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43708893The 1-P game would be drastically improved, and possibly even marginally challenging, if it didn…[View]
43710474YFYL: You Feel You Lose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGIfFdXthUs Just remebered this song after …[View]
43708057Would you like a lick from my ice cream?[View]
43710468Who was in the wrong here?[View]
43709858>go to https://randompokemon.com >set to 1 result >go to https://www.bing.com >search re…[View]
43710517Here's your poison type legendary bro[View]
43710357Who the fuck thought Technical Records were a good idea? Is Masuda a fucking retard?[View]
43709525>~20m sold Unironically what do we do? It's clear the series just isn't for us anymore.…[View]
43710327I will never not be mad over this[View]
43710173Hey guys....I think I love Pokémon.[View]
43709437Is this the single shittiest redesign to date?: Makes me fear for how badly they will mess up design…[View]
43710025How does open level in the battle frontier work?: So I messed up and realize there's no set lev…[View]
43710203Falco would be an Unfezant since it's been officially stated that despite his name, he's a…[View]
43703311Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
43707717>75% accuracy what were they thinking?[View]
43703985>Check out the Trainer Card of someone I traded/battled with >Their number is 69, 420 or 666 Y…[View]
43709485eShop sales: Ever notice Pokemon games don't go on sale in the eShop? Fuck you gamefreak.…[View]
43709009My Magnum Opus: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4randombattle-1122972008[View]
43701509Okay lets decide this Is the anime cannon?[View]
43703307Toxtricy was an eastern egg in Sun and Moon games[View]
43699595/ppg/ - Pokemon Prototype General. Part 73: Wish the genie for leaks edition >What got released? …[View]
43707018Type counterparts: Which of the types do you think work best as counterparts to each other (with non…[View]
43707872Mythicals and Legendaries are the same thing[View]
43703029>Elemental monkeys >Aunt Jemima >Bugsy clone >Hatsune Miku whore >Fat texan >Winon…[View]
43703405Roxie thread[View]
43708541what are our final thoughts about rotom?[View]
43706021ITT: Alternative Type Charts: How would you balance pokemon types, /vp/? Pic related is mine, still …[View]
43705380Should it be renamed to Wind Type?[View]
43708104Just beat Cynthia and unlocked the nat dex, do I start a new game (white or soul silver) or do I try…[View]
43708197Sonic movie confirmed to get a sequel what about us?[View]
43707765Lack of proper learnset: >one Ground type move in the learnset >Earthquake I never understood …[View]
43707033Non-shiny cinderace is superior[View]
43705739>Pokemon will never be soulful again how have you been coping?[View]
43706524ITT: We fix in-game teams of NPCs: I'll start, pic related is Lance[View]
43706741Sooo for my distance ed art class I had to combine 3 fictional characters (I chose Pokemon) aaand I…[View]
43705634>poketuber >'My [relative] guesses pokémon names!'…[View]
43706817Is a Machamp breeds with a Machop, is it a pedophile?[View]
43708044What a cutie and a hottie.[View]
43700472>Decidueye >Not Owlnarrow >Nor Arrowl >Not Silvarro >Not Strishoot >Not even Owlch…[View]
43707793Emerald Battle Tower teams: What's the best team possible for it? This is the best I could come…[View]
43703280Behead those who insult Gen 2[View]
43705869DLC info: There will be a new Pokémon based off of a gummy bear called Gumroar. It is normal type wi…[View]
43707960>Gets a sequel before DP lol[View]
43707820>miss High Jump Kick twice >next switch-in is met with a critical Scald that burns thanks to a…[View]
43705649Pokémon Ruby: Just got Pokémon Ruby in Japanese Has >Full box >Almost perfect manual >Cartr…[View]
43707451My Thoughts: Remember back before ORAS was announced, there was a bunch of leaks going around, and y…[View]
43705102/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43704670Twilight Wings New Episode on June 4: https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1266038997618429954…[View]
43707582All these years and this is STILL the best fakemon dex we have.[View]
43707027What if game freaks not making a sinnoh remake but a sinnoh expansion in sword and shield[View]
43705902Why were the gen 7 and 8 protags such mary sue's who had everything fall right into the palm of…[View]
43704208I know this image is horribly outdated so I'm wondering, has anyone made an updated version now…[View]
43707064What do you think of people that intentionally sandbag in competitive play (i.e. they play bad on pu…[View]
43707224>even the dlc is exclusive to the game you have Why the fuck is this acceptable? Yeah yeah I know…[View]
43706566This line feels like a bootleg Froakie to me. Sobble has nearly the same proportions of Froakie and…[View]
43703391>The foe's Seismitoad used Gastro Acid! >Rotom-Fan's ability was suppressed!…[View]
43707429http://pokedream.com/pokemon/infocenter/tajiri2.php >TIME: The main human guy is named Satoshi. T…[View]
43707185This is Popplio. Popplio typically has a seven in eight chance of being male, but the one seen here …[View]
43703795If you prefer the right, you're a faggot[View]
43704334Someone fucking get Ninetales home. It's puking all over the damn place.[View]
43706203Diamond and Pearl remake information: Can't say my source for the obvious reasons, but here we …[View]
43706934How do you feel about using Mythicals in game?[View]
43700163>He doesn’t understand that CLAIM YOUR POKÉWAIFU RIGHT NOW was when the franchise peaked.…[View]
43706677What a shitty and tideous gym: Why does no one talk about how awful this gym is? It summarizes the p…[View]
43704919Is there even any point in catching em all anymore? Gamefreak didnt even care about half of them eno…[View]
43705196piplup 2[View]
43701061I've seen both so...: Is it Regidragon or Regidark?[View]
43700711Trainer thread: These types of threads Go[View]
43704190Will CHADmetal come back to promote his new G-Max form?[View]
43706001Johto was the only real Pokemon sequel. Every game after that is just a spin-off.[View]
43706328DPPt REMAKES: November 2021 They will be called Shit Diamond and Piss Pearl The starter Pokémon are …[View]
43704272What the fuck is the deal with all the faggots begging for Poipole? You can't even use it yet, …[View]
43704522why dont thei liek mudkipz?[View]
43695249Post based pokemon: I'll start[View]
43703470What if they introduced flow type[View]
