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/vp/ - Pokémon

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53548845How can I get in check with Procyon and Deneb update?[View]
53548809uh g-guys was i supposed to update the poke transporter before the eshop went down[View]
53548383>Dragon Dance is an egg move instead of level up or a tutor Why did they do us like this Feraliga…[View]
53548349Does anyone have a guide or something to where to find all the pokemon in clover?[View]
53548217>Italy region in the future >City of Venice >It won't be named or have anything to do …[View]
53548311where can i dump these?: its about 50. mostly swsh, a few celebrations[View]
53548083Do you really think they'll address the real origin of Paradox Pokemon on the DLCs? Prepare to …[View]
53546889How autistic are you with your living dex? What does your collection look like?[View]
53545046She won[View]
53547704>Fighting/Dragon->Fire/Dragon >Collision Course becomes Fire-type >gains access to Earth…[View]
53547269Mechanically flawed as it might be, Megas were the most appealing as a gimmick. Maybe it would be mo…[View]
53535938/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: End of Rising Heroes Rocket Rotation Edition >Pokémon GO Event Info h…[View]
53546532Im missing five Pokemon to complete my Home pokedex >Meloetta >Hoopa >Volcanion >Marshad…[View]
53549323Mentally ill judge bans Child from event: Judge bans Child from TCG tourney over pronouns. This is w…[View]
53531060/TCC/ - Trading Card Collectors General Simisear Vstar GG37 from Crown Zenith Edition Previous: >…[View]
53545912What generation do you dislike the most when it comes to the gameplay itself?: Could you elaborate w…[View]
53547887>evolutionary line is depicted as child predators in all of its main appearances…[View]
53547587So, gliscor is from Johto?[View]
53546803Why can't my pokemon be gendered they/them? When will gamefreak stop being bigots?[View]
53542615Was this the best or the worst thing to happen to nuzlockes?[View]
53546676>My team? Mewtwo, Mega Fug, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus[View]
53545669Now that the dust has settled: >Mega Rayquaza >pre nerf Zacian >Miraidon Who is really the …[View]
53547724Why does Iono never become popular outside of chinkland , when zoomers eat streamers like breakfast?[View]
53546810What ball you using ?[View]
53547875i like spidops[View]
53526098/tcg/ Trading Card Game General: Psychic King Edition Previous Thread: >>53478657 Info: https:…[View]
53547008I can't believe you bought me, anon.[View]
53547316This made millennials shit their pants in 2007.[View]
53536753Why is this still the greatest Pokemon game ever made?[View]
53547604i hate them so much: i am so glad we never have to see them again[View]
53546767oi anon, ya kept me waitin[View]
53544053This is the only legendary trio that hasn't received any new forms/members/gimmicks. Discuss.[View]
53545294Do you guys like Eevee?[View]
53546056SV uses ATB combat. How would that work?[View]
53545025Red? Stronger than Ethan.[View]
53543318/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Yandere Serena Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55…[View]
53544756>You are walking down the sidewalk in a busy urban metropolis >You stumble upon a restaurant. …[View]
53545367Buff Reshiram: Why do Gamefreak always favor one pokemon over the other? Reshiram is bottom tier in …[View]
53545819UNDEFEATED: Ashybois wish they could be this good.[View]
53546715Why Pokémon don't think of getting married and making babies instead of being slaves to humans …[View]
53532759/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more poi…[View]
53545707Why does everybody in the manga look inbred? I want to read Pokemon Adventures, but the godawaful st…[View]
53544193Which Pokemon fangame has the best writing?: I've had to drop so many fangames with great mecha…[View]
53537463/wfg/ - wi-fi general Fat Pidgey edition battle/inject/multi Finally battling with all of those mons…[View]
53544993Gamefreak should give Pokemon its own console. A 3DS with TV dock that can play from RBY to SV. With…[View]
53546793Long hair or short hair?[View]
53546072>Games with Dragon-type mascots are good >Games without Dragon-type mascots are bad Wow who …[View]
53544619I want to play this game. I don't want to shell out 1600 dollars for it. Is there any solution?…[View]
