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/vp/ - Pokémon

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50482298Marley eating honey: Marley eating honey[View]
50484341Have you seen this man /vp/?[View]
50483200ITT Pokemon most people don't know are viable in Ubers[View]
50484212Pokemon needs more deserts[View]
50481608What would a perfect Pokémon game look like to you then?[View]
50454439/tcc/- Trading Card Collectors General Doofy Eevee edition Previous: >>50422299[View]
50484348Post crossdressing James[View]
50484254Collection General: What upgrades were you able to make to your Home collection with the latest upda…[View]
50481077Great card art: Post your favorite artwork from the tcg[View]
50479275When will the grass, fire, water meme just die already? There are other combinations[View]
50483053Would Pokémon Gun save Galar?[View]
50480233Which one do I buy????[View]
50483750Now that the dust has settled, we all agree PLA is the best game, right? Do you want SV to follow th…[View]
50483703What happened to starter evolutions? They are all cringe tier now[View]
50481145The hoops are back, beware the hoops.[View]
50483609Third Versions: Explain to me how the right is supposed to be better than the left.[View]
50482989This is the real hell of the Pokémon world (not the distorted world)!: https://youtu.be/cbxbuWdD5Hc…[View]
50464392/pcg/ Pokeclicker general: Wingull Did Nothing Wrong Edition >What is it? https://www.pokeclicker…[View]
50483291ITT embarrassing Pokemon fan designs[View]
50479305If she had Magic Guard instead of Magician(I still don't know why the insisted and making that …[View]
50477509Lugia Thread[View]
50483561POKEMON UK TWITTER ACKNOWLEDGE VAPOREON: Vaporeonsisters... We won.[View]
50478819Why does BDSP make so many retards cope and seethe? How can a game be so based?[View]
50478747Your average Hoenn fans[View]
50481643Shiny Charm: Did they ever fix the 'in the wild' part, or is this still a fucking lie? >Context: …[View]
50481951>still no valid reason why Beedrill can't learn Megahorn[View]
50483325Why is he so Slow WTF?[View]
50483321Today is Lucas day[View]
50480034These are 'fixed' edits of Quaxly posted here when the Gen 9 starters were first revealed.[View]
50483258I fix him[View]
50482467/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Reunited Family Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:5…[View]
50483237>Germany region >start off as evil team member because evil team has already won (nazi/ stasi …[View]
50472550What is GameFreak's problem[View]
50480583what goes in this?[View]
50483104game freak, hire that man https://twitter.com/pokeyugami/status/1527576053014618112[View]
50481841Presents: If there was a Pokémon Presents next week (May 25th), it would be announced today. >If …[View]
50479336This is the best Pokemon game and I'm tired of /vp/ pretending that it isn't.[View]
50482696Guard dog[View]
50480882What exactly did this scene add to the story?[View]
50482431Trapinch appreciation thread: >Be Trapinch >Be the most perfect and adorable Ground-type, and …[View]
50474813Why was Mars so ignored but her grandmother is so loved?[View]
50482348It is time for a poke census[View]
50481842Eevee game thread: >RTS-RPG management game >Eevees in the big bustling city surrounded by mou…[View]
50482474SHINY RIRRIE Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC): https://mov3.co/tvtokyo https://ww…[View]
50482573The Loathsome Dunsparce[View]
50480974What pokemon game do you love replaying the most?[View]
50481693/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Family Reunion Incoming Edition >Livestream link (Frida…[View]
50482367I miss when we got cool spinoffs that aren't just shat out onto mobile for lowlifes to pour $20…[View]
50479956>gen 5 bug types[View]
50481825NINTENDO SUE THIS MAN https://twitter.com/pokeyugami/status/1527576053014618112[View]
50475774>this is a gym in gen 2[View]
50478348>just inject it >lol[View]
50481039How does Gamefreak get away with not having voice acting in their games when RPGs have had it since …[View]
50480155Why haven't they retconned these two into the same Pokemon with a branching evolution based on …[View]
50480069I hate this guy like you wouldn't fucking believe.[View]
50478127>now has the lowest usage of all 3 Galar starters in VGC What the fuck happened…[View]
50481289Hisuian Zoroark >fixed and loved Finally! Now only delphox is missing[View]
50480843I think 6 move slots can punish switching spammers[View]
50469601Is competitive Pokemon the gaming meta with the most brain dead homunculi who are only capable of co…[View]
50480525>Looks like this in battle >Gets Earth Power like every other special-attacking volcano themed…[View]
50481895AMONG US: AMONG US[View]
50474956Okay, let's settle this, once and for all.: /vp/'s favourite Pokémon game: https://strawpo…[View]
50478645One Piece Team[View]
50475050pokemon scarlet and violet information: region is named arcia no gyms, story is focused on rival bat…[View]
50477024Post 10/10 designs.[View]
50481096Damn this is the best pokemon game i have ever played in 10 decades. The story has great depth and t…[View]
50481753Latias X Ash: When will Ash fuck his one true love? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23bJQYtHyGk…[View]
50479162>Alright anon, you're on the air...[View]
50478959What happend with the Pokemon Movie?[View]
50479851Favorite Remixes Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1pS0O9uzp0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
50481049The Fuecoco's Final Evo based on Arvis from Fire Emblem?[View]
50480385Duck Thread: Post ducks and duck-like Pokémon[View]
50479135/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Lillie episode Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55…[View]
50477966>want a lucky egg in my emerald game >you can get one in gale of darkness by doing a post-game…[View]
50476584>Male Lopunny[View]
50477420Can someone give me the QRD on the great pokemon war?[View]
50479770It looks like the Tootsie Pop owl is winking perpetually while riding a merry-go-round and he brough…[View]
50481091Magical Pokémon Journey reposting thread: I forgor to finish the last chapter edition Previous threa…[View]
50481087Let's talk about the best pokemon type, ghosts.[View]
50480051Shhh. Spoink is sleeping.[View]
50481313>pokemon music compilation on youtube >should we put route 209 in here? yes definitely >her…[View]
50479598>but....psychic! But....I don't care![View]
50480960Say something nice about the best region.[View]
50401248/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi. >Dawn Visual …[View]
50480267Alright, /vp/oreons. The last thing you ate is now a Pokémon. Give it a name, typing, and any possib…[View]
50470735Error 10015 is bs: I cannot believe that I have forked over cash for 8 fucking years, in order to be…[View]
50479973Shellfish thread post your favorite shellfish Pokémon[View]
