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/sci/ - Science & Math

Displaying 206 expired threads from the past 3 days

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14864781Neptune: New science. JWST captures neptune and its rings.[View]
14869050will learning psychology help me to learn to emotionally manipulate other people for personal gains?[View]
14868475If string theory is not verifiable, what purpose does it serve?[View]
14872042Polymath here. I challenge you to hit me with your hardest questions. Rules: >I will not do your…[View]
14872139Learning mathematics: I consider myself in the same way as someone who was in a car accident and mus…[View]
14873419all the people on this board claiming they are not sheeple yet the second media starts pushing for n…[View]
14873587Ooops, global warming scientists destroying the environment 'by accident' again.[View]
14871133> take 7 calculus or precalculus books > copy all the exercises > combine them with the sli…[View]
14865967how do they do it? can science explain?[View]
14870942it is up[View]
14872091can i get arrested for some ai generated cp[View]
14869763Does free will exist? And if so, do cockroaches, rats, dogs, and monkeys have free will, or is it on…[View]
14870344Q: what caused the Big Bang? A: nothing. Nothing caused it. Everything in the universe is based on c…[View]
14867432Does Georgia Tech have a good CS program?[View]
14869139How to get a machine learning job?: I have a B.Sc in CS and about a year of experience in full stack…[View]
14871209I want to create a charity/fundraisers/think-thank to use sattelites to cover the whole surface(or e…[View]
14871922Are most of the stars we've ascribed cultural significance to (by giving them proper names, inc…[View]
14869372Why do people not care for long term effects? It feels like it’s danger is ignored entirely by peopl…[View]
14867214I swear Electrochemistry is even more confusing than Quantum mechanics or Thermodynamics. There are …[View]
14871584>you need master's in math to teach high school math where I live >as a result I'm s…[View]
14860442Any other physics majors strongly regretting their life choices.: Im going into my final year of und…[View]
14869992How important are undergrad researches and publications for a grad school application? Does it matte…[View]
14867287What knowledge do you think is essential for a self-sufficient human being?: Dump guides, pdf, anyth…[View]
14869003Why does the order of a cross product matter?: Point the middle finger in the opposite direction and…[View]
14871347Does this mean anything to anyone?: Just gibberish, or is it based in reality?[View]
14869541>Used to smelt tin during new year's as a kid >Find out it's 90% lead How badly was …[View]
14867311Absolute brainlet here. In an electrical circuit how do I tell which direction the electrons are flo…[View]
14865357What did they do to make autists hate them so much?[View]
14862438Realistically speaking, will we live to see the colonization of Mars? How long will it take?[View]
14871386Cold feet: Literally. What to do. Other than amputation[View]
14869323/sfg/ Space Flight General: prev: >>14866144 WE GAAAAAANNNN[View]
14871060Thoughts on the replication crisis?: Do you think scientists will ever redeem themselves from it?…[View]
14870533A new IQ test: Write as complete description of the steam engine as possible that can fit into one p…[View]
14870438why do men suffer from mental illnesses more often than women?[View]
14870928Any area of math that is harder than Random Matrix Theory[View]
14869707Why were they scared of it?: >cheap >plentiful >non flammable >can be anything from cla…[View]
14869000The modern peasant just replaces the artificial prejudices of superstitions and village old wives’ t…[View]
14869988Any scientific methods to make someone drive themselves to suicide? Asking for a friend[View]
14866503what's your honest opinion on Wernher von Braun?[View]
14870774What are the implications of this, scientifically speaking?[View]
14867047Goldstein or Landau/Lifshitz ?: Which is better for learning Classical Mechanics? Assuming one knows…[View]
14870333Ludolph van Ceulen worked 25 years of his life to calculate pi to 35 decimal places. What would he h…[View]
14863464>2022 >not a single plant GMO'd plant to have inane quantities of protein…[View]
14869920so, why does it happen /sci/?[View]
14870243Homo Sovieticus: How comfortable is the current milieu in US for Homo Sovieticus - a subject whose f…[View]
14867378How do I read text books: I'm a sophmore taking calc 1 in college and I can't read the tex…[View]
14866974Is emotional intelligence real, or is it cope?[View]
14865459Dick size: Does your dick get bigger if you lift during puberty?[View]
14870106What if every time you eat air your actually breathing oxygen out of the air and carbon is being rem…[View]
14868940Okay so in France we have specials classes in high school called SES which stand for economic and so…[View]
14869971Do you need to be able to use TDD to be a successful programmer?[View]
1486971313th day of nofap and noporn. I have yet to have wet dreams or random erections. Scientifically spea…[View]
