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/sci/ - Science & Math

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15155022Math from zero: I had to take an exam recently and couldnt solve highschool tier problems for shit. …[View]
15154576Is there any wrong with this logic?[View]
15149711Is there any way to come up with a scientific explanation for why seed oils are bad? This guy claims…[View]
15156252Sets question: Does this look right or am I schizophrenic?[View]
15155292Teaching Assignments: I am sexually attracted to the cute undergrad girls[View]
15155960Flu and concussion: Does having the flu and sinuses being entirely blocked increase intracranial pre…[View]
15154327How can you achieve lucid imaginations? When I imagine something it's not as vibrant and crisp …[View]
15155873Flower vs Vagina: Is this the vagina of a plant, or do animals have flowers down there?[View]
15154805>muh intuitionistic math doe!![View]
15155974Is it too late to start a major at 20?: I feel like I am basically a boomer at this point will I get…[View]
15156571with the MITs sparc reactor almost done by 2024 it seems like high temperature superconducting magne…[View]
15156445Selective Breeding for Neanderthals: If you take a group of people with relatively high percentages …[View]
15154651What are some ideas you have for WhiteHatting In Real Life?: (Can be anything, not just penetrative …[View]
15155166Black hole question.: It's known that beyond the event horison nothing travelling below the spe…[View]
15150411You DO have a wikipedia article on you, don't you? ...don't you?[View]
15155393Life Extension/Longevity/Youth Extension Tech Thread: I have a master's degree in structural bi…[View]
15154291Ganymede Object: What does sci think about this situation? This is a topic that keeps reemerging …[View]
15156372Hey science nerds: Just wanted to say I respect your work even if I don't really get it, go Ein…[View]
15155438Is sociology a science?[View]
15140643Elon Musk, the reigning king of science, says vaccines are bad. agree or disagree?[View]
15155897Is evolution a pyramid scam?[View]
15150086How toxic are they? How bad are they for your health? How can you mitigate it?[View]
15149097Are strong magnetic fields dangerous?[View]
15154423How much longer until analgesiac/s on par with opioids will be made? Is there any type of drug that …[View]
15152425Why do bad professors proliferate in universities? The positions are competitive why do professors t…[View]
15155251Only average IQ >105 can solve this[View]
15148813New science has dropped: Eggs now cause blood clots. How legit is this new science? Is it really ju…[View]
15157346Scientific proofs of round Earth: What are the scientific proofs of round Earth? What would you say …[View]
15154329Major Vaccine Science News: Pfizer exec admits that the company is mutating the virus to sell more v…[View]
15153293what's the weightlifting equivalent for brain? If I am weak, I do weightlifting for 1 hour a da…[View]
15155164Where did the 'potential energy' come from? How did it get 'stored' in the boulder?[View]
15149290How much life expectancy am I statistically surrendering by choosing not to trust the government at …[View]
15155008Gaia hypothesis vs Medea hypothesis: Gaia hypothesis states that both life and non-living chemistry …[View]
15155107Is Kahn Academy a good way to learn?[View]
15154537Benjamin Kyle: https://mathchan.org/psy/thread/2[View]
15122972/med/icine general: Hydronephrosis secondary to urolithiasis edition Previous: >>15083208 We d…[View]
15154479I wish I was never born, I hate that I have autism (although apparently 'mild' and 'high functioning…[View]
15148470is beekeeping good or bad for the environment? my research seems to indicate that it's quite ba…[View]
15149228Why is Europe Dying?: Today, there isn't a single European country in the whole entire continen…[View]
15146409His IQ is higher than yours, and while you're solving CAPTCHAs like a good little grunt and foc…[View]
15153833To all free will deniers: Just curious. Let's say I hypnotize you. Then I state you have free w…[View]
15155660what a load of crap[View]
15155507What kind of math is this?: /sci/ tourist here seeking aid. I came across this webm and was curious …[View]
15152966/sfg/ - Space Flight General: Boing! edition Previous: >>15150190[View]
15154460Why the fuck would someone need category theory?[View]
15154209Does the continued existence and common use of captchas disprove the existence of AI? All of the mo…[View]
15154980NaCl: How does a human taste salt? If I put an NaCl crystal into water, it dissolves. The water then…[View]
15153188Just dreamt a word I didn't know I know, had to look it up when I woke up and realized it fit p…[View]
15155313Could an advanced AI come up with a new reliable Turing test it can't solve itself?[View]
15150188Special alloy: So lately i have gotten an obsession with nordic gold which is an alloy made with 89%…[View]
15155351he is the God of /sci/entists: alfred binet creator of iq test, how is this man the greatest scienti…[View]
15155286TIL everyone is messing with the laws of physics, ARE YOU?[View]
15148499What is the answer /sci/bros? That's a +130 IQ.[View]
