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52547348>Foe Espathra goes to use Stored Power >Terratypes into a Dark Type and OHKO's them >'…[View]
52548646Looking for a bored Scarlet anon who's willing to host a Union circle for me to catch exclusive[View]
52550472Open world was a mistake: The game is dreadful and unplayable. Unskippable dialogues are even worse …[View]
52546497Why does it feel like the game wants you to use Clodsire? You find Wooper in the first area of the g…[View]
52542603This game is quiet something...[View]
52549283Small things you would do to make the game better. >Have Nemona, Penny, and Arven randomly appea…[View]
52537115Does this game really deserve such a low rating for the performance issues alone? I've been ext…[View]
52550956Why the academy?: The academy seems so shoehorned into the game. It goes against the core theme of t…[View]
52551123>9 generations >still not Pokemon based on chinese dragon…[View]
52549769Pokemon Cards look way better now: Am i the only one who thinks this? The sword and shield sets have…[View]
52549541>cucked out of a good attack stat >cucked out of competitive viability >cucked out of #1000…[View]
52537587Claire did nothing wrong.[View]
52537683>le balanced minecraft mob of salt You better believe every fucking stall team has this fucker.…[View]
52548543Look at her go![View]
52547821>Skeledirge spam has ended Kek, did they come back from their world of delusions and did not lik…[View]
52547726Let's say Brendan's Rayquaza has Flying as Tera-type and he moves to Paldea to steal a Ter…[View]
52549984959: 959 Until Next Time, See Ya![View]
52549021Favorite Alola Girl?[View]
52548560Why was Sinnoh so utter shit with its mon distribution?[View]
525485922023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Discuss buns.[View]
52543785Why did they get rid of it?[View]
52549267Can Drayano fix HGSS?[View]
52545402Is your body ready for the improved Unova remakes?[View]
52548242Who won?: Clickbait title, but I'm stuggling to get who is the strongest starter (vgc/smogon)? …[View]
52547488CHARIZARD CHADS, WE FUCKING WON!: We are objectively and officially the only Pokémon worth rememberi…[View]
52545528>gen 5/7 all over again where the grass and fire starters are popular but I still pick the water …[View]
52549671Post your autistic ideas for new moves, abilities, evolutions, Paradox mons, whatever Pokémon-relate…[View]
52546981Why does GF suck his dick so hard: >lets him art direct a game >lets him design the 1000th mon…[View]
52547552Pokemon sleep[View]
52548559S/V OBJECTIVE REVIEW: This is an objective review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where I will give e…[View]
52547216Go ahead, just grab one![View]
52548403What the hell is with this texture on my maushold?[View]
52544542Was Hat a good design?[View]
52547543God, what a game. I like SV but it pales in comparison to PLA. I hope this level of quality isn…[View]
52547320>Nat Dex numbers don't line up to the game code What else is new i guess. Lechonk: #0915 Oin…[View]
52536624Reminder that this doll is a larvitar/tyranitar doll >the substitute doll is likely based of Gyao…[View]
52548345Where does Quaquaval place in this?[View]
52547764Isn't it funny that even after all this time, Talonflame is still the Bravest Bird?[View]
52537710weird pokemon misconceptions: what are some weird things you used to think about pokemon? ive always…[View]
52545263The obligatory 'oh yeah we remember double battles exist ingame :^)'[View]
52548755>still no worksafe /b/[View]
52547050SV character tierlist thread. Make your own and prepare to get roasted. My list is how much I like …[View]
52547944What S/V Mon is sliding in?[View]
52546583Why am I like this?: >Start a Pokemon game >Play until the 1st or 2nd gym >Stop playing for…[View]
52537226You JUST know[View]
52547308Now that Paldean Tauros is a thing, Ditto and Mew are the only Gen 1 pokémon without evolutionary re…[View]
52548815Why: >Tera Raid Battle >6 star Ditto >Select >Communicating... (x100) >You weren…[View]
52543721/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General: Trade - Battle - Breed - Bitch - Beg This thread isn't for Hacks, Clone…[View]
52544042What was the purpose of animating her body like that?[View]
52548538How long until they release all the official art of characters and pokemon?[View]
52548301>only viable in stall-favoring fanfic metas with a million arbitrary rules and bans lmao lol…[View]
52544974>be me >go to inject threads >request pokemon from the injectors >get pokemon >immedi…[View]
52548509>muh tree >muh ground textures the game looks fucking good despite being switch game, you lite…[View]
52546199My hopes, my aspirations, my dreams! Everything has come to this moment. Soon, it will all be decide…[View]
52547193How can I avoid amie buff ? I'm scared of eating sandwich because of that shit[View]
52546214You know what? This is literally the Pokemon equivalent of Sonic generations. We've got the pro…[View]
52541995/RCG/ - Raid Cat/6-Star Raid Genera: 'Your eyeballs are MINE—caught in my Electroweb!' edition Welco…[View]
52547926>Ace is a direct counter, offensively and/or defensively, to most of the gyms weaknesses (fire, f…[View]
52547137Anyone else feel like restarting their SV file? Post game is so boring compared to the comfy main ga…[View]
52548234I'm going start new save file and beat scarlet on foot while using non fully evolved mons like …[View]
52535868Is gen 10 gonna continue the trend of making the gayest fucking water starters known to man?[View]
52547686Pokemon CBT: Might not be perfect, but I tried my best to make the game I wanted to play. Taking on …[View]
52548060Its happening[View]
52547773Post yfw Pokemon Scarlet/Violet is announced as game of the year tomorrow[View]
52547598me gen 9 uu[View]
52544209new leak just dropped[View]
52547129ITT we love and appreciate this Durant. Please do not post anything about Heatmor or he will get sca…[View]
52543629Great game[View]
52546012Area Zero Circles: Has anything been found out about this? I just want to make sure I'm done wi…[View]
52498063Pokémon Clover: Should I play this?[View]
52547165>0 Kingambit r34 results what went wrong?[View]
52545978Pokemon home support when?: Any estimations?[View]
52545733The baby: The baby[View]
52543741Why is this the only pokemon other than legendaries and starters to be transferable?[View]
52547237This open world, Breath of the Wild shit has killed Pokemon for me[View]
52547179https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke4ERHx3Jrw I don't get it. Why go out of your way to animate b…[View]
52542660The fact that female Sawsbuck have antlers implies they have an extremely high testosterone level ca…[View]
52547115Imagine the world where Clefairy was the main pokemon instead of Pikachu.[View]
52545375Nowadays all these new regions are packed with pokemons from previous generations. Where is the sens…[View]
52544188So where are all the animals in Pokemon? Is it possible the pokemon replaced all their ecological ni…[View]
52536889Do they qualify as vegan food?[View]
52544605>Liquid Crystal's famous Victory Road soundtrack managed to sound way better than most SV so…[View]
52545144>However, it is advised not to play with Greavard too often, as it is known to slowly and unwitti…[View]
52546607Pseudo Legendary Pokemon based on Prehistoric Animal: Gen 8: Diplocaulus in Paleozoic is Dragapult G…[View]
52546877Trade Slowpoke to evolve[View]
52532241What's your favourite pokemon this generation?[View]
52545681Japan pokemon fan's house[View]
52543707Do you miss him?[View]
52540184They should just stop fighting already. and fuck instead[View]
52545530drizzile is the cutest starter second evo[View]
52545476These guys: https://youtube.com/watch?v=VJ9F8Vp1T3Q Why the fuck does their theme sound like that on…[View]
52544508Here's your new gimmicks for 10th gen Symbiosis Evolutions >Merges two compatible Pokemon in…[View]
52545657seberino :DDDD[View]
52545441Delphox > Meowscarada I will convince you. >cuter >better typing >better movepool >be…[View]
52542937>87.5% male So when is GameFreak gonna fix this?[View]
52538310So we all agree this is easily the best and most well designed gimmick, right?[View]
52546264I'm so happy to knowing Milotic exist!!!!!!![View]
52534819Did anyone else use Pokemon as a way to help them learn a second or third language? When I started l…[View]
52540787I took him with me on vacation. I may be autistic.[View]
52535160>daily reminder even the anime author's are simping for Cynthia[View]
52545835Who Would Win?: Baxcalibur or Spinomon or Jurrac Spinos[View]
52544938Bearticsisters, we ate well this gen. >Close Combat and Earthquake >Snowscape defense buff …[View]
52546164The 50 best video games of 2022: 8. Pokémon Legends: Arceus 39. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet https://w…[View]
52531408I'll be honest, the mystery behind this thing and the theory about paradox and imagination stuf…[View]
52542599>people say that scarlet paradox mons make more sense conceptually >get to Area 0 in violet …[View]
52542276i'm going to kill myself if you don't post Milotics right now[View]
52544633PALDEA SISTERS!!![View]
52545820So…: We can all agree he has the best gym leader design, right?[View]
52544404How does a game company as incompetent as gamefreak produce something as beautiful as Marnie? This …[View]
52533078Stop bringing this piece of shit into raids holy shit >belly drum to 50% hp >play rough glitch…[View]
52545947Pokémon region NFL Team: What if a Pokémon Region starts an NFL team?[View]
52533418/padt/ Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Merch no PM2019 logo Edition (insert 'Uhh Go fans what does …[View]
52544886Shill Post: S/V are AMAZING games. >18 BADGES total >Completely open world >Epic soundtrack…[View]
52542224I hope these games get remade/remastered purely so people will actually play them and realize they…[View]
52545562I’m Mr. Green Christmas, I’m Mr. Sun! I’m Mr. Heat Blister, I’m Mr. A Hundred and One! They call me …[View]
52545837No I don't want to do pokemon battle I just want to farm ingredients for water tm's, you N…[View]
52534591Post Pokemon that enjoyed honeymoon phase before disappearing from competitive play.[View]
52544758What do you think is going on between these two?[View]
52536766Say what you want, but the soundtrack is objectively great https://youtu.be/yUw36wY8fMw https://yout…[View]
52542489Every time I see this bitch I want to cave her fucking skull in.[View]
52535182>Ice type is ba-ACK![View]
52545093I’m glad Pikachu’s back to its original cry[View]
52544487>Torch Song Toxtricity[View]
52539654Merch thread: HOLY SOVL[View]
52541212Why isn't she Dark?[View]
52544595The two worst Water starters ever made. You'd have to be brain-damaged to think either of them …[View]
52545523Paldea is the first region where private property exists I can't go in random houses anymore[View]
52543871>They finally got rid of incests Thank fuck, what a stupid fucking mechanic. Why did my Snorlax …[View]