43689344>Choose a NPC trainer class >Now you start a journey as such type of trainer What kind of adve…[View]
43706215Obviously after Fire Red and Leaf Green the other Kanto games would be Water Blue and Electric Yello…[View]
43705324find a flaw[View]
43704667New Pokémon leak: I’m a designer working on the upcoming DLC and confirm there will be at least one …[View]
43705929Gen 3 apreciation thread.: everytime i replay ruby/sapphire i get chilsl in my back, it's just …[View]
43703873Despite being only 13% of population...[View]
43704743In what tier would this guy actually be if you swapped its Sp.Attack with its physical one?[View]
43672230Gen 5 was objectively the best: >Animated battlesprites for the first time in handheld pokemon hi…[View]
43672059/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokemon Essensials and Fan Game Development General: Gen 7 Edition Previous th…[View]
43703106The only thing that actually deserved to be retconned out of existence.[View]
43704146ITT:: Pokemon that would make great mommies[View]
43702534What matters more to you?: A pokemon's Appearance. (how good they visually look like) A pokemon…[View]
43696845>Pokemon can now know up to five moves instead of four How does the meta change?…[View]
43705139Instructions unclear, bred Pokémon with trainers instead of Pokémon. I heard the shiny chances are h…[View]
43703484You are now aware that we were this close to having a Mothman Pokemon[View]
43703579What costumization options would you like to get from the DLC?[View]
43703409>Ends up putting your mom’s eye out[View]
43701713>252/252/4 It's been 6 gens of the current stat system now. How do you feel about it? Imo, …[View]
43704292Choose 3 starter sets: They protect you, the rest try to kidnap you. All final Evo, no Mega. Which G…[View]
43681731Fakemon Thread: Unnamed gimmick forms for the kanto starters[View]
43704795>release new pokemon evolutions >make them available as trade evolutions I will never not be a…[View]
43703749Just a reminder we are not only ones who think NEW games are shit[View]
43696243>no more levitate >shit mega evo >shit g-max form why does gamefreak hate him so much?…[View]
43653168/ralts/ - Saturday Ralts Line & Gardevoir Thread: It's that time again, friends. Time for t…[View]
43703559I like Bagon: What about you anon?[View]
43702879How would a Slavic Pokemon region look like?[View]
43703748lillie and gladion should have been twins, yes or no![View]
43700060Regional Forms were a Mistake: I see a lot of people frequently say how much they love regional form…[View]
43691065Thoughts on Dracovish being banned soon?[View]
43701443O do I reach above 1300 elo in Showdown?: I feel like I've been in limbo for quite awhile…[View]
43704460Do you agree with GF decision of removing the beta pokemon?: Or do you think they should be stayed i…[View]
43703896Which seasons of Pokemon/Pokemon Movies should I watch on 'Pokemon TV?'[View]
43701734What could have been...: Why are they so lazy?[View]
43697489How well will he fare in OU?[View]
43704620>gets fired from his job >overshadowed by Black >gf ends up leaving with N in the end Is N…[View]
43699337Item Clause: Why doesn't Smogon use it? Are 6 leftovers really considered ok in Smogon's i…[View]
43704560So Gamefreak makes the games, Creatures handles the TCG and merchandising, but what does Nintendo do…[View]
43704576>New ability:Prioritizer >Gives a 1.3x boost in power to all priority moves >Mons with this…[View]
43693187/poclo/ - Pokémon Clover: fanart is best edition: cute ebolable is cute Features: >A full-scale a…[View]
43701183New stuff is leaking https://twitter.com/centroleaks/status/1265870609420083201?s=21[View]
43704307At this point I just wanna go into the distortion world, this one is driving me insane[View]
43703327This mon is mine, God gave this mon to me And when the the devs, Reveals their future plans Then I s…[View]
43704062>Try using pic related in a raid hoping to make big money with G-Max Gold Rush >The money side…[View]
43703992Cringe thread[View]
43701909/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43704215soul thread: post soul[View]
43698340What the fuck....?[View]
43701802what the fuck is wrong with the official youtube channel?[View]
43631490/rpg/ - Retro Pokémon General: #53 – Still Can't Get It Right Edition Previous >>43576893…[View]
43699316Realistic pokemon teams?: A lil story of how your team came to be would be cool[View]
437038312020... I'm pika-forgotten[View]
43695374Pokemon Special volumes 54 and 55 is out in Japan: Volumes 54 and 55 have released today in Japan. T…[View]
43704134How ubiquitous your starter is on the internet?: Here are the rankings via google results: 1 - Chari…[View]
43703032>too cool to appear in any of the nu games yeah, I think this fat boy is based…[View]
43701225New leaks have been found[View]
43694084Showderp:Xiaolin Xiaodown Edition: Welcome to China! Our Xiaolin monk, Champ, is looking for six She…[View]
43694529/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Go Fest Coming July 25th-26th Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates htt…[View]
43703819bealtifull siblings post ![View]
43703686Liza is the older sister, I thought they were twins?[View]
43703469>to catch it you need to talk to other players a total of 32 times >wfc gets shutdown Thanks n…[View]
43702043gladion pic thread: had a terrible day today i need cute pics of edgy boy gladion cuz he's angs…[View]
43698248I'll level with you, /vp/: Ghetsis is the most entertaining villain, however he's not well…[View]
43703492Pokemon DLC: Pokemon DLC leak: Hello all, I’m here today to share my information about the new Pokem…[View]
43703191This is Avery. He makes waifucels writhe with insecurity and agony. Say something nice about him.[View]
43703416>gastrodon can't learn gastro acid >incineroar can't learn incinerate >growlithe …[View]
43701243give me a pokemon and i'll draw it part 2: bump limit i think happened[View]
43703249This is your waifu for tonight[View]
43702434now that swsh practically got rid of the national dex, do you think it would be a good idea take thi…[View]
43699489Remember when Hyper Beam was good?[View]
43697413how do you feel about xurkitree I think he's cool[View]
43650442Don’t mind me, just posting the best generation ever.[View]
43703070Mismagius vs Gengar for D/P: I'm about to play through gen 4, please help convince me to use Mi…[View]
43702552Leaks: New trailer on June 14th. 7 minutes long. -Release date on the 21st -Trailer starts with the …[View]
