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/vp/ - Pokémon

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44474746When did you realize that if Pokemon were real being a Pokemon trainer would be like being a sports …[View]
44476608https://mobile.twitter.com/ThePokeRaf/status/1292631739127549953 Do americans really?[View]
44443747Post only the best Fakemon.[View]
44476410>mfw my Machamp uses Dynamic Punch on a Ferrothorn but takes no damage from Iron Barbs and Rocky …[View]
44474234>they see your dick[View]
44476019was he right?[View]
44476171Beta Female Pinsir: Imagine if they kept this >Female Pinsir wouldn't be able to use moves i…[View]
44474217Why are all the boys in Journeys gay?[View]
44470268Salamence is the only Pokemon that is a dragon.[View]
44472389Why are there barely any fanart of quadruped delphox? Or just Delphox bending like a furry[View]
44475128>Ash left the GS ball in Azalea town >According to director Masamitsu Hidaka the GS ball conta…[View]
44472721Best romhack out there? Looking for more exploration , no fakemons, i dont care about the story, all…[View]
44470532New Pokemon Snap: Looks comfy. https://youtu.be/ZpLB6C8N1XQ[View]
44475427Deoxys and Family guy: someone explain this meme? What is the context and origin?[View]
44475848TCG: Grimmsnarl VMax looks like a fun deck to build.[View]
44474499Champion Tournament in Crown Tundra please?[View]
44475134ITT Based or Cringe: post a pokemon and others tell if it's based or cringe[View]
44471313Where the Pokken thread at?[View]
44470934>shows up in twilight wings >will be part of go’s team >is part of the new pokemon movie i…[View]
44463767Let's see your own custom Pokemon[View]
44471738>Serena might come back in the journey anime holy shit dude I might actually watch an episode…[View]
44471850best gen 8 pokemon hands down[View]
44469483Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44473416Have you ever gone to a Pokemon World Championship? What was your experience? Did Corona cancel your…[View]
44475188How long until Smogon determines Urshifu to be unhealthy for the metagame and bans it while turning …[View]
44474268Why people like to pretend this was good?: The story was shitty and the good animation lasted for on…[View]
44474789https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randomdoublesbattle-1166125673 Where did I fuck up smogonbros…[View]
44447485/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokemon Essensials and Fan Game Development General: @Nite Edition Previous Th…[View]
44471947How did Game Freak get away with selling a PS2 game for full price in 2019?[View]
44474974>marks do not appear in hatched mons[View]
44459911Yancy Thread: It's been a hot second hasn't it? Welcome to the Yancy thread where we give …[View]
44474862>You have to nuke your Pokemon's moves to use transferred mons in ranked online >This mea…[View]
44470698I noticed there was no Duplica thread[View]
44474538Hi, I'm here to completely destroy your touch screen![View]
44465312https://tiermaker.com/create/starter-pokemon-tier-list Pöst them.[View]
44473792Is this fanservice?[View]
44467062>Wanna re-play Platinum >”But what if they’re planning to release DP remakes next year?” The …[View]
44473633I like whismer better than its evolutions. I think there should be a regional evolution that looks m…[View]
44466502Fake Pokémon Rumors Thread: Discuss schoolyards rumors pertaining to Pokémon from your youth. I’ll s…[View]
44471592will you be playing on switch or phone?[View]
44459684Fug Thread[View]
44473802Removing megas made the meta worse.[View]
44472358how to catch feebas in pokemon emerald[View]
44465618Do you like dognuts?[View]
44473229Meanwhile in /vp/'s Town Square...[View]
44471516>Download romhack >Get a Togepi as starter >No pokeballs >Go to 1st town, railroaded to …[View]
44474135Jasmine thread[View]
44474095SD: Pingas Edition: What's this all about? Sh*wderp is a game where one of us declares himself …[View]
44470545Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44465862HOLD UP..........................HE GOT IT FROM A FRIEND FROM THE...........FROM THE...............F…[View]
44466651shoedrip: bertstrips edition: What's this all about? Sh*wderp is a game where one of us declare…[View]
44473503What do you think about bug types Pokémon? Do you think they're useful or the worst type with t…[View]
44473733>ITT: Pokemon only you like. I dunno I just really like imagining him rolling around a battlefiel…[View]
44470887Has Ash's team ever been any more based?[View]
44468521Would Pokemon be better or worse If the PC had a distinct and set personality(ies)[View]
44473497Alolachads can't stop winning.[View]
44471411It's a cherry: Reminder that this exists. And it's a cherry. Just that, a cherry with face…[View]
44465837>Genius Sonority >Actually geniuses[View]
44473260I made a new item for all to enjoy >steel toe boots >kicks all entry hazards to opponents side…[View]
44467048>Gen 7 was the waifu gen >Gen 8 is the fujobait twink gen >Gen 9 is probably going to be th…[View]
44472717>p-pokemon is a gaming franchise![View]
44473046>X Flinched! >X Flinched! >X Flinched! >X Flinched!…[View]
44470752/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Hey Now, You're An All Star Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates …[View]
44472931why did they make this[View]
44470703DP remakes: Literally all they have to do: >have battle frontier and other platinum content, good…[View]
44471801Is this really the only reliable way of getting shinies in Sw/Sh?[View]
44461919/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: Content doko? Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon…[View]
44472397What are some good or at least memorable moments in romhacks?[View]
44472729ITT: Move/ability changes that make no sense[View]
44469103cinderBASED soon bros[View]
44467574Downloaded this onto my 3DS, gave up on Roxanne , it’s so unnecessarily hard. any balanced rom hack…[View]
44472190What’s your favorite regional bird?: I really like Corviknight, but don’t I have some incredibly fon…[View]
44467636Poisoned status should weaken the power of physial moves[View]
44472116>gen 9 games >they’re shit[View]
44462737Is this the most based thjng the anime has ever done?[View]
44470945Where did you grind in 2G ?[View]
44470852Let's have this thread again[View]
44471058What's the best Johto Water-type for the Gen 2 games? Kingdra, Slowking and Poliotoad don'…[View]
44457311Name one (1) Pokémon cuter than Whimsicott You can’t[View]
44472436Post those collections, boys[View]
