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116968034What is your country's equivalent to 9/11?[View]
116968761A Finnish Gypsy (they came to Finland in the year 1500, they are not fresh Romanian arrivals)[View]
116975936is it true that yuros think about us 24/7? why are they so obsessed?[View]
116976441reminder that the only pvrpose of f*nns is to get cvcked by MED BVLLS[View]
116975821why do they?[View]
116975409According to research, Japanese face is far better looking than korean and chinese. If you can trans…[View]
116975931Tell me one (1) reason not to become a N.E.E.T. I’m waiting[View]
116974724How do I get a gyaru gf?[View]
116975926At least we are not African[View]
116974718I would kill for it[View]
116976505yeah we got it you're still mad like a autistic person for your cunt occupation by the Soviet R…[View]
116970982I took a nice photo today. No snow sadly, but comfy nonetheless. Post own photos of your city.[View]
116975484>leaves site for 2 weeks >discovers a new planet Is /int/ holding us back?…[View]
116973319/brit/: golf ball edish[View]
116972102What do Russians really think of Americans and the United States of America?[View]
116973654ITT: post mistakes[View]
116975114I am Greek[View]
116975800ITT we post anything related to Sweden[View]
116973672Are you going to wish her a birthday /int/?[View]
116976381Leap Year: Every 4 years on February 29th people start jumping. The suicide rate has skyrocketed and…[View]
116972148I suffer in Ireland[View]
116966982/ex-yu/: ŠAIM SE sim kartica edicija https://www.globaltel.rs/saimse[View]
116973783Wow I guess Americans really are fat and stupid[View]
116973818Which country is more irrelevant, Indonesia or Bangladesh?: Both have huge populations but you never…[View]
116972142what happens in the southern Temperate zone?[View]
116972910>be barbarian snow nigger >talk like a nigger, fight like a nigger and can't into agricul…[View]
116974485which modern day country resembles anarchy the most?[View]
116972125/deutsch/: Mondlächli Ausgabe[View]
116974032>non latin languages why do they exist?[View]
116975334I love Korea now. Because I love this family. Does Korea love Japan?[View]
116974175After watching this film i love Japan a little less. Poor Yuki.[View]
116975260>having a literal NPC as a head of state don't do this[View]
116974133Was it cringe or based?[View]
116975170'You don't mind that I have a penis do you, Anon??'[View]
116973709How does your country deal with the scourge of t*urism?[View]
116950162Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>116904910 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
116973283Which country in the world could be classified as Halfway crook?[View]
116975397thank you, binland :DDDDDDD[View]
116950122/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
116974687winter in thirld world countries be like[View]
116971271is Northern Ireland comfy?[View]
116974497what's that one state/province/subdivision of you're cunt that causes massive seething, co…[View]
116974727Did you know that Chinese police officers murder unarmed Chinks for no reason. There are a tons of v…[View]
116973086Is the United States a good country?[View]
116974831Never work for free Unpaid work is slavery[View]
116973753I have a bunch of pics of my first girlfriend that I took with a film camera in the late '90s. …[View]
116974564'Will you be my faithful goy forever?'[View]
116973278Sex is illusion: Not exist in real life[View]
116970871what the fcuk is their problem?[View]
116974680What are the teams gonna be in WW3?[View]
116968145Brit here, what fucking language should I Learn? I’ve been constantly picking up languages and then …[View]
116969343>wat want? want hambaga?[View]
116940621What's your favorite aircraft /int/? for me, it's The Bone[View]
116947981/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пpeд. >>116927365[View]
116974766Hello, Hallo, G'day, Bonjour, Konichiwa, Ciao. However the fuck you say it, how the fuck are we…[View]
116974614For me it's Francesca: I root for Francesca, and you?[View]
116972179It’s that time of the week again /int/[View]
116973801>american be like: one blood test please > yes sure that will be $300.000…[View]
116971250are you socially awkward?[View]
116971696Post your favorite music https://youtu.be/fvgRYdW-MxI[View]
116968856>americans literally get millions of latinas just like pic related its not fair…[View]
116968198Swedish Post goes bankrupt?: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/ruotsalaismedia-konkurssi-uhkaa-pos…[View]
116967799Why don't Europoors shower at least once per day?: I am used to showering 1 or 2 times per day …[View]
116973850german mfs be like >lets keep pushing USSR in the middle of the coldest winter in decades and fro…[View]
116974206Ukrainian mfs be like >lets blow up this reactor[View]
116973140I wish I was fucking dead[View]
116969423Brasília, Brazil, Earth.: What is happening there? Is there safer than in Rio, SaoPaulo, BeloHorizon…[View]
116972916German niggas be like >aw man my fingers are cold, better put on my hand shoes…[View]
116879902DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2326: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for むっつりスケベ that are i…[View]
116973407>reply from a Swedish flag[View]
116969003What went wrong?[View]
116972115going to India on porpouse: im considering going to l India just for the lulz,just to revel in not h…[View]
116973285Polish nigga be like >What did you say about my mom When you open a soda bottle…[View]
116968930/deutsch/: Drachenschande[View]
116959670/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: FRIDAY NIGHT EDITION[View]
116968422Why is Brazil a failed version of the USA? In French https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7YXBKjXYEU…[View]
116973357Post a country that everyone dislikes.[View]
116971700I have been thinking about this video for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so ma…[View]
116972155How can Turks be so gay with such hairy asses?[View]
116972934wolferino ;_;[View]
116957740/m.e.e.n.a/: Middle east. europe and north africa Colonial ''power'' edition[View]
116970842Why do Brits keep 'mating' other posters here? It's not like we're friends. There's n…[View]
116973385Do you want to experience the Finnish Winter Wonderland?[View]
116967979Your fate will be decided[View]
11697294820 millons kurds and 5 millions syrian live here[View]
116970845What's his phenotype?[View]
116973155This is the leader of the conservative party in denmark.[View]
116972952It's Saturday night: What are normies in your country doing right now?[View]
116966557Is netflix popular in your country?[View]
116970465Why does /int/ hate this so much?[View]
116970826Does your country have commie blocks?: I wish mine did, I find them weirdly comfy, can't quite …[View]
116971560I kissed a Brit at Oktoberfest and now I have herpes[View]
116970680No matter where you're from, what color is your skin, what is your religion, or you you want to…[View]
116969147comment this[View]
116972124Is napping common in your country?[View]
116972322Are you japanese at heart?[View]
116971370Honest thoughts on the next president of Russian Federation?[View]
116972052You can see the dead Yamcha from every angle: https://twitter.com/niconicoboy_405/status/12181649924…[View]
1169727971. Your cunt 2. How often do you get held at gunpoint by a police officer with an assault rifle?[View]
116972501Kinda expected Poland to be higher. Also WTF Russia & Greece?[View]
116972363I see American posters often complaining about being high school dropouts. How is it possible to be …[View]
116965364Why are Europeans so fascist?: If Apple wants to use its tried and tested lightning port, that'…[View]
116956228/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du grand chef Simon Ancien:>>116948076[View]
116972294Which sempai is the best? China or USA?[View]
116972021>Stacey I thought you were the one but the other day I met gigastacy and.... she has better feets…[View]
116971105>tfw you're a countrylet with only 1 (one) timezone[View]
116962713Flesh is momentarily Glory is forever Ecclesiastes 3:11[View]
116961936eye thread: eye thread post your eyes[View]
116971747What the fuck I just realised Australia has 81 million inhabitants[View]
116968460good morning /int/ernational friends !! what are you having for breakfast and how will your saturday…[View]
116971326Dieing on a ship like this would be fucking awful. But still I wish I could die on the estonia[View]
116970830>My ethnicity? American.[View]
116970574Serious question, how do Americans let themselves get to this point?: I remember hitting around 70kg…[View]
116949505/ita/ - il filo: edizione polska[View]
116970094kurva anyátok[View]
116966183Are women from your cunt like this?[View]
116969721What is your country's state broadcaster like? BBC is pretty good especially the radio[View]
116970127Why do I feel comfy when I browse /int/?[View]
116970979why are f*nns so scared of MED BVLLs?[View]
116967952fuck, marry, kill[View]
116963891Is germany a country of losers?[View]
116969538>english woman, french man Why is this pairing so common? How can we fight back?…[View]
116971277do turks really?[View]
116969968Mehmet's law[View]
116970692Would you sniff some smelly, unwashed, morning French ass?: Tell me what would you do to this fresh …[View]
116971403My farts smell like poop[View]
116970030what the fuck is their problem?[View]
116970212What's your name again?[View]
116969513Why aren't Mongols relevant anymore?[View]
116971436I'm looking for the Daily Chinese Thread. Anybody know where I can find it?[View]
116970638Why didn't Einstein build a wall? He only had ein Stein!![View]
116971091do americans[View]
116971098>mom got drunk and is texting me pictures again[View]
116969482/한국어/ 스레드: 노무현 에디션 이전 스레드 : >>116692450 (아마두) 스레드 노래 : https://youtu.be/weTQS4k_tHk (노와이스- FA…[View]
116969633Would you support Israel if it became BLACK again?[View]
116970848>There is only one race, the human race >Religions are like fireflies, they require darkness i…[View]
116970479>one chance at life >born cockroach[View]
116963727Why can't whities handle the banter?[View]
116970730Are they bettet than white roasties?[View]
116970606Top 10 best states in the USA according to me and the Denver Broncos 1 Montana 2 Vermont 3 Alabama 4…[View]
116970271Do w*sterners really do this?: I never before cared about this site, didn't even cared to under…[View]
116969205I want to greet a French[View]
116970875Do they?[View]
116966203If you invested in the Japanese stock market 29 years ago, you still haven't broken even.[View]
116967253What has your cunt accomplished so far in the new year /int/?[View]
116970039Would you wife an old hag?[View]
116970844Do people wear these in your country?: I wish I lived in a country where these masks are common in p…[View]
116970768Rate my face[View]
116969713Does /int/ have any experience with unexploded ordnance?: In the USA it is rare because we don'…[View]
116970715Bloomberg most innovative countries[View]
116969843What it's like to be a rock star in the UK?[View]
116965980Do you think your country is introverted?[View]
116969926heaven is where you deposit your sperm inside japanese girl's womb[View]
116970321imagine the smell[View]
116969844If your cunt is not a global super power you are not allowed to have opinions.[View]
116969002>go to party in random private school >only whitoids girls with one or two house niggers >p…[View]
116970489Posters from your general you recognize[View]
116969662what REALLY happens here?[View]
116969050what are swedes like?[View]
116966461Do these actually work?: I've seen that people sell fake passports on the deepweb, do they actu…[View]
116969584I just want to die in the WW3.[View]
116968716is this true ?[View]
116970349>american willingly eat this and call it food https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIU0hwaiAG8…[View]
116970158what are the repercussions of calling a black person the n word in real life?: Genuine question…[View]
116964698i hate fags so much[View]
116970162>go to thirdie cunt >get asked about swedish football players at least once every trip…[View]
116968703/tr/: tırkiya edisyonu[View]
116968286Republic are shite It make idiot to head of state constitutional monarchy are only way of true coun…[View]
116970059White coats to bind me, out of control I live alone inside my mind World of confusion, air filled wi…[View]
116969919I am half-Hittie (I wish I was full-Hittie). What are you, Anon?[View]
116967189Fuck flags you are all my brothers[View]
116968100/Franco Fil/: Bonsoir /bon matin à tout le monde. En dehors des pays et régions francophones de l…[View]
116963563They really do[View]
116968069Which state will be first to become independent from Prussian authoritarianism?[View]
116969765Anybody else fined that Nordic posts are super cringe and tryhard?[View]
116968787Seriously why don’t they fight back against rich cocksuckers while tons of firearms available? Frenc…[View]
116968254Americans obviously don't need to answer, but feel free to post itt. Do boomers in your country…[View]
116967353He cant name 4 Greek cities[View]
116967856lately when i watch tv, YouTube, anything really, I'm always noticing eyecolours of supposed …[View]
116969426Name a powerful person you dislike. Literally anybody.[View]
116968173drc: just crossed the border and came here to post with this flag. feel free to ignore[View]
116969072Pick your fighter, int[View]
116969023Why are brown heterossexual incels so obsessed with women with pale skin, light eyes, etc, etc? I…[View]
116968863Why do some cultures prefer caning the buttocks and others prefer caning the feet?[View]
116969235In the near future all countries will adopt chinese signs. It just makes sense. North, kita, běi, 북쪽…[View]
116968785I didn't fight a secret war in Nicaragua so you could walk these streets of freedom , badmouthi…[View]
116965910Is this common in your country?[View]
116968027Thank you for your service: Do? https://youtu.be/1sxw1E-hvKo[View]
116969074Now this is what I call ''KPOP'': https://youtu.be/lOrU0MH0bMk https://youtu.be/rMQ20mMOOuM https://…[View]
116966084>How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? >Don't know - it's never been trie…[View]
116966857Ancesteries of Europe.: Ancestry? Post those ancestries /int.[View]
116968914>hello, I'm Johnny Cash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xyp63MaSBs…[View]
116955232/deutsch/: Autisten Ausgabe[View]
116966399/brit/: Plymouth edish[View]
116967121Evaluate my accent in French please: In the past I posted recordings of me speaking French from a te…[View]
116966207how did you learn english anon?[View]
116967477What are the chances we’re gonna face another epidemic on an international scale? https://www.strait…[View]
116967850Is it easy to find love in your country?[View]
116965678This is my kot. Post ur kotze<[View]
116968544>tfw you realize that to have a gf in your country you need to be able to tolerate women from you…[View]
116965703They cute[View]
116967469Non european look strange[View]
116962194>mfw i suddenly remember that 90% of the people i'm talking to on /int/ have shitty ass acce…[View]
116967871>why yes I purchase various alien races for my galactic harem what gave it away?…[View]
116968045Is disneyland really like this? i've never been to one[View]
116965750You wake up in the Deep South[View]
1169667891. ur cunt 2. ur flag 3. yes?[View]
116968329Is it true that you can't sue in other countries?: Sad, if true.[View]
116968324Are you a Loser? https://youtu.be/-Nb9HwGaeS0[View]
116967946>Yes, I worship the gods of my eternal empire, how could you tell?[View]
116967169Does it also happen in your cunt?: Koreans have the purest blood possible. >inb4 muh rapebaby Tha…[View]
116965779>blue=based >green=nobody cares >red=cringe >black=kys…[View]
116968070Imaine if he looked like this.[View]
116965189Considering going to one of these Euro gay circuit parties. I'm an attractive introverted non-s…[View]
116966699I went to a totalitarian country and expected something different. Is this white nigga retarded or …[View]
116967579>Hey Soyjack check it out, this black guy over here is offering us friendship bracelets for free.…[View]
116966359Mutt bros...[View]
116964778post your town city flag this is mine it has berries on it[View]
116966948Thanks for them, Englad.[View]
116939192/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: dead in euro hours again edition previous: >>116895228 Welcome to…[View]
116967881A wife disappeared 100 years ago while shopping for cigarrettes: How convenient it was: a man simply…[View]
116967588Can a Russian tell me what these guys are saying? Doesn't have to be word for word, just a quic…[View]
116963229/intg/ - /int/ general: International edition[View]
116967282Haha, nice “board” you have there /int/[View]
116967750>Stacey, we need to talk.[View]
116963197>Soyak I'd be glad to teach you about islam[View]
116954848Why did he do it?[View]
116967227Are chicanos superior to mexicans?[View]
116967270You should watch this video.: You will laugh https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/101589793291719065…[View]
116956863What's his name in your count?: Write in English In Korea his name is 'Zing zing Y'[View]
116967574Any faggot ass Scottish people still awake. I wanna talk to you fuckers[View]
116956974Let's be honest /int/ She was made for[View]
116959028International balding thread: Post your country and show us how much fucked you are. I, for one, don…[View]
116967505Are you Losers ready to pay homage to Israel? I like my slippers warm and my lobster fresh. https://…[View]
116964793I'm soft.[View]
116962489What do you know about New Zealand?[View]
116951112/mämmi/: settipainos postatkaa settejä[View]
1169607621. Your country 2. How old were your parents when you were born? US 16 & 16[View]
116966090i never played a video game for about a year i believe video games create school shooters and incel …[View]
116967343So this is the power of SVENSKA.[View]
116967135Do black men exist in your country?[View]
116966304Did you know?: Chile and Argentina used to be inhabited by demons before Spaniards arrived[View]
116966715ugliest race[View]
116965666Why are people so angry all the time?: Why can't people stop being so hateful to each other? Wh…[View]
116962077ITT: we LARP as Canadians[View]
1169626671. Your country 2. Do you read? US No, books are for pseuds[View]
116965483This is powerful[View]
116951866Do they really?[View]
116967195imagine living in brazil[View]
116967103I am involuntarily celibate due to factors that are completely out of my control. Why aren't ug…[View]
116964717>Then it is settled. We will invade Indonesia and eat the survivors to hide our war crimes…[View]
116965969/sverigetråden/ heemad av gridstranstädaren-upplagan[View]
116965488Ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, it is within my honor to hereby present you the King,…[View]
116965572everytime I see 4chan /int, you guys are so qt. Are you qt in real life too?[View]
116966096How does it feel to be ugly in your country?[View]
116966737Which one should I breed with?[View]
116967038HIPO ISRAEL: HIPO ISRAEL https://youtu.be/0Hg5F27zpUs[View]
116965322Haven't seen a non-white person or a leftist soyboy in months: feels good living in the austral…[View]
116966966Пyтин oбeзьянa.[View]
116966928https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_idiocy Finland in a nutshell.[View]
116966433Faces of /int/[View]
116966921Bloomberg innovation index 2020[View]
116963331What country is this?[View]
116959787/luso/ fio lusófono: edição fora bolsolixo, volta alvim[View]
116966751Did all the castizos leave? Whenever I see Venezuela on the news these days they all look like the s…[View]
116966453*Blocks your path*[View]
116963894한국 개: I'm half white half Korean. HEY Korean dogs, I just want you to know that I'm SUPERI…[View]
116966778Do you love Japan?: Please love Japan more[View]
116965484Why woman like this?[View]
116966305Does anyone else here have restless legs? I'm thinking of killing myself because of it[View]
116966603Korean nigga be like >Herro my name Suk Yoon Dong[View]
116965155hey russians: free my brothers. or else... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVzQ3sA3--g[View]
116966555Do you have a source on that? Source? A source. I need a source. Sorry, I mean I need a source that …[View]
116964473This is typical WMAF?[View]
116966522Do the French really...?[View]
116964898>rapidly expanding in the world >plan to open 2-3 stores in North America every week >Plan …[View]
116965116Do you like tea? Here's what I bought yesterday for $3.4 (40% off). How much is Twinings in you…[View]
116966429>Let me tell you about French people >They're not French and they're not people…[View]
116963566alguien habla español?[View]
116962705Why are shitskins so obsessed with this phenotype?[View]
116964700Why is the female germanic phenotype so underrated?[View]
116963400Imagine having this much energy..[View]
116965917Can an American help me translate this, I'm unsure what Mr Biden is trying to tell me[View]
116963496Cyrus, Terry, and Dennis just pulled up in your neighborhood. They have a 9mm, safety off. What do y…[View]
116966171Amerimutts be like >We cannot afford universal healthcare[View]
116964737What phenotype is this?[View]
116960694What's your name? I'm Kazuma. Nice to meet you anon.[View]
116960886Does Japan love gaijin?[View]
116966033Yo over here, Anon! My useless friends wanna know your top dating advice ??[View]
116965963there's I a fucking mosquito in my room, I guess this is what being a Brazilian feels like.[View]
116965828Daily remind that we korean are far uglier than japanese[View]
116965566What if you shrink down to 10 cm tall but your penis stayed the same size as it is now and you becam…[View]
116964053I fucking detest videogames, music, television and film[View]
116963760Best win you had in a game.: My best win any game would be Risk(tm) >full game >at least 2 pl…[View]
116955813Why are Americans so heartless?[View]
116963773>arab men do worse than blacks on most dating websites how did arabs taint their image this badly…[View]
116965162What phenotype is this?[View]
116961649now lot of tourists coming to buy this products, why? your country nothing such a thing?[View]
116964943>cunt >how much money do you have in the bank? Flag Almost $45 grand crypto doesn't count…[View]
116965852It's 4 AM Somewhere: I know that some anon is GETTING AFTER IT right now. GOOD.[View]
116965097Do people celebrate 'adult day' in your country like they do in Japan?[View]
116964340I love pizza[View]
116964660uhhhhh finland? you have a little explaining to to...[View]
116964995Brazil is not latinx.[View]
116964459>Country >Age >Do you think you've fallen victim to this issue?…[View]
116965299Can one of you flag experts on /int/ help me out please and identify the flag on the left? Thanks![View]
116957400black woman appreciation thread: Post Black Qveens[View]
116965560Mio is suffering with the argentine inflation.[View]
116965072>pixel art[View]
116964894Would you have a Nilotic gf?[View]
116963487Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
116964229>incites unrest in your city what's the correct move here?[View]
116964132Does your country like the IMF? Do you think it's a force for good or for evil? >We were not…[View]
116965427for me, its Peru[View]
116952144Aggravated reindeer abuse in Lapland: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000006376753.html In the Namaka…[View]
116965020>why yes im gay how could you tell?[View]
116965421What happens in the Seto inland sea? What is its importance to Japan, both today and historically?[View]
116962199>What a grand and intoxicating innocence![View]
11696487210/10 in UK[View]
116960086Hello my internet friends![View]
116964767>You Japanese[View]
116958881does you're cunt have israelaboos like based japan ?[View]
116964065Why are Ukraine and Moldova poor?: They are poorer than Romania and Bulgaria.[View]
116964566So tell us about yourself, Anon! what are your hobbies? do you have a girlfriend yet??[View]
116965080Is black beautiful?[View]
116964969Average Parisian man[View]
116964962>AH BLOO BLOO!!![View]
116963261Is America really that better than Russia? Or russianbros should shelve their western plans as Morri…[View]
116964885/nederdraad/: raveteef ediets oetz[View]
116964922>volume buttons on remote arent working >take batteries out and blow into the remote >volu…[View]
116962480Imagine actually kissing, caressing, cuddling and having sex with a girl It must be nice[View]
116964820Post your favorite Turkish American ashik: https://youtu.be/wC10VWDTzmU https://en.m.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
116964649How does surgery work in India? How can doctors and surgeons stick their shit covered hands in a pat…[View]
116964613stop anti-white racism. whites are humans too whites have feelings too racism is ALWAYS wrong no mat…[View]
116964273...you okay there Puerto Rico?[View]
116964498>you go to the theaters in america what do?[View]
116964468>see brown person >ask him if he's indian >'no' >oh that's weird you look indi…[View]
116963502ITT ethnic jew AMA: >Fathers line are eastern european Jews >Mother's German blonde hair …[View]
116960576>no identity >no culture >no race >no history >no future…[View]
116957780/ex-yu/: novosadske cutare edicija[View]
116962321>muh asian girls >muh white snowbunnies >muh med beauties >muh nordic princesses these …[View]
116962072Tfw no qt Colombian gf[View]
116959224History is so full of war.[View]
116964415Most heroic man to have ever lived.[View]
116964294Why do Americans always ?[View]
116964405Russia in denial[View]
116964291Do you regret your life in your cunt?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Lygnu7lmo[View]
116957255how many americans here have been to college?[View]
116952263how accurate is this?[View]
116963177/int/ in the year 1936[View]
116921322/skandi/: Det som engang var...[View]
116962242/brit/: coomer hours, generic thot edish[View]
116961305OH DANNY BOY[View]
116961161Daily reminder that if you live in a New World country you have no history, no sense of identity and…[View]
116947668/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
116963960Lets talk about the weather, thats always a good icebreaker. Do you believe in global warming? Hows …[View]
116963165You are (You) You are given the chance to start over in 2000 BC You can become a chieftain, a kang, …[View]
116963278poor little black boy[View]
116958195What were you guys up to in 2013?[View]
116959203>cunt >how often you do this with your gf flag almost daily…[View]
116962688Friday night /comfy/: What's everyone drinking tonight? Listening to? Why aren't you out w…[View]
116954451What do you guys think of us? I like you guys even the Belgians that I met here[View]
116961475>cunt >Who was the last person you learnt has HIV/aids. Cunt, pic related.…[View]
116961854AM I ISRAEL?????? https://youtu.be/LiMScHox2iY[View]
116962187>100% European genes >hairless twink body How is this possible?…[View]
116961915Why aren't you sleeping?[View]
116963643imagine not being born in the usa: truly clown world[View]
116961937Average brazilian mother[View]
116961896How strong is the Chinese influence nowadays? Is it common to study Chinese and to go to China to at…[View]
116959133What do actual Indians think of Apu?[View]
116961719United Kingdom: Is this true British people?[View]
116961870Friday night /wagie edition: How was your week? Post something to make me happy too![View]
116963407Is this sexy or degenerate in your country?[View]
116961540i wish i was born the usa[View]
