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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 185 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
17270764/fa/ils: ITT, discuss your own and other’s fashion fails[View]
17270823Could I get an ID on that perfume?[View]
17256469Are mirrored lenses the most top tier fashion statement?[View]
17269409Alright so I just ordered these, but then I realized I have no idea what I should wear with them. A…[View]
17270194Neck Tattoos: i want a neck tattoo. post neck tattoo inspo or ideas[View]
17263337>Try to dress semi formal >gf wants to dress casual guess it's t shirt and jeans again..…[View]
17270389I shaved my head and now I look like an autistic retard: I look like a cancer patient or Auschwitz p…[View]
17268091But nah in all honesty though, they are coming back for real this time, right?[View]
17267273This is the ultimate shoe, there's no going further than this. Rick is a genius.[View]
17270118British road warrior/gangster aesthetic is peak /fa/[View]
17268058Why did Chalamet's hair go from a perfect wavy texture to a Jewfro and how to avoid it?[View]
17268586Can anyone explain to me what kind of fabric this shirt is?: Also where can I find one that's a…[View]
17269614ID on sweater?[View]
17270043Best way to wear shoulder length hair as a man in a suit, min. blazer business setting? Get a specia…[View]
17265307Feedback: Looking for some feedback on this fit. I think a bit darker jeans would be more appropriat…[View]
17266973What is this style of hat called?[View]
17238716i miss 2012 /fa/, i miss tumblr threads, instagram threads, vetement threads, rick owens hate thread…[View]
17257980e-girl / e-boy fashion: thoughts on this look? thinking of getting a cuban chain[View]
17265791Rate the /fa/[View]
17267714Can someone explain the hold these shoes have over young American rich white girls ? What is the app…[View]
17268669Why yes, I do exclusively use 5 in 1 shampoo and shower gel, how did you know?[View]
17269769Big sunglasses: Opinions? I don't cycle, but I do run and play tennis. And I use sunglasses al…[View]
17270018Whats the best cologne i could get fa ? I got light blue by dolce and gabbana. Was thinking of getti…[View]
17268000I grow my hair out, get annoyed by it, cut it, regret it, grow it out again, get annoyed by it, cut …[View]
17269850Cat boots for casual/semi formal wear: will it work or will i look like a construction worker?…[View]
17268829how to dress with/style a big head: long story short im a big head nigga and it's the thing i…[View]
17269872How do I cope with having a wide ribcage? Ruins most fits and shit. Not a tranny.[View]
17269552What the fuck do you wear to the club.[View]
17269392How does /fa/ feel about Rowing Blazers?: Rowing Blazers is a new company that is subversively pushi…[View]
17264733Is short hair on girls effay?[View]
17266286You may not like it, but this is what peak fashion looks like[View]
17267127How do I get this style?[View]
17266657/fav/: Which video game let's you have the most drip?[View]
172660213 most unattractive girl's hairstyles according to Japanese Guys: https://japantoday.com/catego…[View]
17268474Woollen clothing: Hey all, so this winter i want to go vintage materials, all natural. Ive already g…[View]
17269639rooms/buildings:: post/discuss[View]
17269638Ties in punk-ish outfits: Looking for inspo on sloppy ties[View]
17265813The Fusion5 cartridges are on sale at $2 per. These are great value, I would recommend to grab like …[View]
17269586Having a hard time finding clothes that compliment my body. I know I need to lose weight but its har…[View]
17266948anyone do their clothing shopping at thrift stores? what stores do you go to? i go every now and the…[View]
17263491Boot General - HANDWELTED EDITION What do I need to care for my boots? >Old cotton t shirt (one f…[View]
17269070How to into flannel?[View]
17269481All it takes is...: A pair of sunglasses and a cigarette.[View]
17269273Fat Bald Beardo Glasses?: I basically look like this guy. Shaved head, biker beard with 60% gray, fa…[View]
17269421Black Plush Bags: Anyone know any plush body-bags or pouches like pic related? The one in the pic l…[View]
17265245Fragrance General #836: Previous Thread: >>17261315 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragranc…[View]
17264470Is Kate Middleton the most Fa woman?: She's very fa.[View]
17252512/sprezzatura/ - Mediterranean and Menswear General This thread is for the well dressed man and those…[View]
17269247What are some good 'Cowboy' boots for walking? Something with a low heel and comfortable i…[View]
17269281How many shoes yall own, and how much should one own ?: shit like novesta[View]
17261134How do I not age poorly?[View]
17266209Is it possible to pull of bangs as a boy(male)?[View]
17264953Walter Jr's style on Breaking Bad: Opinions on Walter Jr's style? The 2000s style of overs…[View]
17268624/fa/ music videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0zcNzhIujI what would you call this kind of styl…[View]
17269173Recommendations for a neofolk style?[View]
17265775given that symmetry is one of the most important aspects of facial attractiveness (and beauty in gen…[View]
