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/fa/ - Fashion

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15745958Yo /fa/, can you help me determine if this Jacket I bought from this 2nd hand/discarded materials sh…[View]
15745107ID on these shoes? Never seen a model with something over the swoosh before. Wanna cop. Thanks.[View]
15743938How should i dress in order to aquire mysteriousness?[View]
15744616Been genuinely liking Target brands for the last couple months[View]
15745888Joke Hoodie: Made this custom hoodie in 5 minutes to mess with my friend, but for some reason I real…[View]
15745041Why is my ass so big: Damn denim jacket. Damnit[View]
15740790How do I into yuppiecore?[View]
15744059What's your honest opinion of these all black Sperry's? Friend says they look like non-sli…[View]
15744248Why are you faggots so obsessed with oversized or poorly fitting clothes? It isn't cool, it isn…[View]
15742583Remeber how fucking cringe the 2010s were. Literally the worst decade for fashion since the 1970s.[View]
15745583Where to buy: Where to buy a jacket like this? Bought it years ago and they closed the shop in my ci…[View]
15745314Are art socks effay?[View]
15743869shrink a coat: can i shrink a burberry coat? i bought pic related for cheap but fits one size too b…[View]
15742968I threw away most of my good clothes after apsychotic episode. Im fucking sad about it. So many clot…[View]
15742726Can I get some help? What's the kind of name of this jacket or where can I get something simila…[View]
15744922What core is this?[View]
15745429Inspirational Transgender Clothing: Let’s make this board brighter by posting clothing that is inspi…[View]
15744660What hair style screams 'latina'?[View]
15744871I'm trying to find two things that I can't seem to find anywhere. I'm asking 4chan as…[View]
15744567Was Al Gore /fa/?[View]
15745350What is this boards honest opinion on henleys?[View]
15743782PEACOCKING IS KING: >dressing minimal.. >not pea cocking in this social distancing age. while …[View]
15743513/wt/ Watch Thread: In Search of a Title Edition. This thread is about the appreciation of watches an…[View]
15745304ID Thread: ID on the pants?[View]
15742065Info Thread: Can we have an infographics thread? I have a few from the information library. I'm…[View]
15743290I have straight hair about the same length, how do i get my hair wavy like this? I love her hairstyl…[View]
15743431anyone else feels like he/she cant leave the house cause they have nothing nice to wear?[View]
15744066are Rockport shoes effay or grandpa-tier?: pic related[View]
15744923What does the top row wear? Don’t say hoodies[View]
15745079I have the same head shape and hairline as Randy Quaid, what are examples of my hairstyle options? H…[View]
15744873Anyone else here dress like a doomer[View]
15745108Reminder that it's not about wearing as many outfits as possible. It's not about the next …[View]
15745091Is the cold weather gear from my fast food job effay?[View]
15739129Im 30 male. How can i pull off looking like 20 again?[View]
15744895Ware do i cop this niggas coat?: Shit fire[View]
15745036do people seriously switch up fashion/style/aesthetic etc. often? do people not wear the same things…[View]
15743216is it effay?[View]
15744920UNICON FASHION: what's something you tried on but decided not to wear because of social rules.…[View]
15742412Effay electric razors?: There have been many threads on bladed razors, but are there any /fa/ approv…[View]
15740151Eyewear/Glasses General: Post em if you got em. I currently have clear acetate frames and I'm t…[View]
15739468what are you boys buying for Black Friday?[View]
15741413Can you guys share some online stores to buy cool shit at an affordable price during this sales on e…[View]
15743753Gloves: Are there any gloves that sit very tight almost like a second layer of skin but also keep wa…[View]
15742951I'm out here looking like a heckin' rockstar. Already got numbers for two girls, looks lik…[View]
15744600what kinds of tops will suit men with narrow shouders?[View]
15742670As a female who is transforming into a male, are my feet /fa/?[View]
15737691Cringe thread: Cringe thread[View]
15744683Are these most common shoes and best shoes ever created? Why is everyone wearing it since like 20 ye…[View]
15723770WAYWT -What are you wearing today?: What are you wearing today? Old one at 294 replies.[View]
15741537How to get wavy hair?[View]
