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40092269>there isn't a physical psychic moved called psy kick[View]
40091709HEY YOU[View]
40087105What does vp think of dicidyee?[View]
40093083Why is Matori so amazing? Beautiful, intelligent, and even has a sidekick.[View]
40094144Should have been part Water, Poison, or Fairy. Even the TCG knows because they have it use Fairy ene…[View]
40091632If cancer was a team[View]
40087390what are your thoughts on inciniroar?[View]
40093059Why do redditors like self inserting as him so much?[View]
40087799This is Madame. 20-odd years ago when Gamefreak were trimming down the dex for Gold and Silver, her …[View]
40093826Drifblim uses Fly[View]
40093790Water-type squidmon when?[View]
40092967He's right you know?[View]
40089840 [View]
40087320Obstagoon Re-Reworked: Tried to fix someone else's reworked Obstagoon because I thought the arm…[View]
40093118ITT: Story Team: Post: >Your team >What game you're playing >Where you're at I…[View]
40093207Which Pokemon Game Themes are your alarm clock? >Floaroma Town >Eterna City (Night) >Pearl …[View]
40093249>Gen 2 has too many shitmons >Gen 2 is too easy Umm you know you can't complain about bot…[View]
40091439Galarian Thundurus[View]
40087010It has been a while since the last gym thread so post your's[View]
40093220> https://youtu.be/ozWvFP-vXNY It’s finally here[View]
40092438How would an Autobattler work with Pokemon IP?[View]
40092134my penis is a roselia and yours, ...????[View]
40092148how do i make him evolve?[View]
40092344Japanese name is Berobar: Can we can a translation?[View]
40086863Attacks should become weaker if they have less PP[View]
40093368When are the next VGC matches?: Supposedly they'll be using SWSH starting January 4. So, will t…[View]
40089131'It was built up to be the finale': >Ignores previous gens throughout its climax That's not …[View]
40091075Sword and Shield... or not I dont care: Ill keep this brief because no one will believe me but I hap…[View]
40084121The entire confirmed dex so far. Rolycoly will probably get a stage 3, and I didn't include the…[View]
40089749>Rampardos is a T-rex: Do pokemon fans ever read books? You'd think they know more about ani…[View]
40091953Will Rolycoly evolve?: Just now saw the 'leaks' but it mentioned nothing about based rock motobug. I…[View]
40083811Is there really anything wrong with waifuing Pokemon?[View]
40083655This should have been Silver's endgame team.[View]
40086166Ariados Appreciation Thread: Post the based bug[View]
40090263/pmg/ Pokemon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A new Pokemon IP gacha game seeking your…[View]
40092827>Battle spot >Matched with a japanese player…[View]
40091774Give me a skeksis like Pokémon Gamefreak[View]
40092497Retcon trade evos and make them level/move based instead literally a nuisance[View]
40091441And the award for the greatest fakedex ever created goes too....[View]
40076474I like Sabrina.[View]
40090328Maybe this a dumb question, but do you think we'll be able to pet our mons while camping? I don…[View]
40092928Meanwhile... at Team Rocket HQ: *spinnin' round that base*[View]
40092689>reuse pokemon sprites >reuse trainer sprites >removes battle frontier for two shitty battl…[View]
40090248........: Pokemon Sword/Shield Info >There are 90 new Pokemon, ~450 in the Galar Dex >>Knav…[View]
40086731Which sprites are more fucked up?[View]
40089611>knows he can't win with his current moveset so he gambles on Lycanroc being able to use Cou…[View]
40085925 [View]
40088631look mom they are completely different[View]
40089777What does a pokemon look like?: What dos a digimon look like? I often hear the phrase 'looks like a …[View]
40084962I have only played Blue, Gold and Fire Red. I'll be picking up Shield. what do I need to know?[View]
40088301>Masuda accidentally Sword and Shield How do you react?[View]
40088929ITT: Abilities for Sirfetch'd: Instead of Steadfast, what abilities (existing or new/exclusive)…[View]
40090244Concept art: Does anyone know if theirs a book with concept art that i can buy? I really like lookin…[View]
40085507Pseudo Starter Pokemon: Post non-starter pokemon that could easily fill in as starters >3 stage e…[View]
40083874Dynamax app thread[View]
40090053>horrible budget animation using cutscenes even when Pikachu was electrocuting someone for comedi…[View]
40089098Another reminder that overworld encounters are in the game as the primary method of getting into bat…[View]
40092280Arbok's Galar form's been leaked. Here it is.[View]
40091272How Do I Make Romhacks?: Heyo, Pokemon fan since two years ago. I was kinda raised on the easier gam…[View]
40092360Ha ha! I'm confirmed, bitch![View]
40089967Is there a list of the full leaks for gen 8 that turned out to be (mostly) true?[View]
40092281No mew!! Get away from me!!![View]
40092103snoozefest: *yawn* ..wake me up when pokemon is good again.[View]
40088071Buffs/nerfs pt III: I didn't have a chance to respond to the last thread, but here it is again …[View]
40088993Why do people here think Crystal is better than HG/SS?[View]
40089602Has this been topped?: With the Alola League finally over, has this battle been topped as the object…[View]
40092102Summary of Sword Shield hype season.[View]
40089204Guess who's team it is?: Charizard (M) @ Wide Lens Ability: Blaze EVs: 12 HP / 204 Atk / 56 D…[View]
40091888Sword/Shield: >- Castform gets a long-awaited form due to Sandstorm weather conditions it's …[View]
40090864this is lapras[View]
40087171Fucking slut. Filthy whore. Scottish skank. Disease ridden harlot.[View]
40088409You have three wishes to fix this franchise. What do you wish for?[View]
40089028Eldegoss is replacing Whimsicott! >Whimsicott confirmed Yamper is replacing Electrike! >Electr…[View]
40089540>20 September, still no reveal of the starters 2nd stage[View]
40091352Pikachu has a new attack: pIkAcHu uSe aK-47![View]
40088728Redesign the Gen 1 mons: Who wants GF to redesign the 151 mons to fit Gen 8’s style (giving the star…[View]
40089691Current Team Thread: Finally playing my Japanese import of Platinum after trying to play it, but can…[View]
40085549Pokemon Red and Blue are great games.[View]
40077440idk fellas... 1 billion is a big number[View]
40086162It's a fucking leek, a baby could snap it in two. Escavalier with its steel weapon would destro…[View]
40088213Only pokemon fans laugh at the same joke thrice[View]
40089769So what the fuck is actually here? Are there any photos of this area, or any information at all?[View]
40073077What the fuck is going on?: I'm sorry but when I look at gen 8 'pokémon' I can't feel anyt…[View]
40087922What’s he thinking about?[View]
40083993Post soulful back sprites: I’m nuzlocking Platinum and I have come to really appreciate some of the …[View]
40086769Remember that XY Ash died for our sins to allow SM Ash to win a League[View]
40090099Who wins this boxing match?[View]
40090851Hoenn #1: Best music in the series hands down![View]
40090682I think I'm gonna name it Kevin[View]
40089362I'm horny: Post Pokémon with horns[View]
40090668Pokemon go: Anyone with a European or Asian pokemon go account who would be ok sharing it post your …[View]
40077771Ash's Poiple evolved and came back, now he has a full team of 6[View]
40086450Rank Gen 1: The Pokemon that made the series into what it is today (hot garbage). Let's go! htt…[View]
40088873Elgyem wants to invade the Galar region. What will you do?[View]
