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36513370Kinderquestria/Anon in Pone Prison thread #24 - Forbidden Tongue Edtion: Previous Thread: >>36…[View]
36620848>felt the 2017 movie hype >felt the finale hype >felt the Pony Life pony hype >feeling t…[View]
36618159What's she reading?[View]
36622205Feeling supercharged as hell![View]
36621818Can she redeem Twilight?: By now, we know Twilight is going to be a massive failure in life, but can…[View]
36622701Hey guys I haven't been in this fandom for five years, what have I missed?[View]
36622776I don't feel so good.[View]
36619943>Stallions >Going on adventures >Ever Stallions are too clumsy and incompetent to get anyt…[View]
36622748Is It Haram To Post Supercharged G5 Ponies?: >Is It Haram To Post G5 Ponies? >(sigh) >No it…[View]
36491792Yandere Thread #24.5: A thread dedicated to ponies/humans who love you (maybe a little too much). …[View]
36618560Stallion Main Characters!!!: About time Hasbro made some Stallion Main characters. two are confirmed…[View]
36474637Mares With Flares #14 - Expansion Pack Edition: Previous Thread: >>36390476 This is a thread a…[View]
36622457general use of electricity is canon >inb4 smartphones & pcs[View]
36615409It's over bros she will never be reformed[View]
36613467Oh no wait until you see the..: *breathes in*[View]
36618504>G5 reveal >ponies don't have cutie marks…[View]
36619890It's nice to see the board so fast again.[View]
36619760Why doesn't she have figurines of the Everycreature 6? She's not racist, is she?[View]
36616012Best G5 pony so far?: VOTE https://strawpoll.com/944qq5g1c[View]
36615508So I take it the investors really liked the meeting, huh? They really are showing their trust in the…[View]
36620650Stellar Flare thread: Anyone likes this mare milf too? I'm not afraid of saying she is just lik…[View]
36620543How does sunset shimmer afford housing?: Sorry I'm new to mlp. I just started watching equestri…[View]
36621803This board just showed you that it's full of anons ready to believe in hype.[View]
36621775At liss is not horrible as pepa the pig[View]
36621520This man strikes fear into the heart of the Izzyfag[View]
36621697>Sunny >Moonbow They are the long lost descendants of the royal sisters, which is why they app…[View]
36616317Where the FUCK my Pippchads at? I know you're out there[View]
36586186put nice pictures of smiling ponies[View]
36615865I am starting to feel optimistic about G5. What can go wrong?[View]
36619697I just realized this...: >NO MORE SCRUNCHING[View]
36619593Don't let it end like this when G5 comes, Anons.[View]
36619920Name a pony that can beat male human genitalia[View]
36613231Meet Your Savior /mlp/!: >Master of Wizards! >Gamer Extraordinaire! >Bringer of MLP Crossov…[View]
36621127Just came back from the longest hiatus: I left around 2016. All I saw in my journeys outside /mlp/ w…[View]
36620108She cute[View]
36616554Is it time to revive the 'Twilight will lose her wings' meme?[View]
36618412Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned that racism will always prevail. Different types of people c…[View]
36621001CHOO CHOO: the ride never ends[View]
36619325Uhm, guys?[View]
36615057G4 was lightning in a bottle, and MLP will never be this good or popular again.[View]
36619463Done: Anyone else just done with this shit? I won't be able to handle watching the series be co…[View]
36619368What if they reintroduce humans in G5?[View]
36620828can someone leak the movie? thanks[View]
36611169Keep calm or GTFO. I'm judging G5 AFTER I watch it, and getting on with my life and enjoying G4…[View]
36597274MLP General: Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson https://vault.mle.party/videos/wa…[View]
36619377Say one nice thing about them.[View]
36608615it begins[View]
36616972> Gen 5 is going to be shit, you guys. Don’t even bother watching it. No, I won’t specify what I …[View]
36617683>ponies seperate by race >no zigga, no dragons, and no general creatures…[View]
36618230Filly funtasiachads,i kneel![View]
36616469Hasbro, you suck.: It could have all ended in season fucking 3. Yet, they decided to keep bastardizi…[View]
36619054>Mostly positive reception to G5 so far Guys, I think the franchise is gonna be just fine.…[View]
36617203>over 500% increase in activity because of like 2 minutes worth of pony and a couple of screensho…[View]
36619290Is /mlp/ nice board?: Hello frens /s4s/ here I am new to /mlp/. I need to know if this place is nice…[View]
