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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 16 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1731645I just bought one of these baddies what would you do with it?[View]
1722000Is there anyone in planning history with worse outcomes for the cities they've been involved in…[View]
1717747Are Brooks saddles a meme or are they really god tier once broken in? I'm gonna need a nice sad…[View]
1729107All Things Subway: Thread about all things on MTA NYC Transit.[View]
1724821>kind of shit at bike riding >express my concerns at the driving school >'oh don't wor…[View]
1722105Fuck this country: > be me > amerifuck > be in northeast corridor > ride amtrak acela tr…[View]
1736171Is she right?[View]
1728139Why do gatorskins make redditors seethe so hard[View]
1728458Human piloted drine racing coming in the next couple of years. With this competition eVTOL/personal …[View]
1724554Fitness Hybrid Bike vs Endurance (Sportive) Road Bike: What is the difference between the two beside…[View]
1732207We've seen carbon fiber chainrings, but why not carbon fiber chains? Would a hybrid between car…[View]
1726946Absolute state of bong trains. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10150571/Two-trains-collide-…[View]
1726147Surly Bikes General: Seems like a good deal[View]
1726598>train delayed >train delayed >train delayed >train cancelled Wth happened? How can it j…[View]
1729338Thoughts on pic related?[View]
1721314Why would they use Win10 in critical transport infrastructure?: The information display on my bus is…[View]

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