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11727240If sci is so smart why don't you yougys just make a hedge fund like Jim Simoms did? He's d…[View]
11727112Big IQ question: If yesterday was tomorrow, what day is today?[View]
11725872Need help bros!: Does anyone have a comprehensive breakdown of the possible COVID cures and vaccines…[View]
11726822Whats wrong with x^1/x ? Online function drawers dont display anything below x=0, am i dumb or is th…[View]
11714133US PhD: Fellas, I'm a MSc in neuroscience. I recently accepted an RA position in the US to set …[View]
11727054Since in base 9 number system PI=169/100 * 169/100 then is it still transcendental number?[View]
11726642Starships were meant to fly: What exactly are the implications of creating a starship that can fly b…[View]
11717059The best wiki is the one that you can summarize everything in one sentence.[View]
11726990SYNTHETIC ANTIBODY MADE BY RESEARCHER AT TORONTO: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/20…[View]
11719355What is it about this kind of people that attracts them to academia?[View]
11726496What is a GOOD documentary on physics, cosmology, shit like that. Cosmos 2.0 was really meh and I…[View]
11726713Is this documentary accurate? I always had my suspicions that the modern green movement wasn't …[View]
11726631I have a test coming up and i was wondering if there are any sites out there that could calculate RC…[View]
11726451Can static electricity be made to repel an object, or does it strictly only attract?[View]
11723394Imagine if Apollo 11 got canceled because of fucking rain . How have we not found a way to avoid thi…[View]
11723267the absolute state of Space X[View]
11726774> Divine Creation Curves is science[View]
11726527Can logic games increase IQ?: And which game would be better for it? Picross? Sudoku?[View]
11723931Are we really going to just ignore that the screenshot tool on Bill 'Vaccinate and Circumcise all th…[View]
11721868Scientifically speaking, if only heating is relevant in non-ionizing radiation, why did you click on…[View]
11726389Building the Future: Why does it feel like technological progress has slowed to an abrupt stop? Are…[View]
11712689what are some potential dangers of improperly tested vaccines? inb4 anti-vaxxer vs anti-anti-vaxxer…[View]
11726492What would be the difference between a nuke being detonated by conventional methods (dropped by plan…[View]
11726536What is the scientific explanation for psychosis?[View]
11706809MOVING FORWARD ON WEDNESDAY FINALLY: As much as I think that Elon is a hack. I can't fucking wa…[View]
11702715Will neuralink ever work?: pic related is Elon Musk's Neuralink which aims create a link betwee…[View]
11726287Are there any evolutionary reasons why people become suicidal?[View]
11724241What's the evolutionary reason for excessive sweating and how can I stop it?[View]
11723519Face masks: Do they actually do anything?[View]
11725414Alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel. Why? I've been lifeless for months. But every tim…[View]
11723243>tfw scrubbed[View]
11719316/sci/ Diet: What do /sci/entists consume to keep themselves healthy? What do you eat/drink for cogni…[View]
11715721Why Coca Cola a shit?: Scientifically speaking, why can’t the literal billionaires who own CocaCola …[View]
11725084why though? why would you “want” to believe?[View]
11726302Data on IQ, Big 5 and Salary: Can anyone point me in the direction of a large database that records …[View]
11717302Reminder that matter is fundamental, not information/computation. This misunderstanding has led to …[View]
11724234/sfg/ Space Flight General: prev >>11715731 mass simulator edition[View]
11724080Imagine Being Excited for Archaic Technology: This is embarrassing for an alleged 'science' board. Y…[View]
11723667Why yes I do fly in bad weather! How could you tell?[View]
11725507Maimon: this guy was a pretentious undergrad who posted about physics on StackOverflow. we all know …[View]
11725252Why does FTL imply time travel?: If it's year 1 in Planet A, and year 1 in Planet B, and then s…[View]
11723956Post your best flowcharts: I want too see your work[View]
11723209>LAUNCH ABORTED LMFAO Science is a fucking joke, God wouldn't let some clouds prevent it fro…[View]
11726081i don't get it[View]
11725785Novice AI Theorist in need of PDF Library: Hello fellow anons, I wish to expand my knowledge of data…[View]
11722271Can anyone recommend the best books to learn math: I dont have much of a mathematical background but…[View]
