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13938128Applied mathematics problem: Hello /sci/ I need some help with my math problem. In the question ther…[View]
13933698C/2021 A1 (Leonard): Any astronomy bros been tracking Comet Leonard? I saw it a week ago in my 3' re…[View]
13935143Should I read Lee or Tu for a more rigorous and detailed treatment of manifolds than is typically gi…[View]
13936071I just woke up from a 10 years coma. Why is that thing still on the ground?[View]
13938205Do you reject all these things as impossible: God and gods, afterlife, telepathy and psychic phenome…[View]
13934991Monolith Found On The Moon: Guys, they have found a Monolith on the moon, like in 2001: A Space Odys…[View]
13934303Why Are Humans So Good At Learning?: It's not that we can process a lot of data but it seems li…[View]
13934894>Kurzgesagt criticizes antivax again by calling them unimformed and misguied I guess they nicely …[View]
13936414Arrogance of Health Officials: https://twitter.com/AmerMedicalAssn/status/1468022446121000961 'There…[View]
13937058IQ.: What does it mean to be high IQ? Does your brain simply function better, and you experience a h…[View]
13931155Uhh... where did the hole go?[View]
13937968Blood Doping Is Legit: >A new study on mouse models has revealed transcripts encoding a longevity…[View]
13937931>alcubierre drives[View]
13934575Are women the future of science?[View]
13934715Why don't we use really small submarines to explore the ocean?: Why not instead of building a f…[View]
13927882Diarrhea: What is the 'purpose' of diarrhea? I know it's expelling harmful shit from your body.…[View]
13934624You Wouldn't Patent the؀Sun: Explaining Schizophrenia's Slow Onset, Causes, and Potential …[View]
13937424>government subsidizes hazmat masks for entire populace(much cheaper than buying vaccines and tax…[View]
13937692Explain this one sci: https://www.inclusivecapitalism.com/our-advisors/steering-committee-co-chairs/…[View]
13935541Do i really have to learn how to code?[View]
13936332How likely are you to get a Brain parasite: I have ocd and I compulsively scratch my butt. Wondering…[View]
13937581Matter is condensed space. Once it reaches a certain density threshold, it starts pulling and stretc…[View]
13932240Anyone here into cryptography? 50017758598588083361073011670651548440670079997336960367353566302604…[View]
13933493>7 December, 2021: It is now exactly 49 years since the last successful moon landing. Say somethi…[View]
13937466Is it true that babies born from white and asian couples end up with breathing difficulties and othe…[View]
13934054Thoughts on pic related? >oh, I guess wittgenstein[View]
13933170When are you egg heads gonna figure out scalable and renewable carbon capture? Boston is not suppose…[View]
13935776Hacking quantum matrix.: The Holy Ghost is like having administrator rights to this quantum mechanic…[View]
13937231Is he fucked?[View]
13936954Procrastination: How does one fight procrastination back exactly? I've tried everything but not…[View]
13933736Daily reminder that evolution is just a THEORY[View]
13937044A friendly and thought debate about covid the vaccine.: I'll start and that I'm vaccinated…[View]
13937006The Black Sea: What would be a plausible reason for the water level to sink about 5-10 meters in the…[View]
13934526Does anybody else think in plural first person? I do it all the time. Is it a vestige of the bicamer…[View]
13935251Scientifically speaking what causes ashiness?: Prevalent in those with African ancestry what could b…[View]
13931698Best biology sci fi?: What are the best biology sci fi books or movies that actually try to explain …[View]
13934394/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: STS-96 Rollout Edition: Previous: >>13929806[View]
13931170Calculus: Why can't people properly teach it?[View]
13935344What do you suppose the daily diet/drug cocktails of elite are in 2021?: What’s the best science can…[View]
13936442Chronic fatigue/B12 Vitamin: Unless you regularly eat liver, most people are vitamin B12 deficient a…[View]
13935967so addicting - dopamine rush when you win: so march 2020 i went to chess dot com out of complete bor…[View]
13936744After thinking about this for quite some time...what's with mathfags and always doing proofs by…[View]
13932038Was he right?: Come to think of it, there's so much BS in astronomy today because of Einstein. …[View]
13933730Influenza vaccination?: So why would my shoulder continue be sore and have heart palipitations,this …[View]