44472400Just downloaded this game on my 3DS for the first time and I’m having some problems. First off, wher…[View]
44469020>alola gang is back the ashnime is saved. Kino is back on the menu.[View]
44472113Idk why nobody is talking about the fact that the new opening showed that Go caught a fucking Zapdos…[View]
44470186yo, is it standard to have in ID like that in Crystal VC or did I just get lucky?[View]
44460617does it redeem swsh?[View]
44471849Choose your team[View]
44468316>Battle against jap in BSS >He plays like an absolute moron (having his Magnezone using Thunde…[View]
44469485'white privilage is a gift, you use it for the good of mankind' ~ DR Octavius, spiderman 1: how come…[View]
44471277What the fuck anons?! Why did nobody tell me about this absolute BANGER?! https://youtu.be/2FN2EfesY…[View]
44471372how are these dragons so based?[View]
44472038Thoughts on these?: Ground/Dark boar fakemon line, they'd be brown and black most likely. A bit…[View]
44461795Are certain parts of a pokemon like Gardevoir 'dress' clothes or part of it's body?[View]
44470441>ywn re-live that childhood feeling of seeing a Pokemon you like evolve without knowing what it w…[View]
44467569Any Crown of Tundra leaks yet?[View]
44471050I love Ursaring[View]
44470868Do you collect alternative forms? Getting all Alcremies is taking me a while.[View]
44467433>tfw budew[View]
44470302The Pokepark games deserved better.[View]
44469121>No Knock Off or Sucker Punch Literally Rillaboom but worse[View]
44455417Emotional Support Sheep is Here: let all the feelings out bros, she's here for you[View]
44467514NoiThread: Can we have some cool Noibat/Noivern fanarts? This cutie deserves some attention[View]
44470773It's not fair Irisbros. I want her to come back so badly[View]
44457221Find a flaw[View]
44465685ITT: embarrassing pokemon experiences: >be me >be playing some oras >want to try grinding h…[View]
44467720>He bought swooshi imagine paying money for a switch game[View]
44471114I love Primarina[View]
44456675What’s she listening to?[View]
44466837Bea > Maylene >>>> Korrina[View]
44470896> be me > playing Poke'Mon Ultra Sun Version for the Nintendo New 3DS XL. > it's …[View]
44467423>There's 2 gens per console >There's 1 remake per console The question is, in what g…[View]
44464336>Physical attacker >Special Attacker >Mixed Attacker >Support >Stall Is there somethi…[View]
44470741Quarantine dex thread: because we haven't had one in a while; where's qt rom at?[View]
44470956>ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF[View]
44470633It would NOT be overpowered if there was a held item with the same effect as the Solid Rock ability[View]
44463090say hello to the worst grass starter ever[View]
44467662Himouto Hikari-Chan![View]
44470109Type “*Your favourite Pokémon’s name* x” into google and see what Pokémon your bro gets shipped with…[View]
44466858/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Hitler Did Nothing Wrong Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://p…[View]
44468863Why is hop your favorite rival?: Why can't people just admit that Hoperrino is the best rival e…[View]
44468010Bless her light[View]
44464828Mechanics and features you wish GF would implement in Pokemon?[View]
44470339>i have autism and purposefully opened a thread to argue with people who like something I dont li…[View]
44468526He goes everywhere I go...[View]
44467867universally loved designs: those mons that never seem to get shat on (inb4 contrarians flood thread)…[View]
44469158No Flygon for Ash[View]
44463746>Electric Machine >Machines overheat >Makes total sense >Mag lost HP Fire this gen, perf…[View]
44466438*blocks you're high elo path*[View]
44470164>This will last for a month from activation. What does he mean by this? I can only receive magea…[View]
44470223Why the fuck would they give this shit Expanding Force?[View]
44470110daily reminder the coomers ruined this franchise[View]
44465307How do you feel about 90% of your precious metagame becoming irrelevant in November?[View]
44464100Any other stallchad on /vp/? Boots fucking saved Gen 8 comp.[View]
44450710Are you ready for the inevitable Toxapex suspect test? Any minute now haha[View]
44469339shiny mew on english emerald pass bank?: ok /vp/oreons i think im going to hunt for shining mew on …[View]
44467556Why don't they make the MCs smug anymore? (sorry about the cringy text in the pic btw, couldn…[View]
44468075How come we've never gotten a rival that's a total flip on pic related's character? …[View]
44469888Shiny Amoongus Event: You can redeem a shiny competitive Amoongus with the code TRA1NERSCUP via myst…[View]
44469737>>44469639 >>44469644 >implying Iron Fist Conkeldurr is bad…[View]
44468611What does /vp/ think: about AI generated pokemon?[View]
44462887Is the Expert Belt a noob trap?[View]
44468662Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44469169Crown Tundra predictions: Swordoge and Shieldoge getting something like Gigantamax forms seems likel…[View]
44467410How much does the Light Ball increase Pikachu's attack and special attack? Is it just a flat x2…[View]
44465994pokemon icebergs[View]
44465192why did you start nicknaming your pokemon[View]
44468148I love this bird[View]
44468742Looking at XY; when small features define a game: As the title says, XY are odd when it comes to jud…[View]
44461325ITT: moves that ruin the meta[View]
44464068someone remind me why the physical special split was so good again? are zoomers really that incapabl…[View]
44454467Friday Aura Thread (5): Lucario and his friends(eevee edition) previous thread: >>44384554…[View]
44462344>We could have gotten an anime about SWSH protagonists beating gyms, exploring areas, fighting ba…[View]
44466477Vat iZ veePee Al abut Tel plz Ty 4 vnderstand XDDD[View]
44460413Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44462308What would his team be?[View]
44464019>Pokémon is stuck with Gamefreak forever[View]
44467638Just finished Ruby, this was my team. What hoenn mons do you anons usually go for?[View]
44465022How far down do you go[View]
44466398>There will never be a way to start from a Kanto game and carry over each team of Pokemon to each…[View]
44464883Worst Experiences in the Pokemon Community Thread: ITT: Post your worst experiences in the Pokemon '…[View]
44468183NICE ELO FAGGOT[View]
44467652Meant to post this on the other thread but got archived. You see, regarding these lines. What if the…[View]
44467040Just got Sword what level does Octillery evolve into the Grapploct[View]
44460011Stop sexualizing animals and little girls[View]
44463897Just caught myself a Scizor.: Discuss.[View]
44465227>sweeps your team[View]