11724673what does machine learning research actually entail at the phd level? is it mostly fucking with tens…[View]
11725514How does lead poisoning affect you, change your behavior? I mean the romans consumed a lot of lead a…[View]
11717698Spacex dragon meet up: Anybody wanna meet up for this? None of my friends wanna come see it[View]
11714474supplements: I've never heard of any of these things. Can someone please explain what they are …[View]
11724109Are there any free math programs like Maple or Matlab?[View]
11726932how do u calculate precent of number? like 30%of 1500000[View]
11717634Physics undergrad, God willing 1 more year. GF found an old classic model 97 TI-89 at her place. Cou…[View]
11689206'We both miss you!' edition. Newest installment of >>11671932 >what is /sqt/ for Questions …[View]
11724630Scientifically speaking, why did anyone listen to the heresies that Martin Luther invented while sit…[View]
11721913Generalised Goldbach Conjecture: What's the 'smallest' set of natural numbers such that an anal…[View]
11725656What are some essential books if I want to get some base level general knowledge of physics? Like I …[View]
11722460through sheer force of will, could you make your brain forget how to read?[View]
11724600SpaceX anons, I'm not feeling so good: Scattered thunderstorms on Saturday[View]
11725284Codemonkey, pipettemonkey, SQLmonkey, or CADmonkey? Debate.[View]
11716580Can someone explain this Monty Hall bullshit to me? Why in the fuck is 'staying with the door you…[View]
11722453So you be saying, that since it takes about 8 minutes before the light from the sun hits earth, ther…[View]
11725042What would the universe be like after vacuum decay? Like, would there still be black holes?[View]
11725231Is it possible to carve out sections of the Earth until its orbit changes? Let's assume we use …[View]
11724621>it would take about 10 million years just to double Mars’ current atmosphere Legit what is the p…[View]
11724761How much of people's body weight is atoms coming from oil?: The average human body contains 1.8…[View]
11717361The next 'scientific revolution': >The completion of the Scientific Revolution is attributed to t…[View]
11716583Finally started to use Scala more and it's been nifty. Any other Scala homies here? Inb4 some o…[View]
11711197How does this graph hold up ? I don't really believe that we are at human brain level[View]
11713812Angular Velocity: Photons hit Earth constantly. But Earth rotates (1667 km/h at Equator) so shouldn…[View]
11723869Page 43 https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=U5UJUChbuioC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q…[View]
11717338Who contributed more to maths Muslims Indians Greeks Whites[View]
11723044*goes over /sci/*[View]
11712076>.26 DEATH RATE >LOWER than the common cold OMG HAS /SCI/ EVER BEEN BTFO THIS HARD? AHAHAHAAHA…[View]
11724528Stepik: Create your own open course or MOOC: Thoughts? Recommendations? When is the anon going to ma…[View]
11724431>measuring energy in calories[View]
11723994I thought undergrad 'research' was supposed to be actual research. All I've been doing is be a …[View]
11723159Is the theory of relativity nihilistic?[View]
11723416>let X be the spooky set[View]
11714134Tfw you realize love and friendship are scientifically not real[View]
11721892I am reading Michael Spivak's 'Calculus' book. It's got a very rigourous approach, and I…[View]
11718501Both of the astronauts in today's launch are married to other astronauts. What's going on …[View]
11723639Circular Economies: What is the possibility of reproducing the society we have currently on a mass s…[View]
11715744The Great Debate: Galois vs Ramanujan[View]
11703856Why aren't you vegan yet?: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/21/opinion/coronavirus-meat-vegetari…[View]
11716418Reiter's Syndrome: Anyone here know anything about Reiter's syndrome (aka reactive arthrit…[View]
11703807My ancestor :)[View]
11720252Now that the fluxions have settled, who was in the right?[View]
11717053One more comment to the salty grad student in my berkeley thread: Professors are only living longer.…[View]
11723815Dabs on your launch window[View]
11721582What would scientistists like Newton and mathematicians/polymaths like Leibniz and Descartes be doin…[View]
11723718What’s the best space doc you’ve ever seen? (not about Apollo I’ve already seen a ton)[View]