53543672Got my kid a bulk set of Pokémon from online but I can’t figure out this one can anyone help[View]
53546560why would vaporeon do this?[View]
53545585Killing villains is always morally correct[View]
53546186i just found out Nintendo doesn't own Pokemon or GameFreak[View]
53546703>opponents last pokemon has sucker punch with full pp >your last pokemon is within range of su…[View]
53535117Post Pokémon looking smug.[View]
53545931Music that made you mute the game: Pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9qzH58HtHM&ab_ch…[View]
53546585I love these fuckin mice[View]
53543911Based Oshawott[View]
53546510Those who think turn based combat is outdated, what SHOULD the combat look like then according to yo…[View]
535423832 MORE WEEKS! coping aside, why the fuck is this always the last thing to be implemented MONTHS afte…[View]
53545170obscure pokemon media: today I found out there have been special pokemon planetarium episodes since …[View]
53541728Trainer Class: What is your favorite trainer class?[View]
53542610What is your very first Pokemon memory. I think mine was when I was about 11 years old. Me and my fa…[View]
53544611Fucking ugly piece of shit looking design. Whoever designed this thing deserve to lose their job and…[View]
53538590Looking good, Vulpix.[View]
53544117Is this based or cope?[View]
53544917I've been avoiding this for years but I'm about to play it. What am I in for?[View]
53491528Marnie: Marnie? Marnie![View]
53543118These are the 8 cutest/most aesthetically pleasing pokemon in each gen. Fight me.[View]
53542643Competitive help: I wanna get into competitive pokemon but know next to nothing. Any advice for a go…[View]
53546045This completely unedited video is miles more entretaining than any video-goyslop most popular Poketu…[View]
53543373what are your thoughts on Meganium?[View]
53544854So what is speculated to happen after the 40 day PokeBank trial?: Are they gonna start charging agai…[View]
53542405Theory: Gen 5 was supposed to be based in China: I've always found it strange that the main leg…[View]
53545930I miss him already bros :([View]
53543056pic unrelated is transporter bug fixed yet?[View]
53544087My Blastoise in Blue soloed the entire game. >Icebeam FRZ and the sound it made was the coolest …[View]
53543422Well, this sucks[View]
53545102i like how you can see her ass in this sprite[View]
53498196Green Thumb: A thread dedicated to Bug and Grass types. Art/screencaps/fakemon/etc.[View]
53540256Pokémon 'Warm Winter' and Pokémon 'Cold Summer': Hello. I have information about the 10th generation…[View]
53545136Porygon?: More like Poryhedron![View]
53545134>twitter normies hate it >reddit hates it >/vp/ hates it Has there ever been a single Pokem…[View]
53545664N: Does he represent truth or ideals?[View]
53544995>yfw you're a PKhex chad[View]
53545636Haha! What do you guys think?[View]
53540068/vp/ was is your favorite pokemon rom hack/fan game?[View]
53543446Masuda's Magnum Opus Remake is next And probably for Switch Pro or some better hardware[View]
53544041I hate all nu-mons. They look retarded. They look soulless. They are a joke.[View]
53544693>lots of shady shit goes down at oaks lab, frank. This place is like a prison. >like Pokémon g…[View]
53544891>Sword and Shield beat Gold and Silver making it the second best selling games in the series behi…[View]
53541953Still the cutest Pokémon in 2023+[View]
53539760>hero becomes the villain[View]
53543488what are your thoughts on Chestnaught?[View]
53541117Is this a bad design?[View]
53544773Daily CHADgroon thread[View]
53542605Day 49 of searching for shiny ralts on route 102 in pokemon gen 3. I am now using two games in two m…[View]
53544943This is the Best SV Mechanic , but I miss PLA kaiju sizes[View]
53541886>yeah bro just run the original midis through some free orchestral vsts and call it a day lmao…[View]
53533808PRAISE ALLAH! GameFreak actually fixed the PokeTransporter![View]
53544816Why is your mom so fucking hot?[View]
53541373Can he defeat Ash in a pokemon battle?[View]
53543350>my new copies of Emerald and Platinum arrive tomorrow Can't wait to play games from good Po…[View]
53543181>Ability is just better version of Drought Groudon has no niche at all anymore…[View]
53544859it's over[View]
53543552I forgot the3ds eshop was shutting down. Can I still get Pokébank?[View]
53540333Liko Thread: Post Liko, discuss Likokino[View]
