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/fa/ - Fashion

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15275127What core is this?[View]
15276212WWYWW: What would you wear with these? Also, what 'would you wear with' general[View]
15275263What outfits do you guys wear in the summer? I am completly clueless as in what to wear, even if it…[View]
15275882couple months back i bought this coat from an independent fashion designer. it’s some kinda 60’s cze…[View]
15276044How to dress like a cool adventurer?[View]
15275273Is flipping streetwear /fa/?[View]
15274576Hahahahahahahahhaha Not even made in a first world country Hhahahahahhahahhahah And people are payin…[View]
152723216 Easy Things YOU Can Do to Look BETTER in Casual Clothes!: G E N T L E M E N, AlphaM, YouTube'…[View]
15275601How do I achieve this mode[View]
15276013Grid Rating Time[View]
15276102Inexpensive Dark Aviators: Just bought these WearMePro aviators and I gotta say, I'm disappoint…[View]
15272028Face Masks: Are face masks going to be trending for the next couple of years?[View]
15276075Post cuties you have saved from this board. Share the wealth and the memories[View]
15274853How do we get him to review the eytys mother canvas?[View]
15275808Summer Inspo: Ever since I've been here summer inspo threads have always flopped. Is it because…[View]
15275460Feel free to ask anything to one of America's most prominent fashion designers.[View]
15275960what bar soap is most effay?[View]
15274605Is Jimin /fa/?[View]
15268094/ultracore/: fashion of football-ultras and hooligans[View]
15275957can I get an id on this please :D[View]
15274319>summer is here >can no longer hide my skeleton arms in a sweater what do I wear as not to loo…[View]
15275939Which one?! I have outfits to match both[View]
15274796being able to pull off anything: Whats the secret to being able to pull anything off? It cant just b…[View]
15275685id on these pants?: not sure what brand or type these are. even just a name for the print would be g…[View]
15275905ID on this style of jacket. Idgaf about this one specifically but what's the name of the stitch…[View]
15275778Have a couple of questions. What is like dating someone like this? How does she make love, cook, sho…[View]
15274638How to improve my looks /fa/? Been told I’m only a high 6 at best ;_;[View]
15275820autist that doesn't know how to tie anything but a four-in-hand here pls halp how do I pinch my…[View]
15272693/wt/ - watch thread: blah blah blah watches blah watcheswatches edition This thread is about the app…[View]
15268855Chelsea Boots: Are they effay?[View]
15271767Why do all women wear these shitty pants? Looks digusting. Is it because they are fat? Even thin wom…[View]
15275684Fucking hell, how many core threads do we need in this board? Also, what core is this?[View]
15274840What workouts go well with a designer stubble?[View]
15275645What core is this?[View]
15271462https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnZSyDaTwZs >hurr buy common projects they're the highest qu…[View]
15274798Where can I get this shirt? any suggestions for online stores? Also, what do you call this type of p…[View]
15274031HAIR LOSS: There is something more natural that works if I dont want to use minoxidil or finestiride…[View]
15275557How would you make a strongman effay, effay ? What cores would fit someone with a strongman physique…[View]
15271748Quarantine's left me looking for a change in look lads Any inspo for haircuts I could do myself…[View]
15275467Is this core /fa/?[View]
15275437You didn't join the Official Fitness Server on Dis cord (FitCord) yet?? Advice on routine and …[View]
15275376What do you think about Emma Chamberlain? Is she a good bellweather for womens' fashion?[View]
15274682what core is this?[View]
15270943Running/Gym/workout shoes: Started working out. Need some /fa/ running shoe fits/shoes[View]
15273865Can someone please help. I have had a nose stud piercing for 8 or 9 weeks now and i wanted to switch…[View]
15275152tattoo and kp: hello, i have a question for people with a good knowledge of tattoos. how does it loo…[View]
