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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 192 expired threads from the past 3 days

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16568151what is the name of his coat ?: pls help i want the same[View]
16566286What's good/bad about the Levis 502 and anything related[View]
16566600Fragrance General #661: Discontinued Thread >>16564620 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragr…[View]
16567070Moccasins look really cool and comfy but idk how in the hell to rock them. Afraid to buy them since …[View]
16567078What kind of jacket is this?: What type of jacket does G.W. wear in this photo? I wanna get a jacket…[View]
16568183what are some good winter boot socks?[View]
16568337W2c shirt like this?[View]
16567260Hanfu: How do you feel about Hanfu? I feel it’s a fresh change in society. I love that people wear i…[View]
16566702Anyone have an ID on this jacket?[View]
16563152Went to get a buzz cut, one on side and two on top. There was a new barber in, how badly does the re…[View]
16568148Where does /fa/ buy their corduroy?[View]
16550778Is hair everything?[View]
16567719mask id??: Would anyone be able to tell me what mask this is???[View]
16564728Ideas and inspo for a modernized 1700s aristocrat look? I don't wanna go full hanfu with this I…[View]
16566252How do I age well?[View]
16559941Tomorrow is my first day at college (humanities), should I wear anything special for this?[View]
16561177Why is men's fashion so fucking boring and stale? It's the exact same bland, soulless colo…[View]
16567893Thoughts on mandarin/standing collar shirts? Recently got a few for the fall and I like the novelty/…[View]
16565229Going back to uni after two years of online classes. I need a new haircut, what are the trends for 2…[View]
16567158How retarded does socks with flip flops look? I do it sometimes to have fun.[View]
16566210WHAT?: Are people really out there buying expensive clothes just to get laid?[View]
16565542Fairly new to fashion. Going for the skaterboy look, relaxed, but still classy. Is this something yo…[View]
16561692going to college this winter as a 21 fag how to youthmax please[View]
16567622Help me find the name of this t-shirt: Help me find the name of this t-shirt[View]
16566212ITT: /fa/ approved halloween costumes my friend's older sister invited me to her halloween part…[View]
16564569What do we think of super model and knit fashion MOGUL ella emhoff?[View]
16558593What is the male version of this? Dont say E-boy or softboy, its not. Need to look like a zoomer as …[View]
16562296What kind of hair product Henry Cavill is using here to get wet look? Pomade?[View]
16565797i bought a leather jacket and i think the shoulders are too square. it looks like a michael jackson …[View]
16562262>Mogs your aesthetic[View]
16564753how do I wear a turtleneck and sunglasses without looking like a gangster?[View]
16566093Is it worth hiring an image consultant? Anyone have experience with one?[View]
16564071Who wore it better?[View]
16558880Genetics aside, how can you max out your moustache and beard?[View]
16566589How should I dress to attract this type of girl?[View]
16565723I’ve never had my hair combed back in my life, my hair is used to falling forwards on my head, how c…[View]
16565146Just sold at the top. What should i cop?[View]
16565209Is Sandlercore just a subgenre of Sleaze?[View]
16560956Is cooking/baking as a hobby effay?[View]
16565235are sunglasses at night cringe or /fa/?[View]
16567384redpill me on the salt water spray meme[View]
16564251Heavy jackets / rainy weather clothing general: A friend lend me one of this for because it was rain…[View]
16566603Is there any actual way to get into modelling or is it just luck/nepotism?[View]
16561883I want to dress like I'm in touch with nature[View]
16566718Is it true that models, both male and female are picked by gay men? I often see that posted here, bu…[View]
16566098What do you call this hairstyle?[View]
16564819Sexy fits not in a fetish context: Sexy clothes for outside of the house[View]
16563123stan smith: which part of the never ending played out-cool again cycle are stan smiths in these days…[View]
16567125Could one of you bros ID this jacket?[View]
16558555/twg/ - Techwear General: We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importa…[View]
