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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 204 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
16381468Does my face suit short hair?[View]
16375828Alright /fa/, you have basically convinced me to try the hair system meme. I have no issue with the …[View]
16376366Is it possible to become this /fa/?[View]
16382659Biker jackets on women: Do they still have a potential? It feels like everyone and their mom has one…[View]
16379590Is bonesmashing legit?[View]
16381698How feasible is Venturacore?[View]
16382690I'll be the best man at my friends wedding. However, I am a poorfag and can't afford a new…[View]
16382811Can you guys identify the white shirt that guy is wearing? What is called? Thanks in advance.[View]
16382879Red to Blonde: Hello again, Would this work on red hair? I have blonde highlights, but I want to mak…[View]
16380789Reps: Got my first reps and they're sick as hell. Reps effay?[View]
16381847what is your opinion?: judge the shoe in itself how would you style it?[View]
16379362Hello, /fit/bros, recently, my doc said that I should start taking a med called 'zyrpexa', 5mg per d…[View]
16375772What makeup do I use to look like thi: Me >White male >25 >5'6 >Have big expressiv…[View]
16382194am I fa and can I pull art hoes?[View]
16382054Hair Everywhere: Yo guys, I'm in my 20s and i come from a family of fucking lumberjacks, hairy …[View]
16382175I'm 21 years old and I live in Florida. It gets very hot so I only wear plain t shirts but I…[View]
16382692Mystery Scrunchie: What brand of scrunchie is this?[View]
16380918/mfg/ - Men's Fragrance General: Discuss men's fragrances here. Charts are for faggots.…[View]
16370286NEOFOLK: Neofolk thread, Japan Olympics x Hanfu etc edition[View]
16382086Where do I get shirts like this in the modern day?[View]
16381874It's still never really been established. Where is the best place to buy quality essentials? It…[View]
16378046Now that the dust has settled, what makes it cringe?[View]
16377216Sunglasses anybody ?: Been looking for this exact (or really close) model of sunglasses (this is Jim…[View]
16382429Boots for Australian male: My old army boots are dying and I'm a civilian now but I like wearin…[View]
16378684Bwa-ha-ha!: 'Avoid at all costs' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LriGXdLJnwE[View]
16382480what core is this? and wtc pants and jacket?[View]
16382169What’s the purpose of these two structures?[View]
16382019What kind of accessories do you usually wear? I really dig how the Marshall headphones give you a ro…[View]
16382080Does anyone have that picture proving Igor is 4'11[View]
16375928Who do you Dress For?: Are you Dressing more for yourself or for others? Who would be the worst per…[View]
16381086Should I get the 1461 or the Archie II?[View]
16381981how to get this hair texture?[View]
16380704What are the best brands for patterned button ups?[View]
16381632what part is jawline mate? is it A or B ? and what is meaning of chiseled jawline[View]
16381850Reminder: u will never be this cool, sprezz or idgaf[View]
16381205anyone ever tried customizing shoes in some way? i always think about it but i'm sure it's…[View]
16381439I just shaved and holy shit i look old, my face is literally melting and falling down. I look 20 yea…[View]
16382064Are roadmen poses /fa/?: Was browsing asos and found they are not only hiring roadmen, but making th…[View]
16381277Can anyone identify the orange sandals bladee is wearing in this pic?[View]
16381344techwear meme: rate their fits[View]
16378624How does /fa/ feel about resellers[View]
16381923Outfits like this?[View]
16370385Acne Scarring: Acne Scar bros... what did you do? What are the best options?[View]
16364488Is military surplus fa?: Looking for tips & inspo on styling to not look cringe?[View]
16379345Prove to me that Hugo Jacomet isn't the GOAT of the sartorial world: hint: you can't…[View]
16380847Pants thread: Post /fa/ pants with unique desing[View]
16381680Is it possible to shorten leather slevees, could it be possible with zipper in the way?[View]
16380812T-Shirts: Where are some good places to get some nice fitted T's?[View]
16381749how do fashion houses make any money? i rarely see anyone wear there clothes most kids are wearing …[View]
16379938Too skinny or fine? What about the length?[View]
16381043What's the point in going a /fa/ route when a guy who wears jeans and a shirt that fits properl…[View]
