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132851755Why are Germans like this?: >Maria Nikolaevna was the most beautiful, typical Russian, good-natur…[View]
132848718Does this happen in you are a cunt?[View]
132853998Thanks netherlands ![View]
132853873How easy is it for someone in the commonwealth to move to another commonwealth country?[View]
132836768/ex-yu/: lokal krcat[View]
132844004Countries without proper names: rename this countries[View]
132846279what is the one thing that is the biggest contributing factor to your inability to achieve success[View]
132853498european 'comedy': >everything we do is absurdly meaningless and deserved to be laughed at LMAO w…[View]
132851016Thoughts on North Caucasus culture aka Europe's last bastion of tradness?[View]
132851091Let's be honest here: if you are a firstie and you have a shitty life, it's probably your …[View]
132852198Do you have any building by Norman Foster in your country?[View]
132852698>tfw 185cm Life is suffering. How can I live in a world with 200cm+ people everywhere?…[View]
132851800>work 70 hours a week >gf doesn't work at all >gets annoyed when I want to watch a mov…[View]
132852272I demand all islands in the Pacific ocean be ceded over to New Zealand immediately[View]
132850547>hungarians are genetically closer to slavs than other balkan slavs >they are surrounded by sl…[View]
132845962Wang strikes again.[View]
132852816>your country >can people in your country dance dalmatia nope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
132838554Make your ideal gf https://picrew.me/image_maker/137904/[View]
132846950Is /int/ /fa/? How do you dress? Do you take care of your hygiene? I usually wear a blazer and skinn…[View]
132852828americans threatened to eat me[View]
132852679New England: What happens here?[View]
132848309Swedish people[View]
132851920Fuck this island so fucking much. Every single thing about this shape is so fucking retarded that it…[View]
132852170You should be able to solve this.[View]
132852555Why do Europeans trust their government?[View]
132851331>tfw no androgynous angry Uzbeki girlfriend Why even live bros...[View]
132846500Does this happen in your country?[View]
132850309>you will never live in a country where arranged marriages are a norm and your parents will find …[View]
132847152Does this happen in your country?[View]
132852352how to maek friend at 29?[View]
132849247>Holy Sunday >He isn't in church RIGHT NOW Explain yourself heathen…[View]
132852135How can Wales be this based?[View]
132849621/brit/: The Yank gf edition[View]
132843846what happens here?[View]
132846015Blessed image[View]
132843017What happens here?[View]
132851873what's the best non-asian foreign cuisine for Japanese?: i guess its spanish[View]
132850316>parents gave me the name poopesh It's over[View]
132848758This is a german twink[View]
132846201why are there only 10.7 million people living in greece? theyve been a civilization for thousands of…[View]
132846296>peer pressured into bending over backwards to change my routine so i can make it to a narcissist…[View]
132849838>2017 was 5 years ago[View]
132850762Why do they think they're still relevant? At least in Asia, we don't see any of their prod…[View]
132845094Why are Germans so rude: I visited Germany before covid lock downs. Worst customer service ever was …[View]
132849038Ricecels can barely look a woman in the eyes, how on earth did they grow into such a large populatio…[View]
132841777/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition - Paco de Lucia Ancien : >>132831614[View]
132848738>/int/ - International[View]
132842444>meanwhile, at the /int/ apartments...[View]
132849571Our vaccination rate increased by 10% as soon as the government threatened to cut welfare payments f…[View]
132842224I want to talk about the Mexican Revolution. WWI has been talked about ad nauseam. This war though i…[View]
132850243When did you realise that you loved Australia?[View]
132845882ITT:What is the solitary confinement conditions in your country?[View]
132848417>prime time Australian hours >the whole internet is dead I suffer.…[View]
132849541Are all countries really losing their soul? All are cultures really morphing into one?[View]
132841969Is/was wrestling big in your cunt?: Either WWF/E or any other type of venues?[View]
132849986You wake up in Ohrid, North Macedonia[View]
132850556What happens in the Kenora, Ontario region?[View]
132849008Geneva, Switzerland: Is it Paris without soul? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9CDChi8crI…[View]
132850435Does your cunt have toll roads? They feel like antiquated roads to me. Cant imagine having to wait a…[View]
132845919If you have this, you’re a thirdie[View]
132848641Facts.: Prove this wrong[View]
132832250/ita/ - il filo: edizione amica[View]
132849689European discussion is centered around America. They have news channels for American politics. They …[View]
132848399Subhumans: the region[View]
132848692Imagine your cunt's military is so awful you have to time travel them to the middle ages in an …[View]
132848492Series thread: Post international series that had a huge success in your country but not in the coun…[View]
132849432/int/ - Interplanetary: ITT: we pretend we are residents of a country on Mars. I am a resident of Me…[View]
132850200Lol Afghanistan's first lady is a Lebanese Christian[View]
132849881Why did he ruin it for everybody?[View]
132849163keep coping and seething kaiserboos[View]
132849083>tfw no qt argie bf to trek Patagonia with why even live bros?[View]
132847523Why do some cunts live rent free in /int/'s head?: >CHINA CHINA CHINA >MURKA MURKA MURKA …[View]
132848498https://youtu.be/WG4boO-FvJE what the fuck is going on in the US[View]
132848551Gaijin streamer in Japan saves woman from stalker: Why are Japanese men so creepy? https://www.youtu…[View]
132849161VILLA GESELL, ARGENTINA Home.[View]
132848796I am under government surveillance for suspicion of numerous criminal acts. Is this something that y…[View]
1328500201. cunt 2. what are you doing tonight? >flag >im wasted in the big city tonight…[View]
132849613The best thing about teaching young girls is that they don't wear makeup yet so you can tell wh…[View]
132847525/brit/: prince nassim edish[View]
132840042Japanese people look like THIS?[View]
132837504/mämmi/: haitaribussi painos[View]
132847762>Y'all >Y'all >Y'all It's time for another filter, MODS.…[View]
132848896Imagine a world where Korea and Japan were speaking the different dialects of the same language grou…[View]
132846220I am obsessed with Balkan folk music. Serbian, Romanian, Jewish and Romani tunes- the sound is hypno…[View]
132847226I, Anon, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II…[View]
132845404it’s raining here for the first time in months do you /int/cels like the rain in your country?[View]
132847920ITT: Countries that lost their soul a long time ago[View]
132846540VGH... the skyline of Helsvnki[View]
132845617please stop being so mean to me for being american its not my fault the country is so corrupt or tha…[View]
132848028Please don't racemix. Save your descendants from identity crisis.[View]
132847135Both my parents ae literally from andalusia and we go to Olvera every couple years to visit my grand…[View]
132838409Happiness Thread: Only happiness allowed ITT. No bullying or sadness.[View]
132846711Post your town: Here's mine.[View]
132845706>there is a mathematical correlation between the amount of mexicans per square kilometer and the …[View]
132833448How come American high school students read literature from around the world but non-Americans don…[View]
132848600If you're referring to countries as 'she' and use pronouns like 'her' when speaking English, yo…[View]
132848370Should the mexican government rebuilt the zones that were destroyed by spaniards?[View]
132845748are south sudanese the most beautiful women in africa?[View]
132835166/deutsch/ und /nachtschicht/: Kontrollverlust - Ausgabe[View]
132848585Mexico is trans[View]
1328470241. Your country 2. Your favorite countries US China and India[View]
132848475Bros forever <3[View]
132848547check em[View]
132848342El Salvador thread Fuck niggers edition[View]
132846701>The average american female weighs over 170 pounds How the fuck is that possible? That's ev…[View]
132848234How often?[View]
132846798I hate that everybody knows English desu[View]
132846326i'm such a coward. i should have off myself earlier.[View]
132832926Sverigetråden - baneupplagan[View]
132848177love mexico or die[View]
132845778chicanos are blasting loud quincinera music next door does this happen in your cunt[View]
132845028Why don't they ever do anything anymore?[View]
132846643Say something to discourage me from masturbating.[View]
132847557i don't get it[View]
132847058Why dont they have any recognizable culture despite their size and population? Even Mexico despite b…[View]
132844583Are Jews the only nonwhites that can produce white passing offspring?[View]
132847384Do people in your cunt celebrate Halloween?[View]
132845753>there are people in this world that WILLINGLY live without electricity despite being smack in th…[View]
132847777>wouldn't >woot'n god i hate you autistic fucks, you know who you are…[View]
132845496Why asia love korean culture aa fuck?: This is not an exaggeration. Especially for Asian women, the…[View]
132847586.gg/BnjdE5 join this awesome server no set topic barely any girls (we need some) no fags or trannies…[View]
132846898Sweet dreams Mr.President Everyone say something nice to Pr.Lee[View]
132834256Do you love China?[View]
132845423/brit/: Never cross a picket line edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojPTz4VAOMA[View]
132842274How does one achieve this in your country?[View]
132846846>ur cunt Are you a beardcel ?[View]
1328422191. Your country 2. How are you spending your Saturday night?[View]
132847447Why are there so many Americans named Firstname? Have burgers really gotten that lazy?[View]
132843961What do Russians call Russian roulette?[View]
132844618For real, what is the difference between an immigrant and an expat?[View]
132842574>your country >how do you get your music (buy cds, download, stream)…[View]
132840161AL HAM DU LI LLAH[View]
132834397https://reversi.dietchan.org/ Join the game[View]
132844441What happens here?[View]
132844883Imagine believing that an iberian monkey niggar would be able to bleach something[View]
132846391I really hope the world gets rid of summer/winter time within the next year or two.[View]
132820100Germany is God's gift to the world >strong values, high IQ >resilient and persistant >…[View]
132829047>Your country >How many protestants does your country have? Spain Not many. Mostly gipsys, sou…[View]
132813549/norgetråden/: Somatråden #27 For søte jenter >>132790372 >>132790372 >>132790372…[View]
132843247Do they?[View]
132844107남조선 멸망 언재? 그리고 이태원 외국인 백인새끼들 몰살 언재?[View]
132845268do stupid fucking kpop pedos shit up your threads in your cunt[View]
132842181me arrodillo[View]
132846624What phenotype is this?[View]
132836457who's your favourite american?: i like seth macfarlane[View]
132844153Does your country have nice cities?: >Flag Yes.[View]
132844064greek anon, are you here?[View]
132845360Brown male black female: I think this is the appropriate board to ask since you guys know everything…[View]
132846403nooooo you cant just say im addicted to weed, it's medicinal, it's healthy and I can quit …[View]
132846225Vgh... the beautiful megacities of China...[View]
132845744why are hong cucks like this?[View]
132842179>you will always be a gaijin Feels warui man[View]
132844557What are the suburbs like in you're country?[View]
132842180Why can't they into bilingualism?[View]
132844366Why are south American qts so open mind when it comes to date with korean/Japanese guys?[View]
132844325I have no respect for anyone working in IT[View]
132843425What do you think of our future as a shared culture and mixed humanity?[View]
132780512India after defeating China.[View]
132844648Por qué las argendiosas son tan bellas?: Los envidio[View]
132842955What happens here?[View]
132845759what can i do to help imrpoove my cuontry?[View]
132843054The average American is a nice guy. So why does /int/ hate us?[View]
132845592Fertile Canadian gf: >no Canadian qt to snuggle every night >why even live…[View]
132845677>go to wikipeida and see what germans invented >compare with what polish invented…[View]
132840520/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Cooking edition[View]
132845420/brit/: Rapidly approaching aussie prime time edition[View]
132839980Can you pronounce the word 'rural'?[View]
132845369>need volunteer experience for an internship Is working for free in order to work free a thing in…[View]
132841447post your favorite song from your cunt https://youtu.be/49FB9hhoO6c[View]
132843033>You good brother? Didn't see you at the mosque today[View]
132843674Are we living in a simulation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acMo3JaR2Ao[View]
132833815Did your cunt ancient mythology had the belief that the figure on the moon was a bunny? here aztecs …[View]
132843523have you ever been in jail?[View]
132845095/brit/: staycation edition[View]
132767506/flag/ + /extraflags/: Seljuk Turk edition Previous: >>132683090 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lo…[View]
132845108Keep dying, pinkoide[View]
132844191I fucking love Coldplay[View]
132839739/lat/: Hilo fértil[View]
132782490/skandi/ + /danmarktråden/ + /norgetråden/ + /sverigetråden/ + /íslandsthráðurin/: fyrri >>132…[View]
132844061The professor was doing research on the genetic origin of Caucasian Americans.: The researcher found…[View]
132844761Which European nation has the worst sounding english accent? For me it's the Scandinavians, the…[View]
132841267>tfw she moved on[View]
132841988VGH... Christian Monarchist America...[View]
132840876Being schizophrenic means that you are untamed, wild & free. Being a 'normie' means th…[View]
132839808I just spent 20 minutes explaining a Joke to my fellow international brothers and sisters and a jani…[View]
132843677>~70,000 boomers in the US have been killed by coronavirus[View]
132836044ok which one of you was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd0T_w1itUI[View]
132843704/int/ - Chinese International Board: For me, it's Xiamen, China[View]
132815214Do people in your country beat up lgbt people? they do in slovakia[View]
132842865>ywn cuddle a MILF[View]
132844680i'm watching a preacher scream like crazy with the Conan's theme as background music. Such…[View]
1328438621. Cunt 2. Thoughts on suburbs? Flag Soulless pieces of shit[View]
132843638serious thread: So I went to Berlin before Covid and I noticed something weird. The only kind of cou…[View]
132841809What is even canadian culture?[View]
132823584/tr/: muslima edişın[View]
132844029How do I become a wumao? I want to make money shitposting[View]
132842587What are you listening to /int?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjTj-_55WZ8[View]
132844400Do you have chimpanzees in your zoos?[View]
132842402Is Turkey safe if I go there to do hair transplant ? I don’t want to be kidnapped by terrorists.[View]
132844086vgh der untermensch hinhocken[View]
132843828Do they actually?[View]
132843609can you name 3 people from Finland? I'll start: pic related (Janne Virtanen), Teemu Selanne, Se…[View]
132824334>the average chinese city looks like pic related >european cities will foverer look like they …[View]
132840040Why is Japanese curry taste fucking great? I really appreciate them honestly[View]
132820093/éire/: Eagrán Vgh fear na Eiri amach na casca ... cad a cheapfaidís de dhaoine ghorma trasinscneach…[View]
132842731Are 911 operators and cops paid enough in your cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbLl7S10rCA…[View]
132841158whats living in iceland like? for a country so glorified, it sure seems barren...[View]
132843836bros, is this real?![View]
132843826How much better off is Cuba than it was during the Cold War?[View]
132841944Who is your role model? (pic unrelated)[View]
132842126Only those people with Norman heritage may post in this thread.[View]
132841865Why do West Germans seem so anorganic? I get the feeling of them being automatons with West German p…[View]
132841162cunt how do you deal with thinning hair or balding in your country[View]
132836040ITT: post your countrys proper borders[View]
132841498Thank you for buying American whiskey.[View]
132843569Is your country down with the clown?: Does your country have fellow Ninjas living in them?[View]
132843518Double, double toil and trouble Fire burn, and cauldron bubble Double, double toil and trouble Fire …[View]
132842569Currently on a coming down of shitloads of mephedrone. What is /int/ doing?[View]
132842499>Yeah, I prefer listening to /int/ernational music in languages I don't understand. I can…[View]
132841029>why yes I made Germany bigger how could you tell?[View]
132840106I'm going to McDonald's[View]
1328432231. ur cunt 2. codelet? Niggertina Yes. Been trying to learn 2 code on js (+ its libraries) and pytho…[View]
132790638/v4/+/budapest/: The parliament edition[View]
132839409Sacrifice one NW European country to save Europe, state your reason.: For me its Germany, Reason: Th…[View]
132842294how to make friends in your cunt? tired of spending every weekend in :([View]
132839473ITT: we post things only us Americans get Anybody else taught the five tomatoes mile thing?[View]
132841102faces of /int/[View]
132839574/brit/: Traditionally, the name of the street is pronounced /ˈmæɡdəlJn/ and NOT as the name of the C…[View]
132840748I am converting to the one universal (catholic) church and went to mass earlier today, ama[View]
132835408Why do Americans speak English?[View]
132842342russian doggo[View]
132838488abandon all hope ye who enter here[View]
132839332>Winter time[View]
132842538Why do they like poo so much?[View]
132839759What race is this?[View]
132842530>excuse me could you please give me my 6 feet[View]
132840544>your cunt >do you drive a car? >is it shit? flag yes yes…[View]
132837351Do you have monke in ur cunt?[View]
132838139I'm white. Its in my genes to love Japan.[View]
132841844the true universal language[View]
132841693either at school or work, every time I do things my way or on my own initiative i fuck up... followi…[View]
132839340I just traveled back in time, AMA[View]
132840074>anon he beat me again, can i sleep here tonight ?[View]
132841996Is this a common phenotype in germanic countries?[View]
132839182Was the US not literally laughing about Europe just like a week ago? WTF happend? >US coronavir…[View]
132830825does this happen in your country?[View]
132840947I judge people by their knowledge on visual arts, how do you judge people in your country?[View]
132839811>tfw no girl will masturbate thinking of me again[View]
132842060Why do anglos hate foreskin?[View]
132840899Is there anybody in the world who doesn't like pyramids?[View]
132841855>Wear a mask? Dude I'm not wearing a mask. Have sex incel.[View]
132837767>i am a fucking retard please hate me: the country[View]
132838662What is it like to live in west Virginia?[View]
132840493What do you guys do on Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights?: I drink and play/watch something on friday …[View]
132838737It’s over Biden bros. The Chinese confirmed Hunter’s a foot fag. Let’s pack it up. > https://gtv.…[View]
132839227Do leafs really?[View]
132841398ken yu andirstend mi?[View]
132837902Is Prague the most beautiful city in the world? If not then what city is?[View]
132841275Where are they now?[View]
132839753Who was in the wrong here?[View]
132838520>makes interioids and albertoids seethe Nothing personnel, white man[View]
132839876>your cunt >have you ever tried to enlarge your pp? flag no…[View]
132840865Why do they exist?[View]
132841250What phenotype is this? pure english ancestry, but looks eastbaltioidnordoidslavoid, hwat gives?[View]
132822685/NEDERDRAAD/: Bij deze wil ik graag de openingspost gebruiken om bekend te maken dat wij een drielin…[View]
132826309Would you rather live in Australia or Canada?[View]
132840162What did Dua mean by this?[View]
132838091Do people in your cunt agree with this based statement?[View]
132831245Finland: I love Finland. Do you love Finland?[View]
132837405Why do I have a massive urge to take a holiday here?[View]
132829938Is Poker popular in your cunt?: If so, then join in and Let's see who's the best country: …[View]
132840158swear words in danish: what are some danish swear words?[View]
132840656Why are they obsessed with England?[View]
132839872This guy is considered black in America: >George Kenneth Butterfield Jr. is an American politicia…[View]
132839131If I were reincarnated in Russia what are my chances in becoming wealthy through intelligent finance…[View]
132828971/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Sven edition[View]
132831614/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du logiciel LIBRE et de la soupe aux champipis Ancien : >>1328270…[View]
132829083/lat/ Hilo latino: Hilo no-venecos[View]
132839479Tristis est anima mea usque ad mortem[View]
132837829the 'european union' caused the 2008 global financial crisis[View]
132838647/MENA/: Astarte edition[View]
132837716I'm American[View]
132838678ISLAM IS ONLY 1400 YEARS OLD: Muzzie niggas really go out on the street and behead randos for a baby…[View]
132801375/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Pátria do Evangelho http://bvespirita.com/Brasil%20Coracao%20do%20Mund…[View]
132837406>hold on babe, I need to call this guy in the comments a simp for complimenting the woman in the …[View]
132839724ITT: sum a country up in one picture[View]
132839115/int/ 1st Taxonomy Council: Ahem! Welcome my fellow /int/ellectuals to the first ever Princess Taxon…[View]
132808093do you love finlan[View]
132836779>wear mask because i got a lung condition and scared to get corona >people in public go up to …[View]
132838129Germany would be colonizing the moon today if the Weimar Republic survived.[View]
132838966are canadians really like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsQ_TGy2jf0[View]
132839278COVID-19 transmission and protective measures bonus 1(bleach)/10(water) for cleaning Suggestions? th…[View]
132839412loool what silly languages... lol... what weird languages lolll... what a silly couple of countries.…[View]
132839592Irish people be like >hey Northwesttruckfest, pass me a beer[View]
132839193What is your country's diaspora known for /int/?[View]
132837416I have ascended[View]
132831693>tfw no average nafri gf >tfw there's barely any nafri goddesses in sweden did you know w…[View]
132838840They single handedly ruined all regional latin american culture and turned them into reggaeton shith…[View]
132837596So...?: Do you like strawberry juice?[View]
132829080Vocaroo thread: Prompt: order something from McDonalds[View]
132839299Haplogroup: What haplogroup does he belong to? He is not a hapa, born in China.[View]
132835354one of these: say something nice about flag above[View]
132838931>play gayme on compooder >it's boring >go off compooder >it's boring…[View]
132837921Do you love the Vietnamese script?[View]
132838123cunt rhythm with dutch[View]
132833029Do you play stradedy games, /int/?[View]
132831045What country has the best electrical outlet? I've heard the Italian one is the best.[View]
132837997Does this happen in your country?[View]
1328377111. your cunt 2. what is the most embarrassing thing you ever did for a girl? 1. flag 2. >be me, 9…[View]
132835417Name 5 famous people from Texas without using Google[View]
132831873How many personas do you have here on /int/?[View]
132834369What's some of your neighbour countries cuisine, pic related is sweden's[View]
132838180What's your opinion on Tuscany, Italy?[View]
132838371What is it like living in an Oceanic climate?[View]
132838288Sweden isn’t part of continental europe, and neither is Norway[View]
132836227/brit/: Mixed Britannia edition[View]
132838332All that has been, is, and will be is right now.[View]
132809171what are arthoes like in your country? i dont think we have them here[View]
132835000Daylight Savings: Clocks go back tonight. Say thanks to for the extra hour of sleep tonight. God ble…[View]
132830786What happens here?[View]
132838235>No cute Argentinian bf Why live?[View]
132835717>still having daylight saving time[View]
132819441No way[View]
132835696What do you think is the reason religions exist in the world?[View]
132836746every day is exactly the same[View]
132829411Buying a boat: Anyone else considering buying a sailboat and just sailing around to different countr…[View]
132824058Your cunt has just been assigned as proving ground for a population of 10.000 cloned mammoths Can yo…[View]
132836141>Go to a coffee farm in laos for a tour in a big group >Guide picks upa leaf with red ants squ…[View]
132836061How did he grow so big and red?[View]
132833160>animator for Ed Ed and Eddy was shot 9 times and killed by a cop named lee chipper field >he …[View]
132835203What happens here?[View]
132834749Australians on this board make me feel things[View]
132837923/brit/: SEC Armadillo edition[View]
132835195Women want their lovers to speak french and spanish What language do men want their lovers to speak…[View]
132837805Are women like this in your country or are they only so evil in America?[View]
132834068The most based African country prove me wrong[View]
132837723MEETING NOTES: <p> Old photos. Role play with wife. Rabbit character. </p> Patient paid …[View]
132837522SOVL & KINO OVERLOAD[View]
132832979Bros...how can I stop simping? I just gave an e-girl $50. I dont want to go further.[View]
132832468I'm still yet to meet someone from this region who call themselves '''latino''': Why do people …[View]
132834343Why do our women look like this? this is like a 8/10 in dorchester lol[View]
132832616imagine being a naive canadian https://youtu.be/mWQf13B8epw[View]
132835839>mfw i lost all of my friends for being a bpd angry, unstable asshole does this happen in your co…[View]
132820467/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: иншaAллaх вaЛляхи aльхaмдyлиля >>132782366[View]
132823492this is an europe I would fight for[View]
132837391What were Australia/New Zealand like in the 1980's? Is it true that biker gangs and white …[View]
132832874>masks not allowed does your country do this?[View]
132835826キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!![View]
132837158What is the most boring flag on this board? My guess would be USA.[View]
132833804Your Friendliest Enemy: >YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I'M NOT LAZY I'M DEPRESSED…[View]
132837238Is French the worst language to get angry in? Seriously try to scream in French vs screaming in Engl…[View]
132811840/desi/-GOATric edition: reading this ensures we are protected from MH's autism. Thank you.…[View]
132829836What do monarchs in your country look like?[View]
132835693I hate this island so much, its shape is so fucking retarded that I actively root for climate change…[View]
132835163what happens in the green areas[View]
132831202are japanese women really like this???[View]
132834488This was really good bros, any more Brazil kino I should know about?[View]
132832602What year did it all go wrong for you? USA 2007 when I started college and realized that girls thoug…[View]
132819195is Poland getting better than Germany?: two friends living there can confirm this.[View]
132836621ik ook[View]
132836660*someone dies* Americans: >[View]
132832886Post childhood drinks you used to drink or that are popular in your cunt right now: >Picrel, Milo…[View]
132836673Are WASPs just better looking Asians?[View]
132819433/mämmi/: SAATTAEN VAIHDETTAVA painos[View]
132790707kurva anyátok[View]
132835498Why is advertising so heavily ingrained in European culture?[View]
132826074/ex-yu/: lovimo ribe[View]
132808598Why did Brazil fuck up so hard these past 30 years? 1990 - 10 times richer than China 2010 - 3 times…[View]
132834732/brit/: Wallace and Gromit edition[View]
132835642>your count >vidya you played the most as a kid…[View]
132831329How long do you reckon it'll take before a amerigoon gets killed by an IA driven car ?[View]
132834230Post a country worse than the one above you.[View]
132821156/mena/: ESS edition old >>132807498[View]
132825271>tfw spaniard[View]
132834125A E S T H E T I C A[View]
132832989Brazilbros what happens here?[View]
132834716>lost two world wars both of which pushed them to the brink of total collapse >rebuilt and sti…[View]
132833777>the internet[View]
132829442how fast are you? I am stoned by the way[View]
