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124099471Do you love Japan?[View]
124091666Ahh, Metro Manila... home[View]
124101620A toast! To National Security Law![View]
124102079>man dies at hands of police >destroy local businesses and community buildings in response O S…[View]
124102031I dreamed I was Russian and me and my dad had to take a train on france to get to Pripyat[View]
124091471This is the flag of Armenia. Don't you think it should always be somewhere on the catalog?[View]
124097894>My name is Gobloid Hernandez and let me tell you about my European ancestry…[View]
124099641Does your country also have a fat shaming device?[View]
124098338Is this girl attractive?[View]
124094956Greek immigrants have sex with German women but only marry Greek virgins[View]
124099158>Americans use BBCs as a measuring unit[View]
124099245>your cunt >What's the most embarassing thing that happened to you…[View]
124098187Why do women lie all the time? this girl is ugly as fuck, she looks like a monkey, it doesnt matter …[View]
124099136/brit/: im german edition[View]
124100880>my wifes boyfriend just banned me from the switch[View]
124096661>Britain and Portugal why do they hate us? is it because of our success…[View]
124099500I have a hard time telling apart Brown Westerners such as Arabs, Hispanic, and Indians[View]
124100658Just burn the whole thing down I want to OD on happenings[View]
124100300I had a mild butter chicken for lunch, what have you fellas eaten today?[View]
124099794Is your country getting warmer?: >Germany >yes, cant remember the last proper winter…[View]
124098934>live in a peasant farmer shithole in the middle of nowhere between cow fields and forests >th…[View]
124100571The real fight clip of Bruce Lee is finally exposed! ! !: https://youtu.be/LpObRjf1QoM[View]
124100566https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WIKITONGUES-_Malek_speaking_Eastern_Balochi.webm I can almost mak…[View]
124100498>ur cunt >do ur elected officials advocate for mass murder of your countrymen on social media …[View]
124099582Snow in Vietnam[View]
124091712/desi/ - Satyajit Ray edition[View]
124099654Do Americans really do this?[View]
124073183Hilo /esp/añol: >Svenska kvinnor välkomna >Portubros y lenguas regionales bienvenidas…[View]
124099824I'm unironically hoping for the 2nd American civil war.[View]
124093631His name is Nassim Taleb and he is LEBANESE. The Lebanese are NOT arab. They are phoenician. Gabish?[View]
124094928in your country is it normal to think about it or not, or if so why? >flag in australia it's…[View]
124099900>your cunt >do you ride a motorcycle? flag yes a Suzuki SV650S…[View]
124099079Your country Does your military eat fresh™? America Yes[View]
124099702No one: Literally no one: Foreign languages: JABDKEJWHSMW0SUFNXNSOWEJVEYSIZMCNVAJALFPWLSHETQYOFNDBXG…[View]
124099025cracKKKas BTFO: cracKKKas BTFO KARA BOĞA[View]
124098961>wake up >im not a cute girl DAY RUINED THE WORST PART IS, IM NOT EVEN A TRANNY, I JUST WANT T…[View]
124099377The muttnited hates of AmeriKKKUCK is a corrupt racist shithole that needs to be burned to the groun…[View]
124098994> black americans make a mass protest during a pandemic convince me black americans aren’t as st…[View]
124097682Mafia controlled island, literally the Cuba of the 50s.[View]
124099293why do they pretend to be african all the time?[View]
124099462Why can't human beings judt be reasonable? Fuck this gay Earth, and everyone in it.[View]
124097850I had 1250L of beer and I felt like I was going to throw up now I'm taking a break before resum…[View]
124098952>this is what Italians pay for with their tax money on tv[View]
124097111A toast! To freedom of speech on the internet! To the rights of protest![View]
124089697When and why did abrahamic religions become prudish? Why did they begin to portray sex as a taint on…[View]
124098567Korea before and after unification with Japan.[View]
124097909What do you think about them?: I don’t know that to think, honestly.[View]
124090389You will never have your foreskins back, fellow muzzies, mutts and Shlomos. You've been given o…[View]
124097048/brit/: cuckio edition[View]
124099028do americans shart in the mart because a lot of them are fags and have a stretched anus?: was just t…[View]
124098748don't you dare point that at me[View]
124084592Tell it to me straight: which country has the girls with the best ass? Americans have no apply…[View]
124098793Your kunt: Based or cringe?[View]
124097811Sino-Japanese frenship thread. Commies not welcome[View]
124098611>The letter “z” will be removed from the english alphabet[View]
124096784Korea is OURS[View]
124096781Pay up, Northcucks[View]
124098389Heyyyy support the heckin blackerinos! (fuck we are not relevant anymore!!:()[View]
124095670international celebrities: who is your favorite female celebrity? https://yandex.com/images/search?t…[View]
124098313Built for Chinese woman.[View]
124094447Photo of a policewoman in Sydney, Australia.[View]
124098018>me?? They call me the emperor of yellow fever[View]
124095122>Falo duas línguas, português e espanhol >Como assim, eles são dialetos? A língua portuguesa é…[View]
124097789>the girl you love photographed with the prime minister of spain ngl im pretty devastated rn…[View]
124096264Japan beat the coronavirus without lockdowns or mass testing! Very bad job, West![View]
124097698>there is no COVID vacc-.. BTFO[View]
124097337Post ur fav snacc from your cunt[View]
124093445do you have this in your country? I sure don't[View]
124097659Come and Subscribe! This Youtube channel needs 1,000 subscribers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC…[View]
124096468When is Iceland gonna get rid of ðe trash?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cKIqvUMf90[View]
124094321i was very mean to a fellow indian poster today and i feel guilty about it. wat do[View]
124092237post Soviet looking landscapes from your city[View]
124097412>ywn be an OG in 1992 in south central hustling with your homies in the projects repping your set…[View]
124097411same people[View]
124097035He ain't wrong you know[View]
124097481Why do so many Asian people like karaoke so much? My neighbour won't shut the fuck up[View]
124094139Is it time to kill more liberals than there are flowers in April and May? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
124096976Ecли ecть в кapмaнe пaчкa cигapeт Знaчит вce нe тaк yж плoхo нa ceгoдняшний дeнь.[View]
124097285Does your country have any vocal minority groups?[View]
124095251Black say'it discrimination against black!!!' But if so why isnt the Asian American killed by the po…[View]
124091245turanized slavs and latinized slavs. prove me wrong.[View]
124091882I ate onion rings for the first time in my life, is this what america tastes like[View]
124096754Tell me about the Hmong[View]
124096699USA IS BURNING: MASHA' ALLAH https://www.hirunews.lk/english/241767/usa-rocked-by-protests-minn…[View]
124096516Just kill these pigs and end the chaos.[View]
124094966Why is this board so obsessed with twinks?: Is it just a meme or are you really all fags?[View]
124094763Why do white rightists like Asian wives?: Why do they choose Asian rather than white?[View]
124080061/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: kleene internationale Clique - Ausgabe[View]
124094871/brit/: pirate nazi friendship[View]
124096803I just know he's up there, watching over us. A silent protector. Our dark knight.[View]
124089787Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I’m happy Clap along if …[View]
124096213Turkmenistan: What happens here?[View]
124096134Disgusting, to attack an American cultural heritage site like that. Shameful.[View]
124094686https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demography_of_Australia#Ancestry I added up the Anglo-Celtic groups an…[View]
124090869What's the paradise of your cunt? For Canada its definitely The Sunshine Coast, Desolation Soun…[View]
124090685Why didn't you find love in school?[View]
124096045>tell me more about your country, different cultures fascinate me.[View]
124096392>first they came for McDonalds >then they came for Walmart This is truly a sad day.…[View]
124072398/mämmi/: rabu raibu painos[View]
124096664>I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
124078992Sverigetråden - Goblinaupplagan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96HbbgBEnGE[View]
124096556>snuffs out /his/, /a/, /lit/, /v/, /co/, /x/, /pol/, /mu/, /sp/ and /tv/ perfectly balanced as a…[View]
124094241North or South Europe?[View]
124096591Stop watching porn. It's bad for you. YouTube is full of videos of little girls dancing, why wo…[View]
124091121SEX SEX SEX[View]
124088828international lockdown gaming: Are you also playing Warzone for free?[View]
124087979Favorite region?[View]
124094195>Dutch police have launched a perfume that smells just like popular 'love drug' - MDMA, commonly …[View]
124092231sick of these niggas: sick of these niggas I'm sick of these niggas and im so tired fuck wit th…[View]
124095902In Budapest, Hungary (where I live) I get bullied and sometimes abused, but only verbally. What woul…[View]
124092941Move over dumb Polacks, Hungary's new best friend is Russia now: Russians are clearly the super…[View]
124095647i didnt see a single polish thread today' something is going on[View]
124091808The roman empire lasted 1500 fucking thousand years!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
1240940321. country 2. do people get food poisoning and are unable to sleep due to horrific stomach aches in …[View]
124095867Swedes: what is your position?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w941j12XUAs&persist_app=1&app=…[View]
124091222does your country have KFC? would you like to try KFC?[View]
124080023>i suffer as a united statian ...............................................LOL…[View]
124093344How to unite the muslim world? (Ummah theory)[View]
124080449/fr/ le francofil: Édition de la nuit : rêvons des bienfaits du grand remplacement ; toutes les joli…[View]
124091715>Hernández >Fernandez >Martínez >González >Pérez >Sánchez >Gómez >Álvarez…[View]
124095676>red people marry women who were used by other men >light blue people expect virgins >blue …[View]
124095524Minnesota anons are you safe?: I'm concerned. Don't get killed or something[View]
124092339/brit/: america edition[View]
124091695/desi/Aryan Kangz edition: get in here bois[View]
124094925>see americans during riots happening in LA area right now >they aren't even riotting pro…[View]
124095319A thread mono linguals that only speak English. pic related.[View]
124085856>spain very nice :)[View]
124094981How do I get a black gf?[View]
124095395>minneapolis riot >denver protest >nyc demonstration Are you okay seppos?…[View]
124094183Do people graduate in your cunt?: Canada No[View]
124095190>Don't stay awake for too long >Don't go to bed >I'll make a cup of coffee f…[View]
124088406I consider latin america in 2020 a cyberpunk dystopia >corrupt narco governments >organized cr…[View]
124093510Why 1/4 korean americans looks like mexicans?[View]
124090669if you ain't first, you're last[View]
124094030Is it true that Americans wash their cloths with hot water? You.. You're polluting the earth!!:…[View]
124094264Burgers, explain to me how are you able to pay for Uni tuition.[View]
124094068Thoughts on this man?: Based or not?[View]
124092432>She's pro Israel that's pretty cringe sister[View]
124085770LEWD thread! Because life is wonderful and every day deserves to be celebrated like it was New Year…[View]
124092415>tfw the conscription date to Navy is D-52[View]
124054045/luso/ nos somos os 10% edition: Anteriormente no /luso/ >>124009274[View]
124091999What goes on here? Quick rundown?[View]
124090949Intcraft v32.0 Europe: Minecraft version 1.12.2 IP: intcraft.xyz Join now and make MEMES!!!![View]
124090382How common is it in your cunt to drink milk ?[View]
124088947Are Japanese and Tibetans long-lost brothers?[View]
124092347How do you stay positive in your cunt?[View]
124093135Why do you foreigners keep telling me I live in a desert? We have more habitable land than any sing…[View]
124089462Why are Europeans so racist? They constantly post a caricature of a race mixed person and call every…[View]
124093300Arabs are the only people who marry virgins All other men are cucks and share their women[View]
124093422You wake up in Bangkok, Thailand[View]
124090884first time in in /int/ cause Im bored. do you guys have comfy urbanism threads? >what's your…[View]
124091547>yeah I was going to hook up with him but then he mentioned phenotypes and ancestry >It was pr…[View]
124092841Mexibros aren't that bad right now uh?[View]
124091909What is the international board drinking this night[View]
124092057Do African Americans say 'White boi' irl or is it just another 4chan meme[View]
124086161alright, it's that time against /int/. OFFICAL ASIAN GIRL RANKING (in terms of looks) God Tier:…[View]
124080260/ImpMex/+/GranCo/: Hilo para los anons pertenecientes a los países y territorios antes perteneciente…[View]
124089039Indian and Asian men are good people and deserve better treatment from western women[View]
124089668/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Sleepy hours edition prev >>124087599[View]
124092950Who will succeed him on the american throne: who will be next monarch of america when this one die, …[View]
124092654Imagine being an american lmao[View]
124092917Will this be us in a decade USA bros? Will the history books remember our current system as an apart…[View]
124090678Basado: Any questions?[View]
124092519USA is like a real-life game of GTA.[View]
124092154does this happen in your country?[View]
124092657how come americans became the most powerful nation on earth when they are this retarded?[View]
124090265Bros... how much longer till we can go back to the stadiums? I miss that rush of adrenaline and a go…[View]
124092209my feet stink[View]
124080017hilo /lat/ino: hilo portaliano[View]
124092324Want to purchase a film from a czech website for streaming. It seems they only allow Czech customers…[View]
124092257it smells like poop when I fart does this happen in your cunt?[View]
124091433She's back forreal this time bros. This shit is Bad Romance/Just Dance era mixed with 80s Micha…[View]
124088657Say something nice about Portugal.[View]
124087639/mena/ + /incels/: The art of cooming edition[View]
124090841why are americans so much more talented and prettier than leafs?[View]
124091187>the American you talk to today might be dead tomorrow D-don't do that to me ameribros…[View]
124090512>your country >so you like your voice Ukraine Hell fucking no, I can't listen my voice…[View]
124077532/dixie/ - the south & friends: truth edition previous: >>124025896[View]
124090476I just bought a Beach House in Corpus Christi. What am I in for?[View]
124091172Do white women[View]
124090492>search archive for posts by your flag >all the posts are (You) does this happen in your count…[View]
124087248/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKISdd2mKzU Eminem sampled this[View]
124072149Post your favorite norf memes here[View]
124090874>3.500,00 >freedom units >pounds(weight) >living in the southern hemisphere and having w…[View]
124070179/desi/: Diasoy qt edition[View]
124084126People often assume im jewish but im actually armenian. Does this happen in your country?[View]
124091430Who is the most mixed race person in America?[View]
1240909101. country 2. coca-cola or pepsi?[View]
124084510I feel like we are in the United States’ final years. Anyone else got this feel? Things are reaching…[View]
124088739How common is this body type in Japan?[View]
124090099>eating pussy? what kind of feminist-cuckold-simp shit is that?[View]
124084119How do we get the French to bathe?[View]
124091370Are you ok janny? Janny are you ok? Are you ok janny? Janny are you ok? Are you ok janny? Janny are …[View]
124085410What is the reason for this?[View]
124061794>Your shithole? >Have you ever been robbed? I, one time, someone stole a phone of mine that wa…[View]
124087312What does /int/ think about the greatest intellectual of our time, Noam Chomsky?[View]
124086068post your pet: please[View]
124090629what is the reason behind those american and uruguyan threads? we aren't friends now back off a…[View]
124090755Are you excited when you see your country referenced in foreign media?[View]
124091205If your country has a life expectancy under 80, then your country can’t be considered a first world …[View]
124087575Japanese broken English is the best thing of /int/[View]
124088775>You wake up in the US[View]
124038553/éire/: Eagrán te lasmuigh[View]
124083416Post law enforcement officials from your nation[View]
124090950Accord the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance: The United States should be blocking this…[View]
124090662Benny Hill is not funny. Fuck *ngloid slapstick '''''comedy''''''.[View]
124090831wtf this is AZERBAIJAN[View]
124089043Why do women do this? Does this happen in your country?[View]
124090842VIVE LA FRANCE VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE Https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zfXBNQMj2SE[View]
124090111>SYN >SYN ACK >ACK…[View]
124090324Let’s appreciate Portugal![View]
124090125> FBB proposed an interim solution employing up to 700 human fire spotters, which the building su…[View]
124087825I need money, how can I make money of euros and americans as man?[View]
124090462Say something nice about the American queen and most powerful MCU bitch in the universe going forwar…[View]
124090614what does the guy in the photo reminds you of? kinda of looks like a penguin to me[View]
124087742How much do houses cost in your area?[View]
124090215Why yes, we are from the best English speaking, Spanish speaking and Portuguese speaking nations on …[View]
124089689/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: RAM RANCH edition[View]
124090104Name latin american countries, I'll start: >canada[View]
124089167Why didn't we do anything when Agatha and João Pedro got murdered by the police Why can america…[View]
124088873do people like dogs in your country?[View]
124090381I am jealous of Americans.[View]
124087514>hello Dr. Soyjak, I know you want to medicate me but I need to dictate to you a post for 4channe…[View]
124090434Do Americans really...?[View]
124087188What does /int/ think of the suburbs?[View]
1240890211. your cuntry 2. do you love Japan? Portugal I love Japan[View]
124090281Soyjak, did you know I'm on a seafood diet?[View]
124085358I don't want to fight in the race war.[View]
124087904>worcestershire >was-the-sure fuck you[View]
124085803>[no data][View]
124087579>why yes, God will only allow United Statians, Uruguayans, and Brazilians into heaven... how did …[View]
124087156>heh, its sad that you didn't have a happy childhood like mine giga…[View]
124087772is having your friend calling you 'cute and smoll' and touching your nipples normal in your country?[View]
124087176I suffer in the worst country in the world.[View]
124089906>tfw i found out the english committed genocide against the Irish in the 1800s…[View]
124089747Would you be for or against Hong Kong refugees in your country?[View]
124085424What was the worst thing you read on /int/?[View]
124089616>make thread about how threads die whenever I post in them >everyone lets my thread die You gu…[View]
124089989>One copy of the 'Beginner's Guide to the Persian Language and Culture' language book and 'M…[View]
124089971>4chan? No thanks, I'll stick to 4channel.[View]
124089939map thread, post maps like this one this one is prevalance of lactose intolerance, btw.[View]
124089912why are Americans like this?[View]
124089894Is it possible to suffer in Canada?[View]
124089792Which region is the most norf? >inb4 Scotland[View]
124086712Attention Indians here Are you from the north or south. For some reason on the forums I go to it…[View]
124084136What stats is China already beating USA in? Their suicide rate is way lower for example[View]
124086417I'm remembering that time when I choked a girl as a kid. Out of the blue. Started choking her. …[View]
124089837Cringe: https://youtu.be/DsLufzbHIoY[View]
124089479> Mona Walter is a Somali woman who came to Sweden in the 90’s. In Somalia, she had never been re…[View]
124087599/cum/: What the fuck are you smoking janny edition[View]
124088970>phone rings >you check it >this shows up what do you do?…[View]
124088722>post request in vocaroo thread >it dies immediately Why does this happen to me?…[View]
124084874Do you prefer Canada or the US[View]
124087616/cum/: lesbians in a meadow[View]
124088747I simply cannot deal with this shit. It’s too cold, I am shaking nonstop.[View]
124088092Richest country in the world: The reality of the so called gdp per capita. Sad![View]
124086678Give me a cigarette.[View]
124089422Why do redheads seem to pair up with blacks so often?[View]
124089389Anglo niggas be like: 'excuse me, emmmh, ammmmh, mmmmh, emmmmh, mmmmmh, ammmh, mmmmh, ammmmh, e…[View]
124087470This is my Olmec friend: I met him on one of my trips to Veracruz, in Mexico. He claimed to be 100% …[View]
124062130Are you ugly?[View]
124085913International picture games: Post a pic and others give their opinion on it. You can give your opini…[View]
124082816are redhaired people bullied in your country? >flag YES https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-co…[View]
124086930what is the popular drug in your area /int/[View]
124087964do you want to find love in canada?[View]
124089225/cgl/ is making fun of us again bros...[View]
124081999I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
124087343>be Turk >pissy pissy pissy[View]
124089206You wake up in Adidas Abba, Ethiopia.[View]
124084691Ancestors Thread :): Post your ancestors My ancestors :)[View]
124059564What happens here[View]
124082908Fuck England and fuck Saxons[View]
124088284kurva anyátok[View]
124086693For me, it's British Honduras[View]
124083156no need to thank him Americans[View]
124086571Would we pass as locals in your country?[View]
124086805Stay Safe: I fucking mean it[View]
124088700Could i pass as a local in your country?: Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
124084984I wish lived in another country than this passive aggressive depressing shithole[View]
124088367>be on dating apps for years >hardly any women take the 'bait', essentially rejected…[View]
124087664in this thread we discuss american music: i will start with number 1[View]
124084396when did you realize that yuros calling americans fat was just cope[View]
124088487Why yes I base my opinions on entire countries solely off my interactions with them on /int/, how co…[View]
124087190>Petain was the shield of France, De Gaulle was her sword[View]
124086423Do Italians and Germans really do this?[View]
124083879Ugh... What could have been...[View]
124085194Say 'Brownentina' one more time.[View]
124084675I actually like the flag of Canada.[View]
124085964>lives in a first world country >thinks he's '''poor''' >thinks he has a hard life…[View]
124085805i don't understand how people think a race war would be. races are not as 'black and white' as …[View]
124088011Shortest countries in the world: Thoughts? > Laos — 155.89cm > Guatemala — 156.39cm > Phili…[View]
124082968um... Germany what's going on?[View]
124088090¿What do feminist in you're country look like?[View]
124082049A toast to Russia! What a great nation![View]
124086113>Flag >Do the worst Koreans culturally dominate your country? Taiwan yes…[View]
124071075/tr/: literally me baskısı[View]
124041298/mena/: Middle East North Africa[View]
124080257>He speaks more than 1 language when Google translate exists[View]
124083428Really? Really?[View]
124087843Which one truly is richer?[View]
124087630I don't get it[View]
124087634why the fuck did I waste 150 euro on paintings, I need money[View]
124086034Would you a Californian?[View]
124087815Am I norf or souf?[View]
124087605Would you rather be handsome manlet or a ugly lanklet?[View]
124087593Why is the best soul album by a white man[View]
124085751>anti-white >anti-straight >anti-male >anti-republican >anti-gun…[View]
124079108Could I pass as someone from the middle east or caucasus in your country[View]
124082775I love little cute animals, poste the ones from your country[View]
124083926This is what Korean websites look like using Hanja[View]
124087606/cum/: archived edition[View]
124087331>Your cunt >Do you consider life to be a burden on a gift I personally think its a burden, for…[View]
124083544Would you rather be black in Europe or the US? Which one is better?[View]
124087112>So this is the deep web. You 4chan hackers won't get MY social security number. That's…[View]
124086274can asians get sunburned?[View]
124085357>are you gonna be a snitch and tell on mom?[View]
124080968/ita/ - il Filo: Edizione Pietro Micca[View]
124086830I think about her on purpose before I go to sleep so can I dream of her. And dreams of her are the s…[View]
124086046What's the 2nd-tallest mountain in your country, /int/? In the US, it's something called '…[View]
124084785Chile bros what exactly is happening in your country with Covid? You guys are having american tier i…[View]
124083961the us and brasil deserve the coronavirus, prove me wrong.[View]
124084707/brit/: Mad lad edition[View]
124086699Is America ok? https://youtu.be/F96DA41XgOI[View]
124073994/nederdraad/: de enige echte mayo editie[View]
124085640What happens here?[View]
124074229Is everywhere in Europe just a paradise full of culture, ancient castles, beautiful scenery, lively …[View]
124086054Sneeze: How many times do you sneeze in a row? It's always three times for me, or rarely five. …[View]
124086023Goodnight frens[View]
124085588>Kill all baizuo[View]
124085936>your cunt >does your left testicle and thigh hurt really badly Flag Yes…[View]
124083056I love my white masters. Is your country white master friendly? Mine is.[View]
124083196Is America really viewed as the default culture on a global stage?[View]
124082407I love PJ Harvey. Do people in your country love PJ Harvey?[View]
124084668How earth will look with current international borders in 250 million years[View]
124084170> England > white[View]
124081833Give me, give me boner pills made of endangered whale shark gill. Earn me lots of social credit, say…[View]
124085630>Da, am Slav. How could tell?[View]
124084767Do people in the USA actually die because they cannot afford health insurance and medical care?[View]
124084068What's with Korean and American artist constant collabs. About to hear this weebness everywhere…[View]
124082704Ulfric Stormcloak, you are guilty of insurrection, murder of Imperial citizens, the assassination of…[View]
124082771Your country How many friends do you have? How many internet friends do you have? >country Flag …[View]
124079099/ex-yu/: nit je muškarac ispod 100, nit je žena iznad 50[View]
124053370We're offering asylum to the oppressed people in Hong Kong![View]
124085408Ruski bros, is it weird to ask someone how many пoдpyги he has?[View]
124084792/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: PIGS MUST PAY edition[View]
124085200Ad-hoc flags on biz: >make thread on int >make thread on biz linking to int thread >everyon…[View]
124084985'ove Wales: I love Wales. Do you love Wales? I wish I was Welsh and living in Wales.[View]
124084546What are Hmong people? Why are they in the United States?[View]
124082722/brit/: bath edish[View]
124084246What nationality are always at the end of the race?[View]
124079953A french man starts a racial war on a bus and without doing it on purpose. USA is a strange country …[View]
124083716Sim amigos nós voltamos, estamos de volta vamos trazer o orgulho da nação brasileira que estão cansa…[View]
124082949Are Spain and Italy bros?[View]
124083608Does your country have a brother?[View]
124058504/bel/+/ukr/: Bидaння Йocипa Oлecькiвa. Пoпepeднiй: >>124035736[View]
124084806You are awarded the Order of Australia. What do you do?[View]
124079044Cana USA Mexico. With our powers combined, we are /cum/: /cum/ bois[View]
124082199All of them are brothers Same mother and same father[View]
124082193Year 2025: >China's GDP surpassed USA's, acdording to experts the world is inevitably t…[View]
124039528How do the citizens of these two nations feel about one another?[View]
124083684The Americas aren't Europea-[View]
124080958Why do Mexicans always have to call the fat kid 'gordo'? How can they be so cruel?[View]
124081148I absolutely love these guys. I hate when you all fight over them and i'm forced to choose a si…[View]
124083231redpill me on him he did it or not?[View]
124075454LMAOO I knew Swampjews were mad but THIS is on another level of butthurt[View]
124082577Are Ameribros going to be ok? I don't want people to die, I wish we could all just get along.[View]
124083216So what's going on in Spain? Did they find the cure or something?[View]
124080505한국어: 드러와 브로들~~[View]
124076006will egypt ever become more influential than Turkey? it has a larger population, but in terms of eco…[View]
124080637Based on my very modest knowledge of Norf European history, I got the impression that they were pret…[View]
124084067Why isn't all the world just ruled by Norwgians? We've obviously perfected post-modern civ…[View]
124084131Why do you bully me for not knowing how to spell Ebb and Flow?[View]
124081771It would all be better off as part of Austria again.[View]
124083572Which are the 3 most talked about countries on here?[View]
124083898When you see religions formed in America spreading in your country, such as Evangelicalism, Pentecos…[View]
124083642>tfw no indian gamer girl gf[View]
124082633>your cunt >your opinion on flops flag they are based…[View]
124082136>I suffer in a female majority region[View]
124083735>I told the witch doctor I was in love with you[View]
124083784How do you feel about the fact that you will be paying pension and healthcare expenses of boomers fo…[View]
124083379Why are Americans so good at making TV?[View]
124083693Wooo oh yaa Woo oh oh oh ya aight ya... Got woke this morning by Mr. Sun Shining through my window I…[View]
124078978>America purchases Kaliningrad from Russia and officially becomes the 51st state making the US pa…[View]
124083080>Me? I ate a cockroach salad at lunch, absolutely scrumptious. And tonight I'll be going to …[View]
124082506>25 degrees >neighbour's kids are in the yard playing and screaming >neighbour's …[View]
124078507Why aren't bidets the norm everywhere? Toilet paper is barbaric in comparison. There are times …[View]
124062379post a picture of your pet[View]
124083415andere Deutsche expats?[View]
124082983>no, I'm not racist I like to judge everyone individually and not by the colour of their ski…[View]
124066444>tfw you live in minnesota I gotta say, I never expected race riots here.…[View]
124082179Ukrainian niggas be like 'excuse me sir, that seems to be my land that you are annexing.'[View]
124082850> he believes in nations as a strong identity factor > he believes in strong frontiers policie…[View]
124083098It's illegal to dance on Sunday in South Carolina.[View]
124078816>Je me souviens[View]
124075552Where is a good city to learn German in?: I would like to go to Leipzig or Dresden but I feel like t…[View]
124080405These things should be banned under international law I've entered a bathroom in my university …[View]
124035189Culture Pals - /cp/: You talking to me edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the …[View]
1240829601. Your country 2. Do you have joggers in your country? 1. Canada 2. Yes and they annoy me.[View]
124081651>Despite making up only 13% of the population, African Americans are responsible for 100% of Amer…[View]
124080391>look up a city in South Africa >52,5% white >go to street view >literally only black pe…[View]
1240807101. Your flag 2. Have you ever met, or even slept, with anyone from /int/ or 4channel? 3. What was yo…[View]
124078535Do Asians really do this?[View]
124082571Sing your country's anthem, or a part of it. Post lyrics and translation. DO QUE A TERRA MAIS G…[View]
124082821did you know Portugal has the 5th largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ) within Europe, 3rd largest o…[View]
124082604What's up /int/?[View]
124076630I support Hong Kong freedom! >A group of T. Chang >A group of pests insult Hong Kong's fr…[View]
124082114/ro/ - firul nostru: HAIDETI BAIETII INAUNTRU[View]
124080086Not a Hispanic country. Nothing like a Hispanic country[View]
124082655>your cunt what age did you learn that black people are the most musically versatile? https://you…[View]
124068308Latvia will soon have its first Burger King restaurant we are becoming a 1st world country, i feel s…[View]
124078833/brit/: Racism is a bannable offense[View]
124081112Unironically this[View]
124032175kurva anyátok[View]
124077070>cunt >for how much money would you suck a dick? flag I think I'd do it for 10.000€…[View]
124081965>I struggle with anxiety and ADHD[View]
124081647Anons from non-American countries, what are you doing to push out American culture from your nation?[View]
124079201>youtubes anime songs >gets children toys ads what did they mean by this?…[View]
124071707/tr/ anime: Asla gerçekleşmiyecek hayal edisyonu[View]
124082026Do you have Chiki balls in your count?[View]
124077909Israeli’s, what’s it like to be on the one part of the internet that hates you more than pretty much…[View]
124078994I WANT TO PET YOU KS KS KS[View]
124079719>tfw no chill sunkissed californian surfer gf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
124080645>Vem Derpina, treme, treme >Que esse é o funk dos meme…[View]
124079832Post you're arm[View]
124080443I guess I'm getting old or something but most of you are fucking retards and 4chan culture is e…[View]
124074481spain is jealous hahaha[View]
124081516Why aren't you outside enjoying the sun and your friends ?[View]
124081759Hold me bros[View]
124077040What do you guys do to stay positive around others?: I'm not a very nice person and have aliena…[View]
124080931Why are dollar bills so small?[View]
124081275though tough tho thought thorough thoughht thhhought tooughtto tghtotut tggghoutght thougthhougt....[View]
124080471Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens plácidas De um povo heroico o brado retumbante https://www.youtube.co…[View]
124033068/med/ - olive oil general: Aka Mediterranean, aka coomer general. Invited: all Mediterranean countri…[View]
124080716>I suffer in [red country][View]
124066861Bros 4 ever[View]
124078847/brit/: edish[View]
