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/vp/ - Pokémon

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46044291Scandalous! Why would Galar's Most Eligible Bachelorette do such a thing![View]
46040632This is my planned team for Heartgold version. Only mon on this listed I’ve used is totodile line. …[View]
46044675Was it kino?[View]
46042454>w-why do you keep saying such mean things about me, anon? >y-you don't really hate me do…[View]
46042827>poison type >it's purple[View]
46036270How about a fan art thread? Show me what you've saved[View]
46041591what happened to pokemon[View]
46044263Welcome to the Grand Reopening of Velvet Blastoise. Now, what can I get you?[View]
46044582Eartquake: I'm honestly surprised that they managed to keep this move very useful without it be…[View]
46042714pokemon tropes that dont make sense: >peaches cures poisoning >cherries cure paralysis >pe…[View]
46038403Min max a custom legend to AG: Hydwrecker Water/steel Hp-40 Atk-255 Def-17 Spa -17 Spd-16 Spe-255 Bs…[View]
46044178Uncringe Thread: Post uncringe[View]
46042811Kinomax thread.[View]
46044343A part of me wishes Genesect was playable in smash bros Unova has no rep and there is a lack of arth…[View]
46035759/nuzgen/ - Nuzlocke General: Make her laugh edition Nuzlocke info https://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX >…[View]
46044246>Why yes, I just steamroll through the whole game using my favourite pokémon, how could you tell?…[View]
46042394Behold, the least shilled shillmon of galar. Which sucks because he's pretty based[View]
46042517Does she really?[View]
46040301If your favorite Pokemon is called out, you have to go to sleep. Absol[View]
46042146cringe thread: post cringe[View]
46039918Hey guys. It's my birthday and I would love it if we could have a thread for Yungoos/Gumshoos. …[View]
46042879>Kills your favourite franchise![View]
46034610>when your Gardevoir body pillow finds the life size Absol doll Bros...…[View]
46042996What happened to in-game events like Faraway Island, Navel Rock and Birth Island? Feels like they ra…[View]
46040890Post alternate realities[View]
46038931Why is Ash’s Gengar a different color than other Gengar?[View]
46041862Why does she raise her finger like that?[View]
46043561This vid brings a tear to mine eye: https://youtu.be/rg6CiPI6h2g Pic unrelated[View]
46043394Is he right /vp/?[View]
46034825Break a Pokemon below OU by giving it one move.: No legendary moves allowed No Fishous Rend or Bolt …[View]
46038818Are signature/ace Pokemon an idea the series should continue with? Whether it be gym leaders, rivals…[View]
46040990Acerola is the only good thing about gen 7: I wish she were my daughter, why couldn't she be in…[View]
46039513Do you livedex or not[View]
46037667>Water pokemon >Its blue[View]
46039736ITT: Forgotten Characters[View]
46041192>Come in, anon. The water is nice and hot! How do you respond?[View]
46043063He cute[View]
46043506>biggest super multi very much ultra big billion dollah franchise >doesn't sell worldwid…[View]
46036165>Stealth Rocks nerfed to mediocrity with the introduction of broken boots >meta transitioned t…[View]
46043295>Awkwardly traverse a dungeon with arcane movement and a boring, repetitive combat system >Fil…[View]
46032607>god tier lugia design >you're forced to turn him back to normal before you can transfer …[View]
46041597You ever feel like there's a disturbing amount of overlap between pokemon and furry communities…[View]
46037708For Ice; >ice now resists ground and electric >in compensation, electric does double the damag…[View]
46013387I love brown pokegirls[View]
46039245why did they make pokemon an esports “competitive” game when it’s all RNG? i know it’s been asked hu…[View]
46033261/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Why I Gotta Make All The Threads Edition >Current Event: -Hoenn Celeb…[View]
46041573/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46040239Childhood is skipping Misty's Song because it's mushy. Adulthood is listening to it and cr…[View]
46042624>Yes, I make all my Pokémon hold Quick Claw, how did you know?[View]
46034458Yep Game Freak Cares So Much About Pokemon They Removed 1/4 of Them From The Series: Has Game Freak …[View]
46039168Announce the games already[View]
46042112i tried to find a Shiny Registeel, after 53 resets, and this happen, it said The Save file has been …[View]
46037896>Called the grass type >No Pokémon with this type have anything to actually do with grass…[View]
46040593ITT: Creatures you can’t believe that haven’t used for a Pokèmon yet. pic related It’s weirdly cute…[View]
46040577has anyone completed these?[View]
46037945/TCC/ Trading Card Collectors General: Kyogre Edition Previous thread: >>46032057[View]
46036269I did not care for Megas[View]
46041556Hopping in to remind you hype season won’t be for another month or so, sit back and relax. maybe pla…[View]
46040838based and grasspilled[View]
46030183How would you feel if he received Pikachu/Eevee/Charizard levels of shilling?[View]
46040385EXACTLY 1 MONTH UNTIL THE POKEMON DIRECT: It’s happening February 26th because 27th is a Saturday S…[View]
46038618I dislike the dynam*x mechanic and how it is so broken and unplayable, unlike megas and z-moves, but…[View]
46038227Remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_dgvgpC8Nw[View]
46032534Here's your nuclear bomb bro.[View]
46039050How do you beat it?[View]
46035716>he UNIRONICALLY defends random crits >he UNIRONICALLY defends variable damage >he UNIRONIC…[View]
46042099You are now aware that Lava Plume was introduced before Scald.[View]
46041547>mfw the Blue JP sprites are now confirmed early Gen 2 mockups Thanks for betatesting, genwunners…[View]
46039657Signature Dex: KANTOOOO edition: Post a new unique move or ability for each fully evolved Pokemon, g…[View]
46037264Everyone thinks DP remake is next, but knowing the pokemon company it will probably disappoint us wi…[View]
46038806Breeding & IV questions: So i’m trying to breed a perfect totodile in ultra sun and I have a few…[View]
46011481/Ralts/ the weekly Saturday Ralts line thread: Completely normal, Edition. Welcome to /Ralts/ the we…[View]
46041746Why are full arts so expensive these days? I actually just paid 60 bucks for a Skyla full art today,…[View]
46041062>These new Pokemon designs we've ordered for our new game have arrived. We need to put them …[View]
46041622Anons, please, help me out, which ranger game is the best one? I was offered to buy one (1), and I c…[View]
46037124>reuses the same team concept a gen later but without the same charisma, decent writing, and appe…[View]
