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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 233 expired threads from the past 3 days

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14342864Remember 2007-2014. Wtf were we all thinking?[View]
14342705Are floral prints still gonna be in for guys this summer? Bought this reversible bomber from Jack Jo…[View]
14342986The Fabion Paradox: Hey Fabibros, what's your go-to product to keep your hair silky smooth yet …[View]
14341479how long does my hair have to be to straighten it?[View]
14344055So is our /guy/ chongchong gay?[View]
14344085Dior's Sauvage or Amraf club ? What perfume gets you the most compliments ?[View]
1433132021yr Old Virgin Gets A Style Makeover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrIqYsWoqlk Sounds familiar?…[View]
14343812What do you think of my fit?[View]
14343708Is DG becoming the new normie trend?[View]
14343917NECKTIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzDnHjzdciU[View]
14341009Are black button-ups immigrant disco tier or can they be pulled off?[View]
14343799Should I get Wheat Timbs or Red Wing 875/877?[View]
14332998Everyday carry thread[View]
14340724Dior AW07 Navigate boot alternatives: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvPVxkFFfH1/ So I across this bran…[View]
14343393I'd just like to remind all of you that a buff dude wearing basic clothes will always look bett…[View]
14343496Childcore thread[View]
14343042Hair breakage: I have hair like pic related but a bit more longer and thicker, for the past 2 years …[View]
14337061/wt/ - Watch Thread: Panerai Seethe Edition This thread is about the appreciation of timepieces, as …[View]
14342379I’m in love with the Levi’s store girl[View]
14343463Make up: Is being this made up really attractive[View]
14343219>gonna get new glasses soon[View]
14332457effay frat fits: post vintage and contemporary frat. really wish I was born in the 80s[View]
14343354how do i buy an m65 without looking like a tool[View]
14339911Chicanos: Are Chicanos effay?[View]
14343259Please tell me where to get this jacket[View]
14339061Next time if you're with a women together again, just observe if they have a moustache. Can gua…[View]
14343247manletcore thread: clothes that make you look presentable even though you're a manlet[View]
14338352/wt/ - Watch Thread: THE ROLEX SUBMARINER 116610LV 'HULK' Edition: This thread is about the apprecia…[View]
14341224Is this considered good facial aesthetics?[View]
14340763Are phone cases fashion?[View]
14343170boots: Anyone know what boots these are?[View]
14342390Thoughts on American causal style (heritage)?[View]
14339856Survey: >Age >Gender >Favorite outfit >Balding y/n >What are you doing about it? You …[View]
14342457Choose my haircut /fa/[View]
14342966This is me from 2006. Did you know people used to wear really tight clothes back then. Isn't th…[View]
14341609Why is there so much Gucci in New York: I went to NYC for the first time this week and the biggest s…[View]
14342300Overrated and underrated brands: What are some overrated or underrated brands for menswear and women…[View]
14342350Should i go with a Vulcan cut?[View]
14342984Anyone know where I can get one of these? I'm looking for a size M. I have the track pants and …[View]
14341736How do I look like this guy?[View]
14341990What's the most effay frames?: I personally like thin, round frames.[View]
14342862Recent cops: I love my rafs almost as much as I love my girlfriend[View]
14339692where can I cop these yeezuses[View]
14342505When did you find you were ugly? And not as goodlooking as all your friends tell you, you are? Just …[View]
14341732Anyone have an asos discount code?[View]
14315994/fa/ Spaces: Post /fa/ home interiors, sleek floor plans, furnitures, etc. | dump inspos or post you…[View]
14340526One day left, boys. Should I buy these? What color? Don't say black, I have black boots already…[View]
14342746Chi meetup: or naw? I could have like 30 people (cigs inside maybe) and own enough chess boards or w…[View]
14341916I wear these shorts to accentuate my legs, what do you think?[View]
14341847Domme Pattas Draad: ID op schoentjes?[View]
14341701What does /fa/ think of bowl cuts? Can they be effay if the hair is thick and the right type?[View]
14342509which and why?[View]
14342397Why do people in their twenties dress so poorly? It's like they are all trying SO hard? Have an…[View]
14342596What core is this: UNironically, and where can I find good quality non-cheap tartan trousers[View]
14341486I had bad eczema as a child and teen and it gave me premature wrinkles. My bone structure makes my f…[View]
