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/fa/ - Fashion

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14496490Just Bought A New Pair Of Shoes: They are pretty comfortable, what does /fa/ think? Any other recomm…[View]
14494858Where can I find this kind of necklace for quality under $100, pic related is $20 on amazon not tryn…[View]
14496544Question: Can you have physique like pic related and still be alpha? How would one compensate for it…[View]
14496731rate me[View]
14494466/specs/ general: How to wear glasses without looking like a faggot? edition Apparently I'm 'qui…[View]
14495176Why do all models look like this? No emotion, no expression, half awake and tired of life? What the…[View]
14497038rate me and my friends' fashion[View]
14496931Make your own shitty t-shirts Pretend you're not fat.[View]
14496915Leaving this here[View]
14495615That actor is pretty handsome, how come I never knew his name?[View]
14496329black dye: anyone know any good black dyes? specifically that are cool toned and permanent rather th…[View]
14495849dad caps make me look like a 12 year old twink, how do I fix this?[View]
14496574I need to know where i can find that type of shoes or at least the name of them pls[View]
14493674BEARDSTACHES: What do you think about them? Fem opinions welcome. I feel like they are less creepy t…[View]
14490964Do I have a baby face?: How old do you think I am?[View]
14494701I'm moving from middle-America to San Francisco for work. I'm a conservative /pol/lack, bu…[View]
14493458Hey you! What's the way to SEX?[View]
14496829Anyone know what backpack is the guy wearing in the pic?[View]
14496116Is there a place to buy experimental shit that random people made? Basically I want to accidentally …[View]
14496773Boots?: What kind of boots are these?[View]
14496753can anyone tell me the sweater hes wearing, ive been looking for it for so long[View]
14488949Rugged Men, Rugged Style: What would you typically recommend for the more rugged looking men of /fa/…[View]
14484082How can anyone take THIS seriously?[View]
14494913Never disrespected plus I'm well connected With this coke that I imported, just important as yo…[View]
14495793Petit Standard vs Petit New Standard vs New Standard: Can you guys help me out picking a cut? I…[View]
14496015Will Gucci ever recover from this?[View]
14486912Who has the best /fa/cial aesthetics of all time in your opinion? For me, it's Grace.[View]
14495461Jacket pins. Are they /fa/?[View]
14496234what's goin on guys?[View]
14496550Where can I find this sweater my friends[View]
14495869he unironically mogged everyone[View]
14496473White T Shirt Uber Alles: The white t-shirt (crew neck cuz not a faggot) is the best shirt one can h…[View]
14488823shoe collection: ITT post your shoe collection looking to get some basic black derbies next[View]
14495754What earrings go with a backwards hat on men? I'm thinking guages but I don't think those …[View]
14489766Thoughts on the goththot style?[View]
14483515do NOT take the buzzpill. this is me one year ago shortly after buzzcut. i can now safely say that h…[View]
14492640how does /fa/ get and stay skinny?[View]
14495599Clowncore inspo: ITT: We post and discuss about clowncore in general What does /fa/ think about clow…[View]
14496466What is this called?: Hey there, bought a belt buckle with some kind of lip for when buckling. I don…[View]
14494669>feel sad and depressed >buy expensive clothes >feel better ?…[View]
14496375Id on shoes?[View]
14492752Name a better shoe that beats this in looks & price u cant[View]
14493863How do you call this haircut?[View]
14467583Sneakers General /SNKRS/: >Discuss them last one{} >>14444326…[View]
14495777what's the name of this hairstyle anons[View]
14496302Why do most 'stylists' dress like mental patients?[View]
14495221What do you guys think of this style of clothing for women, still fashionable or just retarded. I wa…[View]
14496314left or right /fa/?[View]
14496316How do I hide my disgusting skinnyfat body? I feel like Mr. Stay Puft[View]
14496285How do you like my bling?: I bet these are making y'all jealous.[View]
14494867How would you UN-GAY this face?: asking for a friend who has a serious case of gay face.[View]
14496274Can someone help me find this shoes or similar? I mean, they're in Wish, but, is Wish.[View]