36451884Hootershy: Post Fluttershy with big tits. Last bread: >>36321108 Greens https://ponepaste.org/…[View]
36619055Time for your sleep, Anon.[View]
36618168enjoy your break anon[View]
36619163G5 PREMIERE 1X01: >Sunny returned to her home after she resolved the big conflict on Equestria bu…[View]
36617528All I wanted was to go to an irl pony convention, just once. I wanted to be surrounded by G4 and a b…[View]
36618944Hey guys, I was hospitalized due to Corona these two months, what did I miss?[View]
36573278Draw Thread: Request, draw, submit. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the name field or comment field, ‘/d…[View]
36611823Hasbro Investor Stream Watch Party: remember horse Come join and freak with your fellow anons! >w…[View]
36617409>tfw the movie could have been a prequel to G4 >pony races living separated by species >mag…[View]
36618628Anyone else think the new ponies faces look like How To Train Your Dragon?[View]
36618433you nailed it bro[View]
36618518>Unicorn w/ a Sewing cutiemark >Izzy MOONbow Tabitha better fucking voice her!…[View]
36603127If there's anything about G4 you'd like to get off your chest, now would be a good time to…[View]
36574179Weekly Pony Collab #08 - Big Man Approaches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Os2OD-x_3w Previous Th…[View]
36603510How are the old men of /mlp/ holding up?[View]
36617778>G5 looks cute Well, that's nice, but what about the writing? Will the writing be any good?…[View]
36616515>netflix >that means no weekly streams[View]
36616460>Rarity? What are we doing on your sex yacht?[View]
36616922Yikes: IMAGINE unironically even considering the idea of watching G5. Everyone with double digit IQ …[View]
36617631Apologize.: Apologize.[View]
36614990>comes into power >everything goes to shit in the world…[View]
36618184ITT: We guess how certain members of the Mane 6 survived the end of G4 and made it to G5 >Scootal…[View]
36618035Unless you're a little girl, Hasbro does not care about your opinions[View]
36616534Remenber this 5G 'leaks'?: Yep...[View]
36617713How come everyone is placing blame on Princess Twilight for letting Equestria become divided? She ma…[View]
36616580The prophecy has come: It was inevitable.[View]
36617826yep, twilight sparkle was a good princess[View]
36616398/g5g/ - G5 General #2: Chad Edition: Well, the investors meeting finally happened so we've got …[View]
36609849>Cyberpunk changelings deconfirmed Feels FUCKING bad man[View]
36616655>all the people defending G5 so far type and act like retarded 13 year old tourists really makes …[View]
36617697I doubt you could even imagine it: That which commanded the threads, Giving posts their fullest bril…[View]
36589199Nightly Twilight Thread: Previous thread: >>36443927[View]
36613519Im coming for your future waifu anon[View]
36617425Fuck G5, fuck Habsro, fuck everyone responsible for it. /mlp/ is a G4 board and we always will be.[View]
36617575>G5 whores >kind of cute Well well...[View]
36615327It's over.: It's over.[View]
36609196What's with all the negative post. G5 looks really good. I'm starting to think G5 hate is …[View]
36614969>G5 is soulless CGI well, that's one less cartoon I have to watch[View]
36614759Have you Supercharged your pony today Anon?[View]
36614062Am I the only one unironically hyped for G5?[View]
36616454Everything after S1E3 is non-canon. If Faust didn't write it, it's not canon.[View]
36616833>Around the world >Around the woooorld[View]
36527274Plush Thread: You have one? Want one? Post (and talk about) beautiful pony plushies. Previous Thread…[View]
36616644I want to be gay to cum inside of him[View]
36616649Who else here SUPERCHARGING their sleep so that they never wake up again[View]
36611100ITT: We kneel to G5[View]
36614604Twilight Sparkle, the worst princess ever: All her work for nine years, gone, burn down and throw in…[View]
36615760>All the characters we knew and love are dead >Equestria fall and it's segregated, all th…[View]
36614494Book Pony: I wonder where they got the idea for a book loving pony from[View]
36611382Will the new reboot of Monster High bring a new series about the Equestria girls? I miss them[View]
36615799Cursed Month: Welcome to the family.[View]
36615091Has anybody else notice the inconsistent official pics with or without Cutie Marks? This must mean t…[View]
