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10819275redpill me on sea dragon: Not pursued because it was unfeasible or politics? Is it feasible now, in …[View]
10824145Is it possible for clouds to be physically dense? Like it's still technically a cloud, but it h…[View]
10823831Scientifically speaking, how bad for your health is it to fall for the reddit science meme?[View]
10822121Has there been any practical evidence or experiment that has shown that mass is directly proportiona…[View]
10818168Home Lab General-/HLG/: Lets discuss our home science labs and how to build your own.[View]
10822209>solve a math problem in my head for a friend >they're surprised by my intelligence …[View]
10823349>He actually believes the advice his advisor/professors give him[View]
10823148Physics: I'm starting for the first time in this coming September or August what should I expe…[View]
10822169My favorite part of math is coordinate system and 3D angles so I am trying to use them to create cal…[View]
10823114Going to uni early: If you got good enough grades and did well on your collegeboard and sats and all…[View]
10822991Have any of you ever wanted to go full mad scientist and kill everyone? Like building a giant death …[View]
10822785Why don't we use engineered bacteria to grow edible protein instead of going full hakuna matata…[View]
10823815Plz: >cant find pissy pamper Anyone help[View]
10823596what technologies do you think will or won’t come into fruition in the coming decades (20s-60s)? do …[View]
10809975>More and more evidence indicates that your personality, intelligence, ect is based on your biolo…[View]
10823418>5G thread >any bullshit fringe study i want to post >300 replies starting…[View]
10810348Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: In ten hours, the launch of Apollo 11 will have taken place exactly fift…[View]
10822734Metaphysical Implications Of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW…[View]
10823636Mice studies: Is there a source our there where I can just read up on studies done on mice? I'm…[View]
10820962what's a simple concept that took you a long time to grasp? for me it was discovering why N - -…[View]
10821833What did they mean by that?[View]
10818692Nuclear fuel bundles: Are they dangerous to be around before they are loaded into a reactor?[View]
10821215Post the last journal article you read.: I'll start.[View]
10819317*casually debunks science as a whole*: heh... nothing personnel.....[View]
10822305>he took a general topology class[View]
10823553Bioelectric magnetiscm: How does one control the small electric current that the human body emits? i…[View]
10823419Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's IQ[View]
10814725Elon Musk hate: Why do you hate him so much? I don't understand at all. Some people have a deep…[View]
10823449Is playing Kaizo Mario the most G-loaded activity.[View]
10823341Deepak Chopra BTFO's math: Western medicine? debunked. Physics? only Deepak understands that, p…[View]
10822464Times Tables Sticker: Ok sci, Get your times tables sticker and prove you aren't a brainlet ht…[View]
10822429engineers, real men among small children: Ever since I was a small child my father always said I mus…[View]
10821696what idiot shifted it by one? it would be so beautiful otherwise[View]
10823013Arrow of time and it's reversal: https://arxiv.org/abs/1712.10057 Thoughts?[View]
10823115https://incels.wiki/w/Scientific_Blackpill what's your honest opinion on the science of blackpi…[View]
10822960What would it take for you to become one of Elon's loyal subjects?[View]
10816363If consciousness is purely a product of the nervous system then why do microanimals and insects with…[View]
10808221Meme book thread: Why the fuck do you retard autists shill this faggot’s shitty book? It’s fucking u…[View]
10816689Is time-travel possible? I'm currently interested in the concept of time-travel via traversable…[View]
10822739Let us suppose I want a job after my math bachelors. What jobs should I be looking to get? What cour…[View]
10820070Chemistry Question: What is the name for the compound name of La2C2? Thank you![View]
10822821Long Division Thread: Please have your multiplication sticker before you come here >>10822464 …[View]
