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100217332You know the drill, guess the cunt[View]
100219872What's the point in possessing the element of sexuality -- a fundamentally human experience -- …[View]
100204480Why are Latinos so inept at governing themselves?: Europeans built up the entire country for you, in…[View]
100219048anime character from your country?[View]
100198682Post your DNA and heritage results ITT. Aryans only >tfw 2% albanian terrorist…[View]
100211174>2k19 >people will STILL deny that stone toss is based and redpilled…[View]
100207224Lunch in your country.: In Brazil, it is basically rice and beans Can have meat, potatoes and salad…[View]
100214517Is this the state of American education: Decide to see what pol is talking about this time Burger is…[View]
100214249/brit/: look at me look at me[View]
100218652>marijuana is degenerate[View]
100219129What would you do if this happened in your country? >knock on door >open door and pic related …[View]
100215067what the fuck happens here[View]
100215430Is /int/ ready for the implosion of China?: What are your bets, also, where is Europe/US going to fi…[View]
100218210It's time to get up.[View]
100218789>Japanese totally raped us but at least we can beat them in the movies!…[View]
100215604Don't you think Japan needs to have nuke super ultra ultimate bomb, missiles and ICBM?? South K…[View]
100218335Daily Reminder that Gypsies are from 'muh Indo-Aryan ' north india[View]
100219123>tfw no cute gf to run away with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqFQy95W9_M…[View]
100218812Why do Bongs still believe they are special snowflakes?[View]
100218848how do I stop being misogynistic? deep down within me I truly believe they are inferior[View]
100211473Sverigetråden - Mysiga nattupplagan[View]
100218732i'm going to the uni right now to meet the girl that i like and she likes me, i'm going to…[View]
100218793trips decide my female name[View]
100218713you're only allowed to post in this thread if i can't order a bride from your country[View]
100218201Your cunt When was the last time you had (forced) to paid off (aka bribe) public officials in your c…[View]
100215972what is wrong with their jaws?[View]
100218687Skulls are Norse[View]
100217240Harry was once a trashy party-loving, beer-swilling prince. Now he is a clean-living, meditating, ec…[View]
100218214>gay marriage is not legalized in gookland the only thing I like here[View]
100216243>i accidentally liked a post from way back by a girl i was really close with when stalking her on…[View]
100218472hahahaha wh*toids cuked[View]
100218390Let's stop fighting and watch street food cooking video together! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
100217095RIP Norgetråden 2013-2019[View]
100218007Why does Britain have such an obsession with 'eccentricism'? >Oh, haha, Farage are wearing colorf…[View]
100216558Latinos be real, is this movie good? and is anyone going to watch tomorrow? This is related to /int/…[View]
100216434bruh, look at these dudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOEwO58a_w8[View]
100217563What's wrong with japanese?[View]
100214674is gay marriage legal in ur cunt?[View]
100217085>your cunt >most common fetish amongst you…[View]
100214643let's get real for a moment[View]
100218023Niggestan?: ..[View]
100217770>strike first >strike hard >no mercy…[View]
100214275What goes on in this part of the ocean? It seems pretty interesting because it has so many areas tha…[View]
100217656My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100217859>350 days until India is a superpower[View]
100217454Feels like I'm the only 23 year old twink in existence...[View]
100217105Do you love New Zealand?[View]
100217442how does it feel to not live in the whitest region in the world? as for me? I wouldn't know...[View]
100215129>your cunt >the most beautiful woman it produced…[View]
100215925>gay saudi poster is still alive[View]
100216111American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100213222>ruins western civilization heh nothing personal eurofags[View]
100217636why is it that pepe always faces right?[View]
100214179>Asian people have soul-...[View]
100213420Say my name, /int/.[View]
100217116Will this ever end /int/?[View]
100217726>I masturbate after the age of 16[View]
100217497>the state of /int/[View]
100214504/cum/ - Canada Usa Mexico: Average North American person edition[View]
100217673Globalist isn't a real word. It is an alt right neologism describing an inconsistent conspiracy…[View]
100217415Why do all of the cringy things I did in school come back to haunt me every night?[View]
100217350Fascism is gay: Everyone here who thinks a dead religion that was pathetically incapable of its own …[View]
100216695/asean/+/sino/: Hail Xi Jinping, the Son of Heaven edisi[View]
100213560How are weebs seen in your country?[View]
100214086Canada updates China travel advisory: 'risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws': https…[View]
100215317There is literally nothing wrong with marrying your second or third cousin.[View]
100216590what does /int/ think of AINV BVLLs?[View]
100216891Hitler was just an insecure black man. He bleached his skin and edited all of his photos to look whi…[View]
100217130What is daily life like in a developing country /int/? Tell me about your experiences[View]
100217012I dropped my McChicken on the floor[View]
100214597Can she say the n word??[View]
100215034The real soon...[View]
100217096My political beliefs are that most of the variation in the socioeconomic status of a population is p…[View]
100217064>reddit is down[View]
100190351/mämmi/: Risto Ryti -painos[View]
100199978opinions, histories: Have u ever been in Colombia? if not, Would u likte to visit? What is your hone…[View]
100213872wtf I hate Canada now[View]
100216939>yfw within your life time europe will be a single solid country, and russia will be like 20 sepe…[View]
100216585Do blacks actually face racism?: or is racism just a fraud for more gibs?[View]
100210861/cum/: the gf edition[View]
100216789Why won't singapooreans just fuck off[View]
100213114Could she pass as a local in your country?[View]
100214313Was the United States government involved in the regime change in your country? >Dark Green: Coup…[View]
100216844the man eater: and doesnt matter how much you feed her, at the end, she will swallow all of us prais…[View]
100216512>tfw your country's biggest headlines are about a family of Irish tinkers reeking havoc acro…[View]
100214798Yellow man country bad Yellow man company bad[View]
100213785What's your eye color?[View]
100216383Daily reminder that Southeast Asian are not Asian[View]
100214551Is tea popular in Latin America?[View]
100213948>be r*SSian have stupid letters you literally can't pronounce wtf???…[View]
100214534Be humble, whiteboi.[View]
100215391>go to many Japanese sites >talk to them >they're extremely rude if you don't und…[View]
100216134Is this show still running /int/?[View]
100215677> be American > invited to the white house > enjoyed american food…[View]
100215658In 1930s a lot of Jews were fleeing Europe and going to other countries, Turkey was one of them. So …[View]
100216101This is how I dressed 10 years ago. How did people in your country dress 10 years ago?[View]
100213041England BTFO[View]
100215591What are the best books to read to understand military strategy and leadership? inb4 The Art of War…[View]
100212909fundamentally these are two identical countries whose only distinguishing characteristics are accent…[View]
100216088>tfw have sent my penis picture to multiple teachers(female) At least some women have seen it, am…[View]
100214450Finally! Global peace has been achieved! We just had to[View]
100214973which country if gone makes world better place?[View]
100214301are high waisted shorts popular in your country?[View]
100215449I don't understand women[View]
100214675How will based JUPITER deal with the yellow-vest insurgents?[View]
100215368El NPC Del Americano....[View]
100211910Movie night: Your cunt The last foreign movie you saw Your thoughts on the movie and your impression…[View]
100213655Explain yourself argentina[View]
100211616What's your foot type?[View]
100212813redpill me on belarus[View]
100213829Los Zetas takes video of killing and beheading of cartel rival https://jowforums.com/thread/48029571…[View]
100215069Why are Russians so strong?[View]
100214591Culture Pals /cp/ General: Girl Frens Edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the w…[View]
100214843why don't you just get a mexican gf anon? pros >willing to do the jobs americans won't-…[View]
100214651> 'Give me your tired, your poor, >Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, >The wretc…[View]
100214998>yuropeeons pronounce WhatsApp as 'What's Up'[View]
100215505>Westernes would unironically walk by a person who is having a seizure or heart attack…[View]
100215212>someone says something mean to me online >sad for the rest of the day Please stop, be nice fo…[View]
100215417Fuck Flags! You are all my brothers: >Everyday when you're walking down the street >And e…[View]
100214307fundamentally these are two identical countries whose only distinguishing characteristics are langua…[View]
100215231>your cunt >do you want to fuck your cunt's leader? flag YES…[View]
100215133this is the year I go full himbo mode[View]
100215280Are you ready to die a virgin /int/? After many years of denial I have finally accepted my fate[View]
100213793Do the Swiss make the best Cheese?[View]
100182518/luso/-Fio Lusófono: Edição Teresa Salgueiro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCQpycvSF24[View]
100215196Post your historical rightful clay[View]
100214057>Smoking will kill you[View]
100214755What's this called in your cunt?[View]
100215048What's your nose type?: A) Leptorrhine (long and narrow, e.g. Caucasian), B) Mesorrhine (medium…[View]
100214847Might get Maccas for dinner haha[View]
100215010China bad Communism bad Mexico bad Healthy Food bad Healthcare bad Guns good Capitalism good Shartin…[View]
100214955In the fifth grade my teacher made us watch a movie about racism in the 1950s and during the discuss…[View]
100214891The finns: >Blondest country in the world >genetic meltdown Someone should help them, the meme…[View]
100214931Do you love white people?[View]
100214905Soon. t. albizu[View]
100214219>Chad at uni is dating an stacy asian girl instead of me. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
100213354Is this the only thing Brazilians eat?[View]
100213760Why do Koreans study and work so hard if success means living in a small pigpen commieblock apartmen…[View]
100214472I'm 6'2 If i go to mexico would they make me their king?[View]
100214696I hate white people!!!: The reason I'm posting here is because we all know /in/ is the true whi…[View]
100214330Tell me about your paternal haplogroup.[View]
100214640i hate my fucking life and i hate this country[View]
100214616>What are you saying you dont have friends, im your friend bro <3[View]
100213717why do americans wear boxer shorts? do they not realize how stupid they look?[View]
100208445>GUNS ARE SCARY[View]
100213349>Japan attempted to build a pan Asian railways connecting East Asia and even to Europe >After…[View]
100214467>tfw no gf[View]
100214532>American food inspectors unironically rate meat contaminated with antibiotic-resistant salmonell…[View]
100214359I wish the UK did this fucking Brexit finally. Being the only American trojan horse inside the EU is…[View]
100210630why british women are so unattractive? it's like they don't have a shame, they disgust me.[View]
100211416South African refugees should come to Australia, similar climate, similar culture, you blokes'l…[View]
100212367Daily reminder[View]
100214402post your hands /int/ :)[View]
100214465Barbados edition[View]
100213421How often do Australians see kangaroos/koalas/dingos[View]
100212475Best city in the US?: For me, it’s Knoxville, Tennessee[View]
