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143150786American males look like THIS?[View]
143152008What's the demographics of your country's military? I'm actually surprised that 30% o…[View]
143150859One day you are walking a way. Obe octopus is attacking face of chinese girl, she say 'halp!'. What …[View]
143147069>be Irish >starve next to an ocean full of fish Is this the power of the Irish-American race?…[View]
143150654Damn I didn't know China made KINO https://youtu.be/VZzvcgSULRo[View]
143143334imagine being so close to them and do nothing[View]
143151574would you consider cubans white? these cubanos write themselves as white on census[View]
143146142What happens here? Is it really just a giant wasteland filled with fat Mexicans and Centraca illegal…[View]
143149599Can i pass as a chad in your cunt?[View]
143149894Dishonest flag?: Where's the 'Ordem e Progresso?' At least my flag is honest.[View]
143150970Dear Americans. This is rightfully ours. Please give it back.[View]
143151099Latinamerican Countries Ranked by Whiteness: 1. Uruguay 2. Cuba 3. Argentina 4. Costa Rica 5. Paragu…[View]
143150317Noone wants to live in Fort macmurray only the promise of 160k a year with a 2 year diploma.[View]
143151806what goes on here?[View]
143150391The question remains... Were Arabs whiter before they BLACKED themselves, or were they browner befor…[View]
143151673Afrikaans says Trans rights[View]
143149331Why do Portuguese and Brazilians hate each other so much? Brazil made the Portuguese language import…[View]
143150685vgh.. the frigid waters of antarctica...[View]
143126482Brazil, what's the deal with favelas?: Are they just dumb poor people who it's their fault…[View]
143151358Please stop[View]
143143086what defines the boundary of your country to another country?[View]
143149808Why do americans pretend to care about muslims all of the sudden? The vast majority of burgers could…[View]
143150963Why are americans so shit at rugby if they are always throwing eggs around?: Like, their favorite sp…[View]
143147909>Your cunt >Have you ever blackout drinking? Uganda Yes, too many times for my enjoyment.…[View]
143149391Dutch people have banners. Does this happen in your country?[View]
143143927How do we improve this region of the world?[View]
143148825what's the best place to live out of the red countries?[View]
143147985/brit/: canadian constitution clause 33 edition[View]
143150655what country is this[View]
143150696the Burger King Amphitheatre at Liberty Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States of America[View]
143146433Henry Cavil is dating an Italian-American woman: Natalie Viscuso Italian surname derived from the Si…[View]
143141236Has your country ever had a civil war as epic and brutal as the USA?: >invented modern war (see W…[View]
143148637Americans: 'you can drink a drink but cant food a food' Israel fags: 'you can food a food but cant d…[View]
143148908I wish more women in this country spoke as they did in the 20s-50's, much more feminine.[View]
143150450A part of the Italian territory is technically Africa[View]
143149252how integrated into capitalist economies was the USSR? Did they trade with capitalist countries or w…[View]
143135544This is what people mean when they say 'Europe'.[View]
143148979what the fuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI0RY4OFwpY Do spics REALLY?[View]
143137818/ex-yu/: eks ju edicija[View]
143149841does this pic increase or decrease your confidence in the russian vaccine?[View]
143137996would you marry an italian girl?[View]
143148061What are the differences between regions/states in ameroca? For ins5ance west coast vs east coast or…[View]
143143427Tv's of int[View]
143140199>After turning 80 years of age, the Buddha embarked on another journey from Bodh Gaya to Kushinag…[View]
1431140131. Your country 2. Could she pass as local? 1. Flag 2. No[View]
143150146Could those Turks pass as local in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LpxUDL8VVw https:/…[View]
143145620Assad family: They are literally Europeans[View]
143095720Post some americore[View]
143145367Is it true? Do Italianoes get offended easily?[View]
143148188Denmark must give us all of Greenland or face being glassed by the glorious leaf imperial navy if yo…[View]
143143165Do you get blamed too? Are your minorities really brethren?: >Morocco defeats the Catholic Portug…[View]
143144842>tfw no $5 Chalupa cravings box from Taco Bell Another day suffering in africa…[View]
143148845Are pyramid schemes a thing in your country?[View]
143134258Why do P.I.G.S have such low fertility rates?[View]
143146756>tfw no Arby's spicy gyro[View]
143105753How do I emigrate to Iceland, lands? I want some pretty pink ice princesses.[View]
143147036Do you have a regional accent in your country? Or do you speak a dialect? 'The West' checking in.[View]
143146697Do Egyptians still give their kids old egyptian names are are they just as Mohammed / Abdul / Yousef…[View]
143146017Why Ukraine doesn't draw borders over his ethnic areas and release the rest? They are surrounde…[View]
143146579Do you like NHK news on PBS?[View]
143148109who in here is living illegally in the US? provide brotips pls[View]
143148998Why does he look like a mutt from Latam if he is russian?[View]
143133187Monarchs should not exist.[View]
143145207who listens to this trash[View]
143147765I can sleep well knowing that Poland watches over Europe.[View]
143146534Did he really think he was European? Why did he refer to them as his comrades? That doesn’t make any…[View]
143142623polish boys looks like this?[View]
143098127/Mex/ - Hilo Mexicano: Edicion Colosio[View]
143149431Just bought a one way plane ticket to manchuria what am I in for.[View]
143142746/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Hi, my name is Dochii with two i's.[View]
143145482perubros, they will be fine right? they will not become Peruzuela ... right? ...[View]
143119501/éire/: Eagrán agóid[View]
143142347>You live in Southern Europe you have northern euro girls every summer! While this is true, they …[View]
143137016/fr/ — Le Francofil: Edition de la coccinelle Ancien : on s'en branle[View]
143149152I have the slight impression that dropping school very early when you are in a thirdie country has m…[View]
143147823/Med/iterranean General: Montenegrin Muslim Music edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCaSmchG6…[View]
143148545Who would win canadian moose vs Australian kangaroo.[View]
143145473post your favorite song from your country https://youtu.be/_LpnL-RLJrc[View]
143149125Germanbros, is it true that you have to pay taxes for owning in your cuntry? And that if you don’t p…[View]
143143720how (in)accurate is this[View]
143148948would georgians be considered arabs in your country? how about southern europeans?[View]
143148960>That Finn who tries to get other countries to fight each other and makes his only existence in l…[View]
143132519Can Europeans explain what gypsies are really like? Are they like video included or more like Americ…[View]
143147836Canada must become 100million superpower and take US lands after its collapse for the leaf empire[View]
143146292Are you an organ or blood donor and is it common in your country?[View]
143145939Can I really claim dual italian-american citizenship?: Multiple italians have told me on here that i…[View]
143143262Is family dead in your cunt?[View]
143146973How do Germans tell themselves apart from the newly arrived Arab refugees in their country?[View]
143141434New and looking for my fellow Irishmen: Been a ghost reading threads for quite a while and decided t…[View]
143144037/brit/: catto edition[View]
143147480What are your thoughts on these cunts?[View]
143146200>It's just a conspiracy bro[View]
143133121what they think about each other???[View]
143147601“At about the same time, they told me there wasn't a match worldwide, but never really worked o…[View]
143147341Why do Americans act like they live in an action movie?[View]
143136132They invented civilization. Literally the concept of civilization was created by them. Civilization …[View]
143147062Wait do Texans REALLY? This is the state capital.[View]
143147057Hey can someone translate this chick's profile for me ?[View]
143140994/deutsch/ Gute Freunde Ausgabe[View]
143142677Thanks China, Brazil, Netherlands, United States, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Alge…[View]
143146712I love Japan so much. Words alone could not describe my love for the Japanese and their country...[View]
143140783Why are Germans so swarthy? This guy's legit 100% German.[View]
143145971>DO NOT REDEEM THE FAST: do indians really?[View]
143144454This is Europe: Everything else is an irrelevant shithole[View]
143146635United Statesians, stop doing this: Latin America is more than just a piss filter.[View]
143134272Chans: itt post chans from other countries.[View]
143143243Happy Ramadan: Ramadan mubarak! How are you celebrating your Ramadan anons? I make a toast at sundow…[View]
143144944Lily Allen looks inbreed[View]
143141780Does Germany make you say 'ugh'?[View]
143144165Anime phenomenon. This whole anime phenomenon in the West is so wierd. Especially because in Japan t…[View]
143145851Salamoona frends Who can speak pashto? Tsok de pakhto khabare?[View]
143139661Why do they never show us the zoomed out version? Why only the zoomed in one around EVROPA? What are…[View]
143145269How can one man be so based?[View]
143144112Join my game https://www.geoguessr.com/battle-royale/cde51aa4-a048-4288-8bea-e19c42224345[View]
143145001What is your thoughts about the 2000’s decade ? Ambience song: https://youtu.be/c_H3MWVx6JU[View]
143145784The tallest mountain in the world is actually located in Ecuador. Mt. Chimbozo lies farther from the…[View]
143144554At this point, all countries have some sort of white population. What are they like in yours? Here t…[View]
143137362/polska/: edycja anarcho-katolicyzmu poprzedni >>143129205[View]
143141026What are they celebrating in France today?[View]
143137035>venezuela is a shith-[View]
143144931Canadian diaspora in America: How are Canadian-Americans treated? Is there a lot of discrimination t…[View]
143145554We must be mindful of the lived experiences of marginalized Italian bodies[View]
143142365Does your country have people who spend too much on twitter and social media and think they're …[View]
143145463>Listen to Spanish language media >they throw english words every 3rd sentence…[View]
143142706It should unite and copy the Chinese.[View]
143141126Why are latinas like this?[View]
143144749>america >first world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UNvEcR_jM8…[View]
143145401>PLVS VLTRA is the national motto of spain weebs[View]
143143889Imagine if Brits were forced to speak Danish after Danelaw and eventually all of America[View]
143137319How come the Caucasus peoples are such hard cunts? How do I become a hard cunt like them?[View]
143143574Does your country have a cancerous 'national' media station? >NHK >Constantly annoy people by …[View]
143144611if I am a pink skin how can I turn my skin dark and how dark can I make my skin before it might offe…[View]
143145079We are whiter than you[View]
143144607is the vaccine available in your country? did you cry after receiving it?[View]
143138818>this economic zone with square borders has way better culture than the other economic zone with …[View]
143130899/mena/: lmao he got sodomized edition[View]
143143789I was about to reply to the thread about Laurentian University going bankrupt, and it 404'd. Wh…[View]
143143933We linked up in Poland! Need it or keep it?[View]
143130414/lat/: hilo literalmente yo[View]
143099073/Med/iterranean General: Albanian Ultranationalist edition Thread's theme: https://www.youtube.…[View]
143135562/brit/: Finna be a white boy Summer edition[View]
143125894This is the most luxurious part of the favela next to my house Would you live here?[View]
143142741In your opinion, if countries should have a minimum and maximum allowed population, how much should …[View]
143140816Italian genocide[View]
143128168kurva anyátok[View]
143138444Saudi Arabia of South america[View]
143143238Why hasn't Japan gotten fat like many Western countries?[View]
143140229Post seaside towns from your country, or I will drop kick you into the middle of next week, you cunt…[View]
143143880is it possible to reach this level of happiness in your country?[View]
143139761Post pic of average school meal from your country[View]
143138757could he fit in as a local in you're country?[View]
143139962Why are Swedes on here always horny? Either they’re lusting after finish dudes or Californian girls …[View]
143132211If your country was required to take in refugees from 10 countries but the refugees were only attrac…[View]
143140938>Destroyed another empire How do they do it?[View]
143141879Why do Brits and Canadians pronounce the word 'been' like 'bean'? They would say things like >hav…[View]
143137815>/int/ in a nutshell[View]
143143687>out of all marriage with foreigners in italy 2/4 are with east european women damn slavs are bas…[View]
143138148Muslims: Dear Muslims and people from Islamic majority countries, what are you guys actually like? I…[View]
143142712Do muslim immigrants in france (specially algerians) root against france during world cup?[View]
143143418Does partisanship robs people from reason in your cunt?[View]
143142991Are northern Iranians whiter than the average Iranian?[View]
143132142is your country better or worse than Japan?[View]
143132956Why did this half-Palestinian girl surgically fix her prototypically Semitic features (including buc…[View]
143137083What made Prussia so important to the Germans anyway?[View]
143142409do we sneed it or do we chuck it?[View]
143139800Rate my Europe.[View]
143142080Do you love israel?[View]
143141422Have you gone through a breakup? how did you handle it[View]
143139646Australia ranked #1 in the international mathematics rankings. We have beaten Singapore, Hong Kong, …[View]
143120248ITT we support Ukraine[View]
143139293EU without Germany pic related Prove me wrong[View]
143141117I'm white BLM, bro[View]
143142209The ideal life is out in the forest[View]
143138196What would happen if Israel started to exterminate Palestinians on an industrial scale?: I mean roun…[View]
143140657Is Paraguay the best countrie?: >No gay rights >No trans rights >doesn't recognize Chi…[View]
143138976What is the best fish and chips?[View]
143138756Any other non-Slavs like his music?[View]
143138595The greatest day of the year comes to an end. Did you cherish and celebrated Israels independence da…[View]
143128768This is how the average Asian man looks like[View]
143134052/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Three perfect female specimens edition.[View]
143140136What's the spookiest urban legend in you're cunt?[View]
143142004Is ANYTHING in Korea not made out of plastic?[View]
143140590I am greek: Lasagna (laganon) and pizza (pita) are both words of greek origin[View]
143139588Does election fraud happen in your country?[View]
143140625Feels good to be brown[View]
143138323Could he pass as a local I your country?[View]
143127547Is this accurate?[View]
143141862Painfully true[View]
143141179Ukrainian anon here calls everyone a russian romanian pigposter how do we help him bro, why are ukra…[View]
143141429>You're country sure has some beautiful women. Shame they aren't fat.…[View]
143093488/ישר/ - /ISR/: מהדורת דני ליטני https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz6gDwXtCDU אחרון: >>143041951…[View]
143129759frens?: so, anon... what is that cunt whose posters are generally friendly to you? for what i have s…[View]
143141027A FUCKING SUN!: ;)[View]
143125272Soon there will be a massive immigration of Peruvians to all of Latin America and I am happy with th…[View]
143135967Well well well: What do we have here[View]
143138248/int/ high school: >USA: Friendly but dull star athlete who comes form a wealthy family. Has a ca…[View]
143139484>be me >be a lonely swede living in 1940 >want to do something brave so i volunteer to help…[View]
143131033/tr/: bokistan gençliğimi çaldın baskısı tirad teması:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYAiz-cLyfg…[View]
143140944Why do Americans hate this letter (pronounced leh-tuh, not ledduuuuur)[View]
143139172le andalusian moor phenotype[View]
143140474Which country do you pity the most? For me it's Bolivia[View]
143137839Can her daughter pass as white in your country?[View]
143133208Do you support American male/Argentine female couples?[View]
143135828What is life like in Singapore?[View]
143138266What is the relevance of this building?: Any Chinanons about? I'm watching a video called 'Huan…[View]
143128021Which one is Mexico and which one is Greece?[View]
143116346English youth really be like >Mandem at endz looking for peng gyal inshallah >bruh y’all looki…[View]
143135630/deutsch/: Mullen wenn sie meinen Penis sehen[View]
143137931>Bullying is still legal in Europe I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but my state …[View]
143118131I suffer in East Los Angeles[View]
143112443Post the oldest mosque in your country. Pic related built in São Paulo in 1960.[View]
143137426What's Nevada like?[View]
1431376944channers in your country: In Canada 4channers look like this. They’re essentially the cool kids of …[View]
143137569i suffer in argentina[View]
143135557/brit/: dinosaurs are history edition[View]
143116952Post the most American image you have.[View]
143139723>scandinavians are not asia-[View]
143139784/int/+/fa/: Would it be acceptable to walk around your country like this? What do you normally wear?…[View]
143125730>there are more asian nuclear powers than western ones What the fuck guys? Why did we let the eas…[View]
143138682Why is this the best part of Germany?[View]
1431377561. Cunt 2. Path >Flag >4.[View]
143139074I sometimes don't eat for several days and then my shits get all dark and stinky and slimy Does…[View]
143129189/norgetråden/: Ekte NAVtimer-utgaven Forrige: >>143115525 >>143115525 >>143115525 …[View]
143133677Latinx anons, please give us an explanation. Why does this occur almost every time?[View]
143139089Does this happens in your cunt?[View]
143138985>Your cunt >Do you play the lottery? >Do you have a famous lottery in your country? >Per…[View]
143139291i want Japanese friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HggbvHbIvlY&ab_channel=HikakinTV…[View]
143136511Question for Braziltards: Do you guys have any good books in Portuguese? I'm half American, Hal…[View]
143121461/carib/: Let's see how long this thread last. Invited: Caribbean nations & Cool people Not …[View]
143120643What's your honest opinion on Finnish people?[View]
143139046Sverigetråden - hobupplagan[View]
143121807Sorry firstworldbros, but middle class Brazil is the best: I recognize the superiority of Europe and…[View]
143136877>wake up >still in America[View]
143130248What do you think about German Americans?[View]
143122883Best history, culture, language, regions, food, history, most handsome men and beautiful women, one …[View]
143138359Has your country fought the United States?[View]
143136873VGH Montenegros I KNEEL..[View]
143138546>your cunt >does your nation have a hot and passionate relationship with another?…[View]
143136827Is judaism an ethnicity or a religion?[View]
143138132>in los altos de Jalisco a significant portion of the population consists of Mexicans of European…[View]
143122047/desi/- Moa Edition[View]
143138498Do Japanese anons really have 'rivals' or is it an anime thing?[View]
143137093I wanted to be white so i could have a white boi summer[View]
143137042Is bullying an issue in your country?[View]
143135452What are some halal movies to watch during Ramadan?[View]
143138028The Tiananmen square happened because college students were opposing the liberalization of the marke…[View]
143138024Post your cunt's greatest, most well known contribution to the videogame scene. I'll start…[View]
143135458VGH, This is what France used to be about![View]
143137902>mfw I see a Scatalan near me[View]
143136354I just experienced the perfect microcosm of mutt America at my local McDonald's. >young blac…[View]
143137807LGBTQIAA+ is global and its here to stay. Deal with it homophobes.[View]
143093806/ex-yu/: .[View]
143137841Women who whine about white men prefer them the most: This isn't flamebaiting, just exposing li…[View]
143136841The life of western europeans are so different from ours, its crazy... They travel to places like Ma…[View]
143137772Is being white really a virtue in this day and age?[View]
143126959What kind of legs do people in your country prefer on women? THICK or skinny? I repsect korean beaut…[View]
143136779Is 15k USD per month very little money in the US?[View]
143136271>The French Foreign Legion uses a Waffen SS marching song.[View]
143134675Bro wake up its 2007. https://youtu.be/c_H3MWVx6JU[View]
143133572Do ppl in your country eat feijoada?[View]
143129152Americans are really out here pretending that their slight differences in accent constitute separate…[View]
143132901why doesn't Israel just pay a fair price for the land they took from arab landowners and see if…[View]
143094531vocaroo thread: https://voca.ro/1n58iAA2BjOf[View]
143129205/polska/: edycja homopropagandy[View]
143131853/afg/: Afghanistan thread[View]
143125520How come animals sound different depending on what language you speak? Should they always sound the …[View]
143136528I like gun: Does this happen in your country?[View]
143134280>here you go bro, here's your 9/10 trad MENA wife[View]
143128995What can an american tell me about the federal reserve?[View]
143124608Yes, I'm brown. Yes, I worship white women. Yes, I love it. No, I won't stop. No, you can…[View]
143134671Is yo shit BUSSIN' in ur cuntry?[View]
143133042How can Germans and Turks tell apart?[View]
143129397Polish niggas be like >chezshz, my name is Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz and I come from Skridnsk…[View]
143127070/nederdraad/: draadthema editie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lewV3GEcfi0[View]
143129181>English is his first language >he can't speak three languages from age 20…[View]
143115148/balt/ + /ausnz/ #226: crispy underwear edition old >>143068680[View]
143133026Umm, does your country discriminate against trans girls? Mine does...[View]
143135618/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/: ka fick gebne[View]
143131380Your cunt Have you ever met an albanian Flag yes, they sell ice cream over here[View]
143135404ANY argentinian team in ANY sport is always whiter the the american teams: Doesn´t matter if i´ts fo…[View]
143133605Which phone is most popular in your country? Which one do you use?[View]
143134946I kinda like brazil...[View]
143097215/v4/ + friends: trad wife edition[View]
143134954From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, all I can think about is cute white guys. I w…[View]
143135155a restaurant opens up in some shit hole state in america with a theme centering around your country …[View]
143108397Italian women were literally created in gods image, walking angels, i worship at their feet[View]
143135854Why do brits dress like this? Why can't they just dress like normal people?[View]
143130870Sverigetråden - Anons gyarufv[View]
143132303/brit/: booba edition[View]
143127342Why does continental european spanish sound distinctive yet pleasant while South american spanish wh…[View]
143130794/deutsch/ DHL-Ausgabe[View]
143132195>Insults your sister in Italian[View]
143116749/int chat/: Tajikistan qts edition /international chatting/ interpals; Bottled app; Tandem; Slowly; …[View]
143133834>rise, rose, risen but not >sneeze, snoze, snizzen wtf??…[View]
143130075/fr/ - le fil de la francophonie: OUI >>143123624[View]
143109279What should France name its next aircraft carrier?: It'll be hard to top a name like Charles de…[View]
143132151The European Diaspora: What do modern-day Europeans think of their diaspora? What are you taught abo…[View]
143123745Tomorrow is Israel's 73rd independence day. Will you be celebrating?[View]
143134275Do Asians really???[View]
143135212Die Dickmilch... eine Delikatesse...[View]
1431333845 Only: Out of all of these flags, you can only pick 5. Which will it be?[View]
143127259How do we increase the engineering output of our countries to the level of Europe? Like holy shit.[View]
143116129Alcohol is so expensive here that people break open sixpacks and buy only a few at the time. Is this…[View]
143115734Which products do you own that were made in Germany?[View]
143132567do you ever wish you were born in a different country? i do. constantly https://i.4cdn.org/int/16181…[View]
143118395How often do you eat burgers in your country? Is there a burger culture where you live?[View]
143128967God is dead. And we have killed him.[View]
143134431Its the year 2100: You have been choosen as supreme ruler of your cunt, your cunts success will depe…[View]
143119712Hilo /lat/ino: Edición Latinoamérica libertaria[View]
143117217From 0 to 10 how nationalistic are most people in your country? Brazil, 3 at best. Most people dont …[View]
143129276Which one is Italy and which one is Brazil?[View]
143124351This shit has been sitting on my grand dads bar for like 20 years lmao. Should i take a sip?[View]
143128467>I suffer in India No you don't[View]
143120199Why thirdies eat in Mcdonalds?: American movies gave me the idea mcdonalds had the best burgers in t…[View]
143129771Will Koreans eventually merge with Chinese? It seems like modern Chinese culture is becoming more Ko…[View]
143119883Why do Pakistanis love to claim Afghan/Iranian heritage and culture? Only Pashtuns and Baluchis can …[View]
143130634dinner thread: what did you eat tonight? me, i tried making an american dish (mac and cheese). i had…[View]
143133295Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
143132428Your country Which belly do you have?[View]
143133504How does it FEEL to be born in the United States ? Please I want to know.[View]
143128093/balk/: t*rk drivers edition old >>143108071[View]
143131038>All latinx accents are better sounding than Castillan and I'm tired of pretending they…[View]
143122936Lmao: The WMAF and BMWF memes are true even in such a small sample size https://youtu.be/Wrze8EMK_Yo…[View]
143130787Ancient description of Italian soldiers in Scotland: 'In the conflict of shields, to it's close…[View]
143122486Do people smile at strangers in your cunt? >Flag >No…[View]
143123955is america the last dying bastion of freedom in the world?[View]
143133401What's this phenotype?[View]
143116341/cum/ - canada usa mexico: PREV : >>143095888[View]
143119380Russians literally look like Nordic Chad meme[View]
143121604>arguably tastiest food in the world >regional superpower >extremely beautiful women >ch…[View]
143115999Where is this phenotype common?[View]
143128689ABC Islands: What happens here?[View]
143122091Why are hapas son fine bros? It's not even fair[View]
143131697>your country >which countries have the most overrated women in your opinion? >which countr…[View]
143123716Belarus: Hi anons. I am planing to visit Belarus this summer. My main objective is to have sex. My m…[View]
143119585That's how Russian kids dress for costume parties.[View]
143128984/brit/: chippy edish[View]
143128950I want to love Lithuania: Tell me reasons why Lithuania and its people are great[View]
143113355what did the ancient people in your country believe about this niqqa? here some native american grou…[View]
143091007/br/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição do Nilo Peçanha[View]
143130318What's the best country?: And why is it always Japan? Discuss[View]
143121928Wanna get free likes on tinder? Passport is free right now. Set it to literally anywhere in Africa.[View]
143128586How was you Easter /int/? NOT SO FAT AMERICANS[View]
143124756Why do shithole chinese cities look better than most cities in the US and Europe right now? https://…[View]
143130802What can we do to slow or stop global warming? >no door, no global warming What is your perfect …[View]
143130843Keine Ahnung Ausgabe von /deutsch/[View]
143114275/Mena/ arab: طبعة قائدي اسد الله[View]
143118660/tr/: can dostu köpek baskısı[View]
143125551This is what young women want in France. What do young women want in your cunt?[View]
143113368Why am I supposed to hate them again? >rejects poverty >rejects idpol >rejects western impe…[View]
143123206/deutsch/: Simmeringer sei Ausgabe STALINGRAD - MASSENGRAB SIMMERINGER - FETTE SAU[View]
