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/vp/ - Pokémon

Displaying 754 expired threads from the past 3 days

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44436651*doesn't join your Alola team*[View]
44437544These are your Gen 9 gym leaders. How would you react? And say something nice to them?[View]
44434441Are Pokemon that are found in Safari Zones considered part of the region's habitat or are they …[View]
44437622smash 7: so tired of my job here's the next fighter, since everyone here wants another f###ing …[View]
44437312ITT: Designs ruined for you: I literally just realized it's supposed to be a beard and mustache…[View]
44437447Zoomer here what is the best level to evolve to nidorino and pikachu?[View]
44431626gonna make a crystal hack with altered stats, types and moves give me your best ideas >change an …[View]
44436231Gen 9 information: I was given some insight as far as the generation 9 games. The games will be titl…[View]
44437367has there ever been a bigger fall from grace?[View]
44432394/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44436813*joins your Kalos team*[View]
44435717Drunk and tired but gonna try and gonna make this work in OU. Willing to drop Exca and Necro as well…[View]
44437050This is how the Pokemon Company make their money. Play it. Now.[View]
44435967does anyone have any more images of allister and hex maniac together? i want more[View]
44422703For those who played the remakes first? What is your opinion of the original games?[View]
44433545White 2 team: Here’s my White 2 team right now and I’m gonna challenge the Nimbasa City gym. R8 my t…[View]
44436967*doesn't join your team*[View]
44436662*doesn't join your team*[View]
44436445By design, most pokemon should have min-maxed stats. Prove me wrong, boys.[View]
44436814Would pokemon eventually end up looking like this if the games never made the transition to 3D? Or w…[View]
44436883*joins your team*[View]
44434340grazie a cute[View]
44431688>that Kirlia was only level 29 with a 2/3rds full xp bar you sick FUCK!…[View]
44436469*joins your Hoenn team*[View]
44436741Recommendation: Can you recommend a good team with stats and moveset??[View]
44434776Snorlax with its eyes opened[View]
44436098Can someone who knows more Japanese yokai than me please school my ignorant ass about some mythical …[View]
44432955Bros...: Everyone’s talking about Arceus and Togekiss, but we were ROBBED of this beta design[View]
44436172Why arent you playing Puff in smash?[View]
44436570This is a girl[View]
44385997This is a dragon thread[View]
44435136Now that the dust has settled. How were they?[View]
44431946Really makes you think[View]
44436485*blocks your path* where do you think you're going kid?[View]
44431782Female Rangers are the hottest npcs[View]
44430981Showderp: Depression Edition: I've had a long struggle with champs, or something of their ilk, …[View]
44433817>one of the central themes of this franchise is 'evolution' >more than 20 years and this franc…[View]
44433159Would legendaries be attracted to humans?[View]
44431837Samurott thread.[View]
44435981HEY! Say something you like about Aromatisse[View]
44435067>tfw there are retards on /vp/ who think Mega Evolution is coming back because of the leaked HOME…[View]
44429681These humans... they care nothing for me.[View]
44434184If only you could understand that sooner...[View]
44434612vaporeon? vaporeon![View]
44434640What gender do you prefer Aromatisse to be?[View]
44434922>It hit itself in confusion![View]
44432656Gen 2 best Gen 7 worst[View]
44434633what's your pokemon gayming machine? my original 3DS XL finally kicked the bucket a few weeks a…[View]
44435996Anybody else keeps forgetting Zeraora exists?[View]
44432475Rampardos now learns Accelerock how many tiers does he move up?[View]
44435137Let's give the Porygon line access to RKS System and Multi-Attack. What changes?[View]
44431114Bea: So (You) beat me...I'll grant (You) one wish.[View]
44432979The artstyle for the sun and moon anime is very ugly.[View]
44435605Hey guys, I am the guy who was talking about hunting for a shiny ghastly in Japanese crystal like a …[View]
44434088metagross looks like this[View]
44434725>First round tournament matchups >Rock vs Fighting >Big Dimes Gordie loses first round beca…[View]
44435539It envelops its prey in its veillike arms and draws it down to the deeps, five miles below the ocean…[View]
44434765Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami monogram multicolour pink bag collaboration cherry blossom print …[View]
44434370>functionally identical >except Freeze is strictly better and therefore nothing is allowed to …[View]
44435798Apparently Aromatisses can smell good and smell awful. Soooooo what do you think of that?[View]
44428820What exactly is 'water' about it?[View]
44411177/vp/ixelmon: Consume the Chisel Chalice Edition: THERE IS NO /vp/ixelmon Discord. All updates will b…[View]
44432103I've never played a Johto game, should I play Crystal or HGSS?[View]
44431833>GF holds a Pokémon Direct just after the release of Crown Tundra >Reveals that the world of P…[View]
44432915Apologize. Now.[View]
44429333Times when GF went too far.[View]
44435536Male Aromatisses are beautiful too[View]
44431646Why isn't she more popular?[View]
44434454Pokemon whose appeal you don't get: For me it's: Pic related, most Dragon types, Gardevoir…[View]
44434699Capullo voy a por ti estes donde estes: Te voy a encontrar >:([View]
44428443Aside from BY SHOCKSLAYER and Johto becoming africa for some reason, is it good?[View]
44431863how do you come up with a cool pokemon design?[View]
44435251What is your favorite beta map?[View]
44432044*isn't water/fighting*[View]
44431713/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Fug Raid Hour Continued Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://po…[View]
44435313Pokemon go: Please add freind code[View]
44435041Any of you guys wanna be a real bro and trade me a Sinistea with its HA (Cursed Body)? I can give a …[View]
44434650Why are fan designs so shit?[View]
44434614What do you think of Gen 3's Battle Frontier?: Is it a genuine challenge and the best postgame …[View]
44435197I love Piloswine[View]
44417694Male Gardevoirs: Why are they so rare? What happens to them?[View]
44403831Pokémon iceberg: So I was reading through the Pokémon ice berg but the thread archived and I couldn’…[View]
44434409>Fakemon >Min-maxed stats >Ability that nullifies 4x weakness…[View]
44431716hi there i am the pokemon with the most obnoxious fanbase[View]
44433045Item: scooter The Pokémon gains priority in some turns (works like Truant) at cost of 50% reduction …[View]
44429533>no toys >no plushies >no anime episode to advertise it >not even Twilight Wings adapted…[View]
44430554Rillaboom Thread: Let's have a thread to celebrate this big ol' lad[View]
44428887*gives Ash his first loss of the series* Nothin' personal[View]
44430946Tell me Vp...: What do you see?[View]
44431734Say it with me: >Sinnoh >Remakes >Aren't >Coming >Next year…[View]
44433283Yassss: >Wig on point >Pose >Serving Face So will the Queen of Pokemon ever be dethroned…[View]
44431082What went wrong?[View]
44412903Tantalizing CANON shots of Dawn: No art. Only shots from the official anime, that are lewd and tanta…[View]
