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12968954In general does anything in nature have meaning if you take the 3rd derivative of higher? I'm r…[View]
12970557Am I the only one that thinks that abstract theory of algorithms is sketchy as hell? It's almos…[View]
12970629I have an oppurtunity to get a Gray's anatomy it's the original version with the original …[View]
12969222>machine learning[View]
12970174>You can't submit work that you have done from another class >That is called Self-Plagiar…[View]
12970478There is a consensus internationally that CO2 emission is the main cause of climate change. However.…[View]
12966147Why Should I get Vaccinated?: Since the Pfizer vaccine was released, I've been apprehensive to …[View]
12969885How do i prove that using regular expressions in the production rules of a cfg does not change the l…[View]
12970264it by 2 not empty sets A and B it be B^A the set of all functions that go from A to B how do you s…[View]
12970451So is this guy just good at math or does his skills in pure math transfer to coding and quantum comp…[View]
12969659Texas Cannabis Reform - White Coats: https://youtu.be/vnqzreGHCnw Heather Fazio of Texans for Respon…[View]
12970352Why doesn't your immune system recognize blood from people of the same blood type as a foreign …[View]
12967902Was the sun really more yellow in the 80s because of pollution/volcano eruptions? There’s a thread o…[View]
12970391engineering: can any engs confirm of suggest further info? im making a pressure vessel 50cm wide, 10…[View]
12959006How do I deal with depression caused by environmental research?: I am working on my thesis and I hav…[View]
12966845Is/was this possible?: Was reading my world history book when i read that a single piece of burning …[View]
12970288WOLFRAM is live :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWrTpXF_F0k[View]
12969618Any pro-vaxxers want to refute picrel?[View]
12967958can i ever be good at mathematics if i was homeschooled and didn't learn basic algebra and stil…[View]
12967963Oh nononono. Bros... Is it over?[View]
12965387What the fastest way for me to help advance humanity scientifically?[View]
12965360Scientifically speaking, why are there more heterosexual people in the world?[View]
12965855Is this true? mRNA vaccines DO get reverse transcribed: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/…[View]
12963632Yuri Gagarin: On this day, 60 years ago, pic related became the first man to fly into outer space. S…[View]
12960614Did you ever realized the only reason you put 5318008 upside down instead of right side up is becaus…[View]
12962046Why do people have weird mental gymnastics for things that are un natural?[View]
12968842>tfw you say something in class and everyone turns to look at you like it's the stupidest th…[View]
12970076I decided to pay this board a visit for the first time in literal years and I'm drowning in cli…[View]
12969975A planes alitmeter is basically a barometer which measures the ambient air pressure and displays a r…[View]
12969875I need to learn engineering thermodynamics and fluid mechanics from scratch. Our lecturers were pret…[View]
12969474SETI: What's going on with the BLC1 (Breakthrouth Listen Candidate 1) radio signal from Proxima…[View]
12964440Why did it collapse? Whose fault was it?[View]
12966793Does anyone else ever get the thought that reality is a really raelly really REALLY really really re…[View]
12968030how can there be multiple races if adam and eve were white?[View]
12967664/sfg/ Space Flight General: Under the Wide and Starry Sky edition Previous Thread: >>12966194…[View]
12960350Are humans the weakest primate species? If yes why did we become so weak evolutionary? just realize …[View]
12968175Best book to learn basic statistics for a freshman?: I wanna learn statistics over the summer. I…[View]
12967780Just found out that El Arcon has his own site http://762com.com/ Let's do a psychoanalysis on h…[View]
12964909How much of biology and chemistry should be considered common knowledge?: How much biology and chemi…[View]
12969392Boston dynamic: Do you kneel to them[View]
12962848how they do this thing?[View]
12969465What causes the earth to go through cycles of heating and cooling?[View]
12968383How can I get access to standards? >The standards torrent doesn't have many seeders. >Can…[View]
12969206this board needs something like an 'IQcaptcha' to filter out retards then we can talk[View]
12968393Hypothetically speaking, could the adult penis be made to enter a second period of growth? Like a se…[View]
12967737how do i solve this[View]