15274448Is Clint Stevens effay?[View]
15239615Post your shoe rotation: Have some velcro lows coming in the mail soon.[View]
15273789can science be effay?[View]
15271739How to avoid npc core?: Any tips? I am finishing up building a basics/neutrals wardrobe that can mix…[View]
15273142Do y'all think black ceilings make a room look taller or larger?[View]
15273878https://youtu.be/6DUppoaoiRo >105$ for “premium” snekaers made in Vietnam from the WORST possible…[View]
15274679My perfect house[View]
15275150Anybody know of a cheaper alternative to Nike SFB’s that won’t fall apart at the seams in six months…[View]
15274490id on these shoes?: also general sneaker thread[View]
15272362RIP: to one of the great fashion resources of the last 15 years. this fucking sucks[View]
15274716Anyone know if it’s possible to code a bot for online purchases? I’m learning Python right now but i…[View]
15272086Can we have /fa/ intellectuals or are all smart people nerds[View]
15267290what do you think about thrifting, /fa/? i’m eager to buy my whole wardrobe in thrift shoos because …[View]
15275003WTF Dr. Squatch isn't even a real doctor[View]
15273785Where to find these shoes?: Seen at the ending of episode 3 of Dave.[View]
15274971Who looks better between the two of them?[View]
15272593Jason Sudeikis: Do you guys think he looked good with long hair?[View]
15274874What core is this?[View]
15271876Fuck you, whoever recommended this $30 sunscreen, the size of a pack of Tic Tacs[View]
15271258effay animal crossing fits: post em[View]
15274431Have you guys ever been incognito homeless for the experience? I did it for a month in New Orleans, …[View]
15269290What's keeping me from Chadhood?: Please tell me, I don't know what to blame anymore...…[View]
15274600/fa/ or nah?[View]
15272167/fa/ or nah?[View]
15274610What are these types of shorts called?: They appear to be for sports but they aren't loose nylo…[View]
15273255is it weird to wear shorts that go above your knees?[View]
15274025Good backpack under $100?[View]
15271550Do you feel good after a whole day of belittling others because of their clothes?[View]
15267655What are some /fa/ t shirts to wear? I'm tired of being that guy that wears plain shirts all th…[View]
15272498do sandals look bad on white guys?: i'm really into jap fashion (inb4 weeb), but I'm wonde…[View]
15272981What do you guys think of hong kong core? I hear it's coming back into fashion[View]
15261462Anti inspo: Post the absolute shittest fit you have ever seen[View]
15272599what makes it s*y?[View]
15274452How do I achieve these aesthetics bros?[View]
15272100can ANYONE ID these glasses? I have searched fucking everywhere for these exact frames, but no luck[View]
15274353How to achieve this[View]
15274014Are Prada shoes worth it genuine?: Love this style, but I think I can find a replica of these for li…[View]
15273733MPB destroys beauty[View]
15260805Is it beta for a straight male to use female beauty products?[View]
15268211Headphones: What are some decent headphones with this aesthetic? Also, headphone thread, I guess.…[View]
15274047w2c visvim gf?[View]
15273215What do you think of him lookswise? Also, can he pull off sandals?[View]
15272575What makes it s*y?[View]
15272453Is this effay?[View]
15267638Are grills effay[View]
15272900Are there any good resource compilations of runway fashion shows between 1980 and 2000?[View]
15272880Soft comfy pants: Do they make soft comfy pants like this for men? And if so, what are they called a…[View]
15272409Post /fa/ masks. Pic not related[View]
15272468are Hazmat suits /fa/?[View]
15270916Bought this for $40 did I fuck up?[View]
15272343Which is patrician and why?[View]
15273902what are some /fa/ approved athletic wear? stuff like joggers, running shoes, etc. pic unrelated.[View]
15268994Who uses these backpacks?: Are these any good? They're really fucking expensive compared to stu…[View]
15271779I want to air my balls out this summer[View]
15268505Anime/Otaku Related Fashion: shut the fuck up bitch. if you like anime you might as well wear some e…[View]
