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10655408>coworkers start talking about science[View]
10655506Lasers: Can someone explain how do lasers work? More importantly, how does the stimulated process ta…[View]
10656312Does this make Any sense at all?[View]
10656907In 100 from now, will current med/psych protocols for young transgenders be considered unethical or …[View]
10647335I watched jeff bezos blue origin conference earlier, and was left with a few questions, but one ques…[View]
10657547Is it possible for scientists to create a voodoo doll that actually works?[View]
10653010It’s better to switch right? If its half you only lose $5 but if it’s double you gain $10 so on aver…[View]
10657439Does /sci/ believe in exponential growth?[View]
10656736What nation or company is currently contributing more to medical science lately?[View]
10657410is he right? is quantum physics made up bullshit? is wave particle duality nonsense? can the pattern…[View]
10657406Are we living in an alternate reality?[View]
10657260Fresh Grad Comradery: I just graduated with a degree in Comp Sci and Engg, and a minor in Economics …[View]
10657688Reminder that without fusion or vastly better battery technology, all efforts to adapt to climate ch…[View]
10656015How different is cell manufacturing from an alcohol distillery?[View]
10657371can a penis be female?[View]
10657620Can anyone help me interpret the findings of this study? I’m basically looking for a percentage of p…[View]
10657255considering that semen has a lot of nutrients, If you masturbate too much could retard muscle growth…[View]
10657158Why doesn't 'scientific proof' exist?[View]
10657012/g/ told me that 5G is going to kill us all and give us cancer. Is this true or are they just spread…[View]
10655161What theories suggests there being something else other than our universe?[View]
10654430Why aren't terrorists using powerful infrared lasers to covertly blind people in public spaces?…[View]
10657337Merchants of Doubt: Is it accurate? Can /sci/ vouch for it?[View]
10657067Are they actually good at science, /sci/?[View]
10653570Anthropomorphic climate change is psuedoscience.[View]
10656264Why is /sci/ so obsessed with life exension?: The worst possible existence I can think of is being i…[View]
10656806/sci copypasta thread: I'll start Hey you stupid fucking mathematician cunts would it fucking k…[View]
10653897/neanderthal/: which phenotype(s) do i have to check if i want to assess neanderthal admixture?…[View]
10632059Disassembled Stars?: How would you disassemble a star, either to use stellar mass as a resource, or …[View]
10655581What was the most difficult thing for you to accept while studying science? For me, it was realizing…[View]
10653531Good books on linear algebra: So is there any books to learn how to prove shit in linear algebra? It…[View]
10654393Convince me that current day vaccines aren't a goverment ploy to cull the population slowly ove…[View]
10656865ELI5: The universe is 13.799 +-.021 billion years old. The radius of the observable universe is 46.6…[View]
10657036> ywn have N. J. A. Sloane tuck you in and read you a bedtime story about coding theory…[View]
106567745th Dimensional Beings = us: Guys 1st 2nd and 3rd is Height, Width, Depth, in w/e order right? You n…[View]
10655478Why is it that the more I know about thermodynamics the more it feels like some bullshit soup of dif…[View]
10656519Thoughts on Quantum Gravity Research and Klee Irwin?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWI6SgPxzKc…[View]
10655339There was an anon here several years back who was selfstudying optics/photons. Later a paper on the …[View]
10652310can someone who has BA in english studies and MSc in biology be accepted to PhD in biology?[View]
10655200When the fuck are we gonna see some real progress? For fucks sake it’s like humans haven’t budged fo…[View]
10647799Brainlet's first post on /sci/ How close are we to obtain sustainable fusion energy? And as a s…[View]
10656480AIDS transmission: How likely are you to be infected from biting an HIV positive person? I tried loo…[View]
10655362Sabrina's Defense Slides: whaddup /sci/ you already know who it is, it's lil'minecraf…[View]
10652669Theory to everything:: Universal edition Previous board: >>10648230 (dimension edition) It…[View]
10656603What does /sci/ think about the cause of racial IQ gaps?[View]
10655787Should I quit my cushy FANG job to get a Bachelor's in Math to complement my Bachelor's in…[View]
10655728Is this war strategy and psychoanalysis correct? Should we strike Iran with the 'harshest punis…[View]
10653708Does Godel's incompleteness theorem have, in practice, any serious implications? It seems more …[View]
10654081https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/half-brained-schemes/: How is it possible that losing a h…[View]
10650594Elon Musk everybody.[View]
10654239how good is this meme school for compsci[View]
10656260Why doesn't domestic engineering have the same level of respect as other engineering fields?[View]
10651482Probability and Infinity: >If you flip a coin an infinite number of times it will come up both he…[View]