12968870Show your work without using complex analysis to find the solution to this ∫ 0 to inf ln(x) / (x^2 +…[View]
12967214>a goddess revealed it to me in a dream was he trolling?[View]
12947856/sqt/ - /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: Formerly >>12923927 >what is /sqt/ for? Questi…[View]
12969119>physics lecture >prof says 'and if there's one thing physicists like, it's seeing b…[View]
12967012*predicts the G-2 muon experiment result*[View]
12966291Show me your crystals now. All sort of crystals are welcome but they have to be grown yourself.[View]
12969315Anyone know what causes marine mammals to have gray skin instead of the light or dark beige of other…[View]
12968621Why medicine is the best science: Here’s the redpill: Basically everything we invent is going to hav…[View]
12952431Noam Chomsky is saying Neuralink is bullshit.[View]
12957575Why the hell arent you using Anki yet to become a beacon of knowledge and wisdom? >He lives in th…[View]
12943579>5D beings free from the linear progression of time are watching you fap to embarassing r34, shit…[View]
12964099UK only has 7 deaths from covid a day?![View]
12964184what the fuck even IS a photon?[View]
12968540Hello, I haven't taken a math class since high school and have basically forgotten everything. …[View]
12968156Hey /sci/! Where in the internet can i take a free and legitimate iq test?[View]
12968327What did he even mean by this? Waves, energy and particles aren’t real?[View]
12968338i want to prove the relation R := { (1,2), (3,2) } of the set { 1, 2, 3 } for transitivity R is tran…[View]
12956825Why hasn't evolution been replicated in a lab?: Seriously how hard it is to replicate macro evo…[View]
12965249Why don't telomere's become shorter in germ line cells?: Telomeres become shorter over tim…[View]
12968584Thoughts on her and her work?[View]
12968458Bone is growing through my gum near my wisdom tooth. Some of it can be broken off when scraped firml…[View]
12968571https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/are-we-really-made-of-stardust.html >the universe is socialism the…[View]
12968567any more progress can be made to factor this?: 22274407247395608651546932875317670564694705709775063…[View]
12968376Does anybody know a good book about the chemistry of schizophrenia or mental illnesses in general? I…[View]
12965660Would it be good to follow this?[View]
12967075Plates do not exist: >Durr the center of the earth is liquid rock held in by seperate plates of r…[View]
12964466Are universities pushing their students over the edge?[View]
12963335Why does /sci/ hate technocrats?: The current American elite reflect /sci/ autism well.[View]
12961457Is this evidence that reality is broken?[View]
12967856Top university in the country is literally paying me to stay and study at them to make sure I do not…[View]
12964550Do you ever feel bad for them? On one hand, we are unlocking the mysteries of life and one day will …[View]
12967586Any /sci/entists care to explain this?[View]
12966386Is there a technical term for the process by which liquids of different densities separate themselve…[View]
12958711What are the neural correlates of intelligence?[View]
12965243>Have to write paper for uni >Find a commonly rejected theory compelling >IMO I think the e…[View]
12967868Journal of controversial ideas: Thoughts?: https://www.journalofcontroversialideas.org/ The fresh Sa…[View]
12967971Maxwell's demon: How do we solve Maxwell's demon? It has been more than 150 years and stil…[View]
12967773interplanetary employment hours: how would wages be calculated for interplanetary employees? for exa…[View]
12966442What Math classes do I need to solve these types of problems?: Nassim regularly post math problems o…[View]
12955946What happens, scientifically speaking, if you boil water in a sealed vessel for 1 million years? 1 b…[View]
12966901Personality Disorders: Is there really a such thing as a personality disorder? The basis for identi…[View]
12967740*solves everything*[View]
12967595wtf did he mean by this?[View]
12967633What do you think of India sending a satellite to Mars?: >be American >Travel to Mars in 2035 …[View]
12966592Is the Serebriakoff IQ Test Accurate?: https://sacft.tripod.com/[View]
12963423Complex analysis is the branch of math that will simulate the universe itself[View]
12967016CS Hate: If you're still undecided about your major/ underage, dont choose CS as your major If …[View]
12967557What are your thoughts on this graph?[View]
12958769The picture that destroyed /sci/[View]
12967456>Accepted to math program at state uni >enrolling for spring semester >can't enroll in…[View]
12966946why are you on this board?: >meta thread: one is allowed. so anons, why are you on /sci/ 1) i lik…[View]
