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54583008*sigh* What could have been...[View]
54582330Where was quality control? Did their focus groups approve of these? How many were scrapped before t…[View]
54577021Sylveon: >87.5% male despite being a 'feminine' mon >very specific pink/white/blue color schem…[View]
54580581I'm surprised that with the obsession of shiny Pokemon, there's next to no information on …[View]
54579485The only reason I am interested in Pokemon now is the abundance of cute girls, from the trainers to …[View]
54580879Yo momma's so fat, low kick does an exceptional amount of damage to her.[View]
54579394what do we think about that ?[View]
54582928I want to become a pokemon. I want to leave behind this mortal flesh[View]
54580215>bike legendaries >no pokemon battles on motorcycles…[View]
54581942What can we expect from this?[View]
54582808regional tournaments?: So I was wondering if a city or shop had to meet certain requirements to host…[View]
54582694>let's make a Trump pokemon what they were thinking[View]
54582612Hitmonchan like every Pokémon will be in the next mainline Pokémon game: And everyone after that for…[View]
54581215Her right leg is definitely broken[View]
54582680Why are shards such a pain in the ass to get in Platinum? I just want to teach my Gallade Thunder Pu…[View]
54579901paldeadex: almost 1 year, and we are coming to the last pokemon in this dex,what is your opinion? mi…[View]
54579518Hitoshi Ariga: I love Arigss designs. I hope he will design a starter Pokémon for Generation 10.…[View]
54570418Is there any fangame besides 2 old dead unsinished flash projects where you can actually fuck the Po…[View]
54580417my fucking table fell through the fucking ground[View]
54579586i might just be stupid but why do people hate SM again? usually when people shit on it they mention …[View]
54580703Orbeetle at home[View]
54578448These games were where Pokémon felt like it jumped the shark for me. Powerfully retarded story that …[View]
54582250Playing this for the first time, is there any hack to remove rui's collision?[View]
54580916Gengar at home[View]
54580698Tinkaton killer at work[View]
54581304Complete Zygarde should be Planet-sized.: Complete Zygarde should be Planet-sized.[View]
54580827>Domain Expansion[View]
54581834Pokemon is a competitive game: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9randombattle-1955359134…[View]
54579122Will a Pokemon people actually care about get a really good upgraded form like Ursaluna did?[View]
54575417Miku tierlist: Post 'em https://tiermaker.com/create/hatsune-miku-x-pokemon-voltage-16207451…[View]
54579275I kicked her ass and it was easy. I laughed at her temper tantrum-throwing ass when the pathetically…[View]
54578358When did they start the critical hit boost friendship shit? Why do they do this?[View]
54580090Rhyperior saved the line[View]
54578609Kanto will ALWAYS be king. Every single game related to Kanto is a masterpiece and the only good Pok…[View]
54575320>>72243581 Holy fuck, your post was so shitty that I have to Future Sight it just to warn thes…[View]
54581615>be me >put in effort and passion in the first ever foreign region set in Pokemon with an enti…[View]
54578849Old Pokemon games are mid Random encounters and trainer battles are boring and barely even count as …[View]
54581231How did males cope with this?[View]
54577587>gets Tidy Up Is it Ubers?[View]
54580681>I will now proceed to pleasure myself with myself[View]
54581525Marry and reproduce: Marry and reproduce[View]
54574547Reaction Image Thread: The fresher, the better.[View]
54581190Are these worth playing? I've heard they are really easy but is that actually true or is it jus…[View]
54577943He won.[View]
54580573*ahem* fuck ogres[View]
54581070The only thing about this series that makes me smile anymore is the fish pokemon.[View]
54581095Landorus at home[View]
54580313Ceruledge at the farm[View]
54571317Reaction image/screencap thread: vorefag seethe edition[View]
54580887>if he rides a horse, he magically stops being a grass-type do you think the devs at Gamefreak ta…[View]
54573440Geeta: Just beat her. Why is she the worst Champion?[View]
54578414Will we ever get a straight Water starter ever again?[View]
54577145Zapdos at home[View]
54577347Pokémon That Can Kill Humans[View]
54574476Would MMF with Jessie and James be gay[View]
54578308If discordfags REALLY wanted to stir shit, they'd defend gen 8 instead of gen 6.[View]
54577906Are there any example of story-driven pokemon designs outside of Onix and Spiritomb? I don't fe…[View]
54576969Do you think when they remake XY they will make Z and fix some of the glaring issues with gen 6 and …[View]