10820288Any /sci/entists here, who know what could cause a pig to have rapid liver/organ failure? Something …[View]
10822368Absent instincts: Why do some people with certain disorders appear to lack some specific instincts?…[View]
10820955Considering the articles in the pic is it safe to say that nofap and celibacy make sense? links: Sex…[View]
10816856What's the evolutionary advantage of dying of old age?[View]
10821636Why is a 1 kg of concrete mixed with water weights 2.89 kg?[View]
10817237Would it be scientifically worthwhile to clone Neanderthals to study (if it were possible of course)…[View]
10820976What’s universal truth in science?[View]
10819897Realistically, when can we expect the worst consequences of climate change?: Is it in just 12 years …[View]
10820472Square Root of 6: [math]\sqrt{6}=2.449[/math][View]
10821648Why are you people so focused on a single magic 'cure' for cancer? Survival rates are increasing for…[View]
10821314https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-vbh3t7WVI Why are they going so deep and technical in a public lau…[View]
10822385Is anyone here following this program/software/coin/code closely? Just wondering[View]
10822332Multiverse Theory: >we cant conceptualize this universe satisfactorily >therefore an infinite…[View]
10820273Biological Superiority Appreciation Thread: I just realized how superior our biological IT is versus…[View]
10794348Why did interest in Space die out?[View]
10816828What does science have to say about this?: 29.597919, 25.606642 29.770573, 25.778698 27.242434, 16…[View]
10820864love you: [math]\sqrt{cos(x)}\cdot cos(400x) + \sqrt{\|x}[/math][View]
10819051Artificial Intelligence will destroy many jobs ... but what about the creation of new jobs? Do you t…[View]
10820780Theoretical Physicist Finds Computer Code in String Theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvMlUepV…[View]
10822054Book recommendations for getting into aerospace engineering: We're going to put a man on mars i…[View]
10819325Why is studying so goddamn boring?[View]
10821330best way to amplify gravity? or slow down time?: can we ever build a gravity amplifier? emergent gra…[View]
10820889When does /sci/ence cure cancer? Or is it incurable?[View]
10821160physical density of plasma in tokamak: could someone link me to a chart or something.. all i can fin…[View]
10821880we have Un a real squence that verify Un+2 = Un+1 + Un for all n in IN F={Un that verify Un+2 =Un+1…[View]
10819665https://aiportraits.com/# Not too long ago we were saying it wouldnt happen in our lifetime. Guess a…[View]
10820256>Math. Stats >Combinatorics >History of Math I can only take one. Which is more useful?…[View]
10820670>global warming isn't rea-[View]
10820423A question for you faggots do you actually feel happy studying for your dream job? I fucking hate Me…[View]
10821745What is the evolutionary advantage of free will?[View]
10819306is the whole 'electric universe' theory true, or at least hold any scientific basis? if tr…[View]
10815314how much of a math genius would he of been: if he focused on math instead of chess?[View]
10821683Does fetishize medical equipment? I find there to be something erotic about being deep inside an MRI…[View]
10815138Are his brain implants for real or is this all vaporware?[View]
10821503I dont read fiction books i read physics/math textbooks only feels good man[View]
10806528Does science need nationalization?: Since capitalism seems to be encouraging people to pump out usel…[View]
10820478If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then where did energy come from?[View]
10820093Is lysergamide microdosing a meme?: Does taking like 10 mcg, 40 mcg, 8 mcg of LSD or PRO-LAD regular…[View]
10817398David Hilbert and Hermann Weyl footage: i wonder what they talked about did Weyl think he was superi…[View]
10817601What will be the point of humans in science once a general AI is developed?[View]
10821436are his claims just for pr for his company?[View]
10819008Is there an equivalent of the Smith-Waterman algorithm or BLAST for binary (i.e. non-DNA) sequences?…[View]
10819607Physics Books: Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway and Jewett is the best introductory ph…[View]
10815785What does /sci/ think would be the best way to storm area 51?[View]
10818386Everything is subjective, science and math are not objective.[View]
