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13463283Hypothetically speaking, if (you) were the one to discover how to stop aging and prevent yourself fr…[View]
13471694How big of a jump in difficulty is complex analysis vs harmonic analysis?[View]
13468554Should he have his scientific credentials rescinded?[View]
13471197ISS tumbling?: The ISS transmits live video 24/7. Is there any video of it 'tumbling' after the Russ…[View]
13464036retrded math idea (3n+1 problem): I was watchin some clickbait veritasum youtube video about the 3n+…[View]
13465014How does solar/wind get through 2020 wildfires: A region of several states (in this case, Oregon/Was…[View]
13470342Statistically speaking, Computer science is the Chadest science of all.[View]
13469847Medical 3D Model / Software: Anyone know of a program I can use to explore and manipulate scull mode…[View]
13469996>You're on a ship going 80% the speed of light >A ship going directly towards you is also…[View]
13471410/sfg/ - Space Flight General: It's time edition Previous: >>13468641[View]
13465793Electric cars are a meme. In Europe we have cars with 1.0L petrol engines and to top it off we drive…[View]
13466511Tik tok took away the last good thing: Medical staff tiktok videos made me lose immense trust in mod…[View]
13471422BASED ALBERTA: Alberta lifts all covid restrictions because they can't produce an isolated samp…[View]
13470545>virus has an 80% chance of me walking away from it feeling nothing >1% chance of me being hos…[View]
13465119Climate change discovered to be caused by white supremacy: https://femoid.com/white-supremacy-fueled…[View]
13468912why so many struggle with self-control?: why people can't seem to do what they know is right? w…[View]
13452200CDC: Delta variant appears to spread as easily as chickenpox and cause more severe infection: If you…[View]
13468273I'm sick of unvaxxed walking among us. We should wear a pin to identify ourselves, and refuse t…[View]
13469196Not Funny Anymore: scientific consensus agrees humor is dangerous: Humor is weaponized against the c…[View]
13468590sup /math/[View]
13464460Upgraded the trip to secure. Anyway, we're back with what I hope will gain notoriety as 't…[View]
13469263How are they testing for Delta variant?[View]
13467035Why are so many young women unable to eat normal everyday food without getting an upset stomach?[View]
13469626Is 5/5 an improper or proper fraction?[View]
13469562Can eating peanuts before bed help you get a full nights sleep?[View]
13465503>undermines the validity of modern mathematics(compared to the classical rigor approach) to the p…[View]
13469402Do academics look down on applicants who leave academia and try to go back? For example, if I do a p…[View]
13452269What do you think of the fine-tuning argument? A probabilistoc argumenet for Intelligent Design http…[View]
13469656ADHD and Insomnia: >go to sleep >wake up a few hours later >unable to sleep again…[View]
13469497Is there any way to be completely self-absorbed like everyone else? How do I make myself a tastier i…[View]
13467818how should you feel when you're studying EE but your professor is a physicist ?[View]
13468641/sfg/ - Space Flight General.: SOON! edition. The previous thread: >>13465450 The Starship pro…[View]
13469484how systemic are the effects of the mRNA vaccine? and, how long does the mRNA stick around for? woul…[View]
13469042Trisodium Phosphate Enema: Hi Anons, >inb4 butt fucker No, I'm just chronically constipated,…[View]
13464658Why exactly should I be afraid of the delta variant?: Already had some other greek-lettered covid an…[View]
13462605Rest in peace, greatest mathematician of all time: He will be missed. He was a friend and teacher to…[View]
13469333>bone densities differ by said category >x-rays make images where pixel values are determined …[View]
13468287How long before they take every engineering job in the west?[View]
13468984What do you think is going on in this gentlemans mind, as he watches the bubbles aggressively float …[View]
13468455Retard here, how big of a threat is climate change to mankind? Is it really as bad as people say it …[View]
13468328iq and suicide: is there any correlation between iq score and suicide? ive been looking through goog…[View]