52545475Wartortle... my wife..[View]
52544325This is the best starter this gen[View]
52520254Chatbot AI: https://beta.character.ai Make and chat with some Pokémon and characters! List of anon-m…[View]
52538546>tfw you'll not have a cute huggable Cinderace Why even live, bros?…[View]
52544551>Skeliderge >Ceruledge >Houndstone >Fluttermane >Gholdengo Damn Ghostchads we are e…[View]
52520839Scarlet is the definitive version. Everything is more natural, with Koraidon and it's territori…[View]
52545240So if we can inject the Zard raids into SV, and one of the data blocks is the static raid rewards, h…[View]
52543481What do Pokemon smell like?[View]
52540451What’s /vp/‘s opinion on them, now that the dust has settled? I think they are pretty good.[View]
52536975Ass Kicker: Ass Kicker[View]
52540769Why did they make her so easy to beat??? For someone who is battle crazed and looking for a rival he…[View]
52544422Is there any way to get Houndour in Gen 2 before the league?: I fucking hate this stupid dog only sp…[View]
52545029Shoutout to Ghost-type Pokémon you can only get through collection quests, has to be one of my favou…[View]
52544482SV are fine games, but this is the true savior of the Pokemon franchise[View]
52543124The eternal duck and magnet[View]
52539546Why didn't Scyther get its HA changed from Steadfast to Sharpness too?[View]
52528121Nickname thread: Yes, I'm a basic bitch that name my Baxcalibur Godzilla.[View]
52537841Why is this generation so retarded?[View]
52544746Were they crazy ? The AI was pretty shocked at the end too. Or was the time machine being adjust…[View]
52540293Stat it[View]
52542628>You weren't able to join. >You weren't able to join. >You weren't able to j…[View]
52542236I really hope we get rideable starters in the future. Fuck cereal mascots[View]
52542508>you could probably name more fictional species than real species[View]
52540401Gimmick Playthroughs: Discussing Monotype, Nuzlockes, strict adherence to a theme for your team, and…[View]
52541179NO. FREAKIN'. WAY.[View]
52544357I miss my Pokemon in Home. I wanna import them already. Why do they keep preventing us from importin…[View]
52543880Give old Pokemon a new evolution. Start Male Combee evolution Bug/Steel Ability: Revenge of defeat …[View]
52543770Can they breed?[View]
52543905So what ever happened with this dupe shit anyway? I know it got patched out, but did people get bann…[View]
52543969Why can't both sides accept that this battle was mediocre to begin with and it doesn't mat…[View]
52542955>slap a face on an object is there any chance in hell this isn't a turnermon?…[View]
52535522>mogs every defensive rock type created[View]
52543236They should've brought back secret bases for Gen 9. Imagine setting up your cum cave like an an…[View]
52540328>Bad stats >Awful movepool What were they thinking?…[View]
52540782wtf happened?[View]
52537095I love this lil nigga[View]
52541993Be honest, /vp/. What percentage of Pokemon do you use on your team solely because of how they look?…[View]
52538734/wfg/ - wifi general: Trade - Battle - Breed This thread isn't for Hacks, Clones, or Injections…[View]
52541968iona zone[View]
52539983saccharine chic: post mons in any combination of: cutesy formal, maid-inspired, poofy/puffy, frilly,…[View]
52530925Injection/Genning General /inj/ - Iono CBT Edition: Inject - Shitpost - Circlejerk This thread is fo…[View]
52528579/vp/ plays Pokemon Clover 1.3: >in 1981, Satoshi Tajiri, a dude who loved video games, created a …[View]
52536827Post an animal/creature/object/plant/idea/etc you'd like to see as a pokemon. I'll start w…[View]
52533295Throh should be a model for all Fighting-Types: I know what you're thinking, Throh? That ugly, …[View]
52542677How long this guy gets aqua step?[View]
52538074Husbando Thread: Sick beats edition Previous: >>52518418[View]
52542060The dragon clan was a mistake.[View]
52543015Best girl, and it's not even close.[View]
52540509explain to me how there are ancient magnets[View]
52539947Sinnoh is kino Sword/Shield were dogshit The entire DS era was excellent BDSP are good remakes PL…[View]
52542460one of my uva academy classmates just called me 'cheugy'[View]
52542715Batman I caught a Pokemon: Does anyone knows a similar draw to this one, like a reply for it[View]
52537733FINAL VERDICT[View]
52538522He's perfect.[View]
52536788Worst evil team leader in pokemon, while I did like team star, the revelation that she was in charge…[View]
52539149Sprigatito: Why did she have to stand up? She was so cute on all fours like a non-humanoid animal.…[View]
52536861>sets his own defense buffs upon coming out Can he do something now?[View]
52538569Tinkaton Appreciation: Effed all the haters[View]
52526280/vp/ plays Pokemon Detergent: LAST TIME: >A Mew rescues us from our prison cell >We use the bl…[View]
52542291Playthrough Team Thread: This is my SV team, it's the worst team I have ever used in any Pokemo…[View]
52540942Why does Game Freak like him so much?[View]
52541894I just caught an adamant fairy TT Slaking with Play Rough. I'm going to max his attack and take…[View]
52536589/RCG/ - Raid Cat/6-Star Raid General: 'i am tired' edition Old bread: >>52529483 Welcome to th…[View]
52509450Geeta thread: Post Geeta pics.[View]
52541874Shhh... she's sleeping.[View]
52531830Now she's perfect[View]
52541501Best QoL hacks?: What are the best hacks for playing regular Pokemon but better? Not after new regio…[View]
52541674Can everyone stop complaining about how Pokemon releases two games? It isn't so much a money ma…[View]
52526750Boulderp: Sisyphean Edition: Welcome to Showderp, where one man known only as 'champ' is forced to t…[View]
52541339Is this badass pure striker gonna be available from home transfer?[View]
52540237Mewtwo is a joke now: >was supposedly the strongest pokemon to exist when introduced >newer Ge…[View]
52539898People will still defend SV '''''''''graphics'''''''''.[View]
52539141Defend this.[View]
52541572You are contracted by TPCi to write an adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic, A Christmas Caro…[View]
52538149Not even an original concept[View]
52537973What's with all the PLA circle jerk going on? It was alright but I was losing steam about two t…[View]
52537757You hate gen 5 because you can't catch Kanto mons until post game[View]
52534530If you could make a 'hard mode' in Pokémon, what would it entail? Not something like Nuzlocke that c…[View]
52535753>What? Our braindamaged fanbase is clapping at our shitty rushed game? >Let's release an …[View]
52532848Who's the Best AND Worst Fully Evolved Water-Type Starter Pokémon?[View]
52530932Kinnoh-sama, WE APOLOGIZE[View]
52537255What is *this* process of Pokémon evolution called?[View]
52540940>Cute Charm doesn’t work in the over world anymore[View]
52538044>Katy's Tera is a bear atracted by her sweets, like if it was a pot of honey >Brassius…[View]
52539552Is this the worst Pokemon game to date?: >open world >shiny hunting is stupid as fuck >Zaci…[View]
52539775S/V teams thread: post em. Pic rel is what I'm working on for post game/ inevitable dlc[View]
52535621The Bug-Catching Contest is at the NATIONAL PARK today. Are you going, anon? https://youtu.be/2XjouK…[View]
52537937>5 Grass/Ghost lines >all of them are physical attackers…[View]
52540812>Imagination ring[View]
52538221How many of you followed the 'correct' path?[View]
52540632>made of iron >not Steel type Explain.[View]
52540523>be champion in gen 1-6,9 >they just record you as a champion and you can be on your way >b…[View]
52530788stop the count[View]
52539812>You weren't able to join[View]
52538468How did time fly by so fast /vp/bros :’([View]
52539570>Hey Corvi-ACK![View]
52537432Leon is a cringe champion but I have to admit, it was pretty cool seeing him show up in a new outfit…[View]
52533046>Book in the library says that Ryme had a Puppy Pokemon that died when she was in her teens, and …[View]
52537239Now that the dust has settled what is the general opinion on these games? I thought they were pretty…[View]
52540309Snail: This pokemon got forgotten in less than a week. When it leaked it was everyone's favorit…[View]
52540096Why are there so many buff chicks in this game?[View]
52537898Is the KyoAni imminent?[View]
52537798Ruinous Pokemon Alola: What would happen if the mysterious traveler went to Alola instead of Paldea …[View]
52537657ITT: Pokegirls hailed as the 'next big thing' only to be forgotten days after their release[View]
52538819so if you have a gold/silver cart plugged in when playing the mini game champion mode in stadium 2, …[View]
52540114>lives in a mud hut in a field >somehow knows more about space and parallel universes than act…[View]
52531839I can't believe corviknight gets hunted and wrecked by little pink girl with 75 attack BP, than…[View]
52520591/pug/ Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more point…[View]
52539828I heard you wanted this kind of post-game anon? too bad just grind those boring raids and play pvp i…[View]
52539787>Starterwars are actually barely there and when it is it tends to be Cat or Crocfags shitting on …[View]
52539716flat: flat[View]
52539090why were PLA and SCVI so obsessed with placing ruins all over the place[View]
52539300>tfw no Dali pokemon for the Spanish region: A Clock based on the Persistence of Memory would be …[View]
52539636Argh Spongeboy me bob I've terastilized me Crabominable but I've been defeated yet again a…[View]
52539426>come up with a counter to a strategy absolutely every single person is using online >the mome…[View]
52537184>the last time we have gotten proper fossilmons were in gen 6, 9 years ago I'm mad…[View]
52537216I just finished pokemon violet and after 100+ hours im now bored of it should i buy diamond remake? …[View]
52539072Assist is able to call revival blessing: >You can just infinitely chain Prankster Assist call Rev…[View]
52539398>schizo posters trying not to stroke out over someone's shit pokemon taste i only dislike th…[View]
52521499Megatimeline conclusion: >Upon being defeated 'You’re as flashy and bright as a 10,000,000-volt T…[View]
52538706>Pokemon games are too easy! No, I won't play PvP or the battle facilities. >Pokemon game…[View]
52532288Female grunts thread[View]
52505541Her region. Her generation.[View]
52537160>bulk up >drain punch >rage fist Nothing personal, kid.…[View]
52467832/ef/ - Eevee Friday: Getting Festive Edition[View]
52534667Black 2 & White 2: .[View]
52538872Does it annoy anyone else how short this theme is?: https://youtu.be/Jxk9DqdYsJ4 https://youtu.be/SY…[View]
52538868Best girl[View]
52538715You can only post in this thread if you have completed your Paldea Regional Pokédex.[View]
52536754I want to ________ Ortega!![View]
52524256/vp/'s MS Paint Deluxe Day 4: Business As Usual Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a…[View]
52534748Wifi General: Trade - Battle - Breed This thread isn't for Hacks, Clones, or Injections. Ther…[View]
