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529801482>motivation of the game is to save the princess >save her >game reverts back to a state bef…[View]
529801127Best Roguelike![View]
52979727024 days left until Cyberpunk 2077[View]
529691712DOA Bread: Purple or Lilac?[View]
529799885ITT: Games that make you want to have friends[View]
529800992Post anything with the first Unreal engine: Post anything with the first Unreal engine[View]
529798892ITT: dogshit games /v/ memed you into playing[View]
529798949Does anyone still play this shit?[View]
529791258>October 25, 2020 >my fucking 24th birthday >I am forgotten How did Lara flop so hard?…[View]
529799926Any day now hahha[View]
529799945deep lore;: What did John mean by this?[View]
529798758Hey guys, I'd like to play some Fall Guys but my laptop is a pile of shit bought in 2018 (nvidi…[View]
529798826NEO GEO is cool and has it's place in video game history but I'm tired of people acting li…[View]
529800625.: >Xbox buys Bethesda (a western company with a ton-a' IPs for their disposal) for their la…[View]
529800583I didn't know Poland could rival Canada at shitposting https://youtu.be/yxiS0Bg7PL4[View]
529797543why remake doesn't have vibes of original game?[View]
529796854>Could have been 'the one' - like the Neo of sixth gen wrestling games >Doesn't introduce…[View]
529796497I'm tired. Sword and shield is not a terrible game at all. It's better than Gen 1[View]
529800416Drink water.[View]
529797320>only likes Cloud more than Zack because he's timid and awkward >aka he's easier to …[View]
529768647Among Us Lobby Thread: Post em boys.[View]
529794807What went wrong coombros[View]
529800375ITT DLC that shits all over the base game[View]
529799751I think this is the first time in 25 years of gaming where I've been filtered by a videogame be…[View]
529799472>reach hour 90 of a 100 hour game >lose all drive to keep playing >come back months later …[View]
529768173What was the best looking game on PS2?[View]
529785938Thoughts on the remastered edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. the world the game?[View]
529788906does anyone else start gaming so hard thaT their life becomes like a video game? you become so into …[View]
529780686What's the funnest build?[View]
529799909>Based Default maleshep >Chad Self insert maleshep >Yuriscum Default femshep >Tranny Cus…[View]
529798629Can we get a vidya related art thread? It can be official or fanmade; whatever you like.[View]
529795234who /OLED/ herE?[View]
529795190Which of these endings was the best?[View]
529792829What went so absolutely right?[View]
529799703Play Ring of Pain, you can try out the free demo on steam. Its like a light version of a card game w…[View]
529799376Is raytracing a meme or is it good enough for a 1080p player to get an hypothetical 3060 instead of …[View]
529773981What does /v/ think of Steve's inclusion in Smash Bros nearly a month later?: Well...what are y…[View]
529798584this is the worst mechanic ever added to TF2[View]
529733162Why did you stop playing mugen?[View]
529795975Amazing game[View]
529787056anyone else planning on speedrunning this first playthrough?[View]
529792890Why did you guys bitch about how bland RE2make was but didn't tell me how much soul RE3make has…[View]
529777405Transformers: Devastation: This game is rad. We'll never find out what happens with the Nova Pr…[View]
529798123Is there a more beta male game than this?[View]
529764581>Disc 2, lol[View]
529767519It's over[View]
529798973Steins;[Redacted]: A new Steins;Gate spinoff announced[View]
529797249>losing a fight >hit lag switch NO ONE SHALL BEST ME IN COMBAT. NO ONE.…[View]
529794571I never played Gen 2 because I thought new pokiemans were gay so I just sporadically played a releas…[View]
529780278>years since the last good 3D sonic: 9 >years since the last sonic without nostalgia pandering…[View]
529747694Sonic Advance 3: The last good Dimps Sonic game[View]
529797039What the absolute FUCK were they thinking? This is one of the most insultingly bad pieces of shit I…[View]
529791236My wife Kasumi[View]
529768673Rate my controller and post yours too[View]
529780885Dark Souls 3... not bad.[View]
529790509This is probably the worst 5 star unit design I've ever seen in a gacha[View]
529765448If Shantae uses her hair as a weapon why doesn't she grow out her pubes to use them as a weapon…[View]
529755790GTFO: Why didnt you tell me how fucking amazing this game is? >That atmosphere >That immersio…[View]
529798164Anyone else a fan of Console Wars?: https://www.youtube.com/c/ConsoleWars/videos As a SNES babby, I …[View]
529798401It's Official Halo Infinite has a shader system and that ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.: To be clear,…[View]
529778005Is this the greatest game ever made?[View]
529797754Why can't Europe win at Worlds?[View]
529777439>virtually the most helpful class >nobody wants to play him…[View]
529796905Should Sylvanas be redeemed in World of fucking Warcraft?[View]
529798018Still waiting...[View]
529795305ARLEFAGS BTFO: https://www.nintenderos.com/2020/10/entrevista-hablamos-con-el-productor-de-puyo-puyo…[View]
529793234Best girl: Post best girl of their respective franchise. Post why you think so. I’ll start. >lite…[View]
529790621Dark Souls III = Bloodborne > Dark Souls II > Demons Souls > Dark Souls[View]
529738942Flatterday thread: It's that time of the week. Post flat vidya girls.[View]
529795227bloodborne 2 god of war 2 travis scott resistance 4 horizon one dawn final fantasy 8 knack 3 kula wo…[View]
529782606I'm speechless, can we please talk about the ending? This has been, by far, my favorite experie…[View]
529797163Is vice city stories based or cringe? I'm wondering if getting an emulator is worth it[View]
529777657Halo Reach vs Halo 3 ODST: Which had the better campaign?[View]
529796548But why?[View]
529798138Finally, a character worthy of being my waifu. God, she's so fucking hot.[View]
529798094>Game has qt3.1416 girls >Game is chinese…[View]
529796170has anyone ever managed to 100% this trainwreck of a game?[View]
529795760What the fuck?[View]
529794903How do we fix the power creep?[View]
529791719>wake up >boot up tf2 >play sniper >first 30 minutes: dogshit >next two hours:superhu…[View]
529797889I’ve been considering taking a break from video games for a year — does /v/ have any experience with…[View]
529785725this is fun as fuck[View]
529797614Metamoth. Leader of the Fallout 4: New Vegas Discord. Please you need to hire people with actual cre…[View]
529797416Post games that deserved better Also secret LISA thread[View]
529797709Fata Morgana is a garbage VN.: How did anyone enjoy this? I didn't cry a single time, and I was…[View]
529795072>wild hunt is supposed to be the most dangerous thing ever >they fold like paper in fights …[View]
529794017im just trying to find a new game to play where i can mindlessly shoot things while talking to frien…[View]
529792451>Could just have gone with making a ASR3 with a roster that's just the one from the first ga…[View]
529796689what the fuck is this fucking DLC fucking garbage adds a bunch of shit no one ever wanted and who s…[View]
529795223Games releasing in the next 3 weeks >Cyberpunk 2077 >Watch dogs legion >Godfall >Yakuza …[View]
529795978Are you guys ready for his redemption arc?[View]
529794661Soulless games don't exi-[View]
5297965822020...I am forgotten...[View]
529776563Post your walking animation.[View]
529794226Best Runescape Memory: What is your guys best runescape memory from back in the day? (2004 - 2008). …[View]
529740874IT'S HAPPENING A LEGIT LLE OG XBOX EMULATOR LET'S GO BROS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
529797148Persona: 3 > 2EP > 2IS > 1 SQQ > 5 > 4 > 1 SEBEC[View]
529796981bad vidya cosplay thread[View]
529791435Metroid thread: Is it worth being exited for the future of the series? Samus returns was mediocrity,…[View]
529796059This is Bulborb. He's coming to visit on Friday.[View]
529793363What am i in for /v/?[View]
529795695gaming chairs: joey lucas here from chairforums.net and i need to see what gaming chairs you guys ar…[View]
529787641Name a SINGLE plot hole in the Metal Gear franchise[View]
529795563V-Day 25th Anniversary: It's gettin peak mid-90s kino in here! VectorMan for the Sega launched …[View]
529796398How do we fix grinding in vidya?[View]
529794380>thread is discussing the rogue genre on /v/ >gets deleted retarded jannies…[View]
529794704Why do they do this?: >when your $6000 gaming PC gets 15 fps more than Xbox SeX that costs $499 i…[View]
529791816reminder that these games will never ever get ported and be stuck on a dead platform forever[View]
529794612Knight Lautrec of Kareem: >wears a hugbox on his torso >talks like an anime villains Was it au…[View]
529792923When does it get good Whenever I try playing I always get bored by the first dungeon[View]
529793115>one specific game from a franchise has great aesthetics >they never use it again in posterior…[View]
529796047>don't trust Rhea. I didn't father, I didn't.[View]
529796215Can you take down a bomber jet unscathed, /v/ros?[View]
529795089Should I play New Vegas DLC or The Outer Worlds?[View]
529791945the extra save stones have made this far less of a nag to play, though the thought that a lot of thi…[View]
529795927>You have been silenced for 8 days due to multiple reports of abusive chat from other players…[View]
529793545What the fuck was his problem?[View]
529792148and then the open world rpg genre died... rest in peace[View]
529795824Name a game with a worse multiplayer mode: I know Sonic autists try to justify it as 'little brother…[View]
529795680Fata Morgana is a garbage VN.: How did anyone enjoy this? I didn't cry a single time, and I was…[View]
529795103What do we do about the epidemic of low test men ruining vidya?[View]
529794493>game that defined your childhood Name them, /v/[View]
529793764It's 2020: Why I still can't properly stream and control my computer using this gamepad?…[View]
529790992Played this recently for the first time why is it so shit? at least they redefined zero gameplay in …[View]
529782094Should I keep playing? 1 hour in and it seems very anime like. Does this game have any charm like Ve…[View]
529791983Will this finally end the lootbox/gacha menace?[View]
529794261What went right?[View]
529792869I want to start making vidya Where do I start?[View]
529778864Saturday Night Blazblue Thread: Come on over and let's play Blazblue! Lobby: steam://joinlobby/…[View]
529794349>Just play on community servers bro[View]
529792558How often do you rock the Zwei?[View]
529790731Druckmann could've drawn on his experiences as an Israeli Jew to have an honest, interesting an…[View]
529771680Stick of truth: how was it so fucking comfy?[View]
529794970Well, /v/?[View]
529794483What mega man game I should buy?: Hello, I want to buy a mega man game but I don know what chose. M…[View]
529794943ITT: video game music that makes you go like pic related https://youtu.be/H-2CENbg61w https://youtu…[View]
529791490What are your thoughts on Saryn and the overall health of the game? Suggestions for a nerf/rework?[View]
529794213>at least 20 new games on steam every day Who is buying, making and playing all these games, /v/…[View]
529775647Literally did nothing wrong[View]
529765995what's the best character themed board in mario party 1?[View]
529793489These are some of the most generic anime designs I've ever seen.[View]
529792849>here's your halloween sale bro[View]
529769647In hindsight, was it better than Eternal?[View]
529793914Will the upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba movie be good? I haven't seen a good licensed anime game tha…[View]
529793774Why is this the best video game series ever put out by Sony, and why are you a shill if you disagree…[View]
529780815Gaming Laptop: My current laptop has done its time, and is finally dying out. Ideally, I would like …[View]
529788234tips 4 making Goose in Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
529777078Thoughts on this meme?[View]
529785836What game has the best magic system?[View]
529764115Amnesia Rebirth should of really taken inspiration from RE7. Fictional games should of figured it o…[View]
529791830If they hadn't slapped Star Fox onto this game, if they had kept it as Dinosaur Planet, it woul…[View]
529789056Why were Americans too stupid to understand Death Stranding?[View]
529784171What went wrong?[View]
529794264What are the best games to play to honor the memory of Eazy-E? Besides the obvious GTA: SA, ofc.[View]
529792438Why are there no good cultivation video games?[View]
529793976What the fuck was the point of this guy? You can't even beat him[View]
529794041Does anyone else love being toxic: Does anyone else love being toxic? > be me > be tonight …[View]
529760267Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has been delayed thanks to missing source code. https://www.pcgamer.c…[View]
529793158Yes I'm buying Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on launch. How did you notice?[View]
529790285Got fond memories of the original and this is up for a tenner on the eShop. Worth it?[View]
529793471Soul or soulless?[View]
529792337What are the best Harry Potter games?[View]
529793550>tfw turned into 25 year old boomer today What kind of games do you recommend for old zeezers li…[View]
529792476It seems that I've completely lost the will- or interest to play vidya. What do? I can't t…[View]
529792643What's the best nu-Tomb Raider game?[View]
529793498how do i get this to run on windows 10[View]
529792717Why do I prefer fixed camera angles?: I'm replaying old games and there's just something m…[View]
529792435Name it[View]
529792676Have you played my game yet, /v/?[View]
529792436ITT: Images you can hear.[View]
529790985Take me back bros: Morgan Webb was all I needed... https://youtu.be/ioWnoOjP9IA[View]
529783257What's the best Bowser design and why is it Melee?[View]
529792996Final Fantasy 13 Versus: Hey, I need a laugh so I was wondering if you guys could help me summon tha…[View]
529792945When are we going to see all this fancy new AI tech make its way to video games?[View]
529792617>Sure. Let me just... come on you little bosh'tet![View]
529792171Filename Thread #VoteBiden: You know the drill![View]
529792885>corporation dickteases that they have remasters of a game[View]
529789061PAYPIGS ETERNALLY BTFO OUT!!! hahahahahhahahaha[View]
529788976are you guys ready for cyperpunk?[View]
529790663Mods are asleep: Post Kirby[View]
529771117What was the slang term for a video game addict in the 00s? There was vidiot, but what im thinking o…[View]
529790567You’ve beaten Sekiro at least once right?[View]
529725701>THAT vidya song Post em. https://youtu.be/PEM1zTcfY3g[View]
529790267>go on loadout.tf >create nice loadout using cool hats and multiple gen 1 unusual effects >…[View]
529792487Good things stuck in shit games Golden Sun DD is a turd but its summon sequences pushed the original…[View]
529791274>10000 new games on steam per year >it's all trash and then people will say 'you have so …[View]
529747582Which Sonic design is your favorite?[View]
529792024What is your opinion on the Sonic Rush trilogy?[View]
529790447can't wait to make a female character with a nice ass i can jerk off to[View]
529788510FF7: How are they going to handle Sephiroth killing the Nibleheim villages and burning the town down…[View]
529788024Redpill me on gaming laptops.[View]
529788115>Be American >get hacked[View]
529791972God of War Ragnarök: I have it in my head; a small scene where Mimir is explaining to Kratos that th…[View]
529784793What was the best Splat Tim game?[View]
529790701>you can make enemies fight each other I love that shit, what games let me do it? In watch dogs 2…[View]
529791768>Narrative focused 16-Bit inspired Retro style, rogue lite/like/light/lyte/lute platforming puzzl…[View]
529791890oh, dont mind me. Just here being the only good Amnesia game ever made.[View]
529778235Wtf is this? Is somebody paying for ads?[View]
529791852What are some games with coffee time?[View]
529787927>'c-can I use the bathroom' >'Get the fuck out of my house nigger' Are women really like this?…[View]
529791250>You will never know this feeling.[View]
529788962Heard some journo say Mario 64 was historically significant but not worth playing today After comple…[View]
529791280What's another game where you play as a person playing a video game character? I like this conc…[View]
529790856>Play a souls-like game >Lose against a boss >Have to waste a minute or two just running pa…[View]
529789902>playing old source engine multiplayer games >join community server >minimize as it downloa…[View]
529785334Let's face it: PS Vita was the superior handheld.[View]
529790314Success is a double edged sword[View]
529790906Is it safe to buy AMD CPU nowadays? t. Still rocking i5 3570k[View]
529791491SOUL generating computer[View]
529788028Why is there so much anime on this board?: Isn't this supposed to be a video game board?[View]
529773654Now that the dust has settled: Can we agree that Horizon: Zero Dawn was a 10/10 open-world game wort…[View]
529789640So what's the deal with this guy?[View]
529791186He's stuck: Will you let him out[View]
529782870This is the protagonist of SMT V, say something nice about him and your hopes and expectations about…[View]
529788007>plot point set up earlier in the game never gets brought up again[View]
529721283Warhammer: are your hype? what are you hoping for?[View]
529788147What went wrong, /v/?[View]
529790501You’re hanging out at the park with your 10 year old daughter THIS motherfucker comes up and slaps h…[View]
529781097What went wrong?[View]
529790725ITT Guide games[View]
529782705Suda 51: Name a more based dev[View]
529781985ITT: we don't hold back[View]
529790436FF7R - 2020 FF16 - 2021 FF7R2 - 2022? Square are back, finally shaking off the Enix nonsense that’s …[View]
529785163this game is really good and no one even told me[View]
529790486Heather is going through a phase[View]
529785967Why did it feel so soulless?[View]
529755364Kill Edelgard and marry me.[View]
529790445GRAND DAD??? FLEENSTONES???[View]
529788852Why'd he do it?[View]
529783806So i'm thinking about: Getting Dragon Age Origins or Skyrim. I can't decide. It would be m…[View]
529787958ITT: remakes actually better than the original[View]
529788641look /v/ it's our only friends[View]
529790096For me, it's Koko[View]
529785795itt: dogshit first levels[View]
529699293Noita thread fucking mad at this run because all of these good spells but don't have edit wands…[View]
529784550Are there any games that really let you feel like a fucking wizard/warlock? Reading grimoires, perfo…[View]
529778247I want to go back...[View]
529788236>Family Guy Season 19 Episode 4 - Cutawayland >Original Air Date - November 1st >full epis…[View]
529786996>gets beaten by a woman[View]
529779325Sony decides to give Jak a revival and make him a cornerstone of next gen gaming. How bad will it be…[View]
529790001What is the most 'Grotesque Steve' Minecraft texture pack available for the latest edition of Minecr…[View]
529789754Rank them /v/[View]
529782661/v/ the Musical VIII: Impending release Edition Previous Thread: >>529476795 MUSIC LIVESTREAM …[View]
529783838This game seriously needs a reboot, spiritual successor or third sequel.[View]
529786753Did Valve forget this character exists? He should still be in G-Man's stasis. G-Man could'…[View]
529788538About to start this: I just want it for Code Veronica honestly since OG Code Veronica has shit graph…[View]
529785509PCfags BTFO[View]
529786950fuck gacha games[View]
529787553Is it really the best roguelike?[View]
529788424Darcsen have been expelled from 109 different countries but it's everybody's fault except …[View]
529776031I'm in a generous, spoon-feeding mood tonight, so fuck it. This is for all my fellow zoomers wh…[View]
529781156How does the Switch, a console that is 3 years old, still feel more fresh and exciting than the new …[View]
529781928>don't get enjoyment from winning a game >keep playing anyway…[View]
529788220WOW Shadowlands: You are not going to play Shadowlands, are you /v/? You still have some sort of pri…[View]
529784247Can your opinion on a game have value if you experienced the video game by watching it online?[View]
529784056This game is so goddamn fun. Wth man? I used to think that all sports games sucked, but now I realis…[View]
529787707top tier youtube gaming channels ill start[View]
529788705ps5 hueg[View]
529783848Kino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
529784359Alright sonicfags, metroidfags, I got an autistic question for you. Say SA-X and Dark Samus are thro…[View]
529788408>game is meant to be serious but has a comedic final boss[View]
529784423MTK94-IHU4L-F7425: Oxygen Not Included X6VMH-XSYOU-YIP3T: JUMP FORCE ES601-PUKL3-JFJX8: Left 4 Dead …[View]
529784908They did it, the absolute madlads.[View]
529785654What games am I missing?[View]
529779885>gets included in all main games, spin offs, AND comics as a major role in one way or another …[View]
529786708Tanuki games: Are there any games where I can play as Tanuki? Before you would suggest - No, Mario i…[View]
529786516>implying reflects dmg[View]
529784013Why is the art for this game so fucking ugly?[View]
529781745headset thread: Come get yer fuckin headsets I'm currently looking for something good around $1…[View]
529785954The best quest in the history of RPG[View]
529786257Why is saying goodbye the hardest part?[View]
529787236I will tell you this snoys, while you have only one game, and one game only it is definitely worth t…[View]
529786374fuck among us: fuck among us[View]
529783328what should i play next?: just beat bloodborne, have a few games installed on ps4 that i want to pla…[View]
529787249Hahaha, just wait a bit, buddy.[View]
529782891>game has achievements >they're all just main story progression checkpoints…[View]
529786957Games with good customization?[View]
529782067>title screen says press any button >trigger buttons, L3/R3 and D-pad do not work…[View]
529783456Should I buy oblivion?: I’m a fan of the elder scrolls and I have thought of buying oblivion, what a…[View]
529786483This game fucking sucks. The mech piloting and treasure hunting levels are unbearable garbage. No ex…[View]
529780326So it's a PC that isn't upgradeable and can't play most PC games that comes preloaded…[View]
529784750Was there a better gaming streaming device?[View]
529783502/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>529750619 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
529786424What are some horde based survival games similar to COD: Zombies? I only know of Killing Floor but t…[View]
529781906Nintendo Switch Pro controller doesn't work for PC games like Cuphead and GTA 4. What the fuck[View]
529782680I don't get the big deal you guys. Halo 4 isn't that bad[View]
529750619/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>529693771 >Post references and names in one post …[View]
529737961Black Souls 2 thread: So when you talk to Griffy after doing her questline she says the reason she k…[View]
529753385Helios is objectively the best ending.[View]
529781721name some essential mods[View]
529785118I'm looking for video games that involve cages, such as pic related in Bioshock. Perhaps a game…[View]
529780543Old news, but what's your opinion about Dan Houser leaving Rockstar? >In February 2020, Rock…[View]
529783357>buy brand new copy of Persona 4 for $20 >try to play it >stuck infinitely loading after th…[View]
529785734>Game has post-modern themes[View]
529775365what went wrong?[View]
529785667Any other pc players here sick of playing with aim lock console fags? this shit is just fucking dumb…[View]
529739564Degenerates like you belong on a cross.[View]
529782079/v/attlestation thread: Post em, r8 or b8 em[View]
529735629Why won't Insomniac give her a name?[View]
529785630halloween vidya month: what spooky shit is /v/ playing tonight? for me, it's siren blood curse…[View]
529785454What are some good video games that take place in a museum?[View]
529775364So will Konami ever make another Yugioh game without Speed Duel format or are we stuck in Duel Links…[View]
529782970Do you guys know any good minecraft servers i keep starting new worlds and just getting bored[View]
529785205>vtubers bad because... because they're bad, okay?[View]
529757821Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition PS5 Loading comparison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9Tiitxq5d4…[View]
529777039Vidya characters who have been naked[View]
529783321Just beat this. What a final boss man. Had to kinda cheese it with a shulk riki sharla team but man …[View]
529744486Ninjala: What the hell happened with this game? It was hyped for months and then it just died on arr…[View]
529778841Metamoth. Leader of the Fallout 4: New Vegas Discord. Please you need to hire people with actual cre…[View]
529783938Post your best vidya tunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7R_xQUiZvg[View]
529778935>9.5 inches: You're a big guy[View]
529753846This game is fucking great: Better than Amnesia TDD in every way. It's like a mix of TDD (obvio…[View]
529781972>The PS5 came out 16 years ago[View]
529776708F-Zero: Discuss Nintendo's neglected racing series. Is there any hope for F-Zero? Could Ninten…[View]
529784535Is there a single game that allows you to properly play 'a small guy in a big world'? Mount & Bl…[View]
529783732what's your excuse for not buying Gamestop stock after a huge change in board members, digital …[View]
529782285g2a codes thread: Two Worlds II Castle Defense:0DVFP-IYGW9-M629K_ Occult preRaise:C6BGR-5MK0A-AB858_…[View]
529780372This game fucking sucks: This is easily one of the jankiest game R* has ever made.[View]
529779896Voice Actor Thread: >Greetings, gore sport fans! Its a beautiful evening on Jefferson Island, jus…[View]
529783514Sunshit Cubies BTFO[View]
529780705Junk Jack Thread: Anybody here remember this mobile terraria clone? What even is the state of this g…[View]
529780024Just lost everything in Minecraft due to a child zombie hitting me when I thought the game was pause…[View]
529779806What would anon like to see in Elden Ring remastered?[View]
529778960>Welcome, I'm Dr.Samuel Hayden, I'm the head of this facility, LOOK AT MY ROBOT COCK…[View]
529765159Games that this is true for?[View]
529763456WTF! I'm kind of scared but also kind of horny!? Thanks whoever suggested this game. If you nee…[View]
529779954Xbox celebration thread: LET'S GO BABY!!! Xbox SeX confirmed for THE BEST console for next gen!…[View]
529768931>want to replay MP3 because I remember the shooting mechanics being super satisfying >remember…[View]
529782137It's actually pretty fun on proud mode[View]
529782389>poor fag with little time >instead of buying games, just watch let’s players on YouTube at x2…[View]
529775603where's his games[View]
529781349I will tell you this snoys, while you have only one game, and one game only it is definitely worth t…[View]
529780632So now that age of empires 3 DE flopped, is 0A.D our only hope?: Age 4 might suck dick aswell at thi…[View]
529780805Is it so much to ask for a lewd multiplayer game?[View]
529779216Why do people say Breath of the Wild has no music outside of random piano notes, when Breath of the …[View]
529783118Why exactly was this one of the most kino video game systems, home console or handheld, ever made? …[View]
529782976So anyone still play bl2?? I spent like 70 hours last year making a top tier lvl 70 siren. Should ha…[View]
529766092U mad nord boi?[View]
529771478ok /v/ fuck/marry/kill Also do you think githyanki ears are erogenous zones?[View]
529773492ITT: canonically autistic characters.[View]
529778816I'm not up to date on some of the behind the scenes Last of Us 2 shit. Did he really make them …[View]
529778329>You know what they say, Sekiro. Shadows Die Twice.[View]
529767916What is your favorite non-Mario Kart racer?[View]
529782274Who's the best video game character and why is it Sonic?[View]
529781632how is Blood: Fresh Supply? I heard it was shit at launch but gradually became the best way to play …[View]
529781674When did they become so talented? For years all they did was GBA ports and shovel ware. suddenly the…[View]
529779797Meanwhile on Nexus /v/...[View]
529782386Dubai in Hitman 3 will be one of the most iconic levels in stealth game history[View]
529777216How long until ray tracing becomes 'standard' in games? I'd say 2022[View]
529780621PS5 >Demon's Souls Remake >God of War Series X >Gamepass >Bethesda What are you loo…[View]
529780641>June 2018 >E3 time >Ridley, the most requested Smash fighter for over a decade, finally jo…[View]
529736929Why does Sakurai hate Golden Sun so much?: First He cut Isaac as an AT in 4, then made him an AT aga…[View]
529768526How do we fix horror games, /v/?[View]
529778464ITT: Vidya YouTube Nostalgia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcQFHFiHJAE[View]
529779002>ruins your entire game[View]
529774574Mahjong: How the fuck do you play this shit?[View]
529776484Reminder that if your favorite game scored less than 7.5 on IGN, it is officially worse than pic rel…[View]
529776178Is this game good?[View]
529780516NEVER EVER[View]
529779993>play against woman >go easy on her >you suck haha >beat her ass >woooow fucking tryh…[View]
529781374>On my third run of the game >Can't stop taking the cowboy perk >Trying to do a Mr.Hou…[View]
529757746ITT: god tier game mechanics[View]
529780081Good game or dogshit?[View]
529778715October... I am forgotten...[View]
529781289>Revive teammate >They immediately go down…[View]
529779553PS5 Controller is bigger, hence better than the XBox Series X controller. Size matters. http://www.p…[View]
529781115>play MMO >hang out in favorite town with guild >this has been our favorite spot for years …[View]
529761689how was rush so good in this but worse in every successive game?[View]
529775216What is the future JRPG that you are most excited to play?[View]
529779974What's the scariest game you've ever played?[View]
529775731Games you started playing and couldn't stop playing until you beat it.[View]
529777524OOT Link in HD[View]
529776071Has anyone actually played this game, and is any good?[View]
529776751Please help me decide if this game is actually worth getting: I have read the Planescape D&D gui…[View]
529780547Semi-Newfag here. Any legendary archived threads like this? https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/527328617 c…[View]
529779809What are your favorite bugs in vidya?[View]
529779691It's high IQ to play as a female character in vidya.[View]
529780162Game Tactics[View]
529776437will /V/ like it now, now that its out on steam?[View]
529780095Idolm@ster Vs Love Live fighter: How would you design an Idolm@ster V.s Love LIve fighting game I…[View]
529779639Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree Sonic 06 was an underrated gem?[View]
529778271isn't this too cheap (AUD)?[View]
529778373Is this worth playing?[View]
529779853>character is ugly on purpose[View]
529778027Post your >favorite plot twist/mindfuck in a vidya >darkest secret…[View]
529775596So they made this crow NPC, and they didn't even bother to give it a a visible model? It's…[View]
529779029*clop-clop* *clop-clop* *clop-clop* *clop-clop*[View]
529779464reminder that pic related wasn't a bad game and the only people that bitch and moan about it is…[View]
529776326>That one game you played while being molested What's her name /v/?…[View]
529779605GonGon: GonGon[View]
529775919Why is a temporary event in a arcade shooter the best zombie game right now?[View]
529777942Why did they need thousands of robots to defeat Ganon?[View]
529779517I miss this fella like you would never believe.[View]
529778312ds2: I don't like this game[View]
529771796How do you go about creating character names /v/?[View]
529779461>Want to play game but waiting for update >Want to play game but still in early access >Wan…[View]
529775769What does the N on his head stand for? Such a weird thing that they never explain.[View]
529770865Have you played Celeste yet anon?[View]
529746384ITT: games only you played[View]
529761931Fighting Games: Is there any benefit to maining a low/mid tier fighter?[View]
529779187Street fighter V: What went wrong? Is there any hope that season 4 can make the game better?[View]
529775969Give me your video game headcanons. Now.[View]
529779095Dynasty warriors spin-offs: Which franchises would you want to see be made into Dynasty warriors spi…[View]
529776063MAN BTFO[View]
529774356>unskippable cutscenes The developers that to this should kill themselves, you're basically …[View]
529775870Dead Game: What went wrong[View]
529772869Reminder that Kiryu has canonically never killed anyone ever.[View]
529775923The great debate[View]
529778137In early 2014 a few months after ps4 and XBONE released the 750ti. It was a $150 GPU that was a tad …[View]
529773121I swear to god I'm about to get fucking /filtered/ by this motherfucker. phase 1 is easy as shi…[View]
529772439How do you feel about Japanese honorifics in English subs? I'm conflicted. On one hand I can un…[View]
529778328Who will be your main for Age of Calamity?[View]
529778636How can I be more like my hero Randy Pitchford? Should I learn how to do magic tricks?[View]
529775151How do you have fun in this game?[View]
529734157NO BOOBAS: Just gonna remind everyone that tits bigger than b-cup literally does NOT exist in Cyberp…[View]
529776445How did our girl (yes, girl) EMPRESS do it?[View]
529774010hard mode is probably the most fun i’ve had with a 2d platformer ever. have you tried it, anon?[View]
529776965How are creepers supposed to steal your stuff (again) if they kill themselves while killing you?[View]
529777984Who are your top 3 favourite vidya lolis? 1. Totori 2. Chicken-chan 3. Lillie[View]
529776084Would you?[View]
529778219Final Fantasy III meets Mega Man X Command Mission meets Alex Kidd[View]
529774216How does this make you feel?[View]
529759773ITT: Kino final bosses[View]
529753002/v/ The Musical VIII: Release in less than 24 hours. Forgot subject line edition. Previous Thread: …[View]
529763847Ok guys, listen to me... don't get angry... what about Dark Souls 4?[View]
529777967Pyro: Virgin Hydro: Tranny Electro: Soiboy Cyro: Chad Geo: Based[View]
529777241Will there ever be a Link as cool as oot link? (Fierce Deity Link doesn't count because that…[View]
529777856ITT: 11/10 OST's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ckDg2hZPq4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d…[View]
529773436/v/ plays Secret Hitler: Let's play some Secret Hitler. https://private.secrethitler.io/game/#/…[View]
529775504so why'd they cut it?[View]
529750812RDR2 piracy: uhhhhhh fitgirlbros is this normal?[View]
529744787Clock's a-tickin'...[View]
529733395Arlebros... We lost.: https://www.nintenderos.com/2020/10/entrevista-hablamos-con-el-productor-de-pu…[View]
529777201Why was she a party member?[View]
529774365What Western developers decided to only use 16 colors and 640x480 resolution for their DOS games? Th…[View]
529773619ITT: video game series that peaked with the very first game in it.[View]
529776369MOTHER 3: I dont get it friends.........if localizing this in the States is going to cause an issue …[View]
529724996FUCKKKKKKK NEW INFO WHEN Forgot to crop out Nero's mic and Vergil's neck looks better now,…[View]
529777206Was FF7 really that bad?: >100 Million dollar marketing budget >Isn't even the best selli…[View]
529765752You will never experience this feeling ever again.[View]
529749798Why won't they let Scorn Guy be happy? He's a good boy! https://youtu.be/6grwdMemV1o[View]
529774265What's the best 4chan collab game?[View]
529776886How come up with an online alias/username? I can never come up with one that I'm ever satisfie…[View]
529776789Guys There's a leak for the new character.[View]
529751968Wolfenstein thread: >Bunkerchan need not apply edition Can they save the series? Is a third game …[View]
529773049His next game is coming out soon and I've already made 3 threads on /vrpg/ so I can't make…[View]
529742273>Monster is designed in such a way that it encourages use of utility skills like fire resistance,…[View]
529776417Any good vidyas about global pandemics?[View]
529776742What do you guys think of twilight princess?: Its a pretty unique zelda game mostly because of the a…[View]
529775751Favorite console from before you were born: What is your favorite video game system that was release…[View]
529776684>bro we should play something together, u have skype or teamspeak? >discord? what the fuck is …[View]
529774334What's the best Pac-Man game? Never played any besides the original and championship edition bu…[View]
529776469Defend this: >Make a thread about Game of the Years for the 2010s >Nobody mentions Breath of t…[View]
529775958Just admit it /v/, sexual content is like 50% the reason why you play video games in the first place…[View]
529776520Hey console plebs, why don't you use surround sound a s a gotcha when arguing with PC trolls? I…[View]
529774398I really want a new Fight Night game.[View]
529776263This is by far the most overrated Mario game, hands down. Negative inertia, gimped movement that fee…[View]
529776315The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion[View]
529771139Saturday night trophy hunting thread[View]
529776293Play Baldur’s Gate.[View]
529776278Is youngdefiant a troll or a true king of gaming?[View]
529773551Esports killed the fps genre.[View]
529775627Barbariancore vidya: What vidya let you be an axe wielding savage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c…[View]
529771075Gwent: does anyone here play Gwent? I just started playing it yesterday. Probably the best looking c…[View]
529766867Is this the best movie tie in game ever?[View]
529772380what are the absolute BEST minecraft mods?: recently fell for the java meme after playing bedrock on…[View]
529773972Favorite Video Game Character Bingo[View]
529729059Is it ok to play on normal difficulty?[View]
529775391Sorry, but I don't get the hype. SSX Tricky and 3 were way better.[View]
529774859I can play bloodborne and you can't[View]
529773859I'm house sitting for someone for the next couple of weeks and these are the games they have th…[View]
529765665is it too late to start playing?[View]
529775930>mfw it’s 2020 and we still don’t have a Redline-esque video game WHAT THE FUCK IS THE GAMES INDU…[View]
529754929Why did they do it?[View]
529775363Seriously, Microsoft is fucking winning. They already killed two birds with one stone. Snoys are see…[View]
529764107so is /v/ mad that this isn't a game about grimdark future where you are basically playing Blad…[View]
5297698395 bucks faggots Literally no excuse[View]
529770263Twilight Princess: FUCK YOU /V/ !!! I'TS A MASTERPIECE & THE WII U WAS A GOOD CONSOLE…[View]
529775741What’s your problem green[View]
529760274Smash: Fact! Every single character that 'needs to be in' is in. There is not a single character not…[View]
529775605How do you betray your allies in skirmishes?[View]
529774426Stop posting pictures of my wife[View]
529775434Another smash thread: ALICE FOR SMASH![View]
529774847Ring Fit Adventure: Time for mountain climbers anon~ Then 500 overhead squats[View]
529771908Soul is just nostalgia and newer games can't have it yet.[View]
529772694>Aight here's your weapon bro[View]
529775169>hold X to interact >wait for a circle to fill up >wait for an animation to play this is in…[View]
529765804UPLAY IS KILL, BOIS https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/49k4tJWat7Fynslc5BkRdi/ubisoft-connect-br…[View]
529762135What will be the most KINO moment in the game?[View]
529775174Why didnt she just inject the red flesh and then run to the portal instead of just standing there an…[View]
529771513Ace Attorney bros?[View]
529774606What if game Bowser and cartoon Bowser switched places?[View]
529773221Why does he wear the wraps?[View]
529773873how do we fix resident evil 3?[View]
529749686BREAKING NEWS!!![View]
529757678The charges, officer?[View]
529774448How badly did this part Kick your Ass?[View]
529771464and you???[View]
529769320The King of Fighters XV: >Who do you want >How do you want the gameplay to change >Think we…[View]
529774979>It's dead https://twitter.com/WendySnowRadish/status/1317943391729090560 Nintendo... It…[View]
529767979Didn't they promise an online mode? Where is it?[View]
529774787What are some games that only high IQ players such as myself would enjoy?[View]
529709142Play being a dik[View]
529751190what is /v/'s favorite digimon??[View]
529739313The real Boss would have fired the nuke as long as it was all a part of being manipulated as a pawn.…[View]
529774508If I scan every room with EMF reader/temperature check and can't find a ghost I just make a gue…[View]
5297730352 years ago: Which side were you on?[View]
529773204I hate EoSD, such a rngfest[View]
529773809>Aye tone your adding me into the new pro skater right?[View]
529774381Black Mesa Xen > Original Half-Life Xen: The original one was stupid boring shit. If you like it …[View]
529689470Heroforge creations: There were lots of good /v/ submissions in the thread on /co/ so we'll try…[View]
529773942>Just buy it and refund it if you don't like it bro everyone everywhere on the internet incl…[View]
529774342https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNSwIRnBgXw Was it kino?[View]
529757676Prototype: Day 2 of playing this godly game. I'm starting to see some of the cracks in the game…[View]
529773142Best selling game each year during the 5th generation[View]
529766407This is Artemy Burakh: Say something nice about him![View]
529768554Hello what game are you playing?[View]
529773550Any good werewolf games?[View]
529772889The only reviews worth watching are ones made by people who love the game they're talking about…[View]
529772737Gravity Rush Thread: Let's show some love for our resident Gravity Queen, Kat![View]
529772047Did he really kill all those people?[View]
529767473ITT: Franchises you want to get into, but just can't no matter what game comes out[View]
529772890No intro comes anywhere close[View]
529733693The story is bland. The music was embarrassing. The voice acting grated my ears within the first min…[View]
529773854Currently playing Royal for the second time, after previously playing the original Persona 5 twice. …[View]
529770529among us hacked: This is the best thing you guys have done[View]
529773793>optional superboss gets harder as playtime increases[View]
529771509This game was hacked just a couple of days ago and there is hardly a mention of it on /v/. Well, I j…[View]
529773395I will post this everyday until E3 I will be clinging to a hope in possibility that E3 comes back wi…[View]
529773379My eyes are open[View]
529768790Bayonetta is hype: Thinking of playing Bayonetta, how does it hold up compared to the DMC games? I…[View]
529770663>play game >localizers put 'welp' in the script What the fuck? Why is this word so popular rec…[View]
529744525Best Yakuza?: For me, it's Kiwami 2. Plebs will say 0 of course.[View]
529773606Was it as good as I remember?[View]
529770020Why are people chasing preorders of the new consoles?: Like what must play day one games are there t…[View]
529771672>I'm looking for my dad. Middle-aged guy, have you seen him?[View]
529768553top tier villain thread: Emet did nothing wrong[View]
529773302>I doubt. . . you could even imagine it[View]
529773230Make it game related: Dark souls 4 leaked footage[View]
529764806the roster would be fine without them. remove pokemon trainer but keep squirtle, ivysaur and chariza…[View]
529772579What games are you playing and what games are you looking forward to? Me: Playing Genshin Impact, Ma…[View]
529771742XC1 and 2 tie in when?[View]
529769017You people know those 'For Smash' accounts? Two of these accounts REALLY piss me off. First is Raym…[View]
529772513left or right?[View]
529773073God damn my head hurts. When will I get paid. That scorpion was sick. What the fuck is this song? Wh…[View]
529771430Is it normal for games on PC to be stuttering for 10 seconds upon starting it, or is it my specs? Ga…[View]
529767872These are the dumbest looking fucking things in this game and that’s REALLY saying something And I …[View]