14496063Sup /fa/ This anon from the far realms of /k/ traveled all the way through the lands of / m / o / p …[View]
14495797Why do people have neckbeards? someone please explain the logic to me[View]
14496157How does one become an eboy?: Is 26 too old to become one?[View]
14494080Rampage (2009) outfit: Anons, I need your help finding the clothing worn by the character Bill Willi…[View]
14493924Let's not be fags about it. Females love ass just as much as males. How do we take advantage of…[View]
14484353/hair/ general - too many loose threads edition: Post your hair, type, get recommendations, etc. My …[View]
14493370Just copped these: Verdict?[View]
14495925Cropped sleeves: Can anyone recommend good tees with sleeves similar to pic? Nothing crazy expensive…[View]
14495997what core is this???[View]
14493907yay or nay?[View]
14495622SEX: Well yes, I came here to have SEX how could you tell?[View]
14495150Prada shoes: How do I wear these? I got these slightly unconventional looking Prada shoes. They aren…[View]
14495033What can I do to look a bit better?: Hey, it's Sophie here. I am a little bit on the heavier si…[View]
14495839Can anyone find me those online ?[View]
14494732Levis: The fuq? I spent 120 dollars on this new levis denim jacket, and the inside pocket has shit t…[View]
14495483What makes this ugly bald skinnyfat piece of shit sexy?[View]
14495535w2c this hair?[View]
14495748getting an aesthetic: how does one develop a style that they actually connect to? I see clothes I li…[View]
14491847What to wear in San Francisco?: Going to SF for the first time in a couple of days, what do I wear? …[View]
14494474Common projects: How are common project's non sneaker offerings? Like their derbies and blucher…[View]
14493074Where can I scoop some male longline/drapecore stuff? There's so much chink low quality shit ou…[View]
14494730Would it be a sin against fashion to bring back late-60's/early-70's design trends such as…[View]
14494335what does /fa/ think of the fanny pack trend?[View]
14491386this is my old hair[View]
14486361WAYWT: Nobody wants to post in a thread nearing 300 replies. Daily reminder: talk shit, post fit.…[View]
14495607Where I can buy these trousers?: I try to find it in amazon[View]
14490330Thoughts on buttoning your top button?[View]
14495353What would you even call this?: Would like to find something similar for my lady. Shes into this kin…[View]
14493913Is he /fa/?[View]
14494002Fashion Secrets: ITT: post your favorite personal /fa/ tip or secret. Mine is the Costco brand Kirkl…[View]
14490376How THE FUCK do I avoid getting knee bags on pants??? At least how do I not get them in the first mo…[View]
14495062Name a modern TV series more fa than Legion. I'll wait.[View]
14494574What would a good looking man have to wear to be shunned by all women? pic unrelated[View]
14489411How do people dress like where you live?[View]
14494374Was the Sonics debut album 'here are the sonics' /fa?[View]
14495277what the fuck should i do for my hair to stop looking like Buttercup’s? it’s even worse after i wash…[View]
14495267>boots any colour other than black[View]
14494155I’m tired of Vans and Converse. Are PF Flyers a good alternative? Any other recommendations?[View]
14494663/effay/ beachwear or no?[View]
14492180Danner tachyon like boots?: Are there any EU friendly dealers selling danner tachyons? I don't …[View]
14491223Were they /effay/?[View]
14490062>tfw not 18 anymore >tfw no more Hitler Youth >tfw ywn play Rock Band with your high school…[View]
14494348r8 my fit /fa/[View]
14493568post a better outfit pro tip you can’t[View]
14492199What kind of fashion is this considered?[View]
14494788Uk brahs. Why do asians love wearing Armani, Hugo Boss snd Gucci so much? Especially if it has a log…[View]
14494613>This fit triggers the s.oy posters[View]
14488508Is there a non-autistic way to wear a bandana? Not one of those ugly gang ones with patterns though…[View]
14493792>vintage Is there a worse buzzword? This kills all my interest in something…[View]
14493162Where is the best place to get high quality well tailored trousers?[View]
14491285Is it possible to pull off a suit when you're under 40?[View]
14494981shaved my face: what think?[View]
14492961Can you wear jackets in summer weather?: Look like shit in shorts and a t-shirt[View]
