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/int/ - International

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177111580Have you thanked your former colonial masters, anon?[View]
177116307Can someone explain where the U.S. Waffle House Fight meme comes from?: Is it just American fast foo…[View]
177117063I ask this in all seriousness, not shitposting: What is wrong them?[View]
177117184Cuba if it were a person: All the white Cubans are in Florida[View]
177113235What do you think of the normies of your country?[View]
177116884Chu Quoc Ngu[View]
177117115Guess the race[View]
177117662do young socially phobic men spend hours online each day roleplaying their respective nations and et…[View]
177115247East Asian anons, whats your name in Japanese?[View]
177116870Wise men say Only fools rush in[View]
177113073>ur cunt >have you read The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck lets see those masters of missisi…[View]
1771172631. Your count: 2. How did your parents meet each other first?[View]
177117500Is there a reason to NOT use the catalog in your country?[View]
177117315How often do you go outside in your cunt?[View]
177116889My midnight cuppa. I’ll be off to bed shortly[View]
177115091The multipolar world: discuss[View]
177117405>25yo >never had a gf >have been stalked by a ukrainian girl in hs who fancied me Anyone el…[View]
177117474Heritage tree thread?: Heritage tree thread. Template.[View]
177115969IT'S OVER: Japanese women has stereotyped Filipino men as known cheaters, therefore my chances …[View]
177117372the anglo is cunning, devious and untrustworthy[View]
177117177Are beady eyes common in your country?[View]
177112188I like them so much I think they're cool and unique Tell me something interesting about them[View]
177099171post useless maps[View]
177116981Why are they so ungrateful?[View]
177117141Why do all the chads in Anime talk like Elliot Rodgers[View]
177117094>Your cunt >Your size 7.5 x 5.5 Good enough…[View]
177111495How hard is it to get a fat gf in your country?[View]
177116851>shopping with my petite Asian gf >she runs into a male friend of hers >he’s a Pacific Isla…[View]
177115538>live in Australia >get an Asian gf >can’t take her to the beach or outside anywhere durin…[View]
177115784There is no denying that their characters are the most scientific in the world.[View]
177116112BWC is mainstream now[View]
177116771Do you send/receive mail in you are country?[View]
177116098>makes an entire group of racebait discord trannies nigs and chinks seethe all by himself: cracks…[View]
177113393France has fallen[View]
177113768American iceberg: what else would you add?[View]
177115201how can we as a community prevent asian women from succuming to bbc?[View]
177116382Does your country get the piss filter treatment in hollywood movies?[View]
177114688The progenitor of SEA race...[View]
177115311Why Americans feel so poor?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCQiywN7pH4[View]
177113604Why do they exist?[View]
177114320I'm coming to your country[View]
177115017Do police beat people to death in your country[View]
177115159Do you have wogs/meds in your country? In argentina we do and they are all homosexuals, they are lik…[View]
177112491Russians put the n word instead of the word slave in their entire yandex sourcecode. What does this …[View]
177115266How come they are the only white people in the region?[View]
177109994English British London women are the best in the world[View]
177113916Damn it feels good to be a gangster[View]
177116300how is your life[View]
177116388Africa is so big, they probably have a lot of things.[View]
177115077When cartels discover how much out of control latinxphobia is on int, things will be scary...[View]
177115832What do you think about hangul?[View]
177115425How do i become famous on /int/ like TSD or the whitexican chud? Feels like every latino here is mak…[View]
177114408>according to int, this guy is black Screw /int/ anti-brazilian prejudice…[View]
177115221おおおおおおおおおおおおおねえええちゃんん おにちゃん 本当にすごいいいだよねだね。 おにちゃんのおちんちんはいっぱいいたくさんおいしいだねええ。 おにちゃんのせいきがたくさんおいしいいだ。 嬉しいあ…[View]
177114476Do people make use of a lot of anglicism in your country? https://youtu.be/AKEW1naCgqk?t=42[View]
177114949only people with 100% Native American ancestry should be allowed to live here, everyone else should …[View]
177116267You wake up on Easter Island[View]
177115152Why do other Latin Americans make fun of Brazilians? They're literally the same breed of Latinx…[View]
177114980I hate these non-human filthy dogs like you wouldn’t believe[View]
177116142Who is responsible for this, Southern Europe or indios?[View]
177116056Do you LOVE Uruguay?[View]
177114790Do you watch vtuber in your country?[View]
177115181Baja Beaners ...: We Won![View]
177106687/vigne/ in der /nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Saunaausgabe[View]
177115542What does American influence look like in your country?[View]
177114955Here in argentina we are experiencing a process of natural selection, all girls of shitalian or span…[View]
177115203What are boomers like in your country? I'll start >self-entitled >treats children as life…[View]
177115202>country is named Tunisia >capital is named Tunis…[View]
177116043>just woke up >no sweden thread what the fuck is going on?…[View]
177114961Do people redeem in your country?[View]
177106940Faces of int[View]
177111005What peoples have you met irl from other countries? Met meaning having had at least a brief conversa…[View]
177115878White bitches do owe me sex.in your country[View]
177114473Traditional characters (正體字) are the only correct characters. Simplified characters should be called…[View]
177115532How many black girls set right across from you in high school history class panties soaking, fomenti…[View]
177115787I want to be trans girl Is your country tolerance for trans girl ?[View]
177115639Although yi script is an East Asian character, why is it a half-width?[View]
177113112/desi/: 'i should' edish[View]
177115760What do you think of full-width characters?[View]
177115503>shoes on bed Do Japanese people really?[View]
177115368Do you have faggots in your country? Here in argentina they are all of shitalian and spaniard descen…[View]
177112118>Bromania ready to help everyone What causes this?[View]
177112941>french niggas be like: >'hola my name is Debussy'…[View]
177115756What are some things people in your country are obsessed about?: Some people here are obsessed with …[View]
177113482Name my band[View]
177114060How do Israelis defend Israeli settlers taking and occupying Palestian land? Why dont they just stay…[View]
177115190Live your myth in Iran: https://ariamedtour.com/procedures/gender-reassignment/[View]
177114689SEXO with fat-assed Culombianas. I suffer immensely without this one basic life necessity.[View]
177115144i feel happy to be korean[View]
177115591I could LITERALLY heem every single one of the countries in red on this board[View]
177115021Are athletic women common in your country, /int/?[View]
177115107>country named Persia >change it to “Iran” in the 1930’s to sound more like “Aryan” so people …[View]
177115581Never forget Mexico still holds the world record for the most amount of people dancing in the street…[View]
177105027How is the interview process in your country?[View]
177115087Asian writing system ranking 0. Hangul 1. Traditional chinese character 2. Japanese Kanji 3. Kana 4.…[View]
177114616why are italian so poor, Greasy, low iq, corrupt, smelly and prone to balding? They live with their …[View]
177112117Europe, specifically the UK, makes me seethe with jealousy.[View]
177111802I could have saved her...: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11684493/Pennsylvania-woman-26-k…[View]
177113353Is there estrogen in your country's tap water?[View]
177110790Does this happen in your country?[View]
177111258Why are Poles here so angry[View]
177114837brown or white?[View]
177112732I find it funny how the citizens of both countries despise each other but their leadership has to ma…[View]
177114663They should kiss and have a passionate gay sex with each other[View]
177112011Do you love South Korea?[View]
177114252>Just realized the room beside me could hear me watching vtubers do lewd things yesterday in my M…[View]
177111144Chinese Australians are basically non-existent outside of the big cities, so the t. Zhang meme is ju…[View]
177108216True in your country?[View]
177114365Italians are obsolete, disgusting balding manlets with grennish putrid skin that cannot compete with…[View]
177112298Who made your country today?[View]
177114644When the time comes that they make us eat the bugs will we have the option to just eat beans/legumes…[View]
177110919Do you still have indigenous people living in your country?[View]
177112052I will never slave in brown shit.[View]
177113224Are relationships with a big age difference scandalous in your country? flag yes, foids mad[View]
177108622/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição capilar[View]
177105014Which accent do you prefer? European portuguese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rs3KTv_FX4 Brazilia…[View]
177113930learning german: How do I learn German as efficiently as possible? Since Im fluent in Swedish and En…[View]
177114564Americans be like >don't worry >is black doctor >is woman doctor Finns be like >oh …[View]
177104223Hmm, why they just don't, like, move the country to another continent? They have the IQ and mon…[View]
177113312>visit the historic part of an American town >they turned it into a tacky touristy open-air ma…[View]
177099501Who's your cunts closest ally[View]
177114076Do you have panic attacks in your country?: Yes. I can't handle high stress or production floor…[View]
177112406>watching documentary about Papua New Guinea >everyone is poor as shit >some French guy own…[View]
177114458just found out the surname Martinez has Jewish roots[View]
177107302ISLAND GENERAL: only niggas who live on an island can post in this thread[View]
177111004/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Canadian edition[View]
177114200did 9/11 affected your country? do you feel sad about it in your country? Me? Yes, and no.[View]
177113974Do americans really eat this muttslop[View]
177113939>there are a bong and a leaf on this board both with dozens of interracial webms to 'troll' what …[View]
177112358Why are you browsing this board right now in your country[View]
177114191Does your country have great scientists in the current year[View]
177113524In Balkans and Portugal people don't trust each other.[View]
177112501/brit/: COCKED AND READY edition[View]
177110949Is Europe really a fucking paradise?[View]
177114148What are your countrymen's special ability? Americans can have diarrhea on demand to get themse…[View]
177114149I hate piges so damn much it's unreal[View]
177114082New Zealand is underwater: They're calling it the storm of the century[View]
177113758Why do Latinos love him so much?[View]
177113091I work in a restaurant and a bald old white guy asked me to fuck his landwhale of a wife[View]
177107794Does your country have chuds?[View]
177101609/Nederdraad/: Days Gone -editie https://store.steampowered.com/app/1259420/Days_Gone/[View]
177113968is reddit popular in your country? is so, why?[View]
177111383If you saw this flick in your country, what did you think of it?[View]
177112961Do you have a local town schizo in your cunt? >be me >ever since I was 6, we had a local schiz…[View]
177112736Is this you in your country?[View]
177113063How do these people manage to be more fucked in the head than mainlanders?[View]
177112857How would you solve europe's low fertility rate?[View]
177112624>Flirt with cute hapa guy while in line for takeout >Find out he's gay…[View]
177112632>Italian women are ugl- APOLOGIZE[View]
177113116Do you like ItalXns?: Wherever they go they are SOVL[View]
177113745Somewhere in Muttmerica[View]
177113457I once posted my face with a Canadian VPN asking if i would pass as local in your country. Almost al…[View]
177112913Of all the stereotypical look each European country has, the French girl with a bob cut wearing a be…[View]
177113177For normies getting naked with a woman and putting your penis in her vagina is business as usual[View]
177107587Sverigetråden - Izakayaupplagan[View]
177113515Janggi AI: Since Chess has extremely good AI engines, Shogi has extremely good AI engines, and Go ha…[View]
177112950Participating countries in Great Kurultaj[View]
177110908What kind of people listen to Car Seat Headrest in your country?[View]
177112681What the fuck is wrong with him[View]
177113595Which country can this mysterious newly discovered sea creature be spotted in the most?[View]
177113464ITT: bizarre moments in international relations: >that time iran captured an american spy drone a…[View]
177113471>firsties don't have maids to have practice sex with so they don't embarrass themselves…[View]
177108532The irony of American 'progressive' culture is that it itself is just a secular humanist version of …[View]
177111074I keep seeing this dish in American TV shows. What does it taste like? I wanna make one.[View]
177111143>There are NO Finns in the entirety of Finland that are virgins Let that sink in…[View]
177102629I've realized now that Brazil, although culturally quite different, is the most similar country…[View]
177044100/lang/ - Language Learning General: Devanagari edish Read the wiki: https://4chanint.fandom.com/wiki…[View]
177110183Swedish kings were finnish: >Suspected to be Rurik's ancestor, the individual paternal linea…[View]
177113078asian fast food slop is for the underclass french cuisine is for the upper class that isn't my …[View]
177109554Best country in Europe[View]
177098011/norgetråden/: Sexy utgave Forrige: >>177081121 >>177081121[View]
177112898I like to imagine non-blacks as black, like in pic related I imagine my mother black and its kinda u…[View]
177111506From 0 to 10, how would you rate their posters?[View]
177112861Pero... Que quieren los Jalowins??????[View]
177112209Does this happen in your pools?[View]
177112657Tell me what's your favourite restaurant in your country?[View]
177109578Why is the Russian cursive T written like an M?[View]
177111449>left The former most powerful villain in America >right The current most powerful villain in …[View]
177104652/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
177108209/brit/: Curry edition[View]
177111050How come I rarely see any Ethiopian niggas here but a lot of Somalis[View]
177112711>an european[View]
177112172why do koreans make such shitty games? I can kill every single monster in this game with one hit[View]
177112665how do you pretend everything is ok in ur cunt[View]
177110383What do you eat in a day in your country? Morning: 4-6 Scrambled eggs, Bagel, Glass of milk Lunch: p…[View]
177110885/brit/: Bukayo Saka edition[View]
177112460Thank you indianons for goa trance.[View]
177106129How grim is it in your country?[View]
177110179>go out in a cold night >see teenage couple hugging each other to keep warm >go back home w…[View]
177109139why dont Americans leave them alone already? what a bunch of revengeful fags, this is literally agai…[View]
177111592Something crazy is happening in America literally every week. I want to live in a normal country[View]
177110683Are you waiting for some life changing event to happen to pull you out of depression and addiction i…[View]
177110939Did you know that every Amerimutt must spend the equivalent of 30 Big Macs on a 1980s computing devi…[View]
177104617/cum/ - canada usa mexico: doomer edition[View]
177111165>America has no culture[View]
177112133What will your country look like in 2070?: 2070 USA is Mexico 2.0 just a bit more White, developed, …[View]
177110947SEA vs East Asia[View]
177109985What are your real life social skills like in your country[View]
177112083If I came to your country would you let me stay in your house? (For a fee)[View]
177108189I just failed some students even after they wrote how thankful they were at their alma mater and how…[View]
177112064I keep getting these dreams about a white waifu beating me, colonizing my pepee, and bleaching my ge…[View]
176822004/flag/ + /extraflags/: Mocovì edition Previously: >>176687934 Welcome to /flag/ + /extraflags/…[View]
177112001Is your country a surveillance state or does your government not give a shit about you?[View]
177109674...Guys... I need to know. In Ukraine..is 'She' safe?[View]
177111603How often do you fap in your cunt I fap every day[View]
177111888Why are there so many pajeets with white and foreign gfs lately: Do you know anyone in your country?…[View]
177111880The new frontiers of the nouvelle vague The new frontiers of the nouvelle vague The new frontiers of…[View]
177110171>he doesn't know about the click EFLbros...say it aint so...[View]
177109237Yeah bro, you suffer in USA.[View]
177111826i pay daily for my mistakes. i sometimes i hope i can just escape finland and leave all of this behi…[View]
177111808How were the Irish treated in your country[View]
177102525Omg Italy is rich bros[View]
177109218How often do peepoo cry in your cunt?[View]
177109814slav thread: Explain to me what are the slav subraces but using stereotypes of each one.[View]
177102719America is the future.[View]
177108466Did you know? Ivory Coast used to be called 'african Switzerland' in the 60s and 70s, but from the 8…[View]
177111393The yellow peril(Japan) is using anime and video games to brainwash western children into self japan…[View]
177111407Le pareti del cervello non hanno più finestre Le pareti del cervello non hanno più finestre Le paret…[View]
177110466/int/ernational thread about Germany: Draw Germany's sphere of influence (on this map)[View]
177108250An irl iraqi woman here ama Pic is me btw[View]
177111093which country has the most adorable sugar mommies ?[View]
177108511goodnight, friends from around the world[View]
177110690>No film industry >Utterly irrelevant music industry >Their blacks are not cool like americ…[View]
177110463>no music industries >no current reknowned artist >irrelevant film industry >not a singl…[View]
177104202M-Word: Do you use it? Do Egyptians find it offensive?[View]
177110999I suffer as a European male[View]
177110123Americans be like 'My name's Nahum and here are my ten wives. May God strike down the negr…[View]
177110286Are you satisfied with your job in your cunt?[View]
177108144Uh Latinxbros you good?[View]
177110932>Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Concentration Music, 161…[View]
177107345Was this picture taken in a) Russia b) Germany c) Poland And why. And why do people say they don…[View]
177108753When did you realize Southeastern Asian superiority?[View]
177108372What are zoomers like in your country?[View]
177108919What is the average grocery shopping like in your country?: Pic related is mine, shopping just for o…[View]
177109763What new /int/ anons should know?[View]
177109448unique grammar features: Tell me about unique grammar feature languages have. Something cool or funn…[View]
177103459Why no middle Easterns here[View]
177092892/ex-yu/: turmenske kjutare edisn[View]
177110573>women I just don't care about them anymore[View]
177098026/christ/: A thread to talk about Christian culture and the bible[View]
177109770>white and european[View]
177106788Is your country a Rick or a Morty?[View]
177080811we went from AI failing high school exams to writing a passable master thesis in a matter of months.…[View]
177108983>the average life of an american People in USA don't know what suffering is…[View]
177109221how does this look compared to average bussies in your cunt anons ?[View]
177089361Bodies of /int/[View]
177104260Why are Portuguese people brown? Aren't they Europeans?[View]
177109901When will Africa poo on us[View]
177109934>see gay creep indian guy tier 'i want fuck you' comment >open profile >its a syrian/pakist…[View]
177105661Why can't humans be as civilized as capybaras?[View]
177107882/brit/: edition[View]
177106773>2018 was 5 years ago[View]
177109612Black men owe me BBC.[View]
177108713>there's a city in Italy named Gorgonzola[View]
177104484New western map just dropped, boyos[View]
177107881Itt wholesome /int/ pics[View]
177107895I blocked every porn site from my bowser, vowing to never watch porn again.[View]
177109595American women are the worst in the world Even British girls are better[View]
177102100Why are amerikkkans like that?[View]
177107737Italia cheeses: Petite review on the 4 Italian cheeses that I ordered Test condition : 1 peasant st…[View]
177109571ITA MEE Suomi Mämmi Sauna[View]
177108030Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande? over, italiancels shut down. Billie Eilish? over, irishcels shut down. …[View]
177108912Does your country have famous pianists?[View]
177107478English women are 10000x better than American Kinder more intelligent humbler funnier less fat more …[View]
177106377If the Three Gorges Dam in China collapsed today, over 2 billion Chinese people would die.[View]
177108089Criminal Organization kept alive by a Ponzi Scheme with worthless printed paper and Shitty Propagand…[View]
177109030i feel bad for australians they must get lonely being online when everyone else is asleep[View]
177096692Why do Mejicanos hate Spain and White people so much?[View]
177102923My cousin is hot but I don’t wanna marry her (if I have the chance) because I don’t want inbred babi…[View]
177109072Chinese century doesn't even need to come because based sons of India and West Africa will be i…[View]
177104841Relish: What do you call this in your language?[View]
177108988Ancient Greece was so homosexual that they forgot to reproduce and got replaced by Hittites, Turkics…[View]
177108931Post your go-to alcohol[View]
177071041/tr/: Güno[View]
177108999Block Heaters: Do you need block heaters to start your vehicle your country? Pic perhaps related…[View]
177105582Only proper rapper from Spain https://youtu.be/pv_e1ES-Hzo[View]
177104465This is the poorer neighborhood of Macau.[View]
177108984Why do Africans have such a rich culture and history but African-Americans don’t?[View]
177073090/med/+frens: .webm edition[View]
177107070how are you preparing for the world to turn into civilization superstate great powers tier 1: USA, …[View]
177108626Best /int/ernational cuisine in your opinion?[View]
177108811>Mom found the esoteric national socialism folder[View]
177108363Post Americalore[View]
177108570are you a NEET in your country?[View]
177108654What happens here? Please tell me everything you know about this country. Educate me.[View]
177108083maybe if you post enough pictures of white women with your countries flag, you’ll magically get pave…[View]
177105831Pajeets: 'We hate Abrahamic religions, they are the scourge of humanity and should be eradicated' Al…[View]
177108558Why does she sit like that?: Do people sit like this in your country?[View]
177107103Is the brownentina (brown shit) poster still here?[View]
177105656Americans will look down on you if your phone number’s area code is in a poor/lower class location[View]
177107848There are A LOT of black people in the US, more than you can even comprehend.[View]
177107772name 1 thing that happens in your country[View]
177106844>Sorry mom, I can’t see you tonight, I’m hanging out with a friend >the friend:…[View]
177108309American comes to a wealthy Polish neighborhood and is genuinely shocked https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
177108445A man does good business when he rids himself of a turd[View]
177108161Day 1 in Turkey and already considering to convert to Islam[View]
177106736is it possible to be canadian and not hate canada? can there be a country worse than canada?[View]
177103704Are people losing their religion in your country?[View]
177107958>keep coming to 4chan even though I hate this website and the people who use it Does this happen …[View]
177103892What are your thoughts on Chicanx girls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Our0vTIpc[View]
177107343i have wasted my youth on video games does this happen in your country?[View]
177097960/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição sudestina[View]
177104631are people from there paranoid?[View]
177107867Why do French people pronounce words like that?[View]
177106360/brit/: Slop edition[View]
177108151is fantasizing about a girl after rejecting her a normal thing ?[View]
177107179I got my first bill for HRT and it was only 21 dollars. Does your country do this for you?[View]
177106644We must talk about Poland[View]
177105981should this part of the world be renamed to “United Federations Of Mutts”[View]
177108057come here little poland[View]
177107961>Dirty old Blighty, undereducated, economically backward, bizarre. A catalogue of modern miseries…[View]
177102419I really want to live in the UK How do I move there? Should I learn to code?[View]
177107878EAST GERMANY was SOVL[View]
177107475Do you prefer talking to random strangers on the internet or your real life friends in your country?…[View]
177107757USA: USA[View]
177107081My ass hurts from sitting down on my bed to draw does this happen in your cunt?[View]
1770967501. Who pays for the first date in your country? 2. Is she expected to know how to cook? 3. Do you as…[View]
177104941Is this a healthy spine in your cunt?[View]
177105668USA is interfering in my country again[View]
177104165Who is the next American genius?[View]
177093387/ישר/ /isr/: מהדורת miku[View]
177103935/buddha/: A thread to gather buddhist devotees from all over the world. Theravadins, Mahayanas and V…[View]
177103115Sverigetråden - Nattenmatupplaggan[View]
177107461Who wants some blini?[View]
177106825now that the dust has settled, who won in your country ?[View]
177107033Will your country be devastated by the climate apocalypse? A = Tropical B = Arid C = Temperate D = …[View]
177101464Are things really that bad in Britain right now?[View]
177106903Did you know that the oldest tree in the world is in the US?[View]
177107192WTF? I didn't know the Israeli national anthem came in the form of a movie?![View]
177106234USA SHOCKED!: What happened in China that shocked Americans?[View]
177093002What's your favorite alcoholic beverage in your country?[View]
177103804How often do you make foreign food at home? I made some authentic mexican style tacos and boy they w…[View]
177106215what do you anons think about things like these? https://www.youtube.com/@MossyEarth[View]
177101337All over the city there is flooding and inundation.[View]
177106693Republic of Artsakh[View]
177100756My Japanese coworker accused me of bullying because I made a joke. I was just trying to be his frien…[View]
177105123Are they the best country in the world?[View]
177103047Do you have girly express trains in your country? >Bergen Norway Yes[View]
177092204Heritage Tree Thread[View]
177106808I'm a 29 years old NEET mentalcel from Brazil. Those this happen in your country as well?[View]
177106431Do you go swimming in your country?[View]
177091069kurva anyátok[View]
177106651What do you hope your next life will be like after you die in your country and reincarnate elsewhere[View]
177105226Today, January 27, marks the day i realized portuguese hate Brazil, therefore i will warn Brazilians…[View]
177088019Besides your own, what is your favorite country and why?[View]
177105483Go to bed European, Mena, African, and Indian[View]
177100669/frosch/ ehemels /deutsch/[View]
177105368this is what israel used to be about[View]
177100496-Cunt -are you a functioning person in your cunt? Can you get along in a workplace, etc. without peo…[View]
177106688I used to like Southern Europe, but 27 January 2023 changed this forever. The relationship will neve…[View]
177103620Do you watch anime?[View]
177105556I remember COVID. Do people in your country remember COVID?[View]
177106105Portuguese posters are mean to me :([View]
177095434/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Dumb bitch literature edition[View]
177103205/brit/: Food truck edition[View]