52532743So apparently a new mechanic for Terastalize was discovered; if a move of your Tera type has less th…[View]
52535042When they inevitably bring Mega Evolution but not Dynamax back, should the Gmax forms be retrofitted…[View]
52538300What are your top 3 best fanmade pokemon games?: Including romhacks. Picrel is the only one I'v…[View]
52537844What went wrong with Iono and her game, everyone hates it! Was it her fault? :([View]
52537853Let me show you the most underrated hack ever: NOTHING beats the depth and breadth of strategy and c…[View]
52537188wait people genuinely didn’t like her?[View]
52538133Do Raifort and Miriam interact in game?[View]
52520692Other cases of misinterpreted sprites?[View]
52535801canonicity of generations: I accepted gen V. I accepted gen VI and I accepted gen VII. But with ever…[View]
52536179Post the most underrated Pokemon from Game Freak[View]
52537013What Pokemon made the worst transition to 3d?[View]
52537416How did this happen?[View]
52534490I just wanted to come here and say thank you. After being scred off by the reviews, I still caved in…[View]
52531919What even makes a 'good' or 'bad' Pokémon game? No I'm not asking for examp…[View]
52528876Should game freak continue with open world after SV?[View]
52537638God at least the fucking Dawn coomers have the decency to stay in their hell thread and never expand…[View]
525375401200 encounters and still can't find a shiny Floatzel in SV.[View]
52531348Real talk I can't appreciate nuzlockes anymore after finding out Satoshi Tajiri specifically ha…[View]
52529363What if... Pokemon Legends: Paldea, where we play as one of the explorers from the expedition? Could…[View]
52528094What's the consensus on Rika around here?[View]
52537312so glad these went extinct, good riddance[View]
52537108Bug mons thread: Why does bug type resist fighting? Why does fighting type resist bug? Also bug mon …[View]
52534030ITT: I don't get it: >Mons that /vp/ love that you just don't get. I see so much Swampe…[View]
52518418Husbando Thread: Pretty Boy Edition Previous: >>52489280[View]
52525767Your thoughts on Iono?[View]
52532177These designs are genuinely getting worse and worse with each new gen.[View]
52536993It's been a very long time since I played RBY, are these can't actually be the movesets of…[View]
52536873Reminder that Japanese game industry is absolute fucking garbage and it is highly possible that game…[View]
52535641so if i wanted to start with the anime from very beginning how long would it take me to catch up wit…[View]
52534492>Tinkaton if Pseudo-Legendary[View]
52537128I'm gonna fucking do it[View]
52535253>ancient relatives >can't breed[View]
52536705Based or cringe?: https://youtu.be/zn-mtWfyCaA[View]
52535823As someone who has been burned by the last couple of gens but enjoyed Legend Arceus Is Scarlet/Viole…[View]
52527953/shg/ Shiny Hunt General: Babby Olive Edition >What are you currently hunting? >How are you hu…[View]
52534134Was anyone else a retarded kid like me where they didn't understand any of the type match-ups o…[View]
52536706Anyone else find the concept of monsters of immeasurable strength far above anything we currently ha…[View]
52536981Which pokemon characters do you think has been raped?[View]
52529483/RCG/ - Raid Cat/6-Star Raid General: 'no subject field last thread, someone else please make this' …[View]
52536304which pokemon do you like to see future/past paradoxes?: In potential DLC[View]
52528920>Iris >Shauna >Mallow >Nessa >Nemona OH Shi- they're onto us brownbros. How do t…[View]
52536768How does Ivysaur do it? Even with the lack of shilling and fapbait trope, it still manages to mainta…[View]
52536800>school setting[View]
52527135Uh oh[View]
52536692Can you join random games online or is it all code based lobbies?[View]
52532003Nobody would buy the Rotom phone. People are uneasy enough about the government + big tech monitorin…[View]
52533833How to beat the dragon gym? Last time I played this I got hard walled at the dragon gym leader How c…[View]
52535454Name your favourite Pokemon content creator Mine is Barbonicles[View]
52535344Thoughts on this critter?[View]
52531722Best girl[View]
52536421So im in a bit of a pickle I kinda cant play the games when i hear the glaceon sound effect i cant f…[View]
52532419ITT: Pokemon with obnoxious fanbases.[View]
52536332sir my phone is sentient[View]
52531709Those are just mussels: Does this confirm that non-Pokémon animals exist in Pokémon?[View]
52535384This is the shittiest E4 ever created, they should be fucking ashamed of themselves[View]
52525393I miss him[View]
52525416Alcremie Thread[View]
52527192/padt/ Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Dawn did nothing Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55…[View]
52516354Out of the first 151 pokemon which 6 do you pick and why?[View]
52535339https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHwMxiiA0WQ https://www.youtube.com/shorts/J6HQWT8S-gE Blutwoanimati…[View]
52535822Have you said sorry, yet?: You know who you are.[View]
52535727Everything about this generation is boring and unappealing. Pokémon designs, character designs, sett…[View]
52522030New Pokemon just dropped earlier.[View]
52534094my two wives 9 months after our honeymoon[View]
52520188How did she become an Elite Four member?[View]
52530072Dendra: Love this meathead.[View]
52535906I'm trying to evolve Finizen in Scarlet. Anyone lurking up to doing a Union Circle w/ me? Link …[View]
52535444Reminder >Newest Champion and number 7th >Lacks a gimmick so much so Cynthiafags are claiming …[View]
52535843What were they thinking? He has to be the worst starter design ever: >look up 'cat fursona' on de…[View]
52535408Why didn't you save her?[View]
52500539/tcc/ Trading Card Collectors: Water dog edition[View]
52535262Water-type starters: Why did Gamefreak decide to make the water-type starter's final evo a pran…[View]
52532909I don't care what Serebii or Bulbapedo say. Let's Go is a gen 8 game and PLA is a gen 9 ga…[View]
52532133>retreading Kanto is suddenly good[View]
52437845/pcg/ - Pokeclicker General: >What is it? https://www.pokeclicker.com/ Pokéclicker is an open-sou…[View]
52532499Why is this pathetic type always so prominent in the late game? Nobody enjoys the 8th gym being full…[View]
52535170Evolve your dolphin here! Code: S2PLY1[View]
52530965my friends and family have all moved on and my love life is as broken and buggy as pokemon s/v[View]
52535133BLACKY GO HOME[View]
52530016You know what’s my biggest pet peeve with Scarlet/Violet? Wild trainers only having one Pokémon.[View]
52533287I like Slowking.: Do you?[View]
52535176Clod thread: Post Clod[View]
52531400You are now the SUPREME CHANCELLOR of Game Freak. Your dominion over the POKéMON franchise, the larg…[View]
52533468Regional Birds: Who's your favorite and why?[View]
52528259Fan made games: That are NOT in the vein of reborn where you're supposed to slam your dick into…[View]
52532420Shouldn't Electric be super effective in Steel?[View]
52533400>kills (you) for fun[View]
52534859Why does this fucking thing have Revival Blessing[View]
52534262>its yet another gen where the fanbase of the obvoiusly gay starter cry about the ugly baramon be…[View]
52532116so it's not a robot?[View]
52534665THE TRUEST OF COMPANIONS. fuck p*nny[View]
52532445what will it be: Will they be a Mega Lati or a Partner Pikachu/Eevee?[View]
52528604>Rattata: The Game[View]
52534041THEY KNEW: THEY KNEW[View]
52533816Would you adopt a single mother and her kids?[View]
52534112This whole time... we were wrong... but not the way we thought....[View]
52529189What could have been...[View]
52531991The pokemon this gen are either >furbait >edgelord shit >a looney toon…[View]
52534246Gardevoir Thread: Shes such a beautiful creature isn't she?[View]
52528204/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General: BATTLAN - TRADAN - RAIDAN - BITCHAN - CRYAN HACK NO prevo: >>52523435…[View]
52533866>Has a whole personality in USUM >Has NOTHING in S/V Why did they lobotomize him?…[View]
52532533Good Poke Music: https://youtu.be/0BXwbIkr6QU[View]
52533771I want to be best friends with her and have picnics and hang out in Mesagoza with her so she isn…[View]
52533452Got a flawless record.[View]
52527469My man Heath really hit the cherubi leaves so hard that he went and sawed Arceus[View]
52532220>taking a stroll in a park at night >when suddenly you hear sounds coming from a bush behind y…[View]
52527030>checks fanarts >big breasts >big breasts >big breasts >futa >big breasts >big …[View]
52531965Clover froze: Normal pkmn games by gamefreak would never do this. I lost so much progress.[View]
52533447Post your best times[View]
52532685Well? What's the v(p)eredict?[View]
52533256What is the verdict on Iono[View]
5253308410 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 IGNITION[View]
52525307/comp/ - Compfag General: Hail to the King Edition: >palafin banned in all metas >ash-greninja…[View]
52532374It's time[View]
52530442Non-Gen 9 Discussion: What have you been doing lately? What's your team looking like? No SV her…[View]
52531246>Bidoof: The Game[View]
52532695little fishy boi[View]
52523421'It grew on me': Who still thinks Gen 9 is a fucking abyssmal dex and didn't let memes around P…[View]
52532001They hated him for daring to try something different[View]
52532657>tfw will never become a pokemon master[View]
52527038>catch a ghost Tera type Naclstack >it knows curse Ooooh, I see the potential here.…[View]
52528573This is the best Pokémon. What do you like most about Slowpoke? Which form or evolution is your favo…[View]
52518062There are actual people who got filtered by this[View]
52531558Will GF ever pull an Ultimate? With that I mean, a Pokemon game specifically anounced to have EVERY …[View]
52532256I'm honestly surprised it's taken Gamefreak this long to reach 'Glitchy mess that borders …[View]
52531924Any news on what the mythicals for SV are or are going to be?[View]
52531575special snowflakes the movie[View]
52528586Why does our lizard dog love Penny more than us?[View]
52529742Someone please save Hex.[View]
52526468>people are beginning to praise Gholdengo after weeks and weeks of hate, all because he's so…[View]
52526510>everyone already forgot Leon What happened bros?[View]
52528617Has anyone tried hunting for authentic Sinisteas in SV? I was able to get multiple in SwSh in under …[View]
52532007I enjoyed every Pokemon game because I didn't pay for any of them[View]
52531719So uh, what exactly is the difference between a Legendary Pokémon and a Mythical Pokémon?[View]
52530933Create new moves thread: >Hot coals Entry hazard that burns pokemon that switch in. Gets absorbed…[View]
52531442VGC: >make pokemons specifically tailored for doubles >ban them from official tournaments Its …[View]
52529791why the fuck isn't dodonzo his ace[View]
52530644Ah, perhaps you could help me. What does 'ligma' mean?[View]
52527403comfy thread: Post comfy, get comfy[View]
