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12164953Crows proven to be conscious: https://futurism.com/the-byte/scientists-proved-crows-conscious-experi…[View]
12162419any questions?[View]
12160943>To this day still the best explanation for the differences in social outcome between people >…[View]
12164960Why do so many professors have multiple copies of the same book, down to the edition, on their offic…[View]
12165012Have there Ever: been scientific experiments where adults don't sugarcoat the truth for kids, t…[View]
12148822Stackexchange: What does /sci/ think of Stackexchange?[View]
12165099MEDFAGS what the fuck is this?![View]
12163487Extra-terrestrial gemstones: Given that gemstones likely exist on other planets and moons what kinds…[View]
12141524Forum Theory: We haven't had this thread in a while, discuss which features of reddit makes red…[View]
12164917Why is he sad: Why is the pretty boy sad?[View]
12159615Is Astrophysics a good major?[View]
12154052How wide are the genetic differences between races? Biofags only please. I know skin color is a fair…[View]
12164625What did nature mean by this?[View]
12162788What meat do they eat? They can’t get that buff just eating plants and insects[View]
12159675Why does time dilate?[View]
12163384will the rapid evolution of technology ever grind to a halt?[View]
12162298Intelligence: What is extremely high intellect?[View]
12164529US Blacks are ~4x more likely to kill their children & infants (aged 1-2) than Whites or Hispani…[View]
12161507I need a program that makes practice tests. Anki flashcards aren't doing it for me. Ideally i…[View]
12150057>Won't have a bachelor degree until I'm 30[View]
12164246>2020 >Still no Bear/Gorrilla hybrids to get best of both worlds. >i.e. the Bearilla.…[View]
12164660Circuits/signals resources for someone who already knows the math?: Trying to familiarize myself bet…[View]
12162765Where did we come from, and what happens after we die?[View]
12164251University of York researchers trace the source of underarm aromas to a particular enzyme: https://w…[View]
12159223If IQ is so important then why did High IQ Asians got fucked by Low IQ Westerners? Why do the ancest…[View]
12164444>have retarded opinion on factual matter >literature disagrees with me >internet in general…[View]
12161426Is it even possible to learn mathematics in self-study? I don't have the time to take the cours…[View]
12164590Life is just chemicals and we can trace the origins with enough computer-assisted organic synthesis.…[View]
12164138Why are we so bad at fighting diseases? It seemed like after we discovered antibiotics, vaccines, an…[View]
12164150I have a personal black hole.: Let me explain. Ok so this post is extremely insane. I was on a compu…[View]
12164555How does /sci/ feel about Vortex Math?[View]
12164507NASA: Voyager 2 has hit an impenetrable wall.[View]
12162336AI gf: when will we see this in real life?[View]
12161828Are we really meat animals that just happen to be sapient? Is the mechanistic no-soul hypothesis tru…[View]
12162388/sfg/ Spaceflight General: Vacuum Raptor Static Fire Edition prev: >>12159089[View]
12160277is there gravitational attraction between me and some random star 40 millions of light years away?[View]
12164366Is he right about sugar?[View]
12164308Science is for retards, math is based.[View]
12162082How do wild chimpanzees typically die?[View]
12163802Are psychiatrists basically just government-approved drug dealers?[View]
12163976Is IQ testing in US schools even remotely accurate?: Ive seen tons of american people on tiktok (yes…[View]
12152044Hes right, isn't he?[View]
12163560Gauge theory: Someone explain to me how to quantize a gauge connection/field. Also i learned gauge t…[View]
12162062Reading Textbooks- Your Options in 2020: >$400+ 185ppi(inadequate) monitor- two A4/Letter pages O…[View]
12162171My community college is next to a large interstate highway, and air pollution causes dementia/lowers…[View]
12162090Im i actually retarded or do other people find it hard to study with etextbooks? About to drop $150 …[View]
12162594>NASA life sciences has injected $1.5 billion into the economy since its conception >NASA life…[View]
12150487How does this make you feel?[View]
12163321extra dimensions: Why do famous scientists still prop up pseudo-science like extra dimensions?…[View]
12159684bring back the division symbol[View]
12157611Scientifically speaking, what motivates people to work fit free? Low serotonin?[View]
12162211Hereditary: Is it possible for mutts to give birth to a white baby? I see that two brown eye parents…[View]
12163289At what point do we reach pic related? I want to be a mad biologist and I want it NOW[View]
