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/fa/ - Fashion

Displaying 314 expired threads from the past 3 days

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15387758does /fa/ lives like a rockstar?[View]
15388948What do you think most /fa/ users are like?[View]
15388744Are there any leather sneakers that don't crease like a MF: Almost every pair of leather sneake…[View]
15387425Find a better hairstyle for men than this Pro tip: You can't[View]
15384898Brooks Brothers Bankruptcy: Pour one out for an absolute classic. Will you miss Brooks Brothers or d…[View]
15388368are clothes a substitute for personality?[View]
15387774wtf why do my t-shirts all fit like this?[View]
15387933Got the chance to be in one of the best bands ever. Cursed with the bald disease. How does Phil cope…[View]
15376378Just bought these ultra sexy swim shorts You jelly /fa/ ?[View]
15388514Where can I buy a hat like this? Amazon gives me nothing. Every bucked hat I manage to find is alway…[View]
15388153>WTF Why don't most girls wear makeup like this??[View]
15388202So i am going to Milan this month to go Clothing shopping and i have a budget of 1'200.- Euros …[View]
15388941custodian ascent: i have a receding hairline and big ears so I can't just take the buzzpill. ho…[View]
15387382where can i buy high quality clothes in europe?[View]
15386670What hairstyle is this called? How effay is it?[View]
15380125how do i get rid of that damn mole on my temple i'm insecure about it, it looks disgusting i…[View]
15388803What is the brown/white article of clothing this man is wearing over his shirt called? Also let…[View]
15387529Why is any t-shirt I buy super long? I’m 5’9 and wear small but every t-shirt looks like a dress on …[View]
15388757Are scarfs like picrelated effay on this type of boys .[View]
15387043What do you call this aesthetic?[View]
1538863270's inspo: post 70's core outfits of all kinds[View]
15388075Where can I find a long white puffer jacket? It's so fucking OG. I need this BAD (same amount o…[View]
15388682B-but it’s horween chromexl![View]
15388277Is the situation bad boys?: I think I'm beginning to lose hairs, is it noticeable by this point…[View]
15388658>my fashion style? no, i just wear whatever's in my closet[View]
15388121What should I wear under a sweater like this one?[View]
15388532Why are so many asian men into fashion? Is it cope because they know they’re extremely undesirable t…[View]
15386300The Safety of Buying Clothes in 2020: How safe is it to buy clothing with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 d…[View]
15387858Can I get an ID on boots similar to these? I'm assuming they're docs so looking for a chea…[View]
15388053Ok /fa/ what's the issue with cargo shorts exactly?: I know the cool thing to do nowadays is fo…[View]
15388476>I'm a sneakerhead[View]
15386419What can I do to looksmax? I can’t seem to get any girls to like me[View]
15387243is Ashley (aka bestdressed on youtube) effay?[View]
15388364So what's the modern equivalent fit of '66 Revolver era Beatles?[View]
15385924Can cargo pants be effay or is it guaranteed autismcore?[View]
15388300This shit costs over $400. Why /fa/?[View]
15388050most effay tank top cut?[View]
15386097Your opinions on skinny hairless legs and thigh gaps on guys (like me)?[View]
15384180INSPO thread[View]
15387249w2c trackpants like these[View]
15385763Techwear Cringe larping?[View]
15386682can you pull it off /fa/ ?[View]
15388058say that you have around 1000€ and a completely empty wardrobe. What do you buy? where?[View]
15387144!!!!!: Where can i buy a tunic like this In 3xl Euro size[View]
15386126/ccg/ - Cottagecore General: Post cottagecore inspo for men and women[View]
15387209What traits are considered manly in 2020?[View]
15386582GLASSES GENERAL: any glasses wearers know what style these are called?[View]
15383859Are thick brows effay[View]
15387687>Are arthoes /effay/? >Sexcore sexcore sexcore! >I want to wear Ryan Gosling's drive j…[View]
15386565'sup my fellow sneakerheads?[View]
15387838hey /fa/, does anyone have any recommendations for navy colored cargos like pic related? These cost …[View]
15387780How do i achieve this aesthetic?[View]
1538767050s fashion was so epic[View]