46037167>it's been 6 1/2 years[View]
46041432ITT ambiguous monsters[View]
46039930What is the objectively best pokemon name? I would say none that are portmantuas, but maybe I'm…[View]
46034320>Rhydon >Tyranitar >Aggron >Coalossal if its not a rock monster, quite frankly im not in…[View]
46040341/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46038389gen 3 looks like shit graphically literally unplayable[View]
46037101HGSS Silver>GSC Silver I usually prefer the original Sugimori art over remakes' art but GSC …[View]
46037179Pokemon that no one has used on their ingame team: I'll start[View]
46035889Dialga thread![View]
46040859>Game Freak’s idea of a side-quest is catching a shitmon for some hopeless romantic just to expla…[View]
46035352Eevee is the best Pokémon ever created. You literally cannot refute this.[View]
46040904>Game is a reboot of Diamond and Pearl, with only slight hints to Platinum similar to how HeartGo…[View]
46016503/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokemon Essentials, Fan Game Development General: Route 3 Edition ROM Hacking:…[View]
46038410>Snake >Kobra >Repives >Yvins >Roirepres >Enivres >Guf…[View]
46035596Which one?[View]
46011136post obscure[View]
46037851>romhack doesn't let you immediately buy pokeballs[View]
46040205Hey /vp/ do you have a canon team? I mean, we all played a lot of pokemon several times and we made …[View]
46038250Pokeball plus: How many do you have? What Pokemon go on adventures with you?[View]
46040207>tfw no raccoon mon[View]
45955068Oh, no! Looks like May needs your help, /vp/!: What do?[View]
46038386Tell me about your mother, Cubone...[View]
46038537Instant Berry Sprout in: Emerald Route 116 Just beat Roxanne, but have not got Wailmer Pail yet at t…[View]
46040063*pant*...*pant*... look anon, I fetched the ball for you![View]
46039598/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46040300I know it would tank the frame rate to hell since they can't even do triple/rotation, but I was…[View]
46039988Can a Pokemon bond beat that of a man and dog bros?[View]
46036859Not to get political but post Pokémon and the gender that they are to your head canon[View]
46039058I wanted to play Platinum on DeSmuME to use the cool trade evolution Pokes but then I remembered I c…[View]
46037140>oh boy I sure do enjoy being a shiny dusknoir on October 15 2020[View]
46037662Monster Collecting Games: I'm not trying to start an anti-pokémon thread on /vp/, I'm just…[View]
46037435Is there a BW/Pt/HGSS hack that just adds Gen 6+ mons? I wanna do a mono-dragon playthrough but I do…[View]
46038417OMP OMP OMP[View]
46035597/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46035959Nuttin' but a bimbo socialite with a pretty face.[View]
45944821Hex is the ONLY memorable thing from gen 6[View]
46038491Rate my wife[View]
46039303O-ORAS-sama: Superior remakes... I kneel...[View]
46037484post SOUL: kino[View]
46034207Say something nice about a post-B2W2 game. >https://youtube.com/watch?v=GIn8_Q27WFY is one of the…[View]
46035663Would pikachu look better without red cheeks?[View]
46027060Green Thread: I love her so much. If we ever get FRLG remakes I hope she replaces Leaf.[View]
46038729Skyla and Winona: Why are they so perfect together?[View]
46037513This could be the OST of your home twinleaf in the DP remakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgPhA…[View]
46035676I honest believe that Pokemon has never ever been better than right now. > Multiple games avaliab…[View]
46038636post in this thread if your boy made it[View]
46034743Pokéchess: >pawniard >bisharp >rookidee >corviknight Will we ever have a pokémon based o…[View]
46035483Does anyone else have this type of autism where they physically cannot bring themselves to use a pok…[View]
46038081Mega Aggron thread[View]
46038623Goodnight bitches[View]
46037718Claim your pokéwaifu: I’ll start by claiming Marley[View]
46036834>Gets a theme remix in Gen 4, as well as a master Pokémon and lore about the original trio’s crea…[View]
46038018>Clair's lowest level Pokemon is level 38, and her ace at level 41 >These are the encount…[View]
46036403god I wish that was me[View]
45996786/PTCGO/: Pokémon TCG Online General: It's Her Turn Edition New/Returning Player? >https://pa…[View]
46038397Is It Possible to change the location of where you last saved if so how would you do it?[View]
46033177What super basic, straightforward ideas haven't found their way into Pokémon yet? I know litera…[View]
46036416wtf is he doing up there: see pic[View]
46011394>New region >Game starts in the arid north >Pokemon league is in the gelid south would it b…[View]
46029848She is the best mommymon[View]
46024812>Hey kid, what are you doing all alone on this beach? Looking for Pokémon? Well, we know where yo…[View]
46032128>Brave Bird? More like... Weak Nerd![View]
46035490I just bought this Eevee from a sketchy dude behind the Pokemon Center. It doesn't react to any…[View]
46032057/TCC/ Trading Card Collectors General: Gyarados edition Do NOT buy 3 ring binders Previous thread: …[View]
46035986who's the ding-dong diddly jannetty and who's the michaels ?[View]
46024576Can we have a thread dedicated to discussing romhacks and fangames? Not like /rheg/ where the focus …[View]
46035893This is the truth. Accept it.[View]
46037695Hilda thread[View]
46037396Pokémon Relapse: Every year or two I feel like I go through a short Pokémon high and I have no fucki…[View]
46033912Can we have a thread dedicated to discussing anime? Not like /padt/ where the focus is on waifu wars…[View]
46036779You are not a true Pokémaster unless you can name 'em all!: https://www.sporcle.com/games/g/pok…[View]
46032302>Hey kid, it's time to give you advice that you never asked for! >Isn't it hilarious…[View]
46012176Hatterene Thread: Post Hatts[View]
46037452>literally better than most galarmons[View]
46032955How would you react if you finally manage to get laid, they take off their pants and you see they…[View]
46037363https://www.siliconera.com/pokemon-company-sword-shield-home-restrictions-modified-data/ Get rid of …[View]
46035957Will Cynthia's redesign remove the original design from fanartists' memories?: Like with M…[View]
46036689Is it just me or have Full art cards doubled in price over the last 6 months?[View]
46032795What Pokemon couples partake in BDSM?[View]
46036728I don't care about Post Game. Just beating the league and maybe if there is a little more story…[View]
46036963>Isn't Unova's secondary psuedo like in Hoenn >Isn't Dragon/Steel Haxbros, why?…[View]
46036847Post Evolution Memes[View]