43703060It do be like that[View]
43700475Is this a glitch? or did I just not count right[View]
43702990>Those biceps >Those calves[View]
43700996>can't breathe on land because its head is a fish >can't swim underwater because its…[View]
43703366Nintendo DSi (TWL) Releases: As a note, none of this stuff are 'leaks', just releases from 2019 / 20…[View]
43698176was it a good series finale?[View]
43686710remove Ash from the anime: do it[View]
43697519MAKE A MEGA THREAD: What it says on the tin. Take a mon, give it your take on a mega evolution.…[View]
43694209Would it be a surprise if she appeared in the dojo of the Isle of Armor?[View]
43702501Centro Pokemon just leaked some dlc objects,but i have only italian names: Mielemax Fungomax Ramo Ga…[View]
43697214What are you?[View]
43694728Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
43700124>go to https://randompokemon.com >set to 1 result >go to bing >search result fanart on i…[View]
43698257Did you go for sword or shield? Why?[View]
43701991What are the Pikachu and Eevee of each generation?[View]
43702665>names for 3 languages are leaked >'journalists' only shows the english names >only the fuc…[View]
43702648ITT: Fanmade Regional Forms[View]
43696463>inb4 in the D/P remakes, they release Newmoon island and Flower Paradise as DLC: They're al…[View]
43700453Why doesn't this stupid website allow stuff discovered from the beta / leaks?[View]
43702594Gamemon Brawler, Sword and Gunner: Starter: >Baby Mario >Toon Link >Chibi Mega Man Region N…[View]
43696329Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee: Apologize right now.[View]
43697887I vaguely remember before SM's release, some anon met Masuda at a signing event thing and showe…[View]
43693120>Reminder that Lugia was created in a creative process involving getting high by tranquilizers …[View]
43694804you ready vee pee ?[View]
43697336DLC Leaks: Release dates: Isle of Armour: June 20th. Crown Tundra: November 13th. Galarian Forms(don…[View]
43699294You know Galar trainers suck when there are no veteran and ace trainers around.[View]
43699628Hey /vp/, I’m going to attempt the battle frontier in platinum and I don’t know who should be my thi…[View]
43699790Exploud: https://strawpoll.com/ryaewa79 https://strawpoll.com/g655e1x9 https://strawpoll.com/ab3bxk5…[View]
43683986REPORT ALL DISCORD LINK SPAMMERS There is no /vp/ixelmon discord all updates will be posted here or …[View]
43701852What were you doing when 'that' happened?[View]
43693834I like Lycanrock midnight. It has a fun personality and i like edgymons in general. I don't car…[View]
43698589If only...[View]
43698976post your favourite underrated line/mon[View]
43697850-200 pokemon = -200% content[View]
43698677What does N stand for?[View]
43701587>gen 1 was the beginning >gen 2 added held items, steel and dark type, and the special split …[View]
43699593Holy shit! Rillaboom chads can't stop winning! GROOKEY GANG GROOKEY GANG[View]
43701088Hi my uncle works at gamefreak and has shared some information with me. There will be a galarian ted…[View]
43684939What Pokemon could easily make a human become THEIR Pokemon?[View]
43699697If you're not reading the dialogue in British/EU accents, then you're doing it wrong[View]
43698801/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43686982Even though I've been playing since gen 2, I like nu-Pokemon (5-6-7-8) more than old Pokemon. I…[View]
43697483I want to play Gen 3 again but have a question. How do abilities work in these old games? Do Pokemon…[View]
43699908what ball do you use for legendary moms[View]
43699771>+6 252+ SpA Choice Specs Chandelure Helping Hand Overheat vs. -6 0 HP / 0 SpD Swadloon in Sun on…[View]
43700369>Tfw want to play Emerald, Platinum, and Heartgold again >Authentic cartridges are over $100…[View]
43696489Let's GO Scorbunny fucking when[View]
43698445Favorite thread: Get your 5 favorites and rate others https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html…[View]
43701169LEAKS INCOMING[View]
43691963give me a pokemon and i'll draw it: see title[View]
43700515What's his Pokémon team?[View]
43699656Hot Steamy DLC Leak: >N is back >Isle of Armor is actually based off the Isle 'o Man >…[View]
43700161Pokemon Pearl: I've just finished the snow point city gym, and all the guides tell me from ther…[View]
43700889How the fuck do i get a lum berry in Emerald when the battery's dead?: Help, i'm pretty su…[View]
43697172She's aerodynamic.[View]
43700281hey: FUCK YOU[View]
43696696Pokémon battles are not fun: I really hope you lot recognise that this combat system is just inheren…[View]
43676969Can we have a Clair thread. I have no other pictures of her sadly[View]
43700194Which side of Team Rocket do you prefer?: A) The surface level organized mafia that catches and stea…[View]
43646671Pokephilia General thread #3: “I do” edition This thread is for containing the shitposts that is clo…[View]
43653351/PTCGO/: Pokémon TCG Online General: Swiper, I mean, Thievul edition New/Returning Player? >http…[View]
43697852What will their typings and abilities be?[View]
43700215https://youtu.be/fxM4xCSjw-4 Remember this? Harsh metaphor for the direction of the franchise[View]
43700219Mtn Dew Live Wire and Mtn Dew Voltage.[View]
43694768Meltan made a cameo in the newest One Piece chapter.[View]
43699649Someone is hosting a Raid Battle against this Pokémon. Is this gonna become a thing?[View]
43700069Me and a couple of other autists that call me their friend are having a Pokemon Draft league using S…[View]
43676061Quarantine Dex Thread: Demo + Feedback Edition: The demo contains the area up 'till Violet City…[View]
43698210Can we get a thread for the best Pokémon ever? Haunterfags need not apply[View]
43699783Can someone please draw a rough sketch of me(use the pic for reference)with Toxtricity(any form)in a…[View]
43698095Pokemon Ruby: Hey guys, I just got Pokémon Ruby in the mail. It’s in Japanese and well, I’m not sure…[View]
43699873OBSCURE/UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: I believe that using legendary Pokémon is just like using any other Poké…[View]
43699678>What got released? Debug Builds & Source Code of Blue/Yellow Japanese Debug Builds of G/S Sy…[View]
43695140To those who bought SWSH, did you have a Switch before already or did you buy it to play SWSH?[View]
43696413ITT: A+ designs from Gens 5-8.[View]
43694140ITT: Alternative uses to Characteristics: Hello! I'm working on a fangame where i take some lib…[View]
43696376mega stones: oh yeah, it's all coming together[View]
