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/vp/ - Pokémon

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47809260What went right?[View]
47806796the ABSOLUTE fucking state: >shameless cash grab >routine formulaic entry >no noteworthy ad…[View]
47797903What are some of your biggest gripes with pokemon in terms of gameplay and graphics?[View]
47808830DP are so dogshit. Platinum was better in every single way. It should have been a Platinum remake wi…[View]
47810348Gen 9 is coming out in 2022: cry about it[View]
47804217is USUM worth buying/playing if I already own/played regular SM?[View]
47810187Damn... BDSM looks like that? I will now buy your game.[View]
47806042Pokemon You Wouldn't Use?: Bit of an abstract topic, but are there any Pokemon you find yoursel…[View]
47809684Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 22, Round 1): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/F…[View]
47803589Pokémon Internal game schedule: • 2021 August - Pokémon Presentation: - Pokémon Unite: Obstagoon, Po…[View]
47809628I just beat Leon in the Battle Tower (Master Ball tier) with an Aurorus after two attempts. Here…[View]
47808636Is pokemon let's go decent enough to play? I haven't played gen 1 in a really long time an…[View]
47764129Drawthread: Previous Thread >>47706601 >Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (currently not working,…[View]
47801094Why don't Pokemon games allow us to crossdress?[View]
47807924IT'S TIME[View]
47787154Pokemon Snap: Update August 3rd at 6 PM PDT. What are you looking forward to?[View]
47808350SwSh Sales: What the fuck bros I thought our boycott was gonna stop them??[View]
47805192>Z-Moves are back Alolabros, we WON.[View]
47809435What does it taste like?[View]
47810185itt describe your favorite pokemon with a song of your choice[View]
47805598So basically this is just an edgy RPG game but with pokemon in it, am I right?[View]
47808337Are there any moments in the pokemon series games that are meant to be genuinely funny on the writer…[View]
47809567Sneaky pebbles are the best pleb filter this franchise has.[View]
47804768So will you be participating in Pokemon NO Day, anon?[View]
47804987Itt most forgettable npcs that have unique designs[View]
47802040South America region: Imagine the soul[View]
47794532/PTCGO/ Pokémon TCG Online General: Dragon Mommy Edition New/Returning Player? >https://pastebin.…[View]
47757043/ff/ - Fox Friday: Happy Phox Edition It's Friday, post foxes. Last - >>47683104[View]
47756780/heg/ - Hacking and Essentials General: anon please stop mapping Edition ROM Hacking: >Notable RO…[View]
47804215Are Troius's bananas vegan?[View]
47792266Why do people hate these games again? Story is serviceable but probably the worst thing about the ga…[View]
47778354>A new succefull boycott hashtag on Twitter![View]
47810020Post Pokemon without posting it[View]
47810002>Magnet Rise Rotom[View]
47805749How to Justify the Dex Cut: >Home gets de-branded into an extension of Bank, this means you only …[View]
47807265>first character in the series >pedophile…[View]
47800311Wow, she's so cute...[View]
47804628type quiz, /vp/ edition: does anyone has the link for this quiz that was on here a while ago?[View]
47808583sword and shield: post about swsh. the objectively best pokemon games ever made after rby. why is it…[View]
47807344SwSh: Gold & Silver bros..[View]
47803722>fangame with fakemon intentionally makes some lines trade evolves to force you to use their mult…[View]
47809857>tfw no Z version Come here and wallow in despair with me[View]
47807631/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that's real-t…[View]
47768448/ss/ - Serena Sunday: Honey Blonde Loli Beautician EditionSunday Hallelujah, it's the best day …[View]
47800711Who was your very first starter?: Mine was Cyndaquil in pokemon crystal[View]
47806190Why are the rest not highlighted?: Seems off[View]
47807881Fuck buffing shitmons Let's buff already strong pokemon[View]
47809366There should be a post-apocalyptic fan game. You’d get to explore a hellish environment. You’d have …[View]
47804148just bought this. what am I in for?[View]
47808992Every time you complain about SwSh, another kid buys a copy of the game. You just lost it.[View]
47808099https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdwdgevt/ Women in 2021[View]
47807859/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon where you score goal…[View]
47809191Cyrus is vindicated.[View]
47809199Ben Aflec: We call to you our hero please end this dry spell of no new information, we thirst, we hu…[View]
47807000What exactly killed pokemania? Pokemon was massive in the late 90's and early 00's but som…[View]
47800149/CTG/ Current Team General: Meme sets edition Post, rate, plan, and discuss teams. For a special the…[View]
47800768Ive been making custom sprites for a mod i might be doing. Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to deliver …[View]
47798821DADS: These are all the dads with unique designs from the mainline Pokemon games whose children are …[View]
47799555>creates a system to make all pokemon viable >creates 'untiered' Just get good and play VGC.…[View]
47804444Tropius and Aurorus are possibly dragons as hinted by their Mandarin Chinese name 'Rèdàilóng' (熱帶龍) …[View]
47803723Leaf thread!: I don't see her posted as often as other girls, so post Leafs![View]
47742445/vp/ixelmon - That's Rough, Buddy: Betting your life savings away edition Play Pixelmon with /v…[View]
47808487pokestar studios: Why fucking ledians? Why fucking bugs instead of other pokemon?[View]
47777090Misty Monday: It's August so Mondays morning aren't really all that misty atm, are they? T…[View]
47807862Have we achieved this feel yet?[View]
47806413Youngster Joey thread: Youngster joey thread[View]
47807458What legendary pokemon memes am I missing here? articuno, moltres, zapdos have the mozart thing lug…[View]
47801555These are the two best designs in the franchise.[View]