124081186no I will not find a work for Mr. Shekelberg no I will not get out of my comfort zone no I will not …[View]
124079981>why yes, I do lurk and occasionally larp in /int/ gaythreads, how could you tell?…[View]
124071464Come home, white man[View]
124077061In Budapest, Hungary (where I live) I get bullied and sometimes abused, but only verbally. What woul…[View]
124078363ITT: We say something nice about the country or people of the other anons in this thread. I'll …[View]
124079545You can get a permanent ban for posting a soyjak in one of the pop culture normie blue boards[View]
124080670Joker goes with a traitor who gives his people order to kill Joker. But our hero foresaw it, and his…[View]
124074719>40% of modern Spanish vocabularies stems from Arabic Did you know this? But Spaniards always tr…[View]
124079442>First ancestors in family to come to the US were miners >Every successive generation of males…[View]
124080178Why are British people so rude and unkind?[View]
124080518I suffer in Inishtooskert.[View]
124034980/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /इजरा/ - /isr/ - מהדורת שחר: שיר רקע של /ישר/ זה : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
124075754Tell me about life in Russia: How is it radically different from the West? Would you emigrate given …[View]
124071672Why does this region have such a bad identity crisis?[View]
124074407smart russian cat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y4aCzt8i1U show yours[View]
124079938Would you spank a white person?[View]
124079098/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: no politics ![View]
124030918/v4/+friends: Gardening edition[View]
124077692What's the purpose of the existence of this country?[View]
124062368/lat/ Hilo latino: edicion mora[View]
124078829why is socializing so hard bros? I don't understand normies AT ALL[View]
124078722>Russia will sell this for 2 million dollars in 1850 money (the equivalent of 120 million today) …[View]
124055702wtf do they really do this?[View]
124063239Accent rate thread: Let's r8 our accent reading english: 'We the People of the United States, i…[View]
124079773Latin America and Canada have cities with very nice city centres but USA does not... damn[View]
124060362How can anybody unironically suffer in south america? Beach everywhere, tropical warm weather, beaut…[View]
1240726741.your cunt 2.are you a proud dixie? >flag Yes. Brazillians are proud of our white american herit…[View]
124079248What are Hmong people like?[View]
124073129/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de la Bonne Auberge. Précédent fil : >>124066895[View]
124071684Embarrassing parts of your country: >pic related Its funny how hard they try to censor the presid…[View]
124075046Are you fascinated by the fact that languages can descend from a common ancestor and thus be related…[View]
124079337itt: we post paintings of important historical figures[View]
124070235LATAM people, I will post pictures of first world European country homes and you tell me if it would…[View]
124071727/deutsch/ die FBR nachtschicht: Sehr qemütlich zudem[View]
124077645Is social media considered cancerous in your country?: >your cunt >does your country consider …[View]
124072919It's kinda funny how we are pretty nice with foreigners but how we hate ourselves to the point …[View]
124079021im sorry for my countrys war crimes[View]
124076298What in the FUCK was his problem?[View]
124071874>why yes, i wandered away from my group and now i'm alone and lost on this dark cave. how co…[View]
124076021>Bro I hate America so much!! >Europe is like sooooo much better!!…[View]
124078869>Why yes, I do think that gigachad posting is the best thing to happen to 4channel in years, how …[View]
124070874/cum/ - canada usa mexico: fuck namefags[View]
124078181stupid fucking m*xicans kill yourselves you retarded subhumans, disgusting creatures. hope you all d…[View]
124076716Which European country is most like America? A girl I know who went to HS in England said the Englis…[View]
124078760If you want more money, a bad way to go about getting it is hating people who have it. There is not …[View]
124077054/brit/: A penis friendly general[View]
124072038>italian australian immigrants[View]
124078054Why can't Americans just stop murdering black people? What's the point of racial division …[View]
124067600>Hey Minneapolis >We're here to liberate you…[View]
124077604>you will always be an aspie incel[View]
124078435Post scenes from your country that look post-apocalyptical[View]
124077757This is what Finland used to be about[View]
124078525>Ask a Quebecoi high school if they have school yearbooks for sale from around the 2009-2012 era(…[View]
124073686What do /int/ think about meat industry?[View]
124075110do you talk with the driver when you use uber? I get so nervous and don't really say anything, …[View]
124077384What happens in Puerto Rico? Is daily life there more similar to the USA or to Latin America ?[View]
124078170Help museum Auschwitz-Birkenau to survive: The museum's budget is highly dependent on attendanc…[View]
124077327Do parents in your cunt teach their kids basic handiwork? I was chatting with one of my cousins in I…[View]
124065563>be westoid >literally make €1600 a month flipping burgers at Mcdonalds…[View]
124065567/ita/ - il filo: edizione cazzo: duro[View]
124073649cute cunts: what are some cute cunts? pic related[View]
124077814>I'm a middle class gay man, i feel entitled to take it up my ass only and exclusively from …[View]
124075740How do you say this in your language?[View]
124077005>It's 20 degrees Celsius[View]
124074415We should just invent some tool that can safely take an unarmed person into custody.[View]
124060853/ex-yu/: >onaj ook kad nemas gf pa se osjecas lose znade li netko ovdje kako je kada imas takav j…[View]
124077640România: România este un stat situat în sud-estul Europei Centrale, pe cursul inferior al Dunării, l…[View]
124075971> Sub Saharan Africa is a poor , dangerous, backward place[View]
124071405>A Frenchman is self-assured because he regards himself personally, both in mind and body, as irr…[View]
124074084'redpill' me on Greco-Buddhist kangdoms[View]
124077459/cum/ - non politics The flyover states are having some issues. Let's talk about what we'v…[View]
124077461Why is Washington the state on the west coast, and Washington D.C. is on the east coast?[View]
124074529>see some fag advertising alternative imageboards >get excited for this new imageboard which i…[View]
124077323/Carib/: Hi guys https://discord.gg/PRhxkE[View]
124076928Favorite dynasty?: pic related[View]
124076646How have they kept the virus under control? What's their secret?[View]
124075124>be me >headed for crushing student loan debt >going into a saturated field in an already c…[View]
1240589061. Your country 2. Are you shy and suffer from social anxiety 1. Bahamas 2. Yes[View]
124076881>Does your country have a gotham city? We have several but the most famous one is called Rio de J…[View]
124073691Japanese girls have the best feet[View]
124075045/brit/: best spice edition[View]
124068547bullying in your country: You were bullied? How did this happen? Does this happen in your country? …[View]
124066856masks of /int/[View]
124068103Sverigetråden: Rock 'n' Roll upplagan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSBAeM1z4-w denna tr…[View]
124075207Could this fella pass as a local in your country?[View]
124073968>Make up threads and replies in my head >think a lot in english because of this How do I stop?…[View]
124073965This is what my Black turkic (cCc) ancestors fought and died for[View]
124076816I hate the british so much that i'd support allying with the fr*nch to fuck them over[View]
124067182/int/ernational music thread: Post music from your or other countries you like, better if not in eng…[View]
124069605Why do people keep moving here? You could have better standards of living pretty much anywhere else …[View]
124071677European serbs[View]
124073934>Americans sexually abuse their children[View]
124075519Your a country Would you buy a cat in a sack? Hungary No of course not.[View]
124025896/dixie/ — THE SOVTH & FRIENDS: HAPPY TVRTLE EDITION PREVIOVS: >>123986420[View]
124076399/balk/ + /bel/ + /rus/ + /ukr/: Дa нaциoнaльнocть, этo дым мы дыхaeм. Poдинa этo пeпeльницa гдe пpлo…[View]
124076268>you wake up >you are about to get judged for your sins What do? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
124068016lmao how high am i anons[View]
124070540Do people in your country pretend to like beer?[View]
124060289This country is is in Western Europe[View]
124076132>your cunt >your favorite animal flag Bears…[View]
124072285>your country >do you have a autism germany hello yes i have a autism but 4 times out of 10 i …[View]
124075805So are we going to see arrests after this? Normies are providing so much free evidence by uploading …[View]
124072818Fuck, having a gf isn't all what's it's cracked up to be Why did i tell her i loved h…[View]
124068408Marrying for a greencard?: I'm a medical student strongly considering practising in the USA aft…[View]
124075267Mother born in country A Father born in country B Parents met in country C Born in country D Live in…[View]
124071925Do you love Japan?[View]
124075186Do you like north or south Indians?[View]
124069788>there are people that don't like the queen on /int/[View]
124059278Why are anglos so powerful?[View]
124054893/norgetråden/: /bestegutt/-utgaven Forrige: >>124031282 >>124031282 >>124031282…[View]
124071535How come when I reply to a thread everyone else stops replying? Like when you join a group conversat…[View]
124074953This is what the Earth looks like now. What changes for you? Are you okay? How do you feel about you…[View]
124073204I'm a Turk AMA[View]
124075173https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsINANZ6Riw Should I learn swahili?[View]
124059786Hey Yugoslavs: There's no way you can convince me that pic related are real countries and not j…[View]
124075155Do they really?[View]
124059315Faces of /int/: aiportrait edition, post your international face[View]
124073449Are German jaws common in your country?: Canada no[View]
124068614Blue: Anglojew cucks Red: 3rd world Green: BASED[View]
124071068how do you feel about southern californians, /int/?[View]
124073601What’s pardo’s iq?[View]
124074374Is Xi the basest president in the world rite nao? He just does stuff soi people dont like and he get…[View]
124073692Is college a big deal in your country? I dropped out. I've been unemployed because covid but be…[View]
124073158aesthetic as fuck[View]
124072546Why are Americans so imperialistic?[View]
124056296What do you do for a living? I’m a welder. NEETS not welcome[View]
123994896DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2396: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those study…[View]
124073932>mom and dad are arguing again[View]
124070069What are hospitals like in you're country?[View]
124073646I wonder how many wumaos we have on /int/[View]
124070308As a Mexican with a college degree in Social Sciences, how difficult would it be to move here and wo…[View]
124070945/brit/: alri[View]
124074131Nothing makes me more ashamed than seeing somebody with my flag posting anime.[View]
124073464I want to become british too https://www.ft.com/content/0cf70de8-fd10-4a5c-8303-fbd2b0b3811e[View]
124073886De limieten -uitgave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olgn9sXNdl0[View]
124066786I don't like France.[View]
124073865The future[View]
124069112It's time for U.S deploy it's specialized riot control unity once more? The infamous and t…[View]
124073849Is comfort shopping a thing in your country? Have you bought anything online?[View]
124070802The british call other people they don't like 'wanker', isn't that awesome? It always crac…[View]
124071965I didn't get a gf in high school does this happen in your country?[View]
123994605/asean/: KL Sentral edisyon[View]
124060727What are some major dating issues unique to your country? If a Dane dates a Russian/Ukranian etc and…[View]
124071255The Best Language in Europe.[View]
124073551It didn't happen but I wish it did. They deserved it.[View]
124068255Is this physique common in your country?[View]
124071546Do you agree that living conditions in South America are equal to that of North America?[View]
124073486Post old-ish music from your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3ZJEQQkVZE[View]
124070800What do Argentinians think about China and Hong Kong? Do they sympathise with Hongkongers because mu…[View]
124046327any latvians here?[View]
124072992daily reminder to Swedes: you will NEVER EVER defeat us, even your God aka POOdiepie is half-pajeet …[View]
124071160>2020 >Drinking shitty water[View]
124066994/esp/ - España & Españoles: Ed. Todo por la patria[View]
124073246/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Indochinoise Ancien >>124066895[View]
124072772Why yes men, some of you will die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.[View]
124068981Post your favorite neighbour.[View]
123993398/flagtism/ | /extraflags/: Lesser Colonies of Mainland China Edition previous: >>123941832 Wel…[View]
124071911>your cunt >if you could go back in time and change one thing about your past, what would it b…[View]
123994740/balt/ + /ausnz/: (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚ edition[View]
124057388What's the point of these countries?[View]
124066512>no indian gamer girl gf[View]
124072569What do you think of the antitransubstantiationalist?: I feel floccinaucinihilipilification on them…[View]
124067569Thoughts on Asian women?[View]
124072275Blue is the West and Civilization, Green is the east and barbarism.[View]
124066330Do minorities in your country have race wars with each other?[View]
124062236Do foreigners really not enjoy cold coffees like freddo espresso, fredo cappuccino, or frape?[View]
124071806ITT: we establish which country has the best comedy[View]
124045952Hilo /esp/añol: Versión historias de la Guerra Civil[View]
124071296The ideal partner is young, kuwaiti and male[View]
124071456I wish i had a south american girlfriend.[View]
124071571This is the 'thug' the americops murdered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOc8sLSQbBU[View]
124068677So I have Tinder Plus now, I will take screenshots of girls and upload them to a folder, dubs choose…[View]
124069025How has Singapore managed to maintain such low levels of corruption?[View]
124066895/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition vous faites chier à pas être foutus de créer les nouveaux fils ba…[View]
124070896when were you when mcdonald dies: i was sat at home drinking sugar fluid when ronald ring 'mcdo…[View]
124067690>orite mate, lovely weather in benidorm int it? The city match is on, pull up a chair! your respo…[View]
124059787/mämmi/: Mantariinipainos[View]
124068703what's he saying?[View]
123978263/skandi/: hiv ladning utgave >ædru på en onsdag? er du BØSSE ELLER HVA????????!! >hiv >färö…[View]
124071356What race/ethnicity would he be in Europe or United States[View]
124070762Reichstag is burning. Burgers of the world, unite![View]
124071011Have you learned anything about other cultures on /int/? I thought that it's just a joke that …[View]
124052116which country loves your country the most? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNFvU7vx-Mk Britain is th…[View]
124071144So...?: Why do you guys support them over China? Aren't they technically Chinese? They should b…[View]
124066784pinging all /int/alians, is this decent dried pasta?[View]
124055892Has your city been captured by the Wehrmacht 2.0 yet?[View]
124067871/balk/: Fyrombey vs Balk edition >>124061384[View]
124061224/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: Witchcraft edition. https://youtu.be/2BgVpV6sBuY[View]
124070948cunt how the fuck am I funny?[View]
124057914Turks looks like THIS?[View]
124066801What phenotype is this native to?[View]
124064561/apu/ und /deutsch/: heh[View]
124063479VIVE LA FRANCE VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zfXBNQMj2SE[View]
124063509What's it really like living in Russia?[View]
124068280Why were they so powerful? Everything culturally European stems from them in some way and Greece, ho…[View]
124063004Why are my 2nd cousins from dad's side consistently 5th cousins to my 2nd cousins from mom…[View]
124056443>you wake up and find that your life was just a dream and pic related is in your bed with his arm…[View]
124054987Who speaks the better spanish dialect in south america?[View]
124065082What is the limit age to learn a language?[View]
124035727/tr/ - anasını siktiğimin t*Rk köpekleri edisyon: >üniyi bitir >400 benjamin piçine amelelik o…[View]
124050769thoughts ?[View]
124069525What the fuck is wrong with Japanese 'men'?[View]
124068418Haircuts of /int/[View]
124065339Any left-handed freak here? I just wanted to tell you that you are abominations. Your existence is a…[View]
124065497I'm putting together a team[View]
124068050Why are American and European states so small?[View]
124065975Lets nuke USA: I really wish. The Russians submarines stays in deep waters of Cuba. It will get few …[View]
124068779Why do Americans think they invented the internet?[View]
124065457/brit/: andy edition god i want to kiss him[View]
124008939/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you not learning? >Share language le…[View]
124066424Post your most american images[View]
124062555Would you pay a prostitute in your country?[View]
124043415/desi/ - only banter edish: sex and more[View]
124066739Do you want to find love in Finland?[View]
124060170>Say something nice about the country above you.[View]
124067156risk bread: >name >colour >location…[View]
124062178why does turkey have so many cats?[View]
124063514Do the colored folk start looting and burning businesses when a criminal is killed in your country?[View]
124068276Bless or mess: how to fail European integration?[View]
124063472I’m really tired of seeing all my white friends posting stuff online about how all us white people a…[View]
124064834>Indonesia is 87,2% muslim, but Indonesian migrants in Australia are 24% catholic and only 18,% m…[View]
124064079How much are they culturally similar to the french?[View]
124067891watching the show edition >>124061384[View]
124048835Is Poland more first world than Italy nowadays?[View]
124067979This is a 4/10 Portuguese man[View]
124066618The destruction of Minneapolis was not an accident. It was a merciful bullet to the head of a malign…[View]
124067800I want to live in the woods[View]
124066420Does this happen in your country? Are your people lusting for Asian women?[View]
124067755Hey guys, I was curious if you could help me translate some Japanese. I’m trying to figure out the s…[View]
124063652Why do people on /int/ care so much about race? Why do you obsess over such a meaningless concept?[View]
124061384/balk/: Hide your girls, Dinarid BVLLS are on the scene edition Old: >>124054318[View]
124063785Wow Spain is First world: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.8489204,-2.4318122,3a,89.6y,269.94h,70.51t…[View]
124064304So is this Turkish or Armenian?[View]
124064718British America.... Home... At least it was before I fucked everything up[View]
124063201Why are they Muslims?[View]
124069802/int/ the anime: What if /int/ wrote the manga, what changes would be made?[View]
124062153Med women belong to ______ bulls[View]
124058473Pathetic amerisimp. How low do you have to fall to whiteknight for shartonia of all places? Does he …[View]
124066375Based Alliance Thread: Alianza basado hilo.[View]
124066039Why did nazis choose to escape to latin america? Have any of you latin american anons ever met any n…[View]
124063968Just making a public service announcement to say that some of you people are kinda shitty to deal wi…[View]
124063679I wish I was Japanese so I didn't care so much about Europe being overrun by immigrants, especi…[View]
124066040>your cunt >would women in your country date an autistic man…[View]
124066402Thoughts on blasians?[View]
124061670Do parents in your country pick up the phone constantly despite being told NOT to?[View]
124065590it's 23:40 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
1240520621. Your country? 2. Is it safe for black people to visit? Asking for friend.[View]
124064311/celt/: Thread for us Celtic brothers and sisters. Comfy green countryside edition[View]
124048551is it true that arab zoomers leaving islam? have you ever seen any, arab posters?[View]
124064680Let's say you have 100% on your hands. How do you rate it. Who is more important, money or peop…[View]
124065931What happens here? What is life like?[View]
124066272I saw them outside the bus window.: While looking out on a bus from Valencia to Barcelona, I found w…[View]
124062862This is an Australian politician.[View]
124063501Why doesn't Italy sell some of their gold reserves? Does your country sit on a pile of gold whi…[View]
124065053What are some small large countries?[View]
124060666Sverigetråden - Biltemacoreupplagan[View]
124062768Do you live in a Chad country? Yes[View]
124062677Why do they pretend to be white when everyone knows it isn't true?[View]
124061417>well nice banter my european friend but what about [something involving black people's geni…[View]
124056338Why does the Old World hate the New World so much?[View]
124065806Rare meme ethnicity people here?[View]
124060864Westerns in 1700s China[View]
124060041Dutch anons! Please help!: I just got off the train an saw a dutch wearing 1/2 a military camo set a…[View]
124046828Why don't you like London ?[View]
124063757Arab patriotic music has soul https://youtu.be/pRMmCWLzk4U[View]
124065480Do you know anyone that has had a confirmed/100% certain corona infection? I'm curious about ho…[View]
124056725Imagine if Alaska had stayed Russian[View]
124059703Croatia joined the EU almost 7 years ago What did they gain from it so far?[View]
124063704Brazilian posters look like THIS!?!?[View]
124063298Africans in the uk are moving back to the UK: For some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQscW_…[View]
124058226/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția Țăndărei[View]
124058132How is it that these 4 rocks have managed to fascinate the world so much?[View]
124063136Last Wednesday I fucked an 19 year old horny German freshman girl at my university. I don't kno…[View]
124052942Why is this country so undeveloped? Africa tier[View]
124062841Pick one r/int[View]
124063601Recommend a variety of vegetable from your country that I can grow in my garden.[View]
124052072/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition de la COLÈRE ANCIEN : >>124038287[View]
124062048MDMA is so expensive in Australia holy shit[View]
124060482Previous Thread >>124015391 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/djt Archives:http://desuarc…[View]
124063413Is it stll acceptable to make fun of faggots in your country?[View]
124053041/ita/ il filo: edizione rossa è bella[View]
124059584/brit/: pint edition[View]
124058801/deutsch/: Liechtensteiner wird bald ströhmen - Ausgabe[View]
124063994>Excuse me, but you're supposed to be on Erasmus, not sexual harassmus.…[View]
124063317/orthodox/: Thread for Christians[View]
124063960damn this shizzle spicy as frick[View]
124062551>In 1963, in the “Statement Supporting the Afro-Americans in Their Just Struggle Against Racial D…[View]
124063962>your cunt >your ethnic >your current plans 1. Gaynada 2. korean 3. finish my contract wor…[View]
124060902>1 hour since the last time I had sex not gonna make it during this pandemia, lads...…[View]
124048916/world of polska/: chuj[View]
124063868Why this Korean have many subscribers?: I don't know Spanish, he's not handsome and I don…[View]
124061500Good morning /int/[View]
124059521Do they really???? https://youtu.be/C4QnZXIBnjo[View]
124062589Fuck the forest[View]
124058691The last respectable state fell in 1990[View]
124058744wasn't Blue Dot being hyped up as America's counter to BRI? when did things go so wrong?[View]
124063533It feels really weird being a dreamer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndpSgb2hyfk[View]
124063470>FREE HONG KONG[View]
124058653Post all your collection of faces of /int/[View]
124061980What are mena girls looking for in a guy? I'm trying to spit game with a palestinian bitch and …[View]
124062562What race do you larp as? I larp as Scytho-Bactrian-Sogdian-Hunnic-Dravidian, since my ancestors wer…[View]
124060700People from first world countries be like: >bwah, I'm so depressed. My salary is only 5000$/…[View]
124061018ITT: /int/ in 1911: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ1OgQL9_Cw&t=413s[View]
124060991>hmm which country should i bully today on /int/ *throws dart* >ahh yes shitaly [start a new…[View]
124060792>europeans making fun of my shithole when my republic is more than 200 years old and is the heir …[View]
124062689Is the German science best in the world?: is it really? if yes, when we will catgirls be created…[View]
124053649How do you call this in your country?[View]
124050916name 1 contribution they have given to the human race[View]
124057633>tfw no chill sunkissed californian surfer gf[View]
124058929Let's have a US/UK friendship thread[View]
124061395Do You Love Japan?[View]
124061699Those who think that the most beautiful women in Latin-America are from anywhere else than from here…[View]
124061683What are some countries you're currently fascinated with? Romania, Yugoslavia, and Bolgharia fo…[View]
124062191Why are my 2nd cousins from dad's side 5th cousins to my 2nd cousins from mom's side? Did …[View]
124057223>Hindi niggas be like >Paschimdvittgatimarg >Ah yes that’s the name of a railway station…[View]
124060895>your cunt >did you play simon says as a child? https://youtu.be/VBUUx0jUKxc…[View]
124061125What happens in inner Australia?[View]
124057786I made a thread a couple of days ago about visiting my mother with pneumonia in the ICU. I went toda…[View]
124059102Do people still keep distance in public due to the chinkflu in your cunt? flag no, 2nd wave soon :D[View]
124057187Valerie is very beautiful[View]
124057603I spend most of my day daydreaming about better life and not being born Ukrainian.[View]
124030854/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
124060410Why is the elf princess phenotype so popular in asian countries?[View]
124056575I have 7 names[View]
124055876It is over[View]
124061142Alright /int/ you know that practically abandoned Olympic complex in Rio? What would you do with it?[View]
124060608anyone likes this country?: I sure don't. aside from some good music they've made like 40 …[View]
124054318/balk/: pray for my health >>124041761[View]
124050314/nederdraad/: Komaan jongens! We gaan het kartel verjagen![View]
124060494What pet names did your parents give you growing up? My dad used to call me “lil puff puff” cause bl…[View]
124061007Why does the UK have so many twinks?[View]
124060796Sverigetråden - Fullt ös med en svensk tös: Sidan tio ska det vara.[View]
124053462Western Greece looks like Japan[View]
124060787Went outside for the first time in months to get some fresh air today. These are my country's p…[View]
124032387/lat/ hilo latino: edicion incel[View]
1240594111. Your country 2. Blur or Oasis?[View]
124051587>in Europe and Asia metro stations are named after landmarks >in America subway stations are n…[View]
124060175>The Prophet (ﷺ) said, 'Isn't the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?' >T…[View]
124058953toot toot motherfucker[View]
124060314Pets: What pets do you have, /int/?[View]
124059480I have never seen a thread on /int/ about Slovakia, so here it is. Anyone got any opinions on Slovak…[View]
124029270/ex-yu/: ochi boje tuge edicija[View]
124057322>your country >do you sleep, do you dream? germany i didn't use to, until i began my expe…[View]
1240599541. Your countrie 2. Why are you gay?[View]
124056479I fixed Germany: With enough austrians and swiss into the mix it should make the autism more managea…[View]
124056119>your cunt >does your cunt have annoying scrap iron men wakibg you up in the morning >UK …[View]
124051578Post your childhood cartoon[View]
124058105behold.....THE DANE[View]
124056979Austrians and Swiss aren't Germans[View]
124044114Post one of these for your city[View]
1240584191 country 2 time in your country 3 what are you doing Brazil 13:30 Nothing[View]
124055701https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QHCSL-AKd3w Becomes more relevant by the day.[View]
124059383Are French people black? https://youtu.be/iBYAHudpPcE Turkish too[View]
124055766How is it like to have an age of consent of 14 or 15? Do you see 30 year olds and 14 year olds walki…[View]
124056117what is the easiest country to move to permanently?[View]
124058309Would he be seen as attractive in your cunt?[View]
124049825Is Chinese king-fu real strong in real combat? Snake, hawk, drunken, Mikey, tiger . So many Kung-fu …[View]
124057575Do Chinese girls like Indian guys? And vice versa?[View]
124056787Fixed time zone map of Europe. This is how it should look like. Sorry, Benelux, France and Spain but…[View]
124032570Är ni vakna än? Hyvää huomenta. Tänään syömme kakkaa. Mmmm.....så gott och smakrikt. Isot pojat Wake…[View]
124057151Average American circa 2060[View]
124055740left: canadian culture right: american culture[View]
124059188>maternal haplotype >do you know the feeling of putting penis in vagina?…[View]
124059150SIEG HEIL, BK ! SIEG HEIL, BK ! SIEG HEIL, BK ! Möge das neue Regime tausend Jahre dauern ![View]
124055249I want an Samoan islander bf What cunt do you want your bf from?[View]
124055551/brit/: i'll make it then edition[View]
124054198germany was about to be a Africa tier too without that nazi magic look now ungreatful fuckers hate h…[View]
124056755Will you go visit the Republic of New Afrika once all of this is over?[View]
124058369Daily reminder that Japan is the superior country in the world and that Japanese culture and Japanes…[View]
124055340The intense hatred i feel for left wingers in Sweden is something i can not put into simple words. I…[View]
124046981/mämmi/: Misi -painos[View]
124058000EVROPA... home...[View]
124053715/deutsch/: Seite 7 Huso Hausi anwesend? - Ausgabe[View]
124055822How does the male SJWs look like in your cunt?: Japan: there are even quite few female SJWs here, so…[View]
124054493Sverigetråden - Alla festivaler inställda på grund av Corona upplagan[View]
124058063https://youtu.be/8Q26YeiYMHM Americans literally unironically for real this time actually completely…[View]
124055483Many people think K-pop is sexual because porn is banned.: But I think Latin American music is sexua…[View]
124053046woah...is this true?[View]
124056692Why does he look kinda like Smimen? Are Austrians actually Slav?[View]
124052849>dis is worse dan nine eleven and govids[View]
124057207This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life t…[View]
124045758dutch word for peanut butter is 'peanut cheese'[View]
124044034I want to be a Real Arab, do you?: I want to get rid of my Catholic and European culture. I want to …[View]
124056428Country Do you play smash? Out of these 800 tags I didn't collect a single one from my country.…[View]
124048828Why can't they just get along?[View]
124056896>I suffer in the US of A[View]
124057409MCDONALDS HAS FALLEN: Where were you when we took back McDonalds?[View]
124056834ITT countries that allow your country to live rent free in their heads. I'll start.[View]
124054535Korean LARP Fantasy: >Go to Korean airport >Greeted by a bunch of people LARPing as ancient K…[View]
124053597Why the Balkans are the most shitty, undeveloped and backwards region in Europe?[View]
124057317how do you plan on financially thriving mid/post-corona? I am hoping for some supplementary income …[View]
124055668so. much. fucking. this.[View]
124046684Would you enlist in an EU army?[View]
124057047this is the future flag of brazil. do you like it?[View]
124052208Filipino Americans Do they get treated as Hispanic or Asian in US? Why don't they get mentioned…[View]
124035736/bel/+/ukr/: Чытaньня ў ляжaчым пaлaжэньню нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>124011717[View]
124056868What is the ethnic composition of your country, /int/?[View]
124053442*supervises you*[View]
124056694Are people in your country self-aware enough not to concern themselves with unneeded complications?[View]
124038498The temperature right now where I live in North India is 51.8C. At least thats what my house thermom…[View]
124053632How can one based country cause so much seethe?[View]
124056582badass animals from around the world. post what your country has to offer, all sizes welcome[View]
124056724why has Greece lost its SOVL???[View]
124056708>Please refrain from posting the following: >- Ironic shitposting. as opposed to? wholehearted…[View]
124053494i never had a smartphone, instagram, etc. am i missing out?[View]
124056590I'm a gorilla in a fuckin' coupe, finna pull up to the zoo, nigga Who nigga? Who the fuck …[View]
124048541>red people marry women who were used by other men >light blue people expect virgins >blue …[View]
124050432>watching a Jap play video games >recorded in 2020 >www.bandicam.com >Unregistered Hyper…[View]
124055139sinodontic women >childish >graceful, evolved to attract emasculated men >extreme neoteny, …[View]
124056394>Putin will be assassinated >Trump will die of a mysterious illness >England will have a ne…[View]
124050713Halloween: Is halloween celebrated in your country? how?[View]
124056314>cody, mom says get off the compudder, i need to use the innernet to look up facts about wadder i…[View]
124055970East Thread #2: Thread for the discussion of Eurasian civilization. It's based on several forma…[View]
124009274/luso/ edição 'nós estamos fodidos': 2019 Brasil 1 847 2020 Brasil 1 368 -479 -25.93% Anteriormente …[View]
124055977ranking of cultural exporting countries: I knew for the first time that Poland had more cultural pow…[View]
124055729What's his endgame?[View]
124053301I am curious: Do modern Greeks still have mythological names? Like are there people called Achilles?…[View]
124055917Turks are white confirmed finally?[View]
124050165Press S to spit on Britain SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS[View]
124045363Why do American politicians shart themselves while live streaming? https://mobile.twitter.com/PineyM…[View]
124053282Gangnam Style, do you know where Gangnam is?: Many foreigners think that Gangnam is near Gangnam sta…[View]