52531698With the sheer number of 'catch em all hacks' out there, how many people have actually played them a…[View]
52523798These rewards fucking suck ass: What's the point of even playing ranked[View]
52531816It's pokemon time[View]
52528152Are these games only liked for coom?[View]
52529788>time travel >these Pokémon aren’t in the game >no overpowered pure past form Tyrantrum …[View]
52528260Waifu Sizes: Do you prefer short girls or tall girls?[View]
52529127So now that the dust has settled, which leaked mons were the most disappointing and which surpassed …[View]
52530304Do these motherfuckers actually show up at the auctions? I’ve been moving the clock forward for a mo…[View]
52531517Scovillain is such a cool Pokemon, much better than that piece of shit dolphin[View]
52531657It’s Snover.: It’s Snover.[View]
52530118Reject Shiny hunting. Embrace Size Hunting[View]
52530152DLC when? I want to play SV[View]
52523850My mom died. Who cares? Let's have some fun!: The end of this game's plot: Penny: Sorry th…[View]
52527979Why wasn't Cheren decided as the Champion BW2? Not that I'm against Iris but her character…[View]
52531436This is my tier list, how do you like it? I haven't played Sword and Shield and Scarlet and Vio…[View]
52530169>that slender shape >that tall figure >that lush green color >those crisp details I just…[View]
52531147pokemon fans are mentally ill: >swoshie comes out me: game is slow, gamefreak lied all throughout…[View]
52527485>League 'Champion' >is less challenging than the Elite…[View]
52530930I bought it anyway. You all can suck it.[View]
52530949>mfw there is no Marley thread[View]
52529337I feel like for all the talk in the dex entries about how aggressive they are a lot of them just sta…[View]
52529168Anyone else quit because of the manga?: Let's try this again. I am the only one who gave up on …[View]
52530805This is still the worst starter: >look up 'deviantart cat fursona', and draw first result in Poke…[View]
52530848>no Francesinha sandwich Gamefreak don't know good food. Sad![View]
52529919*Makes it rain in your path*[View]
52467682why are barafags like this?[View]
52529121Gen 10: Will be a Chinese Region. Why? Galar had a Secret Kung Fu Dojo on the Isle of Man and the n…[View]
52530750Wow a moth that walks on the ground! What will those wacky Japanese think of next![View]
52508432Gime your shinies and the story that lead you to it, not HUNTED shinies though, that shit has no val…[View]
52523360How did it come to this waterbros…[View]
52523616It makes no sense to make Ash the 'Strongest trainer in the world' if theres literally more of the P…[View]
52527324Holy sex….[View]
52530577What were they thinking?[View]
52528396Violet is the definitive version. Everything is more futuristic, with Miraidon and it's territo…[View]
52530555Plotwist:: The reason why the elite 4 hate Geeta the pajeeta,is because these 'elite 4' are just sum…[View]
52528591Is Glaceon usable yet?[View]
525305595 > 3 > 7 > 9 > 6 > 2 > 1 > 4 > 8[View]
52530525>1 month later japs still make pokemon memes We have to stop this. This game must not sell 20 mil…[View]
52530404>Fast >amazing offensive stab >lowers defense by existing >sacred sword >sucker punc…[View]
52530056>Finally get 999 Gimmighoul coins >Game crashes while evolving Gimmighoul >Reload game >…[View]
52529722Better than SWooSH. That's the highest praise I can give it.[View]
52524621>It toughed it out so you wouldn't feel sad![View]
52530279Press S to spit[View]
52526924Clavell is the realist Nigga in Pokemon History[View]
52529392彼はDLCに来る 戦争 クリスタル ヘビ[View]
52529047Hydreigon is for ME and not some metal skank![View]
52528258Is he good in competitive? Any format, official or fanmade. I want him to work, but slow frail phys…[View]
52528066Reminder that these are the best Gym Leaders and actually did shit to stop the evil team.[View]
52529812https://clips.twitch.tv/ProductiveYummyPandaJonCarnage-jY3nv8v6dTxK-FRm Is he right?[View]
52524828Terastalization: How would you fix it?[View]
52529819Make sure to feed your floragato some healthy food so she will grow up into a fine lady[View]
52524170This is the only Paldean gym pokemon that has 4 moves, say something nice about it.[View]
52529454This fucking 'walk 1000 steps to evolve' bullshit isn't working. The fuck am I even doing wrong…[View]
52527659Fuck FR/LG: I'm tired of retards saying these games are good. fuck you and the sevii islands. i…[View]
52527794Nessa: Would you have kids with her?[View]
52518654Fix her team.[View]
52528842Best Gen 9 evo line: Suck my hairy, oily balls if you disagree[View]
52522289Today I accidentally remembered that staryu and starmie exist, and honestly, I hope they never make …[View]
52515104>copy >paste[View]
52525225Gamefreak is out of ideas. literally stealing from the community now. https://youtube.com/shorts/U…[View]
52527997Just reminding you to remember to forget him[View]
52528772Nobody’s favorite lmao[View]
52522770ITT: Pokémon only disliked by contrarians: I'll start.[View]
52526937Cool Middle-Stage Pokemon: What second-stage Pokemon do you like more than their final stage, /vp/? …[View]
52529489>seamitar breaks because it's made out of calcium carbonate Give Samurott a real sword.…[View]
52529016I really dig this pokemon, especially after seeing it in action.[View]
52529249What went?[View]
52516303This thing bearing more resemblance to mega Salamanca than normal Salamanca is so fucking cool[View]
52525373In terms of balance, what were they thinking? I guess its balanced in doubles where a turn loss is m…[View]
52528284Why the fuck did Gamefreak add a penis to the map?[View]
52528861What are some of the worst Outbreak conditions you've run into? I had an outbreak in the lake w…[View]
52528997He should have been Paradox Raichu. We will never have another chance for him ever again now. Fuckin…[View]
52524211fuck i just noticed something bad, well it's not that bad but it bothers me okay so you know th…[View]
52522400What’s a Pokémon that everyone thinks is underrated but is actually overrated[View]
52525684I did not care for the Battle Frontier[View]
52528912Pokemon Horizon: Anyone here read this? If so is it worth buying? I can't find it free anywhere…[View]
52527488AmourShipping thread: Loophole: Any ship that's not amour being posted automatically makes the …[View]
52528803O noes[View]
52527437>2022 >9 generations >Still no Mothman Pokémon…[View]
52500964/comp/ - Compfag General: Ubers Edition: >Generation 9[View]
525268633 years later, SwSh were actually good[View]
52523197Dios mío...[View]
52525405Since Game Freak will just push out a shitty remaster at this rate, post about how YOU would make th…[View]
52520057Poke Avatar thread:: Poke Avatar thread! Share, make or whatever! I really need an avatar for steam,…[View]
52528156They were better than Brock and Misty. And didn’t take years to finally have development.[View]
52527511I havent played Violet all week and went back to PLA instead. Caught every single Pokemon again and …[View]
52527563How to speed run the game?: I'm at 4 badges and 3-3 for the others. Game is dreadful to play. …[View]
52524530I’m glad I chose violet[View]
52528338>heart gold hack >Jasmine has houndoom in her team…[View]
52525658What you guys think about My pokémon team?(btw: im New on 4chan and idk How This thing Works)[View]
52528290Does anyone have any comparison images of the largest to smallest pokemon in SV? Any resources to th…[View]
52524648slither wing thread: Can we have a thread for the buggo?[View]
52510732Injection/Genning General /inj/: Inject - Shitpost - Circlejerk This thread is for Hacks and/or Clon…[View]
52518196>battling a trainer in the wild >a distant Lechonk gets curious of the commotion and gets near…[View]
52523271In hindsight, Quaxly evolving into a gay duck was kind of obvious. Why did we think this flamboyant …[View]
52523714Who are you really deep down inside[View]
52485960>Post trainer! >Blog about your goals and what you're doing! Previous thread: >>524…[View]
52527922>Penny's battle theme[View]
52523435Wifi General: Trade - Battle - Breed This thread isn't for Hacks, Clones, or Injections. Ther…[View]
52526824First time in 24 years I used a Master Ball.[View]
52522326How to keep playing?: Anons what is there to fucking do in this game? I beat the game I completed my…[View]
52527865Out of the way, champion Pokemon coming through[View]
52522409When will Pokemon feature explicitly LGBT characters?: Thread title. I don't want a Rika or a G…[View]
52527464Recommend me some good special attacking 'mons, /vp/. Other than Kilowattrel, I feel like this …[View]
52525590>Makes Smogkeks seethes What other moves mindbreak the fanfic meta?[View]
52523130For anyone who plays romhacks/fangames, how difficult do you like them? For me the sweet spot is aro…[View]
52526384Hoenn is the greatest region in the world[View]
52527248Shipping thread: Any ship is welcome, including AshxSerena, AshxKoharu and GohxSerena[View]
52520791Why did GameFreak give up after Gen 4?[View]
52525916Pokemon Designs that incorporate Pro-Revolutionary Aesthetics?: Hey anons, I'm just wondering i…[View]
52523668What are the places that you find comfiest to hang out with your mons in Pokémon SV?[View]
52525202Post your characters: I’m the joker[View]
52522694I want to breed a low-level Eevee.[View]
52527178Starters should evolve for the first time at Level 20~ and again at Level 40~. They’d get a slight b…[View]
52527138Whats a good Pokemon in Paldea to name after Franco?[View]
52526690>literally my mom's dog So why is Gen 1 hailed as the greatest generation again? Is this the…[View]
52518200/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Contest Girls Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 …[View]
52527013>Tera Blast TM >Requires Glimmet Crystals to craft Deepest lore…[View]
52526845Is the size difference between XXL and XXXL Pokemon meaningful at all? I have a shitload of XXL size…[View]
52525330Style over substance: the games[View]
52524291Welcome to the Raidcat / 6 Star Tera Raid Meta Thread >lol I can solo 5 star raids I don't n…[View]
52433741are there any OCs that are as edgy as this one without becoming parodies?[View]
52525433Would it be morally wrong to fuck her brains out?[View]
52525820Can the pokemon company see what's in your PC boxes?[View]
52526028i want to live here[View]
52526416How much is a boxed copy of heartgold worth these days? Found a copy going for $122 with pokewalker …[View]
52525708I’m Mr. Green Christmas I’m Mr. Sun! I’m Mr. Heat Blister I’m Mr. A Hundred and One![View]
52526277Tera Raid Hate Thread: >gets down to red health >heals half of health bar nothin personal kid…[View]
52525212The Worst Idea Pokemon Ever Had: >random chance: the game At least there is SOME strategy in poke…[View]
52526319Why are people so insanely critical about these children's games? I see youtube videos where gr…[View]
52525747How did everyone finish the dex so fast?: every on here finished the dex weeks ago and I'm stil…[View]