12967630Everyday Superpowers: So, /sci/, what exactly is YOUR superpower, why are you proud to be a member o…[View]
12963679what would a glass filled with bacteria look like?[View]
12967583/sci/ can you calculate the likelihood of an 94% error rate in a data set if the average error rate …[View]
12963378i frgot how to do arihtmetic[View]
12967417Honestly, why do people even bother studying traditional science (chemistry, physics, biology) anymo…[View]
12964289Hello big brains, /x/fag here in this video a lockheed martin scientist states that if you connect t…[View]
12963202>only woman I ever loved cucked and dumped me a year ago >put all my energy into learning scie…[View]
12964259Oncologist&Bioethicist: >Why I hope to die at 75: https://archive.is/I5aZd Zeke Emanuel. Cons…[View]
12964220Masturbation: Is there any harm to masturbation? I know excessive masturbation causes skin irritatio…[View]
12967469I really like physics, I genuinely enjoy learning it. However, now that im in my third year, im a ki…[View]
12967453Interstellar Video: Theoretical physicist bros, let's say it's possible to create a small …[View]
12966624Hey so given that gay sex is a much greater health risk than coof why are we asked to mask whereas t…[View]
12967379Fields medal worthy?: Hello /sci/ I have discovered a new curve that resides in the phallus family. …[View]
12965827Thought Experiment: Let's say we get to a point where energy can be harnessed limitlessly and e…[View]
12964091How long in takes for pee to evaporate in room temperature?[View]
12965317https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289611000523 >Humor ability reveals in…[View]
12967052ITT: Scientific Knowledge/Discovery e: Hidden for Politics and Profit: ITT: Science: Inventions and …[View]
12966040Say you decide to wear a wingsuit and ride in a helium balloon (starting at sea level). The wingsuit…[View]
12961893I thought of a rearrangement of the current Gregorian calendar so that it's regular and makes g…[View]
12966866From an economic science perspective, why have interest rates stayed low for 30+ years?[View]
12966455the thread of all threads: white edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-qDSXhu4yY[View]
12946818Chemistry is the most chad science: It's pure enough to include complex concepts like entropy, …[View]
12963647G-2 muon experiment. Why is this making headlines? I heard it's just a replica of a previous ex…[View]
12966650New Shepard launch on wednesday: New Shepard to defeat once again Starship with another sucessful la…[View]
12966872Why are there so many articles about deflecting asteroids lately?: I've been noticing this quit…[View]
12961581What's the evolution advantage of my desires to be bullied by a high school girl?[View]
12961312Will SHA 256 ever be solved?[View]
12965577Why do mentally ill people tend to be in pure math/CS?[View]
12963593Where to find geniuses: How can I go about locating geniuses and high IQ people? Do you think it…[View]
12965598Are there any studies on bonding ability and promiscuity?: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNcwnjkFmmf/ …[View]
12952360Anyone here know anything about quantum computing?: Is this shit legit? Where are we in terms of the…[View]
12958879is there a science supreme court somewhere that decides what is and isn't science?[View]
12965631Hi Is there any way for you to build a circuit where your current switch from plus to minus after a …[View]
12965960Where to start with a tesla coil project: Hello yall, don't know if it's the right thread …[View]
12962913If the Universe is expanding in all directions, does that mean the atoms in our bodies are separatin…[View]
12965303>professor puts the exact same questions on his exam as the example questions he did in class How…[View]
12966645ice age 2021: They say humans are changing the climate. This is completely and unequivocally false a…[View]
12966384Is obesity a pandemic?[View]
12963156>hurr durr trust the experts bad: why are americans so retarded? why do they not understand basic…[View]
12965738>'Mortality of chickens infected with Marek's disease was quite low. Decades after the first…[View]
129654684d: brainlet here.. I thought this would be a good start to try to understand 4d... nope. Wtf is tha…[View]
12965044>haven't done math in a while >completely forgot how to do long division >forgetting h…[View]
12965868statistics challenge: Dear /sci/ i have occured the following problem: how to generate a dataset whi…[View]
12964204Scientifically speaking how do people do monotonous wagie jobs like factory work or operating amusem…[View]