15273821approximate dating of clothing item: for you vintage YSL guys, approximately when did this track jac…[View]
15269756Would you say play guitar is effay or outdated?[View]
15273354Has anyone tried the Levi's 501 Slim Fit?? Is there much difference between the original and sl…[View]
15270317fa movies: need movie suggestions for fashionable or just aesthetically pleasing movies[View]
15271017Tall & Large: I can only find this in 6XL. I need it in a bigger size. Please help /fa/ you are …[View]
15273640what went wrong?: they look decent sitting down but damn something don't look right walking…[View]
15272277What's the most effay snapchat filter? Really need to impress my boss at tomorrow's Zoom t…[View]
15271865Are these Adidas a good cop or no?[View]
15272264workout clothes: what are some functional/effay workout clothes/shoes?[View]
15273453I have this 'dent' beneath my chest. What do? Can /fit/ save me?[View]
15270115no matter how much money you spend, you will never have an awesome fit like this. try creating somet…[View]
15270980Ask a person who has autist-levels of knowledge in replica supreme anything. I will LC anything you …[View]
15264717am i cringe? a girl called me cringe but i can wear thrasher i sk8[View]
15272098Hit or Miss?[View]
15272034Dr. Martens 1460: Purple > Red > Other > Shit > the Who[View]
15273283rate my upcoming purchase[View]
15273279Is wearing a ducky tie /fa/?[View]
15269256Are there any exposed shoulders sweaters like these but for males? I like the idea but i can't …[View]
15273016Why do so many female models have masculine physical traits?[View]
15262397Formula 1 // F1: Which team in the 2020 grid has the most /fa/ race gear?[View]
15272194Why is it so hard to find a simple, minimal white shoe made of breathable material. All the white sh…[View]
15272756What is wrong if I dress like this ?[View]
15272623>day 4 of starving myself[View]
15272547Hi guys What is your favourite crocs design?[View]
15272510I run into these shoes today, apparently they are 'boat shoes' lol. i think they look pretty cool, …[View]
15272868Shit mang my room mate spilled maple syrup on my Timms homie what's a nigga supposed to do bout…[View]
15270311/wt/ - Which CasiOAK is right for you editio: If you were to do the GA2100 metal case mod, which of …[View]
15262360tattoos: 'too thread[View]
15265320Whenever I see cropped pants I always think of the nerds I used to beat up in high school[View]
15272848beige britbong coats: are burberry trenchcoats based or cringe?[View]
15270972Any piercings that look good on men? Septum?[View]
15271520where do I get a pair of sunglasses like these? what are they called? the shape in particular.[View]
15272935Would buying a heavy duty parka in the summer be more cost effective than buying one during/before t…[View]
15271025Effay cigarette thread: What is the most Effay cigarette brand and why is it American spirit?[View]
15272889Whenever I get a new band shirt, especially some of my favorite vintage black metal bands, the shirt…[View]
15272877Reminder, photography is everything. I am identical height as Mel Gibson (1m77).[View]
15272245Spent weeks trying to figure out the perfect skincare routine and just came across OUMERE which tell…[View]
15272837What's the best site to get used leather jackets?[View]
15272811where can i buy ripped jeans like pic related?[View]
15270213What can I do at home to keep my face looking as good and healthy for as long as I can? Other than …[View]
15272529When can late 90s/early 2000s core make a comeback for women? Have had enough of instathots and 'thi…[View]
15271636Anyone used teeth whitening strips before? What's your experience with them and how often/long …[View]
15269813Bros Would I look stupid wearing this with snakeskin boots and jeans?[View]
15260074/thinspo/ general: meanspo edition Last >>15248021 Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >make amer…[View]
15268370Most /fa/ tinder match I’ve ever got goddamn[View]
15272275Is this website legit?: So I came across this site with a bunch of leather jackets, but I truly can…[View]
15272381So I'm looking at getting a NASA jacket (I know they're a trend among basic bitches atm bu…[View]