47797217Hey! I was looking forward to seeing you, RED! My rival should be strong to keep me sharp! While wor…[View]
47807479She nearly killed millions[View]
47805351Why joe isn't sperging out at go players for this 'harassment' campaign?[View]
47805141Okay seriously, what the fuck is going on with BDSP?: Why do we have NO NEW INFO on these remakes?…[View]
47801265Hey faggots. Don't forget to treat your pokémon as mere tools to win today. Friendship is overr…[View]
47799299What do you still come to /vp/ for? There is no news to find here now, there are no leaks to be anti…[View]
47805858What do you think about regional variants?: Do you like them? Do you think the fact that they came s…[View]
47806867BDSPLA: just finished my shining pearl test-play -plays mostly like originals but few differences -p…[View]
47807815I go on frequent walks so the reduced (original) Pokéstop distance doesn't bother me at all. No…[View]
47807783Pokémon are lowbudget games sold as an AAA game. Why are people this stupid to buy it and praise wh…[View]
47800900What's your favourite Kanto Pokémon?: Mine is Houndour.[View]
47807462Villainous Teams: Let's discuss anything and everything about the 'bad guys' of the franchise H…[View]
47804533Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 20, Round 2): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/j…[View]
47807546Kino: Pokemon Crystal also introduced a feature into the Pokémon series which wouldn't exist ag…[View]
47806532/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that's real-t…[View]
47801899Team Rocket: Post Rocket art, discuss Rockets, talk about what you'd do as a Rocket. Long live …[View]
47807218itt removed features: fuck hgss[View]
47799503Any tips for beating Pokemon Stadium 100%? What Pokemon/movesets/strategies are best to use against …[View]
47804040why do pokemon games almost completely lack side-quests? the only one i can even remember is in silv…[View]
47805385>never shilled in movies like incineroar >got forgotten in the anime unlike incineroar >onl…[View]
47769605Showderp: Sunday Edition: is it too early to make a showderp thread yet? champdex: dogars.org lobby…[View]
47805114this is seriously the worst designed pokemon in the entire series especially after factoring in how …[View]
47804386Name my band[View]
47805994If they can't manage making new Pokémon while retaining every old Pokémon, they should just sto…[View]
47804140/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
47806126>she think the dexcut was bad[View]
47806415In an ideal world, Ash would marry Miette[View]
47805314/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon where you score goal…[View]
47800265>BW VOLT WHITE EDITION BY DRAYNO:tm: >First ever playthrough experiencing black and white ENH…[View]
47803217Can we PLEASE have a pokemon game that is modeled after this masterpiece?[View]
47797834Hated mons you like[View]
47804794kanto birds: why is moltres so much less cool than the other two?[View]
47805451Are you concerned about Legends Arceus?[View]
47797246Wartotle Chads WW@?[View]
47805316This is Ebby, she's an Eevee and my best friend! She was given to me by grandpa before he died…[View]
47805785FACT: Notwithstanding the (initial) inordinate amount of handholding, Gen 7 was the peak of Pokemon;…[View]
47804724Why do people hate these games again? Story is serviceable but probably the worst thing about the ga…[View]
47778860SMOGGIE CULTISTS BAN KING'S ROCK: >we know that 7 people is way too small of a council to ma…[View]
47797813lets talk poke-food: i ate this every week way back when https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HCDPTQGmrI…[View]
47788584Favorite Pokémon thread: You know what to do. Post your chart, rate and appreciate. Try to keep the …[View]
47801643There is no excuse to defend Gamefreak's lazyness >remove features >remove Pokemon >r…[View]
47805144Hi all, I am looking at trading my shiny lucario for a shiny mime jr. it must be legit or at least l…[View]
47792140Gamfreak employees are extremely underpaid: >'New developers working at Game Freak can expect to …[View]
47804583ITT: things that have always bugged about you: >legendaries/mythicals in the cover >no way to …[View]
47805206Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 19, Semi-finals): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-po…[View]
47805232Why are they angry again?[View]
47805019>Vietnam flashbacks of XY vs SM from 2016 - 2019 And yes, I've seen these. I survived. How …[View]
47803834How many Bad Eggs do you have on Pokemon Home? I have 4 and they are driving me insane[View]
47805104Sin: DP remake - battle tower only - manaphy event near second town mid story - pal park is new frie…[View]
47802930>the only games where Masuda's vision wasn't tarnished with a mediocre romhack scam rel…[View]
47804859Blocks Your Path[View]
47798817Lumiose city: To this day, Lumiose is still the biggest city in Pokémon, by a large margin and it…[View]
47804875Your favorite champion with your favorite pokemon is here![View]
47794414/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Blurred preview edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:5…[View]
47796012The cake is for her[View]
47802371Survey: How many of you have a HUMAN pokemon waifu? https://www.strawpoll.me/45548457[View]
47795867Do you like the elemental monkeys from Gen 5? If so, which one is your favorite? Pandour/Simipour fo…[View]
47799408Who’s panties is Red wearing on his head, /vp/?[View]
47801476/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
47789795Pokemon Special SWSH: Chapter 20 Translation: Soudo fights Mr. Rime and its groupies in order to get…[View]
47802901cringe thread: post cringe[View]
47803365Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 18, Finals): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/bK…[View]
47794560Pokegirl Mega Thread: Post all pokegirls here.[View]
47802720Will you board her ship?[View]