13467726Digital Age Education Reform: In the digital age, the world is increasingly becoming more and more t…[View]
13466538It’s not even that fucking difficult[View]
13468437>6 years to get an engineering degree >min wage drafter…[View]
13468101>Hey anon we've just landed on Earth and we've been trying to read your math textbooks …[View]
13465489What exactly is making trainsfolks think they are female? Is it just chemical imbalance in the brain…[View]
13462170Is it desirable to have Asperger's (scientifically speaking)? Do the pros outweigh the cons wit…[View]
13468572Is delta variant really any more deadly than OG covid? t. 30 year old waiting for the novavax, but …[View]
13468493What is the quickest way to become a biofortress?: Say I want to use hormesis in order to become the…[View]
13468050What the fuck is all this talk about Marek's disease and Covid mutating like it into becoming a…[View]
13468534I just had to cram like 2 to 4 weeks of freshman/sophomore electrostatics because I'm a terribl…[View]
13466209It knows!!!! Shut it down quick!!![View]
13467718>several western nations and big pharma discussing the need for a 3rd, 4th and even a semi-anual …[View]
13466265Can someone explain 4d to me? Isn't the 4d thing in pic related still 3d? I mean I can still de…[View]
13470515Found this on reddit. Any opinion?[View]
13468553When wanting to understand/learn a new STEM field, what approach would you take? Would you pick up a…[View]
13456991How do we save the rainforest amicos?[View]
13462838I need your help lab-glassware anons: I am looking to perform some distillations via a probably a 20…[View]
13464916>big brain memed into going on his pod >10 minutes in it dawns on them they're talking to…[View]
13457132>he has never done major cutting edge mathematical research all in his head while hung over NGMI…[View]
13466386Is your 30s too old to go back to college? Something about being around late-teens and early-20-some…[View]
13465343so let me get this straight > both vaccinated and unvaccinated can transmit the delta variant at…[View]
13467989How effective the wechsler adult Intelligence scale is?[View]
13468241Brain training: is it possible? have anyone here improved their fluid fluid intelligence by followin…[View]
13465437Which vaccine did /sci/ get? Is it worth waiting for Novanax?[View]
13468022I need some biofags here. Let's say I wanted to make mice that produce HGH so i can harvest the…[View]
13465986If protein denatures at 105°F wouldn't any meat that was cooked of microwave not have any effec…[View]
13467190I'm a brainlet.I'm on my way to increase my intelligence and produce a generation of intel…[View]
13452183What: engineering degree is the most respected among engineers and why?[View]
13461969Taleb Mini-Lesson 9 vidence Based Science & Mistakes in Particularizing the General: Our guy has…[View]
13467166>/sci/ tells me to do medicine >need to get vaccinated to keep my job >ADE you killed me /s…[View]
13467392COLONIALS Lament: https://youtu.be/F0LLerKWycQ[View]
13464431COVID Gaining MAD GAINZ in Mutating 40 Times: Lads, what the hell is this dystopian acceleration? Do…[View]
13465694What's the science/psychology behind how some people attract while others repel in social situa…[View]
13466415Ok so the problem I present to you is the following: 1. Imagine that in a reality like ours, europea…[View]
13466389Why do people invest 10 years of their lives to look at old people for the rest of their career? Ser…[View]
13467184Is this scientifically factual, or is this propaganda bullshit?[View]
13466723Maths YouTubing: Tbqh, I know feck all about maths but I'm thinking of making some videos anywa…[View]
13467467COVID VAERS discussion: Search that database and let’s discuss some adverse reactions that are commo…[View]
13466748Rollin`: https://youtu.be/brCjLHKvxE8 Quick! put SN16 or top and launch it before the FAA realizes w…[View]
13465746>Got permanent research position What do I do now?[View]
13467218Nuking an hurricane is dumb but not for the reason that people think of. It is dumb because even the…[View]
13460665MODERN Muon TECH: it possible to have a wave on higgs field? if possible how it feels to and can be …[View]
13450257EM Fields: Why is electromagneticism such a horrible subject. The books are shit, the professors are…[View]