12158270The CRISPR Manuscript: In 2018, the first gene edited babies were born. Jiankui He had two papers ab…[View]
12163314I Designed a O'Neill cylinder AMA: A 1.15GW solar farm here on earth would produce 8GW on mercu…[View]
12162308When you realize simulation theory is just reddit's version of plato's cave.[View]
12159916What is the most efficient way of thinking?[View]
12159528What are the chances?: That we will escape from this cage of rotting biomatter in our lifetime? And …[View]
12163452I got ECT for my depression when I was 16. I was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and was on Cloza…[View]
12161488How many plants would you need in addition to a lamp emulating the sun to produce an ozone around a …[View]
12163201>this entire channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj_AOzSSDMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
12160915Animal sperm and egg extraction: Out of curiosity, how would one go about collecting (non-Homo sapie…[View]
12163333relativistic quantum tunneling: Can an arbitrarily large object tunnel through an arbitrarily thick …[View]
12161925>Paradox-free time travel is theoretically possible, according to the mathematical modeling of a …[View]
12163296Space Truckin': Post-scarcity being a literal pipe dream, interstellar travel being pragmatical…[View]
12162920If I’m the 100billionth human, can I conclude from this that there’s a 90% chance there won’t be mor…[View]
12162911Lubos Motl: thoughts on this guy? some anon said he was a crank but he never backed that up. looking…[View]
12162196How the fuck do holograms work?: Not a STEMfag so saying shit like 'when the beams react onto the su…[View]
12163180Okay, so here's something to think about for you anons. Let's make assumption that univers…[View]
12162301Aging: Can we reverse aging? https://www.snippetscience.com/a-single-blood-plasma-protein-can-transf…[View]
12158810I have to learn finite element analysis soon. Is it difficult, b-b-bros?[View]
12163087Does anyone know how to break down/compost BioPak products at home? They just end up in landfill her…[View]
12160016I need to convert a high energetic mechanical impulse into min. 1A of electrical current and I would…[View]
12160302I have been given £3000. I want to buy crystal LSD and do a thumbprint. What can I expect?[View]
12163001unironic question: how about instead quantizing gravity, we geometrize the other forces[View]
12158823Could the environment perpetually exist, if had humans never interfered?: Lets say we don't acc…[View]
12151129>2020 >Still no human-chimp hybrid[View]
12162630How do you get second degree in stem when someone has a liberal arts or business? Where can I go?[View]
12162473Element 115 And other UFO shit: Is there anything to element 115 at all? Or is the whole Bob Lazar t…[View]
12159414New Polymath Thread: Bumping from yesterday. I think there was somebody who wanted to ask me how to …[View]
12162750what will a anwser?[View]
12148455>2020 >still can't regrow teeth Why is this allowed? Are dentists blocking the technology…[View]
12156146Why study statistics?: Nature is inherently determinate. Objects travel in calculable trajectories.…[View]
12158144Scientifically speaking, why do men smell worse than women?[View]
12162182why should I study something with career prospects, rather than what I am passionate about?[View]
12161596Did humans really leave in caves for MILLENNIA (pic rel) with the same cortex we have today?: Were t…[View]
12162328what is the most beautiful math and why is it topology?[View]
12143899Is physics in a crisis? >if so, why doesn't it just call Kids' Help Phone?…[View]
12161874Is it dark in deep space?: I know that you could still see the stars, but if you were in interstella…[View]
12159631Accelerating the Aging of Wine: Does anyone know some unique methods of accelerating the aging of wi…[View]
12160853Psychologist I have a retarded question. Does operant conditioning actually work on humans? Can I ma…[View]
12159068Is IQ just a cope?[View]
12161404Rate my supplement set-up[View]
12158625THIS IS POWERFUL!: Also love is love.[View]
12160879, I’m having trouble with the windscreen washers in a car I have sold: t.car salesman[View]
12160700What is the difference between n number of inert atoms and n number of atoms 'alive'?[View]
12156472can science help me get pusy?[View]
12151718How can anyone deny climate change? Let's imagine for a moment that all the data was made up by…[View]
12161967IQ doesn't matter: Prove me wrong[View]
12159106Hey /sci/, need ur help. This is my room spider (his name is Pavucinka). He lives in my room because…[View]
12159973I accidentally ate soup with a button battery like this in it. Should I go to the hospital?[View]
12159628Help Create The New United States Customary Units: The French revolution gave birth to the rise of a…[View]