46036587>DragoNITE >>>isnt dragon/dark type: >DragoNITE >>>isn't dragon/dark ty…[View]
46034606Will Regigigas finally get its redemption in the remake?[View]
46037108Absol does not bring disaster. Please do not vituperate the Absol.[View]
46036938Mythic thread: I love this little nigga[View]
46034841Chad first versions vs Virgin rehashes: you don't seriously prefer the third version cash grab …[View]
46036800cute boyfriends?[View]
46019182Character redesigns: I have the bad feeling that GF will not give them redesigns in the DP Remakes, …[View]
46036530I couldn't even nuzlocke xy, the easiest fucking games in the whole series. I got BTFO'd b…[View]
46033421Red is overrated: Red has no personality besides being the perfect self-insert for boomer genwunner …[View]
46032132Beta G/S Implications: Gold & Silver were originally going to introduce a Light-type. I had kind…[View]
46035393Has any fangame or fanwork of any medium ever managed to encapsulate original vision of pokemon worl…[View]
46031621DAMN Cara Liss looks like THAT?[View]
46014934I want to be sexually harassed by Primarina[View]
46032396How will they shoehorn Charizard in diaper remakes?[View]
46033488Would you be okay with a darker mainline pokemon game?[View]
46035338It would be so cool to have an eevee that switches evolutions based off the type of attack it uses/t…[View]
46036093Which level 30 3-stage electric mon do you prefer, Ampharos or Luxray?[View]
46034722Anyone remembers those Pokemon vs Bionicle videos? It was full of autism but I kinda liked them, any…[View]
46032466Disregarding the generational evos Gen 4 has a pretty lack luster roster: The only highlights being …[View]
46028135Name Megas/Gmax/Formes: Act like they’re separate Pokemon.[View]
46034982Hey :)[View]
46031989ITT: Things we all agree on. >Mimikyu is good design >Special / Physical split was a good idea…[View]
46025708Post your number one bro, and say something nice about the one above you.[View]
46034123Xenomorph based Pokemon: Basic: Facehugger Stage 1: Chestburster Stage 2: Xenomorph Drone Stage 2 si…[View]
46035801ALL AROUND ME ARE[View]
46035797Hmm, a poke ball! I wonder what's inside it[View]
46035568You just know[View]
46035577What's the best bird and why is it Fearow?[View]
46031817I'm not really feeling it.[View]
46023744Where do you draw the line at anthropomorphism in Pokémon? You can bring up examples to suggest what…[View]
46027182/nuzgen/ - Nuzlocke General: ChadLock edition Nuzlockes Summed Up Edition Nuzlocke info https://past…[View]
46034845Here bro your Safari Zone. Nice catch[View]
46031053>Fakemon is inspired or named after wordplay or pun in specific language >Fakedex has a lot of…[View]
46035468FUCKING BITCH[View]
46035433Should I keep my starter as a hm slave only?: I'm going to do a starterless gen 5 nuzlocke and …[View]
46033224>grass type >not green HOW DOES HE DO IT?…[View]
46035175Pid!: Opinions on Pidgey - Pidgeotto - Pidgeot - Mega Pidgeot line?[View]
46035152>his 5 turns are up? >omp omp omp eet[View]
46035037How will they develop this idea?[View]
46024905It's so late anon! Come to bed already![View]
46031729>The most SOULESS thing in the history of the entire franchise.[View]
46034810Here’s your Gen 9 fossils bro[View]
46034379What's the point of Jirachi's 3rd eye? It feels like a tease for another form or something…[View]
46035132fat mouse[View]
46031213/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46031426Is that... Garchomp... from...: Sinnoh?[View]
460338534G: >Because of COVID we did not include _____ in the game Let's try to guess what they…[View]
46032167Which one did it better?[View]
46032509Why do you keep defending SwSh? And don't come at me with 'it's fun', you can have fun wit…[View]
46034957duh-nuh duh-nuh duh-nuh tell me whooo's watchin'? duh-nuh duh-nuh duh-nuh who's watch…[View]
46031915How embarrassing.[View]
46034511Card grading: How do I set up my own card grading company? I'm located in Finland. I'm a t…[View]
46034127What the FUCK is this supposed to be based off of![View]
46028755What's your 'Fuck you, I like it' pokemon? This line gets more hate than it deserves.[View]
46033743Canonically speaking, did Sinnoh experience a nuclear war?[View]
46033792Me next month at the end of the pokedirect when....[View]
46019097Be honest, did you actually get gold in all of these? I remember getting silver in most at the least…[View]
46014331ITT: Post rare in-game screens[View]
46004360New HOME mass ban: I transferred a shiny AZ Floette to my account. Am I fucked now?[View]
46035837/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about…[View]
46034266Unpopular opinion thread: SwSh is trash and the serie died after crystal[View]
46030749How exactly are you supposed to tell if a Gen 3 cart is authentic or a reproduction?[View]
46033802>Pokemon eyebleach[View]
46033595Story of my life working at Pokemon Company: >be me. Start my childhood with the first Pokémon ga…[View]
46034326best starter thread[View]
46033585should i use counter or aura sphere?[View]
46034048Is Gold/Silver worth playing? Interesting enough to see the changes from Crystal? More aesthetic?[View]
46033153If you wanted to play 2 different Pokémon games from 2 different gens would you play them both a bit…[View]
46032663Tsareena (F) @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Queenly Majesty EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe Naughty Na…[View]
46031347>picks the starter weaker to yours >keeps bragging about how he understands types effectivenes…[View]
46032084It's a penguin[View]
46033841Dancin' Ditto[View]
46023294Showderp: Plush Edition: This is where a plushmaster takes the name of 'champ' and gets given 6 rand…[View]
46030354MavenMoonBaseRegion: Teraformes are similar to Gigantamax. Milotic has an Oasis Form. It creates a s…[View]
46033749But if you close your eyes...[View]
46028849Say hello to the cores of VGC Season 8 I hope you're able to build a team that counters all 6 o…[View]
46018465Which Galar girl is the cutest?[View]
46033694It was kino.[View]
46033615Did these games get the “new is bad” treatment when they were the current generation?[View]
46031506Discuss Masuda's compositional masterpiece.[View]
46026283>becomes Electric/Fighting Is it OU?[View]
46033591>That innecesary 'confidential' seal You can't convince otherwise. This was leaked…[View]
46033094what do you mean sword and shield was on the nintendo DS?[View]
46032960>makes a shit/wrong statement >people say your statement is shit/wrong >'i'm muting t…[View]
46028234post your shouldermon and ace[View]
46032761What Pokemon is this?[View]
46032434Radical red: >Immediately jobs Why is it so fucking shit?[View]
