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14502189A normal person could easily deadlift 10 kilograms a hundred times in a row. Overall that takes abou…[View]
14498968Natural numbers and rational numbers are well-defined and have rules for constructing each number in…[View]
14502104This one should get interesting.[View]
14495665>study archaeology >deal with provenance, measurements, sediment analysis, radiocarbon dating,…[View]
14484018Formerly >>14466681 >what is /sqt/ for? Questions regarding math and science. Also homework…[View]
14496813Time by Pink Floyd: Whats the deal with time? Is it constant? Can we REALLY measure it or are we on …[View]
14501792Should I do a masters degree while I pursue medicine ?: It could help with getting jobs in future an…[View]
14492801universities dont produce quality scientists anymore. chances are that youre just trying to grift of…[View]
14499929I want to administer an electric shock (of at least 70, and up to 120 volts) to myself through two e…[View]
14496900What was the most interesting notable constructive paper in science last month? Anything missing in…[View]
14501478Watched a Quantum Mechanics popsci video on YouTube in English. Wasn't all that impressive. Wat…[View]
14501447Why don't peple just pull my chair upwards and then forwards until reaching their destination? …[View]
14498251/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Starship 20 is dead, long live Starship edition Previous thread: >…[View]
14497255Can someone explain to me whats the link between quantum mechanic and picrel and how it relates to c…[View]
14501267A heat pump can have an efficiency of over 400%, because it just moves heat around How much efficien…[View]
14501348Scientifically, what would be an optimal alternative to the current state of nursing homes?[View]
14499461Is the universe a hologram?[View]
14501282Hi anons. this isn't explicitly science and math, but does pertain to academia and I need help …[View]
14500715Charles Brenner vs. Aubrey de Grey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJIvp_J-kzM I can't believe…[View]
14497712Durrr. I don't know what this is. Durrr.: It's undefined. Who's to say what this is? …[View]
14497632Novavax what happened?: Anyone remember this shit? Or is it a mandela effect?[View]
14499046Things science can't explain: YOU can't explain that.[View]
14498954Why are autists the way they are?: Today my wife put on this reality show called Love on the Spectru…[View]
14499899Hi friends. I bought allegedly pure MnSO4 from a supplier and as I was attempting to grow crystals …[View]
14498874once again the science is settled: stop telling people to take their meds[View]
14499638Can anyone actually tell me why sneed oils are bad or did we just all decide they were jewish becaus…[View]
14494583> Have an opening at my company > Reading a few of the resumes > Applicant got his undergra…[View]
14500590Should I go to my STEM PhD graduation ceremony? I don’t wanna, but I’m worried if it’s rude or somet…[View]
14492569Please help I'm losing my mind: I'm trying to write a wonky rendering engine and I need to…[View]
14500644This man, simultaneously, discovered calculus and thought the universe wasn't a deterministic s…[View]
14500799Are Freudian slips real?[View]
14500302Jack recently purchased a laptop computer with a before-tax price of $1199.00. Jack paid for the com…[View]
14499777Average Distance Within a Cube: It is time to do some math. What is the average length between all…[View]
14500761I saw an ufo /sci/ It was a rather small spherical object that flew right above my house at a very h…[View]
14492806Physics is pretty much finished as a science: All that's truly left is for us to find the Theor…[View]
14499680One thing I never understood was how can invasive species be a threat? The local species have been …[View]
14493649as taboo as it is to say, is this really incorrect?[View]
14497766Vaxx bros....[View]
14500524This is God according to Spinoza.[View]
14500006Attention seeking: Why is attention seeking often considered such a bad thing in our culture? Scient…[View]
144997123x + 1: For the equation 4^n = 3x + 1, there exists an integer solution for x for each value of n (n…[View]
14497976Did Rita Moreno confirmed what we all suspected about Marlon Brando?[View]
14499616Is it possible to dig a hole so deep/large that it changes the Earth's orbit?[View]