16567018What the FUCK am I supposed to wear to attract petite zoomer women?[View]
16557498Need looksmax tips.: A while ago I came here for looksmax tips and was suggested a lot of things, I …[View]
16566880If you buy a Main Street designer brand like LV or Prada, what sort of workmanship are you getting? …[View]
16563811I want this haircut but it always ends up looking like a mushroom.[View]
16546741is this /fa/?[View]
16566919Wool Coats: Trying to make a fit like pic-rel but with wool coat, maybe a Patrick Bateman like fit. …[View]
16566915People look best with their natural hair color only. No matter how good quality your hair dye is you…[View]
16562846In what context can I wear a tie nowadays? Specifically one that isn't neutral colored or has a…[View]
16540399>I really don't understand why tiktok girls don't try modellin- BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
16565533Do Americans bring their old clothes to a seamstress? If i can give one advice. Bring you're ol…[View]
16566680How to style fishnets without looking like a degenerate?[View]
16565643Seriously, what were millennials thinking???[View]
16539637Neofolk thread: If anyone has that chart, like this one, that includes a Free Software Foundation pi…[View]
16565365What kind of combat boots are these? I can only find combat boots in black[View]
16566723I’m in the market for some nice genuine leather belt with gold buckle. Post some fit inspo.[View]
16558539Would I look like an absolute tard if I bought one to use at home or walk the dog? I'd use it a…[View]
16564250Is it over if you have a double chin? >tfw you see great big fat people with no double chin Diet …[View]
16563657Is there supposed to be a little strain on the sleeves when I drive? Or is my suit not properly tail…[View]
16564620Fragrance General #660: Discontinued Thread >>16562520 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragr…[View]
16565664Can men wear chokers?[View]
16565362Is my scarf authentic or fake[View]
16565034ID on the jacket Ye's wearing?[View]
16556750Let me guess, you 'need' more.[View]
16563111I know this is more of a /fit/ question but what does /fa/ do to lose weight?[View]
16563772/Fa men rings thread: Post cool men rings suggestions[View]
16553583Sleaze-core thread: Theme song: https://youtu.be/b01Bnr1aXt8?t=45[View]
16557740what did /fa wear when you first started posting?[View]
16566238Isn't ripped jeans from the non-working class being a poseur? If you have ripped jeans from wor…[View]
16566178Should I get this jacket?[View]
16566329/wt/ Watch Thread: Post Blue Watches Only Edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches a…[View]
16565416You do own one pair of selvedge denim don't you anon?[View]
16565771What were they thinking?[View]
16564239Are concealed hoods effay? What do you wear when it is almost going to almost rain (if you don'…[View]
16560062im retarded and I got cum on all my black oversized tshirts and now I cant find them anymore at targ…[View]
16560916We should start a /looksmaxing/ general..[View]
16560290so what does /fa/ thinks about Cav Empt?[View]
16563285I kinda miss fades ngl: Long hair seems to be super trendy right now (at least among college student…[View]
16564581does this shit have a name?: i want to make an alternative version of these pants from undercover. i…[View]
16562155/wt/ - Watch Thread: HAQ Radio Solar for 599€ made in West Germany edition This thread is about the …[View]
16564175Are sunglasses indoors /fa/?[View]
16565392I've realized what I want to be. I want to be an anime character. How do I become anime charact…[View]
16558961/boot/ general: Boot Thread 6: Running Out of Creative Names Edition Post boots Discuss boots Never …[View]
16554061/fa/ phones: Should I upgrade to the new Z Flip model? I have pic related. The purple mirror Z flip.…[View]
16563512Its insane what changing your shirt and getting a haircut can do for your appearance ....[View]
16558711What's this type of jeans color called?: This picture shows a jeans, NOT a chino!!! it's n…[View]
16564134Kinky hair as a white man: My hair turns into a full-on afro as a white looking puertorican guy? Any…[View]
16565482G-Star RAW[View]
16565291What would be an appropriate place to wear something like this? https://www.studiosuits.com/suits/lo…[View]