43695996How could they change the games to encourage normal players to make diverse teams with their weaknes…[View]
43695400/ppg/ - Pokemon Prototype General. Part 72: >What got released? Debug Builds & Source Code of…[View]
43697249You are now reminded that this thing exists.[View]
43697455>Let's go Pikachu/Eevee >Let's go Marill/Togepi >Let's go Minun/Plusle >L…[View]
43667191ITT we make a fakedex: 152 slots+25 regional forms/evolutions rules are >post fakemon line and 3 …[View]
43699170>can’t use the pro controller when playing LGBT[View]
43695895why do they still change names from the japanese originals when other non-nintendo localizations now…[View]
43699109You there! Yes, you! Post your nanoblocks![View]
43698266So what are your top 10 Pokemon?[View]
43697438>Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises ever >When its fans got pissed off they actually s…[View]
43694778This is a girl[View]
43697074Have you been to Johto recently?[View]
43693897/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43695948S O U L[View]
43696481How would you fix shiny Swampert?[View]
43697087im forgotten...[View]
43698503Cute images for fearsome Pokemon[View]
43694005>IV breeding a Pokemon that relies on its Hidden Ability to be useful >Suddenly one of them ha…[View]
43694494Bun: Post buns[View]
43697970New pokemon isle of armour leak: Hey guys, i have some information about the new pokemon for sowrd a…[View]
43693518Pokémon theory: Max killed Pokemania!: We always wondered who killed the pokemania of the 90s, well …[View]
43695894this is avery, the slayer of waifufag and the bane of coomers say something nice about him[View]
43696802Will he ruin the SpaceX shuttle launch?[View]
43697690Grookey and its evolution.[View]
43687838>confirmed not canon for the millionth of times: Masters cucks keeps getting BTFO with every new …[View]
43664482Post Your Favorite Pokemon and a Confession: Go.[View]
43679709>why?, yes bug is my favorite type[View]
43694230FUCK TPC[View]
43697631pikachu cuck serena: Serena will never have lifetime adventures with Ash[View]
43697642>he bought swooshi and its dlc’s instead of waiting for giga swooshi and its giga changes look li…[View]
43696676bullying legendaries thread: if you like legendaries you gay[View]
43697994Can we please have a gijinka thread?[View]
43612712Pokémon Fanfiction General and Lore/Writethread /vpwt/: /vpwt/: Choking Edition >post fanfics you…[View]
43697477Pokemon Black/White: I just beat N and Ghentis, is there more for me to do? I know there is a battle…[View]
43693082If games of this quality were released in any other mainstream gaming franchise that franchise would…[View]
43693454Tepig: Tepig is underrated.[View]
43696505>spinoff gacha makes a more interesting rival than the mainline now[View]
43696812serious question: japan loves gen 8 why doesn't vipi?(america)[View]
43694687Now that the dust has settled... https://tiermaker.com/create/all-new-gen-8-pokemon-including-galari…[View]
43695071>30+ years veteran artist >can't draw a frog…[View]
43691283What the fuck is wrong with Galarian women?[View]
43691645>voremon: wtf, gamefreak[View]
43694657/nzg/ - Nuzlocke General: Generator Anon Fixing Bugs Edition Last thread >>43527802 >Nuzlo…[View]
43692371Name a cuter pokemon then Scorbunny[View]
43696592Crown Tundra info leak: Here is some information for the Ilse of Armour and the Crown Tundra that yo…[View]
43696158Tier list thread: Only correct lists allowed ITT. I'll start.[View]
43693789BEST GIRL[View]
43695857Arceus is trans[View]
43695201This is a $90 2020 game[View]
43697598Comfy thread[View]
43696053where do colosseum and XD: gale of niggers fall in the timeline[View]
43697146Y-Sword X-Shield: Gonna spare you guys of the fake leak faggotry setup and just post the points: -Ne…[View]
43696161What Pokemon would actually benefit from the ability Illusion?[View]
43694191PMD5 hopes/expectations?: PMD4/Super was pretty great so i'm sure PMD5 will be one of the best …[View]
43695011https://youtu.be/RXPwc-uKs3M How will Megas ever recover? Gyarados jobbing here killed any credibili…[View]
43697171crown tundra info: A good friend of mine is working on the development of the Crown Tundra right now…[View]
43694192Good level design makes for a good game.[View]
43696773Is miltank a well designed mon?[View]
43693506>zekrom >ZE KURO >reshiram >re shiro…[View]
43692985ITT we make a fakedex, again: you know the drill. post image and three numbers, if post ends with on…[View]
43688491What do you like about Kanto?[View]
43695326>be me >be uninterested in pokemon before dexit controversy >decide to get a copy of SwSh s…[View]
43694537>Official plushies look like shitty bootlegs /vp/ told me that humanoid pokemon make easier and b…[View]
43681533Peak of the series[View]
43692849Isle of Armor: Next trailer on 4th June It starts with the theme that we heard in the january traile…[View]
43693648ITT: pre-release starter predictions from every gen[View]
43693770Most of the new pokemon don't look bad: It's the dex art that's bad. look at pangoro…[View]
43690697do white women really[View]
43694163>Pokemon zoo/theme park tycoon spin-off[View]
43696229Still sad that we didn't get acorn bro[View]
43694168We can all agree on this, right?[View]
43696328ITT: Pokemon that could pass as mythicals: Perhaps legendaries, even.[View]
43696014Do you like Caterpie and Butterfree?[View]
43666968SwSh Raids General: So Long Eevee (Soon) Edition - Previous Thread : >>43635911 - How to find …[View]
43683148how would you rate the main like pokemon games in order of how much you enioyed playing them/your fa…[View]
43695145> Galarian Magcargo cheers[View]
43695250Designs with a feminine figure: Designs with a feminine figure[View]
43686019Starters tier list: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-starter-tier-list---all-forms---gen-8-inc-2…[View]
43694949/pdm/- Pokemon Dark Mode General - Cosy edition: >What is this A brand new romhack of over 250 mo…[View]
43694774It's 2020 and we still dont have these as Pokemon[View]
43694837Can we get a Flygon thread going?[View]
43695331>casual battles >Everyone fucking uses the same rental OU teams instead of their own >Meta …[View]
43690323how come we can't choose different hair colors yet?[View]
43692665What’s your favorite Pokémon design from Gen 5 and beyond? Mine’s Corviknight.[View]
43692390ITT: Red and Blue Post yours Red and Blue bros[View]
43695317Stop posting fake leaks[View]