10652785how do you think efficiently?[View]
10656300Best book for someone who does not even know about evolution? My girlfriend is from a third would co…[View]
10656249How long has the sun been burning for and why hasn't it burnt out yet?[View]
10648775I heard once that my dad's family tends to produce male children more often than not, and of me…[View]
10656240What #Cancelled Green Sahara 6,000 years ago? (Source is: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/2…[View]
10654988Californian Authorities At War with DIY Biohacker: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/16/biohacker-jos…[View]
10654624Is there a material that doesn't turn into brittle glass when exposed to liquid nitrogen and ca…[View]
10648437Why don't perfect circles exist in nature?[View]
10654312>always get top scores on exams >impress professors with my problem solving skills >great S…[View]
10655960Problem of Induction: Is the only solution to the problem of induction, the use of hypothetical dedu…[View]
10653538After playing around with this simulation: https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/ph-scale/latest/ph-sc…[View]
10654659Which color coding for the periodic table is the most cannon? I like how this looks, though I don…[View]
10655304What are your thoughts on homeschooling?[View]
10655815Modifying the Human Body While Still Looking Outwardly Normal?: Assume that we have the technology t…[View]
10654345Has this board ever had a thread that discussed and reached the conclusion of IQ validity? Is IQ a m…[View]
10655802What phenotype is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gWPsZFLnvQ[View]
10652163When did you realize biology makes every other scientific field look more based? >Informatics Meh…[View]
10653699Why is acadummia so corrupt?[View]
10655696ajudem me a decifrar este puzzle. txt: homipem upafufygukikive lezyz raped ogodufotako setemaveti le…[View]
10654199Reading his autobiography any other /sci/ related people with interesting lifes? Post books.[View]
10653869PBS Space Time: What does /sci/ think? Is PBS SpaceTime dumbed down to pop-science or decent enough …[View]
10651047Check your eyesight. Good eyesight improves learning: What number can you see in this image (try bef…[View]
10655100Is leddit actually correct about Trebuchets being better than catapults? >pic unrelated…[View]
10656721Can you solve it?[View]
10655293Is there a way to determine the damping constant of a pendulum in air knowing the bob mass, string l…[View]
10655500Hey guys, I am looking for electro magnetic waves that are reflected by bronze, I haven't found…[View]
10655460If you cut off both terminal and lateral buds, does the stem stop growing completely?[View]
10655021Can someone explain to me why you can fit 6 circles perfectly around a central circle?[View]
10651975Why do you think red meat is associated with bowel cancer and cancer in general? What could it do?[View]
10655364Is there a limit to the unique number of children a couple can have?: Barring radiation and random m…[View]
10649365How old is too old to become proficient in a field?[View]
10655179Help me sci: I'm pretty sure I have brain damage but not sure what's causing it. Used to b…[View]
10655261are particles fundamental with the parts prior to the whole universe? or is the universe fundamental…[View]
10654843What drugs should i take if i have adhd?[View]
10654177Asteroid impact avoidance: Kinetic impactors, tractors, painting in black and counting on the YORP e…[View]
10650792Facebook maths puzzle: Can someone post the version of this (or simillar type maths puzzles) that is…[View]
10655098Why aren't there more BLACKs in science despite them being the ones who invented it?[View]
10644827Natural selection cannot explain homosexuality Darwinfags BTFO again ahahahahaha checkmate darwinfag…[View]
10655085Brain differentiating between reality and fiction I:E internet: Anons, I've got a question. Can…[View]
10649471/lit/, the smartest board on 4chan, discussing science >>>/lit/13128840[View]
10653707How to get better at writing on the chalkboard? Not only my handwriting is dogshit and almost illegi…[View]
10653835Is there a way to see if i'm actually daltonic without going to the doctor or similar? Are thee…[View]
10651557Why aren't homes powered with DC? I am by no means an expert, but isn't it inefficient to …[View]
10654508Question about infinities + what field: Hi /sci/. I'm a university student but not studying mat…[View]
10651351What are the grades a physics undergraduate should be getting if they wanted to do a masters?[View]
10654835https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZdlKo9Ee4c give him 1 million usd as promised asswipe[View]
10654950Gass: Adventures of Robo-dog[View]
10652677is vr a meme?[View]
10654869What a joke: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/anie.201901759[View]
10647453/sfg/ - SpaceFlight General: Moonbase Edition Previous Thread: >>10642498[View]
10654637What book could I read to understand more about mathematical Platonism?[View]