143129112Proof that Asian men can create the greatest babies even if they aren't both parents aren'…[View]
143129732What do you call this in your country?[View]
143099562DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2580: DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thr…[View]
143129898Vgh... what could have been...[View]
143128439What are you doing to prepare for the Asian century?[View]
1431298951) Your Country 2) What devils are you currently fighting? 1) Germany 2) Coping with sexlessness[View]
143129503its impossible to suffer here[View]
143116050/ita/ - il filo: fate schifo[View]
143129600How are french people seen in your country?[View]
143116586Western girls bites lips, meanwhile Korean girls...: Pursing lips. Why don't western girls act …[View]
143123235the Mexican accent is hilarious. I remember a spanish anon saying that they have the American accent…[View]
143122697>Wake up >France flag now look like this What do?…[View]
143129234/polska/: edycja niczego bo wszystko juz było[View]
143121516Ireland appreciation thread: Say what you like and know about the country of Ireland and Irish peopl…[View]
143123792ITT: /int/ in 1810[View]
143123624/fr/ - Le Francofil: édition de la pa stacy >>143113955[View]
143120240>2 hours ago, the world saw equilibrium as 3 identical French women threads were posted >by 3 …[View]
143111503Why shouldn't Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido be given to China?[View]
143121962Why is Korean math so superior?[View]
143126075/brit/: Flag Edition[View]
143115525/norgetråden/: Ung ufør-middagsutgaven Forrige: >>143105324 >>143105324 >>14310532…[View]
143124775What makes Latvian Orthodox Christians so cool and special? I'm Lutheran btw[View]
143122684Isn't it crazy that by spending only a short amount of time on /int/ you can and will learn mor…[View]
143120946What country do I have to move to if I want a girlfriend who looks like this?[View]
143121664Why haven't you found norwegian love yet?[View]
143123098is christianity popular in you're country?[View]
143123089>we wuz sarmatz n shieet https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarmatism Whats your cunts form of wewuz…[View]
143112440/sauna/: >viinalähetykseni saapui. ilon ja onnen päivä -painos[View]
143119596/polska/: edycja 'nie uwierzycie ale wkładając parówkę do puszki po redbullu można zrobić symulację …[View]
143098018‘Christ the Protector’ statue under construction in Encantado, Brazil. Made of steel and concrete an…[View]
143120243Why do people think Muslims are so pious and brave and self-disciplined for 'fasting' during Ramadan…[View]
143108071/balk/: Stefan Yanev edition Old >>143099279[View]
143124396Is anime and manga socially acceptable in your country?[View]
143118594>Average height in China: 175.7 cm >Average height in Korea: 175.5 cm >Average height in …[View]
143121937this is the food i eat post the food you eat[View]
143124154White people sing a ballade when they are happy[View]
143124066Why do Germans always say 'aargh' when they die?[View]
143123005Scandis be better at speaking English then Americans[View]
143125320Are Filipino-Chinese really that superior over native non-mixed/halfspanish Filipinos?: Chang here, …[View]
143124776Does your country have a cruise ship culture? If so, is it considered as a luxury for the elite or j…[View]
143125958New /int/ anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owK-2zmVhd8&ab_channel=ChetHanx[View]
143121545Lunches of int[View]
143120642>I suffer in Russia[View]
143124031The Circled Area: What happens here?[View]
143121422Languages you want to learn: I already know Spanish and English. I'm learning Chinese and Frenc…[View]
143120167english bros...[View]
1431198261. vagine 2. Aimez-vous la France? >drapeau >Oui je l'adore, et je adore Andou aussi.…[View]
143125420I don't know why my mom even puts up with me anymore[View]
143123397/brit/: PAWG edition[View]
143117269I have issue with these/those (this/that too). When do you use which? I mean, I get that here and no…[View]
143124218Ameribros,: how do we save our Anglo brethren from this despotic tyrant?[View]
143122480what happens here? are they really Celtic?[View]
143124113A Toast!.. to the Republic of Vanuatu[View]
143124453Very odd and funny people[View]
143120080Indian culture is centered around Muslims. They have holidays for Muslims. They got millions of Indi…[View]
143094842kurva anyátok[View]
143123311The internal borders of the UK should be rearranged to reflect the population of each country. It’s …[View]
143124676қaзaқcтaндықтap бap мa?[View]
143115570>first worlders can walk for 10 minutes and enter a forest or 'wood' as they call it you literall…[View]
143117841Ok so I decided to use the Tinder passport thing since it's been free for some days now and her…[View]
143123528What are some good robot fighting countries?[View]
143113955/fr/ | francofil francophone: édition victoire PSG ancien >>143102165[View]
143118984/deutsch/ am Abend: 1 Paqqerl Fotzen hen ich aufgrissn[View]
143119783/brit/: can you believe southend on sea looks like THAT[View]
143102666Just came back as I had to leave suddenly and this >>143090879 thread of mine got archived no …[View]
143089701/lang/ - Language Learning General: Learn Kyrgyz Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >…[View]
143114427What are the benefits of diversity?[View]
143120008do you like israel? i do.[View]
143097667/desi/: dharavi 2077 edition[View]
143102506China is funding Okinawa independence movements from Japan so they can gain access to the pacific. T…[View]
143120454Is wearing glasses common in your country?[View]
143116184Sverigetråden: DO NOT REDEEM[View]
143121379In Detroit, 65% of students in the public school system are chronically absent. Do you have a studen…[View]
143114758Has anyone ever met a french qt? What are they like irl?[View]
143119747>Why yes, I am fasting for Ramadan. No, I am not Muslim, I'm just doing it to have fun.…[View]
143120800Has the CIA sold Osama Bin Laden toys in your country[View]
143117060Oldest Towns: What is the oldest town in your country (with pictures)? Ours is Saint John's, Ne…[View]
143119639Why is the Afghan in the Netherlands so butthurt about China?[View]
143115409>diversity is ba-[View]
143117769I have become one with suffering: It gives me strength. I thrive in it[View]
143109562How do you imagine Australian women?[View]
143119043How do you go from this[View]
143099105Why do white people have thin lips?[View]
143098939Is the US the only developed country without a property crisis? The UK definitely has one, I've…[View]
143118869What is the difference between 'Forever' and 'Eternal'?[View]
143118319just because we left eu doesn't mean we hate europeans. we'd only been part of it since th…[View]
143105564it doesn't get better than America[View]
143119298>our economy lacks skilled workers! >no we won't spend any money training people why woul…[View]
143116243How can i become based in my cunt?[View]
143119726My fellow Eastern Europeans How are the prices of apparments in commieblocks in your city? They are …[View]
143119970Leopards vs Urban dogs: Does this happen in your country? https://youtu.be/NyYwT1ZzYUU https://youtu…[View]
143117415/ita/-il filo euforico[View]
143118433I'll take a large pizza, extra pepperoni, extra cheese, some nice peppers, some onions, mushroo…[View]
143115022Can people in your country tell the difference between a gun and a taser?[View]
143094413Hilo /lat/ino[View]
143119534convince me not to seek Irish citizenship. >It's gloomy and depressing So is this fucking ci…[View]
143119758ITT: Traditional Music from your country/region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STzoTmbemvA&li…[View]
143116962>cunt >are you rearterated? flag yes[View]
1431177591. Your country 2. Do you do cardio? 3. What kind of cardio? >flag >yes >running and hikin…[View]
143119526Say something nice[View]
143119041What have you done today to end the Dalit oppression? Did you know that in some Indian states Dalit…[View]
143114337/mena/ Arabic only: Kek, janny dog is seething[View]
143114705Bought a brie with a huge made in france logo plastered all over it, didn't ever know non frenc…[View]
143114493What’re French girls like?[View]
143111360/polska/: edycja wasza[View]
143116932Esfand: What went wrong?[View]
143119156In the respestful discussion of your culture, is black women appreciated?[View]
143118341>american bidet[View]
143118904>2nd day of ramadan: >lost 5 pounds did this happen in your country? (in4 america: no)…[View]
143107207Swear at the mods in your native languages: I'll start: Vão se foder, mods[View]
143116156>tfw just learned about coronavirus[View]
143118095Did you know that Bulgaria was the only Axis country that increased its pre-war territory after WW2.…[View]
143118562>Australians lost a war to this[View]
143116048Does this happen in your country?[View]
143114230/Unendlicher Spaß/ auch /deutsch/[View]
143118172This is?[View]
143118482Whatever.... don't care anymore..[View]
143116754ITT we post our favourite german Land.[View]
143118388Do they really?[View]
143106825ANCESTRY/DNA THREAD: Time for an ancestry and DNA test results thread! Here's an imgur with my …[View]
143116647If you don't support the rise of China over the continuing dominance of the people that think t…[View]
143116046>35 countries >Just 2 aren't irrelevant Yikes…[View]
143116671>The assassination of archduke ferdinand led to WW1 >The devestation of WW1 was blamed on Germ…[View]
143116282Does your native language have any creoles or pidgins based on it? Tell me about them. English has w…[View]
143113833Who was in the wrong here?[View]
143100075/tr/: ayıpsız edisyon[View]
143115897>sees the U.S. Marines commercial again >still can't enlist…[View]
143116284Can a Swede confirm that Sweden is really like this??[View]
143118058ITT: Your top 5 favorite european countries[View]
143118049>Esteban Juan Fernando Alfonso Enrique-Núñez-García Ramírez-Vasquez-Rodriguez-Hernandez-Cortés Ma…[View]
143115135Do you think stereotypes are good?[View]
143114712Is it true Japan bros?[View]
143116492I like to draw anime girls but I find most anime to be utter unwatchable garbage. Is that normal in …[View]
143100023/asean/: Ramadan edisyon[View]
143115791I'm gay[View]
143111371How politically stable is Japan right now?: Japan's GDP has remained stagnant for about 30 year…[View]
143116487Is cuckolding common in your country[View]
143116826Did you notice this when you visited Japan?[View]
143115341My fellow Canadians, what are your thoughts on the current state of this country?[View]
143116000>only jobs being created are low wage service jobs Does this happen in your country?…[View]
143116118They don't deliver to my house because it is in an 'dangerous area', the other day the amazon e…[View]
143115629>your cunt >post yours[View]
143114374/brit/: scranny scan[View]
143116946What’s the international explanation for this phenomena?[View]
143115982What do you use to make rice in your cunt?[View]
143116949What does it feel like for Filipinos to be china #1 Bitch? How did you guys end up electing a '…[View]
143115297Why I wasn't born Russian? I wish I could've been Russian and live there. I suffer in Peru…[View]
143068680/balt/ + /ausnz/ #225: Vibrating wand edition old >>143025761[View]
143113485Our country has started importing Central Asian (Uzbek) workers[View]
143107969Just a vid of a wild leopard creeping inside a house and killing a dog. Obviously it happened in Ind…[View]
143095888/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
143116698'This world wants to annihilate itself, and it will annihilate itself'[View]
143114963/NATO/: Only NATO members may post in this thread.[View]
143107044>Who are the laziest Latinos? >Who are the Latinos who work hardest? And if you are not Latin…[View]
143111421ITT we share country specific imageboards https://indiachan.com/[View]
143116410Parties in America looks like fun[View]
143076987Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>143050124 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
143115091I sing the National Anthem under my American flag every morning after waking up[View]
143108296Since y’all don’t believe me anyway, how do I get rid of this flag? I’ll pretend to be a Murican and…[View]
143105454/ita/ il filo - edizione EUC monoruota electric unicycle monowheel edition: WOW!![View]
143114637+20°C in North-Eastern Russia in April[View]
143109453>You wake up in Moscow, Russia >video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0RVfAFap68 what…[View]
143113433VGH... the sovl of la sapologie...[View]
143115611What's your country like?[View]
143101942In france parisians are very mad because of this ugly traffic light. Seems silly to me[View]
143115951What do?[View]
143111209I hope leafs know that the printer going brrr is not a good thing.[View]
143109373We’re always talking about which country’s girls are the purest, but which are the sluttiest ?[View]
143113275Is it really common for American doctors to ask their patients if they're sexually active?[View]
143111239>tfw spainChad[View]
1431135292020 GDP change in EVROPA[View]
143115725Ethnic French are basically rapebabies of Roman legionaries and German sex-slaves...[View]
143115527An average russian male[View]
14311396810 best countries in the world: If you live in any of these, you don't suffer[View]
143114655Does your country have a script as good as this?: The answer is no.[View]
143115604Turkey in turkey is called hindi[View]
143115395How do we destroy them bros.[View]
143115663Nudes for dudes[View]
143113517Is a BMI of 25.7 (6ft2in, 200lbs) considered fat in your country?[View]
143115459Are the people that post on /int/ the most /int/ellectual of 4chan? What are some other classic /int…[View]
143111614I miss him so much bros...[View]
143105324/norgetråden/: NAVburger-utgaven Forrige: >>143081161 >>143081161 >>143081161 >…[View]
143097535How do we deal with the rising issue of magyarophobia?[View]
143110527>The first recorded mention of Finland was in the 1500's Oh nononononononono!!!!!!…[View]
143112185What are some countries you used to like but after learning more about them and their people you sto…[View]
143104879Today is Lithuanian independence Day from Russia. Say something nice about us[View]
143113349how will they be remembered?[View]
143113874Don't tell me I'm the only one who sees russian coat of arms not like a bird but rather li…[View]
143108051Uhhh... Pashtunbros?[View]
143114882does this happen in your count?[View]
143111988Are people less white in certain regions of your country? Pic related. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
143111824what she watching?[View]
143114729How often do you eat fruits in your cunt? I don't eat them often because i don't like the …[View]
143101183What will you rather take?: >Another pandemic virus that will cripple your country OR >1 milli…[View]
143112267How do we get rid of generals being a plague in this board?[View]
143111839are zoomers increasingly crazier and more dangerous year by year in your country? Poland, yes, thank…[View]
143114845Build a wall build a wall no american drug addict criminal in our streets![View]
143114005What does the Lithuanian language sound to you like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xpbnn5W-1c…[View]
143114194>Drake be that kind of nigga to go on vacation to zanzibar[View]
143112081Does your country have soldiers in other countries? Please post pictures.[View]
143114007Leaked UFO videos have been confirmed real by US navy: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9463…[View]
143108960Turkey release him immediately[View]
143113815Just searched 'piercing nipples' on youtube[View]
143109104do austalians really?[View]
143111740/brit/ - the hidden thread[View]
143112248I kneel If Catalonia has 1 million supporters, I am one of them. If Catalonia has 5 supporters, I am…[View]
143114223>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D6RG4n5ocg&ab_channel=Memology101 British anons why don…[View]
143107380Why is the Belarus flag just a slightly edited version of the Soviet Flag? Could they really not thi…[View]
143114105Imagine the stench[View]
143113016Is it true that the Ottoman Empire was essentially controlled by Balkanites and the Balkans were the…[View]
143113948>slavic nose[View]
143103427Sverigetråden: Muskelupplagan[View]
143111711why you can't be like Japan?[View]
143113864Daily reminder that Finland produces the best music in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcf…[View]
143113071I sometimes don't eat for several days and then my shits get all dark and stinky and slimy Does…[View]
143113640>your cuntry >are you glad you finally ended education? me, yes felt like I was going to be th…[View]
143113803I hate my job and I hate my life and the only way I have to break up the crushing monotony is postin…[View]
143108602/deutsch/: business ausgabe[View]
143102979My passport is American My blood is Chinese But my SPIRIT is Japanese. 日本万歳![View]
143109551Germ niggas be like >yeah I'm Nordic as fuck Prussian Bavarian ethnicity…[View]
143110489This destroys the Korean[View]
143102811What is your dream home int?[View]
143112537Frankreich living objectively better lives than our ancestors, people seek to be more depressed than…[View]
143113642Not gonna lie. Kinda based.[View]
143107633>Flag >For which countries would you give your life I'll start: >Flag Austria >Coun…[View]
143111724A kebab shop, Istanbul about 1809.[View]
143109425Does your country have americans?[View]
143113477Did you know Indonesia have NINJAS!!!: But seriously, what their deal?[View]
143112834I've learned a little bit of Japanese and a little bit of Korean. When I listen to spoken Japa…[View]
143106974U and non-U English: How the fuck are non-native speakers supposed to learn these differences? Is it…[View]
143111367International Round Table: 1. Country 2. What do you think about Janny deleting nearly all threads e…[View]
143112953What flags receive the most calls from the cope department?[View]
143111009based Indonesian[View]
143104645Do arabs (especially levantine arabs) miss the Ottoman Empire?[View]
143112813is anglo empire sentiment strong in australia?[View]
143112911You wake up in Varna, Bulgaria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mm7HuH7aRc What do you do?…[View]
143104593I can pass as a white person with black hair and I want to hide my Spaniard wog identity, as I'…[View]
143097561It is impossible to separate them from Islam. Cause they and their Islamic culture had immense influ…[View]
143107496Whither does Sudanese sewage water go?[View]
143105338Daily breakkies of int thread[View]
143112051Germans greet each other by saying 'gross dick'[View]
143111463I hate Americans and Europeans[View]
143105726Nords be like >Ayo dis my son Gaius Julius Jesus Christ Caesarsson[View]
143108423I'm Japanese and Japan is the best country in the world.[View]
143108350I SEE TREES OF GREEN[View]
143111451finnish niggas be like hi my names Eino[View]
143100448>your cunt >whats your dreamjob? >is it possible to attain in your cunt?…[View]
143110036Boredeom: why am i so bored during ramadan? did I gain some form of enjoyment from eating? what is t…[View]
143095974/sauna/: Näin lähtee aamu käyntiin -painos[View]
143111084When you make eye contact with a random stranger who breaks eye contact first? You or the stranger?[View]
143111952Hey France: Fuck you[View]
143106428/brad/: get in /brit/ de /brad/s[View]
143111896Where do Belarusians hang around on the internet? Is the knowledge of English poor among them since …[View]
143102049/brit/: arielle edition[View]
143111590ITT: /int/ humour YLYL[View]
143109410/brit/: lovely white women edish ginger and pale sub edish[View]
143102165/fr/ le francophile: édition le sexe fait vendre ancien: >>143083070[View]
143111620Average Mexican anon[View]
143106900you don't suffer poland: girls like this are in Polish alley ways. How can one suffer in Poland…[View]
143107498Which one of these has girls with cutest feet?[View]
143106539In 1975, there were more 1st countries than now...[View]
143106872>1. Your cunt >2. What nationalities/ethnicities have you been confused with? 1. flag 2. Mostl…[View]
143108007What causes this?[View]
143105042Beautiful sakura. Woodblock prints. Tea. Vending machines. Wonderous Nippon.[View]
143107035I am leaving: I was a new fag but after spending shit load of hours in a week I have transcended thi…[View]
143102839I just learned about the patriarchy... menbros... how could we?[View]
143105980/polska/: 'ej, on myśli że manlet może zostać prezydentem? ' edycja wcześniej: >>143093459…[View]
143107711Based or cringe?[View]
143110205does this happen in your country?[View]
143111007The SOVL of Southern Europe https://youtu.be/vFWKrFNNqV0[View]
143107382are you a slavic games enjoyer?[View]
143105406I am a Koreaboo and my dream is to go to Korea to learn Neoconfucianism[View]
143110565>homeless people outside are still addressing me as 'jesus' because I have a long beard, long hai…[View]
143108483Whats the best way to learn a language specfically polish?[View]
143104314is your state propaganda sexy?: 1)canada 2) it used to be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvrYWjYA2O…[View]
143106631what happens here[View]
143107791hardest drivers license to get in the world >germany you don't even need to know how to park…[View]
143104362Real question: how do we stop winning?[View]
143107658Post pic of your yard garden itt I'll start with mine[View]
1431091411. country 2. cofe time? >flag >cofe time.…[View]
143108729What language did they speak? Balto-Slavo-Germanic?[View]
143108846>reply to a thread >it gets archived 2 hours later Does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
143107603Why is brazil getting so much shit from the media bc of covid if our death rates per million is rela…[View]
143103541Japan Says Fukushima Water is Safe to Drink: Would you buy a bottle of Fukushima water from Japan an…[View]
143109027this is what i eat what do you eat[View]
143107767I am [Insert nationality] and this video is 100% true! Edit: wow, my biggest comment with 34 likes, …[View]
143101778I think I know why Australians on this board are such insufferable cunts. Australia is an ultra norm…[View]
143084159Is the American dream finally over?[View]
143106549Why can't they stop fucking?[View]
143106652Favorite music in your cunt?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F17k8bN3y2M https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
143100744>You will never live in Australia: Our borders aren't open and they probably won't open…[View]
143097619>yeah i am an american male and my name is ashley >yeah i am a russian male and my name is sas…[View]
143104370I wish German people still existed... :([View]
143099027Why is Korea small but strong?[View]
143105365Why is Pakistani so Chad?[View]
143107876>nations have mostly peaceful contact with europe for centuries before being annexed by them >…[View]
143108897g*rmans be like >Why yes I do live on hard cock street. Now may I dich suchen?…[View]
143107221check out these scandinavians I found in the forest lmao[View]
143105358>most common surname in Slovakia is Horvat - literally meaning Croat Slovakbros come back home...…[View]
143093903How true is it that Japanese people don't like gaijin living there? I'm just curious becau…[View]
143108801Did it really go like this?[View]
143106940Could they pass as locals in your country?[View]
143107796Elsass: Elsass[View]
143102162VGH.. India.. this country is set to be first world in less than 5 years. Thoughts?[View]
143103805Does your country have those? Brazil No.[View]
143103318if China calls, i will answer[View]
143099279/balk/: Bitcoin edition >>143078622[View]
143107651how do you call this in your country?[View]
143107429>Stop stealing EU funds? Brussels invited me. By building his legal framework he challenged my st…[View]
143097961Explain yourselves Chechens[View]
143107915Learning Arabic on the go: I'll be in arabic-speaking nations for a continuous ~4 months soon. …[View]
143105300Where do you typically eat your brekkie?[View]
143106251Why do Hungarians use so much paprika? What the fuck did they even eat before paprika was introduced…[View]
143107584>Average pejaat[View]
143105284Today is Russian independence Day from Lithuania. Say something nice about us[View]
143107103Do Czech men really look like this?[View]
143093121/NEDERDRAAD/: /nederdraad/ ik zou je een knuffel geven maar wil geen kovid editie! Welkom: spelletje…[View]
143103633Why are America, Western Europe, and East Asia the only ones contributing anything to science? Is th…[View]
143106671I like the imageboard culture and /pol/ and i wish we could turn the entire world into /pol/. Does t…[View]
143104904Jobs in Australia.: If you take a job working for $24.80 AUD per hour in Australia picking fruit the…[View]
143104386Get hugged by japanese muscle girls in japanese muscle bar.[View]
143107136Just found out that adjacent to New york theres a place called Newark what teh fuck is wrong with am…[View]
143084254شأ شأ mena[View]
143105664Every Japanese man's dream is to be reincarnated as a white boy in a fantasy world.[View]
143105829Is she Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
143106132Socialism sucks. Does it happen in your country?[View]
143106488blue = degenerate countries: The Index is an international index ranking one hundred and sixty count…[View]
143100761>i look nordic as fuck >prussian german ethnicity…[View]
143104095Do you want Indonesian bf?[View]
143102929Why did this image enrage the Japanese population?[View]
143103910You wake up and world map looks like this what do?????[View]
143104217Is it possible to pass the JLPT N1 in two years?[View]
143106205Post your dinner :)[View]
143095162This is the alignments of the coming cold war (red wins btw). thoughts? changes?[View]
143106186imagine if they united into one country...[View]
143103985/brit/: it was Mr Brightside by The Killers edition[View]
143104963Guarda le stelle Guarda come risplendono per te, e tutto che fai.[View]
143099729What does Chinese food look like in your area, /int/?[View]
143106088Sverigetråden - giltig upplagaupllagan[View]
143099063this causes the american brain to shut down out of sheer confusion[View]
143101413robberies per 100,000 people: Argentine, Uruguay and Chile are first wor... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
143093459/polska/: edycja zbrojonego betonu[View]
143103481United, we're strong. United, we'll win.[View]
143104638/deutsch/: Spielkalb-Edition[View]
143051860/int chat/: /international chatting/- French Pyrenees edition interpals; Bottled app; Tandem; Slowly…[View]
143104794>I'm not racist, but...[View]
143101138a literal NAZI pope why was this allowed?[View]
143099993Most influential ukrainian of the 21st century.[View]
143104861>Anon, I need you to become erect in the next 15 seconds or you're fired >... >Is this…[View]
143103274Does your country produce leading philosophers of the 21st century?: What do Muslimanons think of hi…[View]
143093733/ita/ il filo edizione comfa[View]
143102776Does /int/ love American girls?[View]
143105034ITT: >combine 2 ethnic groups >choose a geographical location for them >have them adapt to …[View]
143094740There is nothing wrong with race mixing.[View]
143099936Apparently, there's a corona variant in my country and near my area that is deadlier, spreads e…[View]
143081161/norgetråden/: Gode gamle dager-utgaven Forrige: >>143059720 >>143059720 >>1430597…[View]
143093099What are the Police like in your cunt?[View]
143091954Is it common to have maids in your country?[View]
143104804>Taiwanese attachment to Japan >Hong Kong and Australian attachment to Britain >Korean atta…[View]
143105026Is your country under lockdown? Our's isn't and people don't respect it anyways[View]
143103855why did he do it? was he an accelerationist?[View]
143099815What is the future of this country?[View]
143101546just learned about catholics[View]
143083821Literally the most benevolent empire the world has seen. Too bad unholy trinity of Jews, Protestants…[View]
143103546everyone should stay in the country they were born in: except indians of course[View]
143100083vgh... flevoland.... VGH......[View]
143104237Are there influencers in your cunt?[View]
143102903Does police security in Europe increase during Ramadan season?[View]
143100985Am I ?: Am I only one who hate/dont like americans ?[View]
143085480>ᚾᚩ, ᛁ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᚾᚩᛏ ᛋᛈᛠᚳ ᛁᚩᚢᚱ ᚠᚩᚱᛖᛁᚷᚾ ᛚᚪᛝᚢᚪᚷᛖ.[View]
