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/fa/ - Fashion

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14647796Why was I a hypebeast 2 years ago and now I feel pitty for people that wear supreme, palace and shit…[View]
14647129what is his shirt made out of?[View]
14647330Is this safety razor set worth it?: Thinking about buying pic related, it's a muhle safety razo…[View]
14648747what jacket is this ? from the movie 'brothers'[View]
14647022/fa/ BTFO https://youtu.be/YBv-4GXlEPg[View]
14646938you like my core bro?[View]
14648413Cocktail: So what is the /fa/pproved cocktail? I am a straight male btw.[View]
14648129area 51 fit: whats a good fit for storming area 51? Should I go for terrorwave? Milsurp? Incelcore?…[View]
14646407I'm getting married. Can we have an effay wedding dress thread? Bonus points if it would look g…[View]
14645712What would I wear with this?[View]
14645945Pick one[View]
14648628What glasses fit a diamond-faced man the best?[View]
14638766How is dark academia different from neofolk[View]
14647595Is this receding or just an unbelievably bad hairline?[View]
14648479Hey /fa/. Anybody here can let me know if ru58841 is a scam? The faggot in the pic swears by it and …[View]
14645739People with curly hair: How do I get my curls to be more coherent and 'together' instead of looking …[View]
14641565are ahegao hoodies effay?[View]
14648377Just copped Bottega Veneta intrecciato penny loafers for £5. Polished and disinfected them. Now, wha…[View]
14646596Do redditors dress well?[View]
14646467>take finsteride to treat hairloss >chest starts to feel weird >feel my testosterone lower…[View]
14646756Is Rob Zombie /fa/?[View]
14648246is there any way i can wear this type of style being a turbomanlet (170 cm) i just really wanna do i…[View]
14644732what do you think of thrasher merch?[View]
14648178What's essential Billycore?[View]
14646982What's some more granola fashion? And can we call it granola wave[View]
14646850What the fuck do i wear to impress an art hoe? We're hanging out this weekend but i only wear g…[View]
14648131Autismcore: Can spreading autism awareness be effay?[View]
14645998How can I style this type of boot? I think they are called slender wingtip boots[View]
14646146Fleece jackets: What are some nice fleece jackets (preferably full-zip)? No Patagonia synchilla allo…[View]
14644854How to pull off numale/soiboi core as a brown dude?[View]
14642335>tfw too intelligent to wear japanese selvedge denim[View]
14641741w2c good dark academia shoes?[View]
14642909Are scars Effay?[View]
14642347Trenchcoats: How to pull this off without looking like a school shooter? What's the minimum hei…[View]
14647708Thinking about screen printing a sweatshirt or hoodie like this. Thoughts? What's some fashiona…[View]
14647362is it possible to pull off this haircut in 2019[View]
14647980Sweatpants/track pants thread: any suggestions on brands other than champion, nike, etc that make va…[View]
14647968LEATHER Jacket General: FLATBUSH Edition: Post leather jackets aka best clothing.[View]
14647836>wearing these shoes to a wedding never change, /fa/. hope you're proud with yourselves.…[View]
14641720/Facial Aesthetics/: Post your fuckin face so people can give you advice relating to fits and skinca…[View]
14647705what the FUCK do I wear to a 21st birthday /fa/? In my country they're usually quite formal. No…[View]
14645185How the fuck do I wear loafers? Can I get some good fits? Can be any kind, I just feel like every fi…[View]
14647451How would you describe Kanye's current style?[View]
14647356I want to look like a Japanese woodblock painting. What colours should I wear?[View]
14647188Ninja Core[View]
14647211What core is this?[View]
14647651Styles like these also metalhead thread[View]
14647426Were they based or cringe?[View]
14645643Why were the 1920's so effay?[View]
14645691What pants/shoes should I wear with this jacket? How would I make this into an effay fit?[View]
14647496Spooky Edition: Effy Halloween costumes: What are y’all dressing up this year for Halloween?[View]