54576747Cross media missed opportunities: tell me things you wish one piece of media would incorporate from …[View]
54575436It’s interesting how GF doesn’t allow inspiration from fan designs yet Raging Bolt seems to be heavi…[View]
54575192>One Happy Meal please. >Yes I will take the Pokemon cards, thank you.…[View]
54531919Cynthia Thread: I like her. I think she's cool.[View]
54577154Skarmory at home[View]
54577737Moltres at home[View]
54578188Palkia real[View]
54580499Move Animations that Offended Or Grossed You Out: I remember vividly when I was 12 and playing Alpha…[View]
54578579>In the internal data of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Shiinotic is defined as a Mythical Pokémon i…[View]
54558028Hex Maniac`: Spooky thread for a spooky girl.[View]
54579056SV: Just beat Scarlet and had a good time. I really love a bunch of the new 'mons and Arven was…[View]
54577442Ghost Types are the only Type where there is not a SINGLE truly Bad Pokémon Design[View]
54579721Wow the dialogue in this game is hilariously fucking awful. Just miserable. I hadnt played the old P…[View]
54579681dipplin: is he any good or should i stick to one of the first two apples? if so which one? also joe …[View]
54578568Just caught this little fucker, what should I name him?[View]
54574555This was possibly the best final boss in a Pokemon game ever, both narratively and gameplay wise. …[View]
54580058>What if Intimidate.... but Paralysis!!! I shouldve fucking known when i saw basic phrases misspe…[View]
54525237Johto Girls: The best[View]
54580024>>42183420 Happy New Year!![View]
54578839Hey, /vp/: I want you to turn my shitty version of my home into a Pokémon region. I need: >At lea…[View]
54575601hey: fuck you[View]
54579146yep, it’s nightly sharty meltdown time[View]
54579366LIE: LIE[View]
54579531GBA/DS Release: So are we going to get GBA games on VC or dedicated HGSS, BW, B2W2 releases anytime …[View]
54574773>Not a single Johtoshit mon: Lol[View]
54578691Can arceus be transfered to the game if she was not made when it was released[View]
54577155it ruined shiny hunting[View]
54572705Reminder that Cynthia is a 100% heterosexual woman who is only sexually interested in men of similar…[View]
54551047Shiny Hunt Thread: for some reason the last thread died after I returned from work I have found thes…[View]
54578181>Region explicitly based off America >Castelia City is supposed to be NYC >Franchise retcon…[View]
54576331>different names >different eyes >different hair if you go with customization (even BDSP cu…[View]
54579201Post the most dishonest, bullshit asswipe mons. Oh wait, that's more than half of the latest ge…[View]
54576168It's oger[View]
54574144hoenn anime: i havent watched the hoenn anime since i was young, but i remember loving it, anyone ha…[View]
54578981>mfw the mere sight of seel or mr mime is enough to make zoomies piss and shit their pants with r…[View]
54568328Trainer Thread - Enjoying Rural Picnics edition: Post your trainer's current look, style, and a…[View]
54578914you mean to tell me they made a goddamn samurai shogun overlord with a fucking SWORD MUSTACHE who ju…[View]
54578718Release date is November 25th.[View]
54563054Why exactly did Game Freak write an NTR plot?[View]
54577446Fact: Pokemon was completely uncontroversial and relatively high quality until the Switch games happ…[View]
54577980How are there no pokemon related edits of this cat yet[View]
54576893These things are beautiful compared to the royal three[View]
54578350Dunsparce.: I caught one early on in White 2, and Defense Curl + Rollout at level fucking 4 is a rea…[View]
54577483gonna play through Platinum! which team should I use?[View]
54578211FUCK SV: >adds godzilla >cant dynamax it…[View]
54566782What could GF possibly be implying by giving Alola Ninetails THIS kind of animation to a critter mad…[View]
54576207What would be his typing? Dude could have Ground (Bones), Ghost (Undead Skeleton), Dragon (Just a bi…[View]
54578074Pokemon is the most profitable franchise on Earth, every mainline game makes back massive margins. Y…[View]
54577903Does it make sense for him to go from pic related to his final team? How much exp did he get in Vict…[View]
54578150Still the best pokemon game of all time[View]
54577385Ahh so thats why she was an absolute fucking bitch to catch[View]
54564146Anyone else?: I look at what this property has morphed into and can't help but feel disgust. I …[View]
54577804Okidogi at Home[View]
54575506>Pic related gets Shell Smash and replace Shell Armor by Sturdy What do you think?…[View]
54575634No more brother wars.: Discord, you will not divide us any longer. KalosKings and Unovabros run this…[View]