53542190leaks: >region is based on france >starters evolve into a generic rpg class theme >chespin …[View]
53543013>be B2W2 >be an objective improvement of the first games in every single way >the definitiv…[View]
53543413When does a Pokemon cease to exist?[View]
53543844>zoomers struggle to beat Whitney Lmao. Webm is how they basically run into the fight.…[View]
53544543Thoughts on the Gunk?[View]
53544447>STILL liking golem[View]
53539513Hi, i like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear![View]
53541134only a south american themed region can save pokemon[View]
53540812I, for one, welcome our new brown shota.[View]
53544464How can any other girl compete?[View]
53542313Pokémon Home Update Releases on 4-5 Supported Pokémon (May contain Pokémon from events, like in-game…[View]
53542340Is pokémon clover still getting updated and if it is can I transfer my save from an older version to…[View]
53540469Perfect to be engorged <3 Can't wait for a special episode about weight gain featuring Roy[View]
53542659Can someone help me evolve my Finizen pls?: Can someone help me evolve my Finizen pls? Link code is …[View]
53542755So there plan was to have Zacian and Zamazenta run wild, and this would somehow convince the entire …[View]
53543893A story about the best paldean starters[View]
53543945What's the strategy for this sexy pokemon.[View]
53543856Can anyone help me find which BW anime episode this is from? I tried everything I could think of and…[View]
53543431Fuck shit shit: God damn it. I have to have the characters for the live action pokemon movie by tomo…[View]
53481175Goh / Gou / Go Appreciation Thread #3: Let's go again and share what we love about Goh! Post an…[View]
53538520/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Roy Who? Edition >Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UT…[View]
53540450>Larrika has a constant stream of art from Japanese artists >virtually none from the West. a f…[View]
53543812best het ship[View]
53539953>the only two attractive girls of these awful games Pokemon is declining.…[View]
53539869Lana: I liked it when she baited and tricked me into her challenge in SM. Why did they remove it fro…[View]
53543061Kalos… Home…[View]
53543808gee, I sure am thirsty[View]
53535765Starters just keep getting worse for no reason[View]
53542656I think their extra Ground typing via evolution was more punishing than rewarding[View]
53541410Bea is the apex of pokegirl design[View]
53543647I am getting an error of 006-1602 when I try to run Pokebank. Am I banned?[View]
53540534Slaking: Buff him so he becomes UU at least[View]
53539576still waiting for a god tier fangame[View]
53537875/vp/'s MS Paint Deluxe Day 117: When It Rains Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a q…[View]
53543510>lives rent free in every anon's head How does he do it?[View]
53543086N: Was it autism?[View]
53533874/pgdg/ - PokeGoddess General #101: Kneel. Worship. Obey. Quiz: https://uquiz.com/QgKBlE[View]
53542776DAILY REMINDER: GayFrick in their infinite wisdom have essentialy created a sun made of water that…[View]
53540322>Puts the best and worst girl in the same game[View]
53541928Did any regions ever feel unsettling or 'off' to you? I started with Platinum and when I g…[View]
53542915Rate my shirt[View]
53542028>get back from rehab >check smogon tiers to see what's up >cyclizar is banned Wtf, why…[View]
53542671Why does this gen have so many bird Pokemon?[View]
53537583What is your favorite pokemon and what do you like about them?[View]
53541601What should have been: If Charmander was #1 instead of Bulba the Charizard shilling would feel more …[View]
53540220>starts gen vi >creates the best multiplayer feature in the franchise's history >refus…[View]
53542647>What do you mean I canMt come with you to the next games? I wasn’t even from this game I jumped …[View]
53540519>ends up being the popular character with the least annoying fans[View]
53540825What other Pokémon got screwed because of mechanics being removed?[View]
53537131Who are the most challenging Gym Leaders in the series? For me it's Grant, his Pokemon have sur…[View]
53542119Post specific instances where Game Freak really dropped the ball and left you disappointed.[View]
53449746/nuz/ - Nuzlocke and Challenge Run General: UNOVA Edition >What are you running? >How are you …[View]
53542039>Pointlessly change the tilesets for no fucking reason Why do rom hackers do it, bros?…[View]