44466982I'm fucking sick of Kanto: > I haven't played Pokemon since S / M came out > Sword S…[View]
44467782What is he thinking about?[View]
44467263Remember, if you are a Hatterene trainer make sure to take your Hatterene to low traffic areas to le…[View]
44465822Why don't we just kill Fakemon threads?: Nothing interesting happens there, and it's liter…[View]
44467309How come Leon's Dragapult get to have 4 Dreepy?[View]
44467686What would be a good tease for the next region?: >Pokémon world tournament in the DLC >Stronge…[View]
44466988Do the terrain-dependent moves like Terrain Pulse require the user or target to be under the effect …[View]
44467513You DO want to be the very best, like no-one ever was, don't you, Anon?[View]
44467448Why is /vp/ obsessed?[View]
44464513Whats when wrong?[View]
44467105BRT vs RTDX: Is rescue team DX worth $60 if I already own blue rescue team? I never finished the gam…[View]
44454907Leon is being set up to job: >Ash can't beat him because if he does, his journey ends since …[View]
44454283Why yes it is I the trainer with the most hate threads[View]
44467377Can someone give me the lowdown about why they/them wasn’t the Pokémon killer[View]
44461287I miss battle styles, I want them back but also for the in-battle waiting pose, command pose.[View]
44467018What are some Pokemon you'd turn into tacos and sell to unassuming Trainers? Pic related for me…[View]
44467126Doubles are only for the experienced Pokémon players. No stall, more tricks, switching out is actual…[View]
44464904>Pokemon needs a change difficulty set-[View]
44464583>buy a Zarude code on ebay for $14 >guy sold 783 of these things >realistically it's g…[View]
44465895random team thread: https://randompokemon.com/ post results, no rerolling[View]
44466852>*Flings his Lucky Egg at you* nothin personnel...kid[View]
44466610Nice abs, Sonia.[View]
44463472/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Blah Blah Blah Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoli…[View]
44465534Weedle resigned.[View]
44466764Will May get her revenge in the rematch?[View]
44465995Remember when /vp/ challenged Brennan Williams to a bunch of battles and he swept them using just Ho…[View]
44464796You now remember Stantler[View]
44465024Attract is literally rape[View]
44464382>'Black/White 2, Platinum, and Emerald were the BEST gam-' >Has less sales than the 'shitty' g…[View]
44465500>Ally switch[View]
44407624Cinderace thread: The best bun[View]
44460125The worst 'enemies' yet for a pokemon game. This isn't low effort, this is negative effort. Wha…[View]
44466453Why does he like cookies so much bros?[View]
44462109Leaf guard should work like rock solid With that it would have a niche instead of being a shitmon[View]
44460973why yes I’m constantly #1 and I’ve dominated the meta for 4 years in a row, how could you tell?[View]
44465854Since when will triple size be ten times the weight?[View]
44459696Regional Variants for UNOVA: Unova only has one fairy type line and one fairy type mega. Which Pokem…[View]
44461235>your queen will never hoist you off your feet, holding you in a loving embrace and enchanting yo…[View]
44465255>not leveling up and training your Pokemon amiibo in smash Could you imagine such blasphemy?…[View]
44465965I'm so fucked up.[View]
44464908>Grass/Poison >Normal/Flying >Bug/Flying >Rock/Ground >Psychic/Fairy…[View]
44465801NO FUCKING WAY[View]
44462617I chuckled[View]
44465703Pokemom Thread: Sinnoh Mom Edition[View]
44462667Let's rank ice type Pokémon: https://tiermaker.com/create/ice-type-pokemon-61994[View]
44465071Any love for our Gen II spiderbro?[View]
44464836Raikou used Scald[View]
44462756Do these guys have any real lore outside of just being super rare birds?[View]
4445243025th anniversary speculation: Because next year is the 25th anniversary of the franchise, what game …[View]
44463704Don't mind me. Just on the way to the time gear located on page 10.[View]
44465815I know they’re called Genwunners but what do we call johtofags & hoennfags & the rest? I kno…[View]
44378902/ff/ - Fox Friday: Welcome to Fox Friday where once a week we gather to post pics of and chat about …[View]
44451570DUDE LEAF LMAO[View]
44461040Fairy type thread! Discuss anything about fairy pokemon. Bonus: what future fairy pokemon do you wan…[View]
44462927ITT: Pokemon you don't have a strong opinion about[View]
44464322What do you think about shinies?[View]
44464353There was no point in making this shitty Gardevoir clone.[View]
44463933O E A E A U I E O E A[View]
44465463when are we gonna get our first grass/fire pokemon?[View]
44461196showderp : full edition: What's this all about? Showderp is a game where one of us declares him…[View]
44452503*sings soothing songs for you* do not resist[View]
44465333Mewtwo used Psystrike[View]
44465289How much longer before Cinderace gets into Smash Ultimate via the Fighters Pass Vol. 2?[View]
44451264name a worse gym leader[View]
44464970What is the evilest thing a pokemon did by their own will? Being ordered by an evil trainer doesn…[View]
44462123I fucking hate Sugimori's 'every design needs an imperfection to make it less cool' philosophy.…[View]
44465107I love Politoed[View]
44358899PokeGoddess Thread: Come in and serve.[View]
44463369POKENCHI EPISODE 249: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
44462781Let's rank fairy type Pokémon: https://tiermaker.com/create/fairy-type-pokemon-136530…[View]
44464491Just beat Pokémon White 2, AMA.[View]
44462782Does anyone knows who drew those images and where I can find more?[View]
44464895Water in my trumpet 7.8/10[View]
44462356How a qt feminine cat becomes a fat ugly bastard with an angry face?[View]
44459529I like Unfezant.: the female form can go fuck itself though[View]
44464819https://strawpoll.de/gbxbcgz Vote for good Nickname[View]
44464040How did people fall for this? Pokemon has a distinct coloring and art style, why do retards cling to…[View]
44455286Thoughts on the Twins?[View]
44460443Is gen 9 already under development?[View]
44453786> Gumshoos named 'Trump'[View]
44458978Gou Thread: How will his story end in the Anime?[View]
44460253Pokemon reaction faces thread?[View]
44464237hi there i am the pokemon with the most obnoxious fanbase[View]
44457120Say something nice about it.[View]
44463538They should've given the whole line Gigantamaxes instead of just Eevee.[View]
44463589how do I make teams for gen 8 OU?[View]
44463417Kantonian Johnonian Hoennese Sinnoan Unovan Kalosian Alolan Galarian[View]
44457914Uh... uh...[View]
44456953Hey /vp /, why you play the left instead the right?[View]
44459387>Hitmonchan >No Hitmonkun[View]