50480713To the guy who said this yesterday on the carvanha/carvana thread, just wanted you to know I came ba…[View]
50479437Put him in every team and He makes them 1000x better WTF?[View]
50476093This alien is super attractive and I’m tired of pretending it’s not[View]
50479465This is a cave in Gen 3[View]
50475766Legends Alola: Who else would enjoy a Legends title set in historical Alola?[View]
50480685only two missing from my home dex: why wont they release them again bros... ;-; anons, on the off ch…[View]
50480806News speculation: Will we get our second batch of news in the last week of May or the first/second w…[View]
50480481Fuecoco Have a Edgy Evolution, just-like Inteleon and Final evo based on Arvis from Fire Emblem.[View]
50480801I'm at 1600 elo[View]
50479333Why does Sabrina get no love[View]
50478442Crustaceans: Rank 'em Clawitzer>Kingler>Crawdaunt>Parasect>Golisopod>Crustle>…[View]
50474227Favorite Female Grunt?[View]
50480088Aw it REALLY that hard to put a multi-player in the game?[View]
50472362Daily Reminder that its Official and Canonical for Pokémons to NOT be LGBT[View]
50470146Thoughts on Mossberg City?[View]
50480003Imagine an American Dad episode where Jeff adopts a Sprigatito.[View]
50473964Eating with my wife[View]
50476580adorable and canonical[View]
50474343Gardenia: Despite her having a pretty decent team (at least in platinum) it seems nobody really stru…[View]
50477582Game Freak (or anyone affiliated to them) should work on a Switch Pokemon battle simulator where you…[View]
50476405Please Post Some Snakes[View]
50474863>Massive attack stat >Respectable defense stats >Great abilities >Great movepool Why do …[View]
50480417Feebas Friday!!![View]
50479641>This is a route in gen 5[View]
50480203BDSP mods: Is this shit good or did trannies make this mod?[View]
50479815The Family Guy Milestone 20th Season Acknowledger: ITT: Pokémon that make (You) fall in love.[View]
50480301ITT: Pokémon that make (You) vomit.[View]
50479940Will he return for gen 9?[View]
50477253Cute Charm: Play on Gen 4 games using Cute Charm exploit. It's fun.[View]
50476160what pokemon do they catch?[View]
50478527Is this the most overlooked pokemon of all time Talking about the canon generations (1-4) of course[View]
50479931This is the worst Pokemon game and I'm tired of /vp/ pretending that it isn't.[View]
50479939Holy KINO[View]
50479864It's true tho[View]
50478045Rework old abilities: Take either a lackluster or a carbon copy ability and change it to something u…[View]
50473921Why there is so few leaks/speculation/info of the next gen?: I mean, even if its fake leaks or somet…[View]
50479728>2022 >still no wasp pokemon[View]
50478038>gen 6 starters get revealed >be considered by the large majority of the fanbase as the best d…[View]
50474222Claim your pokéwaifu: I claim Marley[View]
50476964>called Pokemon Home >cant put the Pokemon back Home…[View]
50477646What's your predilection[View]
50473126/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 MOBA where the objective is to score more poin…[View]
50469486>gets introduced in Scarlet/Violet[View]
50476465>no news >even fake leaks with any effort have stopped…[View]
50478640What was your favorite memory from playing Pokémon when you were young?[View]
50478245I can't get to catch this thing in the wild because it keeps using Self Destruct and recoil mov…[View]
50479139/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: Lillie episode soon Edition >Livestream link (Fridays …[View]
50474546Catching Pokémon: Which is your favorite 'mon for catching other 'mons? For me, it's …[View]
50479140Scarlet Violet: So may 26th June 3rd and June 14th all Line up with internal dates for TPCI Nintendo…[View]
50478763Everything starts soon: Eveything starts may 26th everything. Details you have now confirmed leaks c…[View]
50468507Pokemon: Isekai: You get isekai'd into the world of Pokemon but you become the first pokemon yo…[View]
50476840Who is you're favorite Pokemon? For me it's Charmander :)[View]
50476311Unknown beta Pokémon facts: Did you know that Game Freak had thought of giving an evolution for Pilo…[View]
50441683Pokémoms!: Gotta fuck 'em all! Post your favorites[View]
50478027Gen 2 RNG: Is Gen 2 RNG complicated? Most people only talk about Gen 3 or even 4 RNG abuse.[View]
50468043This is official Shauna art. Please say something nice about Shauna and her game![View]
50477083Can I have some milk? :)[View]
50477251/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: Depression Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM…[View]
50478923Dates: So may 26th June 3rd and June 14th all Line up with internal dates for TPCI Nintendo and GF t…[View]
50475092/vp/ poll: Would you be interested in buying a unova remake made by ILCA as well? https://www.strawp…[View]
50475397I haven’t played a Pokémon game since Pokémon Yellow. Are there seriously 905 Pokémon now? And what …[View]
50478049>charizard gets magic guard and becomes fire/dragon is he fixed now[View]
50478502Describe your Dream Pokemon Game. The Pokemon game that you would make if you were made director of …[View]
50476570Which ones will survive SV's Dexit?[View]
50473506When did you grow up and started playing as the female MC?[View]
50477370Realistically speaking will they fix_ it?[View]
50478400TOTALLY random dates: Here are some dates i think are interesting for zero reason at all nothing spe…[View]
50470071bruh look at this dood lmao[View]
50478633Chibi Machamp[View]
50478142Literally fucking rigged fuck you Tajiri.[View]
50472280Damn, the Alola league looks tough as hell.[View]
50478203I unironically enjoy Pokemon Ranger more than the traditional games[View]
50478315>And now, to tell you more about some of the new Pokemon you'll encounter, let's hand i…[View]
50476632This is what Pokémon fans fantasize about.[View]
50474784Will the infamous town of dick sculptures also appear in SV?[View]
50478184https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Cynthia OH NONONONONONONONO SHIRONASISTARS NOT LIKE THIS!! WE C…[View]
50476832Milotic goes to Megacon day 1: >swam all the way to Florida despite the Sharpedo infested waters …[View]
50478011What would his team be?[View]
50476435why be shiny hunter, decide to shiny hunt dragonair also horny because hormones spend half the day …[View]
50473577Is there anything interesting enough about Germany that they would base a mainline region on it some…[View]
50472122fuck, marry, kill[View]
50477857current team thread: bad decisions edition post teams, playthrough progress, etc I decided to do a d…[View]
50476797When will Pikachu finally fuck Ash Ketchum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23bJQYtHyGk[View]
50477575Give a fictional character a Pokémon team[View]
50476591Does a post-game unnerve anybody else? You're stuck in an unchanging world with nothing to do. …[View]
50478026Grand Underground: Pros: >caverns that break up the repetitive empty hallway scenery The hallways…[View]