44432818Acerola thread[View]
44410063ITT: Comfy places[View]
44431424Gen 10: Looking at it now, I think Gen 10 is when we are going too see a reboot of the franchise. So…[View]
44432350Post Pokémon nobody likes[View]
44433043They should rename this to Pocket Yo-Watch or Pocket Deviantart. we haven't got a true pokemon…[View]
44431569What other pokemon lose all their appeal once they evolve?[View]
44432079>water pokemon >it's blue[View]
44432841Name a comfier pair/set of games in the series. Protip: you can't.[View]
44423875Green Thread: Leaf also acceptable[View]
44431266Which s your favorite ?: Any ultra beast fan ?[View]
44430155Why do people always talk about wanting to do Gyms in any order? Its generally a dumb idea.[View]
44430686Will he ever be good again?[View]
44428741she should be fired[View]
44433292Best legendaries lore in your path >inb4 metababies seethe[View]
44425246thoughts on playing through with legendaries?[View]
44429496why don't more people use her in doubles?: >immune to fake out >immune to intimidate >…[View]
44430794What are the implications of this regarding to pokemon lore?[View]
44422212Heavy Duty Boots are broken[View]
44434056Looking for the sprites ripped from this or other official 1-bit Pokemon sprites. Anyone know where …[View]
44433808Animals that should be Pokémon: >Everyone who wants a Bug/Dragon type suggests dragonflies Dragon…[View]
44420202Admit it, you don't actually dislike either the 2D or 3D sprites inherently. You just want the …[View]
44429879>Nature in trainer card I miss this and I want this enchanced, each nature should change th style…[View]
44429919Cringe thread[View]
44432543what's their relationship?[View]
44429942Do you have a list of unreleased Hidden Abilities: You can easily find a list of the pokémons which …[View]
44432009>any main series music after Gen 3 Gameboy sounds in HGSS don't count btw…[View]
44432506What was his fucking problem?[View]
44431450I love Incineroar[View]
44433742Pokedex entry thread: >After recent environmental improvements, this Pokémon is now hardly seen a…[View]
44433876>wild area Precursor to gen 9 or is it going to be another dropped gimmick?…[View]
44346879Shirona is so cool![View]
44431527A wizard gives you a very special gift: You will receive a pokemon in real life: this pokemon can do…[View]
44424086Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44433518Dream Pokemon Starter Thread: Dream pokemon starters[View]
44429478G-Max: They should have made much more G MAX forms (and not go full Kantooo with it) it's such …[View]
44428972I love you Tapu Lele chan! I want to marry you Tapu Lele chan! You are the cutest Tapu Lele chan! Yo…[View]
44427319>Why yes I’m going back to Ubers, what gave it away?[View]
44333699/rpg/ - Retro Pokémon General: #63 – Sandstorm Edition Previous >>44224846 Anyone playing …[View]
44432573How would y'all have reacted if either of the following had happened during the Kalos League? …[View]
44432363>move to dewford >town is completely wiped out after first bad storm…[View]
44430459It does appear that we previously had what we desired, but then game freak unrightfully apprehended …[View]
44432559>Shows Snubbull getting incinerated on screen in a kids movie How did they get away with it?…[View]
44433153https://iimarckus.org/prergby-assets/ How much did iimarckus know when the assets first leaked and w…[View]
44432890Pokemon Gen 9: When is this gen coming? Should I buy a Switch for pokemon games or they will already…[View]
44433049Does anyone know any good Pokemon ROMhacks out there, other then then Clover or Gaia?[View]
44431617name one bigger downgrade (1)[View]
44430083Let's build a Dex: Continuing from an older thread, post a picture of your current in game team…[View]
44432385This rom hack is shit, Crystal Clear is better[View]
44432822We were robbed hoenn bros...[View]
44430370Rating favourites thread: https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html[View]
44431678Ankylosaurus Pokemon when?[View]
44432097Should I go physical or special on this guy? I want to use multiatack but his special movepool seem…[View]
44429073Furbait without the fur[View]
44431867Why does the loud kirlia scream?[View]
44432275/ppg/ - Pokemon Proto General: Gigaleak 3 Edition How is leakerbro supposed to give us gigaleak 3 wi…[View]
44429343/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44428760I've come here to make an announcement ... ... I WILL KILL EVERYONE BECAUSE POKEMAN LMAO[View]
44424501Isle of Armor tutors leak: For all the culled mons. >Blaziken gets Scorching Sands >Lele gets …[View]
44425591What are you hopes/fears for Cynthia in the remakes?: >Hopes She is the villain of the story but …[View]
44429943*isn't electric/dark*[View]
44430701What would you want in a perfect pokemon game?: I love these kinda threads. So here. I'm learni…[View]
44385412You like what about me?[View]
44431548>barafags are shitting the board again[View]
44430121Bug Type Thread: Post your favorite Bug Type Pokemon.[View]
44429116>be me, playing Swooshie >short on a good fire type and either steel or poison to deal with fa…[View]
44428551/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Fug Raid Hour Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoliv…[View]
44430081how did they do him so right on every level?[View]
44430914I have a proposal: I propose we start a new community. Sort of like a branch of the Fluffybooru comm…[View]
44421261Which legendary would care the most for trainers?[View]
44431247Water: Can we have a water type thread?[View]
44422743Rebuild a Pokemon Thread:: ITT: Rebuild any Pokemon, whether it's a buff, nerf, sidegrade, ect …[View]
44431245God fucking damn it anon, you're so pathetic.[View]
44431489How exactly one 'splits pain' and why this cancerous stall move was allowed to exist in the first pl…[View]
44420587Post Pokemon with awful 'underdogish' fanbases[View]
44428997Nintendo DS Backups: Sup /vp/ I wanna backup my Soul Silver file to my computer and open it up on em…[View]
44427165For me, it's Skyla.[View]
44429488What the heck is this?[View]
44425376/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44430134ITT: Fanmade regional forms[View]
44428945Why do people hate VGC? The battle format, not the tournament.[View]
44429925How come only one was important to the plot and these fellas were swept under the rug like they didn…[View]
44421977Twilight Wings: Final episode will air on August 6. Now that it is almost over, what were your thoug…[View]
44429094>threads about tapus, rillaboom, and incineroar did I miss something?[View]
44429951Rate my team of six fully evolved Pokémon, /vp/.[View]
44430580Not so fast, Bulu-boy[View]
44422344/vp/ Forenti Region: I Choose You Edition: Heyo, so last time we posted about our Scandinavian inspi…[View]
44423093Gen 7 OU would be amazing if Magearna, Toxapex and Greninja-Ash were banned. They're all questi…[View]
44383250/ef/ Eevee Friday- Agents of Heaven Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhVrNfg4nXc Hey all you…[View]
44422138WAIFU TIER MAKER: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-female-characters-8463[View]
44428902I just use the same team every game: I don't know why you'd use other Pokémon when they ke…[View]