44452941/ptg/ - Pokken Tournament General: post demo edition >FAQ http://pastebin.com/wg88nq9D >How do…[View]
44463648Make old favorites into competitive nightmares.: This thread will be focused on making favored mons …[View]
44453399So which is worse?[View]
44462870New to the series, what game is this and where is this route in game?[View]
44445740bring back pokemon ranger[View]
44463296When is GF going to release them? We've been waiting for five years now.[View]
44460608What was the fucking point?[View]
44463496Post missed opportunities for shiny forms[View]
44461450/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: August ComDay Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoliv…[View]
44462909Post pokemon showdown replays where you completely humiliate your opponent using Hax.: https://repla…[View]
44456334Construct your perfect pokemon game using the chart and SwSh as a basis. For every red you pick you …[View]
44460442>11 pokémon[View]
44459950/fsf/ Funmon SoloRun Saturday: 'whatever' edition. Finish a game with your favorite Funmon/Shitmon! …[View]
44458210Pokémommy thread: Her, Delphox, Lenora and everything between.[View]
44457663who is the best Jhoto gym leader and why is it Jasmine?[View]
44460566Hey little buddy, want a ride?[View]
44462917Hit me shithead. I'm fucking begging you to try and hit me.[View]
44452182All hail our goddess: >>44444444[View]
44461708These are the perfect introductory Pokemon games.: Agree or disagree[View]
44460774>protector god of Kanto >not referenced anywhere in Gen1 >no Gen1 or Kantonian Pokemon base…[View]
44458037Please come back and not the gen 4 remake,[View]
44438320Pokemon SwSh has officially outsold all the DS and 3DS Pokemon titles.[View]
44462920Still waiting for Serena-Delphox and Clemont-Chesnaught.[View]
44462717I want this back[View]
44462448I haven't played Pokémon since gen 2 and I want to catch up on things. I have a few questions t…[View]
44460353Nostalgia thread: Post Pokemon related that makes your nostalgic.[View]
44462449Lucky Punch: Lucky Punch[View]
44460866i love these things like you wouldn't believe[View]
44451027Left or right, /vp/?[View]
44462237I have an idea for the next Pokémon game so Gf doesn’t fuck up the graphics again- >The DS era of…[View]
44459745We will finally see if the pokemon community can handle a competitive game without any rng[View]
44446661let's rank the ghost pokemon: https://tiermaker.com/create/ghost-type-pokemon-61994[View]
44462370ITT: Post themed teams: Like pic related[View]
44460679>X used Focus Blast! >The opposing Y avoided the attack!…[View]
44455979Listen up, /vp/! Here's where I give you advice that you didn't ask for![View]
44461412What's the most overused move in the anime? I'm pretty sure it's Hyper Beam.[View]
44460706This would've been the one mon for whom it would've made sense to have its HP stat change …[View]
44458158There's a reason Sonia has only female assistants; guys just can't stop getting throbbing …[View]
44462430Staraptor thread: Post edgebird.[View]
44459134Cutemon thread[View]
44455187What battle theme is he listening to?[View]
44451816ITT: Pokémon that are seemingly shitmons, but aren’t.[View]
44459378Anyone willing to do a Zarude giveaway?[View]
44459968What a hodgepodge.[View]
44461797aidungeon Pokemon Adventure: Let's go on an adventure, /vp/ >evens decides our next action …[View]
44459917Which era of the anime was your favorite?[View]
44459807Will we get any new Gigantamaxes in The Crown Tundra, just like we got in Isle of Armor?[View]
44461694Next year is the 25th anniversary of Pokémon: I can’t wait too the exciting collabs and games that r…[View]
44456866Why are Pokemon memes such unfunny trash?[View]
44462006Uh oh a Charizard! Better open up that stealth rock folder.[View]
44460169>terrible 3D model >copy paste Charizard stats >worse movepool in every conceivable way …[View]
44456881Bob: The fucking ego on this guy, who the fuck does he think he is calling himself my uncle?[View]
44459812Pokemon’s artstyle: You’re given a choice that will change Pokemon’s artstyle, and the franchise wil…[View]
44460471When I was 6 years old. I first saw this episode and desperately wanted to be one of Sabrina's …[View]
44456836Pokémon Safe Space: I now declare this thread a safe space for you to freely discuss the Pokémon gam…[View]
44460780I was doing 3v3 singles on cart and after defeating my opponents first two Pokemon without losing an…[View]
44460338Imagine if there was a mega staraptor[View]
44461605ITT: Best pokemon hack: For me its renegade platinum, it took my favorite pokemon game and made it b…[View]
44455456Pokken is the best Pokemon game[View]
44412733ITT: We try to buff our bros: Hard mode: no megas, no Z moves, no Gmax, no regional variants, no evo…[View]
444614261996-2004 (8 years) From 2004 to 2012 we had Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen Pokémon Emerald Pokémo…[View]
44461477Are there any patches for Sun and Moon that let me skip cutscenes by pressing start or something? I …[View]
44458826ITT: Post a non-Pokemon vidya track and the anon below must state a good fitting context from an exi…[View]
44459785/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Splash Boi Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.c…[View]
44439767She said yes! also GloriaxMarnie thread. Help fill up their wedding album[View]
44461390Weekly Saturday /ralts/ Thread: Here we discuss about the following: >Ralts >Kirlia >Gardev…[View]
44455922Favorite type to least favorite: Throw your monotype dream team in with it if you wanna take the tim…[View]
44460966Help! Look after my pokemon. [F]: Hey guys, I gotta do some dumb errand, could you look after my pok…[View]
44450576what did an official manga mean by this[View]
44458476Current teams thread? Playing through omega ruby, Linoone is just for HMs, trying to decide whether …[View]
44460440Playing emerald for the first time and I guess I'm going mono type[View]
44461015Can our bro be saved from RU hell?[View]
44451164This is the worst thing to ever happen to the anime[View]
44456739SOUL OVERLOAD[View]
44461049Breathe it in you fucking babies: The objectively best designed Pokemon[View]
44460402This would be so awesome[View]
44455996Prove you actually played the old games right now and aren't a fucking zoomer.[View]
44451664/pmg/ - Pokemon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44458090What did she mean by this?[View]
44460409Shirfetch moveset: Is this good moveset for shirfetch Ahirfetch Adamant nature Leek Brave bird Lea…[View]
44458941WTF! This fight was actually good. How can Sun and Moon fags compete with this?[View]
