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/vp/ - Pokémon

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46841437>have a crush on yellow as a kid: >get scared and confused because I thought she was a boy …[View]
46841975Hey /vp/, this is Mitra, the player sprite of the scuffed game I'm making. R8 and H8 my Mitra[View]
46839017Teleport: Can someone explain to me what makes Teleport so powerful? Slow Baton Passing was rarely a…[View]
46838818Where do you think modern pokemon knock-offs drop the ball? When it comes to >creature design …[View]
46840377There, I fixed your show.[View]
46837818>I can’t get laid with humans, therefore, I’ll settle with these beasts that will totally not rej…[View]
46842092When are we getting crystal meth pokemon?[View]
46841955Who was your latest shiny, Anon?: pic related was mine during a dynamax adventure. Some more questio…[View]
46840627Can you EV train at level 100 or do you need to gain exp like in older games?[View]
46839861>playing fangame >story is edgy >drops it immediately am i too picky on fangame?…[View]
46841762>play GSC >want to use new pokemon >99% of the johtomon are outclassed by kantomon who got …[View]
46841304cringe thread: post cringe[View]
46841927shitty DP - BW2 era Wifi battle videos recorded on a grainy camera are peak comfy. You can literally…[View]
46840705Drapion thread because I like Drapion[View]
46841177Will the show definitively ditch Ash next season?[View]
46841760/vp/'s 5 Kill 5 Protect Game: How to play: >Step 1: go here: https://www.pokemon.com/us/poke…[View]
46839286Mew if it real[View]
46834603Fuck the Creashit trio: Really hate these retarded-looking Yu-Gay-Oh monster designs. Gen 4 ruined P…[View]
46840846The undeniable core nine of this franchise.[View]
46839992What’s her deal?[View]
46838899/vp/ Humor Thread - Sneed & Feed Edition[View]
46840978Why does Cynthia have such a retarded and cancerous fanbase?[View]
46839667Double Battles RomHack: >>46836843 Not sure if you're still browsing, but Double Emerald …[View]
46840902What is the problem with the egg moves of this Weavile?[View]
46841209>moon rabbit >doesnt learn moonblast LAMEFREAK?!?…[View]
46815087Why is Cynthia so popular?[View]
46841431>2 months until ATBlosers btfo[View]
46839999The fuck is this bitch problem[View]
46840811>Why, yes! Of course I box my starter. How could you tell?[View]
46839930Was it kino?[View]
46832071LEAK :)[View]
46839028>Gen9 >Everyone has retarded plant names again…[View]
46839601how much content is too much?[View]
46839146So am I just locked out of getting this piece of shit forever?: Decided to wait a year before buying…[View]
46822490does it?[View]
46828442Eevee kid thread: Is this unironically the best character in the game?[View]
46838165How did the misconception that fainted Pokemon are unconscious persist for so long when both the gam…[View]
46840868>go on adventure with my fav pokemon >cook it food and raise it's young while it uses it…[View]
46838329Reminder that Hypno is a good boy who can help you with your insomnia. Ignore all NTRfag rape-fantas…[View]
46838501/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46837650Pokemon XG: Next Gen: Have you given the big Romhack of Gale of Darkness a try? It completely makes …[View]
46838112You know they made this for shits and giggles[View]
46837405Why is he so popular?[View]
46840086Quarantine Crystal: Demo with nine gyms is out, and its pretty good so far. Anyone know how to evolv…[View]
46840542is the odd egg's shiny pokemon decided upon hatching or upon getting it from the old man?[View]
46833501Best female MC: Now that all of the female main characters are in Masters, let's have a poll to…[View]
46839566Is he your favorite PokéTuber?[View]
46806524What the fuq? Why this guy very popular with his redesigns and is obviously showboating his muscular…[View]
46837597Explain this man to me[View]
46840163Creatively bankrupt type Every recent addition has been a (yellow) animal + electricity theme[View]
46839857Pokemon that you never evolve because you like their pre evolution too much. Why would I ever evolv…[View]
46839701Charizard: Charizard.[View]
46840013What is a pokemon you find underappreciated design-wise. Maybe it has some (subtle) scientific/ cult…[View]
46838029Pokemon that weren't designed as an evolutionary line[View]
46839989Explain this man to me[View]
46837660Tried my luck in the gacha machine and got the worst girl. What should I do with her?[View]
46837496>1961 + 60 >Still no fuchsia colored pokemon…[View]
46780104Is there a pokegirl that makes you always want to coom the instant you see her? She doesn't hav…[View]
46839281>he will never be real its not fucking fair[View]
46839577These gba remakes are fine and all, but why does it feel so soulless compared to the original? One …[View]
46838312>Things you can say to your rival, but not your starter.[View]
46836197-Hey Anon. -Wake the fuck up. -So, I noticed that you got another PokeBall for the first time in yea…[View]
46838348Do i really need cut to progress past the Ilex Forest?[View]
46837272>Make an entire fucking hideout, costing a shit load of money >Use the hideout and all its tec…[View]
46833828I have never once used a gengar in a pokemon game.[View]
46839568Comfy music or locations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcn9VS5WmVQ[View]
46833475What is the appeal? >muh exploration SM had more exploration than gen 5 or 6. HM exploration is a…[View]
46838553Will Gen 9 introduce another oversexualized brown girl?[View]
46831857What do they all have in common?[View]
46837371ITT opinions that legitimately infuriate you as a Pokemon fan. I'll start: >'Red is the stro…[View]
46838800Excadrill is the best Pokémon. He had 135 attack and good speed He sword dances and dabs on things …[View]
46839029Old games mainly had gym leaders have a small greeting, end of battle text, after battle text, and r…[View]
46837038Gen 6 is the biggest waste of potential EVER: It feels me with uncontrollable rage knowing how fucki…[View]
46837296How do we make dex completion more fun? Dex completion is just mindlessly wading through random enco…[View]