14869886Chemicals thread[View]
14867832So if life came from asteroids and not earth where did the asteroids come from? From another planet …[View]
14866473Delayed choice quantum eraser?: Can someone explain to me exactly what's going on here? It…[View]
14867044Why im accumulating mercury and uranium?: I did a test in 2015 and saw uranium was quite high. I rep…[View]
14869598I have abstained from both masturbating and watching pornography for the last 13 days. The hair on m…[View]
14866229About ten years ago, in highschool >Be me >In bio class >Teacher assigns us to a group proj…[View]
14868288I need a 1000x crypto to get out of russia: Iam a young scientist and I need money to escape from Ru…[View]
14867683Stephen Hawking: Anyone ever read this goober's work? Is it any good or just a meme?[View]
14858310Is your country pursuing fusion energy? Pic related is from the China Academy of Engineering Physics…[View]
14867272BF.7 aka BA.2.75.2: >NEW COVID VARIANT JUST DROPPED https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.…[View]
14869136My dreams have been shattered: >be me >commercial pilot >never have done even one math home…[View]
14868115Thoughts on Professor Leonard?: He uploads videos on Youtube teaching math. Any thoughts?[View]
14869170Can taking anti-psychotics increase my IQ?[View]
14868216never got vaxx'd, never had any problems. is science all just on big lie?[View]
14869070Your thoughts on Neo Platonism/Isosephy/Gematria/Kabbalah?[View]
14866226Can the sun fall from the sky scientifically speaking?[View]
14866322Google data analytics certificate: Are certificates like the google data analytics one worth it? An…[View]
14867622IQ: Why is /sci/ obsessed with IQ? Is that all you think about?[View]
14863441/lit/ BTFO: Uhm, hello based department?[View]
14863159If you consider yourself intelligent but you aren’t wealthy, you’re just the best trained slave and …[View]
14863512What is the actual purpose of the parts on psychological IQ test that aren't about solving trad…[View]
14863712Why is popsci always about space?[View]
14868954I took the PCR a year ago: It's over[View]
14868425how to recover IQ points caused by neurotoxicity after using a certain stimulant[View]
14868663What if every other species is made of dark matter and were the weird ones?[View]
14868865It would be a billion dollar product if you could somehow resensitize the penis to androgenic hormon…[View]
14867141What is the science behind charisma?[View]
14868587What would be a good choice of STEM degree for a person with a very general interest in the hard sci…[View]
14867391scientificalyl speaking whats the solution for the obesity epidemic???[View]
14867770PHD in Mathematics: Those who have pursued a phd in mathematics, do you have any advice for one who …[View]
14861627Functional analysis is the most chad field of maths out there. It strikes the perfect balance betwee…[View]
14859565Fermenting probiotics: I hope any biologyfags can help me with this. I'm trying to ferment cert…[View]
14868718Any grade students in physics /here/? How legit is the picrelated? https://www.motionmountain.net/9…[View]
14868710A Non-Volatile Short-Term Memory Model in Contradiction of Prevailing Theory, Eidetic Memory Insight…[View]
14868559The equipartition law of energy is like sorcery to me. And no, don't talk to me about density o…[View]
14865168Do the incompleteness theorems actually rely on a version of the liar’s paradox? I hope not, because…[View]
14866112Why wasn't the lebesgue integral invented before the riemann integral?[View]
14867163>women go to work and college >men stay at home doing math and playing video games Is this the…[View]
14866691I have to either take 3 of these classes: >Abstract algebra >Multivariate statistical analysis…[View]
14861548>short-term scholarship/apprenticeship at another university when doing phd is it a good idea?…[View]
14864365How good are they?[View]
14866016gear thread: Pencil: Rotring 800 Pen: Lamy Safari Fine Eraser: Staedtler White dont disappoint me…[View]
14864841Is ritalin safe long term?: So rn I'm taking 30mg ritalin daily. The thing is my blood pressure…[View]
14868328strange earth: Is it true that oil replenshises naturally within the earth and that the earth is exp…[View]
14868336>don't drink alcohol >don't drink caffeine >don't smoke nicotine >eat hea…[View]
14866671Need ideas for a Big Data final master project: I am doing a Master in Big Data and Visual Analytics…[View]
14865619Why do pseuds hate it so much?[View]
14866027What is the biggest most sci fi thing a random dude could do in his garage. Like a diy black hole or…[View]
14868042>tfw 120 iq it's over boys, i'm too dumb for engineering[View]
14856774Is labratory-grade alcohol safe to drink?: Undergradfag here I'm 19 years old (too young to get…[View]
14867501I'm trying to calculate calculate the strength of wood blocking cargo in a shipping container a…[View]
14861518/sci/bros with phd in biology what are you doing for a living?[View]
14866520If masks don't work: Then why did surgeons use masks even during the 1980s?[View]