17266490Hood fashion 101: I live in the bad part of a big city and I want to dress in a way that says 'don…[View]
17259488Recent Cops: Post ‘em Just ordered these AllSaints cargo pants[View]
17269061Can a red power tie be /fa/? Would it be retarded from me to wear such a screaming red tie as a gues…[View]
17269080This is sleazycore?[View]
17269082Is there really any reason to have long hair?: I've been growing out my hair for a while now. I…[View]
17260822What is their hairstyle called? Can a cishet wear that without offense?[View]
17265123How are these coats called?[View]
17266357/wt/ - Watch Thread: Sneedfaster Edition > Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK > Watch …[View]
17267612How do we fix cargo shorts?[View]
17267849What the fuck is this specific Jacket: Yes it has to look exactly like it because autism[View]
17266753What is your personal /fa/losophy, /fa/?[View]
17268913Raglan Teeshirts: Where does one find basic raglan tee-shirts like this? This particular shirt is fr…[View]
17268351I'm convinced goatees are just a cope for beardlets. Post good goatees and maybe I'll be p…[View]
17264862How do you call this core my friends?[View]
17268076Has anyone else found that T-shirts these days are designed so long that they get caught under your …[View]
17267317more black = more /fa/[View]
17266803Late 70s to Early 80s Womens Wear: My favourite era desu[View]
17267965SWEATER WRAPPED AROUND THE NECK: Top or flop?[View]
17268180Looking like an estus flask is peak fashion.[View]
17268548What's this kind off shoe called, wanna dress more cottage core/fall vibe and I think this will…[View]
17266909Slides as shoes: Are these effay? Yea[View]
17268442Ugly people: Why are there so many ugly people? Anyone notice that?[View]
17265710ROLEX Dealership Simulator: 'Hello welcome to the Rolex Dealership what can I get for you today?'…[View]
17262313What is the best outfit/accessories/shoes a woman could wear?: Anything elegant , smart , casual or …[View]
17263971Cowboy hats: General questions/discussions on types, brands, prices, durability, popularity and ever…[View]
17265091Are there any styles of brimmed hat that are acceptable to wear with smart casual and don't mak…[View]
17266921Whatever happened to palewave? I met like one person IRL who was into Tycho, who still has quite a f…[View]
17268280I need a suit for a wedding I'm a tall lanky guy with broad shoulders Where's the best pl…[View]
17268133Who is more /fa/? Girl or guy?[View]
17266440Chelsea boots: Otherwise nice classic chelsea boots ruined by this piece. Stop doing this.[View]
17268278Thoughts on the king of /fa/?[View]
17262330rate my style[View]
17259260What is this style called and how do I pull it off?[View]
17260103I have no good outerwear, all my stuff is beaten up shapeless garbage I need something that looks ni…[View]
17268001How to dress as if you were from the Middle Ages?[View]
17268108ITT: Jerk Fashion: JerKin iZ a Habiit xP[View]
17263459>'Why yes Iam American how can you tell'[View]
17265963>dude being an alcoholic is effay![View]
17266575What is wrong with people who like the Acronym streetwear brand? They all look so ugly and fucked up…[View]
17265157what comes to mind when you see an anon wearing these[View]
17267706Every time I ask for advice on this you guys shit on me, but whatever, no where else I can really as…[View]
17267992How do I maximize my whiteness through clothes? I want to dress as corny as possible[View]
17267868ID on the shoes?[View]
17266893ID on jacket? Sources: https://youtu.be/2xnI1hZdltw?t=105 https://youtu.be/UiU0JjifEq0?t=2155[View]
17239759Dark academia is cringe: It's just larping as a decadent victorian scholar. Why do people want …[View]
17267836buy cloths now or lose weight first?: I quit playing wow cuz it sucks and I want to start to play re…[View]
17267581Why does he always look stiff and uncomfortable in what he wears? He has all this money but what he …[View]
17265800how to be effay in 100+ degree weather every day?[View]
17267774The PSP silver was the most effay video game console ever released, it will never be topped.[View]
17266765What's this type of ring called?: I want to buy a ring cos I like how they look, the bigger the…[View]
17266976what is /fa/ opinion on Doc Marten chelsea boots? Are they they effay?[View]
17264866are expensive leather shoes bottom brained?[View]
17267343Can anyone identify this sweater?[View]
17267683Thoughts on water resistance chucks as autumn office shoes?[View]
17267621Why do you throw away old clothes? Fashion comes and goes in cycles[View]
17266059What's the best site for foam rnnr replicas? Every review I've found that talks about thei…[View]
17267094I'm going to drive 40 minutes to the city and walk around it at night to see what people are we…[View]
17266123Where would I be able to buy synthetic fabric polo jerseys?: Nothing signals class and taste like we…[View]
17263598What is this style called?: Is this called a ''rugged' style or what? Is there an actual term for th…[View]
17267248What is the most /fa/ pocket square fold?[View]
17266348What do you use to make your breath smell good?[View]
17266199Since apparently the new trend is to mix prep with street style, what's this board's take …[View]