10654260Hey sci, this might be a dumb question, especially since I'm an idiot who doesn't understa…[View]
10652650Climate Change: Scientifically, is it better to invest into a personal bunker, or pool your efforts …[View]
10646768How to learn a language?: Does Duolingo actually work? I want to learn French/German and fixup my Sp…[View]
10654650Tarantula Nebula: Hey /sci/, I need your help with star forming nebulae and in this special case, th…[View]
10654298If we can engineer the structure of the local quantum vacuum state, we can engineer the fabric of ou…[View]
10654252Man meeting dinosaurs: Did it happen ? I'm not talking about crappy chickens or crocodiles, I…[View]
10652327How extensive is the fossil record of human-ape evolution?[View]
10653783Is this a meme?: I bought this based on /sci/ wiki recommanded number theory books, but it comes con…[View]
10654026Damn, scientists look like THAT?: https://youtu.be/NfPLTtlo2oY[View]
10654249Sold my soul: I'm getting my BSc in Mathematics this year and I was planning to take a year off…[View]
10653909i fucking did it bois: > be me, a retard > get interested in mathematics only after sitting my…[View]
10654219Greetings Scimath! I bought a book on beginner logic, and was plowing through through the concepts w…[View]
10654143https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ядepнaя_энepгoдвигaтeльнaя_ycтaнoвкa_мeгaвaттнoгo_клacca are russians …[View]
10654310Nature of Everything: >The presence in most object of irrational numbers, to some degree, defies …[View]
10654283Scientific reason behind 4chans contraction views: Here are 3 things which were 'meant to die', and …[View]
10653307Anyone else have more concentration on keto?: Keto is off-topic for /sci/, but I feel I can concentr…[View]
10651693/lmc/ daily brainlet filter: Daily Putnam Problem Edition: WHADDUP BOIS YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO IT IS I…[View]
10649795joel scherk: >tfw you are one of the two heroes of string theory that saved it from dying in the …[View]
10651914Obvious Science is Obvious: Today in Nature News: First strict test shows why a junk-food diet packs…[View]
10651421Why is society so unfair to intelligent men? Is it because of some evolutionary fear, and distrust f…[View]
10649101What are scientific reason why a woman withholds sex from a man?[View]
10654128criptografia: alguien puede ayudarme a desencriptar este mensaje[View]
10654082Dictionaries for natural language processing: What are some decent dictionaries for use in natural l…[View]
10653334>Age >How many elements do you know? >What are interesting facts on the rarer elements that…[View]
10650776Implications of the halting problem: Does the halting problem implies it's practically impossib…[View]
10645251/med/: Orthopods are real doctors edition Last one reached bump limit old: >>10625995 We discu…[View]
10652321>Orbitals and other things in QM are 'probability clouds'. >Hahaha see this Hydrogen atom on e…[View]
10652026Electrical theory: okay, i'm in electricians school, and this little fucking magic Dorito is th…[View]
10653089optimal music learning according to science: Is there any good book on the theory of retaining a lar…[View]
10653794i think the big bang is actually just an explosion of a super gargantuan blackhole[View]
10648350Does Rule 34 apply to Science?: Have you ever met any scientist / science enthusiast that felt a phy…[View]
106502234th Dimension: To anyone who believes the 4th dimension is real, what is the distance between the po…[View]
10653646Time/Perception of time: Is there any research on the way humans experience time, particularly with …[View]
10652248The latest meta-analysis on prayer indicates it works: Systematic Review of the Empirical Literature…[View]
10649942Thought on Artin?: I found out today that my sophomore intro course in algebra will be using Artin a…[View]
10653693An atomic sower: Maybe NASA should make an atomic sower, that can sow led into cotton, and make some…[View]
10653445Kinect ghosts: What do you think this is? Are all of these footages fake or misinterpreted? Overall…[View]
10652719Do any of you guys use a daily calendar / agenda to track your goals and time?[View]
10651392Law of universe.....: Xgkfhhuu[View]
10649722I'll study data science Any tips? Focus on R? Python? Both? which online courses are good? what…[View]
10653578>tfw no gauge symmetry invariant gf[View]
10651761What should the quote say? I'll change it.[View]
10653191what created god?: Simple answer: Infinite regress problem rises up if you think there has to be any…[View]
10652389is evolution proves an existence of higher intelligence: look at this headgehog and tell me what it…[View]
10652964A hypothetical computer program accurately emulates the fundamental forces of physics. >what appl…[View]
10650977Engineering Science degree: Discuss![View]
10653436Apollo 10 50th Anniversary: Today is May 18, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 10, …[View]
10653223Mathematical Olympiads Discord Server: https://discord.gg/94UnnAG 'This is a server dedicated to exp…[View]
10653359Mars rovers: I’ve noticed that NASA seems to be landing larger and larger rovers on Mars every few y…[View]
