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/fa/ - Fashion

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15988170Is this a good hairstyle?[View]
15986839most /fa/ dinner?[View]
15989329The way to be freshest in fashion is to only do what you love and ignore what you dislike and don’t …[View]
15988127Cop or not?[View]
15986759Leather Bags and Accessories: Looking for a nice bag for college, preferably in leather. I'll p…[View]
15989108is this hat /fa: is this hat /fa, can i where this hat in city and not look stupidcore[View]
15981768What do you call this aesthetic?[View]
15988693I wish i was this effay...[View]
15980461/wizard/: whats some essential wizardcore?[View]
15987593Are sweatpants effay? they are so comfy[View]
15964637/dec/ - décor and interior design general: Thread #1 - Buy a bed frame, retard edition Rules: >Do…[View]
15988488/pvg/ Pitt Vipers General: Get in here boys[View]
15988744Wheres the 2021 version?[View]
15988111WTC? Any ID on any of the clothes here? Also post more male natural fashion inspo[View]
15987470Early 2000s thread: Post the best and worst[View]
15986337>his mom cuts his hair[View]
15979450no other shoe gets more compliments from girls[View]
15985574Fragrance General #525: Previous Thread: >>15983265 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): htt…[View]
15985889Scenecore thread[View]
15985663boutto splurt 200€ on a pair of solovairs: after deep research I decided on these[View]
15983265Fragrance General #524: Previous Thread: >>15978650 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): htt…[View]
15983283Fragrance General #524: Previous Thread: >>15978650 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): htt…[View]
15982132Give some basic tips on fashion[View]
15986967You're skating in them! Those shoes could pay my rent for 3 months and you're skating in t…[View]
15988268QTDDTOT: If my gf asks me if her clothes make her butt look big, what's the correct response?…[View]
15985940/wt/ Watch Thread: Harassed Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their desig…[View]
15988238FA YouTube Reviewers: This is the GOAT sneaker review. Never have seen anything like this. https://…[View]
15988194is ROSS /effay/?[View]
15982651I’m a normal person I love Hanfu.[View]
15988007NECK CURLS /// MEWING: Whenever I do neck curls, it forces my jaw to unclench and I can feel my top …[View]
15985316Why does fashion/style change over time? Timberland Earthkeepers used to be everywhere and were acce…[View]
15984869Nape hair: Any advice on how to fix this eldritch abomination?[View]
15987996Cop or drop?[View]
15987631i literally just wear plain white hanes t shirts and black pants or shorts everywhere bark for me fa…[View]
15984915What core is this?[View]
15986912“Zoomer fashion”: I dislike zoomer fashion. Every zoomer I’ve met is a little weirdo nazi punk that …[View]
15987143What time had the most diverse fashion and why?[View]
15982440Is Phineas effay ?[View]
15983115is long straight black hair on men /fa/?[View]
15987480most people on this board don't actually have the confidence to wear cool shit with anime on it…[View]
15984361Do you vibe with this kind of face-painting makeup? I do.[View]
15987492how to achieve his hairstyle: my hair is similar to his I just lack the length[View]
15987712Simple shirts: Where can I buy some simple, basic white and black shirts online? Preferably rather t…[View]
15983345leather vs suede loafers[View]
15986929What do you think of my new dr martens?[View]
15987746raf simons redux: i looked around for a bit but couldn't find the link for the pictures of what…[View]
15987798swatch experiences?: so have you guys had experiences with swatch? I'm 24 and dress casual to m…[View]
15985186I'm broke as fuck and wanna smell good. I've been wearing this $5 Banana Republic citrusy …[View]
15961416Is it acceptable to wear this as a male?[View]
15984625Litteraly just grow your hair out and problem fixed[View]
15987740skate poser brands post skater fits / clothes, ill start[View]
15987440What haircut is this?[View]
15986183W2C woolen A1 jacket. Only European sellers please. Pic related.[View]
15985516Kino Core: Post ‘em[View]
15987576Hadouken!: Were they /fa/?[View]
15983058Shorts for men: With spring and summer around the corner, I've been looking at some new shorts.…[View]
15985936TransTrending Fashion: ITT Safe space for trans and POC fashion inspo[View]
15983759What do I tell the hair stylist to get this haircut?[View]
15986051Whats this style called? Also more inspo like this[View]
15982578Eternal Fashion: Post anything you love.[View]
15978785Pants: What are these things called? My girlfriend bought them at a thrift store and they are hot as…[View]
15983938Men’s boxer briefs: Looking to upgrade from my Walmart grade underwear, what do anons?[View]
15986822Thoughts on pajeet shoes?[View]
15987166>Long sleeve costs significantly more than the short sleeve[View]