15742312When did this board get so damn horny it's ba enough nobody talks about fashion, now we gotta f…[View]
15744427>tfw fell for the buzzcut meme i look like a child with downs[View]
15744483Why you retards wear all black or some other autistic shit, the average male just switches between t…[View]
15743546Red suede leather jacket: Red suede leather jacket... Is it possible to pull this shit off? I'm…[View]
15743357Raw denim general: Raw denim thread. Post your sickest fades.[View]
15742823Are shawls /fa/? I don't think I've ever seen one that looks good on someone here can chan…[View]
15744271Is my gf Effay?[View]
15743957Whats up /fa/ggots, visitor from /biz/ here. I'm looking for a new beanie for winter, do you gu…[View]
15744490https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E58qLXBfLrs Does anyone have that pic of Floyd Mayweather Junior def…[View]
15741779Neck Warmers and Gaiters: Are these worth it if I want to stay warm or are they just some skiing mem…[View]
15743320Beard Growth Kits?: Anyone used one? I've seen the advertised around the internet and I'm …[View]
15744325how would you rate this dress?[View]
15742597Are YSL wyatt harness boots /fa/?[View]
15737406Is there any article of clothing you would like a comeback or any era? For me it's the disco pa…[View]
15742131What is the difference between a blouse, band collar shirt, mandarin collar shirt, etc.?: Pic relate…[View]
15744192Backwards cap without looking like gigadouche: Is it possible /fa/? Do we have the technology?…[View]
15740717What core is this?[View]
15743900As a 5’9 female would I look completely retarded if I started dressing twee?[View]
15743531should i cop or not?[View]
15743078hey would anyone know where i can start copping pants like these?[View]
15744185why is FILA's women's shoe selection so much more interesting and varied than their men…[View]
15743510Ever notice how the Shtreimel hat is the most /fa/ hat?: Ever notice how the Shtreimel hat is the mo…[View]
15743726>here are your fashion icons, bro[View]
15742871What core is this?[View]
15743878it's the 2017 wignat pewdiepie aesthetic for me[View]
15741223Fedora wearers from the mid 00-early 2010s were the last accidental and genuine internet subculture.…[View]
15741342What core is this[View]
15743856Since skincare thread is down, I need help. My face is suddenly concave and the area around my mouth…[View]
15731153/bimb/ bimbocore BIG TIDDY BITCHES[View]
15742759Suit general[View]
15743759/fa black friday deals?: Looking for any good effay related black friday deals. Ray Ban is having 30…[View]
15743636Can someone ID the jacket?: A similar jacket which looks like it can work too. >inb4 bait…[View]
15743812the hat thread: coppo or not coppo?[View]
15743316Yakety Yak: Dont talk back[View]
15741633You know what? This board is cringe. If you're attractive you can wear whatever the fuck you wa…[View]
15740892Keys clipped to jeans: Is it 'I'm a manager at a dead end job' or 'I would like to get fucked i…[View]
157410898 EVERYDAY Things You've Been Doing WRONG! (Hygiene MISTAKES): G E N T L E M E N, AlphaM, YouTu…[View]
15743732behold, the effay guy of all time.[View]
15743345even more of this season's new look[View]
15743643What core is this?[View]
15742451SIC: Should I Cop?: Should I cop it? ITT: post what you're considering to cop, get advice…[View]
15742349Can we get a positive alpha-male role model thread going. For me it's Scott eastwood.[View]
15740822Vegan alternative: Im looking for some boots that dont use leather, but are still fa. What do you re…[View]
15743289It's getting colder and I only have one hoodie. What kind of coat, jackets, sweaters are good l…[View]
15742573W*men and gays stole the crop top from us.[View]
15743521Lume Strap Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, their history,…[View]
15743509Online Clothing Stores: I have some money I want to blow on clothes, but obviously I cant hit up any…[View]
15743258Fake 2.55 is okay: Fite me![View]
15743327is bladee the antichrist of fashion?[View]
15741004/wt/ Watch Thread: Turkey Day Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their des…[View]
15741922Link me to this exact fit. I'm going to wear it every day.[View]
15740801All Day I Dream About Sex[View]
15741732What would you say this style is called? Or should I just show the barber the picture?[View]
15737731Am I effay?[View]
