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12595276I am a shaman from the Brazilian rain forest visiting the west to give a seminar on shamanism by req…[View]
12596348Why is physics way harder than math for me?: I barely scrape by doing basic physics, cause everytime…[View]
12593554If we were to drill a hole all the way into the upper mantle would liquid rock start to surge up the…[View]
12592955Hi guys, can you pls help me with this? Got a night light for my kid. Runs on 3x aaa batteries but a…[View]
12596383Prove me wrong /sci/ > protip you can't[View]
12583292Scientifically speaking, why can the Japanese innovate so much? Being able to keep up with even west…[View]
12594157Is there a good website for math stuff: Wikipedia's math articles on theorems, equations etc.. …[View]
12576114Thoughts on automation?[View]
12594652What is current frontier research in physics?: Surely we can't be stuck in Mtheory for decades …[View]
12597122Physicist of /sci/: How is the labour market for someone with a physics degree? I'm studying me…[View]
12596768What is your opinion about maximum wage? The possibility of a maximum wage is sometimes based on the…[View]
12596251Presentation help: I'm sitting in this meeting and I'm kinda bored. Care to join the discu…[View]
12595861>lecturer hands out a novella of notes filled with theory >actual exam has very little theory …[View]
12595797geology: Am i the only geologist in here TwT?[View]
12594068post brutal intellectual moggings[View]
12595523Is this ok /sci?: Any criticism is welcome https://pastebin.pl/view/381281f3[View]
12595991Abstract Thoughts: Could a complex machine made and existing only within virtual reality affect the …[View]
12584895Scientifically speaking, why are cats so retarded? >Don't understand punishment >Will fuc…[View]
12595946How do you compare the degree of similarity between 2 different sized genomes? In pic related exampl…[View]
12594039wait. so what is the universe expanding into?[View]
12591107Is there any truth into the scalp tension/blood flow and hair loss theory? I am familiar with the wi…[View]
12595362ITT: Coolest Disease Names[View]
12595852Can anybody help me read this? I am not very familiar with this notation of logic. If anybody is int…[View]
12595857DNA / Genetic Testing: Is there still any point or benefit in submitting your DNA for testing by a t…[View]
12590638Is it actually physically possible for a civilization to achieve above Kardashev 2 status? Based on …[View]
12591978Open AI DALL-E GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence: Just look at it! The outputs are pre-generated but thi…[View]
12592588Physicists BTFO once again.: Doesn't this mean that the proportion of ordinary matter is even s…[View]
12589129I have a ML project to do this semester. What's the most redpilled thing I can do with ML?[View]
12569277>don't google it >post your hair-brained scheme.…[View]
12594500/sfg/ Spaceflight General:: SKRTT SKRTT SKRTT KABOOM edition Previous Thread: >>12591867 >V…[View]
12585515>forced vaccine for a less mild version of common wild with %99.99 survival rate Can someone expl…[View]
12595142Anyone read this book?: Or any of the other books in the series? How is it for self-studying physics…[View]
12595391Anime Science: Hey Sci, I'm a graduate student in molecular statistics over here at Corn state …[View]
12594286Antique Science General - /asg/: >NoooOOO you can't just use logarithms for everything!!1! E…[View]
12595264Imagine not owning Hashgraph...: despite the fact its literally owned by the biggest blue-chip compa…[View]
12592073I was interested at looking at the relationship between meat consumption and cancer rate, and found …[View]
12592988Is transhumanism the next step for Jewish civilization?[View]
12591730Why does the U.S. no longer teach cursive?[View]
12595116Can we ascribe the 20th century drop in transmissible disease mortality more to innovations in medic…[View]
12589041Were you a gifted child /sci/?[View]
12591313Endothermic reactions:: >be me, hydrocarbon floating about chillin >bump into asshole in my wa…[View]
12591851Can we use technology to transcend biology?[View]
12583328'I'm bad at math': Why is it socially acceptable to say this? People don't just casually s…[View]
12594626Covid: Is COVID worse than benzo and opioid withdrawal?[View]
12594902Reformulations of Physics: >'Theories of the known, which are described by different physical ide…[View]
12592448I am the only smart person I know[View]
12594397Autism test: Same bullshit problem, just more pedantic. No loopholes to exploit, no wordplay This wa…[View]