12158772Why don't (most) calculators have an option to solve indefinite integrals, but they can solve d…[View]
12160721Self-Liberation: University is a bureaucratic, financial and esoteric scam as well as a general wast…[View]
12151467>arrive at work >boss tells me to stop doing my regular job >hands me a blueprint >tells…[View]
12156644Fritz Haber: >one of the greatest chemists of all time >pulled the world out of starvation …[View]
12161589Perceptual Energy: Please tell me the appropriate board I can't find it. https://soundcloud.co…[View]
12157018Humans were defeated in chess by AI in 1997. In 2020 general AI is still nowhere in sight.: Why do p…[View]
12161160plasmid assembly methods: hi guys i need bioanons to help lets say we need to clone HPPD enzyme what…[View]
12156660Will you get chipped if it's required for a 'smart' vaccine?[View]
12159715First man cured of HIV infection now has terminal cancer: Timothy Ray Brown, the first person known …[View]
12157228How do I math?[View]
12160993Look guys, please stop this idiocy of X > Y careers. It isn't science and doesn't belon…[View]
12160260Everything you see, feel, hear - all your senses - are electrical signals. Everything. EVERYTHING.: …[View]
12159139what's the science behind warming building with big open spaces without any technology?[View]
12159955/sci/ is for dudes who want to be 'scientists' without doing any actual science. How wrong am i?[View]
12160072A cipher challenge for ya'll.: There's this person I know on discord that always has keywo…[View]
12158960Toxoplasmosis: Can toxoplasmosis be avoided if you get a cat? What are all the things that you shoul…[View]
12159488/qotd/ sept-25: 1st Edition PLEASE READ >when are these threads made? Friday, Saturday, and Sunda…[View]
12148691>professor with multiple PhDs can't figure out Zoom Why are smart scientists so stupid?…[View]
12157656i need help badly: sci is the board closest to anything that can help me. i haven't shit in aro…[View]
12160968Bad at maf: >be me >22 >retard at math >constantly got D as a grade in high school maths…[View]
12148026Bulbus Glandis (knot): How the hell does a bulbus glandis work? I don't mean that it inflates d…[View]
12159854>be calc TA >check Proctorio video feeds for our first test >blonde with giant tits has her…[View]
12158373Single motherhood most important social factor: What does /sci/ feel about the hypothesis that IQ di…[View]
12160723Is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon?: When I used to do drugs, specifically MDMA, …[View]
12160153has psychology ever cured anybody?[View]
12160406redpill on the medical Pharmaceuticals are big kike scam.: this simple muslim herbalist cured 100% o…[View]
12159089/sfg/ - Space Flight General.: Previous thread: >>12155695[View]
12159432Why do scientists prop up complete pseudoscience like Extra Dimensions? There is absolutely zero evi…[View]
12156604Imagine believing in (((climate change))) and funnelling trillions of dollars against an imaginary e…[View]
12160488If you can integrate e^f(x) for any polynomial f(x), then I'll prove p=np[View]
12158235How likely is it that government black budget science is leaps ahead of the regular scientific commu…[View]
12159877I've been introduced to the concept of back-EMF on my Electrical Engineering course. I have to …[View]
12159426What is the best high level science book publisher and why is it Springer?: ...and what publishers a…[View]
12159968>Why absolutely my good sir, I am indeed, an engineer. What possibly could have given it away? I …[View]
12157683ok so how do you unify quantum mechanics and general relativity[View]
12158588How extreme can sexual dimoephism be? As a hypothetical: can we genetically engineer to make every m…[View]
12159748Theory of computation is currently kicking my ass as a sophomore, do you guys have any recommended t…[View]
12158175Anyone here have bells palsy? Do you think accupuncture is effective?[View]
12158346Nuclear fusion: I have seen some of the /sci/ community post about nuclear.. information. Usually pe…[View]
12159776Medical benefits of being outside on the spectrum: Has anyone found that their ASD anxiety gets more…[View]
12157443>spend my whole last 6 years trying to become an academic >get into top school >work under …[View]
12159216Assuming there are multiple types of infinites: 1) Is the number of types of infinites infinite? 2) …[View]
12158205We humans really, really love burning shit. Burning shit isn't clean though in either input or …[View]
12158426can you guys help me with this extra credit physics question my teacher gave us? light can travel fr…[View]
12158002Ok /sci/ Bros How did you do on your act/sat did you get any scholarships.[View]