46839278Should I sell?: This is a horribly stupid question but you never know what you might learn by asking…[View]
46838704Where's the sequel with PLA Dawn?[View]
46835207Holy shit... I-is that K-Koffing? Koffing from.... FROM..... KKKKKKKKKK-[View]
46838867Is there some cheating involved in the post-game facilities? Was playing the PWT and my scarfed, max…[View]
46838087Imho the Kanto pandering was the most cancerous in Gen 7, where it seriously felt like they did a KA…[View]
46833973How do I kill this thing without using a shillmon?[View]
46834636>Level 64[View]
46838856thos beans[View]
46838600>endless loop of switching out >entire battle decided by guessing when your opponent is going …[View]
46838408>fanfic meta is so fanfic they created a completely ridiculous fictional meta that has never been…[View]
46837110>he doesnt draw his favorite team member(s) after the end of a playthrough Can you even call your…[View]
46837417>PC isn't a chunky huge industrial CRT This is why modern gens have no soul.…[View]
46830573Why do people dislike Blaziken?[View]
46838420How do we fix this franchise?[View]
46838561Team rate thread: Post 'em and rate 'em, lads[View]
46833341/TCC/ Trading Card Collector's General: Kimura edition >FAQ https://pastebin.com/MypNBzca Pr…[View]
46835678/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46838146>Marshal >Unovan Fighting type master >Doesn't use Scarfty missed opportunity…[View]
46837444Is a 'masturbate to all pokemon' challenge possible?: y'know gotta fuck 'em all, I thought…[View]
46834057Let's be honest, no one wanted DP remakes, you wanted a Platinum remake[View]
46835585Sword and Shield get shat on for the plot revolving around preventing a calamity 1000 years in the f…[View]
46837576They literally made a whole ass game and then threw it in the trash[View]
46814595There is literally no source calling the Cyndaquil line an echidna nor a badger, an anteater, a weas…[View]
46834355>relicanth >no relicanh[View]
46827793My Beedrill is fucking STUCK in Alola because of the lazy, greedy, apathetic and incompetent goons a…[View]
46836643What pokemon is this?[View]
46819267Thoughts on Xenoverse?: What's everyone's opinion on Xenoverse? I started playing because …[View]
46837688Here's my based and redpilled list.[View]
46838036>Go online >F*male playing pokemon >Turn off online fuck online functionallities, this is w…[View]
46832268Cinderacebros... Charizardbros... how could this happen?? we were supposed to be the this gen's…[View]
46835313Favorite Pokemon: R8, H8, B8[View]
46837917What's the /vp/ equivalent to this image?[View]
46837513>2021 >still no gravity pokemon[View]
46837144Kino OST Thread: Post music you like, all gens welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuGBwqGhIh8…[View]
46836782ITT: Bullshit THAT kid in school tried to tell you >Hey uhh did you know that you can evolve Farf…[View]
46836452Fuck Xerneas.[View]
46795001/PAO/ Pokemon Atlas Official - Back Again Edition: >Where have you fags been? We've been wai…[View]
46826423the most essential and important part of any GS/HGSS playthrough[View]
46836830Yo yo yo sup homies, guess who's back? It's me again and ol daddy-o's got some new le…[View]
46837164So that's it, Masuda. No national dex, no Battle Frontier, just stupid fuckin' curry.[View]
46837451grug like all animal equally grug like frog grug like rat grug like dog grug like big frog all anima…[View]
46835309Ah yes, who could forget Palossand, one of the most popular and beloved Pokémon of all time?[View]
46834548What the fuck that isn't its eye that's its nose.[View]
46836882ITT Make your own enjoyment/engagement chart Assign the games their own color and point out when th…[View]
46835123Would you?[View]
46835708Out of the whole franchise in its history? Which game/spin off has the best meta for pvp?[View]
46833718ITT: Use an item to describe your dick[View]
46833826ITT we give names to groups of Pokémon: >a clutch of exeggcute >a swarm of beedrill >a murd…[View]
46835598He saved millions but couldn't save himself.[View]
46833815>Zacian becomes a mixed attacker >loses 20 attack (170 -> 150) and 20 speed (148 -> 128…[View]
46837125is it weird all my pkmn are male (but 1) but my trainer is female? are they simps?[View]
46837242melony thread show me MOMMIE[View]
46835413The sprite that killed Swampert[View]
46828383Why is Cynthia so Cynthia?[View]
46837193>Gen9 >Everyone has retarded plant names again…[View]
46837113BUY ALCREMIE[View]
46828388>he doesn't give his teams funny names[View]
46835431Anon, you still play Pokemon?[View]
46833885How: How do u counter this miserable creature[View]
46836960Nicolas Namelas Thread: I'll start: Scarecrow >you can also show off ingame teams in this th…[View]
46834615I'm trying to set up a sand team, what are some good set ups to build on? So far I have Tyranit…[View]
46833678Reminder, This Thing's Sister is in Anything Goes.: All it needed was Body Press and for Behemo…[View]
46832583GF is sick of Lando's usage in VGC and decides to nerf him from mythical BST (600) to a normal …[View]
46813759>Zamazenta finally gets suspected >majority of people are going to vote unban, saying it'…[View]
46836909Which pokemon give the best succ?[View]
46836536which monke Pokémon is the best? the worst?[View]
46827682Dumb Airheaded Bimbo.[View]
46836843Double battles romhack: Is there some romhack with double battles only? It would be very cool to hav…[View]
46835614You know, Im not one to shill pokemon games in the year 2021, but if the DP remakes are a 1:1 copy o…[View]
46836437hnnbnrrgGg consoOomm[View]
46836736>Oh boy i sure do love adventuring and overcoming obstacles with my bros. >What do mean this o…[View]
46836800If I used that mystery gift DNS server to get the member card and professor's letter in platinu…[View]
46833989Out of all the first towns, which one would you want to live in?[View]
46832214Nicknames thread: Big Woop[View]
46835693Favorite Mons of Each Type: Go ahead. Judge me.[View]
46836137November... We can finally return to home postgamebros...[View]
46836196Replaying Soul Silver rn: >one of the best pokemon designs ever >a unique fast attacker that…[View]