44460159>a whole new generation of hoennbabies came into existence 6 years ago How long before they start…[View]
44460714With its 12 legs, it creates a dome to shelter within. The flow of the tides doesn't affect Tox…[View]
44454117Showderp: Internet depression edition: Take your anti-depressants and remember to /modjoin off >C…[View]
44458691A Friendly Reminder: Cynthia will challenge Leon for the world champion title and come out victoriou…[View]
44457341Caught a coon today. Nicknamed it Raphtalia. Has anyone else named a mon after an anime character?[View]
44458607Plush thread[View]
44444305Masuda Thread: Post your rare Masudas[View]
44447114Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44458816Where is the Bug/Dark Pokemon? Its not like it is hard to design a Bug/Dark, this type combination m…[View]
44459522There has to be a line drawn somewhere: >Kommo-o used clangorous soul >Foe switched in clefabl…[View]
44448211Nerf your least favorite type with one addition: >New attack called poisoned blade >80 power, …[View]
44455601>another shit pokemon anime with no good story or development, or even likable characters is it s…[View]
44459438>He uses moves with less than 90% accuracy[View]
44457876Red: boxers Ethan: briefs Brendan: briefs Lucas: boxer briefs Hilbert: boxers Nate: boxer briefs Cal…[View]
44459632Festival of the Champions: Some guy here recommended this doushinji to me yesterday. Holy shit it…[View]
44446689Isn't it kinda fucked up that there's millions of people everyday fapping to underage poke…[View]
44459859How would they fare against ghost types?[View]
44459612Nickname Thread: Ultimecia[View]
44459609>Opponent's Pokémon misses an attack >Make fun of his aim…[View]
44433821Goddamn, just how does Incineroar do it? Why does the responsibility of keeping the meta healthy alw…[View]
44459811What is it doing?[View]
44457006/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Magikarp Community Day Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pok…[View]
44459717So what do you Englishanons think of the Galar region: I want to see what you guys think of Pokémon-…[View]
44441845I love lapras[View]
44436318Secretary Bird: How has this thing not been turned into a waifumon?!? Maybe Flying/Fire?? The crests…[View]
44455953What should Pokemon learn from other Pokemon-inspired games like Digimon and TemTem?[View]
44435263Cinderace and Magearna are now banned from OU https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/cinderace-is-now…[View]
44457558Fuck gamefreak They should give her overheat to deal with steel types[View]
44457185This is literally just a bird[View]
44450158Lugia Thread: I've been thinking of making a thread about him, so fuck it, why not[View]
44458924I like a Pokeshipping and Kalosshipping I hate a Amourshipping[View]
44459353https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpvT-Fciu-4&feature=youtu.be: 7.8/10 There's Water In My T…[View]
44459329/vp/ nostalgia: >/tr/ fanregion based off of Hong Kong >the writefag who did the long fanfic s…[View]
44459194Why didn't they hire artists for this season ?[View]
44458950Anon, I...[View]
44456096So we're all in agreement that boots are broken and should be psuedo complex banned by implemen…[View]
44456387This is not a Type. It is an attribute denoting whether something is airborne or not.[View]
44446133>/vp/ hates stall >but also hates Stealth Rocks >but also also hates Heavy-Duty Boots Expla…[View]
44458542ITT Cast random NPCs for a live action movie: Billy Eichner in a wig as Avery[View]
44457516This can't be real.[View]
44455926Let's GO Scorbunny when?[View]
44457642Is there any in-game repercussion in bootleg copies? Can you transfer up gens like gen 3 to gen 4 th…[View]
44455862What are your thoughts on Team Galactic?[View]
44457587Hi /vp/ I have a question. Aside from the adventures of the games. What are another ways or alternat…[View]
44457503/ss/ Thread: /ss/ Shaymin Saturday- Real Sinnoh Hours Edition- Post and discuss the most underrated …[View]
44442098Generation 5: Is it recommended to play these games before Black and White 2?[View]
44458091Man I like SWSH but it really needs weekly updates with new NPCs, quests, etc. The raids are boring …[View]
44456405>Named Mandibuzz: >Can only be female[View]
44458424So /vp/ now that the sword and shield dust has settled, what awards have you won? ... Thats right. I…[View]
44457575Fix them[View]
44457959New Leaks: Apparently the first gym in Red and Green was supposed to be a normal gym leader! Perhaps…[View]
44451552I love GSC the most.[View]
44448419Poison Type Thread Bonus: Discuss your favourite poison mon[View]
44458334named my Reuniclus 'Liquid Gundam' lads[View]
44458132wallpapers: post your best pokemon wallpapers, /vp/. desktop or phone, taste encouraged but that won…[View]
44458165ITT: Abominations: Anyone else have some of these funky bootleg boys?[View]
44456890How would you evolve pokemon like Onix and such though an emulator?[View]
44437033/vp/ixelmon: Golden Magikarp Salesman Edition: THERE IS NO /vp/ixelmon Discord. All updates will be …[View]
44448909OC Thread: Post shit you made for /vp/. Doesn't matter how shit it is.[View]
44457917Was he the chaddest Ghost trainer?[View]
44453965/pcmg/ Pokemon Cafe Mix General: Leah edition: Opening topics: 1. Leah has a few fully evolved pokem…[View]
44455492Daily Reminder you bought it anyway: And then defended your 59$ slop. And then bought Home and the e…[View]
44457174Do not play fangames Do not play rom hacks Do not play fan metas Consume official material only[View]
44457919ITT: a fanfic-styled response on how you beat Cynthia from the Sinnoh Region.[View]
44457627>GF passion project >the thing they want to be remembered for >didn’t even made a millionth…[View]
44457467Defeat Cynthia with only 2 pokemon (by the way it says that Iris is more difficult) https://youtu.be…[View]
44419373Fakemon Thread: Waifu Edition[View]
44450933/fsf/ Funmon SoloRun Friday: 'Its not you, its me' edition. Finish a game with your favorite Funmon/…[View]
44422634/wfg/ wi-fi general: less ded edition Trade, battle, breed, multis[View]
44456519Whatcha think of my hand drawn plague mask /VP/?[View]
44457353I love My Starter in my extreme randomized Nuzlocke[View]
44455985Is it time to stop adding AS MANY new Pokemon? We get 80-100ish new mons every generation, and most …[View]
44452554Shiny Staryu in Pokémon Let's Go, Pokémon Go and Pokémon 3DS games[View]
44457555Bzzt. I will stand guard while you grab the children, master. Glory to the Chosen people.[View]
44457038It's so out classed. How the fuck am I supposed to build it?[View]