15272213i'm 23 about to turn 24 is there hope for a beard this is a little bit over a month of growth i…[View]
15271252Rare clothing items: Post your rares. I will begin with my hats. The gray one is an afghan pakol and…[View]
15270102Whats this core?[View]
15271919why does my hairstyle fall down?: currently i'm trying to do a side part with a wave on the fri…[View]
15269095Find a flaw[View]
15272338Is it possible to get transition lenses that go full black instead of being all smoky and creepy loo…[View]
15269980Drain Gang: whose the most ef/fa/y?[View]
15272320who /sewingbee/ here?[View]
15260986High Fashion Thread ?[View]
15270511Anyone here know how to embroid the visor on a cap? Would love some advice as I'm rather nervou…[View]
15268964Why is he so effay? He looks more badass than most tryhards on here while being a nerd and kind of i…[View]
15270331No terrorcore thread? Terrorcore thread.[View]
15271822How to achieve to be this good looking?[View]
15269670Should I cop, or is it cringe?[View]
15271609Ayy leme get some of those uhhh WIGWAGS.. Ok but really isn't it immeasurably funny to see how …[View]
15271958My beard is going grey. Is it over for me lads? I'm so young :( only 32 fuck.[View]
15272040What core is this?[View]
15272061CHADS: ITT: Chads[View]
15270956Do any world leaders even come close to KJU?: I mean, unironically[View]
15272009What haircut is this?[View]
15271888Pop pop pop, watching haters drop.[View]
15271887So if they aren’t fashion then who is REAL fashion[View]
15270594Let's post glamorous pics of old Hollywood stars and old socialites.[View]
15271493How often do you wash you face with cleanser? Most guys seem to wash twice a day but some wash with …[View]
15271439what core is this?[View]
15271495What core is this?: from Vetements btw[View]
15268164The fit for today[View]
15271744Why did Casio even make this fitness watch? >Feeds no data to Google fit >Only useful for runn…[View]
15271642What core is this?[View]
15249635Cop or NOT?: I am thinking about coping these for the summer. Also, cop or not summer edition[View]
15270525Self cut crew cut: Yesterday barbers reopened in my town after 3 months of being closed, so I went t…[View]
15271568Can you suggest a large brimming hat for UV protection? Bonus if it has a mask to fight the Chinese …[View]
15271620Tips for growing a chevron moustache? I have facial hair similar to pic related but it doesn't …[View]
15270424Are there any good alternatives to finasteride?[View]
15269559>tfw covid-19 delays the shipping of your package for weeks. I'm starting to believe I got r…[View]
15271626Thoughts on this color combination and fit?[View]
15270564What are some fashion tips that will help me look like I own a strip club?[View]
15267052Can restrooms be /fa/?[View]
15269200ITT: 10/10 runway fits[View]
15270818Pleated Shirts: How might you wear a shirt like this? Would you exclusively wear a pleated shirt for…[View]
15266430Fragrance General: Previous Thread: >>15258245 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
15269585does this thing work? any anon tried it?[View]
15269876>tfw droopy eyelid How do you fix this shit?[View]
15265342And I'll tell you what else is a fucking scam. Beard oil! You'd have to a completely retar…[View]
15262159This is my real, unironic, daily fit. Am I /fa/?[View]
15265125comfycore general: general, inspo, post what you have to go out at 7am on a slow morning to get a cu…[View]
15270849Can you guys post some pics of hairstyles that i could do myself with clippers? Similar to this[View]
15269479High Top Thread?: Wanted to get some options on what I could get next. I work in motorsports and aro…[View]
15266896Pomades that aren't shit: My hair is thick and wavy and has defeated every pomade, clay, and pa…[View]
15271360How do I steal this look? It looks 90s.[View]
15263676Who mogs?[View]
15269220What ethnicity is this?[View]
15269049The Chad Tom Ford[View]
15270947Are they effay?[View]
15271162used to go on effay tinych@t with pigfuck and all the rest and honestly miss it lols is anyone gonna…[View]