11723563SOYUZ CHADS GET IN HERE: Hey America, I heard you're having problems? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
11717204Nicotine: What are the effects of nicotine on the body, not smoking or vaping, but if you took nicot…[View]
11721114can you direct me to an in browser AI text generator? like somethiing that can create a peice of tex…[View]
11717945Algebra: We are dealing with a math problem. We can't solve it: Decide, if these sets are U and…[View]
11723093>a fucking cloud[View]
11722115science and math is easy. convincing people and being diplomatic is not. social sciences > hard s…[View]
11721187The context of this is D&D, an NPC lost a limb and players wanted to burn the limb closed. Fanta…[View]
11717111In circuit A, why doesn't the 10 V battery give half the current circulating through the upper …[View]
11716480Is ouroboros a negative feedback loop?[View]
11721137test: The launch will abort and the rocket will land with the 2 men alive. checkem. see ya saturday …[View]
11713210trips and tis gana blow[View]
11716825>less dangerous than the flu[View]
11714978Can anyone solve this?: x^y =((y-x)xy)+x[View]
11715100At the beginning it says you have to learn a programming language, and to avoid Java and Basic like …[View]
11712603How do I get my hands on these medications: I want to procure as many of the medications in pic rela…[View]
11715759Brain death is a nonsense term that is commonly accepted in the medical industry but not understood.…[View]
11720370Is there anything more important than older, synthetic geometry? In all seriousness, understanding t…[View]
11716488Does the concept of numbers come from consciousness itself?[View]
11710964could the 'laws' of physics change in certain pockets of the universe, even if just for an instant o…[View]
11720449Is it possible that we're just not neurologically ready to understand all of the fundamental la…[View]
11710842should humans shrink their size to decrease consumption? Or maybe get bigger to increase human brain…[View]
11716379so i have a problem keeping an erection, like i can get hard and start to have sex but i end up losi…[View]
11712485The earth is fucking flat, isn't it?[View]
11716752Currently studying series solutions to 2nd order linear differential equations[View]
11717942Complex Analysis: 1. How can I prove that if a complex valued function of complex variable, f(z), is…[View]
11716249>haha dude algebra is so easy you just do operations on both sides bro[View]
11714683Bayh-Dole act 1980: Hi /sci/anons what is the Bayh-Dole act of 1980 and why did it fuck up all of sc…[View]
11714934race deniers yet again btfo: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24326626/ Analyses revealed that Africa…[View]
11713028What did they mean by this? >inb4 brainlet[View]
11718486i got a CNS final after a couple of days,tell me some useful shit please.[View]
11717063What's current meta how to feel good?[View]
11717343Hawking Points: WTF, is this proof were are in an endless loop of existence? >Sir Roger Penrose h…[View]
11715564So who do we blame for this 15 billion dollar boondoggle? Nasa or Boeing?[View]
11718177On this Historic Day of Spaceflight: Let us all pay respect to man's best friend. For we sacrif…[View]
11715731/sfg/ Space Flight Edition: Prev >>11713042 News : In AvWeek podcast, Elon says marginal cost …[View]
11714956What if we put some of this dudes in the spacestation[View]
11711099is this a proof by contradiction of euler's identity?[View]
11713915It's an overall reddit tier movie but how is the central point not scientifically sound?[View]
11709889Scientists and Logic: Why is there not a larger explicit focus on Dialectical Logic in physics and s…[View]
11717695>PhD in medical physics >literally only one job available >160k starting Anyone else her…[View]
11713908Self-study Amann-Escher's Analysis series?: I just saw these three books that are mostly used i…[View]
11714668IQ test: Come up with an argument to make this make any sort of sense what so ever.[View]
11714589Cross product part 2: Cross product results in a third vector that's perpendicular to the other…[View]
11708369Must read books to become a good chemist[View]
11713637How do you guys organize your papers/references? What is the best way to organize them without usin…[View]
11710873What is the evolutionary advantage of having a small penis?[View]
11716071What kind of math background would help you in machine/statistical learning theory research?: Like w…[View]
