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39160216Why does it wear an elephant's skull?[View]
39151006How to save the franchise: *Stop doing yearly releases. There was a 5-year gap between gens 4 and 5.…[View]
39162056Not even the graphics od the dex cut. Being forced to use a retarded gimmick killed Sword and Shield…[View]
39143680wtf SwiSho is based!?!?!?!?!?!?[View]
39160477Why is Durant so angry?[View]
39161486sometimes i think about you niggers. like are you guys mentally stable enough to have a career, rela…[View]
39100287/nuz/ Nuzlocke General: Back to the Basics Edition >What is a Nuzlocke? Nuzlockes have three rule…[View]
39156240>He killed the hype for Sword & Shield >The anime is ending soon >The manga's been…[View]
3916163112 more hours until Pokémon is saved: Pokémon masters is gonna absolutely shit on sword she shield. …[View]
39158906It's not Gamefreak's fault. It's Nintendo's fault for still thinking 32GB is big…[View]
39161649So, I will be honest with you all: Johto is my least favorite region and Gen 2 is my least favorite …[View]
39152318Why would you do this to your child[View]
39158859The Gym Leader music changes once a Dynamax Pokemon is sent out https://youtube/watch?v=bFwZHLgZjBM…[View]
39159421Final Wish: You’re on your death bed after a terrible accident. After being off Twitter after the Na…[View]
39159268Why is GF so insistent on ruining Pokémon lines by making them bipedal?[View]
39161515For Sword and Shield, If you either had to go with whatever cuts Gamefreak is going to make, or you …[View]
39161408Disguising Your Bros to Get Past Galar Customs: Morning, Officer. We've just come back from the…[View]
39159168/vp/ - Venipede: This is now the venipede board. >post venipede >discuss venipede >worshi…[View]
39161261The fact that you can have nearly 1000 Pokémon at once in a single game on a 3DS handheld is honestl…[View]
39149143Why is everyone overlooking this?: There's no way they'd reveal the true champion this ear…[View]
39161257>you wake up to a mismagius sucking you're cock What do?[View]
39159016RIP Pokemon: Pokemon's mangled corpse in the coffin will be lowered to the ground on November 1…[View]
39159321Opinions on a digital recreation of an old starter I made back in 2006. I'll post more designs…[View]
39160575#pokepositivity: Let's have a positive thread about SwSh! What are you excited for? Anything ne…[View]
39147498/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: I Play Pokémon Go Everyday Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http…[View]
39157591I herd u liek mudkips /vp/ XDDDDD Niantic making these trailers now when they should have been from …[View]
39160656Are you really gonna let a few pokemon being left out and ok graphics ruin an entire game for you co…[View]
39159152>Why yes, I do play pokemon games using SET battle mode only, how could you tell?…[View]
39160504>constantly surfing on its tail >ability in japanese is surf tail >can't learn surf na…[View]
39160169ITT: kino move animations: Had enough of shitting on Sword and Shield? Me too.[View]
39159417>nothing will ever match the hype of the post HGSS era / Pre BW hype era again It was a fun ride …[View]
39159824Battle Shift or Set?[View]
39154095The patrician choices: Blue Silver Sapphire Leaf Green Diamond Soul Silver White Black 2 Y Omega Rub…[View]
39157599Are there any canon characters in the series that have shiny Pokemon?[View]
39154940Just a Regular Sonia Thread: No weird leaks going on here, I just wanted to celebrate my new favorit…[View]
39160167I can't wait to trasfer my Popplio to galar![View]
39160344>we've reached the point where a 2006 game has better graphics and animations than a 2019 ga…[View]
39146493Whats the sexiest gen 1 pokemon?[View]
39160405Is every gen's starter set replaceable with the same or similar inspirations by now?[View]
39156334just enjoy the games?: the games won't get any better than they are, gf is not going to stop ma…[View]
39159850Who did it better?[View]
39160204Imagine: Game Freak allows Nintendo to make their own full Pokémon game that isn't a core game …[View]
39160137If every type is a kingdom, who would be the king? For example, it's been shown in anime and Po…[View]
39159113What's /vp/ thoughts on roaming legendaries[View]
39147435Thoughts?: not the artist btw I just like it[View]
39158011So what new evolution gimmick(s) will Sword and Shield introduce?[View]
39159519If I wanted to make a Pokémon team based on Bloodborne, what should I use? Honchkrow for Eileen, may…[View]
39159448>Blocks your path What would you do?[View]
39157463I want marry her[View]
39159121Same energy.[View]
39158603Why is it so based?[View]
39158319>tfw the pokemon core games will die in your lifetime[View]
39158656気分が悪い(です)。 Seriously, how can a billion dollar company be so lazy?[View]
39159748I LOVE IT![View]
39153379She's right you know...[View]
39157147ITT: mindfucks/things you misremember >seadra was never water/poison >you never fought your ri…[View]
39159711What did Meowstic means by this?[View]
39158955Join US airforces[View]
39157735>all the basic farm animals (horse, cow, dog, cat, duck, pig, goat, sheep, donkey) have pokemon b…[View]
39159628Will Ash end making another Ash Ketchum this time?[View]
39158738You pathetic fools! Do you honestly think he won't be in? If pokemon are being cullied, then th…[View]
39148753Cringe Thread: Post Cringe[View]
39157250how did gamefreak add these high quality animations in SM without cutting pokemon? impossible![View]
39158708>transfer obscure bro to pokemon home >doesn't appear in sword and shield >doesn'…[View]
39159504Considering gen 4 didn't have that many pokemon that wasn't cross gen evo and legendary, i…[View]
39158551say something nice to the best eelectric type[View]
39157149why do they keep making the champions men? We need more Cynthias.[View]
39158489This is the pinnacle of Water type mons and no one can convince me otherwise.[View]
39130033Is the US women event still happening or was that 100% a shitpost? I want one[View]
39158029What kind of theme does each region have, like culture and stuff? And what kind theme would you like…[View]
39157200playing this right now lads[View]
39158089OH NO NO NO wait 'til you see the- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAcZhvup25o AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
39158677Anabel Thread: On the subject, do you want both Gen 3 Anabel and Gen 7 Anabel in Pokémon Masters?…[View]
39156692/vp/'s Official Survival Winners: Pokemon in pic related are /vp/'s Survival Winners by ge…[View]
39158421Was the '200 Lillie models' ever confirmed or debunked? I like to shit on GF as much as the next ano…[View]
39156044Gen 9 starter wants?: What animal of the Chinese zodiac do you want for the fire starter of Gen 9? I…[View]
39154334>the ONLY Alolan form worse than its Kanto form: Wtf went so wrong?[View]
39155621HAHA I DON'T REALLY KNOW XD: >makes games so bad that they induce suicide >spends the mil…[View]
39160716Why do so many pokephiles use this board?[View]
39157319>grizzly bear noises[View]
39155996What's his alignment?[View]
39156613>ash ketchum >ketch-um >catch -em…[View]
39158622>Pikachu army arrives to help promote ED song for 'Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution' >'Imperial M…[View]
39158841OK listen here /vp/: It's the end of June, so there's 5 months left until SwSh. Before you…[View]
39157299Cringe Thread: >check catalogue >no cringe thread cringe af desu senpai…[View]
39158815/ww/ Wallpaper Wednesday: Post your favorite wallpapers.[View]
39157524Why does Miltank have udders?[View]
39156711Which Types should get buffs/nerfs?: Other than the obvious (Grass, Ice, Rock and Bug getting buffs,…[View]
39154812God damn, this has to be the most tryhard 'cool' mon out there.[View]
39150218>Games Explicitly says Mew gave birth to Mewtwo >Every Daycare center ever: 'Lol we don't…[View]
39158629Fixed the lad.[View]
39149967Pokémon Human Versions: >Gothorita[View]
39158588just bringing my deino into galar officer, shouldn't be a problem seeing as it's a native …[View]
39152338VGC peaked in 2014. Prove me wrong.[View]
39156672>noooo I need my Pokemon from 12 year ago taking up space in my boxes because I HAVE to migrate t…[View]
39157907*ahem* I don’t give a shit if they don’t include the national dex. I’m not autistic enough to pres…[View]
39157390>freaks out about a listing error for Pokemon GO everytime >refuses to say one bad thing about…[View]
39156150WTF: It's only half a shark. Why is it only half a shark? Where is the rest of it?!![View]
39157401Sword and shield run at 30fps: Thanks joe[View]
39155131ITT: Make gym leaders: Do it >Teams must be, or must be equal to 6 Pokemon. You can go higher if …[View]
39156189>omw to steal your bitch[View]
39156132https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gender >gender specific evolutions for male and female So…[View]
39155363I love my Gardevoir(male)[View]
39157534Gen 5 pre production art: Look it all the soul[View]
39152685Fuck N.[View]
39157564Some fakemon I made. Petripeep - Rock Type: Was at first thought to be a mutated offspring of a Blaz…[View]
39157637>steamrolls your team of bros Nothing personal[View]
39158001Queen of /vp/[View]
39157557Can we have a Lyra thread? I killed a shiny Groudon today so I would a thread about best girl...…[View]
39157934Well, since the hopes for Sword and Shield are shattered, think they'll do a Galar x Kalos for …[View]
39155698>Yokai Watch 4 has shit framedrops the whole game >Ships with 109 creatures out of 700+ >Na…[View]
39149736>Groudon and Kyogre on the cover >can't catch them in the game At least the music is good…[View]