53535521>nu-genners are so desperate to defend their dogshit starters they are trying to convincr everyon…[View]
53539731Surprised I’m not seeing more Tera normal hyper beam builds of this mon[View]
53541943>Damn, can't think of a good name for this Pokemon. Maybe I should ask someone else. >HEY…[View]
53539706He doesn’t get enough credit[View]
53539704M rated Pokemon: I just started playing Pokemon Violet, my first game since Silver. But I can'…[View]
53540819What's your favourite area in a Pokémon game? For me it's all the routes surrounding Fortr…[View]
53541902I feek so sorry for the fem trainers, ending up in extemely disgusting anon's fantaies.[View]
53540126why are there so many cool normals in gen 3 to choose between? slaking, emo zangoose, tauros, kangas…[View]
53540641What would the typical chad’s team be?[View]
53531894So this basically proves time travel absolutely true[View]
53529715Has your favorite Pokemon ever received a new form, evolution, or some type of variant? Do you like …[View]
53541611MASTERSBROS?: >https://support.pokemon.com/hc/en-us Every single modern pokemon product is there.…[View]
53540515Why do Seviper and Zangoose hate each other?[View]
53541061>Conclusive proof suicune evolved from a dinosaur: Why do we still argue? It time traveled, the g…[View]
53535634Well?: When did you realize Pokemon was dead?[View]
53530663Ayo based vaporeon[View]
53541602He better learn Tidy Up when he comes back[View]
53539278Why is it (the emo thing) looking at (You) like that?[View]
53540803Zinnia (Galarian Form)[View]
53537962Why choose Feraligatr when I can get Gyarados, lapras, poliwrath, politoad, starmie, mantine? Why ch…[View]
53503334Altoshipping / General Latias Love Thread: Thread #15 - End of an Era edition >Livestream link ht…[View]
53541243Skelebros....we can't stop winning![View]
53539341I get it, the future Paradox mons are artificially created and the 'paintless' versions are a refere…[View]
53539433This is mine…[View]
53532867who's your ace?[View]
53540044If you could give one Pikaclone and evolution, which one would you pick?[View]
53540150Fakemonthread: Post fakemons you personally like, preferably from unused type combinations. also r8 …[View]
53538830drunk fucks[View]
53540266why cant my autism let me enjoy Pokemon? Spent 4 days reseting for a good nature/iv starter. But now…[View]
53528650I will never get over the fact that the ending to Ash's story was literally the 'Maybe the real…[View]
53535083My Starter trio: So this is the starter trio for my Pacific Northwest-based region. They’re themed a…[View]
53540137when did they start adding encounter dates in Pokemon? Like what's the earliest date you could …[View]
53539866Ghost Eevee: /r/equesting a ghost eevee with that ghost+skeleton theme going on like pic related.…[View]
53540843These 2 Pokemon somehow manage to work /vp/ into a massive shoot.[View]
53540759>They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor. Ho…[View]
53534534Has it been forgotten?[View]
53538868This is how convergent species should have been done.[View]
53540612Battle Facilities: Which game has the best battle facilities? Bonus points if it features rental Pok…[View]
53540294Had Transporter downloaded from then Bank was free, but all my DS games are homebrewed. Is there any…[View]
53540533>works zoomers into a SEETHING shoot How can one gator be so based?[View]
53537323gen 3 pokemon: the year is 2001 and you are making the new pokemon games, ruby and sapphire early in…[View]
53536347Day 48 of searching for a shiny ralts on route 102 in gen 3. 56,358 random encounters so far. I real…[View]
53537619Because he had an undefeated military record, if they ever go for an 'undefeated Champion' archtype …[View]
53536885What if pokemon had a good game?[View]
53538543beta mons: do some of yalls want to draw what you think these unreleased pokemon coulda looked like…[View]
53538771>set up Ryujinx to play Violet >realize once again that i only like two (2) pokemon lines alon…[View]
53537560Flareon has no moves.[View]
53536245Why Nemona never got any staying power unlike Lillie and Marnie did?[View]
53539905God-tier fangame: Still waiting for a godtier Pokemon fangame that appeals to both the wholesome and…[View]
53538060I'm gonna throw out some ideas for new Pokewalker areas because I really want a new Pokéwalker …[View]
53537947Zoomers, Latinx and trannies hate Charizard. Why?[View]
