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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 30 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1682318ITA will replace Alitalia as Italy's state airline: >Alitalia would stop operating on Oct. 1…[View]
1685667Why is it that despite great transit, low car ownership, and permissive zoning, Japanese cities are …[View]
1682740Reasons not to fly?: After this and United's announcement about diversity hire pilots and being…[View]
1685480Why are there so many modern/recent shipping accidents in the English channel? Are the pilots retard…[View]
1675379Are you happy with the direction the cycling industry and cycling culture has taken in the past ten …[View]
1686997MTB redpills: What are the most essential things for you when looking for a mountain bike? Are there…[View]
1686857Anyone have any tips on insurance claims for a destroyed bike? A car drive into me last night, and I…[View]
1687190How can /n/ even compete? They even mog Trainorders in terms of rail and transit discussion.[View]
1678634I'm so glad I picked up biking. thank you /n/.[View]
1686635bros I'm so fucking GAAN right now[View]
1679963>4-rail very wide train Would it work?[View]
1686732Olympic Sailing: Is /n/ the board to discuss Olympic Sailing events?[View]
1635420/mtg/ – Model Train General: Hatton's genesis coaches edition Previous thread: https://archive.…[View]
1685914Give me your situation /n/egros: >visit friend in West Oakland >BART line goes right over his…[View]
1686342Why did this plane need three engines?[View]
1686144Sea/Floatplanes: Let's have a thread about aircraft which land on the water. I've wondered…[View]
1686260Does JR West still practices 'Nikiin Kyoiku'?[View]
1674368WHAT SHOULD HER PUNISHMENT BE ?: I am seriously hoping jail time.[View]
1682123Ask a bored European en-route ATC anything.[View]
1681081>you will never have your own 15 inch gauge live steam backyard railroad Why live?…[View]
1682040>made it to Paris early Is he a king or a faggot?[View]
1685147Could someone redpill me on railroad gauges? Like what is the main difference between narrow vs. sta…[View]
1684250New York will finally get a rail link to the airport. Bout damn time.[View]
1626881What city in Germany has the nicest rail transit?[View]
1676426/gag/ General Aviation General: GA refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying, gliders, single en…[View]
1683013/bqg/ - Bike Questions General: /n/ edition https://www.parktool.com/ https://www.sheldonbrown.com/…[View]
1681324Realistically what else would I need in order to fly around and larp as a 70s record exec?[View]
1684018>light rail shut down completely for two months so far because of shooting I guess nobody uses th…[View]

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