143104269Does your country have underwater cabinet meetings and important document signings?[View]
143100610>be muslim >Don't have multiple wives Why?…[View]
143099928Coming through the Schengen border with illegal cigarettes and booze. How do eye play it cool?[View]
143104073It's rude to assume I'm from Britain. Northern Ireland is not in Britain. UK =/ Britain Be…[View]
143104024Nations aren't real Governments have corrupt politicans The MAJOR Religions exploits poor peopl…[View]
143102854>Your cunt >Is this the common man in your country?…[View]
143103849When will Northern Europe liberate itself from Latin oppression and re-vive thier native letters? It…[View]
143095448why do koreabros and japanbros fight all the time? why can't they just get along?[View]
143102598Does this happen in your cunt?: >Flag It is illegal in public hospitals for a cosmetic reason, h…[View]
143098794/deutsch/: Schwanzus-Longus-Ausgabe[View]
143103416Why do many people from the Balkans have strabismus?[View]
143101538What's your favorite cuisine?: Mine is German (WEBM related is considered a German delicacy)…[View]
143103846Why are there so many ******s and **** ******s in Europe? They don't belong here[View]
143093783UH OH STINKY!!!![View]
143102850Is people in your country excited about the upcoming Black Samurai anime?[View]
143100401what are american women like?[View]
143103165This is a maltese woman[View]
143097518Does this happen in your cunt?: >flag no cops are honestly pretty good here, if you get your ars…[View]
143101857Is it possible to tell Poles and Romanians apart?[View]
143096714/brit/: anna edition[View]
143101936Why do so many girls post daily stories on Instagram about their boring lives in English (if it’s no…[View]
143101032What language(s) are you learning now and why?[View]
143089730Vgh... Nordic women...[View]
143095543Post cringe larpers from your country[View]
143099177>>>/biz/33031319 >germans have a dog tax >you can go to prison if you don't pay …[View]
143099980As a representative of the 3 or 4 spaniards on /int/, we would like to apologize for the sins comitt…[View]
143102697Do Japanese love gaijin?[View]
143102902do we really[View]
143102835>no more **** ******s at the university cafeteria Wtf I like ramadan now…[View]
143101886Do they really...?[View]
143100400/brit/: It is illegal for Brits to post this image of Jon Venables edition[View]
143101673>The assassination of archduke ferdinand led to WW1 >The devestation of WW1 was blamed on Germ…[View]
143100194What's the country equivalent of this?[View]
143101352Imagine being a member of a church. They are pedo honeypots.[View]
1430838731. Your cunt tree 2. Your job[View]
143097205How many married homo couples do you know from your country (men or women)?[View]
143040068DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2579: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
143100544why are they insulting Spain in every thread?[View]
143101912Have you produced a heir yet?[View]
143095096Televisa and Univision linked up: Need it or keep it, /int/? What do people think of these TV networ…[View]
143083070/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition Espion x Famille[View]
143101817What country will allow me to take full advantage of my superior accent?: I hear that my accent give…[View]
143100805>protestant work ethic[View]
143100348Does this happen in your country?[View]
143099761Geert: The most based Dutch person currently living?[View]
143099990Having a toke at 1:40am Wbu[View]
143098198The two races of England[View]
143101323Countries you HATE (Macedonia): Macedonians don't like Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey…[View]
143096124International webm thread[View]
143099001Is Japan really this racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqdHfMj4W8U[View]
143101174I wonder when will Americans invent underground parking lots[View]
143095062>you wake up in an italian middle class suburb[View]
143095683Of all the nationalities/ethnicities of women you've seen in real life, which ones would you sa…[View]
143034723/dixie/ - southern and frems: hinds edition warband touhou sub edition https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
143100893if your cunt doesn't have radically different day lengths depending on the season it has no sov…[View]
143097331Which brown people are the real brown people? Latinos, Indians, SEAsians, Middle Easterners, or Paci…[View]
143101061The Afghans Fucking shit up in Sweden are literally these Asian hapa hazara lmao Absolute state of N…[View]
143084990Sverigetråden: Ap-upplagan[View]
143074701/asean/: Gyaku bunny edisi[View]
143099182I’m 193cm (6’4), 102kg (of muscles), brown hair, green eyes. How would American women from the South…[View]
143100635Our best friend in Africa.[View]
143100666How is life in Malaysia worse than the USA?[View]
143097836How did they manage to hold on to their empire for so long?[View]
143097106Is Portugal comfy? The weather seems pleasant and the countryside is pretty. What do portugese anons…[View]
143100296How cute was he?[View]
143098777Tiny cunts: You may only post in this thread if your flag has less than 10 million people living in …[View]
143094471It turns out that not only in Ireland there are many redheads. I am surprised.[View]
143099261post your cunt's most famous serial killer and a little bit of context; Italy's has to be …[View]
143099486How's it going my non-white friends: Beautiful day today.[View]
143100342How did the we wuzzing afro-centrists react to the Egyptian mummy parade?: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
143100050Are Germans and Japanese still good friends?[View]
143100181Minneapolis riots webms Post them[View]
143077894/Cali/ General: /Cali/ General For discussion about the state of California Replying edition[View]
143099622Why is 支那人 and 朝鮮人 considered offensive words?[View]
143095469Ramadan Mubarak: Imagine living in a Middle Eastern or North African country and claiming to suffer.…[View]
143098003Japanese kids are well educated: https://youtu.be/bI6IANbGCI0 How are the kids in your cunt? Are the…[View]
143096766International Coffee Time Thread: Coffee and coffee related snacks from your cunt[View]
143098762This is Egentliga Finland, or Proper Finland. Everything else is fake Finland.[View]
143097109Do you mind that your country is growing less white? I've grown to welcome the browning of Amer…[View]
14309852965% of young Russians have a favorable view of America, only 22% are unfavorable.[View]
143099552Cubans on /int/: is la resistencia famous there? do you know about el paquete? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
143099438why white zambian assimilate better than white south african? https://youtu.be/qQb5IA50yDA[View]
143096769Do Japs really?[View]
143098414Germany is NOT good for the planet Bomber Harris did NOT do enough[View]
143096115Please vocaroo yourself reading this Finnish text >Sven Dufva on yksinkertainen, mutta urhea sota…[View]
143038235/WWW/ - White Women Worship general: In this thread we discuss why white women are the most beautifu…[View]
143096825>the russians MADE us ally with the nazis, help the SS massacre jewish people and establish conce…[View]
143095200what african country has the most good looking women??[View]
143097897Middle-finger pointed at Milano stock exchange building place Would such a statue be allowed in your…[View]
143078622/balk/: I am Greek >>143067249[View]
143095218Which region has the best brown women overall, Latin America, MENA, or South Asia? Which specific c…[View]
143095634>he learned English by watching American tv shows and movies[View]
143094823Why can Americans spell Sichuan normally? They'll say Szechuan or even Schezwan which is absolu…[View]
143083785/Tex/ general: Get in here Texas Bros and talk about the basedness of our state[View]
143098624A behemoth looms over The Ukraine...[View]
143084749/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/: Ausgabenedition[View]
143097037This is the most luxurious part of the favela next to my house Would you live here?[View]
143095134Finns, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Russians are brothers! And the Ukrainians will not prevent …[View]
143091711>Your cunt >your race flag 2a[View]
143098456Why tv commercial is not like this in your country? https://youtu.be/lcZo5sVK6QM[View]
143096321are there any famous historical figures who were schizophrenic or could have been schizoid if they t…[View]
143096312Is there a clear opposition between the city center and its suburbs in your country? Parisians will …[View]
143097625Libera has a racial citizenship policy where non-Blacks cannot become citizens[View]
143097438can anyone gimme a rundown on ukrainian orthodox in canada: like which ones are orthodox on thsi map…[View]
143094759This is former flag of Peru in 1822.[View]
143092256>Excuse me mother, but despite overflowing with flavor, I fear this mayonnaise might be too spicy…[View]
143076612Do people in your country believe in aliens? What do they think of them?[View]
143097618What did europoors eat before potato[View]
143093256Can any Mexicans tell me about the different Amerindian groups of Mexico? I know that Purephechas an…[View]
143092846Do you watch them in your cunt?[View]
143092894Chinese students outperform everybody else in math, reading and science. This is why this is the Chi…[View]
143095463Why did the Germans kill females during WW2, were they gay?[View]
143088968/desi/: Desi general because I didnt find it in the catalog Please explain this indian bros >>…[View]
143095844It seems like alot of anons here are clueless about islam. I am an ex muslim and I relatively know a…[View]
143090879Ancient Finns were the first founders of America. There's DNA proof of it and even linguistic r…[View]
143095821what's this phenotype called?[View]
143094839Arabs should unite as one country and nationalise oil.[View]
143096640Post street view pictures of your local upper middle class neighborhood[View]
143097356This guy apparently rules the world from beyond the grave. Thoughts?[View]
143097051*backstabs* >Heh... Nichts Persönliches[View]
143097204He is holding the mighty Russian federation and the monke as a hostage extorting money from them. Wh…[View]
143091798How common are anxiety and depression in your country? How do people in your country cure it?[View]
143095936Do you have an equivalent of the word 'butterface' in your language? Are butterfaces common in your …[View]
143097197not /lang/: Post one interesting fact about your language anons. Tagalog has only three articles wit…[View]
143096940Who in your country does Tariq Nasheed think is black?[View]
143094714Japan has literally 0 resources, what purpose USA has in the Japan land?[View]
143096959Canada & its Vassals(all nations): Advance science please[View]
143096245O say can you shart![View]
143095196Do you come from a military family?[View]
143088157When did you realize that 90% of the posters with these flags are, in fact, foreigners larping as ci…[View]
143096852This is what the average Japanese male looks like[View]
143095425Sudan: What happens here?[View]
143095492Recommend a jet fighter for the Irish Air Corps: They're still use prop fighters.[View]
143095569Take meee homeee countryyyy roaaad tooo theeee plaace I beloong[View]
143094723>stop gigachad don't shoot >says here you were making fun of white males >no you don…[View]
143093029>Russian girls wear maid outfits as school uniforms And these are the fuckers who have the gall t…[View]
143091699Happy New Year Anons: This is new year time in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, …[View]
143096146I kneel[View]
143080106/Mex/ - Hilo Mexicano: Centroamericanos y chis siempre bienvenidos[View]
143095763What do you call this sound in your language, /int/? https://vocaroo.com/14RMqfDf8Zfy[View]
143090849In the 19th/XIX century it was normal for an Argentinean to discriminate against immigrants and Ital…[View]
143056416Japan is starting to have many Pajeet-type migrant workers, but what surprises me the most is how fa…[View]
143095078The world is in a constant competition to impress Japan[View]
143096282Can anyone ID this camera?[View]
143095280a fucking leaf https://youtu.be/KTyT69yHpaM?t=1051 nice knowing ya faggots. this looks like the end …[View]
143094326'sigma male' is cope.[View]
143093242What do you call a choo-choo train in your language, /int/?[View]
143089322Does this happen in ur cunt?[View]
143096331Is there's going to be a war in Ukraine?[View]
143093212Are white Americans just English people? They even used to obsess over muh Anglo heritage and would …[View]
143092591/CUM/ Canada USA Mexico: Booba[View]
143094629You may step forth and offer tribute[View]
143095608Me as a Latin Euro having to speak English in this board[View]
143096167Valerie Abou Chacra[View]
143094816R8 the real aryans... https://youtu.be/pnjZzAV-6No[View]
143091245/cum/ - Hump Day edition[View]
143084135How are white Americans viewed in Taiwan? How is dating like as a white dude?[View]
143084007Which languages are worth learning and why? No meme replies[View]
143091702/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição da Brasília amarela[View]
143091395Is this true in your country?[View]
143095105Why don't Germans want Germany to be great again?[View]
143091304This is a real neighborhood in Mexico. Many such cases[View]
143062710/sauna/: anna -painos[View]
143092498It's 4am here. I am awake. I see everything. I am one with GOD. What the fuck are you doing rn …[View]
143089966The image that brought the British empire to its knees.[View]
143095286Why are they like this? >https://youtu.be/LLkha-vDXVc[View]
143093179do you view the average person in your country as well educated, informed and intelligent?[View]
143093519Fun fact: 45.1% of the population of Shinjuku, Tokyo is non-Japanese.[View]
143095171Is your country dying out?[View]
143094685Do euro's really?[View]
143095147Why do Estonians speak English so well?[View]
143094224What is the best tourist attraction in your city? If I could only visit for a few hours, where shoul…[View]
143092606All the new development here seems to look like this. What do they look like in your country?[View]
143094527How are these phrases translated in the countries they refer to? Like, I assume Russians don't …[View]
143085819Is Latino machismo real or a meme? The only Latinos I know are shemale pornstars. I’ll admit they ha…[View]
143095231wtf, kneelfats lost to poppy farmers?[View]
143093142Here's your holy site bro[View]
143084160Dinners of int[View]
143087405VGH BRAZIL[View]
143092380Why are European cities so poor?: European cities are losing out to American, Chinese and Japanese c…[View]
143091960>Detroit has a bigger economy than Madrid That's just embarrassing…[View]
143091099Russians can't suffer[View]
143094120Seems to me you genuinely have to be a literal retard to live in poverty in this cunt.[View]
143082742Ask a braziliananything[View]
143092513what do you think is this image from an italian magazine trying to describe?[View]
143093717Which country has the best mulattas?[View]
143092867Does your country promote AMWF ? flag yes[View]
143090081What do you call this in your country. Brazil Rabão, Cuzão, Bundão.[View]
143085063How the fuck I'm supposed to know if the poster is English, Scottish or Welsh?[View]
143093853just put it back together ffs[View]
143086948Why does New York look like its full of commie blocks?[View]
143087110>I suffer in America where entry level positions pay $235000 pa shut up fat…[View]
143094317Europe isn't white anymore.: It's basically just Arabia part 2 now. Sad![View]
143087967/lat/: Hilo falangista[View]
143089343Did you know Brazilians almost always use a nickname instead of their real name? Brazilians of /int…[View]
143088526it’s over.: it’s over.[View]
143091482Irish girls...[View]
143074594Brazilbros is this true?[View]
143090532Devil of Ramadi: Ramadi Devil Chris Kyle A true patriot. America's own son. He voluntarily ente…[View]
143092272why did British people never catch onto green tea? English breakfast, earl grey (gross), etc is all…[View]
143093564I am half Russian. What are you, Anon?[View]
143090707Real New World hours.: The yuros are sleeping and the bugmen are working, what’s on your mind bros? …[View]
143090233why you can't be like Japan?[View]
143090458Florida people be like this is my pet[View]
143089469it's new year here: ask me (a biological sri lankan) anything while we are at it.[View]
143092977What happens here?[View]
143087833hey japan, do you know him?[View]
143093272/ro/ firul nostru[View]
143089005your cunt how do you say 'hour' in your language? italia ora[View]
143086857How common is this phenotype in your country?[View]
143092991>his country doesn't have fios[View]
143087781Why wypipo why?? I don't understand this at all. I know this maybe artistic, b,but really???[View]
143036510/skandi/: polsk håndværker udgave[View]
143092493Puerto rico and Panama are the epitome of: wealth for Balkan shitholes, including Macedonia of North…[View]
143089457/cum/ - canada usa mexico: cum makers[View]
143088365Brit: Brit edition[View]
143092264/int/ approved youtube channels: Loulou & Friends (Netherlands)[View]
143090824Do you look Nordic as fuck, /int/?[View]
143085535why does China feel more futuristic than the USA and Europe ?[View]
143047029/v4/ + friends: no anime tummy gf edition[View]
143074857So what's the point of a large truck? Do you actually put something in the back or it's ju…[View]
143088617When women take over academia, what will happen to all the men who fail at their careers?[View]
143087604Daily reminder: Portugal is not med. Portugal is not bathed by the mediterranean sea, therefore, not…[View]
143088732How are black and mixed race Omanis seen in Oman? Many Zanzibari Afro-Arabs fled to Oman after the r…[View]
143092147what phenotype is this?[View]
143088086Is it normal for americans too look like this when they are 25?[View]
143085473Serb bros... https://youtu.be/G03GYHarMVs[View]
143084896Chans: I know of 4chan, Hispachan, and Yliluata. But where is arabchan???[View]
143089541Serbians fear this woman[View]
143091220Central americans vs south americans[View]
143087748Every day I give offering to mighty Perkunas in the hopes he will grant me the opportunity to win a …[View]
143084479>Yeah, i have casual sex with my cousin all the time, how did you know?…[View]
143075883Is sudan the most phenotypically diverse country in Africa? https://youtu.be/fnvwN7iCb7s?t=858[View]
143082683DIOS MIO...[View]
143087185Meme answers only[View]
143090732Lmao this was because amerimutts can't wire a solenoid[View]
143091144Do Finns identify themselves as white?: Do Finns have european identity?[View]
143091123only fox gods knows[View]
143086169>if you have a foreign Y haplogroup your ancestors were cucked How true is this statement?…[View]
143088641I live in the slums What can I do?? D:[View]
143090788Do young men in your country live like this?[View]
143085543from official sleek n tear[View]
143090167I just wanna see the world before I die. I'm sorry I'm white but please I'm a nice gu…[View]
143071595Does your country have mandatory civil service/military? How was it?[View]
143087556In the middle east there is literally no concept of mental illness. If you have schizophrenia or psy…[View]
143074803Gigachad has shared a new statement https://www.instagram.com/p/CNnjcLNB2aN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy…[View]
143088697Yes we are poor. Yes we are Western. Yes we are white.[View]
143084646do you have an ethnic group you belong to? I am gallic or from gaul[View]
143089061>accidentally searched 'kurdish dance' on youtube[View]
143088202>go through family records >Dutch people >English >French >All because of my family b…[View]
143089757Korean 'infrastructure '[View]
143085267/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: oh say can you see[View]
143086602The most famous female serial killer in the United States was born to a Finnish mother, interesting.[View]
143080739/ita/ - il filo: Edizione winx[View]
143089124Arab bros... it's not too late for you to reverse this[View]
143074556/nederdraad/: NEDERDRAAD Killer kamal uitgave Kom op 13.38 walkie-talkie app op androide NU[View]
143084121Miko Lino lives here[View]
143084172Daily reminder[View]
143088795I would give my life for the British Raj[View]
143087038this is the best food on earth[View]
143087621Just learnt about the shining path, Perubros I'm so sorry for all the bullying and mean spirite…[View]
143089994>born in poland >named stanislaus Why live?…[View]
143084861Post >your cunt >favorite language (that's not your native) >favorite historical figur…[View]
143062035/ex-yu/: srpsko-kinesko bratstvo izdanje[View]
143089753Latinamerican ping[View]
143085746Your country Who'd you pick? >Flag >Both Goose…[View]
143089438It is a shame to see that the American cuisine has infiltrated the great Greek diet, such a disappoi…[View]
143089193Please come canada to steal jobs from the natives. :^) its their fault for being waste of skin.[View]
143061515/br/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição do Putin[View]
143089355Tokyo just got it's first first Indian born politician, Yogi san[View]
143089570NOUS FÛMES[View]
143085228Looking For International Bangers: I'm looking for songs from around the world that can get any…[View]
142986132/lang/ - Language Learning General: Pre-Columbian South America edition. >What language(s) are yo…[View]
143088062>tell Serbian government you're a Serb >???? >Become a Serb Should I waste $300 to bec…[View]
143088511Back when you could join a Rhodesian Merc force by responding to an ad in Soldier of Fortune Magazin…[View]
143087565As an Irish American, I have much love for my Welsh brethren. We are both oppressed by the damn Brit…[View]
143087338Why I wasn't born Russian? I wish I could've been Russian and live there. I suffer in Peru…[View]
143084264Int in 2040 /cum/east /cum/west /Uruguay /brazil /tr /Macedonia /maaami /nords /swedes /ru /ex yugo …[View]
143088390Summer is almost here bros, are you excited[View]
143086322Shanghai is better than any city in the US[View]
143087757I feel bad for anyone who not in america lol.[View]
143087086>My ancestry? Anglo Norman.[View]
143087232What an irony, paternaly swedes are closer to middle easterners than to Germans, meds, Slavs and oth…[View]
143081282/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ and friends: Чapнaкнiжнiцтвa нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>143061600 Caўндтpэк нi…[View]
143088306they are the only white latinx left in this world, what should we do with them bros?[View]
143083074Literally all I care about politically is strengthening the Anglosphere and building co-operation be…[View]
143085162/brit/: jacinda edish[View]
14308791230% of young people in Canada are minorities: And that's a good thing.[View]
143088510/brit/: Flag Edition Mk. II[View]
143088483Norman = master Anglo Celtic = slave[View]
143088364does your country love pickles as much as the U.S.A. does?[View]
143088384What phenotype is this?[View]
143086987>German industrial production fell 1.6% in February and accumulates a collapse of 6.4% since the …[View]
143078483/polska/: edycja nie dla dorosłych (dla nas)[View]
143063987/éire/: Eagrán de cá bhfuil an snáithe?[View]
143078506Russian niggas be like >I suffer[View]
143083034/lat/: hilo latino[View]
143085549VGH...THE JUNKIE ROWS OF AMERICA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY255SQNyS0[View]
143081962>I'm going to be occupying this section of your country >.... but I'm keeping it Ha…[View]
143080938Post the most SOVLFUL area of your country[View]
143085054Is it socially acceptable in your cunt to try to pick up girls in the street?[View]
143084708Elite defender and future PSG legend.[View]
143082855Hey anon, come walk with us?[View]
143087538What phenotype is this?[View]
143086257Do Americans really?[View]
143069862kurva anyátok[View]
143087019tritium chan: TEPCO is going to release radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.[View]
143082909Wtf the owner site doing ??[View]
143082166Latinx thread: Latinx Is your country >better than 50 years ago? >better than 10 years ago? …[View]
143084455why are american girls such whores? It's like being a whore is celebrated in america. An averag…[View]
143087103>the most Francophone parts of the United States all voted for Anglo senators and congressman heh…[View]
143083574/int/ could never shut up about Sweden just 1 year ago What happened?[View]
143084551Are there Irish Americans in your country?[View]
143080055>NoMoney: Wallets returned with a key and no money inside >Money: Wallets returned with a key …[View]
143083147/uru/ - Hilo uruguayo: No uruguayos NO bienvenidos excepto Brasil, Corea del Sur y Polonia[View]
143086361>disobey big brother >thought police find me >room 101 >forget does this happen in your …[View]
143082217What’s your opinion on China?[View]
143086171Would you come to and live in Brazil for the rest of your life for $10 million dollars[View]
143086230The USA is a poor country[View]
143086764How would they post on /int/?[View]
143081983>why yes, I do spend hours on wiktionary looking through the etymological origins of words and le…[View]
143059400>Russian boys unironically have names like Petya, Vanya and Sasha[View]
143083751What in Japanese society could possibly drive a cute girl like this to suicide? Also imagine if she …[View]
143086202British niggas be like >oi yeh I’m from Gaydon and me nan is from Cuckfield and when I visit I ma…[View]
143082029the owner of the wallet is fat, short and bald. watt do?[View]
143072520There are as many Indians as Mexicans under the US flag. There is also an Indian mod.[View]
143085381miss this little ninja like you wouldn't believe[View]
143070738/tr/: sikem sokam baskısı[View]
143079670Are the people in your cunt smart?[View]
143086053Your average french people[View]
143086170Do English people feel great pride for the greatest English heavyweight? (Tyson Fury is Irish)[View]
143077349Was he Greek or Macedonian?[View]
143076908Is this country doing ok?[View]
143085576Spotted this cheeky bugger last night[View]
1430842421. ur cunt 2. do you like puppies?[View]
143083351Who actually has it worse here? Which flag?[View]
143081146is my countrymen based or cringe?[View]
143085363Why are hot girls attracted to ugly guys?[View]
143063879/desi/: /desi/ desu - Ramzan edition Invited: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepa…[View]
143081165Are Hong Kong/Chinese Triads really a thing? I know Yakuza is real and all that, Italian Mafia etc. …[View]
143085452Buddy Holly: How could Weezer write such a perfect song?[View]
143082210Is this common in your country?[View]
143085385Is Serbia really such a shithole? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G03GYHarMVs&feature=youtu.be…[View]
143085307/cum/: piracy edish[View]
143084647wey todas las viejas culonas que viven en la frontera sur de usa son operadas. tengo informacion exc…[View]
143081947/brit/: Flag Edition[View]
143082634I am Irish American and I am trying to get set up with an Irish girl from Ireland. Can any Irish ano…[View]
143041951/ישר/: >מהדורת /ישר/אפו בטיול אחרון: >>142999761 ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search…[View]
143079231/cum/: 3 amigos edition[View]
143067078How religious are younger folk in your country?[View]
143080422are eurpoos just retarded? how the fuck does madrid and krakow being in the same timezone make any s…[View]
143080732Why is it that the average poster from this country is witty, intelligent, knows how to banter and i…[View]
143082617Do you love science in your country?[View]
143080012Mexico to legalize marijuanna soon... I'm so disappointed at my country... vice, be it alcohol,…[View]
143079561Do Indians accept the apology for he?[View]
143075637/deutsch/: Wimmelbild-Ausgabe Wählt euren Charakter[View]
143084694What phenotype is this?[View]
143077929shoes of /int/: Show me your shoes. Not your dress shoes, your everyday shoes. The ones you wear to …[View]
143084563>vote for Brexit >get Brexit >spazz out…[View]
143075482Belgians don't care about your country[View]
143080996just learned that asians dont' even have normal people earwax they have a weird dry flakey kind[View]
143076515Sverigetråden - Bilupplagan[View]
143078555Do you have gigantic concrete monstrosities where you live?[View]
143082940Fact of the matter is everyone IS racist even if they don't realize it. Most of our thinking is…[View]