12964071Humans Reached Space 60 Years Ago Today[View]
12966220Are you smart enough to factor this /sci/?[View]
12965140/sfg/ - Space Flight General.: 60 years of manned spaceflight edition. 60 years after Vostok 1. 60 y…[View]
12964197retard here, if I want to find the average rating among a group of doctors who have unique ratings, …[View]
12964746If you had the choice between getting the Astrazeneca vaccine or waiting a couple months for the mRN…[View]
12966069Sneed's Law: Does anyone know of any resources where I can find more info the so called 'S…[View]
12965542Logic Bread: I am trying to formalize the simple aristotelian opening argument from Metaphysics I, 1…[View]
12958437If our brains have a finite number of neurons doesn't that mean that there are only a finite nu…[View]
12965701Is There Any Evidence of Ghosts Being Real?[View]
12957834This is the mathematics a typical high school student in China takes.[View]
12958631COVID Engineering: What stops people from endlessly CRISPR-engineering new COVID strains that avoid …[View]
12964233Hello /sci/, i'm new here, ready to share my culture and improve the board IQ with tons of qual…[View]
12964800Are the aliens using a real number system?[View]
12961171How can I avoid this scientific inevitably? should I stop lifting?[View]
12964804https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XsJhdHVfgx8 >Kek teloscope >secrets of the universe 1/137…[View]
12962570I have a headache[View]
12964236Edward Witten thread, I'll start[View]
12956788Future Chinese Eugenics: When will the Chinese finally figure out how to genetically engineer humans…[View]
12964361Why hasn't he made a video in 3 years?[View]
12964255Why is lenght of a circle derivative of its area?[View]
12965561Tfw when you can’t evenly divide by 3[View]
12965072How does fluorid affect my brain? Due to my OCD and i used to eat toothpaste and i read something on…[View]
12958192what good is university when it can't teach you to become something like pic related?[View]
12957768/mg/ - mathematics general: previous thread >>12951077 Basic computational geometry edition. T…[View]
12962494The South African variant of the virus affects people who got the vaccine worse than everyone else, …[View]
12962396Which job has the best pay/difficulty ratio?: I got into the physics meme and even though I like doi…[View]
12958094Sexual dimorphism in mental traits: Why are there so many people now who believe there are zero diff…[View]
12964672How easy is it really to become a code monkey from scratch, /sci/? Can you really entirely self teac…[View]
12964810anyone can factor this for me?: 22274407247395608651546932875317670564694705709775063995271768358661…[View]
12953069>professor asks us if we can find the volume of a function >I say 'have you checked under the …[View]
12963306How can someone be so smart?: I don't get it. This guy breezed through school including Stanfor…[View]
12963331How do you use graphs ?: Graphs have a variety of applications in daily use, you may encounter graph…[View]
12963329What was with that peak of deaths on the 7th?[View]
12964022Is getting a degree beyond bsc possible if you didn't get publications and recommendations?[View]
12960268>when you just now learn that nuclear energy isn't a magical radiating green energy liquid b…[View]
12963563Mercerised Cotton Socks: Thinking about buying some as an alternative to ones with synthethics with …[View]
12961925>we can observe small changes in the genome such as a bacterium becoming resistant to an anti-bio…[View]
12963618How to understand high level concepts: How do i understand high level concepts/complex ideas and pro…[View]
12960291This is so beautiful lads[View]
12964130I really like physics, I genuinely enjoy learning it. However, now that im in my third year, im a ki…[View]
12960785Which are the best free academic books sites ?[View]
12962285Why did he do it?[View]
12954184Is it true that modern science is corrupt?[View]
12964358Are we going to end up needing more vaccines for a specific strain?: Why should people take the vacc…[View]
12962715Cryogenics: I want to freeze myself when I die but I want to put some bitcoins in a seed wallet writ…[View]
12963540reportedly, the temperatures on mars have reached and can reach nearly 70 degrees farenheit at the e…[View]
12964369Are their claims, from UCS, about advanced nuclear reactors junk science or conclusive? And how conc…[View]
12964339>13% >55%[View]
12963506What regulates the expression of extraneous genes? Why in some parts of the body they seem more acti…[View]
12963933Is studying hard pointless?: I understand that some degree of studying is important but if you are b…[View]