15987038Mismatched earrings (not faggy): Opinions? Thoughts? Ideas? How to combine them, goddamn?[View]
15985294how to dress like a literature fag in summer: i like the cozy, big sweaters, academia type look but …[View]
15986663can one of you help me identify these?[View]
15983675Dreads, Locs anddBraids General: Long ass Quarantine Afro has become to fucking annoying, but kinda …[View]
15981431How do I get the 'other person' smell out of second hand / thrifted clothes? Seems to ling…[View]
15984197What fashion vibes are you loving?[View]
15986988TNF Purple Label Field Pants: Looking for pants similar to these. Drop suggestions.[View]
15986460House Shoes: What slippers do you guys wear? I've gone through probably ten or fifteen pair in …[View]
15979230How do I achieve this aestetic?[View]
15965344Post-punk inspo[View]
15985157are llamas effay?[View]
15984492What has /fa/ become...[View]
15986688I present to you the next thrasher shirt. The death row shirt. White kids will cop this shit.[View]
15985731What's your spring/summer sneaker rotation?[View]
15985371What happens to bright colors in fashion? In the 2010s these jeans were HOT! You could wear a blazer…[View]
15986884would jeans look good with this shirt? if not, what pants would?[View]
15986452Left or right?[View]
15983911gazelle > samba[View]
15977515Would his aesthetic work in 2021?[View]
15984759What to wear with these vintage shirts: Copped these 2 Brandit shirts for summer niggas tell me what…[View]
15984875What color shirts and hoodies would go with these sweatpants? just stick with white or black?[View]
15986701What would you change about your appearance if you could change anything?[View]
15986241Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew Inspo[View]
15986706What the fuck do I do with my hair? no matter what I do, I hate my hair. I shaved my head out of pur…[View]
15986549What's the most versatile black and white sneaker?[View]
15986091Calling all dark academician /fa/ggots: Submit to one of /lit/s magazines, &amp - looking for: A…[View]
15985234/ideals/: Ideals for shitting and farting teens am i right fellas?[View]
15985865What are people wearing where you live?[View]
15981427do they work?[View]
15981260Where can you find RTW pants like these in the 200 or less range? Specifically high waisted with a b…[View]
15982203Sunglasses: >wide frame (5.5'+) >polarized >somewhat good looking >not aviators Do these…[View]
15986526Can I straighten the bottom of my hair?: Guy here, I've been trying to grow long hair and It cu…[View]
15958133anyone else deeply miss the early 2010s? portlandia aesthetic thread[View]
15985877What is the mesh tank top Mickey is wearing called: I've seen these in some old movies. What ar…[View]
15983199Black Leather Pants: Are they /fa/?[View]
15982707Since /fa/ is shit and has bad taste, where else do you guys go to follow what’s hot and find out ab…[View]
15985844any of you /fa/gs or based task force femboys know where i could get a similar jacket to this, any m…[View]
15985773whaddya think of crockett's fit?[View]
15973182QTDDTOT: /fa/ is dead version[View]
15982670Does blow drying your hair damage it? It’s the only way I can get it to be silky smooth[View]
15984171Why do girls love Japanese fashion so much?[View]
15985035Vaping: We all know smoking is /fa/. Vaping has yet to reach the elegance that comes with lighting a…[View]
15981526is my hairline receding[View]
15984480/wt/ watch thread watch general watch dollar store relogio masculino: This thread is about the appre…[View]
15985299Reverse Parking: Alright it's time to settle this. Is reverse parking effay or does it just mak…[View]
159701667 new cashmere sweaters for about $450. how'd I do lads?[View]
15981659Gonna completely change my style, going from super hero tees, cargo shorts and chuck taylors to beco…[View]
15985558I haven't spent any money on clothes since the whole pandemic thing Why would you buy clothes i…[View]
15984598Hi /fa/, I fucked up quite badly. I gave myself a haircut but I cut off too much, it basically looks…[View]
15983357Drakkar Noir: Why the preserved stigma. It's a classic scent when used properly.[View]
15982178Go too cheap sneaker: What is your go to cheap sneaker that you always wear and don't care abou…[View]
15978910How do you wear chains with a shirt instead of t-shirt or a sweater, Can you button it up all the w…[View]
15984363w2c all[View]
15985254I have some clothes to sell/recommend[View]
15982489What if i will make a clothing brand but only for myself?[View]
15984203how did copy and pasting this logo on a gildan become fashionable to asians[View]
15984510if you don't wear only straight-cut jeans, you are officially a faggot.[View]
15974732Hair: Anybody know what to ask for when getting this cut? Wolf cut/shag seems very vague and I don’t…[View]
15982353Is my winter coat /fa/? The Arrivals Moya IV shearling coat, I think this specific cut is discontinu…[View]
15984721KINO: https://youtu.be/11WlRk1yjF4 fuck how do I achieve this aesthetic[View]
