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121135405pâques le 12 avril[View]
121132559The BASED VIETIC BVLL opens his heart to wh*toid imperialists. >reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN21…[View]
121135234Sup bros.[View]
121134754Is it true that in Latin America, if you are white you are treated better and people see you as a hi…[View]
121131534You wake up tomorrow as a glamour model: What do[View]
121135252S. Korea is so developed that even the poor shanty towns look beautiful[View]
121135231Sales of canned seafood are way up in the US, ever since the Wuhan flu crisis began. In some areas, …[View]
121129713Is smoking still popular in your cunt or it's just a boomer thing?[View]
121134189the Chicanos are a naturally submissive and feminine race pic related, the average CHI >male[View]
121122162what's stopping you from moving to dublin and marrying an irish person?[View]
121130693Describe this face[View]
121130000ITT: We make state the assumptions we make about native speakers of a particular language/from a par…[View]
121132245But seriously why are spaniards/latinos/hispanics in general so weak? It happened for more than a th…[View]
121133865>why yes i'm into swinging how could you tell?[View]
121132152How did they waste their potential so badly?[View]
121130185I've composed a song for a Chilean Cute Girl: Sorry, it's in Spanish. It has very romantic…[View]
121132832FOR WHAT PURPOSE[View]
121134555this is wrting style of ㅊ which do you prefer[View]
121120164Do any Americans use British spelling?[View]
121130338Give me 3 (THREE) things you love about the United States.[View]
121128771What do people think of Dominicans and the Dominican Republic in your country, /int/?[View]
121134336>Please stay home this Easter[View]
121133079Are you in the know?: https://www.bnr.ro/One-century-of-the-unfinished-history-of-the-NBR%e2%80%99s-…[View]
121131329Italians, what is your favorite ragu recipe?[View]
121134029Why can’t America return to being like Columbia from Bioshock: Infinite and isolate itself from worl…[View]
121133882newyorkers be like >EYY OHHH I'M DYING OVA ERE[View]
121126175Is it true that Peruvians eat pigeons?[View]
121127501>be USA >China's economy is growing at remarkable pace, will overtake the US soon >mus…[View]
121131155imagine, a world without china...[View]
121129145Happy Anniversary 3 days of No Fap: Finally I made it[View]
121122163/ita/: BEZET DOOR /NEDERDRAAD/ EDITIE[View]
121133634What happens here?[View]
121132831This is an african team[View]
121127544Take me back to Constantinople.[View]
121128235>why yes, I absolutely despise memes. How could you tell?[View]
121132751Damn, I see why Italians and Spaniards are so obsessed.[View]
121131720>sun has begun rising earlier and earlier to the point where it’s no longer possible to go to bed…[View]
121127046What is your dream /int/?: My dream is to move to an English village and build a comfy cottage with …[View]
121130828What are some tasty snacks you eat in your country?[View]
121129024Countries most searched for 'Anime' on Google: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=/m/0jxy…[View]
121131226Japan on suicide watch: remember when some japs unironically looked down on other cunts for having c…[View]
121127962>4 days[View]
121133629AmerilowIQs are panic buying this cute. Imagine their face if corona chan ceased 6 months by now.[View]
121126928Why is Canada a nice place? Should be shithole, but it's not.[View]
1211337213 days to go.[View]
121132044Your cunt Pickle rick: upvote or downvote?[View]
121133543Daily Reminder that Manchus were Mongolicized Hyper North Sinids that conquered and enslaved the Nor…[View]
121126658Perfect Europe: After many years of intense study in the fields of history, philosophy, linguistics,…[View]
121129621your country are you a fujoshi/fudanshi?[View]
121129538Give me some stupid French memes, I just want to send them to friends to cheer them up. Doesn’t need…[View]
121130874Why do they seem to be unconcerned with all the weird shit that are happening in their own country?[View]
121131247>Be me >Whiteboi >Want to smash some Indian poon >Want an Indian waifu >Don't li…[View]
121132700Is it true Brazilian women are the best in bed? Rocco Siffredi (legendray Italian pornstar) counted …[View]
1211311074월말 황금연휴 쌉가능 연차+석가탄신일+근로자의 날+토일휴일[View]
121133314Do we really?[View]
121132193why are modern western cartoons and comics motherfucking garbage except for some french ones.[View]
121132885What country is this?[View]
121131662Your cunt Your Sexual fantasy[View]
1211328171. Ur cunt 3. Do u have executive functioning disorder? 5. If yes, How do u cope? https://www.medica…[View]
121131602A ride through Laâyoune (Western Sahara): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owlnb9V_epM What do you th…[View]
121132715What are the worst roads in your area, /int/? We have rural roads that are being eroded from long-te…[View]
121132748감스트 게이야 어딨누[View]
121126548한국어: 굿모닝 들어와[View]
1211315311. ur cunt 2. how long have you been in quarantine >flag >20 years…[View]
121132683Is witchcraft prevelant in your cunny too?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCj5bBjiHNk[View]
121119249Who wrote the constitution of your country? For us it was a bunch of religious fags and commies.[View]
121131539Is this true?[View]
121132004Never realized how much memes could dehumanize people until tonight. I met a Brazilian and he was ki…[View]
121131609Too many jap/gook threads. Say something nice about Taiwan.[View]
121106764/éire/: eagrán compordach[View]
121129078>westerners actually had to show the Japanese about bread >literally just flour and water…[View]
121132405Without flags I assume that every other anon on this site is American unless they act like a whiny f…[View]
121115304why are southern europeans so fucking lazy?[View]
121127213Did they like it back then?: A thread for people from post-socialist countries. I am from one such m…[View]
121116906OLMECS are CHADS and WARRIORS.[View]
121131921What happens in this part of the world[View]
121131916spanish People look like this?[View]
121132076Requesting help from Australia bros: I lost touch with an internet friend. This person graduated fro…[View]
121131441>live in VIRGINia it's not fair bros i never had a chance[View]
121131562Do people do this in your country?[View]
121128708https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X15yfPr5auY What went right?[View]
121131603Middle Eastern Christians?[View]
121128976WTF Brazil?![View]
121128997El mayor enemigo de un español es otro español[View]
121125427What do you call the COVID-19 virus in your language, /int/? >English >'Wuhan flu' o…[View]
121129390Is Orange County nice?[View]
121129552How come whites don’t “claim” mixed people like mulattoes and hapas? They are equally as white as th…[View]
121130290Damn this is powerful... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwC3v49Xxx8&feature=emb_title[View]
121122122is this true, /int/?[View]
121130349Are there any stereotype about Go/Weiqi players in Japan, Korea and China? In the West chess players…[View]
121128695anyone else watched this? I rate 8/10[View]
121130914what are you guys gonna do with your weekly $500 neetbucks?[View]
121119421/int/chart/ thread: Let's see some autism, also post heritage for colonial countries! temp. 1…[View]
121129179your country your country, your cunt, you're a cunt, your cunt tree or you're a cunt tree?…[View]
121130910C-can I go in, Japan-sama? I'm a g-good boy. I-I promise you t-to pay my t-taxes and t-to get c…[View]
121127666My country[View]
121131112I am an American of Mexican descent[View]
121125357/brit/: stay at home lads protect our NHS[View]
121129773daily reminder[View]
121125639/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico + Germany[View]
121130926Why do asians call cheddar cheese american cheese?[View]
121126447P O W E R F U L[View]
121129602What happend to them ? they use to be the Bantmasters, now they have some of the worst banter on the…[View]
121129237imperial = SOUL metric = SOULLESS[View]
121130709Do americans seriously??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KkUu7eQdxg[View]
121129190>why yes, I am taking pictures of the rabbits fucking around in your front yard whilst squealing …[View]
121128414Do you want to find love in Korea?[View]
121128918>Yes if I were a British soldier sent to the American colonies during the revolutionary war I wou…[View]
121130209In 40-50 years there are going to be jokes about how someone is old enough to remember Coronavirus a…[View]
121120532Why is British music so superior to other countries across a variety of different genres? Why do we …[View]
121100772Post subtle signs of thirld worldism.[View]
121129287Wow...: Japs are having lunch now and I'm going to bed, and time is passing for both of us. Th…[View]
121128230First world upper middle class? Most likely to be depressed.: Third worlders have it easier when it …[View]
121130219>Japaneses can't pronunce [ə][View]
121129019Why are Americans so tough and resilient compared to other nations's peoples?[View]
121123804Somaliland Thread Do you know about this country?[View]
121128935This is what Canada used to be about.[View]
1211287961. your cunt 2. what's your favorite thing your grandma ever gave you?[View]
121128140What happens in Brownentina?[View]
121121628do americans really[View]
121129581the moon is lurking through the street another capped MAGAtard at my feet! will somebody ever know t…[View]
121123809Hilo /lat/ino: Edición estado absoluto de la mente argentina[View]
121128409Post inspirational /int/ music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I7SBMHZlUs[View]
121127806Do you want to find love in Korea?[View]
121125952Greatest country ever until the Kingdom of Heaven is established on Earth.[View]
121128272>Switch my tinder location to Berlin >All the profiles are in English, Spanish or Polish (Mayb…[View]
121123321Stop fighting please. I'm sure we can all be friends.[View]
121129503AVA CHINA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGu-L5ULByw AVE QINA[View]
121122980/brit/: belle edish[View]
121128553Do Albanian girls really be like[View]
1211278651.Country 2. What did you study in university? 3. How is it like to be a university student in your …[View]
121126732What does /int/ think about Kosovo? Do you recognize it as a country in its own right?[View]
121128458whiter than you, sven[View]
121128850tell me a good Britisher joke[View]
121126392do americans[View]
121125818Post your favorite games and other will rank your taste: Mine are: Gary Grigsby's War in the Ea…[View]
121128231>omg dude, did you hear about bernie? It's so sad how he suspended his campaign right. >W…[View]
121122961What does ethnic Swedes think about Fennoswedes? Does they count them as one of their kin?[View]
121128116Canada - Quebec: This province is 18th in the world is number of confirmed coronavirus cases by coun…[View]
121126987Vocaroo thread Today's script: 'I am sofa king we todd ed'[View]
121125792good afternoon thought you guys might like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,[View]
121123245What is the absolute worst country to live in? Where has the absolute worst quality of life?[View]
121113942/norgetråden/: Svarte menn[View]
121128333took some melatonin to sleep my depression away, i hope you had a good day, goodnight friends.[View]
121116705/fr/ - Le fil interdit aux normets: Edition du soir espoir ancien : >>121106480[View]
121127733I want to thank Americans for providing us with entertainment during these trying times[View]
121122994I've noticed an increase in the amount of retards that I've had to smack down on /int/ lat…[View]
121121708/deutsch/: halts maul hausi[View]
121124866Yes I'm Finnish, how could you tell?[View]
121125050what could've been... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3wQpV7T9kk[View]
121126179The Potato Fields of HIBERNIA...[View]
121127121Why do some Italians look like this[View]
121126800>cunt >does you're cunt have it's own anime ? israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
121126942What's the best place in the world to live alone in the woods with as few human interaction as …[View]
121127900Eager to avenge the legendary betrayal of the crusaders Byzantine troops spared no-one as they desce…[View]
121127577You can do it Ameribros![View]
121127828t. Albertan: I will dedicate my life to destroying the environment. No matter how low oil is I will…[View]
121126716Are they the Mexicans of Europe?[View]
121123552I like Brazil, I think they have the good of the Americas in their heart and I think they are moving…[View]
121074175/tr/: kalkın uLa[View]
121126142Sshh don't make any noises I'm trying to catch an American[View]
121105128/polska/: edycja szacunku do policji[View]
121127368What city has the most similar architecture compared to former city of konigsberg?[View]
121124890>Varg has a really good point[View]
121112039What are nurses like in you're country?[View]
121126190>Health teachers in the USA are not allowed to teach about the dangers of obesity…[View]
121127455Forest lang: Hai, ich wollte liebe zu lesen 'ein buk fur alle keinen' ich hast wurzeln von wald,warl…[View]
121123785What phenotype is this?[View]
121124998>Fun Fact: You didn’t search for this.[View]
121125538Daily reminder that Britain is MICKED: >Today, millions of residents of Great Britain are either …[View]
121124475Can Poland bring down the EU/NATO so I can finally be proud of my Polish heritage?[View]
121126207Waifu ratings by country: What’s your personal rating for waifus from the world’s various nations? F…[View]
121121558/Nederdraad/ - IL FILO DI UMARU: FILO OCCUPATO DA /ita/[View]
121126771You're a cunt. Are you completely lonely during the quarantine? Nobody wants to play anything w…[View]
121120264/ro/: hai ba[View]
121125738Salvador Dalí mocking all USA: He would be a 4chan premium Anon these days. Back then he was just a …[View]
121126143Name an aspect of our life that ISN'T European. Literally every aspect of our life that we assu…[View]
121126566Is Colombia a nice country?[View]
121126320Daily reminder if the states went to war Florida would win[View]
121126562Pick your fighter >Slovenia >Croatia >Bosnia >Serbia >Kosovo >Montenegro >(Nort…[View]
1211141681. Your country. 2. Do you watch a lot of Youtube? If so, which channels?[View]
121126205>procrastinate for a month due to working from home >get everything done in two 16 hour days d…[View]
121126344Chinese people are never allowed to complain about the Chinese Exclusion Act ever again You hear tha…[View]
121126217do people in you're cunt celebrate holidays from their balconies during lockdown ? https://www.…[View]
121125627What's the matter with Kansas ?[View]
121126047Even men of God coof[View]
121113170/esp/ - Edición pánico: Previo >>121079528 PÁNICO[View]
121123905the weather is so nice out bros is this happening in your country?[View]
121120007Reminder that the median American is the 4th richest of any major country: >but its the billionai…[View]
121117371The Tupinambá people captured hundreds of European settlers and adventurers to serve as trophies and…[View]
121126002Why don't americans celebrate easter?[View]
121125646How much would it cost for my country to buy your country?[View]
121122728Post your face when young 'healthy' people dying from the coronavirus are overwhelmingly obese.[View]
121114815do you want a swedish wife?[View]
121124481I'm going to say something racist in ten minutes[View]
121112267/ISR/ thread: Passover edition חג שמח צדיקים previous thread: >>121099582[View]
121124835Is your country a force for good in the world?[View]
121124902Ten day of darkness Over: I love this narration <3 So what is the next move qfagots?[View]
121122223I really wonder what is the point of this uh THING again? They never accomplished anything useful[View]
121123985>Italy Based >your country Based >Netherlands cringe…[View]
121125621>Christianity civilized thousands of barbarians starting with Europe and the Middle East.…[View]
121121223Official map of White folk.[View]
121122673I'm having Umaru for dinner. Bon appetit to me :)[View]
121125481TIFU by eating bugs my entire life: >Okay so you know some people have dark, dark, dark secrets S…[View]
121125470would this be enough to grow 1 or 2 cannabis plants in a 60x60x140 grow tent?[View]
121124548Only 5 new cases of the USA virus in my country today, what the fuck man i don't want the confi…[View]
121125632Is your country comprised of medieval bumpkins? Flag AMEN[View]
121112281/cum/: andy sammy editionny[View]
121125619Why yes I do enjoy reading Dostoyevsky, how could you tell?[View]
121123932how are ladyboys treated in Thailand? are they considered pariahs or do people respect them? if a n…[View]
121119549What's with these countries not adopting Laitn script? Is it impossible for the language to fun…[View]
121125283One small chocolate milk carton and $1.85 of mild pepperoni please.[View]
121101537What do you think of Spaniard Spanish vs Mexican Spanish?: >Spaniard Spanish https://www.youtube.…[View]
121123170why don't europeans beat their wives?[View]
121121842Is your country a country of snitches /int/?[View]
121123820Do all turks have this power?[View]
121123700Your poop could be worth millions (come to norway and poop out some norwegian culture): OOOOHHH AAAA…[View]
121100797/balk/: Keep a hatchet in your car edition Previously on /balk/ >>121073058[View]
121121924There are more white people in america than in europe[View]
121121850>you're cunt >favorite faction[View]
121116065/balt/+/ausnz/: quick dip edition[View]
1211209029 London bus drivers have died of the corona (so far)[View]
121110918/med/ - Mediterranean general: curves edition CONFESS What have you binged on during this pandemic?…[View]
121120675Being brownentinian is honestly the worst thing imaginable, and its not even about not living a liva…[View]
121124424Why do Americans have such sexual soles?[View]
121124618>Why yes, I do not like memes. How did you know?[View]
121115060why do Scandinavians drink so much coffee pic not related[View]
121117542>my city looks like city 17 from hl2 >decide to go for a walk on the lakeside marina so it…[View]
121078813DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2353.2353.2353.2353.2353.2353.2353.2353: DJT is a Japanese language lea…[View]
121124534There are still US bases in Japan today Weak nerds weebs[View]
121123957How was that even possible if they hate each other so bad?[View]
121122770Hello friends, please visit /norgetråden/ >>121113942 >>121113942 >>121113942 We w…[View]
121123960I made a post yesterday about being in love with a mixed race girl from work who has a black boyfrie…[View]
121124430Do white people really?[View]
121119291Hello my fellow americans[View]
121122042imma smoke sum weed[View]
121124138This is a play from Brazil, the name is little monkeys and is performed in the city of São Paulo[View]
121124211Why the tiles in the bedroom are considered third world? I saw those comments in the subtle third wo…[View]
121123062You think the Covid-19 quarantine restrictions will end by July.[View]
121120415/brit/: extremely desperate non brits posting in the british general[View]
121123946Why yes I hide and filter all the generals how could you tell?[View]
121122638Wtf erdogan based?[View]
1211229371.your cunt 2.does your leader talk moistly to you ?[View]
121123510There is literally no difference im the Slavic cultures yet they all hate each other. Cant you mothe…[View]
121120986I don't get it. Why didn't Korea just adopt the Latin script? >muh heritage then why ab…[View]
1211227541. Your country 2. Will you be buying FF7 Remake? Why or why not?[View]
121122149You wake up in St. Louis...[View]
121114983/Nederdraad/: /Nederdraad/ - Italie gaat bankroet editie Welkom: Mensen met een positief banksaldo N…[View]
121119175Who do you side with in the first Online War in history?[View]
121121168What happens in Chongqing?[View]
121123457Anon.. why do you have a bunch of greyscale pictures of muscular men on your computer?[View]
121102839/Belg/i(ë-que): Édition de l'amitié italienne Italliaanse vriendschap Uitgave[View]
121122228>Yes if I were a British soldier sent to the American colonies during the revolutionary war I wou…[View]
121108053Post meme nations that are just independant states and that should just be another state from their …[View]
121121996I found a way to solve the Netherland problem once and for all[View]
121122712What's stopping you from moving to Scotland and marrying Mary, Queen of Scots?[View]
121123528Post something every true citizen of your nation should have in their glove compartment[View]
121117411Name a better /int/ alliance[View]
121123329>America is the original version of modernity. We (Europe) are the dubbed or subtitled version. A…[View]
121122887how do you focus on studying when the prospects of you getting a job in your country are absolute sh…[View]
121123035Why don't they admit that they're norf English? Everything norf of the Humber is pretty mu…[View]
121120506Chinese wet markets look just like European markets.[View]
121122828why do they love money so much?[View]
121123110Is your culture car-centric?: My people are dumb as fuck and think that there's no life outside…[View]
121117609Do you <3 Japan?[View]
121120339Why are the Dutch so based?[View]
121106264lmao, do euros really?[View]
121114618This four are knocking at your door. What do?[View]
121115564Do Americans really? www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1179251[View]
121122940Hello friends, please visit /norgetråden/ >>121113942 >>121113942 >>121113942 We w…[View]
121122205Learn your place fags, this can happen again[View]
121122917Hello friends, please visit /norgetråden/ >>121113942 >>121113942 >>121113942 We w…[View]
121113445Hilo /lat/ino[View]
121120260How did Poland go from this to scrubbing toilets?[View]
121111374>We found you INCEL! now come with us to the station or jenny here will crush your balls What do?…[View]
121122441When the day is dawnin' On a Texas Sunday mornin' How I long to be there With Marie who…[View]
121122497Poland appreciation thread: ITT: We appreciate Poland[View]
121116137This is former king of Youtube, is he Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
121120399>Why yes, I do have autism, how could you tell?[View]
1211200161. Your country. 2. Has your country been part of the baddies recently?: >America >Definitely …[View]
121122472The only first world countries in the world[View]
121122210>being mentally stable[View]
121115627>meds are actually quarantined[View]
121122150>Code Geass opening 1[View]
121118061Have Americans gone too far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPZIsEzAueI[View]
121110709/ita/ - il filo: edizione netflix[View]
121118720Top 5 my favorite countries in Europe (personal exprience) >1. Italy >2. Croatia >3. Nether…[View]
121121967What are some things history teachers lied about in your country? My history teacher blamed the Cont…[View]
121119256I wish Finland, Italy, and Germany were the rulers of Europe.[View]
121121041fuck you.[View]
121121184>NO, I will NOT make sure to check my spam box[View]
121107099Another Italian bridge collapsed: Why north Italy bad at everything?[View]
121118249Hungarian healthcare, everybody.[View]
121117683/deutsch/ - nachtschicht: mrs spx hrnshn[View]
121117297Why do Germans make fancy cars that break down, Japanese make boring cars that are reliable, and Ame…[View]
121117445>What's that, you don't wanna pay? >Guess it's time for #italeave…[View]
121121110>that dumb farm kid who somehow inherited a fortune[View]
121111713Light eyes are just a prerequisite for being a normal happy human being.: You literally can't h…[View]
121121091>Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam b…[View]
121113540Sverigetråden i ämnesfältet din jävla idiot[View]
121118897Land of the Fat Home of the Diabetes[View]
121117508/brit/: Aisha is cute and brown Edition[View]
121120230If you don't speak one of these languages, you are officially a subhuman[View]
1211198251.Do you believe in reincarnation, multiverse theory, timeline shifts, simulation theory,etc... 2.If…[View]
121120409/brit/: /brit/: Americans entering the thread edition[View]
121120653>complains about illegal immigrants 'ruining america' yet continues hiring them >complains abo…[View]
121118732This is my internet speed atm: Why the fuck was I born in a shithole[View]
121119457>ur language/dialect >some weird expressions in it >tunisian derija souri= syrian person bu…[View]
1211190471. You're country 2. Would you get arrested for downloading pirated games, movies, music, etc..…[View]
121117386I actually like the Netherlands. My roommate last year was a Dutch guy here in Erasmus and he was ni…[View]
121111774/int/lang project: In this ITT thread, we make our own language. Useful tools https://indo-european.…[View]
121120382My teacher is suffering severe pain because she doesn't have her lupus medicine because a certa…[View]
121116321What are the major organized crime groups in your area, /int/? Not just street gangs, but large crim…[View]
121117599post comfy pictures you took in your country here is an image of a nature path I took on a rainy aut…[View]
121114258what happens if we never cure covid-19?[View]
121119964i don't want to fight with italybro's :([View]
121116409Where did the Fongolia meme come from?: I've met Finns in real life, they don't look Asian…[View]
121120268Any page to see updated sub-national GDP of countries?[View]
121119204South Africa?[View]
121119694This was my high school. It's filmed alot in Hollywood movies and television shows but it'…[View]
121108640/v4/ + frens: Anti Americlap Edition[View]
121114271>Russia is soulle-[View]
121118832Do people in your country pratice /bus surfing/?[View]
121119944>your ugly and im gonna beat you up >wtf, fuck you >dude it was only banter! joge!!…[View]
121117059Countries you didn't know existed until /int/ for me -Finland -Argentina -Hungary[View]
121118632>The Kazakh word for dog is pronounced “eat'.[View]
121114443Who's the Marilyn Monroe of your country?[View]
121119044Kurva anyátok[View]
121119756>didn't even come up with Super Mario and Tony Soprano >can't even build a proper br…[View]
121119744After the pandemic ends, SOVTHERN EVROPEAN BVLLS will breed northern european QVEENS and replace nor…[View]
121112036/Risk/ Moon Edition no2: Second thread to the Risk game[View]
121119545if we go back enough in the evolution timeline, /int/ was one person[View]
121119502corona: >¡oh mierda, somos demasiado arrogantes, los gringos nos pasarán los muertos!!!…[View]
121119303Romancia, my desired country from now on.[View]
121119441>cunt >how are you handling the quarantine USA Doing pretty good, I could probably stay like t…[View]
121119424https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxJs_94TgYE Have you ever tried crack?[View]
121115512how to flirt with a female[View]
121104054/mämmi/: Kielletyn vasen käsi -painos[View]
121114746Belgium is now an honorary MED[View]
121118669What's the funnies prank you've pulled?[View]
121116224I hate customers bros...[View]
121112897Does this happen in ur cunt?[View]
121113106we frens :)[View]
121116376Can we expect cheaper food in the future?[View]
121118454Feeling the Bern !!!: Bernie Fireworks[View]
121115312>all these nationalist shit-flinging threads clogging up the catalog Reject nationalism. Embrace …[View]
121117639>Adam and Eve were black >I'm white so I make Vitamin D better than blacks Do Bongs reall…[View]
121116338Why do wh*te anglo always do this?[View]
121118311>me and chi taking over amerika[View]
1211183621) Your country 2) how tight are immigrations laws FR no laws, open for all[View]
121116688fuck china[View]
121076401/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Gary Numan edition[View]
121118205>your cunt >when was the last time you saw a cloud flag it's been so long i don't ev…[View]
121118070Estonian man killed himself: This is Aivar Rehe. He was involved in a money laundering scheme of 200…[View]
121112308So how is cuba /int/? It looks like a sweet place thats fun to vibe in[View]
121113804refugees start own economy in camp whats your excuses neets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzp8pvc1…[View]
121117065>dutch cousine[View]
121114140/brit/: Cheeky early Welsh edition[View]
121117532A true ubermensch[View]
121109030/deutsch/: Unwertes Leben Ausgabe[View]
121112633Whats this phenotype ?[View]
121109797What is it about turkish girls that are so perfect?[View]
121117318Ginger people bullied me when I was young. Now I’m afraid of ginger people.[View]
121114802I hate every nigger in the entire world!! I am racist![View]
121117272I just matched with a Lithuanian girl on OkCupid. What are Lithuanian girls like?[View]
121114143Is your country a communist socialist shithole that give roads for free to the people? >Norway No…[View]
1211041111. your country 2. cofe time? >leaf >oh yeah baby…[View]
121116997Are there mountains where you live? >flag >no…[View]
121105599This is a Turkish girl, say something nice about her.[View]
121113678Could he got laid in your country?[View]
121114993why are euros so butthurt over american banter? i.e. burgers being really loud and friendly scares …[View]
121116742/int/ the game: Name a game that created more banter between countries, i will wait[View]
121116091Yet another thing America fucked up.[View]
121114569/lat/ hilo latino: hilo texano[View]
121113913I ain't got no motherfuckin friends That's why I fucked yo' economy, you lazy motherf…[View]
121115698Los americanuses: This cant be real right?[View]
121112268/brit/: Your home is here edition No Yanks[View]
121111659Does /int/ need a haircut during the quarantine period?[View]
121115437How cool must it feel to be Italian?: Literally a descendant of the fucking Roman Empire.[View]
121115199>Why, yes, I believe in Indra and that all disbelievers and sinners should be slain by thunderbol…[View]
121115164americans have a lower standard of life than euros[View]
121115214>omg old socialist Jew[View]
121108606Post famous locals from your town: This is 'El Pelón de los Minishorts'. He wanders the main square …[View]
121073293kurva anyátok[View]
121115792What's it like in somaliland?[View]
121112054Made for Spanish cocks: If I was Spanish I would go to every single one of those cunts and spread my…[View]
121113843>obesity is the leading factor of morbidity in young people infected by the coronavirus…[View]
121113402Eurobonds NO: Dit is waarom Nederland NOOIT met Eurobonds mag instemmen! https://youtu.be/H3l0LAa6Lv…[View]
121103078/balt/ + /ausnz/: Keite edition[View]
121112945American -> Sweden EXPAT: hello /int/ College educated American here with background in finance (…[View]
121113409Are you an 'essential' worker? You're going to work tomorrow, right? The economy needs you.[View]
121110585Throughout history, which flag of your country do you like the most?[View]
121112243How do you cope with the fact that you will never be Phoenician?[View]
121115196Oh shit![View]
121115020Tell me about jollof and the famous Nigerian Ghanan rivalry. What is their beef?[View]
121112920what makes germans look like that[View]
121106480/fr/ - /freund/ aka /francofil/: Bonne anniversaire Jean Pierre !! édition ancien >>121099172…[View]
121110937>one chance at life >born as a human[View]
121114352Who else does this?[View]
121111016what's happening forum[View]
121115057Within the context of the Yurobond debacle, do Northern Italians realize that what Germany and the N…[View]
121106027Guess his nationality[View]
121114932Let's pray for Spain.[View]
121109084/nederdraad/: OEPS sorry[View]
121112463>Liberal white birth rate = 1.4 >Conservative white birth rate = 2.5 >Religious white birth…[View]
121114768How are rap battles in your cunt?[View]
121111575https://youtu.be/X15yfPr5auY How did he do it?[View]
121108834Do Americans really?[View]
121111368Is online dating harder than real life pick up in your cunt? It's almost impossible to pick up …[View]
121089583/international mental health/: Hey, welcome to /imh/ Today's edition: depression and ADHD I wil…[View]
121114430J'ai longtemps hésité entre écouter le bruit de mon âme Ou écouter le bruit de mon arme Ou écou…[View]
121114424/indo-uralic/: IMFF edition[View]