14498801Tris vs. PBS buffer: Comirnaty and the publicly available Pfizer vaccines are legally distinct but c…[View]
14499898Physics, Quantum Physics, Time, Space, Universes, Multiverse, Celestial Beings: THE AGE OF UNIVERSES…[View]
14494497just failed my real analysis final[View]
14495954How the fuck do hyenas have sex? Did evolution just fuck up with them?[View]
14498002Can a person ever possess a genetic sample of another person in his body?[View]
144995111700400270050091004002910060020 55555 91620700500170060021200600270055555 12006002700500910040020700…[View]
14500308I have wasted enough time telling myself this is the last time.[View]
14500312When is Saturnalia? I'm trying to find out the right time to bring the Nutcracker,[View]
14500008let's post your favorite textbook( s ) For me its a Light Science by Rossing[View]
14500290What does it mean if people generally seem to think that I'm smart but, in a recent experiment …[View]
14494622Can someone explain this vaccine science?[View]
14500022Is there anywhere I can read in layman's terms about the origins of anisogamy? Specifically how…[View]
14499860>working through undergrad number theory textbook >resisting the urge to attempt to solve an o…[View]
14494142Study: Teachers in Africa suck >1/4 can not subtract double digits >1/3 can not multiply doubl…[View]
14499104New Harvard theorem proof about entropy and every totality to any ordinal or non-empty set: Check it…[View]
14497654how long until that CRISPR gene editing thing can produce an affordable and accessible cure for male…[View]
14499778official /sci/ curriculum — POST THE REST: I'll start with Physics: >CM Treatise on Analytic…[View]
14498130Language Models: Recent research as shown that current language models have a lot more room for opti…[View]
14499005Why are my eyes sensitive to light? I constantly have to walk around like pic related I should add t…[View]
14498442how did the amerimutt glowies make this ship disappear[View]
14498597Love and a developing brain: Does experiencing positive attention from the opposite sex during your …[View]
14493964READING IS OBSOLETE; WHY BOOKS SUCK: https://www.masterhowtolearn.com/2021-01-30-why-books-dont-work…[View]
14484822/med/ - Medicine general: Quetiapine -edition old >>14461912 We discuss clinical practice and …[View]
14497745I'm gonna become the paul erdos of indie game development.[View]
14490225UNIVERSE HAS 11 DIMENSIONS BECAUSE.... UH 1+2+3+…=-1/12!: Is Witten serious?[View]
14499323how fast can you move an object? not in the sense of a particle moving at the speed of light, but ho…[View]
14498931Xenobots: https://youtu.be/JPFRUZGqUFA I believe they are automatons, not robots, but it's maca…[View]
14496069Would you dare to drink dihydrogen monoxide?[View]
14499198https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenogenesis#Humans I think I may be a parthenogenetic chimera… How…[View]
14491503Kurzgesagt Thread /kurz/ - Moving Through Reference EDITION: This is a kurzgesagt thread for /sci/ N…[View]
14492824maybe Earth IS the center of the universe. why shouldn't it be? >any frame of reference is e…[View]
14498253/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Starliner OFT-2 Edition: Previous: >>14494466 CST-100 Starliner …[View]
14495818Civil engineers of /int/, is sap2000 still a good choice for analysis of structures? I need somethin…[View]
14498131I made pudding but I'm bad at physics. Will it cool down faster if it's in a bunch of cups…[View]
14487905Why did we evolve to die? How the fuck is dying an adaptation to your environment? Did Darwin have a…[View]
14498302Visitor from /lit here. I was a materialist throughout most of my life, still am largely, but I am s…[View]
14498180>Be me >Physics major >looking into becoming a math tutor >take basic algebra and geom…[View]
14493024I have a hair embedded *in* my eardrum. This isn't lying on top, it's stabbing through and…[View]
14497444Is it possible to identify people who would accept bribery?: I was reading The Art of War, and one o…[View]
14493052I fully understand that IQ tests are tightly wrapped, but are there any resources for artificially g…[View]
14497886Is this viable? From my understanding, actinides build up throughout the primary loop to create a ve…[View]
14496854dumb question: So we know life can occur in planets, but what about space? Theres more space than ro…[View]
14492858If this worked with humans would you do it? How much would you pay/want to get paid for giving for s…[View]