10653424Artificial Intelligence General: Machine Learning is not AI Edition JK you can post about ML or othe…[View]
10651999ITT: Things that destroy Occam’s razor: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Nimitz_UFO_incident…[View]
10649921So what is it the academics and scientists are working towards? Exploring space? Because we have not…[View]
10649995Mathematical Insight: Is mathematical insight something that is taught, or is it something inborn?…[View]
10651809Look at this anti-nuclear shill's lies. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/i-oversaw-the-us…[View]
10653279How many people do you suppose are conducting research around the world at any given point? Sometime…[View]
10653102https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2019/05/spacex-ssto-starship-launches-pad-39a/ > SpaceX consideri…[View]
10649784why are drugs like marijuana and LSD illegal when they are far less toxic than alcohol and they prod…[View]
10650779I struggle with fractions. And getting my head around. What are some good textbooks even if it is fo…[View]
10653198How smart is this guy: i heard alot about him, like he is a great genius?[View]
10653188the possiblilty of a 3-5 Megaton explosion in Chernobyl: I have seen a few documentaries and read a …[View]
10648169Dyson Sphere: >Structure used to harness energy from a star Is something like this actually possi…[View]
10652756A normal number is a number where every digit and combination of digits appears in it's decimal…[View]
10653053What group of scientists are making the best contributions to Science this year?[View]
10652518Computability: Is there any uncomputable problem that doesn't originates from halting problem? …[View]
10652666Why do I get a funny feeling in my pee pee when I rub the bottom of my belly button?[View]
10648954Post kino equations. Dirac's equation: [math](i{\partial \!\!\!/} - m) \psi = 0[/math] Klein-Go…[View]
10652890If a stinkbug is sitting on a windowscreen and you attempt to view thew stinkbug through a pair of b…[View]
10651297scientifically why most people are stupid?[View]
10646203Does the eye see in pixels?[View]
10652748Fracking for Brainlets: Dear /sci/, please explain to me how fracking works I know that >Natural …[View]
10651561What is this device called?: So i put this 30 year old black and white Tv for sale and thereafter re…[View]
10652592Truthful evidence for UFOs of extraterrestrials-aliens on our moon. Our moon is used by them as a ju…[View]
10650625I wish I applied to MIT as an undergrad. Now my only hope is grad school. Anyone else have these fee…[View]
10652547Science is the formation of perceptual narratives. Narratives are algorithmic attempts to organize e…[View]
10651528Time is more cubic essence . Earth is not mapped accurately, there is no GMT. England is not the cen…[View]
10647030IT'S HAPPENING: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1128834111878193155[View]
10648576The chinese government grants you $100 million dollars a year for 10 years and all the resources ava…[View]
10651955I request the help of the /sci/ engineers. I have an idea to engineer a wearable tech advice and wan…[View]
10652435>the sum of every existant number is 0 >but 0 also means no number explain this mathtards…[View]
10652361How logical is the phrase 'survival of the fittest'? As Charles Darwin said (look the pic), the orga…[View]
10648238Zoloft/SSRI: /sci, are any of you guys on Zoloft(sertraline)? I've just been prescribed 50mb an…[View]
10650534What is the error in my thinking?[View]
10648530Yo, brainlet with a dark skin here, Is there is anyway I can increase my shitty IQ without wining th…[View]
10646254Engineer hate thread[View]
10651518Now that the dust has settled, did he destroy life as we know it?: Perhaps one timeline, and we are …[View]
10649141When did 'computer science' stop being associated with the mathematics and theory behind computation…[View]
10649466>considers himself scientifically literate >isn't aware that we are living at the end of …[View]
10648929If you lived in a universe that had the mandelbrot set geometry, how would you discover the underlyi…[View]
10650768Looking for statistics textbooks. Any statistics majors have recommendations on the best textbook to…[View]
10637523Optimum Theory Continuation Thread 10: I will beeat the shit out of every AP student from now on, fu…[View]
10651477> tfw how to deal with this sad truth anon?[View]
10649879How much math do I need to be in the top 0.0000000001% global percent of computer scientists and sof…[View]
10650632I'm a business major and found out this week that I accidentally minored in math when talking t…[View]
10648230Theory to everything:: Dimensional edition. An infinite amount of 0th dimensions (ie a single point …[View]
10650981>look up a philosophical subject on youtube >it's explained via a cartoon…[View]
10649305Am I a brainlet?: I've been trying to solve this for about an hour now and am having trouble ke…[View]
10649590>why yes, I study materials science. How did you know?[View]