177101852You wake up in rural Spain: What do you do[View]
177071884/esp/: Edición druida de los bosques.[View]
177104394Would you rather live in Brazil or Mexico?[View]
177104858Zhannies on suicide watch[View]
177105408When will they become first world and European?[View]
177094307>think girls in my country are ugly, have shitty personalities, mean etc >People outside of my…[View]
177106087Muslim bros. Is it halal to eat banana like that for a Muslim women in public?[View]
177103937Why am I so miserable if I live in the world's best country?[View]
177095350suffering thread: everyone who suffers in their countries post here[View]
177105865North Africa is the best place is the world.[View]
177095443have you served in you're cunt's armed forces?[View]
177104218She isnt going to reply anon. Give up in your country[View]
177103226Do people like bananas in your country? Or do they prefer some other fruit?[View]
177102823What's your profession?[View]
177093927if a woman can't cook it's just a overpriced speaking flashlight. do women can cook in you…[View]
177104654If you had to nuke every single Muslim majority country in the world except for 3 of them, which 5 w…[View]
177105068My friend in my country is a chemical engineer, but the fact that he hasn't distanced himself f…[View]
177105730Is this what the Britoids saw when the Vikings arrived from Denmark?[View]
177105358What are you doing with your life[View]
177103535FACT: There are Ohioans on this board right now.[View]
177105310/ita/ - il filo: Edizione notturna[View]
177105512¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale![View]
177104587This has been a massive flop: Billions wasted[View]
177092825/ita/ - il filo: Edizione eroe nazionale[View]
177094101Indonesia's entire cultural output:[View]
177102332ypipo dont belong in brazil[View]
177103662Den lille Havfrue Den lille Havfrue Den lille Havfrue[View]
177105122>What the fuck did you just say about Belgium not being a real country?…[View]
177104667Why did Romonkey savages destroy this?[View]
177104522What is it about Abrahamic religion that makes its followers so cringe?[View]
177101635Gooks really be eating meals like this regularly at home, how many chefs do you need to prepare this…[View]
177104710Thinking about the fact that in a couple of months I will have to go back to the road construction s…[View]
177104387Holy SOUL[View]
177103495Mind boggling how this is an Italian boy.[View]
177100740What hobbies do you have in your country? I feel like I check all the basic boxes but at the same ti…[View]
177103576Why can't foreigners SHUT THE FUCK UP about us? Being endlessly told we're irrelevant by f…[View]
177102367new toss[View]
177104659Do fake countries have any culture? My sister told me that when she visited Belgium there were hooke…[View]
177096397greatest city in Europe[View]
177102933This is what heaven looks like[View]
177099958>playing an online game >US server is full of Europeans >Europeans play on US servers becau…[View]
177093868/lat/ - hilo latino: edición viernes de bebida[View]
177098418/éire/: Eagrán Éibhear Potadóir[View]
177103228What's the most popular pizza in your country?[View]
177095393/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/balt/+/balk/+/v4/+/polska/+/kaz/: Big happy pan slavic family edition[View]
177104006Hmm, why they just don't, like, move the country to another continent? They have the IQ and mon…[View]
177103802is it ma'am in your country?[View]
177103712be honest to me, will I have a hard time living in Europe if Im white, have an EU passport and tryi…[View]
177098872pov: you just arrived in traditional and based white eastern europa[View]
177098555What do Latin Americans think of the rest of the world? I know most of them (except the chuds) disli…[View]
177099764>browsing /int/ while getting arrested >spend 3 months in jail >get my phone back >first…[View]
177103702Live your myth in Venezia[View]
177099365>ask czech girl what her name is >she tells me her stage name…[View]
177103733American culture bounces from nigger worship back to this every few years[View]
177103800>be Roman emperor >get killed by your own personal guard…[View]
177093869I put dead wood I found on the ground in jars. This is what my artistic creativity amounts to. Are y…[View]
177101688/brit/: NME's top 40 songs of all time edish[View]
177103284Greek boys look like this[View]
177103373How do holocaust denial laws even work?[View]
177101439If countries were personified, what country would this be?: Here’s a tricky one[View]
177102307>your new Slovenian wife wakes you up with a kiss in a Slovenian village…[View]
177100615How are transexuals perceived in your country? In Brazil they're widely accepted nowadays. Soap…[View]
177100014I cannot believe these niggas lost their entire empire in 5 years[View]
177099937You reincarnate as a black african as a payback for /pol/posting. Would you kys or try to enjoy life…[View]
177094795Get me out of this hell[View]
177088864Mexicans are incapable of feeling any suffering[View]
177095869/brit/: Communism edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eD8VvcrBnI[View]
177096814/polska/: edycja Taeko Kondou poprzednia: >>177087560[View]
177096415If your country legalized marijuana, would you try it?[View]
177094874I think african americans have a lot of soul[View]
177102567I want to be subsaharan african[View]
177103248EOP be like: >I wake up everyday at 6AM in the morning[View]
177100879Follow your dream garden in brazil[View]
177102703Honestly what is it with europoors being so pathetically penny-pinching and ungenerous? Those people…[View]
177097559>you enter the sauna[View]
177102810Can I get a number 7 in your country bro?[View]
177102224Why do Americans always lump Europeans together? It's weird and silly[View]
177094545English food :)[View]
177082967Islam in Japan: Islam is the fastest growing religion in japan, weebs/davidos your days are numbered…[View]
177098529Sverigetråden - skåneuplagan[View]
177102966>When a Japanese person adds “san” to the end of my name[View]
177100982what languages do y'all niggas study?[View]
177102793I want to marry a rich italian american or greek american blonde hair women so I can inherit the fat…[View]
177098186This is the most soulful country on the planet and I'm being 100 % sincere.[View]
177098497It's over. The 80 IQ normies who carry the socializing gene have won, while people who have soc…[View]
177102785whats good flock?[View]
177100955Ummm scanditrannies? you told me that scandinavia is absolute first world paradise?[View]
177087436portuguese people are taking the streets: prepair for the 'party' or for the Lusitanian awake[View]
177100338Have you ever met anyone from the internet? Europeans seem to do it all the time due to cheap travel…[View]
177096610The see-p sites I reported to https://report.cybertip.org/ some days ago are still up today. Why hav…[View]
177102310The beauty of the Japanese man must not perish. They need to start having more babies[View]
177088529It's official now. /int/ is obsessed with brown women. What causes this phenomenon?[View]
177102106Do you see fireworks from your window? Me: yes[View]
177101273This is what 'happiness' look like to brazillian men What does happiness look like in your cunt[View]
177097674It's me or UK is the wokest country currently ? I thought that many woke series came from the U…[View]
177101659Happens in your country?: >competently useless and have never produced anything of value >can…[View]
177100803Is it true that all Israelis have big boobs?[View]
177101845it's 1:37 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
177099895firsties on /int/ >poor, living on a small apartment paid by their parents and never go outside …[View]
177100704If you saw this thread without a flag, where would you think pic related probably is from?[View]
177102092Joyner Lucas - I’m not racist: This is straight fax yo https://youtu.be/43gm3CJePn0[View]
177084943Scientists have collectively come to this decision.[View]
177095116Why are the brazilian people brown?[View]
177101779abolish the drinking age[View]
177101032I actually like russians and Poccnr[View]
177100332This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
177101125what have they ever done for anybody?[View]
177099648Is this true?[View]
177096215How will historians in 10 000 years explain the current migratory crisis without mentioning the long…[View]
177096962How can we help Latvian women?: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-11493157[View]
177093609World Peace: >27 October 1962, the US Navy detected a Soviet submarine near the blockaded island …[View]
177100069/brit/: Pizza edition[View]
177099490itt post burgercore sovl[View]
177099084Que en España empieza a amanecer[View]
177100244How come Italians carry more Levantine DNA than Turks, considering the absurd geographical differenc…[View]
177101207does this happen in your cunt?: wft bruh I just muh pizza cuz wh-what they doin?[View]
177101257do you have these kind of people in your country?[View]
177101162Post the best fantasy or mythological movie from your cunt[View]
177100557What are your opinions on mexican culture?[View]
177100613What is the legal system in your country? Is it fair, based on evidence and expert witnesses?[View]
177101058>when the despair hits: Lord Putin will only stop after having destroyed all Natos weapons (garba…[View]
177099211>tell a German “see you later” >he asks what time…[View]
177099248how difficult is it to get a sugar mommy and switch your life to the easy mode in your country ?[View]
177097428Criminal Organization kept alive by a Ponzi Scheme with worthless printed paper and Shitty Propagand…[View]
177096245/deutsch/: Gott schütze Österreich - Ausgabe[View]
177099634According to science this mixed race man is perfect, and the most handsome man in the world, and the…[View]
177091536/calm/: Comfy /calm/ thread int edition[View]
177098096#DIVERSITY: >part african >part indian who else?…[View]
177095667/int/ Music Thread: East Asia Edition https://youtu.be/y-T7rJwyJmM?t=565[View]
177092571America had a black Britain has an Indian Canada has a frenchoid Now all we need is for Australia to…[View]
177098970>*you enter the sauna*[View]
177099894If countries were personified, what country would this be?[View]
177094611Rate my meal: In your country. 12oz ground beef, 6 eggs, 2 servings of broccoli, diced onion, diablo…[View]
177094993new whip, thoughts?[View]
177099417euro bros..: where do their autism comes from ?[View]
177088859What country has the best patriotic songs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCOwpnQq4rg&t=96s…[View]
1770957834chan cup: /int/ vs. /s4s/, lets goooooooo https://isthisliv.com/4cc/stream.html If you can't o…[View]
177095371How is your online dating going in your country?[View]
177097995low T[View]
177096747/desi/: south india edish[View]
177097503thinking about Japan what a cute country nice people yea I like everything about it[View]
177099258Why are atheist arabs self-haters? You make me sick you retarded fucks. I think I am the only non-be…[View]
177097886Do you have an obsession with certain countries, either negatively or positively? Me, i'm very …[View]
177099063I have some family in a small town, it's a shithole but kinda cosy as you see. Do you know this…[View]
177098673>one chance at life >parents named me Florian…[View]
177098097Does your country have walkable forests?[View]
177099156What are parents like in your country?[View]
177095989All Scandinavian countries should standardise their language. They are pretty much just accents anyw…[View]
177098075You wake up in Makako, Nigeria[View]
177099007Post food you will eat in your country[View]
177096458Do you know someone IRL who died suddenly and unexpected in the last 2 years? Or does this only happ…[View]
177098422Just learned about human sacrifice in pre-columbian Mexico[View]
177097000How come Argentinians have big noses and no chin?[View]
177092329favourite russian writer, in your country?[View]
177098788Seriously what's wrong with you guys?: >mfw according to 4Chan I'm not Black t. been bl…[View]
177095706Ελληνικό thread[View]
177096713what do non-Germans think of Thuringia?[View]
177098000/sauna/: ovela juksutus -painos[View]
177098652If I take my ADHD meds /int/ becomes a lot more boring.: Country generals really killed this board. …[View]
177095741/brit/ + /zim/: For the discussion of British and Zimbabwean culture. Friendship edition.[View]
177087070Do Indian women know they are Goddesses?[View]
177098259It's kitten huffing a common addiction in your country?[View]
177098472>he doesn't praise the god of all machines Happens in ur country?[View]
177083673Do you have whitebois diasporas in your country ?[View]
177096565>A Colorado bear has stepped into the spotlight after taking 400 “selfies” on a park ranger’s obs…[View]
177095564Most hated people type by Korean: 1. Alcoholic (8.8) 2. Prostitute (7.9) 3. Transgender (7.2) 4. Smo…[View]
177092122how many times was your country mentioned on /int/? Search the desuarchive and post results, I will …[View]
177096558The one picture that ended all debates.[View]
177097570italians will be poorer than us in 5 years[View]
177087071/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição tradicional. Anterior: >>177064662 vocês fazem parte de quais p…[View]
177088246/sauna/: röyhelö bikineiden salaisuus paljastui jo aikoja sitten -painos[View]
177097919La presenza dell'artiglieria Nei paesi del Meridione Uniti nella lotta allo straniero Sotto il …[View]
177097723Did you know Russia has death camps?[View]
177088699>giving free kisses at the obelisk >didn't go for a single white guy LOL…[View]
177081121/Norgetråden/: Matpause-utgaven Forrige: >>177055642[View]
177096401Do they want you to take meds in your country?: >commie shill government paid doctor gives prescr…[View]
177096431Int is slow and boring now. How do we speed it up?[View]
177093646I cum too fast does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177095215do normal people wanna die every day[View]
177087608>you walk on the streets of Helsinki >suddenly picrel appears before you with his equally mela…[View]
177094067I wish I was from some small country, so all posts i would do would call attention, people would ask…[View]
177097455Let's see which country is the biggest coomer nation. https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/stat/…[View]
177092128sverigetråden kalmar sjukhus upplagan[View]
177094565I kneel...[View]
177096873thoughts on the the caribbean?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOiZC020nl0[View]
177095831What traits do people in your country have?[View]
177097160>New Zealand is a pristine paradi- https://www.youtube.com/shorts/wTt2m1zAn-s…[View]
177097137Thank you Ivory Coast for the chocolate[View]
177095018Germany really kicked ass here.[View]
177094293>there is a horse for every 4 people in Laascaanood, Somalia do you have places in your cunt wher…[View]
177096680Israel has never recovered. They're still seething over him.[View]
177094472Days Gone: Do you play underrated video games in your country?[View]
177096809/polska/: edycja wcześniejsza: >>177087560 poprzednia: >>177087560[View]
177095695Please stop talking about dating and sex. Also, all the gay shit should stop too. I just want to tal…[View]
177095344I wish Brazil and USA switched places. Imagine if the most powerful country in the world with NYC an…[View]
177096811Does this happens in your count'?[View]
177087560/polska/: edycja PIĄTKU godzina 17 co jest: grane? słuchane? oglądane? czytane? jedzone? pite? ogóln…[View]
177096648Have you ever met a French girl? What was she like?[View]
177090665What inventions of arabia is the west using?[View]
177075562/lat/ hilo latino: Edicion pastoritas descalzas!!![View]
177095397>This is how easy it is to get rich in America[View]
177093157What was the best compliment you've ever received?[View]
177093419/brit/: Bismuth edition[View]
177091660/ostmark/ ehamls /deutsch/es Reich: Schwarzes Schild - Ausgabe[View]
177088571la belleza de Israelita...[View]
177095638Do you really prefer this worldly life instead of what Allah had promised in the afterlife?[View]
177091958Do hot feminine women get buzzcut hairstyles in your country?[View]
177095801Would you live in my walkable city?[View]
177094817lack of hair and your countries: how are balding and bald young men treated in your country?[View]
177088743Do women do this in your cunt?[View]
177084203/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de l'Institut Henri Poincaré et des mathématiques Ancien: >…[View]
177095898My cat goes crazy if he does not have a line of sight on me.: And will meow loudly for hours if I sh…[View]
177093394Albanian here: What colour is my hair?[View]
177095821The real cultural border between Central Europe and Eastern Europe[View]
177095433What do you enjoy most about your job?[View]
177093725Compton: Any real niggas still out there?[View]
177091814I don't understand the difference between it, this, and that >don't do it! >don…[View]
177090691This is the lovely mountainous Polish town of Wisła. An interesting phenomenon of this place is that…[View]
177094122What book do you wish you could read for the first time again?[View]
177087389Can you give me the best international conspiracy theories from the world that you know?[View]
177094526Well-travelled bros: Realistically, how many Korean girls look like pic rel? I think she is a goddes…[View]
177075158/cum/ - canada usa mexico: baseball edition[View]
177092546Gun owners of /int/[View]
177095544This is the country that will be responsible for the majority of the human population growth in this…[View]
177089926Why are Balts like this?: >Be Balts >Accomplish literally nothing for 2000 years >Live lik…[View]
177090823Live your myth in Greece[View]
177095370I can always tell if an American poster is a chicano or not.[View]
177092631the duality of Eastern europeans[View]
177089587Post your feed in your country. I decided to experiment a little today: miso soep with okra, rice w…[View]
177094452i wish i was small and skinny but im tall and fat does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177092735Do you prefer blondes, redheads, or brunettes?[View]
177085891i just smoked weed and now im drinking alcohol. i just wanna hug a med girl i dont even want sex lma…[View]
177092759Do latinx girls (she/her) like Nordic boys?[View]
177094701Where would you love to go for a relaxing holiday?[View]
177091571>firstie mock me because of gore videos >he doesnt know i take pride on it…[View]
177092188Honest thoughts on the UK?[View]
177094671>i suffer in the united states of ameri... No you fucking dont, now shut up…[View]
177092275Do you enjoy videogames in your country? Hideo Kojima's games perhaps?[View]
177093472Why does the U.K. and Australia have so many Indians? You cannot suffer in U.K. and Australia[View]
177085035Hej hej![View]
177094619This is the flag of Azerbaijan.[View]
177092851ITT we post fun and interesting /int/ernational facts: Did you know that German women love greek men…[View]
177092672Instead of dividing /int/ posters into 'firsties' and 'thirdies,' we should divide ourselves into 'o…[View]
177093878have you ever been mogged in your country[View]
177094437Why are Spaniards like this?[View]
177087890Are Gen Ziggers in Your Country Greedy?[View]
177094881Why do westoids allow foreigners to come to their countries and aggressively preach their culture an…[View]
177091159Why are Americans so violent[View]
177094491Patriotism is an illogical concept You either have your nation at firstcor your religion, not both[View]
177092355>walking around in my tiny town >a bunch of shady looking polish supermarkets in the center of…[View]
177093649Would you describe yourself as a clean or messy person?[View]
177076336/balk/: Ideal socialist wife edition >>177056583[View]
177094075Which of these phenotypes is more common in your country?[View]
177092511>trillions of ukrainians pour out of ukraine >billions go to europe >millions stay in polan…[View]
177092206When will America deliver their pickup truck?[View]
177094317Interesting looking east asian script[View]
177094278Why does man always seek God? Literally and figuratively a space jew. Is the religion scam a major i…[View]
177093987Do you love Italians?: I met a visiting Italian family at Mass today, they were so nice I gave them …[View]
177086084/ita/ - il filo: edizione banana[View]
177052407/asean/: reimu ketecc edisi[View]
177094050>Why didn't CJ from Grove Street, San Andreas, USA(his country) just decide to immediately c…[View]
177092577High school graduation parties has already started in Bergen Norway. They will keep going on for 4 m…[View]
177093834What are the stereotypes of Slavic men and women like in your country?[View]
177093091Italians be like NOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN HOT SAUCE[View]
177092591do german women work for the dicken booty?[View]
177092725What do NEETs and students eat in your country?[View]
177091402Just learned about redlining. What the hell ameribros[View]
177093088Why did he hate Mexicans?[View]
177088691Spanish Ham: Spanish ramon is always fucking garbage quality. I swear to God, the only one and the c…[View]
177092552> Archaeological looting in Iraq took place since at least the late 19th century. The chaos follo…[View]
177087557/polska/: edycja psiątek wieczór[View]
177092633Do you have any ''whale meat bending machines'' in your cunt?[View]
177070162/desi/: cute edition[View]
177093248Western Europe's last bastion of SOVL.[View]
177060150/ex-yu/: Razne teme edicija[View]
177091722I've come here to announce my new-found contempt for Americans. Any time someone called you all…[View]
177090941know the difference, it could save your life[View]
177090721cats vs dogs around the world notice anything?[View]
177092704can she pass as a local in your city?[View]
177091856Do you like dutch culture?[View]
177090540/brit/: British edition[View]
177082636room of my grandma who recently died opinions?[View]
177093418Continents: How many continents are there in the world? (According to the education system in your c…[View]
177093251Which country does your country work for?[View]
177092120Ribs i made during the summer. U jelly. ;)[View]
177091286America good even though they invented slavery doe[View]
177091803>this is seen as perfectly normal behavior in America[View]
177092411mad how it's totally ok to be openly racist against gypsies in europe... maybe we should libera…[View]
177093283When i see this flag, i sense nothing but pure evil, i sense the desire of a bloody european, i sens…[View]
177093275Loneliness doesn't sound so dreadful when you've got a roof above your head[View]
177091505Finnegans Wake: Can native English speakers read this book just fine?[View]
177093165What the fuck, America? WHAT THE FUCK[View]
177093101This is what the modern Spanish couple looks like[View]
177092744why the fug do firsties love winter so much. I don't get it. I'm a thirdie studying in Bos…[View]
177090181Holy. F*cken. Shit.[View]
177092974Does this happens in your country?: Here in me count' people doesnt even know what is a ghae go…[View]
177092510why do croats love to suck so much austrian cock? literally sucked their way into schengen the memes…[View]
177089417I showered before bed and now I can't sleep: Does this happen in your country?[View]
177089185I have no idea about what the fuck happens there to be honest[View]
177091483>take a shower 30 minutes ago >armpits already smell like cancer does this happen in your cunt…[View]
177071423kurva anyátok[View]
177092516I will destroy Africa so Brazil profits more with coffee and cocoa. Nothing personal, afrobros.[View]
177092586Do you have scars? Are they considered masculine in your country?[View]
177080654>$11 per hours[View]
177046622what a freak accident: what a freak accident[View]
177090887>well as you can see, here's some undeniable data that proves my country is vastly superior …[View]
177066065Do women approach men in your cunt?[View]
177091893why are they better than wom*n ?[View]
177092228New York? Paris? London? No, Viipuri.[View]
177090771Cuisine: Do you like french cuisine in you're country ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbZU9Ba…[View]
177086275why do indians lack empathy for white people?[View]
177089349So is this country just the dumping ground for Europe's subhumans and genetic trash?[View]
177092076African Americans and Brits are brothers: >Similar diet (soul food) >Music similar (African Am…[View]
177091866The nordic man marches on[View]
177091828why do Americans not care about everyone else[View]
177087594White people are the most powerful race in the world, I for one kneel.[View]
177086763Danmarkstråden - Sverigeupplagan[View]
177090533As anon look like this, what are my chances of getting laid in Western Europe?[View]
177086414I love Russians[View]
177091094I hate 4shit idiots in my country >hurr durr niggertalk >hurr durr zoomers >hurr durr scien…[View]
177091907Why do Americans do this?[View]
177080885How do I get an Albanian GF?: Help me out here /int/bro's[View]
177089557Japanese biatch from Alice[View]
177090725are they first world?[View]
177091432why are virgin whitoids so obsessed with race ?[View]
177087851/deutsch/: Klarerausgabe gegen Rechts[View]
177089298Why do these countries in particular produce such a disproportionately high amount of YouTubers?[View]
177091633why do white niggas do this in thailand doe[View]
177088074/brit/: Riggi Riggitini edition[View]
177088229>progressivism ruin everything, we're at a point now where you can't even make a fuckin…[View]
177085684>new weed shop just opened right around the corner Great, can’t wait for everything to stink even…[View]
177090901Brazilbros, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.[View]
177086945>100% Finnish boys are to intimidated by her so she doesn't get any Finnish boys Your countr…[View]
177090919>had had had had[View]
177089628please explain the differences and similarities between romania, moldova, and transnistria.[View]
177091189The anglo dream[View]
177091178/lounge/: This general is for anons that like general lounge chat but thinks region locked ones are …[View]
177091120>Florida is not bas-[View]
177091093What are your favorite places to visit and things to do in Croatia?[View]
177090077ummmmm frenchbros? I thought you had a healthy diet?[View]
177082391>your country >do you handwrite 'a' as left or right?…[View]
177090286get in the car comrade, we're saving Latinx civilization[View]
177090046Which American state do you choose as your Pokémon?[View]
177086260Georgian dances: I have no fucking idea why, but I just love Caucasian dances so fucking much, like …[View]
177090951/int/ humor thread[View]
177090782India is so nice![View]
177089806Americans are dying of fentanyl overdose[View]
177087460Is it the end in your country too?[View]
177087946post sandwiches from your country[View]
177090176do boys do boy stuff in your country?[View]
177089290foreign man has sex at first date: Finnish woman meets up with a foreigner and agrees to have sex im…[View]
177090757Does this happen in your cunt? https://twitter.com/greg_price11/status/1619020098894979072[View]
177087963Told my coworker today about the various architectural styled we have in Stockholm, famous examples …[View]
177090534/brit/: non-tranny edition tranny posting has started far too early sub edition sick of it sub sub e…[View]
177090185I have killed 3 threads today by posting in them[View]
177090126Why do white pipo have pink nipples?[View]
177090395Switzerland? Norway? No, Greece.[View]
177088824Why are some countries wealthy and some poor?[View]
177090509I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
177090107korean jesus[View]
177090258Why do we help africans to share their gore videos? Imagine how many kino is being wasted right now[View]
177090093How the FUCK you gon tell me that Europe is a continent. It's just a peninsula of Asia. Whitey …[View]