143082428Migrants tiktok their boat ride to europe: eurobros? https://www.tiktok.com/@ace_mmg0/video/69500210…[View]
143081891Do the people in your cunt have big dicks?[View]
143082285Gm frens Just wanna make frens here uwu[View]
143074303Since y’all don’t believe me, how do I get rid of this flag? I’ll pretend to be a ‘Murican and trol…[View]
143083995The women in your cunt do have big breasts, right?[View]
143067468>your country >android or apple?[View]
143068327>I suffer in Poortugal[View]
143075632From one tiny island... my people spread across the whole world, and conquered America. I’m proud to…[View]
143080262What's the gayest nation?[View]
143070696/Mena/ arab: طبعة البطل المجاهد الباسل المغوار الفرعون سيدي ومولاي معمر القذافي[View]
143074781>I suffer in Ukraine[View]
143077470How did Italy go from rivaling the British to one of the poorest nations in Europe?[View]
143064937So /int/...Are you ready for a matriarchy?[View]
143081520Why do Brits steal bunnies?[View]
143083125DAILY BUKELE THREAD: ITT: We talk about the most based president of the entire continent. Welcome: p…[View]
143083460remember what industry 4.0 took from you[View]
143083381>be me >US Army Brig Gen >CENTCOM's on my ass because I'm not spending enough of …[View]
143082817Is there a clear opposition between the city center and its suburbs in your country? Parisians will …[View]
143074086/lat/: hilo latino[View]
143083227What are prostitutes like in your country? Are they worth the money?[View]
143080706Is Ali revered by all Muslims?: There is a popular Indian song called 'Ali Maula': https://www.youtu…[View]
143058075You are walking down the street eating a sandwich when these guys approach you and say >Ramadan M…[View]
143082132I do not regret anything about my lifestyle[View]
143082870>don't want to study no more >don't want to work no more >just wanna be an outlaw…[View]
143081999I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
143079165/cum/ + friends: Aspen edition[View]
143082974Fact: welsh-americans are the most powerful race in the world[View]
143062144Where would you live?[View]
143080142What are the most desirable traits in a woman in your culture?[View]
143074921From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, all I can think about is cute white guys. I w…[View]
143080993Here's your Asian gf bro: 2 Asian models from China[View]
143081966>american '''''food'''''[View]
143072452>The state of Argentinian, French, American, German and Brazilian women…[View]
143076788>mention Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Best and most efficient way to make friends with Turks, they all g…[View]
143078493If current trend continues Turkey will be 150 million and Greece 9 million in 2050. Scary![View]
143082587It's over Ameribros.: Western and Southern Africa is officially a safer place to live than the …[View]
143082089We get it.[View]
143081412UKRAINE IN THE MEMBRANE: Give me 1 reason not to move to Ukraine, when they have >10/10 white sli…[View]
143082368Help me find this leaf, I know he's among you /int/[View]
143082268What the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
143082309what’s your country’s code name ?: german > hans dutch > jan american > davido…[View]
143082211boomer rock thread: post boomer rock songs from your country https://youtu.be/wn_WGA5H9h0[View]
143082177AIDF explain: >google albanian diaspora wiki >notable people >singers, actors and other pro…[View]
143079236How do countries with such high GDP manage to be so dirt poor? Is it corruption, mismanagement, what…[View]
143071449>he lives in a green country explain yourself[View]
143079952https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ujGqoaVC9w >wow, xinjiang is so beautiful! china is such a diver…[View]
143081213/Norgetråden/: Kyllingbøtte på 7eleven-utgaven Forrige: >>143059720 >>143059720 >>…[View]
143078848>Born with Olive skin, black hair and brown eyes >This is my ancestry Eat shit, nordcucks. I…[View]
143078206This is what happens when you try imitate British culture and American culture at the same time[View]
143079483/brit/: boris' sons edish[View]
143081512These are the countries where you cant suffer according to my extensive research: >Colombia, Russ…[View]
143076210>tfw Portugal has next to 0 tomboys How do I cope?[View]
143081688/a/: mickey mouse[View]
143081645What is being Latvian Orthodox about?[View]
143081445How common are these in your country?[View]
143062458Spaniard girls are the most cute on earth >straight black hair >fair skin literally perfect…[View]
143081632I'm thankful for the existence of japanese people and their culture[View]
143081278white people...[View]
143066117/ita/ - il filo: edizione mefitica[View]
143073446Give me 1 good reason why Finland doesn't deserve to be annexed be Sweden, Russia or almighty E…[View]
143073563Post something retarded about your language >In Brazilian Portuguese, breakfast is called 'Café d…[View]
143072971>Oi lad, do you have a loicense for that cute face? What do, /int/?[View]
143081394Will you riot?: or stay at home and take the vaccine? are riots happening in your cunt?[View]
143073143Are you from a manlet country?[View]
143081098The quintessential nationalist phenotype.[View]
143081121so this is the power of european paganism...[View]
143079095Are pitbulls common in your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0uMpaWLUWA[View]
143080614>talking to gf >denmark gets brought up >she says its 'common knowledge' that all danes are…[View]
143080177Does this happen in your country?[View]
143061600/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ and friends: Пpeдыдyщiй тpeдъ >>143043064[View]
143078387Is it the most pathetic and least interesting state in USA? It seems like their whole existence revo…[View]
143080815Is this common in your country?[View]
143075707/fr/ - le fuckofil: édition de la surveillance des filles l'ancien: >>143068856[View]
143068554Hilo Español /esp/: Edición Davido[View]
143074807I didn't see any news coming from Belarus my entire life, until 2020. Since the protests starte…[View]
143080550>why yes, i hate russians, what gave it away?[View]
143079131>stops the red army from conquering all of war-torn Europe >is the first country to break free…[View]
143079600how dangerous is to travel/hike across these areas? how far east does russia become frontier like th…[View]
143074981The oldest building in my town is nearly 160 years old[View]
143080386Guys, I fixed the internal US borders What do you think?[View]
143077903Is O. J. a common American name?[View]
143079200Why do people want to live in LA so much? Just miles and miles of sprawl and overpriced homes[View]
143078001Thank you France :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfnLa4B-Pbg[View]
143074958It seems my superiority had led to some controversy[View]
143079644'' yes, I’m just like you, '' why yes he is just like me, what gave it away?[View]
143080305Why are Americans like this?[View]
143075008What the fuck, is this true libya bros?[View]
143071317>north '''italians'''[View]
143076219Important people ever killed themselves in your country? >Getúlio Dornelles Vargas (Portuguese: […[View]
143038268/med/ - Mediterranean general: Eating Muslims' food edition Previous: >>143007252[View]
143078373Switzerland is the country that makes me go VGH what is the country that makes you go VGH?[View]
143079779geography quiz, europe and US: go to https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007 https://online.seterra.c…[View]
143078144Well do we?[View]
143077947Japanese reggae Fishmans - baby blue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLl8xjV-SSk&ab_channel=Marc…[View]
143079439/brit/: don't delete this one janman edish[View]
143078920Why do today what I can do tomorrow?[View]
143070583/cum/ + friends: BDSM edition[View]
143075577/brit/: chud and enbie edition[View]
143076347Why do Americans do this?[View]
143075259Do brown people really?[View]
143075329Behold, the tutorial countries of the world. You literally cannot suffer living in these countries.[View]
143077950good evening lads. i want to hear some languages of o: i want to read some of your interesting langu…[View]
143060592how do they manage to be so progressive and so third world at the same time?[View]
143075757>wake up >europe looks like this (more awesome and badass) what would you do??…[View]
143059720/norgetråden/: Den store omstarten-utgaven Forrige: >>143029329 >>143029329 >>1430…[View]
143077299Maps thread: Post good maps[View]
143074216Why are European countries so small?[View]
143075217Kek, do they really?[View]
143078774does ore production correspond to global power?[View]
143077911Apart from my own country and Azerbaijan i'm only nationalist for Japan[View]
143074774>American comics[View]
143067249/balk/: Republic of Moldova edition honorary balkans[View]
143077885Can you name a better match?[View]
1430752151. your country 2. do you prefer northern native americans (ex: plains indians) or southern native a…[View]
143072291Post common window types from your country please: What type of windows you have in your country? pl…[View]
143077786Based old white guys: Talk shit to a black man he clocks you. Talk shit to these guys they bomb your…[View]
143078479it's 2:09 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
143076498How popular is K-pop in your country? What's the target demographic in your country?[View]
143077171Oh say can you see.[View]
143066143/polska/: edycja autyzmu poprzednia >>143059646[View]
143072412What will the Chinese and African future look like?[View]
143057997What went wrong?: What's to blame for this disparity?[View]
143077983which two countries do they represent?[View]
143076305How common is it for Americans to be just of British Isles descent. Scottish, English, Scotch-Irish,…[View]
143077671Why do Latinx people buy gigantic sacks of grains/beans/rice? I only see the huge 50kg sacks of food…[View]
143074866Why did they just give it up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akbzRuZmqVM[View]
143061782Are maids common in your country?[View]
143075091How common is this in your cunt?[View]
143076773/china/ general. Fan thread since we don't have any Chinese.[View]
143059707Population density in Africa. Thoughts?[View]
143074711whats going on over there irish bros? is it going to happen again?[View]
143073323Do they really?[View]
143077398>Your cunt >Do you have cuties in congress Canadá Yes.…[View]
143077508>watching MLB baseball >kinda like it >mfw a fucking **** ****** appears on screen Night ru…[View]
143075915Do people in your country wear sports apparel despite not knowing shit about sports? Up here, yes. F…[View]
143073414i wanna date with ex military american mommy does this happen in your cunt???[View]
143076965Elsass: Elsass.[View]
143077319Will the Chinese appreciate it if I go to China and speak fluent Mandarin?[View]
143063502How are Germans stereotyped in your country? Ugly or handsome?[View]
143076873what happened 2000s wiggers in usa???[View]
143075845hot /int/ babes: yeah yeah i know australians and norwegians are smokeshows, everyone knows that. br…[View]
143061257why are they like this tho[View]
143076364How can i practice speaking english without talking to other people?[View]
143076559Sverigetråden - Samurajupplagan: Vill ha OS[View]
143074642Are guys with glasses considered smart in your cunt?[View]
143068898Is this true in your country?[View]
143073838Is your family OK to marry a White girl flag yes[View]
143074499How common is the phenotype in Mexico?[View]
143076190>Why? Yes, I do review only the first lesson to keep my streak on Duolingo. La pomme est rouge.…[View]
143071427/deutsch/: blank space[View]
143066397I just bought a Napoleon bust at 450 euros. Do you like it ?[View]
143075495Die creps auf rorke[View]
143064934/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Kubanacan is a 2003 Brazilian telenovela, substituting O Beijo do Vampiro…[View]
143064610Based: >At the weekend,the BBC reported thatit had received a significant number of complaints fo…[View]
143075470>There are officially 195 countries in the world. Just 15 of them have agreements with the United…[View]
143065904I suffer in my cunt because of this shit.[View]
143074971How do I stop getting triggered by americans using imperial units in contexts that aren't exclu…[View]
143073714Does this happen in your country?[View]
143072468average mexican[View]
143075727Les noirs ne brillent pas au pays des lumières.[View]
143074112Armenia btfo once more[View]
143073915dinner thread: I’m a man learning how to cook. I trued to make shakshuka today. Would you eat?…[View]
143075587/brit/: Flag Edition[View]
143062801Russian is a cat lanaguage. Literally every second consonant is actually an imitaion of meowing.[View]
143066893where do north pole and south pole meet? in warsaw[View]
143071236/brit/: chud and enbie edition[View]
143066680I would kneel and die for this without question Would >you?[View]
143066204Why do people consider Pakistani identity fake when India's identity is just as artificial? Ban…[View]
143063869White women worship thread[View]
143075005Everybody 'Round the world Joining Start a love train Love train[View]
143068856/fr/ - le fil africain: Edition : Reconnaître la supériorité de l'espagnol[View]
143074843>Wong is openly gay. He began a long-term relationship with talent agent Richie Jackson in 1988.[…[View]
143074796Trannies of Loaf[View]
143070054does this happen in your cunt?[View]
143071613hey Canada, dont tell America but you're my favorite North American country, and I love you, my…[View]
143069349why do brown and black men lust after white women? I'm white and I think they're overrated[View]
143074105Come back, Great Khan...[View]
143069278Sverigetråden - bögbajs[View]
143074595>Ramadan moubarak fréro Do they really[View]
143065337>Germany >Japan[View]
143072187Ramadhan kareem my bros[View]
143071729Jomon conquered Korean peninsula There are Jomon conquerors tombs in Korea[View]
143070461china and africa linked up. need it or keep it?[View]
143074511Deutsch ist eine überlegene Sprache[View]
143070867British plastic £5 note can play vinyl records Are there any other uses for British pounds?[View]
143074047map thread?: map thread[View]
143066815Hello world: New to 4chan here, feelin cute:3[View]
143050765British people be like >”mmm scrumptious, supper is ready”[View]
143073822modern day ancient india rather than rome >incomprehensibly chaotic >center of civilization …[View]
143074247so wait, demitry is a guy's name?[View]
143064675/lat/ hilo latino: hilo Nagatoro[View]
143065284If ancient China was so strong, how come they never reached Europe? >hurr durr too far away Turks…[View]
143074017Is Paris really as bad as people say?[View]
143074182There's nothing that exciting about living rural / by the country side. Its boring as fuck Havi…[View]
143068613>i suffer in brazil[View]
143063496Is it true that modern-day turks in anatolia are descended from the vikings?[View]
143074146Have you thanked us Irish Americans today for creating the modern world that you now inhabit?[View]
143073420Where does your country fall on the spectrum?[View]
143069052Do you hear a lot of /int/ernational languages in your city? In Barcelona, you go for a walk and you…[View]
143074137/lat/ hilo latino[View]
143061152/nederdraad/: de linkiewinkie[View]
143074048Last revealed verse of the Quran: Ayat 999 The final verse of the Quran. BISMILLAH AL RAHMAN AL RAHE…[View]
143073847White guys take one L and talk about moving to Japan[View]
143061557What is your favorite country besides your own and why?[View]
143073568LATINOS wake up like 'I wish I was in Bulgaria so my standard improves'.[View]
143071200Taxi drivers in Las Vegas earns about $120,000 per year. How much do taxi drivers earn in your count…[View]
143071629Which country has the best looking men and why is it Italy?[View]
143071090Caste system in India: Is true that Indians consider the rest of the people in the world as 'not hum…[View]
143070654Is Junior a common name in the USA?[View]
143056109How do men dress in your country?[View]
143064991just learned other boards exist damn that sucks they're all awful by comparison to /int/[View]
143070836https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hZ9aOHpOEA You WAKE UP in a French SUBURB, you cannot leave what d…[View]
143072944Why does America have so many blackouts? I've experienced one blackout in my life and there was…[View]
143049752Why are Americans more willing to accept violence than other civilized countries?: What is it about …[View]
143072783Quick reminder in Spain there are towns that look like this and it's OK. Mine, for example, pic…[View]
143057795Daily reminder that Japanese (white) and Koreans(Asian) are totally different race.[View]
143059399Today is the independence day of Lithuania. Say something nice about us[View]
143073147Aren't you amazed by how much money some countries make with 'movies' and pop 'songs' in their …[View]
143061051Finally. How many Britcoins will you buy to celebrate?[View]
143072027Recommend me kino mexican singers like Juan Gabriel https://youtu.be/0O4CLgXvbjU[View]
143072073is it just me or do asians in general seem to have family issues? all of my asian friends (japanese,…[View]
143060702/cum/: OPs dad is suffering from early onset dementia and he's sad edition[View]
143072892Waco Siege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BDP24LNXkA Waco siege incident, bad or based?…[View]
143056053Why is the UK so depressing?[View]
143062412An army of guinea pigs invade your country. What do you do?[View]
143071050Today is new year in Tamil calendar. Happy new year /int/[View]
143071314To be honest, the upcoming dubs for pic-related are going to suck...[View]
143058732Countries with this phenotype[View]
143061156it is considered miscegenation in the Latino community when a Dominican impregnates a Brazilian/Mexi…[View]
143072547>$300 car insurance rebates because of COVID-19 How much are you getting paid from your local car…[View]
143061977>make cereal about Brazilian character >don't sell it in Brazil Fucking mutts…[View]
143060575Can i find a virgin women over 20 in your country?[View]
143067105I disagree with everything my country stands for[View]
143051575What are Rural areas like in your country/ This is rural russia and rural japan[View]
143071890I work at petrochemical canada. We own many canadian resources for extraction and exploitation. Angl…[View]
143068661Do men struggle to open a bottle in your country?[View]
143063401/asean/: Bangkok edisyon[View]
143050124Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>142991097 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
143059823This is an image taken at the last Sverigetråden meetup. Your thoughts?[View]
143070920What's the 8th city of your country by population?[View]
143067111/carib/: We're back. RIP St. Vincent[View]
143069449What would you do in this situation?[View]
143068691Are there any singaporeanons here? I never seem to see posts.[View]
143065216Do Americans enjoy travelling? I've never met an American tourist.[View]
143065318Why would you go to a Thai restaurant if you hate spices?[View]
143068291/brit/: Dog isn’t happy about guy sitting in his seat. edition[View]
143067074/hingschissn/ ehemals /deutsch/: ich SCHEISS euch den faden emotionslos und mit kompletter wurschtig…[View]
143070847Could they pass as locals in your country??: https://m.soundcloud.com/mrbongo/trio-esparanca-nao-agu…[View]
143070870Polish is a snake language.[View]
143065536Would you trade countries with the flag above you?[View]
143066593Tfw 75% white[View]
143066500Your cuntry What are some old flags of your cunt that you like? Canada Pic related for me, although…[View]
143068964Wait, Japan looks like THIS??? https://youtu.be/6ppuEhdfAm4[View]
143059895/Mena/ arab: طبعة اسد الامة العربية القائد العظيم معمر القذافي[View]
143070052Wholesome Thread: Say 5 things you admire about your own country, and then 5 things you admire about…[View]
143069886Why many Americans are blind to the unlimited potential of white+black cooperation?[View]
143060245My mom was born in 1987 and I’m not underage. Is this normal in your country?[View]
143069374What are some rich countries that have a soul?[View]
143066437How do we improve our global reputation ameribros?[View]
143068782Turks aren't Roma-: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Empire >article is in 164 languages …[View]
143067977which country has the biggest gender equality?[View]
143052106>Americans will defend this[View]
143068555What is this phenotype?[View]
143058144Yes, I'm brown. Yes, I worship white women. Yes, I love it. No, I won't stop. No, you can…[View]
143066645I just discovered while looking at my colleges notable alumni that there are literal whores (pornogr…[View]
143068212The flag is determined by your real location, even if you’re using an VPN Just saying :([View]
143052110>he needs christianity to cope with his shitty life[View]
143066553What do people (women) think of 4channel in your country?[View]
143057033kurva anyátok[View]
143068906Why do latina women look the worst with dyed hair?[View]
143069468I’m at an international grocery store. What should I get?[View]
143068077Why is Germany like this?[View]
143068779Dude. Weed Lmaoooooooooo[View]
143067116This people were classified as white in the deep South even decades ago in the Mutted States ? Hell …[View]
143064983Music for break dance from your country: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e9t_R9M2ZJU[View]
143025761/balt/ + /ausnz/ #224: wth, this is not my kitchen edition old >>142967868[View]
143068848Vgh... Brytanwalda...[View]
143057229Posting while driving[View]
143067505What could have been...[View]
143067210> be me > be a beaner > can't grow a moustache…[View]
143064506/brad/: /brit/ for /brad/s[View]
143058490memes aside, who can seriously stop us ?[View]
143058491/fr/ - le fil français: Edition de la vie d'avant. Ancien: >>143046355[View]
143060268Would it have been better if Spain had remained under Arab rule and today it was part of MENA instea…[View]
143068299/brit/: Crep status: Dead ting edition[View]
143068181ITT: >combine 2 ethnic groups >choose a geographical location for them >have them adapt to …[View]
143068104Why have Australians stopped being interesting[View]
143067203/balk/ Cash money edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiaPTMAmGWQ Old: >>143050556…[View]
143067011Scottish and German women really?[View]
143066911any country with based firearm laws here[View]
143062578Sverigetråden vedergällningsupplagan[View]
143063736Brazil es numero uno huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue[View]
143058790Which are the best countries to move to /int/? Would you accept and welcome me in your country :)?[View]
143060479Japanese office women...[View]
143064407>God save our gracious Queen, >Long live our noble Queen, >God save the Queen! >Send her…[View]
143052743Post a random /int/ related image[View]
143050556/balk/: Mafia sends dead squirrel to balk shitposter as a threat https://youtu.be/KMj7mtZFNKI[View]
143064303I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon? Your first post of the thread mu…[View]
143060798/deutsch/ nun Aufmarschzeit[View]
143065338>tfw Istanbul is probably the whitest city in Europe now[View]
143062104ITT the year is 1880[View]
143064017>I suffer as a Greek female Do women in your country suffer anons?[View]
143065014Let's have an India/Bollywood appreciation thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjUXr560Gu0 …[View]
143066443Algerians are my favorite posters[View]
143054077Why are we westerners obsessed with Asian chicks?[View]
143062137Φεγγάρι μάγια μου ‘κανες και περπατώ στα ξένα είναι το σπίτι ορφανό αβάσταχτο το δειλινό και τα βουν…[View]
143066126are you high on something in your country?[View]
143065383A Toast!.. to the Ottoman Empire Ramadan Mubarak /int/[View]
143065626>have to break fast with dades >local supermarket only has israeli medjoul dates yikes moment…[View]
143057624Does this happen in your country?[View]
143066313In honor of the upcoming Olympics, post an athlete from your Olympics team[View]
143065617You wanted a PS5 for your birthday but your dad could only afford the country of Lithuania What woul…[View]
143048401/ita/ - il filo: edizione porco dio[View]
143062376How can I become more international?[View]
143065569Pakistanis look like THIS?[View]
143057767Pets of /int.[View]
143066124Why is badass a compliment in America? Isn't a good ass better?[View]
143059646/polska/: edycja hamburger[View]
143064942And this is Anons room. He's quite knowledgeable about international cultures![View]
143065770èèèèèèèèèèèè How does one acquire an italian gf ?[View]
143052564/lat/ hilo latino: hilo monitos[View]
143063337>'Justly has nature given you all the good things of heaven and earth; a land in which neither th…[View]
143063880Your country What did you had for lunch/going to have >Chile >Pancakes aka blins…[View]
143062126Search for the intruder[View]
143063219Whats the dental care like in your country[View]
143061553Question to Argentinians, Brazilians, Russians, Turks, and other countries with collapsed currencies…[View]
143064354International Aesthetics: ITT: post aesthetic things from all over the world. (include source / name…[View]
143062595Do you love Norway?[View]
143063569Can he pass as gypsy?: Would he be seen as a gypsy in europe?[View]
143055729Russian bros, is this insurance website legit? https://russia.cherehapa.ru/ I'm travelling soon…[View]
143052912https://youtu.be/QUP8cwPI-io This is Haifa, my hometown. Say something nice about it.[View]
143064799Your opinions on swedish men ?[View]
143063718Scotland is the Oldest country In Europe[View]
143051659/asean/: karaoke with neesan edisyon[View]
143061559/brit/: Calais edish[View]
143056227‘MADE IN’ LABEL RESPECT: 1. Japan 2. Germany 3. Swiss 4. Sweden[View]
143058020Which cunt will be the first to have robot girls?[View]
143060969oh no no no brazilbros: >Brazilians don't like to speak a second language, and most of them …[View]
143058748Jesus died in Japan I'm Japanese.[View]
143034008/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
143060116Yupiks are comfy[View]
143064023italian, spanish and portuguese are just latin ebonics[View]
143061298huh, Lebanese and Tunisians are tallest in the Arab world I guess[View]
143063780/sauna/: kalakotkaspainos[View]
143063568immigrant thread: post your and your first crush nationality. >Be Dominican >cum to America …[View]
143058775Afro-Finnish people will change the history, culture, and evolution of Finland![View]
143063428My country is dying[View]
143062967Do you still learn new words in your native language? What was the last one?[View]
143049658From 0 (extremely negative) to 10 (extremely positive) what is the general consensus about muslims i…[View]
143061138Do people nod in you're cunt?[View]
143058910how strong are ye: >your flag >how much can you bench…[View]
143063378I’ve heard that Germany is depressing to be in/visit from someone who used to frequently visit. Germ…[View]
143063278>the absolut state of Sweden[View]
143061836Why do Europeans like PlayStation more than Xbox?[View]
143061148These guys are alright[View]
143056906Is sexualizing armpit a universal thing?: or is it only East Asian thing? even we have a dedicated i…[View]
143060946Based and redpilled[View]
143059412How would police in your country deal with this matter?[View]
143061036Nostrils of /int/[View]
143045599/sauna/: Bauhauspainos[View]
143057552Do you think our borders will ever meet? Wouldn't that be weird?[View]
143026297/br/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição tfw no tomboy gf[View]
143057763>the only countries to exist since then are scotland anf Bulgaria[View]
143059679Do you smoke weed in your country?[View]
143059613>Be a complete loser failure >'UK IS SHIT' >'GERMANY IS SHIT' >'FRANCE IS SHIT' >'CAN…[View]
143060729What happens here? I might be able to get a temporary job there for a few weeks. But i don't k…[View]
143062360white people be like: 'damm armpit and feet erotic! UOOOOH' why are they like this?[View]
143062343Korean bros, help a brownie out and gimme tips on winning over a Korean cutie :)[View]
143062319How are women portrayed in your country's movie culture?[View]
143060667>if you date an asian man your babies are guaranteed to be adorable How come r/aznidentity doesn…[View]
143061746how common are girls like this in your country?[View]