36600712Human Twilight Sparkle's true skin color: If Twilight Sparkle transported into our real world a…[View]
36615425Optimismchads... I'm feeling HOPEful[View]
36613765They are doing this on purposes.[View]
36613534G5 Izzy[View]
36614645Do y'all honestly think Fim ponies look like irl horses? To be honest G5 look so much better th…[View]
36614114/mlp/ I'm scared. I'm starting to get excited for G5.[View]
36612265MORE WE NEED MORE[View]
36606108Fuck you I like them.[View]
36615372why is Dash in a jar?[View]
36615265Calling it: Izzy will be the breakout character of the show.[View]
36615244Did they really have to make it so the events of FiM didn't matter at all?[View]
36613921This is all your fault, FF-fuckers: You fuckers watched so much FillyFuntasia they made G5 like it.…[View]
36615084I don't like how it looks and it doesn't have any of the appeal or charm of the setting of…[View]
36613242Movie Image 2: Electric Boogaloo[View]
36614266G5 chad is coming for your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
36614950What if G4 was lightning in a bottle?: Well, now we know. Apologize.[View]
36587148Are you a feminist? Did this show turn you into a feminist?[View]
36614352if it ain't season 1 Equestria, it ain't on topic[View]
36614837since g5 is confirmed: I made a lil something[View]
36613537Hope you weren't planning on waifuing anypony from G5[View]
36614686Well, at least the animation seems smooth.[View]
36613405I just watched the first episode. Is the princess evil or something? Who send their student on a vag…[View]
36614644The G5 MLP movie was just confirmed for a release in September.[View]
36607674A Message from Princess Twilight: Hello, Anons of /mlp/. I... I've failed you. The Equestria yo…[View]
36614556Thank Christ I mostly got out of this place before season 9, and now this. You poor, invested bastar…[View]
36609779You guys said I was full of shit[View]
36613691I didn't like the season 9 faces, and I don't like this[View]
36572266Pony Supremacy - the Resurrection: I was waiting for someone else to bring this back so I could star…[View]
36613819What the actual fuck is G5 doing[View]
36614145But will the songs be good?[View]
36613607today, /mlp/ dies[View]
36602175thicc pinkie: she can suffocate me with her thighs and i would die happily[View]
36611784The time is now: HURRY[View]
36613315>'So, Sunny Starscout, right?'[View]
36610007> Friendship and harmony have been replaced by paranoia and distrust, and the ponies now live sep…[View]
36613307Where can you read the manga?: I'm fucking retarded.[View]
36611656I am Glimmer.[View]
36606103I want to cum in you...[View]
36612205this conference is a boring nothingburger post g4 ponies[View]
36612750ARE YOU SUPERCHARGED /mlp/?[View]
36609866/g5g/ - G5 General #1: I think it's about time we get a general going to centralize discussion …[View]
36605709Trixiebros...: How do we stop winning?[View]
36611572G5 LOOKIN' GOOD![View]
36611959Its happening guys[View]
36611927IT'S ALL OVER[View]
36611734Hey, Celestia: >You said to call you if I had any questions. I was just wondering... >Like wha…[View]
36609796G5 retardation: >The three Pony Tribes are split up again. >Equestria isn't an icy shitho…[View]
36599075Hasbro Investor Stream Watch Party (planning): Since the investor event is just going to be streamed…[View]
36565972Submission is Mandatory #92: Backtalk is not acceptable! Previous Thread: >>36395396 >What …[View]
36611378Doom thread: I have been a doomfag since 2013. I will always be a doomfag. I am always right. I wil…[View]
36611532Season 2 announce today, are you hyped?[View]
36611586We'll meet again Don't know where, don't know when. But we know we'll meet again…[View]
36608295Admit it guys: 2020 was a rough year. What we could all use now is seeing a world of friendship, har…[View]
36531969Spike El-Cloppero Resurrection Part Deux: Last Thread >>36442478 The clusterfuck fuckhueg torr…[View]
36608670Monster High is having a reboot, do you know what it means right?[View]
36611507A matter of size: What is the most acceptable scale for Ponies to humans? Personally I prefer just a…[View]
36608399will g5 have not-one-but-several characters engraved onto components used to operate the ISS?[View]
36609646THE 3D GOD LIKES IT[View]
36607427I'd like to welcome you to the memorial service for G4. Saying a few words on behalf of the dep…[View]
36607147They won.[View]
36611029Kiss her butt.[View]
36609862Filly Funtasia: >no references to american society >no references to internet >comfy magica…[View]