116962956OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
116963361/tr/ - ulu önder APO: FETÖ Fetullah Gülen P.U.K abdullah ojalan abdullah oçalan PKK YPG YPJ Հայոց ցե…[View]
116962057What do Americans do at 10PM on a Friday night?[View]
116962731Burgers bros, pls explain this scene to me?[View]
1169615891 Your cunt 2 what did you do tonight: ?[View]
116961534>Polish othrography[View]
116958435>europoors will never have a badass space shuttle Lmao[View]
116958354my pp is hard right now guys[View]
116963125What's the most American-like place in your country?[View]
116956014How do you cope with the fact that Britain created your culture?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK…[View]
116961675>Residents of 'ghettos' are now subject to a different set of rules. Penalties for crimes can be …[View]
1169616463 Alleged Members Of Hate Group 'The Base' Arrested In Georgia, Another In Wisconsin: Why …[View]
116962253Send hugs here please thanks.[View]
116963147Nobody plays dead as Bernie[View]
116962293>The local viking stole the Christian maidens again Bros this isn't fair…[View]
116961563spain is VIOLATING british human rights we should all BOYCOTT spain and impose SANCTIONS on them[View]
116960727Latin girls r bro..[View]
116962418Can I find love in your country?[View]
116962441Would you buy this Max Cavalera signature guitar?[View]
116953292Would you like to live in a pod in San Francisco?: https://twitter.com/nypost/status/121760094753225…[View]
116960201Alt-history maps: based or cringe[View]
116962147>one chance at life >not born in the usa[View]
116959366When does /int/ will have his/her first child? What age do u guys consider is appropriate to have on…[View]
116961983>Emigrant këtu. Unë jam aktualisht këtu në Kanada dhe po planifikoj për mbarështimin e grave angl…[View]
116958276Did you know president Trump is bilingual?[View]
116954765/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
116960257Thank Australia for saving you all from the axis itt: Say it. We all know who did the heavy lifting …[View]
116950418/balk/: ol >>116937232[View]
116955371cat refuses to let go of the bread[View]
116960751woah mongolians look like THAT?[View]
116962497Why are Germans so wacky?[View]
116962464This is nice board[View]
116958611>Country >Do you pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America?…[View]
116962389Finlan thread.[View]
116956180What is your cunts capital city like? is it the best city?[View]
116949562/nederdraad/: pombär editie[View]
116957111Land of the free[View]
116960669God I want to fuck a young Mexican twink[View]
116947770https://www.idrlabs.com/dark-core-personality/ Post your results from your cunt.[View]
116961048who else /insomniac/ here some nights I think about banging my head against the wall so hard I just …[View]
116959926Do people in your country support loving people like pic related to marry each other and also adopt …[View]
116961731>europoor and random american are arguing about something >jump in and say something really st…[View]
116961350>I don't care that you're 7 years old and Korean >I want fugu right fucking now…[View]
116959960Imagine there is no bacon[View]
116960723cute posters: >finland >croats >aussie and kiwis >chilean and some argie…[View]
116957950Sverigetråden - självmordsupplagan[View]
116959094Currently Offline Last Online 1358 days ago[View]
116959119/mena/ - /مينا/ :: محطة الأمية[View]
116958707/brit/: imagine if harry kane wasn't a selfish twat and passed it to sterling for an open goal …[View]
116959837Say something nice about Portugal. (Portugal goes from Northern Portugal until Coimbra so everything…[View]
116952079Are they considered insectoids too? Or is that just East Asians?[View]
116960396!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: BROS HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUCK!! This Asian chick straight up …[View]
116959510>Teehee wow Anon, you're so funny cute and clever! But how did you guess that I'm Engli…[View]
116959606How often do you think about suicide?[View]
116961487Nu mai pot coaie.: Adevarat ca nu mai pot ce plm /romania/ thread get in here. Ce plm faceti vineri …[View]
116959967all these pictures are the same person but with different make-up[View]
116957745shit days[View]
116960519>cunt >do you rub your gfs feet[View]
116960066>Friday night Why are you here[View]
116960471Can we get a new thread to make everyone in this world jealous?[View]
116960798Rape frogs.[View]
116961095NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.[View]
116957751My Latin-American brothers. I'm proud to be in league with you. We're of the same blood an…[View]
116947091/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição TikTok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1VTqSEyps4 Anteriomente, n…[View]
116960430What do call these people in your cunt?[View]
116957487italy has some of the worst posters Ive ever met[View]
116953793Do you love Japan?[View]
116960808>skyscrapers >uber eats >ukrainian migrants doing the dirty work Face it Poland is 1st worl…[View]
116960845My Anglo-American brothers. I'm proud to be in league with you. We're of the same blood an…[View]
116960830I fall into the gamer chair meme 40 ° C summer sweating on this synthetic leather[View]
116960404Just finished my 1st road trip across the continental USA. It's like a right of passage for Ame…[View]
116958843what is american dream?[View]
116960543https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHDkALRz5Rk how many americans on /int/ live in their cars??[View]
116958630Would you date a girl with Brown (not black) eyes: >canada >no…[View]
116947924Canadian Currency when The Queen Dies?: So Elizabeth II has been the Queen for Almost A 100 years, s…[View]
116960080Why do Koreans do this?[View]
116957635Hello mister cute european man.[View]
116960270What's up with Korea? I went there and it's a very poor country. People say it's as r…[View]
116958243White girls’ body odor is musky and stinky in such a wonderful way, how can I acquire a pink princes…[View]
116960290What happens if the Americas becomes one country?[View]
116960210>'turkish' people[View]
116958672/brit/: british edition[View]
116960034what does the Japanese think of Native americans??[View]
116960166What's a Nubian?[View]
116959343>Countries with less than 50 million people Why do they exist again?[View]
116959109guys >match with girl in tinder >hit it off instantly >invite her over to my place >sh…[View]
116960111Made for Big Gaulic Cock[View]
116958111The definitive way to browse 4chan is on a shitty craptop that has a key or two missing. Prove me wr…[View]
116959392>In this continent booty... Booty is more important than food. Booty. An English man's butt.…[View]
1169598702016: Soul 2020: Soulless[View]
116959811Why did God create Australia[View]
116937605/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: >tfw you make an early and everyone's mad at you…[View]
1169593311. Your country 2. Do your parents think it's strange that you spend all day in your room?[View]
116958996Are big black cocks common in your cunt? I think they are pretty rare here. When was the last time y…[View]
116959120I wish the world ends[View]
116959744I need a Germanic gf https://youtu.be/_lcultjhSCA[View]
116959714>We're all living in Amerika >Amerika ist wunderbar >We're all living in Amerika …[View]
116959587Homo erectus.[View]
116958767Med vs nord bred: Nord vs med thread[View]
116957224Cunt When's the last time you received a message from someone that wasn't your family mem…[View]
116959511>mfw when I’m doing ket tonight and you’re probably not[View]
116958371And here is our son's room, he has a lot of international online friends![View]
116959182i walk at night im le very nihilistic sad alone man ryan gossling[View]
1169545161. Your country 2. How common are tall children in your country? I'll start 1. America 2. Very …[View]
116956488What is the easiest and the least painful way to kill yourself?[View]
116959006>woah Poles are so based lool at all of these marches with Polish flag Why are fats so retarded o…[View]
116959152This is the national anthem of Armenia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxhMfBYvFmA[View]
116959129I can't take it anymore its been 18 days straight now: Please help me, it's bee' Sinc…[View]
116956434>I don’t recognize your authority, officer.[View]
116953665Should I learn Russian or Chinese: Alright so I’m at a dilemma. On the one hand, Chinese is spoken b…[View]
116958451are there weebs in you're cunt ?[View]
116958897My mum is a communist...[View]
116958935thoughts on med flies?[View]
116958083https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-mosques-hate-crime_us_594fd11ee4b05c37bb770e10 >A…[View]
116957829is their butthurt surrounding anyone disliking catholicism a cope for when their country got decimat…[View]
116958890flube has come with a message[View]
116958184>Hey Soyjack, did you see that ancient ruin over there? We should go scratch our names in the wal…[View]
116949260OH SAY CAN YOU SEE https://youtu.be/Q9SZlypyK-4[View]
116943310What eye color do you have: >leafland >hazel, the basedest eye color…[View]
116954359Do people believe in the mainstream media in your country? In Brazil WhatsApp is killing TV channels[View]
116936194/éire/: eagrán la plata[View]
116954573>yes, i spent the last 70 years of my life shitposting on an anonymous image board, how can you t…[View]
116957301I am negro[View]
116956257/brit/: don malaponte edition[View]
116958122>aya posted her bare feet OH FUCK BROS IM GONNA-[View]
116956335>watching Simpsons in Denmark >this amount of selfhate Why Americans become so self-hating lat…[View]
116958621I still don't have an asian wife where is my asian wife?? wtf?[View]
116955475>you're cunt >your current living situation US of the A 19 year old NEET with nothing to …[View]
116953172Though we may be far apart Russia and Australia are the same in many ways. Massive country but most…[View]
116957726Do you want to find love in Israel?[View]
116957888>where do I live? oh, just in the mind of poor europeans, did I mention that its rent free?…[View]
116913098/asean/: school girl edition[View]
116958100Do you want to find love in Australia?[View]
116955736>the city name of Guimarães comes from Vímara which was the name of the guy that formed the city …[View]
116955780*blocks your path* nothin personal, whiteboi[View]
116951858We need to add grammatical gender to the English language in order to piss off feminists and trannie…[View]
116957812race mixing is good.[View]
116946980whats the difference?[View]
116949424I admit it. We Europeans are jealous of big US trucks.[View]
116957989l <3 Polandia[View]
116957882God a group of 5-6 sorority girls just choose to sit right next to me on the train AHHHHHHHHH the wh…[View]
116955007>OI M8, 'AV'YU GOT A LOICENSE FOR DROIVING THAT CAR? the absolute state of britcucks an…[View]
116956353WW3 is coming. Good luck my friends for the future world[View]
116954379>'I suffer in the third world' >Actually lives in the second world (Latinx America, East Euro…[View]
116952511Any race experts can tell what race is this?[View]
116956937what happens here today?: (non-aligned movement)[View]
116957423>1 fishing boat[View]
116953334how often do people typically go out for food in your country, /int/?[View]
116948439If its a European Union, then why is Portugal Italy Greece Croatia etc. in it?[View]
116956160/danmarktraaden/ Hollaendervogn med cykel-udgave: Jeg ved godt at jeg er ikke dansk men vi har brug …[View]
116952992>innocent dogs >YEAH LET'S SPIN THEM…[View]
116948613American culture thread: you know what to do[View]
116955187What does that mean?[View]
116952904>tfw work at hotel >Russian tourists left blood stains everywhere >I don't know if the…[View]
116956444Meanwhile in the White House...[View]
116957445>ripuliremo :D (it is funny because it means diarrhea in Finnish and also the fact that they are …[View]
116933216/med/: Please come here and claim your med qt[View]
116957393Your cunt Do you like your neighboring cunts? America No I wish we were our own continent like Austr…[View]
116955853do people in your country prefer tits or ass?[View]
116956465Are you proud of your creation?[View]
116956441Thank you for your service[View]
116957173What was Japan like in the 80s at the height of the economic boom?[View]
116951430/deutsch/: deutschfaden >abendstrich[View]
116954906>oh ooh be doo >I wanna be like you-oo[View]
116945636Bulgaria is one of the most unfriendly countries, if not the most! That's why this fucking coun…[View]
1169568301. youre cunt 2. are furrys common in your country?[View]
116956915>wake up >no brown gf Feels bad man.[View]
116953043>your cunt >your favorite naruto character flag Zabuza…[View]
116956864Yo over here, Anon! My useless friends wanna know your top dating advice ??[View]
116956516Why are they so awful?[View]
116956124w*Stoids be like >NOOOOO I ONLY MAKE 300000 EUROS A YEAR I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS…[View]
116956707>brother took DNA test >first thing that came up was italian now i'm going to go to fiat-…[View]
116954787Drinking Thread: Official drinking Thread here. How do you spend your Friday night? I'm little …[View]
116956010Do you know how easy it is to get a Euro gf?: Why are you home on a Friday night when you could be o…[View]
116953920>wow. just wow.[View]
116954476/brit/: larper edition[View]
116955781Why are Americans so heartless?[View]
116950276Chinese: How are they successful? What makes their country prosper? Maybe if they shared their secre…[View]
116953511What if u got death note?[View]
116954682questions to USA citizens: is it possible to live in the wilderness of the USA, uncontacted by other…[View]
116956410Did you know Canada has geese?: Honk[View]
116952344Are the Korean and Japanese flags on this site just US military?[View]
116954028How does /int/ cope with not being an American? >protagonists of earth >greatest nation in hi…[View]
116952270Who is the most well-known neo-nazi in your cunt? Tell us briefly about him. In Russia it's Max…[View]
116952150igbo mean IQ: 100+ greek mean IQ: 92 that is all[View]
116954582>me: I'm going to say latinx because it's neutral >latinx: nooooooo you have to say …[View]
116952346alright /int/ I washed my ass real good. who's first?[View]
116955575i am a moor[View]
116955517It's not fair bros: My university is taking an international trip to London this year when it h…[View]
116955711if your ancestors, apes, rodents, amphibians, fish etc could manage to have sex why can’t you?[View]
116953488>SandNIGGER >can’t say the n word I hate society…[View]
1169430391. Your country 2. Favorite cartoon?[View]
116955748me in 2000: nokia is from an asian country me in 2010: oh turns out nokia is actually from finland m…[View]
116955732Shitty beer. Not even pure malt. Yuck.[View]
116954038why are there so many Filipinos in the Arab world?[View]
116951468Sverigetråden - chipsupplagan[View]
116939943/ex-yu/: Biljana Ilić izdanje[View]
116941041/Cat/ Catalunya: Anterior >>116898726[View]
116954032Japanese women love kpop[View]
116955219Haha what are they doing[View]
116950710I love portugal so much and it makes me so sad to see portistas fighting with lisboetas. what would …[View]
116953270Recomende-me conteúdo audiovisual brasileiro para aprender português[View]
116954299Come brother, look evil with me: The president of the Holocaust Museum in Argentina - Marcello Mindl…[View]
116926195/tr/: nerdesiniz t*rk PİÇleri[View]
116954336As an ugly white femanon how do i bag a muslim or persian chad like pic related?[View]
116945777So tell me 日本人たち what's 2chan like?[View]
116952549>Why, yes i do drive 20 year old diesel powered car with particulate filter removed. >Global …[View]
116953980I have to be honest, British men actually really unsettle me. There's something seriously diffe…[View]
116954480What would happen if France & Germany became one?: I know it's impossible because we'r…[View]
116950553I want a Turk bf Are Turks nice people?[View]
116951080Does this happen in your country? >I [19M] was a shitty kid and I still am to some degree. By shi…[View]
116953627what are your thoughts on chinese people (canadians)?[View]
116923231Good Morning, /int/, breakfast editje. What are you having for breakfast today? I made myself a cup …[View]
116952538/brit/: willy target practice[View]
116944779/polska/: edycja graniczna[View]
116954579>saying 'me' instead of 'my' >OI I LEFT ME TEA LICENSE IN ME CAR! why are americans so much b…[View]
116953998Two Chinese were found frozen to death!: https://www.is.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000006376768.html In 1973 a…[View]
116954572>I suffer in warsaw[View]
116953899there's one race. the human race.[View]
116948076/fr/ - le francofil: Varg édition Ancien: >>116940267[View]
116954409She's Nina, my doggerina, she's a butch lesbian. Post your pet.[View]
116936686CONT: GET YOUR FREE DEGREE IN RUSSIA/CHINA: Russia and China provide full-ride scholarships, includi…[View]
116954160I see a lot of Mexican flags constantly bullying America on /int/ and calling them third world and m…[View]
116949261We call Deutschland 'Doitsu' instead of Germany. We call München 'Myunhen' instead of Munich. We cal…[View]
116946755holy shit Europe is over what happened?[View]
116953570What's some ethnic food you were tricked into trying and found disgusting?[View]
116953106Paris is the best city in the world...: I love my city, it's so special, you have iconic spots …[View]
116942687/ita/ - il filo: Michela, nera artista, pensava che non le sarebbero bastati i colori scuri, per i s…[View]
116950804We're All Pardos Now: I've accepted it.[View]
116951621Asian girls need more brown cocks in their lives. sissy chink boys simply can't do the job[View]
1169517081. Flag 2. Does everything have a price in your flag?[View]
116948760Redpill me on Chicago[View]
116953640happy birthday[View]
116949309Igraj, Igraj, Igraj, Opa!!!: Moooooja Bosna Ponosna!!! https://youtu.be/GW6GSa14xXI[View]
116949579Why do dutch understand German perfectly but Germans can't understand dutch?: I heard an averag…[View]
116953075Britain...what's going on, big guy?[View]
116953732Why are they so homophobic?[View]
116953590what /int/ thinks about this song? https://youtu.be/EGBZold3-qI[View]
116953632Austria looks like a pork chop or a piece of chicken[View]
116952189What is your cunt's favorite meat?[View]
116953587>tfw no North Carolina gf[View]
116947600What country has the prettiest princess?[View]
116951583ITT we thank America for allowing us to live in their world.: Thank you America![View]
116952563/brit/: sister just sent me this[View]
116952361This is truly an abomination: .[View]
116949720Damn polish girls are actually BLACK Qweens?[View]
116952796How many black people do non-Americans see in this photo?[View]
116952733Americans can't stop of calling me ESL or Mexican in every boards I browse. It seems that they …[View]
116951416Cunt Is Tess Holiday's health any of your business[View]
116953099Is he /ourguy/?[View]
116952565/brit/: they say the british empire was evil but at least our victims kept their hands edition…[View]
116953080>when your ban finally ends I missed you frens so much. What has happened since I was gone?…[View]
116952777>he can't drink his tapwater in his country >he has to BUY bottled water…[View]
116952429this happens in your cunt? https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/17/americas/brazil-culture-minister-goebb…[View]
116952961your cunt do you name stuff after american presidents? pic related jfk school[View]
116951764itt we create the commandments that every /int/ poster should follow: NUMÉRO 1: You shall not be rac…[View]
116952871Sum up a country in one pic: Ill start > france[View]
116951244Cradle of humanity[View]
116952787WTF Portugal? What is wrong with you? https://matadornetwork.com/read/toboggan-madeira-portugal/…[View]
116947703I want to visit japan but I'm afraid of Oni women. I heard they capture japanese men and add th…[View]
116946216italy is nice[View]
116951889I can't take how beautiful girls are in this country: Every white girl under 35 here is at leas…[View]
116946596This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
116950758Do i automatically become a rapper, if go to Atlanta?[View]
116952406Do muslims and jews believe their religion was the first one in history?[View]
116949342/brit/: The immortal science of Marxism-Leninism edition[View]
116950800>tfw going to sweden for work[View]
116946745post italians from your country[View]
116949760Life would be so much better if these where the only countries.[View]
116950320Hang on. Aren't Switzerland and Austria supposed to be neutral countries? Today they're ju…[View]
116952081Paris vs. London: Which one is better?[View]
116943774>english people name their sons harry[View]
116942570Imagine not being Portuguese.: How do you cope?[View]
116948353Did you know that Oslo is the nordic homo powerhouse? You want viking gaysex? Oslo. You want trannie…[View]
116948269Where the fuck is it? Who stole it?[View]
116952006im so fucking lonely i just want to hug something[View]
116938291Why do you hate Turey[View]
116941589/brit/: vf generation[View]
116951180How do I get with the French exchange student? There's this gorgeous french girl I have classe…[View]
116952145Do people do this in your cunt? Why does this even exist?[View]
116950639Friday night: What are you doing in your cunt tonight, incels?[View]
116949191>You Japanese...[View]
116944757Is Latin America part of the West?[View]
116951980>Say “white angels” or “pink princesses” one more time you wog incel, I fucking dare you…[View]
116951619What happens here?[View]
116951251Why doesn't america just annex them already?[View]
116921607/norgetråden/: Helg hele uka-utgaven Forrige: >>116897491[View]
116946840Why is it always the short, fat, hairy southron meds that shitpost the most?[View]
116951066ITT: sum up your country in one image[View]
116928280I just came out as a Redhead fetishist: I used to dislike redhead girls but after 'DOCUMENTING' myse…[View]
116951185>wake up >world is like this What the FUCK do you do…[View]
116950954Tell me what do you want me to think?: A Jew 4 years ago is robbing the Argentine People by appropri…[View]
116947571Why do Romance languages sound so based?: Definitely the most beautiful language group in Europe. Pu…[View]
116951073What are some puns in your language?[View]
116944789/polska/: edycja wampirków typu loliczkowego[View]
116947468>get laid once >never experience it again…[View]
116950340>this is how white supremacists look like in America[View]
116950446>be me >BLACK BVLL >goto university in sw*Den >fuck over half of the women at the unive…[View]
116948239>tfw pregnant[View]
116940059/mämmi/: Mämmimiittipainos[View]
116946761/deutsch/ ehemals /bremsenreinigergeneral/: Freitagabend und arrein zuheim? Geh einfach in /deutsch/…[View]
116950268/hell/ thread: δέομαι ὑμῶν προσσχεῖν μικρόν μοι τὸν νοῦν, μισῶ τοὺς αἰθίοπας καὶ τοὺς κιναίδους καὶ …[View]
116950932Americans are so cool. When some sissy european eat come gay cheese, AMERICAN guy puts sunglasses an…[View]
116950864I think they all deserved it, except for the boy. He had MtF potential. Wrong place, wrong time.[View]
116948418How strong are men in your country? Are they buffed, twink or fats?[View]
1169506821. Your country 2. Thoughts on Mimal the Elf?[View]
116950606italians are w___e[View]
116950662Are black-haired green-eyed kots med?[View]
116950730happy birthday, anon: i know your out there, alone on your birthday. i just wanna say i appriciete y…[View]
116950713what are some countries with this feel?[View]
116950676Are straight white males based in your cunt?: USA Yes[View]
116950641Why do Brits have a channel dedicated to nigger dicks?[View]
116950568>tfw le very sad alone man[View]
116950534Panama what the fuck[View]
116940347What does /int/ think about Sikhs? I think they are based, especially when you compare them to the r…[View]
116949407I miss the sheikh lads, I hope he's okay[View]
116950372Oi, bruv! You got a loicense for that sword?[View]
116948537SOUL ---> SOULLESS[View]
116950351This woman scares the russians.[View]
116947686why do euopeans have 31 months a year? i don't get it[View]
116944059Learn fucking proper English before you try to talk on a mainly English board you absolute dumbfuck …[View]
116937232/balk/: Freelancers per capita edition >>116920031[View]
116938455do you nerds actually use linux at home or is it just a meme[View]
116948772>No ablo Espanol[View]
116949854Russian chad: Valuev is the best russian chad. Hes over 7 feet tall, has a scary face, and weights n…[View]
116950198>tfw no californian gf[View]
116950195my welsh brothers :)[View]
116927379>have a greek meme name >90% of euros can't pronounce it >cant change my name since i…[View]
116945692Sverigetråden - FredagsUpplagan[View]
116946088Best russian general: The greatest russian general[View]
116949810how many people in your country want to fuck Ryan Gosling?[View]
116949440>I personally don't like multiculturalism and diversity >now let me just go to the intern…[View]
116949991How does someone have so much confidence to do this? This guy dj's and dances in the middle of …[View]
116948380Eat the bugs, /int/.[View]
116949904So... some jews destroys your country?[View]
116937060/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
116948539This is Tokyo's train station. What do you think about it ?[View]
116949493Last night someone from Paraná, Brazil tried to access my Steam account[View]
116948754Is it accurate that Brazilians are covered in a thick, shiny, greasy layer of sweat and skin oil at …[View]
116949696I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
116949688do u agree[View]
116945418Should I move to Brazil? what are the best/safest cities to live in?[View]
116922506/v4/ + friends: Self-improvement edition[View]
116948565GDP progression of Europe, 2007-2018[View]
116947897ready in 3 2 1[View]
116933371I want a cute Italian girlfriend who will feed me with pasta[View]
116948752>debt increases by trillions $ every year >import is hundreds of billions higher than exports …[View]
116948214>been to several wars against each other >constantly taunting each other >different religio…[View]
116948538Here we see a young Richard Matthew Stallman dressed in traditional Balkan clothing. Decades later,…[View]
116949394Do Europeans hate it when Canadians steal their women?[View]
116948318This is the EVROPA we all need and deserve.: Reuniting France and all its Brothers… Under Parisian r…[View]
116949378Could I pass as a local in your cunny, /int/?[View]
116949343>During the period between the two world wars, democracy thrived in Czechoslovakia. Of all the ne…[View]
116942700he cant name 4 DUTCH names[View]
116948315Straight up: Let's face it: Your life would be more fun & exciting if you were in an interr…[View]
116946051/brit/: oh yeah yeah[View]
116948669God, I hate christians[View]
116947426I fixed the world, no need to thank me[View]
116949177Sweden forbids use of old cars to save climate: https://samnytt.se/nu-ar-det-forbjudet-att-kora-aldr…[View]
116948908post pop songs from your country https://youtube.com/watch?v=M81wneSjQbA[View]
116948169>in MY country...[View]
116944488Is Finland BALTIC or NORDIC?[View]
116938704/leaf/ - Canada general[View]
116948925Black people be like[View]
116946325Portuguese cities appreciation thread.: Post images of Portuguese cities you love.[View]
116948653What language should I learn? I already know my mother language and english. I only have room for on…[View]
116944964italians are celtics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpPGidXA_u8[View]