17267438I’m thugmaxxing so I can get some white pussy Does this look good[View]
17265859Maybe this is a good place to ask instead of /k/ but is any of this vintage perfume worth anything? …[View]
17262821how did you master shaving? like having a good shave everytime without any irritation[View]
17267422What's the best shirt designs to buy from Redbubble?[View]
17267356shoes: What are good warm cheap non autistic shoes? My feet get super cold so I need some warmer sho…[View]
17264193What's a jacket that may look similar to the one Rebecca wears from edgerunners?[View]
17263848Thoughts on patterns?[View]
17264965Corduroy jackets: Thoughts on corduroy jackets? Are they as versatile the denim ones?[View]
17264889In search of the most obnoxious pair of mid/high tops in existence: Must be available in size: >E…[View]
17267170>its been Almost a year I miss him so much, bros...[View]
17267014Why can't men wear sun visors?[View]
17267225cancerous pedo jannies[View]
17265056I NEED this Jacket: I need this jacket bros. I saw someone wearing it and it looked so cool with som…[View]
17260789Hey /fa/, is this hat gay? A friend told me its gay and I wanted to make sure.[View]
17266439old/fa/g here stopped coming here in 2017 or so. anyone remember frontstitch? What happened to it? i…[View]
17265374Where can I cop these shirts? I want to look like a Man of the Land.[View]
17265565Flannel lined pants: Anyone know where I can get something like pic related. Flannel lined cargo ish…[View]
17264136Ghost Adventures-core: Is Zak Bagans /fa/?[View]
17266968Where can I get input for looksmaxxing?: I'm not gonna ask people in real life and don't w…[View]
17266478Should I get surgery and remove glasses? Tried lesses and they arent for me[View]
17267002Can someone ID these Headphones plz?: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/QZrSscXI1gs[View]
17264291Skirts should be more popular[View]
17264582Cologne Thread: What do you wear daily?[View]
17265945How you become a model?[View]
17265020Is it effay?[View]
17266299The ultimate sneaker[View]
17266431What are some good shoes that are not sneakers to wear with shorts? Sperry's are the only thing…[View]
17265518What are some anti aging supplements I can take?[View]
17265621>wear whatever you want, don't worry what people think about you When people say this, do th…[View]
17262421Should I buy[View]
17266223Can anyone id Shia's jacket?[View]
17264493Where to buy quality henleys?: Where can I find henleys that will last a couple of years?[View]
17266491Drapery: I think it's time to bring back drapery, a single large piece of fabric, at least as l…[View]
17264039Jeans brands: List the brands you like, hate, and/or are unsure about, and other anons will educate/…[View]
17264997Id on this leather jacket?[View]
17266364What's /fa/ opinion on mala beads?[View]
17265749buying shirts: looking to buy a shirt, possbibly from a store[View]
17257612I am become brown boots, destroyer of fits[View]
17265492Only virgins hate blundstones[View]
17261882This is tiktok fashion. Something I find very appealing about women who dress like this.[View]
17265905identify these watches for me please: found them in my house[View]
17263669What aesthetic could is this called?[View]
17263085/wt/ Watch Thread: Urushi Edition > Poorfag guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK > Watch essenti…[View]
17265647Is the best James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, /fa/?[View]
17259897I'm not gay or trans but I want to wear a skirt it just seems like fun[View]
17265187tomorrow a new day begins >5.00 a.m. wake-up call >skin care routine à la Patrick Bateman >…[View]
17265991Is there any way to make colorful long socks work with shorts?[View]
17263948What will fashion look like in the future where gene editing and bio-mechanical bodies are commonpla…[View]
17264280/collegecore/: What do you and the people at your institution of higher learning wear?[View]
17265968itt: Obscure aesthetics[View]
17265845Wear can i buy some nice short sleeve Henley cut t shirts online? asos had some but i missed out and…[View]
17265601swag nigga need your help.: ok I need a pair of boots for the winter and I'm thinking about get…[View]
17265906Are any of these real pieces and if so, where to find them? I thought the meme was to use real piece…[View]
17265498what glasses are these?[View]
17265746I'm a guy and I want my hair half-half like this but blonde. Thoughts?[View]
17263594/inclusive/ thread: I love inclusivity in fashion! Post inclusive fashion![View]
17265750ID On his jacket?[View]
17265686why do people call this style 'Y2K'? This isn't what people wore in 2001[View]
17264307what clothing color combinations if i have similar skin / hair genetics to pic related? my hair is m…[View]
17263591/fit/izen here Friendly reminder that we BTFO of you from the jump[View]
17263629I'm about to pay 16k for FUE hair transplant surgery: Should I do it bros?[View]
17265553What core is this?[View]
17265474What aesthetic is this called?[View]
17257903Post fits you want to but will you’ll never be able to pull off[View]

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