36611274>You could have been watching G5 for over a year already Apologize.[View]
36602789Redpill me on Josh Haber. Why is he so unanimously hated on /mlp/? All I've gleaned through osm…[View]
36607653>fuck up so badly with creaturestria that the country is now divided by race again like the old t…[View]
36611069>It is revealed that the main character of G5 is a young adult Flurry Heart. >She is revealed …[View]
36604488Pipp is a Flutter Pony? Flutter Ponies back in G5?!: We know that in G5 there is going to be 5/6 new…[View]
36605587I FUCKING LOVE PONIES: MLP FIM is the best cartoon of the 2010s, the best cartoon of all time, the b…[View]
36606345I hope anons are screencapping the doomfag posts for two reasons. 1. In case G5 is good its nice to…[View]
36559420Dreams of Pony: Here's one I had last night, taken from my dream journal: I was at a storefront…[View]
36610701What would be your reaction if Pic related is the vilain of the g5 movie?[View]
36610547G5 is about Hippos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O0k7e5ApFU[View]
36610808Drome: >Hey why did everyone stop buying tickets from us? >Dude, did you hear? A cartoon for l…[View]
36605411Will you unironically waifu a nu-pony?[View]
36610492>mfw i realised that its only the beggining for today and we still have the hasbro meeting in 4 h…[View]
36535783Rainbow Dash Thread: Adventure Awaits Edition Post pictures, write greentexts, and discuss Dash! Pre…[View]
36556850/mlp/ vanilla minecraft server: Previous thread: >>36442722 /mlp/ MC Server (16th thread) >…[View]
36610468I feel like this place needs a palate cleanser, so... what's a song from G4 that you feel is un…[View]
36607121DOOMFAGS BTFO!!! Imagine assuming the worst based on fucking BEDSHEET DESIGNS!![View]
36609385So this is the Faust of G5...[View]
36609559He won the long game: In the new movie, the pony world of Equestria has lost its magic. Friendship a…[View]
36605081/mlp/ tripled in speed and G5 is not out yet.[View]
36610041A RUIN HAS COME TO OUR FAMILY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p_Im2UfWSo[View]
36609039Stop taking the biggest blackest pill: Look at you sad fucks. We've got a short synopsis, a com…[View]
36605136Wake up, Anon! Hey, wake up! You were having a weird dream or something. Bet you're glad that…[View]
36609446>barley used in season 8/9 >won't appear in pony life season 2 >not even reference in …[View]
36604101which of the three leaked g5 ponies is your favorite, /mlp/? for me, it’s pipp[View]
36606936Let's get a centralized G5 thread going. Point of interest of an exclusive just got released: h…[View]
36609249>Creatures from the Republic of Badumsquishia immigrate due to the new opportunity Princess Twili…[View]
36602815This isn't sexy, what were they thinking?[View]
36601482Plane Pony #133: Pastebins: http://pastebin.com/u/dontgooglecrotchtits http://pastebin.com/u/Antikyt…[View]
36609224It came true[View]
36597086Octavia needs love[View]
36607383They're dead: I can't do it I won't be able to watch G5 because all I'll be thin…[View]
36609100Poisoned Luna: I believe Princess Luna is being poisoned by Princess Celestia to keep her controlled…[View]
36608979G5 plot: When I first saw a pony's plot, i knew MLP FIM was going to be something special. Ever…[View]
36608726Why are her wings not the same color as the rest of her coat? Why are they positioned so low on her …[View]
36604566It's really over, isn't it?[View]
36604814>mfw the 'leaks' were actually fake and G5 looks a thousand times worse…[View]
36608228do you think hasbro intentionally leaks things early this entire time to dampen the emotional respon…[View]
36597100There's something about that magic girl, That brings a full stop to the whole world, When I loo…[View]
36608032gen 5 is a disaster[View]
36607722>pic related Here is your G5 Twilight[View]
36607579Good night /mlp/, I'll see you tomorrow for the press event. I love you all.[View]
36607709>Applejack wants your bits[View]
36607554We'll get through this together bros, for better or worse I'm willing to give G5 a shot an…[View]
36605622Post yfw there's no gen 5 reveal tomorrow.[View]
36521482Rise of Paradise #16 (CYOA): Last time on Rise: >Finished showing Ruby some of the planets in the…[View]
36603973what is she reading /mlp/?[View]
36606818TURN ON EQD G5 IN 30 MINUTES[View]