14497309>prof shows us youtube video >he clicks on the play button to unpause instead of just clicking…[View]
14491719Freud ruined psychiatry: 'Modern' psychiatry is the invention of Freud, who is unironically a conman…[View]
14479727my humanities brain is content[View]
14498072Set theory resources: is pic rel a good place to start or are there any good online teachers[View]
14497550Say his name, rate me. Etc. AMA. k I’m a time travelller.[View]
14493311i fucking suck at math: i flunked out of college. im taking online classes currently. Does this shit…[View]
14490624Botany: Is gardening really a science? Which plants are best?[View]
14495639/sci/.... can this someday be proven? that would mean... omg.[View]
14492292Could parallel universes with different versions of ourselves exist?[View]
14500079Calling all intelligent anons: I need a intelligent anon to help me solve this cipher. It’s extremel…[View]
14493530Is this a normal distribution for a curved grading structure?[View]
14496627How do I get into philosophy of science and math? I want to have a more informed opinion about topic…[View]
14497021Hi guys: Do animals have thoughts and ideas? If so, what are they like?[View]
14494383Have we figured out gravity? like to a t or are there aspects of it unexplained and mysterious despi…[View]
14497637The Discovery of Vagina Spiders: Greetings to all whom I'll enlighten about the notion of Vagin…[View]
14491884Where is the contradiction?[View]
14497559Statistics side gigs: Im a statistician in the medial field, currently getting my PhD. whats some lu…[View]
14492287teaching market research: its frustrating to try to teach market research and have students bring in…[View]
14497017How the hell does nitrogen monoxide gas exist when there’s only a double bond?: Answers from people …[View]
14495780JWST naysayers of /sci/: hey frens, i was just thinking about how for years we would always get thre…[View]
14496180>mogs your number system[View]
14497449Why do 900kcal of cashew nuts don't energize me as much as 900kcal of Spaghetti. I feel weak an…[View]
14494376Is it possible to edit a human embryo’s genes at home with a CRISPR?: What genes would you edit?…[View]
14497452Does this shit have free alternatives or crack for linux? I mean i need photo to latex converter[View]
14494532Our boy ((((Daniel Rubin))) made a video praising a book by the Kroneckerian finitist Harold M. Edwa…[View]
14481892>be non-britbong poorfag >get accepted into picrel for stem subject >family is piss poor an…[View]
14496871Are there any probable mechanisms for wifi causing cancer? The ones I have seen proposed are that ma…[View]
14496324I often see AGI paranoids, human replacement fetishists and other pathological pop-sois posting here…[View]
14496221Are there any bioinformatics data science projects I can try using open source data? It seems like m…[View]
14497294The flu 2022: I managed to get the flu from my who is 2 years old at first I had a fever. After the …[View]
14496703Did some logic test while applying for a job and the report card told me I'm a midwit when it c…[View]
14496792>and these 'imaginary' numbers >are they in the room with us now?…[View]
14495643Would knowledge about biology have advanced much further if experimentation wasn't held back du…[View]
14490912> solves all physics > no pig disgust induction needed > all achieved with pure deduction …[View]
14494299freemason: Should I join Freemasonry or stay away? Why? What are the regular meetings of the Masons …[View]
14492765Is there a way of figuring out which hypothetical laws of physics of an alternate universe would pro…[View]
14496543I really like numbers, formulas and everything that surrounds them. I can read and calculate them fo…[View]
14496449How do we deal with Mars dust?[View]
14494717Urinalysis (chemistry): I took 4-5 hits of pot 11 days ago after not having smoked for 3 years. What…[View]
14496662I can't wait for AI to design living organisms that can't move without feeling pain.[View]
14491386Unobtainium: Is there some kind of unobtainium in the real world?[View]
14493326What's a good way to grind plastic pellets into plastic dust? The finer, the better. Coffee gri…[View]
14496327textbook aesthetic: I was reminded of a particular passion after reading through Pre-Calculus Mathem…[View]
14496325How do we combat AI being racist?[View]
14493040How do we make science popular the people again? There must be a way to inspire the masses with wond…[View]
