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48960111>Why yes, I only catch Pokemon at full health with a Pokeball, how could you tell?…[View]
48958478i did not like gen v[View]
48958981what's your favorite battle theme?[View]
48950183Hi, I was designed by a man to have my body objectified and be appealing to equally sexually-frustra…[View]
48960025Plush thread[View]
48960037>/vp/ claims Pokémon BW are balanced because they have no forced exp share >Play normally >…[View]
48959704Her massive forehead is a positive train, It shows her big brains![View]
48957636A bird sitting in a cloud[View]
48956185When will /vp/ admit that XY was based?[View]
48959613>2901 was almost 3 years ago I'm feeling nostalgic bros...[View]
48958838Pokemon has a lot of bangers, but which ones are your favorites? Or any good fan remakes you like? M…[View]
48959839Why Trade evos still exist? Benefits neither sides and make people more willing to inject or spoof w…[View]
48956885Anyone knows where to find the Evolution Stones (Shiny Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, ect) in Emera…[View]
48958936It's over[View]
48958160Are potions good for your pokemon?[View]
48959614oops I accidentally the whole balance[View]
48959391Are there any hacks, fangames et cetera where both player character and recurring enemies are forced…[View]
48953751/wfg/-Wifi General: Battles-Trades-Raids Not a thread for hacks, please make your own thread Previou…[View]
48958741Was it any good?[View]
48954206Why didn't fans like this region?[View]
48952207Bruh, what if this was an actual region in Pokémon?[View]
48958372Why do people dislike HMs so much. What's so terrible about having to build your party to be ab…[View]
48959389hopefully gamefreak releases a pokedex game & watch, and capcom releases a p.e.t. battle network…[View]
48953173Pattern thread: I have seen a lot of discussions here and there about how Pokemon design styling cha…[View]
48959188It's over[View]
48957778Are primarinas able to move on land?: Do they just flop around like seals do irl? in the anime you c…[View]
48958023Is Koffing good for you?[View]
48959042If this ends up being true, which do you think will be the best of the 3?[View]
48958560This has to be the worst leak season for any pokemon game. An attention whoring chink twitterfag tha…[View]
48958730Rate my wife[View]
48953924Honey Trees: Now I remember why I use to hate these trees in Gen4, at least now I can catch most of …[View]
48958835The game comes out in one month you fucks. Where’s the leaks?[View]
48947705Why do people hate FRLG so much?[View]
48957393How can one little Eevee be so insanely alpha?[View]
48959111How far is it 'too violent' for Pokémon?[View]
48956616Pokemon Parodies: IT'S OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMAUKD-vozU https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
48957619Kino: Kino[View]
48958025preodered, the fuck you gonna do about it?[View]
48956104This eevee FUCKS.[View]
48958615Bea > Allister[View]
48956478We took it for granted...[View]
48958297its over: its over[View]
48955804bruh look at this dude[View]
48958780can a Pokemon game set in Australia work?[View]
48948786QUICK!! CLAIM YOUR POKÉWAIFU!!: Claim your pokéwaifu and tell us how you met her! I met my pokéwaifu…[View]
48958669How did we go from max soul to completely soulless in a single gen?[View]
48957230Who do you use it on?[View]
48957668Anybody have the link to the BDSP trainer models? I have a, uh, renewed interest in investigating th…[View]
48958762Ay y lmao[View]
48957454>replaces Bulbasaur with Chikorita >OVA flopped so hard they canceled the sequel TPC is sure r…[View]
48955161>drunk elesa hits on you wat do[View]
48957531you are ONLY allowed to post in this thread if your favorite mon is small enough to (reasonably) be …[View]
48956287You are now realize there hasnt been a single good Pokegirls designs after Gen 4. Why are nu-Pokegir…[View]
48957930>finish the league >watch a 'things to do in the postgame' video >you can catch legendaries…[View]
48957163Which gen had the best music?: I miss the 8-but music, but what do you guys think?[View]
48955578>[POKEMON] avoided it in time via your shout! >[POKEMON] landed a critical hit hoping to be pr…[View]
48957779I kneel I squeal My headcanon isn't real I cope I mope Someone hand me a rope I sin I never win…[View]
48956515Favorite crack ships?[View]
48958377This destroys the zoomers: How can one ledge be so based?[View]
48955669I don't get the complaint of Pokemon games being too easy. Personally, I love effortlessly curb…[View]
48955627Next 'open world' Pokemon game should be exploring different Ultra Worlds.[View]
48958109Okay but why is he named Onion[View]
48950568>Joy and Jenny got younger[View]
48951820Red chains: What made the chains so powerful like to be able to neutralize the gods of space and tim…[View]
48957965Find a flaw.[View]
48957272These are the best games in the franchise[View]
48954835Where does the line between 'reference' end and 'pandering' begin? Could there be a more nuanced def…[View]
48953336Victini Causes World Peace: If everyone has a little Victini, we can finally achieve world peace. Ju…[View]
48955949Gorebyss used Shell Smash!: ha ha >>48950709[View]
48952492>no /ekx/ >no 'inject' what happened? do people still do giveaways, or is everybody …[View]
48955808Feebas?: More like FeeBASED[View]
48954465OH SHIT: Based happening is coming, bros.[View]
48955478Has there ever been a trainer who has used Dunsparce? Post shafted mons that weren't aces to an…[View]
48957941Underrated pokegirls.[View]
48957035what compels a man to argue about which video game, not even different series or consoles, is good a…[View]
48955016ITT: We post our first team for Pokemon Legends Arse r' Us https://www.serebii.net/legendsarceu…[View]
48950393Kiss the fox[View]
48957913Who also fell for the Unova meme?: >Used to skip every other region >Almost gave up on the ser…[View]
48957386>play ultra sun >get swarmed with too many cute and cool dark types fuck bros... what should I…[View]
48952359So I'm going to go off and just list everything I know, I do this every leak season, I'm a…[View]
48957809Is it the pokemon killer[View]
48956101my pokemon only drink lemonade amd not potion XD[View]
48953497Mark my fucking words: this will be basis of generaton 9 Region.[View]
48957321why does he have udders?[View]
48957049What are some post mainstory things/interactions to do in heartgold and soulsilver? i noticed that t…[View]
48951792Legends Arceus Ad, and the battle theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7UkgKYK4nw[View]
48951950Alcremie is crying[View]
48957592stantler: stantler.[View]
48957385Poketats: There's a woman out there with Thorton tattooed on her hand out there somewhere.…[View]
48957484This is the objective list (includes evolutions)[View]
48953701>Still at the top of Surf themes Gen2surfchads...wya? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImsqqHAIEi4…[View]
48952113Anyone else warmed up to this guy?[View]
48953514Hello we are the only mainline Pokemon games that don't kneel to Kanto[View]
48953864yeah its cherubi time[View]
48956015fug: would you fug... fug?[View]
48957285What is he excited about, /vp/?[View]
48928748Last Pokemon Wilds thread died https://github.com/SheerSt/pokemon-wilds/releases/latest/download/pok…[View]
48936832Post one of your bros and say something nice about another poster's bro.[View]
48955176>ground do not resists fire[View]
48956382>can i please have one more poffin pleeeeeeeaaase!!! I promise i will become beautiful if you jus…[View]
48954654Youre only allowed to post in this thread if your favorite pokemon has NO MERCH whatsoever. No plush…[View]
48947756/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 MOBA where the objective is to score more poin…[View]
48956304>I'm living the dream, Pikachu[View]
48956320why did gamefreak just do a renditon on this song for route 1/2? pic unrelated https://www.youtube.c…[View]