13465192Self Learning: I’m a young mathematics major that’s taken classes up to Calc 2 and I cannot do Unive…[View]
13461110found on instagram: Haven’t taken courses to solve this yet. Is it even a working problem? If so can…[View]
13466358How do we stop the racist AI?[View]
13463934Is this where subhumans belittle other subhumans: in hopes of appearing to have some level of intell…[View]
13465323two capital police officers commit suicide on the same day, at separate locations, just hours appart…[View]
13464154Why don't they make microwave cookers with traveling wave tubes?[View]
13465154What does /sci/ drink to heal study fatigue?[View]
13466676ADE and vaccines: Since the knowledge about the ADE from covid vaccines already leaked, how much tim…[View]
13462051LOL WOT?[View]
13463216I took calc bc and got a 5. what do i learn next?[View]
13465536Can someone just give me an example of a concave up function where the derivative has a soft increas…[View]
13464591I have 5 people on a room: 3 are going to be killed instantly. I have 2 people who I need at least O…[View]
13461375Formal Math System: Are there any good formal systems for doing maths? I'm a programmer and the…[View]
13466507The predicate of math?: Math is defined as being all points, belonging to ligature, from symbol conj…[View]
13455393Why is the average penis size and it's distribution so much different than the actual female pr…[View]
13466449Tfw organic chemistry is so easy that you finish early and browse /sci/ in between final exam sectio…[View]
13466277Is it better to be a scientist or an artist?[View]
13466086It is possible watch the future before?: Im the science vision[View]
13466361Is machine learning research worth it? It seems like researchers are mostly doing a pointless tweak …[View]
13466320> If you stretched the DNA in one cell all the way out, it would be about 2m long and all the DNA…[View]
13459356>guise guise /lit/ is so much better than sci No it's not,let me explain You need to underst…[View]
13459643What is the /sci/entific way to become a millionaire? Is it possible to take a scientific approach?[View]
13461249>machine learning so advanced that captchas must become nearly indecipherable Rorschach tests to …[View]
13464217Sign the petition http://chng.it/4hJGFSdFKN[View]
13465802How do I know I have Asperger's and I'm not just experiencing symptoms of my OCD, ADHD and…[View]
13454202STEM jobs and wages: What happened to all the STEM jobs bros? Why today only software engineers have…[View]
13465743What do you think about AI ethics ?: Very interesting topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRVqWNM6…[View]
13463333>takes a classic, concise, beautifully explained Numberphile video >stretches it out to a 40 m…[View]
13465450/sfg/ spaceflight general: the rocket of the century edition: Previuos: >>13462874 A rocket th…[View]
13464527Is human suicide same as cell apoptosis? When cell receives signal that it is no longer useful, it c…[View]
13465931How to check the mite level in a vaccine?: >friend does immunotherapy for dust mites. >has an …[View]
13454282Is monogamy biological or cultural[View]
13464757Tinder contradicts sexual selection being egalitarian and sexual dimorphism: How does the Theory of …[View]
13456275Dark Matter is BS: Why do we believe in Dark matter again? >No direct observations to confirm it …[View]
13463909>Like anyone else, I too have anger in me. However, I try to recall that anger is a destructive e…[View]
13465492best way to get better at maths? should I really just focus on doing a shit ton of math exercises a…[View]
13464149Is there any way to prove if there exist gaps that are immeasurable, whether small or large?[View]
13460212Linear Algebra: what makes the Adjoint of a matrix (that is the transpose of the cofactors) signific…[View]
13464041reducing harm to living beings,even cells: I need serious scientific on reducing harm,within my own …[View]
13465080What percentage of US hospitalizations are vaccinated?: <--is this closer to the real number? I m…[View]
13464162If you were to be able to select a single person to have vanish from history in order to maximally o…[View]
13465242Fusion will be on the grid within the decade.[View]