15741714Gosha Rubchinksy was responsible for the e-boy movement: Discuss[View]
15743267Fix my hair: This is what my hair looks like after using shampoo and conditioner. When its wet it lo…[View]
15742126How do I develop a style?: At the moment I'm just buying and buying and buying with no directio…[View]
15740621why are silicon valley CEOs so obsessed with functional outdoor clothing?[View]
15743079What is a fashion sense and how does one develop it ?[View]
15742994Any recommendations for a white winter jacket similar to pic related Its the only one I got. Keeps m…[View]
15743195What hair styling should I get to keep my medium long hair in control? Already use hair oil mixed wi…[View]
15743092What are some /fa/ approved stores with good male jewelry? Preferably ones that have armbands and ri…[View]
15741846Is Lasik worth it for eye gains? i.e. not being confined to glasses, more freedom in personal style …[View]
15743127Chokers: Are they /fa/? What do they really say about the person wearing them?[View]
15741240lingerie inspo and questions: How are these kind of silk shorts called? I'm looking to get my …[View]
15741205David Lynch: What's his style called? Is it possible to become this cool?[View]
15728941Glasses recommendations: What are some good glasses so I don't look like this[View]
15740297Female sneaker collection thread. Are they all terrible? Should I sell them all and kms? I have neve…[View]
15740321how the fuck do I layer clothing without looking like a dumbass?[View]
15742114I'm now a contracted hitman for the Russian Mob and wear clothes like pic related: Am I pulling…[View]
15741930Can someone recc some fragrances that are like 40 bucks[View]
15740899I bought pic related[View]
15739499Reps or Resale: Which one would you consider now that reps are getting really good and resale prices…[View]
15742226can someone please id soros's swim shorts? how hard is it to pull off this type of style? he ha…[View]
15740505I'm male and growing my hear out. I just used my webcam for the first time in a long while for …[View]
15742404How do Asians do it?[View]
15742025How can I achieve this look?[View]
15742540I spend about an hour every day admiring myself in the mirror What do?[View]
15742061Just bought fake Yeezys, AMA[View]
15742783What is this kinographic hairstyle called?[View]
15741763What type of hat is this called?[View]
15740405Act 2 happened and now it's time for a Taemin thread dedicated to the best act 1 and 2 fits onl…[View]
15742689she was pretty /fa/ in this movie. is the male equivalent of this style outdated?[View]
15740490Why are male pornstars manlets? Are manlets effay?[View]
15742388I want my gf to dress up in that cute/sadgirls anime way, and she's willing as long as I help h…[View]
15737862Is being gay effay?[View]
15742035Viberg Boots: What's the big deal?[View]
15742327What core is this?[View]
15742103Hair style advice: Pic related are pictures of my front and side profile. I haven’t had a proper cut…[View]
15741856Is this shit legit /fa/? I haven't seen anything like that in Rick Owens collections, owner sai…[View]
15742444Sunglasses: are sunglasses still cool? I don't really see much people wearing sunglasses. are p…[View]
15742258Thinking of getting this shearling overcoat from Paul Stuart. It’s pricey, $6k. Or I’m thinking of m…[View]
15742449Is wasting cash flagrantly and deliciously Effay?[View]
15742418What makes it based?[View]
15741268Are chains effay?: Didn't see them mentioned in the sticky[View]
15741451>tfw pentagram harnessess are gaining a resurgence finally something good about 2020…[View]
15742231femanon here, where to cop simple white boots that look like this but don't have the thousand d…[View]
15741642Paisley: Anybody know any paisley shirts that aren't so fucking loud? I think this pattern coul…[View]
15739505/x/ fashion: looking for somethng /x/esque that i can wear in public and not be stare d at[View]
15740237high rise trouser under $100: I've scoured every corner of the internet and have only found a f…[View]
15739873Can I be a cool skinhead without these boots?: I'm a poorfag and can only afford Walmart Brahma…[View]
15742248more core like this? oversized clothing with goofy patterns and such that screams late 80s-early 90s[View]
15741116Why do so many acclaimed international brands just decide to do 'American/English subculture but WEI…[View]
15740412What are some good places to get these? I'm willing to do some secondhand hunting on ebay or gr…[View]