44424609*has the single hardest hitting priority attack in the game*[View]
44428877You just know he's being saved to increase the DiaPer remake sales.[View]
44430059Anybody have the Detective Pikachu one of this, and any good pokemon reaction images in general? Any…[View]
44424738>lele confirmed getting expanding force hope you're ready anon[View]
44430224huh hmm hm hm huh hmm huh uh hm hm hm hmh mh mh mh m hm hm hmmmmm hm hm hm h mmmmmm hm hm hm hmmmmm …[View]
44403025Sunday is Bunday: How about a Lopunny thread? Every bunny is welcome. Cute or lewd is fine, just mak…[View]
44429980um, birdbros?[View]
44428537WHOMS APPROACHED THE ALMIGHTY ONE?! Is that you Rillaboo- TAPU BULU?![View]
44429081>Hands are bigger than head OH NONONONO[View]
44428384How do you get these guys in Pokémon Crystal, without trading?[View]
44428307Raticates Yellow sprite is HUGE[View]
44429835Nerf a pokemon: >Power Herb no longer works on Xerneas' Geomancy…[View]
44424087Showderp: Shota Edition: >Onee-sans: dogars.ga >Tummy Pics: showderp.booru.org >Current Lit…[View]
44429891>Searching for a gift. Please wait... >You already have received this gift. This has been a fu…[View]
44429890>anime about SWSH >All gym leaders use Kanto pokemon instead of their games teams >only few…[View]
44427388Well /VP/ is this list true ?[View]
44429772Metagross with Steel Roller and Choice Scarf will save us from the terrain war meta[View]
44429798Z-Moves: Your favourite Pokemon gets its own exclusive Z move what does it do? Follow up question: a…[View]
44428886>Has access to a very solid 110/100/100 bulk that would enable it to switch in somewhat comfortab…[View]
44425886What is 'spirit'?: Cyrus's whole deal is creating a world where time and space can expand unres…[View]
44429400ok so basically im monky thread[View]
44429711Thank god for Incineroar, this meta is trash[View]
44426721ITT:We RP like Pokemon are real: >Be me, Goldenrod dept. store clerk. >The bike guilds are sti…[View]
44428031What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
44429115See ya in Ubers[View]
44428679*gives everything Close Combat, Superpower, Body Press*[View]
44429151Apologize to gen 3, /vp/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze8uhmeFt7A&t=689s >gen 3 plot mech…[View]
44427103why are people saying unova is china? i thought it was 'murica[View]
44426538Hypno is defeated![View]
44418142I like using stall. It's very relaxing. Opponents getting mad in the chat also makes me chuckle…[View]
44429015What were they thinking?[View]
44425035*destroys VGC*[View]
444288242020... I am forgotten: She's still better than all of Gen 8 designs[View]
44428905Pokémon unite: I know everyone here hates unite. But I’m surprised nobody made a thread about these …[View]
44429102I really want these 3 girls to have a threesome together[View]
44427279Why is smogon messing with old gens: So I decided to play ADV OU for the first time in a few years, …[View]
44428441You could not live with the gorilla dominantly gliding through the meta with terrain moves, and you …[View]
44428664challenge: save her without giving her a megaevolution or an evolution.[View]
44426841Pokemon Merch: Do you have any Pokemon merchandise? Toys? Collection? Post it.[View]
44428632I love Piloswine[View]
44428971Comfy moves. Post them. Comfy abilities are welcomed too.[View]
44425528Here's your new meta, bro.[View]
44423623>franchise almost 25 years old >pokemon still don't evolve mid-battle…[View]
44427346Gou Thread: Post the Mew Autist and his Rabbit.[View]
44427687Post pokemon.[View]
44422629>*throws zoomers into a seething rage because they can't catch houndour and larvitar on the …[View]
44428753>Lele getting expanding force >Bulu getting grassy glide >Koko getting rising voltage >F…[View]
44428445What's the best type and why is it water?[View]
44428595Pokemon DLC 3: Pokemon Sw/Sh Champions of the Era. - Tournament brings best trainers to Galar. - Cut…[View]
44419157Effortpost Tuesday- Share your Gen9 Ideas: (I love how the actual graphic design quality of these fa…[View]
44427529Crown Tundra: >legendary quest >a map that dwarfs that of the last DLC by a considerable amoun…[View]
44395554ITT: Pokecouples[View]
44424736Can he still save fanfic and dynacucked metas? His burden only seems to increase every gen.[View]
44424520/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: REEEEEEEEEEEEE Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoli…[View]
44425966“Yes, yes, well done Rillaboom, well done... however.”[View]
44424121Honest thoughts on Allister?[View]
44426772I don't get the appeal of Nuzlocke, if you want extra challenge why not just use NFEs or shitmo…[View]
44424082>Tangrowth and Amoongus never run recovery moves because lol regenerator >Toxapex and Slowbro …[View]
44414424Post and R8[View]
44427969Best girl[View]
44421985we wuz kings jirachibros[View]
44428321>every single forgotten move is returned, Knock-off is now a TM >starters no longer have Blaze…[View]
44428115Rillababies fear him[View]
44428126He's our only hope against the Tapus bros.[View]
44428112ITT: Crossgen evos[View]
44426487Just bring your favorites You have more fun Trust me >elo 1000[View]
44421553G h o s t T h r e a d: Not a single Pokémon who is Ghost Type has a bad design.[View]
44427410Y’all complain abt gen 5 having shit designs but then you go right to your fanfic meta and use them …[View]
44427507Rillaboom is still better than Bulu in many ways and the two will be good friends rather than hated …[View]
44419866it's all so tiresome....[View]
44426610>tfw only shiny i ever found was when i was like 12 (a clamperl btw) >thought 'hmph, a shiny. …[View]
44427672Mrs. Ketchum![View]
44426765Pokemon Alien Invasion: So, will Pokemon media/games ever do a alien invasion? I mean, we know alien…[View]
44419310is she autistic?[View]
44422838STOP: posting that shitty thing in every single fakemon thread you know who you are[View]
44427694>For but a Month, I swear I could touch the sky...[View]
44427677I ship it[View]
44424396Abilities Thread: Y'know the drill. Overpowered, balanced, shit, all welcome here. Suggestions…[View]
44425846*rising voltages you* What do?[View]
44411347If Pokemon were real, what would you do?[View]
44427217Cultural appropriation has never been so sexy before.[View]
44425792realistic pokemon thread? realistic pokemon thread[View]
44420685The only thing missing is extreme speed or sucker punch[View]
44424099Why did they make almost all pokemon able to learn toxic?[View]
44415286Does anyone remind me of how / vp / reacted when Incineroar Confirmed? I remember it was a total shi…[View]
44426253Noob here, can anyone explain what makes Magearna so OP in singles considering how its ability is ju…[View]
44425769UMMMMMMMMM??? BROS????????????[View]
44411902Disprove this.[View]
44423085imagine the though of animals and pokemon coexisting.[View]
44421172r8 h8 masturb8: https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html[View]
44427256That is how definitive pokedex would look like.[View]
44426377ITT: pokemon you used to sperg out for back in the day[View]
44425031Mega Punch and Mega Kick become Fighting-Type moves: What changes?[View]
44421477I miss this fat boy, bros. why Ivysaur can't stand up anymore?[View]