10651068What is the highest paying job I can get with a hard STEM degree?: I have a math and physics bachelo…[View]
10650126give it a try ; )[View]
10648390is there a zero in nature[View]
10646945*blocks your path*[View]
10650415Numbers: A number is an object that describes the size of a set. The whole numbers is the set that c…[View]
10651045How do you take the inverse Laplace transform by integration. I read some stuff about line integrati…[View]
10649130solved the scaling solution proof of weak hands is literally the scaling solution. thanks /biz/ we…[View]
10651385Are scientific papers a good sign a country is making true progress in cutting edge innovative scien…[View]
10648880Science is easy: If humans are intelligent, why did we give 1 billion euros for the renovation of No…[View]
10648936Drugs and happiness: Is there any correlation between drug use and happiness? Obviously doing a ton …[View]
10651879If you were alone in space and there were no planets or galaxies or anything any other matter beside…[View]
10645286Are fetuses human? scientifically speaking[View]
10651115Why does the universe exist? I want a real answer this time /sci/.[View]
10651322How do I complete uni if I have ADHD: Well I got diagnosed recently of type PI and doctor says I had…[View]
10651804tensors: How can this be enough to describe any tensor. Can't you have e.g. E_a x E^b x E_c. Th…[View]
10645190What are the elements of this set?[View]
10628781Conjecture. $20 Amazon gift card available for a proof, $40 for a disproof.: The Collatz conjecture,…[View]
10651657Is there any reliable science on penis size? Does it correlate with height, race/ethnicity, hand si…[View]
10646338I'm very fond of reinventing the wheel and I want to discover the laws of elasticity, shear, yo…[View]
10651118I am a brainlet and dropped out of school after year 10, I've been autistically obsessed with p…[View]
10651587What are your thoughts about A.I.?: I read this article and it was interesting: https://newatlas.com…[View]
10649258THE SUN General: Why don't we talk about just about the brightest thing that persists throughou…[View]
10636913Anki is obviously amazing for biology which contains a lot of rote memorization of facts. What are s…[View]
10648018Is being a high school math teacher a shit job? Is anyone here one?[View]
10647341Is climate change real or is it just a zionist globalism conspiracy?[View]
10651427>did STEM >graduated >lost interest in science altogether Is this normal? I don't even…[View]
10647958Is there any statistical support for the idea that Southerners are inbred or practice inbreeding? (F…[View]
10646471SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Thread - Starlink: IKEA edition WHEN: 10:30 PM EDT May 15 / 2:30 UTC May 16 —…[View]
10647245Is 'Green' Energy feasible from an EROI perspective?: Recently read a couple of books on resource de…[View]
10650193>c-consciousness is just an illusion!!1 You know you can say that to yourself as much as you want…[View]
10651232How the fuck do you get a room for uni Also if you happen to have a room available in Eindhoven hook…[View]
10651078I think I found a new largest prime. Spent nearly two weeks running a script on my laptop to find th…[View]
10651327How much math do I need for PHD CS degree?[View]
10641634Just had one for the first time after being on and off adderall for years, nootropics thread I guess[View]
10651064centre of the universe: Can someone explain to me why there is no ‘centre’ of the universe? I’ve hea…[View]
10646981Dualism, consciousness: What does science say about consciousness ? There are tests aimed at measuri…[View]
10651158Refute this /sci/: Argumentation ethics aims to prove that arguing against self-ownership is logical…[View]
10650961CHEM QUESTION: For chemicals that dissolve in ethanol, how long can they be stored like this before …[View]
10650687Question for biology and chemists: I have a problem to solve this question : Calculate [Peracetic ac…[View]
10650960Found a pebble with this cool braid-like pattern on it. Can't rub it off. Is that a coprolite o…[View]
10650085https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L0xT8lMyss Well?[View]
10650665I discovered a new identity (π+e)/2 = 6 π = e+2/3 e = π-2/3[View]
10650569What if a small rocket landed on the Moon?: How useful would that be, if someone managed to design a…[View]
10649020Smoking: Does smoking disturb the development of neurons?[View]
10649107>a fucking monkey.[View]
10650623>'If the owner can charge whatever price she wants when she sells the property, she will be compe…[View]
10649319Alright guys, let's discuss psychedelics and the 5-HT2A receptor past 'woaahh trippy dude.' I …[View]
10650566Does /vp/ understand time better than /sci/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XToN7NS7CE[View]
10643353I have been having this case for a while now. So I often masturbate before sleeping and once I cum I…[View]
10649001Stop living on Earth.[View]
10648782You know this to be true: Can you guys just accept this.[View]
10645336> Online quiz answers are on chegg[View]

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