14339373please /fa/ convince me not to buy this before its too late[View]
14321673ideal gf thread? ill start, found her posted on another board[View]
14342524>tfw Jay Leno chin and butt chin combined[View]
14341396How do I into this mode[View]
14339876Are wax pens /fa/: Is there an example of someone vaping THC that is /fa/ or is it just gay[View]
14342245Piercing help?: Thinking about getting a piercing thats not on my earlobe and is kind of adventurous…[View]
14342274Men's Cuff/Bracelet General: This thread is about male jewelry beyond the classic wrist watch. …[View]
14341578Ok guys quick question about hygiene. Is it ok to just shampoo my whole body with one product ? I li…[View]
14341987[BUST]wave Thread[View]
14338683How do i achieve this aesthetic /fa/?[View]
14340693Should i cop? Usually asos is kinda normie but this jacket is super nice imo. Thoughts?[View]
14342364OH NO NO NO NO[View]
14342334Are bodies over social shirts acceptable?[View]
14342171How many short sleeves is too many short sleeves?[View]
14341291You can only save 1 piece of clothing from your wardrobe. What will it be![View]
14339371How do I shave my balls without shredding my shit up?[View]
14342178boots: What boots are these? Can anyone tell?[View]
14341886Am I effay?: Would you fuck me?[View]
14340345Are headties effay?[View]
14333678I need to lose like 15-20 pounds (ideally) in one month. What do I do[View]
14342081So tight pants are back for males, does this mean we are in the middle ages again? https://www.youtu…[View]
14341326> have a 28 inch waist > still look fat as fuck 172 cm and 60 kg. so the road to 50kg begins.…[View]
1434157030000 likes[View]
14340164How and where can I get these?: Hey guys, I saw these sweet, custom Rick geobaskets on Grailed a mon…[View]
14341771Buy/sell/trade thread: Post your grailed/depops/ebays[View]
14339294Redpill me on la sape.[View]
14341692Glasses: I need a new pair of glasses. What frames would you recommend me?[View]
14339861What makes your borough or neighborhood of nyc different than the rest of the city?: >Staten Isla…[View]
14341601>there's a handsome boy looking at me in the mirror[View]
14340132What's this piece of clothing called? Where it covers just half of your body?[View]
14339947summer visuals and sound toro y moi - how's it wrong[View]
14340778Why have hats fallen out of fashion? It used to be that a man wasn't considered dressed if he d…[View]
14340484Are/will plastic sunglasses be the new wave?[View]
14340362Why did she turn dyke, bros? She used to be so lovely.[View]
14337197Thoughts on donnie darko-core[View]
14340404How do you live with knowing that no matter how much you spend on clothes, you will never look like …[View]
14325086everyone knows its harmful, but smoking looks so /fa/ you can't deny it[View]
14334166Is this how a self-respecting white man has to dress in 2019?[View]
14338965post virgincore.[View]
14341200when are frosted tips going to make a comeback?[View]
14337858I want to get into Post Punk fashion[View]
14340396>While at uni >Constantly get compliments on my clothes and haircut, generally considered a ni…[View]
14340206anyone else hate how common this shitty style is? i get that it's easy, but it's fucking o…[View]
14340049dadd: daddd[View]
14337071Has my hairline started receding or no? I'm only 18[View]
14339438Where can I get pants that are more straight and a little bit wider than your regular skinny/slim pa…[View]
14339868GopnikCore: Are gopniks effay?[View]
14330662Grunge inspo[View]
14340855>dressing like a specific group of people >still haven’t managed to be their friends…[View]
14339946La Flame: What do you think of the Air Jordan’s Travis Scott designed?[View]
14340843>graphic t-shirts aren't effay[View]
14339175What would you do with...: THIS hair?[View]
14340303How do I get the curly/wavey messy hair look that every alt douche is rocking these days if I have r…[View]
14340809A Chorus Line: Help I'm going to be in a production of A Chorus Line and I don't know wtf …[View]
14333651What are you doing right now to lose weight? You can't be effay if you're fat[View]
14330358pattern/fabric/texture: bored by those cheap one-color bleak generic textiles >2019 >afraid of…[View]
14340453What’s the best place to buy jeans. I’m at a 32 waist but my thighs and calves are massive from lift…[View]
14340372hol up: Does one need to suspend reality to find women sexy? Like women look sexy in thongs though f…[View]
14338669comments and more like this?[View]
14340696Are eyebrow slits effay?: Should I do this to stand out?[View]
14339394vanity: annoying and boring or helps add to the scenery?[View]