132834599Based Corona: Based Corona has returned to Europe to kill off boomer shits and drive normalfaggots t…[View]
132832718>tfw can’t land an Icelandic qt because they literally outsmart me[View]
132830371Do they really?[View]
132832831Your country: When did you realize that you're here becuase you have aspergers and its not just…[View]
132835296serbian men are incredibly handsome[View]
132834203I want a Norwegian boyfriend to cuddle me and sleep next to me and rub my back, whispering, “Jeg els…[View]
132835033Could I pass as a local in your country? Btw I censored my face because I don’t want to get doxxed[View]
132833254Could I pass as a local in your country???[View]
132833814You wake up in Banana. Wat nou?[View]
132829112I will emigrate to Denmark and live the rest of my life there. Jylland is gay and so is Sjaelland, F…[View]
132825731If you were Indian what would you do?[View]
132831586Ahem. FUCK germ*ny FUCK france FUCK t*rkey FUCK european union LONG LIVE HELLAS WITH RUSSIAN BROTHER…[View]
132829585would you date a girl with autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX6rbLSp8Ys[View]
132833462Does anyone know why specifically Asians place childish decorations in everything? You see this cute…[View]
132832637I'd love to just go to america and buy a shitty car for like $600 and just drive from town to t…[View]
132829827Good morning![View]
132834378I am not gay but Jensen Ackles is hella cute.[View]
132829595>'Stand up straight with your shoulders back' >'Treat yourself like you are someone you are re…[View]
132829570/deutsch/: Dem Spielejoscher seine Ausgabe[View]
132834159DOOD WEIJD LMAOU[View]
132832510Museum Controversies: What's your opinion on museums like the British Museum and Louvre returni…[View]
132833792>Illegal aliens Lmao based burgers[View]
132831427why are swedes orange?: is it a fake tan or do they really get that orange?[View]
132829507This is a German footballer: One of the cutest men I've ever seen. Thank you Germany.[View]
132832190I love scotland and every aspect of it, especially the highlands and the general scenery. Imagine be…[View]
132828738Why is this board 90% gay and boring general threads?[View]
132827835Dear Swedes Do people in your country use gender neutral pronouns?[View]
132823026/ita/ - Il Filo: Edizione Mister FruitJoy[View]
132833681/g/ called me poor again[View]
132828590What's your favorite African country?[View]
132825915Do people in your cunt take care of themselves? Do you take care of yourself?[View]
132832164North America belongs to whites. We came from here originally and 'Native American' religion is just…[View]
132810093Poles live like THIS???[View]
132826088>you finally woke up anon!, you've been asleep so long, i was getting worried, are you ready…[View]
132833015If imageboards don't have/barely have women even in the lockdown so we can conclude women are t…[View]
132830794> We are a band of brothers And native to the soil, Fighting for the property We gained by honest…[View]
132832147From Spain, to Ireland, to Sweden to Russia to Bulgaria it seems white/European girls love the fucki…[View]
132830872>'I'm not just white, I'm' >22% Irish >17% German >28% Italian >30% French…[View]
132827185lol nice try mexibro[View]
132832515we need to divide the EU desu[View]
132829877This was one of the earliest proposals for a United European nation, would you live here?[View]
132801817What Scandinavian country is the best?[View]
132826333I have a deep fascination with jewish people. They’ve spent 2000 years in exile, discriminated again…[View]
132825903/polska/: edycja zainstalował mi się wiedźmin poprzednia: >>132817425 n00ta: https://www.youtu…[View]
132829477I have covid and have to stay isolated until 3 November. I live completely alone, so I will be compl…[View]
132832496Jel mi neko moze objasnit zakaj svi tolko postaju slike i videje sebe ono pari ko neka jebena kompe…[View]
132831138Why does everyone bully Americans on this board? I think they're good lads.[View]
132819748do you have any good friends[View]
132832529i wish my parents moved to australia, i want to live in a first world country[View]
132829578In Turkey and Azerbaijan, pornography is legal. It is more open than Korea, But I've never seen…[View]
132828552Improving English: How would you improve English to match the sophistication, efficiency, and ration…[View]
132818028Halloween is a week away, do people have fun with this holiday in your country? Or are you generally…[View]
132831211Would they be considered attractive in your country?[View]
132826371>France has expelled a Bosnian family who had beaten and shaved the hair of an adolescent girl wh…[View]
132828431International roleplay: Anyone else have a sexual desire to roleplay as Norway and Sweden having hat…[View]
132829604What's the meaning of this reaction pic? Are you the frog or the soyjack? Confusing...[View]
132827097Does anyone else have a fetish for Norwegians? >I am really attracted to Norwegians because their…[View]
132830500Are dreadlocks a popular hairstyle jn your country?[View]
132827443which country to go to be a map-less ascetical wanderer?: I want to become a barefoot, anti-technolo…[View]
132827470Another day, another Belgo-Swedish alliance thread. Get in here[View]
132830955This is the real France's capital[View]
132827972Are people in your country more afraid of racism or LOOKING racist?[View]
132823006/ita/ il filo: edizione velocissima[View]
132823174Euros laugh at the hyperconsumerist photo of Breezewood PA but this is what France looks like https:…[View]
132828407What are Grammar Schools in the United Kingdom like?[View]
132831022In your country, do people autistically follow the law to the dot? Completely incidentally, why are …[View]
132818297are they seething over Borat 2?[View]
132825951Does this happen in your country?: I'm 4k in debt have no job, no friends, all i do is play lea…[View]
132831119Are non-binary people common in your country, /int/? >flag Not common enough…[View]
132827068/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition cool et branché Ancien : >>132822891[View]
132791909/ישר/ - /isr/: מהדורת החברה הקיבוצניקית פתיח: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inwERWgY7DY ארכיון: ht…[View]
132830938Do you know how it's water in british? It's WAHTOH In Australia it is WOTEH[View]
132829108>Italians be like 'ciao, my name is Dino'[View]
132825733Did you know that the Danes once tried to become a German state but even the Prussians turned them d…[View]
132796392/med/: Neptune edition Previous : >>132746904[View]
132816313Today I experienced racsm. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
132824017Does your country have an archipelago?[View]
132827602Why do blacks have low self esteem?[View]
132826400Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the USA. If you made 80k a year. Your work in rem…[View]
132824298Sverigetråden Oskulds-upplagan: Oskuldsgäng rapportera in![View]
132813328China >5,000 years of history America >243…[View]
132830152friendly reminder that you are loved[View]
132824921Europeans hate immigrants, muslims and Russians. Why?[View]
132827987are high school or university TEACHERS paid decently in your country? Here, nah, every single teache…[View]
132827028/brit/: edish[View]
132822213>your country of origin >how was the start of your day today USA woke up to watch some shitty …[View]
132827411/SIMP/ - Singapore, Indonesia, Monaco, Poland: Where my flagbros at?[View]
132829394Be gentle, it's my first time.[View]
132827821>You draw four cards, anon.[View]
132827180what is history class like for other countries? american history classes can just be summed up in on…[View]
132817482Gran Colombia y parceros: Si su pais sale en en verde o gris en esta foto: Bienvenido/a Ask people f…[View]
132823828/deutsch/: Flachwelt-Ausgabe[View]
132825557Do people watch women's sport in your cunt?[View]
132826499>Americans tip their cashiers HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA[View]
132825992Got bullied in London for being from the north[View]
132819963If you were born as a English speaker, which language would you learn?: For me, it’s Chinese(mandari…[View]
132810556African countries are way more populous than I imagined. Fucking Nigeria has over 200 million people…[View]
132826877Med fears the Germanic BVLL[View]
132826289Try to imagine yourself in the Projects of Chicago. You get your first look at this 'Real Nigga' as …[View]
132824673is everyone a city fellow here? has anyone lived in a rural environment? how is it? are rural women …[View]
132826829Guess the country[View]
132817938/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: the savior of /cum/[View]
132828965About janitor: Is the current mod a real son of a bitch ? Poll : https://strawpoll.com/b4yjhr6p9…[View]
132828942Does your cunt have poor public services? >have online class >electricity goes.…[View]
132811882/lat/: hilo latino[View]
132823146Only countries that produce the finest cars can post ITT[View]
132827671https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkIoIsSbg1g America is a magical place. The best thing is that every…[View]
132823513how can i make the world better?[View]
132823007tell me about your city and rate it out of 10: i'll start: london >rent is hilariously expen…[View]
132828168Which is the best spy series according to the rest of the world, the Bond films, Mission Impossible …[View]
132825123ITT Post the rightful homeland of your people[View]
132826040Thank you for being there for me /int/, you are my best friends.[View]
132822857Please don't think too badly of Americans. Yes, many Americans are extremely racist, particular…[View]
132821149The girl sitting behind me on the train is crying. As if my life weren't depressing enough[View]
132824895What are they discussing about, /int/?[View]
132825125Are you the man I'm supposed to meet here?[View]
132827215its wasnt me france i swear wallah ma ana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6IA3wfI_TY[View]
132826422What were your high school years like?[View]
132821746Whats going on in Nigeria?[View]
132790435/balk/: Wealth edition Old: irrelevant bullshit about mk/bg you don't want to read[View]
132827153Will ireland ever be free?[View]
132826781Google 'stupid person' in your language and post the first image in search[View]
132824371¿why do '''1st wolrd''' countries don't have corruption problems?[View]
132824145What do countries in the euro zone think about their currency?[View]
132820478Anyone wanna play? WELCOME TO THE /INT/ERNATIONAL HUNGER GAMES! First come, first serve. Avoid posti…[View]
132822891/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de l'incèle ultime Ancien : >>132817625[View]
132826406What's going on in eastern europe?[View]
132826852this argie makes 1 million a year, say nice things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4ElhxkLUk8[View]
132819720Why do you love Russia?[View]
132814583>when the anglo says 'how are you'[View]
132823574Which Anglosphere country is the best?[View]
132820530How can I move to Finland?[View]
132824684how do say these word in your language >based >retard >قاعدي >مختل…[View]
132824238Do you like England? Do you like London?[View]
132826527How many calendars exist today that are used by a large number of people? > Gregorian Calendar …[View]
132823482>watch history documentary produced by our state owned broadcaster >black extras and female em…[View]
132802812DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2439.2: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japane…[View]
132822624/brit/: mummy chebbers edition[View]
132821602Was he based or cringe?[View]
132822093If you were Brazilian what would you do?[View]
132824687It is complete.[View]
132825560>tfw first rain of the year the anomaly in august doesn't count fuck bros.. so happy i can g…[View]
132806413why are australians like this?[View]
132825785What the fuck is wrong with Sweden?[View]
132818069Turks look like THAT!?[View]
132811220/ex-yu/: eksju gostuje kod marica[View]
132821500/srb/: Merci beaucoup pour tout, chevalier gaulois![View]
132807172Why is it ok to portray my ancestors as the bad guys in movies and video games. Next time you shoot …[View]
132825319Do Europeans really?[View]
132825423how do get rossian grillfriend, thanks[View]
132824220>62% Mormon Did you know we have a state that’s entirely based off a weird bible fanfic created b…[View]
132823761>tfw no emotional support latino does this happen in your country?[View]
132823339your cunt what is the worst thing you did as a child? (u16) flag I got in a fight with a dude, who h…[View]
132822946TV shows about yourkunt's history: Turn: Washington's Spies The story of a spy ring runni…[View]
132809852>tell me some unnerving horror stories really happened in your cunt >from ouija experiences to…[View]
132824570American Indian households bring in $123,453. Whites bring in $65,902. Is this similar to your cunt?[View]
132824248What went wrong?: How did they lose everything?[View]
132823881If I do apply for janitor in 4chan and get the job, how much exactly would I earn?[View]
132824967Belize: What happens here?[View]
132816114What do suburbs look like in your country int? >Northern flag pic related is pretty average in my…[View]
132824574Ni är väl bögar?[View]
132824548>we should get rid of the penny >yeah it's useless >I just use my credit card for ever…[View]
132822274No sex. No friends. Not neurotypical. Not employed. No community. No happiness.[View]
132824513>Google any word >Automatic fill in afterwards is [In hindi] Are you ready for indian coloniza…[View]
132821347Do a lot of people in your country smoke weed?[View]
132817425/polska/: edycja Geralta z Rivii mistrza cechu wiedźmińskiego[View]
132807860These are the only European countries that need to exist. Československo Deutschland England France …[View]
132820299What did he mean by this[View]
132820610Life’s too short to fix your own country. Immigrate to a better place.[View]
132821962How can one be happy? I have tried every thought process like living in the moment but I just can…[View]
132809281we are white[View]
132819410Did you know that no one in Latin America self identifies as Latino?: You heard that right. Just lik…[View]
132819444Anon, it's time. Please follow me.[View]
132823550I shit after every single meal. Is this unusual in your country?[View]
132822330Does this happen in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nag4UNiG6ic >order pizza cuz y…[View]
132822035are buzzcuts common in your country? here it's mostly associated with nazis but i still buzzcut…[View]
132822489Female refugees welcome[View]
132818093/deutsch/: Apufreie Ausgabe[View]
132816470Do you agree with them?[View]
132813540I don't get it.[View]
132806154Map thread.[View]
132823302WELL WELL WELL: we're down 1-0 at the moment, liverchads. but we all know what's going to …[View]
132816040Why do French girls smoke?[View]
132802268What's the poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, depression ridden region in your country? >Fra…[View]
132823259>Russia & USA are much smaller than expected >Scandinavians and UK are tiny >Africa is …[View]
132773736/éire/: Eagrán Cill Dara[View]
132819144>your country >do you live in the best country in the world germany yes :D…[View]
132820779What are your thoughts on the Irish, /int/?[View]
132821798My country is building and finishing so many roads, expressways, bridges, river barriers, a subway, …[View]
132816396>Republic of >People's Republic of >Democratic Republic of >People's Democrati…[View]
132823054did you know France used to have SOVL?[View]
132815001Which part of your country is the best part?[View]
132817986India has just completed its moon landing and is now a super power. Apologize.[View]
132812723/ita/ - il filo: >Ehi, tu! finalmente sei sveglio![View]
132822994Pig mask faggot posts here.[View]
132821579Did you know that empathy in Greek means 'intense hatred'?[View]
132821468>dumb phoneposter[View]
132821580Is weightlifting a popular activity in your country?[View]
132817625/fr/ - Anon fait son premier fil: Édition des beaux gosses cultivés qui ramassent les filles à la pe…[View]
132820379I can't grow a beard.[View]
132816343Dream country to retire in?: For me it would either be a tropical beach in Jamaica, Rwanda or Osaka.…[View]
132822644/brit/: prince nassim edish[View]
132814110Do you wanna leave your cunt. If so, why?[View]
132818824Is there a soulless city in the world that tries as hard as Brasilia to seem like it has soul?[View]
132816789>my dad just told me that he got me a psychiatrist appointment next week…[View]
132820522/esp/ - El hilo hispanofono: Edicion - El penitente https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfQv36RJHFA…[View]
132819091/brit/: Fedora edition[View]
132815507Sverigetråden Här Ska Jag In-upplagan[View]
132820936Do Muslim actually? https://youtu.be/0TbSlek3Wc0[View]
132817377romance language speaker how would you rank the romance language by easy ot hardest difficulty? im H…[View]
132816088This is the average brazilian poster[View]
132821614I miss talking to her, bros...[View]
132820067Why cant pinkoides handle spicy??[View]
132814295why did wearing a mask become a literal cult for people[View]
132820341I think I might be developing schizophrenia.[View]
132771303/asean/: seriousboat edition[View]
132821434It's been two years this month You didn't forget about him, right /int/? https://desuarchi…[View]
132821609It's all so tiresome: > Tfw the beginning of the end is almost here…[View]
132818250Has your country ever been DEVILISH? >be germany >invent communism >invent national sociali…[View]
132814091Country Post the last picture you took[View]
132820984Why do Koreans and Americans love zombie movies?: ヘ(0Д0ヘ)[View]
132817587>30% of the population of london is from other countries[View]
132821376Merci beaucoup pour tout, chevalier gaulois![View]
132818486Moufid Abdelaziz Junior, (born 1980) commonly known as Moufid Aziz is a Brazilian model of Moroccan …[View]
132804268/NEDERDRAAD/: voltaire editie[View]
132820862What do places of worship look like in your country? This is what ours look like, more or less[View]
132820985rightful german frog[View]
132816465Does Monaco ever post here? If so, what about? Rich people struggles?[View]
132817204My birth killed my mother Does this happen in your country?[View]
132807629>9 A.D. >rides past your village >'salve!' what's the correct move here…[View]
132816898Explain this americans[View]
132818383my favourite international food? fairy bread of course[View]
132815461Things that could only happen in America[View]
132820409Would she be considered fat or curvy in your country?[View]
132817376I have to tip my landlord 2%/month: Does this happen in ur cunt[View]
132812764I stand with Taiwan. China can go fuck itself, it will NEVER get its grimy, communist hands on Taiwa…[View]
132812340moldova is romanian clay[View]
132819079Why do first worlders, especially Americans, make up the majority of 4chans demographics?[View]
132758630/balt/+/ausnz/: /balt/+/ausnz/ edition[View]
132819724Are Americans actually the bad guys?[View]
132820378Janny, seethe: Seethe for me my little jannypoo[View]
132815900This is what I imagine all european posters here are like[View]
132820147Are Christians persecuted in your country?[View]
132816617is Japan the only country that loves Germany?[View]
132807498/mena/ Middle East & North Africa General[View]
132817314>tfw it's been years since someone said something nice about my appearance It's fucking…[View]
132816992i wish i lived on a caribbean island or in polynesia or something fuck the darkness and the rain des…[View]
132816123What makes us so good?[View]
132810857Why do you love Australia?[View]
132817544hey guys check out this cool romanian flag with a bird on it i found! How cool is it![View]
132782366/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Tвин Пинc пpeд. >>132741506[View]
132818350America Appreciation Thread[View]
132815761/brit/: TURKED.com edition[View]
132818066Good evening I hate Mordor[View]
132812703Thoughts on this?[View]
132818609Holy shit South Korea is first world country and superior to some European by living standards. How …[View]
132807274I have a question to Korean.: Even though Korean people hate Japanese,why are you continue to watch …[View]
132818368Have you tried briskett ?[View]
132806920/mämmi/: Nyymien sydämet valloittava Tsino -painos[View]
132817572ITT:We summon Bhutan.[View]
132815173How often do people from your country usually shower per week? Also, what's more popular, takin…[View]
132815858海外の反応: http://www.all-nationz.com/archives/1078070439.html >>132775464 Our Thread yesterday ab…[View]
132818083How did these people conquer the world? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCHFOZPz8wo&list=PLnS5G0…[View]
132817089Did you know...?: This is symbol of Japan Do you love Japan?[View]
132812444Do Canadians really?[View]
132815303Have you done your part anon?: I've been replacing most of my electronics with Xiaomi the last …[View]
132790106/eag/ - East Asian General: For diaspora and following countries: East Asia and Sinosphere: Korea (N…[View]
132811844I just realised, all the exchange student programs were created for european men to fuck brown and b…[View]
132817406How are portrayed germans in your media? This is Otto Merkel, the crazy scientist[View]
132813172Were Britons ancient beings, impossible to comprehend?[View]
132806463I was born and grew up in Sao Paulo.: This is the first time I come to a state north of Sao Paulo. Y…[View]
132814945How is breastfeeding seen, heard, smelt, touched and tasted in your country?[View]
132817092/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Scrotum Removal edition[View]
132813108/deutsch/: Dem Militarier seine Ausgabe[View]
132817395>Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if…[View]
132812624/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition nique les citadins. Ancien : >>132805749[View]
132817025RS-24 Yars mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles stuck in a traffic jam in Russia. Does this ha…[View]
132814307I'm American and I identify as genetically Anglo, Irish, Italian, French, and Mediterranean bec…[View]
132815043Guess what country this webm takes place in.[View]
132817206>buy something from German Shop24 website >months later >get cold-called by someone trying …[View]
132803704Alright /int/, let's play a comfy poker game.: Join: lipoker.io/game/653102 Room password:/int/…[View]
132814607Do you love Japan?[View]
132816160Every single woman in this video is incredibly attractive. Did /int/ lie to me about Korean women be…[View]
132816138I love Japan.[View]
132817045https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiksi Apart from drunken eskimo shenanigans, what happens here?[View]
132816933What's a SHOCKING fact about your country? We don't have public transportation 1.5 days a …[View]
132811520/polska/: edycja Mazinger stara: >>132805149 n00ta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4_8mvdnwA…[View]
132806199What are some modern day National Socialist countries?[View]
132784403/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Go fuck yourselves edition[View]
132816686transcription wanted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVQef1XxUvk what are people saying?…[View]
132816295>Your country >Would you wear this?[View]
132816578Nurhacsi vagyok.[View]
132816484i want to penetrate barely legal swede pussies, let my superior brown seed inside them and make scan…[View]
132811355What's our opinion on Vatican City: the country ?[View]
132814081Average couple from Sao Paulo[View]
132813638Noses of /int/[View]
132816309R A R E A R E[View]
132814612Why can't we all just get along?[View]
132813106Did I just fix the borders of the region? you bet your ass I did: Of course pic related is a rough e…[View]
1328090431. Country 2. Best nordic men? 3. Best nordic women?[View]
132814689>croats on /pol/ “We (croats) are germanic, not slavic” >croats on a genetic site Are closer …[View]
132809228>watch scary movie >House of a 1000 corpses >too scary >can’t sleep >just hide under …[View]
132814878map thread: Mexican embassies[View]
132803218How is it even possible to live in a country with 1.5 billion people? I can't even comprehend t…[View]
132814185holy shit muslims on twitter want Macron dead/gone[View]
132815996Why do south Asians love to work corner shops and petrol stations?[View]
132815795I have unironically kissed my homie just to show my group how straight i am. (It was a dare) Does th…[View]
132813297>Poland >Russia >Prussia…[View]
132804677Do anons here really hate women? Honestly I don't. I have many girl friends. They are all nice.[View]
132814486Have you invented a new language?[View]
132813728/brit/: kot edition[View]
132812491Sometimes when I think I need to pee I randomly ejaculate instead does this happen in your country?[View]
132814002What are your thoughts and experiences with Bangladesh? https://thediplomat.com/2020/10/south-asia-h…[View]
132811391Why doesn't Shinji-kun have sex with Kaworu-kun?[View]
132815515Are all Italians like this with their mothers?[View]
132815266Wǫhy doesn't Polish use ǫ instead of ą? It would make more sense.[View]
1328043711. Your country 2. Oldest aged woman you would date[View]
132815205Racism is myth Creates by Jews to keep down the white male[View]
132813797If you come from a poor country, will your country benefit from Brexit?[View]
132772540Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:Thread >>132716878 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
132814839Will French prestige ever recover from WW2?: France once held 20% of Europe's population within…[View]
132807963how do I migrate to Ukraine?: After the recent abortion ban here and mass arrests during the protest…[View]
132813357>this is a thing in south america[View]
132813155How do you get a gains girlfriend?[View]
132813119>you'r count'ry >is your bed uncomfortable flag very. too poor to get a new one…[View]
132813270tell me about Oregon: is it a good place to live by american standards?[View]
132810086it's all so tiresome[View]
132810048Is it the genetics, food, water or the Culture?[View]
132813585>your country >what are dubs in your country like >do they come close to portuguese dub htt…[View]
132813618Arre the girls here cute?[View]
132814748When I was fifteen, sixteen, when I started really to play the guitar. I definitely wanted to become…[View]
132814147Did your country have commie communes? No, we shot the commies.[View]
132814380What actually happens here?[View]
132812548i'm algerian french people universally fear and despise me lol[View]
132812954Do brown girls really?[View]
132805045Do you support the rattachement du Québec à la France?[View]
132814368>83,000 cases r..r..r...RECORD![View]
132810448In Indonesia, elementary school is called 'Sekolah Dasar (SD)' which can roughly translated as Based…[View]
132811366Romania needs to give them independence or to Hungary NOW[View]
132814317it's 21:42 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
132814268In Volgograd, a 96-year-old participant in the battle of Stalingrad was cured of coronavirus.[View]
132814174It all started when he showed up[View]
132805358/hell/ - Ελληνικό νήμα[View]
132813926Hey, you. Yeah, YOU. If you’re reading this, I love you and your country. Have a good day/night.[View]
132813701How much time of your life did you waste? I wasted 2 years and 2 months.[View]
132813338we aren't latinos[View]
132814042Why do they love rain so much?[View]
132802144Why is the russian auto industry so small and irrelevant? Shouldn't they need cars more than o…[View]
132810361Why are they so bad?[View]
132813885/esp/ - Hilo Español[View]
132813848Post cool stuff from other countries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfPCdJapIXA[View]
132806170I have been on nofap for the past two weeks. I made some serious gains margin trading crypto this we…[View]
132807362Western men traveling anywhere overseas... should live in constant fear of pic related. What he did,…[View]
132810016Sverigetråden Lördagsfest-upplagan: Eftersom det är lördag, vad ska ni ÄTA? DRICKA? SPELA? KOLLA PÅ?…[View]
132811126/brit/: Britain edition[View]
132790372/norgetråden/: Ambulansesøtnosutgaven Forrige tråd: >>132764865[View]
132813060>your country >do you study for open-book exams(e.g exams that allow you to use slides, books …[View]
132804092>you will never live in a commieblock How do you cope with this?[View]
132811870I'm not french i'm chadtuguese[View]
132812018french rhymes with stench[View]
132811932How are congolombians seen in the rest of south america?[View]
132813107Are meatballs popular in your country?[View]
132810700>tfw no Indian gf[View]