13914763Enough IQ talk tell me your /sci/ accomplishments (getting a high score on an IQ test is not one)[View]
13934694Domesticating Dolphins: Why aren't we domesticating dolphins? We use dolphins in other applicat…[View]
13935342How do we make math less racist?[View]
13935635LIBRE OFFICE RAGE THREAD: how do you make the cell show the first few characters (ergo read TELL ME …[View]
13932496if science could democratize suicide would more people kill them selfs ?[View]
13935612How accurate would it be to describe the phenomenon of consciousness or you & I as traversing an…[View]
13930862Human Angel wings: I'm pretty sure it's gonna be possible to surgically attach bioengineer…[View]
13934665anti-gravity schizos: 1 /sci/ brainets: 0 https://thedebrief.org/darpa-funded-researchers-accidental…[View]
13935818What are the applications of directional derivatives and Gradients.[View]
13934071How do we popularize the idea that IQ is genetic?[View]
13926331What's better for engineering: Windows or Linux?: I'm just starting in engineering (not so…[View]
13932166New Phots of the Sun[View]
13935799How accurate would this picture be?[View]
13925302Shitty nurses cause blood clots: It turns out that what causes blood cloths is... Bad vaccination pr…[View]
13935817>stop wearing a mask in lat 2020 >don't get infected >delta variant hits >don…[View]
13935765Our galactic future: Because FTL will never be discovered we will just make colonies in hollowed ast…[View]
13935771When was the last time you grounded yourself?[View]
13935649is it possible for some kind of material (like a tie or pair of shoes) to change color almost like a…[View]
13935450Science: Does anyone know what type of puzzle this is and how to solve it?[View]
13933931Prove that Mars is real[View]
13934489Would Stephen Hawking be less famous if he didn't have ALS? So much of his fame comes from bein…[View]
13935659when using RK4 (Runge-Kutt) to solve the general system of first-order IVP, if x max isn't give…[View]
13930936Is this it bros?[View]
13933455What are the best resources out there to make college mathematics my bitch? I'm talking calculu…[View]
13935368So do I have it right?: All the data in the mainstream says that omicron RIGHT NOW isn't a caus…[View]
13933243Will this strategy work to beat COVID?: Will this strategy work to beat COVID, and if so, then why a…[View]
13911718/mg/ - mathematics general: Call of the natural number edition Previously >>13888107 Talk abou…[View]
13931161Pareto, Videogames, Life and luck.: I have this misty idea on my head and I lack knowledge on maths …[View]
13934343What is the evolutionary advantage to most humans having such poor visual acuity that corrective len…[View]
13934031Mobile Phones & Brain Cancer: Do mobile phones actually cause brain cancer? Because everyone in …[View]
13935085What is the meaning behind expressions of the form [math] A C A^T [/math] ? I see these everywhere, …[View]
13934448Imagine how much farther we could have been if it had not been for ethics holding us back: We alread…[View]
13935283Physics Question Can I survive jumping off a skyscaper: Can I survive jumping off a skyscraper if I …[View]
13934954What if we took every polluting source on Earth, and combined them into one huge chimney? What would…[View]
13935150Smell recoding and generation.: Greetings, 4channel.org/sci/, it is I, Tim Cook, planning to revolut…[View]
13931922Why did homosexuality evolve? Or for that matter any form of anus attraction? Is it just because its…[View]
13929528what is the mathematical function that would make the sine wave itself be made of sine waves? would …[View]
13935120scientifally speakind, why do the jwse want me to taek the merck of the beasf?[View]
13935014>ab=0, then a = 0 or b = 0 >1,2,3,... Which of these assumption is incorrect?…[View]
13935036How is a plane's maximum carrying weight determined? Had in mind to build an RC plane, but know…[View]
13934986I finally get why 0/0 is infinite. It's because its not closed. n*0=0 but the reverse of that i…[View]
13934972Nepomniachtchi? Never heard of him[View]
13934319>dichotomy exists >'dude, what if both are right?? :D' >*mass applause* I hate psychology…[View]
13936437Making certain science illegal: Can someone explain to me how the US government has the power to det…[View]
13934796Is there still an active community around this or was it just given up on? Has there been any develo…[View]
13929026/sci/ meme thread: i desperately need to grow my /sci/ meme folder, so please share some good shit m…[View]