43688578Uhm... you still play Pokémon at 21? Sorry, but I think we should see other people...[View]
43694967I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I have a shitload of Pokemon TCG cards from around…[View]
43693443It's canon[View]
43690846Why is this board obsessed with negativity?[View]
43690504The MOST BASED BOY[View]
43694745Haha longcat is loooooong[View]
43686575Claire or Karen: who is hotter ?[View]
43691745This shit is dropping in a month and we know nothing about it.[View]
43688252Am I alone in thinking that besides witches and princesses, Hatterene is also based on jellyfish?[View]
43685610Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
43694511>Supposed Guardian of the Ecosystem and the Earth >sat on its ass while Lysandre was about to …[View]
43694468>20 years later on systems much more powerful than the Game Boy >Game Freak is still designing…[View]
43693303What are your opinions on crossovers with this series, whether business or artistic? Also general cr…[View]
43694504>Vespiquen I choose you! >Vespiquen use FLY!…[View]
43694632Despite making up only 11% of the population, dark type make up 50% of crimes.[View]
43694636I like it, the ideas within it. It’s uniqueness of nuclear Fukushima. My only problem; it feels so h…[View]
43692717Honestly don't know what I'd do without this board. I love you bros. I am grateful /vp/ ex…[View]
43689807Natures are a huge mistake and the games would be better without them. GF has said they're supp…[View]
43690125>still no megas[View]
43694396You don't play with the female MC, do you?[View]
43685375/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: White Power Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.…[View]
43693740>Fairy type? /vp/ sure has some stupid ideas, what's next? Light type?…[View]
43693418Back to when the Pokémon anime writers told good stories.[View]
43684040I’m making a hackrom. Pokémon North and Pokémon South. What do you wanna see in it? (New Pokémon, ne…[View]
43675631Should Hex Maniac really be on the beach? She has a bit of a belly...[View]
43693480Black is the canon version: >N's dragon stone is found atop a ruined tower surrounded by sto…[View]
43692311Bede must be totally terrified of her, being able to toss his twink body around like nothing with he…[View]
43693379My Trainer Card: >Female Delphox (Ultimecia) >Male Linoone (Squall) >Male Ariados (Grabber)…[View]
43692882itt pokemon you are stronger than: i start[View]
43693802Galarian Glameow Rock/Ice Ambulanche Rock/Ice Galarian Numel Rock/Fighting Indricrush Rock/Fighting …[View]
43694054Gen 4 thread!: Let's talk about all the Gen 4 games, even the spin offs :)[View]
43688547Marnie really got the short end of the stick.[View]
43693215>Gen 1 Wow! What an obscure monster! Based Game Freak, the bastion of creativity! >Gen 8 Wow.…[View]
43689591So how many of these rules do you still abide by /tr/ainer?[View]
43693713Korrina Thread[View]
43678831/ppg/ - Pokemon Prototype General. Part 71: >What got released? Debug Builds & Source Code of…[View]
43685346I like Orbeetle[View]
43681401Which pokemon would you want as your starter if you haven't been lucky enough to get a classic …[View]
43690569/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43693656Is it wrong that I find myself attracted to dragons?[View]
43688332making a fan game, 150 new pokemon, which starter do you choose[View]
43693608Why are they pushing this two faggots so hard?[View]
43688216literlly a mario level[View]
43691331Redpill me on this guy competitively. Why do people either love him or hate him with no in-between?[View]
43693533>muh cannon teams[View]
43666049Zeraora: A thread for this dumb cat.[View]
43691415Which female player character do most female Pokemon fans self-insert as? I tend to see May, Dawn, a…[View]
43689293Must protect her: The white fluffball[View]
43691972really makes you think[View]
43686254why is this shit even allowed?[View]
43692550Why do we have to have 3 bad starters per gen? Can't there be one cool starter who is strong an…[View]
43693020Why do Kanto haters keep shitting on Magnemite? It genuinenly is a good design.[View]
43693307Tried to remake Sobble in old Ken Sugimori style. Thoughts?[View]
43693343>Turns into a shitmon[View]
43684789Showderp:Duolingo Edition: Bienvenue en Duolingo! Aqui seis maestros dan lingotes a nuestro campeon …[View]
43686380How would you fix Dusknoir?[View]
43693134>Be Kyogre >You’re literally the god of water >You have a powerful form that’s exclusive t…[View]
43692196who in the blue hell is this?[View]
43688125Will they ever exist?: I can't believe Eiscue exists but not those, why they where cut anyway?…[View]
43691350So /vp/ do you miss the Genies of Healthy Meta?[View]
43690121>that one Alakazam who lived up to its 5000 IQ by using seven moves Granted, this was before the…[View]
43689782Sonia can't stop being sexy.[View]
43655483post poke meido[View]
4369093115.Ai thread: Galarbabies BTFO https://voca.ro/hwEkM662fSu[View]
43682667Choose your favorite and least favorite regional bird[View]
43682327/poclo/ - Pokémon Clover: Training montage edition: Good work son Now let's take down the next …[View]
43688407What does /vp/ think of Crystal Clear by Shockslayer?[View]
43690984Your Favourite Title Aint Hot Shit: People need to learn all the instalments got glaring ass issues.…[View]
43690311Has pokemon become more about the human characters instead of the Pokémon? To an older audience atle…[View]
43689127>new legendary has a signature move >it's just a hyper beam clone…[View]
43684757What is your opinion on this? https://youtu.be/B4a2uify0i0[View]
43691221What were they thinking?[View]
43692729>Regenerator Ho-oh with Heavy-Duty Boots, Roost and Defog[View]
43691767>power herb xerneas[View]
43688488Showdown: Me: '-'[View]
436911835 days until he drops to UU[View]
43688741Isle of Armour DLC.: Trailer on the third of June will reveal the release date to be June 20th. Next…[View]
43690896Post Funny Showdown Replays: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8nationaldex-1121927543…[View]
43677558defend this[View]
43690982so what does /vp/ think of Ohmori?[View]
43688623The King[View]
43689640Prove you're not a blind critic: Point one (1) thing in Pokémon Sword & Shield that is poli…[View]
43687955We are living in a dystopian future[View]
43691753What's going on here?[View]
43683776>'OMG!! I luv Pokémon!! LOL!! >Has never played any of the games…[View]
43691219what's exactly that on her hair?[View]
43689846>Lunala no longer has a will of its own. Now under the control of Necrozma, it continuously expel…[View]
