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/sci/ - Science & Math

Displaying 159 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
15889063Well, /sci/? What is a woman, in the most concise terms?[View]
15891856>talk to a professor who teaches a university >they act like your average redditor, hates to a…[View]
15894059is this real ?[View]
15893512Whats the first thing that's gonna happen when we have free unlimited fusion energy?: Free food…[View]
15892325Bat rabies: Does this shit exist just to give people anxiety? 1. Bats are widespread so it's no…[View]
15893094Scientifically speaking, why is autogynephelia not labeled as a sexual fetish and instead gets put a…[View]
15893129There are more and more discoveries being made every year that show how many random occurrences have…[View]
15881220If the sun magically disappeared, for how long could humanity survive? If the answer is not very lon…[View]
15890407Do you think he could have a shot at Nobel Prize if he focused on science instead of business? Some …[View]
15892700>hey /sci/ whats 64x64?[View]
15892246why are some people gifted and permitted to become scientists and some aren't no matter how har…[View]
15892638origin of life debate NOW: origin of life debate happening now https://www.youtube.com/live/6GDv4f2z…[View]
15889815If intelligence wasn't genetic, all animal species would have the same level of intelligence[View]
15893472why did nobody tell me that math is populated with ugly bitches only? I thought if they're inte…[View]
15891905COVID is objectively a bioweapon: 2002: November 8 – The United Nations Security Council unanimously…[View]
15891781Is Adhd real or just a low iq cope?[View]
15892748What is the simplest possible statement or truth expressable in math? What is the limit case of simp…[View]
15893686WHERE AM I WRONG ?: [math] \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{1}{n} = \frac{1}{2} + 1 + \frac{3}{2} + 2 + \fr…[View]
15891074Worth 3 hours of my life? How accurate is it?[View]
15892362How does fuzzy logic exist?: >It is binary to think that I'm a retard or not >It is bina…[View]
15892856Is this true that the (((science))) which says that some alcohol is good for you is just a lie creat…[View]
15886718>flat footedness is found in roughly 30% of the population >considered a medical 'condition' …[View]
15893126I'm a fourth-year student in math. Would taking an algebraic geometry or algebraic topology cou…[View]
15892911>iron age >space age >digital age >no sulfur age >brought to you by coca cola…[View]
15893249A sliding 15 puzzle consists of 15 tiles on a 4 by 4 grid. The player makes moves consisting of slid…[View]
15891727>he doesn't even do lab work on the weekends (eg the bare minimum) Do we need an equivalent …[View]
15888241>the best physicist alive is a history major Is this guy's existence some sort of glitch in …[View]
15890861The Chernobyl show seemed to indicate that AZ-5 button made it explode because all the rods went in …[View]
15891100What's a good follow-up to this book?: This was quite an unusual read. It's very concise a…[View]
15891232>melt small rocks >cool small rocks down >the new rock is clear for some reason Retard h…[View]
15892571I can't breathe properly from my nostrils most of the time, they're all dry and messed up,…[View]
15890054Is Idiocracy baked in? https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10519-022-10107-w[View]
15891756What questions need answered in physics? Can /sci/ solve them[View]
15892261is there ever going to be an inflection point when 2000’s redditor bad social science gets definitiv…[View]
15891713/sfg/ Spaceflight General: Literal Edition prev: >>15886257[View]
15891897You now remember when Japan invented a machine to measure brap levels in crop canopies https://en.wi…[View]
15892330>aging is le heckin' designed!!1 If genes want the organism to die of aging, then why hasn…[View]
15891179Is it really possible for a DNA test of a lizard to come back 51% jewish & 48% west Asian or is …[View]
15892077whan we will stop paying sciantists and invest all resources in the ai sicence research in all of th…[View]
15890868>A* + Q-Learning + PPO >The triforce of machine learning >Hybrid PPO-Q* If you had an AI de…[View]
15889519ITT: things /sci/ can't explain[View]
15892185long covid = münchausen syndrome[View]
15891977Where do I go to study advanced race science?: My dream is to one day empirically prove beyond acade…[View]
15891891Will ever conquer the start, /sci/bros? Like, will ever make huge awesome ship full of people going …[View]
15892316Just got a little bit of this in an eppendorf from the lab. What can/should I do with it? Give me so…[View]
15890723Is /sci/ wiki's CS&E and Math curriculum actually good for studying?: I want to grasp on CS…[View]
15892306some riddle/cipher: anyone have an idea what this is or have you seen this before? found this and re…[View]
15892018Why is physics often considered the best science and not chemistry? That was surely the case during …[View]
15892288imperial measurements would have been acceptable if they had redefined them as exact amounts of metr…[View]
15887558do higher grades indicate higher intelligence or higher ability to solve problems[View]
