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149640622Hey y'all[View]
149640926These two go for war Winner?[View]
149630761Racism is for idiots: Racism and xenophobia are stupid. I would rather have a friend who shared my v…[View]
149638180my grandparents could've gone to the UK, Canada, or Singapore after the partition of india Why…[View]
149642036Take a picture from your window: The fire is getting close kek post yours[View]
149620070/nederdraad/: sjors en sjimmie editie[View]
149641612>Mountains? : l >Mountains in Switzerland!!!!???????? :O…[View]
149637278Are Russian women like that?[View]
149642132why are europeans obsessed with american culture[View]
14963138574% of indian muslims want to have their own courts and laws, separate from the indian law. Does thi…[View]
149625201>W-what American food looks like th-that? Yup! It’s called Cajun food anon. America has a lot of …[View]
149636195Sverigetråden - SVHOupplagan[View]
149621140/balt/ + /ausnz/ #405: Scandi gf edition prev >>149599481[View]
149642363Be honest: Is it a complete waste of time or is it worth to get to know the basics?[View]
149641722why are germans obsessed with race?[View]
149642579this is for croatia https://youtu.be/AhiTgoXQ-Ww[View]
149638551/brit/: british genetics -edition[View]
149639693Average life in Sweden[View]
149630343/ita/ - il filo: TETTE >PIEDI SESSO TETTE >PIEDI SESSO…[View]
149635186i only can speak english[View]
149642502I am in love with Nepal.[View]
149642565This is what Slovenia used to be about[View]
149642334You wake up as the leader of the Yamaguchi - gumi crime syndicate[View]
149642465When people talk of American culture, they mean Afro-American. Does this happen in your country, or …[View]
149638576You wake up in The Line, Saudi Arabia.[View]
149637299I don't get it.[View]
149629667I want to visit Scandinavia but I hear they don't like foreigners least of all Americans.[View]
149637873Give me one (1) good reason Rossiya shouldn't look like this: protip: There isn't, Russian…[View]
149635596Renewable energy: Post renewable energy projects in your country. This is the North Sea link, connec…[View]
149634196/deutsch/ am Abend: Hier geht es nun weiter[View]
149630255>tfw your country has no foreigners[View]
149641789I thought of a good solution to the housing crisis here Instead of having a bed, i could just sleep …[View]
149638408>finns do not have cult-[View]
149635452You are correct, New Jersey is based.[View]
149634368/balk/: Old. >>149624541[View]
149638450>There are Indians in Cook Islands, Fiji, and other parts of Oceania How?…[View]
149628855/polska/: edycja keikaku[View]
149634791/fr/ - le francofil: Vallée de l'étrangeté Avant: >>149625871[View]
149622875What is something I could mention to someone from your country to make them seethe instantly?[View]
149613005/norgetråden/: Multeutgaven Forrige: >>149582240 >>149582240 >>149582240 >>1…[View]
149636966How do I become Swedish?[View]
149640061>it is illegal in italy to cut the pasta So what happens if you’re caught? Do the police put you …[View]
149640937Does your country produce silver bullion? If so, please post it![View]
149626498/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição Bebop.[View]
149632574>american podcast >yeah like bruh wtf FUCK bitch bruh ahaha…[View]
149639058What do they think of each other?[View]
149636930do black men still like white women?: i feel like because of anime, manga and video games being so p…[View]
149639163اقتلوا كل الكلاب والكفار الأمريكيين. الله أكبر. إنهم مقرفون من الخنازير السمينة الكسولة التي تأكل ال…[View]
149637531> yeah bro, how should we name our country > lets name after the guy that killed millons of ou…[View]
149636294future humans will all be mutts...[View]
149640262WTF I found on Krakow airport: a Jew with his own, portable toilet seat.[View]
149637458>mexican women are so hot how expensive are eye tests in america? are they not covered by health …[View]
149637694Do you have your own business? How much have you invested?[View]
149638372I'm not American but my ancestry is 100% pure Scottish and Bavarian[View]
149636721How do you treat tattoed goys in your cunt?: Here it's usually a sign of a criminal and drug ad…[View]
149638356dating with a 10/10 ukrainian grill ...: she gon 'get browned[View]
149626187/sauna/: väsyttävä painos[View]
149639374comfy SOVL edition[View]
149638209Why do people think Vietnamese written in Latin is hideous?[View]
149636367You awaken on the empty steppes of Russia.....[View]
149626521What funny hats, does anyone else wear them today?[View]
149635811I miss white people[View]
149637551Guess the country.[View]
149603240/lat/: hilo ladino[View]
149637819>country has no universal healthcare >filled with fat and obese people >filled with transse…[View]
149637725Whenever a swiss person speaks in german tv, the channel subtitles it[View]
149634708I have czech surname, german ancestry and polish citizenship. I am nationalist with no nation. Does …[View]
149637520What are some accents/dialects/languages that only you like?: I personally find the Italian-American…[View]
149637176Why are so many Somalians obsessed with One Piece?[View]
149637885Are you safe, my fellow Americunts?[View]
149619548/desi/: we the people edition[View]
149638509do you want to speak to Russian woman? why not join the /int/ telegram group? I really hope Americ…[View]
149617117Bestow upon me an Indian GF[View]
149632643faces of /int/[View]
149638173You wake up in Montalcino, Italy.[View]
149636162Dating sites in Germany?: I am an expat living in Berlin. I made a Tinder account, but it seems to b…[View]
149637454Are Czechs aware of the fact that the image of their country we gays around the world have is entire…[View]
149635293/brit/: Hitch on The Farage Show edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiAX1SfB_Zw[View]
149636285Are they still butthurt about the 13 colonies declaring independence from them?[View]
149636507>ask gf to put adjika on my extra beef sandwitches >she puts ajvar on them What do I do now..…[View]
149633991>you will never have qt bri’ish girl serving you food Why even live?[View]
149635847How can a country go from being the undisputed world superpower to irrelevance?[View]
149632581My country is 314 years old[View]
149637564ek hefi blóð víkinga í æðum. mínar foreldra vǫ́ru víkingar. ek em víkingr.[View]
149631615I thought Sweden is a peaceful country?[View]
149636503muslim thread: both ajami and arap muslims welcome if you are a kaffir pay jizya before intering…[View]
149635682my country[View]
149632833Are you able to distinguish between European whites and American whites?[View]
149636366Why are they so scared of samurai?[View]
149621838How is North culture different from South culture in your country?[View]
149619592Yes hello. I’m interested what Croatian products you use and know.[View]
149634138/deutsch/: Brecon-Beacons-Ausgabe[View]
149626080/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: A noteworthy edition Previous: >>149609508[View]
149637317Germany invented phrenology.[View]
149629477Which are the most racist European countries? I would like to learn their language and move there.[View]
149636694Do you support the establishment of Greater Iran?[View]
149634749Would you rather live in Kosovo or Mexico?[View]
149629578Kony is still on the loose.[View]
149634460Does your country's passport have sovl?[View]
149635690VGH, the Realms of the Jagiellon Dynasty, what covld have been...[View]
149614667What's his name in your country / language?[View]
149634251>'Honey, do you want to live anywhere except Southern and Central England?' >'No'…[View]
149634834Do you see young wagie foids in your country? I just got back from the deli. The girl that gave me m…[View]
149630387At what point did you realize it was over for your cunt?[View]
149626675Does your cunt have a rival?[View]
149630190You can't suffer in Argentina.[View]
149632719Yayoi jomon kazakh version[View]
149604625kurva anyátok[View]
149636172Why do Bulgarians spin the dogs?[View]
149607368Who do you think is more beautiful? Japanese or korean girls?[View]
149630519Ramses II >Red hair Cyrus the great >Red hair The Buddha >Red hair with heterochromia eyes …[View]
149635860We all know Americans are fat because of HFCS and cheap food, but what explains Europe's increa…[View]
149635403Americans be like >These colours don't run Yeah no shit, fat-ass[View]
149633068You already know what country these people are from, don't you?[View]
149631497More people have been to Russia than I have.[View]
149635722Why are they so impoverished?: They should start to be called the PU (Poverty Union) which is extra …[View]
149631695North China: What went wrong?[View]
149632152Californian girls are precious and I can't stop thinking about them.[View]
149633949>your cunt >do you use dating apps? Yes. I use dating apps every day.…[View]
149634689I hate the antichrist and i will not recieve the mark of the beast[View]
149631729i heard europeans calls anal sex to 'greek style' and greeks call this to 'turkish style' is that tr…[View]
149629101>friendless autistic social reject talking about how people only feel safe among their own and th…[View]
149635441Name a more iconic rivalry[View]
149628580Me ? Well I’m from Paraguay, it’s right over h-... huh ?![View]
149630465My ancestry is mostly Norwegian and Danish[View]
149632450Superheroes are the mythological gods of America[View]
149631420>Apply for a job at American company >question about what is my race >question if im a vete…[View]
149633120What do white people (actual white, they do not tan) think of Latinx America?[View]
149631349/brit/: on fire edish[View]
149631807Is he based or cringe?[View]
149631845Is social inequality a big problem in you're country?[View]
149631026In Greece, people value scientists and engineers more than pop stars and actors. >Through ingenu…[View]
149632498Criminally underrated country[View]
149634939Do Russian milfs like foreign guys? I'm tall and blonde and apparently look Russian[View]
149628136Do ricecels exist or it's just a meme?[View]
149625829Why do South 'Slavs' look like Meds/Turks? Are there people like pic related in South Slav countries…[View]
149628641based or cringe?[View]
149631080This synagogue in Konigsberg (Kaliningrad) was rebuilt even though there are no Jews left and I doub…[View]
149633530hello int could I pass in your cunt? I get called gringo by mexicans because im too white[View]
149634697This is the average female Germanoid physique Why are they so superior?[View]
149634639Wow... British women look like THIS?[View]
149624094pro-jew thread: ITT:We say nice things about jews. I start: >rural/agragrian part of society,whic…[View]
149633251>Charanis is known for his anecdotal narrations about Greek Orthodox populations, particularly th…[View]
149631355how's this conflict taught in your cunt? in mine it's taught as a civil rights struggle, b…[View]
149633023In English the phrase 'take a bath' can mean to take a bath but it can also mean to lose a lot of mo…[View]
149633221The based countries[View]
149634385This is what growing up in the American South is like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW5UEW2kYvc Wo…[View]
149632778my village of 2 000 people has more urban density than major American metropolises[View]
149614430>23andme said I am 92% Japanese and 8% Korean >My haplogroup is r1a Do genetic oddities like t…[View]
149624541/balk/: Before and after edition Old >>149612006[View]
149629997/deutsch/ am Abend: Komfige Ausgabe ohne denjenichen (zwangsgestört)[View]
149633244>Blacks have nappy hair, asians have slanty eyes...we Slavs have dark circles (under the eyes), t…[View]
149627595Sverigetråden: >falla av[View]
149629204Would Turks and Arabs be friends with Iran if Iran was sunni like them?[View]
149618400do people in Ireland even imagine themselves as a people and country separate from the English or ha…[View]
149629297our terminal decline as a country is now going to stop right? RIGHT?[View]
149632058Many employers in Greece won't hire Greeks who didn't serve in the army. People will also …[View]
149619193I took the picture a few days ago on a beach. Show me pictures you took /int/.[View]
149633109Do you have random bots/telemarketers/scammers calling your phone all day too or is it mainly an Ame…[View]
149632957japan pics thread[View]
149627213italians be like[View]
149629251The most jewish state in Mexico[View]
149632405>Sorry, no busco la discoteca, amigo. Can you dime where los Mayan temples are, por favor? Muchas…[View]
149631121/chi/: chicano general[View]
149625871/fr/ - le francofil: Edition des beautés olympiennes ancien >>149617212[View]
149628903As an American it's bizarre hearing what some European countries will do to take care of their …[View]
149627632Why are Germans obsessed with cranes?[View]
149632904do you want to find love in finland?[View]
149627393https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYKOLwt8pwo Do you have people like this in your country? Yes, we ar…[View]
149626985Why do you guys worship Korea and Japan so much yet have never been there? Isn't Europe much co…[View]
149628381You guys aren't actually diasporafags, are you?: You're all just larping, right?[View]
149632476ITT: /int/ flies into space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoHFSx7nhVg[View]
149632733Scum of the arctic Do you have an animal that you hate in your cunt?[View]
149633163post VGH[View]
149631120>american diaspora doesn't exist[View]
149630256What facial/physical features did European Hunter Gatherers contribute to modern Europeans?[View]
149630725google maps.: pick a random street in a country, that is now the standard for that country. This by …[View]
149629540>The average ethnic Serbian women born after 1999 is 183cm.[1][2] b-b-b-bros?…[View]
149627505>whiteness is a purely American abstraction explain why spics and euros are constantly pitting 'w…[View]
149623197Are you able to sing your country's national anthem?[View]
149621529The third world is too hostile for small gay guys that can't defend themselves, that's why…[View]
149627740Been thinking about the Yamnaya conquest of Europe a lot lads...[View]
149619621where is better to live?[View]
149631991East Germany should be returned to slavs[View]
149628914Is your country religious or not? Do people take religion seriously or just as an aesthetic?[View]
149631156How are veterans treated in your country?[View]
149631874is the south american EU based?[View]
149631443Do you have any savants in your country, /int/? This is Kim Peek, the inspiration for the movie Rain…[View]
149624472>*monopolizes all the SOVL in the world* how did we let them get away with it?…[View]
149631196Do people in your cunt live a fulfilling life?[View]
149619358/mena/: طبعة للبنات فقط ممنوع عيش الرجال[View]
149625451This is Puerto Rican art Say something nice about it[View]
149626100Is infidelity common in your cunt?[View]
149627948What would you do if a Brazilian woman grabs your nuts?[View]
149622506me fixing an ATM so tourists can withdraw their hard earned money[View]
149630095where does /int/ lay on the prism quiz?: https://prismquiz.github.io/ if you can correctly label me …[View]
149620268The Hispanic Health Paradox: Why are Hispanics so healthy despite having bad eating habits? Mexicans…[View]
149628231/brit/: lovely white women edish pranked by the gf sub edish[View]
149629864Did you know in the italian anthem some verses are about the brave polish patriots who fought agains…[View]
149628043Vgh... cлaвянcкиe жeнщины...[View]
149626011Are ppl like this in your cunt?[View]
149626865Russiafags, what would happen to me if I visited your country and called every person I met a petukh…[View]
149624592Untapped potential: Fuck the environment[View]
149611466eag- EastAsia: China/中华人民共和国 Japan/日本国 Korea (South)/ 대한민국 Korea(North)/조선민주주의인민공화국 Taiwan SAR/台湾特别行…[View]
149627215Greeks have the best hat in Europe and possibly the world.[View]
149608525/ita/ - il filo: Edizione stoica[View]
149630189is unification church popular in your country? flag no[View]
149624956How will the collapse of these squiggly water flows in a few years affect your country? I think we w…[View]
149627239>How difficult it is to find women in your country who don't drink or smoke? Chile Nearly im…[View]
149629926/vocaroo/: the universally beloved reading lessons exchange /vocaroo/ general request texts, record …[View]
149615593This is how my country should look like.[View]
149625953/entjungferung/ ehemals /deutsch/: SEXO-Ausgabe[View]
149627055What is this phenotype called? Is it common in Nafristan?[View]
149626758Very important >Your country >Do you lean back on the toilet sit when taking a shit or do you…[View]
149622805Chicanos can you please turn down your reggaeton? I'm trying to sleep.[View]
149629720Why do Americans love Mexico so much?[View]
149626211I'm an American and I will be moving to Portugal in about 6-8 months. What am I in for?[View]
149627345has there ever been a more based empire in existence?[View]
149628496Are there really people who would never leave Earth? In Larry Niven's Known Space there's …[View]
149612125is photography a common hobby in your country?[View]
149625059When will France apologize for their crimes?[View]
149612868/his/ - Hilo Hispánico = /esp/ + /lat/: Anterior: >>149557928[View]
149627802I just drew myself[View]
149627492Salzstangen: i LOVE Salzstangen do you love Salzstangen in your cunt?[View]
149627697would this guy be considered white in ur cunt? he made news a while back saying the term 'whitexican…[View]
149626803mistake ideas about your country: Why everybody online thinks I am rich? In my country there are ric…[View]
149621145/balt/: BALTED.com edition[View]
1496287521. ur cunt 2. ur bookshelf or books ur reading[View]
149626529what cringe names do low class people from your cunt give to their children? in Mexico it's mos…[View]
149628598What happens here?[View]
149621169Ask flag above you anything: I'll start. To Canadians: What's the most common job availabl…[View]
149628399How do I get a qt Quebecois gf?[View]
149614463/polska/: edycja jebać pis[View]
149628060Canada has the greatest athletes in the world[View]
149624700In Russia we have a popular term 'trash movies', that refers to arthouse, pseudo snuff, surrealist a…[View]
149627856If we are purely talking about the best writing system, why would that unequivocally be hangul?[View]
149627764How was your last trip abroad, /int/?[View]
149624244My neighbors who are white are having a karaoke party or something. Wtf I thought wypipo don't …[View]
149627713international suffering thread: >your flag >your suffering flag tfw iwn bear umbacano's c…[View]
149627234Chinese wife: Is it a good idea to marry a Chinese woman? I can't stand white women anymore. As…[View]
149627540What if we called the Indian subcontinent the Indian continent[View]
149624453Did these douchebags bit you all over in your cunt?[View]
149625941Is it true that only Chads or Pedos date Southeast Asian girls while nerdy soyboys fate East Asian g…[View]
149623176Your cunt? Do you have Chad_Jaw™?[View]
149626849whats your fav indian food?[View]
149624079Those who equate turkish WCs to incivility are clueless. I just took the biggest shit in my life in…[View]
149621049Redpill me on the Lezgins[View]
149595627/tr/: oxxxxxxxxxx ciğerlerime oksijen girmiyor karbon monoksit giriyor baskısı[View]
149625955>44 degrees[View]
149625636does this happen in your country: >try to look for some decent songs to play in osu >the only …[View]
149623076>Netflix filmed the TV show Chernobyl in Vilnius, Lithuania[View]
149599573/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Homem Gato anti homossexuais e pedoleiros[View]
149621065How do trains in your country compare to Japanese trains?[View]
149625901Pre-German Prussia.. Home...[View]
149610730/sauna/: junaratapainos[View]
149609508/cum/ - canada usa mexico: https://youtu.be/Ni8a1HigI0A[View]
149617212/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de l'amitié franco marocaine. >>149606267 >>149606267 …[View]
149625265This fatty spaniard is representative of North Korea in the West: Thoughts?[View]
149623761Does Australia have a single flaw?[View]
149618253Does the military from your contry use phiysical abuse as a method of indoctrination?: I'm curr…[View]
149620805/deutsch/: Tauschkarten Ausgabe[View]
149618734time for your foot massage 6'5'' turkish girl Does this happen in your country?[View]
149625685>bbc news youtbube channel >average length 5 minutes >~6 per day >dw youtube channel …[View]
149619927What kinda -boo are you? What sort of autism triggers your admiration for a country? I'm a wehr…[View]
149625584What are some unique(ish) fashion trends from your country. Pic related - the 'diagonalka' bag.[View]
149619092Do you play (field) hockey, /int/? Would you like to try it?[View]
149621978What would they think about the USA today?[View]
149625165Do they build these everywhere around you as well?[View]
149618464Regions of the world: I made this map of what I think what regions the countries of the world are di…[View]
149622182This is what fascism did to my country..[View]
149622106/iran/: Are there ANY countries chads more chad than an Iranian Chad?[View]
149624666Genoa: What happens here?[View]
149619790After reading some history I have come to the conclusion that we'd all (Europeans) still be low…[View]
149625020>be me >jewish surname >catholic…[View]
149624294Smallest bunda in brazil[View]
149621846/brit/: no jf flags allowed in the cool zone edition[View]
149622121I'm Mexican but I feel Confederate. I always advocate the use of the Dixie flag. When I talk ab…[View]
149624889I wish I wash fucking SOVTHRVN[View]
149617704Why do these two German supermarkets attract extremely fat people?[View]
149623945This is what absolute monarchy did to my country.[View]
149618594When was the date your tribe got buckbroken and forced to be a slave mule on a farm by a tax collect…[View]
149617582Why do Indians use Latin scripts so much more than their own script?[View]
149623008This is what changed the British attitude from 'oh huh brown people' to 'fucking subhuman brownoid s…[View]
149623360How do I get international frens IRL?[View]
149618989American culture is centered around cars. They live in car-dependent cities. They killed hundreds of…[View]
149622605I think I have distant armenindian ancestry. And, despite not being racist, I don't think like …[View]
149611304>your cunt >do you go to the gym/have a home gym Flag No i'm a fatty…[View]
149622806Do you smoke this?: No, I hate arabs and don't want to partake in their 'culture'. Plus it…[View]
149624187B-but /int/ told me Americans are fat and unhealthy![View]
149610589Hebrew and Arabic don't have capital letters and traditionally marked emphasis through changing…[View]
149616805Spain is one of my favorite European countries. I love Spain so much. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149622644Asian study culture: I'm in desperate need of discipline. Please give me all tips and tricks on…[View]
149620955>Speak to a brazilian 5 minutes on discord >he mentions his german grandfather Every fucking t…[View]
149620625Why do we keep lying to ugly people?: >How do I get a girl from 'X country'? Just be good looking…[View]
149620845sure we like to make fun of them, but I do think they are cool people[View]
149610697i'm scared of winter lads. every winter i feel like life is not worth living. why? have you eve…[View]
149624182Post your national flower: Ours is the Ipê-Amarelo, beautiful isn't it?[View]
149622392Why isn't the environment important in American culture?[View]
149617306*staire at you*: https://youtu.be/y4D9n00_hq8[View]
149616088Sverigetråden - Piratupplagan[View]
149618714is this acceptable in your country?[View]
149612006/balk/: russian edition old >>149586587[View]
149617360>most of the young men fled the country >the rest are killing each other on the front line …[View]
149621254What is your country equivalent of Akihabara?[View]
149622353ummm.... imperialist bros?????[View]
149622974Yellow = Soul Blue = Soulless[View]
149613937>47/50 of the most dangerous cities are in the new world new world bros how can we stop being so …[View]
149622908>really enjoy a game that was in development >after 80 hours or so stop playing it >a year…[View]
149618969With Anglos, you win.[View]
149621328How would your family react when you bring home a qt pinay wife?: Will they be proud or ashamed?…[View]
149620324What are some copes from your country?: This signboard is placed on the India-China border. The Chin…[View]
149621840Rare colorised photo of Ottoman soldiers conquering Europe[View]
149623896The American. He starts war, he fuels war.[View]
149623651You wake up in Adak, Alaska. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adak,_Alaska[View]
149615409>country >mayo on 'za yes or no[View]
149619798Do Yanks really?[View]
149622938How do we make this happen? Mexico objectively has more sovl[View]
149618539Korean bow called 角弓 is much superior to the Japanese bow.[View]
149621186Why do I hate the Irish? I have no logical reason to do, I’ve never even met an Irishman. I do think…[View]
149623413>every spanish girl i ever met was called Maria damn it really do be like that…[View]
149614703Do we need to invent a new Finnish meme?[View]
149623613/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Бeзyмия ниць Пaпяpэдняя ниць: >>149601180[View]
149622882This Taiwanese food reviewer wishes to visit your town/city to try the local food. Where would you b…[View]
149621199At what point in this century will these countries become majority asian?[View]
149623223I kneel to them[View]
149623263I'm gonna list everything i hate about this country >fucking communists are everywhere >g…[View]
149619045Similarities between Spain and Turkey We both claim to be religious even tho we dont give a fuck We …[View]
149622948ITT: /int/ in a world ruled by a progressive pro-LGBT+ Caliphate[View]
149620790Do men in your country have a gap between their beard and their hairline?[View]
149619533Maps thread: This is Twitter map for use of the term TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist)…[View]
149619508Do n*groids really?[View]
149621979Does the 'loser English teacher' phenomenon exist in your country?[View]
149621441Your country What is the swankiest event you ever attended?[View]
149609114/int/ernational suffering thread. you may only post in this thread if you suffer in your country. in…[View]
149621839/brit/: fit edish[View]
149619011Does this happen in your country ?[View]
149619188Do you get btfo by women often in your country[View]
149619136/siktir/ general[View]
149620631I stopped ordering from my favorite kebab place because it's always the same cute girl picking …[View]
149618852/brit/: lovely white women edish erin go brap sub edish[View]
149614851do you have ideations regarding the dissolution fo your country?: Had more ideations regarding the d…[View]
149615191Faces of /int/[View]
149619749Korean Century When?: >大清国属 高麗国旗[View]
149620113I'm a north african spy. I deliver French confidential informations to Morocco. Ask me anything…[View]
149621072>turkish girls opinions?[View]
149611726finland thread[View]
149621124>IPAs were invented by Bits >Stouts were invented by Brits >Porters were invented by Brits …[View]
149601180/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: oзнaкoмилcя c нoчным тpeдOм и гoвopю вaм чтo я нeнaвижy инцeлoв, пoмeшaнных нa пи…[View]
149620688Greenland is like a reverse USA since Europeans are native to Greenland considering they arrived two…[View]
149618762British Rail electro-diesel Class 73 73962 'Dick Mabbutt' edition[View]
149620158for me you aren't white: sorry[View]
1496131443 typhoons near Japan: no problem[View]
149617978Hey india bros what does this plaque say?[View]
149615847I would like a qt3.14 gf from one of these countries, how do I get one?[View]
149608328>American who loves beer >goes to rural Tanzania in search of banana liquor >buys beer for …[View]
149619807Is it the worst summer ever. 20°C and rain 24/7 since early May. Only the first 2 weeks of June have…[View]
149620116Amerigoblos, we got too cocky...[View]
149613575i'm a 24 years old virgin do this happen in your country?[View]
149617751Faces of /int/[View]
149620100Samora Machel (first president of mozambique) in a speech: Some Countries in Africa were colonised b…[View]
149617913The East India Company is owned by an Indian nowdays[View]
149619537Guess the cunt[View]
149599481/balt/ + /ausnz/ #404: Czeched and Baltpilled edition prev >>149580405[View]
149610163>your cunt >your cunt's stereotype that's mocked about in memes USA We're obese…[View]
149615522Does this happen in you're cunt?[View]
149608273Are gay incels a social phenomenon in your cunt?[View]
