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34309353Anyone got the Original Intro edit of the movie? The MEGA link in the archive is dead and I can…[View]
34305192Ranking MLP Villains: I made a list. https://tiermaker.com/create/all-mlp-villains-56312[View]
34303588>go on /trash/ >no horse porn[View]
34308352>'U-Um...Could you get on the ground...please...'[View]
34303045Has this fandom given you any new fetishes?: Hard mode, no crotchtits[View]
34308311MLP: The Lost Episodes: Season 1 Episode 27: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKwldMTmLcY Season 1 Ep…[View]
34305803Future Of The Fandom: So, i've seen a TON of comments with people saying the fandom is going to…[View]
34286380ITT: Post pones who deserve more fanart than they actually have. It's a crying shame when a goo…[View]
34308928aight so whens the mass brony suicide? can we have it time up a good couple weeks to a month or so a…[View]
34304090This was a really nice and quiet moment. Any other scenes like this? https://youtu.be/V4Blf0tnNa8?t=…[View]
34308186Trixie whips her cape aside and reveals her throbbing futadong to you, and winks. What do?[View]
34307447Make your own alicorn OC: https://dev.theponies.org/techdemotest/ post em[View]
34308553>why would anyone like cartoon faces for this cartoon[View]
34129071It's Bug Time. Again[View]
34306857What are your predictions for G5 and its plot, based on what we know?[View]
34305999What do you like about it and what do you hate about it? https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/6866…[View]
34307901what did I mean by this?[View]
34299894so now that it's all over, do you have any spicy fandom hot takes you'd like to get off yo…[View]
34308073If you were to take all the episodes in a bucket and build your own seasons, what would they be like…[View]
34308287Hi, Anon! I just sent a fan letter to Tara Strong! Do you think staining it with horse blood was goi…[View]
34308364Twilight 2077: Cyberpunk 2077 Twilight confirmed. Check out 46secs into https://youtu.be/cgFvZmfjT…[View]
34300734Unofficial leader and most based person in the fandom.[View]
34306217S9, E20: It's time again for our regularly scheduled episode discussion thread. Today's ep…[View]
34304126Big Jim's own words https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/09/cut-ideas-and-general-my-little-pony…[View]
34308295>Yona sees the way you look at the mares >Yona is reporting you to the ministry of decency for…[View]
34308294Reminder that Applejack is a raging marecel and went after the skittlesvag for a reason.[View]
34308042Since the chances of getting a proper, non-butchered finale + epilogue are less than 0%, I think the…[View]
34308064How did people forget about this?[View]
34307813How is S9 so far? Pic related is my opinion.[View]
34303818>'Oh there you are partner!' >'I've been looking everywhere for you.' >'I just got wor…[View]
34304561how do i make filly horse famous[View]
34301793Reforming the changelings was a mistake.[View]
34301249>Thanks Anon. you're a true friend. >you truly appreciate me for who I am. >I felt hor…[View]
34307950...We're a long way from Equestria...this world we live in...[View]
34285055>'Oh come off it darling, It's not like you've never seen a lady in her undergarments b…[View]
34243224Immigrate to Equestria: Immigration is always free. Just write, type, sign, or say 'I wish to immigr…[View]
34302715What if pic related happened in Dragon Dropped? How would you have reacted?[View]
34307176What are we gonna do without his chocolate milk threads?[View]
34244998The Pony Music Archive: We've got 44000 pony music tracks from 3100 artists, and 200 compilatio…[View]
34304899Does anypony else here just think about their waifu giving them a nice sensual loving blowjob or am …[View]
34269738Rainbow Dash should use deodorant more often, she doesn't shower much, as is.[View]
34304858We must preserve the existence of ponies and a future for fillies and foals.[View]
34305945Ponk wants hugs so bad she's hugging herself. Hug Ponk before she goes blind.[View]
34307381Guess Who?[View]