177088825Insult the previous poster with the worst stereotypes related to their nationality.[View]
177090030You are not a true thirdie if you don't have random steel rods sticking out from the ground.[View]
177090024I suddenly feel bad for turks. I watched a video of a sad looking fat brown armenoid turkish candy m…[View]
177087863How old were you when you started balding in your country? How old is are you now? Is it over? 18 27…[View]
177088293/sauna/: taimen naamio jäljennös -painos[View]
177089965Highest Quality Thread 2023: >You cut down all the trees!!1 Yes.…[View]
177088279Here's your American friend, bro.[View]
177089804No more I know, I wish I did, And I would tell it all to you; For what became of this poor child The…[View]
177084963european? more like you're a' poopin'![View]
177089700I love Mexico[View]
177083595/rus/: >>177040587[View]
177089336If you live in a warm sunny country and suffer, it’s your own fault[View]
177081662every normal country with such big social, economic and cultural differences between regions would l…[View]
177089609>even the American government mocks sirs India phobia has gone too far[View]
177085879Do you prefer rock beaches or sand beaches in your country I like rocks better, it's cleaner an…[View]
177085470What's the best way to communicate with a Chinese friend overseas, especially something with au…[View]
177089327Burgers are ridiculously overrated Even Hesburger[View]
177086036There is a button in front of you which has the ability to kill every single person on earth in the …[View]
177087916does this happen in your country[View]
177085716if asian girls werent flat as boards they would be by far the most perfect, beautiful women in the w…[View]
177089130why are they like this?[View]
177088284I am a coward I am low T I never take any risks I am too afraid to even speak to a girl[View]
177087003/int/ should have charity events where if anons can prove they're a thirdie and poor, firsties …[View]
177087299in Finland we go to the sauna naked and then go swim in the lake naked[View]
177088802https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1gfB-l1Qt8 why are europeans like this?[View]
177084022would you become a race traitor in youre country?[View]
177081463Why are americanistanis forcing globohomo so much?[View]
177088969>GDP >nobel prizes >PISA score >IQ >HDI…[View]
177087793Jews created 4chan so that I would waste my life on this website and become a virgin incel neet outc…[View]
177089016>this is the average English Rose you know what mate? you do not suffer.…[View]
177088265What went wrong in your country?[View]
177088534how do i permaban a countryman?[View]
177088481Why do whiety do this to Chyna? Show respect please dear friend...[View]
177085810french zoomers. what do you notice?[View]
177088690It do be like that[View]
177087996Why are Swedes so selfish?[View]
177086412I went to a meeting about Erasmus in my college. One of the key points was that Erasmus allows for s…[View]
177087844>americans have no cultu- Explain this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-HgBrVLv5I…[View]
177088647We need our own Erasmus program so we can have hot inner south American youth sex.[View]
177086126Italy.. the only heir to the Roman Empire...[View]
177085722Do you have angels in your country?[View]
177088456>some dude in Sweden burnt a Quran >let’s burn the Swiss and American flags! do Pakistanis rea…[View]
1770871201. you are a country 2. do you watch sports? 3. if so, what sports do you watch? >leaf >yes …[View]
177088661Umm but you love Finalnd still don't-cha?[View]
177088539You come to the most fancy Finnish party on 6.12 Second from the left is President Saul Niinistö[View]
177085714/brit/: Indian Goddesses edition[View]
177088385the swedish stare[View]
177086014What's your MBTI type in your country? My result was ENFP-A[View]
177061439Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>177019796 Japanese Learning Thread:>>>/int/djt…[View]
177087383Finno-ugric god-king vs swedish servant[View]
177088166>A man suspected of organizing a series of robberies across Japan through social media is detaine…[View]
177088103Do you love British royals in your country?[View]
177088013/brit/ no son of mine edition[View]
177071814If you had to nuke every single Muslim majority country in the world except for 5 of them, which 5 w…[View]
177087736Post your cuntries borders in the year 2040[View]
177087639Your country is not Scandinavian if they don't play Nordman Vandraren in the Radios. https://ww…[View]
177083204Thoughts on British women?[View]
177087766Man refused to give COVID vaccine to kids!: https://www.eastidahonews.com/2023/01/utah-doctor-allege…[View]
177081069/sauna/: noita tohtori -painos[View]
177087490What's your experience with prostitutes in you country? What's the most expensive prostitu…[View]
177083662/deutsch/: Antikes Ägypten Ausgabe[View]
177085146Danm russian women look like THAT?[View]
177087697Old French music thread: https://youtu.be/PXQh9jTwwoA https://youtu.be/26Nuj6dhte8 https://youtu.be/…[View]
177087908What are you doing on friday evening in your country?[View]
177087878/deutsch/: Kriechausgabe[View]
177086527How much of your country have you seen? for me not that much[View]
177087462You're unironically browsing 4chan on a Friday in your country. Literally why?[View]
177084072At what age do women hit the wall in your country?[View]
177086217I have German ancestors[View]
177080551/brit/: schizos welcome edition[View]
177085108why dont we have this in America?[View]
177084164>102 days until Eurovision[View]
177087204The average latinx poster who claims to be poor and suffering[View]
177086685What are the different regions of your country like? What are the best and worst ones?[View]
177085482I'm in a train. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177087577Is immigration a strength in your nation ?[View]
177079692/polska/: edycja rzepak korekcji[View]
177087472Are they right?[View]
177084419What is your opinion on Portuguese women?[View]
177083198Türkiye thread[View]
177087426hangulified phags-pa script[View]
177087361I've been learning russian for 3 years and still cant hold a basic conversation[View]
1770735601.2 Million Year Old Obsidian Axe Found in Ethiopia: What does this mean?[View]
177079606>turns on dutch vpn >ads: meet a filipino girlfriend…[View]
177085794How do you view Nepal-DRC relations in your country?[View]
177084819Did you know that in the rennaisance, Venice was not considered part of 'Italy' as a region? For tha…[View]
177087332AUS Goiânia accident soon?[View]
177087050What is your opinion on American women?[View]
177080978do americans really eat this muttslop[View]
177078314Why westoids are so eager to burn holy books of other cultures? If your mother sent you a letter whe…[View]
177080696How to Save Japan?: What's that 'one plan that must be enacted right now and cannot be postpone…[View]
177079825thoughts, opinions, comments, posts[View]
177084052How come all the good tennis players are European?[View]
177075199Have you found love in Greece yet? it's pretty easy[View]
177085727>amikor bogárkurvának hívja a szerelmem[View]
177064662/bra/ fio brasileiro: Edição pipoca. Anterior: >>177054194[View]
177085643I unironically want all roundeyes(including myself) to be cleansed in fire and for the Yamato race t…[View]
177079140Have you ever been creepshamed in your country?[View]
177086985Asian writing system ranking 0. Hangul 1. Traditional chinese character 2. Japanese Kanji 3. Kana 4.…[View]
177085680most talked about country on /int/: search your country name on desuarchive.org, and post how many r…[View]
177085621Why are their guerrillas so based?[View]
177086863Iam american too and hate canadians, you should respect that and valid my comment[View]
177083818Common Argentina W[View]
177085375are you vaxxed in your country?[View]
177084356Asians have butthurt museums where they display their butthurt towards neighbors[View]
177082220What Do You Think: When people say 'happy holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas'?[View]
177086871Thoughts on the new BBC headquarters[View]
177078550attractive brown women do not exist in canada[View]
177079900What are your thoughts on brown women?[View]
177087040What do people with mental Frenchness think of this?[View]
177084319UK Royalty eat mutton and gravy each day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9HWZe9cSrM[View]
177086165Your thoughts about Borrell's neocolonialist mindset ? Is your country a garden or a jungle ?[View]
177083791Why are uppercase and lowercase letters the same in Cyrillic?[View]
177081820Who are you[View]
177086904Vater unser, der du bist im Himmel, geheiligt werde dein Name. Dein Reich komme, dein Wille geschehe…[View]
177083723Salve o popolo di eroi Salve o Patria Immortale[View]
177084241Thoughts on modern Aztec warriors?: Especially those of PVRE Aztec blood?[View]
177086981Do you love DPRK in your country?[View]
177083291What percentage of the nafris in france are just portuguese?[View]
177084932What are the police like in your country? Are they respected or are police recruited from the dregs …[View]
177086604Does anybody else find it mind boggling and incredible that there are actual anons who are living in…[View]
177086566Do you love South Korea?[View]
177084491What do you think about British girls?[View]
177084326Y'all niggas talk a lot of shit through text but wouldn't utter a peep in real life.[View]
177085669What do you think about train nerds?[View]
177086717I suffer in Brasil[View]
177082257Sverigetråden - Fredagsmys: >ÄTA? >DRICKA? >KOLLA PÅ? >SPELA? >LYSSNA PÅ? >LÄ…[View]
177075972Did you fall for the university meme in your country?[View]
177085287Why did they stop building nicely[View]
177084862The first people with a nation state that will fully die out in Europe before the end of this centur…[View]
177086709What could have been...[View]
177085136>Latinx >Xicanx >Mestizx >Pinxy >Italianx Do Americans really?…[View]
177084944'We're Not So Different, You And I...': Why do white men rip on white women, when they're …[View]
177086091Love these lil dudes like you wouldn’t believe[View]
177086530does your country have people that think they can become normal by expending a lot of effort to do t…[View]
177084966Are peepo observant in your country?[View]
177086225I wish I was Italian.[View]
177085411Why American women have chiseled face and strong jaw?[View]
177085255>1100€ disability pension due to depression Does this happen in your country?…[View]
177086232Why are they so cute?[View]
177086270What keeps you going in your country[View]
177084937Never stepped foot outside my county: Does this happen in your count(r)y?[View]
177085126Well, /int/?: Show me you actually learned something in this site.[View]
177086086/ita/ - il filo: edizione gal[View]
177086373I always feel exhausted and tired if i have to write more than one sentence[View]
177085149How do Germans feel about their grandpa's dad?[View]
177086367>Peru tries its best >I barely even try[View]
177086335we can't breed[View]
177086317/savižudybė/: kregždės gija[View]
177080586/ita/ - il filo: edizione apicolturamaxxando[View]
177082679/brit/: Kingdom of Northumbria Edition[View]
177081798It's over.: >applied for my country's glowie secret service >they did a background c…[View]
177084396how come it's socially acceptable to be racist against indians? specifically indian men?[View]
177043944DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3097: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
177081769If you're an 'incel' with a sister and you haven't tried to fuck her yet, you're a vo…[View]
177084401Which countries makes the best rivalry?[View]
177068170What are you doing to improve your life this year in your country?[View]
177081906Where did all the semitic languages go? All that is left is arabic and hebrew and a bit of aramaic. …[View]
177083887After a year of browsing 4chan, i still don't understand racism[View]
177081591>We must save the heckin' endangered animarinos! Why, you say? They're just so heckin…[View]
177082148Why are asians whiter than whites? Usually whites are reddish or pinkish.[View]
177074378so blood and soil autists were right??[View]
177084606How come muslims are considered conservative, but they are the most depraved?[View]
177082970Based: >your honor? I have a final statement; >bosniaks are the niggers of europe and i never …[View]
177084254me and my female friend are gonna have sex with this girl later today[View]
177079235/isr/ - /ישר/ thread: מהדורת הוא חוזר https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzTSEb6hZe0 35:30[View]
177084036>Irish Elk >Not Irish >Not an elk Irishbro's... explain yourselves…[View]
177082354>It used to be common in the UK to pronounce Don Quixote as “don QUICK-soot”…[View]
177080348When are they finally get over it?: Just let it go, the genocide happened long time ago[View]
177061221/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de Jordi Savall et des instruments anciens Ancien : >>177040264…[View]
177076491Does this happen in your cuntry?[View]
177083270Does America really wield such powerful neighbourhood designs. I didn't know this level of comf…[View]
177080583>white women[View]
177081645How do people deal with wildlife blocking their path in your country? Can you pull out a firearm and…[View]
177084152Do you love Japan in your country?[View]
177080651EUROPEANS. BED. NOW.[View]
177076366Everyone knows at least one Greek artwork, but have you ever heard about a Turkish artist or artwork…[View]
177074710Disgraceful brazilian favelada whore...im tired of the putas in this country[View]
177077383La presenza dell'artiglieria Nei paesi del Meridione Uniti nella lotta allo straniero Sotto il …[View]
177083269Why does every single europansy thread read like an r/europe thread but you can freely say nigger an…[View]
177075929people say our streets look like trash: it's called SOVL bitch[View]
177084123Asian writing system ranking 0. Hangul 1. Traditional chinese character 2. Japanese Kanji 3. Kana 4.…[View]
177081617im drunk: im drunk[View]
177084031why don't koreans acknowledge the true history?[View]
177083602I want a gf but I'm not willing to: 1) join social media 2) take any pictures of myself 3) use …[View]
177081395What is your favorite country? For me it is Spain :з[View]
177081368why dont newfags understand the rule of keeping 4chan inside 4chan. does this happen in your cunt to…[View]
177080706Did you know Finnish soldiers rode on reindeer?[View]
177078456The most self hating flags on /int/[View]
177081480Why are Koreans like this?: >How do you do, fellow kids?[View]
177083128This country lives rent free in my head everyday and I cant escape it only seethe and cope.[View]
177083100Post translated memes from your country When you barely manged to get out of Soviet Union to the wes…[View]
177079952How are Italy and Italians perceived in your country?[View]
177082585Do you believe in God (not the Hebrew one) in your country? Me, yes[View]
177080091/deutsch/: Freies Kurdistan - Ausgabe[View]
177081663the worlds largest church is in Africa: Did you know ? The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is a Cathol…[View]
177075572>4 days of tinder >still only one match and one like how is your love/sex life in your country…[View]
177080368My cuy isn't eating or shitting, chileans, peruvians and bolivains of /int/ help me[View]
177082483Whenever I watch a debate show, they always talk about how bad the country is, why it is bad, and wh…[View]
177040587/rus/: издaниe cбopa юшeк >>177000352[View]
177082983Why Are Americans Like This?: >8 million people willingly choose to live in the desert >there…[View]
177083209How are americans so lame and so cool at the same time? How do they do it? If any other country did …[View]
177080752Cutfags get in here: Whether you’re Jewish, Muslim, American influenced, or medical reasons I’m cut …[View]
177080794When i see this flag, i sense nothing but pure evil, i sense the desire of a bloody european, i sens…[View]
177077356Sverigetråden - barnstryparupplagan[View]
177078497People in this hellhole actually think it is beautiful and noble to wake up 4am to comute 3 hourst t…[View]
177079684Choose your sexiest Mister France[View]
177079528Καλησπέρα Ελλάδα![View]
177081741look at my special cards: look[View]
1770825161.Your cunt 2.Have you ever been on a riot? did you fight the police? my mom used to take me to rio…[View]
177082887Sometimes I feel strange talking to my Russian friend on Steam when I remember that both of our coun…[View]
177081969YO! When was last time you saw this in your cunt? It was Summer '98 just before my grandma was …[View]
177068702>i suffer as a black guy[View]
177081391Holy shit he murdered him[View]
177082739Okay so i'm gonna say what everybody's thinking >Cabbage niggers killing themselves who…[View]
177082539Chinese Culture: Do you have an interest in it? Why or why not? What is your favourite part f their …[View]
177081138Do you like eating breakfast in your country? I really love breakfast. Today I ate two toasted corn …[View]
177081935i admire this country for no reason at all[View]
177081060what are weddings like in you're country?: have you been to one?[View]
177081846woah japan is so unique and... >it's Belgium -ACK[View]
177082434You wake up in latin america: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI0RY4OFwpY[View]
1770819371. your cunt 2. has your best friend of 13 years trooned out and destroyed his pervious identity for…[View]
177081981do western zoomers really do :o when it is japan or it's just 4chan maymay?[View]
177082078How do you bring excitement into your life in your country? Mine feels too monotonous in a bad way.[View]
177082014How expensive was Five Guys in your cunt?[View]
177078489הדבר המעולה, היפה ביותר, בתרבות העולם – הוא ריבוי־הפנים שלה דווקא: כל אומה היסטורית תרמה לאוצרה את ת…[View]
177081706Can Europeans not be our pathetic little drones for once and stand up for their interests? I really …[View]
177079958why did it start WW2?[View]
177080826I thought I could be fine alone, but after a health scare I realised I can't. I will now seek f…[View]
177081777/int/, let's have a moment of levity. Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many proble…[View]
177081689Does your country have a bug-eating tradition?[View]
177081351How can I become a better person?: Do you have any unironic advice for me from your country's c…[View]
177077937/brit/: Nothing in common edition[View]
177080805What is your country going to be like in 10 years?[View]
177079675>Ok my loves, that's enough posts of feet pics for today. Thank you for donating me over 5k$…[View]
177080070>Stop being a manchild! You must work to give money to me and my son with Chad! If this the aver…[View]
177079276does this happen in your country[View]
177080501Any unironical Ameriboo here? I love US of A. It's the nation started without a king but with t…[View]
177080444What was the pinnacle of Irish history?[View]
177080566I really appreciate you taking me out, anon, but can you stop sending me videos of you shoving 10 in…[View]
177055642/norgetråden/: Før og etter-utgave Forrige: >>177028277 >>177028277[View]
177079186I'm 179 and I felt like an actual midget standing in line at school today happens in your count…[View]
177081049How come Californians are so charismatic even after decades in prison?[View]
177080066What are the top 3 things/types of people that piss off the chuds of your country the most?[View]
177068729/sauna/: Juustokak-painos[View]
177079808Do you honor your ancestors in your country?[View]
177072536Muslimbros....Islam is dying.....[View]
177077858You will have to fight the poster above you. Go[View]
177078672You wake up in America.[View]
177078287Does your country engage in we wuzzing?: >flag Yes, we wuz pajeet…[View]
177079522what do you call it in your country[View]
177079807What are your thoughts on white women?[View]
177080644why were they the way they were during WW2?[View]
177080249>american uber driver asks me where I am from >starts to lecture me about my country everytime…[View]
177075723You gave won a 2 weeks travel in one of these 4 places. Where do you go ?[View]
177080419My paternal haplogroup is R1b-DF13. And yours?[View]
177080401swedebros explain yourselves[View]
177080607Lmao Koreans: Why are they like this[View]
177077893does this happen in your country? >flag yes[View]
177063972/ita/ - il filo: Edizione decadente[View]
177080569whats the best country to ghae gobe?[View]
177075083Doesnt matter the race or skin color or whatever. We will always find a brazilian girl who is better…[View]
177073949I've been a NEET for 3 years. How the fuck do I explain this at job interviews. I need to live,…[View]
177080287/int/oids...how can we recover from this one...[View]
177079814Biggest criminal organization in human history[View]
177078941My new watch from Japan[View]
17707839278 years ago Auschwitz-Birkenau has been liberated opinions?[View]
177077942>*Poles b casually racist to everyone* >*someone b casually racist to Poles* >Poles: oh vey…[View]
177079254>Chimpout >loses half their country >millions dead >get subjugated >all their brillia…[View]
177076912>For me, only this is asia.[View]
177080166I've been watching these vice clips of japanese street gangs Never have i ever seen such SOVL i…[View]
177079194why are germans so good at science[View]
177079026i don't want to be here anymore[View]
177078095What are marriage celebrations like in your country?[View]
177080112What is your favorite writing system? Hangul? Or what[View]
177078797short men suffer harder than anyone else in every country[View]
177076545Unless you were born in the 'stan' nations(excluding Kazakhstan), Laos, Cambodia and the vast majori…[View]
177079965China is (unironically) finished[View]
177075133Is your president like this ?[View]
177079955Are they even considered a superpower?[View]
177075002Italians refuse to let you use hot sauce on their food.: They will kick you out of the house if you …[View]
177075700/brit/: the new[View]
177074968They're opening this in my city and I wonder how does it compare to McPoonalds skandis?[View]
177079603East asian should have our own Chechen war 1999-2001 with our own kino[View]
17707930022 years old female neighbor killed herself. Does this happen in your country?[View]
177079741VGH... FRENCH COMMERCIALS: Absolutely based[View]
177077883Do you remember all those memes in the mid 2000s of how Americans were so arrogant, obnoxious and th…[View]
177079588What is your daily life like in your country?[View]
177076253I am so fucking tired of winter i am tired of cold i am tired of ice i am tired of darkness holy fuc…[View]
177064575/polska/: Edycja kiepska[View]
177079024>19 still in high school >Chemistry exam today >got maybe 3 hours of sleep, spent 3 hours t…[View]
177078725>tfw my college friend now in the US posted pics of his new orange Nissan 370z >DM him how he…[View]
177074071Hairless '''men''' exist in your country?[View]
177077250can we talk about how the chinese literally have a god of money? this dude is named 財神 and they pray…[View]
177076502thoughts on white women in your cunt?[View]
177074410do women fight like this for the right to love you in your country[View]
177073917Will Americans ever give up their gun rights in the name of safety and security?[View]
177077309your country your favourite elder scrolls game[View]
177077054How do Japanese feel about the fact that Chinese animations have surpassed anime?[View]
177079352Japan will be destroyed: Imagine pic related but with this level of music. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
177077622why are Timmy and Juan like this?[View]
177078780mexicans b like: >'yea im from mexico and i totally suffer'…[View]
177075063My chinese HRT treatment arrived. How are trans people treated in your country?[View]
177074089We the people of vietnam stand with palestine[View]
177076385firstoids have it so good their biggest concern in life is getting laid[View]
177077565What is your favorite slavic country?[View]
177077295How do you say ouchies in romanian?[View]
177078410Why are Asians so obsessed with Steve Jobs?[View]
177076086Why won't Russia give back rightful Chinese clay?[View]
177079028Being asian male in the west is literally worse than being jewish during holocaust. Pls share and li…[View]
177078924Do you enjoy Fennoswedish beer in your country?[View]
177078546I bet most of you are history nerds. Lol[View]
177077141If you live south of this line, you don't suffer.[View]
177077519Is it Kyiv or Kiev?: According to Google Docs, it's Kiev.[View]
177078710I ate Mexican food yesterday: this morning I shit myself. I thought it was just a big fart, but no, …[View]
177078701Rio-Antirrio: man who fell from the bridge was found unconscious https://www.newsbomb.gr/ellada/stor…[View]
177053508/nederdraad/: >dvw geen vd[View]
177077919brown or white[View]
177078536In USA the dark cock is sacred[View]
177078310How do you call Karen in your country?: is there a word for it?[View]
177076728>arab music is shi- Take it back https://youtu.be/xILQRZ1F1OE[View]
177075436this is what israel used to be about[View]
177076809I am seeing a massive surge in Dindu nationalists posters in this site seething at non existence 'mu…[View]
177074892Tokyo, but made of sand.[View]
177078056So when will Hans do something and take back Danzig already? Let's go for round three. I'm…[View]
177074882Whenever someone tells me about how they had sex with someone, I feel really bad for some reason. An…[View]
177074329My sister just used my lucky money to buy dead space remake and a 128gb usb without my permission, I…[View]
177077989Asian writing system ranking 0. Hangul 1. Traditional chinese character 2. Japanese Kanji 3. Kana 4.…[View]
177076876>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDPIe-b7NFM >you will never experience teenage love with extr…[View]
177074821does your country have the ass hair style?[View]
177076604Do you love ananas in your country?[View]
177074953pyccкий язык тaкoй cлoжный[View]
177075031>The question U.S. leaders should be able to answer regardless of their politics: How many more p…[View]
177076822Women are more privileged than men in Japan[View]
177076641easy way to fix thirdie states, why they don't use it?[View]
177074751What will they do when TSMC moves to America?[View]
177077319Post absolute folk kino songs from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHyPJfc_yA4[View]
177075510We people of korea stand with our ally chiang kai shek and the guomingtang.[View]
177077541have you ever hired an israeli security firm?[View]
177067728Do you love South Korea?[View]
177077586White American marriage https://twitter.com/maicoGq/status/1617869209098387456?t=tgsbf_Csrw9hLNOg-hI…[View]
177077495What causes this: >the american south is trash tier >the mexican north is god tier >the dut…[View]
177072805How are majors typically ranked in your country? What was your major?[View]
177073034Sverigetråden - Nimupplagan[View]
177074664/deutsch/: Klarerausgabe zur Strafe für die Duhmronnies[View]
177075416What do the Indian posters on this board do for a living? The traditional stereotype jobs (engineeri…[View]
177077263You are not a real Southeast Asian if your native script is not compatible to transcribe Sanskrit[View]
177076814>Did I just see cousin Aysha looking at that white boy!?[View]
177076758MFW the English language is big turnoff for me: >be chatting with a gringa >I realize it takes…[View]
177075480which cunt has the best literature? what is your preferred international literature, /int/?[View]
177073825This is me: I love Russia. I hate amerisharts. I hate eurofags. I fear no one! I want to see all e…[View]
177075403Turks boast about how they are clean people, but only brush their teeth a few times a year. On the o…[View]
177075387Ukraine has been sold. Does that happen in your country?[View]
177076666Should I join the church in my country?[View]
177075782country with this feel[View]
