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11883450Emc square challenge: Hear me out. At its worst is an hypotesis so lets keep an open mind. Einstein …[View]
11882803Can somebody explain this to me?[View]
11882776What are your favorite /sci/-related YouTube channels?[View]
11867079is IQ real or is IQ fake? scientifically[View]
11875523Base 10: Was base 10 a mistake?[View]
11878186Is time travel even hypothetically possible?[View]
11875365Why is philosophy mocked when science can't answer the major philosophical questions?[View]
11882375Why is there so little literature on the physical process of death?[View]
11882312Why did it take humans so long to invent calculus?[View]
11881949Question 1 : Why do so many synestheses agree the letter A is red, while disagreeing with the colour…[View]
118821810.99999...8 = 0.99999..9 0.99999...9 = 1 0.99999...8 = 1 .... 0 = 1 QED[View]
11883261scientifically speaking, what effect does homeschooling have on a child’s physiological development?[View]
11883249Why is chess seen as this almighty smart person's game to regular folk? I can see that calculat…[View]
11881630STEM: defend these stem degrees (as stem) Earth/Environmental Sciences Health Sciences/Public Health…[View]
11883197how is diabetes identified? just a regular blood test?[View]
11882110Inject brain with stem cells to develop perfect pitch?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=816VLQNdPMM …[View]
11882906Coronavirus in Florida: can anyone explain scientifically why Florida is a major hotspot for coronav…[View]
11883008Cia hologram: Is this cia hologram document legit? Are we really just energy and physical things don…[View]
11882012How the fuck do I get myself out of humanities and into science (academically)?? Literally such utte…[View]
11882497nothing: theoretically speaking... the big bang was the result of nothing creating something but tha…[View]
11879734What will be the peak of our species? Will we super intelligent AI who who try to learn about the un…[View]
11879474Lucky and the Root Doctor: Have any of yall ever come across the article 'Lucky and the Root Doctor'…[View]
11882901Imagine being over the age of 15 and still using one of these.[View]
11883058Inertial frame of reference but with angular speed: If you're at the center of a rotating platf…[View]
11882959>Hey, mister! Can you explain the science behind why you're such a stinky doody head? >(i…[View]
11881854What is the most based calculator, and why is it the TI89 Titanium[View]
11882823>suspect an illness >look up the symptoms >'NOOOOOOO ONLY PROFESSIONALS CAN DO THAT…[View]
11879232Is scientific research dead? Nothing original or interesting is done anymore, its all just stamp col…[View]
11882769Microscopes: I'm not a scientist but I want to buy a compound microscope to look at cells and b…[View]
11882230Why did it take humans so long to invent physics?[View]
11882408MKultra: Everyone talks about how bad this was but what were the findings? Did they at least advance…[View]
11882383Disproof of law of noncontradiction Let S := ¬S. By substituting S into ¬S we get ¬¬S, which is S. S…[View]
11882406math bros, what operation do I perform on a vector [x y z] to rotate it to any angle I want, but mai…[View]
11879344>tfw you can't logically justify math core axioms without using religious faith…[View]
11880436/sfg/ Spaceflight General: Mars Edition previous: >>11876801[View]
11876804THE FUCK ARE ORBITALS: Can you tell me what orbitals are? Precisely[View]
11882050I accidentally became the maths guy at work, help I guess?: For a bootleg project I made a formula f…[View]
11880970Battle of Class: Member when mammals ruled the world? Which mass extinction was the mistake, PT or K…[View]
11882307Simulation theory: If our universe is infinite then the simulation theory falls flat. No processing …[View]
11882402Any experts in metabiophysics here?[View]
11882276Can someone explain pic related to a brainlet? I get -x^2 - y / y^3, I don't understand where t…[View]
11882352one time i saw lightning strike the ground a few hundred feet from me. we were out playing baseball …[View]
11880374Is computer science a real science?[View]
11882241Integration on the complex plane: > [math]\int e^{z} dz[/math] bounds being a square (0,0), (π,0)…[View]
11882192String Theory: What is string theory?[View]
11871994>there are only two genders Why do people not know what gender is? Gender is an idea, it's n…[View]
11878996Lemme get it more straight: Biggest difference between relativity and quantum mechanics is that the …[View]
11881891Why don't particles interact with their own fields? pic unrelated[View]
11880270RIP Carl Sagan[View]
11882175What kind of experiment would be necessary to test if the CPT symmetry is wrong? It seems likely giv…[View]
11881915Is it possible to convey something like quicksort in purely mathematical terms? Can I make a purely…[View]
11882016Show me a picture of a bison's shaved face. You can't find one. Nobody has ever shaved a b…[View]