132812828Moving to first world: How do i achieve it?[View]
132803797/ita/ - il filo: edizione Gallus gallus domesticus[View]
1328031521. Your country 2. Does she have two vaginas? And if so is one of them a horse vagina and the other …[View]
132806901/deutsch/: Matthäus Rippel Ausgabe[View]
132812883>your country >do you like a good food germany hello yes i like a good food pic related its a …[View]
132811754>country >lunch time? BR lunch time :)[View]
132810185Why are Chileans the biggest assholes on this board?[View]
132806869Why are they so bad at video games?[View]
132810394Why are they so obsessed with guns?[View]
132806204South Slavs are everything that east and west slavs wish they were: Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, cz…[View]
132807845>your cunt >its hogwarts house flag I guess gryffindor because most foreigners think we are ar…[View]
132811287O dia 20 de outubro marcou 9 anos do assassinato brutal de um grande homem: o Coronel Muammar Al Kad…[View]
132812442Are teenage daughters allowed to talk to their fathers this way in your country's culture?[View]
132805749/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition OFF Ancien : >>132800730[View]
132811227do orchestras in your country have SOVL? https://youtu.be/SFRR3wdmDqE[View]
132810342do people birdwatch in your cuntry? i saw a nuthatch, some kinglets and a hawk today[View]
132811549I am forced to LARP as an Englishman because I don't want to explain that I live in Ireland eve…[View]
132809866Fuck off we're full: If you wanna live in Europe go to Scandinavia. They still have space…[View]
132808806Does this happen in your country? Have you actually seen it in person?[View]
132804089Do people eat this by the spoonful in your country?[View]
132810687come to gurgaon[View]
132809743behold the anglo phenotype[View]
132808907>i suffer in spain[View]
132808935>you travel 1000 years into the future and discover a glorious galactic empire constituted entire…[View]
132787646/desi/ - Kerala Chad Edition[View]
132789579Why do white people fear this piece of fabric?[View]
132809669Are corona protests happening in yiu: UK Yes >https://www.twitter.com/RodriguesJasonL/status/1319…[View]
132784839/lat/: hilo afro-argentino[View]
132795798I feel a spiritual change coming on in myself like when I became an atheist 5 years ago, but this ti…[View]
132802738>mum using personal facebook to shitpost about the france teacher affair with fuck's sake wh…[View]
132796106I wish cigarettes here were as cheap as in eastern europe[View]
132811188/brit/: Pickle Floyd edition[View]
132805149/polska/: edycja kupowania czarnych stara: >>132797566 n00ta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
132807977I love Australians now[View]
132791762/ex-yu/: Izdanje Slobine milicije[View]
132808656/brit/: well rorke???????[View]
132809226How do relations between muslims and germans in Germany even work. You're in a restaurant and m…[View]
132809369Do you have transgender bathrooms in your country?[View]
132801774Millions in Poland are protesting against the authoritarian regime. Do you have protests in your cou…[View]
132810524After years of inceldom i have acquired brasilian gf of dubious ancestry My portuguese roots are rur…[View]
132800965Is your city beautiful? Pic related[View]
132803730Racemixing is ba-[View]
132806561self made meal brahs[View]
132800317why did gauls lose?[View]
132796062>advertising country generals the h*ck is the point?[View]
132810384Pepes are literally mainstream?: I just rolled up to a normie channel and a few had frogs as their m…[View]
132810279I will support Taiwan until the day I die. I would fight for them forever to destroy the tyrannical …[View]
132808010is this type of couple common in your country?[View]
132808641>they say Australia has no culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3sbyesGcUE&ab_channel=De…[View]
132810082/improover/ - GET IT DONE edition - post your material: AAAAAHHHHHHHH I'M IMPROOVINGGGGGGGGG!!!…[View]
132809848>alle warten auf das Licht >fürchtet euch, fürchtet euch nicht >die Sonne scheint mir aus d…[View]
132809651Wait... what?!? When has France ever wronged us other than being the first state to recognise our so…[View]
132808100Have you ever fallen in love? I haven't[View]
132809723I may not show it in real life but I'm a Anatolian bvll and I will defend Germany from the Hebr…[View]
132799234so what have you /int/cels learned about international culture since coming here?[View]
132809603Bonjour. J'aimerais savoir pourquoi les narbos s'agenouillent en cercle autour d'une …[View]
132809489>dont worry mommy is just sleeping, if you call the police ill kill you…[View]
132803505Does your country have women fitness freaks?[View]
132805655Turks make high quality drum cymbals in their country and are world renowned for their quality. Does…[View]
13280356847 days sober![View]
132807029Do you love the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?[View]
132787711Do you love Japan?[View]
132809222Does Ainu soldiers faced a discrimination while serving in Imperial Japanese Army?[View]
132807671Pls gib Spanish gf https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UhWxcQxPxEo[View]
132808189Why does hair hate them?[View]
132807877What do you think of Mexico?[View]
132807131Kisame, we're leaving...[View]
132802358/esp/ - Hilo Español[View]
132797596>buy new high end gaming PC >install Gothic 2 and Heroes 3…[View]
132807545What is Poland's favourite neighbour? With witch one does it have the best relationship?[View]
1328110721. Your country 2. Is secularism 'actually' the most oppressing ideology to ever exist?[View]
132798457jokes aside, what nordics normally eat?[View]
132807407>his country doesn't have its own biogeographic region: How embarrassing[View]
132807803Which phenotype is this?[View]
132804346will you marry a girl who went to erasmus?[View]
132808075Why do all somalians look like this?[View]
132807461Do you elect horses for prime ministers in your cunt?[View]
132802884>mfw this is what the average german gf looks like...[View]
132803971Remember: Americans never invaded your country Americans never bombed your house Americans never hav…[View]
132802509This is my friend achref And he's about to get the Japanese citizenship He need more few week…[View]
132807982>I suffer as a Jew[View]
132807835What’s the average woman in your country look like?[View]
132800028Please eat culinary from Brazil.[View]
132806987>There's only one race, the human race[View]
132805911/fr/ - francofil: Édition Rastapopoulos Ancien : >>132800730[View]
132803909/eag/ - East Asian Thread: Thread for pic related countries but also to speak about what's goin…[View]
132802008I've flirted by a Nafri girl... Despite hating Nafris: I dunno what to do, I'm usually ext…[View]
132804776Was Khomeini based?[View]
132777299/mena/ - Middle East & North Africa: after dark edition old thread: >>132735840[View]
132803263Sverigetråden: Svenskt vatten-upplagan[View]
132807767>German car manufacturer >brand logo is literally half a swastika inside a circle >hakenkre…[View]
132807656Czech History: Do Czechs consider Svatopluk I of Moravia as Czech? What about the Kingdom of Bohemia…[View]
132807335>44°F >6.666667°C >279.817 K >503.67 R…[View]
132805293So...?: What’s your favourite drink?[View]
132799581Would you ever live in Sydney?[View]
132805347russian car appreciation thread: thx russia[View]
132806670Woah, why didn't someone tell me that Utah was so based and Anglopilled?[View]
132795910MENA people, what do you have to say for yourselves? Why are you so fat?[View]
132804585Wait, do Americans actually?[View]
132797163>his president doesn't have coronavirus yet woah... how backwards is your country?…[View]
132804813>nunca te cogeras fuerte a una puta colombiana Para que vivir[View]
132806391Why does everyone of those niggers bald in their 40s[View]
132800600I have never eaten taco's in my life[View]
132801318/deutsch/: Fairness Ausgabe[View]
132803400me giving a tourist wrong directions[View]
132805458/int/ Niceness Index 1.0 Polan 0.9 Rússia/Nepal 0.8 Finland/Peru/Colombia 0.7 Hungary/Croatia/Mexico…[View]
132803056what happened armenbros? i thought we were supposed to win..[View]
132805670Why do anglos always break every treaty??[View]
132794766/mämmi/: Hurjasteleva Tsino -painos[View]
132805470I'm so horny, bros does this happen in your country?[View]
132800730/fr/ - le francofil: Édition AH! Ma biche ma biche ma biche! Tac tac tac tac Ancien : >>132796…[View]
132805741Poland has the region's largest economy (GDP PPP total of US$1.353 trillion,[23] ranked 22nd in…[View]
132804780put nuke here: >a 'country' of retarded subhumans with a deep-rooted slave mentality (bit like 's…[View]
132783318How do they always come back stronger from what after the world throws at them. It's only been…[View]
132802762>/fr/ - Le Francofil >Liberté, egalité, Ta geuele pédé…[View]
132803331These are your masters and you must obey them.[View]
132796829do you love Hungary? I love Hungary.[View]
132799351How many excellent black women can you send to my country?[View]
132804751Do you guys ever just think about all of the incredible things that have happened where you are curr…[View]
132803143is it true it hits you harder if you take it and then have a meal after a while? any info generally …[View]
132802287/brit/: edition[View]
132804141I never reply to american posters. Do you also discriminate against certain flags?[View]
132802979Croats on /pol/ be like[View]
132800982Aha! Can you meet sex?[View]
132805064How would this look for your country ?[View]
132804898Imagine being BTFO so hard by the UK who fought you half-heartedly with both hands tied behinds its …[View]
132797566/polska/: edycja z anime[View]
132800742Do you support the China-Pakistan alliance?[View]
132802523Americans think being rich is a quality, this alone tells you how much disgusting people they are[View]
132799829What's a place your cunt is occupying that has nothing do with the other places your cunt owns?[View]
132797058Changing your name: Is it cringe that I want to change my name and surname to anglo-saxon one or at …[View]
132800620bruh, why you gotta be gay with it[View]
132801836This is the first African-Canadian prime minister of Canada. Please say something nice about him.[View]
132801534hoolyyy SHIT, does every girl in the netherlands look like this?[View]
132804317>sit at room and chill on chan >hear randos scream at each other on the street >people open…[View]
132803740From today's march on Rome[View]
1328028884 players. Blinds: 200/400. Your stack: 4000 You got J diamond & 2 Diamond. The first guy raise…[View]
132802998Thank you Turkey. Without you we couldn't eat tasty and cheap food.[View]
132788826There is a FACT that the Korean government hides from its people and the whole world. Southern porti…[View]
132802845are fat people common in your country[View]
132804038Naruto and Sasuke undoing the covid-19 pandemic.[View]
132798065you're meaning to tell me the p*Risian republic killed all of THIS???[View]
132803867>British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is a pseudoarchaeological belief that the people…[View]
132801558I was born in the wrong time. I should die for Napoleon.[View]
132803762/ita/ il filo: Edizione ferratelle[View]
132789001/nederdraad/: Robert Jensen & Donald Trump-editie[View]
132801022imagine being an monarchy supporter[View]
132790603What makes French food different? This just looks like typical European food.[View]
132788156/int/ humour thread[View]
132801963I miss being a NEET. I miss having mummy take care of me.[View]
132799716Is there a language black people have actually improved by speaking it? Dutch spoken by Africans bec…[View]
132802648I thought Japs were meant to be thin?[View]
132799766/brit/: The British Isles edition[View]
132787342/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Roma Invicta[View]
132801958Is it common in your country to wank more than three times a day?[View]
132801487I'm a Chadtuguese[View]
132788263What is the best mixed raced combiation?: And why is it latino/white[View]
132801409unironically I dislike russia, do you dislike russia?[View]
132800271could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
132799106The union flag is the best flag, I tell yer. There's nuffin' yer can do ter change that fa…[View]
132797498Are most of these posters Hispanic?[View]
132798347>Que would happen if, wenn Du open your computero, finde eine message in esta lingua? No est Engl…[View]
132801834Does your country have separatists?[View]
132787283These fellas do anything interesting?[View]
132797060Mexico city... home...[View]
132802020the population of chicken in the world is around 25 billion when will they take revenge on humans fo…[View]
132798316Post your favorite music https://youtu.be/PIh2xe4jnpk[View]
132790484Let's have another Iran thread. Post all Iran related shit here, on any subtopic you find inter…[View]
132801358VGH... the streets of Toronto[View]
132800851Do people here unironically think were anglo ?[View]
132788855/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: things that make ya go hmm edition[View]
132801128He lives in Monotheistic country.[View]
132801546This angers the sp*inoid.[View]
132800577If there are no blacks in your country, you are first world and you don't suffer. Financial sta…[View]
1328005232008 Global financial crisis VS Covid19: Which is worse?[View]
132798791>your cunt >do you also crack walnuts?[View]
132787559Americans btfo[View]
132791170Do Saudi Arabian qts want to taste Big Polish Cock?[View]
132800862/desi/: Is kerala the most based state in India?[View]
132798103Sverigetråden - Kyss mina fötter!!: Jag ska spöa alla er i tråden!!![View]
132793987bat soup: do ppeople eat bat soup in you are country?*[View]
132800310Name something or anything Africans have improved on.[View]
132800481We need to do spring cleaning soon.[View]
132795480/deutsch/: Ranzige Ausgabe extra für den Taxler[View]
132795482Who is the most reputable person in your country to die from coronavirus?[View]
132800631Just recently my country successfully negotiated a trade deal with Japan. Yay! What achievement has …[View]
132798841It is true that in order to eat good food in Britain, you gotta order breakfast regardless of the ti…[View]
132800762https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCR1QCdTilo >What is Easter? >Easter? >Candy? Why don'…[View]
132795941why do some northcucks think we love em?: the fact Spaniards hate you all and wish the worst for you…[View]
132798911Question thread: I have been seeing so many 5'5-5'8 Manlet guys who married to qt wife suc…[View]
132794330>most intelligent in the world >most attractive in the world >richest >physically strong…[View]
132797336Do you love Rome?[View]
132796698/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition des kop1's Ancien : >>132788763[View]
132790581do you love morocco?[View]
132791391Why did Jeff Bezos adopt a chinese girl?[View]
132794507What does US Government cheese taste like?[View]
132799842So, japanese is hard or not?[View]
132800127>Overly Sarcastic Productions >It's not sarcastic at all Does this happen in your country…[View]
132799433Do you like california people??[View]
132795061what happens here?: what happens there[View]
132793539Anyone else an autistic isolated shut-in? Normies look like they have so much fun, even the subpar u…[View]
132793149Why do people here make fun of travelling? I've only travelled around the US but it seems fun a…[View]
132798273Truthpills Thread: What if I told you, there is no such thing as 'French' people, ethnicity and cult…[View]
132800068Sushi is so good! Tank you Japan i love Japan so much![View]
132799439Post the most popular cheese from your country.[View]
132796010ITT: Post a town and peoples will guess the continent (cunt if possible) I begin[View]
132799795do you have natural disasters in your cunt and how often do they happen ?[View]
132795077/brit/: Norf edition[View]
132796648Please love Hungury. Learn Hungarian. Read Hungarian books. Listen to Hungarian music. Visit Hun…[View]
132799301How would you fix fr*Nce?[View]
132793833how you cope?[View]
132799534I have superior y-dna mutations[View]
132788830why do they pale in comparison in virtually every single way to their ancestors?[View]
132799533Which country has the most seizure cases?[View]
132799183Which euro country have the most attractive bois?[View]
132796863America is about to lose what's left of its bee population[View]
132798473ELSASS FREI[View]
132794698In America, if you tell your therapist you are suicidal, they call the police and you get hospitaliz…[View]
132797800you wake up in Poland August 31th 1939[View]
132798687yes, i am a brit no, i will not treat your locals with courtesy and basic respect no, i will not lea…[View]
132798769>When you enter EU your country becomes soy globalhomo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovzGVOjR9S…[View]
132796492Hellenic Italy[View]
132798746kurva körte[View]
132798615Imagine being naive canadian https://youtu.be/mWQf13B8epw[View]
132798175Is your cunt homophobic?[View]
132797384Why don't Americans celebrate All Hallows' Eve?[View]
132795984do they really?[View]
132798679fuck me swingin' you blokes are soft[View]
132797037do women in your country often wear clothing like this?[View]
132796401In Japan[View]
132798551Does this happen in your country?[View]
132797997What did criminals and violent gangbangers look like in your country in the 1920's and 1930…[View]
132794588Oh hey uhm, world? One more thing..: So like, now that this 'country''s influence is waning dra…[View]
1327964511. Your country 2. Are you retarded[View]
132792821/brit/: JUST FUCK UP MY FUTURE edition[View]
132796346After months of being alone with my sister in quarantine her smile now makes my heart skip a beat. D…[View]
132794956Do you like Japanese hentai?[View]
132797936What do you think about this?: https://d3lmsxlb5aor5x.cloudfront.net/library/audio/29-11_lorimer.mp3…[View]
132767576Built from 1529-1534, this monastery was built with thick tall walls as well as with defensive merlo…[View]
132796028Do your ancestors lives govern the way you live your life?[View]
132788295Every time I come across a man shorter than me, especially when he is with a female partner I feel a…[View]
132794420British niggas really do live like this and see no problem[View]
132781408/polska/: edycja śródnocna[View]
132795709'College' sounds cooler than 'university'[View]
132796957What the fuck Americans? Where has the entertainment been? I hear that you have president election i…[View]
132796292have you seen the blue deer yet /int/?[View]
132791870>get a Turkish gf >take her virginity >she is now in love with me and obsessed with me Eat …[View]
132794216What should I order? Burger King or baguettes mix with potetous and mayo? Both are 8 euro with deliv…[View]
1327860341. your country 2. what's your hair type?[View]
1327952641. Your country 2. Which album do you like the most?[View]
132796159Cities by highest salary in the world[View]
132791147>broke another chair does this happen in your country?[View]
132791173got big enough joint there, rick?[View]
132792695>imagine paying moot to advertise your shitty general.[View]
132796278Can all of you just shut the fuck up?[View]
132795301Have you had any negative experience with immigrants? I think they're mostly cool[View]
132787447Remember who actually handled COVID horrifically wrong[View]
132795269I live in a 60% black city. Ask me anything[View]
132793208Where will be Next regional power in asia?: Vietnam or Indonesia or somewhere[View]
132790676Have you ever been in a fight?: I've been to some fights and had charges pressed over minor inj…[View]
132788763/fr/ - le francofil: Édition vieille école. Ancien (mort) : >>132779176[View]
132796380Have Poland thanked their BLACK Bull?: Daily reminder That a BLACK man liberate Warsaw from N*zis du…[View]
132795971>ameritards believe that being hispanic is a race why?[View]
132796271>Eurafrica (a portmanteau of 'Europe' and 'Africa'), refers to the German idea of strategic partn…[View]
132794457>tfw gf[View]
132789695I'm your Emperor! Kneel before me or die![View]
132795877Pic related will host western refugees running away from the caliphates in 2050.[View]
132783656Sverigetråden - Lilla Pips upplaga[View]
132795790>you will never be a real nigga in south central LA involved in gang warfare how do you cope with…[View]
132792862What worse in your country being college dropout or a highschool dropout >canada >college drop…[View]
132794329who will prevail in this eternal rivalry?[View]
132795942scandinavians cannot understans icelandic[View]
132793319>fellow students show up to class coofing and sneezing, don't keep 1 meter distance, make fu…[View]
132793277country opinion on blvck qveens? do you have ones in yours?[View]
132795788I hate traveling and i hate people who substitute traveling for a personality[View]
132795731why do they not like italians?[View]
132794432When did you take the xipill?[View]
132795693why did the UK have to leave the EU right before I start uni?: now I have to pay over 40k GBP per ye…[View]
132794989The good will always defeat evil: >The UK will be a Polish speaking country in your lifetime. …[View]
132794724Those are the new European countries. Euros: how fucked are you?[View]
132793184>mfw I haven't seen an Armenian flag in weeks[View]
132794093Is it true that otakus are severely discriminated against in south korea? It pains me to see the Chi…[View]
132794923Why Japs dont care nor follow Western vidya culture while Westerners are obsessed with Jap vidya cul…[View]
132795595>mfw i just saw an acquaintance on tinder i almost fucked in the past >realized that the blurr…[View]
132793743Who really won the space race?[View]
132791218Are the English Germans like us?[View]
132795005im about to start an onlyfans account with my foot pics, but I've been struggling with my moral…[View]
132795209>tfw an american replies to your post[View]
132792343Does /int/ have a good taste in manga?[View]
132795212>some fucking french roach just replied to me shut the fuck up[View]
132792249>I will always be G*rman How are you suffering in your country?[View]
132794439do you have suicidal thoughts?[View]
132791009>gaijin chans are saying' I hate anime!!' Oh look at this Why are gaijin chans conceal your true…[View]
132794884i dont have a phsysical form: how common is that in your country?[View]
132793671>defeated in an online debate again[View]
132791898What do you think of this country?[View]
132794338Frankly, I can't blame asian women for lusting after us whites, their men are hideous[View]
132794334They are good at everything except loving people.[View]
132792606Your thoughts?[View]
132793296>First Trump >Then Corona >Now Giant Hornets How will USA survive to the next decade? https…[View]
132783655/deutsch/: suspekte ausgabe[View]
132794467Post Dark Age 大金Jin dynasty (1115–1234)[View]
132794121Boys I'm going to harvest virgin oil for my uncle for the weekend. Would you like some?[View]
132794392How would you make your country a better place?: How would /int/ make their respective nation a bett…[View]
132794406BMW Multipla[View]
132785469What are rednecks actually like? They seem pretty friendly from the tv shows about them I've wa…[View]
132793538Remind me why I should like my country again /int/[View]
132793308about to walk the dog, will pass by a store, do any of you guys want anything?[View]
132793779why do the Uk produces so many carrots?[View]
132791453Is this the best city in America?[View]
132793475Spaniards anon, how's the condition in Barcelona right now? Are they doing fine without tourism[View]
132789465Family hierarchy: What's your place in the pecking order of your family? Patriarch? Heir?…[View]
132790582What is the best Spanish accent/dialect to learn? What is the hottest?[View]
132793951The US is so silly lol[View]
132776517/mämmi/: he veivät tämän sinulta painos[View]
132793528really makes you think[View]
132792006Do people cook with wine in your country? Finland, no. Too expensive. The cheapest wine is around 10…[View]
132746590/Luso: Edição: nada foi planejado[View]
132789935>You wake up >Europe looks like this What do?…[View]
132793480UKbro Hehe[View]
132790137whats their endgame[View]
132790449What is your country made for? Mine is made for CCP.[View]
132792004Take care of yourself,eurobros. Hope you're well.[View]
132793594Does retarded roads like these exists in your country?[View]
132793108Why do all minorities start rapping in the New world?: https://youtu.be/cl0a3i2wFcc[View]
132788399why doesnt ireland just take northern ireland?[View]
132791741Why do Europeans love being told what to do?[View]
132792869the prized english rose[View]
132793269At what age did you realize you weren't anything special?[View]
132793021Will America survive corona and the economic bubble[View]
132790604how can I get a german gf?[View]
132790256Name the worst 1st world country[View]
132787286a. ur cunt b. is it an improvement? yes or no?[View]
132791369America: fuck yeh[View]
132790184Check out my new flag[View]
132792134If your country has never destroyed another civilization, you are not white[View]
132789614my country has no mountains or scenery[View]
132792908>You and I in a little toy shop >Buy a bag of balloons with the money we've got…[View]
132784539Why do they suck Japan's dick so much? Is it Stockholm Syndrome?[View]
132778443/ex-yu/: Gde izlazimo vecheras anone? edicija[View]
132782965You have 10 seconds to act as German as possible.[View]
132784007>yurkunt >how do you deal with grief and anger…[View]
132792537Fuck scenery we got these niggas.[View]
132792084How would you improve life in France?[View]
132789182So, anon? Were you born in a girl month?[View]
13279199799% immigrants on this board[View]
132789530/brit/: Only real gamers will remember this edition[View]
132792747Is this music in spanish or italian: https://m.soundcloud.com/s-a-m-3-v/morenas-cuando-brilla-la-lun…[View]
132787780What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
132792676What happens on all of these rivers? Can you really take the ferry from St. Petersburg to Lake Baika…[View]
132792651Do they believe the god would save them in the future?[View]
132792478Ching zha putao fa xu xao shi shi[View]
132787009my indonesian gf just sent me this why don‘t you have an indonesian gf???[View]
132777620Which face is sexier? I can't decide.[View]
132792029What are some magical/mysterious places you have in your country? Here people meet at the mountain o…[View]
132788431How is breastfeeding seen, heard, smelt, touched and tasted in your country?[View]
132784701Ever since I heard about this, I can't stop associating every Mexican flag with it[View]
132790205Do you have food in your country?[View]
132792146You signed the petition tight /aus/bros?: do it for him[View]
132792052>Oh, you want my opinion on abortion? Hmm, that's hard. I like killing babies, but I don…[View]
132792448ITT: Things only old boomers from your cunt understand.[View]
132787981quick, define russian girls in two words[View]
132792353Oh I've got a brand new shiny helmet and a pair of kinky boots I've got a lovely new flak …[View]
132790903What happens if my password manager's site gets hacked? Would everybody's passwords on the…[View]
132792243weak and very helpless without daddy America![View]
132771502I feel we are closer to Brazilians than to other Spanish speaking latinos besides Panama, CR, Venezu…[View]
132789389whats it like being a wagie in your country[View]
132792104I only speak the language of love[View]
132791778Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
132785642Only the real remember this meme and the drama it caused in the Spanish speaking world. https://www.…[View]
132787663yep, I'm thinking basadinho[View]
132790974What is your opinion on this cranium shape?[View]
132790814Why are Japanese JKs so sexy even just doing something simple like playing VR? Are Japanese women ju…[View]
132790085Finish the sentence: >This region has the best_________________.[View]
132791865quantum based[View]
132790366Looks like Brazil, but with the light skinned in the North: 'Most scholars believe that Egyptians in…[View]
132788464Which country you've been to has the ugliest women: For me its Thailand, dont get me wrong ther…[View]
132790578Hey Brazilians, is it just normal to just only wear underwear all the time? i don’t blame you, i kno…[View]
132788178Can you draw /int/? I can only make kid scribbles; pic related.[View]
132791012im gonna go play silent hill 1 on a ps1 emulator on my toaster ur thoughts?[View]
132791300>Greek was once a very relevant language before all of its speakers starting speaking Turkish and…[View]