47782750>ywn be a kid again and rush home from school to pick up the 3DS and continue your save in picrel…[View]
47798151What's the craziest pokeman thing you've seen[View]
47803675Dear /vp/. I love trading Pokemon. It's so much fun. I don't understand why it's so m…[View]
47800491Lumiose City, in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013.[View]
47801568... ... I thought berries were the fruit equivalent in Pokemon. Are you now telling me that they als…[View]
47793613/vp/'s most disliked Galar Pokemon: Nomination phase: Legal Moveset edition For each generation…[View]
47803238What are those pink things on its feet supposed to be? If they're paws, then is it standing on …[View]
47803096There is no hope for this franchise, right?[View]
47794481It is I, Absol. Fear not my blood red eyes and striking resemblance to a wolf, and even Death himsel…[View]
47800602What would his type(s), stats, ability and moveset be? Hard mode: What smogon tier would he be?[View]
47800183Why do people hate this game again? Story is serviceable but probably the worst thing about the game…[View]
47799718So, is there any good fan games that have a good story without being edgy?[View]
47803085Apologize: SuMo were the most soulful, difficult, and ambitious games in the last 10 years and you h…[View]
47803067will these games be self contained like LGPE or will they be able to trade/battle with SwSh?[View]
47800143but when xy does it, its a problem[View]
47800451Will they take the chance to make Sinnohan Forms in upcoming games? Which Pokemon should get them?[View]
47801588Why is there a dark type and a ghost type? Wouldn't it make more sense to just push ghost pokem…[View]
47802095/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon where you score goal…[View]
47752692>'hey /v/ which pokemon would you fuck' >nobody ever says Jolteon…[View]
47799080Give me ONE good reason you aren’t playing Pokémon Unite[View]
47801550>someone is dissing gen 4 >type 'unova is a circle'…[View]
47802023>was at the nearest game store browsing some games >decide to pre-order Legends >cutie at t…[View]
47802316ITT: Pokemon you would think would have thumbs, but actually don't have thumbs.[View]
47802870What's up bitches I'm on a float[View]
47802211Who is her starter Pokemon? Why is she so hot?[View]
47800517it deserves more love[View]
47801652I don't really believe in meme picks but, just for fun, who would your meme picks be for each g…[View]
47797401Is this a good design for a pokemon professor?[View]
47801951now come and face me[View]
47799238You know it's true[View]
47800508Fuck you, I like him. Coomers BTFO[View]
47799912Post a fakemon that doesnt fit in with pic related. Hardmode: A fakedex[View]
47797791What's a human design that you looked at and went 'only retards could like this'?[View]
47801802Volcarona is the best pokemon[View]
47798854Spin-Offs: Can we have a thread about Pokemon spin-offs? I haven't played many, and I'm in…[View]
47801136Lass Lauren on Galar Route 2...[View]
47796306> no PokeMon game where ALL humans mysteriously disappear > ywn roam wild areas feeling vulner…[View]
47799128Post subtle but soulful music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHK8XxBq-dQ https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
47800249The only pokemon games you need. Youre not a fan of those stale kanto rehashes, right? >but the k…[View]
47801252>better pseudo legendary than the actual pseudo legendary[View]
47798063What are the things that make a pokemon design good to you?[View]
47800216ban them[View]
47798647mg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that's …[View]
47800878Who the fuck is yawnfag? Many times people here are refering to someone by that name[View]
47801037I abuse all my pokemon.[View]
47791721/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Based Hanke Strikes Again Edition >Pokémon Go Event Info https://poke…[View]
47798038Why are the Gen 3 Kanto textures so alluring?[View]
47800897what would you do in this situation if you were hop?[View]
47800737Pokemon Reborn: So basically this is just a edgy RPG game but with pokemon in it, am I right?[View]
47800350It's Bede.[View]
47799489>dude no team synergy look at all these overleveled mons. what a tough fight >dude recycled la…[View]
47799542Post art you like of Pokemon you hate[View]
47796172dumb shillmon[View]
47786156Humor this idea for me, would you kindly? > PokéMon Spin-Off game is announced > 'PokéMon Cros…[View]
47794482Why do people hate these games again? Story is serviceable but probably the worst thing about the ga…[View]
47791681What are your thoughts on Gogoat?: I like Gogoat because I like it and think he's cool.[View]
47798379>lopunny (male)[View]
47792487Post a more soulful detail, you can't: In Crystal, the 5% Phanpys on Route 46 are Phanpys that …[View]
47799016Gijinka Thread[View]
47793876So, does Lana always wear a swimsuit underneath everything that she wears?[View]
47798187>used to be #4 in RBY after the big three Normal-types >used to be #4 in GSC after Snorlax and…[View]
47797029Mega EvolvedPokemon look fucking ugly[View]
47798727/pug/-Pokémon Unite General: Perverted Ash Edition Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon …[View]
47799581Is BW the new coke of pokemon?: >replace a product with a superior product >everyone hates it …[View]
47777987/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari. >Latest Dawn Visual Novel Build by A…[View]
47798019jigglypuff qna part 2: ask him anything[View]
47799381Would you want to be raised by wild Pokémon, Anon?[View]
47799579Steel Type Hate Thread: Anyone else hate this stupid, ugly, broken typing? Not only is it full of ba…[View]
47783634This scene awakened something in me, he took Trashizard's strongest punch to the face and he di…[View]
47793545Is it gonna be delayed?: >Lack of news, new gameplay, new genre, no showcase Is it gonna be delay…[View]
47792496Why does he have Reshiram? Shouldn't it be the other way around?[View]
47798972Why is the bait here always so bad and how the fuck do you retards always fall for it[View]