143053087Redpill me on polenta, Italia bros.: Is it eaten regularly all over Italy or is it more a northern t…[View]
143058105Japan thread: Say something nice to Japan[View]
143061849I want to be black bros...[View]
143011975/ex-yu/: Boli me kurac od jebanja Od jutra ju jebem i ne stajem Jako voli analno A još više voli gut…[View]
143055235Honest thoughts on Australia? >politics is fucked, liberals have their dick sucked by msm and mos…[View]
143037910/desi/: programming waifu is laifu edition[View]
143059851How do we break the liveleak curse bros[View]
143056941back in 2019 when Notre Dame was burning, how's the condition now?[View]
143048915>mfw indianons start writing in their language, but with english letters so i can't translat…[View]
143043064/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ and friends: https://youtu.be/9ngRhJ-WlVI >>143018957[View]
143056749Which brand do you prefer to have cars?[View]
143046981Did you know that Norway is honorary asian country?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=QV0a_FCZV_A Anime, …[View]
1430575721) Your cunt 2) Is it common to be a CHOMBO LOCO ?[View]
143060472would I be considered normal in your country being 1.65m 'tall'[View]
143058374>your count. >fav music genres Flag, Black, folk and power metal…[View]
143057749>amazing culture >GOAT literature >beautiful women >awesome and great sounding language …[View]
143058707Flowers to apologize to a Russian girl: Hey, so I want to apologize to my Russian (girl / female ) f…[View]
143057446Ohhh jeg er en gammel frihetskjemper, det er akkurat det jeg er Og for denne Yankee-nasjonen eg bry…[View]
143060544There are 153 robberies in France for every 2 robberies in Japan. Is delinquency common in your coun…[View]
143058676>He doesn't love Japan...[View]
143059822Grey Squirrels are AMERICAN and do not belong in Europe. You are LEGALLY allowed to kill as many as …[View]
143036504/tr/: monkiii edişın[View]
143059545Why are Italians so small?[View]
143055724Tried swiping in Lagos, Nigeria? More ass than Brazil.[View]
143055674Sverigetråden - Piratupplagan[View]
143054674/deutsch/: RTL Ausgabe alt: >>143050107[View]
143060653>Yorkshire tea, strong, one sugar, drop of whole milk. Done-dusted.[View]
1430598081. country 2. cofe time? >flag >cofe time.…[View]
142893030/flag/ + /extraflags/: Dolneni edition Previously: >>142718350 Welcome to /extraflags/, a love…[View]
143045249Why is East asia so much richer than South & Southeast asia? Is genetic superiority or cultural …[View]
143057942serious question, why our women are so perfect?[View]
143039804/nederdraad/: Henk Sneevliet-editie[View]
143055531hey should i pass the exam while im fasting or should i wait till i eat i have no friends to ask[View]
143060173>why yes, I do lurk nairaland[View]
143057583Do browns really?[View]
143059950>noOooOoOo don't leave, stay and change your country for the better haha…[View]
143055720Why are latinxs like this?[View]
143055375I would the individualism of Americans. I would like my country to be more individualistic. A lot of…[View]
143053640What happens when all the 1 Billion Africans: learn English one day and read about their History of …[View]
143059354how easy it is to go innawoods here and never look back[View]
143049795Why do Europeans unironically study Latin? What use does it have for you?[View]
143059799>Come out ye black and tans >Come out and fight me like a man >Show your wife how you won m…[View]
143055780Do you suffer in your country and why?[View]
143029329/norgetråden/: Beskytt DIN lokale søtnos mot Kiwimorderen-utgaven Forrige: >>143005723 >…[View]
143051344/ro/ firul nostru[View]
143055136>Your servant has killed lions and bears; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them,…[View]
143052435I was born into a muslim family but after visiting church with my christian friend and reading Luthe…[View]
143059136>Germans >Relevant culturally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matter_of_France https://en.wiki…[View]
143053539Saying good things about other countries isn't going to hurt you[View]
143056021Why you can't be like Japanese?[View]
143057638Why do they always sound drunk when they speak, especially when they insult?[View]
143050785/polska/: edycja truposza[View]
143056846Are your ancestors conquerors or conquered cucks?[View]
143057404Are African men naturally submissive to European men?[View]
143031138>be walking around in berlin >*blocks you're path* >guten tag what's the correct …[View]
143058348Japanese have the biggest penis in the world, what do you think about the painful truth?[View]
143058368What phenotype is this?[View]
143056465Is Poland the Christ of Nations?[View]
143057810>work in Switzerland >all tinder matches are from South America? are they really that desperat…[View]
143057187Europeans pay to watch blacked soap operas[View]
143058055Do you love Japan?[View]
143056244>Tfw i could rescue a thirdie girl from poverty >tfw they refuse to match me on tinder passpor…[View]
143046355/fr/ - le francofil: Edition sourire anonnette. >>143030629[View]
143057631today i came to /int/ to learn something about africa, but there are literally not threads aboaut af…[View]
143055026Post random locations in your country[View]
143057191East Asia = Western Europe Southeast Asia = Eastern Europe[View]
143055051/brit/: The Heptarchy edish[View]
143047657Why do westeners do this?[View]
143057035Why do people in other countries that claim to 'hate America' speak English and emulate everything A…[View]
143055523left: american right: australian[View]
143052950Do Finnlanders really[View]
143057138Do you guys hate yourselves?[View]
143057197Explain. Now[View]
143057202Why are Americans the only ones who consider them Pacific Islander/Polynesian? There’s nothing Asian…[View]
143051563are public figures in your country brainlets such as the ones from the US?[View]
143057387Do you have any mentor whom you are willing to keel to ? For me it's Лeв Toлcтoй His values is…[View]
143056110Day 1 Ramadan is over here. How is your first day muslimbros?[View]
143057480it's another episode of an Australian poster makes a thread about Australia[View]
143048824ITT: post MENA & MED girls.[View]
143055105Today's my first Ramadan fast and I didn't realize you're supposed to eat before sunr…[View]
143056592Hmm... today I'll walk on land and then invent languages, borders and the cultural concept of '…[View]
143056120I'm going to miss Corona-chan, bros. In my country, the return to normalcy will mean complete d…[View]
143046508If you had the option to be a woman in 2021 with the wave of a wand, you would take it, You know you…[View]
143056721in canada, this is your competition in the mating market could you compete?[View]
143053167What is their problem?[View]
143053033I just learned about what the French did in Algeria[View]
143056057Why do Americans love us so much?[View]
143055003pitbull hate thread[View]
143051398it's impossible to find virgin germans so give up[View]
143055730I want to go buy chicken tendies but KFC is in the bad part of town and I might get beheaded for buy…[View]
143056745Do you love Korea?[View]
143053044...so what exactly is inside?[View]
143054542You go out with you're french gf what fun things do you do?[View]
143056225>21 khv NEET Does this happen in your country[View]
143056576What do Mexicans think of him nowadays?[View]
143043098I'm embarrassed to tell people that I'm studying Japanese. Does this happen in your countr…[View]
143056474>have a deep-dull voice >play online, usually on british servers >always spaniards in the l…[View]
143035268kurva anyátok[View]
143046687do women in your country also enjoy having the shit beaten out of them?[View]
143054656Have you ever had a gf from a different cunt than your own?[View]
143054376Bros, I don't think he has much time left.[View]
143040752Why exactly are race relations in the US so bad?[View]
143046847What do you call this in your country. Brazil Arroz doce (sweet rice)[View]
143033508I think Eastern Europe is the area with the worst food in the world. What do you think?[View]
143052643Hello, Italy? Is Italy there? Do you want to hang out maybe?[View]
143053145I actually like British cuisine. Maybe I don't know enough about it? I luv me meat, luv me bean…[View]
143051019Post the most Russian pic/webm you have.[View]
143055159ITT: post the most ridiculous Eastern Euro copes I'll start: >We're actually richer tha…[View]
143055205Why the fuck do **** ******s keep staring at me today? I was just eating my sandwich while walking o…[View]
143052004>He doesn't speak the language of LOVE[View]
143055611just learned new zealand exists[View]
143055455Now you remember that the entire Scots langauge was invented by a 13 years old American.[View]
143052219We are the world's protagonists; every other nation is just a side character. Our history is th…[View]
143052648What's your favourite smell, /int/? For me, it's revell model glue.[View]
143039095>That feel when asians in the US are ridiculing themself with Rice, Ching Chong in order to make …[View]
143054752Who hate who?[View]
143055291Old catchy advertisements from your country: Here’s perhaps the most iconic advertisement that every…[View]
143054788African cunts by population size: just how fucked are we?[View]
143047113RAMADAN THREAD: happy ramadan to all my mudslim brothers! :) ITT : post your favourite meals[View]
143053068I've never met anyone smarter than me IRL. Does this happen in your country?[View]
143045107This is what a modern and wealthy neighborhood in Japan looks like. https://youtu.be/ZiSqslq2kpE Tho…[View]
143048340Why do other Italians hate Calabria so much? >Friendly people >Great food >Beautiful countr…[View]
143044529which one of them is the closest to the ancient Illyrians?[View]
143050010>。 >。 >。 No, Japan, you can't make me use your stupid special period mark. I will writ…[View]
143051066What's her phenotype?[View]
143045308What are some wallonian contribution to history?[View]
143054975>this is my 10 Ramadan >14 hours fasting >4 hours 30 minutes left >24°C°F Precipitatio…[View]
143054539since4pass: >hi :D, yes im german, what gave it away :DDD why are they like this?…[View]
143054432Post religious buildings from your country[View]
143051459/brit/: lovely white women edish dont be a gaylord, shag women instead sub edish[View]
143054209Why is Finland the best country?[View]
143054852I suffer in Chile[View]
143054466How is cheese in your country?[View]
143053739Is this a common phenotype in romania[View]
143054084Asian women are obessed with pale skin: glutathione and hyaluronic acid supplements,cosmetics,etc...…[View]
143051107I don't get it. Do modern Mexicans see this guy as a hero or a villain?[View]
143054813>just found out about canadian mining companies in latin america damn man that sucks…[View]
143050107/deutsch/: Dawsons Flüsschen Ausgabe[View]
143053777Happy ramadan[View]
143048149I am former weaboo, Do you have dark past?[View]
143054567Do you love Poland?[View]
143054210look at these christcucks and athiests fighting over personal individual: opinionated shit on a cart…[View]
143053204/esp/aña: Hola, españoles[View]
143049919Your future has already been decided for you. Nothing will stop the Chinese century[View]
143052071>Imagine you are incel, sleeping with this hug[View]
143053345What is GOOD in your country?[View]
143053579Americans claim to be White, and yet their Leader is a Kenyan named Barack.: This is as if Greece wa…[View]
1430529681. Your country 2. Do you want the goth scene to come back?[View]
143051260I 'work' from home but literally spend half of my 'work' day sleeping. Since my company is ran by te…[View]
143030883/lat/: hilo del DVCE[View]
143051684>flag >Will you be attending?[View]
143053257why are yt ppl so insecure and fragile?[View]
143052316What is working an office job like in east Asian countries? Is there a difference between China/Japa…[View]
143052727I actively crossdress. I'm straight however. Does this happen in your country?[View]
143048117This Indian dude came to my city and fucked 2 (maybe 3) girls from my Church. The Priest found out a…[View]
143053417I hate Americans we should ban them from entering.[View]
143049980What is up with incels parroting 'industrial revolution bad' recently? Do they unironically think th…[View]
143052434Ethnic map of the Balkans[View]
143039180>Your cunt >would you fight for Squealer flag Yes…[View]
143052685Are straight lines the tramp stamp of borders?[View]
143052015how effective is the vaccine that your country is using?[View]
143051008Did we reach peak burger?[View]
143051875how do i learn german i would like to learn to talk and type in german i found out a few months ago…[View]
143052846Why do they post pigs so much?[View]
143053153How do I get subtlety bullied by girls at OSTERIA OF ROMA?[View]
143052189>What do you mean I don't suffer in Greece just because I'm surrounded by beautiful tan…[View]
143052384so which is it /int/?[View]
143042416Genuine question: When was the last time you've witnessed public display of affection (eg. kiss…[View]
143051878>tfw every country that imidiatly surrounds you hates you[View]
143043295Why do they do this[View]
143052379>canada is the only first world country in this continent[View]
143048559>be Brazil >5th biggest country on planet >6th biggest population >huge natural resource…[View]
143046534Do people in your country do weird shit with language? Here city people virtue signal by speaking br…[View]
143052732>his country uses plastic money Can't even take it with you to the sauna…[View]
143048458VIETNAM NUMBA WAN!!![View]
143051354Gentlemen. https://youtu.be/24NNTRDwjvM[View]
143048699post meme pic that you 100% sure it's from your cunt but you can't proof it[View]
143050652These are csangos (wanderers), hungarians that migrated to moldova, they speak an old hungarian dial…[View]
143052697do you live in a port city too? I like to imagine where the ships and container are from and what…[View]
143052693Do you have tank hunters iyc https://youtu.be/pvaXkdzr1P4[View]
143052574Spotted this cheeky bugger[View]
143044463why did European whites never catch onto rice? literally almost every culture consumed it, like you…[View]
143047937Who are you choosing?[View]
143052412I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
143051023Why don't the French have nobles anymore?[View]
143028978Post your favorite painting.[View]
143040521Jinny and Esfand: International Thoughts: I just discovered these two. Really wholesome content beca…[View]
143052457>Left - East Asian >Right - Ethnic Breton Native to Cornwall / Brittany, France The Breton i…[View]
143045703dios mio: .[View]
143040304finnish niggas be like >pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol pol p…[View]
143050981Aahahah Pizza pasta Rome Pope mafia im right guys!?[View]
143051979whats your most favourite thing, ever to have come out of your cuntry?: for me it's the big lez…[View]
143049469exercise: What does exercise look like in your cunt? Exercise is essential for stronk body.[View]
143041743Why are Koreans like this?: >The Chilean TV show 'Mi Barrio' began trending Sunday on Twitter aft…[View]
143051948How do Americans drive? Slowly accelerating and decelerating and following the rules or gas gas gas,…[View]
143050736>beautifel Turkish women[View]
143047384What's your favourite med country?[View]
143050569Thoughts on Chicken Parmigiana?: Also why do some people call it Parmesan?[View]
142991097Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>142952369 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
143044532/asean/: lust edisi[View]
143050508When will they start flocking to Europe? What's preventing them from doing that?[View]
143045136Are people addicted to cellphones and internet in your country? >Trinidad Yeah, I learned recent…[View]
143051576are property values too high in your cunt? canada yes[View]
143051542ITT things they hid away from you in school[View]
143050395Dennark, bro, just sell us Greenland already. It's like 95% ice anyway.[View]
143050445OH SAY CAN YOU SEE...[View]
143048665>your country >tfw no gf? -France -tfw no gf…[View]
143050636I've had mild fever and diarrhea for 3 days do I have COVID?[View]
143051307You will NEVER be American. Just kill yourself, you're worthless anyway.[View]
143039965>His language has gendered nouns[View]
143051286i've accepted the fact that my country will be taken over by china i'm going to study mand…[View]
143047237the only countries that matter: >israel >canada >USA >India >china >russia >mex…[View]
143049633How do I stop being monolingual?[View]
143051012>yes i am the king of southern italy how could you tell?[View]
143046018Post Indian influences in your country[View]
143025926Where can I buy hanfu? It looks so much better than Western fashion[View]
143050940Today is Tuesday the 13th, is it an unlucky day in your country? Uruguay Yes[View]
143038385Just learned about the Turkish war for independence[View]
143047944>around independence day stores start selling snow spray >kids use it on the eve of independe…[View]
143047536A plea to anons: Don't have kids late. My parents had me late and I'm still in my early 20…[View]
143023000/balk/-Pambalcanic Federation edition: Gotse Delchev would fight against Lockdowns LOCKDOWNS ARE CLA…[View]
143044211/polska/: edycja załóż więcej maseczek schizolu bo zabijasz babcie[View]
143050443i want asian bf[View]
143046935why do slavs make the soulest games?[View]
143044106What gender are you in your cunt?: >poll link here http://www.strawpoll.me/42935862…[View]
143049239How is the crime rate so low in Japan?: Also, what is the crime rate in your cunt?[View]
143050533Uraloids are the most powerful race[View]
143050117Ah... England... Home.[View]
143046361Why do you talk with such a gay accent?[View]
143047811Hello Megan[View]
143050270>be bri’ish >your 15 yo son post the n word on social media >he goes to jail for 3 months a…[View]
143033069This is (You): Imagine doing this constantly. It’s not banter when you’re literally obsessed.[View]
143047820/brit/: She edition[View]
143048842Post music youre listening now: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=urrgNcJd5zI[View]
143035164Unique design of housing in Netherlands[View]
143046729The average American high schooler[View]
143044876/deutsch/: In Quarantäne - Ausgabe[View]
143034247ancestry/23andme: post em in spite of flag i think i have nice genes[View]
143046589i bought this at lidl god bless the european customs union[View]
143048889>see flat out inflammatory bait thread >still enter and waste countless hours in it I need to …[View]
14304311210시 통금....[View]
143045309>Australia has snakes and spiders!!!!!![View]
143049698I would die for Japan[View]
143046882What do you think will happen to France?[View]
143032804>ur cunt >what are ur hobbies[View]
143043631DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2579: DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thr…[View]
1430460573 out of 4 men in America have tits to show if they take off their shirts kek[View]
143048506Do you binge eat in your cunt?[View]
143049535I wish I was born into a more influential nation with a more known language and history[View]
143035801How come Brits are so high if their food is so shitty?[View]
143047083American soldiers fought this.[View]
143047843>He doesn't speak 3 languages[View]
143046081/brit/: lovely white women edish fish sub edish[View]
143047060Why people like these get so easy to anger or trigger Why are they so up in their ass https://youtu…[View]
143049131I'm jomon Are you yayoi?[View]
143049244how is life in this country[View]
143046741health services: are you satisfied with the health services in your country? what is your experience…[View]
143048461ITT: post international places that look comfy >Giornico, Switzerland[View]
143046872Where did the meme Scandinavian: women are the most beautiful come from? They look like albino and …[View]
143045961>my main board? /int/[View]
143047143>Bump into a Japanese guy >He kneels, bows his head down >'I SORRY FOR THIS-U EMBARRASS-AME…[View]
143048294Tell me about your racial composition /int/ Are you are more steppe-like or Neolithic?[View]
143048963Is Maryland a Southern state? It's right beside Virginia and West Virginia which are southern, …[View]
143048594Why is so much c4ckold porn from Brazil? Is it normal there?[View]
143048914I swear to be faithful to the king and to his royal successors, loyally to obey the state and the la…[View]
143048178Northern Greece is honorary Eastern European and the South is discount Italy[View]
143046514How do you say 'epic for the win' in your language?[View]
143043823How did you recover from the most depressing time of your life?[View]
143040651ITT: Amerimutt webms[View]
143039731What is this called in your country[View]
143036826It's over: Islam won[View]
143048581Whats your favorite meal?: Mine is pic related.[View]
143044695Now that the Tinder Passport is free until the end of April, which countries are you visiting?[View]
143037151Do you like Spanish girls?[View]
143045832Why korean women look so much better than japanese?[View]
143046530ITT: post american culture https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1618076057729.webm…[View]
143048105please upload your beautiful hamming melody .[View]
143045184Why does it look so third world?[View]
143046625take the nappill: >None of the individuals had a history of coronary heart disease or stroke at t…[View]
143042474>australian tank[View]
143043689>watch naruto as a kid and like it >become degenerate autistic neet as an adult does this happ…[View]
143041121w-wat...er .....i need[View]
143047404Nothing like a refreshing glass of water! Mmm water...make you sure you drink enought water to keep …[View]
143047816FACT: Pardos are the most powerful race in the world[View]
143043950>He is not from Tuscany, Bavaria, lower England, the Benelux or northern France opinion discarded…[View]
143041888How are we lunchin today, /int/bros?[View]
143045358Why do they like to cut hair so much?[View]
143047232>mom never lets me invite other kids home because they're too unruly and loud >can only v…[View]
143047389>ctrl+f korea >1/8 >ctrl+f japan >1/20 >ctrl+f china >1/4 Apologize.…[View]
143028351ANCESTRY BREAD: Yes im making this thread again[View]
143046676its sunrise no more water, its ramadan you kefir[View]
143034781EQ datamining threda :): https://psychology-tools.com/test/empathy-quotient/score Test yourself :DDD…[View]
143044465What do you define as a 'language' and a 'dialect'?: What's the difference between them for you…[View]
143043496i kneel down to Korean chads[View]
143037337Post your shoes[View]
143040200Do you love beautiful cute japanese muscle girl?[View]
143038944Sverigetråden - sommar och sol: Gör dagliga armhävningar och knäböj så ni är i form för stranden.…[View]
143042560If the quality 'fullness' was a country, its name would be Australia.[View]
143042261What do you think of when you hear Brazilian food ?[View]
143046951I'm gonna go outside, buy a big ass bacon cheeseburger and eat it in front of them starving ***…[View]
143023969/ita/ - il filo: edizione comfy della notte[View]
143042348>put my tinder in Korea since the passport function is free >literally every other girl is som…[View]
143041736what happens here?[View]
143044379Ramadan Mubarak /int/[View]
143043970Luso - Fio Lusófono: Edição /bra/. como estão meus anões essa manha?[View]
143046486you cant suffer if you are not from east europ. if you come from the werstern world you live in weal…[View]
143046020/fasting/: ITT: we help each other stay fasted by sharing our experiences and by not posting picture…[View]
143045793Why does it look so third world?[View]
143046328Is it true that they go straight to the bidet/hose w/o using toilet paper before? Disgusting af.[View]
143046194Do Americans only eat food that doesn't have to be chewed?[View]
143043556Thoughts on Scandinavians and their eyes?[View]
143043454I don't have any social media profiles. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
143041772Miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
143045904>Japanese office ladies Do they date foreign men ? How do you impress them ?…[View]
143046108Can you imagine how sad it would be if all black people returned to Africa. Do you think it would be…[View]
143046119/brit/ the british thread: my condolences to the Queen, losing a husband must be rough[View]
143040936Japan bros...: Do governments fuck up vaccination roll outs in your cunt?[View]
143043533/brit/: Ciara memorial edition[View]
143043183Post soy from your country[View]
143042749I'm ready for the apocalypse. Does this happen in your country?[View]
143030235Why are they so vocal about their dislike for their country?[View]
143043809what is the most attractive minority in your country? here it is lightskins, followed by russians[View]
143046922/ita/ il filo - vaccini killer, falsa pandemia, great reset: Le cosiddette fakenews, ieri eran fake,…[View]
143043478Latinx and mexican bros, recommend me food/cuisine youtube channels from your cunt.[View]
143045527cum: cum[View]
143030629/fr/ - le francofil.: Édition: Bosseurs de la nuit terrifiante. Ancien : archivée, cherche le[View]
143042473What do you call corned beef or corned beef hash in your language, /int/? How often do you eat it?[View]
143044905Take me back to 2016 when we all thought Islam was going to take over the world I don't want to…[View]
143018194/sauna/: shinkapainos[View]
143036803/int/ernational breakfasts[View]
143043865Am I white guys?[View]
143029867>israel has a birthrate higher than any euro country[View]
143044816is poor dental health common in your country? >taiwan >Yes I have tootheache right now and my …[View]
143045110Do people in your cunt get away with not paying their taxes?[View]
143039744Oh what I would give to be reborn as a Russian[View]
143040767the soul of melbourne lives on... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gbpJC6DrH8[View]
143044423Hawaii seem like literal paradise to me. Should I travel/migrate there?[View]
143044925What does your cuntry cosplay look like[View]
143040520Fellow third world shitholes.... Do you have any hope...[View]
143041885>be third world country >take loan from china for some bullshit project >china builts half-…[View]
143044421>american furnished villa in a gated community >same price as an empty european small house Ho…[View]
143039691/deutsch/: Kasperl sperrt das Corona-Virus weg - Ausgabe[View]
143034743/asean/: Edisi PKI[View]
143044305Do Americans really think wearing 19th century clothing equals wanting to live on a plantation? Thes…[View]
143044180USA (United States of Albania )[View]
143040791this country really is a shithole, we don't even have free healthcare[View]
143042853Does your country have mixed master race? For example Japan Jomon+yayoi=joyoi master race India D…[View]
142915315/v4/ + pee[View]
143026842/polska/: edycja nocnego chodzenia sobie poprzednio: >>143015609[View]
143043176Does your country love epic 8-bit home computers? >Finland >Yes…[View]
143039553Why does Japan have such a unique culture that has such a wide appeal?[View]
143042844Where would you want to live?: Austrios for me. Probably Brysbane.[View]
143042921I would probably be an incel if I was born in a country with low asian female population[View]
143040526This is a thread for Westerners only (from red countries).[View]
143039684>just got called an ESL fuck bros, us ESL's need to figure something out, how can we combat…[View]
143032698UKbros... we're here for you...[View]
143042256Korea Ended Suffering: It's impossible to suffer in Korea. Girls who look like this are literal…[View]
143041252/brit/: For the discussion of phimosis and phimosis related activities[View]
143043078Why do brown people eat bean with rice? It feels redundant to me. Just eat your beans with bread.[View]
143034609Indo-Aryan VS Dravidian Thread[View]
143038912Just learned about the breakup of the USSR[View]
143039716Yugoslav basketball team, 1974.[View]
143042090>a jailed mafia man wrote a letter to a woman about her baby son who disappeared in 1977 in pugli…[View]
143018957/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ and friends: Nočnych pajezdaŭ nić. Papiaredniaja nić: >>143009097 Saŭndtrek …[View]
143043000Why do Croats worship Germany? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSP41i_Mkbg[View]
143040198>gave all my money to a findom girl again Does this happen in your country?…[View]
1430423041. Your country 2. Do you want to live?[View]
143042015why were italians so good making music back 90s?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwa1CuPtlLE https:…[View]