132789564Africa's population will double in the next 30 years.[View]
132790469Did you know that we do not eat spicy stuff and our food is barely seasoned? We aren't latino.[View]
132788242Best Germanic and Med duo?[View]
132787988I found old Japanese books in the warehouse of the house my great-grandfather lived in: Hello, Japan…[View]
132783319DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2439: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
132790876>flag >Are you cities sexist? Belgium yes https://www.google.be/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/arta…[View]
132790823>Basado? Basado en que?[View]
132790750>OOH >OOH AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!…[View]
132789250Why is this board so obsessed with Europeans? I feel like every other post is about Europe, and not …[View]
132787837Do people work for free in your country?[View]
132789313Why do Americans do this?[View]
132788557Thai people have fermented fish in a bottle. Very based and tasty. They are honorary Nordics.[View]
132790620>your cunt >does the wind try to kill you?…[View]
132789575>cough and almost choke to death >arab man says to take back what I said about his mother…[View]
132790716even if all of these are real and not just some parody, I still think America is a great place to li…[View]
1327881831. Your country 2. Cofe time? Flag 1AM[View]
132787251>Average wage in brownentina is now 146 usd a month.[View]
132790054https://youtu.be/s24eZ6x7qnM [Open] which SEA language is the sexiest?[View]
132788494Does anyone here have any knowledge of Santa Muerte worship and practices? I want to connect to my r…[View]
132786229How do you do, fellow Latinos?: :D[View]
132787158what is your cunt traditional breakfast? >brazil >bread with ham and cheese >plain black co…[View]
132788983Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
132790360>Why yes I make poor life choices because I'm depressed, which in turn further worsens my si…[View]
132785113Do other countries have their flags all over the place? You can't drive a mile in the US withou…[View]
132790254Why is the National Animal of Spain a Big Black Bull?[View]
132790346What do the modern Japanese think of Mutsuhito?[View]
132790170It's saturday 07:48am here in Krautland and I'm already up and running. Not really hating …[View]
132789433Welcome.... To Xboxistan[View]
132789534north German vs south German[View]
132790202I grew up in a devout Catholic family. From the ages of 12-16 I would sometimes dream of having sex …[View]
132790212I pray to God people who unironically say 'Sweden was right about COVID' aren't put in charge o…[View]
132786188Bat soup global problem: Do you think that bat soup eating is a global thing? This taiwanese america…[View]
132789871Is this a good example of the average westerner?[View]
132788535Brasilia is a testament to the hubris of man and the ennui of the end result of modernism. Sadly we …[View]
132788972Do Black people tan?[View]
132789276Do Russians that play CS:GO really have mics that sound this shitty? If so, why, Russian anons? http…[View]
132783090German Christianity is based: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_church_buildings >t…[View]
132789594Hey, if you’re reading this, I fucking love you and your country.[View]
132789900I want a girlfriend lads. I want to know love. I don't want to die alone.[View]
132789288im fucking dying of dehydratation in france rn[View]
132786864/brit/: Bernard Lewis edition[View]
132785451Nearsightedness: It's time to talk about the asian nearsightedness problem Me and most people I…[View]
132788575I am an American of Mexican descent and I often times wish I had a qt Australian gf. Do people from …[View]
132781110How to immigrate into the USA: Can i legally get in the USA even if I'm just a random 19 year o…[View]
132788792does this happen in your cunt?[View]
132788944Real bruh moment[View]
132789296Good morning /int/. Do you order the Finnish, the Swedish, the Scandinavian, or the Thai for breakfa…[View]
132789496>He wastes his spare time talking about other countries on /int/ >He has never travelled outsi…[View]
132789014Please stop posting in this board. I am depressed.[View]
132786041Why so many cars parks on street in South Korea?[View]
132788901do you have any sort of social interaction with people other than 4chan and the internet in general.…[View]
132789270>Russia, its neighbors uninvaded[View]
132786649Is it possible to find intelligent woman in your country?[View]
132786987Do people eat mushrooms in your country?[View]
132789173Do Brazilians really?[View]
132787365why do they hack in video games[View]
132788610anime boy>>>>>>>>>>anime girl[View]
132788694Why do Americans not use the word bollocks? What do they do when they want to use a ruder word for t…[View]
132789029I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
132788713>ur county >did you ever cheat on your gf/bf/so? I cheated on my exgf with my czech roommate.…[View]
132788572What would you think if your own son came home one day with a cute Korean bf?[View]
132785405This country will never be white The muttification that took place during the roman and muslim perio…[View]
132788766How much do you need to own cars in your country? my case. having car costs a lot. 15000 yen 143.26U…[View]
132785415Does your car have navigation-system?[View]
132788218Spanish men:: Come to Puerto Rico and fuck our women please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-usX7E5…[View]
132788838Reminder that if you’re an American and you love Britain, you’re a Loyalist traitor.[View]
132785370In your country how much of your country if a white country believes that there is a racial differen…[View]
132784187/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Cope edition[View]
132788394GOODBYE: Fuck this shit board I spend way too much time here. I'm taking a break. See you later…[View]
132785123you are wrong. Jomon is not chad at all. Yayoi ruled Japan. YAYOI is better than JOMON. YAYOI is st…[View]
132787247https://youtu.be/56zbMbin1h4 This is Brazil now. There are no favelas or poverty anymore.[View]
132788654Why do east asians girls love old men?[View]
132788430>I'm not wh*te and I am proud of it[View]
1327846601. Your flag 2. How are you spending this Friday night anon?[View]
132785307Do you guys realize that religion is just a money scam, right?[View]
1327876441932 Japanese world map.[View]
132787771Anglos even pull looking mediterranean off better than actual mediterraneans. Is there anything angl…[View]
132782575There is a prevalent attitude of >Unless they invade your country, bomb your cities and murder m…[View]
132783285Is this normal and common in your country?[View]
132788434im starting to think romania is just freaky friday as a country, aka everything that's supposed…[View]
132784783What happens in Lake Winnipeg? What is life like here?[View]
132785712The United States is a great country and great friend of Australia![View]
132780470>this is a 10/10 in bongland[View]
132788155how can anyone consider white europeans, specially Scandinavians, NOT to be the most beautiful human…[View]
132788120For me it's Ronaldinho Soccer 97[View]
132779364Could I pass as a local in your cunt[View]
132784425If you unironically post the doomer wojak or call yourself a doomer you are 100% underage and a big …[View]
132781970why is little old Korea such a cultural superpower? meanwhile nobody really cares about Chinese medi…[View]
132785177Int, have you ever wondered why you call us black and utterly non-white? Is because you're inc…[View]
132785505>this is 10/10 in Europe[View]
132787793The psychological operations that got me addicted to 4chan are starting to swap in the set of boring…[View]
132779627whats your favorite country of the world? not because politics or ethnicity but because aesthetics. …[View]
132784738>flees rape and corruption charges in India >goes to Germany >Germany lets him in (!) >i…[View]
132784799Kazakhanon, what did you think of this film?[View]
132787038Does your country have dancing animals?[View]
132787192As an Asian, I see BLM as a good thing. More peace and innocence cred from the cops. This advantage …[View]
132785565Americans eat foods like Yoohoo, dingdong, twinkie, ho ho, zinger, frootloop and smores.[View]
1327839531. you're country 2. has the industrial revolution and its consequences been a disaster in your…[View]
132786201Do we Brazilians get the n-word pass?[View]
132787470Yeah, bro, so nice being MED BVLL, bro: Half your family looks like vikings, the other half would fi…[View]
132787104i just want to give all latinos headpats they are just sooooooooooooooo cute[View]
132781181Why do you post on 4chan?[View]
132786418Post a shittier country than the one above you.[View]
132787294> Russia has developed a massive internal economy WTF, no. The Russian economy is a sinking ship.…[View]
132785872Tell me about Covid in your are a cunt: Is shit back to normal or are yinz still on lockdown? I went…[View]
132783901Thanks to /fr/ we don't have those cancerous ads from /biz/ and other boards, say something nic…[View]
132785417>want to reply to a post with a happy reaction image >browse my pics for several minutes to fi…[View]
132785848my country is older than yours[View]
132785017I nominate >Japan as the 51st state and >South Korea as the 52nd state Of the United states of…[View]
132780898>Tfw overseas in hostel >All the Scandinavian & German subhumans start talking about black…[View]
132786373Is it a shithole like Borat said?[View]
132786157>tfw no conservative MENA gf that doesn’t wear a hijab[View]
132784918europe in 2100[View]
132785106In Scandinavia we eat dried bread[View]
132786800Return to CRAB: >crab-like habitus did not evolve solely in ‘true’ crabs but also several times i…[View]
132785900Spain is based[View]
132783796/brit/: quintessentially[View]
132785510It's 2020. Why isn't India a superpower yet?[View]
132777468How common are Quail Eggs in your country?: flag very, especially in fast foods[View]
132782827Are Southeast Asians genetically similar to East Asians?[View]
132779567Why don't Latin Americans eat pickled or fermented vegetables?[View]
132786149Do you take in your necessary daily dose of antioxidants, /int/?[View]
132778647>in Europe sugar, fat, and alcohol is taxed Wtf?[View]
132784952what went wrong?[View]
132778581Why Spaniards and Italians are considered whites but Afghans don't?[View]
132786645should I buy megapussi, bros?[View]
132777801>be 'finnish' (almost 100%) >barely have any ancient finnish ancestry…[View]
132783248Holy based...[View]
132785228Are germans more similar to poles or the french?[View]
132781087Brazil... becoming more and more advanced by the day[View]
132786247I was watching italian porn and all of women have dark pussies and look like a bunch of latinas... a…[View]
132779176/fr/ - francofil: Édition de série de sortir de l'age britannique Ancien : >>132769381…[View]
132782829With the United States collapsing- would you host an american refugee in your home?[View]
132784591No, I WILL NOT spend a day without beating a woman. No, I WILL NOT simp for a woman. No, I WILL NOT …[View]
1327850041. ur cunt 2. ur dinner flag ravioles[View]
132764513Many people seem to shit on my country due to what has been happening in recent years, but Sweden ha…[View]
132786374How common is premarital sex in your cunt? Mine is like 90% premarital and 10% post[View]
132774181Cunt? Do you support a free NORF?[View]
132786377Do people in your country go to church? Every day? Every Sunday?[View]
132786314>hören und wiederholen Sie[View]
132776036/NEDERDRAAD/: Koele advertentie-editie[View]
132785331>British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is a pseudoarchaeological belief that the people…[View]
132785884https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkyPwZ3NG90 aussies explain yourselves[View]
132783030what is your purpose in life[View]
132774300Why not let China or Japan rule Southeast Asia?[View]
132783808We Don't Need No Education: We Don't Need No Thought Control[View]
132786005Here's your steppe gf bro. https://youtu.be/0JBdedLx-GI Skip to 16:00[View]
132777284Applying for a job in Canada: I'm applying for a job in Canada to be a concierge. ¿how expensiv…[View]
132784707>5000 calories a day[View]
132784828How do French people view him nowadays?[View]
132783417i got my heart broke like a retard and i have no friends and i've been getting drunk every nigh…[View]
132785719>the USA is the third most populated cunt in the world >if the USA had an extra BILLION people…[View]
132785297I’m more than happy to shit on the US, more than happy to acknowledge the US’ flaws when it fucks up…[View]
132784545>tfw still no /int/ specific ads[View]
132782132>lightly flamed a guy at a party > Immediately called ugly, and he said this guy is not a pret…[View]
132780915Does your country have any regions that are collapsing in on themselves and causing domestic refugee…[View]
132783595Why don't you own a motorcycle in your country? me? im worthless and very poor[View]
132785503sup i am a volga-german farmboy who moved from a siberian farm to a german major city i went from to…[View]
132776956how do you say >I knell in your country?[View]
132783737Are cute hapas common in your country?: >flag Not really[View]
132782909What's wrong with the East USA?[View]
132785007Why do united statians eat whole sticks of butter?[View]
132782073>your kingdom >how many titles does your king has Spain This many…[View]
132784553Is your cunt embracing the inevitable FVTVRE?[View]
132783794I just got pulled over by the cops for smoking weed.[View]
132779614Is he the epitome of med bvll or is he considered too autistic to be one ?[View]
132784211Any browsing /int/ rn? What does it feel being named like that?[View]
132779282it's over: Europeans entered other continents under the rather childish delusion that they were…[View]
132770997Are there a lot of metalheads in your country?[View]
132783014What country do you imagine as hell on earth? For me it's Bangladesh.[View]
132784769i want to pratice my speaking by posting vocaroo on a general threads. beside english and spanish. w…[View]
132782141Hello Europoors, especially Italians and French. I need a /fa/ fancy winter coat made in your count…[View]
132784824Do people in your country acknowledge their ancestors?[View]
132766536/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
132781255California living![View]
132776387/ita/ il filo: Edizione ecco il segnalatore[View]
132783552Can janny ever recover from this?[View]
132784569It is possible to learn different languages if you're several introverted? >and by severe, I…[View]
132783105You can come here to rest and reorganize your life. You'll be welcome.[View]
132782561Afghans and Chechens are very tribal. I heard that they usually attack in packs or at least in two, …[View]
132783548Hello. It's Saturday. What are you doing? What have you done? What are you going to do?[View]
132779110>tfw no québécoise alien gf[View]
132784006What country is this phenotype most common?[View]
132783900>your country >which part of your country is the safest to live in…[View]
132783106Post your most Portuguese image.[View]
132783852Italy: Italians, what do you think of our nation? Culturally, politically and economically.[View]
132757330/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: >You ever heard of this place called slash dixie slash? It’s…[View]
132776791europe bros[View]
132780714Is /int/ an elf, or a dwarf board?[View]
132781618Hey non native English speakers What was the hardest part of English for you guys?[View]
132780029Is there a German presence in your cunt?[View]
132784176Italy needs to be cancelled.[View]
132783765Welcome to /int/ gear mates. Today on /int/ gear...[View]
132782661oh fuck I just realized the population in greece is decreasing why arent they having sex?[View]
132781460If more Indians looked like this they wouldn't struggle with women.[View]
132781432/brit/: her name is cutiememegirl edition[View]
132778592Why did China lose to India in the Himalayan clashes last couple months? I thought China was a super…[View]
132782465>go outside >somebody asks me why I’m angry >I’m not i reply >my only facial capabilitie…[View]
132783903Redpill me on the USA[View]
132782302>your country >Do you think you're a good person? >Would you be willing to lower your …[View]
132783444Most important countries list: >USA >China >Russia, Germany, Japan >Britain, France >…[View]
132777135/deutsch/: Henschend und binschend durch's Nächtle mit den brudis[View]
132776890how do you say 'the end' like at the end of a book or a movie in your language[View]
132783572India must be balkanized more[View]
132769586döner baskısı[View]
1327826711. Cunt 2. What do you want to be when you grow older? Flag I want to be a monk[View]
132782393Japan is big[View]
132781620USA Travel Advisory: >South America red (don't travel) despite covid already being almost co…[View]
132782359>have whatever non-italian flag >go to the italian general >say anything either in italian …[View]
132773485Ahhhhhh the French: Why is their diet so different than the American’s. We eat so much of everything…[View]
132779220What did /fr/ mean by this?[View]
132725787DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2438: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
132780563>Brits have to pledge to the queen when becoming a British citizen https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
132781023Ok I don’t know what it is but I specifically want a Norwegian man to spoon me >anyone else feel…[View]
132774045do you like Constanchinople[View]
132783078Repent, Western heretics![View]
132782911>extreme social awkwardness/anxiety >avoidant personality >ADHD >had traumatic brain inj…[View]
132773790/éire/ Éagrán Shéamais[View]
132782768I never saw this one before.[View]
132782741eastern european standard of living in western europe[View]
132782051Hey I want to die[View]
132779438mom is dissapointed in me cuz no friends so i told her all you lovley people on the internet are my …[View]
132782066Why does it taste like sick?[View]
132782602this the closest we come to cyberpunk so you all better shut up about muh lockdown. i hope they lock…[View]
132778786So why did le ebic Syrian fascist girl post the rather extreme rarity that is a light-eyed Arab inst…[View]
132780202If independent this would be the greatest nation in the Americas and quite possibly the world.[View]
132775006post eyes: your cunt your eyes[View]
132782420imagine being independent[View]
132782483I just took this picture of myself. Could you beat the shit out of me or would I beat the shit out o…[View]
132772448How does it feel to know when people say 'UK' 'Britain' or 'England' they mean London? How does it f…[View]
132781011I want to make black American friends and homestay with a black American family: https://youtu.be/6T…[View]
132764865/norgetråden/: Litt gøyal utgave Forrige: >>132731708 >>132731708 >>132731708 >…[View]
132782330Can somebody post ukrainian twinkboy wojak (just like pic realeted but ukranian)[View]
132779003Is he poland, or indonesia? Is he belgium, or is he romania? Is he new zealand, or is he australia? …[View]
132778619>i suffer in spain, a literal dreamlike paradise[View]
132782288/eag/ - East Asian General: For diaspora and following countries: East Asia and Sinosphere: Korea (N…[View]
132727279/skandi/ + /danmarktråden/ + /norgetråden/ + /sverigetråden/: forrige tråd: >>132665884[View]
132778432/brit/: car crash pod kino[View]
132778889>peta jensen[View]
132773302Sverigetråden - Kampupplagan[View]
132781765Give them independence or give them to Hungary NOW, Romania. This is a demand, I am no longer asking…[View]
132779854int /googlemaps/ thread: post your street and r8 others. my house is just behind those trees on the …[View]
132779600goodness me do I need a lobotomy now haha[View]
132781083>you will never get to flaneur around the Shanghai concessions with your foreign European friends…[View]
132775691Is it true that in the US of A, the black man is KING?[View]
132781748/tr/: Hatay Crew Mc Mahmut Yeni Rap 2009 Rotaride & Mc Batuskan Siker edışın https://youtu.be/vG…[View]
132775078Romance thread?[View]
132733882/v4/: wahmen edition[View]
132779296>brown people and blacks are low IQ and therefore always happy, even though their countries are s…[View]
132772044Americans: hahaha Brits: ahaha French: honhonhhon/heheh Brazilian: huehuehue/kkkkkk Spanish: jajaja …[View]
132777528I wish I was fucking dead[View]
132741506/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: пpeдыдyщий >>132691784[View]
132780913why are they so easy to bait and so prone at being butthurt? what's a characteristic your fello…[View]
1327806501. Your country 2. Are men disloyal, porn obsessed freaks in your country? Sweden Unfortunately yes[View]
132781049Get in, faggots, we're going for a ride. Not invited: Literally everyone else[View]
132779479>he suffers in the first world[View]
132768512ich liebe dich[View]
132781141Colombia is an independent country thanks to the Irish and British: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Br…[View]
132780585I am literally retarded.[View]
132778034Wow... This is the TRUE fr*Nce??[View]
132780796Int constantly bullying the Norf has driven me mad[View]
132780280If you had to spend rest of your life in single country, which one would it be?[View]
132780988Could the Jomon phenotype be found in your country?[View]
132778517Rightful German clay desu. They speak German dialects, their history is closely tied to Germany…[View]
132774086Is crime in Japan actually like this?[View]
132780015U got any petrol M8?[View]
132776896What happens here?[View]
132766652kurva anyátok[View]
132775944Phenomeno: Why French men are either ultra-muscline bloke or nihilist bohemian boys.[View]
132763765/balk/: >>132734018[View]
132780367we all suffer[View]
132780653>The man in the wall is not real[View]
132776497If you could choose where to move, would you pick Europe or the United States?[View]
132779988Do McSharts really??????[View]
13277954451st state[View]
132774786Crossroads in cities of Poland.. Home..[View]
132767589Really says alot...[View]
132780400OKAY TIME TO SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL, WHAT RACE ARE YOU https://www.strawpoll.me/21150670[View]
132773267Why don't latinx like to shower?[View]
132780226>Cunt >Do you have incels in your country? Turkey Yes…[View]
132780229>tfw RΛZΞR BVLL feelsgoodman[View]
132780115Am I living in a dream? Why can sweden be so funny for so long? Pic related.[View]
132780085any abbos on /int/?[View]
132774637Say something nice about the most peaceful religion: >Hinduism[View]
132779595I decided to quit this place and focus on college and being a normie and 12 hours later and now i…[View]
132775464What are some stereotypical white people hobbies?[View]
132779995Was he right?: >'Trump instinctively is 'Anglo-fied'- in terms of the way he thinks, wh…[View]
132779887Do Aussies really? What did they mean by this?[View]
132771399Are women in your country strong? >Bergen-Norway Yes. Don't mess with them…[View]
132778833we are med BVLLS are you[View]
132759703What are the best cities in Europe?[View]
132778726Big, if true[View]
132760392I’m at a restaurant and I’m seated near two cops and within the past 5 minutes two boomers have walk…[View]
132777318Is Russia a good country?[View]
132778803it's okay to die a virgin right? i mean i am not the first one.[View]
132750473Have you ever been to the Louvre? Did you like it?[View]
132779197Singapore? never heard of that, perhaps you meant of Temasik?[View]
132778207American culture.[View]
132763248I've never seen an Indian in real life[View]
132768217/polska/: edycja blokad na Żoliborzu[View]
132770932ITT: we fix our countries: Here's how I would fix France.[View]
132776524/brit/: Common people edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuTMWgOduFM&ab_channel=PulpVEVO…[View]
132778911As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there'…[View]
132778311what are Irish women like?[View]
132776145The average argentinian.[View]
132765004Why does Brazil do this?: What is hot dog supposed to be even?[View]
132777886>'Now let me use black' Why did she say it? Why use those words ? Is that a metaphore or somethin…[View]
132778494/brit/: Only real gamers will remember this edition[View]
132769381/fr/ - francofil: Édition Alain Souchon Ancien: >>132763189[View]
132766026>never had real friends >never went out >never went to club/strip joint/opera/movie theatre…[View]
132778477North bros unite[View]
132778221Post 40yo boomer music from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1kegt1S43s https://www.you…[View]
132763180/ex-yu/: Najbolji auto edicija[View]
132778451No need to thank us americans[View]
132778086Balkan people are the tallest in the world[View]
132766179/cum/: andy prev >>>/lgbt/17520399[View]
132778251Welcome to the Castizo-Hapa Ethnostate[View]
132776834>having a normal discussion on /int/ >suddenly, a Caribbean flag enters the thread https://www…[View]
132769944I am on 4g kratom now and all I feel is tiredness Is that it?[View]
132765152What existing ethnic groups don't have their own country?: I can only think of >Kurds >Gy…[View]
132775237All I want is to get in the open-top car, turn on Chris Issak, and drive through the Arizona desert.…[View]
132777792I just learned from my friend that there's a version of apu on twitch & discord as an emot…[View]
132775841Just went downtown to the local ghetto: and none of the black people there were wearing masks. After…[View]
132775201>don't have to go to last year of college because of based rona[View]
132777764>European 'civilization'[View]
132775241Guyana: Does anyone know what the requirements are for obtaining Guyanese permanent residency visa?…[View]
132777703Turks look like this? Mehmet Cengiz Öz AKA Doctor Oz[View]
132774587What America could have been if the guy sent to negotiate the end of Mexican-American War wasn'…[View]
132775448Europeans don't go to sleep! PLEASE NOOOOOOOOO!![View]
132775956>the city slicker pulls up with his fancy german car[View]
132766606>your cunt >is your country based? flag yes…[View]
132774141How does the BRVSSELS accent sound to the French BVLL?[View]
132767744i miss Uzbekistan[View]
132769445What happens here?[View]
132777269My mom made plans with me and blew it off yet again, and didn't even bother to tell me 'somethi…[View]
132764640Are persons of red hair and pale complexion common in your nation state, /int/?[View]
132777265chicano bois b like[View]
132777406Post pictures of Thom Yorke being sad in your country[View]
132777404Do people smile like this in your country?[View]
132773120/nachtschicht/ um 6 wieder /deutsch/: doggst den Emil Ausgabe[View]
132773269>mfw seeing thread about Denmark[View]
132772788Tell me about your day, anons, drinks on me[View]
132770781Anyone know this feel?[View]
132776886>tfw no irish gf[View]
132777128/ESP/ 90s edicion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvHAWBwmT_0&list=RDo5125Je27vE&index=2…[View]
132753100>all these qt girls you see when you decide to go outside after a long time…[View]
132765387/desi/-Kaala edition: Kya re setting ah?[View]
132773209southern hemisphere countries cannot see our constellations[View]
132776138Chicago and suburbs have surprisingly few blacks nowadays. Their numbers are Def going down. What…[View]
132776912https://www.instagram.com/negaaar.ny/ I met this girl online about a year ago. It was going fine. Th…[View]
132776801>tfw from shit country, shit culture, shit history and shit stereotype >tfw if people ask wher…[View]
132775718Why Are Muzdogs Boycotting France?: I know it sounds weird that I'm the one asking this, but I …[View]
132768101Vgh... Jomonese bvlls[View]
132766805It makes my teeth hurt: discuss[View]
132775170>your cunt >Apu or Pepe?[View]
132776586>Want me to drop this cunt?[View]
132776353Brit: Where's the brit thread[View]
132775542>this is a 10/10 in bongland[View]
132767037/ita/ - il filo: edizione linguistica[View]
132771602Xerxes spelled backwards is sex rex are Iranians the ultimate chads[View]
132756340greeks of /int/: I need your help[View]
132763776/ישר/ - /isr/: מהדורת כהנא צדק. פתיח: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2xaUr78Y_c ארכיון: https://de…[View]
132774163/brit/: females edition[View]
132763582>ur cunt >tell us one legend or conspiracy theory of your cunt Flag The gov give radioactive m…[View]
132751351What does your high school class look like in your country?[View]
132772620Your visit in Poland: Please tell me about it, I am very curious about your thoughts pic OC from Pol…[View]
132775931leaving this here[View]