47796698>Yes, X and Y are my fovourite pokemon games. How would you tell?[View]
47799264Hi! I'm going to throw the game and contribute absolutely nothing![View]
47788973You have 10 seconds to prove you actually play and like Pokemon and aren't just here to troll a…[View]
47799201Does /vp/ agree with this ranking?[View]
47786865Pokémon comics: LOL![View]
47795462Redpill me on why Shockslayer is hated aside from his ego. Which other ROMhacks did he supposedly st…[View]
47791429If you like any of these you are a degenerate.: >b-but muh n-nostal- No exceptions.…[View]
47798699The first step into KANTOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
47796252Looking at the Johto Pokedex actually calms me down. It's the most downright pleasant set of …[View]
47794059>a fucking palm tree >mega pinecone >two saturday morning apple cartoons we still need a SO…[View]
47798787Lucario and Fire Lucario[View]
47798945OK rets go![View]
47793302what type is your favorite /vp/?: https://strawpoll.com/opv4wucgo[View]
47798937Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 21, Round 1): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/C…[View]
47798282Pokemon are terrifying: Shouldn't the Pokemon world be terrifying? Yeah we're shown almost…[View]
47795830this type makes the best bros. almost everyone has a bromon in their top 5 thats at least part bug. …[View]
47793535>shiny bouffalant >shiny charmeleon >shiny absol FUCK ALL OF THESE SHITTERS I WANT A SHINY …[View]
47798567>anime May >anime Misty >anime Aether family >anime Bianca…[View]
47798001will this be the next unbound? as in itll be super popular and a go to rom hack?[View]
47790817red pill me on this guy. he seems pretty popular but ive never given him a second glance before. wha…[View]
47784378are hilda and hilbert related? ?[View]
47796402Imagine being grasped by Feraligatr's jaws and torn into a million pieces when it violently sha…[View]
47798619Chicken needs to be bullied.[View]
47798262Adult may[View]
47798710Original Trainer Thread: Post original pokédudes. On a related note: Yo, does anyone remember the Br…[View]
47790102Drampa is the only based post-Unova Pokemon.[View]
47798460Based: >beautiful region based on UK >dynamax and gigantamax >fist main pokemon game on hom…[View]
47798325How would you change slow start? What hidden ability would you give it?[View]
47796635>not a single update since February does this mean it's a port?[View]
47793928>first european region >villain is hitler game freak has fun with it sometimes…[View]
47797361Who's the Pokémon?[View]
47792705Mew how do you feel about it?[View]
47797956Is Raihan screwed now? It turns out he was having an affair.[View]
47794356Can someone explain to me why this thing gets to be pure Flying but we had 7 gens of birds being sla…[View]
47788233Why ist there no love for Thievul?[View]
47795582/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
47787354Comfy: Post comfy. How are you doing, anon?[View]
47797617Gym Alternatives: So we got trials in Gen 7, and in Gen 8 they made the gym challenge a spectator sp…[View]
47795566>soft resets for a female starter >'Now my journey begins'…[View]
47797950>No matter how smoothly a character in a game moves, they aren't a real living being. Howeve…[View]
47794608name ONE pokemon[View]
47797492Is my bro viable now?[View]
47797008/pug/ Pokémon Unite General: Wiggly is free elo edition Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pok…[View]
47797955Bianca is a fucking klutz. She should really watch where she’s going.[View]
47793487Which adult male characters do you think wear a speedo when they go swimming?[View]
47795120Do you enjoy spooky Pokémon?[View]
47797836>Just started Countryball: Catch' em All >Caught my first Country >Data still looks li…[View]
47794804Chicken doesn't wear a hat[View]
47788505>There are still people out there who missed out on playing one of the greatest pokemon games of …[View]
47797425Is it a menchild brand?: Do even kids play Pokémon anymore?[View]
47796764Answer this /vp/! Why are you still playing Pokémon? I bet you're single and just want to see t…[View]
47796976i am high again i want to talk about pokemon so please oh dear do talk to me about pokemon. or hang …[View]
47797473i miss you[View]
47795942lana thread: post lana[View]
47790541A kid probably got SwSh for Christmas, enjoyed it and made long lasting memories with it while (You)…[View]
47796144Why is the board so obsessed with arguing about which gens are the best and shit-flinging about it? …[View]
47796634This board becomes really quiet at night in the US: /vp/ users what are you doing on here this late…[View]
47796802>3 months until Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release day…[View]
47792229Is it worth 75€?[View]
47796568Pokemon Art Commissions: Can anyone recommend a good artist that does Pokemon team commissions? Idea…[View]
47794637'Boycott Niantic!': 'Niantic took away the 2x distance for pokestops and gyms while there is a deadl…[View]
47786923Why do I always get weird looks when I take my Gardevoir out for a walk?[View]
47796503Shit content: ITT: Shit content The game should end after the credits roll[View]
47790578Didn't you guys organize a big boycott of Sword and Shield? Then how did they become the third …[View]
47793072I got a new job at Galactic Headquarters at the reception desk, but they're going to be mandati…[View]
47794640My wife.[View]
47796028i want to see the donut..............[View]
47791940Drain Punch: Why are they so anal with this TM's distribution?[View]
47762754Bianca (Bel): >Most autists choose Leaf But I'll always choose Bianca!…[View]
47796196bruh deez niggas be worshiping a dam fish bro lmao like what tha fuck tho hahahahahahahaha[View]
47794024Why do people hate these games again? Story is serviceable but probably the worst thing about the ga…[View]
47787816Post pokemon that remind you of family. >pic related. literally my sister.…[View]