43625553/nzg/ - Nuzlocke General: EV training in-game edition Last thread >>43527802 >Nuzlocke info…[View]
43680808ITT: Post the best art you can find of the Anon above you's favorite Pokemon. I'll just st…[View]
43690939Who is the best pokemon competitively, but also sexy?[View]
43686784ITT: Give your ace their own OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICSk8-pJkX8[View]
43689549> It's the year 2052: > GF anounces the long awaited Pokemon Sword and Shield remake. Wha…[View]
43691941This is the amount of landmass that a Pokémon game should have. 2 regions worth + some bonus that eq…[View]
43690099Oh no no no[View]
43690007if dragon was weak to normal type right from the start (gen 1) how would that have defined the meta?[View]
436885342020 and still no grass/fire type Pokémon[View]
43689652/wfg/ wi-fi general: wi-fi general trade, breed, battle, cry My cute dog wife edition[View]
43679221ITT Well-realized concepts: What I mean by this is post pokemon whose concepts feel fully fleshed ou…[View]
43690450>'Vikavolt flusters opponents with acrobatic flying maneuvers.' > Speed: 43…[View]
43691613“We need to bring back child labor”[View]
43685191ITT: Post pkmn remix: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CHOIOxVa8Xg[View]
43686198>Evil type Pokemon[View]
43687556What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
43689603Attracted to Dragons: Is there something wrong with me? I have found myself attracted to dragons…[View]
43690673ITT: We question openly our confusion as to why Pokémon are the Type that they are. Why this thing F…[View]
43689502It was supposed to be the great milestone of the franchise, the first, official, mainline console po…[View]
43685233Poke-Regions: What real-world country would you like to see a pokemon region based off of? I'm…[View]
43691522What is the pokemon anime timeline? Does Sun and Moon pickup after X and Y? Or is it alternate unive…[View]
43690319This Is A Raticate.[View]
43690425lol what a fatass[View]
43690712H-h-hey guys. Do you m-miss me??[View]
43689719>curses you and your descendants how do you lift the curse?[View]
43690729>fug legendary >weak to dragon[View]
43689795>I love panties >I love pokemon Post pokemon characters in panties…[View]
43687778>level cap goes all the way to 100 >every game has ended at the mid late 60s at absolute best …[View]
43686507>no reaction image thread Gimme what you got.[View]
43690340>people say they make humanoid starters now to make better merch >merch still looks like shit …[View]
43690733Downloading Ultra Moon on Citra on my Galaxy Ultra 20[View]
43688753Japan-based region idea: If we go back to Japan for Gen IX, how about having the starters be themed …[View]
43686119/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43658299/pmd/ - Pokemon Dark Mode General - Mahboar edition: >What is this? A new fan made pokemon game w…[View]
43688302Best Gyms/Gym Puzzles thread[View]
43668261If you like the design on the right more than the left, you are the problem with nu-Pokemon.[View]
43688057> Joe completely fucks up and only updates the events page after the Eevee event ends > I miss…[View]
43689937Which Pokegirl would enjoy being walked around on a leash the most?[View]
43689578Are there any communities that still play the DS games online? I want to replay them but not alone[View]
43688837What are Megas (or other variants/form changes) you like better than the base Pokemon?[View]
43686810say sorry[View]
43686011Gloria resting in the wild area.[View]
43689776/pmddx/ - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX General: save OP's ass edition discuss the game and share …[View]
43689429Despite being 12.5% of Braixens...[View]
43689327/vp/, please help me understand this image[View]
43689407These are obviously getting remakes within the next few years. But what will they do after that, rem…[View]
43689466Are they a couple?[View]
43688359Tell me, /vp/, can you even criticize your favorite Pokemon game? Or do you believe that it's f…[View]
43684341>gen 1 was the beginning >gen 2 added steel and dark type and special split >gen 3 added d…[View]
43689236The Three Musketeers[View]
43689459>The Wild Area actually runs fine when you're offline, not the best, but the framerate is st…[View]
43689298This is Bea. She's embarrassed because she's just realised that she's been walking ar…[View]
43688637I love Plumeria[View]
43687116Oh, it's another dragon that looks from another dimension and has a form linked to the current …[View]
43687641How lucky was this? I've never seen him find more than 5 treasures before.[View]
43678488Current Team Thread: Post some teams, tell us your stories, and r8 some other anons while you'r…[View]
43689341So I competed in the May online competition and never got my Ultra Ball Guy tee - does anyone know h…[View]
43685593what is she looking at[View]
43681150hello /vp/ I'm working on a project all i need you to do is go to https://pkmncards.com/ and po…[View]
43689037is this true?[View]
43685653Anon, Why do you have a fairy type pokemon in your party?[View]
43686373What was his problem?[View]
43688654https://watch.pokemon.com/en-us/season.html?id=most-memorable-episodes This is what TPC has deemed t…[View]
43687221Will he ever get un evolucion?[View]
43687890How would you fix shiny Swampert?[View]
43688343Why did they give adult like breasts to a 10 year old girl?[View]
43686109How come whenever someone is talking about fixing Pokemon it's directed at Gamefreak or Nintend…[View]
43687849SAY YOU'RE SORRY[View]
43688369>tfw if oras were released on switch, we would have gotten Battle Frontier as DLC…[View]
43681980>ghost pokemon >its obnoxiously purple[View]
43677986Why do people play singles when doubles exists? Literally every complaint with Singles structure and…[View]
43687363sinnoh home[View]
43686684Thus Diancie wept[View]
43687297I'm tired of seeing weird designs like Mr. Mime shat on. All of these guys are based, all of th…[View]
43685381Isle of Armor: I'm here again, and with g slakoth[View]
43688357This should have been in the game.[View]
43687532How do you feel about Masuda being a fellow bugbro?[View]
43685895Would you be ok with the next game being more open and detailed if it meant it dipping under 360p li…[View]
43685962>Legendary Pokemon >it's a Dragon[View]
43679804ITT: New Pokémon Move and Abilities: Come up with new Pokémon moves and abilities, whatever you can …[View]