52514761/vp/ played Pokemon Opal: LAST TIME: >we head to area 151, braving the puzzles and zelda music …[View]
52525813I love this Lil' nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
52503881showderp: dogars.org and play.dogars.org[View]
52526167>kalos is the greatest region in the world[View]
52524963>crocodile >is a singer Why? All the other jobmons are based on an animal that actually makes …[View]
52520418Make a Sandwich: Koraidon is at the table. It wants (You) to make a Sandwich for it. Make your Best …[View]
52525716Geeta load of this ugly Nigger[View]
52523902Reminder Gen 8 was honestly fine unless you're a graphicsnigger or a general autist. And unlike…[View]
52525571Fixed her[View]
52510728/vp/ census December Edition: Part 2: Not really official I guess, old thread just died too early fo…[View]
52509955/shg/ Shiny Hunt General: Weekend Wrap Up Edition >What are you currently hunting? >How are yo…[View]
52524990SV: >Massive openworld pokemon game >But not SO openworld that it's devoid of traditional…[View]
52522587>haha I'm going to catch you, anon! then you'll have to do whatever I say ahahaha…[View]
525245255IV QUAXLY GIVEAWAY: So I'm gonna make this short and sweet: I bred up a bunch of Quaxlies and …[View]
52525702>go out on adventure in new island I just moved to >use my strange ATV pokemon to find interes…[View]
52525676Fun fact: The Unova dex is the only dex where every single non-mythical non-box legendary Pokémon ha…[View]
52523181Hey fellow redditors! I just wanted to share my thoughts on why Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are the b…[View]
52521416why does Miriam have this pokemon?[View]
52525409>The other day I tore open a bird >'Cause I wondered what made it cheep >Does that mak…[View]
52525456What's his team?[View]
52525215Why does Barbara from shark tank have a Pokemon themed bedroom?[View]
52523497>252 SpA Choice Specs Flash Fire Typhlosion Eruption (150 BP) vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Garchomp in Sun: 4…[View]
52516004Why is it so fast?[View]
52525274Is he the best pure striker pokemon?[View]
52523268post pokemon remixes: https://youtu.be/Z0OzKI06huc https://youtu.be/ZaOk0UGOB7o https://youtu.be/Vul…[View]
52523430You vill choose ze bugs: Best type coming through![View]
52519603New Move & Ability Ideas: Now that the developers have opened the doors to having just straight …[View]
52524825which switch game is the best?[View]
52523162I was team Quaxly from day one and went into the game blind. Then it evolved…I have currently named …[View]
52524545this is non debateable let the optional exp share and national dex come back to the games or suffer …[View]
52520994Why did Hisuian Lilligant fail to catch on compared to normal Lilligant?[View]
52524914Quiet, guys, Lilligant is asleep. Why can't we change the ingame filter with the filter from ca…[View]
52520718So who is the real mascot/face of the franchise?[View]
52521588Would you fuck him?[View]
52524680Okay so the fight with Nemona is level 66. and area 0 professor fight is 66ish, with the dragoncycle…[View]
52524355The Poppy awfulness poster needs to stop before 4chan get sued[View]
52521771Bros... I think this is becoming one of my favorite gens...[View]
52523670Reminder that dex cuts are a good idea, and wanting over a thousand Pokemon in one game is retarded.…[View]
52524547I want to cum inside Karen Ostrich[View]
52524378>'Dude, of course Onix has weak stats. It's the first boss!' >Geodude, used by the same t…[View]
52524424My 4 beautiful wives, aren't they just wonderful? They make a great team as well. Couldn't…[View]
52524487>Kill yourself and gb2 to playing SV zoomer normalnigger moron[View]
52523595>the anime isn't cano-ACK[View]
52520148Why did they make him so bad?[View]
52524498*teratypes in you're path*[View]
52521674>3 years of only Rika/Arven/Larry/Grusha fanart They really wanted to kill the coomers right?…[View]
52523955Now that we know GameFreak lies about EVERYTHING, what are some things they said weren't true t…[View]
52514988VGC: >Dragons are dominant again >barely any fa*ries to be seen Holy SOUL, that's how you…[View]
52524374Why did GF deprive us of the best Kanto starter in Scarlet/Violet. Pic unrelated[View]
52523447Picnics with Nemona.[View]
52522959Thanks open world fags: This game is dreadful to play now with the open world bullshit. The route sy…[View]
52506607/vp/'s MS Paint Deluxe Day 3: Water We Waiting For Edition!: >New to these threads? Give thi…[View]
52523783>Meowscarada >she >87.5% male oh nononono…[View]
52523656>once you capture a Pokemon or register it as captured in the dex, tou can no longer capture the …[View]
52517767What were they thinking?: >let's change poison from a skull to an obscure circle with bubble…[View]
52520710>4 stabs[View]
52507386>make rival as unlikable as possible >everyone loves her How did they fuck this up?…[View]
52522797So why are people not calling this gen Pokemon ScVi? Or ScaVio? We are going to kill three gens of t…[View]
52522907Truant should stop 'working' if Slaking is the last Pokemon remaining.[View]
52518712>Welcome to the Iono-Zone BITCHES You can only defeat her with one-mon. Which do you choose? She …[View]
52523088Chi You[View]
52481591Drawthread: Bit early for christmas edition Previous Thread: >>52402166 >Resources https://…[View]
52522083His region. His generation.[View]
52518341You DID stockpile a box of legendaries to dupe off right? You didn't update to 1.1.0 before tha…[View]
52522662What's the consensus, bros? After fifteen plus years of theories and shitty fan art, does the f…[View]
52517219/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General: BATTLAN - TRADAN - RAIDAN - BITCHAN CRYAN Sir do NOT hack. prevo: >>525…[View]
52521454Was it meant to be the next Lucario?: >Got a movie before it’s Gen was released >Was basically…[View]
52523072La creatura[View]
52523176SOON: how are we feeling about the return of our one and only geniebro for gen 9?[View]
52522055>they finally give us a dolphin pokemon after 25 years >he’s a chad…[View]
52518762Shiny Oinkologne...: Opinions about it?[View]
52522342How can a game be so controversial yet so based?[View]
52519519Waifumon Starters: So, where do we go from here? What's next? I wouldn't mind another take…[View]
52522150>people seriously got triggered over this shit Lmao[View]
52520654Is this a good level of graphics?: Is from a Youtube ad...[View]
52520503/RCG/ - Raid Cat/6-Star Raid General: 'im going for a nap, will you guys be able to make threads on …[View]
52522908Does anyone have a balltism list like this but for Galar Pokemon?: Making a galar/paldea team and it…[View]
52514237Pokemon that should be a different type: Staryu and Starmie, just seem like they would be a Water/St…[View]
52522900Ah yes, my favorite Pokémon game[View]
52520399These games didn't fail because of dexit, or the tree textures, or the story. They failed becau…[View]
52521708You have your main 6 in these, right anon?[View]
52515036meowscarada thread: Post Meowscarada and their siblings[View]
52522795Fakemon workshop thread: Barbcat and its evolution, Cactamount. Pic related are just first drafts of…[View]
52522651Iono said trans rights![View]
52522643Shhh... Cinderace is sleeping...[View]
52522522Strike a pose Strike a pose Vogue, vogue, vogue[View]
52522455>ywn be hugged by a female Dragonite[View]
52521673I love my wife[View]
52522274Marley is SO cute and I love it when she rounds up niggers ‘round town and publicly lynches em’…[View]
52519300Fuck stall Fuck smogon Fuck singles Eat my taint[View]
52522203How's my explorers of sky team? Get to play as then through the story[View]
52513364anyone caught Size 'tism?[View]
52512181Want to put a bullet right through this cunt's ugly mug. But first, I'd put her Sylveon…[View]
52521942Good pokemon nicknames thread[View]
52521930ITT: Images you can hear[View]
52521695SV singles looking pretty vile rn. i get not caring about balance (since they never did), but this n…[View]
52517484what the fuck is this[View]
52520481True Companions. Would Clavell count as another bro?[View]
52516727Which types still have no waifumons?[View]
52520329Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSlZeSOM6O8 How the hell did this guy …[View]
52521437>/vp/ is the best place to discuss pokem- goodbye suckers[View]
52471062/emugen/ Emulation General - OP's Birthday edition: >OP and extra guides/info: https://rentr…[View]
52516802>Singlehandly pushed the meta of my best bro and made him an OU staple Feels good man.…[View]
52521485Trainer battles outside of Battle Facilities and PvP are completely worthless and add nothing to the…[View]
52516399Melony: No one from Gen 9 has topped her yet.[View]
52521939a wild cutie appeared!!!!!!![View]
52519536which ball should I use to catch paradox pokemon?[View]
52519625>Not in SWSH >Not in BDSP >Doesn't have an ancestor in PLA >Not in SV Is Gamefreak …[View]
52518674I don't get why people seethe so much over these remakes. At least they actually changed shit f…[View]
52465861/dg/ - Dawn General: The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi. >Dawn Visual …[View]
52520658Are these misprints worth anything: Opened a booster pack got two misprints. Do I got some cash or j…[View]
52520508>Is the elite 4 member you spend the most time with (if you do the optional class stuff) >Is t…[View]
52512764What's your most disliked new mon in Scarlet/Violet?: Pic related is mine[View]
52520800Time to admit it's a kino design[View]
52515330Zapdos bros...[View]
52521257oh wow cool sada/turo are just koraidon/miraidon what a tweest next[View]
52520359Whats animal/food/creature/object/mineral/fairy/cryptid/plant you'd like to see as a Pokemon? F…[View]
52521323but why?[View]
52521319Did anyone else play Pokemon 3D? I have many fond memories of playing it online 8 or 9 years ago[View]
52521244Did the Rotom Phone Company destroy the Devon Corporation?[View]
52521087I am not immune to developing feelings for cancer-inducing sentient copper ore deposits[View]
52514407>the BRAT finally got cancelled and now has to work a day job And all is right with the world onc…[View]
52518684What Happened?: ESLs btfo yet again[View]
52518154Some DLC info that I happened to come across: DLC 1: Besides the two pardox legends, there is an iro…[View]
52520369Am I just completely retarded or does Ryujinx online refuse to work for me? Tried using Ryujinx_LDN …[View]
52519815Do you like Sinnoh games?[View]
52515934What did Registeel mean by this?[View]
52518791Why did everyone (and all the magazine walkthroughs) say Bulbasaur was the best starter and the one …[View]
52519859AI Chatbot Thread: https://beta.character.ai Make and chat with some Pokémon and characters! List of…[View]
52518491the demiurge: >created a new dimension out of the already existing one just out of whim >stole…[View]
52517136FURRYMON: I see people losing their mind because of many things about this music video. So is why no…[View]
52512596The best mainline Pokemon games: Sorry if you're not a part of the Holy 6[View]