48954140unovasisters, how do we refute this?[View]
48955989so i got picrel at a local game store for only $20 and i'm wondering, can i play it on a US wii…[View]
48953816>the DP Remakes are pretty bad and lack of any new content >even the cover mocks the fanbase …[View]
48954874Which legendary trio would you like to see getting a new member?: It would be cool if the Genie trio…[View]
48952988Pokemon players wouldn't know a good story if it shat on their balls: Remember how many pokenor…[View]
48955078I finally broke down and got Lets Go. Its... its honestly my favorite game in years. Im really enjoy…[View]
48956111Nuzlocke going pretty good, I don't think it's even possible to fuck this up (just beat ca…[View]
48955758I'm trying to find that comic where Calem and Serena have a Pokemon battle and it ends with Cal…[View]
48955223Don't you miss classic Pokemon complex route designs? They make them so easy and simple now[View]
48956796The only truly Legendary Pokemon: Say something nice about him.[View]
48954254I wanna Coom but can’t decide which Pokémon to do it to >Gardevoir >Gothitelle >Tsareena …[View]
48957117So was this thing an ultra beast or not? It shares that unique shimmering sound in its cry with the …[View]
48954624We were robbed: Why did Alola go so hard on not just Kanto, but Charizard in particular? Why didn…[View]
48948603I can't believe they're actually announcing Gen 9 merely a MONTH after Legends is released…[View]
48955463>get fit with fitness bunny you are getting fit with your fitness bunny, right?…[View]
48955647>excuse me? may i have some more of those blue squishies? the dry ones, you know? my trainer does…[View]
48954509>enter a new route >it has zero new Pokemon What the fuck is the point then? And no, evolved v…[View]
48955435OC thread - Gym Leader edition: Thora Type specialty: Bug Badge: Lens Badge Pokémon: Trapinch, Butte…[View]
48949919I have Omega Ruby steelbook edition and Heartgold. Both sealed. Will their value go up or should I s…[View]
48952957She cute[View]
48956916are there any good hgss difficulty hacks? stuff like renegade platinum[View]
48953637Pokemon are family[View]
48946425/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Concubine Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM U…[View]
48953401Shiny Gengar: What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
48955619do you guys think there will be DLC or any updates that add anything to the remakes?[View]
48953311Only contrarians and retards like this thing.[View]
48953028Manifesting: Unova Remakes 2022[View]
48955074>Pokemon Go is running on Unity >Pokemon Unite is running on Unity >And now, a mainline rem…[View]
48956635Day 4 of posting this until the Jannies give me a vacation or clean the board up: Bastiodead edition…[View]
48954523BDSP Old Patch: Anyone still playing on 1.1.1 for menu glitch abuse? I wanna dupe golden bottle caps…[View]
48944720Ruseday: Early Nights Edition: >notice the time *before* midnight GMT >actually have post line…[View]
48950452Showderp: Cope Edition: Welcome to Showderp. Cope together with champ by giving him 6 Pokemon to wor…[View]
48956588Were pokemon the jews and pokeballs nazi concentration camps??[View]
48956462I want to play BDSP for the nostalgia but I can't afford to shell out $90 CAD. What digital cod…[View]
48955576Used to love r/Pokémon now it’s filled with circle jerking fags: r/Pokémon used to be my go to for a…[View]
48952431Weird typing: This is retarded. Why is Galarian Mr. Mime not Ice/Fairy or Psychic/Ice.[View]
48952802Why is there so much KANTOOOOOOOO? Alola just feels like a Kanto resort not it's own distinct r…[View]
48949779AHAHA ITS ________, INNIT???[View]
48946987fuck this faggot ledge[View]
48956388When did you stop playing pokemon?: I stopped playing when the pokemons can battle underwater, even …[View]
48956597accidentally put this on another thread but howd i do? lol[View]
48954030Currently Stuck: Okay I made a thread a few days ago attempting to go through every pokemon region w…[View]
48954170>I want to include a lot of pokemon that I like in the main story for my fangame but I can't…[View]
48929525/ss/ - Serena Sunday: Mayuki Makiguchi birthday week edition (Thu Dec 9, 2021). Post your Gamerenas…[View]
48956240right, i see,[View]
48955509Pokémon really blew it out of the park with the characters and characterization in Gen 8. This is th…[View]
48952161ITT:Lines where the first stage is the best: He was so based, why did they ruin him?[View]
48952281It lacks a coherent identity as a type. It's split between 'creatures that fly' and 'creatures …[View]
48948750Who are you cheering for?[View]
48954203>they should have stopped adding new pokemon after gen 4 >only the megas, gigantomaxes, and re…[View]
48950797Do they celebrate Christmas in the Pokémon world?[View]
48954926Alcremie is angry[View]
48950732>TRS rocking is gone >Glitch city laboratories is gone Where i am supposed to get my fix on re…[View]
48954671I remember this used to be on youtube, but I can't seem to find it. What's the artist…[View]
48938544Everyone complains that the Graphics are always shit, but I gotta ask. What do you want the games to…[View]
48952930Are these all the body types What Pokémon are missing? what body types are missing? And what do you…[View]
48954261when is gamefreak going to finally give us what we all want?[View]
48954620Rockchads, we keep winning...[View]
48953437>What's wrong, riolu? I just want to play with you...here's some candy :^) >So young…[View]
48951814>Coworker battles Cynthia >His alakazam tries to use dazzling gleam on Spiritomb but it gets 1…[View]
48951984>/vp/ so busy about the games they don't even know about this shit It's the best thing …[View]
48938441/pgg/ - Pokémon GO: Trad Dragon Edition >Pokémon Go Event Info https://pokemongolive.com/post/ ht…[View]
48953193goddamnit: >there are no good Pokemon games with robust character customisation >swsh has a b…[View]
48952961/vp/ hates her because she spoke the truth.[View]
48954461>waiting for actual new info on Arceus Legends instead of a 30 sec clip of stuff we've alrea…[View]
48941919Something about Legends will drop soon.[View]
48950282Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 Redux are coming in 2022. https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/co…[View]
48948480This the stalest most boring board on this entire website, the same fucking threads will be made eve…[View]
48952014I don't get what is fun about this game. It's not even a fun puzzle game like Bejeweled or…[View]
48950602PokeDaddy thread: let's get a thread going for the sexy older men of the pokemon franchise…[View]
48950319Cute girlfriends[View]
48949681The next step into the Pokemon franchise.[View]
48953685>did kanto regional forms years before sun and moon Uhh based?[View]
48947106>a fucking block of GEM >puts it in a museum…[View]
48951217Should I feel bad about enjoying BDSP? It's the first time I truly have fun with a Pokemon gam…[View]
48954129Level 100 Raichu[View]
48949865>Disgaea 6 most played switch game in the past 2 weeks, over Pokemon NIS-sama I kneel...…[View]
48950253>Origin Dialga and Origin Palkia pretty much confirmed What do you think they'll look like?…[View]
48951790The most love the franchise has seen in a decade and it's a 3 minute animated music video https…[View]
48951935>The entire OST has been patched in, the MIDI stuff was actually just a placeholder. Gym Leader, …[View]
48945856Why does every parent in the world allow their preteen children to leave home for years at a time to…[View]
48951592Name ideas: I will name her Tifa if you don't help me find something else.[View]
48950477>its 4 steps away >its the furthest away >its either 4 columns or 4 rows so which one is ac…[View]
48952761How the fuck fighting is a type? They all are fighting creatures in the end.[View]
48949861Can someone tell me the appeal of Battle Frontiers are? I'm a luckshitter, so maybe I just don…[View]
