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/sci/ - Science & Math

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No. Excerpt
15479830I heard that /sci/ is smart, ie possesses a high IQ, at least according to itself. If that is so, th…[View]
15474048Anthropologically speaking, should Gen Z be called Gen Smartphone? Also, scientifically what makes t…[View]
15477316Guys what the hell is this?? It wasn't there this morning, it does not itch a lot but it kinda…[View]
15476413Do these fucking things work? I feel like I’m gonna get scammed relying on this thing thinking it’s …[View]
15477562Why humans fear pale skins?[View]
15471429Dinosaurs are fake and you know it: Dinosaurs are so fucking gay. Does anyone actually believe they …[View]
15477344I want good peaceful bioshock biopunk[View]
15466722Fasting: Thoughts on fasting?[View]
15476914Prank: Anyone know any fabric soluble skin irritants like for bed sheets for example?[View]
15473762RANKING THE BEST POSTERS ON SCI: Ranking based on character, intelligence (fluid, crystallized), acu…[View]
15477279>you can't just claim there's a china teapot somewhere in space too far away to see!! t…[View]
15477013Around a candle flame there is luminosity. What is it exactly? Half-photons or something?[View]
15477026Stats Bros, I’m Begging: I’ve developed a stochastic model to forecast mens tennis match outcomes in…[View]
15475357>you didn't start coding before you were 5 ngmi[View]
15476915HOW TO AVOID MANDATORY MILITARY SERVICE: I am 18, and I work as a cryptographer in a local universit…[View]
15475142M.D. > Ph.D.[View]
15475857Stephen Wolfram always talks about computational irreducibility. How does this concept arise in topo…[View]
15475864>gradient >divergence >rotation Can anyone explain this shit in simple terms?…[View]
15476177Hey, /sci/... What is the size of the non-observable universe?[View]
15476039job market fucked: >hold most in demand qualifications and experience >still can't get a …[View]
15475011Being a 130 iq midwit has been hell for me I am constantly surrounded by the stupid and insane, by t…[View]
15475180Now that the dust is settled, what was NASAs justification for forcing astronauts on the ISS to mask…[View]
15476549Hey /sci/, you guys are smarter than the average person, so I have a 'dumb' question for you. What i…[View]
15473599>i watched all the videos. now what?[View]
15471932>Richard Lynn[View]
15477003ITT made up magic bullshit[View]
15475650My physics homework is not hard enough. I feel like it's very easy and not challenging at all. …[View]
15471787>100'000's of years in hunter gather societies >Does well in technological evolutio…[View]
15470359Where are all the Aliens !?[View]
15475202Time Travel: As the frequency of an electromagnetic wave approaches infinity, the wave fronts of the…[View]
15476927How solid is the game theory behind mutually assured destruction? If a nuclear country A nukes non-n…[View]
15474066Redpill me on statistical mechanics[View]
15476913What will it take to get these things to run on a capacitor bank instead of on child slavery? Would …[View]
15476573how to treat any skin infection in 10 minutes: You can treat any skin infection with a shower using …[View]
15476611Hello. I wanted to know if the characters in the image are about encryption or not. If so, explain w…[View]
15475582Sodium-Ion Batteries - How Feasible is It?: Currently, sodium-ion is about 10% as cheap as lithium-i…[View]
15475289Psychoanalysis BTFO[View]
15476184Computer science is a science right? If i choose computer science am i a scientist or just a malform…[View]
15474946Will semiconductor nanofabrication ever be possible on a desktop workbench similarly to what 3D prin…[View]
15476506Bullshit medecine: >Scalp folliculitis (acne/pimples) for 3 years already and no cure found yet …[View]
15475868TURBOCANCER: How many people who (You) know have developed cancer since the rollout of the jabs? Did…[View]
15475944Let's say i add a battery to pic related and suspend it in space. Would the thing start spinnin…[View]
15475693Let's talk about the H-index, sub 130 IQ need not reply. Specifically problems and exploits Ca…[View]
15474296/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Falcon 9 - edition previous >>15470691[View]
15474479is /sci/ a Popper board?[View]
15476045Einne Steinen slept for four hours, was he well?: I V[View]
15475243>after torturing several dogs we were able to reach an extremely obvious conclusion about human b…[View]
15474546NAC+TTFD = Broken Mercaptor Group?: Would N-Acetyl Cysteine interact with Tetrahydrofurforyl Disulfi…[View]
15473866Theory of everything: >Reality is the most inclusive domain What about superreality then? I'…[View]
15474785Is Mayor Adams right? Does The Science say that obesity is unconnected to health? https://twitter.co…[View]
15474361>not born left handed i'm ngmi[View]
15475983how will ai impact scientific development?: how will ai impact scientific development?[View]
15468818Can someone reasonably explain this. This is supposed to be a funny, lighthearted tiktok..but it…[View]