121105980>On February 14th, 2020 the Archbishop of Canterbury apologised for the actions of the British Em…[View]
121108494ITT Us peace-loving nations who were victimised by these fags demand reparations for their viking r…[View]
121109017/deutsch/: AT-Ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyrdPtEHKzE[View]
121114196>What it could've been...[View]
121114301So, why are they stupid as fuck?[View]
121114331gettin real tired of corona lads[View]
121113787>Yes, I believe sex outside marriage is imorral. >Why? Because I'm incapable of having se…[View]
121113683If you have sex outside marriage then you're a pathetic coomer.[View]
121113737/ita/ - il filo: Edizione compleanno del Greggione[View]
121114083/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Cool kids only edition[View]
121114232>Do you remember that coronavirus pandemic in 2020? Now kids have it too easy, I wonder how they …[View]
121112441>we would be just a week away from Cyberpunk 2077 release if they didn't fuck up…[View]
1210963271. Your country 2. Left or right?[View]
121113650Why is it that Americans don't seem to have a problem with this?[View]
121113763Whats the Filipino equivalent of the Japan/Korea rivalry.[View]
121113265Bra spel görs inte längre[View]
121113600Sverigetråden - Kvällsmålupplagan[View]
121104912I'm getting incredibly upset by the attitudes members of this community have towards the Dutch …[View]
121112573Brits be like >ground of all[View]
121112236Dutch hate thread.[View]
121110566>i think globalisation is largely a good thing.[View]
121077345/norgetråden/: Norrønt-utgaven Forrige: >>121043516 >>121043516 >>121043516[View]
121113243Press S to shit on his grave[View]
121112849Georgia is a tiny country with people who have big hearts.[View]
121112944who is your favorite american?[View]
121107798Vilnius, Lithuania[View]
121109787>You wake up in the Dutch province Limburg, aka the Alps of the west[View]
121111302>Corona killed more americans than 9/11 Who will they bomb now?[View]
121113213Why don't Americans celebrate Easter?[View]
121084843/asean/: Martial arts edition![View]
121113099Good afternoon, gentlemen.[View]
121079528/esp/ - Hilo Español: Edición yihadista[View]
121113117Hello? Pharmacy? Gigachad here. Yeah, I lost my rivotrils, gabapentins and dilaudids again and need …[View]
121101735/lat/ hilo latino: hilo tomoko[View]
121111683Absolutely fucking BASED: >A Kentucky doctor has been charged for strangling a teenage girl and s…[View]
121111483Do Americans really?[View]
121110392guess his ethnicity[View]
121112093Why are these the only two nations that bother making comics/cartoons?[View]
121110478How is the pandemic treating you? I've been furloughed for two months with full pay, feels amaz…[View]
121084477What is the state of Linux in your country?[View]
121103669Your country? Does your country/language have a proverb such as 'carry your own weight'? >flag …[View]
121109643>South American Tinder[View]
121112557just call this virus Alaric 19 because Shitalians are getting killed[View]
121101623post songs filled with soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kto7af_xWy4[View]
121112194I love the smell of my own farts.[View]
121112411How true is this?[View]
121111764What do /int/ meetups look like?[View]
121107157Meet İlhan Mask, a Turkish politician.[View]
121098670/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Bernie edition[View]
121108919/brit/: >falling for tradthots[View]
121101137/Risk/ Moon Edition: We start at 5 people >Name >Color >Starting Location…[View]
121098549>938 dead today >786 yesterday >prime minister in intensive care What did we ever do to …[View]
121111768para quien estea EL BEEPER para colombia EL BEEPER para puerto rico EL BEEPER para cuba EL BEEPER pa…[View]
121110327me on the right[View]
121111478:-(: the head gardner at my uni who i really liked and used to talk to a lot just died of a heart at…[View]
121104356We almost never talk about this country: What do you guys think of it?[View]
121111425which of these countries is the best to move to, and how hard it is to keep living there? france ita…[View]
121111401>moooommy call the ambulance, i fell on this massive carrot again and cant get it out…[View]
121111408Bong: *says something completely fucking stupid* American: 'Dude wtf, that's fucking stupid bro…[View]
121111143>mfw a 4/10 or above person tells me how hard his/her life is[View]
121109692Hiring person in China >person does job and feeds his family Hiring person in Europe >person d…[View]
121094804This is how intensive care units look like in Germany. Notice anything?[View]
121106182>be dutch >drown hahaha[View]
121111191>CELESTIAL WHITE NOISE | Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your Mind, Improve Focus | 10 Hour Amb…[View]
121108715Arabs what the fuck does Yallah Habibi Yallah mean: In random Bollywood songs they put these words i…[View]
121111095Tourism 2020[View]
121111012OH NO NO NO NO[View]
121102026/ita/ - il filo[View]
121101303What the fuck is wrong with Italian bridges?[View]
121099582/Isr/ thread: Passover edition חג שמח צדיקים[View]
121107384Why are yuros obsessed with the US?[View]
121108412What are some interesting laws in your country? In Finland taxi drivers have to pay a commercial use…[View]
121106199Sverigetråden - Skräpupplagan: era brev i videon[View]
121104004Imagine being on vacation in Switzerland walking through this beautiful village getting in touch wit…[View]
1211106531. Flag 2. Do you eat mutilated corpses? 1. Pineapple 2. YES[View]
121106867Your cunt What would you do if all the women in the world suddenly dissapeared?[View]
121101672Why are American ''''latinos'''' so fucking cancerous ?[View]
121110546The mayor of my municipality literally just banned 5G. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
121110293Here's the translation of a fairly normal thread from russian /soc/ (general-like, it's th…[View]
121104798>Dude, japan is so redpilled![View]
121109511Do you like the SEA?[View]
121105532what's the only thing scarier than a drunk driver?[View]
121110098Worst posters on /Int/[View]
121073209/Med/: Queen of the Mediterranean edition recent news: Swedish girls have public masturbation fetish…[View]
121099895What do you guys really think of us? Be honest.[View]
121105639Are French people just romanized Celts and Germs ?[View]
121103852worst posters on /int/[View]
121109952what's your favorite macaronesia island?[View]
121107684You wake up in Croydon, South London.[View]
121109906wypipo be like dis lockdown too spicy: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9HJHaplmH6o&feature=emb_title…[View]
121107186Seoul, South Korea, whose metropolitan area population exceed 22 million, just recorded the second d…[View]
121107348Fryslân boppe!: Frysk bloed tsjoch op! Wol no ris brûze en siede, En bûnzje troch ús ieren om! Flean…[View]
121109621why do Swedish men outnumber Swedish women?[View]
121107480Has your country done anything similar to England?: >During one battle William Wallace took out h…[View]
121108519Are men who hookup constantly chad coomers? I mean they are constantly looking for the next coom[View]
121082650/MENA/ - /مينا/: >Posting 24/7 on shitchan & /MENA/ threads yikes , NEEToids are so cringe /…[View]
121108931/brit/: baz edish[View]
121108162Can your country learn something from California?: Absolutely based[View]
121109147You just know she ordered MI5 to give Charles corona so that the crown goes straight to William, and…[View]
121109079damn british people look like THAT?[View]
121103403Post fortified villages/towns from your country >flag >place (Naarden)…[View]
121104533>The Person talk mit me >I talk to the Personen >They see me talk mit the Personem >This…[View]
121096494/nederdraad/: Komaan Jongens! We gaan het kartel verjagen![View]
121108864i cant get a job[View]
121107254Imagine living in a country with politicians like this. Big shithole[View]
121102174Do people in your country adopted some words from foreign language and use them regulary? here few a…[View]
121105982is it common knowledge that irish people are a colonised people?[View]
121105510>Eastern Europeans[View]
121105843/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zetdsdccDcg Just want to play videogames edition[View]
121108730blows your mind[View]
121103016What's so great about Texas that makes it the lone star state? The other confederate states wan…[View]
121098392>it's 18:30 >time to make Proto-Indo-European thread…[View]
121107775>Can you meet sex? >I want to fuck you sex sex sex How do you respond?…[View]
121104155>your a vagina >post yfw you realize you don't need to constantly be jerking off…[View]
121107514Is coronavirus test free in europe? pic unrelated[View]
121087764South Korea vs North Korea who wins your vote makes the difference: More votes -> WIN Special * I…[View]
121102669/deutsch/: DER HYPE IST VORBEI https://www.n-tv.de/wirtschaft/Absatz-von-Toilettenpapier-bricht-ein-…[View]
121108105>rules of the internet >don't talk about /b/ >DON'T talk about /b/…[View]
121107451Italy, Georgia, Ethiopia and Armenia must be so proud for being among the first to accept our Lord a…[View]
121108226Fucking hell I already miss summer[View]
121108223pls insult the shithole 'country' where i live[View]
121107340I'm getting incredibly upset by the attitudes members of this community have towards the Brazil…[View]
121099967Camo thread: Post camo from your country. In Canada we use Cadpat camo for most ops. For desert ops …[View]
121105394What is the most boring city in the world? Why?[View]
121106539>You think you've won this argument? Well, think again, We'll nuke your shithole, chump…[View]
121103676which country would you like to visit when this crisis is over? me: pic related[View]
121072968/v4/+Austria+friends: Midweek boogaloo[View]
121105994Criaturas do Brasil: Hello /int/ I'm an average Brazilian guy and I saw this video recommended …[View]
121105392More than 1000 cases increase here, 2 more weeks in lockdown[View]
121107376I have never seen a jew in my country[View]
121106669Despite a 24 hour lock-down, closure of all non-essential businesses, banning of any kind of gatheri…[View]
121107333>something happens regarding united statian left-wing politics >political badposting here mult…[View]
121107283just wanted to let you guys know Miriam is safe. Sicily hasn't been hit hard by corona-chan[View]
121103321is ilay still /ourgirl/?[View]
121107083Americans and Mexico failed to contain h1n1 and nobody is suing them[View]
121106010Come to Brazil and fuck our milfs[View]
121106878Which country is the cutest[View]
121106790https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9VxadGwT_A How much does a bottle of Jesus' blood go for these…[View]
121106951Did your cunt believe them? The WHO said all these things officially about 'rona: >Wouldn…[View]
121105538Post yfw somebody disrespects the netherlands[View]
121106174>Wake up >World is this What do?[View]
121105772Is Denver, CO literally the best city in the USA?: I hope to take my grandchildren there someday, ma…[View]
121103987That anus in center reminds me of something.[View]
121105760>be slavs >have the same religion >same language >same culture >same food >same ev…[View]
121104458We should rangeban the cuckerlands[View]
121106355what would a hot blooded young man do for a night out in your country?[View]
121078666/desi/- where the fuck is everyone edition: India Pakistan Bangladesh general and others invited etc…[View]
121102164Have your country and its rival conquer half the world ? France Yes[View]
121091247Did you know that IKEA is a Dutch company? Headquarters are in Delft and on wikipedia it says 'Dutch…[View]
121102731English pronouns (subject/object):: >1st person I/me (singular) we/us (plural) >2nd person ðou…[View]
121105565>Hey, like china bro if you disagree about china than you must be a /pol/tard and a r*dditor…[View]
121105476>This couple goes from geeky to gorgeous in 10 years! does this happen in your cunt? https://www…[View]
121106132What’s does your cunt think of the emperor of black people?[View]
121104977Les américains sont un peuple aveugle, suis-je le seul déçu de voir bernie sanders partir pour laiss…[View]
121099078What do think of each other?[View]
121103189/brit/: A thread dedicated to British culture.[View]
121099172/fr/ - le francofil: Édition trois parfums Ancien >>121092113[View]
121052141Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread>>120997016 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/…[View]
121105470is the meme war started yet? xD :DD i means fuck dutch druggie whores[View]
121105491Have you ever met any Tamils in your country ?[View]
121102084OH FU-[View]
121104856>belgium waffles, beer, chocolate, fries, bars, famous painters, comics, ardennes, weapons ect...…[View]
121100514OH NO OH NO OH NO: NIGERIABVLLS GOT TOO COCKY IN CHINA Now they are homeless twitter.com/SirFokes_Ch…[View]
121104647based posters, based country can't get enough of them[View]
121097910Yugoslav Wars is my favorite anime. FARC vs Colombian government is also very good. What's you…[View]
121099605Poor Uyghur qts....[View]
121104724Why do Korean women have such huge thighs?: My dream is to lick the beautiful huge legs of Korean wo…[View]
121099473Post pics that you took in your cunt[View]
121103267Being an American is hell. I wish I were European. They have better history, better chicks, better Q…[View]
121104956>Genitive case[View]
121104294Apparently Indonesia has more than 200 ethnicities so it's hard to judge. So, given that, can w…[View]
121104047Ontario and British Columbia should seal their borders to prevent Alb*rtan rapefugees from entering.[View]
121094881Do you prefer a commieblock to a house in England with no greenery?[View]
121098387What cheese from other cuntries did you try recently? I had a red leicester a few days ago, it remin…[View]
121087182/polska/: edycja wojskowa[View]
121104078How many languages do you speak? What are you learning right now?[View]
121104661>christmas carol starts playing >canadians start singing their national anthem…[View]
121101012>most common surname in Germany >Müller >most common surname in Switzerland >Müller >…[View]
121098447Irelevant countries always have this urge to put us down, this urge to break the commonly accepted s…[View]
121100438>Why am I so depressed: 1. Your country 2. What did you do today? I only did the most mundane thi…[View]
121104408i am netherlandic[View]
121097661What did you learn about America in history class?[View]
121083296IRA: Were they based?[View]
121100902The fight between Greeks and Dutch is escalating. We should not forget that we are both Europeans. I…[View]
121081112Apparently, there's a lack of maps online especially relating to Indian history so last year fo…[View]
121103826I do not want to find love in Japan: Please, stay far away from me and my genitals. You creep me out…[View]
121102956I would never date a foreign woman, very high possibility she can't cook pasta right, plus it…[View]
121100151What's your favorite Chinese food?[View]
121102441>Go to Japan >It really is just like how it looks in the comfy threads What the fuck, all the …[View]
121101546In 2024 Bob Geldoff will be 72 years old: And this time it will be he and Ethiopia which will organi…[View]
121095211When people say 'Real Europe' they mean the part in the green.[View]
121100888Is he gonna be ok?[View]
121097121who tf is his faggot ad why he so famouse ?[View]
121103511>NEW YORK -- The amazon worker who organized a one-day walkout last week over working conditions …[View]
121098197>why yes I did major in a foreign language instead of falling for the STEM meme, how could you te…[View]
121103785Ni hao: 1. Your cunt 2. Did they give this series in your cunt? 3. Did you see it? 1. Uruguay 2. Yes…[View]
121102766Has your country done anything similar to England?: >During one battle William Wallace took out h…[View]
121090473How did Spain defeat THIS?[View]
121096920Sverigetråden - Utebliven midsommar pga Corona upplagan[View]
121098376How come German and Dutch and the Scandinavian languages all have a distinctly Germanic sound but En…[View]
121101862Poland appreciation thread.[View]
121103342>If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conser…[View]
121102780>His flag has the color yellow in it Jesus Christ, get thee away!!![View]
121103244Do Asian women with plastic surgery look like dolls? It's cute but weird.[View]
121093967In Israel all women must do compulsory military service. Realistically speaking what role would pic …[View]
121103132it's 23:02 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
121099509Return of Reckoning: Any of my /int/ frens playing Warhammer Online Return of Reckoning? (Warhammer …[View]
121103159/balt/ + /ausnz/: ascending edition[View]
121100427>Italy Founded on March 17, 1861 >Greece Founded on March 25, 1821 >Netherlands Founded on…[View]
121099991/ brit/: Based Trump edition[View]
121099549>Why yes I'm from Blemmyes, how could you tell?[View]
121092144/mämmi/: Paistopistepainos[View]
121084732/balt/+/ausnz/: comforble edition[View]
121097044Apparently some people store chocolate in the fridge. Is this common in your country? Here in Norway…[View]
121100037multi-lingual and language learning: ITT we post: cunt number of languages spoken fluently current p…[View]
121101948>tfw no californian gf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
121102733I am greek[View]
121102312/ita/ - il filo: Edizione senza rimborsi[View]
121102619Corona? I don't give a fuck, if anything it's a blessing in disguise. Less old people leec…[View]
121102430america must pay[View]
121102586Ave Maria https://youtu.be/8xXkB-ncF2g[View]
121102325>Judging people by their race, nationality, or ethnicity? Nah, I prefer getting to know people in…[View]
121102132Are people fit in your cunt?[View]
121092694/ita/ il filo: Edizione saltimbocca[View]
121089390What are the Polish contributions to the world? In what way has Poland enriched the world?[View]
121097985Does your country eat beaver tails?[View]
121102119>New Zealand niggas be like “Muh fayvrut heavy mitul band is Blick Sibbuth”…[View]
121102173some kind of celebration?[View]
121099045Tell me, mr. janny, if you can: you have deleted so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created…[View]
121095218How do shy women with large breasts live with the constant shame and embarrassment?[View]
121101768lat: hilo bardero[View]
121098104Post the unique dinosaurs of your country Korea Haenamichnus uhangriensis (left) Pukyongosaurus (ri…[View]
121101742Why don't Americans celebrate Good Wednesday?[View]
121098648Are Finns Nordic Russians?[View]
121088384Hilo /lat/ino Kavinsky[View]
121094105Same imperial bloodline on the direct paternal line since the conception of the Japanese nation[View]
121101531Hey Italy. I heard you were dying in droves because of the Chinese virus. You needed some money to f…[View]
121095809/deutsch/: Affenmullen Tröpfel[View]
121101412The new face of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wnr6GOQoiI They really do[View]
121101338https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gc1NoeaVVU Makes sense for fitness[View]
121099350>Starcraft Ost Terran Theme[View]
121099273>The most dangerous job in Australia is dressing up as Santa Claus because it's so hot in th…[View]
121083124What happens in Mongolia?: How i do fucking answer that?[View]
121094168Did you know...: Italian-Americans don't speak Italian[View]
121100672Did you know that it is very common for people with French last names in the Northeastern United Sta…[View]
121089958>tfw living in an evil country[View]
121072723/brit/ + /belg/: https://youtube.com/watch?v=NNo3CEGkkxg[View]
121098258Can we have a serious thread about Americans being fat? It's actually intriguing. All Western c…[View]
121100790What do Polish people think of Canadian refugees?[View]
121095110I have been thinking about this picture for 24 hours now since yesterday. It has disturbed me on so …[View]
121098855Your country Do you like your country’s name in English? Mexico I don’t care cause it’s the same jus…[View]
121096596Do women experience life on easy mode in your cuntry?[View]
121100803Hey, polentone friends! After much discussion we finally agreed to give you your money. It's ri…[View]
121098284Do you love wheat fields?[View]
121098824Fuck drumpf.[View]
121100646If Russia ever goes full fash could you please name your elite paramilitary 'White knights'? Or at l…[View]
121096330Bus stop in Finland before corona[View]
1210941601. country 2. what is your country's biggest contribution to the world? flag kpop[View]
121091670Do latinas have racial preferences when it comes to dating?[View]
121072317Will Africa ever get better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdDesKvrrTU[View]
121098464Why do Europeans hate skyscrapers? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_with_the_most_skyscr…[View]
1210966844 days to go.[View]
121099087Indians: How do indians cope that the Taj Mahal was built by Muslim Persians during the Muslim Mugha…[View]
121092969Post the least economically relevant part of your country: I’ll start with the US >Pic related…[View]
121097703he cant name 4 websites from his cunt[View]
121095796Why are white so vicious?: I am afraid of their inner brutality. They all look evil. Even their wome…[View]
121098022Have you ever participated in Cyber war?: Flag Yes, pic related[View]
121095105why do anglos women scare anglo men?[View]
1210971671. your cunt 2. an obscure song from your cunt that wouldn't pop on people's minds when yo…[View]
121095484Pictured is a map showing the global distribution of the Chinese diaspora of which I am a member.[View]
121095885>dad gets remarried >'here is your new step-sister Anon' What do?…[View]
121096398>2020, I am forgotten....[View]
121090871Do spics really?[View]
121073058/balk/: Greece edition[View]
121096802/brit /: Ring-a-ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies, A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down! …[View]
121098042This is Tinten. She is self-isolating. Are you?[View]
121091679Paris, the Bueno Aires of Europe[View]
121097983Lockdown: What is permitted in your contry dorung the lockdown? I'm from Italy and we can'…[View]
121096882Westerner = 100% europeans If you´re not 100% european, you´re not westerner[View]
121096337This is the only real America (not niggers, spics or chinks). https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VuNIsY6J…[View]
121097881My daughter is trying to kill me.[View]
121081732pick your Civilization bro[View]
121087572Why are Pakistani men so alpha?[View]
121098662Hey guys! We have a gift for you!: She is ugly and not attracted at all. You'd think so, wouldn…[View]
121096936How many /pol/turds would you kill for a cute black gf with K-cup breasts?[View]
121091104>The world in 2020 whitout capitalism[View]
121096416It's his birthday today /int/: Wish him a happy birthday! :)[View]
121093922/brit/ - The Based 90s Frog Music Edition[View]
121098708>Why yes I perceive other men only as sexual objects what gave it way?[View]
121071076/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico + Peru[View]
121098551Do people in your country eat wild cats?[View]
121093990Post driving video from your city: https://youtu.be/39eKuBwiOv0[View]
121096080Got in trouble with my teacher for holocaist denial again desu[View]
121095692Why don't they celebrate Easter?[View]
121096677Post etymology of your country's regions[View]
121093721this is wrting style of ㅊ which do you prefer[View]
121093310Atazanavir can cure corona[View]
121095951I made this chicken with HP sauce and ketchup. Am I Anglo now?[View]
121092113/fr/ - le francofil: ancien >>121083102[View]
121090222Tell me some internationally unknown fact about your country.[View]
121095544Do you love Australia?[View]
121095884Wasn't Australia on fire recently?: Whatever happened with that?[View]
121097113Norway and Romania sent doctors. Africa sent disinfectants. You are da real MVPs.[View]
121096594>save as .pdf[View]
121096852/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição do Cappuccino do Anon Fio anterior: >>121054221…[View]
121092992why are swede niggas so evil? they release imperfect games on purpose all the time and make people t…[View]
121097275In your COUNTRY or CULTURE how do you define 'A real woman'?[View]
121097243What language should I raise my daughter with? It would be interesting if we both learned a language…[View]
121084517> Italy should have made economic changes Elaborate on your meme tier position /int/, how should …[View]
121091706>DA NORF REMEMBAHS![View]
121097092Our most soy network (Netflix) is producing a lot of Russian tv shows as of late. Are we becoming...…[View]
121096263the earth today if the ottoman empire had never fallen[View]
121095522Did you know that in 2005 russians created the most badass opening to a pop song of all time? https:…[View]
121096866>see the phrase 'British Accent' >Nigels and Harrys from all over Tewnoncingtonshireburyshire…[View]
121095221Does this happen in your country?[View]
121096376You can post ITT if you're a member of the free world.[View]
121054221/luso/ - Edição extremamente homossexual: >>121012804[View]
121091886>He doesn't work and stays home all day, he's so diligent![View]
121095505>happy passover[View]
121096431when they will become a superpower?[View]
121096741wait ..... so you're telling me american's don't? Now that's crazy[View]
121095905the last mcdonalds in my town just closed[View]
121096592How long will it take your country to deport all illegal resident aliens? Apparently at the current …[View]
121095312What country has the highest amount of thick women? I’ve noticed that Hungary has quite a lot, maybe…[View]
121087752Feels good man. Now all we need is to ban the entrance of subhumans into the country and keep workin…[View]
121095813What's up with italian bridges?[View]
1210954781. country 2. favorite hairstyle on women usa i personally like bob cuts (chin to shoulder length)[View]
121089309Ugh...what could have been...[View]
121088170Is Australia really filled with fuckers like this or is it just a meme?[View]
121095573A new superpower is emerging: What if covid-19 is really India's way of becoming a superpower? …[View]
121096134Can´t wait to kick this fucker out so we can join Russia and China again to kill those fucking anglo…[View]
121095700daily reminder[View]
121095562Saw these at my local supermarket: Are they any good?[View]
121091543This is the tallest building in my village, what's the biggest building in your village?[View]
121095878Biden 2020: Today, the WTO director general made it clear that an end to the trade tension between t…[View]
121095304Why is your post office such shit you Dutch fucks?: >Ordered a 130 dollar package a month ago …[View]
121095598Could he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
121088087What female nationality you'll never hang out with and why?: Which female nationality you'…[View]
121091682korean qveens face racism due to corona: >ireland https://youtu.be/GT-tUn7Ox54 >portugal https…[View]
121095823>texted my friend from NY yesterday >he never replied…[View]
121090922/deutsch/ am Vorabend: Hensch 4 leiks auf zünder jetzt auch puh heh[View]
121092649Pepe the Frog is seen as a hate symbol in Australia. >It's apparently a symbol of Anti-Semit…[View]
121095515What do you call this in your cunt?[View]
121095184And the award 'The most based anon of /int/' goes to...[View]
121091965Why are whites so oblivious to reality ?[View]
121095442Is there any part of your country spared from corona? INUIT BVLLS are immune here.[View]
121088418yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
121092027Why does it seem that anything that happens to the US seems more tragic than when it happens to anot…[View]
121090789I think Korea is Mongolia and Mongolia is Korea so we should be one country the 6 reason why we sho…[View]
121094802My country needs more blacks for athletic reasons[View]
121094603>people keep saying Stalin was a dictator >wasn't even president or prime minister, just …[View]
121091128Does this happen in your country?: >the pasta police asked to see my baking license today…[View]
121091423Sverigetråden - Neo-Stockholmsupplagan[View]
121093854Because of clear skies you can now see the alien spaceship above Johannesburg, South Africa[View]
121094926who's better the cow milk or female tiddes milk ? is normal to like When you eat a cookie, you …[View]
121082186Has your cunt had a war with Britain? Did you win?[View]
121088948Are you enjoying the Indian century so far?[View]
121089386How do i become a czech citizen[View]
121094812the Bosnian version Mark Ruffalo, thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNyt1pe0OcU[View]
121094803What's the best region in Russia and why is it Buryatia?[View]
121088764Greece has no rape because of Nordic women[View]
121083412Why are Indians so based?[View]
121094535>lockdown only started yesterday >already want to kms myself fuck china…[View]
121092287How has the virus changed your life?[View]
121067979/nederdraad/: De beschikbaarheid van porno draagt niet bij aan een gezonde visie op seksualiteit, ma…[View]
1210898421. Ur cunt. 2. Who is the best author in your cunt?[View]
121093909To the person that stole my microsoft office: I will find you, you have my WORD.[View]
121090787How common is it to know Latin in Romance speaking countries?[View]
121094216Based on what? I really want to know...[View]
121094282Post it: What are you smoking right now? >Mevius, Made in Japan[View]
121083977I think human body and sex are repulsive and disgusting. Does that happen in your country?[View]
121071147>Please mom, I swear I’m not gay, the dildo is just to increase pleasure during masturbation.…[View]
121094215You are now remembering when burgers wanted to buy Greenland[View]
121093065What are the most common mating rituals in your country?[View]
121088731me on the left ;)[View]
121087121slaves of ameriKKKa: I have no respect for these countries[View]
121094129Suddenly there aren't as many 5G threads like that Thai poster would spam Really makes you thin…[View]
121092755Why did you delete the thread about the EU. Pls stop[View]
121087663Canadian White + Asian couple during quarantine: https://youtu.be/jGOGhtQepGU They've been toge…[View]
121093844>my favourite kind of threads? gigachad-soyak conversations of course[View]
121092672>a group of germans commit the ritual sacrifice of a lamb after their journey to the hajj, 15 of …[View]
121083036What have you eaten today? What are you eating right now? What will you eat today?[View]
121093894Hold me closer, tiny Russia Count the headlights on the highway Lay me down in sheets of linen You h…[View]
121087105What kind of japanese women you like yayoi or jomon?[View]
121093699This is the only good Arab country.[View]
121093525Imagine theres no countries yeaaaaauh https://youtu.be/qmxYXLGzS4A[View]
121087437I wonder what the alternate tutorial country flipland looks like? You know, the flipland where we di…[View]
121091514/brit /: 4 days till Easter Sunday Edition[View]
121093458tom booovtoi pizda[View]
121083195I'm the only one with good taste in video games on this board[View]
121092760The mayor of my city is rounding up the homeless and stuffing them in a concentration camp so that t…[View]
121088582Don’t Nurses understand that they aren’t supposed to make fun of their patient’s penises? I can’t t…[View]
121093117I can tell you're balding[View]
121069802/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/lithuania/: Укpaинcкoe издaниe[View]
121092852What does people in your country think about vaccines?[View]
121092057How many times have you left home in the past 2 weeks?[View]
121085147If your country doesn't have capybaras it isn't based, sorry.[View]
121092061CERB: Anyone else get two payments of $2000 instead of one?[View]
121086672What do you guys think about Brazilians living in your country ?[View]
121089377Empire Earth 2020: Which is the greatest empire of the modern age?[View]
121091123Anytime Americans go to a Chinese restaurant (fake kind, not authentic), they constantly talk about …[View]
121086608some nice hungarian ladies gave me a free mask so i could enter lidl[View]
121091368G*rmany is now making their articles in Spanish and Italian to look like the good guy instead of the…[View]