46834734Just ordered a Switch and Pokemon Sword. Am I stupid? Should I look forward to playing SwSh? What…[View]
46835176>Weather ball specs Lando T in hail[View]
46836625So let me get this straight, you just take photos of pokemon? That's it!?[View]
46826082What pokemon would you let cook for you?[View]
46836529I really fucking hate this ugly retard chickenshit for having Electric Surge when Raikou is by far t…[View]
46832448We did it, bros! We did it! WE DID IT! Fucking finally, bros! We will back to Sinnoh![View]
46835916Do you really like Pokemon?[View]
46834750>gave anon a shitler[View]
46834614>ice cream pokemon >cotton candy pokemon >milkshake pokemon >apple pie pokemon >still…[View]
46748069/nuz/ - Nuzlocke General: Plush edition >Nuzlocke info https://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX >Nuzlocke…[View]
46835915Didn't this game have slots for 808 Pokemon at the time of release? What happened to that?[View]
46835316Nickname Rate Thread: Nickname Rate Thread pic related, my >Spiral Hamlet…[View]
46835650>supposed to be 'only an illusion' >can hold stuff like a camera in pic related or o…[View]
46829698Do you like Bug type pokemons?[View]
46832739Why didn't they get Primals?[View]
46835904ITT: Pokemon you forgot the name of[View]
46834055What's the verdict?[View]
46834646Why is Marnie's brother so pretty?[View]
46835407https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQWzKIaERirxPKHB8uC4op0kuVEG8dnFT So what’s the private video?…[View]
46835056paul deino: paul deino. any other actors or actresses like this?[View]
46834292Why is /vp/ so obsessed with Kanto? Its getting unhealthy.[View]
46835227I miss this little critter like you wouldn't believe.[View]
46834910Why do they have so much boom? Why are games like BW2 and XY so boomless? Seriously. Even if we used…[View]
46834379Why yes, I do keep the legacies of my favorite Pokémon going with every new region. I have a box in …[View]
46831999Why are their movesets so lame and uninspired compared to the other Pokemon in Smash?[View]
46835288>still waiting to look for a copy of Sword at 40 bucks or lower It's not gonna happen, is it…[View]
46835711What is wrong with the diamond and pearl remakes: 1: no new content 2. graphical downgrade from oras…[View]
46832074/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46835340SHE’S HUGE![View]
46833188Because there were no Hoenn pokemon that could have done the job. Not castform, not minun, not wynau…[View]
46834399Why smogon hates ditto? Ditto is broken and you can't prove me wrong. https://replay.pokemonsho…[View]
46835519So what pokemon would he have? Wheezing and Houndoom and/or Arcanine are a given[View]
46835544How do you guys feel about this ship?[View]
46835019>gen 8 dungeon design >hallway with infinite spawns and no gimmicks or even puzzles Why do the…[View]
46831629ITT: Redditmons[View]
46834733Gimme interesting regional ideas: >the ballerina thing swanna is based on has a black swan charac…[View]
46835174Post opinions that you don't have, keep it Pokemon related: The best thing to come out of the P…[View]
46833504What's that? You just used Geomancy?[View]
46833471eevee cocaine[View]
46834506Unova... home...[View]
46834869>filters friendlets: oh THATS why /vp/ hates her so much lmao[View]
46834180Does anyone have the full size version of this?[View]
46832231Why are half the threads on this board /e/ shit?[View]
46833265Come on anon, why are you hesitant to give my feet a rub?[View]
46832707What a subtle reference[View]
46833115Does Synchronize work on these guys? I’ve been trying with no luck to get a timid one[View]
46800018Imagine a world controlled by Pokémon...[View]
46834223Just curious, and please no dumb responses to this. My guess is that some people in here aren't…[View]
46832903Mrs. Ketchum![View]
46829597post filters[View]
46834254DO NOT. PICK. TOTODILE.: Last warning bud.[View]
46829908According to my peer reviewed study, Gen 9 will be much better.[View]
46832679ITT: Pokémon you like, and you know some others like, but you wish more people liked. He’s fun.[View]
46834362>2021 >still no simple lobby based multiplayer that even shitty indie games regularly implemen…[View]
46826251Fuck Xerneas.[View]
46833113uh bros?[View]
46832005>OHKO Zacian >'Communication with the other player has been interrupted.' Every fucking time.…[View]
46834220New Blaze the Movie Fan just dropped[View]
46832692So just what is it about Pokémon that makes such a powerful phenomenon that GF is able to run on the…[View]
46829499How much do you limit yourself during a playthrough? Is it the job of the designers to provide a cha…[View]
46826106Sabrina thread: Post your favorites Sabrina (only sfw pls)[View]
46829823What is the appeal? No buzzwords please. >muh soulful/faithful/nostalgia The models look like som…[View]
46831080yo /vp/, what should I pick for my starter? Who my team gonna be?[View]
46833210Female only[View]
46826430lorelei general: would you rape her if so how hard[View]
46832649>Keep doing challenge runs of pokemon sapphire >Every time I finish one, I start a new game an…[View]
46832976Fakemon cringe thread?[View]
46833917Describe your sex life with one Pokémon screenshot.: must be from the official games no fanficshit. …[View]
46832900S O U L[View]
46833707>Someone called me retarded limpdick incel in showdown im sorry i didnt choose the entire stall t…[View]
46831773Swsh's problems had nothing to do with the dexcut In fact that games could've benefited fr…[View]
46833042GameFreak needs to stop pandering to kids and focus on adults. And no, I don't mean adding viol…[View]
46830626>random NPC gives a TM[View]
46828223What's her type?: Since /vp/ is in the spirit of discussing monotype teams: She was the first C…[View]
46818150Showderp: Birthderp Edition: Yes hello, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for a birthday boy…[View]
46833186Here’s your Gen 9 region bro[View]
46824734/pgg/ - Pokémon Go General: Hanke'd Again Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates https://pokem…[View]
46772975/vpwt/ Pokemon Fanfiction/Write Thread: /vpwt/: Been a long time edition >post fanfics you like …[View]