36523277Princess Applejack: Howdy, partner! What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories wi…[View]
36532830/swf/ - Strange Waifu Thread: Because there hasn't been one in a long time. Shy Eldritch Abomin…[View]
36594975>'Anon, coming to bed, honey?'[View]
36602101>Long Fics become shit in the half way point. EVERYTIME[View]
36605158G5: You cannot defeat it, so you might as well join it.[View]
36594473we tweak g5 and make porn and cute ponies ponying: drawfag thread[View]
36605504>'What do you mean WE aren't in G5?'[View]
36603597I can't wait until G5 replace all the problematic poster on /mlp/;and we no longer have to deal…[View]
36606226If there is a fucking God she will be voiced by Kathleen Barr or Tabitha St. Germaine.[View]
36606527Wow, these G5 leaks are hideous[View]
36587608reject modernity, return to image macros: Your assignment here, my fellow Anons, is a simple one. …[View]
36603901/mlp/ summed up in a single image.[View]
36605589How do you appease an angry god?[View]
36598518Dusk's Dawn: absolute kino[View]
36606058So when Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Luna had that threesome to create Izzy? Which of the 3 mares was the…[View]
36595989Daily reminder, respect Lauren Faust.[View]
36521327it's retarded filly time[View]
36605679Do someone ever knew what happened to Derpy? Any theories? I took the screenshot from Episode 23, Se…[View]
36606094I think it's sad that even after ten years /mlp/ t-cells don't even recognize Rarity.[View]
36580669Filly Funtasia: Subs for episode 15 are up! https://mega.nz/folder/7pgl3CjR#XvmWW7O3LN9QjBc-N7NHpA/f…[View]
36602985Sexual Headcanons: Post any, in regards to individual characters or whole races or w/e. Whenever I a…[View]
36606028It hurts: I don't care if it is my waifu anymore, I just want to share a moment with a delicade…[View]
36598938Anon, You're not seeing other mares, are you?[View]
36603695its over[View]
36601855Miss me yet?[View]
36603280Will SHE return in g5?[View]
36605218Lyra is too silly of a pony for her own good.[View]
36503935Stallion Thread: QT Bat Boi Edition ITT: We discuss the male characters from My Little Pony, as well…[View]
36601924everyone's ignoring this part of the bedsheet art tho[View]
36571933Playing with leaked flash files: >ITT: Anons trying to experiment with editing with the leaked fl…[View]
36604376What happened to Clopician?[View]
36590632How is homosexuality treated in Equestria?[View]
36543402Dazzle Thread #360: Love All Around Edition All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter …[View]
36603707>Anon. Come play and learn about friendship with us, Anon. Forever and ever.…[View]
36605406The day after tomorrow[View]
36592313>'Dude, Imalou said the designs will look good' >'Just trust her, bro' Thanks a lot, /mlp/…[View]
36605294I’m scared I haven’t felt this way since the show ended[View]
36605207Who wore it better?[View]
36597592Ture horse music.: What are some good albums that are mostly actual pony music and not just filled w…[View]
36601627Did she >rape him?[View]
36603200Naruto in equestria. What happens?[View]
36603813Pixelation: https://app.monopro.org/pixel/[View]
36581160YT caption thread.[View]
36604426Can anyone brief me n just how much is working against G5? I know it's already confirmed to be …[View]
36605019what memes can we expect this gen to spawn?[View]
36599167>There are people on this very board who refuse to acknowledge that best princess is canon…[View]
36604847I hate these 'mane' styles so much, going all over in front of their ears and both sides of the neck…[View]
36604405That's alotta nuts![View]
36604480How to play Banned from Equestria (or any other Flash content) in 2021: This is my first post ever o…[View]
36603358A question to waifufags: if there was a 3dpd who would lose out to your waifu in everything, but was…[View]
36593364>”Hey Anon what are you-“ >”Oh... you have new pony friends now.” >”Oh... okay.”…[View]
36604152Go generate some gorgeous pixel art https://app.monopro.org/pixel/ Let me show you some examples.[View]
36601297Should I read an incomplete fic?[View]
36603996is the end guys it was nice being part of this fandom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIscL-Bjsq4…[View]
36598663>Read normal non pony book >Imagine the character is a cute pony How can I fix this?…[View]
36600378You have my respect, Anonymous. When I'm done, half of all ponies in Equestria will still be ad…[View]