16565136Casual clothing for martial artists: I do not like wearing most conventional semi-formal clothes bec…[View]
16565123what haircut should I get, /fa/? I'm the one looking at the camera[View]
16565011I'm starting uni soon...: What are your thoughts on picrel?[View]
16555704/biz/ bro here. how do i start wearing suits and classic menswear everyday without looking like a ca…[View]
16565058where to get cheap knockoff glasses that look like this, specifically ones with black, red, or yello…[View]
16564565What's some kind of decent casual style backpack? Need a new one to replace my karrimor backpac…[View]
16525924EDC thread: autism edition[View]
16558690The genius of Disney architecture: One of the best investments out there is in Disney conceptualized…[View]
16561232Ok, real hair thinning shit: I've had pic related thick thick hair. And now my hair became very…[View]
16565060margaret howell x mizuno: Shoes similar to these? Just in the realm of looks. I like their quality m…[View]
16563414Please help with my face shape: For the love of god I’ve been looking at YouTube for like an hour tr…[View]
16564919True Religion Jeans: Discuss this brand. My teenage years were plagued with it, I owned a few pairs …[View]
16564837Anyone know where to buy cheap knockoff Pit Vipers? don't feel like shelling out 130 for meme g…[View]
16559660ITT: “Look mommy, I’m /fa/“[View]
16564119where can I learn some quick modelling tips? I'm most definitley not a model but I will be taki…[View]
16564690DO BE LIKE THAT[View]
16551560Hiking Socks: Any of you guys wear these every single day? How does wool compare to cotton? I wear c…[View]
16549941Pale edition Previous >>16536798 # Rules: >post thinspo >stay hyddrratted FAQ >https:…[View]
16562520Fragrance General #659: Discontinued Thread >>16560344 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragr…[View]
16563576Does this look gay? I never bought any kind of boots... i kinda like the Chelsea boot look but any k…[View]
16560575Saddle Shoes: Are they ever going to come back? Discuss[View]
16564497How to not look like a complete clown when tucking in shirts and t-shirts? I lift but I also have a …[View]
16561105Are Chelsea Boots winter approved?: Dear Fashion-People, I meant to write you sooner but I just been…[View]
16564001What are the best Skincare products/ Routines for Men over 25?: Also how do you maintain color in wi…[View]
16563351thoughts on su_su_su's style?[View]
16564062hello /fa/, first time posting here, so idk if this question should be in a specific thread or what …[View]
16562811Dreads/Locs: Honestly the coolest hairstyle you can get. Trying to grow my hair out to a decent leng…[View]
16564324Had my first fashion mid life crisis today. I’m usually pragmatic and wear anything but today it hit…[View]
16561809Can a male with dark hair bleached blonde (in a masculine sleazy punk kind of way and not some flamb…[View]
16562461There's no wrong way to dress and present yourself if you're comfortable with it and enjoy…[View]
16563801Rate this guy's get up.[View]
16561201My red light T-shirt just got delivered. Roll trips and I’ll cum on it[View]
16562836I've been lurking some 'sleeze-core' threads since the style interests me but it seem…[View]
16564135/fa/ discrod srevers apart from /thin/?[View]
16563968How do I get my hair to stay up like this? Do I just use a bobby pin or is there something better?[View]
16555011Still the King Of Time: >>16521608 Most Effay Watch(MEW)[View]
16562764where does one get >black >straight >high rise (~30cm) >selvedge jeans? picrel, apc …[View]
16561070>*Mogs every other shoe silhouette* How did they perfect simple shoes so long ago?…[View]
16559785What do I ask for if I want this haircut?[View]
16546587Why do millenial men try so hard to emulate the working class and why does it look so inauthentic[View]
16559678Model is 187cm, wearing size: Medium: how do manlets, i mean people from 170-178cm - lets say the gl…[View]
16563253I've worn the waistband of my pants around my hips my entire life am I fucking retarded? Are yo…[View]
16563977Not sure if this is the correct board. Anyone know where I can find sunglasses that are: Non-polariz…[View]
16563972I thrifted pic rel: Whattya think about it for Lemaire-inspired fits?[View]