12154092How many 2mm ball bearings does it take to fill a 1 liter container?[View]
12159441Retarded Science Thread?: Retard Thinks he discovered the deep hidden 'Truth,' Behind the photon.…[View]
12156383/sci/ what colour should be concentrated >98% nitric acid? For last few months each batch I get f…[View]
12159464Sci help me, trying to understand efficient float to string reprsentation. Pic-related is from talk …[View]
12159572If free will doesn't exist, than who science exist?[View]
12158608How important are grades in uni?: Should i be worried if i do average in a course? im in computer sc…[View]
12159453the greatest mind that has ever lived, pic related.[View]
12158729Why do people actually think that hydrogen as a fuel is a good idea? Also why do people also think t…[View]
12159375statueman: smooth brainer here 1) Lightning from Barry's speed force was moving extremely slow …[View]
12158924There are infinite dimensions[View]
12159477>take the vaccine goy[View]
12155568Why do particles have mass? Don't tell me about Hoggs bison because that only 'explains' the m…[View]
12158324If I require that this product be >=1, is there a way to express that as a series? x_i is always …[View]
12159045How did East-Asians retain their ethnocentrism when they became more neotenized? In formal studies o…[View]
12157274How does /sci/ feel about computational physics?[View]
12153066can you tell me something that'll blow my mind unironically[View]
12158473How do you piss off psychologists?[View]
12157626Hi /sci/, midwit needing some help here! If you're familiar with team based games, it would be …[View]
12159259Wow how easily can you find racist content using Google. Google should be cancelled.[View]
12152184how come space simulators never get rings right? they make them 1 fucking pixel thick. Saturn's…[View]
12157873Hard truths thread > electrons are black holes with floor limited angular momentum, charge, mass,…[View]
12159241>scientists name newly discovered [dinosaur/star/plant] after [pop culture personality] really ti…[View]
12154194Let's say if we survive for another few hundred years and we create a simulation of beings with…[View]
12153778Is modern science dead?: >settled science >studies show >scientists found >University…[View]
12158802stupid question: Procedurally generated video games use an equation to calculate the creation of the…[View]
12158918How does one reconcile the dream of a post-scarcity utopia with the fact that the nature of entropy …[View]
12158568Jack Kilby and the Integrated Circuit: Was this the last great invention? I feel like technological …[View]
12158178acromegaly thread: I recently discovered a case of a man from Austria named Adam Reimer.This man was…[View]
12158953>when you're standing still on Earth you're being accelerated without moving…[View]
12157436Continuous glucose monitor technologies: I have diabetes and just got a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose…[View]
12158860I think the 'smart handsome young man' thing is much grosser than the 'nerd' thing. like, if you…[View]
12158682What do you think of Apple's revolutionary new mask design?[View]
12153307Americans prefer the second unit.[View]
12156579Is there any scientific evidence on why after getting a major you're unable to study anything e…[View]
12157172Why do Jews have such a high IQ?: Arabs have an IQ of 85, and whites have an IQ of 100. Since Jews a…[View]
12157743I'm getting my degree in Physics and Computer Science. What STEM degree's are /sci/ workin…[View]
12157986I want to write an obvious bullshit paper and submit it somewhere just to see if it gets accepted. A…[View]
12158529>I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain…[View]
12158061Documentaries on Being a STEM Student: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5fmiAsHxxo What is your favo…[View]
12158022This picture disgusts me: why would a philosophical genius and math genius like Weyl waste time talk…[View]
12157482I'm reading pic chapter by chapter and I just started. I'm on chapter 2.2 where they talk …[View]
12152329Are the Manga Guides are good introductory way to start learning these topics? I just picked up Line…[View]
12157700How does /sci/ feel about 3 6 9?[View]
12157999Thoughts on Ron Hatch?: Ron Hatch was a man who worked hugely in GPS and had many patents associated…[View]
12156331Fundamental Topics; Resources: /sci/, I'm really excited about how simple everything is. Lingui…[View]
12152795Why did evolution select for anxiety?[View]
12150622Which end of the universe scenario has the most scientific backing?[View]
12156967why is psychology considered a meme degree around here?[View]
12155963Saw this over on /fit/ but thought it'd be more apt here than a bunch of lanklets LARPing as to…[View]