149603825/nederdraad/: Overtuigende pro-vax draad, alleen gevaccineerde deelnemers AUB.[View]
149612487Post the best TV show from your country. Death Note.[View]
149619355>Here's your Tropical Hyperborea bro[View]
149619332Why are finns such alcoholics?[View]
149619160I was told by a friend to never use public transport in France in the height of summer, because the …[View]
149608753Are young women in your country crazy about Korean men?[View]
149619407Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149611489>Brazilian flag replies to your thread with a fun post https://youtu.be/XE_vRL1APaQ https://youtu…[View]
1496139362021 Being deformed is better than being a regular ugly dude: It's over brocels[View]
149612276I visited Liverpool and went to the Cavern club because I'm a Beatles fan. There were loads of …[View]
149612500/mena/: طبعت الرجل الأمازيغي[View]
149618944Is HDI the biggest meme to measure quality of life?[View]
149618682Are websites of clothing brands in your country also full of black models and other shit sk? I start…[View]
149618788Late night shows: >Your country >What are the most popular Late Night / Interview hosts in you…[View]
149618394Asian women are cute![View]
149616898WTF Japan? Jeanne d'Arc didn't look like this![View]
149615972/brit/: *walks into /brit/* -edition[View]
149615834I’m just chillin in the mountains Does this happen in your country?[View]
149599006Women from my country sexually intimidate japanese females through tribal dances Are females from yo…[View]
149617862Why do Spaniards drink such small beers?[View]
149616612They deserved it[View]
149608742>Angels don't exi-[View]
149618427There's a shortage of women in China[View]
149614520>have you ever called the emergency service number in your cunt? >why?…[View]
149617059>america is a first world co-[View]
149609164If white people didn't spend centuries colonizing, enslaving, and stealing everyone's reso…[View]
149617303gyms in usa, canada and australia full of muscle girls why anglo women love being masculine and stro…[View]
149600730What MMO was popular in your country?: >inb4 world of warcraft[View]
149618247Your cunt Do you like bird? Flag Fuck birds, I hate birds so much it's unreal.[View]
149614243How do Greeks deal with wildfires?[View]
149615686There are just 650 000 Chinese Australians. Why exactly does this seem to terrify all of /int/ ?[View]
149618068are there many people in situation of street in your country?[View]
149618205Bros what happened?[View]
149589257Within a few centuries they'll be fully Asian, won't they?[View]
149580133/desi/: Comfy late night edition[View]
149616983Crimea has been longer Greek than Russian[View]
149602777Why don't Westerners recognize the existence of white Muslims?: I don't mean a convert or …[View]
149614767ITALIAN THREAD Only italians here thanks Post all the shit you want and talk about the shit you want…[View]
149614528people visiting beaches really be swimming on fish pee and cum[View]
149617628>Westoid entertainment[View]
149614021what do you think about greek alphabet[View]
149613122>yamnaya, magyar, mongolians, and turks Why have the steppes produced the strongest cultures on e…[View]
149612278Cosmo, Wanda I wish there was a reason for me and other kids to not go to school for as long as I wa…[View]
149613876The jannie deleted pic related, even though it's clearly int-related. wtf is wrong with him?[View]
149615476>go to /biz/ to help third worldies >tell them to listen to me because I'm American, I kn…[View]
149617435>be a nips >ring of fire beneath the sea >earthquake >people demand more electricity …[View]
149617325Ss it socially acceptable to love some that doesn't exist in real life in your country? In Bras…[View]
149610961Why is every country in this union so poor? I almost want to send those poor yuros some foreign aid.[View]
149617116>turkeys can't fl-: oh..[View]
149614753Are they secretly more white worshipping than latinos?[View]
149616272This is a japanese man who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to becoming a fadista (fado s…[View]
149608646Are either of them worth learning a chink language? My chink friend keeps vuagely shilling them to m…[View]
149605032Swedish girls.[View]
149616966Do people in your country have bad teeth? Is the diet of mushy peas the blame for bad Brit teeth?[View]
149614801What is your favorite writing system[View]
149593546Light skinned nigger in a nigger country AMA[View]
149616681Why do Marian apparitions only ever appear on Catholic countries?[View]
149615702You cannot possibly suffer in Med countries.[View]
149609195Where would you rather live? Italy or Angola?[View]
149606267/fr/ - le francofil: Edition du message de Macon pour les enfants français. >>149590048 >…[View]
149615162Chinese Century ( ≧∀≦)ノ[View]
149613841/int/ geography knowledge: How many countries and territories can /int/ pinpoint on a map? https://w…[View]
149613506My Japanese brothers and sisters, my dream is to live in Japan. Can you tell me what it needs to bec…[View]
149615309>I had sex last night Have you ever experienced this in your country?[View]
149613958taxpayers pay my living[View]
149605879Why are Korean men the most attractive in the world?[View]
149615889>black americans have 25% white genes >these genes were from slave owner >mfw african ameri…[View]
149610656Why are Americans obsessed with rebuilding ancient relics? Don’t they comprehend that by doing so th…[View]
149605823what's the worst thing about the women in your country?[View]
149614634I was on 2ch and a Russian called me a swine and used the swine talking bubble reaction image Why r …[View]
149612792Daily reminder: Japanese look different from the other Asian thanks to Jomon gene Even Alain Delon, …[View]
149615885This may look like Saudi Arabia but it's Japan[View]
149612057/deutsch/ 100er-Ausgabe[View]
149615806What went wrong, Thailand?[View]
149611032International drinks: What are you sipping on? Just made myself nice drink 100 ml vodka, some ice, l…[View]
149601818>Not living in a tropical paradise How do you cope?[View]
149613971Heaven on earth is literally the caribbean, i lived and worked as a diving instructor on several isl…[View]
149608731So you love Mitsubishi fighter jet?[View]
149615058Why is it called 'Land of the free' when it has Prisons?[View]
149608686Why are they always seething?[View]
149603096r u wypipo?[View]
149605491Is Albania that bad?[View]
149605197finally got my first intern job in a korean automobile component company in alabama after my 4th try…[View]
149597118Do 23 years old usually have a degree in your country? I bought mine on the internet then became a p…[View]
149610147Guess the location and you i'll give you a reward[View]
149613722This is the royal palace of Norway. Thoughts?[View]
149609510they shouldnt be called 'White' If anything they are more North African than White. Even Napoleon r…[View]
149608201Only 9619 Japanese will go to heaven, a place with Greek men and blonde Russian women. https://en.wi…[View]
149609331Why are Indians shit at every other sport except cricket and hockey?[View]
149612470Why do some countries call them Khitai if they have very little relation with the Kara Khitai?[View]
149607460>wake up >Germany looks like this wat do?…[View]
149610316Sverigetråden: Koom och breva[View]
149610177If Scotland left and UK had to change it's flag, would Australia, New Zealand and all the other…[View]
149610668why are american athletes so cute[View]
14961224628 but have never lived in a place to myself. first 18 years home. then student digs for 4 years (i…[View]
149610208>going home after a long night of work >walking down the stairs at Port Authority (public tran…[View]
149610524is it true whypeepo don't wash they legs?[View]
149611008日本語の達人: 馬鹿米国人! あなたは日本語の達人じゃ無い!私は日本語の達人!あなたは英語の達人![View]
149590568/polska/: edycja zbudź się proszę kochamy cię[View]
149614074The swamp... Home..[View]
149602624How big is online piracy in youe country?[View]
149608815>Japanese flag >post is extremely cute every time…[View]
149613516Why is it in countries where being a NEET is possible... People don't use that money to get int…[View]
149613835/mena/: طبعت النيك[View]
149604785Vietnam should use a full-width block alphabet please make your own writing system[View]
149602011We are witnessing the beginning of THE AZN CENTURY[View]
149606980/brit/: 'Fascinating anon, I love hearing you talk about your crypto portfolio' edition[View]
149592939do obvious metal heads and goths still exist in your country? when was the last time you saw one irl…[View]
149605476/mena/ /شأشأ/ /عصيدة/ /كُسْ عتيقْ/: كسمك يا بن المتناكة يا عرص مصر السخرية تقدم لكسمك هذا العرض حتقب…[View]
149609972/brit/: https://youtu.be/nVUHHW1tJYA[View]
149605430>these are the people telling you American suburbs are soulless Brits either live in Deanoboxes o…[View]
149606584Prove to me these people are still allowed to post on the internet. Prove you're not a glowie u…[View]
149612148Would you live in a 2.5k usd 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Detroit /int/? https://www.zillow.com/hom…[View]
149612206I love Japan: I’ve always wanted a Haplogroup D Jomon dick in my soft white anus[View]
149596818India has now put in service its first indigenously built aircraft carrier. India now has 3 aircraft…[View]
149582240/norgetråden/: Froskens utgave Forrige: >>149561279 >>149561279 >>149561279 >…[View]
149605003Would you host Belarussian refugees in your country to protect them from the wrath of Lukashenka?[View]
149608894/deutsch/: KeinWichs Tag 5 & stattdessen Schwimmen an der Donau Ausgabe[View]
149608450>tfw live in the greatest country on earth >tfw this beautiful house could be mine for just $4…[View]
149611192we live in a time of unprecedented wealth and peace but there is less care for art and beauties than…[View]
149586587/balk/: landlord edition[View]
149606998How do I get a Mena Gf as a 6’0 180 lb 7.5x6 inch penis Chicano male who makes 132k a year and is a …[View]
149611454just learned about dutch farming techniques[View]
149610487>traveling by car >radio catches tunisian stations…[View]
149610746I'm on a boat Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149604290have you prepared your defense against your peers if one day your incelism endures and you have to r…[View]
149609245which one should I emigrate to?[View]
149603122My parents are in a loveless marriage and stay in it due to having children. How healthy are marriag…[View]
149606109Planning a short Anglo trip but can't decide between Dublin, London and Edinburgh. Just want to…[View]
149606903Perú: Both the entirety of spanish-speaking South America and more than the half of Brazil are right…[View]
149599662Do Brits really?: This is a map of annual sunshine hours.[View]
149609336I've read roman soldiers marched as Racewalking status. >real roman Racewalking >goldmeda…[View]
149609958is there any Dagestan in here? I am inviting you to the /int/ telegram group. only Dagestanis no a…[View]
149607190Are gamers discriminated against by the normal human beings living in your country[View]
149609161Japanese admire Koreans. Old people are jealous of Koreans. I feel so sad.[View]
149600974shortest zoomer in the netherlands[View]
149608949Sorry for being spanish[View]
149602390/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: oh lawd he nappin-edition[View]
149584526/ita/ - il filo: i piedini della signorina Kaguya[View]
149608803Brazil's 33 year volleyball winning streak: DESTROYED by Russia: How bad is the Brazilian volle…[View]
149603233Why are 1st world girls so mentally unstable? Is it because there's a lack of stressors in life…[View]
149606757You wake up in Bisbee, Arizona. What is your next move?[View]
149605443Does this happen in your country?[View]
149594542/sauna/: Hätätilassa riko lasi-painos.[View]
149595337>Sc*ttoids eat this[View]
149604486Post your territorial gains (and losses) during WW2[View]
149609029Indian women's hockey team and their coach in the 2020 soi-lympics.[View]
149606805>small body of water 200 feet away >40% of the houses in that picture still have pools in thei…[View]
149604056how are latinas in your country?[View]
149607427Are Japanese girls as fake and manipulative as Greek girls?[View]
149604743Indians should study Sanscrit the same way Europeans study Latin and Muslims study Arabic.[View]
149606076There is nothing better than a morning walk, the air is just perfect[View]
149606597i eat potato chips with chopsticks. does this happen in you're cunt[View]
149608292What is the best place to visit in the USA?[View]
149604941what happened to the helots in ancient sparta? do they still exist in greece?[View]
149608133i cant bear the suffering of life in the UK but i have no choice because old people made it difficul…[View]
149603622If I were Jewish in Poland in 1945,: I wouldve never been to the promised land. Thats because it Is …[View]
149599852/nachtschicht/ irgendwann /deutsch/: Verzweiflungs-Ausgabe[View]
149605266This is your average french, he like to drink wine, eat baguette, flirt with woman and a very romant…[View]
149602281What's the biggest cope you've seen on /int/?[View]
149604470Cosmo, Wanda I wish the Allied Powers won in this timeline How does the world change[View]
149605864Post music from your country: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GdfyzYarmMo[View]
149603876/brit/: cute girls edition[View]
149592371Sverigetråden - Nattliga kungliga upplagan tråden[View]
149604739Old worlders live in cunts with histories that go back further than the 1500s[View]
149607568>want to compete in olympics >athlete isn't even from your country…[View]
149599411>tfw 24 year old friendless khv Is this common in your country?[View]
149606237I wish I was a person of colour (POC) instead of an albino cracker school shooter who smells like we…[View]
149606915das rite[View]
149603455Besides pic related, where can you meet mentally unstable foreign qts?[View]
149601230>Watching a TV show >Latino character says Puerto Rican girls have razorblades in their pussie…[View]
149606170What jobs do immigrants in Japan usually do? I'm a Greek engineer but I hate math and technolog…[View]
149606381I am a 26 yo kv never went to a party no driver's license[View]
149600426This is how the japanese used to live: Before they copied all technology from the West[View]
149606779Korea is a based tech capital of Asia and also the East Asian country with the most culture preserve…[View]
149605061>just realized guy is one letter away from being gay >we are all 66% of the way to being gay…[View]
149585395Full blood Kinh-Vietnamese people's faces are too diverse: I am Kinh-Vietnamese (Kinh is the la…[View]
149606244I want to live in the us so much it's unreal. https://youtu.be/doVV1a7XgyQ[View]
149606446Soy latino[View]
149606767Greek people sleep on beds and dogs on the floor, in Japan, people sleep on the floor and dogs in sp…[View]
149602388Does your cunt make good art?[View]
149604491Is housing expensive in your country?: It is here. A eight bedroom house now costs 600k, fucking ins…[View]
149604139I am a girl, and nothing can change that. Why do chud hate me for being born as myself?[View]
149602026Future is glorious 美好的未來[View]
149606262What are the actual consequences of crispr designer babies What do you think will become the dominat…[View]
149606333Why do black women assimilate to Mexican culture instead of afro-saxon culture?[View]
149602799Why is hangul so fucking amazing writing system?[View]
149606027If your country started a space colonization program and offered a one-way ticket to Mars free to an…[View]
149578011/mex/ invitados centroamericanos y chicanos[View]
149579917Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>149563453 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
149599872What's the closest capital city from where you are from? (doesn't necessarily mean it is y…[View]
149590048/fr/ - le francofil: Edition des figures Ancien : >>149583466[View]
149603125Why do mexican wrestlers were these masks?[View]
149602961you guys all suck just be like the Jamaicans just chill out and fish or smoke weed and watch cartoon…[View]
149602735post your country's signifying indigenous haplotype[View]
149606059Times Square, NYC, 1980s[View]
149602627So what are Koreans seething at China this week?[View]
149605389Post countries that get you sure (You)s >I'll start:pic related[View]
149603893>Japan good >America bad What happened They were the good guys…[View]
149602084>Mississippi frequently ranks low among the U.S. in measures of health, education, and developmen…[View]
149604819>tfw im not cute anime girl Does this happen in your country?[View]
149602966Post factories from your country. Pic related is a VolksWagen factory.[View]
149601713Is holocaust denial legal in your cunt[View]
149603424How does one aquire a Mongol gf?[View]
149576445Draw like a Japanese manga Please give me a picture you want to make into a cartoon, whether it…[View]
149604690King Sejong's scholars were geniuses. They combined the concept of Indian abugidas used in scri…[View]
149604841Ameribros... inflation is getting bad here...: Big houses in New England now cost 500k. I'm wor…[View]
149605325Where can I find a shy Japanese virgin for marriage? Is there an agency in Japan that brings togethe…[View]
149604607Why are asians so unhygienic[View]
149604598Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149601133Is it true that most 'Japanese' posters are actually Americans stationed in military bases?[View]
149603446MFW I will never get a Northern Chinese yandere GF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbiIu_EzuWk&…[View]
149600873When will you get a qt pinay wife and make your family proud[View]
149591963/mena/: طبعة الاسطورة[View]
149597682can i move to rural quebec, get a job and live comfortably without ever having to speak french?[View]
149600211why did blacks stop making good music? https://youtu.be/bQQCPrwKzdo[View]
149604612Everything wrong with the world is because of Serbian nationalism unironically[View]
149603864>bus arrives >enter bus >arrive home despite being 16 kilometers away not too long ago >…[View]
149604847Do Japanese people respect the Greek man? German people think a criminal Algerian is equal to a Gre…[View]
149604728+61478188627 Naughty Asian girl[View]
149601274Describe your prediction for this event in three words.[View]
149604003Why is this board full of so many browncells lusting over 5/10 white women?[View]
149597457>live in South America >get bitten once by innocent-looking bug >get untreatable diasese …[View]
149593004Why are Brown women like this?: >Be Hispanic >Ask cute Indian girl out >'i don't dat…[View]
149602298What do you think about anime as an art style?[View]
149599786The only thing that can save millions of Dalits from the oppression of the caste system is Islam.[View]
149601824I am an Indiaboo: I'm sorry Indiachads that a lowlife mutt fatty like me has taken an interest …[View]
149564368Faces of /int/ Guess the ethnicity edition[View]
149603644when did you realize America was a continent, not a country?[View]
149601722Ha ha ha ha ha[View]
149603598Do you like Japanese yakiniku?[View]
149604329Why are northern euros usually taller and more robust than southern euros?[View]
149601591What’s this phenotype?[View]
149587629>Your cunt. >Do you want to find love internationally? Flag, yes, with the Italian childhood p…[View]
149604377Is this area really that contentious ?[View]
149604106Do you love Korean Mandu?[View]
149599417We live on a rock floating in space full of similar rocks, one that started in a bug blast billions …[View]
149604233If you are against China you area literal low iq brainwashed cuckold[View]
149602527Why are Japanese people like this? Masturbation is a sin.[View]
149598024I'm tired of this shithole country (Italy) The taxes are insane (about 50/60% depending) and th…[View]
149594249Why does the new world have such. Superior barbeque culture?[View]
149604116Give me [one] reason why your people suffer[View]
149555446/asean/: ero elf edisi[View]
149598863If Quebec is to retain its culture, identity, and language. It must secede?[View]
149603920I suffer in korea[View]
149598222Why exactly is American architecture so reviled by non-Americans?[View]
149603328Are motorcycles popular in your country?[View]
149598502>wants to buy cool sci-fi book >goes to amazon >browses catalog >picks book >'Sorry, …[View]
149596698ur cunt's national bird[View]
149601019I like the california aesthetique[View]
149600294Why don't they like being middle eastern?[View]
149600488is there anything beyond Jakarta and Bali?[View]
149602976Why isn't South Georgia inhabited?: >mild weather year round >pristine air and nature …[View]
149603410Do they really?[View]
149602144Is soul food the best food in the world? I haven't had a chance to try it but from pictures it …[View]
149603237Our governor stated that Nanking never happened and is a Chinese hoax. Because of this Nanjing remov…[View]
149597909Is the North VA/DC area a good place to live if you own a business? I have an online business and am…[View]
149603215Continental Europeans have never been in a single fight in their entire life.[View]
149601764>Naporitan is a Japanese dish made with a combination of overcooked spaghetti, ketchup, onions, g…[View]
149596582/ame/ amerindian thread for amerindians and mixed races that identify with their amerindian side[View]
149601000What do you think about Vietnam's native alphabet called Chữ Nôm?[View]
149603179Braaaaaaaaasil Enfrente o mal que te consoooooooome Que os filhos do planeta foooome Não percam a es…[View]
149596273/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
149600989Do people unironically not realize uyghurs already have an independent country called uzbekistan. Uy…[View]
149602550Is he Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
149602002Were your parents/grandparents promiscuous during their youth?[View]
149599280Why are the most dangerous serial killers always white?[View]
149602795A S*rb, Cr*at, and an ALBANIAN walk into a bar. The ALBANIAN comes out unscathed. Glory to Albania.[View]
149598970I do not understand people who don't live on the water. Don't you feel the urge to return …[View]
149601517are Finnish people really like this?[View]
1496028801 flag 2 do you wish you could live in 80s japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg7szC3CIUU https:…[View]
149599220>Grandparents came to this country on a boat because they were offering cheap tickets to the Engl…[View]
149601232Do people in your country have this shitty beard growth pattern? I do and it's suffering. I wis…[View]
149602639I am half Jamaican and half Bosnian why couldn't i just be jamaican[View]
149602118>unsubsidized Gas >above 10% tax >Electrical vehicle tax Which cunt is this again ??…[View]
149601217Did you know china is a nation that loves jews?[View]
149602577We live in an Anglo world, romanticism is left behind for our old Latin Europe and its glories, I fe…[View]
149597686Why are they so funny in every possibe way? They're easily the most hilarious people in the wor…[View]
149601833The true discovery of the new world[View]
149602094>I only lay pipe in African villages with no indoor plumbing.[View]
149601949My brazilian co workers called me mean things and idk what they said. Why are you guys so mean[View]
149601593Why are they allowed their own flag on /int/? Shouldn't Chinese Taipei have a seperate /int/ fl…[View]
149602185There are European races that speak an East Asian language, but no East Asian races that speak a Eur…[View]
149602078Why are Germans like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYEMN1C3zPw[View]
149601897Japanese women dress so nice and feminine. As an American I can't stop walking around with a fu…[View]
149600929Hold up... home come some brazillians look white some look like mexicans?[View]
149482293DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2667: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
149593139>pajeets but muslim Who thought this would be a good idea?[View]
149579853The last interesting region of the world[View]
149598566I would die for her bros.: She is my queen.[View]
149601730one good thing about the contemporary internet is that you don't really end up with people like…[View]
149601374You wake up in Adak, Alaska. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adak,_Alaska[View]
149600015Is this the final form of racemixing: This creatura braziliana.[View]
149597528What's the United States endgame? What it will look like 100 years later?[View]
149601433Chinabros, is he right?[View]
149596617>old worlders hate it >new worlders love it which one is right?…[View]
149599656Is Jewish people a servant of Chinese?[View]
149588882You mean to tell me there's a Japanese diaspora in Brazil, and they started breeding, and now J…[View]
149598909Canada: What are some cool things to do in Canada on a vacation?[View]
149601328What is the next country you're planning to travel to, /int/?[View]
149599298Why do Columbians visit Mexico so much? I've had the possibility to visit there but I've a…[View]
149596354The reserve bank is saying the NZ economy is recovering well and we're reaching close to 'full …[View]
149592139>Brazilian flag replies to your thread with a fun post https://youtu.be/XE_vRL1APaQ…[View]
149601103Do You Love China? What will it take to change your mind if not?[View]
149601118meme degree: What kind of job could someone who studied these courses get in your country? >Indon…[View]
149595799What's the best invention in history?[View]
149599818Would you say that spending time on this board has made your more or less nationalistic?[View]
149600909What would Auxilia-chan be like?[View]
149594920Are light eyes and dark hair the best combo? Which countries is this phenotype most common in?[View]
149597076>you will never live in scandinavia how do you honestly cope with this[View]
149599584Which shold we call them, Jewish or Korean?[View]
149596479What does pizza look like in your country?[View]
149599564Questionable bird choice: New Zealand, why did you pick the lame and ugly kiwi as your national bird…[View]
149597334What would the USA be like if it was illegal to rent homes and apartments to people?[View]
149600739https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookland >you will never travel to bookland why even live…[View]
149597594what's the cheapest way to travel without a car. or job.[View]
149598686Americans put children in cages and everybody pretends this is normal[View]
149598492I think I don't speak English as good as I used to be Is it really possible ??[View]
149596060>be sitting at desk shitposting >brush my leg against something hairy underneath it >what …[View]
149596939I wear shoes in my house. More specifically, slides. Is this normal in your cunt?[View]
149600639Why does the US still make pennies and nickels? They cost more to make than they are worth.[View]
149596197Albanians: What do you think of them and their country?[View]
149600338Third countries with a Gucci Belt[View]
149596769Guys, I have a confession to make: I like Germany.[View]
149600202>Umm chadjak.... are you there?!?! >stop messing around I’m scared!…[View]
149600053This is the future queen of Norway, say something nice to her.[View]
149576394Post your wrists[View]
149600354>tfw you want to learn another language but you're too lazy[View]
149599149Did your cunt ever have an empire?[View]
149597356America is sending us only 1.7B out of their 550B infrastructure package.[View]
149599512I'm in love with something that doesn't exist, does this happen in your country? (pic rela…[View]
149574927How did Israel manage to create a whole forest in the middle of the desert? Have any Israeli anons b…[View]
149593430Brown bros... a new queen https://youtu.be/YiAK-0epXz8[View]
149599084What cellphone do you have, in the country you live in? Do you like it? I'm looking for a new c…[View]
149599354Tell me about Serbian girls[View]
149600102Tell us about cuisines from your country: I just ate soto for breakfast this morning. It's so n…[View]
149599223the holy based of trinity[View]
149599095how do people handle being hunted by these in your country? Any afghanis that can weigh in[View]
149594583>only had sex with his own mother and a prostitute Is this an average virginian?…[View]
149597576/brit/: FOY edition[View]
149596559How did states work before nationalism? Even if people arent nationalistic they still live in nation…[View]
149598065What do people in your cunt think of this?[View]
149598304In what country can I find this phenotype? What do you even call this ethnicity?[View]
149599340Tfw just learned about the indian caste system: That shit's just wrong[View]
149595594/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: edição manspreading[View]