15475035This is a really stupid question: If I'm correct, area and volume are both measured respectivel…[View]
15475266Scientists: I hate scientists. They are annoying condescending pricks who look down on everyone who …[View]
15475694Where can I find reliable data for all-cause mortality worldwide (or at least US-wide) for the years…[View]
15475835what are the best scientifically sound preparations and guides for surviving nuclear war? i have: - …[View]
15473393AI: What's next for AI?[View]
154740771 divided by 3 = 1/3 1/3 = 0,333333... (1/3)*3 = 1 (0,333333...)*3 = 0,999999... So let me get this…[View]
15474635COVID was the AI and vaxx helped deliver it.: >over 70% of the worlds population has been inocula…[View]
15473943Physical and behavioural changes in human evolution: As we know, when early archaic hominids kept sp…[View]
15475716Applying math?: i really like learning math and i've been doing it for a while but i have no id…[View]
15474783Multiverse: So the multiverse is used to explain the apparent fine tuning of universal constants, sa…[View]
15473630Depression/Intelligence/Realism: Maybe already done but how to scientifically explain depression? I …[View]
15475705Fellas? Does my lecturer have schizophrenia?[View]
15474614Energy released by reactions: How do I calculate the energy released in an exothermic reaction? Do y…[View]
15474605Everybody is talking about how AI will replace everything. So it made me thinking about this. Someti…[View]
15471557Lack of homosexuality in hinter gatherer societies: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/…[View]
15475494i've been seriously devoted to learning since i turned 16. i am now 20, and feel like i'm …[View]
15473586My sister is smarter than you in the fields of robotics and biology and she says that there is no wa…[View]
15471422Teeth grow back (do they Archimedes?): Can someone point out the flaws with this paper? I looked at …[View]
15475624How to cure chronic sinusitis? Doctors say I have it for life and should use nose showers and cortis…[View]
15475436The NSA Stole the Following Method From My Team and Threatened to Kill Me: I’m a scientist that’s go…[View]
15475444I think there was a method for dividing a plane into N+1 regions, but I can't remember the name…[View]
15474282Global warming exists.: Get your head outta your dang arse. Global warming is real. Global warming e…[View]
15475124How do those niggas working in the space jerk off without causing all the mess floating around in ze…[View]
15475224Do you think someone could get an AI to take and pass an online college level math or science class,…[View]
15473082Gentlemen, I have solved the Fermi Paradox. The answer is: The great filter but not quite what you t…[View]
15474977Is lead ever beneficial?: Z Ernahrungswiss. 1986 Sep;25(3):165-70. doi: 10.1007/BF02021248. Effects …[View]
15472631true AGI with this one simple trick...: AI currently lacks the most important thing making humans hu…[View]
15470734What causes this? It's just genetics?: >Daughters Attractive - Ugly - Mid - Ugly…[View]
15473748How does modafinil compare to dexedrine, ritalin and adderall? Obviously there's no high but do…[View]
15474860‘Socially’ vs ‘Eugenically’ Desirable Traits: Is this true? I thought the ‘eugenic’ traits existed t…[View]
15475067What are the main affects of longterm SSRI use since ones teenage years? Does it go away after a whi…[View]
15473898Stats Bros, I’m Begging You: I’ve developed a stochastic model to forecast mens tennis match outcome…[View]
15473774Given the obvious shortcomings of IQ tests let us create a better test of intelligence. It should c…[View]
15471969>LHC experiments see first evidence of a rare Higgs boson decay >The ATLAS and CMS collaborati…[View]
15471613Eugenics is inevitable. https://youtu.be/80BhjRh-Q-s[View]
15470712Any good overviews where studies are continously integrated other than Wikipedia articles and conven…[View]
15472354Correlation of Quitting Weed Suddenly & Vivid Nightmares: Hey friends - I recently made a huge l…[View]
15474610Can I get toxoplasmosis from screwing cat ladies? I noticed a pattern in the women I have been datin…[View]
15474961Questionable Consciousness: 'The truck does better because its engine has lots of torque.' ... As th…[View]
15474904Are robot kits worth it?: I don't know if this is a stupid question but are robotics kits a goo…[View]
15474571Modern medicine is just a grift: I went to the dermatologist for 2 years and they only gave me cloba…[View]
15469362Is nofap legit[View]
154720264D Orthogonal Vector Space: so anons...Im coding some stuff and I need to know if this is true so...…[View]
15468898>Squeeze my right testicle >It feels like my right testicle >Switch over to the left size a…[View]
15468635MCM: Sixty-Six Theses: Next Steps and the Way Forward in the Modified Cosmological Model >https:/…[View]
15468266AI bros, we got too cocky[View]
15472623Animals understand us.: Cats fully understand English. It’s pattern recognition. It’s not that diffi…[View]