1169486071. your cunt 2. are you third world? Brazil Yes[View]
116948029Men should be genocided[View]
116943845>ay muy ninyo, you ask how LA SUBURBIA came to be?[View]
116937709Left or right?[View]
116948296>famous israeili people who have portuguese ancestry are leaving israel for Portugal https://www.…[View]
116946042Americans want to deport this from their rivers and lakes[View]
116948168Will your country accept aussie bushfire refugees? >Italy >Yes, but only young beautiful girl…[View]
1169484661. you're cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9QC33os-uY[View]
116947259>dad is making Islamophobic remarks again He'll never approve of a MENA gf...…[View]
116947417>have lucid dream >holy shit >this has never happened to me before >see girl I know irl …[View]
116936925Ranking the slavic speaking regions from best to worst and giving reasons why >South Slavs (Yugos…[View]
116948135Is this why Argentines are so smug?: https://instagram.com/antonelaroccuzzo[View]
116921398kurva anyátok[View]
116941879How do modern Germans feel about WWI? Is it being overshadowed by WWII?[View]
116936631Why do you browse 4chan: For all non native English speakers, why do you browse this shithole? Does …[View]
116939636Do you love france?[View]
116946719So, why do americans give their women male names?: What's the reasoning?[View]
116927920I want to fuck british.[View]
116941419It's friday evening /int/ why aren't you out partying with your friends?[View]
116927365/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Зaтишних paдянcьких кiнoтeaтpiв eдицiя Пoпepeднiй: >>116885592[View]
116946939A cute Italian stole my heart and he never gave it back[View]
116945748I want to find love in India[View]
116932774/ita/ - il filo: edizione salvini[View]
116943746Is it true that Americans don't wash their ass in shower because they think it's gay?[View]
116946070they also deserved to get nuked[View]
116942567Siberian natives look like THAT?[View]
116940267/fr/ - le francofil: édition pilote de chase >>116921321[View]
116941594/int/ doesn't know him because /int/ is full of anti-intellectuals.[View]
116945991No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Germany: alright lemme lose a couple world wars real q…[View]
116943699How would you spend the last day of your life?[View]
116946712do people do this in your country?[View]
116947574Why are Chinese students so much better educated than the rest of the world?[View]
116942608Describe your cunt's politics: >>116923284 Jesus fucking Christ not the lefties again Any…[View]
116946239do they...?[View]
116947058why are japanids so swarthy?: https://youtu.be/GmEDn6fciUs?list=WL[View]
116940955this is where I sleep i hate my house i live worse than a person from Brazil[View]
116935836/lat/ - Hilo Latino: El anterior >>116919613[View]
116945648Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.[View]
116945154why did the swarthy medoids become incel nations in the 80s?[View]
116917685/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição do brchan >Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPYarVy…[View]
116946909I choose the American style small town life. It ain't much but it's honest living.[View]
116945783Do westoids really do this?: >You are the first generation who have required air-conditioning in …[View]
116946749A dead man's room.[View]
116946541he cant name 4 /int/ posters pathetic tbqh.[View]
116945476>post yfw Ameritards STILL cut the tip of their new born child's dick…[View]
116946320IS preacher too fat to be arrested: Which one of you is this?[View]
116914516/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ EDITION[View]
116945698What mnemonics did you have for flags or geography? Apart from Italy=boot[View]
116944748remember when t*urks were banned? good times[View]
116943880Why exactly did Norf England end up becoming so depressing?[View]
116897234/balt/ and /ausnz/: Conspiracy edition[View]
116943521/deutsch/ bald auch /nachtschicht/: Felgen/Bremsenreiniger Ausgabe[View]
116944056KARA BOĞA[View]
116945512Why are continentals like this?[View]
116943772Best cost-benefit olive oil.[View]
116939124Why didn't the Vikings tell anyone in Europe about America ?[View]
116942965>there are 63,4 million japanese girls alive RIGHT NOW[View]
116946111Do you love Portugal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaHPLCFusTM[View]
116946229>A brit and his tooth are soon parted Does the old adage still hold true in this day and age?…[View]
116945936In what age you grown past tacky and gaudy baroque/neoclassical architecture?[View]
116943735/brit/: aussie -edish[View]
116946033It’s friday night and I am going to the bar to get drunk. What is the rest of /int/ going to do in t…[View]
116946099/brit/: Labour leadership voting intention (final round): K. Starmer: 63% (+2) R. Long-Bailey: 37% (…[View]
116945982Which caste suits you most? Vaishya[View]
116944868why are Brazilians like this[View]
1169416751.- cunt 2.- is your president smart flag no, not really[View]
116942717Is Lat. America still into Punk and Metal?: ?[View]
116945455why don't you love finland?[View]
116934700Will you adopt a North Korean GF in the future?[View]
116945079my states official emblem https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emblem_of_Bihar A Bodhi tree representing …[View]
116942999What the fuck I just realised Australia has 81 million inhabitants[View]
116944368is this common in your country?[View]
116928616Why do they hate each other? Bonus question: why do Germans and Brits not hate each other in modern …[View]
116941714Are you a master chef in your country? 1. Germany 2. yes[View]
116944411>winners don't use drugs[View]
116944177In my country, all though our percentage of blondes is small calling someone blonde we call them 'Ru…[View]
116945019>We totally live in a meritocracy where hard work pays off and people are punished and rewarded b…[View]
116931656I have never met anyone from here in real life. Do they exist? What are they like? All I know is the…[View]
116944530>'bvll' show me one (1) post containing this string of letters that isn't irredeemable dogsh…[View]
116943954What's the percentage of people with blue eyes in your country?[View]
116936911I am learning Portuguese what accent is the best . Post Vocaroo or an example on youtube https://ww…[View]
116943320Do you love Canada?[View]
116933495International suicide rates: Suicides per 100,000 people, age adjusted: Top 5 >1. Greenland - 82.…[View]
116944511Is it more important to have a degree or social connections in your country?[View]
116939711>brazilians can understand americans >americans can't understand brazilians >muuuuuu b…[View]
116944386>be my brother >Work as hotel manager in Chihuahua >People from Netherlands come to visit …[View]
116944316if I get dubs we instantly become giga tyrones and get transported to stockholm. Do people get dubs …[View]
116934860/polska/: edycja anime[View]
116940549*fixes the world*[View]
116935778why doesn't france look like this? when are they going to get their natural borders back?[View]
116943370Hot girls better date me otherwise they're going to Hell, fucking skanks.[View]
116942251how do you cope?[View]
116944458This guy's fucking dead: Singaporeans don't fuck around.[View]
116944224If all of these countries joined together again they would go from meme-state status to extremely re…[View]
116943609What do women in your country love?[View]
116939198Do you want to find love in Italy?[View]
116944272in every way imaginable, this is me[View]
116940210>Tfw i got mugged coming home from work >They took my hundreds of pounds phone and wallet cont…[View]
116940561>rapidly expanding in the world >plan to open 2-3 stores in North America every week >Plan …[View]
116942548I am brazilian and i have an italian passport.[View]
116941915>normalfags occupying the stairways I nornally sit in during lunch goddamnit guys does this happe…[View]
116937251What will historians in 2120 say were the main causes for the fall of America?[View]
116941749>your cunt >do you watch anime >how is it seen Flag: yes sometimes and people will see you …[View]
116943162I work for the government, do you work for the government?[View]
116938868Meds are all very different genetically, culturally, linguistically, and religiouslly wise.[View]
116943895The book is on the table.[View]
116931671ITT we talk about the French and their culture[View]
116941991Without a doubt, 20 years from now, the USA will become Brazil except with corporatism[View]
116942119How about you show some fucking respect to the balkans for once, you ungrateful west-euro shits? We …[View]
116930994We are come from NanJ ;): yoroshiku[View]
116923284US ambassador's moustache gets up South Korea's nose: >Harris, a former navy admiral wh…[View]
116942683OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
116942391He's right, you know: https://twitter.com/malscrung/status/1217925585944621056[View]
116941489Latin Americans: would you say this map is accurate regarding ethnicity in South America?: It's…[View]
116939429Sverigetråden - TikTokUpplagan[View]
116940876Of all the countries we've attacked and invaded, the only one I feel sorry about is France. We …[View]
116940741I wish I was born in that country.[View]
116942973my face when tall foreigner standing next to me[View]
116943482I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
116935689>my life is worth more than ten thousand f*nn lives feels good[View]
116939194/deutsch/ am Abend: Uniron auch neue ausqabe erneut[View]
116932529I'll never be happy as long as I live in this third world country[View]
116939389/brit/: bullying the rochdale council edition[View]
116943033>The Baptists are standing outside the city mosque on a friday at 12 pm harassing muslims again.…[View]
116935990I just found the meltdown videos on YouTube where Turks do DNA tests by 23&Me. They all turn out…[View]
116942982Começar a assistir pornografia gay[View]
116936857he cant name 4 arabic male names[View]
116942606>cunt >how often you coom Flag 5 times a day…[View]
116941900Bulgaria is one of the most unfriendly countries, if not the most! That's why this fucking coun…[View]
116938840>blue First World >grey Third World[View]
116933767going to Spain to live without money: i will probably have to become a refugee and flee the republic…[View]
116942827Cultural stigmas: Are there any huge cultural stigmas in your country that you hate/despise? i.e. no…[View]
116924237How do you attract girls like pic related?: Hard mode: not handsome nor wealthy there must be a way.…[View]
116942255My room mate tried boiling hot cocoa in the microwave and it exploded everywhere. Does this happen i…[View]
116942376it's 22:36 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
116938792Why are they so stuck up and arrogant?[View]
116940417>dad and his friend are talking about how zoomers can't use walkmans and don't know VHS…[View]
116942335Post an anime girl from your country.[View]
116937976I went to the agricultural exhibition this morning. I petted the veals, the lambs and the kids and t…[View]
116939652I no longer hate mainland China or Korea.[View]
116941500excuse me, what does a 'sneed' means?[View]
116930484Can someone tell me the difference between people of north India and south India? No politically cor…[View]
116933878>le 43% man Dios mio![View]
116933726Live in Finland?: City of Rauma in Finland tries to get new citizens https://ls24.fi/uutiset/rauman-…[View]
116941803Why doesn't Gran Colombia reunify?: They can build a superpower. At the very least, become the …[View]
116931176Can someone explain this zoomer coomer incel doomer bullshit to me? t. 18 year old boomer[View]
116941768Does anyone have the complete class photo?[View]
116941699My ancestor :)[View]
116936248Is prince Sverre of Norway /ourguy/?[View]
116941561Are americans prepared for Yellowstone supervolcano eruption?[View]
116920669my brown friends, how are you holding up?[View]
116932047How do you get a Western white gf?[View]
116941474Incels should be euthanized.[View]
116940421I would like to find love in Japan.[View]
116922087>i suffer in south america[View]
116938917>The Jiaoshi Yilin...describes the women of the Wusun as 'ugly and dark colored people with deep …[View]
116941362>i got black fever today at the mall but i think she should be going out with a proper blonde guy…[View]
116930714Is it accurate?[View]
116940464I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
116941138*blocks your path*[View]
116937379Greek people from around the world: Australia[View]
116939227Meghan Markle's Royal Sparkle edish[View]
116939701*Ting* *ting* *ting* Thank you all my fellow countrymen for coming to this prestigious event, settle…[View]
116935774>am I a supremacist? >Why yes I am a human supremacist who believes that space and beyond all …[View]
116938878Are latinoamericanos allowed to say NIGGER?[View]
116938930Song you’ve recently listened to: 1 cunt 2 song : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TQIMd1fKj5o…[View]
116939062He got new teeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF7n6r4-1PA[View]
116940728post instagrams of pretty japanese girls[View]
116940588What do you think about the fact that humans are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and things…[View]
116937035List 5 Welsh names[View]
116940627When will they get their independence?[View]
116937408Is your country safe?: Yellow: Please be careful. Light Orange: Please stop unnecessary urgent trav…[View]
116939727/int/ dance party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FsyVf4hWvw[View]
116940482what happened to him?[View]
116938706why do italy is never considered germanic despite germanic people had a huge impact on it?[View]
116938778>Republic of Bougainville[View]
116931374They are smarter than us. We lose. We are retards[View]
116940258Germanics can’t really be at peace with each other, can they?[View]
116940118How do non Americans feel knowing that America owns your sorry asses and controls most of your gover…[View]
116936345this fake and gay country has existed for 190 years this year. what do you think about it?[View]
116928941Map thread: Deformed edition[View]
116934737Do you want to find love in India?[View]
116932046/mämmi/: Neponenpainos[View]
116939965>Killed another med at the sex club[View]
116924431/ex-yu/: kino izdanje[View]
116937388This is a Czech royal crown.[View]
116939914Guys there's water (like from a tap) but it's falling from out of the sky..[View]
116926229how are 179cm 'males' treated in your country?[View]
116939256I wish I was fucking dead[View]
116938400What the fuck I just realised Australia has 80 million inhabitants[View]
116938697Do you want to live in this world?[View]
116936363how do you feel about your country? are you a nationalist?[View]
116936053What's the best city to live in Europe?[View]
116924145Handicapped boy saves the day: 5 year old Finnish boy, Niklas, has genetic abnormalities and cannot …[View]
116936068Have you seen an aurora?[View]
116935701/deutsch/: Verfluchte Ausgabe[View]
116939051damn, the amount of soul in this picture is just too much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uaj0YZufm…[View]
116937904Cremation or burial?[View]
116936427/brit/: emmett and mikey - the lads edish[View]
116939204Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba will return and will make whites pay for their sins.[View]
116938557/int/ DANCE PARTY: Thread theme: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj8[View]
116937290Is anime hated in your country?[View]
116937621What is Portugals fucking problem?[View]
116936951Can you die for your gf? Me? Yes![View]
116936955>year of the rat what does it mean?[View]
116931538Does anybody here speak Farsi? Do I have this right? If I want to say, i'm a cook: Aashpazam[View]
116938803I read all british post with an american accent in my head. I also read all american posts with dona…[View]
116938788>your country >would you let an old fat disgusting man do unspeakable defiling things to you f…[View]
116938002Every day, I thank God that I am not one of these 'people'.[View]
116937027I identify as Anglo CUNTinentials are my sworn enemy[View]
116927883Europe, home: N O >M O R E B R O T H E R >W A R S…[View]
116927744Ask any question about China t.Zhang, with a proxy so forget my flag[View]
116938539How are Finnish girls like? What do Finnish girls like to do?[View]
116932587How many hispanics can actually pass as white?[View]
116934133Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>116904910 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
116937179We will never explore space with until we are united as a species, beyond the idea of countries, int…[View]
116936066Unironically what is this phenotype called? He is dark and from Spain but he doesn't look MENA …[View]
1169339601) Your country 2) Have machines taken over your country yet, and if so, will you bend over and acce…[View]
116922013/cum/ classic edish[View]
116935609China is the birthplace of all Asian culture[View]
116932417Write 5318008 on your calculator and turn it upside down[View]
116935763How do we fix this?[View]
116936720Is he the most handsome leader? I think so[View]
116921321/fr/ - le francofil: Édition: Guy Nantel président! Ancien: >>116907368[View]
116931718my best friend is going to become a dad[View]
116935875Why do people from poor countries like India, China or Russia hate on the USA all the time but if th…[View]
116937087>be chinks >destroy your own dam >1/2 million dead…[View]
116935813How do I stop wishing I was dead everyday[View]
116937199Man was told to get some concrete results with biotech for the funding: He did. https://www.sciencem…[View]
116935913>Only losers smoke weed[View]
116931357Sverigetråden - Zidmongoupplagan[View]
116930173I wish I were Taiwanese. My life would be infinitely better.[View]
116931438The weak should fear the strong.[View]
116936816Dumb retards with no future.[View]
116936189>Serbia HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA[View]
116935522Do Italians and humans in your country wish they were fucking dead? >Australia >YES…[View]
116934572-What does one US soldier say to another US soldier who is going home? Can I help you pack your shit…[View]
116935180>americans don't try on clothes before buying them is this why they are all so badly dresse…[View]
116924267/danmarktråden/: Fredagsnaruminudgaven[View]
116935626Is this common in your country?[View]
116933563>I'm asian[View]
116936859Damn it feels good to be a (slav) gangsta[View]
116936799/balk/: No previous thread because idc[View]
116934708ITT: We larp as slavs[View]
116936336What state/provinces/areas contribute the most to taxes?[View]
116936117The only white countries in the world are UK, France, Italy, Belgium and non-germanic parts of Switz…[View]
116935776Do whiteoids really?[View]
116935193Do French people really protest like this?[View]
116920031/balk/: Tepлици edition[View]
116932393/brit/: Privileged edition[View]
116936381This is the beautiful sky in the world.: This is called Aurora.[View]
116936317/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: VROOM ekdosis[View]
116914135/nederdraad/: Raveteef ediets[View]
116935619What are some nice things to do in Prague?[View]
116936150Is your country going through a demographic crisis?[View]
116927670why does italy create so many annoying people?[View]
116933949I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
116935874>tfw unspeakable italians sit next to me in the bus[View]
116935887I wonder what is the taste it looks like[View]
116935394Do Americans really?[View]
116935997It all returns to nothing, it just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down It all returns …[View]
116909582A picture of my mother when she was 20.[View]
116935798For me it's Azeri qt[View]
116928299why don't americans hike?[View]
116932990Do americans really??[View]
116935775I SUFFER IN BOSNIA[View]
116931799Why can't Euros stop thinking about circumcision?: I'm uncircumcised and would never circu…[View]
116929309>OMG IS THAT A FUCKING TRANNIE ITT? MODS MODS MODS! JOIN YOUR 41% >um... what a nice looking g…[View]
116935320Do Japanese really?[View]
116931838/deutsch/: Mondlächli Ausgabe[View]
116931482We must move quickly. The Canadians are relentless. If they are not destroyed, it will be civil war …[View]
116934482no flame no hate: sweden conquered russia three times in the last 2000 years understanding[View]
116935081The green stripe represents their contribution to society and reformed language for straight human b…[View]
116935493Were you conquered?[View]
116932729your entire life is determined by a few millimeters of bone on your face[View]
116933395Wiping: Do people in your cunt actually touch their assholes (albeit with toilet paper) when they wi…[View]
116928259life is fucking shit[View]
116919613/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
116931403KPOP GENERAL[View]
116934016Post desserts from your country[View]
116921086Why did everyone stop talking about us?[View]
116928035ITT: Posters you recognize on /int/ I'll start: >The brazilian with a cuck fetish >The pa…[View]
116931212Int: 1312[View]
116932095EU racism rankings: top 5 most racist EU countries: >1. Czech Republic >2. Austria >3. Croa…[View]
116932171why every rich person who want to be president came to africa pretend to help african kids so he ca…[View]
116932350/brit/: itsa me mario, whensa your dolmio day? edition[View]
116920225/polska/: Edycja piątkowego dramatu[View]
116934758Well, who is 欒 ?[View]
116934039>Add me on Xfire[View]
116934703Listen to this song: You will laugh https://youtu.be/aVPqgT4QiPE[View]
116933737Does Americans REALLY do this?[View]
116934238are they ever going to apologize for ww2?[View]
116933964Whenever i feel like i'm an idiot i remember that at least i'm not this slovak[View]
116933449I think I look extremely handsome today, I am confident and will talk to some girls. I hope you are …[View]
116933789My ancestors :)[View]
116930507What phenotype? Local?[View]
116933480Does the sales clerk put mask on the mouth in your country? In Japan, this weird culture is forced b…[View]
116933595true dat[View]
116931280American banter be like >ur mom so fat cos she eats food lmao[View]
116932246That's right![View]
116932166/MEMRI/: ITT we post MEMEris. and discuss about Arabic TV in general. By the way from which country …[View]
116933485>28 years old >INTJ >still live with my parents >no friends >never been on a date …[View]
116933590At New Year's Eve Lebanese shows host people who predict what will happen in the next year Ute…[View]
116928763I am brown and a hardcore white nationalist. Different from the blacked fetishizers, my beliefs don…[View]
116926251Germany: 'No Arabs please' job rejection controversy A German architecture firm was in hot…[View]
116931351what phenotype is this?[View]
116904910Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>116889380 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
116931194>most anti-American country in Europe >most McDonald’s locations in Europe why is Germany so…[View]
116933749Hi Bulgaria[View]
116933725>(1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state …[View]
116931731I wish I was German. but I'm a Japs. How should I do?[View]
116930056>Japanese 2.5%[View]
116932771Do people do this in your country ? https://youtu.be/tmZzLr9K9Jc[View]
116927078>your country >does your gf like to do this with you?…[View]
116931760Brazil, why?[View]
116933270i'm going to head out of town this evening and go east for the weekend, see you lads on sunday …[View]
116926559How much of a mutt are you?[View]
116929704>tfw came to thailand and realized I liked qt white girls better >don't want to pay outra…[View]
116932507going to a depresive country: what's the MOST depressive country? I want to go there. I will ea…[View]
116932544Jesus Christ: Have you ever seen a man with less testosterone?[View]
116932704>be ameripoo >get circumcized[View]
116908339/ita/ - il filo: Edizione :Mt 10,34-11,1 Sono venuto a portare non pace, ma spada.[View]
116924395White people are the real Japanese. Japan should confiscate passports from fake '''yayoi''' Japanese…[View]
116919760Would you accept Australian refugees in your cunt? Would Aussies be compatible with your cunt's…[View]
116929900/brit/: makes you think doesnt it[View]
116925336What's Wyoming like?[View]
116930727Is this true??[View]
116920185/mämmi/: settipainos postatkaa settejä[View]
116923139Dachau, Germany, April 29th 1945: >Ja zenk you very much for rescuing me Mein Herr Amerikaner I w…[View]
116930399American technology: >A device that allows people to empty a portion of their stomach contents in…[View]
116928995What is the best breed of dog and why is it the Basset Hound?[View]
116931329>your country >how much rent costs[View]
116927662/deutsch/: Heute heben[View]
116929650>Be British >Need a license to kill[View]
116931281>be lithuanian >commit suicide[View]
116931518do you like Classical Bollywood music?: https://youtu.be/v7K4vGYL9zI also he shouldve played Jafar i…[View]
116931453Has anyone been through their interview process? Tips?[View]
116928354is it really like that?[View]
116931303€: Why do people hate this again? I just love being able to shop or jump from country to country wit…[View]
116930888>americans be like 'aaaaa help me europeans im suffering a diabetic seizure because im so fat'…[View]
116931330Is this sexy or degenerate in your country?[View]
116926635>do you want to find love in x? I just want to find love. I don't care what country she…[View]
116931262cunny is your country athletically superior to the rest of the world. >United States of America …[View]
116926563I'm getting late to work because I'm taking a massive poo does this happen in your country…[View]
116930607Do you love the finnish type?[View]
116922115About our country: Thread about our country How is your country? Good or shitty?[View]
116930445Why does Russian get straight to the point in every way ?[View]
116924440>Moscow >January 17 >no snow, +3°C Wtf is global warming a real thing?…[View]
116930271>She'll never ever fucking like me bros[View]
116931012I love Germany. This is love song from Japan. https://youtu.be/IlZrFE0bmUw[View]
116930917>Got another chink*id addicted to opium[View]
116930065Cantonese: Hong Xiuquan, born in Guangdong, established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and self-procla…[View]
116930853>With my hatred ... I'll turn the illusion into reality![View]
116930601I'm quite surprised there isn't an Esperanto thread in /int/[View]
116930207Paroxetine made it so difficult for me to get hard and especially to cum, don't know if that…[View]
116929708>don’t kill yourself random guy on the internet[View]
116926215/int/ Song Contest: >country roadddd >take me hommme >to the lannnnnnnd >I beloooooooong…[View]
116925945Why are they so homophobic & transphobic?[View]
116930524Post better versions of different countries.[View]
116927788Post news from your country[View]
116930115Based: >muh Dresden >muh rape of Berlin…[View]
116927423Imagine killing millons of children in gas chambers for no reason and then pretending it never happe…[View]
116930294/ourguy/ just dropped a surprise album: in your cunt[View]
116930537>CHINA BAD[View]
116929216Are Turks white?[View]
116929474Roman Empire doesn't exi-[View]
116922858European Union Wants All Smartphones To Have A Standard Charging Port: Imagine living in this commun…[View]
116928838Petals for Armor: has she gone insane? https://www.instagram.com/p/B7WoGMDhVCq/[View]
116928682Since 2007 rents up by 21%, house prices by 19% in EU[View]
116929941>Makes every non-european SEETHE his heart out Yep, I'm thinking based…[View]