48945926/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Trades-Raids Not a thread for hacks, please make your own thread[View]
48952487Let's Go Johto?: Are we getting pic related next year? If it means Gen 9 will have more time in…[View]
48950709>Hello there, I'm the Pokémon with the least obnoxious fanbase.[View]
48951479Black and White 'remakes' will be direct ports to iOS and Android with microtransactions that help m…[View]
48952964The XY anime better than the games?: I've beaten gen 6 games...twice. Get 2 badges in and get s…[View]
48950764so when the fuck are we seeing a nude mod and a porn game akin to lolimon[View]
48951859>Colosseum remake >BDSP artstyle and engine Well?…[View]
48950910Nice this new game for the Nintendo 64![View]
48948736Elite Pokefan thread: A Pokemon that has not been captured in a regular Pokeball is worthless to me.…[View]
48951879Charizard is only shilled so much because gen 4+ Pokemon are mostly ugly[View]
48951722>parents left him to travel the world >instead of being depressed about it he used it as motiv…[View]
48952504RoseTheyTrainer#7009: There's literally no reason to ever play any gen before gen 4. Pokemon si…[View]
48951686when a romhack sports 'the original 208 pokemon' what they mean is all the kanto ones with…[View]
48931455Post Pokemon where the middle evolution is the best evolution[View]
48940539Why Gen1 games have a weird kind of depressing atmosphere to it? Even Oak didn't look like a fr…[View]
48951893exp share mechanics: if i only have one pokemon in my party will it get as much exp or more than hav…[View]
48951366Wtf... why would they reveal their hypocrisy to two children (aka the general public) like this? Do …[View]
48948893Are you excited for his non existant game? Vid related is going to be in the OST https://www.youtube…[View]
48951370Pokemon Red and Blue: I want to play one of these and I have a few questions Should I emulate Pokemo…[View]
48950975Mawile's Jirachi thread: Anons make wishes. Other anons-- grant the wishes, the granted wish ha…[View]
48949985What are your thoughts on Bronzor and Bronzong?[View]
48952080Someone can have these because TPCI are a bunch of retards who can't even do a distribution eve…[View]
48948955What is their sex like?[View]
48951434What is Gardevoir based on? I've seen people suggest Japanese paper dolls but I cant really see…[View]
48943814>a fucking block of COAL >puts it in a museum…[View]
48951731Sinnoh fags be like >Sinnoh is the best! We have Bidoofs and Ponytas on evermap!…[View]
48951622>johto event for pokemon go starts february 26 2022 >khu retweets vague hints about gen 2 lege…[View]
48948541>Lost every single GBA and DS game including 10 years worth of Pokémon collecting I'm..I…[View]
48951199Autistic Things you do in games: Name some things you do in games just to please your autism >Alw…[View]
48951017Did they actually fuck the masuda method or all the posts cope babies[View]
48951761I never played Gen V before. Should I start with the first games or go straight to B2W2? Are they se…[View]
48951281fine i'll admit it, these games are pretty great especially on a television like a souped up SN…[View]
48951747I'm playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions instead of Pokemon[View]
48951729Does anyone remember GameStop having free 30~ page booklets that taught the deeper mechanics of Poke…[View]
48951062I wish Twitch would do another Pokemon Anime Marathon: I really liked watching it with people: seein…[View]
48951651>Beta Red/Green roms will never leak[View]
48942377He was right.[View]
48952777So tell me again Anon...: You said that you are in fact ready to do *ANYTHING* in order to get yours…[View]
48951600What are some post mainstory things/interactions to do in heartgold and soulsilver? i noticed that t…[View]
48951214*fixes your shitty 3D pokemon game*[View]
48950726>LEAVE N TO ME![View]
48947827so i[View]
48944275ITT: /vp/ strange images[View]
48944980I find the female Rocket uniforms pretty Sexy NGL[View]
48948531Was it KINO?[View]
48949962Hardest champ in the franchise[View]
48942815/vp/ Plays Fire Red 5: OP is a faggot edition: Last thread: >>48940712 >what is this? /vp/ …[View]
48950935You guys have any pokemon you completely forget exist?[View]
48948930I can’t believe there are people out there that support this hypocrite.[View]
48950714can i have another dry poffin please? the blue color kind![View]
48948311Post cringe from any of the Pokemon games[View]
48948724BDSP are not developed by GF so technically they're not canon[View]
48929955What is your favorite objectmon?[View]
489506813D Models: “One of the reasons for sticking with the 2D Pokemon images is, with the 2D, it really de…[View]
48949754Miss Lana![View]
48950649Manaphy: Is this the most useless legendary ever? has this thing ever seen competitive use at least?…[View]
48949395Shhh... She's sleeping.[View]
48949150why can't we get epic moments like this again? i'm so sick of kanto and nostalgia panderin…[View]
48950600why are they shilling this ugly shit so much lately?[View]
48949382https://twitter.com/Pokekalos/status/1468218689820504065?s=20 Trailer with old footage and a clip of…[View]
48948279This is canon[View]
48950328>give Venusaur to a non-Gamefreak artist >suddenly it's a masterpiece of a design Shitimo…[View]
48950266Which game has the best overworld sprites? pic unrelated[View]
48950308Soulful pokemon moves. Post them.[View]
48950445I could fix her.[View]
48949780Why was Mewtwo on Pokemon X& Y? I barely remember the plot but I'm sure Mewtwo is not menti…[View]
48950459Where's Legends Arceus Trailer bros??: It's December 7th... Where the fuck is it... I thou…[View]
48948572Character progression systems in regular RPGs: >skill trees >talent slots >equipment builds…[View]
48949203They finally fixed him. Thank. God.[View]
48947816And the most forgettable Elite 4 member is...[View]
48940641Pokemon Sun & Moon: Alolan Waifu / Husbando. Fuck, Marry, and Date. Explain your choices.[View]
48943499LETS GO HAS SOLD MORE THAN >FRLG >HGSS >BW2 >USUM >Pt >EMERALD Hahahahahahaha oh …[View]
48950289What went right[View]
48946968How can a Pokegirl be this hot and still end up single?[View]
48948743Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Crystal are by far the worst Pokemon games. If you disagree, you'r…[View]
48947563Is my Emerald team good?: I've been replaying Emerald with a friend, and was wondering what the…[View]
48950278Dancing Trapinch, what will he do?[View]
48950208Why haven't the main games dived into dating mechanics already? We had the Yancy/Curtis stuff f…[View]
48950125this counts as Pokemon now[View]
48950112>Attract doesn't work on same gender Why is pokemon so homophobic[View]
48950138It's snover...[View]
48949278Dark Types: fuck bros... why are these pokemon types so fucking GOOD?[View]
48950056If pokemon games are so cheap to produce and still make insane profits, why hasn't any competen…[View]
48950029Unova's main theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od-pIAIvCb0[View]
48950126Milotic Tuesday: Milotic Tuesday let's post some Tics[View]
48949701>Just a face on a balloon >OMG SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE JIGGLYPUFF WE GOT IN THE END why are be…[View]
48941905how do gardes breastfeed?[View]
48943656Magmortar redesign. They fixed him.[View]
48949594How has LGPE been the only 3D game to get following Pokemon right?[View]
48946387Do Pokemon have equal rights?: Meowth's ability to talk and be smarter than most humans implies…[View]
48947533>Champion uses pokemon from previous gens[View]
48949031Why are bird mons Normal Flying and why haven't we had a pure flying until Tornadus, outside of…[View]
48949775Cutest doofus ever lived. Chew the haters![View]
48947682What are your thoughts on Roxie?[View]
48947380Are most of us browsing this board older or younger than the series? Pokemon came out February 27th,…[View]
48949146Alcremie was caught: What should be her fate?[View]