47796000Do you guys have lives outside of Pokemon?[View]
47789389Harbor Inn: How can the house be abondened for 50 years if there is a modern tv that still works?…[View]
47795875Give her a hug[View]
47795407How do people have official pokemon battles / tournaments anymore if none of the games feature all o…[View]
47789241https://twitter.com/shotakageyama/status/1365444092679753729 >[New release] Kageyama will be in c…[View]
47794650PRESENTS TMRW 10EST: getting presents tomorrow at 10am est/7am pst reason for delay has been approva…[View]
47794045They're nerfing our favorite Fire bunny in UNITE. How do we cope with this? https://unite.pokem…[View]
47795704Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 17, Finals): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/Bn…[View]
47795909Cringe Thread.: Cringe Thread..[View]
47789767>only mon from gen 1 to 4 coded in at last, another good pokemon game.[View]
47795920What's your favorite Pokemon merch? Mine is the Eevee Tamagotchi.[View]
47793314Black vs White canon: While both are 'canon' which version do you concider the 'right' version? Do y…[View]
47795892Does anyone know where you can read Pokequest now that Darksquid.org/pokequest is no more??? It…[View]
47795380all i want in this god forsaken world is pokemon heroes on Blu-ray for a reasonable price. price on …[View]
47794443>ANYTHING, please. >I'll take ANYTHING, even a fucking jpeg that at least shows something…[View]
47793395May has really nice breasts: They always look so juicy and bouncy like watermelons.[View]
47783931Who is /vp/'s Pikachu? Your team leader and best buddy from day one, from the moment you step o…[View]
47782462I fucking love Swalot[View]
47791155Gen 3 was a mistake.[View]
47792735/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: Zamacenta waiting room edition >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A…[View]
47787381>over two years >STILL no official clean version of Brand New World https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
47794007/pug/ Pokémon Unite General: Balance edition Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon where …[View]
47783603Is it based?[View]
47791666>too many non-existent pokemon >Red's Poliwhirl evolved into Poliwrath WITHOUT water ston…[View]
47794265BDSP: While my hopes are not too high for this remake, I'm at least hoping for Rotom to be avai…[View]
47795347I CAN'T WALK[View]
47794047Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 19, Round 2): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/b…[View]
47795082GrandChad is back!: I've been here for many years! The way I see it, if I were to split the eig…[View]
47792115Go ahead, Christanon, try to fit Arceus in your theology lol[View]
47795290Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 18, Semi-finals): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-po…[View]
47793254Napping with Cinderace![View]
47790807>Regular non-legendary pokemon >only available due to event why?…[View]
47795192I hate this shit where there is some stupid fucking village that has some 'ooooh special connection …[View]
47724966/lg/ Legends General: What special snowflake mechanic do you think these three will get?[View]
47791980modcheck where is Kecleon in GO?[View]
47795029when it said this, it would actually be kino if a professor actually ever said this[View]
47795012So how do I make a pokemon-looking sprite out of this?[View]
47794461Florida region when?[View]
47793074What do Christians in the Pokemon world believe? Did God make Arceus to create the world, or is it a…[View]
47794921Pic unrelated, it's just very cool: Let me get straight to the point. I am a UnovaFag. I person…[View]
47793899Their starter is Turtwig because, it has two TWIN leaves on it's head and they are from....Twin…[View]
47794552Would you prefere pseudo Pikaclones to full blown Pikaclones?[View]
47794509I don't get why people are angry at niontic. They are complaining about to have to walk in an a…[View]
47792062Reminder that you need very high IQ to appreciate Bulbasaur's design[View]
47780341And then they say Sun/Moon has no SOUL. /vp/ wa baka desu![View]
47793043Loss of interest: Does anyone else just lose motivation to finish a Pokemon game around halfway thro…[View]
47789828>play pokemon as a kid >dont understand stats, moves or weaknesses or status conditions >p…[View]
47788448>pickle and many others >you still bought it look where we’re at now thanks a lot…[View]
47790918Pokémon Trainer threa: You are 12 years old and are about to get your Pokédex and head on a Pokémon …[View]
47761597/TCC/ Trading Card Collectors: >>47730103 Previous FAQ: https://pastebin.com/MypNBzca Raychad…[View]
47793896Which Pokeguy needs to be raped tenderly, /vp/?[View]
47794028Battle Themes: What the fuck happened with Sword and Shield? Holy fuck. Go Ichinose is awful.[View]
47790325Just a reminder[View]
47789236What went right?[View]
47766147which pokegirl has the best smell?[View]
47793684Pokemon you can't use cause of their backsprites[View]
47792291Woopers unfriendly visitor: >Wooper is being visited, what will hapen next will shock I apologize…[View]
47793292>depressing sympathetic backstory >lost all hope in the human race >seeks to make a new mor…[View]
47792988>3 months left >Still no new screenshots If it wasn't for you fuckers, I'd have forg…[View]
47792908A post to be posted each day leading up to Generation 9 being sold: >have you ever made a major c…[View]
47784456/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Long Distance Girlfriends Edition >Livestream link (Fri…[View]
47793412anyone ever use a diglett as their starter[View]
47793020Gamefreak absolutely and utterly btfo[View]
47790586Why doesn't Jesus just ditch the stupid hairstyle and adopt another ?[View]
47773531The best gen 5 starter and girl.[View]
47793291>play Unite >match is decided in the first 3 minutes by whoever has Cinderace, Greninja, Lucar…[View]