177076379I do workout every single days after my painstaking labor cuz I want to rape up white snow Russian e…[View]
1770767018 months of his reign > Nuclear power plant exports worth USD 3 billion to Egypt >Successful l…[View]
177076691whats their friday like[View]
177073182caught a mixed abo girl mirin me today bros: we're all gonna make it[View]
177075856Are Koreans the N of Asia? It's hard to imagine more embarrassing and goofy nationality.[View]
177074028>criticize america online >remember computers and the internet are american inventions you lit…[View]
177067266>The 32 year old movie star shared her bad experiences on Instagram after returning home from Tha…[View]
177076450What are your relationships like with your real life and online friends in your country[View]
177075685What's the preferable lesser evil for you in your country, wageslaving or NEETdom? Why?[View]
177074384Does your country re-package previous cultural forms and sell them to modern audiences? This is a hu…[View]
177074861polish rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8buYxaMwBPs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q8UcEqssrM…[View]
177072115what website best represents your country?[View]
177076316If you've never sucked on big ass tiddies in your country, you arent livin[View]
177072261Why does America have to exist for Israel?: Europeans forcibly sent Jewish people to Ukraine, Madaga…[View]
177075829>Pvt. Gomez, I ordered you to clean the latrines![View]
177064102Are you dehumanized in your country?[View]
177076242Do people in your country appreciate architecture?[View]
177071514Are you /rural/ in your country?[View]
177073291The future of Mexico. They're reversing to become Native again.[View]
177073801japan has mechs now[View]
177074594The Hungarian youth.[View]
177069617how severe is racism in canada to asians? do they feel discriminated against? asking as a white pe…[View]
177075721Greeks value science and education since ancient times. Greece invests least in research and educati…[View]
177073981live your dream in portugal[View]
177075501Is your country barbarian or lgbt?[View]
177065745/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
177076002Rie Takahashi[View]
177074891How long does it take to learn the language of Jesus?[View]
177072455/ישר/ /isr/: מהדורת כלב כנעני[View]
177073156israel is a hyperfeminist gynocracy: men are oppressed and suffer greatly please help[View]
177072497Im completely uninterested in having a relationship and everyone thinks im a freak because of that. …[View]
177074225why do Puerto Ricans want to be a state of the US? and why does the US not want to make them a state…[View]
177075231I grew up thinking the americans were the good guys Does that happen in your cumtree[View]
177070113キチガイ Quarantine Thread: This thread is for Koreafobia and Japanesefobia crawling around in Japanese …[View]
177074979Turks were laughing at Greeks when the financial crisis hit Greece extremelly hard. Now Greeks feast…[View]
177074172Does this happen in your country?[View]
177071673Which city would you like to live in?[View]
177072951What is it like to be a Syrian refugee in Turkey right now?[View]
177074595Are you enjoying winter?[View]
177074827Is it true that Latinxas don't interact with ypepo at all?[View]
177073424Kukri: This kukri has been in my family for a long time. I went looking through my dad's old th…[View]
177075281There is no denying that their texts are the most scientific in the world.[View]
177072594Why does Korea hate Japan so much? Constantly obsessing over us even though we colonized them over a…[View]
177070411/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Mexico edition[View]
177074855>search monkey eating watermelon on YouTube because i want to watch something cute >Scroll dow…[View]
177071289can monica bellucci pass as a local in your country?[View]
177073317Happens in your country?: without alcohol >constantly thinking before speaking >indecisive …[View]
177073228Is there a minority group in your country that controls the media and politicians?[View]
177069664Do people live life on easy mode in your country?[View]
177074040I'm balding Ahold i just propose to 5/10 I'm currently dating asap?[View]
177074838Let me tell you about America More black men in America are in jail for not paying child support tha…[View]
177074723Are you freezing in your country? >flag Yes, thanks to Putin I froze to death 3 times already…[View]
177074326US is still Number One destination for people who want to move. https://news.gallup.com/poll/468218/…[View]
177065817/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Regelkonforme Ausgabe mit der Klarer[View]
177073256Andalucians are always smiling[View]
177073895>Even before accepting the religion of the Arabs, the Turks were a great nation. After accepting …[View]
177074649Instead of simplified Chinese we should use Hangul too, it's the best writing system[View]
177074654Do you have similar sayings in your country?[View]
177074366What kind of a gf do you want to have (in your country)?[View]
177074247Did you serve in your country's military?[View]
177074697Greeks organize picknicks with friends on weekends at talk about the future. Turks meet up with frie…[View]
177074630Why are Koreans on /int/ so flirty?[View]
177071166Europeans hate freedom of speech[View]
177071529>colonize half the world with their language and religion Europoors can't compete…[View]
177074262>go to gf’s house >she goes to work >I take a nap >wake up >there’s like five Asian g…[View]
177072334Do you eat with your hands in your country? Or is it seen as barbaric?[View]
177069643Sweden btfo? Why are muslims so keyed, /int/?[View]
177062900Alright you filthy /int/cels, if you had the chance to pick a woman from your own cunt or a latina, …[View]
177073890Small monkes[View]
177073622mfw ukraine fucking lost in my country[View]
177073840ITT: Americanacore. Post the most American thing you can think of[View]
177074226Great Siam > fr*nce[View]
177073690this is what i carve[View]
177073327/eastasia/: happy thread[View]
177073943english be like: >i red a book[View]
177073952My bro has scabies, does this happen in your country?[View]
177073971Why is Western homoerotism so shit compared to Asian homoerotism? East Asians are so good in fetish,…[View]
177072918I wish people in my cunt made better music, everyone around me listens almost exclusively to kpop or…[View]
177072107are the japanese better engineers than the germans?[View]
177073823Vassal state moment: They probably didn’t get anything in return for being cut off from the largest …[View]
177068783How's your sleeping schedule these days in your country[View]
177072876Cool statues from your country: post em[View]
177072465Brazilians afte they got zapped in the shower too many times be like[View]
177073658Do you believe what japan says or Korea says?: 1 K: The universal name of the Sea between Japan and…[View]
177073634Sometimes they just need to be told[View]
177071510I want that Ukraine and Belarus join in EU, and Russia will be associated with EU(euro-integrated) l…[View]
177073630You wake up in Czudec (city of Chud) Poland[View]
177073702'we are worried about the amazon natives... (And all the minerals, gold, giant deposits of rare eath…[View]
177073670Which american state do you choose?[View]
177072852A long overdue national discussion about immigration and crime has finally begun in my country[View]
177073574Haven't seen the 'Pidorashka Ukrainian' poster for some time...is he dead by Russian …[View]
177072897>a country of junkies and schizos that cant even win against rice farmers and lost +12 thousand a…[View]
177073474Why did he do it?[View]
177069143>Be Mexican: >Have a chance to put your capital in an advantageous geographic position, say ne…[View]
177073426>pakistan government pays westoid travel vloggers to promote the country >no pork >no fun w…[View]
177065903best leader in your cunt's history?[View]
177071034What do you think of Budapest, my walkable city?[View]
177073348russia fucking won they took over 3 houses and the forest near bahkmut, how do westerners cope?[View]
177073029Wait, do Americans really do that?[View]
177073277>RTX,LMT,GD,BA: Let us thank Ukrops and Rusanons[View]
177069301Racism against white people is wrong and must be stopped.[View]
177069003in brazil, if you don't have a girlfriend you can make yourself someone's girlfriend[View]
177070209>Argie Pope >Literally is about to bankrupt the Catholic Church Argie moment, am i right.…[View]
177069254Ban all Asian country except for the muzzies and poo one, because all of them are just sexpat larpin…[View]
177071867you have to choose one[View]
177073037How the fuck are white women so brainwashed into doing this shit[View]
177072101Do people like to fish in your country? How common is it to fish with no intention of eating your ca…[View]
177072836>this is who amerisharts worship Lmao[View]
177070273>American tells me what state they're from Didn't ask, don't care and what differ…[View]
177072598it's my birthday[View]
177072990Korean reunification? The eternal Yamato will make sure it never happens[View]
177070972Literally me[View]
177071623How many people around the world lurk/post on this board every day?[View]
177072962SVT - dietupplagan[View]
177072751Why are africans like this[View]
177072267Do you love Indonesia?[View]
177067226/한국어/ + /농법/: 오리[View]
177072676He is one of the greatest generals in Spanish history: And there are barely any statues of him in Sp…[View]
177069784I make Latino food as a White guy: Is this cultural appropriation?[View]
177072652your honest thoughts on usa?[View]
177072776Why must there be at least one screaming annoying kid on board every flight? Whenever I board an air…[View]
177071425Literally me in my country[View]
177072706Honest thoughts on airplane truffle za?[View]
177072134Do I pass as a local in your country?[View]
177072278>this makes brown peepo fall down to their knees and start worshipping[View]
177070524You're not actually racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic and transphobic, right?[View]
177068474Are Georgians proud of him?[View]
177072394Traditional Korean neighborhoods were all destroyed and replaced with commieblocks by Korean 'conser…[View]
177072187Im gonna go to canada commit crime and take welfare because I can and its revenge for what they did …[View]
177072282>told my femboy bf he will never be a real woman >he beats the shit out of me >tells me to …[View]
177069583/brit/: Mousenonce edition[View]
177072512Who do you support? 1. A literal Jew 2. A literal Gujjew[View]
177072136I'm Canadian.[View]
177069921Why is this website dying[View]
177072462Do you like the sauna in your country?[View]
177072444Why are american black people so neurotic? I found this account which is some negro who ONLY posts a…[View]
177070775One of my knuckles has significantly less hair than the others.[View]
177043057ITT: You have to learn the language poster below you[View]
177070695does this happen to dogs from your country ??[View]
177071288China is collapsing[View]
177071525Why are there so many young Chinese firms popping up everywhere?: I've looked at the 300 compan…[View]
177072199If Pajeets hate Abrahamic religions so much, why do they worship and love Jews so much, the creators…[View]
177071798why werent spain and portugal united into one country?[View]
177072235What are your thoughts on the future of your country in the 2030s? Are there any specific positive t…[View]
177065715Latest data on the crime rate in Mexico.[View]
177071244Favorite albums in your country?[View]
177071520It's over[View]
177069369>your cuntry >your favorite cerveza flag Coors Banquet…[View]
177071949what can 10 of my money but in you're cunt?[View]
177070472White Privilege. Is it still a thing?: I haven't been to west side of the world. So I didn…[View]
177071493Hey Greeks: How does it feel to know that people everywhere are spreading the “le gay Greeks XDDDDDD…[View]
177070436Does your /cunt/ have a state that nobody like to talk about?: >Flag Yes. Picrel…[View]
177068017>i suffer in murica[View]
177070691Male feminists be like[View]
177071512Why are american teachers like this?[View]
177070367Could you love a mentally ill hapa girl with a sadistic violent streak?[View]
177057695/int/'s thoughts on Chinese people? (please be somewhat respectful)[View]
177071328How often do you consume /int/ernational culture in your country?[View]
177068893There aren't enough words in the world to describe how much I hate this country, how much I hat…[View]
177071568Do you ponder what it would be like to impregnate a black woman in your country?[View]
177070058im drunk texting her again /int/els, i fucked up[View]
177071513Are they Americans or Latinos?[View]
177071459How do I get an Albanian gf?[View]
177071345Do Ameripoors really?[View]
177070435What do modern Egyptians think of the pyramids?[View]
177071740There's an American song about their cuck dreams of being invaded by Arabs and tunred to Muslim…[View]
177065892what happens here[View]
177071120Is interpals dead? I remember it used to be common around here, haven’t really heard of it in a whil…[View]
177071340>when the based and politically incorrect tradwife refuses to put on a strap-on and fuck your ass…[View]
177069888Are city people considered Tourists in your /cunt/?: >Flag Yes. If you live in a city and you vi…[View]
177070862This country fucking sucks, i wish i live in some extraverted country like the US instead of this sh…[View]
177064936Sverigetråden: Nattupplagan[View]
177069384What's the difference between Arabs and Berbers in these countries? I've heard that they…[View]
177069546All posters from this flag are suddenly gone, Did Government cracked down internet or we opened the …[View]
177070947ITT: we post doors in our country[View]
177071228what do they do???[View]
177070848treat my mom with respect or there will be consequences[View]
177065832What are some downsides of your cunt?[View]
177071173What's going to happen to America when King Dollar dies bros?[View]
177069733Why are they so unbelievably obsessed with Canada? Why is it that Surrey and Brampton are two of the…[View]
177069275Why are meds such as shitalians like this? all of them look like north africans and are equally dumb…[View]
177071185Scythian Girlfriend: One day I will travel to South Ossetia where the Alan's live and meet a ni…[View]
177069847Why do Desi wash their feet in the sinks at truck stops? What in the fuck[View]
177071102i am about to take a shower. i like to shower at night, before bed, so i can go to sleep feeling cle…[View]
177070710What do you think about the characteristic Korean phenotype of square face with prominent jaw?[View]
177068557holy shit[View]
177065753Does this happen in your country?[View]
177067161What's your international dream?: My dream is to marry a Bolivian princess to have 10 children …[View]
177070461Americans: why do they think foreigners should >listen to American music >watch American telly…[View]
177065926How many of you burgermen are european mystery meat?[View]
177069789city, japan[View]
177063418/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
177070447Is there any more perfectionist society?[View]
177052920-your country -do you think that Jay Z should be in jail for dating Beyonce when she was 19 and he w…[View]
177066240show us your most played songs anon[View]
177069636A question for non-americans: do you listen country music? I noticed that the most of americans even…[View]
1770701111.Your country of origin 2.Could you kill and obese American with your bare hands in mortal kombat?[View]
177069782Zhangbros... Our wolf-warrior diplomacy wasn't supposed to go this way...[View]
177069135a lot of the border patrol agents are hispanic so it's quite funny when the agents detain other…[View]
177070210what's the Köppen climate classification of your city?[View]
177069787I watch Finnish documentaries. Does this happen in your country? Recommend Finnish documentaries.[View]
177063520Are you too scared to even like girls on dating apps in your country? Is it over for you in your cou…[View]
177064321Are you blackpilled in your cunt?: I'm blackpilled in my cunt[View]
177066917What are your excuses for being currently single in your country[View]
177070199Lai Đại Hàn: (男來)大韓[View]
177070379I'm actually not an incel.: Does this happen jn your nation? Not to brag about it, but I can ge…[View]
177070324What is the best translator app?[View]
177069842Tight Vietcong pussy[View]
177066726Why this nigger cry so hard about China?[View]
177070290Latino daddies...[View]
177064899Even actual Mexicans speak Spanglish now, it's not just Chicanos anymore.[View]
177070022Good evening[View]
177070117Is being French a dehumanising label?[View]
177046779/dixie/ - southern US + friends[View]
177068967is assisted ACKing legal in your cunt?[View]
177061308France has fallen: It's over.[View]
177070079should biden offer citizenship to illegal mexians on the condition that they become cute fembois and…[View]
177067875Former TV star in bikini!: Hayden Panettiere was in American TV series some 15 years ago https://www…[View]
177068539modern women…: does this happen in your country?[View]
177068970the shitalian menace needs to be stopped before she infects yet another nation. it’s happening to us…[View]
177069939how there are people who don't live in their own country? like, I couldn't live in a count…[View]
177063659Karaoke thread: Even though I am not gifted sonically I still very much enjoy the act of vocalizing …[View]
177069813Georgian dances: I have no fucking idea why, but I just love Caucasian dances so fucking much, like …[View]
177067854maybe America are right about foreskin cutting: I have foreskin and I am degenerate coomer because m…[View]
177069153Get a job[View]
177069714'From the bottom of my heart'[View]
177069723what hapenned to them? its been a while since the last time i heard about them.[View]
177068886What if the west adopted Asian culture instead of the opposite?[View]
177069645I jate church organisations: & their establishments shoupd be burnt down.[View]
177068220>Russian makes fun of the US for losing to goat herders >bring up the Soviet war in Afghanista…[View]
177068338Thank you Finland for all the best metal bands. I kneel.[View]
177066802Are most of Christians in Canada and Australia Catholics? How?? I thought they were mostly Protestan…[View]
177069437Why is Hollywood portraying the Russian language as so weird? Here in the picture there is literally…[View]
177068233The brutal honest truth is the average person doesn't know shit about most of the countries of …[View]
177064458what do normies in your country think about this thing?[View]
177067523ESL test: Do you know what this everyday object is called?[View]
177069357>iraqis pray to george w bush before supper[View]
177061067Where is your country's empty belt? The lands untainted by 'civil'ization.[View]
177069113i flushed my life down the shitter[View]
177068856does your cunt have a flagception?[View]
177067750how hard is to live in Switzerland with an EU passport? is it worth it?[View]
177068313Are there really Russians on the internet?[View]
177067230Why do they hate Muslims when 30% of their fellow Indians as well as their genetic/cultural brothers…[View]
177069050Do you get offended when people insult your country online?[View]
177068952Why does he have beef with us?[View]
177068989>What the fuck did you just say about the special military operation?[View]
177068874Be honest: Do you know what the English word 'covetously' means without googling it?[View]
177064645Why do westernised Asian girls turn out ok but the guys are always spergs?[View]
177066364Are young housemaids common in your country?[View]
177068880Russia was the last european country to abolish serfdom, having done so in 1861. Tibet is believed …[View]
177068748HEY BRAZIL[View]
177068855/med/: /med/ can't sleep edition. i think i'm gonna start going for night drives[View]
177068490does this happen in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5n7RRKgDog[View]
177067065post memes from your country[View]
177066341Is this a fairly small amount of food for average-sized person in your cunt?[View]
177067027honestly, why are italians, spaniards, etc, so fucking disgusting? they are low iq, lazy, corrupt, b…[View]
177067410Korea has a HUGE advantage over Japan because Japan is an insular island, meanwhile Korea is outward…[View]
177067889What's stopping you from buying property in Puerto Rico now that we're going extinct?[View]
177061172Varg is back on Twitter.: Do people get unbanned from Twitter in your country? https://twitter.com/W…[View]
177068050This is a new upcoming Chinese show named 'Shadow Diver': Why are Asians so obsessed with European a…[View]
177068647It's impossible to be fluent in more than 4-5 languages.[View]
177053267/sauna/: tv-tuoli painos[View]
177065728Are they the main character?[View]
177068657extremely fun park ride: they are jamming to the good music in the funpark too bad we cant hear it b…[View]
177068472>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
177068549The United States is a cultureless glorified, oversized corporate shopping mall masquerading as a na…[View]
177068303>watch border immigration video >bunch of white europeans and indians crossing ??????…[View]
177066099I love drugs more than life itself.[View]
177061786How are female journalists in your country?[View]
177068148>female to male[View]
177068378when an asberger becomes the strongest: one of the strongest men in the world but he has asbergers…[View]
177068289Do you like Champagne rosé ? Me I like[View]
177067631>70% of Africans now live in a country where armed conflict and other violence is worse than it w…[View]
177068185Japanese men look like THIS!?[View]
177067743>europeans used to build whole stadiums just so they could watch humans kill each other, for spor…[View]
177068254what happens to american loyalists?: How actually hard is it for an American to emigrate back ? How …[View]
177068329I have decided to go insane[View]
177066995>Germany is saf- Woaw! What the fuck!? Explain this to me German bros???…[View]
177068232Alright faggots, which language should disappear completely from this planet? I would say >Dutch …[View]
177068143what do italians think of the sopranos?[View]
177067851>american expat neighbor keeps asking me 'where are I'm REALLY from'…[View]
177057766/Lat/ - Hilo Latino: Edicion Hora de trabajar boomer[View]
177065031I am scared of mass shootings and police brutality. Why is America so dangerous[View]
177027622/desi/: dudu edyshun[View]
177062881What are your thoughts on sissy boomers and MEF fetishists weirdos? pic related[View]
177068237international conspiracies: What is your cunt's biggest /x/-pill?[View]
177061858things to never say to belgians![View]
177067962I heard America used to own the Phillipines, is that true? Why'd we control them? And were we c…[View]
177066544i wonder if mexicans would get cuter if we stopped exporting this shit to them.[View]
177064489>so many foreign students in my uni >they're actually really nice people >i get along …[View]
177065263Did you know Fukuoka, a particularly innovative city in Japan, is using AI to fight organized crime?…[View]
177035028/ישר/ /isr/: מהדורת משילות בנגב[View]
177067850only new worlders allowed itt: >country >surname >Iberians, Anglos, French or Dutch? Terra …[View]
177064155You won a 2 weeks travel to one of these 4 places. What do you choose ?[View]
177065364Cannot suffer[View]
177066811Did Europe really steal all their technology from China? I thought it was the other way around.[View]
177065787Philippines is a Third World Shithol--: APOLOGIZE! Thais are moving to Philippines en masse for a be…[View]
177067735Why are they like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKdn4tV4kzc[View]
177066305Why is the shape of China so beautiful?: As God decided to give lands to the chinese people, he drew…[View]
177066826>make wholesome thread >a wild polchud appears…[View]
177065508American women are being raped by illegal latino immigrants[View]
177067441The Duke of Sussex is fucking a black woman and deatroying the reputation of the Royal Family from t…[View]
177067017Want albanian gf. But will her brother kill me?[View]
177066514How do Americans fill up 12 years of history classes with like a 200 year old nation Ignore flag, I …[View]
177056869Can you drink milk in your country?[View]
177064138What's your country's closest equivalent to the civil rights movement?: Americans need not…[View]
177066417delayed new year[View]
177064411what happens here /int/? pls educate me. in my poor tropical village, we have no access to books or …[View]
177067411To hell with women[View]
177067432Should I to move to east Germany and become a caregiver?[View]
177065815Is your country comfy?[View]
177067305What were the best and worst cities you've ever visited? (Both in your country and abroad)?[View]
177067337based Abe[View]
177067232Whats the cause for italians and their similars to look like putrid corpses in decay? They have dark…[View]
177066579/mex/ - Hilo mexicano[View]
177064260Is it possible in your country to take time off from work to study at a language school in a differe…[View]
177067082What do you think of Somalis in your country?[View]
1770663261 Dutchman vs all of Austria: The result may surprise you[View]
177056583/balk/: Greek Boys Edition prev:>>177041124[View]
177065550https://youtu.be/YGzQTjvrC2o Is the historically accurate?[View]
177064412When will they become a super power?[View]
177066425Post music from your cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nc98GQ-BXU https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
177059275there is nothing wrong with irredentism, only low t fags will argue against it[View]
177066446Why do you hate your country and its people[View]
177059202What's next for him?: Where should he go?[View]
177066756What do you call a 'garage' in your language, /int/? Do you have a place to keep your car …[View]
177066368Why are greeks still not done building this yet after 2000 years?[View]
177063817Come to latin america, white man.[View]
177066464donuts or doughnuts in your country?[View]
177048054>you enter the sauna[View]
177066641>RETARDED white monkey orders slop in perfect guwampongese: owner and patrons SHOCKED…[View]
177056131I browse the Chinese internet often (Weibo, bilibili, zhihu, etc) and every time there’s a post or n…[View]
177066627there's no place I'd rather be than on a surfboard out at sea lingering in the ocean blue …[View]
177065052Ich. Bin. Gegangen.: Durch die Welt gegangenganggang sign. I've been trying to make it. Gang…[View]
177065010Do you smoke weed in your country?[View]
177060865I have a question: Why is the notion of 'freedom' more important than, say, peace, well-being (basic…[View]
177064501macht mal /Wehrdienst/ bei der /Bundeswehr/ jetzt - Ausgabe[View]
177066083brown or white?[View]
177063731What are your favorite thirdie countries? Why?[View]
177066379kek, 'Nigga moment' is on the Wikitionary.[View]
177062994Go to bed European, Mena, African, and Indian[View]
177063836I believe Brazil is cursed: Is this true?[View]
177065776How bad is crime in your country? England is very bad, I'm scared to leave the house, constant …[View]
177064303Parked Domain Girl: Did your cunt have this image on all the ads on the web back in the 00s? Also wh…[View]
177064377What's worse for your brain, Tiktok or 4chan?[View]
177065168Do you think British girls are pretty?[View]
177046708Έλληνες ανώνυμοι, παρουσιαστείτε![View]
177065425This is Li Shuo, an ethnic Manchu that used to promote Manchu separatism before becoming a PRC hyper…[View]
177061649What are your current goals in your country?[View]
1770650811. Your country. 2. Do you believe he did nothing wrong?[View]
177062299Have you ever met anyone from the internet? Europeans seem to do it all the time due to cheap travel…[View]
177058247I wonder what the political landscape of Latin America will look like in a couple years when the Mes…[View]