12594142Ladies and gentlemen, serious question: if Starship bellyflops all that way down, wouldn't it b…[View]
12591604can anybody here do their best to explain inter universal tiechmuller theory in layman's terms?[View]
12566540>study cosmology >becomes instantly apparent that we live in a simulation how do we break out…[View]
12594336computer engineering curriculm: why only 129 credits isn't supposed to be 180? Can you check th…[View]
12579169How would you change the education system?: I personally find our education system to be a joke. It’…[View]
12590158Check out how similar the Earth looked when the dinosaurs went extinct[View]
12588527Why is sleep so amazing. I can easily sleep for 10h[View]
12591293I literally have a masters in mathematics and the ONLY correct answer to this question is 1. You can…[View]
12594383these are future discoveries, v1.: 1. the fabric of space itself is relative. it will be pointed out…[View]
12588472Scientifically Speaking: What is the purpose of these strap-looking things around a gymnast's h…[View]
12578545Limits of Physiology: Scientifically speaking, Is the difficulty of certain routines in sport limit…[View]
12593171Why don't the smart countries in Europe form their own union so they can focus on science?[View]
12594328>billions of dollars of funding into infinitist schizo nonsense[View]
12592433why monkes stopped evolving after the humans proved evolution is real?[View]
12591219Primitivism just fucking pisses me off. They're literally dooming all known life to extinction.…[View]
12592570And what tools do Data Scientists even use outside those important for ML ?[View]
12594082what would happen if we took two extra eyes and hooked them up to the visual cortex of someone so th…[View]
12584795I was arguing with my wife today. She believes that 'nothing' doesn't exist as a phys…[View]
12591687Is math invented or discovered?[View]
12594146What’s a strong enough correlation between assets to do mean reversion?[View]
12594081>eat the fluoride, goy what the fuck is wrong with dentists?[View]
12588338What will be the biggest breakthroughs in medicine during the 2020s?: What do you think?[View]
12593954Anon, do you know about linear programs and combinatorial optimisation?[View]
12592143Philosophy Authors/Books: What authors changed your perception and though the most,any recommendatio…[View]
12590840Which language should I learn first coming from Python? From what I've read, C's syntax an…[View]
12584098>raise cows For their milk. >raise chickens For their eggs. >raise dogs For their companion…[View]
12588986do people actually believe this?: >climate has always changed and will always change. >there …[View]
12589089Gallup poll finds people with postgraduate education to be the most bluepilled group in the USA http…[View]
12592648False Vacuum: On the topic of Vacuum decay, is it plausible that the universe exists inside a vacuum…[View]
12593255Scihub app: Make science free! On smartphone![View]
12592014Sun Exposure: Is it that bad? Is sun cancer just propaganda to keep you at home and buy useless suns…[View]
12592950>start reading this book on an anon’s recommendation >finish the first problem set >they do…[View]
12592574>royal line with sibling incest tradition >brother and sister couple have loads and loads of c…[View]
12593204Assuming there is habitable double exoplanet. Each body has roughly the same mass as Earth One body …[View]
12593193Paired t-test: Maybe I am too retarded to figure it out on my own so I am asking you. Why is the pai…[View]
12592589What's a good way of shipping live monkeys from a planet orbiting one star to a planet orbiting…[View]
12592643Issues with Sleep: What are some good ways to promote a more healthy sleep cycle? I tend to become s…[View]
12566900>2,000 page doctoral thesis due in the morning >haven’t started yet…[View]
12593080Grades: How strict are unis in the US with grades when applying to a PhD? My overall GPA is about 3.…[View]
12592652Is there a way scientifically to increase my vision's color saturation without taking acid or s…[View]
12592579>In Australia there is a plant called the Gympie-Gympie which has such a severe sting that horses…[View]
12593018Why is the density matrix representation of a quantum state used, if an arbitrary density matrix cou…[View]
12590053How the fuck can these have the same cardinality? Is set theory bullshit?[View]
12588402What is the relationship between pka and bond dissociation energy?[View]