48948770Who would win in a tickle fight?[View]
48949535Corporate needs you to work on weekend[View]
48946005What got you excited for pic related?[View]
48949351ITT: post a pokemon without posting it[View]
48939396This is the objective list[View]
48949414>this was a real pokemon >with pigtails and wearing a crop top with ripped tights I don’t need…[View]
48947615Types You'd Like to Change: Should've been Grass/Poison, Fire/Dark, and Water/Fighting …[View]
48948526Does the ZL, ZR cloning glitch still work on 1.0 if I don't update at all?[View]
48949543What if Pokemon was a Sega exclusive? Would Sega still be making consoles now?[View]
48948374that's it for jasmine?[View]
48948542Did you beat her on your first try?[View]
48948087Have you been keeping well?[View]
48949362ITT:Kino nu-mons[View]
48944845Here it is. The worst selling 3rd version in the history of Pokemon and the final nail in the Pokema…[View]
48947887>He used a Rivals Pokemon on his team >He used a Gym Leader's Ace Pokemon on his team …[View]
48949107A post to be posted each day leading up to Generation 9 being sold: >have you ever made a major c…[View]
48948988>thumbnail of a Journeys screenshot looks fine >the actual full size screenshot reveals that i…[View]
48949205>Cynthia...a freaking epic challenge..a masterful conclusion to the saga....the piano interlude i…[View]
48949308Really makes you think[View]
48945502Which Pokemon are circumcised and which are uncircumcised?[View]
48949168How embarrassing.[View]
48948966Why are there so many posters here that post the exact same threads on repeat every single day?[View]
48949322How do u transfer levels/experience from a lvl 84 dragonite 2 a lvl 7 charmander?[View]
48943025>makes /vp/ seethe How does she (female) do it?[View]
48939969Favorite Mon Thread: The favorite type thread yesterday went so well I though we needed another simp…[View]
48948669why are they the most forgettable of the original 151[View]
48949113i love the graphics of gen 1 and 2[View]
48948681The best poke to catch other poke is Breloom because he has Spore[View]
48947147I've unironically started to like skuntank after using it in my bdsp playthrough and I don…[View]
48949011Which pokemon is the most delicious to eat?[View]
48945633starting a leaf green randomizer run. posting here so I feel motivated to actually complete it. You …[View]
48942541Well? Did you?[View]
48884228/PTCGO/: Pokémon TCG Online General: Indian Joker edition New/Returning Player? >https://pastebin…[View]
48947290>Nu-Pokemon has no sou-[View]
48948891jynx looks like that?[View]
48948452Imagine a fight from the Generation 3 metagame, Wobbuffet vs Wobbuffet, both with even IVs and EVs, …[View]
48948755So, Johto is next, probably in Gen 9. What kind of new game do you think it will get? What kind of n…[View]
48943745... bros?[View]
48948799The only reason why we after 25 years are still stuck with the ashnime is because of this faggot[View]
48943073/rheg/ ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General: Gen 7 edition ROM Hacking: …[View]
48946527'Options': Is it just me, or does X and Y have a lot of 'options' that have the same result? I know …[View]
48947657What am I in for?[View]
48945493ün ün ün: ün ün ün AAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOORRRRXT 𓀂𓀇𓀉𓀍𓀠𓁀𓁂𓀱𓁉𓀿𓀪𓁶𓂧𓂮𓂫𓃹𓃳𓄜𓄲𓄓𓅆𓅢𓅼𓆀𓆾𓈙𓉒𓉼𓊪𓋜𓋒𓍲𓎳𓁀𓄲𓅢[View]
48944494Thread Game: Welcome back, players. I, the Nosepass Man, invite you to participate in the Thread Gam…[View]
48946862So when are we going to get bug Pokémon that actually looks cool?[View]
48893240Why are salazzles allowed to walk around freely? Wouldnt it be a little dangerous to have a intoxica…[View]
48947078The breeder is cute. CUTE[View]
48947785fuck, marry, kill: Poké Champions edition[View]
48943511i would like to be a loving and supportive boyfriend to my charizard how would you suggest i go abou…[View]
48947737Does Pokemon actually give as many hints to future games as people say they do? I remembered this ar…[View]
48943392I MISS POKEMON: >I miss the roughness and the watercoloring artworks of Ken Sugimori >I miss n…[View]
48948448ITT: Pokebros who you'd want to be your roommate[View]
48946721Why'd they give this thing bedroom eyes?[View]
48944937>here's your spaniard localization bro[View]
48947230the biggest pokenews since articUNO zapDOS molTRES[View]
48947879Game Freak and ILCA could never https://youtu.be/fhAe0bImmwg[View]
48939792Are Fire Red and Leaf Green bad remakes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcLKCGGG340[View]
48946562I miss old pikachu voice: Anyone finding themselves cringing at the new anime style voice? (Post bw2…[View]
48948354Origin Dialga and Origin Palkia are the final bosses of Pokémon Legends Arceus[View]
48943356Post your bug bros[View]
48943239>game arbitrarily put content after the credits instead of before credits so game is better Frien…[View]
48948241>ruins your meta[View]
48947548Do you guys know who did the XY and ORAS art? The wiki lists 3+ people who did art on it. I really w…[View]
48929132The eternal debate...[View]
48947344>brown Hilda I'm thinking based[View]
48944536>Poke Mart is merged with the Pokemon Center instead of being its own building soulless…[View]
48942045Showderp: Snips Appreciation Edition: Here is Showderp, where a valiant knight we call champ takes a…[View]
48946239is /vp/ a touko board or a mei board?[View]
48947922BDSP has 10 minutes of content: What went so wrong?[View]
48945791Is this the first time a remake is outselling the new gen game that started the generation? Is Sword…[View]
48945419>anon! fight me![View]
48943752Generation 9 comes out a dex of 150+ brand new pokemon. There are no returning mons available until …[View]
48947903If you made a fantasy league of members across generations that had to include Koga would you make h…[View]
48935741So that's what my Milotic thinks of me? Guess I got earn the right to be considered 'more than …[View]
48947801What if pokemon stayed in 2d forever[View]
48946215Where do you want the next region to be based on?: My vote is the southeast asia archipelago.[View]
48945735why clefable so HUGE?[View]
48941056ITS TIME: I kneel to gen 1. I'm so tired of pretending their designs aren't vastly superio…[View]
48947643how do i progress the story at battle tower?[View]
48946982PLA isin't actually going to have a poison/fighting sneasel line right?[View]
48947606what the fuck is his problem?[View]
48945162>no scale shot it's over bros[View]
48946498Day 3 posting this until the Jannies give me a vacation or clean the board up: Babeetle edition: Whe…[View]
48944152Starter biases: >Charizard Got two megas, got a gigantamax before the other two >Typhlosion Go…[View]
48945973>Leon is the strongest traine-[View]
48946483Just came back to lgpe after bdsp: And holy shit bros, my eyes are cleansed. How's the graphic …[View]
48941940imagine eating all these dry ass motherfuckers[View]
48940224>YOU'RE >GOING >TO >LOVE MEEEEEEEEEE This is kinda fucked up if you think about it.…[View]
48947346>unlock grand underground >catch some mons >already had 5 /6 members of my planned team BEF…[View]
48947166This is the true official tier list of main games[View]
48943338What website/database do you get your info from? I like serebii because its the easiest to use and l…[View]
48940926They look very familiar to me…[View]
48946463current team thread this is my team in bdsp so far. was going for a dark/poison type team but added …[View]
48942134What is the best DS to play the DS pokemon games on? I just got a legit platinum and have only an or…[View]
48946853Here’s some food for thought. Dynamaxing is a mix of mega evolutions and universal z-moves and gigan…[View]
48941430Why does Manaphy look back at me like this, when I send it out?[View]
48934987Hilda age?: And Hilbert, I guess. 'Older than the usual suspects' isn't enough. I remember some…[View]
48946630Would Galar be a nice region to live in or no?[View]