132767817>massive nukes for the cunts of this list 1.cunt 2. Will your cunt be safe? Whitentina Yes…[View]
132773040Do they like each other?[View]
132775641Why are Jews so good looking?[View]
132774725>renewing my driver's license >I lied that I never took medicine for social phobia and de…[View]
132775696What do we think about Space Islam? Is Dune the real future[View]
132775529>he thinks losing virginity is the hardest and lifetime achievement he can have…[View]
132770301language speed: which is the fastest spoken language? and which is the lowest? >inb4 theres no su…[View]
132771439ask me everything.[View]
132774046this is alpha male in japan[View]
132775218Do you have free prostate exam trucks in your country, /int/? What do you call the 'prostate exam tr…[View]
132762730/mämmi/: Tsoi -painos[View]
132771978Why is it, that the anime loving basement dwellers, sweaty gamers and other kinds of degenerates oft…[View]
132753308Are any of you guys immigrants? Why would you do it instead of fixing your country? I can't ima…[View]
132766129/nederdraad/: NEUK HET REPUBLIKEINS GENOOTSCHAP[View]
132769620What's a long standing tradition from your cunt? Here, we actively crossdress.[View]
132761212>Norwegian cuisine[View]
132774507>cunt >what's a good movie in your cunt? Flag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLavEHYxCIk…[View]
132765661I wanted to exterminate all of those motherfuckers.: If it weren't for these motherfuckers and …[View]
132766740wtf Germanbros how will we twist this one up?[View]
132771337what sort of jobs are available in your cunt? 1. UK 2. driving a cum van[View]
132764013/asean/: Satania edisyon[View]
132772927Keep in mind that your cunt would not exist without Him. Give praise to our ancestor.[View]
132768669Netherlands? More like competant-lands!: Netherlands? More like competant-lands! > Chip and Pin p…[View]
132758699'Because the South of Brazil blablabala'[View]
132760809>visit /int/ to discuss international stuff >have never left my country before does it get any…[View]
132767128does /int/ have any international beers? Poland Yes a Polish-Czech beer[View]
132772405The Frank fears the Saxon.[View]
132773813Do people eat brunch in your country?[View]
132772311Does your country have a movie showing how dumb people your countrymen really are?[View]
132771780/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXzAbjMnES8 'Alexa, fastforward to 14:17. Alexa how much wei…[View]
132773298Why is Europe one giant ancient favela? Can't they afford to build SOVLFUL modern skyscrapers? …[View]
132720303/asean/: Wibu kontol... edisi[View]
132758541Does size really matter?[View]
132771598Why do Canadians go to India in their traditional clothes? Quite offensive if you ask me.[View]
132765739>70 - sixty-ten >80 - four-twenty >90 - four-twenty-ten I understand, but why?…[View]
132770912What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about The Bahamas?[View]
132770913This is the weird relationship Europe has ever seen. It made dudes like Napoleon fall, and it help s…[View]
132772617Every country is currently paying the price for decisions made by empires long gone. How is this tru…[View]
132746904/med/: Miriam edition Previous : >>132701006[View]
132772880How do I into chad?[View]
132769362/fr/ - le fil libre du pays réel et de la francophonie: Édition Eva. Précédent : >>132763189…[View]
132772254so it's not memes afterwards eventually..[View]
132771850The beautiful Nordic race.[View]
132772205bri'ish niggas be like one two tree[View]
132765041Do you think Turkey is more European than South Brazil?[View]
132773004Bitches be like, if x is a limit point of a set in a metric space then there exists a sequence {x_n}…[View]
132772879How do you talk to girls and even if you get them to have a date with you what do you do?[View]
132739999/Éire/: Is it time for another election lads? How's the lockdown gonna effect you anon? How abo…[View]
132767513Russian niggas be like: 'Lets name our son after a lesbian manga genre'[View]
132768934Until the 15th century there was a thriving Manichean community in South China. Manichaeism was like…[View]
132769096/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Hideo Konimmer - Ausgabe[View]
132770100Ladies of /int/, how are you doing this evening?[View]
132772045Did their strategy work?: it is going to flat again, right bros?[View]
132767268So /int/, tell us about your gambling experiences.: Have you ever visited/entered a Casino? In which…[View]
132768037I can't hate bongs because of New Order[View]
132769408Muhammad was a prince who rallied his compatriots around him. In a few years, the Muslims conquered …[View]
132763865>eros, sexos, agape Which of these describes your country the best?[View]
132771593How do people cope with hopelessness and the fact that there is nothing to look forward to in your f…[View]
132766209/brit /: lads ... its friday edition[View]
132758061What have they done to deserve this suffering?[View]
132768692/brit/: YOU WILL SUBMIT edition[View]
132771376I can't make friends anymore. I don't feel lonely because I like my family but it's p…[View]
132770011We mustn't forget America's aztec roots, eses[View]
132765875Good afternoon I hate women[View]
132769635Do you like this breton song /int/ ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulUCwzRbww4[View]
132766969do south americans feel a sense of national pride? considering they are pretty much copy pastes of o…[View]
132769285What kind of psychological strains one develops after browsing /int/ for most of their day during an…[View]
132770780Ask me anything. I probably won't respond. My thread for the day. Also timing how long thread c…[View]
132763592What are the spookiest stories and myths from your country?[View]
132764367Sverigetråden Anton-upplagan[View]
132770198idk waht im doing with my life: Hi anon, i don't know what has possesed me lately but for some …[View]
132767238Do you believe in unlucky days?[View]
132768647>tfw no spanish wife[View]
132769098Why Italians are so offensive in life but defensive in football?[View]
132767961Gran Colombia and frens: Ask Gran Colombians Anything. Gran Colombian means: Colombians, Venezuelans…[View]
132766630France: France[View]
132759863This is how med women look like[View]
132767298Sudacaland for dummies: So ITT I will give you a short idea of every south american country there is…[View]
132759874Your cunt Do you prefer cars or motorcycles? Which one of these would you rather ride? (OP or first …[View]
132769102>varg called this sicilian chad jew[View]
132769175What happens there?[View]
132766677Is this true /int/ bros?[View]
132752690Did you know Norway is more cucked than Sweden?[View]
132763189/fr/ - francofil francophone: Edition des pâtisseries d'anon Ancien : >>132757431[View]
132767509USA: Do parents do this in your cunt?[View]
132768737Which country do you think will be declared white? Keep it civil and apolitical.[View]
132768221For the past five years I have been actively involved in getting a shitty suburb in Minnesota to vot…[View]
132768068jeg vil emigrere til danmark[View]
132766644What is message to Polish people?: What is your message to Polish people?[View]
132763432/deutsch/: Wunderausgabe[View]
132765127Do you like mestizos?[View]
132768315>OOH >OOH AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!…[View]
132768320We give eacy other strenght, we are unitee by shared soul an /int/ is manifestation of it. In a way,…[View]
132765318Galicia: Why doesn't Spain and the Spanish like us[View]
132768165Are flatearthers a thing in your country int?[View]
132767827How do you deal with mental illness in your country?[View]
132767716Life in East Germany was dope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XjXsvz0yMI&lc=Ugwhec39sy8S-foLgm…[View]
132751272What are your first three words that comes to mind when you see this image.[View]
132750739How would you improve life for Mexicans?: Love those guys, I want to see them succeed.[View]
132767871Have Polish anons paid respect to their BLACK savior yet? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Agb…[View]
132765499Catalonia and Euskadi The last lands under Castilian/Andalusian oppression How do we liberate them?[View]
132761393Why yes I do like the Vikings, Goths, Celts and Byzantines: because they were my favorite civilizati…[View]
132766544>1. your cunt(ry)(haha) >2. alcholof choice finald (flag) cheapst high% alcohol i can buy. the…[View]
132761842/السودان/ - /sudan/: A general dedicated for all posters from sudan Welcomed countries: everyone :3…[View]
132767518This looks like a real life moose so it is not a-non-e-moose HA HA HA[View]
132766526An American brought down the Berlin Wall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNpCn0nAlR0 You’re welcome…[View]
132766188Emigration: Has anyone here successfully relocated from the United States to one of following Englis…[View]
132767331Why is the Slav master wherever he goes? https://youtu.be/c_7_bQ7rAoc[View]
132750771/ita/ - il filo: edizione al signor Yoshida, CEO di Sony, stanno molto a cuore le vite dei melanoder…[View]
132761194I want to see nature of your homeland[View]
132765357Do you have waifu?[View]
132767168/ita/ il filo: Edizione del proxy[View]
132766962Welcome to peak climate: And we have also the hottest spaniard women.[View]
132767013/NEDERDRAAD/: Italiaanse VD editie[View]
132756243Does any american in this board actually have thousands of dollars of debt or is it just a meme?[View]
132766736blue dollat at 195 pesos: >>132762043 OOPs, seem my last price also was wrong and now the doll…[View]
132752363>in Europe, women fantasize about being a stay at home wife Feels bad man.…[View]
132765162I'm half portuguese[View]
132763190What a wonderful day for a heritage thread![View]
132733193/lat/: hilo nocturno[View]
132765551The One God is the Monadic Triadic God. The One is Three and The Three are One. This is the Ultimate…[View]
132764202HEY GUYS, IT'S /int/[View]
132764711Why does German sound like a frog is having a stroke?[View]
132762300Guess ethnicity.[View]
132757382/polska/: edycja bazowanego leszka[View]
132761744/Asean/: Miel pops zuzuzu edisi[View]
132753813/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Sour edition Previous thread: >>132736736[View]
132763870How to learn english: Hi /int/, i'm currently trying to learn russian and thinking about it i r…[View]
132766014Everytime I see beautiful women that are my type/wife material I feel ashamed for having watched por…[View]
132736869kurva anyátok[View]
132762670i'm russian, does that happens to you?[View]
132762451/brit/: new gogglebox dropped edition[View]
132765909>October 23 >hundreds of km from any ocean or sea >24℃ thank you based emitters of carbon d…[View]
132765268dog or cat?[View]
132765961You've led quite a meaningless life, haven't you.[View]
132751215/nederdraad/: NEDERDRAAD lekkere wijven uitgave niet welkom: zeikerds met dubbele chromosomen…[View]
132762883How to deal with being dishonoured?[View]
132765585Did you own a genesis/mega drive /int/ bros?: >me yes[View]
132764244Why do people in these two countries value real estate and cars in dollars?: Why can't they buy…[View]
132765423Semite union is happening, whiteo*ds are screwed. We will rule.[View]
132765747What do chili dogs think of Pinochio?[View]
132764537Woah, Based![View]
132765060I cry[View]
1327545781. Your cunt 2. Average IQ 3. (optional) Your IQ >India >82 Mine is 108…[View]
132759094I got the cheapest facemask i could find and it doesnt even have a filtre[View]
132763058why'd he do it bros?[View]
132763780Afro-Americans used to have one of the greatest culture ever...: And they threw it away. Why...? htt…[View]
132761634Does anything ever happen here besides warlord stuff[View]
132764917Is thus true???: Is it true that international racists here are just sassy racist gays? Every time t…[View]
132758217Were did it all go so wrong?[View]
132764412How can you tell if a girl is making advances or just being friendly, in your country ?[View]
1327648991. your cuntry 2. coffee time? >USA >coffee time…[View]
132749817/desi/ - spice edition[View]
132760174Is fitness popular in your country?[View]
132765087Wait? America has a monarchy?[View]
132760866How big is your home?[View]
1327629291. your cunt 2. will you take this evil man's poison vaccine >england >NO!…[View]
132764915>i heard you are racist against white men, anon >is that true? wat do?…[View]
132762059I bless the rain down in africa[View]
132763367post childrens show from your country when you were a lil babey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFE…[View]
132764468I have a BMI of 22.5: is morbid obesity common in your cunt?[View]
132764176wtf is happening in Nigeria?[View]
132683090/flag/ + /extraflags/: Gibraltarian edition Previous: >>132659494 Welcome to /extraflags/, a l…[View]
132764864how can I help tibet go back to the medieval serfdom it was and get rid of the chinese? feudal tibet…[View]
132731708/norgetråden/: Besatt-utgaven Forrige: >>132705928 >>132705928 >>132705928 >…[View]
132756627These are the only European countries that need to exist. England Dutchland Frankland Hispania Itali…[View]
132762999SOVL OVERDOSE[View]
132763454what made you so angry this year?[View]
132754090Is this true mexibros?: If I go to any city in Mexico (besides Mexico City) will I get swarmed with …[View]
132761061Do people in your cunt pay to shitpost?[View]
132764225I bought large bag of cheese chips, bros...[View]
1327624981) Your cunt. 2) Does it promote rappers or does it deport them after their identity is known. USA n…[View]
132764496I'm range banned on some boards, but not on other boards. Example: I can't post on /v/, b…[View]
132764025>tfw no californian gf[View]
132763397My voice is so cool and I sound like a anime boy, but I'm an ugly manlet. I have a lot of onlin…[View]
132764278How about we keep all these other forms of contracts and negotiation, and throw away the one thing t…[View]
132761814/Asean/: Intl. love edition.[View]
132759223Do you love the United Kingdom?[View]
132759246>he tries to learn a language after 20 Stop embarrassing yourself[View]
132762043Sorry, my previous thread was wrong. >>132758452 Now the blue dollar is at 193 pesos. It went …[View]
132759347Do people in Malaysia aspire to be like Singapore?[View]
132763891Brazilian states by percentage of cities with sewage and treated water...: DAMN! I THOUGHT O SUL WAS…[View]
132734018/balk/: cCc TVRKIYE cCc edition >>132678329[View]
132763082comfy music thread: >your vagina >your favorite album…[View]
132759873the largest slum in Seoul: A Japanese visited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3DK_QSBksc&t=600…[View]
132762298Do bongs really?[View]
132755270My dad can get German citizenship: Through my grandfather and then if he gets it I can get citizensh…[View]
132759710wtf? did you know that fyrom changed its name to north macedonia? so where the fuck is south macedon…[View]
132759951she doesn't look to japanese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q5ncfO6Fgo[View]
132763359I'm technically a hapa (mestizo). my whore female asian ancestors fucked some spaniard inmigran…[View]
132762900Many Americans don’t know the difference between a lion and a tiger. Yes they are adults. I wish I w…[View]
132762415recommend me a book to understand your cunt culture[View]
132758025Are people like this in your country?/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-LXgnYugew[View]
132752208>Russian doomer music >Comments are filled with Brazilians…[View]
132758474/deutsch/: deutschfaden freitagabend #deutsch[View]
132755404why dont indians outside india EMBRACE caste society: i find it offensively annoying when indians ac…[View]
13276305499% of my neighborhood in Sao Paulo has european passports, fucking Muhammads. It is so common that …[View]
132716878Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:Thread >>132662026 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
132757431/fr/ - le francofil: Édition où sont les femmes Thème du fil : https://youtu.be/fuzSeidoz2A Ancien …[View]
132756617Cunt Furude Rika Nippahhhhhh!~[View]
132751924>flag >is breaking bad popular in your country >what do people in your country think of it …[View]
132756516why is Sweden like this? you can say because their cute either[View]
132725146/ex-yu/: Nocna smjena ovoj patnji kraja nema[View]
132747713What’s your sexuality in your country? https://psycho-tests.com/test/sexual-orientation-test[View]
1327618721. your cunt 2. how high above (or below) sea level do you live? 1. flag 2. 200 meters[View]
132760946This is a autograph of me, this is literally me[View]
132757807Are Pizzas popular in your cunt?[View]
132762218muh dick: how come the dutch are allowed to lie about their height?[View]
132738763Have you ever tried a candy bar made with cow's blood?[View]
132757612Sverigetråden - Helgupplagan: vettefan vad man ska göra nu[View]
132752219/mämmi/: laini painos postatkaa laineja[View]
132755117> white skin > but arab facial features You don't know the suffering of a turk…[View]
132749413>wake up >still no racist Spanish gf bros... I'm not gonna make it…[View]
132758857Tell me about the 18% of Italians who don't regularly eat pasta.[View]
132759235/brit/: Fox edition[View]
132762100dupa: zesrałem się i śmierdzi[View]
132757317>The romance 'languages' are all just broken Latin[View]
132757688i've never seen a real forest with my own eyes.[View]
132758390Do countries who use tariffs as their government revenue have worse economies than ones who use tax …[View]
132734522/ישר/ - /isr/: מהדורת דפקנו את הערבים פתיח: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRP_fXiFFqM ארכיון: http…[View]
132758481Georgia is our best ally.[View]
132758179East Vs west: East - better for studying West - better for working Am I wrong?[View]
132757239/ro/ firul nostru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPLw5P0lB3E eu in liceu cu exul si exul exul pe p…[View]
132756342>When your economy crashes again.[View]
132760574Why are Hong Kongers so spoiled?[View]
132760180That was not very xqcL of you[View]
132760996Every spanish speaking country must burn and be reborn again as an absolutist monarchy[View]
132752629>tfw I wanna get a car and leave this shit hole and ride all around Europe…[View]
132761144>Yes, I still play GTA:SA online[View]
132739087What's the purpose of this 'country' existing if there's no Habsburgs to rule it anymore a…[View]
132757070I just subconsciously spanked my own ass while laying in bed and my mom asked what that sound was an…[View]
132758324Boycott french products: You know whats going on The frogs are back at it again[View]
132759177average suomi poster[View]
132714546/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: dear deer edition[View]
132758302>whenever i see a post by a leaf i read it outloud with a strong pajeet accent…[View]
132758063Armenian and Azeris clash in Poland.: https://twitter.com/TGanjaliyev/status/1319345507312033793 wtf…[View]
132755355Korea is basically a developed Laos[View]
132760251It has been established. If you can buy a READY MADE pizza for less than 1 us dollar, you live in th…[View]
132759248>Asians literally and unironically base their entire self worth, self image, and personality on t…[View]
132758918Is there any European alphabet more aesthetic than Gothic?[View]
132759883I only fap to breasts[View]
132752553>be me >watch japanese news on youtube (in japanese I mean) >be subscribed to several chann…[View]
132754565Bulgarians DESERVE living space , thoughts?[View]
132759420>AMONG US, but with 99 IMPOSTORS[View]
132754667Is 'Just be yourself' common advice in your country? Does it work in your country?[View]
132753178Why were British minting Islamic coins?[View]
132759497>Narcos on Netflix are well groomed men on suits >Narcos in real life are dirty rancheros or r…[View]
132757390/brit/: Reveal Edition[View]
132759395it's 21:52 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
132750257Friendly Reminder that although France claimed a lot of land in North America it all actuality it on…[View]
132730017/eag/ - East Asian General: For diaspora and following countries: East Asia and Sinosphere: Korea (N…[View]
132754520I love Finland[View]
132759063¿why do americans like quinceañeras?[View]
132758556Why is it that every interaction I have with Chinese people irl is relatively pleasant but on here t…[View]
132749243ITT: the good guys of international history[View]
132756131What made Afro-Americans have so much SOVL in their music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve276Qab…[View]
132756682My brother wants to get into an Ivy League Am*rican school, what are some good international volunte…[View]
132758754/balt/ + /ausnz/ + lads[View]
132757257official SOVL rankings: top tier SOVL regions >latin america >caribbean >southern europe mi…[View]
132754009Post commercials from your country and guess what they're about https://youtu.be/ZaZ3UHOEDeA[View]
132757671I have been looking for a job for 4 months or so, since I left my previous job, and I still found no…[View]
132705204/balt/ + /ausnz/ + lads: 7 posts early edish[View]
132752615Post the most famous music from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw Bum bum ta…[View]
132758452Dollar blue at 192 pesos today. Yesterday It was at 190.[View]
132753992reunification when?[View]
132758254Why do people in Britain age so badly? Is it the lack of sun?[View]
132753508/deutsch/: Pilotenmett Ausgabe[View]
132757846What happens here?[View]
132753349>In America, plumbers make $100,000 a year Feels bad man[View]
132757930POC? You mean piece of chit?[View]
132755277today 5 years ago the glorious nation of germany accepted me and my family as refugees and gave us s…[View]
132757011can any south africans tell me more about the culture?: hi there, I'm an american whose parents…[View]
132756199China fags. please help: I have a bunch of old screenshots from a Chinese Cartoon i watched in 2015.…[View]
132750925I made onigiri :) what do japanese anons think? did I do good? it's filled with tuna[View]
132750594>The one French video games character >He's called Rider of Black and crossdresses Why ar…[View]
132756292Based or cringe??[View]
132750924What is this called in your language?[View]
132750840Post historic Cathedrals from your country.: pic related is 復活大聖堂(fukkatsu daiseidō) or Holy Resurre…[View]
132752940How do Southerners have the energy to work so many hours? I'm burned out after 30.[View]
132757477Necks: take the neckpill[View]
132749405Based new ads[View]
132753644How different are their languages? It seems like one is a dialect of the other.[View]
132754662/brit/: Jamel Ginsburg edition[View]
132755094>be SEAnigger >be 162cm[View]
132750752/ita/ - il filo: esiziale edizione cattiana[View]
132744997Hairless 'males' should be feminized to serve manly med/mena men[View]
132747846/fr/ francofil: Édition en retard Nouveau: >>132738851[View]
132750546/polska/: edycja, w której system mobilizuje siły[View]
132755104Who was in the right here?[View]
132751587Why are Indians always cringe?[View]
132752974How are minorities treated in your cunt?: Also, what groups are minorities in your cunt?[View]
132753711>...and I made Hellas bigger!: what a great idea![View]
132748667What the differences between the regions of finland? For example easter vs western or southern vs no…[View]
132756607People in my cunt unironically sell these houses at full price[View]
1327502461. Your country 2. Are you drinking alcohol tonight?[View]
132754129Why johnson & johnson is johnson & johnson? Why they say twice? Why not mike & mike or T…[View]
132751336How accurate is this?[View]
132755799Thoughts on kratom? I got 25g of red horn kratom, how much should I take? The guy in the shop told m…[View]
1327510481. cunt 2. what is your personality like, /int/? I have none All I do is smoke, sip, and coom[View]
132752100>Single handedly responsible for spreading a possible bioweapon into the west >half asses meas…[View]
132754370Why is Texas the best state?: Which are its pros and cons?[View]
132756376they poppin' yet?[View]
132756152Hello BASED department?[View]
132751233They are rude, poor, and dirty[View]
132751983The two best posters of /int/[View]
132754918Why are women so boring?[View]
132755413Eating Choco Pie at 1 am[View]
132754772Japan should give money to korea forever[View]
132755491/tr/: t#rklerden gerçekten nefret ediyorum edişın[View]
132751362Why are black girl cashiers so flirtatious towards me?[View]
132750602/polska/: edycja motoryzacyjna[View]
132751197/NEDERDRAAD/: Seks met haai editie.[View]
132745171Is Denmark a nice place to live?[View]
132754653How are Europeans preparing for the Black Century?[View]
132750103Are long beards common among old people in your country?[View]
132755267are there any minority owned, women led, LGBTQIA+ staffed businesses in your country?[View]
132750475What if this product existed in your cunt?[View]
132750657Sverigetråden Fredagsfest-upplagan: Vad ska ni ÄTA? DRICKA? LYSSNA PÅ? TITTA PÅ? SPELA? LÄSA? (lol n…[View]
132748793What can a foreigner do in Japan other than teach English?[View]
132755330Balkans, a place where white EVROPA was saved.[View]
132751133vgh... what covld have been...[View]
132754668What do people in your cun tree think of borat?[View]
132751641>meanwhile in Sverigetråden.[View]
1327543627 billions[View]
132747966They unironically have the most beautiful language in Europe[View]
132754096In 1985 North Korea spent half its GDP making a Godzilla knockoff and forced a Jap they kidnapped to…[View]
132750747What is your country number one at? We are the happiest.[View]
132754677Post the most atrocious songs that were popular in your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQYNUwY…[View]
132733631/tr/ - her daim kaliteli içerik: selamın aleyküm bıReminlar[View]
132753307>Norway cheese slicer >Denmark Lego >Sweden Volvo >Iceland The icelandic sagas and norse…[View]
132752233are spaniards just a lesser version of Brits, Irish and French people? What do Spaniards take pride …[View]
132750877/brit/: big fan of these new ads[View]
132749015>got my degree in data analysis >forgot to apply for at least 3 internship during summer holid…[View]
132747899Learning languages.: I've been thinking about it for a long time now, but i still can't ma…[View]
132751637The cutest glos always have norman surnames. Why is that?[View]
132753694why do white people and christians specifically appropriate desert middle eastern culture as their o…[View]
132742220the uk is the worst amongst developed countries[View]
132753733greek people look like THAT?![View]
132742081post america[View]
132736736/cum/: fall of gondolin edition prev >>132731196[View]
132746489>*bang* * bang* open zee door, vee are lookin for jews! *bang* *bang* wat do you do?…[View]
132749086/deutsch/: Buxtehudeausgabe[View]
132752682My face is so pretty I almost look like a girl. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
132752680Is Brazilanon right?[View]
132751991Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
132749772When will they wipe eachother out?[View]
132752823ohnonono monkey bros, what went wrong?[View]
132752297Do Americans really eat cereal everyday?[View]
132748343Why are they so FUCKING BASED?![View]
132752959why do italians deny their african ancestry?[View]
132751528>Antidepressants didn’t magically make my depression go away, my life is hopeless!…[View]
132752619I used to be extremely racist until I met an African American who hated women just as much as I did …[View]
132748932Have you ever met a Pajeet?[View]
132751606Is France really the China of Europe?[View]
132752002do americans really?[View]
132752283What is USDA Cheese like?[View]
132749618How do you call these in your area?[View]
1327230131. Your race 2. What race you want to racemix with? >Latino >Black women…[View]
132750361Iphone 12: >2815 mAh ohnonono Americans BTFO[View]
132747092do you want a Jewish gf[View]
132746515Fuck Finland.[View]
132749217What does Russian think of Japan?[View]
132738637/mämmi/: 106 名前:風吹けば名無し :2020/10/23(金) 17:52:39.68 ID:g5EtkHiH0 En tiedä eroa suomalaisten, norjalai…[View]
132751249Vghh...the infinite sunnyblocks of Spain[View]
132745233If Pic related didn't I would never have Aviophobia. But guess since 6 year Old, I've been…[View]
132750911Ahhh. I remember fondly those late highschool years where the morning air flowed everywhere and i wa…[View]
132750081America thread[View]
132750668Why are Australians so evil?[View]
132750970Daily remidner that the days of the eternal D*choid are well and truly numbered . How will you celeb…[View]
132745841White women have sex with dogs[View]
132745189/esp/ Español: Getting BTFO'd edition ;)[View]
132738293>your country >blue or red[View]
