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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 271 expired threads from the past 3 days

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16208069Experimental: What experimental fashion peaked your interest?[View]
16206774How can I put this in terms you will understand? There’s no Chad way to think you’re an anime villai…[View]
16206491Is this /fa/[View]
16208002this guy is the rich skinny and boring version of asspizza?[View]
16205979dadcore: This year I'm going to become a dad. What should a respectable dad wear?[View]
16197454which body type is more effay?: sorry to make one of these awful threads but i've always been v…[View]
16207682Best brand for men’s tapered slim fit denim and chino[View]
16205390Someone was posting these. I love it always. Do you?[View]
16205682What core is this?[View]
16205872I want to post my face to get fashion advice but I'm scared you guys are gonna mastrubate to it…[View]
16206581hey /fa/ boots recently commit suicide, need new ones with this kind of profile (docs are ugly and c…[View]
16207492Do you wear Crocs? They are number 1 on Amazon right now.[View]
16206584What do you guys thinks of asket?: Are they really the best quality basics or is it just overpriced …[View]
16202723/fa/ backpack?[View]
16207669I vibe.[View]
16206824can you guys stop posting attractive people please it makes me sad[View]
16206226AirPods: Are they /fa/ or do they ruin a fit?[View]
16186969/thinspo/ general: Legalize all drugs to end the cartels and do LSD edition >post thinspo >eat…[View]
16207453Where can I find a jacket like this? Preferably in a fairly thick material.[View]
16205935/wt/ watch thread: CYBERSKULL edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their des…[View]
16205945How do I tuck my shirt properly? I raise my arms after I tuck to adjust for a more comfortable fit b…[View]
16206925just copped these, how bad did i fuck up?[View]
16207395Thoughts on the RichieLe Collection?: How do people bring themselves to purchasing H&M/PacSun qu…[View]
16207444How to get hair like barret: How do I get my hair to look like jordan barrets... I've heard sea…[View]
16207485is there a /core/ for psychonaut fashion?[View]
16201090Is fashion as a hobby dying?[View]
16202583>put on my m65 jacket >it ain't me starts playing…[View]
16207010Which Byredo fragrance should I get my boyfriend?[View]
16203733How cringy is a 40 year old dad wearing supreme shirts and baseball caps?[View]
16206945Which brands offer nice flannel shirts?: with simple traditional plaids , nothing exaggerated and de…[View]
16207237sf techcore: should i cop this going for a sf techbro look dont ask why[View]
16206550Where do you buys clothes?: I've have no idea where to shop for clothes online. All the cool th…[View]
16206557nigga i wear suit[View]
16198233what to wear on a date? going with this girl to park and maybe a restaurant so pretty casual. my mai…[View]
16207072>I'm ready for ze.... S E X[View]
16206482need a legit check on this thom browne (or thom browne inspired) cardigan[View]
16205274Which one is more /fa/?[View]
16207140What is some UGGspo?[View]
16203883Summer Grid Thread[View]
16194013Psychedelic Academia Thread: Let's get groovy[View]
16205127Favorite affordable tie brand?[View]
162067756 years since it ended. Is there still nothing to fill the void ?[View]
16205908How can I pull off this aesthetic without looking like a try hard?[View]
16206576What jacket is this?[View]
16187434/fa/ cities: Mid 20’s leaving my job in engineering and moving to pursue my painting. What are some …[View]
16204641I want to buy more sunglasses but these are the only ones that I have found that suit my weirdly-sha…[View]
16203701Post french inspired fashion[View]
16206861Tailored Whilst Travelling: Any good rec's on going to SEAsia and getting a new wardrobe while …[View]
16206766Does me or my older bro look better in this outfit?[View]
16206406Face rate general, sleep deprivation and despair edition: Have at it[View]
16203584to be or not to be: I want to be an influencer on Instagram or stream on twitch bc it’s an easy cash…[View]
16204706I'm new to all of this -- can you recommend some nice EU online stores, or atleast point me in …[View]