50428299/ff/ - Fox Friday: Comfy Edition[View]
50477328Why did it flop? Yall told me Pokemon fans would lap up anything.[View]
50473744Currently, there are 1302 pokémon[View]
50476756Can Alpha Machamp be GMax having both marks?[View]
50477614ITT: Shiny redesign[View]
50470802What would a China region be like?[View]
50477533I just think its neat: As a kid i always wanted this thing as a real pokemon, like same design like …[View]
50477604>Ah I see! So you would like 1 Porygon? >that'll be all the money that you'll need f…[View]
50475376This big boi walks up to you and demands belly rubs, what do you do?[View]
50477108You see this on your pillow. What do you do[View]
50477524friends... I do not have the heart to tell you...[View]
50460344What's the team of your cringey self-insert character when you daydream about living in the Pok…[View]
50475962Is it suppose to turn into a regular Dialga when you move it to home??[View]
50476453Whas this your favorite sequel?[View]
50474777>he uses showdown unironically[View]
50385029B o n n i e: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN9PUlaTtto What the hell was her problem?[View]
50471537Home Moves: All you idiots compaining about home when this is an objectively good idea.[View]
50477314ITT Pokemon you wouldn't mind getting a plushie of[View]
50476959Worst Pokémon game ever: White 2 kaizo is the worst Pokémon game ever made. It was designed by a 6 y…[View]
50475139/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: Wakey wakey Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 A…[View]
50474450Rate my list.[View]
50474615/vp/ plays Pokemon Rejuvenation: LAST TIME: >We encounter Ren inside a factory for shadow pokemon…[View]
50473523What could've been..[View]
50474833>/vp/ continuously insists the Pokémon cycle isn’t real >/vp/ continuously proves it completel…[View]
50473661Is this Oldale Island?[View]
50475571Tick tock Johtroons, your region is next for the casu remake treatment[View]
50476105Ah yes, the Pokémon game series - it started slipping off a bit as it went on, but it had a fitting …[View]
50474979What is your favorite Alola mon? And why? I wanna take ideas for an USUM replay, so let's hear …[View]
50475997Why do trannies always complain about Pokémon games?[View]
50476595SOVL: Same![View]
50476464>Be GameFreak executive. >Realize there is no Gigantamax forms for any mons from gens 2-7. …[View]
50475756Genghis Khu'nt: >___(borealis), an interconnected region of micro regions, the spider web fl…[View]
50476344Post spooky[View]
50476446Legends: Celebi when?: https://youtu.be/2e6uv-B0OvE[View]
50475903ok which one of u guys did this[View]
50474837This game is a slog after you get to Lumiose holy shit[View]
50476264What if?: Route 39 had a split path added in HGSS?[View]
50475079Thoughts on Agate Village?[View]
50475443Celebrity Pokemon Teams 1st is Joe Rogan - Mienshao -Chatot - Mega Medicham - Mr. Rime - Lucario - G…[View]
50474193>' In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, frogs symbolized fertility, while in classical antiquity, th…[View]
50474456how do you like me now? turd[View]
50474080What is your very first memory of Pokémon? I have a vague memory of going tino town with my family a…[View]
50476232Post Cute and Funny pokegirls[View]
50475493Are they confirming Johto is Kanto’s DLC[View]
50476088I love her[View]
50466706>is the most hated region of all time What went wrong?[View]
50476025>continues to filter fans after 12 years Name a more based Pokémon[View]
50474586What are your thoughts on Smogon's tiering philosophy? Personally. I have issues with council q…[View]
50473515Would you?[View]
50474178If I use Pokemon Home to carry Pokemon from Sword to Shining Pearl, will the effects of Nature modif…[View]
50473685Cities: Pokemon games need more large, densely packed city-areas like back in Gen 5 with Castellia/B…[View]
50475804Moody Bidoof: Is it possible to get a moody Bidoof in BDSP during the game or is it Postgame only?…[View]
50469194Still think people should give this game another chance.[View]
50470571ITT: We post cool event mons that will lose their special moves: RIP Aqua Ring Suicune.[View]
50473884Leaks Ahoy!: Seen a lot of fake leaks, naturally, so I’m here to set the record strait. Obviously ca…[View]
50475668>Masaru >Yuuri Aren't they meant to be british?…[View]
50474138I can't get out of bed[View]
50475749>pro nuzlocker[View]
50473315>E N T E R[View]
50475738Heracross thread? Heracross thread.[View]
50474445Is the most popular Dragon in Japan actually[View]
50474766Are they not forgotten Starter Trio?[View]
50475287ITT: Sexy Pokémon[View]
50474787Amoonguss: Amoonguss[View]
50474666> Drizzle ability replaced with Gulp Missile, launching Magikarp out it's mouth Tell me why …[View]
50473208Say hi to my loyal bro, who walls all of Ubers save for his lord Kyogre![View]
50475628Does anyone know of the vernacular architecure depicted in this image of Pallet town?[View]
50474967Now that the Gen 4 remake era is behind us, is Sinnoh still as good as you remembered?[View]
50475551Which of the Pokemon yet to see a Switch appearance will fit the Spanish theme of Gen 9 comfortably?…[View]
50475245ITT we pray to Arceus: to grant us a leaker that isn't an attention whore, and who will actuall…[View]
50471830What is your favourite Johto starter /vp/? How high does it rank in your overall favourite starters …[View]
50470527>he's a sub 1500 on showdown[View]
50473520Fixing type chart: Steel >Now resists ghost and dark again because steel lacks life and do not ha…[View]
50473191Is it time we admit that they weren't really that bad?[View]
50465794Can we finally admit that this game is shit (which is the truth), without being accused of being a P…[View]
50475359Pokémon leak: Scarlet legendary[View]
50472246>is the quintessential Pokemon design >makes zoomers seethe and cry How does he withstand the …[View]
50474810a Charmanderfag is responsible for all the illegal activity in Kanto[View]
50465522Why aren't there Pokemon Showdown generals? Feel free to post elo if you want[View]
50475709How do we fix /vp/?[View]
50473503>2042 >”Well OF COURSE the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra wouldn’t be in the SWSH remake, they…[View]
50475156Pokemon is ass: Humans and Pokemon CAN breed with each other.[View]
50471466/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: You are pathetic Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9…[View]
50473536It's hilarous how ugly PLA is compared to SwSh[View]
50472759It's almost 30 years and we still suffer from a limiting 4 only moves slot. when will Pokemon e…[View]
50472811was replaced by a pink eevee >now i hate serena[View]
50474224I just want one more definitive game: All Pokémon up to that point Decent battle facilities extra i…[View]
50474128SV news should come in the 8th of June, right?[View]
50474800anyone ever play hackmons[View]