15271243Anyone built a t-shirt brand on instagram?[View]
15269799Leather Jackets: What's the take on leather jackets? I think they can look really good but they…[View]
15269787Is it even possible to wear a basic tee without looking like a huge faggot Serious answers only[View]
15270838Do you guys like Rock n Roll and could you tell me what core this here is?[View]
15270540ugly sneakers/clothes you'd wear ironically[View]
15269741Industrial interior: What's your house design?[View]
15270509/fa/ Musicians: post /fa/ musicians or just musicians whose style you fuck with >inb4 kanye…[View]
15266388how does a girl dress like a main character?[View]
15266934If New Balances is seen as the incel shoe then why do 574s get a pass?: Also should I cop?[View]
15261332WAYWT: emergency action edition previous >>15251939[View]
15270286Thoughts on Iridescent clothes?: Curious if it's effay approved[View]
15269916Can you help me see if this Gucci scarf is fake?: I hope this is not a wrong place to ask, can you h…[View]
15270935How does /fa/ feel about this fit? It's what I wear ~80% of the time. A white t-shirt with a sh…[View]
15263044What's the most effay way to carry something too small for a bagpack but too big for my pants p…[View]
15268682Is this actually good for the clothes?[View]
15269998Rate his fit[View]
15270763Do models fuck photographers?[View]
15269436Faggot jannies deleted the effay dog breed thread yet leave all the fucking spam threads because the…[View]
15270519Rate my outfit?: What can I improve?[View]
15270174will platform boots make me look like an insecure manlet i really do like the look breh[View]
15264544(((Jewelry))): Is it acceptable for Men to wear jewelry? Post and rate yours.[View]
15268034Dreadlocks: Hi guys, what do you think about dreadlocks? Does it look trendy? Will it suit a white g…[View]
15268832Hipster Diogenes: Discuss[View]
15269970Have science ever figured out why the redman wears the jean jacket no matter what generation?[View]
15265729Curly hair.: Ever notice how curly hair is the ultimate /fa/ hair, even for both genders?[View]
15267014Product Thread[View]
15269167What are some decent long haircuts for my shitty hair? I'm going to the barber tomorrow and I …[View]
15267057I desperately need to change my wardrobe: It's something I've never thought about until to…[View]
15269463ID on the Taliban squad sneakers[View]
15268054can cargo shorts be /fa/?[View]
15267975Which one of these products should I buy?[View]
15259814confess your /fa/shion sins anon[View]
15269759How to style these without techwear style clothing? Been considering them for a while because I’ve …[View]
15268921Can i wear denim jacket with polo shirt?[View]
15270325redpill: putting in more effort into yor fits than normies will just make you look fake, a poser and…[View]
15268692What core is this?[View]
15268930Help with this jumper: What would you wear this PACCBET jumper with ? White undershirt or idk, layer…[View]
15263754what are some /fa/ bicycles?[View]
15264927are they /fa/?[View]
15268475Sales: All Saints 30% off all[View]
15268613/wt/ - watch thread: chrono edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their desig…[View]
15269889help me find a shoe that looks similar to this: anyone know any shoes that have a similar look to th…[View]
15265805Thoughts on my recent grooming purchase? I plan on cutting my own hair. Do you think people will be …[View]
15264711My left shoulder is much wider than my right shoulder, as you can see. Is there any place I can get …[View]
15267504Pork pie hats. I fucking love them, and I worship Lester Young. I'm fucked though, aren't …[View]
15270070how would you describe the distinct features of this type of shirt (as in the the neckline and butto…[View]
15269917Black or Navy?: Which trunks to cop?[View]
15266907who is more effay?: joe or jones?[View]
15268573Hey /fa/tties can u identify these? what do u associate this style with? any simillar fits?[View]
15268138>T-shirt >'Dry clean only'[View]
15269816What do you do with your old clothes? Recently been selling the good ones to Facebook marketplace a…[View]