54576315'The national dex isn't coming back next year': Alright if you truly believe that you shouldn…[View]
54577516I named my male Gothita 'Rokosowsky'. Looks quite similar, no?[View]
54577512Florian, if you want to save your friends, solve our maze![View]
54576301All the OPs says 'Gen wars, loli hentai, pro nuzlockers, vgc/smogon faggotry'. I just wanna play the…[View]
54574393Pic related and Stow-on-Side are my favorite towns. They're so unique ambiance-wise compared to…[View]
54576081The Terapagos plush is releasing on November 25th in Japan, so maybe Indigo Disk will release around…[View]
54575534i can't wait for this in gen 10[View]
54577262Why does nobody care about the generic furbait waifus except us, /vp/ sisters? :([View]
54575285Guys I think the female Eevee from PMD Explorers made me into a furry what should I do.: I named her…[View]
54573175why is this allowed to exist? all they did was change the color scheme. it is 99% the same as tentac…[View]
54577252Peach legendary...: What are you planning to do with him?[View]
54574468Why does this game treat players like idiots?: Me: defeat Korrina, I got my third badge. This shit i…[View]
54576051>no nidoking >No nidoqueen >No alakazam >No machamp >No staryu >But instead we got…[View]
54577195*blocks your path*[View]
54573794If Rockruff was a grass type, what would it evolve into? A Lichenroc![View]
54576640Look at this manta ray[View]
54573678I'm really upset, I tried to evolve my Eevee I to an Umbreon on pokemon X but it evolved into a…[View]
54576986If there was one thing I was looking forward to from this absolute heap of diarrhoea, it was the rem…[View]
54577039>GB Terrain >game becomes gen 1[View]
54573129Why is X and Y so fucking easy?: I begin playing pokemon X nuzlocke and the first day of playing and…[View]
54576934Not so far girlie, I activate my hand trap, Team Galactic's Power Spray! It negates your Pokémo…[View]
54575765>the dlc hype already fallen >the only people that give a shit about Kieran are pedo homos…[View]
54574303Monotype starters were a mistake: Monotype starters were a mistake[View]
54573862I don't want gen 5 remakes if they are like BDSP[View]
54572503Why is Draydon forcing his grandson to attend a school he clearly doesn't want to be at[View]
54562809Penny: She means the world to me.[View]
54576754>you get hit by truck-kun >you wake up in the universe where everything is the same except Viv…[View]
54574072KEK This fucking game https://twitter.com/theSupremeRk9s/status/1705463104883101764[View]
54576694>>54575966 >when does 'newpokémon' start? it starts with Sword and Shield (generation 8) be…[View]
54576326'I am sorry.' 'You know, when I was watching you all on your adventures from down here, I felt a sen…[View]
54576455Pokemon games ranked based on the plot[View]
54575646Is the next story arc gonna center around a yandere Peach mon being obsessed over the MC, using Kier…[View]
54573257What would a pokemom game with a region based on Ukraine be like?[View]
54570629What is a soulful pokemon design[View]
54575793The idea of pokemon is retarded. You mean to tell me that going around with a magical fox that'…[View]
54572117Gardepon: Gardepon[View]
54574874Why do you hate PLA and SV? They're clearly steps in the right direction even if you think they…[View]
54575653Time to settle it, what's coming next? A Johto game, a Unova game, or something else? Gen 5 was…[View]
54576363>no cap fr fr[View]
54572224There’s probably hundreds of thousands of this guy in the wild right What are the odds that all of t…[View]
54574212Why isn't there a good Pokemon MMOs? PokeMMO is shit.[View]
54575928Evergrande: In hindsight this was really clever satire[View]
54574588Dragon Miku and Miraidon by Yusuke Omura[View]
54495276Let’s have a thread for my favorite Pokémon[View]
54576121based....and some might even say, redpilled.[View]
54575970Bros....you told me gen 5 was based Oldpokemon.....[View]
54575932The best Miku. Hands down.[View]
54575944i havent played pokemon in a fat minute so recently i decided to get back into it and i gotta say th…[View]
54575989Sorry if this doesn’t belong here but I just found this. It’s sealed. Not sure if I should open it o…[View]
54571304Since BB is in Unova: Imagine your fave Gen 5 Chara at Blueberry Academy.[View]
54575911>How Pokémon Shatinum Fixed DiaPer and SAVED SHITnoh >38:05 >Gireum Red >36.8K subscribe…[View]
54574955>when you see something so beast-phobic you gotta hit them with that true child neglect stare…[View]
54575818Tapu Lele in SS OU: This mon is too good. Should probably be banned. Specs Modest has absolutely no …[View]
54573323whoever it was at TPC or gamefreak that thought it was a good idea to ruin the old designs with ugly…[View]