15982688You have any appearance. I believe in you.[View]
15984584applying to be become a cop and have to go to an interview. what haircut should i get? im at jesus m…[View]
15983257post will.i.am core[View]
15973593I believe I have the genetics to achieve this with 4 more years of lifting and dieting, but idk what…[View]
15981414Ulzzang Aesthetic: How did this Korean aesthetic become so common?[View]
15983732any idea what boots are pictured here?[View]
15984249Is this a decent haircut in the current era? I'm sick of long hair.[View]
15984635How do you buy your size without having to return it because the chinks are manlets?: I typically we…[View]
15976479I know you fags love Carmina, Crockett & Jones, Vass, etc. Do you think these are worth the pric…[View]
15982710Levi’s Thread 501 shrink to fit or Slim fit and taper?[View]
15976392Hasan Piker is millennial sleaze milleninial spleaze inspo thread?[View]
15982678if i got this haircut should i get a gf?[View]
15984105What is the 'Chrome hearts war'?[View]
15948391M A R S C O R E: Remember lunarcore? That was fun. Let's bring it into the new decade by settin…[View]
15984190What aesthetic is this[View]
15978717/wt/ watch thread: JUST BEE YOURSELF LMAO This thread is about the appreciation of shitters and thei…[View]
15982874You will never look as well as Sheldon >Bazinga[View]
15981796Retard here. Can you tell me where the fuck should I start trimming the neck line? Where tf should t…[View]
15983305Just got my paycheck and want to looksmaxx. What items can I buy for soft looksmaxxing?: No plastic …[View]
15981686/wt/ Watch Thread - OP without (embed): Look Ma, no Hands! Edition This thread is about the apprecia…[View]
15980361so what do we think of these? uni is starting next week and the only pair of shoes I own are $10 con…[View]
15976708How do I get my hair to look like this? I have the same length and have wavy-type but I can't f…[View]
15981943How do I achieve 30 years old boomercore? t. 27 years old[View]
15981559How'd he change so drastically like this? How can I do this?[View]
15978917early 2010s nostalgia thread: otherone died 2010s nostalgia: for a time before Trump[View]
15984009Is face shape a meme? It feels like there are a million different guides each with contradictory opi…[View]
15978547What would be an effay taste in music?[View]
15980728i designed a few hoodies. this is one of my favorites. any advice on the design itself and/or starti…[View]
15983585W-what fashion is this? I'm scared bros.[View]
15979551post shower routines itt >shampoo first then condition >turn water off and lather body wash on…[View]
15981793How do we go about reviving this style without reviving the obnoxious, pretentious attitudes espouse…[View]
15980064What is the most /fa/ eyeglasses shape?: What is the most /fa/ eyeglasses shape?[View]
15982422any new balance 990 (cheaper) alternatives?[View]
15983800Real life equivalents to this fit?[View]
15974866Why haven't you taken the black hair pill?[View]
15978650Fragrance General #523: Previous Thread: >>15971913 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): htt…[View]
15980584How do braces affect the jawline? My teeth aren't the best an I'm considering seeing if I …[View]
15978992wtc: wtc sweater?[View]
15979718Bought this red leather jacket from Rick (fw19 larry sample). Already got the boots just wondering w…[View]
15974137Now that the adidas Samba will be hyped by everyone, will it still /fa/ once it gets played out?[View]
15979397Men and women's Y2Kore[View]
15982718Free clothes: A while ago I joined a discord server with a guy that was getting people's money …[View]
15983181Are eyebags and dark circles effay?[View]
15983215What advice can you share for buying a cotton-silk sweater for spring?: Pic unrelated[View]
15982761'member 2008 - 2012? 'member levi's 501 stf and 511 rigid dragon? 'member unbran…[View]
15981625Cosmetic Enhancement: Cosmetic Enhancement is god powerful. It’s magic.[View]
15963142Can we get a sigma-core thread going?[View]
15982152How big is too big for hair?[View]
15982949Ok autistic post incoming. Ever since I started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia many…[View]
15981672Why are so many vintage band shirts or vintage pop culture shirts online always an XL?[View]
15982723rate my watch[View]
15982751Hey everyone, looking for some help identifying the jacket Don Johnson is wearing here. Looks like s…[View]
15977576Goddamnit the ella emhoff unibrow mustache combo is catching on![View]
15976253is this the best hairstyle to hide a receding hairline?[View]
15968590Sexcore is urbanite NPC core. Whenever I encounter a man wearing sexcore I know that he wants to loo…[View]
15979077ID on dress?[View]
15982615Avant-garde: ITT avant-garde fashion[View]
15979855What can I wear that will make me look like a good christian? (Male)[View]
15981380spring clothing: Where online can I order a decent coat/outerwear for Northern European spring? I…[View]