11717117So why did Musk need to build rockets that could land via rocket power, instead of just slapping par…[View]
11717242Unironically, what is the point of going to university and getting an undergrad degree in math or sc…[View]
11717164What are some must-read popmath books, apart from the obvious pic related?[View]
11711046/mg/ - Mathematics General: Previously >>11703907 Talk maths[View]
11717089Why is it advantageous to laugh a rocket with the path on the left as compared to the right?[View]
11716194Any bio fags on here?: Need help interpreting a figure on a paper about sickle cell gene editing. Ca…[View]
11716457>you will never create an ai that is capable of extending its computational power to arbitrary le…[View]
11714372What's the difference between a dam and a god dam?[View]
11710852What's the probability the decimal representation of pi contains my phone number? It's 10 …[View]
11715235>predator >does not predate[View]
11714753Why can't we feed an AI with all the experimental observations we have made so far, and have it…[View]
11716252Why Did The Universe Not Explode Into A Black Hole?: Before inflation the gravitational field had al…[View]
11710830Beyond the Multiverse: If the multiverse exists. Would that mean there be something even bigger than…[View]
11716947If there was a theoretical world war what technologies would you think would improve the most? I…[View]
11714696Theoretical Physics Research: How much research in theoretical physics these days is still done prim…[View]
11712778Why can't we reverse time?[View]
11714378/sci/ vs drugs: What would it take to create a substance that makes the human body completely reject…[View]
11709526NUCLEAR & RENEWABLES: is there a case for nuclear energy to be in the energy production industry…[View]
11716841Probability examples: Dunno if it's the right place to ask but here goes nothing. Do you guys h…[View]
11714998Why did uneducated men start getting laid more than college educated men after 1960? https://ifstudi…[View]
11715312theoretical shitposting: Are quasars the coolest thing in the universe from a chud perspective? Noth…[View]
11711389>2πr? Surely you mean π2r[View]
11709438A circle of zero radius is indiscernible from a circle of infinite radius.[View]
11714553Is Artificial Evolution a real field of study? More specifically, the artificial evolution of organi…[View]
11714139Refute my statement: If human males were hermaphroditic species, nothing would have changed but if h…[View]
11714997>men are objectively stronger and faster than women. also more aggressive and spatially aware wha…[View]
11716647Paleontological help: I've been doing some research about hadrosaurs, and one friend recommende…[View]
11711765Does wearing a mask continuously reduce thr air capacity of your lungs over time?[View]
11694679So what are the chances of Elon musk achieving his dreams of finally colonizing mars? 50%? 70%? 90%?[View]
11711627China's 'bat woman' researcher warns coronavirus is just 'tip of iceberg': >China's 'ba…[View]
11708777MUH PREDICTIONS: reminder: physics at the professional level is not what they teach you in middle sc…[View]
11716396laser filtration: I have a one way glass lens which is supposed to allow 473nm laser light move in o…[View]
11712344How is Sabrina doing?: Anyone else here wondering about Sabrina? How is she doing? I thought the 'Ne…[View]
11716378/sci/: >be me >highly educated and whatnot, not trying to be pretentious but so be it >come…[View]
11716511So what's next for knot theorists?https://www.quantamagazine.org/graduate-student-solves-decade…[View]
11706967How true is pic related?[View]
11716014The number 1 should be taught to children as a 1D unit vector. Numbers are simply convenient bundle…[View]
11712473Can you guys recommend wholesome books which explain all core concepts on the subject?: Examples: 36…[View]
11715269Life choices: Hey /sci/, I'm on the verge of switching my life course and I need help deciding …[View]
11716328Does a black hole has a constant acceleration toward its center as it collapses on itself?[View]
11716155How long will vaccines take to make when we have usable quantum computers?[View]
11712164What starting books should I read for Mathematics and Computer Science?[View]
11713922Will it ever be possible to increase height by reopening your growth plates?[View]
11706340CICO is food nutritionist, food lobbyist mantra, posing physiology and nutrition as a hard science l…[View]
11715472Would any of you happen to know the name of the science, or the study, of how organisations work? I…[View]