14473593Why does existence exist?[View]
14486392Will we ever get a cure for baldness?[View]
14495995I am reading this scientific article, and I must say https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0…[View]
144955391/0.1 is 10 1/0.01 is 100 1/0.000000001 is 1000000000 Therefore 1/0 = infinity 'Undefined' is for re…[View]
14495997ok, so /sci/ retards are like, mmm, god is not real. but also /sci/ retards, mmm, kardashev scale 7 …[View]
14495970Can anyone explain this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-k8qe0o9SU Excuse the schizo rambling[View]
14495545How is it called when two smooth functions output the same sequence only to diverge suddenly past an…[View]
14491555Quantum simulation: Does quantum physics point towards our universe being a simulation? And what wou…[View]
14494466/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Big Moon Edition: Previous:>>14490415 beeg[View]
14494048https://youtu.be/P1I6_YmF5mE?t=307 >despite me being a 400 pound 'person' >i don't really…[View]
14493203Why the hell didn’t he just give the rats playgrounds to do shit in?[View]
14494053What can I do with a materials science and nanoengineering undergrad degree?[View]
14492423what is wind?[View]
14493935Where is materials science going? I currently study materials science and nanoengineering but I am k…[View]
14494429Retard here. Why exactly is Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, and the divergence theorem s…[View]
14495126What. The fuck. This image is bad news for our importance in the grand scheme of things. And not to …[View]
14494859heap's algorithm: Hello I am retard and I would like to implement a specific version of heap…[View]
14495383Mad in America: Anyone here knows about this site? What do you think of it?[View]
14494934how fucking lucky are we that the laws of this universe allow us to build electronic devices?`[View]
14494332Statistically speaking, which one of these is better? The third one is clearly better than the secon…[View]
14495049Analysis or algebra?[View]
14495140s-tier schizo rambles about newton, calculus and sexism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp0rZQ3risI…[View]
14494360I know this guy who makes physics simulations...: ... he's been trying to replicate the 4 force…[View]
14494902Doctors hate this!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hfKJ7xS4LI[View]
14490851Is high-functioning autism real?: All of the features are pretty common. >Dislike of loud noises,…[View]
14494884What's /sci/ opinion on those alternative medicine stores that are like suplementary and multiv…[View]
14494387OFFICIAL /SCI/ CURRICULUM THREAD: Physics: >CM Treatise on analytical dynamics of particles and r…[View]
14493306twum got rich she gets $300k a year for the rest of her life for doing nothing.[View]
14494205I can't orient objects in my head[View]
14479101Why did he hate Theory of Relativity so much?[View]
14494253What would happen if you kept a magnet in your shirt pocket while receiving a chest X-ray?[View]
14491943If you time traveled into Middle Ages how would you improve distance communication?[View]
14488050Mental ilness discussion /thread/: i dont believe in widespread mentall ilness, i mean people bangin…[View]
14494050Is /sci/ smart enough to pass Witten's exam on QFT?[View]
14494038looking for some scientific approach to, make precise geometric uh... suggestion? assumption? predic…[View]
14491776What did he contribute to math again?[View]
14493124Why is it harder to remember stuff while bombarded by visual or audio stimulation? Do we remember th…[View]
14488303>almost everything that exists reflects light of only the narrow Visible Spectrum as seem by huma…[View]
14494194What brain region is responsible for cringe flashbacks and how do I shut it down?[View]
14479744How do you know if a mathematical proof is true or not?[View]
14494102Hi, I've been looking for this book for a long time and i can't find it free online nor in…[View]
14489715Let me see if I can describe what I did here. Within the pyramid I drew 1 at the top, then started s…[View]
14491987Have you ever used post-nut clarity for better problem solving? If yes, did it help you?[View]
14494118Observer bias: Most of you retards don't understand observer bias Why does it seem like animals…[View]
14493557What is the /sci/ opinion on Cryptography?[View]