39156600Literally the most underrated fight in the Anime[View]
39157276Why is Aerodactyl so shit?: I just found out even its mega is UU[View]
39157330Imagine if they gave Jirachi Double Iron Bash[View]
39157736https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCJOymKeOqA So I herd u liek Mudkipz[View]
39149452Post the team you'll be making when Masters comes out.[View]
39157399why isn't there a Norm tier yet? a tier where no legendary/mythical/whatever, no matter how wea…[View]
39157436Diancie is happy[View]
39156835Which pokemon would you include in an actual moon-themed team? Who would be the ace? Preferably excl…[View]
39154666ITT Simply post your favorite games and why you love them. No arguing. I'll start. I loved thes…[View]
39149292Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39156916What Yu-Gi-Oh card is this?[View]
39148981Daily reminder that statplebs who replace the pks that carried them along the hard way for >muh t…[View]
39155567Kalosperm Congregation: Delete what you don't want[View]
39155246Rank pokemon for Gen I, design-wise. Link: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-gen-1[View]
39153999JOHTOOOOOOO: Getting rid of GEN 2 mons to see who's /vp/'s collective favorite. Same rules…[View]
39154891>'[Any generation before 3ds games] killed pokemon!'[View]
39156870Post OU/UUBLmons who aren't cancer[View]
39153541Garbage. Is Torkoal Ash's worst pokemon?[View]
39140742This is the pinnacle of Grass type mons and no one can convince me otherwise.[View]
39153194I love blue Latias[View]
39156679Reminder that this will 100% be erased.[View]
39155279Make a pokemon OU: Immunity to fairy[View]
39156546What's your Pokémon origin story? How did you get started? >Moved back from India (expats) t…[View]
39142048/cos/ The love Cosmoem general: >What is this Just a general for us Cosmoem lovers. >Can I joi…[View]
39156752So, now that we won't even have all Pokemon, is there any point in playing this series? I mean,…[View]
39149572>people keep shitposting about how ugly impidimp is >digimon fags constantly posting impmon sa…[View]
39156238Hoennbaby survival: Name a Pokemon, they get voted out.[View]
39152225is there any emerald rom hacks that make the game more challenging as well as bring the physical/spe…[View]
39153994Glaceon a cute[View]
39156572Good bye, /vp/: You gave up the fight.[View]
39148573why are they so ugly[View]
39155861Alolasomes Assemble: You know the drill, give a name and the Pokemon gets crossed out[View]
39156325>tfw TPCI/Bandai will never re-release the 150cm Snorlax plush outside of Asia >tfw the best w…[View]
39143373You guys ready for Pokegatcha?[View]
39155504Will they introduce more ribbons? It's not fair some mons will never be able to get them[View]
39156136honk honk[View]
39155315Don't forget to spend some time with the special people in your life! Teehee![View]
39155898What pokemon is this?[View]
39155710Alas, their love could never be.[View]
39149924What would you dream Pokémon game entail?: Me: Vs. Seeker returns DexNav or equivalent feature retur…[View]
39152139Is a pokemon's nature completely independent of other parameters or is it determined by IVs or …[View]
39154172>make a decent play and win >'lmao you tryharded its actually funny' Whats the deal with these…[View]
39155557>gen 8 releases >GF has put in a dragon/steel type with levitate that learns fairy/psychic/fly…[View]
3915553423 hours until Pokémon masters direct: Can’t wait for this game to completely shit on sword and shie…[View]
39155530Guys, I stole this image of a new Galar Pokémon From my dad John Gamefreak’s computer.[View]
39148021Post your favorite Pokemon. The other anons will give their opinion about you.[View]
39154898Unovabortion Mating Season: Time for /vp/'s favorite UNOOOOOOVAAAAAAA mon. Mention a name and i…[View]
39153890Meanwhile, on Bizzaro /vp/...[View]
39155144Shauntal thread Other purple haired pokegirls welcome[View]
39151765Where did the concept of calling each entry in the mainline games a 'generation' come from?[View]
39148706My two favorite Regions...<3[View]
39153813Main series ranking: Top >bw2, platinum, emerald >oras, hgss, usum >xy, gsc >rs, frlg, d…[View]
39153620We all know GF is gonna divide all the Pokémon in multiple games and then release another game to pu…[View]
39154924I want to impregnate this pokemon[View]
39151986My mono poison is ok?[View]
39152908>2019 >Still no electric mouse pokemon[View]
39154447Sinnohfetuses gather: Time to find out /vp/'s favorite gen 4 mon. Mention a name and it gets re…[View]
39153562>named in every language after the Catananche caerulea, a flower which got used to make Love Poti…[View]
39154188should i play the gen 3 remakes or og emerald?[View]
39147272Post your favourite Pokemon from each generation: Don't forget to rate out of ten and provide n…[View]
39154785Why he dont learn Aura Sphere?[View]
39151350pic related is an open world game currently being developed for smartphones this game looks way bett…[View]
39138061Post a pokemon whose name starts with the first letter of the last letter in the previous name[View]
39148327Monkey's Paw: State your deepest desires, /vp/.[View]
39108451/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development Genera: Double Trouble Edition /rh…[View]
39152008fuck marry kill: pokémon edition post 3 pokemon and respond to the others[View]
39151580>pokemon redbule >pokemon s'gocry >pokemon ruse >pokemon Diaper plate >pokemon B…[View]
39151354I want a big pumpkin goth gf[View]
39153448Be honest, this is better than the Chikorita line.[View]
39153528Which Trainers are you most excited for in: Are you going for your favorites, or maybe somebody more…[View]
39149437James turner a legend: He continues to climb in ranks of franchises I wonder if he misses DQ or lik…[View]
39149153Name some romhacks or fangames that you would recommend.[View]
39151503alright, let's settle this once and for all is it - SwSh - SS (includding SnS S7S and all other…[View]
39153445KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: Here's a list of Gen 1 mons. Name a mon to take it off the list. The last…[View]
39129741PTCG/O Pokemon Trading Card Game General: Frog Edition New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD …[View]
39150465So, how do you feel about the exclusion of a nationaldex in S&S? I personally don't really…[View]
39150833>clearly using its tail to float in the air >neither its ability or hidden ability is Levitate…[View]
39153636Are shiny pokemon harder to catch? Genuine question[View]
39153436Diancie is crying[View]
39151678September direct: saw a showcase of pokemon to be revealed in september 2019 direct i recall this on…[View]
39152925Does anyone know how to fix this issue?: I was playing Emerald on vba link and after I completed the…[View]
39149086Possible Grookey evo leak?[View]
39153030The only way Sword and Shield can be absolved from their sins (none of these things are going to hap…[View]
39153257ITT mons you know won't get erased but most definitely should[View]
39118160This is your new wife, say something nice to her[View]
39149780What is /vp/'s least hated Pokémon?: Name them until there's only one left. >Hard mode:…[View]
39152550Mfw charizard's evo line made it into SWSH[View]
39151390Help /vp: I am Genwunner who is running all the Pokemon games that he does not play after Jhoto but.…[View]
39153275Gijinka Thread: Post cuties.[View]
39152527This is your girlfriend for tonight. Where will you take her on a date?[View]
39150412New Cooking Mechanic: >Pack of Potatoes >Pungent Root So it's pretty much confirmed we…[View]
39155873Redpill me on temtem, /vp/. What does it have that Sneed and Shield diesn't?[View]
39152640When is GF likely to show the next trailer of SwSh?[View]
39149355Are these the greatest fakemon to ever exist? They look like they good fit flawlessly into gen 2 wit…[View]
39148685There is objectively nothing wrong with '''Kanto pandering.''' Anyone who complains about '''Kanto p…[View]
39152882Alright, Masuda from Game Freak has put you into making the next waifu gym leader. It must capture t…[View]
39152441Sword and Shield[View]
39144952Rate my Fakemon hero designs. Designs are a mix of Western and eastern superheroes and real world l…[View]
39152646Anyone else find it funny that he's going to win IRL because of global warming making sure that…[View]
39152631Don't mind me just killing a thread.[View]
39147535ITT: How you got into Pokemon: >born 1994, meaning I was in kindergarden when Pokemon: The First …[View]
39144019If the hacker can get the demo, after datamine process. We would know every new Pokemon, new charact…[View]
39150634Spinda are the biggest sluts of the Pokemon universe.[View]
39139185ITT: We register for the /vp/ Pokémon league: Turn in your trainer card and wr'll tell if you i…[View]
39151926>still no brown recluse pokemon >still no eagle pokemon >still no shitbull pokemon >sti…[View]
39152348Will it be in SwSh?[View]
39152397Realistically speaking, what would his child look like? If they were going to pass the series on to …[View]
39149537So this isn't neccesarily true, but: i think by 'unique animations' gamefreak means the pokemon…[View]
39151834There's no Shaymin having a thread for best sky deer. Hedge form very welcome too~[View]
39141977Showderptown: I think Showderp SUCKS! dogars.ml showderp.booru.org donkleberg !!SQviJefMqPs >…[View]
39134420post current teams: >KANTOOOO die[View]
39152219Anyone else notice that the new starters kinda look like Fakemon?[View]
39152170Legendary Birds: I like the Kanto legendary birds. Post birds. Also new birds with different typings…[View]
39138906Post your ace[View]