54571832Well, is he right, should Pokemon remakes stop happening? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qo4KnBCQwz…[View]
54574813Complete Zygarde should be Planet-sized.: Complete Zygarde should be Planet-sized.[View]
54569168Why doesn't /vp/ talk about these games? How many of you actually played them?[View]
54575335Anybody else playing pokefind? Kind of fun having quests and npc gyms for stuff to do, but it sucks …[View]
54573094>Introduce fishmon with the Sharpness ability >Its not based on a marlin/swordfish…[View]
54570453>Hype up new split evo >Hype up new ability >Hype up new Signature move >Give it the sa…[View]
5457264010/10 design 0/10 gameplay[View]
54573766Pokémon is a good franchise.[View]
54574881I think I came up with a pretty neat idea for an ability, get this >Fight or Flight >When redu…[View]
54574183Lets Go Johto Predictions: >will include kanto, obviously >kanto is just ported from LGPE >…[View]
54574993its called Dusclops because it goes *CLOP CLOP CLOP* whenever it walks[View]
54573113I don't understand how you can have fans of a franchise of rampaging monsters that could easily…[View]
54574596>Johto is the best! >Johto number one! *clap clap* >Johto is the best! >Johto number one…[View]
54573676Landorus at home[View]
54574699WHERE ARE THEY?[View]
54570785Cut should be super effective against Grass types[View]
54574168Someone help me with the rest of this shit[View]
54572058Today I was waiting for a train and Leprechaun punched me in the dick: I asked him why he was dresse…[View]
54573815Goodnight babies[View]
54574207So they were definitely fucking, right?[View]
54574541Don't mind me, just 'genning' this Pokemon.[View]
54573423Why are team aqua all black and team magma are all white? What did Japan mean by this?[View]
54570426>43 base speed[View]
54572091who has the vaporeon with the lets fuck eyes[View]
54572933Does anyone have that story about Lyra pegging Gold's Quilava?: I need it to win an argument…[View]
54574299The offical /vp/ approved list has dropped: Old-Pokemon Red Blue Gold Silver RubySapphire BlackWhite…[View]
54572575Can Pokémon and humans feel that special sort of way about each other the way that Digimon and human…[View]
54573772Any other franchise would've been made a laughing stock for such pitifully low quality output, …[View]
54569815Showderp - is dead edition: Welcome to Showderp, where we suggest 6 Zombie sets for champ to use on …[View]
54574110Battle Frontier:: I want to do an all golds run on the battle frontier, are there saves available wi…[View]
54565495https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/on-the-radar.3711025/#post-9799354 >The SV OU tiering counc…[View]
54572578My device died. All I've left is a Venomoth at home[View]
54573848anons, im looking to fuck over the retards at my local card shop. i want to make a stall deck that i…[View]
54574053Trainer Cards: Post ‘em[View]
54573547Barry is not impatient, its just that diamond and pearl are so slow.[View]
54573429>Mega Roaring Moon[View]
54573534Any good romhacks/fangames with overworld encounters like LGPE or S/V? Or fuck just rec me any good …[View]
54573890Disguise: Disguise should block shit like Intimidate until the disguise is broken. Flavor text for a…[View]
54571045>Cynthia's Garchomp toughed it out so she wouldn't feel sad![View]
54566909Give some criticism to your favorite gen and praise to your least favorite.: >Gen 3 Not having a …[View]
54572717Why does Cynthia own a Lickilicky[View]
54569846Coming up to the end of this generation with everybody getting their hands on the dlc and getting a …[View]
54573515Why Zacian is Blatantly Unbalanced: > Fairy Type (also steel type) > Has Super Minmaxed Stats …[View]
54548552/zzz/ - Pokémon Sleep General: Good Sleep Event coming up Sept 28th-29th-30th! What is Pokémon Slee…[View]
54565458New Form for Gardevoir: Why has she not gotten anything new since gen VI? With the introduction of r…[View]
54515532ogerpon thread(?): i'm literally obsessed with her.[View]
54556783Why couldn't gen 3 look like this?[View]
54573152We're in rare form, Torterrabros... savor this moment, for this bliss is but a fleeting dream b…[View]
54573199>there are still tons of cool animals that have yet to have pokemon based off of them, or the ani…[View]
54512810/Ruse/day: Service Kit edition: >current OP count: 86 Previous thread: >>54457879 Rusefox G…[View]
54573270Orthworm has a pretty neat shiny[View]
54553047Misty Monday Double Trouble Edition: Monday morning time again! Share your love of Misty with the wo…[View]
54572884>puts more effort into random skit on stream with 100 viewers than GF does with their DLC He…[View]