15386893w2c fronzilla's shirt and shoes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLYoJgbybes also what core is …[View]
15387508Which one, /fa/?[View]
15385424Best place to buy chains?: I'm looking for a site to buy cool silver chains for a reasonable pr…[View]
15387269Thoughts on Ironcar Fine Hearts denim and jeans?[View]
15380594Favorites thread[View]
15383897How’s the quality on GH Bass & Co loafers? They look nice enough, but I’m not sure if the low pr…[View]
15383349Is he effay[View]
15384085Replica watches: Your experiences? Where to buy? Had any problems yet? Best source to get a replica …[View]
15370047R E C E N T C O P $$$[View]
15384473Dream come true outfits: Post outfits you wish you had and fantasise about wearing a lot[View]
15387176Would it be possible to have this tailored? Bought this really comfy tunic, fits every measurement o…[View]
15387068are paisley shirts /effay/?[View]
15385582Am I the only one who finds Uniqlo boring? I can never seem to find anything I like.[View]
15387461Anything can be /fa/. It all depends on context.[View]
15387403How do I min/max my diet to maintain a youthful look and healthy hair? What should I be eating every…[View]
15384167What's more stylish? >Long hair and facial hair Or >Long hair and clean shaven?…[View]
15386343Is there a name for the kind of shirt that Bowie is wearing in this picture? The shummer of it almos…[View]
15384911How is it possible that I'm 100000000 times more fashionable than anyone here? You guys need to…[View]
15382650awesome shirts fetish: am i the only one who got an idiotic shirt thing going on? everywere i am i…[View]
15387223WTF?!? Does anyone else have this problem where their tees are too long and bunch up in the middle?[View]
15378900do you have any patches on your jackets?[View]
15376967WAYWT: What Are You Wearing Today[View]
15386335Manlet feels thread: Normal sized t-shirts are too long and go past my crotch and bunch up if I move…[View]
15382897It is objectively more fashionable to be female than male. Clothing and accessories desinged to acce…[View]
15384451/wt/ - Watch Thread: Serious business edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and t…[View]
15342609/boot/ Boot General Thread: >Discussion thread for boots and Goodyear welted shoes >comfy boot…[View]
15385718My strawn cowboy hat is way to big for my head. I soaked in in water twice and it shrunk but not eno…[View]
15386945>look good in photos >ugly in real life[View]
15386480Why do shirts fit me like this?[View]
15385540Making my fall jacket: Hi /fa/gs Starting to making my fall/winter jacket, but I think something…[View]
15386922is golden goose effay?[View]
15386741I’m a 5’9 manlet and all my tees fit like this wtf[View]
15386213GRAPHIC TEES/SUMMERCORE: Welp it's hot as satan's sack over here in nyc, post your graphic…[View]
15386398Where to cop this shirt?[View]
15386826I miss him bros :(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g32s6dVcnjo[View]
15386676ID on these or a cheaper option?[View]
15372768/sprezzatura/ - Sprez General: This thread is for the well dressed man who appreciates suits and dre…[View]
15363565Hair General questions/styles/etc: Post anything hair related here :)[View]
15386513workwear: sauce on bag pls[View]
15386651Can anyone tell me what kind if 'tie' this is? Closest I could ind is 'Continental Tie'.[View]
15386610I sa: w this seiko watch at t Macys' today and I thought it was pretty cool it looks like a exp…[View]
15386671I'm going to get new medical glasses, how should i choose? I heard that certain frames make you…[View]
15334000The Gay 90's: >This is how folks dressed in the olden days. Let's go back to the 1990…[View]
15377758Pewdiepie: Is he ef/fa/y?[View]
15385127Is bushstroke camo dead?: Why's it so goddamn hard to find Rhodesian bushstroke camouflage clot…[View]
15385744Today I saw two zoomer whores with bell-bottoms. I've dreaded the day this bs comes back.[View]
15386428Where did we go wrong?[View]
15384894effortless swag: Our FLOTUS has great taste in clothing.[View]
15386388was the 80's the most /effay/ era?[View]
15385644COP OR NOT: which ones should I go for?[View]
15385344Is it wrong to feel bad about participating in trends if you don't do it consciously?[View]