52510816Oh no! Lilligant is heading towards your direction! Whatever shall you do?[View]
52516968>Theme was treasure hunt >We literally get four legendaries that are four cursed treasures It …[View]
52517580/RCG/ - Raid Cat/6-Star Raid General: 'look i remembered the title' edition Old: >>52512529 We…[View]
52515248Hallway vs open world: Everyone on vp throws the terms 'open world' and 'hallway' around at random, …[View]
52520401>tfw we don't all live in a pokemon world[View]
52519287>2016 Pokémon >The enemy calls an ally to fight alongside it, making the battle 1v2 and the bo…[View]
52520159S/V: >Yes, I think it's the best story in all mainline games so far. >No, I'm not a…[View]
52519470based birb: i always liked it more than honchkrow thinking i might do a crystal run with it on my te…[View]
52520007>is the best sticky web setter this gen she finally has a niche bros[View]
52520174>no draco meteor >no nasty plot >no dragon type…[View]
52516377Why do people like this cat? I stapled an everstone on Floragato for a reason.[View]
52503568Gamefreak has resorted to copying fakemon designs[View]
52518845Fangames: Recommend em. I wanna play shit.[View]
52517050Remember when games could trade with each other if it was the same generation? Now you have a cluste…[View]
52519764How many times has he fucked our mom?[View]
52519862ITT: scare a smogon player: I'll start, uhum: Anihillape + Revival Blessing[View]
52509475VGH.... What Could have been[View]
52518942Gen 10's Water starter will have to be Bara mon as a priority, we haven't received somethi…[View]
52515646What Pokemon is this supposed to be?[View]
52519795phox & ott just linked up! need it or keep it?[View]
52511482Why did Duraludon never catch on as 'Tyranitar's rival' like he was advertised to be?[View]
52518030I don't understand - Why does Gamefreak have an obsession with them and Is there anyone that ac…[View]
52517677Mudkip's german name is Hydropi and that's the cutest Pokemon name ever.[View]
52517288how does SV compare to SwSh? I don't want to spend money in case its shit again[View]
52508260SV Pokedex Pictures: Post your favorites, link to all of them: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/…[View]
52514911So uh i went to take a shit and came back surrounded by ghastly's. What did game freak mean by …[View]
52518169it do be like that[View]
52512750Nemona seems upset.[View]
52513935How mentally sane is she?[View]
52515157How does vp feel about the sun and moon anime.[View]
52518045Really? ex? Haven't they already used 'ex' before? Is this the most soulless new card gimmick s…[View]
52511129Well /vp/? Are you scared yet?[View]
52517358This is not a pokemon[View]
52519040Would Faithful Tepig have ended differently if it was Faithful Lechonk?[View]
52516876You know what? Fuck Donbozo this mon is so lame in both singles and VGC.[View]
52514422Paradox Forms?: >they brought back every pseudo legendary except these two Highly suspicious. If …[View]
52517330I miss regular gym puzzles, especially since you can do so much more with them in full fucking 3D.[View]
52518289Unexpected movepool thread: >Psyduck can learn Cross Chop[View]
52514249>smogon instantly banned Greavard because he was 'too OP' before playing a single game. >VGC …[View]
52514611Why is the ace in his second battle Flamigo? Wouldn't Staraptor have made more sense since it f…[View]
52517955Is this the most power crept gen? Most of these mons just seem insane.[View]
52516351>cute friendly professor guy who sneaks personal questions about himself in the official exams …[View]
52512367Curry last gen. Sandwiches this gen. What'll be the camping promo dish come Gen X, /vp/? I…[View]
52515211Paldea League Gloves: Do you think the Paldea League Gloves worn by E4 will be available to buy at s…[View]
52500818/pug/ Pokémon Unite Genera: WATER BEAR EDITION Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is t…[View]
52514634Top right of the map is literally cut content. There's an inorganic wall in the map. You can…[View]
52475179I love this stupid cat.[View]
52514464Post Marley: I have somewhat completed my Ur Dragon deck and I really wanna test it out Post Marle…[View]
52516366What is the verdict on this franchise?[View]
52518006You are challenged by Dragon Trainer Nemona![View]
52514233/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Classic Artstyle Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:…[View]
52483771Smogon/Showdown: Are you having fun? Has any new mon (or old revamped mon) stuck to you as very enj…[View]
52516708Let them develop Gen X.[View]
52517239How tf does Raid power work?: So I understand how all other powers work (because it's very obvi…[View]
52515275If Sada is a woman and Pokégirls are more popular than Pokéboys, how the fuck is Turo more popular t…[View]
52508643Convergents were already introduced in gen 5.[View]
52514194How do you feel about Hyaku[View]
52517423Does the glitch where you can change which paradoxes spawn in Area Zero still work? I remember a pos…[View]
52489280Husbando Thread: Literally Me Edition Previous: >>52459815[View]
52517097I wish to have premarital sex with Nemona.[View]
52466337AI Chatbot Thread: https://beta.character.ai Make and chat with some Pokémon and characters! List of…[View]
52517734How did this game have such soulful music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oStAJs2N80c[View]
52512529'im sorry you have to make your own threads sometimes but i do need to sleep every now and then' edi…[View]
52516056Who had the best showing in their fight?[View]
52504643So does Dawn wear panties or not?[View]
52514101Is this the best Pokemon design ever conceived?[View]
52513210>99.9% male >she[View]
52516509>is in a light bulb What? This is new, it isn't?[View]
52508239Pokémon Shitposts and Memes: I have fuck all in my collection. Post Pokémon shitposts, reaction ima…[View]
52514549>Baby-Doll Eyes on all her pokemon PENNY. YOU SICK FUCK[View]
52510973rank the leagues from best to shittiest[View]
52505273So besides breeding an IVmon, whats there to do in Scarlet/Violet postgame?[View]
52504808What does /vp/ believe about the origins of paradox pokemon?: Let's get a board perspective on …[View]
52514493Do we have any frame of reference as to how long SwSh and SV took place after SM/USUM? Johto/Sinnoh …[View]
52516115How is the TCG currently? I have not seen any threads on it.[View]
52513551I want a JAPANESE pokemon game set in a JAPANESE region[View]
52509858/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General: BATTLAN - TRADAN - BITCHAN - RAIDAN - CRYAN We accept hacks. Just FUCKIN with…[View]
52516707Art Tauro paldea[View]
52515194I caved in, fuck it. I know the performance will be bad, but fuck it, bought the game for GF and I. …[View]
52512534>dexcut for the first time in 8 generations it's not fucking FAIR[View]
52514123¡Sexo con Nemona![View]
52513649How would you have done a potential definitive third version for the games that didn't have one…[View]
52516476Opinion on negai shipping?[View]
52516736LMAO: >He plays pokemon games >FOR FUN…[View]
52515047>games set in Spain >everyone looks white as fuck…[View]
52516586>Start a 5 star Tera raid: >2 jap players and 1 guy from France joins >As soon as the raid …[View]
52446228/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: Report and ignore all cross-posters >What is Pokémon Masters …[View]
52515440Where's the hall of fame? Why isn't there a cutscene showing all my pokémon?[View]
52512651Yup, she’ll be in Smash 6: >Starter >Most popular of its trio (or at least the one GF will sh…[View]
52515278Counters Thread: In this thread, people ask what counters something and others will give a counter i…[View]
52516171If the Pokemon universe had an SCP Foundation, what would they contain and how?[View]
52511327What the FUCK was their problem?[View]
52514533>Geeta is the weakest champ-[View]
52516102Bros, why Digifags steals our designs? This shit is literally Zeraora[View]
52514421>Still in no Switch game Did GF just forget this mon's whole existence…[View]
52515887>life orb Scizor is OU in 20-fucking-22 Feels fucking great to be a lifelong Scizorfag…[View]
52515191For some reason it's still so weird to have a regular, no gimmicky, straight-up cross-gen evo o…[View]
52514383Indiabros I am absolutely livid. Geeta was hyped up to be the greatest champion of all time. A champ…[View]
52515881>hey kanto boy did 'ma' pick that outfit out >oh speaking of her have you decided on a name ye…[View]
52507249Why did they drop the ball with future paradoxes? Pokemon thousands years in the future has insane p…[View]
52513733Where's the endgame content? hard mode: no 'muh dlc'[View]
52505590Lillie Thread: Let's take some time to appreciate this charismatic and beautiful young lady.…[View]
52514417Charges, officer?: Just finished this and what exactly did they do wrong? >NOOO YOU'RE NOT A…[View]
52515314Huge improvement[View]
52513511Here's your third paldea legendary[View]
52513804What could gamefreak possibly be implying right there by giving farigiraf THIS kind of look[View]
52515519There's more emotion in these two seconds than in the entirety of the pokemon franchise. Why is…[View]
52515019OST thread: How do we go from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwI02CpAod8&[View]
52515342It's finally coming I feel it in my bones[View]
52515284Why is Cornell like this?[View]
52513177hope you made the right choice bros because it's forever[View]
52513201Female only Eevolutions[View]
52513622any 'difficulty' hacks that don't do this? bonus points if it doesn't let you ch…[View]
52511660>Strength Sap Ferrothorn[View]
52514005>All his mons are female except for the dog[View]
52514952>will never get his own real game >plass flopped so he’ll never get its own legend spinoff eit…[View]
52506215What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
52505343*surfs into the SSB6 starting roster*[View]
52509287>G*nwunner >J*htoddler >H*ennbabby >S*nnohfetus >U*ovabortion >K*losperm >A*ola…[View]
52512790How are we 9 generations in and they managed to make the absolute worst team for a Champion?[View]
52513715Can I go home now, Gamefreak?[View]
52514184what would his team be[View]
52512927Important Sticky Thread: If Koraidon is Jobaidon then who was running the Paldean government?? Huh?!…[View]
52514376Why did they make her so weak? I avoided every trainer battle in the game and the only time I lost w…[View]
52514202You like Nemona, right?[View]
52509512I miss PLA[View]
52510286/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Pokémon Tech Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 A…[View]
52512761Look at this little punkass bitch, trying to act all cool and shit. He really thinks people will for…[View]
52509298>You walk into the game corner >This guy taunts you, sets up dual screens, and parting shots y…[View]
52512272*slaughters time travel trannies* You didn't really believe that Twitterfag's China headca…[View]