44424920Why was he disrespected so much by GF? he's the only trio master that never got his own game.[View]
44423209can we get a nostalgia thread? post images that give you nostalgia from when you were younger and ac…[View]
44423591>the taste of freshly roasted gardevoir[View]
44425283Post pokemon that need evolutions[View]
44425140How come I only today learned the Azure Flute was never distributed? Why?[View]
44415261You’re such a stupid kid!!![View]
44423513post regional evolution ideas >Mr Crime, a Kalosian Mr Mime evolution One of the most illusive Po…[View]
44424755/VP/ GYM LEADER CHALLENGE INNAUGURATION: Welcome to the /vp/ Gym Leader Challenge! Here, one can cha…[View]
44426238Rillabros... We got too cocky...[View]
44420691Gen five is better try to prove me wrong: >Gen 1 Best Gen! It had the best designs and gameplay o…[View]
44425855How horrible was it to face a snorlax in gen 2 meta?[View]
44425085>Can change the nature, IV spread, Reset EVs, give egg moves via day care, and switch Regular/hid…[View]
44424592Safe concept but appealing design > Creative concept but unappealing design[View]
44424258What are those two geezers looking at?[View]
44423410even your girl knows sinnoh is better[View]
44425884Reminder that it doesn't matter if a Pokemon is a 'character with a theme', 'literally my mom…[View]
44420218Thoughts on the RBY meta?[View]
44426616He should be Space Type. The Pokemon game should be set in space. On the moon. Would be a good oppor…[View]
44425730>make dlc mons 'free' for non dlc fags >To do this divide raids between armor and normal raids…[View]
44426559Would you drink some freshly squeezed juice from Shuckle?[View]
44425220What's Up My Niggers: https://slate.com/culture/2018/07/disney-xd-pulls-pokemon-episode-possibl…[View]
44426474B/W OU Team help: Hey guys ive been trying to learn B/W OU, as someone who only got into competitive…[View]
44424716zygardecucks eternally suffering: >resolution cave >it raises more questions than it resolves …[View]
44423301What would Pokemon feel like?: What would a Mawile feel like? Are the yellow parts fur? Flesh? Scale…[View]
44361037/ptg/ pokken tournament general: 'Free' edition also no idea what I'm doing edition >FAQ htt…[View]
44423180How far have you went on competitive pokemon anons ?[View]
44417763Which gen has the best selection of starters?[View]
44426157Audino is pretty cool too[View]
44425991masuda thread[View]
44424071I keep hearing the term 'Pokémania' but what is it about? Isn't Pokémon popular nowadays so it…[View]
44425639Gen 9 has already been developed and the next gen 8 games are probs close to being done. Thoughts?[View]
44425959so /vp/ while you jack it to half-assed 2d lolis and complain all day and night about dex cuts, muh …[View]
44425346Nickname Thread:: Post a pic of a pokemon and reply to someone's else's a good nickname fo…[View]
44423602Dark and Ghost types need nerfs[View]
44425043For Asian Guys.[View]
44423750>bug/steel with flash fire[View]
44424209Grumpig is notably attractive[View]
44425760Someone somewhere is impersonating me! ... I'm flattered.[View]
44422658/tpc/ Tuesday Pokemon Cooking!: Hello trainers and welcome to this weeks installment of Tuesday Poke…[View]
44423216I am not sure what emotion this is supposed to invoke in my soul.[View]
44423419What would a region based on the Amish country be like?[View]
44425605based tapu returning to purge all galarian scum off the face of the planet[View]
44417940'Why's there too many Kanto Pokemon in Johto': These games are essentially Pokemon 2, back when…[View]
44424333Remember when you idiots thought this was real?[View]
44423177What do defensive stats represent? HP = size (wailord) Def = hardness (rock/steel types) SP def = Fa…[View]
44425273How the universe began? What the future holds? Why do fools fall in love? What happens to our souls?…[View]
44420531/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44422982>r/veepee on knock-off and pursuit >“thank Arceus one of them is GONE, and the other no longer…[View]
44424104*burns you*[View]
44423645They choose my starter for pokemon red and leaf green?: I am bulbasaurfag and I want to vary with th…[View]
44424825post anti-cancer pokemon[View]
44421800/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Meh Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.com/en …[View]
44421023so that's it? i'm just never gonna get any apricorn pokeballs from this thing?[View]
44423154What's the hardest region to navigate?: in terms of trees you have to cut down, amount of dead …[View]
44422327proof that cinnabar is actually a mountain and not a volcano[View]
44422193why all the hate? :([View]
44424091fuck: oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck i just realized that this is a franchise for little kids (12 and under…[View]
44423952Grumpig thicc[View]
44413975Why does she still look old even when you erase the wrinkles?[View]
44421710What is the appeal of this abomination?[View]
44415863Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44422957Why are most Pokemon naked?[View]
44421797Really makes you think: >Gen 3 era >People hate gen 2, are nostalgic for gen 1 >Gen 4 era …[View]
44422185this kills the '3D killed pokemon' shitposter[View]
44423690Anyone else have a hard time making a competitive pokemon Team that is actually aesthetically pleasi…[View]
44420800>It's not always black and white, but your heart always knows what's right!…[View]
44414754ITT your ideas for spin-off pokemon games.[View]
44420577This is a 10/10 creature design, both visually and conceptually. It's just RAD.[View]
44421476He cute[View]
44422973Grumpig: Grumpig is beautiful Now bow beneath him[View]
44422775>wake up >see this >what do?…[View]
44416093drawe: sup anons gimme some pokemon to draw. i won't be able to draw 'em all if i get a lo…[View]
44406791What pokemon is your starter pokemon of you could choose any in a game?[View]
44421078Hey remember when gen 5 had animated sprites that gave pokemon a ton of personality and charm and ge…[View]
44394677/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essensials and Fan Game Development: Snakewood edition Previous Thread…[View]
44421080Garchomp is so fucking hot[View]
44414987Showderp: Thinkan Edition: Hello there, this is Showderp. Where we root and cheer for a dude dubbed …[View]
44422790What the fuck happened to XY's GTS?[View]
44421892This is literally the best Pokemon character ever designed, she makes me feel so many things at once[View]
44420861why does nurse joy sit on a unicycle while doing her job?[View]
44418223>design a teenage girl >she's forty btw For what purpose?…[View]
44422538Only casuals have problems with roaming legendaries. In fact, they're probably some of the most…[View]
44420783>everything works because everything sucks >Big numbers scare me How do you play anything befo…[View]
44422805Detective Pikachu movie: So, it's canon Bill Nighy fucked the Ditto, right?[View]
44415548I'm sorry but I can't take this shot anymore. Opal is by far the worst facing designed hum…[View]
44421009Legal Lolis: Trial Captain ages range between 11 and 19 years old. Meaning there's a 22% chance…[View]
44422404Nessa: Thoughts on her character?[View]
44421586Best protagonist coming through: Your fave could never.[View]