53537963Deserve evolution's: jynx - more sexy please pinsir - gold/silver beta masked pinsir weezing - …[View]
53539159Iris' Haxorus is stronger than Cynthia's Garchomp.[View]
53531725/pmdg/: Mt. Steel edition: Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Previous thre…[View]
53536014my trans magical girl ace[View]
53530564/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General: >What is Pokémon Masters EX? A mobile Pokémon game that'…[View]
53538791What can they do to justify having version differences outside of having exclusive Pokémon and a few…[View]
53538061They could have given us soul but didnt[View]
53538378>almost 20 years later >still mogs every other post-game to death How did they do it?…[View]
53537781when is my wife coming back?[View]
53539643BDSP seal background?: Hey guys does anyone know where the seal picture frames for the stats trainer…[View]
53538531>Co-worker starts talking about Pokemon[View]
53539369>imagination theory[View]
53539125this cat is the best please cats become real!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
53539625Now this is what a good croc/alligator starter design looks like[View]
53537996bnuuy: Spinda is a bunny. I can understand it was meant to be a 'red panda' but I will never not see…[View]
53538939>Iwata: 'So it’s not simply a remake of Gold and Silver?' >Ishihara: 'We were very greedy with…[View]
53534000Why does the fanbase have shit taste?[View]
53537688So you want to be a plant huh little bitch? Ok. I'll bring you the water. How's this? Oh, …[View]
53536248Which starters are the most fun to use in a playthrough of each gen?[View]
53537810What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
53533303Ash runs a gauntlet against his manga counterparts He is only allowed to use each of his Pokemon onc…[View]
53538819competitive help: Haihai I wanna get into pokemmo competitive but I know next to nothing about it. W…[View]
53537778How are they gonna handle her in SV?[View]
53539262*gulp gulp gulp*[View]
53536585post badass art i've got a lot of comfy stuff but i'm lacking in the cool department ill s…[View]
53538753ITT we post nobody's favorite Pokemon.[View]
53538692*is the best pseudo* how does she do it?[View]
53535028Home is now a prison where your exclusive pokemon (like ash-greninja or other pokemon with event exc…[View]
53538521Why do we like this pokemon again?[View]
53535569Post your bro after lunch[View]
53535395Didn't know these games had soul[View]
53538804>Incineroar used pay day >coins scattered everywhere >Gholdengo got depressed over not bei…[View]
53533625should I play pokemon Crystal or silver/heartgold in ds?[View]
53537079>is so unbelievably boring that everyone just talks about walking wake instead…[View]
53536674Gen 2 to 3: Transferring kino is back on the menu, bros! https://youtu.be/3-EKe_lQREY[View]
53538122Do you guys think we will ever get a proper Latinx region? (One that isn't Unova)[View]
53536979BIGGEST vs SMALLEST pokemon sizes: Part 2 of my scarlet/violet Size Comparison videos: https://youtu…[View]
53538479Sword and Shield would’ve been much better if the main plot was focused on the revisionist boogaloo …[View]
53533978/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: They Saved Tracey For Last Edition >Livestream link (Fr…[View]
53536952Its funny to me how Marnie never had any staying power.[View]
53536327>Shut up zoomer! Gen 1 and Gen 2 follow the same design philosoph-[View]
53536262Are we getting new paradoxes and regional forms or just some new legendaries and the terastal forms …[View]
53533160I’ve come to make an announcement: Gomenasai-ya[View]
53528402Spiritual Serenades: Post art of Ghost/Psychic/Fairy types. Screenshots, memes, fakemons are also va…[View]
53534103I was ready to accept that GF could never again create a cool starter mon, but my bro here is the be…[View]
53537714Reminder that Ash's Lucario owns Cynthia as a sex slave now after her embarrassing loss. She is…[View]
53538159Paldea's greatest fear.[View]
53535616Happy Chewsday, /vp/[View]
53536177Why does TheTopTens hate Serena from the anime so much?[View]
53530135Why does GF hate water type starters?[View]
53535244So what happens when Nintendo cuts ALL online services for good? They're not gonna keep Bank ru…[View]
53538054Perfect to be engorged <3 Can't wait for a special episode about weight gain featuring Roy.[View]
53538015Acerola is so beautiful[View]