52513525SV legendary quartet theme = blatant plagiarism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zToxNtaOinY…[View]
52512207>Nemona, Arven, Penny >revealed pre release >main trio in game >already in the process o…[View]
52505171Okay, so what the FUCK is the deal with this shit?[View]
52513998Iono Zone: Post Nanjamo[View]
52512360>SM >3 cute brown guys >SWSH >3 cute brown guys >SV >1 cute brown guy with shit ha…[View]
52513564there is literally a lot of johto references in SV, guess what's coming in 2023[View]
52513890this is the same artstyle as on third legendary drawing[View]
52478466/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Somewhat competent OP edition >Pokémon Go Event Info https://pokemong…[View]
52511785ITT: Human from Pokemon get the Digimon Partners.[View]
52503652Is there any situation where you'd want to use Weavile over Chien-Pao (outside of metas where C…[View]
52506554>Best paradox mons? >Worst paradox mons?[View]
52513620Well, /vp/?[View]
52513613The battle between the ultimate Pokemon Master NPC trainers. Who would win?[View]
52512650There are only 10 types of Pokemon: What are you faves, anons?[View]
52511851Anyone else absolutely obsessed with Nemona?[View]
52512842Kofujo: Search your heart anon-senpai~ You know it to be true~[View]
52513213can we have a memorial thread for all the pokemon killed by 3d?[View]
52513468...I'm the... electric charge... streamer... your eyeballs are mine... caught in my web....[View]
52510568WHAT I LEARNED ON /VP/ IS[View]
52513320Shhhh, Mew is sleeping...[View]
52511768e4 and gym leaders: When will we see their concept art sheets?[View]
52513062Can we get a cute pokemon images thread going?[View]
52508148>Dondozo's head fins are meant to mimick Japanese cooks headband Ruined…[View]
52512636Does dragon type deserve its special treatment of always being a super late gym/elite 4 type?[View]
52504254>Baxcalibur is not a gen 1 kaiju mo-ACK![View]
52508613/vp/, post here all the red and black pills about pokemon you can think of[View]
52510569When will Irisfags stop making it seem like it makes logical sense when she even fucking admitted it…[View]
52503865Say what you will about Sun/Moon, this is still one of the most memorable moments in the entire seri…[View]
52505554The sandwich system makes no fucking sense: I can put 3 different ingredients with Humungo power int…[View]
52509176Juliana: Can we have a nice Juliana thread where we post pictures of her, talk about how cute she is…[View]
52507528Which SV guy do you think has the best tasting semen?[View]
52488849Nemona has mind broken me.: She's all I think about day and night.[View]
52505542Am I autistic for bringing a riolu plushie with me on a 3 day vacation?[View]
52512934>be me >be 10 yrs old >playing Pokémon emerald >run into pic related, no idea why it’s r…[View]
52512519Great tusk > other paradox mons[View]
52505202I love my wife[View]
52512633Can we finally get a cool water starter than these faggot shits?[View]
52512775Current team thread[View]
52497295Professor Gible: Professor Gible[View]
52511364The only Pokemon school that matters.[View]
52511058Which gen had the best fake leaks?[View]
52500736Why is he trying to seduce me?[View]
52510538I want to shove this thing up my ass[View]
52511170he comes[View]
52512083It's time to apologize[View]
52509763Larry is an absolute genius of a character. At his gym, he uses Normal type Pokémon so the common an…[View]
52512665>draw a guy >give him eyelashes >call it a girl >suddenly explodes in popularity What…[View]
52512615Why are (You) the only one this applies to?[View]
52499864Is /our/ Queen gettin a cameo in Paldea?[View]
52512556>receives literally one of rarest ingredients in the world >gives player a fuckin slowpoke sip…[View]
52512377What gives?: They advertised this almost as an in-game feature before the games ever came out, but w…[View]
52512526>Hit level 40 with most of my Pokemon >start getting bored >contemplating restarting just s…[View]
52512149I just want a Noctowl in Violet. These guys are cool.[View]
52512353Are any of you here fans of Ice Type Pokemon?[View]
52511961Hi. This is my daughter Penny, please be nice to her as she has autism and trouble making friends.[View]
52510570gen 6 thread[View]
52503432What was your favourite pokemon as a kid? What's your favourite pokemon now? What's your f…[View]
52511370>its 2022 >we are forgotten[View]
52512309How does Gamefreak write games so well? Well, they think of a Pokemon game, and then they remove all…[View]
52506051>my 3DS is starting to shit the bed after having it for 7 years Bros... I’m sad. I’ve had this th…[View]
52512148Stop makimg threads about this boring ass bitch. There's plenty of more interesting topics to t…[View]
52511266Bros.. what the fuck. Just finished Violet last week and went into PLA just expecting just a slight …[View]
52499812/nuz/ - Nuzlocke and Challenge Run General: Rainbow of Pokémon Edition >What are you running? …[View]
52511855She's not autistic or a stalker, if anything she has ADHD and hyperfocuses on battling. In real…[View]
52511884This game is fucking LYING to me[View]
52510017You know, it's weird that Pokémon-probably the second most associated gaming franchise with the…[View]
52512208Where were you when it all finally came together?[View]
52510879The protag is 12, right? That probably makes Nemona 15-16. That's a fine age gap. Anakin and Pa…[View]
52511314least favorite cries: everyone loves to hate on the newer pokemon designs for not being as good as o…[View]
52510288>Girl gets the dino cock from Koraidon >Boy gets the robot pussy from Miraidon What did Gamefr…[View]
52509551Pokemon SV Symbol Conspiracy: With the idea that the dlc will include something like pkhex as the on…[View]
52511694How much is age suppose to matter in the anime? Iris gave Cynthia a good push and Ash defeated her. …[View]
52511240/vpwt/- Family rrat Edition >post fanfics you like >share your own fics, ask for advice, post …[View]
52480301Bird Bros, this generation was kind to us[View]
52511777Does anyone enjoy just sitting back and taking pictures of Pokemon playing around during picnics?[View]
52511633Nemona with hair down: Thread for Nemona art withh her hair down[View]
52508387Fuck Marry Kill[View]
52511758brain empty, only sammich[View]
52496542Im confused, Gold is not steel so why is gholdengo Steel type? Shouldnt he be Gold type or something…[View]
52508935Bros, Scarlet and Violet have been out for 2 weeks already and we still haven't gotten even as …[View]
52511438I have never seen this pokemon before. How can it exist? I swear I have never seen it in my life.[View]
52509888I love this dude[View]
52510129Did the classes actually teach you anything personally? I learned some stuff about attack levels inc…[View]
52510691What are the in-game differences between Wiglett and Nonokurage and regular regional forms? The onl…[View]
52509585We're the Pokemon who were cut from Scarlet/Violet to justify selling a $60 beta.[View]
52511371What does his cock look/smell/taste like?[View]
52507589You DID nickname your Koraidon and Miraidon Dino and Astro didn’t you anon?[View]
52498831Timetravelbros, how did Turo catch a pokemon in the future, send it to 200 years ago just for Heath …[View]
52510722Would it take 1/2 of it's health off from Salt Cure?[View]
52509198Post Pokemon in love with each other.[View]
52508791Little reminder that all pokegirls want to have sex with Ash.[View]
52509645Why is the OST so fucking good?[View]
52418813Alola is still the best gen[View]
52507707/RCG/ Raid Cat General/6-star raid general: 'yet again everyone is waiting for someone else to make …[View]
52510572Why did this hot piece of ass have to die?[View]
52508720GF never releases remakes of 2 generations on the same console so is it safe to assume Nintendo will…[View]
52509996Just found my first shiny in my own game, a shiny pawmi (found and caught a ahiny rockruff on my gfs…[View]
52508602My First Pokemon Game in a Long Time: I just started this game and I haven't played a single po…[View]
52509559Best shitmons: What region has the best shitmons? For my money it's Hoenn.[View]
52509460So I was replaying Pokemon Diamond for the fun of it, thinking about getting a full Pokedex, and I r…[View]
52508356Is Iris sexy?[View]
52500446Remember to pet your Tsareena before leaving.[View]
52509009Hate this bitch. Leave Corviknight alone[View]
52509307I would pick up the anime if these were the new protags. No more Ass please[View]
52509311Why is this treated as a bigger accomplishment than Ash when they’re both technically regional leagu…[View]
52510424Why does nobody else like this guy?[View]
52506952Why is fairy strong against dragon?[View]
52510442Talonflame General: I named mine Bert and she, along with Kilowattrel, have been carrying my team up…[View]
52510438Is there a logical reason why Cynthia’s Garchomp is considered the greatest or even the most powerfu…[View]
52508614One lives: The other four die. Make your choice.[View]
52510331Zona Nemona access granted[View]
52510248why'd they put the one that gives the third coupon before the second coupon?[View]
52509170Lets laugh at the 87% gays while we 13% chads enjoy our women[View]
52510093Just got to area zero, holy shit, the fuckin soul, Scarlet/Violet chads...I was wrong. This game is …[View]
52510091There is only one (1) Pokémon that learns Focus Blast by leveling up. Who is it /vp/? First person t…[View]
52506684/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Setting Off On Their Own Journeys Edition >Livestream l…[View]
52509867Why is Lokix Dark, /vp/? It's based on Kamen Riders, right? Kamen Riders are heroes, not villai…[View]
52507805Poketuber thread: Which do you love? Which do you hate? Which would you hop into bed with?[View]
52509921>these are the most BASED and cleverly written characters in pokemon >I love to suck cock btw…[View]
52507614I see Nemona has become very popular. What do you like about her? What makes her so endearing? Is it…[View]
52509152what the fuck is wrong wit hthis stupid bitch didnt she watch jurassic park movies of course ancient…[View]
52509700>Wow! an open world Pokemon game, you can finally travel anywhere you want and take on Gyms and q…[View]
52508101>bitch so crazy even her AI clone thinks she's crazy that's kinda hot ngl…[View]
52508327which do you like more, UBs or Paradox Pokémon?[View]
52505516/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General: BATTLAN - TRADAN - BITCHAN - RAIDAN - CRYAN No hacking, ok?? prev: >>52…[View]
52509625post fake DLC leaks, I'll start DLC coming next year, 2 packs like last time, sold as $18.99 se…[View]
52509605Comp Team Review Thread: I don't see a thread specifically for this so I figure it might be a g…[View]
52509309Rika: Let's have another thread dedicated to the best SV girl[View]
52505037I love her like you wouldn't believe[View]
52509248Trading General: Can we get a trading general going? LF: please god, a Quaxly FT: Fuecoco, Violet ex…[View]
