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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 130 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
17819040Is it autism? Why doesn't he at least wear modern suits?[View]
17822736i love vintage 90/00's surfwear. billabong, quiksilver, rip curl. shit looks cool as hell and t…[View]
17822695I miss being into fashion but every since I've been full remote work, I just rarely every wear …[View]
17815217Skinhead thread: post em niggas[View]
17822410Anyone have any cute matching outfit ideas for a father and son?[View]
17816410>zoomers unironically wear this to the beach[View]
17822529Rate my Auschwitz fit[View]
17822533The 'Lets Start a Fashion Brand' Epidemic: Though ostensibly appearing as fashion-related, every pie…[View]
17822537Hi /fa/, never posted on this board before and I don’t know if this is against the etiquette or rule…[View]
17821764Why do guys wear tight pants while girls wear baggy pants now?[View]
17821971How do I get a pimp look without being cringe? I think we can settle on getting a fur coat and a go…[View]
17822483Thoughts on cuckcore?[View]
17820222>beards How do people do this shit? If I don't shave for 48 hours my face gets constantly it…[View]
17819787/wt/ watch thread: $6300 SW200 Movement Edition >Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK >W…[View]
17821833Are yellow glasses cool?: Or at least cooler than wearing regular glasses? Or they make you look lik…[View]
17818518undershirts: summer is coming up in the southern hemisphere, and i need undershirts for work uniqlo …[View]
17822092Does it work?[View]
17820608Anyone here fuck with jumpsuits/flightsuits? They look comfy as fuck with cool weather coming up[View]
17818345What do you call this haircut?[View]
17818683Got a hair transplant 4 months ago: Should I get another one? I want to look like a kpop star[View]
17822238What core is this?[View]
17815406norwooding: Should I just shave it ?[View]
17821770What kind of fit should this guy spend his $4000 keno win on?[View]
17816464do you agree /fa/?[View]
17822116Slim fit clothes: What are some good brands to find slimmer, more fitted clothes?[View]
17820716Paris fashion[View]
17817283I'm going full CP Company and Stone Island. Nothing can stop me anymore. I have chosen my path.…[View]
17820301Which glasses should I get for my head shape[View]
17820703Take the looksmaxxing pill[View]
17820744What do you all or yall think about leg warmers?[View]
17821692what's wrong babe, you haven't worn your NGER NGS sandals in months[View]
17820662Are crop tops good for you?[View]
17820988What are some cool sneakers men over 40 are allowed to wear without looking like how do you do fello…[View]
17820368Thoughts on this aesthetic?[View]
17820459Rate my drip[View]
17821080thoughts on the white canvas jack purcells?[View]
17819649Belts thread[View]
17811281If you are a balding white male...: If you are a balding white male, why aren't you doing every…[View]
17821503Where to cop the blue sunglasses?[View]
17821367Someone PLEASE help me re- create this look. I’m from a small town so clothing stores have nothing. …[View]
17821520I have JP syndrome: >shave beard off >suddenly my nose looks fucking huge Should I embrace jud…[View]
17798641New Ideals thread!: Post and rate others[View]
17820447I’ve been wearing sweatpants as the only pants I ever wore since adolescence. Should I change this u…[View]
17820210Is this Effay? @dyl.gov.au: Has anybody else seen this guy on the the clock app (DikDok)? @dyl.gov.a…[View]
17821545If you can't name these two you should leave /fa/[View]
17820252Cute clothes[View]
17821421What is this hair called? I have a big forehead and a hairstyle that just like covers my entire skul…[View]
17821526Best haircut for very masculine face outside of buzzcut/crewcut ?[View]
17819847Good cologne for me ??[View]
17821426double breasted suit looks better than single breasted[View]
17818878>How Do I Dress Like? How Do I Get This Look?: Shut the fuck up faggot. Your fits will always be …[View]
17820597>34 >every women keep asking for my id when I buy liqueur Who else young max here?…[View]
17815810Advice for t-shirts: Does anyone know any brands that make shirts similar to this? I love these shir…[View]
17821386Is it ok to wear your shirt untucked under your carhartt vest?[View]
17821035Anyone messed around with customing their clothes with iron on patterns? I got a cricut to do some D…[View]
17819845Rate his drip[View]
17812781Can we get an Earthrocker core thread going?[View]
17820521Why did zoomers abandon the 90's heartthrob hairstyle for the ugly shit they have now[View]
17818316Is this an appropriate way for a 38 year Olde woman to dress.[View]
17821148Black or white bellroy cross body bag? Also if anyone has any suggestion for a 6-9 liter cross body…[View]
17816044What do you call this type of aesthetic again?[View]
17818504I'm looking for advice on getting a freeze brand as a way to permanently bleach a spot in my ha…[View]
17817334At 26, is there any way to get forward growth in my chin? I am OR, want to be LE I already mew and t…[View]
17820976w2c shirt: where can I find a similar oversized (linen?) shirt? there's plenty of wide ones bu…[View]
17820750Anyone know who make humorous//ironic/witty hoodies and sweatshirts?[View]
17819810THE PROBLEM >you just turned 40 >you can't afford a porsche >you desperately, desperat…[View]
17815693Rate my ties: Would you wear them in an informal setting? Any suggestions?[View]