10820067What’s in the mind of a hobo in terms of psychology?[View]
10818813Good botany books/resources: Looking for some substantial botany textbooks or course outlines. It…[View]
10821146It's not a square i know that much: Is an infinitely long rectangle that has finite height a li…[View]
10820972>'stop torturing animals in biology class' >'Stop cultivating Anthrax spores in my biology lab…[View]
10820927What does /sci/ think of khan academy?[View]
10816536amazing illusion: how are such illusions created ? What programs are used ? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
10819474If electrical power is V*I or R*I^2 and it dissipates in the form of heat in the conductors/resistor…[View]
10820969Are we in the Stone Age of science? Everyone’s still hopped up on inapplicable non-macro theories an…[View]
10816670Proof of valued consciousness: There are approximately 10^80 atoms in our universe, with approximate…[View]
10819618groin fungus: Scientifically speaking, what is the best way to get rid of groin fungus[View]
10819616Why isn't there a website where niggas be posting riddles and we collectively solve them and we…[View]
1080881720000 years from now if the only skeletons available from this time period are Yao Ming and Danny De…[View]
10820948How do you teach people to control their neurones to master themselves? No religious practices. Only…[View]
10820970Where are some good places online to study for the calculus CLEP? Right now im doing some stuff on k…[View]
10815500How do you you save everyone from suffering using science?[View]
10820208what are the chances that multiple big bangs happened and just expands time frame of the bang. and c…[View]
10820933a midsummer nights meme: when i think my brain heats up and im unable to cool down t. pluto[View]
10819298Cosmology: If the universe is flat, that means it is infinite?[View]
10819773Throw At Me What You Will, I Don't Care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XsLSXvqO7I…[View]
10820821Why does the 2^2 dissapear between rationalizing the numerator and canceling out terms? Thanks[View]
10820858ok so anyone please tell me if this theory exists already, but like black holes, ok i've had a …[View]
10818930will we develop full dive VR within this century? elon just revealed his neuralink, but I’m not sure…[View]
10819500>if we keep making faster computers, eventually theyll become conscious…[View]
10820329Square Root of 7: [math]\sqrt{7}=\frac{771}{300}[/math][View]
10820546I'm new to this board never posted, never even browsed. I'm curious about the change in th…[View]
10820338Synthetic bat animal: This is a leaf-nosed bat. Evolution has given it convex lips and forehead to a…[View]
10809982Is this graphic really true? What does this mean?[View]
10820007Is it even possible to calculate Euclidean distance given latitude and longitude? >Inb4 calculate…[View]
10820268I'm planning to do double major with Math and Software Engineering, but I'm kind of scared…[View]
10818490Scientifically speaking what is the meaning of searching the meaning of life? Are humans megalomanic…[View]
10817356Why do we blush?[View]
10820269how do u do modulus using only the four basic arithmetic operations? rpg maker only has those four o…[View]
10818691Realistically, what would speaking to an intelligent AI actually be like? Given that their entire c…[View]
10819304I won the nobel prize, where is my free gf?[View]
10819609Are receptor density and receptor sensitivity the same thing?[View]
10818380What is math?[View]
10820088Is the universe rational independent of us?[View]
10819536Medicine: Any doctor anon regarding immunology , need halp ,sinuses killing me , doctors here irl su…[View]
10819557>mistakes in questions and lots of misprints >answer key for odd number questions only >ext…[View]
10820426Entropy reversal anon here. My old thread 404d >>10815847 so I am continuing it here. It is my…[View]
10819908Is it possible for something to come from nothing?: The universe, matter, energy, tangible things fo…[View]
10819506Is it a waste of time going back to school at 25 years old to study STEM? I've been a NEET for …[View]
10820319you would need 1,650,476,500,000,000 1 quadrillion, 650 trillion, 476 billion, 500, million double A…[View]