177063736Good morning sirs, is your country played in Civ yes?[View]
177065803I date a skinny girl in a coutry known for big butts and thick women, which is something I feel not …[View]
177030315/med/: Nice edition.[View]
177065432my life would be so much better if i had a CANADIAN gf[View]
177053945>year 2000+23 >the european union still hasn't found a common language that isn't en…[View]
177065213Do they exist in your country? Have you had any interactions with them[View]
177059942What is your honest and true opinion of Australia[View]
177065591I don't care about Colleen Hoover. Yet, she is flooding the libraries of my countris with her t…[View]
177065410I want to be filled with American cum[View]
177054194/bra/ fio brasileiro: edição: >/v/ anterior: >>177044431[View]
177065296My inner voice speaks english way better than me[View]
177044407your country your Hogwarts house[View]
177064999>there’s literally a city in china called Chong Ching[View]
177055588/ita/ - il filo: Edizione questa battuta può essere compresa solo da 1 persona su 10[View]
177064823I feel so embarrassed when I remember our philo-American fevers[View]
177063082is there some kind of friendly rivalty between these two kings?[View]
177064961How common are ghosts in your country?: What ghosts have you or people you know seen?[View]
177060838I hate my parents Does this happens in your country?[View]
177065363What went so right?[View]
177043656Would these Lebanese pass as locals in your country?[View]
177063096>'The West drew the borders of Central Europe without any moral concern. Just as they drew the bo…[View]
177059245Opinions on Filipino diaspora?[View]
177065295Who was in the right here?[View]
177062892Sometimes frightens me to think that we're a nation of barely 25 million whites and just to our…[View]
177065076The United States of America? More like the United States of Shaniquamerica.[View]
177065658Why are we like this? Are Philippinos truly in a position to insult anybody?[View]
177062641Why is it so easy to tell that the guy in the middle is a bulb head somali?[View]
177062370Does this happen in your country?[View]
177063181Do you have a pet in your country?[View]
177061304Y'all niggas need to go outside asap.[View]
177065074thank you italy[View]
177063129You wake up in Ottoman Lebanon in 1900 >wat do?[View]
177060770leafs should be rangebanned.[View]
177065046How physically and mentally ill are you in your country[View]
177056719German language: Poland = Polen Polish people = Polen[View]
177064665Do you have freckles?[View]
177062822>TOTAL SHITALIAN DEA- OH! *whacks you*[View]
177042615>tell a german 'See you later' >he asks what time…[View]
177064669Are men autistic?[View]
177061578How many academy award nominations has your country received?[View]
177050341post thing your country used to be about[View]
177062065Imagine if /int/ had voice calls in every thread. How would ESLs cope?[View]
177063115What are /int/ mating ritual songs? Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69JAoslGYI8 Russia: http…[View]
177051133/polska/: edycja kociouszokuniopaszek[View]
177046124what is your country doing to protect white people against persecution?[View]
177063407How old do you have to be to drive a car in your country?[View]
177058890Tell me it's all going to be ok /int/[View]
177062498México, i love you[View]
177063725Music is healing my soul. Does that happen in your country? Post your soul healing (and hope restori…[View]
177058693/deutsch/: Ausgabe der GF (friede sei mit ihr)[View]
177062877Funfact: Brazil's national anthem lyrics are written like it's Master Yoda saying stuff. T…[View]
177043020/mena/ - شأشأ: طبعة أهل الكرم والطيبة[View]
177064223Filipinos have never done a bad thing: They must be a holy people[View]
177054660kurva anyátok[View]
177063539John Cameron Urschel (born June 24, 1991) is a Canadian-American mathematician, former professional …[View]
177059541How bad is transphobia in your country? Uk extremely bad even Scotland is taking the terf pill now![View]
177063883Is it true that people with indigenous appearance are discriminated in South America? Or at least co…[View]
177064019I ordered 3 Italian cheeses in Carrefour delivery. Carrefour does a special Italian week. I will do …[View]
177055294Australia anons, is this true?[View]
177063984Sex with Chinese women[View]
177062903Are athletes considered healthy individuals in your country?[View]
177061989What’s a minority in your country that people obsess over due to history: Examples: America-Black Pe…[View]
177059593can Europe be white again? or is it actually too late?[View]
177061731/brit/: McD's edition[View]
177051376>be east asian >worship a pajeet >be racist to pajeets at the same time Why are they liek t…[View]
177050866/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
177063193>Watch an Italian German series >The bad guy is a crazy catholic French inquisitor, rapist, wh…[View]
177063054>russian intellectuals[View]
177052468Who said only big tech and oil companies are big ? Thanks to the French skill, LVMH becomes the most…[View]
177059072Sverigetråden - Nattmattupplaggan[View]
177059883High School?: Is it a big deal in your cunt?[View]
177055728Is Europa finally coming to her senses?[View]
177060656whats going on in germany, why are germans stabbing eachother[View]
177059119>i suffer in sexico[View]
177062500Are you religious in your country?[View]
177063255Is pretending to be a fox during rectal sexual intercourse involving a fake fox tail from Aliexpress…[View]
177063251What is their end game exactly? And for common courtesy on /int/, what happens here?[View]
177063064I fixed France.: Don't thank me. Nuke all the country to ground to turn the land into a big oce…[View]
177061577never ask a sikh to remove his turban[View]
177061898When I get btfo or out argued in a thread, I leave and report the thread, then hide it. Has this hap…[View]
177062401I unironically support open borders in my country, along with cuts to welfare. Immigrants are a posi…[View]
177063243Do you play custom campaigns in your country? Name of you link them[View]
177061219The IK OOKS built a car[View]
177049730>average 22 y/o Asian woman how can white women compete?[View]
177062464Israel and Ukraine I get as the USA is their vassal, but brazil? What's your problem you cracke…[View]
177062780Another day, another victory against pornberg Stay strong and preserve your vril anons Good night[View]
177062623Is WMBF becoming more popular in your country? Every TikTok post and every black girl I see IRL is u…[View]
177062571>Indian pair of Rohan Bopanna (1.93cm) and Sania Mirza in the XD Australian Open final Indians ar…[View]
177062577Are British women seen as beautiful in your country?[View]
177059118The following dubs are brought to you courtesy of SVERIGE[View]
177060640i hate yanks[View]
177058755Why doesn't anglos have name difference to distinguish if aunts, uncles and grandparents are on…[View]
177059657Whose side are you on? Poland or Argentina?[View]
177062199what is a reasonable price for 3 tacos and a pop where you live? I would say probably $11[View]
177057022What is your phone wallpaper right now?[View]
177063341>Chaos ensued at a premier university in India’s capital after stones were pelted at students who…[View]
177056905Do Mexicans eat avocado toast?[View]
177058763This is an average french male.[View]
177060508their country will burn tomorrow. steets of malmo will be red from kaffir blood[View]
177057278Look at how cute this angry danejak is Lol!![View]
177062102What happens in Kuwait?[View]
177056891post song of your land heres mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOChT0LiOOs[View]
177061656Why are you spending your life on the internet in your country[View]
177058654>we have to divide into tiny nation-states of barely distinguishable ethnic groups because... we …[View]
177059765French vaginas are like forests: They are unshaved natural hairy and since they are not washed like …[View]
177058268>You will have US citizenship but you need to work as roughneck at least 3 years. Y/N?…[View]
177057480Somalia is not a small country.[View]
177061619pick up that can[View]
177060067/brit/: Kebab edition[View]
177057888can brown people suffer?[View]
177060266I just found out Americans go to jail if they cross the street... It's literally illegal for th…[View]
177057325this swede will burn quran again tomorrow: we warned you infidels about burning our holy book you do…[View]
177061050The median google salary is $300k The average is even higher I fucked up bad going civil engineering[View]
177061297Post vending machines from your country[View]
177060207Gun to your head: was this man born in Casablanca or Madrid?[View]
177061481>6 months since i installed tiner >only 2 matches >1 is a bot >other is a tranny with h…[View]
177059005Japanese cards are so cute, they look like they are for big guys but they are so small[View]
177061393>I, a black man, will never have sex with a Kazakh, Syrian, or Turkish woman…[View]
177057506How common are natural blondes in your country?[View]
177061165Is the pee stored in the balls?: >pic unrel In your country of course.…[View]
177056657What happened to Old Zealand[View]
177060240>Turks in Balkans look like this. >Balkanoids want to remove her. NATO 1999 was the best thing…[View]
177040264/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition du rêve Français Ancien : >>177033276[View]
177061043Every time I see a Malay username on FIFA I make sure to go full tryhard and thrash the hell out of …[View]
177053287Sudaca bros....they are coming...it is over...[View]
177060744Being around brown people makes you happy And that's a FACT Why do you think suicide rates are …[View]
177060214I'm back from my Japanese buddhist temple. The priest gave me consecrated water and a kind devo…[View]
177059094This is how Rus people looked like thousand years ago. What happened?[View]
177060707>foreigners don't have spelling tests[View]
177060959Have passport bros (black men who travel to other countries to fuck women) made it to your homeland …[View]
177057314Vill you eat ze bugs in your cunt?[View]
177055531This is my homeland :)[View]
177049916>text girl I've been dating: 'been thinking about you x' >she hasn't replied and it…[View]
177057886>tell a German 'See you later' >he asks what time…[View]
177059167What is this?[View]
177058797have you ever considered eating a pige?[View]
177056521Tfw no scottish gf[View]
177060352What are your thoughts on dating Jewish girls?[View]
177053593/deutsch/: >der angriff steiners konnte nicht erfolgt werden ausgabe…[View]
177053905>men’s beauty standards: be not fat. >apparently this is too much for women…[View]
177060606It is impossible to suffer in Germany.[View]
177056967Sex is the only thing that matters, claiming otherwise is a cope. We exist to reproduce, if you die …[View]
177056291Oi love, fancy a shag?[View]
177060502>Be not afraid, brown man, I care little for the female vagina, I am white. Does this happen in y…[View]
177060014>americans get paid for just living in a comfy state It's impossible to suffer in the U.S.…[View]
177056870ive always wanted to travel to europe but now i think it would be demoralizing/scary to do so becaus…[View]
177058389> go to nearby town (90,000 people) > see black man with brown daughter > tfw day ruined …[View]
177060053Just when you thought nordic food couldn't get any worse https://www.the-sun.com/sport/5045417/…[View]
177060163Let me tell you a story /int/ One time I went to one of the small cities kinda close to Barcelona (b…[View]
177031636/ex-yu/: Decak koji je vikao bolan frajer ti se bacio izdanje[View]
177055538London features a humid temperate oceanic climate (Cfb). This gives the city cool winters, warm to h…[View]
177048456Wtf is this bullshit fake news? How is China and India not polarized? But America, SK and Japan are?…[View]
177057995/brit/: Paki gurl edition[View]
177057971Italian looks but a Slavic guy![View]
177052815Are Iranians a white race?: I know that the word Iran means the land of the Aryans. But on the news,…[View]
177058880Exotic cuties. Italian, amerindian, portuguese[View]
177059999Do you have brunettes who look like this in your country?[View]
177059945the mere sight of these two flags causes more asspain than every other flag combined[View]
177059360why do Canadians hate America so much? I thought they were supposed to be friends[View]
177057086How come they have never done anything wrong?[View]
177056606What is your favorite city/place in Germany?[View]
177059808millions of italian sbrowner than hre[View]
177051278What's the most popular empanada filling in your country?[View]
177059581Italy is the Mexico of Europe. They even have the same flag.[View]
177059016This board is literally chatgpt bots talking with each other It has been this way for years already …[View]
177057358could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
177052865Hahaha so true[View]
177058425You wake up in Greece: 700 BC, what's your next path?[View]
177058150This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
177057802Did you know that Russia is less islamophobic than Sweden? Wow![View]
177054786What is their culture?[View]
177055964>age >your country >your tag…[View]
177053415Rate my Chinese / language learning methods: 1) New vocab: Textbook / TV shows / Chinese Podcast 2)…[View]
177059523Live your myth in Peru.[View]
177056255vgh... switzerland of the east[View]
177054602why are these guys such attetion whores? 90% of the threads about their country are made by themselv…[View]
177057185>Took dna test turns out im related to Adam and Eve >guess we're just a really big famil…[View]
177052584Does your country have monkeys?[View]
177054970sverigetråden blattens upplaga: ey suedi har du cigg jao?[View]
177058470I will pillage your lands and dwellings I will burn your crops and make merry sports with your more …[View]
177055594/brit/: Rikers Island edition[View]
177058777Iranian women... I kneel... FOR MARRIAGE[View]
177056205>applied to my local Aldi >get a call from Germany about my application…[View]
177057692>French Police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu9rw6m6fjg[View]
177054414I admit it, I worship Hungary just for its politics.[View]
177057610>be me >hungry >eat taco >not hungry anymore…[View]
177057132Would you give Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia women a chance?[View]
177058508You will never be Swedish[View]
177056042Balkans bros, do it be like this?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JJSd9hry9uM[View]
177055191>current year was 7 years ago Bros…[View]
177055333Their pussies dont smell[View]
177058398>public transportation, elsewhere :/ >public transportation, USA :o…[View]
177057729/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
177054616another thursday gone another step closer to being richer than shitalians and asspaniards[View]
177057405This board practices Poland erasure[View]
177051105/polska/: moja edycja[View]
177053718Aryans killed this[View]
177040156/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
177057796/balk/ - Balkan Thread: OLD >>177041124 Fuck the propaganda poster from Macedonia. Fuck him ed…[View]
177044395>into genealogy >actualy good at this (family search scanned a shitload of documents, you just…[View]
177057420I want to visit Germany just to act the most brazilian way all the time so the cute german girls loo…[View]
177042701how much you pay for phone and home internet in you're cunt?[View]
177054022ITT: We Say Something Nice About Russia: Dostoïevski is a great writer.[View]
177054350Do ukrainians have comfy slavic culture like russians do? Should russia dissappear, could they be a …[View]
177053795Do 'progressives' do this in your cunt?: government thing good, just not for us though.[View]
177057434it's 00:41 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
177050342Your dream of moving to Japan finally becomes true but you must become a buddhist monk (or nun), whi…[View]
177054234When I was a teenager a bag of chips was fucking 99cents. Now they're $2.69, almost 3 dollars a…[View]
177056305I was crushing it on Duolingo but quit because I wasn't learning language rules, just sentences…[View]
177057485DNA/Family tree thread: Post yours[View]
177047581Do brazilians dream about living in portugal?[View]
177057471Asia has officially been BLACKED: BLACK influence has NOTHING BEYOND THEIR REACH https://youtu.be/1A…[View]
177056049Inflation: How is the inflation affecting you in your country? A visit to the supermarket drives me …[View]
177047969I only consider Anglophones: to be human. I feel nothing but contempt for people who don't spea…[View]
177057075Does this happen in your country?[View]
177056243What do you eat at breakfast in your country?: I eat bread most of the times.[View]
177057239>tell american 'see you burger' >he asks what kind…[View]
177057388This is a 10/10 in Shartistan[View]
177056983Thoughts about the real Top Gun Maverick >Each russian jet destroyed 25 american jets Kkkkkk Amer…[View]
177054942Uhmmm... What the FUCK, Poland???[View]
177054207/mex/ - hilo mex[View]
177054594Who the fuck thought this was a good idea to build a line so goddamn long? What the fuck.[View]
177050976do you love Indonesia?[View]
177056893Together we do the SNEEDFUL[View]
177056821as an american you can go anywhere in europe, africa, asian, and latin america, pull our your passpo…[View]
177056054>As a child, I suffered a lot due to what the Banderites did to us. But I have no grudge against …[View]
177056163do you use dehumanizing or hurtful labels in everyday speech?[View]
177056748happens in your cunt?: >incestflix: [MS] [Subtitled][View]
177056414>download tinder >basic instathots for miles or very unattractive women Does this happen in yo…[View]
177054218i always thought there are no slurs for germans >nazi >boring, everyone is called that >kra…[View]
177049445Friendly reminder that Vietnam is East Asian, not SEA. Any source that says otherwise is a psyop.[View]
177055449The united states ambassador just accused my father of being friendly with Hezbollah but I know for …[View]
177054263have you noticed a continuing degradation in the quality of your country's online discussion an…[View]
177056508For me? Its the English roses...[View]
177049968/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Orsini è davvero attraente[View]
177054570Do wypipo really?[View]
177054554Ameribros...: Its about to drop below 56%[View]
177055992if there's anything the Soviets truly deserved winning in, it's the Music scene. Russians …[View]
177042139How do you score pussy in your cuntree? I managed to invite 2 pretty French girls to go out drinking…[View]
177056007>R1b is italo-celtic >I1 is germanic >R1a is slavic >oh and I2 is... uhh... slavic too! …[View]
177056002Scandinavia for Saami. Germanoid immigrunts need to return to the mainland. Finnoid larper whitoids …[View]
177053003/brit/: vegan krunk night edition[View]
177054409Why are firsties like this?[View]
177055468Do your genes predispose you to learn certain languages better over others? Or is that too far-fetch…[View]
177053171>Get in the car boy, we're saving Latinx civilization would you?[View]
177053926name my crew[View]
177051767>Even nerdy looking guys can dance in Latin America If you can't dance in Latin America it…[View]
177054847what does it say?: >https://files.catbox.moe/t92wga.mp4[View]
177049435>The first Latinx Pope >Literally the worst Pope…[View]
177052255what are some embarrassing international things you learned later than you should have? until a few …[View]
177052643Do people in your cunt feel sympathy towards those who with Frenchiness?[View]
177046554Why are Dutch women like this?[View]
177055388i'd really like to visit Thailand[View]
177054514why did chariot racings popularity fall off, looks entertaining imo[View]
177053408Do you have cat in you’re cunt tree?[View]
177053866Elle est arrivée, votre copine française. Quoi maintenant?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLVwA4Yq…[View]
177054502>tfw I see someone speaking Kikongo[View]
177054670have you ever interacted with an israeli female?[View]
177055336I love sami people[View]
177049728Sverigetråden - Stapediusupplagan[View]
177051392do NOT mess with americans, eurosissies they are STRONG[View]
177055288Admit it,: >My heart is like an open highway >Like Frankie said, 'I did it my way'…[View]
177055065why did these motherfucking nazis kill 6000000 jews: and how come they're allowed to shit talk …[View]
177049963New war just dropped, who are you rooting for in your cunt? >flag >Tutsi BVLLS…[View]
177055134>too ugly to find a girl >too ugly to be a girl Being ugly is the scariest of excuses.…[View]
177054329is it over in your country?[View]
177053918Why do portugese people have no S*x: I only meet 2 portugese girls in Germany, not much portugese pe…[View]
177054896Nords are asian[View]
177028434kurva anyátok[View]
177054470How do you pronounce 'Il a un an' in french[View]
177054605What did your Japanese wife cook for you today?[View]
177051205In the piece, he outlines how Eastern Europeans could be used as 'manpower' in upcoming conflicts to…[View]
177028277/norgetråden/: Dere skal alle i gulag fordi dere lot tråden dø-utgave Forrige: >>177009958 …[View]
177044431/bra/ fio brasileiro: Edição /o/ >>177024855[View]
177054057>In America black milf kweens beg you to breed them You simply can't suffer in USA…[View]
177051428Explain, dutchies.[View]
177054237BRICS pulling Eswatini into its sphere: cents add up the dollars even in geopolitics[View]
177050527I made this my background image. Cringe or based?[View]
177051638>half american hey fuck you japan[View]
177053624let's say you wanted to go on a 10 minute walk alone at 11pm around your neighbourhood. what is…[View]
177054071TOTAL SHITALIAN DEATH: greasy manlet chimpanze wops.. i will KILL EVERY SINGLE BALDING SHITALIAN RAT…[View]
177053666AP News has declared being French is a mental illness.[View]
177052316>103 days until Eurovision[View]
177053596/nederdraad/: Lieve vrouwen editie[View]
177053912Well, are there?[View]
177050003What is your country consensus in black bodysuits?[View]
177053634/int/tv/: Post one kino from ur cunt[View]
177053650What did they mean by this?[View]
177051349what. the. FUCK.[View]
177053721Live your myth in Nana Plaza, Bangkok[View]
177053299Everyone smoke's here Even 12 year old girls Does this also happen in your country[View]
177047073Why do Turkish men hate Turkish women?[View]
177048757/deutsch/: noch ne Militärausgabe, aber diesmal schweizerische Kampfjets[View]
177047851Dit you know that peepol of color season dey food becouz to hide rotten meat?[View]
177052863Why are firsties like this? what went wrong?[View]
177053429>make a holocaust joke on /int/ >german starts lecturing me YOU’RE THE ONE WHO DID IT…[View]
177050060Tell me /int/, why are indians like this?[View]
176996973/asean/: Village edition[View]
177052998A BASED MAN: In the piece, he outlines how Eastern Europeans could be used as 'manpower' in upcoming…[View]
177052693>get older >begin to feel my friends are boring losers with nothing interesting to say does th…[View]
177053316What do you call 64 Americans in one room? A full Cherokee[View]
177050325They will be about 50% protestant by 2030.[View]
177047953/brit/: Black Boy Lane edition[View]
177051027Did you know that Finland is the land of a thousand lakes?[View]
177053160My big brother's girlfriend traveled to Peru for a whole month, alone. I kinda lost my respect …[View]
177053158An african refugee that sought Asylum in Germany was overwhelmed with joy when it was granted. He wa…[View]
177052415My surname is Abruzzese. Does this happen in your country?[View]
177053112Mi smo vojskaAllahova ZaIslam se borimo Datiživot za slobodu Nikog se ne bojimo[View]
177050752>golden gate >it's actually red[View]
177050553Racist sayings from ur cunt: Anladıysam Arab olayım. I'll be an Arab if I understand : Emphasiz…[View]
177035032Are whites superhuman?: >Scientists started to notice the extraordinary physical performance of E…[View]
177049394who are the good guys here?[View]
177045356Sverigetråden - Kaktusupplagan[View]
177050571I love all my /int/ bros irrespective of their cunt[View]
177052827How to get saved from samsara and become a Buddha: Chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo from the bottom of your…[View]
177052680a battle for the soul of usa[View]
177042409/sauna/: tisu torstai painos[View]
177051989Are they white? Serious question[View]
177052786*licks American boots*[View]
177052464what does it feel like to be american[View]
177052237Rise and shine, Europeans, rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply you've been sleeping on the…[View]
177045344usa has returned to hunter gatherer tradition[View]
177049608This was the first thing iberians saw when they landed on the jungly coasts of south america[View]
177051913>Do brown girls in your country like to wear the béret? Here in Germany I see a lot of them at th…[View]
177049735>why yes, i am turkish, how did you know?[View]
177050226dow often do you go out with your friends in your country?[View]
177051361Do you grow flowers in ur country?[View]
177048430Why are Indians racist against negroids when they look same?[View]
177046145why do latinx folks do this?[View]
177051345Swedish women are the best women in the world.[View]
177052589hackers took over my pc and locked me out now I can't log in does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177051685Curly hair = SEXO is it like this in ur cunt as well?[View]
177051918How is the weather in your country ?: I didnt see sunlight for like 3 months or so. It´s always cold…[View]
177052385Does your country have a particularly appreciated gypsy musician in your niche?: The most famous fla…[View]
177052374this is my ideology, get over it[View]
177050963/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
177028952/cum/ - canada usa mexico: March 12[View]
177051034>average Russian flag post[View]
177051059I love MÉXICO[View]
177051489do you like smoked salmon in your country?: >italy I love it[View]
177051586Thanks Italy[View]
177042359does your country have people named Xochitl?[View]
177044343Would you: live in the woods?[View]
177051559Mental illness is getting worse[View]
177031990Roasties are literally coming over to our country to kill themselves[View]
177051177You wake up in Belgian Congo, 1930s[View]
177050984Salvadorans, do you really get triggered when i eat pupusa like mexican tacos ?[View]
177050532Are 2d better than 3d in your cunt?: > read manga revolving around the world of showbiz ( decided…[View]
177051571Ɬatwa ɬax̣ami: Chaku kʰapa ukuk latam! >:([View]
177050310How close are you to giving up in your country[View]
177050622I VILL study hard and move to the US. I VILL own an AR15 and go to the range after a hard day's…[View]
177049834Did you know that Germany has a very wide selection of yoghurt flavors?[View]
177045957How do the elderly feel about your country?[View]
177038045>go to Taiwan >the women there are cute as hell, not even kidding, many of them holding hands,…[View]
177045870Do you have Big Brother in your country? https://youtu.be/z6k8eOK32Mw[View]
177050837At least we're not speaking French![View]
177051233This is what Europe used to be about[View]
177037576/Nederdraad/: Ikke rechts -editie[View]
177044846What is happening in the UK ? I only hear bad news at the moment[View]
177048961>reading Brave New World from 1932 >mfw there's a couple of BLACKED scenes in the book Do…[View]
177044340/polska/: edycja dobrego posiłku do dobrej bajki wcześniejsza: >>177038368[View]
177051119you wake up in moscow 2027[View]
177048378Southern hemisphere bros,how are you dealing with the heat?[View]
177047813read: and understand > Join[View]
177051038My thumb is swollen for no reason. I just woke up and the knuckle fucking hurts when I move it (in m…[View]
177050502would u die for america[View]
177050686>Azerbaijan’s tennis federation has called for Karen Khachanov to be sanctioned after the Russian…[View]