54564543Thoughts on Nemona now that we've had Kieran for for a little bit now[View]
54564384Say something nice about the 4G Remakes.[View]
54565853Roxanne bros.....we've finally won...[View]
54572910>Lana looks like a boy, no curves at all >Lillie and Chicken look like their body is just gonn…[View]
54572107>Nemona is an acknowledged battle sex goddess >Arven literally won the 2022 Famitsu Award for…[View]
54571029Should LEGENDS be the new norm going forward? Single player focused games?[View]
54573050gonna play Platinum with some minor, self-imposed difficulty tweaks. which team should I use, &…[View]
54573059Here's your sinnoh champion, /vp/[View]
54570421Best gen 1 videos?: Looking for some good Gen1 video content. Could be playthroughs, trivia, nuzlock…[View]
54572369>Strongest Pokémon in DP was Abomasnow >Strongest Pokémon in Pt was Froslass in gym gym battle…[View]
54571701Will she get love or will she be outshined by her male counter part?[View]
54571745>You are challenged by Blueberry Champion Kieran![View]
54555431Why are they obsessed with the moon?[View]
54567029Miku and SirFetch’d by Take[View]
54562660Is Maylene the most underrated pokegirl?[View]
54567940Sinnoh dex: Yknow, DP Sinnoh’s Pokémon distribution isn’t even bad at first, the game introduces new…[View]
54564377Gamefreak is getting even greedier!: So it turns out that the expected DLC pack release of Scarlet a…[View]
54571828Kieran hate thread: I want to make his life a living Hell[View]
54569674Was this anyone else’s favorite location in SM?[View]
54572293Details of the Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration have been released. Opens Septemer 28th 2023 …[View]
54570126Where are they?: Where are they?[View]
54571959bellossom was purple and green when was revelead[View]
54572202Pokeinfluencers for this feel?[View]
54562192What the FUCK was Kieran’s problem?[View]
54565698/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
54572145Pure Kino Soul Bliss: Let's get a kino thread goin broskis, and please have a good day while yo…[View]
54568140he's perfect[View]
54561637when will YOU reject translation and play in the superior original language?[View]
54572110>Game lets you get a second Cosmog >Doesn't let you give it to Lillie What a waste of a g…[View]
54569239Evolutions, Prevolutions, Forms, or Variants that you want: I really want Miltank and Tauros to have…[View]
54571817That.....explains everything......[View]
54569845>using swords dance is moral and good >using an x attack is a sin against god…[View]
54547757/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: End of Psychic Spectacular Edition >Pokémon GO Event Info https://pok…[View]
54549263Husbando Thread: HE makes YOU a sandwich edition >Discuss husbando >Worship husbando >Bully…[View]
54567853>Convinced his Principle to get you into his try-hard battle school for revenge I'm scared…[View]
54560148Which region has the worst gym leaders?: Choose and argue[View]
54571886Will I be able to catch Iron Leavs in the DLC?[View]
54569434Post underrated cutemons. This little fucker is adorable.[View]
54559126kahili: appreciate her[View]
54571398To clear the confusion about the Pokémon Scarler and Violet + The Hidden Treasure Area Zero physical…[View]
54564251no Pokémon just a martial arts tournament, who's winning?[View]
54567178New studies find that over 50% of modern couples find each other online Despite the fact that you ar…[View]
54569213There isn't a single fire Pokemon that has 'singe' as part of it's name.[View]
54563655thanks, doc[View]
54564677Where's Leaf?: Why didn't they bring their other friend to Alola?[View]
54571399Nice haunted house, Kalosperm. Almost as good as your power plant.[View]
54559424>This is considered peak pokemon 'content' in 2023[View]
54559065I really hope Microsoft buys Nintendo or at least just Gamefreak. This shit needs to be stopped asap[View]
54568358Why was it (and Miraidon) such a pussy?[View]
54571436Would you consider this the start of nu-pokemon?[View]
54562605What are some boogeymen that haunt this board?[View]
54568733Zygarde -Z moves Ultra Necrozma - Dynamax Calyrex - Tera hats Terapagos -?[View]
54565368How did the grass starters go from the unpopular choice to the best overall designs? Only Rillaboom …[View]
54559227/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Marnie Giving Meds To Our Friends Edition >Livestream l…[View]
54567955Best game music?: Some Pokemon games have songs that are way too good to be in a Pokemon game. Examp…[View]
54565622Are you ready? Ahhhhhhh[View]
54565918*has sex with your favorite pokemon*[View]
54570947Jesus fucking Christ I had forgotten what a massive ass pain these tera raids were, looking at the u…[View]