36585547Reversed Gender Roles Equestria: Previous Thread: >>36567306 GoogleDoc Archive: https://docs.g…[View]
36544339Griffon thread: Why are they just better than ponies?[View]
36581356>5 days until the G5 press event[View]
36602561>bold of you to think you can rape me, Anon. >I'll be getting up in your guts.…[View]
36602872Why did season 5 ending felt so much like an ending? >CMC got their cutie mark >a few plot po…[View]
36598853When you find out that he's actually the one boy in the group.[View]
36603851the 5 stages of grief: The five stages of grief are: >denial. >anger. >bargaining. >dep…[View]
36601288>'What do you want, Anon? It's 4am and I have a Biology test later'…[View]
36601281My waifu[View]
36602031Sci Twi discovers Equestria: >a continent of magic ponies and creatures vs. one autistic nerd who…[View]
36598579How likely is it that Discord is in G5?[View]
36603697Same voice actor thread: “If I was looking for pity I would’ve told you something a lot more colourf…[View]
36597848Only she can stop G5 degeneracy. We knew that we need her, but not to what extent. Will you help her…[View]
36601593Fun and iconic design created by an ex-Warner Bros animator Vs. Shameless G3-tier toy commercial Enj…[View]
36602295G5 deal breakers: I can't watch it if a main character sound like a zoomer that use slang like …[View]
36592138G5CHADS ASSEMBLE: >Sunny - activist/Twilight 2.0 >Izzy - ? >Pipp - ? Guess their archetypes…[View]
36603164Ready for tomorrow?[View]
36602761For the last time, Pinkie! I was only 'friends' with you because Celestia ordered me to. T…[View]
36601797𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶 𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶[View]
36531640Pony Transformation General: Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. N…[View]
36597743written by meghan mccarthy: https://youtu.be/6BlK9v5riCU meghan's other credits include: equest…[View]
36602273The fandom isn't going to abandon our girls, r-right guys? All I've seen for the last two …[View]
36602391>'Wings? A new generation of ponies? Investor calls?' >'Oh Twilight, my most faithful student,…[View]
36592801She'll sound black, mark my words.[View]
36600141G5 HOPES AND DREAMS GENERAL: I can't contain my insightment bros[View]
36595806I miss Bronycon...[View]
36601064Was she one of the better villains?[View]
36577015/mlp/ Book club: Sgt. Reckless America's War Horse #4: >What fuckery is this? ITT we read sh…[View]
36598814Remember the G5 movie is in 3D and the designs can be better or worse[View]
36593789Dumb, Whore.[View]
36580446Derpibooru Community Collab: Sorry bigots but your problematic OC didn't made it this year! htt…[View]
36594864>wicked cool flame shirt, Darling.[View]
36597544This is Twilight's life post-epilogue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80BkNiAgFS8 Twilight onl…[View]
36596771Even if G5 is shit, I'm still looking forward to watching new episodes with you FAGGOTS. I only…[View]
36599826>Quickly anon! Aim to her mouth![View]
36600232Come to think of it, Applejack's been through a lot.[View]
36600452Will it be inspired?[View]
36600729>group division is 4 girls/2 boys season-long relationship drama arcs ahoy!…[View]
36600550Is there anywhere I can buy or watch MLP:FIM in polish. I couldn't figure out how to navigate t…[View]
36601521sauce for this video thumbnail? I'm guessing that the eyes and the crop are edits[View]
36596416Post ITT if you changed your waifu after the reveal.[View]
36596642I'm no expert in color theory but G5 seems off.[View]
36601364Why don't you use models to make your own pony porn? It's easy.[View]
36598690How bad is this place going to be on Thursday?[View]
36518985Flutterrape - 7/2/2021: >What is Flutterrape? Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies…[View]
36598530One of us?: One of us, one of us, one of us.[View]
36594649Is /mlp/ just a horse themed Sierra Madre?: You've heard of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.…[View]
36600806One of them will have 'techie/gamer' as their gimmick in an attempt to appeal to zoomers.[View]
36595368Sunny is by far the least popular of the new horses: why does no one like the mud horse?[View]
36595761OK how many Optimismfags are there on this board right now? I know the Doomfags outnumber us but I f…[View]
36556521>Rarity? What are we doing in your sex limo?[View]
36599765Really? You're actually gonna make me do this? Can't I just suck your dick or something? I…[View]
