[View]
478596634So, out of all the new half genies, who is your favorite so far? If based on nothing but the charact…[View]
478600167Post your idle standing animation[View]
478598648why the fuck is a 20 year old elf simulator able to make me feel like im not even on planet earth an…[View]
478585861Kate Marsh[View]
478597454Kerbal Space Program 2: How will they fuck it up?[View]
478591773do you like when games have muscular females?[View]
478562392ITT: The most important scenes that NEED to be in Remake[View]
478596889How did they managed to make Snowboard Kids so damn charming and memorable?[View]
478589662Characters that didnt deserve their fate: Post em[View]
478563783You can put one ANIME character in Smash. WHO!?[View]
478583472what games have the most annoying sounds?[View]
478566829where did DR go to the shitter?[View]
478599447Why yes, I play 15 year old MMOs alone. How did you know?[View]
478599594King of Fighters[View]
478596405What's the point of playing him in the current year?[View]
478599424Have you signed up for the Tech Alpha?[View]
478593294What went wrong, /v/?[View]
478591383>game ideas you like but hate the devs and nobody else makes a similar game…[View]
478593323Why did the Mascot platformer sub-series die out in the early 2000's? The only ones who escaped…[View]
478599367>open freshly downloaded pirated game >cmd window opens briefly and closes…[View]
478599314Pretty bored, considering playing wow and playing Horde for the first time. Talk me out of it, lads[View]
478598973>Why, yes, I do play DOTA. How could you tell?[View]
478592938Is it as good as Fallout 1 & 2?[View]
478599005Your character can't get in unless it has smash related songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W…[View]
478589178Sekiro DLC leak: I have something from from software (hehe) Sekiro DLC will release this december. W…[View]
478595993>Feel like replaying a game >Remember THAT part What was it, /v/?…[View]
478599037O R D E R[View]
478594707MHW Gunlance: So I started a new file in Monster Hunter World after about a year of not playing. I m…[View]
478592318>Most popular mouse in competitive CSGO, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, Rainbow Six Siege why d…[View]
478593696fallout clones: Whats the verdict on Atom RPG?[View]
478598314Planet Coaster: How is it? On sale right now and I have been craving a modern theme park management…[View]
478598460>'Hello, /v/. Want to play a game?' >'How about Street Fighter?'…[View]
478598624What's going to happen to them now?[View]
478598617My zoomer master racd bros. It hurts me to death to say it but Fortnite has lost... my heart is phys…[View]
478576839how's that gaming channel going /v/?[View]
478596287He thought he did...[View]
478596612Alien: Having a badass alien game with the xenomorph being the protagonist would be kino, just sayin…[View]
478595253>game with drm >makes it drm free well now I know why /v/ loves him…[View]
478595570ITT: game series you couldn’t get into (no matter how hard you tried / no matter how many chances yo…[View]
478555187I'm pretty depressed as of recently. What are the best games I can play to cheer me up and take…[View]
4785983472019, I am forgotten....[View]
478570325Who would win?[View]
478596395>Game has a great soundtrack >People only jerk off the same 3-4 songs…[View]
478598158>game clicks, unclicks and then clicks again[View]
478593219How the fuck do I beat this guy /v/ he gets like fifty attacks a round[View]
478598120>Fun Fact: Dota used to be a custom map in Warcraft 3![View]
478598016Is it worth a pirate?[View]
478590928is it possible to create a fully 3D game that looks exactly like a 2D movie? the closest that exists…[View]
478593392Who's the Oasis of video games?[View]
478591781>spend like 2k+ dollars on PC parts >can't even run games at 60 FPS at max settings…[View]
478597039Which Spongebob game did you like more?[View]
478595443>flash back scene >there's a quick time event…[View]
478595204Aaaaaaand it's shit, suprising no one[View]
478597373Could Steven have redeem him?[View]
478591276Remember:If Reimu gets in smash, then Beethoven will also be canon in smash. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
478566389Total War: Troy discuss[View]
478587473Why has Nintendo been so bad at designing Mario Party games for this past decade? Conceptually, the…[View]
478595243>microtransactions are okay if it's for cosmetics[View]
478593616Will he ever get another game ?[View]
478580331Why it's so highly praised? The overworld feels small in comparison to the smaller Koholint and…[View]
478568242let's finish this list[View]
478597021>Game has console version. >PC version has no controller support.…[View]
478595036yeah i'm thinking this is kino https://store.steampowered.com/app/948740/AI_The_Somnium_Files/…[View]
478582118What do you think about Nintendo censorship policy? What happened to them?[View]
478593878classic wow: Why are horde players like this?[View]
478596816Why did you stop playing?[View]
478587619/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>478483678 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
478592559>Nothing What did they mean by this?[View]
478594385>I am forgotten[View]
478565589Archeage Unchained: We're coming home, brehs...[View]
478596436 [View]
478573848>game is fun with friends >have no friends What am I supposed to do here?…[View]
478555807Anyone else scared that they might decide to remake the other 2D Zeldas in this trash art style[View]
478577009Fuck otaku for ruining gaming: >hired by a game studio to work on a fighting game >find out it…[View]
478593873>brb smoke break >last online 1248 days ago…[View]
478596000>Epic >Offers 6 (SIX) free games, some of which are classics, permanently >Steam >Only o…[View]
478591517Remember when this won GOTY and we didn't even get a sticky?[View]
478592019ITT: Perfect characters only, I’ll start[View]
478588323why did japan make this character[View]
478590429system shock 3 trailer: looks alright? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIWAMT2og3M[View]
478586709Does Touhou have any canon romance?[View]
478586668RuneScape under fire for player spending $62,000 on microtransactions: https://kotaku.com/player-spe…[View]
478592441I suck at this game: I need some tips lads[View]
478594334What's with the difficulty spike at this boss?[View]
478590545Is the game pass for PC worth it?[View]
478581193it's up[View]
478590274I think its pretty sad that Sony is the king of consoles now: With the PS4 which is by a long shot t…[View]
478592574I love card games but I hate having to spend hundreds of dollars to get most of the cards. Are there…[View]
478594440ITT: Sequels that no one cares.[View]
478591810remember 15 years ago when fps as low as 60 were still acceptable? how the hell did people handle th…[View]
478592620Why did they blur the top and bottom? What a dumb idea[View]
478583996What went wrong?[View]
478527973Nioh 2: You are gonna make a Japanese oni MILF right?[View]
478594818seriously what the fuck did they mean by this[View]
478594816>spams the same stupid fucking move over and over again[View]
478567431Sony used to be the best during the ps1 and 2 era then went to the worst after. What fucking happene…[View]
478589652>Skullgirls 2 never ever why live?[View]
478593451Chie thread?: Chie thread[View]
478593532Could the entire plot of Fire Emblem Three Houses have been prevented if Dimitri wasn't too muc…[View]
478592348Friendly reminder that the no reload mod fixed Ion Fury.[View]
478592386>Play online game with full voice chat >Join full lobbies with open mic on >Furiously mastu…[View]
478585332Is it sad that this is the best game on the Switch right now? I can't put the damn game down it…[View]
478547434Monster Hunter Iceborne: >The Iceborne Wyvern >clearly a dragon…[View]
478592589What the fuck is wrong with Steam reviewers?[View]
478593979Hello, /vp/! This is your daily reminder that Sirfetch’d is the next Gen 8 Smash Ultimate pokemon re…[View]
478593961 [View]
478593872What's the War and Peace of video games?[View]
478594042Why every coop game needs to have the certified faggot class? Pic very related.[View]
478574156Link's Awakening has a Framerate Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnckUk830HA…[View]
478593863E3 gets woke: https://www.mcvuk.com/esa-to-rebrand-e3-as-a-fan-media-and-influencer-festival-that-ca…[View]
478585380Share memories playing games with your sister. My chubby mexican sister moved now i miss playin her …[View]
478593624How do I do this? There’s like one tutorial online and it doesn’t explain how to get a base.[View]
478593516MonHun: >that intro cutscene Long live the king[View]
478593459What a disgrace[View]
478589195What does /v/ think of Hunt:Showdown now that it's out?[View]
478591087Is DayZ finally decent yet?[View]
478591880>/v/ will defend this WTF happened to women in western video games?[View]
478574495DLC Speculation: Discuss future DLC fighters[View]
478593262>Game enforces stupid community rules. What's her name?[View]
478587021ITT: shit that irks you when playing games[View]
478589826games that hit all the right spots: rogue-like sci-fi space sim fps[View]
478592915what the fuck is wrong with japan?[View]
478574435Everything looks like plastic![View]
478586048Are you ready to RESIST? https://youtu.be/krraqq-_kao[View]
478587553ITT we post perfect games Go[View]
478587970is it just me, or do betas have more soul than final products?[View]
478593012Yeah, i'm thinking we're back planetmans[View]
478548367Who was in the wrong here?[View]
478560227Did they learn a lesson, /v/? >Try to push agenda >Try to push females are strong shenanigans …[View]
478583164Just downloaded this shit for free Batman. Why does it have like 12 games on it?[View]
478592530Submit to a credit check or New Vegas thread your passport before proceeding to the gate, trespass…[View]
478588565Little Misfortune: I just want to give her a hug.[View]
478588823Coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store[View]
478590763could you please tell me again why nobody here gives a fuck about gamepass on pc? these are the new …[View]
478585535Do i torrent this version or prepare to die?[View]
478592179Why are American games so derivative and boring?: Most of them look like generic Hollywood movies an…[View]
478511874Triss Merigold[View]
478577116why yes i'm a god, how can you tell?[View]
478588763>Game has automatic checkpoint that locks you into a boss fight[View]
478591989>tfw no new bleach fighting game by arc[View]
478591737a thousand hours in ms paint lets continue this thread plz >478554946[View]
478590593Name a single funner, cooler, more OP, more skill dependent gun in videogames. Protip: you can'…[View]
478576065Convince me not to install Epic Games Store please[View]
478585775Anthem is on life support: http://web.archive.org/save/https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/09/19/biowa…[View]
478587716Rent free[View]
478591325Is this real, bros?[View]
478566793Cube World: Steam keys now available, check your old picroma login and claim your steam key in the '…[View]
478588152>The game becomes better after X amount of hours anon![View]
478591229>unlock drawer with key >find a key[View]
478591823Where were you when Tim saved PC-Gaming, with pushing DRM-Free games[View]
478591171Hey guys, I lost my Rockstar Games Launcher CD and now I cannot longer activate my online account. …[View]
478588527Why do video games objectify women?[View]
478587757What is the real reason to claim Dawn of War 3 is the biggest piece of shit more offensive rts ever …[View]
478589419Daymare 1998: This game is very racist.[View]
478589074What are some examples of games with amazing writing but a bad storyline? Did the writing redeem the…[View]
478591342brehs: mfw scorn is in development hell[View]
478590540Good games on Steam for $50 or less?: Any recommendations? Wanted to play Fallout 4 GOTY, wasn’t on …[View]
478584549imagine losing your spot as the main character of the series[View]
478589527What is the video game equivalent of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8izXHKZSXw[View]
478572037Are there any good western games coming up? I only play Japanese games these days[View]
478539257World of Warcraft: BfA 8.2.5: What are your predictions for the end to years of Horde vs Alliance ne…[View]
478590608>imagine spending 330 dollars for a game that will be blatantly incomplete…[View]
478588764do share it with your friends[View]
478590463Session: Is it any good?[View]
478589875Gears5 Campaign: Act 2 drags like hell with the new open world/areas with all the walk&talk. Doe…[View]
478570063filename thread[View]
478587314Atlus censorship: >nintendofags 'Sony is censoring their own games' >sonyfags 'Nintendo is cen…[View]
478588792No doubt about it, I can pinpoint and gaming culture went to shit and gaming in general. Happened wh…[View]
478577995Based Japan[View]
478590609need yoshi thread... for boombing fb friend[View]
478590006Steam Profile: Why do people create such hideous profiles? Are they actually retarded, thinking this…[View]
478589771I finally realized what felt so off to me about Dark Souls 3: the enemy tells are just bad. It'…[View]
478590115>:V: I cant fucking believe it, 4.99 + tax * gratuity for an extra town and dungeon with two new …[View]
478589950>beat blasphemous >cant tell you a single thing about the story since it was all metaphysical …[View]
478586034ITT: benched party members. Pic tragically related[View]
478587624Dark souls[View]
478590296>character moves faster sideways than forward and backwards[View]
478583319Find a single game design flaw, pro tip: You can’t[View]
478581637thug aim[View]
478589691>A tech demo with shit characters, pacing and second half. >Sure it's sorta fun to bully …[View]
478588918Was Judgment kino?[View]
478588849Looks like DMC4 has the best Dante gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK1Yr1qjbzo 10 years of…[View]
478565186ITT: Digital games that you can't buy anymore. >Wolfenstein (2009)…[View]
478585304Rare Headquarters: What in the literal fuck...[View]
478536761The Outer Worlds new 19 minutes gameplay: ITS SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38V_sJVH8ZE…[View]
478589591Why are you so retarded that you can't bake a cake?[View]
478588175the legend of zelda is a nazi game what is wrong with nintendo[View]
478589063I hope I can skip cutscenes, the only reason I'm buying this game is for comfy exploring while …[View]
478589525What are some games with difficult choices?[View]
478589521The updated Epic Game Store library is pretty nice.[View]
478589095unban bobby shmurda for the egg industry[View]
478582192My father in law taking a break to play WoW with my three year old.: He takes her to lower level are…[View]
478568314>you're young >you play Pikmin >you love it >you play Pikmin 2 >its even better …[View]
478584705What's wrong with stadia again?[View]
478589278Why don't you like Minecraft, /v/?[View]
478588873>make bad game >game doesn't sell well >never make a new game in the series because 't…[View]
478584447Did she do something wrong?[View]
478582181Girl in vidya: How do you treat girls in multiplayer games? Are you nice to them like true gentleman…[View]
478588639ITT: Forever party members. Pic related, never needs to leave the party.[View]
478586773RDR 2 on PC: Incoming Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Port along with a zombie-themed expansion á la Undead…[View]
478483678/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>478393161 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
478586237The great debate[View]
478588617oh its you on ol menawi, come and see my greedfall thread/spoiler][View]
478587531What side do you choose?[View]
478588435>Puzzle where you need to make 3 pictures match but every time you flip one picture the ones besi…[View]
478587776I only get like 12fps on this with very low. Game was running stable yesterday, but now everything i…[View]
478579392>Finally gets a legendary skin UNGA![View]
478588017hey /v/ what's the game that has really disturbing/realistic voice lines when they're woun…[View]
478588124ITT: Underrated vidya OST[View]
478588003he cute[View]
478586469Holy shit... its worse than BFV. The gunplay is so incomprehensible. I miss the days of BF1942, BF2,…[View]
478568412>Spend entire game helping princess and preventing primordial deity of chaos and darkness Ahriman…[View]
478582834>game has artificial difficulty[View]
478587268Link worked hard to deserve his own thread. doesn’t he?[View]
478587772>The Blue Period (Spanish: Período Azul) is a term used to define the works produced by Spanish p…[View]
478580509Which would you prefer? A) Bayonetta is your girlfriend B) Bayonetta is your mother C) Bayonetta is …[View]
478587659This is Desert Strike for the Sega genesis[View]
478586807I love Lara Croft and all her games. Come and say something nice about her.[View]
478585240Mass Effect Thread: Did he just jump out of the Normandy while it was still in movement? Mass Effect…[View]
478587498What are the greatest games that aren't localized to the west? Not just Japanese games but Chin…[View]
478587461I wish there was a horror game that allowed you to fly around and also cling to walls and rip your f…[View]
478586146>enemy charges at you[View]
478587449Your opinion of Net Yaroze?[View]
478587427Soulful female character design??[View]
478587410How Kawakami would've looked like if japs were based.[View]
478587057Your hopes and expectations?[View]
478583678I know you guys hate newer games with all your 'soulless' meme shit, but what are some good things t…[View]
478587272Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine: So what kind of kino are we in for chapter 3[View]
478584997>turn based >combat[View]
478587126>release date revealed >it's 11 years away. We'll make it...…[View]
478579729How the hippo and the mermaid scene are treated on the remake? im sorry to ask[View]
478587067ITT: Characters who probably taste nice[View]
478585790What are your favourite Half-Life 2 conversion(s)? For me, it's The Hidden. Used to have LAN pa…[View]
478578606Thief Deadly Shadows: Finished 1&2 recently and had a blast. Is this one still worth playing? Ca…[View]
478583909Why don't we see more middle eastern games?[View]
478577643Can we stop saying Soulsborne? What do we say now, SoulSekiroBorne? Let's just say Fromsoft gam…[View]
478585538>Borderlands 3 is a better cyberpunk game than Cyberpunk2077 Yikes[View]
478580297What game is he playing?[View]
478586331You still like her for who she is, right /v/?[View]
478586296Where I can find a tutorial to code my own fighting game input manager?[View]
478583445>2019 >dlc, microtransactions, and loot boxes still exist…[View]
4785867577th Stand User Thread: Here we discuss our current playthrough, wait for Chaos Anon update and talk …[View]
478583015I saw you quit Classic anon. I'm awaiting your apology.[View]
478564404You now remember Epic Mickey (2010).[View]
478585701woah, hey guys[View]
478586703Have we seen the last of her?[View]
478570010I have just finished Bloodborne. Here's what I think: >A handful of weapons. Seriously, I wa…[View]
478583958Anyone else only enjoys games that feature endless grinding for coloured loot or collecting trash? …[View]
478474660I can't be bothered to get good at fighting games. I just like the girls. Who else?[View]
478585162Ubicoins / Ubi club points: Does anyone know if it's possible to collect Ubicoins when playing …[View]
478530674FE:3H: Is three houses (dare I say) the best Fire emblem ever created? The characters, the interacti…[View]
478586501HALO WARS: Is this better than Starcraft and Warhammer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARePKGJfs9k…[View]
478586441buy my game[View]
478582756How well has the first Crysis aged?[View]
478585713Discovering Secret Endings: Have you ever stumbled upon a secret ending by accident? Share your exam…[View]
478583553You have 10 seconds to name a better baddie..[View]
478585741Meanwhile, in the /v/ State Penitentiary...[View]
478552719risk of rain[View]
478585809Okay so I'm ignoring her chances, how much myself, you, or anyone else likes or hates her, her …[View]
478585975So apparently Posion was based on a photoshoot done by a GLOW wrestler back in the 80s. Considering …[View]
478585492Are there any GOOD vidya creepypastas? pic obviously unrelated[View]
478584135>game drags on for so long that you just lose interest in completing it…[View]
478584601Survey: Hi Lads -- I'm doing a survey on gaming and physical / mental health for uni. It's…[View]
478569508it's on sale is it any fun?[View]
478585663Inkopolis is actually Las Vegas: deepest lore[View]
478585437Here's your next Mii costume bro[View]
478582187Which one is better?[View]
478585142>Get to file 8 >that fucking framerate drop I love this game but sometimes it's hard to d…[View]
478523371Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: Why isn't there any hype for this? >Open World DBZ Action RPG >St…[View]
478552097So why didn't this kill them? Look at that blood loss[View]
478584548Loli Chang: Mature Choi?[View]
478572801So, did people end up liking Bloodstained? Is the curse broken where all these games like Mighty No.…[View]
478575528What's the best trackmania game[View]
478585187Best ww2 strategy games? Doesn't matter if turn based or real time. And preferably some where y…[View]
478580604State of Leak (24/9): >The Last of Us 2 new footage, will mainly feature old Joel on the hunt, de…[View]
478585148Tell me every game that allows you to powerslide. First person, third person, I don't care.[View]
478568083ITT pleb filters[View]
478584781>turns on Japanese audio[View]
478578356How do we fix WRPGs?[View]
478545659Deep Rock Galactic: Why aren't you playing Deep Rock Galactic right now, anon ? It's prett…[View]
478572737Who would win in a fight? to be in Smash[View]
478583767Kirby thread: unpopular opinions edition[View]
478564261*does nothing*[View]
478582761>tfw furry gaming communities are more tolerable than anime ones.[View]
478584087>quicksave is right next to quickload[View]
478584716War has changed: Conqueror's blade sucks[View]
478556020Sengoku Rance: One of the greatest SRPGs got an official release, why aren't you playing it?…[View]
478584593I want to play the gaimu right now But I don't want to at the same time[View]
478580393Is anyone looking forward to Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair? I liked the first one, so im opti…[View]
478568686>pull this out >pyro panics and backpedals Every time. I also love just completely ignoring a…[View]
4785775952019 I AM FORGOTTEN[View]
478582590why isnt the CPU player effected by this?? it's not fair[View]
478580243just got a 3 day ban in wow classic. wtf am i supposed to do now. even /v/ sucks after a few hours. …[View]
478583239I can't be the only one that thinks a fighting game based on Yugioh where the characters fight …[View]
478584142What does /v/ think of The World Ends With You?[View]
478584074Most /v/ users who play this game are nostalgic about F2P 2011 era TF2 and are the same brony fags w…[View]
478583384Is it worth getting a Switch if I hate Nintendo games?[View]
478582467>When you like something set it free/make it accessible for poorfags Why is Tim such a saint bro…[View]
478583895Done Better in The Original: RE2 98 have better Interaction with Leon and Claire. Actually continui…[View]
478581479With the new GRID coming out, what is objectively no doubt no bullshit the BEST racing game ever rel…[View]
478583724Pass the controller bro[View]
478580837How's the Switch version?[View]
478583587Steam custom artwork: Trying to make new custom artwork for my steam games. Anyone knows the recomme…[View]
478582698>Try VR >Everything is taller than me[View]
478583467Today I will remind them[View]
478580065So was Ni No Kuni II any good?[View]
478583452Is he right?[View]
478583375>fire >good against flesh why?[View]
478572450We need some cute vidya shit up in here. Post cute things in viyda[View]
478569609Took me only 30 tries And you?[View]
478566608Do I have to play the fucking psp game out of this? can i just skip it?[View]
478583045Honestly, i'm more excited for this game than Links Awakening.[View]
478564673Palutena Thread: >Tall >Very curvy and flaunty >Is a goddess >Unique green hair >Voic…[View]
478560152Was this the pinnacle of cringe in gaming?[View]
478581852i fucking miss playing shitty grind korean mmorpgs bros....[View]
478581296You guys are having fun playing Liz's adventure right?[View]
478582863The fuck is this art style? They completely butchered it[View]
478580716You did complete this without cheats right anon?[View]
478580824>Ring-a-ding anon, these cool cats outside would like to see your suite. Are ya decent in there, …[View]
478580191Pick up that can[View]
478574246What is the of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of videogames?[View]
478582650What are some games house wives should play to pass their worthless time away with?[View]
478581580Based or cringe?[View]
478580956Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 leaked with all characters: I didded a datamine and found this T…[View]
478566749>Game has chromatic aberration Is there anything worse? Who thought this was a good idea?…[View]
478565342What do they eat?[View]
478579913>le sirfetchd xDDD Pokémon is cringe[View]
478570358Terminator: Resistance Announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One: >Publisher Reef Entertainment and deve…[View]
478580236>took a year break to copy Witcher 3 Bravo Ubisoft[View]
478579162Thanks Tim and Phil https://twitter.com/XboxGamePassPC/status/1174717973958811648[View]
4785768212019 I am forgotten.[View]
478574312>check RTX 2060 Super prices >FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS how is this acceptable?…[View]
478582319What are some games that feature raids?[View]
478580378What games let me play as the villain?[View]
478577147Play her game /v/[View]
478572872Why are girl gamers so much nicer and more polite than boys?[View]
478574879How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
478578821>these new vidya really keep me entertained at school![View]
478580742Is Halo Wars better than Starcraft 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARePKGJfs9k[View]
478572976Temmie's shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEAy700YGuU You know what I'm waiting for a…[View]
478580779Why do yellow people ruin everything? We where supposed to go home and our home is in Europe.…[View]
478573685Please state your answer and show us how you arrived at your conclusion.[View]
478581817What am I in for?[View]
478573053>The greatest role playing game of all time? True Goddess Reincarnation III: Nocturne…[View]
478581338K A M O S H I D A E D[View]
478570383TIL: From Software can make a better 2D Zelda remake than Nintendo can[View]
478576532>You fucked up my face[View]
478579421Games where the villains were never actually the bad guys[View]
478580163https://twitter.com/i/status/1157365862707466240 Will it be good?[View]
478580025>Burn status and Poison status do the same thing >Freeze status and Paralysis status do the sa…[View]
478581404Is the turn based strategy genre the biggest zoomer repellent?[View]
478575547What happened to the old school gamer archetype?[View]
478578736ITT characters that smell bad[View]
478561831Today is Bowsette's one year anniversary! Say something nice to her![View]
478556165Atelier Ryza Famitsu Review: Famitsu Scores: 9/8/9/8 >+ improved graphics >+ new battle and al…[View]
478572795I hate moonbitches.[View]
478570457>find savegame from 2012 >it all comes back to me[View]
478581060May someone please buy me one of these? I'll send pics of feet :)[View]
478573336FIGHT'N RAGE on the Switch: Anons asking for Fight'N Rage on consoles finally got their wi…[View]
478580392Is Halo Good Anymore?: Thoughts on infinite?[View]
478580863Can't wait to count out your coin[View]
478576778*tink tink* AHEM Fuck Danganronpa, AND FUCK ZERO ESCAPE[View]
478580552He's in.[View]
478580782fighting games: what do you guy's think is the best fighting for pc[View]
478576506What are some good japanese freeware horror games[View]
478580721What went wrong?[View]
478579401For real, /v/, is the 'what do they eat' guy dead?[View]
478554472Can we discuss why this is not only the worst Battlefield, but one of the worst FPS on the market wi…[View]
478580538nothing personal kid..[View]
478580496>Even Berial stands powerless before my flames! >Taste the most powerful lightning in all of H…[View]
478576663How is the best console also the worst console? Is there literally any reason to own one of these at…[View]
478553007has there ever been a good western horror game[View]
478570746What went so right about steam?[View]
478574709What are games that are basically singleplayer WoW?[View]
478579306I get an exemption from being a wage slave today thanks to flooding in Texas. What should I use my f…[View]
478574840>PC gaming is cheap Who unironically believes this?[View]
478579903Dark Souls 2 is a good ga-[View]
478571085Wh*te 'men' BTFO once again[View]
478577939what is the sexiest male star wars characters from video games?[View]
478578239Just try to guess why I’m not buying this shit. It’s easy.[View]
478575896>oh shit I got a bag of milky ways[View]
478567386Why the fuck isn't anything talking about pic related? I've just finished it and I can…[View]
478578904Mmmm. I love drinking Monster Energy™ drinks while I play Kojima Productions™ upcoming title; Death …[View]
478560642Who was in the wrong here?[View]
478579501Bloodstained Ritutal of the Night now on Gamepass https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.windowscentral.co…[View]
478566701PLAY DQ 11[View]
478548280Prediict it's metacritic score.[View]
478573242ITT /v/ makes a game with the most player unfriendly features.: Increasing the game's fps is on…[View]
478578240Legend of the Dragoon remake being announced on the 24th: Bluepoint Games. Along the same vein too S…[View]
478578559SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM[View]
478579132>he still hasn't 1cc'd a Metal Slug game[View]
478572096I'm trying to replace this unreliable piece of shit. Any sites with as wide a selection?[View]
478577572>game increases its barrier to entry[View]
478572935Let's say for Smash 6's roster, Sakurai decides to go out and make the campaign mode be a …[View]
478576918How did he get away with everything he's done so far?[View]
478556642Was the success of GTA online the worst thing to happen to Rockstar?[View]
478540141How are developers even supposed to impress this guy in 2019? Why is he so miserable and why does h…[View]
478560329This is Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega man, Mega man legends, Mega man X, mega man Zero, Onimusha, d…[View]
478578258>only publisher on itch.io that sells only Steam keys for most of their games For what reason?…[View]
478578254Jet Island: >what is this mid 2000s era looking game? Basically Jet Island is what would happen i…[View]
478577710Best Switch Game?: I say BOTW[View]
478564660So lately there's been some debate over how Shadow's been written, after some revelations …[View]
478573319What makes Yakuza combat so damn good?[View]
478578074ITT: kino vidja antagonists[View]
478578000what games is epic and will make my parents sotp fihgting[View]
478578057Comfy Megaman battle network thread?[View]
478564893France saves gaming: >https://www.nextinpact.com/news/108209-ufc-que-choisir-vs-valve-justice-con…[View]
478575983When is Tawna Pink coming back?[View]
478577053Why does Bison want to be a girl so badly?[View]
478577223Hey /v/ don't mind me just gonna post this quirky fish here[View]
478575838As someone who has trophy and achievement hunted for nearly 10 years, it just seems baffling how lit…[View]
478550517You did this[View]
478533272Nepfags, can we talk?: How the FUCK do you play this trash without physically dying of neutron-star-…[View]
478572213/V/ Squad report in.[View]
478577197Remaster when?[View]
478566264Games about alternate history?[View]
478564680Is AoD Underrated, /v/?: Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness is my favourite game in the series Posit…[View]
478574969Left or right?[View]
478576284This post was brought to you by our sponsor: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS[View]
478576879Virtual interactive social pets: Any thoughts on virtual pets? Specifically this one: www.xpets.club…[View]
478576459Playing through Detroit Become Human right now, and it got me thinking: is sacrificing fun gameplay …[View]
478573261https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcROWydjpng It's now very obvious what's going on, if it w…[View]
478576517>Comfy >Oof >Yikes >cope >kino >Based >Cringe >Have Sex >boomer/zoomer/in…[View]
478569270Do good looking people actually gather around fire pits and play Nintendo switch[View]
478564228TERRARIA: I quite honestly see Terraria as game of the decade. Considering the journey it has had an…[View]
478574979What went so right? How was Nier Automata so good and how did it do THIS well?[View]
478576376I keep hearing about how reperestation is important, so what are some african american video games? …[View]
478575629Damn this a good port of Grid Autosport on Switch. Might play in Japanese, had no clue it had voice …[View]
478567413Why is there such a huge discrepancy between “professional reviews” and user reviews?[View]
478566424Games with great character creator?[View]
478550671>tfw Twitch is so prude that they suspended some girl dressed as Chun Li Seriously what's wr…[View]
478551613Underrail: Underrail, get in here jacks I fucking suck. crossbow build and i die to rathounds at the…[View]
478576154Thanks for all the awesome posting today. I know none of you are my friends,and generally i hate thi…[View]
478574056What makes a game comfy? And beyond that, what are the comfiest games of all time?[View]
478572151>Super Meat Boy and Celeste are better than Dustforc-[View]
478568824I pre-ordered this game awhile back. Now, I'm hearing it's only 7 hours long? I'm thi…[View]
478575384How playable is this with keyboard and mouse?[View]
478575096What were they thinking?[View]
478575884>88 Deja-vu![View]
478571868>Hard mode >It's only a damage and hp inflation…[View]
478575427is there any game like WoW, but single player?[View]
478575618>'I'd like to make you an offer, to put me in Smash... ' >'Get out of my office, you clod…[View]
478452387Daemon x Machina: Western VII is the best merc group name, prove me wrong.[View]
478569114>fucking hate this game >can't wait to play it tonight though wtf /v/ros... camping shiit…[View]
478575320>year of our lord 2019 >still can't get stable 60fps in some games with a 2080ti at 4k…[View]
478575253Microsoft will no longer report Gaming Revenue or Xbox Live Monthly Users in earnings reports.: OHNO…[View]
478575247SMASH is trash: Reminder to all smelly smashtards that Smash is a blatant rip off of the legendary a…[View]
478569524>outer worlds >VTMB2 >dying light 2 >cyberpunk 2020 is shaping up to be an amazing rpg f…[View]
478575143What am I in for?[View]
478574009what do you think of this beautiful boy?: Share your beautiful boys 2 me[View]
478575018>companion characters are present in all cutscenes[View]
478570415State of Play: knockoff direct on the 24th >They are still doing this https://blog.us.playstation…[View]
478569031Can zoomers on this board please explain your mentality? I legit do not understand it Why would you …[View]
478566630Guys I can't game anymore my right wrist is hurting. What should I do?[View]
478574595Luigis Mansion thread: Now that Links Awakening is out, let's shit post about the upcoming GOTY…[View]
478562882Should I care about bis at all? this shit looks HIDEOUS[View]
478550654People lament that the F-Zero series is dead, but it already achieved perfection with this game. Ano…[View]
478550719>go to steam frontpage >look on bottom left Post 'em faggots…[View]
478574517Reminder that it's happening[View]
478574518The Operative: No One Lives Forever: I finally got this game working on Windows 10. It's very f…[View]
478573078Will we ever get an English patch for Zanki Zero?: Preferably no spoilers please. I've been tol…[View]
478574151Who would win in a fight /v/?[View]
478563620Anyone else lose interest as soon as the demo came out? The weapons just have zero weight to them--e…[View]
478569726>aight mate see ya tmr >last online: 6 years ago It freaking hurts mate. How does /v/ COPE wit…[View]
478545070JRPG Thread: Today we're going to discuss why zoom-zooms seem to hate random encounters so much…[View]
478571463you wouldn't[View]
478574372>better level design and stripped away all of those really dumb subsections of the game that brea…[View]
478553867post real life bosses[View]
478572065You're in charge of making your number 1 choice's trailer, what's the set up?[View]
478570957Nioh 2: It'll be released on PC too, r-right?[View]
478572969Hey buds. Any recommendations for a good Switch game for a flight? I'm thinking Fire Emblem: Th…[View]
478573947It's the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. What are you doing to commemorate?[View]
478574006Post games that look fun If the image you posted doesn't compel anyone to try the game out, you…[View]
478568113Play a Mario game[View]
478572194Post vidya raifus[View]
478573738Buyfag Thread: This just got delivered. Wonder what's inside...[View]
478565586This is one of the bottom 3 Sonic games. Would analogue-stick movement alone have been enough to sav…[View]
478573569Ah, the child of Bhaal has awoken.[View]
478570761>'old game: soul' >'new game: soulless'[View]
478557475Kindly add 'not for the faint of heart'-warning to romancing Tali.[View]
478570853I liked battle royale before it was cool.[View]
478573458I want to play Baldur's Game 2 for the first. Are there any mods that are requied, like bug fix…[View]
478572251*makes all the rifle bolts left-handed with no customization options to fix it* Nothing. Personal. K…[View]
478573327>medieval fantasy game >has massive medieval cities…[View]
478569082What the fuck was his problem?[View]
478569989Sega mini: It's finally out. Just grabbed mine.[View]
478567289People are STILL seething over the bear and bird getting into Smash.[View]
478573089Shigatari: How many more will you kill?[View]
478559485Rosterfaggotry thread: This is the fifth DLC fighter[View]
478555757Things you don't like about Ultimate: Was it really too hard to make Gruntilda a boss and add h…[View]
478572667The Entire DLC of SSBU: Yeah, i know what you're going to say 'Everything in this leak is fake'…[View]
478569497Epic and Denuvofags BTFO lmfao I dont even want to pirate it but I may as well just to laugh and uni…[View]
478515854A TWO OUT OF FIVE[View]
478572742>Borderlands 2 is the most badly written videogame of all ti-[View]
478572727Why are they baiting people in with cute animals now?[View]
478565543Why does gamefreak ruin every single good pokemon from the first two gens with horribly designed evo…[View]
478565423*download new game*: >just don't have the energy to play it…[View]
478569107'Free DLC' is just patch bragging.[View]
478568703I despise you.[View]
478572436What are some Catholic video game characters?[View]
478566091Japanese character design is inherently superior to western character design.[View]
478572153Hello, Commander.[View]
478554380>real time combat >strategy and planning not required anymore cuz you can just spam the attack…[View]
478569052Okay, real talk. Is there a risk it won't ever be cracked? I heard something about a new type o…[View]
478565134Is it a boy or a girl?[View]
478569946Why nobody like the gays doe?[View]
478571373Fifa 20: Bros, what platform are you picking up this years Fifa on?[View]
478551656If Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong, and he's so old he has to walk around with a cane, …[View]
478572049This controller is so small for my many chads hands /v/[View]
478559582>60 USD screen for screen remake of a gameboy game >simplistic, ugly graphics >inexplicabl…[View]
478571628He looks like a fag.[View]
478565805...its just a shitty hl2 clone[View]
478571540it's 2019... I am forgotten[View]
478568257Since Sony now owns Sucker Punch, does that mean that Rocket Robot on Wheels will never see a re-rel…[View]
478541396Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate or monster hunter world Which is better as my first monster hunt…[View]
478571456Just got a successful login attempt from a foreigner on my EA account. In the process of deleting it…[View]
478571030I've been stuck on this puzzle for ages. HELP![View]
478568915I’ve been a PlayStation guy my whole life, essentially having all of them dating back to the 2. I th…[View]
478566575worst final boss ever[View]
478563723Opinions on Siege, /v/?[View]
478563893What are the best games to come from Eastern Europe?[View]
478571142>use nvidia cards >expensive but reliable, no problems, good performance >switch to AMD as …[View]
478539423It's time.[View]
478569109Is this worth $60 if I’ve never played it? Is it the 2nd best 2D Zelda, I’ve only really played LTTP…[View]
478545682anti-bullying-advocates-assess-whats-wrong-in-games: read that article if you want to get mad https:…[View]
478563003Link's Awakening: What the fuck is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb9KeLpglPA That'…[View]
478559780We're all constantly fighting over stupid shit, but can we at least all come together and agree…[View]
478570419State of Play 24.09.2019: https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1174699919132807169?s=19 Btw, Last …[View]
478570807Link's Awakening has a Framerate Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnckUk830HA…[View]
478546953if you could only play one, which do you choose?[View]
478570717Players who dislike platforms are the worst.[View]
478567484These are the only franchises with 4 games with 97 Metascores or 95 on Gamerankings. How does that m…[View]
478546598MMMMMMMMM JAMMER LAMMY!!!!![View]
478555495Modders can now create MAIN missions in MGS V. Will they redeem this cursed game? https://www.youtub…[View]
478569871Why am i ok with getting everything in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Return to Dreamland and Yoshi’s Wolly Worl…[View]
478525874Left or right?[View]
478568672Stop playing brown and bloom walking simulators made for men with tiny balls Start playing games mad…[View]
478567850Was this the last good vidya game kino?[View]
478565310In the entire franchise, the most SOULful thing is this song.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIjsu…[View]
478568367Greatsword or Longsword?[View]
478567091>international server >voice chat enabled >listenning to the racial slurs and banter from …[View]
478566681Where were you when Gaben gave animated cover support to games on Steam, btfo every other launcher o…[View]