16381763Once I save enough money for a new fancy car + a whole bunch of new fancy clothes it’s over for ya t…[View]
16380694Is there a self-corrective exercise to fix droopy eyelids? I know there is a whole host of face yoga…[View]
16381114>junya watanabe on my MMM >junya watanabe on my EEEIIII what did he mean by this?…[View]
16379987ITT: Your effay endgame the fit that you are working towards that you hope to pull off some day[View]
16376942should i get this bomber: i got $1900 for my graduation gift and think it is a cool jacket for autum…[View]
16379730Is cycling /fa/?: There's the aesthetic of: 1. The bicycle itself. 2. The bicycle accessories. …[View]
16378366/wt/ watch general thread: 'No dinner plates allowed' edition This thread is about the appreciation …[View]
16381480Are jncos making a comeback?[View]
16376548>come back to /fa/ after years of being away >developed my own style away from this place >…[View]
16377868Thoughts? Might buy and wear these hats around semi-ironically. Unique, goofy and based.[View]
16381246What does /fa/ think of shirtz.cool? seems pretty good, any other stores like it to check out?[View]
16379510WUT: https://www.blaroken.com/products/mens-outdoor-double-headed-eagle-print-tactical-t-shirt-66158…[View]
16379829>'being bald is the end of my life >some crackhead for a decade has a proper life explain THIS…[View]
16376467Can I even be fashionable as a fat man?: I'm in the process of improving my weight and appearan…[View]
16380635Can we start and entire new genre of fashion based off whatever the fuck this man has going on, plea…[View]
16380937What is the general consensus on this outfit?[View]
16381350What core is this?[View]
16381194Is there a name for this look?[View]
16380990Vetements new collection 'secret project': Promised some days ago I'd post it. I'll keep u…[View]
16381045Corset over clothing?: Is wearing a corset over your clothing/fa/?[View]
16379731I feel like getting some sort of pendant/chain with a charm on it like pic. Is this inherently cring…[View]
16377726based or cringe?[View]
16381024How to I achieve late 80s/late 90s Yakuza mode - or rather, how I like to call it: Kitanocore? Also …[View]
16375043Russell Group: Which the most and least /fa/ RG uni? How would you rank them?[View]
16380932w2c his entire fit and how to ask for a haircut like this[View]
16379311>be me, fucked up skin, large head >finally gather the courage to go see a dermatologist >s…[View]
16379472What the fuck am I supposed to do with this hair texture as a man?: It is too straight for curly hai…[View]
16378360What’s the color of these jeans called? Imma cop a pair[View]
16379336Missed my haircut: My barber must hate me now. is it over for me?[View]
16379970ITT: anit-soi core[View]
16376745Barbers and Hairdressers: For some odd reason, i've had the sudden thought of wanting to become…[View]
16378184Clog and Alternative FootwearThread: Took the clogpill today, have previously enjoyed a pair of slid…[View]
16351410apartment inspo/rate thread: moved here a couple months ago, need advice on how to finish furnishing…[View]
16374039What's worth buying?[View]
16380709Going to a wedding, as a guest not a member of the wedding party. Is it OK to wear a suit vest or wi…[View]
16378232Is shaping your eyebrows as a man effay?[View]
16379836School bag help: What should I look for in a Laptop/Messenger style bag? Going to Uni in a month and…[View]
16379802Tresemme Shampoo: Have any of you ever used this shit? Are the stories about your hair falling out t…[View]
16380617/fa/ couple goals[View]
16379617Show me your best “secure Elon Musks dick” fit[View]
16378040Late 2000s inspo: Let’s get it poppin. Post hipster waifus y’all[View]
16372492Post Sigma male fits[View]
16377997What is this hairstyle called and how do I achieve it?[View]
16380342Best heavyweight cotton brand Polo for slight gyno?: Waddup senpai. I've managed to work my gyn…[View]
16369232I need hair straightening tips. I did the curly girl method for a full year before I decided that I …[View]
16378121Hairstyles for Receeding Hairline: My shit's thinning and /fa/ might know some damage control. …[View]
16378898Fuck fuck fuck they took Gold Citron out of stock: Axe must’ve found out that Gold Citron was worth …[View]
16378436How many times should I wash my hair a week? I tend to shampoo/conditioner twice a day because I get…[View]
16378909Cleaning Air Max 95 outsole: I got pic related for super cheap at a thrift store recently, and the m…[View]