15981061Inb4 “shit tattoos, good luck getting a job, wait until you’re old.” I make $150k/year but have alwa…[View]
15981283How should i dress in order to get a dumb cute loyal and caring gf?[View]
15980331Stolen Valour Core: ITT stolen valour[View]
15980088At what age ,hotness rating and build do you have to be to pull a shirt like this off?[View]
15982304>make a simple logo font for your streetwear brand >get big name collabs and celebrity hype Ho…[View]
15978186jackets thread: Are these jackets /fa in America and Europe? Ima Eastern eu. Here many people wear s…[View]
15980319this aesthetic could never have been possible if the nazis won the war >british punkwear on a fre…[View]
15982051functional minimalism: I don't like having too many clothes, just want something that looks ok …[View]
15981898how do i get this look?: >could you pull this off in the west? >how on earth do you make skirt…[View]
15980811Help!: Does anyone know where I can find this? I have no idea if its custom or mass produced. I know…[View]
15977857I love this fashion[View]
15981567Everyone is going to be wearing Hanfu and glorious psychedelic Techwear this year.[View]
15981190Cop or Nah: Not tryna get pussy just want your honest opinion on this jacket.[View]
15981699/fa/ costumes[View]
15981364Where can I go to get my shirt size measured? I'm too retarded to do this at home[View]
15981467What core is this?[View]
15980590Are dark jeans gay now? Most people seem to be switching to more light ones.[View]
15978749How do you post a cringe photo of yourself and display that you're aware of it thus making yous…[View]
15981433adidas sneakers thread tierlist anyone? my faves are stan smiths, seeleys, advantage maybe some zoom…[View]
15980366why does /fa/ despise luxury fashion?: pic related: /fa/gs in a nutshell it's not a SIZZLER of …[View]
15979825Cringe or not? Decathlon does not sell tracksuits. Just cotton bullshit for Pilates[View]
15979175How to look effay with a turtleneck?[View]
15980965Collegecore: What’s some essentials of collegecore for you. Aka baggy pants, oversized flannel, mang…[View]
15980891I prefer uniqueness and being myself[View]
15979416what's the point of fashion when you can't go anywhere? i have the clothes i wear to work …[View]
15978435Opinions ?: So when I get the stimulus check I’m thinking about getting some earrings. I want diamon…[View]
15978054She's saving fashion[View]
15980433Clothing Care Thread: ITT On-topic posts relating to how one cares for clothes[View]
15978346id on glasses?[View]
15979912How do I get this look[View]
159800302021 Hipster: male and female fashion items pl0x[View]
15981019What are the most lowkey, comfy and unbranded shoes I could get? Preferably with a replaceable sole …[View]
15980822This world deserves straight men that are infinity% androgynous.[View]
15971738I think I'm starting to go grey[View]
15980927Are brands like Buzz Rickson's and The Real McCoy's at least decent value or did you assho…[View]
15979803where can I find printed/pattern pants like this? gimme some pants recs[View]
15975703hair: My hair is thick as fuck and looks better after like 3-5 days without washing problem is if I …[View]
15979681Jacket ID: Is anyone able to ID this jacket this dude is wearing, or ID the brand that it is from?…[View]
15977589Best Black shoe with white sole?: ^[View]
15979635Genuine opinion - black or blue?[View]
15976204Is it fa to tuck in your graphic tee?[View]
15975306Why is wearing all black a big no no? Seems pretty based to me.[View]
15980660God here. Hey mono consciousness. What’s good fashion?[View]
15976060Confession time /fa/. Which one were you?[View]
15980742HAIR STYLING GENERAL: hair styling thread, anything from hair cutting to hair dying, going to hairdr…[View]
15975980Are Uniqlo's clothing durable?: I had this hoodie since 2018, but as you can see, after taking …[View]
15977048Are BCGs /fa/?[View]
15980605What core is this[View]
15976711Hipsters: Do you vibe with them or nah? I think they're wannabe and borderline gay.[View]
15974135Post male medium length haircuts please. Especially for straight hair.... You are my last hope...[View]
15970621Mask Inspo: ITT Mask inspo[View]
15980509post drain inspo[View]
15972109Is this appropriate for a teacher to wear at school?[View]
15976079Clothing from other cultures.: You don't really see white people casually wearing clothing from…[View]
15974231Why do redditors like raw denim so much? It's expensive as fuck (I've seen $150 for one pa…[View]
15979571Do I need to wear expensive clothes in order to get a girlfriend like this?[View]
15977243>bought deez chainz and bracelets at a cheap crappy local store Should I wear them or will I look…[View]
15977185just took the buzzpill[View]
15980058I want to buy myself TS1 reps but I heard high tops look funny on short guys. I'm 5'4 / 16…[View]
15978132Anons, any ideas on what I should do with my hair? I like this length, but it's very thick and …[View]

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