478569370Games with this feel?[View]
478569273Who here saving $60 and playing early?[View]
478564131What the hell went wrong?[View]
478569250it WILL be good and it WILL have cute waifus (it will! it will!)[View]
478565145So uh, why did they have Chara's name instead of their own for most of the game? I've neve…[View]
478567839How do I make this game more fun, /v/?[View]
478564510*AHEM*: Fuck Keepers, Fuck Hammers and Fuck Garreth[View]
478568820>Fester gets his own game >Gomez gets his own game >Pugsley gets his own game Where the fuc…[View]
478568865https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KREpHaA0Tbo NINTENDO WON[View]
478567134Good examples of lgbtqiaa+ alphabet soup coalition characters in games?[View]
478568401How do you like Iceborne™?[View]
478563504sometimes I even shit myself[View]
478549439Mega Drive/Genesis Mini: It's coming out today, boys. In celebration, post games, discuss games…[View]
478558270I'm sick of being a Nintendie so I got a cheap gaming laptop. What are your favorite PC-exclusi…[View]
478568474Which was the last game that managed to hook you for more than 1 hour? Do you even play video games …[View]
478566629You didn't defile the ashes, did you?[View]
478567059When a whole franchise is bad there's really not any point in trying to pick out the worst one.[View]
478557594I just had an idea: How about we go and play some video games instead of browsing this gay board?…[View]
478561265what game is you playing[View]
478565760>game allows you to grind lower level enemies to the point bosses aren't a challenge anymore…[View]
478566735Why do you main Geese Howard?[View]
478559565DMC3 thread[View]
478559845what should I play?[View]
478567791I was wondering why they were so mad this summer, but I think I've figured it out guys, I crack…[View]
478567129>Gone Home's approach to exploratory storytelling was a point of influence for parts of Unch…[View]
478546181Fools! Sinners! Sadomites! Assholes! Why have you not repented and played this game?![View]
478567449>games that try to support you by giving u technical advice about an npc which only exist to foll…[View]
478567329I have a announcment!!: *ahem* MUSIC!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IJAYeHg84-E Kino /v/ and r/redd…[View]
478567252wtf? So Louis Braille, french inventor, existed during the age of fire?[View]
478559313cc plz, i was here first[View]
478564260Is it actually worth 30 american dollars?[View]
478565829soul: http://asciicker.com/x13/[View]
478566469>So what is the point of Xbox One? >It's a coffee table…[View]
478566689Links Awakening Remake: >game looks okay at best >still going to make S0nyggers seethe for 2 w…[View]
478566763Before Byleth, there was Rexx/Aty[View]
478566693i buy games that i don't have the time to play[View]
478561569>RPG party member dies in cut scene >gets a replacement soon after that fills the same roll …[View]
478564790>Name myself in RPG Smart Fella >Name my rival Fart Smella…[View]
478566426my dream smash request: the character i wanted in smash either is jin saotome or hayato cuz they gav…[View]
478542704>*jumps on you*[View]
478546242Shenmue 3: 2 months until the legend is no longer a myth[View]
478558303sands of halo...[View]
478564719Is this game totally perfect for younger fans /v/?[View]
478532154Pathologic: In my restless dreams i see that town. Town-on Gorkhon.: You promised me you'd come…[View]
478525165Atlus fired Kazuma Kaneko and anybody who mentions him is fired: Does anyone know if this is legit? …[View]
478565914Your Turn To Die / Kimi ga Shine: What was his problem?[View]
478564516>giving twitch streamers money[View]
478562698what is this 'crosshair not centered' meme? I've heard halo started it how is having the cross…[View]
478565861Fuckin yikes[View]
478565903>heh... allow me to congratulate you on getting this far. However... this is where your journey e…[View]
478562145I'm playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.[View]
478553280SMT is dead: >Kaneko is gone It's over...[View]
478555247My wife, Cassie.[View]
478564836Why is the writing so shit in Retail WoW?[View]
478556662Squaresoft went out of business because they abandoned Nintendo consoles.[View]
478565058New console gen brings new epic gamer moments.[View]
478563004>crossplay >Consolers disable cross matchmaking Muh cheaters Muh k/m Is this the last line of …[View]
478547556One of the best underrated 2d platformer: Yes it is[View]
478565406Halo? Quake 2 is the only good FPS, and it completely redefined the genre.[View]
478562606We need a remake of Jersey Devil's game.[View]
478563431>world war z has crossplay support now Rest in piss l4d and epic wins again…[View]
478562694Super Smash Bros Ultimate Remaining DLC: Remaining Fighter Pass 5. Geno + Stage Next DLC Fighters Pa…[View]
478496931Greedfall: Give me sequel now or I'll let Kurt speak.[View]
478564498>The lesser races must be purged from the kingdom. Jesus christ Metzen...…[View]
478563479Turn based rpgs are the most braindead genre: Refute this[View]
478563993E3 set to be a 'fan, media, and influencer festival': http://archive.is/BV2s7 >In a pitch deck in…[View]
478512245Dawn of the sixth day: What's the latest cope at not being able to play it? I've been play…[View]
478564385How do we solve the schizophrenia problem on /v/?[View]
478565272is there an mma rep in smash?: boxing karate and wrestling dosent count and it has to be before terr…[View]
478564169FoNV = MM Fo3 = OOT FoNV > Fo3 MM > OOT The situation between Fallout 3 and fallout NV as well…[View]
478565070>joke character ends up being strong and can fend for themselves[View]
478504240GamesDoneQuick now requires pronouns: Just a taste of what AGDQ 2020 will look like.[View]
478564449Is it any good? I'm not a fan of cheap jumpscares.[View]
478558520Video game crash when? I feel it coming.[View]
478565098SOUL vs SOULLESS[View]
478560017YOU FUCKED UP MY FACE[View]
478531504What was the best era in TF2 history?[View]
478563545How do you feel about FF7R's do nothing to win mode? It completely invalidates any other metho…[View]
478564868What is epic planning?[View]
478564606>Still no mainline kirby game for switch I's like nintendo doesn't even care about thei…[View]
478564783>Doom clones >Point & click adventure >Jagged Alliance >Infinity engine >Unreal T…[View]
478564137Absolutely no positivity: If you like a game or have a positive opinion about a game, fuck off! This…[View]
478559875What are some underrated let's play channels to watch while you're bored at work?[View]
478562456This shit is currently 50% off, is it worth picking up?[View]
478519694>Mage character >Has more MP than HP[View]
478458867What makes Dante so likeable compared to Donte?[View]
478564467its happening get in here twitch tv/totalwarofficial[View]
478558319This will be announced in less than 2 hours. What can we expect?[View]
478563569Do you think Soiny and Microdick will be shameless enough to copy the Switch portability? They did i…[View]
478552132The High Court of Paris just ruled Steam's game resell ban illegal: >https://www.nextinpact.…[View]
478564218It's out: 9.4[View]
478562972what do we thinks of marina?[View]
478562382I really hope you didn't waste months of your life shitposting about this game only to get BTFO…[View]
478556387Why are they so cute?[View]
478559918Why wasn’t it as good as Mario 64?[View]
478563273Has a game made you cry and it's not because of the story[View]
478563907'Nam core[View]
478547734guild wars 2 icebrood saga bound by blood \m/: /v/erdict?[View]
478553383>no, you cant get a refund >what do you mean you wont buy games from us anymore >what do yo…[View]
478563648>You have cleansed the Den of Evil[View]
478562506>WHY YOU MAD DUDE IT'S JUST A VIDEO GAME IT'S NOT EVEN REAL LMAO how do you respond to …[View]
478563442Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, 3 and New Vegas all utilize the iconic…[View]
478563601Can we have a thread on the best fagame?[View]
478560729>3 hours into the game >still haven't picked up the sword Who else is /comfy/ here?…[View]
478542327Why the fuck are modern games so boring? When was the last time you felt a game was doing something …[View]
478563372Can this run well on Windows 10? How? Please help /v/[View]
478561693What is his fave thing to drink when not slaying demons?[View]
478558826>only ever heard of this game as being so broken that it has a charm to it >twin peaks knock o…[View]
478561842rave.dj thread: take a vidya song and mash it up with something else, post results rave.dj/HrwXLCgPQ…[View]
478549226now that Sekiro and Elden Ring exist it’s not Soulsborne anymore so what’s the new name?[View]
478563206I guess not :([View]
478560873why so many games have swamp levels? They are never fun >obligatory venomous enemies >you move…[View]
478561430How could this happen, bros?[View]
478560495What games would impress a man who only appreciates the finest art?[View]
478561578>GOT A SCIENTIST HERE[View]
478562920World of Warcraft 9.0: Three 1-spec classes[View]
478561369...it's just a shitty hl2 clone.[View]
478552028Zelda: Links Awakening Review Thread: Sub 1 hour until reviews go live. Prediction time boys, as usu…[View]
478562718who else buying it?[View]
478562716What's the problem with Brutal Doom and Project Brutality?[View]
478558572October, and thus Halloween season, is fast approaching. Are there any games you make sure to play d…[View]
478561206We live in an empire[View]
478562636come in here fellow pre-order ludens[View]
478560904https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JdEeGHEaNU I'm legit about to buy a PS4 at last This looks so …[View]
478557858Let the hunt begineth.[View]
478557874ITT casual filters[View]
478561604Fallout 76 Thread: I found a cave! For those of you who play fallout 76, what has been your fav cam…[View]
478560257What is the video game equivalent of this?[View]
478560582Serious question, how can other companies even compete at this point?[View]
478560654Having trouble picking a vidya to play? Ask here.: Should I play Horizon Zero Dawn or Doki Doki Lite…[View]
478545601RULES OF NATURE[View]
478552250Post games that defined this generation.[View]
478554104Now that the dust has settled who was more fun to play?[View]
478562140Ever dress up or cosplay for an event, /v/?[View]
478561070Why does sqaure feel the need to reinvent every damn final fantasy game when they know for a fact th…[View]
478556385Sonybros... It's over...[View]
478561852Game for this feel?[View]
478558770Are your days of binging new releases over?[View]
478555917Good, that's one last loose end *gunshot*[View]
478558313Sound tracks that fuck you up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYYqDDHcjpc[View]
478561519Three houses: Let's talk about the ost What's the best track in the game and why is it tem…[View]
478551809Anon turn off the game console right now![View]
478561568wtf gamepass I just bought this game a month or so ago[View]
478516035SUPER ROBOT WARS V On STEAM: Steam page is up. Surprise surprise it's region locked. Can't…[View]
478560324My Switch Online Subscription ran out last night (which I bought last year for 12 months) but I boug…[View]
478542050FFXIII: Get in loser, we're remaking my trilogy.[View]
478554885Holy shit.[View]
478487384Who is your favorite DOA?[View]
478558315Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to episode 1 of JermaCraft! The series where I play Minecraft. T…[View]
478557427Since BallisticNG is the best Wipeout-like right now, what could be the best FzeroGX-like?[View]
478561205So is it a good RE game?[View]
478559138why video game industry so shit?[View]
478554235Overrated Games: Post games you think are wildly overrated. Earthbound >Gameplay that feels like …[View]
478546884They're inevitable: Face it Smashfags. Byleth will be in Smash and they'll be better repre…[View]
478560140App for Anime Visual Novels: Hi, i'm looking for an app that gives you only visual novels, just…[View]
478552054ITT Post underrated games.[View]
478554935The Guardian's Top 50 Video Games of the 21st Century: https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/s…[View]
478561000Games for this feel?[View]
478498195>Pm'd you the fix :)[View]
478544985Battlestation thread: Late night gaming edition[View]
478559347How have you guys been faring on the permadeath server?[View]
478557587>B-but it’s a $60 Game Boy game RREEEE /v/ completely BTFO[View]
478495906Now that lots of cuts are confirmed, which 4 third parties deserves to stay?[View]
478531695Uh Capcom? Look, you did a fantastic job on DMC 5 and all, really you did, but one thing you fucked …[View]
478557420When is SMT gonna come to PS[View]
478540824ITT: /v/ waifus that we would want to marry[View]
478550818You should be able to solve this /v/[View]
478559381https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrSxuUrUhrQ NINTENDO WON[View]
478560494Good licensed games: Was it kino? What made it more than another shitty licensed Wii game? The OCs w…[View]
478556657ITT: vidya comics you never understood[View]
478559004is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETXQUkp-VOg[View]
478558374>cant even play the animal crossing mobile game because is not available in my country living in …[View]
478557889What's the best way to emulate this?[View]
478556852Why are his protags always white males?[View]
478551092Metro Exodus: Is this a good game? Is it proper open-world or is it hub-like levels[View]
478559890astral observatory....home[View]
478547346>one copy of Prince of Persia please[View]
478559184Good morning, everyone![View]
478559073>video game >you ride a horse and fight with a sword and/or bow…[View]
478559140metal gear solid two is such bullshit I can't make this jump, people calling me on the codec to…[View]
478559018how is the game doing? I last really played ~2012. briefly returned ~2014/15 but life got in the way[View]
478559987What's their endgame?[View]
478558232Nintendo won, baby[View]
478559483*BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED*[View]
478557769Why aren't you playing Magia Record?[View]
478556984>is the only populated server on at 2 am[View]
478557534games with this feel?[View]
478553391So, it's been about two weeks since they were released. When did you realize that Banjo & K…[View]
478557447>You get a bonus weapon in sequel if you have completed first game andstill have saved file…[View]
478553142I am 3 hours in and it is starting to become boring. It is mainly fetch quests and the side missions…[View]
478557356Still no Lego Batman...[View]
478555372san andreas hd edition[View]
478555931since it’s on sale, is it worth getting?[View]
478551291Should gaming be classified as a mental illness? Look at the state of this board and tell me everyth…[View]
478559043What games let me be flamboyant?[View]
478542165Let's post aesthetically appealing consoles. (PC bros and their cases are invited too)[View]
478558178>game is years old, no longer top dog, no longer #1 globally and constantly talked about >…[View]
478536947Kingdom Come: Deliverance: What am I in for? I like Mount and Blade very much.[View]
478551007Call of Duty has redeemed themselves. Let's go home[View]
478545131Pick one.: 1.) You can have sex with a 10/10 girl for the rest of your life, but no more videogames …[View]
478550853Here is that videogame you wanted, Son[View]
478558404Session: Skateboarding Sim Game: Is it worth picking up now or should I wait for it to get worked on…[View]
478555370lets have a nice comfy 3x3 while the children are at school, don't forget to rate![View]
478550968Where were you when Sonic saved the FGC?[View]
478534729Ah...Liberty City soo much SOUL[View]
478555764Try and give /v/ nostalgia.[View]
478546804Xbots, do you still exist? Cause Dunkey just dabbed on ya hard as fuck.[View]
478554721will this thing ever be able to connect to a tv? don't care if I have to lay it down flat and n…[View]
478557838It's yes masterpiece[View]
478545460Traveling to Numbani[View]
478550751>you see claire lying on the street like this passed out drunk from failing to seduce leon again …[View]
478554495How hard is it to crack this game?[View]
478549387Anyone ever heard of this game? Its artstyle is baiting me hard but I almost want to fall for it[View]
478555762>character marginally changes pose[View]
478557103>tfw missed out on the early DayZ and Rust days I've only watched videos but it looked fun …[View]
478547743>Got HK on Switch just because I wanted a physical edition and to play it on the go (already have…[View]
478544671>Yo, grandpa anon, I found this 'solid state drive' in the attic. What's it used for? >Yo…[View]
478520684>Vietnam game tries to be historically accurate >america loses why do devs continue to fuck th…[View]
478540468i tried to make boss music. would you fight to this? https://clyp.it/ynsrlenh[View]
478556429Are you winning son?[View]
478554950How do I into Dark Souls?: In Bloodborne, shields are non-existent leading to fast gameplay. However…[View]
478555805remember when Gaben used to be a good meme?[View]
478556082Confirmed masterpiece[View]
478555192Arkham Gods![View]
478556374Any video games where everything is good and nothing bad happens?[View]
478556080Here's your Google Stadia bro[View]
478556798katana zero thread: Any word on the expansion for this dropping? Also what was your favorite stage?…[View]
478554932ITT: Criminally underrated games.[View]
478527097Answer me, Astarte. If the Imperium of Man is so great, why are there no good Warhammer 40k games an…[View]
478554121ITT: we share our latest vidya purchases I just got this, about to play it now.[View]
478556529My father worked the mines 'til the day they took his life.[View]
478554318https://gatewayspaceport.com/von-braun-station/ Where were you when vidya is becoming real life?…[View]
478554306Have you pretend to be a girl in MMOs?: What did you get from that?[View]
478522349Who's the sexiest dude in Vidya?[View]
478556326Why does this game feel so slow?[View]
478553382Do you guys play vidya with your siblings? >older brother >never bothered getting good, always…[View]
478556039>Play tons of games. >Start seeing things in real life that look like graphical errors/glitch…[View]
478550593Games you remember but can't find: I'll start It was an educational Disney game where one …[View]
478555285duduh duhh duduh duhh du dudududududududu duhh[View]
478542890GOTY - GAME OF THE YEAR. YES, GAME.[View]
478553341I can’t help but think that people complaining about the monetization model are complete ignorant co…[View]
478552169>start game >worst headbob animation ive seen in years >stuttering every 20 seconds due to …[View]
478552357now that weve all had a chance to play borderlands 3, can we all agree that borderlands 2 is still t…[View]
478533087Mega Man X: Will Capcom return to the series thanks to the Legacy collections? Also post kick ass th…[View]
478554635>They went with the 'Marin turns into a gayass seagull' ending instead of the 'Marin turns into a…[View]
478556085>THIS SUMMER >'I don't think I can do this any more.' >THE CONCLUSION >'We have to …[View]
478551206>have enough money to save vidya >does nothing this is why Tim is /ourguy/…[View]
478554954Why fat characters are tanks: Really why the fuck almost every fat character in videogames are damn …[View]
478555937Will there ever be a 3rd?[View]
478555373KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFcLyDb6niA[View]
478527239Rockstar Games Has Released Its Own PC Launcher With a Free Copy of San Andreas: https://uk.ign.com/…[View]
478543253What the FUCK were they thinking??? This game is so god damn HARD. fuck your crash bandicoot baby le…[View]
478555648Hey anon, I got you that new game you wanted... Call of Duty 4, right ?[View]
478536408Why is Final Fantasy 8 hated again: Just finished it and thought it was great[View]
478551720What does it do in your favorite game?[View]
478548410I have 1 question. How come everyone loses their shit about some pokemon not being in the latest gam…[View]
478535797What exactly is wrong with enjoying a 'movie game' every now and then ?[View]
478555259BANNERLORD: soon[View]
478552810You WILL eat the fungus.[View]
478555462>*sells you crack in a bottle at a reasonable price*[View]
478555264Laughing out loud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHblwT1Xl2c[View]
478553939Is it worth pirating?[View]
478529115UNIST Thread: Almost Saturday[View]
478554893Straight pride: It's time for more straight representation, pls help poor cishets like Sans htt…[View]
478540024>celeste is har- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8fsJXSbXfo[View]
478535590>mfw robotjonesfags unironically think their literal d tier cartoon is the last punch time ultima…[View]
478551353Link is for ...[View]
478547421Unironically gonna have to play a game about fat litttle droids because Bethesda/iD are so ruthlessl…[View]
478549741I'm trying to play Arcanum but it has too many stats and options I don't know what to do[View]
478551758i still haven't played any vidya released this year. what's gud[View]
478554636how did Swery65 get away with it?[View]
478541495Sin has chosen me![View]
478526315Battlestation thread?[View]
478554296How is this possible?[View]
478554409>Credits his developers at the end of every single mission Is there a more humble game developer?…[View]
478553390Hey! I'm snowboardin' here![View]
478534016Sengoku Rance: OFFICIAL RELEASE IS OUT. It's the perfect time re-experience one of the greatest…[View]
478551918monsoon is no longer fun, fuck you hopoo[View]
478544058Resident Evil Lickers: this is licker thread[View]
478553972fighting game mains: >why yes, I do support my local every Wednesday…[View]
478553820Why does every game feel so soulless and shit nowadays? I can almost tell exactly how they were thin…[View]
478548371... and then Liquid Snake, Psycho Mantis and a band of child soldiers stole the most advanced weapon…[View]
478553756why is this allowed? b-b-benis[View]
478546092Ni No Kuni: Anyone else Hype?[View]
478545053So now that we have a new gaming genre, what is your favorite Strand game /v/?[View]
478553284How far is too far?: I guess hiring a gaijin is a mistake after all...[View]
478553629Link's Awakening out in 3.5 hours: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/character/zelda/blog/media/title-…[View]
478553501What games do you play when procrastinating?[View]
478551580>gameplay mod has graphics changes >graphics mod has gameplay changes: STOP FUCKING STOP…[View]
478548834Am I supposed to skip the dialogue in gachatrash like in an mmo? I can't be fucked reading this…[View]
478537630>item score, rarity, and level mean have almost no relation to how usefull a weapon is the fuck i…[View]
478549789>*unplug internet as soon as Invader is about to kill me*[View]
478525821Jill Valentine.[View]
478545506Does /v/ have good taste in RTS?[View]
478551629I LOVE your favorite game,and i HATE the game you love the most. How does that make you feel?[View]
478541167Unoriginal games are bad no matter how polished they are. Nothing excuses using old ideas for video …[View]
478468593cursed vidya images[View]
478538453New steam UI support animated pngs[View]
478551897Post games that normalfags don't know.[View]
478539213Times in vidya that gave you the feeling of 'what just happened?' also webm thread [View]
478530670>steam profile >last online >1460 days ago…[View]
478540754I never noticed before playing Destiny how much sprinting has ruined FPS games[View]
478536907Enclave here, why isn't your video feed working?[View]
478548716What are the best rpg's setting and world building? Kinda sick of generic fantasy land or nucle…[View]
478548930Is Musse dare I say the prettiest JRPG female character ever?[View]
478550069Grow the fuck up.[View]
4785467382 days after release I am forgotten: What went wrong?[View]
478552457hey /v/, can you recommend me a more 'realistic' video game? what i mean by that is, i find it absol…[View]
478549469Are you playing DMC5 /v/ros?[View]
478528180Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478549236ITT: Soul / soulless[View]
478514317Fallout 4 and Thus Fallout 76 are Non-Canon:: Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, T…[View]
478551825>tfw favourite twitch streamer will never stream wind waker speedruns ever again…[View]
478546682Get ready for Apple to BTFO console and PC gaming[View]
478530986XIV: gunbreaker is the worst thing to happen to tanking, period cons: duty finder flooded with alt t…[View]
478551394PC Gaming is dying[View]
478540034While Japan is busy making actual GAMES, western publishers are flooding PC with various launchers a…[View]
478551439The pinnacle of Spy Mains: https://youtu.be/732ftbd9O4c Also, TF2 Thread i guess[View]
478550194>playing Mad Father >Alfred skateboards in wearing 3D glasses >look at the download >rea…[View]
478549818182 days to go[View]
478533712We're going home, bros. We're going home.[View]
478543241It.. cracked itself?[View]
478545875ITT: Describe a video game as if you were in a 2008 Youtube Poop.[View]
478551337A silent faulty feeling.[View]
478534843Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478547514Balmora... home.[View]
478546756In my opinion one of the best new trends in western games is that female characters no longer have t…[View]
478540409> Naughty Dog has better taste than /v/ /V/ BTFO’d[View]
478550186>Game is non-linear >The second boss you fought turned out to be the hardest boss in the game …[View]
478550976>Party members comment on your choices[View]
478545009It's time to go home boys[View]
478530213What's the appeal of zelda games? I've played TP, OoT, PH, BoTW and LA. I don't get t…[View]
478550779If I cant say faggot, nigger, retard, cock, whore, cuck and fuck in a video game then it is objectiv…[View]
478549984>last time I played I was stuck on the Living Failures And that was months ago. I just want the l…[View]
478529978I'm the crazy son of a bitch who got himself a usable Ultima spell in FF2, AMA[View]
478549496Why do they keep getting away with it bros?[View]
478543975>/v/ years ago >'graphics don't matter, it's the gameplay that matters, graphicsfags…[View]
478550316I admit it. I don't like Vanilla at all. LFM ONY 20MAN, MC 20MAN, SPELLCLEAVE, DPS WARRIOR, DPS…[View]
478542058>Yfw you've never seen anything higher than 60 fps[View]
478548737Such a cutie! Say something nice to her for once[View]
478549853Games shouldn't have any story whatsoever, it just gets in the way of actual gameplay. If you w…[View]
478547220>hey, bro >what's happening?[View]
478549845Post funky OST and reaction images https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WEeVrR4IVA https://www.youtube.c…[View]
478544201Share factorio bases[View]
478548250I fucking hate this fandom and you all.[View]
478543391Will we get a scene like this for all 3 girls? I still think Aeris beats them.[View]
478546147Based as fuck[View]
478549564This shit just left early access. Worth it? Or are my gamedev dreams still memes?[View]
478523741Halo Combat Evolved was the peak of the series.[View]
478543630Is this a good deal?[View]
478549058Is it worth upgrading to an SSD in a ps4 pro? All i can find is out of date news posts about it. I h…[View]
478549397RDR UN 2 Confirmed: I will try to bring back Arthur and keep him in my yard[View]
478538116Why'd the aliens do it[View]
478545795What are they going to do?[View]
478549271You know what actually killed video games? Streaming. You see, nobody actually PLAYS video games any…[View]
478543607I am going to get borderlands with the soul purpose of making v seethe. Yeah,i am gonna play it,enjo…[View]
478547460We finally made it...[View]
478498178Code Vein: Streamer Edition No update for you peasants.[View]
478544227Why is she so fluffy?[View]
478525142risk of rain: suck on my bungus[View]
478549309What are some games with God tier combat? Beat em ups, shooters, anything goes. Hard Mode: No Yakuza…[View]
478536589Kirbo threb: He could beat Star Dream[View]
478538875What was what meant by this?[View]
478549241Cardfight Vanguard chads: Our game is coming out soon, are we hyped?[View]
478534374>Companion whines his wife is dead in some irradiated shithole while the player character is stea…[View]
478541548whats this guys deal. he's in every speedrun vid[View]
478547103>connection interrupted[View]
478548652Say HONK to your new Smash fighter[View]
478547673>the law of diminishing returns means that those niche games that you have yet to explore or know…[View]
478543820October 8th 2019.[View]
478548234Wow I wonder what I get[View]
478547848FLY ME TO THE MOON[View]
478544548Games that make you sleepy: What games do this? I cant fall asleep[View]
478545867You see this? That's not for you. Only the people who bought Fallout 76 can have them. Don…[View]
478548053>Hongkong simulator >Get in car >Hear the radio >'NIGGA FUCK MOTHERFUCK NIGGA hong kong …[View]
478541793xbox: why does this brand even exist in the year 2019? it literally offers nothing[View]
478536668Why aren't you getting good at smash ultimate?[View]
478533142It's time to talk about the greatest rpg of all time[View]
478547658The industry is absolutely over saturated with FPS shit, when will it slow down? Any chance gen z ha…[View]
478524857In a few hours, Devil May Cry 2 releases on Switch. Expectations for this massively underrated gem?[View]
478546702what am I in for?[View]
478538829>claims to catch his meat fresh from the wilds everyday >never leaves the city gate…[View]
478541126ITT: What is the greatest vidya game soundtrack of all time and why is it Streets of Rage 2?[View]
478545205here's your controller bro[View]
478540196Did they fix this game or it's still shit?[View]
478544580What color is your devil dagger /v/?[View]
478546160*steals your heart*[View]
478546097Poker Night 3: Why hasn't this been a thing yet? Who wouldn't want an online poker tournam…[View]
478545819If we can take positive messages from videogames and use them to improve our lives why can’t the opp…[View]
478544678What are the best detective-kino video games?[View]
478542485The Only 3 games i play[View]
478546720Why hasn't there ever been a video game ost that can top this masterpiece? Also, top tier vidya…[View]
478546680https://youtu.be/MobkO51msMI Post kino vidya parodies[View]
478543905What games would the Apple 'i' play?[View]
478541109Well see you later faggots. I'm leaving for the sake of my mental and social health. And also b…[View]
478546385Is Shun'ei Nero of KoF? I mean, not 100%, but spectral arm and all that stuff... it feels famil…[View]
478534018Games where the hype train was better than the hype destination?[View]
478542240>game gets a sequel 10+ years after the original came out >it's actually better I feel li…[View]
478530301ITT: Games only you played[View]
478478357Why do people play Gachas?[View]
478538414Say hello to your next smash fighter.[View]
478540642It won't be long before the trinity is completed.[View]
478535939Pick up that can[View]
478523706Dark Souls 3: I don't get it, were they all bent over railings and raped to death?[View]
478545945>reminder Zoe Quinn is a skank that needs to be beaten until she can get a fucking clue to fuck o…[View]
478545905If this game had the QoL tweaks of the sequel but with gen 4 mechanics and cross evolutions, How muc…[View]
478522713Is she a good villain?[View]
4785437282019... I am forgotten...[View]
478543358Play Wipeout[View]
478544795HE'S IN[View]
478545461how jelly are you /v/?[View]
478539482Ghost Recon: Breakpoint: Was the beta fun?[View]
478535287Why the hell the good ac games are those not being assassins and fuck around? >Be pirate >Be S…[View]
478542306>*CLANG* >You are set free! >*CLANG* >C'mon, you can do better tha- >*CLANG* …[View]
478545145Layers Of Fear: What's the verdict guys?[View]
478540567>can you add some sweeteners[View]
478541842Eliminator Kaede: One more week before her game comes out on Steam.[View]
478536294Can /v/ recommend me any good roguelike games? I'm too lazy to do my own research.[View]
478542403>'VIDEO' games what is this, youtube?[View]
478542414Games with this aesthetic?[View]
478543825>itt games you just finished right now[View]
478507798underrail: *blocks your path*[View]
478545037How happy are you that our guys are back together?[View]
478539373>smiles /v/ couldn't protect[View]
478544683AWAY! AWAY![View]
478542641It's 4AM, what are you playing? You are playing a video game, right?[View]
478535979The mystery Omega Ruby trainer...: I just bought Omega Ruby from Gamestop, and apparently it used to…[View]
478528364Hidden Gems: obscure games that are amazing[View]
478544650Are you ready for Elder Scrolls 6: Hammerfell?[View]
478544242Is pic related worth playing?[View]
478520461>coworkers start talking about video games from Japan like Fire Emblem and Persona…[View]
478533331This just got added to gamepass, currently downloading to create a sweet OCdonutsteeeel. It's a…[View]
478540425This is the best console currently on the market. You are literally unable to refute this 1. Most ex…[View]
478532079Which Fire Emblem game had the best music and why is it the Sacred Stones?[View]
478540447is she right, /v/?[View]
478488967>Actual portable console this time >An actual handheld system that justify it's shit grap…[View]
478523689OST being uploaded. https://youtu.be/Cb_VG_A5pxQ?t=2746 Best song is (at 45:46), okish? Did your son…[View]
478543334I like interpolation[View]
478543572Elder scrolls thread: Here to remind you of the hard truth's in this world Pic related[View]
478536632What have they done to the Earth? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO OUR FAIR SHIBUYA RIN?[View]
478540565Well /v/?[View]
478521842Which set is more aesthetic[View]
478531398That will be $59.99, plus tax please.[View]
478537203>there will never be a vidya protagonist as great as Cloud Strife ever again…[View]
478543152We live in a society[View]
478534779Caption this[View]
478543108>'Why yes, I do want to drive the mongrel dogs of the Empire out of Morrowind. How could you tell…[View]
478537027What's your excuse for not having a gaming PC yet?[View]
478538443I suck at stealth games what should I do with that?[View]
478537274Horror levels in non-horror games: The only thing keeping this fron being a true horror experience i…[View]
478491038Catherine Full Body: Why did they remove the SMT music? And why is Rin so cute?[View]
478542524She will cosplay Zero, a rapist. Nier/Drakengard thread I guess.[View]
478540294solve this[View]
478542038>Enemies can use vehicles[View]
478542008Mythgard: steam://install/839910 Time to shill Western Duel Masters. It's out on open beta. It…[View]
478486559Would Sonic just be better off if Christian Whitehead assumed total control? Sega already dissolved …[View]
478491970Are they the most iconic video game couple?[View]
478540149Why does everyone blame Call of Duty for the regenerating health fad?[View]
478524783Post times when you were LITERALLY the Joker in video games. >playing minecraft with my bros >…[View]
478539253>sega channel all over again All because of the control over distribution?…[View]
478536605>Most popular mouse in competitive CSGO, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, Rainbow Six Siege why d…[View]
478539498BREAK THE TARGETS[View]
478508851Monster Hunter: Post your: >First game >Favorite weapon >Favorite monster >Favorite armo…[View]
478512440No fucking around, What would you think about Doomguy being in Smash? He certainly deserves it consi…[View]
478535032September 2019 I am forgotten[View]
478489632WOW CLASSIC: >PRIEST LF 4 MAGES FOR SM SPELLCLEAVE FARM! 30xp/hr!!!!!!!! >people abused layeri…[View]
478533863*blocks your path*[View]
478522297Kirby eating Hero[View]
478537061>He says 'Nigger' over teamchat unironically What's your excuse?[View]
478540987Is this a good deal? I'm thinking of picking up two months to play Odyssey, Division 2, last tw…[View]
478538536According to Sony this is the greatest game of all time, are they right /v/?[View]
478538470sega saturn: should i sell my sega saturn with all this games dor $200? i think that most games can…[View]
478534695*blocks your snowboard* You are now listening to my race theme Just in case you aren't https://…[View]
478534231Can we talk about Lammy, her game specifically? I got this game from a flea market, and it's k…[View]
478540738>start up a new game >get a 1/5 of the way through >drop it and play other games >get su…[View]
478540660comfy optimistic ffvii:r thread: >you will live to see the entirety of ffvii remade in your lifet…[View]
478533405ITT: Characters you (and ONLY YOU) want to be in the Smash Fighter pass. Pic related[View]
478540454Troubleshooter: This is on sale, I'm thinking about picking it up. Anyone have any experience …[View]
478504520Shantae Thread: Why is it bad that the next game might come in partly releases?[View]
478486109/comfy/ spots in your favorite games[View]
478528373Why don't you make your own video game?[View]
478540092What is the life of Pablo of videogames?[View]
478540010His Maverick Hunter X theme > his original theme you physically can't dispute this.[View]
478540079Dark Souls: Remastered: Anyone feel like Deuling in Ruins? Password is 12345678[View]
478539843For me it's the riekling[View]
478539035What the fuck, doom was on SNES?[View]
478516670Is this worth the purchase?[View]
478539803Why is it that every time a realistic game comes out it starts to look dated a few years later. I re…[View]
478539269Why does any thread praising GTA V trigger so many furious replies on /v/? 'Old game faggot' 'Imagin…[View]
478537513fuck this game bros. i'm playing it on the hardest difficulty and am well over an hour into thi…[View]
478533213How do i start with shin megami tensei?: Kind intrested in the series, what's the most friendly…[View]
478538101Is it possible to play a pure caster in this? No melee or firearms whatsoever, magic 100% of the tim…[View]
478533775Kat on the front page![View]
478525692/v/ core y/n[View]
478539402>Sonic love Chili Dogs >Tails love mint candies >Knuckles love grapes what's up with t…[View]
478535336how do you feel about photorealism in games reaching a point where you pretty much will be walking t…[View]
478537503Crack WHEN?[View]
478538936What the actual fuck were they thinking?[View]
478538324plane vidya: Does /v/ like plane games?[View]
478537929post random vidya flavored pics[View]
478528761>Atlus erasing SMT from existence no... i don't like this bros...[View]
478485564>WE ALREADY KNOW THE SMELL OF THE GAYYYYYY What did they mean by that?[View]
478488823You've missed your daily dose of Kanna Thread for a long time, /v/. Let's fix that.[View]
478535418What is the best portable emulationstation /v/? is it just the psp?[View]
478538262>joke character turns out to be strong[View]
478534740whats the best pirate site? dont feel like buying waiting for a steam sale[View]
478538167Art thread: Post concept/production art from your favorite video games and try to avoid being called…[View]
478533579I don't care to play vidya like I use to[View]
478538028How big is too big for a weapon?: Thoughts?[View]
4785061613x3 Thread: Let's get a 3x3 thread going, but rather than list our favorites, let's try sh…[View]
478533546She is part of the darkness now....[View]
478537738Do CRTs super sample.: I was watching this video and they were talking about how clear the game look…[View]
478529862What is the best 2D platformer ever made?[View]
478527642https://youtu.be/LNHbm7GBHwg Yikes. Didn't know how extensive the guy's craziness was.[View]
478536934Play Juna's game's demo![View]
478530908What the fuck is this?[View]
478533647DOOR STUCK DOOR ||gmodthread||[View]
478536183How can a game from 2016 be this uncompromisingly ugly even on High while also running like complete…[View]
478530507Fall in love yet?[View]
478524810YOU’RE CRAZY[View]
478534284>World of WarCraft >Final Fantasy XIV >Star Wars the Old Republic >Guild Wars 2 >Blac…[View]
478534940These are new weapons being introduced into Fallout 76 in an upcoming patch. The plasma caster, Gaus…[View]
478537308PS Home: on PS5? Hope?[View]
478529996Why is Capcom so good at making sexy butts?: In contrast to most Japanese developers, Capcom give th…[View]
478533672How do you guys rank Final Fantasy games and why mine is correct?[View]
478517157>private Steam profiles What are they hiding?[View]
478528837Hah hah hah, ooh hoo hoo! You wish to guard the Dark Souls 2 thread, you do? For the Prince, and the…[View]
478526870This game is frustrating and bullshit[View]
478537064>tfw don't live in a world where pic related are executed in public as a warning against emb…[View]
478535765Yo literally what the fuck, Miyazaki??[View]
478458532This is Misako and Kyoko. Any questions?[View]
478517850post cool videogame outfits[View]
478536012>I didn't like Undertale[View]
478528113do NPC's permanently disappear if you die too much? Do you get permanently locked out of questl…[View]
478534631only the cutest senrans allowed.[View]
478506752How come vidya devs ignore Latin American gaming market?: It's a huge one and people are having…[View]
478535872Games with a similar feel and world to this one?[View]
478536481Lore rape in vidya: ITT: Video game lore rape Why didn't Paul just use the House Atreides Minot…[View]
478525052Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore: This game sold like shit, but none of the parties involved lost money …[View]
478535975Just got this game from the Rockstar Launcher. How do I get Xbox controller button prompts instead o…[View]
478535480Ring Fit Adventure: What other game lets you deal damage by flashing your crotch at the enemy?…[View]
478532805Just finished Xenoblade on Wii, should I play this or skip it and play 2? Heard X was shitty but Lin…[View]
478496783Porno mag?! Where?[View]
478535871is this thing actually fun, /v/?[View]
478535117/v/, I’m DARKEL.[View]
478522158Caption this[View]
478533923What video game did you play on September 19, 1999?[View]
478525958Do you use game launchers, /v/? It's better than all your meme stores, particularly because I p…[View]
478535587You guys ready for MW 2019? Is it going to be just like the good ol days? before you had responsibil…[View]
478496925New SOLDIER FF7R: What rank is he? 3rd, 2nd or 1st?[View]
478535191Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: This is a good game[View]
478535132Post characters with Ascended-tier voices.[View]
478532458They have female multiplayer operators in this game. I, for one, hope you can customize the size of …[View]
478531068ITT: Games only you played[View]
478503719Levels/areas that dont exist: >subterranean oceans >haunted shopping mall >boat >reverse…[View]
478534726>Loved the atmosphere but now I can't find anything similar feeling to play…[View]
478534676Got Final Fantasy 9 on Steam. I've never played it before and I'm pretty excited to finall…[View]
