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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 157 expired threads from the past 3 days

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17010979Tattoos: Tattoo Thread[View]
17017646why does my face look really good when I'm lying on my back?[View]
17015714everywhere: Am I deprived from 2 years covid or is it suddenly normal to wear satuday-night, big tid…[View]
17018464/wt/ watch thread: SUPERLAXATIVE COLONOMETER EDITION Guides and Info: > Poorfag guide: https://m.…[View]
17013924Why don't more men get plastic surgery? It's literally a life hack. Going from a 4 to a 6…[View]
17018950ID on these pants?[View]
16965569Are glasses /fa/? Post your glasses of any kind and rate others. Pictured are the Moscot Lemtosh-TT …[View]
17019163Help! What does the shirt say??[View]
17019523Should I grow my hair longer or do a short cut? I have no idea how to style it or what to do[View]
17017840How the hell are you supposed to pull off mocs? They look both too formal and too casual at the same…[View]
17019268W2c something like this?[View]
17008825GATs(German Army Trainers): Cringe or Based? Do you own a pair?[View]
17019172Why do people wear beanies off the back of their heads??: Just an important fashion related question…[View]
17019162>hot weather, fresh teenage girls all around your lonely aging ass[View]
17017246Post movie fits that don't look like a larp, and that you could actually wear irl. Pic rel. I …[View]
17018176Copped a pair of picrel and they be hurting my feet a week and a half in. I go for walks and wear th…[View]
17018827how can you tell if chelsea boots are authentic/high quality?[View]
17018288Feedback on sunglasses pls: How do these look on me? All feedback appreciated Please also say if th…[View]
17019098>merch >back in the 00s >from a personal website dedicated to cars >overpriced at the ti…[View]
17015073/chad/: chadcore. simple as[View]
17015098Modest women's fashion: Post modest, fashionable and feminine clothing inspo[View]
17013442why do so many people wear basketball shoes casually? i cringe every time i see it >ruins grip …[View]
17012148Is Legio Gloria /fa/?: Why would you not buy clothes from your fellow European?[View]
17017661I love how my hair looks fresh out the shower...: so when it's still wet and a bit dried up wit…[View]
17017308Is it gonna be a white boy summer?[View]
17015786Where can i find this jacket?: Or a similar one ,shit goes hard[View]
17017714>tfw I've finally grown out of 'fashion' I feel nothing, clothes are just clothes…[View]
17018808What kind of shoes did Leon wear?[View]
17013415Cool gift I got. What are the elitist opinions of these? Not even sure if /fa/ is elitist. I lurk …[View]
17018478Is it true that shoe polish attracts bed bugs? Where do you guys store your polish kit?[View]
17018308Pain from thick hard soles: I recently copped the Puma Oslo City OGs(picrel) and I really like how t…[View]
16998586/sprezzatura/ - Mediterranean and Menswear General: Brown suit edition This thread is for the well d…[View]
17007204Should we normalize men wearing skirts?[View]
17017334How is he supposed to dress in the summer without coats to hide the gut?[View]
17016824/wt/ watch thread: BIG CLIT watch Guides and Info: > Poorfag guide: https://m.imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK…[View]
17016791what should I wear if I have bow legs that won't make me look like a cripple?[View]
17018076JACQUEMUS X NIKE collaboration was just announced Sleaze-core is finally getting mainstream.[View]
17018226Dress a manlet: 170cm (5’7) white American Manlet here. Yes, it’s over for me but help me salvage wh…[View]
17014898>/fa/ >Unlike any other board about hobbies and jobs, /out/, /fit/, /vg/ (they have /agdg/), /…[View]
17016016How do I achieve this look without looking like a skinhead?[View]
17012534Is this outfit ok for a first date?: There is a cute guy I have been talking to, we are going to mee…[View]
17015289how can i hide this shit from my lips without looking like a faggot? I have burned it twice (within …[View]
17011476i shaved my fugly chest hair for the first time ever and it looks fucking amazing. it will be a bitc…[View]
17014728ID on this sweater or similar?[View]
17012349Taking shit with me: I got a whole lot of shit to take with me on a daily basis (wallet, phone, perf…[View]
17016182are cardboard 3d glasses effay?[View]
17015132caring about fashion for the most part is pointless. 95% of attractiveness if about face, muscle/bod…[View]
17014485Weeb fashion thread. Is it even possible to make weeb fashion original and makes you look great with…[View]
17017794Im looking for ideas for casual button shirts that I can wear in hotter weather long or short sleeve…[View]
17012423Zoomers have been doing 90s/2000s revival for 10 years now. Let that sink in.[View]
17006420How will Techwear be remembered?[View]
