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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 300 expired threads from the past 3 days

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15578645Fall Footwear: I need some comfy slippers for Fall/Winter. Recommendations?[View]
15578855Is fashion just cope for ugly people?[View]
15577316I'm living for this[View]
15578911What make sit soi?: What makes it soi[View]
15578876Comfy Outdoor Coore: What kind of outfit would you put together to be max comfy while outdoors and a…[View]
15578109are aviator prescription glasses gay or nah[View]
15578900What core is this?[View]
15578819Why does /fa/ hate him so much?[View]
15578396How much of a clowncorer will I look like if I bought these?[View]
15575114Im 30 and still cant grow facial hair[View]
15578293what the most ridiculous outfit i could pull off everyday.[View]
15578806Waistcoat Thread: Anyone know where I can get a waistcoat like Jack Harkness'? Also anyone kno…[View]
15577857Replica Family: in some other thread i saw the word repfam and googled it and found the replica subr…[View]
15577396How does /fa/ feel about Americans?: How is fashion in other countries? How do you guys feel about u…[View]
15578510Why why: Why do people unirocally wear these jackets. You don't look cool with your dbz padding…[View]
15578583Designer replicas you can't tell apart from the Real shit: I'm poor and want to wear desig…[View]
15578688A girl offered to braid my hair for 60$ Is that a decent price? Im cheap. Could i get it for 40$? Pi…[View]
15578650Fuck it. Pajamas thread: Post your pajamas frens[View]
15578642Anyone know w2c a sweater like the one Sal is wearing here?[View]
15578540>fashion Really makes you think[View]
15578112What Ikea couch is this?[View]
15573410What should I focus on if I want to change my face? not literally but I want to be unrecognizable as…[View]
15578300Which Lee jeans model are relaxed-tapered down?[View]
15578421When will this go back in fashion?[View]
15578162/EG/ Eyewear General: Got a pair of caravans since aviators are overplayed, thoughts?[View]
15575063Is blousing your pants fashionable?[View]
15577188/Movie Fashion General/: What are some good movie /fa/?[View]
15576729The age old question, which head shape is based?[View]
15575815do you use sunbeds /fa/ ?[View]
15577353Will we ever get a revival of 17th century fashion? I find the Justacorps to be quite fashionable[View]
15577981where can i buy clothes? i like acne studios,the row,Jil Sander,Margaret Howell,Toteme,auralee... bu…[View]
15578352where can i buy nice and good clothes for a low price? I cant thrift where i live[View]
15577245Are these based? Flashy?[View]
15576692Unpretentious Formal Wear: What are your recommendations for styles good for daily use at an enginee…[View]
15576491should I buy this bikini?[View]
15578006Facial skin: Whats should i look for in products for clearer facial skin? whats your routine[View]
15578047just shaved my head for the first time, give me some inspo[View]
15576465Where do I get these shoes or some very similar: Going for rustic, masculine, but chunky and very im…[View]
15577125I swear if you retarded fucking hypebeast faggots order another travis scott menu I will jump over t…[View]
15576700Now, that's style![View]
15562270/Ideals/: Ideals...............[View]
15574843How do I look like David Bowie????[View]
15568917Which of these three aesthetic is most /fa/?: Which of these three aesthetic is most /fa/?[View]
15577934what makes it soi?[View]
15574521Is Salvia effay[View]
15574164Was Mishima effay?[View]
15575899What deodorants do you recommend? I prefer this one. It smells good and its better than any of thos…[View]
15576145what core is this?[View]
15577908What makes it alpha?[View]
15577849What core is this?[View]
15577811HOODIE HATE THREAD: Listen here, if you think you're fashionable, and you wear hoodies, you…[View]
15575499Ohnononononononono chad is fucking balding[View]
15577789'Why are you dressed so nice?': The best feeling in the world is when you look good, you know it, yo…[View]