121089902South Korea of Europe[View]
121089777Stop calling me 'based', incels. If you wanna compliment me, call me epic or awesome.[View]
121089533Thoughts on my ex-gf[View]
121090192Russians what does this mean?[View]
121084620Do people in your cunt have weird, outdated health beliefs such as that 'draughts (gusts of win…[View]
121072814/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Pizza[View]
121091862any balding lads in[View]
121091343Brazilian scientists from Fiocruz show that Atazanavir can cure Covid 19. Fuck Bill Gates[View]
121091894I broke my Nofap streak today. I jerked it to MissAlice.[View]
121090587Do you prefer Japanese girl or Japanese women?: I prefer Japanese girl.[View]
121091798First person to set a grindr account to South Africa and get a black match gets a shiny medal[View]
1210836471. Your cunt 2. Are you working from home?[View]
121091207Suomi. (Finland)[View]
121090321Does the pig take EBT?[View]
1210917271-cant 2- do you like pizza?[View]
121089745Gay guys of /int/ Where do you fit in?[View]
121086951Your country? WTC 7 was a controlled demolition?[View]
121086064/canjapchirusitaegy/: /Canada, Japan, Chile, Russia, Italy, Egypt/ : Chino edition[View]
121087101>right half of my face is chad tier >left half in incel tier How do I cope?…[View]
121089202/brit /: Mexico Edition[View]
121091318Do Asian anons understand the 12 Earthly Branches and 10 Heavenly Stems?[View]
121091311What is the age of consent in your cunt?[View]
121090501This skyscraper in New York is named Sven[View]
121081220/mämmi/: Kirjaimellisesti minä -painos[View]
121088644Have you ever eat your pets?[View]
121089743How long did it take you to realize the funny pictures next to the posts were ment to express emotio…[View]
121083102/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Jésus Avant: >>121075911[View]
121090625right guys?[View]
121085791OH NO NO NO[View]
121086636/anmie/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
121089174France > Germany in every way[View]
121076497Faces of /int/[View]
121087635Do Americans really wear shoes inside their homes?[View]
121082493Need some clarification on Tamil pronouns: So as per the corona lockdown I decided to give learning …[View]
121082668Suomi is cute![View]
121089773How do people cope with balding in your cunt?[View]
121086772Do protestants really have a harder work ethnic than catholics?[View]
121086744Do you prefer Non-Japanese women or Japanese women?[View]
121089822¿Jesus Christ was gay?[View]
121089563Can any Burgers help me: So recently I've tried to go from 100% of my diet being junk food to 7…[View]
121088109English roses....[View]
121083999Why is Germany and the Netherlands so poor?[View]
121089076This is why China bought northern Italy for pennies[View]
121088395Let's wait for >>121089248 and compliment them for the great post.[View]
121083372post your face when you look at the death chart of american covid patients[View]
121083548Who's your favourite stan int? To me its Kyrgyzstan since I fucked a girl from there.[View]
121089141>This isn't over yet, Soyjak. Witness my ultimate move... SHIBAKU TENSEI…[View]
121087794Why are they so delusional ?[View]
121071148Post dogs from your coontree[View]
121071620ugh.... what couldve been...[View]
121087435/brit/: none brits posting in a /brit/ thread[View]
121089270>Why yes, for me its Maserati, Chanell Heart, Ana Foxxx, Kandie Monaee, Anne Amari, Cecilia Lion,…[View]
121084061How much Turkish admixture do Serbs have? 20%?[View]
121083690>7 billion people in the world >only single to double digit amount of people will post ITT …[View]
121082069https://youtu.be/X15yfPr5auY Bros... China won...[View]
121085051why are wh*te men like this?[View]
121084117Sverigetråden- Götalandsupplagan: så 'e de me' de´[View]
121086245/italian diaspora/: Allowed: terroni bvll Not allowed: scum polentoni[View]
121080182The state of this board: 90% of the posts are like this or diverge into it. >I'm white >N…[View]
121088342Will AZNS ever recover????? https://twitter.com/jordypizza/status/1247205591996674051?s=21[View]
121088987Is this common in your country?[View]
1210883431. You're cunt 2. How is vaping viewed there?[View]
121078681Is your country celebrating the heroes of this pandemic? Italy Yes[View]
121087436tanks in Europe[View]
121087999Is it enough to save Europe from being destroyed by G*rmans once again?[View]
121079598>your cunt >how do you say 'sneeds feed and seed, formerly chuck's' in your language?…[View]
121086906Pure Greek Phenotype[View]
121088266this makes the average brazilian seeth[View]
121088085Why do people refuse to stay inside? I hate this country[View]
121072541What's your BMI? https://www.calculator.net/bmi-calculator.html[View]
121088436>Furuta was held captive in the Minato residence for forty days, during which time she was abused…[View]
121087306Why don’t just these European mini states integrate together? It’s honest an eyesore to watch all th…[View]
121083088Happy International Romani Day Romani = gypsy[View]
121086702What shows are popular in your country?[View]
121088485>Excuse me, but you're supposed to be on Erasmus, not sexual harassmus.…[View]
121088469Remember the crimes of the Eternal Muttoid.[View]
121085425>Julius Caesar at his 50 runned, trained, swimmed, drilled, everyday with his legionnaires barech…[View]
121080788>Fun fact: Nobody cares what year you are watching this[View]
121085965>tfw autistic it was already over from the start[View]
121082285Would you date a taller girl?[View]
121088246As China rapidly develops will it become more Western or will the West become more Chinese?[View]
121086661There will come a day when these people are no longer persecuted and marginalized by the European Un…[View]
121087797>Why yes, I am a protector of the Free World. How could you tell? >Why yes, if it weren't…[View]
121086379>What do you mean i'm just a 'statistic', i'm a REAL PERSON! See? I have hobbies like: …[View]
121081290>your country >could people from your country pass as locals in Africa Spain yes, specially af…[View]
121071719I want to find love in Korea.[View]
121080929Two nations. On two different islands. But. One people. United by God.[View]
121078897What happens here?: My mom is from Laos but I don't really know anything about them besides the…[View]
121083700What country has this phenotype please[View]
121087908Do japanese people really? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BosZxa1bYcE[View]
121087741how lonely are you?[View]
121078594I love this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe[View]
121083202Why yes, I listen to Best Korean K-pop https://youtu.be/Gu0TurCDC94[View]
121084690Happy International Romani (gypsy) day!![View]
121071066Your country last time you ate fruits or veggies >USA >literally can't remember…[View]
121065277/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
121085124/brit/: Riley edition[View]
121080076>i'm so fucking depressed[View]
121086577Did I just blow your mind?[View]
121075934What's your favorite country in South America?[View]
121086763Is this the main reason why Indian become extremely autistic when China is mentioned in every news? …[View]
121085919What do y'all think of this couples' interabled relationship?: Is it a sham? https://www.y…[View]
121086040Only corona neetbux receivers can post here[View]
121082404Can /int/ explain this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZyNhpqMIHY[View]
121085782why do the pakis smell so fucking TERRIBLE? not only are the all over my country, but i have to smel…[View]
121085912Jennie chan is so cute.[View]
121086548What are some jokes only people from your country will get[View]
121079912Why are br*tish people like this?[View]
121075127>set tinder to Mongolia >dozens of matches in an hour Fuark...I want to fug Mongolian qties b…[View]
121085414Goddamnit Klement! What have you done! You turned a democratic country into a communist one! You fuc…[View]
121085413Date a brazilian and impregnate her[View]
121085256Do white girls have nice ass???[View]
121086242I want to roger an English servant girl.[View]
121084765Quarantined in Bhutan with a lovely view[View]
121086236>animal abuse[View]
121080338Question for African anons(especially west African anons), what's the state of local languages …[View]
121077697Post in this thread and I tell you why Germany is better than your country[View]
121084873What happend to them ? They used to be the bantmasters, now they have some of the worst banter of th…[View]
121085192Post irrelevant shitholes with no culture, cuisine, industry or even scenery.[View]
121070011/polska/: Edycja baza polska[View]
121074244wtf america[View]
121085839Do korean women like japanese guys? asking for a friend[View]
121078741Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
121081678100% northern Italian phenotype: Adoniran Barbosa, artistic name of João Rubinato (6 August 1910, Sa…[View]
121085680Only 576 new cases, 70 dead in Italy: Fuck you pastaniggers, I don't want to go back to work so…[View]
120949676/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
121082429>cunt >do metal chicks exist in your cunt? fleg I don't think so for I have never met one…[View]
121084419DO THEY REALLY https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1586262321558.webm…[View]
121081258/deutsch/: so eben erwacht Ausgabe.[View]
121083052Did millennial teenagers in the noughties stick their tongues out like this and dab in photos?[View]
121079025Hijab girls: Would you date or fug one?[View]
121083688/asean/: Islamization edisi[View]
121084551>edit: omg i came back to rewatch the vid and saw my comment got 3000 likes. thanks for the likes…[View]
121085085https://youtu.be/yVyxRNc_gTs anyway rubbed my best mate's dick once on holiday he went into bed…[View]
121082885/brit/: feline edition[View]
121077889>tfw your friends are so smart you feel like a bug[View]
121073912>Please rise and salute the flag.[View]
121080685I still don’t understand English!!!! Fuck English! Why world common language is so difficult!![View]
121049992/asean/: /asean/ thread Lok ndon edition when was the last time you get out from your house?[View]
121076394If your mom swapped bodies with you, how quick do you think it would take for her to find you a girl…[View]
121081108Is there a bigger Europhile nation than Japan?[View]
121063704Is Bangladesh as hellish as my imagination makes it out to be?[View]
121075504Do ?[View]
121080864Do people chew betelnut in your countree?[View]
121084034>why yes I use the gigachad meme to make my retarded opinions seem valid >how could you tell?…[View]
121079646The non family: The non family[View]
121044352/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
121080631why is this board so obsessed with finland?[View]
121083352>PENSEZ PRINTEMPS !!! Oh no no no no /int/ you've angered him, quick post some interesting c…[View]
121083770/GR/: GRRRR ekdosis[View]
121083580https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/06/europe/chernobyl-fire-radiation-scli-intl-scn/index.html there is…[View]
121080005Is Harley Quinn popular in your cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_1GIBY8GTs[View]
121082270It sure is...[View]
121083392This is what we fight for![View]
121072948My dad molested me. But he's not gay.[View]
121083400Funny man[View]
121083101>“There was a time when the Philippines was seen as an Asian trendsetter, and fashionable young M…[View]
121082971Boom! Hahahaha![View]
1210807871. your country 2. what do you think of socrealist architecture?[View]
121082584Flag Do you like ketchup? Hungary Yes, but only one brand.[View]
121082875The USA is irl kino, I wish the UK has cool Skyscraper cities too[View]
121080885/brit/: Well then lads which for you?[View]
121081683Why do yanks and other cultures (including my own) have such reverence for veterans? It seems fuckin…[View]
121081630I have an idea to save human lives and the health of the planet in wars If people do not like to fig…[View]
121082984Why don't they have general? Because everyone hates them.[View]
121067325/mena/: طبعة الروسي[View]
121063479Are Australia and New Zealand culturally more like Anglo America or Europe?[View]
121082311>Oh the year was 1778 >How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now >A letter of marque came from the…[View]
121075917> almost 2000 dead burgers in 24hours from corona M'urica number one!…[View]
121082821southern hemisphere 1919[View]
121081213/int/: “The implications of mRNA vaccines are enormous,” Gates said in a speech at the Grand Challen…[View]
121078977I literally think of this country as one giant crime racket. What is wrong with me?[View]
121072000>Sweden >not Swedeland[View]
1210823201. cunt 2. what's dating like? 1. r****a 2. finding a qt and then finding out that she smokes, …[View]
121078070Sverigetråden amerifetare båh upplagan[View]
121081422>Download complete, close application.[View]
121082257DING DONG[View]
121078223Not 1 match after 150 swipes. Guess I will jerk myself off to sleep now: How is /int coping?[View]
121080960Does this man look more German or polish to you ? I'm thinking polish[View]
121078425HOW did this retardation even come to exist?: Look at this shithead including all of Africa in the s…[View]
121081109Good morning /int/! What's your typical day like under quarantine? Are you planning to do anyth…[View]
121080030I haven't been to a hospital in 10 years since I was 15yo. I am wasting my money on taxes for n…[View]
121080021Hey Italy, Spain and France, I heard you need some money. Since we're all EU citizens, let me h…[View]
121077801What is Australia doing right that the rest of these infected shitholes aren't?[View]
121079481me gusta esta pais mucho, solo cosa que quiero ser es un tincho con una departamento en recoleta o p…[View]
121079673Is he out of the ICU already?[View]
121080943I'm just not attracted to anything above the age of 15.[View]
121073171Hello? mic check mic check[View]
121078344Do you want to find love in Australia?[View]
121075910Holy shit we are the most beautiful country in the entire world. Most beautiful people, most beautif…[View]
121075911/fr/ - le francofil: Édition Chaika sur la première page Ancien >>121075173[View]
121075289>The worst pandemic we've ever had in this world was a flu. It's called... The Flu. The…[View]
121076113Japanese girls are the most beautiful in the world. But I have never had girlfriend. Life is cruel t…[View]
121075727anyone who speaks french who can help me with my homework? I know what Im supposed to do but I don…[View]
1210804151. your country 2. your pronouns 3. do people elect and support rapists in your country?[View]
121081312Which has the most well endowed men?[View]
121078925/brit/: andy samberg edition[View]
121077845/deutsch/: was sind das für komische teller?[View]
121081005>why yes, of course I have all generals filtered for a better /int/ experience, how could you tel…[View]
121080908Do you think they wake up in their houses made of used syringes and think to themselves: 'Well at le…[View]
1210743871 cunt 2 did u ever get revenge on your school bully? 3 describe how you were bullied and how you go…[View]
121077205you DO love belarus, right?[View]
121080471i just realized italians are the clowns of the world[View]
121080534i wish mutts would be banned from /int/. i just cant stand them. also looking at those ne covid de…[View]
121080179>hey everyone look what Finland can do! Look look! woah epic![View]
121080253Boris Kemal: Will Tengri welcome him into the Great Blue Sky?[View]
121076317>a Muslim general become a Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army & Thailand Prime Ministe…[View]
121078980have anyone here ever got laid with MTF transgender? asking for a friend[View]
121077878>indians didn't have the toilet paper war because they wipe their ass with their hands hahah…[View]
121076711Why does the Coronavirus mainly kill Black people and Minorities in the USA?[View]
121075243do girls in your country wear their hair short?[View]
121080307Tall BIG WHITE COCK boys and brown latinos are made for each other, Pic related[View]
121055169/mämmi/: Menkää nukkumaan -painos[View]
121077628Are women in your country like this also ?[View]
121079577what is difference between sudaca and bucket full of diarrhea?? BUCKET!![View]
121079119I think it's time to start killing politicians.[View]
121077874Question: Can you please answer these short and relevant question, please? :) 1. Country 2. Are you …[View]
121072540why do they like OPIOIDS so much?[View]
121078901Argentina is the world's median country. If you are richer than Argentina - you are first world…[View]
121079420/FR/- Édition Branleurs.[View]
121079384Time to read the Albanian Kanun.[View]
121073838Requesting help from Australia bros: I lost touch with an internet friend. This person graduated fro…[View]
121078369How do these rank as shitholes from least to most?[View]
121076073/int/ is actually best board on 4channel. Where else would I be able to talk with sub-saharan africa…[View]
121065686What's your background ? me 49% Brittish and Irish 25% Broadly Northwestern European 15% French…[View]
121077471Why are American evangelists so cringe compared to other christian denominations? and Why are Ameri…[View]
121078905You Have you ever EVER? me never[View]
121077373HOLY FUCK! It's fucking over for them, isn't it.[View]
121077159/brit/: lost your job? no worries lads come and join our unemployment lines during a literal contagi…[View]
121078380I just want to say Thank You Finland. Finland never closed their borders for Russians, they are alwa…[View]
121078820감스트 게이야 어딨누[View]
121078592I imagine myself in England, leading my Platoon. Our mission is to stop Engl*sh dogs from advancing.…[View]
121078755Siberian Khanate: Bring it back[View]
121075489Whoa... Are Atheists really like this in your country?[View]
121078615Whats cunts does he pass in?[View]
121078522>one copy of reconstructed Common Germanic for dummies please[View]
121075689How does it feel to be monolingual in the 21st century? I don't know this feeling. My native la…[View]
121072154I wish I was a Finnish alcoholic neet :([View]
121076687>cunt >what social media website/app/network do you use? >would you consider removing all y…[View]
121078057>human female >kills baby every time chad cums inside her, doesn't care about human life …[View]
121074882an unusual amount of Koreans here all of a sudden[View]
121077514What does /int/ think of Hmoob people?[View]
121076815Is it true that japanese females want to have sex with pokemon? Then they would fit in right in with…[View]
121073933Some interesting, not much known, places in Russia?[View]
121077693Say hello to Putin's next body double.[View]
121078103/sverigetråden/ kingupplagan[View]
121078085Hello /int/ friends Could some of you please make a vocaroo saying happy birthday to my friend lockl…[View]
121073304What was your most embarrassing moment in school/university? >say eugenics are good because they …[View]
121075162How to speak with British accent without living in the UK?[View]
121077905/deutsch/: Unwertes Leben ins Gas Ausgabe[View]
121073115>Brazil Alright boys, le'ts head to the bar! >Uruguay Ok, but it's my turn to pay. …[View]
121077766Sverigetråden - Kirunaupplagan[View]
121068373yeah, i'm thinking indians are based[View]
121076046Was he the most charming president in all of US history? I remember when Obama visited a university …[View]
121076532God I wish I was british.[View]
121075173why: why do u all post anime and play female characters and claim to be straight? if you post anime …[View]
121073668/deutsch/: >Ostdeutsche jungen ausgabe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPy2yqR_bvY#t=14…[View]
121058855>mfw white people ask me where I'm from, even though I was born here (in Sweden)…[View]
121077499I suddenly started liking Swedish people[View]
121063803Bought a frozen cake, thawed them, ate everything now I feel sick;[View]
121077189Aunt is screaming again[View]
121075974Gigachad: Are we there yet?: Soyjack: No. Gigachad:Are we there yet? Soyjack: No Gigachad: Are we th…[View]
121075622Even though japan island is geographically so far from europe, why jomons look similar to caucasian?[View]
121075264>“There was a time when the Philippines was seen as an Asian trendsetter, and fashionable young M…[View]
121075372/brit/: Florida edition[View]
121073817ทรงชัย: Thailand: >Land of the Smiles >Was a colonial power in Southeast Asia >Never coloni…[View]
121076323Why don't I get any tinder matches?: Am I just too ugly for girls. Should I go for a 5/10 then?…[View]
121043516/Norgetråden/: Nordmannafolket-utgaven. Forrige: >>121009926 >>121009926 >>1210099…[View]
121076721share with me cool facts about belarus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xUYEZeKUMI[View]
121070680Why are chicanos so obsessed with Olmecs?[View]
121070246are russians asian?[View]
121076548All social and political changes are sudden and rapid with a long period of relative tranquility bet…[View]
121076471Why are Nordics so bad at math?[View]
121076447Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
121075262>anon, what's your most honest opinion about the USA?[View]
121072713>TFW extremely deprived >have gotten to the point where I coom to people hugging even if it is…[View]
121071495Hey any Germans on here who could answer my question? I'm engaged and me and my fiancee had to …[View]
121073988Takeshima is japanese land! Back off Corea!!![View]
121074026>my favorite anime? >moomin[View]
121074733Name 1 (one) biscuit that objectively mogs this. Just one[View]
121071407Post your favorite bird.[View]
121070999JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
121076223Do they really?[View]
121075984I always hear that American women find the Australian accent sexy. Is this true?[View]
121071016OHNONONONO NOT THE QUEEN!!!: https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/08/queen-elizabeth-tests-positive-for-coron…[View]
121075321Things I like: >Peru >Non-indo-europeans >Dalits >Asians >Germany Things I don't…[View]
121070071I'm in love with an ASMR girl and I'm crying because I can't have her[View]
121063721Have you ever tried to hit on a ethnic female /int/?[View]
121071463In Japan we have Turks. They work at kebab stands and are very loud (aggressive) and friendly. They …[View]
121075843You have to go back to Canada.[View]
121071024How do I quit smoking without having a hard nicotine withdrawal? I'm getting really tired of th…[View]
121075761> WHY YES I'M CHAD HOW COULD YOU TELL????[View]
121070215Gingers are the mater race.[View]
121062452What do you think and know about Central America?[View]
121074097I see my face like this in retrospect.... then I realise I'm doing it again.... just when I thi…[View]
121072772Guess the country: '___ and ______' Guess which one int haha[View]
121073277>[no data][View]
121074658Why do redditors do this[View]
121074637>Neighbors saw me having a nervous breakdown in my front yard again Does this happen in your cunt…[View]
121073452What is that native fauna of your cunt like?[View]
121074242Tell me about Argentina. How do they do it?[View]
121063085Sverigetråden - Bossen av SV HO upplagan[View]
121072627Why is there no Japanese high art?: Why do Japs only know how to make CONSOOM media for incels and s…[View]
121073849/brit/: tomboy gf edition[View]
121074942I wanna leave my body and turn myself into a AI so that I could live online forever.[View]
121074062>1/5 of all the US death happened yesterday (2000) this is powerful[View]
121074987What do the traditional garments in your country look like?[View]
121072095I love you korea: Can we just be friend[View]
121074971My IQ is 60, is this normal in your cunt?[View]
121072450what country is this?[View]
121070711/G**ks and N*ps compete for BWC approval thread #8972642/: Does anyone have the picture of little pe…[View]
121074773What is Philadelphia like?[View]
121072199>be pajeet >pajeet uncle moved to Japan over 30 years ago >became a university prof in Japa…[View]
121074040What do you think about this??[View]
121074588That's not funny bro. I do not like memes. https://twitter.com/ernestkhalimov[View]
121069862Where do you see yourself in 10 years?[View]
121074140My dream is to find janny and shit in his mouth while Pootin watches us[View]
121073381Can I come to Central Asia like Bill?[View]
121074273>spent the whole night browsing warcrime videos and every paraphilia I could find on /gif/ and /b…[View]
121071957Would trippie pass as a local in your country?[View]
121061212This is an average American house. What does an average house look like in your country?[View]
121059976/fr/ - Francophile francophone: Edition de la Frégate Ancien pas bien : >>121051979 >>1…[View]
121070456Pika pika Pikachu pika pika Pikachu Pikachu[View]
121073986>alberta projected to have the highest unemployment in all of canada HAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAA https://ww…[View]
120993616/flag/+/extraflags: Riding Dirty Edition Previous: >>120902688 Welcome to /extraflags/, a love…[View]
121072098I propose a petition to replace Amerimutt with Coomerican ![View]
121073514>your cunt >last time you had physical contact, excluding family member flag 2015 probably…[View]
121071896>vast majority of humanity live in shit holes[View]
121070026Why are Japanese men pronograde??[View]
121066845Was the Manchu conquest of China the worst thing to happen in Chinese history?[View]
121071774Did Rasputin even exist? Think about it, giant penis preacher with a magnetic charisma, seems like a…[View]
121072941Have you ever seen a half mena half indian mutt ?[View]
1210684881. Flag 2. Does your country still have dinosaurs? Yes, we have American gators and some crocs here.[View]
121073247Euthanasia for coronavirus is legal in your country[View]
121071369/brit/: Fuck the confederacy edition[View]
121072931Are there any retarded japanese? I'm serious. Like the types that do poorly in school and might…[View]
121072996Daily reminder that Finns have high cheekbones and Gook eyes[View]
121072758thank you russia: just downloaded another game illegally[View]
121073692I am 1/3 portuguese and I love chickens post chickens.[View]
121070773why do mexicans get so pissed off when you call them gringos[View]
121069172Can we learn from Brazil on how to further enforce quarantine rules?[View]
121069595Why do Mexicans bully El Salvador?[View]
121060333/deutsch/ - nachtschicht: nachti[View]
121071277Do you love Tokyo?: These homes are only 40 square meters, but cost over $500,000.[View]
121071984>tfw In USA they are dying so many of Coronavirus that they need to dig mass graves in Central Pa…[View]
121062598Do Japanese women have the best ass in East Asia?: On average Japanese women's ass is not so ho…[View]
121072701god i wish i were western...[View]
121068117Australians are not nice people. god will genocide them in due time.[View]
121072755So Indonesia have the ugliest women on average, does this mean they are the best attitude wise?[View]
121071439What colors do rainbow have in your language? krásnyj - red oránževyj - orange žóltyj - yellow zelió…[View]
121072785In 1 month and 10 days from now, I would be a 23 yo incel: and no one except my mum would wish me on…[View]
121071546Why didn't you clap for Bojo?[View]
121069662Do people play musical instruments in your cunt?[View]
121071800I wish I were happy.[View]
121064584America is the new Rome: Just saying.[View]
121073264Do you have juvenile delinquents in your country?[View]
121073018I want my dick sucked by a hebe bros.[View]
121062581I'm not Korean but they are red-pilled on plastic surgery. Weak people can work out and become …[View]
121069956Why does this make Yuropoors seethe so hard?[View]
121068810How did Korea avoid becoming completely Sinified despite being under massive Chinese influence for s…[View]
121062847Yellow fever strike again[View]
121073154How is corona paranoia in yoir cunny? Here's most stores don't let you in without a mask, …[View]
121070809whats the point of this cunt[View]
121069045north korean in canada ask me your questions[View]
121070155australia-japan relations: why does japan hate australia so much[View]
121071831Flag? Does your country have something like America's Boy Scouts? >What do you learn? >…[View]
121065394does this image triggers you?[View]
121066481Korea vs Vietnam: Both countries abandoned Kanji and Westernized under foreign occupation. Both were…[View]
121072240/fa'p'h/: Do Americans really?[View]
121060635what comes to mind when you see this flag?[View]
121068815dont mind me, just handling coronavirus like a champ compared to every other blue state[View]
121072178*fixes everything*[View]
121072434They fight all the time and hate each other so much, the only way for them to cease fire is with BWC[View]
121072470Donald Trump has criticized Sweden for its management of the corona virus. He calls it reckless and …[View]
121068854Why did the Japanese container ship 'K-Line Milano Bridge' crash into the port in Busan, South Korea…[View]
121067688He is Alpha. Canada strong, i want live in Canada.[View]
121067495wtf is their problem[View]
121068836A while ago some anon on /int/ called me a Chinese shill that needed to go back to red dit. Well, I …[View]
121071958Do the portuguese really believe they are white?[View]
121071420>The Sims Soundtrack: Building Mode 1[View]
121070469Yes, yes shut down everything and lockdown very very good. HOWEVER[View]
121066268How do multilinguals learn language?: What languages can you speak?[View]
121067167What do you think about the American film industry dying? What will you watch now?[View]
121071819>day 14 of lockdown: i haven't spoken to anyone in 6 months[View]
121064339Chorizo sausage and hot peppers is the best pizza[View]
121068710I fucking hate them: just die already.[View]
121071476What do you call a 'pap smear' in your language, /int/?[View]
121067574What makes the third world so comfy but the first world so soulless? It's literally like soul v…[View]
121066646This is a 14 year old boy of German, Scottish, and Slovenian descent. Your thoughts?[View]
121058810first world bias: This is only considered beautiful because it is in Italy, but if it would have bee…[View]
121070477Why are you guys so jealous? Why do you Tell lie?[View]
121071408Fun fact: This flag has a 50/50 chance of either making an absolutely terrific shitpost (about a thi…[View]
121071704I miss him already.[View]
121071699Why are bongs called bongs again? I forgot.[View]
121070406How do they make homes is your country?[View]
121070743>make highly cultured thread about third world signifiers and culture >people from all over th…[View]
121071529Queen tests positive for coronavius: holy shit https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/08/queen-elizabeth-tests-…[View]
1210712551. Your cunt 2. Why do people give importance to internet arguments then get butthurt over said impo…[View]
121070303Nothing on this earth is more powerful than being both Jewish and Black[View]
121071366It may not mean nothing to y'all But understand nothing was done for me So I don't plan on…[View]
121071431Both Madagascar and Greenland have active cases. The world is done for my dudes.[View]
121071283I spent yet another sleepless night thinking about my crush and the fact that we haven't spoken…[View]
121067358/brit/: yanks mad edition[View]
121068152Why don't you love me ? Tell me the reason gaijinsan[View]
121067136What is the Chinese diaspora like in ur cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ujs3BSXnwxs[View]
121068279how do spanish feel about portugese?[View]
121070698I like anyone who is nice to me, regardless of his/her skin color[View]
1210705422020 is asshole but still better than 1346[View]
121066239/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Capy edition Previous thread: >>121059630[View]
121032469/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: Agrarianism edition[View]
121069398Some parts of my country are so wild the only form of governament there is the military performing i…[View]
121065735This is unreal: How did Burgerland get hit this hard?[View]
121069516is alberta the next detroit?[View]
121070053Is Harley Quinn popular in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_1GIBY8GTs[View]
121070674what's your favourite irish accent, /int/?[View]
121069156>gamers and muslims first[View]