15737472What core is this?[View]
15741820how would you rate this style?[View]
15741565Old /fa/: I haven't been on this board since 2014 and I posted a lot back then. What did I miss…[View]
15740820Shroud: Before or after?[View]
15741993Mens winter coats: I really like this hugo boss coat but I hate the pockets. I feel they are too noi…[View]
15741933Am i sweg[View]
15741191Cowboy Thread: Boot wearers only[View]
15741870Where do I start with fashion?: I have zero understanding of fashion and just wear whatever requires…[View]
15741359What’s the best guide/resource on how to dress well as a woman?: I’m interested in upgrading my styl…[View]
15741102Pic unrelated. Faded dark blue jeans or non faded dark blue jeans[View]
15741816Good hairstyle for my head shape: My face itself is great but I hate the top of my head because its …[View]
15740089Why aren't you mewing?: Hoodies aren't fashionable[View]
15736806what makes it so comfy?[View]
15741697What kind of shirt is this?[View]
15741357best/most affordable thrift shops/charity shops for clothes in london?: w2c affordable vintage stuff…[View]
15741380My hair is black. Where and how can I get my hair dyed this colour and how much would it cost?[View]
15739465Why are a lot of anons on this board ugly and out of shape?[View]
15740323what hairstyle suits my head/face and shit?[View]
15741577Are my feet too wide for chucks?[View]
15741536What is the name for this type of jacket?[View]
15741532Cybrertrash: Whats the leather vest she's wearing and how do i buy it as cheeply as possible. A…[View]
15740627Is that even realistic to get your own bag restoration done nicely?[View]
15741425thigh highs: lololol i got thigh highs :D[View]
15741501Where can I find a jacket like this? What style of jacket is this? Having a hard time googling[View]
15741054Once I save enough money, buy myself a fancy car and lots of designers stuff, this is where all the …[View]
15739521should I keep trying to grow facial hair. This is all I managed after 2 weeks[View]
15720331Is Ezra Cringe Or Effay?: Is Ezra Miller cringe or /fa/? The 'non-binary' shit is pretty weird and g…[View]
15737674are overalls /fa/?[View]
15738206These sandals are really pretty and the model has sexy feet.[View]
15741279Anybody have any clue the exact model of jacket Joaquin Phoenix wore in Joker? Seems Carhartt like b…[View]
15740179What’s the /fa/ consensus on motocross/super cross fashion, the riding pants look cool, will it be r…[View]
15738858HomelessCore: I'm going to be living out of my car for a few months~a year next year. what are …[View]
15738749What's this style called[View]
15736825>your height >your inseam 5'10 30'[View]
15738832can anyone tell me the exact model and brand of these glasses? yes im an idiot for desiring glasses…[View]
15741389ID on these pants?: something similar works too[View]
15741343Looking for some decent shoes for any cardio you could do outside, have any suggestions?[View]
15740825What the fuck did Jerry mean by this[View]
15740836are these gay ??[View]
15741188Can fridge bodied men pull off sleaze-core?[View]
15739779How should I dress to really drive home the self-hating homosexual traditionalist aesthetic?[View]
15717447Are lesbians the worst-dressed group of people on Earth?[View]
15740793should i cop?[View]
15740071Trad/Ivy/Prep thread: Sloan Ranger Edition FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/https://askand…[View]
15740357I just copped this East German field jacket: How do I pair it, and will it look utterly autistic if …[View]
15736940Today I went to College looking like this, the guys reacted well.[View]
15735897(pic unrelated) Why do most rich people irl dress like they're poor?[View]
15740218What's something you can get that's effay for under $50? Doing a secret santa thing but id…[View]
15735637i want to fix my teeth but i have no dental insurance, should i go to turkey or something to get it …[View]
15741109holdall mens: Good premium holdall bag, reasonable size for 3-4days away at a time. Not pic related.…[View]
15739989Where do you go for alt/grunge/metal outfit inspo? There's just so much shit out there for wome…[View]
15738462Are blonde haired green eyed Asians valuable or effay? Seems like there’s a lot of racism from every…[View]
15740947Is it effay to wear post-ironically because I would have been in a camp?[View]
15740417Classy Core: Inspo of the classiest fits[View]