47791296Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 20, Round 1): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/j…[View]
47784141templatemon: gen 9 is less than 2 weeks from completion game freak ask you to create a new regional …[View]
47792191Why Gamefreak becomes mentally dysfunctional, creativity bankrupt, and extremely lazy when it comes …[View]
47787166>Defeated a decidueye with a rowlet >Caught and used an Ultra Beast >Won Alola league after…[View]
47792117A wild Gardevoir appears![View]
47791951Its only slightly a little over 3 months till the release date of BDSP. I'd imagine they'l…[View]
47790898>exact same stats as charizard >worse typing >worse movepool >flash fire for hidden abil…[View]
47792522Which protag/rival pair is the cutest? Otome stacies only please.[View]
47788690Pokémon NO Day is official announced![View]
47787242Does he say this now because they're afraid SJWs will get mad at the 'white tomorrow' part of t…[View]
47790979/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX: Marnie Feet Edition >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon gam…[View]
47792201These 2 right here. Some of the most forgotten about Pokémon of all time.[View]
47790331pug/ Pokémon Unite General: Bird God edition Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon where…[View]
47789933Where is your god now?[View]
47789250You're in charge of writing the last Pokémon episode ever How does it goes ?[View]
47792379>grass types[View]
47781442Shill-filter thread: ITT: Post a picture of your favorite pokémon. WAIT A SECOND, SHILLSCUM. You can…[View]
47791901How to fix Gen 1: > add Dark and Steel types and moves, Magneton is Steel type > add the Jolti…[View]
47791536Niantic really said fuck Alola[View]
47784372Sit down. Settle in. Get comfortable. Let this grow on you. It’s objectively better than what we’ve …[View]
47778479>Gen 2 pokemon >No available in Johto Why? >He is native to Kanto And? It's still reta…[View]
47791467How old are you?: Also post : >your favorite gen >prefered way of experiencing pokemon : smogo…[View]
47788459mfw i am eating cashews while you cant cuz you have a nut allergy[View]
47782599>I'm not fighting type because... Well I'm just not OK[View]
47704818/PTCGO/ Pokémon TCG Online General: New/Returning Player? >https://pastebin.com/ZsYKRnPK >http…[View]
47770549/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Clipped Wings Edition >Pokémon Go Event Info https://pokemongolive.co…[View]
47791344The last Pokémon's games with real dungeon[View]
47788127Vanillux is based[View]
47786723Hilda: Ahahahaha! It's the second day of the week, isn't it? As always, don't bump th…[View]
47785175Rate my socks[View]
47788581*does nothing*[View]
47791274Pokemon Cosplay thread[View]
47790993So there's people that it's in this ride since 1999? Yeah, when i was a kid i liked pokem…[View]
47791308When will[View]
47786796why the fuck should i play pokegay when digimons look like this?[View]
47790525it literally just gets bigger[View]
47790456will you use it anon?[View]
47787752>Yes, I'm a virgin and I was bullied in school. How would you tell?…[View]
47789701>7 years of development >half of the designed Pokemon never made it to the final game >half…[View]
47783519>Gen 3 Thunder animation[View]
47766664ask him anything[View]
47788370/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that's real-t…[View]
47789318Why from like gen 3-6 is the smogon meta for this mon to use calm nature when it learns pretty much …[View]
47783272cringe thread: post cringe[View]
47755087make yourself with this picrew and post yourself with your bros: do it >:) https://picrew.me/imag…[View]
47782334>ruined Dawn's outfit >added fucking snow everywhere >turned Cyrus into a shitflinging…[View]
47789395Left the game at the 3rd gym for how boring it was. How can you play this shit?[View]
47790443>emerald nuzlocke >safari encounter is pikachu >holding a fucking LIGHT BALL >dies insta…[View]
47788515Opinions on Eevee: Share them[View]
47780301>her gym is all women >gives you the Rainbow Badge after beating her >her gym trainers and …[View]
47778853anyone wanna be a pokewoman/female pokemon[View]
47785528Alright. I would like to compile a full list of what people think the most egregious flaws are for e…[View]
47784355Literally built for VGC.[View]
47786196Post humaniod pokemon doing human things[View]
47790083What the fuck was his problem?[View]
47764157Y'know what the saddest part is? If these videos added ONE stipulation—not being allowed to be …[View]
47775897Can we please have a serious discussion about Gale of Darkness for once? What are your honest though…[View]
47789984Pokemon combined a Basilisk lizard with a Spy and created Inteleon. Using this same design mechanic …[View]
47784012Well, /vp/?[View]
47789956>Says it cant travel to other games because 'It travelled through time with Celebi' >Literally…[View]
47787294Who did it better?[View]
47784077Why do people praise Red so much? He canonically gets mogged by Gold/Ethan, then by Nate in the PWT …[View]
47788066/pug/ Pokémon Unite General: Gengar hex is dead, Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon wh…[View]
47781286Well, /vp/?[View]
47789746This design is so cool and so good that it makes me hate Incineroar even more. I usually don't …[View]
47787919Triple and Rotation battles are the worst battle gimmick we've gotten so far[View]
47782676What is the point of uncollectable pokemon that you can't get in-game or by any means other tha…[View]
47784527what do you think ever happened to the rocket that killed marowak all those years ago: giovanni had …[View]
47783658Masuda educates fan: Game Director Masuda: >'Rather than any actual feedback from players' Intell…[View]
47789546How much money do you think you've put into TPC's pockets so far? Personally I must have s…[View]
47780085The Great Debate https://www.strawpoll.me/45541986[View]
47779979Imagne the mating press...[View]
47789215When's the Snap update releasing?[View]
47788172Shigeki Morimoto at age 24.[View]