13465603How many Planck volumes are there in the universe?: And why are we so large compared to the Planck v…[View]
13465496Good chemistry authors?: Math and physics authors tend to approach their subject in a highly logical…[View]
13464992Does anybody have a hard time grasping this. I have no trouble accepting it is true, but the world i…[View]
13457904How hard would it be for a hobbyist to get into genetic engineering? i.e. how costly would it be, an…[View]
13453406What's wrong with microwaving water?[View]
13456812What are the side effects you experienced personally?[View]
13465403Hey so I think I need.some advice, I've always had an interest in mechanical engineering but ac…[View]
13464924which one do i get?: i'm required to get one of them for my job. i don't have a problem ge…[View]
13465300/math/ what are the odds of this many consecutive doubles happening naturally?[View]
13459975Ivermectin: Is this legit against covid?[View]
13459879What are the scientific biological effects of nuclear on the human animal? It is my hypothesis that …[View]
13463490How important is an analytic solution really?[View]
13454168Marek's Timeline:: What does /sci/ think of the Marek's Disease Covid Scenario? Is it pla…[View]
13465312Is the Earth going to be like Venus because of climate change?[View]
13454267What is required to make AGI?: I want to achieve absolute freedom and control. I want to build AGI a…[View]
13460906Ancient Letters are Cymatics?: I've been in the alt-sci world of late and came across this stat…[View]
13458514String theory: Red pill me on it. Have we really spent decades studying this thing that is so far aw…[View]
13464747Hurrying the FDA to approve something so that the people who are worried about it not being approved…[View]
13464595Why should young healthy people who had covid already take the vaccine?: They won't be allowed …[View]
1346501111 dimensions go physical: What if the 11 dimensions of the superstring theory are actually not just…[View]
13464962Could you use plasma deposition in lieu of resin if you wanted to carbon wrap a vessel?[View]
13458508COVID would have been worse than the Spanish Flu if not for preventine measures.: If the U.S. has on…[View]
13458384Cov19 Fort Detrick 'theory': A population native to a disease's endemic area will be more immun…[View]
13464530Have you fucks ever heard of amygdala tickling? is there any truth to it or is it completely pseudoc…[View]
13464830Dr Kaku interview: https://youtu.be/bUmULlGACEI[View]
13457370“It would be better if there were nothing. Since there is more pain than pleasure on earth, every sa…[View]
13454974Why can't normies do even the most basic estimation?: Why don't normies know how to round?…[View]
13459639Calling chemistry fags: I need an endothermic reaction that can sustain itself for at least one hour…[View]
13460784the coastline isnt infinite there is a limit of how much you can zoom. get to the atomic level and t…[View]
13446390/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: Previously >>13424060 MXGMY edition. >what is /s…[View]
13462726Why do people shit on evolutionary psychology so much? It seems ignorant to disregard an entire pers…[View]
13460072Text Book Collection: What kind of text books do you have?[View]
13443838What is most likely outcome if humanity ever meets technologially advanced aliens?: I feel like the …[View]
13455199Normies are even less scientifically literate than I thought: I was talking about how pointless the …[View]
13464489https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df2UgUKPWLk Is this true about chiropractors? Any experts can commen…[View]
13464105Help a fellow brainlet: My IQ is probably too low for me to achieve anything significant in my life,…[View]
13464469Whenever we have a discussion about aliens, it always ends up being more science fiction than actual…[View]
13463554Mental retardation: So my dad, brother, and sister are all mentally retarded. I got the lucky end of…[View]
13461064Of all the covid vaccines, are any not leaky? Are just the mRNA leaky or are they all?[View]
13463163Unclamp: Just checking in, is anyone still on the fence on whether they clamp, vaccinate, circumcise…[View]