40083145“They’re cutting the fat by getting rid of duplicate Pokemon that share the same niche” Can we final…[View]
40090601>Gen 4 remakes will make the Old Chateau a required main quest instead of an optional dungeon …[View]
40090175I hope Shieldon for Pokemon Shield[View]
40090464Best nuzlocke?[View]
40090133Watch them put every single Pokemon in the game files just to taunt you. Watch them stat every singl…[View]
40088997What are the most interesting or useful egg moves from Gen 1 and 2 to transfer from the virtual cons…[View]
40088657So, I heard you guys are looking for a real open world game that listens to its fans. Well, do I hav…[View]
40087431Can I have a Chansey thread senpaitachi?[View]
40086323> Permacucked out of being able to evolve so they can shill more Rowlet merch. Is Rowlet a shillm…[View]
40090136>Raikou embodies the speed of lightning. The roars of this Pokémon send shock waves shuddering th…[View]
40085118The existence of 'all Eeveelutions' merch so close to the release of SWSH doesn't bode well for…[View]
40087490What if...: What if GF continued to make the newer gens with this style of graphics? Do you prefer t…[View]
40089738so.... this is ash's first league winning team.... not bad.... not bad at all....[View]
40081221>Aegislash confirmed >Ferrothorn confirmed >Toxapex confirmed 'We had to cull the dex for …[View]
40089863Hack your Switch now frens, you'll get to play S&S early when the rom gets ripped and you w…[View]
40076957Honest question... Why is Whitney such a crybaby? Any ideas?[View]
40089736Are there any pokemon you'd like to see added to the regional dex of a game: remake, hack, or o…[View]
40088904>b-b-buh he tyranitar's rival! he hab to be pseudo cuz im blind retard that cant tell what p…[View]
40086864Ultra Megalopolis..... Home.....[View]
40086351This is my friend. His name is Screechereen. Say something nice about him.[View]
40081337rare waifus[View]
40087840Did I make a good choice[View]
40077342I was going to create some completely different thread about how it's okay if your favorite Pok…[View]
40088849>Feebas can only be found in 4 random tiles in the first floor of Mt. Coronet >These tiles cha…[View]
40088735Tell me one thing you like about this Pokemon.[View]
40086734Behold, the 1 Pokemon that is no one's favorite. >b-but I like it Sure, but is it your favor…[View]
40087302IT JUST GETS[View]
40086610Galar-Buneary/Lopunny when?[View]
40089194Festival of Champions: Where is chapter 13?[View]
40086628I bought LGP. It looked comfy. I bought it half price and used. Am I a shill?[View]
40088673Are all Smash reps guaranteed in Sword and Shield or is Gamefreak willing to destroy cross promotion…[View]
40088204Pokemon Sword and Shield MODELS DATAMINE: Now that models have been DATAMINED, can we proceed with t…[View]
40088318It is with a heavy heart that I register you all as retards but it must be done...: You brought this…[View]
40087019Would you?[View]
40085668What were gf thinking when making pic related? Almost every trainer battle feels like it requires me…[View]
40084209Anon...: Is it too edgy?[View]
40087126It's one of the last Untouched Gen I Pokémon. ...It's gotta get SOMETHING this gen, right?[View]
40057446It's time. Post your top for 4 pokegirls >R8 h8 etc Etc[View]
40086762If you had to replace gym leaders with something else, what would it be? Were trials and totems a wo…[View]
40086381>Rival's final rematch in the post-game >2 NFE >strongest pokémon is level 60…[View]
400879042019... I am forgotten.[View]
40086810>Gamefreak's modern design philosophy[View]
40087955Shiny redesigns thread: post your shiny redesigns[View]
40087884what could have been, bros...[View]
40086089What should it have been named instead?[View]
40083486Galar form thread? Galar form thread.[View]
40072558>Japan is making fun of modern gamefreak’s creativity Alolan exeggutor Galarian weezing Sirfetch’…[View]
40061174Sirfetch'd Fanart Thread: Post fanart.[View]
40085575ITT: best smogon tier for gens 5 6 an 7 Nu, uu, uu[View]
4008774855 days until: the launch of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo Switch™ which I pray …[View]
40083783'You know you want to' edition >what is pokemon masters? A new Pokemon IP gacha game seeking your…[View]
40081612What do you think the two pre-evos of Corviknight look like?[View]
40085356I hate this lil feller like ya wouldn’t believe.[View]
40079556/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Pupper Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.com/…[View]
40084327>i-it's the pseudo i sweat! >it has a rivalry going on with ttar >you're stupid i…[View]
40048688How can we make it less sexy[View]
40085884>whether or not I consider buying SwSh solely depends on if ____ is in the Galar dex what's …[View]
40086995Stupid gimmicks ITT: >Stance/pose change >Could or could not be wasted as move slot. >Take…[View]
40085024What could've been...[View]
40082002>more popular than any humantrash from sword and shield is pokemon saved?…[View]
40087051Those alluring eyes...[View]
40086258You realize no other game would be allowed to show so little in trailers (with highly flawed graphic…[View]
40084280Based birds and Staraptor[View]
40085155>complain about megas and z-moves since their inception >It's suddenly a problem when bot…[View]
40084926In your opinion, how many new pokemon will be included ???[View]
40084791Aegislash and Sableye confirmed now along with Golurk, Dusknoir, Jellicent, Mimikyu, Gengar, Chandel…[View]
40085292Inciting Gen Wars is against the rules.[View]
40086784Ironically, this describes the evolution of Pokemon designs pretty well.[View]
40085202Let's be real here for a second - Who here has ACTUALLY bothered finishing a National Pokedex? …[View]
40086101Was the steel nerf in gen 6 justified?[View]
40083430Daily Pokémon Console Game Update: Day 2: Today is September 20th 2019 and this is your daily Pokémo…[View]
40085850Gigantamax Metagross[View]
40081320dynamax app leaks: https://twitter.com/abcboy101/status/1174892982366900224[View]
40084228So Is this our regional bird bros?[View]
40066138This image alone was worse then Ash's Greninja somehow losing to Mega Charizard X. Bash the end…[View]
40084994Frog Friday: Post frogs and toads.[View]
40081125HE’S IN[View]
40084142Calling it now - GF will drop the Sirfetch'd equivalent for Shield some time next week. Releasi…[View]
40085229>Tyranitars 'rival' >Not even a Pseudo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!…[View]
40086288Pokémon is satanic and use subliminal messages in their merchandise don't let them trick you[View]
40084519>swsh look so bad it has made me give up hope on this franchise ever being good again >now tha…[View]
40085560*kisses you*[View]
40078896Yep, I'm buying it?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18666280[View]
40068542Rate the Unova Dex.[View]
40080931>it just gets bigger Why do people like this thing again?[View]
40073776Showderp: Sightseeing Edition: Hi, this is Showderp. Where we root and cheer for a tourist dubbed 'c…[View]
40083164Fusiondex thread 2: I did one yesterday, but thread died so i’m continuing it. If you don’t know the…[View]
40085802Which other Pokemon are simultaneously BASED and CRINGE?[View]
40085741Lana's mom has got it goin' on, She's all I want and I've waited for so long, La…[View]
40085672 [View]
40084875>Anti Ashfags are still mad[View]