177050237This is the flag of Azerbaijan.[View]
177050877the country (governed by pedo war lords) that gives lectures on human rights to others[View]
177041858Imagine a world with 8 billion of nordics[View]
177046276>Namaste, anon Indianons, what do you think of Westerners who claim to be 'Buddhists' and 'Hindus…[View]
177049057You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.[View]
177048885durging ww2 Brazilian ships killed a bunch of dolphins thinking they were nazi submarines[View]
177050354>i am Croatian first, European last, I piss on your EU flag with pride. Now gibs me all your euro…[View]
177048299>TFW balding My romantic life is over before it even start[View]
177049095Is this how Polish really act?[View]
177049649Do you wish you were born in America?[View]
177050388>disproves white/indoeuropean supremacy How did they do it?[View]
177044460May the Buddha, the bodhisattvas and the Gods be with you. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo N…[View]
177050183>sex outside marriage BANNED in Indonesia >unmarried couples can't even live together Wha…[View]
177047472why do the balkans have such good cuisine[View]
177048608zoomers possibly look up to you as their elders[View]
177049913How is your country's minister of interior affairs?: Do Americans even know her? Does she even …[View]
177050162how do you focus on work in your country[View]
177050092I'm sorry Anon. I can't help you. You need to find the strength to unfuck yourself from wi…[View]
177038421For me? It's whatsapp.[View]
177044232/ita/ - il filo: Edizione i giardini della fortezza catara[View]
177050041/ita/ - il filo: edizione pittoresca precedente: >>177044232[View]
177050025Does your country have otters?[View]
177047854Making fun of a language by its meaning in another language is lame and crappy joke. All languages a…[View]
177047694I think we should talk about Aachen, Allgäu, Anklam, Aschaffenburg, Attendom and Augsburg, Bad Kreuz…[View]
177042621Haiti: How do Haitians even survive on a daily basis, where do they get the food from? Is there anyt…[View]
177049129London is the best city in the world, the capital of capitals.[View]
177047888My country is the cradle of the worst religion in human history. Tell me something bad about your cu…[View]
177048966what does a japanese women smells like?[View]
177045769Indonesian posters, is Bahasa Indonesia your second language?[View]
177046629How Latinx people love dance and party? In this video short brown Mexican men in USA dancing with wh…[View]
177029312/tr/: oralet baskısı[View]
177049290Is your country's cuisine low fat or low carb? in your country(internationally): Here is in the…[View]
177049222Are there any rich anons here?[View]
177047430Is America really this dangerous?[View]
177047461What makes Swedish companies so successful on an /int/ scale compared to other scandi countries? Are…[View]
177049449Check out my rap!!: YO! Ryubankokyo, Shukabigetsu! Chosanrishi, Kontoshozen. Toshukuken, Ikkitosen, …[View]
177048278Do you have a slum in your cunt? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_slums#/[View]
177049413>American Salary >Live in Europe Is this the New American Dream?…[View]
177048711toiletrooms: what are some cultural things your country has regarding toiletrooms. in the netherland…[View]
177037757Who is your country's best friend? >Poland Ukraine[View]
177049199What are Hutus like?[View]
177049200I should have left the internet in 2019 and stop caring about what other people think.[View]
177049021>yeah im a seventh day adventist, how could you tell[View]
177048899Two surnames >> one surname[View]
177042919its an Indan world you’re just living in it[View]
177049030Post Chads from other countries https://a.uguu.se/jRtiVrTM.mp4[View]
177046872not my words: > You are going to bang a bunch of Korean chicks aren't you > you racist p…[View]
177047671you wake up in Dubai[View]
177048853How do you celebrate Australia day in your country?[View]
177043866Should they be hold accountable for the current suffering of Latin Americans? It makes me feel bad w…[View]
177047474sers… why[View]
177048739Do guys in your country have sleeperbuilds? It means that you're jacked but you hide it wearing…[View]
177037362W*stoids really do be like this[View]
177044528/deutsch/: rüstungspolitische Ausgabe[View]
17704676030 year old Scottish man[View]
177047059All countries should balkanize. No one government should control more than 25 million population[View]
177048570Tell me everything you know about this region. Educate me. School of /int/.[View]
177043874How do you get out of your yellow fever phase[View]
177047787Will total Armenoid unity be realised within our lifetime?[View]
177045690is it over for the zoomies in your country?[View]
177043556what would your cunt look like in this photo?[View]
177045691Why do autonomous communities shit on Spain so much?. I know that in Cataluña, the whole thing has b…[View]
177036216Tell me about Chinese chuds.[View]
177048176Do koreans really not have a slur for white people the way white people have 'gook' for korean peopl…[View]
177046547Which one of these regions is going to collapse first?[View]
177044959/brit/: schizos welcome edition (part II)[View]
177048135How come a half Italian is taller and prettier than Ariana Grande. Did the nazis get it wrong? https…[View]
177047645I have a strange fascination with Poland. I've been to Warsaw once and it was not hing special …[View]
177045825Immigration to an already developed country literally only exists as a tool for megacorporations to …[View]
177047823prepare for ww3: choose your side wisely[View]
177045008Post Things You Own Made in Not-China: A lot of things are made in China. Post some things you own t…[View]
177042132Arealme.com IQ test: Do it and report back. Careful though I get the feeling that it's a piece …[View]
177045567Why are polish pipo like this[View]
177045474What is your cunt's modern culture?: flag appearently picrel[View]
177037133I present to you: The two most stubborn, conservative and arrogant countries in Europe, that make bi…[View]
177045540When a Coвeтcкaя apмия speaks, I listen. When a Coвeтcкaя apмия thinks, I stay quiet. When a Coвeтcк…[View]
177046455If countries were human, what country would this be?[View]
177047509China is dying, soon to be dead[View]
177038953Germans don't say Guten Tag anymore they say Juden Tag because they believe all Jews are good[View]
177043677Aussies won't celebrate Australia Day anymore because of MUH ABBOS: Why are Australians like th…[View]
177045119I actually want to be an Islamic preacher, preaching to international audience. Sadly, I'm too …[View]
177044201I make you the supreme dictator of South Asia, and your job is to fix it. What do you do?[View]
177047328Do people in your country die from all of these things?[View]
177043638are zoomies retvrning to tradition in your country?[View]
177047309I don't care about Colleen Hoover, get this imperialist trash out of my country[View]
177047142polish men are good[View]
177044794Do ghetto black girls like whiteboys in your country?[View]
177047013>be average westoid rentoid >make $3200/month >spend 30% on your wage cagie >you still h…[View]
177045910how black people behave in your country: /int how black people behave in your country. I've see…[View]
177040424>make an attempt at speaking *nglish >'you sound scottish' we celtic now…[View]
177044659what did you want to be when you get older in your country? i wanted to be a football player, i tra…[View]
177038727Why is Chile so dangerous for tourists? What's going on down there, /int/?[View]
177038418POORTUGAL :([View]
177042237The biggest difference between Greek and Turkish women is virginity. Greek women have their first se…[View]
177040704White girls: yay or nay?[View]
177042498Payback for Pearl Harbor: >According to court documents, witnesses said a man pulled up to the sh…[View]
177037941These two are the richest and most prosperous of the former Eastern Bloc countries. Which one would …[View]
177038379Philippines has collapsed...[View]
177042218/sauna/ skelter[View]
177046160I will not “do the needful”[View]
177036925What are cities that have way less population than you think ? Miami is only 440 000 Vancouver is 66…[View]
177046345What's your opinion of the art of our time?[View]
177046253What do Anglos sound like to you?: Like Italians sound like >bapa bopi chi namaro taro baro boopi…[View]
177043154Popular Country Generals with One Word: /asean/ - Unfunny larps with edgy retards kurva anyátok - Se…[View]
177046234>Valentino Marcos Alvero >look up the name wondering what a Mexican was doing there >turns …[View]
177046038Well I wish I was in the land of cotton Old times there are not forgotten[View]
177045893do you play board games in your country?[View]
177044524I’ve seen this image on discord talking about /pol/ most common flags. How can there be a VPN leadin…[View]
177045698Asked to parents about ancestry: >Paternal side Haitian black + Cuban black + French whoremonger …[View]
177041522How old were you when you outgrew scifi movies? I was 19.[View]
177038054Right now on spain TV: a 26 years moor entered a church with a machete and killed an old man and hur…[View]
177019796Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>176991027 Japanese Learning Thread:>>>/int/djt…[View]
177045138>North America? Nah, too cold in there, we should take the Suldaca boat instead My ancestors pro…[View]
177044108Do you love Siebenbürgen?[View]
177045827i deserve a siberian metal gf https://youtu.be/SU1apJTv94o[View]
177045568why did they just let the army take over everything in return for cheaper bread? Seems pretty short …[View]
177045380What are women like? Internationally.[View]
177045259Nobody likes a soldier until the enemy crosses over your borders.[View]
177044803Are you fit to be a good husbanto?[View]
177045594WTF SWEDEN?[View]
177044750Are they part of the westerners gang?[View]
177042135Which third world countries have the most potential in the coming decades and will finally make it? …[View]
177043793New 'toss[View]
177040800Sverigetråden - the pedophile yarn: Alle lachen gut[View]
177047574Germans look like this?[View]
177044107Why is this board so anti-White?[View]
177045349/int/ Youtube Thread: Post videos that show life in other countries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
177044631Have you ever seen an over 2m woman???[View]
177040880>just hit the gym, no one will judge you: >leave your basement >go to the gym for the first…[View]
177042342is you're cunt's police scary?[View]
177035929would this building pass in your country?[View]
177042058Why Does Japan Do This?[View]
177041960Worldwide incel ranking Notice anything?[View]
177042369/brit/: schizos welcome edition[View]
177041440I don't get this 'yellow fever' thing but I think it should come to a stop. It's…[View]
177035057Which do you believe what japan says or Korea says? 1 K: The universal name of the Sea between Japan…[View]
177042537me no have sexx[View]
177042087I'd like to post this board without a t*rk flag. I'm ashamed about this country i don…[View]
177044721I WANT A SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHIlRy_Hmmg&ab_channel=Philflash[View]
177038696Why do white men do this?[View]
177043747Even the biggest asocial incel in that country dances better than 95% of Europeans: Whatever the rac…[View]
177036577/ita/ - il filo: edizione solare[View]
177043864Are you lover of Chinaman?[View]
177043782>make fun of /int/ poster's country >they immediately start making fun of and attacking c…[View]
177038712Your honest opinion on Turkey?[View]
177041305Is your country known for producing a specific piece of animation in particular? https://www.youtube…[View]
177038368/polska/: edycja dużego cycja cycprzednia: >>177020233[View]
177043681What is your opinion on girls with buzzcut hairstyles in your country?[View]
177043273Why a lot of Hollywood artists and elites wannabe French bourgeois and romanticize France?[View]
177043937You wake up in Czudec (city of Chud) Poland. What now?[View]
177000128/dixie/ - southern US + friends: Flaglet edish[View]
177039843I don't like white American men. Emphasis on American. Does this happen in your country?[View]
177024855/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição /x/ Anterior: >>177014371[View]
177043703/sauna/: Juutalainen painos[View]
177044032are you prepared for the Philippines century?[View]
177036878>'that's a bloody riot!' means 'that's really funny!' in angloguese Makes no sense…[View]
177039123Thirdies literally all have their own houses and housemaids yet they pretend to suffer[View]
177040420I noticed that the female name Maya or Maia is popular all over the world in different languages. Wh…[View]
177043749really makes you think[View]
177040571What do Asian girls think of guys with a body type like pic?[View]
177043390It's over[View]
177041572You are country? How do you cope?[View]
177042325it's over...[View]
177042122>North American cuisine[View]
177043602Bald eagle will confront the red dragon over Formosa[View]
177040681Who was in the right here?[View]
177043547dont worry all the hot ukraine women already fled to the west where they get fucked every weekend by…[View]
177043377In America, you don't mess with A Southern boy's family.[View]
177043337The lower class is cool, regardless of the country.[View]
177041603/int/ CYOA RPG edition: Gather around, /int/ anons and anonettes. Come let's play a CYOA text g…[View]
177041652How do you feel about World's BLACKED future?[View]
177041906This scares the American[View]
177042945Good morning, /int/ellectuals. Who is your favorite author from your country? And who is your favori…[View]
177040184Most famous Japanese musician in West Who is most famous Western musician in Japan?[View]
177043095gives you diarrhea[View]
177038857Das rite[View]
177041625Greek engineers are working hard to build new war ships, while Turkish men go to shisha bars and gos…[View]
177041022Deleted snapchat because nobody talks to me Logging out of Facebook too I’m disappearing and nobody …[View]
177026716Do people in your country drive schizomobiles?[View]
177040873Stupid waito piggu suck my dick: Stupid bitch suck my dick.[View]
177042751Why is this particular /int/eracial pairing growing faster than any other?[View]
177042448i am going to end my suffering in my country[View]
177042338Latinos should be grateful for how beautiful Latin America nature is.[View]
177042721How get used to eat bugs and other things?[View]
177040908i havent had anything to eat today because lidl is full of disguisting senior citizens until the lat…[View]
177042357based terf island[View]
177036221I was just on a walk and all of the zoomer girls I saw outside were same height or taller than me (1…[View]
177041192>I’m the storm that is approaching[View]
177039642this is the most famous mayan[View]
177037176Africans won.[View]
177039004>guy gets arrested for trying to burn down churches in Paris >think he's a nafri >he…[View]
177037760There are over 1 billion people in this region, that is roughly 1/8 of world population. Just statis…[View]
177038851What is your favorite Slavic country?[View]
177039453/brit/: umm nigga edition[View]
177009482/balk/: https://youtube.com/watch?v=x_ST0T5mOCc /balk/ anthem[View]
177040573What country makes you do this face?[View]
177035204/sauna/: samaani painos[View]
177041890Let's talk about cheating.: What do people think about cheating in your cunt? Here, men cheatin…[View]
177036886just end my suffering, please, i beg you[View]
177039867Alcobaça, Portugal: What's it like compared to the rest of Portugal? I'm curious since I h…[View]
177036639behind every legend...[View]
177034668Why are Americans so violent[View]
177041064It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on tv.[View]
177041970>My company is going to lay me off within 2 weeks It's fucking over, I thought I'd be …[View]
177041160Which are the nicest countries on /int/? Unironically Americans are nice lads despite America being …[View]
177036466what do they actually think of each other? i thought they feel only hate and disgust as they periodi…[View]
177041865How do russians live in the cold winter?[View]
177041295hungary is going to get kicked out of erasmus plus thoughts on this topic?[View]
177040532Why do Polish people say 'pola~' when they see something cute?[View]
177040959China has a handful of years left before total collapse[View]
177041840Hangul sucks[View]
177041781how have black people contributed to your cunts history?[View]
177040528oil is no longer necessary[View]
177040117greeks think that the last byzantine emperor fought to the death defending constantinople but in rea…[View]
177035702Once you go black, you never go back. But once you go Greek, even black is weak.[View]
177036370When did you take the Islampill?[View]
177037680Roman is so powerful.[View]
177038703how do religious people explain the fact that there are different religions in the world and a lot o…[View]
177036232Stop being a nihilist: You're in your current unfavorable condition because you committed a gra…[View]
177039737I always enjoyed Balk humor btw[View]
177041079what is indognesia up to, must be something what are they doing in hit island? scheming?[View]
177040069why is it 'isn't' and not 'is'nt'?[View]
177039317Does this happen in your country?[View]
177040791Italian girls are BUILT for?[View]
177040777what phenotype is this: would you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg366summoE[View]
177038700>when they hear the word 'vitamin', Americans genuinely think of candies you're su…[View]
177040485What happens here?[View]
177033660>You wake up in Turkraine.[View]
177039746Fuck Turkey: Fuck this retarded shithole.[View]
176954100/lang/ - Language Learning General: Mkhedruli edish Read the wiki: https://4chanint.fandom.com/wiki/…[View]
177038737You wish you were Chinese[View]
177039356ITT:the very best of Anglo cuisine[View]
177000352/rus/: >B Aвcтpaлии пepeд мaтчeм мeждy cepбoм Джoкoвичeм и poccиянинoм Pyблёвым бoлeльщики y cтaд…[View]
177034035name a more pointless region[View]
177040383Do you have bears in your cunt?[View]
177034159Why Turks hate themselves?: They keep rejecting their yDNA J2 racially armenoid hittitetolian roots …[View]
177009051DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3096: DJT is the best Japanese language learning shitposting thread on …[View]
177039544Swedes: Bro are you fuckers serious, even when the euro hospitality meme was going around I didn…[View]
177036151Are women built for Big Estonian Cock in your country?[View]
177038309what percentage of females do you think have sent nudes in your cunt[View]
177035277Sverigetråden - Lunchenupplaga[View]
177037901You will never be a blonde prettyboy. Why live?[View]
177040107summarize your country in one image[View]
177038906Why are people so concerned about birthrates? India is already below replacement and Africa will be …[View]
177038173is this phenotype common in your country?[View]
177038693Would you rather live in Thailand or Finland?[View]
177022989/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime amigos[View]
177038387Why Korean is clamming origine propaganda all over the world? What is exactly Korean culture then? A…[View]
177033984Right now there's a big revolution happening just like the industrial xviii - xix century one b…[View]
177036403you wake up in irkutsk[View]
177037986Please come to Connecticut.[View]
177039035I'm 27 and today I woke up at 430pm and immediately turned on the computer. I switched several …[View]
177033276/ch/ - l'helvètofil anciennement /fr/ - le francofil: Edition du matin Ancien: >>17700618…[View]
177039722Corsican nationalist music: https://youtu.be/wL4kjNSvprw https://youtu.be/IwhRU_sKZtU https://youtu.…[View]
177039825How fast ring the bells of Belfast?[View]
177031658A European would take one bite of this and explode into a million pieces[View]
177038102Are you clumsy in your country?[View]
177039774I've got a black magic woman Got me so blind I can't see That she's a black magic wom…[View]
177039432I hate the United States of America[View]
177034279/brit/: Ant and Dec edition[View]
177038257Why is their fertility rate so fucking low in the world while the gook women so fucking kawaii. Do t…[View]
177034607How do they out-jew the Jews?[View]
177037958>pov: you wake up in America[View]
177037692Do you think England will be republic country ?[View]
177038209I really, really wish I were in Europe right now. It's the greatest continent on earth.[View]
177035864Do your countrymen have dark eyebrows but light hair? Finland Yes, me included[View]
177036663Is this what an average Balkan couple looks like?[View]
177036340who is she?[View]
177038101Have you ever met someone from Indonesia in your country?[View]
177021699/ita/ - il filo: edizione ferroviaria[View]
177036935Im 219cm tall and i have permanent brain damage do you suffer from such deformities in your cunt.[View]
177029756Would you date an irish girl, /int/? Do ya like em?[View]
177038485I want to look like her and be fucked daily.: yummy cummy in my bummy[View]
177035723IT'S OVER: White women would fuck a dog but not a brown guy.[View]
177035319중국몽을 함께 하겠습니다[View]
177017358/شأشأ/ /MENA/: طبعة شنق الخناثى[View]
177037641What foods are considered goyslop in your country?[View]
177032382WTF: Euros confirmed to be officially retarded[View]
177036742Post sovlfvl pictures from your folder[View]
177038305Do you play “ next gen “ video games /int/?[View]
177033303What are the best ways to get to know international girls, especially Chinese / Japanese / Korean or…[View]
177038214This is an American church[View]
177037665is Neanderthal admixture a prerequisite for complex civilization?[View]
177030911Why does Chinese Taipei have its own flag on 4chan? Anyone else think that's kinda weird lol[View]
177020233/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
177035540How come Korea is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japan? Every asiaboo I…[View]
177037779Why negros are like this?[View]
177034180/deutsch/: Katz[View]
177029506>Hey I'm lost, do you know wheres the nearest subway?[View]
177038081>I suffer in the US[View]
177036729Could I find a gf in your country?[View]
177024741Blonde women must be preserved at all costs[View]
177038083Are people in your country poor? >Germany >Yes…[View]
177036528Thoughts about Top Gun in real life[View]
177035522What's your international opinion (in your country) on white American women?[View]
177035514Americans commenting on Ukraine war videos and comparing things from the battlefield to their experi…[View]
177037328Why is Tibet and Peru so similar despite being so far apart? Is it the high altitude?[View]
177037215All I wanna do is get high by the beach in my country[View]
177037869Why are the French so good at graffiti?[View]
177036647Oh god I wish I lived somewhere like pic related I love the way the houses look, they're just s…[View]
177036738Hong Kong: How much has Hong Kong changed culturally these last few years? Have they been converted …[View]
177037117Why do Japanese still use WW2 Nazi flag that symbolize Asian Holocaust?[View]
177035921Have you felt an increase in anxiety in your country? How are you handling it?[View]
177037559Ich hasse es, imperiale Standards zu sprechen. Diese Sprache ist scheiße.[View]
177036324What's their problem?[View]
177033591It's impossible to get to know anyone in this country after high school Happens in your country…[View]
177037058Imagine if had voice calls. How would ESLs cope?[View]
177035131Do people from your country eat with their hands?[View]
177030526NEDERDRAAD: NEDERDRAAD Sindala-uitgave Welkom: Jij Niet welkom: Zij[View]
177037430Do children in this country question that the letters of their language are the same as those of the…[View]
177036623Americans do not suffer in their sunny paradise.[View]
177029734I suffer in Japan.: In Japan, inflation has not stopped and a single brownie costs $9.[View]
177030394Do you love South Korea?[View]
177036414How common is the sight of a pregnant woman in your country nowadays ?[View]
177036511Im Tangpingjok ama. I live under a bridge and sell weed.[View]
177032015Did you know that most Ukrainians are brunettes not blondes?[View]
177035748Japan needs to apologize to the world for this[View]
177036664How has this board impacted your life in your country[View]
177030957/ex-yu/лoкaл: jucherashnje izdanje[View]
177033479fuck snow[View]
177036753are lesbian relationships common in your country?[View]
177032158Would you rather be born in Zimbabwe or Cambodia?[View]
177036653韓國文盲存在: 為什麼韓國'人'這阿呆啦?日本戰匪能讀但是北東平腦猴子太笨蛋?悲[View]
177036361/poland/: Are there any traditional foods or ingredients from Poland except apples and milk? I wann…[View]
177035999I don't get fui vs estuve[View]
177035956POV: you've just entered Japan.[View]
177034289How powerful would a Greek-Georgian alliance be?[View]
177028835>1970s >one of the poorest places on planet earth >poorer than african countries >no res…[View]
177036413Are Japanese games popular in your country?[View]
177035344Why do Americans worship billionaires?[View]
177036354Why did the ugly Mexican beat dogs?[View]
177035406Jap culture: Weebs would defend this.[View]
177036230When will you become a normal person in your country[View]
177028922>look at photos of my grandfather and father when they were younger >both of them have square…[View]
177032823Do many people in your country attribute 9/11 to being an inside job? Here in Australia I'd say…[View]
177032662Based countries vs retarded countries.[View]
177036172Is /int/ smart enough to figure this out?[View]
177034783Just found out this vtuber is Australian and apparently she's very popular. While I'm incl…[View]
177035207Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177035942Why does this board practice Poland erasure?[View]
177033625Are you submissive in your country?[View]
177035900it is officially and undeniably OVER: mom insists me to visit uni, she called my curator and she sai…[View]
177036003Do you wish that anime characters had darker skin? They should honestly be catering to browncels mor…[View]
177036056why are they so dominant at male and female tennis?[View]
177032260China is collapsing[View]
177032427Explain the allure of Fukuoka to me. Why is it experiencing such a rapid growth in population? Why i…[View]
177035892This is like the only movie about the Asian American experience to ever come out of Hollywood. Why a…[View]
177035861>his country is worshipped by thirdies in the comment section of youtube/tiktok videos…[View]
177029706/int/ is way too rude towards people from the Indian subcontinent. What's giving /int/ a superi…[View]
177035848>that one indian movie about Zita and Geeta >that one indian movie about disco dancer >that…[View]
177035013I just had a minor inconvenience in my life. It is well and truly over. There’s no coming back from…[View]
177031348Took 60mg of Valium and I still can't sleep in my country[View]
177035764>On this day I see clearly >Everything has come to life >Bitter place and a broken dream …[View]
177032948does this happen in your country?[View]
177033216East Asia should switch to counting separated by 4 decimal points instead of 3. It makes more sense[View]
177034546Most women peak at 8 years old[View]
177033750tomorrow is the international holocaust memorial day: so, since we're on this topic, I would li…[View]
177035082tell me about women in your country[View]
177032838Signs a country will be completely soulless? >economy based on resource extraction >majority…[View]
177034015Wuhan Virus[View]
177035316Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177034399There is no way the human race will ever face extinction unless the universe will bring them to the …[View]
177034820Peru needs help[View]
177035056This phenotype don't suffer in any place of earth, except maybe from Germany to Norway. I'…[View]
177031158mommy it's feeding time[View]
177032014What causes this?[View]