124052307Is it common for young men to date single mothers in your country?[View]
124044972Arabs are the only people who marry virgins All others share their women like cucks[View]
124054821It was bretty gud[View]
124055527/ int / I am very similar to a Neanderthal prototype, where can I go to check if I am one of the las…[View]
124053424What do people in your cunt generally eat for lunch?[View]
124015391Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>123956311 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
124054595I made a second bird feeder. What food should I put in it?[View]
124053760Woke up and staying awake in Norway once again[View]
124055384are black bulls uppity in your country[View]
124053111Neanderthals were the master race (smarter & stronger) and we homo sapien normies chimped out on…[View]
124053364K-pop/K-drama fans are just weebs that are afraid to be called weebs so they go to Korea instead.[View]
124052246Can Asians see better, since they don't have a big nose blocking a part of their field of visio…[View]
124054181>your country >is it acceptable in your country germany no, and if you get caught you can get …[View]
124053629Do the Brazilians that post on /int/ have nice lives? Are they generally upper class? Post your man…[View]
124050920hey /int/ I made pancakes today: thoughts? I drizzled some honey on top but didn't have any ber…[View]
124048256I want to learn a language from a Nordic country, is Swedish the best option?[View]
124054904central asia...home...[View]
124031282/norgetråden/: a-ha utgaven Forrige: >>124007859 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY2r28M1TrY…[View]
124052710بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ايها الشعب العظيم ايها النشامة فى قواتنا المجاهدة الباسلة[View]
124052290Have you ever fapped at kpop?[View]
124054638>go to curry shop >pajeet faggot acting tough with his mates acting autistic >Walk up and '…[View]
124050784>your birth canal >how do you say 'ford' in your language?…[View]
124054443What happens here?[View]
124050952What happens here??[View]
124041761/balk/ best province edition: Kosovo je srce Srbije >>124012946[View]
124046275Give us all of your money wh*tey, or else...[View]
124051324/brit/: get in here right now or im gonna lose it[View]
124054042How do you finish the online chat with your friends?: I send a message to a friend then he or she re…[View]
124046486>your shithole >do you desperately wish you had a gf? flag yes…[View]
124041050How do you call this in your country?[View]
124052685What happened in Brazil?[View]
124053793Political movies from your cunt?: Movies that explain your current national political scene. https:/…[View]
124052380>All countries are destroying and/or have already destroyed their economies because of a slightly…[View]
124051432No scenery.[View]
124047135Japanese women are made for BIG WHITE MEN[View]
124051800Greece appreciation thread: Post the best material you have from Greece.[View]
124048318/deutsch/: Gigersuhmsiausgabe[View]
124049297Why is Duda so popular in Poland?[View]
124052460Observing American news and politics is like observing an alien planet and a reality TV show. Everyt…[View]
124052143Why is it that to this day I become uneasy when I see an Italian?[View]
124052912how do they keep getting away with it[View]
124053084Why do the Irish have biggest brains in europe?[View]
124048892How's the future looking?[View]
124052238>russians invade the USA >american soldiers barricade themselves inside a burger king to defen…[View]
124050823When did you realise that black Americans are the only bearable Americans?[View]
124049437there is not fate worst than being born eastern european.[View]
124052206Is american culture more divided along class or race lines? Are their sub-cultures in america or is …[View]
124051536>one shot at life >wasn't born in norway why did god forsaken me?…[View]
124051750Which country has the most harmful culture?[View]
124041560/ita/ - il filo: edizione tutto andrà a fuoco[View]
124052615Do you hate Tasmania?[View]
124050557Cunt How shitty is TV in your cunt? Flag Very shitty, I can't think of any quality content, the…[View]
124038407Why are gender relations in the West so adversarial?[View]
124045837You wake up in the year 600[View]
124052333Is every Dane alcoholistic? The Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, after negotiations of reop…[View]
124046765Sverigetråden - Carl Michael Bellman-upplagan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qQJYM8jFLY…[View]
124042101Do you love Denmark?!?!?!?![View]
124039851Month names: green = free countries with their own languages red = Roman slaves[View]
124038489>cunt >how accurate is this to you?[View]
124045803>2020 >constantinople still isnt greek[View]
124052023This country unironically sucks.[View]
124044860Your country? Do you detest “great” Britain. Northern Ireland Yes[View]
124041122Wow Japan looked like that?[View]
124038384Wtf is this and why i have it even though im not asian? Who else have it? Seen on fbook[View]
124051600Is it a meme or are former British and German colonies doing better than the French ones?[View]
124051359>yes i became an atheist because i believe in science not just to impress underage hijab girls…[View]
124042633Do you love Japanese mobile gemu? Pic related is popular in Australia[View]
124045649Worst posters? Italians: For me is il Tricolore.[View]
124051486i just reported 22 threads[View]
124042561*blocks your path* - Sublieutenant Petrov. Please show me your passport. Why don't you wear a m…[View]
124050882This is the peak of human civilization[View]
124051307>Honey! Let's go to Paris, it's so romantic! >Paris:…[View]
124049876How do we fix America?[View]
124041010Japan really love white ppl. Every tv air about western country and white ppl. Follow white ppls tra…[View]
124048748What’s he thinking in this moment?[View]
124048690Are clown girls a thing in your country?[View]
124051373>wOw LoOk At Me Im An /int/CeL tHaT tOoK a RaNdOm CoUpLe PiCtUrE tHaT wIlL AsSuMe ThAt EvErY sInG…[View]
124049740your country. do you like ginger ale? mexico yes, my favorite soft drink[View]
124051972>Capitalism >Won WWII >Invented Atomic Bomb >Invented computers >Invented the interne…[View]
124051348Why are left wingers so batshit crazy?[View]
124050190Why are there so many sites that use Russian? Why is Chinese so low?[View]
124048869Talk about South America in English[View]
124038287/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des fées festives Ancien >>124019090[View]
124048713>American election cycle approaching >divisive racial rhetoric and reporting suddenly explodi…[View]
124050728what you mean my opinion on the internet doesn't matter take it back nowwwww nooooooooooooo[View]
124050803What's the deal with home owners associations? americans explain[View]
124050621How does Iran have a PPP per capita of 17,000$? It's the same as Brazil and China, but unlike I…[View]
124041327>2020 >Drinking shitty water[View]
124046607why does France and Russia have mutual love?[View]
124048398/brit/: covfefe[View]
124050506>americans and germans be like 'dayyumn, this coronavirus be too spicy for me'…[View]
124050143>american dream[View]
124050376>Nhan Con what? No, we need Huy Fong Sriracha sauce. The one with the rooster on it. No, go check…[View]
124043056My mom keeps making me see 'funny' Chinese fake ticktock skits from her Facebook feed. I don't …[View]
124041575Name 5 cities in Denmark[View]
124048499This is a corona virus treatment medicine made in Korea, Supect the second clinical trial is over Th…[View]
124045168You wake up in Croydon, South London.[View]
124048162It's winter here and cold, yet it's fucking sunny, always fucking sunny, I hate it so much…[View]
124050220Is it a good idea to move to Crete? Are the locals gun nuts as the rumors say? I just want to live s…[View]
124015499/nederdraad/: Anime editie Welkom: Nederlanders, Belgische weeaboos Niet welkom: Japanners oetz http…[View]
124049106/Latin/: Quid dicebas de me, cinaede? Tibi narro ut auctus sim super omnes Praetorianos, ut permulta…[View]
124045932The Macedonians? They are a Greek tribe. The Anatolians? A Greek tribe. Trojans? Greek tribe. Illyri…[View]
124049037>My reasons for choosing a country to migrate to? >beautiful language and women of course.…[View]
124043145>I suffer in Tunisia[View]
124049485GOD HATES COSTA RICA: Land of the sodomite damned. Fag infested nation. https://www.independent.co.u…[View]
124049407In 2010, I was in Melbourne, passing such a restaurant...[View]
124048470Did you know they are one of the worst feminist, socialist etc countries in Europe? They are just as…[View]
124047375>Norwegians are blonde and blue-eyed: The majority of people in the place where I live are mostly…[View]
124048662china payed america back for this[View]
124046011Can manlets get a gf in your cunt? 1. Australia 2. No[View]
124048368Your kunt Based or cringe?[View]
124046601Why did the European Union openly supported Kosovo's separation from Serbia, but bitterly rejec…[View]
124046027I'm only attracted to women: Does this happen in your count?[View]
124033041>I suffer in korea[View]
124045643Is it common to let hippies work in the Government in your cunt? https://twitter.com/i/status/126596…[View]
124047928You may not like Warsaw (I do not) but this shot is pretty nice[View]
124044381>been living in Japan for more than 5 years >still having problems guessing people's age …[View]
124048562>Why yes, we're going to join the riots, how could you tell?[View]
124047586why did he do it?[View]
124046929How’s he seen in your country[View]
124046950Ordered King prawn sizlar from a local Indian restaurant. Got this monstrosity. Did I get ripped off…[View]
124047891I miss these niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
124048050>learning Japanese[View]
124039126Russia bros What are girls in the east like? All pictures point to hot.[View]
124040943/polska/: edycja szczelania[View]
124035077Why are Nordic cities soulless?[View]
124047294is scots really a language or is it basically just english?[View]
124043956Post funny pictures haha[View]
124046172/brit/: grumpy edition[View]
124047783Americans are evolving to fit their environment. Everyone lives removed from untamed nature, drive e…[View]
124047778/vendsysseltråden/-uafhængigheds udgave: så det sagt[View]
124045507Post comfy places from your country.[View]
124043548Why do they look like Arabs?[View]
124047434Greatest singer in the history of music.[View]
124038271My ancestors, my people.[View]
124045210German jokes are not funny: >e.g. pic related Why is german bros so obsessed with buttsexx with m…[View]
124041548/österreich/ manchmal auch fälschlicherweise /deutsch/: fett & geil - Ausgabe[View]
1240468551. Vor der Kaserne Vor dem großen Tor Stand eine Laterne Und steht sie noch davor So woll'n wir…[View]
124041715Police patrolling in Sydney, Australia: Say something nice.[View]
124044961>french niggas call jogging 'footing' >they call sneakers 'baskets' >for them, precision kn…[View]
124044209Woke up in Norway again[View]
124044434my sister stopped smoking weed and now I have nobody to smoke weed with[View]
124044401What did your country do during WWII?: Win[View]
124046754Will China literally save the world?[View]
124038501Does anyone here do this shit for a living? What's it like? Kind of thinking about switching to…[View]
124043265stay mad[View]
124046250if hongkong become independent country, will they still use this flag?[View]
124042775I just ate a whole tub of ice cream and had to vomit because it made me feel so sick[View]
124041907How do you say >NEO-PACT OF STEEL in your cunts lang?[View]
124043954Japan flag posters of /int/, reveal your true nationality: I'm not an English teacher, but my d…[View]
124040273Why are russians like this?[View]
124046040What is the best sounding English dialect/accent in your opinion?: For me, it's Australian >…[View]
124043635Who made the best movie soundtracks for the last 70 years? And why were they italians? https://youtu…[View]
124044562Spain literally has no allies[View]
124028984Is it ok to show intimacy in public in you're country?[View]
124045512200IQ thread: Identity politics and diversity was developed by Globalist Jews and corporatists to in…[View]
124041769What happens here?[View]
124045790What are you 3 favourite things about America? Mines are national parks, burgers and race riots.[View]
124027893/esp/ - Hilo Español: anterior >>124009750[View]
124041680neo-earth..... so quiet.... so peaceful.... home....[View]
124042413How come there are 400 billionaires in China?[View]
124036237/mämmi/: settipainos postatkaa settejä[View]
124040911Why is the UK so weak?[View]
124043105This is your future. You could have prevented this, /int/.[View]
1240448001) you're a cunt II] do your countrypersons boycott china? 1) flag II] very few people do that,…[View]
124044203I forgive you: for your contribution to the gradual decline and fall of Eastern Roman Empire aka Byz…[View]
124041731The HOMO Sapiens vs the CHAD Neanderthal[View]
124041412Who are the true descendants of the Illyrians and why it's the Albanians?[View]
124045341>tfw you're not american[View]
124041841Would you consider Americans to be intellectuals?[View]
124045441Fun fact) More Americans died of corona virus in three months than Americans who died in the Vietnam…[View]
124044508Americans be like, my name is Moriah Rose Pereira[View]
124042337Why do (((they))) hate us so much?: https://www.theapricity.com/snpa/index2.htm[View]
124039761Overweight people should be forced to lose weight[View]
124045316I suffer in ireland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-9m4FYFxLc[View]
124026906Which Anglophone country is the best to live in?: How would you rank, from 1-5, the United States, C…[View]
124039917What are good hobbies to do alone? I'm not really creative and i live in a small town in a rura…[View]
124044636neo-US..... so quiet.... so peaceful.... home....[View]
124043627Another hot day, another day of not going out and just sitting behind my pc because no friends.[View]
124041223>Yes we do hate our own cultures and languages and want them to die how did you know?…[View]
124038538Sverigetråden - Krangupplagan[View]
124044712>never was so much owed by so many to so few[View]
124043335What is Saudi Arabia known for?[View]
1240428081. Country 2. Left or right? >flag >me on the right…[View]
124042494I WANT TO PET YOU KS KS KS[View]
124043892How common is it to see biracial people in your country? America Very common[View]
124041984ABCC11 Gene: Do East Asians really possess a mutation that makes them less prone to body odor? How i…[View]
124041152/brit/: An aesthetic way to kill yourself edition[View]
124038369>This is Australia Is Australia third world country?[View]
124037035>YEES! YEES! YEES! KILL 'EM ALL KILL 'EM ALL CHICKENS!!!! Why is America such mess of c…[View]
124040829can you solve this riddle?: what do japanese people and brazilians have in common?[View]
124036726/desi/-Superstar edition[View]
124043389Quick lads come and get your social credit score up before China annexes us all![View]
124043073It's so hot[View]
1240402121.) Your Cunt 2.) How easy is it for you to purchase a handgun? 3.) How about a hunting rifle or sho…[View]
124038132there is not fate worst than being born eastern european.[View]
124038637How do modern Balkan People think about Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of)?[View]
124041080What happens in western Australia? Do people even live there? What do they do?[View]
124037815I WANT SEX SEX SEX[View]
124042609>Hong Kong utterly dabbed on >EU and UK selling itself out to become arse end of BRI >All o…[View]
124042535>be american >face 10 years of prison for jaywalking…[View]
124037972What is this phenotype?[View]
124041577/ita/ il filo: edizione guerriglia urbana[View]
124041674How to just be yourself in your country?[View]
124040354I started to use a condom whenever I masturbate because I like the tight feeling of it wrapping arou…[View]
124042130What is this phenotype ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJmrZTmVlDQ[View]
124012946/balk/: Pickle Rick in the camp edition Old >>123993454[View]
124040897Do men want a nice romantic wholesome relationship with women in your country? I do...[View]
124038248it should be flag of China[View]
124041703Why do American cops like to kill people?[View]
124037429Why does Glasgow have such a low life expectancy?[View]
124039916>be me >my mom and wife need to go to L.A to Disneyland >my wife and my mom and my daughter…[View]
124037739Where is my thread?: Over the past few days threads were created with my pic. But I don't see a…[View]
124037754*makes another thread about themselves* *start screeching when you point it out*[View]
124041378Do Americans shit in the shower?[View]
124041383Are brown eyes popular in your bazinga?[View]
124040609It's getting crazier out there: >Go to takeaway shop in Globohomo hell (no white people in s…[View]
124037393You may modify ONE of your country's borders. Choose wisely.[View]
124030569/ita/ - il filo: edizione io voto pd[View]
124037950>he thinks cumbrain is real cringe[View]
124041124>be american >get your store looted >try to stop the looters >get shot >can't pa…[View]
124041501Flag How times do you shit a day? Flag 5-8 times minimum[View]
124034873ananas belongs on pizza[View]
124013324/rus/: Бpaтьeв нaших мeньших издaниe Пpeдыдyщий тpeд: >>123981224[View]
124034088Do they really[View]
124043254Is America a real country?: Seems more like a free-for-all of hunter-gatherer tribes.[View]
124042989imagine an internet without Americans[View]
124041317>Made in Japan I will now buy your product[View]
124036599/frosch/ besser bekannt als /apu/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
124034260a major reason for Hindu Nationalism is that Muslims are Chads. Hindu Dindus get mocked across the …[View]
124038125You wake up in Belfast...[View]
124040134>space between the last word and the question mark/exclamation mark Why do Fr*nchoids do this?…[View]
124032928Do Japanese like black?[View]
124036713What are common crimes in your country? In Japan, the most common crime is 'umbrella theft'[View]
124040280How much would you have to be paid to dress like this in public?[View]
124038563What happens in this large region of Venezuela with very few roads or towns?[View]
124041042Does /Int/ drain or no? Very important question[View]
124039560Do you like Brazilian posters?[View]
124040860>I do not like meme.[View]
124038849Scored a 92 on my IQ test today. That's an A in case you didn't know ;^)[View]
124040858I use English punctuation when writing other languages[View]
124038632China: People need to know more about the 50 cent party https://youtu.be/WZCnLveJ-Ko[View]
124039676Why is India so violent?: https://acleddata.com/dashboard/#/dashboard[View]
124040302In Germany if you have a family and kids and take them to mass you're put on a watchlist for po…[View]
124039881>I suffer in Iran[View]
124032721Discuss: In Mexico, the states with the most European admixture are more violent, while the pure ind…[View]
124038226/brit/: the yanks are serious edition[View]
124039247Does /int/ eat ass: I happen to love the taste of a nice pink butthole, but I was wondering if any o…[View]
124039926why germans are so nice ?[View]
124032752do you love France?[View]
124039951How would your family feel if you bought home a girl from Hong Kong?[View]
124037299>his '''country''' doesnt have a single f1 champion Lmao eat our dust, suckers…[View]
124039539>You wake up tomorrow as an instagram model with large breasts What do?…[View]
124037254Is the American Empire over?[View]
124030366Why do meat heads get triggered so hard from vegetarian food? In the cave age humans never ate meat …[View]
124039412WW3 when?[View]
124035661Why do you hate Sweden?[View]
124038880>I'm with the Australian police, please stand still while I scan your face. *BEEP BEEP BEEP*…[View]
124034394International pretty names thread, post pretty names Daria Ekaterina (Do you say the 'eh' at the sta…[View]
124036711AMVRICA... Home...[View]
124034998What city in your cunt has highest ratio of women / is the most male-favored dating environment? For…[View]
124031999German humor is the best part of this board.[View]
124035794>that feeling of walking around on a warm summer night Is something Scandis will never know since…[View]
124036714What is the board with the least americans?[View]
124034481If Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in Europe then why are Lithuanians here so psychologically…[View]
124038571>have a online Spanish test at uni >teacher fills the grammar test with idioms and canned phra…[View]
124037216Why does everyone think Scots isn't a language?[View]
124038588What did he mean by this?[View]
124035285When did you realize that 4chan is shit and Reddit is much better?[View]
124038151>I gave a fair warning. BEWARE.[View]
124019617/polska/: Z powrotem w ZSRR[View]
124038044the butthurt belt of america[View]
124026833>1. ur cunt >2. are you full of hatred? >3. why? 1. flag 2. yes…[View]
124037857How come all these people can just go to any country and get a job and have a house? How does it go?…[View]
124038343/Fr/ - Francofil: édition Brésilienne ancien >>124019090[View]
124036614German humour: https://expresso.pt/economia/2020-05-27-Piloto-germanico-desenha-um-Trollface-com-a-s…[View]
124036993I hate you all Muslims, non-Muslims, Brown, black, wypipo etc I hate humans, I wish I were a clueles…[View]
124036702>when Americans find out they’re 2% x, start learning the language of x and go around calling the…[View]
124036399America, are you okay?[View]
124031039White people invented rape[View]
124034670Any lonely people on here? How do you deal with it?[View]
124029657Which Mexican state has the most attractive women?[View]
124032145Americans are on FIRE this week: https://youtu.be/c6n2THSkI1w[View]
124036274I never knew Americans are this rich.[View]
124038013Am I a cuck for thinking that black people should be encouraged to racemix?: I would rather have mul…[View]
124035628/brit/: Club Penguin edition[View]
124034658>hey anon, take off your shirt and join me[View]
124035503I want to make Greta scream.[View]
124037482how do you feel about swedish women?[View]
124036442A toast! To the United States of America! And to Minneapolis, Minnesota![View]
124037817Look what they took from us..MK[View]
124037524/nigga/: Wut wit it cuz edition Thread question: Who was the best DBZ character?[View]
124034228Croatians look like that?[View]
124037648>the virgin hong kong protestors vs the chad minneapolis rioters all in all, pooh bear should of …[View]
124037565int is the only board i post on[View]
124031384/int/, I need your help. >What are “hot” and “cold” cultures? Lanier categorizes everyone into ei…[View]
124029983Yes, this is how the average swedish male in 2020 looks like. Got a problem with how i look? Didn…[View]
124037418>picks axe '5' >assure pos 1 that i am supporting >creep cut his lane as soon as laning sta…[View]
124032420I'm not jewish or muslim but I think pork is disgusting[View]
124036440is this accurate?[View]
124037108Would you describe yourself as a bad person?[View]
124036859Hello! :)[View]
124032537Were your ancestors part of The Empire ?[View]
124036672You know how when you say a word too many times, it starts to lose meaning? It stops sounding like a…[View]
124035841Is Kazahkstan a good country to visit ?[View]
124015431/mena/ Middle East & North Africa general: Viping edition.[View]
124036148The Worst Country In The World.[View]
124035067Do you have violent police in your country?: >you're cunt >is your police violent and rac…[View]
124036253Why are Amerislobs such fat disgusting pieces of shit?[View]
124036799do people love tobacco in your country? sweden yes i cant live without it[View]
124036290>tfw remember my /int/ phase[View]
124036666I am an unstoppable force and I will achieve my goal of moving here.[View]
124036592Can we all agree that most normies NEED religion to lead a good life? Why is this so hard for intern…[View]
124030683/desi/: tfw no desi thread[View]
124036370Turks should stop trying to disassociate themselves from the Muslim world. Europeans will never acce…[View]
124036122How will you be able to handle American refugees in 20-30 years.[View]
124032490>Be brownentinian >Get remote software developer job in usa company >7k usd/m >Have to g…[View]
1240360301- why do slovenians larp as german 2- why do slovenians pretend they don't speak serbo-croat?[View]
124035910https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1265860082408943616 You can only post in this thread if niggers…[View]
124035445>EUROPEAN Speedrunning Assembly >First runner is an aussie HAHAHAHA YES we will beat Germany i…[View]
124019090/fr/ - Le francofil: Edition chopinade de nuit entre amis ancien : >>124006562[View]
124036116New Race: In all seriousness, that's what humans will look like in a couple hundred years. Like…[View]
124033935Is your country Based (Blue) or Red (Cringe)[View]
124030073Dubs say I will get an indian gf by the end of june Trips say we will date until the end of college …[View]
124036386I for one am looking forward to the Eurasian Empire to take form.[View]
124029627WW3 is nearing: every time 2 polarized webs of alliances formed throughout history there was always …[View]
124035687Do you consider Italy and Turkey Balkan?[View]
124033291Lithuanian is phonetically similar to sanskrit: http://princasvilniuje.blogspot.com/2018/08/similari…[View]
124036244Come home, Hong Kong man: Time to live in a Cantonese paradise.[View]
124036118DIE FAHNE HOCH[View]
124032222How would you define this race?[View]
124032614>someone is mean to me >can't stop thinking about it for at least a week does this happen…[View]
124018460Sverigetråden -Kattupplagan[View]
124036111Ticket from Moscow to NYC, pls: Can I get uhhhhh... A mf uhhhhh... Damn uhhhhh... A green card pleas…[View]
124035874What the bloody fuck is this name Thailand? None of you have the right to make fun of Chinese names.[View]
124034746why people fall for /pol/?[View]
124026320thoughts on these 1000% average Greeks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fepQukxhBA[View]
124035297Minneapolis anons are you safe?: I'm concerned[View]
124035539I feel bad for them[View]
124033395do you speak french ?[View]
124018501/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Schmeckliche Ausgabe[View]
124031540You get lost in a Mexican rainforest and suddenly you encounter them. Your first move?[View]
124011106/mämmi/: arisa painos[View]
124034943Post pepes/apus from your culture[View]
124034749This is the Serbian sea.[View]
124033704/int/ is a dog board[View]
124034803>Twitter is an accurate representation of our world and its current events!…[View]
124035453How can we Korean be able to compete with this supreme jomon chad????? It’s over for us We literall…[View]
124034063Do you love Japan?[View]
124024927>Frenchs call 70 'Sixty ten' >Frenchs call 79 'Sixty nineteen' >Frenchs call 80 'Four twent…[View]
124033807Is this the pinnacle of slav cuisine?[View]
124035576>First Brazilian republic >this was the flag >the anthem was the Marseillaise >the coun…[View]
124034278Wait, is America in a race war now?[View]
124032834Do these things happen in your cunt?: GOD BLESS THE USAAAAAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFwc353…[View]
124030863i just want a girlfriend i can play video games with...[View]
124032054What do these guys think of each other?[View]
124035234gary edish[View]
124032230Why do Chinese diaspora prefer to live in Canada and Australia over America? You constantly see CPC …[View]
124034269Does japan watch western shows? If so name them.[View]
124035159>Jokes aside >But for real >Seriously though…[View]
124031651Does your country’s history have an equivalent to the Wild West?[View]
124034139What happens here?[View]
124035060today is ascension in half or the orthodox church. how do you celebrate the ascension of the Son of …[View]
124032550What are Australian girls like?[View]
124034973>Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall[View]
124033947Are politicians in your cuntree THAT stupid?[View]
124032433What was his problem?[View]
124033254how are tattoos viewed in your cunt?[View]
124032311this is what poland used to be all about[View]
124034273Is your country landlocked on the ocean?[View]
124032343/brit/: kiwis invented pavlova edition[View]
124032839>my high school friends and maternal side of the family fell for the liberandu propaganda…[View]
124033964Do you believe the US cause social unrest in other countries to distract their own populace from tal…[View]
124034597I $end, you $pend: What are your opinions on Simp-Pride?[View]
124034564>one chance at life >not born as an Albertan named Christchad or Godspower What is the point i…[View]
124034062>WiFi posting? normal posting >data posting? shit posting…[View]
124031605>take your meds schitzo[View]
124034015name 1 cute girl from your country[View]
124032618What went wrong with Argentina?: Seriously, this is a one of kind failure nation in human history.…[View]
124032321German people are fucking scary they're always one economic crisis away from committing genocid…[View]
124033616United States Colonial Union (USCU): I designed a flag for a United States Colonial Union which is e…[View]
124031952I'm having trouble breathing, I think my time has come, guys.[View]
124030099Byzantine Empire... my sweetie[View]
124032509A brainlet such as myself is currently stuck on Chapter 6 of Helltaker and refusing to look up an on…[View]
124032187would you sit beside a canadian?[View]
124032851Yeah so I said >gets invaded by Romans to that American >gets invaded by anglo saxons that he…[View]
124031258Is this America's future?[View]
124032737>Anon the 5G's and I saw some nice pictures about Corona being a hoax and I will send you so…[View]
124025658This is an upper middle class house in Mexico[View]
124027759The Musa alphabet: Have you heard about the Musa alphabet? It's supposed to be a new universal …[View]
124032335Mexicans look like that ?[View]
124032069game yakub[View]
124032359How do we save them?[View]
124033391Why do americans see germans the way the rest of the world sees americans?[View]
124032981Do people in your country like kaguya?[View]
124026900>You wake up in the US[View]
124032720>Go fuck yourself ausfreak[View]
124030809This board is blessed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8blfr7Kj3Wc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d…[View]
124033495Come home, Anon man.[View]
124032766I'm gay: How does this make Russians feel?[View]
124031626>america https://twitter.com/kehlaninews/status/1265872966132264961…[View]
124026230/int/ /turk/ - formerly known as /tr/: sehitler olmez edisyonu[View]
124033417>be me in america >its friday evening and hang around at a local bar >get into some what of…[View]
124032814Portugal and Britain are love https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Portuguese_Alliance >The Anglo-…[View]
124028768I....cannot....believe this. We have now suffered the injustice of 100,000 9/11s in the span of two …[View]
124027568What is wagecucking like in your cunt?: On a scale of 1 to 10 how suicidal are you?[View]
124032589Why is he always seething?[View]
124029915Do you love Bahama? Yes or No?[View]
124031438Self portrait[View]
124029324Start impregnating our girls[View]
124017699/Chi/+/Mex/+/CenAm/: Everyone welcomed Gran colombia invitada[View]
124030717>your country >do you prefer 2D or 3D girls?…[View]
124033040Cipher: can anyone help me find the message in this image??? idk if its connected to the bible…[View]
124031404>Fly me to the moon >Let me play among the stars >Let me see what spring is like >On a-J…[View]
124031928forgive but never forget[View]
124032045How fo we make /int/ number one?[View]
124031297Cipher: Can someone help me find the hidden message in this image?[View]
124032197What is your favorite country? Mine is America, America is a diverse country, a country that doesn…[View]
124029742What kind of animal are you?[View]
124031491looking for nice friends https://steamcommunity.com/id/ fools_idoI/[View]
124032738Every other country Is shit.[View]
1240266972 armies of incels in battle, who will win?[View]
124031350Is there any other nation in the world that will suck white American cock as deeply as this one?[View]
124032332Post memes that only people from your country understand[View]
124032344I took four years of Spanish in highschool and I still can’t form a sentence.[View]
124032125How would your family feel if you brought home a Vancouver girl home?[View]
124027591racism is pretty bad, honestly. I am sorry for all the racist things I have said. especially to New …[View]
124032434Can someone make an American bear meme about how blacks react to murders, riot and then get beaten u…[View]
124032210how can i be good at billiards[View]
124024175/lat/ Hilo latino[View]
124028783>americans and australians be like 'dayyumn, this coronavirus be too spicy for me'…[View]
124028422What happens here?[View]
124031622If this was a game of civ it would be considered a fucking blowout[View]
124027322Is Monterrey a nice place to live?[View]
124028392why do russians, canadians, and northern europe act like they suffer? it is becoming hot as fuck her…[View]
124031680>American Black Nationalist >Looks Sicilian does this prove once and for all Italians are non …[View]
124027556>Flag >Who’s your favorite Naruto character? Mexico Madara…[View]
124030624Which country is he from?[View]
124032179>cunt >Do you burn down Autozone to fight racism? America Yes…[View]
124031336Holy Based: Americans always see the bigger picture.[View]
124031124I'm 27 and never had a girlfriend. I used to not care but I'm running out of fucking time …[View]
124031470your thoughts on the libyan desert?[View]
124028862/brit/: Fiesta ST edition[View]
124030737Another day pretending I'm okay being alone, that I don't wish I could cuddle with someone…[View]
124032052Post cool music videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-xecV7Z6mQ https://lyricstranslate.com/en/…[View]
124031976Any Canadians feel that Canada sucks?: Too many poor white crack heads running around, too many blac…[View]
124029620I am half sicilian and half swedish (Possibly lapp blood though).[View]
124030392You wake up as a gringo in a favela of Bogota, Colombia. Your first move, pendecho?[View]
124031731Do you like communists?[View]