15386473Has anyone tried Weston's shit yet? Is it good or the same scam shit every other youtuber has? …[View]
15385726i'm 20 and just noticed i have some fine lines under my eyes. i drink plenty of water, get enou…[View]
15386190Are briefs going to make a comeback, /fa/?[View]
15386440you DO waterproof spray your sneakers/runners, right?[View]
15384741Are they worth the high price? Are they cringe/larp?[View]
15386137ID on these shoes? They have the air force 1 sole but the top looks nothing like them. No swoosh, up…[View]
15384753Where can I get decent quality black jeans with the same style of pocket as picrel? I wanna draw mor…[View]
15385110Fragrance General - SEX Edition: Previous Thread: >>15378778 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 o…[View]
15375337/fa/ ear/headphones: Go![View]
15386146Good brands for me?: So basically I am 6' 2' and about 160 lbs. I have ridiculously long arms a…[View]
15378411Is he the most unmoggable man in history?[View]
15385770Old folks wearing youthful clothing. How embarrassing.[View]
15384421Where to buy basic cheap t-shirt that fits over sized like L but not long and the sleeves are like s…[View]
15384326Is Red Wing Iron Ranger fine as an every day (office) shoe? I’m looking into getting a pair this com…[View]
15382402Are piercings on men /fa/?[View]
15383992so there's pretty much nothing you can do about this besides surgery right?[View]
15386082Now that Brooks Bros is going bankrupt and out of business does it mean business casual look is dead…[View]
15385934Shoe Identification help plz: Hello /fa/gs I was wondering if you could help me identify a pair of n…[View]
15385430are me and my friend /fa/ ?[View]
15384468here's my face what clothes do I get to contour it? I plan to get red wing 1907 boots with a to…[View]
15377146are eye bags /fa/ or cringe?[View]
15385916w2c: based[View]
15377413hey YOU thats right YOU SITTING THERE BROWSING THIS BOARD. why dont you have a folder filled with ae…[View]
15368610Model Agency Interview Tomorrow: >be me >6'1', blonde, green eyes >live in japan >f…[View]
15385557I wanted to be thinspo so bad but my bone structure is like this.[View]
15385804what should i wear to minmax social points?[View]
15384904Are buzzcuts fashionable?[View]
15384867I have pants that I want to tailor, the flares out at the thighs, because of covid I can't real…[View]
15383158Wireless Earbuds: what are some effay wireless earbuds? my shitty wired ones have broken[View]
15385828I designed a t-shirt: Do I have what it takes to make it in the fashion design industry, /fa/?…[View]
15385314Every t-shirt I’ve tried extends past my crotch and flares out at the bottom then bunches in the mid…[View]
15385496Is Depeche Mode effay ?[View]
15381751meme or actual SEX magnet ?[View]
15382093/fa/ I need advice for pic related[View]
15383202/thinspo/ is mental disorder[View]
15385153>tfw this will never be fashonable.[View]
15385743Soft leather messenger bag: Hey, I need to get a new bag and I really like how pic related looks. Th…[View]
15383813Have you taken the Kibbe body type test? What's your type?[View]
15381271what does /fa/ think about man buns / top knots?[View]
15381393so I have to wear a mask next semester, which begs the question... what is the most /fa/ mask?[View]
15383909How do you guys feel about band shirts: Pic is me, I think they work if you’re not ugly twink.…[View]
15385302Tropical Shirt Thread[View]
15369800new Tinder thread, what's best to wear to maximize the right swips[View]
15384080Vans and Converse are just about the only sneakers you need: You guys love to over complicate things…[View]
15382737I've been wanting to get a pair of harness boots for a while now but every time I consider gett…[View]
15384089I wanna look like the sopranos but can't afford anything serious.[View]
15385350>buy clothes from Japan and have them shipped through 3rd party shipper site >tracking hasn’t…[View]
15380852MANDARIN COLLARS: cringe or based? And more importantly am I gay for wanting to get a mandarin colla…[View]
15385032What's with the influx of female posters lately?[View]
15385276Have any of you guys ever gotten anxious over cutting your long hair? I’m 20M and have been growing …[View]
15384736visible sports bra?: I like to wear sporty clothes, loose tanks and sports bra, sweats, stuff like t…[View]
