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/vp/ - Pokémon

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45211202>Reh-gice >Ray-quay-za[View]
45193499SHE'S FAST One of those you and your bro threads I guess[View]
45209825How does Gamefreak keep getting away with this shit? https://twitter.com/phileon232/status/131962746…[View]
45213362Is it possible to communicate with my team is dynamax adventure? >Be me >In Dialaga run >Ob…[View]
45213081Is the GTS seriously being used to shill a YouTube channel[View]
45206000Showderp: Balls of Steel Edition: Here at showderp, a tripfag known as champ chews 6 asses and kicks…[View]
45212766>you can kill your teammates online dyna adventures were a mistake[View]
45209335>dragon ascent >flying type[View]
45213060This is based[View]
45211467https://twitter.com/DPPt_Shitpost/status/1319702505677258753?s=20 nonbelievers, the time to apologiz…[View]
45212438Make SWSH decent games: I'll start >Sack the oversimplified, bland, and Turner art style UI …[View]
45211928Why did they take away my sky uppercut?[View]
45206826Curvy birds: Anyone else notice how the Galarian bird trio is much more shapely and voluptuous compa…[View]
45209174>X and Y remakes are three years away[View]
45212839>Forces you to play dynamax adventure[View]
45212793>There is absolutely nothing stopping me from team killing my dynamax adventures…[View]
45212699cringe thread: crown tundra edition[View]
45187992What could've been...[View]
45212215When is the rest of the world getting this stupid monkey? how do you think we will get him?[View]
45200050So, which Pokemon are still missing?[View]
45211808What was even the point of this shit? It was too short to expand on anything in any meaningful way, …[View]
45210061Please I need to see these two interact in the Galarian Star tournament does anyone have it?[View]
45212576>pressing A opens the move menu >A, B, X, Y all use your moves >pressing ZR will activate D…[View]
45211395you did beath N's legendary with one of your normal pokes right anon[View]
45210042>multi billion dollar franchise[View]
45211479This is the worst pokemon in the whole franchise. say hi to it. it looks disgusting and has shitty s…[View]
45211492Hex maniac!: Hex is excited for Halloween![View]
45211009So if he's calling himself old, and he's Rose's younger brother than how old is Rose?[View]
45197621hitoshi ariga designed the fossils[View]
45209619How do you think GameFreak will handle the locations in the inevitable D/P remakes?[View]
45212406I already finished the last mission in Crown of Tundra but I can't find the evil grunt customiz…[View]
45210035so how much dynite ore do you have?[View]
45211123Sword/Shield = X/Y (Bad and rushed test run games on a new console) D/P Remakes = ORAS (Improved but…[View]
45212053Post hopes for LGDP in here Safe to say no National Dex is OK and missing from Sword and Shield incl…[View]
45204467Honorable Dark Types: I'm trying to make a list of pokemon who aren't dark types but are c…[View]
45209851>best gigantamax form >everyone ignores it Why?…[View]
45201466>Regigigas created the regis long time ago you need them to awake him >And these two? >O...…[View]
45207670What does the Pokemon timeline look like these days?[View]
45210602You get one million dollars when you beat the Star Tournament[View]
45209782>Galar is announced >A region inspired by the United Kingdom >Hoping and wishing for a regi…[View]
45210454I miss him bros... He's never coming back... is he?[View]
45210842I need to clear out my boxes and am giving shit away. give your name and what you want, taking multi…[View]
45211126What an absolute load of shit. Blackbelt Kiyo is one of the hardest working people in the Kanto regi…[View]
45205327I am Carbink.[View]
45210293Wait a minute... you use a pokeball to catch this thing, right? Like, not two, not two captures and …[View]
45210687Do you think gen 9 will ditch traditional routes in favour of multiple wild areas like CT and IoA th…[View]
45209123Gen 8 feels like the most uninspired generation and you only have to look at their main legendary po…[View]
45211491touchtrade thread? just trying to finish my dex others can also join the thread too, just trying to …[View]
452103886'0' vs 5'11'[View]
45210012Name a more comfy location in Pokemon.[View]
45204557Why isn't Pokemon fun anymore?: Why isn't Pokemon fun anymore?[View]
45205694Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee 2: >set in Johto, 3 years after LGPE. only the 256 poke…[View]
45209638>you have to go through 10 minutes of pressing A everytime you want to get to a legendary (that i…[View]
45208790Legendaries should be vague and their lore heavily disputed and unconfirmed. None of that 'literally…[View]
45207952/wfg/-WiFi General: Battles-Multis-Trades-Raids Previous Thread >>45204962 Dewgong.[View]
45211052>awesome looking water dragon bird >gay ass turkey I think we can all agree that Lugia is the …[View]
45211141T-Tarbros...are back we back in business?[View]
45206059i love this game now[View]
45207298now that we are full of horses in the franchise tell me your favorite, mine is Mudsdale![View]
45207611Ugh, fine, I'll pick the girl[View]
45206932does the galarian bird trio have any relation to lugia or are they just weird derivatives[View]
45209723Pheromosa ninja runs very fast. I wish I had a webm to show you[View]
45210774CHADrizard just can't stop winning[View]
45198609Give me three (3) non-nickpicking issues with the Crown Tundra.[View]
45194419worst moment in the franchise[View]
45191487/SHW/ Shiny Hunt Weekend: >What are ya huntin? >What method? >Last shiny? >Regidrago or …[View]
45205262The Rainbow Rocket girl is really cute! I want her to steal my money[View]
45210459Why the fuck isn't this guy part of the crown tundra dex? or Regigigas for that matter.[View]
45209516Does Gen 8 have anything at least a bit like Reflection Cave or Mount Lanakila? I'm not asking …[View]
45210603You DID manage to beat him, right /vp/? You're not a complete shitter, right?[View]
45208111Why the fuck did they never make an excuse to use this in any other fucking game? Fuck them cutting …[View]
45210731Heliochad, I knee![View]
45203851What did he mean by this?[View]
45210492did your bro make it, bros?[View]
45209313Gigantamax designs should just have been new Megas.[View]
45203080Mega Evolution was the best mechanic to ever be introduced to Pokemo-[View]
45210076Do any anons struggle with replaying the older games? I mean emotionally struggle, sometimes the sen…[View]
45210305How would an Alola Battle Frontier be like? What facilities would there be? Who'd be the brains…[View]
45210040one of these is SOUL, the other soulless, I think it's pretty clear[View]
45209519I hate how in Gen 8 there is hardly any level of cohesion or continuity with previous generations.[View]
45209484when are we getting the REAL remake we need[View]
45202818Gordie: How the fuck is he super popular in-game when he looks like this?[View]
45209345I was not that upset at the graphics until i saw this screenshot. They just straight up said 'fuck i…[View]
45203132Current Teams Thread: Post your current teams. In-game and/or competitive teams.[View]
45207808You ARE reading it in Scottish accent, right?[View]
45205374If only we'd known back then that the peak of Pokemon had already been reached...[View]
45194019Fusion thread: Post fan-made fusions[View]
45208500Is this thing dead? I accidentally missed the gen 7 shiny pokemon on it :([View]
45209959what's the difference between sapphire and emerald? i'm doing a blind run for my 1st playt…[View]
45209214Why the fuck are the old Pokemon games (especially the GBA ones) so expensive all of a sudden? I rem…[View]
45209385Today I will remind them.[View]
45209839>They couldn't get a break from Charizard shilling after SWSH so they made a regi that looks…[View]
45207256POKENCHI EPISODE 260: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
45207607Our King is just and merciful.[View]
45207612These have objectively the best map design out of every Pokemon game. Say something nice about them.[View]
45207242Trainer Card Thread: Also, fav pokemon? >Aggron[View]
45207143So what ever happened to Emma after X and Y?[View]
45209728fuck game freak for this shitty ycomm[View]
45208214Why is Iris so underrated as a champion? she barely gets any attention compared to Cynthia, Lance, S…[View]
45209591Why does the Galarian Star Tournament not set all levels to 50 like restricted sparring and the batt…[View]
45205810Why’d they do him so dirty?[View]
45207438Apologize to Calyrex /vp/ NOW[View]
45209386Hypothetically speaking, if I wanted an offensive Registeel to use for raids what would be the best …[View]
45209249Are there any good fangames/romhacks that have any sort of multiplayer? I want to have one where I c…[View]
45209524shouldn't 'pivot' moves be... nerfed somehow? I know about rocks, I know about boots, but half …[View]
45208610This team is God tier.[View]
45207547General question, is it bad that I want Cinderace in Smash? I didnt before, and I dont think we need…[View]
45209461stand aside Regieleki[View]
45199962Crown Dex Entries: For new and returning Pokémon in the Crown Tundra as per kwsch, with one exceptio…[View]
45207770Have we found how to get this hairstyle yet? I think it looks neat[View]
45203206wtf is this? the new horse floats and is disconnected from their hoof?[View]
45196669>gets a unique weapon during attacks >shitton of movepool >good stats why do they fucked th…[View]
45201913Any good Dynite Ore farming methods found yet? Want to get a bunch of Beast Balls[View]
45208036Why is this allowed?[View]
45209083Fan art when?[View]
45207288basado thread: post basado[View]
45207959>Mantine’s As One Mantine’s Special Defense sharply rose! Mantine’s Attack fell!…[View]
45205943Did we every find out what happened with Ghetsis' right arm? They were totally consistent with …[View]
45208957I love Pokemon.[View]
45207375Unironically the most Kino moment in this series since '96 https://youtu.be/-mCr1Qhy3bM[View]
45208917>have to get the water bike to get to three point pass >have to become champion to catch Calyr…[View]
45209095>Gyarados' Intimidate is an Arceussend[View]
45208919Why do Spearow look so pissed off all the time?[View]
45202837Gen 8's viability: Is it just me, or are Pokemon getting relatively shittier? Battle wise, I me…[View]
45203942Those milk recipients are heavy!!!!: Help her saying something nice to her and posting more Hexs!!!…[View]
45202250How the absolute fuck am I suppose to catch this black asshole? Rental pokemon are so fucking weak.…[View]
45208327Mega Pokémon: I like Mega Beedrill. I'm sad Mega Evolution was removed in Pokémon Sword and Pok…[View]
45202504Who is the most powerful female trainer?[View]
45208805ITT: Shiny pokemon irl[View]
45207683GENTLE MEN! BEHOLD![View]
45207931>ObliviousManchild’s Machamps.com used Max Airstream[View]
45208786Has Bojack Horseman theme for battle music for some reason...[View]
45208592How to Save Pokemon: >develop a sprite-based spinoff ala Sonic Mania by working with fangame crea…[View]
45206022>brown eyes for regirock >blue eyes for regice >silver eyes for registeel >regidrago and…[View]
45208587/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45208387they're pretty based[View]
45197149/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: cotton candy edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoliv…[View]
45203905/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45206748Miror b thread?: Love this spicy motherfucker[View]
45207541What nature should I go for these 2?[View]
45188017/ef/ - Eevee Friday - Clown Tundra edition: It's that time of the week, folks. You know the dri…[View]
45208082I just realized If Cinderace gets into Smash, Pyro Ball will do as much as Charizard's Flare Bl…[View]
45207725as art director for SwSh, why did Turner think it was okay for the whole game to be covered by a dis…[View]
45199866Who is this supposed to appeal to?[View]
45207444Strongest Trainers: Thoughts /vp/? https://youtu.be/-pes3MjwTvw[View]
45204067Can we have a thread about our new saviour and overlord Galarian Zapdos?[View]