149573552Rate your neighbors from best to worst: Greece Romania Turkey Serbia Fyrom[View]
149598190Why are the japanese so greedy?: >cuts two paper thin slices of tuna >places it on a plate wit…[View]
149599363At least MBC complimented germany ' germany , the center of EU , strong power country of economy an…[View]
149597155what do redditors from your city/country look like?: pic related are some redditors from my country …[View]
149597515>Imagine living in a country that never did pic related.[View]
149598736What happens in Fresnillo, Mexico? Why is it so violent?[View]
149597556Had a strange experience in Brampton today. At Walmart and there were a lot of European looking peop…[View]
149599542I just ate a load of stuffed olives with nothing else. Feeling pretty good about myself. Do you do t…[View]
149596442If you saw me in the streets in your cunt would you think I'm a local?[View]
149592238Peak North American culture. It’s almost that time of year again. God I love living in America. >…[View]
149597095How close are you and your dad? Would you say that this is unusual in your country?[View]
149595014Question for usosians: Is root beer any good? Do children really drink it? I wanna try it, I'll…[View]
149585955the US is a Hispanic country. Anyone who's been to a Walmart knows it is true. Current estimate…[View]
149597638I hate the yakuza: I hate all criminals in the world - yakuza, mafia... I am good, law abiding guy.…[View]
149571008/skandi/: skandinavien udgaven[View]
149598840What’s the best way to approach a Dutch qt?[View]
149575619>Go on google images >Search 'Greater [your cunt]' >show/write what you got flag Portugaliz…[View]
149599352>You WILL learn the location of tiny independent islands! https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3129…[View]
149599231Why are Russians so good at writing dystopian/horror/psychological stories? I'm reading somethi…[View]
149590508/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Ausgabe für entspannte Musik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
149598782What happens here? They seem to be different from the other muslims? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
149597034The grundle+: In America we call the place between your ass and your genitals the grundle, what do y…[View]
149586943What was your country's cringiest era? USA 2001-present day https://youtu.be/IS5lbfav6hw[View]
149594306>Join European server >Half the players in the lobby are americans…[View]
149598452>the average Mexican latina It's literally impossible to suffer in mexico…[View]
149596534/slavic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d1HWklOlN8 Be brave.[View]
149598424How to be more effay with few money in your country?[View]
149593287what is your opinion on ashkenazi j00s?[View]
149593796/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico[View]
149598135The best-selling smartphone in Europe is now xiaomi, not Samsung Chinese century is here everyone[View]
149594497How easy can you camp in Europe/USA and basically live your whole life outdoors?[View]
149597261Which is more French?[View]
149597483Rare colorised photo of Ottoman soldiers conquering Europa.[View]
149597419The United States of America[View]
149597285/Nederdraad/: Blanke Frank uitgaven[View]
149582017How do I get a qt3.14 French Canadian gf as an Anglo New Englander?[View]
149597540What did Indians mean by this painting?: >Lazzat un Nissa (Pleasure of a Woman) is an 18th centur…[View]
149594794You wake up in Redmond, Oregon, United States of America.[View]
149597838UH OH[View]
149583202United States of America.[View]
149597716europeans really had to dance to either folk or classical music before jazz hit from america[View]
149594978Which flags are the best posters in your opinion?: For me, it's probably Ireland. I've nev…[View]
149590579Why are white Americans generally the most attractive people on the planet: It’s really just a race …[View]
149597132>Ontario exists >No Quebec flag flair[View]
149595999Do Germans really?[View]
149595144>set YouTube country to France >suggested videos have titles in arabic What other countries a…[View]
149596350the icelandic coat of arms it depict the four protectors[View]
149577219>Muh Islam is a traditionalist religion >Meanwhile Mecca looks more globohomo than an America…[View]
149548427/esp/: Edición Monas chinas 3D Cruzcampo[View]
149592743Why do southern brazilians keep trying to convince everyone that south brazil is better than the res…[View]
149597407Ok, here's the plan >get my italian citizenship >move to germany >get a job >save a…[View]
149569160how are transgender people treated in your country?[View]
149594923/brit/: You arrive in Neocastle edition[View]
149597248How similar are Romance languages? If I speak Spanish, can I just bop over to Portugal or Italy and …[View]
149595104>your country >have you attended a Covid party? flag no…[View]
149595381How long until Texas 2.0 happens?: Northern Mexico is a US colony at this point. Only a matter of t…[View]
149595191>join int discord server >it's full of indians and turks…[View]
149595569Your country Do you support a FREE AZTLAN AZTLAN YES[View]
149588167What happens above the green line?[View]
149592920I took this picture at the beach 2 days ago, do you like it? Also post pictures you took.[View]
149585349What type of eggs are popular in your country? In Finland we eat boiled egg sliced on toast and halv…[View]
149596917just learned about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff why are russians so evil?[View]
149595002I wish I lived in a forest bros... Trees... rain... water... Ugh[View]
149593534The only good thing that happened to Europe in the last decades was the no more brother wars. All th…[View]
149556686/éire/: Eagrán cáilíní na hÁise[View]
149594829How to get Azeri gf?[View]
149592107It used to be better[View]
149584117Do women in your country start seething when a man says anything positive about younger females?[View]
149595922Do you view them as the exact same or as distinct, individual nations within one country? Should eac…[View]
149591788This is a 6 foot 2 English rose[View]
149594629Why haven't you accepted Islam as Jesus did, anon?[View]
149596193hey int am I white?[View]
149595509Is WFH popular in your country?: Sudan, lol, no.[View]
149596531which culture your country successfully stole from other countries? 1) Japan 2) Bonsai, Kanji, Ramen…[View]
149596517Greece/Turkey are you ok?[View]
149556800/lat/: hilo latino[View]
149592527Que lindo es ser lampiño. Mi piel es tan suave como la de un bebé, nunca seré calvo, no gasto en ras…[View]
149591841North American Union: Give me a reason as to why this should not happen? The natives would have prot…[View]
149586176/ex-yu/: O L U J A Srbi će bojkotirati ovaj konac izdanje[View]
149596244>m-masaka American universities look like this? Yes >Heeeeee? Sasusa America…[View]
149596355What are the favourite tourist destinations for your countrymen?: Pic unrelated[View]
149592083>„German nibbas do they quotations like this“[View]
149595900Do people collect WW2 memorabilia in your country?[View]
149592676My fellow Americans, why do you resent the dollar coin so much?[View]
149593187Are Saudi women the hottest in MENA?[View]
149592526sve trå[View]
1495948791000 AD: https://imgbox.com/g/Djop20WbDX Out of the 57 nations from across Eurasia in Anno Domini 10…[View]
149588542How do I tell South American countries apart?: Honest question, I really do want to learn more about…[View]
149587058Oh look at what I found. Majority of France is actually white. Coincidence? I think no. Especially …[View]
149594712Not too shabby.[View]
149589244Famous foreigners: Post famous foreign people in your country This is Gino D’acampo, Italian TV pers…[View]
149594931Which American city do you dream about visiting?: I want to eat deep dish pizza and see the Sears to…[View]
149595705>British empire I kneel[View]
149592066/mena/: طبعت أبو شادي المحترم والفاضل[View]
149593081it’s almost 4am in uzbekistan. do you have a good sleeping schedule, anon?[View]
149590341/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
149567974/tr/: Anime![View]
149595257f*rst w*rlders be like: >ugggh the last two months at my burguer flipping job in mcdonalds were s…[View]
149595444How do you feel about this Roman civilization that perished 1700 years ago? I would probably kneel …[View]
149593835I got fat over coronavirus pandemic Did this happen in your cuntry?[View]
149592862If black girls were as feminine and neotenic as Asian girls, would they have the same appeal to whit…[View]
149595262after spending a day procrastinating the most basic tasks, I will masturbate, drink 4 beers, take an…[View]
149580797barcelona so hot cathedrals are melting[View]
149585321Wait: Spaniards aren’t white?[View]
149591170were skinsheads popular in your country ?: they were popular in Spain arounds 90s-early 2000s[View]
149592296Hypothetically what’s stopping me from saving a lot of money and then moving to Argentina to retire …[View]
149595137imbecile politicians, climate change, income inequality, epidemics, natural disasters, racism... Wha…[View]
149574393These are the only universities in the USA that matter, also including Stanford, MIT and Chicago. I…[View]
149594050August 5 2021: Still no Brazilian girlfriend. How is this fair? 10/10 cute brown girls end up being…[View]
149591097(1816), contains a sturdy exposition of the substance behind the slogan: It is an error of geograph…[View]
149593239>it's 2050 >it's 10 years since the Polish Empire overthrew the Icelandic government…[View]
149586648why can't Pakistani people grip things good?[View]
149579646Germany after ww2: Translation of meme The inexcusable vice and the inexcusable defeat left the pos…[View]
149592728what do females in your country wear in this blazing heat?[View]
149584402/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: PУCCКOГO Шaнcoнa ниць Пaпяpэдняя ниць: >>149568877[View]
149588170What's your opinion on CIS?[View]
149592342You magically wake up white tomorrow. What in your life changes? Would it improve?[View]
149594764>Dude what if 80s NYC but smaller, poorer, dirtier and even more crime-ridden! What were they thi…[View]
149593658Explain yourselves, Unitedstatians.[View]
149591913What's the future of these languages ?[View]
149591158What is this phenotype? What country are they from?[View]
149575880/nederdraad/: oude school editie[View]
149586070How did they become so rich?[View]
149594462Good places for nightlife in Chicago?: I'm in town for a visit and I don't really know the…[View]
149579144/sauna/: yöpainos[View]
149593490Why aren't we trying to fit in with ASİA? Because we are already ASİAN.[View]
149591639/brit/: Helper's World Fuck you cunt seetherz[View]
149584375What was France like before mass immigration?[View]
149594220This is a champion Belgian stallion (bronze medalist)[View]
149594042Why do Greeks look like statues?[View]
149593876How common is wild polar bear in the north especially in finland, denmark or sweden ? What's th…[View]
149587163kurva anyátok[View]
149562323French kids are given money to visit the Louvre and buy books by Plato and Kant, and yet they still …[View]
149593536Do you like the norf?[View]
149586422/cum/: parappa the brappa edition[View]
149581966List the 5 most similar contries to your own: Ireland (litearlly exactly the same as us but have an …[View]
149586332Recommend me some nice hobbies, /int/. I’m bored of just sitting around browsing 4chan, listening to…[View]
149549462/ישר/: מהדורת מפגש האחוקים ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op/ …[View]
149588917Why is Ukraine so unhappy?[View]
149593117Why do Indians drink cow urine?[View]
149586526/mena/: طبعة ذكريات سبيستون[View]
149592446If Spaniards are brown: Then why do white people get blamed for genociding the Aztecs?[View]
149590027Tell me about Kabardino-Balkaria: What happens here?[View]
149592696Serious: Easiest way to move to anywhere in Canada from the Czech Republic? What are some menial job…[View]
149584953literally me[View]
149587506what is this phenotype?[View]
149591081>cunt >Do you suffer? Poland Yes, pic rel.…[View]
149590301Do you want to find love in Germany?[View]
149584607The Brits did literally nothing wrong. Stop making fun of them.[View]
149591668Do normies in your country still use netflix or has the trend died down?[View]
149592845>tfw ywn visit europe[View]
149592632Belarus: Holy freaking based!![View]
149591460HAITI: APOLOGIZE[View]
149588809You wake up Polish[View]
149590877Kashmir seems like a pretty beautiful region with a very interesting history and I’d like to visit s…[View]
149590036Is weed legal in your country? If so, do you smoke? If not, what happens if you get caught? https://…[View]
149582245How is Australia so rich? It's a desert in the middle of the ocean.[View]
149589382Why does this happen?[View]
149567659what is it like being gay in your country? croatia? it's pure suffering[View]
149590799>Japa-you mean nihon?This is what the they call their country[View]
149584594>no slavic dubbing for the game such a shame[View]
149586377What's your favorite U.S state? Mine is the United Kingdom.[View]
149592014In the Netherlands, they have a saying: >je moeder is een kankerneger[View]
149589638Be mongolian,feels good man: >be me >be mongolian >bored.jpeg >ransack city >feels go…[View]
149591793>I suffer on the czech republi- one minute! no my friend, you don't suffer…[View]
149587928Wait: Brazilians are white?[View]
149586632if I buy something on ebay from Serbia am I gonna get ripped off and scammed?[View]
149591814I suffer in Turkey.[View]
149570117Post the embassy in your country of the country above you[View]
149590261Tell me about the japanese[View]
149590747https://streamable.com/2udukh Does this happen in your country? >Poland >Yes…[View]
149585309Why are they obsessed with the simpsons and dragon ball z?[View]
149587497/brit/: rorke's job application edition[View]
149584796can we pass as locals in you're cunt?[View]
149584970Sverigetråden - Jahy-sama kommer inte låta sig besegras: 2Dn är igång.[View]
149588175I suffer in britain so so very mutch[View]
149572334Planning an Africa trip for next year, what country should I visit, besides usual stuff like Egypt, …[View]
149580314the americans fear the soft eggs[View]
149589492How much money would i need to rent a room and live 3 months in italy?[View]
149591179>جھانڈا۔ کیا توم لوگو کی مولک مے BBC پروموط کیا جاتا ھی؟[View]
149591133would you want to live in this world? Dark red: England Grey: Germany Yellow: Egypt Bright red: Pola…[View]
149587098Why do the frogs love nuclear energy ?[View]
149587891why is youre country so smol, /int/[View]
149589406Besides oil and salmon they don't produce anything[View]
149589512Do you agree?: The gentleman on the left of this image are white Europeans, while the ones on the ri…[View]
149570804Yes, it's possible to suffer in Colombia. I do all the time[View]
149587817Would you marry a brazillian woman in your cunt?[View]
149590698why has the number of maid cafe girls hugely increased?!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhRRrzpxOn…[View]
149571123How deep are Wojak's roots in Central European culture?: I'm interested in the continuity …[View]
149586058What would you like to get for vaccination?[View]
149572004Why do americans prefer to have their cities look like this?[View]
149590654qataris are chads. just look at their athletes at the olympics[View]
149590671what's a good documentary you recommend? doesn't need to include your country I like this …[View]
149590487Tell me a joke from your country. It doesn't have to be grand, could even be a 'your mom/sister…[View]
149587383Why they don't make globally popular movies, tv shows and music?: Except for a handful of Germa…[View]
149582756Imagine if there were a version of your country except all the problems of it don't exist there…[View]
149580196/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição vai comprar.[View]
149588432Do people eat dog penis soup in your cunt?[View]
149587772I like Germany.[View]
149569531starbucks chads... get in.[View]
149587250What can we do to help Iraq?[View]
149571762Is your country a naturelet?[View]
149590067If you're American, there's literally no excuse not to be able to pronounce the Spanish r …[View]
149584538/deutsch/: posh slag edish[View]
149589924Are Czechs aware that the image of their country we gays around the world have is entirely based on …[View]
149588750Wait: France is black?[View]
149580405/balt/ + /ausnz/ #403: love and tolerance edition[View]
149587332why is /int/ the only board where frogposting feels genuine? why do frogs unite people from all over…[View]
149584191Late night music thread: What are you listening to right now in your cunt anons? https://youtu.be/MK…[View]
149574429/polska/: edycja taka o[View]
149587819What is the reputation of Somalis among other African countries?[View]
149589334Does anyone know this Spaniard outside of Spain?: I hope not[View]
149585662What would the Middle East and surrounding regions be like today if Islam was never created?[View]
149587304which country has the best coffee[View]
149583466/fr/ - Le Francofil: édition de la supériorité totale et écrasante des rousses ancien>>1495738…[View]
149587384The king of Norway looks Spanish.[View]
149585319Do they prefer Russia or Turkey ?[View]
149579927When a pool turned green during Rio Olympics days after the pool games were over all redditors were …[View]
149585520did you know that the first BLACK MALE FIGHTER PILOT was an AFRO-TVRK? now you know.[View]
149585336Are Romanians Slavs? Why do they speak a romance language?[View]
149588339Why do judges in Commonwealth countries wear these fucking stupid wigs?[View]
149568354what's your country's real flag?: are any of you guys from a country that doesn't use…[View]
149588474Are people friendly to visitors in your country? Are they hospital people?[View]
149588603Is moving a Japan worth it even if I don't watch much anime anymore?[View]
149588496Is your country comfy?[View]
149581762>ur country >do you eat eggs I ate 8 eggs yesterday.…[View]
149587971Do the Yakuza still exist?[View]
149584778Do you love A-America?![View]
149546619/med/iterranean general: Calzone® edizione[View]
149586459Why this considered Sovl in Europe but poverty in the rest of the world? History shouldn't just…[View]
149572784ITT: Try to speak a language you don't know: Polish: Szdraviswitz, mnwszi zwavutwzi brasilizswi…[View]
149584834Why are North Koreans better looking than South Koreans?[View]
149587906Is this true indiabros?[View]
149588014https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DJfg39WkMvE Blend W is very funny anime meme[View]
149501891/dixie/: Katangan independence edition[View]
149585208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69QLF2fVGl4 Does ur cunt have videos like this? Which ending would y…[View]
149573280Guess which region has the most successful vaccination campagn in the world (nearly 80% vaccinated)[View]
149586741Just found out my mom's grandma's father was Italian. Anyone else here /purebloodedroman/?[View]
149579596gender swaps of /int/[View]
149586470It's not true that Asians can't integrate.[View]
149585433Do people in your country practice circumcision? Sweden, no. Swedish males keep their foreskin[View]
149580020do people in your country love Japan? Portugal sure loves Japan...[View]
149587203Peru, I kneel[View]
149556048/flag/ + /extraflags/: Yaroslavl Oblast Edition Previously: >>149542000 Welcome to /extraflags…[View]
149585362Do you support your local Armenian family-owned businesses? I do. I recently made a purchase today a…[View]
149583880I have 11 days to come up with a dissertation project otherwise I will not get into Masters school (…[View]
149586311MEMRI TV thread: send me your best MEMRI TV webms / jpegs[View]
149566085What are some genuine criticisms towards People's Republic of China?[View]
149586544What went wrong?: It used to be the capital city if America. Now it's full of homeless junkies.…[View]
149577861/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: fatass edition[View]
149579508Dutch: ik sneed German: ich schnitt Icelandic: ég sneið Old English: ic snað English: I snothe Gothi…[View]
149570783>brits be like 'mmm what a scrumptious biscuit'[View]
149585382more of a cult than a country[View]
149582372tax prison[View]
149582565VGH... The streets of northern frankia...[View]
149585605Godlike Superhumans.[View]
149564434hilo /ex-yu/: >koji film gledamo anone ?[View]
149583492VGH....the traditional european diet......[View]
149566538/balk/: Eastern misery edition >>149546931[View]
149577664Could I assimilate into small town america? Or are they too xenophobic and I would remain an outside…[View]
149580528As God has willed[View]
149582355find your love in latin america[View]
149585427You wake up in Izhevsk, Russian Federation.[View]
149574632>be me, eating ethnic food >every time they have these fucking leaves in it Do brown people ju…[View]
149584933UMA DELICIA[View]
149585022>country >how would people react to the fire near them? Russia Just mind your own business ap…[View]
149583545Which American city looks most like this?[View]
149581739Does this happen in your country?: Flag Yes[View]
149584116Do you love the wooden districts of Heldinki?[View]
149583465I'll never be able to buy a gpu here in mexico, prices are just too damn high, does this happen…[View]
149585254As a Chinese, i secretly like Turkey.: Even though our ancestors fought in the past, I secretly admi…[View]
149575754/mena/: the beauty of the cisgender libyan female must not perish from the earth[View]
149578428Why are women so short everywhere: Also how are Czech females taller than literally all of their nei…[View]
149581421is this phenotype common in your country?[View]
149581683why are there so many on /int/?[View]
149584682In Germany you need a license to breath: If you don't get a breathing license for 25,18 cent pe…[View]
149579252Pray for britain we're going to be going through antoher rough patch bros what did we do to des…[View]
149583213What is the difference between Greeks and Turks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfFx5UvzSxc[View]
149584467Why do we have an amazon with a surname 'Montibeller' in our team?[View]
149584663>Svensk vinst igjen[View]
149583436I bought cock brand The text is German The paste is Thai[View]
1495832551m80 for 80kg is fat in your country ?[View]
149582216Which country has the most robust women?[View]
149582299What does a punchable face look like in your country?[View]
149584368o kurwa[View]
149568517/ita/ - il filo: Edizione stanca[View]
149577074/deutsch/: Narzissmus kickt Ausgabe[View]
149583949Why are Arabs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVnwyEFvycs[View]
149578119shout out to all the latinos![View]
149582353I just learned about the great irish famine what the fuck why did the english let (made) this happen…[View]
149575221Is practising martial arts part of the culture in your country? Does your country has their own vers…[View]
149576075Post your handwriting ITT[View]
149551597kurva anyátok[View]
149582831Just bit into a Cardamom pod[View]
149574392Do Britbongs actually like this stuff, or is it just a cheap filler that wagies eat out of necessity…[View]
1495803931 your country 2 post picture of your ideal spouse[View]
149581386How do templars look like in your cunt?[View]
149580587/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Câmera Lenta anterior: >>149557963[View]
149581936What happens in the USA if a Hobo needs an ambulance? Paramedics will know he can't pay the bil…[View]
149583123American Culture is just the best pieces of world culture. We didnt make German, Uk, France, Japan, …[View]
149581537Spain bros....[View]
149581690Just found out about Davidos in Japan. Fucking weebs, man[View]
149582886My relatives in NYC and Tampa always dunk on New Jersey for some reason.[View]
149573858/fr/ - le francofil: Edition d'une époque formidable. >>149564667 >>149564667 >…[View]
149578214Sverigetråden: Tuttupplagan[View]
149578064>over 1 billion people >zero gold medals explain yourselves…[View]
149577320How is it possible for a country to go from this to irrelevance?[View]
149581398If you go to america and don't say 'Howdy doo fellaroo' to everyone you meet they will shoot yo…[View]
149582749/vocaroo/: the handsome and manly /vocaroo/ general where everyone gets a foreign gf for posting req…[View]
149574895>Be American ruraloid >Cozy local community >People are still connected through local faith…[View]
149577031>Modern white people that we know today are only 3,000 years old >Before that Europe just had…[View]
149570312>muslims in the west are becoming more and more gay >muslims in mena are becoming more and mor…[View]
149575372Traditional German names are dying out: >no more wilhelms >no more karls >no more gunthers …[View]
149580945I can't be the only female girl around here who gets really nervous around cute European touris…[View]
149576814>ur cunt >do you have a foreign name >what does it mean I do, my name means 'my name will n…[View]
149582015opinion on casùmarz[View]
149580884Is a woman having a large posterior important in your country?[View]
149571195If a bunch of gay people created their own country, where would they make it?[View]
149581140Croatian army vs Italian army[View]
149576030/brit/: laugh edition[View]
149581311>be me 5 years ago >tfw 17 >regional english language competition >one of the participan…[View]
1495816481 Fag 2 Post some unique aesthetic from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-aE5jxMuHw Could …[View]
149580863What happens in the Republic of Burundi?[View]
149576269do people worship white women in your cunt? flag yes[View]
149561279/norgetråden/: Fjortenåttiåtte-utgaven Forrige: >>149534664 >>149534664 >>14953466…[View]
149556043Why does Oslo look like this, despite never being bombed?[View]
149580772>be Australian >name city after a boxer[View]
149581146Do you love Bosnia?[View]
149580891Why do female rednecks smell so musky?[View]
149580906Does she look more English or Czech?[View]
149580486Do you want to visit Paris ?[View]
149580601holy based[View]
149578735>white people[View]
149579690VGHN! viva el globino race: has your country accepted our yellow overlords yet? >Canada >Bra…[View]
149580145these are my people, this is the place I belong I am basque.[View]
149580840are there happenings in your country: https://news.yahoo.com/happening-ice-worms-emerge-pacific-2039…[View]
149575940How are latinas in your country?[View]
149578395I'm from Bangladesh[View]
149557928/his/ - Hilo Hispánico = /esp/ + /lat/[View]
149579110>perfect weather, never gets hot and sunny and humid >extremely open and friendly culture, esp…[View]
149578062What is life like for the white people who stayed in South Africa after apartheid ended?[View]
149575654Northwestern United States... home Anyone else here like living here? t. Spokane[View]
149566295Should flat women be sterilized? Genetically they are failures, no ass, no tits, no hips, archetype …[View]
149579445What's the relation Americans and Canadians have with each other? Are you frens? Or it's j…[View]
149580099white niggas wear there shoes inside they house[View]
149572823Here is my plan listen - i will date with white virgin girk. - i will joy to fuck her for a couple …[View]
149563663/desi/: Village edition[View]
149557963/bra/cel Fio Incel: Ediçao:Incel[View]
149576486I really don't see the appeal.[View]
149572329Why do Indians stare? https://youtu.be/y4D9n00_hq8[View]
149578264What is the worst way to die in your country?[View]
149579682Thinking about moving to this country with my gf and selling drugs What do you guys think?[View]
149577790> The War of the Cow (1272–78), in French Guerre de la Vache, was a conflict in the Holy Roman Em…[View]
149573581>location where you're at >what do girls smell like this time of year?…[View]
149579157Deadly weapon seized by London police last Tuesday. This device could've killed dozens of peopl…[View]
149576018Why do europoors love this so much?: Here only arabs eat it.[View]
149567075Serbia: What happens here?[View]
149578474How common are these in neighborhoods where you live? Or just how common are they in general? They’r…[View]
149570363Post two nations whose people are genetically the same.[View]
149579877Which cunt has the best mommy gfs?: Bulgarian ones are disgusting as women here become obese soon af…[View]
149564621What happens here?[View]
149579149does Catalonia actually have a chance of becoming independent or is it actually just an overhyped me…[View]
149577368I have an english bulldog who's old and fat and sleeps all day does this happen in ingerland?[View]
149571687Why aren’t we seeing more China posters now that the captcha is not blocked?[View]