39144207What are the chances Diamond and Pearl get the remake treatment and we see a redesigned Dawn for the…[View]
39150644Which Kalos starter is the best?[View]
39149961why is he still the protagonist? why dont they just change already, i so sick of him[View]
39151760What makes Alolan variant Pokémon special if they can be caught outside of their native region? Wasn…[View]
39145682>Now every pokemon is going to be programed in each new game >There only be only 12 new pokemo…[View]
39151446>be me >be sad >play pokemon >be happy thanks pokemon…[View]
39151049pokemon clover: does anyone have a discord link all the ones i find are invalid[View]
39151836HELLOOOOOO /VP/! Just wanted to remind you that we are one day closer to Landorus (Yes, THE Landorus…[View]
39151855ITT: Good games besides Pokémon that Game Freak has made[View]
39150883Do you think /vp/ should have a Pokemon mascot, and if so, which one? It doesn't necessarily ha…[View]
39147685>BW's and XY's protagonists are 16[View]
39147737Which type has the best waifus and why is it grass type?[View]
39147799itt stuff that makes sense lore wise but would be broken: Ghosts being immune to physical attacks A…[View]
39136314She's coming home.[View]
39151682Here's your 8th gen mon, bro.: Sidenote: Pokemon that should be Retconned on the purge THREAD…[View]
39148546You can press a button.: If you press it, 3 billion people you have never met will die. However, the…[View]
39150760made a pokemon based off of my mom's dog[View]
39151189Is there a way I can clean the touch screen underneath, or do I have to replace the DSi with a new o…[View]
39148158You'll buy it anyway[View]
39129865Since we will probably never see regional variants for non-Kanto Pokemon, post fanmade ones.[View]
39151371Post your Pokemon daughters![View]
39151442So what do you guys think about a galar Pokemon getting into smash bros?[View]
39148956post your favorite Pokémon. Just that, no one rate anything[View]
39150942Sup /vp/. Your favorite pokemon is Oricorio. What's yours?[View]
39151305Wait, if pokemon are being cut, that means the new dex is gonna be massive with over 100 new pokemon…[View]
39150083>Chinese game company >All in game characters are white or black Why does game freak duck them…[View]
39150420Flower waifumon holding delicious GOOD DESIGN Pokemon(Vanillish isn't trash). That's a Mes…[View]
39149957>2019 >Still no biblical demon pokemon[View]
39144929Johto... home...[View]
39148842Anyone remember this game, anons?[View]
39150286Feraligatr in Gen 2 was the most based starter. Now he's absolute trash.[View]
39150853Do you think Gen 8 will continue the trend of ambiguous love interests?[View]
39145481So true.[View]
39146430>tfw everyone fell for it[View]
39147915Just realized we will never get this again[View]
39150848This is the end, sayonara /vp/![View]
39150472Which sequel felt more as the peak of the series, HGSS or BW2? The one that you play and go 'that…[View]
39148399Hello im new to vp. Please tell me your favorite pokemon game and if you have a particular playstyle…[View]
39143108You're gonna buy it anyways. And we all know why.[View]
39144651>dragons in western cultures since the High Middle Ages have often been depicted as winged, horne…[View]
39147999Anyone else doesn't sell sellable items and collect them instead?[View]
39147570Is this outfit really appropriate for pokemon games?[View]
39144351Is this board full of Hoennbabies? I'm seeing 'Unova killed the franchise' when the decline of…[View]
39140730Okay so let me drop this on you. >Masuda walks up to you >Offers you the national dex, battle…[View]
39150268ITT: Make it better: Instead of bitching about the games, tell us how it should've been Generat…[View]
39147367Incompetency Thread: Post reasons to hate Game Freak and The Pokemon Company.[View]
39148114Am I still your least hated pokemon, /vp/?[View]
39149484Is this right or does anyone have a more updated list? Not necessary to include Galar mons since we …[View]
39149050Maybe I'm foolish Maybe I'm blind I'm only human, after all Don't put your blam…[View]
39129010>waiting for a Galar strongmon to see if Swole Squad will finally be a trio >find out Conkeldu…[View]
39149859What's wrong with that one faggot who thinks Dialga and Palkia are the worst looking legendarie…[View]
39146936What animals frighten you? How do you feel about the pokemon equivalent? What if the pokemon were re…[View]
39149831Man, Red and Blue really let themselves go..[View]
39149876For everyone defending the lack of all Pokemon being transferable and the low quality of SwoShi: Wha…[View]
39146970Corviknight using Brave Bird[View]
39148577>over 20 years >still only one pure flying type (legendary) What's the deal?…[View]
39149709Where is this man?[View]
39149661Sword and Shield Shills Leave: It's close to midnight Something evil's shilling from the d…[View]
39149752More Legendaries should require a similar quest to the regis to acquire.[View]
39143377/vp/ BTFO: Reddit has voted for the top 10 best Pokemon of all time. Notice anything? Looks like you…[View]
39147135I think a big problem many people have this gen already begins with box art. Black and White are ver…[View]
39145668Least Favorite Pokemon from each Gen[View]
39148119Nintendo issuing Pokemon Surveys: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/form/enquete190605/ So apparently the Bi…[View]
39148807>Be me. >Be a pokemon fan since I was a little kid. >Grow up watching the anime. >finall…[View]
39145562REMINDER: >There is no edgy OC for another Tobias / Alain situation >Ash's opponents were…[View]
39148397a pro-SwSh thread for those who never got influenced by the negativity and support pokémon still[View]
39149174What does she mean by this?[View]
39149185>implying that you will use all pokemons haha, yea sure[View]
39149556Can you find Vulpix in Pokémon crystal?: I know that it’s version exclusive in gold and silver, but …[View]
39148942Please give an honest, unbiased review of this game if you have played it.[View]
39146468Who is right?[View]
39147768These are all great games. They may not be perfect, but these games in particular have defined Pokem…[View]
39147643>Shitmon General So why haven't you guys done a solo run with your favorite Shitmon yet? I…[View]
39149368So when playing through the main game, do you keep your starter til the end or do you box them? Beca…[View]
39146824Just a reminder that this game is trash[View]
39148590What's the in universe reason for specializing in just one type. How many times do these simps …[View]
39137311You can make her bloom, right? You should not disappoint her.[View]
39146232>Pokemon dies with this gen[View]
39144637What happened to Pokemon's soul?[View]
39141358Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39147513Just a reminder that Game Freak doesn't deserve any of this hate and that we, the real fans of …[View]
39148928he's still making it in, right?[View]
39145065What went wrong?[View]
39148672Im bunny who are you?[View]
39145438Toxicroak is_________[View]
39143992I'll just leave this here[View]
39148968Taillow is eating.[View]
39146286Are you ready for the leak season?: I'm craving for seeing the full range of GF's incompet…[View]
39147832Whats the deal with this game getting mentioned all the time now? I've noticed people mention S…[View]
39148653Post pokemon that are getting cut for sure: >whole gimmick revolves around a consumable item Not …[View]
39148016>untiered OH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA![View]
39144565How badly is the TPC tearing his asshole?[View]
39147022Proof that your thoughts matter: https://youtu.be/yfkg3KpvE98 People here, if you get the survey let…[View]
39142150Nintendo of Europe is sending out SwSh surveys: Nintendo of Europe was sending European Nintendo Swi…[View]
39146303*NEWSFLASH* Complaining about how ugly the box art legendaries isn’t going to make a difference. Jus…[View]
39148051>tfw don’t want to die before Ash becomes a Pokémon Master I refuse damn it. I have to see this s…[View]
39147651So why do we have another monkey?[View]
39148130Where the fuck did this oricorio meme come from? I just see people posting 'oricorio' and that'…[View]
39145284Which pokemon make good choices for an alternate starter trio?[View]
39142789gorilla arm dragons[View]
39148443Please: Please don't kill yourself over a video game franchise, anon. If Pokémon was the last t…[View]
39148092I want to enjoy pokemon again, I thought doing nuzlockes was the right way to go about it since I li…[View]
39147865Thoughts on a fantasy region for a future generation? Do you think it will happen for a main series …[View]
39148183I recently posted redesigns of Slurpuff and Aromatisse. Here is the oitro redraw.[View]
39147859Why were the regi golems so fucking based?[View]
39147921Here's your Gen 15 game You'll get to play it with your grandchildren[View]
39147716>he's going to buy Sword and Shield and support Gamefreak so they make more shitty games for…[View]
39146809Fuck 7[View]
39147681God look at this teams Why doesn't VGC just ban legendaries like Mega Fug, Primal Kyogre, and t…[View]
39147673Shiny Butterfree Lets Go Eevee,: I got one of these, now what do I do? Is anyone a superfan of pink …[View]
39147141Pokémon Crystal SGDQ[View]
39147371Anons I'm starting a new Ultra Moon playthrough and I don't know which starter to choose, …[View]
39145833>Now Surf has hidden second effect >If its used by Avalugg it hits like physical move…[View]
39144928Can pkhex be used to get infinite items? Rare candy code isn't working in Emerald Obviously I c…[View]
39136622Post your victory screens boys. I really liked using this team with everyone coming in handy, and ev…[View]