12591690Case closed.: Do you have big aspirations in life? Do you believe that you can be the top of your cl…[View]
12588718Will I die if I eat 340 grams of salty toasted corn nuts?[View]
12592333How does one code an algorithm to find geometric significances of numbers like the Golden Ratio? I h…[View]
12588325Assuming you are spraying it out of say a water gun. How much hf would it take to instantly disable…[View]
12586367There's no evidence that /nofap/ actually works. Yet it's highly popular. How can this be …[View]
12587076What exactly is an acid? We're told a substance that can donate protons is an acid, but really,…[View]
12592397Why are we rotating so slowly? Only 0.0007 RPM. Is this to be expected? Do other planets rotate fast…[View]
12587813Is mechanical engineering a dying field? Try to convince me otherwise: >rote work >medium tier…[View]
12589996What do I (s)need to study if I want to understand what causes the patterns on galvanised steel, in …[View]
12588250near light speed jousting: There are two knights jousting and each has a clock. Let's assume th…[View]
12587535are magnetic fields based?[View]
12565237/CV-SG/ - COVID /sci/ General (SARS-COV-2 for you Pedants) - mRNA Edition: Because I'm sick ( n…[View]
12591867/sfg/ Spaceflight General: OLDSPACE IS TRULY DEAD edition Coming up... >Virgin Orbit - ELaNa XX -…[View]
12591478Data Transmission Via Transmission Lines: Is it possible for two peeps to use the existing high volt…[View]
12590720When will we make first contact? I'm predicting Feb 22, 2031[View]
12590369Do optical computers have a use or are they just a big ol meme?[View]
12590498Creating 'negative mass' using carefully structured magnetic fields?: The only phenomenon we know ab…[View]
12569897/med/ - Medicine General: peak comfy -edition previous bread >>>12548911 We discuss researc…[View]
12587245Particles: let's chat about particles, shall we? some questions for discussion: >what is the…[View]
12587572What does the surface of sun look like if one were able to walk on the plasma? Mostly flat and calm …[View]
12589645Hello /sci/ I want to do some measurements on an element that behaves as a non-linear spring. I want…[View]
12579239pfizer covid vaccine data leaked: >https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-12/covid-vacci…[View]
12591084Advice on learning a new field in a smart and unbiased way?: Lets say you were to switch from your c…[View]
12588687How does /sci/ riptose this fatal blow to their ideology?[View]
12586850Time Travler - Ask Me Anything: After decade of research I have finally solved the physics behind ti…[View]
12591932How to calculate Mokou's double integral?: How to calculate double integral with trigonometric …[View]
12587644What if we make it so anyone and everyone can look however they wish[View]
12588315>promising doctor, lawyer or engineer goes into app or webdev What is the logic behind this shit?…[View]
12591178Lattice Confinement Fusion: anons who have thicc IQ's please answer. Is Lattice Confinement Fus…[View]
12591750Why do insects unlike other animals do not become despondent when death is certain? Humans gladly go…[View]
12591708>convert ur circle into line and back wtf how could he do it /sci/bros its feel so irrational…[View]
12586339Alright /sci/, let's settle it, is coffee actually good for you?: Or are we better off just cut…[View]
12585895Why doesn't this work?[View]
12591139Information theories of reality: If it is clear that the minimum unit of information possible is the…[View]
12590803Reincarnation: Is there a logical, philosophical or scientific argument for reincarnation? Intuitive…[View]
12587994How to get more intelligence? I lack social skills. I need intelligence to become rich and become a …[View]
12591560bio logical weapon?: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0166354220300528[View]
12591497In regards to jenkem: How does it work on a subatomic level? Why exactly does it feel so invigoratin…[View]
12565219is transhumanism the future of our civilisation?[View]
12586206Has string theory contributed anything to physics?[View]
12591488Jesus Christ what a fucking chad. Do you think female undergrads got wet when they attended his clas…[View]
12584351Any of you had experiences with antipsychotics? Can you tell me, please.[View]
12590657whats so special about this equation??: according to https://www.livescience.com/51399-eulers-identi…[View]
12591409I don't even disagree with him at times but his stances give off an indescribable eeriness[View]
12585866Is it possible that through Starlifting / Stellar Husbandry, a civilization could in theory produce …[View]