124031677My Portuguese friend is so nice thank you Portugal for having amazing people![View]
124030411Country Do you hate the Uru gay boomer poster that craves attention? Israel Yes[View]
124030529What happens here?[View]
124031169Indian physicist discovers 5th state of matter: Umm.. . What?[View]
124031607/Carib/: Hi guys https://discord.gg/PRhxkE[View]
124027071Is this the quintessential British male normie of 2020?[View]
124028629I can only read and sort of write German. Am I retarded?[View]
124029428Need a canadian keyboar: Is it possible to change an american keyboard on a laptop, for a french-can…[View]
124025792>tfw ESceL cuck >think in English, talk to myself in English, consoom English media and disreg…[View]
124030023are we living in the future right now?[View]
124031310Rihanna has an Asian brother: >Rihanna's brother Rajad tweets fairly regularly and he loves …[View]
124029475Is your country a white supremacist country?[View]
124025414WTF?! I thought GERMANIA was supposed to be cringe??[View]
124028094I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blade…[View]
124011717/bel/+/ukr/: Pelmeni in broth edition. Пoпepeднiй: >>123973534[View]
124031119what is the obesity rate in your cunt?: in pakistan 22.8% of people over 15 are obese[View]
124028458Why do Brazilians love Irael? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqVFaSJghJM[View]
124030895>Indian and paki boys stop an Arab boy Wtf... I don’t like where this is going bros…[View]
124031132Is it considered normal for Colombian individuals of the female gender to flash their boobs at a str…[View]
124022592>tfw no cascadian gf[View]
124030340Canadian girls really do?[View]
124027976Fucking hell...[View]
124028618You guys are my only freinds[View]
124028501Guess the nationality[View]
124030304Would me and my crew pass as locals in your cunt ?[View]
124029441any insomniachads in[View]
124025668Just farming rice[View]
124026204Canadians are latinos. Why dont they admit it and have un big fiestà with the rest of their latino b…[View]
124030309hablas español?[View]
124030864Do americans really?[View]
124028944Is this accurate information? If yes explain why you aren't fucking a German guy right now[View]
124030442I want an asian gf so bad bros[View]
124030041Weakest country in the Middle East.[View]
124028394/cum/ canada, usa, and mexico: Cubs edition[View]
124023496We post our ancestors: My ancestors :)[View]
124027436>The average American has put on an extra five pounds since the pandemic started, and close to tw…[View]
124030784https://youtu.be/PCDcJtCAai8?t=167 based[View]
124026853>australian niggas be like only 25°C today I love winter[View]
124029816>browse /int/, my favorite shitposting board >read obnoxious shitpost on the catalog >god, …[View]
124030189would you let your daughter date me?: >flag >5’9” >chicano >autistic >no car >no j…[View]
124030408What's the most ancient thing you ever dug up?[View]
124028653Average American has gained 5 pounds during the lockdown: I love americans[View]
124028886Has there ever been a more cancerous diaspora?[View]
124030218International ugliness: ITT we post ugly girls you want to fuck[View]
124017966New England > England[View]
124023470your country your country's greatest achievement[View]
124027879What is Florida like?: What us florida like? It seems like a normie hell to me.[View]
124027602Why Italians are the worst posters?[View]
124026413I can't learn this shit, it's too difficult[View]
124029354>It's not what you know. It's who you know.[View]
124025037Why are white americans so racist againts non whites? White police literally kill everyday random in…[View]
124029357Which of these three do you think is most likely to commit a mass shooting?[View]
124016837Why don't they just speak English?[View]
124028139Step aside, pajeet There's a new sheriff in town[View]
124027359Is this Africa's jomon vs yayoi ?[View]
124029633POV: your vegetables about to be picked[View]
124028484ITT: Countries whose toilets you want to upper-decker[View]
124029756I think they scared of us, yeah I think they scared of us see we dont care what you think about us w…[View]
124027787These are the family names of my DNA relatives... all French. So why does it say I'm only 25% F…[View]
124029150>canadian niggas be like is 22 degrees I'm fucking melting over here…[View]
124022176>2020 >Drinking shitty water[View]
124025922>your cunt >the consequence of failing to say 'jynx' after multiple people say the same thing …[View]
124028338How do people still trust the French after all this time?[View]
124028990I fucking hate America: I hate living here so much. Everyone is so fucking anxious and quick to call…[View]
124028166>If you like PornHub, you'll love PornHub Live. Introducing PornHub Live, the next level of …[View]
124025238Is this the most dangerous continent in the world?[View]
124029140my dad calls pakis 'dagos': i think its because they work in all the italian food restaurants what s…[View]
124028822-your country -your BDSM results? -your biggest desire https://bdsmtest.org/select-mode 1-Chile 2-pi…[View]
124027871/norf/: A thread for burly men of the norf to cuddle and keep warm southrons stay out[View]
124024416Why do mexicans have the most sex ?[View]
124024458>tfw no indian gf[View]
124027915>i'm sad, i miss festa junina[View]
124025314I don't like non europeans[View]
124017794>your cunt. >Do you hate LGBTQ+ people and their community? If you do, why?…[View]
124029050>be single >Want gf >Get gf >Want to be single Does this happen in ur cunt?…[View]
124026505Is this common in your country?[View]
124028290Here is a photo from my trip to Cambodia: I went in 2001, ask me what you want[View]
124026708>China >Vietnam >North Korea The East is a red nation Japan and SK shall turn red soon t…[View]
124026396A stain upon an otherwise beautiful country[View]
124025706Papuan rebel confronts Australian peacekeeping soldier, 1989[View]
124028481Does your country also have wacky names?[View]
124025033How can one continent be so cringe?[View]
124028611Did Taiwan really?: Elon musk was right.[View]
124019702Evangelicals are taking over Rio's drug trafficking supported by the USA: >mfw Evangelicals …[View]
124028882I don’t wanna get rangebanned bros...[View]
124026947What's wrong with being a coomer?[View]
124026087>sunset >22:52 >sunrise >02:05 I JUST WANT TO FUCKING SLEEP…[View]
124025727/brit/: playing warzone -edish[View]
124026855>Oh hi Anon, this is your new co-worker Yu-so Dong. He will be working with you what do?…[View]
124027978why are Japanese girls so skinny?[View]
124024473why is europe so fat?[View]
124028377Fucking hell...[View]
124027250I live in the worst country in the world[View]
124028840>ur cunt >do you eat meat every day? >do you have air conditioning in your room? >how mu…[View]
124028574What's the International opinion on Obama? In the US he's shilled p hard as a president wh…[View]
124028765Does this happen in your country[View]
124028654Are you alright ameribros?[View]
1240282181.cuntry 2.is your country proud of its colonies? flag yes :)[View]
124028585Why do people come to the international board to talk about their own country? >>124027250 …[View]
123997509Is this accurate ?[View]
124019435/éire/: Eagrán Loch Garman[View]
124028315I mean, I kinda like him you know[View]
124027150Do brits really call a sandwich a piece?[View]
124024651/int/ what other boards do you browse?[View]
124025036/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Computer magic edition Previous thread: >>124014269[View]
124026296Japan? More like shove it JAP your ass![View]
124026174Oh how the mighty have fallen[View]
124024937I have heritage from all 3 of these flags. I am the most POWERFUL poster on this board and have the …[View]
124025768Why do Americans not like bus windows?: There are so many videos like this. This shit is insane. htt…[View]
124026988>Going to bed in Norway again[View]
124021589/dz/: tfw no dom amazigh gf to force me into drinking a whole bottle of olive oil. why even live?…[View]
124026004how are albino lads treated in you are cunt?[View]
124026667https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVFdQzbSb3Q yeah, im thinking they are based[View]
124028048The sun is shining on another glorious day, /int/. Do you feel happy?[View]
124020941FINLAND WTF?[View]
124025354What are your thoughts on the Lusophone nations? What do you think their future is?[View]
124027143How do I have sex as a 20yo white guy? I'm living with my parents over the Summer.[View]
124025142I wish I was Persian[View]
124024986We're all united: except for China[View]
124025277What do people in Latin America think of Brazil?[View]
124007859/norgetråden/: Hva stirrer du på, Anonsen?-utgaven Forrige: >>123990555 >>123990555 >…[View]
124027473What are some names/surnames that ensure someone will have a life of relentless mockery and sufferin…[View]
124027078>Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happ- yeah yeah you get the picture son, you'…[View]
124025736Do americans really?[View]
124026358do Australian nurses really?[View]
124021343when was your country's peak? ours was during the cold war[View]
124017094Why does Latin America (no Canada) have much more beautiful cities than USA and Canada?[View]
124027154What's his endgame?[View]
124024431Could you stand 40 days without sex?[View]
124025352Why are Israelis so based?[View]
124024573What would you do if maria approached you for an interview?[View]
124023892How do I get a Colombian girlfriend? I make 75k a year and am about to buy a house. Where do I find …[View]
124026327Why are Israelis so based?[View]
124000042/ita/ il filo: edizione: >no Sally Spectra girlfriend[View]
124026871Thank you DEUTSCHLAND for DER SCHNUPF[View]
124025202Im from the future 2045: this is what america looks like[View]
124026672Do you ever put crisps on a sandwich?[View]
124010983Why don't immigrants just improve the country they came from?: Its not hard.[View]
124025853do you have a mommy?[View]
124025824>you will never be tall[View]
124026612Do you browse 4chan in incognito tab? Why and why not?[View]
124026611>I love China[View]
124009750/esp/ Hilo ESPAÑOL: Edición de la rivalidad[View]
124024217Meds before and after quarantine[View]
124026555Have you made your herbs box bro?[View]
123978134Huh... So this is 'The New Normal', huh? Kinda like it...[View]
124025867what do you think about Princess Kim Yo Jong of the Kim Royal Family[View]
124024706Does anyone else find it weird how this website is crawling with edgy Brazilian right wingers but th…[View]
124024432Remember Polandball? When was the last time you saw a Polandball[View]
124024314I'm a Double Major in Physics and Philosophy with a minor in Spanish. What's the best job …[View]
124017787Is Brazil a nation of coomers?[View]
124026262Have any of you guys ever married someone in order to gain citizenship to another country?[View]
124024149/brit/: delusional clogwog(s) edition[View]
124022929>tfw no far-right brazilian gf. >no one to help you spread fake news. >no one to deny the e…[View]
124024829I serve the Soviet Union.[View]
124018589would you marry a leaf and integrate into canadian culture?[View]
124025607Why is USAmerica so wacky and random?[View]
124020064watches of int?: do you guys wear watches if so what do you wear? Orient mako xl here brehs[View]
124024182This test makes me want to kms[View]
124025442You made a comment critical of the EU on the internet and few minutes later this guy appears on your…[View]
124026101if only if a gigagook can unite all the east asian hives into a super hive and then thoroughly brain…[View]
124024480Would they pass as local in your cunt?[View]
124024809>mfw Aussies call morning wood a 'pissfat' >mfw Aussies call erectile dysfunction a 'chibby' …[View]
1240245021.- You are a country 2.- What are the best movies from you are a country?[View]
124025884>The year before had seen the famous Christmas Truce, when thousands of Allied and Entente soldie…[View]
124024820Is this true?[View]
124025890Still thinkin about him. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2612594/Macabre-games-seagull-socc…[View]
124020194why are they so obsessed with us? 99% of the time someone makes a thread about america its by a yuro[View]
123986420/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends[View]
124025241being an asian male is a fucking joke https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d7aeaa56ea36…[View]
124025087So why are posters from this respective part of the world filled with stiff neurotypicals who only c…[View]
124016016Are humans above all other species?[View]
124023919>Your cunt >Favorite leader of cunt US of A Theodore Roosevelt…[View]
124022524ESL bros, how did you learn english? Im thinking of learning a new language but not sure how to[View]
124025499Why do slavs like this game so much?[View]
124025581Canada was engulf in the gloom of stagnation and uncertainty when in, AD 2021 Justin Trudeau was ele…[View]
124023457ITT: Post only the most Chad regions of your country[View]
124022545german people killed 6 millions polish jews in auschwitz and you believe they are your friends?[View]
124025541How do you deal with the loneliness /int/: I haven't really had friends since I left my last jo…[View]
124024812Why do Europeans dress as homosexuals?[View]
124023192Rape doesn’t exist because women aren’t classed as living.[View]
124024337I can't even chill and smoke some weed in my house because I live with my dad. I'm 21 but …[View]
124025192I suffer in Greater England.[View]
124025141>Your cunt >Have you ever gotten a really lucky break? Canada Yes, I should have been fired fr…[View]
124025275>YOU HAVE TO HAVE EMPATHY OR YOU ARE INSECT!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!![View]
124025048how true is this?[View]
124025073/ex-yu/: Degen sati izdanje[View]
124023901When will the Canada-US border reopen?[View]
124023312I only drink unskimed milk bro. It's good for my big bones.[View]
124025103Can someone give me one of these with Vatican City’s flag?[View]
124025046ITT post famous females from your cunt[View]
124023641So what happened to your stock of toilet paper?[View]
124024942Can we say USA is '1 country, 50 systems'?[View]
124023069>1 shot at life >gay in a family that hates gays its over…[View]
124024947>no i'm not a 'male feminist' i'm just a feminist[View]
124022284What do you think of their philosophies?[View]
124024936>lives in a continental-size country >never visited anywhere out of my state…[View]
124024513>Bookman Old Style[View]
124019419What’s life like for rich latin americans?[View]
124014269/cum/ - canada usa mexico: faggot loser edition[View]
124023650Do we need an slavic history month?[View]
124019257>there are americans who live on the moon[View]
124022202>Be half Jew half Italian mutt. >Italian side of the family makes fun of the Jewish sides nose…[View]
124022262is a romantic relationship too much to ask for?[View]
124023581Hello, boys. I'm poland. AMA: ITT.[View]
124024692Could you teach me how to read please Soyjak?[View]
124023716Have you ever caught a std?[View]
124024442Why don't they make mapudungun their first language? No one understands them anyways.[View]
124024582Is it true that sunlight harm whitoid?[View]
124024497I dont have health insurance. Because I live in a civlized part of the world where the hospital won…[View]
124024512Do you love Tennessee?[View]
124022567/brit/: fuck off clogwog you ugly rat edition[View]
124024269I wish I was born in a country other than the US. I'm mentally a third worlder: lazy, stupid, u…[View]
124024312Would you participate to a mob lynching given the chance?[View]
124023488Dog breeds from your region/cunt: This dog is known as Boca Preta (Black Mouth Dog) and is unique fr…[View]
123993941/cp/ - culture pals: Speaking with my qt edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around t…[View]
124024120What's like having schizophrenia?[View]
124018237I’m american. Ask me anything.[View]
124019740China is to Japan what France is to England. Agree?[View]
123993119How is it possible that none of you guys here got married in your early 20s?[View]
124018687Am I the only American here who actually hates their country and wishes they were born anywhere else…[View]
124024116I serve my Fatherland. even if I was unfortunately born here...[View]
124013398hehehe crab[View]
124023476>german niggas be like 'guten tag, I masturbate with my poop'[View]
124018365>cunt >do you support same-sex marriage?[View]
124023931How do french anons view him?[View]
124015453From first hand experience in Africa I can tell... Yes they can[View]
124023737Is it true german girls like leather play? Are they dominatrix-es ?[View]
124023253>There are non-americans on /int/ who unironically shill for this Israeli/Saudi cocksucker Why?…[View]
124009807How many hours a day do you put into studying a language /int/[View]
124016222Do Euros ACTUALLY drink this?[View]
124019134>i'll never play the Harpa like a Paraguayo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwJlqxsE4fQ…[View]
124021368>'Mom said it's my turn to breed.'[View]
124018292argentina: why is he in every single argentinian movie?[View]
124022270Daily Reminder[View]
124022650>talk to a german jobgiver about a job >he asks me what i do and how i do it >i explain in …[View]
124016881Why are brits so emotionally repressed? And what are the most emotionally repressed nations excludin…[View]
123997425/turk/ - formerly known as /tr/: kamu spotu edisyonu[View]
124023306Does your country have an equivalent to Deanos?[View]
124022021한국어: 굿모닝~ 브로들 ㄷㄹㅇ[View]
124023131>okay, so it definitely happened, but come on, six million?[View]
124023109Sigh.... what could have been.....[View]
124022522>broke af, have to live with lower middle class parents >household net worth higher than 67% o…[View]
124015472hilo /lat/ANO: Hilo que se rebela ante el mundo moderno[View]
124019611Your cunt Do you fear the consequences of social distancing on society?[View]
124020012what happened to anglos like this? when did they all turn into chavs or fat norf fc kick de boool ty…[View]
124022151Why are gooks so evil? Why do they hate Japan anyway? Why do they support China's wet dream?[View]
124021782>You wake up in the US[View]
124015764cunt age khhv? flag 20 yes[View]
124023175>proceds to tell every country how non white they are, despite the fact that not a single north a…[View]
124020560>this triggers the anglotranny[View]
124014000You guys lied Croatian are racist![View]
124017932What's with fucking albanians being the saviours of collapsing muslim states? I mean seriously,…[View]
124017855Average American man in 2060 via University of Michigan[View]
124022375BROS. Fuel is under a $1[View]
124022138>drive home >see black person >day ruined…[View]
124020599/brit/: fuck off clogwog edition[View]
123990147faces if /int/: post your face itt[View]
124017227Somebody called me a russian rape baby in a thread today[View]
124022673Do Americans really feel the need to be tough and menacing to others online? Does this stem from som…[View]
124021647>that one time a guy would play tickle with your crush in front of you[View]
124011929What anime has your country produced?[View]
124021892'If he's smart he has my best interests in mind!': Why do Ameritards believe this nonsense? The…[View]
124021071>*brum brum brum* >*BOOM* >*crash* >you open the door to see what's going on >'w…[View]
124022630/brit/: fuck off clogwog edition #2[View]
124021751Ancestry Thread[View]
124021911How do you get a trad Spanish gf? I’m a catholic Anglo if that matters.[View]
124022462Florida bros, how do you feel about your state's culture being heavily associated with SoundClo…[View]
124011384Who is the most famous man in the world? Trump or Ronaldo?[View]
124020047I’m currently working on restoring my foreskin. Today my foreskin is about 3 millimeters in length, …[View]
124020917>An Arizona man has been arrested and charged after pointing a gun at a DoorDash delivery man, Me…[View]
124020758Average brownentinian neighborhood.[View]
124018887Do Southern Slavs (minus Bulgarians) reminisce over Yugoslavia?[View]
124021929america: based or cringe?[View]
124020071>american culture[View]
124016343>mfw no british rose gf life is suffering[View]
124009082*saves your thread from being cringe* You're welcome.[View]
124019209what's his endgame?[View]
124017728why is urugay so obsessed with furries? recent studies have shown that urugay make up 72% of the wor…[View]
124021924this motherfucking frog is the magnum opus of finnish invention[View]
124018118/brit/: R GEORGE edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_B3qkp4nO4[View]
124021520Maps Thread: The ideal map of EVropa, all unnecessary countries have been removed and substituted by…[View]
124021210i suffer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhwSPRY51gs[View]
124020632>no gay assault rifle >kills like 10bmore people then the average american 'shooter' How can a…[View]
124021729Uhhhh dude? Where’s your mask?[View]
124017981cute /int/ poster[View]
124016525>Did you >*Genocides a continent* >*Allies with the British Empire* >Did you know >*I…[View]
124021460Britain: What attracts people to this shithole?[View]
124020854Never realized Indonesia was so big[View]
124019110>Ik been en sekleree woon eneijkle en wekijlere neggjkrere nam[View]
124021627Do they really?[View]
124005890>Ever since the UK left the EU integration has being picking up quickly How do you Euros feel abo…[View]
124018967>greek culture[View]
124021509Recommend Soviet and East European animation: already seen The Tragedy of Man https://www.youtube.c…[View]
124019872Are you in favour or not on collecting race/ethnicity demographic data?[View]
124021346>Japanese women went to China and Korea to become prostitutes in the 1800s and many of them sent …[View]
124003798/tr/: anime[View]
124020554ALPHA Cities: You can only post in this thread if you inhabit an ALPHA+ or above city. Town and cou…[View]
124021330>mfw today on /int/ there is a surprisingly lack of Bolsonaro shills I wonder why?…[View]
124014263/v4/ + frienderinos: Comfy edition[View]
124021214Ok I'm done posting here, goodbye.[View]
124018288How do we fix this region?: So? Any ideas?[View]
124016762Based on your knowledge, wich country it's next on leaving the EU? I place my bets on Italy, as…[View]
124019429I wonder what the reactions to my outfit would be in your country[View]
124020373>tfw you'll never get a cute italian girlfriend[View]
124019012Post videos that are trending in your country This is n 2 here https://youtu.be/vVkD2IT0ebk[View]
124019870/Carib/: Hi guys https://discord.gg/nyQN9y[View]
124010779/ex-yu/: baja izdanje[View]
124014809>muslims have no culture, they're subhumans[View]
124020984When did you realise that Caucasus is the manliest region on earth?[View]
124015300Why are Brazillian hot dogs so extra?: What the hell is all this stuff? Hot dogs just need a bun, ke…[View]
124017064how are you spending your night? I took 10mg of diazepam and drinking a couple of beers and smoking …[View]
124019479I have devised master plan to riperoni Austria and Germany forevef: In my option, we must kill the G…[View]
124019649Okay, this is epic[View]
124020475Does /int/ prefer street hood niggas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W0e7aI0gAg Or geeky suburb nig…[View]
124020435There is a software which creates a soundscape for images http://imaginarysoundscape2.qosmo.jp/#/up…[View]
124019454Imagine having crushes on your male friends as a teen Imagine hating and despising yourself for thes…[View]
124019280age are you a failure? 10+10 yes[View]
124004268THIS is paradise not some fucking sunny beach[View]
124019592A pragmatic technique for analyzing and dealing with worry: Identify the worry, get all the facts, i…[View]
124019519why do korean idols kill themselves?[View]
124017503>Europeans have to shart in designated sharting bowls and pay €1 for this privilege Meanwhile we …[View]
124019293Norway is pathetic: Doing absolutely nothing during history but finding some oil nearby around its c…[View]
124019749Do the Dutch have big heads? Because their offspring here do.[View]
124016455>read german >understand everything without too much difficulty >try to form a simple sente…[View]
124019985Thots on New Jersey?[View]
124000125/ita/ - il Filo: Edizione Vittorio Amedeo II di Savoia, detto la Volpe Savoiarda[View]
124018107I just want a gf that's all[View]
124018587Good Morning Friends![View]
124010497>wtf bro stop reading ancient historical sources read history written and revised in the 21st cen…[View]
124018835How do I get a wh*toid gf?[View]
124019408The Swedish parlament just voted through a law that will put you in prison for fucking prostitutes a…[View]
124018973Have you ever been loved in your cunt?[View]
124013869Are there girl subcultures in your country? >no[View]
124017322>Je me souviens[View]
124019105How do you like your city skyline?[View]
124019125Anglo girls are underrated[View]
124018836>american niggas be like it just went pass 100k so we'll pretend to care and be sad a few mi…[View]
124012439Why do Americans think these cartoons are better and more quality than anime?[View]
124017502Wtf I never knew reddit was this based: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/g8bbs0/tom_cotton_an_…[View]
123978340/éire/: Eagrán chebs[View]
124003625Before /int/: >Finland, what is that? After /int/: >I love Suomi! Does this happen in your c…[View]
124002033Why are Americans so violent and hateful?[View]
1240170491. Your country 2. Is it socially acceptable to wear masks in public as a way to halt the spread of…[View]
124014512Imagine being Afro-American: Why would they still want to live in a county such as USA if they most …[View]
124018485What are nursery schools in your countries like?: Did they have you have a nap? What food did they c…[View]
124000480/polska/: Edycja tłiterka dla dzieciaczków[View]
124016534Before /int/: >Finland, what is that? After /int/: >SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX…[View]
124018323>watched Enter The Dragon >Just watched the first half of Fist of Fury Holy shit. In the off c…[View]
124016110My favorite city is Boston, Massachusetts. What's your favorite city?[View]
124016179Does this happen in your country?: A mosque built in 1700s on a bazaar that began in the early 1500s…[View]
124017861What do you think of canada?[View]
124017479>Lawyers need 7 years of university to practice and know the law. >Police officers spend a me…[View]
124015880This is Serbia: Yes we are 1st world and better than 99% of countries on earth, especially Latin Ame…[View]
124013325And the pathetic foreigner tells me we will drown![View]
124016826Why does it seem like no one cares about the impact coronavirus is having on the black community?: T…[View]
124017766Who is actually winning the space race?[View]
124016680Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLQFThz2rNk[View]
124017018/brics/ - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa: get in here, bros[View]
124017618>What if I just don’t like black people senpai? >Senpai am I really a hateful person for being…[View]
124013543Sverigetråden - Kungaupplagan[View]
124017630Is your country featured in any of the top revenue generating sports leagues in the world ?[View]
124017598>your p*ssy >your opinion on soijack[View]
124009915Your coubtry Have you ever been cucked? Yes my ex sucked a complete stranger's dick on a New Ye…[View]
124014771I want an islander bf from Samoa What cunt do you want your bf from?[View]
124015291Do cartels actually have more manpower and firepower than the Mexican government/military? Or do the…[View]
124012227How common is this phenotype in Germany?[View]
124017394Do chinese people really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHsGO8a8WOE[View]
124017374Who contributed more to maths Muslims Indians Greeks Whites[View]
124016207France is killing the fashion scene. They are like Germans raping the European Car makers but for cl…[View]
124017361What are some war monuments/memorials from your country that you find beautiful or evocative? Here i…[View]
124017314Are there trannies in your vagina?[View]
124006562/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition GARGANTUESQUE ANCIEN FIL PUTAIN : >>123994887[View]
124014065What is this ethnic https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1265735771807457280/pu/vid/640x640/RlkYkdR…[View]
124016836>Uruguay was mentioned in a Simpsons episode that aired world-wide: That literally makes us more …[View]
124010335My ancestor :3[View]
124016771A grown man just took a dump on my porch. I’m gonna fuckin’ kill him![View]
124010636This is Russky Island. Whats is going on?: This is Russky Island. Whats is going on?[View]
124005027Do you ride trains a lot in your country? Do you have any interesting train stories? I only rode tra…[View]
124016842>Maybe if we leave the EU we'll reclaim some of our former pride and influence! >We'…[View]
124015821how much far would you go with tranny ?[View]
124001639hilo latino: hilo beisd pinochet[View]
124005474Now that EU unification is pretty much set when will the EU ditch english as the Lingua Franca and s…[View]
124016374why are they dumb af?[View]
124013258>america wants to go into space so badly because their fat and weight aren't held back by gr…[View]
124007032EUROS OF /INT/: would you like living in a europe that looks like this?[View]
124014886>You will never live in Poland[View]
124016308Do American really think he is hot????: East Asian think he is ugly as fuck People see him as ugly …[View]
124014464Rei or Asuka?[View]
124014789Why are russians like this?[View]
124010902Do you love Amerindians?[View]
124014829International drinking games thread: Hey /int/ellectuals. My roommates and I need to drown our sorro…[View]
124009364Can't wait to eat steak everyday.[View]
124016282is this common in your cunt?[View]
124016205post the most famous Jew in your country[View]
124013544Please post that webm with all the pretty /int/ chics.[View]
124012684Hate these fuckers[View]
123977724Can someone explain to me what the fuck is happening in Japan? >A 2010 survey by the National Ins…[View]
124016046Nooo Germanic bros what are you doing. We can help you cook please stop killing your life expectancy…[View]
124014373Do Americans...?[View]
124014193Do they even have any white anons ?[View]
124015926why do anglos cry so much?[View]
124014365Post a painting and a classical music piece from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQFS6…[View]
124011134/brit/: >tfw no gf edition[View]
124015420If Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in Europe then why are Lithuanians so psychologically resi…[View]
123972044/med/ - olive oil general: Aka Mediterranean, aka coomer general. Invited: all Mediterranean countri…[View]
124014179Yes, I am Balkanese Yes, I am part of the most ancient proto-European race Yes, I am violent and war…[View]
124014374>The Soyuz-FG rocket carrying Soyuz TMA-22 was launched in blizzard-like conditions, with high wi…[View]
124008896/desi/: Yo yo Honey Singh edition[View]
124014475What do you have to say for yourselves, Americans?[View]
124015628The Meiji Restoration was a mistake. Japan should have kept the West out.[View]
123995915/cum/: https://youtu.be/D4kfhy5Kzkk 中共万岁[View]
124008792How do you cope with not being American?: https://twitter.com/AstroBehnken/status/126567046281577676…[View]
124013934do you like spanish men?[View]
124013642>anon, tell me 1 thing your country is better at than any other country…[View]
124006500How common is body hair in your cunt?[View]
124009705Better before or after?[View]
124013028The power of cow piss[View]
123994758/mena/: Assman please go easy on your fags edition[View]
124014257You wouldn’t last a day in Algeria[View]
124001093Why are American cops so eager to murder black people? Are they so blood thirsty...?[View]
124011058/brit/: Campy 70s edition[View]
124010913Ugh...what could have been[View]
124010880The most prestigious citizenship is French citizenship.[View]
124000765/Nederdraad/: Greta is een geile slet uitgave.[View]
124011782You're now living in the Chinese century. How does it feel?[View]
124011547/MEX/: Edición de memes de shrek Invitados todos los que no se anden con pendejadas, traten de limit…[View]
124014954Is this typical Bolivian behavior?[View]
124014780me and my friend (his name is Martin)[View]
124012136Isn't it hypocritical of saudis to hang homos while their princes travel to london to fuck pale…[View]
124013374Stop being so naive: Literally no one loves your « American values » other than your money. No one l…[View]
124007472Can Americans explain the 'Karen' meme to me?: Why assign a person's name to a behavi…[View]
124012161I had a steak pie with cooked eels. Yes, it tasted great.[View]
124014570Robin hood thread: >Quite simple, really. You prove yourself as a thief. Succeed, and the world i…[View]
124014480>Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall[View]
124014011Australians of /int/.. If i were to travel to your cunt. where would i be least likely to see spide…[View]
124013871What is life like in Chile?: I have only met one person from Chile when I was in primary school. Whi…[View]
124013886>EASY DIY BIRD FEEDER DONE IN 1 HOUR >it takes me a week, looks like a post-apocalystic clump …[View]
1240087761. your country 2. have you ever been in a fight irl[View]
124011834>a nuclear power losing against droplets of water[View]
124014142>A >FUCKING >CLOUD…[View]
124013813Why is America handling the Corona virus pandemic so poorly? Its reputation is plummeting.[View]
124013287Why do African-Americans vote Democratic far more frequent than any other race? Even 1/3rd of Latino…[View]
123972732/v4/ + frens: Wake up dummies[View]
124011634Powerful, actually moved me to tears https://youtu.be/vvn4pGenGUM[View]
124010517Italians, don't try to be what you're not. Put down the guitar and pick up the maracas bec…[View]
124010624>Britain isn't a world power anymore[View]
124011789This is the leader of the Spanish fascist movement: Say something nice about him[View]
124007637/leaf/ - Canada General: Rush edition Previous >>123947803[View]
124008092i present to you, the civilised world[View]
124007470What's worse ? Chinese nationalists vs american nationalists ?: Both >Inb4 neckbeard xD…[View]
124013569Sverigetråden - elon musk upplagan: hahaha wowie konsumera iphonerinos och flyga rymdraket bing bing…[View]
124007862Why is it always brown people that are like this?[View]
124005909What happens here?[View]
124010734Luxembourg, the most based country in Europe[View]