16203582how to achieve abel's drip?[View]
16203756My bag. You jealous?[View]
16206670How to use striped shirts and could this be effay?[View]
16197410How cringe is it to re-become emo at 26?[View]
16204949are waves effay?[View]
16206002how do you prevent blackheads ? I cleanse + moisturize everyday & use aztec clay once per week …[View]
16206208Dirty sneaker: Is it normal for sneakers to get THIS dirty on the first day?[View]
16206602W2c her look? When emulating outfits it's always hard to actually find the right shade of color…[View]
16206368Miami Vice Aesthetic: I want to have clothes like the left picrel. but im a brokefag. What are some …[View]
16206232Are jean jackets still /fa/?[View]
16198445QTDDTOT: Is it true that some popular imageboards are ran by AI lmao? For example, I would be browsi…[View]
16206494Jackass inspo: Jackass is one of the most fa pieces of media ever created, and you old cucks have to…[View]
16195985face it: males are doomed to never get to enjoy being cute. >bone structure >jawline >big n…[View]
16206380When will the graphic design is my passion ig-core tees fad stop?[View]
16206188Where to find jackets like this?[View]
16205608stolen valor core[View]
16194241Hat master race: Proper hats are actually awesome if you don't larp 50s fedora mob. They keep t…[View]
16201439Are these pants /fa/?[View]
16205543Tie dye thread: I'm new to dyeing and wanted to try and make one of my first shirts similar to …[View]
16205007/fa/ in the '''kitchen''': how do you the store the food you /fa/ggots…[View]
16205747Shrek Fashion: If I want to dress like Shrek, how would I do it? What brands should I look into?…[View]
16204450/wt/ watch thread: yacht..........timers? This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their…[View]
16205106I buy all my shirts from kmart. $3.75 AUD for a plain crew-neck.[View]
16204681Are there any websites where I can stock up on basic stuff like shorts, socks, shirts for third worl…[View]
16203427Hello /fa/, I have to start work soon and need to wear a tie everyday. What are your favorite brand…[View]
16204190What makes it so bad?[View]
16205285Soap: I've noticed several anons talking shit about bar soap, saying it's bad because it b…[View]
16205482Are vintage wrestling shirts /fa/?[View]
16202670id on shoes?[View]
16205276Thoughts on white Chuck Taylors?[View]
16202175are these effay?[View]
16198289any /fa/p/ anons here? recommend me an effay camera. i own a fujifilm x100s but i'm considering…[View]
16199446where the hell can i find this shirt. its discontinued, redbubble only gives a fucking screencap of …[View]
16193732Alpha M: Opinions on this Chadlet?[View]
16201426Hair advice: Help me out bros. I've had this sort of undercut for 4 years and I want a change.…[View]
16203355saus on the hoodie if not any similar recommendations[View]
16204737Haircut suggestions: Give me image or idea suggestions for my next haircut. Tried long hair, it seem…[View]
16205339There's dozens of these Duluth Trading jackets on ebay, but when I try to look for them online …[View]
16202391What makes it cringe?[View]
16204719Hello everyone, I’m a young apprentice in an it department, I’m buying clothes for the office and bo…[View]
16205120what hat: Hey /fa/, I hate having my hair all over my face when it's even a little windy so I n…[View]
16204264Cloak: Please tell me if this raincoat suits me and is it worth buying?[View]
16203774wore this outfit to my first date and she told me it was embarrassing to be seen with me. What did i…[View]
16204754What makes it cringe?[View]
16201709ID on jacket?[View]
16189420How does One Dress to Rebel without looking like Liberal: What should one wear to show rebellion aga…[View]
16199713I have a hair transplant in 2 weeks and my girlfriend doesn't know: I planned to have a hair tr…[View]
16205418VIntage embroidered cargo pants: Looking for vintage cargo pants with embroided pockets are that is …[View]
16203575How do I start expressing myself through fashion choices? I started lurking here and everything you …[View]
16204951>mid 2021 >board is still talking about eboy and egirl shit from 2018/2019 How the fuck did th…[View]
16205270How do you protect your nice clothes from getting ruined? I bought a $170 pair of khakis and within …[View]