12587913For me, it's [math]\aleph_{69}[/math].[View]
12591341Are you invested in the Greenwash Bubble?: >https://capitalistexploits.at/investing-for-the-green…[View]
12587543YOU'RE A NUMEROLOGIST!: How has wanting to see things that aren't there affect your life a…[View]
12589598>was anti-stem cell science, thought it was wrong because 'muh ethics' and didn't want the s…[View]
12591141is a pre-atomic piece of steel that has been nuked still low-background steel?[View]
12588642Can evolutionary psychology explain simps? Giving resources to highly attractive females you have n…[View]
12590861What is the reason for chimps' extreme aggression and superhuman strength?[View]
12586507What's /sci/'s favorite science related book[View]
12584375What is the evolutionary purpose of sleep?: >becoming unconscious for half a day and exposure to …[View]
12587043So I just had an argument were a guy that claimed to be making 140k as an engineer in control system…[View]
12588885Dark maths [forbidden] [dont click]: hey /sci/ I want to master the power of dark maths. do you know…[View]
12580246Galactic colinization: I have been watching Galaxy Express 999 and many other scifi if humanity star…[View]
12590712>there is no biggest number >there is no smallest number What are the implications of these fa…[View]
12587594Pro tip: Create mathematical brute forcing system on computer which does following: Substracts squar…[View]
12588539Redpill me on Lexapro and other SSRI and SNRI: I was on Prozac, now on Lexapro, im asking myself, do…[View]
12570353/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread: Previously >>12536145 Ignore the other one, deletin…[View]
12582411Are you Borderline? Take the test:: https://www.idrlabs.com/borderline-spectrum/test.php post result…[View]
12586737So which 1, /sci/?[View]
12589872Are ventilators killing people?: Is it true that mechanical ventilators are killing people with covi…[View]
12589927https://www.math.wisc.edu/~keisler/keislercalc-11-29-20.pdf Is this a good book to learn calculus fr…[View]
12590061Why can i seem to remember even the tiniest details of people i haven't seen in 2 decades while…[View]
12590011>Bro, that textbook is killer. What was it called again?[View]
12589467preparing to live millions of years: I am fully convinced in automatic naturalistic personal immorta…[View]
12579650Earth to reach temperature tipping point in next 20 to 30 years: New study: https://phys.org/news/2…[View]
12589408Thermodynamics and optics: Can a perfectly reflective surface absorb heat?[View]
12582968Music: Why are humans hardwired to enjoy/create music, as opposed to other species?[View]
12589238Now I get it: Universe is a fractal. Next iterations are what we call time.[View]
12587805Singularity: How are you maximizing your chances of reaching the singularity anons[View]
12590223/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Previous >>12588909 • SLS suffers major component failure 67 sec…[View]
12587549I love life as much as I love science Science is life Post what got you into what science fascinate…[View]
12585567>one shot at life >born 50 years to early to get a cure against aging Why even live. It's…[View]
12583493so /sci/, what exactly is 'magnetic flux' ?[View]
12589224>>>/wg/7710548 Let's post totally normal things with total sci-fi description on wg. I…[View]
12589203>Theorem 12.17.22: An infinite set is infinite if and only if it goes on forever. >Proof: …[View]
12589134Who is the real world version of Malcom from Jurassic Park?: In the book he is described as being a …[View]
12589121Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future: (An unwieldy title, but still...) >h…[View]
12580723Biology bros... did we get too cocky?[View]
12588364Sexual Selection of the Male Penis Size: Evolutionary speaking, Given that females prefer larger pe…[View]
12587187lads, any tips on writing a manuscript? I am writing my second manuscript but I struggle between wri…[View]
12588706Time zones.: Do different areas of the galaxy exist simultaneously in different time zones ? Like on…[View]
12588567How exactly did the Coronavirus come into existence in China?: Was it from eating bats? Was it a fai…[View]
12580993Am I just a tweaker or are these literally the keys to the secrets of the universe? What are they do…[View]
12584519man anus ran out of oxygen for covid patients what happens next ?[View]
12585080What do I study to get into the quantum computing field? My grandfather had a degree in EE and nucle…[View]