15572236Can I pull off the softboy aestetic succesfully?: I want to get laid[View]
15574177/wt/ Watch Thread: Gesundheit Original Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and …[View]
15576238Cop? Also id on the boots[View]
15576127Did I miss the boat on ugly normcore dadcore shoes like the nike air monarch and balenciaga triple s…[View]
15577701/tpg/ - Toothpick General[View]
15576827what’s on your feet, /fa/?[View]
15576358Headbands: Are they /fa/?[View]
15577136Patagonia: What do you guys think about their recent tag?[View]
15575022Why do designers tend to dress like such slobs? As if they want to appear completely unconcerned wit…[View]
15577306I would buy these if they were 150 usd instead of 250. I really like the high rise sock thing, so I …[View]
15576064Is this ok to wear to swim infront of a guy i like &his friends?: HELP?! Mine is pink with straw…[View]
15576866>755k in stocks >3k in LINK anons called me stupid. theres a reason you faggots will be poor f…[View]
15575025What's this aesthetic called?[View]
15577331Can anyone recommend me a good winter coat that I can ideally use for hiking? I'd prefer one a …[View]
15575473Explain how the fuck does Jamie Dornan mog me: Because I can see no fucking reason, he doesn't …[View]
15576886does this look trashy?[View]
15577608SKINCARE AND ANTI AGING/ Let's get this right: So most sunscreens only protect you against UVB …[View]
15570884Should I just get a hair transplant?: This isn’t something I’m gonna be able to get over. >muh h…[View]
15575642What makes it soy?[View]
15577275>Accuracy dependent on age, temperature, state of wind >Even then, it still gains +/-30 second…[View]
15570651Just got a fresh new tattoo to go with my cum stained WoW shirt and low-T neckbeard ! Also tattoo t…[View]
15576392ascension: God tier Will I get laid now?[View]
15577441r/streetwear: circa. 2020[View]
15574175What core is this?[View]
15577491t-wave/partisancore: was there a more aesthetic period of conflict than the balkan wars of the 90s? …[View]
15576805>tfw you will never ever ever look like Andrew VanWyngarden[View]
15577164What kind of haircut is this?[View]
15576207*cuts off your circulation*[View]
15577118Does the eternal black suit blend in everywhere? Imagine wearing this in public casually while the a…[View]
15573728Baby mustache syndrome: It's been 3 weeks, should I shave that stupid thing? It's the only…[View]
15573967Please clue me in on guys carrying these. Arent these too effeminate?[View]
15577057what brands make the best short sleeve tees? doesn't have to be high end. can be cheap as long …[View]
15556557WAYWT- What are you wearing today Old thread is 5 days old[View]
15577205are cooks fa[View]
15576215What core is this?[View]
15575106What can I do with this head shape/hair texture?: Hair texture is coarse/wiry I used to shave to 0.5…[View]
15569436Fragrance General #462: Previous Thread: >>15560592 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): htt…[View]
15548929Neofolk and Snufkincore: post fits, grids, and inspo[View]
15576970Rate my Fit[View]
15574083The fuck is wrong with me help: I'm 18 and always dress up with things that look like I sleep w…[View]
15576660Can these glasses be effay? I recently got a pair, and I personally love them. However everyone keep…[View]
15570506Women's panties: How can you find women's panties (XS, one size won't fit) that aren…[View]
15565712is pandemic nyc /fa/? is nyc generally /fa/ anymore? considering moving out there next month[View]
15576284lunarcore White boots: Where could I get boots like this that aren’t palladiums? Is there an extant …[View]
15576891Accessories Thread: Anything accessories related. Looking for ridiculous shit to put on my auto lan…[View]
15560847How do you cope with being ugly?[View]
15576880/hcg/ Haute Couture General #1 Sweaty Balls Edition: Rules: >Posts must be related to Haute Coutu…[View]
15576052Pantyhose: So im huge into the hosiery fetish. I am looking to buy some pantyhose or stockings for m…[View]