16201862which movie character is the most effay?[View]
16199842/shave/ general: This has to be the board for shaving. Baldchad here looking to graduate from dispos…[View]
16203120Beat razor for bald head shave: What is the best razor/safety razor for bald head shaving. Just shav…[View]
16202714Is this shit effay?[View]
16202620What is this shoe?: What is it?[View]
16202643What am I in for?[View]
16203632Say ricecel one more time, I fucking dare you.[View]
16203559Is the NTR look fashionable[View]
16204690Do you vibe? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PAlDzq4ioTU[View]
16202506effay AFFORDABLE clothing: pic is from AliExpress lmao idk if its worth just buying these kind of sk…[View]
16204584So many girls have feederism fetishes. That’s why potbellies gotta have more fashion + accentuation.…[View]
16204870That’s the fire I was looking for.[View]
16203708Moodboard inspo thread Post more stuff like this[View]
16200451should a 6 ft 5 130 pound male wear a size M or L?[View]
16204011/SCG/ - Sex Core General: Uh yeah I’m thinking it’s time for some SEX[View]
16203751Fin and microneedling without min?: Barely have any recession, just a little bit in the corners. Ord…[View]
16202344>be me >21 >has considerable amount of acne + scarring since 15 >never bothered going to…[View]
16203877Texas Bikini: Is it /fa/?[View]
16201115Fragrance General #571: Discontinued Thread >>16195393 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): …[View]
16200584Locale synergy: Mauritanian blue robes beautifully contrasts the orange hue of the sand, creating fo…[View]
16204316Is it effay to be mistaken for a high schooler when you're actually 26 years old?[View]
16202900Which colour would be more attractive for a corset on a very pale person with cool undertones. Curre…[View]
16203592ITT: Good football team merch >americans not welcome also pic unrelated…[View]
16203138/wt/ Watch Thread: I'm Retarded™ Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and t…[View]
16204296Is she /fa/?[View]
16202534/fa/ waistline: Post your waists and r8[View]
16203173what if listening to this guy and dressing like an alpha male actually worked? nobody here has tried…[View]
16198671What makes it soi?[View]
16203339how do I style my hair like this: and what length hair do I need? never seen this style on a modern …[View]
16203383Long hair and 5 star hotels Anyone works in the tourism industry with long hair? Can I have long hai…[View]
16193352How To Be Fashionable: It's not actually hard to improve your fashion at all. It's so simp…[View]
16202681What fashion do you wish for to flourish?[View]
16191163Are tan lines effay? I want to wear tank tops but I'm conscious about my tan lines.[View]
16203771Is it possible to mix sexcore and dark academia?[View]
16201168Who sells the best plain crew neck t shirts? Please don't mention Uniqlo or Kirkland. Both are …[View]
16203896Please help, what shoes are these?[View]
16202784let me guess, you 'need' more?[View]
16201495How do you pull off the 'cool fat dude' look? It's like some people who are fat are able to dis…[View]
16203082you can be super fucking cool even with a shitty hairline?[View]
16203434Hawaiian shirt or tank top?: I'm putting together a casual summer fit and I need a top to go wi…[View]
16202956I'm 33 and married with kids. How do I dress my age without looking like a stereotypical dad or…[View]
16203669Is dark blonde a good mens hair color or should I dye it? I find it kinda boring[View]
16198462>tfw NONE of the 5 clothes I bought really fit and I'm too embarrassed to send it back the w…[View]
16203596Digital watches: Do I look back with digital watches? Im 28[View]
16200593What do you call this aesthetic?[View]
16202021ID on boots?[View]
16197611how to dress to match draingang aesthetics? like bladee's style for example[View]
16203069What are some good outfits for 'If I'm gonna go, I may as well dress for the occasion'[View]
16203022Are body sprays effay?[View]
16202486glasses: i might have to get glasses eventually, idk what to get. what's the most important thi…[View]
16202798Thoughts on Polo Shirts?: I wear Polo exclusively during summer, is that /fa/ approved?[View]
16198168How would Hank Moody dress in the 2020s?[View]