40035102Would her pheromones work on gay men?[View]
40085297Galarian Arbok got leaked!: Say thanks to Mr. Turner![View]
40085568He's officially in bros!!![View]
40085592Dexit aside, I feel they've shown less Pokemon in this timeframe than Kalos. We all know Gamefr…[View]
40081481Reminder that ducks are actually rapists. Imagine Sirfetch'd forcing his leek in Shield-chan ha…[View]
40085546Let's just that he comes back in SM and Ash destroyed him, would you feel relieved and would SM…[View]
40084821>there were ''''''''''people'''''''''' who doubted that the literal sword and shieldmon wouldn…[View]
40084787Today’s the last day for the Secret Club Survey. What are the results so far?[View]
40075676Pure Dark Pit Bull when?[View]
40085431So there's still hope that we can finally get another Pseudo that isn't a fucking dragon r…[View]
40084835How would you pull off a Pokémon evolutionary line that has less BST for the final evolution than th…[View]
40081717best pony[View]
40084723How do you usually name your characters? What are you thinking of naming your SwSh character? I like…[View]
40082576How did you decide which version you got, or which one you played first if you got both? Or was it a…[View]
40083722Gen 8 is the gen with worst desings in the series?[View]
40084714It's confirmed he is not...: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/78027882…[View]
40083626Duraludon doesn't evolve!: It's been confirmed... Sorry bros...[View]
40085111What Pokemon graphics would actually look like if it wasn't in a shit console. Pokemon should h…[View]
40078360Your favourite Pokemon's primary type is now Fairy: What's their secondary type and how do…[View]
40085044Can someone please post the list of Pokemon in the dynamax camera?[View]
40084726Why is Dennis so based?[View]
40084940Sylveon is 美的.[View]
40084558One of the worst Pokemon romhacks I've ever played in my life with the writing being nothing li…[View]
40082849What are your expectations for Character Customization? What Clothing Style are you looking forward…[View]
40084428>Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield >Having the Pokemon based on a sword and a shield in the gam…[View]
40083800Corviknight: Since it has now been confirmed to be the regional bird Pokemon, how do you rank him am…[View]
40080251Why are so many shitters getting announced before popular mons. How the fuck did Butterfly mon numbe…[View]
40080727>choose your favorite pokemon that evolves from a stone.... Got it? So what tribe are you? Moon …[View]
40083045Ohh no I just found out that Lilligant isnt been confirm yet to be in Galar Dex Do you guys think it…[View]
40081550Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40084475>Still can't even say its name Why does 1 shitposter get to have his legacy live on for this…[View]
40084417Arceus wills that humans and Pokemon should get married[View]
40082907Will SwSh score be even lower?[View]
40080411>5,000 IQ >Doesn't use it to take over the world…[View]
40081284Why would I buy SwSh for the waifus when SM had superior ones?[View]
40073065If YOU had full control over the next pokemon game: what do you do? There are no wrong answers…[View]
40079346Come up with insulting names for Pikachu: For example, Derpachu or Pikabitch.[View]
40083677>He thinks B2W2 wasn’t the last “decent” entry of the series Explain yourselves…[View]
40083231>Pikachu >Eevee >Charizard >Jigglypuff >Psyduck >Magikarp Why are the most popular…[View]
40083282They murdered my boy and left its corpse on display[View]
40083381Pyukumuku Thread: Because it’s so cute[View]
40072321Anon...: Are you ready?[View]
40084172Help finish this game https://drawception.com/play/fKRPZh1g9Q/[View]
40082736Are these the final box art of Pokemon Sword and Shield ?[View]
40074454Top 3 Pokémon: Post your top three Pokémon and other anons guess your personality[View]
40078318You DO play as your actual gender, right /vp/?[View]
40084004How does people level up BEFORE LEAGUE in Ultra Sun/Moon? Every link I find in search engine is all …[View]
40074858UK folklore that would make for good Galar Pokemon[View]
40066941Woah... bros...[View]
40082989>why yes I'm the fanbase with the lowest standard, even fifa and CoD can't compare, how…[View]
40081428Why yes, I will Sword and Shield, how could you tell?[View]
40083081>still no epic games store version[View]
40082459USUM vs Swish[View]
40081801Just when you think sword and shield is about to flip, they introduce that damn bird: 2.6 million vi…[View]
40082545>Really long neck, like really long >Really long chimney hat, like really long >Really long…[View]
40081668Fact: the national dex wouldn't have caused so much outrage if they had just said 'Pokemon size…[View]
40077200Why haven't you hacked your switch so you can get the games for free?[View]
40075601Is Hapu supposed to be a kid, midge, or both?[View]
40082109This has meme potential[View]
40083542This makes the SwShill seethe[View]
40081189Why yes, I would be upset if they didn't include Stantler in this new generation, how could you…[View]
40081335VP on LGPE...: Curious about what /vp/ thought of the latest entry to the franchise. https://strawpo…[View]
40074280More like this[View]
40080585Dynamax Wailord: Dynamax Wailord[View]
40081004Oh no! A Giant Primarina is looking at your city[View]
40083328Posted yesterday, explaining a bit further. Starters final typings are: Grass/Fighting -Using vibrat…[View]
40070780Post that image, the one you really really like[View]
40082725>this team beat the Johto Elite Four. >this team fought all trainers and zero wild Pokémon. …[View]
40077829>is a fire-breathing dragon >can't learn Fire Cannon…[View]
40083344Don't mind us, gentlemen. Just saving Pokémon.[View]
40079841I want more pink Pokemon like these. Audino was a nice addition[View]
40082798HE'S IN[View]
40081464NEVER FORGET[View]
40082103Why isn't no one talking about this leak being true?: https://www.newsweek.com/pokemon-sword-sh…[View]
40083044What if the pic of the 'Affleck leak' was not random? What if he implied one leak just for fun? Be…[View]
40080122Sableye celebration thread: >Sableye saved from being cut >Immediately gets thrown into garbag…[View]
40082683Oh nonono: >In the mean time at Game Freak headquarters: Game Freakku is underu attaccu! Preparre…[View]
40082972Look at the Details[View]
40082493Pokemon Sword and Shield is Handheld focus, what do they MEAN BY THAT?[View]
40081018there you have it vp, shield exclusive counterpart to sirfetch'd[View]
40076293>Biggest controversy in the history of this brand which could actually make companies move their …[View]
40082264Did americans actually think the bridges in unova were based on bridges in N.Y.? https://web.archive…[View]
40080354Honestly...: Who cares the models are re-used if they look this much better in the new engine?…[View]
40074259What pokémon should I add to my Platinum party? I’m about to battle Roark[View]
40078120Where did this idea of 'Lillie going to Kanto with Ash' emerge from? She has never been interested i…[View]
40062582I used to fucjing hate her, then i imagined how pink and fleshy her vagina would be.[View]
40078674Yeah, I'd say the smogonfags are fucking retarded.[View]
40082362Decidueye: Decidueye[View]
40079384What Pokemons do you think should be stronger based solely on their appearance?[View]
40071858New Types and Mechanics General: ITT we post ideas for new types and gameplay mechanics. What is yo…[View]