15269326Cheap tan: So explain to me why an uv lightbulb would not tan you. I mean pic rel is obv not a medic…[View]
15269298Which beige jacket color is more versatile?[View]
15266975Why does asians and blacks men seems to keep a head full of hair deep into their 40/50s where other …[View]
15269683dungarees: are girls in 90s dungarees /fa/? What about dungaree dresses?[View]
15269067Similar jackets?: also what core is it?[View]
15267781it's fucking HOT OUTSIDE: how do i into linen clothing? all white everything? do people actuall…[View]
15269605Has anyone experience with Onitsuka Tiger - Lawnship 2.0 ?: beyond that question, what are the do…[View]
15268213can I use it on my face?[View]
15264836deadass just gripped a fresh beige fitted[View]
15268323What's your opinion on Harrington jackets?[View]
15252507Sleaze: Post your sleaze fits anons. Now that summers here I can show off my tats which I think add …[View]
15267932you didn't shave your quarantine mustache, did you?[View]
15269337Grid thread? Grid thread.[View]
15268424>wear new white tshirt for 1 day >throw it in laundry basket >on laundry day notice it has …[View]
15269323Average /fa chad[View]
15266728Since there is no legitimate haircut thread, fa, what haircut should I do? I am tired of long-ish ha…[View]
15268520Where can I buy baggy pants like this / what are they called?[View]
15264784post other good button ups, I'm trying to get a few of these for the summer[View]
15263433What brand?: I've been using this vest for years but it's brand has almost weathered off. …[View]
15269245Why cigars is so effay?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsuEd9xpCfM&t…[View]
15268433Are cargo shorts /fa/ approved?[View]
15268015girls should work out and lose weight instead of abusing high waist pants.[View]
15265701Do you tuck your undershirt into your underwear? Should you?[View]
15269100thoughts on this piece of eyewear ?[View]
15269185hope u have a good day anon[View]
15265983Just gripped this fedora in a thrift store Williamsburg. How did I do?[View]
15266057headphones and long hair: Which one should I use when I have a long hair and are they safe or should…[View]
15266803is it possible to rock combat boots without looking like a degenerate?[View]
15265482Summer clothes for spergs: Is there any comfy clothes for spergs/other kinds of people who are sensi…[View]
15267455What core is this?[View]
15268478The top and sides of .y hair end a little past my ears and back ends almost to the end of the nape. …[View]
15268387comfy: lost the comfy folder on my pc post inspo so i can hoard it again[View]
15263253Are necklaces acceptable to wear?[View]
15268455What would you wear with these pants? How do you pull this look off without looking trashy[View]
15263979I can finally get this in my country, how do i apply it? Should my hair be damp, wet or how do you g…[View]
15268849Is this /fa/, /fa/?: Is it? Be honest![View]
15268464Is there a end all be all rain jacket? the end game for rain jackets?[View]
15268355is it effay to carry a tote bag?[View]
15264480Tucking idiots: Why do you guys tuck into low-rise pants? Is it a meme? Are you just retarded? I mus…[View]
15268560anyone have any experience with novesta GATS? how are they?[View]
15267560Clothing or hairstyle that has his aesthetic[View]
15268221Cop or drop on this shirt?[View]
15267645what core is this[View]
15265759Shoe stretchers: Anyone tried techniques for making shoes about a half size larger? Recently came ac…[View]
15267771Is black lipstick on men /fa/[View]
15267452Where are all the fashion threads?: >hair >balding >acne/skincare >complaining about wo…[View]
15268412I bought a pair of jeans online, not realising they were button fly, and now I don't think I ca…[View]
15266818I gained 30 lbs while in the Chinese Virus quarantine but I don't look fat. There's a good…[View]
15268053Recent Cops: Recnt Cops thread. I KNOW most of you are just jerkin off and online shopping so post e…[View]
15267921Running Shoes: I've recently started jogging but I've been wearing pic related and it…[View]