15471977I've been hearing about lab grown meat my entire life. Where the heck is it?[View]
15473110Given the metaphysical implications of quantum mechanics a lot of philosophical problems collapse an…[View]
15474581Consider a thought experiment of a man who is 1 light year tall. When he's jerking off it takes…[View]
15474131Was compound eye invented only once: .. in animal kingdom? We have no reason to believe spider/scorp…[View]
15474395h-how do i compare?[View]
15474531Is AI intelligent as Humans now? last time i checked we were just surpassing cockroaches[View]
15471374Is it over?: If this person can’t get into HYPSM then who can? Just legacy admits, athletes and blac…[View]
15474580Big Bang: >The only reason why everything exist is giant fart >i-it`s j-just happened okay? …[View]
15474536Hypercomplex Number list: List of hipernumeric mathematical structures, conventional and exotic ones…[View]
15472704Retard here. I'm practicing arithmetic as an adult and I'm realizing it's actually ha…[View]
15474514Is phenomenology and philosophy of mind the same thing, sci bros?[View]
15473585What is the volume of the universe?[View]
15474314Airplane cabin fumes connected to health risks: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/05/230530…[View]
15466210Coffee is bad: How is pic related not a controlled drug? You go ONE (1) day without drinking it and …[View]
15474265why do river exist when it should seep down through da earf?[View]
15471887Time: Time is the 4th dimension. Everything is changing. Wake up! It's not happened, it was and…[View]
15474164Not sure how close my question to science is but: Medfags, how fast does your radial artery bleed ou…[View]
15474208The weakest curriculum in the world: >Mutts learn thermodynamics and do RC circuit labs in highsc…[View]
15473147How do i form few atom thick wide laser DIY easily?[View]
15472047Who is the best poster on sci and why is he passionbro?[View]
15473905Does your toothpaste fare better with or without Fluoride?[View]
15472011Almost nobody in the world, especially on this board, knows how IQ is tested, normed, sampled, and p…[View]
15473049Is ZFC inconsistent?[View]
15473822Help with Germaphobia: I have Germaphobia because I simply lack the understanding of how germs work.…[View]
15474215What is spacetime 'made of'?[View]
15473964I want to move to a random shed in the mountains and do maths. What topics are recommended for such …[View]
15473380Science confirms there is no such thing as ethnicity: all humans belong to the same race, ethnicity …[View]
15467823>you WILL get the brain chip[View]
15464768why germans good at science[View]
15473983Scientifically speaking, how true is this?[View]
15472621>have taught multivariate calculus multiple times >still know no fool-proof way of calculating…[View]
15473241is getting a PhD and going into academia worth it? or should I just get a normal job[View]
15472415Scientifically speaking, why is it possible for someone to be completely normal one day, and then th…[View]
15469191>three of the fundamental forces were once one force are we able to tell how the forces would cha…[View]
15472305Why can’t you make a material like glass that reflects light slowly instead of instantly so I can se…[View]
15470149/sci/ bros... I don't feel so good...: 'The founding of a science more or less on the notion of…[View]
15472297Knowledge sharing: What does share my knowledge mean? Knowledge sharing refers to the process of exc…[View]
15459165>Space is infinite therefore there is an exact replica of Earth out there and an exact replica of…[View]
15470684>co-existed for hundreds of thousands of years (if not upwards to millions of years via various e…[View]
15471240Is the sun good or bad?: Whenever I go on holiday over the winter in a warm sunny place my mood inst…[View]
15472654Mosquitos and period: Hello dear 4chaners ! Do you think girls on their period attract more mosquito…[View]
15462943Why is learning on your own so easy, but learning along with school so hard?[View]
15473447What's the evolutionary reason behind appreciation of beauty? Does it provide a survival advan…[View]
15470668why nobody invented a reverse microwave that cools things yet?[View]
15441100/med/icine general: homosexual cell gave me aids and cancer edition Previous: >>15397116 We di…[View]
15470058How to learn all of highschool physics in 3 days?[View]
15469543What is the evolutionary advantage and purpose of old age?[View]
15473371Robo-waifu 1.0: I have an idea for a design. Think of power armor, from a videogame, or something l…[View]
15470896What practical industrial chemical uses and applications could I employ all the large amounts of bee…[View]
15472002One consequence of Gödel's axioms is modal collapse, meaning these funny square and diamond sym…[View]
15471566Genetic Testing: How would I go about finding someone who could test my DNA for chimerism? I've…[View]
15470604AGI? One year, five years, ten years or a hundred years?: How far away is it and how will we survive…[View]

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