44420308How do you feel about this?[View]
44422704vp cringe thread: Cringe thread[View]
44421947Name a cuter pokemon then Scorbunny i'll wait[View]
44422581I love Piloswine[View]
44419587*isn’t fire/dragon*[View]
44421932is this the only good thing gayfreak's made in the last decade?[View]
44422606>Gen 9 is announced >It looks good >It's released >It is good Like my fanfic?…[View]
44421636>Charizard should be Fire/Dragon >Gyarados should be Water/Dragon >Golduck should be Water/…[View]
44419479So... When are we getting a new pokemon game? It's been 8 years.[View]
44421500Rent Free[View]
44417793Angry Pokémon thread: Everyone is angry or ready for battle here. Post angry faces.[View]
44421102The Alpha of Awe. The Brute of Brawn. The Cultivator of Class. The Duke of Domination. The Emperor o…[View]
44419711Dewgong: Is this the most no one cares Pokemon of all time? in its debut gen there were 2 other ice/…[View]
44419511New official Twilight Wings posters Featuring the greatest champion of all time![View]
44419933>he thinks gen 9 is gonna be better[View]
44420397hehehehehe BUTTFACE[View]
44416795>the perfect pokemon doesn't exi-[View]
44419719>literally just team skull without the novelty, the style, the personality and the girls what did…[View]
44420617If only they could rest[View]
44416267Feels great being able to defeat every single pokemon singlehandedly: It's canon you bitch…[View]
44421738What moves would you give Jolteon that would make sense for it to have and buff it competitively?[View]
44416128Was she really Ash's best companion? The only thing she had going for her was shipping and that…[View]
44418270I played Gen 1 to 3, then haven't played pokemon against until Sword and Shield and now I'…[View]
44421568How many years have passed since Alola games and the Galar games? Or are they simultaneous? Not aski…[View]
44421953this dragon is FAT![View]
44398083Serena Sunday: Once again it's the most beautiful day of the week! You know the drill, post you…[View]
44418515/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Horsea Spotlight Hour Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://poke…[View]
44421774Dogmon: https://youtu.be/LjwU-ZHaCZQ Bros what the fuck is this[View]
44420452What would actual warfare (not the modern day recreational battles) have actually being like for all…[View]
44420789tiermaker thread: Post and r8 tiers. Here's a bunch https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-starte…[View]
44407946Bug Thread: Bug thread, post art of the bugs.[View]
44420843Is she going to be replaced by Leon?[View]
44418253>New Pokémon Game is announced >spend months anticipating the release, reading news, analyzing…[View]
44410667Berry Berry Kyutto Chinese girl Mei-chan says 'Ni hao!'[View]
44408253Nintendo and GF sharing building: This is a big deal. The days of the past have finally returned. Ev…[View]
44418870I'm playing XD: Gale of Darkness, how trash is Flareon? I reall want to use it but have heard i…[View]
44416547>it just gets bigger and angrier Poliwrath's design is actually kinda shit. Doesn't eve…[View]
44420949Can you explain this shit?[View]
44420382Ironic Charizardposting thread[View]
44412276you can pick one pokemon to be your companion this pokemon can talk to you in whatever language you …[View]
44421239>207 more days until the Sinnoh denialfags get blown out of existence[View]
44420748Is there already a hack of black/white 2 with gen 1-8 pokemon in it?[View]
44420317>there are people here who unironically want a let's go johto What's wrong with you peo…[View]
44418828Care for a SKY battle with a SKY trainer?[View]
44418504The Fairy Fucker 9000[View]
44420050Can we have a Surskit thread? Post best water-bug ITT. She's my waifu and there needs to be mor…[View]
44420566I’m glad regional forms are gonna be a continuing thing, are there any Pokémon that you hope get a r…[View]
44414468How strong is Ash Ketchum?[View]
44415992>Gen 1: Mafia gangsters >Gen 2: Mafia gangsters >Gen 3: Ecoterrorists >Gen 4: Evil compa…[View]
44420222This is how a Pokémon selection is made. Hoenn is the industry standard for both world design and Po…[View]
44415724Give me one good argument why stealth rocks should even exist. >Superior to Spikes, do more damag…[View]
44417201What if types are rebalanced in such a way that the more weaknesses type has, the least it can be ab…[View]
44417346/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44420363Viridian City is not as interesting to look at as the song made it out to be[View]
44402025can we have a powercat thread please? :)[View]
44378852/wfg/ wi-fi general: ded edition trade, battle, breed, multi, bump, LIVE[View]
44416591>A recent interview, Harada said the reason he excluded Incineroar from the Deluxe release of Pok…[View]
44418915Itt we post cringe, I'll start[View]
44420022What went wrong?: >the big next-gen Pokémon title comes two years in >It looks and plays like …[View]
44414250Light Type: when?[View]
44419808Who is the nicest of Ash's female companions?[View]
44419500>the sun pokemon >weak to fire[View]
44414119Bird thread[View]
44417688Holy shit magma and aqua grunts are sexy[View]
44418662Why is there no LC doubles?[View]
44411853This was the worst thing to happen to Team Rocket[View]
44418761Uuuuuuh ... Garchompbros?[View]
44419567Smile for her[View]
44418843How many Pokemon are named after Tokusatsu Heroes?[View]
44418478post things that piss off /vp/[View]
44417989Sandstorm: 'Please bring back our friends! Bring back All Pokémon. Bring back Battle Frontier. Br…[View]
44419541I'm still mad. I lose my Shield cartridge in a washing machine and i don't care. This is t…[View]
44412609Will we ever get a Far West themed region/game[View]
44418895Cringe thread[View]
44418898why did Bulbapedo do this? why can't they go back to showing movesets from previous generations…[View]
44414940*does nothing for weeks if not months* *suspect tests clearly broken Pokemon that could have been qu…[View]
44418753Hitmonlee's gold sprite makes it look like he's jumping[View]
44416834>Klara will never throw you over her shoulder and squat you[View]
44410067This should have been the Gen 1 female trainer[View]
44419516Restore my interest in pokemon, /vp/.[View]
44419620Beta Sprites: Be Gamefreak in 2005 and waste time replacing great beta sprites with ones that are ob…[View]
44417767This is the best romhack I've ever played. Playing it on dolphin with a 60 fps hack is pure kin…[View]
44419531People debate what would have happened had Clefairy been the mascot. Consider this, what if Pikachu …[View]
44419276Post Ambiguous Monsters[View]
44416497What was the lore of this place?[View]
44418568This game is actually pretty good[View]
44419250why are people so angry about this thing? its just a pokemon game like any other.[View]
44419077>some gay twink and a literal child get the costumes for summer, a prime event to set up whalebai…[View]
44419108>middle stage is the fastest in the line[View]
44418434the best pokedex[View]
44417883Tick tock, Heatran[View]
44404080Generate 1 random pokemon That pokemon is going to sit on your lap https://randompokemon.com/[View]
44416686Why does he look like a circumcised penis[View]
44417160Whatever happened to these two? Are they just Piers' groupies now?[View]