100213767I am European. I embrace everyone who has a European passport. Borders are outdated. Races are outda…[View]
100212106Why is Barbados the only develop country in South American???[View]
100214358Why dont people understand online girlfriends this girl literally has nothing to gain from a loser l…[View]
100204642kurva anyátok[View]
100212846Donald 'Hamburglar' Trump does it again. Dog bless the US of Burger and fugg gommies :DDD[View]
100214147Has any Mexican on /int/ visited America? What was your experience with Chicanos like?[View]
100214260I want to move to Argentina. Any argie bros here? How's Córdoba? would you recommend it?[View]
100214265>be american >operate a marketplace >go to jail for other people selling shit >land of t…[View]
100214256why were the british such cucks and handed over hk to china? Hong Kong if it was still part of the U…[View]
100213136>cunt >do you report threads?[View]
100205257Should Germanics become a one country?[View]
100213494'You´re 20% mexican': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sCeMTB5P6U What to do now??[View]
1002093121. Your cunt 2. Opinions of autism[View]
100211952KEK: There are places in Latam with bigger life expectancy than United States[View]
100211938Yellow skin is literally perfect. Why aren't you yellow?[View]
100214072What's your head type?[View]
100213999>tfw you will never get to cuddle an obese guy wearing a fursuit[View]
100213562blog post: I got my hair cut today and it turned out the hairdresser was some girl from my high scho…[View]
100214035My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100213302Found this on reddit dot com HaHa *snorts*[View]
100214012Good night[View]
100212676why cant i be normal everytime i go out of my room i see normal people and it makes me sad knowing t…[View]
100210950Countries with McDonald's.[View]
100209960>tfw you realise that the Republic of China is even more imperialistic than Communist China wtf I…[View]
100211329China is too powerful now and can't be stopped Am*rican hegemony is over and resistance is futi…[View]
100213827powerful pics: ITT: We post powerful images. The watchful eyes of the Mc Donalds corporation laid o…[View]
100210164How do we stop them?[View]
100210589why are americans like this?[View]
100213486Does anyone here have worse internet than I?[View]
100199264ITT: /int/ in 1925[View]
100212929Map of country water territory[View]
100210683All migrants go to enlighten and enrich UK, Scandinavia, France and Germany and they are becoming ev…[View]
100203513Why do wh*te and Arabic “people” try to claim ancient Egyptians?[View]
100212190what is life like on the Falklands islands?[View]
100211318Which countries can I go to where I will be essentially worshipped simply for being white and attrac…[View]
100213473American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100213404Let's have a thread where we pretend canadians don't exist[View]
100213525why do americans dress like this in summer? the only thing that is missing on that photo is beanie. …[View]
100213341Do you own magazines or reading material from other countries?[View]
100213412Why white people call theirselves as white? Their color is not 'WHITE' Your color is fucking'PINK' G…[View]
100211759at what age is it 'too old' to live with your parents in your country?[View]
100212235My girlfriend and me finally decided to stay and get married here instead of moving in the Faroe isl…[View]
100213440this happens to every faggot intcel erp larping fagss on this board i will hunt you down and knife y…[View]
100192093ITT : We celebrate the beauty of the Latin American woman[View]
100213182Puppy or poopie?[View]
100213454>you will never be born and raised in germany why live?[View]
1002104121. Your country 2. Why do people in your country hate burgers and make fun of Americans for liking b…[View]
100209612Why won't Japan fuck?[View]
100212702What happens here?[View]
100213002what kind of animal are you?[View]
100195994/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Эх щac бы кapтoхи.[View]
100212272Look up “Baby Monkey” videos on Youtube: Read any of the comments WTF[View]
100211327/DPRK/: Long live the eternal president comrade Kim Il-sung Long live the peoples revolutionary str…[View]
100208814This is the objective ranking for Greece Epirus > Attica > Ionian Islands > Crete > Pelo…[View]
100211013I'm going to take a trip to this state. What can I expect?[View]
100210884/christian/: God bless you, brothers and sisters.[View]
100210794Could I pass as a local in you're country?[View]
100211589>Thousands of Albanians sail in your cunt's shore after the fall of communism in their count…[View]
100212992Do you like a shagbark[View]
100212042Why are their posts always autistic /pol/tard garbage?[View]
100213084How are you doing /int?[View]
100212893portugese girls like beer?[View]
100212855Good night my international frens[View]
100212493Goddamn Greeks are so fucking beautiful: I don't know why they don't get discussed here at…[View]
100210369Under what circumstances do U.S. cops choose to taze instead of shoot?[View]
100212774>buy legal marijuana bone dry, comes it stupid packages, have to go out into an established busin…[View]
100212848/brit/: cheeky emergency edition bla x[View]
100206899Who is your cunt's worst leader?[View]
100207587God i fucking love Americans.[View]
100212386Please visit Uruguay[View]
100196539/tr/: Bu nasıl hayat ya anasını avradını sikeyim böyle hayatın intihar edecek bile para yok[View]
100210919My paternal haplogroup is R-L21 and my subclade is R-DF13. And yours?[View]
100210918>white wimminz are beautiful!!! >protect white queenz…[View]
100210865How do you say うぶ in English?[View]
100188463How would you name your children when/if you become a parent, /int/? For me >girl Lucille or Ma…[View]
100212931What is it about this little guy that causes jannies to lose their freakin mind?[View]
100210711Le corps du Christ.[View]
100210850What do Swedes think of her?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdaApZ316Qg[View]
100210934What we are, you will become - A parasite, absorbing souls We'll suck your culture Brains, ener…[View]
100212608Come on Chinese... Japan is technically allied with the US, but honestly most Japanese are not happy…[View]
100211106My surname has a frequency of 1 in 4 million in the United States I think it's a retarded trans…[View]
100210205I use to confused these flags before /int/[View]
100209011>you have to wait before reporting another post![View]
100212425/sino/ - 中国: Where is everybody edition[View]
100211221Who is the gayest person in the world and what is his nationality?[View]
100211354Do Mexicans like Turks?[View]
100199111/Nederdraad/: Antwerpen uitgave Welkom: Rechtse Vlaamse leeuwen uit Antwerpen Niet-welkom: Linkse so…[View]
100210824Explain this Britain: Wtf is this? >ayes >noes Nigga it’s yea/nay and yes/no. Wtf is this pir…[View]
100209692help me anon how i can upset brazilian?[View]
100211501>professor says can't use wikipedia as a source >first source provided in the course is a…[View]
100158432hilo latino - /lat/: hilo de volver a los '90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh-07BzfgYY…[View]
100171908/v4/ + some friends: anons OC edition[View]
100204432Sometimes I like to play. I ask people 'where's this country located?' or 'what's the capi…[View]
100211215>when a brazilian or canadian posts in your thread[View]
100211349WWI propaganda depicting the Allies as sexy women. Who's the sexiest and why is it Italy?[View]
100210386>therapist made fun of my insecurities again[View]
100209437A 1.63 cm spic is the new prototype of bully boy in Hollywood. I'm fucking dying with this soy …[View]
100211629This is Brazilian president Itamar Franco born in the International waters and made president after …[View]
100203260/aus+nz/: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vmL72sgVdAQ Can any aussies comment on the accuracy of this po…[View]
100210724>tfw born in white country (The South)[View]
100208661/CHOA/ ehemals /deutsch/: Dies ist der Choa Faden, akzeptiert es einfach, danke.[View]
100208724Remember that time the USA killed off 20% of the Korean population in bombings? Americans don't…[View]
100198675>be right wing >promised to allow people to own firearms >gets elected >changes the law …[View]
100194434/ex-yu/: Proleteri svih zemalja ujedinite se! edicija[View]
100210392What race is this???[View]
100207107>when I see a white girl[View]
100209914>My name is Juay Kennedy and I was born in Singapore but I now live in the Eastern Suburbs in Syd…[View]
100212072Our girls are getting /r9k/fied with all these Kelly looking weeb girls popping up on Instagram. Wha…[View]
100209300>Well of course i support open borders, how could you tell?[View]
100209554Prime minister of Ireland is literally indian faggot: Thoughts?[View]
100211189MY BROS[View]
100210435Are there statistics on how frequently Indian diaspora intermarry with whitoids[View]
100212366>we gotta stop radical Islam[View]
100207225White people are the hairiest monkeys: >Stewart W. Hindley and Albert Damon of the Department of …[View]
100212189Why are all the greatest cultural figures of Mediterranean phenotype?: Even in a country like Finlan…[View]
100209637Where does 'Western culture' stop?[View]
100211439Why are they obsessed with killing children in gas chambers for no reason? Have they ever heard abou…[View]
100212185Hey, why does your language sound so bad man?[View]
100205816/brit/: Is it Friday yet Lol edition[View]
100204215How much of finnish culture is originally from swedish or russian influences?[View]
100210540I wish I was born in a white country.[View]
100211160Daily reminder that Copts are the only legitimate Egyptians.[View]
100211591Yes, we may be in a 5 men homosexual polyamorous relationship, but that doesn't make us any les…[View]
100210353corruption: is your country corrupt? is parts of it particularly corrupt? canada is the 9th least co…[View]
100212085Can girls in your country even imagine life as a white female in America and Europe >you can fuc…[View]
100211919Russia is lame and full of cats.[View]
100212007Is AIDS prevalent in your country?[View]
100210348How many children do you plan to have in the future /int/? For me its 5 minimum.[View]
100198994Wanna hear a joke? See next post for the joke[View]
100206154Does anyone here know where this pic was taken? Here name is Sara Orrego form Colombia if that is re…[View]
100211790African-Americans Are White: African-Americans are a distinct ethnic group from African-born Blacks.…[View]
100171140/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Bэйки-вэйки, вэйджкaк! Taйм тy гo тy yapк йэнд мйэйк лoтc aф мaни эдишн. Пoc…[View]
100208583Does your country like anime? Mine doesn't.: Fuck anime[View]
100205952/norgetråden/: Norsk-samisk vennskapsutgave Forrige tråd: >>100180476[View]
100209639/brit/: simply imagine lads[View]
100207773Help guys, I think listening to Bach may have tuned me into a racist[View]
100203123/cum/ Canada-US-Mexico: reminder to filter germany[View]
100210792American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100208614>ugly father >chocolate mother >good looking son Is this the only way to redeem my inferior…[View]
100209739Why are they so bad?[View]
100172284/éire/: good morning Ireland getting ready for work eat your breakfast. exiting for the Nolan show? …[View]
100209204Why are oldworlders so unwell?[View]
100210478why are muslims on /int/ so gay?[View]
100210645Tell me about Chilliwack, my fellow Canadians.[View]
100207843> Cross the tourists who visit Paris > Talking >Oh, your name is Ahmed and you are French? …[View]
100208716Why are singaporeans so ugly and stupid compared to mainland Chinese?[View]
100207758>tfw no bf[View]
100210367Tell me about the relationship between Vietnam and China.[View]
100210304WAKE UP RETARDS[View]
100206616why all fun threads disappear[View]
100207738How to get balalaika gf[View]
100210031Why are Finnish girls so exotic?[View]