46832255Pokemon is a disappointing game: I honestly want to know. The series, the franchise almost EVERYTHIN…[View]
46830769Pokemon you would beat in a fight: I would curbstomp this worthless wimp[View]
46832328SwSh has such a BALANCED META[View]
46832998Innovationbros...we were supposed to break the mold on the current meta....not get swept without the…[View]
46832527Thoughts on Honey?[View]
46833327Only those who find this to ring a bell for them will find out what’s wrong with it...[View]
46829571I still don't see the appeal[View]
46833271>I'm the world's best nuzlocker[View]
46816900Why does /vp/ pretend it's a bad design?[View]
46833170Name a mechanic more cucked than fishing. After 20 years of mainline titles fishing is still ass. …[View]
46832582>haha lol i posted a perverted picture of a designated waifumon and asked a vague semi-relevant q…[View]
46831647Would Ash Ketchum listen to Weezer?[View]
46819049Who's the Roman Reigns of Pokemon? (Overshilled mon that is forced down our throats but nobody …[View]
46821378Which one are you choosing, Anon? >aka redpill me on why I shouldn't choose Rowlet…[View]
46823792/TCC/ Trading Card Collector's General: Baby Pokemon Edition >FAQ https://pastebin.com/MypNB…[View]
46830320>context to another legendary >sliiiight story variation >battle facility you could only co…[View]
46832722What is it about Magearna that makes people seethe?[View]
46831998Reminder that Gamefreak focused their resources on this game instead of SWSH and SWSH was rushed and…[View]
46831220Are you going to buy his game?[View]
46832488Jumpluff is offering you a water bottle and reminding you to stay hydrated![View]
46801665PokeGoddess Thread: Strong boys, weak boys, That is only the selfish perception of girls. Truly supr…[View]
46829590Now that the dust has settled, can we admit SWSH is fine?[View]
46831201People say that Pokemon like Lumineon or Maractus are the most forgettable but I SWEAR you have not …[View]
46832762I think that the max raid battles are one of the best things from Sword/Shield. Although they can so…[View]
46828781I've been gone for a long time and didn't see anything in the catalog. Is anything like PK…[View]
46831952>2021 >Still not a charizard board We want /zard/ so bad…[View]
46823377I would marry her[View]
46832653What sort of overworld gameplay opportunities and interactions would you want to see in the notoriou…[View]
46832465I fixed it[View]
46829674It's literally just a guy in a soccer bunny fursuit.[View]
46831239Why is this board called /vp/ anyway? Does it stand for Very Pokémon?[View]
46831526>spore whimsicott[View]
46831731>fire type >it's red[View]
46797429Phox friday: Good morning/afternoon/night all phox lovers, its phox friday time to celebrate! https…[View]
46830870What are the most iconic Pokémon of each type?[View]
46829700cute boyfriends[View]
46827214Pokemon BDSP Leaks: BDSP >All 898 pokemon are coded in >Mega Evolution returns, with some new …[View]
46828487Are people defending gen 4 remakes out of pure cope? Or do they actually like the look of the dogshi…[View]
46829448Rate my bed[View]
46831654>STILL no news on BDSP or Legends >not even believable leaks I don't know how much longer…[View]
46831640This wild GRANBULL slaps your gf's ass. What do?[View]
46829201/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46828436By this point in time, is there any reason /vp/ hasn't been nuked in favor of one or two thread…[View]
46829914My boyfriend. Which Pokemon is your boyfriend?[View]
46831615Why yes, I do enjoy Unova! How could you tell?[View]
46828708Johto is so KINO and SOVL i remember when I was 6 and played JOHTOOOOOO it was so kino to walk at ni…[View]
468288111/3: Aight fags looky here. Dafuq is this? I got myself a GBC rom collection way back and now I look…[View]
46831784>chespin isn't PLA's grass starter[View]
46832558refute this[View]
46829651You're getting it on release day, right anon?: >New snap game coming out soon going to be so…[View]
46824633This is Haxorus. Say something nice about the forgotten pseudo-not-pseudo legendary that everyone fo…[View]
46831092ITT: post your ideas about an evil team, Pic related[View]
46822966>calls Torchic the best Hoenn starter gameplay-wise and says that it heavily outclasses Mudkip fo…[View]
46819489What even is this from? The OP claimed it was prototype M02 artwork but I have a hard time believing…[View]
46830036Cringe thread: Post cringe[View]
46830883I get it now: >Chansey is an egg >Has low physical defense because hitting an egg would break …[View]
46830434>The gym leader theme has four different variations, they each represent what part of the battle …[View]
46824102Which type has the worst fanbase?[View]
46831386Who would be the antichrist version of Pokemon?[View]
46831375Onix: >45[View]
46830171Do the new games have national dex, please thats the bare minimum for me[View]
46830388Why is this thing a legendary?[View]
46828252I ship it[View]
46831238Giratina loves Archers of Loaf! If you want a cute tomboy satanic GF then you should too![View]
46827734>We've got you surrounded! Come drink your corn syrup![View]
46804537Raichu is cuter and more adorable than Pikachu.[View]
46826090You did keep your pokewalker all this time, right anon?[View]
46828593I'm playing Emerald and don't know what fucking team to build I already used all the good …[View]
46831103Was she gay? @3:56 https://youtu.be/KTzHVKQLpwA Myet seems pretty gay with her words, saying that se…[View]
46830255He has the best encounter theme second to none https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rmfz3G-KTM[View]
46826023How do we make betatards understand that this is fanfic?[View]
46825386Still asking for more 3DS friend codes for Friend Safaris. I appreciate the help. 2234 7149 8721 - G…[View]
46830248>Wild mons can join you through camp and they'll have a special mark SOUL…[View]
46828172Make a team based on your favorite color. For reference, if needed: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.n…[View]
46830625Why is Porygon-Z like this?[View]
46813689Tell me your most positive expectations for those games[View]