17016979Berlin Fashion: I'm trying to go for an Berlin inspired style but I don't want to look lik…[View]
17012417With what kind of outfit do Converse shoes fit? Are they out of fashion?[View]
17016535Chinos you would recommend?: I want a classic look, maybe pleated. A little dressy would be fine. I’…[View]
17015747Dress for success motivational thread: I have started to dress better to match my goals in life. Loa…[View]
17015982I'm going to a *sigh* wedding and I'm wearing a suit similar to pic related, what shirt sh…[View]
17017123what the fuck is this called: I've been seeing these kinds of pants on actors and singers and I…[View]
17014589Where can I get a nubuck/ suede card holder like pic related? I googled and only found shiny leather…[View]
17013618Bucket hat or fedora. which is less faggy?[View]
17015802What is this kind of shirt called?: https://www.amazon.com/ACSUSS-See-Through-Collar-Sleeve-T-Shirt/…[View]
17009269Are dermarollers legit? Are there any advers3 side effevts I should know about before getting one?[View]
17017329what should i wear to be this guy in 2022?[View]
17012191is it ok to wear ripped jeans past the age of 24?[View]
17016920post women dressed in gaudy luxury clothes. I'll start.[View]
17016512I have been wearing a saint medal and recently the chain broke. The chain use to irritate my skin so…[View]
17014019should i rock these high waisted pants?: idk if it stands out in a model way or a social reject way …[View]
17017031This image personifies everything that you should be hoping to achieve with fashion in the current y…[View]
17016804What do you think of this blue-pink combination?[View]
17015306Balenciaga: .[View]
17016909Do these things sell?[View]
17005637/androgyny/ general: Is it true I have a man face? I don’t want to look like a lesbian help a girl o…[View]
17011828Fragrance General #770: Discontinued Thread >>17006146 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragr…[View]
17011968What do you wear when you're mowing the lawn?[View]
17015904/wt/ - Watch Thread: Stop giving your (you)s away to half-assed trolls edition. Guides and Info: …[View]
17016680Considering buying a tweed jacket. Any advice? Looks pretty based to me, I'm debating brown or …[View]
17013066style tips: Never be the best dressed in the room, for surrounding yourself with lesser people inhib…[View]
17012442You ARE the most effay in your friend group, right?[View]
17015431aesthetics you didn't know you needed: post some cool pictures i guess, dont be gay[View]
17015576what makes it so...based?[View]
17016437This is Suzanne Kay: A vintage model. What is /fa/‘s thoughts?[View]
17014613Are Mormons effay?[View]
17014197Hey /fa/, I'm looking for summer clothes and looks. I want to find some decent linen shirts tha…[View]
17011582Give it to me straight. Why don't they make suits like this anymore? Why does everything have t…[View]
17011787Those discount clothing stores: Should I even bother with them? Are there any decent quality clothin…[View]
17016113Do clothes even matter in the bigger picture? Take pic related for example. I switched his head with…[View]
16998768Why do people sometimes wear jackets over their shoulders? Fashionable? Or just a way to get some co…[View]
17014226What are these pants called?[View]
17006944>just turned 30 >hairline falling back like this despite being on fin for 3 years now It’s ov…[View]
17016168What type of socks to war on dunks low and AJ low when wearing shorts[View]
17014437which kind of hat should i have in my wardrobe if im a 18 y/o with long hair? i just want to have so…[View]
17015187Are CK garments /fa/?[View]
17015465These were my favourite shoes. Clark's Torbay olive. They don't sell them or make them any…[View]
1701010480s larp: What are some key essentials for an 80s larp wardrobe that doesn’t look ridiculous and dat…[View]
17015056What are the tallest white sneakers I can find on the open market?[View]
17016058>walk into big shop for clothes (Primark, HnM, etc) >get blasted with droning top 100 music …[View]
17015596Why do my pajamas fit better than any other clothing?[View]
17013531I made a lambswool collar for my favourite cost. Did I do good?[View]
17015922I use to wear old Duck Heads all through undergrad. They brought the brand back at a premium, anyone…[View]
17014784/wt/ - Watch Thread: Fortis Marketing Bullshit Edition Guides and Info: > Poorfag guide: https://…[View]
17014510How do I blend /tip/ or just general menswear with outdoorsy items? What items can I consider? Am I …[View]
17014997How to achieve this aesthetic[View]
17013939Am I supposed to be wearing a fucking hat in summer? My girlfriend always complains that I don'…[View]
17014148ID thread: Does anyone know the sunglasses Mr Homem Christo is wearing here?[View]
17015095Non Pozzed fashion brands?: What are good fashion brands for us Goyim? ones that don't benefit …[View]