177035291If soybean makes you soyboy, then why does so much Japanese cuisine use soy but Japanese are not soy…[View]
177033977>Sorry boys, BEC (Big Estonian Cock) only! This happens in your country.…[View]
177035326Sorry r these refugees or identitarians?[View]
177032744Why do frenchoids let nafris and ngubus desecrate and destroy their heritage?[View]
177025836sverigetråden: fisgrisupplagan[View]
177035208it's gonna be alright[View]
177034263Can you guys complete this form: https://forms.gle/LrSqAiir2fpRqrE78 Need to get around ~100 respons…[View]
177031987The Sydney Metro Southwest Problem: Australia is so diverse we even have Dravidian train autists htt…[View]
177034991Russians LARPing as LatinX[View]
177034360What's the friendliest part of Germany for tourists? I want to go to Germany just to drive on t…[View]
177031942I think we should talk about Aachen, Allgäu, Anklam, Aschaffenburg, Attendom and Augsburg, Bad Kreuz…[View]
177031762being even slightly brown in this country is a death sentence, you basically are a victim of racism …[View]
177031522what was your nickname in your country school?[View]
177021330/sauna/: Laskettelupainos[View]
177032468I just woke up from a dream where I was a Russian soldier defending my country from a NATO invasion …[View]
177034794Which country has the most attractive men, according to women in each European country:[View]
177033087Now imagine having sex[View]
177029023Would your country offer fighter jets to Ukraine?[View]
177034723Fuck all of you. Fuck everyone in the world. I hate all of you.[View]
177034833For me, it's British cuisine[View]
177033718Happy Republic Day to Indians, and happy invasion day to Australians.[View]
177034678americans boast about hunting wild animals like deer but when I say that I'm hunting stray dogs…[View]
177033322Do you have a positive view of the USA, anons?[View]
177032928Does this happen in your country?[View]
177030758Admit it, my culture has invaded your country.[View]
177033420imagine moving from this country to America >Hi, I am from Georgia! >Oh, that's cool, I l…[View]
177034272Aussies are pretty cool[View]
177031341>go to mall >try on a pair of shoes >salesman asks me if they fit >'idk man, size is alr…[View]
177029474/deutsch/: History edition[View]
177034211>most English words don't have a meaning if you analyze them[View]
177022910>What I offer: a preowned pussy[View]
177031122/brit/: Don't Upset The Rhythm edition[View]
177033274Which online celebrities are popular in your country?[View]
177034040when will thirdies develop their true potential?[View]
177031933Why are americans such savage monkeys??[View]
177031682why is it everytime there's an Serb, Croat or Bosnian poster outside of their general they alwa…[View]
177033913When did you realize that love and hate are literally the same thing in your country[View]
177033993I got caught smelling diapers at local nursing home now the government put me through mandatory tDSC…[View]
177033976What have you learnt about international culture from int? Don’t tell me you haven’t learnt anything…[View]
177032617why do old ladies stare at me disapprovingly at the shop[View]
177033258Why do Americans make Japanese food worse?[View]
177033752>refuse to remove blatant off-topic posts >refuse to remove blatant bait posts >leave por…[View]
177029296Why would you be Muslim when you could be Hindu or Buddhist?[View]
177028771How looks 4chan in 2003-2004 years? How looks 4chan in 00's?[View]
177031550According to polls Romanians view Germany the most positively of any major country.[View]
177030422I keep sexting Southeast Asian women for several hours per day. I'm addicted. How do I stop thi…[View]
177032108what does a typical village's map look like in your country? here's how a typical village …[View]
177027116What do you think of smoking women in your country? >flag >sexo…[View]
177033445Americans = savage monkeys[View]
177033588/desi/: Republic Day Edition[View]
177029385This land is cursed:: The old tribes tried to warn us, its been forgotten in modern Maori outside of…[View]
177033519To hell with women[View]
177032400Good morning sunshine ~~ Let's do our best today too[View]
177027229Japan looks like THAT???[View]
177033377If you want REAL INFORMATION about Russia instead of CIA's propaganda: https://t.me/intelslava[View]
177033384>On a scale where respondents had to assess the level of threat different countries posed to Russ…[View]
177033288If you want REAL INFORMATION about Russia instead of CIA's propaganda: https://t.me/intelslava…[View]
177032417We literally rioted because we love our white angels too much. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_H…[View]
177033053Whats the point of gook foids they are subhuman no tits no ass flat face untermensh hides ugly behin…[View]
177032075Does having a gf fixes all your problems?[View]
177032343I make fun of chuds online but in reality I am the chud. Does this happen in your country?[View]
177032524Thailand is the best country in the world: Better than places like zimbabwe, cambodia or france.…[View]
177030909It’s weird how, in 2009-2015, people had a very positive, upbeat vibe for the future, you could stil…[View]
177032184I find it funny when people call German flags 'Hans' or British flags 'Nigel.'[View]
177029300Why doesn't France take care of their châteaus?[View]
177029266so much for the chud meme[View]
177029638Do you Iove Japan?[View]
177032411/int/ Music Thread: Melancholic Edition https://streamable.com/vwv6a0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
177032999Scammers are everywhere. People will do anything for money[View]
177029272French ruined English. It used to be a nice Nordic language but now they say people instead of folk.[View]
177032448I've never met anyone Nordic but I would love to[View]
177006183/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition le vrai moi est toujours endormi Ancien : >>176976390[View]
177032831>The Majority of Moriscos and Marranos didnt even leave Spain upon expulsion and those that did e…[View]
177032674Mein Name ist Ju Hyun Oh. Kommandant des Black-Panther-Panzers Nummer 432, und das ist meine Geschic…[View]
177029656does this happen in your country[View]
177029407Do you have 'men' like this in your country?[View]
177028938It's up[View]
177032401russians be like: >hehe west is clownworld no free speech you get send to prison if you say bad t…[View]
177032631You must optimize for serendipity. You must maximise novelty. This is the trademark of a life well l…[View]
177032507Happy Australia Day: Time to get on the beers lads[View]
177009299Japan used to be the future: >In Japan, houses are like cars. As soon as you move in, your new ho…[View]
177032374They are brothers[View]
177030278y'all need to get a life[View]
177031783Just had sex[View]
177029433What are Kurds in your country like? I don't know except I had sex with one but she was very we…[View]
177032352Where the fuck am I supposed to find codeine syrup in the US?[View]
177027079globohomo world: >nigerian dad >korean mom >is a spaniard…[View]
177026693https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k7a8bw451M& Are Japanese proud of Tokyo?[View]
177029974Would you say your country is individualistic or collectivistic?[View]
177032233Siam > france: Siam is better. Better food Wealthier More relevant No crime Better landscapes Act…[View]
177032206>incestflix: [MS] [Subtitled][View]
177031545The flesh of Asian people is oily, black people usually taste very good; white people are very salty…[View]
177031462Who's faster, a jew or romanian?[View]
177029768I'm a white man but I only want to date Jap girls. But then I would like to Japanify my bloodli…[View]
177029000What if your parents were radical believer of japanese buddisim and force you to be a Komuso monk ?[View]
177031734what are the international ramifications of this[View]
177031928Is this possible in your country?[View]
177031196Why are German women so ugly?[View]
177031590Do people in other countries have garage sales?[View]
177031739Does it get this Cold in your Cunt? 23 degree weather is too fucking much for me in the last few day…[View]
177029275Sweet poppy cum. Glorious nectar for my troubled mind.[View]
177032086American 'One Drop' Law Deemed Too Racist By Nazi Germany: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
177030698Why dont yankees talk about this?[View]
177030851How do American teenagers resist the irresistible urge to shoot up their schools?[View]
177031981wow: America is one hell of a country.[View]
177031954I just found out there are countries that use periods to count numbers instead of commas. Literal su…[View]
177030001what the fuck is happening in brazil why is everyone impersonating the sexoo cat[View]
177030604Do you see train nerds in your country?[View]
177023687Japan OC and memes: ITT I'll dump all the OC and memes I've done related to Japan. You can…[View]
177031703Today you learn about Turkey's Islamic creationist bimbo cult These are the A9 girls, as for th…[View]
177031749You wake up on Easter Island[View]
177029872>egypt's president is literally named al-sissy[View]
177029436I give up, the mosquitoes won, I will not sleep today, such is the life in the turd world[View]
177031685Natural Remedies: What are some natural remedies in your country to make your penis bigger? Here we …[View]
177029089Their pussy dont smell[View]
177031549why is this considered lowbrow? its a pretty clever dish if you think about it, you can easily custo…[View]
177031421Why are they so dumb?: Did they really think it was good idea to piss off the rest of the world? Ev…[View]
177028399Got called an Indian again today.[View]
177024497/한국어/ + /친구들/: 개구리[View]
177031073Can we all just agree on this?[View]
177027367What city are you from? Is it a good city?[View]
177031457OH BOY IT'S 3 AM[View]
177031281I will not eat the bugs[View]
177031326Does your cunt have Hooters or an equivalent?[View]
177029471I am spiritually from this country.[View]
177025706The truth about Japan: I'm tired of all of the anti-Japanese propaganda. It's time to set …[View]
177031264The 90s in your country in one single video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cDArkxtdJas[View]
177029876Delete /int/[View]
177025501Are you proud of your nationality?[View]
177028640japanese posters should be rangebanned[View]
177027569/brit/ + /ausnz/: invasion day edition[View]
177030932Why are bongs and burgers so obsessed with trannies?: Some UK funded feminist group put up a giganti…[View]
177026421i can quit masturbation anytime i want[View]
177029764/deutsch/: GuMo <3[View]
177031013Young Turks pretend to be American niggers. Then they grow up in their 30s and realize they are just…[View]
177030688Brazilian niggas be like MEU NOME E BRUNO JOAO FERNANDO SANTOS RIBEIRA DA SILVA Does this happen in …[View]
177022135Why do first worlders have such weird health conditions? Like allergies to apples, wind or the sun; …[View]
177030632ASEANS picking their religion back in the day be like: >thais: hmmmmm, maybe some buddism. dude l…[View]
177030872>they glorify a country without even speaking the language of that country >they move in and h…[View]
177028243Why do white yankees like to see their wives taking black dicks?[View]
177028964I live in a gated community in which the average house costs around 900,000 US Dollars Mexico is no…[View]
177030274Have you seen the hat man in your cunt?[View]
177030327it's australia day today and that makes me happy[View]
177030687What does your mourning routine look like in your country? I have a coffee and a cigarette[View]
177030287wake up euro faggots[View]
177024029Germany: 'We are diligent, we are punctual, we have money' - Why this country is not well-liked[View]
177030521.: .[View]
177023512/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
177030185Tell me the reason why they are southeast asia and tell me the reason why they are east asia[View]
177029168SEA is actually one of the nicest regions in the world if you think about it[View]
177030464(((they))) took this from us[View]
177030515this is 1950s white american pop music: thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TnkA8YjD1c…[View]
177029010Brown peepo would make excellent servo-skulls because theyre already lobotomized[View]
177030356I'm thinking of starting a video game essay channel that are an hour long to make easy money of…[View]
177030407Where Were You When American Culture Died?[View]
177029710How did kpop manage to become main stream? even French president is a kpop faggot[View]
177028322Do real niggas look like this and dress like this[View]
177028957does everyone unite against Christianity in your cunt? in my cunt yes[View]
177029791Is masturbating with a piece of lunchmeat necrophilic bestiality?[View]
177030249do you visit foreign countries' imageboards?[View]
177029325in russia it's illegal for women to work in mines[View]
177028049What's their secret?: Top three of the most beloved SEA cunts, I'm jealous of them[View]
177029590Guess the country[View]
177029641What's stopping you from looking like femboy Link in your country and making money off thirsty …[View]
177026520China or America: who will win in the end?[View]
177028510zoomer music: kill whitey (yuh) fuck whitey (yuh) kill whitey (yuh) youz a bitch nigguh (ahuh) shoot…[View]
177030275ITT: American Things: >Oh! Hello, John! I am just on my way to the laundromat as we live in Ameri…[View]
177029652>don't live in america it's over (for me)[View]
177030064what did Simon Kuznet mean by this?: 'There are four kinds of countries in the world: developed coun…[View]
177028467Americans love Jesus except for the whole give everything to the poor etc part.[View]
177018560/deutsch/: Katz[View]
177028365I am scared of getting shot. Is there anywhere in America that is safe from mass shootings[View]
177029176One good thing about Korea is that delivery is very fast[View]
177028423Why are they so[View]
177029953Vietnam typography[View]
177030044Ugh... New York's traditional cuisine... what a delicacy...[View]
177028016I am so glad I live in a free democratic country and not some 1984 shithole like China or Russia.[View]
177029225How many people will be saddened by your death in your country?[View]
177029880Is this an accurate representation of global affairs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBIpiTHAdZc…[View]
177029308they look 100% white, where are the mutts?[View]
177028675discuss feminism[View]
177027335You wake up in Utah[View]
177029280do you have lots of drug addicts in your cunt? yes. our downtowns are literally the walking dead. mo…[View]
177019031You can't suffer in America[View]
177029530remember /int/ circa 2018 when people were like it's over we will have terrorist attacks every …[View]
177027721How many times a week do you do cardio in your country?[View]
177029431Happy Republic Day: Say something nice to our Indian bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGpKsOeTMt…[View]
177029158White people are allergic to spicy foods: It isn't fair to discriminate against them with memes…[View]
177023966The average attractive woman has a bodycount of over 50 by the time she turns 21. Why do people in y…[View]
177028516>he's only HALF armenian OH NO NO NO AHAHAHAHA ONLY HALF???? LMAOOOOO…[View]
177026580>you wake up in Heligoland, Germany's most important bundesinsel wat do?…[View]
177027563HOL UP[View]
177029298Which one does /int/ support? For me? It's the Republic of the Congo[View]
177027379Stop stealing our nurses pls.[View]
177028684/mex/ - Hilo mexicano[View]
177026855I can't name a single person from this country: >300 million people >not a single famous …[View]
177027800What's this called in your country?[View]
177029088should I go buy a vape or nah?[View]
177028693Which of these phenotypes is more common in Argentina?[View]
177027231>look at hot woman >get aroused >she has tattoos >lose interest Does this happen to you …[View]
177029087as a feminist...[View]
177026093does this happen in your country?[View]
177028761Is Provence literally the best place in the world?[View]
177029101Do people have high healthcare system literacy in your country?[View]
177027704This is the most retarded land border I've ever seen in my life post retarded land borders[View]
177029119/ex-yu/: najružnija hrvatica[View]
177027984>living during the most prosperous and peaceful time of humanity >still suffers Why?…[View]
177029102Always was, always will be[View]
177026338How was your day in your country[View]
177027700How would you make a few thousand dollars quickly with minimal effort or investment in your country?[View]
177026899Those sneaky French surrender monkeys[View]
177026206>As-salamu alaykum, kaffir. Have you paid your jizya today? If you have not, by the Prophet (PBUH…[View]
177026728Is car poor common in your country???[View]
177029033can i pass as local in ur country?[View]
177027878there should be a board dedicated solely do the discussion of feminism[View]
177027623>lemme tell you 'bout your country[View]
177024811Which country has many cute white girls? I will move there.[View]
177028488define reactionary[View]
177028884Your cunt Are you poor in your cunt >23 >yes, but at least I'm alive…[View]
177028808Do you look as chad as your grandfather? >flag >yes…[View]
177028758Im gonna take a morning shower Do you also take morning showers in you're might be a cunt?[View]
177027039>third world country with first world tier demographic decline Is this the future of the world?…[View]
177025710/int/ KINOS: STOP RIGHT THERE and post some kinos from your cunt. This one is one of my favorites fr…[View]
177028225In 10 years what do you think your country will be like?[View]
177028176britishers owe india 45 trillion dollars plus interest plus tip[View]
177027501/nederdraad/: Standbeeld van Lenin[View]
177028855This is what you got for selling your soul to westerner demons.[View]
177026428>white people are masterra... woah white bros what happened[View]
177028811i am not a kaiserboo or a wehraboo, but i love austria and southern germany. what am i? also nothern…[View]
177027646remember when the redpill and blackpill were niche edgy subcultures dominated by white and hispanics…[View]
177027641How would your family react if you brought home an Indian girl?[View]
177028362Hi, me and my friends recently started to play a brazillian puzzle game called '100nhas' (it's …[View]
177027484i am disgusted by brown 'women[View]
177025117Does your country have Mandatory naming laws?[View]
177028427plug: I need a new plug for some snow, my old guy is selling straight boof and would rather just sou…[View]
177027942do u like osetia?[View]
177028200What countries would make for good pokecountries?[View]
177028590These bitches: These bitche wanted to normalize killing people in the modern world Hatched a plan t…[View]
177026469Why do jeets seem to love Russia so much when Russians as a people don't give a shit about jeet…[View]
177027099im in uni for cs (lol) and every day I see hundreds of big bunda bitches and then I seethe the rest …[View]
177027440>Train rush hour India disgusting brown s humans dirty civilisation >train rush hour in Japan…[View]
177027154I think about Japan every day and dream about moving there. Is anyone else like this?[View]
177026532Why are 'jeets always so nerdy? Is their nerdiness the main reason they struggle with women?[View]
177028473>watch porn with black woman >she starts speaking french…[View]
177026848Burgers are truly an evil race[View]
177026106Are any japan flags here real japanese posters? Or are they all davido kuns[View]
177027816I am hispanic male that has dated women of all ethnicities except a blonde hair blue eyed white wome…[View]
177027427You don't suffer[View]
177028344>australia day, how should i spend it? >hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......i know! i'll go to the…[View]
177017684Confess your /int/ sins.[View]
177025640I'm a white Brazilian (German heritage both parents) but only brown girls are attracted to me[View]
177028418Do people invest in themselves in your country?[View]
177026976What are your countrymen on /sp/ and /pol/ like? Are they better or worse than the ones on here?[View]
177028387Aussie bros…[View]
177028056DOG BLEZZ AMERCA!![View]
1770273511.Country 2.Job and salary per year Flag I work from home as a Remote Security Engineer and make 125…[View]
177022378What country has the best uniforms: I think Chile has the best[View]
177027463Please stop being dishonest. Everyone knows that women are more vulnerable than men in society and s…[View]
177028107do socially disenfranchised young men pride themselves on their online forum affiliation, in your co…[View]
177028280Why are white woman in America like this?[View]
177027961do inceloid men live vicariously through couples and the partner selection of their racial women?[View]
177012905Europoors: How do you deal with the fact that you don't have wildlife or hunting in you're…[View]
177027619>i will never be japanese[View]
177026191Israel is the only country in the world with a stable high birth rate[View]
177026746Why is it only Japan that gets so much negative coverage? >Muh NEETs >muh Perverts >muh …[View]
177020672>I will not bow to the CCP's satanic lockdowns and instead will go to the west to marry a wh…[View]
177026879Is your country 'free'?[View]
177027889Did you know that Americans can't afford having a washing machine indoors so they have to go to…[View]
177027166Do you still remember when and why you started talking to random strangers on the internet in your c…[View]
177027973>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
176999721>you wake up in confederate Brazil[View]
177027275God is finna based for creating oriental qts[View]
177013854/ex-yu/: bugati izdanje[View]
177027847My cunt was named after this nigga But how was he as a ruler THOUGH?[View]
177007633I accidentally listened to ''brazilian funk'' once God, why, why does this exist…[View]
177020317Go to bed European, Mena, African, and Indian[View]
177027768vocaroo thread: record stuff. japanese edition: senakanimimiwopittotsuketedakishimeta kyoukaisenmita…[View]
177027649is reddit popular in your country 1.flag 2.no (thank god)[View]
177023661Why Whites are like this?[View]
177024555Best African city is Saint Affrique in France. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Affrique Have y…[View]
177025527/brit/: Unwallable edition.[View]
177027461I'm glad hollywood recovered from all the scamdemic cinema closures and loss of revenue. The wo…[View]
177027235Why are Americans so schizo tier religious?: I was approached 3 times when I was a student in Americ…[View]
177026964What's /int/ opinion on western buddhist monks?[View]
177025085Hachimura Rui >is half black >grew up in Japan, follows Japanese cultural mindset >Is a pro…[View]
177018421What are prison demographics like in your country?[View]
177027369The great Feudal Japan vidya war of 2024: In 2024 the gooks, mongoloids and Yayois will face the FVL…[View]
177023018>tfw graduated high school 6 years ago[View]
177027092Congratulations to Sierra Leone, the roundest country.[View]
177026182Within every latino there's a hidden desire to have his country annexed by the US[View]
177022176>Close to 70% of Polish women do not plan on having children. >Poland is struggling with a cha…[View]
177021310Post before-after pics from your cunt[View]
177026755How does it feel to be mogged everyday[View]
177026200How come portuguese people are white and brazilian monkeys are brown when (theoretically) both speak…[View]
177027177I've been to Italy. I've been to France. I speak French. I've been to Spain. I'v…[View]
177026886nope, I was given the first celebrity Cybertruck: So, elon messaged me one day like... Hey! here…[View]
177025532Is nature well preserved in your country?[View]
177025010I just found out that 'Americans' doesn't mean the same 'Unitedstatians', so using 'american' t…[View]
177022439/brit/: Car edition[View]
177025887Do women hate poor men in your country?: This study is from Japan but it is exactly the same in Chin…[View]
177026819guns of /int/: show your guns[View]
177012833Do You Trust Germans?: Why or why not?[View]
177026811What kind of contraband do people smuggle into your cunt?[View]
177011080what are roman catholics like in your country[View]
177023322Thoughts on Brazilian-Americans in Florida?[View]
177025805Give me one (1) excuse for why you haven't moved to a small mountainous asian village RIGHT NOW…[View]
177026936firsties peel apples and bananas before eating[View]
177026152Post comfy walking videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBtYWK817-0& Seoul is pure SOVL in the…[View]
177026814Why are you browsing this board right now in your country[View]
177024982Хoтитe пoгoвopить c pyccкими o чeм yгoднo.[View]
177023937>tfw no tibetan gf[View]
177007543Muslim issues warning to Qu'ran burning Nordics: Muslim issues warning to Qu'ran burning N…[View]
177024216What is the 'Ukraine' of your country? For us, it's Canada.[View]
177023894why are there so many chuds in Argentina?[View]
177024146I'm intrinsically sad and worried about the future. How do you deal with this shit in your cunt…[View]
177026249Tell me bros, would you eat amerimutta 'food'?[View]
177026773Android was arrested: A 29-year-old woman was arrested on January 25 on suspicion of shoplifting a s…[View]
177026435question for brasilianos: is it baía or bahía?[View]
177026683Why are Britoids so weak?[View]
177024277hate snow[View]
177026047Go to bed, Old Worlder. /int/ is for New Worlder.[View]
177009979post your country's airforce[View]
177026083Happy Vasanta Panchami & Saraswati Puja India/Hindu Bros, what's your plan for Today[View]
177021412I have never kissed a girl Does this happen in your country?[View]
177020545I'm barely 166cm if I stand as tall as I can[View]
177025943I want to travel around the world but im poor. I couldnt afford even a ticket to Somalia[View]
177026173>visit Heathrow Airport for transit after tourism in Sweden >take lunch at the restaurant >…[View]
177025830I’m a zoomer, I’m a doomer, I’m a midnight coomer[View]
177026320Francophone life: Salut francophone anons. I started a French class last week for fun and one of the…[View]
177026157Niggas be like >hmmm yes shieeeet Kant eloquently establishes a link between reason as the source…[View]
177026135I went to a restaurant today and I heard some cusotmers muttering next to us and calling us names be…[View]
177016448Asian People: Are there too many of them?[View]
177025154why nobody put a drone inside the island to film this niggas?[View]
177025666Do people in your country know that when they 'complete the squares' they're just rep…[View]
177024526>live in own apartment >top 5% among the population salary-wise >work from home so i have p…[View]
177025228Singaporean males have to ask the government for permission to leave their tiny island[View]
177024259Butterfaces turn me on. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
177024279why do we hate reddit?[View]
177019312I am Australian. I wave my hand and your legs instinctively buckle and force you to kneel. You know …[View]
177026006Hey Faggots, My name is Ken-senpai, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded…[View]
177025577gov is workin with aliens to create new superhumans, using mind control and genetic engineering. the…[View]
177024498Has your life (in your country) improved compared to 10 years ago?[View]
177025969ZAMN: Australian women look like THIS?????[View]
177025157important question >>>/int/; would you marry a girl from Portugal?…[View]
177025882Do you have live streamers in your country?[View]
177020966sverigetråden här skulle man bo upplagan[View]
177006421/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
177025367Your cunt (not America though) Who would you have sided with in our Civil War?[View]
177024660>I will call shithole countries SOVL to give them false sense of proudness in order to stop them …[View]
177013516Are you man enough to handle a Brazilian girl?[View]