10819753So, this Myers Brigss Persnoality Types thing, is it of any real scientific value? I'm no exper…[View]
10819825Hey /sci/, how do feel about phrenology? Is it accurate?[View]
10816924Anyone can recommend time series analysis books?: I am hoping to get a job in optimisation, if anyon…[View]
10818352I'm being offered a physics research position at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. It's …[View]
10820201Physics course to take so you never get cucked? What course should I take, to learn how to construct…[View]
10820149lets say I'm doing my PhD and I find a discovery that would lead to a new drug. Is there a poss…[View]
10820115Square Root of 2: The Square Root of 2 is 842/600[View]
10818997Is the 80/20 incel theory scientificly acurate?[View]
10816935I'm going into university this September for Biology and Chemistry, what are some things I shou…[View]
10820153Let us celebrate the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon as a giant leap oh humanity, but reflec…[View]
10819973Why isn't the sun in the sky for 12 hours a day?[View]
10819299Thoughts about this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sluggish_cognitive_tempo >Sluggish cognitive t…[View]
10812402>Most advanced SETI Analysis ever, found no aliens in nearby 1327 stars. https://youtu.be/-kJ68zq…[View]
10819061Is there any easy free way to get at least table of contents (or a list of publications) in new issu…[View]
10819891theoretical earth drilling vehicle: hi, i'm writing a short story about some guys traveling to …[View]
10818050H-help: /sci/, I need your help. I want to learn math, be able to calculate things at lightning spee…[View]
10819695Can I get some help from the math enthusiasts regarding this clip and probability? https://clips.twi…[View]
10818306if the rest of the moderate climate world is going to turn into a constant shit storm of hurricanes …[View]
10818729Why the fuck are all undergrad books 800+ pages long? No one needs to do 250+ excercises on e differ…[View]
10818122>taking 7 years to complete an undergrad degree[View]
10817017I have a question relating to alcohol that I couldn't find an answer to: While drinking I find …[View]
10818672can someone explain this please[View]
10818212Redpill me on Whitehead and Deleuze /sci/.[View]
10819407Can we have a discussion not about whether or not the singularity will happen but what it actually m…[View]
10818188Is P vs NP a P or NP complete problem?[View]
10819195Psychology: Settle this /sci/ Who is the most based human kind? >inb4 'mbti i-is astrology for..…[View]
10818367ok STEM nerds explain to me why i should accept Von Neumann, Einstein, Newton as higher intellects t…[View]
10814391is tenure dead?: how long before it gets eliminated from US universities?[View]
10816077If i put half a cup of water (120ml) in my mouth thats at 40f (4c), my body heats it to 98f (37c). W…[View]
10814729is it possible to create a steampunk airship in real life?[View]
10819128Now that the Dust has Settled: what is the verdict on atiyah deriving the fine structure constant fr…[View]
108144202spooky4me split-brain phenomena: 'In the vast majority of people, the left hemisphere is responsibl…[View]
10819065Thoughts? You gotta admit, this motivational meme, that are constantly posted on social media like t…[View]
10816913The answer to the Fermi paradox is simple. Alien civilizations are masking their activity intention…[View]
10818927>unemployed >still read this Who here /fucktherules/…[View]
10811439LA FIN DU MONDE[View]
10813815Neuralink: There is no escape from capitalism! Musk wants to embed chips in the neurons of brain inj…[View]
10811460fractal sound: How he was able to create a fractal sound ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wJY4BZhQ…[View]
108188222.49 + 2.49 = 4.98 2.49 rounds down to 2 and 4.98 rounds up to 5.[View]
10817009Female and male brains: Is there such a thing as a female/male brain? Studies like this seem to sugg…[View]
10812145What physical-chemical process explain a poem? Which one explain our crave to know, our search for T…[View]
10810074>procrastinated and didn't do any work for the last 2 months >PhD advisor asks to see wor…[View]
10818908MSc of Statistics Online?: Australian here, how the fuck do i study a Master of Statistics online? E…[View]