45186926Bun: b u n u n[View]
45200280*hits you with a 1447 attack 130 BP move*[View]
45207939FUCK DYNITE ORE[View]
45207067>Regional forms consist in pokémon adapting to new enviroments >Articuno adapts to a tundra lo…[View]
45207934>Throw ball >Pokemon breaks free >This is the entire DLC What the fuck…[View]
45207636>No comfy Unoun hunting since gen 4 Why did GF abandon them?[View]
45204960Break out the party-games because Brokemon is back from an uncertain amount of time! That being said…[View]
45205920they look unfinished: i know im gonna catch some heat for this but both glastrier and spectier look …[View]
45203105Clover thread 1.3 never.[View]
45194202Anorith: >lives in water >is weak to water…[View]
45204657It's actually good despite ice typing and shitty speed. Who would have thought.[View]
45205549You can only pick 2 >Good Ability >Good Movepool >Good BST >Good Typing Which 2 being g…[View]
45206875I love Absol so much, bros[View]
45207812>Zygarde Dynamax Adventure >Have 2 pokemon spamming 2 ice type moves >Have a mantine using …[View]
45201788BEHOLD, THE KING: Calyrex-Ice @ Weakness Policy Ability: As One (Glastrier) EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD /…[View]
45204962/wfg/-Wifi General: Battles-Multis-Trades-Raids Previous Thread >>45201567 Jolteon.[View]
45203356I'm so sad! Why can't these 2 learn Play Rough?[View]
45202993Redpill me on the new legendaries. How good are they?[View]
45204785So is he Ash's father?[View]
45204049Will we get some shit like this next year?[View]
45201928In retrospect, it wasn't THAT bad[View]
45206632>Caught my first Ultra Beast >Forgot to use a Beast Ball…[View]
45205250What were they fucking thinking? No fire moves? even Swablu can learn heatwave...[View]
45207114did she finally got power gem?[View]
45202279It looks better without a brain tumor.[View]
45199121>8 fucking horse pokemon >none of them are pegasus…[View]
45200820Shiny odds for dynamax dungeons[View]
45195611ITT: character interaction[View]
45205719Bro what the fuck are these shiny odds I got 6 on the first night[View]
45201751/TCC/ - Trading Card Collectors: Thread for people who collect the official Pokémon cards.[View]
45200822Fuck it[View]
45207142>'Galarian Star Tournament' >Just a multi battle with gym leaders…[View]
45201328>whole point of the Regis is they're golems made of materials traditionally used to create s…[View]
45206370Time for a Flygon thread[View]
45204654Last thread before the round ends tonight. >What is this? Just a fun little seasonal game. >Wh…[View]
45206791Why so much hate?[View]
45203319Do you agree? Are the DLC maps too needlessly big//complicated compared to the base game? I personal…[View]
45207079can someone explain to me why every random person that joins online dynamax adventure mode is litera…[View]
45204249Say what you will about Sw/Sh: This twink is one of the few only good characters from it. His outfit…[View]
45207072BABY COME BACK[View]
45203921>People used to shit on Chespin for barely having any green color despite being a grass starter …[View]
45204582>Hey there! I'm your partner for the Star Tournament![View]
45205001Well?: Is it a complete game now? Would it be worth buying, emulating, or playing if it started out …[View]
45206005Any good way to get a second Electrizer? I got the one from Giant’s bed but need one for getting Egg…[View]
45203718I forgot how much I love dragon dog[View]
45206637Wait are you telling me that we only get the two headpieces of Ghetsis and the Flare glasses? No evi…[View]
45203305>go! cleffa![View]
45206785It's not my birthday, can we have a regice thread?[View]
45203832Ew, what the fuck is this it's lame and bland, get this disgrace out of my elemental monster se…[View]
45206437cresselia moveset ideas: hey /vp/, got a cresselia from dmax adventures and its 5 iv with the worst …[View]
45203149what did they mean by this?[View]
45204038When did Pokémon™ die for you?: For me: October 22, 2020[View]
45205640*kills ur tapu*[View]
45204048Why do white girls do this?[View]
45205542>Holy crap, Deoxys, you're still not in Sword and Shield?[View]
45205355Extra Mustard battle? Did anyone u lock it?[View]
45202521Is Marnie's role/portrayal in Swsh really that bad? Keep seeing people saying Hop/Bede were way…[View]
45205806Magmortar Thread[View]
45206054bros where could victini be[View]
45204263So how it is?: Is it good? What’s the general consensus on this?[View]
45197127Every Pokémon villain is trash. Chairman Rose: destroy the world to end global warming Team Yell: n…[View]
45206080>when people say the next games will be better Based on what exactly? Past gens? Yeah, Ultra Sun …[View]
45203925Let's go on an Adven-Tour, Anon![View]
45205998Þe Crown Tundra Overworld Music In SOVL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1ACJgbOCo[View]
45205939Paul Thread: Best anime character coming through.[View]
45204351So... Did we get a free house?[View]
45205903why come there's no New game +? you have to delete your file or save it in another user[View]
45205076People are defending this[View]
45202023Calyrex Redesign: I shittily tweaked another anon's Calyrex redesign to preserve the crown whic…[View]
45205739Regi jacket question: I’ve seen people talk about this guy but I can’t find him what do I have to do…[View]
45204963Ok /VP/, level with me here. Is the Crown Tundra DLC worth it? I finished the vanilla game with ease…[View]
45205460>Psycho Boost is removed Press F to the best villain of the whole franchise.…[View]
45202350Has anyone figured out how to catch lil nigga?[View]
45205621Matthew's scizor: Matthew's scizor thread[View]
45204884ITT: New Abilities: Charisma: Lowers the enemy(s) Special Attack stat by one stage Two Birds: The us…[View]
45202438Comfy things in Clown Tundra: >sunny morning at Freezington[View]
45204891Shiny locks are the single biggest mistake GF ever made.[View]
45204415>has underleveled Pokemon and Pokemon with moves unavailable to MC, her Dragonite are a meme How …[View]
45204183Cant Nintendo buy Game Freaks share of the Pokemon franchise?[View]
45202836Thoughts on the Galarian Star Tournament?[View]
45182954Dynamax Adventures are fucking cancer Who thought this was a good idea[View]
45201709why are the regis and their temples in galar? who the fuck knows[View]
45202983ITT: We fix SWSH story one word at a time I'll start: Rose[View]
45201567/wfg/ Wifi General: Raids - Trades - Breeds - Battles/Multis I hope you all are enjoying Crown Tundr…[View]
45197906Showderp: Funny Horsies edition: Welcome to Showderp, where we suggest funny horsies for Champ to ri…[View]
45204795Your design is ok, but I feel it could be a better deal![View]
45204711>CT Delibird raids can drop a Dream Ball There we go balltists, every ball is farmable now. Safar…[View]
45203776The Alpha of Awe. The Brute of Brawn. The Cultivator of Class. The Duke of Domination. The Emperor o…[View]
45202424It's still ugly as fuck.[View]
45202037Pokemon IP tier list, GameFreak please kill everything that isn't Pocket Monsters please[View]
45191744I lucked out: How is your legendary hunting going /vp/? I tried going for level ball zapdos, but no …[View]
45204292How is this 'the Pokemon cycle'? This applies to jut about any form of entertainment. This is comple…[View]
45202508This thing is impossible to beat. I keep facing it with 3 other players and we all get rekt every si…[View]
45200616Selene Saturday: post chicken-chan. go go go.[View]
45174585Husbando thread: >Did your husbando make it in? Mine didn't :( pic related…[View]
45203987Here's a question: what Type matchup do you think should be altered, purely on the basis of it …[View]
45190819>mixed race >daddy issues So Gamefreak finally decided to go for the western audience.…[View]
45204211You'll never find me[View]
45204196These things breed like real bunnies[View]
45203524what is the most miserable monotype run you can do in a game with 6 different pokemon? i'm thin…[View]
45204133At least they finally learnt how to make a 3D moveable camera. Maybe the next gen will have a moveab…[View]
45203351Unpopular opinion: I like him.[View]
45203947Favourite Pokemon of Each Type Thread: Why not?[View]
45198948popular starters: everyone else is in. but not no.1???[View]
45200925Pokken Tournament: If we got a sequel what mons would you like to see? Are you overall satisfied wit…[View]
45200293/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45202282AVVENTURA DYNAMAX: qualcuno per avventura dynamax con Zekrom? premete + e mettete questo codice 1122…[View]
45201699When will he stop, /vp/?[View]
45203688Pleb filter Pokemon[View]
45190671Weavile Thread: Weavile is cute. Sneasel is cute and also welcome.[View]
45201437Here's your PokeUK, bro[View]
45199972Do you think game freak listens to criticism?[View]
45189831InjectCHADS: Where you at?[View]
45201834I seriously love this bug. What a beautiful and destructive thing.[View]
45201004this difficulty is bullshit, i just want to play the game using my bro mons[View]
45200442Any predictions on who's getting re-banned first?[View]
45202148>boring-ass kanto with minimal changes >remixed music sucks ass and completely misses what mad…[View]
45203148Why didn't they give the gym leaders new pokemon from the expansion in the galar star tournamen…[View]
45201165Anyone know if the Greedent tree encounter is a single time thing, or is it daily?[View]
45202660>Current year >Still no Snow Ball[View]
45202954Loyal subjets of /vp/, i have come to give you my blessings for today's match against /aco/. Ma…[View]
452029365 Move Slots: How much better would battles be if we had this?[View]
45202147Zamazenta Pokedex Entry: Hi /vp/, need someone to help me finish my my Galar dex with a Zamazenta. J…[View]
45202379Yes, it is I, the most popular pseudo legendary in the franchise.[View]
45202314draw poke: now[View]
45201744Gen 8 fighting mons: >Cool designs >Awful competitively What went wrong?…[View]
45197719>come sit on my lap anon[View]
45202796>here’s your queen bro[View]
45200873Galarian Star Tournament partners: Needs to be beaten 15 times total to unlock the final two charact…[View]
45202620Endless Mode: How the fuck do you unlock the endless dynamax mode thing? I've done like 10 norm…[View]
45202571>still can't use smeargle to sweep retards >mrw…[View]
45202560wondertrade: wondertrading random shinies ign is misato some will be good, others bad.[View]
45192477>tundra region is in the south they even fucked up that[View]
45201470>doesn't learn hidden power What the fuck bro[View]
45202474PokéMen Thread: Imagine if all the chocolate PokéMen made an massive orgy haha for science of course…[View]
45201825Is this real or is joe just a real dumb fuck?[View]
45202489Dark Poke[View]
45190226You have to be kidding me..[View]
45200060you did catch 1 solid dragon boi, right /vp/?[View]
45195754High IQ Thread: So how does transferring Pokémon between MC's actually work? If all my MC'…[View]
45200250So what do you think of this?: Is he right? Or wrong? He's still doing it despite being a year …[View]
45202097I've fixed it a bit.[View]
45202008is Turner trying to turn Pokemon into MLP?[View]
45201901Does anyone have a complete list of the new pokedex entries?[View]
45201959Calyrex: is pretty cool[View]
45202207Best Game: Crystal is the ultimate Pokémon game. Gen 2 is the best generation. Kanto & Johto. Fr…[View]
45199156It was a 3ds game.: Pidgeot.[View]
45195420Sunflora Thread: This is a thread for Sunflora. Post Sunflora in this thread.[View]
45201662Who did Elm give the last pokémon to??[View]
45194223Did japs board update this image already?[View]
45198529All Pokemon should have beady black eyes.[View]
45199329>You need to wait 24 FUCKING hours to migrate from GBA more than 6 mons…[View]
45198065What the fuck happened? What the fuck happened?[View]
45193250smogoniggers already looking to ban regieleki[View]
45202027How would Pokemon based around convergent evolution work? Where different animals not related to eac…[View]
45201832literally soul vs soulless[View]
45201984>aurora veil is now a egg move >but it still cant learn power gem despite it being a tr so clo…[View]