46802020Zamazenta-C suspect test: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/np-ss-ou-suspect-process-round-10-ro…[View]
46829683Post a Pokémon move without actually posting it[View]
46816602Confess your Poke-sins, anon.[View]
46828830/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Trades-Raids The general will be revived once the DP remakes come out…[View]
46830350Was this giant charizard ever explained?[View]
46796635/ef/ Eevee Friday: Beating a dead Ponyta edition: Welcome to Eevee Friday! A reoccurring general tha…[View]
46829521New pokemon snap looking good![View]
46828899Leave Arceus to me[View]
46830299>There are a bunch of unique brands and companies each with their own unique logos purely for the…[View]
46830207Which pokemon has the worst localized name and which one has the best?[View]
46827299>tfw my computer went to shit and had to fixed but all of my files were nuked in the process Anyo…[View]
46826247Explain the meme to me. I seriously don't get it. Do people really not understand the intention…[View]
46828090>in Emerald you get a Johto starter for completing the Hoenn Pokedex >in HeartGold and SoulSil…[View]
46824606Game Freak's Two Modes Of Making Stats, Movepools, and Abilities for Pokemon: No points for gue…[View]
46829037>Games Red have all starters >Origins and Masters' Red only uses Charizard Ishihara reall…[View]
46828094/bug/ - Bugsy General: A general thread for all things related to Azalea Town's own Bugsy, The …[View]
46821690Lizardon: Okay, I admit it, it's a pretty great design. Overrated? I guess, but if you think ab…[View]
46823152>Prevents the opponent’s side from healing for 5 turns, regardless of switching. Does this change…[View]
46828059Yeah, I caught a female nidoran. How could you tell?[View]
46805415/vp/ixelmon 2X Edition: I am pleased to announce that we have been working since early January on th…[View]
46827451>Dex entries talk about how it's a violent asshole >lorewise it goes around to various di…[View]
46818326Competitive Pokemon peaked with Weather Wars: SOUL[View]
46827122/vp/ Romhacks or Fan Games: Other than Clover, Quarantine Crystal, and Sage. Are there any /vp/ orig…[View]
46825429Take a past NPC and give them a modernized team fitting its theme but keeping the ace >Roark Coal…[View]
46824123Watch out anon. I'm going to give you a big wet hug.[View]
46825471ITT: Pokemon characters it is impossible to hate: here are two examples[View]
46799111/CTG/ current team general: Last thread got almost 300 replies and lasted a week! These are always m…[View]
46816945>2022 >New Generation, single game >Pokemon CHARIZARD Edition >Player is given Lv. 50 Ch…[View]
46829231>wake up early to get a phanpy >5% chance >it can flee…[View]
46827777Gimmick Mons: Ever notice how gimmickmons are either absolute shit competitively (or at least shit a…[View]
46817520Every Pokémon line should have a signature ability and signature move Avoid the autism of giving tho…[View]
46827382/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46829175Who's your favorite normal-type pokemon? Mine's Purugly for obvious reasons.[View]
46814809Hi there! I ruined Gen 5's metagame.[View]
46829110ITT: we brainstorm ideas on how Pokemon should be integrated in the overworld and what interesting i…[View]
46825993Sword and Shit were a mistake[View]
46794299New unique abilities for forgotten mons: >Sleepwalking All pokemon on the field are treated as th…[View]
46827717What were they thinking?[View]
46823130What is this Pokémons name and where do I catch it?[View]
46828828I miss them bros[View]
46828652Psychic Terrain now inverts active Trick Room. How good is it?: Also there isn't enough yaoi of…[View]
46825672Pokemon is one of my favorite competitive games because reflexes and dexterity are completely irrele…[View]
46825122This ABSOLUTE CHAD had 2(two) signature moves in gen 1, say something nice about him.[View]
46818455Replace 'cards' with 'Pokemon': Imagine your sole purpose in life was to suck at everything so that …[View]
468273122023: PS PG Atmosphere layers earthen plates Espeon, Flareon, Glaceon, (Check, 4.002602) Wing, (no) …[View]
46816418>is removed >6v6 singles become a stallfest…[View]
46822588The real problem with competitive Sword/Shield: move overdistribution.: A.k.a. 'everything gets Clos…[View]
46826217R8 H8 and what team would you use?[View]
46828638>Disbanded Team Rocket and instantly became a good guy because he remembered that he had a Charma…[View]
46828636Can all water pokemon breathe both underwater and on land?[View]
4682455913th on amazon video games charts with 18 days left: Predict Pokémon snap sales I’ll say lifetime 6…[View]
46828614Anyone up for a Rosa bread?[View]
46826333bede: why do I want to pull his pants down and stick his entire cocklet and balls in my mouth before…[View]
46827631pokemon bank membership or VC pokemon crystal?[View]
46818365Why is she so unpopular compared to other Champions?[View]
46826758Based Winte King of /vp/[View]
46827043What do you think will be the story/new form for Arceus in legends arceus?[View]
46825161Male only[View]
46828345I hope overworld battles stayes in the series, especially since we have more detailed overworlds now[View]
46825106Is Ash Ketchum the strongest human in the Pokemon universe? He's shown on multiple occasions to…[View]
46822336ITT: Surprisingly good Pokémon to use in game. Share your experience to convince others to use unpop…[View]
46826847Where can I watch pokemon vs bionicle?[View]
46823630Pikipek seems to be the least popular bird line. What's your opinion on it?[View]
46824484PLA Leak: Yo, listen up homies, my daddy works for GF and we're kickin it high with the details…[View]
46826438What are some dumb presumptions you had about this series when you were a kid? I used to think 3 sta…[View]
46826875Pokémon should go back to the gen 1 and 2 style of creating only one Dragon and Ghost type per gener…[View]
46826622Soul: Soul[View]
46823919It's not worth it[View]
46827498https://tiermaker.com/create/fully-evolved-starter-pokemon-280504 Rate the starter evolution lines f…[View]
46827131>? post elo[View]
46827775Soul... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn25hijDL7c&list=PLj_Z0CLeI2mcAPMhhZfKbHkLC2Wxkobc8&…[View]