149565933/balt/ + /ausnz/ #402: Narva edition >>149545050[View]
149573822do they really[View]
149569855How common is this phenotype in Turkey and Italy?[View]
149566519>tfw most hated country on the internet we suffer[View]
149578906I want to go to holidays to USA;guided tour packs for new york,manattan and washington. how do i man…[View]
149573871Would you have sex with a gilf in yout country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9osojnyVMLg Imagine…[View]
149578014Is Finland really as happy as the statistics say?[View]
149579160/sauna/: mega kiva ja söpö painos[View]
149575310What does mämmi taste like?[View]
149573517You can't suffer as a white man: This guy with literally NO legs has an Olympian Black goddess …[View]
149578536Indians look like THIS?[View]
149576007/brit/: Arthur[View]
149578875>boy what in gods name is an 'Ik ook'?[View]
149578424I can't be the only female girl around here who gets really nervous around cute European touris…[View]
149572209Guy and a girl shopping at a jewelry store in Shanghai. What is the 1st thing you notice about it?[View]
149576644Why are we in the Eurovision and the Champions League?[View]
149563453Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>149547648 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
149571197America was built off the backs of black people.[View]
149576065my last name is Finnish[View]
149577981>Am stuck in country with blond women when black haired women are clearly superior I suffer in Sw…[View]
149578028Summers are called hunting season in Greece[View]
149576882Is this sweater weather in your cunt?[View]
149563105/sauna/: alkoholin seurauksen painos[View]
149577611Thoughts on black american women?[View]
149574995>ungarn und polen[View]
149576789Post the whitest woman from your country[View]
149568022>british cuisine is ba- Apologize[View]
149575085Just learned about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. TWO nukes!?!?!? And to think Japan still …[View]
149567758/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Pickin edishin[View]
149573256Post your name or surname and its meaning. I am obviously not going to post my surname (It's a …[View]
149575181Can the beauty of a Frenchman ever be matched?[View]
149575696How dangerous is it for a black person to travel here (not for weeb culture, for work). Should I jus…[View]
149557752is smiling normal in your country? in Poland people will think you're mental or laughing at the…[View]
149575888is the educational system well designed in your country[View]
149571300/deutsch/ am Abend: Ich werde gleich Nahrung einnehmen[View]
149576538Indian anons Are your water supply’s clean?[View]
149577113/2nd/ world general best fruit edition Nords, CA, AU, NZ, JP Switzerland, Germany, Holland, FR, IT N…[View]
149577030Homelands for people without them: Any other nationless bros here? Have you found a place where you…[View]
149574084Mediterranean climate is the best in the world[View]
149576540seasons are gay: seasons are gay i'd rather live in an equatorial country where the sun rises a…[View]
149570381What is objectively the worst designed country flag?[View]
149575731How come there's only 2 countries in South America capable of producing music?: What happens wi…[View]
149566210Should I learn a second language? should it be yours? what should it be?[View]
149574412Daily reminder[View]
149567893What's your opinion on czech culture[View]
149574446Murica here I traveled to Europe pretty extensively pre covid and noticed there are few suvs or spo…[View]
149558322Suffering in Norway is real: Washing machine in the kitchen[View]
149576278India looks like THAT?[View]
149576154Denmark gave America Alice Kristiansen, while she gave Canada Lauren Southern Fuck Denmark[View]
149571647Is this accurate?[View]
149576053the most balkan country[View]
149572437Is it safe for a chicano to travel here?[View]
149568049which south/central american countries have the most aggressive women? please feel free to share any…[View]
149570351What would have happened if there were only English and Dutch in Southern Africa?[View]
149571646Has your country defeated Britain? >America >Yes…[View]
149574639>his mother tongue isn't english[View]
149567833Many people say 'i like japan and Korea and China!' But this meas 'i like sunni snd shiia and Zionis…[View]
149567892/mena/: طبعة الشاب اللبناني المهندم بائع العطور بالعمولة[View]
149573141/brit/: pre owned pussy edish[View]
149570034Do you love jew girls ?[View]
149570921Just because i'm a non-white,doesn't mean i don't deserve basic human decency and res…[View]
149575152My Japanese brothers and sisters, my dream is to live in Japan. Can you tell me what it needs to bec…[View]
149573461Well, Africans?: Well?[View]
149571936Why are new worlders so attractive?: There's no country with actually ugly girls in the new wor…[View]
149569589Why you white people remove seeds from the chilis?[View]
149574511Why is japanese porn so damn loud? I don't feel as annoyed with taiwanese and western asian por…[View]
149569291What does real italians think about american italians?[View]
149567505...and I made Poland smaller![View]
149575038What country is best at Texas Hold 'em?[View]
149571606ALL of them larp as Austrians Why do they consider Austrians superior?[View]
149567971>ywn be an european explorer traveling around the world during the XVII century…[View]
149572783AMERICA, the land of the free, is the greatest country ever existed, I wish I were American and not …[View]
149570993Argentina are you okay?[View]
149574612Can they use the Internet freely?[View]
149574465American Small Talk Culture: Thoughts on American small talk culture? Could you live here with it? I…[View]
149572309did you know that hip-hop came from latinos?[View]
149560629female attractiveness maps: fill out your maps and please try to make them as accurate as possible…[View]
149572810Most hated countries over the internet?: Pic unrelated My list would be: PRC NK UK USA[View]
149571939What chips do you eat in your country?[View]
1495711651700s warning against farting on pictures of George III.[View]
149573495Sorry Spain I will not pay a single cent before G*Rmany pays me raparations https://en.wikipedia.org…[View]
149573193What did he mean by this?[View]
149570049This country was made great off the backs of Mexicanos.[View]
149558552/NEDERDRAAD/: Lia uitgave[View]
149573612>Ivan, you stand on the top of the building in the middle of a warzone and wave a flag >stay l…[View]
149573776Guess The Country: Post a picture or a webm and we'll guess where it's from.[View]
149573826No one is actually serious about first world suffering right? I am 25 and have never worked a day in…[View]
149573219Why do Brits do this?[View]
149562798If Australia's habitable regions (Victoria, NSW) were to have the same population density as Is…[View]
149566142Does you have a city in your country that's becoming 'Redditfied' the way Austin, Texas is?[View]
149572050Was the One Drop Rule common in other ex-colonies that weren´t anglo??[View]
149572578Does your country have/has/had outlaw culture ? In India outlaws culture was prevalent during the 1…[View]
149573444All the native people from these lands are my BROTHERS. Also, we have all the Euros since 2008.[View]
149558352/polska/: edycja anime[View]
149571083Do you have amphibious public transportation in your cunt?[View]
149572674What does this mean?: And why always on this thread There are a lot of replies?[View]
149573416just witnessed two people all of sudden fighting and yelling over nothing in the street please, get …[View]
149573360Categorizing countries by smartphone brands: If the most popular brand is Apple, you are a firstie, …[View]
149564667/fr/ + le francofil: Édition des croc tops Ancien : >>149555300[View]
149568146Does your cunt have any questionable self improving cults? Spiritual raw vegans have a bit too much …[View]
149569820/brit/: bowl of sweets -edition[View]
149571341Bioshock Infinity Aesthetics: How is this style called? Is it WASP/American? I really like the Biosh…[View]
149567247Cold Winters Theory debunks scientific racism: The Cold Winters Theory proposed by Richard Lynn and …[View]
149571252Why do Latin tv channels play Chinese movies?: I've always liked the Chinese. It's not bec…[View]
149568940When a br*t tries to say England owns the English language[View]
149572605This explains why I saw so many German and French women at my childhood beach. Jokes on them i speak…[View]
149569267Jeg må øve på norsken min.: Familien min er Norsk men jeg har levd i singapor/statene hele livet mit…[View]
149571890Hey, Italians, look![View]
149571184What are your top 10 US states?[View]
149571232Is it true that even native English speakers sometimes have difficulty understanding everything that…[View]
149563004What booze do people in your country prefer?[View]
149559458black people create great music back then, too bad it gone waste[View]
149568658Finland is pretty cool I think[View]
149567838Austria: Austria appreciation thread[View]
149566856/deutsch/: rettich gold ausgabe[View]
149570469All women around the world are brazilian hapas now[View]
149571249What american black music has to do with Africa? Nothing[View]
149569894Anthropomorphized countries: >your cunt >would you fuck a personified version of your cunt? P…[View]
149569793do you have possums in your cunt?[View]
149565957Why are Russians like this?[View]
149568647this is the right way of making coffee.[View]
149567082Their languages will be replaced by english[View]
149564167What's the most expensive gift you've ever bought someone?: My wife wants this for her bda…[View]
149570282If the USA were to be divided like this who would succeed the best ?[View]
149564700Yo italian bros, anyone in Palermo who can shelter me for 3 days from the 7th to the 10th this week …[View]
149567917/mena//شأشأ/: طبعة فيروس الحب سابقا: >>149550720[View]
149492506/skandi/: Det som engang var[View]
149569529Muslim bros...everyday, more and more of Europe becomes ours...[View]
149567885Racist?: Am I racist for wanting my future husband to be an ethnic anatolian turk and not just a mig…[View]
149563207>be Swede on 4chan >get bullied why? just why?…[View]
149566845South Africa would be a paradise on Earth, if not for the colonizing white people and their Indian h…[View]
149556431/华/: 安赛龙版 Denmark's Olympic gold medalist in badminton, Viktor Axelsen, is ready for the Chines…[View]
149567197/brit/: Calm edish[View]
149557708This is the First World: Countries where Tesla dealers are located[View]
149568088most beautiful countries in the world, not in any order germany italy france austria hungary uk spai…[View]
149562543I really hope none of you play map painters[View]
149559890>that feel tfw when your ancestors fell for the New World meme Imagine actually thinking the stre…[View]
149569236J-japan bros?[View]
149565177>Catalog ctrf+f Ecuador, 0 results >Archive ctrl+f Ecuador, 0 results This is now an Ecuador t…[View]
149566365Which one of the latino countries has the best scenery?[View]
149569058CBD: Post business districts from your country or other countries[View]
149569753Bros i dont think i can stand it any more the local goverment just sent some people to chop down 50 …[View]
149537980gender swap of /int/[View]
149568561Are Italians white?[View]
149567718its impossible to be an incel in america: >go on omegle >see girl >'hey u really cute, add …[View]
149567070White race is not real saying that the different races of europe are the same is like saying indians…[View]
149566672>the Balts cope by claiming that they're in Northern Europe >Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and H…[View]
149569278What if they united?[View]
149557184Is riding horses considered a girl sport in your country? >finland >yes…[View]
149568871On hot days, drink lots of water and eat salty food.[View]
149568350>Be male in India >Have extremely fair skin like white people >people here treat me like a …[View]
149568798>americans have no word for 'пaфocный' This explains so much[View]
149558173What is this phenotype called?: And where can I find more of it[View]
149561665>any person of any race can pass for a local in america[View]
149566238What flags are always 100% guarantee catch with simple bait?[View]
149555002What happens -HERE-[View]
149565889Do you ever think Asians will ever get along with each other?[View]
149566031Is it true that you spit much less in speaking Japanese than English???[View]
149562674Sverigetråden: Fettoupplagan[View]
149564561I'm currently drinking instant coffee. And I added milk to it. Thoughts? Is this acceptable in …[View]
149537969/ita/ - il filo: edizione della notte[View]
149567540Wikipedia says the covid death toll is 4 million. Does that seem accurate to you?[View]
149550856Which one of the east asian countries has the best food?[View]
149556343/tr/: el öpme baskısı tirad teması: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHSNZK4Je-Y[View]
149566421do women in your country do sex?[View]
149560625wow europe[View]
149566833Wish I was American. Best country on Earth[View]
149567077Do people burn incense when they pray in your cunt?[View]
149547990/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: late night /cum/ edition[View]
149563626hey im a programmer can you guys hire me and pay me 10x what my country would pay me and also give m…[View]
149550720/mena/: طبعة اشتئتلك يا لادئية[View]
149564056How are homosexuals treated in your cunt? What do you think about them?[View]
149564299/brit/: olympic weebs edition[View]
149563550>cunt >Would you eat grasshoppers daily? Flag I know I would, it's tasty, healthy as fuck…[View]
149565513How much kg can the average /int/oid lift? I can barely get a 6 pack of 2L water bottles above my he…[View]
149566099I thought Scandinavian countries were beautiful places full of breathtaking scenery but I just trave…[View]
149564361Does your country have a guilt or shame culture?[View]
149561327Meanwhile in France[View]
149566961I was born in Euskal herria[View]
149566875Post your countrys bigges stock exchange[View]
149566124You may think this is Rio de Janeiro, but it is Tokyo![View]
149566818Kek: The mighty GERD dam...[View]
149560533Why are Egyptians like this?[View]
149566761Why does 4chan seethe that France is actively helping their African Brethren?: France and Africa are…[View]
149566760In Japan, it's usual that ugly old men bite someone's Olympic medals.[View]
149565440Would the men in your country prefer the woman on the right or the left?[View]
149554910Are there men in your country who would actually marry a porn star? Could they get away with it if t…[View]
149561046There's gonna be another war soon[View]
149561129English is a magnificent language.[View]
149562155/deutsch/ Offizielle Kemono Freunde Ausgabe[View]
149565681Is nationalism common in your cunt[View]
149546931/balk/: Rainbow edition[View]
149518751How is the dating market in your country? Do you think you could compete in the American dating mark…[View]
149565651am i the only one, that is not a muslim,yet still performs the Salāt (prayers) 5 times a day?[View]
149566049>several F1 champions >several WRC champions >not a single domestic car brand Why…[View]
149564727Were crystal castles popular in your cunt? They were (almost) huge here[View]
149564697When will Spain take all its criollo back home? > They dont feel alliance to the country they lea…[View]
149552563Post pictures you took in ur country[View]
149545050/balt/ + /ausnz/ #401: ohakalind >>uhh[View]
149564657Why are there gay BLM flags all over amsterdam[View]
149561469Can people in your cunt LIFT?[View]
149556514The most famous president of the biggest bosozoku(biker gang in Japan) of all time was Ainu. Now he …[View]
149563314this is what America is all about[View]
149564347What is it about Americans that make them like this?[View]
149565423She only talks about European countries. Not others. She is barely international in her approach.[View]
149561055Sverigetråden - Knugliga upplagan[View]
149564456do you speak american or bri'sh?[View]
149564564Whats your favorite cunt?: Mine is pic related[View]
149562868Anglos really use spaces[View]
149558093I unironically like BBC. Does this happen in your country?[View]
149564732How do I get Japanese imperial wife?[View]
149564773>wake up >still not Greek[View]
149561827We honestly deserve to be nuked.[View]
149564992I hate sexhavers and taxpayers[View]
149564461How do I get a qt Russian gf?[View]
149564267I of course have avoided the lnjection thus far, and I plan on continuing to avoid it indefinitely. …[View]
149560362So you not only went slandering dead men but honorable ones at that? Making up shit about them too?[View]
149562861Daily reminder that every time you see a Turkish flag poster saying anything remotely negative about…[View]
149546418This is a “Chad” in England.[View]
149561315What's /int/ mobile phone brand?[View]
14955976727 yo virgin: Would I get laid in your cunt? Or is it over for me?[View]
149561633Which countries have the best urban development?: Like efficient and/or working public transportatio…[View]
149564312based: based[View]
149562426díos mio...la abominación de las americas[View]
149564445/ex-yu/: bliži se taj dan[View]
149561343/brit/: Christ is King edition[View]
149562055can i pass as local in your country?[View]
149564093As officially stated,30% of the traffic on 4chan is female. Would people in your country have expect…[View]
149560762I hate this country so much. >t.diaspora Their food is disgusting, the language is retarded and t…[View]
149555724What's the coolest cross cultural happening you've seen? I was traveling in NYC and I saw…[View]
149562471>C de cedilha[View]
149563683/desi/: Cute girls edition[View]
149555300/fr/ - Le francofil des kop1s: Édition des sirènes du premier mercredi du mois Aventures précédentes…[View]
149563472how easy is it to own cars in your country and what do you like to drive?[View]
149561946>0 matches on tinder does this happen in your country?[View]
149544934When did you grow out of your anti-American phase?[View]
149563845How do I get a qt Quebecois gf?[View]
149556835/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Cringe[View]
149561837Why is it always the American flags saying 'Death to America!'?[View]
149563741I kneel before our French owners[View]
149539702/desi/: indian culture and lifestyle edition[View]
149561907>go out for a walk >get lost in thoughts >start making weird faces, mumbling and doing hand…[View]
149562484Why is Lebanon such a pile of shit right now? I don't even see leb posters on here anymore beca…[View]
149563532Does this happen in your country?[View]
149563531They really do, don't they?[View]
149558916>your cunt >do you hate women Ireland Yes…[View]
149561784look at this letter I have in my keyboard ññññ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ ññññ ñ ñ ñ ñ ÑÑ ÑÑ ÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑ Ñ Ññ ñ ñññ Ñ…[View]
149562520White people nose looks funny...[View]
149559831Is your leader like to play with conspirators ?[View]
149547648Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>149530026 (Cross-thread) Learn Japanese Thread: >>…[View]
149561140Just found out about what white people did to the native Indians......... I think I'm going to …[View]
149559600Who else here likes brutal high heel trampling?[View]
149563133/sauna/: Korni painos[View]
149549312Are finnish people white?[View]
149560633>tfw never bombed in ww2[View]
149555230Is protestantism common in your country[View]
149562600Everyday I'm thankful for I get to worship White Women. You'll worship White Women. You…[View]
149556444Polish people be like >Hello my name is Zygmunt[View]
149537831/asean/: heavy cruiser pits[View]
149562894Is your country environmentally conscious?[View]
149560857>three men in Sweden named Muhammad, Muhammad and Muhammad were convicted of raping a 15-year-old…[View]
149559387Yes I will move to the Hokkaido countryside. Yes I will find a beautiful Ainu woman and make pure Jo…[View]
149562039How to distinguish between Arabs and Italians: https://youtu.be/tvjRkzGTHkU?t=42[View]
149561473Does your first page ever look like this due to hiding general threads in your country?[View]
149562631despacito international music[View]
149562547Is this a healthy weight for an adult in your country?[View]
149561534amazing asian[View]
149560987What's your opinion onTientsin?[View]
149562487>be me 5 years ago >tfw 17 >regional english language competition >one of the participan…[View]
149560564I'm so fucking sick of having to work 14-16 hours a day... It's all so fucking tiring... I…[View]
149560249Lads Ive just looked into the whole Armenian genocide situation and I dont see the argument desu. An…[View]
149560096Does your country have something similar to Halloween? Of course my country doesn't do Hallowee…[View]
149559685Why are they so similar in every possible way? They're literally the same[View]
149560745Sorry for being spanish[View]
149554078How do we get people to stop lumping us with them? I'm Pakistani with Semitic, Turkic and Irani…[View]
149558439Where do you find foreign mentally ill qts? >inb4 interpals It's shit in 2021…[View]
149555675greeks and italians aren't white lebanese aren't arab they are the same people arabs and n…[View]
149560195do russians love jewish people?[View]
149559896>see written portuguese >'woah this language must be just like ours' >hear portuguese being…[View]
149554738Why doesn't China use Joseongul script?[View]
149559605The diversity of Brazil.[View]
149557557Why do thirdos get so confused by on, in and at? 'I'm on the debate team in my class at school'…[View]
149546881/sauna/: energinen painos[View]
149554773>one shot at life >born in the worst Italian region in a 'cr*Arian' speaking village…[View]
149559602Do you play (field) hockey, /int/? Would you like to try it?[View]
149554980/deutsch/: Fettgrabbelausgabe[View]
149558538Is dirndl still popular in Austria and Germany?[View]
149561513Why are Greeks so much so superiorer than other people?[View]
149559640what is your view on orthodoxy?[View]
149559628guess the ethnicity[View]
149553647When did you realize that French men are the most attractive people on Earth? We are literal gods on…[View]
149551137How common are Filipinxa women in your area, /int/? What do you call Filipinxas in your language?[View]
149559265It's over[View]
149561222Davido here: Who the fuck started the meme that white Americans are primarily German Even going by r…[View]
149557140Palestinian girls look like THAT??[View]
149534664/norgetråden/: Ensomhets-utgaven Forrige >>149517437 >>149517437 >>149517437…[View]
149555769try & guess my ethnicity: objective truth[View]
149559679I like Scotland they make great whisky Do you like Scotland?[View]
149560791>American wildlife[View]
149558763/mex/ - hilo mexicano: Hilo mexicano tempranisimo, patriótico y con buena educación. Invitados cent…[View]
149560352Does this happen in your country?: I like both black guys and white guys. When I'm feeling like…[View]
149558810can a Turk join the Yakuza?[View]
149560442France sure is progressive.[View]
149559490certain (You)s[View]
149560347Politics were mistake[View]
149559994>im med[View]
149558808>youre cunt >are you vaccinated? Flag Yes…[View]
149548094Is bunda important?[View]
149556761Reminder that men from your country can not handle Dutch women. They would get dominated by tall Dut…[View]
149556520Sverigetråden - Skogshusupplagan[View]
149559035Questions for white men that don't like white goddesses: White men who don't like white wo…[View]
149560029>Everything I habe done I have done for you >I wanted you to have it easer than i did >The …[View]
149559537what she praying for?[View]
149554679Why are they in every country?[View]
149559320why their food is very nice and healthy[View]
149557762>rent a shitty flat in a commie block >ancient washing machine (probably older than me) had he…[View]
149558677Did your boomer women lust after Alain Delon????[View]
149559621Can someone qrd-redpill me on why Slovenia and Slovakia are two separate countries? Is it like with…[View]
149547972/esp/: hilo Azucar[View]
149557519Both Indian Field Hockey Teams Lost: RIP. No gold medal both either male or female teams.[View]
149557303Do you have yellow fever in your country?: Please post something to cure my yellow fever it's a…[View]
149558294wtf based?[View]
149558238What do people in your country like to cook?: In America, we like to cook manicotti with cream chick…[View]
149555794Are most cities in the united states really look like that one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkC…[View]
149552424I wish I was fucking NVRDIC. I would eat NVRVVGIVN SVLMVN every day and ride the TRVIN while watchin…[View]
149557570I wish I was fucking MED.[View]
149556153Would people in your country work for free?[View]
149556269To straight male anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a tr…[View]
149553087how come meds have fallen in recent history considering they were 100000x more advanced and now are …[View]
149558762I KNEEL before American exceptionalism and it's unsurpassed global dominance...[View]
149558957>touch grass[View]
149544076Official ranking of Brown girls: MENA > Desi > SEA > Latm[View]
149541166>ur cunt >did you go to sleepovers No, my mom didn't let me because she thought it was 'g…[View]
149558821Gypsies be like >'Hey, my name is Nintendo Asif-Vindiesel'[View]
149557128would you marry a med girl?[View]
149558679Why do Americans worship copers?[View]
149543611/NEDERDRAAD/: kleermaker snel editie[View]
149558531/int/posters trying to talk about anything related to black people without mentioning penises challe…[View]
149558012Why is /int/ so comfy today?: Besides some weird Korean posting, it's very nice here[View]
149548629One woman is getting punched by a men. What would you do in your country ?[View]
149557507>177cm Am I a manlet in your country?[View]
149558148Can you empathize with this pic????[View]
149558091do you personally know any sigma male in your country?[View]
149552785When will you finally revert to Islam?[View]
149555064/brit/: https://youtu.be/Ni8a1HigI0A[View]
149556425the american occupation of japan was unironically the best thing that has ever happened to japan[View]
14955802610/10 in america[View]
149554176How do Finns behave and how can others successfully interact with them?[View]
149541871how do I get an armenain gf with a fat ass?: I'm currently in the process of acquiring a tutor …[View]
149554717>the most beautiful German city isn't in Germany It hurts.[View]
149549710Do people eat dogs in your country?[View]
149554761Nobody suffers in Russia.[View]
149549425Do frogs really?[View]
149556785Mexicans are white confirmed[View]
149556879>about to post something that might get me banned >switch to mobile internet >get banned …[View]
149557360eating muesli with bits of dark chocolate and almond, wby?[View]
1495554961. Your country 2. What 10 types of women do you like the most? (Ethnicities, Nationalities, Facial …[View]
149553320Spain top 1 in EU, we got the gold medal: https://twitter.com/EU_Social/status/1422112343262117890…[View]
149549125Quick! Claim your Olympicfu: mine is the Canadian athlete Georgia Ellenwood[View]
1495522451. Your cunt 2. Would you ever want to visit North Korea?[View]
149551877Average german Soldaten !!! prussian soldiers were dead ?[View]
149554877It's called an ananas. Why can't english-speakers get it right?[View]
149555359Woman on the loose: Does this happen in your cunt >Recently a video of a girl hitting and slappin…[View]
149549983We should just build a tunnel between siberia and alaska. I see no downside to this.[View]
149546780/v4/+friends: Back in bussiness edition[View]
149549815Does your country have any active secessionist movements or had any in the past?[View]
149551880Australian Bros...: Why are they like this ?[View]
149553988>napoleon? >literally proto-hitler m8 >damn continentals ought to be paying us reparations …[View]
149553889What do people in your country cook with this vegetable?[View]
149553731which country writes the best books in your opinion?[View]
149556871>your cunt >are you a cute girl america YES! :3…[View]
149556015>on-topic /int/ thread >3 off-topic replies >pruned after 20 minutes >off-topic /pol/-li…[View]
149550059Why is Australia so based?: Now imagine if they started eating cats too I can't handle it bros …[View]
149547824housing in your country thread: How is housing in your country? You might look at this pic and think…[View]
149553982What are some things from your country that zoomers will never understand?[View]
149555028You can only post in this thread if your flag is in the shape of a rectangle[View]
149556037Is this how americans treat japanese?[View]
149549593Undivided Greater Hindu India: What would this alternate south asia be like?[View]