529770408Name a better gameplay tutorial.[View]
529769715Who is this?[View]
529771336>it's another indie horror side scroller with no dialogue, no weapons and minimalist artsyle…[View]
529771180Games you tried to like, but couldn't[View]
529764434So this is what modern wow is like...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfgtjZFaVME Got it…[View]
529769637This game is only 'hard' because the poor camera.[View]
529772207Smash: What anime esque/JRPG characters would you be cool with getting into Smash?[View]
529772571I'm goin' to be honest with ya, champ, and I don't normally speak against the core fu…[View]
529771573You kicked me from the party?![View]
529770853The writing in this series is pretty good. I think it has a lot of charm and is funny.[View]
529772386What's the ideal ratio for cutscene:gameplay? For me it's 1:9, so for 60 hour games you…[View]
529750026Post update ideas for minecraft Fuck hytale Fuck vintage story Fuck _______[View]
529770738i'm fucking cumbing[View]
529769176>People waited 7 years for this[View]
529768650>There will never be a metroid comic that explores the Metroid galaxy, Samus doing her job, or ot…[View]
529770502Which Link is the strongest[View]
529768021Shadowbane: Will we ever get a less buggy game like it? It has been over 15 years and I still think …[View]
529769992eggman in a scuba suit laying bombs under the sea: eggman in a scuba suit laying bombs under the sea…[View]
529769489Is this shit good? I don't like cumbersome cinematic horseshit.[View]
529758729What should I buy Cyberpunk on? GoG, Epic, or Steam?[View]
529771380Warhammer Vermintide: Are 1 or 2 any good? which is better? Kinda wanna try them with some friends b…[View]
529767870What was the last good game released?[View]
529770541I want to jizz on Nina's legs[View]
529766035Mascot Spinoffs: do you think there's room in the vidya market for spinoff games like mario par…[View]
529769881Kidding aside, does this thing have any games with good gameplay? Non movies.[View]
529766791Why is it that without exception the most satisfying and fun fighting games are the ones considered …[View]
529764943Why does World Seeker run at like 10 fps?[View]
529759147Super Marioooo RPG It is the only one just for me When I play this game I get lost in a phase Then I…[View]
529767271*scraps ur spheroid garbage* Nothing personal, freebirth.[View]
529767605Could Berserk work as a video game? All the ones I've seen are shit. Let's talk about Bers…[View]
529766865The biggest system sellers on the PS4[View]
529769268what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
529762923What is the best joycon color combination, and why is it this?[View]
529757146Comfy Switch Thread: What are you playing on your Switch this weekend bros?[View]
529770638I'm addicted to WoW Classic[View]
529761620Dogs: Post your favorite dogs in video games[View]
529768731Help a Zoomer out: Really want to play the old DOOMs but I refuse to buy 20+ year old games, so is t…[View]
529770557Is there a wiki or pastebin that's been keeping track of all the Nintendo file leaks? There…[View]
529770410YOTD turned 20 today.: Say something nice about it[View]
529768921Characters who NEED a new game: Aside from mobile shit and a gameboy game he only has one rail shoot…[View]
529764949Does the Adventure formula have any potential?[View]
529763185Post vidya reaction images YOU made and watch it get posted by other anons[View]
529759750It just hit me: Skyrim is unbelievably trash[View]
529770098Are mass relays instant space travel? Do we ever go on one of these?[View]
529768402We lost /v/[View]
529765595What is /v/'s choice for the most superior PC gaming controller pic unrelated[View]
529763169When are we getting a proper big budget top down Zelda or 2D Mario? I hate the idea that the 2D subs…[View]
529766160White consoles can't compete with black consoles.[View]
529768028Red Snapper circa 2000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9IrGA6ZWaw Shogi Meguro circa 2016 https://w…[View]
529767217Post your ghetto setups: Pic is my temp vr setup until I close on my new house[View]
529769549Who's your favorite sympathetic villain in vidya?[View]
529766002Nintendo managed to make the worst console in the past 30 years, it's a real achievement.[View]
529768454> finish AA:JFA, finally start AA:T&T >first case was nice but still had the typical first…[View]
529746791Post characters literally no one hates on /v/[View]
529765224What does /v/ think of Little Nightmares?[View]
529764285Hey /v/, what's your favorite vidya soundtrack?[View]
529764114how to make a good digimon game?[View]
529765765Am I the only one who likes this controller?[View]
529768354>The charges, Link?[View]
529768632Is Mafia:Definitive edition true to the original? I looked around, but reviews seem to be mostly “Th…[View]
529735318how do i beat this game if my game hacks? every single fucking part is fucking impossible. i went on…[View]
529768743Is Final Fantasy 7 /ourgame/?: >Globohomo controls the planet >Protags are literal acceleratio…[View]
529761909The line is growing, /v/ https://r2.whiteboardfox.com/2383156-5862-3431[View]
529765514ITT: post shit low tier characters in fighting games (Hard mode: no joke characters)[View]
529768703Why is this game so much harder than the rest of the series?[View]
529768306Have they finally admitted that this game is a Joke?[View]
529764803Smash: Should a Sony character get in? If so who should/would it be?[View]
529766131Gameplay > Sound Design > Soundtrack > Art Design > Story > Lore >>>>>…[View]
529754073>Hollow Knight is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most overrated indie game eve-…[View]
529767806is it HAVE-l or HA-vel[View]
529758290A sequel to his game would be the only thing that would get me even remotely excited for next gen[View]
529705845MMORPG: Will we ever get a good MMORPG ever again? XIVfaggots not welcome.[View]
529758748How's your gamer dent holding up /v/?[View]
529762817No matter how much I try, I just can't enjoy Ultimate. Every time I play, I just get in a bad m…[View]
529749139>new designs for every hero >over 10 new maps, new heroes too >new core gamemode >keep …[View]
529760662I have never played a Mario game: Where do I start?[View]
529767674Time to kneel to pirate chads faggots.[View]
529767803He deserved to be whacked for all the shit he said in his one monologue[View]
529761332the most underrated vidya waifu of all time[View]
529767471itt: classic game covers[View]
52976720116 days gamers![View]
529761035Diablo II: LoD Question Thread: Is it worth it to put a Zod rune into an Ethereal Atlantean?[View]
529733287What rhythm games are you playing? Are you any good at them?[View]
529752651Xbox made a series X refrigerator https://youtu.be/3VOaNmN-hKs[View]
529767067I have this on Steam but I keep getting this glitch that crashes the game when I enter the lighthous…[View]
529766746What's your favorite story on vidya? and what's your favorite story in a different form o…[View]
529760393This is the best controller.[View]
529766782Even though Dutch went off the deep end, did he have a point here?[View]
529766823>vidya series that really aren't good or anything special when you have taste: I'll sta…[View]
529748168Castlevania thread, guys? I’m running some stuff in Harmony of Despair PS3 if anyone wants to play a…[View]
529765290Mario if he real[View]
529765319So how long until this piece of shit channel is nothing but Nintendo content?[View]
529766714Whadya mean I don't believe in Zoe? I play Depression Quest everyday![View]
529750543Why haven't you taken the indie pill?[View]
529764731Why did the concept of modding games fail so hard?[View]
529766509Is it actually good?[View]
529756889if I get fit enough, would she go out with me?[View]
529766020black redneck game[View]
52976644013 Sentinels: This game is like a poster child for 'Fantastic story, dog shit gameplay'[View]
529764497Is it Kino?[View]
529764472Why don't games use pre rendered backgrounds anymore? They're fucking beautiful and can lo…[View]
529756358Replay GTA IV, but roleplay as Niko Bellic for maximum fun >don't drive over civilians >u…[View]
529764403Reminder the age of the home console for Nintendo is dead. The numbers show, that their handhelds do…[View]
529764878Was focusing on sheikah in botw a mistake?[View]
529765095TOP 100 Reasons why xbox is better than playstation: >no halo >no jsrf (whcih is my favorite g…[View]
529764327Post Trash Games with Kino Soundtracks.: I'll start, pic related. Hard mode:No Sonic Games…[View]
529764886you did pre-order cyberpunk 2077, right /v/?[View]
529736503Among us lobby thread: KRCUCF Polus NA Non-Beta 6/10 Matchmaking might be down[View]
529766115anti-sonicfags are REAL laughingstock of gaming[View]
529765939Why does the Minecraft dev fear the ramp block?[View]
529748686Why doesn't anyone like her anymore?[View]
529764214CUM GUARDIAN[View]
529764016You ready for cyberpunk?[View]
529762274LINK HE COME TO TOWN[View]
529765669I liked it[View]
529765568It still doesn’t seem real to me[View]
529764767Was this the last good game of Trayarch? Will they make a comeback with Cold War?[View]
529765708Is this a good spooktober game? Looks pretty fun[View]
529765686Is there a better rally game? Especially if you mod in the NGP and a whole bunch of cars[View]
529765616Post in game advertisement kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHAcvB-1hGs&list=LLUTVRxG9CkcFb_…[View]
529765460Stupid question but is the isle of armour and crown tundra version exclusive? I read somewhere that …[View]
529764753ITT: vidya gaems that nobody on /v/ hates I'm starting by posting the original Super Mario Bros…[View]
529765560>vidya song makes your bones do THIS lemme see that skeleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFny…[View]
529765402>enemies can climb ladders[View]
529762634Games you can't take seriously: I can't take city skylines seriously, the game tax system …[View]
529763516What do you thing about Avatar The Game?: It was made in 2009 by Ubisoft. And soon in 2021 they will…[View]
529758613>this is too hard for the majority of gamers how? How are you so bad at games that you can't…[View]
529760051Has there ever been a worse designed character in a multiplayer game than Techies in Dota? Nobody li…[View]
529764723What's your favorite vidya headbanger /v/?: Mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJTXozr0-Bg…[View]
529751281ITT: Bad games/series shills will constantly try to trick you into thinking are good.[View]
529765061>introduce friend to /v/ >years pass >now any time I try to talk to him about any game he j…[View]
529758294Buy the game that has black men sweating. Thanks.[View]
529744260A Rousing Round of /v/ Sketchful.io: Room: https://sketchful.io/room/9E2wK[View]
529764992Who ya got[View]
529755545Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch V6 released yesterday, let's fucking play it >grab Doomseeker https…[View]
529754214Games that you only played[View]
529763764was it soul or souless[View]
529729567ITT: examples of flawless character design[View]
529760454Games that /v/ told you were bad but were actually really fun. Just picked this up on steam and I…[View]
529763116just booted up ps4 to see sony added a black power theme what the fuck[View]
529760046Guilty Gear: Bedman Outdated Baiken Overrated Bridget Activated[View]
529732235Why isnt there a female Kratos? Im sick of boring ass Nathan Drakes or bitchy ass Jill Valentines. I…[View]
529753513I just started playing this game and in the gang there's like 2 black guys, would this really h…[View]
529742295When will nessfags and lucasfags admit that this is the best game out of the series?[View]
529763864What is the best Star Wars game and why is it Knights of the Old Republic?[View]
529762156it's worth buying despite the pozzed shit?[View]
529762731*prrrt* ehehe[View]
529763189Have you ever been inspired to speedrun your favorite game? Pic related, I've gotten to this po…[View]
529727428VR will never succeed.[View]
529762702Why are modern female lead characters in video games so unbearable? It wasn’t always like this. Ther…[View]
529762186what went wrong?[View]
529761024>makes poorfags seethe >makes contrarian data schizos seethe >makes third worlders seethe …[View]
529762846How do you avoid HDTVs that have lag?[View]
529758834it's almost here, bros...[View]
529759505I played Dreams demo and i didn't even know Dualshock 4 had Wii style motion controls[View]
529754227Fuck this, I'm going to start buying games now.[View]
529763145Why didn't you buy Nex Machina?: It was a game loved by Yoko Taro and considered great by every…[View]
529760530Has VR reached the point where it's worth investing into it yet or is it still just an overpric…[View]
529752826>Sony announces a digital only PS5 and then says they're removing PS3 and PSP stuff from the…[View]
529755556Immortals Fenyx Rising: Did the ancient Olympians really wear spandex panties?[View]
529762070>ruins your run[View]
529759713Jak and Daxter thread: >DARK ECO >IMPRISONING ME…[View]
529762925>Magical object of power is contended between the villain and the heroes >The villain is defea…[View]
529758304Why don't Americans like anime game?[View]
529762896SPELUNKY 2: unfair moles edition the old thread just got archived :([View]
529762647Name 1 game where you enjoyed the side quests.: It doesn't exist. Side quests should be removed…[View]
529759117What was the last game you finished? Myself? I just finished Resident Evil 3 Remake, it was fine I g…[View]
529761591These are the only trash genres in gaming (and gacha). Not 1 (ONE) good game would be lost if they w…[View]
529751189Worm Thread! Come, let's play some Worms! Thanks to a fellow anon, we have an updated noCD vers…[View]
529760803where is it ryan where is the game[View]
529761886controllers: It's pretty surreal to think I will be using my ps1 controller (on pc) to play gam…[View]
529750754Phasmophobia: Its fun[View]
529756201Dark souls 2 has the best world of all the souls games, even if they don't make sense geologica…[View]
529761980This is what every remaster should strive to be. It unironically feels like a whole new game. Only g…[View]
529755921Streets of Rage 4: DLC when? New characters when? I want to play as the new versions of Max and Shev…[View]
529760717Do you ever wonder if there's a secret on a game nobody ever found out?[View]
529639130>It's a rip off of New Vegas, you have the special chip all the factions want that will prov…[View]
529761934Cyberpunk 2077: are you getting the steelbook version?[View]
529740149What did Nintendo give her yoga pants?[View]
529727092What a fucking retard: Is this Pachters dumbest statement yet?[View]
529744593Action Taimanin Thread: Action Taimanin is on steam and you should all play it. If you call it gatch…[View]
529760075Hellish Quart: Are you going to play the sucessor to Bushido Blade when it comes out /v/?[View]
529757378>Love game. >Play it for years on and off. >Becomes a soul less uninteresting game because …[View]
529751048Gaming died on the 6th gen of consoles >real graphical and technical improvement compared to the …[View]
529761803If there is any game that needs a remake its this[View]
529758237>Super Mario Odyssey has terrible moveme-...[View]
529758571Comfy Switch Thread: What are you playan? What are you looking forward to most? What's your dre…[View]
529748156AVGN: You do own a Sega cd, dont you? Also AVGN thread[View]
529761304whoa F2P player here btw[View]
529757023I graduated over the summer and just got a job. While I have free time, I'm just too tired afte…[View]
529761148Rich's shameful toiletry causes severe backlash among subscribers with a 2 minute VPN ad taking…[View]
529753586Where was Nintendo's ethics committee when they put Princess Peach in this outfit!? Also Mario …[View]
529749765Why haven't Sony made another Xperia Play? Mobile gaming is huge now.[View]
529761017Unban now! NOW! N̶̞̞͈̠̠̒̈́̇͌̈́͝ ̸̳̞̿̆̃̽̋̊̽O̶̘̰̥̩̳̱͇͋̎́̕ ̵̮̜̌̀̎͑͂̚͠Ô̵̙̈́̽̾͂͘ ̴̛̛̺͎̟͖̱̓͌̓͆̓͘Ǭ̵̝̫͎͕͑̆̎͝…[View]
529731764This is your friend Nia[View]
529737356>Barely has any games worth playing >Like 7-8 games if you're being generous >Everythi…[View]
529754406Why doesn’t Nintendo place their IP on steam/egs like Microsoft does? Seems like easy money. >Gro…[View]
529759546Greetings /v/ how may I be of help?[View]
529760482ITT: We post beta designs that you like[View]
529753351Video game characters who have officially been seen naked in-game[View]
5297605751 month later...I am forgotten[View]
529760489>slices through your sturdy line of spears[View]
529757463Leveled zones or Zones that scale with your level Which one is better?[View]
529758014Are there any good light RPGs for mobile? Something in the mould of the Mario RPGs or Paper Mario.[View]
529693771/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>529641317 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
529754810for me, it's zero suit samus[View]
529759425love letter to culture: I want to make a game. I will soon make a game, leaving all excuses behind. …[View]
529751415why doesn't he make videos anymore? this manlet was based.[View]
529753727>try the free weekend of FO76 just to see if it got better >its actually really fucking good n…[View]
5297444462 > 3 > 1 > 5 > 4 > J[View]
529760186>the outer limits >home...[View]
529753557Does anyone else relate to having such a high standard for games that very few games are enjoyable a…[View]
529757346https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HA7zQ1eXAI You're buying Sakuna's game, right?[View]
529760148Draw Sum Vidya Losers: https://r2.whiteboardfox.com/2383156-5862-3431[View]
529758097Just finished this. This game felt like such a fake Heavy Metal game. Can someone aside from DOOM re…[View]
529759674Welcome to the /v/ saloon, partner. Have a drink and a vidya on me before you hit the old dusty trai…[View]
529638934Spelunky 2: Turns out that even if you sacrified like 9 damsels to Kali and she's ecstatic, you…[View]
529758328What hope of relevance does Metroid have these days? >Mario has carried the platforming genre sin…[View]
529751493>And now to see your love set free >You will need the witches cabin key >Find the lady of t…[View]
529759391You people make this game trash: tried jumping into the game to have some good ol' aquaguy fun,…[View]
529759912Do innocent people normally start throwing shit at the wall and freak the fuck out unhinged?[View]
529759891This Metroidvania shit has to stop now. Bloodstained, Blasphemous, Hollow Knight all set the trend a…[View]
529759569Factorio: What the fuck am I even playing?[View]
529758107Tales of: Shhh, Colette is sleeping[View]
529758743>big group of friends >met in wow years ago >played all games together since >start wow …[View]
529755617Fallout 1 discussion thread: Give me a fun Fallout 1 playthrough to do and I will do it. I've a…[View]
529747262how goes it in the zone /v/?[View]
529756512>remake the first chapter before continuing/finishing the mainline games first instead of the oth…[View]
529748390>2020 >still not a SINGLE good game that lets me use my weaponfu Nobody on /v/ has ever suffer…[View]
529748594why do people say that controller is better for dark souls?[View]
529754731ahead of its time: BIG BLACK Game[View]
529759410anyone kind enough to drop me the Hornet Ring and some soul items in pic related? PC version please …[View]
529757785ARMA 3 Virtual Boot Boys: Wait, you play on ARMA 3 milsim servers? Thank you for your service.…[View]
529752102>game has official discord server[View]
529722296waifu fighters: https://twitter.com/YoHentaiGoddess/status/1319798253915828224[View]
529738698What happened to this series? Will it ever return to its former glory?[View]
529756480Trials of Mana: Does this game have a good story? I'm looking for a fun JRPG with an engaging s…[View]
529756495Holy fuck this games kino: I had all the gameboy zelda games back when I was a kid but I was too shi…[View]
529752712>yes im a little bitch on Twitter and i love sucking Nintendo's dick, how did you know? Also…[View]
529758679Post the best /v/idya related ads you've seen[View]
529758612is it good?[View]
529757382video games make me fucking miserable but im trapped in a small town with nothing but video games. i…[View]
529758598>Dutch, I must insist you never mention me in any of the other games.[View]
529753914Looking forward for something here ?[View]
529758227What do you think is the future of Skullgirls without Mike Zed and Lab Zero?[View]
529753693>game's final boss is the easiest compared to other bosses[View]
529733797Genchink Impact: Who are these 'characters' supposed to appeal to?[View]
529745621Has localization ever improved a game?[View]
529758496Persues mandate wasent THAT bad[View]
529757867Play Ring of Pain, it has a free demo on steam[View]
529756330Horror: Is this a good one?[View]
529758146itt: Games with great character creation options[View]
529756040Shh, Coco is resting up until she gets the Smash invitation in her mailbox. Do NOT wake her up. Also…[View]
529757980He's in.[View]
529756515Why did they choose some baby-faced little shit who can't even do his own stunts to play Nathan…[View]
529757742Was it autism?[View]
529754526stupid face...[View]
529755614My headset broke so I guess its time I need a new one that isnt cheap garbage from china. Recommend …[View]
529755691Why is this guy so based?[View]
529709536>dude just go spy and backstab the enemy sniper >dude he can't hit you if you use invis d…[View]
529750415How much effort are you willing to put into a video game?[View]
529756471>gets killed in open pvp areas >calls community 'toxic' why do people do this?…[View]
529745860Seriously though: How the hell did he get so lame?[View]
529755845how do you put shades on that fucking smiley?[View]
529757214>he didn't let Malik die Way to whiteknight, cuck[View]
529754668Fallout 4: Why after 100s of years did nobody pick those pieces of paper off the floor. Like they fe…[View]
529654384>erotic horror do such games exist?[View]
529734108OW: W-w-why did you stop playing her game, /v/? Don't you love your mommy?![View]
529757136When are Billy and Jimmy coming back?[View]
529755963>/v/ recommends a game >it has less than an 90 on metacritic…[View]
529752240Warning, incoming game. Warning, incoming game.[View]
529754532>starting weapon is the best one even when is not fully upgraded[View]
529739387Red Dead 2 Thread: What the fuck were they thinking Edition >on the train with Lenny >have to …[View]
529754761Did they?[View]
529756210This is what the base game should have been. Playing this on nightmare difficulty atm and it's…[View]
529755714Mario & Luigi: Name a better game series paperfags go and stay go[View]
529754137>get's toasty in standby mode (confirmed by xbox, microsoft an epic games). >wife 4.0 …[View]
529752165Do videogames have any influence on our everyday lives? Do we learn anything at all from them?[View]
529750346AFK Arena: Seems like this is the new mobile game being advertised everywhere Anyone played it?…[View]
529750980>DOOM easter egg has been removed after fan backlash But why?[View]
529756039We're nearly through the drought bros...How're you holding up? Lobotomy Corporation/Librar…[View]
529756543Any games like this that support multiplayer co op on pc?[View]
529755260>Install 100gb game >Press play >20gb update…[View]
529755227post top tier pixel art waifus.[View]
529652836SEQUEL: Home alone on a Friday night? God, you better be playing a game from my series, anon.[View]
529748706Why is it cool to hate this game?[View]
529731405/v/ermin thread: draw monsters watch them fight[View]
529754816Was it Christine or Vera Keyes saying goodbye on the radio?[View]
529754669What did you think of Baldr Sky /v/? Currently finishing up Nanoha's route and I've been c…[View]
529749582Good atmospheric games for Spooktober? For now I'm on a FEAR, STALKER and Blood streak.[View]
529755826>tfw no catherine gf[View]
529751720Who is the target audience of FFXIV?[View]
529753364which consoles have the best hardware expansions and/or accessories?[View]
529749120it changed gaming forever[View]
529743734>thx for ur tokens bro[View]
5297508363.5 years later, how does /v/ feel about Hollow Knight?[View]
529755028Have you ever had suicide thoughts because of video games before? Either by playing them or having t…[View]
529755250Marc Laidlaw trolling us by visiting Valve HQ: https://twitter.com/marc_laidlaw/status/1319758123456…[View]
529751930Is it worth $30?[View]
529755254This is my favourite game of all time. God, just give me one more Nintendo. It's been so long.[View]
529755567ITT Characters you Hope Don't Get into Smash: No, not as in saltfagging bullshit. As in you are…[View]
529734858what would you say in this situation?[View]
529754590Guys, I'm just gonna say it. What games let me fuck a dinosaur? I literally just can't fuc…[View]
529755510I want to hogtie the piece of shit faggot bird in my basement, come home everyday from work, drink h…[View]
529754853The greatest tech demo of all time[View]
529755407Which Persona girl would make the best / worse mom?[View]
529755351That's Mama STONE to you, eggface![View]
529752683should i buy a quest 2 when i already have a psvr or should i wait another generation or 2?[View]
529755303>01000010 >01001100 >01000101 >01000101 >01000100…[View]
529755007LOZ is Overrated: I'm not bashing on these games, but once they hit a 'grand' they just follow …[View]
529755105ITT: Screenshots of god-tier games[View]
529723793Halloween thread: Post vidya characters in their Halloween costumes[View]
529747567She spilled millions...[View]
529753872I'm really enjoying this game. Playing on normal. Have no idea how any of it works. But, I just…[View]
529752949>you will never ever experience old maplestory for the first time >all the players who used to…[View]
529753539>online video games store >click game >no screenshots >no videos Are the people at Sony …[View]
529754639Tell me /v/: is this game any good? Gameplay kinda reminds me a bit of Dirty Bomb with like CSS.…[View]
529754597Pillars of Eternity was fun but I didn't understand the plot.[View]
529748685Fire Emblem: >Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light coming to Switch on December 4 …[View]
529751537WATER: Post games with WATER[View]
529751887>jump scares are a cheap scare tacti-[View]
529746137Does this get better after the first hour? I can't believe I got tricked into buying this. Just…[View]
529744625Bootleg Yuyuko.[View]
529754387Boss is so terrible he decides to switch places with you: What are some other examples of this mecha…[View]
529748374Dead Space 2: I'm about to play this bad boy on hardcore, any tips where to save (its only 3 sa…[View]
529695910You've got to be fucking kidding me https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/caves-and-clif…[View]
529752421Is Parappa's music actually good or just really memorable?[View]
529751826Sekiro GOTY Edition thread 2: Last thread got archived. Continue here.[View]
529708379Doom Eternal DLC: Well well well[View]
529754203Hardest: Midir Easiest: Pinwheel Most Overrated Difficulty: Orphan of Kos Most Underrated Difficulty…[View]
529751442What's the nicest vidya concept art you've seen?: My vote goes for Castlevania and Destiny…[View]
529753276>visiting family >they're all talking with each other about random dumb or depressing shi…[View]
529706298Are these the final 2 worthwhile additions to smash?[View]
529692454136/137 Crates - The Game The path to 100% completion really puts me off finishing this game. Bad le…[View]
529753537What am i in for?[View]
529745016>Kuwabara, kuwabara. Kuwubara[View]
529754058What was the game that turned you into a weeaboo?[View]
529754054ユニ妖精図書館fairy-kei^art game for everynyan。 Fairy play for cute&dreamy thoughts and emotions。 I hop…[View]
529754024Hotline Miami[View]
529752921Holy shit guys, i need a new semi/trending multiplayer game! Fall guys got boring quickly, among us …[View]
529753407This is my favorite Castlevania game. What is yours?[View]
529735814What's a fun, mindless game I can just jump into and start enjoying? Bonus points if the combat…[View]
529738578Sonic Heroes: Was Sonic Heroes any good?[View]
529748368How is this acceptable?[View]
529753647what's your favorite bad game?[View]
529753264For me, it's the Switch Axe[View]
529746414If Shantae uses her hair as a weapon why doesn't she grow out her pubes to use them as a weapon…[View]
529746465>best gun in the game is made of gold[View]
529749089Crownus bloomus![View]
529751096This has to be the most boring, cardboard, superficial open world ever created.[View]
529749195Painted legs to look like pants.[View]
529753173Classic Tetris World Championship: Who you got? All online this year because of the pandemic, so an …[View]
529749041What do you think about Carlos anons?[View]
529753008Why is this game so based?[View]
529752945Why won't Blizz let him die in peace?[View]
529741509You did play Skyrim as a warrior right? Nothing else makes sense with you being a dragonborn.[View]
529752350Frostpunk. Is it good?[View]
529710108it’s almost halloween /v/[View]
529749605https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT5nfQJP40Y I'm a faggot I'm a faggot I'm a fucking f…[View]
529752003Release in less than 24 hours Previous Thread: >>529476795 MUSIC LIVESTREAM THIS SUNDAY, 2PM E…[View]
529751683Is it any good yet?[View]
529752760Ancaria... Home[View]
529751828MARTY! You've got to come back in time with me before Sony fuck up the PS5 launch! They don…[View]
529752725Who will survive?[View]
529742494can you recommend me some video game that lets me play as half dragon girl? genre doesnt matter[View]
529748654take the mobile pill[View]
529752601What makes a platformer great?[View]
529752126Game series that you should play in chronological order: rather than release order[View]
529752249ITT: post games and get music recommendations based on whatever criteria you think appropriate (simi…[View]
529727765>popular youtube man talks about your favorite niche game >fanbase becomes infested with normi…[View]
529751778This is a 9 out of 10 according to game journalists[View]
529739516Most overrated game of each year since 2000: Can we all agree?[View]
529752409I'll tell you exactly why The Last of Us Part II is an unsaved disaster. Abby and Lev should ha…[View]
529750083Disco Elysium: Does anyone know how to romance this cute creature in DE?[View]
529748913Looks like discord integration is coming to Xbox[View]
529720089ITT: autistic things you do while playing games[View]
529751865How was he the bad guy?[View]
529750884Sanic: LOL[View]
529747138What’s your favorite simulated plane to fly? For me, it is the F-14 in DCS[View]
529742301Piracy: .[View]
529724570>play a japanese game >shitty fucking translators gotta put in 'welp' in there Why in the fuck…[View]
529752050What are some games where the AI blatantly cheats?[View]
529751945Localization Poop: I don't like it when a western localization fucks with lolicon content to ma…[View]
529748241Vidya regrets: What are your personal greatest vidya related regrets? For me, it's having sold …[View]
529750497Who is the best ace?[View]
529751502Xbox fridge: Xbox fridge[View]
529751562Ok, so we all know that coomer sells, lolis sells and waifus sells and furry sells and /ss/ sells. S…[View]
529750929Physical media is dead and Nintendo killed it[View]
529750889>play with 3 randoms >finish an entire campaign with good teamwork >not a word spoken >…[View]
529751668Is Kingdom Hearts 2 an unabashed masterpiece or are there glaring flaws?[View]
529747837Yoko Taro has a gaming channel now: https://www.youtube.com/user/you0067[View]
529739000Less exclusives than the PS3. Less exclusives than the Dreamcast. Shit, less exclusives than the ori…[View]
529720672SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI™ III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER®: >releases in 5 days in japan >no thread about i…[View]
529751524Courier Thread: Browsing the c/v/talog almost makes me wish for a nuclear winter. Post you're C…[View]
529704501Dragon Age 4: Ask someone working on Dragon Age 4 anything[View]
529748593what are the chances there is another round of preorders for this shit? If they don't do anothe…[View]
529747009>PS5 literally releasing movies now[View]
529724349Please say something nice to Ellie.[View]
529751038>Religion is at an all time low Why don't companies make atheist games to catter atheists?…[View]
529751170It's time to discuss the greatest RPG ever created.[View]
529747864Why am I automatically having more fun if characters are cute? Why more realistic characters make me…[View]
529695070>Can't get good if you have a job[View]
529733941TF2 hit an all-time peak player count today: Blizzcucks BTFO[View]
529750969How do we fix the horror genre? >have idea for a horror game >survival horror shooter kinda li…[View]
529731231This was a pretty wholesome interaction[View]
529740046>$450 >face/eye tracking >knuckles style controllers >4320x2160 90hz >wireless addon …[View]
529750845>Tiny character >Giant weapon Why is it so kino?…[View]
529748795I just have one last thing to say...[View]
529750815I can't believe how much better the OST is...[View]
529750762now is the right time[View]
529748563So we're still in agreement that Dixie Kong needs to be playable in Smash, right?[View]
529750659MGS3 > Death Stranding > MGS1 > MGS2 > Peace Walker > MGSV > MGS4[View]
529749252why does no one make vector games anymore?[View]
529749940Is this the best death scene?[View]
529748801Alright /v/, criminals have guns to your head and to everything you care about, triggers WILL be pul…[View]
5297477823DS video streaming: I miss Nintendo Anime & Video services. Also have a homebrewed console. Wil…[View]
529749867Did boomers have better taste than zoomers /v/?[View]
529750318>enemies keep kicking my fucking ass because I'm literal trash >die repeatedly to the sam…[View]
529596491Age of Calamity: More new screenshots https://nintendoeverything.com/hyrule-warriors-age-of-calamity…[View]
529749796Why did you let it happen /v/?[View]
529749287pokken: should I buy?[View]
529748043So how does Joker have three jobs and just do them whenever he wants without getting fired?[View]
529748118>Can't play my own digital games unless I am going to update my firmware Geez.. Thanks. I ju…[View]
529740096XIV: >no Halloween event due to Covid bootlickers will defend this…[View]
529747634>7 year old game is 40 dollars on launch >hasnt dropped a dime since >'WHY DID IT FAIL GUYS…[View]
529749162Why did they completely and utterly ruin it?[View]
529749392Post kino video game commercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjpHzLYHkwA[View]
529685668Sekiro Update and GOTY edition: BOSSES HAVE NEW MOVES CONFIRMED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUNV…[View]
529749194Are loli monster girls ok with /v/, right? If I make a loli monster girl pokemon coomer game, would …[View]
529747081We all know what is the AAA style of super expensive budget. but what is the AAA of games made by si…[View]
529707256ITT: Pitch your idea for a brand new Minecraft update[View]
529746203When did you realize it was peak SMT?[View]
529745809シェンムー Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka: It's the greatest game ever made.[View]
529749186damn those rtx reflections look pretty good[View]
529748735Playing PSO2, Overwatch, WoW, Hearthstone and Dead By Daylight, is this a good lineup of Online game…[View]
529746828What games have the most satisfying punches?[View]
529749070>Complete Quest >Have to go back to whoever gave me said quest to 'complete' it.…[View]
529749062FNAF sucks[View]
529749010My god. What an absolute fucking trainwreck of a game. I say this as someone who enjoyed RE5 (despit…[View]
529748951Just picked up this game a few days ago and have been having a lot of fun. Aside from the over-zealo…[View]
529748646VR is a gimmick and it will fail[View]
529748845i hate gaming: this shit sequel is even worse than i thought,fuck all of the retards that praise it …[View]
529743867Is this the greatest roleplaying experience ever made? What other game(s) come close or surpass it?[View]
529748347PS4 or Xbox. Overwatch or TF2. Keyboard/mouse or controller. Runescape or World of Warcraft. Skyrim …[View]
529748650My Favorite banner[View]
529746967>friends want to play streamer bait/normalfag shit with you What do you do in this situation I do…[View]
529745268Best platformer to come out in years, kino game. What people think about it?[View]
529724348ITT: Games you decided to play just because of the cool name/box art[View]
529744761*saves fire emblem*[View]
529748278What are some good games to make vidya friends nowadays? Feels like most multiplayer games encourage…[View]
529744403This is one of the most disappointing games I have ever played. It somehow controls worse than the p…[View]
529743976I just realized that Drakengard is a Skyrim prototype because Caim’s pact with his voice for Angelus…[View]
529747448why are there so few stealth assasin games, hitman and dishonored are the only recent ones that come…[View]
529743210Best vr headset?: Are there VR headsets that are wired with a wireless option? What's the best …[View]
529747979Loot boxes and gacha: What does /v/ think of loot boxes and their oriental equivalent of gacha?…[View]
529748021The Steve Jobs of Video Games: Remember me, gaijin[View]
529741040POST YOU ARE 3X3[View]
529746284I am tired of pretending Pokemon XY is bad to appease boomers, I am self actualized, a free thinker.…[View]
529747806If MW gets lots of ironically cute bright pink and pastel blue guns with anime girls plastered over …[View]
529747380If I share my library to a second account, play the game on that second account, will I be able to r…[View]
529743039Gentlemen...BEHOLD! THE ENTIRE PS5 GAME LIBRARY![View]
529747002Classes/builds that get constantly shit on by the community in their respective games[View]
529742623Overwatch: >Game designed to prioritize teamwork vs individual skill >Easy to learn and tries …[View]
529747171This bitch mad ugly[View]
529745907>3 years old >still no price drop anikis... how much longer...?…[View]
529746418You and me and her other endings: Does anyone know about this one? I did play the game but I don…[View]
529718472PS5 loads Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition in about 2 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9Tiit…[View]
529743931*ruins your game*[View]
529731632Name a better girl[View]
529720149Genshin Impact: What characters do you have so far?[View]
529745247Best Dragon Quest Game: Sorry if you are dumb enough to think otherwise but there is no other choice…[View]
529743427>IN A WORLD[View]
529716740Bloodborne, the gift that keeps on giving: >Bloodborne Remastered will come to PC >Bloodborne …[View]
529743017Is this the absolute peak of fan created content?[View]
529746167Post Unused music in games https://youtu.be/ycna0nW4VIA[View]
529731317Does Link actually like Zelda or does he just save her because he has to?[View]
529734236Is this the biggest cope ever?: Multiple halo shills actually embraced this meme even though everyon…[View]
529733918Are there any Ultimate combos that compare to Melee?[View]
529730387>We need a design that shows everyone how quirky and creative our indie game is >I've got…[View]
529731665Getting real tired of this shit what happened to NINTENDIUM my fucking n64 pads are still pirstine …[View]
529744042You should be grateful[View]
529744775>Ends your Hardcore Minecraft world.[View]
529739691Monster Hunter: >not wanting to slay monsters along with your bugbro…[View]
529746251Would you have had a better opinion on this game (i mean have not talked shit cause mc is a french w…[View]
529745031Hey this is pretty fun[View]
529745389how to git gud at aiming?: i'm terrible at everything, both tracking and flicking. my reaction …[View]
529739869>Playing team game you're good at >Someone is clearly new >The rest of your team start…[View]
529744303why the FUCK can't you play or date a goblin in baldur's gate 3? what the fuck were the de…[View]
529741247Can they fix it?[View]
529746162*mogs Mario*[View]
529744434'Oh my goodness, look at this. It's the 20,000th one-dimensional dumbass who thinks he's s…[View]
529739770Face it. Stadia had the right idea. Buying games via digitally or lol, physically is a thing of the …[View]
529744456Smash Tier Lists: Post em[View]
529742163I'm thinking of reupping my sub. Convince me not to. Also Runescape thread.[View]
529738237Rexcellent Games uploaded the source code to Burning Knight on GitHub (with assets included). Origin…[View]
529741518they really made a character more lame than palu, huh.[View]
529742142ITT: Games that didn't need streamers to be successful[View]
52972048313 Sentinels: Aegis Rim: Do you have a PS4? Yes? Then why you haven't buy the 2020 GOTY?[View]
529729343Best Character in The Witcher 3[View]
529745710Franchises that need to make a comeback![View]
529704887>ruins the entire store T-t-thanks Sony... It's not like I enjoyed being able to browse or s…[View]
529690793More like Amnesia Refund[View]
529745252What do you think?: Are videogames going to be better when Sony and Microsoft dies and Nintendo has …[View]
529726239Did Sony even do one (1) thing properly with the PS5 ? Even the box is soulless and big as fuck[View]
529744890Tenet Soundtrack: Just saw it, wasn’t bad. Don’t really feel anything super crazy about it but I did…[View]
529741493>that one guy who plays RPGs and loots and steals everything despite not playing as a thief…[View]
529741309What games have a nice forest? Not just 5 trees and 2 bushes.[View]
529741771USE YOUR INTELLECT EVADE MY MGR thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHeqIi7Mv44[View]
529744542Titan Quest: Can we have a Titan Quest thread? There's people on /v/ who have played this game,…[View]
529722382RTX works without TAA: Why do developers insist on using this horrible Anti-aliasing method in games…[View]
529689709Hades: best boi edition[View]
529693956Imagine being so low test that a little muscle on a girl makes you nervous.[View]
529744717>try to connect dualshock 4 with bluetooth >it disconnects after some time yikes.…[View]
529735143>Snoys when they bragged about Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop begin major exclusives with some als…[View]
529743565Why do people cry so much whenever someone says they hate a popular game?[View]
529742863how do we fix votekick abuse?[View]
529702109Ds3: Does this guy have any actual lore? Why is it in lothric castle?[View]
529743948Imagine being obsessed with a headset you don't own made by a company you don't like who o…[View]
529742467Play Genshin Impact[View]
529743509Who's gonna watch demon's remastered streams with me instead of paying 570$ for one game?[View]
529744307Looking for some new tabletop games to play. Anything worth getting in this sale?[View]
529744268They aren't even on shelves yet, and I'm already bored.: What the fuck is wrong?[View]
529743719>driving game >gas bound to trigger[View]
529734030Star Citizen: Seriously, how do people still defend this trash heap? Sunk Cost Fallacy? Just look at…[View]
529739116I want to play horror video games but I am scared[View]
529739947I just don't fucking get it. Why would you want a PS5 right now? The only games that are coming…[View]
529744064>joke character is the strongest one[View]
529737451It's time to admit that Fallout 4 isn't as bad as people make it out to be. >yes, the d…[View]
529734281How can one girl make /v/ seethe so fucking much?[View]
52974391690s reviews thread: Post images of game reviews that were published in the 90s[View]
529740478Driving game: >they drive on the right side How do you cope Japanons & Former British Empire …[View]
529739029post vague spoilers /v/ guesses the game >you kill your stepdad, destroy an eldritch horror, and …[View]
529739414Oh my God, Lois, guess who's at the door? It's the fourth chairman of the Tojo Clan Kazuma…[View]
529741842Reminder that the same guys that gave HZD a perfect 100 gave BotW a 60, despite BotW being a much be…[View]
529743659Sekiro : Gauntlets of Strenght: >At the end of each route, you fight a boss with a new name, a ne…[View]