116928973hedgie is travelling... where will he go? what will he see? does he have his passport?[View]
116928948>Institutional racism >Internalised misogyny…[View]
116928807inter-european rail: Did you know that in the last decade a lot of very interesting inter-European r…[View]
116928119do you want to die in your country? flag yes[View]
116927157Seriously tho, DO minorities go to heaven?[View]
116929677What feetotype is this?[View]
116917762> Be France > Win the most wars and battles of any nation in recorded history > Greatest ge…[View]
116929283Flags with eagle seal: if your cunt has an eagl seal, tell us how it got it. I'll start >pro…[View]
116923671Korea is soulless: I think Taiwan Japan Lithuania and Korea have no future[View]
116928893>english people name their kids after football teams[View]
116929850Napoleon is one of the greatest Italians in history[View]
116926231/brit/: bzzzt[View]
116929859Why is the bush dimension on fire again??[View]
116929539I'm so fucking sick of looking at my fat face in the mirror bros...[View]
116929413Do you love Jomon?(proto-Mongoloid)[View]
116929678Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as (Parklife!) And morning soup …[View]
116929447How can we make Japan a more diverse and tolerant country?[View]
116929348I am moving to Canada[View]
116928449Why there are only japanese and white in anime???????? No black hispanic korean????[View]
116927609Why are Amerricans like this?[View]
116929475/jomon/: Where's my Jomon bois at?>[View]
116929437News thread: Post interesting news about your region >Basque Country Protests to defend the right…[View]
116926125Who here has parents with a migration background? How did it affect your life? I was born in Germany…[View]
116929291Dear men, please foot the bill during a date or risk being seen as cheap and petty.[View]
116924519/SverigeTråden/ dkn-upplagan: >dkn tränar varje dag >dkn går ut varje dag >dkn läser varje …[View]
116927933Does this happen in your country?[View]
11692510510 largest European manufacturing companies, by revenue in billions of US Dollars.[View]
116921816Freedom Thread: Post the most American pic you have[View]
116927903Hey Brazilian femanons! I am an Brazilian cuck femboy for white cock and with this thread I give you…[View]
116924985>cunt >how sexually open(aka whore) your women are…[View]
116926289why do finnish girls think about MED BVLLS all the time[View]
116928997I just smelled some middle school girls on the bus. They really smell good.[View]
116928719>Faced with an upsurge in hostile behaviour during their interventions in the Eurometropolis of S…[View]
116928064Countries for this feel[View]
116927841Predictions for the future of Europe? I would say by 2050 France will be a carbon-neutral constituti…[View]
116927368How do you celebrate Black People in your country?[View]
116921162The original WMAF[View]
116928506You wake up in Croydon, South London.[View]
116922685non native with american accent = cool guy non native with british accent = pretentious[View]
116926344Do memes become breaking news in your cunt?[View]
116928271>mfw a stupid european thinks I give a shit about his stupid political opinions…[View]
116924926Can some Russian anons explain your government to me? I can't ever seem to get a non biased ans…[View]
116925701>Addicted to depression[View]
116928298Cantonese man and Japanese wife[View]
116928352German foreign ministry humor failure Social media can be a minefield for the strait-laced world of …[View]
116924476/brit/: Anti-London London Edition[View]
116926141I'm addicted to it[View]
116924072How come Korea is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japan? Every asiaboo I…[View]
116925055Flag Is your crush currently ignoring your DMs? Belgium Yes[View]
116918130>Country >Does your gf do this?[View]
116928086Do Americans really do that ?[View]
116927907Do not hate other countries: We are the one who make the better place for you and me Let's love…[View]
116928062Are gay people forced to play professional sports in your country?[View]
116924005Imagine not being Portuguese.: How do you cope?[View]
116925860never trust a Pole[View]
116925107What do Swedes think of Rurik?: Are they proud of him? And what do Swedish schools say about him?…[View]
116922694How common are the volunteer neighbourhood security groups in America?[View]
116927906left: estonian BVLL right: russian twink[View]
116927899how many times will amerikans destroy the Battle Royale family?[View]
116924963Has their mixed white - brown heritage caused an identity crisis which results in their current beha…[View]
116926785>Galicia >Porto >Northern-Italy >Southern-Brazil >Izmir It should be a bannable offen…[View]
116925707Pale skin, Black haired>all: that's why germanic girls aren't considered such attractiv…[View]
116924298If this is the symbol of love, what is the symbol of hate?[View]
116925743/brit/: Are Lauren edish[View]
116919089Why did Christians rule the Middle East during European colonialism? Is the muslim god dead?[View]
116927633Can this man pass as a local in your country?[View]
116924189Manliest men in Eastern Europe Nobody messes with them here in Germany. Even MENA people stay away f…[View]
116927419wtf american[View]
116921842/deutsch/ am Morgen[View]
116927300Sarongs: to african/arab/malay anons. are they comfy?[View]
116924889i saw an italian today on the commute to uni[View]
116927348Is this what's it like to live down under?[View]
116923653Americans will watch you regenerate limbs and be like >He can't afford healthcare…[View]
116927207>Happy New year!![View]
116924876I'm god Fuc* you human[View]
116925648Fact: Plaindwellers are incapable of civilization.[View]
116927082Why are they so obsessed with money, race and appearance?[View]
116922284In Croatia at least 30% of people bitch and moan how poor they are. And 90% of those 30% are inferio…[View]
116925859Today I saw on the bus how very beautiful girl was browsing 4chan ... She was thin, blonde and bluey…[View]
116920213Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: How very tolerant. >From the 13th to 17th centuries various group…[View]
11692451128 yo khv without friends, ugly, obese, no education or skills say something nice to me[View]
116922566Japan: What makes Japan such a Mecca for losers all over the world? It's certanly not only abou…[View]
116917327>his president doesnt travel around the world JUST[View]
116925422EU citizens coming to the UK for work-related reasons (2009-2019)[View]
116926384Poland should declare war on ukraine[View]
116885592/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Cyвepeнный эдишн пpeв >>116844154[View]
116922557Redpill me on the Yugoslav wars. I'm reading pic related and I find it a bit difficult to keep …[View]
116926571Pig slaughter thread: Do you have the medieval tradition of pig slaughter in your country? What day…[View]
116925639I wanted to eat pic related but brazilians don't prepare them, its more of a spanish speaking t…[View]
116923188itt: post whatever you were thinking about just now.[View]
116926261What phenotype is this?[View]
116919245> The Italian traveler Pietro della Valle wrote: “that the Qizilbash grandees told him that: ‘Per…[View]
116925652>Paris, Texas >St Petersburg, Florida >Athens, Georgia…[View]
116921074Do you love Japan?[View]
116925895IT'S FUCKING UP BROS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThMCYT6sbHw&t=4s[View]
116921781Israel is China.[View]
116918027Why are Latin Americans so hypocrite over Iberians?[View]
116926021>there are millions of people in America right now who don't earn enough to get by or are hu…[View]
116924851>come out you BLACK and TANS What did they mean by this?[View]
116925230>drops down ur sanity *nothing personnel*[View]
116925435Mental illness country.[View]
116925201Why are Russian junny such a fag? Jesus[View]
116921008>typical British girl in 2020[View]
116925276/mena/ - /مينا/[View]
116922554Do you have any black friends?: I want black friends but there aren't any in my city[View]
116920462>42% of Americans think that the Earth is only 6,000 years old[View]
116924771Why didn't you listen?[View]
116920480your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week i have already discussed the matter wit…[View]
116923398Is Dutch the best language? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e_yOpsv75C4[View]
116920987Sorry for the broken english but i need to get this out of my chest HOW DO I COPE WITH THE FACT Of B…[View]
116923507Guess which country I am from: I use a proxy server.[View]
116924754>NOOOOO you can't beat that heckin' gypsy!!! STOOOOP you'll kill that freakin…[View]
116924522Do Europeans really descend from Neanderthals?[View]
116924401why do jews are so rich and succesful?[View]
116918240My father is white, but my mother is Jap.: I wish I was 100% white[View]
116923341This is an American female.[View]
116922599Worst president so far this century: Leave your insults to former President Mauricio Macri Blanco Vi…[View]
116923433Are you so bored now? I am very boring because I live in a garbage countryside surrounded by mounta…[View]
116924150Would you eat this candy?[View]
116920617Post artifacts from your country[View]
116919967German girls are the cutest![View]
116924244Is it better to be wealthy in a poor country or poor in a wealthy country?[View]
116898530How does /int/ style their hair? >Shaved >Undercut fuckboy >Doesn’t care messy hair >Lon…[View]
116924172asian male here stop taking our women[View]
116916138I am:: 4715/8192 Acadian (French) - 58% 1/4 Scottish 3/32 Jerseyan (French/English) 1/32 English 1/3…[View]
116923463At the restaurant with a girl: After eating at the restaurant (girl also ate half of your own steak)…[View]
116923628what is Rhodesia?[View]
116921595>mfw I realize the vietnamese only hated the french at first H-how could we have gotten so tricke…[View]
116921716Anglo saxons height: I'm korean who live in London I've expected Anglo saxons are much ta…[View]
116923001Is Ipad sold a lot in your cunt??[View]
116923926Happy Chinese New Year[View]
116923303Is it true that many American homes don't have a basement? Why?[View]
116923948IM UMPLOYED better get my welfare monies soon heh[View]
116922285Why do I look Slavic?: People always keep saying I look Slavic or Finnish. It's a mystery. My f…[View]
116923728Do you have any sami friends?: I want sami friends but there aren't any in my city[View]
116921166what's your favorite city?[View]
116923512>tfw finding out I'm 2.8% Jewish[View]
116922077Do people in you country read much?[View]
116923153Who will be the next superpower in 2030 /int/?[View]
116923432Do you have any abo friends?: I want abo friends but there aren't any in my city[View]
116923097Americans are COOL![View]
116922701>Swedish beta losers get assaulted by Somalis then an Amerimutt saves the day https://www.youtube…[View]
116918480is fat acceptance a growing trend in your cunt?[View]
116920043What phenotype is this?[View]
116920692What's going in Russia? What do Russian Anons say about this? I trust your take more than uppit…[View]
116922641this is the power of british genes[View]
116921352Do Japanese girls go for Italian boys?[View]
116922415Questions about Iran and Ali Khamenei: What do the clerics think of child brides, and what does Ali …[View]
116922656>An iPad? You know you are just paying for branding, right? Have you even used the interface on t…[View]
116922928ITT: Cuntry Music: >I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound >Everybod…[View]
116915744All joking aside, Asian societies truly are the best in the world[View]
116922825Do I give some of my sandwitch to dog?[View]
116922177At least you have the house with the garden: Almost all Korean live in the apartment So they can no…[View]
116919972I'm afraid the cancer is terminal Soyjak. This may be our last time meeting.[View]
116895228/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: Rust belt edition previous: >>116823612 Welcome to /extraflags/,…[View]
116921796why have u achieved nothing in your short lifetime[View]
116918014I want to find love in mainland China[View]
116917346UH OH! STINKY[View]
116922253Is she cute?[View]
116922466Is she cute?[View]
116909810Sverigetråden - Svho och hennes kastrerade husdjur, Axel[View]
116917928What is with all the gay twink stuff on here? Also, what is your favorite food from your region?[View]
116920881Why do they smell like this?[View]
116922216>female at work got mad at me using the word faggot casually The workplace would be so much bett…[View]
116921926my japanese gf will have big boobs, but most importantly, a big heart.[View]
116922398what's cleveland ohio like?[View]
116917994Are tasers used by law enforcement and private security in your country?[View]
116916771>be white guy >get into argument with Latina girl >she uses a bunch of woke insults on me …[View]
116920105>oh yeah my gf just left me and I'm totally not about to break down. >yeah dude MEN don…[View]
116922369Rain comes to Australia: Now come the crocodiles....[View]
116921457heng-deg-utgaven forrige: >>116897491 >>116897491 >>116897491[View]
116912507Hey! America![View]
116920630Sharty Marty[View]
1169208531.ur cunt 2. Do you look this Germanic?[View]
116921944Holy shit Canada is BASED.[View]
116918901Post serial killers from your country[View]
116917993/cum/: non gay edition[View]
116921928Argentinia is white (inside)[View]
116913710Sum up your cunt with 1 webm[View]
116921833My brothers :)[View]
116918162my piss is very bubbly today look at it[View]
1169021091. your country 2. do you have a big strong lebanese guy who protect your country?[View]
116921590>always thought this was some country in Africa >turns out this country has MED architecture …[View]
1169196101. Your cunt 2. Do you accept the legitimacy of your cunt’s current government? >America >Of c…[View]
116921359Why do Bulgarians hate Americans?[View]
116918866why are german men so dark?: im talking about actual germans here also, why is carsten stahl such an…[View]
116920141Can germans at least see the swastika in history books? Or is their only knowledge of it through oth…[View]
116919354Why do Turds like to LARP as black people?[View]
116919657What is the best way to illegally migrate to your country? do the tourist trick still works? tourist…[View]
116920432:(: >tfw no Germanic gf :( https://youtu.be/Cy44ocuoWhE[View]
116918207Black History Month: Do you celebrate Black History Month in your country? Also donate to this campa…[View]
116912465My ethnicity? American.[View]
116919297GF just left me for a red bull: Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
116907836/biz/ auch bekannt als /deutsch/: kleinhirn ausgabe[View]
116919163OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >need to find someone to play Russian Chad (Ivan Drago) >have to cast …[View]
116917956What are some things that America does better than Europe and things that Europe does better than Am…[View]
116919333>Jesus? You mean Isa[View]
116919105I will not have our alliance questioned any longer[View]
116895837>want to fap >realize nothing turns me on anymore Does this happen in your country?…[View]
116920976These are the people calling you a Mohammed[View]
116919013>tfw incel what are some countries?[View]
116920199Latam would improve tenfold if we genocided people from these countries.[View]
116918793除了你我不能感到一丝丝情意: 不要什麼諾言 只要天天在一起[View]
116918878>ethnicity you will never be: >TFW You realize you will NEVER be a true born old stock Canadia…[View]
116919767Sit down, wh*te bois cause it's time for your lesson[View]
116920885What is the difference between 'flog' and 'sell'[View]
116915641Did you know that: English men underwears look like this so when they see on sight a Frenchmen, they…[View]
116920102What if everywhere was South America?[View]
116919423Yoo over here, Anon! My friends wanna know your top dating advice ??[View]
116899659/leaf/ - Canada general[View]
116920501/fr/ - le francofil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6JLa197fPY edition[View]
116916598Only north american area with soul[View]
116918052im an ogre https://youtu.be/-yfOsVrJLGs[View]
116918810>''woy yos oym bri'ish ho'd yuh figa''[View]
116916173>Age >Are you balding? Post hair.[View]
116918213>tfw Chicano >in Europe >tfw generally disliked and seen as an arab until I tell people I…[View]
116920550Is this the Asian experience for those living in the west?[View]
116920085/intg/ - /int/ general: international edition[View]
116920397*Blocks your path*[View]
116920094Most important countries for medical research in the last 60 years. Thoughts?[View]
116920381Why does everyone swear by mahi mahi? It tastes disgusting, like rotten fish even when fresh this wa…[View]
116919607A call center guy just called me. He said I've won KBC(indian who wants to be a millionaire) lo…[View]
116918683It's past 4am. I can't go asleep because then the aliens will get me..[View]
116919924don't be pessimistic[View]
116918678German is a very attractive language.[View]
116918349This British child was born without a brain. Thoughts?[View]
116901457/mämmi/: Päivitimme tuotteemme moderniksi ja monikulttuuriseksi, mutta silti kansanpukua kunnioittae…[View]
116919057your thots on asian girls with dreadlocks?[View]
116918377Do girls do this in your cunt??[View]
116915151FACT: I was the cutest bby on /int/[View]
116919986>2020 >still no white servants[View]
116919784Do you love the republic of Kiribati?[View]
116917817Do europoors actually use roundabouts? Yall too poor to install traffic lights and have superior str…[View]
1169187111. youre cunt 2. youre favourite horror movie.[View]
116917716Oh no no no wait until you see the...[View]
116919143I'm paranoia I feel get killed my parent I'm alone in enemy line[View]
116919372>closest population genetically is Serbia >average Serb is 180cm >I'm only 175cm Why i…[View]
116916069The day will come when FRENCH BVLLS will launch a full scale invasion of UK and as soon as we land i…[View]
116919226What race is this?[View]
116919407/ex-yu/: tko rano rani, dva anđela grabi[View]
116919178That's right.[View]
116918246ITT /int/ posters you recognize[View]
116919631Chinese nigga be like >Herro my name is Zhiqiang Zhang but you call me Brad…[View]
116918895Who rules America?[View]
116914142/lat/: hilo latino HECHO Y DERECHO[View]
116919172tfw no germanic bf[View]
116919285Why am I so awkward and try hardy? Even on 4chan all my posts are way more awkward and try hardy the…[View]
116916265Why are European trains so aesthetic bros[View]
116915362What is your opinion on us norwegians?[View]
1169190491: your cunt 2: how supportive is your country of lgbt rights ? belgium wallonie they are a little t…[View]
116897719We are from 5chan part3: >>116894495[View]
116906152Wtf Poland?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_guards_in_Nazi_concentration_camps…[View]
116915434Based Bolsonaro saving Felipe life: Under Bolsonaro, Trans and Traps Murders Reduce 24% https://plen…[View]
116918953Are filipinos literally rednecks? This is the same shit our white trash does. > Another common pr…[View]
116918978The gecko wants some banana: The gecko want some bananas[View]
116917410I am gonna make hapas (females) and theres nothing you can do to stop me[View]
116919117please enrich my server with your culture /qps4sJ[View]
116916849https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51131296 >People across the country had given money to …[View]
116917909Why are american girls so much more expressive and out going than other girls?[View]
116915075I've took 30mg Zolpidem sleeping pills ten minutes ago and they have kicked in. I tend to be in…[View]
116913331/int/: Dear citizens and dwellers od /int/. Welcome to /int/ general! In this thread, every national…[View]
116914983Isnt this just a lake?[View]
116893656How do you invade America when there are more guns than people?[View]
116918688i am an alien i hate men if you are a men i hate you jk lol hi no but rly k.[View]
116918382Do Centracas really...?[View]
116915884Guys I'm getting a team together: are you in?[View]
116917709rusia monky: >this thread has been pruned or deleted[View]
116912995Your cunt What would your parents reaction be if you got a girlfriend(male) ? Ireland They would be …[View]
116910449>Americans called this 'Genesis' because they are stupid christfags who don't know what mega…[View]
116913762I am an Americhad who will never learn a second language: why does this one fact send ESL's int…[View]
116916261https://youtu.be/9LMCzMHq9aE Cringe[View]
116912059Do people in your country buy this?[View]
116877475/skandi/: Kärleiksudgaven[View]
116918426What do irish people thinks of welsh?[View]
116918425Are these eyebrows desirable or degenerate in your country?[View]
116918302wow I wonder how he became so big[View]
116918301The rest of the UK outside major cities sometimes has a twee historic feel to it that is quite cute …[View]
116907368/fr/ - le francofil: Football édition[View]
116918229>just found out that china has a booming bride abduction industry[View]
116912829Why are British men like this?: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10608517/inside-paedo-paradise-the-gam…[View]
116918085If you can't walk through your city/town after midnight without getting jumped or feel in dange…[View]
116918125>Hey anon, what are ya still doin in faggy ol Europe? Doncha know theys givin out free land out w…[View]
116916312/brit/: scared yank edition[View]
116917960Italians are the master race and its not even close[View]
116916012PRESS A TO POUND[View]
116907761Why are Indians so black: They are the darkest people in all of Asia[View]
116909140>Serbia HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
116916326What does it mean to be a Brahmin in India?: How strongly do Brahmins in India identify with being a…[View]
116917680do women do this in your country? https://www.reddit.com/r/Rapekink/comments/ehan36/my_bf_abuses_me_…[View]
116909956/cum/: fluteman edish https://youtu.be/hpjV962DLWs[View]
116881811/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: edição: Aproveite o dia. Aproveite a quinta-feira. fio velho: >>1168417…[View]
116917759/br/ - Fio Brasileiro: Tema do fio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhPhZbO7OXE[View]
116917731>do americans really[View]
116917710>Yes, I do have a quest cape on oldschool runescape[View]
116917396>name is pronounced e-di >burgers pronounce it head-ee >correct them >'no dude its head-…[View]
116912989name one country[View]
116916222(oпaлa) This is probably a stupid question. But are there any words in english that translate to ph…[View]
116915584I haven't felt the urge to masturbate for a whole week. Is something wrong with me?[View]
116917391Kochiya SanaePlease close the window. To prevent those creatures from enterning. What do you imagine…[View]
116910272women are further from men as species, than a white man is from a black man[View]
116916908>English (United Kingdom) >Español (España) >Português (Portugal) >Français (France) The…[View]
116910321/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: American Beauty edition[View]
116913992ITT: real countries or places you thought were fictional[View]
116910506what is wrong with Angloids ?[View]
116914319You wake up in La Matanza, Buenos Aires.[View]
116913002The Asshole of the World: Of all places on this Prison Planet, Brampton, Ontario is the ASSHOLE of t…[View]
116908047americans be like 'I'll have a light snack'[View]
116917202>closest population genetically is Serbia >average Serb is 180cm >I'm only 175cm Why i…[View]
116915879How fucked are you?[View]
116907310/polska/: edycja wejściowo-wyjściowa[View]
116915597>22nd birthday >go to bar >'one beer please'…[View]
116908408Spanish males >>>>>> Portuguese males[View]
116910119Why are the only two northern Catholic cunts (Ireland and Pooland) also known for being oppressed an…[View]
116916678I woke up at 2 am, and went to sleep at 6 pm.[View]
116916900redpill me on the Krauts[View]
116916643What phenotype is this?[View]
116911939I’m not paying for the Internet for almost 3 months now, I just use my neighbor’s Wi-Fi[View]
116914977Macacos look like THIS?![View]
116917073Ok Japan you turn our kids into trannies, now whats the next step on your master plan?[View]
116916381Dutch girls look like this: Do girls in your cunt look like this?[View]
116913836>America wants me to hate this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYfTlpDvqMQ…[View]
116916922> According to the Kinsey Institute, the average frequency of sexual intercourse in the US for in…[View]
116895446/éire/: Eagrán éabhlóid.[View]
116910102/ex-yu/: Ludi tahi edition[View]
116915942girlfriend: How do I get a girlfriend in this country? I'm so depressed and sad. I want to be k…[View]
116912350>your first language >how is 'fuck jannies' in it >Polish >jebać mody…[View]
116897491/norgetråden/: Tikk takk utgaven Førje >>116859941[View]
116913144Oh no... Ameribros...[View]
116915829>bongs banned the word ninja because they think ninjas are too violent and scary Do they really?…[View]
116916554I just finished reading Crime and Punishment. Have you read it? What did you think? I think the subp…[View]
116914843qt turk on the front page[View]
116911669So let me get this straight: >Some rich oligarch kids wanted to live in republics, because France…[View]
116916591Hello everyone :))))))[View]
116915668Why is football so much more popular than baseball outside of the USA?[View]
116916427You are virgin: same here[View]
116916497>mfw i see a confused euro tourist coming down my ally[View]
116914189Why are they so detestable?[View]
116916311*đánh bại mỹ*[View]
116913641Are women coomers in your country?[View]
116915897>In this continent booty... Booty is more important than food. Booty. An English man's butt.…[View]
116914575Which flag is the hardest to draw? I can't remember how to arrange the stars on my flag[View]
116916212>Strawberry? Chocolate? cream filled? Nah thanks man just give me the classic Cinnamon donuts wit…[View]
116907889What is sex-education in your country like? Do they teach everything, like even pic related for exam…[View]
116914735What period of time of your country do you wish you had experienced? For me it is 1960s London https…[View]
116914823Minha Presidente[View]
116916026>germans be like 'what is that funny shape other countries always put on preserved Luftwaffe airc…[View]
116915525>white girls[View]
116906031/int/ernational window view: post yours frens[View]
116909937I love Paris Do you love Paris?[View]
116908454Would you go on vacations to a Brazilian multicultural beach? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRn6CD…[View]
116915586Why does he always do that stupid finger pistols thing at every press conference? Is he 5?[View]
116889395/v4/ - Poles[View]
116915333How interesting[View]
116911457>Cunt >Hometown >Is it a shithole? Scotland Greenock Yes…[View]
116913374>Ok I dialed 8, what next?[View]
116915223is German or English the better language?[View]
116908920if you had a gun would you kys? serious question[View]
116915350https://youtu.be/EGBZold3-qI what /int/ thinks about this song?[View]
116915299Do you want to find love in Australia?[View]
116907540why are mediterranean girls so beautiful?[View]
116914863come home...[View]
116915278Why can they never just keep their retardation to themselves? Why do they always drag the entire wor…[View]
116915039I want a cute Italian girlfriend who will feed me with pasta.[View]
116914006>Europeans read Celcius 232.778 in High School[View]
1169055761) Your cunt 2) Have machines taken over in your cunt already? Flag Yes, first they took our jobs no…[View]
116914545What is it like here?[View]
116893514/balk/: Balkan edition >>116878914[View]