107670855G: Data http://www.mediafire.com/folder/dj875cd10yb72/EMF http://www.mediafire.com/folder/5id4om83k…[View]
10813142/sfg/ Spaceflight General: MOMENTS BEFORE DISASTER EDITION old thread >>10807544[View]
10807765Why is this not convergent?: > inb4 should have paid attention in class >inb4 it's integr…[View]
10818911Can time only travel in one direction? How would it be possible to turn it back or forward?[View]
10817670I though that the fake moon landing people were a bit silly, but shit like this makes even me start …[View]
10818903Jesus I cannot believe I am still here. Thank u for being a beacon of free speach where others only …[View]
10816722please tell me that this is a joke[View]
10817628If we live in a simulation, doesn't that mean that each one of us is simulation creator by defa…[View]
10818170>writing a research paper that Intend to push >use a formula that is easy and has approximate…[View]
10818816Evolution is fucking stupid, when it comes to how complicated systems that we have in the human body…[View]
10818638Scientific Analysis Noah's Ark: Many of the people who advertise themselves as scientifically m…[View]
10817746>What's the evelutionary advantage of [x]?[View]
10818613physical density of plasma in tokamak: could someone link me to a chart or something.. all i can fin…[View]
10816287If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.[View]
10818671>Yes, I watch Isaac Arthur, how could you tell?[View]
10810950cognitive biases you're aware of: >if someone is overweight/out of shape I immediately judge…[View]
10816058Why do many energy quantities have a 1/2 term?: Kinetic energy, magnetic field energy density, elect…[View]
10818632Do proteins degrade over time without external cofactors (ie. ubiquitin)?[View]
10816489If I daydream on purpose, will it help? https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/daydreaming-is-a-sign-o…[View]
10817452redpill me on thermodynamics. my professor keeps bringing it up as an analogy and i have no idea wha…[View]
10818369Math fags help me out. I have had bad experiences in the past taking more than 1 pure mathematics cl…[View]
10817269Can we talk about how CBC/autodiff testing is a shit indicator for autoimmunity and should be trashe…[View]
10819948Are bigger dicks really better?[View]
10816983Absolute state of modern education: https://www.reddit.com/r/college/comments/cerv84/does_anyone_els…[View]
10817414What is a work-study job like? I have been offered 10 hours per week for on-campus jobs in community…[View]
10818496>no, i don't believe in bob lazar[View]
10818492>”He believes in String Theory”[View]
10809470Sup /sci, give me some 'You should be ale to solve this' Kurisu problems. They're usually fun t…[View]
10818465Stop using CUDA to train NNs now! You will lose at the end. This is a warning from God.[View]
10818445Academic career advice: I got into two programs for math: Option 1) funded assistantship, all expens…[View]
10819866Are there any high achiever here on /sci/? Can you tell me your achievements and age? I wanna know i…[View]
10818177I saw this video a few days ago and cannot stop thinking about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
10816161Low IQ stuttering beta voiced Jew. Spouts claptrap garbage. Unimpressed.[View]
10817596Are there any commutative operations on the integers besides addition where odd*even = odd?[View]
10817562Redpill me on metaphysics /sci/. Isnt it useless and untenable when we have science?[View]
10818004Are conmunity college transfers at a disadvantage when studying science and engineering? Do you have…[View]
10818237What are job prospects like for biomedical engineers outside of academia? I live in the middle of o…[View]
10811402What did uncle Ted mean by this?[View]
10816891Best must-have math books[View]
10817589Solve it[View]
10812703What is evolutionary advantage of labor pain? Women know labor is very painful so they would want to…[View]
10815201Is the thought you intend to inflict upon others, always the thought you inflict upon yourself?[View]
10814101whats the best bioweapon for destroying crops?specifically rice[View]
10815548>tfw you realise days aren't real, just the revolution of one precarious little rock around …[View]
10816061Hey /sci/ can you make a flow chart/course map custom designed for me for the Pure Math route I woul…[View]