47787240peonia will never bully me at school why exist?[View]
47784638>Your age >Why you still enjoy pokemon[View]
47784207who are you gonnna main in the remakes?[View]
47786400What are some great pokemon to catch and use on my team in pokemon emerald? I already have a mudkip …[View]
47787126So this is what SOUL looks like, huh? Not bad… not bad at all….[View]
47787362Is this a real episode? I saw this pic elsewhere but can’t find anything when I search Pokemon Journ…[View]
47788543Why isn't there many merchs for middle-evolution pokemon?[View]
47785434>*Has the ugliest designs of every type in your path*[View]
47780547seven sages: >were friendly enough to give you tms after you defeated team plasma >only one re…[View]
47787573/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that's real-t…[View]
47779131where/what was it?[View]
47787726>card art depicts Blitzle in the Crown Tundra >can't actually take Blitzle to the Crown T…[View]
47771449It just makes sense.[View]
47779241Let's settle it once and for all. Is it a fur pattern or pants? https://www.strawpoll.me/455416…[View]
47785843name your favorite pokemon and your waifu: no anon, your actual favorite, not your waifu/husbando mo…[View]
47775382Why won't they let Ash grow up? Do you think they'll ever do a series with a new protagoni…[View]
47782582Make your pokegirl: >ASS SLIDER (..[]........) >HIPS SLIDER (.[]........) >TITS SLIDER ([].…[View]
47787050Patch notes for upcoming Sword & Shield update: - added three new weaknesses to Rock: Fire, Elec…[View]
47784693why were so many of these sprites terrible? Also why did it take them so long to have moving sprite…[View]
47785614Name a fate worse than Rock/Ground[View]
47787776The best thing about a pokéwaifu is her personality[View]
47783181/wfg/ Wifi General: I guess this general is dead now? I was looking to give away some feebas breedje…[View]
47778796Based: >one of the best region based on Hawaii. it's full of atmosphere >one of the best …[View]
47781977Alternate Pokémon Names: We had a good thread of this a week or so ago, can we get another going?? I…[View]
47786222What drives people to make random shit like this?[View]
47780302hey can you all watch over my ralts again while i get a glass of water? dont fuck it up this time[View]
47785838/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX: Winner Edition >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game tha…[View]
47787436There's a lot of bitching in genwar threads over various games supposedly having shit level cur…[View]
47787394Sorry lads. I'm getting Shining Diamond. I never even played Platinuim yet I can get it for fre…[View]
47774962Abra Kadabra Alakazam: Settle this for me anon. Would the Abra line be fluffy or smooth? I mean, wha…[View]
47784903>receive Buneary from Wonder Trade >Date met: 3/11/2012…[View]
47787188Do the new pokemon look bad or is it the shitty stock art?: Do the new pokemon look bad or is it the…[View]
47777085>in an alternate timeline Post your starter trios of existing mons, whatever type traingle.…[View]
47783371Why Flareon is Actually Good: An explanation of why Flareon has poor moves and stats[View]
47784151Dug up an old vr headset. Are there any pov videos I can watch with it? Pic related is an example of…[View]
47773750/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Go's Porygon Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9…[View]
47784100Writer for AVGN has a Gengar Room: https://youtu.be/ZsExkXeu_qA Thoughts?[View]
47786144Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 16, Finals): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/1n…[View]
47783270Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 18, Round 2): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/b…[View]
47778805This was the first time it really started to feel like gamefreak stopped caring. Crystal was neat, E…[View]
47775596Let's face facts. You may not like it, but it was an intentional design decision to remake the …[View]
47785440Now I understand what people mean when they said the 3D games were a mistake.[View]
47784510Decided to go with emerald team[View]
47757617Why do people hate these games again? Story is serviceable but probably the worst thing about the ga…[View]
47784945/pug/ - Pokemon Unite General: Enter the Pokémon League edition Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA …[View]
47782448If this isn’t in BDSP, I’m done with Pokémon forever[View]
47785502What if pokemon were real[View]
47786188Help with id’ing card: ive been going through my dad’s old cards and i cant find out what this card’…[View]
47786169It's over Gengar bros.....[View]
47783299>Playing Sword and Shield >Surprise trading a bunch of shiny legendaries with porn/scat site n…[View]
47780599>He hasn't tweaked for his in-game D/P mythicals OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
47693694PokeGoddess Thread: Which Pokegirl do you pray to every day?[View]
47785968pretty epic view bot gaming https://www.twitch.tv/pokemonhardcore[View]
47785892release your pokemon[View]
47784237/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: Ash and Misty Edition >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile P…[View]
47785673How quickly will we be able to catch pikachu in the new Sinnoh games?[View]
47755305Friday Aura Thread (47): Lucario and his frends pre-thred:>>47685691[View]
47785541I still see a perfectly healthy Arcanine on the field[View]
47781482I like Hitmontop[View]
47768356Post yours.[View]
47784754Who is your Pokemon wife?[View]
47745017Current team thread: Post your current team.[View]
47784431Why do low elo losers and non-players complain so much?: >Opponent does 2% more damage because of…[View]
47785093Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 17, Semi-finals): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-po…[View]
47784186Post (non starter) Pokémon that have been on everyone's team.[View]
47779408What’s your honest to Allah opinion on Pokémon Unite?[View]