43688109Even this is a popular opinion, but Ken Sugimori used to be much better drawing with water colored b…[View]
43687337What went so right?[View]
43687514How did they get away with it?[View]
43687941Why does Hypnosis move put you to sleep: I know it's the most basic suggestion given in Magic s…[View]
43686516Fossilmon chads, do you think we're getting some more fossils in the DLC? ie: draco head, zolt …[View]
43687583>your STAB super effective move doesn't kill, but their super effective coverage move does…[View]
43686331>he only like a mon if smogon tell him it’s good[View]
43684284>raid rotation time randomly gets changed from the standard time >this new time is also the ti…[View]
43687275Speculation for version exclusives in crowned tundra.: I think sword will have zapdos, terrakion, az…[View]
43683066What's the perfect Elite 4? Every E4 trainer tries to train a pokemon that epitomizes an aspect…[View]
43687608Isle of Armor: Ok guys,seriously: Do you think that we will get new galarian forms/evos or gmax form…[View]
43685845A fairy?! YOU brought a FAIRY to the Galar region? I. HATE. FAIRIES, GYAAAAAAAA[View]
43687431Episodes title has a Pokemon name in it to make a pun[View]
43686496spoiler: Your 3rd favorite pokemon has to face both pic related and the last mon you see in this thr…[View]
43683688Gen 9 leak: new unown forms for the next gen[View]
43685317/vp/ What's your ideas for branched evolutions of existing Pokémon?Typing, Lore, Etc? Also, pos…[View]
43686603D/P Remakes Discussion Thread: Hey there! This is a discussion thread for the heavily rumoured to be…[View]
43683224>will include rest of missing Pokemon >both DLCs will contain 2 entire regions alongside their…[View]
436811793DS saves to Emulator: Is it even possible? >converted FireRed to .CIA for a nostalgia rush >…[View]
43684605tourist season is rapidly approaching and leak threads are popping up like weeds, so I thought I’d g…[View]
43686014EXCLUSIVE POKEMON DLC LEAK: Hello friends my relative works at Game Freak and how boy do I have a le…[View]
43685415>zoomers will never know what soul truly is that’s kinda sad[View]
43687029Hello, /vp/. Just a daily reminder: This month's Pokémon Home check just arrived and Mr. Masuda…[View]
43685957I'm not a mistyfag but some of you guys must know more about the show than I do. I remember the…[View]
43651384It’s about time we’ve had a unova thread, we’re long overdue.[View]
43686036>Is... is that.... Dialogue and Exposition... in my JRPG!?!?! >NOOOOOOOOOOO JUST LET ME PLAY T…[View]
43686435>no bug starter >no bug pseudo >no bug legendary (UBs and mythicals don't count) wha…[View]
43687007Why yes, my favorite type is buggaru![View]
43680575you will acknowledge poke/hume relationships or masuda will make you[View]
43678419>we want the meme audience[View]
43682812>it's too tedious[View]
43686851/vp/'s finest moments thread[View]
43683795Isle of Armor: How much are you expecting? Personally I just hope there's enough of a campaign …[View]
43686726Pokemon intro spelled backwards: >I LOVE SATAN, I LOVE SATAN >I LOVE SATAN, I LOVE SATAN…[View]
43686236Gen 4 Remakes: >Names are: Staff Diamond and Spear Pearl. >Releasing in 2021, but will be anno…[View]
43686590Such an overrated Pokemon line.[View]
43686472What Pokemon had a hard life?[View]
43685052Humans and Pokémon Are equals[View]
43686522gay thread: only post here if u gay![View]
43685503is this the most forgotten waifumon? i always see people talking about gardevoir, lopunny, gothorita…[View]
43684010Platinum apreciation thread!: Platinum it's my favourite pokemon game, let's talk about it…[View]
43684333I noticed the pokemon dvds didn't have any of the old adds that were on the VHS tapes. I only h…[View]
43682825apologize: before I beat the shit out of you[View]
43680953Want to make my own pokemon region but i’ve been breaking my head over my starter concepts. If we fo…[View]
43683849>do you need an explanation >no >I'll explain anyway…[View]
43685064Do your gf/bf likes pokemon?[View]
43686353>shiny >it's in a repeat ball or quick ball…[View]
43613248Would Hilda give good hugs?[View]
43683654This is Lapras of Hoenn[View]
43685206>repeat balls dont work because it's 'not' native gamefreeeeeeeeeeeeak…[View]
43685985Excuse me. Everyone, I have a brief announcement to make. Nessa was black, Masuda is the devil, and …[View]
43677539Make your own here: https://deathgenerator.com/#pokemon[View]
43685826I want to rape and kill this bitch.[View]
43686114Galarian Forms Typing and Abilites: These are Isle of Armor Regional Variants and Regional Evolution…[View]
43686107games you are the most nostalgic about[View]
43684761Showdown and smogon are pieces of shit. >Make random battle for gen 8 >Limit it to pokemon fro…[View]
43683357Reshiram’s domain encompasses the yang, the masculine half. Zekrom’s domain encompasses the yin, the…[View]
43684537>consider a useless shitmon >either rarely or never used >slap fairy typing on it or give i…[View]
43685844vocaroo thread ITT post a pic of a pokemon trainer you think you have the perfect voice for. then po…[View]
43681485>didn't keep Croconaw's caveman theme What were they thinking?…[View]
43683717he's going to give the O K for sinnoh remaster trailers any day now say something nice to him[View]
43685028Region Thread: I don't want any genwar in this thread. I want to talk about the different regio…[View]
43678586/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's real…[View]
43682488Fuck Chikorita[View]
43685482Images that didn't age well[View]
43683076Talk me out of buying one /vp/.: I can't find these anywhere for a normal price. They're a…[View]
43662315Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming epis…[View]
43684073What is the best fan Pokemon game? Pic unrelated[View]
43682102-There's no other common Pokemon or new galarian form other than Kubfu, Urshifu, Slowpoke and S…[View]
43663539Which board has the best taste in pokegirls?[View]
43683708yeah...I would be her slave and servant[View]
43672313Pokeboys Thread: Please present to me your favourite Trainer lads and gentlemen. Thank you![View]
43674657/pgg/- Pokémon GO General: Weedle Won Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.c…[View]
43665120Serena Sunday: Post em’. All renas are welcome.[View]
43673996Mega Metagross remains unbanned from NatDex OU: >https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/national-d…[View]
43684891What would happen to some Pokemon...: if I wish for a healthy meta?[View]
43683701>People care more about human characters in Pokemon games than Pokemon[View]