15572668what are some effay comfycore clothes/brands[View]
15576003Hello fa, /fit/ anon here. am getting pretty muscular, is fashion only for twinks?. Looking to expan…[View]
15576801WYWT: Sup guys, my friend and I heard this is the spot to dress like incels. Please help us ~ desu…[View]
15574315You like?: What do you guys think of my fits?[View]
15564892General Inspo Thread[View]
15574651You will never be as blissfully skinny as this.[View]
15576419What percentage of the ugly people are just fat?[View]
15576624Why don't you shop at this store /fa/?[View]
15576448the man was super depressed during this time, but 808s era fashion is some goat shit fr nigga huh[View]
15576065Where do I find a cheap version of this model glasses without strength?[View]
15575563What core is this?: Would you marry her?[View]
15575292Are these /fa/?[View]
15575672>Get a hoodie from Jinx >2xl >Wraps around me like a cloak, too big, sleeves too long >B…[View]
15574575Tattoo Idea General: How do you know if the artist isn’t shit? bout to get a 20 dollar arm tattoo he…[View]
15576298Long hair grooming tips?: I've got shoulder length hair, I've began to skip shampoo a day …[View]
15576324How do you know what clothes you'd look good in?I've tried wearing clothes i like but i ju…[View]
15576044is it /fa/[View]
15569388Need new Style: So next month Im going to waste 1000 Euros in clothing. I want a style that can show…[View]
15576244id on these sunglasses?[View]
15576032what makes it soi?[View]
15576232Post pajamas[View]
15574352HOMElessCORE thread: What makes these outfits work? Is it the confidence of the wearer, or is it the…[View]
15573839Levi's® 512™ SLIM TAPER FIT - Jeans Tapered Fit: I'm thinking about copping this but I…[View]
15574479Where can I get a coat like this? I've searched all over and I can never find one of this same …[View]
15576133This is me. Post white boots.[View]
15572985WINTER JACKETS: It's going to be winter soon and you should start looking for a jacket before i…[View]
15570883Let's have a stationary and general fah daily use items (notebooks, sunglasses, keychains, case…[View]
15574769Good bootleg doc marteens: What do i search on aliexpress to find some good quality doc marteens loo…[View]
15575451I want to purchase sunglasses that looks like these.[View]
15558638Any good reccomendations for a guy that wants to switch from sneakers to boots?[View]
15576021What makes it soi?[View]
15565092barefoot: I really really like these shoes (New Balance Minimus v10). Maybe it's placebo becaus…[View]
15573802Vuja de: Hahahahah they sold you out Ken. This is your own fault for switching manufacturers to cut …[View]
15575923With Stallone himself removing this scene from the movie entirely, can we now agree that this is the…[View]
15572290What are your best tips for fitting shoes that are too big? Got these eytys shoes that are about hal…[View]
15575366I get compliments for my style, but it’s almost ALWAYS men who says it. Is it like lifting? Only orh…[View]
15575913creed aventus: gonna grab a small vial. anyone know what the best batch is? i used to know but then …[View]
15574562Looks matter infinitely more than fashion and if you're a big uggo it makes no difference if yo…[View]
15574337Is loneliness effay? How to be effay while lonely?[View]
15575906Would it be cool to get his face tattoo on my face?[View]
15575900Which Dockers model is this?: It has a Buttonfly[View]
15574188Bucket hats: Are bucket hats /fa/ approved?[View]
15573450Choker for Men: Thoughts?[View]
15565762At what age does the average male/female peak (at which point they are most likely uneffay)?[View]
15573128is there anything more onions and cuck than wearing glasses (in public)?[View]
15574433On a scale of 1/10 how bad is my balding??[View]
15575785What place has the best fabrics to buy for sewing FIGHT[View]
15575498Should I but this $2,600 dress to challenge toxic masculinity?[View]
15575792https://discord.gg/vtzw525 fashion, fit, anorexia, cgl, movies, music, bosnians, and arguing[View]
15570672Camo/military aesthetic: Just bought this pair, i already have a camo shirt and some shoes that go w…[View]