11714531Show me your weather stations: You do have one, right?[View]
11714235Are there any animals more social than monkes?[View]
11716066the big bang: the big bang. what was it? why? nobody knows. however, some people are more qualified …[View]
11712597What does this mean for us scientifically and statistically speaking?[View]
11712998Astronomers see 'cosmic ring of fire,' 11 billion years ago: https://phys.org/news/2020-05…[View]
11712296Wolfram stole it from 't Hooft: okay, so the cellular automata theory of physics is hot now. be…[View]
11715601How much does quantum mechanics and quantum field theory have in common with cymatics? I know they…[View]
11712643What are some non-standard jobs to a chemistry graduate with experience working in industry R&D …[View]
11714713''Look how high is the iq of this guy, obviously you should agree with him about this…[View]
11715334Will climate change cause the extinction of the human race?: Or the total collapse of civilization, …[View]
11715559Why are there so many Karens in the biological sciences field?[View]
11710023Brainlet motivation: Brainlets, unite. Im 24 years old who never really studied math. Now Im learnin…[View]
11713700cardiax arrhythmia: Can someone explain if this exam show some Cardiac arrhythmia, plz?[View]
11715448what is the actual value of this capacitor bros?[View]
11715422Hey anons. I'm thinking about studying mathematics as a hobby, because I've become very in…[View]
11711885Tech > Science/Academia: I didn't go to college; dropped out of high school because coding w…[View]
11711709414 or am I retarded? I hate it when they fool you with details but I just want to know if I am as r…[View]
11714964Light Spectrum Limitation: If humans can only see a small percentage of the full light spectrum, the…[View]
11709703Cutting Magnets: What happens if you cut a magnet in half but instead of cutting through it you stop…[View]
11713093Alright so I'm a /g/tard and I suck ass at math, I need some books on calculus and linear algeb…[View]
11714782So what's up with D-wave having quantum computers with thousands of qubits, yet they have not a…[View]
11713105Shitty uni: I'm not asking for advice and I already know I'm kinda fucked. I guess I'…[View]
11714741Took me 51 minutes. Is it an acceptable time or am I a brainlet?[View]
11714305Dab and concentrates. What's the science on concentrates and their effects on the brain?[View]
11714714bifurcation diagram: Holy shit /sci/ doesn't it scare you? How can physics explain this? https…[View]
11708598You should be able to solve this.[View]
11713042/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Prev thread - >>11708315. Don't be lazy this quarantine ht…[View]
11714639It starts with Y and ends with 7. What do you eggheads do all day, anyway?[View]
11710192Medfags here?: I have been exposed to herpes I didn't realize that the person I was playing wit…[View]
11714265It's over, /sci/.[View]
11714426>anon pluto is smaller than the USA Is it true or is this anon thinks that I am retarded?…[View]
11714269just submitted my theoretical physics undergrad dissertation bros, feels good[View]
11711590I can't be the only one: >go to UC berkeley >sick of the pretentious grad students who th…[View]
11713682How do we know that this is a real picture of the black hole and not some shitty jpeg they whipped u…[View]
11713513Is set theory the 'assembly language' of maths?[View]
11714518Does LSD have major medical attributes like new studies suggest? Or is there another agenda behind t…[View]
11709982Why are there fundamental underivable constants in physics but not in pure mathematics?[View]
11714387When my life is good I have bad dreams and when my life is stressful I have great dreams. For exampl…[View]
11712083Small Signal Analysis: Sorry to create a new thread for this, but since there is no sqt I thought I…[View]
11710890Red bell peppers smell funny. But they haven't always done that.: This bugs me: Bug: Red bell p…[View]
11714035Given (3-x) * y'' + x^2 * y' + (1+x) * y = 0 where x naught = 0 Find the recurrence r…[View]
11711320Anti-Hydroxychloroquine propagandas debunked: Powerful! https://dissention.wordpress.com/2020/05/22/…[View]
11711311Quadratic Voting: does this have future implications or is it just a hype? https://vitalik.ca/genera…[View]
11711946The end is close +nwo +yellowmens: We all are about to die and end up like this poor guy. the NWO an…[View]