46033492The sky and the cat are whimsical[View]
46030169So they are three different types of feline beast? Is this the most diverse trio we've had?[View]
46032019I'm an adult now and I haven't played a pokemon game in a while. Now i want to play black …[View]
46032100This is Dialga. Say hi to Dialga.[View]
46033330i'm making a moveset for a mega sceptile. it's hacked movesets, so anything goes. should i…[View]
46030650>take a stroll through the woods >see this What do?…[View]
46031075A wild Salazzle has added you to her harem. What will you do.[View]
46029119>has a move for every occasion[View]
46024993Why doesn't gamefreak allow for multiple saves? I can understand it for games prior to Gen 3, b…[View]
46029322Anon, is that a fairy in your party?[View]
46032764Why isn't she considered a waifumon? She's the most beautiful pokemon[View]
46030851In-Game Team Thread: pic related is my current team for SoulSilver. I've just landed in Cianwoo…[View]
46012447/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about…[View]
46031510Will she make it into the remake?[View]
46027889Come up with alternate 'official' names for pokémon. They don't need to be better, just differe…[View]
46031884So I'm going to be playing gen V for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
46030903I freaking love this bulky duck[View]
46029942Apologize. Now.[View]
46030557Give feraligatr some love: You guy's are hyping over meganium with pokemon snap, and are even g…[View]
46031411Why is this community so nostalgia driven? Thats like half the reason the games are scrutinized as t…[View]
46032670TCG investing: There are so many things that confuse me with the cards and their value. Cynthia used…[View]
46031867Do you like my car?[View]
46020733Hey, kids!: Geodude the train conductor says >'GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS, TRANS PRIDE WORLDWID…[View]
46029923GS BETA: Which beta Pokemon did /vp/ like best? I think beta Girafarig really deserves to be added a…[View]
46024418I always pick the girl, because if you pick the guy, the girl barely even appears in the game.[View]
46030968Gen4 was peak Pokemon The franchise went downhill after this Gen.[View]
46006936Series 8 allowing one restricted Pokemon: https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1352482925519007744 …[View]
46032227Emerald > ORAS If you think otherwise you're homosexual[View]
46027445/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Sleepy Sheepie Edition >Current Event: -Hoenn Celebration / Groudon …[View]
46031796>gen 3 >azurill is introduced >has a glitch where 1/3 of all female azurill evolve into mal…[View]
46032222Base set pack value: My friend has a bunch of these sealed base set booster packs, and he wants to k…[View]
46030240Are they canonically undefeated like Leon?[View]
46031123Are ya proud of me dad?[View]
46029495Kyogre is the greatest Pokemon of all time. Prove me wrong.: Protip: you can't.[View]
46031553Is this guy an incel?[View]
46030603just got a shiny dratini in Pokemon Gold after 11 eggs, what do I name her?[View]
46029319When is gamefreak going to fix this?[View]
46023802Choose any Pokemon: That Pokemon now learns Sketch once. How much more powerful are they?[View]
46032062What does vp think about Pocket Mortys?: I don’t really like Rick and morty anymore, the show was al…[View]
46031548Charizard? Did you say Charizard?[View]
46031301Why does she learn almost exclusively special movies?[View]
46026164/tcc/ -Trading Card Collectors: /vp/ promo edition. 3 ring binders are the devil. I was wrong about …[View]
46028327How would you make Gorebyss viable?[View]
46031554>hang on let me open up my pal pad[View]
46031585>yfw Eternamax Arceus[View]
46027038>feel like replaying old Pokemon game >think about what Pokemon I'll use >have to incl…[View]
46030163Kalos Full Teams: As many people criticize X and Y for poor Teams for Trainers (especially for Elite…[View]
46029502Which pokemons shine in AG despite not being good enough for OU and UU?[View]
46030278how different is it from s&m?[View]
46024306Pet your favorite pokemon. https://benisland.neocities.org/petpet/[View]
46024719>he won’t come back in the next games >I won’t be able to use Weezing/Slaking in VGC It hurts…[View]
46030523First Time Playing Gold: Plan on playing Pokemon Gold for the first time. Not on an emulator, an act…[View]
46031410>stadium is fun >laddering battle spot singles is not fun…[View]
46027924Why won't eviolite work on my Slowbro?![View]
46029066Thus Diancie wept[View]
46006163Is Sonia a good professor?[View]
46029051do pokemon poop? has there been anything suggesting in the games, anime, manga, or anything that pok…[View]
46029652>Fang color is the same as the color of the gums/skin Why did Gen 3 do this trope…[View]
46028330/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46019005Do you agree with this poll, bros?[View]
46022882It is a mere act that one loves in frank purity, neither the frankness of the heart, nor the honesty…[View]
46020756Is Flannery the hottest pokegirl of all time?[View]
46023534>people are nostalgiafagging over XY[View]
46025090It's weird, on paper, Both gens 3 and 5 are better than gen 4 in my opinion. But I always end …[View]
46019822>pokemon center is free how? who pays for this shit?[View]
46019065Hi, and welcome to the grand opening of the DPG Desert Cafe and Bistro! What could we get you on thi…[View]
46026760>Text Speed: Fast >Battle Scene: Off >Battle Style: Set I'm a dangerous man.…[View]
46030372Underappreciated Mons: Post Pokemon you feel need more love, both from the fanbase and GameFreak. An…[View]
46029399*learns your signature move* not so signature now, is it?[View]
46018190Hahaha you will never play this: Pokemon Ore, an Orre remaster for the Switch. Two game modes. Story…[View]
46017541Rock sand[View]
46028242She's not a lion. Quit calling her one. Myth and lorewise she's 100% lynx. Physical design…[View]
46029875how would a fps game work in the pokemon genre?[View]
46025548>platinum with gen v style holy kino https://twitter.com/Silast_UP[View]
46029327>No DP remakes in 2021 because of covid[View]
46028818Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes: >Name: Pokemon bidoof diamond and bidoof pearl >Bidoof is t…[View]
46030164Are the mystery duengon games Isekai?[View]
46030141Yes she is huge but she deserves to be loved[View]
46022195believe me or not I dont really care at this point. I didnt plan to leak anything but after recent e…[View]
46027675Is there a list of Pokemon media that was developed/released for the US or English-speaking market f…[View]