14868171>correlated with everything except social skill and sexual activity /sci/ cope or reality?…[View]
14865579Phonetics: If you pronounce hide (v. - to seek shelter; to conceal) the same as hide (n. - the skin …[View]
14864245SpaceX kaput: Why is it impossible for Musk to understand that SpaceX's continue difficulties w…[View]
14866485>'wow anon, how are you so good at math?' >'dunno haha' (it's definitely not bc I was dia…[View]
14867594biochem fren struggling: My friend doing his masters in biochem is routinely failing stages of whate…[View]
14868091So, I read there are ways to research on quantum mechanics without using particle accelerators, can …[View]
14864888Anyone here gone back for a STEM education in their mid 20s? How'd it work out?[View]
14867064Why do some mid east ethnicities like jews have larger breasts than other ethnicities? Is it genetic…[View]
14867638Thoughts on this book?: A friend of mine recently recommended me to read this book, just wanted to a…[View]
14865365How do I turn off my autism: Whats secret to turning off my autism and becoming a better and smarter…[View]
14867858Medical Thread: There is a hospital in Augusta County, Virginia. It is called 'Augusta Health.' They…[View]
14863253procreation: I'm employed by a biomedical engineering firm. We've been developing retrovir…[View]
14866375Are there any drugs that suppress dopamine reception when you take them?[View]
14867650Changing major at US colleges?: Are these valid strategies for US colleges: IF Arts is less competit…[View]
14865809Modern scientific explanations of human biological variation: Contemporary scientists hold that huma…[View]
14866144/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Soyuz MS-22 Edition: Previous: >>14860994 Launched to the ISS wi…[View]
14866576Human Evolution: How exactly did we go from this to asian, white, brown and negro?[View]
14867690How can a mathematical set be both open and closed simultaneously?[View]
14867646Best Textbooks for EE?: What books do you guys recommend to go from zero to hero in the EE field?…[View]
14867445If /sci/ence is so good, why do eyelashes and eyebrows know when to stop growing???[View]
14867599What's the science behind Dissociative Identity Disorder?[View]
14867512Correspondence of logical interchangeability, deductibility, and double implication.: Conjecture: Fo…[View]
14856053Space expansion: >universe is expanding, in all directions, all the time >we don't feel s…[View]
14867418https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKZmWLOf2gI Fuel from sunlight and air[View]
14867433Has Nietzsche's idea of 'life-affirming compassion' ever been scientifically proven? …[View]
14865554This number could be computed and rounded to the nearest integer. It has just over million digits.[View]
14866686self-made Immortality Chamber: I just inherited a BIG amount of money and I want to pull of a simple…[View]
14866650The year 2022 Q4, I am forgotten.[View]
14867359Word-association functions! What function or equation comes to mind for each of the words you read f…[View]
14867306What would the effects of going under general anesthesia 3 times in 6 months be?[View]
14867205>can still see watermarks on my credit card and cash after shining UV light through my sunglasses…[View]
14857081when does he become 1?[View]
14865366I want to be a chemicfag since I'm a retard kid, now I'm a big retard boy. What can I do t…[View]
14866300Are old books still viable for studying maths?: I recently discovered Dover Books which is a company…[View]
14865662Where can I find 90+% hydrogen peroxide? Most I can find is around 30%[View]
14860555Is pure nicotine good for you?[View]
14863752We must explode Yellowstone: That's the only way for humanity to stop global warming in its tra…[View]
14866580>negative number times negative number = positive number[View]
14863605What's with the double slit experiment? Can a conscious mind really shape reality? Or is it jus…[View]
14862788What experiment(s) would you like to be conducted that can’t due to ethical or practical constraints…[View]
14858357How do you get a job at NASA?[View]
14866479nukes: are they even real?[View]
14865622Study Buddy thread: Post the subjects you're interested in and a way to get in touch with you. …[View]
14852347NASA finds life on Mars: What’s the next cope for religiontards?[View]
14866486Uhhh, help?: I have itchiness and neuropathy all over I don't really know where this is coming …[View]
14866327Best engineering major in terms of 6 figure job stability?[View]
14863449Is there a way to make a virus that randomly detonates its host?: I was watching some scifi short fi…[View]
14866390When does real mathematics research begin? Measure theory and beyond?[View]
14865823Call for help to Excel masterrace: Need Excel to seperately define a (min<=A1:A3<=max) integer…[View]
14866317what are other names for polyether urethane?[View]
14854129Is porn the reason for the low fertility rates all over the developed world? Think about it, porn cr…[View]
14865561How can the constant of integration go from being added in the exponent to being multiplied by e to …[View]