15381408>goes bald in mid-late 20s >makes channel to cope with being bald >has to take Minoxidil to…[View]
15385341Hey friends. I really like this puffer but I'm a guy. Do you think a guy can rock that without …[View]
15380049What do you think[View]
15385173What is some /fa/ swimwear?[View]
15385384Sweater vests are going to be in again this winter. Stock up now.[View]
15385185What's this hairstyle called?[View]
15384374I have thought of getting a face tattoo for the longest time. Eventually something like pic related…[View]
15383785are cassette tapes the most effay music format?[View]
15378778Fragrance General: Previous Thread: >>15368289 BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3): https://…[View]
15384420R8 my new lifestyle choice. >suspenders for socks >suspenders for jorts Plus hairnet. Am make …[View]
15384890Are there any other brands on this level?[View]
15381531what do I wear to attract girls like this?[View]
15380141Is trav /fa/?[View]
15383329have afros looked good literally ever? they're annoying to look at, they capture humidity, and …[View]
15384819Can't find these anywhere in the UK, ebay has them marked up by £50. Anything better out there?…[View]
15383509ITT: Tips on what to wear for meeting a Catholic girl[View]
15382366No hair: I just hit 29 and my hair is pretty much all gone. How do i get my hair back? How much does…[View]
15383769What is fashion cringe to you personally?[View]
15384713will anything beat this?[View]
15384409Open Call Casting: Got invited to a open call casting by a scout based on my facebook profile, what …[View]
15384531w2c an overcoat like this?[View]
15384552got about 500 € to spend on asos.com what would you buy, need some tips thanks! im a male[View]
15382090Rate fits: https://youtu.be/xGQQQBP2svg[View]
15380172/fa/g approved?[View]
15379646Do Jew Beards grow long?: Pic is not me but I have a similar beard do they grow proper Gimli tier or…[View]
15383459Grailed and all shit post fashion IG's: They're all so laughable and the sterotypes these …[View]
15381906Who /Hawke/ here?[View]
15381563Grid thread: post+rate[View]
15381943What style of clothes should I wear for an online catholic dating app? Streetwear, neat casual? Idk …[View]
15380562/wt/ watch thread: MICROSHITTERS edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their …[View]
15382840Dark red + black and white: How does this dark red collar match with my white&black cat? Is it g…[View]
15381228aw: So I got laid off from my entry level retail clothing job that had me in a suit every day ... no…[View]
15382800how can I wear a bulletproof vest withou looking like a mall security guard or a larper. can a bulle…[View]
15384166ALL BLACK CORE: We wearing all black here!!!!![View]
15382931Are round frames /fa/?[View]
15383628I buy expensive shoes. Waffle grids destroys two two new insoles Within a month or two. Why? How doe…[View]
15376925Probably one of the most aesthetic hairstyles I've seen.[View]
15383650This morning on the metro a group of gypsies came up behind me and pulled me by my hair as I was ste…[View]
15383487is this sleazecore?[View]
15383062I dont care what I look like and I get more pussy than any of you faggots[View]
15383392Anyone have any experience with washing your hair with distilled water? Any improvements?[View]
15384203Smart Watch Thread: Are smart watches effay? Do you have one? Would you recommend?[View]
15374961GLASSES GENERAL: Anyone wear Shuron frames? Thinking about getting a pair of tortoise Ronsirs with c…[View]
15382212Does tucking your t-shirt in look better than leaving it untucked? Also what are some great brands f…[View]
15380585How are you going to dress when you're 40?[View]
15383017Is the fashion industry over? Is ugly the new beautiful?[View]
15383803Where can I get these shoes and pants /fa/?[View]
15363815What is the point of wearing foundation for a quick confidence boost if it just clogs your pores and…[View]
15384018How a 18 yo boy is supposed to dress in 2020?[View]
15383889What shirt will make this /fa/ ?[View]
15380609Is there anywhere to buy decent quality basics in interesting cuts on a fast fashion budget? COS has…[View]
15383492the king of fashion has arrived.: why even bother?[View]