52508051>finish scarlet >already feel like starting a new playthrough I love open world so much bros.…[View]
52492805No seriously, bug has the most consistently great designs of any type, right? Every type has stinker…[View]
52508953What did they mean by this thread: What did they mean by this?[View]
52508998>tfw I no longer know the names of all the pokémon.[View]
52509057his franchise.[View]
52508704Mr. Jacq is just so what?[View]
52490431/vp/ plays Pokemon Detergent: LAST TIME: >The game starts with us in a prison cell inside some cu…[View]
52507711NSO Expansion Pack: Considering that the Expansion Pack includes DLC for the most popular online gam…[View]
52504929So how does Poppy have BOTH a Corviknight and a Tinkaton on her team if they supposedly hate each ot…[View]
52508044>no more bug catching contest >no more safari zone >only been able to go back to previous r…[View]
52507310Jellyfish from space be like[View]
52508734>Karen is a Dark type user >Dark type trainers are known for using tricks and underhanded meth…[View]
52506998Found and caught my first shiny: A Lechonk. Less than thirty seconds later, I found a second shiny L…[View]
52486454Post fan Paradox designs.[View]
52508408How did you honestly about Cynthia’s performance in the PWC? Bad? Good? Middle?[View]
52489614/vp/'s MS Paint Deluxe Day 2: On Fire Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a quick rea…[View]
52508528Just played KANTOOOO recently and i must say theres a lot of inconsistencies. For example whys clefa…[View]
52505797Why, yes, I did choose Quaxly as my starter Pokemon and enjoy the evolutions.[View]
52504551Isn't it obvious...?: timecucks and wishfags are both wrong and both right in their own retarde…[View]
52508425the Fairy Fucker 9000[View]
52508149How does this pokemon character make you feel?[View]
52504223>Is the most iconic moment in Ashime history and makes /padt/ seethe eternally…[View]
52493288Scarlet Violet teams: Post your SV teams right now! Nickname rating optional I’ve completed 5 Gyms, …[View]
52505902More people seem to enjoy the raids as a postgame than the battle facilities. Makes sense to me, Pok…[View]
52498242>makes the Pikachu line obsolete[View]
52503304>he plays on Switch mode instead of Set mode Why do you need a free turn against the baby-tier AI…[View]
52436145/vp/ census December Edition: You know the drill lads This time its S/V themed[View]
52498304>Is a cringe vtuber manipulative psycho bitch >GF obviously wrote her this way to make fun of …[View]
52507256My main wish as a kid was for Pokémon to be real, so I could become a trainer…[View]
52501600>I love you, Arven >Actually, no. My time machine is more important…[View]
52507529>Farming charizard raids >Get Two Azumarills and 1 support pokemon as teammate >Okay cool, …[View]
52508150itt: god tier designs only[View]
52508064How soft and squishy is Juliana?[View]
52507967I love this Lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
52494011Injection/Genning General /inj/ Injectfriend edition: Inject - Shitpost - Circlejerk This thread is …[View]
52507335The definitive tier list: You cannot refute this[View]
52504777why must they ruin everything?[View]
52505460The dark ages of the clownfit are over.[View]
52505986Will the Alola League ever get the same respect as the Kanto/Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and …[View]
52500995Why were the box legends on the scarlet/violet book cover before anyone even knew they existed?[View]
52506957Unovaborts really think they're not among the first to go when the Great Reset hits and 6 milli…[View]
52507884Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Will the next game drop all pretenses and just straight up give the play…[View]
52481824General questions about SV thread: Let's attempt another questions and answers thread in attemp…[View]
52505672how much money would you be willing to pay for a non-rushed mainline game with all 1010 pokemon in i…[View]
52501976Thoughts on team galactic?[View]
52507404goodbye forever /vp/[View]
52498202Non-outbreak Shiny edition >What are you currently hunting? >How are you hunting it? >Previ…[View]
52507737if i can't tell what it is supposed to be from just a glance, then it is a bad design[View]
52502426Ok I just read the Violet Book pages in game, saw this, and now I'm pretty sure Paradox Pokemon…[View]
52500374submit to your bikes[View]
52507655I've been out of the loop for the past few weeks since the launch. Did fans really 'fix' the pe…[View]
52506773Gamefreak will announce a National Dex patch for SV: all I need is 50 anons to give me their energy.…[View]
52507264>he plays Pokémon competitively[View]
52504143Is he still smol?: Has anybody shown what Eternatus looks like in SV? I've yet to see if he…[View]
52507568>Revavroom can't learn the torque moves laaaame![View]
52500282Post proof that Game Freak is the most incompetent AAA developer going: I'll start >They add…[View]
52504589Why doesn't Iron Thorns look like Mega Tyranitar when Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon uses the Me…[View]
52503317>finally make chinese-inspired pokemon >they're all evil. What did gamefreak mean by this…[View]
52507436Anyone have the rest of the dex images or a link to the rest?[View]
52506744The DLC plot twist is that you are a paradox brought forth by Nemona imagining someone strong enough…[View]
52507089So is AZ’s ultimate weapon made out if Tera Crystals from Paldea?[View]
52506945Cynthiabros why didn’t Garchomp immediately take it out?[View]
52504270BLIND NUZLOCK RUN: hardest game for blind nuzlocke My rules during the run: -cant go beyond possess…[View]
52503197What could have been...[View]
52504378What do you call this look?[View]
52504605Surely you guys remember Team Charm from mystery dungeon explorers of sky right? I always wondered w…[View]
52505391This 'feature' is actually not programmed into the game. They keep telling you that new gym badged w…[View]
52503028>this mechanical body >built to resemble the professor in every way in *every* way, you say? d…[View]
52486632Confess, /vp/: get it out anon. get it all out. we are listening.[View]
52503864Why do the violet paradox Pokemon look so unequivocally shit?[View]
52506153Aochiri/Larrika Thread.: With doteru Poppy in tow.[View]
52505366Fakemon Thread: post some good fakemons Absolutely no coomer shit please[View]
52505169This is the worst part of the game.[View]
52499821/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: 25 Years Edition >Ignore and Report all Spamming from L…[View]
52503398How would a school shooting look like in pokemon?[View]
52506398If the imagination/demiurge theory is real, maybe the Third Legendary gave Clavell the Academy. Afte…[View]
52502992wtf bros I thought you told me armarouge would be a shitmon[View]
52506046POKEMON FIXED THE ICE TYPE >terastilize to change to a different type >defense boost in hail w…[View]
52506457>npcs get filtered by 5 star fighting krookodile >make room for randoms to join >the 3 reta…[View]
52496396Did 99% of people get violet? I've been trying out these trade codes and i've only managed…[View]
52498588Why she be looking like a lesbian twitterino getting offended at the lack of alphabet soup character…[View]
52499286Would she be more popular if she was white?[View]
52495246So... Will the cat waifu dethrone Gardevoir?[View]
52506024OH NO, IT'S A FAIRY! https://youtu.be/8OkpRK2_gVs[View]
52505850Shiny pokeball: Main effect. Makes the pokemon captured inside its shiny variant >1 per game >…[View]
52503293>87.5% male[View]
52505709>Best starter in gen 7 >Best starter in gen 8 >Best starter in gen 9 Grass chads can't…[View]
52502633Give it resistances to Water, Normal, Ground, Grass, and Flying. There, I fixed the type[View]
52502781For what purpose?[View]
525025773h left, the event is ending soon Have you caught it, /vp/? Was it hard? I haven't joined once,…[View]
52503965was this the most openly horny pokemon gen?[View]
52499256Iron Thorns: How do we fix him?[View]
52493134I HATE dragons!: Ugly inelegant beasts lacking refinement. If ever your concern that Pokemon was too…[View]
52502026/wfg/ - Wi-Fi General: BATTLAN - TRADAN - BITCHAN - RAIDAN - CRYAN Hacks?? No siree. prev: >>…[View]
52505403Who wins?[View]
52504733>>52499894 https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9ou-1729898915-p76b4u1rt2hxd74r2h9g7vza54rqns…[View]
52500789*joins the SSB6 starting roster*[View]
52503833>we REALLY want the pornhead audience[View]
52504346I've heard that each Starter is designed to appeal to a specific target audience: What audience…[View]
52505225Shiny trade: Looking for a shiny goodra or lower evs or an Eevee, or Finizen. I have a shiny Weavil…[View]
52504912What were they thinking?[View]
52501834Balltism thread: There really should be a general for balltism What ball should I use for a clodsir…[View]
52504515>Area Zero >Paradoxes >Hitoshi Ariga…[View]
52503217At first I thought she was a nothing Champion but playing the rematches made me hate her. Why is she…[View]
52502716/RCG/ - Raid Cat/6-Star Raid General: '3rd time lucky' edition Old: >>52499137 Welcome to the …[View]
52502639>it's a 'Timmy brings his cat or crocodile to the raid and dies the entire time' episode…[View]
52504843Paradox pokemon have genders?: Apparently in the code afaik all paradox mons are coded as female... …[View]
52499906Geeta is so fucking evil: There's no way she's not the villain of the DLC. Dialogue with h…[View]
52504089Haxorus FRIES unaware blobs: >mold breaker ignores unaware, levitate >run tera blast electric …[View]
52493556>omg Arven, stop trauma dumping, it’s killing the vibe why is anyone pretending to like this psyc…[View]
52503117>we can't have voice acting we want fans of Pokemon to make up the voices for themselves …[View]
52503782*takes 3 hours of farming and constant clock resetting to get 50 for just one type* WOW! WHAT A COOL…[View]
52495806Go to your profile and tell me how many shinies have you missed. Apparently I battled 5. But I only …[View]
52503961How do we fix him? He still hasn't gotten anything![View]
52504410Oh the raid mon was killed before it put it's shield up+ well fuck you here's it's hp…[View]
52493750Does it feel weird to you that the method for Pokemon breeding this gen is through picnics? You sit …[View]
52500564>doesn't appear in 1 game >gets instantly forgotten and nobody talks about it anymore stu…[View]
52503969Is there anything more cringe than Smogon's fakemons?[View]
52504228What did he mean by this?[View]
52496413Daily reminder that pokemon fans DESERVE this fucking dogshit[View]
52505288Is this accurate?[View]
52494944>Prove me wrong[View]
52503972Who else here has played this? It's a really shitty GBA demake of SwSh. >story only in spani…[View]
52503920Just add all the salt bullshit to rock type >resists/beats ghost >beats water and steel Boom. …[View]
52502987What do I do now? I've completed all 8 gyms, I've defeated all 5 titans and I've took…[View]

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