100208030Your country Your favorite game The game you are playing the most lately or the last you played Braz…[View]
100210141Bye: Nice knowing you all. The waters have come for us.[View]
1002052021 : ur cunt 2 : do u receive gibs 3 : if yes how much 1 : denmark 2 : no 3 : 0[View]
100210081Guys, what we will do to destroy Jewish domination in the USA? Adolf where are you?[View]
100204526This is how the European time zones should look like. Prove me I'm wrong Pro tip: you can…[View]
100209471Is Edmonton the Slavic capital of Canada?[View]
100151253/cp/ Culture Pals General: EUROPEAN QTS EDITION Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the…[View]
100208684This could be Afghanistan today, if Westerners minded their own damn business.[View]
100203426I am afraid that my gf has an incestuous relationship with her twin brother[View]
100199495what is the world's thoughts on my people, the Iranic people?[View]
100209780this is the average (macaco) /int/cel >messy hair >messy, patchy beard too little test to gro…[View]
100205179How do I make a Russian laugh?[View]
100206971Russians, what are these locations like in your shithole?[View]
100209470>2019 >Drinking shitty water[View]
100209012>many African-Americans have at least a little white blood in them >this is from the farmowner…[View]
100205853The absolute state of Germany and German society[View]
100204680Sverigetråden - Vinterupplagan[View]
100209610I cant trill my r's. I hypothesize that this is because my tongue is very wide and short, pic r…[View]
100209599My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100207568what's her ethnic[View]
100208799What causes the French and French Canadian phenotype to have the perfect combination of blue eyes w/…[View]
100208538Why does he look like that? Was he Mongoloid?[View]
100209358Thoughts on the Thai people? https://youtu.be/ICYNQIMcQ0U[View]
100209337English tourists: is it because they’re gypsies or because they are English? https://stuff.co.nz/nat…[View]
100195835When you book an Italian cruise[View]
100207449Colleague from my former job married Albanian girl and she is pregnant now. They pic related. Though…[View]
100209231Am I 0.1% Chinese Dai because I answered 23andMe's questionnaire?[View]
100201615>be Irish from Ireland >cant speak his own language…[View]
100203976I want a French gf. French Canadian women just don't compete, and they sound like 17th century …[View]
100207586When will the g*rman man learn that the British BVLL is his master?? TWO WORLDS WARS ONE WORLD CUP O…[View]
100208609Would you let your daughter marry a half-Armenian, half-Russian man?[View]
100142626/dixie/ Southern US & friends: Deep fried love edition[View]
100209101Are normies actually really boring? I dont think theyre as socially apt as I thought either[View]
100208960Life's but an awful ride hold together by broken legs that are always about to tear apart[View]
100206487I want to completely escape human nature. I want to get away... What's the best place in Mexico…[View]
100205651super sayan morocco: super sayan morocco[View]
100207212This is now a Thai board[View]
100188504What is objectively the best Italian region?[View]
100202734Lubbock, Texas: What happens here?[View]
100207737*clear throat*[View]
100208453The Lithuanian special forces have discovered where I've been hiding[View]
100206338i'm a 23 year old virgin sounds surreal huh? well, not for me[View]
100207476I wish I had an anglo name.[View]
100179272/br/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição da metade de janeiro Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9PV…[View]
100206520Do americans really do this?[View]
100204801I'm running away tomorrow. Going to drive to Uruguay and plan on staying there for some time be…[View]
100207668Do you respect that guy?[View]
100208110Grandma made polenta again[View]
100203375https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46867424 Pepe finally did it lads.[View]
100207835Give me a Nordic blonde gf!!!![View]
100205561This was the happiest moment of my life[View]
100173343/balt/ \uwu/: ok[View]
100183835Do you work out? I do, everyday. I am already more addicted to sport than to alcohol[View]
100208037>Daddy, what was it like when Greater Uyghur Republic was known as 'People's Republic o…[View]
100205033What happens here?[View]
100207869There are 3 faggot turks from Bant roaming this board. I wish I could execute them[View]
100203808How hard is to legally own a gun in your country? In hungary it's pretty hard -first you have t…[View]
100207337Hai guys. I am from ze reddit, and this is my first post on the ol’ chan. Praise kek! How is everbod…[View]
100199798/spqr/ general: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyhRBgWCqd4 Proverb of the day: Sero v…[View]
100195192never made a thread about spen this is a spen thread[View]
100207474What do foreigners know about this province?[View]
100207511This is the enemy[View]
100206609>poland is islamophob-[View]
100206432Pic-rel: 26.06.1942, Kraków, Polish Jews working in the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst (jewish police esta…[View]
100197107I can't imagine being Poland. Look at them. Every bordering country is an evil shithole.[View]
100205817I am a kurd in Turkey[View]
100195321Heritage Thread[View]
100205077Do you love American culture?[View]
100206101>During the wars the Commonwealth lost approximately one third of its population as well as its s…[View]
100197911Here you can apologize for the wrongdoings your country did to Poland and polish people. Everyone is…[View]
100207301American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100207013How does this make you feel?[View]
100202946>How hold were you when you gave up ? When I was 17[View]
100203569polandball: >mfw we don't need social studies >mfw country balls are better than school…[View]
100206380>when I see a white[View]
100203404Do Japanese guys look gay?[View]
100205558why do russians like mayo so much??[View]
100206932>you will never spontaneously start singing Farewell of Slavianka in a bar with random Russians w…[View]
100202275/deutsch/: Polen sind richtige Untermenschen Ausgabe[View]
100195276/fr/ - Le Fil Français: Édition des violences policières innommables, de la dictature qui rampe, de …[View]
100204583What are some cunts with this aesthetic?[View]
100206243>You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing lately…. Depart, I say; and let us h…[View]
100169969Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
100205018Why am I pale if I am 41% Armenian? I'm very confused... Will my skin darken as I get older?[View]
100182908/2sicilie/: edizione AMWF[View]
100203181>no deal hard Brexit >depression drives out the kikes and muzzies >new hard conditions crea…[View]
100201811Spain, what did they do today?[View]
100204863France is great Why do you love France?[View]
100206574I always used to be known for being relaxed and not caring much but the last few years I became a re…[View]
100195269Have they done anything noteworthy in the last 100 years?[View]
100205027Why is mutt posting dead? ;_;[View]
100202064why are Polish men so attractive and internationally desired by women?[View]
100204937There is nothing more pleasurable that scratching and caressing your itchy, inflamed skin after bein…[View]
100205555>oy mate you new here in wollongong? >ye me and me mum just moved here from wagga wagga >oy…[View]
1002041501. Your cunt 2. Do you recognize Fennoswedes as the legitimate heir of the Finnish republic and not …[View]
100200979passport thread? passport thread.[View]
100204608it's really easy for me to get women interested in me because i am quite good looking and good …[View]
100202954Did you know that Manuel Valls (ex French pm for American retards) has given up completely and only …[View]
100206021Are they churkas?[View]
100204064why don't you travel to turkey anon?[View]
100202168>I suffer in Brazil[View]
100196043ITT: /int/ in 1998[View]
100200928Why are Russian men so violent?[View]
100205260WTF why is Poland so swarthy?[View]
100193178In this thread we say 'Danke Deutschland' for their contribution towards peace and prosperity in Eur…[View]
100202604>Just argued for 20 minutes straight that Belgium shouldn't exist and the entire landmass sh…[View]
100205448Do you eat challah bread in your cunt?[View]
100202649You may only post ITT if you have Right to Hunt.[View]
100202980She could be your wife, why aren't you marrying a Nordic girl?: She is cute, nice, can cook and…[View]
100205256Redpill me on Coventry, England[View]
100200314>Kosovo je Srbija who would want that many albos voting in their cunt? we truly are a brainlet na…[View]
100197987Poles are the new vikings Polish men, long way from home, are impregnating Icelandic women as we spe…[View]
100203414The brazilian government is persecuting me for being autistic. They are sending agents in front of …[View]
100202940/brit/: The Great American West edition[View]
100205366El Goblino........ Why are americans so obsessed with their indentity to the point they do shit like…[View]
100205011Two brothers :) Двa бpaти :) Dwaj bracia :)[View]
100204740Got an idea for a gameshow lads. >We put 20 Americans in a cage in Alice Springs. >10 jugs of …[View]
100198250what country has the biggest percentage of GAY PEOPLE ?[View]
100197717What is your honest opinion on Germany?[View]
100195774There are two types of Finns[View]
100204525I'm only 57% E*ropean. Happiest day of my life now that 23andme downgraded me from 80% E*ropean…[View]
100191427Post things that make you proud of your country: I like the Hun past of my ancestors, when they rape…[View]
100203393I want to learn spanish to move to uruguay but I find quit hard to find material to learn it in my l…[View]
100204611America is a WASP nation: Irish, Italians, Poles and other Papists get out >pic related is my anc…[View]
100202732Why yes I am German, how could you tell?[View]
100204548This is one of the better threads on /int/.[View]
100196402....Why are Africans starving ? I just don't understand they have the richest fauna and flora …[View]
100202850ITT: /int/ in 2050[View]
100177102/skandi/: Latum okkum royna aftur[View]
100203656>everyone born in 2000 can now post[View]
100199587/polska/: edycja spermiarska[View]
100184558kurva anyátok[View]
100201771ESPAÑA: __________ __ ____[View]
100201072What do slavs do for fun, except being miserable and poor?[View]
100203974Reminder the Maritimes is the best region in all of Canada. We are: 1. Based 2. White 3. Cultured 4.…[View]
100203618>tfw always sober in Russia[View]
100204035My gf thinks we're gonna have triplets[View]
100203631ur buttcunt how do you stretch out your butthole to make poop come out easier[View]
100202085Who are the enemies and historical oppressors of your people? Romans, Moors/Spaniards, christians, …[View]
100203881What are these locations in these shitholes like?[View]
100202098Ameri... wait.[View]
100195867Is this the greatest argument against diversity?[View]
100188847lads, i just realized that finland is the whitest country in the world >most blondes >most blu…[View]
100201513>failed at flipping a Spanish omelette AGAIN I HATE SPAIN SO FUCKING MUCH…[View]
100203049american customer: hello i like to order healthcare american worker: no we don't have that here…[View]
100200762Imagine hating this and calling it's consumers numales just because a shitty /pol/ meme Soymilk…[View]
100175814is this true? lol[View]
100202736>Stop learning Russian grammar. Just focus on learning vocabulary because Russians will still be …[View]
100180476/norgetråden/: hanreiane-utgaven forrige: >>100155391[View]
100201816Me? Let's say I'm a volonteer custodian.[View]
100203314Good. They finally updated 23andme. This shit doesn't say I'm 80% E*ropean anymore.[View]
100203266How did your ancestors lived?[View]
100200802>Find a copy pasta >put it into various languages in google translate >put it back into eng…[View]