124013432hey crackas this one's for george floyd[View]
124009093American and Australian whites are so much more masculine than European whites[View]
123981224/rus/: Юpия Гaгapинa издaниe. Пpeдыдyщий: >>123966800[View]
124010124my very obese coworker only talks about food[View]
124013170How can I get an Uruguayan gf?[View]
124009450I'll be honest with you. I wouldn't want a relationship with a girl from another country l…[View]
123993454/balk/: pray for my health >>123973420[View]
124012690KMT dudes fought japan in WW2 but taiwan is now super pro-japan. What exactly happened?[View]
124008496/brit/: euro trash[View]
124010178A toast! To the United State's space program![View]
124010084We should of never left the oceans desu[View]
124008929What had the corona virus done to your unemployment rate ?[View]
124010849I can’t remember people’s name: Why is it hard so bros. I fucked up again by not remembering a name …[View]
124011698I love being white can you say the same anon?[View]
124007438can i count on my /int/ernational BLACK brothers for help in our race war?[View]
124009277Why are some Brits or people descended from Brits so swarthy? I have seen literal Italians and Greek…[View]
124008703>China was never grea-[View]
124009292havent enjoy life in long time is feeling joy took a long time ?[View]
124004634If they make it I promise to stop muttposting for at least a year[View]
124005335Is this map accurate?[View]
124011759/bel/+/ukr/: Cпaкoйнaгa aдпaчынкy нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>123973534[View]
124011686ahh yes islam was the right religion be strong brothers allah with us[View]
124005730Daily reminder that you will NEVER be German. How does that make you feel?[View]
124011484>THE BELGIAN BVLL[View]
124007818How is live in tutorialand? How do tutorial countries differ from our lives?[View]
123973534/bel/+/ukr/: Pelmeni edition. Пoпepeднiй: >>123944458[View]
124010147>women and children first[View]
124007502Evil euros will try to say I am not based, but I am. FUCK p*re-bloods. Uruguayans get in here!! Braz…[View]
124008874wtf happens in Wales?[View]
124010338Damn...: Powerful.[View]
124009066>youtube.com >asmr >filter >date >last hour…[View]
123932992kurva anyátok[View]
124009454>class on nuclear photography I was supposed to take in Fall got cancelled because of social dist…[View]
123996338Hilo /esp/añol: >perkeleeeeeeeeeee >Lenguas regionales y portugueses bienvenidos…[View]
124004007wtf: I'm black(Ethiopian) and today my parents heard and saw the video of the black man getting…[View]
123993109What's the consensus on Kazakstan?[View]
124010181Less than 50 minutes to launch Press P to (P)ray that the Americans venture into space safely God Bl…[View]
124010170>ur cunt >did you know this is who calls you not white?…[View]
124006564Sverigetråden - Trolljägarupplagan[View]
124007303What do people search about your nation on google?[View]
124010075You euros wouldn’t last a day in America[View]
123976654/ex-yu/: Dobro jutro braćo[View]
124009233Noone likes us, we dont care. We are MAGYARS, mighty MAGYARS from Asia![View]
124009806:D <3[View]
124002916Do Americans really microwave their shoes?[View]
124010316>tfw poorfag >our household has a higher net worth than 2/3rds of American households…[View]
124008160>Be brownentinian. >Spend +6 years in college studying computer science/ software engineering.…[View]
124004927Do English people consider Anglo-Indians their own kin?: https://youtu.be/gAIq19PxYX0 This guy was b…[View]
124008532Do they still hate each other or is it just memes?[View]
123992583/mämmi/: Kolari -painos[View]
123940649/Luso: Não existe um covid19. Existem coronavírus comuns, que sempre foram responsáveis por até 15% …[View]
124004170is it being exaggerated or there are some serious porblems with american police system?[View]
124009232>Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: Jazzy NYC 99 Extended HD[View]
124009918why were the soviets so based? is it a slavic thing?[View]
124006558>Your cunt >How often do you buy things over the internet? I do very little, once every 3 mont…[View]
124009555Olive Oil[View]
124006634>I suffer in England Angloboys have top tier slags ready to take their seed at a moments notice. …[View]
124009000Chic-filet shuts down in UK >Be me >Hear about how great American restaurants are from America…[View]
124009465How do you transcend cooming?[View]
124002188Post the tallest building in your country. Are tall buildings related to penis?[View]
124008354Tell me about your cunt[View]
124005741is there's anything fun to learn[View]
124005808Oh look, America moves to save ANOTHER country/territory/autonomy from commies/nazis/authoritarians …[View]
124001635they used to gaypost so much, what happened?[View]
124008774I haven't done anything productive in years[View]
123986926/desi/: Alia edition[View]
124006267>tfw no californian gf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa this is stressing me out quite a bit fuck!!!! Th…[View]
124006713Can someone tell this motherfucker that leave us alone[View]
124005347/brit/: Counter Strike Source -edish[View]
123980453americans be like >I suffer in the US of A[View]
124005375Greatest Portuguese hero![View]
123982253Do you at least accept the fact that China has a more interesting history than your country?[View]
124007886do people in your country ever smoke sum weed?[View]
124006446Americans have anal sex without condoms.[View]
123999604Have any of you bought anything online recently? I haven't since the virus started, might wait …[View]
123999134Press F to pay respects (The US has now declared that they don't recognise Hong Kong as indepen…[View]
124008130They call me mutt They call me brown face They call me shart-in-mart They call me yank That’s not m…[View]
124007748I keep missing online classes, assignments and even exams. I'll fail this semester.[View]
124007962tfw Americans are so fucking hyped about something we did in 1961: Do they really?[View]
124007225How come even Asian dog has Asian eyes????[View]
124007913>no ban on incoming flights >no ban on outgoing flights >nationals are always permitted to …[View]
124003249/gaskrank&animekriminell/ auch bekannt als /deutsch/: Dem Gerdi seine Ausgabe[View]
124006448No, we're not white No, we're not med[View]
124007774>women and children first[View]
124002559Good morning /int/[View]
1240077321. you're pussy 2. are you fat? 3. is there an obesity epidemic in your pussy?[View]
124004002Red countries should unite to make blue countries red.[View]
124005232Where would you rather live?[View]
124007384>Friendly cute new neighbor says she wants to greet me personally >Invite her for a beer, and …[View]
124006578/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Celica gt four Ancien >>123994887[View]
123990555/norgetråden/: Min sønn si dine synder og jeg vil sette deg fri-utgaven Forrige: >>123958448 …[View]
124005984Not sure if this is the right board for this, but let's say hypothetically I wanted to lay low …[View]
124007487popular expression.: >when somebody is being greedy or selfish we say'não sejas semitico', don´t …[View]
124003424>Why yes, I'm Polish-Haitian, how did you know? >'Recessive genes'? What do you mean?…[View]
124004421this picture haunts me[View]
123996654'Poo in loo' is propaganda spread by insecure Chinese posters, who fear their role in the world migh…[View]
124006017>Your cunt >How often do you buy things over the internet? I do very little, once every 3 mon…[View]
124006927The guy that saved europe.[View]
124007132>Package delivery rescheduled. >Your new delivery date is Monday.…[View]
124007004Have we officially entered the era of Middle Kingdom Hegemony?[View]
124001016your country what do say when you want to call a cat? usa here, kitty-kitty[View]
124006628>french niggas call jogging 'footing' >they call sneakers 'baskets'…[View]
124006808France... home[View]
124004021Stop mocking and bullying us: We are not deserving of it We are innocent Leave us poor folks alone a…[View]
124006804>hold on, let me upload this video of me speaking mandarin at a Chinese restaurant so I can get m…[View]
124006438coomers penis cant get up when he see a real pussy[View]
124004751>Yes, I did shoplift expensive items from the supermarket and it's their fault for being ove…[View]
123999798The only relevant peoples[View]
124000678Under the dark cloud of the CCP, a lone hero emerges...[View]
124003970How can all the human races live in harmony?[View]
124001647>i suffer in india[View]
124002486I think this is the ugliest passport ever made. I have nothing against italy, I like the country, bu…[View]
124006579>he imagined himself rocking out his favorite anime/game song in front of his crush and the entir…[View]
124003071Post a picture of your passport![View]
124006538I will never forgive the poles for creating the newest internet pop culture plague.[View]
124004869Creo que no quedo claro... ¿por que tanta envidia negros?[View]
124000350Does black incel exist? They all look like Chad to me[View]
123993177>tfw I remember my /pol/ phase Why was I so cringy?[View]
124005922>You don't have to be black to be outraged[View]
124004777Bolsonaro's son is dating her, she's 28 and he's 21[View]
124003679Post countries your country obliterated.: That are still butthurt after centuries.[View]
124003649>Call the police on these burglars? I'll just kill them myself, i am american after all, tal…[View]
123986741What is life like in tutorial countries?[View]
124005539norDICKS ahaahhaha[View]
124005677>tfw psychiatrist said I was too talkative and refuses to see me What now?…[View]
124004608We must protect Afghan men from danger because they're qts. Women too...I guess.[View]
124004250The world in 2070: This is what the world will look like at the peak of Chinese hegemony[View]
124005031>which country should I bully today? *throws dart* >ah yes, Norway >[start a thread]…[View]
124005900Weakest state of United Mexican States.[View]
123991211Country? how big was madelines case?[View]
124005805Which European shall be bullied today?[View]
124005567What country in the world is the most J U S T? I'd say Bolivia.[View]
124004055Thanks for the beer Czechbros[View]
123992027Which ones do you support?: Of course I support independence and reunification for all my celtic bro…[View]
123998141How am I supposed to meet a girl? I'm in my late 20s and I would finally settle down, I'm …[View]
123999728>In France if you say you're going to kill yourself on internet cops come to your house and …[View]
124001205FUCK ANIME: >browsing through my hard drive >laughing having a good time chillin :) >sudden…[View]
124004695Country with the strongest navy in the Red Sea.[View]
124005444https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aymrnzianf0 USA's first crewed orbital spaceflight launch since…[View]
124004445Changed my mind, living in the US sucks[View]
123994887/fr/ - le francofil: Édition BX Ancien >>123980124[View]
124002952Strongest country in Africa.[View]
124005142The French word for bread is pain[View]
124004647>lolicon >impregnation >rape >mindbreak >unusual pupils >old ugly bastard…[View]
124004059have you visited Portugal yet? if yes, did you like it here? did you enjoy yourself? if no, why don…[View]
124000913how do I get a peruvian japanese gf?[View]
124003923i did it bros: i fixed evropa[View]
124001150Yes we are Orthodox Yes we use Cyrillic Yes we are rich and 1st world No you can't dispute this[View]
124004980Is the US going to have race riots again soon? I miss those.[View]
124002806Midwest girls are goddesses.[View]
124000565What the fuck is this grotesquely ugly piece of shit?[View]
124004792>Why yes, I peaked it high school. How did you know?[View]
124006011itt we pretend its 2004[View]
124004762>psychiatry is a scam[View]
124004782Tell me something about melanesians: Have you ever met one?[View]
124002191>landlocked >highest 'mountain' is 1600 meters tall >highest number of porn stars per capit…[View]
123988520/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Luis J, Gomez[View]
124000625Why are Spanish people like this?[View]
123999950Sverigetråden: Sverigetråden - stenkastsupplagan[View]
124004495>I can't read my own handwriting[View]
124001346In South America we are always saying that the reason we are not the first world is because of the E…[View]
124003974SOON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aymrnzianf0[View]
124001686EU gibs for Serbia.: Keep em' coming. We need 7 billion euros more next month.[View]
124000876Why can't they just behave?[View]
123950738/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you not learning? >Share language le…[View]
124002260>ywn practice baseball and/or football(rugby) and bond with with your American father >ywn for…[View]
123998111What do u drink most a day? Water? Tea? Coffee? Energy drink? Or cola?[View]
123996972Chinese GDP grew $150B (1.1%) 4 months into 2020. USA GDP contracted -$1000B (-4.5%) 4 months into 2…[View]
124003922Define your entire civilization zeigeits using a phrase: Latinoamerica: Brown Reggeaton shithole fav…[View]
124002269There are some typos in the bible: When it says that the jews are the chosen people, it is actually …[View]
124003774What would women in your cunt do if a stranger kissed them on the lips?? Link related https://twitte…[View]
124003281https://youtu.be/rjb9FdVdX5I Does your country have private companies rushing important safety proce…[View]
124002721Is Saint Petersburg the best city in Russia?[View]
124003395>'Why yes, I am the saviour of the white race, how could you tell?'[View]
124002280What the fuck? https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/finland-happiest-country-united-…[View]
124003394my fellow americans you have 10 seconds to prove you're not a chi[View]
124003540>Why yes, i do support BVRGVNDIAN independence, how could you tell?[View]
124000047BASED BASED BASED: Fucking FINALLY.[View]
124000301BWC for latinas and asian girls. Who is with me?[View]
124003226it's 22:38 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
123999053/deutsch/: Auf uniron[View]
124002882>There will never be a handsome stranger who arrives at my door one day and takes me far away fro…[View]
123991775Who do you support in the upcoming Nile Eater War?[View]
123997371Guess the country: Whoever gets it right goes next[View]
124001096Why are native people from this area (China/India border) so fucking different each other in everyth…[View]
124000627Is Budapest the best city in Eastern Europe?[View]
123990978The famous Italian architecture[View]
124002495H-hey America, are you going doing ok??[View]
124001811What is going on with the Norwegian royal family: >be Norwegian princess, granddaughter of the Ki…[View]
124000391>allies didn't won WWII because the US joined imagine thinking UK and Stalin would have won …[View]
123995708Name a more retarded and annoying posters[View]
123997434How will Canada deal with this great tragedy? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/us/politics/controv…[View]
123999519your country post cute asian guys[View]
1239997611. You're a country 2. Are you fat Britain yes[View]
123996421I thought Bruges was medieval... but it turns out that it is a 19th century disneyland... Damn still…[View]
123997817/brit /: Melancholia edition[View]
123999166thoughts on amerikkka?[View]
123994222>terrible food >horrific accent >miserable >ugly >american level fat why don't t…[View]
124001774Show your passports thread[View]
123979694What Chinese ideology do you support?[View]
124002112rate my lunch /int/[View]
124001218What would the world be like if Spain had not existed?[View]
124002101For me, it's English independence[View]
124002059Have you seen CGTN? https://youtu.be/H2ZrVnarSBw[View]
124001844based first world scientific study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6473561/[View]
123991946>Americans implement the right to bear arms in their constitution, second only to freedom of spee…[View]
124001687Yeah, I'm thinking we have worse problems than corona[View]
124001196I already miss COVID-19. It was fixing everything wrong in this world.[View]
124001579>uhhhhhhhh where’s your mask dude?[View]
123999383Do they really?: >Hurr fucking disgusting chinks!!!! YEAH KILL EM DEY GOTTA PAY…[View]
1240013261. youre cunt 2. what do you think of the government of your cunt.[View]
124000431Everyone in this world worships them[View]
123995424Official list of awesome countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua & De…[View]
123997569I'm a Portuguese man living in France[View]
123998852Why do latinos love The Mask so much?[View]
124000731AL QAWLU QAWLU SAWARIM >your cunt >do you listen to nasheeds? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
123999802Do other countries have this mom aesthetic?: It feels like most media representation of foreign moth…[View]
123995797Someone blew up an ATM not too far from my apartment last night. I heard the loud noise but thought …[View]
123972091hilo latino: hilo católico[View]
123999328>You hate to see it >Sir, this is a Wendy's…[View]
123999742ITT: countries which have genuinely bad posters[View]
123987501/Nederdraad/: Pijplippen uitgave Welkom: Belgische MED BVLLS met pijplippen Niet welkom: Hollandse …[View]
124000546>Your Cunt >Your opinion on Neuralink 'Neuralink was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk [and others]…[View]
123996758Why do Native Americans get to have cool names like Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Red Hawk while I…[View]
123999256I'm 31, only had sex with a hooker when I was 27. I regret having sex.[View]
123995442>OMG is that a general?? So based!! I love circlejerking with the same 8 people in the same threa…[View]
123998798Your cunt Are people obsessed with homeownership Canada Yes[View]
124000437why are there so many people in this board that are obsessed with dicks and BBC? this kind of shit 2…[View]
123997141We stopped worshipping them[View]
123998807What's this phenotype called?[View]
124000144I broke my side view mirror while driving in the fog today[View]
123997854why are japs so damn short?[View]
123998878Let's have a then & now thread. Here's the template >cunt >then : description …[View]
123997566I still miss it bros[View]
123999569ITT: Images that trigger türks[View]
123994531/nigga/: Polish edition. Threadly question: what are some nice animals in your area[View]
123999192>aryan blood please[View]
123956311Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>123906191 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
123999372can someone explain to me what kind of flavor is american flavor?[View]
123999672Fellow Romance irmãos, how do we fix France?[View]
123999552does your country have boys as cute as this? USA does[View]
123998929Being American: 'You know' 'Ain't' 'What's up?'[View]
123993868post police cars pic related is from italy[View]
123999716>ICH KANN FLIEGEN! :D[View]
123999209Your move r/int[View]
123998570I've been watching a lot of Korean cat videos on youtube. I like the stupid music and sound eff…[View]
123996611Do people actually do this in your cunt?[View]
123999405Why are there no Chinese people on /int/ ;)[View]
123995044Do people in your country watch moe?[View]
123999329>Rattling Blanket Woman >Good Voice Woman >Worm >High Backbone >Man Afraid of His Hor…[View]
123993242Is this accurate?[View]
123997981but why?[View]
123999089Principal Varieties of Mankind: A humble reminder /int/[View]
123998324Why is the most beautiful big (200.000+ pop) city of UK located in Scotland and not in England?[View]
123994909I started smoking again[View]
123998623Why is Chinese animation already relatively good but their dubbing still atrocious?[View]
123987981You wake up in Wuhan. You have 24 hours. You have a cellphone with no reception and 20% battery life…[View]
123996962My mother is in a medically induced coma because of pneumonia, not corona, she was tested. Still, sh…[View]
123992407Why yes, India is my favorite country in the world, Anon. And no, I'm not even drunk this time.…[View]
123998412>family can't understand I really don't like to eat and I don't give a fuck eating…[View]
123998654An Afrikaaner and a Dutchman walk into a bar: >Afrikaner is Dutch with simplified grammar >Afr…[View]
123996416/cum/ canada, usa, and mexico: Cubs edition[View]
123998647Thoughts on Japanese rap? https://youtu.be/zrksmjbRt3k[View]
123992854If you were a high school/uni student and saw your classmate cheating during a test, would you repor…[View]
123996880>first worlders call me poor when tropical fruits and food are considered luxuries in their shith…[View]
123991117American cops: Why do American cops behave so fucking badly? Dont they get trained properly? Im sure…[View]
123998018Europe and the Ameribros back on the Moon together! :)[View]
123981526/isr/ /ישר/: watermelon on a hot day edition >last thread who cares >thread theme https://yo…[View]
123998485>disculpe, podría bajar el volumen?[View]
123995314daily remember: Felipe has a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQzzT-WhnC8Oy3PaVYW7X…[View]
123994178/frosch/ besser bekannt als /apu/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
123993923>Your cunt >How tall and weight is your ideal woman?…[View]
123997355which of Korean flag do you think is the best[View]
123998061>be parkland cop, run away during your finest hour >get fired >fight it with the union >…[View]
123996898What is it about the Arabian phenotype that attracts Nordic '''''''''men''''''''' so much?[View]
123997100haha ok[View]
123994723This is the source of all uncivilised and harmful cultural practices which come into Slovenia via Se…[View]
123992817Sverigetråden - Mjölkebilupplagan[View]
123992639I honestly cannot think of a country that is more jingoistic and has excessively violent patriots th…[View]
123997539Morrisey - I AM NOT A DOG On A CHAIN: So what did you think of it now the dust has settled? I'm…[View]
123997676/Carib/: I made a Carib server[View]
123997567Why does Japan look like the 90s never ended there?[View]
123957254/turk/ - formerly known as /tr/: Türkiye Türklerindir edisyonu[View]
123997523Where is my thread?: Over the past few days more threads were created with my pic. I don't see …[View]
123994410>went to Wal Mart >fat disgusting boomers riding around the store on motor scooters This count…[View]
123996444I'm so fuckin bad at math, bros.[View]
123993987how do people in your country think about us[View]
123995944I had a dream that PoCs allied with each other and we overthrew whites and sent them to Mars. After …[View]
123997306Europe has EUROVISION, why is there no 'ASIAVISION' in Asia? >Not ABU Song Festivals…[View]
123991328What kinds of vegetables do people in your country grow in their gardens?[View]
123997335I just want a cute Japanese gf who will beat and humiliate the shit out of me[View]
123997165What happens here[View]
123994362What do you think sex between Iberian colonizers and native girls looked like?[View]
123995207You wake up in Warsaw, Poland.[View]
123994998>hungarian girls[View]
123993373This is probably the most common phenotype in Spain. Do you have this phenotype in your country? Pos…[View]
123995007/brit/: You arrive in Cornwall edition[View]
123996158What has to be done in order to achieve this?[View]
123995289>google how to move to country x >google auto fills with how to move to country x from India …[View]
123997020Do people travel a lot by car in your country?[View]
123996871>knowyourmeme It has completely ruined internet culture. From my observations, it takes about 1 y…[View]
123991264Speak white.[View]
123996449>innocent gorilla in enclosure >killed in cold blood having done nothing to hurt anyone Were a…[View]
123992184Protestants are truly christian or just larpers?[View]
123996798HunGarians: How much is avar culture actually prevalent to this day?[View]
123996827why is maritime flag of Korea is so freaking ugly[View]
123996738>Är du galen?[View]
123989858Non-Americans: If you were to live in the USA, which state would you like to live in and why?[View]
123988098Italy has the best cuisine in the world[View]
123993297>india >land of the Indus river[View]
123995748What's with fucking albanians being the saviours of collapsing muslim states? I mean seriously,…[View]
123996471Do you like Tasmania?[View]
123964088/esp/ - hilo español: edición nocturna[View]
123973960/cum/ - canada, usa and mexico: dancing cat edition[View]
123993438What was the last thing you talked about with your girlfriend?[View]
123992995/ugly/: Who's the most hideous-looking poster on /int/? This is a thread for all of you, baldin…[View]
123993546>Your cunt >Is programming a popular job/activity/hobby? Burger Yes, but generally only in coa…[View]
123996232>Michigan lockdown extended a third time No way I’m voting for this bitch again in 2022. This bul…[View]
123995792>ywn practice baseball and/or football(rugby) and bond with with your American father >ywn for…[View]
123996080How do I become a vampire bros I'm sick of this mortal coil.[View]
123996027>start movie tagged as romance with good reviews >ntr is introduced halfway through the movie …[View]
123993502Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese are similar. But why is French different?: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
123991227>tfw no cool animals in Europe >the largest non-human predator in the UK is a fucking badger W…[View]
123994423Your country What do you call this in your country?[View]
123995463They have single handedly ruined /v/.[View]
123988832What are schools like in your country?[View]
123995419is it true that white boys are pink down there?[View]
123995740>I want bomb you gas gas gas gas[View]
123994265Muzema: Brazilian kowloon[View]
123980094You wake up in a favela in Rio de Janeiro. Your first move?[View]
123993517>your shithole >did you get BTFO by Iraq in the 90's?…[View]
123993455You wake up in Macau, China.[View]
123995296Bish, kek[View]
123994613Why are these people considered worse than western people? Because they don't strive to have la…[View]
123994421Do Americans really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6U2Un5kEdI&feature=emb_title[View]
123971571/asean/: Birb edition. What's your favorite birb?[View]
123995319Ljubljana, Texas[View]
123993370>FREEZE PUT YOUR HANDS UP Wat do?[View]
123993916>Language: Welsh, Gaelic >Capital: Manchester…[View]
123994805why doesn't my country get to have scenery?[View]
123994208THE ETERNAL HOOMER: BELGIAN MAN LIVES WITH A FAMILY ( a parliament) OF EURASIAN OWLS https://www.yo…[View]
123990240what a shithole: A country where police publicly murder citizens. When does this barbaric country be…[View]
123993218I always knew Holland was a goob b0ì. Now don't waste any more time and go back to work, I want…[View]
123991733Algerian girls look like THAT?![View]
123994661do you like indian police women? https://youtu.be/60ItP99P8i4[View]
123994390>동이 트는 아 침 바 다 갈매기때 춤추고 >달이 뜨는 저녁하늘 앵카송 퍼진다 >푸른바다 오대양을 주름잡는 사나이 깡깡 >너와 나는 충무처럼 길이길이 빛난다…[View]
123932796DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2395: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those study…[View]
123994480Édition BIGARD 2022 ancien >>123980124[View]
123993947Can one of you black guys call me aight? For a whitoid atleast.[View]
123991241America leaving the Middle East: >Strike like thunder So just make ALOT of noise but don't a…[View]
123988364Do Metalchicks exist in your country? Are they cute? How do you get one as a gf? Metalchicks don…[View]
123993597Yes I will watch space X spatial project whilst doing a video conference with friend. Elon Musk is a…[View]
123993214>1/2 of my language is French, how could you tell?[View]
123991172/brit/: Deano Milliband edition[View]
123992959Why do Irish people speak English as their native tongue?[View]
123994049the amount of people i heightmogged this morning is in the hundreds[View]
123993838Why is Japan so full of abandoned places? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6nhT2WAtwE[View]
123994091First World: What would happen if every country became first world? Would it be the end of humanity,…[View]
123993682do you have a good idea for a movie script? i need inspiration[View]
123993821Have you accepted that this is the Chinese century yet? When will you start learning Mandarin?[View]
123992061>24 degrees Celsius I'm sweating like a mofo bros how can other cunts live with this heat?…[View]
123994181>Used to think high pitched male voices were soyboy cringe shit >Start to listen to contraalto…[View]
123990487>white people bad >black people good >azn people smol penis >gay sex good >SOIJAK …[View]
123993690I drink tea and contemplate the meaning of life[View]
123994093What does Indian mafia look like?[View]
123993983FUCK S*MMER[View]
123994010>Soixante-dix? Did you mean septante?[View]
123991813somebody give me one good reason why we shouldn't kick out Poland from the EU[View]
123990594holy based[View]
123992784What's the difference between an American and a box of yogurt? The yogurt has a culture[View]
123993592non asians are the roasties of eyes[View]
123993658*cough cough* Soyjak... take this... the last of my power. It’s all up to you now.....[View]
123992944100 czk is called kilo here: 1000 czk is called liter do you have something like that in your cunt?…[View]
123989343Why do these countries have so many Indian expats? Are they not worried about being a minority in th…[View]
123991143I am an indian slave worker in Dubai. I work a construction job. For the past 3 months, my employer …[View]
123944851Culture Pals - /cp/: Sweep ovew pwarty edition!~ Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around th…[View]
123989127ITT, we say something nice about the flag above your post.[View]
123993626>go to Pirate Bay to see what new shows are running >look at the top 100 list >some TV seri…[View]
123993434My favorite french rapper, Moha la Squale, just released a new song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
123992628>ywn experience American high school >bullies will never put you in a locker >ywn prom king…[View]
123993244>I really need a Southeast Asian waifu[View]
123992798Terrorists your days are thru cause now you have to answer to MERIKAA: Coronavirus Bolivia 2019 Fals…[View]
123980124/fr/ - le francofil: Vos repas préférés, livrés avec Uber édition Ancien: >>123962452[View]
123993423Interesting how right wingers are bunch of gays, closet homosexuals, cheaters, having out of marriag…[View]
123992630is this a finngolian epicanthic fold or whatever its called am i finngoloidic?[View]
123991485>parents decided to give birth to me in America instead of Asia >tfw missed out on high school…[View]
123991739Why did Croatians reject the gift of freedom? Didn't they know that 1/4 of Serbia to liberate t…[View]
123993025Much better.[View]
123992767>go the local parkwith a mate to relax during the lockdown >a bunch of chavs are doing NOS bal…[View]
123992479The country where you live receives more tourists from which country? Brazil. 1. Argentina 2. USA 3.…[View]
123973420/balk/: fighting bulgarians edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjt3YxRwHeY old dead >>123…[View]
123992325Why do americans get so much hate when japs/spics/africans exist?[View]
123988663What's the best fast food chain in your country?[View]
123993026What's his phenotype?[View]
123991480Will your country force feminize you to cure COVID?: USA No, we have freedom. But I bet europeons ar…[View]
123992016I wish Americans never stopped the story telling type of singing, where the main vocalist used to go…[View]
123991810What's the last thing your mom cooked for you?[View]
123990501I want to FUCK Estonia[View]
123974373/ita/-il filo: Edizione Resettone[View]
123987955Do black americans really?[View]
123988431Why is USA culture so pervasive in other countries. I have been all over Europe and Asia in my lifet…[View]
123982654Did you know that if you translate Italy and make its southernmost point touch the northermost part …[View]
123991623Are Czechs slavs who speak German or Germans who speak Slavic?[View]
123990234Brazil number one! We are the country with the economy most affected by the coronameme.[View]
123982026Why do Americans feel so disingenuous? It's like they're really nice but it doesn't f…[View]
123992670Please call me 'mi amor' It means 'you're my best friend' in Spanish[View]
123992531Real TÜRKic man[View]
123991798lol does USA even stand for ugly stupid annoying[View]
123992484Ugh... Mon Empereur...[View]
123988441Thank you, Italians![View]
123988715blows my mind[View]
123988607/polska/: Edycja raperska https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh2T8B9Z5wA[View]
123992534>white people learning Japanese[View]
123991260Another day wasted living in brownentina.[View]
123991736The entertainers of humanity. Agree, or disagree?[View]
123990865We just never should have come here.[View]
123990333I need a Nippon waifu. Everyday that goes by without my Nippon waifu is a day filled with utter pain…[View]
123988326Is this an accurate depiction of Imperial Russia?: https://youtu.be/hJGedvRfHYg[View]
123980774/nigga/: This is a thread for all of us black people around the world. Share your stories bros.…[View]
123984688/mämmi/: Kaksiulotteinen nyymi -painos[View]
123988021Is he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZN3ooDtl9o[View]
123975727How many weeks has it been since the last time you had sex?[View]
123990133Why latinos have cartoon voices ?[View]
123992045Black American culture>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Agl1TgVfls0 https://www.youtube.c…[View]
123985116>new normal[View]
123991748Do you personally know anybody who has an onlyfans account (as an uploader) and if so what sex/gende…[View]
123983913/ro/ - firul nostru: Editia ariciului[View]
123991906If coronachan is so dangerous, why it didn´t kill 1/3 of europeans since 1/3 of them are over 65 yea…[View]
123986403Taiwan?: Why are they different? Why are they first world? Are they part of China? I never got the w…[View]
123988132Do Japanese really?[View]
123986545/mena/: sbah el khara[View]
123986799Why are Americans like this?[View]
123991752>ameribe american >ameriget americhoked by americops…[View]
123990783Maybe segregation is the solution for America.[View]
123979998International pizzas: Would you eat pic related? >sweet mustard >veal sausage >bretzel…[View]
123987446Do people in your country sleep?[View]
123990360Yes indeed I am Finland (suomi).[View]
123991417When we closed our doors, you smuggled drugs to open markets. When we embrace free trade, you blame…[View]