39146577Help me choose me starter /vp/: I'm playing FireRed randomized and I have 3 interesting choices…[View]
39146972Post cute PokeOTPs[View]
39146811johto mons are fucking terrible, this thing literally looks like a fucking plastic toy[View]
39147420>[generation after my favorite] killed pokemon![View]
39145706So /vp/, which one are you?[View]
39146243Say hello to the worst legendaries from each gen.[View]
39146532Wait if Necrozma not a ultra beast and not a pokemon than what is it?[View]
39147287What does the N stand for?[View]
39147112Who is the best Pokemon trainer, in terms of battle prowess, among all the characters in both the ga…[View]
39142375Why you have to boycott Pokemon Sword and Shield? This trend make me on edge. I'm worried that …[View]
39134840/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: We Need An Event Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemon…[View]
39145793So what was the point of 2/3 of the main trio being from Sinnoh?[View]
39143998It's so bad[View]
39143564About those 'new animations' according to joe this is new[View]
39139314>He thinks these mons aren't normie mons. Haha, what a dumb normie.…[View]
39145926Festival of Champions is raw as fuck[View]
39146669IS X and Y worth it? I can't be bothered to play Sun and Lets go eevee.[View]
39133700The official twitter is still getting shit for the national dex: https://twitter.com/Pokemon Has the…[View]
39147273I'm buying Sword/Shield, take THAT /vp/![View]
39147262Buy Sword and Shield goys--I mean guys![View]
39135389So what RPG will you put your energy into now that you're not wasting it on Pokemon anymore? Pe…[View]
39145936There will be over 1000 Pokemon after Sw/Sh!: Is this statement true or is Masuda just being disinge…[View]
39143845Why are genderless Pokémon able to breed with Ditto but not with each other?[View]
39144334Can we agree that megas were a good concept on paper that only failed due to giving already good Pok…[View]
39143015Pokemon Masters unveiling: https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/1143504913697316865 https://www.y…[View]
39147088Shiny thread: Itt we discuss our most recent shiny, current hunts and other shit like that I’ll begi…[View]
39146063She unsheathes Seashell Swords Sheathed in Seashell Sheathes by the Seashore[View]
39146499What new dragon types would you like to see in Sword and Shield?[View]
39147118pikachu big head[View]
39145389Does someone have the SwSh apologist BTFO image?[View]
39138431The amount of small dicked consume-product fags on this board disappoints me. Are you really going t…[View]
39137675This single episode of SM has more SOUL than the entire XY series.[View]
39146172>he's mad about a cartoon character's skin color >he's mad about the national d…[View]
39146550why are the lads fighting?[View]
39145212No one saw this fight. You did it to prove yourself, to yourself, at the height of your journey.[View]
39137221>Gamefreak splits into two teams >A team lead by Ohmori and Masuda work on main series Pokemon…[View]
39142746Nessa's 3 Pokémon: She's probably Gym Leader 2, so it's actually a bit promising. The…[View]
39146339>linear circle as a region >couldn't use old Pokemon until after beating the game >shi…[View]
39142688Dynamax Thread? Dynamax Thread[View]
39144356Blocks your path[View]
39148167I give you... The Pokemon Killer.[View]
39140151I will be deaf to pleading and excuses. Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses.[View]
39145951Crossbreed Bread: Been a while since i saw one of these.[View]
39143741IncineCHADS ww@? Can we get a thread for Alolas BEST starter? Continuously btfo all owlfags and feel…[View]
39145148Are sexual relations between humans and Pokemon legal in the Pokemon universe?[View]
39146139What is your favorite generation and if it has a remake do you prefer it?: My favorite is gen 2 and …[View]
39146104would a darker pokemon game be cool? >wild pokemon are more like wild animals, they either run aw…[View]
39143670Fusion thread. What are your favorite fusion fakemons?[View]
39144300Morimoto confirmed that he's the one who designed Dragonite https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_…[View]
39144361>He didn't Pre-order SWOSHI[View]
39135894Truth or Ideals: Which do you stand for?[View]
39144643The games with the most soul in the series.[View]
39141946So, for those still interested in getting the new games how do you think they competitive scene migh…[View]
39142867Friendly reminder that this is the closest pokemon media to Tajiri's vision of Pokemon. Everyth…[View]
39144707ITT: funny pokefusions[View]
39145724You've finally done it! You've finally completed the National Pokédex! This is better than…[View]
39141777>Finish senior year of highschool >Summer >Realize that from now on, there is no separation…[View]
39144969It is cute.[View]
39141750>haha what if we dynamax wailord, would it blow up the planet? >Wooloo so fluffy UwU Why are n…[View]
39138410Cynthia thread[View]
39145585>feel like doing a dumb run in a pokemon game that involves beating the game with only 6 random p…[View]
39145156For the first go at a live action Pokemon movie, I think it did pretty well. You can easily tell tha…[View]
39144123Do you think any of the pikachu clones will make the cut?: With the purge they're probably gett…[View]
39142272Who's the Deadliest mythical? Victini seems to be the most powerful in battle but that's m…[View]
39141497is this a pokemon?[View]
39144941>You... You should have thrown the master ball. >*SNAP* >WONDERFUL!!!…[View]
39137222Quick claim your waifu[View]
39144983why is the manga oc in a promo for mewtwo strikes back evolution?[View]
39145170>Natures in trainer cards are back >They decide your trainer poses (launching ball, Vs animati…[View]
39131140>can get this right before Surge if you know where to go >amazing movepool >evolution stone…[View]
39144775Why did they let us play with such a Chad? Badass bike, rebel, Rui gets wet over him constantly Mich…[View]
39145603>your favorite pokemon >your country >have you ever tasted cum…[View]
39144272When are we gonna get a new Pokémon Director?[View]
39140707Who's the most perfect childhood fuckfriend and why is she May?[View]
39143939Make Him OU Viable: Rules: No Mega Evolutions, Regional Forms (type changes are ok though, as long a…[View]
39144453What's a starter that you've regretted picking so much you had to reset your game?[View]
39144195What a fucking chad[View]
39143214SM League Arc Leaks: >There is an episode where Lana's Eevee goes missing. She thinks it has…[View]
39142565Weather/Terrain Expansion?: Does anyone else hope that they add new abilities and moves that interac…[View]
39131452Pokemon Black has finally been found and dumped: have fun guys;) https://mega.nz/#!ZJQl0I6J!8HkBeF7o…[View]
39141556Smash has never had a Gen 3 or Gen 5 Pokemon playable. If it were to suddenly get one for each, whic…[View]
39137890The game will sell millions.[View]
39141347The great poke-genocide is long overdue and much needed. The fact that they've allowed this ugl…[View]
39144285>'Haha instead of making an actual argument, I'll post a picture that mocks him instead! I t…[View]
39144181Anyone else hope Nessa is Ashs companion in the SS anime?[View]
39142421Lurantis Thread[View]
39140737game freak literally btfu, a student animator did a billion dollar companies job better for free. h…[View]
39142832it's not a fucking reference pose you absolute mongs[View]
39140770Ready /vp/?[View]
39144017Thoughts on my team?[View]
39141109These are the ugliest and worst Pokemon box arts and you can't change my mind. too bland, too l…[View]
39142773You'll buy them, right anon?[View]
39140555I unironically spent $428 on Pokemon Go excluding the Go Plus, and bought both Let's Go Eevee a…[View]
39144086They should've made Scorbunny more like Pichu I don't get why they gave it noodle legs whe…[View]
39144125Can someone explain how Pichu is cute or anywhere close to as cute as Pikachu? He looks way too cogn…[View]
39144118.: Literally the best item in the franchise Literally the worst item in the franchise[View]
39141428Why was this series so garbage?[View]
39142981ITT:random battle: *brushes off your hit and uses sword dance*[View]
39142511>tfw Black is still stuck inside the Light Stone[View]
39136046Shouldn't it be called International Dex?[View]
39143831If this thread dies, SwSh are gonna be bad games.[View]
39142100The A-Team's game: What do you all think will happen? Will Town do well or fail miserably? If i…[View]
39143521IT: Pokemon that are both well-designed and OU/UUBL tier (in Gen 7)[View]
39139495You know it to be true[View]
39142313Long time poster from the /tr/ era here. Everyone loved gen 5 when it came out. You're all just…[View]
39143209Mega Evolution >>>>>>> Dynamax/Gigantamax Prove Me Wrong.: Protip: You Can’t…[View]
39140343If Pokemon Home is at least an entertaining tamogachi on your phone using your pokemon, I'll bu…[View]
39138396are you getting sword and shield?: >can't catch em all >graphics are really bad compared …[View]
39140317ITT: Post an image of a Pokémon you want culled.: The last 100 Pokémon to be posted will be saved.…[View]
39132736>gen 1 has every pokemon but you can't catch them all >gen 2 has every pokemon but you ca…[View]
39134215Find a flaw[View]
39132117Nessa's full gym battle theme?: Guys, why is the gym battle theme in this video so different co…[View]
39143266Why Japan produces so much pollution?[View]
39137840PokeMMO dance: Why is everyone running around in their little bicycles going about their day like th…[View]
39141013You heard about making games is hard but have you heard about about drawing flowers is hard too?[View]