46822659We were robbed.[View]
46827561Today I shall remind them[View]
46825134Why does my wife Cara Liss make /vp/ so angry?[View]
46822381you know remember when dragon type was cool[View]
46827543>4chan Alcremie is the unhappy one[View]
46827512Template Thread: Are you fan Pokemon, Digimon, Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy[View]
46826421Is it healthy that I always imagine Landorus-Therian to have Shofu's voice?[View]
46824376Squirtle> Totodile> Cyndaquil> Charmander> Eevee> Bulbasaur> Pikachu> Chikorita[View]
46825528they put pokemon in the overworld in pokemon sw/sh and in the gen 2 remakes and pokemon lets go yet …[View]
46826853>'Would you like to join the Magikarp and flop around in the mud?'[View]
46827278The Anime's most KINO, SOUL and AESTHETIC arc.[View]
46799925Friday Aura Thread (32): Lucario and his frends pre-thred:>>46614919 +good thred >>46719…[View]
46823445Why do Brocks donuts look so weird?[View]
46823547/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46825501Torkoal enjoying the sea: Torkoal enjoying the sea wh-whos gonna tell him?[View]
46820997Favorite character of the day?: For me its Gulzar, the fucking weirdo.[View]
46827123What pokemon would you want to see in smash? For me, it's Zarude[View]
46825734Are we ever going to get another Water/Electric Pokemon? Will there ever be a Fighting/Ground?…[View]
46825430Real women have the following: >Were born biological females >Large breasts >Long legs >…[View]
46825490Why was she the mascot of Black?[View]
46824188How would you make overworld pokemon more dynamic and lifelike while also being cost-effective[View]
46827126What is she dreaming about?[View]
46823690PP should be replaced by a universal energy/mana/whatever meter that all moves draw their costs to u…[View]
46827030hey guys I'm lost (My name is Jahseh) and I can't find 7th street in Pokemon Reborn I have…[View]
46826674is there a way to win an online battle in this without having to read 4 years worth of ev training, …[View]
46819163A big lunch and the warm Alohlan sun have made Selene rather sleepy. She wants to know if you’ll cud…[View]
46818072>87.5% male[View]
46826538roxanne general: what do you think her dick looks like? would you suck it? seeing as shes a rock typ…[View]
46826233Hikari-chan is so cute![View]
46825873Is Lillie very tall or Elio a short guy?[View]
46823537/pilo/ - Piloswine General: Sight Edition >What is this? This is a thread for Piloswine lovers to…[View]
46806503Players Cup 3 Region Finals Thread: Surprised I havent seen anything about it here, where my VGCbros…[View]
46825551Allister thread[View]
46824575Charizard: IT'S A WHOLE NEW WORLD WE LIVE IN[View]
46826079>Oh sweet, a Legendary? That’s gonna give me a ton of EXP.[View]
46825853>Legends probably won't have horde battles How many years behind will Legends be? I'm …[View]
46823631If this incredibly average-looking guy with a receding hairline can land a /fit/ brown tomboy gf the…[View]
46824713Fucking Masuda: Of course it was the fucking Mexican Japanese We were robbed[View]
46825823Uhhh ok pokefags explain this How the fuck can a water type beat a fire type?[View]
46825870>make cock fight kid's games >give cock's 25 different nature's >only 4 natu…[View]
46823560Please explain to me the lore reason why Psychic is weak to Bug.[View]
46806182/wfg/ - Wifi General: Battles-Trades-Raids-Breed-Bitch Everyone who posts in here must multi.[View]
46823158Who do you think is the worst human character that Pokemon has made? I really fucking hate Gladion.[View]
46823273You know what's bullshit? Nest Balls. What's the point of them? Aside from Premier Balls, …[View]
46824124Will you be able to go to Church on the Switch?: What do you think will happen to this tranquil spot…[View]
46824187These are actually better than what we got[View]
46824528pokemon is now an Action-RPG >how would you implement PP >how would you implement stats (dod…[View]
46825383G: V[View]
46821838Why was Wynaut an uber in generations 3 and 4? It doesn't seem so broken to justify a ban.[View]
46823248I honestly prefer having the Elite 4 be linear instead of letting you choose the order in which you …[View]
46825083Let me show you my pokeymans, /vp/[View]
46823155to america to japanese to oortufuese, you know what would be a funny video? someone srjnks a glass o…[View]
46822069What's the lore reason for every Jynx turning purple?[View]
46824367When will you fags admit that Mt. coronet is shit >shit encounter list >no good puzzles >us…[View]
46814945Design a Grass mon with flavor-appropriate Protean/Libero as HA to complete the trio.[View]
46824902>owns all of the unovan businesses[View]
46824879Frog or nah?[View]
46822122Ash has PTSD in season 1 https://youtu.be/iGCRPBdqDzo[View]
46823065>X & Y are 8 years old[View]
46819679SwSh’s Box Legends Gain The Steel Type So They’d Be Weak To Charizard[View]
46819411>forget something and need to look it up >go to bulbapedo >page takes forever to load >p…[View]
46822325>Nice work, you will continue drawing a paycheck. How?[View]
46824403Learn the pronunciation before you go to the store to preorder her game, so the cashier will know wh…[View]
46824726Why hasnt pokemon-style horse racing been implented in mainline titles? I would much prefer somethin…[View]
46814242/pgg/ - Pokémon Go General: Smugleaf Migration Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates https://pokem…[View]
46823392Pokemon Emerald: >be me, Briney >smoothly cruising through the waves carrying a young lad to s…[View]
46820377>Scizor's retarded brother[View]
46822760I can't believe hippowdon is fucking dead bros[View]
46820657MORIMOTO is cool guy[View]
46822458post based pokemon ONLY: the only based pokemon are non dragon types that still get outrage.[View]
46824349Gen IX name suggestions: Pokémon Light and Shadow Pokémon Tyranny and Liberation Pokémon Machina and…[View]
46819811Following pokemon opinions: Pic related is one of the very few redeeming qualities of gen8 (of cours…[View]
46820153ITT:shitty fan theories[View]
46818941Bugsy thread: Find a compliment[View]
46824486>anon thats illegal![View]