15739767why haven't you taken the rashguard pill yet, /fa/?[View]
15739932/wt/ Watch Thread: OP Fell Asleep Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their…[View]
15740956Can I get some help looking for a button up shirt that has this sort of white/blue floral chinaware …[View]
15740713Going to a court tomorrow to represent some person, but i am tired of constantly looking like an ave…[View]
15740842/tropics/: can we get some tropical vibes?[View]
15738416Artificial/voluntary scarring: Does a place/studio where you can get 'artificial' scars exist? Let …[View]
15738676effay neckties: >striped >solid >plaid >floral >silk >linen >novelty >s…[View]
157408166pm: What does /fa/ think about 6pm?[View]
15739622Are those non-apple smartwatches cringe or fit? They are so cheap, I'm thinking of buying one.[View]
15738352What core is this?[View]
15739801If I’m skinny fat, should I bulk or cut first?[View]
15740752Men in Leather: leather clothes on men[View]
15737633>be me working at clothing retail Stein Mart >goes out of business due to Corona-chan >80% …[View]
15732245I'm 30. Can I just dress like this for the rest of my life now?[View]
15740188Anyone shop alone? I'm too anxious to go alone, especially when people there approach you to as…[View]
15739509Would you fuck this face /fa/?[View]
15732689Fragrance General #485: Previous Thread: >>15726928 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): htt…[View]
15740573Let’s talk chains, would you wear one and how would you pull it off. Pic related works well suits an…[View]
15735630Can I still into Americana/Workwear, or has the style passed me by?[View]
15736176Have you ever dealt with negativity for being dressed too fancy?[View]
15737829what core is this[View]
15740682How long can i make a pair of jeans last: Also, can i wear them everyday because i heard you shouldn…[View]
15738898Are my feet too wide for chucks?[View]
15736154What are the best raw denim manufacturers out there?[View]
15738316is full rick gay?[View]
15725842What is /fa/‘s opinion on extravagant shirts and suits?[View]
15738595Balding/Hairline: Is it ogre?[View]
15735544Was Harvey effay?[View]
15740540Where can I find some nice 3 eye derbies like pic related?[View]
15738164Any Razor Burn Remedies/Suggestions?: I hate how juvenile it looks[View]
15740102Hey /fa/ggots, what is this haircut called again? Can't find it anywhere and showing the pictur…[View]
15740340is my 2 week old piercing looking fine (besides that lil pimple there on the top)[View]
15740352Yo /fa/, are ponchos for men cool or nah. Seems comfy as fuck, and there are some alpaca ones on sal…[View]
15733180I want to look like this but not literally dress like this? How do I go about evoking this?[View]
15740476any sites to buy good clothes from on black friday? i need ones that are not fast fashion but also n…[View]
15737488Is Jimmy Urine effay?[View]
15738002Hair growth plateau?: I'm a guy with long hair, but it seems to have stopped growing and hit a …[View]
15726593Is this the alt fashion we deserve?: It feels like these days whatever alt core comes in pack with w…[View]
15738169Need Help! Buying GF a Dress: Hello anons. I need help to buy my gf a trad dress that will arrive be…[View]
15740250Women's Leather: Looking to buy my wife a leather jacket for Christmas. Who makes a decent jack…[View]
15740329deep pants or whatever they are called are horrendous. I remember it starting with shartpop shorts, …[View]
15740308Will sketchers ever make a comeback?[View]
15734628Gray Sweatpants: I heard that women love seeing us wearing gray sweatpants. Post product recommendat…[View]
15731361what have they done with my boy[View]
15739241We all know you shouldn't wear an m65 jacket unless you've served and protected your count…[View]
15723421Corona weight gain[View]
15738888are there any jackets/coats with a similar collar style to pic related?[View]
15740146where does one find shoes like this: anons, are these shoes /fa/ and if so, where can I find them…[View]
15739157first date outfits: Men of /fa/ what sort of clothes do you like women to wear on first dates? I lov…[View]
15739471Any ideas on what to wear with a light brown jacket like this? I’m guessing a beanie and dark jeans…[View]
15738889>tfw normies made fun of me for wearing a mask in 2015 before it was cool…[View]
15686835Shoegazer aesthetic: I really like this music so how do I dress like them[View]