11710302how is cantor's diagonal argument constructive? applying it to an enumeration of all algebraic …[View]
11711782Got some scientific questions regarding a Last Airbender fanfic I am writing, apologies for bringing…[View]
11713132Antenna Extension Cable loss (make an underwater drone): So, thought about it for a while, and seein…[View]
11710458So remember a few months back when /sci/ was saying COVID-19 was just a flu whereas /pol/ was hyping…[View]
11707026if the universe is infinite that means anything that can happen must happen, thus the universe shoul…[View]
11712739FAIRE-Seq Database?: I was wondering if anyone knew of a FAIRE-Seq database. I am trying to find the…[View]
11706256what do you guys think about the discovery of the most well preserved dinosaur of all time ? https:/…[View]
11712060why don't they just push out the vaccine instead of going through multiple trials? it makes mor…[View]
11712305for me, it's the Tsar Bombs[View]
11711621What was the first organism that decided that eating other organisms was OK?[View]
11709305What could be the source of 'the hum'?: It's a low frequency sound heard all over the world com…[View]
11709854>only life in the universe[View]
11713850Coincidence? The asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs hit at 'deadliest possible' angle.: htt…[View]
11712152Redpill me on big numbers[View]
11705252This is a reconstruction of the oldest homo sapiens found. So you're telling me you could teach…[View]
11712105Should we get rid of books and math in the sciences for social justice? How can we decolonize higher…[View]
11713800tfw ancient aliens was real[View]
11708623If you had to kill a person without being discovered, in a non-violent way, and not being able to ac…[View]
11711148computer power vs the human brain: when do you think computers will be as powerful as the human brai…[View]
11713766Why haven't they invented artificial kidneys yet?[View]
11711188>Go to some internet website >See people arguing about 5G causing Covid >No sources whatsoe…[View]
11711847Is anyone here familiar with homeopathic anxiety relief? I want to try phosphorus. An anon on /wsr/ …[View]
11708336Scientifically how the FUCK do I get rid of brain fog?: I used to be smart but now I can barely even…[View]
11710024Scientifically speaking, why do so many women treat cats better than humans? I know this is a more g…[View]
11705644Is it true when people say that theoretical physics hasn't has been stagnant for decades? If so…[View]
11708798Why do brainlets hate Organic Chemistry?[View]
11712300can novel high energy physics research be done at home, without any equipment or access to labs?[View]
11712102How could the Empire State Building survive being hit by an airplane but the World Trade center coul…[View]
11713687Can science explain why I have a hooker addiction at age 21[View]
11709268If visible light generates more energy per photon than microwaves, why don't we have visible li…[View]
11708586How can anhedonia be cured?[View]
11711205How did organisms get 'hot': If human body temperature is 98.6 f / 37 c, but we evolved from single …[View]
11711738Is it dangerous to take a lot of caffeine if you have a high tolerance? I've slowly built up to…[View]
11707767Scientifically speaking is there a way to get the disinhibitory effects of alcohol without consuming…[View]
11711140Why does everything grow in size as it ages? What's the point, evolutionarily speaking, if any?[View]
11705281Which is better, chemistry or physics?[View]
11706248Sexual selection: Brainlet here. If sexual selection is women choosing a partner with best traits fo…[View]
11712069Is Transhumanism the biggest meme ever?: Why would you want to replace your already incredibly compl…[View]
11712876Theorem: the decimal expansion of π contains every finite string of digits true or false?[View]
11713562i made it bros[View]
11710998What is practical use in solving problems like Millennium Prize Problems or any math problems at all…[View]
11713563Are there any known cases where someone previously had SARS-Cov-1 or MERS-CoV and then got SARS-Cov-…[View]
11708229how long to learn it at an advanced level?[View]
11713554ITT thread things stupid people say: “I don’t understand the CTMU, therefore I’ll dismiss it as nons…[View]
11713264I am closer to absolute truth than any man has been before me. Does that make me better than you? Ye…[View]
11712247Who wore it better: Which journal do you think had the better cover for announcing the first draft o…[View]
