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/n/ - Transportation

Displaying 21 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1360196Cars significantly more dangerous than guns in New York, new data shows: 111 deaths by auto compared…[View]
1356896/PYBT/ - Post your bike thread: The other new PYBT was started by a cuck, beg for (you)s in this one…[View]
1356361>airbus can't innovate and only make new variants of old des- Meanwhile at Boeing: >737 M…[View]
1360773Steam > Diesel/Electric >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
1359523Boats? Water?: Does anyone sail or at least have a boat? I was thinking about getting a little john …[View]
1312052/pg/ - Pedals general: What kinds of pedals do you guys like? Single sided? Double sided? Platform? …[View]
1356270>tfw the Cape to Cairo Railway never was finished What are some abandoned/unfinished transit syst…[View]
1360483737 MAX 8 rebranded as 737-8200: Laugh all you want, but 95% of normies are now going to be unable t…[View]
1354217you become the absolute monarch/dictator of /n/topia, what will your laws and changes surrounding cy…[View]
1360013E-Bike vs. Scooter vs. Normal bike: I just moved to Seattle and will need some sort of transportatio…[View]
1360612Is BikesDirect the best online store?: I need to buy a mountainbike.[View]
1351002/BBG/ - Bike Buy General: Cycling is a good thing. ITT we help rookies to get on the correct bike to…[View]
1359707Class 158: What does /n/ think of the Class 158? http://trainforums.net/[View]
1360364Thread for all emu fearers and sheep fuckers about public transport in your locale Which do you pre…[View]
1359392from o they sent me here: not sure where else to go. if you guys cant help nice. Anyway so i have a …[View]
1359164Names for Railroads that could have been?: You smart people who dwell here, give me some names (and …[View]
1359315human powered transportation that's more compact than a bicycle: I'm currently looking for…[View]
1360056Pro-transit Cager: Anyone else like me? I’m a cager who lives in the suburbs, I love cars, working o…[View]
1357570DIOS MIO!: El Ogro de las americas![View]
1355585Cagelets, when will they learn?[View]
1360113Boat tours, cruises, rides,: Took a slow harbor tour with Horn Blower around San Diego Bay. Tons of …[View]

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