15155218The science of the broke nigga, how do we get him a job?[View]
15149940can humans live on mars[View]
15153897Did religion / advanced culture come from parasites?: Toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia. Humans …[View]
15148772EMP Rifles will Save Humanity: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen this is your briefing. This may be the m…[View]
15155155See all that empty space, it's sanity![View]
15154598If I trap myself inside a room surrounded entirely by walls of water, can particles find a way in?[View]
15151827Any AI schizos should read picrel before blabbering on about AGI[View]
15153250How can I make food like that without sunlight?[View]
15152967Tachyon: Does it exist[View]
15152186I want to learn genetics in depth. Any good books or study sources?[View]
15149952mental stress: Can controlled periods of mental stress (like depression and loneliness etc)be as goo…[View]
15154749Autism isn't always genetic?: Pic unrelated I believe that autism is genetic, but in some cases…[View]
15154593Can you guys complete this form: https://forms.gle/LrSqAiir2fpRqrE78 Need to get around ~100 respons…[View]
15153777describe inter universal tiechmuller theory as best you can in layman's terms[View]
15154708I'm just saying, if being a little schizo was invalid, we'd never have cryptography and hi…[View]
15154713How /sci/ence understands the Third Man Factor? https://youtu.be/f6R_FSesSQg?t=814[View]
15154260Co-adaptive Gene Complex and Inbreeding: does it enhances it?[View]
15153365Uncanny Valley on remade women: Women are increasingly being surgically modified. Every time I see t…[View]
15132163British innovation and genuis: Are any other people comparable, in terms of innovation and genuis, t…[View]
15154344Any good technical drawing guide for a stem fag?[View]
15150514Parents invalidate my studiousness: I've always been an 'analytical' person. If something'…[View]
15153384Why aren'y you wearing sunscreen every day /sci/? It slows down the skin aging process[View]
15149891The Bayesian Case for Reincarnation: 1. Premise: There is a nonzero initial probability that persons…[View]
15154153need: I know this is bordering /x/ but what is the Psychology wording for when one questions own bio…[View]
15154242I have reverse test anxiety: I'm so fucking stressed. I'm a physics lecturer and my class …[View]
15153474Natural Cures: what is the natural cure to cancer that's being supressed and hidden from the pu…[View]
15152434AGI Goalpost Mover Edition: But it can't do haaaaaaands[View]
15151871Why are humans so ugly?[View]
15150703Tesla Physics: Tesla has replaced Einstein. The original Maxwell equations were hyperdimensional. Te…[View]
15154144I have no idea how I'm supposed to visualize a Laplace Transform in my head.[View]
15152751Is this true?: Should we attempt to present children with a more general picture of mathematics (e.g…[View]
15152760What do you /sci/entists really know about the Savant syndrome? How is it possible to a mentally ret…[View]
15154143How to find the shortest distance between a point and a line (that you have a parametric equation fo…[View]
15152519How many surfaces of constant width are there? I only know of two, the Meissner Tetrahedra. Are ther…[View]
15146800Intelligence Test: do you pass?[View]
15150701Why did fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms fall out of grace?[View]
15154165The claim that consciousness is an illusion proves that consciousness is not an illusion. Because a …[View]
15154158Hey /sci/ggots, is it possible to have a specific form of dysgraphia that fucks up one's intuit…[View]
15146751I need help with 'scientific' racism: Through years of reading papers about the differences in IQ/in…[View]
15154150Does anyone have GAMSAT practice materials?: I tried the PirateBay but couldn't find anything. …[View]
15151212>build a hydroelectric power plant >the water falling makes a turbine spin (wow) >it ruins …[View]
15149786Did you know IIT is the hardest school to get into, even harder than MIT and Harvard? I am a first y…[View]
15153090What scientific evidence,if any, is compelling proof of an afterlife? Preferably not NDEs, simply be…[View]
15143436why do people believe the pyramids in egypt were build by some kind of aliens? we could build or rec…[View]
151538032023 will be the year of Space Epoch: https://youtu.be/gk41eTSwrKQ[View]
15151029Algorithms and Combinatorics Books: So what's next after CLRS? I've stumbled across this b…[View]
15153666Imagine how it would feel to live on planet mercury. It probably feels like taking all drugs and hav…[View]
15148386thread dedicated to the arboreal origins of human bipedalism discuss https://www.cambridge.org/core/…[View]
15152640Curt Jaimungal is far superior to Lex (((Fridman))): Curt Jaimungal's podcast Theories of Every…[View]
15152627Almost always in the first moments after getting up i'm feel enlightened, and that moment is th…[View]
15152723What's a statistic that you personally find intriguing or shockingly unexpected?[View]
15153562Interesting and satisfying ideas: There are a couple of ideas that just feel super satisfying when t…[View]