16201360/wt/ Watch Thread: Sneedmaster Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their de…[View]
16203095Which hair type is this?[View]
16200148Can I achieve this look?: Do you think it's possible for me to achieve this look?[View]
16197993ITT: Post rooms and closets: post em[View]
16193888/tattoo/: New tattoo general? Also, the other thread is a bit old[View]
16201822Where do you guys get affordable pants that arent garbage tier? I usually buy from uniqlo but moved(…[View]
16202394Shirt: Do you like it?[View]
16202957Do you like Nike, white boy? Or maybe Adidas instead?[View]
16199825how do i get /fa/ as a fat guy. or is it over for me? i just want to dress nice[View]
16197412Tuckin: With what clothes should you tuck your shirt? And how? And with what clothes?[View]
16195255Do any kind of chinos work with this?[View]
16202533Why is Sangiev so popular when he dresses like a bum?[View]
16202895Adidas graphic tees are absolutely kino. How am I just figuring out about them?[View]
16200211>want to wear military surplus >never served >got made fun of on /b/ >got mistaken for a…[View]
16202510how’s a tight dress going with tall boots?[View]
16202719Abercrombie T-shirt alternatives.: I really like this style and material feel of the A&F 'soft-t…[View]
16200578Can somebody explain why denimfags cuff their jeans? I recently bought my first pair of selvage deni…[View]
16202747Post fashion with this aesthetic[View]
16198221post your current favorite fits you fucking nerds[View]
16202641What happened to Rockabilly's?: AFAF[View]
16202825/g/ meets /out/ meets /fa/???: How do I wear an entire house on myself, with water, heating/ cooling…[View]
16198838Wtf do I do with this shit? I don't go out cause covid. Haven't trimmed or cut hair in a w…[View]
16202752Are muscles /fa/?: Are muscles /fa/?[View]
16202214is it possible to pull this off without looking like an attention seeking fag?[View]
16202605>noticing guy trying to hide his gyno: Take off your jacket, man, it's gonna be a hot summer…[View]
16202608Do you guys know any good orthopedic shoes like Alden and Birkenstock?[View]
16198587How's my fit?[View]
16202296What's this style called?[View]
16201183what core is the guy on the left?[View]
16199947thoughts on my fit? ignore my dog[View]
16200395>blue jeans[View]
16201072When are popped collars coming back?[View]
16201120Any way to fix this?[View]
16202357Thoughts on Nike Court Royale 2 for men? First impressions are that I like them better than Stan Smi…[View]
16202204>$8,000 rolex >$15 nato watchband[View]
16151180/fa/ interiors: Interior design is /fa/ post rooms, post furniture, post decoration last thread was …[View]
16202099Why does my face look fat despite being nearly underweight (BMI 18)? How do I fix it?[View]
16201627Effay artists: Is Harry Styles effay? Also, post effay artitsts.[View]
16201307/chad/: chadcore.[View]
16191731How can I translate the Jedi drip into something wearable?[View]
16202084How can I (unironically) achieve this look without coming across as a deranged psychopath in the pro…[View]
16200782Considering buying these, thoughts?[View]
16200222Can your jawline improve after 18? How? >inb4 mewing I've literally been 'mewing' my whole l…[View]
16199550What should I wear with these as a skelly bro?[View]
16198398how to achieve grimes' look: I want to absorb her weird gloomy vibes. How can I start to achiev…[View]
16201316Damn, chuds dress like THAT?[View]
16200240The king of Chads.[View]
16197809>see /fa/ jacket online >buy >arrives >its in S instead if XXL >tell them they'v…[View]
16201657In the day-to day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no su…[View]
16198586>dressed like a normie, uneffay >put on sport coat >instantly well dressed and /fa/ >can…[View]
16194465Any workers/tradesmen around here? im fresh out of welding school and wanting to look respectable Im…[View]
16200752Mustache General: Dedicated thread to talk about mustaches and share fashion tips related to them.…[View]
16197861Barefoot/minimal shoes: Can barefoot type shoes be effay? I really prefer the feeling of walking aro…[View]
16201785What to wear with olive suede boots?[View]
16201527Is suicide effay?[View]