12158186when I go outside it dawns on me how naive and overly optimistic I can be in regards to the future a…[View]
12156867Scientifically speaking what is a practical application for this mischievous little compound? https:…[View]
12156164>majoring in archaeology because you thought you’d be like lara croft This has surely happened a …[View]
12157972Polarization: Hey guys dumb question, but I've been thinking about it all day. How do polarized…[View]
12157245I don't believe in the existence of natural numbers less than 100. Prove me wrong.[View]
12154816Where did Earth's water come from?: If your answer is 'comets' please explain why other planets…[View]
12157634You were born two generations away from immortality[View]
12157945Data Science: I would never fall for this meme but my company is paying for me to take one of those …[View]
12157548Civil Engineering Case Studies: Do any of you faggots know where I can find some case studies specif…[View]
12154823Would anybody be interested in a 'question of the day' thread? with 2-4 questions from various STEM …[View]
12151317>20% of the world's ocean water is provided by the Amazon Isn't this a bit of a waste? …[View]
12156392Grand Solar Minimum: How fucked are we?[View]
12149274Kurzgesagt Thread /kurz/ - Largest Stars EDITION: This is a kurzgesagt thread for /sci/ New video fr…[View]
12157035>Barchelor and PhD in electrical engineering from MIT >CEO and President of Fortune top 500 co…[View]
12151264sci-hub is down[View]
12154395If you think it's a coincidence that scientific progress stalled after the fall of the USSR, th…[View]
12152288How does /sci/ take lecture notes?: Is pen and paper still the best technology for the job? Is anyon…[View]
12157713I just realized that a frog corpse I saw rotting on a trail through some woods by my childhood home …[View]
12152272Is it possible to speed up evolution?[View]
12156100What are the best countries outside USA for STEM graduate school? I'm looking at Canada, Nether…[View]
12157213Are Jews white?: This is the most important question ever on sci. Are Jews scientifically white or n…[View]
12157604>you need to have a constant influx of certain elements and minerals into your body otherwise you…[View]
12154060>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replication_crisis Do scientards really?…[View]
12157486anyone ever take the CASPer test and want to spill the beans about what it asks and what its really …[View]
12152381We are living in the dark ages. For the foreseeable future, scientific progress will slow to a crawl…[View]
12147606/mg/: Arachnophobia Edition. Previously on /mg/: >>12130804[View]
12157384Redpill me on bioinformatics: >Where are the job opportunities? Only Universities? >How hard i…[View]
12156590Why do huge research companies not think of this stuff or is this just bullshit? https://youtu.be/2h…[View]
12156118Anyone got any resources for learning crystallography? My professor is way too goofy and unorganized…[View]
12155695/sfg/ - Space Flight General: SN8 Edition: Previous:>>12152862 Flabs installed[View]
12155702I fell for the physics meme and want to get a master's degree that is more employable. There…[View]
12152911what should i learn as a phd student in biology? does it make sense to go for a paid training in FT…[View]
12149824Do any of you have some advice about making study more fun or enjoyable? I'm definitely more in…[View]
12156979Note taking: How does /sci/ take technical notes? Pic related is Perelmans[View]
12149031Mathematics is objectively real and not material. Get over it, pseud midwits.[View]
12155245What generally adopted practices of the masses will seem outlandish to future generations?[View]
12156167inventors welcome/ i need help..?: ive been working on a idea for about 7 years but im at a point i …[View]
12155817Do people with larger penises have a larger section of their somatosensory cortex dedicated to their…[View]
12138411why is he so anti-charismatic?[View]
12156608'Clean' energy: What could currently be considered the 'cleanest' form of energy available to us? A …[View]
12155792So this is an exponential derivative?: [eqn]\left(\left(x^{\left(-1\right)}\right)\left(2^{\left(-1\…[View]
12157053Project Orion: I think revival of project Orion is inevitable. But will we see that revival during o…[View]
12156493So what's the consensus on /sci/? Is it life? Does it share its origins with Earth's life?[View]
12156746sci whats the point of asymptomatic covid testing for travel? If I dnot have symptoms why even bothe…[View]
12156879I already read the calculus book and I only understood that calculus is used to get differentials an…[View]
12156507Is chaos just incomputable data?: is chaos dying with the development of super computers?[View]