14494273In Sober Living , brought nothing. Help!: Hey, I’m fresh outta rehab and literally packed all fucked…[View]
14490768Is this the new fuckboy zoomer haircut?[View]
14489585>he wears adidas shoes[View]
14480553Teeth Thread: I'm not sure teeth are considered /fa/? If they are then this is the place to dis…[View]
14493549Buzz cut industrial techno fits[View]
14494298My gf desperately wants a hat like this and I'd love to earn some good boy points and find one …[View]
14492656What core is this? Help an artfag out, I need to find reference for shit and only have this pic.[View]
14494687What are some shirt makers that make great motifs/prints? I personally like Eton a lot.[View]
14493827Where can I find a gf that dresses like this?[View]
14488898Do you go to a real barbershop or do you go to a salon like a girl?[View]
14494497>That one guy that uses creed aventus You fucking stink dude, and it's way too overpowering.…[View]
14494255Cop'd these H&M jeans for $6, good deal?[View]
14494534E-Boy/Art Hoe Thread: Post 'em How do I dress up like an e-boy without actually becoming one? I…[View]
14494169anyone know what type of converse these are[View]
14494532shit ive always wanted to see made: we made some shit we've always wanted to see and printed it…[View]
14493516Is moschino /fa/?[View]
14494388Fuckin denim fad needs to die already.[View]
14488150what do you do with hair this thick??[View]
14488382all black inspo thread: last time some stupid fucking nigger posted palewave, IF I SEE ANY NON BLACK…[View]
14490415What is this core called?[View]
14489984I'm looking for nice terrorwave fashion that could fit me I'm white, 6'2' with beard …[View]
14494390In Taos , need help with APC sizing !: I’m in sober living and need help with APC sizing. I’m going…[View]
14494345I hate popular things because they look stupid and are just trends that will die out in 5 years. The…[View]
14487453Daily essentials thread[View]
14493829Steal his core[View]
14494208Gold light up shoes.: I just ordered a pair of these and I intend to wear them daily, what how /fa/?…[View]
14490125/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
14493938For your consideration[View]
14492401do you prefer your arthoe to be free range or enclosed?[View]
14489557Can i wear 'fun' socks as a heterosexual man?[View]
14494087Is there a way to dye a denim jacket in such a way that it 1. looks good and 2. doesn't bleed c…[View]
14494059comfycore/sloppycore thread: >oversized/sloppy fits >layering >no summery shit >no fitte…[View]
14492453Hey guys, need some inspiration I'm going to a business meeting in a few hours and don't k…[View]
14494012Beard and Moustaches: What's your opinion on them?[View]
14493992Where are you getting your denims?[View]
14490835No bowie: >Will never be as aesthetic as 80s-90s bowie >why even live…[View]
14493115As winter is approaching again I would like to know where to find a coat like the guy is wearing and…[View]
14488746Where can i get COOL outfit ideas?: could you recommend any LEGIT youtubers? instagrams? Where do y…[View]
14493956How do we unpozz fa?[View]
14491288how come hood nigga fashion never took off?[View]
14493810Converse: Are this /Fa/? also >low or high top chuck's?[View]
14490510>not looking like this >actually believing you are /fa/shionable Never gonna make it, brah…[View]
14493820Looking for a backpack that doesn’t have excess pockets nightmare that also doesn’t make me look lik…[View]
14492088How do you guys dress for hot weather? Most good looks only work in cool/cold climates. What do you …[View]
14493626Are magic Mormon underwear the least fashionable thing to ever come into existence? Can you believe …[View]
14491352What do you guys think of hair like this? I've had the same hairstyle as Shingo for the past 10…[View]
14493747Daily reminder. If you wear pants tighter than Levis 501 you are an absolute faggot and look like yo…[View]
14493600cop or not[View]
14493770not a scam I swear: trust me on this one http://aclabink.com/3Whk[View]
14491651Why is finasteride giving me acne? I’m taking it with minoxidil to grow back some of my hairline so …[View]
14490274How do i pull 50s fashion[View]
14486047Daily reminder that if you don't know who this is... you're a newfag, zoomer incel.[View]
14491095Post outfits that GUARANTEE you sex[View]