39140545Defend this: protip - you cant[View]
39140841Help me, my brain is dumb: Ok so, my friend got Let's Go Eevee on his switch. Both him and me h…[View]
39143370Necrozma thread: Yes that[View]
39131188Favorite legendary[View]
39143233I'm not buyin it.[View]
39142221Pokemon Black/White: It's really unfortunate that the best game gamefreak has ever made to date…[View]
39141487Heart Gold: Who should be my last team member /vp/? I'm stumped![View]
39131409Fakemon Thread: The good, the bad, and the ugly.[View]
39136902>charizard confirmed Yep, I’m buyin’ it.[View]
39142583Why wouldn't TPCI can hire more employers for gamefreak or god forbid give the game rights to a…[View]
39140881you might not like it but this is what peak GameFreak performance looks like[View]
39139686Fakemon Critique: constructive and earnest fakemon critique thread. Feel free to post any you want c…[View]
39141250At least be glad you aren't stuck with Idea Factory/Compile Hearts/Artisan Studios. Imagine los…[View]
39139147post fakemons you like[View]
39141241Voice acting in Pokemon Sword and Shield?!!: Did anyone hear a voice saying 'Grow/ Growma' when Ness…[View]
39136348Gray thread. Dismay also welcome.[View]
39142507Diancie is crying[View]
39141333Imagine if male Shuckle had an extra leg[View]
39142256What pokemon game are you playing right now /vp/?: I'm playing platinum because Sinnoh is my le…[View]
39135784>national dex back forever >every future game on par with HGSS/BW2 >the only sacrifice is …[View]
39139110Well, did you buy one?[View]
39142194WHO ASKED FOR THIS? Did anybody ever, even on the most spergy forums, the most autistic schoolyard, …[View]
391425454 days left.[View]
39142464Does the Dusk Ball count Ultra Space as a cave/dark place?[View]
39137226Imagine a moddable open world Pokemon game on PC with these aesthetics. It would easily get a moddin…[View]
39141999Why didn't 9 show up to the party? because[View]
39135139post your shouldermon, cuntface[View]
39137791The most underrated starter Pokemon Wish a champion used him[View]
39141830lets hope we can get another hot pokemon in gen VIII like a tiddy one not a dick one[View]
39141860Will he ever be topped or will he stay for years to come?[View]
39142157Which pokemon is best?[View]
39133052Misty Monday[View]
39142055The mainline games could NEVER.[View]
39140613gen 1 grookey: gen 1 grookey[View]
39137886Think it'll be in SS?[View]
39137318Woah, so unbiased! Shitmon lovers BTFO![View]
39138792Would Greymon be a good final pokemon evolution?[View]
39139200Someone asked me to redraw these pokemon in another post that I put the redesigner of the ice cream,…[View]
39134155Can we go back to the 2010 /tr/ Smugleaf hype era of post HGSS and pre BW? That was a much better ti…[View]
39138718Help with Gold: Ok guy I just got to GoldenRod city and this is what I have caught so far. what shou…[View]
39138357Hi, I'm the same anonymous who made the evolution to Komala, here's a redsigner.[View]
39140905https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36is0Mf8Tcs&list=PL46A49E65817F8577&index=2&t=0s https:/…[View]
39141558Don't mind me officer, just gonna go on through with my Wooloo here. Disregard the golden divin…[View]
39140795Defend this[View]
39140061Jangmo-o's design was a 10/10, how did they manage to completely fuck up its evolutions? Also t…[View]
39140070>Heres your animations bro[View]
39137650The entire point of restricting the amount of Pokemon in Gen 8 is an attempt to make competitive bat…[View]
39122246/vp/ Favourite Pokemon Survey Results: Hello anons. About a week ago I started a survey to see what …[View]
39132102Showderp: Triple Threat Edition: We out here rockin' with the best. And the worst. https://doga…[View]
39130242Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39141187Hey i made this wooloo evo and i hope he evolve into something beastly not some waifu[View]
39137787Haha: >Masuda calls up Aonuma. >Requests an urgent meeting with him, Aonuma agrees. >He…[View]
39138737Pokémon Sword and Shield leak: On Wednesday the 26th June, a new Pokémon direct for Wednesday 3rd Ju…[View]
39138864ITT: Post pokemon that really could've used a mega evolution[View]
39140675New Information Predictions: What new information due y’all think we will get next for SwSh? I am ho…[View]
39140139>Now Surf has hidden second effect >If its used by Avalugg it hits like physical move…[View]
39141038Did she make it?[View]
39140400>this can be Female >inb4 all of the off model art.…[View]
39140521Nobody cares about him[View]
39139102>wake up >havent touched White in a long while >where did I leave off at >box full of po…[View]
39140935Tlent Mught: It’s time /vp/ talked about this youtube series. Here’s the link to the first season: h…[View]
39139523He's in.[View]
39138654Should they make dual type Pokémon's STABs be less powerful than that of a monotype? For exampl…[View]
39139698im playing diamond on my ds and i want to know if i can beat it, get the international pokedex, play…[View]
39140341>really want to play HGSS again >hypnosis/supersonic spam from wild pokemon…[View]
39138324how does one become a pokeshill? any shill or ex shill here to tell us about it? I would like to mak…[View]
39140528Post your dream team + your battle theme. https://youtu.be/CESrjP4QwyM[View]
39136706What was the point of having wild pokemon show up here? Few, if any, of the pokemon are rare or stro…[View]
39140417Itt: post Oricorio[View]
39140551How does conkeldurr even fight without falling over? He obviously can't punch shit while keepin…[View]
39138847Wooloo: wooloo[View]
39139203Pokemon SM Anime: Daily reminder that Plumeria has only made a 1 minute cameo in her reveal. Guzma a…[View]
39139737I’m done with this shit: Tried to make art of ness a shirtless for the horny weebs on here but ended…[View]
39138422PR video thread.: Share your PR videos! me first: https://files.catbox.moe/krivzt.mp4[View]
39139886It's over bros, Sword and Shield are going to be a great games and we can't make it worse …[View]
39140468Pokefusion OC Thread: Didn't see a thread for it. If you haven't made one yet go to poke f…[View]
39140371https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=30&v=jCjoyKNsJjU We gotta save the pokemon /vp/...…[View]
39140369Post little details you want added to the games >Natures in trainer cards are back >They decid…[View]
39139046Pokémon Hype= Expectations= Outliers= Damned Perfection=Sacrifice=Doom: Fuck your hate on Pokémon Sw…[View]
39137689It was all downhill from here. I dunno guys i have serious mixed feelings knowing that my favorite g…[View]
39133808This is honestly the best gen GF has made to date.[View]
39125610Defend this.[View]
39139951>gamefreak finally decides to cut down the number of pokemon >garbador confirmed for SS >va…[View]
39137446Ditto copied you. What moves and ability did it get?[View]
39138796>Pokemon ROMhack tries to be 'challenging' >All it does is give every single gym leader a full…[View]
39140148Silver thread: Why is his father such a shit, bros?[View]
39134852When did you give up hope on Gamefreak ever releasing a good game? For me it was when Pokemon Z got …[View]
39138220Who's worse?[View]
39095993/ff/- Fox Friday: Insane Delphox Edition[View]
39139834>paying for a service (game) >wanting that service to be good >'no, you are an entitled man…[View]
39139609All you people talking about the new party sprites let me show you[View]
39137572Why is everyone dogging Masuda but not Ohmori?[View]
39139739How to save the franchise: *Stop doing yearly releases. There was a 5-year gap between gens 4 and 5.…[View]
39137988>The number of Pokemon hasn’t really been a bottleneck in the past, but with the franchise now mo…[View]
39124483Fan comics thread[View]
39137788Roachfags BOIL at the thought of this based Pokémon.[View]
39139196To everyone who bought LGPE, you own an apology to everyone whose favorite pokemon is getting cut fr…[View]
39139468Alas, their love could never be.[View]
39139665Alright I think I cracked the code on how to give Eevee a third evolution. >redoing one of eevee…[View]
39139517Dynamax Problem: The biggest problem I have with Dynamax is the fact that it is nothing more than Z-…[View]
39139335>One of the most asked Type combo. >Wish granted. >Nobody cares for her. What was wrong?…[View]
39138685Do you like it when the main games have more than one rival? Are Wally, Bianca, ect annoying or a g…[View]
39136240Anyone else got a boner during this part?[View]
39139409Until right this second, you forgot about Volcanion. You therefore do not care about Volcanion. If V…[View]
39139374AHEM Fuck Dennis and fuck Plasma. Blue lives matter.[View]
39139358Whenever I see someone making excuses for Swoosh, I can't help but think of this guy[View]
39138946I really like the Grass/Ghost combination. Trevenant is my favorite Turnermon, Gourgeist was on one …[View]
39135900Sun and Moon anime league is nonsense, we already know that nobody is able to block Kukui/Masked Roy…[View]
39138164I hope Flygon makes it in.[View]
39138562Pokemon Red & Blue: Yo, Conflicted memories here so asking for clarification. I clearly remember…[View]
39138996>Takes the spot of your favorite pokemon[View]
39136488Why so many people love Gen I and V simultaneously? There are 14 years between those gens and huge t…[View]
39136609Just bought pokemon emerald for a cheap price on ebay wish me luck /vp/bros[View]
39132859Reshiram Art Thread: Let's fill this up with some quality Reshi artwork.[View]
39137500Can mods ban the fucking Karenfags off this board already? They're shitting everything up with …[View]
39138883When is it acceptable to use legendaries in-game? I like to roleplay and make autistic characters so…[View]