12964317Are their claims, from UCS, about advanced nuclear reactors junk science or conclusive?[View]
12964219nootropics/longevity/ non invasive transhumanism thread: is it a good idea to copy stacks from longe…[View]
12959291How can something like this even be considered possible?[View]
12959456Alphastar / Deepmind: Is it possible to create an AI that can challenge a human in a game like starc…[View]
12956969>something in math makes no sense >take higher level courses >it makes perfect sense now Th…[View]
12962383Paleolith computer: Just imagine you (your body + your consciousness) was brought into the Paleo era…[View]
12963818Mental Power: I'm able to stop my hiccups through thought alone. I do it in front of my friends…[View]
12963349Any engineers using bessel functions on real world engineering problems?[View]
12936697Are we doomed?[View]
12962084>It's 30, r-right?[View]
12962095when you see it. look at his head. pfffthahahahaha[View]
12963392>pretty fucked up that eukaryotic and prokaryotic DNA polymerases arent homologous What are the i…[View]
12962963why hasn't capitalism got us to space yet? by simply googling resources on the moon its clear t…[View]
12963661Genetic Immunity To All Viruses: COVID has me thinking. What if COVID was a bioweapon? >inb4 you…[View]
12963763Are there any good alternatives to sleep?[View]
12962565Here's the thing. You said a 'jackdaw is a crow.' Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's …[View]
12955269What causes the brain to look like in pic-related?[View]
12961889what kind of hormones do pornstars use to enchance their dick size: what kind of chemicals do pornst…[View]
12963737Why aren’t their water mountains?[View]
12958193Covid vaccines: So, which of the vaccines is the most effective overall? Which one should I get cons…[View]
12963038Are memories alive?[View]
12963981Reality is a Boltzmann fluctuation[View]
12962331public opinion on masks sure has changed a lot over the last year, what does the actual science on t…[View]
12963935How do quantum fluctuations affect the molecules that make us up? Does this happen at the atomic lev…[View]
12963869the generalised mediant (GM): I don't see how the GM for a set of fractions can be equivalent t…[View]
12963873The stoics: Why do people say I should start with Epicurus and not Marcus Aurelius? Does it really m…[View]
12962241How did he do it?[View]
12960694Best sites for learning?[View]
12961560>open paper.pdf >british authors >close paper.pdf >I recommend this paper for rejection …[View]
12941244'trust the science' btfo by nobel prize winner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oza1j2_WqBk[View]
12962414What would happen if you were to be shot while wearing an astronaut suit in space?[View]
12963634The Blue Skinned Race: Hello /sci/, This is going to be an ehhhhh/cringe thread but it is for scienc…[View]
12962281/sfg/ Space Flight General: Flip’n’burn edition Previous thread: >>12962212[View]
12963164does covid decrease IQ? never scored below 143 on iq tests. took a few iq tests tonight. scores were…[View]
12960731is he a real deal or a scammer? desu that story with element 115 seems legit but the guy also has ch…[View]
12963677What are some superpowers found in animals on Earth that can be modified into a human so that said h…[View]
12958694What is your superpower, /soi/?[View]
12963622>be me >taking a mix of third and second year physics courses >in a group chat for a third …[View]
12952956is this true?[View]
12963587Well yes I do integrate all my functions according to Rienmann: I know it's a bit harder but ot…[View]
12959974>explain your reasoning why should I if i answered the question correctly…[View]
12963513What's the significance of the ratio 7.854 : 4.854 : 3?[View]
12957516zangbeto: explain this shit[View]
12963348What makes a person creepy? A psychologist explains: tl;dr: some psych. did research on creepiness, …[View]
12962332>in 4th year EE >still a fucking idiot help…[View]
12932841Why haven't you gotten married yet, /sci/? Happiness has repeatedly been shown to be the best c…[View]
12962359Free College Through Simply Walking-In?: Are there literally people who get college educated through…[View]
12963379Would my new employer be impressed, if he asked me for a project I made in my free time and showed h…[View]
12963477>epstein was white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Koll2tjLX_s[View]
12960022Reminder that you will never make it in any legit science field if you can't solve Olympiad pro…[View]
12943897>This is supposed to be real[View]
12962979Am I finally losing it /sci/? I just fast-checked a couple of whale researchers and the majority jus…[View]