11882058Cannabis growth capacity: I heard my degenerate gangster neighbor say he has a 'hydroponic tent' mea…[View]
11881217Scientifically, how do you cure bipolar depression? I am crashing really bad right now. I have had m…[View]
11880933Launch Thread: SpaceX Falcon 9 - Starlink-L9 & SmallSat Rideshare #2 (BlackSky 5 + 6): Back to S…[View]
11881478Can an object just start flying or suddenly freeze because of an improbable event where the atoms al…[View]
11881881Are the electric field and magnetic field objects? If not, how can they interfere with each other to…[View]
11878556Medfags: Knocked out during Hair Transplant Surgery: no idea what board to ask this and cant find an…[View]
11881841What does /sci/ think about asexuality? Is there any real evidence at all? https://www.researchgate.…[View]
11881850How do you build one of these on Earth, or in the space around Earth? .size is relative.[View]
11880056why did people suddenly start caring about space in the last 3 years???[View]
11875580>there's no real solution to this equation so let's just make one up >literally call…[View]
11881735redpill me about mechanical engineering Any working engineers here ? What's working in the fiel…[View]
11877104Is there any paper on the IQ of ancient populations? Pic unrelated.[View]
11881623Hey how can you explain the change in IQ score depending on mood ? When I'm angry I become supe…[View]
11875630Immortality: Will we face the end of natural death within our lifetime? Will it be by injecting mass…[View]
11881652Does it make sense to consider physical theories of spacetime with more than one time dimension? Mat…[View]
11878498What is the /sci/entific way to define a Number?: are they even real?[View]
11879012Should I into biology? I have the perfect brain for it in that I am intelligent, but not when it com…[View]
11877613/mg/ - mathematics general: Guess the mathematician edition previous: >>11871878[View]
11881042ITT: We talk about time travel: I've been thinking a lot about time travel and how different 'r…[View]
11881322Can anyone find a plot of daily hospitalizations in the US? I can’t find any source which has it for…[View]
11880725Do scientists in disciplines like molecular microbiology or condensed matter physics ever get jealou…[View]
11880598Redpill me on RNA vaccines: Why the fuck world governments are waiting for this vaccines for covid w…[View]
11881041i cant seem to grasp this idea: ive been trying to udnerstand for a while how contact forces interac…[View]
11866054/med/ general: Halstead on cocaine edition Thread for the discussion of allopathic evidence-based me…[View]
11880420Can someone tell me scientifically what's going on here?[View]
11881368Fact: If your mathematical proof can be understood with intuition, then it's worthless and triv…[View]
11880721What hobbies do you have?: So I'm getting burned out in grad school and I'm searching for …[View]
11881211Can monkeys be taught not to steal? Has this ever been tested? If it could be done, how do you thin…[View]
11881276sweating and dry skin: Explain this please: >it gets warm or I'm fapping >my ass crack st…[View]
11880766electric universe: its obvious to anyone with a healthy brain that the EU model is pseudoscience, bu…[View]
11879502Colleges are are just a Reals on Wheels ass charity for greasy narcissists. Some debt-monkey waddles…[View]
11879751Help me solve this one /sci/, I'm dumb and has been arguing with my friend about it for a while[View]
11881171What are some items/tools/office supplies that all serious mathematicians should have at their desk …[View]
11881168Is there a good intro to quantum field theory using a top down approach? All the texts I found so f…[View]
11880978Why do people let fresh water run into the ocean where it will be rendered unusable even though ther…[View]
11877119Wtf is going on? >>11873845 >>11875580 >>11872107[View]
11879817Listen to me you little fucks. You are conscious organisms who have been bestowed the incredibly unl…[View]
11880875How long does it take for someone with a IQ above 130 but less than 135 to learn a new language?[View]
11880890red pill me on AI[View]
11880677where are you on the spectrum, /sci/?[View]
11878793Redpoll me on nanomachines. How close are they to becoming reality? (In medicine, manufacturing, and…[View]
11879157>Do you have working knowledge of commonly used scientific software programs? What does this job …[View]
11878355So, a few years ago, we were in the middle of the AI hype. Everything and everyone was turning towar…[View]
11880664Determine the range of change in this curve: you'll be pleasantly surprised[View]
11876867Largest black hole... 12.5 billion years ago. How big is this thing now?: >The largest black hole…[View]
11876654Ronald Graham has passed away: goddamn, first Conway, then Vinberg and now him was he the only actua…[View]
11866735Is forestry a /sci/ approved subject or frankly a meme?[View]