100198814Do you support the independence of Euskal.Herria, basque country? Considered the earliest inhabitan…[View]
100202755could this serb pass as a local in your country?[View]
100192109There are places in Latam with bigger life expectancy than United States: Double kek[View]
100201018>there is a 100% chance that your phone's cloud storage has been compromised and that people…[View]
100201921Why do Americans like to accumulate so much junk in their homes?[View]
100188428Why did the Ottoman Empire not bother to make any real effort to convert their European territories …[View]
100202889Us? Just your average Macron voting french expats.[View]
100193040Ur cunt And V card: What was the age /int/ Lost Its virginity? Are You still a Virgin,if so how old?…[View]
1002029151. Your cunt 2. Do people wear expensive clothes where you live? Stralia I rarely see someone wearin…[View]
100198756what do you call this in your country?[View]
100202031Hey Finland can I ask you something?[View]
100200733/brit/: Need a Jap wife pronto edition[View]
100190958/cum/: this dumb tight lipped wojak i mean just look at him edition[View]
100201506This is the most popular TV series in Ukraine.: Thoughts?[View]
100199781Is Israel blocked on pol and int?: Pic related. Had to go to Romania to post this[View]
100194479>Muslim countries don't take refugees[View]
100198967FUCK ANGLO CANADIANS I hope proud QUÉBECOIS will take care of these people during an insurrection[View]
100202527Why are Americans doing this?: https://twitter.com/thisisinsider/status/1083035670795485184?s=19 :/…[View]
100195802Sverigetråden - Kung Erik Magnussons upplaga[View]
100202382Why do the French advertise their goods like this?[View]
100202328could this ethnic finn pass as a local in your country?[View]
100202325Chile is first world[View]
100202137Who the fuck is this kike, Ive seen him here on multiple occasions Pls enlighten me Everything I kno…[View]
100198396How will this change the world?[View]
100200308why is finnish, estonian, latvian and lithuanian any different?[View]
100194088*surrounds you*[View]
100196610/deutsch/: abendprogrammausgabe[View]
100200332Post your country's dress uniforms. Who has the coolest ones?[View]
100194843Zurich is full of germans[View]
100201068What did he mean?[View]
100200740average turkish poster[View]
100198282Welcome to Spain! ¡Bienvenido a España![View]
100200430This website is for complete LOSERS, GOODBYE FOR ALL ETERNITY: So this is what's going to happe…[View]
100200175Vatniks bug me and here their amount is obviously staggering so I wanna leave this fuckhole and immi…[View]
100195823I ate a cheese today. Does your country have cheese? It's super rare here, we only get one smal…[View]
100201049>tfw no Ally soldier bf[View]
100200818WTF I LOVE RUSSIA NOW[View]
100198109>BBC doc presenter interviews an American scientist or scholar or whatever >they have some rid…[View]
100179034Dad Talk: What are dads like in your country, /int/?[View]
100200613Whats it like living in a small mountain town with a girl that loves you?[View]
100197131/brit/: are tim edition[View]
100200558Do you love Oulu?[View]
100200509Why do Russian women love the BIG Armenian/Caucasian/Arab COCK so much?[View]
100198807This was the greatest defeat for a government motion in modern British history![View]
100199956I hate everything about France, and there is nothing I can do to change it[View]
100200157tick tock[View]
100187912Today I realized that my cat is not purebred. As the vetirenar said, this is a half-breed. What to d…[View]
100200031> Russia is underdeveloped oil-funded hellho- https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&…[View]
100192507explain this, America[View]
100200059>Your country >Do you gain insights and knowledge from browsing /his/ Egypt Yes…[View]
100200068Do these kind of restrictions affect your daily life? What's your opinion on 'green zones'? Jus…[View]
100199808how common are thick bushy eyebrows in your country?[View]
100188495Kristina of Sweden added to Civ 6! >She is remembered for her intelligence, strong will, and her …[View]
100197542Did you know that Latvia has S-L-A-V-E-R-Y?[View]
1001971901. Cunt 2. are you a manlet? 1. Flag 2. Yes, I'm a 5'11 manlet and I want to kill myself[View]
100199445Post based lads[View]
1001955881. Cunny 2. Which languages can you speak? 3. Which languages are you currently learning? 1. Austria…[View]
100190079/polska/: edycja jedzenia[View]
100194359Opel, the German automobile manufacturer belongs to the French automaker Peugeot Germans BTFO[View]
100191916>visited 4chan for about five years and strived to intermingle with other anons at discord in Eng…[View]
100184706/NEDERDRAAD/: Demi Rose & BREDA R E D A -editie[View]
100195599*Backs you into a corner* >Hey faggot, I bet you don't have what it takes to be a mariiiiin…[View]
100198725Four Hundred Thirty-Two Four Hundred Tríocha Dó Quatre cent trente-deux Cuatrocientos treinta y dos …[View]
100138008/flag/ - /extraflags/: Ulaanbaatar edition previous: >>100075555 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lo…[View]
100198558>Sit, watch videos of old Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc footage from western tourists >Dream o…[View]
100198369>u r female genitals >last song you listened to Flag Danzig- Mother…[View]
100192596What condoms does int use? For me, it's cheapest ones i can find online. It does the job so far…[View]
100194337know the difference[View]
100198402Does this happen in your cunt? >Prosecutors are calling for a suspended €5,000 (£4,520) fine for …[View]
100197108/brit/: PM by February edition[View]
100198450The French language is just English spoken with a funny accent.[View]
100198325Germans are the biggest surrenders men of Europe https://www.livescience.com/64498-wwi-german-subma…[View]
100195989Why do Brits like manlets? https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/dating/most-attractive-height-for-ma…[View]
100198118I'm doing a project on indonesia for my journalism class. Any current events that happened in I…[View]
100197695What if your country stopped giving foreign aid for the weekend and used it on its own people? Where…[View]
100198283Active threads on /int/[View]
100197502Picture that best represents your country[View]
100198312'Whiter than you, Achmed'[View]
100198137>went to the servo this arvo for some goon bags, fair dinkum[View]
100196098brexit: Brexit bantz thread Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65Nt-ByDGEM >inb4 nobody even…[View]
100191975ITT: post candy/snacks you like[View]
100197970What will life be like in the Turkish safe zone in Northern Syria (the blue part)[View]
100195740'Oh ye gods! My country is ruined! But what if, I were to purchase fast food, and disguise it as a c…[View]
100197917>tfw basque-alpine-mediterannean-austronesian-breton can you find a worst mutt than me ?…[View]
100197907Seethesa May[View]
100197040Wtf is wrong with London?: https://twitter.com/xarapandapop/status/1084907808317947904?s=21…[View]
100197236What is the best food from your country?[View]
100197656>fat prostitute takes a big shit in my mouth: oh lord[View]
1001976301. your country 2. visiting this place costs 12 Euro is a male and 6 Euro as a sissy. Should I tell …[View]
100197601>1) Your country 1) Bulgaria[View]
100196772Do they say we all and they all too?[View]
100197556Is your flag related to pic?[View]
100197020should be partitioned[View]
100193321What are regional train rides like in your cunt? Here they are extremely hit or miss/RNG, you never …[View]
100197488American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100197353Yes, I'm always drunk before noon. How could you tell?[View]
100197300Guess what percentage of Brits have BROWN eyes?: Write your answer then check the article to see if …[View]
100187683>saying racist stuff online[View]
100178770what's /int/ having for lunch?[View]
100190672There is no italian ethnic group language or nation, why do people not call the respective nations t…[View]
1001972402019 is 4% complete.[View]
100197200What happens in these countries?[View]
100197135>ur cunt >Favourite Hamberder For me, it's Five Guys…[View]
100196320Do you want to find love in Budapest (hungary) ?[View]
100197099Honest thoughts on Russia?[View]
100195219Other than tax laundering, what happens here?[View]
100195965Wtf is their problem?[View]
100196574why is Poland a safe country(except for Chilean pianists and mayors of Gdańsk)?[View]
100190879/deutsch/: Bewertet mein Essen - Ausgabe[View]
100179899BUY THE FUCKING JETS, CROATIA: Don't be a fucking pussy, buy the planes.[View]
100196488Carlings are red Pall Malls are blue No BREXIT deal FUCK YOU[View]
100196107>german gaming[View]
100188366My fucking sides. I finally can have a gun!!!![View]
100185848/intellektuelle Ausgabe/ ehemals /deutsch/: ihr schaut nur aber seht nicht.[View]
100194220god i wish i were slav[View]
100193535the girl from uni likes me and i like her we are going to have sex[View]
100195320Why are poles so violent?: A mayor there was murdered.[View]
100191529Slovenia's existence, yes or no? From me it's going to be a clear yes[View]
100194660Does your university have required classes which are completely pointless and ridiculously easy? I d…[View]
100196140This is how I imagine 90 percent of you /int/ posters are like in real life https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
100195528Yes i'm from South Brazil.how could you tell??[View]
100194831Are Italians white?[View]
100194032Is this the peak of Indian humour?[View]
100194399What does the SEA men (hehe semen :D) think that their countries are just a one big brothel for west…[View]
100195967Why are Americans so fat?[View]
100191515how the fuck can u see if someone is a phoneposter or not?[View]
100195872>tfw no big fat mena bunda on my face[View]
100194278Hey /int/ what do you think about my ramen noodle soup[View]
100195759Me? I like my men like my drugs, white and uncut.[View]
100193183>dude French is like the most important language in the world after English! >only useful in F…[View]
100194482Why are Anglos so majestic and mighty?: Is it true that they have the highest intelligence out of al…[View]
100195620Hey Juncker!!! Do you like pie with your wine, you alcky cunt?[View]
100183546This is what they refuse to teach you in school[View]
100195479>want to learn a new language >females from that country are taller than me on average (5…[View]
100192977>tfw 80% of your language is just literal translation of German expressions…[View]
100185212Why do we say that Egyptian civilisation ended in 30 BCE when Cleopatra killed herself and Octavius …[View]
100173167What's your opinion on gay people?[View]
100186111How do you call this in your country?[View]
100187177Katorga: In Russia, until 1917, there was a criminal punishment for serious crimes and it was called…[View]
100195003>google paris travel guide >99% are about how to survive without getting robbed wtf is wrong …[View]
100181837Write a haiku about this[View]
100192760can you solve this riddle?[View]
100189592Why their European brothers hate them?[View]
100193620/brit/: Brexit means Brexit edition[View]
100194210im black[View]
100188912There are about 4.5 million White South Africans, which is more than the entire populations of count…[View]
100195052what are some countries where weak white men are being raped by women of color?[View]
100195059Why are those poor countries so fond off germany?[View]
100182267How do Italians define their national identity?[View]
100189105How are yuros preparing for the end?: I hope they remember you.[View]
100183971/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Бaн[View]
100191539>Dude, vaginas are awesome![View]
100191938You are only allowed to post in my thread if you are allowed to own a gun.[View]
100182897/fr/ - le francofil: sentiments édition Ancien >>100174443[View]
100186978Can she say the n word??[View]
100194602Only a Bedouin, Uzbeki and a Mongol can tame Pashtun stud on his own territory.[View]