46824326This is how I expect the battle system will work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuwmRqEXyFw[View]
46824351If they left the deepsnow, bog and fog the same as the original DP I may want to buy the game[View]
46824320I think that phys/special split was a mistake. And special atk/def split was a mistake too. Well I …[View]
46822533Region so shit that it doesn't hace ace trainers[View]
46801272Coomers and Pokefuckers alike, where do you draw the line? Surely there are Pokemon you guys WOULDN’…[View]
46824050>ruins your coom image[View]
46823852OMG that's named after my favorite KANTO pokemon! Why wasn't he the fire starter, he is wa…[View]
46818160Goddamn man, started playing clover and Brock's chompest is just fucking stone walling me hard,…[View]
46823421We need more NFE support: Rhyhorn is so much better than its evos and deserves to be as strong as th…[View]
46820338ITT: Pokémon no one hates[View]
46824098Reminder for the brazilian poorfag monkeys doomposting Legends. I will emulate Legends at 4k60fps an…[View]
46822493Where do you find this regional form of Rillaboom?[View]
46823935>lose to non-EV trained team mixed emotion[View]
46821694what would have been....[View]
46822678ha ha[View]
46821479Jumpluff offers you a coke or a pepsi. Will you take the blue can or the red can, anon?[View]
46811241ITT: Pokemons you love, but hate their evolutions. Crabrawler[View]
46822285Do you love the main protagonist of the anime and all his starters?[View]
46822477Coming back to pokemon: This this game is a good start to come to playing pokemon? Havent played sin…[View]
46820607/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46815853Mallow thread: We already had a Lana and Lillie thread, so time for a mallow thread[View]
46823340Latios drinking water: Latios drinking water[View]
46820132>always 10-15 levels higher than rivals and gym leaders >literally one shotting every gym lead…[View]
46817981Lugia: This is my mom,say something nice about her![View]
46823239Cozy Pokemons and Landscapes[View]
46823376Which non-Pokemon game’s story/events would you like to see Game Freak imitate? I think Mother 3 is …[View]
46817191/TCC/ Trading Card Collector's General: Try as you might to head to the light hypno will start …[View]
46815190Does Palkia have a good design?[View]
46805310Thoughts on her?[View]
46819289/lg/ - Lillie General: Continued from >>46750932 Post more of this blonde beauty.[View]
46806171Oh god, Oh fuck, edition. Welcome to /Ralts/ the weekly Saturday Ralts line thread. Here we talk abo…[View]
46822766The NTR pokemon[View]
46809563/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Handymen edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UT…[View]
46805447Pokemons you regretted using in your playthroughs[View]
46822022>The final grass starter we should have gotten for Grookey instead of a dumb drummer gorilla…[View]
46822488haha fuck your pebbles, I have wings[View]
46818165How physically fit would Sabrina be?[View]
46820915Friend Safari: Good Monday morning everyone. I'm back again asking for more 3DS friend codes fo…[View]
46821430Gen 3: >Sense of adventure that pervades the region that isn't quite as visceral in other re…[View]
46820841RIDDLE ME THIS[View]
46810761Evisceration: Way to take a massive dump on your legacy. Gamefreak doesn't have an ounce of int…[View]
46820232Favorite pokemon and something you like about pokemon: most of my favorite franchises have been goin…[View]
46820911>Let's make a game to remind people that Charizard exists truly a masterpiece…[View]
46817319/rfg/ - ROMhacks/Fangames General: Out of the Bag Edition >Notable fan game communities https://w…[View]
46817820JUST Hop: Does he ever recover? Is there any pokemon character that just accepts their inferiority?…[View]
46819776wow what a story mark[View]
46820659cringe thread: post cringe[View]
46820712Cute boyfriends[View]
46819783Why is Island of the Giant Pokémon the best episode?[View]
46817424Why is it 'D-O-G-A-R-S'? Its Japanese name is Dogaasu (ドガース), and the 'gaasu' part is for 'gas,' rig…[View]
46821827Avery: HE'S SO FUCKING SEXY[View]
46821215>his favourite pokemon card illustrations aren't the clay model photos you have 5 seconds to…[View]
46822054caption this / guess the context[View]
46818958How many is too many?: rat thread[View]
46821863Return Of Drawthread: > 'i don't have the anchor post' edition i also don't have a link…[View]
46816324>Lowest possible effort. Did they make this shit over a lunch break? Its literally not enjoyable…[View]
46820711dragonbros... why must we kneel...[View]
46820602Pokemons that are out of place in thier Region >Should have been in Unova and the Ace of Adler…[View]
46750679/pmdg/ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon General: Come here for talk about all things Pokémon Mystery Dungeon …[View]
46821184Was this giant charizard ever explained?[View]
46818795Rank the villain team leaders by physical strength.: I'll start. (Weakest to strongest) Lysandr…[View]
46820788Soooo, did you guys buy your empty boxes yet?[View]
46801614ITT: Weird stat distributions[View]
46806871Smogonbros, what the FUCK is this?[View]
46817231>mystical fire was introduced to give more movepool to fairies >power gem is still locked to 4…[View]
46819566Fuck you: It was me anon. Remember when you were trying to fap to that porn you liked. You came righ…[View]
46821601>Had a dream where Pokémon were real >Got myself a Skorupi and let him out of his ball >Lit…[View]
46817468>*Ruins all your flying types*[View]
46820776Post a Pokemon without actually posting it[View]
46820839>Freeze-Dry is distributed to more Ice types and ONLY to Ice types, buffed to 95 base power but n…[View]
46821258Is he dead? What Happened to him?[View]
46821552Post your Squads: Doesn't matter where or when, or how shitty or how cookie cutter, show off yo…[View]
46821051why cant real guys be as sexy as kommo-o[View]
46821019What's the correlation between autism and pokemon? I think I may be autistic. When I was 6 I li…[View]
46820087stop looking at my butt anon[View]
46821135Why did he do it?[View]