12586515Why wouldn't you want liquid science injected into your arm? gov/xrrxf:.executethreadStart4chan…[View]
12577244Why are you getting a physics/math degree instead of going for CS degree?[View]
12587319Dunning Kruger can be like a rollercoaster, in that the ride down from the peak can be frightening, …[View]
12588350They raise a valid point[View]
12585965Against Nature: If evolution deemed it a benefit to have pubic hair then why are women in such a hur…[View]
12579424Dump your reading lists, looking for a chemistry one.[View]
12588416physiognomy has been scientifically proven...at elast it's idea must be ture[View]
12587945Where can I upload my linguistics research?>[View]
12588604are positrons basically gay electrons?[View]
12587373How did that pass the drug FDA phases?: Did the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine really pass FDA trials? http…[View]
12588542The original machine had a base plate of prefabulated amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic…[View]
12584448What can we do to take the socialsciences away from the left. Im thinking especialy of psychology.[View]
12581860I don't trust my intelligence enough to live my life. How do I scientifically increase it?[View]
12588340Could Ozone neutralize chemical or nerve agents through oxidation?: Hey Sci, I'm thinking about…[View]
12585539If consciousness exists on a gradient, why do we find ourselves conscious as a human. Why arent I (n…[View]
12588205i spent 20 minutes trying to solve a problem that is impossible because i copied the wrong data from…[View]
12588281Since math is just proportions and proportionality is an inherent property of the universe math is i…[View]
12588258Hey everyone I have the next few days free and want to work on a project. What is the best COVID AP…[View]
12587683So you like math, huh? name all the numbers.[View]
12582650>yoghurt stuck on spoon >i swing spoon really hard >yoghurt unstuck from spoon Is this esca…[View]
12586153will biohacking ever become a thing or is it just sci-fi horseshit?[View]
12588021>author is named Wang[View]
125871881 =/= 0: Guys please help me understand this. I seriously need help trying to understand this. I was…[View]
12587999just posting a stupid paragraph nothing else read it if you want i didnt say shit https://onlinelibr…[View]
12583753Anyone have more genes like this[View]
12587883>go to bed watching car videos >have dream about being stabbed multiple times, dying, and waki…[View]
12587585Can we build an Oracle AI for the benefit of /sci/?: As said, what about building an enclosed Oracle…[View]
12587269How do I induce Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) on myself? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
12587379>there are numerous viruses that can lay dormant in your system and can come back as flareups (he…[View]
12587672I'm fascinated by the idea of looking at ourselves from the perspective of a non-human sentienc…[View]
12585884engineer (non autist) here, can someone explain to me what all the fuzz and controversy regarding th…[View]
12587830Pseudo-science like that is why computer science is not about computers and not about science, there…[View]
12570175/mg/ maths general: Arnol'd's tongue edition Talk maths, formerly >>12554726[View]
12587190NEW WILDBURGER UPLOAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiRF6k1rdZM[View]
12588909/sfg/ - Space Flight General - 'make it HOT AIR EDITION' edition: Hot Air edition PREVIOUS: >>…[View]
12586633Carrington event: Are we fucked if this happens again? Or is this just sensationalism for the sake o…[View]
12587198ITT butthole doctors: What motivated you to take this career? Just seems like a weird thing to wake …[View]
12586440At what point will the governments of developed nations begin farming bugs? The biomass of bugs in o…[View]
12575499All numbers go to 9: Is this really true for ALL numbers?[View]
12585966brainlet here: i manage to count to 3 and i plan on getting in machine learning besides linear regr…[View]
12583964Simulating a human brain: So scientists have been able to successfully emulate a worm's brain b…[View]
12587315Is technology superior to biology?[View]
12587042In computing, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering, is there a technological and scientific '…[View]
12587002COVID-19 to be around forever: According to the Moderna CEO, the coronavirus will now become an ende…[View]
12587128>quantum tunneling just clicked[View]
12584467Does the mother's hip width correlate with the baby's cranial capacity?[View]