13934883Am I wasting my time?: in my second year of a General Science Bachelor in Physics and Applied Physic…[View]
13934362Corpse preservation: What would happen to a corpse if it was placed in a hermetically sealed contain…[View]
13933379EYE DRUG QUESTION: So I went to the doctor for my usual eye checkup and he told me that I have an ey…[View]
13934691drugs that makes you depressed?: what are some drugs or substance that effectively makes you depress…[View]
13934425If I am not vaccinated and I already have antibodies from already having Covid 19, how is it a socia…[View]
13929473Cubic House Object Spotted On The Moon: China Rover Yutu2 spotte a cubi-houzse like object on the mo…[View]
13933601any healthy person under 35 shouldn't get the clothshot, right?[View]
13929058Marty's pizza is bigger: Marty's pizza is bigger[View]
13933734Psychopathy vs Sociopathy on MRI's: I know that psychopath's brains on MRI's look a l…[View]
13933198What's taking so fucking long?[View]
13932910DARPA Funded Researchers Accidentally Create The World’s First Warp Bubble and it looks like earth w…[View]
13933605>30 soon >realize my brain will be fucking garbage soon if not now how do i slow the decline o…[View]
13929925Microplastics: > Average person swallows up to 50,000 particles of microplastics a year What effe…[View]
13929603How big of a problem in modern science are major language areas forming scientific islands, which un…[View]
13921036Global warming: So uh Wtf[View]
13933467Why are some people gay?: Given the known prevalence of homosexuality across most of human history, …[View]
13932801I know nothing about epidemiology. How do they consider infected people who never got tested?: I…[View]
13929702What lies deep under the Earth?[View]
13925334Are nootropics bullshit or do they work? I bought some phenylpiracetam from purenootropics.net and d…[View]
13930665Use the scientific method to explain this: Ok: new challange 4 sciencetards[View]
13927580A square is dropped on a checkerboard, with any rotation and position. The square is as big as the c…[View]
13933973thought on this post? came across it on /gif/ and it's really making me think.[View]
13931157How true is pic related /sci/?[View]
13932949How much would it cost to buy enough 12-light-hour-long fiber optic cables to keep a solar panel run…[View]
13933603Why do online lectures suck balls? Is it because sniffing chalk dust make you feel smarter?[View]
13932963What happens here[View]
13933604Is there a general formula for Euler's brick problem: anything on it?[View]
13931260Do you really not need arithmetic for a math major?[View]
13931417why is elon musk praised as a genius when his greatest work was stolen from a child?[View]
13931182Has germ theory ever been proven?: Science seems like a religious cult these days...[View]
13933154And Chad goes to space too? What doesn’t he do? Just give up already you will never be chad.[View]
13928517>reviewing for final in real analysis >professor asks the whole class what the real numbers ar…[View]
13931761Why the fuck are time crystals called time crystals?[View]
13928834Why is there no exact solution for this equation?[View]
13929391Redpill me on model theory. I have a couple of books like picrel but I haven't started on them …[View]
13932849>engineering instructor grades question >'Correct methodology. Correctly assumes π ≈ 3 for sim…[View]
13933152>he graduated with less than 4.0 GPA[View]
13932155What is the diet most well suited for human health and fitness?: Obviously the exact diet will vary …[View]
13930164Can we talk about working at twice the pace therefore getting it done faster and having the ability …[View]
13932520big blog post about being a female-brained stem-tard: academically i love maths and physics. However…[View]
13916005Przybylski's Star: >hardly any iron >far more lanthanides than normal >short half-life…[View]
13931739I was wondering how to store energy in the best way. I got this idea displayed in picrel. A supercon…[View]
13932964What are some good hobbies in Science someone with no knowledge can do? The only four I could think …[View]
13933164Why is my vet giving my dog horse medicine!?[View]
13932578Can't wait bros[View]
13933304So, is the Marek's Disease timeline cancelled? It was a compelling theory, but each dominant Co…[View]
13914559the hard problem of consiousness: How do the cells in our brain conspire to create the experience of…[View]
13928233Weird Scientific Research Thread: >are mris good for you?[View]
13932318Is it true he was a hack who stole his theories?[View]