149556643Cachorrin fia da puta: Chorro[View]
149552088>heres your trad muslim Turkish gf bro why do pakis fall for the pious Turk meme?…[View]
149553882I always thought I was a pure Northern Iberian... Iberian bros... I-I-I-I'm sorry...[View]
149552145>summer >suffering starts[View]
149546201Japanese schoolgirls look like THAT????[View]
149527778/polska/: potężna edycja poprzednio: >>149513462[View]
149556410Faces of /int/[View]
149550568>try to find something about Polish-German relations on the internet >Most of first results ar…[View]
149544534/tr/: tosuncuk baskısı[View]
149555305More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways. Why should I drive?[View]
149552224Average Ukrainian bvll[View]
149554709Do you wish if your country was like this?[View]
149546715Why do all the famous Bollywood actresses look like light brown Middle Easterners instead of dark br…[View]
149544309Should we be concerned about this? What should we do?[View]
149555261How often do European women not wear brassière? I want to go on a COOM vacation to Europa[View]
149547365How do europeans feel about norway?[View]
149522681I have never left this circle in my life, does this happen in your country?[View]
149555368Why do Indians larp as turks?[View]
149553669Just read about what happened to Jyoti Singh[View]
149551580do you have mandatory Spanish immersion classes in your country?[View]
149550851How are neets viewed in your country?[View]
149553221Turns out Brits from outside London are almost impossible to understand because of their accents[View]
149553297>woke up in Sardinia again.[View]
149554934My therapist diagnosed me with social anxiety disorder instead of calling me a sigma male Is the men…[View]
149536621/fr/ - gentilhommes francophones: Le Charles gros cheveux Ancien: >>149528604[View]
149552259/brit/: 'Tell me more about seasideMARK, anon!' edition[View]
149554894Im unironically a light brown hair and blue eyed turk in germany. People assume Im german so I never…[View]
149551611Are stray dogs common in your cunt? They are common here[View]
149553739Thought on Swedish girls ?[View]
149550621/deutsch/: KeinWichs Tag 4 und stattdessen Schwimmen und Radfahren Ausgabe[View]
149554651when the integral hits your pussy Why are austrians so powerful at both math and sports?[View]
149548104Turkish girls be like >'Yeah, my name is Durbatulûk Gimbatul'[View]
149553036>your cunt >do you use a piss bottle? I kept a collection of them in a forest, roughly 200 lit…[View]
149550529Are you counting by gold or by total?: There's no wrong answer if you think about it.[View]
149553604Do Americans really?[View]
149554131What’s this skull shape called????[View]
149553918CockDick drilling. Why are native american names so funny[View]
149542428Tell me about the booze of your country.[View]
149548854Latin alphabet is so fucking boring why the hell world like this[View]
149545387Why are Polish women either 10/10 or Roblox?[View]
149551074I suffer in third world: Third world problems thread.[View]
149552294I will move to Hungary. I will speak Hungarian, change my name, and become a Magyar. Can a blue-eyed…[View]
149552822>tfw i play on European servers just to play with french bros[View]
149551276Who else likes it when women stand barefoot on your face and suffocate you?[View]
149542953>the most discriminated group on /int/[View]
149551402When is the last time you went to an art museum in your country?[View]
149549041what goes on in here?[View]
149545867I want to get a Japanese girlfriend, but HOW ?[View]
149552483I suffer in England.[View]
149552201What happens here?[View]
149549927>You wake up reincarnated as an average Indian man in Mumbai with your memories and knowledge int…[View]
149551379>trains collided >first question: were there any germans in those trains does this happen in y…[View]
149549757Your country DO you use the 12 or 24-hour clock? In France, we use both systems. Generally at oral w…[View]
149549177s n o w n i g g e r s Dave Chappelle called our country, the white mans Africa.[View]
149546099Ugly people thread: How are you doing, fellow ugly people? Do you suffer in your cunt? Have you foun…[View]
149543259Which one of the latino countries has the best food?[View]
149552242I need to eat sum Arbys nigga[View]
149551695Korea culture rule the world[View]
149551860Do schools in your country have club activities?: >Sweden >unfortunately no It makes me very s…[View]
149537481This photo single handedly attracts Brazilian autists by the barrel. Like a fruit fly to an orange. …[View]
14954484890% of the cunts on this forum could be easily conquered by America[View]
149548227What's the most pathetic thing you do in your country?: I listen to ASMR girlfriend roleplays.…[View]
149549853who do you debate in your dreams?[View]
149545509ever wonder why australia have the slowest internet connection in the world while seething over us ?…[View]
149551452Does your cunt get good Polandball comics?[View]
149544280Post something short that will enrage the country above your post.[View]
149546077Proposal for an United China[View]
149546397i wanna lick turkish girls' tears so bad[View]
149549456I played german anthem: I'm a high school girl from south korea. My older brother introduced to…[View]
149549037Why do 27yo Australians look 38?[View]
149535473Why do americans prefer to have their cities look like this?[View]
149551100>yo soy[View]
149551493Are girls without double eyelids common in your country ?[View]
149551243Is Sydney a good place to live?[View]
149548908Why don’t latinx understand how America works? America’s entire thing is states rights. There is no …[View]
149494138/lang/ - Language Learning General: The letter R edition >What language(s) are you learning? >…[View]
149549708OH NO NO NO NO: The mayor of Japan's third-largest city has taken a bite out of an Olympian…[View]
149550766Spain bros, wtf?![View]
149550604Future of Indian subcontinent.[View]
149549042does this mutt speak good russian? https://streamable.com/rngv8s[View]
149550823Imagine a world with 1.3 billion Indian people[View]
149548285As God has willed[View]
149550035Do you love Tom Yam Kung[View]
149550356post music from another cunt: bonus points if it's not english https://youtu.be/vFIiveXMxyI…[View]
149545361/deutsch/: Der morgendliche Faden[View]
149548608What is your favorite writing system[View]
149541174/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
149546706CHIbros……it was our turn…..[View]
149549297What would the world be like if this was the current Middle East?[View]
149544779Do people in your country unexpectedly return looted ancient treasures?[View]
149549482I want to abandon the third world[View]
149550545I am from Malatya: Malatya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyczHCg2zhw[View]
149546392your cunt, average day >wake up at ~10pm with crippling anxiety >shower and expensive skincare…[View]
149505468Faces of /int/: post your real full face[View]
1495475241. Your count: 2. Favorite One piece character[View]
149542889>Be me >American >White >Grow up watching anime, reading manga and playing Japanese game…[View]
149509327>Your country are testosterone levels lowering every generation in your cunt? me probably , im ta…[View]
149548335How are gay men viewed in your cunt? What do you think about them?[View]
149547017/brit/: feet edition[View]
149529999/mena/ - شأشأ: نسخة حليب البقرة[View]
149546243Which one is more soulless?[View]
149549993Do you have a widow peak????[View]
149548568Why doesn't Lebanon use the Aramaic Alphabet?[View]
149547790ثريد اللغة العربية لما العرب يكرهون بعضهم؟ ما رأيكم باللغة العربية الفصى الحديثة؟ هل هناك مسطلحات نا…[View]
149542046/lat/ - hilo hilo latino[View]
149546953CRITERIA FOR SUFFERING IN A COUNTRY >GDP per captia under 12.5k >country must be under the tro…[View]
149548885>Germany could have looked like this what the fuck happened?[View]
149548690How can they sleep at night?[View]
149544118are arabs the most emulated people after black men?[View]
149548743>there are “men” on this board without a good amount of body hair[View]
149544525>Most of you will never know the joy of AVTHENTIC Tex-Mex food Why even live?…[View]
149549084This board is obsessed (and that's a good thing): More obsessed posters = More people working t…[View]
149541793How did America go from the Puritan capital of the world the the degenerate consoomerist Neo Babylon…[View]
149548985When will Germany, Turkey and France stop being gay and restore their monarchies?[View]
149544911Why is Night City the worst city in America?[View]
149548799Are people good at parking in your country? I once went to Spain and many cars had scratches and den…[View]
149548297Are you ready for the American-Mexican century?: >We will come to your country illegally >We w…[View]
149542799Countries with names ending in '-land': >Poland >Finland >Iceland >Thailand >Greenlan…[View]
149547265UK vs JAPAN: Which country sucks the most?: Lads I'm in a bit of a pickle. In which country are…[View]
149543305Why does China's flag look beautiful at times and ugly at other times?[View]
149548334Do women suffer in your country?[View]
1495475971700s warning against farting on pictures of George III.[View]
149548437I am out of time I am outside of my mind No reason or rhyme[View]
149536282Sverigetråden - Spöktimmeupplagan[View]
149546053>your cuntry >what was the last film you've watched from your country? the last one was '…[View]
149545264I dont think they were nearly discriminated against as much as they say they wer[View]
149547793Why is their language looks so weird?[View]
149542730Do you meet a lot of women at the beach in your country[View]
149537418USA Appreciation Thread: The most powerful country on Earth, the most rich, filled with nice people …[View]
149545063>tfw no East German gf[View]
149548005What phenotype is this?[View]
149547114Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: 韓国が一番エディション Previous: >>149530026 Learn Japanese Thread: >>…[View]
149547134Anyone has the Duolingo soy/chad ranking chat pic?[View]
149542616/cum/ -[View]
149543681What is your favorite European anthem? Mine is God Save the Queen[View]
149542209Do you dab on the global industrial complex by making your own honey within your room? This is a ver…[View]
149544824This is a german, He is workaholic and like sausage and beer. Say something nice to him![View]
149524272My name is Anaïs, I'm 19 years old, height is 177 cm and my eyes are blue. Adding to that, my a…[View]
149544622After making many Afro Brazilian friends in real life and online and learning about their culture, I…[View]
149547088The greatest tragedy of European world conquest is the popularization of trousers. I like wearing s…[View]
149547413In Crete we totally look like turks,: or we've impregnated a lot of turks, I don't know wh…[View]
149547538More than 100 million brazilans have already taken the first dosis[View]
149545677/int/ needs subsaharans african posters to achieve true diversity.[View]
149545247Where is this phenotype is common? I would kill to live around girls that look like this.[View]
149541061Why are posters from this country so intelligent? Atleast on this board[View]
149543630its impossible to be an incel in america: >go on omegle >see girl >'hey u really cute, add …[View]
149544226Is this phenotype common in other countries or only in America?[View]
149547296Is your country more of a dog-country or more of a cat-country?[View]
149546851ethic education is right in your country?[View]
149546665Do people love James May in your country?[View]
149543593Paraguay is NOT Latin American. We are Guaraní-American.[View]
149543908Do people in college fuck each other in your country?[View]
149545507Along with Nigerians, Turks are one of the most dangerous minorities in Japan.[View]
149546993According to monarchists, this boy is genetically superior to you.[View]
149546455I wish I was a Muslim in the UK and not a Muslim in Canada. There's no soul here at all, I don…[View]
149541486>tfw finally got my beautiful BROWN gf We will produce beautiful MIXED children that will inherit…[View]
149530026Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>149502617 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
149546681How TF do non-Anglos compete?[View]
149543083Mexicans be like >YOU WILL DRINK THE BUGS[View]
149546217swedens tallest tree, the mölnbackagran, has died due to parasite infestation. he became 50m tall. t…[View]
149545758Ni hao[View]
149509944what are they ethnically? they aren't really med/latin/roman they aren't really celtic the…[View]
149543562Finnish Average IQ: 104 German Average IQ: 99[View]
149543922La Raza Cósmica ese[View]
149534780/sauna/: laitelapainos[View]
149540989Jew here. I know that in Christianity, the guy in charge is called a priest. But in the versions of …[View]
149542995Please give me a reference picture of the 'chigyu (チー牛)' in your country.[View]
149543155>MCMANSIONS BAD[View]
149540242France in America[View]
149523373ARGENTINA: Here is your daily dose of Argentina discussion thread. Post whatever you want about the …[View]
149545708The japanese are not Christian but they celebrate Chritsmas[View]
149539626/mex/ hilo mexicano: Edición de KWEENZ[View]
149544324Are the Olympics popular in your country? Literally nobody cares about it here. At least, not the su…[View]
149542830I want to get in a fist fight with an indu guy, i want to test that 'macho desi' meme[View]
149534047Three cheers for America for popularizing the pizza everyone loves today: America invented the moder…[View]
149541892What is cheap housing like where you live?[View]
149542513>Your cunt >a song from your best artist/band https://youtu.be/1hrgT_ZDUvs…[View]
149544618is it possible to love brazil TOO much? >beautiful beaches and women >cheap living >no crim…[View]
149544795I'll post some Brazilian farm truck decals and iconography, be free to post whatever you please…[View]
149543065do krauts really?[View]
149541543How to get a feminine and skilled japanese anime gf?[View]
149537391Is a hijab considered modest dress in your country?[View]
149544516What do people in your cunt think of this?[View]
149543783>country references another country in their national anthem[View]
149545153Why were they discrininated against? They look white to m3: I understand Italians who look like arab…[View]
149542545What are some good soap operas or fap material shows from your country?[View]
149544915Is this what Texans look like?: Propane.[View]
149542116>white junkie did coke in the store I work at again Why are they like this?…[View]
149545330countries are kind of stupid if you think about it If I really wanted to I could walk in any of your…[View]
149545165>traced my ancestry on my German side >They arrived in America 150 years ago as butchers >…[View]
149541172Why do Norwegians display their nipples when they victory?[View]
149528935I call the whole /int/ to send Greece some help[View]
149534498When did Australians gain their reputation as excellent shitposters?: Is this a recent thing or it d…[View]
149541688Where do people in your country go to gamble? Here we obviously have Las Vegas.[View]
149543790Do mothers teach their daughters how to dance in your country? In Brasil they do![View]
149541747In defiance of Allah, the man turned himself into a pickle[View]
149543349CANADABREHS...: WTF Canadabros I thought you guys were based?[View]
149541882>every muslim on 4chan is westernized, corrupted and probably faps to various degenerate porn fet…[View]
149532147/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/: ausgabe in der wir durch radios der welt brausieren http://r…[View]
149544706France and Germany be like What if we made Germany AND Napoleon’s empire bigger[View]
149541622>great grandfather loses war >still paying the price 70 years later Does anyone else suffer in…[View]
149544155I just wanna live in japan wtf bros[View]
149541167Whats your favorite latin American country?[View]
149543860what is your country and which one would you pick ?[View]
149544432What's the most dangerous pastry in your country?[View]
149541170What state should I live in?: >I like a somewhat fast pace, or at least not slow. >Want to liv…[View]
149542648Americans should be more grateful towards POC. Thanks to them they’re going 2nd ![View]
149543942your country do you have a restaurant where extremely obese people eat for free?[View]
149516478/tr/: Anime![View]
149538333Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149544277Gibt es zurück Polen![View]
1495428631. You're a cunt 2. How long does the amber light (or equivalent) last in your cunt? Canada Not…[View]
149543008Why do mexianons think that mexico would be rich if it's lands were never lost in war?: Those t…[View]
149544233How is education in your country? >flag worse than you'd imagine[View]
149541883VGHHH... the most powerful race.... I kneel....[View]
149542840Why do Americans have fat calves even if they're thin?[View]
149542951/balk/ + /v4/ + friends: dimensional merge edition[View]
149539153/ausnz/ - Australia and New Zealand General: Emma Mckeon Edition[View]
149542691India vs Pakistan in spearchucking finals[View]
149542530are there possums in your cunt[View]
149543943what phenotype is this?[View]
149538250I’m going to drugstore in Brazil to buy deodorant shampoo and chocolate. Ill take pictures of my jou…[View]
149543881I want to find love in Krakow.[View]
149543596Has your cunt ever been partitioned?[View]
149542382Why are Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages so different from each other? Everything is so differ…[View]
149525396>'Researchers have discovered thatwomen tend to be more attracted to menwhose ring fingers are lo…[View]
149542754How many rockets is your cunt planning to launch the next 2 years? NZ, only 5[View]
149543720Which countries do they represent (not literally, but metaphorically)?[View]
149542512>Latin America[a] is the portion of the Americas comprising countries where Romance languages—lan…[View]
149538968>MON DIEU! TRES MAGNIFIQUE! >Merci beaucoup, Papi! Heureusement on ne parle pas allemand aujo…[View]
149541787I wish America took an enormous chunk of africa at the berlin conference, we really squandered that …[View]
149541379Intrachinese stereotypes.[View]
149543161India: Behold the power of 1.367 billion people.[View]
149540063What do non-Americans think of the American West?[View]
149542750Duolingo sucks: Buy plus shabbos goyim[View]
149535271Why do the hottest girls in the country all flock to LA?[View]
149539675Thirdies, how are elevators in your country ?[View]
149541093Is there a world wide tendy shortage? I just got banned from wendies.[View]
149540224is it true that the people from these countries all look the same?[View]
149539536could pic rel get an 8/10 in ur cunt?[View]
149538935I really wanna learn Russian and join the Russian army but I'm scared and on some level know th…[View]
149537807/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: hilo anime[View]
149541553post stereotype maps of ur own cunt[View]
149538670Can you get rich in Latin America without being corrupt or a criminal?[View]
149536234Brazil: Brazil appreciation thread[View]
149531082Is Mexico as dangerous as it’s portrayed?[View]
149541025Is holocaust denial legal in your cunt[View]
149540358/brit/: Olympics edition[View]
149541286How does this make White Males feel?: https://vocaroo.com/gP8mU58DQ5E[View]
149540550How many international friends do you have, where are they from and how did you meet them for the fi…[View]
149541186Athens is burning bros. We had 47 degrees today. Literal hell[View]
149538907The mexican war of independence was truly the only 'peasant-popular war' with Haiti. In one battle (…[View]
149540934I'm starting to think we are before the monumental work of a single very dedicated huebro shitp…[View]
149539669I've been feeling terrible all day. Can you guys cheer me up?[View]
149539274The American suicide rate has exceeded Japan and it is the 2nd highest rate in the first world behin…[View]
149540351Just came back from Europe trip: What a depressing country. Sorry to all my European bros.[View]
149541845>want to go to Europe to see landmarks >I'll just get ridiculed and insulted by the loca…[View]
149533911/lat/: hilo goblino[View]
149529317How did a norweigian win all those africans at running?[View]
149523828How long does it take for you to buy some milk?[View]
149533315why did Europeans during colonial period of Africa not take African women as wives?[View]
149540637Is your country preparing for 2022 Olympics?[View]
149542000/flag/ + /extraflags/: Ashgabat Edition Previously: >>149488281 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lo…[View]
149541758Feuer! Sperrfeuer! Los! Achtung! Deckung! Hinlegen! Halt! Feuer! Sperrfeuer! Los! Achtung! Deckung! …[View]
149537594Was Brazil the only case of Metropole reversal in human history?[View]
149541735Truly as a Finn. I must admit that the Serbs are based people. I cannot speak for my forefathers for…[View]
149524508/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: cтapший >>149513279[View]
149535544/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição St. Hamudi[View]
149532658Do non-Americans enjoy King of the Hill?: The show seems very America-centric in terms of humor and …[View]
149539828ITT: we google our own cunts: >Google: 'Why does [your cunt]' >Answer one auto complete questi…[View]
149540273Top 15 medlists global elite.[View]
149541171Sweden: Kungälv: Strange phenomena have taken place in Kungälv recently Example: > see strange ca…[View]
149537256what race is this[View]
149541200Apparently, you were expected to have a maid if you were a middle class family in the UK. Is this tr…[View]
149537874Who is the 'average' poster on /int/[View]
149539761Do you want to find love in Finland?[View]
149537470>why yes i'm from the united states[View]
149540460Why are Wypipo like dis?[View]
149528879Are white passing Arabs seen as more attractive than the dark skinned ones?[View]
149540722Did your cunt ever have an empire?[View]
149540504How much do you have to make in Europe to be able to buy a house in the city? Is it really that expe…[View]
149540496I am mud (med mutt) Does this happen in your country?[View]
149540559/Arg/ 'El juguete rabioso' is the shit: Idk why, but this book is fucking gold. there is something a…[View]
149536973>research female sex tourism on DuckDuckGo and Google >in summary bunch of white women traveli…[View]
149540465is this healthy social interaction[View]
149538422Why are so many camwhores Colombian?: I expected Brazilian, but I don't think I've ever se…[View]
149540288>I'm going to have sex tomorrow Does this happen in your country?[View]
149538156Does this happen to your country too?[View]
149536734The stereotypes that come to mind when I think of a generic American city are: >Downtown full of …[View]
149537136What goes on in Hungary?[View]
149538044How closely does Latin America in the show Narcos resemble Latin America irl? Is it really that bad?[View]
149529389/balk/: Old >>149489382[View]
149538411Post kino candies or snacks from your country: This li'l fucker is so godamn good. Sonho de Val…[View]
149539372frenchoids be like >yes, I will spend half of my wage taxes >yes, I will spend 900€ a month fo…[View]
149540449I miss it, bros...[View]
149539248Carne de macaco[View]
149537973this is what the average italian poster looks like[View]
149539554What is White American Culture? Like I know native Euros have thier own traditions and customs but w…[View]
149540289Woah Woah Woah, Canada... What the fuck? https://youtu.be/o92M92omEH0 Uhh... residents of Canada, ca…[View]
149536446My little brother obsessively roots for Argentina because of Messi and this causes my dad to seethe …[View]
149538101Need to find a woman in Belgium: Any ideas on how i could do that ? Met her once in a train stop, al…[View]
149539132itt: best food from your country[View]
149538219后来 我总算学会了如何去爱 可惜你早已远去 消失在人海 后来 终于在眼泪中明白 有些人 一旦错过就不再 栀子花白花瓣 落在我蓝色百褶裙上 爱你 你轻声说 我低下头闻见一阵芬芳 那个永恒的夜晚 十七岁仲…[View]
149538845I've heard that Americans are constantly eating hamburgers or chocolate without a break. Is tha…[View]
149516844Entire generations of normalfags have convinced themselves this is good to drink just because other …[View]
149540183Why are SEA BVLLS so powerful?[View]
149539915My family is worth 800k dollars. This makes us top 5% richest families in Brazil[View]
149498773Hilo /esp/añol: Edición Asukar[View]
149532461>嘿,这个周末你想和我一起吃火锅吗? >what? you don't understand me? Why aren't you learning Mandarin …[View]
149530279I have never been inside a mosque[View]
149539326Are drug addict losers obsessed with making drugs legal in your country? Australia yes, we have a la…[View]
149531647Japanese art appreciation thread: Post japanese art[View]
149540132Why is Estonia such a wonder of a country?! Only 25 years ago it was devastated by communist rule, b…[View]
149499595/asean/: gyaru edisi[View]
149533913Do you like how Japan potrayed your country in anime[View]
149523671the stave churches of norway...[View]
149529342I Love Israel: Country. Do you stand with Israel?[View]
149535979confused on a brit meme: so is deano supposed to be a successful chad with shit taste or a normie th…[View]
149537221>yes I love Japan[View]
149533624Belgium makes the best beer, God demanded it and they delivered[View]
149534154Europe has the best villages/small towns. Do non-euros even have small comfy towns?[View]
149538514Feels like lesbian couples are becoming a lot more common. Is this happening in your country?[View]
149536930Do Americans really eat 6 times per day?[View]
149539131French anons Tell me about el general[View]
149539660i feel so proud to be asian today asian culture is so beautiful we all have such breathtaking landsc…[View]
149539664La langue française est la plus belle langue du monde. C’est la langue du monde civilisé. Elle devra…[View]
149538307>Pingo Doce, venha cá[View]
149539356ESLcels: Did you learn English or american 'English'?[View]
149536332Do you LOVE SVVEDEN?[View]
149539012Do you love Great Britain? hehe[View]
149536359NEW MONKEY SPECIES FOUND IN BRAZIL HIS NAME is 'Sagui-de-schneider' KEK[View]
149539355Indians when a Guwahati win Olympics >YES YES GOOD JOB Indians to Guwahatians everydays >Go …[View]
149530697Why do people here love white people?[View]
149536731France and its former colonies are so poor and soulless[View]
149537550Brazil is Luso-American, not latin-american[View]
149534818france... the poorest country in europe[View]
149530597/bra/ fio brasileiro[View]
149529474They are asian.[View]
149538839VGH RVSSIA EVROPA[View]
149538810Just read about limpieza de sangre. WTF spain[View]
149526603/NEDERDRAAD/: /biz/ uitgave[View]
149537765Americans Classifiying us as 'hispanics' or 'latinos' its a antropological-military pysop in order t…[View]
149536363>Americans wear shoes inside their homes[View]
149534629Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
149524753/ex-yu/: za sve kulture i sve rase[View]
149538681Who would win gold in beer games? Aussie transfer students were always really good I say them[View]
149536205my name a borat vary naice[View]
149538643The beauty of the Saudi woman must not perish from this earth[View]
149531215I can't be the only female girl around here who gets nervous when an European boy is nearby[View]
149535994What would happen if the earth only had one continent forever? Total madness or peace?[View]
149536304/int/ views: 1. your cunt 2. post your view[View]
149537982>the european looking girls are starting conversation with me asking why i dont talk too much aga…[View]
149533958Do people destroy public bathrooms in your country with peepee and poopoo ? >canada >yes…[View]
149534327are Turks worried Europeans will like Russians more than them[View]
149531788Which region of your country has the most beautiful women?[View]
149534060Why don't Poles love Ukrainians?: You are brothers.[View]
149537345Is this what they eat in Evropa?[View]
149527835/cum/ Canada USA! Mexico general:: BABY BOOM[View]
149517306/ita/ il filo di umaru[View]
149536786>people outside the US dont refrigerate their eggs What the hell is wrong with you people...…[View]
149520504Reminder to stop believing in the white race myth This myth was created by confused americans and sp…[View]
149535602I never knew Indian girls could be so hot.[View]
149521780Which US state is the best to live in right now[View]
149537444vghhhh, the wavy walls of England...[View]
149535750The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain[View]
149508281>I suffer in Bra- how???[View]
149530063There are people in my cunt who unironically eat snails, does this happen in yours?!? It’s vile and …[View]
149534218You might look at this pic and think >grim actually this pic would be a step up for most young pe…[View]