132748492/brit/: Revolt against the Modern World edition[View]
132748639why Americans are addicted to cheesy potatoes?[View]
132748478>talking to europeans either on discord or irl >they immediately bring up school shootings as …[View]
132750177Here they come. Here comes the Big Three.[View]
132739790Why haven't you moved to japan yet?[View]
132749881America's future is female https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcYodQoapMg[View]
132747693Why do hapas always look like latinos? Most of the offspring of hapas in the US looks liike peruvian…[View]
132738751>your cunt >Where the fuck do you meet women in your cunt after college…[View]
132747894>You wake up in Invercargill, New Zealand[View]
132731648/ita/ il filo: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
132750420>women's rights[View]
132746300When you're feeling depressed, try Korean BBQ! This will make your life happy.[View]
132748977A toast... to new wave of quarantine.[View]
132748779>hottest British woman ever >kill her off Why did angl*s do this? Because she had a relations…[View]
132740934Is this the average Algerian ?[View]
132747634VGH... Filand... vvhat covld have been...[View]
132749970>An Apple a day keeps the doctor away[View]
132747705russian niggas be like my name is ivan ivanovich ivanov[View]
132742623As my hatred for China grows, my love for Japan also grows.[View]
132740906Who's next in line to become a first world country?[View]
132749754Anime girls Are so cute! Heh heeeeeh Cute desu![View]
132744288>'Daddy, what made you fall in love with Mommy?'[View]
132742360Your cunt How do you feel about Turks?[View]
132710578/desi/-Baldnaldo edition[View]
132738203Jewish population: ~21 million Jewish Nobel laureates: 226 Arabic population: ~420 million Arabic No…[View]
132739409Can you differentiate between Indian languages?: Punjabi (Indic): https://youtu.be/Ho2vOSl9v0K Kashm…[View]
132749026German beer is very mainstream in Brazil.[View]
132745181/deutsch/: Das Leben ist nicht fair[View]
132744205Is this true, frens? If so, i feel bad for them.[View]
132747837El Homero, el hombre de la casa americana[View]
132746526French men look like this?![View]
132743129>flag >Mayan train >Mexico-Queretaro hypertrain >TransIstmic railway road to replace Pan…[View]
132744159The culture of pleasure: In Japan they sell peeled eggs in vending machines... In Turkey you have di…[View]
132745269¿why?: ¿why do we have 10 million gringoys ( Canadians, Americans and European diaspora ) ? I though…[View]
132748172>germans Love us >bongs Love us >poles Love us >russians We have history as nations but …[View]
132731200>cunt >height flag 5'9[View]
132749146Racial scientists of /int/, can you classify this phenotype for me? I love it so much. I thought it…[View]
132733992What are German women like?[View]
132746718Do you have any black friends?[View]
132743515>Japanese women love Korean men >Korean women love Chinese men >Chinese women hate Japanese…[View]
132747762The prettiest phone ever[View]
132749425Do WE really?[View]
132745013/polska/: edycja reklamkowa pik nierelatywny[View]
132749176italy doesn't have any nuclear power plants[View]
132737253Become a wageslave goy[View]
132739163your country do you love old Fallout games?[View]
132748073I suffer in California[View]
132748825Look at this shitty threads[View]
132745023why isn't there more euro meetups? you guys live a few hours away from each other.[View]
132731997/nederdraad/: kontgat = uitgang[View]
132729164Do you love Korea?[View]
132747328>Cunt >Have you ever been with a milf?[View]
132744678Which phone do you use? Is the phone of your bf/gf important to you?[View]
132748703>tfw will never have to give hand features to a Persian qt to sleep with me since everyone speaks…[View]
132739360>What is your favorite country? My favorite country is China[View]
132747689Why are frogs like this? https://twitter.com/MattBruenig/status/1319426454824849419[View]
132747726post vgh[View]
132748284>tfw so relevant people refer to your country as a continent non americans will never know this …[View]
132748102>excuse me girl but have they ever told you you're literally built for BBC?…[View]
132742215Is ASMR popular in your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ5XYXe8rgM[View]
132746960domestic violence in your country: how prevalent is it and what are the peculiar characteristics of …[View]
132745411/brit/: yes lads[View]
1327397951.your contry 2.Do parents in your country abuse their own children when they're young? slovaki…[View]
132747665Holy shit Americans....I c-can't even finish my sentence. Do they really?[View]
132748168Does your cunt drink eggnog around fall and winter?[View]
132738153>Italians wake up >/int/ gets supergay Every single fucking day…[View]
132739029What will happen if Korea is unified?[View]
132741397It's literally impossible to suffer in a blue country[View]
132748024The average Okinawan.[View]
132743042Sverigetråden - Våldsamma upplagan: Vet ni hur man slåss?[View]
132746262Maybe i am just really, really, really fucking stupid but i honestly cannot fathom what people from …[View]
132747656>siema, kto PL?[View]
132746546My woman left the window open (it's +5 outside) and I woke up from neck pain and couldn't …[View]
132746504Do you like Tripa?[View]
132742170NYC and Germany, NO!![View]
132745846>your country >do you hate straight people germany no, i dont mind straights as long as they d…[View]
132747260VGH... SOVL[View]
132747249>why don't you get yourself a nice white woman anon..[View]
132747103I fucking hate being a third worlder and I can't go to eu because there's no war here yet …[View]
132747194Is AmeriKKKa first world?[View]
132741427Do you pretend to be mute in order to avoid social interactions?[View]
132746754Flyover bros... I don't feel so good...[View]
132743405Do people in your country eat duck meat?[View]
132746643Do American people really think this about us?(´・ω・)[View]
132743449Is your country dying?: >flag >yes…[View]
132746594ITT: We suffer in the first world: >Damn, my NEETbux got reduced from €1500 to €1200, I am going …[View]
132735215Do people support local businesses in your country?[View]
132745301What is he writing here /int/?[View]
132738749I love indian women and I want marry one. wtf is wrong with me?[View]
132740172Even pokemon has interracial cuckolding now: This is why I support china over japan[View]
132746375Halloween hasn't been popular in Sweden for over 10 years. But this year I've been seeing …[View]
132729829>falling for the asian wife meme[View]
132745780>DIES IRAE[View]
132743354What happens in Sachsen-Anhalt? What is it like?[View]
132745797How would you describe current indo-anglo relations?[View]
1327458951. Your cunt 2. Do you like plants? 1. Flag 2. Yes. In fact, there's a long tradition of plant …[View]
132744233Why do so many Asians have this silly haircut/style? Asians know how to take everything from the we…[View]
132745088mein kampf t. hitler[View]
132738851/fr/ - le fil français: Édition de l'amitié voire plus si affinités[View]
132742993Can any Americans explain this joke to me?[View]
132745361Which one among the three will succeed in their respective revolts?[View]
132742053/deutsch/: Der Gurke ihr Haus seine Ausgabe[View]
132743345An American tourist got beaten yesterday near my house because people thought he was a rapist, turns…[View]
132731271Are cocktails popular in your country? What's your favorite?[View]
132742621>faudra brainstormé ça en microteam, je suis busy là je prépare la roadmap qui respecte les proce…[View]
132744428Whats your favourite piece of architecture in another country?[View]
132745061does this happen in your country?[View]
132738761/polska/: animedycja[View]
132742569Mamas' don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys Don't let 'em pick guitars or…[View]
132744576Wich country has the most powerful virgins on /int/? I would say Portugal We have a literal wizard p…[View]
132744242japanese writing is from korean: Do you know that Japanese writing is from Korea? But Korea does not…[View]
132740833Who are the nicest posters on /int/?[View]
132743725Wtf? Based ad?[View]
132742319Remote learning is about as appealing as dementia. Where is that French anon I want to share his pai…[View]
132740266>Your country >Would you defend Germany from allied bombers? Germany Yes T. Mutt Serkan with …[View]
132743894Should I go to Singapore or Taiwan to wageslave?[View]
132742366>situation with coofing getting worse >minister of health is sacked, replaced with crooked epi…[View]
132741866Do you love Finland?[View]
132737987Post songs that helped you learn a language or parts of a language Eins zwei polizai Drei vier gran…[View]
132743927What does >stepped into the white means? the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbYQErtM9Zk…[View]
132738618My brain is so fried from too much internet usage that I can barely concetrate for 5 straight minute…[View]
132743692Do Americans really?![View]
132743593Why do korean girls always make this face?[View]
132742150Do french people really think this about us? :3[View]
132742944Do Germans really look like this?[View]
132743417as a 5'7 (170cm) manlet would I be noticeably short in your country?[View]
132741966Do you love Israel?[View]
132743399germany: What went wrong?[View]
132741083Myanmar: What happens here?[View]
132743314How do we feel about the state of Germany?: >arrive in Germany in 2015 as a 15 year old refugee …[View]
132731845>his cunt actually apologizes for the war crimes they commited[View]
132743386I'm a skinnyfat slob. If I gave you my BMI you'd never guess. Does this happen in your cou…[View]
132739573how many of these do you have, anon?[View]
132740798can you buy a pizza like this for less than a dollar in your cunt?[View]
132742312KFC Yum! Center[View]
132740230>cunt >Do you have any hope for your cunt? flag no…[View]
132742919Rate my updated 23andMe: >tfw 1% French&German Fuck Anglos[View]
132742105Do you like Jewish people? I honestly love Jewish people. Putting white people in their place since …[View]
132742791What if it was all a simulation[View]
132737526Do they really[View]
132731178How to attract an Icelandic man to be my bf?[View]
132742224Do they really?[View]
132740787How old is your country's leader? >Sweden >63 years old…[View]
132732905a survey has reported that 84 percent of south kroeans have never tasted dog and are never willing t…[View]
132740103/brit/: It's conker time edition[View]
132738913/int/ meetup[View]
132738299why are there so many pedophiles in australia?[View]
132742178>46 Oblasts, 22 Republics, 9 Krais (exact same as oblast but historical), 4 Autonomous Okrugs, 3 …[View]
132686446/LUSO: Edição: tá na hora de se livrar do gado Tema do fio >>>/pol/284060929[View]
132740673They really do, do they not?[View]
132742439>nordkeks >relevant[View]
132737227Your cunt If you had to choose another cunt to be born in, which one would you choose? kikeland If I…[View]
132742234Do you love korean food? Do you love 순두부찌개? (Soondubu jjigae, Spicy soft-tofu stew) 순두부찌개 is my favo…[View]
132741430The jews are actually doing us goys a favor by switching the gender roles. Now women have to start t…[View]
132741956Why hasn't Turkey deported and/or sterilised all Kurds and Gypos within its territory yet? The …[View]
132742137>why yes I think cider is a drink exclusively made for girls. What gave it away?…[View]
132741988Why does Germany even exist: When their own rulers doesn't even like it?[View]
132738213every slav can understand czech language[View]
132739709Do you like licorice?[View]
132737956/deutsch/: hingschissn am frühen morgen[View]
1327414021st world: Does being 1st world mean you don't have enough money to raise more than 1 kid? Is i…[View]
132738489How do I cope with being ugly?[View]
132738452Might I interest you in a sweet local delicasy of mine fellow chaperone? A side dish of ye ol' …[View]
132733349>Koreans shave off their naturally gifted chad jaw line[View]
132738839>empire of brazil >it's just brazil + uruguay laughs in 60.000 annual homicides…[View]
132741755The average Okinawan.[View]
132737610About to walk the dog, will pas by a store, do you want anything, /int/?[View]
132740157Average wage in brownentina is 149 usd a month, minimum is 83.[View]
132734490Just how much does the west lose to piracy?[View]
132739884Im feeling bad /int/ I bought in the supermarket 2 hours ago at 170₪, and paid 200₪, and the cashier…[View]
132739280tf is this reddit shit[View]
132691784/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: пpoшлый >>132651231[View]
132737710What animals live in this park?[View]
132741388How did burgers go from preferring to join the nazis as opposed to desegregating to a multiracial co…[View]
132738460/brit/: Common people edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuTMWgOduFM&ab_channel=PulpVEVO…[View]
132738215Sverigetråden Ensamma-upplagan: Hur ensamma är ni?[View]
132735177What do you REALLY think of Italians?[View]
132740662Does this happen in your cunt, anons? Are your women worthy of the seed of Tyrone?[View]
132735310how do i stop being racist?[View]
132740494how do we men monetize our sex like women do with onlyfans? We can barely get sugarmommas[View]
132730936>be japan >despise china >manga and anime is full of chinese characters do they really?…[View]
132737529Living in a thirdworld country sure is shitty.[View]
132740009Is there a reason why France is the only county to wear a Képi ?: All other countries in the world h…[View]
132739865i lost my sovl. how do i recover it?[View]
132737676wtf bros is this true??[View]
132738683Do you like your home country?[View]
132739966>literally BUILT FOR BBC[View]
132739937have all the weak arab cucks thanked this PAKI BVLL for saving them from white incel rage ?[View]
132740175>ur cunt >do you lift?[View]
132735106>Age: 18-34 >Gender: ~70% male, ~30% female >Location: United States (47%), United Kingdom …[View]
132740672>anon, do you have a girlfriend >no, not anymore >oh? Why not? > oh, she moved to Canada…[View]
132740585why shouldn't I support the Israel state? between muslims and Jews i choose the jews, muslims …[View]
132736151Has anyone here ever been alive to experience their country lose a war? How does it feel?[View]
132736400Can someone explain how the variation of people here is so high? Some Indian told me you obviously w…[View]
132731679Once and for all proof France is Islamic at this point: >France[View]
132736364Just took a dna test turns I'm 100% ĶĄRĄ BÓĢĄ[View]
132726966wtf, ancient Babylonianshad thick cowgirl mommy gfs???[View]
132740300Haoly weekend /int/! Hope you had a great week[View]
132740159Hoppin around in me ringo dingo at the pub after top sheila theyah when bogan comes round and puts h…[View]
132740295when I was in the UK I entered some store with house accessories and looked around kinda like I was …[View]
132732022povertyfag here. thank you based Australia[View]
132733995Can someone please tell me the hate that Latin Americans harbor for Iberians. Every time they are di…[View]
132739443Do you have mythical creatures in your country?[View]
132739729Is this what Australia is like?[View]
132739987Does your country have cool old asylums? This is in Nurmijärvi.[View]
132737090Is the Daihatsu Cuore as reliable as a Toyota?[View]
132735504So north korean girls look like that ? not a yellow fever fag but ill take one[View]
132735844Are there a lot of redhead in your cunt?[View]
132739659Pick one international gf I choose Greek[View]
132739046Daily reminder Brazil never won a nobel prize. Not once. Not a single one.[View]
132738345Countries where the men are more good looking than the women: >England >Sweden >Spain What…[View]
132739000Tasmania doesn't have scenery either.[View]
132736208Did you know Brits say 'bless you' if someone coughs? What do people in your country say?[View]
132739656>under islam a men can't simply go topless around the street Why exactly is *slam so oppress…[View]
132739200America...I-I kneel[View]
132736426das rite[View]
132720002Native Americans: Thread dedicated to Native American arquitecture an other art froms such as murals…[View]
132729577how do you say poop in your native language?[View]
132739255Have you ever broken the law in your cunt? In other cunts?[View]
132738483Booba tea[View]
132736002Why does Japanese people love Korean drama so much?: https://youtu.be/o86cpAEzCWA More than any othe…[View]
1327390031. >your cunt 2. >have you ever gone drinking with a pom? 1. yes 2. i am one[View]
132734070Are you a diaspora from Chungustan?[View]
132736959>Vienna, Illinois >Toronto, Idaho >Shanghai, West Virginia >Prague, Oklahoma >Par…[View]
132735196Are people in your country anti-science?[View]
132737056/brit/: taylor edition[View]
132736340Why european prefer compact car? Your body size is same as American. American prefer bigger cars,but…[View]
132722391/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
132735881What are your thoughts on Texas?[View]
132732957Why are most people so mean? Why do so many people hate each other? It's so hard to find nice p…[View]
132728912Ancestry thread: 23andme had an update today.... here are my updated results, I guess cant larp as I…[View]
132738158Is your country xenophobic?[View]
132712555/mämmi/: jotain jotain lintu -painos[View]
132735402Does this happen in your country?[View]
132677504/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
132734141Do you have qt Muslim girls in ur cunt ?[View]
132737721>be liquid >called gas explain this America…[View]
132733033Cock hamster :D[View]
132730102why is their english so good? can they be considered anglos at this point?[View]
132733545For several days now I have become fascinated with this image of a small fat laughing Budai, or as I…[View]
132733500I just want scenery.[View]
132732565this is the province of Amapá in Brazil: Because there is so much ore in the state, France wants to …[View]
132729298Halloween is coming: Ever wonder what it's like to go trick-or-treating in the middle of spring…[View]
132735533Which country do you think to love Japanese culture actually? Right: China Left: United States[View]
132719125Do you believe the universe is endless?[View]
132731886Why do people like China so much on here? I'm not saying that they should instead like America.…[View]
132731904My woman left the window open (it's +5 outside) and I woke up from neck pain and couldn't …[View]
132733070Meanwhile in new zealnd[View]
132735833My dental hygienist kept touching my head with her tits and kept giggling with me for the entire app…[View]
132725292So...are they Asian or Pacific Islander? I live around a lot of Filipinos and they say they're …[View]
132731316What is the healthcare system like in your country and do you like it?[View]
132732392Are there any abbos on /int/?[View]
1327369014chan is anglo[View]
132735082The American[View]
132737197reminder that chad is white[View]
132733640Why is America always portrayed as fully white and northern european in Japanese games, while in rea…[View]
132733022>tfw not a part of hindusphere[View]
132722255/fr/ - franc'fil: Édition cibèreounque Ancien : >>132716641[View]
132736958The fragmented and colorful parliament of Croatia... SOVL...[View]
132737027>bro, stop being bitter and be awesome instead[View]
132735520/brit/: greggs edish[View]
132734058Friendly Reminder that although France claimed a lot of land in North America it all actuality it on…[View]
132732128What would change in our lives with a change in the president of US I don't know why so many pe…[View]
132736696>Spic here[View]
132731196/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: most powerful general on /int/[View]
132729875Why 90% of transgender people are from South America I know that part of earth is cursed but damn c…[View]
132731232What’re y’all up to? I’m picking dingleberries out of my ass.[View]
132732387>have whatever non-italian flag >go to the italian general >say anything either in italian …[View]
132732887Gooood Mooorrrnnniiinng https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJXhxvJBeX0[View]
132723876Why haven't you converted to Islam yet?[View]
132731936our pigeons have cool hair[View]
132733697wtf? I love 4channel advertisement now?! do people in your country have sex?[View]
132731124why are you gey?[View]
132733509Why doesn't Europe have anywhere near these levels?[View]
132733799This is Francophone Africa. Say something nice about them[View]
132719393Sverigetråden - Fredagsupplagan[View]
132732674/조선인민공화국/ /북한/ /Best Korea/ thread: 쪽발이들하고 백인쥐들 금지. 좌파들 환영.[View]
132735400Why would anyone care about race? I know a lot of people from different races and it really doesn…[View]
132734538What is this phenotype[View]
132730512Is there any woman more attractive than an East Asian girl?[View]
132735532Are school strikes still happening in your country?[View]
132735774Country roads, take me home to the place I belong[View]
132733627There are monuments of liberation from the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. However, they do not know …[View]
132733895/brit/: dogshit yank edition[View]
132733479I dont know why i dont know anything but I think I love Argentine[View]
132734091Why do the Irish have fries in their 'Chinese' food?[View]
132730901they will never give us healthcare, maternity leave, etc[View]
132734547Give me your honest opinion about the Thai Monarch/King.[View]
132724345Which one: Which one do you think is better?[View]
132731901Super heavy intercontinental ballistic missile hwaseong-16[View]
132731879Countries should no longer fight. Presidents of countries must fight in the mma cage. thread theme h…[View]
132734228>the World[View]
132733886What would your ideal country look like?[View]
132733036(((they))) took this from us because it was a source of graduate happyness to see you having a big b…[View]
132723860Do blacks really?[View]
132716931It is official, AI confirms Brazil is in fact BLACK[View]
132734837who made these ads and why are they so based[View]
132733915wait. american women are lesbians?[View]
132734566Family job: How common is it in your country for children to pick up the family job? For the childre…[View]
132734526My god life must be hard for normal Americans Jesus fucking christ.[View]
132734465Well?: https://www.strawpoll.me/21146196[View]
132732046Why is the Southern Hemisphere so much shitter and less relevant than the Northern Hemisphere?[View]
132733164Freindly Reminder that Mexico is in North America.[View]
132732984How was life before COVID. I can't even remember how it was before[View]
132730032How come india is so superior?[View]
132734060How many guns do Americans on /int/ carry?[View]
132731965Did you know that Indian toll booth operators are elephants?[View]
132733469What do you call this thing in your language, /int/? Do you have one in your home/car to help put ou…[View]
132733657why are Butthurt Belt so ungrateful dicks?: >liberate u from fascism at cost of merely 27 million…[View]
132730670What is this phenotype called? Could she pass as one of your countrymen?[View]
132729763/brit/: Battered Wife for dinner edition[View]
132732735Is your country filthy, /int/?: https://streamable.com/e7a2ju[View]
132727155I'll just leave this here: one of these things is not like the others[View]
132730577Orange = based Blue = Cringe is your country cringe or based?[View]
132728937what happened to korean '''men'''?[View]
132730263what is the general opinion on mexico? is it nice to live there? i find it very interesting and i m…[View]
132733156Did you know anything about korean cheekbone surgery. I wanna be a plastic surgeon make bank in cana…[View]
132724237What car does /int/ drive?[View]
132732021Do you this on your cunt?: >eat too much >need to work >force yourself to vomit >ready …[View]
132732424>Be spic manlet >Only find white women attractive What are my chances in getting a snow bunny …[View]
132733129Discord para estudiantes de programación en Español >>https://discord.gg/dcE5aWu…[View]
132732969NOOOOO YOU MUST HAVE DOWN SYNDROME BABBYES: Why are American like this? https://www.healthline.com/h…[View]
132729613Japan, then and now[View]
132732869every new worlder once they get a 23&me kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OAcFDbE1nc…[View]
132731545Pink = soulless shithole[View]
132732753The first airplane was made by Brazilian[View]
132728775The flag of Kyrgyz[View]
132730877Are Japanese girls the ugliest in east Asia?[View]
132726130/lat/: hilo latino[View]
132731588did you know that New Yorkers think they are unique in having small local stores that sell groceries…[View]
132731756why italian girls brown[View]
132729724I'm eating bread of the dead right now and is delicious Does this happen in your country?[View]
132731352Do you live in a stable country?: >While you cheer for the collapse of Russia we are worried abou…[View]
132728456'Es tan lindo que vayas a la casa de una niñita.' 'Mira, muchacho, este es mi consejo sobre las muje…[View]
132725052Ancient Chinese Classics Thread: In this thread, we post our most favorite quotes from Ancient Chine…[View]
132723164I tried to make a proper Brexit simple as full English breakfast this morning. How does it look lads…[View]
132730807> your kauntree > China or India ?[View]
132730072Is track and field a popular sport in your country?[View]
132731190When did Europe lose its sovl?[View]
132731397I like this country and it’s people.: Can any Mexibros here here tell me a cool fact about their cou…[View]
132731687What's the best beer in your cunt?[View]
132729243>Walk to corner store >Buy 4 monsters >Pay cashier walk home >Nothing happend What the f…[View]
132718324Redpill me on Iceland[View]
132730866Turks look like THAT!?!? (_)[View]
132731387Why does Canada send their worse to America?[View]
132731778Mfw my FBI gf wont send me drug moneys from raids[View]
132731082Why are australians obsessed with coom?[View]
132725892When did you accept their superiority and embrace their status as the Master Race?[View]
132730212>mfw I realize there are sexy lolis posting on /int/ RIGHT NOW[View]
132731345Kek the fuckin ads today[View]
132731615which Nigerian tribes are the darker and lighter ones[View]
132729580Do Chicanos give their kids “the talk” about police in America? I was watching American TV and someo…[View]
132730527just realized how many mexicans + south americans post here at this hour. not a quality time.[View]
132722033>tfw no gf[View]
132731365Who is the most notorious person in your country?[View]
1327301531. Your country 2. Have you ever tried a meal ready to eat? Argentina No but i would like to try one…[View]
132729725Are you fat?: How fat is your country?[View]
132731144Why are there so many communist terror attacks in India?[View]
132718805You have 10 seconds to act as Polish as possible.[View]
132731331>help yourself anon what do?[View]
132729504Is new zealand the canada to australia?[View]
132729688do you plan to start a family /int/? I certainly do[View]
132731285sO mAnY fUcKiNg AsIaN tHrEaDs[View]
132731195/cum/: the things i have seen microsoft windows 95 prev >>132728949[View]
132728949/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Pain, but also mundane edition Previous thread: >>132726307…[View]
132729796America and UK pressured the Japan to impose economic sanctions on Argentina during the Falklands Wa…[View]
132730291-??????? are coming back. +no, THANK YOU imma god goy vote me[View]
132728601I'm going to huezil next month. Redpill me on how not to get killed and how to avoid the design…[View]
132726062ok guys, which one of you did this?[View]
132725856your average non cherrypicked japanese high schooler.[View]
132730328how do I make friends in this shithole country? Moved to a new city in california right when corona …[View]
132724398English man why you punish us? >In 1921, the new Louisiana constitution reversed the previous lan…[View]
132731036https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkiyS1BuWz4 dollar at 535 pesos by december. t. maslaton[View]
132730998>'Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!' She has become a dwelling for demons and a haun…[View]
132730703I will give my life for the Chinese empire, I kill American[View]
132730214Are po'boys popular in your country?[View]
132730885why japaness love korea so much?: Kpop? Kdrama?[View]
132728706Is mexican cuisine really spicy? Chili's are fruit Won't that make our food 'fruity'?[View]
132723423/brit/: What a fucking show Berserk is. Only anime worth its salt. Goosebumps edition[View]
132717120/éire/: eagrán óir Ísiltírigh[View]
132729615How do Indonesian feel about the move of the capital to Borneo?[View]
132730381Why don’t Europoors and Australians celebrate Halloween? Even China celebrates it now[View]