44453401What would you want in a Pokemon Digimon crossover?[View]
44452109What would you do if you could change the type chart? >ice resists bug and dragon, is super effec…[View]
44456537Yeah, I bought it[View]
44439690Lillie is a good girl, and she deserves all the happiness in the world. You WOULD protect her smile,…[View]
44453733Gogoat is my favorite he's cool and strong![View]
44456123>replay gen 3 game >Bite is special, Shadow Ball is physical Can anyone explain to me how this…[View]
44456947So I haven't really played since gen 6. Is Sw/Sh worth it to make a comeback?[View]
44453259Choose a team.: It is your team forever. Choose one.[View]
44456478what a fucking ape[View]
44455326When you play a Pokémon XD romhack and find shiny Shadow Torchic[View]
44450261>literally the same games as ruby and sapphire but better >hoeniggers still complain because f…[View]
44456697Guys,how do you think about this romhack?[View]
44455252/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: If I Was Green I Would Die Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http:/…[View]
44455774*outspeeds and OHKOs everything with STAB Psychic or a super effective elemental punch* Nothing pers…[View]
44456878May/Haruka thread: Post may[View]
44455094what could have been[View]
44455928What's the hardest Karen counter in Gen 2, and why?[View]
44456742Should I read the manga? I stopped watching the anime in early Hoenn because I got sick of Ash not m…[View]
44455717Tick Tock anon You already got your shiny alolachu right?[View]
44455641Just how fucking rare are the max raids for this blasted thing? The event is even only three days un…[View]
44456758If Pokemon Could Have Three Types:: Tyranitar: Rock/Dark/Ground Beedrill: Bug/Poison/Flying Flygon: …[View]
44445479SwSh Raids General: Schieggy Cult and His Love Life Edition - Previous Thread: >>44420881 - Ho…[View]
44456341Eevee Girl Thread[View]
44453647Reminder that this exists. And it's a cherry. Just that, a cherry with faces. A real pokémon ch…[View]
44450600Woah, I just realised something: Shark rhymes with Dark, and Sharpedo is a dark shark. Pretty crazy…[View]
44456555He long https://twitter.com/JamesTurner_42/status/1291859316736065536[View]
44456350If Legendary/Mythical Pokemon had gender what gender each one of them would have?[View]
44454778>tfw genwunner >tfw not bothered by the pandering…[View]
44448520We're never getting another BW2 again are we[View]
44450949>Eats your G-Max alcremie[View]
44454181Pick teams. Let us celebrate the GOAT Gen VI legendary designs.[View]
44456400Why is this fatfuck so cute?[View]
4445630925th anniversary next year is gonna be huge for Pokemon: Can’t wait to see what games and collabs ar…[View]
44455373>guides and tips[View]
44451069Why does Elesa, the largest pokegirl, not simply eat the other pokegirls?[View]
44453695>losing in showdown >call the other guy a dumb faggot, deactivate the timer and leave…[View]
44456207Spoons man thread[View]
44455804Post your current team: Playing HG. Currently at the Fuschia gym.[View]
44453151Does Game Freak own the rights to Missingno?: Missingno is a glitch, it isn't an official Pokem…[View]
44454054>3rd most successful pokemon game >not even a year old How do we feel about this?…[View]
44454219I'm playing Platinum through PokeMMO at the moment. How do I create the best Pikachu possible?[View]
44449915Only Grass-type trainers are like this.[View]
44456000where can i find the list of pokémon still missing after crown tundra? a friend is thinking about ge…[View]
44454187>Never going to be catchable again Why live[View]
44453463nuzgen-/nuzlocke general/: /nuzgen/-Nuzlocke General:Sponsorship edition Previous thread: >>44…[View]
44455845Gen 9 effort post - mechanics/gimmicks: Just want to be the last person to beat this subject to deat…[View]
44455307I decided to take on the Battle Frontier in Emerald. How am I supposed to EV train Pokémon like pic …[View]
44452556Thinking about him[View]
44454801How would you fix Heliolisk competitively?[View]
44453564B E H O L D A ''''''m o n s t e r'''''''[View]
44452394Woah Charmander looks like THAT?![View]
44444786Claim your favorite legendary Pokémon RIGHT NOW before someone else does.[View]
44453526Potential Gen 4 dex: Full Dex of Platinum and all missing Pokemon not yet added to sword/shield 218…[View]
44453936Let's came up with new gimmicks for types that have none. > Psychic Type > Can't be …[View]
44455183What could make Pokémon really unique again?: As much as I've enjoyed gen 8 so far, it's c…[View]
44449317>Saves the Meta[View]
44451659Where is the hate for this pokemon coming from?[View]
44454561Crown Tundra and a bit more: (Pic unrelated, but still kinda funny.) New trailer drops on August 12 …[View]
44453633Money: Anyone else wish this series placed a bit more importance on income? I mean adding money sink…[View]
44455114Create a better signature ability for it than Pastel Veil.[View]
44455055Who is the cutest protagonist and why is it Chicken-Chan?[View]
44451865Do you agree that Pokémon shouldn’t have a story? Or do you feel like GameFreak should try to improv…[View]
44453831Welcome to Fugdonald’s, may I interest you in our new healthy meta special?[View]
44451002what's his powerlevel?[View]
44453874ITT: post half of a team and a battle theme. other anons then fill in the other half https://www.you…[View]
44453242/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Space Cowboy Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive…[View]
44395094But honestly, how will a Shiny Dawnpoke look like?[View]
44452459Why do people do this?[View]
44452702Glaceon...: Say something positive and something negative about him! Thanks![View]
44448290Amazing how one little change can make a girl look so much hotter[View]
44454314'Yeah, Cynthia was easy. Why do you ask?': If you use shift over set, you have no grounds to claim a…[View]
44454450/vp/....why... why did you forget about my series...?[View]
44454944Based Scizor poster[View]
44454664Why does everything takes so long to evolve? Really, the stupid ice cream only reaches it final form…[View]
44452759Do you think there's women who likes or plays Pokémon?[View]
44454357Bug now resists fairy[View]
44441672Why is nate the best protagonist[View]
44451095>switches into your physical attacker[View]
44454640People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said t…[View]
44454651Why is he so based?[View]
44450961ITT: We come up with design ideas for unused typings: Normal/Ice: Husky Pokémon, used to pull sleigh…[View]
44452729Post yfw https://www.youtube.com/watchv=NFTemk99fLU[View]