143038261How do Croatian songs sound to you?: https://youtu.be/DCCzHpNQ-rE[View]
143041348/christianity/: Christians of the planet, please pray for my health[View]
143042043What is it like living in a third world country? For those thirdies who have traveled, what are the …[View]
143041177Katana schlamata Longsword schmlongword for me its the Jian.[View]
143039815what pagan traditions or holidays do people in your cunt still hold on to? Here in Russia we still c…[View]
143040240Can you easily find pork products there? Or do you need to go to specialized import stores?[View]
143037766Do the people in your country use a bidet?[View]
143038632/brit/: /brit/ is a reddit friendly general edition[View]
143039295Why does it seem that modern western economies are basically just inflated bubbles that are going to…[View]
143035722This country is the only reason why you don't live in a communist world order right now[View]
143039187>hey korea! hey china! watchout! >whoops, not my problem haha nuffin personal kiddos how is it…[View]
143040177Does your country love fat women or are they all femcels[View]
143037798Do Americans really[View]
143034821ITT: Words that /int/ made up that are not used outside of this site >jomon >diaspora >hanf…[View]
143041542Being American must be fun[View]
143036706>cunt >how many times did you coom today flag six. one to porn this morning. one this afternoo…[View]
143023658/Mena/ arab: طبعة اسد العرب القائد العام للامة العربية البطل المغوار الشهم الباسل حبيبي وحبيب العرب …[View]
143041494>le be me >le be outside >want to buy some fruit >see one bit poor looking stall with po…[View]
143032812Do you like Turkey?[View]
143038621Day #1 of posting nice foods during Ramadan: Post some of your favorite dishes from around the world…[View]
143036315How do you celebrate it in your country?[View]
143035527When will Russia defend their minorities in Kazakhstan?[View]
143038319I would like to extend an open hand in friendship to all Portuguese anons. Portugal gets too much ha…[View]
143039148I had anal experience yesterday. My girlfriend inset her finger into my anus and mess up my anus so …[View]
143040678>Scroll through /int/ >Find a funny picture and save it >Reply with sarcastic comment >S…[View]
143037616I just fixed Eastern Europe.[View]
143030691What is life like in Japan?[View]
143036954>This is what Japanese think they look like[View]
143037715>urge to nobitapost whenever I see an annoying japan flag >repress it because its ramadan does…[View]
143040044If chechens weren't muslims, they would be my brothers[View]
143035343Japanese culture and Japanese way of life is slowly going extinct How do we keep Japan alive[View]
143038967snapmap: Go here, post something from ur cunt. https://map.snapchat.com/[View]
143036512This single image ruined the image of Korea for millions So powerful[View]
143032167In indonesia you have to wait for 10 years to buy the new suzuki jimny[View]
143040290Can you do accents?: For some reason some accents feel natural to me while others I simply cannot do…[View]
143039111Why did he go from we wuz civilization to we must return to monke[View]
143039581Are people in your country career-minded?[View]
143033926The Japanese government has officially decided to dump the Fukushima nuclear waste water into the Pa…[View]
143036235Why do these two think they are better than the other Spanish speaking countries?[View]
143040004>My perfect world? Russia is the sole remaining superpower, America and China are balkanized…[View]
143038895>your country >are you yayoi or jomon Italy I am Jomon.…[View]
143037200>Were you there on 7/15 2001 when a group of radical plastic surgeons crashed an airplane into th…[View]
143037876Began to decline after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Change my mind.[View]
143039191Redpill me on the Moors of Europe. Why did they turn away from Islam and embrace Christianity? Why a…[View]
143039322When will you stop hunting my brothers and sisters You have no idea what it’s like for us[View]
143036068What is this called in your country?[View]
143031997>wagies in the us are being paid $2.13 an hour what the fuck[View]
143038650If BULGARIA was in South America, LATINOS would worship it as the mecca of development.[View]
143037726do americans unironically believe they live in the best country on earth?[View]
143023210Where does your cunt military tradition come from?: >Japan >Originally from Prussian military …[View]
143038798In America it's illegal to boycott israel: https://youtu.be/DTCQc6aRIiY[View]
143038928the decline[View]
143038945Future In Russian Anon where are thou?: keep shilling me, some anon posted your discord and since I…[View]
143039005Love. Loyalty. Family. Traditions Are those things considered important in your country these days?[View]
143037574>Come swim with us, Anon! What do?[View]
143026990/deutsch/: Mit /deutsch/ durch den Morgen[View]
143038146I only pick my nose when I feel something hard in there that is uncomfortable then I wash my hands a…[View]
143038361Good news: the Warsaw Pact is back:3[View]
143036834Why is literally every country on earth a bureaucratic, immoral, and totalitarian shithole?[View]
143036132What cultures rock the big nose the best?[View]
143038862Here's my opinion (fact): >Japan First world, but not western. >Indians, Persians, Arabs …[View]
143028819what do you think of paraguay?[View]
143036191Is Western society collapsing?[View]
143036800Brit: Brit edition[View]
143035769I want to learn Spanish[View]
143007334/NEDERDRAAD/: /deutsch/e ausgabe[View]
143037093cunt did your cunt ever bring civilization to others?[View]
143031258Do you love Germany?[View]
143038926How do girls dress like in your cunny?[View]
143036884Do you have any hope left in your cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q87OIebebhg[View]
143036320What would this board be like without Americans?[View]
143037215what does the perfect breakfast look like in your country?[View]
143032674My 2 favourite countries are going to war :(: I just want to save all the qt Snow angels and will we…[View]
143033585Before and after pic of Malaysia and Indonesia and Brunei[View]
143038584Summoning moroccan anons: Dear moroccan anons Do any of you know a 22 year old guy named ali? >h…[View]
143038131It's impossible to suffer in mexico[View]
143037655Aphrodite made flesh[View]
143001670Why are Finnish males so eager to photograph their naked asses in front of bodies of water?[View]
143038368Your wake up in Civdad de Nossa Senhora Santa Maria del Bven Ayre[View]
143036921/mex/ - Hilo mexicano: Centracas y chicanos siempre bienvenidos Edición Nazahualcoyotl Hilo anterior…[View]
143037065Farmaajo just got a 2 year extension: say something nice about him[View]
143033470Is Japan unmatched in the quality of customer service?[View]
143037432This is literally the first thing Spaniards saw when they reached South America[View]
143012713So what made venezuela collapse so hard as a country? Other socialist countries like cuba and the ea…[View]
143032221You are an Australasian in 48,000 BCE You flee to the continent of Australia via a land bridge after…[View]
143036283Imagine having your penis cut for 'religious ' reasons[View]
143038069The info'graphics' show[View]
143038104Do you love Mountainigger?[View]
143037983Based or cringe??: https://twitter.com/DailyCaller/status/1381773332408852481?s=20[View]
143034177A year in a lifetime is a lot... A lot... All of it is ruined to protect some lard asses whose clock…[View]
143037024Slavs after 12 years in the EU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovzGVOjR9SI[View]
142997665DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2578: DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thr…[View]
143036930We must secure the existence of Jomon people and a future for Jomon children. Because the beauty of …[View]
143037495Hi I'm the agent Smith: You should go with me Follow me[View]
143030074oi mate , only 900.000 pounds for this house: woah mate , this is fantastic. I mean look at this. St…[View]
143031194Burgers... we're sorry for acting so smug in handling the pandemic... Just give us some vaccine…[View]
143037161Did Danes figure out the best way to live?: Is it really all about the druk?[View]
143036616Australia will rule the planet after America.[View]
143034709Why does this phenotype make the Nordic libido go haywire?[View]
143036720I wish I was a fucking nordic[View]
143035998Miss him so much[View]
143021426Sverigetråden: D2-upplagan[View]
143034703Post failed public service slogans from your country[View]
143035311Goodnight bros[View]
143032063what is this phenotype?[View]
143034271Jomon vs Yayoi thread[View]
143035759Is it common in your country when parents continue to pressure on their children with 'responsi…[View]
143034260The midwest is the only region in my country with SOVL[View]
143036786I wish there were more black queens in my country. Dating an asian or white girl is a waste of time,…[View]
143036741Lock up your mothers boys. Macron is comin.[View]
1430362381.your country 2.do you like to be nice with people on /int/ernational boards? 3.why?[View]
143035788>Mubarak Ramadan, brother! Are you ready for it, anon?[View]
143036638Were Croats you met in real life whites or meds?[View]
143036614cant really blame Jefferson 2bh[View]
143028946/Mex/ - Hilo Mexicano: Centroamericanos y chicanos bienvenidos. Hilo anterior >>142978425…[View]
143014932/asean/: First سحور edition[View]
143035123I am somali: Are second gen immigrants on here?[View]
142989490/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Brasiliana anterior: >>142919576 dados brasileiros: https://data…[View]
143034952gimme a quick rundown on Ukrainian orthodox in Canada[View]
143034945Cuál es la mejor ciudad para vivir en LATAM y por qué es Buenos Aires?[View]
143034704You can only post ITT if your country is bigger than Japan[View]
143032811what would happen if i flew a small plane over north korea?: it is possible to reach from usa if i c…[View]
143031471>work in Japan teaching the last 2 years >decide to come home and see if I can find a job in t…[View]
143033914Why can't Spanish be the standard language to replace English? Spanish is easier to learn and e…[View]
143036139This is Sao Paulo, Brazil.[View]
143025966Ask a Sudanese person anything[View]
143035931>Europeans >look at their history >they're all just slightly different flavours of Ger…[View]
143035101Does this happen in your country?[View]
143033988How do you cook bacon in your cunt?[View]
143034866What is the HARDEST language to learn from zero for someone who doesn't speak any languages?[View]
143027694This is what the average swedish couple looks like in 2021. Thoughts?[View]
143034460Canada will now be banning all immigrants and tourists from Brazil[View]
143034255why most girls on chaturbate are american, ukranian or colombian? where are the girl from other cou…[View]
143013308/tr/: nagatoro baskısı[View]
143033420>this is where most mexican anons live[View]
143034593I hate myself. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
143034434>Places you've seen in your nightmares with unnerving music[View]
143035707>Logographic writing systems[View]
143023907do students in your country also do naked photo shoots for charity?[View]
143035573Language map of Europe (repost cuz wrong image last time)[View]
143035388Do Japanese Brazilian assimilate well in Japanese society????[View]
143034976Languages of Europe: Language map of Europe[View]
143035011Friendly reminder:: Portugal is NOT med. Portugal is NOT bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, therefore …[View]
143035307Whats the safest country/city in South America?: Every gore video on the internet is from those coun…[View]
143035265easy peazy ways to get into canada?: me wanna leave this place we love canada desu canada people ni…[View]
143029096your country have you ever dated a borderline girl? what was it like USA yes, it was hell[View]
143035235Is the new Supergirl actress whiter or less white than the average Mexican?[View]
143033891have you heard of the hash slinging slasher in your country?[View]
143035191Who has the best theme song out of these three North Korean dictators? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
143035179Brazilian people: *exist* Coronavirus: And I took that personally Mexican people: Dios mio.... Ameri…[View]
143035096Why are americans so promiscuous?[View]
143032888Scotland: Wtf is this real? What are your thoughts Scottishbros?[View]
143033674Do firsties eat lime and cilantro?[View]
143035077do turks really?[View]
143031897Are Japanese people proud of her?[View]
143031890Do Brits really? I mean do they really worship the royalties sloppy seconds?[View]
143031206>Hey peru your dinner is right here[View]
143034826I live in Cornwall, in a very small village in front of the beach. I took the ferry to go to France …[View]
143033320Do you like Italian redhead girls?[View]
143029684>combine 2 ethnic groups >choose a geographical location for them >have them adapt to a cul…[View]
143026171/cum/ - canada usa mexico: cum dungeon edition[View]
143032817why did he make white people?[View]
143034716>work over 5days >work over 9hrs per day >caring about society >go to university even th…[View]
143033011Post music youre listening now: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=urrgNcJd5zI[View]
143033448>tfw no argie gf[View]
143034693For boys born in the United States during 2019, the top ten most common first names were: 10. Ethan …[View]
143034684There is no such thing as Turk: You are not turkish, you are a victim of turkish terror. You are not…[View]
143034658Accept the leaf and be annexed by leaf empire. We will promise of universal basic income and infinit…[View]
143034454I think I might be insomniac. Woke up at 18:30, still awake and no impulse to sleep.[View]
143032997>Americans actually eat their meat coated in sugar Holy shit can’t make this shit up…[View]
143034406do they really?[View]
143031101Why are Australians so resistant to high class, non-degenerate culture?[View]
143033507what are you reading?[View]
143030276what is it with japan standing out as much as it does to the rest of the world? memes or not it can…[View]
143034380what is the typical life like of a rich Japanese person and his life growing up or how about the lif…[View]
1430321061. your country 2. how many languages do you speak? flag spanish, english, currently learning german…[View]
143032495I love Japan. I love Korea.[View]
143033256are koreans white?[View]
143031661Say frog in your native tongue[View]
143033640My goal is to get experience as a lab scientist then move to Spain (impossible to suffer) so I can e…[View]
143033240Our greatest ally.[View]
143034064what is the reason Spain never became a French speaking country ?[View]
143030505How white is southern Brazil?[View]
143021894do you prefer Southern Europe or Northern Europe?[View]
143032442vgh... this is the real BRYTENWALDA...[View]
143029897Uhh no cunt I'm not taking my shoes off in your home. This is Australia, not Japan.[View]
143029780/brit/: boris edish[View]
143032464Do you like Greece?[View]
143029628>get scheduled 39 hours a week >Technically part time >Don't get health insurance and …[View]
143033133/brit/: The nu match edition[View]
143033235I wish I was Brazilian[View]
143032493Bars on the windows are the main characteristic of the iberian architecture. It's quite impress…[View]
143030537Did you know: That french people can sing in english too? https://youtube.com/watch?v=8OFuJ89ufLM ht…[View]
143026567Eu mal tenho estudiado portugues e eu possu falar-lo quasi perfecto solo por saber espanhol. Isso de…[View]
143030749the only way to fix ukraine is to balkanize it, you can't change my mind[View]
143030517what's New Jersey like?: is it soulful to live there? lotta wiseguys there I hear[View]
143023421It is literally illegal for Brits to save and post this image No I am not kidding, ask them[View]
143020248/Int Chat/: I don't even know what I should call this edition /international chatting/ interpal…[View]
143027640Native Americans are not natives to the Americans! They're Asians, they should GO BACK to ASIA!…[View]
143021239estamos jodidos: Nos fuimos a la mrd aca en Perú posiblemente no logremos sobrevivir, dicho esto ¿us…[View]
143030571My mum, who is a bong, has memorised all the words to the buger national anthem. I don't think …[View]
143019674What’re Russian women like nowadays?[View]
143028414How do I get a Saudi gf?[View]
143032055Why are Western Europeans like this?[View]
143031307no one believes in mainstream news outlets anymore[View]
143032392ITT: words that /int/ uses that are not used outside of this board >jomon >hanfu >diaspora…[View]
143029345imagine looking at this and thinking know what this place needs? somalians![View]
143028569>there are actual Russians viewing my thread right now >they’re probably viewing it using Oper…[View]
143030063I want to start a family but I live in the south, where all the girls are fat entitled blonde ladies…[View]
143024239Russia landscapes: In this thread I will post my photos and you rate[View]
143031864Does your country have dislike for the nazi country of Germany? I can say that there's a lot of…[View]
143031489I KNEEL before Greater Korea[View]
143030943Can you guess what this is a map of? (Hint: I am part of the 14-17% in California)[View]
143030779Why do you crackers care about this shit?[View]
143028299YES I am American YES I pronounce your country in a funny way CHILLY HAWNDERUSS CHYINUH NORTH AND S…[View]
143031305Why do lower class Anglos look like Slavs? They even shave their heads in the same subhuman-y sort o…[View]
143018468/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
143028000You wake up in the London Borough of Croydon.[View]
143030264Men smell like fish[View]
143030897Have you ever dated a girl with Borderline personality disorder (BPD) or Narcissistic Personality Di…[View]
143031524como vas a decir eso judio hijo de puta[View]
143030311explain yourselves mexi bros[View]
143029485any good korean music that ISN'T kpop? https://youtube.com/watch?v=s3uPXokhpnA[View]
143028115Did you know that the capital of Equatorial Guinea is actually on Bioko Island to the North?[View]
143030915the life cycle of the American christian. You go to Church, you praise jesus, you give money to the …[View]
143030576Does anyone here really think that the Portuguese spoken in Portugal sound slavic? To compare here…[View]
143031458only fox gods knows[View]
143029030Why shouldn't all Haitians be deported to the US and the land given to the Dominican Republic a…[View]
143026183Is your country banning specific items in box stores yet leaving others arbitrarily available under …[View]
143027499/ro/- firul nostru +friends[View]
143030648I am a prolific, well-known /int/ernational poster looking to expand my horizons. Please give me a d…[View]
143030987Why is the Middle East like this?[View]
143029014please come to my country, we are not full in the slightest[View]
143027682>Americans are panicking about a meme music video with gay demons Are you really surprised that …[View]
143025897What would Tuck say about your country in his show?[View]
143030649is life in saudi arabia comfy?[View]
142979220/skandi/: Pepsi max udgaven[View]
143027867How to get out of U.S.A? Where to go?: I lived in Orlando for most of my life, moved to a smaller mo…[View]
143023215Do americans do this?[View]
143029846Why are Americans like this?[View]
143030217I am Irish American. How would a woman from your country react to me?[View]
143028245What web browser does /int/ use?[View]
143030371These people will save Japan and the world[View]
143027908Imagine having fewer than 2000 Olympic medals.[View]
143029303I am colorblind Does this happen in your cunt? Pic related is what pepe looks like to me[View]
143030564How important do governments and states place into your life? I don't think they are very relev…[View]
143029925I unironically think ukraine would be better under russian control, their country is way too corrupt…[View]
143029804>Americans are burning down their cities again: I thought that the Goerge Floyd thing was just a …[View]
143025874Why are Americans so thin-skinned?: Every time somebody points out a real flaw in their country, the…[View]
143030259/int/ posse: Do you guys happen to play RDR Online? I've been thinking on forming an /int/ poss…[View]
143021980ITT: post american culture webms and pics[View]
143022211Are koreans the master race?: >high iqs >no BO >hairless bodies >neotenous…[View]
143006266Europe according to the Turks[View]
143030147/int/ernational experiences: List some memorable experiences you've had with people from other …[View]
143025370Christian Rebels in India: What is the Indian government doing to deal with the American influenced …[View]
143028142Vietnam bros....: Is this shit normal?[View]
143023299Does your country have any marvels of engineering? In Greece we have the Corinth canal. It was built…[View]
143030152Do they eat with chopsticks and have obsession with trains too ?[View]
143030059Time to bring about the Reiwa Restoration[View]
143028001>ur cunt >how much student debt do you have…[View]
143027122Is your cunt racist against asians?[View]
143028962what did you guys eat today in your cunt? I had like 4 fluffy square bread things two fried eggs sid…[View]
143029514how do we fix them?[View]
143029957This kills the esl[View]
143029959>''Hello Mr. Customs and Borders Agent'' >''My reason for flying…[View]
143028802I hate women. No, I will never get a girlfriend.[View]
143029435>people think you're rich because you're Chinese >this happens every few months >…[View]
143024243It's kind of sad that the historical variants of Christianity are all being replaced by Anglo-A…[View]
143024522Do people do this in your cunt/is it a common occurrence?[View]
143029581>be Algerian >Have huge admiration to French girl Does this happened in your country ?…[View]
143026031>tfw USA citizenship is so fucking hard to get[View]
143025044What the hell happens in Svalbard??[View]
143025743/brit/: Neckless virgin edition[View]
143029537Engrish teacher makes 2000 dollars a month. I make a 7500 dollars a month for sitting in a truck in …[View]
143029199I wonder if one of my ancestors fucked a Tatar at some point. My hair & facial hair is fully bla…[View]
143018641/int/, What are you? (I elongated the 'original' timeline that went just until 2017)[View]
143029502Is racism allowed in your cunt?[View]
143029041What is the greatest novel to come from your country?[View]
143028180If Minnesota is a cold frozen Northern state why there are so many chimping niggers there? Don'…[View]
143029476Does Finland steal your bouncey balls?[View]
143025828Is it autism? This bitch is so cringe[View]
143029265Are the world's greatest band popular in your country?[View]
143027938theres an ukrainian poster on this board accusing everyone of being a romanian or russian pigposter …[View]
143028496This is the only thing thats keeps me going.[View]
143029206They will recreate the greater Japanese empire and invade America.[View]
143027845>I will take a plane to Malmo, Sweden >buy camp equipment >set camp in pic related >fis…[View]
143028107i have astigmatism. do people in your country need to wear glasses?[View]
143029136I welcome the English to the Southern Europe club.[View]
143019152These are the top viewed pornstars in Japan Thoughts?[View]
143028666Stop sabotaging us https://www.lemonde.fr/international/article/2021/04/11/lava-jato-the-brazilian-t…[View]
143028492There are lots of people whose faces don't fit their personalities Like this meekly and submiss…[View]
143026313Why did Germany and the Netherlands become so much more Americanized than other European countries?[View]
143025454I noticed in Latin America, very left wing governments follow very right wing governments and vice v…[View]
143026873Ask me to vocaroo something in an accent of your choosing and I will attempt. Please keep it SFW so …[View]
143018169Belief thread: Post yourself[View]
143028499Do americans really?[View]
143027236Do you love Japan?[View]
143027141>Natives of the following Asia Region countries are not eligible for this year’s Diversity Visa p…[View]
142978425/mex/ - Hilo Mexicano: Edición madrugador deprimido anterior: >>142949412[View]
143028816How do you feel about your turkish masters?[View]
143005723/norgetråden/: HFBS-utgave Forrige: >>142981634 >>142981634 >>142981634 >>14…[View]
143026477How is their relationship with the rest of India?[View]
143027283>something happens in hongkong >chinks start rioting here >something happens in the US >…[View]
143024722Should /int/ have ID's as /pol/ has or it's fine how things are now?[View]
143014211/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition de la prétention Ancien: >>143007965[View]
143027128https://www.statista.com/chart/18228/share-of-americans-identifying-as-lgbt/ >16% of Gen-Z Americ…[View]
143027733I'm farteing right now cause I ate a shady Kebab Does this happen in you're cunt?[View]
143027467Are commieblocks comfy?[View]
143023730Do you like your cunt's national anthem?[View]
143028314What happens here?: What happens here?[View]
142990536/br/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição do bolinho de chuva[View]
143028297What would be the female version of this?[View]
143024394What is this phenotype? Pure 100% SEX if you ask me bros[View]
143023624Bra sizes by country: Is your country based?[View]
142999761/ישר/: >מהדורת /ישר/אפו בטיול אחרון: >>142979310 ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search…[View]
1430281851. Your Cunt 2. How square is it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mrNEVUuZdk[View]
143028134>Your country >Do ESL subhumans shit up the Internet with their inane drivel in your country? …[View]
143005275What are the chances that NATO will become one country?[View]
143017069What did your ancestors in 1250 do? In Finland in 1250 they were doing cave painting.[View]
143023910Bosnian INCEL.[View]
143024454What is it like to live in America? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5BL4RNFr58[View]
143026556Are angry people common in your cunt?[View]
143027792>got drafted as part of the reparation bill >i am now the legal property of a 40 year old divo…[View]
143020980non-americans what is your favorite american fast food chain?[View]
143025449holy mogging batman[View]
143027406If Thai have many protein options to choose from, why do they choose to do this? https://www.youtube…[View]
143022136I am Taiwanese and cannot stop loving Japan.[View]
143026945Do your country also follows the same architecture of your colonizers even in 2021?[View]
143024626Realization I had: There are people from a hundred nations using this board Not one of them is fema…[View]
143026752tfw no tomboy bf[View]
143019480/cum/ patriot edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6qFLq44Fos[View]
143017918russians born here thank god every day they werent born in russia[View]
143026630Are there any immortal people in your country?[View]
143006425Post your country's 10th biggest city. Pic related Goiania, around 1,5 kk people.[View]
143026367Anglos will get thier revenge for the Opium Wars and Summer Palace. Our Chinatowns all across the An…[View]
143022389What the fuck I'm not even Hispanic, I'm literally a pajeet[View]
143025007Please Japan have for children, I don't want Japanese culture to die[View]
143026931/nachtschicht/: Möchte ein Cyberpunk Fanart machen, aber hab eine Kreativätsblockade und hab keine I…[View]
143023587Do people in your country consider him a pedo?[View]
143026977'99 Luftballons Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont Hielt man für Ufos aus dem All Darum schickte ein General…[View]
143022034I redrew the internal US borders r8 no h8[View]
143016196American Idiot is unironically a great album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60CRF5yIvso post your…[View]
143026871ITT: /int/ernational 90s music https://youtu.be/qwnSAPl2wl0 https://youtu.be/3TVvRETczto[View]
143023943>your cunt >do you find thist type of behavior attractive?…[View]
143024841Does European like American car? American people are big. so they love big cars. European people are…[View]
143024757Why did Gran Colombia collapse?[View]
143024267How do citizens in your country feel about my people, the Irish Americans?[View]
143024848>yes queen[View]
143023010Are there any Italians here? In the game scope or is there something you say when the games done to…[View]