13933182Quantum telepathy: how can we harness is this phenomena? I wanna control my computer with just my th…[View]
13932581Reading list thread: You think you can construct a list better than Cambridge? Let's see it ht…[View]
13930109secret government: say a government entity were to reveal some very advanced technology (e.g. fusion…[View]
13932981Tangent lines: Am I a midwit for forgetting the properties of tangents. I am an undergrad, yet I for…[View]
13928162Why do we need wires at all bros?[View]
13932135What is it nerds? Is it natural or made by intelligence?[View]
13932437I.Q. thread: As far as I can tell from taking IQ tests, what they're testing for is not some so…[View]
13931551Why do people hate doctors so much? People seem to hold engineers and computer scientists in this h…[View]
13927044are they scientifically understating the incidence of 'vaccine' induced heart damage: http…[View]
13932777Dream scenario: Aliens look like humans, but all aliens that look attractive to us are ugly to them,…[View]
13928326American Heart Association announces that mRNA vaccines more than double the risk of heart disease.[View]
13932820What are the parameters?: Here are 32 pairs that correspond to 32 states.How much can you gather abo…[View]
13929509Can a person's IQ be determined by their head/forehead size?: Is there a really significant cor…[View]
13932459>this. the Brian May postulate has never been challenged, nor probably will it ever be.…[View]
13929080Maggot: They will argue only reason we don't want to eat maggots is because we are disgusted by…[View]
13930222japan starts to seriously study vaxx-caused miocarditis in young people, is it over vaxxbros? https:…[View]
13926730Is there anything I can do to induce testicular hypertrophy?[View]
13931333It’s over: > professor accidentally calls BCC structure BBC(twice) and let’s out a nervous laugh …[View]
13931900Physics (Eletromag): Someone could tell me how to solve this question? It is from a list in my unive…[View]
13930947I think I accidentally bought 237g of Rhodium at a garage sale. Where could I take this to be identi…[View]
13930868is the dyson sphere a meme? how is it supposed to maintain atmospheric pressure?[View]
13929806/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Abomination of Nature Edition: Previous: >>13925827[View]
13932199Fated to Pretend: I'll miss my sister, miss my father, Miss my dog and my home Yeah, I'll …[View]
13927655[Sunday thread] Changing masturbation habits has radical effects on wellbeing: Hypothesis: masturbat…[View]
13930219What if every state on Earth just suddenly dedicated 50% of its budget to research?: Would it speed …[View]
13932039Cose da boomer: Salve a tutti, ho una domanda molto importante e che probabilmente farà riflettere a…[View]
13927647how are we ever gonna reach other stars if space travel is pseudo science[View]
13932011Can I use 'this property is valid as long as a1, a2, a3, (...), an do not all equal to zero' and 'th…[View]
13932261Time: Why isn't time universal?[View]
13929161question from a curious retard How do physicists discover physical things/phenomena with math? Like …[View]
13930496Looking for light entertainment: Name some genuinely interesting /sci/ youtube channels! Language do…[View]
13931521How viable is the concept of farming meat from animal cancer cells?[View]
13920040Global warming is fake, heres why: ITT: post evidence that the global warming theory is incorrect…[View]
13920484Imagine being a postdoc with 50k annual salary when you could just code and make 120k per year minim…[View]
13931968Do these waves make the shape of a circular triangle or just a circle?[View]
13930191You do believe in the Science, right?[View]
13929560Scientifically speaking, why do technical analysis methods work?[View]
13931503/aero/ - Aeronautical Engineering General: Does anyone here work with/want to work with aircraft? I …[View]
13928918Icreasing IQ with product: there's any nootropic above PRL-8-53 ? I want a Nootropic or chimica…[View]
13931404Black holes evaporate in Finite time: >Black holes evaporate in Finite time due to Hawking radiat…[View]
13931640i would never talk to a doctor if I could buy drugs directly from the pharmacist.[View]
13928544Prove me wrong: Literally EVERYTHING in the universe is a spring or a finitely complex system of spr…[View]
13927184Will america dominate space this decade?[View]
13931562Say something nice about the 2021 NASA astronaut candidates Senator Ballast is making a speech https…[View]