47781114Claim your pokéwaifu. I have already claimed Marley[View]
47782984/pug/ - Pokemon Unite General: FUCK zeraora mains edition Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using P…[View]
47780834>opponent throws out pee-lando >game suddenly becomes a coinflip on whether or not it's s…[View]
47781493cool dragon[View]
47783017/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: How does she do it? Edition >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mo…[View]
47775466look at him go[View]
47781790Why doesn't Nintendo buy Game Freak?[View]
47771274Honest thoughts on Sandile?[View]
47774009We as community need to unite to boycott niontic[View]
47779691I'm beginning to worry about Pokemon Legends No trailers, no news, nothing. ¿do game freak no l…[View]
47781500> Masters - unholy gatcha > Unite - pay2win MOBA > Whatever Go is supposed to be. What happ…[View]
47781940>still no voice over dialogues When will we get to see the first Pokémon game with voiced charact…[View]
47782150shoutout to the tpci employee that leaked every sm trailer early[View]
47783646Adult Pokemon spin-off series in the works: PokéDark coming 2023. The game comes with an adult tone,…[View]
47783190why this piece of shit makes an angry face every time it wants to attack in the anime and games? oth…[View]
47781193/vp/‘s most disliked Alola Pokemon: Finals: Forgot to post more quarterfinals threads edition For ea…[View]
47780802>have to pay 4.99$ for Bank and at least 2.99$ for Home premium plan to transfer your bros from g…[View]
47782914Why doesn't Game Freak/TPC just sell the rights for the Pokemon they don't care about to a…[View]
47783162>Generation 6 is the most unrestrictive of all generations, having access to every Poké Ball exce…[View]
47781924/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
47780705Worst evolution EVER[View]
47779116For me it's Pajeeta[View]
47781633Is the battle subway the same thing as the battle tower? Is there any difference between the battle …[View]
47778611A frequently brought up topic is the fact that Arceus was incapacitated by a simple meteor in the mo…[View]
47782453*ruins your game*[View]
47780866>you gaze upon the night sky >you're surprised to see it's Jirachi flying past you Q…[View]
47780807Question About VC Crystal: I’m playing through the postgame of Crystal right now. Instead of using t…[View]
47782596A post to be posted each day leading up to Generation 9 being sold: >have you ever made a major c…[View]
47782008Why we are like this, bros?[View]
47775243gen 5 is good, best story, most difficult, most new pokemon, most involved evil team, bw2 are entire…[View]
47778725Why doesn’t each Generation has it’s own general? I think it would bring a little life to this Board…[View]
47781697>Scald no deals no damage to fire types >Rock types absorb stealth rock like poison types abso…[View]
47780159What's your fav Dark type Pokemon?[View]
47782121qrd on this game?[View]
47781710Invent a broken non damage Pokémon moves: >Spirit of Pain: Whoever uses it knocks himself out, on…[View]
47779295I would let her judge me[View]
47776603She is fuggable[View]
47780392>Brilliant Diamond >Shining Pearl >Brilliant >Shining >Synonyms for shining: brillian…[View]
47782068>NOOOO you can't just put a Pokemon outside of the original 151 in Kanto!! It doesn't m…[View]
47779582Does Gamefreak Have The PokeBALLS To Make Regional Variant KANTOOOOOOOO Starters In Gen 9?: They mad…[View]
47780825How could we revive My Pokemon Ranch as a real game?[View]
47781879>accuracy: 95 >It fails 4 times in a row[View]
47781968Guess Gen 9's Gimmick: My prediction is they'll do something like Ash Greninja. A handful …[View]
47772309>was a retarded kid and sold my ds pokemon games 10 years ago >prices for them are outrageous …[View]
47780990/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
47781787i like nostalgic art[View]
47779719I'll use my trust frying pan as a drying pan[View]
47781340It's all gone anon, everybody forgot at how bad Game Freak is nowadays[View]
47771052Pokemon Clover: Will it ever be topped?[View]
47781527Hey there, everybody. This is Heatran, from pockets. Did you know? My favorite things are: Holding A…[View]
47776016Cotton Pokemon[View]
47777362Is Leaf the best female character in the series? Her design is very quirky and it makes her unique i…[View]
47779307And where can I read it online?[View]
47781260How rare is this? Sadly Pokémon Masters EX is not connected with Pokémon Home...[View]
47769724Using only Johto mons in Johto: So, I saw a thread where someone complained about Johto pokemon too …[View]
47779487/pug/ - Pokemon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a casual 5v5 MOBA using Pokemon where you score goal…[View]
47778723Based Oak[View]
47779453/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
47780874How much netgain do you think that Game Freak and TPCi make from games?[View]
47773219Did Ethan beat Red?: Is Ethan beating Red considered canon or not because it was only in the post-ga…[View]
47779017Explain this shit[View]
47775303F: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/re-king%E2%80%99s-rock-and-other-%E2%80%9Cluck-items%E2%80%…[View]
47780565Poll time: /vp/'s favorites (Bracket 19, Round 1): Vote! https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/b…[View]
47779478Anyone else experiencing random freezes/crashes on the USUM GTS when scrolling over Pokemon? I heard…[View]
47780244EToP Uncensored: This fag LordSparko was working on an uncensored version of the manga awhile back b…[View]
47768260Gamefreak has hired you to make gen 9's fighting types. The game comes out next week after a wh…[View]
47777573Pokémon literally just being >OHKO it with a super effective attack is extremely boring How do we…[View]
47777513>No secrets and mysteties >Nothing no explore >Almost no legenaries >Easiest pokemon gam…[View]
47780164was it kino?[View]

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