116908830Is education comparable to genocide in you're cunt?[View]
116914864These are some Brazilian Jews, say something nice about them[View]
116911978>1400$ to get to Guam Why couldn't I have been born on an island[View]
116913687Reminder: British are the whitest people on earth[View]
116902962is there anything left that you enjoy?[View]
116910424>why yes I only drink espresso not that diluted american pisswater 'coffee' how could you tell…[View]
116913087what is one question you have about the United States? what's one thing you like about the Unit…[View]
116912805>'No not the flufferino not the hecking doggorino the good boyo!'[View]
116911703Guess phenotype[View]
116914184Are people so sensitive to jokes about discrimination in your country? >guy I know said if he was…[View]
116914504How can we stop the 21st century Axis of Evil?[View]
116914118Are the hairless men evolved human phenotypes?[View]
116907585/lat/: hilo latino[View]
116906003what is biggest shithole in your country? for us it's hard to decide between Wales, Northern Ir…[View]
116914270Hello, in my country single men sleep with 3 pillows so they can pretend to have a gf as they lay in…[View]
116914269wtf Germany, he was an old man[View]
116914330>tfw understand both metric and imperial Eurotards will never be this smart…[View]
116909120Why do models of all countries look like hypermasculine aliens?[View]
116914321Yeah, i just benched 450 lbs, just dunked on this guy barely getting 50lbs off the rank, cancep your…[View]
116914307>Somalis look like THIS[View]
116912637/brit/: What's up, pussy nigga? What's up, punk nigga? Bling out on that nigga, make your …[View]
116851351/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends @ boards.4channel.org/int/: 2020 edition[View]
116914244I wish euthanasia was legal in *U[View]
116909876will ireland forever be the property of anglos?[View]
116910901How do Germans, Italians and Euros in general of 4chan feel about all the Americans in /pol/ larping…[View]
116914037I proclaim the Kingdom of Intistan.[View]
116902054why are meds so hairy?[View]
116902000Shut the fuck up you are first world. your sufferings is also invalid.[View]
116912362Are the Polish people more Slavic or Germanic?[View]
116911634He cant name 4 russian female names[View]
116913368This is a question to Americans...: Name one country that starts with “U”[View]
116913757hey Britain, how's that royal family doing?[View]
116911894love him or hate him, he’s speaking straight facts[View]
116912783>banned wikipedia for petty reasons >edits his own wikipedia page >watches gay turk wrestli…[View]
116903993>LA GRÈVE!!!!!!!!![View]
116912306When will France give back its stolen clay?[View]
116911123How is he viewed in your country?[View]
116912818English brothers, It does not make sense that we leave one union, but not the other. We are clearly …[View]
116912290Why don't you love finland?[View]
116913244Being bilingual feels kind of funny sometimes.[View]
116913345international music thread: 1. your cunt 2. post international lyrics you like argentina YOU DIDN…[View]
116913392Dear my friends on /int/,: I'm sorry for calling you autistic losers behind your back, especial…[View]
116913343*Blocks your path*[View]
116908420Favorite Russian: Post your favorite ETHNIC russian or russian jew.[View]
116900838/nederdraad/: Oost-Gelderland editie! Welkom: nog in te vullen Niet welkom: de rest[View]
116912655>remember that one stupid thing that happened to be long time ago >start whistling and singing…[View]
116909856>There are /int/posters who live within 30 km of me[View]
116903665>tfw my disabilites check just arrived feelin pretty good bros.[View]
116909226Let me tell you some knowledge about a Powerful French Mental illness:: I know some of you here call…[View]
116912906Are Lithuanians/Latvians the purest people on Earth?[View]
116911325>get bored while taking a shower >start thinking about funny memes >make loud squeaking noi…[View]
116911856Irish anon here. I grew my hair out for 20 months and cut a few days ago and regretted it immediatel…[View]
116909747I am an actual cutthroat capitalist. I don't care if others get burned by what I do because the…[View]
116912407https://youtu.be/EGBZold3-qI based or cringe song?[View]
116908594/brit/: https://youtu.be/zInyrDfR4us[View]
116911985i wish i wasn't born[View]
116912581>take an american test >perfect score is a 212%…[View]
116899613Brazil is proof that race mixing is good[View]
116912014Inspired by >>116886503 What are your thoughts on having Romania and ex-Yugoslavia exchange th…[View]
116910552Many men woke up in strange places, covered in strange stains, suffering from ass pains. This demon.…[View]
116911056People from blue countries are 'he's (including females) and people from yellow countries are 'it's.…[View]
116899742Get your free degree today: Russia and China provide full-ride scholarships, including Russian/Manda…[View]
116911631Why yes, I claim american accomplishments as our own while blaming canadian shortcomings and degener…[View]
116911780Why are you white?[View]
116816249/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
116887409/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: here's your thread bro[View]
116906648legalize pedophilia. legalize domestic violence. legalize polygamy. ban w*men from public office. ba…[View]
116911658Any theories?[View]
116911834why yes l am fucking wasted and from the coolest German city wie kannst du sagen?[View]
116911973I just popped by to say hello to all the good cunts of South America.[View]
116909991That's a big rock[View]
116905511How can Ukrainians simultaneously claim Germany betrayed Ukrainians and deny Ukrainians betrayed the…[View]
116910030>Ee-ran >Aye-raq[View]
116904689Do you support gay marriage?[View]
116906655>hey dude wanna come over for a few drinks?[View]
116891896/med/ - Barely Alive Edition: There was an attempt.[View]
116909022Why are anglos so FAT? Why are continentals so SLIM? Is it due to BIKE riding?[View]
116910257We must secure a future for the white race.[View]
116911311tell me one single reason why I shouldn't kms[View]
116911441How did a Japanese company make so much cool stuff?[View]
116907451Post here only if aliens built something in your country[View]
116911188Do 'white' Americans exist?[View]
116910473How do you go about learning a language? I've never realy tried before. I wanna know french so …[View]
116911350The most famous Italian webserie has created foreign language miniseries. Unfortunately, despite the…[View]
116910990How is Rasputin remembered in Russia?[View]
116907842do you love brazil? > pic related with audio > youtu.be/C6aMvknKVJY…[View]
116909290more people live in France than in all countries from pic combined and they wonder why government br…[View]
116905228What ethnicity is she ?[View]
116905493What does he sound like?[View]
116907348Damn... Americans are this stupid?[View]
116908245What's in Paraguay?[View]
116907250Trump insulted Macron and he’s laughing https://twitter.com/JeanMessiha/status/1217873669042642945…[View]
116899230Why do the Chinese want to genocide the Uighurs?[View]
116910758We are all spies. https://youtu.be/MWCoDpwvWo0 Take it all in.[View]
116905179When did you realize finland is a superior culture?[View]
116908320>ICH BIN EIN BERLINER[View]
116903188Do you like Norgay?[View]
116908595/brit/: today's naked attraction is a poof episode edition[View]
116890861Why are french girls so qt and feminine?[View]
116910089>tfw don't have N with tilde on keyboard >tfw always say 'I have 21 anuses' in Spanish…[View]
116908530How come Hungarians and Romanians get called gypsies when Spanish and their Gypsies are literally in…[View]
116908275>ur cunt >worst thing you've ever done? flag either making fun of my sister while she was…[View]
116906244What dead or endangered languages should be revived? For example: Irish, Navajo, Yiddish, Bororo, et…[View]
116910243>your country >would you play a bullfighting game? Spain Yes…[View]
116908863Romania carried Germany in WW2: the Germans wouldn't have even made it past Kiev without our oi…[View]
116906335'If you [Scots] belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to …[View]
116910087Me and Mexico? We are the same, chico. BROTHERS.[View]
116905086Abos AVENGED!: So I've started reading this kino book called Decline of the West, and in it the…[View]
116910131/ex-yu/: machka izdanje[View]
116910121Poland is number one in apples produced per capita[View]
116903781What happens between Parisians and the rest of France?[View]
116908043>Why yes I am here to create threads about my own country (Finland (Suomi)) constantly, what gave…[View]
116905944>Brussels >Seat of the EU >Hosts thousands of dignitaries from EU and beyond every year …[View]
116909303ate 15 krispy kreme doughnuts again[View]
116908493>Geneva >Genova Why can't they call it Genf?…[View]
116909530Eurovision Tel Aviv was the gayest shit I have ever seen, bomb Tel Aviv[View]
116909688>he suffers in a first world country LMAO may as well just kill yourself you weak minded faggot…[View]
116904261I'm glad that the US is the world superpower...: ...and I hope it stays that way forever. I…[View]
116907856My girl friend is Haitian . How do I learn Haitian creole so I can surprise her and get closer to he…[View]
116907705what language is this ?: Wtf is that language ? Is this romanian ? https://clyp.it/z4rp434g[View]
116879962What's a historical event related to your country that you're not particularly proud of?[View]
116908810Anyone have online work that could use a native english speaker? I accept paypal.[View]
116908653>Yes I suffer in 'first' world country. how could you tell?[View]
116904526/int/ fact of the day: Kenyan prostitutes have so much exposure to HIV that they have developed a re…[View]
116909423>ywn live in the timeline where the republic of china is the only china…[View]
116908844WARNING! If you see these someone wearing these circle-glasses that probably means they appear delic…[View]
116908940>1st Nation in space Nazi-Germany >2nd Nation in space Soviet-Russia >3rd Nation in space U…[View]
116877522kurva anyátok[View]
116908563Poland is the greatest country in the EU[View]
116908906Why does it make Americans mad when American companies sell Chinese themed things to Chinese people?…[View]
1169062521. Your cunt 2. Would you be willing to enlist in the Cannonfodder division to build a finn-free Fin…[View]
116909007why are americans like this?[View]
116906913Being a white guy in the US is hard, how hard is it in Europe?: The selection of women is abhorrent …[View]
116903469My ancestor :)[View]
116908740Should I move to Australia, claim centrelink and get myself a nice sheila?[View]
116895106/ita/ - il filo: edizione 'chef' rubio[View]
116904717Male names: >Bobby >Billy >Charley >Jacky >Andy Female names: >Bobbie >Billie …[View]
116906890What's your stance on YOUR english accent? Have you accepted it? Are you vigorously trying to c…[View]
116908536warmful greetings from ziemniachan, frens[View]
116906066/brit/: Harry Potter reboot -edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOFatKD0Vzo[View]
116899362your cunt do you watch anime?[View]
116906716All Italians MUST watch this!: this is very important[View]
116886503Is it possible for them to unite?: *I included only areas with a Latin / Hellenic majority. I will l…[View]
116898326>that kid who forced a british accent in english second language class[View]
116908371why don't we just destroy africa and move australia to its place so they can be closer to us an…[View]
116905992How many languages can you speak?: Don't include your native language in the count.[View]
116898726/cat/ Catalunya: Anterior >>116851824[View]
116907876Why is Germany so based?[View]
116904022Seriously, why was this shithole ever allowed to reunite? They're too dangerous to exist.[View]
116901919What do you say to impress her: >So, tell me more about your country, anon…[View]
116900355Do u guys love ur own country?? I fucking love my country, even as a socialist shithole and with a l…[View]
116898555What is the public reception of American TV series Vikings in Scandinavia? Do historical inaccuracie…[View]
116903176My female friend said >men with tiny dick are not men and she lauged. Gonna kill this bitch…[View]
116891620Post your supper lads[View]
116902714Flag Will you feel safe when chicanos take control of the world's most powerful military?[View]
116908057The year 2020 has arrived. A herd of fuckin’ ugly Amerigoblos are rushing from the local Walmart. C…[View]
116907908Will the US ever experience an armed conflict in their own soil which isn't a civil war? Is it …[View]
116907734My Lithuanian friend got called up to do mandatory military service. Are there really still countrie…[View]
116907797>Visited me old college buddy in London last week >see Paki n diversity Bloody hell Boris! Get…[View]
116887612Why aren't they unified?: What's the difference between both?[View]
116904256What do you honestly think about MENA countries?[View]
116904400Sverigetråden - Gretaupplagan[View]
116899747hilo /lat/ANO: hilo peru[View]
1169075971. your cunny 2. beer, wine, or liquor? los estados unidos beer[View]
116907535>injuns sit around for a million years and all they do is chase buffalo >Anglos come over and…[View]
116902029Who is your best friend here and what do you want to say to him?[View]
116904153So, this is an American ''''white'''' supremacist...[View]
116900585look at this bad boy[View]
116905008sex should be illegal[View]
116905397how do you say >poo in your language/dialect? >kakka…[View]
116904964>only 1 chance to live >born in Brazil End my misery.…[View]
116899103/polska/: edycja gazetki dla anona[View]
116900915/fr/ - Le Francofil de la soirée: Edition Mathilde de Vesoul Ancien: >>116892986[View]
116902900French 2017 presidential election, first round results Yellow = Macron, neo-liberal economic program…[View]
116907034How Americans fight versus...[View]
116904368WHAT, Persians eat mämmi too???!=!=!=!=!??!=!?!= >Sämänu is a Persian food that resembles Finnish…[View]
116888274All memes aside, foreigners, what is your opinion on this nation?[View]
116901028How should the US be divided?[View]
116900530I'm an alien ama[View]
116904846>americans think that pizza is a vegetable[View]
116902889169cm 175cm 180cm[View]
116905905I just ordered a 2.3kg bag of Haribo gummy bears that I intend to eat over 7 days[View]
116903884I am extremely clueless about Africa What's it like to be there if you are white?[View]
116903204Do Americans really, unironically, do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB-BROv4Slw Holy shit…[View]
116899785*Ahem*: Death to America. Death to Israel.[View]
116904654tell me right now what are the reasons you haven't killed yourself yet for me it's my fami…[View]
116904015/brit/: corrr, peng and phwoarrrr as it were[View]
116903492What is winter like where you live? Here it's very depressing, lots of cold and snow, the sun s…[View]
116904123Hey /int/, I just coughed this up. Should I stop smoking? Or is too late and I'm gonna die now …[View]
116906013>Best games for girls! >Your own pet in mobile! >Calculate your home equity!…[View]
116906043Bavaria is great for business.: No Brexit. No uncertainties.[View]
116902860Black History Month is almost here!: Do you celebrate Black History Month in your country? How do yo…[View]
116891101Heritage Thread[View]
116905669What the fuck I just realised Australia has 80 million inhabitants[View]
1168933241. your cunt 2. do you see a lot of immigrants every day? 1. flag 2. yes, most of them from Venezuel…[View]
116901927>College? Nah, I'll just join the military and kill some third worlders for money…[View]
116904954What is it like to live in such multicultural society? Must be heaven on earth[View]
116905666Is it true that French women have 'deep talks' in a way that other women can barely comprehend?[View]
116905706>anon post some degenerate pic/webm about americans >do they really? >spot french english b…[View]
116905526initial д[View]
116905347Give me a Salvadoran bf..[View]
116904887Are Norwegian men the most attractive people in Europe?[View]
116890650>destroyed genocidal Swedes and avenged millions of innocent Germans and Poles >defeated Napol…[View]
116903007The Moroccan CHAD: Every Venezuelan and Colombian girl I know has a Moroccan boyfriend, what's …[View]
116903010>The upper before moving to Tokyo >The lower after moving to Tokyo Does this happen in your…[View]
116904328Daily reminder that you can't suffer nor complain if you live in one of these countries:[View]
116905014your country your favourite adibou minigame[View]
116903062Daily Qun Qun thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVTHZKfL4ss[View]
116902972I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
116904237>There's unironically Gilet Jaune porn videos that are up on the internet DO WE REALLY DO TH…[View]
116892741Why does she have white features ?[View]
116893678Why do Poles hate Russians so much? Germany tried to genocide your people, while Russia only tried t…[View]
116902022are people that suffer and still not kill themselves the biggest cucks?[View]
116904794M*nolinguals on suicide watch.[View]
116904783Whats going on in britbongs royalty, do they really?[View]
116904660How do I get a gf in my country? I am so sad and tired of not having a woman in my life[View]
116901471oh, how I love the Japanese people[View]
116903424Why Germanics have such an aggressive mind in their natural state?: Not just Germans, but Austrians,…[View]
116901966>Entertainment Weekly reported that the ending was trimmed because American viewers did not like …[View]
116900786/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH3giaIzONA[View]
116904193what is your opinion about Lithuanians?[View]
116904194>tha souf weel rise again[View]
116900706Is this common in russia?[View]
116904189Should both of these be shut down and closed?[View]
116904082You're looking kinda lonely girl Would you like someone new to talk to, ah yeh alright I'm…[View]
116903555>your nation-state >do you like Fire Emblem? America Yes, it's a great series with well-w…[View]
116903394Lang map: This is a map of places where I have a 50/50 chance of running into a L1 or L2 speaker tha…[View]
1169012091. your cunt 2. is more than half your continent under occupation?[View]
116901118>Australia burning to the ground >they don't help their people whats wrong with them?…[View]
116903648What's the best Mediterranean island? For me, it's Corsica[View]
116903885>italy >first world[View]
116903089I don't wanna be an incel anymore[View]
116903578Why are Scatinavians like this?[View]
116903825Hi, my name is Darrell Jefferson. My fiancee Yuna Park (soon to be Mrs. Yuna Park Jefferson) and I a…[View]
116901850Is anyone on /int/ a member of a strong political faction?[View]
116901336What if the Whites won? Honest question[View]
116903288i am 20 years old and i have never had a girlfriend[View]
116900806I am an absolute failure of a human being.[View]
116903636really, americans, really?[View]
116898931>cunt >are you gay for russia? >flag >yes…[View]
116901989WTF Australia? >First man in South Australia charged with possessing child-like sex doll under ne…[View]
116902247>Ministry of Health suddenly invites 20 female doctors from Samallut, Minya to some conference ab…[View]
116902023itt post kino from your country[View]
116903290Is the Mediterranean region the most based area in the world? History, food, beautiful women, langua…[View]
116903194>enlist because I think we're going to war with Iran >shit doesn't happen >now I…[View]
116903050>there are 20-something year olds on this board right now who are stagnating in life because all …[View]
116894391Are teenage girls lonely in your country?[View]
116902898I would beat the fuck out any Italian on int.[View]
116903148How do I stop being Lebanese?[View]
116901969I have an announcement to make! Americans of Anglo-Irish-Germanic heritage are the strongest race of…[View]
116902334Why are some of you so anti-finn?[View]
116902493Do people from your country usually quit 4chan? I'm going to because people keep reposting my p…[View]
116897594I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
116899690>oh my torrent finished downloading >*clicks on stop seeding*…[View]
1169024641. Your country 2. Have you ever gotten stuck in the belly of a whale?[View]
116902848>help poor people? sorry man I'm already struggling and i have all these rats in my basement…[View]
116902826Do soijak posters like or do literally anything?[View]
116902787i'm a pale brown manlet, would i have any chance to get a woman like this? be brutally honest p…[View]
116900307>Ceмь >Boceмь[View]
116901289Recommend a movie for me to watch[View]
116899642Sverigetråden - Chingchongupplagan[View]
116900131Fuck winter, everything is so depressing[View]
116901519Im going to illegally enter the United States. I want a job[View]
116900456>based >cringe[View]
116902320I want pussy I want to have sex[View]
116886448I love my girlfriend![View]
116867710Muslim THOTs: Anyone notice this phenomenon? Secularized Muslim women, particularly Kurdish and Turk…[View]
116902158ITT: your family trees[View]
116900576I plan to move to Berlin to study and teach kabbala. What do I have to know before I move there? Whi…[View]
116901538How good are voice actors from your cunt?: Ours are sublime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BctKavM…[View]
116900372/int/ernational /beer/ thread: thread for friendly discussion of international and import beers what…[View]
116901035I like going onto Snapmap and looking at qts across the world. Anyone else do this?[View]
116902008I am brazilian and i have an italian passport.[View]
116901575Why do they hate each other?[View]
116900833Ameribros: I keep saying this expression I invented “weirdo for real tho” Is this a common thing in …[View]
116901264Why are the sidewalks so large in Russia? They are the size of a residential street in the states. I…[View]
116898127Oh shit our local french anon is gonna COOM. But seriously, how is the tranny culture in your cunt? …[View]
116888322Why does she have white features ?[View]
116900686I wouldnt be such a loser if I wasnt born in this country.[View]
116899371is he the best singer of our generation (zoomers) ???[View]
116897327can you guys stop calling us japs? its not fair because we don't have any swearing word for eng…[View]
116901734basically me every day[View]
116900343I wish I was fucking dead[View]
116875038/lat/ - Hilo Latino: edición a los cadenazos[View]
116899882You may not like it, but this is what peak heritage looks like.[View]
116901045What the fuck I just realised Australia has 80 million inhabitants[View]
116893991ماهو رأيك في مجتمع الميمز العربي اليوم؟[View]
116900724Remember when Trump had his 'phase'?[View]
116900650How can French tell the difference between an Arab and a Frenchman in their country?[View]
116892251/mämmi/: settipainos postatkaa settejä[View]
116901427>watch an english stream >streamer has to read a word hes never seen >'I have no idea how I…[View]
116901177Why are Germanics so Superior?[View]
116899241A faction of Mutts is currently trying to secede from my country.[View]
116896560Do Poles really...?[View]
116899644Sverigetråden - städarUpplagan[View]
116895374My ancestor :)[View]
116901333Hey Morocco, use this! Haha[View]
116898762Is it possible to fully understand the culture of a country without ever visiting it?[View]
116893457Do you take seriously other accents/way of speaking of your language? From the Spain region, it…[View]
116896634Americans, I...[View]
116899771What hobbies to men have in your country?[View]
116898246An italian...[View]
116892986/fr/ - le fil français: édition du béarnais providentiel[View]
116900942Wannabe Americans: Why are they such tryhard Americans? They've stolen our clothing, our hats, …[View]
116874517/tr/: epstein (geriLLa) edisyonu[View]
116896958/brit/: soyquirrel edition[View]
116895111Do you want to find love in Canada?[View]
116884901Warsaw 2009-2018. Same street.[View]
116900482>tfw no french gf[View]
116900029This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
116900238I hate kikes media. when I become dictator of Canada im going to kill every reporters of Rebel News …[View]
116900363el siciliano[View]
116897468There are too many frogposters on /int/[View]
1168977051. Ur cunt. 2. Do you want to learn to speak Portuguese?[View]
116899678Mfw 5'11 and packing a 6 incher in japan [*big in Japan by alphaville starts playing*][View]
116898991Could this guy pass as a local in your country?[View]
116899656My brothers..[View]
116893654/NEDERDRAAD/: 2015-editie welkom: nederlanders, vlamingen, zuid-afrikanen niet welkom: walen en over…[View]
116897776Strains? CBD? Bro just give me the cheapest strong shit you have.[View]
116896312Do Australians have their own myth and legends the same way the US has stories about outlaws and cow…[View]
116899662If 4chan is so great, then why isn't there a 5chan?[View]
116898027So what happened in Finland (Suomi) in 2010 ?[View]
116890867What’s wrong with being a mutt?[View]
116892110Yeah bros. Lets discuss international stuff.[View]
116896007> incel in South America > I’m actually considered really good looking…[View]
116899303Italian Muslim niggas be like “Salami Lakum”! Hahaha[View]
1168976041. ur sister 2. thoguhts on poland?[View]
116895705/deutsch/: Reiche GroBverdiener & Elitäre Aktionäre Ausgabe NEETs, FBRs und andersartige Unterme…[View]
116898565Does /int/ have a unibrow? Why don't you pluck it? Me, I believe it's tolerable on men, ha…[View]
116898660Where do americans that can't afford europe go on vacation?[View]
116897104🪓 FUCK WOMEN 🪓[View]
116899220My city is 3% filipino[View]
116883827Why the FUCK do Americans do this[View]
116898812Yes, I am American. Yes, I am obese. No, I will not lose weight. No, I will not make it to age 40.[View]
116898297it's 22:21 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
116888223The goatfucker The fat The nose[View]
116896713🪓🩸Me when I see Brazil postrrs[View]
116899075i cant force myself to study[View]
116899140Americans start working when they're 9, get married at 13, have their first child by 15 and buy…[View]
116897950This is where european civilization comes from[View]
116896967>feel particularly hateful for Americans >go to other boards to shit at them precisely because…[View]
116899023belarus? I think you mean BULLarus[View]
116897466Polish rapebabies[View]
116895161>mfw a non-United Statian replies something mean to me[View]
1168976301. Your cunt 2. Are you constan'ly fightin' ich bin alle aufwachen moment de ta vie?[View]
116886401/polska/: rapu edycja[View]
116896406>he looks like he fucks white guys[View]
116895754Why are Swedes like ðis?[View]
116897747Stop the Growing Trend of Germanophobia on /pol/ NOW.: You think that you smug little shits can come…[View]
116897293There’s a cute muslima in my class but she’s taking the class with her manlet brother and he sits ne…[View]
116894317Do people write on walls in bathrooms in your country?[View]
116898689Hat einer DAS Wendlerfoto für mich?[View]
116891734Is this a common occurence in your cunt?[View]
116893617I often hear americans talk about a 'post 9/11' world. Americans of /int/, do you actually feel like…[View]
116895726No you are not Celtic No you are not Germanic Yes you are Italian Yes you are Spanish Yes you are Po…[View]
116895974What do you think of bridges and underwater tunnels?[View]
116897675Do people in your country have poor or good hygiene and manners? Do people chew with their mouths op…[View]
116897463I want to go to Japan, find a girl from a traditionalist family, fall in love with her, have her arg…[View]