48946708Why does everyone hate him, again? I get he isn't the best '''rival''' in the series, but I nev…[View]
48946279Stop replying to Discord Faggots: How hard is it to not reply to discord bait? Just don't fucki…[View]
48946660Pokemon fangame search: There is a Pokemon fan game which starts you without any starters. It was ve…[View]
48945282Significant drop-off in quality after Gen 4: Gen 5 was passable, but everything after is unplayable …[View]
48945979what happens after a pokemon explodes?[View]
48945393Ryan: Hello. As you may have heard, Christina Aguilera had some playtime with Legends Arceus with he…[View]
48946227Why, GameFreak? Why deprive us of this?[View]
48946348Forget Cynthia for a moment, this guy's third rematch team now makes him the second strongest N…[View]
48939012Misty Monday: Another lovely with the ever lovely Misty! Share your Misty art/caps/other pics, new o…[View]
48935508/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC): https://mov3.co/t…[View]
48944783Post SOUL https://youtu.be/jkER6U-tX5g[View]
48944962>brave nihilego >timid buzzwole >relaxed pheromosa >brave xurkitree >naive celesteela…[View]
48935232>Literally two decades of being the best surfing theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImsqqHAIEi…[View]
48946106Why do I keep seeing people crying online that the BDSP league is too hard, I thought this is what e…[View]
48944786ITT: Unfathomably based Pokemon pokenormies don't even know exist: Slaking is so based. I love …[View]
48945930>mmmm damn this some good gem, want some anon? wat do[View]
48945974are there romhacks that reimplement cut content back into the games? i really think someone should c…[View]
48945950Help, I killed a geodude: I didn’t know Flash Cannon would fucking KILL him[View]
48944272Where do you want to go next? Italy? Australia? California? China? Brazil?[View]
48934485/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 MOBA where the objective is to score more poin…[View]
48945330>the 'final boss' of FRLG postgame >On the final island after you've already beat two adm…[View]
48945512MILOTIC????? ON A MONDAY?!?!?! I DO BELIEVE SO[View]
48942956>when Nate drops his pants[View]
48945188What's that one randomizer that changes trade evolutions to level ups I'm sorry if this is…[View]
48944613Everything about Hop is just awful. If we save the sword and shield controversy, as a person and Pok…[View]
48945208>The Lightball now doubles the attack and special attack of ALL pikaclones >This includes: Mi…[View]
48945132>Anime brings Volkner back as a way to promote BDSP >Not only is his ace now Electivire instea…[View]
48943220The originals are so much better.[View]
48945175Would you agree that in general Gen 7 designs (with the exception of maybe the starters, Tapus and U…[View]
48935999BDSP is surprisingly good: I'm surprised how good BDSP is, after all the criticism I saw online…[View]
48942611/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Trades-Raids Not a thread for hacks, please make your own thread Previou…[View]
48944946Science: Ok /vp/, no one here seems to agree on what the best pokemon game is. That is is why I wann…[View]
48943501What went wrong?[View]
48944174Why do these gems make genwunners and discord users seethe so much?[View]
48943467will we ever get something this based[View]
48942988lucas is underrated[View]
48944338Rate my team: >Primarina () >Gardevoir () >Roserade () >Goodra () >Lopunny () >Mie…[View]
48945113yep I’m buying it. how my fellow shiny autists feelin?[View]
48945004If you could visit anywhere in the pokemon universe where would it be and why?[View]
48944808Did they fuck?[View]
48942449Cucked dragons: Is kyurem tied with flygon for having a great design but being cucked through stats/…[View]
48944520Isn't it weird that if it weren't for COVID, we would have gotten a new pokémon movie this…[View]
48944888shitty pokemon fan theories thread[View]
48941516Why is there such a big Unova influence in Hisui, and in general in Generation 8?[View]
48943879I figured I’d beat the old punching bag and try to discuss stealth rock. I think it’s a shitty move …[View]
48940896Lickilicky: >take one of the better looking monostage pokemon >give it this absolute abominati…[View]
48940536Let's be real, she's still pretty difficult to beat.[View]
48943904I can't help but crack up everytime I see this image.[View]
48944239So what's the best use for Empoleon in-game?: I'm a Piplup guy so I often pick this and re…[View]
48855234Pokegoddess Heaven: We kneel.[View]
48944147Joe updated his site with an official pronunciation guide with the most recent official prounciation…[View]
48942902PKMN Trainer Gold: What would his team be if he were an endgame boss? Can't decide out of these…[View]
48944140She will never be real[View]
48944399Shuckle the pokémon is based on barnacles. Goose barnacles. Name origin Shuckle may be a combination…[View]
48944449Sharing Food: Would you share a nice snack with your favorite Pokémon?[View]
48944028In Gen 9 we'll finally reach the pokémon number 1000 (or at least #999) Thoughts?[View]
48944424Where can I get the BDSP models?[View]
48941742Alternate Eviolite: >If held by a Pokémon that is not fully evolved, raises its Attack and Specia…[View]
48943861I decided to watch the original show on Netflix, and does it actually just end without Ash actually …[View]
48944224What went wrong?[View]
48944179Battle Factory: Anyone wanna talk about the Battle Factory? Had my soulsilver copy on hand for a tri…[View]
48941387This is the exact moment Pokémon died: https://youtu.be/TmWu-f6L0Mo?t=1627[View]
48938668What does vp think of Lopunny?[View]
48944192Music thread: Specifically from the Mystery Dungeon series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DIxrPUnj…[View]
48942544Finally got her![View]
48942557better than pikachu in your path[View]
48944105How do I evolve my Chansey into Bussy?[View]
48944051the next Kanto remake is in 2032[View]
48942930Which Red was the best?[View]
48940204Why is Incineroar so popular?[View]
48925006Two weeks in, and they're still outselling Sword/Shield in Japan.[View]
48943096I can't wait to rip you apart![View]
48924303When did you realize Pokemon was far gone and became another mediocre franchise? >inb4 it was alw…[View]
48943154Fixing Dynamax: Would they be less broken if instead of doubling their HP stats, the base state of t…[View]
48943636Give us the goods, old man[View]
48943898BDSP Elite 4: Elite 4 Playthrough BDSP. Watch Garchomp curb stomp me for a 3rd time.[View]
48940712/vp/ Plays Fire Red 5: Fuck your Unclefairly edition: Last thread: >>48933891 >what is this…[View]
48943844Where can I generate hacked Pokémon for bdsp?[View]
48943560Nintendo can't sue me: You fags have any writing and voice acting talents? I'm thinking of…[View]
48943725You just know[View]
48943293Of course you can, just level him to 100. Pokemons difficulty is a joke.[View]
48943683>it doesn't need to be made by gamefreak >it doesn't need to be a real remake >it…[View]
48943600Who would win in a battle?[View]
48943211>draw a literal demon from hell >call it a Pokemon The soccer moms were right. Pokemon promote…[View]
48940700Current Team Thread: Skimmed the catalog and didn't see one. All games welcome. Discuss current…[View]
48942341help patching a DS rom: Hey can you guys help me? I am a linux user, I want to play the fan-translat…[View]
48943318Fixed it.[View]
48942040Is it just me or her legs are extremely long? Not Bayonetta-tier, but close.[View]
48941067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEt3BwftI7k Uhhhhh, BDSP sisters...? Are we going to have to kneel t…[View]
48942982unovasisters next year when they announce let's go johto instead of BW remakes[View]
48942407>Choice Banded Head Smash[View]
48934228How would you react?[View]
48939402Lets be honest, all these 'shiny nuzlocke' dudes are hacking. Unless you can see these dudes reseti…[View]