529740889SCAM CITIZEN: Can anyone who follows the development give us an analysis on the situation? Apparentl…[View]
529741296Jeff and Angela living together: Spy is the neighbour. All he want to do is reading the Newspaper. B…[View]
529742810Reimu wants to tell you something[View]
529740349NCR vs Caesar's Legion: I'm thinking of replaying New Vegas on November the 3rd. Not sure …[View]
529742946It's not fucking fair bros, I still have 3 more years before I can sign up. Any over 30s here w…[View]
529743218I don't get it.[View]
529743070Unity, godot or unreal bros. Which one for my shota reverse rape monster loli girl roguelite.[View]
529693785Early adopters BTFO.[View]
529737807Are rhythm games ever going to make a mainstream comeback?[View]
529742516SA2 is fucking GENERIC: This fucking game is overrated it’s only popular cause of the music and bat …[View]
529742236Rest In Peace.[View]
529731294>Buying weeb game at gamestop >cashier gives you a look…[View]
529726346Mafia: Which one is best? Which one is worst?[View]
529716990Rune Factory: Is this a good starting point to the series? How does it run on Dolphin?[View]
529741015The Mario & Luigi segments were a boring chore and the worst part of the game. I literally just …[View]
529742482Incredibile good Crash game[View]
529730621is this worth $15 if I've never played a Mega Man game before?[View]
529741386ITT: games that started it all.[View]
529733131ugh i hate when they put politics in my vidya[View]
529738712First sexual scene you got exposed to in games: Mine was pic related scene from PoP: Warrior Within.…[View]
529728682So when are we getting an official Mario/Minecraft crossover?[View]
529740385Should I try...[View]
529742186.How much like the real world is jump force?: And does anyone actually noticed that some of them are…[View]
529724246Choose wisely[View]
529741482It's too hard.[View]
529728932I'm about to reinstall TF2. How bad is it now? Give it to me straight.[View]
529699390Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA[View]
529742005PM for Ultimate?: Are we never going to get a fan-mod as in-depth and fun as Project M for a modern …[View]
529736387Whats the best game to play for halloween, I have Blood, Until dawn, Eternal Darkness, Resi 7 DLC en…[View]
529720395This is the definitive version of Sonic Adventure and I'm tired of you autistic Sonic fanboys a…[View]
529741538Hmong Us: >matchmaker completely fucked >takes several minutes to join a game >get bombarde…[View]
529741210It’s over[View]
529721345I will no longer buy your game.[View]
529739321Atelier Ryza 2: >This sequel will increase the fan service to ridiculous levels. The Atelier fran…[View]
529736476When will he stop hating women? Does he have any idea the damage he's done to billions of women…[View]
529738538>*keeps you in permanent debt*[View]
529721691It's out.[View]
529741615Is microsoft this cucked?: >xbox series x gameplay >actually runs on a ps5 https://youtu.be/6g…[View]
529646890Are there any good fangames or mods? I've already played Jenka's Nightmare. Cave Story thr…[View]
529722176Ring Fit Adventure: day 22 had a couple days of brak, decided to do three levels and one minigame to…[View]
529741502It's so fun fighting the same enemies in every planet. I guess they were busy making all the gr…[View]
529738824ITT games only (you) played part 2[View]
529740334minecraft nostalgia: post your favourite screenshots (that you took, or saved from other anons)…[View]
529731247Halo Infinite or Destiny 2?: Should I invest in Destiny 2 or wait for Halo infinite? I honestly woul…[View]
529739385What would you consider '/v/-core'?: I think Persona 5 could make it. I see multiple P5/Haru/Kasumi/…[View]
529736747Are there cinegrids for other games like pic related? Just snapshots at different points or kino sce…[View]
529719708>he fell for the vr meme[View]
529740506Are there any vidya stores that accept subway gift cards anymore? G2A and such's openbucks shit…[View]
529740113What's the worst game you've ever played that is technically a well made game? For me it…[View]
529740994>tfw sonic team will never make random one off games, and then use their music for phantasy star …[View]
529739812Got this for $17, did i get ripped off bros?[View]
529740580>Character customization? Weapon skins? No thanks, I only use the default appearances.…[View]
529740875Man this pose filters 99% of 3dpd cosplayers Also who is your favorite touhou?[View]
529707898>pokémon in 2020 what in the actual FUCK[View]
529739775looks like absolute garbage compared to the N-sane trilogy Is it at least still fun to play?[View]
529721662What are your red flags /v/?[View]
529737414I don't even know if this is the right place to ask but, basically DEATH STRANDING has incredib…[View]
529735968I'll make it easy for you, captain. Just look at the one you will have me dissect.[View]
529735842Greatest game of all time.[View]
529740067Any good games that involve witches?[View]
529739958Battlestation thread: Post your battlestations[View]
529734049Ever since Sonic Mania released, the status of 2D fangames and hacks have gone way down. I can presu…[View]
529733946>she got filtered by Performer mode[View]
529725485Games for this feel? besides Hatred[View]
529735165Critique your real life how you would critique a videogame.: Do your best.[View]
529737206Haha... Hello ladies and gents, Rean Schwarzer (yes, THE Rean Schwarzer aka the Ashen Chevalier aka …[View]
529738096Who else is still buying Cyberpunk 2077? I know I am, preordered last year.[View]
529729492How did Rockstar make him so acceptable?: What did Gay Tony do right that other videogames' fag…[View]
529736527>find a game made with right-wing developers >it’s boring Why is it always like this?…[View]
529740037untitled goose game[View]
529738586What you hunting bros?[View]
529739961Nemu did nothing wrong[View]
529738917the call that saved /v/[View]
529737216What is the best version of FF8 between the original, steam edition and remaster?[View]
529733193ITT: Useless weapons[View]
529738083Fuck Godzilla[View]
529739689What is the most retarded cut feature that was removed from the jump from Wii U to Switch? >muh p…[View]
529735716>Sequel introduces a new character to join the main party >New character is BASED What's …[View]
529738103chrono nigger: chrono nigger[View]
529739634When is it coming out on switch remastered?[View]
529737695Nintendo Switch Games Rumors 2021: >Super Mario Odyssey 2 >Mario Kart 9 >Metroid Prime 4 …[View]
529737982Piracy: Pirate-CHADs, Pirate-CHADs. -------------------------------------- Livin' Rent-Free. --…[View]
529733819>Tank controls The ultimate pleb filter[View]
529736524among us add Vergil and Data to S-tier edition AGJTEQ[View]
529738329>perfection doesnt exi-[View]
529738641THIS is your God? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GBLEPug5ro[View]
529733854What do her pits smell like bros?[View]
529736382Why aren't you playing Street Fighter V (jive) RIGHT NOW?!?![View]
529725409Well it's out on steam now. Is it worth the sale or is it trash?[View]
529732381Mario Strikers Charged: >Best spin-off franchise disappears shortly after their magnum opus is re…[View]
529735737>: what am i supposed to mine or farm here ? Starsector Bread i guess[View]
529736610>Main theme is ripped off from an Anthrax song >It kicks fucking ass…[View]
529737941What's next for them.[View]
529732543What am I missing?[View]
529735893Let's have a comfy PS5 thread. Are you picking one up at launch? What games are you interest in…[View]
5297387872020 and I'm forgotten.[View]
529737574Danganronpa: What does /v/ think about it? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it merely okay?[View]
529737901Why shouldn’t devs prioritize making money above anything else? Good games aren’t a human right.[View]
529730297i worked at level-5's american division from 2017 to 2019. ama[View]
529721532Nier: Automata[View]
529736327Whenever I think of Xbox or PS, I think of large single player titles. What are some good exclusive …[View]
529737990*saves FPS*[View]
529735867So what's next?[View]
529736669Any game you played that made you feel this? >tfw Rollercoaster tycoon just wasn't the same …[View]
529733694ITT: Characters that got ruined by awful retcons: I'll start[View]
529736435Is this game any good? I like Fallout 1 and 2 and I'm wondering if this game will give a simila…[View]
529725065How good would a mobile game have to be for you to consider purchasing it?[View]
529729816Better final boss than Bayonetta. If the MC wasn't silent this may have been close to MGR becau…[View]
529719186So is he just Yoshikage Kira but more evil?[View]
529736851Thoughts on the Nintendo published games on Switch so far? heres how id rank them. try not to commen…[View]
529737952Game of the year, every year[View]
529734778New Darkstalkers game when?[View]
529736284I like Nero better than Dante[View]
529735996Sly, that the un-speakable, but... I FARTED MY GASES STRAIGHT TO THE GURU'S FACE.[View]
529735061The halloween update dropped yesterday https://yewtu.be/watch?v=IHOaT2nVFho changes are mostly cosme…[View]
529737670I started playing this and Deacon is actually a pretty cool dude, why did journous hate him so much,…[View]
529734395GTA franchise: So i've got to play through GTA IV for the first time because of hardware issues…[View]
529716679I don't get it.[View]
529737287>enemies can open doors[View]
529737258Least cringey mainline vidya company right now[View]
529735829>its okay when fire emblem does it[View]
529737020Echo Night Beyond: Play it[View]
529734639I barley beat Lance with the skin of my teeth. I don't think I'm gonna make the next fight…[View]
529736860itt: most fun weapons in their respective games: Playing through this game now and honestly it was k…[View]
529736121>MFW I realize that asking for advice about games is absolutely retarded and that most of the fun…[View]
529731783Should visual novels/dating sims be consider a video game?[View]
529667918ITT games only (you) played[View]
529736459This is the first time I've ever had fun with a battle royale. Is there a similar game I can go…[View]
529736204What's your favourite block game?[View]
529736414Great Bahamut XV[View]
529736373You either die a hero...[View]
529731413Here are yours Judy Alvarez and Male V voice actors from Cyberpunk 2077. Say something nice to them.[View]
529731108EPIC RAP BATTLES OF VIDEOGAMES TATSUYA VS SERGE BEGIN Tatsuya: She said 'Ye can we get married …[View]
529732698They made Sharla so beautiful in the remaster[View]
529736294Is video game trolling dead? Hardly anyone uses mics any more in public games thanks to matchmaking,…[View]
529720204Why haven't you played the best RPG of the decade?[View]
529736272So... What exactly happened in this scene: I replayed it because maybe it was my fault, i missed som…[View]
529736106Why don't more games do the Sekisoulsborne style of allowing the player to 'write' the story an…[View]
529735824Still buying the PS5 Still playing Genshin Impact Still buying Cyberpunk Still buying Halo Infinite …[View]
529733859I think you are now ready... ready to hear what happened... one hundred years ago.[View]
529735790>VR is a gimmick >VR is too expensive >VR is not advanced enough Look flatlet, even if we h…[View]
529734614>'Fuck people of other races and fuck homos' holy based[View]
529735885Ni No Kuni 2 Prince edition - worth it for $11?[View]
529735572>press jump button >character doesn't jump >character dies…[View]
529733463Did you update your journal today /v/?[View]
529731206is there a mod where i can replace franks watch with a digital? i cant read analog clocks and i find…[View]
529733394Battlefield 3: Any info about a remake posibility in PS4 or PS5?[View]
529735626Games where you play as cats: https://youtu.be/zMfV8hgxmhk[View]
529722512Terraria: crimson or corruption?[View]
529735009Any Verdicts on Pumpkin Jack? I was looking for a good Halloweeny game and Ive already burnt out on …[View]
529733967>2011 was 9 years ago Happy birthday Kirby's Return to Dreamland[View]
529735523Should I buy a ps5 when it comes out?: Ps5 or Xbox[View]
529734701when does it get good[View]
529730015Sword/Shield?: >everyone says they're boycotting Pokemon Sw/Sh because dis time GF lazied to…[View]
529733861WE did it, 'tard![View]
529734036Is Days Gone a good video game now, considering it's about 70% off on PSN?[View]
529727265>calls himself a PC master race >willingly uses matchmaking over the server browser…[View]
529716840In exactly one week's time, famous indie developer Toby Fox of Undertale fame will release Chap…[View]
529730920should i buy an exoskeleton from this dude?[View]
529735348>turn flashbangs into cokes >take 4 >run super fast and die of heart attack…[View]
529727798>drivatars >showcase events >lootboxes >character cosmetics What went so horribly wrong…[View]
529732364Which game parallel universes better?[View]
529735303I'm bored[View]
529733012Would you buy XCOM 2 on mobile for 25$? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf6iQckXYKo https://www.yout…[View]
529681370>See people still playing pic related on twitch >loved the game when I was a kid >buy it on…[View]
529713325Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
529720349I want to kiss Zelda on the lips.[View]
529733568Which fucker thought that he was a good idea?![View]
529716721Why is it so hard for you not to treat female video game characters like sex objects?[View]
529724710Would you ever consider getting a Vidya tattoo?[View]
529734935It finally clicked.[View]
529734674Did her new design grow on you yet?[View]
529734757I have two extra codes I wanna give to friends from the Nvidia promo, any work around to this? It se…[View]
529732835Will Sega ever release a sequel?[View]
529734232SHADOW JANNIES[View]
529732174>song that played in the intro plays during the final boss fight[View]
529733926Which car games have comfy roadways?[View]
529734484Wanna play among us?: QEPTYQ[View]
529695735among us lobby thread: AAXNYQ NA 6/10 Get in for kots[View]
529732039What IS the actual difference between a warlock, wizard, and witch? Every game has arbitrary definit…[View]
529731840With the final arc getting animated, what are the chances of getting a proper Bleach musou? I could …[View]
529731820>character voiced by yuri lowenthal[View]
529733957You didn't get filtered by him...right?[View]
529729174What is the best version of chess? I don't have a life sized game board with actual human playe…[View]
529734026-Oh, he's awesome! He'll get inside your head and freak you out six ways from Sunday! -Uh,…[View]
529701045Sight-seeing in vydia: Post games that make you stop to appreciate its sights and vistas.[View]
529732846This is now a BOOMER thread!: Post games that make zoomers cream their panties![View]
529731423What games are you planning on finishing on Halloween bros? Need some spooky game reccomendations. D…[View]
529731483Comfy/relaxing games: Im getting old and my concentration isnt as it used to be any recommendations?…[View]
529732016why so much hate?[View]
529732324Anyone else remember this game?[View]
529732484Five Nights At Freddys: How did Scott do it lads?[View]
529732849Higurashi thread: Higurashi Gou theories and weird brainlet ideas coming so if you haven't fini…[View]
529732715>I'm an engineer >nerd, figures[View]
529730780Why is it so boring compared to CSGO?[View]
529729939Is this the most overrated shooter of all time?[View]
529729741>Ruins Mother 3 by constantly acting like a bitch and crying over his dead mom Why?…[View]
529733056Where did it all go wrong?[View]
529732542I will not buy a pokemon game for $90[View]
529732169Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
529730808ba ba ba ba shee ba ba ooh[View]
529732343wtf does this mean[View]
529732084MACHAMP!: MACHAMP! https://youtube.com/watch?v=Usg6QiVo5gg&list=PLOMWCDX-Dj8enblxdwHII4c3BrhKuWT…[View]
529727247How would a Combine invasion affect other countries in the world?[View]
529695449What's the first game that comes to your mind when you see this logo?[View]
529731678You're becoming hysterical.[View]
529730561Elysian Shadows: What happened to it? Did the devs just take the Kickstarter money and run?[View]
529729560what if zelda get ipad?[View]
529704879Year 2004 and you just did a fresh Windows XP install: Which game you will install first ?[View]
529728983I'm about to drop the biggest truth bombs about elder scrolls: You'll thank me Alright so …[View]
529731427>update visual branding halfway through system life >add intrusive signage to boxart AAAAH WHO…[View]
529731848Why is this game so popular? It's fucking boring and it's not even scary in any way.[View]
529732345disco elysium: Fuck does Cuno care?[View]
529731042Vidya and fictional languages: Any good examples of semi-developed fictional languages in vidya?…[View]
529727997Why does cyberpunk have this color pallette[View]
529715639How do Nintendo fans justify Nintendo selling 3 year old Switch games for $60? Like, I understand if…[View]
529720249Bungie: Bungie[View]
529729421Fuck you I liked it[View]
529700889What are some game series where self-proclaimed fans have never played the earliest entries?[View]
529729042yes? he said ze gamer word? kill him.[View]
529731904There, I fixed they[View]
529731173ITT: Games you just 'don't get' why people like them >MOBA's[View]
529732035Game devs trying to think of ways to screw over there beloved fans[View]
529727830why are you refusing to admit that it's a good remake? I just finished it and it was kino, and …[View]
529718437>Dude, VHS aesthetic[View]
529731715I chose Aoi.[View]
529728470what's his next game gonna be about?[View]
529726939what's the vidya equivalent?[View]
529723763>girl character with short dress >she wears black stockings…[View]
529719830Are indie games good or are they meme shit made for tumblr?[View]
529726782> be me, age 14 > beat it daily multiple times like the virgin cooker i was > brother walks…[View]
529724007Literally zero standards[View]
529697361Piracy: Feels good to be a pirate-CHAD.[View]
529725965>October 24, the year is 2020 >I am not forgotten What went so blazingly right?…[View]
529730267Greatest game of all time.[View]
529714202Resident Evil thread: You surely must be playing some Resident Evil games this October. Also: RE2 …[View]
529729858Strategy Game: Need a strategy game that uses real NATO unit symbols like pic related[View]
529726640*S-Supports you*[View]
529730076Post perfect examples of 'Soul' vs 'Soulless'.[View]
529729019WOW! THIS IS A PS2 GAME![View]
529729047Are we still pretending this wasn't a great game?[View]
529727223I don't understand why people like this one. People cum in their fucking pants talking about th…[View]
529714052Why did the music game genre die so quickly in the west?[View]
529730437Play Fire Emblem[View]
529730402>stalks you through the police station for 10 minutes until you reach the clock tower why are peo…[View]
529729446Pick-Four Bingo: Fill out the rest of the fighters pass with four characters. Rules: You must be abl…[View]
529730301Predator Hunting Grounds: Has anyone played this game? Is it worth playing? I'm on the fence ab…[View]
529730738Is using the Damsel trope sexist?[View]
529730719The only Link that canonically had sex[View]
529730562Are videogames ruining my life?: I spend way too much playing them. I neglect my studies and it has …[View]
529716350I just want to go back Bros.[View]
529729997...AND GAYMEN![View]
529727506Mermaid Girlfriend: Is this any good?[View]
529730504You remember?[View]
529707458D-don't worry g-guys i'm sure Halo 3 will turn the MCC into the next counter strike on ste…[View]
529730307Damn this nigger is ugly[View]
529730328ITT Legendary Game Reviewers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSvsYrYFdlQ[View]
529706187Remind me what's bad about China entering the game industry again. Japan has no way of sustaini…[View]
529728674>game features scary spiders: MFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW-AwNhR4jE…[View]
529727975>game allows you to kill your father what was her name again, /v/?[View]
529727489You might cope and seethe over things, but i don't think you will ever cope and seethe as much …[View]
529726727Literally trannie propaganda. Who the fuck would enjoy this? How can you take the story seriously af…[View]
529729152>10 years later >Still the best zombie game made What went so right?…[View]
529729781John Willson: John Willson[View]
529729361>when someone says something bad about your favorite company Nintendo is my friend, STOP bullying…[View]
529725216the remake is far better, original aged like milk[View]
529729805Guilty Gear: Are you getting ready for the AC+R rollback patch? Who are you labbing?[View]
529721805>can you edit, mod, use Word and execute multiple tasks on a console? Yeah I don't think so,…[View]
529729031E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy thread: >favorite faction >favorite map >favorite weapon >are …[View]
529728732Your Turn To Die Thread: >Get's PTSD >Kanna route she gets over it in 1 chapter >Sou r…[View]
529729654>Looking for a curved monitor that isn't 1080P >Freesync >Freesync >Freesync …[View]
529720304i wan bideogame pliz[View]
529729602Speccy thread. Post specs, tell us what's your next upgrade, banter welcome. Here are my specs,…[View]
529725457ITT: Games you played because of your dick that ended up being pretty good[View]
529723410>I love skill based matchmaking because my favorite twitch streamer says it makes games more skil…[View]
529693108>this is actual Bomberman merchandise in 2020 What. Went. Wrong?[View]
529721002How should we start our game?: SALEEM, SALEEM, WHERE ARE YOU? SALEEM? SALEEM? WHERE COULD YOU BE? Oh…[View]
529669471Red Dead Redemption 2: Now that the crack is out, can we have a RDR2 thread? How have you all been e…[View]
529720546GO! KILL THIS ARROGANT Yakuza Thread [View]
529729279mfw no Baldur's Gate 3 thread: And several weeks after release we still haven't had a sing…[View]
529729268Taimanin Action: Take a seat anon, the class is starting[View]
529724663You realize its going to be trash, right? You know the devs fucking hate you, right? You're not…[View]
529716136are you really worthy of calling a certain game your 'favorite' if you cant beat it on the hardest d…[View]
529697421UPDATE IS OUT[View]
529726936>Complains about inaccurate translations >Doesn't learn Japanese What's your excuse …[View]
529725246What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
529728975Bro’s is this the greatest game ever created in gaming?[View]
529706408>$500 console with outdated specs >rumored PSN price hike ($80 to play online annually, $135 p…[View]
529727268Did I forget anything?[View]
529727771Ace Attorney: Remember when people wanted there to be a timeskip so these guys coul lead AA6 lmao…[View]
529728301which game has the best thunderstorm ??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd--SZYuWf8[View]
529728718Hahaha, BTFO, snoys.[View]
529727703>If you want to pirate games that's your call but don't be surprised when the games you…[View]
529727248Why do people hate Shadow Dragon so much when it's the best way to play FE1? Yeah the battle sp…[View]
529728376well i guess i'm in favour of sony talking about BLM now[View]
529728402Is there women working with G-Man?[View]
529723026Recommend me some good modern point & clicks.[View]
529716486ITT: oh yeah that happened[View]
529702048ITT: perfect maps[View]
5297233184k pc gaming is useless: 4K PC gaming is useless. At typical computer viewing distances, 4k is not n…[View]
529728163bad game or misunderstood gem?[View]
529728139Ninja Gaiden 4 when[View]
529726651Sound Thread: Sound Thread?[View]
529726176What's the last game you autistically obsessed over?: Right now for me it's Little Nightma…[View]
529723158>$12.99/month subscription fee >$2 per retainer for extra storage >Over $2,000 worth of Cas…[View]
529690316What do you think about Skill Based MatchMaking? (SBMM)[View]
529706247Is it time to upgrade from the 4790K /v/?[View]
529724465ITT: Movies that have the perfect formula for a video game >but anon there is Dead by Da- Shut th…[View]
529727875choose samurai[View]
529725015If you could play real life entirely in 3rd person like a vidya game, would you?[View]
529724178>Find out one of your favorite animes has a fighting game >It's actually fucking amazing…[View]
529726219hordechads... we KNEEL[View]
529726498Cyberpunk 2077 just got delayed again: mfw[View]
529724919Is this the biggest scam of all coomer games?[View]
529726261Why do stats in RPGs make so little sense?: Most of the time?[View]
529709530Holy shit, this game might have the worst fucking controls I have ever seen in a video game[View]
529725404thoughts about this game?[View]
529723594>welcome to Night City, where you can become anything! Who here still hype for Cyberpunk 2077?…[View]
529725540What games are you emulating on your smartphone right now? Don't lie to me I know you have some…[View]
529712885What went so wrong with Fallout 4?[View]
529724661How the fuck did we go from this...[View]
529727013What are some games for people with slow reaction time?[View]
529722783Imma tired[View]
529726947>end of credits >'and you!'[View]
529696675Streaming dead before it even had a chance[View]
529726892ITT: the best part of a game you dislike[View]
529724532Is Vice City Stories a good GTA game?[View]
529726819Got a LG CX Oled coming in. Give me some more games to try out like pic related for black levels.[View]
529726720>Girl joins the guild[View]
529725956ps3 baby commerical is genius: https://youtu.be/gqkNPcUMffU[View]
529724805Visual Novels are not Video Games![View]
529725752ITT: Games no one talks about[View]
529726549Decide to try SCP Go to official server, last open slot. Everything looks good... until a new match …[View]
529725815>Sells console at a $100 loss >Highers up 3A game prices up to $70 for every other platforms j…[View]
529725560Tell me captain, if your Federation is so good, why there's no good Star Trek fighting game yet…[View]
529687706How's that gaming channel coming along /v/?[View]
529719127MGSV: Still disappointed? I was rewatching the E3 trailer just now and I remember how excited I was.…[View]
529724987LOL: Power difference is already showing! SonyBros did we get too cocky?[View]
529722419This turns 20 years old next month.[View]
529714608>imagine needing more than 30fps for gaming >lol…[View]
529723030Tick tock, smashfags.[View]
529725421>Look guys we made the game bad on purr-pose :) >Please talk about us, Youtubers! JonTron? Gam…[View]
529719883>this kills the Wind Wakerfag[View]
529725514Either this is the future of nintendo or Nintendo is going to implode come April 1st.[View]
529723627haha coco looking at peepee[View]
529717560Battlestations Thread: R8 h8 comment8[View]
529722616You can see the SOUL slipping away with each new game[View]
529724332If I play PS2 again will I be able to get used to it because I'm already familiar with playing …[View]
529717350There, I fixed her[View]
529724381>final boss is completely unbeatable[View]
529723903Why does it suck so much?[View]
529722151Timelapse Vertigo. It would have been better name. A subtle nod to the truth.[View]
529725305did you get cucko[View]
529725316The greatest fighter ever.[View]
529725226https://youtu.be/HZdx6OCKa-U Scorn Guy...had a hard life.[View]
529723202Pound for pound. Blow for blow. This is hands down the best video game OST in existence. What's…[View]
529724089BIRD UP![View]
529723953>Wake up >See this What do?[View]
529723593Minecraft: Take a break from getting mad about politics in vidya and tell me what aesthetic structur…[View]
529722298>Pokemon can't get anymore complacent >The already crappy dub of the anime, has to share …[View]
529724925Why do Pink game consoles always sell for the cheapest price?: It mainly is for electronics in gener…[View]
5297249287 Days to Read: >Play 7 Days to die with friend >it’s been 2 years since the last time we pla…[View]
529716490Is it?[View]
529721317>Why yes, I am the best offline Ultimate player in the world right now. How could you tell?…[View]
529722194is it abnormal for me that I dont really feel senile/cynical over 99% of games? I dont have any of t…[View]
529724554Rean Cold Steel Four[View]
529706768>hey anon, how come you always play a lizard dude in RPGs?[View]
529722287>install Baldur's Gate EE Trilogy >install recommended mods >first guard next to candl…[View]
529723839>horror game >being scared of a GAME[View]
529722096which genshin would you impact[View]
529685019What is up with the popularity of Lobotomy Corporation? It came out over two years ago and I still s…[View]
529721170Games your excited for even though they're likely to be shit[View]
529723157Sonic: What do you consider classic Sonic era? As a whole, not what non fans think he was? And how t…[View]
529721032Which one would you get? Hard mode; no doom[View]
529724042What defines a 'comedy' video game ?[View]
529719315Minecraft Village: They say a villages boundary is X amount of blocks from the centre. What does tha…[View]
529721676Doom Slayer, professional airswimmer: https://youtu.be/KmnMe7L4ioY[View]
529715704Did you know this masterpiece was ported to PS4, and runs at a flawless 1080p? It's 100% true h…[View]
529709709Bloodborne for PC - Dead game: Honestly i no longer care about getting a PC port for Bloodborne. I h…[View]
529722991Flash games: Why is the best flash game and why is the best game from the series? also flash games t…[View]
529718176GOTY 2006-present[View]
529721682ITT : chad skills[View]
529717325Which one is the better starting point for Mega Man; the Legacy Collection that includes 1 to 6, or …[View]
529719414There is absolutely no cuter video game protagonist than Mio and Mayu. I used to spend good time try…[View]
529718784>We need a weapon for the medic class[View]
529709762Still the best boss battle music in vidya history.: https://youtu.be/60PGbNVjZW4[View]
529692515>Old pokemom are sooooo much better >You could tell exactly what they were based on…[View]
529722479tell me ur favorite video gaem[View]
529702054What went wrong?[View]
529710121what is your favourite level 5 game?[View]
529718652NICEER characters in vidya. let's go[View]
529717981How about a hug, /v/?[View]
529723379For me, it's Heath Mason[View]
529723343Twitch: Check out this guy hes pretty enjoyable to watch actually. https://www.twitch.tv/stonespear2…[View]
529716017Hi there /v/. Been swimming lately? You should come over some time and relax in the pool.[View]
529696373STAR CITIZEN LATEST UPDATE: GET THE FUCK IN HERE https://youtu.be/g2FhlSDG2Eg[View]
529719717Pumpkin Jack thread, do you like it?[View]
529722727There is zero descernible quality difference between this game and Dark Souls 3 and the people that …[View]
529723118Trials of Mana: Why did the Eagles helped the Beastmen?[View]
529722289YIIK IS SIIK: It's fookin' happenin' broskis.[View]
529721617I can't wait to play this: The protagonist is cute and they sure as hell will make it superantu…[View]
529718702I want to FUCK this bandicoot[View]
529676043total war warhammer thread: SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS post your favourites boyos[View]
529721902Nick Valentine: How the hell is he such a good character when the rest of FO4 has low-tier writing? …[View]
52966430830+ gamers of /v/, what games do you still enjoy playing? I’ve got a huge Steam library but I just d…[View]
529720352Filename thread[View]
529716556>this will never ever happen again in your lifetime[View]
529722591Play Quake Champions Today![View]
529722121>Why yes, I do play Puyo Puyo Tetris and already have 3 copies of Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 preordered. …[View]
529690886>Amber is my main What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
529722234Now that we're less than two weeks away from the collapse of America, what post-apocalyptic gam…[View]
529715125>ctrl + f >'sonic' >0 results sad Talk about his games…[View]
529712645Ok, so if you end up dying and running out of rush jet, you're supposed to just...grind for wea…[View]
529696763RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 CRACKED BY A WOMAN: The crack that saved gaming.. was actually brought to you …[View]
529722010Be Me >poor fag who does not want to pay for games >PC gaming (at the moment) is to expensive …[View]
529476795/v/ the Musical VIII: It's DLC Now Edition Previous Thread: >>529263168 MUSIC LIVESTREAM …[View]
529721269Halloween is almost here. What fun and scary games are you playing this year?[View]
529718265>Has a GTX 1080ti >Game still runs like ass and can't even get a smooth 30fps Any help?…[View]
529661148Fire Emblem: >Professor... I wanted to invite you over to my room tonight, for tea. You will join…[View]
529721001Holy Kino...[View]
529714270Don't open the Dualsense controller, the plastic is so cheap that it breaks easily. https://you…[View]
529718021why do they do this?[View]
529714206It was a good game.[View]
529719170Little Nightmares 2: Are you excited bros? Will you be getting Little Nightmares 2?[View]
529720346Deep Rock Galactic thread: ROCK AND STOOOOONE[View]
529721037What games have the best story? Whether it's main story being great or small side stories being…[View]
529710819>mfw the last two 'modern' games I've played were New Vegas and Max Payne 3 What have I miss…[View]
529717445Planetside 2: Terranchads report in[View]
529696740Almost ready for Shadowlands: You gonna play it right Anon?[View]
529720814*Game's quality falls off a fucking cliff*[View]
529711687Discord integration coming to Xbox[View]
529720745>Fortnite is ugl-[View]
529717286you're 16 and this is your first day in Bullworth Academy. which cliques would you join? and wh…[View]
529712607Been jobless cause of lockdowns so I've finally been putting a good dent into my massive backlo…[View]
529718145You got her a dress, right /v/?[View]
529716639>play a japanese game >translation says shit like 'binary', 'welp', 'bruh', 'dude' Why in the …[View]
529719345This is Dragon Quest Builders 2. Does this game has monster capturing system like in DGV? Does it wo…[View]
529718736Who did it better?[View]
529720545This is Rean's canon wife. Please say something nice about her?[View]
529719163How would you make a game about a hikikomori?[View]
529717383Did they lie about how well the game did in sales? I literally know no-one who actually bought this …[View]
529715124He's cooler than Dante.[View]
529719545I'm reading Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: The Novel. You jelly?[View]
529709147>game/cut scene tries to be serious >it's actually hilarious What's their name? har…[View]
529716560What video game genre hasn't reached it's full potential yet? And why is it voxel games?[View]
529715126so this is the power.... of the ps5.....[View]
529719335TH: 'Byleth, could you please stop staring at my chest? It is most unnerving.'[View]
529718970>Here son, I got you that spiderman ps5 game you wanted[View]
529720093Since there's gonna be nothing about KoF 15 this year, here, have KoF Wing: https://www.youtube…[View]
529714616Mario: Would you recommend me playing all of the Mario games from the very begining up to the most r…[View]
529714703Tactics Ogre: Matsuno and other devs were interviewed for the 25th anniversary https://www.frontline…[View]
529714836Who is the most powerful character in vidya?[View]
529711001It’s Halloween! What spoopy games are you playing to get in the Halloween spirit?[View]
529717661one company to rule them all: intel, nvidia get btfo[View]
529717150Who are you and what are you doing here?[View]
529718989Scorn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6grwdMemV1o Wow, this game looks like disappointing dogshit. …[View]
529641971Have you beat a Touhou game yet, /v/?[View]
529712018is anyone buying amd?[View]
529719578When it comes to player feedback, especially for a game or series that has a following of people tha…[View]
529719506How come most JRPGs have a lower age rating than the average WRPG? Is it CERO meddling with what the…[View]
529719324Dreams: What went wrong? Could a PS5 port save it?[View]
529716420When are we going to get the Sengoku/Bakumatsu equivalent of Red Dead Redemption? Rockstar doesn…[View]
529716678riftbreakers: is anyone else excited for riftbreakers? the hybrid between tower defense and rts seem…[View]
529713293Pirate-CHADS rise up.: .[View]
529708962kojimbo announced the plot for his new game in development[View]
529711195>The only difference between the easiest and hardest difficulties are the health and damage numbe…[View]
529710117>play survival horror game >find a gun >survival horror is ruined Why do devs do this?…[View]
529715280Was it really such a grand and intoxicating innocence?[View]
529716989Enter CHADren[View]
529713250bought RE3 from Humble: How long does it take to receive key? For some reason, it's saying 'Ord…[View]
529719039Drip....... drip........ drip.....[View]
529719028Is Skyrim good for you?[View]
529713989For me it's Kawakami sensei[View]
529717760Pikpik 3: The original ended on a cliffhanger, are you excited for the new epilogue? Do you think we…[View]
529718845Cock and ball torture, Doctor Freeman.[View]
529716881What is the Army of Darkness of videogames?[View]
529712295Amnesia Rebirth: Which ending did you choose?[View]
529718727DK WEST DK WEST[View]
529714219Devil May Cry: Dark minds embrace Crimson Joy Does your dim heart Heal or destroy? DMC thread…[View]
529715909This lost its soul a very very long time ago At least it's finally over Goddamn it, En Masse Fu…[View]
529717480>make console millions will want >offer 15 pre-orders total How the fuck are you even supposed…[View]
529714191This is criminal[View]
529699208JRPGs are irredeemable trash: >draw a boy >call it a girl Why is persona 4 such a shit game?…[View]
529718223For me? It’s Gongaga.[View]
529716394>dad has to go piss really bad >instead of doing that and then going into the extremely long d…[View]
529718158have you ever been banned from a game server /v/? I got banned from official ones[View]
529711838Been homeless for a while. Finally got settled in a place and was able to get my gaming stuff set up…[View]
529718078Place your bets ladies and gentlemen[View]
529717613Well should I?[View]
529717784music sample documentation on various games, without having to join a faggy discord server. goldmine…[View]
529717502do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer?[View]
529695667>ruins your game community[View]
529716187Imagine being a Callie fag[View]
529716046Bloodborne Lady Maria of the astral clocktower: Name a boss battle better than this one, I'll w…[View]
529714719Characters you don’t want in smash[View]
529716096So if he was ADAM why didnt he meet Snake like he was instructed to?[View]
529717295Have video gamers become too entitled, /v/? Back in my day we worked miles through the snow, just so…[View]
529713214So if I get a PC I don't actually 'own' anything?: My options to own anything are piracy or DRM…[View]
529703245You will watch the Monster Hunter movie in cinema right?[View]
529716482This is the future we've chosen: Thank you mobile gaming for blessing us with this business str…[View]
529716750>finally have money >build a great PC >can play literally everything >never really play…[View]
529710948Bosses that deserved better: ITT post bosses that are so fucking cool they should've been harde…[View]
529710248Consoles are better than PC's: >Series X Performance is similar to a rtx 2080 (according to …[View]
529714012Game of the year: 10 / 10 Game of the year[View]
529716986What are you playing on Xbox Game Pass this weekend? I think I might relive my early years and play …[View]
529706707I usually hate indieshit but fuck this game is actually pretty fun It's like Harvest Moon but w…[View]
529716975is Minecraft with shaders the definitive way to play?[View]
529714237The game is fucking bad.[View]
529711971>FPS isn't really that important, games are still perfectly playable at 30 FPS, anything mor…[View]
529697618Can we stop pretending we don't like Ion Fury?[View]
529708838343 Industries[View]
529712369If the Japanese won the war but the Nazis and Italians still lost the war what kind of vidya would t…[View]
529711009Why did faggots think he could actually make a Silent Hill game?[View]
529715736ITT: games only you like[View]
529707923One copy of Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity please[View]
529713148>Racing game >Default controls are automatic…[View]
529716590I seriously hope you aren't this kind of gamer[View]
529716026he did nothing wrong[View]
529715773So, this is all leaving at the end of the month: The Red War Curse of Osiris Warmind Season of the F…[View]
529716367>getting owned >unload a barrage of toxic abuse to my team before i rage quit >matchmaking …[View]
529714548Post the new games you've played this year The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Half-Life: Al…[View]
529714569---{Graphics}--- You forget what reality is Beautiful Good Decent Bad Don‘t look too long at i…[View]
529669327Alight /v/, if you're so smart how would YOU turn pregnancy into a game mechanic?[View]
529713851>people unironically use price to criticize games as someone who pirates all my games I never und…[View]
529716131Will you be getting the new Atari Console anon?[View]
529713631Sucker punch may back to sly after ghost of tsushima: I found it on one discord server, there's…[View]
529710997So I never played ragnarok before but it's almost a year into quarantine and it's still no…[View]
529716040>spent hours making stuff >crashed in minutes…[View]
529711114https://youtube.com/watch?v=aZqH11eKp44 >more than 3 years >still no release he's dead ri…[View]
529715981Kingdom Hearts Thread: Which version do you prefer and why?[View]
529708227DIABOTICAL: Why aren't you playing the hottest, greatest, newset ARENA FPS right now?[View]
529707653What next?: Very late to the party but I finally played Dark Souls and thought it was fantastic. I e…[View]
529703925>final fantasy after x[View]
529715765Why is the camera always shaking during cutscenes?! Even when the characters are just talking, the c…[View]
529704703>LOL, what if we give all deities in the game names of developers? >LMAO, what if we nerf play…[View]
529709674Choose Your Monster /v/: Choose your monster companion from the suggestions in my other threads.…[View]
529715225Post games you wrote mods for.[View]
529715770Why are PC gamers so insecure? Question it over a console and their entire world view comes crashing…[View]
529713941>tfw BOTW won[View]
529713064What the fuck were they thinking with this design?[View]
529641105If you don't like New Vegas you're a faggot with no taste.[View]
529708350Oh shit you are a maverick now: Your name Your gimmick What weapon you give to zero Your stage them…[View]
529712887The hard reality of being a gamer.[View]
529715660Any decent division discords? also vidya discord thread[View]
529712910Thoughts on Phasmophobia?[View]
529709989what does /v/ think of Jade from Dragon Quest XI[View]
529712983'Olol create a GTA is difficult. We have to be 500 employees.': People who say that make me laughing…[View]
529714735Yandere better game: >game specifically states that running will give out your position >first…[View]
529708635Yep, the good guys won again.[View]
529713812Unironically better than GTA V[View]
529714759Does this game have any replay value?[View]
529715250These are the characters I see as having any real chance at being one of the last four dlc character…[View]
529714853Sex is funny[View]
529683303Just landed a new job Think of downloading something on 3DS to celebrate. I already own >Kirby TD…[View]
529714815Halo Reach: Why was it so comfy?[View]
529715054Well /v/?[View]
529703646Will we ever get another Ragnarok Online in our lifetime, /v/?[View]
529714497Red Dead Redemption 2’s high input lag may explain why it feels sluggish: Jesus Christ you guys were…[View]
529713065I've never played a Fallout game. Will I like Fallout 4?[View]
529715002preorder Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity[View]
529711182>Game has multiple endings >Getting the true ending hinges on an innocuous question…[View]
529714628Me anjery Me hate odders haibn fuen Me hat /vg/[View]
529714625Minotaur almost rapes your waifu until you came in to save her, but Mino used flint and steel to bur…[View]