40082257MY BRO IS IN[View]
40082291Pokemon Black/White and Megaman X5 Mashup: Unova League as X5 Mavericks Clay as Crescent Grizzly Ele…[View]
40080819Who would in a battle?[View]
40081954This is Pose Ken Sugimori 1996: Red Gary Charizard Pikachu Middy Techno Zain Geemel X Zero itsumo it…[View]
40080006Nebby Fucking Bag: Lillie or Ferham Who is in the Bag Nebby?[View]
40080345Sword and Shield Legends: Hello everyone. I have some interesting information for you all about the …[View]
40081863Kaijumon Thread[View]
40080392Wtf happened to grimsley??: Has anyone been so eternally JUSTed in 2 years than grimsley? >lost …[View]
40080816>Porygon sounds like a Jap saying 'Polygon' Lmao you can't make this shit up…[View]
40065652>Title is just 'Pokemon' >Features every region So what's this new show even going to be …[View]
40078891Why would anyone like it ?[View]
40080991Wait, who's that pokemon behind Scorbunny?[View]
40081225he's a gorilla >gorilla's beat their chest >put a drum on his chest. any leak withou…[View]
40078803wtf bros I thought you told me SM ash had the worst team[View]
40075028Name a more botched evolution. No, not Rhyperior, it's tied with this abomination.[View]
40080801Today, I will remind /vp/...[View]
40075398Truly controversial opinions: Online trading ruined collecting Pokemon. There is no such thing as a …[View]
40078144Predict what its Gigantamax form will look like[View]
40081409>mfw Braixen is in SS >and Delphox isnt >and Braixen now has Delphox's moveset, stats …[View]
40076344/pmg/ Pokemon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A new Pokemon IP gacha game seeking your…[View]
40080758Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma: >buying new pokemon games Why haven't you taken the romhack pill y…[View]
40073538Showderp: dead edition: I can't believe shoedrip is fucking dead........... Spirits of the past…[View]
40073042>That awkward moment where cut Green beta/Spaceworld Pokemon have better designs than the finishe…[View]
40077138What do you think about master trainers?[View]
40070626Give me one good reason why Sound shouldn't be a new type.[View]
40075648What's a Pokemon that genuinely looks like a Digimon to you?: Whether you think that's a g…[View]
40074819Would like a game developed by the king himself? No budget cuts, no time limitations, just him and h…[View]
40070033Is this the worst time in history to be a Pokemon fan?[View]
40079854He's in! My boy is in! https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml[View]
40081076Friendly reminder that the games only exist to sell merchandise and Gamefreak does not care about th…[View]
40076813Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40070945Your favorite designs that you'd tweak: I like Roserade's whole concept however its 'bouqu…[View]
40078900What the fuck went wrong?[View]
40077580What makes Pokemon immune to criticism compared to other series? Even the more worse games seem to s…[View]
40080203Welcome me into Galar, /vp/[View]
40080302HE'S IN[View]
40080645Hey bros I've been in a coma for 6 months. I just woke up I can't wait to get my copy of P…[View]
40069850Realistically, does HG/SS have anything going for it besides nostalgia and following Pokemon?[View]
40078430Why are there so many god-damn legendaries? We need to cut them down, so which ones do you get rid o…[View]
40072060Daily Pokémon Console Game Update: Day 1: Today is September 19th 2019 and this is your daily Pokémo…[View]
40080582DAMN this is how fictional characters look?: I'm artsexual now[View]
40078292So what's the final evolution going to be, /vp/? a masculine twink soccer bunny or an overly se…[View]
40075304Hello friends, does anyone have a TIMID Ash Greninja, that you guys can give me? Just want to play w…[View]
40080265I hope my friend Ninjask doesn't get in to Galar so he isn't soiled by that trash game.[View]
40073308What was your first shiny Pokémon/general shiny stories thread. I caught a shiny spinda in Pokémon …[View]
40080253Aegislash in SWSH: In-game[View]
40079869WHO'S THAT POKEMON?[View]
40076740AND THE WINNER, OF THE 'Why Is This Even A Type Award' GOES TO...[View]
40078617>Melmetal >Won the League >Has his Poipole evolve Where were you when SM Ash became a CHAD…[View]
40079812Skribl: Get in here. It's pictionary but with pokemon. https://skribbl.io/?UuhQpSJCas[View]
40080171ITT I fix the game: continuation of last thread that died earlier >>40075963 post a Pokemon, a…[View]
40079092Is Bisharp the ultimate bromon?[View]
40077762Anime Competive Team: what's the weakest possible competitive team that would just destroy ever…[View]
40080075Should there be more gender differences in Pokemon?[View]
40080105Uh... Strange or unnerving things you say to your Pokemon[View]
40076360If not all, how many Pokémon would have to be in SWSH for you to buy it?[View]
40072098Evo or pre-evo when? Whose dick should I suck for it?[View]
40077508Where the fuck are all the new Fairy type Pokemon?: How many new Fairies do you think we get this ge…[View]
40073717Who is the edgiest mon ever made?[View]
40079861HE'S IN!!!!![View]
40079079How will the Alola Champion fare against him?[View]
40077063>install the xg mod that introduces physical-special split, higher level trainers and way more sh…[View]
40079361>everyone getting wet over a fucking duck with a leek >meanwhile I'm still waiting for an…[View]
40073301Sirfetch'd appreciation thread: The most Chad Pokemon in existence[View]
40072490Here's the template https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/[View]
40079296Poketto Monsuta dead[View]
40077360Haven't been here since Omega Ruby days. Is he still unstoppable?[View]
40076084Someone please fix the eyes and unibrow. If you do I will officially say I like ONE design/redesign …[View]
40076274If you want all Pokemon why don't you just play Pokemon GO then? Some of us want to actually en…[View]
40079434Now that the dux has settled. Can we agree the only disappointing thing about swoshi so far is the c…[View]
40077565Do you buy the ₽500 magikarp from the guy in the Pokémon center outside Mt.Moon? Why or why not[View]
40069946/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Trapinch Confirmed Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemo…[View]
40022887/3vp/ - Pokémon Masters model ripping/datamining project: Picking up from the last thread >>39…[View]
400772252019 .... I am forgotten ...[View]
40070174Post quality ingame parties from gen 3 using pic related because it was like the first result on goo…[View]
40078039So I'm curious Why do you hate when a rom hack has fakemon, but sperg out if the actual games …[View]
40079017Let's focus on the positive about Gen 8. First and foremost, I like the designs. Glad regional …[View]
40076391This game has some really good dialogues[View]
40078708Best SwSh girl[View]
40073724Alola: This is your champion.[View]
40061571How are you nicknaming this new fella? >Pato erecto[View]
40072201Gold finds his older brother 22 years later: https://twitter.com/helixchamber/status/117443660480031…[View]
40076286People are always suggesting secondary typings for monotypes, but are there any dual types you feel …[View]
40079000*dabs on you*[View]
40076103What's so bad about an incomplete pokedex? I already used them all in previous playthroughs, th…[View]
40078366>Alola >Region heavily inspired by Hawaii and inhabited by coded Polynesian people >Alolan …[View]