44414583Was it kino or was it trash?[View]
44417814Whats a good emulator?: Getting back into pokemon. My old DS is missing but I still want to play and…[View]
44418900Wah wah millenial baby wants his Gen 3 in HD Are there complete ROMHacks of Gen4+, which aim to be '…[View]
44418604Its time to fight everyone favorite trainer The One The Only RIVAL FIVEL[View]
44416362So you couldn't get a starter from the proffesor?: Welcome to the Bug catcher guild, if you joi…[View]
44416979can someone explain why the alolan starters are given on the isle of armor but aren't in the po…[View]
44414587Worst fakemon ever: gimme your least favorite fakemon[View]
44413951Only six starters aren't 2 legged anthros[View]
44418633Teddiursa and Ursaring thread: Other bears are welcome, too.[View]
44412432>has multiple beach villas >travels all over the world >very aloof attitude about money jus…[View]
44404026What is Gen 9's gimmick going to be, and can it be worse than dynamax?[View]
44405657Ok, fill a brainlet in on this one. Why isn't quick claw more used in competitive battling, esp…[View]
44410732Is this the newest most forgettable Pokemon?[View]
44416898This looks like a cheap chinese mobile game: Where were you when you realized the franchise's t…[View]
44415511Should the Sinnoh remakes incorporate some newer Pokemon such as pic related?[View]
44411915Imagine, if you will, a Dragon/Bug pseudo.: Now, envision the following:- >Ability: Battle Scars …[View]
44414800/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Yikes Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.com/en…[View]
44418381I love Piloswine[View]
44415544Every Pokemon now has Protect as a permanent fifth moveslot. In return, Protect does not fail on swi…[View]
44418291If they were on /vp/ right now what would they be shitposting about[View]
44391230Weekly Saturday /ralts/ Thread!: Here we discuss about the following: >Ralts >Kirlia >Garde…[View]
44414114Just got it in the mail. What am I in for?[View]
44418039Make way for the true start of the franchise[View]
44418280Best site to read Pokémon manga from the first to the latest issue?[View]
44415605Arguement Thread: The Arguement: Best pokemon X and Y starter pokemon. Comment your argument if you …[View]
44416639Almost everyone here has dragged game freak up and down the mud with most of the designs they'v…[View]
44398750VGC2020: >No VGC thread Did Incineroar scare everyone off?[View]
44417234>Wanted to make a generic rock type fakemon >make this ultra-simple scribble of what I want it…[View]
44418144Why do they hate us so much?[View]
44418085Drink it![View]
44413895Are they confirmed to get the new Terrain moves? GF wouldn't just completely ruin competitive l…[View]
44414476>player A uses stealth rocks >player B uses stealth rocks >player A uses defog after few sw…[View]
44417914i was running some numbers to quantify the combat difference between the types, how accurate do you …[View]
44401967>Well at least Flygon can fl-[View]
44416666RU has banned Reuniclus, Lucario, and Sirfetch'd https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/np-ru-st…[View]
44416541which one did the celebi and time travel treat?: In retrospect why celebi can travel in time? I find…[View]
44417628“Lot Avenue” instead of Join Avenue?: So I bought a copy of Pokémon White 2 off of eBay a few months…[View]
44412868How would you save this disaster of a franchise?[View]
44406684Rillaboom Thread: Thread to celebrate this underdog's story[View]
44415653Alright whats the final verdict on Gen 8 designs as a whole?[View]
44416424Sonia and Nessa are girlfriends![View]
44415720pokeloli thread[View]
44413651>The champions with the best character are retired boomers, who were replaced by purple-haired, d…[View]
44417244Where were you when the status quo was shook?[View]
44413588/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44415612Gou: A fruit for the fruit![View]
44417200i love them[View]
44416863Fix him, /vp/[View]
44415124>the deepest lore[View]
44413555Cranidos City[View]
44416940>G-Slowbro confirmed a meme shitmon SlowkingCHADS, it's our time.[View]
44416838What move would be the most busted if it was introduced off-type? Imagine Ice-Type Extreme Speed.[View]
44413447>Why is pikachu so dummy thicc compared to the rest[View]
44409393hmm hmm hmm hmmmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmmm hmm hmmummm hmmmm hmm hmm hmhmhmhmhmhmmmmm hmmmmmm hmh…[View]
44413433Compliment gens you don't like: Say something legitimately nice about a gen you don't like…[View]
44411614> Has no visible mouth or legs in any of it's Gen 3 or 5 sprites > Literally floats about…[View]
44414125Spinda Stans: Rest in Peace best thread.[View]
44412388How does one game have so much soul?[View]
44413192Why is Ghetsis so strong?: Most evil team leaders are like mid game bosses, some not even being as s…[View]
44414060I want to fuck Jirachi: WHAT DID THEY MEAN BY THIS!?[View]
44416524soul / soulless[View]
44416571Bootleg Thread: Bootleg Fug says hi.[View]
44408141Tail: Which Pokemon has the biggest and best tail? What do you think having a tail like theirs would…[View]
44413726Choose one team: The team you choose is the team you have to use for the rest of your life.[View]
44416138>my penis when a girl say her favorite pokemon is Eevee[View]
44399887Fakemon Thread: Does anyone know who drew these?[View]
44414416Anyone else feel that ORAS was begged into existence?: I always felt that HG/SS was supposed to be t…[View]
44415498Remember when all of twitter and half of this board believed throbasaur was a real leak[View]
44407405Gen 5 was really good[View]
44405582Gen 5 introduced over twice as many new pokémon as Gen 6[View]
44415882can we have an Ice thread without focusing too much on its suckiness in battle? I love Ice Type desi…[View]
44413896What Pokemons smells like cock, tastes like cock and make some feel like touching a cock?[View]
44415464Im still fucking mad that that retard gave up best girl[View]
44411594why is he so beloved outside this echo-chamber?[View]
44414683Was it kino?https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze8uhmeFt7A[View]
44406233Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44413528Speculate about the next starters we'll be getting in about 2 year. Disclaimer: Venusaur line i…[View]
44413930Gen 4 remakes aren't ever coming, are they?[View]
44409970Honest Question: Why does anyone play multiplayer in this series? Why would anybody spend hundreds …[View]
44392179Tier changes[View]
44413548Do you have any headcanons for your Pokemon?[View]
44414282Melony Thread: *pumps out five kids*[View]
44410000better than gardevoir[View]
44414501Does anyone here have all 3.2 Million Watts yet?[View]
44414480Every Pokémon should just have Big Pecks No other abilities[View]
44406868this expression is sexy[View]
44411805I guess dark is my favorite type now.[View]
44400266>/vp/ hates Stall >/vp/ loves Heavy-Duty Boots Why the hypocrisy?…[View]
44408935>smogon should have an item clause[View]
44413663Post a picture, other anons have to guess what Pokémon you’re thinking of[View]
44413855What did the Official Pokemon twitter mean by this?[View]
44412556Your favourite pokémon is Scyther. What's yours?[View]