34304127So, can I ask why are we in flames about the end?: I get that most of us are upset about the season…[View]
34303954The true series finale.: And absolutely no MLP media was ever made beyond this point.[View]
34304378Why couldn't they just send the bad guys to the moon? I don't think it would've been…[View]
34300545This fandom needs to start an animated project that reanimated the finale to fix Golly's fate a…[View]
34307015A letter to you: Dear 4chan /mlp/ I am a horse Life is an illusion Pinkie Pie is my lover and wife …[View]
34304356After 9 nine years of watching this show, I still don't get the use of having friends, or why a…[View]
34306874Bots giving views to old MLP videos: There is a clip of a Crystal War scene, old 3 years now. I have…[View]
34298969Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon grew up into cute mares. Perhaps even cuter than adult Sweetie Belle.[View]
34302761Reminder to reject the show's fantasy and substitute your own.[View]
34306248They bust your door down in an estrus fueled rage looking for you as a mate. They find you in the li…[View]
34304984What is their sex like?[View]
34306093i had weird pony dream last night: you know how sometimes you have dreams of watching a movie but yo…[View]
34300779Did the whole fandom suddenly go retarded or did I pass into an alternative timeline? I try mentioni…[View]
34304203God I wish that was me[View]
34304572Rarity will always love you![View]
34305914Have you played it yet?[View]
34304559Equestrian Cuisine: Quite revolting, wouldn't you agree?[View]
34304483>'he has your eyes Anon'[View]
34303142I haven't been here in like 5 years. Is an electionfag exactly what it sounds like?[View]
34290435Twilight becomes CORRUPTED AND EVIL FOR YOU: Twilight forsakes the light of friendship, and turns to…[View]
34305641>' There is no escape now, anon. I'm taking the kids in the divorce settlement, and half you…[View]
34304469come on gang get in the van, we've got ourselves some mysteries to solve[View]
34260709END (cyoa): My room is empty. It's dim, but I hear it. Gentle, careful footsteps determined to …[View]
34302830ITT: post your ideas for an original non-mlp related pony/horse show or IP[View]
34202407No More Heroes: Rebooted #18 (CYOA)[View]
34288615Coffeemare Moon is here to help you stay awake.[View]
34303441Now that the show has ended do you think Lauren will at some point publicly express her displeasure …[View]
34305039She saved the show but stole our hearts[View]
34190890Starlight Glimmer Thread: Previous Thread: >>34106315 Some selected greens: >A Lust for Rev…[View]
34301801glimmy is the type of pony that twilight could tell secrets about the mane 5 to due to her being on …[View]
34304945Fluttershy, fluttershy, fluttershy deserves to die[View]
34304914Good night /mlp/[View]
34235476Slave Pony Thread #229: Previous thread: >>34158074 (Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/34158074…[View]
34303822These drawings sucked ass. People actually paid for this shit?[View]
34304240What do you think their sex life is like?[View]
34304740>contract an actual fashion designer to fix the characters' clothing style >outfits get w…[View]
34302172Alternate Writing Systems in Equestria?: It's likely just cartoon logic, but a glance at the 20…[View]
34303898why is it that on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, unlike other shows, the director's decis…[View]
34300258MLP General: sad marshmallow edition Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson https://w…[View]
34293750Unicorn Twilight: I still love her, lads.[View]
34304554what if the future seen in the epilogue is actually just a dream Twilight has about how she wishes t…[View]
34303808Yummy yummy in my tummy![View]
34304204>so let’s say this was all 20 years ago >2001 >fim has ended, has ran its course since 1990…[View]
34304296Summoning Ponies: Bad Idea Edition.: So it's Friday the 13th, and it's a full moon outside…[View]
34303994Is he back bros?[View]
34303074Did any Autismo around here attempt to ever figure out the inflation rates between Equestrian Bits a…[View]
34296573I miss this muffin mare, it seems the fandom just forgot about her one day.[View]