15540290Cop or Drop thread: cop or drop?[View]
15572796Honest Opinions Only: Is this shirt /fa/ or not[View]
15575644Footwear inspo: Post some shoes you like and feel inspired by. Also: WTC?[View]
15574266Is there a way to reverse the effect of shampoo in my hair? Like give it the greasy volumous feel it…[View]
15572468If I put a gun to your head and told you to choose[View]
15575388This is the ultimate CHAD fragrance.[View]
15573651Vestments: Any other anons think liturgical vestments are pretty cool? Gonna post some pics. Mostly …[View]
15571891Futuristic fashion inspo thread: Can we get a thread going that consists of futuristic fashion that …[View]
15575219do you recommend laser for removing facial hair? I hate beards so much[View]
15574757>First black creative director of a major luxury fashion house >His entire legacy is stealing …[View]
15569759When did you realize that 95% of the people on /fa/ actually have no clue about fashion, skincare, h…[View]
15574361a little reminder for my effay homies: if you ever feel yourself stressed out about how youre being …[View]
15573951What core is this?[View]
15571881Coats Thread: Post and discuss coat styles that you own, or ones that you are aiming to possibly buy…[View]
15572063Should I cop?[View]
15570146Dockers, post models from US and EU and discuss pros and cons of each[View]
15573987drip check[View]
15565201Get in here, it’s CoRdUrOy time[View]
15558141Trad/Ivy/Prep thread: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13 https://www.sty…[View]
15574389Is it okay to bend your pants in 2020[View]
15574507There has never been a more attractive person than prime Delon desu[View]
15571899Is his hair /fa/?[View]
15573639edgiest garmets general.: post the edgiest pieces you can find/want to cop, edgier the better. i fee…[View]
15574500Is bob dylan's hair effay?: my hair looks like this[View]
15574490who makes the best black skinnies for tall people[View]
15574506Can tattoos be effay? I like the idea of tattoos but I can hardly think of any that don't look …[View]
15572441Does anyone know what brand this is? I can’t read this logo[View]
15572148/fa/gs where can i find pink boots like this[View]
15573927What core is this?[View]
15572529Why did they kill the only millionaire with swag?[View]
15573387fits that give off this same kind of aesthetic: how can i let everyone know that i listen to shoegaz…[View]
15573489Plague doctor halloween: How common do you think this costume will be this halloween?[View]
15569494I'm sick of cotton and polyester, /fa/. Where can I get decent wool/silk clothing in various st…[View]
15573860Anyone else always look like shit with an untucked shirt?: Shirts never fit me. I'm somewhat ta…[View]
15573732Just a reminder that starting a substance addiction for aesthetics is just as retarded as /pol/tards…[View]
15574406Cop or Not: Luxe Edition[View]
15572405Does such a haircut grow naturally or do I have to go to the hairdresser for undercutting?[View]
15574180Is this balding? Asking for friends[View]
15570360/wt/ watch thread 手表俱乐部: This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, their hi…[View]
15572277what core is this?[View]
15573853rog owens: so are these the same as nikes? like can i buy these trainers by rick and wear them with …[View]
15571287>bro you just have to be confident that’s all it takes Don’t fall for the meme…[View]
15570654Is lingerie /fa/? I want to buy my gf some lingerie but have no idea where to start other than havin…[View]
15572665Effay video games thread[View]
15572282suicidecore: If you don't have future worth looking out for, how effay would it be to get your …[View]
15568178Uniqlo Fall/Winter Collection Thread: https://www.uniqlo.com/uniqlo-u/20fw/us/en/[View]
15571669boomer apparel[View]
15571600Rate lips[View]
15573842Gum on shirt: I’ve got some gum on one of my nicer shirts. I’ve picked most of it off but there’s st…[View]
15571898What core is this?[View]
15570595Did my glasses make me look like a soyboy: I've this model since I was 14 (now I'm 19), at…[View]