15264374real men wear anime: >people wont take you seriously if you wear an anime tshi--- why is /fa/ wro…[View]
15262254Are these a meme? I've never had a perfect shave with this like I can with a normal cartridge o…[View]
15266081My eyelids are not always fully open, and this eyes closed look makes you appear low energy and not …[View]
15267855Name a more ripped off culture in America for fashion than 1990's skater culture[View]
15265195I hand wash my clothes via washboard.[View]
15266636what up, I like wearing dresses, anyone else? what've y'all got? i've got 0 titz so …[View]
15267895what core is this?[View]
15268137dick ovens[View]
15267941temp tatt: stay /fa/ no regrets.[View]
15268112Is living on Teams /fa/[View]
15267539Why can’t you guys just wear normal clothes? I see you all in the WAYWT threads and...[View]
15265944I have to accept the fact that I'm diffuse thinning on top, a lot like Hardy. Would it be bette…[View]
15266698goatee: is goatee really a bad kind of beard ? I heard it's bad but I see so much celebrity wea…[View]
15267901>tfw black with a big ass forehead Is it over, bros? What hairstyle can save me?…[View]
15264979What are good simple clothes to wear in the engineers office where ties are 'forbidden'?[View]
15267704Are you a brand loyalist?[View]
15267715Is my boy Rexy /fa/?[View]
15258321How do I achieve this hair? Sea salt spray? Layered haircut?[View]
15264941What is this haircut called and how do I ask my barber for it?[View]
15267686It's been so long I can't 'member what it was like[View]
15267487What can I wear that will let others know I'm evil. So far I don't wear a mask in public. …[View]
15257155In your country/city how does a stereotypical criminal dress?[View]
15264919peacoats: Are peacoats still in or will I look like a retard wearing it. Also I usualy dress in busi…[View]
15263497>dyed hair >rock t-shirts >earrings >facial piercings >1997 Rappers are just now catc…[View]
15262881Why do Korean girls do this? Do they actually think it looks beautiful?[View]
15267576If your friend or relative takes a shit pic of you (when you or others take nicer pics of you) - do …[View]
15253118new face rate: I get rejected by fat dikes[View]
15267484I honestly don't get it. Why the hype?[View]
15267525Im rocking these badboys nowadays and I can smell the pussayjuice flowing out from all the females t…[View]
15267544>mfw there's another thread bitching about tattoos[View]
15266550What was the movie where the guy was wearing Adidas Top Tens[View]
15263039can anyone id the boots[View]
15267514Hey, it’s me again. Can you please to be telling me the nature of this core?[View]
15267139I'm about to get my hair cut short but I don't know which style to go for; guide me please…[View]
15264405Do you /fa/gs actually save photos of men in a 'Inspo' folder on your phone/computer? I can't i…[View]
15264601What are these shoes?[View]
15267396suka: >want this jacket >not about to ever spend 2k on a jacket-least of all a novelty type …[View]
15265891Should I get this shirt?[View]
15265446>little blonde girls who dye the tips of their hair pink[View]
15267224Tattoo Poll: Let’s settle this once and for all what is /fa/ view on tattoos? https://strawpoll.com/…[View]
15263811How come Ashley and Dorian are never mentioned? Dorian is the ultimate gentleman. This pasty skinny …[View]
15265079Boots with high heels?: Manlet here. What are some boots with the highest stacked heels?[View]
15265465What skin care products do you use? All I ever do is moisturize with Vaseline after showers and befo…[View]
15264644Skincare: So I bought 2x Cerave face moisturizers for $41 cad shipped. They are 473ml ones. Was I in…[View]
15266451How do I remove my acne scars and get an even, flat face again?[View]
15263706Is Kojima /fa/?[View]
15261323There's no point in fashion unless you have a hot body. A hot body makes any clothing look 100 …[View]
15255487How to pull off an arthoe look as a bbw?[View]
15264545Fashion advice: Hi /fa/ I'm looking for a way to find out who I am and what I should wear. All …[View]
15266209Cop or na[View]

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