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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 21 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1531964why is this a thing in so many cities in the US. w h y[View]
1550513Johnson 90 Horse Outboard: I recently obtained a 1994 Sunbird Corsair. It came with said Johnson Eng…[View]
1548359Are Segway’s still viable? will I get laughed at if I buy one now.[View]
1550978Bike repair video channels: whats some good channels to learn bike repair on vintage bikes and stuff…[View]
1543807Motorized bikes: Was thinking of of putting together a motorized bike. Are they any good?[View]
1549703Will vacuum airships ever be viable?[View]
154068490s mtb - period incorrect: All Hail the ultimate meme/utility/personality bike! Why are period inco…[View]
1551097Anyone know how to get this sort of info (from real time trains) as a downloadable excel sheet or cs…[View]
1536126You still don't have your pilot's license /n/? You're only getting older and time is …[View]
1545546Why do normies get mad that i use sunglasses when biking?: i mean, 2 times a week i wake up around 8…[View]
1547856All North Korean vehicles: Hi guys, I updated the North Korean vehicle database quite a lot in the p…[View]
1550865I need to wash my bike. Is it safe to wash with soapy water with the crankset removed and the bottom…[View]
1548535Why isn't the New Orleans model for public transportation followed more widely? >old heritag…[View]
1550090Proposed but never realized: >They could have had a metro that looked like this Can't have …[View]
1547868multi-hull boats and ships: post sexy multihull boats and ships. bonus points if they go frigging fa…[View]
1550152welp I got one and its pretty fun takes a bit to get used to if you never skate or snowboarded befor…[View]
1549696I am at the elevator museume.[View]
1542690Why don't pedal assist bicycles have variable speed motors that apply more force through the we…[View]
1546401I want to know more about the Cessna 172, namely it's mechanical it's electrical systems. …[View]
1547734Why Not?: This is 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Look at the board. Eight trains per hour. Way…[View]

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