116898354Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
116891230Why do posters from these countries hate Russia? Most of them are probably soyified zoomies who were…[View]
116890624No, you are not 'full' You have plenty of space for 100 million people each[View]
116897613american flag if it were saudi: american flag if it were saudi[View]
116897932Thought on my dear neighbour Kazakhstan?[View]
116897879I have the borderline intelligence[View]
116897818How is it possible for a full blooded west African to be this light? Skin bleaching?[View]
1168965511. Ur cunt.[View]
116865590/asean/: Monas edisi[View]
116894633South Americans how far away are you RIGHT NOW from the next Capybara?[View]
116891855What's up with wojak devolving into 2D lesbian porn?[View]
116897282Can one stop being a social retard?[View]
116891002Your thoughts on Georgia?: I think it‘s p based[View]
116896907Hello i'm new to this site. What should i know about /int/?[View]
116820025/balt/ attack[View]
116897154do people in your country love short haired girls?[View]
116896998romanians are jomon[View]
116893214/brit/: proverbial grill fiend -edish[View]
116894495We are from 5chan part 2: >>116890160[View]
116894770In Brazil and India having lighter skin and long straight hair are seen as desirable traits, why is …[View]
116890949Sverigetråden - Lilla Räkans upplaga: Ingen 2D tillåten[View]
116895935/int/ music: Who is your favorite musical artist from your cunt? Me it's Gainsbourg https://you…[View]
116895998Guys, I caught a cold and feel bad and lonely. please say something nice. also it's 19:32 and i…[View]
116896225>this user does not accept messages from Turkey or India Fuck you[View]
116868649/ex-yu/: staropedersko izdanje[View]
116895516>when he speaks French[View]
116892980>In 2013 and 2014, she was voted the most popular politician in Flanders. In February 2015, she w…[View]
116895173I am anonmoose I am legging Are thee anonmouse uprisings in your country?[View]
116895092/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: We need pussy Edition previous: 116823612 Welcome to /extraflags/, a l…[View]
116892322pls come here and fuck our women[View]
116895962im actually afraid of talking to people[View]
116890965Thousands of us died so our children would be free. Why haven't you done the same?[View]
1168933024chan fucked up my attention span . I can't even finish a show or anime anymore eventhough I go…[View]
116896399Does anyone have that collage pic of Senegalese soldiers that used to be posted here all the time?[View]
116896454are they popular in your cunt?[View]
116889910Hello my friends I hope you all have a wonderful day and night[View]
116893649Why is the anglo so corrupt and evil?: 'Nothing can be done to clean up the City of London. If any p…[View]
116885364remember anzu threads?[View]
116859941/norgetråden/: Dingleutgaven Forrige: >>116831264 >>116831264 >>116831264[View]
116895745What is happening here?[View]
116895939If you’re not United Statian, you’re subhuman.[View]
116895982mama mia[View]
116895922Australia Is Fucked: & You Can Be Too With This $69 Bushfire Donation Dildo https://www.pedestri…[View]
116889374Overcrowded countries assemble ![View]
116892103/deutsch/: koti ist mett[View]
116895484what's prison like in your country? rape?drugs? a chance to get a better chance at life? pic re…[View]
116894081Russian Food: Hi, I went to a Russian restaurant in Mexico City and it was nice. Russian anons can y…[View]
116894559Well /int/?[View]
116889830The Mexico of Asia, as an American taking a vacation here I gotta say if you teleport from Mexico to…[View]
116890974What's the life like in the Pacific Northwest?[View]
116895017I'm in love with a 50y old asian woman: What can I do about this /int/?[View]
116892261You're a cunt (unironically). Having that got out of the way, post tongue twisters in your tong…[View]
116885638Why are Germans like this?[View]
116892649What the fuck was wrong with america in the 90s?[View]
116890539>established and named by a turkic tribe >speaks a slavic language >genetically not slavic …[View]
116879786Why nordcucks so mad about historic heritage of ancient blacks?[View]
116893202French Rei, Best Rei.[View]
116894133Opinion on polish intellectuals?[View]
116876977/ita/ il filo: edizione Umaru fan club[View]
116889509Do the Occitan still exist?[View]
116895124I have something important to say: this bitch doesn't know how to dance https://youtu.be/zfXBNQ…[View]
116894822Undercrowded countries unite![View]
116894985Australia >My fellow Australians. It is my melancholy duty to inform you, officially, that, in co…[View]
116892525Why do Brits like stealing so much?[View]
116874133what's your favorite anime /int/?[View]
116893473Guys I'm really tired of myself. All my life i do everything possible to not have sex. The most…[View]
116894346racemixing be wrong[View]
116885461Imagine if the EU was formed after WW1 already[View]
116894248Is is true that Italians shart in the MART? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museum_of_Modern_and_Con…[View]
116893538I wish I were born in a western country They have nice, comfy houses They can buy anything they want…[View]
116890601How do Japanese people feel about the Canadian high-end marijuana chain Tokyo Smoke?[View]
116811268Culture Pals - /cp/: Purified edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! It…[View]
116884983Why is MED BVLLS are so superior to others males?[View]
116894084I wish I were Arab[View]
116893920bros :D <3[View]
116893806>tfw no North Carolina gf[View]
116890160We are from 5chan[View]
116893388Pretty nice yes? Baby runs 20 miles with only one gallon![View]
116890064/brit/: Australia is burning edish[View]
116886394/nederdraad/: 2013-uitgave welkom: nederlanders, vlamingen, je kent het riedeltje niet welkom: walen…[View]
116893600Over there, over there Send the word, send the word over there That the Yanks are coming The Yanks a…[View]
116892189Girls always show interest in me because I'm a handsome charismatic intelligent Bosnian man but…[View]
116892121I'm god Worship me Baka poor gaijins[View]
116889380Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>116862094 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int…[View]
116890599ITT: We discuss Chilean imperialism and aggression against neighboring countries[View]
116878914/balk/: Feminists edition Old: >>116866518[View]
116892958>Blackedistan >Blackedepal >Blackedma…[View]
116886130This is an ad in Poland.[View]
116890105https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11159853 >Worlds most polluted air is being inhaled in west-balkan capit…[View]
116888612French lad sold his 16 year old girlfriend to a gang in Brussels for 2000 euro paid in cash and drug…[View]
116883848Based Americhad owns Euroincels[View]
116889342Do you want to find love in the UK?[View]
116890686Why do you guys come back again? Habit? It's all the same repetitive drivel and useless shitpos…[View]
116892022what phenotype is this ?[View]
116885294Quick Questionnaire: 1) Your Country 2) Would you date a short haired, big titted, tomboy girl? 3) D…[View]
116892704>we never learn? learn what bro?[View]
116892840>Damn I can't believe another Chad posted that mean comment >Wait he was just an incel? T…[View]
116892418My favorite game? The Simpsons Hit & Run of course! I beat my wife Marjorie in the game.[View]
116892658being a squatter: How do i become a squatter in some major city? do i need 'connections',and IF so,h…[View]
116883252/fr/ - le francofil: PUTAIN D'EMBRAYAGE édtion Ancien: >>116869052[View]
116892044>started part time job in grocery shop last week >shady looking guy approaches me 10 minutes i…[View]
116892271Is this common in your country?[View]
116891003I'm an alien ama bee boo boo boo beep bop[View]
116891711Do you love this video? ahaha. https://youtu.be/-0v24Af1KhU[View]
116886222>Why Yes, I do use a phone app to browse /int/, how could you tell?[View]
116889291If I go to Portugal, can I get a cute boyfriend for a week?[View]
116888079/mämmi/: paras mehujää -painos[View]
116890604you provided work for my family for 3 generations, thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSP41i_…[View]
116889905>Hello, I'm Sirgay and this is my friend Semen do Russians really[View]
116891990What do you think about Argentina?[View]
116891599What country has the best casino?[View]
116888331What's the most comical part about this picture?[View]
116891243>tfw your mom has a onlyfans[View]
116891291>mute every general >/int/ is now 2 pages Worst board…[View]
116887697A Japanese girl broke my heart[View]
116888410*sharts* Uh oh. Stinky![View]
116887450This is what peak performance looks like[View]
116885882Buon Giorno & Buon Appetito[View]
116890074'Finlandization': Did you know that getting finlandized means getting cucked? >Finlandization (Fi…[View]
116890888Do you love Filipinos? Do you know a filipino in real life? Anything interesting? What do you think …[View]
116890494Most prestigious engineering school in the world (military status, created by Napoleon) 'Polytechnic…[View]
116889398Mongolfinns: Of the populations included in our study, Mongolians share the second-highest level of …[View]
116888704how do i cope with the fact that i will never experience living in the future cyberpunk age?[View]
116889020How do you call this in your country?[View]
116880922Why doesn't Italy just decide to use the better flag? I've already seen it used as a flag …[View]
116883794/ro/ - Firul nostru: În pizda mă-tii.[View]
116875612Japanese singer Korean singer which one is better?[View]
116890468>be american >build your houses out of sticks, cardboard and wonder glue >lose everything w…[View]
116890145Yue brothers[View]
116890499fuck t*RRRRRRkey: Ok lets say economy is fucked due to people not being able to afford anything apar…[View]
116888279>Oh anon, I'm so excited that we're going to have a baby together, we're going to …[View]
116890359I like Canada[View]
116890595>A childlessness tax was enforced in the USSR from 1941 to 1990; it was applied to childless men …[View]
116890225Why does this country produce more scientists in a year than every Arab country combined?[View]
116890144koalas are cute donate some money to save them :) i love koalas and anons from straya[View]
116889330>ywn bonk a mexican madurita[View]
116886761Does this happen in your cunt?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_incest_case >The Sheffiel…[View]
116890184remember this absolute mad man? was this big news in your country? i remember the case being in the …[View]
116889638Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
116884839The world would be a better place if this race was extirpated. Prove me wrong.[View]
116889101Is there anything comparable to Derry in the protestant community? Not even Belfast is a prod strong…[View]
116884928Imagine a world without China and Korea: I feel very good.[View]
116887421/brit/: climate change edition[View]
116889946>americans name their kids 'dick hunter'[View]
116887579your cunt if you're bi and you cuck your gf (female) with another girl (male) is that considere…[View]
116884113>Your country >Where do you want to find love?…[View]
116888696our government is doing that thing again[View]
116889897Girl, are you Irish? Cuz my penis is Dublin.[View]
116889764Britian... home.[View]
116886820ماذا سيحدث في نظرك لو إتحدث جميع الدول العربية وإتبعت النظام الإشتراكي؟ مع العلم أن ثروات وموارد الد…[View]
116889718>leave this chinks to me[View]
116883899Wow, you’re such a cunt You are the opinion on France Russia Very positive[View]
116888246training to be a bodyguard: I want to train to be an armed bodyguard;which country has the best trad…[View]
116889480India. My brother...[View]
116889082Green countries = based and redpilled[View]
116883300STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW You have to link the song you are listening to at this very moment…[View]
116876547Every poster behind this flag is actually an angry teenage girl[View]
116888081Urbanization in Europe[View]
116884923When did Ireland become Mexico?[View]
116888785How do chinese live: How does average chinese person(not from some exceptional high end center like …[View]
116888766How does you're country view tit cows?[View]
116888041i hate british people they take too much pride in their shithole of a nation ''muh empire…[View]
116885081Sverigetråden - kniv i magen[View]
116884174Which country makes the best wine?[View]
116886060Do you remember the Japanese automatic taxi door?: For those who don't : https://desuarchive.o…[View]
116880861Aryan girl with her Amerindian boyfriend[View]
116885560Literally Have sex: The Bridge: How can one bridge turn the biggest incels into pussy slayer Chads?…[View]
116888458are there any ethnic english and french people actually left in england and france?[View]
116874932>your county >your smartphone name Mine below…[View]
116887698why do americans do this?[View]
116878724>Japan is safe there is virtually no crime because it's ethnically homogeneous This is what…[View]
116888794Please vacation and spend your money in Canada >pic related typical canadian beach…[View]
116884945what fruit do you like?[View]
116887653Finnish place names translated to English[View]
116884725you just know[View]
116888087has an Asian girl ever broken your heart?: has an Asian girl ever broken your heart? it certainly ha…[View]
116884714why are they so fucked up on /int/?[View]
116886562you see someone brandishing this flag (smartphone case, keychain, shirt, hat, backpack, etc) what ar…[View]
116882997Which country is the greatest threat to world peace in 2020?[View]
116883241Paroxetine: Do you have a coom problem? Here's the solution to your problem! You won't wan…[View]
116886340Serious question: I get attracted only to dark haired european phenotypes of human being but I stuck…[View]
116885363Vietnam war losses: >US: 58318 men >Russia: 16 men…[View]
116887194We are all one race: we are all humans[View]
116884047Why the fuck Koreans are like this?: Pic related is the map of church in Korea[View]
116888385About to watch a movie produced under capitalism for profit Eat shit lefties[View]
116886627How do the student go to the univ in your count?: Do they pass the exam at one day and they go to t…[View]
116862117/v4/ + frens: Real Ronaldo edition[View]
116887056>koreans circumcise their kids too Wtf is their problem?!![View]
116888119>I bet this non white person is begging for my superior /pol/genes to accept him as one of us…[View]
116881497/mämmi/: *kierrättää painoksia* -painos[View]
116887509homeless hitchiking: I am planning a hitchiking trip in which food will be obtained trough begging,a…[View]
116876605Is this common in your country?[View]
116885631why the fuck do grammarists say that 'oi' is never used as 'hello' they are lying[View]
116886509Why are East Asians generally so skinny with a small frame?[View]
116887471why do whitey here push a meme implying everyone in Scandinavia is platinum blonde haired and everyo…[View]
116882178Which European country is Japan of Europe?[View]
116880747Who was in the wrong here[View]
116887321What a coincidence. Now that you can't just send people into asylums and neuter them, the gove…[View]
116887531Is this common in your country?[View]
116887487what does traditional wedding attire of your ethnicity look like? this is chinese wedding attire tho…[View]
116883945/brit/: A nice sandwich edition[View]
116873946/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: i just didnt want some idiot like the finn making it edition[View]
116880771Percentage of people who approve the single currency (Euro), 2019 Eurobarometer[View]
116884385Polish economy haha[View]
116883167The Kelly Family - The great Irish LARP: There is (was) this vagabond family of musicians who were e…[View]
116876762The story of the Finnish serial killer will be told to international public: https://www.karjalainen…[View]
116883342/deutsch/: Grad aufgestanden und jetzt kötteln-Ausgabe[View]
116862094Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>116845320 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
116885360Most Autistic Cunt[View]
116883150>1844 >denmark's state for over 200 years >1944 >independent republic standing agai…[View]
116886035Imagine there is someone who has the same characteristic and personality as yours: in USA, Korea, Me…[View]
116886898How is life in america as an obese person?[View]
116886067What happens there?[View]
116880134Why do Japcucks love America so much after they were literally genocided by them?[View]
116886759I wish I never existed.[View]
116882667If a man was born in country A, raised in country B, by mother of country C and father from country …[View]
116882321>western europeans unironically think their countries are better than the USA >but muh healthc…[View]
116885050The Russian scientist-girl from Okinava about Murican military men: 'They are stupid ones' https://y…[View]
116886442Coisa importante PARA BRS: comi o cu de quem tá lendo[View]
116882477Japan loves America/USA: Why?[View]
116871722/polska/: edycja o tej porze śpią tylko kurwy i złodzieje[View]
116878552Cunt Is this too fat[View]
116886237Tri-color flags are shit[View]
116868603/nederdraad/: Toekomst des Vaderlands editie[View]
116875862Why do white hate Jews?[View]
116878117>his flag is three vertical or horizontal bars[View]
116885247Europe warm winter[View]
116883375>This man demands you to swear loyalty to Vishnu and accept him as the supreme god among all gods…[View]
116882918German journalist discovers 'nazi' on train, starts shitstorm: https://twitter.com/gutjahr…[View]
116881386jomon on left and yayoi on right[View]
116880655Do Americans really?[View]
116885122Behead those who insult Finland[View]
116880789The slaggiest...[View]
116882121brown ethnostate would it work out? how powerful would it be? superpower?[View]
116885077Asian girls are unironically better though[View]
116885829Enterprises that provide mobile devices to staff in the EU[View]
116883178A car that is 100 euros in Germany costs 3000 euros here. And the average salary here is 350 euros a…[View]
116874454According to the president they will become first world by 2025, do you believe that? Me: I hope so,…[View]
116882937>country >do you like classical music? What is your favorite composer, int?…[View]
116865855Do you have a pet ? This is my cat his name is : korono[View]
116876671How are you gonna handle the inevitable (barring bullshit reasons like natural disaster, revolution,…[View]
116880724Euros don't have >furnaces >AC >fridges >ice >cold beers >freedom >a super…[View]
116883288What are you eating /int/?[View]
116885503>country >is most of the population of your country living like canned anchovies in one specif…[View]
116883696>In Swabia, Maultaschen are the traditional dish associated with the Lenten commemoration of Maun…[View]
116880852>Tfw hate America but love Donald Trump Am I the only one?[View]
116875083Why is their language so gay and how we can fix it?[View]
116885119You would never guess where these teams came from[View]
116882811>westeners don't have Хpeн What the fuck? What do you eat then?[View]
116885214What children's songs do you like best? What lullabies did your mother sing to you? https://you…[View]
116884782Why would anyone want to speak German at all?[View]
116883345>We're putting together a team.[View]
116881856Why is every man from Spain so beautiful?[View]
116878249How much money does /int/ make?[View]
116883142>give in to temptation to live out my coomer fantasy in SEA >get detained halfway there…[View]
116881390Whenever someone asks about my country or it's a history or people I don't know what to an…[View]
116882844This is unironically Based right now[View]
116882960Are Turkish barbers popular in your cunt?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIUsq3BnMvg&list=PLfz…[View]
116879674>Europeans leading the world in climate change prevention by using renewable energy >Europeans…[View]
116883031Does your country trust Ameritards ?: >Germany >no…[View]
116883772I hope all races will be mixed and all nations will be one.[View]
116883136Romanian ?: Is there any Romanians here ? I'd like to know if this language is Romanian or not…[View]
116837624queens thread[View]
116879022>America isn’t no.1: What went wrong[View]
116881627/brit/: with an aluminimum can of pepsi max down under edition[View]
116884172How do I get over my instrinsic and obsessive hatred of Jews, /int/bros?[View]
116883053why do germans love penis?: and how do I help them with such cravings?[View]
116844154/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пpeдыдyщий: >>116843799[View]
116880272*blocks your path* 'Korean police here! S-stop ... s-show me your hands, you are under a-arrest!!' W…[View]
116879238Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTomMm61Ixw&feature=emb_title[View]
116881372Poland: thoughts on Poland, the greatest and mightiest slavic country?[View]
116882589>GLORY TO THE GREAT STATE OF (Insert southern shit state here) why do dixiods do this? is it a co…[View]
116877029Do you love Japan?[View]
116883748Only Allowed ITT countries who Revolutionized Music: Only elite countries can post here. Prove me yo…[View]
116883668Maoris are yelling at eachother again. It's midnight and they're screaming and slamming do…[View]
116883171He is back[View]
116883787White women truly are the most beautiful creatures on the planet.[View]
116882260America numbah one[View]
116880733> no one likes, even knows Paraguay[View]
116882669What are your goals for 2020?[View]
116883253Why yes I am Latin. What gave it away?[View]
116882642Do you prefer Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu in your country?[View]
116883083Why do some people think that joining the army and dying in foreing country like a dog makes you a h…[View]
116869052/fr/ - le francofil: Édition - Rousseau Ancien: >>116855494[View]
116883328Luca Antara- Lost Australian kingdom according to Portuguese source[View]
116881553What phenotype is this?[View]
116879527Your cunt Are you sad? Flag Yes[View]
116879627Why didn't Asians colonize Australia?[View]
116879460/kurva /deutsch/anyátok/[View]
116881101A photo of a white Christian couple that adopted two orphans because of their love of Christ and hum…[View]
116882923Do girls in your country do videos like these[View]
116871371Sverigetråden - Malmöupplagan[View]
116879658BBC is kill[View]
116882684is she JOMON? www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2220881/amp/Nana-Chinese-girl-16-suffers-rare-hirsuit…[View]
116881982Are our fatposters here more or less civilised and cultured than the average American young adult?[View]
116879974BWC is my religion. I submit to and worship white kings. They are superior and can please women in a…[View]
116878291Heaven on Earth[View]
116881389Which profession has the most attractive women in your cunt? Probably cabin crew here[View]
116880148/brit/: and I heard as it were the sound of thunder edition[View]
116880355>I hate all Eur*peans equally except the Br*ts which of course I hate more…[View]
116880140Is nintendo switch sold a lot in your cunt??[View]
116880831Do you have any ancestors who fought in WW1 or 2? No for me, my family were excused from service be…[View]
116879869ugliest race[View]
116880998Does anyone else here feel like autistic children are God's punishment upon women? Think about …[View]
116879400So this dude washes up on the shores of Australia, see?: Rescuers find him, take him to a local hosp…[View]
116879954Gap between rich and poor in Europe: 2009-2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvAplS4N4Ho&feat…[View]
116879073>paroxetine made me have to play so much before cumming[View]
116866474/mämmi/: settipainos postatkaa settejä[View]
116841725/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: /luso/ - Edição sorriso :)[View]
116880147How are ya' maddog Rus-anons doing today[View]
116879344Do people wear these in your country?: I wish I lived in a country where these masks are common in p…[View]
116879767Why do Americans do this to their peepees?[View]
116881243Where is the american anon with his French celestial gf?[View]
116880314When are people going to stop giving money to Africa for AIDS relief instead of Russia?[View]
116880738They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years cond…[View]
116879005>be frozen desert >a guy creates Nokia phone setting chance for more industries making you ri…[View]
116880546I eat my dad's last ice cream lol.[View]
116880773why are mutts so good at making music[View]
116879700A black man's botched robbery: there was no cash in there[View]
116878987>your city >are cars useless in your city? Moscow Yes…[View]
116877344would they pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
116880581Why are eurofags so jelous of us?[View]
116880352When you can get any woman you want you start to see very disturbing repeating patterns in their beh…[View]
116823612/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: WE ARE AN INDEPENDENT GENERAL EDITION previous: >>116761742 Welco…[View]
116878089when did korea get annexed by europeans lads?[View]
116878601>girl wants guy with big p.o. >gets guy with big p.o. >can barely fit half in her vg Does t…[View]
116874860what happens here[View]
116879499Why are the Balkans so artistic?[View]
116880101Could America every be THIS powerful?[View]
116879202what does /int/ think of my new calendar?[View]
116872809post something you think only you know.[View]
116878173reaction images thread[View]
116873401>your country >your iq >your penis size usa probably 106 7 inches…[View]
116879965>want to become a sheriff's deputy so i can arrest niggers and tweakers >I can't eve…[View]
116877748Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it's breaking[View]
116879023guys i am going to /bant/, do you guys want anything from there? i only got $20 by the way so if you…[View]
116876901>hate having AC on >if I turn it off mosquitoes start biting me Fuck I hate this 4th world shi…[View]
116879014Do you love yourself? Are you enjoying your life[View]
116878743Do you love Japan?[View]
116878109Why yes I never vote, how could you tell?[View]
116878736ITT: fictional flags[View]
116879246Does the world really...?[View]
116876168Why are Anglo-Saxon people inferior in food culture to other Europeans?[View]
116878869Zhang's law. As an online discussion grows longer the likelihood of a chink from Australia or C…[View]
116866349/nachtschicht/: /deutsch/freie Ausgabe[View]
116878580have you ever met a polish woman, /int/?[View]
116877738Why are mutts and browncels obsessed with BBC?: https://www.blacked.com/gianna-dior https://www.blac…[View]
116879006> Red Army Choir - Varchavianka.[View]
116874297Why don't European secondary schools have stadiums like this?[View]
116877293thoughts on swedish cults, /int/?[View]
116875171Rate this phenotype/look out of 10[View]
116875115>cunt >do you tip the scorpion that carries your credit card? usa yes…[View]
116878784>take your meds[View]
116878298It never ends: What’s a normal day in your country like? I’ll start >West Coast USA >every day…[View]
116878114Does this happen in your country or is it just an American thing?[View]
116875907good morning I hate ukraine[View]
116878362If black people are alpha why are they so ugly? Lions, wolves, tigers are beautiful. And alpha.[View]
116878408do you love Turkey?[View]
116812317DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2325: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for むっつりスケベ that are i…[View]
116878401My flaccid size is the same as the penises on those Greek statues This was the ideal size all along[View]
116877149lmao are there actually retards who are nostalgic for the 'early days' of the internet?[View]