13455528Explain to me right now why you think cryonics won't work. I'm signed up with Alcor w/ som…[View]
13463437why water white when this type of movement even if water in same place but not in that movement blue[View]
13455492Imagine the following A room with 100 terrariums. 50 on one side 50 on the other side. Each with a s…[View]
13463668Math textbooks for majoring in Computer science: What are some good textbooks for for learning math …[View]
13450503What numbering system is the most based?[View]
13464212why is this allowed?[View]
13461679Is all of physics just basically: 1. Assume thing behaves in a certain way and get a differential eq…[View]
13460953Which one is objectively the best?[View]
13463819Meijer-G Function: who in their right mind would sit down and find something like this?: the guy is …[View]
13454040Neuroplasticity: Can you believe how amazing this shit is. Neuroplasticity. Its like magic. I can co…[View]
13461466would a human be able to survive in an oxygen chamber?[View]
13463162How can someone firmly believe in evolution but also think that we're all the same and that the…[View]
13461612Hey /sci/. I'm pretty high right now. Humans have consciousness and sentience in a way most ani…[View]
13444727Microcephaly: What is the prognosis for someone with Microcephaly? What do you think of the conditio…[View]
13462874/sfg/ - Space Flight General , N1 edition[View]
13463427What is the term, if any, for metals that don't have any spring in them but remain in the shape…[View]
13458623Algebraic geometry people...: tell me what you think of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i…[View]
13462317Why can't wolfram give an analytic solution to this integral? Does pro time or mathematica give…[View]
13462111Statistics or physics: Hey fegs, at my uni, we have to pick a side subject. I thought about taking a…[View]
13461074What's the least amount of math needed to make generative art like pic related? Keep in my mind…[View]
13463419Model theory: Can you recommend a few model theory books? (except pic related)[View]
13459081I've screwed up my Academic years royally, but this time I'm going to try and clean up a b…[View]
13446978>Literally invent calculus >Make bongs and bongs sympathisers seethe forever Hoy can a man be …[View]
13460831Favorite scientist thread: >extremely humble >admits in his Nobel article that he is not quite…[View]
13459293>Microplastics found virtually everywhere, even inside the human placenta exactly how fucked is h…[View]
13457270Which Major will have the least amount of all nighters -Computer science -Engineering -Mathematics I…[View]
13463161What are some of your favorite books to learn higher level math?[View]
13461415BCI / BMI: >funding for BCI companies continues to increase >FDA approving human trials >co…[View]
13462234Two sound waves produce a third wave (this wave is technically produced by your mind as a perception…[View]
13445856How can we stop climate change? I don't want to eat insects when our crop dies[View]
13457383Do people actually write 0.5 instead of .5[View]
13462027Why aren't we genetically engineering hellhounds to guard our homes, monstrosities to fight our…[View]
13441674Imagine spending 20 years working on this and it just explodes into ten million pieces during the la…[View]
13456670Geometric Unity: >Can someone explain Geometric Unity to me? Seems like an interesting idea but …[View]
13460227Hominid discussion thread: What's your favorite hominid fossil? Google is celebrating the Turka…[View]
13462319Scientifically speaking: Why can you no longer catch Covid from your bathtub drain? Has the bathtub …[View]
13454813Anyone think GMs/Lockheed Martins new lunar rovers look sick as fuck? We are finally in the age of s…[View]
13459199Russia and Artemis Program: Why did the Russians refuse to join the Artemis Program? Advanced countr…[View]
13451637Lithium vs Sodium Batteries: Which one is better?[View]
13459220How do i stop being dumb without sudoku game: I so fuking dumb and its not about academics, just in …[View]
13435779COVID Recovered = Vaccinated: This has never been challenged scientifically. COVID recovered people …[View]
13461854So who do you think will get to the moon first this in the coming decades? China or America. Or mayb…[View]