12156880>'it is supposed that...'[View]
12156679Economics fag here. Im on my last year of school and i only finished this university because of my d…[View]
12148512What's the reason why we're attracted to big tits, as opposed to for example big bellies[View]
12152289I want to download 1 tera of scientific books from torrent in one link, anybody have such a link or …[View]
12156741frens blz i need help with basic chemistry and electricty. supose i leave a salt water tank at rest.…[View]
12148599what went wrong with the scientific method?[View]
12156103Well /sci/? https://youtu.be/9Bhk2ARZqCA[View]
12156237So are fish--and by extension all vertebrates--just neotenous tunicate larvae?[View]
12154221What do I need to learn to be able to read Landau's electrodynamics on continuous media i only…[View]
12152581In Medicine: >Break arm >go to hospital >see doctor >gives you painkillers to help the p…[View]
12155088Books vs Videos: Do you guys learn better by reading or by watching videos/courses? Me personally I …[View]
12152512Clueless psychology major here. Recommend me a hypothesis for my PhD in Psychology![View]
12152567How do you do write Math as code?: Can you write proofs in Logic, Set Theory, Analysis, etc... as co…[View]
12155991Why haven't ducks evolved resistances to being kicked?[View]
12149867/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: [math] \textbf{CLEARLY AND FULLY EXPLAIN YOUR QUESTION. W…[View]
12154800Cool cricket: What kind a cricket is this? Why doesn't it have wings? Also, discuss crickets.…[View]
12155274Why is business education so devoid of science and math and feels fake as hell?[View]
12154135What are the best resources for learning Discrete math?: I have a discrete structures and algorithms…[View]
12144691Psychology: Why are so many people here against it? You can call it pseudo but how do you explain Fr…[View]
12148882/pg/ - Physics General: How does one find the constants of motion when energy is not conserved? Spec…[View]
12155100How accurate is this, /sci/? Did anon break the code?[View]
12155485I want to know everything about the body. Where do I start?: I already have some knowledge about stu…[View]
12155643About to enjoy a comfy manufacturing class from my home, while drinking hot coco.[View]
12154200What is the science behind getting a toddler to learn? I am trying to teach my brother how to write …[View]
12148460PLANTS: How can I make a plant grow as fast as possible? Assuming I have an aeroponic setup with min…[View]
12155833Medical Advice?: I'm hoping some doctors or med students browse /sci/, because I'm in need…[View]
12152334The Queen has posted again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGVIJSW0Y3k 'Follow the science'[View]
12146668Why are humans births so inefficient?: Other female animals >Will generally give birth without pr…[View]
12154313Need help identifying this crystal: So my friend brought this crystal home that her brother gave her…[View]
12151177Is there a single science channel on YouTube that’s worth watching?[View]
12155305multiple degrees: I was planning course requirements and at my school you can do 6 BSc in six years.…[View]
12154261Medical advice please: For the last several months this year, my dad was diagnosed with gastric lymp…[View]
12154219are multiple personalities a real thing?: I've never met a single person who had it, and it sou…[View]
12153087Is the covid crisis just something that was inevitable as world population boomed?[View]
12154341I need a Geologist or someone who knows more than I's input: I saw this map on a wall in the ba…[View]
12155038I've got a retarded question: i feel like i have an engineer minded... mind, and i would like t…[View]
12155616How well studied are the physiological and psychological effects of being breastfed beyond 2-3 years…[View]
12151481Books for math and physics: I'm currently in the army, so I don't have much time to actual…[View]
12138763I want to read everything in a format like this.[View]
12131721What degree you did /sci/? Don't be shy share it with me![View]
12147901Redpill me on hydrogen. Is it a meme energy source?[View]
12155392im mathematically retarded, seriously can someone help me with a simple conversion, if i need 1oz t…[View]
12150947Why is adderall legal?[View]
12149709is civ engineering is a good field so? Also why does 4chan sci wiki doesn't have civ engineerin…[View]
12153964Do you understand this?: Could you spoon feed me this abstract? pls im retarded[View]
12155311SLEEP: I think im addicted to this shit Is it safe to take it every day before sleep? or should I km…[View]
12152898differential equation: solve for >ƒ(x)=ƒ''(x) >ƒ(x)=ƒ'''(x) >ƒ(x)=…[View]