50474522An Ultra Ball from Legends Archen's eh? I wond what it is.[View]
50472327Post Pokemon that YOU could beat in a fight.[View]
50472623>Charizard can’t take Tailwind, Hurricane, Scorching Sands, or Weather Ball, along with it when g…[View]
50473569indie chinese mobile game studio VS multibillions company[View]
50471165This game is a slog after you get to Driftveil holy shit[View]
50474712what's his team[View]
50474642>Shuts up Zodiacfags forever Yeah, I'm thinking BASED[View]
50473554Weed cat[View]
50473204da de da de da de da de doo do doo da da de doo da da de do do-do-do[View]
50474630At long last, I have awakened. When I went to slumber for countless eons, my brothers went to sleep …[View]
50463294>This move can’t be used. It’s recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move…[View]
50474491Am I crazy or do they clearly design some protagonists around certain starters?[View]
50465506Alright /vp/, rank them.[View]
50474487patternbros... unova remakes will come in gen 10: think about it, every generation since the second …[View]
50471910Choose /vp/[View]
50473967How late is too late to add a new Pokemon to your team during the main game?[View]
50474194Could Pokemon be considered 'Lovecraftian'[View]
50472444Pokemon Scarlet Violet: Finally Sprigatito evolution just leaked You can trust me or not but ~ A tra…[View]
50474295Thoughts on the popular Kalos Pokeman, Aegislash?[View]
50473636Team rate thread Just finished FR, now to start my journey on SS. I want a Steelix and a Crobat but …[View]
50473887What is the architecture of the mainline Pokémon games based on? All the cities consist of these box…[View]
50458609Ruseday: IFF Edition: >current OP count: 31 Previous thread: >>50402660 Rusefox GF pastebin…[View]
50470445>Human Works > Nature Simple as.[View]
50469245Post your bros finally returning home: You DO still have your Gen 4 starter, right?[View]
50470246>Mr. Depp, what Pokemon did you pick as a starter in gen 1 rgby? >Objection! Relevance? >Yo…[View]
50473128ITT: Post your favorite Slowpoke card[View]
50473851How would you feel about re-imagined starters from older generations?[View]
50473719You will never have a set of fire starters based on the Chinese Zodiac. You have no rats, you have n…[View]
50473109What's going on here?[View]
50473879dumb immersion breaking ability[View]
50473791G1 Memes[View]
50473783Daily Reminder: To think before you catch The bigger the mon the bigger the poop[View]
50473330Who is the most badass Water starter: And why is it Zillagatr?[View]
50473790Why this shit is so stupid hard to catch?[View]
50473757Who is that Mon?[View]
50472030Why doesn't GF combine Rock and Ground types into a singular Earth type? >The pokemon with …[View]
50469364>outspeeds 99% of the pokemon under the sun What went so right with Venusaur?…[View]
50470346These are the biggest tits in the main series games. You can seethe, cope, and post garbage off mode…[View]
50472398You will never be a real dragon. You have no coverage, you have no resistance, you have no STAB. You…[View]
50473541I made Serena better. BETTER![View]
50469839you don't know pain if you never experienced this. dexcut was a speck of dust compared to the e…[View]
50473472You may not like it, but this is what peak starter looks like.[View]
50469023Drawthread: Previous >>50430544 >Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ >Tumblr Tag: #vpdrawthread …[View]
50461134Rank the Pokemon remakes from best to worst. I will start: HGSS > BDSP > FRLG > ORAS > L…[View]
50471700ITT: Pokémon that only betas enjoy.[View]
50471840You wake up as a Pokemon which Pokemon would you be? Looks like there’s someone who woke you up! Thi…[View]
50472950New regions natively have pokemon from old regions, but should remakes have new pokemon natively sho…[View]
50472545*Walks up to you and grabs your ass*: What the fuck?! DID YOU JUST TOUCH ME?! HELP I'M BEING RA…[View]
50470490Reuniclus is the best pokemon[View]
50472727Look who woke me up today[View]
50468788Sunchads stick together Blastoise is the devil[View]
50459665>What the... Is that Ch... Cha... Charizard!?? >*flashback* >Oh my Arceus, I just remembere…[View]
50473304DIE ROGUE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE ROGUE SON OF BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE ROGUE MOTH…[View]
50473281Goodbye /vp/: I will never get involved with this dogshit franchise ever again. Fuck pokemon anime, …[View]
50473168Why are terrestrial Water types so helpful?[View]
50472480What's the probability that these items will exist in SV?: I hate that Game Freak make mons and…[View]
50473266Her's your new Gen 9 starters bros[View]
50472916It's just nostalgia, newer designs aren't actually wors-[View]
50473066What's the difference between Ghost-type pokemon and pokemon ghosts?[View]
50473159Alpha status is kept in between Home transfers but what about other size differences? Will a monlet …[View]
50473146>nooooooooooo i can't evolve because TPC would fire me if I got more attention than CHARIZAR…[View]
50468660Who made the decision of Ash maining Pikachu?: Seems like a weird choice for that time period. You w…[View]
50467277Pokemon Home Moveset: So like, are all of our Shiny, eggmove pokemon just fucking useless now?…[View]
50470903>learns a shitton of physical moves >It's a special attacker Really gamefreak?…[View]
50472581new mon leak[View]
50472516What's your opinion of sizes staying in mainline games?[View]
50466402Today I will remind them.[View]
50471978ITT: Pokémon that have charisma.[View]
50468675>30% chance encounter headbutting trees biggest lie ever[View]
50470183name my band, /vp/.[View]
50468807>block the path to your shiny charm[View]
50470121After 80 days still no new Scarlet and Violet information.[View]
50472575For what purpose?[View]
50470122Why can’t starters just be edgy?[View]
50472153>Men want only one thing and it's fucking disgusting[View]
50471836ITT: Pokémon that make you lust.[View]
50470389/vp/ixelmon - Approximately 14,400 more minutes edition: The new server is supposedly gonna launch i…[View]
50468659>Houndour used Beat Up[View]
50470668>need a pokemon to complete my pokedex >have a pokemon a trader on GTS is looking for >can’…[View]
50471479okay but why is clefable so bigg?[View]
50471307You cannot evolve transfered Ursaring into Ursaluna in PLA. You'll get the message 'Now's …[View]
50472079>an environmentally responsible power plant that generates solar power from space What were they …[View]
50469639Mew for the Millenium!: Mew for the Millenium![View]
50466396I feel that Barry is a very underappreciated rival, he was excecuted much better then most rivals wi…[View]
50470166I want to collect all the gen 3 games cause they're my favorite and so much fun to play through…[View]
50471368what's a dexcut?[View]
50472041>It's a one-hit KO![View]
50469681You may say all the 3d pokemon games suck, but can we all agree that gen 7 was the best out of them …[View]