14645891Wearing a jacket is my identity.[View]
14646579How would /fa/ wear navy blue bdus or any baggy cargo pants, any way to pull of a casual look?[View]
14647301anyone have that webm of the cute uk girl in trackpants doing the melbourne shuffle? it was posted h…[View]
14645189Where to cop?[View]
14641403Post some effay dog breeds >Pic related my good boi[View]
14647258When it comes to aesthetic necks, how long is too long?[View]
14647142Is this hat stand at my local gas station effay?[View]
14647167What is the most effay workout routine? What do you think about doing calisthenics and drinking blac…[View]
14645701What would you call this haircut?[View]
14639122Trad/Ivy/Prep Thread: FORUMS: http://www.forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewforum.php?id=13 https://www.red…[View]
14646906is there an unironic variation for sexcore? something that maximizes sex appeal without being over-t…[View]
14646106>I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl starts playing[View]
14646437Barber just fucked my shit up: What are the next steps? Do I just buzzpill and start all over again?…[View]
14646954What style is this music video https://youtu.be/pkJ-lKbdrR0[View]
14645826how to dress for club? I'm 18 years old man, I want to get bitches at club Is this fit good? so…[View]
14644855What shoes look like af1 but aren’t af1?[View]
14644808Alrighty girlies, what are your shower and skincare routines? I need some ideas desu[View]
14646815is this watch too big?[View]
14644319Do European men dress better than Americans?[View]
14646736Rural tard here who just recently moved into a relatively large metropolitan area. Is what I’m weari…[View]
14642901what are these type of pant called and w2c. Ik it’s Yohji but i can’t afford designer[View]
14644663Boot Identification: What brand are these? No brand I know of makes '6-eye' double collar …[View]
14645248Can your personality make your style less /fa/? What i mean by this for example, say someone wears s…[View]
14646188What is your favorite clothing company, for me its this.[View]
14646690Proxy Services: now that sutocorp has shit the bed what proxy services do you use anon[View]
14642038seriAL killer c0re[View]
14645299strawberry blonde: guys wtf should I wear as a strawberry blonde? nothing looks good on me and I can…[View]
14646598How do I not look like shit? Hairlines pretty fucked I’ll post a pic[View]
14646167So, what experience do you have with Yoox? I find it super hit and miss but with free shipping and r…[View]
14645997Peaky blinders season 5 thread[View]
14645828>tfw my scale has most likely been giving me false readings >tfw it used to read me as 185-189…[View]
14646495What are some cool zoomer haircuts?: > Middle Part > Undercut with a high fade > Bird'…[View]
14644975Should I cop?[View]
14642366Is he /Effay/?[View]
14645836Youtube channels about how to develop style and put together wardrobe?[View]
14646158https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQK9LkDn5Gg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3IJQXwah0E >tfw too …[View]
14645038My face looks like the battle of verdun despite years of efforts and attempts to get rid of my acne,…[View]
14644001The Nazis had the best taste in women, and fashion. I unironically believe this They had a fucked p…[View]
14645849How to dress when wearing a sweater over shirt to avoid looking preppy?[View]
14646236Fa, what's your opinion on energy vampires? I might be one.[View]
14646170what are some good color to match up with my new jacket?[View]
14646009/fa/ brainlet: I'm an absolute brainlet when it comes to any kind of fashion so I just opt for …[View]
14646174Where the fuck do I buy this[View]
14639606/SPG/: Rate my side profile lads, and recommend some ways to fix it. Side profile general by the way…[View]
14645530What's your oppinion on Uniqlo?: I live in Germany and only recently learned about Uniqlo. Beca…[View]
14643315Dark academia is just disguised wiccan-core[View]
14645385ITT: Comfy youtube channels or sites about fashion. I start with Alex Costa. The guy does a cool ori…[View]