121070445>no my wife doesn't cook for me my twink boyfriend does >i love him so much…[View]
121066838Question to américan.: Ok. About your soldiers in the north.... This ils 45 K at less, not 30 like p…[View]
121064725>The Non-Family[View]
121066798do they really give out citizenship after 2 years?[View]
121068104I respect them. They're one of the few former great powers who don't constantly seethe or …[View]
121067245Do you have Native American genes?: I have 0.4% Native American genes.[View]
121023304/v4/ + friends: I want to go out and get shitfaced in a pub again edition[View]
121069145>I now have a Brazilian friend (female)[View]
121062297My ancestors :)[View]
121067697Since when did PlayStation become an American thing?[View]
121069771There are rumours that Chinese and Korean men fapping to Japanese girls[View]
121070066Is he ok?[View]
121070102>The Full moon is out >The light is shining through my window Why couldn't I be smart eno…[View]
121070063>The United States of America? >Never heard of it.…[View]
121066962Why do argentine has a default and hyperinflation every 10 years?[View]
121012660/skandi/: Kaffi og snús útgávan Kaffi og snús útgáfan Kaffe og snus udgaven Kaffe og snus utgaven Ka…[View]
121063498Why aren't they considered East Asian?[View]
121068721goodnight /int/ <3[View]
121065321>Less than 80 years ago Germany tried to kill and conquer all the world >80 fucking years. …[View]
121069809Great plains gang.[View]
121059531/fr/ Francofil: Edition maliceuse. Ancien >>121051979[View]
1210659601) ur cunt 2) how many people text you a day on average? for me, it's 0.[View]
121060868The world really hates Italians, huh?[View]
121063616How are fellow Canadians doing? How are you guys finding the availability of certain food supplies? …[View]
121063912Rate my kat collection[View]
121067766How does your country deal with anger management?[View]
121067713What is this Germany?[View]
121069385I was just guessing, why the fuck we can't have peace on brazilian chans? So many normies and …[View]
121069174They doubted him. They mocked him. But the great american treasure is back and his redemption arc ha…[View]
121069330I start to feel unconnected in some ways to my country but I still loving it overall.[View]
121066606>yank starts to get uppity >remind him there are good odds his older family and loved ones sta…[View]
121068895Where are my UWC bros?[View]
121069138>korea has tested 400k for virus >japan has tested 40k wtf are they doing there?…[View]
121068968the virgins >china: started coronavirus, street poopers, no manners, pollution >south korea: p…[View]
121067835Is the US the most genocidal state in human history?: discuss[View]
121068182https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29-LRuuqFT0 is he right, bros?[View]
121068668Is it /The Division/ yet in New York? or is it closer to /Crysis 2/? New York Anons pls respond.[View]
121068892Do all zoomers in your cunt read one piece?[View]
121059268What is the best state in your country? I'll start with pic related.[View]
121068606Country? Types of niggas you don’t like? I’ll go first Chinese Indians Atheists Degenerates White …[View]
121068248>Islam is incompatible with western values![View]
121066289/int/ernational music: Let's hear those cool songs from all over the world that you've fou…[View]
121067344What race is he?[View]
121067003¿ǝɹǝɥ uo sǝoƃ ʇɐɥʍ[View]
121067539What do Mexicans (not chicanos, go away) think of this woman? I would have very much liked to marry …[View]
121068065>it is allahs will that women stay in the kitchen[View]
121061480Do you have a cultureless neighbour your cunt looks down on?[View]
121066645>you will never be this cool in the year 2007[View]
121057428/tr/: Aynı bennnn èdition[View]
121064778Post subtle signs of third worldism.[View]
121067283>How expensive is a boat in your country? >What kind of people have them? >Are them a pus…[View]
121064210>Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?[View]
121062913Why do american whites love to steal from blacks? https://youtu.be/_FvLbuw0Pi8 This video talks abou…[View]
121067797I think they are East Asian, Thailand is mostly populated by Teochew and Hokkien and are not monkey …[View]
121066876Inequality worldwide: Is revolution the only way to achieve a better world for the majority? https:/…[View]
121067286Really makes you think[View]
121065361Why every men obsessed with our Japanese women?: Stop the sexual fetishism against our women.[View]
121066774'Yellow peril' in popular culture[View]
121067887what's with slavs and bears?[View]
121067879what does a man in your country has to do to get a gf like this?[View]
121066225Question for California/LA people. How can you deal with the traffic? People talk about how much the…[View]
121058716Holy shit we are the most beautiful country in the entire world. Most beautiful people, most beautif…[View]
121065438my bf and i are 27 and 23 respectively. we are not having children. we want to leave the united stat…[View]
121067653do they really[View]
121066290I miss February 2020: Nicest month this year so far. No possible WW3, no pandemic, just a relatively…[View]
121067043>Your cunt >The greatest leader it has ever had US of A Theodore Roosevelt Jr…[View]
121066376/mex/: a sacrifice a day keeps death away[View]
121066403One of the many upsides of corona is that fewer hedgehogs will get run over this year.[View]
121065549Are any of you on /int/ the fiery combination?[View]
121062781Did you know that the majority of French Canadians have at least one Native American ancestor?[View]
121056729What are you guys listening to right now ?[View]
121064308Why is eating dogs taboo.[View]
121065911I'm banned I'm banned[View]
121064900Hello, you have reached the based department. We are unable to take your call right now. Leave your …[View]
121058221Should the Empire be revived?[View]
121067166Why do japs eat burgers with waffles instead of buns?[View]
121066220Ah yes. European 'Union'.[View]
121067160Do you like The Rolling Stones? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG56XMsTQkA[View]
121061153Is it worth learning Japanese, Chinese, or Korean just for the poon?[View]
121066984I did it.[View]
121054546Post ethnonationalists from your country[View]
121066604time to sleep[View]
1210651571. Your country 2. Do you want to kill yourself[View]
121065254분주한 이 거리 위에 난 어디 서 있는지 소리쳐 불러도 닿지 않아 세상은 내겐 너무 멀리 있어 언제나 이 곳에 혼자인 나 한 번은 나의 밤도 따뜻하길 https://youtu.be…[View]
121067004Red and black i dress eagle on my chest It's good to be an ALBANIAN Keep my head up high for th…[View]
121064802Do you guys feel sad when you leave your current place and move to some new place for good?[View]
121065059This post is a reminder to everyone who is not from North Western Europe (The only good countries in…[View]
121066490Anon.. why do you have a bunch of greyscale pictures of muscular men on your computer?[View]
121066531>janny deletes my thread about how asian women behave >there are still literal BBC porn thread…[View]
121048285/balk/: Average bulgarophobes edition >>121031364[View]
121066505I just want to see them die in the most gruesome ways possible[View]
121066272>Hey anon we heard you were just insulting the asian QUEENS. Why do you like white roasties so mu…[View]
121066537how are you going with that whole covid-19 thing, americans?[View]
121062996Remember to do good deeds and get rewarded in the afterlife[View]
121063593What’s the cutest thing you’ve heard couples doing together? Specific to your country[View]
121051679have you ever met an irish person?[View]
121064806Ever since tinder made it so that you can change your location I have been swiping around the world.…[View]
121060523>POP CULCHUH[View]
121065770If your country doesn’t have Klarna, it’s pretty much a non-country. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
121053216What is a day in the life of a finnish person in finland like?[View]
121062037>flag >favorite Beatles song >Brazil >You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)…[View]
121063310/brit/: Rolling sticky edition[View]
121054452What do non-Americans think about this?: Does it humanize American insanity for you, or make you fee…[View]
121065466Thomas shaefer the finance minster of Germany killed himself Why? Is the economy and corona situatio…[View]
121066361what's the most fashionable city in your country, /int/? >flag definitely montreal…[View]
121061273/ita/: Italy's economy, colorized (2020)[View]
121065416>I suffer of chinese flu in japan[View]
121059630s/cum/ gang: trash dump waifu edition[View]
121066037Have you ever met someone from Mauritius island ?[View]
121065240>thank you mom and dad, this is the best birthday present ever[View]
121065981Oh no, why are Portuguese so evil racists? https://youtu.be/ZYNJSY2Yi6E[View]
1210529051) Your country 2) What is your country's attitude towards 5G? 3) What are your thoughts on 5G?[View]
121065883I like X Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ArAnXLbFck[View]
121065827>manlets deserve less rights then other men and women deserve no rights at all…[View]
121061213You wake up in future Germany[View]
121057643Can we pass as locals in your country?[View]
121064723Is smoking still popular in your cunt?[View]
121051469/Nederdraad/: MOCRO EDITIE BESTE EDITIE[View]
121064637The d*ggoid FEARS the VACVVM CLEANER BVLL[View]
121063249Is Hispachan the only good Spanish imageboard?[View]
121065186>This page intentionally left blank[View]
121063739>Yes hello, I'd like to report an internet hate crime[View]
121065382Looks like kino's back on the menu, boys.[View]
121063861>open youtube >practicing eye contact video…[View]
121059918Oh no[View]
121052467Are there tall girls in your country?[View]
121064565Is Chicago really that bad?[View]
121063488Which state would you live in?[View]
121064984Abandon all hope, ye who enter here[View]
121064775Yeah I'm guessing based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1hLe8rSir0[View]
121056604/lat/ hilo latino[View]
121063328In America, nature finds a way.[View]
121062000Is there any real solution to their cartel problem? Also, are there any good Mexican tv-shows that a…[View]
121059042Femanons the average anon would literally shrink themselves down and spend the rest of their life tr…[View]
121064990>Arab Federation >United Arab Republic Did someone slip them some vodka or something?…[View]
121062837Why do a lot of Germans have sort of a weird facial structure that you don't see among other wh…[View]
121055008age are you a virgin? 20 yes[View]
121064528Why yes I do follow a pescatarian diet?, how did you know? It's the healthiest diet and scienti…[View]
121063459I'm entitled to sex.[View]
121062557What did they mean by that[View]
121062672Of course I sleep naked, how could you tell? Did you know Sleeping Naked Is Healthier. ... In additi…[View]
121063439This is the Korean constitution. Modern Koreans cannot read it because they are uncultured American …[View]
121061517My hometown is beautiful Please admire it[View]
121056524would you die for your country?[View]
121064160Yeah I pissed in the sink. Got a problem with that?[View]
121063547>his virgin country has a quarantine[View]
121062041my ancestors :)[View]
121059859Imagine how many Belgian women are fucked by Dutch cocks here every single day[View]
121058933>grand strategy games? count me out[View]
121063749>There are Brazilians here who shill for my president FOR FREE[View]
121063636Imagine living in a shithole 'country' with only one kind of pepperoni on your pizza lmao[View]
1210639351. Your country 2. What are people who get abused like there?[View]
121062862Your fetish?: I derive pleasure from physically hurting women. Naturally in a consenting environment…[View]
121063647How did white nationalism on /int/ get reduced to Latinos and central Europeans?: Guatemala and Hung…[View]
121059161Post subtle signs of third worldism.[View]
121063404How popular is this game in your country, /int/? What do you call it? >US English >'Air h…[View]
121063173>welcome to china uncensored, i'm your host Chris Chappell[View]
121063561China used to be a grand, clean, modern, advanced civilization, eclipsing all others including all o…[View]
121061977Tell me more about the South Chinese people.[View]
121058723Is vegetarianism still strong in India? Or is it dying out due to westernization/modernization?[View]
121010998kurva anyátok[View]
121063632If Anglish tries to be 100% Germanic, Anglese is the exact opposite, being based on 100% Latin-Greek…[View]
121051614Do you have roads like this in your country?[View]
121063428How do they do it?[View]
121062303This would fix all your problems in life[View]
121057311What's the European equivalent?[View]
121049354/polska/: edycja zwieńczenia trylogii (RAJ)STÓPKAMI[View]
121061552/brit/: Ivan the Wanker edition[View]
121039363Why do British people hate the colour green?[View]
121060662Why is black diaspora so BASED? https://youtu.be/uhR7wXSyPNU[View]
121063193Imagine a Japanese high school girl with the best boobs and ass.. It is invincible. Unfortunately, J…[View]
121063228Do you have a girlfriend from another country? Do you miss her?[View]
121063226>Germany? More like germorrhoids lmao[View]
121050739They should be their own country or join Portugal.[View]
121060329Italians are all alone in this world, aren't they?[View]
121062823Is it rude to maintain eye contact in you're country?[View]
121046323What are your hobbies? >learn languages >brew beer/make wine at home >play guitar >conve…[View]
121054108This is what they took from us[View]
121061556One could live his entire life in this zone, never leave it and he wouldn't ever missing on any…[View]
121056726>married cute 19 year old girl at 34 years old >has 6-7+ children with her >live on cute ho…[View]
121055367/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOYp1R4TsOc Happy Mondays - Tart Tart edition[View]
121054082I'm in love with a mixed girl at work but she has a black boyfriend Does this happen in your co…[View]
121061176I fixed EVROPA[View]
121058945Is Québec 'Latin America'?[View]
121062550Q predicted this[View]
121060788>Why, yes. I do play Club Penguin[View]
121060011Why do europeans treat the irish like they're niggers? As a 'too swarthy' puerto rican I would …[View]
121057476>website ends in .ru[View]
121058616I had an exam recorded on zoom, and when I was moving through the file folder I saved the document w…[View]
121060226So, the '.gov' domain is maintained by the US, it means the US owns all our governament sites??[View]
121056970/esp/ - Edición de madrugada: Previo >>121015541[View]
121060973why are the french such negrophiles?[View]
121046504/éire/: Eagrán máilléad.[View]
121058475Based on what?[View]
121062083>Bullying is fucked up man[View]
121062112Will your country aid America when the Sino-American War breaks out?[View]
121055497Whats his phenotype?[View]
121013108DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2353.2353.2353.2353.2353.2353: DJT is a Japanese language learning thre…[View]
121058885What's the America of Europe? You know smelly, dumb and fat.[View]
121061622>mfw my country have ANTEATERS and your don't[View]
121057040First World Welfare States Rule: Thinking about how I have literally never had a single hardship in …[View]
121061132The Anglo race is the most powerful race in the world[View]
121052574Germany appreciation thread[View]
121061749A FUCKING PRETZEL[View]
121059875is J-POP popular in youre CUNT?[View]
121029663Post kot from your cuntry[View]
121058884This thread is a reminder that you wish you were American. You're jealous that you were born in…[View]
121056990Is he alright?[View]
121055954I'm about to get my U$114 given to me by our great and very considerate president Jair Bolsonar…[View]
121038104/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Endless corn edition.[View]
121056146I'm some God-forsaken mix of English, Scottish, and Welsh. Am I white /int/?[View]
121051649USA - 391,665 infected - 12,561 deaths Canada - 17,847 infected - 375 deaths Canada (adjusted for po…[View]
121049430/ex-yu/: os izdanje[View]
121057465i hate first worlders[View]
121052186/ita/ - il filo: edizione che bho non so[View]
121054381Name a flaw in Canadas demographics[View]
121059801do girls in you're country have big eye bags?[View]
121058245Why did thirdies get the best landscapes? It's not fair, bros...[View]
121060797Manchus are like Extreme North Sinids. They are definitely more Sinid than Koreans on average. Gooks…[View]
121060771>Why yes, I'm vietnamese, how could you tell?[View]
121060245What do we think about the Danish people?[View]
121060552permafrost melt map[View]
121057916>This is a 9/10 in the USA[View]
121060392There is literally scientifically verifiable PROOF that normal people turn into bloodthirsty psychop…[View]
121055939Which US state is the easiest to find a thirsty fat chick to marry and gain that sweet green card? p…[View]
121057511Music Thread: Post music from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUjOfsoBhMY[View]
121060412Имa ли бyмepa?[View]
121060369>NYC to begin burying bodies in mass graves in city parks if coronavirus worsens https://metro.co…[View]
121054857Anti-Government Folk Heroes of your country: United States >Gordon Wendell Kahl >Marvin Heemey…[View]
121054594If you had to be in quarantine for next 2 months with person of other nationality, which nationality…[View]
121054942>3 weeks into quarantine >no motivation to do anything I now know what it's like to be a…[View]
121052874Sverigetråden - all makt åt tegnell: Sverige tråden för Svenskar och brödrafolk[View]
121060143Who are the Mexicans of Asia? You know crime riddled and floods other countries with migrants. I bet…[View]
121059990Hello, you have reached the based department, please leave a message after the beep. *beep*[View]
121047248What parts of your country are being ravaged by COVID-19?: These areas are for the US[View]
121051578What's your favorite Russian military tradition?[View]
121048157Have you ever heard about Sutreanon, he is the most infamous Norwegian poster on 4chan[View]
121059793wtf Eastern Germany looks like THAT?[View]
121052949>You wake up in the Early 2000's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFwiJmivJcQ…[View]
121048349s/cum/ gang: get fucked[View]
121055671Is Brasil actually this based?[View]
121059565>yfw Australia is going to be fucked by corona in the next few months[View]
121058081Why yes I live in the beautiful mountains, what gave it away?[View]
121057547Made in China - worth a DIME?: Do you trust the Chinese?[View]
121052942>below 2k deaths >already more recoveries than infected >Vaccine most likely ready in a few…[View]
121059202What phenotype is she?[View]
121059332How come so many people are moving south?[View]
121054501/nachtschicht/ bald wieder /deutsch/[View]
121054000Why are the Chicanos on here so fucking insufferable?[View]
121055704Captain Alex was alive all along!: https://twitter.com/Holbornlolz/status/1247538479166152707…[View]
121055289/brit /: 'i've found the antitote' edition[View]
121055908Anyone want to go on a roadtrip USA from Virginia to Oregon to me?[View]
121056256which countries were worse to live in, the eastern euro communist ones of germany and the southern e…[View]
121058233Why there is no corona infected people in Beijing or Seoul ? Corona is increasing in Tokyo.[View]
121054284Vocaroo thread: Let us hear yer voices https://voca.ro/AW0ZpSVgAv1[View]
121058175>italian >Blue eyes How is this possible?…[View]
121053320gut: Say something nice about cunt above you[View]
121053566>United Nations[View]
121058613What about suicide contemplation? Do you have it and how do you deal[View]
121055053Imagine living next to the United States.[View]
121026306/MENA/ - /مينا/: العودة لعبادة الاله القديمة كسم الديانات الابراهيمية[View]
121058262What do you think of New Jersey?[View]
121051979/fr/ Francofil: Edition c'est la Fete !! thème corona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VCsABl39…[View]
121057142What is the world's cutest country?[View]
121057339God I love being a black american. I think we were the best Blacks. We are always leading the pack i…[View]
121052560Could any Empire state or kingdom during medieval Era have colonized SSA?[View]
121058061Hi, I'm the genie. I have the antidote, and I have the Antithot in can give you, but I will onl…[View]
121050033Ahh... The GVLDEN VVHEAT ᚨields of ᛗVTHER ᛊVROPE[View]
121058181Can't take this coronavirus and the related parasocial social distancing/quarantine meme any lo…[View]
121056269This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit. I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
121057522Goes to Italy for expensive wine tour and proceeds to be as obnoxious and disrespectful as possible …[View]
121036019/med/ - Mediterranean general: cursed images edition Recent news: >a LOTR marathon has just begun…[View]
121055323>PIGS = High public debt, high unemployment, socialist mindset, living in apartments, low wages H…[View]
121057654>tfw will never live a life as a low-mid 20th century German >tfw will never be burned alive …[View]
121057509The brazilian BVLL is kong-flu immune.[View]
121035703Have you been in prison or jail? Sudacas and Polish people are extremely welcomed in this thread.[View]
121056912>tfw no californian gf THIS IS NOT FAIR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
121058136Where can I find a girlfriend like this?[View]
121053847How do russians cope that he was gay?[View]
121057277How the fuck is third world&1st world not an international topic???? wtf jannie Will Brazil beco…[View]
121057182One thing I have noticed about Poles, and I have written about this before, is that they are an appe…[View]
121052139your country what's your favourite food[View]
121056944what are the nationalities of these posters[View]
121053650>Autism? No such thing, I'll just smack my boy around until he's normal.…[View]
121050718Any other cunts where the first letters on your keyboard aren't 'qwerty'?[View]
121055938'Man I wished I lived in a more interesting age, 21st century is boring af': How about now you cocks…[View]
121056858/ISR/-Pesach Edition: >blocking all traffic between between cities >closing all supermarkets a…[View]
121056797Sümer èdition[View]
121015541/esp/ - España: What's the point edition[View]
121055599Holy shit, are they okay?[View]
121056629/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
121048845>um based department[View]
121043669>Spanish is an uglier and peasant version of Italian >Dutch is a retarded version of German I…[View]
121055525>As a Mexican, you are an Amerimutt. Dios mio! haha[View]
121054806Is Australia really like this?[View]
121014147/tr/: tirad nerde uLa[View]
121055585Why do people on this board use the word 'uncivilized' as an insult? Imagine still falling for le cu…[View]
121039798Will africa ever get better?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdDesKvrrTU[View]
121055294>sweden vassal[View]
121051865Do you guys experience loneliness?: I imagine with such a robust family culture like the US, you guy…[View]
121054682Can this boy pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
121055931Are drugs legal in your country? Should they be? Aus, no shoot all addicts.[View]
121015761What's wrong with Argentina?: Why are they like this? https://twitter.com/dlacalle_IA/status/12…[View]
121053649>Peru tries her best >Rest of South America doesn't even try Why is this?…[View]
121055830>not cooking until al dente[View]
121051183Is it true that European Universities are overcrowded, underfunded, using outdated infrastructure an…[View]
121042185This picture is basically a huge dab on israelis. Portraying them as the origin of science and toler…[View]
121054451Is the Coronavirus making Venezuela even poorer, or are things normal?[View]
121052639You wake up in Ouagadogou.[View]
121054654After COVID-19 is over, I better NEVER hear anyone trash 'low-end' workers again. Those people at th…[View]
121052310why don't europeans?[View]
121055563New classical architecture thread[View]
121041475Swedes are totally ignoring the coronavirus: Based or just stupid?[View]
121053798why are westerners such cocksuckers[View]
121053807ITT we pretend to be proud Italians: >tfw can't kiss my mom for two weeks because I caught c…[View]
121040862/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
121054192Do Americans really?[View]
121054933>¿que te enganchas, barrilete?[View]
121047388This is Armenia[View]
121054587Is your country close to open revolt over quarantine laws?: USA Yes We believe that those who trade …[View]
121054473I like Finlandia, but I don't like Finland.[View]
121053281Ça va, les mecs? Combien de maisons de retraite y a-t-il dans votre pays? Et oui, d’accord, nous aut…[View]
121048934Looking for inside info from Québecbros: A while back I met a sweet Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean girl while …[View]
121054335How heavily are boomers in your nation in denial about the corona virus? Here in Finland there are s…[View]
121047025/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/: Animeausgabe[View]
121032088/mämmi/: Nyymeille ruokaa -painos[View]
121054088danes show me your toys[View]
121045046How do they keep doing it?[View]
121051916is it true poomericans eat this kind of stuff every day?[View]
121012804/luso/ Fio lusófono: Edição dos 12 mil coronados. Anteriormente no /luso/... >>120991969…[View]
121050850Typical German couple[View]
121029677What country is most likely to be next to enter? What country is most likely to be next to leave?[View]
121048105ITT: famous homosexuals from your country[View]
121053750When the FUCK is this chinese flu shit going to end, I need to work, I need to pay rent!!![View]
121053717Does your city/ area have memes like this ?[View]
121048701Will this signal the collapse of the American empire?[View]
121053240no way italians are white[View]
121042240Finland is fucking re-animating corpses: >-1 deaths in Finland TELL ME YOUR SECRETS FINNS!…[View]
121052282why arent you destroyed corona-masts in your country?[View]
121053365this is australia's only contribution to the world[View]
121051818This thread about Yurop had been pruned or deleted[View]
121053227>anybody here open to ERP? add me[View]
121047744Were you bullied as a child, /int/?[View]
121041042What is your favorite obsessed character from /int/?[View]
121051374/brit/: scrote edition[View]
121051942What are you guys drinking in isolation?: Pic related, bout to crack open this bad boy.[View]
121039818I love being from Pennsylvania. Do you love where you're from?[View]
121047681wtf is wrong with Brazil?[View]
121049340/desi/ - North-South alliance: General thread for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, …[View]
121044702Press F to pay respects[View]
121048343What could have been[View]
121051481america thread?[View]
121052418taco taco nacho burrito[View]
121048529Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
121049146Are baby boomers in your country a bunch of unsociable emotional babies who let the tv control their…[View]
121052395>Yes, I engage in harassment. How did you know?[View]
121052384Is Africa going to be the next disaster area? Will anybody even care?[View]
121052151i don't even care. let it take me[View]
121052263WHAT THE FUCK!? You said white people were immune![View]
121041293>tfw probably not Chichimeca BVLL because I have recent spanish ancestry >tfw probably not Olm…[View]
121038834/ita/ - il filo: Edizione soffitta[View]
121051925Americans are treating corona patients with human poo.[View]
121048546Come home, Italian man.[View]
121049086Have you ever managed to take a break from this website? How did you do it and how long? What made y…[View]
121047212>constant feelings of sorrow and impending doom[View]
121050547What countries have the best wet markets? What is the best exotic meat I can legally eat while trave…[View]
121046190Estoy inseguro de me habilidad en español. ¿Me reirán los españoles, latinos, y chicanos?[View]
121049696this shit is disgusting fuck france[View]
121051524You should've listened, now thanks to the complacency of the Europeon empires, the amerimutt me…[View]
121046169>paying your debts[View]
121050460Is Italy the country of SOUL?[View]
121040843Hello? Do you in your country?[View]
121051448god i wish i were lithuanian[View]
121049096>being a decent human being[View]
121050411why does Europe produce the finest automobiles?[View]
121046211would you support a new euro currency for southern europe?[View]
121045116WTF belarussian men look like THAT?[View]
121047395PISA 2018 and PISA-D 2017 Thread: >PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student As…[View]
121048747I just realised I am gonna be a NEET for half a year because of corona. >haven't been able …[View]
121050650>You believe the coronavirus is a hoax and that it's not as bad as the flu? Well, I hope you…[View]
121038825god i wish i were a westerner...[View]
121045823/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du fascisme un peu perdu Ancien >>121038709[View]
121050311How common is this kind of relationship in your cunt-tree?[View]
121041219Nederdraad: /Nederderdraad/ mama mia pizzaria editie.[View]
121047417Al-Andalus, home...[View]
121049285>why yes, I do celebrate an important holiday in five days, what gave it away?…[View]
121043543Sverigetråden - Gotlandsupplagan[View]
121049746How do we stop the endless hordes of barbarian collectivists?[View]
121047637hola amigos de /int/ les quiero contar algo ¿cuál es el sueño de las servilletas? ser billete. JAJAJ…[View]
121050189>your cunt >are you retarded?[View]
121050005What's the percentage of homosexuals in your country? France: 0.2%[View]
121047397/int/ belongs to Caribbean mulatas, all you white boys should bow to them[View]
121036804I would like to learn Scots Where can I start?[View]
121049723/GR/: greeeel[View]
121045725”Oh wow, he lives with his parents! What a loser sksksksksk!' Sorry Stacy, but I can assure you that…[View]
121047082This small American province mogs every single European country in existence. How do Eurosubhumans c…[View]
121037498Catalan cuisine > Italian > Everything else: Catalan cuisine > Italian > Everything else…[View]
1210494181. ur cunt 2. which one do you choose?[View]
121044950My city looks better than your city despite being build by Poles brick after brick from ruin. Cope l…[View]
121010547/ex-yu/: Slobodan edicija[View]
121048224What did they meant by this?: >Japanese show >shows foreign people a mutilated gook >people…[View]
121036232/polska/: były CC to teraz DUPA[View]
121049284Why are Hohols trying to make Romanian super heroes?[View]
121049088Why can't japs and gooks get along . I mean come on buddy . Your both yellow.[View]
121048979Americans be like 'that'll be $1500 plus tip'[View]
121018386Is this what French people let their children watch?[View]
121048053Last pic you took: My lemon bred made during corona times.[View]
121047160How come completely separate language gave similar sounding names to the same thing ? Name (English)…[View]
121048028Basically Russian C-Span? Do other countries have an equivalent?[View]
121037780>1000 cars line up for free food in Florida They laughed at us when we had bread lines. Now we la…[View]
121045618Wtf I love the Britain now https://youtu.be/2SOvr9fLHUM[View]
121048749could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
121048729Times were simplier.back then...[View]
121048491NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Boris Johnson was supposed to die not recover! How will we get back at him for Bre…[View]
121046830Tests are reserved for the people who go to the hospitals in France and are already in a critical ca…[View]
121048212Has your cunt flattened the curve?: >BRITISH Columbia >Yes…[View]
121037271/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: absolutely NO anime edition[View]
121044627Does the citizens of your country enjoy the swedish cartoon Rickard och Mårten? In Sweden we enjoy i…[View]
121045851I wish I was born in South America(excluding Brazil and Venezuela).[View]
121043138Baltic Sea best sea.[View]
121044884are you an anti-vaxxer? >africa >yes[View]
1210473421. Your cunt 2. Are you an Alpha male or a Beta male?[View]
121046606First thing that cones to you mind when you see this flag.[View]
121047968>the infrastructure of a one-world government is already in place. all we have to do is hijack it…[View]