123982991The strongest country in Europe.[View]
123988265>Buenos Dias.[View]
123981436How do you say 'THICK' in your language?[View]
123990678>dog fighting is still legal in japan Why are they like this?[View]
123989092https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL_eoSCLVXY Why do Asian women love Somalians? Do Asian women really…[View]
123978086Thanks, Poland.[View]
123990871Who did it better?[View]
123985148what books were you made to read in high school? were the books relevant to your country? do you thi…[View]
123990127Say the pledge or allagiance or you get it buddy.[View]
1239901371. Your country 2. Is king of fighters big there? For some reason it's so big here even street …[View]
123990822tfw American cats really do this[View]
123990774>japanese women are sh- and introvrte- https://youtu.be/kVY6rJhjGw8[View]
123988255/brit/: mc can't edition[View]
123989449What's the crime here?[View]
123990934>decide to brush up my German >Decide to play AC4 in German >They speak super fast and supe…[View]
123990652Why do Eastern Germany got the same life expectancy than Brazil´s Northeast?[View]
123979333And how many languages do you speak r/int?[View]
123983918Sverigetråden - Pizzahutupplagan[View]
123990759Really makes you think. https://twitter.com/Interracialkin3/status/1256008050537709568[View]
123975933North Africa begins here.[View]
123990758Based USA![View]
123989378oh no no no[View]
123989469Best posters[View]
123986443I wish I could go back to 1st January of 2014: How about you?[View]
123990131tfw you will NEVER be dutch: >god tier landscape >10/10 Christian nation >10/10 women >w…[View]
123990336>a thing happened who fucking cares[View]
123984945Whoa Sweden, what the hell: That's a little unfair, don't you think?[View]
123987831Japan retvrn to roots..[View]
123985351Who's your country/people's greatest hero?: >Born into a noble family, Gustav rose to l…[View]
123976229do alpinid germans have an inferiority complex towards Nordic germans?[View]
123988372Help me out, Finns and Finnish speakers.: I need your help in an emergency. Can anyone make out the …[View]
123988488며칠사이 야윈 널 달래고 집으로 돌아오면서: 마지막 까지도 하지 못한말 혼자서 되뇌였었지[View]
123988234>Famous German Rapper >Half-German, Half-Greek Still looks fully Turkish…[View]
123986312/int/ernational memes[View]
123990186/dtt/ - daily Tunisia thread: Itt we worship Tunisia. Tunisians, please tell us about your great cou…[View]
123989079Does being ugly stop you from going outside?[View]
123988212What do Pakistanis and the Chinese think of each other?[View]
123985122Its actually scary seeing this shit from america. Everything from the ”crawl towards me guy” to this…[View]
123980177>french women[View]
123989978>you now remember when the aids-riddled wagner group queers had their asses handed to them by US …[View]
123989903I've been waiting American race war for some time now. Why it isn't happening already?[View]
123989417I just learned that Singapore is an authoritarian police state.[View]
123989042Life after 25yo is boring.[View]
123958448/norgetråden/: psyk'O'logi-utgaven Forrige:>>123939890[View]
123986985You wake up in Mississippi.[View]
123986960They had the only black and white flag[View]
123985200Countries turks lost wars against[View]
123987885>I suffer in the first world No you don't.[View]
123989377is self defense vital in your cunt?[View]
123987625countryside life is the best: prove me wrong[View]
123987635Post your greatest ally.: For Serbia it's Russia. They backed us in WW1 when Austria declared w…[View]
123983935>The Sampoong department store was a large shopping centre located in Seoul South Korea which is …[View]
123987721Migrants in China: Is China the new Hub for African migrants? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL_eoS…[View]
123978310why european license plates look the smae[View]
123987331Is Mongolian music really like this? https://youtu.be/iR3yMqpaCrU Because my spirit might be Mongoli…[View]
123988975I'm only attracted to women: Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
123988970Any anons from Hong Kong, here, are these protesters really asking to be invaded by the Americans, o…[View]
123982710/deutsch/: friedlich schlafender Drache - Ausgabe[View]
123988763Get up on the floor Dancin' all night long Get up on the floor Dancin' till the break of d…[View]
123988356what's the origin of this giga based flag?[View]
123986745It all belongs to Serbia.[View]
123984814What is your favourite recipe from your country? For me it's Brathering[View]
123988214>This makes the NATO countries shidd and pee themselves in fear[View]
123979403Do you want to find love in Sweden?[View]
123984654Will 'Karen' become a less popular name from now on?[View]
123984782how is your mental health doing anons?[View]
123982748Why are German girl so mean?: Hello boys, I have just heard a fucked up story from a Sicilian friend…[View]
123988094I am becoming increasingly attracted to light skin black women.[View]
123985685>only times the Balkans saw peace was during the Ottoman rule What makes this region so violent?…[View]
123988044I enjoy eating sand.[View]
123988404Do you know a Chinese owns a large territory of Canada and has it named after him?[View]
123979894THEY ARE JUST TOO POWERFUL /int/ BROS: how do we stop them?[View]
123984790How does kissing feel like in your country ? Is it as good and intimate as it looks like ?[View]
123982173How would people in your country deal with this situation?[View]
123988258my neighbor is turkish and hes annoying[View]
123980171how does this make you feel?[View]
123977470>That woman is such a Karen[View]
123985746post kino flag[View]
123984766They deserve more land, they should annexe Belgium[View]
123987979i saw a young german boy playing with a slightly older black girl[View]
123987954what are some countries?[View]
1239820021 - your country 2 - does this image arouse you?[View]
123987771>Sikh man must always carry a knife to protect himself and those in need Cucks-free zone, I see. …[View]
123987118Deutschland erwache!: You may call me a traitor, a collaborator even but there are those whose loyal…[View]
123982375Best Evropa?[View]
123986088why does /int/ hate china but taiwan? they are literally same niggas but different systems.[View]
123981239/polska/: edycja z animką[View]
123984762/brit/: the eternal anglo[View]
123987634How did they get away with this movie?[View]
123984273I have deuteranopia, I can't tell what number is in this photo.[View]
123987563Are you low IQ in your country? I am, my social skills are absolutely horrendous[View]
123983744Post countries your country humiliated in war.[View]
123987366bro put 5 in his back: i gave him high five like yes my akh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zc1vJ0r…[View]
123963193/nederdraad/: Cute editie[View]
123986180le shithole[View]
123985730You might not like it but this is peak performance EVROPA[View]
123986050Woke up on the Norway again[View]
123983677Are there people worse than europeans?: They take great pride in literally having named things even …[View]
123984884What will happen to Japan when global warming happens? Where will the people go? Will your country b…[View]
123986818why thai aphabet look like this[View]
123973687/desi/ akhand bharata edition: hop in bhais[View]
123986749>you awake in the middle of the eurasian steppe >you see this appear in the distance over a hi…[View]
123983465Is it common in your country?[View]
123985950>some people suffer in first world yikes. meanwhile a wild elephant just demolished our tree hou…[View]
123983291What do you think about china in africa?: Do you think it's good or bad https://www.youtube.com…[View]
123986554Guardia civil report on 8M: Spanishbros to me. I'm trying to make sense of the whole 8M report …[View]
123985162Fuck it. Post her. Don't care if she's mugged now. Post her.[View]
123986408/int/ feels: How do i cope with the fact that i will Always be a Skinny faggot with a bland non hand…[View]
123985251Post a videogame made in your country[View]
123986425why are there so many viets here recently. dont you all have a commie gulag meeting to attend?[View]
123982874What would you choose to be between moor and gypsy?[View]
123985848>You shouldn't have underestimated me, soyjak. >BAN >KAI…[View]
123983028>hello monsieur, can your son go out? i heard you punished him, maybe you can make an exeption to…[View]
123984466>in these difficult times[View]
123983774Would you be willing to throw a Uyghur man into camp so you can date his hot sister?[View]
123941832/flag/ - /extraflags/: The One and Only edition previous: >>123828366 Welcome to /extraflags/,…[View]
123985718global map of indigenous skin color[View]
123985567A country in Europe[View]
123979391>he suffers in Mexico[View]
123985942Describe the U.S.-Anglo relationship with one image[View]
123983262Why did they live in mudhuts for so long?[View]
123985552A Serb is the tallest NBA player currently: Do you know that Serbs are the most powerful ethnicity i…[View]
123985191WHATS YOUR FAV DRINK?[View]
123985488>There you go soijack. Have fun[View]
123984908The strongest country in Europe.[View]
123984913The strongest country in Europe[View]
123985173The strongest country in the world: The strongest country in the world[View]
123983263The strongest country in Europe.[View]
123985243when will they give it back to its rightful owners?[View]
123984907I got cucked by an Abo named Gordon: >be me >come home from a hard day's work >gf rev…[View]
123984960The strongest country in asia[View]
123981262I haven't had a friend in over a year.[View]
123984946lol whytecucks: The Franks possess nothing in the way of regard for honour or propriety. Here is an …[View]
123982294How are race relations in your country?: Here a literal race war is brewing. Looks like the Chinese …[View]
123982298/hunro/ - official Hungary Romania friendship thread: The eternal handshake edition. Az örök kézfogá…[View]
123984825i dont care anymore guys[View]
123982780>flag has red in it >always a bad guy Think about it. Name one country with red in their flag …[View]
123977280Irishmen are the opposite of Jews and Celts are the Ubermensch: >The British government has been …[View]
123984835youtube: whats your favorite channel? for me it's I HATE DOGS subscribe now https://www.youtube…[View]
123983330The strongest country in Europe.[View]
123983574Stop bullying us: We're not deserving of any of it Leave us alone[View]
123983851Should Pakistan have remained part of India? Thoughts?[View]
123983530Why are they like this?: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-05-26-the-last-of-us-part-2-rep…[View]
123984184Post countries your country won over in war.[View]
123981664Thoughts on Friesland? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AkzorODWTYc[View]
123984485How come this never happened?[View]
123976078What is happening here and what do you think about them[View]
123975302/mämmi/: ylispainos[View]
123984395>your cunt >do you you any girls who play video games flag yes…[View]
123983852Janitor Appreciation Thread: I'd like to take a moment to thank jannies for their thankless job…[View]
123981155>this is what the average university classroom looks like in any top western university What…[View]
1239776641. Votre pays 2. Your favorite French person?[View]
123981229>tried to learn spanish >post vocaroo >only insults no constructive criticism >post v…[View]
123983960Why do Americans like licking boots when their rights are being trampled upon?[View]
123980253Why the fuck are jannies pruning threads? Fucking niggers Inb4 prune and ban. Pls no ban jannie it…[View]
123981083Sometimes I unironically wish I grew up in a thirld world country. Or at least one that wasn't …[View]
123967801/mena/: don’t rush, slow touch[View]
123980037you wake up in warsaw[View]
123981015>US Check these digits[View]
123983537Post Police from your country. This is Netherlands.[View]
123979744Oh Yeah, I Can Feel It[View]
123983776>Your cunt >Do old people do these badly composed images to wish good morning/a happy day/happ…[View]
123978032I want to invade Portugal and make the brits watch[View]
123981717You cannot stop destiny, I will arrive.[View]
123983441If you could learn one language from each Indo-European branch, which would you pick? Albanian, Hell…[View]
123978834Do you have a cute self hating mulatta girls who love BWC in your country? Netherlands, yes. Usually…[View]
123979590Do you want to find love in Lithuania?[View]
123983566Life is on hard mode for me[View]
123980807You have to admit he's cute though[View]
123977939why they act like subhuman (except hawaii)[View]
123982044>the averange condo in South Korea is taller than the tallest residential building in my country…[View]
123980220DEATH TO AMERICA[View]
123983292So this is the face of evil[View]
123983265>cunt >metal ? Flag : Yes[View]
123982228>tall pale russian girls[View]
123971478Look at this frog I found[View]
123977134I was always fascinated by how proverbs are shared between cultures and languages. What are some wis…[View]
123981688What are the police like in your country?: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sayyyy can you breathe[View]
123980600Would it be an exaggeration to say the country of Sweden (9m) contributed more to humanity than the …[View]
123981592In Russia we have wmaf statue.: And what monuments do you have in your country?[View]
123980294thoughts on these 1000% average Greeks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fepQukxhBA[View]
123982751>RACISM BAD[View]
123982673Post the countries you've met people from there irl and impressions on them[View]
123981208It's a myth that Poland used horse cavalry against German Panzers: So what did they really use?…[View]
123982837Could they pass for locals in your country?[View]
123977843dance with me anon[View]
123982787>O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What…[View]
123982164Am I already Jason stathom? 181cm 96kg[View]
123982508>equality for women[View]
123969534>Your cunt >your rankings best to worst[View]
123981536>be American >struggles to get out of bed in the morning…[View]
123978799You wake up in Palermo[View]
123981351Have you ever been to a whore? How was it?[View]
123979447Only 4% of Greeks live alone compared to 20% in Nordic countries[View]
123982390I suffer in Flanders[View]
123982235What terrorism does Cuba do?: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cuba-blacklist-exclusive-idUSKB…[View]
123981820My mum is incredibly pretty: She wants me to literally date a 10/10 or she would arrange marry me to…[View]
123982549what do you think of these lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5948hRyFAs[View]
123982547https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aas0SS_5Nss Left: Just some random Punjabi Right: Gangu cuck who ''…[View]
123975936OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
123953109Do you want a Buryat gf?[View]
123977974Cyrillic vs Latin: Which one is superior?[View]
123982407The meaning of riding a white horse[View]
123976602Sverigetråden bögfria upplagan[View]
123972608/deutsch/: Ausgabe[View]
123978402Here's your nubian queen Tariq[View]
123981960Anglo '''''men''''' be like: Why my anus sore?[View]
123981253*ahem* FUCK CANCER In memory of all the good people who died from it[View]
123966800/rus/ + /belg/: Previous: >>123937533[View]
123977272search 'tv television and film' in google image search[View]
123980831Seriously though, what the fuck do you do if you have an encounter with the American police force? T…[View]
123981496what country do you think is the smartest? personally i think im far and away smarter than you and u…[View]
123980628>literally burns a hole in the ozone layer >no one says anything why do we never hold them acc…[View]
123980764France is killing all the fashion European scene. They are like the Germans raping European Car bran…[View]
123980186Does your country apologize for crimes they committed? Yes, we apologize to Natives all the time a n…[View]
1239811111) You're country 2) Do you know anybody who successfully leave 4chan?[View]
123981009Whenever I think of something cool I stand up and walk around my room. Do people in your country do …[View]
123980842Just realised some of you aren't bantering and genuinely dislike my country[View]
123981154>FREE PALESTINE[View]
123976072What did you do to deserve the call today /int/?[View]
123978364Where my divorced chads at?[View]
123954813/polska/: edycja głębokich przemyśleń[View]
123975237How do anti-Vaxxers want us to deal with the virus? They do realize a vaccine is how you stop a viru…[View]
123973597Y..you guys don't really see us as america 2.0, d..do you?[View]
123980654cunt would you lick her feet?[View]
123980788Why has Poland suffered so throughout history?[View]
123976807Why is architecture in eastern Europe so abhorrently awful?[View]
123980624My native american genes means I will have nice hair and never bald until the day I die[View]
123962452/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Identitaire Ancien: >>123957144[View]
123980110>Allowing women to vote was one of the biggest mistakes of the last century. As bad as letting th…[View]
123976935What is their endgame?[View]
123977940GOD HATES AMERICA: Vile Land of the sodomite damned. The most ungrateful & the most arrogant ant…[View]
123975411>behave like obnoxious clueless cretin >expect everyone to like you why are they like this?…[View]
123980164>rt.com >southfront.org >globalresearch.ca…[View]
123980373Are you MGTOW?[View]
123975405why do you hate the US?: Despite the bait title, I'm curious to see an outsiders perspective on…[View]
123980297Median age in Niger is 15 years old[View]
123976541Sverigetråden - kattpojkarnas upplaga: Alla snubbar vill ju va en kattpojke.[View]
123980285>why yes, I am a member of the Alpine race, what gave it away?[View]
123979681hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds out gun* my name is amerishart but u can call me t3h C0pp3r oF d00m!!…[View]
123979434my landlord wants me to sign the contract 'digitally' what the fuck is that a german thing im not a…[View]
123979234i want SEX FUCK FUCK FUCK[View]
123974836Come on, America: Time to do what you do best.[View]
123980147>but your sources? where are they??? you can't claim things without having those!…[View]
123980120Honestly did that cop maintain his social distance? Didn't think so.[View]
123976406Based country speaks Guarani.[View]
123979850>free Palestine![View]
123980039>this is what australia used to be about[View]
123977526Why are white women aging so poorly?[View]
123979818>be american >get choked[View]
123978122A toast to Europeans! We truly are a cut above the rest.[View]
123977647Hard facts or whingy bs?[View]
123977422Be honest how many of you here have actually been with a transperson[View]
123979787>Why yes, I keep my porn at my desktop, no folders or shortcuts, the videos themselves are at my …[View]
123978970is there gonna be any black riot in america now? seems like it's 1992 all over again[View]
123977467Tariq Nasheed should unironically be sued for this tweet. Unfortunately mentally disabled people sho…[View]
123978227The China's fact: The female Uighurs is forced to marriage with the ugly Chinese rich man. What…[View]
123979356HOLD ON: So you're telling me your average European is unironically a bastard?[View]
123976635Is your country watching SpaceX launch tomorrow?[View]
123974091How do you guys from Canada, Sweden, Russia, etc. masturbate? It's 10º C in my city and I'…[View]
123979378Human Capital stock: >Americans own leaders literally refer to them in public as 'Human Capital S…[View]
123979267Mook is replacing Google reCAPTCHA with hcaptcha. Reporting function already uses it. Webmasters get…[View]
123974914is Russia a rogue nation?[View]
123974771Why do Europeans pretend to hate America when they enjoy American media everyday, like you /int/ Eur…[View]
123975201How will Germans recover? https://youtu.be/xQo8-bZ-Re8?t=100[View]
123978865if there is anything this board has taught me itd be that i have more in common with autists than no…[View]
123975507How do I get a fat slag gf my guys.[View]
123977321If america had been divided into a dozen independent countries with unique ethnicities it wouldn…[View]
123978930Hi! :D Has your country ever created another country? We created Scotland and Australia! What about …[View]
123975584Why do YOU like Germans?[View]
1239778071. Ur cunt 2. Does ur cunt remove statues of russians because commie occupants don't deserve st…[View]
123974067>russia has the highest male suicide rate in the world >china is one of the only few countries…[View]
123978554Do people still call the US a free country?: looking at the shit that's going on there, it feel…[View]
123977351Hong Kong general: young Carrie Lam edition[View]
123977466Korea suppass GDP of Canada in 2020: >IMF official Canada must give spot of G7 to us…[View]
123976518>The day janny lost[View]
123978392China is truly USA’s boogeyman: Look at how much hate and how many posts towards China, the most sim…[View]
123977752>I sure am glad I wasted countless hours of my life on the 4channel.com board /int/, arguing and …[View]
123978575This is what they took from us. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W9S3YMmIFdw[View]
123974085I have never had a bad encounter with a Tunisian, they have always been based and chill. Why are all…[View]
123978525OOH OOH OOH EEH AAH AAH[View]
123975665/brit/: Krampus edition[View]
123977316>cunt >do you hear a billion ambulances daily >flag >yes and it's giving me anxiety…[View]
123978178It's going to be illegal for people in Hong Kong to refuse to sing the Chinese national anthem.…[View]
123961918Love the music from these lands. Thank you, boys.[View]
123976806>wow anon! You know the countries of all these flags! Where did you learn that?…[View]
123977769my stepfather tried to apply sissy hypnosis on me yet again[View]
123976571Show me your balls[View]
123977950Be honest. Are you a shart-in-mart?[View]
123977185>he doesn't s speak a classical/biblical language[View]
123974763>the Chinese are now better at making anime girls than Japan wtf kind of world are we living in?…[View]
123977155Japan and Germany helped liberate many countries from white colonialist rule[View]
123974663What's the point of the black HK flag that still has the five PRC stars?[View]
123976801>I am the Virus[View]
123977578No future: No hopes[View]
123974406another day, another polish zloty earned for janusz[View]
123977607CHINESE TROOPS LANDED IN DC: Pic related, amerikkkan dictator Drumpf taking a walk of shame to his g…[View]
123970343What is considered handsome in Russia and do many girls find Russian boys attractive?[View]
123975946Ancora un'altra aggressione a Velletri, da parte di un grosso cane. Una anziana di 80 anni è st…[View]
123977505IMF projected real GDP growth rate in 2020: Green countries ought to get nuked. Discuss.[View]
123975469You wake up in 1927 Soviet Turkestan.[View]
123976537>insult America >angry American flags reply…[View]
123973273Who is your favorite American musician?[View]
123976575Can some of the American anons on /int/ tell me about house party's. In real life are they simi…[View]
123977482is your cunt's general a good one? >>123977379 >>123977354 >>123977325 >…[View]
123973772Why do people discuss world matters? It's not like their input and opinions would change anythi…[View]
123975128What phenotype is this[View]
123973795For cunts who responded to corona well: If your cunt had instead fucked up the response, would you b…[View]
123975635Yeah I'm submissive and masochistic[View]
123977072>人生短短幾個秋 不醉不罷休 >東邊我的美人哪 西邊黃河流 >來呀來個酒啊 不醉不罷休 >愁情煩事別放心頭…[View]
123973791What animal do you resemble the most?[View]
123977215Which country is the best for a NEET?[View]
123975695>why yes I love the chinese government but hate the chinese people, how can you tell?…[View]
123971525>there is someone being murdered right now[View]
123972385/brit/: A toast! To the virgin freaks![View]
123977232Post a species (plant or animal) in your country that only you have. This is a Sequoia tree, they ar…[View]
123972535Is this the map of high testosterone ?[View]
123974138Pic related is Roberto Yáñez Betancourt y Honecker, the grandson of Erich and Margot Honecker, forme…[View]
123976067Reasons why French is a superior language to German. >easier syntax >no counterintuitive gramm…[View]
123972982>want to discuss indian life and culture with indians >make thread >thread turns into aut…[View]
123975940Terrible country filled with terrible people. Australians don't have a culture besides insecure…[View]
123973782God bless every russian on this international board: for inventing vodka[View]
123976155These countries are single-handedly defending freedom above all things and making China and their lo…[View]
123974326>why is your geograhically separated, culturally diverse, historically unlucky, natually calamity…[View]
123977040Great Britain? More like Great Shitstain! God save the Queen? How about God save me from this fucki…[View]
123976132For the French about Polanski: Two questions. 1. How well does Roman Polanski speak French? I am try…[View]
123976355>All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Hong Kong, and therefore, as a free man, I…[View]
123976963>India is the final goal of the Jews Is this what they meant by superpower 2020?…[View]
123973509I propose a toast... to gamers!![View]
123974858I want to make Greta scream.[View]
123976532What are common traditions in your country?: For mine, it’s farting in food to make it taste better.…[View]
123969043>mfw voting for Bolsonaro just to piss off libtards again[View]
123975973>Italian philosophers[View]
123971982>tfw you will never have a redpilled indian gf[View]
123972688i hate my last name, do you have a cool last name? https://forebears.io/[View]
123976614They led Italy to the side of the Axis powers during WW2, they should pay reparations to the South.[View]
123966887Why can't white people do math?[View]
123975923Yes, I am Oriental Yes, I am Japanese Yes, I am Nipponic. Yes, I am Yamato. Yes, having an invented …[View]
123965857/Chi/+/Mex/+/CenAm/: Everyone welcome[View]
123976624>why yeah, I'm leaving every day and I don't really care about this whole flu thing …[View]
123976161I arrived in Germany as a straight man, happily married and all now I can't stop thinking about…[View]
123961140>tfw no chill californian surfer gf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
123975558>traditionnal masculinity is harmful to boys and men[View]
123976483This is John Abraham Godson, future Prime Minister of Poland, say something nice about him.[View]
123976055why are you still here? isn't it boring?[View]
123974747Why did Americans do this?[View]
123892732/skandi/: Skandinavisk tråd Generisk utgave[View]
123974558I wanna rape a woman and behead her after that is this common on your country ?[View]
123974358How do I get a med gf?[View]
123974504/int/ernational music thread: >he doesnt listen to italo-disco https://youtu.be/iWVrqrKoxV0…[View]
123975005Дopoгиe pyccкoязычныe aнoны , мeня интepecyeт вoпpoc нaхoждeния ceбe aнглoязычнoгo coбeceдникa. Paз …[View]
123976172i miss the coomer age of kpop (2010-2015) now it's all lovey dovey pedo shit[View]
123965247Would pic related be seen as attractive in your cunt?[View]
123975547Why do they get so much hate again? >rich as fuck >does whatever it wants >oil >literall…[View]
123966963No fucking way...[View]
123973150>iwn live in a sub-200 people small town in Burgerland[View]
123972660I might fucking end my life if this goes bad: I just decided to move to the middle of nowhere for wo…[View]
123970814what do mexicans honestly think of chicanos?[View]
123975107faggot flag[View]
123975258>Israel >Palestine Do you mean the kingdom of Jerusalem?…[View]
123972016how do you feel about the great satan?[View]
123975400I miss this unibrowed nigga like you would not believe[View]
123972293What happens here?[View]
123957155How do people work out during lockdown in your country?[View]
123952472/mämmi/: Sakurako painos[View]
123975299There is a boycott Germany movement in Greece. People just buy Japanese products instead.[View]
123972939Language Learning: Is there a point at which you're spending too much time learning a language …[View]
123974770why do east asians/indians/arabs thirst over white women so much? With asian boys I kinda get it bec…[View]
123968877how do you feel about canadian people, /int/? no hate please[View]
123975149>your country >why australia I dunno anymore...…[View]
123975158If WW3 was to occur tomorrow they'd oust Trump from power, I know that much for sure. Can you i…[View]
123974344Have you ever fallen in love with music genres you don't understand a word of? For me its cumbi…[View]
123975085I swear, if someone accuses me of being fat on the sole basis of my nationality one more time, I…[View]
123969746how is being an introvert like in the most extroverted place on earth?[View]
123973766Holy fucking based. How did Poland go from 'Germany and Russia's bitch' to 'the best European c…[View]
123972935Why do japanese never accept their WWII crimes?[View]
123968902What's with Japan being friendly with white supremacists? They were the Nazis' strongest a…[View]
123973927>grew up thinking that america was the only democratic country >every other country was either…[View]
123966334I have never seen a black or mexican person in real life.[View]
123972846Why yes, Anon, India is my favorite country in the world--and indeed, Anon, I do make a thread about…[View]
123972805I want a tall, blonde, blue eyed swedish gf with a cute accent. Unfortunately I'm white so that…[View]
123974703>follow Tariq Nasheed and Varg on Twitter >open feed >scroll >mfw…[View]
123961782your cunt do you remove this[View]
123974686the anglo/dane/germanic menace: anglosaxons, danes and germans all come from the same place - the ar…[View]
123974573do people from your country die for israel?[View]
123974648Honestly does such a woman in any country exist with a more commanding voice? i'd pay for her A…[View]
123974600Do Hungarians really?[View]
123974597Hello, friends![View]
123974588What are your thoughts on these countries?[View]
123968234What happens here?[View]
123972466Porn sites be like >OI. watch this bitch masturbate LMAO[View]
123974264what are you eating or going to eat for dinner?[View]
123971214what's happening forum[View]
123974275Why did the 'Mid-Atlantic' accent die out in the 60s? What happened to this very specific American a…[View]
123972006I am a white American: Haters gonna hate[View]
123971828Do I look nordic, /int/?[View]
123968133Hey anons of the world. Why is Anti-American sentiment growing so much? The US used to be looked as …[View]
123971840Spain is a desert, how the fuck is this possible. Also based Italy, higher rate than Spain but same …[View]
123974274Why do spaniards always get australia confused with New Zealand?[View]
123974258whats the most intp country?[View]
123971767Do doctors use anesthesia when they circumcise babies?[View]
123968000Would soviet posters even be allowed to post here? What would they be like? Would it be balkan tier …[View]
123971425Does this happen in your country?[View]
123971922>mfw voting for Modi just to piss off libtards again[View]
123973281how are mixed race people seen in your cunt? >flag >half blacks are more respected now due to …[View]
123971443post your all time favourite austrian person[View]
123969045>driving 65 MPH while taking a picture of holding a gun to your dick only in america…[View]
123969672>call myself based from my vpn loaded /int/ tab[View]
123966705/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Administrative divisions of the world edition Prev >>123953205…[View]
123970682Second most based country. Only my own is more based, but we are the same country.[View]
123972958public transportation needs to improve in this country[View]
12397286313 years without Izumi Sakai: Today marks the 13th anniversary of her sudden death. It gets sadder a…[View]
123973798Saudi cuck?: Did Saudi Arabia basically just cuck all the Arab/Muslim countries? Before Islam appear…[View]
123973768I'll never forgive the Spics[View]
123973222Reported in the hadeeth of ‘Abd al-Rahmaan ibn ‘Uthmaan, who said that the Messenger of Allaah (peac…[View]
123969540>you'll never be japanese[View]
123969296>your country >whats your favorite economic or political union of the present?…[View]
1239720071. Your cunt 2. Do you suck dicks?[View]
123973571What's a fact about your country that you wish wasn't known? We lost the 'Emu War'.[View]
123971647does this happen in your cunt?[View]
123973517Vive la France, sans Occitanie[View]
123973321What's their problem?[View]
123969344Guys I want to go to Brazil so bad >love BJJ >love bunda >love hot weather and hot girls …[View]
123933969Let's end this debate once and for all: Which country has the hottest women? Not the cutest, m…[View]
123946515/desi/: Late night with desibros edition[View]
123971659I suffer in Chicago[View]
123969075Can the Chinese be trusted?[View]
123971658Argentina: What went wrong?[View]
123970650i just ordered food online for breakfast because my parents are asleep and im hungry[View]
123971066I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
123972941do they really[View]
123972793What would you want buried with you in your pyramid?[View]
123966272I just had SEX: Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
123972366What's with 'Palestine?' Wtf are they doing on Isrseli land? >inb4 their ancestors lived th…[View]
123972242These are 4/10s in Turkey[View]
123972325This is how 17 year olds look in America, thoughts?[View]
123970692How is he still alive?[View]
123972429I love Australia, But, why aussie beef tastes so bad?[View]
123968750Why we don't call spanish, portuguese and french all Italian dialects?[View]
123971655¿Por que tanta envidia negros?[View]
123972222Post 1. age 2. salary 3. countries you've visited 4. (optional) how many times you go on vacati…[View]
123968639How do we destroy the Norfiness of UK?[View]
123972148¿What are your honest thoughts on single-party countries?[View]
123971495>Post in a thread >OLHA O MACACO >OLHA O MACACO…[View]
123972447why isnt your culture as successful as english culture[View]
123969988>they're all white except for the bullied ones Why are Mexicans like this?…[View]
123968844It's basically Germany but colder and more feminine[View]
123970145Have you done your self care today /int/?[View]
123944458/bel/+/ukr/: Bидaння cpoднoї пpaцi Пoпepeднiй: >>123917993[View]
123969458/brit/: happi :) edition[View]