143026457What happens in Gaydalajara?[View]
143015609/polska/: edycja rzeczpospolitej obojga narodów (polski i ukraińskich imigrantów)[View]
143023241post UK-core[View]
143026560/br/ Fio Brasileiro: Edição da minha namorada.[View]
143023527Why is the /int/ janny such a fucking faggot?[View]
143025835ramadan kareem brothers[View]
143017299/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/: die ausgabe[View]
143016766what's the equivalent of Poseidon in your cunt?[View]
143024117Vocaro thread: I feel like failing at speaking in a foreign language, anything is welcome A sentence…[View]
143023449Why the inhabitants of East Asia are more developed than those of Southeast Asia?[View]
143023897How the fuck do they only have 16,000 members?[View]
143025207Brits be like 'supper is ready'[View]
143024547Anyone have the vocaroo of the French guy explaining this meme to his mom?[View]
143019066Your country and your current job. Flag, unemployed.[View]
143022692Did you know there's an island of garbage floating out at sea?[View]
143022086Post a country that doesn't exist yet that you already despise[View]
143019915Unironic post incoming. Does any femanon from the Netherlands wanna go on a date? Don't wanna g…[View]
143020260Why are they like this?[View]
143024874Is the USA or Brazil more Latin American?[View]
143025336/int/bros... is over. We won't be trying our best anymore :([View]
143025822Uhhh...British bros?[View]
143023929>this scared millions of bongs for half a century[View]
143025399Just two swedish bros having a good time[View]
142967868/balt/ + /ausnz/ #223: Scoundrels and traitors edition. Old >>142946810[View]
143016552Post the brother nationalities of your people >Finland >Estonians They send volunteers to our …[View]
143022252>he's ugly >he still wants to gives his opinion on how society and women work…[View]
143000245Do Germans really look like this?[View]
143024736Tell me if I'm wrong: Europeans, North Africans, Arabs, Persians, and Indians are part of the C…[View]
143004967Color countries where a majority of the population could pass as locals in your country https://map…[View]
143022665Imagine how poor South America must be to be so desperate to move to America of all countries...[View]
143020010ITT: We talk about the most based president of the entire continent. Welcome: palestinians, chinese,…[View]
143015059hopw do you cope with not being italian?[View]
143023938Can a dutch man translate please?[View]
143020711Croatia is third wo... bwoah[View]
143024999Why are new worlders funnier than old worlders?[View]
143024944Why have some former western colonies recovered and become first world countries while others are st…[View]
143024680First world bitches would run, yell, start crying and call the police if they saw a chicken or a cow…[View]
143022795Where are your countries fat women mostly held up at? I ask for no reason.[View]
143024526Americans really do be this way[View]
143022396How do spaniards feel about Napoleons claim to bring a remedy and cure to a dying country?[View]
143021179How racist are people on your country? Do you support automating racism?[View]
143024162>BE AMERICAN >Go to school >Get shot by a retard that has extreme warning signs but somehow…[View]
143024087do people in ur cunt draw asians respectfully?[View]
143018113To what country can a tall, 'white' American go to get laid easily?[View]
143023092Alguien sabe de ques este emblema?[View]
143023898Russia stole their land from the Chinese. Give it back![View]
143019228Are people proud of their heritage in your cunt? I am very proud of my Nigerian-Slavic ancestry and …[View]
143016769We are Romans. We are Iberians. We are Celts We are Goths We are Vandals We are Moors We are Berbe…[View]
143004165/ita/ - il filo: i piedini[View]
143022084Why do you guys call Southern Europeans as Southrons. 'Southron' is a Scots language word that means…[View]
143018409>poor >depressing >shitty food >uninteresting history >no notable civilization >ba…[View]
143013468Why don't Americans worship native Americans like they do blacks? Sure blacks had it bad but na…[View]
143023307>literal commie chinks are going to have better data protection than us soon Where did it go so w…[View]
143020483/brit/: Boris's hypothetical kids edition[View]
143019003Unironic post incoming. Does any femanon from Slovenia wanna go on a date? Don't wanna go into …[View]
143023548What is the continent with the biggest number of relevant countries after Europe?[View]
143012892I SUFFER: Post pics of 'thirdies' and their 'suffering' I'll start. >I suffer in Georgia…[View]
143012327/mena/: كسمك[View]
143022038The newest Genom exam found out that Korean is most gookest Tungus mongook. Any thoughts?[View]
143022819LMAO Turkbros what the fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16ERPF2MhIo[View]
143018029What are some meme websites with your country native language content, hosted/owned/popular by/withi…[View]
143022697This meme is stunningly accurate[View]
143022958/balk/: NOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN ROMAN EMPIRE Old >>143000385[View]
143022268/muslims-مسلمين/: رمضان كريم muslim and Non Muslims Brothers[View]
143013143Why the fuck are there so many of them: Both have a population of 1 Billion... How is that possible?…[View]
143019860>Brits have communal toilets >they literally cannot shit inside their own homes OH NO NONONONO…[View]
143021654At what age did you find white women attractive? For me, it was when I was 7. I was in the 2nd grade…[View]
143022927>Party like it's the first trip to the pub in FOUR MONTHS! Drinkers are in high spirits acro…[View]
143022264Do people eat slugs in your country?[View]
143022868/brit/: Not an anime edition edition[View]
143020511>darkest man in argentina[View]
143000385/balk/ + /ro/: The lonsome road edition Old: >>142968564[View]
143021281how is the suicide rate of korea not 100%?[View]
143021183Why do so many Euros act so smug about America becoming a minority white country? When that happens,…[View]
143019961I just want to marry someone in the chinese/japanese/korean countryside and live the rest of my life…[View]
143008938Is Pakistan a nation of Muslim pajeets or are they Middle Easterners like Lebanese and Syrians?[View]
143019173I like being European but i envy the homogenous societies they have in East asia[View]
143010643/grøn/: This is a general dedicated to all things Greenland and Inuit. Greenland is the worlds large…[View]
143022033Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère![View]
142997739/esp/aña: Queso[View]
143021945/int/ book thread: ITT: we recommend each other books, /int/ related or not I just finished 48 laws …[View]
143021607Explain yourselves, Japan.[View]
143021624Have you ever heard people talking about 4chan or /int/ specifically in real life? At Tim Hortons th…[View]
143018117Does your cunt use 4chan memes in official communications?[View]
143021808Is Anthony a common name among Protestants? It somehow seems to be more of a Catholic name.[View]
143002285Here is your Romanian gf, bro[View]
143017714Here's your uninhabited island, anon. Let's assume you're in charge of a bunch of set…[View]
143021028Europe is Dying: How do we save Europe's declining population? For example, Bulgaria had a popu…[View]
143019055Lmao just nuke us already[View]
143016837I am European first, Polish second.[View]
143019491En el ano 2022 the nukes have dropped worldwide. Presuming an equal distribution of radiation, which…[View]
143021466Is thai corcacian?[View]
143021085> 1 Sneed, to seed and feed > It doesn't even matter how hard you seethe > Keep that i…[View]
143001287Is UK really that bad????[View]
143020986Post ghetto hoods from your country: Pic related Norway. It's over and done if you end up here.…[View]
143016818>The German has no natural, organic cultural values of his own. He doesn't have the French d…[View]
143013641This is was peak human civilisation looks like.[View]
143019813how common are sex tapes? do people actually create them in your country? I only recently did it for…[View]
143009259Why is there not a study on what the British royals eat? Surely their diet plays a role on how long …[View]
143019206Americans were so based they used to do tzompantli (skull racks) from their dead enemies' belon…[View]
143005493Do people in your country enjoy hiking?: In the US, it depends on the area. Here in Texas, hiking is…[View]
143000434/lat/: hilo latino[View]
143019929>Racism is bad! >Www-hy? >Because it just is, OK?!…[View]
143020955Pleb filter/IQ test thread: Let me see how retarded and delusional /int/ is or not. Rank these four …[View]
143018646As international travel becomes easier, I hope you'll consider visiting the American southwest.…[View]
142999244When I say America you say Thank you AMERICA[View]
143020801Why did England stop being Germanic?[View]
143006958kurva anyátok[View]
143020507https://youtu.be/qZsdm0RZ18k Why do they love work so much?[View]
143018034I wish we could turn back in time bros :([View]
143020627Damn i really want apple pie right now...[View]
143014280Did you know that among many other things, Italy has the oldest forests in Europe? This is Italus an…[View]
143015530What do Japanese women have to be depressed about? I want to save Japanese women.[View]
143017930Countries for this feel?: >Mongrel complex' (Portuguese: complexo de vira-lata, literal meaning: …[View]
143019788>tried to listen to a podcast on roman mythology and history made by an italian university profes…[View]
143014899itt only gay countries allowed[View]
143020488today at the grocery store a child looked at me and started screaming and crying hysterically. I was…[View]
142988759Do people have internal monologues in your country?[View]
143020426>be Iraqi in 2003 >get rekt over some tubes…[View]
143013419You are on a cultural date with a nice girl that you like when suddenly they say 'Why are you so bor…[View]
143014488Fuck this shite website and specially this shite board Picture unrelated[View]
143019231it's not banter they are that dumb[View]
143014754I am an Anglo, how does that make you feel?[View]
143020100flag you are all dumb son of bastard bitch[View]
143020150>the sexploitative tendencies of this individual who is clearly sexually repressed are unpreceden…[View]
143015316>Indians hate Chine- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT6lxn2_zWY[View]
143014850/brit/: The identity of Jon Venables edition[View]
143018318I have a dream.[View]
143019749>Latins give Germanics civilization >They give us this back…[View]
143019704Who's your favourite historical figure from your country?[View]
143019310His name was Jack Johnson. >Just a poor Black man born in 1878 USA >Learns how to box. >Get…[View]
143019102ITT underrated flags[View]
142979378>your country >your MBTI[View]
143007252/Med/iterranean General: /med/ meet up was success edition Previous: >>142974500[View]
143019089The great debate.[View]
143012111Accent Question.: Any European country where an American accent is considered attractive (non-Euros …[View]
143018176I wish I lived in a Nordic country[View]
143019195La mante religieuse. Histoire vécue.: C'était dans la cour à la récré d'après-manger. Il f…[View]
143011744>Oooiii m8, you got a loicense for that knoife? >As a matter of fact, yes I do.…[View]
143019149aussies dont' use bidets[View]
143016464Nordics mogged[View]
143017983>sverigetråden is unironically going to Mexico[View]
143006294I just made this pasta (including the ingredients). Would you eat it? I’m a man who’s learning how t…[View]
143017946Thirdies have thrift shops where they can buy cheap and rare stuff. Those things don't exist he…[View]
143018373le leftypol tranny face KEK Check these dubs, leftist trannies P.S. long live our brothers from /pol…[View]
143009097/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe хeкa. Пpeдыдyщий: >>142994219[View]
143000047/cum/: Leader of the free world edish.[View]
142997251I thought that big walls with even barbed wire on the top in residential areas were just a 3rd world…[View]
143017673>be Amerikid >get shot[View]
143016726why this keeps happening aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
143014943Danish international comics[View]
143015713>spain >belgium >italy lmao…[View]
143018189Does your cunt have strong property rights?[View]
143015308I'm British. And you know, that makes me better than you.[View]
143018312>Patches, I'm depening on you son. To pull the family trough, my son it's all left up t…[View]
143018251/cum/: looking like this? nah[View]
143014888I may be a friendless loser in the 'real' world but on the internet I have international friends wit…[View]
143017070how often do you eat fast food? what is the most popular fast food type in your country?[View]
143013998Why does the Middle East hate pigs?[View]
143016052Don't make us angry m*dslims. You won't like us when we're angry.[View]
143017601European woman is worshipped in Japan: https://youtu.be/a6-pSOoLnQ0[View]
143017683American man in 2021[View]
143008211>I dream: >of a transhumanist world where people are not limited by sex, race or species or by…[View]
143017789itt post pedos from your country[View]
143015926Emigration: I would like to leave the U.S. Its too conservative, too divided and too religious. I…[View]
143017023Does your country have an equivalent to the Ivy League? Is there a specific university or group of …[View]
143014677Do you hear a lot of /int/ernational languages in your city? In Barcelona, you go for a walk and you…[View]
142998264Why dont euros wear masks? This seems to be something no one is talking about. I'm not saying i…[View]
143001378blonde people are dumb is this true?[View]
143016514Gods what do i have to do for an Italian gf[View]
143012953Alright I've had this question stuck in my head for ages but I was always too embarassed to ask…[View]
143013191What is your opinion on Italian Americans?[View]
143005909>British Broadcasting Corporation >America's most trusted news source >America's …[View]
143017567>european >walk one step >enter 5 different countries Lol I realize why americans visit jus…[View]
143017245>The American sweats once someone starts reaching for their backpack[View]
142999937/sauna/: Opettavainen painos[View]
143017390online friends find out that im larping[View]
143014684Would you wear a hanfu?[View]
143014847/brit/: >JUST IN: Police state 'multiple gunshot victims' at a high school in Knoxville…[View]
143017417I'm delighted with my current situation in my country[View]
143017342What's wrong with them? They tell me to kill myself at least 5 times for every thread I create …[View]
143015364/int/ern/a/tional: Are there any official anime songs sang in your language? Localized versions are …[View]
143013524Why is Spain more powerfulererer than France these days ? Even for cinema and TV shows. Netflix Fran…[View]
143012003So you go on a vacation to Mexico.: And this Mexican lady shows up, slaps your ass, and says 'Hey gr…[View]
143017189>I worship white women[View]
143011199/deutsch/es Reich: Konservative Revolution-Ausgabe[View]
142998840Bollywood and Korean cinema popularity growing worldwide: >First, the worldwide number of P2P use…[View]
143012987What happens here?[View]
143016207>Your cunt >Post your favorite general from your cunt: >Australia >Sir Leslie James Mors…[View]
143016239A toast! To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Brit…[View]
143014089what are you reading? I'm reading Apology of Socrates[View]
143013507I can't really decide if the american southwest, like arizona, new mexico etc is really soulful…[View]
143016959im sorry bongs but americans coined the term norf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb6Jc4juSF8[View]
143011725how did white people manage to achieve so much throughout history? shakespeare, goethe, kant, hume, …[View]
143015288Rusbros and Japanbros...[View]
143016820Drug Question.: Can you get drugs mailed to your door in your country, like you can here?[View]
143016789I wish I could go back...[View]
143013594Why is Italian cuisine so hilariously bad?[View]
143016745Gonna release my game in japanese, just to filter americans and whites.[View]
143016733What makes some countries (like Germany) contribute a lot to the welfare of Europe, while others do …[View]
143005938>cunt >would I be discriminated against in your country for having paranoid schizophrenia? how…[View]
143016548I kneel[View]
143015165remember to keep your stick on the ice[View]
143012235i am a friend of Greece and the Greek people what about you?[View]
1430055791. Your cunt 2. Your thoughts on the Soviet Union[View]
143016140What are Cuban women like irl?[View]
143015893Americans are like: Oh wow, I can't afford food, I only make 150 USD per hour.[View]
1430146301945 world simulation: In April there will be a turn-based, text-based simulation of the world of 19…[View]
143015175the only good anglos[View]
143016079Do Chechs have the best atctive religious sect?[View]
143013563>someone mentions the US defeat in the Vietnam War >american flags start posting pics of McDon…[View]
143007272Are Nord countries good for sex tourism for a Frenchman?[View]
143014079Its happening! https://twitter.com/Knoxville_PD/status/1381696792400642049[View]
142997822How would you family feel about you dating a Latina?[View]
143015875Do Asians really get a week's worth of food for a few dollars?[View]
142994168How common is polygamy in your country?[View]
143015883Why is konnichiwa there twice?[View]
143015868idk man kinda don't like these muzs.[View]
143009575The Finnish thread got me curious: -Country -Would you be fine with your girlfriend getting naked i…[View]
143015527tebaskulli pukkaa[View]
143011808Why do people make fun of American building materials?[View]
142996919>tfw living in Spain Do you like living in your cunt? Im not gonna lie i fucking love it even wit…[View]
143013403This American painting sold for $110.5m[View]
143011915What causes this difference in preferences between cultures?[View]
143013890The Chav English language: https://youtu.be/6FHhHJCPqFU Do Brits really???[View]
143015186Today the beer gardens in England reopened and people went with their friends to enjoy an after work…[View]
143015026It’s more expensive to live in nunavut than toronto[View]
143011527What do Indians think of The Great Khali?[View]
143012330/brit/: king /brad/ edition[View]
143012129Fridges of int[View]
143014909I don't even know what's on topic anymore they just delete threads on a whim[View]
143012633I love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
143013273Why are American cops so fucked up?[View]
143011716it's fasting month /int/[View]
143005466Euroslums: Which backwater, eurotrash hovel has the worst commieblocks?[View]
143014625countries outside this map = soulless.[View]
143004619/polska/: edycja z kwiatkami[View]
143007782I'm addicted to Jamon and it's making me fat[View]
143009049This is the Los Angeles 'River'[View]
143009041How accurate depiction of Med and germanoid relations is this?[View]
143007219>*knock* *knock* *knock* >Henllo let my check your gas ventilation system Does this horrific, …[View]
143010929>live in the most white town of all Mexico >it also has the highest suicide rate of all Mexic…[View]
143008272This is the Yangtze River Delta. One of the most advanced and richest regions of China. Home to over…[View]
142998730Why does America make the best cars?[View]
143010754Why do Southern European countries like Spain, France and Italy have a more developed culinary cultu…[View]
143007965/fr/ - le francofil: édition de l'idiot ancien >>142998963[View]
143008262Do you respect Asian men? Do you respect Asian women?[View]
143013617Globalization: American index fund of Indian companies listed on a German exchange on a Danish tradi…[View]
142990523/asean/: Gunung Agung edisi[View]
143013020Why is central america so balkanized? I don't get it. Shouldn't they be one country?[View]
143008835This is one of the most exclusive residential neighbourhoods in Tokyo: https://youtu.be/7XNOJoE6Utg …[View]
142998262Do girls in your country dress like hookes too? Which European country has the classyest women?[View]
142999771the difference between Japanese women and American women[View]
143009801What do STEM students look like in your country?[View]
143013576Why does Japan want their people to have more babies? Don't they have already plenty? There…[View]
143010147Fuckin bangaroo ya wong dingeree tong cobba rat bog faced king chumaroo cog sappa. This wabbo come u…[View]
143010357Why are you learning any language that isn't english, spanish or chinese? (maybe russian too)[View]
143000399/tr/: gobüş baskısı eski >>142984901[View]
143013139This is a finnish show doing a parody on german crime films from the 80's. https://www.youtube…[View]
143006007Is there racism physically built into your cunt?[View]
143008111Why are weebs like this?[View]
142973049/Iranic/: Welcome: all Iranic peoples (natives + diaspora) Not welcome: daalkhoors, hateful Saudis e…[View]
143010816I am miserable every waking second of my life. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
143010365How common is it to see people sitting on the roof in your country? Do you like to sit on your roof?[View]
143008313What would you rate my gf in your country?[View]
143012130you wake up in bethlehem[View]
142990269/mena-شأشأ/: نسخة الجاني بن كلب[View]
143008405Dutch... the language of the gods...[View]
143011430/int/ernational wallpapers: post your /int/ wallpapers pic rel is Seattle(photograph by legendary Se…[View]
14300799690% of women here look like this Send help[View]
143002158Why are school assignments so condescending?[View]
143009892In the future when descendants from the Commonwealth immigrants make up the majority of people in th…[View]
143011583I can't think of an aesthetic that's more cozy than eastern traditional meets cyberpunk[View]
142999645Greeks look like the most vile antisemetic stereotypes but real[View]
143008552/brit/: > Cocaine and Covid have left Europe at 'breaking point': Criminal gangs making…[View]
143011548Is it true that along with a TV License, Brits have to pay a separate Computer and Cellphone License…[View]
143008626>the absolute state of France[View]
143010951What happens here? What are the people like?[View]
142991398/nederdraad/ ook bekend als \negerdraad\: Maandag editsie[View]
1430082341. your country 2. are there fat people in your country? Brazil yes[View]
143010941why dont you just get a trade turkish wife westerners?[View]
143011274How do I get a Finnish fren?[View]
143002804Will light skin become fashionable again now that China is about to overthrow mutts and destroy thei…[View]
143000885/deutsch/ oder auch /ngmi/: Trauer & Trost[View]
142997129do brit architects really? ...why ruin your cities' trademark cozy and beautiful style?[View]
143011529The Anglo is död: >Exports to the bloc fell from £1 billion in January 2020 to £256.4 million in …[View]
142969531/ex-yu/: šahovnica izdanje[View]
143007121I want to get married too: I am a man in his late twenties living in the countryside. But...Most wom…[View]
143010814Why Google Street View barely covers India and China but somehow Bangladesh, Thailand, Hong Kong and…[View]
143007317If you lived in Nanjing what would you do?[View]
143005407Why are Italian restaurants more popular than French restaurants?[View]
143007368/deutsch/: Musician come and go, but Falco stays forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tod1V1OZWG…[View]
1430109661. your country 2. at how many wedding receptions have you danced to this in a barn >flag >3…[View]
143007652what did america do to deserve this[View]
143008294Can Americanons explain to me, why the US prez doesnt live in this kick ass palace on a tropical isl…[View]
143006047>Your country >Do you have tattoos?[View]
143009067Come out ye black and trans, come out and ride me like a man![View]
142999592How do Europeans sleep knowing that someone has probably died in the area where they live?[View]
143007916>cunt >what's your favorite team club 1-algeria 2- napoli…[View]
143007019/int/-/fa/: Would it be acceptable to walk around your country like this? What do you normally wear?…[View]
142997307Why are we the only warrior nation amongst the civilized countries?[View]
142988182>be me >father of my dad was a scholar in some small village in turkey >teach my dad about …[View]
142999481Which country has the most beautiful women?[View]
142996956show me a good meme from your country and explain it to me[View]
143009657I sometimes wish I was a sociopath. Does this happen in your country or am I just an edgelord?[View]
143006495ugh...the germanic alphabet[View]
143008850burger who's moving to china in december, how do I make sure I don't become one of those w…[View]
143009245Are women important in your society?[View]
143006680Why is Japan backwards compared to other developed countries?[View]
143007188>DUUUUDE SCIENCE Are people like this in your cunt?[View]
143009641*ruins your vacation*[View]
143006601Did you know that Slavs didn't know rape before they met G*rmans?[View]
143006805I am half Armenian, half Russian. What are you, Anon?[View]
143006187Ramadan Mubarak Bros[View]
143005177black people things.: black people on the pacific coast name their kids usnavy.[View]
142996317Post pics of your country: Post pics of your country I'll start with few I took during my walk …[View]
143007257So many race bait threads right now Oof[View]
143005760Does the word Stercz mean anything to you?: I'm trying to look this word up, I think it's …[View]
143006205Why can't English-speaking countries and Spanish-speaking countries become one country, while B…[View]
142994219/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe кoнтpacтoв. Пpeдыдyщий: >>142973141[View]
1430023721. Your country 2. What are you gonna do when automation is commonplace?[View]
142999652Are men considered losers if they don't have sex in thy country?[View]
142996923China: China[View]
143005820/brit/: lovely white women edish just more legs tbqh lads sub edish[View]
143007376Are you rich enough to live in Paris ? In the VIth district, a 50m2 costs on average 1,050,000€ ($1,…[View]
143004492Are frens electric? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0WNbm1jz6A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0WN…[View]
143000650more european women are getting together with pajeets: all of the men have average salary/job. not t…[View]
143008013Large jaws are for the most part ugly One needs nothing more than a decent chin A long sharp narrow …[View]
142993637For Eastern European anons tell me what was it like in your country back in the 90s compared to toda…[View]
142998963/fr/ - le francofil: Édition canine Ancien >>142985257[View]
143004568i live in a third world shithole[View]
142991460Most disappointing country you visited?: For me, it's Switzerland. Too similar to Germany in th…[View]
143004556swedish bros...[View]
143001588Brazilians would have to work their entire lifetime to be able to afford a jeep wrangler[View]
143001886Can you nasty Slavs stop spitting the shells on the ground 24/7? Thanks[View]
143002270Sverigetråden sv ho upplagan[View]
143007194Bedtime for normies eddition: Seriously guys get proper sleep[View]
143003468A Toast!.. to the Republic of Uganda[View]
143004418What do the Brazilians think about Debora G Barbosa?[View]
143003597I like Brazilians[View]
142974500/med/ + friends: Shingeki No Kyojin edition.[View]
143002258>Be American >Be a cute little toddler >Already a murderer…[View]
142999209Thoughts on the term Filipinx?[View]
143006190Hello /int/. As some of you have recently been informed, there are black anons browsing this board.…[View]
143000723Kuffar wants to eat this[View]
142999136do girls hug and kiss male friends and acquaintances in your country?[View]
142991408kurva anyátok[View]
143005764/norgetråden/: Nauts skal arve kloden-utgaven Forrige: >>142981634 >>142981634 >>1…[View]
142995879Why did they accept faggots?[View]
143003216What do Italians think about this scene?[View]
143005582Interracial Marriage: Is it common in your country?[View]
143005617Britbros, I kneel...: the sheer grimness of some northern post-industrial towns/cities in egnland is…[View]
142995391America, 2042[View]
142985615/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição bolsa de cocô. Edição anterior: >>142963547[View]
143004468man, I fucking LOVE KOREA how'bout you?[View]
143004916I support Israel and a homeland for all the Jewish people[View]
143003969>go on campus >see some labs >see some students >realize the depression you have existed…[View]