149536324Why are they everywhere?[View]
149535691Siberia..... home...[View]
149536954Brazil i very great much more than france[View]
149533459>when the germans go around the maginot[View]
149525732>Europeans don't go outdoors >Europeans don't know how to hunt >Europeans don…[View]
149534122>go to google and type in 'Why are (your country's people)' >let it autofill >answer o…[View]
149536590This is it, this is the exact moment where Hispanics were declared white in America[View]
149488318/med/iterranean general: But Doctor, I am Pagliacci edition[View]
1495365841. Country 2. Was Dante right about Odysseus?[View]
149534026What are the names of the 12 Apostles of Christ in your language? Pedro André Tomé Filipe Mateus Bar…[View]
149536248somali man FORCED to stay in NORWAY by norwegian governement. https://www.abcnyheter.no/nyheter/norg…[View]
149535663how to find a black queen in your country[View]
149533466I have converted to Islam[View]
149521872/desi/-/ देसी/-/دیسی/: Kamlesh Solution edition https://youtu.be/HfwNSHg1SEg [Open] https://youtu.be…[View]
149535954Hypothetically speaking, is it true there are Norwegian women who could give their husbands (5'…[View]
149528604/fr/ - le francofil: Conversano ! >>149518579[View]
149535899>he has never been to a strip mall How do Europeans buy things when they have no strip malls?…[View]
149532737Why do so many murders happen here? Do they not like each other very much?[View]
149517712/balt/ + /ausnz/ #400: Domitian edition[View]
149529297kurva anyátok[View]
149533899>my top games on steam is Battlefield and Paradox games >My furniture and computer and TV desk…[View]
149532027ur cunt What song would you dedicate to the girl you like? It can be from your language / country or…[View]
149529218do you think people in your country stupid?[View]
149530794/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Indiana[View]
149533626My ancestors :)[View]
149535110Why are East Asians genetically superior to the other races besides the AshkeNazi Jews?[View]
149534895Never mind 'aks', does anyone else say 'ast' (asked) when speaking casually? 'Askt' is a bit of a mo…[View]
149535367Do women look like this in your cunt?[View]
149511379What can you tell me about the great state of Missouri, Amerianons?[View]
149530309I will find love in southern Poland. I will invest in eastern Poland. I will enjoy the beaches of no…[View]
149531134Icelandic women look like THIS? Mama mia <3[View]
149518295First World Countries Only Thread: Only the countries in blue.[View]
149508828How do Indians today feel about the British Raj?[View]
149523173Is picrel common in your country? USA. No. Having kids is considered climate terrorism.[View]
149533233Polynesia is literally heaven on earth, you can't suffer there, it's completely impossible…[View]
149534586If jews get a country, so should catholics.[View]
149519477How do package deliveries work in your country? Do the carriers just leave them outside? Or do you h…[View]
149517437/norgetråden/: Kekistan-utgaven Forrige: >>149498528[View]
149532554Is this the best board on 4chan? Because I think so.[View]
149534349Hey Americans, I sometimes take a look around other countries on Google and whenever I see small tow…[View]
149534029>be me, modern roman polytheist since 2016 CE >hear christians singing hymns at my local churc…[View]
149534260I no longer cook, I haven't been since the lockdowns ended. I just reheat premade meals from su…[View]
149530547I have never seen a black or a white person[View]
149520830Czechs on /int/ be like:: >Just talk to girls man, it's not that hard to get a gf. Plenty of…[View]
149527254/deutsch/: Superkuhle Abendausgabe[View]
149524954This used to be one of the worst streets in my city. It's getting bit better nowdays but it…[View]
149533560The rebirth of Greece begins with the return of the Immortal Gods.[View]
149531162日本人のご挨拶 オリンピックを楽しんでいただければ幸いです 無防備なセックスをしてください、さもないと私たちはあなたの代わりにこれらの外国人を維持しなければなりません。[View]
149530171I am from Malatya: Malatya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyczHCg2zhw[View]
149528068/brit/: step outside and see what happens -edition https://i.imgur.com/Y6Jad8W.mp4[View]
149519797Why did the black american music come from anglo-saxan music (work, folk and hymns) while the black …[View]
149525941Sverigetråden Grillupplagan[View]
149532639Your opinion doesn’t matter, your countries are irrelevant. I don’t care that you don’t like the war…[View]
149532574The Fire Rises Greece calls for aid You know what to do.[View]
149533617your cunt your opinion about this ? also meta threads are not against the rules like hiro said. stop…[View]
149518039/mena/-/شأشأ/: >وفاة شابة صينية بعد سقوطها من رافعة خلال بث مباشر على 'تيك توك…[View]
149533008Why do they all look like this? You know exactly where these people are from.[View]
149527853Although they hate us, deep down we are all brothers[View]
149525054/sauna/: tyttöystäväpainos[View]
149524078How many times has your name been given in France this year: https://www.bfmtv.com/amp/societe/toujo…[View]
149489346/ישר/: מהדורת אופנה מודרנית ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op/ …[View]
149529718The janny doesn't let me post about my country[View]
149519906>be deep southern Portugal >literally every town is the same 'white houses with red roofs and …[View]
149510295>I suffer in Turkey[View]
149533356We are all one race, the human race. Everyone from every country is my brother. If we were all to co…[View]
149520686What are the various religious factions in your country? In India for example, Christians refuse to …[View]
149521994This is the definitive and true map of the first world in 2021. The small dot in SEA is Singapore bt…[View]
149530474/brit/: are girl -edish[View]
149531391White men prefer East Asian women White women prefer East Asian men East Asian women prefer white me…[View]
149510027What is your favorite balkan country? Mine is Serbia :). Did you know that they have the highest GDP…[View]
149531659im obsessed with these countries, and I barely knew they existed before coming here[View]
149528415>cunt >who is credited to have invented the Airplane in your country…[View]
149533009European men in the 17th century: We have staged awe-inspiring plays that will be loved and carefull…[View]
149530296Pic related is the San Miguel Chapel. It's the oldest church in the US built in 1610 by the Afr…[View]
149532483Can I hire a Finn to do the posting for me?: My posts haven't been so popular lately. I need so…[View]
149532978The Duchy of Milan is my country whats yours[View]
149532962How do I get Finnish eyes?[View]
149523531how can a simple italian referendum divide the SOVL from the sovlless so perfectly?[View]
149508488/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
149531653What is the equivalent of the SAT in your country? Did you do well on it?[View]
149529344Would you date a brazilian lesbian??[View]
149526968Japanese-Brazilian girls...[View]
149525355If you try learning a second language, your native language will get worse[View]
149528683Did you ever visit Africa?[View]
149531852your country? what do you think about british slags?[View]
149531890>flag >do you know your country's sign language? belgium no…[View]
149531880Did you know that Florida is the most powerful state?[View]
149526911Tell /int/ about a time your country compromised.[View]
149528223I just had my first Australian experience, I went to take a shit and found a spider in my toilet whe…[View]
149517645Are you supporting Germany, Russia or America at the olympics? For me, it's Russia.[View]
149526586>invent euro >it backfires because you’re lazy and retire at 45 >cry about economic dominat…[View]
149523894Are women in your country like this?: >Get gf >She constantly wants to show me stupid memes on…[View]
149529497because indians often get confused with native americans, why not create distinguishing terms the na…[View]
149529690Post misconceptions you had growing up before you learned English. As a child I thought Tomb Raider …[View]
149527192/shemales/ in /deutsch/: Lüsterne Ausgabe[View]
149529346The sun still never sets on the French empire.[View]
149530314The classic American mutt: Half Italian half Scottish.[View]
149529639Im 166cm, how I would be treated in your country?[View]
149530217polish football hooligans are destroying my city https://twitter.com/TroublemakersEs/status/14226581…[View]
149523648Athens, Greece[View]
149530909As a kid I read a lot of stories about children raised by animals. My favorite was the story of Jean…[View]
149528245Dutch niggas be like 'ayo just about to go on a hike'[View]
149530336If you post from pic rel, what flag do you get. Also how do I get to pic rel as a tourist.[View]
149530446colonial countries be like[View]
149530230What's your favorite Russian minority? Would you date a Russian minority? I like Udmurts (peopl…[View]
149510364>i suffer in Mexico[View]
149513113/bra/ fio brasileiro[View]
149530438What region of your /cunt/ has the most attractive women?: U.S. Probably South Florida or South Cali…[View]
149529527/mena/: The Middle East is goth.[View]
149527305Is any country willing to accept Ruhrgebiet territory as a gift? PLEASE.[View]
149528825>America lost the Vietnam Wa-[View]
149529982Why do literally all Finns past the age of 40 look like this?[View]
149522939Is there a country that values more the arts and culture than France?[View]
149529387Rebels vs Empire popularity[View]
149522018>we are pregnant Do normies say this in your cunt?[View]
149529808this italian guy was unironically the sexual dream of eastern euro women, why are they like this? ht…[View]
149529776Would you date an Argentinian lesbian? Cutest lesbians in South+Central America, only surpassed by …[View]
149528181wtf what's wrong with japan?[View]
149529491do attractive women date unattractive men in your country?[View]
149526865I like Brazilians and Colombiana. The Dutch, I do not care for.[View]
149528814in which countries can this phenotype be found?[View]
149528843As I suspected, this monk is Romanian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQlL3o5jGTw He says 'Nu mi-a …[View]
149527620internationally how are you coping with the chinese domination[View]
149524381>Following a judgement of the Andhra Pradesh High Court in 2001 which favoured astrology, some In…[View]
149527825ITT: Post borders Bonus points for real borders, not that gay EU shit[View]
149489382/balk/: Narghilea edișăn Early >>149466107[View]
149521396Why did spain and portugal resort to tourism when there is nothing to see other than some desert and…[View]
149528711Degrees at my university that accepted every single applicant this year: >Arabic >Brazilian Po…[View]
149526516>Flag >Has your country ever been rangebanned here or other boards? Why? Peru Yes, last time a…[View]
149527562Who is your country's most famous criminal?[View]
149522931What would Brazil be like today if it had remained Dutch?[View]
149528782The Canadian race is a unique race that is completely different from Americans.[View]
149528193Would you like to learn more about Kentucky, /int/?[View]
149515933/cum/ Canada USA! Mexico general: Janny unleashed edition[View]
1495139631. Your count: 2. Rate this[View]
149526638>perfect weather, never gets hot and sunny and humid >extremely open and friendly culture, esp…[View]
149525704>country >can you go to jail for not paying taxes? Brazil no…[View]
149514932Foods (pretty much) only found in your cunt: >Scotland >Square Sausage Delicious, the saviour …[View]
149524737this is not Okay[View]
149525352this scares and confuses the american[View]
149528182I just finished a bottle of wine, but I am still thirsty. Should I go to the kiosk and get more? You…[View]
149514163Money in different countries: Post your country's bills and rate others.[View]
149527837> be american > get your dick mutilated by Dr. Shekelstein > be angry all your teenage year…[View]
149512061>and how would you like to pay for your food today, sir? >*grabs a bunch of pic related out of…[View]
149521242Most Americans never were to Europe. Most Europeans were never to America. We hate at each other wit…[View]
149525921/brit/: *walks into /brit/* -edish[View]
149519461based or cringe?[View]
149518816Post national costumes of non-immigrant ethnical minorities of your cunt[View]
149524286Why is small town America so comfy?[View]
149519422>teach at a language school in a major city in Western Europe >one student is an American wom…[View]
149526727I want to move out of New England, but I have no idea where I want to move to[View]
149526942I will move to France and nothing will stop me[View]
149527561American addresses be like: >90500250157 10th Freedom Road >Corner of 12th and 7th >Muttsvi…[View]
149527691Hey Americans, I sometimes take a look around other countries on Google and whenever I see small tow…[View]
149526489Brazil is one of the countries on the planet[View]
149527151When will you get a qt pinay wife?[View]
149521451Tomorrow I am going to the cheese shop to buy cheese. Convince me to buy a cheese from your country[View]
149525909Who pays on a first date in your country?[View]
149526174Average Palestinian[View]
149522563/deutsch/: DENNIS ALTER SPINNST DU[View]
149513462/polska: edycja małej marin[View]
149523439Which one loves white women the most? I feel like indians are more agressive but mexican indios excl…[View]
149515461Cuba thread: What happens here? Are they rich or poor? I never hear anything about them...[View]
149519603Do Japanese women still think a big butt is a bad thing?[View]
149518579/fr/ - Le Francofil ඞ: Edition capybara. Ancien : >>149510432[View]
149525666is your country patriotic? no, it sounds weird when leaders say shit like 'britian is the great…[View]
149513279/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/entente/: лacт >>149500242[View]
149520272Why is India so comfy, bros?[View]
149488813/esp/ - Hilo Español: hoy me han recomendado que tenga un representante porque no se manejar redes: …[View]
149526134>americans don't know what this is >they go apeshit if they find it in their food Explai…[View]
149525922/brit/: catberg edition[View]
149521104Where do you surname hail from? Do you have a uncommon and rare surname? >flag Yes my family was …[View]
149524786American males love Catalan girls[View]
149503013>JBW bro, go to Colombia and you'll get laid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlXohzfDIRQ Wh…[View]
149519822If you had to choose to live in Brazil or India, why would you choose Brazil?[View]
149512832/Nederdraad/: froukje editie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8W2kO8R9ik[View]
149522737/brit/: Olympics edition[View]
149518088big wildfire near athens #prayforgreece[View]
149520775Hot dogs around the world[View]
149525175/vocaroo/: the magical /vocaroo/ general where wacky accent makes you the coolest dude request text,…[View]
149489772kurva anyátok[View]
149522819Are adult men lonely without girlfriends or female companionship in your country?[View]
149523682post some pics and webms of international food[View]
149513363You Wake Up in Wuhan: What do?[View]
149524126>All Tomorrows >Those Gritty talking detective Cat Noir books >Mount and Blade those are T…[View]
149515460What can you buy with $10 USD in your country? I'll start: >a coke, some food, and a gallon …[View]
149523358did you know ?: According to the Bonn treaty of 1955, anyone can identify as a Danish-German minorit…[View]
149523472America Male#test: I am an American male. Ama about my country.[View]
149517339The lifestyle of the typical American would genuinely shock and horrify most people in developed nat…[View]
149524151can people in your country survive in the soi fields for one hour?[View]
149524520What did YOU accomplish in life?: Not what your country, your countrymen or your uncle. Nothing. I a…[View]
149521143https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gCWOECKJyac Turkey is the Sweden of the Islamic world[View]
149524002>thirdies can get an arranged marriage to a 10/10 qt virgin anytime they want, they just have to …[View]
149517170I find asian people mysterious in many ways, their culture is so different from ours.[View]
149523436Japanese please: I m a fragile man, can you resume briefly the story. I want to know if the cat is s…[View]
149516397>me consuming german propaganda[View]
149524447What makes Cubans physically superior to other Latinos?[View]
149523763>literally unable to comprehend social cues What gives?[View]
149524337GDP per capita: If you are to the right of the world average you have no right to complain about any…[View]
149511967/sauna/: Hupikék Törpikék -painos[View]
149523761Anyone else actively trying to move there?: Not “I’m going to move but haven’t even graduated uni an…[View]
149518637Why have you not gotten yourself a nice foreign gf?[View]
149524094I am sorry China: I shouldn't have presumed to know how best to run your country. You are a dif…[View]
149518745Sverigetråden - Bakuretsu upplaga: Konosuba säsong kommer Det fanns alltid hopp[View]
149521647Does your cunt consider Brits European? we do and it's quite odd seeing them deny that fact so…[View]
149523980>he wakes in a tiny and sunny rural town without any noise or polution and gets to eat alentejan …[View]
149521139If I learn Chinese, will I be able to understand Japanese kanji?[View]
149507290I went out for a walk through the outskirts of my city today Gonna post some photos I took[View]
149514931peak woman beauty[View]
149523196Do americans really crash into deers as often as they show it in horror movies[View]
149522242Do you want to find love in jewish Germany?[View]
149520463What are stereotypes for highlanders in your country? Poland >Low IQ >Greedy >Religious …[View]
149522585Using /int/ makes you more cultured than actually traveling. Instead of seeing dumb tourist attracti…[View]
149523365https://youtu.be/AxSWVkPfVc8 Fuck bros why does it look so attractive? Watching it I have strange ti…[View]
149518948what anime do people watch currently in your country?[View]
149522338>why yes, I do speak German and French and I do bully Europeans who speak neither…[View]
149521698What do Germans think of the people who call themselves German Americans? I am actually a Bavarian m…[View]
149522591Is da Vinci French or Italian?[View]
149517269What’s going on in Iberia?[View]
149523045Things created by whites and appropriated by blacks[View]
149522757Could your current self, beat the prime version of yourself?: Who would win in a fight between you c…[View]
149520185What countries are best for a mid-20's girl to find a husband. Men here don't want to get …[View]
149521381How exactly do White South Africans live? Is it comparable to Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain? Maybe e…[View]
149522982Brits, do you support Larry?: https://youtu.be/xKKqthF_spo[View]
149516493Indians are bros. That is all.[View]
149521929does she look greek to you?[View]
149518996Do you have google play cards in your country?[View]
149522777Rank your cunt's best news tv channels. Me? 1.CMTV 2.SIC 3.RTP 4.TVI This is a completely serio…[View]
149519198/brit/: who can even compete? edition[View]
149511596None of these countries suffer[View]
149520943How to get qt French gf?[View]
149519809does this happened in country? flag yes, my neighbors screaming at each other for a half a year each…[View]
149521601Pets of /int/[View]
149517910Most unfairly bullied country on /int/ and in the world.[View]
149517716der langzeitungefickte dreht komplett ab ehemals /deutsch/[View]
149481330You get a girlfriend from the cunt of poster below you: I hope this thread is first blessed by an It…[View]
149521758las chicas argentinas son hermosas[View]
149510224The city i live has a german minority[View]
149521697do girls in your country have high quality BUNDA?[View]
149516413How do I immigrate to Manchester, UK?: Feels like home already from the looks of it.[View]
149516100>21% IVA Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149514873in french to call someone stupid we say : tu n'es pas le couteau le plus aiguisé du tiroir (You…[View]
149513985Make me not immigrate to your country using only a single word.[View]
149519138How do muslims enjoy life honestly? My muslim roommate just moved to my city but: - he can't ha…[View]
149521658This Spaniard has beaten Djakovic: You would lick his penis?[View]
149521362I just saw on TV getting a divorce is only illegal in 2 countries on earth. The Vatican...and the Ph…[View]
149521400>study Spanish >Spanish improves >English somehow gets worse Is bilingualism a meme?…[View]
149517027>look up something on Twitter >find this What's up with Spanish girls?…[View]
149502362Why brownoids on /int/ obsessed with blondes?[View]
149520791>I suffer in the Middle east........ Because.... I just do ok!?! I would trade my life as a Chi …[View]
149521045My Byzantine ancestors... I am proud of you.[View]
149520223Live in the Chinese pod.[View]
149508863do you like iran?[View]
149520821In the next 4 weeks 10 million american families will lose their houses[View]
149521025Kamlesh Solution edition https://youtu.be/HfwNSHg1SEg https://youtu.be/FYsxHZ9vSaM[View]
149520550Latin american + norwegian mix[View]
149502460/int/ernational suffering thread. you may only post in this thread if you suffer in your country. …[View]
149517085Anthropological Study Frens: /Int/ Send me your Uvula! I was talking to my Chinese GF and noticed th…[View]
149516899>grandfather spent 20 years in Indochina >I was born 100% French…[View]
149513407/Mex/: Chicanos, centroamericanos y filipinos/guineanos invitados! Hilo Japones goddess edicion…[View]
149520446>it's time fur tder poopeninspezionen, take dowm die pants what you do?…[View]
149512830Do tell your favorite Italian Statelet and why right fucking NOW[View]
149513285Post streets/landscapes from famous crimes of your cunt. Pic related is where Diana Quer disappeare…[View]
149518381Post pics of historical people from your cunt that literally everyone there likes/loves: An example …[View]
149504983Why Russians do this?[View]
149488281/flag/ + /extraflags/: Thunder Bay edition Previously: >>149310224 Welcome to /extraflags/, a…[View]
149520045World map: I want to get a world map, but just not any map, something with the most information you …[View]
149519828I love images of cities in the rain[View]
149512607Is browsing 4chan considered a red flag in your cunt?[View]
149516599The irony is that the top 6 largest statues all derive from ancient Indian art except for the Indian…[View]
149509498Europe's weather today. Thoughts?[View]
149516164How would I be treated if I moved to your country?[View]
149518486I want to find love in Poland[View]
149508984What do you like about Saudi Arabia?[View]
149516713Bros…I just want to protect their smile[View]
149517993Teaching korean to Croatian friends: https://youtu.be/9pdX95Oufc4 Beginning from 2:07 He teached ruc…[View]
149519172last night I had the magyar dream...[View]
149519184How the FUG did Iceland release such a banger? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSMhu-PrLME >inb4 …[View]
149519174>I went to the poorest neighbourhood in _____ and you won’t believe what happened…[View]
149518219whats your fav indian food?[View]
149515487Is there a shortage of good men in your country?[View]
149518533I saved 4k euros for 2 week vacation: I think about either going to nepal or balkans. Where would yo…[View]
149519070USA SOVL: Braddock, Pennsylvania. The most SOVL place in the US[View]
149514886Argie posters look like this?!/[View]
149518086We need to stop this idea that just because pretty girls live in a country or it has a nice climate,…[View]
149487135Which one is better to immigrate?[View]
149517438>cappucino is superior to coffee >vine is superior to beer >chamomille is superior to tea…[View]
149518609'Welsh' basically just means Romano-Briton[View]
149513060>44 degrees outside >sky is red because of all the wildfires The end is coming bros..…[View]
149518248Why are there so many red-haired Dutch compared to Germans? Noticed this years ago[View]
149516294They hate your brown skin, and they hate my brown eyes And the hate that we'll represent Those …[View]
149514504I want to go on a spiritual journey to India. What places should i visit? I really want to see the B…[View]
149516801>flag >does your country have a thriving anime rap scene?…[View]
149518422How it feels to be in a crowded city?[View]
149510432/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de l’anniversaire de Prissou, sur la plage de Nice. >>149501175 …[View]
149512582Hey guys look I found a shekel[View]
149514476/brit/: Big island big genepool edition[View]
149498616Will they eventually develop and become major global powers, or will they remain stagnant, and stuck…[View]
149512986What's the ugliest big cities in your country?[View]
149517162Come to America.[View]
149517812do your countrymen live independently by having a beehive in their apartment?[View]
149517751What do birthday cakes in your country look like?[View]
149512478>born in America >not circumcised I feel a lot better about myself.…[View]
149515224>mfw when getting bullied by a Latvian girl in my own country[View]
149512794You are now king of the country that posts above you, what do you do?[View]
149509647Do other Eastern Euro countries such as Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria have gopnik…[View]
149503386/mena/: طبعة عاشق الرياضيات[View]
149514211Why Is Denmark so Based?: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1v54y177cy[View]
149513926Why was he such a great, big stupid retard?[View]
149517260KFC in Belarus[View]
149510676I'm 5'11: If I went to the Netherlands, would I have any luck with women? I heard they do …[View]
149501752Is your country a friend of Croatia?[View]
149513852What would their posters be like if it was still around today?[View]
149514170What are the rural regions of your country like? In this country, the rural areas are poor, racist, …[View]
149498528/norgetråden/: Hvit gutt sommer-utgaven Forrige: >>149471268 >>149471268 >>1494712…[View]
149514521How does your country's family react if their daughter brought home an Indian man?[View]
149502617Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>149472292 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
149514541my shithole city passed a law to tax online shopping, I bought a book and I basically have to pay do…[View]
149514292How can i stop the third world being third world? i want you guys to catch up. shall i learn some sk…[View]
149488169/balt/ + /ausnz/ #399: Pablo was a racecar driver >>149441903 >>149441991[View]
149515840It does be like that[View]
149503958In India, DOS programming is still a profitable business. Many stores in smaller cities use MS DOS o…[View]
149510696Sverigetråden - Knegarens upplaga[View]
149515605/desi/: /desi/ broke the bump record edition[View]
149516161What websites or apps would you recommend to search for rooms if you are going on Erasmus?: Also, I…[View]
149514358Today is the one year anniversary of the Beirut Port Explosion:: What has happened in your country i…[View]
149493345>your country >your line of work >how much do you earn >do you enjoy it…[View]
149514788Something interesting just happened in USA[View]
149514268Describe your country with 1 word, 1 number and your favorite regional/state/provincial flag as picr…[View]
149515453Do rich thirdies know that they can immigrate to any country in the world through an investment visa…[View]
149514846What are your country's upper class names?[View]
149502761/ita/ - il filo: edizione culo[View]
149498153/tr/: geliyor gelmekte olan edişın[View]
149506932>imagine being european[View]
149509438Thirdiebrow, why are Westerners so shit at coups?[View]
149505364Nordic Unity?: Why is Finland always the 'odd one' out of the bunch?[View]
149492040/cum/ - canada usa mexico: https://youtu.be/ZM0e1m9T9HQ[View]
149514445I know a girl who makes jokes about her black friend being her slave[View]
149490202Woah.. Thank you, Britain.[View]
149512251>third worlder moves to the first world >inmigrant/refugee >first worlder moves to the thi…[View]
149497725would you ever revert back to your ancestral religion?: i've been thinking, maybe i should reve…[View]
149513818Vagene. Can u defeat the average rugalero on the bakery kof machine?[View]
149508753How do I move to Sweden legally, /int/?[View]
149513923What's their problem with race?[View]
149512892Do you love the UK?[View]
149513365It's now estimated the Milky Way is no longer visible to one third of humanity Including 60% of…[View]
149508326/int/ jobs I find amazing what some of you anons do for work, i've read about some being plane …[View]
149508525this is an arab/north african teapot[View]
149510032is prostitution legal in your country is it frowned upon are your prostitutes good should i visit yo…[View]