121044184Tell me your opinion on Dutch and Flemish. Which sounds better? Dutch has a reputation of an ugly la…[View]
121037923Do French people really that based?[View]
121046510This guys come to you and call your economy a marxist keynesian shithole. What do u do?[View]
121047177You will never be desired by a beautiful woman[View]
121039444How's 2020 going ? Are you using your time at home to improve?[View]
121033646Based for hating communism but cringe for worshipping white cocku[View]
121018171/Belg//quarantaine/: Édition de la géographie française Franse geografie Uitgave[View]
121047600The axis of evil[View]
121047541Why was Imperial Russia so Hugo-Boss-tier based before the Bolsheviks took over?[View]
121042169>america in 18 months[View]
121031364/balk/: new edition[View]
121047396Why do Americans fake smile? Looks absolutely creepy.[View]
121040568We say something nice about this country Gorgeous nature, very interesting history and soulful kind-…[View]
121046420>You wake up in brazil[View]
121038981>Your country >Imperials or Stormcloak Flag Imperial…[View]
121047208respect. fighting for what's right, fighting for what's texas.[View]
121044427How would your parents react if you brought this girl home?[View]
121035755European Union Appreciation Thread: Say something nice this Union did/achieved[View]
121045315What's the best place to live in america?[View]
121044918Do they really?[View]
121047181How often has this flag been spotted on 4chan and 4channel?[View]
121046529Why do they refer to themselves as 'Brown guys'? I always cringe when an Indian calls himself a brow…[View]
121044151Was Xuxa popular in your country?[View]
121042618Italian women appreciation thread[View]
121045282Sí, mi español es terrible, ¿cómo te diste cuenta?[View]
121045517Do Bulgarians really??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTNmCcc9K6o[View]
121044542>land of the 'free' >can't even marry your cousin What did they mean by this?…[View]
121046970I’m too high to be here right now ama taking questions from around the globe[View]
121046006Where is this phenotype common?[View]
121045072I am gay muslim russian[View]
121044378What are burial customs like in your country?[View]
121045427This is currywurst Say something nice about German cuisine[View]
121042641Are white Latinas 'people of color'?[View]
121046183I'm so happy bros, and I don't know why[View]
121042826how do I get my empathy back?[View]
1210280071. Your cunt 2. do people in your cunt hate Italian diaspora? 1. Uruguay 2. Few people[View]
121045436Over hill, over dale We will hit the dusty trail And those Caissons go rolling along Up and down, in…[View]
121045717Is it true that americans will literally die if they drink sparkling water?[View]
121041761/deutsch/: die waldfee geh eff[View]
120998480/asean/: Edisi tetebawah Brementon![View]
121044990As a Mediterranean man, you have Slavic, Germanic, Nordic and Anglo women at your disposal in additi…[View]
121043919Country What are some interesting foreign communities/ethnic groups in your country? Mexico Kenyans …[View]
121042110/desi/- Friendly Pakistani lads edition: general for india pakistan bangladesh etc etc[View]
121043262Is eating in your country treated in moderation primarily for the nutrition or is it an activity ent…[View]
121045670>Kansas City is not even in Kansas[View]
121044181>post in a thread >everyone else suddenly stops replying…[View]
121045442What do you feel your country is the best, #1 at?[View]
121045553>the French call the leader of Russia Vladimir Poutine LMAO[View]
121045180I thought she was eastern european before I found out she is cuban.[View]
121041417Are you able to identify if someone is Chinese or Japanese just by their appearance?[View]
121042251Call of Duty youtuber harassed over ethnicity of girlfriend: What race is she[View]
121030075Good idea int?[View]
121043767I have a friend named David. Just last week he lost his ID, now I call him Dav[View]
121044264This is Årjäng, the poorest town in Sweden by average income.[View]
121043454*zero cases* *still launches missiles at Japan*[View]
121038695We say something nice about this country Gorgeous nature, very interesting history and soulful kind-…[View]
121042423>Middle easterners used to be white people, they only became brown due to mixing with niggers…[View]
121039073What killed the Minoans?: They disappear from the historical records atound 1100bc.[View]
121041410Would you rather live in North Korea or DR Congo?[View]
121044132What is the cutest country?[View]
121038709/fr/ - le francofil: Édition à la pastèque Ancien >>121031447[View]
121042092>your country >honest thoughts on Galicia and its people? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT3m…[View]
121036283They don't think it be like it is...[View]
121044302Why the hell is there communist rebels in the philippines: I'd expect this shit to be in Africa…[View]
121041548/brit/: Get well soon boris x edish[View]
121040334These people are all dead now.[View]
121035656Seriously, why are there so many haters of the USA on here? What is your problem?[View]
121043190Why do Americans have no sense of honour, loyalty, or friendship?[View]
121034687You wake up in 1970's New York[View]
121040944>*Takes bacon off your sandwich* >'Whoa bro that was close, you were about to eat a sandwich t…[View]
121040764How can Germans eat this stuff? Even after straining it for a while this god awful stuff tastes like…[View]
121036754Why do Spanish speakers call the British 'pirates' as if it's an insult?[View]
121044440BEHOLD!: The most irrelevant cunny on earth[View]
121043171>your country >your country's average IQ >your IQ Germany 100 135…[View]
121040485International shipping: Until now you can import stuff from non-EU countries without having to impor…[View]
121042446the jewish elite has really fucked up our world brehs[View]
121042841>[Girls from my country] are made for [Guys in a different country] BVLLS…[View]
121040565I just moved to Seattle an hour back!: The outskirts seem very comfy, but the downtown is just brigh…[View]
121035722I want to learn German, where do I start?[View]
121039192How is it possible that France has 11k new cases? Did something happen?[View]
121022449/balt/ + /ausnz/ Let's drink edition[View]
121038346>this is a 11/10 in frankland[View]
121043461/int/ belongs to Caribbean mulatas, all you white boys should bow to them[View]
121043691/norgetråden/: Hivladnings-utgaven[View]
121043488/norgetråden/: >hva faen driver du med? >VI ER IKKE PÅ SIDE 8 >DU STJELER TRÅD PERSONLIGHET…[View]
121043571Why would anyone become a Euro whore? What makes a person so eager to whore himself, his country and…[View]
121009926/norgetråden/: Dessverre vil nesten alle bestå-utgaven Forrige: >>120976513[View]
121034430I don't care about the clash of civilization between them and USA. I just want someone else to …[View]
121042599We don't even think about you.[View]
121039347Did you know the United Kingdom is actually three different countries?[View]
121041635Is your country an important part of EUROPA? Portugal is the crown[View]
121014980>tfw 5'10 (177.8) why even live?[View]
121042216What is your favorite book that came out from your country?[View]
121040241Qatari propaganda is getting weirder and weirder...[View]
121026777Why did Europe lag behind the rest of the world so badly /int/?[View]
121042889Give me some China coronavirus memes[View]
121041557Here is your 'Turkish' bull, bro.[View]
121042721Are you from a manlet country?[View]
121042107it's 23:33 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
121040667In your country is it normal for women to look like this[View]
121037219what happens here?????[View]
121041723Are pitbull terriers legal in your cunt?[View]
121041823>Our nation? The workers, the poor, the oppressed.[View]
121037945why do japanese people do this?[View]
121039716Am I the only one in here who hates german 'people' ?: The world would be a much more peaceful place…[View]
121038693Country: If you´re a giant negro gorilla, i pay 1000 dollars to you fuck my cousin from Sao Paulo…[View]
121041924>no you can't throw a 150 person party with whores and coke, you're gonna spread the co…[View]
121037492You wish you were American. That is all. Don't even bother replying.[View]
121041706Will the pandemic go on for a year?[View]
121040921i hate healthcare workers[View]
121038804>your country >your favorite color >your favourite colour…[View]
121039642/CP/ - CULTURE PALS GENERAL - INTERPALS: Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world!…[View]
121040841What are things you regret?: 1) Ever coming to this evil website. 2) 2 years ago I bought a 4k lapto…[View]
121040293Do they really?[View]
121037650hungarians are my yellow brothers[View]
121036800/deutsch/: Zeichentrickausgabe[View]
121034516Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance[View]
121041216Lets say that another great war were to start in Asia, how bad would they ravage the korean and chin…[View]
121037861siesta time is over you tortilla munching wogs: The audacity of Southern Europeans to assume that we…[View]
121035926Make this phrase culturally relevant to you: 'Those who trade ___ for ____ deserve neither'[View]
121031626How is he regarded in your cunt?[View]
121030690What went wrong?[View]
121035241>country doesn't even own the whole tiny island your nation is named after…[View]
121033050>Swedish speak perfect English >Danish speak perfect English >Norwegian speak perfect Engli…[View]
121039984>USA STRONG!!![View]
121039215is it true that Americans boil their water in the microwave?[View]
121038411Ford and GM should merge to compete with the european cars: Like two transformers who merge to creat…[View]
121040185why are japanese people obsessed with this aesthetic?[View]
121040479A nice IQ game: The average IQ of your country becomes your digits+50. What would happen? Only doubl…[View]
121038451What is the general consensus on the nature of Polish people?[View]
121033988In your country, do people survive on little sleep while drinking lots of this[View]
121026149/nederdraad/: Nederlandstalige editie welkom: mensen die Nederlands spreken niet welkom Friezen…[View]
121040750Do Christians believe Jesus is watching them all the time? Even when they poo, have sex or scratch t…[View]
121039664Why are the French males so charismatic?[View]
121037892/brit/: Everyone ITT wishes they were American edition[View]
121035325Does anything happen here?[View]
121035299Is your country in lockdown? Which one is you?[View]
121008723/lat/: hilo latino nocturno[View]
121038126We say something nice about this country Gorgeous nature, very interesting history and soulful kind-…[View]
121035990>be an american >get cardiac arrest because you're obese >get shot for illegal arrest…[View]
121034611stimulus stimulus stimulus: Where does the money for these trillion dollar stimulus packages come fr…[View]
121029899/ita/ - il filo[View]
121030890Do you know anyone that has died from Covid-19?[View]
121038995>asians can't have light ey-[View]
121040060>40,000 prisoners >11 prisoners /int/, why are we so OP?…[View]
121038750tell me /int/, what is man to you?[View]
121039817Post anime icons that you use in your online class and your other social media.[View]
121038127>97.7% of people who requested coronavirus test in Tokyo turned away >80% of those who weren…[View]
121038329>buy 4€ disposable grill >grill with friends in park >when police comes leave everything an…[View]
121032651In this thread we send the British PM well wishes. Get well soon![View]
121036685If the southern cone is white like some delusional idiots say, why they are lactose intolerant?[View]
121038003Did Americans not learn how to insult when they grew up? They sound like children throwing fits when…[View]
121026096Do spaniards really?[View]
121038615R E G G A E T O N[View]
121031395I'm unemployed, uneducated, indebted, addicted to drugs and alcohol and hiv positive. I have no…[View]
121035928What does /int/ think about academic student culture? Were you involved in anything while in Uni?[View]
121032256>Force the Irish into Catholicism >Change religions because their king is a coomer >Persecu…[View]
121037018Let's face it we all had a crush on April Lavin growing up, and we wanted to have sex with her.[View]
121028265>Brazil cant produce video ga... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=66u5fElA2-E Apologize…[View]
121016078Excuse me, but you're supposed to be on Erasmus, not sexual harassmus.[View]
121038737This is Aivar Rehe. He killed himself, because he was a depressed Estonian. Please don't be dep…[View]
121037084Who is your favorite Med character? Ironman for me. Single handedly cucked every other Marvel franch…[View]
121026073/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Cucuruz edition[View]
121038167Overrated hype -the countrt: I actually visited Japan, not in an anime , not in a Playstation game b…[View]
121038620Is your country weird?[View]
121034961American Appreciation Thread: We are not as bad as you think edition[View]
121037617Anyone else here wish they were a jew?[View]
121036676OF COURSE it was the fucking southrons that brought the plague into Europe. You fucking retards had …[View]
121030239You're telling me it's just a coincidence that so many civilizations created pyramids?: Wh…[View]
121038240do they really[View]
121034620>people constantly make fun of americans for 'muh heritage' posting >every time a canadian wit…[View]
121035360Is this the power of American capitalism?[View]
121035992Why are they always so angry?[View]
121033153Why don’t Nurses have a sense of professionalism to not make fun of their patient’s penises? I coul…[View]
121036194My ancestor :)[View]
121035147Why are indians so racists?[View]
121033433Thoughts on South Brazilian men?[View]
121037955If dinausaurs disappeared it is because hot blooded reptiles (our ancestors) kept eating their eggs …[View]
121025371Why are Swedes so good at making strategy games?[View]
121036012My ancestor :)[View]
121035051Since I'm agnostic, I'm not familiar with all of these Islam's religious/spiritual/my…[View]
121036911Do Chicanos romanticise Spain the same way Americlaps do with the UK?[View]
121031447/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de l'amitié francochilienne Ancien: >>121023447[View]
121037641Which is more American?[View]
121034593How do Hindu Kaffirs feel that this Indo-Islamic BVLL gets kaffir pussies wet?[View]
121037472i never think about you're cunt-tree.[View]
121034774/brit/: Richey is still alive edition[View]
121036733*blocks your path*[View]
121034786Why are we so based?[View]
121023559What's this phenotype called and why does every new world zoomer look like this?[View]
121037306The fact that this board regularily have gay threads prove that being interested in languages and cu…[View]
121037735I bought tinder gold and activated boost. Now I am getting likes by decent looking women. This app i…[View]
121035963Is this the perfect Europe[View]
121036532>each american household has its own thermostat instead of just taking whatever temperature the e…[View]
121031018i unironically want to know why wh*tes are so obsessed with skin color. why does it matter what the …[View]
121037211I want to learn American, where do I start?[View]
121036524Should I start learning Chinese?[View]
121032895Who should I like more? Convince me.[View]
121037312Y'all are gonna help us when we all get infected right? Y'all love America right?[View]
121029228”Oh wow, he lives with his parents! What a loser sksksksksk!' Sorry Veronica, but I can assure you t…[View]
121011201/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico + Russia[View]
121029363is it true americans have hectares after hectares of land for cheap?[View]
121037233Japan pls.: To any nihonjin-sensei out there pls explain.[View]
121033901do americans really?[View]
121037154Remember to thank Australia for curing what the chink government couldnt.[View]
121035917Why are they so mean :([View]
121036276Brasil 2030[View]
121028435Why don't you like Sweden?: They've been a force of good throughout history: >Saves the…[View]
121036980If you could choose one area of your country to throw out, what would it be?: For me, its pic relate…[View]
121037012cant wait for this old comatose lookin-ass bitch to catch a case of rona[View]
121032170What went so right?[View]
121035649will die a 22 yo virgin because some chink fuck decided to eat a bat[View]
121035389This is what happens when you give 3rd worlders acess to the web[View]
121033295>I'm on a quest to explore exotic cultures[View]
121015526Why? What the fuck is this?[View]
121025258Are you overweight?[View]
121033363>Seriously Anon? You keep coming to this website making the same shitty threads, begging for (You…[View]
121033250Why is brazil so mixed in terms of race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCraCrWpwAI[View]
121032370/deutsch/: nicht unterstützt - Ausgabe https://youtu.be/VdBzWa0CXdw[View]
1210351541. U re cunt 2. Do you know this man? If so what do you think about him?[View]
121024369/polska/: edyCCja[View]
121031115Couldn't you, AT LEAST, let us reach the image limit on the lewd thread? Why you gotta be like …[View]
121035863Caption this[View]
121034363Ireland versus Sweden[View]
1210339645 days to go until a certain event which Americans don't celebrate.[View]
121029872Average japanese girls: Japs is this true?[View]
121019796Are you finally ready for the Chinese century?[View]
121034644>Noooo my nonna has corona, now you need to pay my debt that I had since the 1980s. What do you m…[View]
121032753Are American-Mexican relationships common?[View]
121034173I have become a victim of brutal racism on /int/[View]
121034562/ro/ - Firul nostru: Ediția Turbo 900 Precedent >>120959117[View]
121035508Has tipping culture gone too far?[View]
121032127Why havent you joined Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? aka mormons for you Its litterall…[View]
121035339>His country dosen't have high speed rail[View]
121014044/Med/: Raiding England with your friends edition Recent news: >LOTR waifu war >Malta likes int…[View]
121034186Only Japan and Taiwan have such a Jomon qt.: Korea don't have Jomon qt. Jomon qt are best.…[View]
121035081thank you fatherland for the mask. you support your colonists well. long live hanguk.[View]
121032641DEUS VULT[View]
121035363Do you have memes like this for your city/ area ?[View]
121031237Why are white Americans so odd looking? Is it because of the amerindian and negro slave blood?[View]
121030622This is me irl. Would I be considered attractive in your cunt?[View]
121033216Songs portraying international love from your cunt? https://youtu.be/bhxhNIQBKJI[View]
121033657Ameriburger apocalypse is coming: >83% of french intensive care patients are overweight Based chi…[View]
121034438Why does autistic Golden Dawn maps always show them conquering other Balkan countries that were neve…[View]
121034963Which is more epic: Le or El?[View]
121035021Why can’t I get matches on tinder? I don’t do this badly in clubs.[View]
12103298570% of the world drives on the worser side of the road.: and this saddens me[View]
121034750Do old fashioned countries still exist? You know, where they drive old cars and stuff! Cars that mak…[View]
121034849my next girlfriend will not be white[View]
121034624What is the future of Europe?[View]
121034375Is this the power of capitalism?[View]
121032505They are ours.[View]
121032882yo im fucking broke lmao im gonna be homeless at this rate where my broke niggas at[View]
121034756I made hamburgers and now my entire apartment smells of hamburgers.[View]
121034423>go to the US >nobody wears a cowboy hat wtf?…[View]
121028113What happens if he dies?[View]
121029505Americans, are skinwalkers real? I read some stories and now I'm scared[View]
121034504>The north of Italy always has the money, and the power. They've punished the south for hund…[View]
121030081/brit/: Campbell edition[View]
121034219explain yourselves french[View]
121032319Some one can explain to me why there are so many morrocons in Berlin? I was there last summer and ev…[View]
121033532is cowboy culture still a thing in your country?[View]
121005538Rares Thread: Rares post here, hoping for a benin[View]
121032360>Why yes I do pray towards mecca 5 times a day, how could you tell?[View]
121031350What do you call someone in america who isn't a fat retard?[View]
121028162>be me >gain weight during lockdown since don't exercise now FUUUUUUUUUUUUUK…[View]
121031791War on Terror 9/11 Larry Silverstein Mikhail Gorbachev The Westington House Scandal Latin American P…[View]
121032158Foreign food: Whats your foreign food experience? Did foreign food meet your expectations, surpass t…[View]
121033621Which country do they each represent[View]
121021201Why is continental Europe inferior to Britain and Scandinavia?[View]
121033582Do people in your cunt respect the Quarantine?[View]
121016617How come people who actually travel to other countries are more tolerant and open minded?[View]
121033282UK = FAT: Why are they so fat? >In 2014 62% of adults in England were classified as overweight or…[View]
121032561>Cultural supremacy of Italy >Fertile lands and natural resources of Ukraine, which would also…[View]
121033507Make thou a fortress of thy heart, for thy most valuable treasures art those words given to thee by …[View]
121027986Sverigetråden: Markus- och Malcomupplagan.[View]
120997016Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread>>120988851 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/…[View]
121031985Do your countrymen do this?[View]
121014428What's it like to be gay in your country?[View]
121033272The comments sections of our newspapers and other news websites are almost always closed or have bee…[View]
121026866do americans really pronounce 'italian' as 'eye-talian'?[View]
121031797Where is the most contrast border in the world? I think it's Finland/Russia. Koreas doesn'…[View]
121031319/North Macedonia and Estonia/: I want to know more about the culture of these two countries[View]
121033144Do people in your cunt deal with the quarantine by going to a beautiful countryside estate with a bu…[View]
121027363What will your country look like in 50 years?[View]
121032928>hola taco burrito enchilada Haha, I speak mexican[View]
121031698Why so based?[View]
121027888Is this the best water bottle design?[View]
121028940Is your country richer than Puerto Rico?[View]
121030871Living in shit stain Detroit and would prefer to not have to deal with Orange Facism, anyone in the …[View]
121032667is there: >cuntry/region >do you have sink lizards usa yes…[View]
121029790This is my diaspora. There are many like it but this one is mine.[View]
121031812He makes a great point, you know.: https://youtu.be/nzJYIxOaQsA[View]
121028879Why aren't northern European countries doing enough to help?[View]
121032168Is the Corona crisis coming to end? Have we defeated the virus?[View]
121031433why is drumpf like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoEkCshMcOY&feature=emb_title[View]
121029927Post monkey subhumans from your country[View]
121031562This is what they took from us[View]
121031503https://youtu.be/IkAw7JWcJGY kek[View]
121006638What's up with Sweden?[View]
121029312Do you love Japan?[View]
121021021Is he gonna make it bros?[View]
121032207so, did you enjoy playing LostLife?[View]
121032121>Why am I learning German? I love the Death Korps of Krieg.[View]
121027465/deutsch/: Fiktive Ausgabe[View]
121030280Italian or French food?[View]
121028771Swedish politician wearing her kimono like a corpse at press conference regarding the corona virus. …[View]
121029387>got bullied by a girl into helping her with an assignment what the FUCK is wrong with me?…[View]
121023341/ita/ - il filo: Edizione evasori fiscali[View]
121025411wtf lebanese look like THIS?[View]
121016980whats the point of this cunt[View]
121028090>tfw no freckled Philippine-British indie alt GF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wFwPh-KbEY…[View]
121031559What's Tengri all about?[View]
121031231I.. Italia-kun Here is your pizza. I came to meet for you.[View]
121031104my brothers :)[View]
121019748>Heh. What's this? 'Seeding'? 'Stop'.[View]
121027326Do you know Sakura is Korea flower, name is beojkkoch.: The origin of sakura is from Korea. Korean e…[View]
121030332China surpassed Nippon.[View]
121030669I came to the conclusion that english is the most suitable language for singing. Thank your for your…[View]
121031385ITT we thank Coronachan: >retirement homes and residential care centres overpopulated with massiv…[View]
120992888/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: Snek edition[View]
121029798Is the skin color of Iberians, Italians and Balkans yellow?[View]
121027389>Boris Turk >Dominic Jew >Rishi Indian >Priti Indian Is UK, dare I say, /our country/?…[View]
121019839posting a classic[View]
121019344/mämmi/: Naamaton painos[View]
121028494when will she die?[View]
121028659Western women can't resist the BJC https://youtu.be/_Oa9JITRHz8[View]
121030496whats the point of this cunt?[View]
121029960Me on the left[View]
121030819. Caso Alcasser Pocos días antes de la detención de Ricard y Angles en Valencia, dado el gran boom m…[View]
121019948Post anti american posters from your country[View]
121030774Qatari propaganda is getting weirder...[View]
121030404>cunt >do you order your food shopping online? >what app do you use? I'm scared of get…[View]
121029859>Why yes, I had a 30 seconds conversation with a girl today. What gave it away?…[View]
121024944I feel so heavy lonely these day I don't know why That's why I was making threads like 'w…[View]
121025458What are some positive aspects of diversity?[View]
121027873>Suomi on paras maa :DDDDDDDD[View]
121009821/balk/: Hangover edition Previously on /balk/ >>120988238[View]
121027290>>1. your cunt >>2. off-topic question[View]
121024995post statues with fascist simbolism from countries you didnt expect[View]
121029186>british doctors https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-uk-nhs-intensive-care-nurs…[View]
121022405Chad Steppe asian vs Virgin rice asian[View]
121028715Is your country feminist? Russia is very feminist. Fathers are always discriminated in case of divor…[View]
121023447/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition de la flemme ancien : >>121017011[View]
121028050Your country: How much would you pay to see my delicate cousin being fucked by a big and strong afri…[View]
121028729Honestly, it's a bit strange knowing that some countries don't have any black people[View]
121029373Countries who think they're still an empire and have any real power?[View]
121029320>Smooth Jazz/Adult Contemporary[View]
121029543How are things going in cold Brazil?[View]
121028787Why are Nordic women specifically the easiest sluts you can ever encounter?[View]
121010781Name a more hated country worldwide[View]
121027717Your cunt What do you think of the international anime series, Hetalia? Maldives I think it's g…[View]
121028972>this is what people in the netherlands look like[View]
121019830Origin of the word 神様: So, I don't know if this is the right board but here it goes. There are …[View]
121028213Why don't they change their name to Taiwan airlines?[View]
121019618Your country Do you trust journalists?[View]
121024979Is 5'10 short in your country?: japan no[View]
121025799What are some good countries to experience the BBC?[View]
121026621>Semi automatic weapons are only good for killing people. Civilians don't need guns to defen…[View]
121025604Can you listen to country if you’re not American?[View]
121025370Chances of military takeover of the USA by 2021?[View]
121027929Name a more loved country.[View]
121018671Why are you so obsessed with looks? Just looking at person you say he is cha/incel/looser/etc. It se…[View]
121022886What's the worst general on /int/ and why is it the Italian general? Check it out >>12101…[View]
121020943What do you think about Germans?[View]
121021576Do Sunnis or Shias treat christians and religious minorities better?[View]
121027552How do you guys relax?: Any tips?[View]
121026138>I suffer in Brazil[View]
121028096> only one her-ass-mus year/semester why didn't you bother to do your degree abroad, anon?…[View]
121028074Indian police now deploying supersoldiers as officers to enforce lockdown: https://twitter.com/rajfo…[View]
121015660Post the first thing that comes up in your head when someone says 'America'[View]
121027443Is she right?[View]
121024459If your state has more than one NFL, team than its not a flyover[View]
121025252>Think you btfo'd me huh? Hehe I'll just wait an hour to post my next reply so I can ha…[View]
121027603Why are they like this?[View]
121027482>why yes i pissed myself, how could you tell?[View]
121022579Which Mediterranean town is the comfiest to live in? Qualification requirements: Hills in a walking …[View]
121025546Why isnt h1n1 called the muttagion? Why does'nt america have to pay for h1n1?[View]
121021114I've heard enough about Paris to know not to bother. Where should tourists actually go in Fran…[View]
121026316Why does your cunt allow and encourage women to be sluts, when this very clearly only benefits a sma…[View]
121027222>one shot at life >born in am*rica[View]
121023820Is it true that the world regards us as the most soulful and best Asians? I heard Japanese passports…[View]
121027108Based Brazilanons: Reminds me of that scene from Apocalypse Now when those Americans started surfing…[View]
121025838Do women from your country fuck horses?: >India >YES https://vedkabhed.wordpress.com/2014/05/1…[View]
121026140I'm only attracted to women[View]
121026362>Naruto opening 2[View]
121021947Meanwhile in UK: The government is increasingly concerned about the impact of the spread of such fal…[View]
121026686Czech niggas be like: >Ahoy, matey! Shiver me timbers![View]
121026646Why do Slovenians look like Swedes?[View]
121015661Fuck this society: -Do you think it's fucking normal to live in a fucking society where we…[View]
121024194What phenotype iis this guy?[View]
121015855does your city have a meme like this? post it![View]
121025476BCG Did you inoculate?[View]
121025722>Why yes, I do browse /int/ >But... however could you have known that?…[View]
121021090/deutsch/: ZUCHT BULLE edition[View]
121025152>tfw 6'6 (201.1) why even live?[View]
121025306Imagine having to quarantine here[View]
121026010>Ohayō Soyaku senpai[View]
121025663Is this common in your country?[View]
121014354/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Жaдaння aдпaчыць нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>120992166 Caўндтpэк нiцi: https:/…[View]
120987167/mena/ - Middle East & North Africa: What’s your favorite legendary & non-legendary Pokemon,…[View]
121018567>hey guys look at this random meme index we're number 1, please be jealous of us >we…[View]
121024236>Gladiator OST - Now We Are Free[View]
121025281>germs be like 'guten tag my name is Wolf Gang'[View]
121007921Hmm... Very interesting...[View]
121020270Did any of you go on erasmus while having autism/mental illness? What was it like?[View]
121005019/v4/ + incels: coom edition[View]
121022085/brit/ - The Russian Slags Edition[View]
121022178Sverigetråden - DET HÄNDER upplagan[View]
121025266wtf spain? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portugalete[View]
121021639The best country in the world, god I wish they would just annex us already.[View]
121024089Darien Scheme America - You want it to have happened?: If this attempt was successful then Central A…[View]
121025020American zoomer is based[View]
121024469Why is gay sex so underrated? I want to scream to the world: 'DICKS ARE BEAUTIFUL'.[View]
121006216reminder Korea is the only East Asian country with SOUL: >capital is called S(e)oul >only East…[View]
121012799Would you marry a Japanese pornstar?[View]
121022828What is considered tall in your cunt?[View]
121022624If we can’t have it, no one can![View]
121023264Why does Yayoi look far more chad than Jomon?: yayoi is a true samurai ninja Yamato mastar race. Yay…[View]
121023130>2020 >Not dressing up like a supreme regency gentleman Educate yourself you Mickey Mouse merc…[View]
121019698Who are the 'Jews' of your country?: In Japan the Jews are the Koreans. They run gambling parlours w…[View]