16201566Got a dress from good will. How should I style/accessorize it? Ignore nasty mirror and bathroom[View]
16198121is picrel effay?[View]
16200997it's greentext story time boys & girls. I found this one to be 4chan worthy >be me, toda…[View]
16201703Is 2011 Weeknd /fa/?[View]
16198393What are some good deodorants without estrogens or alluminium? >I use pic rel but from what I rea…[View]
16201294Military surplus thread: Just copped this bulgarian army jacket, show us your favourite surplus clot…[View]
16200938is it possible to pull off a 'silk' shirt in 2021?[View]
16198736long sleeve summer shirts: Post long sleeve summer shirts - linen, breathable, open neck, whatever. …[View]
16200073Is he effay[View]
16201522Where to buy contrast collar shirts (Winchester shirts): I want to start a collection of them lol…[View]
16201146what beard style is this?[View]
16201396Who is this guy and why is he considered /fa/ here?[View]
16201384Finnish street fashion[View]
16201305Where can I find a nice, brown peacoat for under £300[View]
16201232Am I a pleb for really liking these? Anyone know any similar shoes?[View]
16199690/wt/ Watch Thread: Grandpa's Watch Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and…[View]
16200422Bald inspo: Wanna steal this look but will shave my hair soon due to hairloss. How likely is it to b…[View]
16198503Tie dye Thread: What are your thoughts on tie-dye shirts and other /fa/ stuff?[View]
16195802Getting married soon. Fiancee told me to pick out what kind of band I want. What material is best? …[View]
16197898Which one and why, /fa/?: I'm also growing the hair out.[View]
16201185So how can i get rid of a patchy beard again ?[View]
16201091Where can I buy some legit Rick Owens for cheap / sale if I live in India[View]
16200100nothing new, just straightened hair with a bit of oil in it, shaved too: I like the thick hoodies …[View]
16200388Minion fa is the the socialist dream: There should be a rebranding in the fashion standards of socia…[View]
16200445w2c: w2c for a reasonable price?[View]
16200948How do I cop this style? I'm 6'3 and blonde if it helps. I also wear glasses; are there an…[View]
16195393Fragrance General #570: Discontinued Thread >>16190394 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): …[View]
16196050give me your /neofolk/ fashion tips[View]
16196867How do I get a haircut like this?[View]
16198748/ Glasses /[View]
16199596What core is this?[View]
16200452Don’t speak to me if you don’t rock Balmain cargo pants[View]
16196721Are 511's crap?: What are some decent alternatives to Levis? Was looking and naked and famous a…[View]
16200744TAN: Since y'all /fa/ are adamant on sunscreen and avoiding UV what is the best way to get a ni…[View]
16200711What do I wear in summer all I have are Hawaiian shirts and vineyard vines t shirts[View]
16200590wearing cheap cloths is the ultimate redpill[View]
16200674tattered and torn: How to know when its time to let go?[View]
16200272How do I even out my facial skin complexion? Certain parts like my nose look slightly red in compari…[View]
16200552What is even happening at this point desu.[View]
16192289i have a tinder date in two weeks and i recently had a mild-moderate acne breakout. most of the actu…[View]
16198573/fa/ thoughts on band Tees: i personally like them, i think it goes well with my style. What’s /fa/ …[View]
16198888what can i do about them?[View]
16196653How to achieve pic related[View]
16182268Swear to god. These retards only know how to make clothes for japs. If you don't have lanky asi…[View]
16200325ITT: /fa/ in one image[View]
16200275Why should you moisturize if your face isn't oily nor dry?[View]
16193254How to dress like this without looking cringe/ tryhard?[View]
16187568ITT: Post effay historical figures.[View]
16200122What do you guys think?: Trying to get elliecore here[View]
16164930itt: your ideal gf/bf[View]
16198727What do you call this aesthetic?[View]
16199618/shoes/ Shoe thread because I love shoes. Post your fav shoes. I wish I could wear tall heels.[View]
16199434Is loungewear effay now?[View]
16199996I N S P O: inspiration thread[View]
16199783got 1k i wanna spend on clothes any suggestions? currently, i just wear dickies 874 and band shirts …[View]

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