478527538Serious: What are signs that a game hasn't aged well? (provide examples)[View]
478526727If we get a new Donkey Kong game, which Kong should return this time? >Lanky >Chunky >Kiddy…[View]
478530405It started as a meme but now I really want her.[View]
478530525Caption this[View]
478532884Who is hiring them to just attack random people and get into shootouts with super mutants?[View]
478534546Post your vidya Desktop wallpapers[View]
478534469>BREAKING: EXCLUSIVE: Local pothead closes his blinds.[View]
478526535Wait...I Know You[View]
478531991Look at this duck[View]
478525897Way of the Samurai thread: will we ever get a fifth one one bros...[View]
478531693Yeah The Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PS4 are pretty neat gaming platforms in their own right. But let…[View]
478534165what are some games with depressing lore?[View]
478534134Soon Epicbros...[View]
478534094speccy thread: What are some games you can play on a craptop?[View]
478524194I just can't seem to remember his name, /v/. Can you help me out?[View]
478524904>Sonic was never good.: Were they right, /v/?[View]
478533920His heel turn is so brilliant that brainlets couldn't comprehend it[View]
478533842I liked it[View]
478533815id/thebigbraingamer please add me. I am very lonely and would like to make friends to play with and …[View]
478532998Gradius V: >Second boss has 5 forms Is this game supposed to be beatable? What do?…[View]
478499612#1: Margaret Thatcher jokes[View]
478527514Rain world thread: Rain world thread[View]
478532740 [View]
478532197>ww2 game >russian tactics are just running at enemy in large groups…[View]
478516837>sits on your face[View]
478532728https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kItAbKBtIt4 this is the real niggas game of the gen[View]
478528681What are the most controversial questions that will always spark a shitstorm on /v/?[View]
478501698>no actual main story, just a central plot throughout many shitty stories no one really cares abo…[View]
478514976>I literally applauded as the end credits rolled on Super Mario Odyssey gaming journalism is such…[View]
478532743ITT: QUALITY Helios' model in the game looked very low quality compared to the other characters[View]
478515112Why did microsoft become public enemy number 1 out of nowhere[View]
478532651For me, it's Flowen's Sword (AUW-3084)[View]
478531489Who’s more based?[View]
478531535can we atleast give xbox credit for having the best online service + achievements system?[View]
478526838>Party member is useless for 90% of the game until the very end where they become broken…[View]
478532823Whats his endgame?[View]
478532721Pick up that can[View]
478509463Let's play the health bar game /v/: >post the picture of a game's healthbar/HUD >oth…[View]
478522481This is your 5th Fighter[View]
478514487Sengoku Rance: The official release of Sengoku Rance is coming out in a few hours. Will you be playi…[View]
478528610Don't these two look familiar to anyone?[View]
478528673Way of the samurai 1 and 2 on PC when?[View]
478531883>Remember Alf? He’s back, in pog form.[View]
478530748Mr Kojima has arrived...[View]
478522046What is the Bulletball of vidya? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOOw2yWMSfk[View]
478512749old and forgotten[View]
478521659Do you own any video game merchandise?[View]
478524967What games cause you frustration?[View]
478530516How do i unlock this outfit in oddessy?: Please[View]
478531982Is this any good?[View]
478527402Hey, I got something in the mail[View]
478526068Why is Persona 5 so soulless compared to the previous games?[View]
478514716When sapient machines exist, will you betray humanity, side with them, and marry one? I will. They…[View]
478531767People are bitching about the price now, but eventually the remake will be regarded as a classic in …[View]
478525131You could've saved it. You could've saved Bioware. You could've convinced EA that the…[View]
478531321CRACK WHEN? Fuck denuvo.[View]
478530425WoW comfort thread.: The cold mountains of Dun Morogh. Home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSU4_lF…[View]
478531634YAME YAME![View]
478530938What did they mean by this[View]
478524027What is /v/'s opinion on Japanese /pol/ action game ? Do you think, it have a chance to be rele…[View]
478528962What went wrong?[View]
478526364sign here if you prefer consoles over pc meme race.[View]
478527564>Mario eats a Super Mushroom >Turns into 'Super Mario' >Getting hit turns him back into 'Re…[View]
478523335How come fire is always the 'default' element? It's usually one of the first elements you learn…[View]
478524869I would do anything for this to be real but it's not real; and it will probably never be real. …[View]
478525428Please remember to get a full night's sleep. You can play video games tomorrow when you're…[View]
478527046Rain World Thread?: Rain World Thread. How do I get these scavs to stop throwin shit at me? >Durr…[View]
478519580Why does the new Shantae game look like shit?[View]
478531153>you know damn well what happens Do you still put her in your party, or give someone else a well …[View]
478529979Which modern fps has the best single player campaign? Pic not related at all.[View]
478530934>equip necklace >it shows on my character…[View]
478531025wtf is this shit? Fucking GROSS[View]
478525945post highscore you cunts[View]
478524129What's the FUCKING point in making her bi? >durr get over it No. There is literally no point…[View]
478530863Reminder for classic bros considering getting this since they you have an active sub anyway, unlocki…[View]
478530183Looks like it was a massive success and /v/ was wrong AGAIN[View]
478530332https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDf5gfDpSn4 Can anyone confirm if this is real or fake? I'm pre…[View]
478530602 [View]
478528076RDR2 CONFIRMED COMING TO PC, LITERALLY REALLY CONFIRMED THIS TIME: >Get 25 kills with this stone …[View]
478530582what are some games with depressing lore?[View]
478525025You're gonna buy it anyways[View]
478527031>game allows RAPE in it[View]
478528778Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
478528913its going to be shit, isnt it[View]
478530372switch port when?[View]
478528504it only took over a week for us to get confirmation that everyone can't tell the difference bet…[View]
478530358The last of us: This game was very easy to beat. Even in hard mode. Even a 10 year old kid can beat …[View]
478529575ITT: The Comfy Thread: >turn on PC >Open jewtube >search lofi/jazz >Open WoW >Get c…[View]
478528531>Game has a very interesting premise and story >story plot points seriously seem amazing and y…[View]
478502548Imagine wanting Sora over Geno[View]
478528096Your daily reminder that >pic related is looking forward to FF7R, and so should you.…[View]
478525069>hitboxes worse than QL >warpy as fuck >sound awful and uninformative >lizard bitch OP a…[View]
478528858Stardew Valley: Is this worth it? going around being a farmer seems boring to be honest[View]
478529049Ducky Kong Dead: Funky Kong was found dead earlier this morning of an aparent overdose outside his M…[View]
478525151Can you connect Joycons you this thing? If so, how do you charge them?[View]
478527651Why do boomers like shit gameplay and stiff animations so much[View]
478527356Soul vs soulless[View]
478529149How do they play just dance???[View]
478500551Gears 5's microtransactions, Tour of Duty rewards, and playable characters need to be addressed…[View]
478502230post you're toon[View]
478490190What does /v/ use to play fighting games?[View]
478521184ANYTHING can get a remaster![View]
478529032who were your childhood vidya heroes?[View]
478512128why does /v/ hate this game? i have never played the game before and know very little beside sans a…[View]
478527030Dark Souls has good gamepla-[View]
478528381reviews Nintendo 64 games: Emulators: https://mupen64plus.org https://www.retroarch.com Roms: https:…[View]
478527284Hey, have you seen a remake around here?[View]
478520138So how long until /v/ starts saying Skyward Sword was one of the best games in the Zelda series like…[View]
478491823>Defeated by my own son? The feeling is not entirely unpleasant... Gosh darn it, old man. Why did…[View]
478517756Nintendo is the Apple of video games.[View]
478526176Anon no![View]
478518621What are your favorite moments in the Silent Hill series? I've been very gracious with the lat…[View]
478516747Will I get banned on steam for using a VPN to buy games not available in my region?[View]
478522979Stop having sex[View]
478523716>Visuals are soundtrack aren't enough to make up for shit story and gamepla-…[View]
478528260>boi made every roguelite into a gay luck-based bullethell thanks for ruining gaming forever edmu…[View]
478526861This is the best thing to happen to gaming since Halo 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdkE12IB2yk…[View]
478519864Post the highest quality games of the decade, since making a 'game of the decade' thread a…[View]
478528102L4D2 Mods: Name some good mods[View]
478518591Besides Bethesda games, what other games have a good mod scene?[View]
478482205This is the purest kino in videogame form.[View]
478520805Don't know if i'm growing old perhaps but the last time I was genuinly hyped for a game wa…[View]
478456571Queen /v/ Tournament - Round 4: Well here we are again i who will make it to the quarter finals? Arc…[View]
478527621Is this the greatest strategy game ever conceived?[View]
478519692>Game features a branching narrative[View]
478527384*gets raped by a tranny in your path*[View]
478523624PurePwnage: Admit it /v/, this was the greatest video game show ever... next to Codemonkeys[View]
478514718Do you ever force yourself to finish a game you're not enjoying just because you paid for it?[View]
478526017Here's you're final Smash Brothers character[View]
478519620Friend says I have aspergers for playing this. How is this any different from role playing an army m…[View]
478521835Is that thread again?: > Pick the name of a videogame you like >Replace all the vowels for the…[View]
478524029Caption this too[View]
478519067>european >join american server >2-3 americans talking NON-STOP over mic…[View]
478524724Tales of: Arise looking nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB43bXyoFzg[View]
478523905Flaws aside, this is a really comfy game.[View]
478522998i feel like this is the only game i'm interested in playing, but it's stupidly priced.. an…[View]
478526482I don’t know shit about Genesis. I know, roms, but the cool thing about these is that you can find g…[View]
478526484bo rai cho for smash: bo rai cho is a piece of shit character but at least i can take bo rai cho for…[View]
478523752>b-but you can’t expand storage on the PSP go!!!! now it is the most based handheld in existence.…[View]
478522810heart pounding vidya moments: Post your heart pounding vidya moments, ill start >about to play so…[View]
478525496HELP: Where the fuck do i get the jp version of koikatsu party? I've been looking online and I …[View]
478525367Any other excuses why you're not playing Todd's Magnum Opus?[View]
478507590Is it just me or was this years summer-/v/ really not as bad as usual? Are teens losing interest in …[View]
478520067How much fun am i about to have?[View]
478525853>I WILL NOT BE DETERRED[View]
478524406You DID pick yours up, right?[View]
478524487>Can't skip the ending credits[View]
478524031The Sega Nomad: The Sega Nomad[View]
478523886I don't like Persona 5. The story seem over the top and felt inconsistences and the characters …[View]
478525017>(remain silent) This was by far the cringiest option I have ever seen in the history of games.…[View]
478525882>low spec high content >easy but high skill ceiling >want more but don't want to pay f…[View]
478516890Should I buy Persona 5? I've never played a Persona game. Should I just wait for Persona 5 Roya…[View]
478525805Realistically speaking, with everything Squaresoft is working on, when can we expect a FF 16 the ear…[View]
478513120Pac-Man World 1: 1.50m sold Pac-Man World 2: 2.37m sold Pac-Man World 3: 0.45m sold What the fuck we…[View]
478519256How many years would you guess it'll be before this game comes out?[View]
478524525Why are there rarely anymore 2d video games?[View]
478525721>Ronin >Samurai >Ninja Where I can play as Omnyouji aka The Wizard class of Japan?…[View]
478479819Opinions you've seen on /v/ that make you feel like this, anon?[View]
478525517Holy shit and I thought the past 2 endings were bad[View]
478522994Very important question: I know this is a gaming forum but hear me out. Why is it called a Butt Crac…[View]
478517825What are The Beatles of vidya?[View]
478507084Is this the worst character design of all time?[View]
478525127Into the trash it goes[View]
478478948Apparently Valve banned all the thirdies from Dota 2 Permanently, too[View]
478524281does anyone have any strategies for r3-b3? I cannot beat this no matter what I try[View]
478525147Theres a lack of FF7 Remake threads, so here's a FF7 Remake thread. What are your hopes? What a…[View]
478525075Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke.[View]
478492886*blows up the kitchen*[View]
478524858Where do I find Akmal?[View]
478520919>five years of development[View]
478522575Hey /v/ I just wanted to say that I love every single one you What games are you playing?[View]
478524698So here's a question for you Alex... https://youtu.be/WLvXs7sIHaw How do we do this without kil…[View]
478521961Battle for Wesnoth: How the FUCK is the iOS version so great while the Android version has that dumb…[View]
478511319Asahi is cute !! CUTE !![View]
478524030vidya achievements thread post achievements you're actually proud of[View]
478522847Did they choose the wrong year to release Cyberpunk 2077???: Cyberpunk obviously has no chance to wi…[View]
478521053No Man's Sky VR, new patch: Today's No Man's Sky patch improved PSVR graphics by a lo…[View]
478509902Use Ai bot to create stories about vidya: https://talktotransformer.com/[View]
478519257 [View]
478524354WHAT I WOULD FUCKING LOVE TO DO TO THIS Stepmania thread[View]
478524003>be me >playing kino of duty nigger ops >die to a camper >I yell at voice chat FUCK YOU …[View]
478511167Games which have too much content: Games which have too much content. I'll start. >Been play…[View]
478523215>the dyson sphere was there all along[View]
478524117*munch munch munch* mmm.... thats damn good![View]
478521581They're in, brotha![View]
478507553OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
478520508this is an acceptable DSL speed in 2019 from AT&T with only one device (the device making the sp…[View]
478523182>enemy is fucking adorable[View]
478520471Best Hitman: pure, delicious KINO[View]
478503435Risk of Rain 2: Play Engineer.[View]
478517461Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4WPkw3AKSQ[View]
478515065Bioshock is trash: The pacing of this game is FUCKING AWFUL, I just finished it and holy fucking shi…[View]
478516223Besides 2 or 3 exceptions, Megaman games aren't that hard desu[View]
478523195>accidentely aggroing a high level enemy[View]
478499385>download trial >forced first and last name for my toon into the trash…[View]
478523565ITT: games only you have played[View]
478522901Should we spam SqEn about this? Nier Automata on switch would be amazing, it is a no brainer to port…[View]
478522565Yeah!! This is DJ Professor K, baby, the master of mayhem you know what i'm sayin' bringin…[View]
478523014>the year of 2000+19 >still using discord There are better vidya voice chat services you know…[View]
478520687Is this the worst Link of all time?[View]
478521345I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames Es…[View]
478515680Big shells: Any games where I can send large explosive shells at things? I'm very autistically …[View]
478521154>Why yes, Masashi Hamauzu's 'Besaid' from Final Fantasy X is my favorite video gam…[View]
478520762I for one miss *winks* Barren's Chat[View]
478522762Is Valve a perfect company? No one can even name 1 thing that they did that was bad.[View]
478512634>he buys shit games just because there's cute girls in them[View]
478523185>have history of high end raiding before I quit WoW 5 years ago >top 200 world kills including…[View]
478516827Have you tried disconnecting from online games and just done some comfy single player offline? I rec…[View]
478522929This game should absolutely not be considered a Metroidvania. It's misleading. Metroidvanias ar…[View]
478521995Anyone have that smash Bros tier list of all the character’s ethnicities?[View]
478440118What is your team gonna be like?[View]
478514567is this game fun so far? I was replaying the zero trilogy (never played the third, I already know et…[View]
478519708SSSHHHHIIIITTTT my subscription to this stupid crap just ran out 10 MINUTES ago whilst i was Playing…[View]
478522464They surely must be in soon, right?[View]
478512694I've been looking for you. Got something I'm supposed to deliver, your hands only.[View]
478522424How does your backlog look like /v/?[View]
478499791ITT: wrong things with video games today: I'll start: >no destructible terrain/building/prop…[View]
478515032Cheating to get past a boss or challenge isnt scummy.[View]
478454906>Stadia will fail[View]
478516374What is your honest opinion on Half Life?[View]
478517074So how the hell does Cloud get to Sephiroths level? I mean he literally could fucking shot and 2 yea…[View]
478518634what's /v/ opinion on japanese games?[View]
478522148What videogames feature chilean characters?[View]
478515247Is this a good or a bad ending?[View]
478522056Anyone want to play L4D2 with me? Right now I'm trying to beat Swamp Fever and The Parish on ex…[View]
478522035>climax of trailer is shouting FUS RO DAH at dragon >this is the most worthless shout to use o…[View]
478521103Just finished GTA IV what did I think of it?[View]
478521435Well that was disappointing, I thought they'd get a few scenes being bros[View]
478446034OH NO NO NO https://youtu.be/5jqSOk89788[View]
478521129How do you feel about 'crushing' in classic Sonic? Do you think it's cheap or fair? I…[View]
478518119comfey pokemon thread[View]
478518318Diet sausage[View]
478518919ITT: Characters you would start a family with[View]
478519687Ellone just wanted Laguna to be there when Raine gave birth to Squall. She just wanted her family to…[View]
478516912Has it gotten any better? Is it worth another shot?[View]
478519219Sorry for bad English. I can provide information. Next fighter is Mr. Mandude from Cockshotter. He u…[View]
478516273post smash tiers[View]
478511820Post tight ass video game soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qApHtzyRq0[View]
478516706who's the target of this game?[View]
478509161This is such fucking bullshit. Daymare is amazing!: Fucking Reviewers don't know a fucking thin…[View]
478508932Will it be ever topped?[View]
478521164Now loading... Team Deathmatch Hanger[View]
478516470Is there a single company more scummy than Disney?[View]
478518576videogames where the main character is dangerously red pilled?[View]
478519198why does geoff keighley dick ride hideo kojima so hard?[View]
478519135>villain gets away with committing numerous mass atrocities[View]
478515668What are some fun games for people who are extremely autistic?[View]
478520929Wtf this came out yesterday? Anyone play it? I k ow we won't have another Tony Hawk game but ho…[View]
478520734Mario Kart Tour ‘course under construction’: Why are these so good? https://youtu.be/aixSc5LxJkQ htt…[View]
478520906post mains and gsp What's the matter Anon? You are in elite smash, aren't you?[View]
478508306Is she right about FromSoft games only appealing to people who want to brag about being a gamer and …[View]
478520815What are some other games that have stats like this on Steam?[View]
478520364Who likes video game rips?: You can rip texture files from Touhou Azure Reflections now thanks to Sw…[View]
478513998Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478517673How would Steve's reveal trailer go?: Without immediately spoiling it's Steve by entering …[View]
478482293do graphics matter, /v/?[View]
478515310Nostalgia or Masterpiece?[View]
478519223Pirating games from large studios like valve or gearbox is perfectly fine. Although you should stil…[View]
478515791He's in.[View]
478520231How much is this worth? A naga just dropped it[View]
478511318>MC lives in a society[View]
478519945You ever have an online vidya friend that just disappeared off the face of the Earth? They don'…[View]
478517034Itt smiles you want to protect[View]
478517219Cry of Fear: Is this game any good?[View]
478520201>Grindhouse level >Black guys that know kung fu >Cannibals >and Nazis start showing up…[View]
478514913the only way to make this game playable is to rebuild from scratch with a framework that does it jus…[View]
478510132Rockstar Games Has Released Its Own PC Launcher With a Free Copy of San Andreas: https://uk.ign.com/…[View]
478508813The final boss cutscene where all the friends and people you met along the way cheer you on gives me…[View]
478453542Deep Rock Galactic: Deep rock galactic thread Drillbros got a buff edition[View]
478519852PS4 or PC Which version is better and/or has less issues?[View]
478519847The face of someone that corporate pays to be on the front line to take all the flack for their bad …[View]
478519265>anon fell for PC gayming meme[View]
478478676What was the narrative purpose of this scene?[View]
478512259>when the ps4 crashes and its been an hour since your last save[View]
478518474>Game is cheap >Is 100% finished >No bugs >Negative review, 'Game is abandoned. No free …[View]
478516127Remakes and Artstyles: Do you know of any games that remake the game with an awful artstyle?[View]
478515997IT'S PAYNE[View]
478517830Heres a bulborb. Please take care of him.[View]
478439006Do you like lady knights in your vidya?[View]
478519305horde V alliance: why aren't you playing horde anon? you don't want to be a nerd right???…[View]
478510289I'm stuck in the G Phase 3 fight, I have 6 magnum rounds, 1 shotgun round and 3 handgun bullets…[View]
478517126This has gone on long enough, it's finally time to end it... Come at me... ANOOOOOOOOON!!![View]
478519279people who are obsessed over him are the worse[View]
478519186*Ahem* Everyone, I have an announcement to make. EpicGames DEVS are mentally ill troglodytes. They h…[View]
478518495What is the greatest portable console of all time, and why is it the Vita?[View]
478519089How do we fix his gameplay to be at least good as chad Copen?[View]
478518950Is Yakuza 0 the best combat system of all time?: I was trying to convince a friend of mine to pick u…[View]
478515743How would you make a horror game?[View]
478518497Mario thinks he could outsmart me. Maybe, maybe I have yet to see a plumber outsmart bullet[View]
478518939Why did hitler attack in person? What if he made a perfect copy of himself that was 6 inches tall, h…[View]
478518843*blocks ur path*[View]
478510570smash bros request tier list: just need to make sure what number this op is so i can remeber before …[View]
478517912>fucked my hand up really bad from punching my monitor because i got ganked in classic wow >ER…[View]
478470559>game is about puzzle solving and exploration >lets just throw in tacked on action based boss …[View]
478515736gom_flattglass.....home. atleast until they fuck everithing up.[View]
478517220Will Elven Ring be good or just another soulborne clone?[View]
478518469Complete. Global... PENETRATION: Should I release George Bush into the atmosphere?[View]
478514019could hat kid get in smash?[View]
478505741pc gamers wont admit how inconvenient it is. steam, epic games, uplay, origins, battlenet, TOO MANY …[View]
478514284>character is a dual-wielder >regular attacks only hit once…[View]
478491540Welcome to McPuyo! What are you going to order today?[View]
478517078>Be me a couple of minutes ago playing TF2 >Be on hightower >Its silent except for this one…[View]
478515721Look how they massacred my boy[View]
478513567Just picked up a wheel bros. What are some decent PlayStation 2 and PSX racers I should get (aside f…[View]
478517776ITT: THICC[View]
478517590>/v/ hates this game now Is it because it got popular?[View]
478515987This game is so fucking garbage. What the fuck is with this terrible level design? How the FUCK do y…[View]
478517505>get the super ultra one shot quest item to kill the big bad >use it on a nameless mob >new…[View]
478499290Artstyle in geams: What's your favorite vidya artstyle? Starting with an obvious one.[View]
478517932>*SIP* I remember when endgame gear was a challenge that required multiple people and skills to a…[View]
478509938Never should have come here[View]
478507428Veronica is cute. I want to put my lips against those thicc cheeks of hers and kiss her then give he…[View]
478517623How many publishers left are big enough to get away with their own launcher?[View]
478511905Why don't you trophy hunt /v/? Do you not finish your games?[View]
478512993>/v/ gets flooded with FF7 Remake threads >Mostly waifufags arguing over who is better for Clo…[View]
478509686How does the multiplayer aspect of this game exactly works? Can you give other players stuff while h…[View]
478517195does /v/ like brian david gilbert?[View]
478517190Live streaming: What is the appeal of twitch, or vidya game live streams? What do you get out of it,…[View]
478507147What is THE Game of the Decade? Any game from 2010 to 2019.[View]
478512603Any games with funny little creatures?[View]
478516510I'm going to waste all of my money on this someone please stop me[View]
478511000Digimon Cyber Sleuth Collection: I was thinking about picking this up when it comes out, but it’s ha…[View]
478511714Games that no one gives a shit about...: Pick related[View]
478495523Is the moist nugget a meme gun in today's day?[View]
478496423>play Sims >go to a bar with hopes of getting laid >meet a milf >she's a business m…[View]
478510440>you can see Stone Tower from Snowhead It's the little things.[View]
478516565Death Stranding Countdown: 50 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes and 15 seconds until gaming is revolutionize…[View]
478512360Lets have a joke /tv/, do you know what you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society t…[View]
478508850>protagonist in the first game is the final boss in the sequel What games do this?…[View]
478514545Is mack the only good game reviewer left? Based cunt tells it as it is, not bullshit.[View]
478515154do you like huey lewis and the news?[View]
478509664Thoughts on walking simulators aka 'First-person Adventure' games?: Do you guys think that genre des…[View]
478513250Link's Awakening: So soulless, that the supporting cast jumped off that ship.[View]
478514109Anyone still playing this? I remember I once installed it as a joke to try it out and it actually wa…[View]
478506124>male party member uses weapons >female party member uses magic…[View]
478515362How fun is Castle Crashers? Will I turn gay if I play as a fire demon?[View]
478513756>Samurai game >Not made by Japs What's the point?…[View]
478515863>he remaps the controller[View]
478511398How did you like Control, /v/? So many questions left unanswered. >What is The City? >What is …[View]
478513368Which final evo will be the fan favorite?[View]
478480772defend this[View]
478509986The bombs payload is exposed. I can use the power winch to trigger a controlled explosion. The bombs…[View]
478514498>'You need to grow up and get over it.' Who was in the wrong here? It made me laugh when Noctis …[View]
478512005>we want the ______ audience[View]
478509151Monster hunter iceborne: Why was the last thread deleted?[View]
478432974ASTRAL CHAIN(アストラルチェイン) ストーリートレーラー: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhEl8dSpKQ4[View]
478510151Mr. Howard has arrived...[View]
478511869>installing Halo 2 on my spare desktop >tfw going to play slayer with my brother all night …[View]
478510165ITT: Hidden gems[View]
478514350Imagine the posibilities[View]
478505061Your favorite videogame now has an obligatory water level. How are you enjoying it?[View]
478511020Under Appreciated Fighting Game Characters: For me, it's Seth from SF4. >has moves from vari…[View]
478511997Can any autistic Germans do me a favor and repost any infographics/copypastas on how to run these ga…[View]
478503491*introduces an entire generation of kids to jungle and drum n' bass*[View]
478515191>tfw just became a Janitor Cunny posting and pokemon posting is now allowed!…[View]
478511663Analyze his design and personality[View]
478507772Downloading all three games, what am i in for?[View]
478508758Replaying games: I have never replayed a game in my entire life. Even if it's a game I really l…[View]
478512496Age of Decadence: Forget the UnderRail threads for a bit. Gimme some protips for starting this. I al…[View]
478512962I'm playing this. How do I like it so far?[View]
478511621How fun is River City girls? Will I turn gay if I play as a girl?[View]
478514659Thoughts on FF14?: I bought this game a few years ago and stopped after playing it for like a month …[View]
478501264 [View]
478511038What games have the best robots?[View]
478510338What game's /v/ fanbase has the highest IQ?[View]
478511653Phantom exterior like fish eggs, Interior like suicide wrist-reds, I could exercise you, this could …[View]
478514369Reminder that Klonoa will be another swordie[View]
478514274Kill la Kill IF: How's this game doing online on PS4? I heard the PC version was dead as expect…[View]
478508494Will Nintendo ever make an asian character? They've been appropriating our culture for three de…[View]
478506628 [View]
478500479Screencap this post. By 2026 the Nintendo Switch will beat the PS2s global sales record and here…[View]
478514102This alone has me not excited for the 10th anniversary surprises. What is the appeal of being soulle…[View]
478509983hi /v/ im extremely deep in the recesses of my brain right now and cannot remember for the life of m…[View]
478475435Why is she so perfect?[View]
478508523What makes it so good?: I can't quite put my finger on it. In terms of mechanics there are many…[View]
478501613>29 empty slots are in the game, some of which are already used by existing DLC >alts take up …[View]
478513343crag hack is for retards[View]
478513423hawkeye for smash: https://youtu.be/ynfroCV52pk https://youtu.be/hdTxlDOKVOs https://youtu.be/-mdLIW…[View]
478513085Steam library update: How are you liking it anons?[View]
478510280Only 2235 Days until the full release of Deltarune![View]
478471552TF2 Thread: Favorite Class? Favorite Map? Favorite Song? Favorite 'Meet the' Video? Favorite Weapon?…[View]
478510607Epic Games Giveaway: It's gonna be gay ass lego batman, ain't it?[View]
478507671How important is level design, strictly in terms of gameplay?[View]
478512835Catherine: .....[View]
478504197>Game is so good that you actually got sad that it was over >Spend your time looking at scree…[View]
478507830scorpion for fucking smash: a moment of your time please fuck otis fuck japan fuck reimu fuck antifa…[View]
478511281>girl gets into wreck >suggests makeup for today last week for date >doesn’t respond at all…[View]
478512647what are your thoughts on the blizzcon exclusive mount of this year? it looks great[View]
478512303Here's your Warframe, bro.[View]
478512837Why is Squenix screwing Switch owners?: Fuck them. They're siphoning off games from SNES online…[View]
478510281Steam community? STEAMER community.[View]
478512554>launch VIDEO game >start screen is a static image…[View]
478510452Realistic dark Mario game when?[View]
478510334>bullying is bad[View]
478505510is /v/ ever right?[View]
478477178DEATH STRANDING FAST TRAVEL CONFIRMED: I was worried always having to walk around could get monotono…[View]
478501503ITT: Weapons that suffered death by nerf[View]
478510438What are they playing?[View]
478509639hey /v/, i need some tips with sekiro when i'm watching a video and someone says 'be aggressive…[View]
47846749348 hours until consolefags get BTFO[View]
478510675Which is the best Dragon Quest game and why?[View]
478508618WoW leak: >The Horde and the Alliance are split into four factions; The Alliance of Stormwind, Th…[View]
478511790What are some games that have no[View]
478506823Remember when games made you draw your own map? Post maps you’ve drawn yourself. Pic related, i’m c…[View]
478501762Game Engines: Id Tech 4 was underrated.[View]
478508318Is anyone else having problems with matchmaking? It just throws me into the same match with 3 AFK pl…[View]
478511306Ace Combat 7's Story DLC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jex31vu25UQ[View]
478511387You said it was bad /v/![View]
478502132VR: Planning to get into VR soon, what does /v/ think about the Oculus Rift S?[View]
478507536>it's a Gootecks' Dhalsim episode[View]
478508847Find Kirby[View]
478511323>Sony E3 2006 was 13 years ago[View]
478506916Analyze his design and personality[View]
478490920Dead Space was the greatest horror game ever created.[View]
478509779Konami shills btfo. It's going to be GOTY.[View]
478511207Spyro Mutt Duck: How the fuck did Activision get away with this?[View]
478475579find a flaw[View]
478511137Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478505485Back in the day, I remember using Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, and pirating Dreamcast games all da…[View]
478458537Mecha: Yep.[View]
478503735Defend this /v/[View]
478508583Daddy Boss[View]
478507145Session: Have any of you played this yet? Is it worth picking up now or wait for it to be worked on …[View]
478508928Fate Extraverse: Keep me a quick rundown on why the Extraverse is fucking terrible[View]
478510648When did you realize he was right?[View]
478510737Why doesn't Nintendo let you play with friends in Mario Maker 2?[View]
478510226Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition: Reminder to all you Meliafags that she will always remain …[View]
478495985>has gay characters written into game >doesn't base their entire personality and identity…[View]
478508536ITT normalfag games that /v/ still likes a lot.[View]
478510682post/rate profiles[View]
478509429This is underrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYUMd2GvwsU[View]
478510501>you get three correct responses for tea time with Annet or Dorthea. >fuck up at the last ques…[View]
478506269Who does Kait deserve? Tiny tiny JD dick or MASSIVE BLACK Del dick?[View]
478510482We're putting together a team[View]
478501172EEK! Did you touch me?[View]
478506487Apologize and admit that Hideo Kojima is a genius. Admit that Death Stranding is going to be game of…[View]
478496502how does she eat so much without becoming a fat american[View]
478502318madeline is a boy or a girl?[View]
478500925Let's Discuss Banjo & Kazooie in Smash: It's been two weeks since his release. He…[View]
478510225games where worst girl lives[View]
478393332Mr. Howard has arrived...[View]
478510175Nintendo should do a cross promotion with The Behemoth: Where Link is put in the Switch version of C…[View]
478440167Borderlands 3 Is Offensive: How can you go so low ? https://www.vg247.com/2019/09/18/borderlands-pro…[View]
478505003>Mifune has never been playable in a video game I JUST WANT TO BE MIFUNE EVEN IF ITS ONLY FOR A C…[View]
478461572Cube World: 5 days until alpha buyers get their early release. If you didn't get the alpha you…[View]
478509563Man these are awesome. Why'd they stop making them?[View]
478492451Filename Thread[View]
478505319>bipedal legs only >no ability to color or texture both your weapons and auxiliary support ite…[View]
478504836For anyone that bought Blasphemous what are your thoughts?[View]
478509919Kingmaker: Stop writing in your journal[View]
478507420What was your reaction to seeing the Star Spirits break out of Paper Mario into Mario Party 5?[View]
478507968just finished this with revised ending. what did I think of it?[View]
478504423did he hear the caller request the jumping jacks or did he just think the annoying kid got up and st…[View]
478508995Monster Hunter. Tempered Black Diablos is no fucking joke, she's carting randomers left and fuc…[View]
478508930Daily Reminder of the best fighting game of last generation[View]
478501923Oddworld thread: What are your >Hopes >Dreams >Expectations >Fears concerning Soulstorm?…[View]
478508337Honestly, is this gonna flop? I am on the fence.[View]
478508703Mr Pitchford has arrived...[View]
478508259I THINK CITY 17 SUCKS[View]
478509217Video games We're all playing video games haha Haha WE are playing the video games THE VIDEO …[View]
478481760What went wrong?[View]
478506601The great Wavebate: Sonia Strumm or Luna platz?[View]
478506889Amiibo thread. Who buys these cool looking figures? inb4hebuysamiibofuckingkek[View]
478509023This game is only relevant and supported because it has the dbz IP. If any other fighting game tried…[View]
478500720>/v/ says this game is boring and outdated >try it out anyway >it's really fun, a bit …[View]
478502229So I just picked up The Silver Case a few weeks back with no prior knowledge of the game, what it…[View]
478509197MYSTICAL NIGGAS[View]
478501707Granblue fantasy RE: I'm glad we know who the best race is.[View]
478504380What are your top 3 stories in video games? Mine are; Odin Sphere Legacy of Kain + Soul Reaver The W…[View]
478509091Look At This, What Do U Think of This???[View]
478473050What is your favourite videogame character's celebrity lookalike? twinning.popsugar.com[View]
478497370Why haven't you played a JRPG today?[View]
478508989>howdy, mister[View]
478501692Any good?[View]
478508117Like my gaming chair, /v/?[View]
478508660What are some games where you play as a ladies man?[View]
478508457i want to die[View]
478508206I keep getting the urge to play Minecraft only to drop it out of boredom: What do??[View]
478507096What konami mean by this?[View]
478507064 [View]
478500789Battle Network thread?[View]
478507258Is it worth the $20?[View]
478508372I'm gonna do it /v/! BING, BING, WAHOOOOO![View]
478505454I never would have thought 'so bad it's good' could apply to video games until this.[View]
478507521>sequel dumbs down gameplay mechanics of the original[View]
478475164What a king must do.[View]
478504828Did you like it?[View]
478445520Only a zoomer would disagree with this[View]
478496158Imagine this group of people making a videogame. It would be insane.[View]
478494963Why does /V/ rarely talk about her: She’s best girl and needs love[View]
478494679Lmao even nintendo knows which JRPG is superior.[View]
478507549well /v/? where do monsters hide their drops?[View]
478506491Man this game is monotonous. I loved the fuck out of it at launch but it got stale. I cant even tell…[View]
478507503ITT: Games about modern day questing[View]
478505429There are video games out there which are ''too short'' and which you can finish…[View]
478500813>playing Cold Steel III demo >get to red and purple haired whore boss fight >winning >N…[View]
478496924>/v/ tells you a game its good >its actually really bad what's her name? pic related is m…[View]
478494903Is she your waifu?[View]
478507347OASIS VIDEO GAME: >whats the story >formerly morning glory im banned from /t/v…[View]
478504069World of Warcraft: Echoes of the Past: New WoW expansion Set in revamped EK and Kalimdor Northrend a…[View]
478504009Best Games Of The 2010s: ITT: Top Tier Games of the Last Decade, so other anons can avoid the trash …[View]
478504172I'm only an hour in but this game feels very clunky and the camera is horrible. Why does /v/ sh…[View]
478502246You ever played a game to try get in to a series only for it to put you completely off? Never playin…[View]
478505308I just wish for a real soundtrack this time[View]
47850578321 hours until the most important videogame release of our times: Are you ready for the greatest Pok…[View]
478504427smash bros request tier list: my own smash bros tier list form tier list maker feel free to send bac…[View]
478505686>kojima is a ha- This game has become more and more relevant every day of our lives…[View]
478503929Is there anything more brainlet than whining about ports and remasters? I'm not talking about t…[View]
478503962Total War: Age of Mythology: PROSTAGMA?[View]
478507023holy shit this game is good[View]
478502871Is it okay to like turret sections when they're devoid of the scripted fluffy bullshit?[View]
478506905Aside from Super Mario Sunshine, what are the quintissential summer games to play before it starts g…[View]
478506461How is everyone enjoying AI: The Somnium Files?[View]
478506678https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckxtvpljpyc Don't mind me, just posting the best MMO, Guild War…[View]
478493438do you think the success of the Playstation can ever be repeated? by that i mean a tech company with…[View]
478501803The games journalism industry was unironically better when they were just a bunch of shills that had…[View]
478506154Next fighter pass character: If Hudson is getting a rep, it's going to be from Bloody Roar. You…[View]
478495805what makes Tifa the best girl?[View]
478506437How the KEK do I beat chained ogre?[View]
478505476Arkham Asylum: If I liked Dragon's Dogma & Shadow of Mordor, will I like batman arkham asyl…[View]
478505907What are the most interesting and unique RPG settings?[View]
478459949What are some good game analysis channels?[View]
478503159This games on sale for $12, is it worth a buy? I haven't played any Star Ocean games since Star…[View]
478494738Games you were unironically too casual for.[View]
478487964He has a chance, just don't get your hopes up.[View]
478505812Why yes,i do intend on playing borderlands 3 by myself,what tipped you off?[View]
478466989Monster Hunter: Have you reached MR100 yet, anon?[View]
478505951I miss him bros :([View]
478422651MY ASS IS HEAVY[View]
478503243Okay, what the fuck happened at the end of Alan Wake? Did he get out?[View]
478505729You're not a bitch and cried for a video game right?[View]
478498079THE RAINY DAY SESSIONS REMASTERED V2.6 IS OUT!: I have added two new volumes with 24 new tracks, Vol…[View]
478504357>Lots of licensed games based on American franchise that were made in Japan >Little to no Lice…[View]
478505696How do you choose your toon in games?: I often pick one that reminds my friends playing with me of m…[View]
478496835Street Fighter League US vs Japan: Have you ever played a game that presented you with an unfair cha…[View]
478503027Hosting some quiplash 2 if anybody wants in https://www.twitch.tv/xlrking Use jackbox.tv to play[View]
478505623How is that indie game going /v/? You are working on it right?[View]
478503628>Dragon Ball Fighter Z DLC >Monster Hunter World + Iceborne (I only played it at release on a …[View]
478500424>Japanese wiki has every single bit of information the game, characters, lore and development of …[View]
478502863>Transformers FPS game never ever[View]