143005981How americans feel when they see Hohols dancing in front of them[View]
143005854Does grass carp (white amur) caught in your country?: Ctenopharyngodon idella thread[View]
142998098>your country >do you have acne Flag Yes…[View]
143003407Hear me out: Instead of “cunt” let’s call it “cunch”[View]
143002456Rate my lunch /int/[View]
143003050Why do all Finns look like this?[View]
143004598North America has a very small population compared to Europe.[View]
143003340Russians. I have a question.: Why are Russian apartments so small, when you have such an abundance o…[View]
143001310/brit/: lovely white women edish long socks sub edish[View]
143002332Which country do people think of when they think of Europe?[View]
143005055>Slav speaks English: >They start omitting articles and linking verbs. It's so adorable…[View]
143002078come home kweens[View]
143000187Last thread got deleted for not being PEACEFUL enough, so let's have a PEACEFUL discussion abou…[View]
143001107What's the ideal body type for women in your country?[View]
143001975red=country where is safe to have anal sex[View]
143002301>hey anon! I heard about how much you like Israel and support a homeland for all the Jewish peopl…[View]
142999659Can you actually speak English?: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada excluded; This …[View]
143001390Could ancient greeks and romans (brown skinned with black curly hair ) could pass as european in mod…[View]
142999145One of the reasons why Brazil is so low iq is that it is impossible to read here, there is always fa…[View]
142981634/norgetråden/: Gruppeklem-utgaven Forrige: >>142955791 >>142955791 >>142955791 …[View]
142972372Why do white men choose right over left?[View]
143004708Nothing is holding you from stealing your city sign[View]
142987470>Do you want an /international/ bf? >From where and why? Danish because I'm a Daneboo…[View]
143003466How do I get a white gf /int/?[View]
143002252English is an incomplete language: Let's complete it adding it gendered articles and nouns…[View]
142996922Japanese girls, please, come to Russia[View]
143004025What exactly is it that makes ethnical diversity good? How does it improve people's lives?[View]
142990690/ita/ - il filo: edizione delle mammelle nostrane[View]
142993541/polska/: edycja życia jak człowiek przedtem: >>142985133[View]
142998179Why are French women so promiscuous? Pic not necessarily related.[View]
143003250Greek bros...[View]
143002598Why do slavs have a weird head shape?[View]
143003402/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Sing your heart out Previous: >>142986107[View]
143002414Hello anglos! How am i supposed to eat these?[View]
143003376I will not post my hand. I will not post my chin. I will not post my jaw. I will not post my eyes. I…[View]
143003456Why are they so obsessed with white women?[View]
143002257Today, exactly 60 years ago, Yuri Gagarin first time went into space. Everyone kneel.[View]
142982156/desi/: Wisdom edition[View]
143001002Daily reminder[View]
143001435when i think of an INDIAN BVLL i think of a guy who looks like this[View]
143003210Countries by density of industrial robots[View]
142986107/cum/ - canada usa mexico: https://youtu.be/xf01tSJ41VQ PREV : >>142969483[View]
143002194>he's not in a red country[View]
142997329Is wrestling popular in your country?[View]
143001677>Asians can't be attract- Woah[View]
143002166Does your country have names that are virtues? Names like 'Grace', 'Hope', 'Chasity', and 'Faith'[View]
143001626this confuses the Euro[View]
142990417Why is British food so disgusting?[View]
142975904Why do people say Australia has no culture[View]
142998551Why don't westerns like buckwheat porrige?[View]
143002393Is he based or cringe ?[View]
142992652>Americans want to deport this are they gay?[View]
142999095Impressive very nice Lets see Portugals GDP[View]
142968564/balk/: *DING DING DONG* edition old >>142951522[View]
142995787Lads, let's settle these great international questions once and for all: >Is the world contr…[View]
142987849What do you think about Iranian women? I love them How do I an get iranian gf?[View]
142998954Did you know that Poles literally didn't know about sex until the Anglos taught them?[View]
142992482We japanese aren't Asian but White. Japanese have white traits. I'm Japanese.[View]
142997569當我忽然想你 的時候 就會抬起頭看看天空 當我忽然感覺 很寂寞 才發現心事沒有人說 從不想要學會 分離心痛 卻在不知不覺 經歷看透 等時光都溜走 再凝望星空 能明白你為何 不願停留 我不會放開手 勇敢…[View]
142998794I dislike Sweden. For a country that loves to portray itself as one that loves and accepts immigrant…[View]
143000897I cant percieve a Western European or a Mutt actually being a native, I always assume they are an im…[View]
143001329>Schluchtenscheißer be like ääyyy dis nigga austrian we wuzzz composers n shittttt dawg…[View]
143001233This makes the non euro seethe uncontrollably[View]
142999676I'm marrying a white american lady. We love each other very very much and we both love both Mex…[View]
142999398This looks good ngl[View]
142999571Why do Asians make this face?[View]
142998144/brit/: lightbulb edition[View]
142999323Which accent makes you want sex immediatly in your language? For me it's spainiard accent[View]
143000857> que chinguen a su madre los putos yanquis[View]
143000716Why do French people do this?[View]
142995100Why do you hate me /int/?[View]
142997218A rural chinese Tajik family with Mao's portrait on the wall[View]
142971520What’s living in London like?: It seems too sprawling, twisty, crowded and packed, kind of dirty and…[View]
142992530does this happen in your country?[View]
142987992Is it common for Chinese, Japanese and Korean men to go to Vladivostok and marry Russian girls ?[View]
142995755VGH the Romanians of 4chan[View]
142991674Hilo /lat/ino: Edición Vanessa Vallejo[View]
142994901/kunst/ oder auch bekannt als /deutsch/: Kunstvolle Ausgabe alt: >>142989879[View]
143000032>Finnish women Woah....[View]
142996999>Ywn live a comfy life in the Pyrénées mountains Life is cruel[View]
142996869this is how i picture the average french woman[View]
142998597What's the word for 'Ma'am' in your country?[View]
142989240Do Canadians really?[View]
142993849Sverigetråden - Ojsan![View]
142999612All of you: >your cunt >your religion So I can judge whether you are cringe or based.…[View]
142981357/sauna/: aavikkopainos[View]
142997371My country needs more White girls[View]
142988871Why are Japanese comics so diverse and mature compared to western comics?[View]
142979310/ישר/: אחרון: >>142939091 ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/…[View]
142980974>uff, what a day! Well, at least I'm home >I think I'll take a shower to relax…[View]
142997486>your cunt >do you sleep (atleast intentionally): >australia >no…[View]
142984901/tr/: zarbolara teslim olma oqlim[View]
142998993Before and after pic of Malaysia and Indonesia and Brunei[View]
142998595I can't be the only female girl around here who thinks that Europe has the most interesting cul…[View]
142995211/vocaroo/ thread: Hourly vocaroo thread incoming[View]
142999015/fr/ - le fil lorrain: vieux et éclaté >>142985257[View]
142996585How much of this hushed slavic lingo can Slovaks and Ukrainians understand?[View]
142995923Why are Japanese women chubby sexy and hot?: This is the average Japanese woman. I love Japanese chu…[View]
142995107Where do you see this country in 10 years?[View]
142992364Post Jesus visiting your country[View]
142997876This is an Ethiopian Orthodox icon[View]
142998421sverigetråden grodan pepe's upplaga[View]
142992237Why: Why is it when China does traditional ceremonies and rituals it's LARPing and cringe but w…[View]
142993250>born too late to experience this[View]
142994539Let me go on a rant because none of you guys seem to understand that China is not the 5000 year old …[View]
142996767Why are there so many American food chains in Europe? Do they actually consume a lot of American foo…[View]
142998003If you could live anywhere within the region, what is the best place to live and why? East Asia, Nor…[View]
142989371This kills the Italian[View]
142995888Pashtun General: Strraye mashay. Let's discuss Pashtuns, the Pashto language, and Pashtun cultu…[View]
142994641/brit/: The identity of Jon Venables edition[View]
142992083How is suicide viewed in your cunt?[View]
142993906What is /int/'s opinion on caste systems?[View]
142993779Does you're country like pale girls? >flag >no…[View]
142997781Beautiful Paris skyline that we don't see often[View]
142904110DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2577: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
142997370I didn’t know white people have plastic surgery[View]
142975839This is what a typical American school morning looks like. Not joking[View]
142996635Zero fucks given[View]
142993822Japanese should be lingua franca because it's the most beautiful language. I'm Japanese.[View]
142996316Know the difference I'm Japanese.[View]
142997426So I get most of my concepts about the daily life of americans from movies and TV. One thing has bee…[View]
142996761I'm going to Hawaii[View]
142996990some people in my country (mainly those who agree with the American economic system) say that the av…[View]
142989374Do you wanna find love in Norway?[View]
142985257/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des schizo ancien: >>142974640[View]
142961186Do men have trouble opening bottles in your country?[View]
142995542Yes, I'm brown. Yes, I worship white women. Yes, I love it. No, I won't stop. No, you can…[View]
142990833Why do Canadian girls like moose so much?[View]
142996741Are Asian women (boys) built for the loving embrace of a White man?[View]
142993038Japan should dump it to their west instead of the the east.[View]
142995718/int/ernational nightmare fuel: Let’s go[View]
142996323somewhere, right now, an innocent brother is getting preyed on by a white woman[View]
142995223Pan slavism: why is it impossible bros. why cant we all just unify and live happily without going at…[View]
142996230Jomon skull vs Yayoi skull I'm Japanese.[View]
142994983girls from my school. Thoughts?[View]
142982164/भारत/-/இந்தியா/-/Bharat/: चेन्नाकेशव मंदिर संस्करण पिछला संस्करण: >>142929423[View]
142993173Hong Kong and Japan confirmed to be the only civilised Confucianist societies[View]
142995667America/Canada/EU is not white culture. This is white culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua95f…[View]
142992581Have you been bullied by black girls?[View]
142995246Currently, there are over 24 threads about Japan Good job /int/[View]
142995349Korea or Taiwan, which is more cultured? I can't decide[View]
142993949Let me guess, you want 'more'[View]
142992981>women literally paint their faces every day does this also happen in your country…[View]
142992466Why was I forced to be born here[View]
142991161Europe looks like that ????[View]
142989042Ramadhan: Tomorrow is Ramadhan where I can't eat or drink for around 13 hours (approx 5:00 to 1…[View]
142995367What's your hair like?[View]
142992443When will they finally leave my country? I can't stand them and they're not culturally clo…[View]
142994952Can you fully lose an accent?[View]
142995131Why do Japanese love this version of Godzilla so much?[View]
142994856I need a small brown genki tomboy gf. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
142989879/hexe/ ehemals /deutsch/: HEXE, HEXE, JA, DU FEGST DURCH MEINE NACHT KOMMST HEREIN UND ES WIRD LAUT …[View]
142994977Do you want me to visit your country?[View]
142994290>The Prophet said, 'Whoever fasted in the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith (i.e. belief) and…[View]
142991722/brit/: Karen edition[View]
142994543>you will NEVER be a native English speaker[View]
1429717321.your age 2.Have you ever had sex? 1.22 2. yes but brothel[View]
142994750Why do you deny evolution in your country?[View]
142994021this is what a real obsession looks like almost all of them weren't made by japanese[View]
142992819>you don't understand, you don't have to take them every morning, you MUST take them…[View]
142993033How do you rudely gesture towards someone in your country?[View]
142993890This is what happens to those that don't love Japan[View]
142974266/asean/: This general isshit, OUENDAAAAN!!! edition[View]
142989330You wake up in Melbourne Australia[View]
142988441Well /int/?[View]
142992944Left Yayoi zainichi korean larping as Japanese Right Jomon purebred I'm Japanese.[View]
142993143Why do brown/black men like whitoid women so much?[View]
142991654I overheard a conversation between a father and his son today. The child (he was about 6) told the d…[View]
142993115Average jomon lady brutally mogging yayoi koreans. I'm Japanese.[View]
142994018>Be mustafa JAMAL atatürk >Want to make your country cultured and like le ebic west for politi…[View]
142993679Bячэpнiх пaяздoў нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>142973141 Caўндтpэк нiцi: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
142991246Med niggas be like >one coffee please make it large[View]
142992475One of Portugal's most convicted corrupt politicians, which had in recent years been arrested, …[View]
142991607Yes I will import my religion, my culture, my views , my food, my clothes, my politics, my ethnicity…[View]
142990276/mena/: نسخة شرف الوطن[View]
142989175Japs made thread about us more than 10 times today. They really are obsessed with us aren't the…[View]
142991680Why are Arabs like this?[View]
142993534ita il filo: Edizione arca della SPERANZAAAAAAA[View]
142992636Do you know that all criminals in Japan are zainichi Koreans? Look they obviously have no jomon phe…[View]
142993498One Japanese dude could beat 1000 white men. I'm Japanese.[View]
142993404Imagine the world with 10 trillion Japanese. I'm Japanese.[View]
142987397British niggas be like >YOU’RE SO SCHEWPID[View]
142991409Realistically, how can white women's fucked up fetishes be fixed? They really seem to have a de…[View]
142991956How are Estonian women like?: Are they scandi, nordic, finnish, russian or slavic?[View]
142989950Is it true that the only thing separating Turks and Greeks is religion?[View]
142988999/brit/: rorke revealed edition[View]
142993239I will never forgive amerigoblins for this you fucking fatass. I'm Japanese.[View]
142981007>has historically been oppressed and marginalized all over the world >every one of its neighbo…[View]
142991189Do young people believe in Santa Claus in your country? Only kids do in my country.[View]
142991756Why is Korea so shit at everything compared to Japan? Just look at the comments, everyone loves Japa…[View]
142985133/polska/: edycja nie homo[View]
142993000>My name is Tyrone Murphy and I'm black irish[View]
142992079Post images of your cunt that make you go VGH.......[View]
142991221Is turkish food just proto-mexican food with bad ingredients?: Do you like Mexican food or Turkish f…[View]
142992681indians identifying as asians: what do you think of indians saying that they are asians? technically…[View]
142990659How would your parents react if you brought home a Pakistani/Indian girl?[View]
142991585Is it true that Poland is racist and homophobic?[View]
142992711Left yayoi Right jomon I'm Japanese.[View]
142992206Hey stupid gaijin have you ever heard about auto taxi door? Are you surprised? Now praise Japan. I…[View]
142992808What are the different ethnic groups in los angeles like? It seems like la is known for its diaspora…[View]
142989509Asian peoples how you type?[View]
142991751The most cucked countries in the world[View]
142991865If your country has less nobel prize winners than Japan, I'm superior to you no matter what you…[View]
142992215Not memeing, not baiting, not trying to be 'pol' or 'edgy', or fit into 'chan culture', LITERALLY an…[View]
142992335What did she bane by this?[View]
142991219>be me >NEET >finnoid >live with parents >rehabilitation gibs 800euro/month So basica…[View]
142992400Did you know? Japan has nobel prize winners and four seasons[View]
142991970Memes aside, do they really?[View]
142992440Why are Americans fat and stupid animals?[View]
142986864Why are British men so open to homosexual relationships?: 49% of Brits under 25 declares himself gay…[View]
142987332How is the job market in estonia? Thinking about maybe living there for some time[View]
142986027Fuck my family for giving me shit eyesight, shit colored eyes and hair, and shit height (5’2). Do pe…[View]
142989184Wtf brazilbros do you guys really have poop bins?[View]
142990018Question for those living in a foreign country: how well-integrated do you feel? Have you made frien…[View]
142989127Is Ukraine a good place to be an expat and live cheaply and simply? I'm from Canada, and it doe…[View]
142992253Why are South Americans like this ?[View]
142992097>2021 >Sbane is still a big guy[View]
142989438Homo Americanus: What will future archaeologists conclude about American civilisation when they disc…[View]
142986614Sverigetråden - Mediteringsupplagan[View]
142991113Why are Americans like this[View]
142991882Why do you Western Europeans and North Americans smile so much? It's not the natural resting st…[View]
142986668I feel bad for Turks because they're constantly bullied and people call them roaches. I know th…[View]
142989897Why does the eternal leaf talk shit when he has no military to speak of its like throwing stones in …[View]
142991690/lat/: hilo latino[View]
142991714Lil Kim[View]
142990805Why are white people so melodramatic?[View]
142991672I suffer in Ireland, parts of england, and france.[View]
142965628/lat/ hilo latino: hilo poker[View]
142989773There is no way to achieve equality among men. From biology to skills and knowledge, no man is compl…[View]
142988969How do you celebrate this in your country?[View]
142989104>+25C outside Feels good. Also post your current weather[View]
142987367If you are a leaf, and you don’t have gold, silver and crypto. You are going to be in for a world of…[View]
142982322just learned that belgium exists[View]
142989502International based: ITT: post based (good) things from other countries.[View]
142952369Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>142926840 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
142991310How does one feel in a big country? To have 50 million people with the same ethnicity. Or even hundr…[View]
142990131Armenians look like this?![View]
142991220Brown people are a timeless classic[View]
142987580Are you willing to fight for your country??: No[View]
142991045These are my brothers. If anybody messes with them, I'll fuck their shit up.[View]
142991107Spanish is hard[View]
142991034countries relationship that can be summarized as this situation[View]
142987542Pick one: 1) born in a tutorial country (USA, anglosphere, Western Europe, japan) in the 1950s 2) bo…[View]
142987540Every living being is born with a purpose to die. It is the end goal for everything - humans, animal…[View]
142990925How do we stop global Anglophobia?[View]
142980973How common are Portuguese people in your country, /pol/? How do you say 'Portuguese' in yo…[View]
142990725This happens to Loli if you let the loli walk alonely on street in Japan[View]
142988639Name one Turkish dish besides kebab Name one Mexican dish besides taco Name one Japanese dish beside…[View]
142990826How do people dance in your kunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nqVbw-xKEY[View]
142988939international fashion trends: how common are yoga pants in your country? at what age do girls start …[View]
142970012Kunhalmi Ágnes a legszebb lány!: kurva anyátok[View]
142987876What's your country's tool of choice for removing undesirable minorities?[View]
142988905i think in english[View]
142988267Is it true that European stores are not open 24 hours?[View]
142990148why you can't be like Japan?[View]
142985822ITT: completely uninteresting facts about your language In Croatian we use the same word for 'spicy'…[View]
142990444Great: Britain[View]
142988581Is this true?[View]
142985715I want to have Chad flag so I could blend in the Romanian general and nobody would notice[View]
142987925>your cunt >can you dress well? Flag No....…[View]
142974169Uh oh, it looks like every primate on earth has now gained intelligence and is rising up! How does y…[View]
142990108/ita/ il filo: Edizione Formai de Mut[View]
142980391/mena/: طبعة ايري بالله بكرا رمضان[View]
142988668How often do you eat fast food?[View]
142990012bongs lmao[View]
142986954This is the wigger century. The Wiggers will rule the new world. Kneel[View]
142969361/ita/ - il filo: Edizione maranax infirmux[View]
142977219Why did Korea change its name?: Zhongguo- 'The Middle Kingdom' Joseon- 'The Land of the Morning Calm…[View]
142982960/brit/: oi edition[View]
142986386cultural influence from japan: what is your opinion on anime?[View]
142988275The least religious men in the middle east[View]
142988549I did not see the last thread. What is the famous classic Spanish song, lyrics are like that, do you…[View]
142972233Post your country's royal family.[View]
142986777Firstie trad larpers when they see a non-religious thirdie[View]
142985431>You wake up as a german: What do?[View]
142988198Apologize to Indian BVLLS[View]
142985992Why are boomers in my country willing to sell our land and now population just so they can make more…[View]
142988544What is this called in your country?[View]
142989430Is this true South Americans? And why was the Chilean so angry.[View]
142989339Why are u fat in your country?[View]
142985199/deutsch/: Mittagsausgabe[View]
142957650How do you solve this problem /int/?[View]
142988409This kills the western society[View]
142979835this is real this is the united states how could humans make such perfect grids? my theory? aliens.…[View]
142987774So, did the 2010s(and the decade) end on January 1st 2020, or january 1st 2021? I don't get it[View]
142986280/brit/: rachel stevens edition[View]
142969209why is pic related so irrelevant in the world stage despite its huge population?[View]
142987511how do you spot an american online?[View]
142984015International Lunch Table: What did you have, or what will you have for lunch today? I had a Nutella…[View]
142988650Obligatory daily GERD thread: egyptbros?[View]
142988660Muslims are exactly the Pharisees mentioned in the Bible >Wearing hijab to show they are religio…[View]
142988635Fio geral de tugas: O que que aconteceu com o /pol/ do PTChan?[View]
142987585/map/ - map thread: Map thread[View]
142988449How do West-Germans feel about the fact that they are genetically and culturally closer to the Low c…[View]
142985568Why do so many Russians visit Goa?: Honestly overrated beach destination. Thailand, Sri Lanka and Ma…[View]
142985031so excited for Ramadan this year bros[View]
142984755Why architecture in USA feels so soulless compared to Europe?[View]
142988433Why does this kind of thing exist ONLY in the US?[View]
142979719Japan got excited over a few Roman coins meanwhile my uncle has found 4 verified Roman coins in his …[View]
142985617please dont post boobs or women or food respect other Muslims anons[View]
142985727I never had friends. I never had people who would genuinely care about me and wanted to be around me…[View]
142980260how Do South Americans cope knowing that literally wild, feral humans cohabitate their 'country…[View]
142972303/NEDERDRAAD/: leo is weer ongesteld editie[View]
142982217One race - The CAVCASIAN race[View]
142988322I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
142986548Hats off to South Africa: They could've pulled a Zimbabwe and just repossessed all the nice whi…[View]
142987240I haven't been masturbating for 25 days and you?[View]
142987870Do they really?[View]
142988197In France they make fun of me because I did a professional training (fachabitur). Is professional tr…[View]
142987697>avarage IQ in Japan is 105 >every japanese person on /int/ is literally retarded Explain this…[View]
142988132Can a fat brown hairy hook nosed Yugo BVLL pass as a local in your country?[View]
142988136How do you say 'Happy National Rape day' in your lang: Albanian Pershumvjet Diten Kombetare te Perdh…[View]
142982301When a Yayoi man and a Jomon woman got married, they had a Yayoi child.[View]
142977607Koreans keep insisting they are superior than Japan So why they keep on coming to our land?[View]
142987926Do they really?[View]
142980860JAI HIND[View]
142981951Hey /int/: Guess what I just did[View]
142987418What seafood do they eat?[View]
142981400Find your love in japanese muscle bar.[View]
142984107It is impossible to suffer inside of America and It is impossible not to suffer outside of America[View]
142979382I want to go to Brazil[View]
142983337do you love vietnam?[View]
142985030Do you have multi-language channels in ur cunt?: Yes, Radio Televizija Vojvodine. I am watching news…[View]
142986041>I suffer in Brazil[View]
142981393>your cunt >do you find this attractive?[View]
142986295Post VGH[View]
142979900>my face when a russian claims to suffer near me[View]
142987233Honestly what happened to meme subculture between 2013/2014 to now? Early 2010s were a literal meme …[View]
142982349Why do muslims have such difficulties functioning in civilized societies? How do we explain this?[View]
142976677The fuck is this nonsense[View]
142984590ITT: flags that have posters with similar mentality[View]
142984109How do you call 'Bigfoot' in your language, /int/? Do you want to live in the creepy Bigfo…[View]
142985573Tirana, Albania[View]
142986911Carried again by my English Longbows. In the Black Forest on a Saturday night.[View]
142980274/brit/: you have no excuse edition[View]
142985225https://vocaroo.com/118afGTcThNu Ever since I heard this audio, it only made me feel so much worse a…[View]
142985672GENOM find out that each of diffetence of the east asian. Korean is mixer of Yemeak Tungus Koreanic …[View]
142980950>watch documentary about British police >all perps are black or arab Wtf why are British coppe…[View]
142985063Unnironically belong to the latinx ethno cultural sphere[View]
142986861send random turkish memes and wait for a translation[View]
142983962Today the pubs finally opened for outdoor business in England[View]
142984894Does your country give political power to entertainers and celebrities?[View]
142975450Why exactly did Yugoslavia collapse? Who were the bad and good guys?[View]
142986264Paraguay is the best South American country in my book[View]
142982711Why exactly is it so controversial?[View]
142984074Why are you the soyjak?[View]
142984453When did we as a society collectively agree that ethnic Bretons (Cornish/Brittany) were white? They…[View]
142982801Why is India so bad at Olympics?[View]
142986307Is video related the biggest and worst crime Germany has ever committed? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
142969483/cum/ - canada usa mexico: PREV : >>142962961[View]
142980939Do you ride the gay bus in your country? In Canada they do[View]
142984828Imagine if Iran was a Zoroastrian theocracy... VGH[View]
142980799How can Koreans be Christian when they don't have any level of forgiveness in them? It is a key…[View]
142985477WTF Canada can also into tranny. Welcome to the club.[View]
142984035just realised a lot of americans have trouble distinguishing a and o in japanese. what's up wit…[View]
14297490260 years ago first human in history went into space. He was Ukrainian.[View]
142985583If it wasn't for the Chinese and Japanese exclusion acts, California would be 50% Asian now... …[View]
142983322If you don't understand the 'motherland' and 'the country' dichotomy, your country has no soul …[View]
142984248how do memes look like in u r a cunt[View]
142985241we need to balkanize russia..[View]
142934643/asean/: ngentotkapal edisyon[View]
142983824How did go go from this...[View]
142974438international attraction: >tfw no loyal loving pajeet bf to grow old with and have tons of cute b…[View]
142983760A normal workday in Japan is starting at 7:30 finishing at 21:00[View]
142977773>Oh my god Anon, you also watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?![View]
142980544Rich belt of Europe[View]
142980583Memes aside how do we stop behaviour like this?[View]
142984774Do you enjoy Korovai, the Slavic decorative bread?[View]
142984011with recent events in mind was it a genocide?[View]
142976200Are men in your country becoming infertile for unknown reasons?[View]
1429841571. country 2. cofe time? >flag >cofe time.…[View]
142979905Why haven't you moved to the United States yet?[View]
142977369/tr/: 12 Nisan Büyük Tecavüz Bayramı baskısı[View]

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