46821385Charizard is overrated and shilled and that makes me ANGRY!!! I am such an interesting and creative …[View]
46821418>Niantic will probably release it before Game Freak ever will How does this make you feel?…[View]
46819854>2021 >Still no Grass, Fairy, Electric, Normal Elite 4 SWSH missed the mark.…[View]
46821138>The elderly MAN is hungry and lost, help him? •YES/NO >Threw some CORN at the MAN. >... …[View]
46820547So, is anybody developing a fan game based on Jello's concept?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
46817874Groudon thread: Groudon gives you this look, what will you do?[View]
46821244What a shitty move: You know a move is shit when even the Ashimne dabs obit.[View]
46816481>Becomes a good guy after remembering that he owned a Charmanderino when he was a kid >He walk…[View]
46797671/ff/ Fox Friday: why did the other thread get deleted edition Be sure to post fox, talk fox, and mos…[View]
46817176Selene Appreciation Thread: Seeing a lot of Alolan girl threads. Can we also get some love for best …[View]
46809828Daily Reminder of Shitgeki Morihomo: >*gives Typhlosion the same exact stats as Charizard but no …[View]
46817315Pokémon with interesting/cool stat spreads[View]
46820192SNEED: SNOM[View]
46819133/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46819483I've been playing Pokemon games for years and I still cannot memorize type weaknesses/effective…[View]
46819046Changes to Sleep: >Sleep now always lasts 2 turns of inactivity >Hypnosis has 100% accuracy an…[View]
46814720Here's an attempt at an Ambipom edit, sorry if it looks bad Post any edits if you feel like it[View]
46815001>Still no dolphin pokémon How is this allowed?[View]
46819798When are they comming back as trainers?[View]
46819903>sword & shield have no so-[View]
46818496>grass tengu demon >looks like this ITT: missed potential…[View]
46811775Post and rate[View]
46818769NFE Pokemon: Post your favorite NFE mons ITT[View]
46819254Does its pure power come from its thighs?[View]
46818811Ayo: Whose dick I gotta suck at the Pokémon Company to get a Legacy of the Duelist style TCG video g…[View]
46815716How would you make single stage pokemon (other than legendaries) better? I suggest every 10 levels t…[View]
46817029Why doesn’t TPC get commentators that actually play?: This Sierra Hunter bitch is retarded. Literall…[View]
46815812What The Fuck Was Her Problem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDG6ikzqwm8[View]
46819434Is it weird that literally everyone in my class likes Pokemon? Was Pokemon really seen as lame years…[View]
46819355This is the best pokegirl.[View]
46819491Name that Pokémon without google[View]
46819596Retard the big tooth reindeer, had a giant overbite. His teeth made good reflectors, and made Rodolf…[View]
46817978Raikou is based on a sabretooth tiger: A feline. Suicune is based on a wolf: A canine. Entei is base…[View]
46819408>look alike >both insane >both scream a lot >both want to be king what could this mean?…[View]
46819431Fuck Xerneas. Fuck Crazy Wolf for running the clock down.[View]
46817577Oh no, Bugsy’s clothes mysteriously disappear! Now he’s naked! What would you do?[View]
46819286>make ghost cubone >a pokemon that wears its mother's skull >not a skull that controls…[View]
46819403paint thread and fan art: say 'hi' to EXEGOKU[View]
46809057Can you respawn legendaries like Giratina in Platinum or is that just available in HeartGold/SoulSil…[View]
46819162Has anyone ever used Hidden Power in a playthrough, or is it really just for injected competitive mo…[View]
46732045Drawthread: Previous Thread >>46631593 >Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ >Tumblr Tag: #vpdraw…[View]
46818835Anyone else get MSRP prices for their ETB's: Started networking to get better prices on cards a…[View]
46819219Whats your favorite type/types? Mine is Dark, Dragon and Fairy lol[View]
46819226This is your waifu for tonight[View]
46812399>Version exclusives >both require you to use a rare fire stone >one has a 555 bst with alm…[View]
46819054When I was a 9 year old kid in 1999 at the peak of Pokemania, I made up 4 new types of Pokemon: >…[View]
46802629Select a type, now take all its specialists and give them a sub-theme derivated from that type. Exam…[View]
46815509Tell me ONE Pokémon you like more than Charizard You can't[View]
46814904/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
46788479/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari. >Latest Dawn Visual Novel Build by A…[View]
46819077I discovered a new pokemon :D[View]
46813998Reminder that she will never become irrelevant thanks to Smash. Thank you based Sakurai for adding P…[View]
46817408I'm leaving the Pokémon fanbase after seeing this picture.[View]
46817841america just consoom[View]
46818527*mogs pokeshit*[View]
46817450ITT: Pokecouples[View]
46800733I just think they're cute[View]
46795964Lana appreciation thread: Blublu thread.[View]
46818841What was the deal with the whole 'Competent Team Rocket' phase of the anime, and why did it end?[View]
46814477Okay how bad are the odds of BDSM actually doing this?: https://strawpoll.com/kj5r7yabw[View]
46816717I just started a new adventure on pic related. Currently reseting for a timid cyndaquil, fuck, ill p…[View]
46816797ITT good gym leader/e4 design[View]
46816639Raticate & other underappreciated 'mons: my favorite pokemon is Raticate-Alolan. it makes m…[View]
46818723Did I fix it? Is using it no longer a genwunner meme?[View]
46817112NotQuesty: Tale of the Twin Dragons: Give suggestions on how the story should continue! story so far…[View]
46817030Choose one and why?[View]
46818505Subtle pokemon clothing[View]
46816471Nobody like pidgey[View]
46817918>there was only 12 downloads available And everyone believed it.[View]
46816673Till death do us part[View]
46815885>pokemon loses speed when it evolves[View]
46817504Pokémon Cosplay Thread?[View]
46818161When are they adding the rest of the missing Pokémon to these piece of shit games? Even after the DL…[View]
46816375>a fucking palm tree >mega pinecone >two saturday morning apple cartoons we still need a SO…[View]
46812853Did they?[View]

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