16376691So what even is goth in 2021? Apparently you don't have to listen to goth music or wear black t…[View]
16377414Militant / Fascist Core: What are some good essential items to look more militant? Black combat boot…[View]
16378813what does /fa/ think about kinderwhore[View]
16379793are white boxers viable in 2021?[View]
16379596Shawls on Men: I'm jealous that Indian guys get to wear shawls. They seem like such beautiful, …[View]
16380186Style-wise, where does this borderline lay between looking cute tomboy and people secretly suspectin…[View]
16378052How do I shrink down these retarded stupid fucking muscles? They look idiotically out of proportion …[View]
16377701>Based mutton chops are dead >The terrible goatie style is still alive and kicking Why.…[View]
16380049How do I one-up crocs wearers?[View]
16378808There's definitely something wrong with this image/fit but I can't quite put my finger on …[View]
16379350is andrew eldritch effay?[View]
16377275Baggy Clothes: Is the Baggy Comfycore Style finally comming back in 2021...?[View]
16378329L'oreal: Do they have good products?[View]
16379616Shoes that look similar to Nike P-6000: Any shoes that look similar to Nike P-6000's?[View]
16375409Is there a name for this look? Not just the underwear thing but the entire aesthetic? Is this someth…[View]
16378181help /fa/: lets say that i was a fashion retard that happened to come to own a qing dynasty male fas…[View]
16379786What core is this?[View]
16376821Why don't women dress like this anymore?[View]
16376053Are goths effay? How do i attract this type of a girl?[View]
16373930How to make my wardrobe more diverse? I'm a basic guy when it comes to clothing, I have polo sh…[View]
16379615where can i find clothing that would make me blend in the Dune universe?[View]
16374226The Paradox of Sleazecore and Sprezzatura: I see a lot of posts poking fun at young try-hards trying…[View]
16379727IRL example of this hairstyle?: im going for a free range children look[View]
16379512Scam / phishing general: nbshoesoutlet.com is a scam website is t it? Everything is half price and t…[View]
16374286Whats the best aesthetic for computing system[View]
16379706Thoughts? What would you style with? inb4: ''Muh niggers''[View]
16379701Why is my hair so much thicker and wavier in the back then it is everywhere else? What can I do abou…[View]
16379546Thoughts on second-hand 80s clothing stores?[View]
16379643Where can I cop this belt and boots (or similar)? My friend’s bachelor party is coming up and we wan…[View]
16376254What is the most chad tier facial hair and why is it 3-5 day stubble?[View]
16376636Frock Coat Garment: /fa/, how would you wear a frock coat if you were just given one that fits you w…[View]
16379004Early 2000s fashion: Kinda miss it. Has way more charm than the zoomer trends of now. Low-rise > …[View]
16379459Where the fuck do I get a shirt like this, I want to rep my boy Steve Blues Clues. Looking for crop …[View]
16362640Advice on first Tattoo?: Getting myself a tattoo in the near future, already have a specific place I…[View]
16379445outfit ideas for skinny lanklets males. asking for a friend ofc.[View]
16379468Does facial appearance change in any meaningful way after 25 years of age? My face/expressions are v…[View]
16379241This shirt is from the current Marks& Spencer summer collection. Can fashion be racist?[View]
16379277You will never be this effay[View]
16376778what are your thoughts on wearing sports apparel?: I think there are some occasions where they are a…[View]
16379326What's this type of clothing called? When a dress/skirt/pants are cut from the sides?[View]
16376762What is the most /fa/ kit for riding yer bike? What kind of aesthetic should I go for? Throwback 80s…[View]
16376191Can desi girls be /fa/?[View]
16378487What are some things that society has agreed upon to be ugly/trashy but you still secretly think it …[View]
16379181What core is this?[View]
16378768Can we get a country thread? I need some recs for a hunting jacket.[View]
16377711I need Hair inspo that is kind of boyish, but still effeminate. I love short hair, but pixie cuts ar…[View]
16379027Winter is coming. I need a new jacket; my old one is far too worn. What's /fa/'s take' Hoo…[View]
16377269Ok so i started taking minoxidil a few days ago and now i noticed that when i bend forward and compr…[View]
16377265frog and toad core: does anyone have an id on the center jacket in this image?[View]
16378562how i dress as a black male that’s not hype beast rapper core but also not being some indie s0i boy …[View]