478505245She's in. The sooner you accept it, the less it will hurt.[View]
478505471What are some games for highly intelligent people? (geniuses)[View]
478501671>meanwhile, on a /v during WW3...[View]
478501289Caravan Stories: >What is it? A free to play Japanese MMORPG that's been translated for an E…[View]
478501552The last videogame you played is now a childrens card game and the Yugioh MCs are the protagonists. …[View]
478503024>you're the savior of the town sir, we all owe our lives to you! >still charges you full …[View]
478492174Imagine hating a game because you are bad at it.[View]
478499237Die.: Die.[View]
478498548ITT: ''''''Villains'''''' who've done LITERALLY nothing wrong.[View]
478495298What games does this console have that are worth playing? (including ports if the Dreamcast version …[View]
478503569This game deserved the remake more[View]
478489367SOUL vs today’s “”””””high quality”””””” garbage; Soulless[View]
478500367ITT: DISAPPOINTMENT What games disappointed you the most?[View]
478502413kino https://youtu.be/9Nzm9Ew1R3c[View]
478502317How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
478504006Why are there absolutely 0 chilean videogame characters? Lautaro is in CIV but Mapuches don't c…[View]
478490562Unironically better than Super Metroid[View]
478485907Can't believe we're getting a new Klonoa game after all this time[View]
478503660World of Rain: Who was in the wrong? Big Sis Moon or Five Pebbles?[View]
478446758Why aren't you playing Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana? here's a taste of the music : https://w…[View]
478503015GAME OF THE DECADE: Any disagreement?[View]
478496536Analyze his character and personality[View]
478498000>player talks shit through the mic >bait him into being racist and report him…[View]
478494897Henry has come to see us![View]
478497482>mfw no hat frens to play with[View]
478488227Why is japanese humour so unfunny?[View]
478482836Pick one[View]
478500337Why did Street Fighter only have one good game?[View]
478503942This Ace Combat thread has the means to end this hideous war, in a definitive and elegant manner. ht…[View]
478503882Why do female characters have such limited range of facial expressions?[View]
478503742Worth 50 US dollarydoos?[View]
478503467W-will you protect the smile of this pokemon trainer? The world can be cruel.[View]
478500294ITT: we act like video game pirates.[View]
478494821I'm probably the only one who even knows the game exists, but Disco Elysium is coming out in a …[View]
478496784This game is absolutely trash.: I paid 8,99$ and i feel stolen what a waste of money.[View]
478502828>people screaming ovee smash leaks >shantaefags and genofags fighting they're deserve mo…[View]
478498905Why aren't you playing Magia Record?[View]
478475040PCfag here, should i just bite the bullet and buy switch? Is switch + pc the official best combo or …[View]
478502743For me it's Alicia.[View]
478493520Here's your western humor bro[View]
478503502How do I get into fighting games? I've only played small amounts of MK, SF, and skullgirls.[View]
478503416risk of rain 2: reminder to stack cautious slugs on monsoon and dont be afraid to run away[View]
478501635>For the sake of my son, put down your sword. >I will not. >You are a fool. Who was in the …[View]
478465397Only the kino-est of kino boss music is allowed in this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztPG…[View]
478501958>your own pokemon will kill you if you upset them now[View]
478482027Risk of Rain 2: Stop playing Merc you fucking weebs.[View]
478494906I hate downloading shit on my PS4[View]
478502959Banjo Kazooie Worlds and other rare game Tiers: https://tiermaker.com/create/banjo-kazooie-tooie-mai…[View]
478479640Help me get into the Yakuza series: I want to start this series, is Zero a good one to start with? …[View]
478493359>bros from high school convince me to buy the game >have a fucking blast >we part ways >…[View]
478499643Be honest, did you ever do cringy shit like this?[View]
478502704Who is hyped for the new pokemon games? Lets talk about pokemon while we wait. Hey guys, did you kno…[View]
478502662>love vidya >thirdworlder[View]
478499642What are your thoughts about Platinum games?[View]
478483231FGO: who did you pick? did you got anything with the 10 tickets?[View]
478496996Nintendo has completely ignored this series, to the point where now zoomers growing up don't kn…[View]
478502392>arranges a incestual marriage to revive a dark god >rule a cult that kidnaps children to sacr…[View]
478496260Free GTA SA[View]
478487767Molag Bal: Daedric Prince and King of Rape, King of Strife, Schemer Prince, Harvester of Souls, and …[View]
478492128im about to play yume nikki, what should i expect ?: i heard its VERY important for me to get a bike…[View]
478498313PC When?: i already played it on PS4 but i need to experience this kino again on my i9 and 2080ti…[View]
478501608Give me ideas for a multiplayer 2D polanball fornite clone.[View]
478502156FF7 Remake: So it seems the next section of the game we're gonna see revealed is the Shin-ra HQ…[View]
478473520It's time to talk about the best underrail thread ever made[View]
478501338What was the deal with this guy?[View]
478501036Your Turn To Die / Kimi GA Shine: Most underrated ship?[View]
478469705If you call this a 'failed console', I don't know what you call the Xbox One.[View]
478496413So FFXV and FFX are the normie-tier final fantasys, right?[View]
478495378His name escapes me[View]
478501070What are some mediocre/semi decent games you were tricked into playing?[View]
478497992Petition!: Help to fulfill everyone's desired dream, sign the petition! https://www.change.org/…[View]
478501561Putting dragon heads on villagers in Minecraft: So I’m playing on bedrock edition and I want to put …[View]
478495630Egger land in Smash Bros Ultimate: DLC Fighter 4: >Terry Bogard >SNK rep >Release: 7th Nove…[View]
478489105is Assassin's Creed Syndicate as bad as people say?: or is it worth a playthrough?[View]
478501116He did nothing wrong.[View]
478485069Steam's new interface: My poor fucking autism, holy shit So, what's the consensus so far? …[View]
478500192>going steady with girl, about to go on another date >gets postponed cause I got called into w…[View]
478500876>On my business I am CEO >In my head, I am programmer >But in my bladder, I am full to burs…[View]
4784993732019...I am forgotten...[View]
478493215Analyze his design and personality[View]
478500420plz help: Hey guys, Im stuck in Bloodstained. Last thing I did was kill the two headed dragon boss a…[View]
478497721Code Vein and Persona series are literal proof of why anime is a shit style, and why DMC 5 using rea…[View]
478500681is there still hope?[View]
478481153Shantae thread[View]
478496165Spam: Just received this email The absolute state of those assholes[View]
478490131Lads you ever get the feeling that maybe the games you like aren't esoteric, your taste is just…[View]
478499705Is it the best console?[View]
478497884New session thread. This whole sidewalk area is great. You can hit that kicker up the the ledge, the…[View]
478497521If you had to choose between these two, in terms of the server you're playing in and the people…[View]
478493358Linux gaming thread: Linux is the future, not just for playing video games but for everything.…[View]
478500010Hey Cesar, the yay leaving San Fierro right?[View]
478464708>he fell into the SSD meme[View]
478498901sakurai, splatoon, and smash: sakurai didn't want to include splatoon in smash, but nintendo fo…[View]
478498518Why won't she eat the fucking burger?[View]
478498876I am forgotten. Also >Marvel Knights DLC is less than 2 weeks away.[View]
478479631I got a package /v/. I wonder what it is.[View]
478492868How will kuckjima fans deal with this?[View]
478500120Anyone else just feel like they can't get this until Sega sorts out the Sonic 3 drama? This fee…[View]
478497976When are we getting a cave update?[View]
478496753>Play JRPG >It can't be helped[View]
478485748Dune 2000 was a pretty cool game. Damn shame there will never be another RTS involving the conflict …[View]
478495508If characters are cut the next game who do you think will be cut?[View]
478485771Goodwill: Post and Rate each other’s findings.[View]
478484690Shopping in videogames: Post shop themes ITT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUt6ewDSPTU…[View]
478499843Oh boy halo: Oh boy halo[View]
478488686Why are yurostains so stupid and bad at vidya?[View]
478489240What's the game with the most replayability that doesn't rely on 'procedurally generated' …[View]
478459703How would you fix JRPG combat?[View]
478496276Howdy, /v/. What is that vidyagame y'all been playing this afternoon?[View]
478496714Hey! I’m Walkin Here, I'm Walkin![View]
478496319Why did he do it /v/ros?[View]
478498052>Lovecraftian game >You can kill the monsters Fun fact, the H.P. in H.P Lovecraft stands for '…[View]
478496025>ruins your MvM match[View]
478495465The engineer is engihere!: The engineer has finally arrived to btd6! How are you enjoying the update…[View]
478480452Feels good to be young[View]
478499162 [View]
478492909Pretty secondary character - Ugly protagonist: Why ruin the design?[View]
478482819Hey Anon, what are the last THREE (3) games that you've finished?[View]
478496361 [View]
478460961Best Fire Emblem since Path of Radiance back in '04[View]
478495709dayz duping after 1.04 patch: hey guys pretty simple - just need some advice how to dupe after patch…[View]
478498051Red Dead Undead Nightmare 2: Uhhhhhhh.... Guys?[View]
478491656Damn he cute, who is this character?[View]
478488793Tag Force 4: Where do I start with this? I feel so lost compared to 2 and 3.[View]
478494329MODERN WARFARE BETA: You ready?[View]
478486749Toby Fox paid Game Freak to compose for Town: The absolute state of Toby Fox. First concertgate, now…[View]
478495907Why are these the strongest Smash fighters right now? I hope Nintendo nerfs them soon.. hopefully be…[View]
478490173Your final Smash DLC: >easy to acquire since it's Activision >represent all by himself Ac…[View]
478496791Happy birthday to the greatest E3 host, Aisha Tyler.[View]
478492476Outer worlds: will it be FONV based Your opinions[View]
478456359The Golden Age of WoW[View]
478491251Anthem dropping roadmap in favor of seasonal updates: http://blog.bioware.com/2019/09/17/what-is-nex…[View]
478497886>free love is too tame for him[View]
478488726This is Bayek of Siwa. Say something nice to him.[View]
478492567Based on their plans and motivations, who would you say is the most diabolical COD villain?[View]
478494737Is it just me, or did Nintendo start becoming great almost immediately after Iwata kicked the bucket…[View]
478497623Is VR gaming worth it yet?[View]
478488124Elves are fucking stupid and deserve to get genocided.[View]
478493493Dead Game Leaks Blizzcon: I have some information on what's happening to Overwatch this Blizzco…[View]
478495667It's so good.[View]
478489421FUCK YOU /v/[View]
478491126Grid Autosport for switch launches tonight at midnight. Who you maining?[View]
478495781Always remember, /v/, that the secret ingredient is love![View]
478495443Little Misfortune: So this game just released. I just finished it and want to talk about it.[View]
478496140Underrated vidya songs: Post some underrated or obscure vidya ost https://youtu.be/dMA7cnmazdU…[View]
478482289Fallout has such a cool setting. Why don't you like the games anymore?[View]
478496350>Protagonist is on a mission he knows he won't return[View]
478434427her canon personality is so fucking boring[View]
478496072I miss licensed movie and tv show games[View]
478488565Anyone else feels like modern games aren't doing anything exciting or interesting? Both AAA and…[View]
478496219Gears 5 removed from Steam in Chhina: Based Insects: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/topic/4373-g…[View]
478483308Which had the best launch lineup?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18660601[View]
478476862What's a good upgrade from a 1060? My brother's birthday is next week and I'm thinkin…[View]
478490046>join guild >[View]
478495842What are some games you loved only to realize later they're shit[View]
478492619/v/ sings 'Out of Touch': Song: https://youtu.be/DCkJ5lGPqFs?t=25 (starts at 0:25) Lyrics: https://p…[View]
478482342Microsoft Buying White Owls Inc. and Gearbox: Microsoft is buying their first Jap studio and will po…[View]
478495257>Big bro helps by beating THAT boss for you[View]
478495231So how can snoy hold this hostage? SMT belongs to nintendo and so should persona.[View]
478492545Why didn't Sims 4 include Astrolomy? I want to have zodiac signs and have birthday parties for …[View]
478495401Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass 5th Character Pack Leak: Hey there /v/ it's me the totally legit …[View]
478495424>EA decides to make a plane game Ace Combat fans: WTF STOP RIPPING OFF OUR FAVORITE GAME When did…[View]
478486407>Enter name >only seven characters allowed…[View]
478495252Call of Duty: Mobile release date announced!: Activision and Tencent, who were on stage at the GDC e…[View]
478494105You guys didn't actually buy this game did you? This shit is a fucking embarassment and an insu…[View]
478492562Will this game ever get a sequel? Surely Midway had plans for one since they ended the game on a fuc…[View]
478472732Which one is the quintessential Nippon Souls game?[View]
478494891Troy, A Total War Saga: With gods and monsters...[View]
478494052are there any video games where you can kill american?[View]
478455690Code Vein Thread: Only 10 days now At least we have the demo to pass the time and it might be gettin…[View]
478494665Games really need more giant spider enemies[View]
478494230Is Volnutt the weakest Mega Man?[View]
478493764Japanese Gaming Thread: You did remember to do your reps, right anon?[View]
478494794what are some games with PMCs[View]
478490584What is the Neon Genesis Evangelion of gaming?[View]
478494727Will you continue to try your best, knowing that Kirby is rooting for you?[View]
478492036What games let me hunt prehistoric monsters?[View]
478441656Greedfall: HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT[View]
478494668The DLC that saved Dead by Daylight[View]
478479478Why aren't you playing her game? It's FREE!: https://www.construct.net/en/free-online-game…[View]
478467637Post your 10 most played games on steam: >inb4 he barely plays vidya I just prefer shorter single…[View]
478492661Has role queue been for better or worse? I used to play only quickplay for fun and now it's rea…[View]
478494050How did Fate go from this...[View]
478491352Lineage '''dwarves''' are a joke. They are only dwarves in name. This is a fucking child with thick …[View]
478491983My PVM just started doing this what the fuck is going on??[View]
478484472THE RAINY DAY SESSIONS REMASTERED V2.6 IS OUT!: This project is a continuation of the rainymood comp…[View]
478491519I finally did it, plus got OCD also.[View]
478492818Dr. Wily-ette?[View]
478493417Helllllooooo /v/!!! Just your daily reminder to buy Skyrim on the Nintendo switch!!!![View]
478492709google chrome for a browser?[View]
478493185>glitched speed run[View]
478484568They made it!: Somehow they achieved it! They made rage 2 but worse: Rage 2 was a mediocre game. Bor…[View]
478487008HES HERE[View]
478483489ITT: Good licensed games Just finished this game, was a fun Arkham clone.[View]
478489690Hey /v/, please recommend me some fun MMOs to try out. I'm tired of FFXIV and WoW looks like tr…[View]
478490819Was it kino?[View]
478493168>Say Arthur, how 'bout singin us a song? >A shong eh? Hmm... okay, I think I got one yall…[View]
478493268it's out[View]
478468482AI: Somnium Files: Here's your game, bro. Resetshitera won.[View]
478492176https://rave.dj Make a mashup. Keep it /v/idya, rate others and have fun! https://rave.dj/9dSvyrNGHR…[View]
478478184Let's talk about Smash, /v/. What makes your character 'eligible' or 'most likely to get invite…[View]
478492579VTM Bloodlines 2: So we just got another faction https://www.bloodlines2.com/en/the-baron guess it…[View]
478492756Bog. Home.[View]
478484968When is Jazz/Funk Fusion and synth gonna make a comeback in Video Games? They were really prominent …[View]
478493020Metal Gear Solid 2: Definitely the best game in the series. Literally who cares about the constant '…[View]
478492968>Villain temporarily joins the party[View]
478492824They just never learn: You'd think that Nintendo would have learned to stop leaking their own i…[View]
478492196It's fucking shit: >No PVP, playerbase is full of normie faggot boomers and twitch zoomers, …[View]
478492729>Why yes, I do play exclusively action, platforming, shmup, strategy, and rhythm games, how could…[View]
478491074Games that involve time travel? Visual Novels aren't really games i want something interactive …[View]
478488753Have you guys heard of Fallout 76? I heard it's supposed to be really good, and that you get a …[View]
478491801Should I open it? I wanna rip the soundtrack off the CD.[View]
478486632Oddworld: When I was a kid, these games were a fucking blast. Oddysee and Exoddus were some of the b…[View]
478487652Draw your sword, Ramza.[View]
478485643Name four video games that isn't Jackie Chan Surely you can do that, /v/?[View]
478491269Why did Sakurai reuse that disgusting, s o y Other M design instead of pic related? Samus Returns is…[View]
478406298Conan the Barbarian: >Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand,…[View]
478492114Steam UI: Share your 100+ Hour Games, judge my tastes[View]
478396337fuck her fight and fuck her[View]
478485379BL2 is one of my favourite games of all time but i hate BL1 and the pre sequel Should I bother with…[View]
478489582Come Arisen, it is time for a Dragons Dogma thread.[View]
478452268OpenAI teaches AI teamwork: >when an AI does a pro-gamer move https://player.vimeo.com/video/3552…[View]
478491836Just arrived at junkyard No problems so far. How screwed am I mid to late game? Is it a good idea to…[View]
478489909Why is this game is so underrated? Is it because most people never got the chance to play it online?[View]
478486412He is not actually a bad guy[View]
478491412Do you enjoy playing grand strategy games?[View]
478485195pls help me find the name of an old pc game: apologies for my poor drawing skills. i'm trying t…[View]
478490408What the fuck happened to Vidya Voice Acting or just dialogue? When was the most recent Vidya that e…[View]
478489293Is any game from this series worth playing? I was thinking about getting IV, but i heard that all ga…[View]
478491152I have 14 small chitin fragments. Is that sufficient to craft a crab?[View]
478490036>no tux no bux are you that guy /v/? if so, why?[View]
478448857OH SHIT[View]
478489974ITT: THAT part of the game[View]
478490117Can you guys admit you were wrong about this game being SJW propaganda or whatever?[View]
478460519Long ago in the distant thread...[View]
478489659I signed up for the Xbox game pass for pc to play a few single player games, including this piece of…[View]
478484865So the fad is over now right?[View]
478490698What are some games you refuse to give a chance, solely because of their fanbases?[View]
478489234What do you guys think of BB from CCC?[View]
478480743Spyro: What am I in for? Is it faithful to the originals?[View]
478490174HOLD STILL NINA![View]
478479452The devs who made Fran Bow have a new game out. Anyone play it? How is it? https://store.steampowere…[View]
478488853Just beat DQ11, fucking amazing. Way better of a JRPG than that utter shit show known as Persona 5, …[View]
478488190hawkeye is going to be in smash: https://youtu.be/ynfroCV52pk https://youtu.be/hdTxlDOKVOs https://y…[View]
478490434MGO: Is it worth playing Magic the Gathering Online? A lot of players? Is it transaction shit show? …[View]
478485454What are some of your favorite low spec games /v/? Pic related[View]
478488597It launches next week. I kinda like the grimy, washed-out look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KH…[View]
478476748Did he ever fuck Diana?[View]
478488536why doesn't anyone acknowledge this game exists?[View]
478490356System Shock thread: How do you think the SS1 remake and SS3 are turning out so far from what's…[View]
478488783only the best from /ourguys/ at rockstar[View]
478489779You haven't forgotten about her already, have you /v/?[View]
478482350Hey Anon, today's my birthday. Will you... download my game?[View]
478472691What horror game has the best creature design?[View]
478483523ITT: games that looked nothing like their final product in early design[View]
478478050what are some good point and click adventure games?[View]
478487436>tokyo game show will be good this year, i swear >nothing good happened…[View]
478482914>games where your starter team comp is the best team comp throughout the entire game I'll st…[View]
4784896162019...I am forgotten...[View]
478489507Post nostalgia fuel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmV3PKLsm34[View]
478485267 [View]
478478371What does /v/ think of contra rogue corps?[View]
478478042What are their chances of getting into Smash, /v/?[View]
478484781GOOOOOOOD MORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we are one day closer to Sir Cumference, yes, …[View]
478484463You got your free copy of GTA: San Andreas, right?[View]
478479124>having to memorize Japanese names just to look up pictures on a Booru I want to forget their Jap…[View]
478480207>great games that only you care about enough to make a thread about it[View]
478488249For me, it's Kolin[View]
478487894What are the best vidya art books?[View]
478487537*doesn't drop*[View]
478488983Why aren't you playing the demo for Juna's game, /v/?[View]
478486094what are the recommended strats against the firelad in the holy prohibitions?[View]
478483901Look, I think I know how to help Randy. We gotta attack him.[View]
478478298Smash Leaks: Challenger Pack 5: Crash Bandicoot Stage: N-Sanity Beach 9 music tracks: N-Sanity Beac…[View]
478487581CAN ANYONE BEAT HIM?[View]
478483415For me, it´s Lucky Chloe[View]
478470203Anger in Vidya: How often do you get angry at video games? Have you ever thrown or broken something?…[View]
478487039>Divinity >Wasteland >Overwatch >Fortnite >Diablo >Neverwinter Nights >Outer Wo…[View]
478487835Will his legacy be Metal Gear or Death Stranding[View]
478484205Now that the dust has settled was MUA3 a disappointment?[View]
478447760Reminder that stormcloaks want to remove this from Skyrim[View]
478482206Have you ever considered being a professional video game player?[View]
478487489>be into pc gaming since middle school >only play things on pc and rarely play things on ninte…[View]
478488141Dreamatorium, Inspector Spacetime is on a quest to reach page 10[View]
478488027DO YA SHOWER IN DOODOO?[View]
478487109I touched a spike[View]
478441314Please, no more boomer picks.[View]
478486140>minecraft has another vote for an update >it'll be the third year swedish kids pick the …[View]
478480985What’s the verdict? Has someone other than from software finally delivered a decent soulslike? Seem…[View]
478407556EA is making an Ace Combat ripoff: https://twitter.com/Azekthi/status/1173998633429164035…[View]
478485172Could it happen /v/?[View]
478484512Joker vs Narukami: >Persona Q2 main team are the phantom thieves >Persona 5 Royal >Persona…[View]
478485054look at this dood[View]
478468261September 18, I am forgotten...[View]
478486745I have a strong urge to replay this, trying for 100% this time, but I remember how much misery and f…[View]
478484241I want to commit suicide. What is the most painless way to go about it[View]
478485965What are some brass-heavy video game soundtracks? Hard mode: no Touhou or Gen 3 Pokemon.[View]
478486658Ok, I've played every action game out there and only four are good. Why are action games such a…[View]
478486161Whats the most iconic video game party(group)?[View]
478485553What did he mean by this?[View]
478484469>turn based games[View]
478482723'Chief, what are we doing here?' 'That's easy Cortana. We're going to finish this fight.'[View]
478454017souls: Just finished this with the dark souls (fog) ending, now it's time to play dark souls 1 …[View]
478478857I wonder who the salty guy was that sneakily decided to make Tifa uglier than Aerith in the remake[View]
478484761How did we went from this...[View]
478484950>Party members dies, is almost resurrected but dies again only to get resurrected for real this t…[View]
478480447Tiny Tina: So what's her role in Borderlands 3? Nobody's talking about her, is she even in…[View]
478483662The autism levels are of the charts http://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fvocaroo.com%2F…[View]
478476420Digimon bread: Are we hyped for Cybersluts coming to PC+Switch next month bros? So fucking close! Po…[View]
478478416Why was he so buddy buddy with Arthas?[View]
478482620Childhood is thinking cartoony arcade shooters were fun, being an adult is knowing that realistic mi…[View]
478478173Find a flaw.[View]
478485728Should I go play King's Raid?[View]
478478691>Villain is more sympathetic than the heroes[View]
478485694Saber in smash: Saber in smash[View]
478485673So I'm starting a New Game+ on this- should I roll Kassandra or Alexios? Fire or Poison?[View]
478481336This is the state of the video games industry[View]
478476156Diablo Blizzcon 2019: What do you expect to be announced at BC this year? It's basically confir…[View]
478485114>Sorry for what?[View]
478449661XIV: What classes do we epic Chads play?[View]
478484637IF YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE I TELL YOU I'M YOUR MAN https://youtu.be/vcf7DnHi54g[View]
4784832405 is DOOM Activision, Ubisoft and Digimon(?) are some of the names heard alot for the next DLC.[View]
478475000guilty gear: How do I deal with character crisis /v/? I can't find a main in this game.[View]
478471615What's the problem with big tits in vidya again? I mean we have guys shrugging off hundreds of …[View]
478465770besides Toy Story 2, what other games based on Pixar movies are good?[View]
478483287Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: SIT. THE FUCK. DOWN, OLD MAN! EZ!!!!!!!!![View]
478478352>E3 2020, Nintendo Direct >'.....but before we go, we have one last thing to show you.' >N6…[View]
478479254You ARE buying his game tomorrow, right Anon?[View]
478485095why is this series still alive while Prince Of Persia is rotting away in the dungeon?[View]
478482015Any games on PC to make me feel like pic related?[View]
478393161/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>478330718 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
478480184Neopets thread: Get the fuck in here boys. Post neopets[View]
478480907Why isn't there a Dark Crystal video game? And no, that shitty Switch one doesn't count[View]
478484750Do I buy a switch lite, which is lighter, more ergonomic, and has a sharper screen, but only ~4 hour…[View]
478476313This entire board must be purged[View]
478480891What is your favorite video game and why? Mine has to be FVII.[View]
478470989You ARE going to buy his game, right?[View]
478477978Say what you will about this game, but Savior > Devil Trigger, Subhuman, and Crimson Cloud[View]
478483615ITT games that are not getting a PC release no matter how hard they beg[View]
478484242I've been noticing a lot of negativity and e-celeb shilling around here lately, let's chan…[View]
478472249>guys >guys listen >guys >guys we're gon remake FF7 >yeah we gonna do it >jus…[View]
478480746Box Art Thread: Post one Good Box Art and one Bad Box Art. Only rule is to make them both from this …[View]
478482865What are some vidya enemies that give you PTSD?[View]
478480286I'M GONNA RECYCLE YOU![View]
478481942>saves you from the Mexican menace De nada[View]
478481135How do you rate this year for gaming so far?[View]
478483891Do you buy premium skins?[View]
478479328>cash in on the anon-created SCT mythos >strip away 90% of what makes it interesting and repla…[View]
478483325You're buying her game right? Game Freak have improved the textures[View]
478458247How does Toby Fox do it? Literally every Japanese developer loves him. Btw don't forget to buy …[View]
478483356>MUDA. Bullshit boss, fuck off.[View]
478461692so whats wrong with western video game developers? why can't they stop putting political garbag…[View]
478462626>yfw they bring her back from the dead at the end[View]
478480578Why is he so cool /v/ros?[View]
478475197>tfw no vita 2[View]
478483345Was it autism?[View]
478483296>game gives you weapon that does double the damage you previously did >enemies immediately aft…[View]
478453768Have you forgiven Nintendo for this yet?[View]
478483186Black bar general...Ai...[View]
478482945How do you fix the farming genre?[View]
478456980>Camping out with your bros >Cooking >Adventure >Dress-up >Cute girls >HD graphics…[View]
478472823>game punishes you for not having any friends[View]
478477953Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine: Non-Candidates? Cringe![View]
478482623I think Geno trannies and Sora nibbers need a serious reality check because it’s Randi’s turn and he…[View]
478477270LOL but its actually somewhat /v/[View]
478472608Forgive me steam-bros, I'm doing it.[View]
478477002holy shit[View]
478467915So is it any good? Or just a meme game?[View]
478482398What a nice and wholesome game. You should try it sometime[View]
478476803God damn why is the online so shit?[View]
478482394I am NOT Madanach![View]
478482223What are the most disturbing and creepy levels in non-horror games?[View]
478480104I did not care for Prey (2017)[View]
478482061What's up with everyone freaking out over the SC update like it hasn't existed since IV? T…[View]
478480909https://youtu.be/Nxm3DYcoDc8?t=575 >'I feel like old Nintendo during the Wii days would have had …[View]
478467475Woo, /v/![View]
478459507Cloudy with a Risk of Rain (2)[View]
478481221>try normal server >get killed before I can accomplish anything >try modded server >not…[View]
478477517SHOTGUN RAIN[View]
478473597Games journalism: How do we fix it?[View]
478481753>be me >never had played Banjo Kazooie >play game >get amused by Treasure Trove Cove’s t…[View]
478481091fighting games: >why yes I do play fighting games and every Wednesday show up to my local to hang…[View]
478481663MY CREW IS ALL FIRED UP[View]
478471341Friendly reminder: When you support the Epic Store, you're supporting communism[View]
478463986>That kid that made a presentation on videogames.[View]
478480263Is he right? https://youtu.be/g72Yft85k7U[View]
478480886So why exactly isn't Toad playable in Smash yet?[View]
478465517How did she ruin everything?[View]
478481063>'This game is great! :D' >the PC port is an un-optimized piece of garbage that struggles to r…[View]
478481343When will Action and Roleplaying fans band together to kill the ARPG mutts once and for all?[View]
478481338Slow Ride[View]
478477828Zoomer or boomer, can we all agree that we all see this as a masterpiece?[View]
478481260>Aaand soon gaaaabe newel will be comming to the stage to announce something BIG…[View]
478481113best shooting games?[View]
478465545Would you step into a kill you/recreate you over there machine?[View]
478478706why does it have to be so loud[View]
478457851juri han[View]
478478907>wins only by the grace of the other two consoles failing This has been the worst gen in a while.…[View]
478480635Utawarerumono: What did /v/ think of the original? Where the sequels worthy successors? And does the…[View]
478480863Octopath Traveler: What's your favorite character, town, job, etc...?[View]
478479993ALIEN BEANS dawn of war thread[View]
478480158steam profile pic thread: post your steam profile pic. mine's pic related[View]
478477580She's in[View]
478480726ITT: soulless openings https://youtu.be/GXwVI4Cl2KU Seriously, what went wrong? I like all the chara…[View]
478448501>Rather than asking players to set their own pronouns for V, the game will often opt for a pronou…[View]
478471848See him move through smoke and mirrors: Feel his presence in the crowd[View]
478478573Don't mind me just being the best controller[View]
478480497>delusional shills are defending a company[View]
478479383What the fuck was his problem?[View]
478480187comfy Sims thread: >tfw the first blizzard of the year sets in so you skip work, make yourself a …[View]
478438203The Outer Worlds: TGS gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58rljh7vqzI are you ready to condemn …[View]
478471579i nearly ragequit this game because i was playing it wrong (didn't have ANY characters that kne…[View]
478479780I know you heard about gruntyposting, but have you heard about jamjarsposting? (Basically the same s…[View]
478438741Have any of you surpassed this feel?[View]
478479717Why are his balls so big?[View]
478455964Is RE 0 any good?[View]
478478471TIDE'S TURNING[View]
478454178>Tanking dungeons to farm my pre raid bis >Always make the groups myself >Never EVER invite…[View]
478476478Is Master Chief a good character?[View]
478469698>succubus party member >her powers work on both genders…[View]
478479579Your turn, /v/[View]
478477005Do you prefer japanese or western character design for your games? Western designs are usually more …[View]
478478509How would they get along? Do you think Dib would harass Raz with his paranormal shenanigans with the…[View]
478474682I hate crafting in MMORPGs: I absolutely hate crafting in MMORPGs. I like enchanting and upgrading w…[View]
478470754>The Free Software Foundation may publish revised and/or new versions of the General Public Licen…[View]
478479189Disco Elysium releases in less than a month: What do I think about it? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
478479315>play Battlefield 1 >mfw all these fully automatic and semi-auto meme weapons lying around…[View]
478478264What will his ace be?[View]
478477836I'm in the hospital because of severe nerve damage and wouldn't you know it Rosalina from …[View]
478479113Mask of The Betrayer: Why do so many speak so highly of this expansion, curiously. I've seen it…[View]
478478657What is the purpose of showing us this scene?[View]
478472448I know you autistic fucks are playing MASS Builder. How is it?[View]
478476347Welp,I'm buying it[View]
478476013somone recommend me a good single player game pls[View]
478476087What side do you choose?[View]
478476891>he plays story mode All the action is on multiplayer anon, why miss out?…[View]
478475172H-Hello?, have I missed anything while I was gone?[View]
478476718Gta 6 when[View]
478478617Looks like High Rock to me[View]
478464575LMAO there is an individual who thinks Black Eagles was a last minute addition. wew these lads are w…[View]
478478053Have you ever played ricochet[View]
478476070>Italian RE tribute game that just came out >full of unconvincting American accents >good g…[View]
478476584Dead Cells: Why is this game so consistenly fun ? How do they do it ? There's like 100 weapons …[View]
478469368Just bought my first gaming pc. go ahead berate me for buying a prebuilt.[View]
478474929No game comes close to how good this game to be. It’s fun, full of hours of activity, tons of choice…[View]
478476575Gruntyposters, Incinerchads, & Fat AlbertPosters (plz come back) are the most based thing on /v/…[View]
478464860where is it /v/?[View]
478451016>doesn't play castle wolfenstein >hurr durr I invented stealth >doesn't play demo…[View]
478478007NEW SMASH FIGHTERS ANNOUNCED: I just got information about a few brand new fighters, however I don…[View]
478470401Does this game's success still make /v/ SEETHE?[View]
478477643>Fallout New Vegas >well over 100 weapons >dozens of ammo types >many ammo sub-types …[View]
478474834she still lives, i feel in my heart. just she's missing, that's all.[View]
478472784what is she supposed to do lore-wise? she's just wandering aimlessly[View]
478476604Holy shit, he's finished.[View]
478462056What was the last vidya you rented from blockbuster?[View]
478463428Are there any good games with mimes in them?[View]
478466235Hype Moments: ITT:post those moments from vidya that made you hype or still do. That feeling of exci…[View]
478467240>Why does /v/ hate Steam? What an interesting question, thanks for asking, my dear shitposter! L…[View]
478428453Do you collect vidya merch, /v/? How many pops / amiibos do you own? Or do you prefer other stuff li…[View]
478470597What is the Cow Tools of video games?[View]
478477329How did a japanese dev get away with making a thoroughly anti buddhist game?[View]
478477315GUILTY GEAR: based faust for foxing may[View]
478473010>pet companion dies halfway through the game[View]
478462701>kojima completely BTFO all the shitposters on /v/ that were calling it a movie >casually inve…[View]
478471084Steam UI beta release - the aftermath: In this very thread, Steamchads share tips and tricks, their …[View]
47847706113 Sentinels: Are you hyped for the next Vanillaware game?[View]
478474915Meanwhile in bizzaro /v/...[View]
478470814>20 years ago >having 1-2 games installed since they weight 300-500mb each and more wont fit o…[View]
478471886>useless against bosses >out-agi'd by Junpei >just a one-trick mudo doggy How do we fi…[View]
478476490>meanwhile at sylvanas manor[View]
478476373FUCK FAGS[View]
478475175Why is he such a devout nintenbabby?[View]
478475436Are games less appealing and thrilling these days because of the quantity of games we have and the a…[View]
478467450I forgot, is Indivisible happening soon?[View]
478473634anyone else also waiting for the true Zoo tycoon 3?[View]
478408357Rockstar Games Has Released Its Own PC Launcher With a Free Copy of GTA: San Andreas: https://uk.ign…[View]
478475948Moy: Moy[View]
478446734Realistically, who is it going to be?[View]
478476053Hey weebs. its up[View]
478474101Has Inafune been the biggest victim of hype-backlash ever?[View]
478476462super kirby clash: level 63 level and trying to get to 70. could one of you help me boost pls?…[View]
478476456What went wrong?[View]
478476134Comfy 3x3 thread.[View]
478476392Games (you) love but you do not know why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhK47AA7LKc[View]
478469620264 Days until E3: with next e3 being the last e3 ever, what are your expectations?[View]
478444953Can we have a comfy DMC thread? One that doesnt shit in any of the entries and just discuss the stor…[View]
478441527Does anyone here do any VR gaming? I've just got a nice job so was thinking of buying a Valve I…[View]
478474393Today I'm going to show you how to draw-[View]
478440156So were/are all PS3 models basically designed to die after a few years of use?: Really pissed that m…[View]
478418190This is Rance. His game comes out tomorrow. Say something nice about him! or get raped[View]
478474289Meanwhile on black mesa /v/[View]
478475295ITT; Games with endings that permanently ruined the franchise.[View]
478429165What's your most unpopular vidya opinion?[View]
478443972Who is the best kunoichi in gaming? To celebrate Momeej's announcement.[View]
478475609Fine, I'll give you a show. Don't blink now.[View]
478475397What did I miss out on?[View]
478475496DLC when?[View]
478399683AI: The Somnium Files: Now that it's out, what are your thoughts so far?[View]
478466154Are these the two most damaging companies in vidya history?[View]
478475392how many bongs until we can play the open beta of call of duty?[View]
478475350Ahead of its time What a pioneer[View]
478468964is 1tb enough[View]
478467460Here I am thinking to myself, why don't I play Akuma in every game he's in? Is there a rea…[View]
478433404SOUL vs SOULLESS[View]
478473329Any videogames where character lives rent-free?[View]
478468328I never playred Dead Space, should I? What do you think about the series as a whole? Which one is th…[View]
478462536Left 4 dead 2 thread[View]
478470362This game just came out and I keep forgetting it exists[View]
478462595Anonymous, you're on the horn, whadya think about video games?[View]
478474123THE FALL OF XBOX: Thoughts on Dunkeys latest video? Please don't say it. Keep on topic.[View]
478472321I hope you're ready for Rockstar Launcher only version steamcucks[View]
478470010>Used goods[View]
478473006>dark matter that went AWOL to become independent from Zero >accomplishes this by taking over …[View]
478468923Any mod that turns this game into a complete sandbox without the campaign bullshit? I just wanna fuc…[View]
478473373Why are Americans think that Barret black? If you're not as dark as Moise Kean you aren't …[View]
478469561Someone expain to me why you would ever play a female character in a singleplayer game like Skyrim. …[View]
478458924How does Half-Life still look great?[View]
478472221I have a ps4 but I still didn't play this and never will, it doesn't look interesting to m…[View]
478474315>aussie devs Can't be the only one expecting his untitled game to go full Frog Fractions hal…[View]
478456348What's stopping an indie from making AAA animations, render it on photorealistic engines during…[View]
478467217What if Sonic had alternate level paths depending on how fast you finish the level? Would that encou…[View]
478474127Post a gaming song that doesn't get enough love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s7ANJv3M_o Ap…[View]
478473883Chuck Doud is god of vidya tracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_ZdxwCg01U[View]
478467497you feel it too, don't you?[View]
478473405He's in.[View]
478420302Dragon Age: You did the right choice, yes?[View]
478473910this is what wowcels have been screaming for years oh nonononononono[View]
478472195Games that look good but play like dogshit[View]
478450697Western developers can't make hot wom--[View]
478442014Oh boy.[View]
478468762Can anyone tell my why 'PC gaming' shit has to look like this? >Everything has to flash and glow …[View]
478461161im losing intrest: Last week, I turned on pc with the intent of playing vidya but instead i just sta…[View]
478471612Can you recommend me a comfy game like ni no kuni 2 or gravity rush 1 or 2? Really enjoyed the not t…[View]
478473352What are some other good Boomer vidya kino?[View]
478453078>/v/ hates Borderlands now How predictable[View]
478460548New Steam library is kino[View]
4784733422019...I am forgotten.[View]
478473457The World Ends With You thread Post here or face erasure[View]
478468997Final Fantasy VII Remake: Really looking forward to this game so let's discuss it and the origi…[View]
478454370This is the future you chose.[View]
478469676Have you played his demo yet?[View]
478470627do you care about controllers?[View]
478452118Who is this character design supposed to appeal to?[View]
478471857Soul or soulless? ehttp://asciicker.com/x13/[View]
478470585>game is p2p >has microtransactions why is it acceptable?…[View]
478464894>year 2000+19 >Nier Automata is STILL the best anime game ever made Will anyone ever top this …[View]