48941738>Challenged by fisherman >Has six pokeballs >Go Magikarp. Haha, I get it, the rest are Gya…[View]
48942937Damn, Digimon look like this?[View]
48942321Pokemon 4G Metal Cover: Sharing you guys a metal cover we did on Arceus & Dialga/Palkia's b…[View]
48940076>confirmed to be in Legends Arceus This makes literally no sense The only time a dexcut would be …[View]
48941264I order you to delete your Pokemon porn folder right now[View]
48943124Where is the Legends news? I'm getting bored[View]
48942508The Great Debate: Which one had the most realistic colors between the old anime (Gen 1 to Gen 3) and…[View]
48943080>gives you the option to choose “no” >it doesn’t do anything Who designed this shit?…[View]
48943034How would you describe the archetype that defines a type's general characteristics for the move…[View]
48942117Mt.Ember = Soul[View]
48938071>Treecko but somehow even worse >oh wow, fire fighting. Very original >some gay otter that …[View]
48941736Why did they design Persian to look like a retard?[View]
48941541The moment that peaked Pokemon.[View]
48942445Magnezone and Porygon-Z are confirmed for Legends: Arceus.[View]
48940766Something felt off about these games fr[View]
48937861/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Trades-Raids Not a thread for hacks, please make your own thread Previou…[View]
48941732anybody else sick of the utterly autistic shiny hunting community at this point? especially in the l…[View]
48941365Red - Bulbasaur or Charmander Blue - Charmander or Squirtle Leaf/Green - Squirtle or Bulbasaur Ethan…[View]
48920848ITT: canon: post canon[View]
48934032Uh, excuse me?[View]
48941695BDSPbros what is happening??? Why is every single top review on Amazon JP trashing this game??[View]
48942187What would the reaction have been if the XY reveal trailer bluntly advertised the new models would b…[View]
48940729did you guys enjoy familiars.io[View]
48917456Let's talk about how Pokephilia is the purest form of love. There's nothing wrong with hum…[View]
48940490>pro nuzlocker[View]
48939616Mind blown.[View]
48936384Are living dexes based or cringe?[View]
48927858Hatturday Thread: It's Saturday We got Hatts Talk and Post Hatts[View]
48941869>ash could have had a unique mega that is actually cool in Gengar >nope lmao give him that shi…[View]
48942041pokemon: miren este precioso Vaporeon, me éxita uwu, es mi husbando 7u7, además creo que mi mamá es …[View]
48941309Daily reminder that the 'consider the time period' argument is unfalsifiable. There is no reasonable…[View]
48940925stantler: stantler[View]
48941663You guys told me the opponents in this game had good movesets[View]
48941964Do you think they'll do a presents on pokemon day 2022 or sometime in the summer to give LA som…[View]
48941951These guys are the final bosses of PLA[View]
48941181Did this game every catch on for fighting game communities? Is it regularly seen in FG tournaments, …[View]
48941867What's your favorite beta pokemon?[View]
48936034Remember when people thought this was fake?[View]
48911756/ef/ - Eevee Friday: Space Edition Somewhere in a galaxy far far away (it's actually MCG+9-19-2…[View]
48941687ughh im gonna BROWN: brown girl thread[View]
48939737>Mirage Spots >Ultra Warp Ride >Dynamax Adventure >Ramanas Park What's the best leg…[View]
48940755Generation 9: What does /vp/ want to see from the next generation of mainline Pokemon games? What ki…[View]
48941226Why is it acceptable for two people to be considered a gym leader? That's just ridiculous.[View]
48905124/rheg/ ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General: Peace and love edition ROM …[View]
48938836Zeraora is meant to be DOMINATED[View]
48941572HGSS Cerulean Cave: Why are the wild Pokemon levels lower in HGSS than in FRLG? Shouldn't they …[View]
48933975How is Pokemon Unite?[View]
48940530Pokemon fans really be like.[View]
48940680Who should I pick? I just started Ultra Sun and I am literally stuck picking which one I want to hav…[View]
48941101>Focus Blast hits >they survive and it activates their Weakness Policy…[View]
48940867>bidoof How?[View]
48938472What would change if the Physical/Special split had never occurred?[View]
48941114>get starter >box them and get a 3 stage evo mon instead Any others who do this?…[View]
48941375Increment Emerald: is anyone playing this? just beat the champion first try with this broken ass tea…[View]
48902312/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: Report and ignore all cross-posters >What is Pokémon Masters …[View]
48941321>Affection mechanics are ba- ..dass!![View]
48939865ITT Basedmons This fucker clears even the hardest hacks. No evolutions, no setup, no faggy balance, …[View]
48941203Would these be good games without the postgame?[View]
48939760Starter Path: Show us the starters you picked in each Generation, anons. Template in next post.…[View]
48927964Kris Thread: Thread for the true queen of /vp/[View]
48908504Fakémon: Fan made pokemon of high or low quality. Because low quality trash can at least be amusing …[View]
48938343What gen has the best human cast and why is it Alola?[View]
48941096Pokemon Redwood: Masuda saying the next game had something to do with redwood was a hint to Legends …[View]
48937150Pokemon if they real[View]
48939839I always kiss my Mega stone before activating it, how about you guys?[View]
48939183When did you get over your prejudice towards injecting?[View]
48940975Your most nostalgic Pokemon memory: >be me, oldfag >in 6th grade when Pokemon came out in US …[View]
48935429>yfw shiny camerupt is way cooler than you thought it was[View]
48940957lotad: lotad[View]
48940367>'reddit' the pokemon[View]
48940941BDSP is the best game ever: >buy BDSP >came twice before even placing cartridge >900 hours …[View]
48933891Last thread: >>48932385 >what is this? /vp/ attemps to complete Fire Red by rolling for dec…[View]
48939718What makes a good legendary for you? Design, story, abilities etc? I feel the newer ones aren't…[View]
48940757A post to be posted each day leading up to Generation 9 being sold: >have you ever made a major c…[View]
48907773Fuck it: Zubat thread, because we oughta appreciate the little shit that gives us Crobat[View]
48940603Does anyone else feel like Samurott looks too much like a scrapped beta Cobalion design?[View]
48939998wtf is this clown music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od-pIAIvCb0[View]
48922591Can I have a rip of this cute Eevee shirt model? spriters-resource.com failed on me.[View]
48938707>Eternatus got to have an unobtainable broken form with the best stats. >The last remake gave …[View]
48940656Predict correctly and win this doubles tournament with your own team, you can't choose legendar…[View]
48938793legends arceus discussion: i want it to be good so bad but im worried bros. are we fucked?[View]
48939931STAY TUNED[View]
489405472021: Still no platypus pokemon: Why even live[View]
48938525OFFICIAL UNDISPUTED POKEMON GEN MUSIC POWER RANKINGS: 1. Kanto 2. Johto (the Kanto songs) 3. Hoenn (…[View]
48939917Which Pokémon most embodies the soul of /vp/? /pol/?[View]
48933954>Misty didn't age at all, she's still te-[View]
48935302the best thing ever would be a pokedex game & watch with red and blue versions on it[View]
48940441'/vp/' the pokemon[View]
48940379>playing pokemon after ultra cutscene[View]
48938950>pokemon are animals that exist in nature >somehow you can break them down into lines of code …[View]
48940416>we will never get cutscenes of Cyrus actually looking like a threat because le faithful remake w…[View]
48939809Underrated design. Pokemon peaked on him.[View]
48940154Every time you say they should make this franchise more difficult, I want you to remember that there…[View]
48937372PLA is going to be the most ambitious, longest and hardest Pokemon game[View]
48916149Pokegirl tier list rank em https://tiermaker.com/create/all-pokgirls-up-to-gen-8-1105558[View]
48939558> Attack | Sp. Attack > Defence | Sp. Defense > Speed | When we will get Sp. Speed?…[View]