13930136Why do people keep pretending that 'an arbitrary infinite sequence of rationals' is a valid mathemat…[View]
13931257If air pressure is stronger than gravity (supposedly how planes work) then why doesn't the vacu…[View]
13928600How do I determine if something is a set or not? Specifically, if it's a set or a proper class?[View]
13930673MIT studies me: I am the subject of academic research conducted by large team of scientific investig…[View]
13929722Epidemiological projection from someone in the know: Omicron was engineered by W&W. It was made …[View]
13931004Gift Exchange: A large group of people do a group exchange and you are invited to participate. Every…[View]
13927704why is it so bright?: shouldn't it be darker? it's 6 billion km from the sun[View]
13928375Is there any research into the 'gay voice.' For example, there are just some men whom, when you hear…[View]
13926107witten: How come I've never heard of this nigga? So he's like a supergenius or something? …[View]
13929225HELP ME AM I GOING TO DIE?!?!?!: i got a clinical trial vaccine and ive had chest pains since two mo…[View]
13926933Why hasn't he been cancelled? He is way too critical of the vaccines 'life changing' side-effec…[View]
13920429>a vaccine that doesn't prevent you from getting the disease[View]
13913524besides crying about biodiversity and muh polar bears, wouldn't global warming significantly in…[View]
13920178Why do brainlets still consider things like 'white' to be a race?: Nobody could be so braindead that…[View]
13929406Need a side hustle: I need money, and all the normies are doing it. Is it actually profitable? I…[View]
13928690A Nootropic that increase fluid intelligence: Hi according to the survey there's any nootropic …[View]
13930045Hypothetical Energy Weapons: I was wondering about the practical use of batteries as ammunition for …[View]
13926087Need help finding a cheap engineering college: I have good grades and good SAT scores and I was thin…[View]
13928377how do i get great at math so i can get a degree that is worth a shit? tutors or what?[View]
13918452Is 122 iq smart enough for STEM?[View]
13929091Would decidecimation mean a tenth of a tenth are killed, or ten times the tenth?[View]
13929200Math Problem: Measurements: >car is 4 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2 meters tall, a perfectly s…[View]
13913135Honestly how much would 100% switching to renewable energy electric planes impact CO2 emissions? I…[View]
13924391>With a score of 198, Evangelos Katsioulis, MD, MSc, MA, PhD, has the highest tested IQ in the wo…[View]
13929941Does 94% mean I should go to hospital?[View]
13928047Plox help me pick a colleg major /sci/: Mechatronics or Automation & controllable systems?…[View]
13929804Is space fake?: Are space opera dramas propaganda?[View]
13928346give it to me straight /sci/ just how many numbers are there between 0 and 1 ?[View]
13929783LSD and Placebo effect and it's implications for mental health: https://www.sciencedaily.com/re…[View]
13929664Why do human are attracted by cat? Today I was standing in the sun for half an hour to stare at a sl…[View]
13929490Why don't scientists from all over the world weigh in on Covid? Why does it seem that only WHO…[View]
13907728'The Science': >Everything you say that I don't like is schizo Why are people like this? Isn…[View]
13926961getting stronger with minimal physical activity: if a man thats 60kg at 180cm will gain 20kg by bing…[View]
13924562Reality is completely rational and abides by laws governed by reason. Everything is made out of part…[View]
13928214Fuck numbers[View]
13929427The bridge between the commensurate and the immcommensurate there is no greater endevour in the math…[View]
13926449does kabbalah predict which covid variant will be the bad one? we all know who is behind covid and t…[View]
13926572Where is the evidence that the speed of light is constant across frames of reference?[View]
13927947DESTROYS the mystified theory of quantum mechanics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonon[View]
13927233why did he do it tho[View]
13929262Accelerated Information Age: Hi /sci/ I need your help shifting the timeline. As we know psychiatry …[View]
13929212If (you) were to fuck your daughter, and then your grand-daughter, and then your grand-grandaughter …[View]
13928547i've a question that's been bugging me for a while now... i'm a backend web developer…[View]
13928593Sanpaku: Any Scientific reason why this occurs? Or more precisely, what does it mean when people hav…[View]