44413205flavor of the month hilda replacement since the basculin boys invaded[View]
44411291/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Raiding With Frens Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemon…[View]
44413713Ah....so this is the power of soul.....not bad....not bad at all......[View]
44411463There are five /v/ spinoff boards and POKEMON CAN BE POSTED ON ALL OF THEM[View]
44413619Just played this for the first time.: Most over rated shit ever. Y'all were hyping this up as a…[View]
44414216Why doesn't a Pokemon's pokeball go back into your inventory after you release them?[View]
44414142What does 'Roar of Time' and 'Spacial rend' do to an opponent? How can something possibly survive th…[View]
44405749Showderp:Ghost type of Tsushima Edition: Welcome to Tsushima! Six peasants get to slot six charms in…[View]
44411839>talks shit behind your back[View]
44413066Showdown AG team: Gengar is gigantamax, the team planner is not updated for some reason.[View]
44414127>bear fakemon >fighting type[View]
44414104Post Pokémon that desperately need regional evolutions or split evolutions to save them from their u…[View]
44412949Why am I supposed to like third version content, but not DLC content? Why am I not supposed to treat…[View]
44404956Create A Signature Ability: As the thread name says, take a Pokémon who currently does not have a si…[View]
44413142Rosa Thread: Rules: No shitty China memes[View]
44406787Based boots go rompa stomp on fag rocks[View]
44412188When are we going to get a pokemon that evolves by low hapiness?[View]
44410441*isn’t bug/dragon*[View]
44413438Sometimes it's hard to know...[View]
44399932Rivals/Friends: After so many generations of fans complaining that they had replaced asshole/edgy ri…[View]
44409853/vp/ creates a fakedex: So I was wondering if you guys would be interested in creating fresh new fak…[View]
44412463Who's ready for the first real competitive pokemon game[View]
44407190Was your favorite type represented well?[View]
44413222Why do people praise gen 4 competitively so much on this board? >best Pokemon of the tier is le S…[View]
44411344>isn't dark/fairy[View]
44405579Does Gamefreak enjoy tormenting children? Do they think this is funny?[View]
44409785Do you miss roaming legendaries /vp/?[View]
44408682Post underappreciated music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pkD2czKTjE&t[View]
44409273/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44410007>Japanese movie 1: battling is okay because pokémon battles are a sport. Fighting to kill each ot…[View]
44410189I'm retarded, what are the visual differences between Urshifu's forms?[View]
44409798How would you buff Spiritomb to make it viable?[View]
44410157>You didn't expect your cat or badger to turn into a fursona so that makes it good…[View]
44408225The official /vp/ mainline Pokemon games tier list.[View]
44409938Leaf thread: Preciousleaf discussion not welcome Post cute leafs[View]
44412945>there are people here in /vp/ who call themselves Sinnoh fans >yet they will mock at and shit…[View]
44412944You can have your own opinion on the DLC, but I think Mustard is one of the most charismatic charact…[View]
44413078Martin´s Monday...: On Mondays, Martin and I celebrate our friendship. ITT; You can post Celebii or …[View]
44409253Deino is cute![View]
44407374>hey let's team up against these aether fags >uses his z-move on you what was his fucking…[View]
44412968Team Thread: Show off your bros in your latest playthrough. Rate and give advice for others' te…[View]
44410271Do you think pokemon should take a break and improve?: To be more specific, lots of jrpg series that…[View]
44408948I'm glad there's no Pokéfusions outside Kyurem, I don't want a shitty design like thi…[View]
44404129Swimsuit Koharu[View]
44410431I fucking love this game so much bros[View]
44407722Why are Eevee girls cute?[View]
44409554ITT Kino remixes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16zpq6ayYAA[View]
44398738>Null personality >Zero importance in the plot >Shit as a rival >Still the most popular …[View]
44410531Hoenn has the best title screen theme in the franchise that's a fact not an opinion. https://ww…[View]
44410918Wild PIKACHU appeared![View]
44410440*best pokemon games comming through*[View]
44410047Are you guys ready for Hell Toad's return?[View]
44412527>Nonbirds like Scizor, Dunsparce, Mantine, Crobat, Emolga,Tapu Koko, and a shitload of bugs and d…[View]
44412326>egg hatching Littens, Rowlets, and Sobbles >practically half of them are female >egg hatch…[View]
44410203Choose your pill.[View]
44410963>one day your pokemon will reach the age of adulthood >one day your pokemon will be older than…[View]
44405193How did this mon get such a weird fucking fanbase?[View]
44412278Do pokemon sometimes get neutered like pets in the real world? Would it be possible to neuter pokemo…[View]
44400824Regenerator was a mistake[View]
44408638You know what to do.[View]
44411745i want to fuck a piloswine[View]
44412256Unpopular opinion I like it much more than the original games except maybe emerald but I can't …[View]
44370729Hiw did they get it so right? >Tries to act like a punk, but is actually a sweetheart >Tries …[View]
44411730Whats When Wrong?[View]
44409581Lisia Thread: Other idols welcome too[View]
44408015Damn /vp/ first Centiskorch now this, how many things are we not allowed to like anymore? :([View]
44411426Why does Pikachu want to go to Orche so bad?[View]
44312429ITT we admire and worship Spinda[View]
44408580I don't understand the appeal thread: I don't get why people think this ugly thing is cute…[View]
44410859*joins your Hoenn team*[View]
44408316>There are genuinely people on this board that think the one on the left looks better…[View]
44410851Truths /vp/ Can't Handle: Stall teams usually lead to quicker battles, since one of the two sid…[View]
44411445Was I the only one that thought Deoxys was the coolest pokemon and was obsessed with it when younger…[View]
44379805Confess your deepest, darkest Pokémon related secrets No matter how disturbing[View]
44410478how do you go from this...[View]
44409912Was it worth it?[View]
44407229FAKEMON REQUEST THREAD: I am a drawfag and Im kinda bored Suggest a pokemon idea, bring something an…[View]
44411919B2W2 Challenge Mode: I have a white 2 cartridge and a non hacked ds. I don't have a second DS o…[View]
44411803ITT: Images that sum up this board perfectly[View]
44408621Gamefreak needs to hire this man![View]
44411046What if all the lore from pokedex entries were actually seen affecting the main narratives and the o…[View]
44400756Today is 2th August, happy pokemon mystery dungeon day, anons![View]
44409946Will gen 9 let me zip my hoodie up and pull the hood over my head? I want to roleplay as my super-au…[View]
44410020why does she keep changing color[View]
44405349ITT: Fixed type Ground/Dark[View]
44410455What are your thoughts on Oricorio?[View]
44407039/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Thanks For The Cool Event, Hanke! Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates…[View]
44411649hi there i am the Pokemon with the most obnoxious fanbase[View]
44410904leaker-kun, leak the mystery dungeon source[View]
44410606Will it save the mystery dungeon series?[View]