16998915Whenever I see people wearing a suite irl, it looks like they are wearing a costume..: Nobody where …[View]
17014174what are some good quality, cheap, losse fitting / baggy sweatpants[View]
17014283Why yes I wear sunscreen everyday: >Why yes I wear sunscreen everyday. How could you tell >Of …[View]
17015403How should you dress in your 30s?[View]
17015427Sandals: What are the most fashionable sandal choices?[View]
17014081Far-Right Alternative Fashion: Need inspo for non-Nazi/Fascist fits, we already know what those look…[View]
17015397Anyone else have their hair braided?[View]
17013313What would you call this aesthetic?[View]
17014586What hair product do I have to use to get this hair? I'm almost there but not quite.[View]
17009016FEMBOY FASHION: THIGH HIGHS: OK guys this style of thigh high it can either be black on white or whi…[View]
17015128What are the best boots/shoes for travel? I'm going to be spending a few months in Colombia and…[View]
17013856So I've got a job at a bank I'm starting. Low end financial advisor position, probably goi…[View]
17013932>Outfit doesn’t come with pockets[View]
17014518let's say i only 120$ spending money for new summer wear. what should i buy?[View]
17010323What kind of sandals can mature men wear?: Without the people around them wanting to puke?[View]
17014391I’m moving from snowy Minnesota to hot as fuck Florida, how do I stay /fa/ without boiling my blood …[View]
17011865adidas: is pic related tacky? should i get the matching pants? thanks.[View]
17014254Proper Belt: Where can I find something like Hanks Belt in Europe? Full grain leather, tough as shit…[View]
17014952PEARLS: As a fairly masculine man, if I may say so myself, I feel so pretty wearing pearls. What shi…[View]
17014926/cag/ - Cassock General: First off we all agree that this is the best look for men. the question is;…[View]
17014735All chads seem to have this hairstyle now. How do I obtain something similar (ideally with minimal e…[View]
17014852Is it acceptable to store your clothes on a chair.[View]
17014847does the stuff he's wearing even exist? need that hoodie[View]
17008712Why do autists seem to love wearing black jeans and trousers?[View]
17014770What haircut should I get tired of rocking the neckbeard jesus look. i don't have a receding ha…[View]
17007804what do we think about glasses with side shields, /fa/?[View]
17013239/wt/ - watch thread: pillar of /wt/ edition Guides and Info: > Poorfag guide: https://m.imgur.com…[View]
17006611Hoodies: Looking for some cheap (<$60), good quality, unbranded hoodies. Anyone got any recommend…[View]
17012060help: what type of clothes match with this shoes?[View]
17013740What went right here?[View]
17012277Are there any sneakers like this from a more affordable brand and also still in production with this…[View]
17008877Could I get away with dressing like this without listening to country music?[View]
17007378/fa/ Firearms: You carry a gun to match your outfit, don't you anon?[View]
17013870Did Hedi Slimane kill himself? You never hear anything about his awful clothes anymore. I remember a…[View]
17011609any duck canvas chore coat inspo?[View]
17014585How do I improve my looks?: Hi /fa/, so I am in my mid 30s and I often struggle with my looks in the…[View]
17013383Where to cop a nice shirt that looks like this?: Doesn’t need to be exact, just without breast pocke…[View]
17012601Best brands for slim fit shirts? I have wide shoulders but i like the torso to be slim[View]
17014460What pants should I keep? I prefer the light one, but I feel its too short[View]
17011616brands with a similar regal aesthetic to hermes? i love their style but i'm not retarded enough…[View]
17012041Why don't we dress like this?[View]
17014279Was this board always like this?[View]
17005666Any tips on getting paler skin? I can’t match my clothes to my body color lol help meee[View]
17012364/fa/ bicycles: I have the most /fa/ bicycle on here. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.[View]
17013210Is it /fa/¿[View]
17009935Well guys I'm 30, recently single and most of my hair has fallen out. Should I shave my shit of…[View]
17013991what are your favourite shoes? i personally like nike runners and vans, thought i am more a fan of n…[View]
17004627Why don't you guys make your own stuff. I went to fidm out in LA. Been making my own clothes ev…[View]
17014010What core is this and how do I get it[View]
17013996Curtain cut: Is it possible to do a curtain hair cut with tight curly hair like pic related?[View]
17011151Are there any other ACTIVE fashion imageboards or forums besides fa?: Or has pretty much everyone us…[View]
17013783What's the most /fa/ way to carry your camera gear? I shoot a lot of street photo, and I kinda …[View]
17012994Is it weird wearing a jinbei top during summer with short pants if you are a white guy? got one from…[View]

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