529702064soooooooooo....i think 76 is good now, right?[View]
529712829>cocksucker bloodsucker >Token >Jihad dudebro >mutant whore >turbo cunt I don't …[View]
529706310Another year, another Worlds where Asians win. Why does this always happen?[View]
529713532Are you having a fun day of vidya?[View]
529673274Rune Factory 4: I'm new to the franchise and I've been getting addicted to this game latel…[View]
529711383SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT THE PS3, THE LAST INNOVATIVE CONSOLE: >excellent PS1 emulator even 16 ye…[View]
529712623Now that the dust has settled, who was that guy?[View]
529714536Shenmue: Just finished these games for the first time, holy shit do they love to waste your time I f…[View]
529680565Cyberpunk 2077 vs TLOU2: you know it's going to be a race between these two for game of the yea…[View]
529688902SATURDAY MORNING SCREENSHOT THREAD: You know the drill. It is Saturday morning, drink your coffee, p…[View]
529711309games where you can create your own npcs / factions, preferably with heavy optimization, and have th…[View]
529714017>all week want to play vidya so badly but can't >finally get a day off >suddenly don…[View]
529708324What's the point in the case if all you need for a gaming pc is the components and wires? Would…[View]
529711952What am I in for?[View]
529707468You get to stop censorship at one of it’s many sources.: Which one will it be, Anon? https://www.str…[View]
529711357What drives a man to become a whale?[View]
529714226What's next after Death Stranding?[View]
529713439Games you beat in Quarantine up till now, List Em: Broke my arm a month before we went into quaranti…[View]
529713993You did take the time to make Jack O’Lantern with your friends for Halloween instead of just wasting…[View]
529713359Anyone else think the new Doom Eternal DLC wasn’t too bad? Beat it on Ultra Nightmare already. Only …[View]
529712330>see a hot chick HEEE- >it's actually a elf hoo.....…[View]
529713926Dis nigga is cooking[View]
529713769>Es sind die Amerikaner![View]
529711547>kills tf2 to get people on their servers >barely get any players >fuck up their custom upd…[View]
529713691Smash DLC: Assume 3/4 will be shite, but one will be exactly who you were hoping for. Who's you…[View]
529713673>VVVVVV OST video >comment section: This game has the best name. Nobody can tell if you'r…[View]
529713096HEY SHITASS[View]
529710484is this fucking game good?[View]
529712449Name a SINGLE plot hole in the Metal Gear franchise[View]
529713619I'm about to replay this, are there any decent small-ish mods that are gameplay oriented? Not l…[View]
529712023Who was the best UB Funkey and why was it Nibbles?[View]
529709517GTA if he real[View]
529712162This is your tank for tonight and she says you reek of virginity, say something nice.[View]
529708123Hello /v/ Do you read visual novels?[View]
529712521What went wrong?[View]
529699352Remember when you were a kid and your rival was someone intimidating? Someone always one step ahead …[View]
529713208When this board hates elfs and lunarians so much and why?[View]
529713191BREAKING HALO INFINITE NEWS!: 343 killed the game again lol they've literally made it so that a…[View]
529710851Would you be willing to pay full price for a mobile game?[View]
529711170There are dozens of developers who made more good games than Rare, them being remembered as such a l…[View]
529712071Would you ever consider getting a Vidya tattoo?[View]
529709547Installation 04[View]
529712989What are some great PS3 exclusives?[View]
529712812Did you solo him yet?[View]
529712208>there will never be a good SCP game in your lifetime FUCK[View]
529708671Got this on the sale witha few friends, what are the must play board games I should be getting?[View]
529712334>you are hesitant to revisit a game/series because it probably doesn't live up to your stand…[View]
52971247140k: dawn of war: who was in the wrong here?[View]
529709995Fire Emblem Warriors: Literally what happened? >HW focus on three games at release (OoT, TP, SS) …[View]
529709437Anyone else think this shit was boring? A lot of the levels felt unfinished/rushed and the downgrade…[View]
529706737Bloodborne Thread: Have you replayed Bloodborne yet, /v/? It's the perfect October game.[View]
529708890Sony branding 4K movies as 'PS5 4K Movie Essentials': You can't make this shit up[View]
529711471>play Bowser's Weird Fetish Story >Peach casts some heart magic and effortlessly chucks B…[View]
529711078>he isn't excited for shadowlands: why not? it's looking to be the most hyped expansion…[View]
529706967HAHAHAHAHAH HE'S ACTUALLY A WOMAN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Dropped on the spot. 15 hours in and I…[View]
529712134PRESS THE CIRCLES........ TO THE BEAT........ CIRCLES[View]
529704146>he pirates videogames[View]
529712098Scorn Guy deserves better... :( https://youtu.be/6grwdMemV1o[View]
529711778Soul vs Soulless thread[View]
529711445Videogames are the ultimate antithesis of life, you can always restart from the beggining bearing no…[View]
529706301Never played this. Is it good game to play for halloween?[View]
529711668why are mobile game graphics surpassing PC?[View]
529709316Scenes in games women will never understand[View]
529673089Which one are you going to pick?[View]
529709551I think Doom is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills the demons and doesnt afraid of anything[View]
529710561Why are there no more cryptic videogames?[View]
529707795So what would you do on this situation?[View]
529711108Gee, thanks Fitgirl....[View]
529705705Who is the greatest streamer of all time?[View]
529709586You lied to me: >Hear nothing but praise for pic related >Installed and played it >Wander …[View]
529709042Why do people refuse to use a D-pad? Last night I watched someone fail these bouncy mushrooms a few …[View]
529711345>he does it for free[View]
529710227Miiverse was kino[View]
529610264Alone on a friday night? God you're pathetic. Why not play Action Taimanin.[View]
529711206They call him Omega because he is at the end of the height chart.[View]
529702681Garbage game design. Sunshine is superior to this shit[View]
529704714Soup, retards. I need your help. Not sure if post belongs here, but I'm at wits end right now. …[View]
529700031>same 2 random battles every few steps >headache inducing 5 second looped music >barely any…[View]
529709763I miss gaming magazines[View]
529711015>main character gets betrayed by all their party members[View]
529710991Is there any way to add weight into your character's movements (if only animation-wise) in an F…[View]
529708287Xbox Series is missing a new game of Geometry Wars: Seriously, Geometry Wars is awesome and Microsof…[View]
529706484wtf was his problem?[View]
529710917Was I the only one who thought this was Zelda?[View]
529705292I fixed Aerith[View]
529626639>games is unaffected by the passage of time and is still as fun and as lively as it was the first…[View]
529710582How did we go from this...[View]
529708394The Switch is Nintendo's worst handheld and home console. It doesnt have that signature nintend…[View]
529691384Is there a single game that actually has a fun mage gameplay?[View]
529709573Only getting xsx over ps5 because of the elder scrolls and fallout[View]
529701245Why is it when someone's complaining about their performance in games, they ALWAYS have an AMD …[View]
529710129It's time to discuss the greatest RPG ever made[View]
529708780>dad lamenting mom's drunken abuse and how he's stressing out about leaving the house b…[View]
529709008Which ww1 fps do you think will be the most populated next year?[View]
529697667I'm gonna say it. Gatcha games are the future of gaming and it's our fault[View]
529707208He was based and redpilled[View]
529702203>One of the biggest Gary Stu's in Vidya. >dies, gets immediately revived >Retarded out…[View]
529669309Jackbox: Weekend Jackbox thread! How to play: go to jackbox.tv and enter the code from the current s…[View]
529703525>90's >most people don't have computers, so kids play on consoles instead >adult…[View]
529710068Why is Millia so FAT now?[View]
529705917ITT: PTSD[View]
529709873at long last i can fulfill my fantasies about being a lesbian succubus[View]
529705692Persona 4 Golden: i kinda need help in this boss in persona 4, it’s the shadow mitsuo. I want to kno…[View]
529709856the ending isn't real nothing is real[View]
529696142The lack of the main character killing in this during critical plot points, ruins an otherwise great…[View]
529707098what the fuck is this shit[View]
529705123How the fuck did LoL go from this...[View]
529709447What happened?[View]
529697935Never played Mega Man before, is there any game in particular I should play first or should I just g…[View]
529702856Does the Sonic Cycle still happen?[View]
529697767Which Tifa is best Tifa?[View]
529704207Breeder honeyest. You aren't buying an Xbox OR a PS5. You're buying BOTH.[View]
529696871So, who else is getting a Xbox Series?: Just curious, the PS4 and Switch obliterated the Xbox One an…[View]
529706054Which PS5 Launch Games Will You Buy?: For me it's Destruction Allstars and Godfall. Gotta suppo…[View]
529707226best way to play Minecraft? I want to get in but I don't know which version should I get[View]
529708464Look what i got in the mail /v/[View]
529708120Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
529701182At what point does it get fun[View]
529708909Pirate Thread: RISE AND SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE /Buyfags/!, How's it going??? ------------------…[View]
529707907Games /v/ lied to you about: I picked this up yesterday to spite the wojakshitters buying ad space, …[View]
529700642>'Its doesn't matter if Shadowlands is bad, i'll keep playing because its WoW and there…[View]
529704620I'm mean And I'm handsome Tell your daddy come pay the ransom Oh yea BAD LOVE[View]
529700807how the FUCK did this game have such an amazing soundrack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peuTnilEv…[View]
529707337Is there anything worse than MMORPGs without a subscription model?[View]
529705884Do you enjoy games where you are OP?[View]
529705591Did you support Suikoden 6?[View]
529708483>What you expected the game to be...[View]
529691910What was your first experience with video game ROMS and emulators?[View]
529707996I enjoy watching his streams, but he does lie or at the very least exaggerate quite a lot, doesn…[View]
529708094The charges, officer?[View]
529705960i want to play 3 or 4 ps games total. will ps now work with xbox 360 wired controller?[View]
529708290Dear janitorial staff, please try to understand that a thread dedicated to the actions of one of the…[View]
529701248What do you think of Todd Howadr unironically?[View]
529706674Horror/Halloween Gaming: What are the best horror games to play for the season? Pic related. One of …[View]
529707074Just bought my first gaming pc, what should I try with it first?[View]
529703746Disco Elysium: Was this actually any good or just a political circle jerk?[View]
529702683>game wants the vtuber audience[View]
529707021cc plz[View]
529705148Downloading this currently on PC MASTER RACE, so what am I in for? I wanted to play it a year ago wh…[View]
529697323>finish a game >read the game's entire wiki…[View]
529707117Ace Attorney: Kino or cringe?[View]
529704297Sucker punch may back to sly after ghost of tsushima: I found it on one discord server, there's…[View]
529706741Is Overwatch 2 good for you?[View]
529707636Trials of Mana: For me, It's Angela.[View]
529707723got my VR working, what should I play?[View]
529701687The great debate.[View]
529705518Did anyone play the Modern Warfare campaign? for some reason I be thinking COD campaigns be boring I…[View]
529703191After 1000+ hours I think I’m gonna back it in and wait till Rise. What other games will you Chads o…[View]
529707080>Game has hard moral choices[View]
529703630Why did Todd praise GTA 5 and BotW but not the Witcher 3?[View]
529704095This series should get another sequel. You can't just leave it on 2 like that and not complete …[View]
529707197Runescape 3: Thoughts on Runescape 3?[View]
529705231My wife Kasumi[View]
529703939Are any of the classic Pokemon games available for Switch?[View]
529705840Is there a more comfier licensed song within video game than the Pop Virus?[View]
529635471>JRPG >Yggdrasil[View]
529706953What is your favorite 2D semi-nonlinear action/adventure platformer?[View]
529702081Are there any games that accurately depict missiles knowing where they are from where they weren…[View]
529702137I did not care for Hollow Knight.[View]
529700695give me a quick rundown of the worst video game plot you have ever had the displeasure of playing th…[View]
529703239Why buy a xbox series x if you can get a PC lol: >the PC of the person who says that…[View]
529706202What are the funniest in-game ads you have come across?[View]
529706286this looks terrible compared to the N-sane trilogy is it at least still fun to play?[View]
529703789What went so right?[View]
529700127I miss the good old times[View]
529704837What games have Attack on Titan vibes? I want to play a game where one periodically sallies forth fr…[View]
529703960modding this game was like putting lipstick on a pig. idk why normies fell for it and made it popula…[View]
529705461For the VR bros whos played: What do you think?[View]
529702248What went so RIGHT?[View]
529705725Age of Calamity speculation: Who are they bros?[View]
529696469Ryuji >ugh i hate studyin' it's so pointless, for real Ann >don't you want good…[View]
529701606Higurashi: The first chapter of the VN is free on GoG 'until a vaccine for Covid-19 exists'. You…[View]
529705182This 'game' is pure trash: i loved the first one but this is just bad, its slow as fuck, anything yo…[View]
529705426Where can I download GTAV ped models?: Some of the pedestrian models from gtaV are pretty good (pic …[View]
529694884ITT: post a Smash character and a song you think fits them. Hard mode: not a song about on that char…[View]
529704117>buy the Sega Dreamcast collection on steam >7 classic games >most you've never played…[View]
529703291HABBENING: https://twitter.com/gematsucom/status/1319635570855993351 WE GETAWAY NOW![View]
529701841Does /v/ like Destiny 2?[View]
529700190'Disgusting black creatures, get out of my sight'[View]
529704247Was the platinum trophy worth it, anon?[View]
529703607The only thing I don't like about RealRTCW is the sheen on the Elite Guard. Should just get rid…[View]
529700675So what games do I play on this piece of shit?[View]
529701116Why was the Switch reveal and build up to launch more hype than PS5/SeX?[View]
529704857Show me your top 3 favorite Castlevania songs, /v/ 1. Sinking Old Sanctuary (Circle of the Moon vers…[View]
529704596Examples of Good vidya dialogue[View]
529701269Name a more kino video game open world, /v/?[View]
529704738How do I git gud?[View]
529700238Is there a particular reason why American analysts and media want Sony to succeed and Nintendo to fa…[View]
529703817>Actually 4k >Actually 60 fps >Non-gimped combat >Functional online Here's your Dem…[View]
529700103So were you satisfied with the PS4 console generation?[View]
529702389Which of these platforms is the least likely to make me regret investing in?[View]
529702720FFVII Remake: >Remake a game and set the first Part exclusively in the largest most advanced city…[View]
529694224Press S to spit on grave[View]
529698560How did they fuck up that bad? Was it on purpose?[View]
529698234Terraria: alright /v/. let's settle this once and for all: Corruption vs Crimson. which is bett…[View]
529704198Is Blaseball a video game?[View]
529704031MGSV: What are your experiences with weapons customization and tactical...gear, anons? I spent the f…[View]
529678886skribbl.io /v/ edition: DRAWAN GAEMS https://skribbl.io/?2JoRMzyZzMGj GET IN HERE FAGGOTS[View]
529702021Say it[View]
529687302Valorant: >Huge playerbase >Massive esport scene >High skill ceiling >very few cheaters …[View]
529698567classic DOOM thread: >Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever! Th…[View]
529703868how do chinks and gooks win every fucking time?[View]
529691625Dr Halsey is hot[View]
529703840Deadlocked>UYA>GC>1>ACiT>ToD>The rest don't count[View]
529694945FOTM: ITT: Post & discuss games that had their month or two in the limelight before completely f…[View]
529689527You. Yes you. You must play a shmup.[View]
529702829IRL Vidya locations[View]
529703495>video games aren't ar..[View]
529684319>Game costs 10 dollars >Has $10k worth of DLC why is this allowed…[View]
529682101>As a result of the violent encounter with her friend and his determination to stay alive... Rena…[View]
529699831Here is your controller, bro.[View]
529702530Mark my words /v/, this game won't live up to the hype. Either it's going to come out that…[View]
529701296>virgin tier low chaos, no kills >joker tier high chaos, kill everyone >chad tier low chaos…[View]
529703378In this corner...we have >Halo Infinite >Gears 6 >Fable Reboot >Forza Motorsport Reboot…[View]
529702629What went wrong?[View]
529700113Fact: If the graphics are too photorealistic, the game is trash, always[View]
529703345I'm picking up a ps5 day one. However, am I the only worried about a launch title that is liter…[View]
529696452Anyone else remember being 10 years old and hyped as fuck when the first trailer came? Can’t believe…[View]
529699717ITT: vidya characters you wish you looked like[View]
529703197What even is a superstar anyway[View]
529697701Why not just make this series an mmorpg?[View]
529701038What would a Doom/Halo cross over OST sound like?[View]
529699852Which Digimon games are worth playing?[View]
529700382In this thread, you recommend basic bitch babby beginner citybuilders.[View]
529703152Goddamnit I fucking hate your dialogue choices are useless in Japanese games. You have no free will …[View]
529702262>Playing Modern Warfare with a friend >Some guy calls me a nigger >I report him for racism…[View]
529702362Why are they so bad at video games?[View]
529699646Why are fox girls so popular these days?[View]
529701979Which is the best ending?[View]
529678806the ass game: help me /v/. me and my cousin were talking about memories from our childhood, and we r…[View]
529703039Mystery Mondays: Because everyone hates Mondays edition. Good ole lazy, welfare collecting Mondays.…[View]
529691405face it: story > atmosphere > music > gameplay[View]
529702775Lads I found a picture of Nero's mother Notice how she has the same hair as Vergil?[View]
529698115holy fucking shit bros, this is going to be the one https://youtu.be/o07aWS7JpeQ[View]
529702996Nintenschizos and Xschizos: >be idort >played and beat BotW >go against the flawless master…[View]
529698743>moves on his own >controls like a tank >input delay out the ass >never does what you…[View]
529699873Again, why we hate it?[View]
529702821Grand Order Action game arcade port?: https://youtu.be/YSIo0Q701lY Why aren't they putting this…[View]
529702761Why do all redditors look the same?[View]
529696069I'm playing this on ps4, and there's no way in hell this is a free mobile game. It's …[View]
529698816'you have to make your own goals, it's a sandbox game' what do people mean by this when they sa…[View]
529693813>tfw you enter THE ZONE Post your theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aiERb-5370…[View]
529700368This is the only game that gives me pleasure anymore Am I growing out of video games?[View]
529695961freedom fighters: why did no one tell me this was coming to steam!? anyone played it yet? does it co…[View]
529693261How's the V2 crack, /v/? Does it crash anymore?[View]
529702152>Create-A-Character has a default first and last name you can change >They're yours…[View]
529643916it's past your bedtime: Counting down the days until Vergil is released DMC Thread …[View]
529702056>Try to get into this game >The official tutorial references mechanics that were apparently pa…[View]
529701109This is Bulborb.: Say something nice about him.[View]
529701146classic or retail?[View]
529701851So what does /v/ think of Hat Kid and her game?[View]
529699436What is your favorite 2D semi-nonlinear action/adventure platformer?[View]
529691975I'm only two games into this collection, but so far the bosses have been a let down. It's …[View]
529699232Why do Nintendo suck American cock so much?[View]
529700193Why people like visual novels? I mean, what's so fun about a game where the core gameplay mecha…[View]
529694053Do you think Sonic games would be higher quality if his games sold better in Japan?[View]
529701108Has Riot Games gone too far?[View]
529700669this game: is actually pretty fun[View]
529699167>the only good 3D sonic game is a fangame How?[View]
529701149>'Smash Bros? Melee? Never heard of it.'[View]
529701328>your favourite video game >a flawless videogame >the video game franchise you hate the mos…[View]
529699580Immersion is overrated as fuck[View]
529696157It has a lot of design problems that make it player-unfriendly, irksome and gratuitously difficult t…[View]
529700558Should i buy blinx? It looks fun[View]
529697254*slurpee* >Broken exp system not optional >Linear and smallest region in the franchise >3 m…[View]
529699414This is so much better than Mafia 2. Story is actually gripping and gunfights are way tighter. *tips…[View]
529700892>JRPG >Point of no return. >Procced to do side content because you don't the adventur…[View]
529696542>press 1 button to not die when you're killed A crutch to end all crutches.…[View]
529685858The Witcher 3: >if you don't assassinate him, he will always beat Nilfgaard How????…[View]
529656420I cant believe dragalia... won.[View]
529698985Post an image and a match its vibe with a song from a video game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv…[View]
529697452Remember me: So remember this[View]
529694703Hi Ganix: wew, moar anonfiles()com/T9yba1jap4[View]
529700226Why do people act like Breath of the Wild's story was bad when it actually saved the Zelda fran…[View]
529697940Sakura Wars: I just finished Sakura Wars 5. It was my first SW game. Overall, it was kinda mediocre,…[View]
529699739>Timeshift >Singularity >Section 8 Prejudice How come that the most kino shooters get the l…[View]
529683061Why did they fuck it up?[View]
529698145Xenoblade DE apparently outsold FF7 remake. How the hell did it succeeded?[View]
529686220>final boss is your best friend[View]
529693370Recommend me good/unique/comfy 4X/grand strategy/RTS/TBS games Stuff I liked so far: HoMM 3, 5 Domin…[View]
529699256I did not care for Steins;Gate’s art design, ELITE on the other hand...[View]
529698078Ninjala: What went wrong?[View]
529698086The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion[View]
529699105>Sony games aren't mo-[View]
529673131>He bought a 3080 with 10GB ram OH NONONONONONO HAHAHAHAHA[View]
529697554Video games are back on the menu.[View]
529637615Gamer cringe thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRkao-gyZC0[View]
529683463>Jeez Brain, what are we going to do today on /v/? >The same thing we do everyday Pinky, try t…[View]
529695197>Chris breaks down your bedroom door. >His eyes are aglow with demonic power. >'Anon! Final…[View]
529693663I pre-ordered RE3 and I do not regret that decision.[View]
529698761Gaming Mascots: how does this make you feel[View]
529699264Here is your updated P4 cast. Does it make the game better?[View]
529670084Why was it so...underwhelming compared to 1 and Infinite?[View]
529698202Is 125 bells per turnip good for a Saturday? Also animal crossing thread.[View]
529696563ITT: Casual filters[View]
529699285is this game worth 30 burgers? thinking about getting it since it's on special[View]
529695363Which difficulty should I play first time?[View]
529695684Among us thread, post em.[View]
529698858anyone else here can't play a videogame for longer than two hours and is always browsing /v/ fo…[View]
529698381Irisu Syndrome is already more than ten years old[View]
529695085Who is the most unlikable protagonist in vidya history?[View]
529692425Is watching a playthrough of a game the same as playing it?[View]
529698982ITT: Official Crossovers[View]
529696504>been playing vidya my entire life >dont have a waifu h-how do I find one…[View]
529694518Why the fuck is this thing updating every single week? Not even small patches, it's constantly…[View]
529698534>GTA 2 is more Cyberpunk than 'Cyber Theft Auto 2077' Prove me wrong /v/…[View]
529698775Have you played the spiritual successor of VTM:Bloodlines?[View]
529695772Any good Terraria mod for without the autism of Reddimity? And no, im not patching it to 1.4…[View]
529696579Fable: Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make progressibg your skills result in visible agi…[View]
529675950>Motion controls were a mistak-[View]
529697229>check my huge Switch friends list >literally no one is playing Pokémon SwSh or has played it …[View]
529698168Best Ben 10 video game?[View]
529697125How realistic is too realistic?[View]
529647592/v/ Dev thread: How goes the progress? You still finding time to work on your masterpiece? As long a…[View]
529681482Phantasy Star Universe came out 14 years ago today. Do you have any memories of the game? Did you en…[View]
529698127who ordered a stupid dlc with unnecessary characters?[View]
529674374Hey you! Yea, you! The one lurking the catalog hoping to find nice threads! Post about what games yo…[View]
529697985Gunbound: What went wrong?[View]
529693002Divinity 2: Just finished 1 yesterday. I assume there are significantly different stories to each pr…[View]
529688108>Buy game >Start it 8 months after[View]
529697862Tf2 netflix animation adaptation when?[View]
529696517Super Mario 35: How the fuck do I win this[View]
529653351Oh, you're a 40k fan ? Name every bolter.[View]
529695558Lucas re7: Wasted potential?[View]
529697720>no sonic spinoff which is a strategy game where you play as eggman and attempt to take over mobi…[View]
529674586So is it dead on pc?[View]
529697558>tfw we will never get another masterpiece like Subnautica[View]
529697273Do people watch Let's Plays instead of playing a game for the same reason people watch a sports…[View]
529694995Xbox Series X Noise Comparison[View]
529697557I am the proprietor and salesman of the month several years in a row; the ladies call me 'Oh, god!',…[View]
529696662Comfy rainy Saturday morning: Which one do I choose?[View]
529697420videogames: What video game does this image come from?[View]
529696974People Were Disappointed By Þis Game: Gamefreak truly deserves an apology[View]
529692218I get sad every time I see her on screen. She's gonna get Impaled in 4k while squirming. I want…[View]
529694040And the award for the most overrated game of all time goes to...: The Elder Scrolss V: Skyrim!…[View]
529694353Is nioh 2 worth getting if you haven't played the first one? Love Ninja Gaiden, think dark soul…[View]
529692983Is this current Duke Nukem Forever?[View]
529694446>Fallout 3 >looking for your dad >Go to Megaton >'I'm looking for a middle aged guy…[View]
529694989The best RPG in decades is coming out in a few days. Where is the hype?[View]
529676662I'm starting to think that PS5 isn't even real.[View]
529684151This is a High Elf.[View]
529692379For me, it's Kamala Khan.: For me, it's Kamala Khan.[View]
529696637Is there any specific reason this was never released on Steam?[View]
529693649How do we fix the nether?[View]
529616884Maplestory: Do you miss the good old days?[View]
529684010Did Mario truly ended up more famous than Mickey?[View]
529690368What are the downsides of a Switch Lite over a regular Switch?[View]
529696332CCC: Patch is out.[View]
529694329>notice new larry game >it's a sequel >suddenly recall I played the previous one (Wet …[View]
529695385>game is supposed to be somewhat based on history >has Celtic druids looking like Neolithic Sh…[View]
529696589It ain't the same without Mick, it's much worse[View]
529690681Sonic Adventure is totally irredeemable. Fuck all the Dreamcast copers pretending this is a good gam…[View]
529690553Post your face after you discover that sonybro meme is real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEkjgw…[View]
529695730Every Philadelphia's wet dream[View]
529641317/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>529547508 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
529693880IF the Vita release the same with the Switch would Sony being able to compete with Nintendo at the c…[View]
529695095What went wrong?[View]
529695290>I love a Kraut Ach, danke.[View]
529696330Playing this again. I love it so much.[View]
529688131X Rikku or X-2 Rikku?[View]
529694048I only listen to video game music: I don't even know who all the popular artists or songs of to…[View]
529692152Why did nothing ever top Freespace2?: I've got a serious dogfighting itch but it seems like not…[View]
529693580Why is sony such fucking poison to gaming? Fuck CoD, but this type of shit is obnoxious.[View]
529696167I miss early 2000s XBOX Live communnity bros...[View]
529696162>Skyrim Exploration Suite[View]
529684716chime in with your experience playing gen 1&2 if you were old enough[View]
529688845Which one of these is better?[View]
529691906Is powercreep always a bad thing? Was there ever an instance of powercreeping turning a vidya more f…[View]
529693195No Forst Giant Thread ?: Frost giant thread. Go visit r/ForstGiant , that's where they are cur…[View]
529695761Reminder that passive stand characters are for pussies. Learn an active/weapon stand user today![View]
529681242Post you're toon[View]
529694142He killed millions...[View]
529677558Why does almost every eceleb and normie I see on the internet that pretend to like pokemon have only…[View]
529694876Why do Zelda games always make fun of their gay characters?[View]
529691689Why did he win?: How did one man completely bfto all of his detractors?[View]
529690861if i create a world in 1.14, when i update to 1.17 any ungenerated chunks will have the new caves, r…[View]
529671369How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
529692094Will Hermione be romanceable in the upcoming Harry Potter game?[View]
529656445Post your MMORPG characters: Or as they are traditionally referred to as: Toons.[View]
529691401How the FUCK do you learn to play these games if yiu are a brainlet?[View]
529691935>Playstation doesn't have a masco-[View]
529692908do you buy games for mobile if they are single purchase, full games? https://youtu.be/pDfdaGiYs8k[View]
529695438>tfw when you are in a video game[View]
529695247Hades: Is it worth it?[View]
529687159why is this the perfect handheld?[View]
529677517>We want a healer for our Cyberpunk RPG![View]
529694658>completely incompatible with mods its shit SHIT[View]
529691362What the fuck are they doing? They released nothing this year[View]
529692765What happened to sony? I really use to enjoy buying their consoles.[View]
529695161>repack by xatab[View]
529679812The pope has received his offering.[View]
529689961Fallout 4: Is it worth picking up on sale? Do I need any of the DLC or is just the base game fine?…[View]
529693486Muv Luv thread: Stream ongoing. The mobile game looks actually pretty good for a pre-alpha. Hope to …[View]
529694064Mega man: How strong is Roll?[View]
529629689Hey ho, hunter, alone on Friday again? Why not come down to little old Moga Village, and I'll l…[View]
529691003>mfw TLoU2 will win GOTY[View]
529692106Only 2 more days into GOTY[View]
529694812>game lets you befriend NPCs but they have limited dialogue, destroying the immersion…[View]
529674071before a billion posts laughing that I cant beat the first level. I HAVE BEATEN THE GAME, I HAVE BE…[View]
529691982Are tutorials useless?: So, why do we need tutorials/strat/wiki? Isn't gaming supposed to be a…[View]
529690467*revives all the enemies you just killed* >heh, nothing personel Commander…[View]
529689051>ALL REVIEWS: Very Positive >RECENT REVIEWS: Mostly Negative…[View]
529680817THE PS5 MIGHT KILL PC GAMING: Sony has created a technological marvel. For only $499, you get >th…[View]
529675786Genshin Impact: Is it good?[View]
529693670I work in the video game industry and I thought you'd like to know this juicy news that happene…[View]
529693867>That'll do Babe. That'll do.[View]
529686484>one of the most anticipated games in last decade >in development for almost 8 years >relea…[View]
529689521Beta Protocol when?[View]
529693748SONIC HELP ME[View]
529684379Scorn is disgusting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6grwdMemV1o[View]
529687476>log onto to old multiplayer game >everyone on your friends list stopped playing years ago…[View]
529694058>cinematic comes up >space space space esc esc esc esc enter enter click click click…[View]
529689807Play Baldur's Gate.[View]
529693971Seriously fuck this game. I replayed the base game and all the dlc this weekend because I thought he…[View]
529694090Why do they hate Nintendo and praise Sony so much?[View]
529639549How the fuck is Lyn only 15 in the original game?[View]
529689074what the fuck was her problem?[View]
529690127>A fast paced game that requires you to keep moving nonstop? I know. Let's add an enemy that…[View]
529678935*makes ludo and filters americans*[View]
529692101What's your favorite health mechanic in FPS games? Pickups, holdables, or regen?[View]
529693673laptops of /v/: i'm looking to buy a laptop soon to replace my current, half-dead POS and i tho…[View]
529692016When a certain unmentioned game company releases a 30 year old game globally for the first time in…[View]
529693620>use artifact of command >guaranteed to become immortal and delete bosses >desire to play v…[View]
529676813What is your go-to controller?[View]
529693598Halo Armor Coatings: >You want blue/white colors for your spartan? That’ll be $9.99 Just when yo…[View]
529686643Trails of Cold Steel 4: A pinnacle of modern Japanese RPGs https://www.frontlinejp.net/2020/10/23/re…[View]
529684570Famous videogame analyst Michael Pachter says that Nintendo should get rid of the Switch and only pr…[View]
529692065>character has healing abilities >can only use them during combat…[View]
529691776>game has subtle redpills[View]
529643110WTF I thought Sseth was based and recommends good games, this here is such a let down.[View]
529693075This is how you translate a game people.[View]
529650208AMONG US: BBAMCF 8/10[View]
529666179>defeat boss in gameplay >he wins in the cutscene…[View]
529676452Why does /v/ hate gacha?[View]
529692759One copy of Deus Ex Human Revolution please and put it on my bill[View]
529692236Is TES: Blades any good?[View]
529692496This is criminal[View]
529692262DELETE THIS![View]
529692330>its a good game, just not a good coom game What games are like this?[View]
529691605Meanwhile, at the Salieri Bar...[View]
529691736>plot point set up earlier in the game never gets brought up again[View]
529663130Why are sequels so fucking shitty bros?[View]
529687292>be me as a kid >rent MGS2 cause I heard lots of good things about the first one >start pla…[View]
529689995Pangya: Who's up for some golfing?[View]
529683757Losing game progres: Have you ever been playing a game, having a great time, and then suddenly you l…[View]
529676115I really think the biggest mistake of this game is that you can't do anything after defeating G…[View]
529691380Just buy the game already[View]
529689201Devil may cry: Vergil as a young boy from the official manga. Would you play a DMC set in their yout…[View]
529688505https://blizzardwatch.com/2020/10/23/weapon-restrictions-world-warcraft-still-serve-point/amp/ Well?…[View]
529648854Smash Bros Ultimate: Is this the ideal dream roster?[View]
529676731Another games Steamies will lose. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1297300/THE_SHORE/[View]
529691229Hi guys! Christmas are coming soon and I'm looking for a gift for my sister. She likes Diablo 3…[View]
529691743Should I start playing league? I like some of the female characters and want to buy skins for them a…[View]
529686848https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EloGWUUqUQ4 >kicked for being good at the video game…[View]
529675527Was it really that bad or did we just have unrealistically high expectations after Fallout 3 and New…[View]
529690641RDR2: Red Dead Redemption 2 has just been cracked today.Seed it and you may also post other games or…[View]
529682223Chibi, liking the jump[View]
529690510Ninjala: Was it a flop?[View]
529689864When is the next X game coming out?[View]
529637898Cyberpunk 2077: I will buy your game now[View]
529685956Prey: What this game were about?[View]
529675750What's the most amount of money you've spent on just a SINGLE game?: I can't remember…[View]
529691426>I suffer in Crucible[View]
529689938Resident Evil thread: Which ones will you/are you playing this October also rank games/guns/girls ob…[View]
529687379itt characters that did nothing wrong[View]
529691195God I hate Skyrim modding community.[View]
529677573>people are still invested in the series after KH3[View]
529674086VIDYA TASTE THREAD: Post your: >top 5 or top 10 favorite games of all time >the worst game(s),…[View]
529675663China will be just as big of a player in Vidya as America and Japan in 10-15 years. Screencap this. …[View]
529685805why yes I ruined the greatest video game franchise and its story out of spite. How did you know? it…[View]
529634487So, how's Noita 1.0?[View]
529686289What are some other games that completely shit the bed midway trough?[View]
529681256>Final Fantasy now has good combat It only took about 30 years.[View]
529685274If headcrabs came to Earth do you think the Chinese would eat it?[View]
529688907RE-RE-REGIROCK-U-U-U OMP OMP OMP 𓀀𓀁𓀂𓀃𓀄𓀅𓀆𓀇𓀈𓀉𓀊𓀋𓀌𓀍𓀎𓀏 OMP OMP OMP 𓀀𓀁𓀂𓀃𓀄𓀅𓀆𓀇𓀈𓀉𓀊𓀋𓀌𓀍𓀎𓀏 REGIREGIREGIAIIICEE W…[View]
529687795>the credits play a montage of game footage that makes you feel nostalgic…[View]
529689964>Year 2020 >People here are still playing at 1080p…[View]
529684072How big is your backlog? And do you actually play any of those games or is it just getting bigger an…[View]
529690246Why did they think it was a good idea to delay Halo Infinite when they have fuck all for launch?[View]
529684468>Khajiit has wares[View]
5296904093D Sonic: What if SEGA made a good 3D Sonic game?[View]
529688439Let's see those collections[View]
529688797>final fantasy 7 remake gets its first update since launch >It's fucking nothing Versio…[View]
529690481>have to pay to play the worst missions in the game[View]
529690456Good night, bunbun.[View]
529689056Stealth videogames: Is there any Swat/Special forces videogame? I'm looking for something like …[View]
529690429Hello /v/! Some at /vst/ have been hard at work making BoardCiv, a 4chan mod for civilization 5. The…[View]
529685849Which Original would you Generation?[View]
529690413Best game mods?[View]
529688903How do I enjoy video games? I’m either squirming in my chair or it’s too hard and I’m screaming at i…[View]
529681372Admissions thread: Reveal your secrets /v/! Confess and Be Judged! I'll start: I've never …[View]
529685624For me, it’s basic bear chest armor.[View]
529665196Why didn't he just tell the bees to stop stinging?[View]
529683934>whites play smash bros >blacks play tekken >asians play street fighter >hispanics play …[View]
529689861How do we fix gacha/lootbox whales?[View]
529689479Castlevania: Circle of the Moon[View]
529677745it's time to play onirism, late at night[View]
529665532Cr4sh: So is it good or what?[View]
529685321Name my band[View]
529689931Fallout on Nintendo Switch: Is it ever going to be a thing or do I have to buy it for pc?[View]
529689129Where is it?[View]
529688321ITT: Video Game Moments when you gone 'i want to become God's enemy., basically gone emotionall…[View]
529689008giasfclfubrehber: deepest lore[View]
529689480BORN INTO A PACK[View]
529688005Welp, Sony wins again.[View]
529686303>A new game in your favorite series announced >It's mobile-only >It's gachashit…[View]
529689204What's his problem?[View]
529689596>Dude, what if we made a map out of 2 levels, but under the appearance of 5?…[View]
529688287Games that give me this kind of feelings?[View]
529678451/v/ lied to me: it's fun as fuck[View]
529652014>Isaac... I finally figured out what is going on. The Ishimura is floating in Dead Space.…[View]
529687763The Great Debate[View]
529638098Persona 5 Thread: At what point did you realize she stole your heart?[View]
529684613Where are the PS5 benchmarks?[View]
529684573Ghost of Tsushima: What went so fucking right?[View]
529688980Why does Banjo-Kazooie get shitposted so much now?[View]
529677580>32 GB of RAM is overkill. You don't need that much.[View]
529686195Haf-Layf: In this thread we discuss Half-Life lore! You got it?[View]
529689006>demo is the first level of a game so it supports trophies and they will be forever stuck on your…[View]
529686867Say something nice about Gears of War.[View]
529688982Why does a company called Electronic Arts make pretty much the least artistic video games in the wor…[View]
529688976I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 362[View]
529678921What went wrong?[View]
529686795One hour into this and it has already committed every sin of a western AAA title. I think I'm n…[View]
529688912remember when /v/ was hyped?[View]
529688871Star Sector: Can someone reccomend me mods for a first playthrough?[View]
529688447Gaming Forums: Why did gaming forums die out? What ever happened to your old forum you used to visit…[View]
529684886The last game you played now has it's own Gmod. What's it like?[View]
529688657Still needs a Lightspeed Rescue rep.[View]
529686851https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76VOdt7A-R8&ab_channel=NerdExplains Resident evil should copy Da…[View]
529685329What the fuck happened?[View]
529685590ITT: Good character design[View]
529683836is it true?[View]
529687970Edelgard after the timeskip[View]
529674710What cuhrazy game has the most freeform combat?[View]
529687892Who's the 'protagonist' of each map in your opinion? I'll start by saying I think Ts are t…[View]
529682603tf2 is a magical place: >playing tf2, enjoying a comfy game of cp_mountainlab_event >this guy,…[View]
529666816I like the Marauder, i love the Tyrant But who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to have a fi…[View]
529676010What's the best weapon in Bloodborne?[View]
529679657For me, it's Heath Mason[View]
529659551>have a ton of game ideas that I'm sure would be fun to play and actually doable >can…[View]
529687529Post cool games you think more people should play. They don' have to be masterpieces or anythin…[View]
529687391>Play game >NPCs never tell you anything useful and 9 times out of 10 they just make general s…[View]
529681214Ross: Why is he the best character in Fire Emblem:Sacred Stones[View]
529687643Tales of dead: >no status update on Arise[View]
529682179CHOOSE A PLAYER[View]
529676976Why are people on this board so much against piracy?: >nobody takes issue with pirating windows …[View]
529686784This game is fun, but fuck it suffers from some major design flaws. >Make Yoshi unlockable, unloc…[View]
529681773Korone Easter egg removed: Don’t know if this was the correct place to post but sadly the Korone Eas…[View]
529685642What's that?: You want to find things out for yourself? Nonsense, I got the script right here a…[View]
529683747recommend me a game: the last game i played was time splitters 2. before that cs 1.6. what should i …[View]
529687051have they improved combat or the is it still the same shit with enemy constantly having hyperarmor?[View]
529686936tfw 13 people left in all humanity and none of them is a trap do you feel bad for him?[View]
529681294What did they mean by this?[View]
529679524The story is bland. The music was embarrassing. The voice acting grated my ears within the first min…[View]
529686785the average dark souls 2 player[View]
529683667Fuck mer.: 8,000,610[View]
529667439Isn't your rival supposed to be intimidating?[View]
529685220damn sometimes i think i should uninstall this mod[View]
529678274Why didn't buy Chino-chan's game?[View]
529685584mobile gaming: take the mobile pill[View]
529663273What would you like to see in Splatoon 3?[View]
529685840Where is it? It's time, so where is it?[View]