39137028Thoughts on Blaziken?[View]
39134265trainer card thread: post yours, r8 others, make assumptions[View]
39137494Pokemo Masters: Will Pokemon Masters become the Duel Links of Game Freak? >Super successful >K…[View]
39136605How can you not name Tyranitar 'Gojira', Volcarona 'Mothra', and Hydreigon 'Ghidorah?'[View]
39138071Why does this game not want me to play? why does it keep interrupting me? Why does it make me watch …[View]
39137761>gen 1 hyper beam[View]
39138618Be careful, this persian has experience.[View]
39137666Who would you consider to be a Karenfag?: Is just merely wanting Pokemon such as Samurott and Pangor…[View]
39134868HELLOOOOOO /VP/! Just wanted to remind you that we are one day closer to Landorus (Yes, THE Landorus…[View]
39138652A really, REALLY far reach: Anons, I have an idea that could fix everything, but it'll probably…[View]
39131483Favorite dual type?: What is your favorite dual typing? Mine is Steel/Fighting[View]
39137302What was the best thing about gen 7?[View]
39138445>best pokemon trainer is a woman Ok guys,when are we getting a based chad guy legendary trainer ?…[View]
39137962If she's in the anime, she will have an American accent, like every character does. Game Freak …[View]
39135002He got the money, boys.[View]
39138044And yet you will still play the games. You're nothing but beaten wives at this point. You compl…[View]
39136645Accept Defeat: Give up on protesting. Buy the game. They won't listen anyways. SwSh will still …[View]
39129907This Gengar is the hardest fight in Johto.[View]
39136208Gen 8 competitive discussion thread: Obviously we can't talk about much for lack of news on new…[View]
39110972PokeMMO General /pmmog/ v 0.32 - Movie Night Edition: Why aren't you playing yet? Its (hopefull…[View]
39133601>Cities seem to a bit bigger now >Everything else is trashy >It's something...I guess…[View]
39137015Why did they cut following pokémon in Black/White? They had all the sprites and coding from HGSS alr…[View]
39137822This whole dex controvery is just retarded and autistic as hell. I honestly don't know how ther…[View]
39133260>used toxic stall full restore's and mimikyu >Lol this fight isn't hard guys you jus…[View]
39137767Friendly reminder[View]
39132345Is anyone else still buying the new pokemon game?: I know the footage and news we've gotten so …[View]
39137081Can you PREASE understand? thaks[View]
39133450>Gamefreak gives the champion a Charizard to make the casuals and normies jizz themselves and be …[View]
39137432Why yes, Vanilluxe is my favorite Pokemon! How could you tell?[View]
39131011So is this poke' supposed to be a Caricature of a black woman?[View]
39130162240p to 1080p just that alone is worth transition: Can’t wait for the games[View]
39134991Post cringe head cannons you have >All the pokemon not including legendarys on every protags main…[View]
39136073No Pokémon has ever been king of a generation like Snorlax was in Gen 2. Why is that?[View]
39135392Let's come up with a better, modern battle system for Pokemon given the following restrictions:…[View]
39125150ITT: one episode anime cuties[View]
39137337Is it just me or has this season's 'hype' season been nothing but shitstorm after shi…[View]
39137004Why was it such a shithole?[View]
39130173What went right?[View]
39131267what are your opinions on mantine surf?[View]
39137388https://personaunesp.com.br/pokemon-1996-cultura-pop-japonesa-encapsulada/ So is this real, or just …[View]
39137094What game should I play next?: Just finished Heart Gold and Sapphire, what next? Also I have access …[View]
39132751Damn, Pokemon Sword and Shield looks like THIS?[View]
39136442Convince him to let your bromon into Galar.[View]
39134782OU: The absolute State of the OU tier.[View]
39135571At this juncture I am 100% confident that fans can make better Pokemon/Characters/Story than GF.[View]
39135075Admit it, the only reason you hate this wonderful man who gave us years of joy is because he's …[View]
39135755I don't get it[View]
39132028>What the heck is this?! Where's my mom's bipedal animal? This has to be a placeholder!…[View]
39132952>4th most popular pokemon at reddit Wtf bros I thought nobody picks Bulbasaur?…[View]
39136317Nobody cares about graphics until they're bad. In that case, they're the literal spawn of …[View]
39136809At the rate they're going right now I wouldn't put it pass Game Freak to make Mewthree can…[View]
39135828komala evolution and form[View]
39136551funny tricks you want to share: you can create your custom box here ; https://www.pokewiki.de/Spezia…[View]
39131693BUY LUCARIO[View]
39135789Fossils in 8 gen?: Do you think we will get fossils in Gen 8? I would like a Sabretooth either Rock/…[View]
39136397Where are my fellow HOME Chads?[View]
39136612Best way to contact Serebii....seems to have missed her on the Pokémon page.[View]
39132869what im in for?[View]
39135785I love Gen 1, 2 & 4, hate 3 & 5 and couldn't care less about the 3D era. Am I based eno…[View]
39135085pfffffffff... OH NO NO NO[View]
39124637Anime Worth Points: >Go to Bulbapedia >Look up your favourite Pokemon >Scroll to the 'In th…[View]
39136157Kanto: Kanto.[View]
39127961This is shofu. shofu is #ourguy because he recently put out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
39136048how could you not love her.[View]
39135425I miss him[View]
39133958HE'S IN!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAXw9kb3wvw[View]
39135405Why is competitive pokemon so unfun?[View]
39132356Just so you all know, the blinking in problem isn't exclusive to Dynamax mons[View]
39133954https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1143217485031837697 >half the replies are now defending game f…[View]
39136010I do not know you jaguar fans, but I love the game freak, you are a bunch of ungrateful people who a…[View]
39135684Stay comfy, frens[View]
39135507What gym leader/trainer did you enjoy battling?[View]
39135720Help me out, /vp/: a few weeks ago there was a Mallow thread where someone posted a recolor of her w…[View]
39132786Galar is the new Sinnoh: Since gen 5 I have noticed a trend with Pokémon. From gen 5 and on all the …[View]
39132453>GF claims to cut Pokemon over 'high quality animations' >animations are on par or even worse …[View]
39135431ITT: effective and creative sets to beat the Battle Tower in Crystal. I'll start: Shuckle, Doub…[View]
39135335Buffs that might make SWSH worthwhile: SWSH are gonna be absolute shit no matter what, but if my bro…[View]
39133075I've found a calling card.: Sir Junichi Masuda, The utter asshole of Sloth We know how lazy you…[View]
39135397Was there any fake leaks from a Pokemon game that absolutely fooled people?[View]
39135693This is your starter Pokemon, Anon. Say something nice about him.[View]
39125068https://twitter.com/trzef/status/1142622029541257216?s=19 >Only increases the highest stat of the…[View]
39120931The Pokemon you see upon clicking this link is your government mandated starter. How good is /vp/…[View]
39135695Definitive versions of each gen: Blue Crystal Emerald Platinum White - White 2 Y Moon[View]
39133811Let's go was the precursor to this shitty console game, and you all lapped it up because it was…[View]
39134460The backlash to the backlash is starting. Soon the issue won’t be Game Freak. It will be the entitle…[View]
39133069leon thread: post leon[View]
39114854He's a cutie.[View]
39135590It's over bros, Sword and Shield are going to be a great games and we can't make it worse …[View]
39135583>Masuda calls up Aonuma. >Requests an urgent meeting with him, Aonuma agrees. >He's cu…[View]
39130164Favourites pokémon of each types: rate hate and discuss[View]
39115074ITT: stupid things you did as a kid: I called the Union room the Onion room[View]
39135427Comfy Rosa[View]
39133215Nobody complained when Let's Go cut Pokemon from the Pokedex. Why should SwSh be any different?[View]
39122834Any word on Pokemon Clover's next patch? I don't want to replay the 2017 one if a new patc…[View]
39135000Post Pokemon maids! Cute>Lewd[View]
39135214Map-Making Thread: MS Paint Edition: Post pokemon region maps you made. This one is based off of Kan…[View]
39132005What would the starters of a swampy region be? I was thinking a Water anhinga that becomes a pelagor…[View]
39093331Drawthread: Previous Drawthread >>38995788 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y (embed)…[View]
39135073>there are people who unironically wants less content Why this fandom has that low standards? The…[View]
39128588>The Pokemon in Gen8 look worse than in LGPE and Citra fucking defend this, I dare you, I double …[View]
39134195Did you have fun?: Did you get everything out of your system anons? You know you’re still going to p…[View]
39133756Anons i'm so fucking so sad for the college exam i did two hours ago. Hours of study for nothin…[View]
39132747What is wrong with the social media account behind twitter? It's almost like that picture someo…[View]
39134025What's wrong with waifubait if you aren't interested in fucking them? This is a genuinely …[View]
39117480/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Gotta Go Fast Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongol…[View]
39134757The music sounds different in this https://youtu.be/ZKK4cscvb3s[View]
39134085It's my birthday! Can we please have a topic for my pokebro Weavile?[View]
39128729This is your Alola League winner, say something nice to him![View]
39134623Is there a reason that Dynamax models are see-through? Or is this more Gamefreak incompetence?[View]
39133309Clones and generated mons on SWORD/SHIELD: Anons i cloned and generated a bunch of legit-looking mon…[View]