36597950>'Sunset Shimmer? Nope, haven't seen her! Sorry, buddy!'[View]
36594045>g5 >final episode of season 1 >postcredits reveal…[View]
36598706Ayylovers this is your mindset Ja oder nein[View]
36595075G5 episode ideas and morals I'll start. >It's okay to have a special somecreature that…[View]
36595450I think the artstyle is going to look fine in motion thats not my concern with G5. Its just that I …[View]
36528302filly thread: if you dont post fillies i will murder your firstborn son[View]
36599380Of all the designers, why did they had to pick Row 5 artist?[View]
36589549If you managed to somehow get to Equestria, would you keep your memories of pony from Earth or would…[View]
36590435>'Why are you looking at Trixie like that, Anon? You are scaring her'[View]
36408789Pregnancy General: New Years, New Foals: This is the Pregnancy General and, while not as active as o…[View]
36593069new leaks[View]
36599008Thought I'm done raping everything that's dear for you? See you soon, faggots.[View]
36598534RAINBOWS FOR ALL[View]
36597498Shapeshifter anon: I have a brand new idea for our greentext erp lovers. You wanted a chiseled 6…[View]
36580712>Spitfire >Celestia >Rainbow Dash I think I've found a direct link between wings and b…[View]
36596891What was it like?: The earliest days I mean.[View]
36567666Happy 9th birthday, /mlp/.[View]
36596100lookin good, ladies[View]
36499726There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare. 'on cloud nine' edition Old thread: …[View]
36594240Remember that Angleshy bodyswap episode?[View]
36560035FIMFiction Thread - Now with 2% more desire to see oldfag writers come back: ITT: [Embed][Embed], fi…[View]
36586912Guys? I'm really scared here... What if it all goes wrong? What if things change? What if, afte…[View]
36597524If you wouldn't fuck Gallus, you're probably gay.[View]
36597045Trixiechads literally cannot stop winning: >G5 Main character is going to be a carbon copy >G5…[View]
36595399>Unicorn >Sewing cutiemark Its obvious she's going to end up being Rarity combined with s…[View]
36596489Everyone's so focused on talking about the designs of the characters or the quality of writing …[View]
36597039Alright /mlp/, we dusted off your dragon dildo collection, microwaved your breakfast and restocked y…[View]
36534827Greentext AI: I'm training an AI to write greentext. Originally I used 200 green texts to teach…[View]
36596022Would you go on the trip, /mlp/?[View]
36596972Is there a way to reach a level of dissociation that allows my consciousness to slip into Equestria?…[View]
36595076You did this[View]
36596960Everything's not Lost: Play this until 25th[View]
36596387Leave G5 to me[View]
36595041Whatever happens next - be it at the investor event or G5 movie premiere, I will never forget them. …[View]
36596309G4 > G2 > G1 > G3 > G3.5 > G5[View]
36596915Oh noooooo[View]
36591640No, just no[View]
36596765ITS DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HASBRO WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
36596027>people mad at g5 pillow case art conveniently forgetting Hasbro's shitty history with merch…[View]
36591315Which do you prefer, and why?[View]
36595988Cadance? More like BASED-dance.[View]
36596469Post yfw the leaks are fake, g5 doesn't even exist, and we finally get the real series finale b…[View]
36592875Why does this look so much better than what’s on the bed sheet[View]
36591529stakin my claim on this qt[View]
36391922Plane Pony #132.5: Pastebins: http://pastebin.com/u/dontgooglecrotchtits http://pastebin.com/u/Antik…[View]
36578642MLP General: Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson https://vault.mle.party/videos/wa…[View]
36595352I think the G5 style looks alright[View]
36595623I made a thread a couple days ago...asking where I could watch S9...I was told not to even do it, th…[View]
36591229G5 style?: What do you think? Who would you bang? Why don't you like it?[View]
36571568Wholesome Pony Hugs[View]
36595727Will there be an official Hasbro Investor Event sticky thread on Thursday? Are mods even aware of th…[View]
36563942In case ur lurking here. Theres something I want to say https://voca.ro/1jNxhx9RHjX3[View]
36587565'Oh golly a Kinder surprise egg with my face on it, don't mind if I do!'[View]
36576171When to Question Pinkie?: I know there is the mindset of “it’s Pinkie, don’t question it”, but how w…[View]

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