529684378>need to play 3/4 times to get the full story >every playthrough is like a 50h at least its to…[View]
529679546Favorite videogame lines: > Champions of Azeroth... Thank you for your help, without you the Worl…[View]
529686346>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1HmcsgO7mM He's completely right and you're a buffoon…[View]
529674491Yume Nikki Thread: ALso, is Shikki dead?[View]
529685809NINTENDO SWITCH FREE MEMBERSHIP: Who here has a Nintendo switch. I’m selling mine. I have a 3 month …[View]
529679186BG3: No Baldur's Gate 3 thread? Lady of Sorrows have mercy you anons are fools.[View]
529684612Why is corrupted Cortana so hot?[View]
529685065Fuck life: Just found out my grandma died. I dont want to fucking think about it And i cant look any…[View]
529686172>get's toasty in standby mode (confirmed by xbox, microsoft an epic games). >wife 4.0 …[View]
529686060what is the most Ludo game you have played this generation or decade? (not Kino)[View]
529619418WebM Thread[View]
529682203Game idea: What you guys think about dis A multiplayer game like set in a post apocalyptic world lik…[View]
529685785Baldur's Gate: I am about to start a modded playthrough of BG1+BG2 in one big campaign. What th…[View]
529680195Video Games aren't fun anymore.[View]
529684347Is this game good?[View]
529645757Is Adeleine the closest thing the Kirby series has to a tomboy?[View]
529683793When can I play this game?[View]
529561436What's your favorite WoW dungeon? For me, it's Scarlet Monastery Cathedral![View]
529677018Post your face when someone says: 'Oh I don't play videogames'[View]
529671152Let us discuss these PS5 bews in a civil matter.[View]
529685007Look At This One: My tier list of BFB characters that I like or dislike[View]
529683791there is no such thing as a perfect video gam-[View]
529674762What are some of your favorite freeware games?[View]
529683542Ruins another one of your favorite video game series: Whelp After CS3 I thought they reallyput in ef…[View]
529659957is it actually a better game than the rest or is it contrarians?[View]
529684771Filename thread[View]
529685024I'm trying to remember a game, the cover has like these weird sphere headed primitive 3D modele…[View]
529684871what am in for /v/[View]
529685043>didn't get all my stranges at the same time >now my loadout looks weird with a hales own…[View]
529674942just got into this game, only played a little over an hour so far but holy shieeet. this games based…[View]
529664317The most iconic capcom girls.[View]
529680905>He doesn't wait for the full game. Explain yourself[View]
529615804How do we fix FFXIV?[View]
529683694>10 years since the last good naruto game What went wrong?[View]
529684698Thread about the latest and greatest hardboiled detective drama. Chicken Police. https://www.youtube…[View]
529678064/fa/ protagonists thread Goddamn Yagami is a sexy beast, I wish I could pull this outfit off withou…[View]
529684226The charges, officer?[View]
529682764What's so bad about not treating female video game characters like sex objects?[View]
529683562Any video games that let you return to monkey?[View]
529667757It's been 135 days and we still don't know her name[View]
529683781The PS5 isn’t even real. It’s an idea, a collective mindset. Sony sold us an idea, one that started …[View]
529682936one of the best DS games is finally getting a sequel and I could not be more happy[View]
529683979>Porn RPG game >Sex scenes only happens when you fail…[View]
529679421What's the /v/erdict?[View]
529681682Battlestations Thread: Post them and rate them Recently built these gunpla MGs and my SEED collectio…[View]
529682858what is the optimal way to sit both to be comfy and avoid deep vein thrombosis? both for pc gaming a…[View]
529673872Who was the best girl?[View]
529683749Batman Telltale: I'll be honest, this moment almost got me tearing up. Despite its shortcomings…[View]
529670506Is there a bigger slut in gaming?[View]
529676007Now that the dust has settled who was in the wrong here?[View]
529679534What’s the state of gaming communities and MMOs?: Are they really full of antifa level tattle tales …[View]
529683537My wife Kasumi[View]
529683521>50 year old tranny is producing FFXVI Is there any hope left?[View]
529676084Why didn't the Androids or Machines just walk away? And if they both needed to fight an enemy s…[View]
529683182MOMMY I'M SCARED: Send some positive vibes my way to motivate me to press on.[View]
529683228I love this, is like a free remaster.[View]
529680840how r we coping?: I STOPPED ALL PC UPGRADE PLANS >realized that to fight off ps5/SeX i need to re…[View]
529683343>start game >play it for days >save progress before the last dungeon/boss >never touch i…[View]
529683207Do you think it would be interesting if Link was any other species? Unlike Zelda, he's reincarn…[View]
529683291I will now buy your game[View]
529680317Why did Dave leave?[View]
529664576>Crash Bandicoot 4 is a massive bomb and the biggest vidya failure of 2020 Fucking called it. De…[View]
529672167The name is Druckmann. Occupation: Video Game Director Legacy: The mastermind behind The Last of Us…[View]
529679823redpill me on DS2.[View]
529672951I LIKE THAT TRADE[View]
529677490Can you feel it brothers? The elden ring it is so close. Have faith we will soon have salvation.[View]
529681187Hades thread: It's official, Ares casts build is the strongest build in the game. Have you than…[View]
529682247Yeah, I'm thinking health packs are based. Imagine regenerating HP by doing nothing.[View]
529682815How's the trophy hunt going /v/? Got any platinums lately?[View]
529672496Never played this series before, is this game good?[View]
529673786>final battle >you switch to the antagonist and fight the protagonist…[View]
529679386So is this gonna release for PC or what?[View]
529677615ITT we make up arguments why we play female characters in video games: >smaller hitbox…[View]
529652910Check it[View]
529672707So we're all ready to admit that Bloodborne would be a disaster on steam, right? It belongs on …[View]
529680841still the best[View]
529679668Why is this so much more better than the first one? Can’t put my finger on it but it’s a huge improv…[View]
529676337>playing horror game >MC encounters an enemy >OH SHIT OH SHIT you got this come on fucker! …[View]
529682308FOnline 2: This fan-made 'MMO' cobbled together from the original Fallout games is unironi…[View]
529676842>Expired photobucket link contains the bug fix[View]
529672704What's the last game you had actual fun with, /v/? Pic related for me[View]
529676616>cinematic >still fun >2011 I don't get it, why do games today struggle so hard with b…[View]
529677828What did you imagine gaming in the 2010s/2020s would be like as a kid? Has it lived up to your expec…[View]
529677881don't mind me, just posting a friendly BEST GIRL reminder. How's Friday going, luvs?[View]
529678675What games people with high IQ play?[View]
529681962Any good games set in cold war africa? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWBcBEk9T5g&t=40s[View]
529655408Mr. Howard has arrived.[View]
529674796>HURR CHARACTERS WOMEN WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!!!11 Shepherd was a traitor to the US, started World…[View]
529681584Is he technically a necromancer?[View]
529681724Favorite Video Game Character Bingo[View]
529680456Five Nights at Freddy's: Time for YOUR controlled shock.[View]
529681285Strangely familiar...: What video game OST is being sampled in this satanic video? https://m.youtube…[View]
529676794Red Alert 2 20th anniversary: Crazy Ivan say Happy Birthday![View]
529680829okay I've fucking had it. tell me what the best vr headset to buy right now is OTHER than the v…[View]
529652864Hey you! Stop in the name of the Mighty Switch Force! Thread[View]
529676473Early 2000s/6th Gen Nostalgia Thread: Can we have a thread about the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era? What gam…[View]
529679000Images that make /v/ seethe[View]
529681253holding down the attack button in order to continue combos with more precise timing is the best mech…[View]
529647032Cool artwork[View]
529678348the killer was the player all along [View]
529663296ITT bad games you've heard people defend IRL My coworker kept saying 'it's not that bad' w…[View]
529679780VGM 3x3 Thread: Post 3x3s of your favourite videogame soundtracks[View]
529681151Your buying Xbox but...: The Old Ones perished a thousand years ago. Their great cities turned to gr…[View]
529678181>Goes to shake La-Mulana's hand >dabs instead…[View]
529680987What went so very wrong? What a piece of crappola! Peeyew![View]
529661868Has ConcernedApe commented on adding her as a marriage candidate?[View]
529669217>sonic was never good[View]
529677370Remember when DMC was rebooted?[View]
529680821Amnesia: Rebirth: Recently learned that there is a new Amnesia game coming out. I thought I may chec…[View]
529678369Yay or nay? I bet it sucks because rockstar themselves suck dick. Hate the game not the player. What…[View]
529680578the nintendo switch is BASED: Im having a blast here with donkey kong and fucking the original TRIAL…[View]
529680769>games where the villain of the story is the true hero[View]
529678897Dirty Bomb: I miss it bros, will Splash Damage ever make a new team based shooter?[View]
529673050Post your sprays Or else[View]
529665112>Super Mario Sunshine is a bad ga-...[View]
529643783Party Van: It's Friday, /v/! It's the week before Halloween, which means it's time to…[View]
529659031So let me get this straight. Nintendo has a service on Switch where you can play their NES games for…[View]
529662584Who /OLED/ here???[View]
529677319Any games where the first level is the hardest?[View]
529677808>breaking game's code for speedrun Is this fun?[View]
529676615I'm a chuckster![View]
529653896I never understood how you're supposed to pronounce this.[View]
529643964So superior hardware vs exclusives?[View]
529623262The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.[View]
529678865Is it worth it or is it just a diet soda fallout[View]
529641807Futaba is cute! CUTE![View]
529619103Nioh 2: Giant Toad Oil is used as lube[View]
529654695Friday Night Worms: Greetings wormers! Thanks to a fellow anon, we have an updated noCD version for …[View]
529679565https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29971/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-40- Intel 20.19…[View]
529674171>check my huge Switch friends list >literally no one is playing Pokémon SwSh or has played it …[View]
529679151Feel?: https://youtu.be/cWf1MR742TQ Games for this feel?[View]
529670173Snoop Dogg has an Xbox Series X. Not only Leah have the Series X, he has a whole Xbox Series X fridg…[View]
529653497Was Assassin's Creed Unity the most tragic game of the decade? It seems that it unwittingly fel…[View]
529678142Only the hottest vidya characters are allowed on this thread[View]
529674152>hundreds of games to choose from across everything I have set up How do I make myself play somet…[View]
529676856Disgaea: Does /v/ like Disgaea?[View]
529677383Are you ready for christmas /v/ ?[View]
529615638>MM8BDM v6 came out today, covering MM10 and MMV >MM8BDM, after 10 years, now has literally ev…[View]
529678791'I have done more for the JRPG community than any video game in history with the POSSIBLE exception …[View]
529678786Thoughts on this game /v/?[View]
529654608Name a more pleasing, aesthetic and powerful video game weapon than a revolver. A timeless classic i…[View]
529672067it's never coming out[View]
529664001Sonic Colors: Was Sonic Colors any good?[View]
529675431I fucking love teamkilling.[View]
529659572Is this some kind of twisted joke?[View]
529669308Which is the scarier setting for a video game. Deep Space or Deep Sea?[View]
529663808>knew about Razer and their overpriced shit >still get one of these during last year's bl…[View]
529663486Why is /v/'s taste so shit[View]
529676542Among Us Hacks: https://platinmods.com/threads/among-us-ver-2020-9-9-mod-menu-apk-see-impostor-alway…[View]
529656296One will protect you, rest will try to kill you[View]
529677646What went so very wrong? What a piece of crappola! Peeyew![View]
529676246>Say anything negative about a game >'Get filtered' >Say anything positive about a game …[View]
529674813/v/ you have to help me out. My head isn't properly shaped for gamer headphones, so they either…[View]
529674402New pc coming soon: What games did I miss these past 5 years bros[View]
529668268/v/go: Friday night BGO aka Board game online old thread got fucking catapulted cause you faggots di…[View]
529676179>October 2020... I am forgotten[View]
529676019>tfw you really want to solve the puzzle yourself, but you're out of ideas At what point do …[View]
529675009what's the best mic if your headphones come without one?[View]
529677173>absolute horrid start >reach the fort >this might be pretty good >completely shits the …[View]
529675660Look at this Switch, the colors are different!!! Holy fuck.................. Goddamn I hate myself[View]
529657183What did you think of the new trailer, /v/?[View]
529676887ITT; Autistic shit you do in video games: I'll start >Playing any FPS with loadout building …[View]
529676886Post physical collection thread[View]
529656991Oh wow, it's an allegory for socialism[View]
529674659Why did nobody care about this game when it came out? It feels even more irrelevant than crash 4 whe…[View]
529671021Square Enix's 2020: FF7 remake is the only thing holding up this year of flops[View]
529674534Games for this feel?[View]
529659185Gran Turismo Thread: >that UI design What were they thinking,what happened to the simplicity from…[View]
529668447Let's us have a normal, well-mannered discussion on the game 'Pong'. QUICK, POST 36 BEFORE THE …[View]
529666543Witcher: how come /v/ never talks about this game anymore?[View]
529676034Just tried this for the first time in a decade when i was growing up and it was fairly mediocre. A 6…[View]
529674082why were they keeping jenova at the nibbel heim reactor anyway? is that explained in crisis core?[View]
529652480I know you want one.[View]
529662381>woke up this morning >still am not anthony burch…[View]
529668851Microsoft hardware subscription: https://wccftech.com/xbox-game-pass-platinum-cloud-streaming-sticks…[View]
529675026heh not in a million years[View]
529658806How much realism is enough?[View]
529668761What was the last objectively good game released?[View]
529657908/v/ plays Secret Hitler: Let's play some Secret Hitler. https://secrethitler.io/game/#/table/Pr…[View]
529675834Elena Fisher: probably the best vidya wife[View]
529668665What was his fucking problem?[View]
529675734Marvel Avengers: An awesome game[View]
529675638What happened? Why hasn't it been released on consoles?[View]
529664768so in the end: was the $90 Worth It?[View]
529664656Was he the real Adam?[View]
529672246What games let me be mean to other players, and not be banned for being 'toxic'. Im tired of this ca…[View]
529629791Why stop DOTA2?: Why did you stop playing DOTA 2?[View]
529668778The best couple in a video game ever[View]
529661293This is so much worse than mario royale that its not even funny[View]
529669869>We're much closer to the matrix than people realize Half-Life 3 will be playable via a brai…[View]
529599565Cut Content: Discuss Cut Content.[View]
529673886He's right you know? we are so full of politics and irl shit that we've forgot what vidya …[View]
529657757How are those plat collections going /v/?[View]
529675002>Don’t like English VAs because the girls sounds like 30 year olds trying to sound like 15 year o…[View]
529662805Bored. Anyone wanna play some GGXrd? I'm in USEast. Guilty Gear Strive thread I guess.[View]
529662963>Ruins Mother 3 by constantly acting like a bitch and crying over his mommy Why?…[View]
529672875Shitty Xbox naming conventions.: What will the next Xbox be called?[View]
529664809What's the appeal of speedrunning?[View]
529671578It's time for the late night nostalgia thread, /v/. What's in your memory? https://www.you…[View]
529656514Friendly reminder that Fire Emblem is more relevant than Mother/Earthbound.[View]
529668531The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion[View]
529665239wtf people told me it was gonna be waifu garbage but the game is actually fun[View]
529671315Are there any vidya characters that you can call a personal role model[View]
529665347DKC Thread: >dkc tropical freeze >get to the first savannah level >halfway point >jump f…[View]
529674565I can't end a single game. I'm dropping them half-way or near the end. I'm such a los…[View]
529673036Will it ever be topped?[View]
529674412WHERE IS IT[View]
529674298Sekiro free update / GOTY edition: https://blog.ja.playstation.com/2020/10/24/20201024-sekiro/ >T…[View]
529670438>Deus Ex cancelled >More boring brain dead shit piss fuck ass Tomb Raider sequels I am so fuck…[View]
529666114Was Phil Fish ahead of his time?[View]
529674389What games let me play?[View]
529674278Any other games where you can play as Satan?[View]
529635821Name a better metroidvania. You can't.[View]
529658447What are your thoughts on Katawa Shoujo?[View]
529672054Its finally here Steam and GoG bros![View]
529667709I am happy to be born in USA.[View]
529672293Anyone else pretend they are a streamer in their inner-monologue when playing games alone?[View]
529674196Why is the soundtrack so sad?[View]
529673850If I cut off their limbs, will they die?[View]
529661916ITT uncounterable enemies[View]
529674153Play Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Superhero Bulges[View]
529651926Aoi loves you so much, anon... Aoi didn't want to lose you... It's the truth. That's …[View]
529673653During the development of Smash 64, Sakurai contemplated having James Bond as a guest rep due to the…[View]
529672298Just finished it on PC, can we have a thread? I completely loved it and might be one of my favorite …[View]
529649421What the fuck?: The DualSense doesn't seem to have screws. Is it even fucking user repairable? …[View]
529673284I'm having a hard time picking a mother board. Are the more expensive ones really worth it? Or …[View]
529673963>he was right all along[View]
529672987name one thing this Stadia has done successfully. inb4 dies.[View]
529673867why can this generic cover shooter tell a more interesting story than AAA titles do?[View]
529667103>he picks permadeath mode >still resets every time a character dies…[View]
529668383Among Us: Getting banned from lobbies again because Among us Players getting salty over a name…[View]
529673540‘Gotham Knights’ Developer Rumored To Be Working On Superman Game: https://heroichollywood.com/super…[View]
529667630Why isn't there any other game that has a fun, goofy and entertaining story like this classic?[View]
529668737Thoughts?: dream managed to rig the whole mob vote even though he doesn't even care about which…[View]
529673392There is literally nothing to play rightn now[View]
529670926Final Boss: God[View]
529673207Vidya World: Developer >4chan >FinalFantasyFan08 Developer >4chan Series >Video Game Ser…[View]
529673067Games with this feel.[View]
529672996>sandbox game >automate and industrialize by exploiting mechanics the developers never intende…[View]
529661784Fuck you, /v/. You lied to me, this game is terrible.[View]
529670753MGR2: So i have been in a coma for 6 years and i was wondering if mgr2 has been released already, if…[View]
529670373Console FPS games can't be goo-[View]
529663763>running zombies[View]
529669469At what point can you accept that a group of people will claim a game is bad because they ultimately…[View]
529668579why did this game explode in popularity? it's much less a game than basically just people talki…[View]
529672698If I have to be honest, they're the least cringiest mainline vidya company currently. And this …[View]
529669592>chat hidden >voice chat muted >emotes disabled…[View]
529668823*Is one of the best antagonists in gaming*[View]
529667319>Crash Bandicoot 4 is a massive success and one of the biggest vidya releases of 2020 Fucking cal…[View]
529672094Name a game where you needed a notebook to finish it.: Some of my favourite gaming memories have bee…[View]
529672317HERO FORGE: Thread Game: Hero Forge, create a character and others guess who it is.[View]
529672257I want to play Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods DLC NOW NOW NOW When will we get it PLS my pc takes 6 …[View]
529667909Silent Hill thread: LOL[View]
529671148They're keeping gaming alive. Every other developers quality of games are subjective, but if a …[View]
529672171So what happened to Billy's father?[View]
529668603>Game has a giant woman: I will now buy your game[View]
529671993THANKS SONY: New PSN Store is shockingly bad and a massive downgrade. >'We want the minimalist re…[View]
529669693>first meet her in a jail cell >gets held hostage by Pyscho Mantis >gets shot and held hos…[View]
529671830>game has min-maxing[View]
529671431>Fatalis in groups Save yourself the headache and just solo him anon Trust me, it's easy alo…[View]
529668410What games are you playing on your phone?[View]
529668183Thoughts about this? Did brood war fuck up the rts genre?[View]
529670979>Coming up on three years old in a few weeks >Still has daily threads >Many of which hit th…[View]
529671301Good navi = dead navi: Good navi = dead navi[View]
529669304Why do western devs abhor cute and pretty characters?[View]
529669298>make a thread about a game >gets 5 replies, dies >someone else makes a thread about the s…[View]
529667501Persona 4: Persona 4 is a pog game[View]
529669147This is the greatest video game ever made. You cannot convince me otherwise.[View]
529671110What are the best OSTs of 2020?[View]
529666068Scary games: Are you playing scary games this month? I downloaded silent hill 4 and will play fatal …[View]
529671189Now that we know that 'Cyberpunk 2077' will just be a poorly made GTAV clone, when are we getting a …[View]
529658809Remember: switching to your tertiary is always faster than reloading![View]
529671187That's Mama STONE to you, eggface![View]
529669483How would you even defeat the GOAT after he fuses with the planet?[View]
529671032>20 minutes into RDR2 >main characters are already simping for some random cunt they found in …[View]
529670903>lose to boss >defeat him in cutscene[View]
529669671Pumpkin Jack: Looks like Cartoony Platformers are back on the menu boys.[View]
529670090Fire Emblem: How would you design an FE fighting game?[View]
529664292what are some good minecraft mods? where do you guys look for yours?[View]
529670470This game is way too easy. Also Shadowheart's romance was really cute[View]
529668184Thoughts on Galimulator. Have you tried it and what do you do for fun[View]
529670369What exactly were these supposed to reference?[View]
529670329>Could have been 'the one' - like the Neo of sixth gen wrestling game >Doesn't introduce …[View]
529669668She is sucking the life out of me, bros.[View]
529669957Woah guys, this poll about the debates is about to end! Hurry and get your votes in![View]
529669598Should Crash get into Smash, do you trust Smash modellers to finally faithfully translate this desig…[View]
529668654>videogame has persistent corpses/bullet holes >finish battle >walk back through the area a…[View]
529657758Why the fuck can they not decide on a single design for chris[View]
529669596aside from RDR/RDR2 are there any other games or series where you can play as a cowboy? I honestly c…[View]
529642026We will receive info on a new Deus Ex, within six months.[View]
529669552ITT: times you fucked up in video games Pic related, I just killed based Magus and saved over it wit…[View]
529667126What games with shit tier graphics are popular with normies? Beyond touhou, Minecraft, undertale, am…[View]
529669401https://www.strawpoll.me/21151686 Out of these roguelites, which one is the best in your esteemed ga…[View]
5296565533D Platformer is officially no longer a dead genre Stop complaining about it being 'dead' now please[View]
529596081ITT: game ads[View]
529668839Is there any hope for a new dot Hack game series?[View]
529664989Why doesn't anyone else try making something like the nemesis system with their games? It could…[View]
529668208Hey stinky.[View]
529667060So /v/, how's your mount collecting going?[View]
529668735If Megaman Legends 3 were to be revived...: ...would it be a strong enough move for Capcom to be see…[View]
529667698Battle station thread. I will start[View]
529666984>Hey hey hey! Yeah, you! >I've been doing this for ten STINKIN years! >Back and forw…[View]
529668403I have created a big pastebin compiling how to play a bunch of (mostly older) games I've been m…[View]
529664371Is there a good guide on how to configure Dolphin and DamonPS2 for Android online? I downloaded but…[View]
529667686Why don't they just make consoles as powerful as a PC so they can do 1080p 60fps for every game…[View]
529667858fap to Skyrim anon fap to Skyrim[View]
529657164is the age of the home console over?[View]
529662410>>529659841 >but you get down to it Strangelove based the AI off of the classified informat…[View]
529662853ATTENTION NIGGERS What PC controller do you use? I am returning from my few year hiatus of pc gaymen…[View]
529666928>sees this ad >goes to autism speaks Which one of you faggots did this? I need to buy you a tw…[View]
529663307Wanting to get this, as well as the Mega Man X collection pt II to experience Mega Man X8. I hear th…[View]
529668032How's your hunt been going?: I managed to get a preorder through yesterday on blt and ETA has s…[View]
529615798Why no one told me that this lizard bitch is the real villain?[View]
529662076Bokoblin in Breath of the Wild[View]
5296678808 days till Christmas season starts what do you play every Christmas season for me it's pic rel…[View]
529666957pokemon went from costing $40 to $90, #thankyougamefreak[View]
529667850ITT: the worst levels from their respective game[View]
529660710Realistically, where does sony go from here? They already brought out the big guns by partnering wit…[View]
529662648>zoom this >zoom that What the fuck is the obsession with this board's obsession with cal…[View]
529664494What do you want to see in Final Fantasy 7 remake part 2?[View]
529643283Why dont you have any vidya records anon?[View]
529664221The real reason Zeldafags fear malon: >link ends up in a dream island >Nightmares create his i…[View]
529660187MercurySteam's Castlevania game: Shortly after Samus Returns and Spacelords got released in 201…[View]
529665825Is it as good as the ps3 version, or should I emulate? Full Body had some weird additions which mess…[View]
529663393Will it have mouse and keyboard support[View]
529659130GTA Radios ranked: >GOAT tier MSX, SFUR, Rise, VRock >God tier Radio Los Santos (GTA V), Vibe …[View]
529631934SEGA DREAMCAST: I dare you to say one single good game that is exclusive to this console.[View]
529653749COME PLAY MY GAME: I made a game during lockdown. You're good at videogames, right v? https://c…[View]
529665571What other games have gone though so many changes that not even devs know the direction the game is …[View]
529666038Why does Microsoft flirt with the idea of making Master Chief a black guy (or replacing him with one…[View]
529663767YOU'RE THE ONE THAT MAKES ME FEEL SO HIGH (just like the diamonds in the sky)[View]
529666878It's okay[View]
529667069Finally a worthy sequel to Vice City[View]
529653237Anyone else use trackball mice? I can't be the only one?[View]
529656582Does /v/ consider Smash Bros. a fighting game?[View]
529666676Wow: What the fuck[View]
529661546>fan event happening right now. invitation only >the whole trivia thing crashes and nothing wo…[View]
529664971>black protagonist >Doesn't have a dad Why is Sony so fucking racist?…[View]
529662453War Thunder: Why are Japanese planes so overtiered?[View]
529659414ITT Button layouts you hate >Press L3 to run[View]
529660835I'm not a monster, it's only a mask.[View]
529606221COLD STEEL 4 CONFIRMED FLOP: >5/10 rating oh no no no >There were multiple times in Cold Steel…[View]
529666415Find a flaw: I'll start; it's not launching with a killer 1st party game[View]
529658879Why there's no any graphic mods for this 2009 game?: Why there's no any graphic mods for t…[View]
529650037fightstick thread: Post your fightstick /v/[View]
529658037Disgaea 6: I will now buy your game. https://www.gematsu.com/gallery/disgaea-6-defiance-of-destiny/o…[View]
529662431Who was the best Gold Saucer date option in Final Fantasy VII?[View]
529663271Has Sony's marketing strategy been good?[View]
529665241>make game where you literally cannot do any quests because the game auto forces pvp meaning you…[View]
529666350Does anyone else here feel leisure guilt? It's taken the fun out of vidya recently and im not s…[View]
529661079IT WAS ME, /v/![View]
529654918>Meanwhile in /v/'s trench[View]
529660232Amnesia: Rebirth: I'm slightly after the part where they drop you off with the alien taxi and y…[View]
529648962PC Games: Was looking for some opinions of a few games I wanted to get for PC that are on sale... -O…[View]
529653492Hades: Are the triple projectile boons a trap? I usually only hit one dude with them anyway and on b…[View]
529659964is a switch worth purchasing?[View]
529661891VR Thread: VR Thread, please discuss[View]
529665686>Playing Catherine >Check out all of answers to the confessionary questions >Women always l…[View]
529665905I’m still mad[View]
529665891What are some games for this feel?[View]
529665842How would you improve upon the 'murder mystery mixed with detective trials and huge plot twists' gen…[View]
529650130At what point did you realize it was a masterpiece?[View]
529661425>Ridge Racer is dead >Wipeout is dead[View]
529657525When’s the last time a game made you cry?[View]
529665121When did you stop playing Gaia Online?[View]
529629260does WoW have the weakest dragons in a fantasy game?[View]
529634048Play Higurashi/Umineko/Ciconia. They're all on Steam and the first chapter of Higurashi is FREE…[View]
529665358which is your favourite level 5 game?[View]
529664426why are most scout mains fucking dogshit?[View]
529665450Okay, who actually bought this? Also collector’s edition thread[View]
529651521If it wasn't for the Joy-Con drift, it would be the greatest game console ever made.[View]
529660871I did not care for Xenoblade Chronicles 1[View]
529665173Why is this game so popular? It's fucking boring as shit[View]
529661879What's the best racing game out right now where I can customize my car to look like this?[View]
529661461Sonic Character Designer: >Type in your name >Select random pieces >Congrats, that's w…[View]
529664489I found an OSRS private server that might become a big thing in 5 years, where can I get a program t…[View]
529662280>she cute[View]
529661853Are you hyped?[View]
529625726'That's it Nishkiyama..... i'm gonna go YAKUZA KIWAMI'[View]
529663709PC and Nintendo are the only /v/ approved platforms?[View]
529659683has anyone played Airborne Kingdom[View]
529662885this game made me hate Navigation systems that do not provide you with a detailed route to your dest…[View]
529653856>game becomes less fun the more you play what's her name, /v/?[View]
529652270It's time to admit it: It wasn't very good.[View]
529656725I haven't played this game until now since I despise action souls bullshit and I hate both DaS3…[View]
529662672>replay Cave Story >get to the Sand Zone >drop it again…[View]
529663638>accidentally let one of your toes hit a mud puddle >weapon is now degraded beyond use fuck th…[View]
529622209WHAT?: >https://youtu.be/oEkjgwiq0QM WHAT?[View]
529657352>My heart cries out, what do I call the pain? >Feelings abound, now I know the name: >S T …[View]
529663749Ross thread: Ross thread[View]
529661787stupid vidya tropes: >fat enemy >has more health than regular enemies…[View]
529658368Does /v/ play Priconne? And by play I mean read the story since the gameplay is an auto battler[View]
529655294Another Friday night another chance to play BGO with /v/. Never played before? Just hop in the link …[View]
529661713I used to play this game a lot when I was a teen. Is there a way to play this game nowadays? I heard…[View]
529656750Smash: Characters only (You) want in Smash?[View]
529648795>go mining to get materials >die and lose it all >rinse repeat This game fucking sucks.…[View]
529662354Series who's very first game have fantastic 1st songs basically the song you would absolutely h…[View]
529646579Bayonetta thread: Thinking of playing Bayonetta, how does it hold up compared to the DMC games? I…[View]
529638069GRAND DAD??? FLEENSTONES???[View]
529639090post 10/10 vidya males[View]
529663004in retrospect, we all should have seen it coming[View]
529659202How do you guys feel about games whose mechanics are focused on evolution and genetic inheritance?[View]
529656170>eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Okay >Speaker-blowing explosion SFX Okay Oka-Okay >eeeeeeeeeeeeeee MY POW…[View]
529657128>severe lack of horror vidya threads What the fuck it's Halloween soon. What spooky games ar…[View]
529658074What would you like to see in the upcoming SWAT 5?[View]
529627548How can BOTW2 improve the combat?[View]
529661640So will it be impossible to play all those PSP and PS1 classic games in October? I'm pretty sur…[View]
529649895Gaming Kino has returned https://www.polygon.com/2020/10/23/21530274/blade-runner-enhanced-edition-a…[View]
529633863why was this so controversial? everybody agrees that streaming movies or films should be illegal. ev…[View]
529662489Are any of these bootleg pokemon games even good?[View]
529662442what a joke[View]
529660516ITT: Reason(s) you've dropped a game that you acknowledge as stupid >Play Transistor >enj…[View]
529661152enemy nuke incoming: It's over.[View]
529653401>game 1 is a brand new ip. praised for it's originality and gameplay. considered a classic o…[View]
529662085Any Anons down for some counter-strike 127050838[View]
529659039What's his name /v/?[View]
529646753>yfw you get hatemail[View]
529651692Did this google stadia dude get fired? holy shit was it that controversial?[View]
529661817What are some games I can play as ayy lmaos?[View]
529657203>the only game i care for >Its dead[View]
529656998I'm constantly worried I'm not optimizing my time and I can't relax.[View]
529659347Got this game and bored of playing AI. cant find a match....... battle fleet armada two! who wants …[View]
529656303You, Yes you! What was the last game you paid 60 dollars for, and was worth it?![View]
529658702is this the most popular japanese video game character ever?[View]
529575818Where were you when Final Fantasy finally got good gameplay?[View]
529654058>Can't buy a 3080 >Can't buy a SeX >Can't buy a PS5 Now I had to camp out in…[View]
529659983games with extensive gun customization?[View]
529660537This is what the average 55 year old Japanese man looks like[View]
529652152Is this the greatest CRPG around?: If not, what does it lack?[View]
529650971You now remember playing the Meet N Fuck games on Newgrounds. Flash game thread I guess. https://ww…[View]
529653974So, anyone try out Pumpkin Jack yet? Looks like it has potential.[View]
529653671games that were better than they had any right to be[View]
529657479While I wait for Portal Dungeon to come out, what's the best goblin game on Steam? I want to be…[View]
529653563This was really good.[View]
529657985In this corner...We have: >Halo Infinite >Gears 6 >Fable Reboot >Forza Motorsport Rebo…[View]
529655064Uncontroversially shit games[View]
529658052titular game lines: >We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! W…[View]
529652765What should I play next? Also on the table but not pictured, Nino Kuni 2, GTA V, and both Gravity Ru…[View]
529659871would this game have been better if it was some kind of hunting/camping simulator? wandering around …[View]
529660049ITT: Countries that should appear more in games: For me: it's Mexico[View]
529659830Sound thread: keep it vidya[View]
529655220What can be done to save the arena fighter genre?[View]
529653961Cyberpunk 2077: Why is there no human purist lifepath where you clean up night city and wipe out aug…[View]
529659675Azure Heights... home...[View]
529596836Risk of Rain: >2020 >I'm already forgotten What went so wrong?…[View]
529659196play vermintide[View]
529659493How are you holding up /v/?[View]
529659431What are some of your favorite villains /v/?[View]
529657752Dr Halsey is kinda hot[View]
529653775How is it possible for such a superior series to sell that much less than GTA?[View]
529657835I love Heather![View]
529657750Would you be willing to have this as a lineup for a 4 player Cuphead 2?[View]
529637674Games only you have played: post em[View]
529652515>mixed race >daddy issues[View]
529658761Why do we hate thisbgame again?[View]
529646190I want to hate-fuck her[View]
529657796Immortals Fenyx Rising: Will you be buying this when it comes out in December?[View]
529651648are mediocre games the new bad ones? I find everyone trashes perfectly serviceable games, so riddle …[View]
529650353Post a movie. Get a videogame recommendation based on it[View]
529613101ITT: Vidya ruined by their audience.[View]
529658129is this even worth playing?[View]
529658380Was this based or cringe?[View]
529655919Drakengard 1.[View]
529650138Games that do this?[View]
529657964did you get blue cucko[View]
529650767Why does this game force you to be straight: What the fuck. My immersion. No wonder this game is so …[View]
529656935https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u374Hs_3zCs >An actual Hitler speech would play if you won a mult…[View]
529653028Message to user QaoX: Dear QaoX, i know you stop by this board regularly so since i couldn't me…[View]
529655721which one do you believe in?[View]
529652687Are there good Tintin video games?[View]
529656447>Why yes, I do play Super Smash Bros. Melee. How could you smell?[View]
529612540Well /v/?[View]
529650465How would you have fixed it?[View]
529657162>ori has no landing lag >absa camps you out from edges of the stage >etalus spams dash atta…[View]
529596430https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma8on5QArEc I will now play your game[View]
529657038Only 3080 owners get to post in this thread: What do you mean you don't have a 3080? What are y…[View]
529653762what should I order to eat before all night gaming? >indian >burgers >chick-fil-a >chipo…[View]
529656314Something I need to get off my back. In recent months I have been working with the person who has gi…[View]
529653619Vidya songs / OST's for this feel?[View]
529656275OHNONONONONONO Stupid cat!!!! Move!!!!! https://twitter.com/yamanoneko_23/status/1316999872961081344…[View]
529643214Oculus Quest 1/2: >Recommend me some VR mobile games for this beauty. Had played Blaston, Please …[View]
529654603Where the FUCK am I supposed to go?? Its not even scary I'm just lost[View]
529639639>played 20 mins of the first 'mission' already gave up: Holy shit this game is bad, is slow as fu…[View]
529613497Is Fire Emblem replacing Mario as Nintendo's flagship franchise?[View]
529655039Do you like games with dragons?[View]
529651046What do you think of KingK's retrospectives? I think they're pretty good and add to my enj…[View]
529654381What the fuck was their problem[View]
529639516Press S to finally shit on the Dualshock 4. Thank god this controller is dead.[View]
529653705RDR2 two rabbits matting: Anyone who has seen this? RDR2[View]
529656539What went wrong?[View]
529631181What made it so effective?[View]
529655090I had a pretty good time with this game.[View]
529603317Litteral fucking trailer trash. How filthy and repulsive.[View]
529653883Mommies: Can we talk about mommycore video games?[View]
529592063Good evening everyone, I would like you to meet my wife, Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou franchise![View]
529656198Cadence of Hyrule: Got Cadence of Hyrule today. What am I in for, /v/?[View]
529640479>we need a gun for the modern day Russian military[View]
529651738So this is it huh? This is how the legacy dies[View]
529643359https://youtu.be/HxIHLOZq1MA?t=627 vidya music that hits just right[View]
529655898What actually went wrong?[View]
529654554pick one[View]
529649606>people still think Skyrim is the land of the Nords fucking lorelets, Nords don't even belon…[View]
529650784Pick one and only one[View]
529653127will I enjoy this if I loved New Vegas?[View]
529643694Fighting Games: Im a total beginner in fightans. How long do you need to play before you're rea…[View]
529655818>Boss appears >Gets one shotted by the REAL boss…[View]
529655105This just came out today. Any you niggas try it out?[View]
529647863>I am a monument to all your sins Was it autism?[View]
529655547Hey Skip! What's the letter that comes after A?[View]
529655645should i play tf2 again?[View]
529653302You lied to me /v/. This game is fantastic[View]
529655262What are some vidya that you play like gif-related?[View]
529644203Hard mode is optional[View]
529654247ITT: Only the best video game trailers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KMSGj9Y2T9Q[View]
529650886Woah, Blizzard used to be based? What happened?[View]
529606347its out. its shit.[View]
529655086>character create >default human male >class fighter…[View]
529653876What game?[View]
529650237https://store.steampowered.com/app/488860/MADNESS_Project_Nexus/ are you excited for the Madness Com…[View]
529654938Where's Rayman Ubishit?[View]
529653602Will MMORPGs ever be popular in the west again?[View]
529652379Why do Fifa games look like shit? I don't get it. They should be the ultimate graphical benchma…[View]
529653487>New game bad >Old game good Why can't /v/ think objectively?…[View]
529652747do you guys ever feel guilty playing video games when you know there's other stuff you could be…[View]
529643978Book recommendations: I like alternating between reading books and playing video games. Let's h…[View]
529653878Kino vidya intros ITT[View]
529651261Do people here actually believe PS5 owners will get a PC to play Bethesda (and potentially other) ex…[View]
529654187Would you buy a GPU with customizable shroud/chassis, /v/?[View]
529654005>Hey anon, wanna go raid?[View]
529646350the ps5 looks like THAT?![View]
529654306>cheats on his 7/10 wife with a 4/10 german slut Why?[View]
529654115How the fuck did he do it? Honestly.[View]
529608115Post vidya images you don't get to post very often[View]
529653000ITT: Powerful characters who seem weak at first only to reveal their true potential[View]
529646268I don't get it[View]
529652858>Villain joins the party for a bit[View]
529652647Did /v/ like this game?[View]
529647807Guilty Gear General: I like strive but will i like strive? i was thinking about playing +R but im as…[View]
529653768How's your game /v/?[View]
529649154What are some of the most ported games in history? Only ones I can think of are Tetris, Donkey Kong,…[View]
529652276What happened to all the soul in arcade games?[View]
529653624what is the vidya equivalent of this?[View]
529652883>Best character dies for basically no reason.[View]
529637791RDR2: >huge open world with dozens of game systems but none of it matters, it's all fluff …[View]
529627189Anyone else tired of the same old cliche RPG classes?: Invent something new, you hacks[View]
529653404It was inevitable.[View]
529652576What would the game be like.[View]
529646838Any other left-handers here who actually use a mouse left-handed?[View]
529651260Is this the most overrated console of all time?[View]
529652941Is it too early for a cave story thread?[View]
529652927See this picture of Todd? This will help a lot[View]
529651574>Multiplayer GOTY is a VR exclusive Must suck to be a flatfag[View]
529647279How can we save Halo Infinite?[View]
529647007End the Cycle.[View]
529630747I'm stuck at an airport for a day. Anyone have any good phone games they can recommend? Nothing…[View]
529648705Just played this and absolutely loved it, are the other Hitman games better than this?[View]
529651001ITT: Licensed games that you would like to see.: Pic related. I want an Evangelion game that apes Pe…[View]
529649512>devs continuously tease a sequel >it never comes out What's her name /v/?…[View]
529587267You can't do this in Smash Ultimate[View]
529638475This kills the Courier[View]