11879460Scientific Theory: All planets in the whole universe used to have humans before. How can I prove my…[View]
11880484>mfw when a professor starts drawing pictures in a mathematical proof 'for the intuition' Come on…[View]
11878953Quantum Computing: https://youtu.be/zOGNoDO7mcU[View]
11877176How relevant are a drug's excipients? Say there's two drugs with the same active ingredien…[View]
11871447Solar Axions: So, /sci/, did XENON1T discover axions, and why is the answer no?[View]
11880617Hey /sci/ducks Checked the catalog. Anyone got a good book on chaos theory they want to shill me? I…[View]
11878102I got into a T20 this year but my dad lost his job during the coronavirus crisis and now my parents …[View]
11875250Why does he hate nerdy people so much?[View]
11880569A single card represents how we see the universe. The layers represent how I'm beginning to thi…[View]
11880487Say something nice about the smarted physicist to have ever lived[View]
11879882Were Egyptians black or white lads?[View]
11874583can i teach myself quantam physics from scratch?: what would a curriculum of books look like taking …[View]
11871688As interesting as wetware computing sounds, how the hell do you “program” something like that?[View]
11875992What is the most intuitive way to understand quantum mechanics?[View]
11873707Do people psychologically recover from being molested by their dads as children if left 'untrea…[View]
11876721Which culture had the most sophisticated mathematics? >Babylonian >Egyptian >Greek >Roma…[View]
11880358Why is Bohmian Mechanics not mainstream yet?: The ontology of BM is that particles exist no matter w…[View]
11876978Is there scientific/medical merit to the idea of intentionally sleeping inclined? It seems to have s…[View]
11872216/gsg/ grad student general (vore free edition): Anyone actually allowed in the lab currently? How is…[View]
11880167If a math book has a section with exercises after each chapter then it's clearly written by a b…[View]
11871967This is Skumbumpster. Nobody has ever seen him, but scientists are sure he exists. He lives in the L…[View]
11880192Why don't we give everyone with migranes a trepan lol It's like, figure it out mate. If pr…[View]
11879366So /sci/, help me win a bet[View]
11879356So true!!![View]
11875355wtf does quantum superposition really exist? How can god roll dices? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
11879971bayesian gender: According to google statistics a website let's call 'website.com' has a traffi…[View]
11879719OHM'S LAW IS FALSE: You fucking physicists can't even do one thing right.[View]
11874895Redpill me on inductors, /sci/: While putting in a fresh battery I just broke a 3mm x 2mm inductor o…[View]
11878512are psychostimulants like adderall or ritalin and other illegal cognitive enhancing drugs viewed as …[View]
11878424What's your opinion of statisticians?[View]
11879561Esoteric matters: Im a physics undergrad currently in my second year of college. I have been uninter…[View]
11878473How I stop being a fucking idiot? I only really got into school around age 12 due to weird-ass circu…[View]
11876645If a lens can bend light, and light is an EM wave, does there exist other “lenses” which can bend sa…[View]
11879711Im posting this again: because this video still pisses me off to no end why is Hermann Weyl spending…[View]
11878816Is human intelligence directly correlated with brain size?[View]
11879444What is the cause of insomnia?[View]
11879280A circular number system: As a hypothetical what if we used a circular number system where once we h…[View]
11876532Sunbathe: Is Sunbathe unhealthy?[View]
11878245Pan troglodytes: why are they such assholes? they gang up and kill each other.[View]
11879262about Magnet polarity: What is the polarity of the round sides on a magnet like this?[View]
11879284What is this academia you guys keep talking about?[View]
11876044https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210023-7.pdf Is the gateway exper…[View]
11874945>There are people who think that psychology and sociology aren’t real sciences Why?…[View]
11876121somethings been bothering me. as we divide 1 by larger and larger numbers. it gets smaller. lets div…[View]
11871679Triassic Petrified Wood: What did araucaria species like Woodworthia resemble in life? Where can I f…[View]
11877164Efforts spanning millenia and humans still can't create gold artificially[View]
11878961How do you do matrices in LaTeX on this board? I tried and it didn't work[View]
11879045If negative matter was found, could you add negative apples to positive apples?[View]
11859170Why does /sci/ hate her?[View]
11871073MBTI is addicting. I don't care if you fags say its like horoscope, if you understand the funct…[View]
11877606Is nature an artificial intelligence?: Was nature created to imitate life ? Or is nature part of a l…[View]
11873775So if I finish basic mathematics...: Will I be able from there to read things from the entry to univ…[View]
11878856Is chemistry the most aesthetic science?[View]
