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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 166 expired threads from the past 3 days

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17469972Is it possible to buy a brimmed-hat that doesn't make you look like a dork?[View]
17471802Casemods: Whatever happened to casemods? Or was he on /fit/ I cant remember it was so long ago. Case…[View]
17471418where can I get these shirts? what model are they?[View]
17465129Is plastic surgery effay?[View]
17471616A pair of mens leather hightop sneakers that I wore at 2018.: I dont have any photos of them, becaus…[View]
17466308Has everyday fashion more or less remained consistent since the 70s? It seems like the 60s was a tur…[View]
17467598why should i bother with fashion, hairstyles, anything really.. why bother with any of this shit wit…[View]
17471313what fashion do I prefer if im endomorphe -_- ?(19yo no loiusv and money for over hype stuff)[View]
17471474do yall like my sweater /fa/ggots?[View]
17469641I want pants that fit like this. I have the ass for it but pants don't have the ass crease I wa…[View]
17466914/btg/ - BOOT GENERAL: /btg/ BOOT GENERAL - BEIGE PONY* *CONTAINS NO PONY EDITION What do I need to c…[View]
17471497Rag&Bone: what's your opinion on this brand?: What do you think of the brand Rag & Bone…[View]
17471487>gives white people the power of flexing like coloured folks >Capitalizes on his image, humor,…[View]
17471334What type of guy wears this?[View]
17470780trenchcoat name: Hello what is the name of this type of trenchcoat/overcoat? with the flappy thing o…[View]
17470942I want to be a model, but I have these knees. What the fuck do I do?[View]
17468338what age should your mom stop buying your cloths for you[View]
17467814/wt/ - Watch Thread: Ugly douchebag who gave up on looking good because he is old and fat but wants …[View]
17471312/wt/ - Watch Thread: Collection Edition. Rate mine :p > Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDu…[View]
17467592Pick your fighter[View]
17471306Collection Edition. Rate mine :p > Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK > Watch essentia…[View]
17469879What aesthetic is this called?[View]
17471166Superdry: Are their clothes /fa/? I’ve noticed that some people still wear them in England.[View]
17469095what do you guys think about my mustache?[View]
17470283Are baggy clothes in style now? Should I stop wearing slim and slim straight jeans?[View]
17470088Hoodie too big: Hello /fa/, bought this delightful Loewe spirited away hoodie. I bought it in a size…[View]
17470856Post unconventional beauties: I’ll start[View]
17470285Authentic Yeezys: Anybody know where I can buy real Yeezys outside of Adidas?[View]
17470461Why is this a bad fit?[View]
17470964Rural Irishman-core (1800s): How to dress like this? You basically look homeless and not at the same…[View]
17467012>nooo men can’t wear mesh shirts it’s gay!![View]
17471031What are your favorite mid-priced brands for penny loafers and monk straps?[View]
17469807Does anyone know of any men's shoes like these Bode opera pumps, but more plain?[View]
17471018In Japan and can cop one of these. Back in the real world, is this wearable without looking silly? D…[View]
17471015w2c mens silks[View]
17470986Jekylls and Hydes: What are the moral responsibilities of humanity should we eventually exist as an …[View]
17468984So is this the future of fashion?: Also why does everyone think we're going to dress like fucki…[View]
17470076DIY Clothing: I can't believe you fags just talk about fashion all day but blindly consume bran…[View]
17470071ID these glasses: Looking for manufacturer/model of the glasses in pic related. Anyone got a clue?…[View]
17470938what makes it based?[View]
17470446You don't have to dress nice OR be attractive to get a cute girl. I'm tired of these threa…[View]
17470897ATTN: LADIES: What would you think of this color shirt on a man? Looks good or is it gay? Are we rev…[View]
17470506Comeback: Will we ever see this Style again?[View]
17470829Reminder only crooked teeth are considered effay[View]
17470804Why are latin dancing outfits so sexy?[View]
17470877What is the name of this style of jacket, and where should I look in order to buy an identical one f…[View]
17466830Post unconventional beauties[View]
17468744Whatever '23[View]
17469460Shopping in Tokyo: Hey /fa/, I'll be visiting Tokyo in the near future and I'm looking for…[View]
17467081Cowboy/ Western/ Outfits that have a touch of desert theming to them[View]