54570081>gen 1 = 100% >gen 2 = 50% >gen 3 = 33% >gen 4 = 25% >gen 5 = 20% >gen 6 = 16% …[View]
54571032Has someone see my Seggsdoll Rhydon anywhere?[View]
54570923>WIIUs shitty sales killed pokemon Z and Pokemon Stars >WIIU ruined Kalos and Alola forever SO…[View]
54570887Move fixing thread: Drain Punch should be Ghost or Fairy type. Aura type attacks could be seen as a …[View]
54567451https://youtu.be/Z3o-XEF-CtI?si=vWYUZ7B8YG8sezra KINO[View]
54569144>Dragon Dance + Defog + Removes Substitute What a retarded move.[View]
54569496Area Zero Music: https://youtu.be/HlR-jly9yUc?si=lgPIaH7g1Hz05L5c It's so goddamn beautiful, it…[View]
54570717Which Pokemon other than Dusknoir and Reshiram have had their reputations forever sullied by an auti…[View]
54563314pokémon anime jumped the shark: pokémon anime really fucking went down hill when charizard got dqed …[View]
54570183Every single pokemon released in the gen 8 and 9 is a shillmon, as those only were solely created fo…[View]
54570054They weren't THAT bad.[View]
54569623Now that the dust has settled, Complete Zygarde should be Landorus at Home.: >let's slap udd…[View]
54563976His time is now.[View]
54569949Repent: I was doing a nuzlocke of Pokemon white and I violated a rule. I was going against Elesa and…[View]
54568993Certified BITCH Pokemon . i fucking hate Vaporeon and all her degenrate fans. Please fucking lose yo…[View]
54570240lead poisoning: >''fixing'' (X) in (game that has been released 15 years ago and can't …[View]
54566659Post best gurl[View]
54568601We're never ever getting secret bases back, are we?[View]
54570227>Despite not having a secondary effect, Jet Punch is boosted by Sheer Force I really hope it…[View]
54567240Ask Rabooty anything about your investigation[View]
54570141My POLIWRATH: My Poliwrath is the coolest and strongest Pokemon. His punch can cause ripples in the …[View]
54570171Was Ogerpon worth it?[View]
54559487Steel Miku and Jirachi by Megumi Mizutani[View]
54567984The Retconning!!: In which we try to patch temporary pokemon forms we liked into a fixed, permanent …[View]
54569774Is the problem with modern pokemon games the lack of compelling side content that makes the world fe…[View]
54568665By all accounts, we should have a Pokemon based on the concept of transforming robots by now. Next t…[View]
54564132For 3DS games, XY are graphically just fine. There are flaws, sure, namely in the battle animations …[View]
54563871>fighting gym leader/elite four member >they use machamp…[View]
54569548What would Normal, Electric and Grass type E4 members be like? They're the only unrepresented t…[View]
54567867Complete Zygarde should be Planet-sized.: Complete Zygarde should be Planet-sized.[View]
54568574even as a kid I always thought it was really weird that crystal's box pokemon was part of a tri…[View]
54568407Femcels favorite Pokémon. Literally the baby Yoda of Pokémon[View]
54563201Why does it have udders?[View]
54567142>came out when my little pony and hatsune miku were popular as fuck this can't be a coincide…[View]
54568400>Just let someone else than Gamefreak make a Pokemon game >They'll do it better because G…[View]
54567808Yep, this is definitely a fighting type[View]
54567687As a genwunner, this is the kind of cave/dungeon design i've always wanted from a 3D pokemon ga…[View]
54564144Rewrite a Pokemon Story: People always complain about Pokemon's writing, and writefully so. How…[View]
54568356Mimikyu for pedophiles[View]
54560496/rheg/ - ROM Hacking and Essentials General Hitler edition: Notable Games: >https://pastebin.com/…[View]
54568454>be me >pokemon professor specialized in sexual differences between pokemon >I'm worki…[View]
54568114This is the only starter line trio that can obtain the national ribbon. Say something nice about the…[View]
54566159Dream World Art for Gen 9: For those who haven't seen it.[View]
54533374/ef/ - Eevee Friday: Under the Moon edition[View]
54556832Now all stories up to The Indigo Disk are out, what would you say is the best order to take them in …[View]
54544180Unironically what did GF mean by this? Why does a random objectmon from 2019 has 3 first evolutions,…[View]
54568426Bros..... the Kitakami Center Nurse didn't wish me a happy birthday....[View]
54568027i love these things[View]
54566083ORAS Was Ruined By Roblox: They cut: Character customization Battle Frontier Several entire location…[View]
54540103Trainer Card Thread: >ctrl f >no trainer card thread Let's fix that. Post, r8 n h8 >ht…[View]
54565479https://youtu.be/mlWUQ7BnD5Q?si=yEYUgpLNOl9aU2SW This song really pisses me off.[View]
54568278>magical creatures with super powers, able to conquer the galaxy with their abilities and lethal …[View]