132730006POV: You are Canadian[View]
132730453What does /int/ think about based Chechens?[View]
132730478>oi oi oi baguette baguette smelly smelly snails shitfuck did i speak proper french…[View]
132729397Why are int jannies so fucking gay?[View]
132725194i fixed italy[View]
132729993>my mum might be mexican but at least she's legal[View]
132726520What the fuck is going on here.[View]
132730448What phenotype is this?[View]
132727403Why are Europeans taller than other people?: Why are only European/White majority countries in the t…[View]
132704419/tr/: Vurdur ciğere oqlim baskısı[View]
132727354>jews don't celebrate halloween[View]
132728018>walk into a room >see this What do?[View]
132722012Argentineans, will you miss Uber Eats?[View]
132730277do huWhite wymyn really[View]
132702280Has your country helped another country during difficult times?: >During the Winter War between F…[View]
132730171Why does the west try to suppress the fact that Egypt successfully cured AIDS, hepatitis and countle…[View]
132730114What phenotype is this?[View]
132729947Let's go boys[View]
132720103Do people care about whiteness in your country?[View]
132729997Why don’t mexicans eat Taco Bell[View]
132729987>your cunt >your family clan 1. Gook 2. Haeju oh clan…[View]
132729986All of these people were killed, wounded, and captured because of some retarded islands.[View]
132725140So the Chinese overlords are already here. I yield...[View]
132725211Why do Japanese love Mexicans so much?: How come México has a way deeper relationship with Japan tha…[View]
132727360In which country is this commonplace?[View]
132721942>Indians aren’t whi...[View]
132723063/ita/ - il filo: edizione nottambula[View]
132728750> longest life span in the world > lowest crime rate in the world > world class food > w…[View]
132726846>4chan and smart phones have utterly destroyed my attention span and now I can't even watch …[View]
132728908No, it's not Zimbabwe No, it's not Buruindi No, it's not Kenya No, it's not Soma…[View]
132728228my ancestors :)[View]
132711413Whypipo: Why are they like this?[View]
132729736nursing home vote me. - i will give you candy - I WILL GIVE YOU COTTON CANDY then they fight with th…[View]
132728305good night, when was the last time you /int/cels dreamed about another country?[View]
132727820/brit/: Elizabeth Poole edition[View]
132726525/Int/ Art Thread[View]
132714063Do you want to find international love?: >Norway Yes, I dream about find love in Japan, China or …[View]
132726615Is this really a common issue in Japan?[View]
132726939I'm just leaving this here[View]
132678329/balk/: Extreme nationalist edition >>132655505[View]
132728630u ok Argentina?[View]
132729460/cp/ - Culture Pals - Interpals: Borat 2 edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around th…[View]
132729437Ausbros...: >U.S. military pay was considerably higher than that of the Australian military and U…[View]
1327292251. your country 2. Do you eat burger with or without the skin?[View]
132728848This photo shows the entire coast of Bosnia, as well as parts of Croatia's coast.[View]
132729337Songowat? OHHH SONGOWAT? Where are you, widdle Songowat? I see your little joke of a ‘country’ isn’…[View]
132729157Americans when an asteroid nearly misses the earth by 545 million miles[View]
132726816The true inheritors of the Roman Empire[View]
132726137Hey bongs rate my cup of tea[View]
132718281What was the last thing you paid for with your credit card?[View]
132727590https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBNppDoD8OY Damn. Now I feel bad for mocking Americans about 9/11.…[View]
132724870Which one would you like to live in?[View]
132726416>you try to escape brazil >you see these two guarding the border what do…[View]
132725290Animated Albanian woman look like THAT ???????? WHOA....[View]
132725305>your country >did god also play a sick joke on you, imprisoning you in a country where pic re…[View]
132728687What's the name of your country's biggest public broadcaster?[View]
132727690Is he anglo?[View]
132728738If I lived in south I would have cockroaches keeping me company. Instead I have banana flies. Do you…[View]
132723385Germany: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8s22PZRXAIY[View]
132726412Japanese is opening its border for the most intelligent foreigners educated on and interested in Jap…[View]
132724229Gran Colombia: Ask Gran Colombians Anything. Gran Colombian means: Colombians, Venezuelans, Ecuadori…[View]
132728597My ancestor :)[View]
132723215blog thread: This thread is for posting whatever is going on in your personal life. Go ahead anon, I…[View]
132727384I have my military aviation degree and I am going to work in Italy. What do you feel if an immigrant…[View]
132727484>country >what is your pet?[View]
132728489I have to go to the vending machine quickly to get weeds, so please be patient.[View]
132727541my ancestors :)[View]
132725895do albino blacks have BBC?[View]
132725953Delete my thread and I'll just make a new one Do you not know what airplane mode is Peter?[View]
132725493/brit/: the light that shines twice as bright burns half as long edition x[View]
132724128PlayStation 5 is very expensive is latin america: >Mexico: Standard Model - $620 USD Digital Mode…[View]
132727958You ask me, Italian Americans are waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than regular Italians.[View]
132727589The post that destroyed /int/[View]
132725063Citizens of peoplekind...: post the last photo you took ...if you're not a pusy ;) this a georg…[View]
132725014what does your country do more than everybody else? we have more guns per capita than the next 2 cou…[View]
132705928/norgetråden/: Smitteutgaven Forrige: >>132677035 >>132677035 >>132677035[View]
132725053Today's korean word.: 고종순천융운조극돈륜정성광의명공대덕요준순휘우모탕경응명입기지화신열외훈홍업계기선력건행곤정영의홍휴수강문헌무장인익정효태황제실록…[View]
132725682>your flag >are you part of the sex-haver gang flag nope…[View]
132725936>sell your lands off to Jews >get angry when they build their own state…[View]
132725730This is the punggae-6 번개-6 anti missile system S-500 of North Korea.[View]
132727464Μῆνιν ἄειδε, θεά, Πηληϊάδεω Ἀχιλῆος οὐλομένην, ἣ μυρί’ Ἀχαιοῖς ἄλγε’ ἔθηκε, πολλὰς δ’ ἰφθίμους ψυχὰς…[View]
132724784Which country is closest to becoming first world outside Europe?[View]
132725826Does your country tolerate lesbians like me?[View]
132713285Monthly reminder that life in Russia is better than Brazil: >HDI Brazil 79th Russia 49th >GDP …[View]
132726585>another day spent looking at streets in rural japanese villages in google street view…[View]
132720257what are Danish women like?[View]
132726817What is the difference between Greta Thunberg and the Germans?[View]
132711754Do you have a heritage that comes from outside the country you're in? According to my mom I hav…[View]
132727012If blacks want you dead you are white: Stop pretending there's no such thing as whites. Tyrone …[View]
132726094Wild international relations: What was the weirdest situation/relation your country had with another…[View]
132725228do Americans really[View]
132723790What was your turning point before you began to support China over the empire of evil? Pic related i…[View]
132725250Who's the 32%?[View]
132725267Which is the first song that comes to mind when Spain? >bamboleo[View]
132726034Is it over bros?[View]
132724910Fuck frogs[View]
132705442kurva anyátok[View]
132721503/cum/: Canada USA Mexico Bear edition[View]
132721956What is a typical social gathering like in your country? Here's a typical American one https://…[View]
132721189Are the lesser Anglo countries like Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand trying to race the Un…[View]
132721366>all my parents come from northern italy Based or cringe?[View]
132726398Yesterday at 16:40 UTC I ate a huge Wiener Schnitzel and slept until now very good. o o o Eat more m…[View]
132719064The fragmented parliament of BELGIVM... SOVL...[View]
132719106Do you like suburbs in your cunt?: I wish mine had cool landmarks, statues, and stores and stuff so …[View]
132712765Why are spaniards like this? Why can't they behave like human beings?[View]
132714791Why does it arouse the hatred of so many commietards?[View]
132725887>Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria are the bad guys.…[View]
132722031Why doesn't Mexico have native reservations: Seems kind of cruel, right?[View]
132717312How do you cope with not living in the north?[View]
132714468i move from texas to california[View]
132724299>you're 4x more likely to be raped in sweden than in detroit what the fuck is going on there…[View]
132720393Is drinking somewhere alone considered weird in your country?[View]
132721925/lat/: hilo genocidio de la raza chilena[View]
132725868turkey<<<<<SEASIA: live in shithole and only have strong patriotism. Turkish lira is …[View]
132669240DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2437: DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thr…[View]
132706707/mena/: turdman edition[View]
132716738/cat/ - Catholic Nations: >tfw you're a catholic Only Catholic countries may post on this th…[View]
132725755I fixed this world[View]
132665884/skandi/+ /danmarktråden/ + /norgetråden/ +/sverigetråden/: Forrige: >>132596818[View]
132718227/deutsch/: Hingschissn[View]
132680122/ישר/- /อิสร/- /이스라/ - /isr/: מהדורת בוקר טוב ת'רד אחרון: >>132623685[View]
132720984>have whatever non-italian flag >go to the italian general >say anything either in italian …[View]
132704640/norgetråden/: Hivladnings-utgaven med Soma fra somatråden >>132677035 >>132677035 >…[View]
132723349The fuck is this thing? Is it like some sort of cocktail with jelly beans on the bottom? Why is sudd…[View]
132717304/nederdraad/: Nachtstudeer editie Welkom: brein hoofden, nachtbrakers Niet welkom: mensen die alles …[View]
132723415Map of people trying their best.[View]
132720372america is not a first world country. when I think of first world countries I think of places like C…[View]
132723661That feel when feel tired all the time no matter how much I sleep.[View]
132705478Wa do wypipo do't season dey food?[View]
132724857>Ywn visit Kyrgyzstan once in your life It hurts[View]
132681365/v4/ + friends: comfy edition, it's almost christmas, cheer up lads![View]
132723100/ int / είναι δικό μας[View]
132720166I am ashamed of having same sex attraction[View]
132722651Why do they claim to be celtic?[View]
132708506St. Petersburg... home...[View]
132723591sometimes i want a gf but then i remember real women arent anime women and the feeling goes away how…[View]
132724480you will never be a stalker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRmHJj-QMSY[View]
132723536Do you want a New Jersey gf /int/?[View]
132724571Is the danish diaspora the least ugly american group?[View]
132720658Americans don't know how good they have it: I wish I could have a gun so I can easily blow my b…[View]
132723598>Go on desu archive >All comments under '.cn' are all pro China. Disturbing. This is…[View]
132701266Damn, portuguese people look like THAT?[View]
132722135>scandi men[View]
132717768Which country would you rather live in?[View]
132702308/ex-yu/: >you're the new foreign kid, right ? >tell me something funny about your country…[View]
132724393What else could you do if you were him :([View]
132724019Americans do realize Spain is a country, right?[View]
132724112gugu gaga dame la billetera[View]
132723370>this shit site doesnt allow emojis[View]
132723705helo does anyone have that apu drinking water and the other apu coughing on him? thank you[View]
132723681How common is inceldom in your country?[View]
132717157Firstoids be like: 'My internet order took 4 days to get to my house, I live in a shit hole'[View]
132723685What is the most beautiful, and the most ugly native english accent? For me, the memphis is the best…[View]
132719794I no longer dislike immigrants[View]
132721107Where should I move within the USA if I can work remotely. I want to be surrounded by the sluttiest …[View]
132713293/ita/ - il filo: edizione principessa ary[View]
132719935Does any of you live in the country? What is your life like? Work, internet speed, social life ...[View]
132723112Swedish niggas be like ..[View]
132721809Now that the dust is settled, was it really necessary?[View]
132720072/brit/: ish[View]
132714070Eastern Evropeans look like THAT?[View]
132710189hey incels, what do people in your country do when they are bored?[View]
132722091Pretty funny that this random White Boomer is now considered by the masses as one of the biggest hip…[View]
132719857If your cunt had its own Mt. Rushmore, what people would be on it?[View]
132716242>your cunt >are you sad flag yes been a month…[View]
132722649when did u realize that china, russia, iran are the good guys?[View]
132721001But I thought Australia was good[View]
132713138Uhhhhhh Brazil? How can you be an incel in bundaland?[View]
132722390England turned shit after they began losing all their colonies. Also it’s really small, even with Sc…[View]
132722229Can any Russian speakers tell me what the fuck is going on here? https://imgur.com/a/fhE0mGH[View]
132701640Colonized countries outside of Latin America.: Is your native language(s) being replaced by your col…[View]
132714941>mid twenties >still a kissless virgin Does this happen in your country?…[View]
132722070What happens here?[View]
132716277/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Bee edition[View]
132715011Which races do you get along with most? We seem to hate Israel (it's a recent development with …[View]
132713317>tfw I wanna go to the US but I realize a civil war is inevitable[View]
132712587/lat/: hilo anti-peruANOS[View]
132720907if anglos are actually anglos then why do they look nothing like danes or dutchmen?[View]
132721806>portugués do portugal? nao mano, eu so falo portugués do brasil[View]
132718880Reminder that these are the people behind the cute anime avatars on /int/.[View]
132721653>They were elves once[View]
132719229Overall I would say that I am pretty happy with the quality of posts made by British flags.[View]
132721124tfw a fictional character from your cunt is more famous than any actual people from your cunt[View]
132720004Az önce TÜV Türk hakkında bir belgesel izledim? Şimdi bu açıdan Türkiye'deki durum nasıl? İyile…[View]
132719859>Anon, who is this cute little frog I've seen in your computer ? It looks so funny…[View]
132717125You wake up in my Ukrainian district[View]
132716641/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du greffier qui grapille. https://twitter.com/SixStinkyCats/status/1319…[View]
132716933Reminder: We’re not speaking English, we’re speaking American[View]
132718650I am addicted to sugar Does this happen in your country?[View]
132715681I want to impregnate a woman in every country of the world what do you feel about this[View]
132721178I never had a nice conversation with anyone in real life ever. Everytime I think I did it ended up i…[View]
132716984Why are cam whores and onlyfans models called sex workers? The Customer doesn't get sex and the…[View]
132712380/polska/: edycja piwna[View]
132719116Which is best between Cyprus halloumi and Greek from Greece halloumi ?[View]
132710939Does your country have an equivalent to this awful place?[View]
132703397>his language doesn’t have gendered pronouns[View]
132704889/cat/: Are there any catalans here?[View]
132715620Why are brits like this?[View]
132720884We can count the dough or kick a flow Or chill out watching videos Or acting really silly yo but rea…[View]
132720470Would NEETs exist without the Internet?[View]
132716228Does your country have simps ?[View]
132720523Please come to France. But only if you are of African descent.[View]
132716745What kind of people become gamers in your country?[View]
132718065Egypt has done 49 Executions In 10 Days: does your country have the death penalty?[View]
132716979What's the busiest road in your cunt? >køge bugt motorway 133.000 cars a day…[View]
132720291Does your country think logically?[View]
132710208Just had a deeeeeelicious buffalo burger bros What are some meats that are fairly unique to where yo…[View]
132701006/med/ - Mediterranean general: French mommies edition Previous: >>132643907[View]
132720319I hate having triple eyelids, I wish I had monolids like my father...[View]
132719232I have sickness for thiccness lads.[View]
132708325Throwback to the time when India and Pakistan became frens after the '71 war.[View]
132700614Thank GOD I don't live in a blue « country »[View]
132670417/eag/ - /儒洲/ - East Asia General: For diaspora and following countries: East Asia and Sinosphere: Ko…[View]
132706440post face /int/, I will start with mine.[View]
132709670Are the United States really that much richer than the western european countries?[View]
132720010Want to move to Bodø, Norway. Will I need to learn Norwegian in Norway or is English ok? >Can sp…[View]
132720071/brit/: French wine industry edition, pls support it.[View]
132719030I am having an anxiety attack right now[View]
132716373Why didn´t he stop the atomic bombs?[View]
132718095You can tell the US is an alive and well superpower based on the fact that they have these enormous …[View]
132713038what do you smoke /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8ScVyhoRvs&ab_channel=usbzoso[View]
132717042Are there even beings comparable to Iberians? Anglos and Frenchies maybe?[View]
132717046/brit/: memes edition[View]
132719708/Metro Vancouver/: City rats assemble North van boi[View]
132716219i have come to the conclusion that americans make the worst threads here[View]
132718743APOLOGIZE: ITT we apologize on our nation's behalf for something people don't like about y…[View]
132714249>cunt >what causes your cunt to do this?[View]
132717704Been playing this and now I want to know EVERYTHING about France and Algeria: What is it like now? D…[View]
132719622I wish i was dead[View]
132715124How popular is 4chan in your cunt? We're the second most common country here after the USA. Als…[View]
132711180Huh, why is it?!?[View]
132716882>tfw if it wasnt for the high crime rate and corruption, Brazil would be the best place on earth …[View]
132716249Current snow coverage in Sweden: Winter came early this year. :|[View]
132719474wtf is this flag with eleven stars? i am american, not from this country.[View]
132707448Should USA and Canada become one country?[View]
132709342>you wake up in eastern Europe what do?[View]
132718595VGH VGH VVVVVVVGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH KINOOOO LUUUUDO this is the most Kino flag possible. look at the colo…[View]
132718423Please visit Wyoming: We are almost twice the size of Brazil but only have a population of 4,000 peo…[View]
132707102/brit/: Fucking hell lads this is the 17th new I've made this week[View]
132713271Why don’t they unite and become an even bigger shithole?[View]
132705357your thoughts on India's cultural sphere?[View]
132717270There's no intelligent life outside of Earth. In the entire universe, the only smart ones are u…[View]
132710032Do women in your country hit the wall at 20?[View]
132706521/mena/ - Middle East & North Africa[View]
132713748germany is so obsessed with us that they named a city after hamburgers[View]
132717202I love this country[View]
132707776Nice to see whites finally fighting back against white genocide[View]
132716909This is Rahul Gandhi, former President of the Indian National Congress. He is not white.[View]
132698931Thread dedicated to Native American architecture.[View]
132705872Do you have cul-de-sac neighborhoods in your country? That is a road layout designed to limit throug…[View]
132717568It's drizzling. I wish it were cold enough for it to snow, but this is nice too. Goodnight.[View]
132718427/deutsch/: Das Leben ist nicht fair[View]
132706343Thoughts on Turks?[View]
132711700how is your typical non working day /int/?[View]
132709926/íslandsþráðurinn/ + færeyjar: fyrst n*Rðmenn, sv*Ar og d*Nir eru með sína eigin þræði + /skandi/, a…[View]
132687849/asean/: MILF edisi[View]
132711645/deutsch/: Knarzende Ausgabe[View]
132717200Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:Thread >>132662026 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
132682118/éire/: eagrán glasála[View]
1326914861. your country 2. which one is it?[View]
132703903/ita/ - Il Filo: Edizione “il rangeban della rete cellulare non era abbastanza”[View]
132711614Would you racemix with a 6ft South Sudanese ebony queen?[View]
132702910These are the countries not recognized by at least one UN member state, which ones do you recognize …[View]
132712367are you a friend of the Polish cause?[View]
132706899Colombia: Where should I get the news from here in this place, is it as Zogged as it is here in the …[View]
132711057Sverigetråden - Götetråden[View]
132715837Dangerous neighborhoods in Turkey we call Texas. Is Texas really a dangerous place?[View]
132713573I hate this country[View]
132707689>dat gevoel wanneer geen nederlands paspoort[View]
132708744/cum/: prev >>132700868[View]
132715244This is what Russia was used to be about.[View]
132707663/fr/ - francofil: Édition de l'échange linguistique Ancien >>132700307[View]
132700248What is your cunt #1 at? We rule coffee trade.[View]
132708919Hola bebe Que te parece si vamos a mí casa y hacemos el delicioso?[View]
132715074Is your country very unequal?: Some parts of Brazil have HDI higher than Norway https://pt.m.wikiped…[View]
132715030What does t. mean?[View]
132712232List of things we can thank US for: Baggy jeans Ugly fashion Jazz Fastfood War on the Middle East Mu…[View]
1327154661. Your country 2. Your greatest success and your greatest failure?[View]
132675583Ex-yu: Budjenje i na posao edition[View]
132705116Did you grow up white trash in your country?: >I had 3 siblings, and my family was poor so we nev…[View]
132706288Do Mexicans Really?[View]
132713519/LDT/ - Creole edition: Language discussion thread, Creole edition In this thread we talk aboult cre…[View]
132713691What is the premiere list of Gobbledygook languages? I can already see Dutch and Danish on the list…[View]
132715238imagine receiving a blowjob from a russian soldier for a couple of euros...[View]
132712460Do you brew mead in your closet to honor the old gods? In your cunt?[View]
132712229i was talking to some american guy on omegle i ask him about his height and he started talking abou…[View]
132707071おはよ、俺はダヴィドさんです。 俺は日本語をべんきおしました。 私の夢は日本を住んでいたい。 いつか。[View]
132714730>zoomers will inherit a collapsed economy and won’t be able to find jobs >zoomers will never b…[View]
132700277/lat/ hilo latino: edicion tengo una idea para un nuevo anime[View]
132709327Brazil: Brazil https://55chan.org/b/src/1603388140543-0.mp4[View]
132710174be honest /int/, how many of you are sexpats? you know that's pathetic right?[View]
132707993whats the most popular dish of your province/state? My province is gelderland. And i honestly dont e…[View]
132714812https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-RfHC91Ewc https://youtu.be/jFby3IEs9V0?t=260 https://youtu.be/PthH…[View]
132712287Would you accept American refugees in your country?[View]
132714079Is it impossible to be incel in this country?[View]
132711902Why are they angry at America?[View]
132703434Me and YOUR country :3[View]
132714448It's good to see how much we (brazilians) can keep the /int/ alive... Thank You![View]
132714599>Your cunt >how did you do[View]
132710304ITT: Our Worse International Experiences: Go to Spain to visit extended family. See homos everywhere…[View]
132714477I don't watch porn anymore[View]
132714011So there was a white guy asking me to borrow an iPhone charging cable. Long story short I also lent …[View]
132714397I still believe in your eyes I just don't care what you've done in your life[View]
132703500Why do they speak in a high-pitch, nasal voice?[View]
132712011>americans call the 100 meter dash a 328 foot fartlek[View]
132711707There’s snow in Brazil There’s snow in your country?[View]
132712466Is it just the Muslims or are they all awful posters?[View]
132675817Do straight men in your cunt drink wine? I used to make fun of wine drinkers, but lately I've b…[View]
132713924German is the most commonly specified ancestry in the United States. But Americans are more English,…[View]
132670833/dixie/ – The SOVTH & FRIENDS: an edition previously on /peanusweanus/: >>132644049[View]
132714003Godsent language Prove me wrong[View]
132709538>Tfw no Jamaican gf[View]
132703770Tell me about your general.[View]
132705281>tfw old[View]
132703173Why are Japanese zoomers so embracing of mainland China and Chinese culture, particularly the girls?…[View]
132711487China destroyed my life after long time of NEETing i finally started going to the uni in 2018 (i…[View]
132709941Brazil has made so much delicious coffee for us.... Thank you Brasilia[View]
132706219How do I get a Judith from Easy French gf bros?[View]
132706597Why did latinxs wear these so much during the 80s?[View]
132711819Is there any point in Canada still existing? We're identical in every way and only a schizo ret…[View]
132710436how you cope?[View]
132702587/leaf/ - Canada general[View]
132710605What type of underwear do you wear?[View]
132682756/desi/-Team Rocket edition: Shoutout to Pokemon Pokeposting on Facebook[View]
132710568Irish girls belong to leaf men[View]
132711770I'm now OBSESSED with this German footballer. One of the cutest, sexiest men my eyes have ever …[View]
132708368What is this phenotype[View]
132713026Whats the most embarassing/awnkward situation you had to deal with people from another country?: I t…[View]
132707667The China question: What do we do about them? I feel like we need to take them down before it become…[View]
132705074Is there a surefire way to tell if someone is jewish from phisical features alone?[View]
132704268>I've been bite by a snake anon I know I shouldn't say this as your best freind but I n…[View]
132700022How to say 'semen demon' in your language?[View]
132710270I wish I was born in a tiny comfy European country like Slovenia instead of this bleak radioactive w…[View]
132704961>your country >how was/is your day going?…[View]
132704705harðfiskur og smjör[View]
1327124481. Your cunt 2. Are people destroying vital supplies to protest wearing masks? Canada Yes[View]
132707671/fr/ - LE fil: /fr/ est mort, vive /fr/ ! édition Ancien >>132700307[View]
132702265/polska/: edycja genszinkowa[View]
132694086/mämmi/: idolitytyt painos[View]
132707198/deutsch/: Ein Faden unter der Sonne - der /deutsch/faden[View]
132697697It's irl gonna happen lmao[View]
132706070this meme confuses the mutt.[View]
132704464Is it just me, or is this one of the greatest cities in the world?[View]
132704535Name a country with a longer and more interesting history (you literally can’t)[View]
132705712Trully the greatest ally(sorry Israel). How come Americans are so nice and willing to help everyone …[View]
132705491Someday /int/...[View]
132700249I want to visit pakistan and turkey[View]
132710786Euros response to the Boxer rebbelion: >The Allies argued and fought each other, severely critici…[View]
132708530Average day with med gf[View]
132705128>Meet a girl >Become friends >Never ask her out even though you want to >She stops answe…[View]
132694521Bros please save us bros.[View]
132708274what happens here?[View]
132708496Which do you prefer?: Latin America, or Germanic America?[View]
132709221i'm sad bros[View]
132710414if russians did not commit the Katyn massacre we could friends now[View]
1327078131. cunt 2. weed? pindorama weeeeeeed[View]
132709134Why have you not traveled to Turkey for a hair transplant?[View]
132707266Death to America![View]
132705075Why are northern Euros taller than Meds?[View]
132702142you are transported to the year 2000 with all your current knowledge and a year's salary. other…[View]
132709638Why is he such a pedo?[View]
132708061Why are they like this? If you don't believe me look at the google maps, very often german citi…[View]
132709699Could Iranians stop, please?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Any_Day_Now_(2020_film)[View]
132709522Romania? More like Germania[View]
132700790How come Iran wasn't Arabized like Egypt and Mesopotamia? How were they able to resist it even …[View]
132708142fibonazzi: we are expanding the spiral swastiget to arms faggots https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,-595,-53…[View]
132709314i found this on indonesia streetview indonesia = poland after all? polish please explain? indonesia …[View]
132704779itt we tell other people about their countries[View]
132703393I've never seen a cat irl.[View]
132709418>be American >be a functioning human, work hard in school, get a good white collar job e.g. do…[View]
132705520Swedish people: Are there any Swedish people who are famous in your country? William 'Leffen' Hjelte…[View]