53534999I've played Pokemon for almost 2 decades but I've never found a shiny pkmn other than stor…[View]
53511568/shw/ - Shiny Hunt Weekend: >What are you hunting? >What game? >What method? >Any recent…[View]
53536060>get to use a well designed set of starters instead of being forced to use nu-shit why didn'…[View]
53536314Do you think we'll ever get well designed dungeons like this again?[View]
53537030Yo, is dis FR? No cap? If true thats tight AF famalam! XY is absolutely goated in the sauce my dude,…[View]
53531809/vp/'s MS Paint Deluxe Day 116: Mimic Me Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a quick …[View]
53535193>write a character so dumb he tries to larp as cassiopeia >we see through his clive disguise v…[View]
53536921What did GF mean by this, imaginationbros? I cannot IMAGINE a way to explain it![View]
53536798Just got out of 100 days of rehab, how's comp looking?[View]
53531934As of right now. The only Pokemon games that are legally available are the Switch era games. And eve…[View]
53535326Greninja is more popular than Char-: OH NONONONO NARUTO BROS![View]
53532469>Here's your gym, Bro.[View]
53526851When was the last time a Pokemon game had direct reference to prior games and a semblance of where s…[View]
53537554the rivals duo are up[View]
53531281Timefags are sleeping, imagination friends report in[View]
53535808Bank's closed, sucker: Thanks for the money. Currently having a laugh deleting all your data. …[View]
53537421STILL THE BEST 2019[View]
53535289Will the English dub bother to give her a Spanish accent? The anime didn't give anyone in Galar…[View]
53536148Gholdengo would like to remind you that all this shit going on with the eshop locking you out of 3DS…[View]
53532317Post pokemon moms[View]
53521290There's no excuse for this character's existence other than sex appeal.[View]
53532309Friendly reminder that if you get the message 'Invalid moving key' at the time of transfer…[View]
53537136ITT we discuss why Lillie is the only pokemon girl with staying power. It's pretty funny to me.[View]
53536041I apologize for being the first one to post this here recently played gen 2 again and I love it[View]
53535942What are some ways they could improve/streamline the overall gameplay?[View]
53532049I have your transfer answers as I had a 3ds that was subscribed to bank before the closure and one t…[View]
53532300I kind of like Iron Treads. What about you?[View]
535319103D was a mistake. The soulful sprites of the Ranger series was the way to go.[View]
53468708Gardevoir and Ralts Line Thread: It's the weekend, so you know what time it is! That's rig…[View]
53536598why are there so many cool normals in gen 3 to choose between? slaking, emo zangoose, tauros, kangas…[View]
53537909I believe this is the undeniable Pokegirls tier list[View]
53532663Make a team with your fav mons[View]
53535051How do you feel about Pokémon based on modern concepts/objects?[View]
53534752eShop is down, Bank is free, I can finally bring her HOME[View]
53535923Which Pokemon gives the best head?[View]
53536095what happened to pokemon?[View]
53530540Perfect to be engorged <3 Can't wait for a special episode about weight gain featuring Roy.[View]
53536406Best gen 8 game: not up for debate[View]
53536581>Only gets you early game shitmons Say something nice about this '''useful''' feature…[View]
53535134Welp, look like they ran out of shillmons to put in raids. Also >giving it the worst tera type in…[View]
53525882Showderp: Kecleon Edition: Land of the Show, home of the Derp dogars.org play.dogars.org derp.show h…[View]
53535020Does anyone else uses the trademon from NPCs?: I know I steamrolled Black with my Dresselia and Toge…[View]
53536164They will get Collision Course/Electro Drift next gen[View]
53536348In the sea, earth and air![View]
53533058Thought you all would like this.[View]
53523514Lucky Larry.....[View]
53536011competitive help: Haihai I never played pokemon growing up but I have enjoyed playing through pokemm…[View]
53534839Place your bets, which gen6+ mon will get the first cross gen evo?[View]
53535459With the obvious exception of Porygon, Beldum is the Pokémon who was absent from the anime for the l…[View]
53535125*sigh* what could have been...[View]
53531628So what made them so special that they got two formes?[View]
53517385/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: GO Battle Day: Palmer Edition >Pokémon GO Event Info https://pokemong…[View]