478446867'Aw you think I'm pretty'[View]
478437381>1.33b population >not 1(ONE) good game >not even 1(ONE) top tier esports players How we do…[View]
478472153Is Cuphead the only game that's done in the style of old cartoons?[View]
478471916NBA 2K20 TEAM LEBRON JAMES VS TEAM KAWHI LEONARD!: https://youtu.be/1VjsD-8pUvg[View]
478467614what went right?[View]
478469801Smash Ultimate Leak[View]
478469701Autumn games: The best time of year is just around the corner. It's time to wear warm clothes i…[View]
478468057Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478471880Play Overwatch[View]
478471639What was the point of using this song in Kirby Air RIde? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVXnoanopzA…[View]
478469392Is it no longer possible to buy digital PS Store cards?: I wanted to buy MGR for the PS3 on the burg…[View]
478470472banjo dead: banjo dead hahaha fucking this faggot bear hahaha you suck fucking faggot hahahah lol…[View]
478471531>spend last week collecting ps2 isos >over 300gb worth of games >realise 75% of them suck …[View]
478469901dragon quest builders 2: does earth blocks spread grass and forest tiles? I'm trying to make th…[View]
478470353Why isn´t Wii64 emulating this piece of shit properly?[View]
478427219MtG: Arena: Thoughts on the ELD spoilers so far?[View]
478460576based Chile doesn't give a fuck[View]
478470896i cant beat this stupid fucking cunt[View]
478467889WoW Classic: just like the good old times....[View]
478471014Gamergate Remastered when?[View]
478470023So this is the power of Japanese 'humor'[View]
478463807>visual novels can't have good stori-[View]
478469384Gayman mouse: Is there any reason to buy a Logitech G Pro Wireless over the G305? Are there any down…[View]
478470703>pause the game >time still passes and enemies can attack you…[View]
478466474DISPENSER GOIN UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l5qmoe9CNA[View]
478459604ITT:Wounds that won't heal[View]
478437035ctrl + f = Underrail Nothing. Lets fix that. And remember /v/, we Underrail now.[View]
478467937Which type of game do you prefer /v/?[View]
478470485https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZdkhxTALxc Is it even possible to be more soulful?[View]
478456840If you had to pick 2 companies so they release games in GOG.com, which ones would you pick? 1. Pre-M…[View]
478452716VA-11 HALL-A[View]
478469283Aren't you tired of zombie games /v/?[View]
478454987Pure trash.[View]
478470352rave.dj thread: Post your vidya mixes here: https://rave.dj/vQrmLLjkOTeqDw[View]
478470315The might of tightl buttholes![View]
478469389Contra rogue corps: So... should i feel guilty for actually liking this? i mean, i know this isn…[View]
478470154What went right?[View]
478451257Why is her face so fucking wide in this one jesus christ.[View]
478470114GOTY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqVzFjna00Y[View]
478466456Is it the Civ-killer we were all waiting for ?[View]
478468845Cringe https://youtu.be/MckQL4UZx_o[View]
478469195How do i re-sell my digital games so i can afford to buy new games?[View]
478466007Well? Is it an improvement?[View]
478469775WoW story[View]
478469102>about to finish a game >remember that I have 15 more in backlog…[View]
478469716Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478463797Canonically, playable characters never lost/died even once in their games. They are THAT good, to pa…[View]
478469521Is there any game that can rival Darkest Dungeon's aesthetic and atmosphere?[View]
478469407What does Nyotengu's fart smell like?[View]
478464102Primis will fail Ultimis will prevail I've not even played zombies since BLOPS1 i just enjoy th…[View]
478452628>'Why does /v/ hate the Epic Store? Are they just racist, too lazy to use another launcher or do …[View]
478461460Yuffie > Tifa[View]
478467579World of Warcraft: BfA: Are you looking forward to 8.2.5? It brings you the end to the war, new worg…[View]
478468681>why yes I like to enjoy some of capcom's adult masterpieces how did you know?…[View]
478465790game worlds/maps[View]
478464313Sakurai says your most wanted is in...: ...as long as they are canonically more powerful than everyo…[View]
478468818Is it really that good?[View]
478468730Is this a fuck up or did steam actually censor the art in my own fucking library? I thought it was j…[View]
478465252What went wrong?[View]
478440564How different would modern vidya have been if 9/11 never happened?[View]
478459884Do you think Ryza has become a popular character in the West because Americans have a strong 'McDona…[View]
478456121Xenoblade Remaster: What do you want to see added/changed?[View]
478465925>we want the dark souls audience! when will this shit end?[View]
478460115re fucking lease it[View]
478468156>lol have sex >onions >Based xD >CRINGE EWWWww >ummmmm yikes >Lol I'm so iron…[View]
478464679The greatest version of WoW. August’s will tell you vanilla or vanilla+ aka TBC were better. They’re…[View]
478461752Wrong translation for Kojima interview: A toddler or mustard shitter did the translation.[View]
478464539Do you consider it a meme? For the last 2 weeks I've been playing games at these kinds of frame…[View]
478462526where can I get 3ds rom?[View]
478464767Why is FF8 so fucking comfy?[View]
478464392whats the darkest lore/secret in en E-rated game?[View]
478467980>a game's untapped potential forms a cult[View]
478461165Vidya Music Remixes: In 2019, how forgotten am I?[View]
478459140hey tf2 thread[View]
478467784Sans would be OP in Super Mario Bros.[View]
478467618ITT: Vidya images that you can hear.[View]
478466348Which is the most intense button-mashing vidya moment?[View]
478465384>when I first laid eyes upon you I wanted to crush your spine, human >but as we spent more tim…[View]
478452221ITT: games that are getting re-released despite being shitty and have no fans[View]
478467292Sudden Realization: Wart is the lost fourth Battletoad. He’s an amphibian and his name fits with the…[View]
478466457Hey Hey People,Seth here...[View]
478445450You can hear it can't you?[View]
478465419anal log :DDDD[View]
478467336Let's face it, FE is getting another character in the second fighters pass so who should it be?…[View]
478461249Post female video game characters that are good without needing to be sexual (well written/likable e…[View]
478464921>all in one tracking with 6 cameras >90hz >higher resolution than the Index >build in he…[View]
478467286Post your progress. You are making progress, right?[View]
478461824>Console FPS are shi-[View]
478467242Will we ever see a game match Yakuza 0's combat depth?[View]
478465627This green cunt fooled all of /v/ and basically you're fucking stupid.[View]
478448939Will you be buying it?[View]
478456230State your top three RE save themes or die![View]
478464658jokes aside is it worth playing?[View]
478467047Monster hunter iceborne: After grinding Shara for 6 hours, I miss grinding velkhu. She was a better …[View]
478466352Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478467027who, me?[View]
478461307So, we can all agree she's next?[View]
478459573>90's shooter >Play as a dude in neon armor shooting at creatures that came through a po…[View]
478452849Ghost of Tsushima is So Beautiful That Shuhei Yoshida Often Stops to Admire the Graphics: Yup Playst…[View]
478466615What went wrong?[View]
478465263What are some video games with this aesthetic?[View]
478461626hey melia[View]
478466361Is it real?[View]
478369730/v/ the Musical VII - 100 Songs written in 2 Days!!! Edition: Remember to write about vidya! And no …[View]
478466076I'm retiring my old steam name after a decade. Everyone post yours so I can steal the one I lik…[View]
478463323I'm making a team, are you in?[View]
478456645Rean is the man he is the man![View]
478466380Little Misfortune has just been released by the creators of Fran Bow today. Torrents anyone???[View]
478455590Why does Atlus act like these are their only games?[View]
478463534>game has environmental storytelling[View]
478441612How do you get gaming frindds?[View]
478461790What went wrong?[View]
478451243I can't take this game seriously because of how ridiculously overloaded Sam is. How is he not f…[View]
478465735W-What is Sirfetch'd gonna do with this onion /v/?[View]
478448181Yosuke Hanamura: Why is he so popular? He literally is always top 3 in all the polls of Japan.…[View]
478464176You guys do know that EA owns the rights to the Jane's flight sim series right? Saying flight s…[View]
478465129Why was Final Fantasy III never ported to the PS1 back in the day? An official 2D version would be n…[View]
478465628I can't be the only one here who likes Smash but doesn't give a shit about other Nintendo …[View]
478465578EDF5 story spoilers: Humans fuck up the planet, just like we're doing. God shows up, sees what…[View]
478464516ITT: We write a love letter to the best Megaman girl of the best Megaman series Dear[View]
478465423Sonic radar III - Asus motherboard only?: What's wrong with this picture? This happened after I…[View]
478438990games overflowing with soul[View]
478465302Current gen consoles can't into basic anisotropic filtering. Pathetic.[View]
478460086BANNERLORD: basically any day now lads[View]
478462786Think like a soldier, out on your own Think like a hunter, caught out in thecold I take my chances, …[View]
478465075>every fucking JRPG in existence seems to be getting a remake or remaster What human has time to…[View]
478331913/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday consoletan.booru.org flockmod.com/thebreakroom consoletans.neocities.org…[View]
478465016One noisy morning!![View]
478464126are you excited?[View]
478352295Comfy Switch Thread: Are you enjoying your Switch /v/? What are ya playing?[View]
478431818Holy fuck the Link's Awakening remake has to be the most insulting remake of all time. >Ugly…[View]
478429149Monster Hunter: Abyssborne[View]
478447069When will the cultural zeitgeist of contrarianism and inauthenticity end? When will it be okay to li…[View]
478464782what a piece of motherfucking dog shit[View]
478441596This game STILL needs a proper remake.[View]
478464692What are some video games where I am Ferdinand von Aegir?[View]
478464605ITT: Games where even the creators missed the point.[View]
478450896there you go volvo, i just fixed your shitty ui[View]
478464223Lick your computer screen![View]
478423186Is there a good word to describe the vibe of Blasphemous's world? It's very obviously neo/…[View]
478463179History Total War is dead...: YOU FUCKERS LOST HAHAHAHAHAH! Total War: TROY CONFIRMED![View]
478461881I bought this because I was told that it's like Dark Souls but it's nothing like Dark Soul…[View]
478461754Well /v/, why don't you hunt trophies?[View]
478458745Would it work?[View]
478456958Nier Automata: How come this game is so popular? Got 10/10's all across the board and every oth…[View]
478464410I love devs that still work and develop fun a.i. and care about single player. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
478460000Is he the george lucas of videogames?[View]
478457478Post peripherals[View]
478455215Post some classic wow images[View]
478454501Tiger Tiger is peak vidya[View]
478464148Are there any games anymore that have awful translations?[View]
478464097fix the fighters pass[View]
478442906Dawn of the fifth day: What's the latest cope at not being able to play it?[View]
478462730why don't smashies ever shower?[View]
478463713Will there ever be another good JoJo vidya or are we doomed to more gachashit?[View]
478451385Solid Snake doesn't have true emotions: Kojima has lost it. Imagine believing this nonsense.…[View]
478397557Webm bread: Webm bread[View]
478463841When does this game get fun? I pirated it and played it for a bit, but the button mashing combat rea…[View]
478463758Have you ever cancelled a pre-order, /v/?[View]
478455173>b-but $60 is too much for a remake /v/ was wrong again[View]
478449904The eternal debate.[View]
478437526Castlevania: What the fuck did they do to Isaac?[View]
478456854I hate when Samus gets lewded/R34'd: Anybody else like a certain character so much that you get…[View]
478460858>movie game >/v/ love sit for some reason >all while simultaneously shitting on other movie…[View]
478463513Disco Elysium - Detective RPG: RPG of the Year coming through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqVzF…[View]
478460091this is subliminal Death Stranding propaganda: (and that's a good thing)[View]
478402501>Devola! Devola! Anon-kun finally woke up[View]
478460876Do you even play video games?[View]
478456858So you preordered my game? Impressive.[View]
478454561Golden Sun: Why did Nintendo abandon this franchise? It was one of their biggest GBA titles and thei…[View]
478462162He's out of the closet[View]
478463270>ywn see him again >no Twice Servant ever (T_T)…[View]
478454151An argument against Banjo in Smash https://vocaroo.com/i/s03QZMcnhGI3[View]
478453128Why is this game so praised? It's what began turning a genuinely-scary survival horror series i…[View]
478461971Rise of the Tomb Raider: Is this worth my monopoly dollars, /v/?[View]
478458058Broke fag here, where are the best places to download free PC games?[View]
478461526Here's your dangan replacement[View]
478456046I can't wait for Communism to win so we won't have microtransactions and loot boxes anymor…[View]
478461276Let's talk mods: And why some people may think paid mods are a legal grey area.[View]
478461467Red Flags in CS:GO matchmaking: >no avatar/anime avatar >randomly generated name >fresh acc…[View]
478460096>So you like games? Great. I made a game that is not a good game but looks very pretty. Why don…[View]
478461027You say Ocarina of time was the best game ever made? Cute.[View]
478454524THE REGGINATOR IS BACK!!!!!!: https://nygamecritics.com/2019/09/18/breaking-the-legendary-reggie-fil…[View]
478440324Fantasy or Science-Fiction?[View]
478452629What is the most important aspect of a game to you? Story, graphics, gameplay, music, or soul?…[View]
478458895Hey there, long story short I had surgery yesterday and have lost the use of my left arm for some ti…[View]
478448981Where does the enjoyment in this game derive from?[View]
478458579Non-main characters that nearly ruined great games[View]
478448560Session: Skateboarding Sim: Anyone tried this? I really like Skate, and it *appears* to look to be a…[View]
478462336>2019 >Not filming black and chinks without asking. https://youtu.be/kBP-rJ9W8qw…[View]
478458715Flash Games: For me, it's Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe[View]
478443337Only 9 more days until Erik goes sicko mode and breaks the law.[View]
478441735The year is 2019 Thighs are not allowed on vidya box art anymore[View]
478461639What are some games that let you rewrite history in order to appease your nationalist insecurities?[View]
478452730What went wrong?[View]
478460715Switch is getting a 4 player coop shooter next month! Finally a game for the boomers![View]
478460461why is zora's domain so comfy?[View]
478454138Why are they making a game about corporations fucking over the planet with their greed political by …[View]
478450265Does Ace Combat Zero have the greatest final battle of any game ever?[View]
478452565Post-Fighter's Pass Fighters: Hello. I am one of several designers laid off from the Smash Bros…[View]
478460165So why did /v/ call Terry hat Ken if they want a character literally called bandana Waddle Dee?[View]
478428337When is it coming back bros? I need my fix[View]
478460919>MC's partner is in the closet Any other games for this?[View]
478419245if i want to get into the team ninja’s NG series, what versions of each game is the best?[View]
478454108Get in here epic bros, Batman is coming home[View]
478460181whats the next game that should get a remake?[View]
478450376Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478450661>paying $60 for a remake of a Gameboy game with constant frame drops LOL Nintendo's paypigs …[View]
478458810Can /v/ draw CDI cartoon Link from memory?[View]
478451849Tell me /v/, why is everyone shitting on this guy. His previous game were almost all great and fun.…[View]
478459896>lore beaten, butchered and raped to death >still enjoyable game TALION, WHERE IS MY SHADOW OF…[View]
478459487Who is the most timeless Waifu in gaming history?[View]
478459637I'm in love[View]
478456853>Game Opening sung by Hironobu Kageyama TACHIGARE KEDAKAKU MAE SADANE WO UKETA SENSHI YO…[View]
478457765>ff7r is growing on me[View]
478459496>find cool multiplayer game >try to play it >it's completely dead Goddamn it I just wa…[View]
478457820How you enjoying it?[View]
478459328>character gives you equipment item as a gift during a cutscene >it's worse than the stuf…[View]
478457347Can someone explain to me why the gaming society is so afraid of muscular women? In Gears 5 all the …[View]
478451797Thoughts on this gem? Sad how it just got delisted out of nowhere[View]
478457880>watches movies all day >literally admitted he doesn't even play video games >makes a …[View]
478452652What are some RPG Maker games?[View]
478458691is it any good ?[View]
478453597I'm Gabe Newell[View]
478441693Famitsu Sales: [PS4] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition (Capcom, 09/06/19) – 74,165 (280,…[View]
478458297i heard that link's awakening was leaked, can someone confirm to me the hippo scene is like the…[View]
478444497Steam cut is too big for publishers to keep on using it ,now everyone will have their own seperate l…[View]
478458018Has the progress of video game graphics ended?: 4790k was released 5 years ago. Yet the improvements…[View]
478430882>meanwhile, on deep sea /v/..[View]
478436996Risky Rain: Host some lobbies you fucking queers[View]
478420584Dumb jannies deleting a vidya thread. Let's continue this: >...[View]
478450090S/Z>I>O>T>L/J Prove me wrong.[View]
478457774>Namco Rep this >Namco Rep that aren't we overlooking someone REALLY important?…[View]
478450168Why doesn't/v/ like Kingdom Hearts?[View]
478457935I stuck a dildo up my ass, jerked off and came into my mouth and ate it Does that make me gay now?[View]
478444094*Makes PS1, PS2 and Nintendo ( modded with RGB support) games look better than what nostalgia made y…[View]
478448307ITT: Romhacks/Fangames that are better than the original: Parallel Worlds is so fucking good..…[View]
478453459All these anons calling Kojima a hack... Bros, did you even play this masterpiece?[View]
478453638Reminder that out of the below resource regeneration systems: >Waiting for health regen >Backt…[View]
478449083We could have gotten a proper 3d remake on the BOTW engine. Instead we got this funko pop trash.[View]
478457439Any good games similar to Cry of Fear[View]
478457268Any grinders on /v/? Whether it be speedrunning, fighting game, or any multiplayer game, have you ev…[View]
478452104vidya racing games: What are racing games that you casually love?[View]
478455045Forced 222 has put the nail in the coffin[View]
478452441What's Link's best attire? 2597 hours in MS Paint btw[View]
478446348It’s not good[View]
478433135Times /v/ lied to you: >says Arkham Knight is shit >Play it >It's actually really fun …[View]
478408335The evil is defeated. What killed it, /v/?[View]
478453552It's all a dream. There. I just saved you 60 denars.[View]
478455240I'll buy it for the plot: How about you /v/?[View]
478450132>Eradicator Autoturret 0.7.6 - online. >Deploying... >Scanning target - no Typhon material …[View]
478455729>finally set up a PS1 emulator for the first time >go to download Front Mission as the first g…[View]
478455214Get up.[View]
478443784Looking for an RPG: I'm getting myself an RPG for Switch latet today for my birthday. I'm …[View]
478449172POWER STONE 3: IT’S FUCKING HAPPENING BITCHES https://twitter.com/dev1_official/status/1171245406539…[View]
478456494Let's be honest. If Nintendo had the rights to Geno, they would treat him like they treat Walui…[View]
478438648>character gets a bara makeover Yes, I know it's not the same person but they're still …[View]
478454985Gears 5 BIGGEST launch of any Xbox Games Studios game this generation: 3 million players in launch w…[View]
478455492Say hi to your GOTY 2019: >Stage one: denial[View]
478450154Ace Combat 7: Hunt for Red October DLC: https://youtu.be/WLvXs7sIHaw Time to kill a million Eruseans…[View]
478454716quiz nanairo dreams[View]
478449670touhou: is it actually good or just meme[View]
478451979Fallout 4 and Thus Fallout 76 are Non-Canon:: Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, T…[View]
478439435Unlocks in old games that would be $15 DLC in the current year: ITT: oldfags make zoomies cry >Sp…[View]
478455264What went so wrong?[View]
478446442I miss movie tie-in games[View]
478453508ITT: Video Game Films: Is it even possible for Hollywood to make a good one?[View]
478451615*destroys your level 3 in 1.5 seconds*[View]
478431418Save me, /v/[View]
478381970Code Vein: Only 10 more days until the game comes out, anons. Will the demo update drop before then?…[View]
478454519never forget[View]
478454869*makes you seethe*[View]
478446973>buy game from amazon japan >gets here damaged because they shipped it in a padded envelope i…[View]
478451929>dying world >surrounded by mindless undead >still infectiously joyful and finds reasons to…[View]
478422775What’s the appeal?[View]
478449496Why is Japan so good at making likeable females and why is the west so bad at it? Pic very related, …[View]
478444958Play Megaman Battle Network.[View]
478453985>why would I roll a male character if I'm gonna have to stare at an ass all day >female c…[View]
478454191This is Won from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Harvest Moon: Friend of Mineral Town. (The series …[View]
478450305Sometimes, this site isn't shit.[View]
478454087Well reuimu you may have failed to make it into smash but congratulations on getting into magic[View]
478449280Why did video games stop being fun?[View]
478447346Greentext something interesting or funny that happened with you in video games[View]
478447706I don't understand why I am not having as much fun as far cry 3 and 4.[View]
478453708https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dViIVCg0OpQ Recommend me a game for this feel.[View]
478452928This is considered White in America...[View]
478450746ITT: vidya OST you can use as alarm ringtone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOGu05q-Ch4[View]
478452365Why does Fortnite have so much soul?[View]
478450216>rpg >automatic game over if main character dies…[View]
478449883What are the best headset brands /v/? Looking for one to spend 80-160 euros on.[View]
478448520Is Final Fantasy XV the best RPG of the decade?: Also why do people hate this game?[View]
478447836How did the hype for this game die so hard and fast?[View]
478447651how would you design a panty and stocking game?[View]
478451040Any anons playing this?[View]
478452954>no new mario & luigi >no mario & luigi collection >no new paper mario game >no …[View]
478445338Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine: Why is the ost so kino https://youtu.be/ZylfOvr2-vg[View]
478452861Are you going to play her game?[View]
478452292ITT: Timeless games: also Portal 3 when?[View]
478434556Any games with this feeling but with actually fun stuff to do?[View]
478452627>Sorry for what? Our daddies told us not to be ashamed of our dicks, 'specially since they…[View]
478450081Good RPG: Any good RPG? I play Greedfall now and while it is an enjoyable game I feel like my choice…[View]
478435386If you ever upgraded health you're a total fuckin scrub[View]
478422158Take a look at this tiny place. To the heart seeking freedom. This island is a prison surrounded by …[View]
478452485Post incels from vidya.[View]
478447860Autstic PC building problems: >buy new graphics card >suddenly for some reason second monitor …[View]
478439596Is worth to buy one in 2019?[View]
478447565I haven’t bought a game this year since Super Mario Maker 2. Should I buy Control, Astral Chain, Cat…[View]
478448473I have no words for the voice acting in this game. After giving it a 3 month break then coming back …[View]
478364375How should they handle Jill In Resident Evil 1 and 3 remakes?[View]
478452097He's in[View]
478447551Why did merchandising for fallout explode after Fallout 4 happened?[View]
478441223Greetings, peasants[View]
478447074>Likes FPS >Likes Uncharted >Only liked Souls when everyone else did >Shit at games >…[View]
478432358Never should have come here[View]
478448012>overlooking blatant and crippling hardware shortcomings because Nintendo The gap widens every ye…[View]
478448592are there any good minecraft gun mods?[View]
478417998So how are you liking classic wow? Is it just like the good ol'days[View]
478451047How did the video game industry reach their highest sales in 2009, but popularity has been lowering …[View]
478444435CYBERPUNK 2077 WILL BE A GOOD GAME: Deal with it.[View]
478440493How did FFVII manage to be THIS kino more than 20 years ago?[View]
478447829After my recent poll pitting TP against WW the overwhelming support for WW enticed me to give it ano…[View]
478411947Wagecucks How many hours a day you play vidya? How do you manage work and vidya? I try to play 3 or …[View]
478450192I miss him, bros.[View]
478449364Link's Awakening: Who is going to buy it on Friday?[View]
478450217Why are video game characters so weak? Kinda pathetic if you ask me.[View]
478400996Doom Guy vs entire 40k Imperium of Man Space Marines. Who would win?[View]
478448063Today is such a lonely day. I would like a kiss from Okumura Haru's lips[View]
478450608It's gonna be Iliad and Aeneid right? No more sparta bullshit i hope.[View]
478449694Enter CHADren.[View]
478448275What ones are worth playing?[View]
478439329SOUL SOULLESS[View]
478448604Overwatch FOV is abysmal: How can people play on console fov on a display 40-50cm away. Without gett…[View]
478450117*cracks open Kaupe Cola* Now, Shakedown Hawaii. THAT was a game. *sips*[View]
478414019>Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith are now Asian >Barrett is now white Does this mean Yuffie will be bla…[View]
478442272Name a single flaw in this Game: The only downside is the so-so Story[View]
478448736ITT: games that are legitimately hilarious. I'll start.[View]
478422616how in gods name are you supposed to see anything on a screen like this? and it fucking EATS THROUG…[View]
478449989Are you gonna play his route?[View]
478443876Why aren't you playing Magia Record, /v/?[View]
478407284Steam Library Beta Update: How bad is it?[View]
478447861WHO DO YOU VOODOO BITCH???[View]
478449651What are some games with solid enjoyable gameplay or exploration elements? But mainly focused on the…[View]
478441734Will mods elevate it even further?[View]
478444276 [View]
478449539Anyone else on the new Steam Overlay?[View]
478426438Pathologic: Traces of the supernatural reveal themselves more often than intelligent and reasonable …[View]
478442197>Bloom Aaaaand droped[View]
478449459Meanwhile in Morrowind /v/...[View]
478449435What are some games that have good martial arts and not just 'moves' like Teken and Injustice?[View]
478449398any games where your character can be devoured alive?[View]
478449289Corrin is a Japanese dragon.[View]
478449367Been begging for Geno since Melee, I’m almost 30, plz sakurai I don't have much time left[View]
478445617Why do people have so many problems with Dualshock controllers? They're not perfect but the lay…[View]
478435835RetroArch: Anyone here uses pic related? Does it let you download only single (latest) core for ever…[View]
478448638>play vidya game >main character has a girlfriend or a love interest How the fuck am i suppose…[View]
478439216Has Shantae lost its way and turned into borderline western ecchi?[View]
478443776V The Musica VII - 110 Songs in 3 Days Edition!!!: Remember to write about vidya! And no dramapostin…[View]
478448059These 2 realy should get a HD remaster. Hell the games are graphically impressive even by today…[View]
478448354This is a precious cinnamon roll coomer.[View]
478448303Is it cringe to wear vidya clothing?[View]
478443638Archeage Unchained: Why is nobody talking about this? The no-P2W servers will be released in a few d…[View]
478369592DaemonXMachina: this mission was pain, the AI just refuses to do anything[View]
478445605'In the /v/ world, those who shitpost are scum, that's true, but those who waifupost are worse …[View]
478448156https://metalgear.fandom.com/wiki/Che_Guevara Yikes![View]
478448152itt: indie pixelshit[View]
478446815Why does the yellow manlet with the machismo compensation complex have to be at the front? Why is he…[View]
478443589This new evolution is....based Actually good design and Kanto feels https://twitter.com/Pokemon/stat…[View]
478321954Deep Rock Galactic: got deep rock galactic after having a good time in the free weekend seems pretty…[View]
478435863>the second game is absolutely inferior to the first one[View]
478447098Best JRPG story of all time[View]
478438871It's officially outsold Undertale! Congratulations to the Celeste team![View]
478445923Just torrented this game because it looks cool but I dont wanna support anti-Christian devs. What am…[View]
478445698What's are some fun video games with good replay value?[View]
478421439NIS new title: NIS teasing a new title. Are we finally getting Disgaea 6? https://nippon1.jp/consume…[View]
478445403>didn’t get a boss >didn’t get a mii costume >didn’t get a music track >didn’t even get …[View]
478431121The original versions of games are the definitive versions. If you have played a remake, you have NO…[View]
478447759Anyone else canceling their preorder? How am I supposed to COOM to this game?[View]
478447718>game doesn't allow for quicksaving when enemies are nearby[View]
478420521>Game has a glitch to obtain infinite money[View]
478447572screenshots thread: I don't see a screenshots thread.[View]
478447543What are some games where the enemy hunts you down relentlessly?[View]
478445756Any mmo you looking forward to? Why?[View]
478438256What's your favorite 3H crit quote? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1skMZsKkrrA Personally I…[View]
478400598Memes you never get to use[View]
478445036How do I get good?[View]
478446060What's your favorite game and how are ya doing /v/[View]
478432852How should Blizzard continue with Classic's Success?[View]
478447396>video game has 'daggers' >they're actually the size of short-swords What games…[View]
478446129what the fuck is this thing called???[View]
478441696Eli's voice actor is too old to voice him anymore: There will be no Chapter 3 https://youtu.be/…[View]
478443424What did people get out of the Ace Attorney series? It's 20 hours of reading per game, how the …[View]
478444412>first half is great >second half is an abortion what's the name of the game…[View]
478446257do trophies auto sync[View]
478390459Battlestations: that good'ol battlestation thread[View]
478447191You ever shit in a urinal son?: You ever shit in a urinal son?[View]
478445663Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478446993>Game shouts out to fags 'Well uh the character's opinions arent the writer's, nor is i…[View]
478442975Why haven't you subscribed to Xbox Game Pass yet? It's literally the best value in gaming.[View]
478441704I used to be addicted to this game called 'Dofus' when I was younger, does any of you guys used to p…[View]
478446801>doing another vote instead of just doing a fucking biome update with their billions of dollars S…[View]
478445827>enemies have hitscan weapons[View]
478435687It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made (Gothic 2)[View]
478444257What's the state of this game right now? I heard it's all kind of fucked up with micro tr…[View]
478444263download love live all stars or chika will cry[View]
478446312On Sep 10, 2019, Austin Hargrave a.k.a; PeanutButterGamer, was arrested in his Washington home due t…[View]
478440572Post your >Hopes >Expectations[View]
478444961Does anybody here play The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth? Anybody else excited for Repentance and Legend…[View]
478442591This game has some proper street sections: For those who complained about REmake 2 lack of street se…[View]
478445735my disappointment is imperturbable, what is the reason for this, and what is this childish ass music…[View]
478438609Greatest game no one played[View]
478442528BORDERLANDS 3: Are they wrong?[View]
478443375Splinter Cell Thread: Should I play them in order? Is one definitively the best or are they all the …[View]
478416718Dwarf Fortress: Is it really that hard?[View]
478440871>final fantasy threads >SMT threads >Phantasy Star threads >Tales threads >never S…[View]
478444182tfw no GF[View]
478445029>boot up dead game >start up multiplayer match >walk around the map just to reminisce >…[View]
478428092Why aren't you playing it?[View]
478440740it's not that bad.[View]
478444998what game allows me to play as a cool boomer?[View]
478431794>Pa says elves are bad and not to trust 'em[View]
478444792>game has mandatory minigame >it's literally impossible…[View]
478445412Long link[View]
478435985Why do these old 3D renders feel more realistic than actual realistic current generation games?[View]
478445361Far Cry 2 was fucking sick, I wish there was more games about mercs in africa during the cold war be…[View]
478444752You are caught in a bad spot and have only 3 seconds before this colossal ultralisk crushes or bisec…[View]
478443257I blew up the wrong walls and now Lucas does not sell more TNT bombs. What can I do? I dont want to …[View]
478434943Games where the main protagonist gets fucking deleted out of existence?[View]
478423830Why isn't there any pic related-like games ? Hell, even BoTW and WW got some.[View]
478442761Mario thinks he could outsmart me. Maybe, maybe I have yet to see plumber outsmart bullet.[View]
478431975Is this the hottest vidya girl ever conceived? t. never played a fighting game[View]
478435445Banjo-Kazooie: >Only 10 songs >Barely any Tooie or Nuts and Bolts music >No Humba Wumba, Kl…[View]
478427356anyone else know this feelerino?[View]
478442037Unintentionally hilarious scenes: Ace combat 5, final mission: Archer: Captain! Edge: Blaze! Swords…[View]
478442074Disco Elysium release date confirmed for October 15th on Steam and GOG the saviour of CRPGs is comin…[View]
478423031>tfw you deserve goty but being released early in the year ruins your chances…[View]
478414071Borderlands 3 Ending: So, was this this the worst possible ending to an otherwise pretty good game? …[View]
478440637hey vee: v, hey, vve whats your favorite visual novel (VN)? tell me about it or maybe you are lookin…[View]
478440973Why can't English dubbers do a decent job at sounding menacing without coming across as goofy? …[View]
478442961Anyone up for some FightCade kuso?[View]
478444360http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/09/sunset_overdrive_is_now_owned_by_playstation_sony_confirms wh…[View]
478442342Why do the Western devs and audience dislike hot women being in their games?[View]
478443836The classic Dragon Quest overture is such a hype track.[View]
478442356>Battlefield 3 was released in 2011 How the fuck was this possible and why was it running flawles…[View]
478442698I will never not be angry[View]
478369005https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNae9YXxEFDPwHADZIxRExIDZD-1R_SnF Wow[View]
478439653What are your thoughts on PSO1, /v/?[View]
478441238banjo kazooie fucking sucks: banjo kazooie has the worst fucking plot in the history of games, it…[View]
478430269settle this[View]
478430473Did anyone ever finish Turbo Tunnel, the final level of Battletoads?[View]
478443459Why does almost everybody seem to hate STALKER Clear Sky? I enjoyed the plotline and the faction war…[View]
478439979Mr. Howard has arrived...[View]
478437551Holy shit I made it So from now on From run out of time and the reste of the game is incomplete ? Wh…[View]
478440272Starbase: What are your thoughts on this game? I wanted to start a faction before the game comes out…[View]
478433594Future Classic race: holy shit[View]
478366170What's the longest amount of time you've spent on a gaming challenge before you won?[View]
478443003Why the fuck didn't you play Severance: Blade of Darkness yet? For rendering I personally reco…[View]
478442637She killed millions: why didn't rando beat the shit out of her when he had the chance, fucking …[View]
478438130Death Stranding Gameplay NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBS: It's up https://youtu.be/2JdEeGHEaNU[View]
478428895Screen cap this post. This will crash the video game industry.[View]
478412525Guilty gear: Post your dream roster[View]
478408156>japanese 'humor'[View]
478442275Despite it taking place in a brutal, no-holds-barred World War on two fronts, why did it unironicall…[View]
478439849>game comes out with really fun and promising base mechanics, developers ruin game almost immedia…[View]
478421903Atelier: Totori > Ayesha > Rorona > Escha > Firis > Sophie > Meruru > Shallie …[View]
478432041Take a videogame title and replace one of the words with 'poop' Describe the new game[View]
478432361AI: The Somnium Files gives a nice shoutout to the LGBT Community: Fucking based! Just ordered it on…[View]
478441201>When you are one of the biggest scam in video game platforms's history…[View]
478440338Revenge is mine, I cannot miss, let's see that furry fool dodge this![View]
478430665Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478423521Just wow. So, since TPP was fun for the first half, I guess it's perfectly balanced.[View]
478441012Time to settle this for once and for all![View]
478388928Trails of Cold Steel 3 Demo: It's out, why aren't you playing it? https://store.playstatio…[View]
478432394>blocks your path[View]
478441567I love my Switch.[View]
478441630What can be done about Command & Conquer?[View]
478441535whoever recommended this yesterday is a proper moron not only do you still need the launchers for it…[View]
478439832Never forgetti. https://youtu.be/9yYp8ZeQ-I8[View]
478437115ITT: games you loved as a child but despise now[View]
478435050Are you guys confused on how progression in this game is gonna work too? I keep hearing about an ‘ar…[View]
478441197you dirty dogs[View]
478439150>Be me >play Tecken >Game good me good >Change back to DOA for a bit >My second love,…[View]
478441361Why do trained terrorist shoot like Stormtroopers? At point blank range. The goon will shoot you 3 t…[View]
478439295Good morning, Everyone![View]
478435381What if they simplify Johnny?: Hold me /v/ros, I do not want them to simplify the characters themsel…[View]
478441328I'd like to make an RTS game. But nobody plays them, expect for stupid phone garbage and they c…[View]
478441304When was the last time you achieved Flow State while gaming? I just had an Incredible 4 hour session…[View]
478440997Nintendo is dead[View]
478425523Literally impossible without a guide[View]
478435032Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen: Saw a good deal for this game, is it worth playing in current year…[View]
478438709im having fun playing this game[View]
478440051Spyro thread: Bald[View]
478429892Rank them.[View]
478438947Games that need another installment and games that dont: Itt w discuss which takes do and don't…[View]
478440936Guys, what the fuck happened with 3rd person narrative/exploration driven western RPGs? We've g…[View]
478435750Angels or Demons?: Which /v/?[View]
478438325>Boss is meaner than a junkyard dog[View]
478436943Help: What game should i take up? Have always been a casual gamer so I only really play story based …[View]
478438285>cucks you[View]
478436609It's happening epicchads, batman is coming home.[View]
478439687/v/ whats a pvp game where you can solo a ton of people if you're good enough. It can be pay2wi…[View]
478423470Final Fantasy XIV: >Best FF gameplay belongs to an mmo >Best FF story belonds to an mmo >Be…[View]
478437885Less talked about Switch games: Beside the games everyone talk about, what other games that you enjo…[View]
478437516>encounter game breaking bug with no work around >last save was 5 hours ago…[View]
478440027>feminists want to abort BB Thank you Kojima for humanizing unborn babies.…[View]
478428813fallout isn't redd-[View]
478440458>enemies can attack you in safe zones[View]
478438792what's the Death Grips of video games?[View]
478405667What would you pick as your avatar?[View]
478433758Archeage Unchained: Are you going to play Archeage Unchained, /v/? It's not P2W this time, just…[View]
478430448Have you bought yours yet?[View]
478437594how to know which RPGMaker games are worth playing? I know some good RPGMaker games are not mentione…[View]
478440153Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478438327>game has ng+ >has no additional content or scaling in it what's the fucking point?…[View]
478431598Is 2019 the year of the gamer?: >Kingdom Hearts 3 >RE2MAKE >Devil May Cry 5 >Sekiro …[View]
478438593I finally played this and loved it. What are the chances 2 ends up being good?[View]
478439993>Snake went to Shadow Moses, fought his evil twin brother and stopped the dangerous nuclear robot…[View]
478439983Here's your monitor bro[View]
478436850What kind of Video games do you think she would play?[View]
478438636What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
478430718Stardew Valley: Haley is best girl. Prove me wrong, /v/[View]
478438423RED SUN[View]
478438016Find what you’re looking for amongst the dead?[View]
478439557Here’s your BFG, bro.[View]
478436834She is literally the only good thing to come out of the Sonic games[View]
478438872What are some awesome games for the XBOX 360?[View]
478429830Was it bad?[View]
478438249fortnite: Bruh fortnite is da bast gam[View]
478439263You should play God of War cause it'll get you laid[View]
478439197Why, yes, I DO hate act 6 and the epilogues. How could you tell?[View]
478354187Greedfall: What is the best party for Extreme exploration? Kurt sucks and dies from two hits, fuck A…[View]
478437290Yet another flop on Nintendo Switch. Why can't Nintendo make new IPs?[View]
478437947>2019... I am forgotten[View]
478434027Post your toons[View]
478438916Why are these characters so godly?[View]
478434136I can't find any fucking information on the Switch Lite which is supposedly releasing tomorrow.…[View]
478429859>Classic WoW dungeons are so different, not just corridors like retail Huh?…[View]
478437990>all depictions of a younger Link are always babby boy graphics now Will we ever get a new Zelda …[View]
478425787https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwXTAK3kNvQ OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
478430983Daily reminder: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-AnkMg1PY3cMalnMVq5xW-37jkeqi8bs_8fMy30pCcY/edit…[View]
478436548She sucks.[View]