15739486What are some sunglasses that are like wayfarer? would cop Ray ban but I can't stand the logo b…[View]
15733752Copped these boots for the winter: >Leather boots >Moc toe >Matching laces >Boat-style s…[View]
15732783I wait until women's day, mothers day, breast cancer day, etc. when women's clothing is di…[View]
15739855Friendly reminder: If you take pictures of you smoking you’re an attention whore and a poser, guaran…[View]
15714498/sprezzatura/ - Mediterranean and Menswear General: This thread is for the well dressed man and thos…[View]
15736197Why are lights inserted into clothing not more popular?[View]
15737904Is body positivity effay?[View]
15738419/wt/ Watch Thread: TALK ME OUT OF IT Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and th…[View]
15737893Am I /fa/?[View]
15737681Belts: Alright boys, time to spill the tacos, what's your favorite belt?[View]
15738367Mens armpit Hairs are like waaat?: Are you supposed to shave them all off? Trim them? Shape THem? my…[View]
15737974Is there any outfit i can wear with this jacket without looking like a complete normalfaggot?[View]
15730956is this essential tradwife-core?[View]
15739680>tfw spilled pasta sauce on my new garment piece[View]
15739000clavicle width is essential for fashion[View]
15739536Warcorpse666/Lord of Patriarchy/Dave Nordahl: Is he effay?[View]
15738158Is getting a modified lefort 3 /fa/?: I'm tired of staring at my horse-tier midface in the mirr…[View]
15737647Is this what white women think is peak fashion?[View]
15738836Not really into fashion but i have a question about pants Why do chino pants have so much loose spac…[View]
15739437find one (1) fine looking thing from this website ill wait https://www.pakamera.pl/moda-0-2056.htm…[View]
15714904Post shoe collections Rate others[View]
15737223what kind of jeans should I wear as a really skinny guy? skinny jeans look ridiculous on me but ever…[View]
15739228What is this type of glasses called? I like them a lot.[View]
15739076Can navy pants with black boots/shoes ever work?[View]
15735135Is sagging your pants /fa/? How to pull it off?[View]
15737954A Gaming Ape[View]
15737680Sup effay I had my heart set on pic related but it’s discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere. Alt…[View]
15734642need an ID on this hoodie pls[View]
15739119Hiking Boots: What are some good versatile boots that are comfortable to walk in for long distances?…[View]
15737194Is he sleazecore?[View]
15727121Why don't men wear these hats anymore?[View]
15737037Good brands for an alternative look?[View]
15738387ID ON THESE SHOES: Are these customs or can I buy them and whats the name![View]
15736080Mandarin collars: Are they /fa/? Or MFA?[View]
15734479What is it that makes rolled condom beanies so inherently soi?[View]
15738380https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8WhGXUMqBo can someone source this jacket or the brand of it? pic r…[View]
15734168Is this the best blade or yes[View]
15726072Men are allowed to wear a dress[View]
15734447Can we take a moment from our daily fag posting to acknowledge this trifag. He goes by the same 'sie…[View]
15735516Underwear Thread: No pun intended. I started wearing CK low rise briefs and enjoyed how comfortable…[View]
15738588Sophia Webster: These sandals look like something an angel would wear.[View]
15736670Have you ever dealt with negativity for being dressed too fancy? I cannot delete a thread that old, …[View]
15737611is womens fashion better when it is simple or when it is a mess?[View]
15736661Alternatives to /fa/: What are some good alternative sites/forums to /fa/? I want genuinely good fas…[View]
15738124Was it effay?[View]
15736278/wt/ WATCH THREAD homo central: This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, t…[View]
15738335How can one man be so /fa/?[View]
15736674What's this kind of watch called?[View]
15737951Future looks so fucking yummy here. ytf is that?[View]
15737307What type of coat is this? Anything similar?[View]
15735018Should I become a tripfag, /fa/?: I know it's something an attention-seeking retard would do, a…[View]
15736553Never been into Avant Garde but I’ve been really bored with the usual men’s clothing I was wonderin…[View]
15736109What core is this?[View]
15738113Deus-Ex like clothing: How do I achieve the Deus-Ex aesthetic on a budget? I have a smol frame @ 165…[View]

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