14493226>he thinks being /fa/ without being /fit/ pulls in pussy[View]
14493091Black hair: How often are you supposed to put leave in conditioner in your hair if you’re a nigga? I…[View]
14482947Is different color converse cringe?[View]
14477717You know why he never showed his wife? Because shes ugly. Ig he had a hot wife he would brag about h…[View]
14489152what core is this and is it fa?[View]
14492711any recs for baggy pants?[View]
14487353>hello? Operator? get me SEX on the line, NOW![View]
14490497Going to Bangkok for Vacation. Planning to quit my Job shortly after and start interviewing, would /…[View]
14489226should i shave ?: trying to attract females trying to get abitta cunt[View]
14491509What do you guys think of the eboy look?[View]
14482915/THINSPO/ General: Last thread: >>14456301 Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >make america thi…[View]
14492261Can I get my hair looking like that my just growing it out or do I have to get a haircut?[View]
14492917Whats the name of the type of shirt he is wearing?[View]
14490396Everyone has hope. He's ~32 on the picture on the right[View]
14493071Bilinda Butcher: wtc her outfit? i'm a guy. her belt buckle looks cool.[View]
14492587>wearing clothes that don't clearly show the brand YIKES![View]
14493019Scene queen[View]
14491246Why do people think slim-fit looks good?[View]
14492756Would Rickfaggots start wearing heels if Rick Owens goes back wearing heels?[View]
14492548Should I get Chuck 70’s or Shoes Like Pottery?[View]
14492379alright decided to say fuck fashion and just wear a white tee and jeans but im gonna blow my load on…[View]
14480307/knitwear/: post your favorite sweater[View]
14489773How do I find my style? All of my clothes are old rags and I need to replace everything and start fr…[View]
14492697What are some good places to look for linen trousers like pic related? I bought these from Uniqlo bu…[View]
14490411How to buy a chain: I want to buy a gold chain because I think it looks cool. I don’t know anything …[View]
14491106Criminal tier: Big brands, costy jewelry[View]
14488927how do i achieve billy core?[View]
14492662Time for a new \fag\[View]
14490717What is this eye colour[View]
14488485/executioner/ core: What is /executionor/ core and why did it die out?[View]
14491682running shoes in the gym yes or no: Im deciding which shoes to buy for the gym. I saw some 'Adidas L…[View]
14491603i haven't been here for a few years and holy shit it has gotten so bad. what happened?[View]
14489448W2c pants: W2c pants like pic related? In fact where do i cop everything in this outfit?[View]
14489209Interesting black pants: Looking for some black pants that go well with Rick fits, combat boots etc.…[View]
14490971Are there any Rolex Explorer II homages aside from this?: I have no money for the 16570 yet.[View]
14491809effay ways to store shoes? mine are just kinda laying about[View]
14492258Normcore: the joke that became a reality[View]
14492366Boots?: What kind of boots are these?[View]
14489382Shiggy Thread: >cuffing non-selvedge denim Shiggy[View]
14489782should i cutt or bulk?: is my outfit fit/?[View]
14485502I've been buying clothes from Zara, HM, Massimo Dutti, Topman since 2010 and their clothes unwe…[View]
14492255>He wears “Designer” Sneakers...: How pretentious can you be....[View]
14491274ID on the shoes pls[View]
14487931>tfw 10yo girl-tier wrists >tfw work out 3x a week but there are no muscles there so it will n…[View]
14492140What hairstyle is this??[View]
14492126Can I have some suggestions for good-looking budget sneakers? >pic unrelated…[View]
14492014What kind of shirt is this? Does it have a name? Need it for my greasercore fits[View]
14490423What shoes would go well with this?[View]
14490644I'm about to become a farmer. Post some /fa/ clothes to wear as a farmer.[View]
14471673Are metal legs effay?[View]
14484381Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14476206 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14488734Do young adult women still dress like this?[View]
14491911w2c this outfit love everything about it[View]
14490664What do you call Jontron's cap?[View]
14491672Was he /fa/?[View]
14491628Where do i purchase unworn vintage or vintage-like clothing at respectable prices? (Perhaps around s…[View]
14491470how can i get better at wearing a baggy silhouette? i was going for a baggy grunge look but i can’t …[View]