50469152/vp/ plays Pokemon Reborn: LAST TIME >we were forced to rush to the defense of Amaria and Titania…[View]
50451254/vp/ plays Pokemon Rejuvenation: LAST TIME: >We continue our escape, and I had to manually fix my…[View]
50467236ITT: Pokémon that only chads enjoy.[View]
50471921would snorlax be a good parent for their munchlax?[View]
50466822Why in the sweet name of FUCK does Mt. Moon have a Team Rocket grunt with a level 16 Raticate in Red…[View]
50470309>80 days since reveal >no news since >no sight of anything being revealed soon >even lea…[View]
50471219BATTLE FACTORY: How do I beat the Battle Factory in Pokemon Emerald? I'm trying to get the gold…[View]
50471644Do you have to link PLA to get Hisuian dex entries? Or is the update half baked?[View]
50466264Team Rocket stealing Dig: Wait... why did Team Rocket steal the TM for Dig? This is a randomly disti…[View]
50469268What is /vp/'s opinion on Quagsire?[View]
50456666Who is the best form?[View]
50466282>Gladion still wearing torn pants in the Crown Tundra[View]
50465172>Game forces you to use a legendary pokemon against the final boss which denies you the chance of…[View]
50459621Current Team Thread: Post your current/latest team. Feel free to say where you’re currently at, how …[View]
50469527/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: Movies are dead Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:…[View]
50470233>Why did it failed as a shillmon? I see this question all of the time and it's such a weird …[View]
50465614I'm honestly really starting to hate Khu. I fucking HATE that he's the only credible leake…[View]
50470819Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet leaks Starter trio > Sprigatito evolves into a lynx with plen…[View]
50469024Tobias's full team: >Darkrai >Latios >Zapdos >Entei >Zeraora >Galarian Moltre…[View]
50469388SV 1/2: 1/2[View]
50410703Hex Maniac: A thread for our favorite girl.[View]
50470418GO is a mainline game[View]
50462896/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 MOBA where the objective is to score more poin…[View]
50470643Espeon is pissing me off: I love her and she's beautiful and all that but I am having a fucking…[View]
50470956Only reason I was looking forward to this update was to transfer zapdos to bdsp with heat wave and h…[View]
50470998FRIGO IS BACK[View]
50470105ITT: Perfect Pokemon.[View]
50469665https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5jnHOGumvU&t=1996 >33:16 Damn, this goes hard.... Team Plasm…[View]
50424460/ef/ - Eevee Friday: Fish Sleepy Edition Zzzzzzzzzzzzz[View]
50469414Can someone give me the tldr regarding the Home update? I tried looking for a relevant thread, but t…[View]
50469993Is Sword and Shield worth a buy now or should I wait for Scarlet and Violet?[View]
50467476News when?[View]
50470648Itachi: Genjutsu[View]
50468751>Staggered log-ins Why can't nt they just buy more fucking servers? For something like home,…[View]
50468654>sky shaymin finally appears in Home >Missed the event in BDSP FUCK YOU GAMEFREAK FUCK YOU…[View]
50470566Sad Pokemon from Anime[View]
50470264is this a pokemon?[View]
50470119BDSP: Fucking little SHIT stopping me from getting a shiny charm. Can I change the Switch clock to c…[View]
50470006Just fix the type chart already.[View]
50470215Dear /vp/ stop criting me: >I NEED THE EXTRA DAMAGEORINO Don't care stop criting me >LIFE…[View]
50467093Is it breedable?[View]
50470185Ash's Torterra never got its revenge against Paul's Honchkrow.[View]
50469910Haven't been around for like half a year. Any of the big name romhacks finally complete or some…[View]
50463491/vip/ixelmon discussion thread. Pic related is a supposed message of the serb going up on the 28th. …[View]
50468192How do I get better at randomizer nuzlockes My friend and I are playing through the series doing ran…[View]
50468801Would Voice Acting Have Saved Sun and Moon?: There's nothing worse than 6 hours of characters f…[View]
50469891It’s 19TH May and we still don’t have info. If I don’t get into soon I’ll scream so much.[View]
50463833What do you use your Master Ball for?[View]
50469786Hisui national DEX: PLA finally is compatible with pokemon Home, nut a lot of Pokemon´s are not tran…[View]
50468974Why is there people on this board that are obsessed with charizard?[View]
50468098The fuck am I doing wrong here. I cant do shit...[View]
50469238why: >18 hours after supposed end >still not up in my area >i pay for this…[View]
50457830/pg/ - Piershhipping general: Kalos Kenny and Sinnoh Serena edition[View]
50469385Fakemon Thread: Post your (fake) bros All new, regional forms, redesigns, whatever[View]
50468409/vp/cucks this is your mindset[View]
50469652I.. I can’t believe you have a Rowleterino! After all these years, after that battle where I literal…[View]
50464358>new ONA announced ITT we predict the Charizard faggotary in this one[View]
50467756/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Comfy Lillie Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 A…[View]
50451204Your thoughts on Jumpluff?[View]
50467023What if pokemon could have all their abiities at the same time, including hidden and special abiliti…[View]
50467801What are some of your favorite views from the Pokemon franchise?[View]
50465543Do you ever think about how many little boys have popped their first boners thanks to all the hot gi…[View]
50468862Why exist their renders if we can't transfer these forms?[View]
50468845“Faecoco” is fake.: I created the leak for fun. I wasn’t expecting it to blow up the way it did. Sho…[View]
50463462How can you people praise FRLG so heavily, but then criticize BDSP? They are equally as terrible, bl…[View]
50466905PKHeX and generational transfers: When transferring (copying over) Pokémon through different generat…[View]
50452963this unironically makes me wanna cry.[View]
50466639Will SV outsell SwooShy or suffer the same fate as BW and SM?[View]
50467978Post a /vp/ image you don't have a reason to post[View]
50468761natures ruined pokemon and all moves that can be learnt by a pokemon should be able to be learnt thr…[View]
50468779More like Decidunoeyes lmao[View]
50468167Man, I would've preferred to receive nothing at all than to receive. . .this. There are like a …[View]
50468658After depositing some Pokémon from BDSP and Legends to Home I felt incredibly whelmed. Seeing multip…[View]
50465371Fixed: >Grass/Psychic (just make it some sort of mystical snake, appearence, may resemble quetzco…[View]
50464892>Shield legendary >Weak to punches[View]
50468240So what's the gimmick gonna be? Fusion? Hyper abilities? Primal forms? Mecha armor? Third type?…[View]
50456698I'll be sad when Goh gets replaced, how about you guys?[View]
50468545Which pokemon game(s) do you guys find the easiest to replay? I'm not sure if they're my f…[View]
50465358Modern Pokemon: I'm a gen1 oldfag. I used to love Pokemon back in the day. I kept up with the s…[View]
