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33878581Why wasn't Discord in the movie?[View]
33875143Reversed Gender Roles Equestria: Previous Thread:>>33867010 GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:https:/…[View]
33878473This is a fluffy Glimmy: Say something nice about her, /mlp/[View]
33881018Is yayponies down for anyone else?[View]
33831560AaPiWS: late and gay edition: >What's this thread about? We write, read and comment on stori…[View]
33880604Canterlot U Appreciation Thread: I’m on here off and on, and there have been many a good thread. How…[View]
33854004The /mlp/ Waifu Wars Summer Babbies 2019 Thread #3 - Match Reveal Edition: >What is /mlp/ Waifu W…[View]
33881228Ok I need a feminine appealing design, but more mature and elegant looking. One major complaint we g…[View]
33878275Guys Celestia just announced her resignation.[View]
33870140Alright. Rarijackfag, Raridashfags, Rarishyfags and any other Rarity x ManeSix shipper we're go…[View]
33878219MLP General: 906:Common Ground Written by Josh Haber https://mega.nz/#!Ta4EVKoQ!zaNYaxNKbv8fyaIfK9mK…[View]
33868248Unable to describe season 1, please send help. Hanging out with fanboys and actively quitting cartoo…[View]
33878746MLP: FiM 2019 Sendoff Mix [EDM/Electro/Dubstep/Trap]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmiUoA15kVA…[View]
33876108So I haven't seen the show since 'What About Discord' (literally the worst episode ever that ma…[View]
33877802Does anyone have a download of this book? I know it may not be the most interesting thing but seeing…[View]
33842853Post catbird waifus.[View]
33876665So when is she gonna be on the show? Surely they wouldn't just leave the objectively best chara…[View]
33798646My Massive Pony: Welcome to the My Massive Pony thread! Big silly friends edition Check out our slow…[View]
33877966pinkponk figurine: payment request for my order just came in. if you want one you should put in an o…[View]
33878629Not to sound too full of myself but I'm pretty sure I could beat your waifu in a fist fight.[View]
33878619Kiss your princess, Anon.[View]
33877641So after frenemies, is it official that Pony society...: Pony society is the root beer? https://www.…[View]
33877833So, is it safe to say that no one ever feeds the Tartartus prisoners, or even checks on them? Is the…[View]
33868566>they're canon Haha /pol/turds B T F O[View]
33864962Why is he underappreciated here?: >videos blatantly point out problems with nu-MLP while still be…[View]
33879249hmmm: so, is it a sequel?[View]
33874107G5 Movie?: Says it’s slated for October 1, 2021. Mayhaps?[View]
33871031How would you react if they cancel G5?[View]
33878836My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship #1 (of 3) Ian Flynn (w) • Tony Fleecs (a & CVR A) • JustaSut…[View]
33867402Name a character you'd like to see erased For me it's this Maudshit >Forced in through …[View]
33877741Fellas, I can’t find Pinkie Pie. Can you help me out?[View]
33868186Abuse General #001: Post ponies being abused, mistreated, hurt, manipulated, bruised, beaten, and br…[View]
33877209Eternal reminder that this happened and will never ever unhappen.[View]
33877930fluttershy is left-hooved[View]
33871169Why is she so perfect?[View]
33735563Spanking Thread #59 non spanking edition.: This is it, Sunburst is going to fight against future spa…[View]
33862384Honk Honk[View]
33868725A serious analysis of MLP: Big stupid white horse that doesn't do anything. https://www.youtube…[View]
33871186If you can say ONE good thing about anything from the last 2 seasons, you are entitled to bitch and …[View]
33877186Oh yeah, they existed.[View]
33875244Pony Conventions 2019: What MLP conventions are there this year? How big/popular are they? Never bee…[View]
33877509Pony Naming Convention? (Part 2): How does everyone think ponies get their names? Old thread: >…[View]
33872948Celestia wants to be cool like Past Sins :)[View]
33870252How would MLP change if Disney bought Hasbro?[View]
33877550How Does Pinkie Pie Break the Laws of Physics?: How does Pinkie Pie break the laws of conventional p…[View]
33876662>'Oh hey Anon.' >'Was there something you wanted to tell me?'…[View]
33865837I think changelings are more like social wasps than they are like bees or ants.[View]
33870070Rounded muzzle vs Squared muzzle which do you consider to be superior?[View]
33865934Any headcanons you have that don't really affect the story but you hold them anyway? I'll …[View]
33875988So is he REALLY going to be the big bad?: Or is he going to be displaced by another villain for the …[View]
33875402MLP General: 906:Common Ground Written by Josh Haber https://mega.nz/#!Ta4EVKoQ!zaNYaxNKbv8fyaIfK9mK…[View]