34302794It’s Friday the Thirteenth: Post unlucky poners.[View]
34303091What is their sex like? Do you think they managed to have kids or will they just settle to raise ani…[View]
34302983>Element of ''''Loyalty'''' >spends all her time before the coronation with the Wonderbolts ra…[View]
34244580how many of you autists have pony related autism or projects that the world has never seen? you shou…[View]
34303655HOMER, WHERE IS MY PTS?[View]
34300413should I watch the finale or will it make me more depressed than I already am ?[View]
34301486Does anyone know of more mlp music in the style of SGAP? like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
34299513Truly this should be the brony we all should aspire to be.[View]
34303778some things never change[View]
34273683Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped: Old Thread >>34245641 Ukraine Rips https://mega.nz/#!wBJH…[View]
34297496Sharkpony threat[View]
34298070>Tirek in 2014 >'That amulet was given to me by my brother, who betrayed me. It is as meaningl…[View]
34299990Cute Checkpoint: This is a checkpoint. I’m gonna need to see your cutest poners before you can pass.…[View]
34301682I’m confused was rainbow dash and applejack lesbians in the final?[View]
34303530They should have just ended the show with Twilicorn after season 3. The show could have gone out in …[View]
34301537This is me. Figuratively me. No other character can be me like that. There is no way you can convinc…[View]
34303084GAS THE YAKS[View]
34298796Oh golly look girls!! A package just came in I wonder what's inside[View]
34303253hey look, someone redesigned nyx![View]
34302992G5 will premiere on October 10th, 2020[View]
34300478Smiles you'd go to the end of the world to protect.[View]
34290826Papers please, дopoгoй[View]
34302954Derpy wants to give everyone 1000 bits per month[View]
34303097The Student 6 would have been much more tolerable if that yak was replaced with Little Strongheart. …[View]
34298482There sure have been quite a few iterations of Twiggy during the show's run. Which flavor is yo…[View]
34302727The last thing that legitimately premiered on the US television is the series real finale. So Rainbo…[View]
34301846There's no way these two didn't fuck at some point during the time jump.[View]
34302958Now THAT'S a toy commercial.[View]
34302909I want a Pokemon-esque game where you can go catching the Equestrian wildlife and battling with them…[View]
34301980Season 9. Was it on purpose, or accidental?: Come on, out with it. Was it a deliberate attempt to ge…[View]
34302851>When the little filly destroys your McRoyalPalace so you use your recreational dark magic to tur…[View]
34301104Finale 'behind the scenes' coming: How cringe will it be?[View]
34301005Gets her ass kicked multiple times. Puts her 'Kingdom' in danger at least once a week. Useless in a …[View]
34300800Me wearing my new custom MLP jacket from our incredible story editor Nicole Dubuc! This is next-leve…[View]
34301362So are we just going to ignore that these things existed almost entirely in dark fanfics until now?[View]
34302071I just realized that Angel and Winona ended up having more kids than Fluttershy and Applejack did.[View]
34301998I AM THE PONY: 3:40-4:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1Jm5epJr10 You can hear what sounds almost…[View]
34302270Why is every fucking person on this board so doom and gloom about everything recently in relation to…[View]
34300347fuck life, I just want to spend all night playing vidya with Luna[View]
34302059'Equestria Girls' Alternate Ending: Let's suppose Flash Sentry didn't show up at VP Luna…[View]
34300047Was the fandom right all along about her sexuality despite the creators stating otherwise, or was al…[View]
34297727So this appeared in Cyberpunk 2077's trailer. How will /v/ react to it?[View]
34296570It's time for another game. The last winners were Anon, AppleJohn, Princess Mary Sue, Trixie…[View]
34301153So how’s everybody coping with the end of pony. As for myself, I have the best of classic rock radio…[View]