48939526Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree this was the last good Pokemon 'game'?[View]
48940246>too much water[View]
48934187Most forced legendary rivalry ever. It's not even in the games but for some reason, they consta…[View]
48938353>BDSP has been out for like 2 weeks >playthrough threads already dead >no new lore or forms…[View]
48939279So what's the deal with this sign?[View]
48939775How the fuck is this a flying type? I literally dropped playing pokemon after I saw this shit[View]
48940079This is lewd[View]
48916606>BDSP are too ea--[View]
48940054Newfags will look at this picture and say they a not the same character[View]
48940045>https://twitter.com/NintenderoEnf/status/1467830338646802432 You can now prepare eggs that hatch…[View]
48939673This Fucking Egg: What's wrong with it? Why does it look so dark?[View]
48939935i didn't like the team aqua and team magma oras redesigns.[View]
48939985why does he not get colored magnets?[View]
48936980Cinderace is literally the most overpowered starter pokemon. >pyroball >literally kills with …[View]
48939253Pokemon Colosseum: When will we get another official game like this? Just beat it for the first time…[View]
48936576>Return is removed >With the most reliable normal type move removed, normal types have to use …[View]
48935575>CAN YOU BEAT [random game] WITH [random shitmon][View]
48937495>the XY remakes are next[View]
48939767Ghost Pokedex entries be like: > Ghostus is menacingly plays pranks in shadows. It is made of the…[View]
48935007What if there was a flying-type Pokemon with no wings that also never flew around? Would it bother y…[View]
48938432What was your favourite mon of this gen? Mine is this cute lil boi[View]
48937581shhhhhhh she is sleep[View]
48936940Where's the city?[View]
48937617Should new Pokemon Pinball games be made? Why/why not?[View]
48939194Wtf is this game called again?[View]
48934995Clover: Can someone explain how this thing came to be? Also if a dev is reading this thank you for …[View]
48939469Weird shit you used to do as a kid: I'd use random pokeballs when catching legendary pokemon be…[View]
48939787>haha chonky pikachu is better design because muh heckin chungus ratterino XD Is this the most re…[View]
48938608Gardevoirsisters... we lost...[View]
48939466Was it autism?[View]
48936118Here's your gen 5 remake[View]
48936690are the dlc worth it?: i played through swsh and honestly got bored with how little it felt like the…[View]
48928858This is perfect.[View]
48935782I'm replaying XY, which starter is the most fun to use? >Inb4 genwar.…[View]
48938492How do you get a rivalfriend?[View]
48938430Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
48939518Pokémon is the premiere series of autism. Like actual autism. Every single autistic person I knew in…[View]
48932992Serperior is the superior starter[View]
48936986Post realistic gen 9 predictions: Bigger emphasis on space, only because we haven’t seen that yet. D…[View]
48934375was it really necessary to add more regis?[View]
48939122Malva: Malva[View]
48939305>uses the shitty D/P teams in BDSP instead of the fixed platinum teams Why?…[View]
48939357Where do you here this theme in Ramass Park? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_Ps0eY0mvU[View]
48937224Why are all Pokemon fans like this? It's a children's game: Imagine little Timmy trying to…[View]
48936383You know what? No. You fucking faggots don't even fucking deserve my maps. You eat up literal s…[View]
48938305Do you guys think non linearity in Pokémon is good or bad? Do you like it? If not, why? How linear d…[View]
48935499Post subtle but soulful music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHK8XxBq-dQ https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
48938611The ultimate battle[View]
48935170Why is this a water type? There's no water in space.[View]
48938746>like lopunny >play bd >catch buneary >level to lopunny >this is gonna be so much fun…[View]
48935908What is the most SOULful pokemon rom hack?[View]
48935224Leaked battle theme in Pokémon Legends Arceus https://voca.ro/1cynSpD8ws5R[View]
48938546Is it bad that I want to fuck her?[View]
48937879Are min maxed mons based or cringe?[View]
48938752Pleased to announce that I have discovered that Alolan Ninetales is Kanto Ninetale's stand once…[View]
48938515>'You think because you don't fuck your pokemon, you are strong? '…[View]
48938583This is an improvement over the original, and only nostalgiatards think otherwise.[View]
48923413/pgg/ - Pokémon GO: Sierra Edition >Pokémon Go Event Info https://pokemongolive.com/post/ http://…[View]
48938380Does anyone else feel like Samurott looks too much like a scrapped beta Cobalion design?[View]
48938297Day 2 of posting this until the Jannies either give me a vacation or do their 'job': When are Jannie…[View]
48924012>Let's Play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Episode 1 - Choosing Our Starter!…[View]
48938124Different gym format: What if instead of the tired single type gym format, we had: >Type advantag…[View]
48935221how soon can you get her egg? my asshole is too sore to take any more Deadly Fury[View]
48938165People say I have basic bitch taste. What do you guys think?[View]
48937685Bulbasaur vs. Squirtle who would win? https://youtu.be/fOjnbxRfw80[View]
48937778I am here to today to announce that Ghetsis is a fraud, he's a liar, a child abuser, and a terr…[View]
48903231Finished Romhacks: What are your favorite. I was told that Light Platinum aged poorly, but it's…[View]
48936079Charizards are for ____[View]
48937735>time to get back on the bike simulator, go fight the same 3 trainers for cash and EXP, get 200 w…[View]
48921877Unbelievable! The Pokemon that just USED the move went down! I'll bet the trainer wasn't e…[View]
48930936Post your favorite Shiny.[View]
48931802Showderp: Final Boss Edition: Hey there, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for our protagoni…[View]
48937317chimera pokemon when?: not just the galar fossils and silvally, i'm talkin about an evil team w…[View]
48936913First run through Platinum as I dropped from mainline Pokemon games around Ruby/Sapphire. If this wa…[View]
48935994Sinnoh: Why are 38% of the new Pokemon in Sinnoh either legendaries/mythicals or evolutions of prior…[View]
48927162What's your favorite 1-3 Types? We never have simplistic threads like this cuz everyone assumes…[View]
48937664Oh no: My dumb ass should have known it would happen while EV training, but still...[View]
48935916/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Trades-Raids Not a thread for hacks, please make your own thread Previou…[View]
48937819Post your faorite fan megas: gigantamaxes are good too[View]
48934964>we were robbed of one of the best Pokemon designs Have GF always sucked as much as they do now?…[View]
48937732Hey Bui, nice Alolan Ninetales you got there. Did you actually follow through with raping Scry that …[View]
48934655rural japanese people look like this? thank you romhack for making crystal a more diverse game![View]
48937443Post poke panties[View]
48935332>Pokemon's God is a deformed dog wearing a cockring What the fuck were they thinking with t…[View]
48937179That Goh may be an arrogant know-it-all who thinks he's better than our boy Ash, but he's …[View]
48937591Tina is cute! She is CUTE![View]
48935593Bros, I miss dynamax...[View]
48937094Gengar is based[View]
48936810I couldn't beat Roark with only 3 Pokemon and now I'm embarrassed. I should have lead with…[View]
48935601ITT: We Make Pokemon Moves: Idk, seems fun[View]
48931242May and her boyfriends[View]
48935835>mfw I've never played gen 8 >mfw I got to use the mons on showdown and in romhacks Who…[View]
48933691Competitive Poketubers: Yes, yes, I know a lot of you hate them but I watch them every now and again…[View]
48936276ITT: Scenes they wouldn't do anymore.[View]
48937098It's my opinion, like that we have all legendary weather[View]