123970625Is the French ethnicity extinct?[View]
123971155what would cops in your cuntry do in this situation?[View]
123966868Unified Latin America: Why are all those spanish speaking countries in the americas not just one cou…[View]
123969922Why is Eastern Europe so backward?[View]
123967741WTF, I DIDN'T KNEW THAT[View]
123971934Post some frogs and toads in your region[View]
123969797>venezuela reclaims his gold >britain ignores his legitimate client why is britain full of thi…[View]
123968861Do you hate where you live in your count? >Bronx >Yes, i hate this place.…[View]
123965126Why are there suddenly so many Spaniard men in American porn now. Wtf are you doing Spain, stop colo…[View]
123971801Europe is poopoo[View]
123971684>tfw no half Japanese half black gf Is half Japanese the perfect mix to create qt girls?…[View]
123968893>American trannies Jeez, I'll send over some of mine, if you want[View]
123967603How come you don't have this in your country?[View]
123968991Ive always been wondering, why the fuck do people call chinks, japs, gooks, etc 'yellow' since most …[View]
123932223/asean/: The very fast Le Fantasque Destroyer edisi[View]
123970386is he olmec?[View]
123966337/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
1239695951. Your country 2. Girls with long hair and bigass titties[View]
123971354If a nation had an anime theme song this would be Italy's https://youtu.be/FSVHx23ByhM[View]
123970003>Scandinavian culture Do they really?[View]
123967520Do Japanese like black?[View]
123971284>why yes I am British, how could you tell?[View]
123967762Could I pass as local in you’re country??[View]
123971168Do people in your country like England!?[View]
123970756Redpill me on Northern Italy. How are those pasta sucking fucks any different from the Moors of Spai…[View]
123968951I suffer in Wales[View]
123966767What does /int/ think of Blasians?[View]
123971149>tfw no qt Syrian mommy gf Its not fair brahs[View]
123971012Are SEA's the only Asians that can pass as locals in cunts outside of Asia?[View]
123966392Damn...: So Japs and Koreans are white...[View]
123968929ITT: post good songs from your cunt and your favorite song from another cunt. My cunt https://youtu.…[View]
123968736>hate Lithuania >love Estonia anyone else like this?…[View]
123954979/საქართველო/ - Georgian thread: Thread about Independence day (not the shitty movie) reached it…[View]
123970250People think you can just 'erase' a thug past: I tell them look into my eyes[View]
123965756What do you think of Mediterranean people? Would you date one?[View]
123968997Swedes are so based they could have fought off a Nazi invasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w941…[View]
123970111>ur cunt >ur reaction if the US became a dictatorship…[View]
123970861USA is only a way to California and NY steal money from the rest of the states to develop themselves…[View]
123966107Watched this movie. Australia looks very tropical and third world in weather, but only in weather be…[View]
123964661/balk/: fuck old[View]
123966153>It's illegal to say 'clickbait' or 'fake news' in France really makes you think...…[View]
123924933/Dixie/ -- Southern US & Friends: The Moon, as seen from my lawn, edition[View]
123967544Are Vietnamese the niggers of Asian??? Why do they commit a lot of crimes wherever they go??[View]
123969425How is life in the Netherlands? I saw you had like 2.9% unemployment rate and a GDP PC of around 50K…[View]
123970645Is this really how Italians react to the food not smelling good enough?[View]
123969861Why is America the best country in the world? Why is America the worst country in the world?[View]
123963834how long have you been alone /int/?[View]
123968130>Language learning chanel on YouTube >Trashes duolingo for being 'shit' on his own opinion …[View]
123966374Considering how much of a serious and growing problem it is, how should we solve the overweightness/…[View]
123958930/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Gemeinsam gegen die Haider - Ausgabe[View]
123968050mosquitoes are back again[View]
123968194could i pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
123963635>morality is subjective[View]
123961303Japan is superior: >mfw Japan Now that it's a proven fact that Japan is superior in every co…[View]
123969809Has your leader ever choke out a protester and not apologize for it?[View]
123969407Are you scared to go to the United States? I live near the US border and regularly go to the states …[View]
123966885A toast! To the Anglo-Saxon peoples of this world![View]
123967681can you act? https://streamable.com/l0scp7[View]
123963795/ita/ il filo[View]
123965953Why is Iran always lumped with Arabs instead of Central Asia and the Caucasus?[View]
123955254Why is Poland so based? https://mobile.twitter.com/rmnvhill/status/1264873161960587264[View]
123967547Thank you america the Queen of music[View]
123962987Never give up on your dreams int. Never.[View]
123968091>we have never colonized or invaded or even done the slightest amount of violence to another coun…[View]
123967225/brit/: Lancashire, Lancashire, Lancashire.[View]
123968178Why in the fuck would anyone want to live in this concrete hell?[View]
123947535What are weddings like in your country?[View]
123965608>mfw voting for Trump just to piss off libtards again[View]
123969349>Nah, you wouldn't know her. She goes to a different school.[View]
123917086/ex-yu/: visokorizična fotografija[View]
123963602American Diaspora: We're not usually seen as a country that produces many immigrants. I'm …[View]
123949675>he can't pronounce ljubljana[View]
123967528Why isn't your country neutral? We can see that in a 3rd world war alliances would be nuked int…[View]
123969074Why do they love Oasis so much?[View]
123956798Why are the US and Japan the only countries that make video games?: Do others just not know how? Are…[View]
123968872>His ''country'' never committed a genocide[View]
123965038> We dindu nuffin. Why dont they teach enough about the nazis?[View]
12396480090% of the world's problems would be solved if the right side of this map were obliterated.[View]
123966934Did you know?: South Brazil is white? We have snow! We have cold weather! We are Germanic and theref…[View]
123967919How comes that int is so filled of polyglot smart-arses?[View]
123968637This is what EVROPA used to be about... Then Christianity stole it[View]
123968659Should I study in Russia? Some days ago some anon posted about free university education in Russia. …[View]
123961634>be me >no friends >no gf >not even a hug >not even a hand holding >socially autis…[View]
123968615http://www.weareoneglobalfestival.com/ damn... this event is big Tremble All You Want is my recommen…[View]
123968413Misu gami glu sol kafe in soba. https://www.globasa.net/[View]
123967935I don't understand this place...: What's with the obsession with this country? It's n…[View]
123967368how does america feel about this?[View]
123967596Oh! Look at that! It's like an ad for a fuckin weight loss center. Before and WAAAAY before heh…[View]
123966632I love this little nigga so fucking much!!![View]
123968036>your cunt >did you grow up well off Burgerland No :( >tfw no middle class family to host t…[View]
123965873How am I supposed to socially distance when it's this nice out ?[View]
123965172Why is it important to travel? Why do people like you more if you did it?[View]
123960441russia is so big...[View]
123940831/mena/: jihadi qt edition[View]
123941918/éire/: eagrán an fear glan suas[View]
123967714What is the matter with humanity? There's an entire island of nothing but garbage in the ocean[View]
123967377>Croatians Serbs >Serbian Croats >Albanian Bosniaks >Bosniak Albanians what does this sh…[View]
123964586How many major political parties are there in your country?[View]
123967650I will never date a slavic or east asian woman[View]
123967562will in the future all humans be mixed?[View]
123966306Accept the truth.[View]
123959523Where's the best place to live in Mexico? From what I can gather it's either Monterrey or …[View]
123965823Korean frens :) https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCpX02oVYJR26eSTHkyGAheA[View]
123965964Mediterranean People vs. White People: What do Mediterranean people think of white people? I don…[View]
123967186Going to bed in Norway again[View]
123966443What is the ideal weather?: It's 9°C here and it feels like life is not worth leaving already. …[View]
123966101>tfw genetic garbage[View]
123964827why does weed have to be detected after so many weeks in urine bros it's not fair[View]
1239662731. Your age 2. Which games do you play 3. How often do you play 4. Rate the guy above you 1. 32 2. H…[View]
123966792do people still believe in evolution in your country?[View]
123964882>1.5% Serbian >Kosovo Is Serbia Somebody please explain this…[View]
123964701Why were the soviets so powerful ?: Most importantly, how did the USSR fall without a single drop of…[View]
123966991Why, /int/?[View]
1239636921. Your cuntry 2. Favorite region of Evrope?[View]
123966844>swedish colony >looks like benis :DDDD[View]
123955150we have sayings in bosnia 'sleep like slaughtered' referring a comfy nap, and 'kill him/her like a k…[View]
123965195>tfw remember my Germanboo phase When did you grow out of it, /int/?[View]
123953205/cum/ United States Canada Mexico: Nice cold refreshing unsweetened ice tea edition.[View]
123965890hey bros, do you approve of my haircut?[View]
123966883Daily reminder[View]
123966791post photos people from neighbor countries of yours have made[View]
123960318why are NATO countries so degenerate?[View]
123958841Where are the wonderful cities in Europe? >>Vienna >>Copenhagen…[View]
123965830There, I just fixed the entire world[View]
123966139Nothing is worse than having a small penis Literally causes the destruction and dissolution of past …[View]
123964858>most trad girls in europe >very royal >beautiful, usually have blonde/light brown hair an…[View]
123964218Any German bros here serve in the Bundeswehr? What's it like? I know there was some controversy…[View]
123966520THIS REGION MUST -NOT- DEVELOP: I repeat. South America must not be allowed to develop. We are worst…[View]
123965592You should know: Felipe has a youtube channel https://youtu.be/A4o2TSCLSIw[View]
123966213Why Mandarin is superior to English.: Mandarin has clusivity, English does not. Imagine a person goi…[View]
123964712>tfw when no redpilled qt indian gf[View]
123962775>All prisoners are incels[View]
123937533/rus/: Импepии издaниe Пpeдыдyщий: >>123923484[View]
12396443170% of Canadians live under this line.[View]
123963032Why are British tourists such trash? Brits and Chinese are easily the most poor behaving people I ha…[View]
123966473Really inspired by god[View]
123954450How many races do you consider to exist?[View]
123963273Why is Islam so based? Hatred for gays, jews, trannies, porn, and degenerates. Yet promotes family v…[View]
123966409my father is going to retire soon and he will get a decent amount of money from his job. I will then…[View]
123965862>I can't date you if you don't want to do a DNA test[View]
123958599Is your country still very religious?[View]
123966171Will the USA ever pay reparations?[View]
1239662301. Your cunt 2. Was there at any point in a time a country more glorious than France prior 1914 ? 1.…[View]
123960316Have you ever visited your capital?: I've been everywhere in europe, but I've never been t…[View]
123961403Based Ottomans: Even Turks now admit the land rightfully belongs to Israel.[View]
123959349/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
123962229Can a Chinese person here please break this down for me? In words of one letter please because I am …[View]
123965435is it possible smoking weed everyday might be damaging my mental health?[View]
123965570I hate life[View]
123966042Have you ever been to a tittie bar?[View]
123956298/tr/: TikTok edition.[View]
123966150How are woman trezted in your cunt /int/ ? In Belgium it is somewhat normal to have the female wear …[View]
123966114>Nullify the versalles treatise >Don't pay your debts >Use the war reparation money in…[View]
123965461I scratched a large pimple on the inside of my ear and now I'm bleeding out of my ear. Does th…[View]
123964347What are your most favourite dishes (you cant have only one because your mood and thinking changes t…[View]
123960690>The Ultimate Chad would rather Fuck a Mexican girl than his White w*man wife: Based.[View]
123965854>Oh, far away There lies a dream We're all seeking It's locked away The key hangs near …[View]
123965834>he cares about his phenotype and calls other white people mutts[View]
123965663When will Russia open for tourism again?[View]
123959103modern american/brit black 'artists' be like >ooga booga fucked superior white man daughter >o…[View]
123965534How many ugly men in your country fuck beautiful women without paying?[View]
123964769What time is it in your country? Y r u awake?[View]
123959271Why do Americans place such cultural emphasis little big horn but not St Clair's defeat? >Th…[View]
123960449What's your favourite bird from your country? For me, it's the Red-Winged Blackbird.[View]
123961167why are americans so talented?[View]
123965335I wish I was Persian....Feels bad bros...[View]
123965034First person to make me laugh ITT wins[View]
123963271>in the usa a beginner with a master will earn 80K/year >in france a beginner with a master wi…[View]
123963421If africa americans were tourists what would they be like?[View]
123964838French is an official language of Canada, making Canada part of Latin America. I'm so glad to k…[View]
123964539What are American's eating?[View]
1239637221. ur cunt 2. do you hate the city/town you live in?[View]
123964996Chinese university beg foreign students to blacked their women https://amp.scmp.com/news/china/socie…[View]
123965062With me is the Derafsh Kaviani and through it I hope to rule the nations, /int/.[View]
123959914Why are Eastern Europeans not living in favelas like in many poor countries in South America conside…[View]
123964778Do you guys ever look at your flaccid cock in the mirror and think, “Hey that a pretty nice cock. Ni…[View]
123965022>endgame is almost non existent Name and shame em[View]
123964966Just found out about how the chilean economy collapsed after germans figured out how to syntheticall…[View]
123962449/brit/: sorry edition[View]
123964182whats the cheapest country to get euthanized in?[View]
123964847Hey Soyjak want to help me plant my bluberry shrubs?[View]
123964812>your cunt >are most citizens openly schizophrenic flag yes and proud…[View]
123964834i am scared of this/these poster(s) the opinion is beyond human mind and they make me unconfortable…[View]
123961874No, he does not represent us, no, he is not a great actor. He is famous because he is a Jew, like Ad…[View]
123963815We grecians invented democracy![View]
123959385What happened to all the lions in Europe?[View]
123961431GOD HATES AMERICA: Vile Land of the sodomite damned. The most ungrateful & the most arrogant ant…[View]
123964638why /int/tards try to force the idea that copts are any different from normal egyptians[View]
123963317Suicide wave: In my country I'm getting signals there is a mass rise in suicide, the government…[View]
123955547We're back after the maintenance. Thoughts on the new captcha system? Is it in your country yet…[View]
123964542>Cunt >your choice America, definitely Pink Floyd…[View]
123964500Why are asian Americans so based?[View]
123964459>hey soyjack, are we going to play overwatch or not?[View]
123958377Cherrypicking removal of comments and threads: I haven't spent much time on this website since …[View]
123964336Say your favorite anime adaptation movie >Look at this picture, you know that this is my favorite…[View]
123964152ba HAMAS[View]
123956575Post music from countries you like: >Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQIYEPe6DWY…[View]
123957513American Healthcare™: This is what a broken knee costs in America. This is just the ER bill, I took …[View]
123961717>tfw you take ritalin to study and end up spending four hours searching for the perfect porn vid…[View]
123964037>my favorite subreddit? r/asianfeet of course[View]
123947454*makes the entire US and all its citizens seethe*[View]
123961381How do we stop racism?[View]
123925663/med/ - olive oil general: Aka Mediterranean, aka coomer general. Invited: all Mediterranean countri…[View]
123956945I am a Muslim and sincerely wish for the return of the Mughal Empire but I am willing to unite with …[View]
123963002How hard will their birth rate drop in 9 months without any Ganjin BVLLS to breed their women?[View]
123959669Holy shit Italian is such a romantic lang-- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7-I1I5KQSpQ[View]
123963698>Destroys last remnant of British pride without spending a shilling.[View]
123963696The southern Chinese used to look like this before the Han Chinese conquered them.: Austronesians co…[View]
123951478/ita/ il filo: edizione borbonica VIVA 'O RE[View]
123959409Guay appreciation thread: Say something nice about them.[View]
123963524do brasil thots really?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwPz9DUmitk why do simps do this?…[View]
123959426thoughts on this shithole ? Will you cry when it will die ?[View]
123962781refugee or identiatrian[View]
123958915What's with fucking albanians being the saviours of collapsing muslim states? I mean seriously,…[View]
123954955Post the countries you've never met people from there irl but would love to one day: Mein is; Q…[View]
123962462No memes, what are some actual example of Jomon people?[View]
123961839Are we the only Western country where people are less offended when the murderer is a white vs. a no…[View]
123947920/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția morții[View]
123961929What happens in the flyover states besides meth addiction and nightmarishly bad cuisine?[View]
123950237Germany, wtf??????[View]
123950372Hilo /esp/añol: >yблюдoк[View]
123963128>ur cunt >how is your cunt's leader dealing with the pandemic and how will his popularity…[View]
123962568>cunt >what do you think of this man?[View]
123963058Peak soul, so soul it's black https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=425GpjTSlS4[View]
123953755/nederdraad/: >hij doet niet even de vla twee minuutjes in de magnetron zodat deze lekker warm wo…[View]
123958241what are some good italian podcasts to have on to try to help with learning?[View]
123948925/balk/: Staring into the distance edition >>123936396[View]
123955023>this scares and confuses the Euro[View]
123919398/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /ܐܝܣܪ/ - /isr/ - מהדורת מוסרי: שיר רקע של /ישר/ זה : https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
123962732This is why Amerimutts shoot up schools and are generally as violent as Arabs.[View]
123962799June 2020 Readings for your Sign YT: Authentic Self Tarot, IG: authenticselftarot: Taurus- https://y…[View]
123949935what do germans think about it?: 'By its very nature, Germany is a destabilising, rather than a stab…[View]
123962461>american niggas be like 'how do I make my gay son straight'[View]
123961585Post faces: Post your eye[View]
123951018Would you learn italian if it was more widely used worldwide?[View]
123933037Does this happen in your country?[View]
123957144/fr/ - Le fil francophile d': Édition de la plus mignonne Ancien >>123948780[View]
123959844Where is my thread?: Over the last few days someone was creating threads with my pic here on /int/. …[View]
123962519Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as... (Parklife!) And morning so…[View]
123960077euros really do this?[View]
123959101>Slowly getting fat >Many clothes don't fit nicely anymore >Fully aware of this >N…[View]
123959543/brit/ + /birt/ + /brot/ + /bret/ + /brat/ + /brut/: tesco has literally four different stouts editi…[View]
123961124I hate you all. Especially Jews and Germans.[View]
123959602>italians are white[View]
123955445>TFW 22 years old loser >TFW never graduated highschool >TFW no drivers license >TFW shi…[View]
123960431>I just love the hustle and bustle of the big city[View]
123958192Speak white.[View]
123946854Post poor people food from you're country[View]
123961788Why doesn't America have its own language? Do they consider themselves worthy of existence?[View]
123960458Fukushima wind reached Oregon.[View]
123955318I wish I was white[View]
123961569Bella ciao but all the ciaos replaced by sex[View]
123961032Bros... How to be based?[View]
123959972>His chair is not female[View]
123958154I love dark skinned girls[View]
123960984It would be a wonderful world.[View]
123955212Saudi cuck?: Did Saudi Arabia basically just cuck all the Arab/Muslim countries? Before Islam appear…[View]
123959399/ksksks/: Black cat with white socks edition[View]
123959985I want to know what love is.....with a shitalian. And feel the intensity of that love like this http…[View]
123960084In your country, do you have to perform sexual rituals when you marry someone?[View]
123958256I wish Marques de Pombal hadn't expelled the jesuits, so that we could actually be a bilingual …[View]
123960804/cct/ - Capital City Thread: This thread is only for people who live in the capital city of their co…[View]
123960652Chicken Run (2000)[View]
123958659Kinda rude innit?[View]
123960457Something wrong with my leg. I can feel it.[View]
123957072He cute[View]
123959460>be me in 10th grade world history >first or second day, teacher goes through the usual '…[View]
123957645>see a japanese anon with poor english skills >make fun of him until he loses his shit and lea…[View]
123960224That inspired me a lot. I also build something like that[View]
123953645I love the polish. Never once had a bad interaction with them on here.[View]
123959710Americans really do be like 'My name is Donald and this is my son, Donald Junior'[View]
123959279“This is what real freedom feels like,” wheezed Brad, before being told by doctors that his insuranc…[View]
123943764>Lord of the rings was american war propaganda designed to make the public okay with the idea of …[View]
123951202Reunification when?[View]
123951694What's American cuisine[View]
123949353Perú is my favourite Latin American country![View]
123959741>I sold him the story; hook, line and sinker[View]
123957688>country >What's your opinion on cryptocurrency? >Is it popular where you live? >W…[View]
123957581Do people in your country find Friends and The Big Bang Theory funny?[View]
123959111Brazilian language: Did you know that Brazil until the XVIII century spoke majoritarily the natives …[View]
123959122>the only popular finnish people are fenno swe- no they are not you filthy swedoid…[View]
123957470/brit/: hail victory edition[View]
123943908Japanese 'men'[View]
123948340would you welcome an american refugee into your home?[View]
123958190All rise for the national anthem o' Scotland! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glCK7W0hmhg[View]
123955618Swiss women look like THAT?[View]
123957653Do american martial artists really have this haircut?[View]
123956544How do they deal with depression and loneliness?[View]
123959173>American niggas need to pay the hospital for the privilege of having a baby >The newborn son …[View]
123951427Was this a dark day for Japan?: Must've felt like being nuked a third time.[View]
123948835/lat/ - hilo latchino: hilo anime :3[View]
123958984Polish niggas be like 'Back in Łódź I was mechanical engineer with grant from the state to do atomic…[View]
123958213What's The Worst Caribbean Island?: And why is it Hispaniola?[View]
123954779/österreich/ manchmal auch fälschlicherweise /deutsch/ bald wieder /nachtschicht/: FBRs Nachtausgabe…[View]
123957006I have a question for Americans: How often do you open your window?[View]
123956102Post-WW1 Europe: Ahh, good times indeed. Eastern Europe looked so lovely.[View]
123957401>his country has lesser population than my city[View]
123947560Post a pepe from your country (if there is one)[View]
123958252anime girls with flag hair[View]
123957743mangekyou sharingan: You are now under my control and the only way to get rid of this Genjutsu is to…[View]
123950462>Je me souviens[View]
123949787Post the rightful borders of your country[View]
123958351who's the most naturally stylish world leader /int/?[View]
123947944In America, it is very common to be European Mystery Meat. But how common is that in Australia, Cana…[View]
123958536BAVI Birds Are Very Important https://youtu.be/UUChJnCKaC0[View]
123958106Do you watch this in your country?[View]
123956859wider nose = bigger soul[View]
123939890/Norgetråden/: Germansk søtpai-utgaven Forrige: >>123922365[View]
123955527*Performing site maintenance. Try again in a little while* >take all the time you need mr. 4chan,…[View]
123950106Thinking about moving to Poland or Hungary. Any locals got some tips? Inb4: fuck off, we‘re full.[View]
123954627hey /int/, thoughts?: I made these pancakes earlier today[View]
123954390What is your favorite language to hear music in?: What language do you think sounds most beautiful w…[View]
123948926I'm just gonna leave this here[View]
123957549Bongland Thread - Quarantine Edition: Get in here Brits, residents of the finest Nation on Earth.…[View]
123955548>imagine you may not need Is my phone telling me to stop posting on /int/?…[View]
123916877/v4/+friends: Škoda 30T edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHv7_3uahMs[View]
123955545imma do a backflip bro[View]
123955149say something nice about the poster above your comment's country so we can get a bit more happy…[View]
123952449why is my white skin so ugly[View]
123955058What do western Europeans have over all of the other races? I can't think of anything. Jews, No…[View]
123951843>pizza guy comes >order is 26.99 euros >give him 27 euros >close the door on him You don…[View]
123951398Sverigetråden - Nekoupplagan: Vill du att livet ska vara glatt, klappa en katt[View]
123950464/brit/: Colonel Sir Tom Moore, we salute you! edition[View]
123956129University thread: What are the best universities in your country?[View]
123957149americans when they see a guy dress up as a jew in new york[View]
123955003No one has gave me a direct answer. Why haven't you learned our language?: Please explain yours…[View]
123953462>he lives in a city with more than 100k inhabitants[View]
123955107Je panse donc j'essuie.[View]
123954072Hows your corona situation going lads? I got furloughed 80% in late march. The last 20% is just home…[View]
123955559ORA ORA ORA Teme... You have some guts showing your face around Sakura All Girls High...[View]
123956142Do you use pic related in your country?[View]
123956800Let's be honest, this guy is a robot co-created by CIA and Mossad right?[View]
123955781The Gruesome Twosome[View]
123955196why did that dumbass janny do to the website? did he spell his juice all over the server?[View]
123954234it's a nice flag[View]
123955014Costa Rica...Welcome to the Based Department.[View]
123956359>your country >do you sleep, do you dream? germany i didn't use to, until i began my expe…[View]
123952793>Refuse to learn Spanish in school, throw fits, cry, piss pants when teacher hands out quizzes …[View]
123956267Why do Austrians hate Germans? I know two (2) Austrians and they both had some kind of hate/arroganc…[View]
123956222Do people in your country know the difference yet between high cheekbones and hollow cheeks and that…[View]
123912116/tr/+/turk/ kardeşliği - (mandate of /brit/): Sömürge osmanlısı baskısı[View]
123954613Its just a flu they said.... Defend this americans[View]
123955777KILL THEM ALL BASED[View]
123955899Would this fella pass as a local in your country?[View]
123952450usa: lmfao 100 000 deaths. why are they exceptional in everything? 911 only killed like 5k mutts. ye…[View]
123955483is paris syndrome real or is it just a meme?[View]
123948780/fr/ le francofil: Édition du pays des barakis Ancien :>>123941579[View]
123955573What is it about Anglos that attracts them to Southeast Asia so much?[View]
123955513You literally cannot suffer in New England.[View]
123954033Bros be my frens pls. Ive got beer and takis fuego. Pls no bully.[View]
123954967The Holy 4th Rome[View]
123955406So I'm looking for color ideas for a bathroom and stumbled upon pic related. Do people in your …[View]
123954641Haha had that dream where I fuck myself, again. Is this common your country?[View]
123949565What is his endgame /brit/ bros?[View]
123944636Graduates in Italy and Spain have low basic skills, says OECD report: >Report says university gra…[View]
123949661Today, Costa Rica legalized gay marriage. Celebrate with us by saying something positive about Costa…[View]
123955142>Performing site maintenance. Try again in a little while.[View]
123955130Niggersniggersniggersniggersniggers I am obsessed with niggers nigger sniggersniggers live in my hea…[View]
123950140does your country have domestic terrorism? >usa >yes…[View]
123951831Nope...no borders from here[View]
123954545japanese when they see unsucked american cock[View]
123952851Why do india people love canada so much?[View]
123954889It is now night time for the europeans on the international board: please be quiet so we can let the…[View]
123950165Denmark? No, the United States of America![View]
123952194Have you ever met a Swede in real life?[View]
123948630>be shizo teen >stop taking meds for some reason >'anon you need to get out. They are tryin…[View]
123950427>The Finnish national anthem was originally written in Swedish, despite Finnish being the native …[View]
123952780>Ich bin dein Gummibär >Ich bin dein Gummibär >Ich bin dein Gummi-Gummi-Gummi-Gummi-Gummibä…[View]
123940201What do you hate about brownentina?[View]
123954490Noone likes us, we dont care. We are MAGYARS, mighty MAGYARS from Asia.[View]
123945490Finland vs Sweden: The daily Finland vs Sweden thread Here we discuss which country is the best auti…[View]
123950509I live in a slum with a nice view, how can I capitalize this?[View]
123947803/leaf/ - Canada General: It's really nice out in NB today. How are you?[View]
123953577how to flirt with japanese girls ? david kun bless me with some pick up lines[View]
123953650>your cunt >your religion >do you have a rosary? >do you use it? Flag. Roman Catholic Ch…[View]
123953280Is it considered a war crime to beat up a chinksect to death with bare knuckles in your cunt?: Japan…[View]
1239537219 to 5 Hell: Has anyone on /int/ escaped 9 to 5 Hell? How did you do it? How do your survive nowdays…[View]
123950401How do Spaniards feel when 'Spanish' means basically 'Latino' in the USA? What would a Spaniard cho…[View]
123949970/deutsch/: Braune Ausgabe[View]
123950272How are my nordic brothers doing today?[View]
123953277Opinion on owls? Post owls from your votre pays.[View]
123948850I love french accent, there's nothing more sensual than that.[View]
123952327I hate all the racism, bigotry, slavery, discrimination, prejudice, and oppression that I see in the…[View]
123934534/polska/: edycja najlepszego polskiego energetyka[View]
123938370/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Umaru[View]
123953836>just do what you find fun for a living[View]
123949650In what step are you?[View]
123951155do you love britannia?[View]
123945399Do lots of Icelandic people look sort of Asian?[View]
123953705Is he the most famous Icelander now?[View]
123952997>sit in my room >nothing out of the ordinary >suddenly remember that Australians lost a wa…[View]
123953122The US feels like some sort of alternate reality[View]
123950899If America had a face, it would look like this.[View]
123953266How much are meat prices in your cunt?[View]
123947402Why is their femdom scene so huge?[View]
123952556How in the fuck did we let this become what Brazil is all about? Who is to blame https://youtu.be/…[View]
123953043why are all whites cringe? even the gangster 1s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5948hRyFAs https:/…[View]
123919735Djibouti is trying to become the singapore of africa: They are building a 3.5 billion dollar city to…[View]
123950958The United States of America has been the most exceptional thing ever to happen to humanity. I say t…[View]
123943980What's going on with Turks these days?[View]
123950548/esp/: edición, 'edición'[View]
123923851Mutt thread: Post your most American picture, dog bless[View]
123941986What's the deal with sparkling water? Why are mainland Europeans so obsessed with this nasty sh…[View]
123945052>americans when they find out they have 5% scandinavian ancestry[View]
123952462Truth be told, Brits are more Celtic than Anglo[View]
123950195>your country >your biggest regret Flag I regret not getting out of my comfort zone and trying…[View]
123950981Why hasnt the freckle gene been eliminated? It makes you look 30 years older than you are.[View]
123941956map thread[View]
123951929>You deserve to be slaughtered on the spot, but won't dirty my clean hands with your foul bl…[View]
123951457>Yes I'm Spanish, how could you tell?[View]
123951256oi teme[View]
123950350What is the 'heroic origin myth' of your country? Americas is as follows, though I'm sure it…[View]
123947761Every real nation is First, Second and Third world at the same time. If you don't have favelas …[View]
123948803I made a bird feeder with my new woodworking workshop. No one is eating the sunflower seeds and pige…[View]
123950362What are some neat facts about your country? Some neat facts about the United States: - One in ever…[View]
123951295Does your country have Anime conventions?: But I guess it doesn't have HENTAI conventions, does…[View]
123943013/mämmi/: tosimiesrehtisetti -painos[View]
123951369>cunt >do mayors send police officers with flamethrowers to keep people inside their homes in …[View]
123951239Should the Syrian opposition apologize to Assad for they had been mislead?[View]
123950873Do you love Niger?[View]
123942551/ita/ il filo: edizione umarosa[View]
123939226>Tourism-based economy[View]
123951128Why are they so cute, and why don't they use the internet?[View]
123950801Did your country get the new updated captchas yet? Thoughts?[View]
123939063Today is the independence day of Georgia, say something nice.[View]
123948767What does your country smell like? Canada smells like pic related.[View]
123946695/brit/: Su-37 edition[View]
123947061Um, why aren't they one country yet? They're all the exact same.[View]
123945406Can you pee while the other men at the urinal stare at your dick?[View]
123950102argentinians and mexicans can't tell apart a plantain and a banana.[View]