46029745A daily thread to pet Lillie-chan[View]
46025508With all the doom and gloom and coom on this board, I thought we could use something a little more l…[View]
46029876I know that the current shitflinging has people divided atm, but could we have a nice Sinnoh thread?…[View]
46028057ITT: Post a Pokemon that you think needs an evolution.[View]
46024602>still no spino mon[View]
46029146Post features you wanna see in Pokémon games: I honestly wanna be able to explore an entirely differ…[View]
46029368I want full 8g pokedex in the 4g remakes[View]
46025749I'm no trying to start a gen war, but I'm officially giving up on Gen IV. Those games are …[View]
46028189HE'S A FIRE TYPE[View]
46026211Does /vp/ think these games are worth <$70?[View]
46029589She seeks perfection[View]
46029384Anon, is that a Charizard in your party?[View]
45969738Pokehusbando thread[View]
46028311Does anyone have an updated version of this?[View]
46029237I'm feeling down. Can we get a Koharu/Chloe thread?[View]
46028283What's your favourite spinoff, /vp/? Here's mine.[View]
46022808Who the fuck are the Masked Heroes in XY? They are confirmed not Sina and Dexio and Shauna is right …[View]
46024051Did anyone play the Poképark Wii series? I did as a kid[View]
46028232Finally got pokemon clover working, any tips before i descend into this game?[View]
46028287my daughterwifedogsister glaceon[View]
46027731Attention all Fugdonalds staff, I am calling you all to a meeting about how our brand new Galatian F…[View]
46028134Would you a pokemon if they looked like this bros?[View]
46028602Pokemon Parody and parody rom hacks: What is your favourite parody of pokemon? Some video content f…[View]
46028092ITT: Underrated Pokewaifus[View]
46028575Does anyone have a fossilized drake they could give to a shitmon and trade it?[View]
46024291Why did it take 7 gens to add this basic feature instead of autoboxing your new niggas?[View]
46020619/tcc/ -Trading Card Collectors: Houndoom is a Pretty Cool Pokémon Edition Yes 3 Ring Binders will d…[View]
46024701Jolteon is a pokemon. Do you like it?[View]
46027698I just got a Moltres + Masterball from Machamps.com in Surprise trade, I bet you wish you were me ri…[View]
46016375Pokemoa thread: How can an artist be so based?[View]
46026826favorite routes?[View]
46017424So what happened to Lorelei? Why wasn't she a member of the Elite 4 in gen 2?[View]
46028357Allister and Bea are friends[View]
46028303Would you buy a pokemon game that was just the PWT? Similar to Battle Revolution. It would have ever…[View]
46027000How am I supposed to beat this game if I get no EXP? FUCKING GAMEFREAK.[View]
46027240>Oh yeah, that happened[View]
46027816If they had more stages they could easily pass as starter Pokémon. Torkoal as stage 1 fire starter a…[View]
46027743Why are there so many threads of hentai and fetish art on this board for discussing Pokémon?[View]
46024654Aside from the TGC, are there any worthwhile Pokémon board/card games? Not like Tabletop United wher…[View]
46009055/shw/ - shiny hunt weekend: >current hunt? >last hunt? >preferred way of hunting? >least…[View]
46025224Mugendai na yume no ato no nanimo nai yo no naka ja Sou sa itoshii omoi mo makesou ni naru kedo Stay…[View]
46028009>Mt coronet will get butchered >Battle zone will get butchered >Great Marsh will get butche…[View]
46026561Wait, when did megas become harmful for pokemon? Weren't they supposed to be a super special fo…[View]
46024015/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46022908im curious, whats holding y'all here in /vp/ despite the latest three gens being utter shit?[View]
46014248Litwick thread: Post Litwick please[View]
46022727Ignoring evos, is he still popular like rowlet?[View]
46027789>top streams for swsh >none are playing swsh Kek…[View]
46026908>platinum fixed all gen 4 mistakes bro lmao >you still have to use two hm slaves throught siin…[View]
46027906>flutters around your outside lights[View]
46026548Another day, another win for kanto![View]
46027896i prefer humanoid pokemon thankyou[View]
46025218>Hugh raised his first pokemon from an egg Oh cool, so our rival is gonna have something differen…[View]
46027677Do you think the shiny charm stacks?[View]
46025404I can't bring myself to hate any of these guys. They're all just oozing of soul.[View]
46020857How come anyone is allowed to go catch Pokémon? Isn't that too unrealistic? Their government sh…[View]
46023309He's to busy with gen 9 to direct the Diamond and Pearl remakes, r-right?[View]
46027165What pokemon that you refuse to use at all? This abomination is so disgusting to look at I can'…[View]
46018768Masuda just retweeted this[View]
46027473how can iris have the strength to noodle for basculin as big as her?[View]
46027605Hey, anon. Which style do you think suits me the best?: A pretty cute and funny style...[View]
46026327Why did they only change the BW normal wild battle theme for B2W2, but not the other battle themes, …[View]
46027421How the hell did these reflections get approved?[View]
46024998VGC: Why does /vp/ not care about VGC?[View]
46025526Tornadus-T is one of the best offensive pivots and Defog users in the OU tier and a solid pick on a …[View]
46023675Why did Alola's starters fail?[View]
46017838It's cute, an original/novel concept and is charming.[View]
46026825>Pokemon X/Y >Megas special >Origins >SWSH Are all soulless cashgrab because of 1 stupid…[View]
46026339Post strange Pokemon or /vp/ related pics[View]
46027017February 09 Pokémon Direct: > more Pokémon Snap info and gameplay > more Pokémon Unite info an…[View]
46024466Pokemon Blue with Gameshark: Not sure what's going on here. Whenever I use a Gameshark to chang…[View]
46026733She's huge![View]
46026794Hello, I am a time traveler from 2013, is Pokémon Z good? It hasn’t been released yet for me, but I …[View]
46026806Pokken 2[View]
46022986Hey anon, wanna get weird?[View]
46026127>based on a very popular animal >theme based on a very popular sport, especially in the UK …[View]
46022797What are your predictions for the DP remakes?[View]
46021751how did they expect kids to figure these out? literally impossible[View]
46014236Fakemon Thread: I draw made by me[View]
46024948Pokemon team thread: post your ideal team[View]
46019333What are some the most annoying shit that you find in most rom hack / fan games?[View]
46024308Are you ready for the redesigns?: How badly is GF gonna mess up? Did you think the redesigns in the…[View]
46023904Just beat the league in sacred gold for the first time, rate my team[View]
46018277The Cinnabar Island that we deserved[View]
