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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1597775anybody here /airline/?[View]
1591723Tetrapods and Derivatives: I've always had a fascination with this piece of infrastructure, but…[View]
1586514>They took this from you[View]
1580301ITT: Comfy street running[View]
1594046why does munich have the best public transportation network in the world?[View]
1587580Us rail nationalization: The railroads need to be nationalized. So they can electrified and expand p…[View]
1595103/bqg/ - Bike Questions Gene: Fatophobia edition[View]
1594833Casettes: Where the FUCK are all the (11v) cassettes. Sunracesramshimano ALL FUCKING SOLD OUT I bet …[View]
1594108Does anyone know what plane this is? Saw it fly over my house, it looked like a c-17 but with turbop…[View]
1586823BIKE LONG RIDES: Im planning some fucking long ride in 15 days , something like 400km . Im making a …[View]
1592792Can you recommend me hardtail bike which to convert to rear hub motor ebike? Something 700 dollars m…[View]
1596324Is the E300 a viable short distance electric scooter?: With most scooters I see being chinkshit with…[View]
1595259So what really happened to it?[View]
1590790How do we get people to feel better while riding in public transit?[View]
1595992Why are touring bikes without kickstands a thing? Yeah mate, gotta save half a nanogram on this 100 …[View]
1595451I like my Brompton but I feel like such a colossal dickhead every time I use it. Have any of you had…[View]
1577489It's time for new tires. Thinking about changing wheels. What do yall think and which ones yall…[View]
1593492Why is driving so hard compared to flying?: Driving a car is so difficult, you have to constantly pa…[View]
1497918A lot of old road bikes I'm looking at have an extra tube next to the seat tube. What is it and…[View]
1595237There should be PSAs telling people how to drive in traffic. Would save billions.[View]
1592058Ha ha, this is so crazy it just might work![View]
1596404shifting: shifting with this https://youtu.be/nrnb-mvqd3s[View]
1594279strabba: /n/ Strava Forever Shinkansen on strava. we love trains.[View]

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