34301737I did not care about tara strong as twilight In fact I think she was too stoic trough the series[View]
34301686>Sunset finally gets on the show after 6 years >it's in an episode so reviled and pisses …[View]
34300539APOLOGIZE: They said he was the worst for stealing their waifu They said it couldn't get any wo…[View]
34301259This is not ok: Why do you faggots ruin everything you come in contact with?[View]
34297924When did you stop missing the point? She didn't start an evil cult because she was salty about …[View]
34297733Have you written your letters to your waifu yet, anon?[View]
34301895pardon me, but I am confused is the finale out already? because a lot of people talking about it alr…[View]
34301697So in the end, Twilight became the princess of friendzones[View]
34301732So which Elements of Harmony are the young six supposed to represent?: I tried to think about it, bu…[View]
34279287What in the fuck are the animators doing?: Seriously. Holy shit[View]
34301236Where i find the dvd of season 1 to season 3?: i'm from mexico and I can't find a store wh…[View]
34300763Equestria is fucking real: go nuts[View]
34301807Dead Projects: With how much content has been made since the Gen started, what are some good project…[View]
34298876>'Ummm, sweetie, are you seriously defending Cozy Glow? Wow, just wow. Imagine standing for hate …[View]
34289171G1 thread?[View]
34298207Happy 9/12 Day, Anon! Today I'm going to order the Royal Guard to tear down the Tree of Harmony…[View]
34296927>'Anon hurry up and get dress or we're going to be late for the picnic!' >'It been a whil…[View]
34300405Two questions: First: has the community finally accept EG ? Second: when will EG end ?[View]
34300856Retcon: Twilight magical aurora change colors. Lord Tirek drains life force instead of magic. Sweet …[View]
34237619Draw Thread: Request, draw, submit. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the name field or comment field, ‘/d…[View]
34298896Why only her?: A want to see Raritys[View]
34300930Harem Thread: Which mlp characters would be in your dream harem? My harem: Coco Pommel, Marble Pie, …[View]
34299305>'You got to eat all day yesterday. It's my turn today, and YOU get to poop it.' >'Oh, al…[View]
34300472https://www.twitter.com/alyankovic Has anyone congratulated him yet for becoming the father of this …[View]
34299913I want to go back.[View]
34299667ponies in space[View]
34189328Pony Preservation Project (Thread 9): >What is this? https://clyp.it/231umvkx [A whaaAAt!?] This …[View]
34300508Milf thread: Post only the Best Pony Milfs[View]
34300411'Pinkie, please. I've been telling you this for years. You only think my gifts to you are bette…[View]
34277158Secret Horse Files #004 thread: 29 is out but we have no login Edition >what is this shit? it…[View]
34300353>five OP leaders of one country How many years until Luna, Celestia, Cadance, Flurry Heart and Tw…[View]
34300021Good news, everyone! I've found a way to turn statues into living beings! Mmm oh my, yes. The o…[View]
34299666what's it like to have a brony gf? is it worth it and if so how do i get one?[View]
34297771Would she be into ponies?[View]
34297313Which of the main six do you think are virgins?[View]
34297698Anyone think Twilight is gonna have a massive orgy with Cadence, Celestia, Luna, and Flurry Heart af…[View]
34299718Now that the dust has LITERALLY settled, it's time to ask /mlp/ some questions. I'll put m…[View]
34278240What is the best pony tabletop rpg? Is there any fully complete?[View]
34298895This isn't my story, I've been wanting to repost it for years but only now bothered to do …[View]
34298720which would you rather go down in a final episode? twilight losing her wings and becoming a unicorn …[View]
34299702Can pepole draw more mama rarity and son please: thank you[View]
34296410The show is over. It's time to pack up and move on. Where will you go?[View]
34297510Why does everyone look like old mares in the finale when Pinkie's and Big Mac's children a…[View]
34299493>some anons here unironically like dubstep over orchestral[View]
34298194Someone have the original image?: i found it on a youtube video[View]