11711563Do Black Holes really exist?: We know at least 2 things about black holes. 1) They evaporate in a fi…[View]
11709333Control Systems: Any control people here? What are you working on?[View]
11713454Why are people so insecure about IQ?: Why are so many people on this sub so insecure about IQ? Half …[View]
11711609ITT: Shit we were promised that never panned out[View]
11712173Tell me about Radiation... I’ll be taking Radiation Safety in September[View]
11707482How did engineers in the past measured the amount of stress or weight that can be placed on an objec…[View]
11713249So I gots to thinking: There’s probably a lot of untapped culinary potential in just listing out the…[View]
11713451/sci/'s ultimate boss, in your heart you know he's right[View]
11713363Is there any research showing this supposedly perfect country actually is shit? All statistics say F…[View]
11713116Is physics philosophy for the less enlightened minds?[View]
11713039Hey /sci/ I keep clenching my teeth together all the time. I've only noticed it because it was …[View]
11713301“although entropy increases locally, the overall entropy of the universe stays constant at zero.': T…[View]
11713270Is analytical philosophy /sci/-approved?[View]
11708968Is becoming a surgeon a goof choice for someone with autism, no good friends, and never had an S.O. …[View]
11713214Is possible for base 11 to make the irrational rational? Like how 1/11 turn into repeating number bu…[View]
11710323Humans are crazy if we think we could 'destroy the world' the earth has gone through worse than anyt…[View]
11713170Dont scientists know they are makng themselves redundent?: When they make a human like ai there will…[View]
11683156>100+ years of scientific research >no cure…[View]
11713292if biologically majority of women exceed men in emotional intelligence then why it feels like so man…[View]
11712843What is the biggest difference between space and time ?[View]
11709128TOE ROGAN: Welp Theory. Of. Everything.[View]
11712480How do you answer this bros? I've been completely stumped.[View]
11709558Is it 1 or -1?: What is the solution to this? I'm getting 0.99 on my calculator, but my friend …[View]
11699185But why though?[View]
11709782bros, how can i study efficiently living with my parents ? i get easily distracted by them and when …[View]
11711502/iq/ - IQ containment thread: Talk about IQ related topics here! previously: >>>/x/…[View]
11711231Moment of inertia: How do I measure the moment of inertia for some piece with the rotating disc and …[View]
11709097Best Nuclear Field?: I'm a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the US Navy and I've worked w…[View]
11711070How do you think pandemics will be fought in the future /sci?[View]
11711347Crushing It: Stay in it anon[View]
11701586Arduino (C++) Poker: Arduino (C++) coding HALP (POKER Straight) - Need to write bool function to det…[View]
11710274Scientifically speaking, how would one best reduce the number of low effort, off-topic shitposts on …[View]
11709830Whats better?: I dont have fancy sleep trackers, I dont have a fixed time I have to get up at. Set y…[View]
11704946What is wrong with this?[View]
11710363Calling all science nerds: What would happen if someone went back in time and had sex with their gre…[View]
11709760SAR radiation?: I'm worried about my phone since it has very high SAR rating, about 2. Is this …[View]
11710440What is the best way to self study maths?[View]
11710566Hold on: Are you guys telling me an average engineer doesn't use advance math like partial diff…[View]
11710629Chemistry is a Lie: There are no good paying jobs with chemistry anymore. The best you can hope for …[View]
11708857how to stop bad science?: every day i check the arXiv and there is a bunch of fucking crap. mostly f…[View]
11710378What are vector spaces really? I just know it as things that have certain properties. I don't k…[View]
11709398What evolutionary pressures caused male humans to be generally gynephilic while female humans are ge…[View]
11710628Hey guys I'm taking circuit analysis online and prof. isn't responding, can anyone help me…[View]
11708315/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Previous thread: >>11705453[View]
11710647Can someone please tell me where does the data on this graph come from in the study referenced? Now …[View]
11710802It's a common trope in sci-fi that almost species often discover their mathematics in different…[View]

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