15573528I call this techwear smoke break. Underarmor track pants, trunk shirt, ua slides, grey stretch coron…[View]
15573710Should I buy this bikini? I am a huge fan of the chilling adventures of sabrina[View]
15558382Seriously, why do female managers dress like this?[View]
15573685Wanna buy sunglasses just like these. Is the Arnette Gringo AN4266 the best option?[View]
15573411I'm thinking of making a flamboyant male OC based on this fashion board I made.[View]
15573642Do I look thinspo? What is the correct thinspo weight for a height of 6 feet?[View]
15573412Whats some effay dancing I could learn? I was kinda hoping it would be something I could do in the c…[View]
15573580What core is this?[View]
15573032Please share effay books/art books: Or just art/inspo/poetry in general[View]
15570588/fa/ I can't find these pants anywhere. I think they sold out some time ago, any idea where I c…[View]
15572232Anyone know nice silver chains/necklaces? Any recommendations up to 800 usd? Jewellery general also[View]
15573218I am convinced that I need Air Jordans, prove me wrong! These are a high quality minimalist leather …[View]
15572729If I'm white would this hair look good on me?[View]
15573073Where can I get a stone coloured parka like this? It's from the graduate. If I can find better …[View]
15573087My hair only looks good if I shower few hours before bed and sleep with a combed hair, but even then…[View]
15573239i wear cargo shorts, a short sleeve untucked shirt and sports shoes[View]
15573214where do i find fits like this and how attractive do i need to be to pull it off[View]
15571278Shoes for fat white dudes?[View]
15554754do you guys remove body hair or do you prefer it hairy www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePf4wYb_uPg[View]
15573191When I think of an angel version of HIM from the Powerpuff Girls, I think of these boots.[View]
15572421Is Duckie effay?[View]
15573143>my length is an L >my width is an M FUCK. Guess it's time for roids.…[View]
15571249When she becomes President she'll be even more effay than Obama. Maybe she can inspire American…[View]
15572756Babushk: Can men pull the babushka or not?[View]
15571060Long hair alpha's reign supreme: Anybody pulling of the thrasher look decently well nowadays?…[View]
15563942/sprezzatura/ - Mediterranean and Menswear General: This thread is for the well dressed man and thos…[View]
15572585Incorporating trad goth elements into daily wear: Recently I've been wanting to go back to my h…[View]
15566162Does it seem attractive if your girlfriend wears this?[View]
15569551Enough facial hair for beard ?[View]
15567106Alpha Industries/ Flight Jacket thread: New spring bombers looking good, yellow is a pure alpha colo…[View]
15571635Where do I finesse a pair of these babies[View]
15572781what core is this?[View]
15572162Pose inspiration thread Post some cool poses for pictures[View]
15571133Cop or not[View]
15570472Advicement: Well, I know I'm so ugly and everything but I'd like to ask you for some advic…[View]
15569008What core is this?[View]
15569485Headbands: Can they ever be 'in' again, if they ever were? What scenario would be appropriate to wea…[View]
15569862Shoe left general I am male, 5'5' and wear 6 inch lifts in pretty big boots to boost me close …[View]
15572444My vision got so bad I need glasses: I'm quite bad at this and I don't want to ask the ven…[View]
15572001What is this specific style of shirt called? Can o key seem to find collared shirt with buttons[View]
15571926Yo bros, quick question for ya. Now that it's almost cold weather again, it'll be time to …[View]
15572160Gays either seem terrified of me and avoid me at all costs or they are all over me, why is it always…[View]
15550670/thinspo/ general: Gyno edition Last >>15534598 Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >make americ…[View]
15568173Any good reccomendations for a guy that wants to switch from boots to sneakers?[View]
15570104Is it possible to pull off grunge/eboy without looking like a fag (early 20s) please discuss[View]