34295397Animators were in such a rush to finish the last episode of MLP they didn't even fix this. Real…[View]
34278385Who is your waifu? (Poll): Right. Let’s try this again. Sorry for the retarded first attempt. Curiou…[View]
34299430>tag:dark skin[View]
34299439Did you imagine yourself hugging your waifu today?[View]
34299367Holy shit! There are 6 of them now. At some point we're gonna have so many immortal alicorns, t…[View]
34299487How do you think she solved the bathroom problem back when she was new to the human world? There…[View]
34298611there, now she is perfecterer[View]
34297892I'm looking for that one MLP YouTube poop that for some reason has clips of That 70s show.[View]
34293943MLP General: MORE ROSE EDITION Rainbow Roadtrip special Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson https://www.dai…[View]
34291824Oh god this came true....[View]
34299015episode 28 post mlp: save the texts! https://soundcloud.com/the-empty-tomb/twilight 'MYYY LITTLE POO…[View]
34292022Now that the show is over, which horse is best horse?[View]
34299080* Victoria principal wakes up from Bed she sees Patrick Duffy getting out of shower and walks up to …[View]
34297730What are some franchises that mesh really well with pony? Star Wars(pre-disney) is one of them i…[View]
34294102Nostalgia thread, I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5YfYtZ32d4[View]
34293348/mlpol/: /mlpol/ thread[View]
34296071Scarf Citizen: Hey /mlp/, It finally happened. Things are tumbling down. As you might know, there is…[View]
34295331HAPPY 9/11![View]
34269575Twilight's Errand - CYOA: Let's see if this goes anywhere. Could be fun. This is more of a…[View]
34298869>reverse gender roles in equestria >all the op pictures involve typical non-reversed roles…[View]
34296842>Start a New Thread[View]
34297613It's time to go home, Anon.[View]
34293183They never did figure out what the fuck that spell actually did[View]
34296765Happy 7th birthday, Pinkamena Zecora Smith[View]
34296135She aged just like the most delicious port wine ever made.[View]
34298625Dressmaking's easy, for PINKIE PIE something pink Fluttershy something breezy Blend color and…[View]
34298464S4 dropout here. So the other day I was minding my own business when I saw pic related on the TV, so…[View]
34296093>love is the mlp equivalent of the force >platonic love is friendship which is the elements o…[View]
34295044Human , Pony , Hug/Snuggle #2: with all the despressing shit in life. Why not warm up your heart wit…[View]
34298300This is based[View]
34271344Dream Quest (CYOA) #6.9: Last thread: >>34221251 Last post: >>34267849 Archive: https://…[View]
34295599>an official Hasbro-licensed My Little Pony product comes with fully modeled frilly panties I gue…[View]
34297807>So ya >Thought ya >Might like to go to the show >To feel the warm thrill of confusion …[View]
34298356Most obscure MLP humanized character: Most obscure MLP humanized character (from non fan perspective…[View]
34297288Very good Anon, looks like all your forms and papers are in order. Welcome to your new life in Eques…[View]
34291799Now that the ride is over, will you be watching the newest gay-ass cartoon for little girls primaril…[View]
34297598>Was at CMC Appreciation Day >The CMC helped him to discover that his destiny is to bang…[View]
34297803When did you realize that they were the true endgame all along?[View]
34258221There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare. 'happy mare with pastry' edition Old …[View]
34298166>be dashfag >wanted a dashie figurine >hasbro is a toy company >they never once got her …[View]
34295476Stallion thread. Other males welcome too.[View]
34297212I'm surprised at the lack of fanart and porn[spoiler/] of [whatever name you guys come up with …[View]
34293022I USED TO WONDER WHAT FRIENDSHIP COULD BE happy 9/11 day fagets[View]
34217492Princess Applejack: Howdy, partner! What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories wi…[View]
34297606Annoyance: >draw an oc for rp discord >get no reply >ask if anyone give thought on oc >i…[View]

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