44449366Why is this not a regional variant?[View]
44448222/gdf/- First Edition: It’s time for Grass Deer Fridays (/gdf). Post and discuss the most under appre…[View]
44448913It’s been an eventful day. I say we all unwind with a nice tomboy thread.[View]
44451527If I were to kill myself, which Pokémon ost main series or spin off is fine would be best to listen …[View]
44454104Better Sequels: All bias aside, which was the better follow-up sequel to their original series: Adve…[View]
44451448Duel and Perform: >southern france region, no Kalos postgame but a lot of its loose ends are tied…[View]
44451454Were we robbed?[View]
44454018Whats the best lvl to evolve eevee stat wise? I have a lvl 1 eevee and I want to evolve it to a Jolt…[View]
44453825Ground/Fairy mon when?[View]
44451115Can I beat Ultra Sun with just a full team of pic related?[View]
44439856Twilight Wings Finale: 5 more minutes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoKUvLrPluU[View]
44454019https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqpXrDuLqE0 >we will never get this much soul again hold me, bros…[View]
44453559My squad is ready.[View]
44450297ZARUDE: SANDSTORM: free zarude! post a trade code and wait for 'misato' to connect. these …[View]
44448521Showderp: Webs Up GG Edition: Keep Calm and /modjoin off >memes https://dogars.ga >arts https:…[View]
44449294How did Humans emerge as the supreme species in the Pokemon world and gain hegemony over pokemon? Co…[View]
44444102>it's another bear pokémon >but also doesn't look like a bear or a pokémon All Game …[View]
44452774Now that the dust has settled: Was removing Pokemon really healthy for the competitive meta? Do you …[View]
44441401Is Hop the franchise's worst, most spoiled, most ungrateful rival? >His dream is to be the b…[View]
44453760>Kid comes into my lab >Asks me for a starter Pokémon >Have to ask him if he's a boy o…[View]
44450116This clarifies everything.[View]
44451501Rate my team /vp/ bros, I'm about to begin the elite 4 in Platinum[View]
44452961RAYQUAZAbros?????? FUGbros???? what's happening????[View]
44452937wtf /vp/ told me physical froslass wouldn’t be used https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/pokemon/froslass/…[View]
44451382>'bulky' pokemon with low hp and no recovery[View]
44446714This is the most boring Mythical in history.[View]
44447247So is Arceus a false God?[View]
44444695How do we fix the boots problem?[View]
44451781Fix Him[View]
44451268>only playing pokemon[View]
44450311Feels good being on top.[View]
44452481https://youtu.be/VQqHx5LnfiI ash and dawn share a timeless bond[View]
44447283marshadow: he cute[View]
44451994Post a mon that shares your top two favorite types.[View]
44452709OoOoOoOoOoO it is I, the ghost of Zygarde, where is my game? OoOoOoOoOoO[View]
44449707/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Last Call For Fug Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemong…[View]
44366838>i got fat[View]
44452528It's Friday and it's been two weeks since the last drop. Will history repeat itself?[View]
44452135i once caught a Raticate and nicknamed it 'BUTT'[View]
44450390>can't learn sandstorm[View]
44446873ITT: Little things you would like to see added to future games, no major changes just little tweaks …[View]
44449895Here’s your Sobble mid evolution bros[View]
44451929>mfw won the battle using - Stealth Rocks - Thunder wave - Toxic - Whirlwind…[View]
44451119Shiny Sylveon is the cutest boy: Just hatched a shiny Eevee in 239 eggs, so happy. Bold nature, near…[View]
44451856he strikes me of being pretty chilled laid back and has excellent taste in music[View]
44450391Day and night cycle was a cool little addition. Having certain Pokemon show up during morning/midday…[View]
44443641You already got your shiny alolachu right /vp/?[View]
44451306Look guys it's your favourite pokemon Dragapult![View]
44450461Itt: edgelord: I see no, hear no evil[View]
44450918Mega Fug[View]
44447838Got my Zarude guys!: Ain’t he a beauty?[View]
44451700There are six /v/-related boards and you can post Pokemon on ALL OF THEM![View]
44443266did you ever notice how many damn twins are in pokemon[View]
44450675Daily Reminder: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGCFnN9kSzc >Remember my super cool Battle Mu…[View]
44450175Sopa do macaco, uma delicia[View]
44444272Favorite betamon: What is your favorite betamon, /vp/? I really dig the old Gible line[View]
44450259Cramorant origin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waimanu[View]
44451399Why are Mewtwo and Ho-Oh still the best legendaries?[View]
44445277/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
44451376How will Orange Man's ban on Tencent affect the most anticipated game of the year, Pokemon Unit…[View]
44450981Sinnoh remakes aren't coming, are they bros?[View]
44445566>generic shonen anime >still manages to be the peak of the series…[View]
44448193holy fukk bros i finally found a way to fix it[View]
44450511hi there i am the pokemon with the most obnoxious fanbase[View]
44447034Just for fun I want to make the most broken solo team in Red/Blue/Yellow. My only 'rules' are that i…[View]
44449228Multicultural trainer thread![View]
44449074SwShit are truly the worst games, I spit in its direction.[View]
44451067Why does this Irish succubus tempt me so?[View]
44445597Gen 8 Starters >Gimmick is Gigantamax >The Galar Starters all receive Gigantamax forms (albeit…[View]
44450946Why don't we still have a kuudere pokegirl? Will we ever get one?[View]
44446853*took ages to be solved*[View]
44448831hidden lore/theories thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEbLAFHo5Ts >ghetsis' theme is p…[View]
44448125/veepee/ Survey: For research purposes, please post your age in this thread. I would like to learn t…[View]
44449934Give him Quiver Dance[View]
44450706why does everyone want to fuck vaporeon so badly[View]
44440729team thread: post em[View]
44449598dude just knock off lmao[View]
44450799The FUN OLD MAN scoffs at you[View]
44440497Yes, let’s just ban everything that has a broken ability or move to make it more fair for players. S…[View]
44450489>Make Alomola, but don't have it be a Luvdisc evolution >Make Sigilyph, but don't ha…[View]
44446321Post a Pepe or Wojak, and asign it stats, abilities, type, moves, ect: Psychic/Electric Abilities: P…[View]
44445187>castform doesn't get more boosts in groudon/kyogre weather >no rock/psychic/fairy/grass/…[View]
44450571Max Airstream should be capped at 90-100 base power like Max Knuckle and Max Ooze[View]
44446991>OLM really thinks they can bait people into thinking they'll actually evolve their mascot H…[View]