478432895Name a boss fight more gimmicky than his. Even his easy mode version is too hard for its own good.[View]
478434595Death Stranding: So finally are people happy with what Kojima showed?[View]
478435595Total War: WE ARE TROY! Also monsters![View]
478433083DMC: He deserves better lines.[View]
478437630>soul >soulless[View]
478407228Any settings that you wish WERN’T stuck in gacha hell?[View]
478438131>NPC looks directly at the camera and reads out my full name, address and social security number…[View]
478433570why did Squeenix make the FFVII spinoffs emo?[View]
478436225What does a game need to have to be considered 'comfy'?[View]
478437382just how fucking hard does it need to be for games to make adjustments in armor for races with tails…[View]
478436495Give me 1 (one) video-game where you play as a wild animal and you have to go up the food chain.[View]
478436552I accidentally quicksaved on expert Bonehoard while being killed by the statue and now an hour of un…[View]
478429467Meet n Fuck Vadimgod: WHAT WENT WRONG, /v/?[View]
478429881here's your new total war game historykeks btfo[View]
478434291Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I…[View]
478407541SHE'S ON FIRE[View]
478416706Games that have an exodus ability[View]
478417032Gen 1: Gen 2: Gen 3: Gen 4: Gen 5: Gen 6: Gen 7: Gen 8:[View]
478427369>downloading a SNES/Megadrive-era game on a modern console >352MB Why…[View]
478437365>youre going to have so much fun playing through this game again, anon[View]
478428379Why is this allowed?[View]
478430360Klonoa Smash DLC: Has he any chance?[View]
478428141Was the Zero Suit a mistake for the Metroid series?[View]
478432460when did you realize destiny is better than borderlands?[View]
478422882Better than THUG2[View]
478437137Just played this for the first time in a while on Steam and I don't know if I'm imagining …[View]
478434551*crack* >sssssiiiiiippppppp ahhhhh... yep, ps2 had the best games[View]
478415672How do we save Valkyria Chronicles?[View]
478432279Moon RPG is coming out on switch: LOL to that one guy who has spent 8+ years translating the game on…[View]
478436776>Snake went to Shadow Moses, fought his evil twin brother and stopped the dangerous nuclear robot…[View]
478427634Spyro: ... Easy on the Subway...[View]
478431595Death Stranding will be the greatest game of the decade: The more details come out, the more incredi…[View]
478435979Post apocalyptic world done right[View]
478424620Let's rate each other's taste in games.[View]
478432765Show what collections you already have created. P.S. is there a way when making a collection and ha…[View]
478427236What was his name again, /v/?[View]
478433915Nintendo coverage: Hi so what I'm about to say is that this infos might not all be true but thi…[View]
478434228>WoW classic, a 15 year old game, has more players than retail WoW and FFXIV, two most popular mm…[View]
478436378link awake remake: zelda does the funny man run[View]
478436243>yeah I use Ganesha for the meta, you got a problem with that?[View]
478435948Post kino theme songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXkgn3QUA2w[View]
478435981Will Elven Ring be good or just another soulborne clone?[View]
478433678What's that one reason you keep coming back to a game?[View]
478435656What chess program is this? I've been wondering this for years. People say it was for the Apple…[View]
478435757How do I git gud at strategy games?[View]
4784245292019..............I am still forgotten..........[View]
478426846Now that death stranding is confirmed as a walking simulator with 45 minutes of walking for every 5 …[View]
478429119Ah, perfection *chef's kiss*[View]
478429309Recently I managed to obtain the original Japanese PC versions of the Sora no Kiseki games. Is there…[View]
478427639Dawn of the fifth day: What's the latest cope at not being able to play it?[View]
478433965was it kino?[View]
478431451Why does the Snake family use a Smurf-naming scheme?[View]
478427768>2019 >not maximo ghost to glory or gauntlet dark legacy remaster in sight…[View]
478424826Will I like this if I thought 3>1>>>>>2>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
478430621>He doesn't like strong orcish women who can kill you with very little effort What's wr…[View]
478433442this is how you fix the horror genre https://youtu.be/BBN4AplinOk[View]
478434327Myron! Myron, baby, Myron! why is there San-Francisco on the background?[View]
478432540Fuck this shit[View]
478428687Pirates n' sheeit: Does /v/ play Sea of Thieves?[View]
478431528All T's line up against the wall facing it, we're gonna play first reaction last reaction.…[View]
478433302MGSV is the best game on PS4.[View]
478431267i love reshiram[View]
478430927play attack and defend now kiddo[View]
478430494I just can't comprehend why would they produce black and brown androids. Isn't it very bad…[View]
478434421clean it up, janny.[View]
478363632Mega Man Legends is one of my favorite games of all time. What is your opinion on Mega Man Legends?[View]
478419841This just dropped, lads. Not shabby at all; 'cept for some of the art. Gay stuff is gay.[View]
478430610noko: what does his 2019 battle station look like??[View]
478432905Is it worth it going for the multiple endings? The game is boring me to tears, but 3B's and 9S…[View]
478425445This is a japanese police commissioner.[View]
478433898Good horror games other anons never heard of thread[View]
478433512Any game that fill the void?[View]
478433884How about Street Fighter?[View]
478427930Should i play with English or Japanese voice acting?[View]
478430701>Remember how hyped I was for Phantom Pain after Ground Zeroes I still hurts…[View]
478426089Ps5 and xbox scarlett will KILL the point of PC hardware. The power gap isnt noticeable enough to in…[View]
478430396How do I get out of the castle?[View]
478431181SSS: Social Strand System: Behold the first Strand game guys[View]
478427019Why does /v/ hate laptops with a passion?[View]
478430152I have over 100 games on my Steam account and I changed my display name and custom url but my shitty…[View]
478431327Post funky OST and reaction images https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZCXi4FbpY8[View]
478419956Risk Of Rain: Didn't see a thread up. New update, Loader added, and skills 2.0. Let's fuck…[View]
478433382>*teleports behind you* >*puts c4 on your tank* >heh... nothin' personal kiddo.…[View]
478427938Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that Syndicate (2012) was a good game?[View]
478433352Anybody else playing link's awakening? I think there's a glitch with the armos knight, all…[View]
478433208Need a ride handsome?[View]
478429709>comfy in the day >spooky as fuck during the night >varied foresty sub-biomes (piney wood, …[View]
478421852what is your honest and unbiased opinion about juliane[View]
478430067Where were you when valve won?[View]
478431850I am forgotten: Tbh it's quite a nice game for what it does. But jesus the constant whispering …[View]
478431473The board is trying to tell me something, I must share it with you[View]
478425716>Referring to yourself as a 'gamer' or others as 'gamers' >Calling yourself a 'consumer' or cr…[View]
478427198Is this true? Is the Epic Game Store store debate just another console war?[View]
478429764Good day! Doom Slayer here! While taking vacations on the Phobos Facility (since they worship me ove…[View]
478428959What comfy game are you playing right now?[View]
478432226Post dangerous enemy's[View]
478425953>Yo, grandpa anon, I found this 'solid state drive' in the attic. What's it used for? >Yo…[View]
478427182This is a very sad story about the death of a man named Stanley. Stanley is quite a boring fellow. H…[View]
478417909What the fuck is that ugly mole on his head?[View]
478429234This is Josie Rizal. She is a nice fighter. Say something nice about her.[View]
478412570What are some good clicker or incremental games?[View]
478427765I am preparing for October. What is the best way to play Blood Omen?[View]
478426926It's about time we got an action game that had a detailed and realistic tax policy.[View]
478382668This was bugging me for a while now, i need to get that off my chest. Will contain spoiler so be awa…[View]
478429105How does it feel to know that Strider Hiryu will never be eligible to join the Super Smash Bros. ser…[View]
478431990moon site update http://oniongames.jp/moon/sub/animal.html[View]
478424603Who's the cutest girl in Final Fantasy?[View]
478431101When is this fan translated just as its precursor? Can't find any info on it. With a full team …[View]
478395165World of Warcraft Classic: Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
478384994What do you want from the next Christian Whitehead Sonic?[View]
478431339Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, 3 and New Vegas all utilize the iconic…[View]
478415530HAHA Epic shills kept saying they would be putting rdr2 on epic but they just made their own launche…[View]
478431370>Playing a game that supports mentally ill trannies OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHA…[View]
478431319ZSNES: Tell me what it is about this emulator that makes accuracy trannies lose their fucking mind.…[View]
478428009League of Legends 10 year anniversary: >LoL had 27 million daily players in 2014, most of them be…[View]
478431196it's time[View]
478410435>there's no such thing as perfect character desig-[View]
478426745Can someone convince me to NOT spend 120ish dollars on borderlands 3? T.console peasant[View]
478429371Years ago there was a video series of 3-4 guys and a girl who watched all of the MGS4 cutscenes whil…[View]
478425436I've literally never played a turn based JRPG before, where should I start anons?[View]
478429856Atom RPG: Is it any good?[View]
478421501There's just too much side stuff and not enough main quests. Every location has only one short …[View]
478425754◄ ►▼ ◄ ►▼[View]
478426923Do like my MARS BASE /v/?[View]
478426654Here is your walking simulator bro: https://twitter.com/i/status/1174213662657134593[View]
478425074peter molyneux: Even though it was incredibly linear, and didn't contain all the promised featu…[View]
478423067Which one is better? Stock Medigun or Kritzkrieg?[View]
478424919>tfw there will never be a 3D remake of Final Fantasy VI[View]
478427171so what was he?[View]
478425030>He actually bought Borderland 3[View]
478427707holy shit bros, red dead 1 confirmed for apple and android before pc ahahahha[View]
478427532Anyone wanna play some street fighter v on steam together? I'm silver Falke[View]
478426520How the FUCK did he get so many chips?[View]
478410309At what point will the United Nations categorise Sega's refusal to release Christian Whitehead…[View]
478428530What are the star trek games that are the most 'arcade'-y. I just wanna phaser things.[View]
478421015Still playing that Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled game?[View]
478424346AI: The Somnium Files: So, is it any good? Did Uchikoshi deliver?[View]
478415979WHY would you PAY $60 for a REMAKE of a gameboy game that came out almost 30 YEARS AGO[View]
478419697>WW2 multiplayer game >full of Axis players with names like 'SS Obersturmbannführer' >ranti…[View]
478417751Games for this feel?[View]
478426671Revenite: The main character of this game looks hot[View]
478422618Should I get it to replace my vita as my main portable?[View]
478380071Death Stranding Gameplay NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBS: It's out. https://youtu.be/2JdEeGHEaNU[View]
478409717UNIST Thread: Ye ye ye[View]
478426206Hey Du![View]
478404289Good news Chaos Wars fans, your game no longer has the worst voice acting!: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
478426968the Final Fantasy series: Half the soul is lost. That is why the seed lies dormant.[View]
478427727Someone took time to draw this: Blunders aside; will this finally end the career of Hideo?[View]
478421467Any good games about poetic justice?[View]
478421549>$12 Should I do it?[View]
478348892Why aren't you playing a JRPG today?[View]
478428165Tekken 4: >best cover art >best stages >best music >best intro >superseded by tekken …[View]
478428108Whats /v/'s favorite jrpg For me its bloodborne[View]
478358184What do you think of the new splash screen?[View]
478421027Have you ever visited a real life location from a videogame?[View]
478427839>he unironically calls other players 'toxic'[View]
478427715All hail glorious steam for blowing the fuck out cheaters and in game shitposters http://blog.dota2…[View]
478426994Not sure what to play. Want to start something new to me. Bought all these on sale at one time or an…[View]
478419173Pillars of Eternity: I know i'm very late to the party, but is this game alongside its DLC wort…[View]
478423875Would you a Switch Box?: >$99 >A box the similar size of the ouya that plugs into your TV >…[View]
478375537Shantae Thread: Completely missed that a demo/the first part of the game is actually out on Apple Ar…[View]
478426407ITT: impossible minigame[View]
478426531i am a /v/ fairy[View]
478427391Look at this smug fuck[View]
478417979Session: Session thread. Looks like this is where the skate store will be. Maybe they are actually p…[View]
478382747What gacha game are you playing right now /v/?[View]
478399840settle a bet. does this look toy-like?[View]
478409018How does /v/ feel about mechanical keyboards?[View]
478427431Why am i always hit on by the the boys i never like I can always see them coming from the left and f…[View]
478426221Dog controls your destiny. Seek out three items of his favor and then seek his shrine.[View]
478427158/v/ asshat encounters thread: When is the time you encountered an absolute cunt of a person in a vid…[View]
478427238How about we rate each other videogame tasstes. Going to post the template after this[View]
478422556New Death Stranding Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ[View]
478420909AYY YOU OKAY?[View]
478427086Can we talk about the cancer named 'spiritual successors'? Brazilian monkeys who shilled that lazy 2…[View]
478424608Would you play an isometric shadowrun with Diablo 2 gameplay mechanics??[View]
478424657*sips* no one here has played this Capkino[View]
478417325Friends of Mineral Town: From this[View]
478419324What's harder, being a Nintendo fan that doesn't give a fuck about Smash or being a Capcom…[View]
478423325>rpg based on mayans/aztecs or even Maori tribal warriors Why isn't this a thing? There…[View]
478426881Brawl Stars: Saw a thread a few days ago and just wanted to wish anyone playing good luck on getting…[View]
478416347Games only you've played: Games only you've played[View]
478417654ITT: The exact moment when a game gets killed by an update[View]
478420886>tfw turn the difficulty down to lowest right before a boss So much more fun…[View]
478421113>be me >wake up in the morning >get dressed >turn on pc >go on google >types up so…[View]
478425812Am i having fun? or is this artificial fun? >at first i lol'd at all the looting. now I am p…[View]
478426550Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478426272When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he entered the door on his left.[View]
478426423Post your favorite last gen vidya main menu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LuTGvN0sX8[View]
478426228ITT: real-life vidya locations how the fuck do I dodge the archers, bros?[View]
478426202What changed?[View]
478403430Monster Hunter: How much have you been enjoying Iceborne so far?[View]
478411330So what was your high score before the purge set in?[View]
478424651What is /v/'s honest opinion on Gamer™ Gloves?[View]
478421068>we want the fortnite audience[View]
478418624>trying to play Resident Evil 2 >have to keep pausing the game cause Claire's so ugly bre…[View]
478424172I've noticed a pattern in pro epic, anti steam or pro borderlands 3 threads. whenever the threa…[View]
478424191imagine going from this to GTA online greed is ruining the gaming industry[View]
478405495>outperforms your $500 4k gaymur LCD monitor[View]
478420616I'm looking for PS3 games that fit the following criteria: 1) Exclusive to Sony or PS3 2) Has n…[View]
478411236Has anyone actually bought this?[View]
478424837What is /v/'s opinion on Dwarves?[View]
478423319What is /v/'s favorite Friend Area? For me, it's Scorched Plains[View]
478425371>Want to replay game >Remember that part What's her name?…[View]
478408397I've never played a Divinity game, but they have always intrigued me, and people have been sayi…[View]
478425191NASCAR games thread: About fucking time we finally got a good Nascar game. Say what you want about E…[View]
478419925Risky Rain: Is the new Risk of Rain 2 update good enough to bother re-installing it?[View]
478421732why aren't Japanese games slaves to tropes like anime?[View]
478395605So, fireden is dead for good. Until now it was just not updating, but we could at least search for P…[View]
478424610Isn't it about time he retires from Xbox? I don't think zoomers want to see boomers trying…[View]
478424638he won /v/ it's over[View]
478424935Watch out /v/![View]
478423742>We will never get a 4[View]
478420508>major dev announces that it wants to make a 'mass shooter simulator' Which dev is it a…[View]
478414634What is the best faction in S.T.A.L.K.E.R when you take their philosophy and goals into account, and…[View]
478419437Why is KI so fucking ugly?: None of these fucking characters look appealing its all shit, and this i…[View]
478423674>I sure am glad I spent 10,000+ hours playing JRPG's, those where the days.…[View]
478424541Fuck WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY[View]
478424442>Who plays games for the gameplay?[View]
478421997Vita, for men who have an eye for quality... Psp, for men who know the taste of high culture... then…[View]
478401639Did he made the right decision of staying as a woman?[View]
478424597Hello Dyo[View]
478424586>Game: The Movie: The Game[View]
478418747What are games with great character customization that are also actually fun? Hint: no MMO shit.[View]
478399243>Game trailer was totally misleading..... IN A GOOD WAY[View]
478418170Dauntless: >Bought Dauntless steelbook >Came all bent supporting indie devs was a mistake…[View]
478409508Is it fun?[View]
478412246so, /v/? which is it?[View]
478424257Are there any good first person shooters worth playing these days? Pic unrelated.[View]
478423104a flash in the pan[View]
478423575>Canonically uglier than a bear[View]
478424168ITT: god-tier vidya OSTs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zA1jRmAYfU[View]
478400264Thoughts on this new gaming desktop? >inb4 build your own https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/game-de…[View]
478419125>game marketing then: >'You can kill! Blood! Blood! Blood! Explosions! Sexy Women!' >game m…[View]
478422313So what actually happened if you clicked on his ad[View]
478422229>Nobuo Uematsu tries his hand at voice acting a video game character >is actually really good …[View]
478413846What is /v/'s opinion?[View]
478417605Kirby Thread: Could he beat Zero?[View]
478418215https://youtu.be/mEvVKCKdtfw bros... is destiny kino back on the menu now that blizzard is gone?[View]
478416664How do you do a reveal trailer for Steve without spoiling it? After the smash screen swish, you can…[View]
478419382Its on sale for 35 all dlc, is it worth it?[View]
478388417Post only good vidya tunes https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=80XAJKqRU9k https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R…[View]
478418853when are we getting more news for Senran Kagura 7even?[View]
478419024How do we save the Horror genre? My suggestion is making a game like seamen where you can contact an…[View]
478408908Have you abandoned all delusions of control yet?[View]
478402771>Shovel Knight's an assist >Sans is a Mii Costume >Shantae is a spirit >Reimu is a …[View]
478422385All right /v/, be honest: what do YOU think makes a video game a video game?[View]
478421261Late night Monhun thread. How are you enjoying iceborne?[View]
478422272Is it worth playing?[View]
478422078games where you transform into a dragon?[View]
478421378Are you buying this now that it is officially Famitsu approved?[View]
478422719Is it worth playing? Was thinking of picking up the Switch version.[View]
478419386Always be loyal to your krewe[View]
478408256Add 3 songs not yet in Smash without repeating anyone in the thread: >Final Battle (Banjo-Kazooie…[View]
478422261What a painfully mediocre experience.[View]
478422830The Walking Dead got a remastered re-release literally a week ago. Yet it barely made a blip. Did it…[View]
478420536How many legendaries do you think theyre gonna reveal tomorrow?[View]
478417841Give me one reason why you haven't pre-ordered one of the best games of all time? You Switchlet…[View]
478416135Everquest Thread: Late Night EQ thread talk about old nights waiting for the boat from oasis of marr…[View]
478421449>Raiden was the player >This happens in MGS3 Was Kojima calling all of you faggots?…[View]
478420471Call of Duty is absolutely based[View]
478420353lets be real. this doesnt look good[View]
478376161An argument against Banjo in Smash https://vocaroo.com/i/s03QZMcnhGI3[View]
478418378>game has exclusive Twitch prime content[View]
478413246>*CRRZZZZT* >*CRPFFFFF* >*ZZZZZZTT*…[View]
478422183Games that will soon be dead[View]
478419426Was it keno? They even released free DLCs...[View]
478422131Is this still accurate?[View]
478421436How the fuck does this game run so well? >giant map >no loading screens >thousands of LOD…[View]
478420975Just bought dawn of war 2 and never played an RTS in my life What am in for and tips to play? warham…[View]
478418252Can smash niggers get their own board already? There's at least 5 threads in the cataloge at an…[View]
478419835Is this the best video game character of all time?[View]
478397508Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478419743Skribbl Thread: GET IN HERE. We're using an exclusively vidya word list. https://skribbl.io/?8w…[View]
478416947Play Drakan[View]
478420936PC and ps4 fag here Should I get a switch lite as a my portable machine or regular switch?[View]
478419978How can I get the multiplayer on this game to work online?: I remember loving this game as a kid, bu…[View]
478420324Are the extra modes worth playing in RE2?[View]
478418620Just beat pic related. What did I think of it?[View]
478407149I really hope you didn't purchase river city girls.[View]
478420116Klonoa to be the last fighter in the Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass: To be revealed in mid October. Nin…[View]
478411645What is your excuse for not having at least 25 platinums?[View]
478420374Dead By Daylight Dedicated Servers coming Fall 2019 https://deadbydaylight.com/en/news/dedicated-ser…[View]
478396123How did Undertale become so popular?[View]
478401008The best Call of Duty game. Why couldn't the magic of World at War ever be recaptured?[View]
478420560FE3H: Would you share a drink with her?[View]
478420703Pre-Rendered Backgrounds Thread[View]
478420606Are you paying for Fighter's Pass #2?[View]
478419196Mista Jay See Denton, in da fresh.[View]
478420467Play TF2.[View]
478414503do any other games exist that are like the later fallout/elder scrolls games? truly open world rpg s…[View]
478416113One day I will own this board.[View]
478414930 [View]
478419178Post video games things that make your blood boil >each stage/mission/level has its own music and…[View]
478418291https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk9am-IFMzs What are the very best duels, both in gameplay and thema…[View]
478418235What the fuck is this. 'It's not as good as the original' is a fucking understatement.[View]
478412101Anything good on the eshop for $10 or less?[View]
478420078>game lets you dig a hole and live in it[View]
478410137Would you?[View]
478416179Came for the thighs Midway through stayed to feel[View]
478419916>remake/remaster cut content from its original game and fuck up visuals >still praised to dea…[View]
478417106>'Special Thanks to: You, the player!'[View]
478413480Yooka-Laylee: Just got this game and have been playing it for ~2 hours. Why do people say it’s terri…[View]
478397315Opinions on /v/ you've seen that feel like this, anon?[View]
478369474It's better than XI[View]
478414927>main character raped in bad ending What other games do that? Hard mode - not hentai/western pa…[View]
478409030>be the perfect evolution of the StarFox gameplay >good banter between the team during mission…[View]
478331910Cube World is releasing this month: Cube World beta is coming out on steam on September 23rd If you …[View]
478400910What are the chances of Sora getting in?[View]
478419248I fucking hate these people.[View]
478415256At what point do you consider a boss to have too many hits to be fun? I though most people here reco…[View]
478413834I dislike BotW OoT and TP are my fav Zelda games. I dislike Mario Odyssey Sunshine and Galaxy 2 are …[View]
4784113049 more days until it drops: Who's ready? This is the real version, not the beta play-test-for-$…[View]
478417937Is there a way to hack this game's time without losing shit/changing the system settings every …[View]
478404708Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How do you feel about Cloud's new design?[View]
478416989Will Cave's masterpiece ever come to PCs?[View]
478418463How much money do you guys spend on video games in a year?[View]
478416821Any games that acknowledge alternate keyboard layouts like Dvorak or Colemak?[View]
478407906Sekiro thread: What changes did you like about this game from the classic formula, what changes didn…[View]
478419145>anime games always portray Japanese as white >Yakuza games now portray Japanese as black…[View]
478416058GTA is the 3rd most googled media franchise of all time: Discuss /v/[View]
478409378God, this was kino. Has anything come close?[View]
478408901Tell us your thoughts on water levels this generation.[View]
478417559A-are they gonna cost us 40$?[View]
478415780Thoughts on P5 Royal intro? https://youtu.be/vWWy7V9rCrA[View]
478395113ITT: If your name gets called you have to play whatever game they tell you to. Steven, play Golden S…[View]
478415314Yeah, I'm thinking Uchikoshi's back[View]
478395856What does /v/ think of Donkey Kong? Where do you want his series to go next?[View]
478411036In the hypothetical case this game ever gets a sequel, which songs would you use to be part of the o…[View]
478416026are you depressed and use gaming as an escape?[View]
478413797Edel-stupid fuck die bitch: >Believes it needs to be a necessity to wage war on the church just t…[View]
478412242The beta is open in a couple of days. What do we think of it?[View]
478413379I want a Shadowrun game that actually plays like Shadowrun the TTRPG. Small teams pulling jobs again…[View]
478416851What are some truly heart wrenching moments you've seen in Vidya?[View]
478389869Game devs cant design armor: All video games armors looks like shit. I want to see if /v/ can prove …[View]
478407915hi there. lets cut to the chase. >terry bogard almost complete. y'all know the month hes rel…[View]
478406858>Goes Open World and ruins your franchise.[View]
478418447Please buy cute Asahi's game[View]
478388879JRPG suggestion needed: I rarely play JRPGs, but I played FF7 & FF10 way back, and I want to pla…[View]
478411383Did they?[View]
478413946Why are there daily threads shitting on this game?[View]
478416348>It’s kinda low to stab a man in the back[View]
478410994Apparently this came out and I didn't know about it until now[View]
478412453>that kid who clipped through the class door and bhopped to his desk to save 4 seconds…[View]
478384458Dead or Alive: Ninja girls are the best edition.[View]
478417118>He didn't main Evil Cole[View]
478406417Since Sekiro will definitely get GOTY, do you think that Fire Emblem will at least get best OST?[View]
478413670This is Formidable, say something nice about him.[View]
478396797Could anyone on /v/ beat Kamiya's high score and take his title away from him? How mad would he…[View]
478417849What are the most iconic games in the world[View]
478410078/v/ sings 'Collective Consciousness': Song: https://youtu.be/ZYnDsr8z4iU Lyrics: https://genius.com/…[View]
478410684ITT: Character ruined by roster faggorty[View]
478417159>all these anti-DMC5 threads today. You're trying to hard. Dante must be trying to save som…[View]
478416513What the best game you ever pirated but didn’t buy afterwords.[View]
478407859If they made new Amiibos of the fighters from 4, using their poses from Ultimate, many of which are …[View]
478415027This is an undeniable, indisputable and objectively true fact[View]
478417579>S+ on File 09's laggyass motorcycle sequence Astral Chain thread[View]
478413378>boot up >multiple command prompts pop up and immediately close…[View]
478389857Admit it, you'd do the same thing if you were in his position.[View]
478412039Would you be okay with the return of pre-rendered backgrounds?[View]
478416998What is it with Kojima and oil rigs?[View]
478412897What the fuck kind of name is Cybil?[View]
478413453Why did they remove first person embarks? It really kills the immersion in the second game, honestly…[View]
478417230So close, yet so far...[View]
478407684Look I found Morrowind.[View]
478416353why are so many game companies deciding to launch their own platforms and hold games as exclusives? …[View]
478400276What motivation do they have for stopping the Chosen Undead from getting the Lordvessel?[View]
478409340ITT: absolutely fucking bullshit parts of games[View]
478392502Why does SE keep pushing Asian Tifa?[View]
478390321Have any of you guys played the new update for Risk of Rain 2 yet?[View]
478413459anons, i dont know what to do anymore to have fun with video games. i got worse aim than a parkinson…[View]
478403909Is this the worst video game character of all time?[View]
478414646How tf are they going to bring a good FPS to these things?[View]
478410749>'Um, Luna? Do you have time to sing a goodbye song before you go?'[View]
478416098Finished pic related. Goddamn that was awful. What happened?[View]
478416095This guy are sick.[View]
478406131>one copy of Sonic Blast Man, please[View]
478411325Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478411808>game has a underwater level[View]
478410212Who can realistically stop Sont?[View]
478415710Bros I need some Sho reaction images please share[View]
478415609Mame and Hasabe are the best[View]
478412395Well... Looks like it's time.[View]
478405883>play new bounty hunter update >only capture black people and women DO YOU HAVE THE TIME TO…[View]
478413114Why don't rpgs let you have a final attack?[View]
478411574Why the fuck can't the Link's Awakening remake look like this? I seriously hope they don…[View]
478415035Is learning Shadowboxin' necessary to beat this?[View]
478414845Select your character[View]
478413421>Use 52 mods together without changing anything >Game still works flawlessly…[View]
478413050What are some examples of developers making their games needlessly difficult?[View]
478408346Monster Hunter: What's the appeal? All my friends I play gaben with cant stop talking about thi…[View]
478412565Well /v/ at moment when Nintendo announced that there will be more dlc fighters than fighter pass, i…[View]
478414362>already more notable tourney results than Hero, the '''broken''' character Where were you when r…[View]
478414347Need some RPG recomendations. Name obscure but good ones, but also feel free to recommend me famous …[View]
478413845why arent you about to play league of legends right now?[View]
478401248Will mods elevate it even further? I want some wild west sim elements that make it less story driven[View]
478410002Feels like Code Vein has been in development for literal years and it's still not out. Just how…[View]
478414169What are some games with the worst AI?[View]
478414140what are some games before 2005 that aged really well?[View]
478392029Queen /v/ Tournament - Round 3 Continued: We got archived again Archived >>478341249 if thing…[View]
478409909>new update is up >no one talks about it I guess Guild Wars 2 is ded. And just when they'…[View]
478411106What do you guys think gaming will be like in the 2020s?: Will the open world meme die? What trends …[View]
478408463Why don't people like Insurgency? There was a free weekend where it probably gave away half a m…[View]
478413881>can just summon the spirit of a victim and ask who killed them >only ever did this once and b…[View]
478409517>just shave it and grow a beard, bro![View]
478413840Useless party members: I'll start.[View]
478411638 [View]
478411691today i will remind them[View]
478410315Why no HD remake of this classic?[View]
478408373Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, 3 and New Vegas all utilize the iconic…[View]
478404360Do you guys think Ultimate would be more fun if it had Melee gameplay[View]
478413530/v/ is literally no different than resetera now. Why do you still come here?[View]
478412428Name 1 (ONE) thing he did wrong.[View]
478413304Smash ultimate[View]
478413479>alright lets play some baseball desu >she shows up…[View]
478413482Well. This is the end. >helicopters keep flying over my house >get gang stalked every single d…[View]
478409464will they ever make love?[View]
478398642lets say a new jojo fighter is being made. heritage for the future tier. explain how his mechanics w…[View]
478412807Why was FFXIII so comfy?: https://youtu.be/CxSXm8qGjS8 https://youtu.be/y_Dgj83Q-50[View]
478406438post comfy games! Stardew Valley is my pick (albeit an obvious choice), what's yours?[View]
478393915if you remember this, you're childhood was awesome![View]
478403509Atelier Dusk trilogy is getting a new release, what's your opinion on the Dusk series?[View]
478397961Why are people hyped over a fully priced 20$ dlc /v/?[View]
478412938>game punishes you for not having any friends[View]
478410721This shit is literally a cheaper MGSV. Look at those fucking awful animations[View]
478333494>being a metroidfag after Other M[View]
478393008>dude nihilism but just like make your own purpose bro :) not gonna lie this game is pretty gay…[View]
478391820>2019... I am forgotten.[View]
478409367CAPITALISM HO MOTHERFUCKERS This loli is selling, are you buying?[View]
478412252Meracle, cutest RPG girl ever?[View]
478407037gmod thread post dupes[View]
478400031Hiro Approved Official /v/ Bullies Nia thread: This is Nia. She is the worst girl, and worst catgir…[View]
478410473Surge 2: Wondering if anyone here liked the first one and it's dlcs. I never got around to the …[View]
478410158Dark Souls: It’s my first playthrough of Dark Souls 1. I came here from Dark Souls 3 with two goals:…[View]
478401264Starbound: Is this game good yet? It's been six years since beta.[View]
478411974>be me >never had played Banjo Kazooie >Idontgetwhythisgameisrenowned.jpg >play game …[View]
478409857What game has the best gun sounds, /v/?[View]
478388914Megaman Battle Network: Choose your destiny /v/[View]
478404013What do you think is down there?[View]
478406220Saw Promare and got reminded of this gem. Along with this, What are some good 'Sega Saturn' games I …[View]
478411558There are so many games that already provide amazing experiences on already available genre's T…[View]
478409173There used to be creativity and fun communities. What happened?[View]
478411493Keyboard + Mouse SUCKS: who here #ControllerBoys? Cuckboard + Rat controls will NEVER be fun. Only d…[View]
478409928Just beat this game as my first Dragon Quest: It was pretty gud.[View]
478405818You are now aware that the reason they've shown Heidegger 50 times in the trailers and Scarlet …[View]
478411349Has any anon played it yet?[View]
478410740>Just put Final Fantasy in there i don’t know lol[View]
478408220Pick up that can[View]
478395476What are /v/'s favorite RTS games?[View]
478410991games /v/ was wrong about: Games not as good as B&K but it's not bad[View]
478409138What are you playing tonight /v/? For me it’s yoshis story on the n64, hbu?[View]
478410879Sh-Shut up Hades[View]
478411047Chances are that if you think a popular or critically well-received game is bad, it probably isn’t a…[View]
478404193>Pixel art game >More than 1GB[View]
478407414Looking back, was he our guy?[View]
478410806>games like Crackle Cradle Ryona games that are actually well made, and fun, games with that budg…[View]
478380251Are you still playing CTR?[View]
478402817What’s your favorite Pokemon game and pokemon /v/?[View]
478392079Guilty Gear: Look at this fucking retarded Elphelt play. And he still won, un-fucking-believable. I…[View]
478409806Inexcusable game design choices: >can't control your direction in the air…[View]
478410691/v/.... I have returned....[View]
478410593>Like a third of the good endings that are considered canonical aren't even in the game beca…[View]
478404357Monster Taming Games: Can someone recommend me a decent monster-taming game on the PC? I just want t…[View]
478410079>reached endgame section plot climax >party members sacrifice themselves one by one just to ge…[View]
478380372this is incredibly soulful, idk what /v/'s problem is[View]
478409887dude what if mario is actually luigi having a schizophrenic fever dream[View]
478407791Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu[View]
478351454how you enjoying borderlands 3?[View]
478406770Tifa is hot.[View]
478407260Why do people think Goku can never get into Smash? I do think his chances of being playable are like…[View]
478400576This design is comfier than the lite, fits in the hand better, it's weight is nice, shoulder bu…[View]
478377076>be me >military trained IRL >start playing FPS like CSGO and AA online >get continuousl…[View]
478406802So, lets talk about Gooey.[View]
478401450What makes this game the most memorable of the GTA series?[View]
4784079232019... I am forgotten...[View]
478409703Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
478394554At what point did you realize it was the best FPS ever made?[View]
478408802Sooo... fluted knight set or elite knight set[View]
47837108910/23/2020 $499 USD 1TB base storage Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima, FFVII Remake, new WipEout …[View]
478394901This kills the celestard[View]
478400761Imagine being this guy. Imagine begging your good friend Sakurai to add Travis into Smash Bros every…[View]
478404925Whoops, did you drop this Terry?[View]
478408603Your daily reminder that >pic related is currently playing through the Trails of Cold Steel 3 dem…[View]
478408825What is Daemon X Machina outsold BL3?: Post your faces if that happens anons, I wanna see... <my …[View]
478407539NEW APE ESCAPE MIGHT BE IN DEVELOPMENT: Just look at these two interviews Famitsu did recently with …[View]
478406217If all of us fag pitch in $60 per month for 1 year, it'd be enough for a game studio to work on…[View]
478398309What is nintendo's biggest betrayal of all time and why is it the false teaser it made of the '…[View]
478407204so what are these 'certain circumstances'? did nintendo pay them off or something?[View]
478408319Vidya dogs: Best vidya dog[View]
478397624>Epic games is a corrupt laun-[View]
478408741Call of Duty is now becoming capeshit. What a time to be alive[View]
478405521Minecraft Nostalgia: I'm on a Minecraft nostalgia trip, please share your memories so i can fee…[View]
478372457Post your Fighter Pass 2 DLC characters /v/[View]
478394616RIP Dota 2: Do you feel it in the air /v/? Tonight's the night of Dota 2's official death.…[View]
478392880favorite fighting games?[View]
478406271Name a better antagonist faction[View]
478399651im in the charred visage area, how the fuck do I reach the room above the one with the golden lever(…[View]
478406806>Why yes, I do play exclusively action, platforming, shmup, strategy, and rhythm games, how could…[View]
478396893leanna or xana?[View]
478405180Using any type of cheat instantly ruins the fun of the game. Use any money, eridium, or level cheat…[View]
478407282>playing mario kart wii via emulator >cpu ahead of me on coconut mall >be where the cars dr…[View]
478408104>7 years old >can apply to latest game[View]
478408095I just want to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection™ on my computer.[View]
478405915Which one will end up with a larger playerbase? Given how critical modding is to Skyrim's lifes…[View]
478359487Why you're not playing it, /v/?[View]
478403536Struggling retailer GameStop to begin accepting game trade-ins for JUULpods: They're going out …[View]
478395183why is he named Geese[View]
478402849>tfw only 120 iq >too braindead to play tekken past yellow ranks (1300 hours into the game)…[View]
478406190I genuinely don't get what /v/ has against this game. Most of the arguments seem to come down …[View]
478381418Have you ever considered speedrunning a video game?[View]
478398823PS2 Dual-Layered Discs: Why the fuck is this shit such a gamble with dual layered discs? I had no id…[View]
478405078Ai Somnium files just came out, why is nobody talking about it? Is everyone still ass mad about Zero…[View]
478405882Who /OCD/ here?: I struggle to play games like RPGs because I have an obsession with building a 'pur…[View]
478402724we could have Stella[View]
478398354Controls great but bad gameplay[View]
478406549I bought this because I was told it's like Dark Souls but it's nothing like Dark Souls[View]
478403507How do I get good?[View]
478405924Should we just give up on darkstalkers?[View]
478401340'What a fool you are. I'm a GOD, how can you kill a GOD? What a grand and intoxicating innocenc…[View]
478403840Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478405047Ring Fit Adventure: >paper mario >with yoga pants Are you going to buy her game?…[View]
478407029What is the prisoners dilemma in video games?[View]
478388824Still convinced video games aren't dead ?[View]
478401906ASCIICKER: Hey lads check out this neat 3D ascii game engine tech demo thing http://asciicker.com/x1…[View]
478403575Name one game that better nailed the feeling of an adventure better than Earthbound did. You literal…[View]
478398978what went wrong ???[View]
478380858How did they fuck it up so bad?[View]
478404807Shouldnt be there a equivalent when you zoom on boobs and panties? its unfair for us femanon gamers[View]
478404059Acorns fall from trees and grow: Even though this game reneged on various promised features and was …[View]
478406589Didn't you fags want Charrs as villain? They are now when they wake up Jormag.[View]
478405432>Game has prostitutes[View]
478405716>they finally fixed skyrim >/v/ never talks about it explain yourselves…[View]
478390819What is the most pretentious game ever made? My vote goes to Destiny, with Gone Home right behind it…[View]
478406263pol approved games[View]
478403249Does she deserve at least SOME blame for the events of Bridge to the Turnabout?[View]