12586492If you're so smart then: Get rich Convince idiots to follow you Commit genocide and get away wi…[View]
12586375how would you write 'better to cum in the sink, than to sink in the cum' in logic notation??[View]
12582329Morning Puzzle: Was creative today, here is some light fun if you need it.[View]
12586832Carl Sagan accurately predicting the future more than a quarter century ago[View]
12587167Help me out /sci/, What property would you say a function has when f(x, y) = z will still hold true …[View]
12587224Thinking about arithmetic: If we take the hitomi set and do arithmetic with those number will we yie…[View]
12587214I have started a study group for the discussion of a book called 'Evolution of Nervous Systems' by J…[View]
12586554Is astrophysics degree worth it?: Hello guys. Im currently an undergraduate studying astrophysics an…[View]
12586942Is /sci/ smart enough to refute this little girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sYfH55Hdcw[View]
12585999The science of waifus: Human brains are wired to recognize faces, but why is the face of a vaguely h…[View]
12585628/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Nice Edition: Previous:>>12582882[View]
12586262Branching off: How do I ensure that my own descendants form a distinct phylogenetic branch of the tr…[View]
12585779turing award when[View]
12585629One of my favorite passtimes is looking in google trends for serach differences before and after cov…[View]
12586196Do you think your present actions can influence the game theoretical decisions of precommitted super…[View]
12582584I read Lang's basic mathematics and did the exercises but still can't solve 75% of the pro…[View]
12582937Wikipedia turns 20: On this day, onescore and zero years ago, Wikipedia was founded. What do you thi…[View]
12586694how do I imagine/visualize a mathematical set ? set is not linear so I cannot visualize it as points…[View]
12581830Head of the MIT Mechanical Engineering Department Jailed for Espionage: >MIT professor Gang Chen …[View]
12582863Spacetime elasticity and negative mass: In another thread discussing the warp drive some anon had wh…[View]
12586077The condition is worsening: I'm trying surgery as a last ditch attempt but prospects are low I …[View]
12585296What is dark matter, exactly?[View]
12586735COVID Unemployment in STEM: How is the job search going, recent grads? What are you doing to keep bu…[View]
12581028Why is radioactivity a thing? Can't metal just be heavy without trying to kill everything?[View]
12586741How Bad is a Business Degree Compared to Economics especially one with a minor in a Stem field? http…[View]
12586603Binomial probability with infinite sets: >TL;DR: How do you approach binomial probability when th…[View]
12586656Genes thread: Post interesting genes by race[View]
12586685“We’re just a few thoughts so make them a few thoughts you love” How many thoughts are we?[View]
125867143d polygonal shapes: hello /sci/, I am here to talk a little about 3D geometry. 2 questions; 1: do …[View]
12582975Is there a chance that there will be a covid 20 in say 5 - 10 years? Pic unrelated[View]
12586391So I've been thinking about this whole business to do with technology that can enable us to und…[View]
12583610Could a manned space shuttle mission to the moon be possible? If landing and refueling infrastructur…[View]
12585969Does the existence of the uncanny valley show that at some point in our evolutionary history it was …[View]
12584856researchfags in academia and industry, do you use any open source software in your work?[View]
12584617Covariance of equations of motion under a symmetry: I dont actually get this even in the simplest po…[View]
12583714How to improve short term memory?: I want to improve my STM however i just find blog posts talking a…[View]
12583982What would you guys say is the most underappreciated feature of the chef d'oeuvre that is the h…[View]
12584132What is the evolutionary purpose of depression?[View]
12584315any Germans anon know/have a paper that show the impact of Germany closing down their NPP?[View]
12581109Am I the only one who destroyed their IQ and ability to study by sleep deprivation in university? Po…[View]
12586135>https://defdist.org/ >https://oip.wiki/Main_Page >https://www.flo.cash/…[View]
12586118Has 2021 /sci/ ever done competition math?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5fmiAsHxxo Has 2021 /sc…[View]
12583659What's the best book for someone wanting to get into quantum mechanics/physics? I have solid ba…[View]
12581624>one shot at life >gets chronic pain as a young adult The worst part is that there will never …[View]