46023715League cards were neat and should be in all games from now on. But they will inevitably be stuck in …[View]
46022971Why did GF stop caring at this moment?[View]
46018831/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Vintage /pgg/ Edition >Current Event: -Hoenn Celebration / Groudon …[View]
46025564Press F for Pokken: It’s dead[View]
46024472Oh shit! I forgot that I had a Charmander when I was a kid. how could I become a bad guy when my sta…[View]
46023803One of the best Pokémon's game[View]
45995423/rfg/ - ROMhacks/Fangames General: Important Reminder Edition Unlike /rheg/, this general focuses on…[View]
46025810Lickilicky? More like Lickimadicky LMAO my ass off.[View]
46024809Would you like it if these guys got regional forms?[View]
46024444The ugliest MF in Gen 4[View]
46025682When will they pull the plug on Wi-Fi? Can we expect private servers to go up afterwards as in the c…[View]
46015282Swsh looks like this?[View]
46024758Kalos Full Teams: As many people criticize X and Y for poor Teams for Trainers (especially for Elite…[View]
46024404What the fuck is this? This isn’t an evil team. They aren’t even threatening or rebellious. They jus…[View]
46025048Will we ever see Ultra Necrozma again?[View]
46025161How do I play Colosseum and XD on my computer? Since I can't play them otherwise.[View]
46024599Your favorite Pokemon as food: i like litwick. he cute. he edible.[View]
46024598What's the fastest way to find this fucker in FRLG? I haven't seen it yet[View]
46018704Who should I pick as my second starter in Pokemon XYZ?[View]
46024547Was it kino?[View]
46020674How the FUCK did we go from this...[View]
46024762Regardless as to whether or not you like Gen 5, the poor reception they received from fans as well a…[View]
46024803ITT: Post OST you are looking forward to in the upcoming Sinnoh remakes. https://youtu.be/Zb9UKjQTwi…[View]
46024625The Pokémon DiaPer remakes will be trash as they cannot make a cell-by-cell redo again since the gam…[View]
46024692Does being a Gym Leader pay well, or do you think most of them have other jobs?[View]
46012222/nuzgen/ - Nuzlocke General: Nuzlockes Summed Up Edition Nuzlocke info https://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX…[View]
46023047I recently came back and started playing Pokemon Sword and noticed nobody is in wild area anymore an…[View]
46024352>SWSH isn't bad because old games were also bad[View]
45987144Would you let a Pokémon 'train' you?[View]
46014489Yeah, so like, welcome to Fugdonald’s or whatever. Whatcha want?[View]
46019370Look at him. LOOK! he is the greatest pokemon trainer. no one else has 16 badges[View]
46022646What went wrong[View]
46022644Death to Eevee[View]
46003435Sometimes I feel like im the only one who loves Jasmine[View]
46024344he cute[View]
46024128So I decided to go back and play through ORAS again this week because I was bored. After playing thr…[View]
46024006Woopy boi[View]
46022361If Lillie was your adopted daughter, would you marry her when she turns 18?[View]
46023497This is what the Delta episode in ORAS should have been[View]
46022061literally pay to win fuck you gamefreak[View]
46023560Do people really believe we will get another Hoen remake this year?[View]
46019359Landorus-T is incredibly versatile. It can function as an effective pivot thanks to its access to In…[View]
46018610/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46015187I'm having fun[View]
46019527This is Dialga. Say hi to Dialga.[View]
46023889What if Whimsicott had Sleep Powder VGC players?[View]
46023154Everyday. Once a day. Give yourself a present.[View]
46022754I love Piloswine[View]
46022763>It just becomes a near immobile cripple Why is every inflationmax design like this?…[View]
46022915Oh no no no look at this dude[View]
46023661Why have I never seen this posted here, it's cracking me up. He removed it from the cringe http…[View]
46022519what does Jynx's genitalia look like[View]
46023315Hex wants to Battle!: ITT: We turn NPCs into Champions.[View]
46022275Survival genre pokémon game: Would /vp/ be interested in a spinoff game like this? I say spinoff bec…[View]
46019955Admit it: You love this cute dork![View]
46022243get a load of the post/poster ratio on this thread lol https://archive.nyafuu.org/vp/thread/42726492…[View]
46007871every genwar boils down to storyfags vs gameplayfags vs nostalgiafags. which one is the least autist…[View]
46023272Anon just kill yourself there's a ship full of Beheeyem in orbit waiting to take our souls to t…[View]
46021701Pokemon Gen 9: Pokemon Spear and Axe Region based on Thailand Starter >Terror Bird: Grass/Electri…[View]
46023201How's my team looking /vp/?[View]
46022584Least Favourite of each type thread?[View]
46021881Charizard is mad and is going to stomp on you! jk he's a monlet[View]
46022787Socks for cocks[View]
46021748>Gets the shiny I always wanted >Finds it in Go on accident instead of naturally hunting Still…[View]
46021599>last games with a functional online that still remains the best in the franchise >jump to 3D …[View]
46013030Clover: To be honest, this part was very shitty and unfunny.[View]
46020840who is the scariest pokemon[View]
46010568How you named your crew?[View]
46021723This is what they took from you, /vp/.[View]
46022485I never played anything but the official games and now i wanna try a rom hack. What are some challen…[View]
46019491Are all you Double Players ready for the THE HORSE OF HEALTHY META >130 Base Damage Ice Spread Mo…[View]
46022265>“This legendary beast was worshipped in ancient times, both in reverence and in fear, due to the…[View]
46022123Is game freak actually aware of all the criticism and backlash?[View]
46022892Ivy-chan is thicc[View]
46019895>Near all bear pokemon are weak to Fighting What did they mean by this?…[View]
46013375Showderp: Wurmy Edition: Yes hello, this is Showderp. Where we root and cheer for a dude dubbed 'cha…[View]
46016498These are every single-staged pokemon, barring Legendaries/Mythicals/UBs. The reason why Mega Evolut…[View]
46020866just bought this and the expansion plus tip: is there an optimal time to go to the isle of armor and…[View]
46020100Is pokerole any good?: Heard the system is nice but progression is slow as shit, you're gonna h…[View]
46021792I understand that SWSH sucks, but why do people hate gen 6, and 7?: At least gen 6, and 7 didn'…[View]
46022078where'd he go? the first comics have some kino moments but the b&w run kind of takes itself…[View]
46021798My idea for a Pokémon Game: What does a Pokémon game need to become a good game? The winning formula…[View]
460226091. Your favourite Pokémon 2. In how many regions can it be caught before beating the elite four? (Ba…[View]