54565455>Quadrupedal starter >except that it's mostly depicted as a bipedal even in the games W…[View]
54561198anyone else getting the urge to replay arceus again[View]
54565654>Red does nothing on his journey other than the gym badges and fight team Rocket a few times >…[View]
54562000Trainer Thread - Evolving Rare Pokemon edition: Post your trainer's current look, style, and an…[View]
54566223Is this Acerola x Allister?[View]
54566977Most boring fucking games I've ever played in my life.[View]
54564752Can we talk about how these rowdy rascals eavesdrop on human conversations careful what you say arou…[View]
54552381My Poke-husband[View]
54566921Entei is my favourite legendary dog[View]
54566328This Pokemon exists[View]
54564369White thread?: White thread[View]
54564524>is the worst minigame in your path You never see codes for Ogre Oustin' multiplayer because…[View]
54554469How do you feel about Pokémon Trainers as actual Pokémon?[View]
54561469So are there any other Marioipod13 leaked save files? The autist is very thorough with his saves.[View]
54547975Unironically what the fuck did they mean by this?[View]
54566406https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-fChqhQCOI >there's a section of the Japanese fanbase calle…[View]
54567168Whimsicott at home[View]
54555855/vp/ plays Pokemon Empire: Multi-LP: >this game is utter torture >our schizophrenia gets worse…[View]
54565418What the fuck happened with Juan's overworld sprite? Was he a last minute addition?[View]
54564420How the fuck are you supposed to farm ability patches? These items are basically required to play on…[View]
54566607The Truth.: What was wrong with this again? There is no Day/Night cycle in RSE. There is no Game Cor…[View]
54566531guys why are there planets in the terapagos image? why did some artist decide to randomly draw satur…[View]
54557367overhated or nah?[View]
54566098Landorus at home[View]
54528378Pokemon are for marriage and impregnation[View]
54561975Pokemon Cards collecting general: investorcucks edition: collect pokemon cards discuss your favorite…[View]
54565912Just for Fun, I Played Through FireRed tonight too: I played through LeafGreen today, but that wasn…[View]
54565797So... which part of Teal Mask involved Area Zero?[View]
54565523>every new generation has a pseudo legendary mon that is hard to find and evolves late >every …[View]
54562990FUCK YOU OHMORI BRING BACK MASUDA: I spend 35 dollars man... GF is seriously now just a scam company…[View]
54561121Here is Shauna! What do you think?[View]
54564300I hadn't touch a pokeyman game since USUM and early gen 8 OU: What's the current panorama …[View]
54561504The Indigo Disk confirmed for October.[View]
54562446Bug type champion[View]
54565558Tranquility now.[View]
54549036/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
54564241I'll save Kieran from the darkness cause he's my treasured friend[View]
54522203/pmdg/: Good Morning edition: Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Previous …[View]
54565177top 10 op pokemon: this is the walkthrogh on how to get the most op pokemon https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
54561921Buy tropius[View]
54560258Poochyena on a floatie.: Poochyena on a floatie.[View]
54564857>trio >secretly thieves >masks >association with poison Why did the Loyal Three bite Dee…[View]
54561745Theres nothing wrong with animalistic monsters with an element slapped on.[View]
54555665Which type do you think has the best pokegirls?: For me, it's Poison.[View]
54564962Silcoon and Cascoon: Silcoon and Cascoon[View]
54564970How does one leave thou trainer without sounding mad?[View]
54564977I love this new era of Pokémon. I wonder what we’ll get next?[View]
54564920How can I get it in Sv?[View]
54564916Beat LeafGreen and uploaded my LP to YouTube today: Hey everybody it's Marioipod13! Welcome bac…[View]
54564802This game is a hassle. It's not even fun. I open the app and sigh because it's fucking ann…[View]
54563337Pokearth: Kanto, Sevii Islands, Orange Islands (not pictured), Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Fiore, Al…[View]
54554577I've looked for the official website of the Pokémon Scale World series and compiled all the hei…[View]
54563002What's the biggest gaslighting campaign in pokemon? I think it has to be shatinum being good ht…[View]
54563082Do we know how old are the gen 9 protagonists or are we doomed to assume they are as old as Red and …[View]
54562407Ever wonder why Ice is treated as an 'advanced' type in the series? It's often the type for Eli…[View]
54564125playing as calem in x/y makes me feel so much more like a faggot than ever playing serena does. why …[View]