45198861Is this a glitch? Why the fuck is it so small?[View]
45201789Cutdex: Hi, I've been out of the loop for quite a some time and I saw all these new screenshot …[View]
45201692What are those things on Serebii, some SJW shit?[View]
45201198What are the odds for Dynamax adventures?[View]
45191615Dracovish 2[View]
45201715Galarian birds hidden abilities: do they even have HAs? didn't see anyone talking about it…[View]
45200256How are people soft resetting IVs for this shit?: Pic related - given they're both received at …[View]
45200920why is this bitch so hard to catch[View]
45186286Best character, easily the most soulful character in swsh[View]
45201520So did they bother explaining what this tree is? What is its correlation with the legendary birds?[View]
45201572Ice Rider Calyrex or Shadow Rider Calyrex ?[View]
45197036Pokemon Games: Which Pokemon game is your favorite and most enjoyable to play?[View]
45195692God. Oleana is so hot. I want her to step on my dick so badly.[View]
45196790> The most sequel bait in any game. Why do people think Sword and Shield won't get sequels? …[View]
45193681/wfg/-Wifi General: Battles-Multis-Trades-Raids Previous Thread >>45182128 Typhlosion.[View]
45190105Honest thoughts on her?[View]
45201227https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLYW1Ew4TcI A P O L O G I Z E For reference, the only mons that can …[View]
45201388I think I wanna give SWSH another chance now that all the dlc has released. Has the dlc improved the…[View]
45200072You may be able to beat us one on one...but you can't beat all of us at ONCE! EVERYONE, THROW E…[View]
45198381>nerfed movepools GF is actually doing something right. Fuck gen 4 and the movepool creep it star…[View]
45201273>new game gets released >WORST GAME EVER! THE FRANCHISE IS DEAD! PRESS S TO SPIT! FUCK THIS, …[View]
45199068I heard you can get a jacket for showing somebody the new regis where is he?[View]
45201044I love Pokemon.[View]
45142994Shipping Thread: Post your favorite ships.[View]
45199747Please Help: pls /vp/ you're my last hope. I am looking for a game I used to download on my gra…[View]
45201077Johto Legendary beasts should have their own unique attacks: >Volcano roar - Swaps pokemon an bur…[View]
45200928>Shiny hunting Palkia, turn to rando's cause AI is ass. >Defeat last mon before Palkia, w…[View]
45198530here’s your shiny bro[View]
45189858Buy their game.[View]
45199386WTF BROS?![View]
45200770Hatturday: It's a spooooooooky Hatturday![View]
45201058Helo finding an old forgotten YouTube series?: When I was younger, there was a YouTube series set in…[View]
45198347haven't played pokemon in ages, can someone explain how pic related went from being untiered to…[View]
45199129THE CHANNELER IS THE FUCKING CUTEST.: Anyone else agree! She’s cute. I would definitely beat her in …[View]
45197082now that the dust has settled, thoughts on the regis as a whole?[View]
45200356rock sand[View]
45199606Gou/Goh Thread: It's the 5th day of the week so let's have a thread for the boy with 5 in …[View]
45196536Judging by their designs, I think it's pretty safe to say they thought of pulling the 'but Ghet…[View]
45188026bros...I thought you told me this game had bad animations?[View]
45200721whoa cool, they did a good job keeping the horses a secret.[View]
45200942Are these the first games since fucking Ruby and Sapphire that didn't bring back human characte…[View]
45197278So what happens if you go to the Crown Tundra right after starting? Does Peony just curbstomp you?[View]
45198846pokemon games lose their magic when you become old[View]
45198904Is there an easier way to get these fucking things? 150 Ore per ball sucks, especially when I want t…[View]
45195475Clothes: I don't have the new clothes. Where do we unlock this?[View]
45200516I fucking comeback to this shit game to play the new DLC and what do you know, they banned my Tyrani…[View]
45200180https://screenrant.com/pokemon-crown-tundra-missing-not-included-sword-shield/ So we're all in …[View]
45200499Now that there's dlc, is there actually anything to do besides vanilla game battle tower?[View]
45193974It seems like it was yesterday when our little Gloria came to town!!!: Say something nice about her …[View]
45200095>Legendary Pokemon used to truly feel legendary, only shown to those who had special items such a…[View]
45194180Victini Hunt: I believe this is the last “big” thing we still need to find in the Crown Tundra, so w…[View]
45198924mmmmmmm O̸̯̻̯͙̼͉͓̾̓̃̎B̴̡͙̞̙̟͖̹̂́͊͊̐́̂́͒̔́͂̚ͅĄ̶̫͇̗̤̗̖̺̱͕̟̰͆̓́͑̎̾́̑͛͑͠M̶͖̠̗̜̪̻̗͉̘͇̈́ͅÂ̷̛̟̯͂̈́͂͒̐͒̉̀̔͝͝…[View]
45200592>unown still missing >hidden power culled will we ever get unown in any game in the future? Cr…[View]
45200670im going to fucking punch you so hard that *dies*[View]
45199819Was it ludo?[View]
45198786i have a paper i should be writing instead of this: Describe your bro with an image that's not …[View]
45199839Beat a tournament run with each possible ally to unlock new allies. Final two are fucking Swordward …[View]
45196346https://randompokemon.com/ Generate two Pokemon, preferably only fully evolved ones. Their movepools…[View]
45198779How tf do I catch this nigga?[View]
45200261How hard would it have been to incorporate two more legs into their designs?[View]
45199899>is a undercard throwaway pokemon >better designed than every pokemon gen 4 onwards How do pok…[View]
45196255SINNOH REFERENCE IN CALYREX THEME: Calyrex theme at 1:05 - https://youtu.be/TmbIsGD1HdM Pokemon D/P/…[View]
45195817>mfw Crown tundra proves USUM are the canon events of Gen 7[View]
45197593Favorites thread, rate em[View]
45189051/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45198066why is everyone on this board a furry, lolicon, or some dude with mommy issues[View]
45200263We out here.[View]
45200238The biggest girl there is[View]
45199223you think we might get a third dlc based on ireland?[View]
45200087They’re giving us a final DLC with all the pokemon right bros? ...right...?[View]
45199394If there's one thing I really appreciate about the DLC it's the lack of padding. In old po…[View]
45194215ITT: Give countries Pokemon types US: Steel/Flying UK: Water/Fighting France: Fairy/Poison Japan: Wa…[View]
45196863>why yes, I do think overworld encounters and trainer customization are the best new features int…[View]
45195705Friday Aura Thread (15): Lucario and his friends previous thread: >>45113278[View]
45195640How the fuck do i get articuno to spawn again... bitch ran off and i cant find him anywhere legendar…[View]
45199317>Baddy Bad[View]
45189913Why are none of the galar champions white?[View]
45195053which type of pokeball should I catch this equine bastard in[View]
45196754Gamefreak you're so original really[View]
45197654Anyone know where I can find an NSP of the new updates thats not on some Portuguese site that sends …[View]
45198901what did gamefreak mean by this?[View]
45195486You have 3 seconds to name every Pokemon (including forms)[View]
45192933Leave gen 9 to me.[View]
45195225Dynamax Adventures: The Revenge of Zygarde[View]
45199265A reminder to all the shills[View]
45198841I defeated Steven in Pokemon Ruby and I've been A WHOLE FUCKING DAY trying to find Latios for f…[View]
45198445I HATE POKÉMON![View]
45199082Seriously, I don't get what the fuck this Gentleman NPC wants from me at Wyndon Stadium. I do r…[View]
45198983More Work for Less Payoff: So, don't fix its awful Ability or give it anything good besides the…[View]
45199391*wipes ur doubles team*[View]
45197965ITT:Give types to non pokemon: Thread titles says it all,lets give some pokemon types and moves to s…[View]
45197434>1 year later >still not in the anime but shills told me that TPC care about everyone of their…[View]
45198033>I will never fucking buy a dlc >let's remove things and then add them later and make peo…[View]
45198334Azure Heights... home...[View]
45198476I just got this ad.[View]
45179645post the poke girls tummy[View]
45198920my boy didn't make the cut bros, it's not fucking fair (; ~;)[View]
45181910Having fun so far /vp/?[View]
45198820*kills ur tapu*[View]
45198644On beer 3. Decided to breed an eeveelution harem in Platinum. All female naturally. When I evolve al…[View]
45192185FUCK THE REGIS[View]
45196892Whats a good nickname for Zapdos (and the other 2 I guess)[View]
45195807this shit is getting more and more absurd[View]
45196323remember when there were trainers you could fight?[View]
45198497Sword And Shield Beta: Does anyone have the beta as an nsp on anonfiles or some shit?[View]
45197515>Xurkitree doesn't have Tail Glow anymore because the move is straight up deleted from the g…[View]
45198164Why DP remakes: Why do people here want DP remakes to be released next year? If I want remakes, I ra…[View]
45198183Which eeveelution will love you the longest[View]
45197396Now that CT is out, SwSh is finally over![View]
45195628Okay now that SWSH is over and completed. Give you’re truthful and overall final score for this gen.…[View]
45195211GameFreak forgot[View]
45197165https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiQS7HkV4_8: Freezington. Home.[View]
45193192>catch shiny horse >lose it[View]
45196137Is there a way to add Deoxys and Jirachi to my Pokemon Sapphire catridge?[View]
45194382Unpopular fact: XY is an amazing game[View]
45197620Is SwSh worth buying for the cute girls?[View]
45197450What's that? Halloween? A week away? Anonymous I think you're confused, it's July 4th…[View]
45191989Wait, what the actual fuck?[View]
45197505>sun Pokémon >resists fire[View]
45196961Do you guys BOX your legendary/mythics/events or actually play them?: Are you autistic and box them …[View]
45194969>the games are for children so it's ok if they are shit, rushed, incomplete and missing a lo…[View]
45196991>i heard you've been saying my name in vain[View]
45195457Do you think they're setting up for all Pokemon to be in Gen 9?[View]
45188428Why haven't we gotten another Pokemon Channel, fellas? It's comfy as shit and leagues bett…[View]
45195909>Asshole, who doesn't even need it, takes the pokemon you need for the legendary raid when y…[View]
45196955How is this thing always so broken. I really wasn't convinced this was going to be super good b…[View]
45195658I think this fag will be uber.[View]
45190148Showderp: ELO Helmet: This is Showderp Someone calls champ, and you give her a Ferrothorn with Rocky…[View]
45195419Dang, it seems like most people here actually hate the Crown Tundra... And I was actually excited to…[View]
45197202we need more muscle on the board[View]
45194481I guess all the gym leaders will be in place: To crown the kid[View]
45196039Why is this happening??? I just want to raid battle damn it![View]
45197126Leave PU to me!![View]
45187990Why do fujos keep winning?[View]
45196247Here's your new Calyrex form bro[View]
45192721>can finally catch the dragon dildo pony in game the game is still shit but this is based the age…[View]
45196905(Pic Unrelated) Starf and Lansat Berries in CT: The big red tree, when shaken, starts a raid battle …[View]
45194758>a literal shitmon with puny stats ruled the whole Galar region This is both embarrassing and pat…[View]
45196395>see Cryogonal normally >whatever, it's just a snowflake with a face >see it Dynamaxed…[View]
45190382FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE THE DLC: What do you like about the DLC? What do you dislike about the DL…[View]
45194058So, which form is better?[View]
45135052I am working on some lewd stuff, pic related. Does mixing BW background with diamond pearl text box …[View]
45178593/padt/ Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about n…[View]
45182242/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: leeks edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.com/e…[View]
45192809Calyrex dynamax: Why is it blue?[View]
45191896Beast Ball disappointment: As you may all know, I've made many, many threads over the past year…[View]
45189835Anyone posted the new models?[View]
45186941new battle themes: here's your new battle themes bro regis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8o…[View]