16558322NFKRZ tons of hair or 'balding' ?: Would you say he is balding, or he just has a weird head shape ma…[View]
16563328Best facial hair?: stubble is just enough and is a clear marker that you are a grown man, clean shav…[View]
16559179What's a decent conditioner/cleaner for black leather boots? I've got two pairs of horsehi…[View]
16563009How would you style a green jacket?[View]
16561574What are /fa/'s honest opinions on Tom Ford?[View]
16560395Wearing nail polish as a man?: Pros - it is unique and will set you apart - adds a lot to your fit…[View]
16559237How has fashion changed for you over the years?: I can't speak for others and this might be jus…[View]
16562500Supernatural-core: I made a rant on a thread here and decided to make it a post. I've basically…[View]
16563789post tattoo suggestions :)[View]
16553312surp/ - Military Surplus General: surp/ - Military Surplus General This general is for posting anyth…[View]
16561132are kapital ring coats still cool? i kinda want one[View]
16562336What coat should I wear as a biological woman[View]
16563633Is tomato+sugar scrub retarded?[View]
16563272Are you copping the new Undercover x Eva, it's out soon.[View]
16560603Should I cut my hair or let it grow? I tried to do some styling with pomade for the first time ever.[View]
16559744I’m poor but stil the best dressed on this entire board[View]
16563078Is this fit as atrocious as my friend says it is[View]
16562380How do you develop fashion sense and a wardrobe? 2 years ago i tried buying more stylish clothes but…[View]
16561358Does anyone else wear the same outfit every day?: I usually wear a dark purple shirt and beige khaki…[View]
16555761WAYWT: Broken hearts and blasted butts Old >>16541866[View]
16561800For me? Its simply a t shirt and jeans[View]
16563110What’s something in fashion that you don’t like?[View]
16556383what do pickme girls dress like?[View]
16559326Brands Manufactured by Others: What are the brands who are manufactured by other makers? I know Tom …[View]
16560191Where does a 30yo guy go to buy clothes? I've subsisted off clothes I got as gifts and shopping…[View]
16558273does anyone know any shoes that look similar (preferably black or gray) to these? they're the l…[View]
16557513/fa/shionable couples: ITT We post fashionable couple inspo. Please be kind. I rarely post pictures …[View]
16561628I have about $3000 available, is it possible to get a good double breasted polo coat for that? Looki…[View]
16558177ITT: Timeless fits[View]
16558528Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet inspo: i should start dressing like this so post inspo for thi…[View]
16562353Is there a website where I can get a constant stream of fashion news and information that isn't…[View]
16561492Is double breasted ever preferable to regular?[View]
16562955This is part of my inspo folder What are the names of these core's? thank u[View]
16560769Can someone recommend me jeans that look and fit like brads do in this pic? Thanks[View]
16559529What haircut is this?: Should certain demographics or face type avoid it?[View]
16562496the washing machine is one giant '>just fuck my shit up' machine >buy gorgeous designer clothi…[View]
16558337Anyone here who was Norwood 6/7 ever get an SMP or hair system? I am only 23 dude I cant fucking tak…[View]
16562742hair help??: seriously, what do i do? keep growing it out? get a cut? before jannies remove this, i…[View]
16556426/fa/ is inferior to /fit/ and lookism: It literally does not matter what you wear for fashion as lon…[View]
16562424Is Joe Goldberg effay?[View]
16561395Der Boomer: Why do something like 60%+ of boomer men have goatees?[View]
16562455What brand does this logo belong to?[View]
16562644MFW: Me and my partner are heading to melbourne fashion week for some runways and a vogue party. Nee…[View]
16561067How long would it take to grow my hair out from shaved to medium slicked back? Maybe a little bit sh…[View]
16554956What’s your sign?[View]
16558617How much does a typical outfit of yours cost?[View]
16560344Fragrance General #658: Discontinued Thread >>16556694 Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragr…[View]
16559802I found following straight leg cords in a shop: How would you style them? Not interested in any busi…[View]

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