40061953Why is GameFreak trying to make us look like literal faggots? If I wanted to dress like a girl then …[View]
40078550I'm just gonna post this here[View]
40076944I hate Sunflora. Sunflora should be dead and suffering[View]
40076295Are her socks tartan or plaid? Do you think she'd wear tartan/ plaid underwear?[View]
40071701>literally nobody is excited for gen 8 It's ogre isn't it?[View]
40078644https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_dgvgpC8Nw to think that at one point I was excited about this game…[View]
40078236Do you clean your toilet /vp/?[View]
40068695Fake Moves Thread: Post ideas you have for fake moves. Discuss their power, type, distribution, etc.…[View]
40074575Fusiondex thread: We didn’t have any of these in a while, so i guess it’s best we do another. It’s s…[View]
40077244gentlemen... im putting together a team.... for one last job... you in?[View]
40075983Forget dunsparce[View]
400779690 Bug, Ground, Ice, Psychic 1 Ghost, Poison, Fight, Dragon, Fire 2 Flying, Rock, Steel, Electric 3 W…[View]
40077007New Thread[View]
40076861ayy lmao[View]
40071533gen 5 was the stone ocean of pokemon. take that as you will.[View]
40072367Redeem the Ice Type[View]
40074403ITT: Contradictions and nonsense things in pokemon: Gamefreak never cared for consistency ow world b…[View]
40074932I am sick and tired of the crappy meme faces that is so present in Gen 8 designs. It's like a l…[View]
40077742>become white >need a giant lance to compensate kek…[View]
400753901933 was a great year for cinema history but I do not think kids will ever understand these movies, …[View]
40077047Any one else reformed from #BringBackNationalDex: I was on it for a while, but as more trailers came…[View]
40077629Typing meta bread: All types now resist themselves and what they are supereffective against. (Ice re…[View]
40074461What happen bro to the outrage: 67k likes 2.9k dislikes 2.1 million and trending number 1 in a day…[View]
40072370He's not called Absir'd. Game Freak missed such a good opportunity.[View]
40072442Honestly, is it Game Freak's fault that the mainline games are in this condition or is it becau…[View]
40075522S-shiny pokemon are in SwSh right? It doesn't take effort of chnging the color of a pokemon r-r…[View]
40076698If this fuck's whole shtick is that its timid and cries easily, will it be automatically disabl…[View]
40077173He shiny :)[View]
40074275Since Alcremie has all these colors, will it's shiny even be worth hunting? Or will it even loo…[View]
40066991Guys I’m freaking out, what the hell is this?[View]
40075414HGSS Arceus Event: Did you guys ever do this? At what point in the game did you decide to? Did you e…[View]
40060484You can change one thing, what do you choose?[View]
40072237Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40076752>manga copies the anime and gives Gladion a Lycanroc >it's Midday Might as well have gone…[View]
40075963Hello, smartest man on /vp/ here Name a Pokémon, move, ability, or type and I’ll fix it as it should…[View]
40067018I just want her to hug me and let me know that everything will be alright.[View]
40073186>Y-you want to m-marry me?![View]
40076413Starter evolutions when?: I’m sure some of you (myself included) are looking forward to the Galar st…[View]
40075488>London is now getting the same demo since E3 from the 17th next month till release >there won…[View]
40075593Press S to spit in grave.: Some were outright broken, others were outright shit and even some were i…[View]
40076433PURPLE FILTER[View]
40071713>No instant Main Menu button >No Restart Stage button >No Auto-raid option/tickets >Char…[View]
40076011why did normies have to kill the soul of pokemon after gen 4 and maybe 5[View]
40073269What problems are there with Sword and Shield other than the national dex? Pic unrelated[View]
40073889It's literally just a white farfetch'd with a bigger stick[View]
40076350It's been nearly a day without new info I'M BORED SIGH WHERE ARE THE LEAKS[View]
40076192>Rock gym leader's signature mon >Loses rock typing upon evolving…[View]
40073942make memes out of this. go wild. keep it pokemon related.[View]
40075752Fairy Queen: This is the real reason Galarian Weezing is Poison/Fairy btw. It's a pun like Swir…[View]
40071037is their a single better cross gen evo than weavile?[View]
40075732>sees a Gen1 pokemon getting a new evolution >insta pre-orders 20 copies of SWSH for #PokePosi…[View]
40071553This pokemon is food. You can fucking EAT YOUR POKEMON bit by bit as long as it regenerates its lost…[View]
40068543>Swsh is in full hype mode >Everyone is loving it >every Dextranny on this board is seethin…[View]
40075773Hello, /vp/! This is your daily reminder is the next Gen 8 Smash Ultimate pokemon rep. >'He…[View]
40070304https://twitter.com/factbot1/status/919639774184591360 This is from October 2017[View]
40068848What's your dream Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game? And if you lived the world of PMD, what Pokemon…[View]
40074057>gen 5 is 9 years old What the fuck it feels like just yesterday the were released…[View]
40075267Anon...: Im a 'Gengunner' but... i started caring about Farchetch´d during Gen 6, not in Gen 1. Qua…[View]
40075224Look at you. They announce new Pokemon and all disappointment towards the game disappears. Our fanba…[View]
40075195Will it really be the only regional evolution?[View]
40075132Both Steel/Canine typing[View]
40075007ITT: Rate any area of Pokemon and have others judge your taste: I'll start with my opinion of t…[View]
40075071After generation I, they should have just released like ~20 new mons every gen and then just made li…[View]
40065906That a reasonable compromise?[View]
4007482256 days until: the launch of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo Switch™ which I pray …[View]
40069283What will be Sirfetch’d’s Shield-exclusive Galarian evolution counterpart?[View]
40069717Out of what has been revealed so far, who will be the Gen 8 Smash rep? https://www.strawpoll.me/1866…[View]
40072972Be honest /vp/ was she ever ACTUALLY debunked? I know there's that korean guy who claimed he ma…[View]
40073796Why are we such spergs?: A group of girls are screaming about one of their teachers didn't beli…[View]
40070331Anyone have the Black 2 version of this?[View]
40074831Johto's level curve: I just beat Pokemon Crystal, which was fun, but left me feeling it could…[View]
40074790Will we finally get a Dark type gym in Sword & Shield?[View]
40066215Okay, but hear me out...[View]
40056834Thoughts on these big guys?[View]
40073467Can we talk about the hypocrisy of nostalgiafags? Has anyone realized that all the stuff nostalgiaf…[View]
40073095What should we do about the Marniefag problem?[View]
40071460Maybe it's supposed to be turned like this?[View]
40070924Will I make it in, bros?[View]
40072794I just realised something.: >new pokemon, Sirfetch’d, is pure fighting type and is exclusive to s…[View]
40063156I just bought a Switch to play pokémon Sword and Shield in two months. I'm really excited.: But…[View]
40068299Daily Reminder that /vp/ houses some crazies one in particular is that leaffag > thinks leaf is r…[View]
40068440Hello fine gentlemen. I'm trying to create/modify my first own version of Pokémon FireRed by st…[View]
40069721Pokemon Universe: *ominous music*[View]
40074161That's more like it[View]
40072652>Even Masami Obari thinks Sirfetch’d is cool This new pokémon is an absolute CHAD…[View]