11879121FLat Earth THeory Generator: https://generatorfun.com/flat-earth-theory-generator[View]
11878564Teachers aren't teaching skillsets: Why do public schools teach you to memorize formulas rather…[View]
11878777Does anyone here enjoy robotics? https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/8-01sc-classical-mechanics-fall…[View]
11878981How is time a dimension?[View]
11877956recommend me books about cybersecurity: I'm looking for tech books about network encryption or …[View]
11876638The universe will most probably keep on exisiting for a very long time. Why did we find ourselves in…[View]
11878833Based or cringe.[View]
11878772Are humans robots and are words code?[View]
11876881Why so many down syndrome traits appear in east Asians? Down himself noted that from the start, so h…[View]
11878589Did you know quantum physics has contradicted everything in heternormative phyiscs AKA '''Newtonian'…[View]
11874943Best compounds for a stinkbomb: What compounds in what proportions are harmless, but smell the worst…[View]
11875110Are Seasteadings the future?[View]
11876125Troll question in the SAT math section: So I took the practise SAT and I got a decent score and an a…[View]
11873559Scientifically, why has so little progress been made in curing aging?[View]
11876236>ill never hold a degree from MIT How do you cope with not being surrounded by intelligent peopl…[View]
11876898https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enriched_uranium#Highly_enriched_uranium_(HEU) say I found some uraniu…[View]
11876617Is it correct to see imaginary numbers as an upper dimension of numbers?[View]
11876801/sfg/ Spaceflight General: ISS Edition previous: >>11873255[View]
11878566Dreaming & knowledge: Today I made a dream in a subject in which I am totally clueless. I was ex…[View]
11878553Image for attention: Does therapy through shocking experiences help you change your personality at l…[View]
11877463Spivak vs Apostol: In none of the previous 27 threads about Calculus book recommendation, has anybod…[View]
11876763redpill me on spectral sequences[View]
11861606It's over.: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/04/artificial-intelligence-evolving-all-itself…[View]
11877960This is where all the funding is going towards[View]
11876781Science behind sleep: >force myself to stay awake until 9PM to fix sleep schedule >dizzy and s…[View]
11878295give me non-mystical lucid dreams and OBE sources: I need non-magical studies,papers,experiments,reg…[View]
11872244would I be a genius if I my brain wasn't dying: when I was little I got diagnosed with autism a…[View]
11876535Given that prey drives are a common natural phenomenon in both omnivores and carnivores, does /sci/ …[View]
11871656What color were the conifers, cycads, and other vegetations in the polar forest regions of Earth dur…[View]
11875065Bros what if we just make a time machine and stop climate change before it even happens.[View]
11876153Daily reminder that curing cancer is important not because of those afflicted with the disease becau…[View]
11874481Cool Science GIFS: OK, I am not a scientist myself, but I love science and love GIFs that show the m…[View]
11869341/gsg/ grad school general: /gsg/ Grad School General Are ya hanging in there? Currently waiting for…[View]
11877740this fucker is here to stay, right? over 11 million infected and breaking the record for new cases p…[View]
11875975https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enriched_uranium#Highly_enriched_uranium_(HEU) Thoughts /sci/?…[View]
11876691Saddest reality of our existence.: > average humans only live for about maximum of 1 century …[View]
11877031Are there any empirical studies that at least partially proved that he was right in some field of hi…[View]
11874842Good evening mathematicians! I come to you humble; in awe of anyone here who finds math relatively e…[View]
11877771He was to smart, so (((they))) got rid of him.[View]
11872721If I made a HUGE chemical laboratory in my basement or throughout 2-3 floors of my entire house and …[View]
11870813computer science is for stupid.: Why? Do Computer Science majors really hate other branches of scien…[View]
11874155If I wanted to learn about reversing desertification where would I start? What is the most promising…[View]
11877576how is it like to be interviewed by a comitee when applying for a scholarship? how should i prepare?[View]
11875126>evolution stopped at the neck[View]
11877410Just a quick survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAA…[View]
11876049Spin-1 vector boson thread: Particle Data Group (PDG) is the supreme authority on the state of the a…[View]
11874437Many Worlds Lottery: Would it be possible to use exhaustive randomness at quantum level to run a lot…[View]
11877183Why can't we just assume results of experiments that we can't actually do/are really hard …[View]
11871878/mg/ - mathematics general: Hironaka-sensei edition previous: >>11867252[View]