12151535are covid vaccines a scam?: my brother is a med tech and thinks a covid vaccine is as likely as a va…[View]
12155107Does ABET accreditation matter? I am studying a CS degree and I am wondering if I might not have a j…[View]
12147106At what point of Alcoholic Liver Disease: Does the person have to permanently abstain from alcohol o…[View]
12152967Is there such a thing as fake journals and conferences where academics 'publish' research and nobody…[View]
12153473what is the purpose of the universe and its machinations?[View]
12153083What creates the virtual space in which we perceive our visual field? As you can notice, it looks as…[View]
12151525Why do normies think children(3-18)can't deal with' grown up' things? Sex, real science(not the…[View]
12155081>working exclusively with finite-dimensional vector spaces >write 'self-adjoint operator' anyw…[View]
12151302What the fuck am 'I'? What the fuck are 'you'? What exactly is 'nothing'? Can 'nothing' even exist? …[View]
12153527Assume a liar says 'I'm lying'. Then squares have five sides. Qed.[View]
12154491astronomy: What do you think of this photo taken by a NASA robot on the Martian soil of Mars, notice…[View]
12147664Why do dogs enjoy eating disgusting shit like human bodily fluids and literal shit so much? Like, wh…[View]
12139715How did humans have internal dialogue before language? What did their thoughts look like with no way…[View]
12150433Acne problems: 35 pretty much had it all my life sometimes I'm good other times I break out. Ne…[View]
12154835You either teach your self or that which you believed to be better than yourself. How accurate is th…[View]
121545112020, and Lubos is.... forgotten: i see a lot of newfag sabineposters and wolframposters, also brain…[View]
12140117What else apart from Finasteride?: I've been on this for three months, without side efffects. B…[View]
12154829applied math is just dumbed down pure/theoretical.[View]
12148807What is modified gravity?[View]
12151712LSD cured my IBS?: Hopefully, & please read this in good faith. So the past 10 years or so (im23…[View]
12154657I have been working on this for 2 hours and I have no fucking idea what a counterexample would be I …[View]
12154066sinus infection hurts: how bad is 1000mg acetaminophen every 6 hours?[View]
12148575Is chemistry a meme degree?: I want to follow a career in chemistry but I can't seem to find a …[View]
12153730for dummies books: How good are these to learn math?[View]
12153018Future career in science: Hi /sci/ I am only 18 but I have lots of ambition and dream of one day eng…[View]
12153993Ancient Codes in Schumann Resonance Spectrum?: Context: https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/11215…[View]
12152668Regenerative Dentistry Breakthrough: Biological Therapy for Damaged Teeth: >New knowledge on the …[View]
12153016Zolipdem (Ambien) as treatment against coma: Hello /sci/, my uncle is in a coma with brain trauma (o…[View]
12153668To Infinity & Beyond: What're some conceptual problems that arise from understanding the un…[View]
12154145>Anoxia and low neonatal iron causes brain damage and is a predictor of stunted development >C…[View]
12152048Is it possible to do a poo while doing a somersault[View]
12148658Um bros? Are we going to be ok?[View]
12152862/sfg/ - Space Flight General.: It is poppening edition. Previous thread: >>12149006[View]
12153988What happens if you add +1 to infinity?[View]
12153809TYC 8998-760-1: First ever image of a multi-planet system around a Sun-like star? Legit?[View]
12152976Bioelectromagnetics and magnetobiology: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dj875cd10yb72/EMF Discuss.…[View]
12152477>Boltzmann's paradox is the physical conundrum that reversible microscopic movement of atoms…[View]
12149149>Tesla FSD: confirmed scam. It will NEVER happen >Hyperloop: absolute scam, probably a money l…[View]
12149072If Neuralink becomes a thing: If Neuralink becomes a thing, people will be able to stimulate their p…[View]
12153437I was looking for some stuff to read: about the recent discovery on Venus, and I came to an idea tha…[View]
12152721>we are no closer to immortality in 2020 than we were in 1920 Is it a pipe dream?…[View]
12150455>taking class on IUTT >professor doesn't come to class >won't even livestream …[View]
12151647Preparation of sec-butyl propionate with H2SO4 catalyst The lab procedure in Vogel's Textbook o…[View]
12152557Speeds of speciation and interbreeding: In the past 100.000 years, give or take, the human species h…[View]
12153301What courses would you recommend at university: I'm currently studying an undergraduate in biom…[View]
12150704Why are humans naturally inclined to drill holes in our skulls No other animal does this shit beside…[View]

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