48930753>PLA is releasing next month[View]
48931145https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXJ9Sn5lEHc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E51Oi81zRUw https://www.…[View]
48929924Why are people like this?[View]
48937161What's the best type/type combination to have in the current meta (official and smogon)?[View]
489366855th Generation: I stopped playing Pokemon after Emerald and only got back into it with the release o…[View]
48936550What the fuck?[View]
48936999Can someone clarify this for me? Clearly I am too smoothbrained to understand the genius that is Joe…[View]
48936678unovabros/sis… why does /vp/ keep bullying us?[View]
48935364>Mr. Backlot says there are Jigglypuff in his garden >There are only Clefairy $60 game. I also…[View]
48936311do you know what tomorrow is?[View]
48935964Joe was left with no other choice https://voca.ro/15oV3eS4Tyhy just felt like shitposting drunk lmao[View]
48912063/shw/ - Shiny Hunt Weekend: Pain Edition >What are currently you hunting? >How are you hunting…[View]
48936487I'm playing Nameless FireRed any way to use PkHex with it? I just want a 6IV Ditto :([View]
48935751>BDSP changes this dare i say..... based?[View]
48935962Mega Evolution is the best mechanic added to battles since Abilities. We are all poorer for it being…[View]
48935858Kiss May's butt[View]
48936186give me some cool concepts for remaking shitmons I'm not making a fangame or anything i just wa…[View]
48936249I make full teams of competitive Pokémon with flawless stats and other bells and whistles, but I nev…[View]
48935018Cynthia is easy, Spiritomb is literally free set-up.[View]
48933801whatever happened to those pokegod legends and myths we used to hear on playgrounds and early intern…[View]
48935151Most Underrated Pokemon: Post underrated pokemon that you think are actually great, but most people …[View]
48932630What animal is this digimon based on?[View]
48934354Treecko is for cool people with SOVL.[View]
48935126Just an innocent thought:: Would you like 3D models any more if the models' idle animations per…[View]
48931792Peak of the series.[View]
48934805Cynthia isn't hard: I fought Cynthia for the first time this morning on an original Diamond DS …[View]
48935734>shit gameplay >shit graphics >shit story >ugly mutt characters >asset flip of an ass…[View]
48935807Haven't updated my game yet. What should I do before I do?[View]
48935791>that's very illegal anon[View]
48932516/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Trades-Raids Not a thread for hacks, please make your own thread Previou…[View]
48935553Why does the radar chain end every time I knock out a Pokémon in Trophy Garden? Glitch?[View]
48935503So true[View]
48935516sorry bastiodon: >name my pokemon after my crush >he just told me he isn't gay >heart …[View]
48935281Will it be repetitive? Will it have areas with bad quality graphics? Will it be buggy at first? But …[View]
48932135You're a Victory Road Trainer: Use the generator with what's listed in the image as your s…[View]
48920163/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: AU Team Rocket Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55…[View]
48935440>PLA comes out 2 days after my birthday >still haven't beat Brilliant Diamond what if i d…[View]
48934114>BDSP are shit >Sell my copy of BD and uses the money towards Pokemon Legends Arceus >Goes…[View]
48934097Everyone on this board needs to touch grass.[View]
48934653Daily reminder to save 60$ + tip + tax in your paycheck: Legends is coming, it will be shit, and you…[View]
48932325How come Burmy can change forms despite not having ability for it? Shuckle can make Barry Juice and …[View]
48935129I caught this Eevee today, but it doesn't look so good[View]
48934933PLA DLC: PLA DLC will be part of the Switch Online Expansion pass. Nintendo moved Game Freak into t…[View]
48934846what even is 'soul' to you fuckers? i've seen posts saying that 1 is soul, 2 is soul, 4 is soul…[View]
48934168Why do 99% of the characters in this franchise seem to be single?[View]
48933578Hey guys what's u- >Gets banned[View]
48930790>unapologetic villains roaming free in a post-game battle facility >these ugly graphics >a …[View]
48933284I only need cinderace and lucario.[View]
48934547>ruins your favorite region long awaited remake![View]
48934874i cannot access the southern area with the max revive. what am i doing wrong?[View]
48934572>'all alone.... oh well... at least I pulled that PSA 10 Lillie from Ultra Prism...'…[View]
48927486Who did you choose for each game you played? Feel free to consider any remakes separate playthroughs…[View]
48933170According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a Combee should be able to fly. Its wi…[View]
48932909I can beat every pokemon game with just woop woop.[View]
48933220>Americans will never understand[View]
48934886What's a good way to start all over again as a pokemon trainer[View]
48927155Does anyone else here feel like people are being really CYNICAL and outright UNFAIR in the way they …[View]
48933902>Reshiram in Black >Zekrom in White[View]
48934394When did you realize that Pokemon is dead?[View]
48928877How do you justify cheating in a game created for children?[View]
48934163The worse aspect of Pokemon unironically is the battles which are extremely dull, easy and lacking a…[View]
48927367They can't keep getting away with this[View]
48934635Why can't zoomers accept that RBY was the absolute peak of Pokemon?[View]
48932704What went wrong?[View]
48918183/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum. >Dawn Visual Novel by…[View]
48933067Ghost Type Thread: What's your favorite Ghost Type? How would you build a monoghost team? Which…[View]
48933435I love Hisui: Stantler -> Wyrdeer Scyther -> Kleavor Basculin -> Basculegion Sneasel -> …[View]
48926878When will the Rirrie train finally reach its destination?[View]
48932686Gen 2 doesn't have Pokemon that are pop-[View]
48933896A post to be posted each day leading up to Generation 9 being sold: >have you ever made a major c…[View]
48934321Contribute 1 Letter and Image To This Thread: E[View]
48932247? post Marley[View]
48934326>ywn meet Ilima >ywn hang out with him as he shows you his failer albums >ywn patiently lis…[View]
48933904Is Dawn from the same universe?[View]
48933682Apologize /vp/[View]
48933620Are there any Pokemon finders for Go that still work? I remember there used to be some app I could l…[View]
48934075I feel so embarrassed for you if you're an adult who bought this game.[View]
48928362BDSP are....le GOOD![View]
48932084Anyone else ever notice that Charizard, Moltres and Ho-Ho are essentially different power levels of …[View]
48934020OU: the Meta: the Thread: post what you've got[View]
48933807Genesect is cyring.[View]
48933656If you have ever lost to an NPC in a Pokemon game, I am superior to you.[View]
48933983Step on me, Mommy.[View]
48931490Gen 5 is trash[View]
48933797i'm going to say the U-word /vp/[View]
48929861Describe a region with an image: And others guess what it is. I'll start with an easy one…[View]
48932385/vp/ Plays Fire Red 3: We released our whole party again edition: >>48931234 Last thread: >…[View]
48933764Let's play Black & White, anon: I'm playing Black again on a fresh save, get in here a…[View]
48931365(You) Are the Rival/Make A Rival: Using the template posted, either make your team if you were a riv…[View]
48932403Hisuian Croagunk & toxicroak Ice/dark[View]
48930939What do you think about people who have unpopular/hated Pokémon as their favourites? Also, do you ha…[View]
48932207Do you have any idea what time it is?[View]
48933777I refer to SWSH as swish[View]
48933197Most autistic fucks were pissed off that the exp share item is gone and is an overall QOL change so …[View]
48933296what do pedestals do[View]
48927480Who is the best grass starter?[View]
48933455>BDSP is har...: Beat this game with mediocre Mons...[View]

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