100190584What you call these people in your country?[View]
100194021American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100192537Wow, this is in Brazil?!: It snows in some mountain towns in Southern Brazil. Post similar pictures …[View]
100194438Why are hapas so asshurt all the time?[View]
100191633Damn, this is deep..... Really makes you think... People who don't smoke weed will never know t…[View]
100194060Holy shit, Brits absolutely BTFO'd: >A polite request from Europe: wake us up when you know …[View]
100193803>I will take three hundred burgers... with fries and dips Do people in your country do this?…[View]
100193204Have anybody ever encountered people from this land? I heard they have no government there.[View]
100179743lol fucking millennials[View]
100193654it's 22:20 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
100194042Your cunt Do you like the local music of your cunt? Another question, What do you think are some cun…[View]
100172034/ex-yu/: jutarnja cigara edicija[View]
100193993Do you want to find love in America?[View]
100191440>american family events have mcdonald's yikes[View]
100189271is bullying common in your country?[View]
100190518/brit/: Hello where is the /brit/ thread?[View]
100193174>i call my dog my son[View]
100193512Why are Chavs and proles so predominant in British popular culture? There are far more violent and p…[View]
100193487New frens: Step 1: download telegram Step 2: verify phone number(will be hidden) Step 3: change you…[View]
100192620Ok /int/, any complaints about your government?[View]
100189529wh*teoids BTFO[View]
100191931Serotonine: What are your thoughts on Michel Houellebecq's new novel? I just ordered a Catalan …[View]
100188586Sverigetråden - Pojkupplagan[View]
100188087would you lay down your life for this flag?[View]
100193141I will need to get a license for my neurology clinic in the Faroe Islands[View]
100162440/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: 2 principessine in cerca di 2 principessini https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
100188968I can't fap anymore, it's too painful[View]
100191619Latino Thread: Okay fellow Latinos post your genetic makeup.[View]
100190920Is it true that English girls craves BIC (big irish cock)?[View]
100186567What's it feel like living in the developed world, having only 1st world problems?[View]
100192782/tr/: Kılışdar edisyonu. https://twitter.com/ragnarelpadrino/status/1085136001293602817[View]
100192714You wake up in a perfect world...[View]
100192549So what can you tell me about African Americans? Are they really that bad? Share your experiences Pi…[View]
100190018It will all be over soon.: Yes brothers, the day has come. The white plague is spreading and convert…[View]
100192571>no deal Brexit[View]
100191667Why do Americans hate bears? I thought you had way more bears in your country...[View]
100162076/asean/: Angel Locsin edisi[View]
100192711>Varangian BVL-[View]
100192598>tfw /int/ frogposts now instead of golden lel posting[View]
100191593>England I....,now with brexit And all i Guess i never...I never said how much You meant to me...…[View]
100189542Come home, white man~.[View]
100191193Should Poles abandon Christinaity and return to the faith of their ancestors?[View]
100190872post korean thighs[View]
100190255France > Allemange >>>>>>>Bretagne: France, je t'aime. Tu est une forte…[View]
100185712>Asians worship white peop--[View]
100192280going to ask my flip fiance to abort any sons we have and going to try and convince her to use an eg…[View]
100192134why do they like incest so much??!??[View]
100190509/brit/: chebs edition[View]
100189822Why are they so stuck up?[View]
100184875This is a cherry-picked plastic model, right? Actual Asian girls don't look like this, r-right?[View]
100189413What do russians eat?[View]
100191139The absolute cuckoldry of Serbian men: >be a 9/10 football player >marry a 3/10 whore who chea…[View]
100191174Macron is an absolutely based Leader I hope he becomes dictator and start killing and torture all hi…[View]
100191640What do these two cunts think of each other?[View]
100190629/Celtic/: Unitit edition Argraffiad unedig Deasachadh Aonaichte Eagrán Aontaithe[View]
100190533Post Chads from your country[View]
100190968What country is this dish from? What is it called?[View]
100190630>we're all one big white family[View]
100191294Why arabs say they share similar culture with southern europe when everything is different? Let…[View]
100189128Why do we produce so many super models? The girls I see on the streets on a daily basis are ugly as…[View]
100191560gayreek faggot who tried to trespass into Turkish Republic of North Cyprus gets beaten to death by T…[View]
100191512>Do some people tell you that you are handsome to make fun of you ? yeah, french subhumans like i…[View]
100191468Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
100189667>failed at flipping a Spanish omelette again I HATE SPAIN IT IS THE WORST COUNTRY FUCK SPAIN AND …[View]
100190169Don't lie. You wish your head of state ordered 300 hamburgers during formal events.[View]
100189206Why did Ukrainians kill so many Jews during the Holocaust?[View]
100173265Does your president serve burgers to guests in his official residence?[View]
100189935'No fun allowed' the country[View]
100189786>muh north italy[View]
100185682does it feel like a real one?: it's for a friend[View]
100191252Wish the Brits luck on not completely destroying their country today. It seems they want to exit the…[View]
100191027The average Korean woman looks like this.[View]
100191231I am traveling in USA now: Every night before going to sleep I choose a country which I want to trav…[View]
100174526>german food LOL[View]
100190282What does Brexit mean?[View]
100190189Does USA have separation of powers?[View]
100190776this is the face of anime avatarfags.[View]
100187934The Korean Peninsula is small.: South Korea is half that small peninsula. It's too small... Giv…[View]
100190671You wake up in São Paulo[View]
100190575I want to learn Russian for Russian Goddesses but the r*Sssian men intimidate me[View]
100185513Go watch an Erdogan speech: The comments section is filled with Muslims from Pakistan, India, Bangla…[View]
100190161In 1904 Doctor Oswald cruz set to clean the streets of rio de janeira of the black plague by offerin…[View]
100186856Your cuntree: Does it have its own biographic region? 1. Hungary 2. Yes[View]
100186504My online girlfriend says she wants to live with me permanently in Australia.[View]
100181544/mämmi/: Tiistain painos[View]
100188892Better American than fr*nch DOGS[View]
100189875If you could genocide one ethnic group, which ethnic group would you genocide? For me it's the …[View]
100190034Det är det enda ni gör på dagarna, ni sitter där i ventrilo och spelar DotA.[View]
100189990This is what I want[View]
100187675/brit/: comfy book edition[View]
100189577Literally imagine living in a desert: What the actual fuck were people thinking when they made a civ…[View]
100187326Favela dwellas join the Freedom Club!: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-guns/brazils-bolson…[View]
100189410Guess nationality[View]
100189869Rastsvetali iabloni i grushi, Poplyli tumany nad rekoj. Vykhodila na bereg Katyusha, Na vysokij bere…[View]
100178135We are the northern brothers[View]
100181827Can't wait for this shit show.[View]
100184887Will legalize weapons even for psychiatric patients in 7 days. Will be very nice.[View]
100189444Why yes I am a native speaker of Euskera, why do you ask?[View]
100189361Are you guilty of being /white/?: If yes, apologize for your whiteness[View]
100188604Why are men with small penises marginalized while women with small breasts are let off the hook or p…[View]
100187636SWEDEN STATUS: YES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdaApZ316Qg Grats, ya made it.[View]
100189428over 1000 hamberder pls[View]
100188654Nikola Tesla: What is your thoughts about him?[View]
100183365/polska/: edycja gotowania[View]
100179086the Africa of Europe[View]
100187569>You're cunt Can you shitpost from work? flag yes[View]
100188355See this interface, what do?: Do you become rather angry or frustrated or sad with this crap? It is …[View]
100189384>your cunt >what province are you comparable to the roman empire in the new roman empire? 1. L…[View]
100189381>First past the Post[View]
100188510She won't talk to me, /int/ Why won't she talk to me??[View]
100188011This is the son of a famous European, would he be able to blend in with locals in your cunt ?[View]
100188365why am I an Asian...[View]
100186838*makes the Chinese and Korean quiver in fear*[View]
100187998What are the problems you face every day?: I'm middle-aged in the US and all my problems are da…[View]
100184456>finnish is related to sumerian, not INDO-european >finns built permanent housing right after …[View]
100188356>had kfc for dinner >need to shit a few hours later >get excited for a kfc shit >turns o…[View]
100182953Is it worth to learn Chinese?[View]
100188728Request for fellow non-whites: Guys, can we please stop wewuzzing over clearly European ancient civi…[View]
100183349what is Fado?: >Fado music is a form of Portuguese singing that is often associated with pubs , c…[View]
100182628What is the opinion of catboys in your country?[View]
100183359What is this body type called in your cunt?[View]
100177942now seriously, wtf wrong with the german '''people'''''??? why do they hate America so much?[View]
100188295Anon hopes dying: >Be me, mid spring >years back >18, shy guy >never had a gf >sad.pn…[View]
100188566Why do Finnish girls have Gook eyes?[View]
100186975>Norwegian intellectuals[View]
100188670why are asians so weird?[View]
100188211Why does he make people so mad?[View]
100183651Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.[View]
100187091Are you ready to watch her be completely humiliated for the umpteenth time?[View]
100188168FYROM: Why do they deny their Bulgarian heritage?[View]
100185348My brothers... My people...[View]
1001885541. your cunt 2. does your cunt have federal states? 3. which one is the best? >flag >yes >B…[View]
100186511Am i literally yellow?[View]
100183981I confronted my sister's boyfriend but he beat the crap out of me again: I followed him when he…[View]
100182021How cold is your cunts winter ? Here we had our coldest day last week which was -32 Typically januar…[View]
100177467What makes East Germany better than the rest of Germany?[View]
100183724French or Turkish desserts?[View]
100187702>tfw when living on the border of the civilised western world and the uncivilised american jungle…[View]
100179910i just failed my semester final exam[View]
100187434la reconquista[View]
100185160>Be american movie >Get shot[View]
100185796I am not gay, but French men are very very handsome and sexy.[View]
100187383>your cunt >are you a mutt? (strictly a yes/no question. don’t tell me ethnicities, etc.) USA …[View]
100188076You arrive in south Brazil[View]
100182019You may only post ITT if your country has ever been at war with the USA[View]
100186861my ancestors fled to brasil because of the spanish civil war[View]
100185140Why yes, I am intensely interested in Russian culture, how did you know?[View]
100182378So can I cure my yellow fever?: I've been a patient for a good while now and I've learned …[View]
100187861I don’t like one of my professors. He had a stroke in the past, and he is no longer an effective tea…[View]
100186968>Austria has only 8m people >Turkey has 80m people This surprised me. Does it surprise you?…[View]
100187806'acting gay online is fun'[View]
100185191Why is it okay to be openly racist in America? Pic related, if a news outlet here did this they wou…[View]
100181594/mascherode/ nie wieder /deutsch/: Nachmittagsausgabe[View]
100187386New swede: Could I pass as a local in sweden?[View]
100187365What the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
100177963Why would someone deliberately darken their skin tone?: Light brown looks better than dark brown. Wh…[View]