44407119/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44410098Should Golbat’s epic tongue come back?[View]
44409406POKEBOYS...: ...should know that their only function in life is to be carried by stronger Pokegirls!…[View]
44410413This thread is literally better than nothing OWO[View]
44410443Forgotten bros: I really liked the last thread, why not another one? Favorite shitmon/underrated mon…[View]
44410649I HATE Pokémon![View]
44408560Teams: What Pokemon would be on her team? Do you think she'd use a specific type?[View]
44399190What would be the perfect Kanto remake? >Kanto and Johto are now one region named Indigo >In o…[View]
44410472Which pokemon character would you bully and why?[View]
44405585ITT: Discuss Gen 9. What are your wants, hopes, predictions, etc?[View]
44410380>forgotten after 2 weeks did they at least talk about the sales of the DLCs?…[View]
444081042 New Pokemon DLC's Leak: -2 New Pokemon DLC's are coming soon and they will get announced…[View]
44410309boss redo/make thread tried my hand at doing a potential viola postgame rebattle in XY[View]
44397402/vp/ixelmon General Zoroark Edition: THERE IS NO /vp/ixelmon Discord. All updates will be posted her…[View]
44409738i like Espeons gen 5 sprite[View]
44406549what went so fucking wrong?[View]
44406829What is this white woman, most likely of Celtic ancestry, doing with that Chinese dress?[View]
44408047>Sun/Moon season had the best animati-[View]
44403233> Always dresses in stylish clothing, even when fucking about deep in a cave were it could get ea…[View]
44409950ITT: God-tier OST from the Pokémon franchise: Sad edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXPKdJU_G…[View]
44407568Underrated Pokemon feet.[View]
44407910why did male players stopped playing pokemon?[View]
44409733open the door[View]
44407643Been an anti-openworldfag since I remember but after finishing Isle of Armor I unironically hope nex…[View]
44408637>what if hoenn had a little sister[View]
44409772My Espeon is timid in nature, and tends to run away whenever my relatively-recently caught Espurr wa…[View]
44408138Riolubros...we got too cocky..[View]
44408951I've never played S/M or US/UM. Nova& Umbra are SM romhacks, while Prismatic & Photonic…[View]
44407424Illusion ability: What went wrong? How do we fix it?[View]
44409619i once caught a Raticate and nicknamed it 'BUTT'[View]
44409642>“wow, this new pokemon is so cool! looks like I have a new bro!” >*it’s revealed that James T…[View]
44409122This is fucking impossible[View]
44404487>main concept is how it stops being a coward and grows up >still has the exact same hindering …[View]
44408587>owl Pokemon >Not Psychic/Flying[View]
44409303Tell me. Is there any improvements brought by the Sword and Shield dlc or Is it just as slipshod as …[View]
44405638Why is Vp so degenerate? the threads that talk about strategies and teams die ignored or are distort…[View]
44401716Choose wisely[View]
44399893What are some evolution lines that are good up until the final evolution? What would you change abou…[View]
44406162I am the only one that the base forms of zacian and zamazenta look much better than crowned forms Th…[View]
44408509since he's art director now. do you think he's going to ruin the remakes with gen 5-tier d…[View]
44409183How do you from this...[View]
44404233Anyone else always been disappointed with the games?: I read the manga and watched the anime before …[View]
44408824>boots actually favor stall more than Charizard you can't make this shit up ahaha…[View]
44408471Why is it so hard to find genuine copies of the gen 3 pokemon games? There's mountains of repro…[View]
44394561Redesign Thread: Wtf i love Zeraora now[View]
44397343>Kanto Urbanized >Johto Old-fashioned >Hoenn Tropical >Sinnoh Cold >Unova Urbanized …[View]
44373363/pag/- Pokemon Atlas General- édition postmoderne: >What's this? A wip romhack that parodie…[View]
44408353I love Piloswine[View]
44405777best pokemon[View]
4440876720 years of progression: >The leaves on 1999 N64 Model are more detailed than 2019 Switch model…[View]
44408636Great Designs: It really is awesome how many great ideas they put into Mr. Rime's design. A Cha…[View]
44408329RIVAL FIVEL[View]
44408521ITT: Post your favorite 6 legends and discuss. I never use legendaries when I play, but I still appr…[View]
44323587/vpwt/ Pokémon Fanfiction/Write Thread: /vpwt/: Food Edition >post fanfics you like >share you…[View]
44406150Bea's first anime shot in the main anime: Better or worse than Twilight Wings?[View]
44391877Granny Thread: Pokemon really needs to step it's GILF game up. We're 8 gens deep and we…[View]
44404960Sinnoh: So, are Sinnoh remakes coming /vp/? What do you expect to be delivered?[View]
44408454WTF were they THINKING?[View]
44408418https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPDDelKThk8 post cards, post themes. rate.[View]
44394036Forgotten bros: Post your favorite shitmon[View]
44405414ITT: post your team, rate and comment others. this team is for doubles obviously (no dynashit)[View]
44407786>Deer pokemon >Both genders have antlers Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunde…[View]
44392831https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRf2qb9FQcw >one of the best all-time Smogon players tries gen 8 …[View]
44404304Well, /vp/? Do smogonfags make 'art' or not?[View]
44403246What is the deepest pokemon knowledge you know? Pic related[View]
44403615Current Team thread: Post the team of the Pokemon game you’re playing right now. Have people R8 them…[View]
44406183why did Game Freak boot Ken Sugimori for James Turner?[View]
44407667Are Male gardevoir a hoenn only anomaly? Like how regional variants but just the sex of the gardevoi…[View]
44405154Never forget...[View]
44407629post images that aged like wine[View]
44406309the year this franchise died[View]
44405869>Psyduck and Golduck are known for their powerful psychic powers >Pure water…[View]
44407592Pokken Question: I’ve been playing the Pokken demo and I’ve been thinking of picking it up. Do I hav…[View]
44407147Is there a romhack with the best features from each gen? >gen 5 speed & sprites ( i liked the…[View]
44406314What the fuck was his problem?[View]
44405642post your favorite fakemons[View]
44407060>has an objectively better battle system than the mainline games >damned to be gachashit forev…[View]
44406937What we will get after the Crown of Tundra? A third DLC? Remakes? Gen9?[View]
44407415Gen 6 is the definition of wasted potential. I want to like the games, but everything good in them i…[View]
44402091Buff a Gen 1 Pokemon with one simple change[View]
44407263>chansey >blissey >clefable…[View]
44406644Pokemon doing human things.[View]
44400905ITT: a civil discussion on your first reactions about mega evolutions, their implementation, lore, a…[View]
44407069Comfy romhack recommendations?: What I mean is romhacks that have a lot to do in their respective re…[View]
44406891>XY were released 4 years ago[View]
44404315/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44404015Bug Thread: Post your favorite Bug Type.[View]
44402177/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: 'Dragon' Event Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoli…[View]

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