121016803Romanian niggas b like >Toccata and Fugue in D minor[View]
121018876Why do Asian women have flat bodies?[View]
121017350Does this happen in your country?[View]
121024364/ita/ il filo: edizione pomeridiana con il nostro amico woyak ;)[View]
121020303Do Japanese women have the biggest tits in East Asia?[View]
121021597/brit/ + /Aus/nz/: (Optional) title: Little Old Big Me Prefix: Will Peck Wiz Dong Wong Wood Suffix -…[View]
121016507A fucking seal was found lost in a forest in Poland.[View]
121011785Weebs Stop: Seriously when are you weebs gonna stop leaving your country and moving to Japan just ca…[View]
121022268>tf >tp[View]
121023641There was some 1950's (or 60's? 70's?) Arabic song I can't remember. The hook we…[View]
121007991/polska/: Edycja mapek[View]
121017839Anyone else having trouble telling them apart?[View]
121020339What is a common Thai first name?[View]
121022222Do women have big mommy milkers in your vagina? Sex sex sex[View]
121014068/ita/ - il filo: Edizione quarantenne in soffitta[View]
121021758Why Anime is so good? Anime is so colorful and very unique, not like live action movie. You have to …[View]
121022876Is History Repeating Itself?[View]
120991794/nederdraad/: comfie-editie[View]
121004331You must rename the USA, what will it be. Hardmode: No mutt, shart, etc. references[View]
121020059>Dude, your 26 you can't keep sleeping with your mom[View]
1210144941: your country 2: Have you been enjoying the beautiful spring weather to the fullest SWEDEN YES[View]
121022246Caso Alcasser Pocos días antes de la detención de Ricard y Angles en Valencia, dado el gran boom med…[View]
121022057Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
121022852*CLAP* *CLAP* Amerriccaaa AMERICCAA FUCK YYEHAHH[View]
121019737Thoughts on herd immunity in your country?[View]
121019533How common are girls like her in Czechia?[View]
121020880Does Americans really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xa6F7ntzJU[View]
121017011/fr/ - le francofil: Édition CMS Ancien >>121006237[View]
1210210601) Cunt 2) What will you do when society finally collapses[View]
121022605post your kot[View]
121022423/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
121020154nicki minaj[View]
121020878R8 Bulgarian youth /int/ You dont like them? Better send more gibs to take them the reason to migrat…[View]
121018516Fr édition pas de face.[View]
121016541with what sounds you have a problem when you speak foreign language? i can't pronounce Russian …[View]
121014909are there narutards in your cunt? >flag yes. it's everyone's gateway anime…[View]
121021209why am i hated by women? i went to gym i got new haircut i got personality implants i was nice they …[View]
121016889whats it like having decent infrastructure?[View]
121020400Is this really how Australia lost the war against the Emu empire in 1932? https://youtu.be/2yv_CSXBG…[View]
121020938Hey Spain and Italy: How do you like those sleeper cell agents we sent? ;)[View]
121013232>new zealand >there's no old zealand…[View]
121014208Did your cunt ever have a President that went from being a nobody to being a wartime hero in like a …[View]
121019229what happens here?[View]
121015740Why was Lebanon such a failed attempt to make a Christian state? >Could have revived Aramaic and…[View]
121009734Do Frogs and Bongs really do this?[View]
121018275>Puts tons of spices in order to kill nasty taste of low quality ingredients since they were forc…[View]
121012192Does your language have words for >the day after tommorow >the day before yesterday And why en…[View]
120954114>tfw Russia was targeted for deletion since the very beginning[View]
121013775What's with all the hate for this such brilliant album?[View]
121021321>Why yes we are manchus! How could you tell?[View]
121021313I am moving to Seattle for good! Boarding starts in 30 minutes[View]
121020867Do Korean women have best leg in East Asia? I want to lick her legs around.[View]
121020521Is it true that japanese females want to have sex with pokemon? Then they would fit in right in with…[View]
121019670/brit/: ARE BOJO edition[View]
121020362Surely he'll survive? He can't not do[View]
121021104>WAIT WAIT! DON'T KILL ME!!! >But you are English so I have to. >NO NO! I AM NOT ENGLI…[View]
121011457Japanese chess makes Western chess looks like a child game[View]
121012575What are they putting in black kids water? literally all black popstar is turning to be gay. White a…[View]
121021025>British Doctors https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-uk-nhs-intensive-care-nurs…[View]
121016527/deutsch/ - Seite 8 Hausi ist ein Hurensohn: >/deutsch/ Untermenschen Rangliste 1. Majus 2. Langf…[View]
121011037Bojo Appreciation Thread: Get well soon brave stallion... Send your energy to the leader of the Unit…[View]
121017624How common is this phenotype in Italy?: He doesn't look stereo typically, Italian He could pass…[View]
121020853Name things that your country could do better at. There is a .... particular country that should not…[View]
121016808>Excuse me, but you're supposed to be on Erasmus, not sexual harassmus.…[View]
121012908why don't they just reunite?[View]
121017820why do people still believe in various gods? it makes no sense[View]
121020315What phenotype is this?[View]
121005951so how many fellow african migrants will be required to replace the dead elderly in western europe?[View]
121016282Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
121019502post cunts group photos[View]
121018388What country has the best and worst posters in your opinion?[View]
121013440>go to France >they say 'le' unironically…[View]
120985039/balt/ + /ausnz/: NEETS vol 2 also tfw no misaki[View]
121010127Best large US city?: What is the most livable big city in the USA? Which city is generally safe, has…[View]
121020010>americans are based i wish i was american[View]
121010247How do they cope with homeless people in this corona crisis in your country?: Now those 4000 of “net…[View]
121019244Italians be like >it's a me, Arancinio POOpitto![View]
121012607I wish I was normal.[View]
121015474Sverigetråden - Brödraskapsupplagan[View]
121019040She was 16? You fucking pedophile.[View]
121017815/brit/: Class 195 pacer replacer edition[View]
121015821Would she pass as local in your cunt?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84vxOlMtGQw[View]
121004317do they really?[View]
121018983I'm tired of my country being the punching bag of this board: A few of you are alright so don…[View]
121019215666 decides if WWIII happens because of corona virus.[View]
121017480I'm in charge of the UK now, what's that you said about Brits you little twerp?[View]
121012510Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
121018428Do you love bofuri?[View]
121019231>be bong >need a tv license the absolute state…[View]
121014397qatar: >IQ:78 >One of the richest countries in the world How?…[View]
120998964/mämmi/: pellepainos[View]
121013837Why does Reddit like to exaggerate everything: and do people do this in your cunt?[View]
121016886Are they the Phillipines of Europe?: >Long history of being colonized and occupied by foreign pow…[View]
120991969/luso/ fio lusófono: edição realista[View]
121017997This kills this Israeli LARPer[View]
121016056>tfw there are always be bigger guys than you[View]
121016914pic related is a 10/10 in bongland[View]
121018134>Cunty >Do people in your country wear gimp suits at the supermarket to avoid Coronavirus? U.S…[View]
121008061does this image triggers you?[View]
121016072Romance language was once the language of Europe Germanic language is now language of Europe When Sl…[View]
121011113How do you say > I will create a Grand Army of the Republic to counter the increasing threats of …[View]
121017824I have a complaint against every single meanie gaijins Attention please Listen up please Ahem ! uh…[View]
121010785Imagine the banter from Boris if he's healthy and has the antibodies a week from now.[View]
121008878*STOMP* *STOMP* *CLAP*[View]
120994522Are Thai people embarrassed of their country's reputation?[View]
121012890whats the point of this area?[View]
121016734why do you say cheese when you take a photo[View]
121017386Post the most american picture you have that has nothing to do with guns, being fat, or racemixing[View]
121016994What do you know about the Malta?[View]
121005260>your country >the best fast food restaurant in your country I'll start with flag and pic…[View]
121014447post your tabs RIGHT fucking now[View]
121014762Do Americans really?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIro_tKRukE[View]
121015265/brit/: getting my daily dose of PJW, Sargon, and edition[View]
121017046What kind of guys do turkish girls like?[View]
121016838Édition FreeBSD Ancien : >>121006237[View]
121018107Holy BASED[View]
121010924LMAO look at these Boomer ass niggas[View]
121004770goodnight /int/ <3[View]
121013307I'm attracted to hapas therefore I do not have yellow fever.[View]
121011134Why are K*rean like this?[View]
121010158is living in a country with lots of hot latin women better than living in a country without lots of …[View]
121016411So your telling me a bunch of Jews left the best continent on earth to come live in this desert shit…[View]
121015487Do the Danish deserve to have the Scania region for themselves, why or why not, I'm in a bit of…[View]
121015223>Peanut butter and chocolate combination is disgusting[View]
121012858/kurva /deutsch/anyátok/[View]
121016102Thoughts on our Minister of Health?[View]
121013211How much longer will this COVID-19 hysteria last?[View]
121013548>Based how?[View]
121016253>1. your flag >2. up the irons 1. my cunt 2. yes…[View]
121014676Why are Americans so defensive? What are they hiding? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqBgZgRL4WI…[View]
121015757God I just want a latina gf who knows how to cook[View]
121015883Is this the best movie ever made?: Am I manchild? This movie is better than any movie. I'm not…[View]
121012050Why my English is so suck?: I often make mistake adjective for noun, forget some word to change prur…[View]
121013263アニオタの外人共、耳をかっぽじってよく聞け!: お前らアニオタは日本でも嫌われてる。アニオタは犯罪者予備軍なんだよ。絶対に日本に来るなよ![View]
121006152How do Latin Americans feel about Simón Bolívar today? What is the consensus on him?[View]
121012899Did you just say the n-word?[View]
121015523>I imagine myself in Europe, leading my Platoon. Our mission is to stop germ*n dogs from advancin…[View]
121013012Which would you prefer to be born white in Poland or yellow in Japan?[View]
121006237/fr/ - le francofil: Edition du petit matin radieux ancien : >>120996420[View]
121013100What are some disputed territories? Why are they disputed and who do you support?[View]
121014963In america you can get married at the UPS store, is it the same in your country?[View]
121014982>doing interview for a job >interviewer says they won't hire me if I live nearby or don…[View]
1210120581.Cunt 2. Do you fish?[View]
121015450Do you have thot patrols in your country?[View]
121015213When last time you had fun in your country? When last time you had fun in general? >2012 >2017…[View]
121013356Germany please annex us come the inevitable economic crash[View]
121011277>British PM is dying Poetic revenge for Opium Wars.[View]
121012255Do you like Kimchi?[View]
121010685Australia vs New Zealand? Anyone that can shed light on this? Which one do u anons like most?[View]
121007099The woman who saved Finnland[View]
121013473Proud Thai[View]
121012959/brit/: echoes of history edition[View]
120993883/ita/ il filo[View]
121013653Coronavirus hasn't affected my life one bit.[View]
121014459The cost of treating the coronavirus.: For 19 days, the cost of a patient hospitalized and discharge…[View]
121014142Why do Belgians pretend to be French when abroad?[View]
121014918>Albanian hypno[View]
121014698Why finland like this: I am gay???? Fuck ;''''D[View]
121014503I want to find love in Spain. I wish for my wife to also be a lover of anime, vidya, the 1980s, and …[View]
121012523Anyone interested in having an /int/ game of Jackbox? Will stream the game on Zoom so everyone can c…[View]
121009990Anime is dead.[View]
121014489Why do they handle so poorly the fall of the American empire and the rise of China?[View]
121003061What you got?[View]
121012150Are there gay conservatives in Europe, Asia or Africa? Just curious kek[View]
121009690>I said freedom isn't free.[View]
1210097171. your cunt 2. has the curve started to flatten or are you ran by incompetent fools? 1. flag 2. ye…[View]
121013351Why can't Non-Japanese qt compete with a Japanese qt?[View]
121014202Make Central Asia caucasoid again.[View]
121010758hi I have an opinion belgian beer tastes like shit[View]
121011151Thank You Japan: You are one of our true allies.[View]
121014131/tr/: /tr/aps are not gay edition[View]
121011582I’ve never matched with a non-obese white girl on tinder. I’ve matches with some pretty hot latinas,…[View]
121010809Does Japan love gaijin?[View]
120992166/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пpeд. >>120976385[View]
121013902Will Anglos be sad when queen goes to angels?[View]
121008406brexitniggas BTFO: >Boris Johnson in ICU Boris Johnson in ICU >Boris Johnson in ICU Boris John…[View]
121010061Are exist virgins over 20 in Europe?: Especially, none of that female.[View]
121013021How can a South Korean look so Aryan?: How can they be so different from Chinese and Japanese?…[View]
121012369There were places in the valley Where they said that I could find it There were rhythms in the dista…[View]
121011191/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Mixology edition previous >>121007394[View]
120989521Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
121009905why are americans like this? https://youtu.be/gRzfxqtWObY[View]
121009315What is it? What happen here? Why is it allowed to exist and not annexed by Egypt or Sudan (preferab…[View]
121007104Can you tell the difference between the Chinese and Japanese?[View]
121012190I started to learn German two weeks ago and I can already say it's one of the best, most logica…[View]
121010960Do leafs really look like this?[View]
121010675/int/ blown the fuck out[View]
121011171/brit/: 'no change' in Johnson's condition after night in intensive care edition…[View]
1210107951.cunt 2.age 3.virgin or not: 24 virgin[View]
121012887melon melon[View]
121010443/int/ is my favorite board on 4chan![View]
121012730>I could've been English, Dutch or French >born as a shithuanian from e*stern 'europe' It…[View]
1210126681. Ur cunt. 2. Is your curve flat yet?[View]
121009438Have you had fantasies about raping a man?[View]
1210101461.cunt 2.do nips immigrate into you're cunt ?[View]
121012099Do you think Macron and his wife still have an active love life?[View]
121010926> Why yes, i force my culture to others. How could you tell?[View]
121011559It can't just be me ? Japanese women sound disgusting and robotic , while korean sound soothing…[View]
121003667enter CHADren[View]
121011189>In early February 2017, the Carabinieri arrested 33 suspects in the Calabrian mafia's Pirom…[View]
121007160If you had to move to an African country, wehich would it be?[View]
121006372Indians, you suck[View]
121010565who the fuck eats bananas while bathing? japs are weird[View]
121007508Why is the French government going to perform tests on Africans?: Evil racist French government is g…[View]
121008081Does /int/ like to play foreign board games? Which one?[View]
1210019731. your cunt 2. do you have scars >flag >yes pic related…[View]
121012100And god punished them for they sinned against HIS WILL: Will you free the BLCK man from bondage? Or …[View]
121010870I prayed coronavirus goes away: No need to thank me[View]
121009048>With Denmark now in lockdown, it looks like the shoe is on the other foot.: >here's the …[View]
121005469Recommend an anime so my friends and I watch during the quarantine /int/[View]
121010159Guess ethnicity and nationality game.: This lady is _____[View]
121008090What makes them so cringe?[View]
121011916Keep calm, Brits![View]
121009790Thinking on doing sex tourism next year. Is there any place where mexicans are seen as exotic or sho…[View]
121002099/deutsch/e /n8schicht/: 138 iq drip[View]
121011648Germans, be aware , be careful. Be alert. No pain No gain brothers germans. Polacs. God bless you.[View]
121010325Which country has the best cam girls?[View]
121007394/cum/ Canada, United States, Mexico + Anime[View]
121010519Why korean has such a big inferiority complex which they relly own pride on the american shityy peiz…[View]
121011304>Why korean has such a big inferiority complex which they relly own pride on the american shityy …[View]
121011152>sunny day >can't get out I THINK CHINA SUCKS…[View]
1210111191. Ur cunt 2. Do u think society will COLLAPSE Flag Yes after virus kills 5% of the world, companies…[View]
121008560/brit/: I wish I could save her in some sort of time machine Edition[View]
121010163whats the point of this cunt?[View]
121008799>the year is 1010 x 2 >japs still use fax machines and flip phones…[View]
121009485Lets create our own brazilian states: no rules Just leave space for your fellow /int/bros[View]
121010950>Job >Friends >Career >Exercise >Wealth >Independence >Honesty >Dating >…[View]
121009840>Look Sweden doesn't have a lockdown and they have MORE deaths than surrounding countries! I…[View]
121010401>another day living in this country[View]
121009091i hate scientists so much[View]
121010616watermelon watermelon[View]
121010153/BELG/ + /brit/: /belg/ are not french or /nederdraad/ !!! https://youtube.com/watch?v=HlEREweogWE…[View]
121009557I am an Anglo. How does that make you feel?[View]
121010540Never lost a war[View]
121009942Join anoncraft! Play some comfy minecraft with fellow anons. IP: anoncraft.xyz Make sure youre runni…[View]
121006346The Arab world[View]
121010537/balk/: tank edition[View]
121007471This song of my ancestor... makes me feel powerful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9NIBZfVBW4[View]
121009721Strange Chinese Program: I downloaded something from softoware.net and i uninstalled it, and i found…[View]
121010093I don't get it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zs8EFxir0Iw[View]
121001349What the fuck were they thinking?: Perhaps it wasn't such a great idea to trust local chinks to…[View]
121009406How do Japanese people feel about this Filipino man making videos about their country?[View]
121004473What are girls from New Zealand like?[View]
121010243How come he's completely fine?[View]
121008077Australian women are for...[View]
121010365Why this man and this people hate Japan so much? They have private grudge to us ?? We killed them ??…[View]
121009087Americans: >You can't speak Spanish! This is America we speak English here! Also Americans: …[View]
121007879My ancestor :)[View]
121009795감스트 게이야 어딨누[View]
121005728Who farts more - germans or poles?[View]
121007868Do you love Russia?[View]
121010136>wake up >Check time >6:53 am >blink >check time >9:10 What necromancy is this?…[View]
121010008i can't sleep, so im gonna replace sleeping with drinking myself senseless[View]
121009107Gunman or Swordman[View]
121009165>People of Target! Brothers, sisters, hear me now! They're standing out there, any moment no…[View]
121008318*lick* give me pussy or ur mom gay, /int/[View]
120999250/tr/: Rick Ro$$ edisyonu[View]
121009252Why do Scots not want independence?[View]
120989573what are some boards you would add to 4chan? I would add a true crime board /tc/[View]
121009024Everyday, today again, 2pm sharp,my neighbor, he wets trash on fire under my windown *At least it is…[View]
121007999How will your cunt send condolences to Britain when the inevitable happens?[View]
121009530Fr - Édition demain on lui met bien.[View]
121007861Which is better?[View]
121008941How accurate is this map?[View]
121006507the VVHEAT fields of EVROPA.........[View]
121009145Cool words/insults origins from your country: The origin of the insult 'pelotudo' and 'boludo' argen…[View]
121008914Do you think this image offensive? Why or why not?[View]
121008905I think the tutorial world is pretty lucky winning the lottery of life 99% of the time, but thank go…[View]
121009013Tell me an interesting fact about Canada[View]
121005155>Your country >Favorite 2hu grill US For me it's Sakuya…[View]
121007211RIP Boris Johnson: (444 means death in Asia)[View]
121007724Do people like this live in your country?[View]
121002457Am i chad /int/?[View]
121008751Canada explain: Why does your milk come in a bag?[View]
121002698/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime anti chicanos[View]
121008842Why Asian women love BL? Yaoi[View]
121006937Do you use milk as a synonym for semen in your cunt?[View]
121006773What the fuck do foreigners even feed their livestock with if it's not corn?[View]
121007670What is your honest opinion on this video?: https://youtu.be/znuHFYF9ibQ[View]
121004730why is being gay acceptable but being a straight guy into 10/10s who happen to have dicks not accept…[View]
121007044You have just been given control of this board and you can do whatever you want. What is the first t…[View]
121005521You can only post in this thread if you would be in trouble with the law in England for merely exist…[View]
121007578Brits, do any of you guys call alleys 'twitchels' or 'ginnels'?[View]
121006608Discrimination against English teachers should be illegal. Teachers are actually respected in Asia y…[View]
121008776>he works as an english teacher in china[View]
121006804Oh NO OH NO HAHAHAHA[View]
120998830does this happen in your cunt?[View]
121008722>I trust Xi Xinjping and the ccp for their hard and dedicated work fighting the coronavirus.…[View]
121008712I'm a lesbian girl and I think men are ok, I guess, but why do they fart, shit and sweat all th…[View]
121008155Sister farts on my face again when i'm trying to rest[View]
121006122Why yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese.[View]
121008327>Do you love... No![View]
121007959how can I get a 10/10 brazilian (gf)?[View]
121006721Requesting help from Australia bros: I lost touch with an internet friend. This person graduated fro…[View]
121005276how do you feel about canadian metis, /int/? they're basically the leaf equivalent of la creatu…[View]
121008358>stay at home[View]
121006131GET READY FOLKS[View]
121005917Is your country richer than Poland?[View]
121007062/bald/: >1. U r cunt (you are cunt, yes) >2. Are u bald? 1. Flag 2. Yes…[View]
120988369Forget about Liberal and Conservative, Right or Left for a moment. Forget about Justin Trudeau. What…[View]
121005577>your country >what do you do in your free time…[View]
121002196I always laugh when British people call American suburbs with greenery and big houses shit when they…[View]
121006420Wtf Finland?[View]
121007595What are some countries throughout history that were once relevant and continued to think they still…[View]
121004716Chinese culture is so senile. Nothing entertaining comes out of it. People will say it's becaus…[View]
121004510>tfw we are now closer to 2030 than we are to 2010[View]
121007707I hate them Have they invaded your cunt yet?[View]
121007949I'm quarentined and bored so I'm watching this American movie[View]
121002929Mmmmmm Canadian cusine[View]
120976513/norgetråden/: Hivladnings-utgaven Forrige: >>120949391[View]
121007826>MUH FREE HEALTHCARE Do Brits really believe that they got superior health system than having a …[View]
121002256>tfw no lusofrens on /int/ other than Portugal It's really sad. -_-…[View]
121003042I know it makes americans really mad but I think it's hilarious how we Canadians burnt down the…[View]
121006950make a cure already[View]
121007749what are some fun boogie-on-down countries?[View]
121007682Why does Finnish sound similar to Japanese? https://youtu.be/dnU9TCjiCIM[View]
121004158o.O: So...weeaboos actually believe that real life Japan looks like their animu and mango.[View]
121007633I keep meeting friends in large groups. We drink from same bottle and smoke same joint. If police sh…[View]
121007272explain yourselves[View]
121005920>faces of /int/[View]
121005129>Why yes, I do plan to vaccinate my child to prevent diseases, how could you tell?…[View]
121002971/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico + Chile[View]
121007198>Yes, how did you know?[View]
121006067If axis win WW2 Corona chan couldn't have been prevailed like now Corona chan would hate totali…[View]
121007388What's the cutest animal on Earth?[View]
121004180Here's your Asian GF, bro.[View]
121007383>*RING RING* yes hello? oh, dr hendrick... i'm going to have to put you on hold for moment. …[View]
121005052>Realize in most mixed-raced marriages, the male is more feminine than the female >113.75 IQ f…[View]
121005479Are we going to ignore Canada's war crimes of releasing a nigger goose terrorizing the world? h…[View]
121006612holy fuck bros just saw someone drive a lamborghini huracan[View]
120997181What do Mexicans and Chis honestly think about pic related?[View]
120997075Why Spanish girls are like this???: I’m in Barcelona in a flat that I can’t leave, wanking through o…[View]
121006543Venezuelans look like THIS!?[View]
121000987>Colombian girls are for __________[View]
121006264Putin is a Chinese farmer who is hired to take down Russia from inside[View]
120997803This is my OLMEC ancestor, which has MANLY and CHAD face features. When I see my ancestor I can only…[View]
121006798Weird.: Weird how Saudi Arabia and Russia with their perception on homosexuality have no problem acc…[View]
121005027Where is he?[View]
121003975>state/country you live in >state you'd like to live in I'll start. >Pennsylvania…[View]
121005997Do Americans really do this?[View]
121005389I suffer in Latin America[View]
121006255> tfw just realized I’m starting to bald Does this happen in your country?…[View]
121006125Places you would like to visit, even though you know you will never get there.[View]
120996961What event caused the decline of your country? For us, it was the Vietnam War.[View]
121004370/brit/: goth gf edition[View]
121005935argentina is whiter than australia[View]
121006077You wish you were American. That is all.[View]
121005830how did a big language like Latin die out? I can understand smaller languages dying out but Latin wa…[View]
121005472>the chinese internet firewall exists not to keep us from getting information about china, but to…[View]
121004756>shitalk China on /int/ >Australian and Canadian flags get assmad…[View]
121006134>watch a video of young antonio banderas >'omg why was he so good looking he was totally my cr…[View]
121004360Why 80's sound makes me chill so good? I love 80's city pop. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
121005796>cunt >what's a 10/10 to you? flag this English Rose…[View]
121004612Am i cute?[View]
121005328Are you attracted only to your race?: I'm really only attracted to Asian women. Is this becaus…[View]
121006037(Free) B A S E D https://www.pornhub.com/interstitial?viewkey=ph5cf7321a915d2[View]
121005375>flag >who mogged your genetics (mother/father/both)…[View]
1210059031. your country 2. do women in your cunt ever claim to be 'introverts'? 1.usa 2. yes. i know some ro…[View]
121002401Does your country's cuisine use this?[View]
121005766>At least you are white Don't say 'I wanna die' like me you greedy boy…[View]
121004856basically a third world country with a powerful economy like China[View]
121003113What else is left in life if I don't care about success, career, power, tinder hoes, fleeting p…[View]
121003910British people are ugly.[View]
121005863French people and english words.: Why do French people call sport sneakers 'Baskets'.[View]
121005757Europeans read Celsius 232.778 in High School[View]
121002594what happens here?[View]
121002804Mix mix mix: Mix mix[View]
121005366Why do they trigger us flags so much?[View]
121005001>china lied people died[View]
121004146Do you have any /int/-related hobbies? Pic related: it's my cash collection. I collect foreign…[View]
120948826/skandi/: vargalf hin hvita - útgáfan[View]
120997083Spain: Congratulations Spain[View]
121005551>Youtube title 'GTA 6 download hindi android' >GTA 6 isn't even out…[View]
120998778What sport is you're country really good at?[View]
121004932How are people different on East vs West coast?[View]
120997749>Gladiator OST - Now We Are Free[View]
121000259fugg tried cooking didnt work out[View]
120990505The History of Vietnam >Enslaved by China for 1000 years and used as sex slaves >'Slave girls …[View]
120996420/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition du confinement et de la misère sexuelle ancien fil : >>120…[View]
120999825what are some countries with strong ass women?[View]
121003618In which country is it easiest to get a gf if you are an autist?[View]
121005297mom just told me to go to sleep sorry guys, imma talk to you more tomorrow[View]
1210005341. Your country 2. Your favourite album Sweden For me, it's YEEZUS[View]
121002712>YouTube title is in English > video is not…[View]
121005152Post irrelevant shitholes with no culture, cuisine, industry or even scenery.[View]
121005191this makes the average serbian sad[View]
121003468why did this corona shit had to star in the year I finally find an internship, it is over, everyone …[View]
121004911Which American region has the worst accent?: Northeast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1_yC2gHp58 …[View]
121001513Argentinians are for…[View]
121004712>tfw you're not an Orthodox monk[View]
121004348Norwegian girls really do stuff like this ?[View]
121003421Why don't united statians just shoot the virus?[View]
121004224>Watch an American cop show >Basic officers in car request an helicopter >Helicopter arrive…[View]
121001585Okay so is he Jomon or Yaoi? Because he's the superior one. The stereotypical otaku nerds with …[View]
121003199Brazilian teens are for _______[View]
121002697israel has such a beautiful national anthem :) https://youtu.be/WX1dsmHcfVA[View]
121004171Why is Europe so gay?[View]
120983673Did you go on Erasmus?[View]
121002653>do americans real- *BANG BANG BANG* >why do america- *POP POP POP* >be americ- *POW POW* …[View]
121004038This virus is racist.[View]
121004011Why do I get physically uncomfortable from reading Reddit posts?[View]
121002306>Proofster thread? Proofster thread[View]
121004376>British documentary >Here, in the jungles of Bhata-Tuthu, the praying mantis is in search of …[View]
121002225/brit/: count cheska edition[View]
121003962I want blue eyed daughters bros.[View]
121003640Northern Han Chinese are a Xianbei, Manchurian, Proto-Turkic Tibeto-Burman Race and are the Aryans o…[View]
121001497I've been thinking of moving to Liechtenstein recently. Do any of you know how gay rights are t…[View]
120994079/cum/: /cum/ers should be happy edish[View]
121002409Daily Reminder Northern Han Chinese are the only true descendants of Steppe Lords and Khans. The Man…[View]
120998528/int/ernational Music: It's time for another thread full of Youtube links no one responds or li…[View]
121003918Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
121003889>75% of civilians that wanted to join the army couldn't do so because they were obese Do Ame…[View]
121003431Is America still on quarantine? How does it work there? Because I keep seeing some youtubers just wa…[View]
120999164Oh no no no no no[View]
121003987>different than[View]
121002638British 'People' Be Like:: List all of the dumb shit British people say. Example: >'Canna git a b…[View]
121003760what race are jewish women?[View]
121001659Os cuento un secreto: Electrick y su staff están baneando las cuentas anteriores a 2012 para limpiar…[View]
121000644>almost 27 and still a kissless virgin Fucking Chinks, I was going to finally try to lose it this…[View]
121003250show me your jaks[View]
120997730Do Europeans really?[View]
121003511I'm an upstate new yorker[View]
121003145>Americans teachers spank kids who are as young as 5 in front of the entire class…[View]
120999888>driving home from work, listening to the radio >'Boris Johnson has been moved to the ICU shor…[View]
121002968I unironically find Soyjaks and Gigachads funny[View]
121002444Saitama will punch ANY three countries you want out of existence. Which country do you choose?[View]
120998740>mfw I see an Argentinian girl[View]
120988238/balk/: albanian idiot edition Old >>120959522[View]