100186937Portugal: Why do Portuguese people claim to be white? To who do they claim.to look.alike if not othe…[View]
100186225>tfw when living on the border of the civilized white world and the uncivilized brown jungle it s…[View]
100184901ITT: Post the memes from the imageboards in your language: Berto Bragaquadra[View]
100182795Do you like bundas or tits?: https://www.instagram.com/jumassunaga/?hl=es-la[View]
100186101Stop gay-LARPing[View]
100186908Half past twelve Browsin' the international board In my flat all alone How I hate to spend the …[View]
100186951>Why yes I am indeed from middle east[View]
100183518Sverigetråden - BT-upplagan: Inga nybögar tack[View]
100183600I get now why french people hate to speak english their accent makes them sound literally retarded[View]
100186186What is the thing with the dutch and cigarillos? It's literally impossible to find non-dutch on…[View]
100186052American racist jokes are the most funny in the world, you can't deny that. See these comments.…[View]
100151713/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning …[View]
100184926/brit/: Intersectionality edition[View]
100186830I can't learn japanese.[View]
100186522Welcome to Brazil![View]
100185923I don't have much sympathy for this Canadian guy desu. Why would you attempt to traffick drugs …[View]
100184514¿whats your special skill or ability anon? You do have at least one thing youre good at right?[View]
100186704The Triple Alliance shall rule the world! From Lisbon to Vladivostok! From Reykjavík to Hong Kong![View]
100184747China will be bullied no more[View]
100179131Ok I give up, who the FUXX is this ???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNpRsREVoSY I'm getting…[View]
100183916post yfw you realized that the American empire is collapsing and that's a good thing[View]
100186502>'hey, loser. how many countries have you been to?' well?[View]
100173113Do Americans have culture?[View]
100185953What's your excuse?[View]
100186452it is my gold now[View]
100185083me under the bed[View]
100180987I have a basque name. I'm not Basque.[View]
100186447Can someone says what artists with this kind of music?: I'm trying to find it. https://youtu.b…[View]
100186437Why yes I walked from the house down to the village center and ambushed my sister's boyfriend i…[View]
100176211Couldn't he have prepared some deluxe, homemade burgers? >made with the best beef, not shitt…[View]
100184537why don't they teach you anything about culture and cultural literacy in school? why are so man…[View]
100185465Fuck Germany.[View]
100179567I love Japanese people I want a Japanese penpal I want to welcome a Japanese into my home so I can s…[View]
100184346Most autistic fictional country I've seen.[View]
100171596/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Pyccкиe вceгдa дyмaют o хyях edition Я пoдтвepждaю этo личнo[View]
100184698Excuse my autism, but isn't Quebec technically part of Latin America?[View]
100178545/masr/ مصر[View]
1001846171. your cunt 2. when did your cunt peak >flag >during the imperial period from 1871 until the …[View]
100183242i wish i was sapn ish and exploring the latino merica[View]
100178570Have you noticed that the the closer to the equator, the more violent a country is?: What if warm we…[View]
100185860Khmer Rock-n-Roll: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUSTUjd8Bw8 Thoughts?…[View]
100185760>France shitting the bed >America shitting the bed >UK starting to shit the bed Russia and …[View]
100185845/Cauc/: ბედნიერი გამოცემა! Ուրախ հրատարակություն:[View]
100184914>when you realize Denmark is the second most populous Nordic country. Seriously what the hell is …[View]
100181581Russia needs black people: People of African descent: please come to Russia, we need black seed to i…[View]
100185383turkish girls thread[View]
100175326Today's the day! Expect chaos.[View]
100185388Why does hindi/urdu sound so damn bad? It's worse than mandarin, korean, eastern slavic languag…[View]
100176531Spain toddler fell in well: >More than 100 Spanish firefighters, police officers and rescuers are…[View]
100181426>Brown neighborhood >Black neighborhood >Chinese neighborhood Which is the worst neighborho…[View]
100179838You-know-who is offering guaranteed Dutch citizenship for 40k usd. Should I?[View]
100183306/polska/: edycja kmwtw xD[View]
100126806/djt/ - Daily Japanese Thread #2117: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the langua…[View]
100183663Wont you save her from her life of crippling poverty under an oppressive authoritarian and corrupt g…[View]
100184450why are belgioids such cruel subhumans?[View]
100181862Should all protestants unite into a single country? It could be called Protestantia or Germania.[View]
100182895Holy shit ME 1 was quite based indeed[View]
100183366Why are there so many slavs in Canada?[View]
100182989/brit/: Trezza May is a shit cunt edition Bring back Big Dave subedition[View]
100173411Post your apartment[View]
100183023>tfw no bf[View]
100184680Toxic and unlikable[View]
100184640>Be British >[View]
100168928/nederdraad/: Koffiedik kijken-editie Welkom: de toekomst Niet welkom: die ene fout uit het verleden…[View]
100181662Get out of the house you Paki cunt[View]
100184518What happens here?[View]
100170382kurva anyátok[View]
100181871OH NO OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sCeMTB5P6U[View]
100184135How do student girls dress in their country? Is it like Japan?[View]
100183722Love me Jousting. Love me food. Love me French Swordsmen. Hate me wife. Simple as.[View]
100184275I like to wear Haoris for fashion every other day but Japanese people always stare at me. I get less…[View]
100184215You wake up in Stockholm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLJZCiGVSlA[View]
100173825>The Absolute State of America[View]
100176008/2sicilie/: Edizione Don Minutella[View]
100182562Average pitch for each spoken language. https://erikbern.com/2017/02/01/language-pitch.html[View]
100181348>Your country >Have you liked the egg yet? https://www.instagram.com/p/BsOGulcndj-/…[View]
100177098Reallistic speaking, how many Brazilians have an ass like this? It's plastic surgery? >>…[View]
100174812Say something nice about the country above you[View]
100183734>Me? I'm bottom[View]
100173015>Senator convicted over racist remark about Italy's first black minister >A senator from …[View]
100183813god i wish we were brazilian https://youtu.be/qrwG3yynNss?t=44[View]
100183594IM GONNA SAY IT![View]
100183371Italians how true is this?[View]
100182449do girls wear high waisted denim shorts in your country?[View]
100177650>yeah, N is my favourite haplogroup. how did you know?[View]
100181727not a real country[View]
100180779WTF Japan? If this was my wife I couldn't keep my hands off her for more than 2 hours[View]
100173310One of these are not like the others[View]
100183273I remember in the past reading about experience with asians is that they're very infantile, but…[View]
100182769Why do so many Indians on YouTube false-flag as Chinese commenters?[View]
1001810831. ur cunt 2. are you a prole[View]
100180845>Blocks your path[View]
100174062Finland may be soon inhabited by predatory animals from South: Shakal and Raccoon are on their way t…[View]
100181737Would you proudly accept the president's burgers for your dinner?[View]
100169453/polska/: edycja prawacka z rana[View]
100182761*steals your gf*[View]
100178256Sverigetråden - Björndampusupplagan[View]
100174698Dream Job: What is your dream job, int? Mine is any job that allows me to travel to the nice parts o…[View]
100182766Does popularity of Israel among right wing groups of your country have more religious grounds or eco…[View]
100179307What does /int/ drink?: for me it's gin & tonic[View]
100181633French women are really cute, their accent is sexy O_o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVWhJCMWNhQ…[View]
100181595> ask a relevant cultural question in a country general > get ignored and buried by autistic s…[View]
100182529Do happa women have it easier then happa men ?[View]
100174013Do you really hate us[View]
100174443/fr/ - Le fil français: Édition des courses[View]
100182500/mämmi/: lisää mämmiä[View]
100182276Chinese are the real Canadians[View]
100176421/mämmi/: Neekerit ei kuulu Suomen luonnolliseen eläinkantaan -painos[View]
100182330I’m a little wagie Short and stout Clawing at my cagie LET ME OUT[View]
100180642Why are French women so sexy? O_o[View]
100175728How do Korean-Japanese's fight against the racism, hatred and discrimination they experience in…[View]
100182036I just bought one of these the other day. Anyone want to watch it with me?[View]
100179244would he be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
100180120>born half American >grow up in Japan >sent to American highschool and university >I h…[View]
100176788>america enters recession >various mc-bride agencies appear from which state will you get your…[View]
100178429Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coiu_02CUA8[View]
1001818291. have you been gay raped? 2. what race are you? 3. what religion are you?[View]
100174251What would Eastern Europe be like if R*ssia hadn't engaged in centuries of colonisation? First …[View]
100179686>Go on the internet >get called a shitskin >Talk to people in real life >Never get call…[View]
100175422/deutsch/: Die Doremy[View]
100181867/mämmi/: tölkinavaaja painos[View]
100175917Why Chinese Southeast Asians are great people: They seem to have adopted both from the local indigen…[View]
100181526>Watch video about Canadian sentenced to death >Top comments are all Chinese people and Chines…[View]
100147301/mämmi/: Normaalipainos[View]
100175450Japan government's debts are 240% of GDP, however half of the obligees of the debts is the Bank…[View]
100180603I hate normies: I hate normies so goddam much I hate them to the point of extinction you'll nev…[View]
100174197has anyone else realized that the koreanons on here are well-educated while japanons are dumb as bri…[View]
100178238Sverigetråden - Nordpaj-upplagan[View]
100181078>one shot at not being born >fail at it[View]
100178650/brit/: mosley on the ropes edition[View]
100178896are they aware they are made up buffer states?[View]
100177869im blakc[View]
100173238Finland is gay and it's based.[View]
100168844Why was the greatest sitcom of all time not popular outside the US? Do yuropoors hate quality televi…[View]
100180502Would someone from SPain have more in common with someone from Mexico, or someone from England? Are …[View]
100168909Post meme songs from your cuntree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t8fq_6re3o https://youtu.be/uJHVG…[View]
100173084>why yes i love kpop, how could you tell?[View]
100180435what would you name it in your country? we call it...well, 3 point burst(3点バースト)[View]
100180368სწრაფად გავრცელდა მთიულეთს დანაბარები მეფისა გაუტეხელნო მთიულნო შვილნო ვითარცა მეხისა 2x გადაგვიბუგე…[View]
100178484what happened to the german bearposter[View]
100176863>British citizens are now stockpiling survival kits to cope with Brexit…[View]
100155391/norgetråden/: Negerjakt-utgave Forrige: >>100136489 >>100136489 >>100136489…[View]
100178901Universal healthcare doesn't wor- oh, that's awkward.[View]
100179958He is my hero: Thoughts?[View]
100173868>Brazil >Canada >India >Netherlands Which is the most rude cunt?…[View]
100173797Why has this advertisement triggered incels what's wrong with treating women right? https://ww…[View]
100175071All anime is trash.[View]
100179713Do cute girls actually come to save you from unemployment in Japan?[View]
100170373Is there anyone on /int/ smart enough to refute this?[View]
100179705https://twitter.com/Acemal71/status/1082264353334837248 press S for german dog[View]
100173144ITT: Name any country to have existed in the past 150 years and I'll post its currency[View]
100172268In Finland anyone with an Eastern European accent or look is considered Russian.[View]