40070769You have to admit he looks like a fucking badass here.[View]
40071238Who was in the wrong here?[View]
40071730What feature should we cut next?[View]
40074054Defend this.[View]
40071840Have you ever wondered why the Affleck Leak guy was angry when he leaked SwSh information? Is it bec…[View]
40073878Why are those so popular[View]
40072492Do you think there will be another YouTubers who will get an Early copy of Pokemon Sword and Shield?…[View]
40069885/pmg/ Pokemon Masters General: >what is pokemon masters? A new Pokemon IP gacha game seeking your…[View]
40071434Do you think that even if you're a bad person you'll get to go to the Pokemon world when y…[View]
40069486ITT: Absolutely Wholesome Images[View]
40073732Starters final typings are: Grass/Fighting Fire Water/Psychic Misdreavus gets a Male evolution, simi…[View]
40072617Honest question - why is SM much harder than previous generations? I mean, since I hit like 3/4 of g…[View]
40073067What are pattern fags so braindead?[View]
40060710W-why is he trying to seduce me..?[View]
40073011I don't think the Affleck leaks are real. Is there any proof?[View]
40070788What was the highest rated smogon user you ever defeated in showdown? Be honest[View]
40067839Post Marley art: Haven’t really seen much of my girlie on the internet... Oh wait[View]
40069323>he's not planning on enjoying comfy NEET life come November 15 with his switch and a cup of…[View]
40073351Looks like typical move set for a fighting type[View]
40072124He's so fucking handsome, one of the best cross gen evos ever.[View]
40073167Max and Jirachi.[View]
40059819They did it. They managed to ruin one of my favorite Pokémon. It's just depressing when people …[View]
40073019I’m pretty sure Sirfetch’d is my favorite pokemon now. Sorry, Zorua.[View]
40067093bird pokemon that do not fly[View]
40071224What's an animal that has already been represented in Pokemon, but not the specific breed which…[View]
40072837Venusaur and Blastoise are not in galar [View]
40069533Post the worst areas in Pokemon: Dungeons that are annoying, routes that suck, cities that are ugly,…[View]
40068676fan art design almost always looks better than the actual release[View]
40072858Lillie wants to hear you still love her![View]
40071076what the fuck is his problem?[View]
40070549How would you feel if she was the Shield-exclusive Farfetch'd evolution?[View]
40071753Kanto has a huge issue I've never seen anyone brought up. You fight WAY TOO MANY POISON POKEMON…[View]
40068221At least 150 or more to see. To be a Pokémon Master is my destiny.[View]
40068903Possible new pokemon? or possibly scrapped who knows: Hey guys, since the Sirfetch'd leak dropp…[View]
40070572Post your teams: just finished Emerald, this team was really fun. Hard Mode: tell me what game to pl…[View]
40065561Why are you people excited for this shit? It's literally just a white farfetchd grabbing differ…[View]
40067130Guzma and villain appreciation thread. Go![View]
40071882>i will be taking a step back from now on >proceeds to dictate and ruin two more gens Based…[View]
40067635Did you forget?: Galarian Fletchinder and Talonflame, Ground/Flying Resemble pheasants Fletchling is…[View]
40069517Find a flaw[View]
40069270image of the leak updated with the current info[View]
40071900This new evolution seems a bit farfetched[View]
40069936Now that Farfetch'd has an evolution, what is the new most neglected Pokémon? I put forth Raich…[View]
40064635>pure fighting type >even though it loses both of its original types >even though dodrio is…[View]
40071609Give me a mega, gigantamax, or evolution, /vp/[View]
40062610Incineroar should've been digitigrade instead of having shitty ape legs. Here you go, it's…[View]
40072392Cool: What did she mean by this?[View]
40057238It's that time again anons[View]
40070982long leek haha[View]
40069644Next Month Trailer will be probably the last editing and adjusting for textures and stuff that can i…[View]
40067850do you guys think the reason GF hasn't shown the new starter evos yet is because they know they…[View]
40070932the fish[View]
40067325Galarian Delibird: butler/magician penguin ice/psychic[View]
40070687So like: are we just going to ignore the fact that the wild area looks like it's terrible to pl…[View]
40068874Conkeldurr Sirfetch'd: Why do two 4ft pillars of concrete weigh less than a leek and leaf? 257.…[View]
40068578Who could possibly stop him?[View]
40070083Heya guys, I haven't been on here since May of 2016. Mind giving me a quick rundown of what I m…[View]
40069624Based Chad'ding: Why are so many of the complaints coming from this damn message board. Is vp t…[View]
40068527>his name is Sirfetch'd >not Lunchelot…[View]
40069256Uhhhh... Why is it so handsome?[View]
40069767You where expecting a new pokemon but..[View]
40070150Rock: How to fix shit type? Overall stat distribution high attack and defense, shit special and spee…[View]
40068967Yes, I know that you're not her but you were her's... You know what it meant to love her..…[View]
40064447I find amusing that now that it gets an evo with better competitive value this shitmon is suddenly e…[View]
40070492Does pokemon need more monsterlike pokemon?[View]
40059555Sirfetch'd on the website: quack >Only Farfetch'd that have survived many battles can a…[View]
40070635does pokemon need more bee pokemon?[View]
40068991Who will play him in the eventual biopic?[View]
40071489Pure and untouched. >Since first gen >No evos >No prevos >No alt forms >No megas >…[View]
40065980Who is the least popular MC and why? My guess is Lucas. >Terrible design >Boring >Outshine…[View]
40066901when and why did they give Ash a potato face[View]
40060368Complimentary Affleck Leak thread: Blacked out stuff has been confirmed in the game.[View]
40071056Do you love Pokemon?: I do[View]
40070027I know we already have many threads about him, but non speaks how good this design is, it has this s…[View]
40069804Best tapu, prove me wrong.[View]
40067209>sir knight What did he mean by this?[View]
40067286whtas going to be the evolution method?[View]
40069700How good will he be in Little Cup?[View]
40067475post pokemon that need evolutions[View]
40068536Fuck the smogonfags. Stick to your bros, /vp/oreons.[View]
40068667No japanese Sirfetch'd trailer?: Has GF given up on the japanese audience?[View]
40064974Satoshi's wife![View]
40069670He's in.[View]
40069420Has your favorite escaped the culling yet? https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml…[View]
40064185Nuzlocke general: Previous >>39998663 >Nuzlocke info https://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX >Nuzl…[View]
40069503Who will be on Ash's team?[View]
40066514gen1ers hate him: imagine waiting 20 years for a evolution to be given the same thing but with diffe…[View]
40070377>People will buy a mediocre game with less content than its sequel for MORE money because of a ca…[View]
40069360Sword and Shield aren't even worth pirating because no matter how little money I spend on it, I…[View]
40070880What's wrong?[View]
40071336Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40067750So if he's a sword exclusive, there should be something comparable as a shield exclusive. Who? …[View]
40071805Anyone into Pokemon Cards? What's your opinion on pokemon card breaks?[View]
40071552>perfect IVs[View]
40057083what pokemon make good couples?: uwu[View]
40060172Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