17462715were they effay?[View]
17469700No other band/musician's merch aged worse than Tyler the creators. It's all ugly poorly de…[View]
17467744you guys can play dress-up all you want, if you're ugly and out of shape there's not much …[View]
17470560sweatpants: hey /fa/gs Im looking for cheap sweatpants to wear everyday indoors what are the chink w…[View]
17470179What brands sell nowadays chinos/khakis with only 1% elastane?: I am searching for a chino which is …[View]
17469071Is this what the zoomies think is /fa/ now? Putting filters and dressing like this?[View]
17441916/hair/ thread: Discuss all things hair, whether it be on the body, face, or head. Previous Thread: …[View]
17464990Fashion Model Marisa Miller Got Fat[View]
17466989/fa/ sports[View]
17466453Which hair color is the most conventionally attractive for a man[View]
17451481thinspo: ayy lmao edition[View]
17470149Should ditto suits come back?[View]
17470015>JINGLE & HIGGLEBOTTOM 1796 Why are British brands like this?[View]
17469936Why do people at raves immorally dress like that?[View]
17469275https://twitter.com/faeriekanon: Are me and my bf /fa/? (I'm trans btw)[View]
17470211/fa/ x /sp/ecial edition[View]
17463786Why do clothes fit on me like this? Is it because I have a small waist?[View]
17469988what is the best white tee ?[View]
17470037Michael Jackson: Was he /fa/?[View]
17469226Am I pulling off the “ima rich MMA fighter look?[View]
17469626/blk/: Shopping black is morally good[View]
17468307Good butt-shaving tool?: Hi /fa/ I'm a muscular male with a Griffith/vampire look, and I'm…[View]
17467493I need gothic femboy/trap outfit ideas that don't show much skin[View]
17466841/TBG/ The Beard General: Why are you not growing a beard Anon? Do you want to look like a faggy zoom…[View]
17469187Was I scammed?: /o/ fag here. I ordered a pair of white Sambas directly from the Adidas app, they ju…[View]
17454427Trad/Ivy/Prep General: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/ https://askandyaboutclothes.com/v…[View]
17469108what is this type of style called outdoorsy? im sick of just wearing army jackets and leather jacket…[View]
17469944Is this /fa/?[View]
17469149how do I achieve this aesthetic?[View]
17467158>the most beatiful girl in the world now looks like this whats the fucking point anymore. this ma…[View]
17467441>be <5'10 >go skeleton mode >fixed…[View]
17467341it's giving mustache[View]
17460890How to pull off the plain black tee look?[View]
17468814What type of guy wears this?[View]
17468019W2C 50s bowling shirt?: Where can I buy decent 1950s style bowling shirts? Not looking for any Hallo…[View]
17469030ITT: Shoe Collection: I'll start[View]
17466616post tattoos you like[View]
17469256id on shoes? or similar style[View]
17469750WDYWT: This is what I wore today what did you guys wear today[View]
17469742Are you going webercore this spring, /fa/?[View]
17469519Has anyone else taken the anti-fashion pill? Using clothes to cultivate a look is larpy and forced, …[View]
17465336What item should I get in silk?[View]
17469303Considering buying this but i'm not sure its kinda edgy but i love the game sm, what do u think…[View]
17469599Left or right?[View]
17469391Why is Shia the king of /fa ???[View]
17469106Is wearing a open shirt over a shirt fashionable?: Complete fashion noob here, I study with this gro…[View]
17467645What are some essential zoomercore pieces?[View]
17467009How to convert UK women's legging sizes to mens waist sizes - anyone know?[View]
17469307Thoughts on my outfit? How can I improve it?[View]
17467017Glasses thread: I have to change glasses. Pic related are what I actually wear and I love em' v…[View]
17460148cop or not: Post a piece of clothing you want to buy, and anons will say whether or not you should b…[View]
17466827What are these Korean style drop sleeve, loose fitting tshirts called? And where do I buy them?[View]
17461191What are nice German brands?[View]
17467844/ties/: Post alternative ties[View]
17468375/fa/ils: >tfw you swim without your effay lifevest and drown[View]
17456723What kind of body type is best for fashion? I realized that being a skinny isn't actually that …[View]
17469125Rate my fit[View]
17468590Why did polyester and fleece start getting shilled so heavily compared to natural materials?[View]
17463112Peak Female Fashion[View]
17468701Do you feel like a fraud wearing reps?: I do own some rep stuff I bought a while ago, and I have no …[View]
17464415I love girls who dress like this[View]
17467466Moccasins: How do i style these?[View]