15381541Advice on getting rid of premature wrinkles?: I've already got laugh/smile lines and some eye b…[View]
15383031Which shirt is more /fa/?[View]
15383884yo i been trying to do a boba fett cosplay and cargo pants are actually expensive rn please don…[View]
15348996Is Math the most effay STEM major?[View]
15380145I don't care what you guys say, Gucci's Towards the Sun line is the best thing they'v…[View]
15383841Do straight guys know that when they wear sandals we're oogling them?[View]
15380915Sneaker reps: Should I brehs?[View]
15383699>Be me >Ugly as fuck >Nobody pays attention to me, not even when I'm talking >Pande…[View]
15381911Faces of /effay/[View]
15383619Ring General thread.: ITT show ring collection or recent cops. I copped picrel today. yes, it's…[View]
15380129Any alternatives to black mono chucks? Should I cop novesta?[View]
15373438How should i dress as 30y to get goth/e-girl gf? I want to go vamp mode without making it look tryha…[View]
15380751>tfw your dad gets a pinky ring and starts referring to himself as king of the bling bling…[View]
15382685Bracelet-core: Post your effay arm jewelry[View]
15383638Is my fedora peak fa?[View]
15378535ITT: peak sleazecore.[View]
15383454When did you realize having an attractive face is 80% about your eye shape? Not even the eye color, …[View]
15380756Whats the most money you have spent on a single article of clothing? What was it? How much?[View]
15382486How to get rid of eye circles?[View]
15383014/biz/ Anon here. First time on /fa/. I'm financially set for life but still dress like a comple…[View]
15383471RICK OWENS[View]
15382811Femanons mogged: What would you rate this girl? And if it's anything less than 6 you're cl…[View]
15374461Face Masks: Can they be /fa/?[View]
15376352This is the ideal make haircut, you may not like it, but this what peak performance looks like Hones…[View]
15378464This exact same dress: Does anyone know where to find it? I tried etsy, but no luck.[View]
15383134I wear very expensive pants, jackets, shoes, underwear, but all my shirts are from Uniqlo.[View]
15383187Thoughts on the quality of this bomber? It's on sale[View]
15380191Same exact guy, same exact expression, same exact body language but we only say the one on the right…[View]
15380773Which is more /fa/?[View]
15376130rate our fits faggots[View]
15381732How do I dress youthful yet elegant, i.e. not casual without overdressing? Post example fits please.…[View]
15382955Essential High-class Sleazcore: What are some essentials for this look? >pic related >the card…[View]
15380219best /fa youtubers?: what are some of your favorite /fa youtubers? ken iijima is a fag btw[View]
15376495Before and after using minoxidil on my face for facial hair growth. I weighed 75 kg in both pics Con…[View]
15382723Can we take a moment to appreciate the most /fa/ couple of all time?[View]
15379341What is this core called?[View]
15380069Raw Denim Thread: Raw Denim Thread Ready, Go...[View]
15382688where is the best place to get cheap, sensible, business casual women’s clothes for a laid back offi…[View]
15358745/thinspo/: Just Don't Eat July edition Last >>15338305 Comfy Rules: >post thinspo >…[View]
15382293Got invited to a wedding. Help me dress bros. >No jacket allowed. >No wide gay ass costume pan…[View]
15375865Elon and Kanye's height: So according to Google, Elon Musk is 6'2 (1.88 m) and Kanye West …[View]
15382673w2c a nice overcoat like this?[View]
15382395Most fa music video to go along with the most fa scene in a movie[View]
15382620!!!!!: Where can i buy a tunic like this In 3xl Euro size[View]
15377688lets see your instas, /fa/shionistas or if you're too scared to post your own, share some other…[View]
15381889I have a really long hair. Please post some /fa/ hairstyles I could go for. Is this one?[View]
15378655cop or not?[View]
15382321Is it possible to develop freckles naturally by exposing yourself to the sun? My mom tends to have f…[View]
15381891Panda Express x ASSC[View]
15382340is he effay?[View]
15377384goth/punk/alternative inspo: post any goth/punk/alt inspo here. ill dump what i have.[View]
15380489Clear acetate frames, are they cringado or basado? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGBhQbmPwH8[View]