45195880Why do you defend swsh: Its a full price switch game with less content than the 3ds era. They lied a…[View]
45191140Since both DLCs are now out. How does gen 8 compare to the other 2 3d generations? Make sure to be c…[View]
45195008Hot Trainers: Pokemon's future is brown and it's beautiful.[View]
45195801Post examples of good music from Gens VI, VII, and VIII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCH4wVasiD4 …[View]
45193325*tanks and kills ur mon and gets +1 atk*[View]
45196088Crown Tundra: About to start this What can I expect? How is it compared to Isle of Armour? I liked t…[View]
45195474Omega ruby and alpha sapphire: >Mega evolutions worked into the lore via Project AZOTH >Connec…[View]
45193137This was the only Crown Tundra Legendary that did not suck this DLC: Say something nice about Zapdos…[View]
45187377>2020 >we still can't go on dates with the characters…[View]
45195101>Double Dance Moltres Interesting https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1208189840…[View]
45195864>is the creator of the regis >doesn't have its own theme They should have given him his o…[View]
45195979Sometimes, when I get bored, I like to imagine how fun Showdown would be if the mods there weren…[View]
45193682Are there any guaranteed spots where this cunt shows up? Doesn't matter if it randomly picks be…[View]
45195762SpectREAR is sexy: why do GF keep doing this[View]
45195715At what point did you realize pokemon in its current state is only good for fanart, shitposting and …[View]
45193671Did anyone figure out where the cosmetics are yet?[View]
45192267>No roost or recovery moves at all How does this thing even work?[View]
45192268>new regis get signature moves AND signature abilities >old regis get fuck all (body press is …[View]
45194336>no new gigantamax forms in crown tundra what a letdown[View]
45195123>Leave Eternatus to us[View]
45194613OH NO NO LMAO[View]
45194630It's not fair lelechads[View]
45195280>*Mud Slaps your Regi*[View]
45192547Leave ZU to me[View]
45194830ITT:: Post rare official art[View]
45193648pokegirls are overrated post pokeboys[View]
45195201Where are the Hoenn starters? I’ve reached the part where Ultra Beasts start invading the dynamax ca…[View]
45190639If you wanted to get someone into Pokémon, which Pokémon game would you suggest be their first and w…[View]
45193103You may not like it, but this is what peak Regi performance looks like[View]
45194817how the fuck do you separate the horse from callyrex?[View]
45194431Beginner 3D anon here. Gible was too hard to model because I don't know how to concave the surf…[View]
45192549Bitch wtf am i looking at[View]
45192553this image kills the regielekifag[View]
45193289Crown tundra: Idc about how boring the raids are or the dynamax adventures, How is the map size and …[View]
45193617> Calyrex, Victini, Keldeo, Cosmog, Poipole, Glastrier, Spectrier, and all three Galarian variant…[View]
45193242>200 pebbles wtf gamefreak[View]
45194857>Regigigas has the record of being the lowest and highest level legendary…[View]
45193378>What!? Ivysaur is evolving? >B[View]
45194662Trading: Need an aromatisse, can someone trade me one please[View]
45193611>even the regi that is designed after charizard is a shitmon like charizard oh no no no no no…[View]
45194394>Coming back to /VP/ to see how people react to the dlc >people biggest complain is calyrex ta…[View]
45190945>keep a Friend ball for nearly a year just in case I get to catch a Rayquaza with it, just becaus…[View]
45190999Alright, time to decide: what does /vp/ pick? https://strawpoll.com/5k2op2xca[View]
45194390swsh beta: can someone grab me the nsp?[View]
45191596Has anyone found HIM yet?[View]
45191686/vgc/ VGC General: New Meta edition Have you begun testing any new teams? What's surprised you?…[View]
45193842Wha-what happened DLC bros? I thought because IoA was pretty ok that CT would be better...[View]
45193749Exploration: Isle of Armor > Crown Tundra[View]
45190436Where is it?[View]
45190938Eat up anon! You're so close to the big 300![View]
45193923how the fuck, after this many years, are EVs still such a horrible grindy mess?[View]
45192331why the fuck do people hate the new exp share so much? pokemon is one of the grindiest jrpg franchis…[View]
45191510So do we now have all the Pokemon available in the game with the newest update + all the DLCs? I wan…[View]
45192376So apparently the beta was leaked back in 2018 back when the GS beta leak happened, but the leaker j…[View]
45193813>looses its grass type AHAHAHA get btfo grass fags![View]
45189247He's here.[View]
45192568/jrg/ - Johto Region General: Welcome. This thread is here for any discussion or appreciation for ou…[View]
45193608>Didn't buy Sword and Shield >Didn't buy Let's Go >Didn't buy Ultra Sun…[View]
45193748>On my way to fuck your waifumon[View]
45193467> Peony speaks portuguese > Random 'snow samba' reference at the mayor house > Ni…[View]
45186698The virgin Sirfetchd vs the chad Madame[View]
45191553What would a Pokémon TCG anime be like?[View]
45191243If Calyrex is the 'high king' Pokémon, wouldn't that mean that it's a male? Also when you …[View]
45193017I wasn’t expecting Calyrex’s storyline to have this much SOUL[View]
45182128/wfg/-Wifi General: Battles-Multis-Trades-Raids Previous Thread >>45164475 G-Zapdos is good ca…[View]
45193203Missed Opportunities: What are some missed opportunities in Pokemon? For example, stuff like... >…[View]
45190909We were robbed.[View]
45192540>sword pokemon >shield pokemon >armor pokemon >crown pokemon >>can't combine …[View]
45189048they had one fucking job[View]
45191945Is Peony, dare I say, Based?: >Former Gym Leader >Former Champion >Proud Dad >Helped a L…[View]
45191548Which one did a better job introducing new mons?[View]
45193427What is he thinking?[View]
45193361Who's the beard fetishist at GameFreak?[View]
45190429>beta design >original gen 1 release >gen 1 promo art >Stadium/Stadium 2 >FRLG >?…[View]
45183767so in the end: how accurate was this?[View]
45191751Toxic Thread -> Nanagadel Zing Zap -> Jolteon Volt Tackle -> Electivire Pay Day -> Purrl…[View]
45190292STOP THIS RIGHT NOW: please stop. Gamefreak, you fuckers, do something good for once I'm beggin…[View]
45192295When will her crimes be stopped?[View]
45192673>You can't see if a pokémon is shiny in the overworld, unlike Let's Go >Now you can…[View]
45193092https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv8g5u55QFA&ab_channel=Pokeli Is it just me, or is the part at 0…[View]
45191088>Calyrex can make near-extinct flowers bloom >New regis have X and Y on their bodies >Light…[View]
45192932Is being Chairman really better than being the Champion?[View]
45192015Post pokemon/pokemon characters you want to impregnate you[View]
45190320>No pokemon h-game parody where your starter is a Drowzee and you run around raping pokégirls Not…[View]
45192217Crown tundra trainer customization: Does annyone know how to unlock the crown tundra trainer customi…[View]
45192906mfw the 900th pokemon is a grass starter's middle stage.[View]
45181841dilf thread: where's peony taking you anon[View]
45191719How does the GameFreak staff feel knowing that they are doomed to beat the same dead horse for etern…[View]
45192839Guys my regieleki looks kinda funny[View]
45185963How will they ruin the remakes?[View]
45191386Can someone lend me this long enough to get Regigigas please? It's the last one I need.[View]
45190661>lil brother already has a teenage/grown daughter Does Rose ever fear hitting the wall and having…[View]
45192280>Your pokémon gigantamaxes and destroys several houses >You now have to pay for the damage…[View]
45188746Based ad: /fit/izen here, just saw this ad and have to say, fucking based. This is your daily remind…[View]
45192255So where are the new trainer customizations?: I checked wedghurst and wyndon but nothing[View]
45191329so do the Ultra Beasts count as Legendaries in Dynamax Adventures? am I limited to only one per game…[View]
45191800The way you make me[View]
45190954Are Celesteela and Stakataka to scale when they follow you? Or did they get Wailord'd?[View]
45192078so, did they finally fixed her ovaries?[View]
45190651Crown Tundra Gift Pokemon: What are they besides Cosmog?[View]
45189921>regieleki has shit coverage >hidden power is fucking gone…[View]
45191393How would you buff Ariados competitively?[View]
45192081best nature?[View]
45188449Literally incest bait[View]
45190036what catch rate have the Crown Tundra legendaries?[View]
45191134Imagine being so ass blasted about others enjoying something you used to enjoy: You go and spend $60…[View]
45187584Did he get ANYTHING??[View]
45191810What pony did you choose, r/veepee? Do you regret it, or is it nice?[View]
45191728Immediate sandstorm but not groundtype . Ok[View]
45178530post em[View]
45191826As we begin to explore a new meta I feel like I should remind everyone of this.[View]
45191220Can anyone help come up with a good moveset and spread for this guy? I'm stumped.[View]
45191574Anyone come across any in game trades in Crown Tundra?[View]
45190129>165 offensive stats >120 BP Stab signature move with no drawbacks >Literally just renamed …[View]
45189468Reminder that she is with an Asian man.[View]
45191426Man, this dlc was great! Catching all the legendaries was really fun, engaging AND rewarding! And p…[View]
45191716what did GF mean by this?[View]
45187488>gets Dragon Dance SCEPTILE BROS RISE UP[View]
45182115For those of you who have played every Pokemon game, how would you rank the rivals from your most to…[View]
45189141Are you fucking kidding me[View]
45191472name a lazier shiny[View]
45191497>Dragon Orb Pokémon Dorb D O R B[View]
45187811exclusive Pokémon in Sword and Shield’s The Crown Tundra expansion: Why GF?[View]
45191445In light of that based ad earlier, I'd like to take this moment to say that I still didn't…[View]
45189304Defend this[View]
45191100Does anyone have the list of all the mons that remain culled? Pic unfortunately related[View]
45191293Fujos vs Yuri Chads, who wins?[View]
45190343>Outclasses your legendary No hard feelings right Bulucucks?[View]
45138743May Thread?: May Thread[View]
45188319>already bored of clown tundra now what[View]
45184348So, how do you get the villian costumization?[View]
45188980UHHHH BASED?[View]
45175557ITT: Pokémon that you would[View]
45187336New clothing items: Anyone found out how to get the new clothing items for the crowm tundra? I finis…[View]
45188434Legendaries now have 100 percent catch rate: Defend this.[View]
45191171So is pokemon the only game where the competitive scene is actively making the games worst?[View]
45189857So is ghost horse the new best legendary? Does anyone have screenshots of it in battle?[View]
45191029Where can i find it to download?: Anyone?[View]
45190596So Keldeo can be obtained even without an event? Is it the first mythical to do so since Deoxys in O…[View]
45191050Can anyone touch trade me a regudrago for the dex? I can gove you one of my shinies or a version exc…[View]
45187857When the FUCK are they gonna bring Eevee's unique moves from pokemon Let's Go eevee in the…[View]
45190237Just woke up, why is there an outbreak of autism on the board again? I mean, worse than the common-o…[View]
45188031RETURN OF THE KING[View]
45188419What a QT[View]
45190395Fuck you vp you told me Crown Tundra would have the PWT with all the gym leaders and champions in 3D…[View]
45189213>dusknoir grandma >debug showing cut pokemon in the game just fine >now this Swshills...it …[View]
45189063WHERES THE DATAMINE: WHERES THE DATAMINE Seriously, they posted the new Pokemon movesets and then ga…[View]
45191007shiny rates: What are the shiny rates from legendary dens? They seem to be pretty high judging from …[View]
45190510They updated the daily Klara/Avery battles by adding G-Slowking to their teams[View]
45189043This bitch grabs your shoulder, turns you around, and looks at you like this. What would you do.[View]
45189853Dynamax Adventures is a great mode, fight me.[View]
45189844We almost got Pokemon Z: Its not fair Kalosbros...[View]
45190009Which horse, /vp/? Individually and for Calyrex’s form. This is for how strong they are, leave the …[View]