50462920Snorlax should’ve stayed pink/black[View]
50467586Lazy Freak: So, do these guys sufer Ultra-Necrozma's syndrome? Won't I able to transfer th…[View]
50467869What if Gen 9 DLC ends up being in Morocco?[View]
50465110>walks into daycare >Doesn't prefer to play with nidoqueen instead fucks her children …[View]
50466583>Hate BDSP and want to get rid of it >Pokemon Home finally updates >Want to transfer all m…[View]
50457632if you cant sex animals you cant sex pokemon its that simple chuds[View]
50454228aren't you scared of the idea that these games will be treated as the second coming of jesus ch…[View]
50468033How do you feel about the most perfect pokemon being literally my mom's beetle[View]
50468122Lazy Freak being Lazy Freak: We can have Origin-Giratina but we CANNOT have Origin-Palkia and Dialga…[View]
50467283https://twitter.com/Sibuna_Switch/status/1526984498730176512 A-Arceus sisters... our game was suppos…[View]
50468024Yep, I'm thinking it's time for another Crystal playthrough.: I'm thinking: >Shiny…[View]
50464451HOME Still undergoing maintenance REEEEEEEE thread: Maintenance window has ended yet I can still not…[View]
50468140>tfw no qt phox waifu[View]
50468039>feel like replaying old pokemon game >try to use other pokemon >it's boring because I…[View]
50465124The death of Pokemon[View]
50464852This is the most soulless shit I have ever seen: There is no symbolism or emotional investment. The …[View]
50465827i love bulbasaor[View]
50467842I will not play your game, but I will now jerk it to your games characters.[View]
50466655Which one do I buy????[View]
50466161I'm a fan of Milotic[View]
50466728i took a shit today and it looks like this: should i be worried[View]
50467759Post pokemons the anime made you like[View]
50466657>bro heckin' croissant and bonjour XDDDDD[View]
50454386Pokemon HOME: https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1526352074115407874 >#PokemonHOME will undergo p…[View]
50467766Night sky... Soul...[View]
50465757I have pokemon ruby on my GBA, is it possible to find some bootleg pokemon sapphire (because a real …[View]
50466203No they aren't the same models you stupid cuck why do you keep accepting Gamefreaks lies?[View]
50464797/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: It's Tonight Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ …[View]
50442592This pic: What's happening in this pic? Are these some kind of feral girls who will sexually as…[View]
50413912She's cute[View]
50467081He's so fucking Hot: I always have to play Ruby because when I play Sapphire I can't beat …[View]
50466196ITT moves/abilities changes: Synchronoise hits all targets super effectively, regardless of their ty…[View]
50465466Pokémon Scarlet Legendary: Rock/Dragon You'll see violet's one in 1 month[View]
50466078This is a female.[View]
50465129>Currently undergoing maintenance. >Please wait until maintenance is completed.…[View]
50466584Seriously, why are these games so bad? Did Masuda fell asleep during the approvement phase?[View]
50449025Clover is the embodiment of /vp/. It's the truth.[View]
50462229Post best boys[View]
50465311Hahaha What: Edit @ 12:58: A new restriction has been noted. Nincada can't be placed from Pokém…[View]
50467148Are you excited for gen 11? (SV is gen 11)[View]
50466669>all Pokemon are someone's favouri-[View]
50466679Why the Venusaur ass is so fucking big?[View]
50450002Fix a pokemon with a single move: Pic related gains Accelrock[View]
50465215spinda locked in bdsp: any spinda you catch in bdsp are permanently stuck in bdsp, they can't g…[View]
50462376There I go, I fixed all generation 1 typings. You're welcome.[View]
50459345I think it would be cute if Serena developed an eating disorder[View]
50462618this game created thousands of furries[View]
50466623why does Galar hate bug types so much?: where is my beedrill WHERE ARE MY VENOMOTH, MY LEDIAN, MY AR…[View]
50460377just give it overheat gamefreak[View]
50462005Should Game Freak keep wasting resources making male MCs and customizations for them when literally …[View]
50465570worst games ever[View]
50464093Kingdra: One of the coolest Pokémon designs ever made IMO Water/Dragon was an absolutely busted defe…[View]
50461381Pokemon who you want to see return in SV and/or what buffs they receive. >Mightyena An evolution …[View]
50464592>'Pokemon is a kids franchise'[View]
50466729>doesn't want to catch 'em all ban this fucker[View]
50430544Drawthread: Previous >>50399315 >Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ >Tumblr Tag: #vpdrawthread …[View]
50453525Make a signature move for a Pokeman from your least favorite Generation: I'll start: Maractus g…[View]
50465415Hisuian Snow: It's out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5diZPGOLhk[View]
50464153What the fuck was his problem?[View]
50466566You don't get the Hype: >in a weird midgame RSE area >Pre-evolutions are demonstrably bad…[View]
50466595Hello friends, I need a little help. does anyone know where I can find the ROMs of Pokemon red fire/…[View]
50464115pokemon dream: >playing pokemon ruby >in some cave >find some secret spot >it goes deepe…[View]
50466497no content[View]
50426930A human? What's that? You look like a regular Eevee to me.[View]
50461458/vp/ plays Pokemon Reborn: LAST TIME >receiving the badge from terra, we headed down into the wat…[View]
50466473I get that the rollout is because they don’t want the servers to shit themselves like with Bank but …[View]
50466440What are your thoughts on human pokemon relationships? How much do you love your pokemon?[View]
50466037What's this nigga's problem?[View]
50465876>HOME >sword and shield >brilliant diamond and shining pearl >scarlet and violet…[View]
50466076Alcremie Thread: Post pics of Alcremie I need them for my folder Help a brother out[View]
50464993I stopped playing pokemon after Sun and Moon. What's the competitive scene like now?[View]
50464142Who do you believe is the male protagonist most likely to have autism? My guess would be Lucas.[View]
50466191A-Ninetales...: She's not allowed in Sinnoh, it's too cold. Can we bully her?[View]
50465737>hello, we're the downfall of the franchise[View]
50466096Who's them pokemans[View]
50465710Rhydon's design looks so much better than Rhyperior's its not even funny. >The first Po…[View]
50466023Scarlet and Violet Starter Final Evo confirmed?[View]
50461238Gen 2 is the fucking best.: Gen 2 is literally the peak of Pokémon.[View]
50461983did this hack ever get made? I'm not talking about the pokemon pink hack with jigglypuff in the…[View]
50462858Moshi moshi! Lillie desu~[View]
50465140Sending from BDSP to Legends Arceus... SOUL[View]
50460499ITT: What you expected vs what you got[View]
50461540Middle Stage Thread[View]
50462299It was supposed to be a new mascot of sorts, why did it fail?[View]
50464916>grape legend >riding theme This is either going to look really cool or really retarded…[View]