17468762What is the most /fa/ sock length?[View]
17468072With what color shoes would one pair this shirt. I know it’s legit Bape and the price is good.[View]
17468452What is your favourite brand?[View]
17468077Why would a chad date a poorly dressed woman?: Especially a pinoy?[View]
17468967What shirt colors are better if I have extremely pale skin?[View]
17466115>looking for specific piece on eBay >find it! Brand new w/tags. perfect, ships from America …[View]
17467235how do i make my own shaving soap? shaving soap has gotten to stupidly expensive recently i might as…[View]
17467685I'm buying a specialized bag to carry my sports equipment in - going for a traditional leather …[View]
17466990Now hear me out. Is Yeat /fa/core[View]
17466217effay couples: post them fashionable pairs[View]
17463129What's your go to suit color?[View]
17468716Was he /fa/ ?[View]
17467910thought on dressing like deckard?[View]
17468738>great for simple designs >multiple colors >want a tattoo but are not committed enough? …[View]
17467971/makeup/: You guys are looksmaxing with makeup, right? What is your routine? I’ve been using a conc…[View]
17468756ermmm ermermerm ermmm: >w-w-w-what ddododdodo i wearr erm guys >what d-do i wear when i go out…[View]
17466761/wt/ - Watch Thread: Calendar Edition > Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK > Watch ess…[View]
17468521hello /fa/ I work at different mental health facilities. I was looking for meme clothing that could …[View]
17466529Men of 4chan, do you find a woman with an eating diosrder an ick?[View]
17467886bros i dont know shit about being effay and I need the most informal formal outfit I can make for th…[View]
17468660Hey can someone help[View]
17457226Cultural fashion: Post some shit you like from other cultures. Personally love the pakol.[View]
17464014Looking for charts like picrel[View]
17467935ID: does anyone know where to get those boots?[View]
17467236ITT: Fashionable Chads: This isn't your typical sexcore Chad. He's wearing rick owens, dio…[View]
17467296>techwear and other upcomming fashion trends this hardcase pack features USB slots and a combinat…[View]
17466187I'm thinking of cutting my hair like this since the women I like usually say they won't da…[View]
17462693ITT: Ask about fashion styles names: (Pic is not me) What's this style called? I've been w…[View]
17467365How should I dress if I want to express “yes I look amazing naked, yes I have a lot of money, yes I …[View]
17462742Is my hand fa?[View]
17468393what are some effay hats: i work at a coffee shop where i have to wear a hat. the one i've got …[View]
17465660anyone know what brand of hat this is?[View]
17467803Possibly the most /fa/ teen drama character I've seen: But seriously, I'm not gay or ally …[View]
17466190Are hats /fa/? Can I wear one if I'm 26 or am I too old? And what type of hat are the most fa?[View]
17468013Are there any styles of long hair for men that are formal, or am I destined to look like a hippie?[View]
17468169What kind of makeup should I use to look like a hollywood actor? No bullshit answers please[View]
17468317I got Down with Down.: I got the Montbell Alpine Down Parka, I've heard good things but have an…[View]
17466370Fast /fa/shion: What is /fa/'s opinion on fast fashion? It's not really that good for the …[View]
17467442Rec for good general Raincoat?: Not looking for bottom of the barrel, but nice and reasonable $60-18…[View]
17463716Can rockstar core be pulled off in 2023 or is it too larpy? I'm 32, play guitar (not currently…[View]
17467644When Pattern is Everything: Why you should dress for attractiveness?: Please discuss[View]
17467267Anyone remember her insta?[View]
17466672Single edge safety razors: Any single edge razors like the twig that I don't have to pay 60 dol…[View]
17466019where can i find a gf who will dress up like this with me?[View]
17467558Thoughts?: Thoughts?[View]
17468029How can i fix this red line on the side of my nose?[View]
17467506How can you go wrong?: >$6 >100% cotton How can you go wrong?…[View]
17464748If you're over the age of 18 and unironically wear streetwear, you're a loser: No way any …[View]
17464869What's the most sleazecore city? My picks >Miami >Bangkok >Las Vegas…[View]
17466069Animated GIF on a shirt: I'm thinking of doing a lenticular print which supports 3-4 frames of …[View]
17467073>summarizes /fa/ in one post[View]
17463487how should a 5ft 5 manlet in good athletics shape dress?[View]

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