14645763Do you know where to get good wool pants for less than 140€? Also, if you have inspo for them, post…[View]
14638079How do I dress to get a girl like this brehs[View]
14644494w2c a windbreaker like this?[View]
14645580What's the name of the Carhartt model on the left?: I know the one on the right is 'duck detroi…[View]
14642551I have a hard time finding a fitting pair of jeans. It's tight buttoning up and fitting the ass…[View]
14642069wow, really a revolutionary new style bros[View]
14645912What do you think of these unisex overalls?: What do you think of these unisex overalls?[View]
14645779I thought I was dressing hip and cool until her and her friends laughed at me saying I dress like a …[View]
14645893It's not about what you wear, it's how confident you're. Yall some wussy with no tast…[View]
14643838Are niggas effay?[View]
14645624Pants identification!: Anyone recognize look-alikes or the brand to these? Joggers or cargo pants?…[View]
14645791So now that curtains and bangs are cringe tier because of e-boys, is shoulder length hair next?[View]
14645801>First the Swedish size marked on the trousers, then the measured waist circumference and leg ins…[View]
14642855Now that he is getting out of jail are we gonna have a mall ninja revival with street slang inspirat…[View]
14643668Concert outfits!: Going to a concert (charli xcx) soon and need an outfit to wear! It’ll be hot outs…[View]
14643667How should she fix her look?[View]
14640212uwu wc2 dark academia jumper: these types of jumpers always seemed cool to me regardless of the drac…[View]
14645736Are brando jackets acceptable on men? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6b9JpBFjd4[View]
14644159Where to cop boxy/short in the torso leather jacket that fits like this?[View]
14638820I need more than this brand in my closet but I love their look. Any suggestions that are of comparab…[View]
14645293They cool or nah ?[View]
14645619Which buttonfly Jeans (model/brand) has a rise equal to or higher than Levis 501?[View]
14644658Spaghetti Western-core: I love the outfits from Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy. How can I dress…[View]
14645099should i buy a safety razor?: been recently thinking about switching to a safety razor and buying pi…[View]
14644453why do Euros like this shoes so much?[View]
14644548Where can I get some good hawaiian shirts[View]
14645285What is this style of jacket called with the ribbed cuffs and waist? I want something similar but wi…[View]
14645374Whats the name of this haircut[View]
14641795Grooming gear general[View]
14641571When are you supposed to used Deodorant? I use mine before going to sleep and in the morning, but i …[View]
14639063Are double breasted suits acceptable? Or outdated? Also general suit style thread[View]
14636837Fragrance General: Previous thread: >>14629122 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
14638755is getting baked /fa/?[View]
14642534is this dark academia[View]
14642414RIP Epstein Shirt: Sam Hyde made a Rip Epstein shirt but he kinda fucked me. I ordered an XL but it …[View]
14644106W2c a jacket like this without spending $1000?[View]
14642253menswear autism: How come menswear and prep/traditional stuff attract so much autism on here? You c…[View]
14644917How can I make this work?[View]
14645106Which Ozweego ?: Ozweego triple black (pic related) or Ozweego core black/solar green/onix (https:/…[View]
14643892id on shirt?[View]
14622878People should not wear make-up.[View]
14644795MY NEET BUCK CAME IN what should I eat to become beautifully? I already use my sister stuff for skin…[View]
14643559Who /recessioncore/ here?[View]
14644941I'm going to Japan on holiday soon. My home board is /lit/ not /fa/ so I don't know much a…[View]
14644998SEXcore: Could you direct me to the nearest SEX?[View]
14644134Would a 2 block haircut work on someone who isn't asian? Im siberian and look like pic related[View]
14644705>you'll never be as /fa/ as an average japanese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqk_YDZWRKU…[View]