100175368What do people on tinder look like in your country?[View]
100178935Average consonants to vowels frequency ratio in Slavic languages: >West Slavs…[View]
100173194Italy wtf????? You guys were FASCISTS!?!!!?!! Apologize now![View]
100178689I'm quite fluent in English and I pretty much understand anything the average American can (not…[View]
100179402On Monday, Meghan Windsor, Duchess of Sussex, visited the town of Birkenhead. She supported the loca…[View]
100178261120 million indians will gather on the Ganges and wash themselves for a festival. What is the first …[View]
100178123What's the biggest Infrastructure undertaking going on in your country right now?: For us: It…[View]
100178835Are Australians really jealous that LoTR was shot in NZ and not in their country? Are they jealous N…[View]
100116780/br/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição da noite Tema do fio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-UarwiNybI Ante…[View]
100178606My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100175104Commie blocks: I like living in them. They can be nice both aesthetically and to live in if done rig…[View]
100178091Making /bant/ a blue board: Making /bant/ a blue board would have many benefits: 1- Turkish posters …[View]
100171448Let us in.[View]
100177100>tfw no bf[View]
100177932when my Grandfather died he told me to remember 15/88 “We must secure the existence of our people a…[View]
100178203Intelligent and active Japanese guy Yuto Hishiyama, who graduated from Kazan Federal University and …[View]
100178843cute baby[View]
100177634Is it true that in other countries they don't eat cow meat every days?[View]
100177630>be american >die of the flu[View]
100176467/brit/: Type 26 edition[View]
100170945CHINA NUMBER ONE: how are you preparing for the chinese century? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia…[View]
100176196I want to fuck Australia: I want to fuck Australia[View]
100178229>SUICIDE IS NOT A JOKE[View]
100170243>tfw no india gf[View]
100174565Is there a way to become a Jew?[View]
100174783Do gays and lesbians usually fight each other in your cunt too?[View]
100178057>I'm not an NPC!!![View]
100175676What is your dream job?[View]
100177904>suicide is not a thing to joke about these people were... dEpReSsED!![View]
100173541Please clone her, Japan.[View]
100178062>god y'all some broke boys[View]
100176502>that awkward moment when some anon assigns a stereotypical aussie name to you while you're …[View]
100172220Anyone else planning a heritage trip in 2019?[View]
1001698031. Ur cuntree 2. What phone are you using 1. Flag 2. Been using this Big Dick Energy motherfucker fo…[View]
100174071RNS thread: Russian National State: - No soviets - No putinoids - No liberals - No russophobic basta…[View]
100176842To be quite honest, i know for sure that 6 million Poles were killed by Germans and Russians during …[View]
100174533Pathetic subhumans[View]
100177711>retired englishman living in Thailand everytime[View]
100175556I wish the usa's shutdown was actually real, i want to see america without cops, prison guards,…[View]
100177465>this is considered rich people food in america[View]
100175236>Bolivia doesn't have access to the ocea-[View]
100169849Any Indian actually ever use the INSAS rifle: I have heard stories about how bad it is from the Inte…[View]
100175731Okay, real talk: This insectoid hive mind meme has to stop, I mean, how can you say that the same ra…[View]
100177509Reminder that eastern Europe (including polan') HATES Australia. In 200 years we have eclipsed …[View]
100176761>my job title? ah yes, I'm a budtender. i fucking hate living in Seattle…[View]
100174059Smoking: Any of you guys ex-smokers? I really want to quit smoking but don't know where to star…[View]
100177048W-will the Renault dealer actually check if I'm gay before they let me buy a car or is it just …[View]
100176940I've been feeling uneasy as of recent[View]
100176193this is your average Brazilian poster[View]
100173231>being an insectoid hive mind is a bad thi-[View]
100175843Is this France's most successful province?[View]
100175787>be australian >get cancer[View]
100175292Im addicted to cute hentai and now cant get pleasure out of real life. I just want everything to be …[View]
100175718Fuck Flags! You are all my brothers: >Everyday when you're walking down the street >And e…[View]
100172970I've never had friends[View]
100174796we are all losers larping as ambassadors for our country[View]
100176240If I were a billionaire I would buy American citizenship and move to SF with the sole purpose of thr…[View]
100176485Would you help this poor woman escape the clutches of the evil american? https://www.dailydot.com/la…[View]
100174180/brit/: Lauren edition[View]
100171581There's gay epidemic on /int/..[View]
100147002/mämmi/: Haittamaahanmuuttovastaisuus-painos Ylilaudalta karanneet syöttijonnet eivät ole tervetulle…[View]
100171660are you ready for burgers to relitigate the ethnicity of a historical figure as a result of an upcom…[View]
100176100>algeria: >To give an idea of the scale: christian slaves made up perhaps a quarter of the pop…[View]
100174594Have a job capacity assessment next month[View]
100176037Why do 3rdies shit on 1sties here? You can be a 1stie, too, if you'd like. Just move, bro[View]
100170978The greatest thing to ever come out of America[View]
100175985One of them is the odd one out here. Can you tell who it is?[View]
100173657Wisconsin man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl's parents so he could kidnap her allegedly …[View]
100168523South Korea Population: >In 1980, there were 5.7 million students in elementary schools in South …[View]
100172392French jungle feaver: Historically why have the frogs had jungle feaver so badly?[View]
100175724For me, it’s Empress Hiyoošungga Erdemungge Yongkiyangga Hūwangheo[View]
100171564>i identify by my nationality rather than my ethnicity[View]
100172085European ISIS[View]
100170125/deutsch/: Puh in zweieinhalb Stunden wieder in die Stadt-Ausgabe[View]
100171220>/pol/ is my main board[View]
100175126which country has the most mature women? almost all of them here are just overgrown children. they w…[View]
100175628/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição acordei e não tinha luso no catálogo coé[View]
100163696just shoot me already t.bh[View]
100175080I want to become a mexican dictator turning mexico into a first world country by genociding all of t…[View]
100172571Why can’t aussie scum understand that their pet kiwis and other undesirables aren’t welcome in any c…[View]
100174552>German national socialism was failed not because it was too conservative but because less radica…[View]
100173251What the HELL is wrong with China? https://m.1688.com/offer/585963773861.html?ptow=113d26e7c9a[View]
100175378>all for one, one for all![View]
100172832Being happy is easy.. when you have a Grill[View]
100174875BEGONE EUROKEKS![View]
100167291Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
100173995>Sal, couldn't write down the last spoken words of his ancient language, before falling asle…[View]
100165645Sverigetråden: Nattupplagan[View]
100173824What happens here? What kind of fishes live here, and how do they taste?[View]
100175022Did you know that mfw in Hungarian is aaa?[View]
100174987American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100173968N*n-whites worship us and there's nothing you can do about it you beta *ass soiboys[View]
100172969I finaly fixed europe[View]
100174555when a nigga say some dumb ass shit and you just looking like[View]
100174324Why should I have to buy some shitty apartment in the city just so I can go to work among some nigge…[View]
100174371The face crackas make when you walk past em and shit: Rest your broke ass mind bitch I don't wa…[View]
100174462very foggy today[View]
100174161Intentions of vote: Ok, here's the thing: I was bored and I thought to myself 'Why don't I…[View]
100174387Why does Centrelink book appointments so far into the future?[View]
100170582I hate living in Israel it's tiny and filled with arabs: These evil ,primitive, smelly brown fu…[View]
100173669What will be NATO without US like?[View]
100174274I wish i lived around white people[View]
100164231Dios mio...[View]
100174092i wrote joke anybody wanna hear it?[View]
100172627Is it possible to filter by flag? Serious replies only please[View]
100173699gentlemen, i am terribly sorry to interrupt your cultural discussions about cultures and countries, …[View]
100171413How does this travel advisory map look?[View]
100171637/brit/: Mr. Plow edition[View]
100174143America is just a pawn in our game. Thanks for the free immunity to invasion 'amigos'[View]
100174113mosley on the ropes edition[View]
100173050I miss the japanese popycasta poster...[View]
100171091Why are Brazilians such degenerates.: All they do is have sex, play soccer and dance samba. Fucking …[View]
100173946What is the acceptance rate for the disability support pension in your country? Here it is 15%.[View]
100172949>shave my asshole for my boyfriend >get a razorburn and irritation…[View]
100171390>your country >is this acceptable in it?[View]
100173957The Don of Doughnut The Boss of Burger The Negotiator of Nugget The Father of French Fries The Parli…[View]
100173833Do you want to find love in the land of Hatti?[View]
100170707How the FUCK do you guys outside of US/Canada buy any kind of technology, when it's generally 1…[View]
100169778>shits in street >forms gang of thirsty dotniggers >rapes your grandmother and chase 12 yo …[View]
100170372How safe is winnipeg?[View]
100173561So this is the best of 'British culture' is it?[View]
100171899Are Irish and British travelers essentially just a group of indigenous Brits/Irish who lived on the …[View]
100173487>gay '''people'''[View]
100171760>/pol/ isn't my main board[View]
100170924do people actually enjoy eating 'ethnic' food, or is it just a meme to win brownie points? just the …[View]
100173390I'm R1based[View]
100173175Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
100172098/தமிழ்/: இனிய பொங்கல் நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்[View]
100157118/fr/ - Le fil de l'épée: Edition des sentiments confus à l'égard de filles un peu trop jeu…[View]
100173277>making friends ruins my personal existentialist experience[View]
100171598pls visit Panama[View]
100173112My subclade is R-DF13. And yours?[View]
100169678brazilian boys...[View]
100169106What an honor to be here with people from so many countries around the world... care to try some Ame…[View]
100172607why are they so angry >Brazil >India >Mexico…[View]
100172896Brazil seems like a paradise. I'm not being sarcastic it is literally heaven! I really wish I w…[View]
100172955Why does my online girlfriend forgive me everytime after I sperg out and delete her on skype and sna…[View]
100171401Estonian Man: I had a friend from Estonia, he was 44 and grew up in the Estonian SSR, he fought agai…[View]
100172421MAGA! President Trump is the greatest president ever![View]
100171643>meet a half-jap irl or on the telly >he/she usually (always) has a foreign father why is thi…[View]
100163973Make your choice[View]
100172365My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100172510Why can’t lefty scum understand that their pet niggers and other undesirables aren’t welcome in firs…[View]
100171301How to get /int/ frens: Step 1: download telegram Step 2: verify phone number(will be hidden) Step …[View]
100156916Why do they hate each other?[View]
100171023Visiting family during festive season: Parents of a cousin asked what I think of their daughter.…[View]
100171550Chinaboo thread[View]
100171424Let us in.[View]
100172853this was the greatest day of my life[View]
100170210Is this shit French or German?[View]
100165814>don't just stare, anon, come sauna with us wat do[View]
100172669>Lachlan is the iraqi muslim salafist and the nazi /pol/ack larper at the same time…[View]