11876718The statistical analysis: Can you explain this picture?[View]
11873845>imaginary numbers[View]
11872107What is the sqrt(-1)? Why hasn't it been defined yet? Any mathematics => calculus is reliant…[View]
11876751How do incels in the animal world cope? What's their equivalent of a school shooting?[View]
11875294How do we save the environment forever?[View]
11876829Guys why don't we all drop our stupid useless projects and instead we all dedicate to 'how do w…[View]
11875310What is the simplest lifeform on Earth?[View]
11871451what's the most retarded thing you could make a turing machine from?[View]
11876223Why don't we (at least try to) normalize skepticism more often? Instead, everyone else seems to…[View]
11875005Me dumb: I scored 141 on an IQ test when I was 11. Now I’m 20 and when I do online IQ tests i score …[View]
11875072A technique for plotting stuff: It is a halfbaked Idea in my head, but I think it is a technique tha…[View]
11876873/agdg/ here. Any psychology guy here? Can u explain to me the imagination gap? Like Can I make like …[View]
11874894Is there a way to make learning and memorizing random stuff fun?[View]
11875964I don't know where the chicks come from. Why don't they hatch out of the eggs we buy? Does…[View]
11876043'this sentence is false' is not a paradox. 'this sentence is 4' means that we can replace the whole…[View]
11874417Curiosity: someone knows how to generate an auto heart attack to itself?[View]
11876719What are the prerequisites for measure theory?[View]
11874592How fast can we currently travel in space? Regarding interstellar travel.[View]
11876695State dictated fully genetical engeneered people: Does't this will be ideal society? The only g…[View]
11870409What exactly happens in your brain and body when you see a female dressed like this? Why do all your…[View]
11875261What are the rules for Which neurone gets the action potential?[View]
11874629What are the inplications of an 100km long Particle accelerator?[View]
11874890Any scientific reason to not be nihilistic?[View]
11876350Anyone have any good scholarly articles about how divorce affects children? Particularly when partne…[View]
11874149SAT: I'm sure some of you college anons remember taking this. I'm taking it for the first …[View]
11872673Implications of chaos theory?[View]
11871758Armchair Engineer: Why do people call it anti-intellectualism when I claim that I know more about ph…[View]
11876288Has the robustness of the tensor product been proven yet? http://www.openproblemgarden.org/op/the_ro…[View]
11874260How long would it take for a person to get around the world without a vehicle?: If it’s theoreticall…[View]
11875871catapults: In the tv series Chernobyl they show the helicopters putting sand and boron over the core…[View]
11875721Hello smart people, a tourist from /pol/ here. Just saw a video of a physicists using Gödel's i…[View]
11875902Math Question: I watched the show NUMB3RS when it first came out and still watch the reruns. In the …[View]
11875713>https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp96-00788r001700210016-5 Is this bullshit…[View]
11873255/sfg/ Spaceflight General: Moonman Edition previous: >>11869409[View]
11875283Consciousness: Can science truly understand and explain consciousness? It feels like the only thing…[View]
11871314>it says here you're applying for graduate school/a job as a math/physics major >you went…[View]
11874103Stoned ape theory: How possible do you think stoned ape theory is? If at all possible why don't…[View]
11875599Minigolf > Golf[View]
11874981Learn about mitosis: What do you guys think about my new song ;) https://youtu.be/jOHUF62ysqs[View]
11875615>have to take a certain math course next semester >my only two options are a woman and an afri…[View]
11875414Since epidemiology can never be used to prove any type of biological mechanism, will we one day star…[View]
11874327Documentaries || INTERESTING EDITION: Share best documentaries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytgm…[View]
118721623D printed vegan meat is the future?: Will you humanity ever eats farm-based meat? What do you think…[View]
11872556What is 4channer average IQ?[View]
11874275Why do races differ in IQ even with the same education level? I think there is something to this IQ …[View]
11874134Science topics that sound dumb. I'll start Forestry Graph theory Deep learning[View]
11874932>studying thermodynamics >dont get why ideal gas collisions dont convert KE to heat energy 1. …[View]
11874363why arent 'doctors' using psychoanalysis ostracised and bullied like 'doctors' using homeopathy?[View]
11870158Learning Methods: Do you find that you retain less and/or read at a slower pace with ebooks(ereader,…[View]
11868689How do Hermaphrodites fit into this spectrum?[View]
11874841Friendly reminder Kirchhoff's law is invalid: And that's a very, very, very big deal. To l…[View]
11873550It only took 5 million years for humans to evolve true sentience. Why couldn't any other animal…[View]