44447434>Skarmory and Tyranitar are still top picks in Ubers Hmm based[View]
44443619> cringe design + premium stats > premium design + cringe stats Why GameFreak likes doing thos…[View]
44442815ITT: Post redesigns that are actually good[View]
44446176*absorbs your life energy*[View]
44438804You have been visited by the INTIMIDATING TIGER OF HEALTHY META: The gorilla and tapus will stay far…[View]
44442443>used to hack in shiny legendaries with 999 in all stats >became king of the school because I …[View]
44449708why: Ok, so whay are we still getting people in animal suits as fire starters? They clearly know Cha…[View]
44446396ITT: Things that should be actual pokemon.[View]
44449799Why does Game Freak struggle so much to make Grass-types? >391,000 species of plant on Earth >…[View]
44449887My wife....[View]
44450148Do you even enjoy just stopping and thinking about the countless atrocities that Malamar could be re…[View]
44449062These games are good: Although I prefer FRLG these games I find them enjoyable despite their flaws T…[View]
44442870Lets predict the tier for Punished Rillaboom.[View]
44450083>Gen 5, white >Majority of Pokemon are almost shitmon with wacky useless movesets. How am I s…[View]
44449983Galar Fossil not Fusion[View]
44448357Unite is already dead in the US[View]
44450050So, only 1chapter since 9mo. ago? Where I can read this, or follow the chapters? because it is harde…[View]
44450044Truth is the choice of the patricians. Imagine that you are living a lie. All information must be re…[View]
44446860volt switch and u-turn should force you to switch even if you dont do damage[View]
44447168What were they thinking?[View]
44448615>two months later >DLC is still a massive success…[View]
44438205Where does the land shark concept comes from? It's from some mythology?[View]
44449718Pipe dreams thread: >next year's Sinnoh remakes are 25th anniversary specials with Kanto, Jo…[View]
44440221Remind me again why the champion of the Galar Region has an ace Pokémon ......and its not from Galar…[View]
44447072Let's speculate how these boys will do in competitive. VGC or Smogon is welcome[View]
44449761Are they ever going to stop pretending that rock is a defensive type?[View]
44446584/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Forced Update Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoliv…[View]
44445257Everyone when DP came out:[View]
44446724Anybody know how to get this fucker?[View]
44447386Confess your sins: Post a mon you either love or hate and confess your sins one time i met a girl on…[View]
44446960ban this shit it's killing singles[View]
44435359Magearna banned from SS OU: Magearna has been banned to Ubers with a large 83% majority vote. Not th…[View]
44446347>lean and fit would a mega lopunny get their trainer in shape?[View]
44442943Reminder that Miltank's Body Press could utterly destroy you.[View]
44443303Cringe thread[View]
44435452Incineroar thread to celebrate future #1 or #2 in VGC[View]
44446706Boltund!: Sparklemutt goes fast.[View]
44449198Why can this fucker learn Defog?[View]
44448020History of pokefuckers thread: I’m curious anons, what are the earliest instances of furfags wanting…[View]
44449121I’m still mad.[View]
44443058Gloria Thread: Official art, fan art, your Gloria, others Gloria’s, just post em[View]
44381979Drawthread: Previous thread >>44338623 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NSFW re…[View]
44447285>Grass/Rock >Fire/Fighting >Water/Flying…[View]
44445629What's the best spot for grinding experiece on each game?[View]
44443847Is there a more unlikable character in the Mystery Dungeon series than this insufferable asshole?[View]
44444163How come nu-pokemon never made anything like this? Can you really remember all the gymleaders/e4 of …[View]
44448438ITT: Pokémon that deserve a huge nerf[View]
44445473pokemen: post the chads[View]
44448134My idea for a gym leader: Ok so basically here’s my idea for a grass type gym leader >stereotypic…[View]
44442930Make a trainer thread. Tell us about your team and what you would do if you were in the world of Pok…[View]
44450322Pokémon Las flipantes aventuras de Ash y el viajes en la ciudad de cataluña y a todo gas :v Why the …[View]
44448070Pokemon: The crown Tundra will be 5 hours long. Galar slowking will ghost/dark his special move will…[View]
44444833How would you make this board a better place?: List the steps you would take to achieve this goal.…[View]
44448504Post your childhood bros- Emboar from my first White playthrough. Special guest appearance by 11 yea…[View]
44448785I can't believe masuda would say this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2LnPHDN4NM[View]
44447365>95 special attack >learns fucking nothing for special attack >95 points down the toilet He…[View]
44396541/PTCGO/: Pokémon TCG Online General: No Anti-Eternatus techs allowed edition Old thread >>4434…[View]
44445267> ha ha fanfic meta ou council go quickbann[View]
44446614*Ahem*: FUCK KEKNER AND FUCK HIS DAD[View]
44448373Team Cipher is the most competent and threatening villain team. There’s no contest really.[View]
44446514>running calcs with a Mixed Tapu Koko set with Rising Voltage and Play Rough…[View]
44448210daddy[/ spoiler][View]
44446944Zarude is now officially tradeable: Zarude can now be traded. Attaching a screenshot from Project Po…[View]
44444154recommended level to play this?[View]
44448019Oooh i got you: Original Trainer is jungle = selva Sylvan = selvático Sylvan = jungle[View]
44431282>Playing the new games[View]
44447831Zarude pk8: Anyone have the stats or pk8 file for zarude and the celebi event? not gonna pay some eb…[View]
44444684Zarude: Pokemon coco preorders should open today, how to preorder tickets to get the serial ? Thanks…[View]
44443416What’s the best way to store Pokémon cards? I’ve got a few binders and sleeves but I really want to …[View]
44447644> Fucking Peacock[View]
44442323>fat, slow rockmon with a quad weakness Why do they keep doing this?[View]
44447726>the one true check to urshifu[View]
44447425What was his problem?[View]
44446175Bro: Thoughts on Paul, Ash's best rival, /vp/?[View]
44446986Why are you fuckers still arguing over Gen 8? You morons do realise it'll change absolutely fuc…[View]
44432812ITT We pretend to be Gardevoir talking about humans AKA /hmn/: We talk about: >Humans and their f…[View]
44433538Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
44438074Showderp: Screamin' edition: Hi! Welcome to Showderp! Some tripfag claims champ, then anons tel…[View]

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