116878596>”life expectancy in Russia dropped for a decade after the collapse of the USSR” >”the majorit…[View]
116877569I hate my life[View]
116875672Benefits of living at high elevations 1. Immune from rising sea levels 2. More red blood cells 3. Lo…[View]
116877230Early morning editje Morning, /int/. At what time does school/uni classes usually start in your coun…[View]
116876934>Your country >Do you know this woman?[View]
116878507/ptg/ /cum/ /brit/ MAGA: PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SEETHING JANNY edition... /ptg/ PRESIDENT DONALD …[View]
116875939Yes I am American Yes I eat burger Yes I use Imperial measurements Yes I honor muh heritage Yes I lo…[View]
116877083/brit/: Winston Peters edition[View]
116876247Vietnamese nigga be like >Herro my name Nguyen and this is my friend Nguyen…[View]
116872318/leaf/ - Canada general[View]
116875210What phenotype is this?[View]
116877564>You're Finnish[View]
116878164>unrefuted to this very day[View]
116878303will you fuck my wife?[View]
116876517Morality test: Lets say you have a button that could remove all the Chinese in your cunt but at the …[View]
116876842>people are not good to each other. >perhaps if they were >our deaths would not be so sad.…[View]
116875213its faster to microwave your water rather than boil it in a kettle[View]
116877478Is this common in your country?[View]
116877199UK Immigration: Sup /int/ Gonna move to UK for study, any advices? What should I know before immigra…[View]
116870801How do i learn English?[View]
116874742I want to be a polyglot: I speak Spanish and English fluently, I can hold a conversation in Italian …[View]
116877270>Be manlet >women literally mog you and tell you to commit suicide on instagram…[View]
116875459Why are Germans like this?[View]
116878098inbred whito*ds[View]
116873995What happens here?: ...stan[View]
116877925>blonde hair blue eyed male from Wisconsin >lactose intolerant It's like a cruel joke…[View]
116870599Did your cunt make the list?: William Eckhardt, Civilizations, Empires, and Wars: A Quantitative His…[View]
116864010Latin American: What do you think /int / about the people of Latin America (not Mexicans) in 4chan? …[View]
116877371What language is this?: https://old.vocaroo.com/i/s1LbDnNg6hwo my friend sent it to me as a test and…[View]
1168766421. Your country 2. Is it hard to be an autistic introvert incel in your cunt? USA Yes[View]
116876887Kanji: Is learning to wrote kanji worth it?[View]
116877868What happens here? )[View]
116877572what do you think of the multiple intelligences iq test, is it a meme? i got one a while ago and sco…[View]
116871393>Sup bro i'm Drew >Fuck yeah bro I drive a Beemer >Went to Vegas last week, got lit …[View]
116877217>be american >get shot[View]
116876812itt: we try to discover uncanny sicilian man name[View]
116877843Yoo over here, Anon! My friends here wanna hear your top dating advice ??[View]
116877845Viet posters are good.[View]
116877526>country >are you a hikikomori Poland Yes, i leech off my mother…[View]
116876224Poomericans watch out[View]
116877747why are swiss people forbidden from taking a shower past 10:30 in the pm?[View]
116877605Why are they so fascist? Do they want to switch sides again?[View]
116877307What happens in Belarus?[View]
116870091How common are tall women in your cunt?[View]
116872766What phenotype is this?[View]
116875088Prophet Mohammed الرسول محمد Aisha married to 50 year old عائشة متزوجة من 50 سنة Ridda wars حروب الر…[View]
116873153Are Indian men the least sexually desired of all the men on earth?[View]
116877458Do you to find love in America?[View]
116877037Looks like petite Soros is brainwashing the africans https://twitter.com/FFF_SierraLeone/status/1216…[View]
116876719Protip for fellow Americans:: Drive a manual transmission car If you ever get carjacked, the thief w…[View]
116873565Brazil is the country of the future...: And it always will be![View]
116876333Holy shit. Japan is screwed[View]
116870894Im 12,4% black and suicidal bc of it.[View]
116873682Which cities do you think are gonna be relevant in the future, /int/? Why?[View]
116876235Foreigner words in english songs thread? Que será será: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbKHDPPrrc …[View]
116876998Paradise lost[View]
116870040You wake up in Croydon, South London.[View]
116867411What does he say?[View]
116875025do you have agoraphobia too?[View]
116874924This is the princess of Japan.[View]
116874091Buenos días caballero, ¿qué desea tomar?[View]
116874083Asians vs Indians: Indians: - spiritual - traditions are alive - deep personality - care about commu…[View]
116876303Mmmm burger What's it's favorite burger place Mines carls he but in and out, Jack in the b…[View]
116875762i don't dislike China, rather i like China. and you?[View]
116875172/brit/: Breakfast edition[View]
116874180Why can't America limit advertising?[View]
116876568The US is too flat and wide and I hate it. The only other country I felt this feeling was in Russia …[View]
116869746>your county >Would you like to be a girl? >Girls are treated well there? If I were born a…[View]
116875274What kind of bugs did you use to catch when you are a kid?: For me it’s this cabbage white butterfli…[View]
116868914What phenotype is this?[View]
116872074>tfw remember my englandboo phase[View]
116875730>i am too retarded to judge people individually so i simply judge everyone witb negative stereoty…[View]
116873382i hate men i am an alien[View]
116876105>In the mid 1850s, 70 to 150 Chinese were living in New York City and 11 of them married Irish wo…[View]
116876312sup /int/ellectuals, does anyone write on paper anymore? for some things i prefer it.[View]
116876597ATTENTION! I want a tall Dutch girl to dominate me and call me a filthy mutt, thank you for your att…[View]
116870033Why is this popular among brown people[View]
116874444Do comedians in your country incessantly complain about a small minority of offended people? This se…[View]
116871021australian cuisine[View]
116874611>try to project their culture and language on a global scale to be relevant like japan >everyo…[View]
1168749601. Your country 2. What song are you listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4EiBFUpFXg[View]
1168743031. your country 2. what is normalfags' life in your country? flag making a gf/bf, going to a dr…[View]
116874797Sushi place in India? There's living life on the edge and then theres playing Russian roulette …[View]
116873741hi frens[View]
116872236What are drinking tonight /int/. If you're not drinking, what's the last alcoholic beverag…[View]
116875246What do u think about Korea: Don't mention : Dog eating count Kim jung eun Ching chang chong Go…[View]
116874018is this true, Canada?[View]
116876337Your country Are drugs decriminalized in your country? flag Kinda. Everything except marijuana is st…[View]
116871532i'm autistic about animals post critters from your cunt[View]
116870083>the fertility rate has fallen below replacement before its even developed. Has Latin America ju…[View]
116871525>A referendum is held in your cunt on whether all males should be shrunk down for the protection …[View]
116870867Flag Are you into BBWs?[View]
116875288Anon, I don't visit Brazil because I don't want to be murdered >Die by heat wave top …[View]
116873654Do you agree that the three of them are the most influential person of all time?[View]
1168735771. You're country 2. You're waifu[View]
116875928please donate to australia bushfires are over, now we are flood[View]
116872371Is it true americans dont wear speedos[View]
116875541Do they... really?: https://youtu.be/Q7M4_k0WmCY[View]
116870119ehhhh, germany, are you doing ok there?[View]
116875863Why do racists depict Jews with that stereotypical crooked nose ? From my experience Jews actually h…[View]
116874233Why are white people, particularly Americans so afraid of clowns? Joker, IT etc. They're just c…[View]
116874295im so fucking lonely[View]
116874856Poomerishart television https://youtu.be/nonBQKsP1UE[View]
116863764Does your dad make dad jokes?[View]
116871746>ask the girl from Strasbourg what her last name is >'Jung'…[View]
116873564I want the money, money and the cars. Cars and the clothes, the hoes, I suppose. I just wanna be, I …[View]
116875495Americans are so qt because of so fat!![View]
116874516Why is Anglo America not one country?: Same language Same culture Same race[View]
116873279Is he right?[View]
116874037(serious) How common is bestiality?: How common do women commit bestiality in your country? How do …[View]
116874630Why can't America and South Korea just make peace with North Korea?[View]
116874804Russians, how much do you love your new constitution[View]
116874559this is not intelligent design: anyone else have light eyes and cant see a fucking thing when the su…[View]
116866915/LAT/: Hilo latino[View]
116873667What phenotype is this?[View]
116875014It’s winter and I got a cold again: I don’t envy people of the other sex, with beautiful appearance,…[View]
116874118What are French Canadians like?[View]
116872821Why do asians do shit like buying used panties?[View]
116873050How common is this phenotype in Germany?[View]
116874513Would you abandon your nationality and ethnicity to fight for a civic nationalist Incel country agai…[View]
116873801What the fuck is this?: What is this cancer doing on 4chan? I thought you meds and Frenchmen were be…[View]
116873835Wow. Finnish is very easy language. Fetuccini![View]
116871480>One of the largest countries in the world >No deserts >Economy relies heavily on agribusi…[View]
116869663>yuropoorins will never know this feel[View]
116873620Did Japan ever actually recover from this?[View]
1168729741. Your flag 2 Is Bladee very cute Y/N[View]
116874443Is this why Thailand has so many ladyboys?[View]
116874401Should Americans be allowed to use this tooth paste?[View]
116871374>Teehee Anon, you're so funny and cute! But H-How did you guess that I'm English?…[View]
116873394>why yes I root human sheilas while their hubbies watch, how could you tell?…[View]
116861008Propose a more aesthetic flag for your cunt[View]
116873747I want to talk y'all about something that happened to me today. In the morning, I went to the s…[View]
116858111/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Amy Klobuchar edition[View]
116873410Finns are just wannabe Russians: They should just be done with it and split the country between Swed…[View]
116872633Average British Schoolgirl[View]
116871316Are she Slavs or Mongols?[View]
116873287wtf Guyana will be wakanda they found oil growing 86% per year[View]
116866983post your county[View]
116863476>start learning Finnish >realize it has no practical use whatsoever >realize I wouldn’t ev…[View]
116873581I love traveling here so much. I ended up liking it here more than Italy.... does that make me trash…[View]
116871310You wake up in La Matanza, Buenos Aires.[View]
116872954How many languages can you speak, and why did you learn each one?[View]
116873422Why are suede tapestries popular in Japan?[View]
116873674The thread that destroyed Muslim guys and exposed Turkish and MENA girls as total white cock fanatic…[View]
116869853We are all spies. https://youtu.be/WFbjOlJRyBw Just take it all in.[View]
116872479I wish I looked like this...[View]
116873435Any Slovenians here?[View]
116872680:(: >tfw no Germanic gf :( https://youtu.be/_lcultjhSCA[View]
116873478Please spend your vacations and money in Canada >pic related typical canadian beach…[View]
1168733761. Your country 2. Have you ever had all your 4chan posts over the course of weeks vanished for no r…[View]
116873380>why yes, I do ascribe to LaVeyan Satanism, what gave it away?[View]
116870238Do people in your country look like this?[View]
116873259You wake up in Sasebo.: 8,000 Mutts live in Sasebo.[View]
116869865What was life like in your cunt 50,000 years ago?[View]
116872966Guess how many 2300m+ mountains are in this image: 7.692 million km2 of land[View]
116873220Post your nation's leader in 1916[View]
116872795Greates russian general?: Greatest russian general or is it Kutuzov?[View]
116872350>French >not Meds Anyone claiming French are Germanics is a retard…[View]
116867834what could have been what should have been what will be[View]
116873067Why are Israelis and niggers so cool? Is it because they attack anyone who makes fun of them?[View]
116855102/ita/ il filo di umaru[View]
116864063This country exists for some reason: It has 300 000 population, say something nice to Iceland.…[View]
116872135His entire family is ash now.[View]
116871399Have people in your country fallen for the demonizing fossil fuels meme?[View]
1168718471. Your country 2 would you die for israel?[View]
116872011You wake up in Las Vegas[View]
116868020why isn't this a country yet[View]
116872791What phenotype is this?[View]
116868007i feed squirrels ama[View]
116871866What phenotype am I?[View]
116871466what is the most common name for baby born in your country?[View]
116870618At the end of the 9th century, the region of Portugal, between the rivers Minho and Douro, was recon…[View]
116868801best country[View]
116869991/skandi/: Kärleiksutgava[View]
116872441What’s your excuse now, Americans?: >Cameroon, a country with a 99% black population, has a murde…[View]
116870426>tfw no early 2000s Portuguese Canadian gf[View]
116869948Saskatchewan is our fren Who is your region's fren?[View]
116870999What's my phenotype ?[View]
116868399I wish life was like in the olden days, adventurous, heroic, free and meaningful, not tied down to a…[View]
116870476Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5? China: Is this a Joke? Japan: Impossible! America: The…[View]
116871321what's his endgame?[View]
116869753Jews after WWII were given reparations, was the average German outspoken against it?[View]
116871475What do you guys think of Italy? (pic related)[View]
116866552The US is a dystopia.[View]
116871797I want to go on vacation to Morocco next month, can I pass as a local?[View]
116871883Literally my 15th great grandfather[View]
116868205Vive le France[View]
116864134>One of the most violent countries on earth >One of the biggest tourism countries on earth can…[View]
116858601Did you watch spongebob as a kid on your cunt? It was a good show[View]
116870974I love Israel.[View]
116865492>see pics of those /pol/ meetups >it's all latinos Why are they trying to sow discord int…[View]
116871272Canada doesn't have any accomplishm-: WRONG. Key frame animation Multi-Dynamic Image Technique …[View]
116840945The 'med' identity is just a bunch of non-Italians trying to steal Italian achievements[View]
116835525/mena/: /mena/[View]
116866518/balk/: >uzni getot ili ke te tepam edi6an ol >>116850008[View]
116866896Itt post your favorite american person[View]
116870388Can people in your cunt handle snow?: >leafland >yes but not on the south coast Less than a fo…[View]
116868344What is wrong with Europe?[View]
116865363I'm putting together a team.[View]
116871233Average BRITISH COLVMBIAN male[View]
116869103Sup everyone. It's been a while. Happy New Year![View]
116870183>light brown >fitfag >6'2 >harmonious face Can I fuck an american Stacy in NY?…[View]
116871038Black people upset me.[View]
116868768Is Pakistan safe for Americans to visit?: Burger here. My affluent Pakistani friend from college inv…[View]
116869049>is it true that you dont want to date me because our kids would be mixed race?…[View]
116870998Does you country have weebs?[View]
116870839>Fuck the pain away? Smoke the pain away? Drink the pain away? No. I masturbate five times a day …[View]
116870825I just watched the documentary 'Midsommar': why are swedes so weird?[View]
116869736White anglos: >ya'w whight matey watey can have a chippy wippy to dip in 'me saucy wauc…[View]
116870858imma go buy a bag of potato chips tbqh[View]
116870732Do cute girls like kots in ur country?[View]
116869832this must be the most popular beach in Bosnia[View]
116870304Post good versions of racemixing. Pic related, Finnish / German (and it's BEAUTiful!)[View]
116851075/éire/: Eagrán CLG Nua Eabhrac.[View]
116849751Americans be like https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/egwp1d/european_cities_needs_to…[View]
116862580>Americans think that microwave ovens are radioactive[View]
116866610Can someone tell me why Napoleon legalized incest in 1810?[View]
116870111>We can afford to spend 9 trillion dollars on bombing people since 1991 >But we cant afford th…[View]
116869473Which culture considers fat men to be sex symbols?[View]
116869574> Few times I've been around that track So it's not just gonna happen like that 'C…[View]
116867452>Be me >Have thicc Ghanian qt gf >Fugg everyday due to her high sex drive You dont know wh…[View]
116870137Is it possible to completelly understand the culture of a country without actually visiting it?[View]
116869110Just how deep is their rivalry?[View]
116869160Flag? Do you have a pet?[View]
116869230What does this mean? I don't get it[View]
116869698What to eat after the nuclear war?: https://www.verkkouutiset.fi/tama-ruokavalio-pelastaisi-ydinsoda…[View]
116866987What is it like to have a brown gf?[View]
116863386Why does everything they eat have to be spicy? Even their fucking candy and drinks have chilli/spice…[View]
116869684Gone, but not forgotten[View]
116869162i wonder what mummy's going to bring me home for lunch[View]
116865132Sverigetråden - Pułtuskupplagan[View]
116869467>Be me, 27yo virgin >Have no gf ever >Always alone >Comfy Who else lonemaxxing?…[View]
116867641FUCK summer. It's almost 9PM and it feels like 10 in the morning[View]
116869559>Be American >get sho... >err die in car crash Actually in America death by gun violence is…[View]
116869463https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpEOhKwWaoY&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AanTJKun1NU >yo…[View]
116863259>ATTİLA IS TÜRK >cCc >K*RDS >There was no Armenian genocide Why are Turks on the interne…[View]
116868041>Live on the east coast >applying for local jobs >get maybe 1 call back out of 10-20 applic…[View]
116868966>LA GRÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈVE!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
116869487What is this called in your country?[View]
116865227>Your cunt >your favorite female musician from your cunt Netherlands Honestly i dont have any,…[View]
116867566saw an ugly female. day ruined[View]
116865431/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2sSvVCRI4s A lovely walk in London edition[View]
116869047I don't understand why my ancestors left Germany and came to Brazil. I'm probably suppose…[View]
116869034He still looks better than British girls without makeup[View]
116869277Is Russia going to collapse or what?[View]
116868610This couple got married, how would you name their kid.? >inb4 Tyrone Kiyosaki…[View]
116867801which country has the best side profiles?[View]
116866906>*slight grammar error* >AAAH ESL ESL ESL ESL ESL what wrong with monolinguals?…[View]
116868980>population of ~10mil >the busiest general on /int/ by far (outside of /brit/) Explain this, r…[View]
116848554/med/: >no doomer gf edition[View]
116855494/fr/ - le fil du royaume: Edition des jeunes femmes fertiles d'age mur. précédent >>11684…[View]
116868100What is the relationship between Canada and the Netherlands like? Didn't Canada decide to help …[View]
116866657America should do a population exchange with Brazil. We'll take those 'Southern Germans' and we…[View]
116864149I'm from Bavarian Swabia. Am I Bavarian or Swabian?[View]
116838362>cunt >hardest english words to pronounce flag genre, world, thought…[View]
116868690>Be american >free healthcare (Obamacare) >free college (billions in unclaimed scholarships…[View]
116864680This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
116868481>Wars should only be fought in defence - no wars of aggression![View]
116863281Is Jaywalking accepted in your country?: Out of places I have been, the ends of the spectrum would b…[View]
1168616871. Your country 2. How many days has it been since you left the house? Why yes, I am Canadian. It’s …[View]
116866942¿Why is Spain the best country?[View]
116866278>Los Estados Unidos de América[View]
116867040Syrians are white: This is former governor Vic Atiyeh of Oregon. He was the first member of Congress…[View]
116868175Make Italian food. First, fold the pasta.[View]
116867447I'll be going to Finland in a few weeks. Is there anything I need to know?[View]
116866599You wake up in Algeria[View]
116860897What's you opinion on MENA girl Western boy couples?[View]
116867869sometimes we kiss when the rest of the world isn't looking[View]
116868118Where are your cunt's leaders educated?[View]
116867881¿La Uruguay? ¿No quieres decir el departamento perdido la República del Paraguay?[View]
116838284/nederdraad/: Brel editie https://youtu.be/H0Vtl-Lp3I0[View]
116856882/ex-yu/: koji krindž edicija[View]
116814192/skandi/: Hygge-udgaven[View]
116868209England actually has the most beautiful women in the world, but Brit men keep telling the world thei…[View]
116866343Do Germans complain about everything or is it all the nightclubs?[View]
116867244im american[View]
116864410What are the most useful languages to learn in order to watch movies and series in the native langua…[View]
116866433Why does /int/ hate the french? They make some of the best music.[View]
116863348/polska/: edycja robienia tego za darmo[View]
116868036post >yfw 1 feb 2020[View]
116861259I want an arab gf so bad guys. And you???[View]
116867992On average, how many stacies are orbiting chads in your country? I have on average 4 orbiters, but s…[View]
116861805why did you let this happen /int/? https://www.sankei.com/smp/west/news/200115/wst2001150017-s1.html…[View]
116850960What's this phenotype[View]
116865541let's be honest here, we love eachother[View]
116865042Why don't white people have any culture?[View]
116867664why americans do this?[View]
116867118>Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are both in Pennsylvania[View]
116864317regional villages: This is how a lot of villages look like in my region(Warmia). I'm very happy…[View]
116866873>Churr bruu pass over a durrie G Why do maoriniggers talk like niggers? Even the rock is more civ…[View]
116866134Who's the biggest Mentally ill man in your cunt's history?: I present to you, the Biggest …[View]
116865850Göt: .[View]
116867538Why does /int/ say that Greeks aren't white? They look like regular white people to me desu. ht…[View]
116864051Do greeks really[View]
116867427In the Netherlands, 1 scientific paper is published in Dutch for every 15 published in English.[View]
116867517The cradle of European civilization.[View]
116860685do you love britannia?[View]
116867094When I want to clapback at a meanie on /int/ but my wojak folder got deleted[View]
116862932do they reallY?[View]
116859373>literally, unironcially, seriously, earnestly being an actual Britbong…[View]
116858663/lat/: Hilo latino edicion personajitos de /lat/ >0n a colombian schizo who makes shitty games …[View]
116866069why white people can't dance?: https://youtu.be/SRWiqjgOyX0[View]
116867172First world China: soulless Third world China: soul[View]
116867100best country time period ever: Considering all countries and all time periods ever,which is the best…[View]
116865623Who was in the wrong here[View]
116867006Why do people think Russians aren't White/European?: Look at this man's face, he is clearl…[View]
116858108Which French region is perfect for you? https://www.talkinfrench.com/french-regions-personality-qui…[View]
116866414/deutsch/: Mein Waifu ist der Führer Ausgabe[View]
116865768Am I white?[View]
116866851>tfw everyone is complaining that they don’t have free healthcare but you do because you use Obam…[View]
116864427>You wake up in the mormon theocratic ethnostate What do?[View]
116863916What exactly makes them culturally distinct from one another?[View]
116857564/deutsch/: Das war noch Musik!-Ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uX-5HOx2Wc[View]
116865300international music thread: 1. your cunt 2. post international lyrics you like argentina IF I HAD A …[View]
116862306>Your cunt >Your country's biggest problem >How would you solve it Azerbaijan Corrupti…[View]
116864389How do you deal with the fact that you will never have a loving wife?[View]
116865095>This triggers the Eurofag[View]
116862492>''y yes i do hav oyrish ancestry, howdja figa''[View]
116854574/mämmi/: äärettömyyspainos[View]
116865727Yes, I will immigrate to your country Yes, I will steal your job Yes, I will commit crime No, I won…[View]
116850008/balk/ Komiran edition: New Aerodrom & Belgrade hit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ5FJR5nLd4 …[View]
116863694https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHGgKRDHHvU The poor koalas :([View]
116864963Hong Kong looks like 3rd world compared to Shanghai: Their streets look so comfy clean, adequate gre…[View]
116864065>want to learn Portuguese >make a Tandem account >litteral hordes of horny Brazilian girls …[View]
116862546I have fapped successfully 6 times today, this will be my 7th time[View]
116847797We can all agree, this is pretty accurate[View]
116863582>be me >black >goto Sweden >girls are all over me and want to fuck >sign up for datin…[View]
1168620241. your cunt 2. current goal or aspiration >flag >move to the midwest to escape my anti social…[View]
116844025/ro/: firul nostru: Editia bazat si rosu pastilat[View]
116865250>love french history >love french food >love french pastries, wine, bread, cheeses etc …[View]
116865523my ancestors my homeland[View]
116862915USA food tourism: i Am considering doing a food tourism trip to the USA.I will eat only junk food,hi…[View]
116864967look at this beautiful man who did nothing wrong[View]
116856289WOAH: Korean women look like THAT?[View]
116865501best singer of our generation (zoomers)[View]
116865397where could i get a gf like this?: >she reminds me a romanian qt girl of my middle school era htt…[View]
116837299It's almost lunchtime in Europe, /int/! What are you gonna have for lunch today? For me, it…[View]
116857349>Indians often are polylingual, with four or more languages under their belt, all while being chi…[View]
116863122Im chicano and I wish I were thai.[View]
116864934do americans really?: > american teacher fucks one of the smart students after a bad breakup >…[View]
116865640What race is this?[View]
116865049/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de la petite reine ! Ancien : >>116854047[View]
116865461Danish clay[View]
116863156/brit/: This general supports white homogeneity, heteronormativity, nuclear families, monogamous mar…[View]
116865480would you let your daughter breed with a spaniard bull?[View]
116863939Who lives in Europe and need a kidney or a testicle[View]
116862247Borders are immoral :([View]
116864848Share your night pictures of the town you live in.[View]
1168649071. ur countrey 2. ur thoughts on US military's long range facial recognition work? usa very co…[View]
116865017󠛡 󠛡: 󠛡 󠛡[View]
116864548What's the most common surname in your country?[View]
116852218itt : write whatever you are thinking about just now.[View]
116864099Are Americans really this bad at geography?[View]
116860109Do you love Bulgaria?[View]
116833560kurva anyátok[View]
116851194Who'd win in a war between Germanics and Meds?[View]
116863317What phenotype is this?[View]
116864724Is Germany the worlds most infamous country?[View]
116859603>Cunt >Favorite candy USA I can't stop eating these…[View]
116859586Say something nice about the United States[View]
116864668How many chad there are in your country? 494 in Italy[View]