15151358>be in community college >classmates are mostly 18-21 y/o >make friends with some of them …[View]
15151862Should scientists have sex or should they focus on advancing science?: I don't think scientists…[View]
15140073How does coffee cause global warming?[View]
15150714>Race is not a biologically meaningful ter-ACK[View]
15151618>food which is made from proteins, fats and other simple molecules gets somehow turned into an eg…[View]
15153375The reputation of our universities has gone down the toilet over the last decade. Chink degree facto…[View]
15151168Here we go bros[View]
15153296/sci/ how to clean?: How do you clean one of these? There's brown buildup on the chlorine testi…[View]
151481564D space: Saw some guys theory on gravity on YouTube, which has since been removed, I assume it’s no…[View]
15139597Why do 'alien' abductions leave radiation burns and pregnancies that only show the mother's DNA…[View]
15152948We just proved we (life) are (is) the aliens bros, life spread here from off-world... >also: tfn …[View]
15153178Alphabet Pedo Jew Council is training AI: through retarded monkey prompts That's the best Israe…[View]
15152902Why don’t women take prolactin to avoid getting periods if periods are so painful[View]
15151188Retard question on evolution: They say animals slowly adapt to their environment over millions of ye…[View]
15141864Now that covid has been thoroughly debunked, when will vaxx/mask/mandate fags apologize?[View]
15152556Mind resolution: At what resolution do you see the world in your brain? Sometimes when I am about to…[View]
15150783Can I get some recommendations of actual smart people that this guy has interviewed. People like Jim…[View]
15148718Testing ChatGPT: [math]∫_{0}^{1} ∫_{0}^{2π} ∫_{0}^{π} (x^2 + y^2 + z^2)e^{-x^2}sin(y)dzdydx[/math]…[View]
15147215How do NPCs react to vaxx excess death stats?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku2Fv7xnL1o I suspect…[View]
15151352>be american scientist >write paper >call gasoline 'gas' >readers never know if you…[View]
15150189So 1 or 4?: It's 4 right[View]
15148270Is it possible for a civilization to set foot on other planets before developing computers?[View]
15149613Exotic comet!: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/jan/23/exotic-green-comet-not-seen-since-sto…[View]
15150883Radiation pressure: If a photon's momentum is increased as it resonates with itself, is a photo…[View]
15151899God-tier engineering amalgamations: What fields should one know to make oneself really OP at somethi…[View]
15143856Help With Scientific Experiment Iceberg: So, im making a Disturbing/Bizzare Scientific Experiment Ic…[View]
15151045Forgive my retardation, but why are these both stable? Isn't the addition of an oxygen grossly …[View]
15143503Medicine AI: Are surgeons and tradies the only jobs free from the fuckery of ai? I'm considerin…[View]
15152419You Wouldn't Patent the Sun: Improving CMOS Sensors via Quasi-Transparent Secondary Sensors and…[View]
15148073Can /sci/ solve a physics problem?: Someone on the internet said that the moon is a space ship. And …[View]
15151498Where Should I Start With Sagan?: I'm not qualified in any field of science. What will I be abl…[View]
15152094How do I keep my face young looking? I wear 50SPF sunscreen daily and moisturise[View]
151516515g thread: What are you guys doing to protect against EMF?[View]
15152150Do gamesl like Dual N-Back actually improve overall memory?: Or only for bullshit like those games/…[View]
15152323job application assessment: >do application >get selected for the next level >next level ha…[View]
15151184USA flies in space by strong nuclear force!: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/a/5e4a9876-2ec0-4647-…[View]
15151201Serious sneeze revisited: I don't think anyone who's figured out how much force this would…[View]
15151471question for the so called 'wise men' on this dork ass board: What if I poo poo in microwave[View]
15147581>Wits University's Dr Julien Benoit with the skull of the herbivorous Dinocephalian, which t…[View]
15151854Why was it never mentioned to me that rereading the materials and practicing a lot of physics proble…[View]
15151570Is there any way to get better at Math beyond just practise? I'm trying to embrace Math instead…[View]
15146049Water pipeline to California: The southwest especially Arizona and California need water to grow the…[View]
15149659What biological process makes Gorilla and Chimp muscle tissues 10 times stronger than Human? I want …[View]
15151774HBD is more positive than you think.: https://greyenlightenment.com/2016/08/16/why-hbd/ HBD, or huma…[View]
15143733Where are all the Aliens !?[View]
15151180Scientifically speaking, how do you accept things for what they are and push on in life?[View]
15146445after almost 2 years I feel fine after the vaccine (Sputnik V): Am I still fucked in the longterm? T…[View]
15143589If maps like these were actually true, like racists claim they are, then countries where average IQ …[View]
15149304How much more likely am I to die of a heart attack while watching Avatar 2 versus otherwise? Does t…[View]
15145182GPT3/ChatGPT and future GPTs will remain midwit bullshit generators: kek. lel even. GPT is just a ma…[View]