53522308Fakemon Thread: Post any fakemon you find cool, fakemon you made yourself or just discuss them!…[View]
53531457For what purpose?[View]
53534500Only game where you don't have a console in your room this is why the game is ass[View]
53535226Why does /vp/ call OU a 'Fanfic Meta' when here are actual fanfic metas right here?[View]
53535160Who is inside the ball?[View]
53527005ITT we fix Pokemon designs.[View]
53526106Did you remember to download PokeTransporter, Pokémon Bank, and the Sun and Moon demo?[View]
53534194I'm looking for a certain reaction image. It's of Ho-oh but it's a badly drawn Ho-oh …[View]
53534615So this pretty much ended up being right before the game even came out[View]
53535338The J-Pop Idol Pokemon.[View]
53535138Unaware thread: I love this fucker. And his melanistic cousin too. Post Sires. Croc, Doof and Don ca…[View]
53535241Your thoughts on elegantmons?[View]
53530872Post Marley: I just wanna say that my favorite movie is now John Wick 4. Post Marley.[View]
53535253Is Pokemon SV the closest there is so far to having a pokemon friend?[View]
53534893literally impossible to catch in emerald, been at it tossing ultra balls on him at low hp for 2 hour…[View]
53531763Just admit that this scene made you shit and cum in your pants. No other battle in the series has co…[View]
535319743DS Mourning Thread: The 3DS Eshop has died, mourn it's death here.[View]
53534696roy's fuecoco is female?: when and where was this even stated?[View]
53534992was SWSH meant for 3DS?: and if so, would they retroactively be better games? >3ds semi open map …[View]
53531339How bad is Episode 1 going to be?[View]
535292041)Your age 2)Which Gen did you start with? 3)Best memory you had of that Gen I'm 24 and I start…[View]
53532425ayo dis nigga uhhgly: UGG LEE![View]
53528226Trainer Fashion: ITT Post & Rate Drip Gens 6 -> 9[View]
53530724Why didn't Pokemon GBA titles have the same hard work?[View]
53534917Realistically how many Pikachu do you think it would take to overwhelm Thor?[View]
53532531What's your dream Pokemon game?[View]
53534390Wait... something's not right... What is it bros?[View]
53533299GameFreak has to be the scummiest, laziest, most fucking incompetent COCK SUCKING company in the ind…[View]
53532442So how will new X and Y players not get the Lumiose city save glitch now that they cant install the …[View]
53526570Zapdos is only 5 feet tall. And here I thought this was a giant bird, like 20-30 feet tall. At least…[View]
53529714I like BW for its unique backstory[View]
53534634Would you feed your 'friend' petslop from a dog bowl?[View]
53528254Which is the highest quality/most polished pokemon fangame/romhack with a new region?[View]
53530759Pokemon you have tried to like?: Been playing since the start and there are very few designs I activ…[View]
53534658amourkino appreciation thread: very tasteful bittersweet ship, this girl did major damage to her com…[View]
53534438>Base stats 540 >Split medium Pain brothers…[View]
53525478Obscure Lost Media: Post Lost Pokemon Media >There is a never released build of Pokemon Battle Re…[View]
53530818So. You bought it anyway?[View]
53534396Will it return in the SV DLC?[View]
53508232/ef/ Eevee Friday: Free hug edition[View]
53531883ITT: designs that are ALMOST perfect, but just didn't stick the landing for you[View]
53529978Favorite dog Pokémon?[View]
53532832Why would they give her a cleavage window and then not draw any cleavage? Not even a coomer this jus…[View]
53524813Brazil region...[View]
53534312ITT: Positive Pokemon memories and parents: >Bringing this back as it's been a while and I…[View]
53533156MonkeyMon: Only chads allowed. Who is showing up?[View]
53532976Now that the eShop is dead, this will never be fixable again. Goes to show how important proper play…[View]
53532891Heheheheh... ha![View]
53524154>mfw straight but almost all the porn for my favorite pokemon is gay[View]
53531222Why did Marnie become popular and Marley and Mai didn't: Was it the waifu pushing GF started do…[View]
53530298Emboarbros, our time is almost over...[View]
53534101I've done it. I've finally become a Pokemon Master.[View]
53534125the only people complaining about bdsp are shitskin third worlds ESLs who are angry that they cant p…[View]
53475212I like him[View]
53532203If you could take one aspect of Pokémon, whether it be mechanics or world building, and bring it int…[View]