16378249I.D. on this belt?[View]
16378950Whats mor /fa/ ainu or mongoloid?[View]
16376814Do people actually use the flies on their undies/pants?: A lot of people complain about underwear an…[View]
16377672Joker /fa/shion: Where to get clothes like him? (both styles)[View]
16377198Post some: noir clothing that doesnt look tryhard. Just some outfits that would look ok in the moder…[View]
16377851Filling Pieces: Should I get them? Is white or black onions?[View]
16378387can i wear this to my cousins clarinet recital[View]
163787773 days since I shaved. Is it over for me, a 21 year old boy(male)?[View]
16374337$200 gats: is spending $200 on shoes reasonable for a wagie? assuming that it is built into my budge…[View]
16376829Do boat shoes make you look like a pussy?[View]
16378217thoughts on this 70s police bomber[View]
16378669Gold teeth yay or nay? Im thinking about removing all my teeth and replacing them with gold simply b…[View]
16376846I need a good clarifying face wash. I tried the one in the pic but it didn't clean my face at a…[View]
16376857You guys look like this.[View]
16378429Why has the US male population become progressively less fashionable as the years go on. What happen…[View]
16377058What does /fa/ think about the big long fake nails and fake eyelashes that have become so popular th…[View]
16376797Machine Washable Loafer: Would you wear this[View]
16375820/COP/ or not....: Someone please stop me from making this purchase.[View]
16376699Yep, I’m thinking he’s back.[View]
16372006whats the most effay laptop?: is it thinkpads or elitebooks? personally i love the aesthetic of thin…[View]
16376566After more than 3 years working in a wageslave job, dressing blue jeans and not visiting /fa/, I can…[View]
16378344Socks ID?: Does nyone know the exact id of these socks?[View]
16378005>think about getting rhinoplasty (nth for looks and to fix breathing problems) >learn about em…[View]
16377941Can I get an ID on those adidas shoes?[View]
16373137watch thread: No Bully Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, th…[View]
16378032Thoughts on R.M.Williams?[View]
16377478I haven't read /fa/ in years and a quick look at the catalogue shows I made the right decision …[View]
16356987WAYWT: What Are You Wearing Today Waywt Heroes: >>16339234 >>16349870[View]
16378220What brands offer graphic tees with nice quality?[View]
16378186What's the most comfortable pair of shoes?[View]
16378034Describe your perfect 'Cinderella moment': > what attire would you wear > what car would you d…[View]
16376592lol where tf do you buy the Nike AF1 low white '07 in Canada? size 10.5[View]
16376730are there any other places you browse to look at aesthetic inspo or discussion? tumblr is actually g…[View]
16369576Is it gay for me to wear liner socks so I can wear my summer loafers without ruining them?[View]
16371689should i buy this swimsuit?[View]
16377593i’m 5’7 male how should i dress?[View]
16377441Can anyone id these pants or something similar? Looks like something prana would put out, maybe a dr…[View]
1637411770s or All stars (gonna be in black regardless): which ones would u get and why[View]
16375475New to skincare, also a paranoid retard, need advice: Is there any chance that skincare products are…[View]
16373880Fragrance General #608: Discontinued Thread >>16369980 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragr…[View]
16373648fixing your skin: ie going from right to left. How long until it's possible and avaible to thos…[View]
16376296hyperpigmentation: has anybody had hyperpigmentation just above the chin area and fixed it or found …[View]
16375121Do you recognize this symbol?[View]
16376293About to buy black MMM GATs for retail. Someone talk me out of it.[View]
16375499hey fags[View]
16376461Are these Warby Parker glasses?: which Warbys are the best style[View]
16377681>jumpsuit >bomber jacket >converse hi-tops >trucker hat unironically, do you need any ot…[View]
16377244Who is more effay? Also, mental derangement inspo thread.[View]
16374332So what happened to Abercrombie and Fitch?: Why is it so bad now? Did fashion trends change?[View]
16377281How the fuck do I make my hair lay flat instead of growing directly outwards? I have my hair cut ver…[View]
16377617What is the best aesthetic?[View]
16377583Mog thread[View]
16377529Huaraches are breezy: I've got a pair of opened toes huaraches that I've been wearing a lo…[View]

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