14491569explain /fa: How would you explain fa to a newfag picrelated[View]
14489926What fashion style is Hayley Williams?: Hayley Williams from Paramore is so beautiful and I love her…[View]
14490268>blowdry hair after showering >hair becomes flat as fuck >no volume at all >look like a …[View]
14489945opinions on mono-white/angelwave fashion?[View]
14489886How do I go back to wearing normal, cheap clothes without feeling like a 'normie'? I don't wann…[View]
14490808what core is this?[View]
14491160Hey just got back from Vegas What's your Vegas fit?[View]
14491434Post Metal/Punk/Musician Inspo[View]
14489175Man wtf: I bought a bunch of hanes shirts and they're all made in different countries and all f…[View]
14489482How do i pull off a beret?[View]
14490825Cop or drop?[View]
14468565Trad/Ivy/Prep Thread: Summer edition: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13…[View]
14489279is 2010s fashion ghetto?[View]
14491325terrorwave thread: post em[View]
14486565W2c slip ons like these for cheap? I saw them in hs and really wanted a good job to afford them. I g…[View]
14491171https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBZBSxyNWAg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyYMqrMreSA Check this s…[View]
14491206It’s getting hot out here in the West - are these ecceptable?[View]
14491044Rate my cousin's fit[View]
14489196w2c early yung lean/sad boys aesthetic: lean and bladee/european streetwear fucking slaps what brand…[View]
14491231For how long is it acceptable to wear the same outfit consecutively (with minor alterations such as …[View]
14485811What are the most effay shorts? I like black cargo shorts.[View]
14476215WAYWT: Old one is over 250 let's get it started again lads[View]
14491176>loose fit[View]
14488113Anyone else notice when they put their head sideways in a mirror they look much more attractive than…[View]
14490633Does it?[View]
14491028I found one[View]
14491062Sunglasses?: What are these glasses and where can I buy them? Asking for a friend[View]
14487676How long did it take you to find a style that best suited you? For me it was years of being broke an…[View]
14489208Rate my buddy's fit /fa/[View]
14490282OK bros, i am going to London next week. will get a few pair of Jordan mids. Now the question is , w…[View]
14488504The buzzpill: A tough redpill to swallow. The Buzz cut is a pleb filter for genuinely good looking p…[View]
14489885Is this /fa/?[View]
14490337is there a way to incorporate edwardian/victorian aesthetics into modern style without looking like …[View]
14487378What is this hat called?[View]
14490829What's some sites that sell music/anime clothes with shipping to Europe? The cheaper the better[View]
14490287Cop or nah?[View]
14489949Who is the best looking male model?[View]
14489789How do I recreate his look?[View]
14489017Where can I find a girl like this, /fa/? What do you think of her outfit?[View]
14490603I'm going to travel abroad. Could I take these shoes and wear them to a bar/club or do I need t…[View]
14490252>White people in Jordans[View]
14490541What should I do with my hair?: I need some good inspiration, I'm also a bit anxious to get a n…[View]
14478958How would you dress for a mass shooting?[View]
14490524What core is this?[View]
14478944What are some good designer brands that are: - recognized by normies - not too expensive, I am looki…[View]
14489731buzzcut: is it /fa/?[View]
14489218What 2010's style that will be iconic in a decade or two?[View]
14490360I hope you listened to his advice, anon.[View]
14487956Alright guys chemo is taking its toll so I am losing my hair for the time being, are there any /fa/ …[View]
14486266How do you look in jeans and a white t shirt?[View]
14489736I live in a city where it rains 297 days of the year, would that justify spending $1000 on a Gore-te…[View]
14488473can we get a Vietnam aesthetics thread?[View]
14488987What are some comfortable shoe ideas? I planned all my classes on the same two days and want somethi…[View]
14490154is 90s post soviet style fa?[View]
14489930I'm putting together a team[View]
14490270How do you learn to dress as a short person? More specifically, how do you identify things that emph…[View]
14489499How to prep core???[View]

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