14644060Is there an effective way to get rid of nasolabial folds?: Pic related is me. If there's a way …[View]
14642496Uneven/Wild cut: Are uneven, textured cuts /fa/? also posting some inspo[View]
14644195Why does he go crazy for anything designed or worn by blacks?[View]
14629781/dwc/ - /deepwebcore/: visual guide edition >A style focusing in on the anti-social aspects of to…[View]
14640891Whens scene coming back into style?[View]
14642014This outfit looks so sharp Where to cop the pants, shirt and jacket?[View]
14644798w2c an adult size jacket like this? this one is for girls[View]
14639388Waistcoats/Vests: Who else owns waistcoats or vests? How do you normally wear them, as part of three…[View]
14644771What are the established names for different jeans colours?: So there are very basic terms like 'dar…[View]
14644770The Hat Thread: Here we will discuss hats and caps of any kind. Which kinds do you like? What have y…[View]
14644499Gonna buy a Dragon ball hoodie[View]
14641626What colors would look best on her?[View]
14643467The 'D' AK a demis threat[View]
14642565Was gone from /fa/ for like a month the fuck is this dark academia bullshit I see everywhere now?[View]
14643587Danny Sexbang is effay <3[View]
14644639Cop or not?[View]
14643782My bad if this is the wrong board for this, but it is fashion, albeit purposefully bad; My SO and I …[View]
14644272so im growin out my hair and the back is unfortunately longger than the rest of the hair. should i c…[View]
14638652How to restore leather: >Bought motorcycle jacket (left) >There are more effay options, but th…[View]
14644044This jacket FEELS like it fits perfectly but it looks way too big. Can someone explain what is going…[View]
14644502It's not here yet but up & coming, post your effay costume ideas.[View]
14643545Good cologne brands: Leaf here, what are some good, not retarded expensive brands to wear? I want so…[View]
14643435What is /fa/'s opinion on Brendan Schaub?[View]
14643844What do you think about the new Cactus Plant x Nike for the Air Force 1’s?? I personally like them.[View]
14644107Ow, my balls: Please help me /fa/. I have a testicular infection (epididymitis) and my office pants …[View]
14640787how do i get rid of a farmer's tan? mine isn't anywhere near this bad but it still bothers…[View]
14640992/fa/ yet realistic anime hair?[View]
14644356How is 'dark academia' different from any old academia?[View]
14644317Buckle Alec Straight Jeans: So these jeans fit my body type perfect. They're slim and comfortab…[View]
14634529Belt Thread: Favorite belt/ belt you wear the most often and why[View]
14643628Mens Dungarees: What is /fa/s opinion on mens overalls/dungarees, fashion or otherwise. I recently c…[View]
14641115How can I fix my look?[View]
14644183you all look the same. the sweater/ dressy pants combo is so overdone, fashion has become homogeneou…[View]
14640197Is fa basically an incel lookism board?[View]
14644070W2c something similar to the yeezy season 3 coat?[View]
14642192sup guys, need your help how called those jackets with such collars?[View]
14644015What are some good casual pants that aren't jeans or chinos?[View]
14641683How fashionable are the students at a Historially Black College?: I heard they always dress up compa…[View]
14642908Where do buy cute women's clothing: Frens I need help, my girlfriend's birthday is soon an…[View]
14643714Anyone else disgusted with men's fashion? Tees, shirts, and pants suck and are emasculating. My…[View]
14643625Am I too old to be an eboi?[View]
14643785How do /fa/: >/fa/ how get muh art hoe gf? Me not know what do. >/Fa/ muh jawline shit, shuld …[View]
14640828What’s are some good websites for finding quality souvenir jackets at a reasonable price.[View]
14633405Do you think skinny jeans are slowly dying out? I honestly hope they are.[View]
14632860Candids: Post /fa/ you have candidly captured in the wild[View]
14643744/ourguy/ is in court right now. We must lend him our energy.[View]
14640562rate transformation[View]
14643737Dress Material: Hello, I've never really posted here before so here goes: I came across pictur…[View]