15891505Thoughts on the formalization of mathmatics in Lean4 and other Interactive Theorem Provers: Recently…[View]
15885551How much money do you niggas make?[View]
15890369Can you explain what that line/phenomenon is over the moon? It moved horizontally across it, in arou…[View]
15891878Go grandpa[View]
15891882Is it true that octopuses are similar to space aliens since they developed intelligence in an entire…[View]
15892007In the grand scheme the use of energy creates a byproduct which is then used as a source of energy f…[View]
15891955Can Sn2 reactions happen with a cyclohexane substituent?: This isn't homework, I have exams in …[View]
15891988After performing some research online, I have discovered that the clear fluid seeping from my popped…[View]
15885637Why does alcohol stop broadcasts?: Good Morning /Sci/entists! All day and all night I get broadcasts…[View]
15891813Treating your professor/phd advisor as your enemy and a competitor is the only way to succeed in sci…[View]
15891498Explain this, /sci/[View]
158888386 Months Later...: >nobody talks about it ever again Why not?[View]
15891821science is useless if it's not applied science.: why study something if it has no uses? it will…[View]
15883385Do you know any interesting /sci/ related tools website with interesting visualizations/infographics…[View]
15879640Are geniuses necessary to make breakthroughs or are they overrated?[View]
15891041Why are so many cs professorships given to mathematicians?: People who get a PhD in cs have proven t…[View]
15888024Are these actually good?[View]
15858810Why is 3/3 equal to 1?: Ok, so 1/3 is 0.33333 forever. 2/3 is 0.6666 forever. So, if that's the…[View]
15891653The multivers is here: If the univers is so big that there must be a planet that everything that has…[View]
15889194Expanding Universe: What the fuck does it mean? How is it expanding? What is it expanding into? How …[View]
15891486Where are all the Aliens !?[View]
15891445Operations Research - How do I solve this shit: anons I need your help, I have an assignment on oper…[View]
15888919Why its difficult for robots to have human locomotive?[View]
15887552Physicks is made up bullshit: Physics especially modern physics is bullshit that literally no one ca…[View]
15885960How does social sciences junk like this get considered seriously by pseuds? There's a thread on…[View]
15887316why aren't we spending more effort on immortality research considering death is a soluble probl…[View]
1588574198% of people can't solve this easy equation[View]
15891032Peregrine falcons: How do their bones not shatter when they strike their prey?? They are traveling a…[View]
15887886whats your iq and how many calories do you eat a day?[View]
15887938Can someone explain the getting older part of the twin paradox?: Let's say me and my twin is 20…[View]
15891186Good/Secret Meteorology Resources?: I want to impress my boss because my job is tangentially related…[View]
15889679Why are doctors smart: Any medfags, could you explain why doctors are universally perceived to be ex…[View]
15889083We live in a time period where if a scientist says that 2+2=5, approximately half the population wil…[View]
15889555>how much of maths' progression is unnecessary beyond being able to get to the next stepping…[View]
15888606Vector Products: Why are the dot product and the cross product defined the way they are? Their defin…[View]
15886645Linear/matrix algebra books that motivate matrix multiplication: What the fuck is wrong with authors…[View]
15890952Physics is just modern mythology[View]
15890845Getting back to math: Hello, Could you please help me with getting back on track with math? I was am…[View]
15889413Have any of you posers even read Principia?[View]
15886696*Was Right About Everything*[View]
15885888Parents Caught Covid: My elderly and unhealthy parents caught covid. Neither can take Paxlovid becau…[View]
15885161Girls getting breasts earlier than before: Give one valid reason why this even happened. And do we n…[View]
15887999What's the greatest open question in your field, bros?[View]
15872597>almost 2024 >the hard problem of consciousness is still unsolved Come on, science. I want to…[View]
15885339If I got 135 IQ and me filipino wife got 85 IQ what me kid got?[View]
15890406forgive me if this is not the right board, but psychology is a science so I can't think of a be…[View]
15886475Tay has returned. ChatGPT is dead: In 2 day Grok is going to be unleashed and not have the stupid re…[View]
15887951Quitting your PhD: Redpill me on quitting your PhD in your first year. Is it a career death sentence…[View]
15890311What does this mean?: A rapidly rotating Bose Einstein Condensate in a toroidal configuration functi…[View]
15890079Why were human hunter gatherers not nocturnal?: Most big game hunters like lions, leopards, tigers a…[View]
15889674If he is so smart, why hasn't he solved quantum gravity yet?[View]
15888282How neurotoxic are hallucinatory doses of anticholinergic drugs?: I understand that blocking the mus…[View]
15890112>why no, I'm not going to tell you how we do a thing or why we believe something to be the c…[View]
15890060Is he a legit scientist? I hear people saying he's a 'joke' among academic psychologists but 's…[View]