478396905>They make Zoomer Rosterfags, Relevancefags, Japfags and Fire Emblemfags seethe with their mere p…[View]
478395491He did not use MAME for his Donkey Kong world record and he will sue all of you who question his leg…[View]
478404714What is this stupid maid doing?[View]
478404735Should I get Kenshi now or wait until Kenshi 2 comes out? Are the loading issues really that bad?[View]
478402579'Ey, bruddas. Gonna need you to start playing our game again.'[View]
478406051>tfw in my Head canon Protoman uses dark shades because its lenses are not properly calibrated an…[View]
478400086Tell me why she can't be in[View]
4784037592019... i am forgotten[View]
478399626>amazing storyline >cool characters >fun and addictive gameplay >big selection of tool…[View]
478405002Which headset does my fellow PC mustard race faggot /v/irgins use? Had some turtle bitch ear force r…[View]
478396113Are pegasus dragon and leo all the same story? Or are all 3 games 3 different stories?[View]
478405751join this stream mixer.com/TheCozyBearJew: mixer.com/TheCozyBearJew[View]
478405706That game you’ve been wanting to play since it came out, but still haven’t gotten around to it: What…[View]
478405641friends together. heading out to disney together[View]
478404753FFXIV: Lyse is cute! Cute![View]
478404749Why did Sega let it die?[View]
478358573Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
478398664Dawn of the fifth day: What's the latest cope at not being able to play it?[View]
478403663ITT characters who should be in Smash[View]
478405434You know how in a sandbox game, you're at the best you can be, with a million farms, enchanted …[View]
478384507>Always thought Black was the GOAT >every NG thread shits on 2 >they finally make it backwa…[View]
478399316Fallout 4 is the best fallout game. New Vegas fags think NV is best because >muh deep story >…[View]
478400384Wahoo :D[View]
478405293OH NO NO NO NO BROS WHAT IS GOING ON I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING HOME >Hit on gear counts as a buff s…[View]
478401391Why do you talk shit in video game teamchat?[View]
478399367im having fun with this game. any other lesser known isometric turn based games out there?[View]
478405083Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, 3 and New Vegas all utilize the iconic…[View]
478405060Let's put Terry Bogard into Smash Ultimate, that'll be super popular.[View]
478405016>there were UFE all over the airport and civilians were being moved out >looking at it one way…[View]
478355925Is Erza going to be invincible? Will you be able to activate the power of friendship whenever an all…[View]
478404971New 'Star Trek' Games: Hey, guys, this new Star Trek show is pretty good. Do you think they'll …[View]
478400367Fire Emblem Three Houses: How does the average Adrestrian deal with the fact that their emperor is a…[View]
478404231Ragnarok Online: I'm sorry /v/, I've tried lying to myself all this time but I can't …[View]
478399063Far Cry: What do you think about the direction the Far Cry series has taken? What do you think their…[View]
478403308NO HACK[View]
478403479BRUCIE. LIKES. PUSSY.[View]
478399551This is our official celebration thread that Android #21, yes THE Android #21 from Dragon Ball Fight…[View]
478333642Friendship ended with E3[View]
478385017Concept Art Thread: Post cool art from cool games. I'm gonna start with Dark Souls and then I…[View]
478368196So what is the end game for him? He gets power, beats his brother, then what? He has nothing else to…[View]
478402624soul vs soulless: soul vs soulless[View]
478404625Ruby would have been better as a playable fighter.: Instead we get fucking tumblr art.[View]
478404392This game looks too good to be real.[View]
478398814Dokkan Battle: How's the new LR androids banner treating you?[View]
478402001SOLD MY $3000 GAMING PC: >bought all 3 consoles >everything is comfy >feel happy again…[View]
478404230wow is just popular because you can be racist towards the opposite faction races and it's alrig…[View]
478396159why shell out $60 for a shitty remake of a 25 year old game when you can play this instead? it'…[View]
478398056So I heard you guys liked UK rap.[View]
478401880Excuse me, what the FUCK, Nintendo??? This is offensive to Italians.[View]
478401687>been playing pic related since it came out, loved it to death >played it on a jank pc even fo…[View]
478361000AI: The Somnium Files: Torrent when?[View]
478281716>Makes spys seethe[View]
478402056wtf why is this game actually good[View]
478387719How can you consider this a 10/10 when the music is objectively by any measure not on par with the g…[View]
478397231TIE Defender, Standing By.[View]
478403494Smash leaks[View]
478399996Games where the villain wins but it's for the better?[View]
478401629imagine how great it would feel to walk into work everyday and see this[View]
478354909ArcSys to reveal the next five BlazBlue Cross Tag DLC characters this Saturday: OHSHIT NIGGAS WHOS I…[View]
478403670Why was this not a free download?[View]
478385770Is the Switch version the definitive version? It seems to have the most stuff.[View]
478401978I miss them[View]
478402478Horror games: What are the best horror games of the last 15 years?[View]
478402446>lost his dad >lost his mom >lost his best friend who he saw as his brother >lost his wi…[View]
478377242Let's be real, it wasn't as good as Metal Gear Rising.[View]
478396801The only console worth owning is the comfy switch. Change my mind.[View]
478399059>See I created this new genre called 'Social Strand System' >Dark Souls? >I don't kno…[View]
478402678What went wrong?[View]
478393739Smash bros anime sword boys[View]
478388250Naval vidya: Does War Thunder have battleships yet or is it still PT boat fest?[View]
478378552The new Steam library is in open beta now. Have you tried it? How badly do you hate it?[View]
478402392>Microsoft tries to be competitive and modern with Gamepass >Sony is more traditional but rema…[View]
478399520 [View]
478401297Whats her end game?[View]
478402638worth it? or should i just pirate it[View]
478374690Yu Gi Oh Link Evolution (videogame for the Nintendo Switch): This video game is good. But the gamepl…[View]
478367139Monster Hunter: >yfw crit draw is viable again[View]
478402347Sell me fallout 76: We all know 76 is a mod dressed up as a cash grab of a game but I want /v/ to tr…[View]
478398257This is Kait from Gears, say something nice about her.[View]
478292439What exactly is PALE damage?[View]
478391713>Ruins gunplay for every other game[View]
478399846FFxiv: Ready for her cunning special?[View]
478401816this game is almost finished downloading what should i expect? some good sp00ks??[View]
478401993Buy my mov- video game right now.[View]
478401561>play a video game >main character has a girlfriend or a love interest >they talk like a co…[View]
478401776Why do you hate him /v/?[View]
478390036>put yourself on invisible so people think that you are outside[View]
478400872Why can't we play as Mads Mikkelsen instead of the gay Walking Dead guy?[View]
478400379As someone who has trophy and achievement hunted for nearly 10 years, it just seems baffling how lit…[View]
478387773Get in here and play some vidya pictionary. https://skribbl.io/?u86rl0oC0U[View]
478396380Why the fuck doesn't Area 51 have ILS?[View]
478398926What's the most money you've ever spent for a video game? 120 Australian dollars here[View]
478399729Where were you when Valve saved the industry by making VR doors?[View]
478401375Dota Underlords already below daily 40k playerbase: Artifact 2.0 confirmed. What's wrong Valve?…[View]
478401224Imagine if indie games looked like this.[View]
478400263Persona 5 question: What kind of swimsuit do you think pic related would wear for the beach or Hawai…[View]
478401120What do we do about the weapon design problem in MHW?[View]
478401078hey whatsa this button do?[View]
478395797TV is trash, radio is trash, our newspapers are run by Canadians with an agenda, our very way of lif…[View]
478400942>Playing Postal 2 >Whip out my cock >Everyone just laughs and calls it small Wow it's …[View]
478338725San Andreas is now free on PC with the new Rockstar Games Launcher.[View]
478397293Huu Haa ___[View]
478396161I unironically won't play a game if you have to play as a nigger[View]
478400603I knew prior to playing this game that there were some glitches. But not the kind that get you STUCK…[View]
478382713Do you actually have an argument against Twitch and videogame streamers that aren't necessarily…[View]
478390040>He doesn't main an uchiha MANGEKYO IN THE EYEEE ONLY SEE BLOOD WHEN A NINJA CRIES…[View]
478394847Post yfw you buy a game on steam and it turns out to use its own launcher[View]
478394864I'm puttin' on my shades to cover up my eyes I'm jumpin' in my ride, I'm he…[View]
478358063New super smash bros info soon?: I visited the smash bros website and saw this. What do you think th…[View]
478400406Battle of the Generations: Now that current gen is almost over, what gen had the best games so far? …[View]
478398004>''''Final'''''' Fantasy >15 sequels, 30 spin-off games, 3 movies, 5 OVA series…[View]
478397326What are they playing?[View]
478396157Would he popular if he was released in this day and age?[View]
478398203>It's me, Bob Utsunomiya 0. Guess what I have for you! How do you respond?…[View]
478398361MGSV E3 2015 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhseWPWYPBA I've watched this trailer ove…[View]
478394316I have never ever played a Metroid Game but after playing Super Metroid on NSO i instantly fell in l…[View]
478395201What video game faction would you sign up in the army to fight a vietnam setting?[View]
478398816>RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE WE HATE MODERN VIDEO GAMES Fuck you, /v/! I've seen a few 'Borderlands…[View]
478385210As somebody who loves grind, will I enjoy this game? I heard that the devs are no fun-allowed, can I…[View]
478397465Who's the cutest girl in Final Fantasy?[View]
478398453Will the Link's Awakening remake expose the fact that this game isn't actually very good?[View]
478362937Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
478398279Did he deserve it?[View]
478386335What vidya in your opinion has the best cast of characters?[View]
478398161Can't wait for it to get cold outside so I can turn on my heater, make some hot cocoa, bundle u…[View]
478390449this is a squid[View]
478389978Thots on touch pad gaming?[View]
478398409Death Stranding TGS gameplay translated.: Have you guys seen the whole thing translated? I know that…[View]
478396590Is there a reason why they always have to put it in their names?[View]
478399615Do you think every time a normie tries to introduce Kojima to a celebrity, they introduce him as 'Th…[View]
478376479Is there any reason for this to exist once the Switch Lite comes out?[View]
478393665Question, suppose PSN goes down one day. I don't mean down for maintenance or because hacked or…[View]
478399015how the FUCK do you come back from this???[View]
478364904what are your thoughts on Juri Han?[View]
478398975The best multiplayer fps came out a decade ago and has yet to be surpassed. what went so right?[View]
478399447why aren't you playing starcraft brood war? it has actual graphics[View]
478377362How can they be so incompetent ?: They have 70 people and shitloads of money and all they do in 1 ye…[View]
478370776Play VTMB again.[View]
478388416>game has three wikis. >don't know which one is the good one.…[View]
478392047What's their relationship again?[View]
478397181Companies own intellectual property rights to the stuff programmers do in their spare time: Zynga do…[View]
478395903Why don't we ever have fantastical, stylized games with the amount of budget, scale and atmosph…[View]
478397728Yep, this one's going in the cringe compilation.[View]
478370036Chad Female Byleth: can romance all house leaders, Has tons of S supports, male and female Virgin M…[View]
478390748>game localizes the word “doujin” to “fanfic”[View]
478384674What kind of RPG party you prefer?[View]
478324407Gamestop stock 'on the path to nowhere', set to close 200+ stores: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ga…[View]
478397360I know maybe I’m just retarded but fuck me i love playing online games while drunk so fucking much, …[View]
478386382why arent you playing csgo?: >worlds best online shooter >free to play >online multiplayer …[View]
478396192I finally gave in and played it, and I just got one thing to say..[View]
478398393/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday, After Dark >consoletan.booru.org >flockmod.com/thebreakroom >c…[View]
478391348ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Why do you gamer suffer so much…[View]
478394215Thinking of buying one of these primarily for Tekken, but it's hard to justify buying a $200 pe…[View]
478397604>he's so strange sir he spends all day on a video game message board but I haven't seen…[View]
478395150xmas_nipperhouse .... home[View]
478374963>You'll never be 'one of the boys' Why live?[View]
478397329>he thinks there's a better shooter series than Timesplitters embarrassing…[View]
478392974MGS3 is a gay enabler game[View]
478397175so much SOUL[View]
478283895KLONOA'S COMING BACK: https://gonintendo.com/stories/344774-klonoa-of-the-wind-encore-trademark…[View]
478396885Post your installed games[View]
478395839Why not just blow up the whole damn planet?: There. All future problems solved forever. Instead, you…[View]
478396517Is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night in your top 5 games from 2019?[View]
478397110rp_downtown *John Doe Wants to be a Police Officer*[View]
478397282This game sucks. Every game in the series is bad (besides the reboot) but this is a new low[View]
478393837What the actual fuck is maddening difficulty? I'm just getting FUCKING one shot by EVERYTHING. …[View]
478396685>Normal Edition - $59.99 >Limited Edition - Bigger Cardboard box, OST with only 5 tracks for s…[View]
478396919Why is much of the story skippable and you end up not missing much of anything?[View]
478395750>I will handle Luigi[View]
478396852Post power ranking charts.[View]
478396847Smach Z: >Switch comes along halfway through development, plays every game included in your marke…[View]
478395968Does it deserve a sequel? Nintendo seems to have forgotten it.[View]
478390934>series was a hit in Japan >this game in particular is revered in Japan >to this day is sti…[View]
478380748You DID buy Ivy's game right?[View]
478396621Anti-climactic final boss t b h[View]
478388835enderal: so now that the dust has settled, we can agree that it's kino right?[View]
478365479Screenshot thread[View]
478394815Useless party member thread[View]
478396091free bobby shmurda from the egg industry[View]
478394274PEOPLE. LISTEN. This is vital information that everyone needs to hear immediately. You listening? If…[View]
478395234best games where you're a detective solving confounding crimes?[View]
478391496Cast them[View]
478390856Can we talk about Death Stranding?[View]
478395851Post video game ambience https://youtu.be/r68uZehZqN8[View]
478396146>character hyped up in a game >useless in the sequel what the fuck is wrong with you, Kyle?…[View]
478390078Haven't really been into video games since the early 00s but my dad bought an Xbox One last yea…[View]
478390016Metal Gear: Discuss this video game series with me[View]
478361626Session was released today. Why aren't you playing it?[View]
478395893ITT: Canonically plump vidya girls.[View]
478385135Does /v/ have a budget for your gaming habits? I budget exactly $60 a month for video games - be it …[View]
478394613A FUCKING TOILET[View]
478395841MMORPG economies: I love fucking around with MMORPG economies. Not only does it let you do pretty mu…[View]
478395640Heavy lobster thread: Post your heavy lobsters[View]
478395239These are all the consoles you can skip the libraries of /v/. They may have a few games that are alr…[View]
478393998What's the best real musician made song used in a video game or its trailer? My vote is https:/…[View]
478395567When are we going to get more info about Elden Ring?[View]
478395494WHERE THE FUCK IS ELDEN RING: Give me a goddamn update at least, Miyazaki.[View]
478395184That'll be 60 dollars, plus tip.[View]
478367791How, exactly, did he go from being the most beloved person on /v/ to the most reviled?[View]
478388076Is it hard to build your own pc? I found the site that tells me what I need and whether it’s all com…[View]
478393001How did they get away with this?[View]
478394153BING BING WAHOO[View]
4783858563DS E-shop is closing soon: YouTube won't be available anymore[View]
478389943This is literally the only good game Nintendo has ever made.[View]
478392616It may not have the best graphics or the best online service But at least the games are fun, and tha…[View]
478387978Shit, this game was actually fucking great. Is there any other game like it?[View]
478384343>no demo >denuvo >can't play offline Why do developers hate PC gamers so much?…[View]
478369930Never should have come here[View]
478311151Astral Chain: How the eff is the combat in Astral Chain simplified or worse than other Platinum game…[View]
478392497What is the ideal party for a RPG?[View]
478389742There are more threads on /v/ right now about Devil May Cry 5 which came out months ago than there a…[View]
478392770GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /v/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Dark Matter (yes…[View]
478388807Fix it /v/[View]
478363886Are you having fun?[View]
478392209Why wasn't he in KoFXIII?[View]
478394543what are some truly underrated games?[View]
478390793Essential video games that everyone should play: Discuss /v/[View]
478394480>While this was obviously something he couldn’t confirm or deny on behalf of the Nintendo or CDPR…[View]
478341431>Lovecraft game *Looks at tentacle* >Ahhhh dude I'm going psycho lol…[View]
478390597what went right?[View]
478394180For me, it’s the Ferrari F50 from NFS Hot Pursuit 2[View]
478377115Pathfinder: Kingmaker: I'm still mad she wasn't romanceable.[View]
478388594Which one, /v/?[View]
478393978Post your loadouts, /v/[View]
478392293>if you get into the game now you have to contend with players who have been accruing knowledge, …[View]
478391246What am i in for?[View]
478390232>Game literally puts you into a coma >Still in operation aaaaaand dropped, immersion broken. …[View]
478393641Green Melodrama Simulator '01[View]
478330718/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>478262007 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
478392261>get home from a long day of work >the only good game that Nintendo released this year is in m…[View]
478378934Risk of Rain 2: Never ever[View]
478392076Which vidya character could beat him?[View]
478371387Should WTO regulate the use of cuties in videogames?[View]
478393563When are we going to get an open-source game engine recreation of Fallout 3 and New Vegas? That woul…[View]
478388568VIDYA TRAILER THREAD Post some good trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIhNFLVvJUk https://www…[View]
478366861What went so SO right[View]
478393336IT'S OUT[View]
478391690I'm completely stuck here, /v/. I've REALLY wanted to get into Sunless Sea, and the few ti…[View]
478393248>XP granted for befriending a giant magical spider.[View]
478387802DmC > DMCV[View]
478390512Games with this feel?[View]
478393121lets make a spotify playlist together spotify:playlist:792EUhcGGGWdFjlN4PnW06[View]
478383317>have huge backlog >never have the energy to play them >try to >get bored after an hour …[View]
478358485What's the deal with this guy? Why is he such a piece of garbage?[View]
478389324Guys, something's wrong with my mouse.[View]
478392960Times /v/ lied to you: >says Arkham Knight is shit >Play it >It's actually really fun …[View]
478385812ITT: Games youre postponing your end for[View]
478385172Why don't you play indie games?[View]
478383626You ARE excited, right, /v/?[View]
478392654Did SE know they were making perfection with KH2FM or was it just another Tuesday for them?[View]
478392646>gaming company is literally a one trick pony Which video game company am I? I’ll start. >343…[View]
478391467Can't believe it's been almost 3 years since this got released.[View]
478392442PSP, PSP, PSP, PSP, PSP[View]
478391979>Hollow Knight is, hands down, the most overrated indie game this decad-…[View]
478391818what are weeb games[View]
478388038Explain how taking 10 g of shrooms the first time you play Elder Scrolls VI is a bad idea >pro ti…[View]
478387838ITT: Fighting game OSTs: Post some of your favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVBpAikvnHk ht…[View]
478391901Spoilers duh: Persona 5 Scramble: Game takes place after Persona 5 Roster consists of all the Phanto…[View]
478391871Holy shit bros[View]
478388479Atelier Series: If im interested in Ryza and want to get into the Artelier series, is the Arland Del…[View]
478387846>game is so good that you only have positive thoughts about it[View]
478391272How come there arent any good games about rome? Ryse sucks and total war is for autists[View]
478390602Will this game get the attention it deserves?[View]
478391456Remember when this game was shilled here for months? Funny how it couldn't even get FOTM status…[View]
478391297dragon ball z hyper dimension neptunia[View]
478379304Got a 32GB SD card for my phone, what are some good offline games I can put on this? Android phone b…[View]
478391024I love video game Halloween[View]
478385932Why the FUCK did you guys not tell this game is a masterpiece?[View]
478364567But why[View]
478388513What do you fags think of link’s awakening thus far? non pirate plebs need not apply[View]
478383749Something new players do that veteran players know not to[View]
478386042What is the best DBZ fighting game I can play? No, Xenoverse, Tenkaichi, etc are not fighting games.[View]
478386412Why aren't RPGs hard anymore /v/[View]
478388784>nothing shown at TGS Is it cancelled? Should they just have made Bloodborne 2 instead?…[View]
478380850I am forgotten[View]
478389828>ape escape and klonoa coming back how do you feel about this?[View]
478388294The damn ambient sounds are spooking me the fuck out! How do I keep playing spooky games?[View]
478389112Link is running away with meats! How are you gonna catch him?[View]
478375493Beaten A Game Recently?: Post some fanart of the last game you've beaten, /v/.[View]
478389605>here's your controller bro[View]
478390007Pack loading: Anyone here know how to pack load for GoT conquest? I’m trying to figure it out and ha…[View]
478378721>almost fall off ledge in-game[View]
478386907>literally thousands upon thousand of people live on Elpis >Lilith fucking torches the entire …[View]
478378692Sniper should not crit on headshot unless his charge is at 100%. If one professional Sniper is on th…[View]
478389185https://youtu.be/wZe5Hd2Vvbo even tho she's no longer a loli would you still would a TIna? i g…[View]
478389750A game so faithful that it's actually a detriment to the final product[View]
478345679Ask me anything about the next World of Warcraft expansion and 8.25. >tl;dr it's Shadowlands…[View]
478389578I wouldn't be suprised if nintendo started doing their own thing again because E3's prices…[View]
478388116Elden Ring Thread: >Blending of mythologies (as always within FS) : Norse and Celtics inspired. A…[View]
478389501What’s a pokemon you like to use in the games a lot? I use Mudkip a good deal.[View]
478383656What should I do with the game she and I used to play? Bloodborne[View]
478381847Reminder that the official translation for this game is coming out in 2 days. Time to replay.[View]
478386493Why didn't you listen?[View]
478386120Didn't even finish this game on the PS4 but I will buy the Switch version instantly if we can r…[View]
478381679>COOM what the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
478389365Why is Engi so fucking bad?[View]
478371347>pay $60 >only get 1/3 of the game because the other expansions are not included looks like th…[View]
478374525ITT: peak vidya music[View]
478377168Do people actually want RDR2 on the PC? From what I've seen and read it looks like a snorefest.[View]
478385163How is it?[View]
478382317VR will never replace input. VR is fundamentally limited in the ability to give the player multiple …[View]
478387368>introduces you to vidya hentai[View]
478388391>Why yes, I believe that archers are the absolute most cowardly class. I only fight melee like a …[View]
478387602Have you been playing QC A&D, the most sophisticated FPS ever invented?[View]
478379138Tyrande or Sylvanas? https://www.strawpoll.me/18656324[View]
478383871>Finally get to play BB. >Looks like shit, runs like ass.…[View]
478387336How do we make NPC interactions more realistic?[View]
478387874Hot big dolphin dick[View]
478368824What's the best radio station?[View]
478388667Make fun of Bethesda all you want but they're really good at making Lovecraft related content[View]
478388659What are some video games that lets you play as a prodigy young child with a mission to change the w…[View]
478379826 [View]
478388323Horror games: Recommend me good horror games. No jumpscare bullshit I want actual horror, so horrify…[View]
478341249Queen /v/ Tournament - Round 3: well here we are again with round 3 hopefully your fellow Anon has n…[View]
478388206Who here has ever played this before? I haven't, neither have I even heard of this game until r…[View]
478385798>introduce online tourney >it’s cool and all but it’s two stock and time limits are 2:30, sudd…[View]
478384753what does 2ch think of our memes? specifically wojak. Do they have a counterpart, an unsinkable, ver…[View]
478378274>picks the good dialogue options / does the right thing >NPCs compliment you…[View]
478388083I miss it bros.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWOq1Tg-Jdw[View]
478386495Those are mine, from most to least played this month : >Skyrim ( original ) >Sekiro >Hollow…[View]
478384262>Me on a Friday night, enjoying a Capcom Adult Masterpiece[View]
478386684What went so right?[View]
478387264tfw you casually announce Postal 4[View]
478379332Metal Slug thread! 8 fucking WHEN edition[View]
478385839Would this be decent? What is the most important part of a gaming pc?[View]
478387607DMC5 is a game for retards. Play Astral Chain instead.[View]
478379095You have 10 seconds to name a Mega Man stage theme better than Crush Crawfish https://youtu.be/dOsJB…[View]
478376043DLC when?[View]
478387746ITT: Overpowered characters/items/weapons. Starting off with Ned Flanders from the Simpsons wrestlin…[View]
478382564Itt we poorly describe and guess video games.: America says fuck you arms dealers, south American co…[View]
478378741Was this the magnum opus of the series?[View]
478385105Silent Hill: The spookiest month of the year is nearly upon us. Let's discuss this forgotten se…[View]
478387541Struggling to find a game to hook me again: >played tons of games recently >barely beaten any…[View]
478387416>So we back at the park >With our eyes avertin' from side to side >Side, side to side …[View]
478384836ITT: great games forever locked to their original consoles with no hope of ever being re-relaesed. I…[View]
478386101Ok, i'm probally the only one who plays this game but if anyone cares, a source of mine actuall…[View]
478378626I'M GONNA HATE YOU[View]
478387168you hear it you lose: EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD[View]
478358176This is Hieda no Akyuu Say something nice to her.[View]
478337394Underrail: *blocks your path*[View]
478387070How did Nintendo create such perfection.[View]
478386460POST EM[View]
478386985Is this the Goodfellas of vidya? I notice something new everytime I play it[View]
478385319Is this the largest open world game ever?[View]
478384607Now I know you can't rush art, but when the fuck is it coming out?[View]
478383647What are some GOOD video games?[View]
478382882MUGEN thread: How's that roster coming along, anon?[View]
478382228Just torrented this game because it looks cool but I dont wanna support anti-Christian devs. What am…[View]
478385273Guys, I just love yoshi noises[View]
478386261Hey v are you up to play Game Dev Tycoon https://www.twitch.tv/twinater[View]
478386236What's a turned based combat game where I can heavily customise the look and skills of my party…[View]
478380448>it's like we're the Yakuza 0™ bravo sega[View]
478374375YOU'RE A...[View]
478375089Why didn’t Sonic Team just take the engine from the first Sonic Adventure and just build upon it for…[View]
478378708What the fuck are they even doing right now?[View]
478384410what's the point of this guy? he always acts like some tough fucker but he literally just spams…[View]
478375248pyra opinions?[View]
478385018Give me a game to make me feel like pic related[View]
478385726>love to search for easter eggs in video games >too dumb and not thorough/patient enough to ac…[View]
478385682post your favorite vidya opening, /v/[View]
478378123We're going home....[View]
478385549Why aren't you using UE like a real chad developer?[View]
478385397>world of warcrafts 15th aniversery is in november >league of legends 10th is in a couple of d…[View]
478385181do trophies auto sync[View]
478376685In your opinion which game has the best water/water effects to date ?[View]
478383001Borderlands 3: Fuck bros, Randy fucking did it, he made GOTY. Easily the most fun I had in a videoga…[View]
478385053It just works[View]
478381358Sonic team what the fuck are you doing?: >Be sonic team >Make one bad sonic game with the adve…[View]
478384964Is FFVII:DoC Canon? Will we have Weiss and Genesis show up in FF7R part 2/3 post game? Will We eve…[View]
478383683Mub puh mub dit dit[View]
478382794best radio station?[View]
478384827ITT: Generic, soulless games: AKA games with no purpose to exist[View]
478384691Bo4 victis crew: We’ve already seen Misty and Russman But they gave misty bigger titters, Marlton lo…[View]
478382879PREPARE YOURSELF https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2cJrFDxzo8[View]
478375329Horror Smash Brothers Roster: Base Roster >Jason Voorhees >Freddy Krueger >Michael Myers …[View]
478382480Meanwhile in Nintendo[View]
478378734Gunvolt Luminous Avenger iX: Day of the Bullit coming September 26th on Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbone…[View]
478383295Is no free-aim lock on pussy mode? The lock on doesn’t seem to help that much other wise, I kind of …[View]
478384073ITT: soul vs soulless[View]
478384265>Reggie said IPs never before seen in Smash >Sakurai said new worlds getting into Smash >co…[View]
478380529Is it any good ? Why should I play it ?[View]
478375646>''Hey anon! Let me out! I can't take being in the Pokèmon series anymore! I'…[View]
478383215Please recommend chess vidya games that can teach how to play even a complete dumb dumb.[View]
478384008So is this playable yet? I tried playing it about a year ago and it was just awful. I mean the game …[View]
478383783Clearing Out The Backlog: Alright /v/, I'll fucking do it. I will play every game I haven'…[View]
478372179What fandom is the Norf FC of vidya?[View]
478378612Why don't you play more video games?[View]
478379072You’re not a noob, right? Imagine being a noob. That couldn’t be me[View]
478376096F: Why did they do this? Why did they give Moxxie a big potato head? Why do they hate feminine featu…[View]
478383192What is the best Metal Gear Solid game[View]
478355670Why are catgirls always the worst characters in whatever games they appear in? Nia from xenoblade is…[View]
478375901Play Pokemon Masters.[View]
478383824*ruins your game*[View]
478383541Tekken 7: open wide[View]
478381490ITT: We Post Our Gamer Fuel[View]
478363007I love lolcows like DSP, LTG and Wings of Redemption. Who are some other gaming lolcows I can check …[View]
478364717I have a craving to play some fallout. Which one should I reinstall? I remember a lot more of New Ve…[View]
478380885>Well, it ain't gonna suck itself[View]
478367632Vilgehk sut lihdc tamadehk y banvaldmo kuut Al Bhed drnayt. Ed'c suna uh-dubel dryh 4/5 uv dra …[View]
478380302Final Fantasy: I would like to discuss the series >favorite mainline game >favorite spinoff …[View]
478322804Find. A. Single. Flaw.[View]
478380635Will we ever get a new 3D Donkey Kong game? Donkey Kong 64 was a step in the right direction, and th…[View]
478383232'We Must Dissent': >Already we have turned all of our critical pruning, all of our moderation and…[View]
478382938Games with good soundtracks[View]
478381125Finally updated my 12 years old shitty laptop with a newer one that has a GTX 1050 Tf should I play …[View]
478381483>game has character creator >spend hours fine tuning my character >get in game and don…[View]
478378893FF7 Remake Red: Calling it now, they're gonna make him a primarily buffing character, probably …[View]
478380709>Referring to yourself as a 'gamer' or others as 'gamers' >Calling yourself a 'consumer' or cr…[View]
478382487PS5 looking good![View]
478377294I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
478380773No matter how boring and mediocre Death Stranding may turn out to be, it will inevitably be showered…[View]
478380187claus is an anagram of lucas[View]
478370803Zelda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpFQrTrHGXg[View]
478381756Demon's/Dark Souls: Let me talk about the Souls games with my good friends Anyone running any i…[View]
478379628Steam Games Artwork Sharing Thread: with the new steam UI you can have custom artwork for your games…[View]
478379991>Star allies wave 3 releases >a bunch of daily threads back then >now there is zero discuss…[View]
478382649Mod of the Century. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/26627/?tab=description&t…[View]
478373093Dispite the cancerous fandom and controversy surrounding it, I actually quite like this game. What d…[View]
478381974Is this just a bad 2D dark souls?[View]
478381568>boss character isn't unlockable That's Omega Bullshit 98[View]
478377339Why yes, I'm going to wait 20 minutes of queue time just to play Attack & Defend mode in Qu…[View]
478382473First game is great, sequel is shit/First game is shit, sequel is great: Any examples?[View]
478375510Do you own any video game merch, /v/? Things like funkos for example?[View]
478372763Beyond the Fighter's Pass: I have come across some information regarding future Smash DLC hat I…[View]
478369059ITT: What's your favorite hack and slash game, and why is it Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance[View]
478379510Already a dying game with only 500.000+ players. Valves decides to kill toxic players (The ones who …[View]
478375326ask someone who works at gearbox anything before I get fired lol. I fucking hate this place[View]
478379803Why the FUCK wasn't Wart in this game? It made so much sense with the dream motif. What a huge …[View]
478376267What went wrong?[View]
478379812Why is Nintendo the only company making tall blonde characters?[View]
478381979Everyone talks about comfy games, but what about un-comfy games? What are some games that genuinely …[View]
478381662>Jedi Outcast gets ported to the Switch >Not the trilogy of Star Wars games that were basicall…[View]
478381856Don't you want the jacket, sir?[View]
478381853What is your excuse for being a casual and not completing your games?[View]
478365515>that one game that stains a perfect franchise[View]
478380842ITT: games that never were[View]
47837801515 years ago, the greatest fighting game was made: Say something nice to it![View]
478381621It will be out very soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYnrDQwGqX4[View]
478376614Why is she so perfect bros[View]
478362764>the pokemon killer jokes aside, this game was great. dqm/dwm thread?[View]
478378227Borderlands 3: Thinking about buying this game on pc, looks like fun. Is the port as bad as people a…[View]
478379063>here is your 10th year anniversary logo full of charm and personality >also enjoy a mobile ga…[View]
478377442How do you go from this https://youtu.be/nZuNMb57rVI To this? https://youtu.be/k5ynYzzCmII HOW could…[View]
478381256swedish kids are going to pick the shittiest option for the third year in a row and you know it[View]
478371038Out of all the Belmonts, who was the best? Who was the worst?[View]
478367086If we were to give power levels to game developers how high would you rank him?[View]
478377517Name ONE worse thing hardware related in video game history than this[View]
478380827We're going home bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19twc1MT1Dk[View]
478380665It's not that bad[View]
478375802Could it be...?[View]
478376138Is your local gaming community tolerant and respectful to different players? I mean it IS 2019[View]
478369065>Game's first boss is unfair and kills you multiple times[View]
478375720how come i see no one talking about this game /remnents/ thread is now in session. post your charact…[View]
478379115What's Dante looking at, /v/?[View]
478380074game world maps: A good map inspires adventure and will have lots of lore behind it.[View]
478379609Vergeben said WHAT!?!: Holy shit guys I told you I was right[View]
478379257 [View]
478372341Why bloodborne is so much better compared to souls games?[View]
478361964How does From pull it off again and again?[View]
478380075From the Depths: thoughts on this game?[View]
478379471Rockstar Launcher: Do I need to download this crap to play GTA V on steam? Please tell me it's …[View]
478377861What are some underrated Xbox kino?[View]
478371292Not even released yet...I'm already forgotten.[View]
478363729Why does this game get so much hate?[View]
478377639>he doesn't have at least one (1) VAC ban on his main Steam account Explain yourself, moralc…[View]
478379183So how long is this shit expected to take? I haven't pirated a game in years.[View]
478379364Am I the only person who played this game? I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on /v…[View]
478379676Steam friend thread: Post your Steam account and make friends![View]
478379074>epic exclusive >runs horribly >constant frame rate drops in menus and cutscenes >develo…[View]
478375119I fucking hate this Steam UI beta. What the fuck was Valve thinking? Does Valve think? Why can'…[View]
478373524Celeste outperformed Undertale on the Switch eshop despite the latter being on sale and having the S…[View]
4783660072019 games: What are your favorite games from this year and what games are you still gonna check out…[View]
478349256I am... forgotten[View]
478359073What is the best gacha game?[View]
478377397WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY[View]
478373454Where were you when Necrons fucked the warp in to submission?[View]
478377052Im ok with this nu Pokemon-esque artstyle for my new murder/death game[View]
478350285Why aren't you playing Supreme Commander, one of the best RTS games in existance.[View]
478378690What are some really old/overused video game jokes?[View]
478374932What does /v/ think of The Long Dark? Is it comfy?[View]
478379107Wow.. so deep, video game is truly art.[View]
478378996When did raiden become such a weeb?[View]
478375759is it really as bad as they say?[View]
478371307soulless: wtf it looks like the people making the link's awakening remake thought the sprite wi…[View]
478358815Risk of Rain 2: This is my wife Loader[View]
478331712Code Vein: WHERE IS MY DEMO UPDATE BAMCO[View]
478358650>install Sims 3 >spend hours creating my sims >spend even more hours creating my home >s…[View]
478286460Whats the best Kirby game and why is it Dreamland 3. Also Kirby Thread?[View]
478375630Code vein release in 8 days: Apart from character creation and cute girls does the game have any red…[View]
4783770124th wall vidya[View]
478359403500GB or 1TB?: I'm about to buy a SSD but I can't decide[View]
478377972How good is mobile gaming nowadays?[View]
478375804Cierra: Wanna have some fun, /v/?[View]
478377516The only reason /v/ liked Rogue but disliked this was because it had a black protagonist. Just a rem…[View]
478339987Is the 'always facing opponent' mechanic really all that helpful?[View]
478377481>main villain's henchman defects and joins the heroes[View]
478357547Do i need to play the zero series before ZX? Are the two games stories connected?[View]
478373558what was the whirlpool i fell into at the start of them game wand wtf is the throne of want?[View]
478366546I've never played any Monster Hunter game. Is World worth picking up while it's on sale?[View]
478366197SAY MY NAME!!!![View]
478377248>games that were lightyears better than previous entries in the series[View]
478369956>the original design is the best design Why do game franchises always do this?…[View]
478377046ITT: forgotten waifus[View]
478376270who the fuck built this? the tribals? no fucking way, where's the infrastructure they used to c…[View]
478362023Fire-red or Leaf-green?[View]
478368760>install linux >forget im even using it cause i can still do everything i already did so why …[View]
478373359>enemy chatter shows them as human beings afraid of dying[View]
478374481/v/ approved youtubers?[View]
4783495153x3 thread. Post and rate.[View]
478369275What is the saddest vidya moment for you /v/?[View]
478376172Did you play this little gem called Snowboard Kids?[View]
478373634>game has no gusic[View]
478331234 [View]
478375171At what point did you realize that sex plays a big part in the videogame industry?[View]
478350621Are you ready for best Yostar game? https://www.arknights.global/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy…[View]
478375158/v/ wikia autism thread: https://lapis.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random https://fantendo.fandom.com/wi…[View]
478376232okay, now click the green box[View]
478376429She stole my heart...[View]
478322514You should be able to solve this /v/[View]
478367893>ports a 10yo game and asks full price in your path haha, it's nothing personal kid…[View]
478376249opinions on aigis?[View]
478345869EPIC STORE IN THE GRAVE TONIGHT: https://store.steampowered.com/libraryupdate[View]
478366213Cave Story Thread: I beg you[View]
478376050What kind of class do you pick on your first playthrough of an RPG? Typically I play a standard war…[View]
478375796>RANKING Every Final Fantasy! (Yes even THAT Game) Which game is THAT game?…[View]
478375882Filename thread.[View]
478371060What games evoke a feeling of zetsubou?[View]
478357897Is it worth it?[View]
478375539White people: WE'RE SUPERIOR N SHIET Also White people: *dies out*[View]
478368459Gun animations.: Which FPS games have god-tier gun animations and why is it Killing Floor 2? https:/…[View]
478368227COME ON AND SLAM AND WELCOME TO THE JAM why did they ruined her so bad, sheeva was never a looker bu…[View]
478370886Words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel.[View]
478375496What is the worst game you’ve ever played and why?: Pic related.[View]