15572305Can we get an /autismcore/ general going here?[View]
15569473is removing the eyebrows the one way to tell the true attractiveness of a person?[View]
15572204effay pencil cases: Looking for a decent and good amount holding pencil case that’ll hold pens, mini…[View]
15572463I don't get the hype. It's smells good, but too formal and heavy[View]
15570836what's the point of hair styles if most men look far better with a buzz cut?[View]
15571259I think baseball.[View]
15572289hold me im scared[View]
15572229Getting my old bedroom repainted: I ideally want it to be all grey, but some people are suggesting I…[View]
15572176Why don't they just keep these continuously in stock?[View]
15571869>caring about how you dress and putting in effort to look presentable[View]
15571123The lockdown did wonders for my grey hair: Decided to go grey[View]
15571036What core is this? Bloatcore?[View]
15570339Anybody know of any good 8 inch hiking boots like Lowa but at $250 and under?[View]
15568678Recommend me good looking chronographic watches. >pic related but it is quartz…[View]
15570543Is it possible to style these black khaki casual?: Bought accidentally wrong color, can’t return it,…[View]
15571962Hey /fa/ what do you think is the most attractive hair colour on girls? Pic not related, all colours…[View]
15572087Found a chinese seller on ebay that is a new account but has a ton of name brand stuff that isnt the…[View]
15570847What is this hairstyle called?[View]
15571380what should i do with my hair?[View]
15569976how do I get hair like this? is this layered or what? I don't understand[View]
15571318>mfw I will NEVER be a rich white man in the early 1960s Whats the point of living…[View]
15571827how do i trim my eyebrows as a male?[View]
15571833Where to cop?[View]
15568222I like to favor functionality over form, what are boots that I can wear in Florida and it makes sens…[View]
15571515How to cop style like this.[View]
15570799ID on these glasses oh effay?[View]
15570535Buying my first watch, I'm excited. Thinking of Seiko Solar SNE483P1 https://www.seikowatches.c…[View]
15570937beards are fucking gay, but if i shave full i have a baby face. I want to look manly and bad. What c…[View]
15571215>try to use this >get acne fuck me[View]
15571410I'd love to be more fashionable but I just don't have the taste for it, I've come to …[View]
15569474do we call these snoots or beakers???? Also I want some snoots to wear without lacing them, but I…[View]
15571476Inspiration: Who’s your inspiration that influenced your fashion?[View]
15566931How do I know which female shoesize will fit for me? I am male and live in Europe.[View]
15571329QUALITY fashion: What are some good brands that produce durable, good quality clothing? I’d like som…[View]
15571527>his sunscreen doesn’t use PA system >it’s not at least +++…[View]
15571112how does wearing 'abstract' print tshirts like this come off? am i unique and interesting …[View]
15571399How to deal with strange body proportions?: I have a huge head and a skinny body. Is getting jacked …[View]
15571532What core is this?[View]
15570393Is it over if you got a face similar to him?[View]
15569437What can I do with this head shape/hair texture?: I'm already talking finasteride/minox/dermaro…[View]
15570051Why the fuck are they so expensive? im not talking just the vintage ones, but the ones companies bro…[View]
15571094Finally accepted that I need reading glasses now. Any tips to own it?: 49 year old dad here, just ad…[View]
15568146wahts the /fa/ way of organizing clothes. I expanded my clothing initially for work. Trying to add …[View]
15568451Fucking trousers: I'm able to get every part of my outfits right except my pants. I've tri…[View]
15571059Alright /b/ how do I dress to get girls to invite me to yoga?[View]
15570185There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me[View]
15570811Thinking about getting plastic surgery, what should I get if my goal is to be unrecognizable as the …[View]

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