45190885>every dynamaxed pokemon has a red aura around it >except Calyrex, which is blue WHAT DOES IT …[View]
45190525Ohmori, Masuda...Turner....: Is it possible for you to stop being this cringy? Is it possible? Yeah,…[View]
45190244>Game Freak actually didn't give them Rising Voltage/Grassy Glide/Expanding Force/Misty Expl…[View]
45190313There's so little content in this expansion pass that you're essentially just paying for t…[View]
45187389Joins your B&W ream[View]
45186811>pokemon twitter still hasn’t even talks about the fact that crown tundra is out What did they me…[View]
45187556So.. where is he?[View]
45188370What the fuck?[View]
45188631How the fuck do you get this guy.[View]
45190632Why is everyone obsessed with Speed It gets an amazing movepool unlike the ghost counterpart[View]
45188511Guys my Sword file freezed while playing the Crown Tundra. I can't open Sword now. Is that happ…[View]
45182011what did they mean by this[View]
45187547Real review of Pokemon Crown Tundra: Cons : no mega Blaziken Pros: Has the rest of the Torchic line …[View]
45187731>mfw the music that plays in the Regi chambers is literally identical to the ORAS version of it.…[View]
45190400Is there level scaling this time?: is it piss easy again or do they scale with your pokemon level? I…[View]
45188260So did this thing actually get an upgrade with Crown Tundra? Or are we still stuck to 1% chances for…[View]
45183335Pixelmon: Its been about 5 years since I last checked on this thing. Looks impressive versus where I…[View]
45185539Ohmori directing gen 9, hiroyki directed the DLC: He’s directing next year core game Usum was kino…[View]
45188933Why are shills like this?[View]
45188741so what's the best way to shiny hunt legendaries?[View]
45190196Time skip glitch and reset den glitch still works?: Does time skip glitch and reset den glitch still…[View]
45189822Where do you encounter them? Do they have their Ultra Beast theme?[View]
45188387>flying-type >wings literally made of fire >its alternate form is a fire-type >doesn…[View]
45187516So now that it's confirmed GF lied, do you regret your purchase?[View]
45186967What cards should I buy? What cards are the best?[View]
45190007Will they remaster/remake any of the games on Switch? Don’t care about Sword or Shield but I do have…[View]
45189472>Pokémon aren't set to level 50 in the new tournament >You can just overpower everything …[View]
45189745What's your opinion about the new Miyazaki Prefecture new manhole covers? Do you like them?[View]
45186429den legendaries don't use the legendary's original music: why even fucking bother[View]
45189886/vp/ Halloween Ghost-Off 2020 Round 4: Here it comes again. If you vote, please bump the thread. Als…[View]
45189698Galarian Kanto Birds: They really didn't have to keep their Flying typing.[View]
45189287sup gaymers, /tv/ here just came to say i saw your ad. also, i believe this phonecall is for you[View]
45189757>lele and fini get play rough >koko and bulu don't…[View]
45188666Oi oi OIIIII AQUATURDS Why doncha explain to us why you think having Kyogre revert to it's pri…[View]
45189705I miss this nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
45188712>leave them to me, anon[View]
45188339Is there a more failed shillmon than this one?[View]
45185984why yes I adore Gen 1-5 & ORAS while simultaneously hating on Gen 6-8, How could you tell?[View]
45187406Who else is enjoying best fossilmon's return?[View]
45187666>you want to catch a legendary mon? well first you'll have to go through the dynamax 'advent…[View]
45187586Ain't she cold?[View]
45189464And here is the movepools of all the Pokemon added by Crown Tundra![View]
45186646This is legitimately the first bad mainline game. Gen 6 and 7 being bad were just memes, SWSH is leg…[View]
45184163Post your face when you didn't fall for the Gen 8 scam.[View]
45188797WHERE IS THIS BIRD[View]
45188754The really love recycling already used animals as inspiration for new Pokémon in SWSH >Legendarie…[View]
45188789>Dewgong is featured in Twilight Wings despite not being in the Galar Dex. >The 2nd DLC sectio…[View]
45186373>Rumors say she gets Aurora Veil. >Still outclassed by that dumb ice cone and the waifu fox. …[View]
45186425BRING HIM BACK[View]
45187744The faces of gen 8.[View]
45189054So im in a predicament; two of my friends want a new Pokemon in Smash Ultimate DLC. Idc because I do…[View]
45184870Hitoshi Ariga: Hitoshi Ariga confirmed that he designed the fossils from Gen 8. He was also the desi…[View]
45180263/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45188495Just saw this while on /lit/. Fucking BASED.[View]
45187029why the offical art quality dropped so hard this gen[View]
45188559I KNEEL, SHITPOSTER-SAMAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
45185524To all the people playing Crown Tundra: Is there at least more Marnie? Outside of the stars tourname…[View]
45188295Tapu Lele: I'm back anon! Kneel![View]
45119256Pokegirls should only kiss pokeboys. Discuss further.[View]
45179653Showderp: Crown Tundra Edition: Wasting time in this stale ass shithole until the fucking DLC drops …[View]
45187894YOU CAN ONLY CATCH ONE OF THE NEW REGIS: the regis expedition ends after you catch the first[View]
45188324heres your new regi bro[View]
45188326Gameplay: >Emerald >Platinum >HGSS >B2W2 Connection: >Mystery Dungeon (especially Sky…[View]
45186514That was quick.[View]
45188180Aerodactyl Chads...: >gets Dragon Dance >still no Head Smash or Brave Bird Brutal…[View]
45188232So apparently some people in Smogon are upset the Tapus didn’t get their terrain moves?[View]
45182527Beast Ball - 150 Dynite Ore[View]
45186999How did we downgrade from actual unique monsters to animals that are redesigned The horses are liter…[View]
45188237>'Oh man, I just heard I got a big role in the DLC! I'm excited to be back in the center of …[View]
45188141Has anyone figured out how to get this beautiful boy yet?[View]
45182776Swift/ shadow ball/ dark pulse/ hex/ hyperbeam Those are all the special moves this garbage gets, it…[View]
45184608I knew it would be amazing. You don't have to apologize for being wrong. We all make mistakes[View]
45187995>Brb gonna sweep with swift[View]
45187754SWORD AND SHIELDCUCKS: There is zero recovery[View]
45185204>Bulu will make Rillaboom obsolete You were saying?[View]
45187620holy fug: Got this fucker in my 3rd dynamax adventure (after the usual Suicune and then Tapu Fini) w…[View]
45185707Mythologyfags explain this Lorefags explain this[View]
45187987>confirmed no new Giga forms >$30 add on[View]
45183647So, about the Galarian Star Tournament... All the trainers use the same pokémon from the champion cu…[View]
45184287Regidrago Pattern: Anyone got to spawn Regidrago in the ruins? I can’t seem to, only got to change t…[View]
45187757Now that the dlc is out, was this list right or has there been any changes?[View]
45187411>he got bad coverage OH NONONONONONO[View]
45187125>Get the fuck out of here you bitch ass monkey... This is my territory now..…[View]
45186585Call me crazy faggot or retard but am i the only one thinking about this ?[View]
45187632>you get a free cosmog[View]
45187685So do you literally just walk into the room and catch them or do we get something to do like nicknam…[View]
45187131>he picked the normie Owl or the ugly seal[View]
45126430/dg/ - Dawn General: The thread for all things Dawn.[View]
45184590If you record a legendarys location so you don't have to refind it via RNG, does it reroll for …[View]
45187392Poipole: Anyon found out where to get it?[View]
45182699shiny max dens: It doesn't show you whether the legendary is shiny during the battle. Only afte…[View]
45185924hey guys: hey here's some shit anonfiles()com/938044ibp7[View]
45185734Please tell me they are good. Who’s looking like ou material?[View]
45187196Is the dlc worth it?: Should I get it? The crown tundra looks really fun but I feel like the dlc is …[View]
45187476Wifi. Battle-Spot. VGC. Smogon. Long ago, the four formats lived together in harmony. Then everythin…[View]
45182463Here's your Cosmog bro[View]
45186817Spectrier Waifu Thread[View]
45187454>one year in >full experience is finally available >we still can't look up…[View]
45187447Chadios: BTFO’s all his old counters with mystical fire and aura sphere. Bow blebs.[View]
45182509Favorite mons thread: Post 'em. Always loved this guy's design, I remember first encounter…[View]
45187380anyone have a pic of the full map with dlc?[View]
45187182finally... at long last... its finally legal...[View]
45187051Regieleki is now the fastest Pokemon in the game with 200 base speed, dethroning Deoxys-S: Say somet…[View]
45179507So what has this absurdly hot babe been doing in the Crown Tundra?[View]
45186735Where are the new dex entries? Have they been dumped yet?[View]
45187115Why can't Tapu Lele learn Expanding Force?: I thought this was datamined? Hello?[View]
45185124Who /fpmt/?[View]
45179843jesus fucking christ the madmen at gf[View]
45186983alright i finished the dlc and it sez i can get ultra beasts now i guess in the max den. is it rando…[View]
45184613the asymmetrically of glastrier really saved the design for me. he actually looks so cool[View]
45186899>hits you with 182 att move with double stab[View]
45186954>In Pokemon Showdown >Opponent has a Regieleki >Looks at its stats >200 fucking speed …[View]
45183567Shake the giant tree: You get boatload of rare berries[View]
45186985Post yfw you saw this during the fight[View]
45186681Shiny Hunting/Breeding: I feel like trying out shiny hunting/breeding, specifically in gens 6 and 7,…[View]
45186890>that Greedent boss fight[View]
45186956A moment of silence for all those who suffered elo loss from the temporary meta of Isle of Armor OU[View]
45185594>Calyrex can ride Spectrier >You can't lmao this franchise is dead…[View]
45183602Seethe zoomers, seethe boomers. My taste is superior to your biased trash.[View]
45186916Is my bro gonna be good?[View]
45185860>120 power special ghost move with no drawbacks[View]
45185605>regieleki is a more minmaxed version of it does regieleki have good or shit moveset…[View]
45149882MASSIVE FEMALE[View]
45186426So do we know their stats yet[View]
45186583This sucks, man.: >go into Crown Tundra with boxes of battle-ready Pokémon all min-maxed to shit …[View]
45186753I love Piloswine[View]
45186444Transistor > Adaptability: With Transistor it did 82 damage and without it did 52. That can'…[View]
45186705>Slow Pokemon >Caught in a Quick Ball[View]
45186668no kids, not the garbage pokemon that they made. i mean, THE ORIGINAL. this goes back about 20 years…[View]
45186303GOAT ICHIBANose does it again Does he even have any songs in this series that are bad?[View]
45183751>Calyrex has two Abilities[View]
45183967This dude just BEGGING for Ice Shard[View]
45186616Where are they? Why add them to the game if you can't obtain them?[View]
45184241What: >looking for Zapdos >randomly find a wild Virizion wandering around…[View]
45185387Predict the Future or Die: You're awakened at 3AM by a man from the future pointing a gun to yo…[View]
45181236>has 165 special attack 150 speed and special moxie in your path[View]
45185327This DLC caught me off guard by being surprisingly great. I have a feeling Gen 9 will be similar to …[View]
45181572Rate my OU team Genesect @ Choice Band Ability: Download Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Sp…[View]
45186104Why is the Evolutions booster box suddenly so expensive? The entire card set is basically worthless …[View]
45185998Anyone know about the long haired woman and the grave?[View]
45186237Are the birds IVs permanently set after the tree cutscene? I just tried to soft reset before my firs…[View]
45184673Pack your bags boys. You're dropping to UU.[View]
45184691Why has this board been overreacting to literally every minor thing about the DLC or the franchise i…[View]
45185606>*prankster tricks an umbrella onto your weather sweeper* Thanks for the free win anon…[View]
45186079Here's your Champion between Mustard and Leon[View]
45186219Why were Sun Moon pre-lease so hype with the trailers and everything and Sword Shield so boring in c…[View]