13928835Regression Question: I need to perform an analysis that predicts proportions that theoretically coul…[View]
13927598i scored 92 on iq test wut matt and science can i do?[View]
13928594Why is no one drilling holes anymore?[View]
13925021Have any animals evolved a way to avoid sleeping? I understand its extremely beneficial but it seems…[View]
13926857I'm studying to be a data scientist. Any tips? Python is my language of choice. I've studi…[View]
13928046I've been reading the dialogues between Eliezer Yudkowsky & MIRI and various members of Les…[View]
13928796How to dream more often?: Whenever I dream, it usually has nothing to do with what's happening …[View]
13912373Can we make Mars Earth-Like through terraforming? Is terraforming Mars possible with the technology…[View]
13926703How come schools are irrelevant to education?[View]
13924548I honestly believe that there is NOTHING wrong with believing the 'experts'. I'm not smart enou…[View]
13922442Do lesbians have a tendency towards mental illness?[View]
13928675doubt regarding least upper bound: I am using Spivak Calculus. I have a general doubt regarding the …[View]
13927763Is there any evidence to suggest that humans are affected by pheromones like other animals? Like ho…[View]
13928065What are the chances that “true AI” is invented within the next 20 years? What things/knowledge woul…[View]
13927243I'm getting into robotics. I'm totally lost with this math.: >What's the way into …[View]
13928030Witness the true power of Scientific Science: Witness Science being done Scientifically. This is how…[View]
13927008Covid, leaky vaccines: Can someone explain leaky vaccines to me? https://www.healthline.com/health-…[View]
13928640d/dx: d/dx is a fraction not a function. d just means difference, and is in all practical sense the …[View]
13928453How can I do differential geometry without real numbers? Is there a combinatorial analog to riemann…[View]
13889440i hate trump just as much as the next guy but why is the mRNA inventor posting anti vaxx propaganda …[View]
13926468>What can man change to become more attractive to woman? >Is man wearing glasses unattractive …[View]
13926504have u ever published a paper with fake/rigged data?[View]
13928455do the ica stones prove that humans and dinosaurs lived together? >N-NO! THE GUY WHO FOUND THEM A…[View]
13927619Any correlation between IQ and BMI? Are there any famous fat scientists or mathematicians with BMI…[View]
13928476I know you guys have this book chart with recommended math textbooks and in which order to read them…[View]
13927928Has anyone computed the length on Earth that the bottom pipe would have to be for this not to be tru…[View]
13927885Phthalate exposure: Should anyone really be concerned about phthalate exposure past the age of 25? W…[View]
13927850>ITT we make our own therapy for covid no wanktors allowed[View]
13928356cybernetics general - internet of living things edition: is synthetic telepathy a real thing? what e…[View]
13928011Introduction to logic: Is there a good way to start with the absolute baseline of formal logic and w…[View]
13928114What do you call a relay that needs two grounds to come on but only one ground to stay on?[View]
13928238Is this the board where you discuss psychology?[View]
13917085LSAT logic games: This is kind of midway between /sci/ and /his/ but I think it works. I'm stu…[View]
13928178Copyright free stuffz: I'm building my own science information portal online and I can't c…[View]
13925827/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Most Powerful Edition Previous: >>13922331[View]
13928070The liar con artist behind making up trip art and is scripts shills, If you serious believe that tri…[View]
13925813At a height of 90,000 feet above the surface of the Earth the geometric horizon should appear 5.3 de…[View]
13925512why doesn't she trust the science bros?[View]
13925600Science Pope accused of heresy: >>>/news/972784 Its gonna be a big setback for science if t…[View]
13905177that doesn't sound right, though[View]
13927549Is skipping my master's to pursue a part time PhD while working the most kino route?[View]
13926225Projection errors: Dearest /sci/, In patent 787412, https://patents.google.com/patent/US787412A/en N…[View]
13921611>millions of people advocating the vaccine >they never get the yearly flu shot >they don’t …[View]
13924254We will NEVER FIND ANY ALIENS: That's it, think about it guys, its one of the most depressing o…[View]
13925335Plastic Surgery: Not a troll post, legit wondering something I thought maybe /sci/ might be able to …[View]