54564605>Cool >Smart >Popular I was totally like them back in my academy days…[View]
54564175Is stall too strong?[View]
54564087Pokemon needs to go back to the top down style[View]
54562088Totem Pokémon: We never agree, but I think we will agree on this.[View]
54559152I would cut all duplicate & similar species lines from the series if I could: They simply never …[View]
54563622Rabsca's boy inside the orb can finally be seen: thanks to dreamworld/corporate art[View]
54554526Give the people what they want, TPC.[View]
54560613There's only 251 Pokemon: No friendly rivals. No legendary godmons. No gay fursuit starters. No…[View]
54561350Dragons: Do we need more representation of dragons?[View]
54561797what is pokemon's worst dungeon?[View]
54560198Scarlet & Violet Complete Edition Announced: https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1706657511384…[View]
54560541Remember what they took from you[View]
54557845Soul https://x.com/coraldev_/status/1706352865797898660?s=20[View]
54554575>forms >moves >forms+moves >types Will the next gimmick focus on abilities? How so?…[View]
54553018Dark Miku and Obstagoon by Lownine[View]
54555478Does the existence of Terapagos show that we will never get any new types again?[View]
54559574ITT: only the tastiest looking Pokémon.[View]
54562475Is her hostility towards outsiders because she's mixed?[View]
54561659What are some good examples of Pokemon that are artificially popular.?[View]
54561944Lubby Chudder[View]
54546271>Yeah, my favorite Pokemon is Steeli-[View]
54563160If we WERE to get fusions as a gimmick for a gen (either as special Pokemon like Paradoxes/Ultra Bea…[View]
54562876What's a song you think of for each of them?: What's a song you think of for each of these…[View]
54559470I think we're in desperate need for a Rosa thread[View]
54560703You're still loyal to your Mistress, right /vp/?[View]
54561724Landorus at Home[View]
54562002borts never fail to piss me off: zoomer pieces of crap trying to rewrite history and make the medioc…[View]
54558300I miss the soul the old anime had or maybe it's just the writing of the newer ones I don't…[View]
54563231Recently started playing pic rel and compared to the regular pokemon game it's way harder to ju…[View]
54562590What zero pussy does to a mf.[View]
54559269Staraptor was amazing! I hope the next regional bird is just as gre-[View]
54561620bring back missing Isle of Armor Move tutor as TM in Indigo Disk: https://pokepast.es/9062d1fe208e56…[View]
54559338>go to Game Crazy right before they permanently close in 2009/2010 >looking at the game guide …[View]
54561686LOOK AT IT[View]
54560635You dropped your ball[View]
54562939hello /vp/. trans rights. also unova is so cool.[View]
54562043Why is youtube filled with so many melodramatic pseudointellectual video essays about troonova? No m…[View]
54562222>How Pokémon Shatinum Fixed DiaPer and SAVED SHITnoh >38:05 >Gireum Red >36.8K subscribe…[View]
54560161They are now assigning genders to legendary Pokémon. How does this make you feel?[View]
54562455what does this have to do with anything in the DLC?[View]
54555180>we were this close to having one of the best designed starters >they decided to fuck it up by…[View]
54554528Nothing bad happened to me personally, but can we have a Makuhita/Hariyama thread anyways?[View]
54562360Lana / Suirens: What do you think of this clever young woman? I think she's what keeps the Poke…[View]
54562364Why are people convinced these two idiots are Nemona's parents? The game never indicates a conn…[View]
54555876pokey: paklia[View]
54552842>his sister gets colonized >his poke waifu gets colonized What went wrong?…[View]
54560097Scientifically accurate Pokemon: Imagine if there Pokemon was made again, but this time it would try…[View]
54562434>I bought shining pearl because I didn't wanted replay scarlet >I'm after third gym …[View]
54559251This is a Digimon[View]
54561917What are mons that are loathed in the west but tolerated in the east?[View]
54561170How come nobody mentions that Gen 4 introduced just as many baby Pokemon as Gen 2 did? There being e…[View]
54561713Shuppet, Misdreavus, Mismagius[View]
54561050SV OU setters[View]
54562095I hate the fact that humans browse this board.[View]
54562054Physical Pokémon Scarlet & Violet + The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will release on November 3r…[View]
54555538If Pokemon Yellow was supposed to be like the anime, why didn't Blaine use Magmar?[View]
54558633Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Blueberry this winter. I'm going to get back wha…[View]
54555176Would they ever show a scene like this in-game?[View]

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