45185608Your face when you heard the remixed Regi Music start to play. ... bros... It's like I'm a…[View]
45186184my man[View]
45185806So what's the deal with the ultrabeasts? Peony says to find some Pokemon that came out of a wor…[View]
45186085Can the Hoenn starters only be found through dynamax adventures?[View]
45186062Regidrago 'dragon water spout' is single target: FUCKING WHY GAMEFREAK[View]
45185014>the head and neck buds never blossomed F[View]
45185662Legendary Birds Theme: So cool! https://youtu.be/PZGl8Rzs0H8[View]
45185129Confession thread: Post your favorite pokemon and confess something out of your chest. Favorite poke…[View]
45185884How do I unlock new clothes for my poke loli?[View]
45185937HIS THEME FUCKING SLAP REGIBROS REJOICE (whistle at the door to open it)[View]
45185414Did anyone really care about/use Kanto Farfetch'd before? It's like the Galarian one outcl…[View]
45182686>Gym Leader Klara >Gym Leader Avery They made it, bros.…[View]
45184808I'm convinced Gamefreak is fucking with us.[View]
45185698Two Crown Tundra questions: 1) What level does everything scale to? 2) Do the old legendaries come w…[View]
45184100enjoy shiny hunting them[View]
45185652>Hey Calyrex, that's a pretty cool ice type move you and your steed got, may I see it?…[View]
45185465Is starting a new save for the Regis and Horses feasible like it is for Kubfu and Urshifu?[View]
45175389Shaymin loves you, /vp/.[View]
45185237Which one should I choose?[View]
45185322if i don't catch/keep the legendary, can i try again for it later?[View]
45183829Now that you have seen the ice horse Apologise[View]
45185379The ice horse ended having Mudsdale stats and the shadow horse ended having Rapidash stats (with imp…[View]
45185147so /vp/ did u get your free switch?[View]
45183301guys are there new hair options how do i get the customization i dont wanna play this dlc for that l…[View]
45182088MOVEPOOLS ARE HERE: https://gist.github.com/kwsch/844e8a9c28f4b4b8af96b5b5ec9c573f[View]
45183420What's the solution for Registeel's puzzle?[View]
45183870>Wasn't in either of the DLCs How the fuck was this allowed?[View]
45185017BULUBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY Rillaboomchads... I kneel...[View]
45185109Donphan Ice Shard? GF: YEAH! Glastrier Ice Shard? GF: NO FUCK GF[View]
45185070Subtle gamerware thread?[View]
45184603Balltism!: Discuss balltism here, whether it’s for new mons or returning ones! Posting requests of m…[View]
45175054Just how durable are these fuckers? How much of a beating, bashing, and blasting can Pokemon withsta…[View]
45184989Does anyone have any more info on this? As Joe 'Fuckwad' doesnt give shit.[View]
45182695OMFG DRAGAPULT IN THE WILD: im so happy im not poor :S PS THIS PLACE IS MASSIVE[View]
45183530Overworld Shiny hunting locked?: I started Crown Tundra trying to shiny hunt a overworld pokemon, bu…[View]
45181157Selene has a great character design. I especially like her pants.[View]
45184700Just got a shiny Absol that I encountered in the wild. Absol has been my all-time favorite Pokémon s…[View]
45184938Are there new clothing options for shops and such with the dlc? Aside from the default orange suit.[View]
45169709papes thread? looking for night-related stuff[View]
45184946WOW: the new regis look great![View]
45184338I miss legendary battle music..[View]
45181258Grass Type Thread: A thread for grass types Calyrex the traitor not allowed.[View]
45183763>Your first party member can now walk with you. I didn't realize how much better the game fe…[View]
45184646Where tf galarian articuno at????: I hear it but I cant find it[View]
45183703Why are only kanto and hoenn starters the only pre gen-8 starters in the game? Are they hinting at t…[View]
45182830Hey I'm the anon with the 3D sudowoodo from yesterday. As promised, I made a ludicolo with some…[View]
45181851He is real: >its a rapidash edit >no one would believe >fusion? no way >are you believin…[View]
45181946New menu sprites.[View]
45184656>extreme speed regieleki[View]
45183409HE FUCKING TALKS[View]
45177492Fairy hateboner-ists go be flaccid somewhere else, it's my 2nd favorite Type and I wanna celebr…[View]
45183931He can talk!: He can talk! He can talk! He can talk![View]
45181814Based or Cringe?[View]
45184469CT teams: Post your finished teams so far and tell why you picked the mons. You can rate others if y…[View]
45181978>still a giftmon HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA get fucked balltismfags[View]
45184446Guzma and mirror b love child: This guy is funny af and amazing[View]
45184442>no houndoom Y’know what fuck you gamefreak[View]
45183912>People think this is a dog[View]
45180340It's that time of the year again, time to join now and participate on the /vp/ monotype tourney…[View]
45182554Does Pikachu have a neck?[View]
45184305Shiny hunting the first nazi pokemon in swsh[View]
45184381This is a thread of a story. I took all these pictures and it'd be a shame to erase them[View]
45184307What am i supposed to do? I talked to all the npcs i could find and interacted with the statue.[View]
45182356What was in it?[View]
45184258>wailord's stats multiplied by 1.1[View]
45183402>Only 1 (ONE) trainer battle in the DLC >It's a monotype autist…[View]
45180038I can't be the only one that hates the non japanese pokemon logo, it looks so stupid and lazy. …[View]
45184130If the next Pokemon game does not have customization options for at least waist length hair then I w…[View]
45184035>they didn't put Zapdos in IoA even though it's fighting and would be reminiscent of th…[View]
45183596Kara Less Fossils are in raids now?: Discuss.[View]
45181759>Tfw Fossil-mons are in the overworld wild on Crown Tundra[View]
45183950>2050 >boot up the newest pokemon game: pokemon red-hot blazing ultra firered 2 >choose cha…[View]
45183242Cradily learns Leech Seed now[View]
45183216Are the NPCs good or are they retarded like in the base game?[View]
45183193WTF he can make shadow clones or is he using double team?[View]
45183802> shield exclusive just why?[View]
45182633>watches you do that[View]
45183152>Not Ice anymore >Still doesn't get Heat Wave Srsly?…[View]
45183754pokemon following you: ur pokemon dont follow u like in isle of armor?[View]
45181156Tell me about the kingdom of pokemon[View]
45183195Yikes.... Is this 'us'?[View]
45146624Can we all put our own biases aside and admit that, generally speaking, pokemon designs have gone do…[View]
45182822>every new pokemon has shit stats and/or movepool[View]
45183664Max Adventure is Shit: fucking why though?[View]
45183453>they wiped all of the tutor and new moves from returning mons >they gave the new mons Klinkla…[View]
45174676Music Remix Thread: ever since the franchise died a year or two ago the only thing it's been go…[View]
45179227I want Reshiram to eat me[View]
45183523>excited for Crown Tundra >get done with work >too tired to play vidya…[View]
45183492Is it just me or do the wings of a Talonflame randomly appear in the top left corner of raid battles…[View]
45181661It's time[View]
45183435CROWN TUNDRA NEW MOVEPOOL ADDITTIONS: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/crown-tundra-list-of-mov…[View]
45183173Shiny galar slowking[View]
45174571Hey, don’t mind me! Just U-turning straight back to ubers[View]
45183378>that Peony theme >that Legendary max raid theme…[View]
45180967VGCbros how we feel about this? All of the new legends except Calyrex will be allowed in VGC next mo…[View]
45183358New Moves: Any info on the new moves BP and effects?[View]
45181706MODEST OR TIMID?![View]
45183048>yfw now that the dlc is finished gamefreak can move on to hopefully better things with a full de…[View]
45182162Confirmed to not get the terrain tutor moves: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/kwsch/844e8a9c28f4b…[View]
45182770>One of the slowest legendaries in existance >Responsible for creating the fastest Pokemon in …[View]
45183180why is my download taking 4 hours[View]
45180397>they doubted the new regi bros[View]
45181979Whats the longest shiny hunt have you ever done, still doing, or any recent hunts? Currently soft r…[View]
45181710Post pokemon youre excited for returning and why For me its funny blue bird with timbs finally being…[View]
45181401IT'S TIME[View]
45183014>The new regis have amazing stat lines >Realise that they have garbage movepools We celebrated…[View]
45181991So what new outfits do we have in the Crown Tundra?[View]
45182533Disregarding stats, EV's, typing, and all that other bullshit, what is your favorite Pokémon? …[View]
45182881>Speed and HP F[View]
45168054>Here's your special attacker bro[View]
45172469I will laugh if Smogon quick bans this[View]
45182750Laugh at Landorus fags: >Triple Axel “Bend the fuck over, Landorus”…[View]
45178715Pokemon Nail Art: >Post pokemon nails[View]
45182905why is tsareena OU in doubles?: ok a while ago i was making a team for doubles in showdown and someo…[View]
45181770Its up during the debates, lol >Start downloading bros[View]
45172285Buff any mon to OU: Rules: Changes must fit the concept of the Pokemon Example: No stupid shit like …[View]
45180748Leave all these nu-legends to me.[View]
45176776Why didn't Gen 3 have day-night cycle[View]
45182417Sceptile: Is sceptile usable in the new DLC?[View]
45175185Plushie thread, post your plushies. This is my Fugizard.[View]
45180966Fuck you: I love it.[View]
45177080>counters Genesect >counters Pheromosa >counters Blaziken >counters Melmetal >counter…[View]
45181975My name is Regieleki and I'M The Fastest Pokémon Alive![View]
45174756There's no creativity in OU anymore. It's the same old standard boring game every time. I …[View]
45179952Galar bird stats[View]
45182415>Get to Wild Area for the first time >Backtrack and head to Crown Tundra >First battle is a…[View]
45176371ppg leak thread part 9: Random Layer Vol.9 Edition: What is ppg? Pokemon Prototype General, ITT we d…[View]
45181992> wild fossil mons OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
45182098this can't be happening poibros not again it was supposed to be our time[View]
45170204What's his problem?[View]
45182230We won.[View]
45182387>home still in maintenance[View]
45182003Nia Thread: God I love bratty girls.[View]
45182217>peony has many fans, especially among men What did they mean by this?[View]
45182269I'm sorry elekichads, I kneel[View]
45171042Rosa Thread Post our big-bunned beauty[View]
45182171>tapus don't learn tutor moves LMAO[View]
45121033/PTCGO/: Pokémon TCG Online General: Let's Gamble Edition New/Returning Player? >https://pas…[View]
45164475/wfg-Wifi General: Battles-Multis-Trades-Raids Previous Thread >>45147395 gotta love Melmetal …[View]
45179693Crown Tundra waiting room[View]
45178337release time: It's 13:00 Japan time You can go to sleep[View]
45181651>Literally worse Celebi How could they do this to the Crown Price?[View]
45179408LITERALLY 3ds games[View]
45166686/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Summer Time Sycther Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokem…[View]
45181122How did he do it bros?[View]
45179299Non-comp player here. Trying to understand the proper use of Substitute. I read this: https://www.sm…[View]
45181665> I'm kekking[View]
45181387Update is live Anons: SUBJECT[View]
45179781Are they?[View]
45180770look at this fat FUCK[View]
45181385ITS HERE[View]
45181517Does Allister even have a family? Can't Melony just adopt him?[View]
45176865What are some less popular returning Pokemon you look forward to using? I want to make a VGC team wi…[View]
45180469What was the fucking point of retesting Cinderace if you’re just going to retest it AGAIN shortly af…[View]
45181502It's finally live[View]
45173553Let's Guess Their Stats: Only a few hours left.[View]
45151051>Pokémon in 2020 >fusion consists in placing a Pokémon on top of another Pokémon >you need …[View]
45176895New game in 2021?: So what is this deal about a new Pokemon game coming up next year?[View]
45178085>smogon threads get a decent amount of genuine discussion between the shitposting and trolling …[View]