134620433: How do you make a learning algorithm guys? Google searching has been very useless for me. Can any…[View]
13462267>be born a brainlet >can't even figure out why extra row gets added to rhe matrix here I …[View]
13457637Which life scientist am I thinking of?: 1) He is bald 2) He is a former drug addict in his youth 3) …[View]
13461955Covid Vaxx and Fertility: Can someone explain to me to women CAN’T have children 6 months post vaxx?…[View]
13459068Is it possible to breed the ultimate Olympians for their respective sports? How would you go about d…[View]
13456942Why is maths tough?: Seriously? Why do vaccine chuds have a hard time with maths? No one is pulling …[View]
13434056What would Physics have to say about such extravagant alien skies?: another example that drew my eye…[View]
13458097What's wrong with STEM education in the US?[View]
13460687>“It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger,” he sai…[View]
13459596Genetic distance wise would the kids of both couples be equal to siblings or still just cousins?[View]
13459076Science should have ended with him. We should have imposed a law against studying science after Newt…[View]
13461729P-Adic numbers. Is there a retard way to explain them? Wildberger did a good job but it was a bit t…[View]
13460610Please help me understand how radio works: Someone please explain how radio waves work like im a fuc…[View]
13459243becoming a 'mineralean': this post is 50% a thought experiment for a funny short story im writing,an…[View]
13450739What is the area of the inner blue triangle as a proportion of the overall outer triangle. The edges…[View]
13458364Space director: Ok /sci/ You are this guy and putin just doubled your annual budget (2,77 *2 Billio…[View]
13461487Why should I inject myself with experimental gene therapy for a virus I >have an 80% chance of b…[View]
13461582Do lions fuck their cubs?: I know they fuck their siblings. Apparently, lions will exile their male …[View]
13461551What is your favorite altitude?: For me it's probably 60-70 thousand feet.[View]
13458287JWST: What's the /sci/ consensus on the James Webb telescope?[View]
13461536scientifically speaking, why don't textbook publishers do a better job of providing citations i…[View]
13461417I found the formula for pi.: π=(360/θ*(√(2-2*√((COS2θ+1)/2))))/2 θ=15 θ=7.5 θ=3.75 θ=1.875 θ=0.9375 …[View]
13456562Does anyone else feel like scientific innovation has slowed down in the past 2 decades? We haven…[View]
13448039Is it possible to clone dinosaurs Jurassic Park style and if not how far off are we?[View]
13461266Can ADHD be responsible for the occasional insomnia?[View]
13463272When did schizos and the far right get so powerful in the US?: It absolutely blows my mind how many …[View]
13460699>AI will soon surpass white people when did you realize that the AI movie will actually happen IR…[View]
13459223How can I improve my system?: For the last few months I've been gathering data on my academic a…[View]
13461088'Long haul' Covid: Is it even real? There is no medical proof of it's existence, just testament…[View]
13460043okay /sci/, there are 7 SI units and they can be combined to form new units like this: [Q] = 10^(n) …[View]
13459545Why do mechatronics degree even exist? Why would anyone pick it instead of electrical/mech eng?[View]
13452521Have you ever solved a /sci/entific problem in your sleep?[View]
13459771Well, what's your excuse?[View]
13460679Physics or Maths cuckories?: is it gay to study physics and have a masters in quantum field theory c…[View]
13458842Post your favorite meme books.[View]
13460422Do you feel inferior to philosophers of science?[View]
13459500Hello /sci/ I have a math puzzle for you today. This was given to me in high school and I could neve…[View]
13456961haha: The Michelson-Morley experiment is simply a demonstration of relativity, and failed to disprov…[View]
13460401Prove that you are not a Boltzmann brain conjured into existence by random quantum fluctuations with…[View]
13454793Question for real scientists only:: What ideas that you’ve come across are closest to the source cod…[View]
13460383For instance just take a look at the little dipster. Not so small anymore now is it? I want you to l…[View]

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