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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 26 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1509598Private LA-Vegas HSR gets right-of-way approved: XPressWest, which is now owned by Richard Branson…[View]
1511220I wanna see some kino transit architecture. Post your favorite train stations in your city.[View]
1510127Thoughts on the Metrolink? Is it reliable enough to consider a scheduled 2-hour commute from Riversi…[View]
1512274>back door! >BACK DOOR >OPEN THE BACK DOOR…[View]
1504744Man, I love being quicker and more agile than every other bike out there, especially those 10k bikes…[View]
1509273Is it normal for a bike tune up and parts replacement to cost more than the bike? I bought my bike u…[View]
1500540I have 1k and i want a to get some form of transportation: I have 1000 dollars and i was wondering, …[View]
1504613ITT: Post your latest upgrade to your bike. Bought these carbon fiber antlers off Amazon for $20 and…[View]
1505063Worst transit fails and how to fix them: The Detroit People Mover is inexplicably shitty >Goes in…[View]
1507184Shimano Sram Campagnolo > sunrace/microshift/sensah etc Plz specify[View]
1507080Is buying a mountain bike from a local bike shop any different than one from Walmart?: Just want to …[View]
1508113Thoughts on fat bikes for the track? Post fat bikes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbpO75PScG0[View]
1511623I just learned how to ride a bike at the age of 27 and im so happy Im still a bit wobbly here and th…[View]
1510908Anyone know how to get a screw like this off?[View]
1508709What does /n/ think of pic related? Quarantine has me bored and I was thinking of purchasing pic rel…[View]
1505101It's my future, you're just existing in it.: >SEGWAY DISCUSSION…[View]
1502766/bbg/ - Bike Buying General:: LBS is out of stock edition >I want to buy a new bike. What should …[View]
1506111What are some good water bottles for gravel? Needs to be something that shows I'm a rugged indi…[View]
1489077are these tryes a meme? Need new tyres: I'm due for a new set of 700c tyres for my road bike. W…[View]
1511326747 ending production: The Queen is dead long live the Queen https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reu…[View]
1510960A little help with my bike commute please?: Hi. So I have been bicycling to work for the last four y…[View]
1504610Helmet hate thread[View]
1507001thoughts on the skateboard? and longboards for that matter? fun little toy for kids or a viable meth…[View]
1501930I've got a bit of abs plastic sheets available and I want to fill in the purple areas on my aer…[View]
1503004Train Autism: Why does it seem like trains, whether it be modeling or watching them seem to attract …[View]

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