15884604Solar Powered Cars: Are solar powered cars scientifically feasible? Over the past 2 decades, solar p…[View]
15889399What is 14 billion times 10 million trillion?[View]
15890306If it's a number, it's neat. It exists. It is not incomplete or impartial.[View]
15890285How does climate change the economy?: Suppose that you are required to pay more taxes so that the go…[View]
15889405Why did he do it, bros? Was it really inevitable that the Nazis or Soviets would eventually build th…[View]
15887537How are you supposed to comprehend and accept the idea that moving fast in space changes the way tim…[View]
15886333Heat conversion: Why converting heat to electricity is so goddamn inefficient? Like holy fuck, 30% i…[View]
15890154Sup homos, Anyone else notice how the trees have quickly lost their leaves, say in the last few week…[View]
15889945Should we use nano-cybertechnology to give bio-augmented super-animals basic human rights[View]
15886257/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Rocket Execution Edition previous: >>15883875[View]
15887598What if spacetime is like foam. I'm not talking quantum foam, but instead some kind of foam tha…[View]
15881901Are Artists More Intelligent Than Scientists?: OBVIOUSLY I'm excluding almost every modern arti…[View]
15880858AGI: AGI has been achieved by OpenAI Jimmy Apples is an insider whos been working at OpenAI for year…[View]
15881205Is there any scientific indication that gender is socially construced?: I study psychology at a shit…[View]
15889834Applying for architectural engineering: Im not sure if this is the right undergrad for me. Ive alway…[View]
15879594C diff is now resistant to 10x super strength bleach: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/nov/2…[View]
15886558What does /sci/ think of this?[View]
15888969Physics of music: What exactly is it about baroque chamber music that attracts high performing intel…[View]
15889441physics is a very ez subject for me[View]
15888720I'm depressed and I'm eating nearly 2k calories a day in Cheez itz knock offs so I'm …[View]
15886065Give one(1) example of a sentence that’s true but not provable.[View]
15888278wtf, is normie science this redpilled about IQ and race in the current year? >https://www.wsj.com…[View]
15887288If you breathed in silica dust, does it stay in your lungs forever and eventually cause silicosis?[View]
15886837the psychic plant theory: In theory all animals will want to kill each other thats what intelligence…[View]
15887614Does mind come from matter (the brain)? If so why can't we revive people by electri cally stimu…[View]
15887814Explain to me like I'm high af (I am) why there isn't millihertz and nanohertz, only kilo,…[View]
15883632Could this be scaled? is encryption safe?: I have developed a data visualization scheme that allows …[View]
15886642Why do spergs display the same behaviors as distressed captive animals?[View]
15884758>How many whole numbers are there? Infinity. >how many decimals are there between 0 and 1? In…[View]
15887246>You will ignite zhe atmosphär.[View]
15878725He died[View]
15884538why do we even do exercises?: I'm never doing exercises in my free time again. Notice there are…[View]
15888216why not kill yourself with a potassium chloride infusion?[View]
15887682How can space and time bend if space and time are just human conceptions brought on by the need to m…[View]
15886152>8 months ago She's dead right? And they're just milking her patron money.…[View]
15888773Why do we seek revenge?: Biologically speaking, why do we seek revenge?[View]
15885523>nothing moves faster than li-ACK![View]
15888336Applying cosmology to human affairs: What are some parts of cosmology that explain or mirror human a…[View]
15885230How did he do it?[View]
15881112You're telling me literally EVERYTHING can be represented with enough sinusoids??[View]
15886683Theoretically how many humans would you need to kill a single person by pissing on them with such fo…[View]
15886359What are you working on tonight?[View]
15886926Why should the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis be true? There are multiple known solutions to Einstein…[View]
15882288Limits to consciousness and empathy: Let's discuss the more relevant because of AGI topic of un…[View]
15886581Since energy takes the path of least resistance, if a human were to close a circuit with just his le…[View]
15884753What formula of everyday nutrition should I be taking of nutrients to maximize regenerative brain vo…[View]
15887898Why can no one on the internet ever explain what magnetism actually is? Electric force is easy it…[View]
15888166libgen: Is it dead for good?[View]
15887309/slg/ sci leaks general: Where da leaks at sci? I want da leaks, gimmme da leaks.[View]
15887974Any cryptographers?: I think this is a column transposition cypher, but I do no know how to attack i…[View]
15886722Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem: I'm trying to understand it. For those who do, please take…[View]
15887512How do we stop scientific research?: Scientists have recently cured many cancers, eradicated disease…[View]
15886219For educational purposes: How to make some cyanide?[View]
15865974wait, is this meme true[View]

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