15382013/Hair General /: Tribal hairstyles edition[View]
15381503Chris Chan shoes?: Chris Chan shoes.[View]
15380685Chest Bags for EDC: I am looking for a chest bag for EDC stuff. Waterproof/sturdy a bonus. Three str…[View]
15376707Thoughts on Doc Martens? I've been wearing sneakers all my life and want to start wearing boots[View]
15373673Post your current shoe rotation[View]
15382082Anyone know how to find clothes from pictures? Pic related[View]
15382099Grid Thread: Haven't seen these in a while. Post your outfits, rate other's outfits. Don…[View]
15376321What is your opinion on digital watches? Which is your favorite digital watch? Is there digital watc…[View]
15380648is the trouser crease fa?[View]
15381967ID on the brand of the jacket this girl is wearing????[View]
15381887Is it worth avoid washing my hair to get it like Bob?[View]
15381685Tucked in: What's the key to tuck in a shirt like this? What should I get for a size? How to tu…[View]
15374976muscle: tryna rebuild my wardrobe. the thing is, im kinda big, I workout alot, im 1m88 for 92 kg aro…[View]
15381033corona-chan: What does /fa/ think about corona related fashion?[View]
15381466Men's sandals: Why do men 40 and younger seem to avoid sandals like the plague? Where I live su…[View]
15381692Why: I literally had a dream that I was taken to a concentration camp led by Rick Owens and Michele …[View]
15380954What do you /fa/gs think about the LARPagan Viking look?[View]
15374754why do americans do this?[View]
15372697WAYWT- What Are you Wearing TODAY[View]
15380024Where can i buy not shitty 90s anime tshirts? how do i build a time machine?[View]
15381364What's the point of getting into fashion if you never have anywhere to go?[View]
15379346Found my uncles old jacket. Needs a good wash and the cuff elastics are fucked. Apparently Magic is …[View]
15381326thats a Joke right?: Chinese fashion designer Shangguan Zhe founded his label SANKUANZ in 2013 and q…[View]
15380937Best fits with a bomber jacket: bomber jackets, post every good fit you have with them.[View]
15380653BEST SANDALS?: What're your favorite sandals?[View]
15380431Should i cut my 'beard': Pic related these are the only stops where it grows, the rest is all Patchy…[View]
15379358How do I get a gf like picrel?[View]
15380825was he /effay/?[View]
15380458DRIP OR SKIP?: Are you up on the latest sneaker drips?[View]
15378290>Tfw dude who likes pink, but never publicly been with a chick. Don't like the idea of peopl…[View]
15379973are camo pants effay?[View]
15377954>when you spend thousands upon thousands on clothing and it still doesn't make you happy You…[View]
15380045Fashion Dead Drop: Hello /fa/. I am planning on downsizing soon and instead of donating some of my c…[View]
15380820Clear acetate frames, are they basado or cringado? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efpqc8VMAOg[View]
15378814Are baggy jeans/pants coming back?[View]
15379935Looking for a piece of Cabana wear like this but the flowers were white and had red bloches on them.[View]
15379322/fa game thread: what are the most /fa games to play in your opinion?[View]
15378196Russian winter wear inspo thread: Contribute[View]
15380203Stone Island: Is the brand /fa/?[View]
15378921Anyone got an opinion on Oliver Cabells? they are pretty convincing, does anyone own a pair?[View]
15371003Dye hair? hmm prob not: Should i dye my hair? Its pretty dark but I kinda wna dye it but leave the r…[View]
15380573When Chad has a Chad[View]
15377999What is this fit?[View]
15375964The 'Modern Mullet': What does /fa/ think of the 2020 mullet comeback?[View]
15380579what is the deal with asians and these fucking stupid ass glasses?[View]
15379334Dark Academia Mainstream: Was this posted? /fa/ goes to NYT, but isn't credited as usual: https…[View]
15376994got a haircut today: got a haircut today and everyone is looking at me, girls especially does this m…[View]
15377655/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches and their design, their history,…[View]
15377711*Dresses like this*: *Looks better than you without trying *[View]
15380268Hats: Where can I get some decent hats/baseball caps? Been told unironically Ali would be the best p…[View]

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