116864616>We don’t need no regulations >We don’t need no Human rights >No more of your fuckin’ sanct…[View]
116863925Why do Asian cities have trash everywhere?[View]
116853361>Favourite video game? SpongeBob SquarePants - Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (GBA version) of co…[View]
116852235>gay anti-homeless rock this is america[View]
116859814Is vegetarianism/veganism big in your coutry[View]
116860646Wtf Australia? Explain yourselves![View]
116862925>Dutch Baby >created in America[View]
116850243Is Germany really the gayest country in Europe?[View]
116862889For me, it's Beth Rona.[View]
116863975what are some English words or expressions that don't translate well into your mother language?…[View]
116855376Yes, you will go into war. Yes, you will be drafted. Yes, you will go die for Israel. No, you can…[View]
116860677dot thread[View]
116862991What are your immediate thoughts when you see this photograph? How does it make you feel?[View]
116858785Is it possible to want public health care, fee education, but also hate gays and non-whites in the U…[View]
116862158Do you know how hard it is to be half finnish half swedish? Its like part of me wants to conquer the…[View]
116862022What’s up /int/! I am American. My name’s Martin, and I LOVE shartin’![View]
116863266>Your Windows 7 PC is out of support[View]
116861375Chinese women are queens and chinese men are emperors[View]
116862352The food of my people has been insulted yet again....[View]
116862956Can you smoke inside restaurants, bars, and closed areas in general in your country?[View]
116861082european vs american[View]
1168510291. your country 2. what's it like to live in a previously functional homeland?[View]
116862385/EU/: I wish that there was a way to remove proxy posting and to filter diaspora. Can you imagine /i…[View]
116863617Europe vs US.[View]
116860474what phenotype is this?[View]
116857041Europe: Europe, map of skin colour.[View]
116856531If your country is grey then there's literally zero point in it existing. Prove me wrong. (prot…[View]
116855637post good lunch in your country[View]
116860826Does this happen in your Country?[View]
116861281meditate my son[View]
116856408>cunt >have you accepted that you are the descendant of fish Meiguo Yes…[View]
116863161/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWmF_2u-9nk[View]
116855413Hello? Based department?[View]
116862789UEFA: the foundation of EVROPA.[View]
116859497You look out of your window and there is a American on a ladder, what do you do?[View]
116860095Do people in your country have 'flight shame'? In 2019 the amount of vacations by plane was expected…[View]
116858229Sverigetråden - Slöjpajupplagan[View]
116862505this strikes fear in the heart of the american[View]
116859665/TWB/ - Third World bvlls general: signs you're a firstoid 1) you eat with your spoon or chops…[View]
116851879I am a Briton. Do not call me 'Saxon', 'Anglo' or 'Anglo-Saxon'. I stand with my Celtic, Mediterrane…[View]
116859163Barefoot women in traditional clothing is the patrician version of aryan women in wheat fields.[View]
116856896all women are whores https://nypost.com/2019/06/21/a-third-of-women-only-date-men-because-of-the-fre…[View]
116858315A beautiful environment is the darkest hell when you have to experience it all alone[View]
116860397Why does America have so many serial killers?[View]
116861465Why do Brits have a dedicated cuckold channel?[View]
116861502Countries by net government debt as a percentage of GDP: Japan 154% Italy 120% France 90% USA 81% UK…[View]
116854047/fr/ - la filasse du franquofon: Edition du bon vieux temps Fil retraité >>116845291[View]
116851638Autism test? Autism test.[View]
116860526I HATE BEING SO WHITE.[View]
116860110Is it true that Europeans smell bad?[View]
116861251Based Fish: >sees self in mirror >fucking kills self name a more based fish, pro tip: you can…[View]
116861952>Okey >^^ >xD >Pah ! >¿? >ü >3,50 € When will Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee OM K…[View]
116844565Where do you find this kind of кoт?[View]
116857558/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Jabonische-Zigarettenausgabe Investmenttipps gehören nach /biz/…[View]
116847820Are you aware that women from different nationalities have different types of feet?[View]
116858745Almost a year since I graduated un*versity, and still I am unemployed. Does this happen in your cunt…[View]
116861658America copied a british song: America’s national anthem is literally copied from a 1770s BRITISH dr…[View]
116849061/polska/: edycja tysiącletnich wampirzyc[View]
116855490Wtf Brazil[View]
116857630This is Greek land: They should own all of it, they invented and improved civilization after all…[View]
116851824/cat/ Catalunya: Anterior: >>116806896[View]
116858138Container with over 300 kg of cocaine was intercepted at Italian seaport. F[View]
116857264Hong Kong vs Singapore, which is better?[View]
116833750/v4/ + friends: Memri edition[View]
116858855>Why yes, I do drink breast milk. How could you tell?[View]
116859772Is she jomon or yaoi?[View]
116839831I...Is this a typical American school?: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/820124589422350336/pu/v…[View]
116858204How do I overcome my obsession with race and pigmentation?[View]
116851845Poopropeans eat genetically modified food without vitamins and get raped by refugees on a daily basi…[View]
116853364What is on your international bucket list? For me I really want to visit Russia, before the Polish A…[View]
116854256>foreigners trying to pronounce -ão[View]
116855647tfw got russian keyboard stickers so don't have to use the on-screen keyboard[View]
116859937>what do you mean using drugs should be legal? isn't using drugs illegal?…[View]
116847703Please visit Brazil[View]
116859746I want to learn Quebec French because it sounds much less faggy than metropolitan French, but France…[View]
116859635Why do Australians shitpost so much?[View]
116857042What is ints favorite currency ? I used to work at a currency exchange and always thought Swiss fran…[View]
116845661/lat/: hilo latino[View]
116858339>not buying a ticket to Thailand right NOW >not having a good time with some cute hookers, gre…[View]
116855901Chinese dog meat harvesting: https://metro.co.uk/2018/01/19/dog-killer-dies-after-pet-owner-rams-him…[View]
116851476your country how long will he last?[View]
116859303>sex sex i must have sex, more sex than everyone else i must coom in human female quickly before …[View]
116858392Pont Alexandre III in Paris is Peak of European culture.: Prove me wrong[View]
116859107https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/115050365/#115050365 CALLED IT[View]
116858757Is this accurate?[View]
116852538What phenotype is this?[View]
116851808White niggas be like 'Asian girls are so pretty and feminine, goddesses like in my animes'[View]
116859328Finnish parliament: So comfy. I'd love talk about social and healthcare reform with them. If th…[View]
116859083*Burgerian blocks your path*[View]
116859247At the end of the 9th century, the region of Portugal, between the rivers Minho and Douro, was recon…[View]
116849222Which one is guilty, /int/?[View]
116850037How come Korean media has soul and depth but Japanese media are just soulless cartoons with big boob…[View]
116858817>first example of written finnish is a german dude writing about how he doesn't speak finnis…[View]
116857923Aztlan Thread[View]
116857171What happens here?[View]
116856073are there conservative writers in your country? >brazil >a lot of small writers, but no big na…[View]
116858371I wish I was fucking dead[View]
116856244Is this the only nation where the people are so ugly that they have to draw all of their fictional c…[View]
116854884the patricians choice[View]
116858567Mid January in South Suomi (Finland), 2020[View]
116856177Do you pay taxes in your country?[View]
116850302I hate the Netherlands I wish I lived in Miami instead. Life would be better[View]
116858036Post lower class citizens of your cunt[View]
116854122>be me, pardo manlet >have cute southern qt of German descent as a neighbor whom I've pla…[View]
116831264/norgetråden/: Allura Rød-utgaven Forrige: >>116823604 >>116823604 >>116823604…[View]
116857293Warsaw boys are REALLY cute. And they’re obsessed with brazilian dicks =). I LOVE Warsaw and can’t w…[View]
116856261>wh*Toid families Pretty cringe ngl[View]
116855851Ban all turks from 4chan[View]
116847711at what age do people in your country usually get married?[View]
116857059got my ass gaped at work today so I can finally get a promotion to assistant manager, does this happ…[View]
116857975How can gook women be this fat? Too much American influence?[View]
116841669H-how do I get her to love me bros?[View]
116858044>girls talk to me just to ssk about other guys Why are women like that? I'm an incel…[View]
116857613How many chances did you have to be from your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VznQEya36_g …[View]
116857509incels, weebs and anti-sjw activism go hand in hand: not just in mentally ill land of america but ev…[View]
116851257is this common in your country?[View]
116845493Aiko de Toshi is the .most ugly princesses I have ever see in my life[View]
116857201>this is the average school lunch in America[View]
116857135This board is decisive evidence that wh*Tes, cannot in fact, handle any banter[View]
116834906/tr/ - AÖF HAP edisyon: neden hala AÖF hapını yutmuyorsunuz -yurt dışında geçerli -gano kasması kola…[View]
116856684What are things from your country that were once considered normal but are now taboo? Pic related is…[View]
116856880If you want to live in France, I advise you to live in Gironde. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girond…[View]
116853758/sozialneider/ ehemals /deutsch/: und ihr so?[View]
116855238Which German city should you live in /int/? https://brainfall.com/quizzes/which-german-city-should-…[View]
116850002Why God why?: Why wasn't i born a Swabian? Everywhere else on this planet sucks, except for Swa…[View]
116857200What the fuck I just realised Australia had 80 million inhabitants[View]
116856446>'Among Chinese social media observers, the online tiff between the Iranian and American embassie…[View]
116853840ITT: we try to imitate the Finnish language and talk rubbish to each other. I will start: minä vitik…[View]
116843989>Finngolians >Europeans[View]
116856107why does it has so much SOUL?[View]
116855949weird how this correlates so strongly with the quality of posts[View]
116855632Tы - лeтящий вдaль, вдaль AHГEПППППППППППППППП Tы - лeтящий вдaль, вдaль AHHHHHHHEEГEEEEEEEППППППППП…[View]
116855502Do you really want Jomon girlfriends?[View]
116853031Have you had a gf? How did you meet her?[View]
116856533Mother love me long time long time[View]
116851413/brit/: Alistair edition[View]
116856477Well /int/?[View]
116855661Oh no my incel sense is tingling, what could be?[View]
116854487Europeans - White Africans - Black Native Americans - Red Latinos/Pardos - Brown Asians - Yellow Wha…[View]
116856010Beautiful landscape scenery. australian pick ONE NO MOUNTAINS just hills and some rocks... Shithole[View]
116855071>half Finnish half Nafri >looks Southern European What's the explanation here?…[View]
116856561:(: >tfw no Germanic gf :( https://youtu.be/_lcultjhSCA[View]
116843799Издaниe в блaгoдapнocть зa paбoтy[View]
116853612Does this happen a lot in your country?[View]
116853128https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymNFyxvIdaM This was my first introduction to Finnish culture[View]
116854471What do you think are the odds of you being a descendant of a slave+slave relationship? Slavery was …[View]
116854549nederdraad: nijntje uitgave[View]
116852219Sverigetråden - Smaktestarupplagan[View]
116853063Is he Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
116853617What do people eat where you're from? Here it's mostly fast food or junk food you get at t…[View]
116847279Which region would win a war?[View]
116855493I have to force myself to get drunk again tonight[View]
116851669>laugh at Arabs all named Mohammad >realize the equivalent here will be Jesús >doing a quic…[View]
116851288Faces of /int/: Dont be shy[View]
116854863Why do Japanese girls look pure justice? All non-Japanese girls look evil.[View]
116853715Why did white people lag behind China in the great 20th century Kill Count? Is it simply a matter of…[View]
116846212Why Asian beauty standards so fucked? You pay more than U$ 5000 dollars only to look like a lesbian …[View]
116845944I literally daydream my life away.[View]
116850517>you wake up >realize you just fucked shahar Wat do…[View]
116847235do all Slovenes look like this? Is Slovenia the superior balkan cunt?[View]
116842767/mämmi/: settipainos postatkaa settejä[View]
116853379What are the people from here like? (not the tourists)[View]
116850395Why are white girls so cringe and weird.[View]
116849680>Serbs are whi-[View]
116842384Is Europe dangerous?[View]
116847924Independence for England! No more shall we succumb to the tyranny of the United Kingdom.[View]
116848837Are women getting fatter in your cunt?[View]
116854009Hey Sweden, use this! Haha[View]
116853114>Fake Races English American Australian Belgian New Zealandish Swiss Iranian Saudi Arabian Chines…[View]
116854051It's over lads. We can no longer banter Britain, France, Sweden,Germany, Belgium or Netherlands…[View]
116829170/ita/ il filo: edizione del gabibbo salariato[View]
116830796/asean/: mutt edisi[View]
116850920Are Americans really this brain dead?[View]
116852167Did you know that THE Pope, John Paul II was the first non-Italian pope in more than 500 years? Say …[View]
116849702WTF, do Germanics really see us as inferior???[View]
116851076Which ecstasy shapes are most common in your country? Here it's dominoes, donald trumps, rolex,…[View]
116848845What do Arabs and Berbers think about Spanish always claiming to be Arab/Berber/Moor? Do you think o…[View]
116837966/ex-yu/: gostoljubivosti ne zaboravljajte jer njom neki, ne znajući, ugostiše anđele ![View]
116843108/music/: What is /int/ listening right now? Me, Russian poop-themed Grindcore https://www.youtube.co…[View]
116853226I need more pictures like this[View]
116849766What's the Bosnia of your country/region?[View]
116844706>Could be a superpower >Choose not to be one Why are w*Stoids such massive cucks?…[View]
116853367Can someone tell me the sexual preferences of this woman?[View]
116853697What do the teeth in your country look like /int/?[View]
116843050Finnish sergeant was ordered to play a dog!: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/3d40d3e6-ad9a-4379-a…[View]
116845439im a sandnigga ama[View]
116850457Racism is merely ignorance and malice. Experiencing other cultures with an open mind forces you to …[View]
116849321/deutsch/ vong ABend her auch heh: Puh in 1 std auch abendessen auch hier[View]
116851361/brit/ aka /pryd/: Morfydd Clark edition[View]
116851794>just because youre Italian-American doesn't mean u should name ur son Tony…[View]
116851781Why do spics hate to see natives in their TV shows?[View]
116850363Germans are koalas French are spider Americans are wolf Russians are bear Finland is ant Britis…[View]
116850063it's the only solution and you know it. at least in western countries anyway[View]
116853305Do people in your country imitate L?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ClZW4ZKNask[View]
116853025What you fight in a war against America and the Amerisharts?[View]
116848356why do australians and americans have different accents than Brits[View]
116851656Guys... I'm scared[View]
116850140>Flag >Choice Rus' Suicide[View]
116848931Do americans really sacrifice their foreskins in hope of a better life?[View]
116852982Form which country was the Girugamesh dude from? I am going to guess Germany.[View]
116845870What was your country's golden era: >Norway Right now[View]
116845291/fr/ - le francofil: Boulot édition Ancien: >>116837080[View]
116852819I had a dream that I had a Japanese friend and Gordon Ramsay cooked for me. It was a good dream.[View]
116852006post yours[View]
116852653Give me one reason why posting as a female shouldn't be a permanent ban. Crystal cafe bans men.…[View]
116852512stop browsing 4chan(nel)! it is full of sexual perversion and hatred![View]
116848961How common is this in your country?[View]
116842647whats my phenotype[View]
116851832How much did your city change over the years?[View]
116845319/deutsch/: Mondlächli für die Bitches Ausgabe[View]
116849252/BRIT/: ...[View]
116851229what are some painless methods for killing myself?[View]
116851983>see thread praising N*rdics >make thread praising BLACK BVLLs everything is perfectly balance…[View]
116848077Japan is so angry at Korea (watch japanese posters demonstrate this ITT). Do Japanese guys secretly …[View]
116851432>Your country France >Your opinion about Poland I like it. The more I learn about Poland, the …[View]
11684850210 reasons why a Russian immigrant hates living in the USA: 1. the working day is very long, 12 hour…[View]
116844247why do Russian women have such square faces?[View]
116851255are modern-day greeks seriously just larping turks?[View]
116848703In my opinion they are the mother of most evil If I was Briton I would kill my self[View]
116851045Who was in the wrong here? https://twitter.com/bryancallen/status/1211074580263194625[View]
116849555>mfw I am a citizen of the New Socialist Federation of the Freely United Nations of the People of…[View]
116851042do they really?[View]
116851188I like potato.[View]
116850609>Arebica (عَرَبٖىڄا) is a Bosniak variant of the Perso-Arabic script used to write the Bosnian la…[View]
116845213/deutsch/: Ausgabe ohne tiefere Bedeutung[View]
116849218>Venez avec moi conquérir la Belgique !!! QUICK your answer ???[View]
116844705what are ure thoughts on finland (suomi)[View]
116848956how bad do you want it?[View]
116847370india scandinavia friendhship thread[View]
116849265>Why yes, drinking two cups of coffee per day is the optimal amount to balance the benefits of en…[View]
116844119How popular is vegetarianism in your country? Do you know many people who don't eat meat? Are y…[View]
116850050Am I white?[View]
1168477791. ur cunt 2. why the hell would you even bother learning german?[View]
116849564PLEASE visit Tasmania![View]
116850324>Notre poule en votre cour[View]
116850298Is Chinese a good language to learn in the U.S.?[View]
116844003How common is AMWF in your country?[View]
116846775Im chatting up a francophone ting . What are the equivalent french phrases for these ? >cock teas…[View]
116849888america was never civilizated[View]
116846846I have a headache: What the fuck do I do my bros?[View]
116849076>my own country >other countries >history >languages >cultures >geography >vexi…[View]
116844455Sverigetråden: >falla av[View]
116848725What's the point of living in a 1st world country like the USA, if you aren't of top genet…[View]
116845320Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>116814201 View Learn Japanese Thread: >>…[View]
116808931/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Yeezus edition[View]
116849000>one chance at life >not born in the Eternal City of Roma do you get this feel in your country…[View]
116847688aryans of the Balkan[View]
116849548Were Spaniards really this based?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TUXbS5meZw[View]
116849363Perfect Europe[View]
116849253I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
116848972I wish I lived in some bumfuck nowhere in the middle of siberia, there's nothing there, no hope…[View]
116849206The truth? I hardly see anglos as humans[View]
116849020Why don't you move to Alaska? We have enough space.[View]
116846110when will nordoids realize that the only thing they have going on for them is their money and withou…[View]
116848398Is he Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
116848821I finally discovered we're a made up nation. I've been a Bulgarian all along. How do I cop…[View]
116846549/brit/: Incel edition https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1578979635441.webm…[View]
116845274Bro. Apparently they think they're European...[View]
116845794>why yes, we try to gun down black politicians does this happen in your cunt…[View]
116847098HOLY FUCK LEAF WOMEN ARE PERFECT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsJ2FfLSIsU[View]
116845890السلام عليكم /لغة العربية/ زبي[View]
116840688is it true germans cannot pronounce 'squirrel'?[View]
116847050Have a nice international day anon[View]
116845417I'm proud to be Japanese American.: https://youtu.be/7rqK-JqDiSI[View]
116848070guys i had a funny idea - instead of european it's europeon xD xD get it?[View]
116848509there are literally no good women in this humid fucking shithole[View]
116848717One World Government: Truly the endgame for humanity. I fundamentally can't see why this isn…[View]
116844396this is me. AMA[View]
116848361How common is sexless in your country?[View]
116846957why do most european countries have mongoloid admixture but most east asian countries don't hav…[View]
116845290This is the american pol meetup, now just wait[View]
116844994I FAILED MY MIDTERM EXAMS: 1- your cunt 2- how were your exams france im droping out[View]
116848315Do lebanese people play as imperials or redguards in Skyrim?[View]
116845088Why would a female ever use this site: Explain yourselves[View]
116830883/polska/: edycja srodowa[View]
116845358Has your country ever been lead by a woman? Is this a good thing?[View]
116836929Japan is a populous and rich country, everyone has Internet. But where are the japaneses from 4chan?…[View]
116847714>Alabama is stupi-[View]
116847665>*kills trees*[View]
116841772Are women in your country into Asian culture?[View]
116842656What happens in the grey part[View]
116845441>supporting Finnish independence >not supporting Sami independence Hypocrites…[View]
116813459/balk/ - incels welcome: Sifirbey incelism edition Old >>116786028[View]
116846628Are Americans getting dumber? Why do presidential speeches get easier to understand?[View]
116847702>Your country >What percent of people in your country miss when 4chan had SOUL? >Australia …[View]
116846877Anyone else still mad they split the website and made it harder to navigate over issues with adverti…[View]
116841430>Austria-Hungary >Poland-Lithuania >Denmark-Norway what's your favorite dual state and…[View]
1168471611. Your country 2. Your favorite fast food place[View]
116847340Team Jomon or Team Yayoi[View]
116845331I like global warming. Do you like global warming?[View]
116837660A gang of neo-nazis has just murdered two gypsies in my city[View]
116847242>(1) Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar. Sie zu achten und zu schützen ist Verpflichtung alle…[View]
116844683Now russia can't into EU..... It's over.[View]
1168386511. Your country. 2. Do you have any serious diseases? If so, how does it affect your life? I got a g…[View]
116846686Does your country do its absolute best to make the lives of smokers even more miserable? (public ban…[View]
116844031I hope you get raped by a gang of AIDS-infected Africans[View]
116845985>*Sees Portugal acting white in game chat* >*thinks they can get away with it*…[View]
116846923You know you want this.[View]
116845161>you country >You walk in the street and see this what do?…[View]
116846605Why do these faggots pretend to be German when you call them out on their shitty gaming skills? JUST…[View]
116841929/brit/: blueberry buns edition[View]
116846621https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TPQkJLwvrY the absolute state of american education system[View]
116844285Why are these pricks all here right now ? There is like 5 diffrent ricecel cope threads at the momen…[View]
116846577it's an indo-uralic world, you're just living in it :^)[View]
116846134How would this man be treated in your country?[View]
116844318How do you call this in your country?[View]
116846376afghanistan is like a slice of sub-saharan africa in asia[View]
116843529>howdy y'all[View]
116844267Mexico wtf: Are they first world now?[View]
116809218Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>116794759 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
116846029Palestinians are not whi-[View]
116845976>yes I'm from Francisca, how did you knew?[View]
116838464Why are they so nice irl ?[View]
116845418do you agree with this chart, anon? what would you do if you were in the red area?[View]
116845654>country >thoughts on this Polish song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM3HKp6LXBQ…[View]
1168398501. Your cunt 2. What do you think of Kanye West? Britain He is the goat of course.[View]
116844973what did your countries do in the ww1? especially in the July Crisis.[View]
116828257what do you think about Japanese FURYOU?[View]
116842568Cyberpunk view in your country.[View]
116845140How common is good looking guy in Korea?[View]
116844990I speak a Slavic language but ethnically I am Macedonian, not a Slav.[View]
116845495Delicious Australian cuisine.[View]
116843822Ask a TejANO anything.[View]
116845023I changed my VPN to use a Swedish server and this came up.[View]
116840193/deutsch/: Erbgesunde Ausgabe[View]
116844961I have never been on vacation[View]
116844153>country >thoughts on BABYMETAL[View]
116845531Our government has retired an hour ago because of mr. Putins message to the federal assembly. Russia…[View]
116843555>G*rms ruining evropa yet again color me surprised why do they keep doing this over and over agai…[View]
1168424821. Your cunt 2. Sweden gained 110k foreigners last year while it lost the best part of 10k 'natives'…[View]
116844561Pls continue saving the koalas Aussies. You're doing a good job Also fuck the heat and bushfire…[View]
116837080/fr/ - le francofil: Édition R-A-F-A-L-E-S Ancien: >>116823904[View]
116837675what are some countries that deserve an Assassin's Creed game?[View]
116827422/lat/ hilo latiino: hilo anime[View]
116841533Please share a strange event from your country.: Do you know about the Himeyuri students? It's …[View]
116845031do people in your country love BLACK QVEENS[View]
116844967>are you indian? you look indian[View]
116840727This is swedish MMA fighter Reza 'Mad Dog' Madadi. Say something nice about him.[View]
116844963i love all the countries from BRICS we're friends[View]
116844927>1. Your country/race/culture/religion >2. Are you represented by a fictional counterpart in S…[View]
116844685>The Albanians killed the wrong nigger >AGAIN…[View]
116840089How can non-white women even compete?[View]
116840201): looking for a guy who will do my English homework:) Come on, bitard, this is your only chance to …[View]
116841911/brit/: we’ve all got a bit of tim in us edition[View]
116844723all americans wear cowboy hats[View]
116844170what the fuck is their problem?[View]
116843590Does everyone here just cherrypick pictures of women that aren't their favourite ethnic group a…[View]
116843878racemixing and growing up in a foreign country or being poor gives your kids a 50% chance of being a…[View]
116844613How are divorces handled in your cunt?[View]
116844404Why chinese language has such a beautiful writing system?[View]
116842741this schizo is spamming his shitpasta on /int/ now: beware[View]
116843144Could i get a white gf?[View]
116841734Could I get a gf in your country?[View]
116844192>Thread archived. >You cannot reply anymore.…[View]
116843044>boomer dad is practicing 'stairway to heaven' on the guitar at 5 am again…[View]
116844034Pietro Velicchio was a brave and astounding Italian condottiero[View]
116844275Zoomers be like: >It's not gay if you don't push back[View]
116843940Everything alright Russia?[View]

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