12963233Kumon: Kumon is an educational network created by Toru Kumon which uses his Kumon Method to teach ma…[View]
12957490inseminating multiple eggs at once: i'm trying to rapidly increase population but 1 birth per 9…[View]
12962857which methodology is better? can any statisticians or data scientists tell me what method they use?[View]
12958432>mathematics is discovered, not created >mathematics is not contemplative, it is a creative ac…[View]
12958287The biology of being cool: What are the scientific underpinnings behind being 'cool'? Is it based on…[View]
12958044What’s the dumbest hoax you’ve ever seen or heard of?: Everyone’s encountered at least one in their …[View]
12952458IQ threads on /sci: Question for anons who've been lurking on /sci for a while now and can comm…[View]
12960157Does learning new things give you dopamine due to instant gratification? Sometimes I feel great and…[View]
12962422Chemists?: My girlfriend just cleaned some mold from her car using Odoban and CLR mold and mildew cl…[View]
12960582>Over a third of the Antarctic ice shelf is at risk of collapsing as Earth continues to warm.…[View]
12962008Can scientists predict when my goat is going to lay an egg?[View]
12958425Mpemba effect: What is the deal with the Mpemba Effect? The Wikipedia page for it is super quick to …[View]
12952758Antigravity?: I know the marble on the taut rubber sheet is a flawed representation of gravity and h…[View]
12959201Have any of you autists worn lab coats in day to day life as a fashion thing?[View]
12959290>mom caught me on sci-hub[View]
129621191/3 of covid survivors delevops mental issues. Is it scientifically backed?: https://feeds.aarp.org/…[View]
12961299I'm a brainlet from /g/. Worked mostly with engineering and 'practical' software. How can I int…[View]
12962424In which level are you?[View]
12960568post naughty things you did in uni: >asked my female classmate to take pics of the board because …[View]
12957775Craziest thing about all this is that Geometric Unity predicted it[View]
12962347Where do I read academic papers? You know, published papers Im looking for something in economics by…[View]
12958467How would I go about making something like this? Obviously not as huge, I want to try and replicate …[View]
12962118what is the science behind smart people having dumb children? Why is nature so cruel?[View]
12959601Hexagon of Saturn: It looks pretty interesting, but what exactly is it?[View]
12962253Google Scholar Thread Degree(s): Age: Citations: h-index: i10-index:[View]
12958388There are two players, and each one has a die with six sides from 1 to 6. The probability of each si…[View]
12960857Only 2% of mushrooms are toxic to humans. In fact, only 12 species are fatal They're high in po…[View]
12956576Cheet sheets for thermo or pchem, anybody ?[View]
12958347>made my conspiracy theorist brother fall for the dihydrogen monoxide scam How was your day?…[View]
12962117why can't we just genetically engineer a disease identical to covid, however remove the ability…[View]
12959100>look only through left eye a bit blurry >look only through right eye a bit blurry >look th…[View]
12961821Why is reductive materialism still a thing? It's unequivocally false.[View]
12954653This dude said he doesn't score very well on IQ tests. I've heard him talk about math and …[View]
12955562/tex/ - Texbooks and Flowcharts General: I fucking love this book[View]
12954223Muon g-2 experiment: So, what caused the discrepancy with the SM? Any theories?[View]
12959185Our Terrifying Universe: I've been educating myself about the Universe in a casual 'watching do…[View]
12950879If atoms are 99.99999% vacuum, why do we seem to think there is a lot of stuff around us in the univ…[View]
12961505>be me >iq somewhere between 100-110 >just completed undergrad in biology at a uni in arseh…[View]
12948112Sorry, it's true. Stop denying science.: 1. IQ is real. 2. IQ measures intelligence to a high d…[View]
12961690Interpretations of QM: Why does this obscure topic seem to attract the most obnoxious Dunning-Kruger…[View]
12958339I am just going to leave this here https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1380781539647053826[View]
12947905Why do so few people know about the most important mathematician of the last century?[View]
12961102physics devices of destruction: im in physics right now, but want to learn how to use my knowledge f…[View]
12958469penis length and focus: >Only grotesque, foolish men who were ruled by lust and sexual urges had …[View]
12961553Fiber bundles and light: Yo, what's a fiber bundle and what does it have to do with electromagn…[View]