12583885State Space Form and Linearization: Systems and controls anyone good at this shit ? need your help …[View]
12583420>Almost certainly a message from another civilization in the universe >Still can't be deb…[View]
12584891Alright /sci/ if I wanted a function to outline a spoon, what would that function be?[View]
12581564I understand time In order to remain still in space an object spends all of its energy in time. It i…[View]
12583932I don't remember it being 40° in New Hampshire in January when I was a kid Can climate change s…[View]
12585844Watch the Parker probe flyby live here: https://eyes.nasa.gov/apps/orrery/#/sc_parker_solar_probe F…[View]
12582176Has anyone read his paper: He claims to be a super genius and that he understands the universe and G…[View]
12583316There are people out there who are so high functioning: that even above average people are like chil…[View]
12582814Terraforming Mercury in 100 years or less: >step 1: 7 years send preliminary colonisation party t…[View]
12582430What caused the big bang? Also, what caused the thing that caused the big bang? Also, what caused th…[View]
12582756Is cause and effect even real? If there is a superior being like God that lives outisde of time and …[View]
12584860What are your favorite connections in math? I like the link between matrices and recursive sequences…[View]
12582288COVID: Utah has 5067% increase in pediatric hospitalizations: https://www.ksl.com/article/50087223/s…[View]
12581372Starhopper: When's the next starhopper test and how high will it go? When will they start sendi…[View]
12585650So that S0 guy is doing this now: https://observerranch.com/ Thoughts? I think it'll be fucking…[View]
12585653Suspension of Disbelief in Cooms: Do we subconsciously apply this to filtered/enhanced/shopped pics …[View]
12581505https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xe6nLVXEC0&ab_channel=Boyinaband This guy is 100% right. School…[View]
12584248How do you deal with having too many research interests? I can't settle on anything. I was rese…[View]
12579530How Bad Will Global Warming Get?: It seems like we have no chance of slowing down the global industr…[View]
12580965tell me something about hydrology[View]
12584853when can we expect fully working Quantum computers. why aren't there any fully functional Quant…[View]
12583329Suppose every other class of complex multicellular animal other than insects were suddenly wiped fro…[View]
12584175Med/drugs/nootropics that stimulate the production of dopamine in the mesolimbic: in the mesolimbic …[View]
12582019BOB LAZAR & his embarrassing scientific mumbojumbo: I weep for all those kids that actually stil…[View]
12583692Any good scientific articles that buck the mainstream narratives?: I was going to review Dr. Andrew …[View]
12585294Plants,bacteria,viruses,chemicals: You know the drill, post your favourite plants, chemical, bacteri…[View]
12583938Why is 2 minus 1/5 = 1 and 4/5?[View]
12583361Oumuamua is artificially made: Good episode. Not gonna lie bros Avi makes some good arguments about …[View]
12584529Reincarnation: Isn’t reincarnation technically true? You could make an argument adjacent to the Bolt…[View]
12569012how do i make an alcubierre drive?[View]
12582037[Your Contribution In The World]: What will your contribution have been when you're 50?[View]
12579205Blue Origin Test Human Capable Rocket: https://youtu.be/OTvyjiSqYCE In 11 hrs, tomorrow morning…[View]
12584847Women who built our scientific foundations: Check out the Amazon page, leave a review. https://www.a…[View]
12581365What base would you pick if you could change the number system we use? For me, it's gotta be ba…[View]
12584007How can farming be made indefinitely sustainable? Is methane capture going to happen within our life…[View]
12584665help: my professor told me to not use the scheme of sarrus becasue its easy to make mistakes and i t…[View]
12584369Please scientific answer is needed. How to focus and concentrate?[View]
12579493What's up with the racism on here?: Hey folx could we tone down the racism and misogyny? I feel…[View]
12584099Is computer science the worst mistake of science and math combination?[View]
12584254Can we apply the Black Scholes equation to Bitcoin?[View]
12582151>21 years old >never memorized multiplication tables >prof sees me using a calculator for b…[View]
12583831So strange, something about memory creeps me the fuck out. So imagine you take this drug that makes…[View]

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