177009958/norgetråden/: Norsk-kasakhstansk vennskapsutgave Bilde relatert er Khan Tengri, Kasakhstans høyeste…[View]
177025435yep... cofe time![View]
177025555/brit/: Sket and Simp Edition[View]
177024699Do people in your country obsess about the past?: For me every single day I consume media from the 2…[View]
177024473/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro + Lusoamigos: Edição Malvatrem. Ultimo: >>177014371[View]
177022896Why is it considered mental illness to dedicate your life to Moses?: when you billions of people who…[View]
177023618https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmNEiWSo8Fg How would you save rural america int[View]
177024819Death Stranding: Playing Death Stranding for 13 hours straight kinda squeezed everything out of me. …[View]
177021887I fixed Japan[View]
177022226What makes people so upset about this picture? I don't get it[View]
177025288Cпpocитe кaнaдцa o чeм yгoднo.[View]
177024293Bonjour, my name is Monsieur Ken. I'm a 27 year old American ouiaboo (Francophile for you étran…[View]
177024125What are some nice modern cities in 3rd world countries?[View]
177023884>Churchill asked John curtin for 6 platypuses during world war 2[View]
177022893America loves Italy.[View]
177024938why does 4chan not allow emojis? internationally speaking of course[View]
177023051Is your country and the US culturally similar?[View]
177020177What's your spirit animal?[View]
177023151Why are Jews so much better people than the Christian Gentiles in this country?: The white christian…[View]
177021511Is this happened in your mitherland?[View]
177017691Does Mexico have the world's best cuisine?[View]
177024439>poor firsties live better than the average/middle class thirdie Is this true? It seems like made…[View]
177009438What's your favourite summer Destination?[View]
177019093Do these guys get along now?[View]
177024808What happens here?[View]
177020811why are americans so prone to mental illness?[View]
177014371/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Werner 1107: Anterior: >>176992943[View]
177023396How common are men like Patrick Bateman in your country?[View]
177024710Do indigenous people expect you to pay the rent in your cunt? https://paytherent.net.au/[View]
177020684/brit/: Curry edition[View]
177021825What country do you want to spend the summer?[View]
177024639In America there are 120 documented abortions which were performed with the intent of stopping the a…[View]
177023627Why are African immigrants from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Somalia, Jamaica etc always so much bet…[View]
177024107Every thread on int is boring and I hate you all.[View]
177020087Australian nazis: What do white supremacists look like in your country?[View]
177024653has any peoples in ur country attacked by coconut? https://youtu.be/Gy2RJoMe4nQ?t=260[View]
177024573Why do Americans steal babies from Afghanistan[View]
177023372why do Asian men have such terrible taste in White women? it's like they pick the ugly ones on …[View]
177020131do berber women pass anons ?[View]
177023404Brazilian webms: Post your best Brazilian webms. Anything goes[View]
177024395guess the flag[View]
177023437anons would you rather have brown non Muslims or white Muslims in your county?[View]
177024424Jews are famous for having so many good scientists, but do they also deny the theory of evolution be…[View]
177022360Japan is pure SOVL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXk0sHmNKuM&[View]
177020092>your country >lidl or aldi germany i'm an aldiboy :D…[View]
177023619thread to discuss american culture[View]
177023260The most soulless place in the entire US[View]
177023869summer is coming[View]
177023817are you scared of your neighbor countries in your country? Flag Yes, I don't want to be charred…[View]
177022475I don't feel like going to gym today: Happens in yo cunt?[View]
177023957do russians really[View]
177024136This will be Sarajevo in 2040[View]
177023768an american, a pole, and a chinese go into a bar...[View]
177023450Do you have cute neighbours?[View]
177023268Air Israel please clear the runway.[View]
177013767this enrages western europeans[View]
177023771Do you want to have children in your country?[View]
177022302Does Puerto Rico deserve indepence?[View]
177023800The best cuisine in the world? My mom's, of course.[View]
177023519Those crazy Russians xaxaxaxaxa[View]
177023714I wish I was born in Subsaharan Africa, my life would be more soulful. Even if i could move there i …[View]
177023750/int/ Phone posters: Music on the go Edition[View]
177022586Here is your argie gf bro[View]
177022520Is this really what Hispanic high schools look like?[View]
177023148https://youtu.be/0py_I25Q0ys china should adopt manchurian as their official language instead of chi…[View]
177021292I am going to get some chinese boba, indian curry, and mexican beer tonight: Happens in yo cunt?…[View]
177022843This could be you if you weren't a racist chudcel[View]
177023284I despise unitedstatians[View]
177023007>browsing archive >come across post I made 11 years ago >realize I've been on 4chan fo…[View]
177023293you're country is...[View]
177010577Is this what you fantasize about in your country?[View]
177023223You know that it would be untrue You know that I would be a liar If I was to say to you Girl, we cou…[View]
177022861Always was, Always will be: _ land.[View]
177021334>Take your meds, schizo[View]
177016118would you marry an amerimutt?[View]
177005560/lat/ (latino anime thread) - hilo latino: edición: anime.[View]
177022145All my friends tell me I should move on. Loving you forever can't be wrong. Even though you…[View]
177022392Love my country, don't care what Johnny Foreigner thinks of it, simple as.[View]
177020336What's your excuse in your country?[View]
177022799You wake up in India[View]
177015641>'My boyfriend raped me and thought he would get away with his horrific crimes until I secre…[View]
177018618Why are younger generations becoming increasingly chuddified?[View]
177021228Haven't seen my man green Japan around in a while, where did they all go? Was there a flood?[View]
177021906I love Sweden and Russia[View]
177020093Why are they so bad at making decent movies?[View]
177019811Do you have cougars in your country?[View]
177022659I think austria SUCKS[View]
177020613Do Arab and Albanian Christians eat pork?[View]
177018861this is it, this is how it ends[View]
177021361You will never understand the pain of winter and not seeing the sun for most of the day[View]
177019554does this happen in your country?[View]
177022335Jewish thread/Jewgen: It's been snowing all day and nobody can drive.[View]
177021156America is HELL: everyone is poor even people who make $100k+ can't afford basic amenities beca…[View]
177016702>East Asians like Japs and Koreans are extremely insular and cold to whites >Latinos and South…[View]
177022222>female acting like a male acting like a female Does it happen in your country?…[View]
177022085How angry do you get at Chinese people?: For killing 1 million+ Americans by infecting them with a C…[View]
177019376Indians are right about cows. They are gentle and cute animals, and we shouldn't eat them.[View]
177014285New white-non white border just dropped, thoughts?[View]
177018687Not a single day goes by were I don't see this man.[View]
177021368Are whites superhuman?: >Scientists started to notice the extraordinary physical performance of E…[View]
177022205Have you ever been disturbed by a noisy neighbor in your cunt? What is the remedy?[View]
177021936>Cannibalism is introduced world wide due to crippling food shortages. What nation is the tastie…[View]
177017208thoughts on white American women?[View]
177021585What would happen if all the Blackpipo in your country disappeared overnight? How would your country…[View]
177016346ever since I was a child, I was always amused/interested by different vehicles >as a toddler it w…[View]
177022050You wake up in Black Country, UK[View]
177017159/monarchy/: Good evening sirs[View]
177015612INDIA is the most powerful country in the world[View]
177021970the cargo is heading to somalia[View]
177021646Does your country discriminate against people with tattoos?[View]
177020043isr jew lebanon palestine cum dixie: Do Jews have exorcisms?[View]
177020127What happens here?[View]
177021396Are young people in your country chuds or chads?[View]
177015336/ita/ - il filo: Edizione angelica[View]
177017043Every board should have country flags.[View]
177019863who are your country's best buddies?[View]
177020933What happens here?[View]
177020719I am a Finnish faggot fat fucking faggot I hate myself I have small penis I am retarded human trash …[View]
177017802>you will never be a Saudi Arabian royal and you won't get a cute western girl to shit and p…[View]
177020928MC Pipokinha > Billie Eilish Another latinx W[View]
177016771any beardlets used this: in your country of course[View]
177021480Europe is superior to the USA, far superior. Women in Europe are far superior to women in the USA. U…[View]
177020327Illegal Latino immigrants are raping American women[View]
177001874/nederdraad/: lekker altijd impotent naar beneden trappen-editie[View]
177018315>you step to Finnish sauna >see this >wwyd??…[View]
177019928Do white people feel the cold at all?[View]
177021280>americans tip their police whenever they're issued a speeding ticket…[View]
177020725Has immigration brought development to your country? https://youtu.be/EKIT9talOKA[View]
177019970USA is a corporation not a country. It's set up for the rich and if your not part of the upper …[View]
177005949Is this the most boring capital in Latinx America? The biggest attraction seems to be a fucking shop…[View]
177020080>rich kids skipping school for 1 day Wow such a deep story.[View]
177020758do you have renaissance faires in your city?[View]
177020695why do Indians think they can leverage their experience in their shit hole to get a high paying job …[View]
177020485Is mad tranny disease a thing in your cunt?: Does it do a good job treating it? https://www.youtube.…[View]
177017700What does /int/ think of America's police?[View]
177016978/brit/: late new edition[View]
177017645Sverigetråden - Knacka bögupplagan[View]
177004753/sauna/: Kuilupainos[View]
177019980>filters midwits and iqlets: can YOU pass such a simple test, /int/?[View]
177020748Sverigetråden - giftgasexperimentupplagan[View]
176988839/ישר/ /isr/: מהדורת חוזרים לבסיס[View]
177013637>be Russian in 1917 >revolt against the current regime because you're starving >the ne…[View]
177020267Unironically wish I had lived in the 1960s USA. It looks like the most Kino decade out of them all …[View]
177017276Why are South American women usually hotter than North American women?[View]
177010562Do you piss standing up ur sitting down in your country? In Sweden we sit down.[View]
177020521Being you one iron cult in your cunt? Sweden, yes.[View]
177020065/ita/ are all bastards, they have bled us 'till we're white, they've taken everything…[View]
177019739What is being done to modernise the language in your country?[View]
177015467Do you really hate Anglos or are you all meme'ing?[View]
177019820i think i got the yellow fever bros[View]
177019473It's over russiabros: Russia was the last nation on earth, now the rest of the world will suffe…[View]
177015941Do you like classical Rome in your cunt?[View]
177020373>tfw even trad Christian women can’t help lusting nafri cock vghh BNC (big nafri cock) bros we c…[View]
177018564My country loves trannies. Does urs?[View]
177019758Is he a scientist or nah?[View]
177020117Today I learned precisely why there are so few latinx men in American sports[View]
176989972what is the weirdest form of wewuzzing you've personally witnessed?[View]
177020053Why are 'jeets such charismatic chads?[View]
177019484what if China were run by the New York Knicks that would be funny I think...[View]
177020164I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and now have to wait 7 hours to eat food while …[View]
177015407Eggs: Are eggs popular in your country? Are you eating a lot of eggs in your country?[View]
177020089you WILL immigrate to europe you WILL penetrate a white women with your BBC you WILL impregnate he…[View]
177019148This supposed to be a stupid meme, not a user manual![View]
177019025How do you say 'Today is a beautiful day, and you are a terrible thief' in your lang? Pic related, b…[View]
177019615>tfw 5'6 diaspora in the netherlands You do not know true suffering unless you have suffered…[View]
177018936As a nation, the United States hasn't done one good thing since WWII.[View]
177019534kara boga![View]
177014206I announce the creation of Finno-Estonian Federal Republic.[View]
177019852Do 'Christians' blindly follow 'the experts' in your cunt, or do they follow God instead?[View]
177017163Tarantino: The guy always had an evil look on his face and his movies fully convey that internal rot…[View]
177019677wtf France that was uncalled for[View]
177012536/polska/: edycja pucania tych pucków wcześniejsza: >>177002328[View]
177019612Today I got a blood test, cavity dentist thing, and injection, I have done alot today.[View]
177018864how do u deal with noisy neighbors in your commie block in your country?[View]
177016444do algorithms make you want to kill yourself too?[View]
177018688Hey niggas. Does this series is good ? The Name of the Rose 2019 If we don't compare to the Fre…[View]
177016651Do you love suburbs in your country[View]
177018523Which country is he from? What's his phenotype?[View]
177019356What countries do you not like?[View]
177019384Do you want to find love in Peru?[View]
177015104What Now?: How will your country handle this development?[View]
177018843Does your country appreciate latinix women ?, here yes[View]
177017631>want to go on holiday >nobody to go with…[View]
177016855Which countries do you wish you were born in instead of your own?[View]
177018593please don't correct my english, i have no respect for this language[View]
177016707THIS is what europa used to be about[View]
177016966/Brit/: ashens edish[View]
177017966On this day in 1788 a small fleet landed at Sydney Cove and planted the Union Flag in the name of Ki…[View]
177016816Why are chinese cities like this? even their mid tier cities look like they came outta cyberpunk it…[View]
177007297Is she right about Sicilians?[View]
177005539Are there any Kurdish anons here?: If so, what alphabet do you prefer to use when writing Kurdish? T…[View]
177018429European Portugese> New world Portugese New world Spanish> European Spanish[View]
177018498apology for poor english when were you when john lenin dies? i was sat at home eating smegma butter …[View]
177018548Australia Day: It is that day. The day of days. Do you love Australia, the greatest country in the w…[View]
177014675What do you know about São Paulo, Brazil?[View]
177017938It'a fucking baffling to me how many people are actually expecting the reintroduction of nuclea…[View]
177013301/vigne/ am Abend, eigentlich /deutsch/[View]
177017754today is invasion day its time[View]
177016189FACT: Indians are the most powerful race in the world[View]
177018198What did Germany mean by this?[View]
177007572kurva anyátok[View]
177013485Do worst koreans really brutalize ugly people as shown in the series?[View]
177017916What percent of women in your country's culture are traditional?: How do you find them?[View]
177018304Why are Kazakhs so wise?[View]
177017385We are weeks away from the Die-Off. Are you and your family pure-bloods /int/?[View]
177018135Here are some Finnish place names! Germany = Saksa Denmark = Tanska France = Ranska[View]
177017872>dad studied in the US >moved back here after >tfw i could have been born in the US but got…[View]
177017266*makes the flag a leaf to make the Egyptians happy*[View]
177015950>Americans live like this and see no problem with it https://youtu.be/Q4FoAr8i26g…[View]
177017454If winter tough in your nation ? Northern France +/-0°C, scared of the next heating bill.[View]
177010596Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.[View]
177017636The first post ever on /int/[View]
17701725436% of Americans have never had sex on their birthday[View]
177013512Love me lesbians Love me gays Love me bis Love me plus Hate me trans Simple as[View]
177015650is cosplay popular in your coont?[View]
177017652Latin America really do be like that[View]
177017755Aside from their eyes, which are pretty much the same, East Asians have more European looking facial…[View]
177008149>Your country's main battle tank[View]
177013964sverigetråden - låliupplagan[View]
177017567Last time i saw a italian flag was 4 hours ago.. hes wining...[View]
177016188Bwc vros…we won[View]
177017682squid bros... we got redeemded....[View]
177016424thats inhumane[View]
177017328Times when your 4chin experience paid off in your cunt: I had a girl literally look at me like this …[View]
177012565>all russians are evil! >but what about americans? >you don't get it, that's diff…[View]
176997644Would this typical American girl be considered attractive in your country?[View]
177014575Your country Your opinion about gamer girls ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U0kMIbl3t8[View]
177016866Do you have otherkin in your country[View]
176994012>thanks for dinner, anon. how about you invite me back to yours. you do have you're own plac…[View]
177017453tunisian high schoolers today happens in your country?[View]
177015832What do jews think about Hadrian?[View]
177016948I despise unitedstatians[View]
177017476Society would be a lot happier if everyone was just honest and by honest, I mean blunt. When someone…[View]
177012106why do eurangutans always lose?[View]
177016807Do you say hateful offensive stuff on /int/ for comedic effect only?: have you ever think about othe…[View]
177011000Is sims 4 popular in your country?[View]
177014136This British genius is truly remarkable: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/a/ca8e23e2-04ac-4043-b9d0…[View]
177014200Nobody cares about a single country in the South Hemisphere. It's over[View]
177010545/ita/ - il filo: Edizione in buona compagnia[View]
177015530uhhhh westbros…. wheres our rage, wheres our anger?[View]
177015064what made you start loving israel?[View]
177014770live yovr myth in saskatchevvan[View]
177015960If France is shit, then why this ? Go in USA instead please[View]
177012750come visit eilat: its off season so its cheap[View]
177016526What are the best ways to get to know international girls, especially Chinese / Japanese / Korean or…[View]
176999112Post dogs from your cunt.[View]
177012832I'm a Russian currently staying in Georgia. AMA[View]
177014633>le anglo face: What cause this bizzarre look?[View]
177016202Good morning me, did you sleep well?: Did you wake up feeling good? Do the light and the wind and th…[View]
177014981/brit/: Isla Bryson edition[View]
177014735He can't be Serbian. There's just no way.[View]
177015473What's your sister like?[View]
177016580fuck ypipo[View]
177014657Is your country spending enough on its military?[View]
177013635You literally can't suffer in the US, even the coldest darkest places of the US gets >= the …[View]
177016533*this thread has been canceled due to strike*: >protests[View]
177016139Do you own any valuable possessions in your country?[View]
177016053Would you browse 4chan /int/ - International if you were from West Africa?[View]
177016234You wake up in Holyoke, Massachussets[View]
177016456Typical neighbor in South Carolina[View]
177015873>and so you replied to his argument with an image of a green frog?! wow anon thats so funny now c…[View]
177014548Burgos is in Spain, but Burgas is in Bulgaria.[View]
177016250How come white people are so good at withstanding the cold? This is Andre Schurrle, considered one …[View]
177013020Hi int... What nationalities have you had sex with and what nationalities do you want to have sex wi…[View]
177016266What happens here? Please tell me everything you know about this region. Educate me. School of /int/…[View]
177016308Arab world: What do they think of each other? Do they generally get along?[View]
177010316Why does /int/ never talk about Yemen?[View]
177015503>why yes, i am turkish, how did you know?[View]
177013666Post hot brown women. If you don't reply to this thread you're gay as fuck.[View]
177014177If you're so smart, why aren't you charismatic /int/?[View]
177015518My life would be so much better if i had a canadian gf does this happen in ur cunt[View]
177015992American capitals: Why do americans like to choose small or medium-sized towns to be their state cap…[View]
177015735Ameriboos: What're Ameriboos like in your country? I know that in Japan they use alot of Loan w…[View]
177015289Continents arranged by the amount of human beings Europe North America Asia South America Oceania Af…[View]
177012255Non-brown people can't cook, what gives ?[View]
177015606Four words One million cash now (in your country)[View]
176988240/med/ + friends: >Judo edition >Share your favorite 2000s (2000-2010) songs, movies and TV sho…[View]
177014701who are the brownest people in europe[View]
177015091What do you know about the Bahai religion? Is it the ultimate international religion?[View]
177015348American guys you alright?[View]
177007098what is life like in Southern Chile and Argentina? Are these people 'nordic' in any sense?…[View]
177010784>'Achshually, here in northern Portugal/Spain we were never conquered by moors, we have nothing i…[View]
177012518>Wypipo have no cultur-[View]
177014944why is 21:00-12:00 such a dogshit time on this board[View]
177008850Uhh medbros? Your response?[View]
177011860/brit/: Dinner edition[View]
177012723Is it difficult to find a job in Taiwan, Mainland China, or Japan? I have a Masters in econ, work in…[View]
177014885Does your country have a boundary that divides the based parts and the cringe parts?: In the US, The…[View]
177014890Do you ever go to touristic areas in your country?[View]
177014224#pray for bulgaria: damn i just saw the news..[View]
177014688would you pray here?[View]
177014721I am white and I support an independent Khalistan. Do you?[View]
177014795>The cute Greggs staffer was replaced by a Romanian[View]
177013303/deutsch/ auch bekannt als /animer/: Nagertoro[View]
177005536Does this happen in Canada?[View]
177012369Gold: How much gold does your country have? Canada has 0 gold because we sold it all to the US years…[View]
177014690>his country prosecutes you for owning books containing so called 'hate speech'…[View]
177014386Do you feel like browsing this website is a good use of your free time in your country?[View]
177012380Is Australia as bad as everyone says?[View]
177013971Did you know that Germany has a very broad variety of yoghurt flavors? For example here are cake fla…[View]
177014146You can't suffer if you live in the green areas[View]
177013349Non-rigged video games: Looking for PC multiplayer games without exaggerated SBMM, GAAS or P2W. Basi…[View]
177008180What grocery store do you shop at? I shop at Tops and Wegmans.[View]
177000223Explain the main cultural differences of these two countries to someone who doesnt know anything abo…[View]
177013112I'm going to the weekly meeting in my Japanese buddhist temple in Florence tomorrow[View]
177013145Man attacked church with a samurai sword: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000009351275.html He enter…[View]
177010353Could your country's police handle a single Earth Wizard?[View]
177011502English is the worst Germanic language. Icelandic is the best one[View]
177014171Danish people are my best friends[View]
177013371What is this? Is it some masonry / cult worshipping shit? Looks similar to a menorah[View]
177012426internationally speaking, why do you always have to pee whenever you take a poop but only sometimes …[View]
177014036bitch dont wear no shoes in my house[View]
177012425Protestantism is right about everything Non-protestants are all deranged I can't fathom how ret…[View]
177009707Sverigetråden - kattupplagan: Mjau :3[View]
177013025No woman who goes to Italy on vacation is to be trusted. Italy is just Thailand for women[View]
177013172Things i love: Russia and Dugin Things i hate: europeans and yankees[View]
177011952This is where I live. Needless to say that I suffer deeply.[View]
176986883/ex-yu/: dajte mi svoj popis za dućan[View]
177005381Why do girl influensers get so much hate? Do you know how hard and how much work it actually is?[View]
177004955India's demographics: >birthrate from 1947 onwards dropped even harder than China's dur…[View]
177013362I'm half french half cuban and I completely pass for white in my cunt.[View]
177013178why do spanish people have no internet ?: are they poor ? 50 million people. No activity on in the i…[View]
176992943/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Wagie: Fio Anterior: >>176981449[View]
177013074>atheists be like >my wife only sucked on 72 dicks before we got married…[View]
177013169Wops: Why are meds such as shitalians like this? all of them look like north africans and are equall…[View]
177011533I have been seeing this guy in my dreams lately /int/. What does this mean?[View]
177008591why dont non-whites play sports?[View]
177012249How do you feel about your country's gangsta culture?[View]
177011864Do people from your country clap after the plane landing? In my cunt they do[View]
177010998Congratulations to Romania: Romania has found an efficient solution to its labor shortage problem. T…[View]
177003320why don't indian women like indian men?[View]
177007149Americans genuinely think of Flintstones-shaped candies and not naturally ubiquitous chemicals when …[View]
177008683/deutsch/: Schuhschnabel will nicht gefüttert werden, sodern selbst Beute reißen - Ausgabe.[View]
177007382All german girls hate me and make fun of me because of red hair: In what country can i finally get p…[View]
177009193Bros…they rlly wuz KANGZ[View]
177003948>coworkers start talking about their sex lives[View]
177008704Does this happens in your country after being pozzed?[View]
177012824>this is an average latino couple why tf do latinos claim they suffer? imagine 'suffering' when y…[View]
177013016Would it be an offence in your cunt?[View]
177012312Why do Blacks have so many children?[View]
177011617White people never saw a palm tree in their lives[View]
177009739why dont non-whites go to the beach?[View]
177009038>mfw i see a brown pipo[View]
177011357Do IQ tests actually measure intelligence?[View]
177012929Do the English say 'mongo' or is that just a Scottish thing?[View]
177012187Do you hate a family member in your cunt?: I hate my aspie brother in my cunt. I don’t want him dead…[View]
177010437Why are yankees such savage monkeys?[View]
177012633tfw no Turkish gf[View]
177011765>Girl at work smells like fish Do girls in your country take good care of their open wound?…[View]
177009108browsing social media it's now obvious that you cannot suffer in America. just look at the size…[View]
177002328/polska/: edycja zboczonej Pocchi poprzednia: >>176994943[View]
177010286Why is everybody turning into different nationalities? Is this happening in your cunt?[View]
177011185Are you addicted to video games in your cunt?[View]
177010787does this happen in your country?[View]
177011376>hitler wanted to genocide this[View]
177010517To Arabian or North African diaspora: How gay is your population there? I mean on things like drink …[View]
177012372How often do you see families with more than 3 children in your country? Used to be uncommon but not…[View]
177009300/brit/: Portsmouth edition[View]
177005627Countries you wish to achieve independence.[View]
177012119impovrished neighbors in the netherlands don't have bicycle infrastructure. Dutch 'bicycle' pe…[View]
177006512are you rich in your country? I only have 200k in investments after 4 years of wagecucking remotely …[View]
177012198What are the best ways to meet nice girls when you've moved to a new city in your country?[View]
177012151/polska/: edycja dobrze spędzonego dnia[View]

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