45181300> 200 base speed Titan > SLOW PHYSICAL ICE HORSE In before Calyrex revealed to have 200 or hig…[View]
45181423T U N D R A T I M E[View]
45178412People really thought a pokemon other then Pikachu would get Ash his league win Greninja losing the …[View]
45181165200 speed[View]
45179730Fuck GameFreak: I've been sitting this out, but this was the final straw. Why the fuck are you …[View]
45181394Do it[View]
45168665>Team Aqua at the volcano >Team Magma's HQ in a beach cave…[View]
45178443Should training a Paras and evolving it be considered an evil act?[View]
45178561Explain yourself.[View]
45179225>Everything leads to DP remakes >Ken Sugimori hinting too with pic related Happening. The non …[View]
45123026it's dead jim: sup everyone! how's the ongoing isolation going? halloween illegal for you …[View]
45173645Why is lando-T so hated? I wasn't into gen 7 comp[View]
45179674The reason why newer games are low-quality trash is that they constantly need to churn out new games…[View]
45179695Would you become a slave for your favorite Pokegirl?[View]
45181235Alright, bros. Who are you going to embark in the Crown Tundra with? I gotta say, of all the games, …[View]
45178824It's almost halloween, post ghost pokemon and trainers[View]
45176358I hate how most of the grass starters are designed to be to look like defensive big tanks that are o…[View]
45181127I love Pokemon.[View]
45175647Post teams: Post your teams, rate teams. Finishing up a region anthology run so I have a list of my …[View]
45174843Why am I so overleveled?: Playing ORAS for the first time, not grinding at all. The Magma admin just…[View]
45181074I’m so happy bros...: The regis and birds stats are good... Sasuga gamefreak heres to you![View]
45175938Heatran: >the big dog is coming back ONE LAST FUCKING TOAST TO 'TRAN *CLINK* Thread theme: h…[View]
45178774I miss the DexNav, bros.[View]
45172673IT'S OVER: IT'S OVER, I've spent the last few hours crying like a bitch and am finall…[View]
45175831Legendaries Exclusive: > Sword: Raikou Ho-Oh Latios Groudon Dialga Tornadus Reshiram Xerneas Solg…[View]
45174240Dear entity of healthy meta...: if you are here, i command you to appear in this thread NOW!!!! I WI…[View]
45176225Are you ready for Gen 9?[View]
45179438Im not even buying why cant I relax[View]
45180821Which pokemon would make the best mother bros?[View]
45180082How come fans never get tired of the Genwars argument?: Especially when it comes to the designs, it…[View]
45179735Showderp: Racist DaWoblefet Edition: Welcome to Showderp, where DaWoblefet uses Power Trip and abuse…[View]
45180520What the fuck was he thinking when he made them?[View]
45180553>calyrex bst = 500 >nidoking bst = 505 bow before your true and only king…[View]
45177268>mention pokemon with quad weakness in any context >someone responds with weak pokemon using a…[View]
45179761>Masuda sells his poop for 60$ Would you buy it?[View]
45180698What starters can be obtained in pokeballs other than pokeballs?[View]
45180719Deoxys bros....[View]
45180776>Instant Transmission sound effect.mp3[View]
45180722Did they finally fix Nidorina and Nidoqueen's egg group? Pic unrelated apparently I don't …[View]
45166732Male Hex Maniac.[View]
45179948Lurks among us[View]
45170630Missing Pokémon must have higher chances to get improvements or new forms in the next game. Change m…[View]
45177846Why is Gen 8 the first time no older gen characters had a cameo? Does no one want to visit Galar?[View]
45180427REMINDER - Any minute now[View]
45174669It's thursday so... fuck it tsareena thread[View]
45180152200 fucking speed are you fucking kidding me: ELECTRICHADS RISE UP![View]
45177606Guys I still haven't played the first DLC because I caught up with Genshin but now that no2 DLC…[View]
45172445/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45178558PSYDUCK MACAROONS: >psyduck macaroons >6 more hours till Tundra…[View]
45173253Guess their stat spreads: Before the datamine comes out today, let's guess these fuckers' …[View]
45180000Was playing Black 2 and some trainers wanted to double battle. Something interesting happened. I pic…[View]
45179834How would you buff Ariados competitively?[View]
45179736Favorite Pokemon?[View]
45175262Jesus christ this game looks like shit[View]
45178072Why are the only well-designed Pokemon of gen 8 all bug types?[View]
45177497It's about time Pokemon deviated from the traditional Water/Grass/Fire starting types. I propos…[View]
45178576My headcanon for the Pokemon world map. Discuss[View]
45175505name a worse fucking downgrade[View]
45176887Dragons, motherfucker: What's your favorite and least favorite Dragon Type? What do you enjoy m…[View]
45175302/vp/ Halloween Ghost-Off 2020 Round 4: Yesterday had a surge in participation, so thank you all for …[View]
45179433>You like those Orca balls, bitch? Yeah you do, you fucking Primal-less cunt!…[View]
45179311Pokémon home maintenance started: Lasts for 5 hour So 12pm est it releases I guess[View]
45173108Is it wrong to be attracted to a female silvally?[View]
45173576>slow start will be one of the very few abilities that neutralizing gas can't suppress >r…[View]
45168058Pokémon, /vp/ moments for this feel?[View]
45179470IS YOUR BODY REGI /VP/?: Well, is it /vp/?[View]
45179696Post Rare Leons: >This one is a cookie![View]
45179360Why do you guys pretend that Pokemon games aren't becoming easier?[View]
45175706>Unova gets a remake before Sinnoh: How would you feel if Unova got a remake before Sinnoh[View]
45166805CT OU prep thread: Post your Crown Tundra prep teams[View]
45178423Fuck this shit I'm not waiting any longer for this DLC I'm going to bed. Fuck all you nigg…[View]
45169967Guess who's back fuckers[View]
45170603Showderp: Goonbag edition: Welcome to Doomadgee, a community where alcohol is a black market commodi…[View]
45178836Spongebob quotes with a Pokemon: >I is one-hundred percant ma-male.…[View]
45174831Bros... How does this make you feel?[View]
45178629Most faggotest character in the anime.[View]
45178917Yo lads whats the password to the debug demo thing? I really want to test it out[View]
45177444>Hours away from faggots on this board pretending that literally my moms ice horse and MLP reject…[View]
45179370>Archer Pokemon >doesn't get Quiver Dance >doesn't get Thousand Arrows…[View]
45179001>is so shit that pokemon refuses to remake them and at the time they had to remake Gold and Silve…[View]
45179165>Sword/Shield are awful Th-the DLC will fix them! >Isle of Armor is awful M-maybe the next DLC…[View]
45178989Did japs board update this image already?[View]
45170206eww unovans are such hedonistic pigs[View]
45170468Why did pokemon designs become so shit after gen 3?[View]
45178640Do you buy Pokemon merch veepee?[View]
45178895small details you recently noticed: In pokemon platinum, most pokemon centres have trainers you can …[View]
45178175>men playing as the girl >comments along the lines of “haha, boys will be boys” or “wow, based…[View]
45178026Music from the debug rom?: Apparently early versions of the soundtrack were leaked, where can I hear…[View]
45177716>change battles to set >suddenly the game is harder how is this not the default option?…[View]
45177651IT'S OUT[View]
45165809On a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you for Crown Tundra? https://www.strawpoll.me/21139287[View]
45159796Can we have a thread for discussing romhacks and fangames? Not like /rheg/ where the focus is on dev…[View]
45177415What about it is defeatist? Why'd they do this to it? What happened? Is there an inside joke I…[View]
45176564This looks like the perfect starter mon for a rival. Just look at that piece of shit smug look. It…[View]
45178014Galarian Birds: What’s your opinions on them and your wishes[View]
4517343745 Mins: >to crown tundra[View]
45177873If Alakazam and Metagross are some of the smartest pokemon according to Pokedex entries which do you…[View]
45168295Infographics Thread: I really liked the last one so here we go again[View]
45176923Isn't CoT supposed to be released today?[View]
45178118I cant deal with this shit anymore I need the fucking DLC rigth now[View]
45177898what sort of autistic rules you impose to yourself during playthroughs? >can't repeat types …[View]
45176161>Thursday, October 22, 2020 @ 7:54 PM >Still no Crown Tundra…[View]
45174065WHERE'S THE DLC AT YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
451772014:22 pm here on the east coast and still no fucking Crown Tundra[View]
45173562New Merch: >Do you Buy?[View]
45173064Why did Gen 3 sell so badly? All the boomers here won't shut up about it[View]
45175153Why do I keep reading shit about horses on vp[View]
45173194IT'S OUT!![View]
45170625>1272 HP Thanks for the kaiju power, Eternatus.[View]
45177242This is my daughter!: She´s new in Town ! say something nice to her during this amazing gender revea…[View]
45176372Any leaks for their stats, moves etc?[View]
45175943ITT post trainers that fuck their Pokemon[View]
45156861/comfy/ routes[View]
45175651If there's an upper limit to how many Pokemon they could include why are people still mad?[View]
45176464Now that the dust has settled, would you say Gamefreak is even worse than EA?[View]
45177084>Pokemon Unite will have a shit roste- APOLOGIZE NOW[View]
45176964Stereotypes in the pokemon world: >Johtonians are manchildren that constantly produce and are obs…[View]
45174690A Small Rox[View]
45177762Are the DLC's better than the actual game?[View]
45171597>didn’t buy it >never will buy it >vindicated by GameFreak themselves The Gen 8 cocksuckers…[View]
45177652Is Crown Tundra Out yet?: >Im BOOOOORRREEEDDDAAAA[View]
45174223Do you think we have a Unova situation? As in, Gen 4 was great overall, then Gen 5 was a shitshow, a…[View]
45170617Shadowless: Is my charizard shadowless? Thanks[View]
45177533where is the crown tundra hello plz give me the crown tundra why do you hate me nintendo[View]
45177129GUYS! CHECK THE ESHOP![View]
45175180When I transfer all of my Pokémon to a new game do they still know it's me or do they think I a…[View]
45176928physical charizard be like[View]
45158619/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about…[View]
45135082/nuz/ Nuzlocke General: Previous: >>45048926 Nuzlocke info https://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX >N…[View]
45175553>not regivolt >not regisurge >not regishock >all of which are better than fucking regiel…[View]
45175636>mfw Pokemon peaked during Gen 7 God, I miss those days. The graphics weren't shit, Trials s…[View]
45175612BALLTISM THREAD: What are you guys gonna do?[View]
45176710>move one/1/uno/ein pokemon in the storage system >saving a lot of data…[View]
45168651Gamefreak is creating artificial scarcity with the returning legendary pokemon to incentivize home s…[View]
45173864Absol my precious baby! My treasured child! She's returned to us![View]
45172143HE'S BACK BABBYYYY[View]
45175845I was told Gamefreak shills Gen 1, yet my bro never returned.[View]
45176598CLAIM YOUR FAVORITE POKEMON NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvNGBGHhsAs https://www.youtube.com…[View]
45174286ITS OUT[View]
45170880why do these games have so many apologists despite somehow being even worse than gen 6 and 7?[View]
45108922/ef/ - Eevee Friday - Spooptober Edition: It's Friday, & you know what that means: Your reg…[View]
45171389Post your Favorite Pokemon, I'll start[View]
45169515Hallo/vp/een thread: Plaguemon is a romhack for Red/Blue made by an insane Italian. Features include…[View]
45174470How much better would Dusknoir be if Pain Split had priority?[View]
45175283/bbg/ - Beast Ball General: It's officially happening today. The full, glorious return of the B…[View]
45173109What's in this DLC?: 3 birds 2 regis All legendaries + UBs Some giant tree 100 Pokémon returni…[View]
45173630Sinnoh remake celebration thread: We won, bros[View]
45173305ppg leak thread part 8: girls just wanna have fun edition: ios-releases.tar.7z.001 >anonfiles()co…[View]
45174194THE LEAKS ARE CONFIRMED: Some twitch streamer apparently found a beta test for Pokémon sword and Shi…[View]
45175975Why Gen 1 was the best: Here are my reasons: - The lack of story & emphasis on freedom Hear me o…[View]