53527193I don't know if it's romhacks constantly reusing this game's tilesets, region or what…[View]
53531062Acerola thread[View]
53532764How many names would you have to write in a variant of the Death Note would to undo the Dexcut?: By …[View]
53527783What would it be like to Heart Swap with your Pokemon?[View]
53533827Now that Ash has conquered the anime, will he move conquer the game world next?[View]
53528873/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Sprigatito Ignoring Liko Edition >Livestream link (Frid…[View]
53531323>Has Levitate: >Is Clearly Flying Normally[View]
53533936Caseybros...we lost[View]
53533381What are some pokemon you definitely think they're getting some new addition in the future?[View]
53532614/vp/ writes a game: Here's your new eevees stand-ins, bro. At least before a third party replac…[View]
53531647BDSP sticker room: Does anyone know where this artwork is from. Bulabpedia has artwork for all 5 sta…[View]
53533017This guy was my late brother's fav pokemon. Can we have a Hypno thread?[View]
53527287It's Spinda day. Post and talk about Spinda.[View]
53533423Even stupid gacha rip offs can't resist but giving you a Kanto starter. Creativity is dead.[View]
53530580Day 47 of searching for a shiny ralts on route 102 in gen 3 (pokemon ruby). I am currently at 54,825…[View]
53531031I hope next gen they just go back to japan, the japan inspired regions are way comfier in my opinion[View]
53533288im the dumbest cunt in the universe[View]
53530428>release a mon >you don't get the pokeball back…[View]
53530751>Dye Spray - A spray-type dye for pokémon. This allows a single pokémon's appearance to chan…[View]
53531675i caught a shiny steenee I REPEAT i caught a shiny steenee[View]
53530767Plush thread?: I love seeing her like this after work[View]
53532905Is there a fan version of the poke transporter somewhere?[View]
53530330>I'm evil because I want to get railed by my boss[View]
53531202>Ash Greninja, Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Version and Pokemon Bank have been trending on Japan…[View]
53510071/vp/ plays Pokemon LITERAL FANFIC: LAST TIME: >We start the game off by spending an hour in cutsc…[View]
53532405Regional Lunatone and Solrock: > Meteor Forms are Rock/Flying > Lunatone's Core Form is F…[View]
53525414/wfg/ - wi-fi general: /wfg/ - wi-fi general -battle/inject/multi Finally battling with all of those…[View]
53528336Bring back Natdex Bring back old Exp. system Bring back flying/surfing with your own pokemon Bring b…[View]
53531962Misty's butt[View]
53524397Rate my taste and post yours if you've got a similar graphic[View]
53531015>Still the most difficult Game in the franchise[View]
53530160Is anyone else here getting sick of how much GF fellates these two types? Just look at the dexs of t…[View]
53529058Geez, Dawn, why do you get TWO groomers?[View]
53531341>Dragon resists the water/grass/fire trilogy >Fairy is not very effective against the water/gr…[View]
53528238>got a meowscarada through wonder trade >it's over level 80 >champion ribbon >met o…[View]
53525871/vp/'s MS Paint Deluxe Day 115: One In The Sea Edition!: >New to these threads? Give this a …[View]
53529760What are your thoughts on certain boss fights from Pokemon Clover?[View]
53529359DLC #1: november 3rd[View]
53531509Name a flaw.[View]
53525036Here's your Heatmor evo.[View]
53528497> Hey! This faggot has '[POKEMON] weakness' in his search history![View]
53531331Which is the best way to play Pokémon Green GB for a non japanese speaker? I have found two translat…[View]
53531462This is what Gamefreak did to the idea of soul in 2013.[View]
53520671/pmdg/: Jungle edition: Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Previous thread:…[View]
53530187Lokix appreciation thread[View]
53525714Upcoming Raid March 31st: That leak of bug-Samurott was true I guess, dark Typhlosion after?[View]
53529211>Operation Starfall >The Fairy type Dynamax move is called Max Starfall >Penny is from Gala…[View]
53531363Welp, safe to say this is the final kiss compilation in Ash & Pikachu's saga. https://files…[View]
53531120The true final[View]
53531354Pikachu if he hat.[View]
53515270/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General: Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more poi…[View]
53530678I’ve been having lucid dreams of living a happy loving life with pic related and going on adventures…[View]

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