17820541hair growing: hi /fa/ im 20 year old male trying to grow hair. Any tips, since its my first time gro…[View]
17816530Anon, I hope you have googled 'How to prevent balding' in time.[View]
17820108this minus the hat minus the holes[View]
17808438Where were you when sjw retards ruined punk fashion? Punk scene has always been lefty as fuck but it…[View]
17819934dr sebis miracle bald hair growth serum: Baldlets of /fa/, have you been sebi-pilled yet[View]
17818856It's gonna be a hot summer in Australia. Im just thinking whether I should embrace my cultural …[View]
17811134/tip/ - Trad/Prep/Ivy General: JFK / preparing for fall edish FORUMS www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com ask…[View]
17820144Fashion doesn’t exist. Only hot people like myself exist to make clothes wearable for the personalit…[View]
17816851I'm 45 and my hairline is receding, any suggestions.[View]
17815990Thoughts on Jeff Bezos new look?[View]
17820687YoungMa Fur Jacket: Can I get an ID on the fur jacket in my pic related. Winter is coming and I thin…[View]
17814586Looking for an old jacket: Similar to pic. I owned it around 2007. Was stolen from me. Quiksilver br…[View]
17819982>Be you >Spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on expencive le /fa/ clothes >Hundre…[View]
17817663The Gray Man - Functional, Wise, Effay, Cringe?: So… I‘ve found I feel extremely comfortable walking…[View]
17820580If i don't succesfully pivot one of these shitcoin moons into a 1 mil US portfolio of index fun…[View]
17816965Large gauge steel earrings should be the next zoomer fashion trend[View]
17819482How to reach this level of /fa?[View]
17820265What's the most /fa/ cigarette?[View]
17818048So I started wearing elevator insoles and it feels good but in the same time feels like I am fraudin…[View]
17816322Is this couple on the ttc /fa/[View]
17820083Effy or nah: Way cleaner than joggers but just as comfortable. Why haven’t you taken the dock pill?…[View]
17812033most fashionable stationery: just started uni, what stationary should I buy to look the most fashion…[View]
17815208Bustwave Thread[View]
17820041So Psycho Bunny opened a retail shop in my city so now every other NPC is wearing it. Are there any…[View]
17817391Male goth thread - 'I wear sunglasses at night' edition: Every time you look up 'goth' online, the m…[View]
17802340WAYWT: New waywt, old one is done :)[View]
17818171What are some good tips on how to be like Julian?[View]
17808449Any alternatives for this jacket? Same or better quality with cheaper price? Or is Barbour still the…[View]
17817673I lost a bet to my boyfriend: So he's going to have a party with a couple of friends of his soo…[View]
17814374My first ever 'drip': Picrel is my first drip i really spent time and effort on. Going for an edgy m…[View]
17820018Just pierced my setpum: how do i look?[View]
17818711Thoughts? JCrew Giant-Fit Oxford: JCrew Giant-Fit Oxford. >Item Description: >Introducing our …[View]
17819885w2c: where to cop a 80's quality, chunky, slouchy, fisherman's sweater like pic related? w…[View]
17813638Please rate my outfit[View]
17819955Best under $2000 one collection watch?: Need something that i can wear casually/daily, with a suit, …[View]
17819923Is a mustache a requirement to attract zoomer pussy now? Fine i guess ill do it[View]
17819520Where to find a sweatshirt similar to this one? I like the semi-elastic material around the wrist an…[View]
17819135How do I deedeemax?[View]
17817261Fragrance General #974: Discontinued: >>17811460 Informative Videos for newfags Informative V…[View]
17818421/WT/ - Watch thread: Just Visiting Edition >Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK >Watch …[View]
17819446what do you call this cut of collar and where can I get formal shirts with this look nowadays. UK[View]
17814285Neofolk Autumn/Winter Edition: Post neofolk fits and inspire and discuss them.[View]
17816742The amount of people wearing denim jeans on a daily basis is absolutely cringe[View]
17819478Where to find a sweatshirt similar to this one. I like the semi-elastic material around the wrist an…[View]
17819072I am looking for a clearance store that I would have a higher chance of finding a waistcoat at. Late…[View]
17818851Do you carry cologne always with you wherever you go?[View]
17816088why does fa hate neofolk core[View]
17819366Versatile black boots - One pair to rule them all: Why not just wear black boots every day? Dress up…[View]
17818771what % of your closet is made up of 2nd hand clothes? almost 90% of my closet is 2nd hand stuff and …[View]
17804967What do you call this fashion style from recent years that seems to be about being as ugly as possib…[View]
17818319Semantics: Looking for an adventurecore/cryptidcore style for the fall and winter, but less paranorm…[View]
17819171How do I look like this?[View]
17817690/bumpit/ general: Zoomers should bring back the BUMPIT[View]
17815291Is it ok for middle aged men to dress like this?[View]
17819127Is this an appropriate way for a 38 year old bro to dress?[View]
17816393Why is all sports apparel synthetics? Money is clearly no object for elite athletes And yet they all…[View]
17818355Now that the dust has settled what’s the verdict on broccoli cuts?[View]
17817030Farting Shoes: I listened to the internet and bought myself some $300 italian leather minimalist sne…[View]
17817844Which retailers sell dress trousers or chinos with a front rise of at least 11 inches? I have dozens…[View]
17816341Are closed mouth smiles effay?[View]

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