14492512So it's official as far as I can see. Some of these objects are definitely from a much more adv…[View]
14492258Whats tensor[View]
14491722Competent physicist or just a pretty face?[View]
14493505computation and computable ordinals are the foundation surely you agree?[View]
14488156Coilgun Current Help: I'm building a coil gun but I can't get a high enough current. I…[View]
14494025There is a largest integer: > uhhhh... PEANO AXIOMS?!?!? Where the fuck do you think numbers came…[View]
14493767>Get home after work >My quanta are broken >Objects multiplying and disappearing at random …[View]
14487823Where can I read about the nature of the universe, it's meaning, it's limits, what there i…[View]
14491826Is this webm real or cgi physics experts from /sci/? The woman seems to not lose any speed after get…[View]
14492071Ticket avoidance paradox: I come to you with an important stats problem relevant to my life: how can…[View]
14491126>M.I.T researchers have completed a study this Monday studying the functional differences between…[View]
14493880Is Incremental Reading a meme?: Setting it up is not hard, you can crack SuperMemo 18 easily, all I…[View]
14493842psychology thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYqvqScg_j8 WTF bros, you never told me about pri…[View]
14492686Why is the myth that sunscreen slows down aging and that the sun is the main cause of aging still pu…[View]
14492995Omg did you know that due to inertia shit in the universe MOVES????: Ugghhh but sarcasm aside i pray…[View]
14492969Science is boring Math is better[View]
14492745check out sections 3 and 4 Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications: Volume II Author: Davi…[View]
14452989How come gays are still around despite natural selection?[View]
14490581'Grabby Aliens': >We estimate that loud alien civilizations now control 40-50% of universe volume…[View]
14493381How do you improve short-term memory? I can remember hitting some kid in kindergarten 20 years ago b…[View]
14489301Cancer. Please help.: Hey guys, I just received the news that a family member has malignant cancer, …[View]
14490119why does she think that 2+2=4 excludes POC? Did it exclude Dr. Tyson? Michiu Kaku? Jim Al-Khalili?[View]
14488640Why does perception of time speed up as you get older?[View]
14478267>https://www.deepmind.com/publications/a-generalist-agent >The agent, which we refer to as Gat…[View]
144874931 + 2 + 3 + 4 +...= Fucking insane onion shit: i need fucking proof[View]
14480077Door to the Martian underworld: Taken by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity https://mars.nasa.gov/raw_…[View]
14484959Is rocket science actually hard or is it just undergrads crying about differential equations again?[View]
14492947All the dogs we see today evolved from wolves within the last 11,000 years. All the different variat…[View]
14489869Redditfaggots lied to me: I put off reading baby Rudin for a long time just because I kept reading t…[View]
14490278Every year CO2 and CH4 capture technology becomes more advanced. So when are we going to start using…[View]
14492857Turns out my Mathematics (whole Wikipedia list of problems all fields including psychology) are in t…[View]
14490227Why does this thing look uglier and uglier every time I see it?[View]
14490263What is the easiest way I can notice time dilation due to gravity inducing quantities of mass[View]
14491864Leadership effects on sickness absence: Currently writing a thesis, and I wanted to ask for some opi…[View]
14492419WTF is the higgs field and is it the fifth force of nature?: What does that mean the higgs field giv…[View]
14488509which existential risk would be cosmic in scope and hellish in severity?[View]
14488480Admit it. How close is your daily STEM life to the one portrayed in the show?[View]
14492314What makes civil engineering the most innovative and ever expanding branch of engineering?[View]
14489884string theory (proper) died when Joe died: i honestly feel that the death of Joe Polchinski was a qu…[View]
14490415/sfg/ Spaceflight General: spaceflight old thread: >>14485820[View]
14492609I have an average resting heart rate of 110-120 and I'm about to see a doc about it. Which beta…[View]
14492700Will a pvc inflatable hot tub leak harmful particles or chemicals into the water? How do you check w…[View]
14489799Is it worthwhile to attempt to pursue academia with mediocre/bad grades?: Sorry for shitting on the …[View]

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