50454424Gen 6 was the downfall: XY was the first gen that started pandering hard to casuals. It introduced t…[View]
50465686>pro nuzlocker[View]
50465661its so cool[View]
50459496Pokemon ROM hacks: >be me >haven't played pokemon in a year >wants to start again but …[View]
50462178So uhh, is anybody looking forward to this?[View]
50464641>All these people getting excited about BDSP/PLA Home connectivity >Alphas retained in transf…[View]
50463967Post your tierlists[View]
50453632Didn't buy shit and shield, did this ever end up being accurate?[View]
50463403Where does the Gunk comes from?[View]
50465150>dex lists Hisuian Forme for mons, implying the existence of other forms >apparently can'…[View]
50465067Why do I come here every day? I don't even watch ashnime anymore and have NEVER played a pokemo…[View]
50462325Let’s settle this once and for all. Who is the best female champion?[View]
50464765>Introduces an amazing feature in one game >Doesn't include it in the next Why is GameFre…[View]
50458489Bad take. Pokemon cards at least are physical and not digital and there's variety at artstyle. …[View]
50465020help me: i cant take this anymore im fucking obsessed i need to consume more pokemon content or im g…[View]
50464608Sometimes one of the version mascots is just way better than the other.[View]
50464465>tfw just realized that due to home update we are gonna get a new wave of fake leakers posting in…[View]
50455320Why does the female character always have way better clothing and hairstyle options than the male?[View]
50459374>be frigo >return[View]
50464612>meanwhile in johto[View]
50464866death of pokemon[View]
50464863https://youtu.be/fbcjFvXGXYQ YES! You are gonna make it! YES! There's NOTHING you cannot do! Yo…[View]
50460509This is the peak of pokesprites[View]
50463072How cool would it be if there were a Dawn Lycanroc: Imagine being a trainer strolling on Route 1 in …[View]
50460964/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Dragon fuckers Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55…[View]
50433002/wfg/ This one's for Floyd! edition[View]
50464667Where is the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet news?[View]
504647603 hours[View]
50464747ITT: post your favorite pokemon and confess you biggest secret love kommo-o, my favorite tied with S…[View]
50463869They should make Pokémon types that are just half. Like half water type Pokémon so instead of 2x sup…[View]
50464557Why are 'good'/competitively viable mons always so ugly?[View]
50464487I make[View]
50464066The only Starter pass Gen 1 to transcend to Mascot tier[View]
50464135My favorite Pokemon character? Why yes, it's Test02[View]
50464194Here's your next presents bro: >SWSH news drop (June 5th, Release date Nov 15th - 163 days a…[View]
50462685Do Humanoid Pokemon use the Toilet when they poop and peep? or do they dig up the yard?[View]
50462011Its been a decade and stupid japanese game developers havent fix him yet. WTF?[View]
50461873Which game in the Pokemon series came the closest to being for 'mature' audiences?[View]
50462124Does this thing even exist? It just feels like Mandela effect pikablu mew under the truck shit[View]
50464415I always liked how Green played 4D chess on everyone. That was pretty cool.[View]
50462550Why couldn't we get an Italian region?[View]
50463858What is the best generation to catch 'em all within that generation? For example, all GBA and G…[View]
50462481>Meanwhile, in rule 63 /vp/,...[View]
50463584>Is one of the rarest pokemon in the series for no reason in your path[View]
50463233Could it finally be getting an evolution?[View]
50462301How come they don't show Pokemon trying to kill kids anymore?[View]
50461632>Create mechanic everyone enjoys >Get rid of it two gens later Why can't GF just stick wi…[View]
50462132Anyone else thinks that Pokemon Let's Go is criminally underrated?: >Best looking Pokemon ga…[View]
50464290So... are you just gonna be unable to transfer GBA and DS mons to the modern games once Bank goes do…[View]
50463016Congratulations, anon! You and your pokemon fought hard and now, you've both earned a spot in t…[View]
50464083Do you think gamefreak actually wanted a canonical MaleProtagXLillie relationship in SM? or was it j…[View]
50432275Pokemon Redesigns[View]
50460552It still blows my mind that they debuted a next-gen pokemon about 2 years before the game came out. …[View]
50460572Why are they changing artstyle each game now? What's the point when you already a supposed 'sma…[View]
50463948News when[View]
50459550>write a complex male character deeply ingrained in the game's story and plot >make him g…[View]
50463677One hour until she takes over the GTS[View]
50463633>Grass shiny is new feathers, shade of orange, and foliage >Water shiny is new shells, markin…[View]
5046180130 MINUTES[View]
50462795Bank hype thread: Maintenance is right now What is the first mon you gonna pass to newer games? I ha…[View]
50462636What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
50462506>old balls will be in future games >games with breeding Balltismbros, what's the first co…[View]
50461501Get rid of Pokémon cries already[View]
50461039>carries your team[View]
50457183Pokémon Presents Tomorrow May 18th 2022: >Pokémon Home 2.0 release after the presentation >New…[View]
50461623Explorers of Time & Darkness remake when[View]
50461626Raticate vs Watchog: Which one should I put in my Black 2 team? >inb4 there are better options th…[View]
50457833ITT: You didn't beat the game. >Using Pseudos[View]
50461739This has to be fake[View]
50452390Left or Right?[View]
50435847Showderp: Party Hard Edition: Hi there, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for a partygoer du…[View]
50458778SWSH New Content after Home's Update 2.0: Pokémon HOME Update coming May 18, 2022 Strange Ball …[View]
50462907What’s your favorite Pokeball, /tr/?[View]
50451215ITT: tough pills to swallow: >HMs are only bad because they take up moveslots, otherwise they are…[View]
50462834>'Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?' >Boy Feels good every time.…[View]
50461041Should gamefreak start making designs based on famous videogame characters? We already have pokemon …[View]
50458235Whats more fun? Mainline games, GO, Masters or Unite?[View]
50462289>You can battle 14yo in Gold/Silver >No battle against 17yo Red in Ruby/Sapphire >No battle…[View]
50433241/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Safari Zone Seville: Land of the Bullshills Edition >Pokémon Go Event…[View]
50456394How the fuck do people keep missing events?[View]
50458512>https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=439453 I love how this fangame that came out almo…[View]
50459724ITT: Pokémon that are too based for normal fags to handle.[View]
50462492Goh: I hurt myself today.[View]
50456619If you could own any pokegirl, who would it be?[View]
50453641fuck this game's marching band music[View]
50462050cinderace without pants![View]