132704224Sverigetråden - Skördarupplagan[View]
132707315DO NOT bully Spain and Italy they are France's best friends[View]
132700132>PSSH https://v.ylilauta.org/9msi7.mp4[View]
132700868/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: No posting edition[View]
132708818que pasa conchetumadres[View]
132690476What other boards do you go on besides /int/?[View]
132705996>0-8 years old Learning things, socializing with other kids Reality:Check! >9-14 years old Mak…[View]
132707299ITT: countries that you would like to visit if it wasnt muslim[View]
132690301A firstie called me subhuman yesterday[View]
132705033My train is one hour late and the transfering station is in Paris suburbs. Long story short there ar…[View]
132699628Despite all of its problems, would you ever move out of your country if you got the chance? or would…[View]
132703265wow... this is the power of the nordcuck-anglo alliance...[View]
132701863/deutsch/: 1-für-2-Ausgabe[View]
132705884This board is a psyop by Europeans who pretend to: hate their country so thirdies dont immigrate to …[View]
132700307/fr/ tiret le francofil: Edition de la diagonale du RESTEZ CHEZ VOUS précedemment sur /fr/ >>1…[View]
132703452/brit/: In paradisum deducant te Angeli; in tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres, et perducant te in c…[View]
132705760I seriously hope you are not one of those idiots that put the same password in everything[View]
132704736muttposters on suicide watch[View]
132704079Gonna be shop[View]
132678522/MENA/: kino edition[View]
132698859/leaf/ - Canada and buds: Keep throwing the same shite at the wall until it sticks edition[View]
132699997>conquers Mexico City and takes all the good land Nothing personal beaners…[View]
132691183Can someone explain the Norf FC meme to me?: I don't get it. What do these fat hairy wojaks rep…[View]
132704221Can I pass as local in your country?[View]
132699121>land of the free wow...[View]
132704949>tfw I wanna live in the Sahara or the Mojave far away from everything[View]
132682076>your country >have you ever been robbed in the street? I've been twice…[View]
132704873>some anons you interacted with on 4chan in these years are already dead…[View]
132704448Do you live in a commieblock?[View]
132697310My sister is top of her class in a STEM. She taught herself a western european language and got an a…[View]
132702996before arab conquest what languages were spoken in Iraq?[View]
132704893Who is the beast ? An illuminati thing ? https://youtu.be/DPGfKhCICC0[View]
132702893>um actually you are shiczofrenic because talking to yourself, thats just not normal alright? you…[View]
132704034Sono un ragazzo etero curioso di 19 anni appena iscritto. Sono magro ( 177 per 60), glabro, genere t…[View]
132695380/ita/ - il filo[View]
132662026Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:Thread >>132604834 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
132685486California general: This thread is only for native born californians. Flyovers who moved here aren…[View]
132642746/balt/ + /ausnz/ + lads[View]
132690762I want a Spanish gf and I want one NOW! https://twitter.com/SLau_2020/status/1304097080688943115…[View]
132703088how do I go about finding a mature italian gf?[View]
132704181Will Americans really refuse to eat cabbage or brocolli even if you serve it to them?[View]
132702891do you love Japan???[View]
132705046Just got my pizza from the Polish delivery guy, I gave him a tip and he smiled when I complimented h…[View]
132703725>Noble Brazilian you have traveled a great distance to come before my court, what is it that ye s…[View]
132699327i have ascended[View]
132676290kurva anyátok[View]
132704599stop ignoring my threads you cunts. I have three VERY thought out and witty threads up on the board …[View]
132699538Omg America you genius http://www.youtube.com/shorts/uG54CyGVIzk[View]
132700371Do you have a strong accent, /int/?[View]
132692580What's your countries best contribution to culinary? for israel it's hummus.[View]
132697304Should i: >be me >have trouble talking with classmates >mostly just don't have that mu…[View]
132701688If your country is not a pokemon region, it's officially a shit hole.[View]
132702152Why do you obsess about women that you know you will never fuck?[View]
132702312don't want to do anything at all no matter how bored I am[View]
132700164Anglosphere thread: rate the cunts in the *nglosphere[View]
132702389Do you believe in magic /int/? Have you ever seen any one use it?[View]
132677035/Norgetråden/: Støres rebell-utgave Forrige: >>132657456 >>132657456 >>132657456…[View]
132703476You probably think I'm the fucking soyest man on earth but I like it so much that I can speak w…[View]
1326897061. Your country 2. Do you have a strong jawline? Morocco Yes (jawlet poortuguese btfo)[View]
132704056Lithuania only became Christian in the 14th century[View]
132704020Belka did nothing wrong.[View]
132699128Are frogs common in your country?[View]
132694983how are handicap girls treated in your country?[View]
132700695Why do Europeans make fun of Indians for shitting in the streets when they do this?[View]
132702737fill out your cunt's high school: >Us United States >Best friend Britain >Girlfriend C…[View]
132701151>And I made Israel bigger![View]
132690277This is a jain temple in the suburb adjacent to mine. Its Purely made of Marble blocks and is based …[View]
132698910Post the country you are currently obsessed with[View]
132694708Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?[View]
132698830I accidentally coomed to tranny porn. It was a POV blowjob and i couldn't tell. Am I gay now?[View]
132702567Sovth brazilians are white[View]
132702686I know japs aren't really Japanese. SHOW YOURSELF PVT.MILLER!!!!!![View]
132702484Huh, why is it?!?[View]
132700293/brit/: Cymru, Northumbria and England edition[View]
132702586I actually fantazise how I would befriend many black african american people and together we would b…[View]
132702039Based POLITE Indians thanking for info... why Indians are so based[View]
132702691WTF SWEDEN?!?[View]
132696999What happens here?[View]
132702564I unironically wish I were literally a frog like Apu. At least he's cute and has frens.[View]
132678083/tr/: iç oqlim + kalk ulan sabah oldu edition[View]
132702833PSD or PNL no matter who wins Romania loses[View]
132700287is your country a real country or a fake country? does your country have its own language? does your…[View]
132689549the ideal germany :)[View]
132699382Most soulless place on earth Nothing happens here[View]
132687964I am Belgian.[View]
132702465Do you agree with American Universities?[View]
132692056Name a single country that's been as J U S T as Bolivia.[View]
132700441i have converted to communism.[View]
132702511built by swedish varangians[View]
132701217Why are japs so conformist? do they even question the system they live in?[View]
132701513No, it's not her Irish genes. She was conceived via in vitro fertilisation, that's why her…[View]
132696432Sverigetråden - Gråskäggens upplaga[View]
132693825Do all Russian boys look like this?[View]
132701684nordicists are now claiming the incas were white[View]
132702139Work n shit: I got so much work to do, but am I going to start doing it? No, in fact, I'm not g…[View]
132696921/polska/: edycja niebezpiecznej sekty[View]
132700967>France, the Ardennes unguarded[View]
132700928>tfw the qt sitting in front of you is totally out of my league and you'll always be a kissl…[View]
132698286Are argies the funniest people on this board?[View]
1327017171. cunt 2. have you heard the good news, friends?[View]
132691080>percentage of Alsatian speakers in Alsace This is cultural genocide, much like how fr*Nce killed…[View]
132701117>dying boy’s dream is to shake hands with Putin >Putin invites him to the Kremlin and hugs him…[View]
132700364Thoughts on AoE3 playable civs?: Argentina (must start as Germans or Spanish) Aztecs Barbary states …[View]
132672455Which nationality would you rather be?[View]
132701013>tfw people think you're bad just because you're from america…[View]
132700508Is paying via qr code popular in uour country?[View]
132695778Why do Jamaicans talk so weird?[View]
132689815Why can't Africans into chess?: Seen lots of great Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern players, bu…[View]
132695703What happens in Salt Lake City? What’s it like there?[View]
132684115>Vienna, Illinois >Toronto, Idaho >Shanghai, West Virginia >Prague, Oklahoma >Paris, …[View]
132699297Japanese complain about terrible working conditions in Japan saying things like 'I have to work to d…[View]
132696151Did you know that Italy has a ton of just straight up abandoned towns? Apparently it's somethin…[View]
132677697/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
132700272If you watch anime, especially moe anime, you are definitely a virgin.[View]
132698658What do you think when you see foreign writing system?[View]
132700311/brit/: Do it for him edition[View]
132695360>english girls are ugl-[View]
132698127/brit/: shitty poopaki edition[View]
132695627white people dont see whats wrong with pic related[View]
132694412My experience of Finnish schools is that I was bored most of the time, waiting for the teacher to ex…[View]
132699481>the average defender of clasical european civilization is non white or mutt meanwhile the averag…[View]
132692884>explore shibuya >bump into japanese delinquent >KUSOU BAKA GAIJIN YOU MAKEU MY JACKETUH DI…[View]
132698170Why are other people so pathetic compared to the FRENCH BVLL?[View]
132692960Italians really think it's okay to live with their mother up until age 50[View]
132695938Flag Are you landlord? Hungary Yes I own a flat which I rent out.[View]
132699377>tfw i have no friends irl >tfw i hate this toxic website and only browse it because it’s the …[View]
132697366Yes, Mexico and Venezuela got a smaller death rate than Europe. Nice, right??[View]
132697581why are their men so horny on the internet[View]
132699650>The edgy Brazilian(s) watch porn all day >Make infographs about penis size, cuck porn and gen…[View]
132689464/fr/ - le fil libre du pays réel et de la francophonie: Édition de la déprime du jeudi. Précédent : …[View]
132695554we wuz avars n shiettt: >be a croat >read the avar theory >we wuz avars n shiett, look at t…[View]
132698521the cringe axis[View]
132698840>alcoholic unemployed father already wasted the entirety of his money and inheritance, including …[View]
132692749Frenchmen, tell me about your Aunis. What goes on in there?[View]
132699522Does your country have a gamer problem?[View]
132699510What Has My Penis Been Inside Of? >Car Exhaust Pipe >Bong >Vacuum Hose >Loaf of Bread…[View]
132699170>Brazilians on this board are even more edgy than Australians Who ever would have thought.…[View]
132699296Pretty mental this is the closest language to Frisian.: Frisian is pretty much a Scots dialect.…[View]
132697671/dixie/ + /fr/ + /brit/: The ebin general[View]
1326990301) borders are just lines drawn on a map 1==>2)no human is illegal 3)race is a social construct 4…[View]
132695989I want to move to portland and fuck girls with like, noserings and wide frame glasses and multicolor…[View]
132698895Are people usually obese or skinny in your cunt?[View]
132698981I thought I'd fix my sleep schedule but it just keeps getting worse. Today I woke up at 9PM[View]
132698891it's 20:35 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
132692964I fucking love pistacchios[View]
132697032how mutually intelligible are Dutch, Afrikaans and Flemish?[View]
132697129are rare african flags here all warlords?[View]
132689232Woah... based[View]
132698518>On the train >Be the ugliest person in my coach >Probably also the ugliest person on board…[View]
132694461Race map of the world[View]
132696897How do I exit the Matrix that is 'real life'? >inb4 suicide[View]
132697866>tfw you play along with trivialising humour apathetic to people getting hurt or some other tragi…[View]
132695299The United States is, or are?: In your language, do you refer to the U.S. as singular, or plural?…[View]
132696571What do you think is the easiest writing system to learn?[View]
132697780donations for CANZUK please[View]
132694896I will chop off your tongue if you talk about Saddam[View]
132689790I fixed Germany: You're welcome.[View]
132697757I am a Chud[View]
132688263what's your favorite season in your country incels? for me it's autumn[View]
132687166thank you germany for this good food[View]
132693640Why are westerners trying to suppress the fact that Egyptians have cured AIDS, hepatitis and countle…[View]
132694133[suggestive question based on generalization][View]
132695743Why am I lazy? Please tell me how to be diligent.[View]
132690090>Cunt >Coloniser or Colony >Do you like your coloniser/colony?: Flag Colony No, UK occupati…[View]
132693818Cyrillic vs Latin: Which one is better?[View]
132697079What's going on in Russia?[View]
132691252This is a street near my work in the middle of Lisbon Sovl our sovless?[View]
132696934We ones said the sentence to the fancy lies All the town in flowers, the streets are wide Red flags …[View]
13269684625% amerindian 25% moortuguese 50% french https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wuvO6wyGz_k[View]
132693691Moving to Hungary: It is my dream to escape the degeneracy and nihilism of the west by moving to Hun…[View]
132688695/polska/: edycja braku segzu[View]
132694165>And I made Poland bigger!: based or cringe?[View]
132696310your cunt do you want somali boys to move to your country so you can SEX SEX SEX?!?! Sweden YES[View]
132696341>golly gee, this mac and cheese sure is dandy[View]
132693026Who is your nation's greatest figure/leader?: I'll get you started >Italy: Julius Cease…[View]
132696348Question for Israeli anons, do normies in your cunt still (sincerely) care about the holocaust? or i…[View]
132692451/deutsch/: Hamsterei geht wieder los Ausgabe[View]
132692679What's so bad about Louisiana?[View]
132634074/luso: Edição Confinando até 2025[View]
132695531do you believe in the spiritual realm: if so have you had any experiences in your cunt?[View]
132693088Why do Americans in movies always talk about fleeing to Mexico. Why would they go there and not Cana…[View]
132687267What's stopping you from doing the tiktok we wuz challenge?[View]
132695886Nippon: The way it should be[View]
132677831we can't understand.: why you fighting by your belief that you believing peaceful method? why y…[View]
132695419Do the animals of your country speak their own language?[View]
132693999Fuck you Germany! You can kill as many people as you want but STOP KILLING THE PORPOISES! When will …[View]
132694312Do people tell you to pray with them in your cunt?: Whenever I've been in an earthquake with an…[View]
132666591/nederdraad/: Hasselt station editie[View]
132683918/ita/ il filo: edizione: nuova reazione[View]
132692411/brit/: teletubbies edish[View]
132695214Hitler unironically had the the most fair and reasonable idea for Hungary's borders, including …[View]
132694573How far do you live from work? How much time do you spend getting there and back?[View]
132692048Wow, Catalans look like this?[View]
132685335They are european[View]
132694687>So pure is Frequency H2O source it requires no micro purification the benefit of such is the abu…[View]
132692128Yes I will follow instructions from the voice in the walls Yes I will engage in antisocial behaviour…[View]
132688916VGH... SVVEDEN... HOME...[View]
132693692>Soyjak, I know you've been trough a lot recently >but I'd like to tell you, that wh…[View]
132688787Sverigetråden - Baserade våldsupplagan[View]
132688934Do you automatically assume people who have visited or want to visit Thailand are in it for the whor…[View]
132693882>I suffer in Netherlands[View]
132693881What does a typical handsome man look like in your cunt? -Coky and pretentious, confident in his ab…[View]
132693226singles and I will eat a weed edible[View]
132693342Do you prefer France or UK?[View]
132687254international botttom of the barrel contest: post age,virgin/KHV status,neet record,etc today,we cro…[View]
132691727>um actually, it's pronounced Woyak, not 'Woah-chak'[View]
132693349Guten Tag[View]
132680939Do you love Indonesia?[View]
132688696Is Christmas cancelled in your country?[View]
132693534What is Dorset like? What are the people there like?[View]
132693530What are some facts about your country that could change (or reinforce) stereotypes?[View]
132692579This Chad DeutschBVLL captured 5 French dogs: Say something nice about him and also fuck the French.…[View]
132690191How is /int/ preparing for the Chinese Century?[View]
132668121/mämmi/: Diasporapainos[View]
132692747>Eastern Time[View]
132689068China may not be the best option for the world, but they're better than America at the very lea…[View]
132692786Judea is bad country Lots of homeless[View]
132692881It's ludicrous: Despite claiming that whites were only recently successful and that western inf…[View]
132693079be quiet[View]
132692407If China has a million supporters, I’m one of them. If China has 5 supporters, I’m one of them. If C…[View]
132692597.: >tfw no Mongol mommy gf[View]
132692966Former colony overpowers its colonizer. Why does this keep happening?[View]
132688531Post the biggest problems you're dealing with right now: Yesterday my Burmese maid neglected to…[View]
132692525Can you feel it? Pax Saxonia... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHqxEdEOYIQ&ab_channel=CANZU…[View]
132688033My 2 hours lunch break will end in 40 minutes.[View]
132691789>try reading the hobbit in a foreign language >understand about 70% of each sentence, get the …[View]
132689676My brother looks nordic. I look med.[View]
132688072/deutsch/: Sehler Muhn Ausgabe[View]
132690825/brit/: rasheed edition[View]
132685626here is the so called med bvll[View]
132688369>Turkish terrorist organisation flags asthetic as fuck, niche synergy between colours and symboli…[View]
132678480Are fruits good for you?[View]
132689680I present to you: The Greatest country on Earth.[View]
132691417What's the easiest language for you to understand that isn't your native language? For me …[View]
132692039>1. your country >2. are you a soyboy flag yes. I am a vegetarian and I do eat soy-based meat …[View]
132690203why do they actively crossdress?[View]
132689286>”Indian” culture https://youtu.be/wtEKXRs_xac[View]
132689252Imagine being so CHAD: That you don't need C*mouflage to dab on the Germans and repeal them off…[View]
132691905Average Brazilian couple[View]
132690994omg that sounds awful... how are you holding up ameribros???[View]
132683919>Is Pepsi okay?[View]
1326900471.your age 2.Are you virgin? 1.19 2.Yes. I want to have sex.[View]
132691940RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA: We are the best country of the world. https://svalka.spchat.ru/01042011.htm…[View]
132691052Do people set fire to three different Walmart locations in the space of an hour in your country?[View]
132691569You wake up and find that this country looks like this now. How do you react?[View]
132651231/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe лaмпoвых пocидeлoк нa кyхнe Пpeдыдyщий: >>132621697[View]
132691628does Sweden have the most chads per capita in Europe ? In my experience i would say so[View]
132691295>Self-serve ads are available again! Check out our new advertising page here.…[View]
132688208Australia: Terrible country filled with terrible people. Australians don't have a culture besid…[View]
132687514lmao whites really look like this[View]
132680771I wish I was born in France[View]
132691280Why are swedes so autistic?[View]
132687690How do Japs cope with the fact that their most important Tenno was a mixed black/Latino man?[View]
132690508Why are they better at making western movies than americans?[View]
132689127Is it Like This in Your Cunt?: 1. Flag 2. Do men and women in your cunt listen to totally different …[View]
132688698People used to fight with swords n shit but now the most people do is argue about which country…[View]
132643447Chinese social media broke through the west with TikTok And now it's video games are breaking t…[View]
132688609The Greatest Italian man in history[View]
132689085Holy hell when did France become this based?[View]
132690589Michael Alyn Pondsmith: Said he took inspiration from Sao Paulo city to create the Cyberpunk series.…[View]
132687369Guys, I'm in love. https://youtu.be/BTT2_g9tZxE[View]
132680499Germany thread: Just posting pictures of German places. Feel free to contribute or post images of yo…[View]
132689478people struggling because of love, people sad because of love.[View]
132688935Post monke from countries[View]
132690880Asia is cultural colony of korea: Especially to asian girls[View]
132688765>Hey you! Where's your mask?[View]
132685886We look more like America than Asia.[View]
132684561I am so tired of this country. Every single thing I check based around technology on google or youtu…[View]
132690855/brit/: dogshit yank edition[View]
132688710/brit/: itty bitty brit brain edition[View]
132690647Does every country have a proportional number of nonces?[View]
132672649/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: bring back moot[View]
132682638I want to know everything that you know about Iran. The culture, government, politics, history, cuis…[View]
132680754How come these cunts didn't participate in WWII?[View]
132690056'Eu amo meu namorado Chady' 'I love my bf Chady'[View]
132690293Which one do you choose /int/?[View]
132690078This is what happens to you if you piss of Portgual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx-9TrZzbwM…[View]
132689698My gf is amerindian, how do you get in touch with your heritage in your cunt?[View]
132689897Do you have a lot of Bikers in your City/Cunt? Yes especially children with 125s who think they are…[View]
132689707>Red Dead Redemption 2 (Build 1311.23, MULTi13) [FitGirl Repack] 66.3 GB…[View]
132681866international music: Recommend me your favorite music album that isn't in english.[View]
132689435My friends, I present to you...: The eternal anglo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VyYNuZnIac&a…[View]
132688615Pic related is how I imagine the ancient Egyptians looked like: Am I wrong?[View]
132687969is your football team whiter than Albania football team ?[View]
132689558>You will never stalk and ambush southrons that wander into your dark nordic forests with your br…[View]
132689300Sverigetråden - torvhusupplagan[View]
132677544>Niece is a 10 year old dropout who refuses to go to school Does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
132688692I'm unironically from Australia.[View]
132685877>regular thread No Indianons >India thread 80%+ Indianons Coordinated posting?…[View]
132686039>Gaijin woman bursts into scratch around their pussies when they are on getting hot It's th…[View]
132675345This site is my only form of social interaction besides with my family[View]
132683394Mr. Tanaka, who is retiring tomorrow, is invincible.[View]
132686270What do you think about single eyelid: Love or hate[View]
132687102Bro china is taking over the world!!! Fuck amerimutts and jews amirite fellow anti-semites?[View]
132684272First world is terrible: You could move to a comfy third world slavic country[View]
132686732This shiterican guy instead of coming here and talking with a parda: He searched some white slut to …[View]
132688880Is there any country where I can become a homeless wanderer carrying around a bar with weight disks …[View]
132688220I have a hangover and I just can't concentrate on doing my work. My head is like on the cloud. …[View]
132686311/brit/: MUMMY! edition[View]
132682223How do arabs make everyone seethe so much? Even other muslims are obsessed with them It's hone…[View]
132688685> basically Russian is bully[View]
132686957Do Turks still wear the Fez ?: Or they don't anymore?[View]
132688036Brazilians give birth to monke[View]
132685044Britishers used to look like THAT?[View]
132688604did your cunt give school student special nationalist propaganda subject in school? flag yes[View]
132687213Why are nafris racist?[View]
132648665/asean/: minum susu edisi[View]
132687682You can buy one of those for 200 euros in Togo or Burkina Faso[View]
132681338/polska/: edycja słodziaków[View]
132687654Kenya's flag is pretty based[View]
132684643Heaven on earth[View]
132687811they will never give us healthcare[View]
132687141I don't love Japan.[View]
132682963Do you kick doors down in your own house to open them?[View]
132678652What does /int/ know about Austria?[View]
132688138>yes, i invade countries in my spare time, how did you know?[View]
132687756Say hello to a new country: The islamic republic of catalonia[View]
132687838How do we stop the Russian microwave?[View]
132679004What's the meanest thing a girl has ever said to you? Once some girl told me i was creepy looki…[View]
132687787Stop calling us Browns.: We only look brown because the Himalayas block the cold weather and the tem…[View]
132681580Why do you hate thirdies so much?[View]
132673237/fr/ - frenchothread: Édition de l'amitié outre-atlantique et de l'américanonette basée bi…[View]
13268792420th Century belonged to America 21st Century belongs to China Have you accepted the truth /int/? Th…[View]
132686672Why didn't Japan grow for 30 years?: Is it an American plot? Or is it Japan's incompetenc…[View]
132687719>see a cute girl, immediately think of BBC interracial sex where is my greencard…[View]
132686310Vocaroo this for me[View]
132686923WE WUZ ROMANZ: the country[View]
132687463Dios mio: Los arianos de Catalonia[View]
132686262Do you want to emigrate?[View]
132686365Cultured /int/ Thread: Post modern art/performances from you country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
132687415https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqXgtauO3Lo&ab_channel=BlackVines Why are American schools like …[View]
132687397Are American Blacks truly this comical?[View]
132687361Catalonia: You mean Spain[View]
132686872>in Somalia the locals spit on eachother in place of the middle finger does something similar hap…[View]
132686115Why are Czechs so autistic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-VT87m-Fek[View]
132684909what do you think about us?[View]
132683004Sverigetråden - Torsdagsupplagan[View]
132687228Thank you Brtain for giving us Guy Martin, I love his show[View]
132685919>tfw no cute aboriginal gf Why even live? I suffer in e*rope with wh*toid disgusting '''females''…[View]
132687036דוגי בוף שחרר קטנה: דוגי בוף שחרר קטנה ועכשיו נדפוק ים של באנגים באנגים באנגים שוב הולך אל הדירה, …[View]
132686028Do they really?[View]
132686978My hero........I bow before you............[View]
132681177>season 26 finale >character still has absolutely no friends, online or otherwise >no girlf…[View]
132684913How would people in your country treat you if you were to date a hapa?[View]
132683483u r cunt whats the hardest substance you've ever took? USA lsd[View]
132684062>wake up >day ruined[View]
132680849Worst flag thread: Post some of the worst flags you've ever seen[View]
132681821>listened to the pupper meme and bought a pupper >he pees whenever he sees me >bites hands …[View]
132686040are americans really like this in real life?[View]
1326749891. Your country 2. What does the IDEAL woman look like to you?[View]
132686203Now that Americans will pay 60% taxes this November what is it like to be poor?[View]
132685396ITT: We thank the US for social media[View]
132686303>I am starting to see more and more pro tranny and pro feminist graffiti Looks like the American …[View]
132686388How often do journalists make you chuckle in your country?[View]
132686102Why do japs think that women screaming during sex like her cunt is being burned with a blowtorch is …[View]
132686107What's your favourite med country and why it's italy?[View]
132686244>your cunny >does your cunny rerelease racist antisemitic books in 2020 poland yes…[View]
132682648/brit/: English toffee edition https://youtu.be/vGGnasQs35A[View]
132685112Is Louisiana as fucked as the rest of America[View]
132685328How would your family feel if you brought a ginger gf home?[View]
132685732I'm depressing. Make me laugh anyway.[View]
132686103Have you been gambling ever?: I have. In the other words, I just played pachinco so lost $700 to day…[View]
132685946Could she pass for a local in your country?[View]
132680618I wish I were Italian and had a happy close family. Why are Italians so based and family centred?[View]
132683388The only remaining exotic experience is visiting the slums. Everyone with money, even by third world…[View]

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