10816153Does anyone know what the fuck this is[View]
10808956It's not fair bros[View]
10817664Summer School Test: Ok so i need help with this test and if i pass this i pass summer school so i wi…[View]
10817068hey guys I baneposted in my public peer-reviewed research because you people have destroyed me[View]
10815921How would you transfer qualia from the brain to a machine?: >Replace each neuron one by one? >…[View]
10817626I'm working on my masters in cardiology and I'm half way through the program. So far I…[View]
10813847AD5933 DEV KIT: Hi This chip outputs a series of complex numbers. I want to apply least squares to f…[View]
10808472Is it possible to create a 'solid cloud' or for one to naturally form? Could clouds ever be harveste…[View]
10815847I want to create technology that violates the second law of thermodynamics and reverses entropy. Thi…[View]
10817327do /sci believe in the greater architect of our reality or pure coincidence?[View]
10816172What would happen if a submarine at a depth of 1000 feet were teleported: What would happen if a sub…[View]
10810209nootropics: Is Oxiracetam + Caffeine + Theanine a good nootropics stack?[View]
10815542based Veronkia Hubeny: So, after thinking about this over night, I’ve decided to share something tha…[View]
10817049Relativity is pseudoscience. Einstein literally just saw some numbers that didn't add up so the…[View]
10814373Florida academics, I need your help!: I'm currently trying to decide between two universities t…[View]
10817239>how many people think its a? >how many people think its b? >how many people didn't ra…[View]
10813689why is exercise so powerful? specifically high intensity cardio I am way more meticulous, vigilant, …[View]
10817051why doesn't gravity crush us?[View]
10813009what's the purpose of seeking diverse applicants?[View]
10814688The abysmal quality of papers outside of US and UK: Ok I am currently a graduate school in economics…[View]
10816937How the fuck did this guy get accepted at Princeton for PhD in physics and finish it in three years …[View]
10816890What if every number is actually 0? Like sure, 1 + 2 × 2 = 5 but this would also be trivially true i…[View]
10804032has /sci/ ever made any memes?[View]
10788905Does /sci/ believe in climate change?[View]
10809509Can I still have a career in science or engineering if I start studying at 30?[View]
10808477thank you based CO2 for greening our planet[View]
10817085https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZB-AdZwz84 For an average-height adult male to generate a gravitati…[View]
10812438https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/01/050121100142.htm: >The study also identified region…[View]
10811883Forget about intergalactic travel even traveling outside our solar system is impossible. We are very…[View]
10810845Anyone have any experience with the 'Dovers books on Math and Science'? These are the three I'…[View]
10816246Im not sure if this is the right board, but does anybody have research if pic related actually does …[View]
10813527When did you realise that mathematical biology is the future of the life sciences?[View]
10813900Were H. erectus' arms more evolved that ours?[View]
10815759scientifically illiterate retard here, I was thinking about something. Wouldn't the peak of int…[View]
10815256Why are there so few beautiful people and so many average and ugly ones? I thought we were selective…[View]
10809524Why are we still having the nature vs nurture debate?: It's clearly both. One will never be a M…[View]
10812725What the FUCK?!![View]
10816492Recommended reading: Think carefully[View]
10816485Rise, Suns of Earth!: Those who think they can reveal something that will shock people into understa…[View]
10812777Is there a hypothetical way to 'cure' sociopaths/psychopaths?[View]
10813722Neuralink to provide Human-Computer Interface: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJI9UFUUCcg Neuralink…[View]
10815864Hey /sci/. which sites offer the best online courses in the STEM fields? I did a few small things ov…[View]
10809955Is there a type of theory out there, where it'd go something like: Nobody but you actually …[View]
10815432Could humanity survive global warming causing the Earth to warm by 10 degrees Celsius? Obviously civ…[View]

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