529641991>search vidya ost >go to comments >'Checkpoint: ....'…[View]
529652290Have a nice game, guys.: Absolutely any not pumped, unwashed horse is suitable for completing a stor…[View]
529647254Youtube-dl is down. I repeat, Youtube-dl is down. Panic now.[View]
529649216What in the name of sweet hell is THAT sprite supposed to convey[View]
529651771ITT games with god tier soundtracks[View]
529651890MASTER CHIEF LEAKED: OMGOMGOMGOMG https://youtu.be/wko_s7LyCtM[View]
529650697>play two online matches on Quickplay >already feel fatigued from playing because of how shit …[View]
529648253how does one deal with a bot infestation?[View]
529647514Which Call of Duty has the best Zombies mode?[View]
529649318What do they eat?[View]
529563828for some reason I like half-life 1 better than the second one[View]
529644823>VR has been selling out constantly, getting more games than ever and finally cheap >Flatfags …[View]
529647939Who are some >video game antagonists carried almost entirely by their personalities?…[View]
529651545wait, what ?[View]
529612532>$93.97 for Outer Worlds on Steam AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
529569945this game is gonna sell 20 million within the first year, isn’t it?: >cyberpunk 2077 going gold-t…[View]
529608930>haha random fun >please buy our game[View]
529647297Visual novel thread: >translation uses shit like welp, dude, and bruh Fucking why though?…[View]
529647058Attention Sonic Fans: This game will never be good no matter how many metal gymnastics you put yours…[View]
529607364Sex doesn't se-[View]
529651194Why did it have to fail so hard and why did it fail at all? The game is fun and challenging, the cus…[View]
529619809I wanna go insane. Is this game lovecraftian enough?[View]
529639791How is she getting away with it?[View]
529646148What's the appeal with this guy?[View]
529650642>adjusted for inflation[View]
529649845OLD STYLE[View]
529649663Are you ready for Christmas, /v/?[View]
529650827Checkmate faggots: Sneed.[View]
529649410Post kino vidya YTP/YTMPV's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssjJ-kV_vf8[View]
529625019Roll for me, anon! Roll for me![View]
529649973Playstation VR? More like..[View]
529648341I played like 2 hours of this. This game is super boring, everything is sluggish to move. Missions a…[View]
529645836GameFreak does it again.[View]
529647705This is the best controller.[View]
529650261>claim every game in the entire franchise is actually the same game >haha i guess 'tetris' is …[View]
529645247>Runs on quest Where were you when PC VR was kill?[View]
529648032You Sony n lovers defend this like the scum you are[View]
529649510>Rez Infinite >Moss >TWD: S&S >SUPERHOT >Tetris Effect Haven't had this much…[View]
529647654Who will be the champion /v/?: Also why do pro gamers always look like this and have a tough guy sta…[View]
529648306Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
529649293>horror game protagonist doesn’t simply turn back despite facing deadly supernatural monstrositie…[View]
529649819Street Fighter: MYSTERY NIGGA(1) (uno)[View]
529645908>Sony sends him a Dualsense >Proceed to shit on PS5 during the whole video https://www.youtube…[View]
529645895Is there a game world as amazing as LaTale? I'm thinking not.[View]
529648232Ready to join the Playstation parade, Sonybros?[View]
529648502ITT times you played yourself: >Start P5R >Get introduced to Maruki, only visit him a couple o…[View]
529646310Who is the Griffith of video games and why is it Arvis?[View]
529647914>hops to planet genociding races >is still considered the galaxy's best…[View]
529645478Games where the best version is on inferior hardware[View]
529648916AMD fighting scalpers. Fucking based[View]
529643776Why don't game feature more genuine male characters? Strong. Kind. Energetic. Smart. Athletic. …[View]
529644910>b-but it looks bad noooo! DONT CARE STILL PIRATING CYBERPUNK 2077[View]
529648943Anybody play this?[View]
529645234Metroidvanias suck and they are the basic white bitch of 'good' gaming design. Hollow Knight, Blasph…[View]
529649171>x20 enemies count increase >x20 enemy variety increase >give protagonist a weapon I fixed …[View]
5296478045 years ago, one of the biggest failures in Nintendo history came out.[View]
529571325Does it crash every 15 minutes for you, /v/? >EMPRESS + Mr. Goldberg Nevermind.…[View]
529648934desktop thread: let's do this, no cleaning r8 and h8[View]
529646832game sizes are pushing SSD sales[View]
529648837Kirby thread time. Also KF2 thread. Post mains and shit. Fuck tranny staff users[View]
529648759How come JRPGs tend to have lower age ratings than WRPGs? Is it CERO meddling with what they can get…[View]
529645209PS5 box next to PS4 box for scale.[View]
529648375Does this site have any good VNs or JRPGs?[View]
529643590Fallout 4: Are the DLCs worth it or should I just go with the base game?[View]
529648592Virtua Fighter X Tekken: Would you buy it if it was real?[View]
529648565>sympathetic antagonist is fatally wounded by final boss >you have to sit there and watch…[View]
529622117Big Navi faster than RTX 3080: RIP Nvidia Faster Than GeForce RTX 3080 at 4K, Slower In Port Royal R…[View]
529648319Could you please remind me why is this bad? I know it's not jiggly asses in the snow but it…[View]
529648318What are some good mobile games, /v/? No gacha shit either.[View]
529639818Smash Ultimate: Which one is getting in?[View]
529644945Post the worst, most despicable vidya '''WAIFU''' you can possibly think of. I'm starting with …[View]
529647085How much longer will I have to wait for a budget card with DLSS?: It looks like free performance, an…[View]
529642772Play Fate/Grand Order.[View]
529641179Toons thread: Post your video game toons.[View]
529643084https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJppgqCG7AU why is kirby music so fucking good bros?[View]
529647395here is your VR headset bro[View]
529547508/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>529505065 >Post references and names in one post >…[View]
529647896Is Game Pass the best reason to get a XBOX Series X/S?: Not saying anything bad, i decided to look i…[View]
529647789It's Gachi Day. Are you feeling it /v/? Post the mixes you listen to as you play.[View]
529647747I like this old game. Can you give me upboats This is /v/ literally. It's funny how you mock re…[View]
529609959Was it really that bad?[View]
529621987Has anyone made a mod of Persona 5 that removes Makoto from the game? I hate her so much.[View]
529646992>Demoman is the worst class in TF2[View]
529646432Funny vidya box art thread?[View]
529633983do you usually build a house where you spawn or do you travel until you find a place you enjoy?[View]
529645239water thread[View]
529611262Among Us Thread: Oh yeah, it's based time Skeld NA IYXJTQ >No discordfags lul…[View]
529594193Why do we hate DLSS again?[View]
529646158Play more (free and) open-source video games (on Linux).[View]
529647110Whats a game where I can play as a chill tai chi dude[View]
529636523OMEGAPOGGERS: ITT: We post videogame moments that just, simply, make you go OMEGAPOGGERS[View]
529645775october 2020... i am forgotten...[View]
529647064>game pass comes bundled with EA play starting Nov. 10th Literally no reason to get anything else…[View]
529646320Why is Playstation 5 selling so well in Mexico?: https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/bestsellers/videogames…[View]
529636572Is it true alcoholics like me will appreciate this game?[View]
529645437What are the best/essential NV mods if I wanted to give it the Skyrim treatment and mod the hell out…[View]
529631084I prefer Quake 2 over Quake 1.[View]
529646181Here's your controller, BRO.[View]
529638551Travis Scott is now a SPECIAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR for the Playstation brand. What does a SPECIAL CREAT…[View]
529646869Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me So…[View]
529644293I'm gonna mix RTS with a JRPG in my game. It's gonna be a JRPGRTS game.[View]
529635658>I will now buy your game[View]
529646798is this the FUNNEST videogame?[View]
529634018my fucking eyes, poor xfaggots are gonna have to look at this disaster Xbox UI for the next 7 years[View]
529640936Mad Rat Dead: Less than a week until release. Have you played the demo yet?[View]
529646458You DID save her, right /v/?[View]
529644979HEY NAME COLLECTORS. I want to get into the name collection for video games. What names should I sni…[View]
529646648>that one annoying water level[View]
529642323Comfy Switch thread: What are you playing right now?[View]
529635361If WW3 erupted and you were forced to live in a bunker forever which vidya/consoles would you take w…[View]
529641556>dream sequence >floating islands in the middle of a void…[View]
529633669Drunk again: Talk about old shit, zoomers go home.[View]
529641756>Everyone playing gacha has moved on to Genshin Impact It was supposed to be OUR time Cygames bro…[View]
529645013Ey sony, it would be cool if you gave millions to one of your 1000 good companies you have to make a…[View]
529646253What was the first game you got? What is the last game before you cross over to the next gen (if yo…[View]
529638864ITT: cancelled games you really want to play[View]
529645168Has it actually been confirmed if the DS4 is mandatory to play back compat games on the PS5? Aesthet…[View]
529644409Does anyone know good alternatives to fitgirl? I don't want to wait 10 hours for rdr2 to unpack[View]
5296450293x3, 4x4, etc[View]
529646138Why shouldn't I buy Just Cause 4? Is the story easy to follow I can play if i don't 0lay t…[View]
529644665Reinstalled. Call me crazy but this game is still fun? I don't understand the problem with this…[View]
529638972Why is this game so overhyped?[View]
529637172Play Horizon Zero Dawn: Screenshot by me, on the PC Version.[View]
529643240>we need a gun Which gun do you suggest, anon?[View]
529645227So.... what was he trying to do?[View]
529632609>consoles are cheaper than gaming PCs >imagine spending $3000 on a PC, monitor, mouse, keyboar…[View]
529634741Tis' a sad day, when I cannot make a thread about Notch on /v/ without everyone trashing him[View]
529642337The one and only game you will ever need.[View]
529645607What the fuck was his problem?[View]
529644304This is the best controller[View]
529636082/v/ ACE OF SPADES THREAD SERVER: aos://1885452108 aos://1885452108 aos://1885452108 aos://1885452108…[View]
529645048I need games that you start with or eventually get Unlimited Power.[View]
529642671God damn it, I TRUSTED YOU![View]
529645248Best games of the decade: We all know critics are wrong as always, what would you pick /v/?[View]
529642737How come it feels more like a YouTube poop than a remake: Seriously WTF were they thinking, it'…[View]
529645335Pitch me your dream game, /v/: >Carmaggedon with elements of Crazy Taxi but you play as a chariot…[View]
529631215/v/ in a nutshell[View]
529644597Since we're nearly hitting Halloween let's have a strange out of place things in otherwise…[View]
529644252>Kojima is a hac-[View]
529642556Workout routine to get Kassandra arms?[View]
529644745CYBERPUNK 2077: Will you play Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
529638397>strong female protagonists make this entire website seethe 2020 was their year and nothing you …[View]
529645102I am not a fake ad[View]
529642816Did you really think I was going to pick “Ally”?![View]
529643857how long is this game if you don't take the custscenes into account?[View]
529643153What are the best gaming headphones /v/?[View]
529641828holy FUCK the ending was bad defeat the bad guy >other guy turns up 'I was actually the bad guy a…[View]
529642076WTF!!!: I was literally going to buy one for Gran Turismo, my favorite game series, but now I won…[View]
529642970>get into match online with a Kirby player >all he does is forward air for the entire first st…[View]
529644435Here are your endgame stats, bro. Enjoy your >>>>>>>>>>RPG[View]
529642858Fast FPS Arena Games: I'm getting back into arena games like UT and Quake. Are there any good o…[View]
529644710Meanwhile, on Earth 2: Post yfw we get ANOTHER Earthbound rep in the second fighter pass[View]
529644674I'm in the mood for a good story-driven game. What's your personal recommendation? You can…[View]
529641809You know what? I don't even care if you buy it anymore.[View]
529641526Immersion-breaking things commnly found in games: >game has undead and multiple fantasy races but…[View]
529644408>game has hot area >spanish guitar >game has cold area >sleigh bells >game has metaph…[View]
529644548>the absolute country, region and state of WWfags[View]
529644526Valorant: >Huge playerbase >Massive esport scene >High skill ceiling >very few cheaters …[View]
529644170Honestly bros? I'm hyped as fuck. Even bought the fairy armor today to show my support to the d…[View]
529636756>/v/ won't shut up about how good MHFU is so decide to emulate it >all the weapons are sh…[View]
529640408>buy PS5 for $499 + tax >come home >unbox it >plug it in >find out that it needs a TV…[View]
529642574I miss my wife, Tails[View]
529643231Is Puppetcombo a decent horror game dev?[View]
529644243>Why did I move here? Guess it was the weather[View]
529643982Hey /v/ this is a tired Japanese salaryman. Try to sell either the Xbox SeX or a PS5 to this guy.[View]
529644202What are some games that feature lizards?[View]
529643070>come across a girl in league of legends >we play together >have to fake my personality bec…[View]
529644154Star Citizen Bros, think they'll add jiggle physics? You can make cute girls now.[View]
529643173Megaman Franchise is on sale.: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/Mega_Man_Franchise_Sale https://s…[View]
529639338>Arguably the strongest Lich in the entire series >Can enslave you to his will immediately …[View]
529643218Why nobody has made a game where one player plays like any normal game, but the other player control…[View]
529642910Since everyone is complaining about every fighting game entry being less complex than the last, how …[View]
529642595>See a trailer from a game >Seems pretty cool >See more information about the game >Get …[View]
529642612>gameplay loop[View]
529643672You might not like it but this is the peak Harry Potter game.[View]
529638302James honey, did something happen to you? After we got separated in that long hallway? Are you confu…[View]
529643707I do hope that this piece of shit is down for good[View]
529643667Spotify when?[View]
529641008What went wrong?[View]
529642660Here's your boss bro.[View]
529643562Super Marion: if you ever do something like this you deserve to get shot[View]
529640047I'LL CRUSH YOU!![View]
529641293>2020 >still no Hellraiser game[View]
529635496What are some 'must-play' ps2 games? The ones I have download currently are: God Hand, Persona 3 FES…[View]
529640590Its out[View]
529642902What the fuck was her problem?[View]
529639105Output resolution: Serious discussion, has Sony stated what resolutions this will support? A lot of …[View]
529642847Vidya dads appreciation thread: Name a better dad in gaming[View]
529639998SCP SL friday: The halloween update dropped a few hours ago https://yewtu.be/watch?v=IHOaT2nVFho co…[View]
529641892What games have this feeling to them?[View]
529642007Genshin Impact: Genshit shitpact should be banned. All Japanese video games besides Nintendo games s…[View]
529643010Considering both 1 and 2 were pretty fuckin good, its a damn shame we never got dino crisis 3.[View]
529642975Any other games similar to NaissanceE?[View]
529642810Majula, home....[View]
529642417>think about getting an xbox sex to play the og xbox games I missed out on >see this I thought…[View]
529642053why is this so well rated?[View]
529640246This is good combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRlb6NRG4S8[View]
529637047>the best SF universe ever created >has 40 gorillion games >4 or 5 are good why is that /v/…[View]
529635171Why is nudity a controversial issue amongst male gamers?[View]
529641805This game is no joke, were they always this hard?[View]
529642228What are some games that have a complete disregard for established lore and common sense?[View]
529639263ITT: games/franchises ruined by PC players i'll start with the big one.[View]
529642124Vermintide 2: Can some nerd give me a long drawn out essay on why Markus Kruber getting to be a Grai…[View]
529642090Ace Combat Zero still has the best final boss fight ever[View]
529642071HEY NAME COLLECTORS. I want to get into the name collection for video games, domain names, copyright…[View]
529639598I want a Keqing.[View]
529640483>game has an incredibly accurate and robust hitscan enemy targeting system…[View]
529642000Complete Trash[View]
529635996Who is your favorite SNK protagonist, /v/?[View]
529638378The eternal debate.[View]
529641849heckin keanu chungus elon musk wholesome[View]
529633554Which video game has the absolutely most atrocious wiki?[View]
529638516Demons Crest: how would you go about reviving Demons Crest? (or GnG in general) there's not eno…[View]
529641748ITT Dead Games[View]
529641737Vigil the Longest Night - Quest Help: Hi everyone, Does anybody know where that fucking cunt August …[View]
529641119>spartans myth >real-world protag is a woman and her (almost-certainly-lesbian) female partner…[View]
529569356Fallout 4: New Vegas new gameplay trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JanHMbRjNJ8[View]
529641310What kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl?[View]
529637546Will this be the biggest happening in gaming this year?[View]
529640185This image produces salt from the genshills[View]
529640785Capcom's new owner[View]
529631372Microsoft is planning TV streaming sticks for game pass https://twitter.com/tomwarren/status/1319578…[View]
529588623For me it's Hikage[View]
529640646You didn't get filtered did you /v/?[View]
529630523Why has Playstation turned its back on Japan so much?[View]
529640396So now that the dust settled, was it kino?[View]
529640971Did you solo him yet?[View]
529636923>Women with barely any clothing, just a bikini and high boots This is what Blizzard used to do? Y…[View]
529640401>play rank >get partnered with wraith user >always run away by himself >goes down >sp…[View]
529627357I HATE THIS FUCKING GAME I HATE THIS FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why fucking make i…[View]
529632556>'Hey Brendan, you see this? It's a letter from Nintendo. I'm going to be in smash bros…[View]
529636057MAXIMUM _________[View]
529640485why did he do it, his pager must have gone off 50 times[View]
529595117Where did your journey start What was your first game and console?[View]
529640456how is the brotherhood of steel in Appalachia? not even being a memeing faggot, genuinely asking wha…[View]
529583443DMC thread: DMC thread, post whatever you want about the series.[View]
529639995Story-wise, it's probably going to feel less like like an actual prequel to BotW, and more like…[View]
529637652Anyone wanna play a match of BlazBlue: Centralfiction?: Everyone is welcome, please join: steam://j…[View]
529640463Any of you fags ever play this? Been addicted since rediscovering it. Super comfy.[View]
529640459Amnesia: Rebirth: What went wrong? (How did they go from SOMA to this?!?)[View]
529640312Do you have back problems yet, /v/?[View]
529637068Top grossing titles of september (digital): Discuss. I'm glad about THPS 1+2, great game[View]
529638329What's the most pretentious video game that you ever played?[View]
529637425is all the dlc for fallout 76 free? and obligatory question of is it worth putting time into now?[View]
529629994How were you supposed to know?[View]
529640241Why hasn't magic been a mechanic since 2002?[View]
529640240Hey Plumber Boy, Moustache Man, your Worst Nightmare has arrived[View]
529638146>rushed >unfinished >needs a separate $15 service to have full functionalities >half the…[View]
529617602Three bitchass creepers spawned outside my fucking house[View]
529625064I'm about to play this. What should I expect?[View]
529640108One of the greatest RPGs of all time: But the lack of a good story with lots of interesting characte…[View]
529640106>Aye tone just wanted to know if im gon be in the knew pro skater game...saw that you added some …[View]
529629212Favorite Half-Life mod?[View]
529632257What are your 'sunk costs' games?: Basically any game that you've spent a considerable amount o…[View]
529639983We need more Dino games!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EOg5LI3v4Q&list=PLA368E634C4663E59…[View]
529639917when does it get great? it's good so far but I've yet to see anything truly cuhrayzee. i t…[View]
529637887FUCKING HELL I JUST BOUGHT A 3080 on EBAY FOR 1500.[View]
529635485Post a shittier game than the one above you[View]
529639742Highrise home[View]
529623351MGSV is uninished.: >'No nuclear program will go unseen. Someone manages to build another nuke, w…[View]
529639741>remove all exporation; instead you just select a room based on the upgrade promised. Game ends u…[View]
529631150Uh... Bros...? They always said 'Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game' Is Fallout 76 fin…[View]
529627002First time playing, anything I should know?[View]
529639621how do we fix the RPG genre? >get rid of randomly-generated filler quests…[View]
529637397Games on PC for this feel: >60fps >Arcade feel >'video gamey' on purpose >Doesnt need to…[View]
529620903>play fighting game online >wifi indicator >disconnect rate percentage >ragequit percent…[View]
529638868Most disappointing game[View]
529637686https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wPT3vWzsm4 >first Genshin >now this Zelda bros, I don't …[View]
529635109ni no kuni: What's the concensus on this series? Is it good?[View]
529637052>Nintendo puts out a console >Support it for the first year with Mario and Zelda >Three yea…[View]
529625937Has he taken Astolfo's crown as the cutest male vidya character?[View]
529636234What is the best dragonball game?[View]
529639001>enemies can steal items from you >killing them won't bring back the item…[View]
529620685ATARI in 2020: Whats your excuse to buying this garbage? And yea, I know you are buying one, its ano…[View]
529570150>Saves Skyrim and Fallout modding[View]
529635186ITT the most savage gamer comebacks[View]
529638768Don’t mind me, I’m just posting the best Final Fantasy game in the series.[View]
529637576The great debate[View]
529638567Name collecting: HEY NAME COLLECTORS. I want to get into the name collection for video games, domain…[View]
529636654I've been thinking about what my problem is with Paper Mario the Origami King. Something just d…[View]
529637641any anons who worked on sm/v/2 happen to have the resource pack? I'm looking for a few ports th…[View]
529633568>Sony games are mo-[View]
529573835Why don't his clients just tell him what happened?[View]
529638320Egregor Ubisoft Leak part 1: Ubisoft was recently hit with a ransomware attack, involving their data…[View]
529637148Why is it so hard to find friends that like couch co-op?[View]
529638203You know I kinda want a PS5. Then again if I would buy one I'd be directly supporting obesity, …[View]
529633026>Hmmmm, how can we help? What did he mean by this and what would you do to help /v/?…[View]
529633003the most mexican game ever made[View]
529637184Only 4 days left until one of the best JRPGs ever made is released in the west bros.[View]
529631256What the fuck are you guys playing to pass the days until Cyberpunk?[View]
529626019Who's your favorite Pokémon girl anon?[View]
529636217Would Minecraft benefit from a graphical Nip & Tuck?[View]
529637020hows your virtual tank, /v/? keeping your fish fed?[View]
529637608Awesome game[View]
529637241I don't get the hype for Dark Souls.[View]
529637661Will Hollywood ever stop raping vidya?[View]
529637558https://youtu.be/pptURgHI0xg Is this peak comfort?[View]
529637537Well /v/? do you support your fellow lifelong gamers?[View]
529635547>start-up single player game on steam >just want to waste a few minutes alone >friend immed…[View]
529636404All video games are art.[View]
529637247You do own a Sega CD, dont you?[View]
529612276sound thread[View]
529636886Figthan Thread: How long does it take to get properly into fighting games and not be a scrub from a …[View]
529617920Why did Jannies remove our Vibri thread?[View]
529637280I was just a child when the stars fell from the skies.[View]
529629693Anyone else playing it? This shit is pretty good. Reminds me of those old ps2 or gamecube titles. It…[View]
529637192Fellow Humans of Azeroth /pol/ with all the shit that's been going on in our planet we can no l…[View]
529636315There will never be a more based game will there?[View]
529635526Uh, video games?[View]
529634271Why do you play games /v/?[View]
529637101Does anyone remember a Sims-parody PSA about safety shit? One kid being in a wheelchair about to be …[View]
529635725Imagine Phil's reaction to losing Travis Scott for the Xbox team[View]
529594101>Newcomer to pirate scene >Immideately cracks RDR 2 and a bunch of ''uncrackable'' Denuvo game…[View]
529631172I've never played the Mafia games, which one is best?[View]
529634365Smash DLC: So when will Crash drop?[View]
529633681Which one are you /v/?[View]
529635791ITT: Post your favorite games of the last decade[View]
529632234Post your best game ideas, /v/: >STALKER but traditional fantasy >sea of thieves but airships …[View]
529617045We're so close, WatchdogsBros.[View]
529570772Did they......?[View]
529625086Why are analysts always wrong about Nintendo?[View]
529634880what do i do[View]
529636068Some street fighter 5 stuff for you all. >Byron Taylor is Shadow geist >Final DLC character fo…[View]
529634606Hyrule Warriors: Why is she so fucking shit?[View]
529636595>Face final boss >Greatest of all theme starts playing >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCE…[View]
529610943YOU!: What's the last game you played and your current thoughts on it?[View]
529635872this game is retarded[View]
529618584Post mediocre games that /v/ tricked you into playing[View]
529633227>game is praised for some theme or design >it's just something ripped off from a popular …[View]
529619628Why don't any of the next gen games being shown look like this? Where are the triangles I was p…[View]
529628212Does /v/ like Ethan Winters? Are you happy he's now a major character in the RE franchise?[View]
529598581It's funbag Friday. Time to post some vidya titties.[View]
529636060What was his problem?[View]
529636183>play minecraft years ago >consently filtered by just about every mob there is that im scared …[View]
529625418Capcom Fighting Games: You've been put in charge of Capcom's fighting game division. How d…[View]
529624575Trials of mana looks like that?[View]
529635991Should I buy the Mario 3D All Stars?[View]
529636035terminalmontage made a pacman/dead space cartoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR2dlAnP0-I[View]
529630218>Character Kills the entire game[View]
529628860World of Warcraft: Shadowlands: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is coming out soon! How HOIIIIIIIIIII…[View]
529635789>god tier heroine designs >MC is the most offensive looking,sci-fi harem school protagonist lo…[View]
529635395Why do they make American analysts and media so mad?[View]
529635050>be me >low iq >don't understand things very well >play online games >'anon, wt…[View]
529635608What was his endgame?[View]
529635842oh no no no no no no[View]
529635837What the fuck was his problem?[View]
529632723ost thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMU_sacP-LM&list=PLT1LxUmBfybyvIB4OSWq9mSOpv4tl0NFj…[View]
529628027Sam I need you to suck chiral energy out of my tits its the only way to stop the DEATH STRANDING™[View]
529635641WE DO IT![View]
529630505What's your dream game?: One of these threads[View]
529632318>somewhat decent open source 2D and 3D game engines available >artists are more connected than…[View]
529635414engineer gaming[View]
529627404We're almost there SeX chads... fuck I cant wait to have mine[View]
529632662Most authentic female protagonist ever, she can't stop yapping and yapping and yapping... Just …[View]
529628904Which game has the best character creator, and why is it code vein?[View]
529622430Your operator suddenly calls you while crying and says her senpai just rejected her love confession.…[View]
529635046*Lands* 'yeah'[View]
529632005What went wrong?[View]
529635338Will next gen continue where this one left off when it comes to the renascence of Japanese games? Or…[View]
529609270I can't stand this haircut[View]
529635241sex unboxing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AHQAoqZeHRY[View]
529634849is mediocre games the new bad ones? time and time again I find everyone trashing a perfectly service…[View]
529634542>45$ for a lazy port of a 7 year old game Why Platinum are such greedy kikes?…[View]
529624706He has my vote.[View]
529632813>he picks the female character[View]
529627192Play League of legends: >Huge playerbase >Massive esport scene >High skill ceiling >Zero…[View]
529626628well I'll be damned... Dark Souls 2 looks like THAT?? https://twitter.com/stayd3d/status/127560…[View]
529633269Joel fucking get up[View]
529634756this is just depressing[View]
529628684What are the worst plot twists in video games?[View]
529634123You, Yes you! What was the last game you paid 60 dollars for, and was worth it?![View]
529633942What the fuck /v/? Why am I in a video game? I didn't give permission to this.[View]
529634397I wanna make a GOTY >Made by only me >Zero experience in GD >3 year time limit >Motivate…[View]
529634565What are some games that make you cry[View]
529634506ITT: Vidya badasses: >Wakes up with amnesia >Manages to basically rip the entire Zone a new on…[View]
529633167Was Polybius real, bros?[View]
529630668You hate this board, the people here and deep down hate yourself for coming here, but you still do.[View]
529634454Noita: How you got Noita'd today?[View]
529634443The charges, officer?[View]
529633220ITT Embarrassingly low tier characters[View]
529622812Date me please[View]
529633884I really hope Relink doesn't get the Genshin Virus The resin system and adventure rank are the …[View]
529632458Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch V6 just dropped today, adding chapters that cover the events of MM10 and MM…[View]
529633289SEQUEL thread: >“And then, I kicked open the freezer door, and damned if I didn't find a guy…[View]
529631270Does anyone still play Harmony of Despair (PS3)? I picked it up and I’m loving it but I’m having a h…[View]
529621460why does pc always win?: i dont understand.[View]
529624265Is this the Schindler's list of video games?[View]
529629078>think of a good username >google it >there's a wow npc with that name EVERY FUCKING T…[View]
529634165>/ksg/ - Katawa Shoujo General #3846[View]
529633531Are there any survival games with seasons? I want to sow in the spring and harvest in the fall to gu…[View]
529604217Hand over the smash roster spot, goku.[View]
529630791https://youtu.be/7SbovP5kTgw Any games like PROTOTYPE but with recent graphism ? Loved to free roam …[View]
529624153Indispensable masterpiece that will be canonized as a paragon of RPG vidya or flaming trash heap of …[View]
529633746Would you consider Doom Guy as a handsome man?[View]
529631890What is the most you have spent on a video game?[View]
529628327Does no one watch this anymore?[View]
529632689just how kino is it?[View]
529633832One game 100 yen[View]
529625908The people constantly whine about nostalgia being shoved down our throats just need to face the fact…[View]
529608591What was good about this game: Want inputs and your personal opnion on DAO.[View]
529582029low poly was the peak of 3D, prove me wrong[View]
529633715Your procrastination isn't amusing. Go awaken the fucking crystals.[View]
529632440*singlehandedly ruins your DLC*[View]
529614512Will you be buying my wife's game vee?[View]
529633202Those damn fresh rates man: Is there any possibility that some game on ps5 will run on 4K 120 fps? S…[View]
529633332Should multiplayer games encourage art on their customization options?[View]
529633328Holy heck this is the best survival game I've ever played.[View]
529633262Why aren't gun-fu shooters a more prominent genre?[View]
529631481ITT: Games that have aged like milk.[View]
529617154https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIc9FKxGJAk wow, I unsubscribed immediately![View]
529632417Out with the new, in with the old[View]
529620891>Halo Infinite uses destiny's shader system How do you fuck up something so simple as choosi…[View]
529630971>all these people who want dead franchises to come back >not wanting them to stay dead on a h…[View]
529631089i got 30 bucks left in my steam wallet. which good game(s) should i buy?[View]
529629854When did you realize that KH3 was the best in the series?[View]
529630859why are there so few monster girl MCs?[View]
529630079I enjoyed W1, but I stopped playing W2 just after the first village. Should I give W2 another shot, …[View]
529624320a game with difficulty options can never be art.[View]
529632713Diablo 2 remaster difficulties: Take it as you will, won't be posting again. Some of you may ha…[View]
529631036/v/ ACE OF SPADES THREAD SERVER: aos://1885452108 aos://1885452108 aos://1885452108 aos://1885452108…[View]
529630553Tiber-sama... I KNEEL![View]
529627781What went wrong?[View]
529632334This game is huge.: Too big and too much to see.[View]
529632638Larry: How are you liking it? I just want to talk about new point and click adventure games with peo…[View]
529632620What video game character would you cosplay as if you were a girl?[View]
529629929Name a video game you always have fun playing[View]
529632418You're free to like whatever you want, just be prepared to accept that it's shit and you d…[View]
529632408why do i get called a pedo for being an asrielnigger?[View]
529627801This game single handedly popularised esports: >free to play >devs actually interacting with t…[View]
529629123Darkest Dungeon 2: New game will be in 3D stylized as 2D keeping the original artstyle. I'm so …[View]
529632314The charges officer?[View]
529632194Biggests cucks in vidya[View]
529622775Cringe or kino?[View]
529614774Destiny 1 was good before all the updates and expansions. Destiny 2 is garbage.[View]
529631678This is my favorite Castlevania game. What is your favorite Castlevania game?[View]
529631775Just found out that my PC can run Citra, what are some good 3DS games?[View]
529630104>lum on the front page Is it retardy time already?[View]
529615454>game mocks you if you pick easy mode[View]
529623335ITT: Genres for Autists: You know, the type of game that the average sane person with a decent head …[View]
529620108So Travis Scott is officially mascot of Playstation now.[View]
529629383*ruins your multiplayer experience*: What the fuck happened to dedicated servers and WHY do AAA deve…[View]
529628676What kind of retarded sword fighting style is this?[View]
529622243Some people say this PC controller is decent and some say it is shit and has stiff sticks with deadz…[View]
529629475>For a limited time What the absolute fuck is going on at Nintendo right now? >Physical Limite…[View]
529630171Why hasn't STALKER, but in a fantasy world ever been created?[View]
529622929>2018 /v/ >Hates Rare Replay, MM Legacy Collections, Spyro Reignited and N-Sane Trilogy becaus…[View]
529631496>last good first person true story rich RPG that wasn't dudebro normie bait was fallout new …[View]
529623079games to scratch this itch?[View]
529626476It's happening Getaway bros! We are going home. https://twitter.com/gematsucom/status/131963557…[View]
529631254What are some games where I can go to the best planet in the Solar System?[View]
529625647Did they fix the frame rate?[View]
529629947Games you didn't expect to coom to.[View]
529615464I did it /v/!: I beat dark souls... 55h and 32m What now?[View]
529630883U coppin /v/?[View]
529630589Show me games with legitimate bad fucking game design[View]
529629360Has a game ever been a transcendent experience for you?[View]
529629074>play game >enemies respawn after death and becomes more aggresive Even worse is when they re…[View]
529630659The inmates are running the asylum[View]
529629128>Performance similar to a rtx 2080 (according to digital foundry) Honestly the smartest move to m…[View]
529625010Something just came in the mail I hope it’s bidya related[View]
529629450What exactly makes a good D-pad? For me, it just needs to register the right button input, ie, when …[View]
529624819What do you hate most about AAA games?[View]
529624854Castlevania: Why is Aria of Sorrow so kino, boys? Best portable Castlevania.[View]
529626031>Pick up that can, Anon-san[View]
529630434Anyone bored with this yet? I can't stop playing it. It's the most fun I've ever had …[View]
529627387>2 Jeans >1 Klee >A bazillion Barbaras >Not a single Fischl It's so unfair bros...…[View]
529614224Should I get this game? I've never played a game in the series. I was considering just watching…[View]
529630714What are some Romhacks?[View]
529630324Well, slash V slash... which is it? https://www.strawpoll.me/21150094[View]
529628714Every time I reach Gold I get destroyed and sent back to Silver in 2 matches. Do I need to learn how…[View]
529629421Daily reminder the company behind Demon Souls remake is absolute shit just like the one behind Crash…[View]
529610883Who was in the wrong? https://youtu.be/NTNkoDzP1hI[View]
529630137What are some games with especially Cunning characters?[View]
529628191IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?[View]
529629795this is pokémon now: A new level of cringe reached[View]
529629974Battle Factory... home...[View]
529576937>y-you're still playing my game, right anon?[View]
529628350yes, well done Doom Slayer, well done HOWEVER[View]
529629697Flash is dead. Post flash games from back in the days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQxROq44QUw…[View]
529628531Devil May Cry 3 is my favorite game of all time.: I’m currently doing my 5th replay of this game thi…[View]
529629371Why is he so hated?[View]
529627618MRS PEACHES IS CAT FOOD: Anyone else fap to this scene? God that was fucking hot. More games need to…[View]
529626003>lose game >say 'gg' anyway[View]
529583428>in game ads are actually helpful[View]
529627809When are you going to admit the d-pad is a relic that direly needs to be retired as an input method?[View]
529570904Noita thread: share your moments of glory and defeat that you've faced in Noita[View]
529629092Why is it so hard to find good local co-op games for PC? Is it Fall Guys and Fortnite and other onli…[View]
529629293heres your new Playstation IP bro[View]
529629113>game has very hard moral choices[View]
529628815PS5: what?[View]
529562194Does Kasumi kill people? She's a ninja isn't she?[View]
529625368>BMWF with la creatura it's over nintenchads, nintendo is pozzed shit now…[View]
529628942how do i force myself to quit video games? god keeps trapping me in my small town with nothing but v…[View]
529627947I have unironically never been in a Gamestop. What kind of people shop there?[View]
529624441Tifa Lockhart.[View]
529620946Sakuna: Why is no one talking about this game? Its been in development for the last 3 years now and …[View]
529628126WE DID IT REDDIT https://automaton-media.com/articles/newsjp/20201023-140997/[View]
529619452So what's happening in Japan?[View]
529622295Prototype: Just started playing this for the first time. Why does no one talk about it holy FUCK it…[View]
529628824>make a thread about some game you like >it dies >make a thread about blue checkmark twitte…[View]
529628517Which esports players are the 'chokers' of their respective community.[View]
529628654I've come to the end of Baldurs Gate 3 Early access content when will there be new one? any inf…[View]
529627393Hmmm. A Combine zombie. That's, that's like a...a.. Zombine! Right? Heh... Zombine, get it…[View]
529628132>See that mountain? You can go there.[View]
529612416Damn. Bethesda fans look like THAT?[View]
529566997It's time...for a xenoblade coomer thread[View]
529628375Is Cyberpunk 2077 the most 'we want the Resetera audience' game ever made?[View]
529625037What are the chances of us getting a new LA Noire?[View]
529628039Yeah Gal-O Sengen[View]
529627884The New PS4 Store: What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
529626683Will sonygers out :O The nintendofags?[View]
529627378Shenmue 3: What went so wrong?[View]
529626868he's literally back to playing FOTM games he hates what went wrong[View]
529619982I know most Mega Man boss weaknesses lean more towards gameplay mechanics than actual common sense m…[View]
529627861pomf =3[View]
529624175Edelgard! Edelgard! Edelgard![View]
529627207Post autistic things you do in vidya. I personally have to restart a game from the beginning if I st…[View]
529626692Why are Origins and Uplay so awful?[View]
529625883>when they see your high-level play and crisp footsies[View]
529627747What are some games where the protagonist violently reclaims what is his, as in The Odyssey when Ody…[View]
529610173This is on sale. Should I get it if I already have the 3ds version? I haven't played it yet, st…[View]
529625615>one copy of Sony Playstation 5 please[View]
529625913Game pass TV stick: Microsoft is planning TV streaming sticks for game pass https://twitter.com/tomw…[View]
529623592What went right?[View]
529626892I would like a FF7R reaction image thread. Post your shit[View]
529625423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65r7kxALspw&feature=youtu.be&t=1318 >CDPR employs false m…[View]
529627337R6 what's your opinion on shields/shield mains: Are you a shield main, are you neutral, or do y…[View]
529625778the original movie games: Has anyone here gotten to play Dragons Lair and/or Space Ace on original a…[View]
529627215It's out. Which monster you fuckin? I like the chubby witch[View]
529622181So after Shadowlands flops...hes fired, right?[View]
529624001I have heard that pokemon lost its soul around 2nd or 3rd gen, is this the one franchise where the c…[View]
529626821It's spooky month!! Post a spooky vidya image or a non spooky vidya image and spoiler it.[View]
529625327Old men... are the future![View]
529626730why do japanese games keep getting better while western is going to shit and repetitive[View]
529620339>pokemon >moba >f2p (anyone can play for free) >mobile (can be played anywhere) Great ga…[View]
529626669Game of the decade to cap 2020?[View]
529626240What games have the best dodge mechanic?[View]
529613156>Performance similar to a rtx 2080 (according to digital foundry) Honestly the smartest move to …[View]
529626492If my buddy and I start this game simultaneously, how fast can we be in a game? Is it one of those g…[View]
529626452all wow's expansions suck vanilla/classic was the only time the game was actually fun[View]
529621790Reminder that /v/ will turn a blind eye to issues if its Japanese[View]
529623012Ace Combat: Senpai, why are you staring at me from below?[View]
529620849ITT: Games that are way too easy[View]
529618241>muh 4k >Muh 8k Why are sheepish zoomers like this? I can't even notice anything over 108…[View]
529624760>game stops working at about 5 minutes into the game and and then gives you a error massage…[View]
529618782What order should I play the routes in this VN?[View]
529623023SOUL ROBBER: games with this feel?[View]
529625437I've come to the end of Baldurs Gate 3 Early access content when will there be new one? any inf…[View]
529609972describe your sex life with a video game title[View]
529616062Just finished this. Will we ever get another deus ex?[View]
529621956This is clearly a girl pulling some mulan shit.[View]
529625760use the phorensic tool to discover the truth phoenix 11037[View]
529614589Are you going to play Assassin's Creed Valhalla?[View]
529625250Sony chads....we won...AGAIN[View]
529613665>series' lore is best explained in a book that 80% of the fanbase will never read…[View]
529622230How did he have the balls to tell such a bald faced lie?[View]
529620436How did they do it?: How did they manage to create the least toxic fanbase of all time? A community …[View]
529618138Early Access is a bigger scam than gacha[View]