13915029Nice vaccine bro: Literally what went wrong?[View]
13926316Why do we find certain names 'ugly'? For example, 'Olga' is an ugly girl name, but why?[View]
13926055This is horseshit, right? ... Right? :([View]
13927099why hasnt anyone triede this yet[View]
13926844If we have an endless spectrum of genders then why do chimpanzees and all species closest to us only…[View]
13926708What's the longest time a person can stay glued to something, considering natural skin replacem…[View]
13921311L3 Citadel: Thoughts on this[View]
13920451Dominant black genes, recessive white genes.: >>13917428 I often think about the meme that 'b…[View]
13925717Four equally skilled robots take turns shooting arrows at a target proceeding in order: A, B, C, D. …[View]
13921770Was China right all along? Is the US culpable for creating this virus?[View]
13925779Does creativity have any place in theory based science? I seem to only recite facts.[View]
13927397The Creation of Fake History made the lies of modern science lead to a limited future.[View]
13927230Covid Binding Tipping Point: What does this mean? https://twitter.com/georgimarinov/status/14668496…[View]
13927262Sci or x This is nex Wat is it ?[View]
13905660COVID Booster Shots Halved from 6 Months to 3 Months: What's the reasoning behind halving the b…[View]
13927166Can I just go into this book with a very basic understanding of discrete math?[View]
13915797How do I know my IQ is high enough to be succesful in chip design? What's the best way to find …[View]
13920807let's not forget lol[View]
13926554Whats the science behind moobs? Why do some dudes develop a bodacious bust while others do not? Wha…[View]
13911244they said the vaccines would end the pandemic: when will the pandemic end? my heart hurts from the b…[View]
13925585I would rather be doing my dissertation and make 20k a year then associate with the filthy normie fa…[View]
13926975>nurses are forbidden from aspirating the needle in Australia >Take the shot with the clot or …[View]
13925466I found this interesting geometric pattern, check it out[View]
13927097Other and different positive energies Most people speak of different matter and different negative e…[View]
13926709Where does all the energy in our universe come from?[View]
13925781RH: Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypot…[View]
13923443Why are scientists so arrogant? Their hubris will eventually destroy everything.[View]
13924931Why are electromagnetic waves of longer wavelength like radio waves able to pass through substances …[View]
13921884How common is it really for men to unknowingly raise other mens children? I remember my highschool b…[View]
13926890413 IQ Thinking: >413 IQ >Disproved/improved Einstein's general relativity with #16 on th…[View]
13925412Why have they been slipping recently[View]
13923252Science and public awareness.: >Smiles disarmingly in the face of fact checkers with Seinfeld mem…[View]
13926965Whom createm whom: We or most of us just dont know And its ok 1 we may can only imagine and manipula…[View]
13926954>FSIQ 86 >Only VCI is index that over 100 scores It can't be real....something's wro…[View]
13918264If you want to be a scientist in the 21st century, you will need to learn Chinese, knowing English i…[View]
13923192Math is the only divine science. The cosmos and all that is, adheres to perfect numbers. The geometr…[View]
13925167So that's how the mayans built it.[View]
13923873Natural immunity bros? Why is Chang's lab experiment so powerful?[View]
13925206Funny vid I saw: https://youtu.be/_le31Xhk9Eg Per the logic, shouldnt the max be 10 unit circles or …[View]
13911951Schizophrenics Anonymous: So a few weeks back an anon suggested I take NAC (N' Acetyle Cycstien…[View]
13925190What is the black triangle?[View]
13926823How would prefrontal cortex adaptation look like?: Since this is the highest form of existence and i…[View]
13926328Every guy lies about there height. I'm exactly 5' 9.5' (176.5cm for metric losers) and mos…[View]
13926229Help me /sci/ ... weird eye problem: My doctor doesn't know what this is Sometimes when I wake …[View]
13923278Hey /sci/, /lit/ here. How does one reconcile the insights of Kant with Einstein? Is it possible?[View]
13921459Why was myocarditis shilled so hard? Chance of dying from Covid > Getting myocarditis And I cherr…[View]
13926654What does /sci/ think of Symphony of Science?[View]
13926689Is Light & Matter good for you? My goal is to revise and touch up my knowledge on physics?[View]

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