14338828Advice for thick thighs?: Greetings, I feel like my thighs are too god damn thick for my 5'8 he…[View]
14338639So I visited the doctor for heavy dandruff and I got this shampoo in pic related and link related + …[View]
14336369Hey /fa/, /fit/izen here what's the best skincare, grooming regimen for a fit guy? Also post fi…[View]
14340532Get these E-whores on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/razorOS[View]
14337192How do I adopt the James Dean aesthetic?[View]
14339625Anime Inspo: Leaning towards the low-key...[View]
14340237I want to dye my hair but all the ideas I can find are this cringey ugly as fuck images, does anyone…[View]
14340282So are these shoes authentic? How can Ross sell these so cheaply?[View]
14339786hey /fa/ how do I attract people to my effay drop ?[View]
14340329/fa/: Do haircuts like these look good on non Asians[View]
14338950What are your thoughts on these shoes?[View]
14340313Do you have an invite for any /fa/ discord?[View]
14338781Tall Clothes?: I’m a tall boy. About 6’7 and 220 lbs. I can only find one shop that carries decent t…[View]
14336846Honest opinion /fa/ Is 30 too old to pull this off?[View]
14340034Straight male fashion: Itt fits for men that aren't homos. I'll start with a classic. 'The…[View]
14338785How to dress like a low test soiboi?[View]
14339589Noob here, Is it acceptable behaviour to wear a black tuxedo with a midnight blue vest to a black ti…[View]
14340109What are your opinions on grilles/perms? I think removable grilles are pretty silly but perms look d…[View]
14337749What do I wear to a wedding at a brewery? What the fuck is this white trash fad to get married in a …[View]
14339991Do these look good or nah? They release tomorrow for $200[View]
14340089>drops off a cliff[View]
14337628Where can I buy patches this size of other countries flags to replace these?[View]
14338069Where can I find this dress? Also if you check out her Instagram can someone tell me what you’d call…[View]
14339922Is it possible to be /fa/ while being ugly? I want to get nice clothes but I feel like they only fit…[View]
14338336Where can I cop this jacket and shirt?[View]
14338976What am I supposed to do with a hairline like this?[View]
14339172George Costanza: Dressing like George Costanza is unironically fashion endgame. It's his entire…[View]
143397765G Shield Fashion: the time is coming. better start lining those cosplay suits with faraday shit.…[View]
14338106How much makeup is too much?[View]
14336046>when you spend 2 hours fixing your hair and putting on outfit and you just walk in circles at ho…[View]
14313325Boots General /boots/: Talk about Boots here. Which Boots do you want? Which Boots do you have? Are …[View]
14338656Is there anything, ANYTHING I can do to get people to stop telling me I look like Ben Shapiro? It’s …[View]
14336769Socks on slippers: The fact that almost every chad wears these on their feet and it doesnt affect th…[View]
14338939Is materialism effay?[View]
14337969sagging a designer belt because its designer is gay[View]
14332993Would a haircut like this make me look like a retard?[View]
14338584padded bras: Is there anything worse than those foamy things?[View]
14339106How do I style these?[View]
14339339What's the most suitable fashion core to trigger jealousy from normies?[View]
14339525Your Fa pics: Took this one awhile ago n it’s still one of the best I’ve had[View]
14339079How do you get your face shape? >inb4 just look in the mirror I don't want to post my face b…[View]
14339447At what point does fashion become a giant cope. Where do you draw the line between enjoying wearing …[View]
14335091How do I get dark circles without depriving myself of sleep?: How?[View]
14330237What does the basic bitch look and act like in 2019?[View]
14338819my cat is the only pussy this outfit is gonna get me, post fitpics w/cats[View]
14338717Help me find good sneakers.: So, Russian anon here, hello, I had already created such thread on 2ch …[View]
14335343Tattoo Thread: >Post em[View]
14338728>dark gray or black jeans >fade after a few washes…[View]
14339267Similar combat boots?: Where can I find boots of similar style (on photo is repro of oit-of-stock Ge…[View]
14338792Is there a name for these pants irl? Its the exact style i want[View]
14338995How do I cope[View]
14338218Rate the fit lads[View]
14339235Where and under which name can I find these pants?[View]
14338435Which Brand is the Best?: and why is it Supreme.[View]
14338853is hoodie over a shirt a good aesthetics[View]
14338658w2c gf?: do you have a gf /fa/?[View]
14337968Hexagonal Raybans: Are these effay? I have a rectangular/heart face. Will I look like a bigger dork…[View]