529621231You guys ready? And again my polish bros make a crazy nice game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reloa…[View]
529624357>That Gun[View]
529625263What's the Secret of Nimh of video games?[View]
529623825Who win?[View]
529620453there's so much negativity around here how about talking about a game you like for once instead…[View]
5296227543 and I'll go buy RE3 on Humble[View]
529623383why aren't there more games with posture bars and focus on deflects like sekiro? I know about f…[View]
529624743>'one copy of RTX 3090 please.'[View]
529623446Yozora and Verum Rex are ouwned by SquareEnix, not Disney. I repeat: YOZORA AND VERMU REX ARE OWNED …[View]
529623376what are some actually good games with this aesthetic?[View]
529622581Elden Ring Leaks: Hi, I'm a famous leaker in the scene but I can't leak this through Twitt…[View]
529623440Which is the cutest DBZ video game villain?[View]
529624553Damn, I need it.[View]
529622495pc when?[View]
529623320Why don't Nintendo games get much attention on Twitch or YouTube? Are this generation's ki…[View]
529623770He is you, in their world.[View]
529622362>game has mechanics that are impossible to understand[View]
529624423games where the villain is the chad and the hero is the cuck[View]
529623761How would you fix Nintendo?[View]
529624280What is the fucking point when every game released there takes longer to update or none at all? Offl…[View]
529616736You DO know the correct answer, right /v/?[View]
529623316What are some other good introductory VR games?[View]
529623503games with this feel?[View]
529619849160: Patch of the year ladies and gentleman, finally 2 dungeons and a ley line, the /v/irgin gamers …[View]
529623512Outer Worlds vs Fallout 76: Between these two games which do you think is the bigger pile of shit? A…[View]
529601304Marry, Fuck, Kill[View]
529608264Their demo is out.[View]
529620784What vidya merch do you own?[View]
529613807Demons Souls: Imagine buying a console for ONE GAME two generations in a row[View]
529572168>Game is so bad, PewDiePie refuses to do a second video[View]
529613847>The best girl isn't the girl you start the game with What is my name, /v/?…[View]
529618758What went wrong?[View]
529577334To this day, I still have no idea what he actually wanted.[View]
529604375The Outer Worlds: Obsidian's masterpiece is out on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/57…[View]
529621019>do Lost and Abandoned mission, everything goes normally >reach the next month, uncover Warloc…[View]
529619652why arent they showing anything? what are they hiding bros?[View]
529623157I had dream that I was a templar. I met a rich family that had an animus in their living room. They …[View]
529618920Resident Evil 3: if you didn't play this game on at least nightmare, you unironically didn…[View]
529613228>That game that single-handedly revived your faith in vidya What was it, /v/?…[View]
529621935PS5 is shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEkjgwiq0QM I was not going to buy a PS5. After seeing …[View]
529611981Facebook is about to be destroyed: >$450 >Wireless to PC >Better screen and controllers …[View]
529622913It's spooktober: what spooky games are you playing, anon? Let's have a comfy early Hallowe…[View]
529620794Bros...? What happened to fitmommy???[View]
529621649ITT : Games with QTE[View]
529618753She. Won.[View]
529620258Do you like making your own character /v/?[View]
529622597The people constantly whine about nostalgia being shoved down our throats just need to face the fact…[View]
529622714>This codeperson steps into the haunted house and spanks your codeman on the ass What would you d…[View]
529622674Your time on early access games: Have you ever been in an alpha or beta game and had the privilege o…[View]
529622662Intel btfo i guess: Jews are good at talking and manipulation. Actually making something new nor so…[View]
529608269What is it about Superman that makes it so hard to make a good game about him?[View]
529621975>Game is mediocre >Soundtrack is a goddamn 10/10 and elevates the entire experience. Any other…[View]
529622439>Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpie-...[View]
529622264Monster Hunter: How can Capcom get away with this?[View]
529616232What exactly made this game get so many awards and glowing reviews? The Story was okay, but nothing …[View]
529622449hello: how are gamer clouds nowadays?[View]
529621147holy freakin' crap lois it's 2kliksphillip![View]
529620090>play my game, anon What do?[View]
529617949What game has the best combat system?[View]
529620064Post your most wanted character for smash and post their victory theme. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
529620341Stop balancing games around the top 1% of competitive players.[View]
529616624fuck having a hdd in 2020[View]
529620161How do I get good? Also do you use the d-pad or the sticks?[View]
529621413you're next bitch[View]
529619003did somebody ask for a tf2 thread? hope you're ready for another wave of bots now that this hap…[View]
529613084just found out you can emulate jet set radio future, based emu fiddlers[View]
529616058high dpi or low dpi for accuracy?[View]
529621725>main enemies are literally african tribals How did they get away with this?…[View]
529620323How is /v/ the nintendo board, not talking about this? It looks fucking great like the medievil succ…[View]
529620565>never ever Whoops[View]
529620537Games that have educational value: More like this? Not necessarily a separate game mode like the Dis…[View]
529621205What are some good games to play while working from home? Slay the Spire and Monster Train have work…[View]
529621772Are we still pretending this was bad?[View]
529582390Dream: ... Are his videos faked?[View]
529621393I'm actually so mad GI creators put the most generic grass overworld as the starter zone. I was…[View]
529620241Among Us dead: reddit has won[View]
529619668>The vultures are gathering, they circle over your pathetic castle.[View]
529620823I love Wattson from Apex Legends. She's adorable, smart and kind. Can real women even compete?[View]
529621174>indie game >it's actually good What's her name, /v/?…[View]
529620693Bioshock is Dishonored for brainlets Discuss[View]
529618201This is charizard he is my favorite Pokémon. What is your favorite Pokémon[View]
529617497This game: Did you play it? What did you think of it? Tell me /v/[View]
529621107Total state of SNOY's Cuckstation games...[View]
529619985I really love tomboys, which games let me play as one[View]
529617375Is it morally acceptable for a male teacher to have a bath with his female students?[View]
529619831The Turians did nothing wrong.[View]
529618565Is Business Insiderthat the working title of the project or is that the official name?[View]
529620825Shit game[View]
529620136You have a switch right anon?[View]
529617050I didn't like Genshin Impact: .[View]
529619509Hat in Time: So why did all discussion for this game die out?[View]
529619834Is there any place i can get the retro vidya OSTs but just their original files? like the pure 20 se…[View]
529597882Any former resident evil fans not care about the new game?: Typical first person view bullshit. Olde…[View]
529618198Franchise murdering sequels[View]
529618489Mei is chinese?[View]
529619984what did you think of hello goodbye?[View]
529617159what are you think about new event in Apex led[View]
529617127Will this game scratch my Dragon's Dogma itch?[View]
529619818Has IGN ever addressed this? Shit still makes me mad[View]
529616663So will Japanese games censorship increase or decrease if i voted for Trump?[View]
529619024just look at the cartridge[View]
529619797Has there ever been worse gunplay in a game?[View]
529611212LEON PLEASE[View]
529619156Hypixel: Just got hacked on Minecraft Hypixel SkyBlock. Fucker took all my money and delate my fucki…[View]
529618259This is the new PSN web store: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA tags (ignore): Vita PS3 PS4 PS5 PlayStation Sony web…[View]
529618850>search this game on youtube >crash compilation ad nauseam >not a single honest to God game…[View]
529613004PS5 opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_x-iTgKBPA Soul.[View]
529618968Retro/Arena shooter thread: DEATH FROM ABOVE[View]
529619321Who is the David Lynch of the video game industry?[View]
529619230Why is there no Infinite thread right now? are jannies deleting them, or has the armor coating annou…[View]
529617629Is Mordhau any good?: I've played ~300 hours of PVP in Dark Souls 3 and I'm sick of all th…[View]
529604000Sony should've kept the CELL processor for the PS4/5.: “Even desktop chips nowadays, the fastes…[View]
529611440Metal Gear?[View]
529618356What went wrong?[View]
529618487>we need a gun for the bad guys[View]
529618805Since we are getting another good sandbox game that it isn't another le 3d shit?[View]
529617070What's the hardest difficulty setting you've seen in a game?[View]
529618906GOTY 2020 confirmed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iszdUHGnSaA[View]
529616902Xbox Series X could be getting VR — here's the proof: *crossing my fingers https://www.google.c…[View]
529615676Is this the best console ever made in terms of masterpiece titles released on it? When do we get Nin…[View]
529567323Well, /v/?[View]
529618340how was anyone supposed to know that there was a secret hole there? fucking nintendo full of cryptic…[View]
529616230bombs? lamp oil? rope? bombs? lamp bombs? lamp oil? bombs? bombs? bombs? bombs? bombs? bombs? lamp o…[View]
529615083Anyone else dropping PS and getting an xbox because of their rhetoric on blm and all the censorship …[View]
529614001How the fuck do people speedrun in Resident Evil?: 2nd playthrough, i'm trying to finish it fas…[View]
529614639I keep seeing this on people's 3x3s and recommended in threads, but I'm a zoomer and I…[View]
52961603860 fps is a meme. Look at this screenshot I notice no differance.[View]
529613853>lol just keep shooting Thanks for the shitty advice, id[View]
529615282Why is Twinsanity Cortex still the best Cortex in the entire series?[View]
529618206What are the best games on this site?[View]
529616006Spelunky 2: How are your runs going?[View]
529581794/boomershooter/ thread: Whats the best boomer shooter according to you? And why do you think its gre…[View]
529618075'So after he tried to drown the dog, she went off to live at a farm with her puppies right Frank? Th…[View]
529613705Why are there so little videogames with dinos?[View]
529586525How do we fix the horror genre?: Amnesia Rebirth is putting me to sleep.[View]
529613982What the fuck went wrong?[View]
529617504Welcome to the BSAA, anon.[View]
529614557How good is Gief's Gym at learning SFV and if at all, how far will it get me in ranking?[View]
529613673Are you guilty of playing any of these games?[View]
529617710I just watched AOC's great vod of this and the game looks super fun is it really full of hacker…[View]
529596573Y’all gotta stop gatekeeping video games. Just because someone plays a game on easy doesn’t mean the…[View]
529617378Don't be so quick to trust the UN. A pre-text, nothing more. The whole project of world governm…[View]
529602458Tales of: For me, it's Colette.[View]
529615682>a console already running games at 6K60fps how can pkeks recover from this?…[View]
529612610>crafting game has steel production >it’s literally just iron + coal…[View]
529600753post vidya bots[View]
529598231Fire Emblem: >he didn't like echoes Explain yourself on why you would hate the best 3DS era …[View]
529609257This game looks like real life[View]
529617167Nexus Mods ban on political mods: The hypocrisy of this site lmao.[View]
529615380Name a worse place on the internet[View]
529522592webm thread[View]
529603742The thing I like most about Kojima is how modest he is[View]
529615162I found an OSRS private server that might become a big thing in 5 years, where can I get a program t…[View]
529614848share with the group vtmb is the best gaming experience there will ever be[View]
529617081What’s the point[View]
529614023Here's ur 29.99+tax dlc bro[View]
529617254New PSN Store: How do we go from this to THIS[View]
529615864>kill chinks >kill muslims >kill americans They don't make 'em based like this an…[View]
529604537Is it worth playing?[View]
529616628Murasaki had a hard life[View]
529607823Smile for me, /v/![View]
529616959What are some of the biggest asspulls in video games? The biggest one that I can think off the top o…[View]
529612417SING IT WITH ME NOW /V/ !!!!: ONE GAME[View]
529616540it says here you plan to buy a ps5 even though microsoft bought doom, elder scrolls and fallout fran…[View]
529615754ITT: 700 IQ gaming theories >the entirety of terraria takes place in a glass terrarium in minecra…[View]
529613468>letsplayer starts talking about his personal life[View]
529611860both awful purchases but damn this is a serious case of soulless vs soul[View]
5296019075 MORE DAYS FOR COLD STEEL IV: Are you excited for the conclusion of the Erebonia arc?[View]
529614709How do we make another good game with them in it that isn't just a standard third-person beat …[View]
529615184Little Nightmares 2: New demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvaqVtyPnMM[View]
529611512Rejoice /v/, your dream shall surely come true[View]
529615493I really fucking despise the words 'rage quit' yes if I get mad at a game I'll fucking quit wha…[View]
529573219Visual Novels how do I get my cherry popped in this genre? Saya No Uta has always looked interesting…[View]
529616159Post the most disgusting, despicable '''waifu''' that some anons dare praise. Starting with a very e…[View]
5296163829 days till Christmas season starts what is on your list anon[View]
529613164Whats your favourite sonic game?[View]
529604441>the big dragon is much weaker than the small one How does this make any sense…[View]
529616280What games can you think that fell into the Stanford Prison experiment hoax? one I can think of is D…[View]
529614407What's a good server to play Ragnarok Online in the year of our lord 2020?[View]
529615267Convince me to build a PC.[View]
529610034To see a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your h…[View]
529614314What went so very wrong? I'm picking this up after ignoring it for a year after launch. It…[View]
529616031New PSN Web Store Removes a TON of Features: >wishlist removed >PS3 titles removed >PSV tit…[View]
529616092in 2008 smash brawl is released by 2010 most smashers realized brawl wasnt that good competitively …[View]
529615791>we need a voice actor for the white male protagonist[View]
529615880Is there a game where you need to go to college to truly appreciate it?[View]
529616039*Elden Rings your path*[View]
529610942>tfw Parvati gf[View]
529615538Is Valorant the greatest FPS of all time?[View]
529614659Why did he not like Bioshock 2's continuity?[View]
529615924So what ever happened with this game? I recall it coming out I even pirated it but found the strateg…[View]
529598770Are we entering the cope era of gaming? this is a legit question all I see is bullshit left and righ…[View]
529615828Monster Hunter: BRING HIM BACK[View]
529612216Did anybody else get sweaty or itchy hands when they were a kid fighting the final boss? I remember …[View]
529615751Remember /v/, don't let decision paralysis happen to you. Pick a game and play it. Play vidya a…[View]
529615740Ed gets buffed: Holy shit, that Ed Edd N Eddy online balance patch was HUGE[View]
529613780>Western mechs >Eastern mecha >claiming one is superior too another I just wanna keep the s…[View]
529610556Realistically, where does Sony go from here?[View]
529609638Oh, yeah, this happened....[View]
529599606why are modern gaming communities cancer[View]
529611697Would you ever consider buying a Stadia?[View]
529606634Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake And everybody's empty and everything is…[View]
529615368>hard mode is locked behind completing the game on normal first[View]
529613271>builds up interesting plot points >does nothing for them and becomes a paid gacha-like game t…[View]
529600142>try this piece of shit game >no japanese audio and dropped. now I know that all the people th…[View]
529615230What are two companies you'd like to see work together on a game?[View]
529595383Why do we love this game so much?[View]
529613840>be me in 2017 >buy pic related >die on the double buzz saw boss in one hit >... >Ret…[View]
529611217It's finally over...[View]
529610462What was the last game you truly got addicted to it?[View]
529594763Is the XBOX Series X really much more powerfull than PS5? Hasn't the PS5 a higher clock speed?[View]
529612741So like I just got all the Bloodborne trophies and I feel so fucking empty and sad. I guess I was wa…[View]
529606098Until this GODOT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE is fully operational we are vulnerable. JAVASCRIPT is too MUCH…[View]
529609310>Jeez Brain, what are we going to do today on /v/? >The same thing we do everyday Pinky, try t…[View]
529612513I have 20/20 vision and notice no differance between ultra or high.[View]
529614601Any games in which I can fight the supernatural with strange devices?[View]
529554975nioh 2: nioh 2 /best friends thread/ prev: >>529554373 temper table https://docs.google.com/sp…[View]
529600837How do you go from this...[View]
529604771Are there any good video game inspired movies out there? Best one I can think off is Silent Hill and…[View]
529606617How do people see this shit as having an acceptable combat system? Its fucking awful[View]
529612882He's cooler than Dante.[View]
529606056How can other fighting games compete?[View]
529605060We won AMD bros.[View]
529614463How do I get past Cabinet Man?[View]
529614441It's flat Friday, my dudes[View]
529611304Why is capcom keep supporting this garbage instead of MHW?[View]
529613472Wait a minute that card.[View]
529612190Visuals are the most important part of a VIDEOgame. You fail anywhere with that you've failed y…[View]
529609714>tfw playing codies games since 10 years >tfw giving my best every stage in pro >still com…[View]
529613719So when did you get off the playstation train? For me, It's been a few years.[View]
529613884Video game characters you want to have sex or at least spend a night in bed with Go.[View]
529613989>female videogame character acts kind towards my character >eyes get teary >muscles contrac…[View]
529612995Why do they hate their own game so much /v/? Why are they ruining the simplicity that was once this …[View]
529605619WATER: Post games with WATER[View]
529613707How does this game have such a ridiculous modding scene?[View]
529553019Hey shitass you wanna see me post a thread on /v/?[View]
529612801Leisure suit Larry Baby: How is it? You do play point and click games, right?[View]
529592135'Nintendo Isn't That Smart': Michael Pachter Says: >'And Nintendo isn’t that smart,' he cont…[View]
529613523*saves the game*[View]
529607257gaming continues to decline: >past 10 years this gen has produced nothing of value, just sequels …[View]
529613367>Marcus Phoenix is just Batista in the future What did Microsoft mean by this?…[View]
529613483I think i just had the least amount of fun in a video game. Is the Battle Royale fad over and only s…[View]
529613034What's the deal with making a new generation to raise framerate and resolution instead of actua…[View]
529608171Is there any good samurai anime like this game, without dumb fantasy yokai shit[View]
529613009I would love to play one of those dungeon explorer games with an more anime aesthethic plus no perma…[View]
529588187I have the urge to play this again. Seems fun to play while doing something on my othr screen. Worth…[View]
529612267>got major buffs >still sucks[View]
529613150Some people just want to watch the world burn[View]
529600501This dude walks up to you after having read the posts you've made about his beloved daughter, Z…[View]
529611829yes well done Archvile, well done HOWEVER[View]
5296088324 str 4 stam leather belt? LEVEL 18?[View]
529612941>chestlets: >chestlets[View]
529611213Amd is back baby. This is 5870 2.0[View]
52961241283% of players have finished this game, did you /v/?[View]
529597120total war warhammer thread: SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS Post your favourites boyos[View]
529600367Name 1 game where magic isn't broken[View]
529612697Personally I think Quake 1 was the best game on the Unreal Engine. I really like the art direction …[View]
529612646>game is fun but forgettable >replay it >it's like playing it for the first time again…[View]
529606772This is a character from Cowboy Bebop and Girls Frontline, say something nice to her.[View]
529612582What are some other games where the player is the one who essentially writes the story and lore? Lik…[View]
529612496Any good occult themed video games?[View]
529610082Why doesn't Japan make RPGs like this[View]
529612079Who build the cagies?[View]
529611539The switch currently has a huge lead as the King of the 9th generation. Are the PS5 and series going…[View]
529612243Hey /V. So I was browsing archive.com for old Official Playstation 2 UK magazine scans and I found t…[View]
529601403Dr. Ivo RRRRRRRRRRRRRRobotnik has teamed up with the last video game character you played as, their …[View]
529610521If somehow the Lord gave me a second chance at that moment.... I would do it all over again.[View]
529607983sega saturn: anyone know price on this gem? Rare variant?[View]
529607751how is this guy still relevant? how does he still have a fucking job?[View]
529609625How the fuck are we getting a new drawn to life game now? Like I'm hype as fuck but its so stra…[View]
529611809So is it any good?[View]
529593727You jelly /v/?[View]
529607157Has from done anything like this before?[View]
529590396>8k emblazoned in gold on the box AHAHAHA[View]
529604835>already giving it to you for half of the price oof, what went wrong?[View]
529605748ITT: We trigger /v/ with one image[View]
529608523Digital beats physical any day of ot the wee-[View]
529611382>ARGUMENTATIVE >STANDARDS >ELEVATION >PASSIVE >HEIGHTS What the fuck did he mean by t…[View]
529603140Mario 64 Gigaleak Render: A new rare Render was just found in Gigaleak, it has never been seen befor…[View]
529604791Has this game really gone gold like this?[View]
529611101She should make a cameo in Watchdogs: Legion. Straight up be a playable character. >she died So w…[View]
529611132Amnesia Rebirth: 5 hours in and I finally reached the fort. I'm scared bros ;_;[View]
529526914Genshin Impact has the best OST of the last 10 years. https://youtu.be/JvKYhh2Tbtg?list=RDMMBvt5Ynoc…[View]
529603309>cod gets a one year timed exclusive gamemode on playstation for the 2nd year in a row Why is thi…[View]
529609549He's practically guaranteed a place in Smash Prove me wrong[View]
529589118HOLY BASED[View]
529606480>Be me, live in spanish speaking country >Download a spanish dubbed CS 1.6 client by accident …[View]
529610592When will games finally overcome the uncanny valley?[View]
529610843I fucking hate donkey Kong and everything related to it so much because my dad used to beat me whene…[View]
529608243>can i copy your homework? >sure just change it a bit…[View]
529610602Still the best way to play Fire Emblem 1[View]
529610162CONVINCE ME FGTS[View]
529555641New among us thread FECTUF NA Skeld Beta[View]
529589615This is the Average FFXIV Player.[View]
529582523Damage Control in 3, 2, 1...: >not even one month since release >only one thread by a shill wi…[View]
529580189Is it good compared to 3?[View]
529608469Today is the day the bombs dropped in fallout 4, say something nice about the game.[View]
529560061What the fuck was his problem?[View]
529579658Now that the dust has settled, what are you thoughts on MGQ?[View]
529609471I didn't like the DLC. And you?[View]
529609787Remember this?[View]
529610385Post your video game confessions here. I have never played a single Halo campaign, only multiplayer…[View]
529601940>Unfucks your keys >Stops your mouse from double clicking >Stops your analogs from drifting…[View]
529602315This is quite literally the best deal in gaming[View]
529593823enjoying the new dlc?[View]
529606215I miss him so fucking much bros[View]
529520139>he was hiding in a cave all along Really?[View]
529608118Here's a mathematical proof that 14 is prime.[View]
529608928Games for this feel?[View]
529609693Can you name a more epic moment in vidya than that time Bowsers saved the day?[View]
529609965People generally talk about bad or good fanbases but what about long-gone fanbase or community you m…[View]
529605972Rance 01 and 02: Just one more week bros[View]
529591478Why... why the FUCK was this allowed??[View]
529516936Guilty Gear Strive: I know the lobby is gonna be hot asscheeks, but im still hopeful anons.[View]
529609137>Year later after EGS exclusivity >Outer worlds is released on steam today >CHARGING FULL …[View]
5296014844 0[View]
529606835Goro Majima[View]
529592542Why haven't you preordered Destruction Allstars for the PS5 yet? https://youtu.be/nNO1k5NCDOk[View]
529606289I am forgotten: Well, that got forgotten quickly[View]
529605149Do you still play Binding of Isaac?[View]
529607346What did Farcry mean by this?[View]
529607773Why have I never heard about RING OF PAIN An indie game that has great art, music and gameplay and /…[View]
529607562>play video game >it's fun thank you video game :)…[View]
529609673How naive!: You can't beat me... When I try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU6odaJDpkM…[View]
529607469You're now in charge of designing a vidya adaptation of the last non-vidya media (book, TV-show…[View]
529608605>steals your game idea >makes it weirder who is the best game developer and why is it irem?…[View]
529602915>video game based on Japanese mythology >ALWAYS has oni, fox spirits, dragons and maybe tengu …[View]
529590507ITT:Fuck You, I Liked It[View]
529609405>your childhood vidya finally get a sequel >It's actually good.…[View]
529607443*blocks your path*[View]
529608149Series X is an excellent price/performance ratio for those doesn't want to deal with the hassle…[View]
529609215Fear and Hunger Thread: Have you already played this masterpiece? It is amazing isn't it? I los…[View]
529609029Minecraft item ideas that optimize griefing Lag Turbine >Crafted from a furnace and 8 glass panes…[View]
529608730It's up[View]
529579948Why do all japanese games have this soulless green look?[View]
529589781Mystery Mondays: Because everyone hates Mondays edition.[View]
529606354Spoopy sale over at ebin. What are ya buying?[View]
529607393Does /v/ like Lalafells?[View]
529599941>Outer Worlds finally released on Steam >Could play on Epic or for a dollar on Game Pass >…[View]
529607874anyone knows a game like trackmania[View]
529573939Remind me again, why aren't they regarded as one of the worst game companies, on the same level…[View]
529608371Do I need friends to play co op or can I just join with random people like DaS1? Are the dlc's …[View]
529608301Immortals Fenyx Rising: thoughts? I have a rough time trusting ubisoft. Like kind of fun though.…[View]
529606845Pumpkin Jack: Anyone here tried this? There aren't many reviews so far but they all seem to bra…[View]
529605076>a grown man screams and the top of his lungs, for a solid minute If you watch any streamer that …[View]
529593257Amazon Japan[View]
529601076I'M HERE NOW[View]
529608110What makes Battle Network good?[View]
529605734>watch a gameplay video, cinematic, or trailer for some old game I used to play when I was younge…[View]
529608051Congrats you fucking shills. You memed me into play origins RO and it's fucking awful holy shit…[View]
529603674Will Fallout 4 New Vegas be good? Or will it never be released due to development hell like all the …[View]
529605537remember when Roblox was good on the days back on the new days Roblox wasnt good Swearing 13 year ol…[View]
529603297Why is the Smash community so disliked?[View]
529605772Amazing artwork[View]
529596961This game being cancelled still hurts[View]
529605569Now that the dust has settled /v/ who was in the wrong here?[View]
529582582>hey i don't like mario 64 it isn't fun >OH MY GOSH U CANT BEAT MARIO 64 I BEAT IT …[View]
529607123Friendly reminder[View]
529606742Post your theories. What do you think is going on in scorn world? What do you think is going to happ…[View]
529604549Ok /v/ I beaten silent hill 1 and I'm starting on SH3. what are my expectations with this on. a…[View]
529606674Showing /v/ my shiny Dusknoir[View]
529606768Fuck this site Whenever I check it out, I always end up consooming something that I never play becau…[View]
529599679Why does Blazblue's music from ChronoPhantasma onwards suck so much? Half the songs make me won…[View]
529605175cringe bosses: Say one[View]
52957220810 years in the making ladies and gents.[View]
529601741DO DO DO DODO DOO DOOOO[View]
529601994>one of the most fun games of all time >not talked about anymore SAD…[View]
529606326>6800XT fast as 3090 >6GB more ram >Actually fucking in stock.…[View]
529606456When we say video game industry, two factions immediately spring to mind. Japan and the West. Now t…[View]
529605063Remember House Party?: Kino.[View]
529602092This is a 19 year old super woman wrestler from Mexico: When are we going to get King of Fighters XV…[View]
529606328>gameplay loop[View]
529606231Little Nightmares II: It's coming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWGkCfeKano[View]
529604242Baldur's Gate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWITPDka1gU You awake with the realization that …[View]
529602857>Bernadetta! Why are you following me?[View]
529605874Is there a mod to skip all the atrocious cutscenes this game has?[View]
529605141Uhhh Xbros....???: I thought we had a massive advantage here?? So basically it's the same graph…[View]
529604196what is the highest grift you did?[View]
529605186Super Mario 64 Gigaleak Render Found!: Found this render in the gigaleak. Dunno why they didn't…[View]
529602762Why would he throw away his youtube career and reputation for a world record in a kids game?[View]
529591054We did it, /b/![View]
529601680PS5 Faceplates: >Custom PS5 Faceplates Already Up For Sale From PlateStation5; Get Blue, Matte Bl…[View]
529602803helo frens i am going to sneak to page 10[View]
529604836Thoughts on Metroid Prime 1 and 2?[View]
529605227Me: Boy, I sure feel like playing some scout in TF2 today! Enemy team:[View]
529605554MAKE MORE RIMWORLD VIDEOS YOU PRICK: You can't just make me wait more than a week for every epi…[View]
529602740okay /v/ ... serious talk.here i proof that FPS a difference does not make., and i will do it scient…[View]
529604816Who wins?[View]
529603512niko is a girl[View]
529588995Steam Review Thread (Official): He's right you know.[View]
529602831>indie >early access >sandbox >open world…[View]
529594253>He bought a 3080 OHNONONO HAHAHAHA[View]
529603461So, what is the consensus on Torchlight 3?[View]
529604616What games did you pirate today /v/? I downloaded Wipeout 2097, Tonic Trouble and Rayman Arena from …[View]
529605058Reminder that the same guys that gave HZD a perfect 100 gave BotW a 60, despite BotW being a much be…[View]
529604332Does anyone on v remember an old game,it's a fps like doom 1993 but you are an astronaut that b…[View]
529602701What's your favourite movie anons? Mine's GoW 2018[View]
529602908If you had to pick on horror game to survive in, which one would you choose?[View]
529603693This land is my land.[View]
529602396Favorite Horror Shooter thread. I'll start[View]
5295981674chan leak: So I just got fired from Nintendo, so I wanted to leak the future nintendo stuff. Paper …[View]
529597620>plot point set up earlier in the game never gets brought up again[View]
529583982Show off your Mineshaft builds[View]
529602058>HACKA', YOU A BUSTA.[View]
529603825This is best mario kart course. Prove me wrong.[View]
529590352For me ?: It's female human warlocks[View]
529596258now that the wowsers has hella settled what are your final and most conclusive thoughts on this seri…[View]
529590918How can xbox compete with PS5 exclusives?Gamepass is a meme.[View]
529601683Two words: Stupid. Not going to even say the last one[View]
529602423What do you want to see in God Eater 4?[View]
529599170Kill me[View]
529604093Mario 64 Gigaleak Render2: This render suffered the same from the last one. It was left unused. It g…[View]
529585256Linux Gaming Thread: what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?[View]
529602451This was announced ONE year ago, why has capcom not given more news about it? Did it get canned?[View]
529600503Cool game[View]
529603253>want to replay game >remember THAT area This place is such a slog…[View]
529576813Underated vidya waifus: Underated vidya waifus[View]
529602170Banner of the Maid: I'm quite pleased; it was a pretty fun game. It had the same problem as th…[View]
529583392facebook wins: its over[View]
529603386Hytale bros we got way too cocky[View]
529601613DUDE WHAT IF WE MAKE EVERYONE INVISIBLE? Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?[View]
529603130>buy game on pc >doesn't have native controller support >forced to play with keyboard …[View]
529603826ITT - Games that changed you: Death Stranding was so boring that it made me appreciate games I previ…[View]
529600757Is Maria the only character in the series created by Silent Hill itself? Does she know that she is j…[View]
529595450Hades thread: Hades thread I didn't think the Poseidon sword with artemis cast would be this go…[View]
529602204>postal remake is out Why wasn't I notified and is it trash?[View]
529592758Is there another way to defend your base early other than to completely surround your base perimeter…[View]
529598614Game development in Mexico: So my third world country somehow created one of my favorite games ever …[View]
529598052Conway's Game of Life: You HAVE played it, haven't you?[View]
529597128SHIT YOU STINK![View]
529598109Are they based or cringe?[View]
529600117What stages do you feel like didn’t need to come back in Ultimate? I would have preferred getting mo…[View]
529598075I just beat Nu-Hitman 1 and 2. Is this a good/deal for the older games? I heard Absolution was the b…[View]
529596939How much do you play vidya /v/? If your steam shows above 25 hours you must be dumb[View]
529505948Post and discuss your favorite masculine video game characters. Ryu is cool and likely has the most …[View]
529603267What are some games where I can play a police officer[View]
529595589Prey will never get a sequel Dishonored will never get another sequel The Evil Within will never get…[View]
529602428Ummm... bros?!: What did mommy su mean by that?[View]
529597304Why didn't Niko get a happy end like other GTA protagonists?[View]
529596102Famitsu Sales (Updated): Switch – 74,858 (12,887,521) Switch Lite – 20,994 (2,745,515) PlayStation 4…[View]
529602276Opinions on VR: What are your opinions on VR? Have you already tried it or even own one? Do you thin…[View]
529597493If GTX 1060 was so good, why won't they make GTX 1060 2?[View]
529602203Your Turn To Die: Okay but like Mishima kinda cute doe[View]
529600401West of Dead: I just bought this game, I played for few minutes and it seems legit[View]
529591570You can only pick one[View]
529601093Name a stronger sponge[View]
529602013Rixia From Zero no Kiseki[View]
529601803Judy Alvarez[View]
529601789>tfw you lived long enough to see 90s-styled FPS games make a small comeback now if we could just…[View]
529600280>*Is the pinnacle of electronic entertainment* Discuss[View]
529600751>Instead of fixing the drift we will now allow you to just buy one replacement overpriced piece o…[View]
529571076>these are the upper arms of a ''''martial artist''''[View]
529598920Post the worst vidya you've ever played[View]
529601489Holy shit[View]
529600792Does /v/ go to video game conventions?[View]
529601268Ace Combat with WWII planes when?[View]
529600437a thread for Lucina!?!??![View]
529598103Ssshh...Annerose is sleeping[View]
529588309Burning Crusade Classic: >https://massivelyop.com/2020/10/23/world-of-warcraft-may-be-getting-rea…[View]
529600961All this nu-game shit like dude just accept that you peaked in your childhood and bite the bullet no…[View]
529596664It's been a while since I've seen a 3x3 thread. So let's have one now.[View]
529598693What is the best anti-aliasing method and why is it TXAA?[View]
529555292Maybe I should avoid 4chan: I think /v/ is brainwashing me into thinking this game's gonna be s…[View]
529597006Is Crusader Kings III worth $50 right now? I want to play it but I don't want to feel like a ch…[View]
529598867Prof Layton: Yesterday I was in a Layton thread and was hit by a wave of nostalgia. I played all the…[View]
529517765Are reloading animations good for you?[View]
529599395Literature: Dante, virgil, Borges, Shakespeare, Tolstoy Painting: Da vinci, miguelanguelo, bouguerea…[View]
529558697How do we save H games ?[View]
529599993Soul: ITT: sole[View]
529598570>weapon you get automatically for completing the game is objectively better than the weapon you g…[View]
529600640playstation home... home...[View]
529569542would you?[View]
529598523>game sends you a nice message[View]
529600471Why did they make us play as him?[View]
529597082Will Shantae get into smash?[View]
529595973What are games with satisfying 2h weapons?[View]
529591137What's the canon path in Witcher 1?[View]
529582369artificial difficulty: the game: and before you cope with 'filtered'. I've actually beaten the …[View]
529590335Why did casuals overhyped this game so much?: How come this overrated piece of shit became so popula…[View]
529600338Besides Deus Ex, what other games feature predictive programming?[View]
529598597>party members return to help you >they're ambushed >there's nothing you can do t…[View]
529590680touhou thread[View]
529582519>The project had been in development for some time before it was announced at E3 2015. The announ…[View]
529600136Have you ever tried a game because of an ad?[View]
529597331There is no any mention of RayTracing capabilities on Series X box while you can see references to V…[View]
529584660What does /v/ think of the Hrothgar race from FFXIV? Were they a good addition to the game? Did they…[View]
529599987>Japanese level begins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKMw2it8dQY…[View]
529599171Ghost of Tsushima Legends: Anybody playing this mode? How do I git gud with Ronin?[View]
529599896Pich a doctor wondertainment video game[View]
529589527I love dot hack, is one of my favorite vidya franchises and it hold's a special place in my hea…[View]
529599218Why do you never have a father in video games? It's always just your mom.[View]
529594650I just got fiber after being stuck on 1MB/s for 15 years, what are some big games?[View]
529599678What’s /v/‘s opinion on Bathrobe_Dwane and do you think he’s a good at playing video games?[View]
529587729>pay for games >these games don't belong to you i can't believe that are people who …[View]
529598774you don't know what difficulty means until you've played FALLOUT NEW VEGAS in Hardcore mod…[View]
529583868I wish i had a cool 5-star weapon like all the whales.....[View]
529595549>8K >4k 120FPS[View]
529599371Any comfy games where I can roleplay as a fishmonger or fisherman?[View]
529598314>unskippable ads in negro ball ps5 games[View]
529597628'Guess I gotta go Postal 2 Paradise Lost'[View]
529598461>that would be 30$ plus tip broh[View]
529599154Scorn, sick game for sick times. https://youtu.be/6grwdMemV1o[View]
529599313Why do devs pull this sort of crap? I assume I missed the third special cannon ball so I could never…[View]
529588294>le removing a bunch of features from the game is 'cyberpunk' Is there a more overrated piece of …[View]
529596545Majikoi Thread: It's Friday. Let's have a Majikoi Friday.[View]
529599037So this the power of CD Projekt[View]
529597101Peak vidya female[View]
529598937why does pic related make hand-eye cordinationlets seethe so hard?: >NOOOO IT'S TOO RNG DEPE…[View]
529598884What are some amazing videogame crossovers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oIkpd2j3dI[View]
529598850Games for this feel?[View]
529598740Vvardenfell: Name a better game world[View]
529590274I’m sorry bros but I’m excited for AC Valhalla, I want to be able to explore English cities while cl…[View]
529592410PC Gaming is pointless: With $500 you have a $2000 PC tier graphics machine and seven years of new g…[View]
529596289>pirated Death Stranding >it only works on Windows 10 KOJIMAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
529598601>japanese game >no dual audio literally unplayable.…[View]
529591386What vidya has the most masculine protagonist?[View]
529598580Is this what your average gamer looks like?[View]
529594475Purely hypothetically, how would this work?[View]
529595262you're getting those skins, right /v/?[View]
529576341ITT: Vidya characters that remind you of yourself. I'll start.[View]
529594324Corpse Party: >no hard feelings Why is a cheap guro horror game with a nonsensical plot making me…[View]
529594489This janky lil gem fills my heart with halloween joy. What's vee think of it?[View]
529598349will WoW shadowlands be the most chad or the most cuck expansion?[View]
529595969Does anyone on v remember that old game with an overpowered engineer that fight alien god?I forgot t…[View]
529598224ONE WEEK: It's a long time coming v are you ready to play Arx Fatalis but better? https://www.m…[View]
529598093>perk gives you stat boosts for taking damage[View]
529598007Yes I love the Witcher 3 but it has some major flaws. My biggest problem is the enemy variety Why so…[View]
529597983Three weeks until next gen: What consoles, if any, are you picking up?[View]
529597337>Doctor Freeman, I presume.[View]
529577030I'm gonna pay $70 for a video game[View]
529585529Why Bugs and Taz though? Wouldn't Daffy Duck make more sense? They barely interacted in Looney …[View]
529595885Ryza 2 physical cancelled in Japan: Oh shit, snoybros We lost[View]
529597273>have to set the year to 2019 for the cracked version for it to work >finally get the game to …[View]
529593804seriously: Yea lets just centralize everything and give a Steam the freedom to monopolize and dictat…[View]
529597553Nvidia bros Im worried.[View]
529595097>game has breeding mechanics[View]
529595650>tfw too stupid to play puzzle games[View]
529596069>Gaming reviewer has a panic attack because he’s afraid of the obvious backlash he’s going to get…[View]
529562743Biggest PS5 games are set to come to PS4: Sony confirming thatSpider-Man: Miles Morales,Horizon Forb…[View]
529590742Why didn't he use another body double in MG2 to fool the Patriots that he was dead again? All h…[View]
529597434Which fanbase has the best taste?[View]
529597391DST thread. Enjoying the new update? >inb4 filtered anons[View]
529549676It's good, lads.[View]
529585798Name 1 (ONE) western video game that came out in the last 2 years that you've enjoyed playing[View]
529576061This is impossible. Not even the LifeVirus or Gospel gave me this much trouble. I've been fight…[View]
529593110Here's your G WOMAN[View]
529571908Turn your fetish into a fun and interesting game mechanic. >you play as a woman pregnant with a f…[View]
529597149Manic (Sonic's Brother) and Knuckles the Cool Echidna can and would beat the FUCK out of Bartle…[View]
529596987here's your next gen bro[View]
529595062Good games with horrible gameplay.: Lets post good games with horrible gameplay. I'll start.…[View]
529590269All video games need a rival character. No matter the genre[View]
529596924ERP Videogames Futa cute and funny: Do you play videogames? What videogames with 'multiplayer' do yo…[View]
529594970Singlehandedly saves western female character design Also why no one talks about this game?[View]
529593731Games that are shaping up nicely Pic related[View]
529592346Underrated Platformers.: Just picked this up on PS store for like 5 dollars because of the Halloween…[View]
5295965249 days till Christmas season starts what is on your list anon[View]
529592512Bros.... ;_;[View]
529595163>GoT Legends Raid won’t have matchmaking I guess I’ll come back next week and hopefully get some…[View]