12961526Is THIS evidence that reality is broken?[View]
12959631How strong is the strongest magnet?[View]
12959518Physics and chemistry: Stars are 90% hydrogen. 10% helium H20. Water is 66% hydrogen fused with 33% …[View]
12952580>new sci-hub articles STILL held hostage by indian court[View]
12956492Why is it that when I do whippets the nitrous is freezing cold when it comes out? How does it stay t…[View]
12958645What am I looking at here? https://youtu.be/0JTkSzVDXY4[View]
12956113Mars open to colonization: Look mis negros, you make a little hole in Mars, and what do you get? WAT…[View]
12960594Why do men have nipples?[View]
12959781What was his secret /sci/? Was this it? >'Many people have wondered how Johnny von Neumann could …[View]
12960016Could blue asbestos be weaponzied as an area denial weapon that is chemically inert? Chemically iner…[View]
12958262Why do you think psychology is a pseudoscience: And don't say the reproducibilit crisis because…[View]
12960937If I were going to seriously replace AdjectiveAdjectiveAnimal with this, It's just [math]s^{b{^…[View]
12935250how feasible are earth-like moons?: can we truly live on one should we ever get to find one?[View]
12959759What would happen if there were a creature with a brain so large that its brain was the size of an e…[View]
12958235what actual benefits does alcohol have? didn’t the people who drink wine live long lives meme get di…[View]
12960198Can some anon explain to me why the flux through a plane is the same if we use +x +y +z orientation?…[View]
12960234Human Evolution and Biological Anthropology: I recently came across the field of medical anthropolog…[View]
12953193Professors shit: >put time and effort into an assignment >'you must have stolen this' fuck pro…[View]
12955757Does math make you bald?: I keep noticing all mathematicians have some type of balding pattern, spec…[View]
12953950My family is losing their shit over the recent UAP sightings. Can /sci/ help me figure out what this…[View]
12959735Bros, what are some crazy scientist what there that became junkies, mad or quacks? I've become …[View]
12959677How can i check my Google surveys: I made a google survey for my studies (teaching middle school, an…[View]
12957923How to read math books: I am still in the foundation part and this book is taking too much time. I a…[View]
12959509quantum suicide reality editing: I need some advice/feedback on building a reality editing system. T…[View]
12958403Spaceflight General: /sfg/ : Space bloomer edition[View]
12959730who was in the wrong here? >>32844484[View]
12956742Stop. Portraying. Theories. As. Fact.[View]
12958949What is the point of social sciences when they fail to make accurate predictions?[View]
12957376Are we at the beginning of the universe/reality or are we near the end? Maybe in the middle somewher…[View]
12954643Psychology/biology question: I get why guys would get horny for two girls lezzing out, but why are s…[View]
12956999Are ghosts real? Scientifically speaking that is.[View]
12958187>neural networks are good at everything >the universe must be a neural network! https://arxiv.…[View]
12954646you are seeing this message for a reason[View]
12955181>he's going to take the vaccine[View]
12945660Anybody here who's done a (stem) PhD in Japan: How was it? Good choice? Bad choice?[View]
12959345>go to my chemistry lab >fall into the acid well…[View]
12959516Mathematically speaking the universe can run in reverse without breaking the logic of the math behin…[View]
12958450HDI (Human Development Index): If IQ affects the development of Africa, then why is southern Nigeria…[View]
12959193what is the scientific explanation for Christ healing his peasants like he did?[View]
12949433Piss chemistry: Hello /sci/ Recently when pissbottling into plastic bottles rather than glass ones I…[View]
12959282When I was in HS I thought all physicist were working on solving the biggest problems of our time. N…[View]
12957856Should people have ownership of mathematical discoveries? That is, should copyright be applied to pu…[View]
12954521what if between every two points there were a unique line, and between two specific points A and B t…[View]
12957172how the fuck does brain surgery[View]
12959181If someone were to use Dextroamphetamines multiple times daily for study enhancement.: What would be…[View]
12959086Iodine: Are the effects of iodine on our body placebo ? I feel stupid and exhausted when I don'…[View]
12958624What are the most important chemistry subjects to learn as an undergrad and grad student? Physical c…[View]
12958383How small of a number is 1 divided by grahams number?[View]