121003413is having relations with a shemale acceptable in your cunt?[View]
121003182is there a biological explanation for this?[View]
121003577>our father, who art in washington[View]
121001265>ur cunt >do you miss lil peep[View]
121001949>wake up >Canada has invaded Alaska in order to unite the great white birth >Justin Trudeau…[View]
120999352How common are brown people with light eyes in south america?[View]
121002257Do you want to find love in Costa Rica?[View]
1210002301.your cunt 2.how was your day?[View]
121003141Hello, based department?[View]
121002325>comfy at home with family >al family take 600 euros for doing nothing >still can work from…[View]
121001096>baasterd why do they love this word so much?[View]
120999257/tr/: Çok yalnızım[View]
120999385What the fuck is wrong with the USA[View]
121002874he's got a point, y'know[View]
121001934This is Xi Jinping's only daughter - future empress of China. She's studying at Harvard ri…[View]
121002765/lat/ Hilo Latino: Edición nocturna[View]
121002643which album summarizes your cunt's issues pretty well? pic related[View]
121001835Are you okay Britain?[View]
120994355> be turk born in Germany > people are very friendly, have german friends > go on /int/ …[View]
120999297I have the strongest, most nasty headache you can imagine right now. All my 'friends' have left me w…[View]
121002284What country makes the best music?: And why is it england?[View]
121002033The quintessential britbong.[View]
120992867Why are mexicans so racist against natives?[View]
120986551/ex-yu/: tahi na aparatima edicija[View]
121002428Rio, I love you...stream: My dad has been bothering me to find this movie in stream. I don't ha…[View]
120985901Apart from french, what language sounds best spoken by women?[View]
121001622It really do be like that[View]
120993943/lat/ - hilo latino: edicion bait para gringos[View]
120998888Do you have an Asmrfu, /int/? LauraLemourex has to be pretty ugly but has a soothing voice and is st…[View]
120996891We need a conscription army now: Not a sloppy army like there was before, from doing a ridiculous mo…[View]
120996719What's going through your mind right now, /int/?[View]
120996115You do your quarantine grocery shopping then coming back to your place you find this: wat do?[View]
121002210How are celebrities viewed in your country in terms of how serious their image is? I know in east As…[View]
121000315I don't feel so good /int/[View]
120998845Your thoughts on Israel?[View]
120999521OFFICIAL 2020 Asian Food Powerrankings: OFFICIAL 2020 Asian Food Powerrankings 1) Japanese food 2) T…[View]
120997873Why did Bolsonaro fire his health minister?: During the middle of Brazil's coronavirus epidemic…[View]
120998517Patagonia?: Seeing how fucking rotten the world is, I wish I could create a site like that. Go to Pa…[View]
121001390Anon.. why do you have a bunch of greyscale pictures of muscular men on your computer?[View]
121000343US blocks millions of N95 face masks headed for Canada: >https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/a…[View]
121000771European are suffering at Europe by Ozone hole: The Great China love making freon gas. https://www.g…[View]
120990427Favorite town you've ever visited ? For me it is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia[View]
121000377>just watched this on netflix wtf germany. I'm literally going to be depressed for a week be…[View]
121001267Turks are subhuman, they whine about syrian and kurdish minorities yet invade syrian and kurdish are…[View]
120963866Have you ever seen snow?[View]
120999154/Sp/Gloria a los heroes españoles: La lista de heroes de guerra de España es infinita. Cada vez que …[View]
121000528I really want to learn chinese but there no /int/ community . What do ?[View]
121000561Was it autism?[View]
121001266>reading about Alexander >look up modern day macedonia What happened bros ...…[View]
120999238/brit/: Justin.[View]
121000277What's you perfect cup of coffee /int/?[View]
120999335HERD IMMUNITY[View]
120997467Major power outage in Argentina just happened[View]
120999925What's the most common cause of death in your country?[View]
120995674/v4/ + Turkmenistan[View]
121000282What japanese tradition is this?[View]
121000395Have you ever had evil thoughts? I've always wanted to choke and beat up a girl. Maybe not kill…[View]
120994929/nachtschicht/: Morgen wieder /deutsch/[View]
120998832Do these bizarre ads show up differently in non-English speaking language countries? I don't th…[View]
120986325Can anyone explain to me why they called him 'King of the Jews' when they nailed Yeshua to a cross?[View]
120995399Are you open to dating a foreigner? What foreign country has your favorite culture and why?[View]
120973975/polska/:edycja matury z infy[View]
121000387May Allah grant all of us chances and will for tawbah (repentation) before our deaths and that we no…[View]
120998164Sometimes I like to touch my butthole and then smell my finger. I did this since I was 16 and have b…[View]
121000421was the sopranos popular in italy?[View]
120996735Don't worry chaps. The Prime Minister is being moved to the morgue as a precautionary step. He …[View]
120996063What is your worst fear, /int/?[View]
120995822What is your honest actual opinion on Russia and Russians? >loyal to a fault >work hard as fuc…[View]
120996201What is your favorite subreddit, /int/?[View]
120998535I'm balding[View]
120995106What's your country's perception of the causes of WWI? Why did Britain turn away from cent…[View]
120998795>this is a beach in Monaco[View]
120999359How do we kill Chicano neet tranny spammer?[View]
120998270How you say > I will create a Grand Army of the Republic to counter the increasing threats of the…[View]
120997990My finnic brothers :)[View]
120998373How do you make friends in your country? I haven't figured it out.[View]
120995280What is your sister's nude picture, /int/?[View]
120997645Why are Americans dying so slowly?[View]
120998809why does he keep saying Justin?[View]
120999211What is the world's cutest country[View]
120997399People of /int/ our gods are angry and need sacrafices, in order to stop the corona i require 10 vir…[View]
120996966Is there food in your cunt that is named after a country but people from there probably never heard …[View]
120998932why are there so many frogs on this board this place is a relic of 2016[View]
120998718What's their secret?[View]
120998464I am unemployed, uneducated, indebted, addicted to drugs and alcohol and hiv positive. I have no fri…[View]
120959117/ro/ - firul românesc: Ediția carantinei precedent - >>120899143[View]
120996575The blackest city in Brazil[View]
120998389Pick your side[View]
120998573What is dating culture like in your country?[View]
120999268>the Non-Family[View]
120997947Why don't they play poker in the jungle?[View]
120998565What's your favorite American food?[View]
120996660Quick! You have to name ALL the states and territories of Australia. You ALSO have to list the two i…[View]
120995264With this whole isolation I'm going to start learning a non-European language. Should I learn J…[View]
120996193why so europeans hate guns so much? I just want everyone to share in my favorite hobby[View]
120993395Who mogs who?[View]
120997185/brit/: end times edition[View]
120998549Ever since I became aware of airplane mode I became addicted to shitposting. I have probably been ba…[View]
120998671Do you have a twin, /int/?[View]
120996529Admit it, parliament was a mistake.[View]
120950059/tr/: Akane-chan edisyonu[View]
120998456Do Dutch people like tulips?[View]
120996058>u're a cun(ny)t >fav glowies?[View]
120998644>Flag >What is your (first) name >How do your friends call you >How do your parents call…[View]
120964656Why are they so different from the rest of Europa ?: It seems like another continent. What happened …[View]
120997163>Water is too bland for my tastes...I think Fanta is much more refreshing, plus it is healthy sin…[View]
120998650Dikaya lavitsa Ty moya tsaritsa Sort moy marihuana Menya zacharovala Dikaya lavitsa Ty moya tsaritsa…[View]
120995724What is your mother's maiden name, /int/?[View]
120997387Is pokahontasu jomon? What race.[View]
120991597what's the spanish accent hierarchy like?[View]
120996236Goes to Italy for expensive wine tour and proceeds to be as obnoxious and disrespectful as possible …[View]
120995452>their capital city is not even on the mainland[View]
120996104B-Bros... the US infected and death rates aren't going up...[View]
120996780How many american states have you been to? I have only been to 5.[View]
120998355>muh christians euros are better Hypocrisy and scumbaggery is embedded in the human spirit…[View]
120998344I need vitamins.[View]
120997978Boker face: ITT, let's give the world a boker face[View]
120972969/mämmi/: jokainen päivä on nistipatapäivä[View]
120993602Are gays opressed in your country?[View]
120997383How do you see your country in 50 years?: Seeing the speed of deep social degeneration that we are l…[View]
1209962971. Flag 2. Do you collect coins? >Me >Yes, I will share some of mine…[View]
120994641*ROOAOAOAOAOAOA-----coof coof coof*[View]
120997356Does a bear shit in the woods?[View]
120997308I was talking about how unfortunate it is for this pandemic to hit just in the year I got an interns…[View]
120991553Are they fucked in the future? Ethiopia/Sudan are building dams and basically control the nile river…[View]
120997246What time do you eat breakfast? For me not usually until 2-3 PM.[View]
120996916>yout cunt >your other cunt[View]
120984415/belg/: Frituur - editie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiLmwZGhUxA[View]
120995317Praise me /int: I just lifted a 30kg 20x20x20 in box more than half a kilometer to ship it to my new…[View]
120997222What did you eat for breakfast, /int/?[View]
120994688What is your middle name, /int/?[View]
120995363What is your dogs name, /int/?[View]
120993720What is your first name, /int/?[View]
120997172d-_-b: >>120996201 I sure do love faggitors. So do you faggots run this site now or what?…[View]
120996054Do Americans really?[View]
120988616How cultured is your country? I'd say mine is patrician[View]
120989828really makes you think[View]
120995713What do you think of fettuccine alfredo?[View]
120996492> no Norwegian crossplayer bf[View]
120996644Just got laid off. Thanks chinks[View]
120978150Know your place[View]
120994607Have you ever met a Tamil ?[View]
120995142>human rights[View]
120994490/brit/: Follow the rule edition[View]
120970580are you happy with your country's age of consent laws?[View]
120995858Be honest: You don't wish death upon Boris, do you?[View]
120985101How strict are parents in your country?[View]
120995207I have a question for posters from Spanish speaking countries. My name is Desiderio and people on he…[View]
120993486the solution to the conflict in middle east[View]
120983753Do Westerners really?: Imagine paying more than $4 for a Big Mac.[View]
120988323coola upplagan[View]
120996621How is your leader handling coronavirus?[View]
120996487is coffee good for you?[View]
120952734/esp/ - España: braaap[View]
120996364Your country Do you drink water? Where do you live? Do you breathe oxygen? What is your last name?[View]
120996385Do women like forward young men in your country?[View]
120996537american exceptionalism indeed, lmoa[View]
120996583then everything that happens in the world is the fault of a single person WTF (coronavirus)[View]
120995964>ZA WARUDO[View]
120994611What are women in their early 20s typically like in your cunt?[View]
120996476What happens in Azerbaijan, /int/?[View]
120996120Stop using this image for every fucking thread I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU ALL SO FUCKING MUC…[View]
120960553Do americans really?[View]
120994151Will there be any hope for Asians in a post Corona world?[View]
120993670/int/ food time: >1. You are a cunt >2. Post food that you are about to eat for dinner Going…[View]
120988070/med/ - Mediterranean general: best LOTR girl edition Eowyn or Arwen? Maybe ascended take (Galadriel…[View]
120994982Which do you prefer /int/?[View]
120995949What is happening on this board, /int/?[View]
1209941561) you're a cunt 2) do riot servers suck in ur region 1)france 2)yes[View]
120993862This is Shahar, goodbye for all eternity.[View]
1209957191. Your country 2. The name of your first pet 3. Your mother's maiden name 4. Your email[View]
120995976Hi, /int/. Delete if not allowed. I don't know how to ask this question, or even if anyone woul…[View]
120995331Saint Pierre and Miquelon is the flag that has the best posters (poster) on this board, thanks for e…[View]
120995794What is your date of birth, /int/?[View]
120995632why the fuck is it still illegal to sacrifice lamb in the name of God in israel? Do muslims somehow …[View]
120995190What's your nickname, /int/?[View]
120995551Things that AMERICANS CAN'T AFFORD: If possible from your cunt. I'll start with this unfin…[View]
120990868Do you have dulce de leche in your country?[View]
120995965Thank God I can still drink and smoke weed with my hiv medication.[View]
120987462This is what everyone means by 'America'.[View]
120990417/fr/ - le francofil: Edition bédé ancien : >>120982292[View]
120995126Why are you so obsessed with producing white children? Is it the only metric you use to asses the wo…[View]
120978962/éire/: Eagrán an chait uasal darbh ainm Sneed[View]
120993245He's been further admitted to intensive care and will most likely not make it: Previous thread …[View]
120993222Hello my name is Alberto Barbosa and I want to make some international friends[View]
120995365How many times a day do you piss /int/?[View]
120972066/v4/ + friends: Nationalistic edition[View]
120995566may I axe your name?[View]
120995546SEX SEX SEX: Give me SEEEEEEEEEEEX!!!!![View]
120994072HILO LATINO[View]
120995327Here's your next Prime Minister, bro: Behold, the next PM of the UK, Rishi Sunak. Boris Johnson…[View]
120995354imagine not having pic related in your country[View]
120989650hm wtF? I thought it was a meme that they were aggressive? Is this really a problem in Canada?[View]
120992076Do you play video games[View]
120976994Any Proto-Indo-Europeans fans on /int/?[View]
120994497Thoughts on beef stroganoff?[View]
120994624>innocent geats? >YEA KILL EM![View]
120950080DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2353.2353.2353.2353.2353.2353: DJT is a Japanese language learning thre…[View]
120995240/asean/: swagapino edisi[View]
120995235Are they white or middle eastern?[View]
120995195What happens in the Republic of the Niger? Is it worth a visit? Or they just eat you alive? :)[View]
120991027I drank single glass of red wine, and I'm already drunk. Does this degree of lightweightness ha…[View]
120992249We have to do something to help Korean people break free[View]
120995113why yes, I love brazilian beaches[View]
120992184Today's abandoned clothing: I'm not sure. Maybe sweatpants?[View]
1209888611. cunt 2. emergency services number usa 911[View]
120994997/deutsch/: geile ausgabe[View]
120994883Government gave unemployed people free money to spend[View]
120994946/leaf/ - Canada general: Canadian cuisine edition what's your favorite canadian dish anons?…[View]
120986748The UK Say something nice about it[View]
120986415Do you like germany?[View]
120993066ITT: we thank mexico for having the best cuisine Gracias Mejico[View]
120993440Will Americans ever switch to the metric system?: Why are their politicians so reluctant to write it…[View]
120994221are they still first world?[View]
120983164What is east Germany like?[View]
120994419Here in Spain Spanish are considered superfaggots and extremely gay but in Europe they are thought o…[View]
120993385Why does no one likes german humour ? I think it’s hilarious[View]
1209939511. Your country 2. What words come to mind when you see this image?[View]
120994476Holy based[View]
120994045/lat/ hilo latino: hilo del God of mu[View]
120993683I don't know why my countrymen are so hooked on Japanese porn To be honest, they are quite tast…[View]
120992770Post art from your country[View]
120991911What languages did you learn in school? Me 8 years English 4 years German[View]
120994243>The position of the Americans is therefore quite exceptional, and it may be believed that no dem…[View]
120994195why in the FLYING FUCK is this board filled with wh*te people posting without my written consent[View]
120990837Why are Germans always so butthurt at us? Is it the World Wars?[View]
120993062>mfw this was all a conspiracy of the German to bankrupt Italy and spain and kill Boris Johnson t…[View]
120992426>4chan humor[View]
120993311Do whyteppl really?[View]
120968406euros: how accurate is this for your cunt?[View]
120990123>Started faping ti Japanese porn again.[View]
120990540/deutsch/: hände stinken wieder nach pisse[View]
120993777Bahamas has 29 cases of corona.[View]
120993390The handshake that changed the world.[View]
120988851Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread>>120969187 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/…[View]
120977361What is your opinion on Taiwan?[View]
120982620/ita/ - il filo: Edizione tortellini in brodo[View]
120993033I can't stop coughing today[View]
120990787>burn faggots >why yes, i meant the bundle of sticks…[View]
120980888Is there anyone that unironically likes albanians?[View]
120993612Why are Germans so dishonest?[View]
120992329do we really?[View]
120991062Found this pic of a place called cuckfield in england. what the heck britbongs, is there a place cal…[View]
120993307Dear mexicans: lavate los manos[View]
120982967/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
120991334/brit/: Sultan Boris effendi edition[View]
120993244Why aren't you supporting your national lacrosse team?[View]
120992791I have to read all that shit?[View]
120991445What is this called in your country?[View]
120983065Is it the greatest german invention?[View]
120902688/flag/+/extraflags: Roasted Edition Previous: >>120808622 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely sp…[View]
120990708>What's west of westeros????[View]
120992904This k, w, j, x, y kills the italian[View]
120990783Is this the most French thing ever?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0NhAXkBxW8&feature=youtu.b…[View]
120992476>The more shithole the country is, the more difficult the grammar is and uglier the language. Is…[View]
120985227Friends :)[View]
120983361>tv turns static >polish roommate: kurwa , you can't talk about my mother like that…[View]
120989156>The Spanish Armada in Ireland suffered heavy losses during an extraordinary season of storms in …[View]
120990830Americans REALLY do this[View]
120976820Does growing your own weed without much equipment worth it? I'm talking about autoflowering see…[View]
120978737I have just started an online Japanese course...: and people are writing stupid anime quotations in …[View]
120991964Who are God's chosen people?[View]
120991263Chinese niggas really be looking at this and thinking >yeah that's my breakfast right there …[View]
120942824/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: eternal penman edition[View]
120990095is america the greatest country on earth?[View]
120988960>your cunt >your choice Flag Let him in, of course…[View]
120990421ZORBA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bBuwrmM-L0[View]
120967478European Ancestry in the US map: Why so many people of German ancestry in the US? Also another reaso…[View]
120991175>Swedes a week ago: all smug and condescending >Swedes now still condescending but visibly sh…[View]
120991612white americans are so hypocritical: the entire southwest belonged to mexico before you bullied them…[View]
120991958>two weeks notice[View]
120987800we gonna die for sure now, sayonara mina[View]
120988143why aren't you a west slav?[View]
120991822I suffer in Rwanda: https://youtu.be/AiYldzhJ0ac[View]
120972663Why are Latino commieblocks comfier than Eastern Euro commieblocks ? idk if this pic is Brazil or Co…[View]
120986304>I will only settle for a white guy![View]
120991105There is only one dog race. We are all equal.[View]
120982192You will always be hated here if you aren’t Japan You will always be second class, any women who ass…[View]
120991482>people who obsess about the german empire/history Fat Boring Unattractive Unhealthy >people …[View]
120978605/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Sorriso que eu quero proteger edição.[View]
120987595RISK - Global Edition: Starting anew for those who had to leave the other thread due to slowdowns. P…[View]
120989090>This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincide…[View]
1209851691. Your metro are 2. Do you ride public transit?[View]
120989139>you will never ride a steam train through the Alps... wait is that the Netherlands? HOW??? I tho…[View]
120984613Right now United States and Europe are the main infection hubs. It has been estimated that in a few …[View]
120987353What do your cookouts look like? Mine are made up of crabs, burgers, corn, watermelon and shrimp[View]
120968830Here in Latin America Spanish are considered superfaggots and extremely gay but in Europe they are t…[View]
120983043Man, this is a tragedy. We all need to come together and give them our prayers. F[View]
120969531For me it's Britain[View]
120986760How do I become russian?[View]
120989458Do Italians look like this?[View]
120985076I'd never thought I'd see the day, but I heard a black person say 'finna' unironically in …[View]
120974533A thing i noticed in the Swedish dating scene: Black women just don't like us White guys. Brown…[View]
120976385/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: cтpaнa-пoбeдитeльницa edition[View]
120979467/nederdraad/: Komaan jongens! We gaan het kartel verjagen![View]
120990785international love: What are you sexual fantasies? How does your ideal partner look? https://s2.desu…[View]
120990166Is your race (nearly) immune to The Flu?[View]
120975010>Its s Youtuber with a posh British accent trying to act smart and condescending…[View]
120984695When I'm talking with foreigners on /int/ I intentionally dumb down my english for them. Does …[View]
120988543/asean/: Yaoi Futanari edisi[View]
120981023Does /int/ like desserts from the Middle East?[View]
1209826423 regions of Poland that are worth something: the rest is poo before going to Poland do consult this…[View]
120990066I'm sorry but I dislike black people.[View]
120984815SITTING BULL[View]
120990118europeens be like haha dumb americans can only speak one language, i can speak 3, norwegian, swedish…[View]
120988531/brit/: Hello /brit/, it's me Boris Johnson, you may not know this but I've been posting h…[View]
120983422Serbs be like It wasnt us that killed the helpless old man because he cant contribute to the family …[View]
120950207kurva anyátok[View]
120980028why does japan portray italians as white?[View]
120988701In Detroit you can buy Homes for just $1 would you buy one ?[View]
120989845/cl/ 'when were you when this dude single handedly saved Chile?' edition: ¿Cómo están cabros?[View]
120983992>mfw there's people who compare corona to the flu[View]
120984957/deutsch/ - Seite 8 Hausi ist ein Hurensohn: >/deutsch/ Untermenschen Rangliste 1. Majus 2. Langf…[View]
120989645> I posted a photo of the center of tehran in the 1960s to show how good Iran was back then even …[View]
120988373>Junbi Ok[View]
120979637Why: Is Kazakhstan the best country in the world?[View]
120986480He did nothing wrong[View]
120986713How do incels even exist? Just have sex with some random slut from a club, if you can't even do…[View]
120980432>having sex with other men is gay[View]
120979160What do Europeans think of the KKK?: I know Hitler and Germans/Austrians have a weird hate boner for…[View]
120982292/fr/ - le francofil: Edition histoires au coin du feu ancien : >>120968271[View]
120983848Do Australians really do this[View]
120984045Bow down before North America, plebs[View]
120988565What are some pasta dishes from your country? I want to try something new[View]
120987922How have you been spending your post-Corona afternoons?[View]
120984213this country is going to run out of food soon[View]
120988409Could someone from iceland translate this for me: I think google translate is fucking up the meaning…[View]
120988348>Why the name change from 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' in the UK to 'Harry Pot…[View]
120982377So russian guy tried to claim she is germanic but it turns out he was wrong[View]
120981717Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
120986503Can we all agree that this corona thing is pure sabotage from the chinese to undermine India on it…[View]
120987773>Get in our level[View]
120973132SEETHING haters BLOWN THE FUCK OUT[View]
120983886Is this guy based?[View]
120982408This picture frightens and confuses the Eurocuck[View]
120953390/med/ - Mediterranean general: Best Korea edition What's your favourite asian country /med/? Ha…[View]
120981632Why do the British people continue to stay in the UK?: Canada, Australia and New Zealand are more co…[View]
120983993Why did he leave us?[View]
120973458/Risk/ Europe edition: Hello everyone State your color name starting location The game will start wh…[View]
120975834Fixed Europe. You're welcome.[View]
120981531Why do they lack a unifying ethnicity?[View]
120985618/brit/: do it for him edition[View]
120968228/mena/ - Middle East & North Africa: What’s your favorite legendary Pokémon, /int9k/?[View]
120949643Thoughts on Angola?[View]
120982296>Chinese character for house and family is literally pig under roof >Japanese use it too OHNO …[View]
120982621Wow, the English countryside is absolutely beautif... oh no[View]
120975189How is German healthcare so good in this corona pandemic? Do they have high taxes or is it just the …[View]
120949576/ex-yu/: predosjećam kako će ovo bit bolji tred od prethodnog[View]
120976135why are italian men like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqJBFZbNEdg[View]
120977561What can you say about the Hungary?[View]
120959522/balk/: get stuffed on the good stuff edi[View]
120982900Why are asian languages so fucking unecessarily complicated? Japanese - easy to learn spoken japanes…[View]
120984332What do you think about Belgium?[View]
120985779>Watch American TV >a character from East Gloucester has a West Gloucester accent Do Americans…[View]
120981903is learning traditional hanzi worth the hassle? AFAIK they are used only in Taiwan[View]
120982588>years ago I was bored at home >summer break from school >'ay let's just learn a new l…[View]
120984771>Lower Sorbia >only old people speak Sorbian >tradition dying Upper Sorbia >broadcasting…[View]
120982854Everything is so gloomy after the snow melts[View]
120983695/brit/: Classic British watercolour edish[View]
120979575Why don't Chinese people assimilate? The entire San Gabriel Valley looks like this[View]
120969655/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Cool bug facts edition[View]
120983775Do other cunts entertainers provide us all with beautiful melodies in our time of suffering like Ame…[View]
120980884Feels good being native american. Can you say the same? I don't think so.[View]
120971569Did you country had historical analog of cossacks?[View]
120971960/balt/ + /ausnz/: fuck sun edition[View]
120980625¿why do Americans ask questions like this?[View]
120979963I've got hemorrhoids. Do people in your country have hemorrhoids?[View]
120979686/deutsch/: Bete uniron jeden Abend für Rainer und Tiner[View]
120977387Sverigetråden - pokemonupplagan[View]
120976949Country's Alternative Names: Does your country got alternative names? For Brazil, we were both …[View]
120950342/BELG/ + /brit/: Fuck /nederdraad/ edition https://youtube.com/watch?v=zXj4rORO2Ec[View]
120977809Do you like Japanese culture?[View]
120979499Why are Anglos so charitable compared to the rest of the world? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worl…[View]
120982618How old were you when you realised that americans were basically the coolest posters ? I was 24[View]
120972221hilo latino /lat/[View]
120970692Jews,: Can I get a quick rundown on this?[View]
120982570What's her phenotype?[View]
120976107Tfw my 2 week coronavirus food stack is almost gone after 4 days[View]
120975564/ita/ il filo: edizione che osserva il filo[View]
120970790My ethnicity doesn't have its own country.[View]
120974262/brit/: unapologetically english[View]
120982161>Why yes I did move from my cheap place in the midwest to an expensive place in california only f…[View]
120979401frens & fones: >your phone >your phone plan used Galaxy S9 for $180 Tello pay-as-you-go, s…[View]
120966512What do they think about each other? Do they get along with each other?[View]
120980094What do the Japanese think about the Finnish language? https://youtu.be/hB6vG5Sz7MU[View]
120979579Post cringe from /pol/[View]
120981016Why are Qu*becois like this?[View]
120981832Let me tell you about my uncle: >extremely low IQ, poor communication skills and sparsely talks, …[View]
120974728Guys... I think France is in trouble.[View]
120981551>yes, i do set every video i watch to 360p so i can feel like im still a kid exploring the early …[View]
120980987>why yes i do try hard to get 100 replies bait but eventually fail how could you *sniff* tell…[View]
120968271/fr/ - le Francofil: Édition de la distanciation sociale Ancien : >>120962598[View]
120980766China will make Venice great again[View]
120976833Meanwhile, in 2011 /int/...[View]
120972873/sino/: 很黃很暴力 edition >Learning resources: https://pastebin.com/KpgEG6G9 https://mega.nz/#F!x4VG3…[View]
120981317Will you weebs ever stop asking why these lying gook murderer rapists have low corona virus cases?[View]
120979412The eastern euro countries should legalize polygamy to fix their shrinking populations.[View]
120967875What phenotype is this? Hard mode: not Indian, Pakistani, or Middle Eastern, or Latin American.[View]
120981086help for beginners .thank you[View]
120978137why are people so racist against these two countries in particular?[View]
120980704One baby to another says, 'I'm lucky to have met you'[View]
12097875606.04.2020: Today I went out to the shops to buy stuff when I passed next to this whore, she was eat…[View]
120975940/RWB/: Red, White, and Blue A thread for people whose country's flag is red, white, and blue.…[View]
120976444Tell me why are you so deserving of a position in the company.[View]
120977555>when a french person presses the space bar before a question mark[View]
120979715Do you know this guy?[View]
120932408/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Alina Nikitina edição.[View]
120968324Do femcels exist in your kunt?[View]
120978707why is the world so obsessed with us?: leave us alone hombre[View]
120979752>be icelandic >get choked out by this thing…[View]
120979347Are people with brown eyes less evolved?[View]
120979933Having non-penetrative sex with 15 year old boys is part of my history and culture. If you deny me t…[View]
120973733Rome is the greatest city in Europe. Prove me wrong.[View]
120972147Which language is more difficult?: Spanish or Portuguese? I’m considering learning the more difficul…[View]
120974525/deutsch/: Gönnerhafte Ausgabe[View]
120975424We pretend we’re mutts[View]
120979560/polska/: edycja ruskiej szmaty[View]
120979136>I suffer in Latvia[View]
120978462You have 15 seconds to be as Texan as possible.[View]
120978023Hello, my name is Michaelis Jordanas I am LITHUANIAN I love BASKETBALL[View]
120969187Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread>>120932359 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/…[View]
120964586Based aussies[View]
120975528>Yes, you are cute.[View]
120979012I hope he is safe. I hope Italians didn't coof on him[View]
120976526/brit/: Planes edition[View]
120974776>25% of 'rona cases in my county are in my zip code[View]
120977565>'T'inquiète' means both 'don't worry' and 'get worried' Do the French really ?…[View]
120972731Why do MENA people look like Pakis? Or is it the other way around and it's Pakis who look MENA.[View]
120978890How are men like in your kuntry?: In Sweden we are extremly violent and amount to over 90% of violen…[View]
120978219i want to go outside but there's snakes everywhere.[View]
120936235/asean/: /asean/ thread edisi no upacara for today pool's closed[View]
120978426Your opinion on the Czech Republic?[View]