33877051s9 e07[View]
33870453Sunset Shimmer is literally a 27+ year old adult woman, how the hell did she get enrolled in a highs…[View]
33875653Why is there no graded Gem Mint 10 cards from the MLP CCG?[View]
33874422If the show's air date was 10 years before its original release date, would you still watch it …[View]
33875753>back in black starts playing >'Heh, hey luna' >'yes, sister?' >'peaches, now thats a RE…[View]
33873617Anyone got that greentext where Anon ends up at the Changeling hive and ends up 'cooking' …[View]
33872306Hot dads[View]
33865525Bootleg Waifu Thread #11.1: Up-to-date edition Previous thread: >>33796427 After saving up you…[View]
33869160Pony Crossbreeding Thread: I can't be the only one who has waifus of pony hybrid species, am I …[View]
33861109Fluttershy Was Wronged: Does anyone actually like Fluttershy anymore? I have never seen a character …[View]
33863936Man, these season 9 animators really suck, it’s just a round emoji-lookin shape with a face and pigg…[View]
33866171ITT: Post horses who are better as humans.[View]
33867798>'They want to forget me huh? Well lets see them forget me after this!'…[View]
33874836>cool socks[View]
33872678Just how much room is there inside this thing?[View]
33859940Was Alicorn Twilight the beginning of the end? i feel like all the cool fandom content and people st…[View]
33869767Canterlot Thread: It's that time again.[View]
33868263So someone said my voice sounds kind of like this Fluttershy's? I'm really not sure; I hav…[View]
33870241So.... what about that update? https://gamcore.com/games/filly_fuck_fiesta[View]
33875255Well synced PMVs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLf2fF1EL_Mr_vC8u6KpPrw[View]
33875646So how will you react when the series finale is inevitably aired early in a foreign language?[View]
33875367>They're fucking alive[View]
33869781Could G5 revive the fandom, and be as popular as G4 was in 2011-2012?[View]
33874108Shipping is cancer.[View]
33858070ITT: Whether good fics have updated, sentence padding in fact of course, skirts' descent into s…[View]
33869534Scootaloo's father is a Straya Cunt[View]
33872066Do you think this ship will take off? Theres like 5 fan arts as a whole on the internet.[View]
33871513If I can hope for one thing to happen in this last season it's this. I want Nightmare Rarity t…[View]
3386626560 second drawings: >ITT shitposting via terrible doodles Open MSPaint Draw your favorite charact…[View]
33868925>canonize LGBT parenthood, race mixing and cuckoldry in a single season Dare I say based as fuck?…[View]
33873450MLP General: 906:Common Ground Written by Josh Haber https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x77es1z https…[View]
33867010Reversed Gender Roles Equestria: Previous Thread:>>33857328 GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:https:/…[View]
33868195Pony Naming Convention?: How does everyone think ponies get their names?[View]
33873108>Discovery Family (formerly The Hub) Why did they change?[View]
33868949Only the first three EG movies are good The rest is garbage The youtube music clips are all kino th…[View]
33868215How Does Pinkie Pie Break the Laws of Physics?: How does Pinkie Pie break the laws of conventional p…[View]
33866931Genuine question time. And I ask this not as something dumb or to shame but as a thought experiment.…[View]
33869179Imagine an alternate universe where Chrysalis was the one that became a friend in season 3, while Di…[View]
33870528MLP General: 906:Common Ground Written by Josh Haber https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x77es1z https…[View]
338724099 long years of knowing these characters, and we still don't have the story of how all of them …[View]
33862333random shit[View]
33870542Show Stoppers: Yo fags, listen to this and pretend it came out of FIM. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
33871941>'When I die I have to go before her, and she will ask me 'What is the riddle of friendship?…[View]
33872509tfw she won't even brotherzone you What ever are you at that point?[View]
33862478Is there a possibilty that oriental equivalent (e.g. Imperial/Feudal Japan) of Equestria exists on t…[View]
33870125>For 9 at least Why did they put this line in?[View]
33871675Do y'all think opioids exist in equestria?: Like have you ever wondered if there's an opio…[View]
33865829Tirek got significantly bigger and stronger after absorbing Chrysalis's magic. How strong would…[View]
33870809MLPFEMTORPG: Mina Did Nothing Wrong Edition: >2.0 Rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHzWL…[View]

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