39134031I think the only way to avoid a purge in the future is to make all the cutmons into supportmons. the…[View]
39134520IM A BANANA![View]
39134434I'm done bros. sas just doesn't feel compelling at all.[View]
39132255Make him viable in OU: Hard Mode: No Mega, no signature move/ability[View]
39131112>he plays post-2D pokemon games[View]
39132137I can't wait to catch and raise Magikarp all over again in Galar. I remember how much fun it wa…[View]
39129848Ka Ka Ka Ka Kachi Daze[View]
39132063⠠⠁⠓⠑⠍ ⠠⠋⠥⠉⠅⠠⠍⠥⠎⠁⠙⠁ ⠠⠋⠥⠉⠅⠠⠛⠁⠍⠑⠋⠗⠂⠅[View]
39110316Post cute Refresh animations[View]
39133588some informations about upcoming reveals - june 28th - 5 minutes video - pokemon home is really a h…[View]
39131555Idea for a clownworld Pokemon game >Clown type obviously >Different regions, separate place fo…[View]
39129773Why can't some people understand that the whole pokedex problem is their own fault some of you …[View]
39130361Pokemoms: Spin-off where you capture and battle milfs when? Who is your favorite pokemom?[View]
39130974I can't believe that fucking Reddit is more based than us: This board is about 80% fucking shil…[View]
39132566>Iwata: >Let’s turn now to the games themselves. Morimoto-san, what sort of issues did you be…[View]
39133029So are people unironically defending GF or is it just done to be le ebin troll?[View]
39132008Gamefreak has decided to let you choose a few pokemon to get axed from the series completely. Becaus…[View]
39133064Why isn't there a team cloud that wants to expand the sky?[View]
39131073Please tell me Luvdisc is going to make it. It's my oldest Pokemon and the only one I transferr…[View]
39133856Help me building my dex: I'm making a fakedex but i don't know what else to add. Any sugge…[View]
39128730What are your thoughts on human-like Pokemon?: Do you mind them?[View]
39133566what was your first pokemon game and what did you like about it? what are you 3 favorite pokemon gam…[View]
39132914>These are the people outrage fags are trying to infiltrate our board with…[View]
39132140post animal you want gamefreak to make cartoon version of for upcoming gens[View]
39133485Who thought it was a good idea to put this little faggot into a phone or drone or bike?[View]
39124921i want fera to give me a big hug[View]
39130497who's that pokemon?[View]
39130610>call out shitmon nobody cares about >somebody just has to crawl out of the woods works to say…[View]
39133561Komala evolution: komala and its evolution, thought by min. Ideas for how he activates this form…[View]
39131386Reminder that this game will be amazing, loved by millions and, sell millions and all of your crying…[View]
39130077where is this from? I saw it in a tweet earlier, does anyone have a link to this footage?[View]
39128840ITT: Your 3 favorite pokemons from GENERATION ONE[View]
39133297Will /our/ Owl lad make it into Galar? Harry Potter and all that?[View]
39131807/vp/ Pokemon League: Old thread got archived after nobody posted in it, but i’m posting it in here a…[View]
39109650Name a better set of starters. Go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
39132957How do i get this working on visualboyadvance?: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4391/[View]
39132601How can aliens be a thing if all the 'god' Pokemon seem to reside exclusively on 'Earth'?[View]
39130759>talking to someone at work about pokemon >ask him what his favorite mon is >it’s gengar …[View]
39127535In-Game Progress Thread: Come take a break from your current playthrough and just share with us wher…[View]
39124650Why does ash look Hispanic: The fuck happen to him[View]
39132808Not knowing which Pokemon will be purged beforehand[View]
39133027ITT: pitch Pokemon and their abilities: I wonder how GF puts together a Pokemon and its mechanics/gi…[View]
39129628ITT: uncommon gripes you have with your fav game: >Emerald replaces town-unique Contest Halls wit…[View]
39131780Joe just posted footage of a battle in SwSh and god, it's just too painful to watch. https://ww…[View]
39128412I will be deaf to pleading and excuses. Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses.[View]
39124478What's your favorite mid-evo?[View]
39131930Why don't you just apologize already?[View]
39130840Different stages of life should not be categorized as an entirely seperate species.[View]
39129349SS 'Hype': To ask an obvious question: Anyone else very glad Gamefreak is getting wrecked from the t…[View]
39131553Yeah that is right Anon, I got exclusive gameplay of Gen 9 CHECK OUT THESE GRAPHICS https://www.yout…[View]
39131888https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1143198119460507648?s=19 live footage between yamper and dread…[View]
39132641>Sun legendary >Weak to fire[View]
39132634I liked the roller skates mechanic in X&Y. It was much more satisfying than running or using a …[View]
39130163Now that everyone is mad at GameFreak.... How come romhacks are stuck on GBA / Gen 3? There are bare…[View]
39132436Best pokemon game to emulate on pc?: Ive been playing leafgreen attempting to speed run it and was g…[View]
39123821Oh fuck, anon, the Alola League is coming up. What 3 Pokemon are you using and which one is your ace…[View]
39131356How could they capitalize on the overwhelming success of pic related?[View]
39124150How many generations until we get a game that looks like this?[View]
39130899Make him viable in OU[View]
39127561Find a flaw.[View]
39131982How do we solve this problem?[View]
39131685Why did Gen 1-4 have so much soul bros?[View]
39125456ATTN: /vp/, please take some time to read this: Why do people here hate on Serena? I never understoo…[View]
39131781Everyone will laugh at you idiots.[View]
39129121you guys must be blind: this game looks so much better, for a sec i thought the SWSH machoke is a re…[View]
39131786Post /vp/[View]
39130669Tapu Lele is crying[View]
39130421So what's Gen 8 VGC going to be like? Without a full Pokedex, are we going to have the same met…[View]
39131542What seems to be the problem Officer?[View]
391253923D was a mistake: Pokemon will never be as good as it was Gen II- V. The spinoffs also turned to shi…[View]
39129148ITT: post shitty fake pokemon evolutions: Pic related.[View]
39131064Anyone heard any updates from the dev team yet? I wonder what it's like for them knowing that l…[View]
39130405What are 5 Pokemon you wouldn't mind getting the axe?: Bonus points for reasonings Avoided usi…[View]
39130956ITT: episodes that broke /vp/[View]
39129919Want to spice up a new playthrough of an old game?: Try the Universal Pokémon randomizer. https://p…[View]
39130649Sonia Art thread: Lets post pics of best girl[View]
39131290>gengar nerfed for a mega that doesn't exists anymore >charizard back to being a PU shitm…[View]
39130729To people that think 1000 pokemon will be too many[View]
39130889In a hypothetical world where Pokemon Stadium 3 is a thing, what would you want to see in such a gam…[View]
39131098>gen 8 *ahem* Is this an out of season april fools joke?[View]
39130837>Delaying the game >Home doesn't even come out until next year >A patch is all it take…[View]
39131287Golden Showers[View]
39130756>144 days[View]
39129054I love showers![View]
39128223Poll: Choose ONE: http://www.strawpoll.me/18217888[View]
39131009hahaha, look at this cool pikachu face! i never played the pokemon games ever but this is so relatab…[View]
39123488Bug thread: Bug chads get in here[View]
39130537ITT: Images you have no use for[View]
39130557It's over bros, Sword and Shield are going to be a great games and we can't make it worse …[View]
39129573>Trainer used a Full Restore![View]
39117535What would be the roster for a sequel to Pokken Tournament?[View]
39114881Is Nessa an Alt-Right Symbol: Dude I just want to fap Why does this keep happening?[View]
39121613Showderp: Bread Thread: Hey this is showderp. Come on in, we're just about to pop a fresh loaf …[View]
39130744>Smash fanbase gets every character back >Pokemon fanbase has now devolved into cutfaggotry Ho…[View]
39130136Why won't this stupid shit work?[View]
39128658>no hedgehog Pokemon[View]
39130681Did the Pokémon Company know in advance that Game Freak would delete pokemon?[View]
39128335ITT Pokemon that needs a redesign.: Venusaur isn't bad and actually a creative design but being…[View]
39129252>everyone already forgot about the national dex >They really are gonna get away with it…[View]
39130584What pokemon should have gigantimax forms?: I'm gonna say Archeops hands down, this is his gen …[View]
39130131>Him.. Isn't he the leader of the global Pokemon community? >INVAITO. HIMU.…[View]
39129323Ash Always Getting A Lot Of Reboot From Best Trainer To Loser Trainer: Well in every season they mak…[View]
39130449How did we go from this...[View]
39130425>Beast Eye >Beast Eye >Makakaja >Makakaja >Megidola >Beast Eye >Megidola…[View]
39126466New legendaries are shit.: These new legendaries are shit. The new games look like Sun and Moon 3.0,…[View]
39118857Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
39129849NEW REVEALS WHEN[View]
39112991W...which Pokemon are good for battle?[View]
39129120I am done with this shitty franchise. Fuck you, goodbye.[View]
39125903Scyther is your favorite pokemon. What is your favorite pokemon /vp/?[View]
39128402Do you think she's cute? Will she be in SworShie?[View]
39130044If you HAD to choose, what would your Galar Dex be: I know it's a large image but I was bored. …[View]
39129432What is /vp/ opinion about him?[View]
39129965It looks like we'll get a look at the first Gen 8 merchandise soon. What do you think it is?[View]
39127428Are you gonna buy it’s game in November: I will[View]
39127875Oh no Bros. I thought you said japan was on our side: Seems like japan is still very much hyped…[View]