45172479Diamond and Pearl remake coming 2021: >Both Centro and Eclipse straight up said a new game is com…[View]
45175847the board seems livid about something? whats going on?[View]
45175337Welcome to[View]
45163740GAME FREAK LIED https://www.twitch.tv/zachycatgames[View]
45172369There's going to be some amazing new feature that hasn't been found by the dataminers Game…[View]
45175194That cantonese chinese tho[View]
45169645The roster came out[View]
45174937ITT claim your waifu while we wait for crown tundra claiming best girl[View]
45169335She's so perfect bros....: Why are Alolan women so perfect?[View]
45175487Hey Mimikyu! YOU'RE UGLEH![View]
45173829Ask-A-Prof!: Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Professor Acacia, and I am her…[View]
45174612Can TPC just stop bullying Pokémon and put it out of its misery once and for all?: I have grown tire…[View]
45172885Someone posted a comparison chart a few weeks ago.: How does it hold up idk?[View]
45174953If you can inject what’s the best way to finish sword story mode quickly?[View]
45163508Fuck: The beta today was the breaking point for me. I'm just not gonna buy any new Pokemon game…[View]
45173469>you can only pick one horse/ Regi[View]
45174731Imagine how cancerous Jirachi would've been if it became a Steel/Fairy type in Gen 6.[View]
45172693It’s 3PM. Why isn’t the update here?[View]
45170713I love Piloswine[View]
45171569Where are they going?[View]
45174464Are you taking your level 9 Salamence to the Crown Tundra?[View]
45172035can I switch my region if im an eurocuck so I can play the dlc on NA release?[View]
45173652Having a terrible day. Please post cute, comfy, soulful art or whatever. Related discussion is allow…[View]
45174299Bros, what time does it REALLY come out?[View]
45169589Today I will remind them[View]
45173740is CT going to bring back florges or is GF going to double down on its conscious decision to fuck me…[View]
45174355ITT post your bros: ITT post your bros coming to CT today![View]
45174439Obligatory Snom Thread: Everyone loves a good Snom thread, right? Post some Snom! Snom says to forge…[View]
45174338Crown Tundra fans right now.[View]
45156021Smogon OU DLC 2 Initial Tiers: >Everything unbanned >New busted mons unbanned >Fucking Kyur…[View]
45173825What's going to happen?[View]
45164933why did he do it?[View]
45162894Waifumon Appreciation Thread: Post your favorite and claim them quick![View]
45169800I made a sudowoodo with basic blender tools. I’m in the process of making a ludicolo with the new te…[View]
45174116>maintenance scheduled for 6pm PT on the 22nd >people thought it was 9am PT for the dlc, with …[View]
45173977.: anonfiles()com/Z2U4t6i4p7[View]
45173132If I wanted to complete the pokedex in Home (a daunting task, I know) where would I start? I have a …[View]
45172351Today is the day lads[View]
45172407It's his big day bros[View]
45157941>Ice Beam >Thunderbolt >Dazzling Gleam >Flash Cannon >Meteor Beam Fucking hell, how m…[View]
45171579Can't wait for Gen 9 to be in a region from BRAZIL[View]
45172121Who is your favorite Ghost Pokemon? Would you cuddle a ghost if you could?[View]
45171737It seems that today the beta of Pokémon Unite started in China[View]
45173582Hey anon...[View]
45172733>we developed swsh for old fans >we also removed most of the starters that these people starte…[View]
45172044ITT: Mermaids[View]
45170373Mystery Dungeon is the shit, why don't they make a mobile game of it?[View]
45173502>Gen8 shinies eh, ok, another one for the pile >Gen3 shinies *heavenly chorus*…[View]
45156346How did we go from this..[View]
451731475 Minutes[View]
45173196This board is such a shitshow right now. I think it might even be worse than /v/.[View]
45170006Here he comes.[View]
45166133So /vp/, since it enrages you so much, surely you must know what Stall is and are capable of describ…[View]
45167663Is it realistic to ever expect Roxie to appear in future media? It was a lucky break she even got in…[View]
45164319the debug only has 20 pokemon lmao[View]
45172108>entire region can't beat a single Charizard that is 4x weak to rock imagine being a Galaria…[View]
45172935It still hurts.[View]
45163354>'Anon, how come you haven't come to the cafe in a while now? There's a big Halloween e…[View]
45173056>has a flying pokemon >keeps getting lost is Galar truly the region of retards and brainlet pe…[View]
45172892Do you all have any experience trading Pokémon from a hacked switch to a stock switch? If I do local…[View]
45172063Pokémon Investing: Which sets should I be stacking now so I can retire in 10-20 years. Or will the O…[View]
45171813We were robbed[View]
45167394ppg leak thread part 7: 7 Men on the court: ios-releases.tar.7z.001 >anonfiles()com/Xa5dk9gbp1 io…[View]
45166585It has been 7 GODDAMN YEARS since we got a new Eeveelution.[View]
45172714the correct order to play the franchise Fire red Emerald Platinum White Hearthgold stop playing[View]
45158199These are the Ubers that are dropping/starting in OU once CT drops.[View]
45170174Leave Landor to me.[View]
45166101Was Greninja Leon's ace originally?[View]
45172018Do you like Bede?[View]
45164612Is this canon?[View]
45172221How much time lefts to play CoT?[View]
45160698Falinks thread. Post what you got of the based Spartans.[View]
45169792>252 Atk Choice Band Sneasel Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Landorus-Therian: 1044…[View]
45164227...people are just gonna swallow it whole huh? Not gonna even question how a supposed debug mode loo…[View]
45169294/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: Dawn is the best in the game edition >What is Pokémon Masters…[View]
45171039/b/eta pics & sources thread: Post all here[View]
45168591tick tock VGCUCKS[View]
45171264fill in the blanks: 'May has a Giant __'[View]
45172309Does anyone know what will be the exclusive pokemon of each version in Crown of tundra?[View]
45171643> I found a Black Kyurem in the GTS Wait! Thats illegal[View]
45171604CULT CLASSIC[View]
45170579pokeboys should only kiss pokeboys. Discuss.[View]
45172151You are challenged by Pokemon League Champion Guzma![View]
45172106>leave trees with honey >go to sleep >wake up >not a single combee the sinnoh experience…[View]
45164119remember to love your pokemon[View]
45169007New picture from beta: Show casing dynamax[View]
45169291>the importer broke >tpci forced them to do it >it was a last moment choice >fake leak …[View]
45168410They released a 9th wallpaper with Urshifu and Kubfu, so I guess we'll get a 10th with Calyrex …[View]
45168158I was wondering if it were possible to have other Pokemon job types instead of just trainer. I mean,…[View]
45171170Show me Poke Kino![View]
45170780Looking for the 2 horses image withous watermaks and Calyrex. Can anyone help me? Thanks[View]
45166752National Dex: >Full Pokemon Go -> Home support Gamefreak is probably going to put the full nat…[View]
45171652When will it be available?[View]
45171294I didn't defend and won't defend GF, but this is yet another demonstration of how, most of…[View]
45171598The only good thing to come out of Gen 8[View]
45168038>anything negative comes out >shills are pic related even with all the evidence backing you ag…[View]
45170905>Moved bro onto home thinking Ill be able to transfer him somewhere later >Dexcut >Bro now …[View]
45171635w-where are they going?[View]
45166555Braixenmod, you are the prettiest mod in all of 4chan![View]
45169953What did she mean?[View]
45168520R8 my transmission tower mon. Also, how should colour it?[View]
45161270ITT Pokemon that fuck their trainers[View]
45166538Thoughts on Machamp?[View]
45166856When will they delete fucking Pressure and give Mewtwo a REAL ability, like something on par with Mu…[View]
45171271Why is the beta version always better than the final version?[View]
45165714I believe firmly that the leaks are fakes. There is no way that a peruvian pokeblog gets the HOME da…[View]
45148991Liza thread[View]
45162224HE WILL HAVE GREATER THAN 50 SPEED: If we all believe it, we will see it to be true tomorrow.[View]
45170569Pokémon games shouldn't have a set release. They should just be released whenever they're …[View]
45170096ITT Trainers that fuck their Pokemon[View]
45165850>remove pokemon and megas already in the code >lie to people about balance, which was obviousl…[View]
45159762LESS THAN 24 HOURS FOR THE SLEEPING GIANTS TO AWAKEN. Whether you're playing CT or not, I hope…[View]
45161547We're still due for a feminine grass waifu starter.[View]
45168791>'Beta' has rough low poly environments that are clearly nowhere near finished and only 20 pokemo…[View]
45166342Suppose that for whatever reason Smogon were to implement an item clause, how fucked would the meta …[View]
45170783Is it too much to hope that she'll remain in OU?[View]
45170011Pokemon Nicknamed Game Characters Thread (Including Digimon and Vocaloid)): Tifa Lockhart[View]
45168167So, uh, just about everything else has leaked How does this fucker's shiny form look?[View]
45170591>About 200 pokemon added with each DLC >About 200 pokemon remaining cut after CT Why the hell …[View]
45170131bro thread.: post 'em.[View]
45166391sorry for cringe: I... I refuse. I won't accept that hype! Its because of Hype that this whole …[View]
45166941>reusing scrapped regional variant designs now[View]
45168378I like this bird.[View]
45162266showpinche: hi this is showpinche. give pinche(champ) 6 berries to eat on showdown laddre when curre…[View]
45170071>Its 2020 (almost 2021) and Dragoncels STILL think that Dragon is a good typing. Sorry Incels, Fa…[View]
45169337as shit as this game is, i'm excited for her tomorrow. anyone else feel the same?[View]
45165735ITT: Defend Dex-cut: Tell me why Dex-cut was necessary. I want to be able to see at all the argument…[View]
45169033Toxtricity was gonna be this gen lucario[View]
45169940>Sonic gots the most valuable prototypes ever >Mario gets a bunch of devshit leaked >Pokeym…[View]
45170081Favorite Pika-clone, GO[View]
45166503The Gen 6 Doubles OU Smogon set for Dragonite that just absolutely fucking shits on it. https://www.…[View]
45169856w-what things do you mean, kahili?[View]
45169935Pokémon fandom hypocrisy: >famdom talking about the games: NOOOOOO you can't hate SwSh, they…[View]
45157937*ruins your evolution line*[View]
45164090>romhack or fangame >sudowoodo is grass type >flygon is bug/dragon…[View]
45166499>ywn live in johto[View]
45169311'Why... Why did you cut half of the pokemon from the game just to sell half of those back?' To measu…[View]
45169416>C-CROWN TUNDRA DROPS TOMORROW why would they drop the DLC a week in advance fags?…[View]
45169804Its gonna be a shitmon isn't it?[View]
45168532I believe swsh was originally a 3ds game: Not only did Ishihara think the switch would fail, but the…[View]
45167985ITT: we wait for crown tundra: Well were is it? is almost kind of 2 hours or less until tomorrow,in …[View]
45161243Trainer Card Thread: Anyone else looking forward to the customization options CT is going to bring t…[View]
45169198Pokémon Yellow taught me to hate. I thought I hated before Yellow's existence, but I realize th…[View]
45160837/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters? A mobile Pokémon game that's r…[View]
45167256A NEW HOPE: since we have even more proof that gamefreak is jewish does that mean that there's …[View]
45167738Are Hoenn starters back?[View]
45167496Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield taught me to hate. I thought I hated before Sword and Shield’s exis…[View]
45166916IR-Calyrex (Lance included)[View]
45167110'It's just a kids game bro': I just realized children would probably appreciate non shitty idle…[View]
45163418Do you consider Marill a Pikaclone?[View]
45169063Gratitude: Meet Shaymin, the gratitude pokemon. Otherwise known as the opposite of vp[View]
45165055post your failed shinymon that it's gonna be fixed tommorrow lads[View]
45169009So, fellow SwShchads, we are in the final day of the Isle of Armor and are now moving onto the Crown…[View]
45168938Dunsparce thread? Dunsprace Thread[View]

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