14643712How do I dress like a young Brian Wilson in the studio[View]
14639238/wt/ - Watch Thread: Complete Collection Edition: This thread is about getting head. Post your colle…[View]
14640585am i a pleb if i wear this brand?[View]
14640688>be me >aspergers >on the spectrum >select clothing after months of research and deliber…[View]
14642875Would she look good in red?: Or pink? because the latter is her favorite color[View]
14642451Vague inspo thread[View]
14639181/trade core/[View]
14624105WAYWT: We’re gonna need a fresh thread soon so here you go[View]
14643223Is this dark academia?[View]
14642976Serbian highschool 1995 is peak /fa[View]
14642568What are some some effay sports jerseys?[View]
14637507Is my gf /fa/?[View]
14641028Usually don't like Supreme. Really want to cop the TVU collab on Thursday. How do you buy this …[View]
14636235Is Jonah Hill effay?[View]
14643101What's an /fa/ gift?[View]
14643164is there another character more effay than Al czervik from Caddyshack[View]
14637127Are biker jackets fa?[View]
14642268What's the most /fa/ style and why is it light-visual kei? As in visual kei, but dumbed down a …[View]
14643104Cross over thread[View]
14643074Im working my way to become top 1 project manager in my company. Im very young. I want some cool ass…[View]
14642988My face is aging really badly, I am 24 and i have nasolabial folds close to pic rel. I feel like a p…[View]
14642986I have bald head just like the guy on left. Cop me his outfit.[View]
14635961Whos the most effay merc?[View]
14633670Michael Paraboot alternative: hello /fa/ Does anyone know any brands that do a michael paraboot styl…[View]
14642405Hairstyle tips?: Getting a new haircut tomorrow and need some inspiration. Pic related is me so you …[View]
14639950is this the real male equivalent of arthoe?[View]
14641878Anyone own Visvim Sanjuro Kimono Down?: Need sizing advice. Visvim is usually reliable on pants size…[View]
14624696Neofolk: Post Neofolk inspo[View]
14640102Chad Embrace Thread - Trevor Phillips Edition: Sick of you faggots crying about having dogshit hairl…[View]
14642748Is buying vintage ever worth it?[View]
14642668reminder: if your clothes arent white or made of leather they arent clean[View]
14641651Bald Fashion: just took the buzzpill, help me with fashion that look cool so I don't buy into g…[View]
14627987Why didn't you took the beard/bald pill yet and have all the SEX?[View]
14638700tell me right now: 25 dollars cop or not[View]
146410512000s Fashion: Why was 2000s Fashion so bad?[View]
14642289How do I achieve these aesthetics?[View]
14639838Why is that the people who care the about fashion end up looking the worst?[View]
14639207What is the straight or wavy hair equivalent of this haircut?[View]
14639105So when are we having another meetup?[View]
14640389Bioshock is peak dark academia?[View]
1464171597% cotton, 3%elestan hand made in Poland.[View]
14639365/wt/ - Watch Thread: 1755 Edition: > Required viewing for new people: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
14640690Are drop leg bags /fa/?[View]
14642245Are Apple watches effay?[View]
14641814Short turtleneck: high quality turtleneck 97% cotton 3% elestane[View]
14642265Thoughts on Wrangler Cowboy Cut?[View]
14642015Grey jeans looks: Any recommended smart casual looks with grey jeans? Preferably for warmer weather.…[View]
14639651What core is this?[View]
14641222Can someone explain why this guy's hairstyle went out of fashion after the 80s? It should have …[View]
14642160why aren't you dressing like hat you'll definitely lose your virginity[View]
14642044>Shit, showing up alone again? Look kid, I already told you you cant keep doing this. Come back w…[View]
14636890Sneakers that boost height: so I've been wearing chucks for my whole life,besides the fact that…[View]
14641559Give me a cool hairstyle black guys can get, my hair is long so anything goes really. Just no dreads…[View]
14639567Wool trousers: I'm planning to buy pic related as my first pair of wool trousers. Will be weari…[View]