12958336>Mr. Jurczyk. Sir, we've explored what you've asked of us and it seems as though there…[View]
12958967/MED/ GENERAL: Serious question here. I'm a eurofag and in my country the medschool lenght is 6…[View]
12957804What am I in for bros[View]
12956912Are woman more biologically important than men? I'm arguing on /fit/ that the fisher principle …[View]
12958038Post genetic research on the differences between attractive and unattractive people[View]
12930669Autism: What are its implications?[View]
12958749>Some soldiers entered the house of Archimedes and one of the soldiers asked Archimedes who he wa…[View]
12954968>just trust the experts >blood clots aren't real >absolutely no long term effects >…[View]
12958599>debunks genes[View]
12956863What does he do now that Geometric Unity has become by far the most plausible Theory of Everything? …[View]
12958677Woah!: Woah! https://youtu.be/-VjbYI-eaTQ[View]
12953752Is lead essential?[View]
12957996>start reading math >start learning about abstract concepts >equations start reading more l…[View]
12958528both /pol/ and /sci/ aren't skeptical of themselves: /sci/ deserves to be covered in normalfag …[View]
12957126Scientifically speaking. What is the most effective and natural way to build a body made of stone?[View]
12953910Is it true that midwits conform to authority and hate those who do their own research?: If that is t…[View]
12957647Going to a programming interview Monday: How much do first impressions matter? Especially when it co…[View]
12952867Science fags be like >first there was nothing >then suddenly, out of this nothingness, everyth…[View]
12955893If I blast high frequencies will that make people uncomfortable and leave without knowing why?[View]
12956986how the fug did they make that!?[View]
129564964D Space: Ok bear with me SCI I'm new to this. I imagine it's impossible to see four spati…[View]
12957925EEE: >filtered by algebra word problems I can only laugh, I don't even feel depressed anymor…[View]
12956450Reject modernity embrace tradition[View]
12958117Estrous: Is there a human form of Estrous?[View]
12957038200 years ago >imaginary numbers are simply a hack that somehow works, it's not like they ac…[View]
12953541can /sci/ explain this to me? I want to know what this is, but I want /sci/ to tell me[View]
12955573how do you call these numbers in brackets like in this example the (60) ?[View]
12957835Pure Sciences Thread: I've made up my mind to ditch engineering and study physics and philosoph…[View]
12954218Went outside often, still no coronavirus.: Can anybody explain to me why?[View]
12955490>mfw about to graduate with a first-class degree because /sci/chads helped me out…[View]
12955599if asians are so smart, how come they don't discover anything? There's Einstein, Newton, t…[View]
12955301How the fuck do you study: Exams content is pretty easy, nothing too difficult to think about except…[View]
12949710What are some examples of geniuses coming from nongenius/peasant bakgrounds?[View]
12957669What’s up with pathetically low strength among south asians, colloquially known as “pajeets”? Grip s…[View]
12958715Does the penis still grow in your early twenties?: My dick is disproportionally thin with 6 inches l…[View]
12951886Smoked a pack a day, every day for 10 years. Research shows damage is already done and irreversible.…[View]
12957316Not based on fetish or ideology and honest opinions only, do you actually think science will make st…[View]
12953931>pfft why go to college when you can just learn via internet?[View]
12957221What is the industry of the future? Is everything just headed towards Comp Sci and robotics?[View]
12952401How to actually understand maths: In particular, measure theory. I keep reading definitions and theo…[View]
12951077/mg/ mathematics general: guess the mathematician edition talk math, formerly >>12943915…[View]
12957284I'm looking for books that teach about Biology right from the beginning. Bonus if they focus on…[View]
12948587How does science work? How can we trust instruments to give us an accurate reading of reality?[View]
12952662Why do I see fractals in nature when I'm tripping, /sci/? What the fuck is my brain doing?[View]
12955085slime universe theory: please explain to me why i'm extremely wrong on this cause it seems like…[View]
12957152Scientific lies that everyone believes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_misconceptions …[View]
12933011Autism Test: >Continuation thread old one aged out. So /sci/ what is your answer to question one…[View]
12955547is bootstrapping a form of statistical cheating?[View]

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