120978415Ajan rakenne on muuttunut.[View]
120975194>Hi, my name is Andrés Jerónimo Luis Manzanares de Villanova, and this is my asawa Leta Catherina…[View]
120974407Is he jomon or yaoi? How common is bullying in Asian schools?[View]
120943948/nederdraad/: Chocolade draad[View]
120976879'police' is literally translated to 'civil protection' here[View]
120974592What's it like in africa?: What's your experience there? Did you like it?[View]
120976401How do you go from this...[View]
120977707Can somebody translate this[View]
120971994average european city[View]
1209752501.your cunt 2.how are you spending the quarantine?[View]
120972241Go ahead. Let it all out. Share you grieavances against Croatia.[View]
120977417Danish-Portuguese friendship thread: I love Portugal[View]
120975567Why don't you like food?[View]
120977385hello frens *coughs* pls be careful these days, ive been feeling sick lately, lots of fevers, but it…[View]
120961626Is anyone else developing a severe hatred of introverts for unironicallyenjoying this torture[View]
120967301I just took a bath after 4 days of tropical summer heat since my water allocation came in early. Fee…[View]
120967256/poIska/: edycja nigeryjska[View]
120966986What the fuck is this frenchs ? Explain yourselves[View]
1209757801. country 2. has the united states of GIBS ME DAT, DATS MINE NOW stolen from you? 1. canada 2. yes[View]
120973280why do I hate them so much?[View]
120962063Iraq: Iraq[View]
120973936*ahem*: good morning international I have just woke up.[View]
120977025Anime is muslim[View]
120971350What will happen to Japan now? Are they fucked? https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/04/06/nationa…[View]
120976606Why don't Americans celebrate Easter?[View]
120949391/norgetråden/: Dronningen takker oss-utgave Forrige: >>120935879[View]
120972653>only 20 newly infected today My God we won the chink fly, first we managed to fend off the shits…[View]
120965778/ita/ il filo: edizione loro nascondono la verità[View]
120976043/BRICS/: Are we still a thing?[View]
120949477WTF Swedebros. I thought you had dealt with this?[View]
120957398/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: ̶з̶a̶ ̶c̶т̶a̶л̶и̶н̶a̶ зa вeгeмитa издaниe[View]
120969697>COVID-19: Canada Emergency Response Benefit Application >Confirmation >You have successful…[View]
120968772Do you love USA?: I know I do.[View]
120975201Is Africa a Chinese Economic Colony?: Outside White Africa[View]
120975671Damn, quarantine is actually comfy bros.[View]
120971924This is the former Minister of Canadian Heritage, now Minister of Tourism, Official Languages, and L…[View]
120975589>my region got first two infected fucks I'm scared, I don't want to die.…[View]
120975688Interesting international facts: Did you know japan is responsible for korea development by giving l…[View]
120971914In Sweden we but bearnaise on our steaks[View]
120974580/CP/ - CULTURE PALS GENERAL - INTERPALS: anons teach me edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs…[View]
120971468Hey Argentina! You can shove the Falkland Islands down your penis hole.[View]
120975050dad just coughed[View]
120972620>Cunty >Does your country publicly clap for all those who died from Coronvirus? >Does your …[View]
120973477will he be remembered as the fallen hero?[View]
120968677Sverigetråden: Hell seger[View]
120974339Does your country have a lot of Chinese tourists? What are they like? Here they crowd everything, ta…[View]
120965811could i pass as native in ye cunt?[View]
120974607Only post in this thread if the COVID-19 dead are rising in your country[View]
120974117Seriously though what should we do about the Ukraine problem? They are white and have good land, su…[View]
120974214SHARTS BTFO[View]
120973350does your country have velver worm[View]
120974388>google the mineral 'bortz' >get COVID-19 alert If you think you have been exposed to COVID‑19…[View]
120974332Can I get hired in some part time small gig with Amature shoop skills?[View]
120968192/fr/ - le francofil: booemr édition >>120962598[View]
120973385LOL WHAT IS THAT?!: https://youtu.be/l2Y2Y4pGdaM WOW, A Korean man dancing on the soil of DOKDO?! An…[View]
120958590Do you have specific insults regarding uncircumcised people in your language?[View]
120974012Boruto is now edgy: https://youtu.be/BoGkY5DeAvU[View]
120972799Do Americans really?[View]
120965800From today's march on Bucharest[View]
120965034Is classical music still popular in your country? Or is it unpopular?: How about you? https://www.yo…[View]
1209738136 days to go.[View]
1209531561. You cunt 2. Do you have a pet? What sort of pets do people have in your country?[View]
120970216>install tinder >go to Europe using the option to travel on the app >literally 9 out of 10 …[View]
120971907How do I filter flags?[View]
120969635Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
120968438How is your country holding up?[View]
120958267Territorial claims / conflicts: What are the latest territorial conflicts related to your country? …[View]
120960652does your have have snek[View]
120964634If Boris dies this is the UK's new prime Minister[View]
120957233How would your family feel if you brought home a Syrian refugee as your gf?[View]
120961767Have you ever met someone from the Mauritius islands ?[View]
120971119Do you know the Japanese culture except for anime, manga and video games?[View]
120972606Nobody likes tonal languages. Why do people still peak them?[View]
120967318there's something about these apartments in japan that look comfy[View]
120972408What is it exactly about the existence of the United States that makes /int/ seethe so hard?[View]
120972594why is China so based?[View]
120967807Do Japanese like black?[View]
120970071For me it's onigiri with tuna + mayonaisse[View]
120972074>Whoa bro not cool did you just insult China? They are making the sex dolls we all use today.…[View]
120970369Favorite dish of your cunt?: Put the best gastronomy experience you ever had in your cunt or your fa…[View]
120945214>Ur cunt >How's you quarantine hair USA Not too good…[View]
120968963Why is China selfish?[View]
120972218>Why yes I don't understand my Physics 2 class at all, how could you tell?…[View]
120970054this makes the average canadian seeth[View]
120957866/mämmi/: Myrkkypainos[View]
120972187Looking for Berlin based people to get drunk together, wander the cities, judge shit harshly, get mo…[View]
120970825My mom is a fucking retard.: She thinks the government is spying on her throught tube lights and gri…[View]
120952102/lat/ + /esp/: hilo latino español[View]
120971377HOLY FUCKING BASED https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2730641/Brothers-mad-First-World-War-tra…[View]
120954541/balt/ + /ausnz/: bring on the vegeposting[View]
120971346Damn Spain authorities look like THAT. Are you accepting American immigrants, Spain?[View]
120971627What country is this?[View]
120968476Am I the only female girl around here that wants to see her boyfriend already?[View]
120922057/v4/ + friends: Dogtooth edition.[View]
120971566Is this the real reason Yuros seethe at America?[View]
120971590>peace from Pakistan. Love my Indian brothers.[View]
120970351Let us sing the Indian national anthem: जन-गण-मन अधिनायक जय हे, भारत भाग्य विधाता! पंजाब-सिन्ध-गुजरा…[View]
120969812Do Billy's exist in your kunt? *sigh* yes unfortunately[View]
120962093Budapest pride 1919[View]
120969791Why are Americans so extreme in their prudeness?[View]
120967646Does your faggot cunt have SCHNITZELS? Sweden YES[View]
120966939Your kunt Do hate females? Sweden YES[View]
120971484What the hell, America?: You're not the only navy in the world.[View]
120966393Thanks to /int/ now I have yellow fever[View]
120969829How did Indians become the most beautiful race in the world?[View]
120968982Which country’s personality is most similar to your personality and why?[View]
120967953This is currently the top trending joke in India right now: Thoughts? I personally think it's h…[View]
120967581>Tfw insomnia[View]
120969217Should the Indian subcontinent reunite?: Subcontinentals are stronger together than divided. What…[View]
120956414flat curve thread: You can only post ITT if your country has successfully flattened the Coronacurve!…[View]
120952724Im obsessed by this picture. Imagine what life would be like when you look like him[View]
120967638Tajiks: What are they? Are they Iranians? Mongoloids? Sogdians? Bactrians? Aryans? Afghans? Scythian…[View]
120969226kint a természetben[View]
120970451Is it true that japs beat their women in public but treat them nice at home while americans beat the…[View]
120970439>do Canadians really? Yes, we do https://youtu.be/Bnk348lNEg4[View]
120969013Damn t*rks look like THAT?[View]
120969394Why the fuck do I cry when I see a video of helpless children (war orphans or similar) and abused an…[View]
120965184>your cunt >do you eat fetus soup? flag yes…[View]
120968635>flatten the curve[View]
120964710Rice vs pasta thread. Which fills you more better rice or pasta?[View]
120963060WTF Are you on China or India's side bros?[View]
120965114What are they?: Anatolian Blood Arab Culture Central Asian language[View]
120962588/luso/: Vida de gado, povo marcado[View]
120962987>the usa has never invaded a country with a mcdonald's[View]
120949629/cum/ - canada, usa, mexico: FUN FACT: did you know that /cum/ it's actually pronounced 'kyoom'…[View]
120969329What's your favorite Indian food?: Butter chicken obviously related.[View]
120963951EU Solidarity: Europeans, do you feel 'European' in terms of identity and such? Do you feel like the…[View]
120969547You wake up tomorrow as an Afro-American male: What's the very first thing you do? https://yout…[View]
1209635041) Your cunt 2) How do you rate 2020 so far?[View]
120966226Why do Indians have these powers???[View]
1209648251. ur birth giving hole 2. MK, SF or KoF?[View]
120966897Why these countries don't care about their cultural heritages?[View]
120968845Finns quite literally rising from the dead[View]
120969262IT'S HABBENING!!! EPIC GOOK VS NIP WAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coYw-eVU0Ks Check out t…[View]
120966481Based: myth, folklore, legend Cringe: rationality, fact, scientific proof[View]
120945976/mena/ +/diaspoora/: lyrebird edition[View]
120969077South Africa science: Dubs and Trips in this thread will determine what superior South African scien…[View]
120961104how is your stroll /int/ bros[View]
120968787>Why yes, I do listen to 90s dance[View]
120964378/deutsch/: Buhmerausgabe[View]
120961103>Then the winged hussars arrived[View]
120968986/brit/ + /tr/: Can we all come together at this time and pray that proud TURKman Boris 'Ali Kemal' J…[View]
120968700>Tears, the use of water pumps and dozens of arrests were made at the funeral of 28-year-old hung…[View]
120968351Why is hunting fish called fishing but hunting moose isn’t called moosing?[View]
120965656HEY UKRAIAN can u conform?[View]
120968627>Yes hello, this is the CEO of the Based Department calling[View]
120967829Do you love actual KPOP? https://youtu.be/rCQ3iJLuw8M[View]
120966310/brit/: there, i fixed your flag edish[View]
120968420What's happening here?[View]
120967129Cant wait East Asia Century soon: https://youtu.be/mQ6q5s2ha7M Farewell Western[View]
120967813Can you riddle me this, /int/?: During the Las Vegas shooting Stephen Paddock supposedly expent 3000…[View]
120967647I live with a gf that i don't love. She's cute, but dumb and money-demanding. Sex is kinda…[View]
120965999>china lied people died!!![View]
120967588Finns are ancient Chinks confirmed.[View]
120959438The History of Vietnam >Enslaved by China for 1000 years and used as sex slaves >'Slave girls …[View]
120961784>work tomorrow after 3 weeks OH GOD WHY[View]
120962598/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du fascisme à domicile Ancien >>120954207[View]
120967277What are some typical names for your country?[View]
120960798Why are sushi restaurants not popular in Europe?[View]
120967365I'm not an 'asperger' 'introvert' nor i have a 'schizoid personality disorder' - i'm just …[View]
120962243Just months ago you were mocking us for wearing masks even calling us insects, and then this is what…[View]
120957489What's the bets? how long do they give him?[View]
1209579461. country 2. would you eat this? I'll start :) 1. russia 2. no, just the sight of that 'food' …[View]
120961324/poIska/: edycja pięknych cobiet[View]
120960598/ita/ - il filo segreto[View]
120965948why is everyone so lewd nowadays its fucking gross[View]
120961395Our prayers are with Boris rn...[View]
120962822>Experts are predicting that the world will run out of chocolate in nearly 40 years since the cac…[View]
120964339say something nice about a country: i really like indian food + i read some pretty good philosophy b…[View]
120966554i suffer in poland[View]
120960661This is EVROPA >Austrian special Operations Tactical Unit – EKO Cobra who have been patrolling th…[View]
120966819wtf bros I thought Hungarian women were pure[View]
120963917Are The Simpsons Asian?: They have yellow skin[View]
120960295Wtf korea[View]
120965963Why do Swedes insist on becoming brown?[View]
120966213Scandinavia is a single country[View]
120964182More than 14 million people has died since january. . 155,000 dies in the world everyday. Corona…[View]
120966182/alp/ Alpine general: >Invited Everyone inside the line >Not invited Everyone else…[View]
120954960which asia is best asia[View]
120960740Sverigetråden - Vattenupplagann[View]
120956503In sweden, the cakes are actualy sandwiches[View]
120932359Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread>>120872603 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/…[View]
120965235Let’s bully them lol[View]
120964529Imagine living in Europe where every woman is a whore as they are atheists. Meanwhile in America you…[View]
120966030Post Jazz from your country: https://youtu.be/n2rVnRwW0h8[View]
120956412France appreciation thread: >ITT we thank France Thanks for metric and SI units bros…[View]
120964247/brit/: what a time to be alive[View]
120947808Would she pass as an local in your country?[View]
120965895Segur qu'i aurà pas degun per respóner a mon fial en occitan :'I[View]
120963736>der See >lake >die See >sea…[View]
120962026WTF IS GOING ON?: Many people are suddenly reporting seeing UFOs here in Spain. I saw one not long b…[View]
120962223/brit/: the new, as it were[View]
120959801why is bulgaria so spooky?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjKyuqb2oME[View]
120942101コロナちゃん: 日本語でおk 各国政府の対応など[View]
120961162/deutsch/: Ausgabe für geile 2D Huren[View]
120959166Post traditional instrument from your country and a sample music. This is a Koto(琴) https://youtu.be…[View]
120962724why do all energy drinks except redbull taste fucking awful?[View]
120962860Imagine being born in Japan.: I wish I were a westerner.[View]
120951107/ITA/ - IL FILO: La dittatrice[View]
120961918PISA 2018 and PISA-D 2017 Thread: >PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student As…[View]
120955971How come USA's GDP is so high? Virtually everything is produced in China, and they are also num…[View]
120964509This man is 100% Norwegian.[View]
120961647In america, the alphabet is made up of brands[View]
120961672I need your help. What is this video saying in German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian? https://youtu.…[View]
120960933AMERICANS BE LIKE[View]
120961974/éire/: Eagrán Na Fianna[View]
120961577Is this common in your country? I wouldn't know...[View]
120964340Coronator will kill you all.[View]
120956047There's a lot of Brit hate today. Got something you want to say to my face, lads?[View]
120958376How would you bring America back to first world status?[View]
120957981Could me and my bros pass as locals in your country ?[View]
120961057https://google.com/covid19-map/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA52uNzx7Y4[View]
120954170Why does he make literally all of /int/ seethe so much[View]
120962350Why doesn't every country adopt English as its official language? It's so easy even the mo…[View]
120961583What phenotype is this[View]
120960433Be honest. What you feel when you see this image?[View]
120960586What part of the world right now is the most similar to the wild west?[View]
120963708do really?[View]
120958394Why does Japan have a good relationship with Turkey but not most Europeans?[View]
120962918Oh, the eternal Anglo is at it again, feasting on the blood of the lucky Irish. Watch as they suck e…[View]
120962545>English guy I know online >very nationalistic, obsessed with British history, proud of his an…[View]
120963483>Die meister[View]
120959565Does anyone know why the English are like this?: Why are the English so weird? In another bit once a…[View]
120957545My dad says Coronavirus is a good because Japan has too many old peoples anyways. He said natural se…[View]
120954503>Anon is it true that you can't name 15 rivers and 5 mountain peaks?…[View]
120962492l met a very handsome man today[View]
120949821>could've been born as a Dane, an Frenchman or an Irishman >born as a shithuanian from e*…[View]
120962107>why yes, i did hire some sub saharan africans to carry my coffin in my funeral…[View]
1209630161930 10 13[View]
120960329>finnish girls[View]
120962115thanks japan for this great game[View]
120951117Are Americans really?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc-DOgodyDA[View]
120960688The guy on rigth is considered a 10/10 in India Do you agree ?[View]
120957392Are Western women actually easy to hook up with for a one-night stand? I've heard that they are…[View]
120956695What's the explanation behind Indians' sense of humor?: It's strange as fuck, goofy b…[View]
120961384I managed to get outside and snapped this picture from there.[View]
120958169Explain the Middle East to me please: Why did the people support the Ayatollah islamic regime in 197…[View]
120960362>Mastering foreign languages I already know? No way, I'll better start learning a new one.…[View]
120961232Do americans really?[View]
120961128Question to all Scotsmen: Does Dr Macdoo sound like a Scotsman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeJg…[View]
120961223LMAO GERMANY BTFO[View]
120961401Are Finns hate Russian Empire more than Swedish?[View]
120960236What if my mom dies of this coronashit? I'm going to be left completely on my own[View]
120957666For some reason, In Korea, even though you can speak Japanese, some of old people don't even co…[View]
120954207/fr/ - le francofil francophone francophile: Édition archère. Joute précédente : >>120938207…[View]
120934940/polska/: edycja spania spanka śpiulkania[View]
120958933>American women are fat and ugl-[View]
120958564My life right now feels like I’m in a constant nightmare and I I can’t wake up and escape the anxiet…[View]
120960854Sui cadaveri dei leoni festeggiano i cani. Ma i leoni rimangono leoni, I cani rimangono cani.[View]
120958198Brazil has actually been a sovereing state for longer than lots of europoor countries;[View]
120960793What raceis this?[View]
120960729>still no coronachan deaths in my state fucking how[View]
120957025/deutsch/ die sonnige Ausgabe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4oApBlw7Gc[View]
120959334Could he pass as locals in your country ?[View]
120956525Why are they all obese?[View]
120960392Do you appropriate Russian culture?[View]
120950496You can't refute this.[View]
120955807/mämmi/: olet pimeässä huoneessa ja olet jumissa vegemite, painos[View]
120957921I don't know if you know it, but Jorge went to live in a commune led by the leader of an apocal…[View]
120958983Do Americans really...[View]
1209601621. Your country 2. What are women like there[View]
120953568This place is unironically a gigantic fucking shithole if you aren’t Japanese[View]
120958043/brit/: England[View]
120949478/cp/ - Culture Pals!: I am become chad edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the …[View]
120959650How do you say “Felipe” in your cunt?[View]
120955830Are you willing to spend 15 years in prison for having sex with a Japanese woman for $20 and be blam…[View]
120955701Red pill me on the Bosniaks. Why are they muslims?[View]
120932637/balk/: party never ends edi[View]
120955001>les gars[View]
120959378>Why yes I live off fast food, chips, candy and soda and am not overweight, how could you tell?…[View]
120954309Fag? Does your cunt have cryptids?[View]
120957181I think the time has come.: I think I’ve outgrown from this place. It’s been a pleasure /int/. Now I…[View]
120957289>mid or feed.[View]
120956467Hey Luigi: I put olive oil on pasta while it's boiling. What are you going to do Giuseppe? Do y…[View]
120958014> Eesti...[View]
120955607Show some of the best foods your country can offer. Here is ours, prepared by the whitest romanian c…[View]
120958131? me no englis-u[View]
120961141Was this BASED?[View]
120955374Why are white women so ugly and manly looking? Most of them look like men wearing wigs and makeup it…[View]
12095544399% of evil in this world is caused by the eternal anglo Some cases: >Colonised a large part of t…[View]
120950037How do i get Indian/Tamil gf? Should i be just white and attractive?[View]
120955940JAPANESE SUCKS: I dont get it It's written '' NA TSU TO ' so why is it pronounced …[View]
120958704how could this happen: w-what you're telling me that if I go to a foreign country, make no atte…[View]
120956010>Check out this new online game![View]
120958768Nooo not the isolationino! Not the heckin stay indoors! I need attention and hugs![View]
1209587661. Your country 2. Your favorite 4chan interaction[View]
120953517Make a complaint about a country without adressing it directly[View]
120958595is ur cunt the last bastion of ze nazis?[View]
120957736Why are they so based?[View]
120956900Do Americans really?[View]
120956390>imagine living in a place there not only cheating and cucking is a fetish but it's the most…[View]
120949786Expats and social life in Japan?: Anons who have lived in Japan, I've heard that japan is very …[View]
120956026/brit/: pray for Boris Johnson[View]
120947255Japan is fucked: https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/04/5c77df980ac8-breaking-news-abe-to-declar…[View]
120955225this is life for an average white american male[View]
120954659our women are the fattest in the world[View]
120950146Sverigetråden - Måndagsupplagan: >falla av[View]
120957546what would you change about your cunt?[View]
120955604>i have social anxiety >i have depression >i have suicidal thoughts…[View]
120957413>fuck niggers[View]
120956192Please Love Japan.[View]
120957361>he can't even name 5 different[View]
120957225>free helicopter rides[View]
120957136my piss is probably cleaner than you tap water[View]
120953592/deutsch/: GUTEN MORGEN AUSGABE[View]
120925860/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Based edition.[View]
120957042what phenotype is this?[View]
120950319Why are they so fat?[View]
120956667Stupidest international laws: The German 'people' are not legally allowed to raise their arms at a c…[View]
120953539cant wait for this old comatose lookin-ass bitch to catch a case of rona[View]
120955168Irrelevant shithole permanently riding on Germany's coattails.[View]
120956946Any countries like this? Ireland maybe?[View]
120956741>pray for Boris Johnson[View]
120953755Which is the best country and why is it Italy?[View]
120954423Everyone is obsessed with Japan: Hahaha. You are cucked ![View]
120955995I'm SICK of being Ukrainian. I'm inferior in this fucking country, everybody hates my acce…[View]
120954799India = Best: CHINA BTFO LOL! How are Indian men so funny? How do they keep getting white women?…[View]
120933517Tell some local jokes[View]
120949567Finland why?[View]
120955782Why Hollywood don't make this film yet? They should remake of live-action-movie of this.[View]
120950166>Your cunt >did you lose your job yet? Canada No but will soon…[View]
120953044Which country has the best law enforcement?[View]
120956014>Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons[View]
120956086I wish I were a fucking failure.[View]
120930459/mämmi/: setit puuttuu -painos[View]
120954860Do you have Mayday in your cunt?: The girls used to do this in my school. It used to be a big thing …[View]
120950831Why are you losers obsessed with Asian women?[View]
120955989are Slavs and Balts really related? this Lithuanian woman really stands out...[View]
120955772democracy is a satanic religion democracy believers say 'we are democrats'. but, wise people say 'th…[View]
120949905Why do Germans do this?[View]
120953327How do they celebrate Easter in your country?[View]
120947854>Try out the new Tinder international for free >Only get a few more swipes than normal in 3rd …[View]
120951611I wish I wasn't a fucking failure.[View]
120955624My mental state is deteriorating. I wish I could visit my family.[View]
120955903For people who condemn eating bush meat it seems all Americans eat these days is crow.[View]
120952890Is she Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
120952657These cunts are actually cartoonishly evil. Name 1 positive contribution in geopolitical terms to th…[View]
120952207Why is Korea so based?[View]
120951737>0 cases How does he do it?[View]
120945618What's your Blood Type /int/? Mine is O+[View]
120955436Once Corona is over this woman is going to be globally heralded as a political genius.[View]
120953319In South Korea, smartphone maps show how many N95 masks pharmacies have for people to purchase. As y…[View]
120954746How often you donate your blood to jews, anon? t. donating thrombocytes right now[View]
120955119>tfw you will never be an ordinary german front-line infantry soldier who after the war is gonna …[View]
1209492281. ur cunt 2. ur sexual orientation[View]
120944087Why are you guys like this?[View]
120954236help me /int/ i am an expat in Germany and I want to trade stocks. I am with Degiro right now and I …[View]
1209550691. Your're are a country 2. Are you docilely confined at home for a fucking flu?[View]
120955269aussies don't make these anymore?[View]
120932575your country what is your favourite VTM clan canada Tzimisce or lasombra[View]
120955246>yuh yuh yuh yuh: No, faggots, you really enjoy posts made by kaguyafag and you only 'hate on him…[View]
120954792Why do people complain about never being accepted as a “real” Japanese when you live here? Isn’t th…[View]
120953516Why is Japan so UNBASED?[View]
120950115Finland, ‘Prepper Nation of the Nordics,’ Isn’t Worried About Masks: Finns once again prove they…[View]
120954847Are they rednecks?[View]
120948580Tfw no /int/ adventurer bf to break quarantine with: Breaking rocks in the Hot sun I fought the law …[View]
120951014your cunt will English skills take you far in terms of career in your cunt? >flag >somewhat…[View]
120953479*transports you back to 2012* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 simpler times bros[View]
120935592hows your day going bros[View]
120949570/English/: Hey guys, I'm here to learn more about this language, I want you recommendations abo…[View]
120954476daily reminder that qt3.14 vanilla princesses belong to Mexican BVLLS who belongs to you?[View]
120953753Americans be like >I work two jobs[View]
120952591@all butthurt belt posters YES you are part of russia YES you are russian YES you deserve to be unit…[View]
120950159Name 5 Canadian cartoons[View]
120921270/balt/ + /ausnz/: I wonder if clear piss tastes like water edition[View]
120954131Canada never lost a war[View]
120952162Buyfags seethee at the glory of the Brazilian Federative Republic and the Russian Federation[View]
120946250>in Europe, the temperature in houses is controlled by city steam generators in the regional powe…[View]
120951658All men are kings[View]
120952791Is Kaede RUKAWA Jomon?[View]
120953565Is pizza considered cheap date food in your country like in America?: What's the most appropria…[View]
120949312I hate Australia , I couldn't even get laid there: In 2017 I lived in Brisbane for 7 months and…[View]
120953430/brit/: 2C-B appreciation edition[View]
120953911is there any white left in australia?[View]
120953855Goodnight my only friends[View]
120949540>your country >do you love Australia flag yes…[View]
120953332he cant name 4 useful degrees in the first world[View]
120953899>miss me with that corona shit bro[View]
120953879430 am and im so tired im starting to lose feeling in some parts of my body is this supposed to happ…[View]
120950297Black american women: Why are black american women so damn fat? Where are the black women who look l…[View]
120953348oppa gangnam style[View]
120936341*ROOAOAOAOAOAOA-----*coof coof coof*[View]
120953299>one chance at life >born as a slav[View]
120952687>europoos open their border for immigration unconditionally >all the criminals, terrorists,at…[View]
120944120are you sleep? i need to talk to u[View]
120938207/fr/ - le francofil du tard soir: Édition bonjour victoire Avant: >>120926680[View]
120942476Hello, Russians of /int/! How are you?[View]
120953247I .. I wanna become United States of America...[View]
120951596/brit/: Clap for 5G edition[View]
120948783white Americans: >REEEEEEEE SPICS STOP IMMIGRATING HERE also white Americans: >WOW LATINAS SO …[View]
120942027/deutsch/: alleine im Faden - editio[View]
120946419Why do Brown women love German men?[View]
120952628>3 of the top 5 worst serial killers in history are colombian damn, really makes you think…[View]
120948774What is your favorite 'Yakuza' game?[View]
120943323do you love korea? do you wish to find love there? do you wish to live in a comfortable korean hom…[View]
120947066How is she still alive? What anti-Corona preservatives are they pumping her with every morning?[View]
120952660>saving face is more important than saving lives >keep the economy running is more important t…[View]
120953089New report holds China culpable for COVID19 pandemic: calls for compensation.: Trump will build a wa…[View]
120952793>move to foreign country >take locals' jobs >get paid more than locals anyone else?…[View]
120950552do you believe blacks are inherently more violent than whites?[View]
120952792As an Asian I dont understand why you white people would abandon your mom in a nursing home. Explain[View]
120949039Is your country boring?[View]
120952170You okay big guy?[View]
120949856Look how people were back then So beautiful[View]
120951205Belfast, home.[View]
120950677ITT: Post things that make Euros seethe.[View]
120950599what are good french tv shows[View]
120952352https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20200406-00255411-yonh-int No No No You can't finish corona-…[View]
120951114>be american >live in a very calm small town in the middle of nowhere >get killed by hillbi…[View]
120950969Femoids are scum. Keep you prow*men propaganda away from 4chan.[View]
120952361>Send text message to anyone that isn't your mom or dad >Re-read the message 15 times aft…[View]
120947485Post /int/eresting images Pic related was a poster in Ellis Island in the 1890s[View]
120951105Should the world declare war to end the Communist Party of China?[View]
120950176>>>/tv/131779976 American /tv/ retards are beginning to think europeans have 'city steam ge…[View]
120951774Now that geo locations are free, why are 90% of girls on European tinder foreign? Does every girl fr…[View]
120943631>tfw my favorite country is also the most gay-hating country in Europe I just wanna move there an…[View]
120946677ITT decide if the post above you is based or cringe, but add an unique adverb before that, i.e. >…[View]
120952153German Prussian ethnicity I assume? Nordic as fuck[View]
120952107how common is violence against women in your cunt?[View]
120947088do you love Byzantium?[View]
120949456Why black people have yellow eyes?[View]
120947268/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
120948739why are they so racist?[View]
120949876does japan speak español[View]
120949192/brit/: not so fast boris edition[View]
120946744>Jesus was not Jewish[View]
120951393Any true french still left?[View]
120949508Anon.. why do you have a bunch of greyscale pictures of muscular men on your computer?[View]
120951599Favorite dish of your country: Put the best gastronomy experience you ever had in your country or yo…[View]
120945490Why do so many americans give money to this little gremlin[View]

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