15146908So oil/hydrocarbons are abiotic and ‘fossil fuels’ are a myth, yes?[View]
15150134is climate change going to kill us?: will we all die? is the 1 degree increase thing real? Stopping …[View]
15149215Weird pain: Can anyone explain why my left ankle, left knee, left testicle, left kidney area, and le…[View]
15149464If a species goes extinct, the conditions which caused it to evolve in the first place will just evo…[View]
15150209Physics or Mathematics: Please help me decide which one to study at university frens[View]
15149782Since the dawn of time, society was spearheaded and belonged to burocrats and warriors. Engineers an…[View]
15150557Is mead an aphrodesiac?: I swear every time I drink this i got horny, way more than wine or vodka, i…[View]
15150175Did you have a spurt of creativity?: I dropped out of university and came away not understanding muc…[View]
15150190/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Next Up 33-Engine Static Fire Edition Previous: >>15147567[View]
15145204Is mind-uploading the most probable way of mankind achieving immortality? What are some other method…[View]
15151038Serious question: Is there something wrong if I doing uni HW every second I'm awake and nothing…[View]
15138508/cg/ - consciousness general: >2023 >the hard problem of consciousness remains unsolved *sigh*…[View]
15142298Is civil engineering and its various subfields the most chad engineering discipline?[View]
15136638Terraforming the desert: How could you, and how long would it take to terraform the desert in the Mi…[View]
15150973Why is the media pushing this idiot? >flying hotels >ectolife Both terrible ideas.…[View]
15145290Redpill me on independent research and gentleman scientists.[View]
15141894>CO2 bad don't you know about photosynthesis?[View]
15147490The Sun Is Good For You: Ever since corona I have come to distrust the medical establishment, to the…[View]
15150062>Got way more gains doing the gym meme exercises than what scientist suggest Science is fake and …[View]
15146345Effects of Vaccination and Previous Infection on Omicron Infections in Children: Can someone explain…[View]
15144030INTP or INTJ?[View]
15150512the moment you put the word 'infinity' in your math you are a total scammer. If you want to define a…[View]
15149206Psychology books: What books should a non-psychology student read to get a basis on psychology?…[View]
15150382What would happen if you made an alloy from Chromium and Titanium? Let's say it had 30% Chromiu…[View]
15150305anons, please help a retard out... why can't i convert power to thrust? if I have an engine of …[View]
15148326Does tinnitus ever go away[View]
15141703Most people have no idea how insanely powerful AI is or how insanely powerful it's going to bec…[View]
15147860Guys my IQ is 118, I'm too smart to enjoy ignorant normie life but too dumb to actually achieve…[View]
15147098i have just been told that the supremum of the empty set is negative infinity: This seems paradoxica…[View]
15140874Programmers are useless: If you bring a computer programmer back in time he'll be useless.…[View]
15148792Question: Brainlet here, Why did Aubrey de Gay go from computer science to biology, Couldn't he…[View]
15150412Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Could these tiny fungi be classified as domesticated creatures, or do they…[View]
15150005Ever since 3 days ago i started having to coom 3 times a day. Otherwise i feel unsatisfied and still…[View]
15147165New Webb image just dropped: JWST released an image of the Chamaeleon I Molecular Cloud. Thoughts? h…[View]
15150235Retard here: Sup. So, radio-luminescence, how exactly does it work? Radium used mainly alpha waves/ …[View]
15140534Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching a critical juncture in human history. The clock is ticking,…[View]
15148190Why is finitism so reviled? What is wrong with having a scientific attitude when it comes to mathema…[View]
15146914Scientificaly speaking why is Physiognomy so real?[View]
15149420What do you see last when your skull is getting crushed or blown kennedy-style? I like to think it…[View]
15149839Cabinet of Curiosities: /sci/ + /x/ thread. Post science mysteries, obscure phenomenons and interes…[View]
15149885Have you ever won a Kaggle competition?[View]
15144695the goyslop of science: a pseudoscience if you will[View]
15139352Since artificial intelligences can be programmed to have political biases, does that mean that all A…[View]
15148300Scientifically speaking, how do you assess low libido + low romantic attraction symptoms as either a…[View]
15145806Is there a scientific explanation to why we sometimes feel a 'presence' around us when we're co…[View]
15150032Classopollis pollen supposedly belongs to an ancient family of conifers called Cheirolepidiaceae, th…[View]
15145255Should we eat whales to save the planet?: In the ensuing 13 years since Greenpeace made it's pr…[View]
15148476>I have been forgotten[View]
15143388can you solve a question from an iq test for toddlers?[View]
15144520How to cope with getting filtered by complex Organic Chemistry?[View]
15148229Mathematically how much did they lose?[View]

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