14339094Pics of Rockstars being flexing and sheet. I see plenty of hype clothing on Rappers but I was wonder…[View]
14336887Cringe Thread: >no cringe thread post your r/streeetwear inspo folder here…[View]
14334436are snapbacks acceptable in 2019?[View]
14338600What would /fa/ magazine be like?[View]
14336735Shoes: Just copped these chuck 70 neon night Show me your newest pair of shoes /fa/[View]
14331780First time on /fa/. How do you rate it?[View]
14337555Hello there /fa/ggots. /fit/izen here who has no idea about what is and isn't fashionable. Let…[View]
14338366ローブ: Robe style thread. That's right, fuck tight clothing. Flowing clothes are kino[View]
14338871anyone know what kinda hat this is and where it can get got? t /tv/[View]
14336341Can i pull off a man bun being a product manager in the tech industry ? I'm afraid of look too …[View]
14338814Is this jacket terrorwave?[View]
14336683Are women inferior for putting on makeup? I honestly really hate the 'caked-up' look which most girl…[View]
14336473Thoughts on Henley shirts?[View]
14338602Post your leather jacket ITT: Here's my Rick[View]
14338000thoughts on sneakerheads?[View]
14338360How do I achieve the saske look without looking like a retard link related https://youtu.be/jGpTDcBQ…[View]
14336895post em[View]
14338504listen to the man[View]
14337343Wich core would this fall under?[View]
14334773Post effay Cars itt.[View]
14338384Fashion in the 50's project/exam: Hello, /fa/. Anyone here interested in fashion history? I am…[View]
14338545How the fuck do you get rid of alfalfas REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
14338341How do you afford your fits?[View]
14338241Is this a good brand?[View]
14336417Okey 90's revival is dead let's do 2000's now[View]
14334105>tfw fine/thin hair[View]
14336303Okay zoomers I see you with your high, big and puffy hair. time to bring back spiky hair with GEL. t…[View]
14334880Going on a taco bell date with my bf today, any advice for what to wear for my body type? Pic relate…[View]
14337867What do you guys think about borrowing outfit ideas from movies/shows?[View]
14326687This is how the modern white male should dress.: Neutered. Non-threatening. Nondescript. Making pla…[View]
14338371One of these threads. Rate others.[View]
14321622Who here tryna revive medieval fashion with me ?[View]
14337703Post gf/bf and r8 on /fa/ness[View]
14337622Is he /fa/?[View]
14337946is there a name for a small satchel big enough to hold your phone and wallet that fits snugly around…[View]
14335252What the fuck is the point in investing in casualwear if you're in business attire for the bulk…[View]
14335622hey /fa/, I need help finding where to purchase a pair of these. I know they are either called WW2 T…[View]
14336858How can i look like this? I need to know the hairstyles, jackets, pants etc that i can buy to look l…[View]
14333649Guilty Pleasure Fashion Choices: What are some clothing or outfits you really want to buy but yourse…[View]
14335089School Project Help: Ok /fa/ im gonna need your help on a project about Canadian fashion in the 1920…[View]
14334924No, no more reddit for me!: https://discord.gg/w6ybKZq Join /fa/ discord :^) tired of redditors bann…[View]
14337916Do you /fa/ggots still wear these?[View]
14335855I paid $50 for a haircut a few months ago. From the front it looks fine, but once you look at the ba…[View]
14337609Haircut Ideas...?: Going to wait for it to grow out longer, but would like some opinions and some pi…[View]
14337805Circle Beards: Are circle beards /effay/?[View]
14334612suggest me some clothes that say 'don't mess with me'[View]
14336295Athleisure: What's the point besides poverty coping?[View]
14335862How to i achieve this style?[View]
14335763Poverty pro tip: Sharpie your sneakers if you can't afford new ones[View]
14335135Should I cop these mfs or nah[View]
14337150Slowcore/Sad-Folk Aesthetics: How do I dress to fit into this aesthetic? I've noticed it's…[View]
14337841Thoughts on this brand?[View]
14331819a short guy I know followed his advice and now has his first girlfriend, this sub told me he was use…[View]
14337737now that the dust has settled, is he /fa/ or not?[View]
14336460Thoughts and feefees on today's outfit? I can this look blue steel.[View]
14336673L O N D O N: What are some stores I must visit in London before I leave /fa/?[View]
14333798>he doesnt wear boots with shorts >he fell for the 'boots and shorts is bad' meme lmao…[View]
14335305acceptable waist-length dressy jackets for men?: i literally cannot figure it out. golf jackets look…[View]

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