39129913Working on an Uber team and despite how grindy it is I still feel rewarded somehow. As of current, I…[View]
39125758>GF holds contests every new generation >up to 15 winners will see their fakemon included in t…[View]
39129791Post rekt I believe in you /vp[View]
39126343We lost bros...[View]
39122797Ugh....what could have been...[View]
39127320Hey im a kantomon, so im getting in to swsh, right?[View]
39129051So if certain Pokemon can't be transferred to sword and shield does that mean certain egg moves…[View]
39129640Intern working at GF: Leaked early render of the 6th Galar Gym Leader's (who specializes in Fly…[View]
39124572Who's stronger lorewise: B/W Kyurem or the Primals?[View]
39127734>doesn't evolve into Crobat until postgame in FRLG back into PC box you go…[View]
39129413ITT: We make a pokemon league.: Nobody has done this thread before, and i guess i’ll take it’s spot.…[View]
39129518You now remember Gen 5 OU[View]
39129082Scribblemon Thread: We haven’t had any of these threads in a while, so i guess today’s a good day to…[View]
39123127Cringe thread[View]
39124871Card art thread: Post your favorites and cards you like with cool art.[View]
39102597Absol thread? Absol thread.: Dump ya best Absol images so my collection can expand beyond a smol han…[View]
39125643POKEMON MAKER: Give me an animal and I will turn it into Pokemon[View]
39129385What's /a/'s opinion on Wingull?[View]
39129155>Advance generation of the anime had the best movies. (The movies that had May, not the Latios/as…[View]
39125368Why did gen 3 have the best spinoffs?[View]
39127794I like Ursaring[View]
39125308Jasmine thread: Jasmine thread[View]
39129274Let’s have a Meowth thread! Persian and alolan forms are welcome.[View]
39124940I like Ampharos :)[View]
39129263Should We Blame The Pokemon Anime Company Being Suck?: “I wanna be thevery best,” the song says. Unf…[View]
39129186Will we ever hear about the other 2 Pallet Town children? The ones who got their starters at the sam…[View]
39126342How do they fix Attract?[View]
39129202Another Day Another Ash Lose The League Again: Yeah...... Everyone still believe that Ash will final…[View]
39129055Pokémon SWSH good, me buy :-|[View]
39125863I've NEVER EVER seen ANYONE use this mon, not even an npc. It doesn't even look bad, desig…[View]
39124783>This Ultra Beast is well enough liked to be chosen as a first partner in its own world. Would GF…[View]
39128426So this is how you feel when your childhood dies[View]
39102143PTCG/O Pokemon Trading Card Game General: NAIC edition New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD …[View]
39127824>he plays Pokemon games that came out after 2012[View]
39127972most to least fuckable[View]
39127041Why is SM such a kino?[View]
39123660They were too based for this world bros.[View]
39128887Thats a nice view![View]
39126625Its afraid[View]
39127491*kills the national dex*[View]
39127476brave bird animation for gen 8: Any thoughts on the new brave bird animation for Gen 8? https://www.…[View]
39124420>look outside >see this What do?[View]
39121493What the f*ck was this thing?[View]
39128407Where can i find a genuine copy for a reasonable price How did this happen, I missed out. Soulsilver…[View]
39122581What was the point of this[View]
39128790Pokemon Go!Kart: Would it work? What Pokemon would you include?[View]
39128839>produced alongside main games and Town >main games come out after a year >they turn out to…[View]
39128044Reminder this Pokémon exists.[View]
39126801Reboot: Pokemon is past due its reboot, love the games, not getting SwSh. What this series needs is …[View]
39128755 [View]
39109746ITT: Make Gym Leaders: Rules >Team HAS to consist of 6 members. No excuses. >Monotype or theme…[View]
39128180>have to buy ANOTHER Pokeball Plus NEW if you want Mew in SwSh Haha, enjoy that double dipping…[View]
39126600Remember Charlizard: Remember the Red and Blue and Green and Yellow? Remember Brok? Remember Mistey?…[View]
39128554post pokemon bops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hSrrXJkHjQ[View]
39093000/shw/ - Shiny Hunt Weekend: Bossfight edition >current hunt >progress >previous hunt >be…[View]
39128475milk is better than chocolate. Unless Olivia or Candela are involved and in that case milk and choco…[View]
39128133Are we living in the best timeine, /vp/?[View]
39126728>walk into cave >see this what do?[View]
39128021It's a Maractus thread, get in here.[View]
39128147Hey /vp/ I want to have dex but I just can't, I need your help, I know there are a lot of chads…[View]
39127464Sonia appreciation thread[View]
39125801Name a worse female protagonist design. You can't[View]
39127660Gen 1 and 2 were the only games I completed. I asked /v/ what was the last good Pokemon, they overwh…[View]
39128106I unironically like Alolan Raichu and will be sad if it doesn't appear in SwSh. If possible, I …[View]
39124953>'it's good in Trick Room' >except it actually is How did this absolute STAK of…[View]
39127967this pokemon is based[View]
39125803This is my fakemon. It's a wolf made of slime. I still need to design the evolution.[View]
39120935>tfw my girlfriend pre-ordered SWSH for me and her when I already pre-ordered the dual pack for m…[View]
39124789WODU is gone, the account as been terminated Press F to pay respects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
39121074GF trying to make 2 games at the same time: I feel so fucking cheated on. As you probably already kn…[View]
39121905How would you fix them?[View]
39127543shield-chan: post all you have of shied chan (or other trainers) speaking Galarian[View]
39127522Pokemon is dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28RXaXC9jDE[View]
39114171Tomorrow's News: What are you hoping they reveal?[View]
39122212>Pokemon aren't allowed to be female anymore Why?[View]
39126224There’s something I’ve been wondering about the wild area? What’s to stop me from going to a part of…[View]
39127345What's her team, /vp/?[View]
39126353You know for a pokemon community you all sure seem to hate pokemon[View]
39127436Hey /vp/ I have never played any of the mystery dungeon series past blue and red. I decided to pick …[View]
39127613I will buy it millions will buy it gf will keep making games there's nothing you can do to stop…[View]
39127221What is a good nature for Pikachu?[View]
39120077Fuck this idiot.[View]
39126476>make a female pokemon >87.5% male What did gamefreak mean by this?…[View]
39127336Pokemon appearing in galar: Hey post Pokemon that will be in gen 8, like this drednaw here.[View]
39127442Opinions on Bunnelby[View]
39125696Fuck you I like it.[View]
39126122What would her team be?[View]
39120246Post a pokemon who's name starts with the same letter that the previous pokemon's ended wi…[View]
39126770It's over bros, Sword and Shield is going to be a great game and we can't make it worse by…[View]
39125069Marley Thread? Marley Thread.: Grab a cup of coffee, grab your shaymin, and post some Marley art and…[View]
39118416What ghost types do you think we're gonna see in Galar[View]
39126333In the meantime, totally not at /vp/ pokemon school...[View]
39122153>Battle Factory is revived as the Agency and it's made worse and is unplayable after the fir…[View]
39125214>these same people complaining about dynamax will suddenly lap it up and beg for GF to do more as…[View]
39128378Digimon thread: Post your favorites[View]
39123970Why do Genwunners live so rent free inside Unovafags's heads? always resorting to screech 'muh …[View]
39118200Maybe masuda is talking about mystery dungeon: Wouldn’t surprised[View]
39126395>can only catch Patrat, Audino or Lillipup before the first gym Every game has a wide selection o…[View]
39126929The End of Pokemon: It's over boys, we've had a good run. https://youtu.be/MNayLYeX_No…[View]
39126242Rate my team: Rate my team, post and rate yours if you like[View]
39125484post clothed pokemon[View]
39126623How would you feel about the E4 becoming about a specific strategy/utilizing synergies instead of bo…[View]
39124455How do you go from THIS...[View]
39125771Post YFW the 151 all appear in Galar[View]
39126581Gladion will enter Alola League with 6 Silvally[View]
39126236>fishing every tile one by one for a Feebas Max comfy[View]
39126258Baddy Bad: Lest we forget.[View]
39122266ITT: Acknowledge your favorite pokemon's worst breeding combination I'm okay with this.[View]
39126154What is it with odd numbered generations and female ghost specialists in the elite 4?[View]
39126331What has Cyrus been up to, /vp/?[View]
39126315Based Chadress nuked Opelucid City and got away with it.[View]
39125944Hello. I made this a while back. I would like some input on it. Thank you and have a nice day anons …[View]
39122159Finally beat my fourth Pokemon game[View]
39123152Post >yfw all the Pokémon are actually programmed into Sword and Shield, including move data, sta…[View]
39120319>Umbreon >Midnight Lycanroc >Silvally >Zoroark (though only until they find its actual t…[View]
39124649Towns looks better than SWiSH. They could have just reused the engine. Instead they made a new, wors…[View]
39123796Type Null / Silvally: Whats the general opinion on Type Null / Silvally. I really like them visually…[View]
39123576>Zelda fans get BOTW >Mario fans get Odyssey >Smash fans get Smash Ultimate >Pokemon fan…[View]
39125314Black/white pre-release was the peak of this series, it's all been downhill since. https://you…[View]
39123755What went wrong?[View]
39118083Post animals you want to see a pokemon made off[View]
39123256/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon: Incoming[View]

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