149513588south asia culture: thread for the discussion for south asian culture especially how hygiene workers…[View]
149490630How would you turn these two into the world's biggest superpowers?[View]
149507041This is European football.: Why are Europeans so obsessed with this sport? Obviously, American footb…[View]
149510586ITT: We pretend to be from the above poster's cunt[View]
149510926Why couldn't EU just adopt a similar migration system to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand? If…[View]
149512908Hong Kong: How is the situation there, friends?[View]
149508031/brit/: Iran kneels to Uzbekistan edition[View]
149506102Japanese people consider snacking while walking disrespectful: what the fuck is this true?[View]
149505223Why do swedes always take photos of averge cars parked on the streets when they visit Norway? Have t…[View]
149509906Thats it: I will stop fapping I will limit usage of electronics to minimum I will stop being racist …[View]
149505603DIRTY CUNTS[View]
149512681How are the relations between Jamaica and Germany?[View]
149508251Are the Olympics popular in your country? I've been watching a little bit of it, and instead of…[View]
149512672Have you ever, in your country, gone so long without interacting with other people face to face that…[View]
149511981Where does your country stand on the simp scale?[View]
149510268Do you wanna find love abroad? I know i do[View]
149503814Lads, 100% ethnic poles with brown eyes dont exist.. Just check for yourself have you ever seen a po…[View]
149504755I am going on a date with a 20 year old Hungarian bottom today. Does this happen in your country?[View]
149512285Do you want to work in Japan?[View]
149512375Happy 88th What do Poles of /int/ think of him?[View]
149510003>in the past 25 years Nigeria's population has doubled from from 100 million to 200 million …[View]
149486152/desi/: Lohagad edition[View]
149505304/polska/: edycja stupek[View]
149510516What is the biggest difference between Northern Euros and Southern Euros?[View]
149508180/deutsch/: Die Stimmen werden immer lauter. bitte helfen sie mir[View]
149463464/ex-yu/: Lacoste edicija[View]
149512006>American sportsmanship[View]
149501417when will the eternal cock sucking stop?[View]
149509338What is your country’s most popular dog breed?[View]
149510111Could it have worked?[View]
149508731Everyone here is buying electric cars for tax reasons and to save the planet. Is your country a mora…[View]
149498184/nederdraad/: Vrijdenker editie Welkom: Niet welkom: Klachten als >complotdenker >schizo >…[View]
149510318How decent is highschool level education in your cunt?[View]
149507715Why are scandis so indebted? I thought they were rich?[View]
149501590Is this the only western country that aren’t fat fucks?[View]
149511343Why don't federation people celebrate union day?[View]
149502131being dead is better than being a wageslave in brownentina[View]
149504096F A T[View]
149483672/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
149509334Obsessions: Anybody else have some weird obsessions, obsessions that go as far as to inhibit you fro…[View]
149510001The Polish team was so beautiful, why do we have to be represented by such ugly niggers? They’re mak…[View]
149509983How efficient are intelligence agencies in your country?: Here they've been neutered following …[View]
149510316Post the average joe in your country[View]
149510782British men are like this.: I want a homely British boy.[View]
149505511Americans are so fucking weird[View]
149509626>muh EU federalism >muh EUbros >muh free market >we're all together in this, we…[View]
149509783>Why yes when I travel abroad I only eat at fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald's or…[View]
149500960ROBOPILL: is your country robopilled? is your national sovereignty protected by robotics? if so why …[View]
149499861/sauna/: radio-ohjattavien ykkönen -painos[View]
149501175/fr/ x le francofil: Édition de la côte d'or Ancien : >>149479586[View]
14949939550,000 years of culture: 50,000 years of culture[View]
149510076This is a superior Jomon man.[View]
149502699Wait a minute, Kazakhstan is WHITE ????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdaPsLCqITw&pp=sAQA…[View]
149509540this is what france used to be about what did your country use to be about?[View]
149508669Why doesn't the west implement this?[View]
149509421I unironically watch Indian News channel coz I find it pretty entertaining.[View]
149503371What is summer like in your country?[View]
149489593Does this happen in your cunt ?[View]
149506313Rei is famous in Luxembourg! Is there anyone else from Luxembourg around?[View]
149508702>he doesn't like italy[View]
149508884Why is it the only long developed country that never became obese It’s not even like people like fit…[View]
149507767Post man's average life goal in your country flag marrying a white woman[View]
149507790British girls look like this?[View]
149504699guess the ethnicity of the following people.[View]
149503512Why are weebs so cringy?[View]
149499972when was the last time you went on a date in your cunt? how did it go?[View]
149508091>does your country have electric scooters for fat peoy: No very rarely you see them ,but it'…[View]
149502400Use only Korean on this thread: Using translator if you don't know Korean https://translate.goo…[View]
149506463Why are so many people from the eastern block live in Israel?[View]
149492857This Indian Muslim girl used to go with the same school as me. All the Arab girls at my school would…[View]
149503407do you believe in their potential? please show ASEAN power ![View]
149503640Sverigetråden - En sista sommarupplaga: Hösten närmar sig men ännu är den inte här så vi kör en gyar…[View]
149505228>most EU posters are brown/black migrants >most American posters are Mexicans >most arab/ M…[View]
149507651>Tell dad to wake me up at 7:20 >He wakes me up at 6:45 >Go back to sleep >He comes in …[View]
149508736Why does Turkey celebrate newroz in August?[View]
149506869Why are Libyans so obsessed with Turkey as a country?: As Libyan, I see Turkish series are in most L…[View]
149507332Another day to earn some pesos[View]
149507993Does any western country have pro-lgbt monetary notesr?[View]
149508215America isn't the 'land of the free' or the 'home of the brave'. It's the land of the unf…[View]
149504654Depression rates (the official suffering map)[View]
149502926Are all Italians hentai coomers? Are there a lot of hentai coinosseurs in your cunt?[View]
149504966Why are Han Chinese so faggy? I was expecting something manlier than Japanese manga, but Chinese art…[View]
149493709Would an Islamized Japan be as advanced as Japan of the current timeline? I assume more because unde…[View]
149506879What did you think of the mummies parade egypt did a while back? https://youtu.be/6kaf0LxcVV4[View]
149506221The Mekong Delta is the lifeblood of France[View]
149506444a fucking window[View]
149504744/brit/: Bean edition[View]
149493307What would it take to turn this country into a first world superpower?[View]
149503347/deutsch/ am Mittach: Ja moin. /freunde/-Ausgabe.[View]
149481023/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
149507013draw the world from memory[View]
149503674Just read this. Damn, tragic. Especially that bit when an Indian King by the name of Prithivraj Chau…[View]
149500451You will never be fluent in spanish You'll never be good at speaking it You'll always soun…[View]
149504127Are you smarter than Singaporeans & Chinese?: Take this sample test https://www.oecd.org/pisa/t…[View]
149506401This maniac will destroy our lives mark my words: With hos army of AI robots he will take over the w…[View]
149505034My parents are cousins[View]
149492760Life's great here down below the indian bros: this islands been doing great for the most part, …[View]
149504619Dutch people are the ugliest Europeans[View]
149499959nicknames: How do you call people that live on your border? >Italy - špagetari/makaronari (transl…[View]
149504246french boys look like THAT?[View]
149506873https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1QlvZoJeCw Du är så söt[View]
149504880Suffering map, thoughts?[View]
149503673What is the universe? Why does it exist?[View]
149506318I dont actually suffer and no one under my flag does If only you knew how good life is here[View]
149494321Exactly what happened to Americans that made them like this?[View]
149506379Clean it up janny[View]
149499554VGH, I KNEEL before the MIGHT of ZION.[View]
149501296Do you watch anime?[View]
149505281Megalopolis: Hi, I'm married to a Chinese woman member of the CCCP and inhabitants of one of th…[View]
149500113Brazil and America had similar population in 1800, Why did Brazil not become a Superpower then inste…[View]
149504437>New Zealanders - Performing the Haka is normal there during sport matches. >Australia - Turne…[View]
149502931why don't they sqaut? why are they pretending to be first worlder? as a slav facier, i am sick …[View]
149503744>25% of all marriages of Turks living in Germany are to another family relative https://www.welt.…[View]
149504940How are pajeet migrants? Are they troublesome? We could add some curry to the latinx mistery meat[View]
149504745>go to a night club every weekend >They're always packed with everyone bumping into each …[View]
149503427I've never eaten a steak[View]
149503813>be Brit >get DANE'D[View]
149502376I just want to be cute and not be a poor. Why do I have to be so ugly and slave away at my stressful…[View]
149505340We decided to have paella and ahijos for dinner tomorrow night.[View]
149502742In orange are the only counties of France which matter.[View]
149497765It is PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to be happy without sunlight I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing thirdies…[View]
149497030Do you fear the rise of China?[View]
149504323Why are the French so based?[View]
149495833/polska/: złota edycja wczoraj: >>149473147[View]
149504971can you stop talking about germany pls? thanks[View]
149504240What advice would you give to white expats in your country? Hard mode: 'don't come' and 'leave'…[View]
149503363Turks, explain yourselves[View]
149504253Which countries have the best urban development?: Like efficient and/or working public transportatio…[View]
149504842Oh, Danny Boy the pipes are calling. From glen to glen, and down the mountain side, The summer…[View]
149504826I wish I had a licence to kill arabs, niggerd, germans and lgbt from the government[View]
149504824i think the world would have been a calmer place if americans didn't give up tea for coffee to …[View]
149493763Lenguage Lies: >Spanish has a perfect writing system When did you learn Spanish was a fucked up l…[View]
149504701latinochan.xyz for the latino diaspora Yes I'm living in thailand...[View]
149503445what is this phenotype?[View]
149504546>learn english to talk to europeans and have fun together online >can't avoid american th…[View]
149501739>if Mexico retained Texas and California it would probably be a first work country SORRY!…[View]
149502134This is one of the reasons I am leaving this website for all eternity on Saturday.: People here are …[View]
149496228your country what's the nationality of your favourite pornstar?[View]
149503689Sverigetråden - gå knulla dig själv städis: Guldextra[View]
149503622Why couldn't France just LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE???[View]
149501332/brit/: the REAL flag edition[View]
149499080ITT only countries younger than 300 years can post: >tfw 143 years young baby How young is yours…[View]
149504034Australians are the most tolerant people on Earth: Australian is extremely multicultural and has no …[View]
149502973russians look like THIS??!!![View]
149504211>The Battle of Midway: The American Perspective and The Strategic Consequences of the Battle (3/3…[View]
149502941Can ASEAN be superpower?[View]
149503231How do I become russian?[View]
149503859what ethnicity would this man be considered in your country?[View]
149503974If middle easterners are always fighting over clay why don't they just make more clay?[View]
149502182Is Turkey European?[View]
149497865Blue countries, let me hear your cope[View]
149469020/asean/: hilo cheerleading dragons[View]
149503051What's the rarest interracial couple pairing that you've seen?[View]
149503227Does the average Argentinian like us or is it only Anais who loves us?[View]
149503577How do you guys know if someone is a hapa or not? I can't tell.[View]
149503515I love Jesus. Do you love Jesus?[View]
149498312Unironically, what country is good for a rich black man to live in outside of the US and Africa. inb…[View]
149499047Damn now it all makes sense[View]
149500913Do you play cricket, /int/? Would you like to try it?[View]
149498468I made europe beautiful: but you label all the new countries[View]
149503293hey i heard this board was reddit: are they wrong[View]
149486588>Agriculture based society >All the property owned by landlords, buying property unattainable …[View]
149502788I want to fuck a white girl[View]
149503090Majority of latams are unaware about the existence of Paraguay, Mate: Majority of latams don't …[View]
149502707Baizuo gaijin seems hate japan. But why they do not go home?mystery of Baizuonism desu.[View]
149501807Is 0.5 million japaneese yen per month a decent salary in japan ?[View]
149502473Do people run over thieves in you are country?: Esto pasa en su pais? https://youtu.be/7OdKusxZjZQ…[View]
149491270Are Italy and Spain first world?: Their salaries are not much different from Slovenia's anymore…[View]
149498311Muslim cat: It's the Muslim cat.[View]
149502894im living in Japan, So Happy[View]
149499031I've fixed Europe — Every region is independent[View]
149502878I farded and then I shidded.[View]
149499927/deutsch/: Gemeindebau-Ausgabe[View]
149502454iberians: >I work at a big company in northern italy with many subsidiaries around the world and …[View]
149499040>euros have no idea what goes on in here[View]
149501977Why are women from this place so willing to marry and fuck ugly white boomers and incels? Are things…[View]
149501900Why do thirdies jerk each other off so much?[View]
149501885today I crossed the Rio Antirrio bridge and there were two cars with RVs and orange plates, probably…[View]
149489189post yfw americans tell you something about your country[View]
149499172How do I get a bib poopa Arab gf?[View]
149499447Can refugees please stop trying to immigrate illegally here from third world shitholes like the Euro…[View]
149494474Is cheating and divorce common in your country?[View]
149502372is a ginger from england more related to a ginger from say russia or finland than to his fellow brun…[View]
149502394It's over for Americels[View]
149474830/ita/ il filo: Edizione pancini[View]
149498613/brit/: Balls of steel edition[View]
149495277this man offers you a free lecture on probability and predictability but the lecture will be intercu…[View]
149494140Funland appreciation thread.[View]
149502110Why is this rat race world so obsessed with color and complexion in the negative?[View]
149483387/mena/: طبعة الهاكرمان انت داخل موقع ما تفهمه، مجرد ولد صغير عمره ١٨ سنة جاي مفكر حاله معلم وانت برض…[View]
149500830Overseas territories: does ur cunt have these? we do can you just freely move to them? we can'…[View]
149495822Any particular reasons for these countries to be so populated?: combined they make up to 37% of worl…[View]
149497207Sverigetråden - Tisdagsupplagan: För svenskar samt brödrafolk[View]
149500254Post something and as an American (superior Amerisplainer), I will tell you something about your cou…[View]
149497143>mfw the entire world but france is burning[View]
149501086Cultural shock thread: >several sex partners Why some of, maybe many of, perhaps most of german …[View]
149491551>150 USD A MONTH[View]
149499324What's the deal? is it sealed? What you smokin', boy you smokin' on some kill? Put a …[View]
149501097Why is American architecture so nice?[View]
149500225>'ei' read as 'ai' >'eu' read as 'oi' Umm, Germanbros? I think you should update your spelling…[View]
149500938Japbros... we should have fought together against the chinese..[View]
149499459How is life in the UK outside of London?[View]
149490433UK salaries are on average lower than they were 16 years ago Does this happen in your country? how w…[View]
149499607what's the most popular pet to have in your country?[View]
149498232Should Europe be ruled by France or Germany?[View]
1494953188.8 million+ Germans died in WW2 Civilian and Military Deaths: 8,800,000 Do we honor these dead peop…[View]
149497501Is China more internationally influential than America yet?[View]
149501085Hey /int/ im going to Lidl Do you want something? I can grab it for you[View]
149501324COLONIALS Lament: https://youtu.be/F0LLerKWycQ[View]
149472292Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>149447644 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
149498224When was your country founded?: Alba in 200 B.C.[View]
149501260>I saw a wh*Te 'person' today I thought we kicked you guys out of the cities…[View]
149497813Is Belarus livable?: Let's talk about the living quality of Belarus[View]
149499518>We aren't mutant muttoids! How can Americans claim to not be mutant when they look like thi…[View]
149489959You might look at this pic and think >grim actually this pic would be a step up for most young pe…[View]
149498261How come brownoids are the richest demographic in Singapore? Why don't brown people in Europe b…[View]
149497705Have you ever been to the United States?[View]
149496646Theres like 4 or 5 threads up shitting on Spain at any given moment 24/7. What the fuck? I thought w…[View]
149497344Do you want a pinay wife?[View]
149496065Are they part of the west[View]
149499617Chinese girls look like this?? Holy shit[View]
149500596> no athletic long-jumping impervious Spanovic Serbian mommy gf Tell me about Serbian women /int/…[View]
149498671the best part about this image is that the polack has a BWC while the blacks don't have BBCs[View]
149500413Do people in your country neg their mothers?[View]
149500571>spills your orange juice does this happen in your country[View]
149500444What is summer fashion like in your country? Provide examples[View]
149498947What are some time honored national rituals which constitute the basis of society in your country?[View]
149500199I love gaijin’s ass Why do you have that great curve ass even if they are man[View]
149496929I literally can't stop thinking about haplogroups. I watch a movie and I assign a haplogroup to…[View]
149498920Do you know that around 70% of British citizens with Pakistani origin are from a single city in Paki…[View]
149498433I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
149495982You may think this is Dutch but it is in fact Norwegian.[View]
1494983801. Your count: 2. Thoughts on Iraq war?[View]
149496554What matters more in your opinion, historical accomplishments/contributions or current wealth/prospe…[View]
149499854>Countries by the number of billionaires by net worth balkan, central asian, mongol bros? what we…[View]
149497333is your country blessed with iq-raising climate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO5mfbpq16A[View]
149493393Please give it back[View]
149479586/fr/ - ça parle français: chinoir[View]
149498697What are some common coping mechanism in your country?[View]
149496406/deutsch/: Anime Vapiiss sucht euch was anderes als Lebensinhalt statt diesen Müll![View]
149491001When and how did they become irrelevant?[View]
149488220/sauna/: perustulo painos[View]
149499615what happens here?[View]
149498651This is what Spanish dominance does to the human soul[View]
149492047Romans and Greeks were darker: People in this website keep claiming Romans got darker through Arab i…[View]
149495911Does your country have an equivalent to bigfoot[View]
149490628the guy who invented the red cross was a swiss and didnt know what symbol to use, used the swiss fla…[View]
149496152are goth girls common in your country?[View]
149499350wow danes are based[View]
149488968>was in a group chat with a bunch of arabs today >they were typing to each other like this: ed…[View]
149496766Why are zoomers OBSESSED with anime? Everywhere I look there are zoomers consooming anime and drooli…[View]
149497390Do you prefer japanese or korean girls?[View]
149498423soon the average wage in brownentina could fall as low as 100 usd a month and the minimum to 50 usd …[View]
1494964351. Your cunt: 2. Rate your biological parents[View]
149498653now this script is what I call kino[View]
149497746How many Jews live in your country? Reminder there are almost 500K in mine.[View]
149498260I fixed Europe[View]
149498836just unleashed an extra hard poo followed with liquid diarrhea, does this happen in your country?[View]
149485210Do you like california? Will you visit sometime? It is a nice place to be.[View]
149497691Norway took gold in the 400m hurdles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vwsX7EkkDs[View]
149497008Canadian girls...[View]
149496057Soccer chads vs 'Football' soys[View]
149496741“But America isn’t homogeneous…”: Bitch America is the most homogenous country on the whole damn con…[View]
149471268/norgetråden/: Nasjonalist-utgaven Forrige: >>149456168 >>149456168 >>149456168…[View]
149498464do you miss it?[View]
149494266>Old worlders have no culture What can we do to help them bros?[View]
149472246/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe зaкaтa>>149457383[View]
149497096All of my married friends were asked out and proposed by their wives It’s common?[View]
1494831811.Open Paint 2.Draw how you imagine posters from other cunts[View]
149494857Cute japanese girl has written down what type of guys shes into. Do you meet her criteria?[View]
149498066What do you think of South Korea?[View]
149495605https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ofjMmHWM3l8 A brilliant Arabic music[View]
149474059/tr/: tuva yiğidi baskısı[View]
149497522How much would I need in USD to live a nice life as a black man in Mexico?[View]
149497204Memes aside, what is life quality in Mexico like? I imagine it's similar to parts of the US, ma…[View]
149497520How can I get a Brazilian Amazon warrior?[View]
149494958I want to try some kremówka[View]
149496298Why is the Slavic so stylish though they wear poorly[View]
149492264Did you have Mongolian spots when you were born?[View]
149497907How do people in your country enjoy kids entertainment?[View]
149497739Do people in your country live as faithfully as Koreans? otherwise, shut up[View]
149495712do wypipo really?[View]
149494262Do men in your country actually think that cunnilingus is gay? Pretty sure everyone in Finland does …[View]
149492840finnish rapper[View]
149497707greeks are better than other human[View]
149495947How do I emigrate here?[View]
149496189Are Italians white?[View]
149497628Diversity destroyed Rome ;_;[View]
149477551/dixie/: DirectX Graphics Pipeline Edition[View]
149496355Why haven't you moved to Australia yet?[View]
149496253best country to be homeless?[View]
149493702Do people know that Spain exists?[View]
149495764My uncle introduced me his Vietnamese bride 23 years old younger than him today[View]
149477957Why does this forum hate suburbs so much? I think they’re a fine way to live.[View]
149497058>went to a bar in bali >a lot of bogans >they ran away without paying Why australian are so…[View]
149471113/nederdraad/: oude school uitgave[View]
149496918You wake up in Asbest, a town in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Located on the eastern slopes of the Ura…[View]
149488975I can't cope with being a white anymore: Being white in 2021 is a death sentence. As a white gu…[View]
149492501Are Poles the most powerful race?[View]
149489237After WW2, Japan was so demoralized that there was even a proposal to make French the national langu…[View]
149491654I just tipped my barber 30%. Does this happen in your cunt...[View]
149450845How do I get a qt Latina gf as an Irish-American guy?[View]
149496713How do Koreans differentiate their surnames without using Kanji? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lis…[View]
149489551How are atheists viewed in your country?[View]
149494507Just learned about Ainu people.[View]
149495729Hey you! yes you Cisgender heteronormative man The Shahahshah Khosrow Has called you into the The a…[View]
149492993/deutsch/: KeinWichs Ausgabe[View]
149496243What is Texasication?[View]
149495472Is the gap between rich and poor in your country worse than in Japan?[View]
149488135Why haven't you moved to Finland yet? They need more immigrants to support their welfare state[View]
149491774>In Israeli elementary schools students are forbidden to use a traditional plus sign (+) is this…[View]
149492785>low income housing in America is better and larger than expensive housing in most of Europe Pic …[View]
149489292I am American, therefore my opinion of your country should be very important to you. Would you like …[View]
149492792could I (a white man) pass as a local in your white country?[View]
149495257VGH... The JŌMON reconquista...[View]
149495035Is this continent ever going to do anything again: Ever since the war it is as if they gave up on tr…[View]
149495331The University of California has produced a helpful spreadsheet to define who is white and who is no…[View]
149495225>your cunt >how are cats treated Kids keep chasing them and i hate it…[View]
149494636Are tattoos popular with women in your country? >America Yes, very[View]
149494535These are just hot and cold versions of the same place[View]
149491553why did they allow this other country to awkwardly stick into their land there is literally no reaso…[View]
149495148The more I read about Norway and Denmark, the more I wish I wasn't born in New Zealand.[View]
149494259Don’t play with your food, England.[View]
149494992When hundreds die in an international tragedy my country's media only report on it if one of th…[View]
149494797Is mentall illness considered a joke in your country? America, yes. Guam is american btw. Also, are…[View]
149494891Sorry for being spanish[View]
149473027Why don't the US invest in latin america? Wouldn't they benefit if their neighbors are wea…[View]
1494893621)Danes, Swedish, Norwegians, Icelanders, Finns 2)North French, North Italians, Belgians, Dutch, Eng…[View]
149490361Do the trains run on time in you're cunt?[View]
149491053/int/ernational oympic kimonos: The Japanese have been preparing a kimono for every competing countr…[View]
149493154>tfw no Venus german gf[View]
149480452my kitten died. he did not even opened his eyes, i took him to vet clinic but they said that it is t…[View]
149491457is homosexuality fully accepted in tour country?[View]
149493362Moving to Korea?: Everyone on this website loves Japan, but I never see anyone discuss anything rela…[View]
149486010are these douchebags prolific where you live?[View]
149487401Latin Americans: Why are they so obsessed with being white, /int/?[View]
149473147/polska/: edycja nocna wcześniej: >>149464044[View]
149491018Does your current cunts flag suck >flag yes the older one looked much better, pic rel is our old …[View]
149489795When Burger King first openned in my city (around 2009), it was literraly trendy to go there and pos…[View]
149493080/BG/: /бaлк/ пeдaли нa caпyн издaниe[View]
149488962Evictions started, America is about to collapse.[View]
149469415What's the spiciest food/sauce in your country?[View]
149493727When I say I really like a country it doesn't mean that I automatically prefer anyone from that…[View]
149493164Rural Australia has more in common with Texas than most of the world.[View]
149492013Cosmo, Wanda I wish every previous British colony was 100% anglo How does the world change[View]
149491215When I see a brown person speaking English it looks wrong but when I see a Spanish speaking latinx i…[View]
149485139What is your opinion on Chinese people?: Do you get angry at Chinese people over the coronavirus pla…[View]
149489728When will anti-Slavic racism get more attention so we could also claim our share of reparations?[View]
149493572The cornfields of Illinois... home...[View]
149491390Why are they not a single country?[View]
149491722Do canadian girls like latino men?[View]
149492539bornwnentina... truly the worst thing imaginable...[View]
149485255hand thread. let me see your beautiful CAVCASOID skin.[View]
149489503What is your favorite writing system[View]
149488685Whites in Europe > create rich societies > innovate in science and technology > prosperous …[View]
149490061The Med phenotype mogs the Germanic phenotype[View]
149480820/deutsch/: görlitzer park edition[View]
149491912Iusos is it true y'all can't understand each other?[View]