14862430As computers begin to become integrated into people's brains, will genetic intelligence cease t…[View]
14853539Give me one reason to reject the Axiom of Choice[View]
14865181I made a circuit board that generates an output and accepts an input when a button is pressed[View]
14864741Which test are good at measuring pure intelligence?: What test are close to measuring pure intellige…[View]
14855887What Was Your Experience Getting a PhD?: Hey fags. I got into a 'New Ivy' school; starting my freshm…[View]
14866235What is it about the appearance of cats and dogs that somehow compels humans to feed them cheezburge…[View]
14854820I literally see the number 137 everywhere, am I schizo?[View]
14866011my un-informed theory of whats beyond the schwartzchild radius of a black hole: PDF Gives an outline…[View]
14865330>i have a university degree, that means i'm smart[View]
14863714ITT science autism: I'll start with Urs Schreiber's tome on math and physics: https://ncat…[View]
14865082In reference to Newton's third law of motion, if a massive object in space (i.e. the Sun, plane…[View]
148659471. does the vaccine cause PVCs? 2. what is the life expectancy like?[View]
14862444How did they do it bros? The logistics must've been insane for such a long voyage.[View]
14856127/mg/ - maths general: Formerly >>14843594 Press 'F' to pay your respects edition. Ta…[View]
14859089I like it.[View]
14862958Math resources: What are some good resources to get better at intermediate algebra? I know its embar…[View]
14865165Electrical Engineering: Is there any future/employment in this major? I am currently doing a 2 year …[View]
14865771Buoyancy Amplification by the Generation of Phononic Current Look up the reason why oil floats on th…[View]
14865768Many years ago, I read a sci-fi short story about a planet where the atmosphere is too thin for comp…[View]
14864305What is the difference between a plateau and mesa? Is a butte found specifically on a plateau or can…[View]
14859409Intelligent life in the galaxy - Yes or No?: What is /sci/s opinion? I am starting to tilt towards w…[View]
14864004why do some scientists pretend gravity is real? are they just lazy or does their applicable intellig…[View]
14865454Create and extinguish life on your PC - OpenWorm: OpenWorm aims to build the first comprehensive com…[View]
14863343Crossed the neuroscience free will barrier: Guys, I am studying neuroscience at university and today…[View]
14865581Running AI on mining gpus: Better ask this now. I need some CS and math and CE nerd to explain this.…[View]
14857118what is an electromagnetic weapon?[View]
14848558Electroconvulsive Therapy: >only 'Works' for half the patients >causes brain damage similar to…[View]
14849644Artificial Intelligence: Are we playing with fire?[View]
14865176How much of this lead to any scientific progress, and how much of it was just a dick wag at Russia?[View]
14862218why is math education so bad?: Why the fuck is math education so fucking awful? How does it take 18 …[View]
14858659>130ish iq >still a massive failure in life scientifically this just makes it worse…[View]
14865391How long until we can put animal organs into humans so we can be as strong as gorillas? https://med…[View]
14842955>Modern humans exist for 200 000 years >Civilization only starts around 4000BC So what the fuc…[View]
14864239We exist: Sometimes thinking about that fact is a bit crazy, given the mathematical probability of t…[View]
14853928What really is the Methodology of Science?[View]
14858981What Caused The Younger Dryas: I would like to get opinions of anons about Younger Dryas. >Electr…[View]
14865314Thought Process Thread (Share and Communicate): I want to know how you guys describe your thought pr…[View]
14864611What are some nice topics to publish research papers not involving too complicated mathematics and l…[View]
14865195astrologers being retards again: >length of daylight 12:14 >tomorrow will be 3:10 shorter tomo…[View]
14862502What are the applications of manifold theory to physics and chemistry? Im enjoying a lot reading abo…[View]
14864885What's the scientific (psychological) reason for the popularity of interracial porn?[View]
14864555are there proven ways to train creativity? i wish to be more creative. i have already concluded that…[View]
14864862Are epigenetics indicative of forward thinking?: Think about it, a system that allows for rapid adap…[View]
14860233Holy shit.[View]
14864465PREDICTION: everyone will be on some form of this, at some regular dosage, periodically within 10 ye…[View]
14862983Best major for transhumanism: Fully bought into “the flesh is weak” and wanna transfer over into imm…[View]
14864174Did humans really conquer the animal kingdom because we learned to throw rocks?[View]
148610912007 paper https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17566294/ Current status of virally vectored immunocontra…[View]
14861795Month in Science: What was the most interesting notable constructive paper in science last month? Wh…[View]

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