123950323Are Pashtuns based??[View]
123935900Just get yourself an nordic gf and have sex anon[View]
123943629Do Hungarians, Czechs and Austrians acknowledge their Celtic roots?[View]
123948884>Here's your med girlfriend bro[View]
123944739/tas/ Tasmania General: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ /mämmi/ /egy/ /ita…[View]
123950143https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYzBCNoXqkU How do i get an Armenian qt like this one here?[View]
123950060>at work from 6:00 to 19:00 I'm tired as fuck, I can't do anything else. how was your d…[View]
123945083I used to think Sweden was one of the most relevant countries of Europe, more relevant than ones lik…[View]
123941731Do whores around the world like this or is this strictly an American thing?[View]
123949881Why are they like this?[View]
123947356And how many languages do you speak r/int?[View]
123949544edición nalguitas[View]
123944805/deutsch/: Leben Liebe Lachen Ausgabe[View]
123949040hey slavs[View]
123949266Do you love Gopnik?[View]
123949566For me, it's the Falkland Islands (rightfully British).[View]
123934309/esp/ - hilo español: edición lgbt progresista[View]
123946327Ten teren ran ton ten teren ran ten ton. TUM TUM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmcJD6_DwFE https:…[View]
123942992Sverigetråden: Det ser ut som en bra kväll-upplagan[View]
123948724Thoughts on international tastes?[View]
123947336Quiero quitarle la virginidad a quien lea esto[View]
123945345> cunt >favorite instrument for me its baglama https://youtu.be/yhp1k4AGAxM…[View]
123948227We had two Americans at Christmas dinner and got talking about different foods on each side of the b…[View]
123949307Where would you like to travel with your Western European gf?[View]
123949110Damn Italians were already Chads in ancient history.[View]
123942856What's the legal weed situation in Europe like? I'm an educated white male with a good job…[View]
123936940>tfw catholic Only Catholic flags can post here.[View]
123947342Africa: Africa thread[View]
123949329Which country does this picture apply to?[View]
123949265whö wäs ın thë wröng hërë[View]
123949280Why does this sound make sudacas seeTH so much?[View]
123948231Why are Vikings so short and skinny but Anglo-Saxons so big and buff?[View]
123941461GOD HATES AMERICA: Land of the sodomite damned. Fag infested nation. https://youtu.be/J_Zbr2IY03Y…[View]
123945839What's the best country in Latin America?: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica... https://www.…[View]
123947880>yeah m8 i weigh 2 rocks and 14 pebbles[View]
123948138Canada bros is true you guys are starving?[View]
123948338when was the last time you talked with a woman (female) that wasn't a cashier/relative etc? for…[View]
123936396/balk/: Tuesday mental illness edition[View]
123945850What is life like in non-meme countries? Is it painful?[View]
123945050i found humen remeins does this happen in youe're country?[View]
123944766just found out that americans makes pizza better than italians[View]
123948397>hijo, estoy deceptionado, tenemos que hablar[View]
123948065What's your favorite Latinx country?: And why is it my country?[View]
123944160>this >on every fucking Muslim nation Just.....why?…[View]
123944961English language is bori- https://youtu.be/YMS70m-OzXo[View]
123928153>tfw spend hundreds of dollars on gacha Why does Japan do this to me?[View]
123948181So what's going on in the world nowadays?[View]
123946825Why do Hindu's want to stop reincarnation? I just want to reincarnate forever.[View]
123945168What's his definition of Europe?[View]
123942285Would you marry an argentine woman?[View]
123948178Are the portuguese proud of Brazil?[View]
123944713/his/ is shit so I'll ask here, why were the Victorians raised to be nice and noble compared to…[View]
123947078What is the American capitalist take on your countries culture? They added maple flavour to their su…[View]
123948268When did your country embrace high tech? In Finland we were kitted out way back in the 90s[View]
123943091WOW do swedes REALLY? Twitter.com/Oni3636/status/1265000062754656264?s=19[View]
123831205/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
123947631Iran is the exclusive home of Aryans whom where the original farmers. AR- is the indo-european prefi…[View]
123921685/lat/ hilo latino[View]
123947133I don't like the path my country is headed for.[View]
123944471dutch people literally take poop from the toilet and call it cuisine[View]
123929700Why are the Dutch so heartless?[View]
123944901Post countries with only cool and nice posters.[View]
123942248How is it when two Americans have sex? Won't they just bounce off each other?[View]
123945432Do Americans really?[View]
123923461Do you have a rare or cool last name? https://forebears.io/ My last name is not rare but not common…[View]
123944369why are japs so lazy and uninventive that they have to copy literally every other major culture and …[View]
123947667>tfw no chill californian surfer gf[View]
123947538Irl Chechens are short incels who've contributed less than nothing to society...[View]
123947004>I bet foreign girls love my French accent![View]
123945516Are they gonna be alright?[View]
123941579/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Chaika Ancien >>123932553[View]
123944644/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția: Viktor Tsoi[View]
123943197What part of Turkey should I visit?[View]
123938282This could've been a comfy lil empire prove me wrong. You in fact cannot[View]
123947370The only thing that gets me hard are war songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7BX088NHNw https://…[View]
123945477What are the most popular STEM degrees among women in your country?[View]
123941069Boycott German products[View]
123947146Dunno if this is the correct place to put this, but.... Bachelors of Arts versus a Bachelors of Scie…[View]
123945639>You're country >Do you like anime Flag No I'm not a pedophile…[View]
123944273>on the left, filthy disposable livestock >on the right, a cute child-friendly pet wtf is wron…[View]
123945214'I'm 100% Greek' Can any Greek bros explain this?[View]
123946585>One chance at life >Failed What do?[View]
123944621>Of course, I am doing nofap to become asexual, what gave it away?[View]
123941747Is Roman Empire the most overrated civilization of all time?: People act like Romans possessed divin…[View]
123946474Why girls so loves foreign languages and travels?[View]
123946468Have u ever realized how easy is to make a million dollars? 1 product (1 USD) * 1 million units sold…[View]
123945917>be 21 >all the whites I went to high school with are now depressed, anxiety and neurotic mess…[View]
123946807>be an american streamer, literally the safest job, never leaving your house >people show up t…[View]
123946629>in these unprecedented times[View]
123931520Greek culture[View]
123943654/brit/: /brit/ - the British culture general United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ed…[View]
123946712We're allowing every Eric Harris, every troubled kid out there, to become the next Tim McVeigh[View]
123946535country do fathers use to kiss their daughters like that in your country? flag no[View]
123943146why do they hate Central Europe?[View]
123939728Thank you for your service.[View]
123928708/desi/: The Kashmiri's mom edition[View]
123946449They should just become one country[View]
123930267I think about this image a lot...[View]
123945971I love cats[View]
123937050Post countries you won wars against[View]
123946215NOOOOOO Don't put your finger in the cat's mouth when she's yawning it's not fun…[View]
123944781/Carib/: How's everyone?[View]
123943605Here is your MENA gf bro[View]
123930070>do indians really?[View]
123941837Which country in Europe has the girls with the most beautiful faces? Which country in Europe has the…[View]
123945333Which country is the most pro Anglo? Which country is the most anti Anglo?[View]
123944080Is fat acceptance prevalent in your country? It is here and I wish covid helps quench that bullshit …[View]
123934349How common is this sort of thing in the middle-east?[View]
123906191Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>123842713 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
123945165This country doesn't exist. Prove me wrong.[View]
123945581How’s your country’s chan like?[View]
123944657Why are women attracted to men who look like this? I refuse to become ugly just so that I could sexu…[View]
123935719i got permanently banned on /his/ for this[View]
123945020On a comet, somewhere in the vast coldness of space, lies a piece of EVROPA...[View]
123945691Why aren't Americans angry?: >be deputy responding to school shooting >run away and get …[View]
123943348Rolls-Royce is a British car, isn't it?: Why do they react like they've never seen Rolls-R…[View]
123922694we have a saying in croatia 'it isn't a female if its over 50, nor it is a man if its less than…[View]
123944067how did aristocrat english accents morph into the abominations of American, Canadian, Aussie and NZ …[View]
123936764We are G8 now: I don't accept objections.[View]
123945369Is the Turk afraid of the Albanian chads?[View]
123945236TIL Britbongs literally have a politician named Cummings. What is this? A porn game with some poorly…[View]
123936033/éire/ - The Lord of the Dance Edition[View]
123945240>Der Klassiker[View]
123939711>beards and moustaches will be banned soon fuck this shit, i look like a chad with my glorious be…[View]
123945140hey /int/ I made pancakes: thoughts?[View]
12394219113 years without Izumi Sakai: It gets sadder and sadder every year. Please post your favorite ZARD s…[View]
123944008Do you think she's pretty, /int/? I think yes.[View]
123939987/deutsch/: ϟϟ[View]
123944754Japan and Mauritania(africa) are teaming up to make a new smart city: IN nouadhibou, Mauritania >…[View]
123938470Guess my gf ethnicity (yes she is my gf)[View]
1239418451. Your cunt 2. Do you blame china for corona?[View]
123944085do you want to find love in L O N D O N?[View]
123943815>why yes I eat only takeout everyday and microwave pizza how could you tell…[View]
123944348I have this untranslated manga and I can't find a translation of this one online. What should I…[View]
123936552He was Austrian. He was Georgian.[View]
123939337Would you an American woman?[View]
123944440Bro wtf: https://twitter.com/BasedPoland/status/1264953593678921730[View]
123943375Imagine being polish https://youtu.be/tdPKbXe55eM[View]
123941138How will Mao ever recover?[View]
123943890sun hate thread: i fuckin hate the sun[View]
123944349Do burgers really?[View]
123940265If I had one wish to use, I'd wish for a stress-free life.[View]
123943649Imagine how advanced we'd be if the earth was a bit farther from the sun. All so called craddle…[View]
123940727wish we could turn back time, to the good old days[View]
123944209>he imagined himself rocking out an anime opening song in front of his entire school…[View]
123939059This is what Italy would have looked like if it weren't for Lombards[View]
123944089If I had one wish I would simply wish for more wishes[View]
123940807>there's a state of new york but the city of new york is actually in ohio why do americans?…[View]
123943037>take a vacation from work >doesn't feel right is the american work culture ingrained in …[View]
123943295Lmao amerifats really do mutilate their kids because the jews told them being born with a healthy pe…[View]
123943824I'd rather have this for dinner desu[View]
123941456Rain is always good[View]
123941434Dieting is hard[View]
123940108>50% of Spain GDP literally come from tourism What an absolute disgusting whore.…[View]
123940812It is with great joy that I report we are no longer the most reddit country in the world[View]
123940659have you ever been here?[View]
123943232hello /int/ you have any plans for summer ?[View]
123941897I don't like being an American.[View]
123942584What are your thoughts on Poland?[View]
123939551https://youtu.be/z-ATz1K_McE Are all kurds this based?[View]
123917993/bel/+/ukr/+/lie/tuva: Proper пpaпop edition[View]
123938800Do Germans really?[View]
123942085It's going well guys: I have this qt Chinese girl on Hello Talk who I'm helping with her D…[View]
123941764OH NONONONONONO[View]
123931589what an odd country[View]
123932338Last time people from your country were deceived by the top 0.02%[View]
123940172My college offers scholarship for a semester in Canada. If I manage to get it how can I abuse it and…[View]
123941508Are the Swiss just better versions of their neighbours?[View]
123940852/brit/: 1000 Year Tory Reich edition[View]
123941049Do you prefer spanish or italian girls?[View]
123930574/nederdraad/: >vla koud eten >vla niet even in de magnetron doen zodat deze wat opwarmt…[View]
123942055How's the cosplay culture in your cunt?[View]
123935265After the 'Big Three' (Britain, France and Germany), which of these two countries do you think is th…[View]
123933208How is it that the United States is such a good country but so laughable at the same time? I'm …[View]
123942949Do they really?[View]
123942948First world women think they have it hard.[View]
123940912>I had to make a bomb morty[View]
123942576>Training some deep fake. Just to see how good it will get after couple of days training with Fak…[View]
123933099Aren't Anglos sad when they see their language butchered by billions of people?[View]
123938640Ignore the reddit thingy btw: Italia circa. 20 AD >More serious >Good work-ethic >Innovati…[View]
123924209How are they fluent in English compared to continental Europeans?[View]
123942687/ugly thread/: Who's the most hideous-looking poster on /int/? This is a thread for all of you,…[View]
123942294>30 trillion economy in 2020 Wasn't it going to collapse?[View]
123942404do people get bonked in your country[View]
123942560>Why yes,I am in fact your ancestor. How did you know ?[View]
123935215/deutsch/: Kleener liehk vom hassösi und militarier[View]
123940051I stand with Finland.[View]
123941924Why the fuck are Zoros considered protected peoples?[View]
123941872>meanwhile in africa[View]
123933155/ita/ - il filo: edizione pucciosa[View]
123941791do you have tall athletes in your country?[View]
123936348post the most american image you have on your computer[View]
123920189What is the standard for male attractiveness in your country? Here, traits like high melanin, kinky…[View]
123938653Which country is better, Canada or Australia?[View]
123940995Why do hispañards make these abominations? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKiXA3brKkM[View]
123939457Your country Will you vote for biden?[View]
123940500>Carthago delenda est[View]
123941148Cunt? Were your ancestors respected honorable men? Peru. Yes.[View]
123937481Do they deserve all the hate they get?[View]
123936801>cunt >are you a racial minority on your cunt? flag yes, i'm half white half asian…[View]
123937278Mashallah Germany[View]
123937951Is alcoholism popular in your country?[View]
123940585>Dating Preferences >Set Min Age: 18 >Set Max Age: 18…[View]
123939894would you rather being born jomon in the yayoi era or olmec in the sinnid era?[View]
123898456/mena/ + /incels/: Concorde edition Previous: >>123876975[View]
123940879why do bongs looks like this?[View]
123938726>have a word/name >the written form has multiple pronunciations >you literally don't k…[View]
123935371>Flag >Who has been your countries tallest and shortest president Tallest: Venustiano Carranz…[View]
123938597How many tiny, irrelevant memes countries does one continent need, for Christ's sake? I mean, j…[View]
123940623I could be at my internship right now learning a ton of cool stuff but king chimp had to be a negati…[View]
123935204sverigetråden vadfanharjaggjortavmittlivupplagan[View]
123938265How liberal are tunesian girls? I have heard its now a good place to go for white male sex tourists[View]
123940510omg covid-19 lockdown is the biggest challenge of our lives[View]
123936406How do we save Christianity in Europe?[View]
123933975your country can you whistle? do you have trouble swallowing pills? can you swim?[View]
123929881>be a neet >wish I had a job >have a job >wish I was a neet it never ends…[View]
123939196Who came up with this meme definition?[View]
123932553/fr/ - Le francofil: édition de la réussite sociale Ancien : >>123918346[View]
123928912Which countries are most likely to merge? This many small countries in such a tiny area is not sust…[View]
123924443Do you think your countrie’s culture is superior to others?[View]
123937861Why can't these mongoloids just put aside their historic differences like we Western Europeans …[View]
123940237/brit 2/: Any of you brits feel nostalgic about the GCSEs and parts of secondary school? Despite ha…[View]
123930206Post historical enemies your country destroyed.[View]
123939481Kunrei-shiki is shit and I hate it. The letters choosed to represent certain sounds seem like they w…[View]
123939919/norgetråden/: Varg her, fortell meg om dine synder mine sønner og døtre-utgaven Forrige: >>12…[View]
123940084Are most muslim monuments..muslim or they are previously built which were converted and claimed as m…[View]
123871347Culture Pals - /cp/: Sweep ovew pwarty edition!~ Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around th…[View]
123933310What do you call this in your country?[View]
123930696The white man's eternal enemy, the slav: How accurate is this?[View]
123828366/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: Land of enchantment edition Previous: >>123707433 Welcome to /ex…[View]
123937513How can make Italy great again?[View]
123932610What made Westerners lock down their country? What’s like during lockdown?[View]
123937792All British people are dimwit and uneducatable: Beaches of England today: https://twitter.com/BBCBre…[View]
123937503Japanese is the best language in the world because it spits much less than the other ones[View]
123915442Japanese girls edition[View]
123931066Read my manifesto on western degeneracy before ever talking to me again[View]
123938923Why is india obsessed with Ertugrul ?[View]
123922365/norgetråden/: selvforbedringsutgaven forrige: >>123888975 >>123888975[View]
123939177What do you know about Albania?[View]
123939106171m: What do you think of the highest point of Denmark? (not kingdom)[View]
123936926What European country is the Brownest?: What European cunt is the Brownest?[View]
123938144have the left vs right politics divided your country so that poor people fight other poor people whi…[View]
123933204Slavic folklore: Post it I need some nostalgic sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqYrw3ruMRU…[View]
123935378I just saved Europe /int/[View]
123938812>brownentinian average wages will be less than 100usd/m withing the next 4 years, screen cap this…[View]
123937852i want to fuck apu[View]
123931632Handsome /int/ernational men[View]
123932494Why is all of N.Africa a shithole apart from Tunisia[View]
123932954>wake up >Europe looks like this[View]
123914973/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Better tomorrow edition Previous thread: >>123910261[View]
123930526US: *exists* China: I'm about to end this man's whole career[View]
123937121poland economy is 100% german gibs[View]
123936156'Get your act together': Do Americans use this commonly!?[View]
123928366What are some countries you're currently fascinated with? For me they are Romania and Yugoslavi…[View]
123926999I hate happy vibes shit. It's all so forced and such an obvious facade.[View]
123937824>Turks make fun of 'rapebaby' Balkans despite the fact that their bloodline is most likely made u…[View]
123935094/brit/: Umaru Edition[View]
123937864>G E K O L O N I S E E R D[View]
123932344>be westerner >have two-party corporate controlled system that uses bait and switch >'haha…[View]
123936950Have uni classes already started back in your country? Here the predictions for return are mid july …[View]
123933637Thoughts on pajeet?[View]
123936661>Hi. I'm Mohammad Al Nafri[View]
123928194Is this a western European thing? They don't exist here[View]
123937228Top 5 Country Smugness Ranking: >1. Netherlands >2. Netherlands >3. Netherlands >4. Swed…[View]
123925931Post your country's master[View]
123923484/rus/: Пpoшлый: >>123894079[View]
123937265You're my sunshineeee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ELQagdvW0A[View]
123935278.: 1. Your major in the uiv 2. What is your current job? Or what do you want to do?[View]
123934296Post Pop songs in your language: Mutts & Britts don't apply https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
123930407Join or leave: Your cunt, Do you want your cunt to leave, join or stay in the EU?[View]
123936895can i pass as a local in your country?[View]
123926271Why are Germans so fucking poor?: Are they third world?[View]
123935379England is just Greece minus the nice med climate >Both produced philosophers in the past >bot…[View]
123933239Korea good best!!!!: It's just a piece of writing on a mountain[View]
123935785What do post-Soviet countries think of bald and bankrupt?: https://youtube.com/channel/UCxDZs_ltFFvn…[View]
123929415Are your people considered sexy? 1.flag 2.yes[View]
123920076This is how Greeks sex sex sex[View]
123935517I dont know if thats the right place ask this But is it possible that many of the homeless people ar…[View]
123933836Any advice on cleaning cum residue that's been carefully nurtured on my wall for about 4 years?[View]
123880570/éire/: eagrán tithe tábhairne dúnta[View]
123936446hi poland[View]
123936260What is a nae nae and how do you whip it?[View]
123936316Anyone remember the ayrab that got beat up in Kazakhstan for posting a lewd image with a kazakhi gir…[View]
123921914/balk/: Me with Ukrainian flag edtion Old >>123897453[View]
123936263>Competitive spelling Do burgers really?[View]
123930299/Österreich/ nie wieder /deutsch/[View]
123933586What do you want for this life? I want to be 100% Arab and forget Europe: I want to get rid of my Ca…[View]
123935351>tfw no sunkissed american gf[View]
123912550/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição juba Antes: >>123855242[View]
123935783LOS CAMPOS DE AGAVE DE: † • X A L I S C O • † —HOGAR...[View]
123932471>treat myself to some €35/g weed >it taste and highs exactly the same as regular €8/g weed…[View]
123935240Tajikistan: Here's an interesting thing. This small former soviet state has a hereditary democr…[View]
123928187Does your country have a based John Green or a Kurzgesagt? >ywn be as based as America or Germany…[View]
123934855does love make people blind in your cunt? the state of white men...[View]
123933441wtf Korea???[View]
123924574ITT: Make a 'free tibet' style copypasta for your cunt.[View]
123935336>be american >fail to make a complete stop at stop sign >get arrested >get asshole fing…[View]
123934699What a legend[View]
123932447/brit/ + /birt/ + /brot/ + /bret/ + /brat/ + /brut/: crikey last one was quick lads, i'm runnin…[View]
123934803Almost killed one of these today since he came at fast speed not giving a fuck about traffic rules. …[View]
123934383This man is half Jomon and half Aztec. Say something nice about him.[View]
123934693I want to drive through Belarus and Ukraine in Eurotruck Simulator 2 bros, when will they add them?[View]
123923489Int arms thread[View]
123934971Why are other languages or people who speak them obsessed with 'purity'?: While you go >We need …[View]
123929309Ugh... I'm tired of being seperated from my bros[View]
123926972Your country Do you miss 2000-09?[View]
123933986>google search >how to cure my son homosexuality…[View]
123919218/hunro/ - official Hungary Romania friendship thread: A minden határon átívelő szekszkiadás a béke é…[View]
123928705Faces of /int/.[View]
123930585>shill for one country in one thread >shit stir against the same country in another thread fee…[View]
123932693Queen Mehriban of Azerbaijan: All other mummy gfs are inferior Long live Azerbaijan![View]
123932646Why do Brits live in these disgusting shithole terrace houses? What is wrong with them?[View]
123934251why did he do it bros[View]
123934354HONG KONG cant defeat DONKEY KONG.[View]
123929980im trippin boyz x)))))[View]
123934359Ah the rolling hills of England... my ancestral home :)[View]
123928693why are americans obsessed with race?[View]
123933425How do I get English Rose gf? Like the ones in the animes...[View]
123920833/esp/ - hilo español: edición amistad y cafelito mañanero[View]
123932015> Falo duas línguas, português e espanhol > Como assim, eles são dialetos? A língua portuguesa…[View]
123928980>overtime work >overtime work >overtime work >overtime work >overtime work I'm e…[View]
123932078Who is the face of the far-right in your cunt? Are they as funny as Dries?[View]
123934067What the fuck they made the c word a university?[View]
123931608Allahu Akbar!!!![View]
123931967Do all French girls look this cute? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wiMlF5TJoQ[View]
123930441Which country do you look like ???: Chinese ??? Japanese ??? Korean ???[View]
123928943flag your life is ruined already ? i live in algeria its an african arab country its the worst of t…[View]
123930920Do white people really apologize to the family of the deceased at funerals? what's the point of…[View]
123932237>Religion is the opiate of the masses[View]
123930266Is pic related possible?: 1. Flag. 2. Your computer.[View]
123931747Northern Africa is as interesting as Southern Europe?: I've been to Egypt and Tunis and I enjoy…[View]
123931661Just got a job digging and picking grapes at a vineyard, it pays 450 euros a month. I was working in…[View]
123924101/polska/: Edycja laleczki[View]
123915469/ita/ il filo: Eseguo ctrl+f Nessuno filo /ita/ il filo edizione 05[View]
123933120You realize that southern euros are so submissive to northern europe as latin americans are submissi…[View]
123929743What makes Semites multiply so quickly?[View]
123931973This is the first lady of gabon: An african country[View]
1239280941. Your country. 2. How many times a day do you poo? > flag > 1-2 times…[View]
123926350/svt/ - Sverigetråden: Julbordspizza-upplagan[View]
123927734They have so much potential and they don't even know it.[View]
123931126>Pajeetoid passing for local in Poland? That's impossi-[View]
123931945Look what they took from us...[View]
123932701In first world countries with a social-democratic welfare system like Australia and Sweden (not thir…[View]
123932439this girl was hot![View]
123930697Eastern Europe salary in 2007: Why wasn't Russia and Serbia alloewed to join EU but Bulgaria an…[View]
123927497ITT Stupid foreign trends your people follow: I cringed hard when my brother started listening to k-…[View]
123930607/brit/ + /birt/ + /brot/ so on and so forth: arthoe edition[View]
123932110Korean girls are pretty: Well[View]
123864340DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2394: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those study…[View]
123931828we're all in this together[View]
123931029what is the best region in India?[View]
123874411/asean/: Transpuan edisi[View]
123932163Aotearoa: Aotearoa[View]
123927861Based French.[View]
123924392Your pathetic shit excuse for not loving the European Union?[View]
123931211Beauiful korea!!!: Wondeful!!!![View]
123932088>this is what you lost[View]
123932065>dual citizenship NO! You are either loyal to your country or a traitor to your country by leavin…[View]
123932034is it true that wojak raped apu apustaja in chapter 59 of the comics?[View]
123927280the most precious possession in this world is ones own people, and for these people - and for this n…[View]
123921388/mämmi/: hampparipainos[View]
123927102If Native Americans were so 'based' and 'connected with nature' like Pocahontas, why they exterminat…[View]
123930403>North Sea >Norþsǣ >Noardsee >Noordzee >Nordsee >Nordsøen >Nord sjøen >Nords…[View]
123918346/fr/ - le francofil: Édition qui mord. >>123902594[View]
123930200>your cunt >have you violated the lockdown restrictions at any point in time since the beginni…[View]
123930856This is Stanley ho. He is probably the most powerful man in Macau since he is owner of many companie…[View]
123925341How do you cope with that?: Waiting for excuses.[View]
123930117yup, I'm thinking based[View]
123930746Why does every brownoid female model look like this??? I saw another half turkish Indian and both lo…[View]
123925636was my dad's high school class white?[View]
123930885Would you commit your unborn children to death for your country?[View]
123929898Did you know in most of Europe it is illegal to deny the holocaust: I dare someone from one of those…[View]
123917673Nordic diet or Mediterranean diet?[View]
123930395I kinda really wanna move to a microstate. Which European one do you anons think would be the best t…[View]
123930594I want a cute Italian wife[View]
123930688it's funny because it's true[View]
123922709Question to Western Euros and Ameribros. Do girls in your country find Eastern Euro guys attractive?[View]
123930674>black victim of racism >got called a nigger vs >white victim of racism >got killed…[View]
123929386There's anyone more glorious and beautiful than portuguese people?: real question...[View]
123925721Woke up on Norway[View]
123927815>people of colour >latinx >transwoman >white privilege >cis privilege >safe space …[View]
123921378>Your country >Do you prefer modern Meds or ancient Nordic Meds…[View]
123922392Countries that your country has destroyed in war.[View]
123926679today is mother's day in Poland give your best wishes to polish mothers[View]
123929911China vs bietnam: Where do you like more ???[View]
123926592'MADRID' is an Arab word: That's the way it is. How can you say is not a Muslim count…[View]
123929045What the hell is wrong with Australians?[View]
123920939>china is evil!!! >free hong kong!!![View]
123928587Are big balls common in your country?[View]
123928025Russia is the only European colonial power that managed to retain most of its colonial territories. …[View]
123916283Is this map accurate?[View]
123928137/brit/: ...there is a limited elite that understands the secrets of their own techniques, but not ne…[View]
123930240I give up[View]
123920295is carbonara popular in your country?[View]
123927598>get into argument >french flag has my back thank you based france…[View]
123929878Is your country ruled by a mummy gf? Flag Sadly not :([View]
123928878I WANT FUCK SEX SEX SEX[View]
123898805/nederdraad/: rebus editie[View]
123925551/österreich/ manchmal auch fälschlicherweise /deutsch/: Erinnerung an bessere Zeiten - Ausgabe…[View]
123926196Why they cannot take criticism???[View]
123923019I CAN'T ROLL MY R[View]
123928061EVROPE... Fragile land of hope :)[View]
123926295This is beautiful[View]
123922729Under the new china led world order, the economic center of the world would shift back to asia. Chin…[View]
123918162I miss him so much bros, just today im feeling this wtf its almost 2 years since he is gone holy s…[View]
123926939what happens here?[View]
123928429https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ_of_Europe >Later, the 20th-century Polish dictator General J…[View]
123929591Anyone else their job because of Corona?[View]
123929768so, i went to the dentist for the first time in 10 years. i had expected worse but apparently i only…[View]
123929211>professor ends lecture >German pounds on the desk with fists Explain this autism.…[View]
123921964is this common in your country?[View]
123928361When did /int/ become such a massive dump. I came to this place 8 years ago when it was still fun, j…[View]
123921782Is COVID finally winding down in your cunt? Haven't heard about any new doom and gloom as of la…[View]
123929250Been addicted to fried egg with flour recently. It's a very simple dish yet very satisfying, es…[View]
123917760> Freedom® > Democracy® > >Sponsored by AngloSaxon.inc I would like to tell white people…[View]
123929253>mfw WW3 is due on July 1st feels great man, finally an end to my suffering…[View]
123927731I have a question to westerners. Why westerners can get big muscle easily? They are naturally very b…[View]
123923637Does anyone else cringe at diasporafags on Twitter and other social media? Especially from countries…[View]
123929040>loading... >... >loading... >shitpost.txt loaded…[View]
123926204I AM GREEK NIGGA[View]
123928749I feel like my english has improved since I browsed 4chan[View]
123920571why did the Byzantine Empire have to be conquered[View]
123926067How is your country's economy handling this 'pandemic'[View]
123924170Do Americans really?[View]
123926595Post mommies from your cunt[View]
123928217>Shut up you fatphobic. Fatphobia should be recognised as a form of racism.…[View]
123924550Compelled to go here and become Kyrgyz, not even my family can convince me not to go.[View]
123917387>yes i am nationalistic about a random scribble a european drew on a map that subsequently became…[View]
123926775Czechia: are they slavic or Germanic?[View]
123927557I snorted 30mg of speed one hour and half ago and another 50mg now[View]
123927741>domestic original narrative porn, chinese female star, chinese dialogue isn't /int/ a sfw b…[View]
123915127Where has /int/ traveled, if anywhere? Pic related--it's my map.[View]
123923313gimmick edition[View]
123923317You are absolutely a brainlet if you speak only 1 language, and speaking 2 is very average.[View]
123927018Ettore Boiardi was the greatest Italian chef of all time.[View]
123926194U mad black boy?[View]
123922768White culture at its finest[View]
123926774>Why yes, I did waste my adolescence and made absolutely no social connections, rendering my expe…[View]
123926681Do you need to have gang tattoos to get laid in Mexico or El Salvador?[View]
123925329>Colombians aren't whi...[View]
123925239You're welcome Germany[View]
123921017I would like to thank Denmark for the plastic autism bricks.[View]
123926258the passion and enjoyment in my life has died out: Tell me how to get it back my international frien…[View]
123920518Why is American culture so confrontational?[View]
123925418>yes I am still alive, how did you guess?[View]
123920819>That Israeli who was born here and left before she learned to talk with her parents to the US an…[View]
123923943Where were you when Brazil became number 1?[View]
123926008fuck nigger simp cock faggot bitch retard shit pussy whore asshole shit piss cunt fart[View]
123925090Just praised a literal fire because my mother forced me: Do you do this in your country?[View]
123917013Can you get away with this in your country?[View]

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