478375440Super Smash Brothers 5th DLC Leak.: Greetings, I come bearing real treats and real leaks. First and …[View]
478375426Vidya that induce — and subsequently cure — depression?[View]
478374359this is what 3 years of development look like in the current Valve corporation: try to even scroll m…[View]
478372360 [View]
478363495How does anyone enjoy gacha games? The grind is really time-consuming and not very fun. I know you p…[View]
478298934>more stickers that say 'Unlockable in the Pit Stop' but they aren't actually present in the…[View]
47837476550 days until Death Stranding. Get ready to wreck some faggot ass homo demons.[View]
478362269Post your hitbox /v/. or fightstick[View]
478375156>we want to get the Euro Truck Simulator audience jejeje, good luck with that. Really what are th…[View]
478372764How long would it take someone to earn Grandmaster Rank in TGM1?[View]
478374662Goodnight, /v/![View]
478363796ITS CRACKED[View]
47837114911 years later and still no remaster of the second best GTA game of All time[View]
478322070Lali-ho Lala-hoes Suckin’ lala-toes[View]
478346008WTF I HATE WARFRAME NOW???[View]
478367264Why is this acceptable?[View]
478363478Characters you thought were awesome when you were 14 and still do: I'll start.[View]
478366341>no mii costume >more dlc fighters >popularity has started to rise again…[View]
478371560I feel really crummy, what are some co-op/multiplayer games where I can help people so I don't …[View]
478374430What is your go to gamer fuel?[View]
478374435Would the plot of FE Three Houses not have happened if Dimitri simply gave Edelgard a good dicking d…[View]
478374338I liked the customization and the retarded gunplay when nobody is packed up a 1990 brazilian routier…[View]
478370854It's up, lads. Who has played the new toons?[View]
478360758It's like Christmas morning...[View]
478368964Are there any games where your choices actually matter[View]
478372761How do I know if I have been born into a cursed bloodline: I have come to believe that my family may…[View]
478374113AHH CHERRY BLOSSOMS: I take it you're not a fan?[View]
478372029Now that was a game[View]
478369757What side do you choose?[View]
478371871Link's Awakening: Why is this game so poorly optimized, holy fucking shit.[View]
478359439Is there any other game aside from TF2 where the devs actually encourage hurting other players feeli…[View]
478373975Post unassuming games with great aesthetics.[View]
47837235912 fucking years: ... What is there left to say?[View]
478372449What was the point of adding Cassandra?[View]
478373620how do we convince slavs to not become cuckolds like western developers?[View]
478370949>be blackwatch soldier >just got sent to the dirty fucking yellow zone >have to watch peopl…[View]
478363458How did some mediocre web browser game called Kancolle get so many fans?[View]
478371904Hi /v/ I wanted to make a game similar to binding of isaac using the godot engine, but have zero exp…[View]
478372751mmbn: never evr[View]
478334625It's live[View]
478368965Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: What went wrong?[View]
478373178ITT: we post our Chaotic Evil moments: >finish an retro game on an emulator >make threads pret…[View]
478367868So how is THIS considered as good? I dont get it[View]
478368050Dark Souls 3: So, are they being propped up on railings after they're killed for some reason, o…[View]
478370648Playing MGSV for the first time. I just captured her, i used the sleep pistol and it was hard as fuc…[View]
478367403I did nothing wrong Umu![View]
478372326ea doing cloud gaming soon: have fun[View]
478370185ITT: Biggest disappointments of the year.[View]
478358703Just picked this up for the first time what am I in for?[View]
478370649Was Samus Returns any good?[View]
478370906PSAS2 leak: All fighters will return besides Big Daddy Newcomers are >Doom Guy >Shantae >2…[View]
478367262>the holy trinity of /v/[View]
478371040Came back to this. Immedeatly regretted it and uninstalled. Why is it just not enjoyable anymore?[View]
478369467What games let me sell out my oarty members?[View]
478288296/v/ the Musical VII - NEW THREAD: Remember to write about vidya! And no dramaposting! >What is th…[View]
478372176How badly did it flop?[View]
478299462Who's your favourite DoA girl?[View]
478372346what are some games with this feel?[View]
478372171Vidya moments that instantly incite rage from memory alone[View]
478347374It's almost time for the 4cc Autumn cup and we need to update our roster. Follow the link in th…[View]
478359807TIME TO GET SERIOUS![View]
478364613Literally the greatest Final Fantasy game ever made and yet little have played it.[View]
478368130the absolute state of steam review system[View]
478337820SAY MY NAME[View]
478367824>DR. Faust cured May Thanks Doc![View]
478335706NWN2: Anyone still playing the last true d&d crpg which is Neverwinter nights 2? i have finished…[View]
478371048Why does this feels like it has the right to be so charming? Also, why does it lags so bad on pc? I …[View]
478370702fucking dropped[View]
478370249Which one of these is better? Dead Cells Rain World Axiom Verge[View]
478363737Silent Hill 2: What made it scary?[View]
478370579hi /v/ what games are you play now? monster hunter world and ffxiv here[View]
478370972The World Ends With You thread[View]
478314342we could have this[View]
478362860So wtf this company been up to?: >coming off the hot x360 and release new xbox >no games >s…[View]
478366518You voted her, right?[View]
478367003old games were not la-[View]
478345627This was a good game. Is there any chance that word of mouth will overcome the terrible ad campaign?[View]
478370529Kojinbo is Kojinbo. He don't know DARK SOULS. https://www.gamereactor.dk/artikler/768403/Vi+tal…[View]
478365372>type 'good game' instead of 'gg' >everyone acknowledges it and match ends peacefully…[View]
478364556how DARE you how DARE you get a happy ending how DARE you[View]
478349973Why aren't you playing the superior resident evil style game?[View]
478370164Hunter Monster Iceborne World: How is that Guiding Lands grinding going?[View]
478367197so i know the calypso's are conjoined twins, therefore identical twins, but they dont really...…[View]
478369849Any chance this gets ported to switch? Or should i get the PC version since it's on sale? Pleas…[View]
478369765*boop* *vrrrrRRRRRRR*[View]
478360668Is there a better game for exploration?[View]
478369808https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23127427/8-2-5-content-update-notes WOW, IT'S FUCKING NO…[View]
478320005Hey. Psst. I'm your girl![View]
478359150How come we don't have a good Sonic rpg yet?[View]
478368971Times you were like The Jester in vidya: >do quest for NPC >kill him instead of turning it in …[View]
478369554female genes patch when?: Serious question: where are actual girls who really like video games at? I…[View]
478358842>make hundreds of taunts >ban them from online to protect player fee fees >everyone just do…[View]
478367486*is better than kaguya and mokou*[View]
478369289I find it amazing that we can't have a thread discussing this game, as in the gameplay, classes…[View]
478368120What is the vidya equivalent of the F.U.N. song?[View]
478369183You Sonyfags liked Cloud in Smash Bros? Rate his appearance in the smash bros series.[View]
478366690Kehehehehe. Hey Lois, rememeber the time I was participating in a killing game?[View]
478311532What went wrong?[View]
478366224Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: What did they need to do to make this game a success? Or was it unavoida…[View]
478364897What's the most overrated game /v/ convinced you to play?[View]
478365440WOW Classic: Horde or Alliance?: And why....... GO[View]
478368839>Power only Player is shown to have from the start of the game >Bad guy also has it…[View]
478365519the absolute state of Steam[View]
478368606Games where you can be a clown at your job?[View]
478366459DING DONG BANNU END OF RINE ______________________________________[View]
478362948Will the pokemon franchise ever die off?: It was good the first few games and anime seasons but then…[View]
478295002why does Persona 3 feel so low budget?[View]
478368637I am looking for some fellow Dragon slayers, who will join me?[View]
478368381How do I get this launcher if I havent gotten an invitation?[View]
478368272who's buying this piece of shit on the switch?[View]
478368081do you think someone would buy that[View]
478367269Just torrented this game because it looks cool but I dont wanna support anti-Christian devs. What am…[View]
478363406Everyone has a favorite villager, but who's your favorite special NPC?[View]
478363893Guild Wars 2 fail: >New patch they hyped to the sky and back is finally out >It's just fu…[View]
478362638Has anyone used one of these kinds of controllers for their phone? I want to make use of my phone…[View]
478367994Post HYPE AS FUCK vidya setpieces/cutscenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE7sdQjG9Fs[View]
478342147What are /v/'s thoughts on No One Lives Forever?[View]
478361142No game comes close to how good this game to be. It’s fun, full of hours of activity, tons of choice…[View]
478366347>puzzle game has multiple solutions for closed circuit problems[View]
478366793Games with bosses like this?[View]
478366069What is Amy's problem?[View]
478365149Amazeballs: This game feels like it was written by some 21 year old white bitch they found on twitte…[View]
478362551Play pokemon masters: Imagine[View]
478364349Woah...we really do live in a society....[View]
478366118Which faction is the best and why is it the Scourge?[View]
478362626is this still a thing or what[View]
478361948Blaster Master Zero 2: Have you played Kanna's game yet?[View]
478325889River City Girls: Borg[View]
478367081What is your favorite game involving graphs?[View]
478367313What is the best game on the switch out right now?: Post em[View]
478363673I skipped cutscenes in all his games because the story is insufferably boring[View]
478361342What are you playing and why?[View]
478363916Welcome to /v/eenie hut jr's. How casual are ya?[View]
478364737>'It was I, the murderer of your Father!' >'A CLOWN STRIPPER' dies after one chapter stupid …[View]
478366924>wake up, have a cup of espresso, overlook the sun rising from the hills with my expensive merino…[View]
478362873>weeb games becoming more popular: how do we stop them[View]
478330203>game scene makes you cry like a motherfucker Post 'em faggots.[View]
478334518Name a better FPS.[View]
478365331>you're character visibly gains more muscle as their physical stats increase why don't …[View]
478355519Did they fix the PC pot?[View]
478363550King Rolf: >Johnnyfags[View]
478356985Why can't childhood friends expand their horizons instead of being stuck on one person?[View]
478363097If Game Stop falls will they Fall?: I fucking hope not too many good shit here.[View]
478364421How is it even possible for people to have such vastly different tastes? There's people out the…[View]
478363114>like to play multiplayer action games like shooters or melee combat >don't really like …[View]
478364846Genuine question, do you play any vidya with any of your family?[View]
478365116https://www.strawpoll.me/18654723/ Which P5 party members do you ship with each other, /v/?[View]
478364665THPS2 remake like Crash/Spyro when?[View]
478363541MEET YOUR BRAND NEW[View]
478325287>when the gacha game is so good[View]
478365901What are some games with dismemberment mechanics?[View]
478365794who, me?[View]
478361227>Metroid 2 remake >Link's Awakening remake Do you think they'd ever remake the origi…[View]
478363973You can tell whatever you want but this game is the peak of shmup genre. Not a single other title (i…[View]
478364702>video game boycotts[View]
478364365Which one of these is better? Dead Cells Rain World Axiom Verge[View]
478365256video games: >playing vidya >horny and looks for cunny >masturbate and cum >cum all over…[View]
478365253>Play Azure Striker Gunvolt >Pff this shit is fucking easy. Nigga is basically immortal so lon…[View]
478365236'Hey- ill tell you what. Grandad was a propper player. Im so lucky my mum diddn't marry a n***…[View]
478340010Itt: fuck you I liked it: >going totally blind into a game >really enjoy it and 100% it >ch…[View]
478279007daemon x machina: post those arsenals[View]
478365157How do I driv gud, /v/? I'm getting fucked up here and it's been 15+ years since I touched…[View]
478362604What are you currently playing /v/? I’m playing sarges heroes 2 , great game from my childhood[View]
478360784FF7R: What does /v/ think of the new voice cast for FF7R? Who would you cast instead, aside from the…[View]
478364859>The nonchalant optional boss who's merely seeking a challenge at the very most, if not less…[View]
478364836Instinct trumps adaptation![View]
478363125What did he mean with that line?[View]
478318003Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to post in that Elder Scrolls thread, right? Wa…[View]
478362108R*'s new GTA V patch is literal AIDS: This is what happens if you try to launch while offline. …[View]
478356703>why yes I love JRPGs, how could you tell?[View]
478357209Friendship ended with Norman, now Keanu is my best friend.[View]
478364281S O U L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m95QocHb2sM[View]
478363994Hey, man, get on vc or we'll kick you from the party.[View]
478364126Are Thighs saving vydia?[View]
478360746What game has the most playable races?[View]
478364083WWE 2k18 keeps crashing on my Switch =(: Can someone tell me how to fix this problem becas soon as I…[View]
478364039Print nigger simulator[View]
478360859Emulation thread: Everybody was having a good time before this guy came in and said something rude. …[View]
478363718>becomes a drug dealer and gets killed just because some trailer-trash used goods told him to im…[View]
478325429>he doesn't play as best girl[View]
478360097>choosing female gives you more options than choosing male Everytime[View]
478342050It runs like complete shit.[View]
478359969Dragon Quest bread: >beat V on DS >decide to go back to play I >get the GBC roms for the en…[View]
478360287what games do girl play?[View]
478359376What do you think of level scaling mechanics in RPGs? Should the world become stronger with the play…[View]
478359203lmao they used archer for the gta vice city banner[View]
478357572>play online games every day >no one wants to be friends with me…[View]
478360578Video Games[View]
478363040Why can't sony stop copying Nintendo?[View]
478358543>spend $1200 on a new PeeCee >no games to play Fuck this gay earth. What's the point of b…[View]
4783450392019... Forgotten...[View]
478362946Why is this such a good game bros (the sims 4)[View]
478344609what happens outside of Tamriel?[View]
478362808Smash DLC #5 leak: I couldn't believe it myself, how do you feel with your 5th fighter?[View]
4783566181024×768 is the comfiest potato masterrace report in[View]
478363087>Why yes, I do wish to end reality. How could you tell?[View]
478354932here's your alt costume for Terry bro haha[View]
478359956Women are stronger and sexier than men: When women start creating lab semen all games will remove re…[View]
478362884What does /v/ think of The World Ends With You?[View]
478361470stop pretending to like hard games, they are not fun, they're just frustrating[View]
478362838>he hasn't time traveled to 2020 to add Rhea and Sothis to his party Pathetic.…[View]
478360085What is a stranding genre? Has anyone figured out what that even means. Also, wouldn't the stor…[View]
478353279Gaming Laptop: I'm thinking about buying a gaming laptop, what do you guys recommend?[View]
478362191ITT games only fat people hate[View]
478352064Murloc appreciation thread: What do these guys say again?[View]
478353642She is literally perfect and the most adorable female video game character cmv[View]
478360382>no Three Houses spirits despite new games getting new spirits at launch >main character of th…[View]
478362519Switch Lite: You got one?[View]
478362415Where the fuck is the English TGS gameplay?[View]
478362386>food recovers HP[View]
478355421I've never played a single Legend of Zelda game. No this is not bait.[View]
478345384Banjo-Kazooie Retuned[View]
478361448Did you already preordered Death Stranding /v/ ?[View]
478362026HAVE SEX[View]
478338913Is the Switch the best Console since the PS2? Not in terms of power, but in terms of fun and soul[View]
478362162why aren't you playing housamo right now /v/?[View]
478362363>csgo isnt dead, infact it's had positive growth over the past few months >I love the lac…[View]
478360091Could he have taken Redd White in a fight had he been there at the right time?[View]
478361574There is only ONE correct answer.[View]
478358354Lost Planet: Lost Technology, home. At least it was before Keiji Inafune fucked everything up.…[View]
478361274You have three vidya wishes, /v/. Choose wisely[View]
478358651>mediocre game >ends on a cliffhanger[View]
478362060>Gave xenoblade chronicles 2 a chance because people keep talking about it >It's literall…[View]
478339974Dokkan: You cuties do the new EZA yet? Also anyone pull the new LR Androids? I got shafted.[View]
478360453fire emblem three houses: >edelgard and marianne are the most popular what's with westerners…[View]
478361591How do you resolve the problem in all games that riot shields are completely bulletproof and indestr…[View]
478355065Post things that inspired video games: Pic related[View]
478359173Imagine how badly a FFIX remake would be made...[View]
478361789>enemies can swim[View]
478361763Devil;s Hunt: Why aren't you playing DMC but good?[View]
478360995Mobile Game Thread: So what are you playing at work, Anon?[View]
478361624post vidya that are literally you[View]
478341276Which was the true ending?[View]
478347762Death Stranding: Inventory Cargo Autism Simulator. I genuinely love how far they're going with…[View]
478357648100 million units sold and yet there is still a massive draught. If Sony spent more time making gam…[View]
478358771>Game won't let you romance the NPCs[View]
478360943I will defend this game until the day I die. Also, Sonic thread I guess.[View]
478361138I don't get it[View]
478357332How the hell is this thing so expensive? The console + controller + 256 SD card is more than my PS4 …[View]
478360914GTA San Andreas: >nostalgia faggots still claim SA to be the best GTA game ever of all time >l…[View]
478355525What video game character can defeat her?[View]
478354901Monch Games with animal companions?[View]
478360145Rosterfags, the plague of /v/! Pure autism for all to see! Your disappointment will be immense, So p…[View]
478344410What's your favorite Shin Megami Tensei Persona song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UUlE-n_AF…[View]
478358947Last thread got archived. Risk of Rain thread.[View]
478348910ITT: Best Girls[View]
478357005Borderlands was never good. So what? You play the game to get bigger numbers from guns and you insta…[View]
478356306>talking to NPC unlocks sidequest[View]
478358779Post gamer fuel[View]
478356095Deus Vult you Corporate Cocksuckers[View]
478360449Dishonored 2: Actually having a blast with this game, wonder why did i miss it. Emily cute. One thin…[View]
478360428Is MGS2, Dare I say, the smartest game ever made?[View]
478359508When did you realise that you were not good at videogames?[View]
478359369Yakuza Thread: KIRYU-CHAN[View]
478336747Do you think the FF7 Remake will let us change windrow colours?[View]
478356760Any good collections out there?[View]
478358309Ace Attorney: Watson looked like THAT?![View]
478357445gentlemen, how do we fix new steam library ?[View]
478355146Slay the Spire: I'm bad at this fairly enjoyable game, but how am I supposed to keep up when th…[View]
478342579So now that Death Stranding is confirmed GOTY what are you doing until November?[View]
478356676I feel bad for all the boomers who were Astro Boy fans as kids but never got to play this. This is q…[View]
478321459What are some essential mods for fallout new vegas?[View]
478354271xiv: Name a better villian in vidya history. I'll wait.[View]
478358894Fallout 4 and Thus Fallout 76 are not Canon:: Why? Because of the Nuka-Cola Bottles. Fallout 1, 2, T…[View]
478359494Why do people praise this game so much it's just Assassin Creed without the parkour... Does it …[View]
478359484Should bullshots and fake gameplay trailers be illegal?[View]
478358560Change da world. My final message. Goodb ye[View]
478328395gamestop is now a daycare: thoughts?[View]
4783299793 days left: Who’s getting a Lite?[View]
478358264>hear about a revival of a franchise >it's got an expanded universe gimmick, all your fav…[View]
478358931Kazuhiro Tsuchiya: >...but to tell the truth, the next game to be developed has already been deci…[View]
478356469I just finished this game and it was good. I was led to believe that Compile Heart’s games were all …[View]
478357717games for this feel?[View]
478358364Gonna play this for the first time. Will I be fine playing an Orc retard who just unga smashes every…[View]
478350154anybody else still using this?[View]
478354793Mana: Favorite game? Looking forward to the Trials remake?[View]
478341031Nintendo bonus doesn't exi-[View]
478354178Recommend me some games[View]
478358006Microsoft should bail out and cancel Xbox Scarlett: The next Xbox releasing in 2020 is doomed. It…[View]
478358108>engineers will defend this[View]
478350659The great debate[View]
478353360Is it good after year of updates?[View]
478356886>game punishes you for cheating[View]
478353772Never forget the autsits who thought the Grinch Leak was real.[View]
478349095ARMA 3: >campaign >king of the hill >wasteland >life rpg >co-op >antistasi >zeu…[View]
478335568this'll probably be a better rpg than ffXV[View]
478358413The might of tight buttholes![View]
478358327black guy loves video games: https://youtu.be/y_Ef0Cb4UYA Anyone remember this?[View]
478358334What games have the most badass endings?[View]
478354652Where Bethesdas designers balding and projected their insecurities into TES character visuals with t…[View]
478358187Conrad>Mike Come on Mikeposters, you know it's true. Mike could never pull off something lik…[View]
478331927Minecraft Biome Vote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SfxDhe6Z4c Pick your faction now. Badlands.…[View]
478353183Any games with this feel? >inb4 someone says a jojo game[View]
478358095Degenerates like you belong on a ban list.[View]
478332765Why lesbians character make video games so great? >Pic related Dorothea best character out of Fir…[View]
478320912>half the cast is automatically cut off for me because I dont have gender dysmorphia and therefor…[View]
478354673What does /v/ think of Super Puyo Puyo 2, or just Puyo Puyo Tsuu in general?[View]
478354183Kojima has a message for all the ADHD brainlets who call his game a walking sim[View]
478357886This is Bantu, the new 3/4 stars red dragon and the return of Yamada in FEH. Say something nice abou…[View]
478273979He will never be a real Snake Fuck this shitty character. I wanted Big Boss and I got a dumb player …[View]
478322452>Favorite killer >Favorite build >Favorite survivor >Favorite build…[View]
478356704Admit it, you actually love it.[View]
478356413here’s your new library bro[View]
478349351Why did he take this picture?[View]
478357718FIFA: How are you lads liking the demo? How does it compare to PES 2020?[View]
478357582I hate to say it, but is this new culture of 'publisher streaming services on demand' actu…[View]
478347213NEW STEAM UI OUT: GET IN THE BETA Previously: >>478332628[View]
478350761lets talk about darkest dungeon favorite party favorite mods favorite class[View]
4783553152d or 3d?: So do you prefer 2d or 3d graphics? Vote Here: https://www.strawpoll.me/18655220[View]
478352582You ever just stop and think about how genius the type system in Pokemon is? It's one of the mo…[View]
478355062Bad Kenji Yamamoto No Copyright[View]
478352887How come Stalfos exist in BotW? Wouldn't Ganons magic revive them in flesh & blood? Or are …[View]
478355712So is it physically impossible to get online play without any input delay outside of regional matchm…[View]
478353832>pay for game >fail to show proper respect for STREAMER PRIVILEGE >money stolen So games ar…[View]
478355821This is the worst move ever in a video game.[View]
478355559>You can't deny this one felt like a true metal gear game[View]
478356331yeah hes in[View]
478356596>The treasure are the pounds we lost along the way. games with this type of ending?…[View]
478356834This is your new Steam UI enjoy[View]
478353087I’m thinking about getting a switch is it worth it?[View]
478354867Is this game any good?[View]
478334780Fuck Stormcloak and Thalmor, they are just two sides of a coin. I always sided with Empire.[View]
478349358Best videogame music of 2019: Post only the best music from games that were released this year. http…[View]
478352528fallout new vegas >play as a courier in a post apocalyptic wasteland death stranding >play as …[View]
478350167what was the point of making a Disgaea mobile game when this already exists?[View]
478350189Fuck rpgs i'm a platformerfag now. Post only the best platformers.[View]
478356449SIX YEARS TODAY[View]
478353309ARPGs ascension: Why do RPGs become more and more simplistic and action-oriented? The interested aud…[View]
478356389Professor. It has come to my attention that you have yet to complete the game on maddening difficult…[View]
478292585Waiting for this shit to release already. It's gonna be a comfy night[View]
478350928Here's your Poison.[View]
478353612Recommend me some essential games for Android that aren't: >ad-ridden >p2w >idle Will …[View]
478356042>Resident Evil 2 >Devil May Cry >Viewtiful Joe >Okami >Bayonetta >The Wonderful 10…[View]
478347138You fuckers lied. This game isn't an SJW shitfest, it's pretty redpilled actually. Kyros r…[View]
478355850What are some games where I can do abhorrent and vile shit to my allies to justify an invasion to my…[View]
478355785>mfw underprivileged freak starts fronting with his hooptie[View]
478353914>first boss/level is the coolest shit in the entire game >maaaaaybe the final level/boss comes…[View]
478325508What’s objectively the best d-pad of all time?[View]
478343010spider man is one of the greatest games of all time Spider man 2,a worthy successor, is as well[View]
478354313Meanwhile: At the Spookies hideout...[View]
478337364Risk of Rain 2: update is out loader has tits[View]
478355452>Forever he will be my hero >(Better believe he knows the way) >And not just only for toni…[View]
478346713Why do you faggots always dump on movie games and then suck off this piece of shit?[View]
478355303Racism in Vidya: What games best tackle the topic of racism in video games /v/?[View]
478354637Steam pic thread[View]
478354175Is the reason Somalis never appear in videogames because we are actually White master race with brow…[View]
478355108will there ever be a sequel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Rr0VW64ow[View]
478355218Lost Technology, home. At least it was before Keiji Inafune fucked everything up.[View]
478351552What are the greatest CHADs in vidya? Hard Mode: Cant use Kratos[View]
478342784>2019 >japan still hasn't beaten elizabeth in the vidya girl department How can they rect…[View]
478354883It's not the series that made games difficult again. It's the series that made games hones…[View]
478354309>Nobody cares about Fran Bow's developer's new game, which releases tomorrow…[View]
478341881When you look past nostalgia this is better then anything we had as kids[View]
478353779>launch an old ubi game through steam >opens ubi launcher >asks me to sign in to ubi launch…[View]
478337463name 1 (one) good video game released this year[View]
478350543Let us commence intellectual discussion about videogames on 4chan.[View]
478306969I know it's not for everyone (read: casuals) but over time La Mulana went from being my most ha…[View]
478354608>CHAD has joined the game.[View]
478343892ITT: Characters who thought their life was a realize, now they realize, it's a comedy[View]
478337760So now that Blasphemous is a confirmed mess, is there any other contestant for best Metroidvania of …[View]
478350728Borderlands 3 Secret Message?: I was ripping the models from Borderlands 3 when I found a secret mes…[View]
478349625>collabing with fucking lego and people say overwatch isn’t for children…[View]
478352682EA is Ressurecting Jane's to fight Ace combat: https://www.reddit.com/r/acecombat/comments/d56z…[View]
478351337Will they make a new Banjo game then? Despite their fan-addition to smash, I don’t think MS has the …[View]
478350319Elite Force thread[View]
478354182Wonder Woman porn game when[View]
478344746Describe /v/ in one image.[View]
478353912I have an Acer Nitro 5. It has a GTX 1050ti, and an Intel i5. The cooling system is really underwhel…[View]
478349681hello commander[View]
478346991What did they mean by this?[View]
478353731Is /v/ good at OSU?[View]
478349487>introduces the best playable race of all time: Dark Iron Dwarves >in the same dogshit expansi…[View]
478352390>make a new thread about vidya no replies, thread dies >make some stupid ass post about dumb s…[View]
478343674How will the children handle the crushing disappointment?[View]
478351420>Shoots the moon at the end of Puyo Puyo 3 >Beam that Carbuncle shoots travels from the Earth …[View]
478323968ANOTHER MINECRAFT ANARCHY SERVER THREAD 1.14.4 mcvanilla.me[View]
478353660Super Kirby Clash: help a brother boost?[View]
478352259What's a good place to sell extra games/keys?[View]
478353595>why yes I do pirate free games, how can you tell?[View]
478353578How do I coom?[View]
478353546Post battle stance[View]
478351110What Switch exclusives are you looking forward to? Are you going to play the Zelda Remake?[View]
478353534New Steam UI out. Can add custom artwork for games Guess em /v/[View]
478352775Huh? What is it?[View]
478353461>customization in game >some outfits just don't fit you so you're unable to wear the…[View]
478353184I know I'm years late to the party but I just finished nudoom Fuck it was good[View]
478346482Stronghold thread.[View]
478353348>someone tries to make a cute girl character in a game >somehow almost every time she ends up …[View]
478353340I don't understand what I'm supposed to be ashamed from. Words and Deeds?[View]
478347579why is league so much better than dota?[View]
478347565The first good skateboarding game in years came out today. Why aren't you playing it?[View]
478352862Which is better?[View]
478346882Still the most hype trailer in recent memory: Say what you want about the game, but this trailer was…[View]
478350551For me, it's Kolin[View]
478349424When was the last time you played videogames with your family?[View]
478330482Why is this allowed?[View]
478347491>Nintendorks will think this will make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger…[View]
478274217I don't understand how anyone with any amount of self respect can bring themselves to play this…[View]
478341732Nioh 2: New Nioh 2 gameplay. I dont know about you but I think the visuals are definitely better. I …[View]
478352486ITT: We remember games we played so much over the years that we will probably not gonna play them ev…[View]
478348102huh. i like it.[View]
478351709Sands of Time>2008>The Forgotten Sands>The Two Thrones>>>>>>>>excre…[View]
478352201Was he really that tough to beat on Intense?[View]
478343934He failed. NBA 2K20 is a huge success![View]
478341185Ay, new kid, who do you play in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?[View]
478349286My father worked the mines Till the day it took his life[View]
478350507Why do games not let you pick the hardest difficulty until after you've finished the game? Pic …[View]
478347360Sakurai: I just want him to make more new games. Meteos and Kid Icarus: Uprising were great. I appre…[View]
478350385Play her demo.[View]
478346403Can we talk about the animation here. It's from a game Sega has made, Tempo was the name of the…[View]
478344810When will we find out?[View]
478335241What are the best games to play in autumn?[View]
478351394Handsome Jack: He did nothing wrong. Literally nothing.[View]
478350020This is a 6/10 according to /v/, because she's no Chinese or whatever.[View]
478351303I did not care for Vampire: The Masquerade[View]
478349023What are some horror games?[View]
478339836What's the hardest game of all time?[View]
478251215ITT: Vidya shame It took me 1 month to finish Cuphead[View]
478308756What exactly went wrong?[View]
478349193best game[View]
478350492Bungie ViDoc – The Moon and Beyond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6kCipOweT4 The development team…[View]
478347954This whole collection is selling for a starting bid of $10 on Yahoo Japan right now. It must be nice…[View]
478346237Now this the mouse I've been waiting for[View]
478316173Greedfall: >the game is literally about introducing yourself and doing your job How did they get …[View]
478350406Fairune: has anybody else ever played these games? theyre quite interesting and fun[View]
478273034Will Pokemon be saved? https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1173764674191527936?s=20[View]
478349980Why does /v/ hate pic related?[View]
478348464so we know kirby is the strongest vidya character. But what is the strongest weapon? also who's…[View]
478341327Release it. Release the PC version. Release it now. NOW!!!![View]
478349924what went so right?[View]
478336491What do you expect from Breath of the Wild 2?: IT'S HAPPENING[View]
478349094Hey its 20$ on psn. Should I get it. I will enjoy it probably 20% more than what is in your head if …[View]
478335840How will it compete against Death Stranding?[View]
478336517Which games did u complete 100% and why?[View]
478346180daerhT eldnuB elbmuH: !!eldnub apnornagnaD a rof niaga emit taht tsomla s'tI !enoyreve gninroM …[View]
478347137WoW: Classic: Hunting is a fine job, mate. Is challenging work, Ou of doors, a guarantee you're…[View]
478349179Entry team to TOC 'Deb is whore' Roger that entry team, looks like we have an an incel on our hands[View]
478347127Explain the logic behind calling this proto-yakuza. Everyone of you motherfuckers are publicly annou…[View]
478349257What is the purpose of current Valve now ? Their last game is decades old (btw why is this thread ge…[View]
478345872What's your opinion on Battlestate removing the ability to put shit in your secure containers i…[View]
478348718Jurassic World Evolution: Is this worth buying yet or is it just irredeemable shit still?[View]
478323654Imagine thinking P5R looks better than P5[View]
478312776>i'd rather commit sudoku than keep playing this game >thay is why i give it a 80% https:…[View]
478348138Imagine a Dora game like Nu-Tomb Raider.[View]
478343908KINGDOM HEARTS: >Kingdom Hearts is 17 years old today Jesus Christ where did all the time go? I …[View]
478343482EldenSoulsBorneKiro thread: Favorite title? For me it goes DkSI > DS > BB > DkSIII > Sek…[View]
478337838paying for games does not make you the owner[View]
478337426Is this shit worth it? Are the sticks as unreliable as the joycons sticks are?[View]
478310219Sonic has never had a good game. No, not even 1. Not even 2. Not even Mania.[View]
478334954>open chest >its a mimic[View]
478348586Developers Cash In By Selling Their Switch Games For Pennies: Bros...[View]
478346856ITT: games with god-tier soundtracks[View]
478348473>that one game that never goes on sale or >that one game that has DLC that's never on sal…[View]
478301583Kojima did an interview that went over some interesting stuff. The interview is in Danish so I strai…[View]
478340152Why do PS4 exclusives always look so fucking good? Why is it that multiplats can't come close t…[View]
478347710Nobody likes DROP SHOT[View]
478333662have you voted, anon? https://www.strawpoll.me/18653243/[View]
478347586>Mouse Smoothing: On[View]
478347938>Rockstar is asking for your ID card if you want to buy a mature rated game Is this the future of…[View]
478345063>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
478337347Risk of Rain 2: This fist is designed to go up your ass[View]
478347035Now that the Link’s Awakening remake is out I can say that Link’s Awakening was never good. The rema…[View]
478347526>the only okay girl is a boy[View]
478347967Sons and daughters of Helghan: 'My people... Sons and Daughters of Helghan. This much I vow: The his…[View]
478344375Xenoblade Chronicles 2: >Unironic 'Heh.' Why is this allowed?[View]
478347824>back on kickstarter >demos work fine on windows 7 >comes out on steam >win7 support dro…[View]
478347804Why is this franchise so fucking good?: From I to XV, all excelent stories and characters, inmersive…[View]
478346158Can a hacked Switch play NDS games? I know a hacked Wii U has some basic NDS emulation that varies f…[View]
478336725So where the fuck is it? I think I last saw when it was first announced at the 2017 game awards[View]
478346171Why are my friends making fun on my character?[View]
478322960>character says 'yea' >translation 'no'[View]
478343881Rise of New Champions - Shueisha and Bandai Namco Trademark: https://chizai-watch.com/t/2019116474?q…[View]
478297542Resident Evil 2: Having limited saves for S+ doesn't make it harder, it just makes it longer! I…[View]
478346897>Links awakeningremake doesn't have the photographer or the photos Why, it was the only nice…[View]
478346346>engineers will defend this[View]
478347237>new 'modernized' logo OH NO NO NO[View]
478329772I know a lot of you are children who don't even know Dragon Quest or SNK, but should I play Sak…[View]
478315802Get ready to move aside PCfags. Console master race 2020.[View]
478340289Borderlands of the third variety: Borderlands 3 thread. Waiting on that performance patch before I b…[View]
478344890Just torrented this game because it looks cool but I dont wanna support anti-Christian devs. What am…[View]
478344254She was 18 and he was 34.[View]
478341626post 5th-gen 3D art[View]
478343347ITT post your character creation for Death Stranding: Pic related, it's me. I'll probably …[View]
478332123post vaporware[View]
478346424Name one metroidvania with good combat. don't say hollow knight [View]
478343721Praven. Home.[View]
478346356What games would he play?[View]
478314625Discord pulls free games from Nitro: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-discord-pulls…[View]
478346189She did nothing wrong[View]
478327224After all Sony had reason abandoning the boat: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/e3-2020-coul…[View]
478321921PC gaming: What killed PC gaming?[View]
478301267Has graphics in games peaked /v/?[View]
478345831New Skyrim Total Conversion mod being made: I'm making a total conversion mod with my team Anro…[View]
478326163Say something bad about this masterpiece.: You can't can you?[View]
478345139Today is the 4th birthday of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Say something nice to it.[View]
478343791What games with a stamina meter would be better with the demon's soul's stamina meter[View]
478345930Battle royale genre is the worst fucking thing ever invented in the history of civilization[View]
478345853What are some games to play when you're just so fucking tired of everything?[View]
478341754Spike from Ape Escape: Let me take a moment to say something, Spike and the whole world of Ape Escap…[View]
478345194https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuSSXOQ-1bI WASH AWAY THE NIGGERS HERE I STAND BENEATH THE WARM AND …[View]
478345213Where are the new outfits? I don't see them anywhere[View]
478345343>but science and faith can't be together[View]
478342792Remember that time when Epic got broken into by a bunch of teenagers and they stole Gears 3 early de…[View]
478340614Well, that's a big yikes from me.[View]
478345417Console users dont care about performance. They have standards way below today's industry stand…[View]
478344845>Final Boss Phase 2 >Lyrics kick in[View]
478341558/v/ in 2006: wow check out this cool Japanese GTA /v/!!![View]
478344656>plays Borderlands 2 as the franchise has its time now >1080p modern PC >26 fps…[View]
478344592>Link blushed over this >Doesn't care about the other girls in the game How can they ever…[View]
478326798Why haven't the prices gone up?: Why didn't the price of games follow inflation? Its been …[View]
478339229It's out, hack Chads.[View]
478336910I'm about to go spend $500 on a Switch, Astral Chain, Fire Emblem, and a case for it. Why? Beca…[View]
478343726This game/MYAAK need a remaster. They're fun even if balanced around DLC.[View]
478344652What do you think about this game?[View]
478344426>Pandering to poorfags and padcucks. Why would Daisuke do this?[View]
478343308Is this the greatest game of all time?[View]
478342157*steals your SB damage*[View]
478343630Will we ever get a 3D Sonic that tries to embrace wider-open levels?[View]
478342989What is the most weeb game of all time?[View]
478313093You never wanted to come to this wretchedPathologic thread. Bullying townsfolk and steppeplebs in Q…[View]
478331764Do you still play your PS2 /v/?[View]
478342640Is Final Fantasy over yet?[View]
478338948You looking forward to this?[View]
478339517What are your favorite indie games?[View]
478339760>been wanting to hack the Switch forever >but still play Smash, MUA3 and Tetris 99 >finall…[View]
478334531Hideo Kojima is the last true artist in video games. He's the only one with the talent and visi…[View]
478326759uh oh Here's your skate 4, bro.[View]
478344353What are some actual good games that run on Linux anyways?[View]
478344135Your favorite Pokemon is Kyogre. Who is your favorite Pokemon?[View]
478342981>gnorc commandos and purple muslim analogues censored and dont wield guns in 1 and 2 respectively…[View]
478321354Is there like a list of must play VNs? So far I've played: 999 and VLR Ace Attorney Steins Gate…[View]
478342101What should a bad ending do, or be, /v/?[View]
478343901>*outsmarts you* Heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
478344171Why is he forcing his political agenda on his games now?[View]
478313890World of Warcraft: BfA: 8.2.5 will release in 2 weeks. The war campaign in which the Alliance and Ho…[View]
478344071Game series that are so drastically different now which implies that the current devs have never pla…[View]
478336806https://twitter.com/DragonQuest/status/1173582556718977025 NINTENDO WON[View]
478341201>come for the lewd >stay for the gameplay Any games that can fit this description? I know of K…[View]
478343819This WILL be a Nier: Automata Thread and it will NOT devolve into endless lewd shitposting and cospl…[View]
478334279Tales of Arise[View]
478337903>can't reload while sprinting[View]
478343552https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnoaf6Zc3wk What do you guys think about the Hitrman series? Any hop…[