11871724Are there any math PhDs on /sci/ that actually work in academia? This board seems to really push gra…[View]
11873787Can anyone help me find a website that I lost? It was a collection of work surrounding the origins o…[View]
11871854Someone knows what's going on pic related?[View]
11874676how could primitive people run so well with their dongs uncovered?[View]
11872978Why is the SEO crowd so ineffective?: A friend showed me his SEO business but what struck me is how …[View]
11865269>mfw genetic engineer[View]
11874448What is this î and why is it needed in this equation?[View]
11872870Why does algebra even exist? The whole field is such fucking useless autism. Analysis, numerical mat…[View]
11870951What's next in his master plan?[View]
11874213What other animals besides pigeons are /they/ using?[View]
11872838>speed of causality >cardinality of the continuum…[View]
11873933Is sex selection inefficient?: Look for example at pic related. It is mirracle how he survives until…[View]
11873929I wish evolution had engineered us without such unpleasant needs as having to eat, sleep, piss and s…[View]
11865746Scientifically speaking, what is the meaning of life?[View]
11873582hello /sci/ I have a debate on the topic of 'climate change is the greatest threat faced by humanity…[View]
11873752The answer key tells me that D is correct, but I can only get 6 (C). Do you guys think that they inc…[View]
11873322Any doctors here know what this combination in these doses would do to your brain?[View]
11873999I need help with a C# assignment: Bros i am about to break, i can't sleep anymore and i have to…[View]
11874188why is cold air heavier than warm air? I understand the particles are moving more slowly/have less e…[View]
11870848Chinese are genetically good at math than american.: Why China's Race For AI Dominance Depends …[View]
11869966Atoms: If atoms are made of quantum particles. What are quantum particles made out of? Just pure ene…[View]
11869232STEM majors from worst to best?[View]
11870837Most scientifically proven method of penis enlargement?[View]
11871960Question. So I've been planning on studying computer engineering to be a software dev and I jus…[View]
11870494when i put ice cubes in a glass of water, does the water warm up the ice or do the ice cubes cool do…[View]
11872275Smoking: Does smoking/vaping make you dumber? What are its effects on the brain? Anecdotal evidence …[View]
11874075Two Minute Papers: Post some cool Two Minute Papers / machine learning videos! This is some black ma…[View]
11869805T(testosterone) and IQ?: Is there any biological and statistic correlation between this two?[View]
11873100How do long vows of silence affect the brain?[View]
11873124(goddamnit i should have copy the post in case of something happening i should have known better any…[View]
11873403A New World: Lets say you could set the rules of a new universe. What would they be like? I imagine …[View]
11866855Hypothetically Speaking: If my goal was to retire at 30-35 with at least 1 million dollars in an inv…[View]
11873921Vladimircels BTFO: Bourbachads vindicated by a Ted-ED video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O_boW9…[View]
11863297Is it possible that given an infinite amount of time after our death, entropy fluctuations recreate …[View]
11873712Guys am I retarded or not. I'm fairly smart when it comes to abstract stuff. But when it comes …[View]
11873029Now that the dust has settled: Was he a kid-fiddler?[View]
11870710Learning 'automation engineering'?: Where can I learn about production systems, manufacturing and in…[View]
11871794So if mind uploading becomes a thing >implying are people who die before it’s possible screwed?…[View]
11872464is C3 vs D4 a matter of interpretation? the arguments i've heard for both are convincing[View]
11871649is base infinity a valid base?[View]
11873634/big/ - Brain Improvement General: I just copy and pasted the last post except adding exercise, pret…[View]
11861580Were humans sexually selected for big dicks?[View]
11873679People are really quick to dismiss Ted Bundy's final words where he expressed his concern about…[View]
11872964Hello, I am /lit/ tourist, have a question since my board has been fucking looted by reddit tards My…[View]
11873558Anyone happen to know what it looks like when sperm floats in dirty mudwater? There's a huge pu…[View]
11873614What's so great about minimal surfaces?[View]
11870230Are there any credible scientific theories on the connection between autism, anime obsession, and tr…[View]
11873271Am I the only one that’s became careless and a bit of a psychopath after realizing how insignificant…[View]
11873407Mathlet here, can someone help me with the exponential decay time constant tau? I am using it to mea…[View]
11872830>eat food get even more hungry >mastrubate to porn get even more horney >lay in bed all day…[View]

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