529595350Rain World: >Exploring Industrial >Max karma >Blue motherfucker on my tail >Try to lose …[View]
529591678Thoughts on this old flash rpg?[View]
529596323Are there any games where you fight for the dark Lord Satan? Hard mode: no Shin Megami Tensei[View]
529590247What should I play today, lads?[View]
529590913What do they eat?[View]
529596262Funbag Friday: Jannytrannies are retarded faggots and I piss on them and their mothers.[View]
529595937>strategic LIFE simulation video game[View]
529596072Spyro is a chad[View]
529594781Ah fuck it, I got a discount thing to use on Amazon so I bought this thing. I don't like the fa…[View]
529594473Scorn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6grwdMemV1o schlorp ... shkkkkllluurrpp ... sblapp splurblblb…[View]
529595957Game development in Mexico: So my third world country somehow created one of my favorite games ever …[View]
529595246Autism: Is there something extremely autistic you do that prevents you from enjoying video games? Th…[View]
529592887How did a literally who become so famous in such a short amount of time?[View]
529590403New Little Nightmares 2 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWGkCfeKano&ab_channel=BandaiNa…[View]
529594783World of Darkness Games: Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Vampi…[View]
529595603P5R PC PORT LEAKS: HUGE FUCKING HAPPENING Persona 5 royal pc port leaks showing new content. Snoykek…[View]
529592973Habbo Hotel: >Its 2006 >Bored as fuck at home and have a shitty PC that can't play shit. …[View]
529593503>ps4, /v/'s favourite console costs around 400$ >average wage in country is around 500$ Y…[View]
529593668>update makes the UI look worse What games do this? Seriously, the fuck is this? This new store i…[View]
529592962Game Mods: Have you ever made a mod, /v/?[View]
529595232Is the switch version of this game any good? I liked the Switch port of the Crash N.Sane trilogy and…[View]
529594216>quit game >Warning: Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost Okay >returns to main menu >exit >…[View]
529579595quite the package came today... what do?[View]
529593617Telll me one JRPG that I must play, I'm kinda new to this genre.[View]
529591126When will Vegeta get his own game, DB bros?[View]
529589372>40 bucks plus tax for half a controller BASED NINTENDO DOES IT AGAIN https://twitter.com/Nintend…[View]
529589547Sony lost this war months ago. Your people are broken. Scattered. Hunted. Defeated... by me. I wish …[View]
529591595Has cencorship really fucked sony in the ass that hard? Fuck even is xbox only gets 20 percent marke…[View]
529582964Battlestation thread: Battlestation thread I don't know what color to keep my Table light.…[View]
529591824e..el, elden ring... a-any day, lads...[View]
529591436ZOOM Eternal meme thread: Post your best doom memes /v/[View]
529594647SOUND THREAD: Post vidya SOUNDS. Go here and make your own. https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31045-…[View]
529593723>This is an Elder Vampire[View]
529594494Why are there no games that successfully handle multiple love interests? Either you get railroaded w…[View]
529590821total war warhammer thread: summon the elector counts post your favourites[View]
529594160>1995 >Rent game for $6 >fuck yeah a whole weekend to play one game! >2020 >$1 for 2…[View]
529588210Find me a better fucking dungeon. I dare you.[View]
529592123He jumped on millions.[View]
529594046So in light of Nintendo's seemingly stupid decisions to make 3D All-Stars and FE1 time limited …[View]
529594037We had a good run...[View]
529585878Which LoL champ did you main back then before you left?[View]
529589456FFXIV vs WoW: why does blizzard shamelessly copy other games? pic related.[View]
529593427Yakuza thread: This was fucking great, how do the other games in the series compare? Which one shoul…[View]
529593551what are you /v/incels doing with your friday[View]
529593630Have niche Steam games gotten out of hand?[View]
529584831Talk about /based/. Putting Zoomers and ethots in their place Oh ring ring ring Hello is this the ba…[View]
529576764Underdog Microsoft is best Microsoft: Prove me wrong They are releasing features and adding games to…[View]
529592245where do I download 3ds roms with update, dlc and stuff?[View]
529571456On handholding: Do games like Minecraft prove that handholding in games is a meme for brainlets and …[View]
529593259Spruce is best Minecraft wood.[View]
529585835Was he better as a comedic foil than as a straight up villain?[View]
529580425>Keep dying in Nioh 2 >only beat boss with NPC help What's the point of making a game tha…[View]
529589921>Make a big deal about the new DLC's 'Galarian Star Tournament' >It's just the champ…[View]
529579965It's time to discuss the greatest RPG ever made[View]
529591748Just a friendly reminder /v/ros[View]
529576914Why did Dark Souls Remastered flop so hard? Why is Dark Souls 3 still so active?[View]
529582561God, I wish I had true friends.[View]
529592132I still can‘t believe he‘s in![View]
529590752Thief 2014: Just how bad is this game?[View]
529590334Question for Xbox gamers here. I have the chance to buy an Xbox with 2 remotes and 3 games for 220. …[View]
529592560>Filters /v/ zoomers 18 years later[View]
529585645>In order for Halo Infinite to cover the same mixture of colors that Halo Reach had, it would hav…[View]
529559207>villain loses because he didn't even try[View]
529557235We are less than 30 days away from Cyberpunk 2077. What character will you roll?[View]
529591791Why is this allowed[View]
529583453This is Empress. The scene group that cracked RDR2 and BTFO the stagnated warez scene. Say something…[View]
529592256Horrid No good Evil Bastard[View]
529590720>Full price for 3 games that were free on phones How did they get away with this?…[View]
529592167Nice artwork[View]
529579084What's your gamer name /v/?: I need a new, inconspicuous gamertag/username for general use on m…[View]
529592160>C418 - Minecraft - Volume Alpha >Sweden.flac…[View]
529587463man fuck this garbage dlc[View]
529590592It's not good.[View]
529591684Unironically the best CoD we’ve gotten in years[View]
529591674Will godot 4.0 allow me to make AAA graphics?[View]
529582650ITT: Vidya characters you want to be[View]
529591601What games do you play when you're stressed or anxious and need to soothe your nerves?[View]
529582879you now remember BRINK[View]
529580786>squish >squelch >squelch >crunch >crack >squish >squelch >ominous barely no…[View]
529582136Kino handheld.[View]
529590037This is one of the worst nintendo mistakes.[View]
529535736>the isle is dead >path of titans looks good >mobile version too laggy >wallet too empty…[View]
529588116Was this a worthy successor to the legacy left behind by Halo?[View]
529591797Take 'em out![View]
529586839ITT: Habits that tick you off: >pushing the thumbsticks as far as they can go every time they’re …[View]
529586291Pokemon died at gen 4. There I said it. The fact that it took until gen 8 for people to finally star…[View]
529585281Why are they still using ''generic action protagonist holding a gun'' trope in v…[View]
529556343Good Driving/Cruising Games?: Howdy there, I was curious what were some driving/racing games that ar…[View]
529591479>Beat final boss >Have to escape the entire dungeon on a timer >Die and it's back to h…[View]
529564363*effortlessly beats Cyberpunk 2077*[View]
529523145If her proportions weren't so retarded, she would be a 10/10.[View]
529586345>he plays games from before 2010 Care to explain yourself?[View]
529587920favorite rts units?[View]
529571207>Buy 79,99$ game for PS5 >Have to watch unskippable ads >Have pay 15,99$ for subscription …[View]
529569998What was the worst waste of money you spent on a video game?[View]
529578473>tfw we will never ever get another Zelda game like OOT or Majora BOTW was such a fucking mistake…[View]
529586490ITT: >replay game >get to THAT part >stop playing…[View]
529591009need a new game /v/. Base suggestions on my favs >Elder Scrolls >Dark Souls >Mount&Blad…[View]
529591007name ONE (1) community effort in the speedrunning scene that comes even remotely close in competitiv…[View]
529590998Best Girl Easily[View]
529586763God Tier: 1 2 11 13 15 Good: 6 7 8 (GBA) Average in every regard: 4 14B 14R Bad: 3 9 10 12 Litera…[View]
529590485Is video game coffee good for you?[View]
529551118It's so fucking boring and the ending was lame[View]
529584439Do you have any memories of gaming in the Clinton Years?[View]
529573670>Game is an arcade perfect port >Reviews poorly because 'lack of story content'…[View]
529579027Post music that reminds you of the happy days. https://youtu.be/Jl8KYtV88TQ[View]
529589659October… I am forgotten[View]
529590571>videogames so violent mods delete them well /v/?[View]
529574836Does this graph do anything to change your controller of choice?[View]
529589043what games has hot muscular babes?[View]
529587985You just can't argue with this.[View]
529577614>play VRchat >have fun with bros >female joins >everyone orbits her >game is no more …[View]
529584545How far would they go in her universe?They will be able to kill all the demons?[View]
529590117favorite animal friend? chuchufags need not apply[View]
529587974Why does this game look like such shit? I originally played through the PS4 version, now I'm go…[View]
529589369Ah yes: Sovl[View]
529589493Murder House: Puppet Combo made an actual video game this time.[View]
529589682Never thought that there was a cartoon animal kiddie platformer that was so well written kino, that …[View]
529588767Why the fuck was she such a cunt?[View]
529581182DnD combat sucks so fucking much. I didn't even remember how boring and frustrating it is to wa…[View]
529489707Volcano High: You are gonna buy her game right?[View]
529581080How are they going to make the world different from the first one?[View]
529588624So, guys..... TOME or Caves of Qud? Which one is better?[View]
529586115As a PC gamer, I must admit I'm afraid. When a PS4 game looks better than any PC game on the ma…[View]
529589258oh no no the janny tranny is here! quick, hide your threads everyone, or he will delete them![View]
529589238Genshin bros...[View]
529588736>Game sequel stars a new protagonist >At some point the first game's protag shows up as a…[View]
529584891How does Shadow (from Sonic) radiate so much POWER never before seen in ANY vidya character?[View]
529580962>Game is so bad it instantly kills the entire franchise[View]
529589030Haven't seen anyone talking about this, is it a card game?[View]
529587478Fuck my robot-sister, Shulk[View]
529587579Show me your RP/meme builds Any game[View]
529587365You LIED to me, /v/. You made me spend $40 on this shit.[View]
529569298You ready to see him in the Nibelheim flashback in Part 2?[View]
529581852>western developers can't create cute char-[View]
529588772Hey all you speed runner. Why don't you speed run your life so you can achieve more than others…[View]
529585369What is your favorite uplifting video game, /v/?[View]
529586038Am I a coomer for constantly staring at Sarah's ass in the Mafia remake? They did give her a bi…[View]
529588535Why this average game is so praised arround 4chan and the media? It's funny that almost all rev…[View]
529587698One of these threads: Guess the game.[View]
529581412Remind me again, why aren't they regarded as one of the worst game companies, on the same level…[View]
529561254Do you own any vidya figures? These just came in the mail today.[View]
529586723Show me the biggest simps in video games.[View]
529588254Good looking Doom Wads: I did knee deep in zdoom already, any suggestions ? what are the best lookin…[View]
529588004Beloved character was a villain all along: What games can you think of where one of the main beloved…[View]
529579360I'm about to play this what am I in for[View]
529580602Remind me again, why aren't they regarded as one of the worst game companies, in the same light…[View]
529588128No updates or balance changes in months Stadia exclusive content Dead game[View]
529582384whats your opinion on banter in video games during gameplay: Banter in story games is the epitome of…[View]
529585937After almost 300 hours played. This game just doesn't hit the spot anymore.[View]
529576836This is going to be pure kino. I'm getting Interstellar vibes. https://twitter.com/kwazol/statu…[View]
529578457Can I play through this and avoid getting the African on my team?[View]
529587689>game gets good 100 hours in[View]
529587673So what's the audience for this thing? It's a similar price to any of the big 3 consoles. …[View]
529583239GABE NEWELL 'We've had HALF LIFE 3 started a couple of time': https://youtube.com/watch?v=o1PQQ…[View]
529584649I miss this game it was soo much fun[View]
529570415Why is he so awkward when playing with other people?[View]
529583335Remind me again, why aren't they regarded as one of the worst game companies, on the same level…[View]
529584635>alone to survive in a hostile world Post games that do it the best.[View]
529581369>EA was never goo-[View]
529582185Why was this the only good game on the GameCube that was either exclusive or exclusive for a time?[View]
529582927Coming H2 2021 Massively upgraded custom NVIDIA SoC Can output 4k using AI upscaling Game footage ca…[View]
529580783What do we think about this character?[View]
529582380Pizza Tower Guy's biggest sin: Based on https://yuki.la/v/452523598[View]
529585829When was the last time you visited your town?[View]
529585620new power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmMvGqzvmXM warthunder niggers assemble >t-90 >new …[View]
529582471>70 bucks for 1 AAA game. I guess free to play game like GENSHlN is the future…[View]
529584385Will the the asains ever make a great OST like this? Or can only white men make great music?[View]
529567071What do you think about Princess Peach?[View]
529585367Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity: Imagine.[View]
529584182No hero firge thread? Post creations. Bonus points for vidya.[View]
529584528Games for this feel? https://youtu.be/SfxgB0_IUoI[View]
529583354this game has too many fucking dialogues and cutscenes I'm not sure if it's a visual novel…[View]
529585193fuck off janny, dont you have videogame threads to clean?: How do you fags find the time to play all…[View]
529585067>will easily beat gamepass it already has more games lmao[View]
529584828Name me some AAA games from the last couple of years that should be around €10 on key sites by now.[View]
529584820I just wanted a game where I played as trenchcoat Big Boss sabotaging Snake's mission dammit, a…[View]
529582007>game has aliens[View]
529582846Spooktober games: What are some scary games to play in spooktober?[View]
529577693just finished the original trilogy, any games after 3 worth playing or did the series just completel…[View]
529555760This is going to be a disaster[View]
529581943>zoomers are nostalgic for endless runner garbage What went wrong?[View]
529568925Is nintendo dead?: Didnt hear anything about them in months They plan on releasing some shit still t…[View]
529583687This game is SO fucking boring. How do men enjoy this trash?[View]
529584174ITT we make up arguments why we play female characters in video games: >smaller hitbox…[View]
529584629G-Woman is waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber[View]
529563860What do you honestly think of guys who always play as a female character?[View]
529582724Yes.. Finally my new Nvidia RTX 3080!: So the other day i finally got my 3080, im so used to having …[View]
529577846>no new Pokemon game yet is Game Freak putting more effort into their next game?…[View]
529584248BOO! : the video game[View]
529581703Are there Persona Q games good?[View]
529571782>pay us for advertising our game[View]
529584267Why does it feel like there are no major games announced for christmas holidays?[View]
529584178>Games with graphics ahead of their time![View]
529582201Just finished this. It was quite enjoyable with those semi-open world maps, fun weapons and equipmen…[View]
529578307it will never release isn't it ?[View]
529554695This is the best controller.[View]
529575551Caves of Chud: Commie game made by commies is trash, big surprise[View]
529583991Will codemasters games ever be FUN again?[View]
529566339>$450 >face/eye tracking >knuckles style controllers >4320x2160 90hz >wireless addon …[View]
529582698mobile gaming clip: Why don't you have a controller clip for your phone? Its a better handheld …[View]
529580468what is going on with these people[View]
529582612How do I have fun while playing this game? I've had it for a few years now and everytime I pick…[View]
529546480You may not like it but this what peak performance looks like.[View]
529583552>trillion dollar company >puts out this How's that even possible?…[View]
529579434Is Grimrock any good? I've been really itching for an immersive/atmospheric dungeon crawler whe…[View]
529575667>RED shrinking by the day >BLUE dumb NorfFC's >PURPLE irrelevant wasteland that just k…[View]
529580428What does it do, Lois?[View]
529572028hey Chucklenuts, why don't you main me? can't aim hitscan? can't handle the speed? yo…[View]
529580738Security alert. Re-administration in progress. Asset allocation adjustment code: Flint. Inspect. E…[View]
529577551'Tell me, Dr. Freeman, if you can: you have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have cr…[View]
529574005How good would a mobile game have to be for you to consider purchasing it?[View]
529507221post em[View]
529582870fav video game character?[View]
529580827Practical armor design or exaggerated armor design?[View]
529582783I have 4 weeks of free time. What game should i play? And why should i play it? [Spoiler] oh and let…[View]
529539142BRING HIM HOME[View]
529577925Just finished this, what's the official /v/erdict? I actually liked it a bit. It wasn't as…[View]
529578628This was lame as fuck[View]
529580224>Kills innocent people violently who are trying to survive >Helps in destroying an entire town…[View]
529574045Uncharted 5 already looks better than anything on XBSX or PC.[View]
529582002thoughts on Lust from Beyond?[View]
529581897There is ONLY ONE trainer you can battle in the new Pokémon DLC. How is this allowed? GameFreak rea…[View]
529567465So let's settle this for once and all. Can the human eye see above 24 FPS?[View]
529581008What is your favorite offworld fps?[View]
529575813>John Rambo >The Terminator; T-800. >Alex Murphy Robocop. Bros. I'm all for Netherreal…[View]
529576535Final Fantasy VII Remake: Damn... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO-Ce148Pyo[View]
529580856any of you guys play any online games that the average person would consider long dead and be surpri…[View]
529580803Make new animanicas video games after the hulu thing[View]
529574549You're replaying Dragons crown this month right?[View]
529505020Why was Apu a playable character? Out of all the Simpsons cast, Apu. He's fine but why did they…[View]
529580465>He plays Mario on the NES Cringe, gotta say[View]
529579463Planning to start a new game to try and get through all the difficulties and am wondering what I sho…[View]
529567676Is Overwatch 2 good for you?[View]
529576979What's the point of the monk class in CRPGs? Everything they do other classes do better.[View]
529581292>Game Shōjo-tachi no Shin'ei >Game 2 >Game Estival Versus…[View]
529577589What can be done to get more female gamers into playing strategy games /v/ ?[View]
529578321HALT! What's the 4chan /v/ W I D E soul kino cafe password?[View]
529579731>flash and moblie games have no reps in smash Lets fix that[View]
529576956Is it possible to play this shit at home? I can obviously go with lunatic rave, but I'd prefer …[View]
529578941what they meant by this ?[View]
529578428This game isn't good[View]
529574443Should more games include PAWGs like Street Fighter?[View]
529579347The Great Debate: Which Rockstar Games franchise do you prefer? GTA or Red Dead Redemption?[View]
529579538Crash is here![View]
529578693*filters Barry and the entirety of Nintendogaf*[View]
529580768>multiplayer game has (voice line) taunts >its automatically a good game What games other then…[View]
529580691janny tranny: UH OH SNEED[View]
529580654ITT: Games only you liked[View]
529558605The Great Gamestop fuckup of 2020: What did /v/ get from FUCKING GAMESTOP for free today? You were f…[View]
529579251Does /v/ play Bushigay music games?[View]
529565892ITT: share your least proud vidya fap[View]
529580351Who would win?: Eve or Eve[View]
529529856>new Drawn to Life game was rated in Taiwan How does /v/ feel about this? I was never a big fan d…[View]
529580294Have they finally lost it? Wtf[View]
529576434This is the modern state of gaming. Why do people complain about realism and movie games so much whe…[View]
529574880>Game requires you to buy a different game to 100% complete it Why is this allowed?…[View]
529579387Vidya references in music: What are some times vidya has been referenced in music?[View]
529567820>Japanese game >American is blonde blue eyed Why is this so typical?…[View]
529579604T***s is not a real god.[View]
529575934>died to the wall of flesh while it only had 5 (FIVE) health remaining FUCK. What are some of you…[View]
529573529This game is so much better than Breath of the Wild[View]
529579308>game has status effects >every single enemy in the game is immune to 90% of them…[View]
529578132admit it /v/, this was the one time you actually bought a skylanders game[View]
529571883Don't care, still buying Cyberpunk 2077[View]
529565416>is literally a super soldier that carries a giant sword >agrees to cross-dress to save his fr…[View]
529576563>Could have been 'the one' - like the Neo of sixth gen wrestling games >Doesn't introduce…[View]
529574327What is /v/'s opinion on Void Elves?[View]
529579471ITT: characters who seem like pushovers prove to be far more powerful than they let on[View]
529577130Is VII the most diverse Final Fantasy?[View]
529579323If you had the chance to remove one source of censorship, what would you pick? https://www.strawpoll…[View]
529577620>already fucking dead What went wrong?[View]
529575856post a better game mechanic: you literally can't[View]
529572493I wanna like this game but the dev is an onions boy. Even his avatar is the typical nu male beard gl…[View]
529576590How long till vidyas set in hell become boring?[View]
529577742>Names characters after friends No one was autistic enough to do this, right?…[View]
529563078>the last of us games are casual movie ga-[View]
529577982So Star Citizen recently went into more detail on the background of one of the game's alien spe…[View]
529578153open a 2d pixel platformer unity logo comes up[View]
529562348are there any games that are loaded with soul, but still fail to be good?[View]
529571783if they are changing the caves why won't they also increase how deep you can mine? ~64 blocks b…[View]
529572837>Nintendo releases 60 dollar ports >Nintendo keeps price at 60 dollars for years >Nintendo …[View]
529578963Why no Red Alert 4?[View]
529576428How did World of Warcraft become so fucking famous?[View]
529574323When does it get fun?[View]
529572384Is it worth it?: don't give a shit about signing into Facebook, never had a vr device and my pc…[View]
529533543Minecraft: JAVA[View]
529542919Select your warrior.[View]
529578393I fixed the gendered half-plate armor[View]
529571275First pull are you jealous faggots?[View]
529577809I don't want to own any kind of video game hardware anymore. No games, no consoles, just emulat…[View]
529574404Banjo-Kazooie /v/ survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddSoD7-0aURlxM_xux3p59MrAiWzk1Nu…[View]
529574790This is how we can fix horror games >Anxiety Inducing enemies/mechanics like Mr X's stomping…[View]
529577718>get bored, decide to play an online game >trigger as much as people possible without saying n…[View]
529544489Smash Bros: Why are other companies shit at making good character models but Sakurai's team/Nam…[View]
529577261Gunfire Reborn: This game anygood?[View]
529539554How would you revive the touhou franchise without killing it?[View]
529542412>kills physical media >kills game ownership >kills singleplayer games >games will be mad…[View]
529521637Congratulations, anon. You are now the CEO of Capcom. What are your plans for the future of this co…[View]
529560380Basically Terrordrome: itt: We make a horror movie fighting game. Here's the starting roster: …[View]
529577629*lies about roadmap*[View]
529546034You start a fresh character and world on Terraria. Whats the first thing you do?[View]
529577062Xenoblade2 >$60 game with free gacha-like system >/v/ hates it Genshin Impact >free game wi…[View]
529501754Autistic things you do in games[View]
529578150Im about to start ReMind. Is there anything I could do beforehand to elevate my enjoyment to maximum…[View]
529566559Scorn: Fresh gameplay vid https://youtu.be/6grwdMemV1o[View]
529558793The game isn't THAT bad.[View]
529577409Will you get her game?[View]
529576290It's time to admit that this game wasnt' that bad and was a victim of a hype train of irra…[View]
529577673>tfw kind of want to play fortnite on my switch because it has gyro >too embarrassed to downlo…[View]
529574046Jurassic World Evolution: Is it any good?[View]
529577510I hate the way the villains pronounce 'Lara'. Sounds like 'layra'[View]
529568128Will it be kino[View]
529577301Rate my Pirate mog :)[View]
529576345Why is every hyped up game such a let down? I have no doubt cyberpunk will be a worse gta v.[View]
529577689Can TES6 make it so that crafting rewards your character's numerical skill level, rewards real …[View]
529577680I will not spend $70 on a game I will spend $70 on a handful of pngs Simple as[View]
529577297This one's for you, /v/.[View]
529485991Spelunky 2: How's progress going? Have you killed Hundun yet?[View]
529577090What if 9/10?[View]
529572404Why do none of the vocaloid games ever make it to PC?[View]
529575150What's the next step of his master plan?[View]
529577404>we need a gun for the good guys[View]
529574414How does Blender affect the game development industry?[View]
529577092What happened to gaming in the last 10 years? >7 games who have been there for 10+ years >just…[View]
529568481What is the best game that has comfy base building?[View]
529576961>watching volound taking Total War apart Are there any other creators who do quality shit like th…[View]
529570324This game is the most soulful game I’ve played in years.if I hadn’t bought it on steam I’d have happ…[View]
529560637Is this achievable natty? Play PSO2 [View]
529574524Remake when? The twenty year anniversary is tomorrow![View]
529576526>game has countless cosmetics and appearance options >dress myself in all black every time ju…[View]
529575950Fake Nintendo Leak Thread: Put your dream leaks here, /v/![View]
529575089Is there a bigger sect than pokefags?[View]
529569968Bayonetta=Vanquish>Wonderful 101=Devastation>Anarchy Reigns>>>>>>>>…[View]
529574862In case somebody still needs a horror game to play on Halloween. Little Nightmares only cost 5 dolla…[View]
529576283Battle brothers: Is it worth the money?[View]
529568916Where is Motorstorm?[View]
529575865Are you excited for his Waluigi stealth action game with Nintendo?[View]
529575697Is this a good game?[View]
529576012>pay to alpha/beta test a game imagine being tricked into cuckoldry like this lol…[View]
529574515Will you pirate this?: i plyaed this crap; its a walking simulator. not even a running simulator…[View]
529568340>spawn >die >spawn >die >spawn >die >spawn >die >spawn >die >spawn …[View]
529550962Why is /v/ afraid of strong women?[View]
529568946I never owned a PS2 (much less any Playstation ever, but that's aside the point) but I did just…[View]
529569281Will you buy my game anon?[View]
529572939is there a 'share your baldurs gate character' thread? otherwise this[View]
529574403ITT: Funny vidya images[View]
529575526Fire Emblem Warriors: Literally what happened? >HW focus on three games at release (OoT, TP, SS) …[View]
529554897What are your thoughts on Valorant?[View]
529574270DANGEROUS (dangerous) DANGEROUS (dangerous) DANGEROUS (dangerous) DANGEROUS (dangerous) BORN TO BE W…[View]
529574191I just finished this and I have to admit it was overwhelmingly disappointing. Recommend me something…[View]
529573673BfA, arguably one of the worst expansions so far, has more people playing it than Classic does. When…[View]
529573258Why do people download her repacks?[View]
529574724NFSH: I'm surprised EA hasn't banned me from playing online yet kek[View]
529567378Is it worth 9 dollars?[View]
529566483>20 games someone likes and 100 games they don't like exist on store A >3 games they like…[View]
529571769This kills the console keks: >HD Gameplay up to 1k >High Resolution Sound 44khz >Filter/Ove…[View]
529573991discuss The Evil Within, and why its sequel was so soulless.[View]
529556243FUCKING GAMESTOP is literally giving away games for free, why won't you buy from them again? i…[View]
529570719if you got paid 200/hr to play any video game series what would it be?[View]
529566484Crown Tundra: Feast your eyes on peak pokemon[View]
529573161soul soulless[View]
529571126The Last of Us 2: LOOKING GOOD! Are we hyped for the movie and more games, /v/?[View]
529574313Post ending in 3 decides what I buy on steam[View]
529572223Kojima Productions confirms a new project is in development: THE MASTER IS BACK! HE IS PUTTING TOGET…[View]
529572142https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcsi3hU-rX8 Is this THE most well written dialogue in video games?…[View]
529485682Laugh at Metafags thread: >Monster Hunter comes to pc >Instantly ruined by shitters copying Me…[View]
529573828>want to play co-op >all my friends just skip the dialogue wat do…[View]
529574114What happened to the good times, bros?[View]
529571868I use the Ludwig's Holy Scrub Sword and I just hit the second softcaps on all important stats (…[View]
529574025Orange is sounding pretty sus. Might be the imp.[View]
529571668What video games do you play when your life starts falling apart? I like to sink myself into a mindl…[View]
529493651>Meanwhile on Galactic Republic /v/...[View]
529569519Sony games aren't mo-[View]
529531317why don't you work for videogames, anon?[View]
529567585Is there any way to read those tutorials again that pop up when you press G? I have completely forgo…[View]
529573458PS5 HEATING BLUNDER: >burnt plastic vapors during gameplay >ps5 has LITERALLY 1 FUCKING FAN. …[View]
529540231SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT THE PS3, THE LAST INNOVATIVE CONSOLE: >excellent PS1 emulator even 16 ye…[View]
529573221Battlefield: Why isn't there a fucking huge ass BATTLEFIELD (100+ players) yet? Kind of like PL…[View]
529569979ANTI-LUIGI THREAD: All things Luigi's Mansion's Non-Luigi in thread only.[View]
529573087Yoko Tardo games are trash, but this gotta be one of the best, if not the best, female character des…[View]
529565512Will this be a good gen?[View]
529525893Are the Hades threads over bros? I miss having a place to post my end run screens[View]
529561514How long till Riot starts making official LoL porn?[View]
529572825>Xbox Series X[View]
529571303It's just the best track of Three Houses passing by. Don't mind me.[View]
529570903You don't even like games any more.[View]
529553281Thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey?[View]
529560063Why is video game magic so unsatisfying to use?[View]
529540591Pitch me a Black Widow game[View]
529572385>No rushin' >Game makes you walk[View]
529570759Video Game Character for Sales: Cloud of Darkness >$300 Felicia >$499 Juliet Starling >$398…[View]
529571001what is the point of idle games? are they some money funnel or money laundry? I can't imagine a…[View]
529570795>Mom walks in[View]
529571354Guess a character's occupation based on their appearance[View]
529569175Red Dead Revolver 2 when?[View]
529554037What FoV do you use on FPS games /v/?[View]
529550103Why the fuck do you mouth-breathing retards pronounce this >AH-TOH-MAH-TAH Are you dumb? Are you …[View]
529567989Would you say Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best games of all-time?[View]
529570427Why are Bethesda Fallout game covers nothing but shots of Power Armor?[View]
529554704You can now only play games made in your country of birth. How fucked are you?[View]
529571224Hi, I wanted to share a webm of me using rage form to neuter the xehanort clones That's all, I …[View]
529555405What are the /v/ approved anime games?[View]
529567904Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52M3EfVZTGo[View]
529557304What was your favorite chapter?[View]
529568914Games about ancient aliens?[View]
529569797are you the elden ring?[View]
529571315>next Smash fighter is a fat old literal boomer How pissed would you be?…[View]
529569438ITT: brutal moggings[View]
529571151What did i think of dead by daylight?[View]
529570736Bandai Namco infodump: Got some news on Bandai Namco's pipeline for you Redditors: > Dragonb…[View]
529568197144 hz doesn't have to be expensive[View]
529567294>Katsuragi thread stays up for two days >Asuka threads stay up for two minutes…[View]
529563982Here is your Darkest Dungeon 2 character, bro: DD1 had top tier aestetics. why did they killed it wi…[View]
529569993>Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light >Super Mario 3D World >Super Mario 3D …[View]
529570730mobile gaming: play company of heroes on your phone[View]
529570660Im the captain now[View]
529570559Seen. Vodka be from de earth too. Inna Jam Dung we have de rum, where you from de rum is de vodka. I…[View]
529570121This is who modern fighting games are made for[View]
529570472Post underrated vidya[View]
529564824why did master chef wear a hood if he already had a helmet on lol[View]
529560745>that one achievement what's her name[View]
529546053Repeat after me. Bikini armor is based[View]
529568169>Raiden, look out! It's a Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace![View]
529570113>game has breeding mechanics[View]
529565753>party members are stronger than you[View]
529545697>Killing people violently by running over them and plattering guts and brain matter everywhere …[View]
529499875Worms Armageddon: Worm thread! Let's play some worms Thanks to a fellow anon, we have an update…[View]
529568870Unreal Engine 5 demo on PS5[View]
529569031What makes a character design 'good'?[View]
529545953Meet the Pyro: 8 years on, was it good? Which is the best meet the X? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
529565258How do people stand replaying games?: Specially right after you finish them? Don't you get sick…[View]
529542257After so many people talking about this game I thought I'd give it a shot. Can anyone redpill m…[View]
529566867Do any of you guys remember that ad for screensavers you’d see on Flash gaming sites that had the Ha…[View]
529569807/vr/ died for this[View]
529568683>you will never fall asleep by the fire while his gentle voice rambles on about Elder Scrolls lor…[View]
529564197look at this thing. Fucking 343i, how could you ruin the warthog even worse. They inflated it now. T…[View]
529563121How would you fix Shanghai Gensou Network?[View]
529566583Being acquired by MS won't make their games good[View]
529569719Total War: >Oda >known for embracing western technology and using guns >lol let's just…[View]
529563198Fable thread: Fable thread. Favorite skill type? Favorite game in the series? Excited for Fable 4? L…[View]
529541464Could Stadia be going any worse?[View]
529559931This is way overdesigned.[View]
529569704yo ho me hearties![View]
529566534I cant belive PS5 wont play ps3 games, i just wanted to play ridge racer 7 in 4k 60fps i dont give a…[View]
529568203>Best Mario game never got finished[View]
529569493>game has some kind of currency thing >it's not a big deal…[View]
529562240>MG1 >so hellbent on his dream of selfishly living in perpetual war so hard that he doesn…[View]
529569395MY NEW GAME I'VE MADE A GAME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Vf1To4Fl0[View]
529566542POTATO KNISHES[View]
529559061Amazing ending[View]
529569467What the fuck was her problem?[View]
529568775Unironically worse than unity Not even memeing[View]
529568913Why did it die?: Why exactly did Neotokyo die? I just found out about this great mod (which is only …[View]
529565684What are some 'fun' games, /v/?[View]
529565352He's cooler than Dante.[View]
529525227Next Gen Consoles: PS5 IS MORE POWERFULL THAN XBOX SERIES X Let that sink in[View]
529569261Games and Privacy: What are some good games if I don't care about the privacy of my devices? Pi…[View]
529568457>3 weeks till my court date for piracy[View]
529563564What are some Frazetta approved video games? I see Golden Axe, Unreal on the Amiga, and Lionheart on…[View]
529566253Is there a reason why Sony fans unironically believe that Persona 5 invented jazz and pyramids?[View]
529569196BG3: I fucking love this game. Is BG1 and 2 worth playing?[View]
529564582Azure Striker Gunvolt 3: https://twitter.com/IntiCreatesEN/status/1319532572901138439 Happening.…[View]
529562102Hitman Blood Money: Bought this because it was on sale. It's my first Hitman game, is there any…[View]
529567721FO:NV advice: So my Xbox one won’t New Vegas for some reason. Any advice besides uninstalling and re…[View]
529553939Just got my full dive vr set, what should I play first? >inb4 Skyrim FDVR No one wants your shitt…[View]
529566731He killed millions[View]
529569410What games require lots of brainpower?[View]
529568273ITT: moments in a videogame that ruined the rest of the game >Arkham Knight becoming World of Tan…[View]
529563238>had a dream I was playing in my band in high school again >remember that it was the only thin…[View]
529565369Starting this game on Hard was a gigantic mistake.[View]
529566142Pich me 60s underground comix game: I want 60s underground comics version of Cuphead[View]
529567168Now that RDR2 was cracked, whats the next big game left uncracked piratebros?[View]
529560941ITT : post cute vidya girl[View]
529559487yeah can i uhh get tasg to go to when the gane was?[View]
529565896Toad if he real[View]
529544584Hello Mr. Smith, the election is drawing near, have you decided on your vote? If you haven't, p…[View]
529540568Did it flop? It's been 2 years and no new games in sight.[View]
529568532This is Umbra. She's got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the…[View]
529566268Games to better not have sex to?[View]
529539665How do I get the Iron Claw? Did the Neurosurgeons route locked me out?[View]
529568424Games where I can self insert as a beautiful loli?[View]
529567639Hi all, I think that most of the video games are pretty bad and really overloaded (they fullfill too…[View]
529547386What do you think? You gonna get it?[View]
529544768Would you ever name your child after your favorite vidya /v/?[View]
529562886Have you had any strange experiences buying used games/consoles?[View]
529561287>You lived to see the FPisS genre die out Press S[View]
529565414>want to play a lewd game >already came so my motivation is low now what…[View]
529561613I want to play WoW again, how do you fight it?[View]
529566354Is Castlevania good for you?[View]
529560458Who is the best slime girl in gaming?[View]
529564491>The project had been in development for some time before it was announced at E3 2015. The announ…[View]
529521785Are you excited for Darkest Dungeon 2?[View]
529541051It's over: >to all nvidiots gonna cry? gonna piss your pants maybe?…[View]
529567692>Halo did irreversible damage to the FPS genr-[View]
529556498Post a shittier game than the one above you[View]
529567625When did he go from badass to “LEON FUCK MY SISTER” and what caused it?[View]
529537656Why can't they use the og voices again?[View]
529521076Genshin Impact noob tips: Okay, after the endless shitposting about it you fags got me to install it…[View]
529566367>he bought a game because of a meme[View]
529567369What does this absolute madman have next in store for us?[View]
529564135Oculus Quest / Quest 2 / VR Thread: Why did developers propagate the meme that VR needs an expensive…[View]
529566510Way of the Samurai: Sekiro, but with soul.[View]
529562028instead of tagging your neighborhood with your gang name, gang color, etc why not tag local strays i…[View]
529562907How pissed would you be if the next Smash fighter was a fat old (literal) boomer?[View]
529565763What are some good horror games? The Third Shift was pretty neat with the body curiosities come to l…[View]
529559481Mario, if he material[View]
529562438My friends and I have been playing Among Us for the past month. Soon we'll need a new game. Wil…[View]
529565823roblox is comedic GOLD: Y'all remember that Roblox map with the zombies at McDonald's and …[View]
529553472UNICLR Thread: Gimme sleep[View]
529561710It's finally happening. Streamer Gate. This is finally the end to one of the biggest cancers in…[View]
529564810Screenshots: Comfy screenshots[View]
529561080I just entered the south region and still can't tell if this is a good game or complete shit.[View]
529565953I love video games.[View]
529564805What the actual fuck https://www.theverge.com/2020/10/22/21527647/minecraft-microsoft-account-mojang…[View]
529561949What the fuck was that ending?[View]
529562942how did they acquire so much metal?[View]
529487572Noita: How the fuck do I get good? It's no that I'm having troubles with any floor, I alre…[View]
529559286Guitar hero needs a proper fucking reboot. Not that 'gh live' bullshit.[View]
529565709Motorstorm: Why did it stop?[View]
529565626Show me a better time, /v/... before Gamergate, before the 2016 election. Show me what /v/ was like …[View]
529565607CDPR is a transphobic company. It's time we stop making excuses for them.: What does vesetera t…[View]
529564418>'realistic' war game >no rape and pillage come on now What games let you do it?…[View]
529544780Layton Puzzles: Riddle me this, /v/. Can you solve these conundrums?[View]
529563934Bozja fucking sucks, doesn't it XIVbros?[View]
529561556I will post this thread every day until Zone of the Enders 3 is announced Day 361[View]
529550143LITERALLY impossible[View]
529564407is it good?[View]
529558531Why was Catalyst not well received?[View]
529539596metal gear thraed[View]
529564578Games with this feel? For me, it's Super Mario 64.[View]
529564327Is this game any good?[View]
529563123What games do you have on your phone anon?[View]
529559350Is the DLC worth it?[View]
529562962Hey, look, another roster thread. But what are the chances of Louis Bouis getting in. I don't k…[View]
529556214Thoughts on one of the scariest games ever?[View]
529532806Obscure Gaming Waifus: Violet - Cel Damage[View]
529564092Here's your new 'event' bro.[View]
529562049where were you when Among Us died?[View]
529509409Any Gamers over 30 here? Ever feel you're too old for this shit? What are you escaping?[View]
529561892OoT Link (aka Hero’s Shade) in BotW2: Is it possible?[View]
529558565So, you posted furry porn again[View]
529542470Should the color of HP be green or red?[View]
529563609>thief >hiding until the coast is clear >rustle around in my chair to let out a fart >gu…[View]
529551046Hype restored[View]
529544273Games with a heavily industrial aesthetic?[View]
529558381>look up vidya parody on the interwebz >'DUUUUDE WHAT IF MARIO WAS VIOLENT AND REALISTIC AND A…[View]
529553547You've been given a hit of spice and turned into an ideas guy mentat the only time you'll …[View]
529559436>most games on steam and GOG that are at a good price and are best sellers are almost all 5+ year…[View]
529560857>The background music to the YouTube video you're watching is from first-party Nintendo game…[View]
529561405Was 4U the moment capcom jumped the shark?[View]
529562767So fucking kino[View]
529559945was the PC port ever fixed?[View]
529560483Who wins?[View]
529562254.: Yea lets just centralize everything and give a Steam the freedom to monopolize and dictate the ru…[View]
529560353How can other fighting games compete?[View]
529562357What are some games that will help relieve my paranoia?[View]
529536210Should I buy it?[View]
529562312Why does this game have so many kino moments?[View]
529560890>game is longer than 40 hours on the main campaign alone[View]
529557229Fire Emblem: I-I tried to stay quiet, /v/. But I HAVE to com