40067199This is your champion /vp/ show me wich team will defeat them.[View]
40059480showderp: super funni edition!!!!: super funni mememons!!!!!! https://dogars.ml/ super funni fanarts…[View]
40070450don't worry I'm here now[View]
40068382Prove me wrong: >everything after Johto is cancer >Pokemon died in 2003 as an anime with Hoee…[View]
40063665/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Raid Hour Postponed Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokem…[View]
40067171>older seasons didn't have memefaces[View]
40065661Who was he? Beta tester? Ex-employee? Corporate spy?[View]
40067757When are we going to start to get some confirmed removed Pokémon? The purge has been far too generou…[View]
40067058Pokémon WiFi General /wfg/: Multis/Begging/Multis No ask for hacks No give hacks No be big dum dum T…[View]
40067253>angery >position to be in the know What if he were the leaker all along…[View]
40067943grookey: Based Grookey Grookey gang squad up[View]
40067351This crap is the follow up of Sun and Moon.: How is this allowed?[View]
40062115Based on the Pokemon revealed so far, what would your team be?: https://tiermaker.com/create/galar-p…[View]
40069141Looks like its a regular evolution.: What other potential non-galarian evos are out there?[View]
40068852I'm looking for the entirety of Jovi Quest, if it exists. You know the one. The Create Your Own…[View]
40068258What was her name again?[View]
40064045You’ll be /pirating/ the games and use /showdown/, right /vp/? Fuck the “You’ll buy it anyways”fags …[View]
40066703Choose your team[View]
40068360Wild Pidgey used Sand Attack![View]
40062793So... who here's going to transfer up and evolve this guy and DUX?[View]
40068799Could have been worse...: By current design standards...[View]
40066983I will only buy Sword/Shield if this mon will be any good in it.[View]
40066152>2019 >STILL liking Golem[View]
40066667Post Pokémon being very, very rude!![View]
40068965>23 years later >still no evo what did we do to deserve this?…[View]
40065774Which Pokegirl is the best in bed? MILF Edition: https://www.strawpoll.me/18660565 Pic related got t…[View]
40065528You do understand you can just buy the game without telling everyone, right? Same goes for dexitfags…[View]
40068936Are there any female gijinkas of sirfetch'd yet?[View]
40068590Pokemon Sword and Shield: Good Evening Pokemon fans! My Company is contracted out by Game Freak for …[View]
40068316Sirfetch'd will almost certainly suck. It has a BST of 352. There are many single-stage evoluti…[View]
40068575another sirfetch'd bitching thread: I personally would have preferred it if he instead was base…[View]
40067843Skribbl.io: Anyone up for some? https://skribbl.io/?8gWAkoeYch[View]
40067915To those that played battle revolution. Which characters did you play as? I always played as the big…[View]
40067966>Sirfetch'd has a hidden ability where he will switch in and KO the enemy pokemon when it is…[View]
40067955No wonder the director kicked Misty off. Even watching the original, she is an irritating ugly bitch…[View]
40068657Don't talk shit about my Mom's duck.[View]
40065746Here's your Shield exclusive[View]
40065358>have at ye, Sirfetch'd![View]
40057720On this day 9 years ago, Black and White released in Japan.[View]
40062674Bird Thread: Why is it that the best 3 designs of gen 8 are all birds? Seriously, they're the s…[View]
40064905Shield/Gloria Thread: Post the best Gen 8 girl in this thread.[View]
40066012>mfw the Dexit drama fades away by 2022 and /vp/ will be full on rosterfagging for Gen 9…[View]
40061103Best Farfetch'd Evolution?: CHOOSE https://www.strawpoll.me/18658903[View]
40068327He's shit.[View]
40067826I'm clearly genuinely autistic. Thinking about and talking about Pokemon brings me nothing but …[View]
40060339empty feeling: Anyone else feel underwhelmed whenever they show a new Pokemon? most of them aren…[View]
40068014Thoughts On Platinum?: Platinum is the Pokemon game I'm most nostalgic for but what are your th…[View]
40067936I think both gamefreak and tpci are at fault here Gamefreak >Not hiring enough employees >Not …[View]
40066540Oh no! It's /vp/oreon! He was behind this whole Kansas City Shuffle ALL ALONG.[View]
40068260>it sees waving the fluffy tail as a challenge to a duel cute, but scary…[View]
40064186>sirfetch'd is a pure fighting type with fucking steadfast in a game where machamp and fucki…[View]
40065089>he will never be in a pokemon game ever again Oh no no no[View]
40067773>Greninja gets special snowflake form exclusive to Ash >still loses >Lycanroc gets special …[View]
40064073>only 1 stinkin new pokemon revealed >back to no news for another month…[View]
40068123lovin these new pkmn designs.....[View]
40059779If this is the Sword exclusive, who will be the counterpart?: Galarian Dodrio? Swanna? Or just Esca…[View]
40068054hello: hello everyone im jelly47[View]
40065472Starter evolutions when: When do you think the Galar starter evolutions will be revealed? I’m thinki…[View]
40061257>lose normal Ok >lose flying, too WHAT THE FUCK. WHY! THAT'S FUCKING STUPID.…[View]
40067911i want to play some pokemon spinoff games. is pokemon conquest good? which mystery dungeon game shou…[View]
40066841Who's next?[View]
40067777SWSH Secret Club Survey: What’s the deal with this survey? Could it be a hint, or something else (li…[View]
40063901/pmg/ Pokemon Masters General: Rough sex ahead edition >what is pokemon masters? A new Pokemon IP…[View]
40067818As far as encounters go...im having good luck on this nuzlocke run. Inore the snorlax, i just have i…[View]
40064004What the fuck, Joe[View]
40067362Really: GF can continue making regional variants/evos to older mons in newer games but can’t give us…[View]
40067811>two months >still dont know starter evolutions…[View]
40065256>every new reveal End it.[View]
40066170ITT: We post criminally underloved Pokemon, I'll start[View]
40065207No heal moves[View]
40067746Building your Galar poke[View]
40061494Galarian Evolution of Lapras: After the confirm of the Galarian evo of Farfetch'd, the next one…[View]
40055798Ace Trainer thread: Post Ace Trainers, gen doesn't matter.[View]
40067608Things that made you hate a specific Pokemon. I'll start >learning Kabutops was actually a m…[View]
40064620>pokémon community right now[View]
40067291Now that Gen 7 is coming to a end: It's time to speculate on what this Gen could've been …[View]
40062030Where's the edit?[View]
40067533Why yes I only use 3 stage evolution pokemon, how did you know?[View]
40066767This motherfucker is irredeemable if its HA isn't Sniper/Super Luck/-ate ability[View]
40067464This is a pure fighting type[View]
40065503SW/SH are on their deathbed.[View]
40067182Is that all the news? LMAO[View]
40064715>scotland's national animal is the unicorn They'd better give it something this gen or …[View]
40061458Yeah, you're buying his game now.[View]
40066064May is the only pokegirl specifically designed with breastfeeding in mind. She was literally made fo…[View]
40067114Haha: Haha[View]
40065469really makes ya think[View]
40065860Anime vs Cartoon[View]
40063092>evolution >stays the exact same height what did GF mean by this?…[View]
40065891We know that for Sword and Shield, replacing the elite 4 is a bracket-based tournament, but what doe…[View]
40066629I saw someone play the game in the tube today: I havent’t played a game since Silver but when I saw …[View]