46022675*wheeze* *wheeze*[View]
46021226How busted would the Eeveelutions be if they got their respective moves from LGPE?[View]
46020889Dynamax Adventures: Why the fuck is it so bad? >no STAB moves whatsoever >only attacking moves…[View]
46016929Porygon-Z should have been an alternate evolution of regular Porygon, not a 3rd stage of the line.[View]
46004910Its friday: can we post foxes?[View]
46016873POKENCHI EPISODE 272: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
46016789>The only protagonist that has no legendary or mythical >jobbed to other protagonists in Gen2,…[View]
46021597Comfy Nostalgia Thread: Literally just post comfy memorabilia or nostalgic things you like about Pok…[View]
46022365ORAS was shit but this was so soulful. Hope they do something similar in DP remakes[View]
46022259Ash x Serena (AG092) Haha! Shipping name is FakeAmourshipping[View]
46021250>Archie became a bara pirate in the remakes >Maxie became tfw too smart in the remakes how wil…[View]
46021987ITT: post pokemon using illegal moves[View]
46018868Should the DPPT remakes be tile-based or not?[View]
46021918Your favorite Pokemon is Tsareena. What's your favorite Pokemon and why?[View]
46016961Pokemon Origins: How is this? Not really a fan of the pokemon anime but that is mainly because i thi…[View]
46021914Anon draw a Xandillo the Doedicurus Pokemon[View]
46019853Pokemon reborn is unironically one of the best fangames[View]
46021536Will this guy ever get a real ending? Is there even a way to end his story in a way that's sati…[View]
46021656alright /vp/, take ash's face and put it on any other character or mon[View]
46018439why do /vp/ tries so hard to hate her? she's a solid design[View]
46019236What is the best way to 'liven up' old pokemon? Is it with cross-gen evolutions? Megas? Regional for…[View]
46021628OK DON'T MIND https://youtu.be/JcIUayPX56s[View]
46018044Why is HGSS music so shit?: >adds unnecessary 15 second long intros that no one asked for >by …[View]
46020923DS Era Pokemon: These were the last titles released before general opinion of the series took a mass…[View]
46020620> He didn't beat Lucy's Seviper with a Zangoose. Please tell you don't do this.…[View]
46020731I am literally seething over silph co Giovanni in radical red his fucking team is bull shit and I do…[View]
46021234Which region has the overall best designs for each type?: Gen 5 is easily my favorite generation, an…[View]
46017656Will we ever be done with mega shilling? Game Freak finally gets rid of that cancer, but TPC keeps s…[View]
46015007Here are your 'regional' pokemon, senpai[View]
46019038I saved this pic from 4chan almost 10 years ago. If you've been around since that time, what do…[View]
46020962Who is the retard at Google who wrote this?[View]
46019361>defensive Ice types[View]
46018544Dumb Headcanon of Mine: >certain Pokemon are not allowed in the region for no specified reason …[View]
46020495Anon, it's time for your potty training.[View]
46020958Soundtrack: What soundtrack is the best and why is it https://youtu.be/seKI1mq0MK8?[View]
46020013Disregarding both gimmicks that the images come from, which one do you prefer /vp/?[View]
46020160What should I play?: I'm stuck between, Leaf Green: first game I ever played and I've neve…[View]
46017046So, how do we fix the Hoenndex to make it look more like Tajirimons?[View]
46020641Is there a book worth reading regarding Pokémon?[View]
46013376/TCC/ - Trading Card Collectors: Muh Triple Charizard Edition Don’t use 3 ring binders because they…[View]
46019046Well, you fucks think you can do better? Guess what? Gamefreak is hiring game designers RIGHT NOW! S…[View]
46019532>Charizard+Greninja in X/Y[View]
460198872004 was Pokemon's most ambitious year.[View]
46020186>EV/IV grinding Is there a worse concept? It's just mindless grinding. What the fuck is poin…[View]
460205421276?: Anons... explain this number[View]
46015258gen 5 really do be havin some good music tho[View]
46019999Harmonia Family: I know in BW2, they said that Ghetsis just found N somewhere and adopted, but...the…[View]
46020564WHO'S THAT POKEMON?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE-xtCF3T94[View]
46020403sesquatch: this game is a treat :D[View]
46019305Not like this...[View]
45980055I miss them: Please don't ruin any designs in the next remakes GF[View]
46005143Holy shit this is official TCG art, you can almost see her nipples through her shirt: Pokemon finall…[View]
45996933Post canon ships: I'll start.[View]
46013246MIND = BLOWN: I only now realized that the idea they were going for was a bird that represents Chris…[View]
46020154God. I'm loathing Sinnoh remakes...[View]
45995838ITT: Ego-fueled romhacks >creator's name is larger than the logo >full of cringy self-ins…[View]
46019905Is Emerald DLC or are there reasons to go back to Ruby and Sapphire?[View]
46018102Rare waifus: post em[View]
46019267>hhome developers not only changed 800+ pokemon models to resemble their artwork but also include…[View]
46018151Can anyone tell me why this happened in my Silver version? I traded this Totodile from my Gold versi…[View]
46019078My hands and wrists are starting to get sore from being a boomer still playing handhelds. Just did a…[View]
46019710Kikuna/Renji thread: Anyone up for a thread about Chrysa (Kikuna) and Ren (Renji)?[View]
46013077Wicke was a far better mother to Lillie and Gladion than Lusamine ever was[View]
46019957Err they forgot to reveal who this guy was[View]
46019288gen 3 typhlosion, lugia, meganium, and crabrawler[View]
46019014Which Kalos pokemon should get a regional form? Sinnoh and kalos are the only pre-gen 7 regions to n…[View]
46015159Does Game Freak even care about their own Pokémon anymore?[View]
46013641>You can't change how you throw your pokeball >You can't change what position you st…[View]
46019543Fix this pokemon[View]
46019713I need hacks of Gens 1-5 that include >Trainers with 6mon teams >Rematch any Trainer whenever …[View]
46019404Any name suggestions for a good ol' game of blue rescue team /vp/?[View]
46017345>runs a tv show to teach EVERYONE strategies >not only basic stuff like catching pokemon, but …[View]
46014568I always see people using the Regis as an example of the glory days of puzzles in Pokemon games... s…[View]
46015883How do YOU play Pokemon /vp/: Post >game >battlestation / cozy zone >emulator / console …[View]
46018535Dynafags vs Megatards: Which are worse? Dynafags or Megatards? Pic unrelated (let me tell you the tr…[View]
46015797This is how you fix the Hoenn starters and hoennmons[View]