149490397We killed the Indians..... for no reason other than a profit motive. If anyone needs reparations, it…[View]
149487370In USA, even poor people live in the 2 storier house with garden: But in Korea, only rich people liv…[View]
149488224>tfw African >tfw living in irelevant place >tfw no gf…[View]
149490038Just learned about Westward Expansion. Why did we do that to the Indians?[View]
149491556Countries made by plunderers. We were literally created by people who came here with the sole purpos…[View]
149487523Has your country ever defeated the American military? These are the regimental colours of the US 31s…[View]
149489871is there ANY difference between these two[View]
149492436What phenotype is this?[View]
149484385Why is there so much Mexican food in the US? They only make around 14%- 13%of USA's population …[View]
149486321do men age like shit in your country?[View]
149491964>German education They mistake Congolombia for Venezuela You will wonder how I arrived in the Ger…[View]
149490148>i'll prove how white i am by removing any hint of spice from my food…[View]
149489444Your cunt What's your go-to order at Mickey D's? USA Double Quarter pounder with medium fr…[View]
149487215/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
149489251I just tipped my landlord 200$ usd (1/5th of my rent) as a compliment and his simply just said thank…[View]
149492115Japanese MAN look like THIS?[View]
149488727Do people die from Covid while falling from a ladder in your fucking cunt?[View]
149489569netherland's map looks like pepe shitting onto belgium[View]
149489695I am going to move to Japan and become the first foreign kendo master.[View]
149491845>british people call pants 'trousers'[View]
149491282what if napolean did discover india?[View]
149490207what country has the best names?[View]
149490000Just had medu vada for breakfast (and a little bit of idli) What was your breakfast?[View]
149490776Do they really ?[View]
149485653Do bri'ish really?[View]
149489423Moominsk: Moominsk[View]
149487277What's the deal with Aus chads?[View]
149490822>mfw i thinking about how many white people do not know how good the dog taste…[View]
149491301Fire in Turkey’s forests is attracting Kurdish social media. >A mulah: Laughing and kidding at Tu…[View]
149489303Why do Americans, especially South Americans, overcook their chicken?[View]
149488862Very beautiful African Brazilian and European Brazilian couple. It is not uncommon to see African me…[View]
149490479Does your government take photos for their upcoming rap album?[View]
149489793if you are thinking about europe, America’s immigrants seem not bad slight darker badhapa catholic v…[View]
149489226I want all Russia to be Finno-Ugric. I love Finnish languages, I like that they're literally th…[View]
149490771Just found out about the Mafia. I can't believe these people control small towns in Europe. Thi…[View]
149490757Indian Reservations: Have you ever been to one? Are outsiders even allowed to enter at all? What are…[View]
149490317I wish I was fucking NVRDIC. I would eat NVRVEGIVN SVLMVN every day and ride the TRVIN while watchin…[View]
149489440What's the ral influence of Russia in the Balkans?[View]
149490419Why are americans so obsessed with being white?: They keep doing retarded posts wondering why other …[View]
149489201Burgerbros…I don’t even have a cope for this what the hell[View]
149490606Do you make yourself chuckle from your garbage shitposts (in your country)? I just did.[View]
149487520Im half 'snownigger' from my father's side and my 'snownigger' genes are telling me to discard …[View]
149490482I swear to god their boomers are somehow 100x more fucking delusional than our own. I’m sorry you ha…[View]
149486828What do you think about dutch girl get chinese baby in her belly ?[View]
149489354>we literally have enough nukes to put an end to all of human civilization overnight I don’t like…[View]
149471176Post national heroes from your country that EVERYONE loves[View]
149488443Is there a more pointless international organisation than the British Commonwealth?[View]
149485195245 years have passed and they STILL do not have a real name… What should we call them? >America…[View]
149485219>Americans DO NOT take off shoes in their homes…[View]
149490032is my hand white or yellow[View]
149484863i am chinese and only into asian girls but today i saw this really cute short blonde girl that looke…[View]
149487504Why whitu incels still believe 'I can get married with qt Japanese girls when I go to Japan'??? You …[View]
149490040>one shot at life >wasn't born in England Thank you God…[View]
149486322JAPAN: What do asians not in asia and other asians feel when they see Japanese people? I have always…[View]
149486126>chicano >cant learn proper spanish no matter how hard i try…[View]
149489045>16 people live in one of these houses Yikes dude![View]
149482961Which one has the most SOVL?[View]
149484653do Chicanas speak Spanish or are they monolingual like every other smoothbrain in the United States?[View]
149489526Dear Americans, please learn the pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin. I'm sick of Americans pronoun…[View]
149478879The United States and Canada are literally two of the biggest countries on Earth: Why do they keep s…[View]
149486743are people in your country fashionable?[View]
149489113America is A) More powerful than they pretend to be B) About as powerful as they claim to be C) Les…[View]
149487207How do I get to Argentina???: Fuck the US I'm tired of this bullshit I just wanna go to Buenos …[View]
149488025German banks loan greece/poland/ukraine, etc billion dollars. Loan must be spent in Germany. Germany…[View]
149488681Height advantage sports like Volleyball and Basketball is basically White supremacism. Asians have n…[View]
149482856Do you put cacao and butter in your oatmeal porridge in your country?[View]
149489291Do Latinos/Brownies like Asian Males?[View]
149488978I assume all south/central american and african posters are upper class top 5% of their country just…[View]
149468579/vocaroo/: the real /vocaroo/ general was the recordings we made along the way request text to read,…[View]
149486760Do Anglos are aware that China has more feeling of revenge again them than even Nanking?[View]
149487757Are they white?[View]
149486040Is drill music popular in your cunt?[View]
149481312I can't get over summer being over. It fucking sucks.[View]
149431694/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
149488792this is what atheism does to a nigga[View]
149488182You wake up in some run down town in Greece. What is your next move?[View]
149485972>americans get circumcised for no reason[View]
149488873Olympic Cockroach: It was quite interesting to see Erdogan himself at the Olympics, let alone watchi…[View]
149487389>3/4 of the top countries in the olympics are asian ummmm you guys told me they were weak ricecel…[View]
149489071I think China's Hanfu trend is pretty based. Do people in your country wear traditional clothin…[View]
149487747DIOS MIO…………………….[View]
149465467Why are the japanese like this bros?: https://youtu.be/4xD3wfp1LAA Let the fucking fish die first. I…[View]
149486063Did you know that Israel is african?[View]
149487353In my country people be like 'I identify as genderfuck' and I'm supposed to pretend that that…[View]
149487131Hello Brazilians. Is Carnaval actually fun? How many of you attend it?[View]
149483498How can I get Swedish gf?: >Korean >182cm >15.2cm > graduate a private college in Americ…[View]
149481983My Bolivian friend told me that Chileans eat human meat...[View]
149486894What's the reason for the West leading in basically every aspect of modern society and human pr…[View]
149485113Is he Jomon?[View]
149487013> the biggest representation for Hispanics in media is literally breaking bad...…[View]
149483711Does Mexico have a yellowish tinge like in the movies?[View]
149488614How do you suffer in the UK when your women look like this?[View]
149486813Brazil, I[View]
149485453>watch american tiktok scare cam compilation >realize that american parents call their childre…[View]
149475640dump all your /int/ memes here[View]
149487999/Korean, Japanese version English/ thread: Use only English which Korean and Japanese use[View]
149487651Are you jomon or yayoi?[View]
149485777Why is BMWF so popular in the Western world? (NO POLITICAL BULLSHIT PLEASE. THIS IS A GENUINE QUESTI…[View]
149487097famous crazies from your cunt?[View]
149488058UK college bans three wise monkeys because its racist: >Academics at the University of York in th…[View]
149487429Do women appreciate the efforts of stalking/persistence in your country?[View]
149475494Are you lactose intolerant?: No, I am white. I don't have any diahrrea or stomach ache after co…[View]
149487017Do you like New Brunswick?[View]
149487987Do people in your country think Canada is cool?[View]
149484287Why is WMAF so popular in the Western world? (NO POLITICAL BULLSHIT PLEASE. THIS IS A GENUINE QUEST…[View]
149487149>be me, chilean >drug dealers and criminals are the law in the sector where I live >shoot…[View]
149485116China thread[View]
149487408Has anyone ever met an australian qt? What are they like irl?[View]
149484147/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: New England edition[View]
149486439Patriotic songs: Share with me patriotic songs form your country, preferably with English subtitles …[View]
149470485Muh ancestry: What's your guys ancestral DNA? How does it compare to the stereotype of your cou…[View]
149487766>Non stop Chicano threads >Non stop Mexican/México threads >non stop Latin America threads …[View]
149484613Do you like bloody Japanese girls?[View]
149485342Is america a safe place?[View]
149486272ooc french: currently rejecting my french upbringing. looking for anons suggestions for french media…[View]
149460793*never colonised* Why did Euros fear them?[View]
149487435Why does it take so long to get an italian citizenship approval[View]
149486844Without looking it up, how old do you think this Brazilian is?[View]
149475561Do girls like cum in your cunt? The brazilian girl keeps asking for cum vids and always tells me she…[View]
149481389what are easy cunts to immigrate into? I'm tired of living in this shithole country where looki…[View]
149486869https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlnfiULnmMY >streamer brothels >talent managers consulting on …[View]
149486376ITT: Most beautiful woman from your country[View]
149473940Diaspora general: >be me at 9 years old >at Swedish friend's house playing >his mom as…[View]
149467045/sauna/: Ruokavarasto painos[View]
149486989This is light heavyweight olympic boxer Loren Berto Alfonso Dominguez, from Azerbaijan.[View]
149483661Why is there so much Mexican hate? They call them illegal yet only make around 14%- 13%of USA's…[View]
149486270when did China degenerate from being highly advanced and civilized? and why did China fail to raze d…[View]
149472200Which country has the sexier women?: I go to cam and pornsites and all the top tier South American g…[View]
149486750Fire in Turkey’s forests is attracting Kurdish social media. >A mulah: Laughing and kidding at Tu…[View]
149485460Do Brazilians really?[View]
149486104Realistically, what will the world look like 20 years from now?[View]
149466107/balk/ + /v4/: White people, edition [again]. Old: >>149450249[View]
149486463>Israelis and Germans have nothing in commo-[View]
149485153Every time I read about missionaries getting absolutely beamed by arrows in the jungle I feel a lot …[View]
149485819>be lonely >make tinder >matched with qts >feelsgoodman.jpg >can't start a conve…[View]
149485953South America: South America will be the most powerful entity in the world once all drugs are legali…[View]
149482648/desi/: unrelated to indian culture edition[View]
149485257Did you know that an unknown country treats people like slaves in its diamond mines in Africa? What …[View]
149486038What are some popular childhood toys in your country?[View]
149485558VGH.. NEW YORK CITY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y1GKpC2ZtQ This whole channel is a perfect repr…[View]
149485820> no athletic Serbian long-jumping mommy gf YCNSIS[View]
149454545>Your state/province. >Some information about it. >Do you like it? DC, its the capital and…[View]
149484274Our soup is the best.[View]
149485930Whats the deal with Balkanoids? Why do they hate each other when they're all basically genetica…[View]
149484362Do people in your country hate trannies, tolerate trannies, or worship trannies?[View]
149484868What could a man say that would make any woman in your country do pic related?[View]
149480927Do you have large highways in your country?[View]
149484083>On 25 August, the same day that the Germans surrendered, Charles de Gaulle, President of the Pro…[View]
149484728When will it be our turn???[View]
149481861>Euros have no idea that most American households have multiple freezers 1. The kitchen freezer (…[View]
149483393>you wake up in the United States[View]
149483336Tell me some slang from your country Glizzy - Hotdog or Glock Pistol Serving - To sell drugs Band - …[View]
149485392I grew up in a little town south of the Kentucky border... things were simple. You tended the farm, …[View]
149480623Do foreigners treat your country like this?[View]
149462112Do you want to find love in Sweden?[View]
149485073can anybody beat the bongs in terms of poverty porn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCWDEZoOkdQ thi…[View]
149484913Why do US Americans celebrate a man who discovered the Caribbean and South America?[View]
149484064How do we make this happen?[View]
149484793what is up with Japan's obsession with niche stunt tricks like yo-yos, card tricks, skateboards…[View]
149484997Ukrainians look like THIS?[View]
149484963What happens here?[View]
149483270thoughts on white latinxs?[View]
149484782do people get offended when you don't comment about their shit memes they send in the group cha…[View]
149477974You wake up in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.[View]
149484369What's it like to date a germanic gf? Has anyone achieved this feat irl?[View]
149476815what is the most cultured country[View]
149483716>The population density in Bangladesh is 1265 per Km2 (3,277 people per mi2).…[View]
149483883>watching a french show >someone asks who won ww2 >everyone unanimously says france Do they…[View]
149481017Is it true that even basic things like ketchup and mayonnaise taste vastly different in Europe?[View]
149439097/skandi/: tid til at prøve på at sove-udgaven[View]
149478327Anyone else feel like all the ancient people were by far the best? You really can't have enough…[View]
149484636How do you feel about the country China?: Do you think it is a overall a positive force for the good…[View]
149475272/Int/, does your country have an equivalent of Andrew Jackson?: By that I mean someone who humiliate…[View]
149484479I'm going to a Greek island with my finnish friend (perkele)[View]
149484226Why is there so much Mexican hate? They call them illegal yet only make around 14%- 13%of USA's…[View]
149484240Why is there so much Mexican hate? They call them illegal yet only make around 14%- 13%of USA's…[View]
149484109Why is there so much Mexican hate? They call them illegal yet only make around 14%- 13%of USA's…[View]
149480607I want all Russia to be Finno-Ugric. I love Finnish languages, I like that they're literally th…[View]
149483755Why is there so much Mexican hate? They call them illegal yet only make around 14%- 13%of USA's…[View]
149481061How are you celebrating BC Day?[View]
149476093HOLD... THE... LINE...[View]
149484198Muslims are chads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJduRj3FJYc[View]
149483968Does your country have Hungarian paprika?[View]
149479386/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: cat edition[View]
149478554Why are black men like this? Why do they obsess over Mexican women so much? Why don't they just…[View]
149483236Why are Anglos countries the most authoritarian in this pandemic? It makes thier criticism of other …[View]
149479823/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição da Lua anterior: >>149473547[View]
149483745/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição homem gato anti-pedola[View]
149483629I am learning Swedish because I want to know what Vargskelethor is cursing in his live streams Does …[View]
149474872how fit and active are girls in your country?[View]
149481126Does your country produce good marching music, /int/?: I know mine does >https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
149483533Why don't countries have based revolutionaries anymore? Why don't seperatists fight for in…[View]
149481348How much do you embody the /int/ernational spirit in your personal life?[View]
149482525Marrying porn stars: This dude literally married Remy LaCroix and had two kids with her... Does this…[View]
149438212/esp/ - Hilo españólico: El /esp/, nuestro /esp/[View]
149451437You get to live in a country below you.[View]
149483671Is your cunt Monochronic or Polychronic? Which is better?[View]
149465585kurva anyátok[View]
149483358Fire in Turkey’s forests attract Kurdish social media. >A mula: Laughing and kiding at Turkey fir…[View]
149481250did your olympic team made the japs seethe in anger?[View]
149478710牛逼 国人之光[View]
149483242Join the US military.[View]
149479598I’m cooking a deliciously nutritious soup[View]
149481686German Toilets: German Toilets[View]
149482088Do Japanese people like visiting your area? Guam. Yes.[View]
149483327Do women dress cheugy in your country?: >America >Yes…[View]
149480668Welcome to Portugal anon[View]
149480765Are numbers considered gay in your country?[View]
149483156I ate too much and now my stomach hurts. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149475467Russian and Iranian defense ministers meet on Syria: Interestingly, one is a Tuvan Turk and the othe…[View]
149479359Why do middle easterners keep electing retarded radical islamic dictators?[View]
149478369/mena/: طبعة 'رفّوضة ابو حفوضة' ملطشة الجنرال[View]
149482229>mfw first worlders get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because they put too much balsamic vinegar…[View]
149482895Why doesn’t white peoples like shower and cleaning[View]
149483054Does Qaddafi knew the virus? A folk said it and I didn’t take attention. But he also said Qaddafi sa…[View]
149480103>Why yes, I'm a Francophone Canadian-- >>So you're Québécois? >No.…[View]
149482161What is vhg? I don't get it[View]
149482868It's all about the ring(money and di powa). I invite those who are not satisfied with their li…[View]
149482408We Europeans have more sensation in our dicks than Americans because we are not circumcised[View]
149482837I keep accumulating these useless ass 'Federal Reserve Notes' or whatever they're called all ar…[View]
149482765How do people in your country stop thinking negative thoughts?[View]
149452788We demand an apology. >For what For everything. For all of it.[View]
149466437>Your flag >Your job[View]
149482699chose your fighter[View]
149478894Does your country's currency have sovl?[View]
149479324What U.S. states have you visited (if you've ever visited the U.S.) ? here's mine[View]
149478824ITT: post spooky or unsettling photos of your country.[View]
149480529>usa large size, diverse climate & geography >diverse population, many cultures >vibran…[View]
149482499Did u know that Chinese people eat aborted fetuses?[View]
149480742Just learned about the United States tax code. It's extremely disheartening that other European…[View]
149461012What do you do to make money in your country?[View]
149480955I want to go to Spain so bad bros. There are people on this board, RIGHT NOW, living in paraíso. ITS…[View]
149477380What's your favourite German speaking country?[View]
149473610do you want to be happy with a gf(male) in your country?[View]
149481147Wtf is the difference between Aldis and Lidis? I hear euros talk about this all the time but I'…[View]
149479948Do Brazilians really?[View]
149481144>mfw euros don't have laundry rooms Truly a third world cunt[View]
149476945>your country >where do you keep your washing machine?…[View]
149454388This is what a FRENCH person looks like. Can't you see that the true whites in Europe are the F…[View]
149374352DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2666: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
149481593/東亞/ - East Asian Thread: Invited: 中華 China (大陆 Mainland, 臺灣 Taiwan, 香港 Hong Kong, 澳門 Macao) 日本 Japa…[View]
149310224/flag/ + /extraflags/: Gadsden Edition Previously: >>149191288 Welcome to /extraflags/, a love…[View]
149481503I'm literally sick of having such a big cock. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
149481178I had a dream I had a gf but she was black. I'm scared[View]
149481566tell me about the germans, why do they play the truck simulator?[View]
149480885Yen: If Japan is one of the most advanced and civilized countries with the highest quality of life, …[View]
1494805781. Your country 2. Do you still have to wear a mask in your country? 3. What will happen to you if y…[View]
149480358/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Saint Hamudi[View]
149469582The average Spain poster looks like THAT?: I kneel Spanish hate threads will never be made again…[View]
149472133What's exactly the point of this?: If you ain't a chad or a woman that is[View]
149481446Do you still get bullied as an adult in your cunt?[View]
149477300“Medbulls” is just an /int/ meme: Even Meds know this https://youtu.be/gj32X7T76O4[View]
149480657“Black” Americans are just mutts. 30%-40% Anglo and 5% Native American. They’re not black at all.[View]
149480051Are women modest in your country?[View]
149478160is Peronismo the closest we humans will get to god?[View]
149481221Portugal is nordic. We should move to scandinavia and reunite with our nordic brothers.[View]
149474988/brit/: text edish[View]
149480723Is this what happens when you don't eat food with female hormones?[View]
149481106Every US Dollar Should Have A Mustache: Take out your wallet, get a pen, write a mustache on every d…[View]
149480502Did you already got the BOOSTER SHOT in your cunt?[View]
149462699/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
149480422Guess what I look and sound like[View]
149462756Is your country good at making weapons?[View]
149472342How would you fix these two countries?[View]
149478672Apparently, today is National Boob Day. Does your county have any wacky national holidays?[View]
149480525Which country has women who would be content living a simple farm life with a foreign husband?[View]
149475673/deutsch/ später wieder /nachtschicht/: behindiausgabe II[View]
149473503Ancient Catholic Tradition of getting Jerusalem Cross Tattoos: I normally hate tattoos but in this c…[View]
149477552>Norwegian CHADS completely cucked Swedish and Finnish access to the Arctic Ocean/NORWEIGAN Sea H…[View]
149480448I bet I have the rarest passport here: The question is who can beat me without cheating with a VPN :…[View]
149473633So which one is objectively true?[View]
149479795So this is Europe...[View]
149480188tomorrow is my only day off in the week[View]
149473547/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
149479491Pastirma (beef jerky) is the best food of all time[View]
149472635Do they really?[View]
149480184I have seen the ocean, I have seen waterfalls, I have seen rivers, I have seen the snow, I have seen…[View]
149477212What was the best government program to happen to your country?[View]
149476542they look way better then the other seamonkies did the dutch really nutt in that many that they alte…[View]
149434189/ישר/: מהדורת זין על מיסים ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op/ …[View]
149479455I cant take it anymore/ still no Brazilian gf: Why do I have to live in a fascist globohomo hellhole…[View]
149475900You get movies dubbed in your cunt, or do you get movies made in your language[View]
149477200Do you have they in your country? They are an alternative to capture bugs if you don't like spi…[View]
149479308This is what the average New Zealander woman looks like[View]
149465486>your country >stormcucks, soyperials or chadmeri dominion?…[View]
149475731i want to find love in poland[View]
149477997Do you have creepypastas in your cunt?[View]
149476410I am the antagonist of European history.[View]
149476107have you had your vaccine yet?[View]
149478482Why are Canadians like this?[View]
149479788Are peepo willing to do anything for attention in ur cunt?[View]
149460062Why do riches hate poor people so much?[View]
149478654this is what france used to be about[View]
149475431>wake up >see this What do?[View]
149476614I mean…maybe they onto something[View]
149477807>ackshually, if you look at the per capita figures... they really do huh…[View]
149479500Striking Kentucky coal miners have shoot out with cops/strikebreakers.: 1972. Post equally based pro…[View]
149478987>450 hp >0-100 4.2 >1.8 ton >1 passenger speed limit +-50 kph Why?…[View]
149464114maps: Map thread[View]
149469131/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: The big one Prev: >>149462445[View]
149479240There is so much culture tied into language that even if you learn to technically speak it you will …[View]
149473557when did Spain started being irrelevant?[View]
149473916I live in Florida Do you know about Florida? Would you like to know about Florida?[View]
149473104>Vichy France exists >no one tells France 'you were Nazis, right?' >collaborationist Hellen…[View]
149433804/med/iterranean general: Forest fire edition[View]
149475583I want to move to France and live an artsy life in a peaceful village[View]
149479083Why do they LARP as Europeans just because they are Christian? They are indistinguishable from middl…[View]
149471603>mfw when brainlet calls me, (israhelli), a jew[View]
149472053redpill me on Kuopio[View]
149478579How often do you find one of these guys in your home? Is this more often or less often than the rest…[View]
149476040low iq: Less than 11 procent ofArgentinians 13 procent of Brazilians and 8 procent of Columbians get…[View]
149471858What does it mean to be charismatic in your country?[View]
149478046Where is he now?[View]
149476324>secures geographicaly latam >Nurture economically latam >Teams up as soon as a world crisi…[View]
149473796what's this phenotype?[View]
149471009>Tf no cute brit gf to crush my ribs with a hug[View]
149475219Just read about the Salt March in India where every Indian household started manufacturing and selli…[View]
149473406>Russians congratulate each other after leaving the shower what are some idiosyncratic traditions…[View]
149469749best country in the balkans[View]
149477286>mfw realizing people hundreds of years ago knew German, French, Italian, Russian, and Albanian a…[View]
149478619dutch anons, what is her heritage? she and her sister (naomi sedney) look quite different[View]
149474560Rate this flag. Propose different flags for this entity.[View]
149472696>meet a Brit irl >they're super nice, have great sense of humor and banter cleverly in a …[View]
149468454Why did so many people die over this?: >Open the Bible >The first chapter has a talking snake …[View]
149477537Russian bros are there any cities in Russia with a significantly higher quality of life that's …[View]
149473683You might look at this pic and think >grim actually this pic would be a step up for most young pe…[View]
149477702>ask mom for Burgerking >she brings back Mcdonalds what a bitch…[View]
149477414Is it even humanly possible to be fluent in chinese for a non-native? It seems like one of the harde…[View]
149475182>I hate the humidity >Also hate soulless sprawl >However I'm starting an online busine…[View]
149470540I’m Anglo-Jewish, will I ever be able to get a qt Arab gf or is it over?[View]
149478247What language is this supposed to be?[View]
149477843>be one of the biggest empires the world has ever witnessed >get kicked out and humiliated by …[View]
149465609Why do Japanese people always make random 'oooooh' and 'aaaahhh' noises?[View]
149472110Siberia/Eastern Russia: What happens there? Are there any /int/-browsing Anons from there?[View]
149468620/mena/: طبعة الخيل العربي الأصيل[View]
149475833in my cunt we have a cheese spread call finland and it's logo is a mountain lmao[View]
149469674Jamahiriya, home[View]
149477624is crossdressing popular in your country?[View]
149468506White birthrate is skyrocketing[View]
149474356How do I become a Samurai: How can I become a Samurai warrior? I would like to fight for Japan https…[View]
149475015/brit/: colm meaney edish[View]
149476873Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America Montevideo is the Rome of South America Santiago is the L…[View]

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