43684817I've always disliked caves in Pokemon. The perpetual encounters and inability to Fly whenever I…[View]
43684911STOP POSTING SHITTY FANFIC LEAKS: Stop with this fucking endless wave of shitty fanfic 'leaks'. If y…[View]
43679612Why doesn't grass have synergies with rain weather? Rain is just as beneficial for plants.[View]
43683228Haunter thread: Haunter thread[View]
43682497What's his team?[View]
43684021Post Soul[View]
43684649Why don't we get actual, substantial spin-offs or expansion games anymore? Even if you exclude …[View]
43683919I like Pokemon™ Sword and Pokemon™ Shield and am looking forward to the DLC.[View]
4368319628 KB JPG Isle of Armor release date is June 25 Don’t have any info on Frozen Tundra yet. Dojo maste…[View]
43680389Pokemon Z Version: >We STILL have only one set of games based in the Kalos region, which is liter…[View]
43679965Chose your (1) favorite starter and (1) least favorite starter[View]
43673252see this fuckers tails? I'm gonna touch it.[View]
43683935new trailer next week galar emolga - grass/electric galar slowbro - psychic/poison new move tutors …[View]
43684323In this thread we discuss why water is the best type![View]
43684550You know, I wish TPC would at least give us a trailer showing the release date and maybe one new Pok…[View]
43684394When are the Tapus of healthy meta coming back? Should we expect to see them in the Isle of Armor or…[View]
43683365Is Hilbert's designation in life to be carried by women?[View]
43682824ITT: Creepy Pokedex Entries: Gourgeist - 'It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfull…[View]
43683256Why were the Pokémon irl threads deleted[View]
43677684Trick Room: Looking for recommendations for some *underrated* trick room abusers! Who's your fa…[View]
43673964Showderp: Centrelink lineup edition: Welcome to Centrelink, where you give 6 welfare payments to an …[View]
43682423*blocks your path*[View]
43587540Who is the best Birb'Mon?[View]
43684024>Ok, Machamp in this new episode of the anime, you will be a jobber to Ash's Riolu! and his …[View]
43677960>give god tier stats to more than half the regional dex >cripple them by giving them a shit sp…[View]
43682020This franchise is more than 20 years old, yet Mewtwo and Ho-Oh are still the best legendaries with t…[View]
43680187Who here besides me has played and beaten this game?[View]
43667137/wfg/ - WiFi General: Trades, battles, tradebacks, etc. No injects or hackmons allowed.[View]
43679485Women only want one thing and it's disgusting.[View]
43683780Should I bother getting SwSh? I'm not going to buy it but is it worth playing? I kind of want t…[View]
43683911Here i come, rougher than Cyndaquil The best of them, tougher than Cyndaquil You can call me Cyndaq…[View]
43683576Will they get galarian forms?: Rewatched the dlc trailer out of boredom, saw that whole 'legendaries…[View]
43683733>Try to make fanfic >Start with FF for posting >Eng isn't 1st language, so use grammar…[View]
43681790Bootleg NDS Cartridges: Thinking I'm gonna purchase another system and copy of gen 4 games to a…[View]
43673744Team archetypes and Pokemon roles: >Team archetypes HO, Offense, Bulky Offense, Balance, Fat Bala…[View]
43683586gen 9 new games: >you came from Johto to this new region at the request of your uncle, who is doi…[View]
43680589>Make new ability for new Pokemon >It's useful only in doubles >If said Pokemon had an…[View]
43679120>460 BST >Not a single stat over 100 why did they do this…[View]
43681288Regi Thread: Protect us from shitty fanfic leaks![View]
43672432Lets rank the hypothetical Clefable monotypes from best to worst. For the purpose of this thread eac…[View]
43682194>Decide to check the '''''''balanced'''''' natdex fanfic highest elo battle right now >150+ tu…[View]
43678466/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters General: 'Comfy Sinnoh' Edition >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémo…[View]
43677761will there ever be another pokemon like Hydreigon that caused enough outrage to have Game Freak crea…[View]
43682205Gou/Goh Thread: So he is slightly autistic right? Has trouble understanding Pokemon's emotions …[View]
43683336what Pokémon is this?[View]
43665182In all seriousness, the dexcut has made competitive playing very fucking boring.[View]
43682978Masuda APPRECIATION Thread: >ITT: You worship me as a brilliant composer, a skilled game director…[View]
43662794ITT: We talk about a pokemon game that doesn't exist.[View]
43676762ITT: Type Changes to Old Pokemon: Bonus points for changing pokemon with overused type combos or tou…[View]
43683025what in the god damn were they thinking[View]
43664455/vp/ixelmon: I was eating Dinner edition: REPORT ALL DISCORD LINK SPAMMERS There is no /vp/ixelmon d…[View]
43682363ITT: We come up with new battle gimmicks: Go.[View]
43681231How would you rank the box legendaries based off aesthetics alone?: For me it'd be Xerneas>R…[View]
43681456hunting this boy for dex completion. He's 2% spawn in lake of outrage during harsh sunlight. Fi…[View]
43682090>Magmar line fire STILL isnt animated as fire even if it IS fire. Even Dex mention it: Its body …[View]
43672916/poclo/ - Pokémon Clover: Google Translate Edition: Pokemon Clover is a successful root game with tw…[View]
43676525It was supposed to be the great milestone of the franchise, the first, official, mainline console po…[View]
43679592Was this intended to be a 'Git Gud' moment or was it unintended? Also note that Git Gud do…[View]
43682596>Umbreon >not part Poison type >Golduck >not part Psychic type >Passimian >Not pa…[View]
43681757What are weird misconceptions you had about Pokemon when you were little?: I never read text as a ki…[View]
43682651>The two most popular Galar pokemon with a significant lead over the rest are both salamanders Fu…[View]
43679296What's the horniest Pokemon?: >pic inrelated[View]
43665445Long Haired Pokegirl Bread: >Ctrl+F 'long hair' >nothing Just post Pokegirls with long hair. Y…[View]
43680770Where did the misconception that Fire/Ground/Rock Pokemon can't touch water come from? They lit…[View]
43681652>Scald is a Water-type move that has a 30% chance to burn the opponent >Can be learned by near…[View]
43678835why are you playing casual SwSh when you could be playing pokémon go FOR FREE?[View]
43682350Poke Fantasy XII[View]
43680125Galarian Chatot and evolution: Hello, I come here to tell you new Isle of Armor news. Chatot will re…[View]

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