50462405ghost type roadkill cat pokemon when?[View]
50460877Johto games fucking suck: Gen 2 and the remakes are by far the worst in the series and anoyone that …[View]
50459875These are all the confirmed Mons in SV so far.: Who is going on your team?[View]
50461809The Birth of Venus de Milotic[View]
50445011/pcg/ Pokeclicker general: TRAINER CARD Edition >What is it? Pokéclicker is an open-source game b…[View]
50455253Zoomers will never understand.[View]
50461512So the Scarlet legendary is going to look like a traditional dragon and the Violet legendary is goin…[View]
50449271/vp/ - why did they decide Himtontop should no longer be on his head?[View]
50461787Pokémon Let's Go Entei and Pokémon Let's Go Raikou Pokémon Legends Suicune[View]
50453655/vp/ixelmon hype thread 12 days remain[View]
50461711Pokemon fell off[View]
50461149Post kino fun facts: In Crystal, if you train at the Pokemon's place of capture, its happiness …[View]
50461606Shipping Names Thread: >burningleafshipping Why would you call your ship a literal trashfire?…[View]
50461143/vp/ in the year 2000: We pretend we are on /vp/ and it's the year 2000 shortly after Gold and …[View]
50461054>best designs of their lines >are also the least popular of their lines why pokemon fans have …[View]
50461547>mfw I'm an extremely short yet lanky guy slapping my Torterra's ass to make it attack…[View]
50456717ITT Pokemon region set in India. Hopes, dreams, ideas, thoughts?[View]
50461432Kyogre boop Qwilfish[View]
50456628/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 MOBA where the objective is to score more poin…[View]
50461359These games are so bad. You can't find new Pokemon anywhere and they have zero identity of thei…[View]
50453500/vp/ plays Pokemon Reborn: LAST TIME >returning to Agate circus, we confronted Terra about being …[View]
50460851Could these work as Eeveelutions?[View]
50459945I just want a game that lets me travel to Hoenn & Sinnoh from Kanto/Johto like how they're …[View]
50461255Tauros bull runs for goring idiots on the streets and in the bullring? It's culturally appropri…[View]
50461228Pokedex enttries: Post the funnies. I'll start with Drifloon: >Stories go that it grabs the …[View]
50459650*Blocks your path*[View]
50460911WTF did he mean by this?[View]
50460120The next trailer will come soon, but not as soon as you think:: Tomorrow they'll announce the d…[View]
50448458What was your first pokemon game and how many people have you slept with?[View]
50459821POST'EM ROAST'EM[View]
50460706for me, it's[View]
50460871>metal claw >ice beam >on a fucking infernape what did she mean by this…[View]
50455616Who is your go-to Flymon, anon?[View]
50458979/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: Women are a mistake Edition >Livestream link (Fridays …[View]
50458427Is Charizard the Poochie of Pokemon?[View]
50443217What's your favorite /vp/ meme?[View]
50460809Guyss...?!: >3rd May - Kanto >10th May - Johto >17th May - Hoenn ... >28th June - ???…[View]
50460179What a gay-ass DORK holy shit. I'm skipping this cringy gen[View]
50460702We fucking NEED a new game bros[View]
50454800BDSP is the best Pokemon game of the decade, but only people with elite taste understand this.[View]
50459020Got a new friend today[View]
50457815Digimon Drama: So I was wondering since there are pokemon stickers and digimon stickers. Did you or …[View]
50457736GET THE FUCK IN HERE: Pokemon presents tomorrow https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/15263520741154078…[View]
50458798Which Pokemon Gen have the best designs-Wise: For me gen 5[View]
50458381Post Your Favorite And Your Least Favorite Pokémon From Generation Five[View]
50460083post em: https://youtu.be/sLIF66XLL8Y[View]
50457309Have Coldplay copied Pokémon music in the past?: https://youtu.be/mojd-YZWSHE This blatant attempt a…[View]
50450360Explain this Pokémon lore:: If this truck has nothing and is useless, why did they leave it there? W…[View]
50457405What does it mean?[View]
50449036The death of Pokemon[View]
50460144https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Badge#List_of_Badges Interesting how gen 1 and 2 had the nam…[View]
50460032Imagine Arceus giving you the perfect form as a 2nd stage but you refuse to have it[View]
50459768The one and only true leak of Gen9 starters final evolutions: All of the other one are made up…[View]
50460157Togetic Tuesday: It's the busiest day of the week, anon! make sure to take a moment for yoursel…[View]
50459662>ITT: Times when this franchise was intentionally kino[View]
50458293post this lickilicky when they least expect it[View]
50455537Who is your signature mon? Mine is Clauncher.[View]
50456811Where should the next game be set?[View]
50458391It's getting delayed isn't it? another developer scared of elden ring[View]
50456181Needs competitive cutemon team for future reference: Can /vp/bros shares some of your knowledge to c…[View]
50459663Do we have any hints towards what legendary Pokémon we are getting?[View]
50448005Can you purple, /vp/? I bet you can't purple, because you're ugly![View]
50459338Why do they let you skip the catching tutorials in gen 1 and 2 but the other gens force you to watch…[View]
50459460ITT: characters from American cartoons[View]
50459544gamer moments in showdown: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8nationaldexag-1576793370 press swi…[View]
50455188Ice type is bad because, because it just is ok?[View]
50458342your pokemon should be your lifelong friends, not battle slaves.[View]
50458053Do Pokemon need to go to the toilet?[View]
50459092Change one thing about him to make it useless. Hard mode: No ability or stat changes.[View]
50457538do sapphire fans really?[View]
50459260Magical Pokémon Journey: Rerun thread 4 Previous thread: >>50453355 https://strawpoll.com/poll…[View]
50456896how will gen 9 top these? gen 8 gym battles are the best in the franchise[View]
50455565Look at these FIRE and WATER type trainers. Theyre my favorite FIRE and WATER type pokemon trainers.…[View]
50457137Why does /vp/ seem to hate Pokémon so much?[View]
50458197I like Scraggy.[View]
50458580>open your phone >open the message you received from her >she sent you this pic >'Hey An…[View]
50458465>Bulbasaur Cute, iconic, and lovable. >Ivysaur Literal perfection >Venusaur Hatable abomin…[View]
50448454What do you belive is the most balanced gen competitively? By 'balanced', we understand a metagame w…[View]
50456025/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread:: Family Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC…[View]
50450204How can one Pokémon be so unvelievably based?[View]
50454930how long do you think he can go on like this[View]
50457798Pokémon Tranier Gender Swap Thread: Post Pokémon trainer gender swap[View]
50458763How a communist revolution in the Pokémon franchise would be?[View]
50458212What is this?[View]

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