40066475>'Must recharge' turn becomes flinching gen 9 upwards >Steadfast new meta post yfw…[View]
40065867Coming October 4th...[View]
40066389>The shield is the top part of the leek what do we do with this information…[View]
40065730Now that he finally won a regional league, is he finally leaving?[View]
40064634Do you think pokemon has too many cute pokemon?[View]
40066493We can now rest easy knowing we will also get evolutions. Right anons?[View]
39981005PTCG/O - General: Edición del mejor pokemon New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/B9lW9DM (deckbuildin…[View]
40065921Superlative Nicknames: Vivaldeer[View]
40064365We need a Gen 8 version of this[View]
40066245Most eatable Gen 8 pokemon: How can All creamy and Poltergeist even compete?[View]
40066265>beta japanese duck has small leek >alpha white duck has long leek What did they mean by this?…[View]
40065475>2 months before release >Still no fuggable waifumon I guess I'm skipping this Gen.…[View]
40065136Fuck it, I'm buying it now.[View]
40062338Quit holding my hand and just let me play the game reeeeeeee[View]
40060230What do you think of this trend: Should variants exist? Should muh 151 remain untouched? Happy to be…[View]
40064578Who's next to receive an evolution? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mo…[View]
40064876Cross Gen Thread: Now that cross gen evolutions are back and not locked to Galarian forms, which Pok…[View]
40066065>betatards still grasping at betaduck[View]
40066063>not nicknaming them Kain and Cecil >shygddt…[View]
40065822Sirfetch'd gets this as its Hidden Ability.[View]
40060036Escavalier survived the cull[View]
40063850The anime had the right idea about the cyndaquil line[View]
40060530Wait, Houndoom is based?[View]
40065294>He's actually getting SwSh[View]
40064289Sophocles Appreciation[View]
40065255How easy would a solo run of Lets Go with him be? And second question: Would candies make the run pi…[View]
40065609>Mfw the only reason why GF created regional form in the first place was to rehash old man to cre…[View]
40063038 [View]
40064741>iIt's considered a Galarian form Fuck Gen 4 introduced a bunch of evolutions, and they were…[View]
40062103Languages without Pokemon-Names: Why do Pokémon not have a spanish or italian name, besides both lan…[View]
40065521This is not an evolution. It's just Sneasel with a crown.[View]
40062783I'm worried: I used to think that they were just holding off new informations but so how could …[View]
40063821Shiny expectations/hopes, /vp/?[View]
40060111Anyone else not feeling any of these Pokemon designs? Maybe it's the artstyle shift, or maybe i…[View]
40062470Shield exclusive will obviously be an evo of the other 1 form kantooooooo mon. Soon he will have his…[View]
40065396Th-they'll let Dragonair evolve into a Galarian Dragonite this gen right? R-right bros?[View]
40065235I'm so hyped to use the new pokemon on showdown[View]
40065152>here's your shield exclusive bro[View]
40065158I’m pleased to announce that Negiganaito will be joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a playable cha…[View]
40065233ITT: post ideas for a sirfetchd counterpart for Shield[View]
40062293Pokemon should have died off 10 years ago[View]
40064814Won't pokemon Home have all the new models / animations and what not when it's released ne…[View]
40065190TICK TOCK TICK TOCK *2 more weeks*[View]
40064720Acerola should've been an actual ghost, change my mind.[View]
40065048I fixed it[View]
40064613So far no Gen 8 ice, psychic or bug types have been revealed. Incidentally these are objectively the…[View]
40065101I'm back[View]
40063018Ugh, what could of bean...[View]
40064945>TPC and Pokémon in one picture[View]
40063460A wild Zubat appeared! What do you do?[View]
40063714Did we get cucked shield bros?[View]
40064701With farfetch'd getting that form, evolution thing Tauros is now the only non-legendary non evo…[View]
40059973Cynthia is not Asian[View]
40064802Do you think pokemon has too many cool designs?[View]
40064861Are you people ready for the poképill?[View]
40058401This is the first gen where I actually legitimately hate every single Pokémon design. No fucking jok…[View]
40064811Truth: Fans: We want a snow yeti Pokémon!!! Gamefreak: [Laughs] Here Fans: Ummm, what[View]
40063113Ash will catch it: It’s solo promo is obviously because they believe it will be immensely popular. A…[View]
40063323Farfetch’d has access to the following moves: Throat Chop, Knock Off, Night Slash, Acrobatics, Defog…[View]
40064675>Donkey Kong >King Kazma/Renamon >Gex There. I figured out their final evolutions.…[View]
40060210I just noticed this[View]
40062069Hoenn people are lazy. L A Z Y.[View]
40059098F*** ROTOM[View]
40063573What went wrong?[View]
40061920It's over guys: I was trying to hold off buying these games for so long but I can't do it …[View]
40062580Early Switch lite review. Any Switchless anons here getting this to play Pokemon? https://www.youtub…[View]
40064087Which beta pokemon are we going to see next?[View]
40064461Anyone got art of Sirfetch’d and Farfetch’d together?[View]
40063839The Alolan Nightmare is almost over: Sickly sweet rainbows. Creepy, unnatural smiles. Trapped on a f…[View]
40062716Interpretations of less obvious evolution lines: Let's get this started[View]
40064240Herro guys howu much do you rove me forru makingu greatu poketto monsuta gamesu[View]
40063623So if the Shining Albino Duck Knight isn't even Flying, (it clearly CAN fucking fly, it just ne…[View]
40062852https://youtu.be/h8qg-XzHgUk Masuda, Farfetch'd finally reached it, hasn't he? Honestly, w…[View]
40039522Trainer card & battle theme: Post 'em and pity the shit taste of others. https://www.youtub…[View]
40062003>Pure fighting >Probably slow >Steadfast >Signature move is basically hyper beam Yet ano…[View]
40054499What is the Kiwa City Snuggle?[View]
40063922Based or cringe? https://www.strawpoll.me/18659869[View]
40063484Why are people ruling out Galarian Farfetch'd? The wording for Obstagoon and Sirfetch'd is…[View]
40060491Sure are a lot of shills out here this morning.[View]
40063997Is Ditto in Sword and Shield?[View]
40063222I don't see GameFreak doing two different tea pot pokémon in the same game (unless Polteageist …[View]
40063866Are you planning your team yet, /v/?[View]
40060737So... it evolves from a galarian Farfetch'd, right? It's the only way they can be consiste…[View]
40062425Sirfetch'd, I...[View]
40062824Assuming your bro makes the cut, will you be dressing clothes that match its colors?[View]
40063867What if every move functioned like Photon Geyser?[View]
40063644WHAT THE FUCK???? THEY RUINED MY BRO, how the fuck is this even a real pokemon fuck, when is aw it i…[View]
40062543>I did not care for the Generation 5 games.[View]
40062666*slides in on an axis without changing animation in your path*[View]
40061222>They're revealing minor stuff because major stuff doesn't exist BASED…[View]
40062622Says lad is Sword exclusive. I crave discarded Metal Coat Ditto for Shield.[View]
40063596Anyone else wish Farfetch’d’s evolution was a combination of Sirfetch’d and the old beta design?[View]
40063485>Busts into your LC: How does Farfetch fair with the little guys now?[View]
40054297/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Drill Baby Drill Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemong…[View]

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