46018709Gen 9: Well anons, are you excited for the Australia region in gen 9?[View]
46016965/vp/bros is this the ultimate casual filter??: been at it for 10 mins and cant get past[View]
46019030>try and buy some merch >get blocked ??????????????????????????…[View]
46018885She's cute.[View]
46009459Do you still have yours?[View]
46000284My Goddess. My Queen.[View]
46018310ITT - Pokemon you'd hunt to extinction if they were real Pic related for me. Hideous colorful s…[View]
46018780Best 'mon thread? Best 'mon thread.[View]
46018536What if Pokemon games worked like this? >No badges lets you only control pokemon until lvl 20 …[View]
46018668What is a pokemon opinion that you think is 100% wrong /vp/?[View]
46006038it’s cold outside: put your coat on.[View]
46017744Learning a martial art is quite a feat, wouldn’t you agree?[View]
46017090Ruins of Alpha inspired by Hiroshima?: https://youtu.be/gaPjicOJCzI[View]
460157787:1 gender ratios: Defend them[View]
46016518>looking feminine doesn't matter, game code makes it 87,5% male so it's male…[View]
46008271Starters trio tier list: The is how it is, if you disagree you probably only played 2 gens.[View]
46018305Twinleaf Town... home[View]
46013999/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
46018411Why did TPC try too hard to retcon Red into a Charizard main when the main games easily debunk their…[View]
46016648Red vs Leon: Who wins?[View]
46010230What would your dream starter be? Mine's kinda cringe but I would like a Water/Fighting frog wi…[View]
46013737DiaPerPlat Remake: What are your hopes and expectations?[View]
46017984ywn have a cute pokemon wife :([View]
46010186PokeSOUL: At this point is it even possible for the franchise to get their SOUL back? How could we p…[View]
46014478Have you ever done a pokemon map for a new region? Share your concept here and others will tell you …[View]
46017818is it legal or illegal to get the roms from somewhere?[View]
46016289Can one consider himself a fan of this series anymore after the point where there are more games you…[View]
46015421Look at the size of this lad, he could eat her.[View]
46017572Dynatrash Hate Thread PART 3: We back All dynacucks are retards This thread is where you can say how…[View]
46013344What the hell is going on with the US dub lately. I don't watch it, but I do look up info on Wi…[View]
46013987Why is snorlax the perfect pokemon? >powerful >comfy as fuck Is there a snorlaxpill and can i …[View]
46013931I thought until very recently that Flygon was bug/dragon. What's the one thing you learned way …[View]
46015205Does anyone actually go straight to Mahogany Town after beating Marty, or is the level curve ruined …[View]
46017493Let’s be frank. The mystery dungeon series is and always has been better than the mainline Pokémon s…[View]
46013919Team thread: Hate & rate. I want a litwick for the 6th spot cause he cute[View]
46015409Should have been a Grass/Rock type.[View]
46015782>The undefeated champion of Galar >The most talented prodigy in history >The #1 trainer in …[View]
46016814>play emerald >every 5th trainer gives me their number for no reason without my consent >th…[View]
46015411Will we get these for the switch ?[View]
46013937Art thread: Post Pokemon art you like. Official, something from a drawthread, something you liked a…[View]
46010901>platypus fakemon >poison/water[View]
46017050let’s face it she and her bros won’t return until the swsh remake because GF is to incompetent to b…[View]
46017335Why anyone would choose anything but the fire type: I don't mean stuff as design or liking the …[View]
46017212It's creepy...[View]
45957914We're back, and with a demo now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_IcoUQKgj8pWgkX6bc6eSUxYD6zv9K…[View]
46017447>Gengar... Gigantamax... Swallow everything in darkness...[View]
46010875What are your favourite optional areas?: POKEMON discussion thread for discussion the pokemon games …[View]
46013158The evolution of Ash, Misty and Brock!: From SOUL to SOULESS![View]
45929856Hello /vp/, I'm Dr.Piplup. I have a Phd in Pantsulogy.[View]
46015514>can't evolve into Espeon with Sun Stone >can't evolve into Umbreon with Moon Stone …[View]
46016406>has camerupt as ace >it doesn't know a single fire or ground move hold up…[View]
46014962why the fuck isnt he playable in smash bros[View]
46011471/pgg/ - Pokémon Go General: WHERE ARE THE RATS, HANKE Edition >Current Event: -Hoenn Celebration …[View]
46015118Who the hell hates carrots[View]
46015865>Leon lost for the first time when Rose got in jail this is pretty much evidence that Leon is a f…[View]
46015363What are some of the best aesthetics in Pokemon? Personally, I like Snowbelle City. Kalos has alot o…[View]
45999536What's the point of Sinnohs remake when you can just replay Platinum? You're just gonna bi…[View]
46014105Pic related is the only true mainline games tier list.[View]
46017009Roommate recently found his old Pokemon collection and we've been going through the collection …[View]
46014763Name a more disrespectful evolution[View]
46016186>new ORAS merch what do they mean by this[View]
46014694Why did GF stopped making new evolutions for already existing Pokémons ? I want my Delibird evolutio…[View]
46016914Read something stupid the other day: So some one said 'I can't take this seriously because Poké…[View]
46012594Trying to get my gf into Pokémon: My girls is really interest in the series, and does cosplay, but d…[View]
46011832God, these may and brendan designs are sticking around, aren't they? The RSE ones are dead and …[View]
46013341What hope is there left?: Twitterfag btw[View]
46016107Citra Emulator: When will it be able to smoothly run mainline Pokémon games?[View]
46016161KANTOOOOOOO thread[View]
46014075The Gen 8 starters are cuties, why are you hating?[View]
46015229For the first time since Gen 4 released I’ve chosen Chimchar for a starter. What starter is the one …[View]
46015809catmon thread: post kitties[View]
46005938>Makes bugfags seethe Yeah, Fairy is a pretty based type.[View]
46014172Does homosexuality exist among Pokemon?[View]
46014492What are some the most annoying shit that you find in most rom hack / fan games?[View]
46015830My Idea for Minior in Pokemon GO, each core color appears on the same day of the week.[View]
46015885Guz Guz Guz Guz: It's ya boy time[View]
46013610Your eevee underwent a transformation.[View]
46015703I bought a n64 with stadium 1-2 on Facebook market and replaying these games made me realize that po…[View]
46012361Boomer here. Pokémon was better when it was about cool monsters and not gay furries like Lucario and…[View]

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