14640788thoughts on vintage racing jackets? seems like it could catch on with the amount of 'car guys' growi…[View]
14640380Post pieces like this please[View]
14640749Looking for everyday winter shoes. Bonus points if they're not boots[View]
14641965is he effay?[View]
14640471does anyone have experience with Sruli Recht? esp the horse leather wallets?[View]
14639186Reminder that 700's are the most /fa/ sneaker out right now[View]
14641918is this shoes for women or man?[View]
14641876Is Apple watch effay?[View]
14640892>Good Evening Admiral >The reception of the new type 3’s are overwhelmingly negative >It lo…[View]
14640090am i a pleb if i wear this brand?[View]
14635337What are some e-boy brands? >besides thrift[View]
14636338fun thread: Dress the other boards on 4chan.[View]
14641611Why do e-boys look more attractive than e-girls?: e-girls look like art hoes with more juvenile tast…[View]
14641769This is the supposed hottest actor in China at the moment. 27 year old Li Xian. Is he attractive or …[View]
14637470rate my fit effay[View]
14636946Just cop some Dickies and Carhartt, you'll look better than 99% of the tryhards posting fit pic…[View]
14640767Looking for some thin striped sweaters (preferably thinnish material too) with contrasting necklines…[View]
14640363So I got this Dark Academia look down, but now I'm looking to accessorize. What are some actua…[View]
14638940How the fuck does he do it[View]
14635094Any of you have experience with feather blades? Does it really cut up your face?[View]
14634436Dark Academia General pt 2 >why is dark academia the new aesthetic meme that is the hottest thing…[View]
14641405Tatoos you regret thread?: What did u get you now regret? This one isnt even the tatoo itself, its t…[View]
14639254what norwood scale is this? and how fucked am i?[View]
14641421Healthy way to get curls: I'm female and want curly long hair like Danny Avidan from Game Grump…[View]
14633488Is it cringe to have a watch with luminated dials as a 23 year old man?[View]
14641255What model is Hideo wearing?[View]
14639757Dark smog or dark legion red ?[View]
14641407Does anyone have one for /fa/ from years ago? I'm kinda curious 0wO[View]
14640080What core is this?[View]
14639457Are flat caps /fa/ approved?[View]
14625361Boot Thread - /boots/: Truman Edition All boot related faggotry goes here. Post your boots, ask for …[View]
14641118>good yeezy basketball sneakers >350 line finally dead >700 GOAT like always 2020 will be t…[View]
14636772What would you wear this with?[View]
14635848What would you wear this with?[View]
14637431/fa/ skateboarding: any skaters in /fa/? what are you guys skating/ wearing? pick up anything new la…[View]
14640911Anyone have this haircut?[View]
14632561Good Evening, /fa/.: I look better than 99% of people on this board yet I just woke up some hours ag…[View]
146206572019, I am not forgotten.[View]
14641036sorry for meme chad pic but where do I get one of these ribbed/textured longsleeves?[View]
14632806Why are women so retarded?[View]
14638096Is it possible to pull off the Nouvelle Vague look nowadays?[View]
14638838Are tactical boots fa[View]
14639016Is this /fa/ in the current year?[View]
14640239What's your opinion on fashion reps, especially streetwear brands such as VLONE, ASSC, Bape, Su…[View]
14640339Why does every male in the UK have this god damn cut?[View]
14635933Where does he shop /fa/?[View]
14639730is the gap swing khaki commercial from 1998 effay[View]
14635565Yo fuck this champion shit. Let's make starter the new meme brand. Used to rock a hornet's…[View]
14640514/autism/: Tell me everything you know about this jacket, /fa/[View]
14639518>How would you describe your style? >Where do you buy or order your clothing (which stores, in…[View]
14640557Is there a sell/market thread? If not can there be?[View]
14634561Milsurp General: You know the drill. Im looking to put together a guide for incorporating milsurp in…[View]
14640465What era was peak /fa/ as far as criminals and gang members in the US?[View]

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