100167436The 'Hanfu' movement in China is really cringy. Couldn't they at least hire Japanese silk weavi…[View]
100168113Oh ma douce souffrance Pourquoi s'acharner? Tu recommences Je ne suis qu'un être sans impo…[View]
100145538Why do Germans do this?[View]
100172562Me on the far right You on the far left[View]
100172612>that feel when you weren't born a true scotsman big and strong enough to catapult a heavy l…[View]
100172423Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
100171628>finally muster the courage to apply for teaching jobs in China >right when Canada enters a di…[View]
100168794why can you pee and not poop but when you poop you have to pee?[View]
100172304>cunt >what you are looking forward to America Getting a nice job and a cute bf…[View]
100172027To the people on here who aren’t from America, the uk, or canada, how the FUCK did you find this web…[View]
1001721621. Flag 2. Is your cuntree progressive? 1. BULLgaria 2. Yes, of course! https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
100158006>'hey, loser' how do you respond to this in your native language, /int/?…[View]
100172187Imagine having a gf like haha[View]
100172205Yeah I know someday you'll have a beautiful life I know you'll be a star In somebody else…[View]
100172049>tfw everyday is the weekend[View]
100171900http://www.pobralem.pl/ is download movies and Tv-shows of internet, legal in your country?[View]
100172065I fucking hate cold with every cell of my body. Can't wait until global warming turns this froz…[View]
100172093>go outside >only arabs, indians and ugly whites hit on you and slap your ass…[View]
100172152LET ME IN[View]
100170564I hate Americans[View]
100162406Is 4channel blacklisted at your school? If so, why? Yes The reason listed as 'Questionable'[View]
100161699Faces of /int/ Proud South Brazilian reporting in Post either your faces or feces or both[View]
100172031So, there's slightly more than one decade left until 2030. What's India's plan to mak…[View]
100171803This was the moment of my life[View]
100171850Fuck kikes and fuck Israel[View]
100170931Mama I just talked to a girl Added her to my friend list Sent a message, she replied Mama, I thought…[View]
100167437What are your thoughts on mass immigration?[View]
100170033why is it a violation of human righr to keep mexicans in mexico?[View]
100171924>i think you may be a cunt tree >your thoughts on american food being superior to your cum die…[View]
100171054>I'm proud of my country[View]
100168005Can we all agree that Finns are huge fags[View]
100171801Why are all clothing models ugly niggers or brown people nowadays?: There's barely any stores u…[View]
100170353How many years did it take you to get through college in your cunt?[View]
100171820>*siiippp burrrrp* >my country doesn't put tariffs on imported fruits and produce…[View]
100170688How did an Irish family manage to reek so much havoc across New Zealand in one week? https://www.ne…[View]
100170643meanwhile in Chile[View]
100170676bobs: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/pak-female-agent-honey-traps-50-indian-soldi…[View]
100167449Why are anglos so cowardly?[View]
100171476There is nothing more pleasurable than scratching and caressing your itchy, inflamed, venom-saturate…[View]
100171292Why don't Americans get holidays?[View]
100171080Im a gnome and you've been gnomed![View]
100170535I'm a newfag. Why do you bully India so much? Are they doing something annoying in /pol/ or /i…[View]
100171617vocaroo your 'why yes!': https://vocaroo.com/i/s1PgraKgjoGq[View]
100164085which of these shitholes is the worst[View]
100168830Post hipster songs from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlTR052uku0 https://www.youtube.co…[View]
100171124Do all Israelis look this Brazilian?[View]
100170048Does anyone here know what it's like to be a fat failure? Pic related[View]
100171499My dad is australian. My mum is filipino. My favourite food is from korea. My phone is from china.[View]
100171071I have a constant fear that somethings always near. Fear of the dark, fear of the dark. I have a pho…[View]
100171363>polacks eternally bitch about refugees, crime and eu >one of their own ends up assassinating …[View]
100171201Is capitalist communism the ultimate redpill?[View]
100170112How do politicians advertise themselves in your cunt? Flag, pic related[View]
100170227how easy is to find girls like this in your cunt >italy >underage usually look like them…[View]
100170770Are East Asians the most discriminated group in North America?: They are the minority group that rec…[View]
100170893American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100169762Thank you, mods.[View]
100166833What is your paternal haplogroup?[View]
100169612Why are Russia and Equatorial Guinea so similar?[View]
100171169Is Greece Europes Puerto Rico?[View]
100170654>tfw no smelly feet gf[View]
100171119*Viking beast blocks your path*[View]
100169655I have read that Korean in a American accent sounds very pleasing to Koreans. What does an American …[View]
100164607The most beautiful individuals are mixed race[View]
100170581Well,it took a while but i finally no longer banned[View]
100168324India is becoming a superpower next year, are you ready?[View]
100168748Drank a bottle of robitussin an hour ago. I no longer exist. The world no longer exists. Im typing t…[View]
100170933/SKANDI/ - morgonutgåvan: kaffi og snus[View]
100170905Danish Edition[View]
1001702581. fleg 2. do you have free speech fin No, politicians regularly gets fined for saying mild things a…[View]
100167798/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Timothy Leary edition[View]
100165783>invents civilization >invents pyramids >invents agriculture >domesticates cows, pigs, g…[View]
100170597I hate my life[View]
100170152I feel like /int/ is trying to tell me something: hows the EU doing boys[View]
100167529AM radio travel: At night, local AM signals start bouncing off the ionosphere, and they are able to …[View]
100170723there's no greater tell that someone is a newfag than seriously replying to a leaf[View]
100169333I feel out of place whenever I go to the mall. There are only well-dressed rich snob white teens eat…[View]
100169786>tfw second-gen East Asian-American male it's fucking hell bros[View]
100166899/brit/ + friends: A thread dedicated to the discussion of Britain and British culture No politics No…[View]
100170616This is the greatest Bulgarian singer https://youtu.be/L2I-DQEeunE Thoughts?[View]
100169862I hate living in my cunt. I'm moving to Córdoba, Argentina.[View]
100170553>smoking kills[View]
100170491>what Sal doesn't know if that the anus on the other side of the glory hole isn't his g…[View]
100153245Should all Germans unite into a single country? It could be called Germania.[View]
100168790Is this true for your country? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_dish[View]
100170067>stop posting anime on an anime website[View]
100169173imagine having a BLACK gf............[View]
100169854>Black guy asks if he can borrow your phone[View]
100164483How common is anti black racism in the Latinx community?[View]
100169283How do you deal with ants in your cunt? Found ants in my room for the first time in years and there …[View]
100170053If you could take just pill, and never be horny again, would you take it?: I would. I feel like a sl…[View]
100170301Why is Mississippi state belongs to third world?[View]
100120675/ex-yu/: Sultan Erdogan edicija[View]
100170218>'what? i'm not racist how dare you accuse me' *show picture of varioun average-looking wome…[View]
100169260Chad Latin/Mediterranean Thread Latins and Mediterraneans from all the world, unite! All hispanos, l…[View]
100167195What's the best fast food in your cunt?[View]
100164470>14cm penis[View]
100169720>Well of course i am saxo-danubo-germanic. How could you tell?[View]
100170050Is it true that being a police sergeant in India is a relatively well respected occupation? Apparent…[View]
100167892Why are millennials like this?[View]
100168255Based italy[View]
100169829What do you mean 'do you have a vegetarian option?' What are you, a libtard?[View]
100137874Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
100169952Are milk shakes popular in other countries or they just an American thing? I'm pretty sure ice …[View]
100168049I just wanna go back to when maps looked like this.[View]
100164198/nachtschicht/: /deutsch/fadenelite[View]
100169500>Bach >Beethoven >Brahms >Bruch >Buxtehude Why is German music so Based?…[View]
100169366>Incels are just another term for poor people.[View]
100165714>I actually prefer the 3rd world Yeah if you're poor in the 3rd world life is horrendous, bu…[View]
100169665Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ …[View]
100169833>i do it for free[View]
100169208>Sadistic >Anally Retentive >Perverted >Humorless >Autistic >Petty…[View]
100169781>Me? Yes I am a proud hittite warrior how could you possibly have known?…[View]
100169421>your cunt >are you a mutt? (a simple yes/no, i don't want to know the full details. i do…[View]
100169664>you have to be over 18 to post here[View]
100168696What are Black majority cities in the USA like?[View]
100158468Wh*te people literally start losing their hair when they hit their early 20s.[View]
100165198how do we stop this?[View]
100165947Redpill me on Buenos Aires, Argentina[View]
100169646>report offtopic,racebiat, disrespectful thread >90% of all times they being deleted within an…[View]
100169409Could my pupper pass as a local in your country?[View]
100163471remember this guy?[View]
100169595>be wh*Te in New York >can't find a Latina gf It shouldn't be this hard but it is…[View]
100169575>You can't do that, the UN said so.[View]
100169573Why does my online girlfriend forgive me everytime after I sperg out and delete her on skype and sna…[View]
100167029Times when your country went full retard.: I'll start with a classic.[View]
100146259Ask me anything about Georgia. Pic related.[View]
100169271Mexico, Tijauna April 31st 2125 This passage was found in a torn apart notebook, buried under pound…[View]
100164744You may only post in this thread if you have green eyes[View]
100167369which country has the best traps?[View]
100163969Is it legal to call a black person a nigger in your country?[View]
100169004>no stop having a conflict of heart because you were asked to go to war against your mothers nati…[View]
100169363why are my fellow countrymen keep falling for the chemical jew? >openly discussing self-medicatio…[View]
100169151>ur cunt >Consider a particle of mass m constrained to move on the surface of a paraboloid who…[View]
100155758This is a japanese brazilian girl thoughts?[View]
100166611Finland: Why do they always talk about cocks, gaysex or anime?[View]
10016619260% of babies born in 2018 were non-white Officially part of Latam[View]
100168843>Russia cringe >Soviet Union based[View]
100169140Electric man dies in a botched maintenance attempt[View]
100169203It's so exhausting to spend time with people who can't tolerate silence. Do you know the t…[View]
100169012is brexit the potato famine 2.0?[View]
1001683021.your cunt 2. is adderall/amphetamines/speed a thing there Here, yes but really only among college …[View]
100167755This was the happiest moment of my life.[View]
100167521>i will never get to be a 21 years old in 2002 making 15.08$ CAD an hour playing PlayStation 2 in…[View]
100164530What do in Geneva: Flying to Geneva from NYC, need things to do with grill.. pls no bully[View]
100136921/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Moлчaливoe издaниe.[View]
100168247>i reed sartre and neecheh[View]
100168996How did they get away with it?[View]
100139853/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Lulófona[View]
100168974Why yes I am Latinx, how could you tell?[View]
100168183worst and shittiest country of the world prize goes to: this perpetually futile shithole that deserv…[View]
100168212Why do catholic heretics enjoy diddling kids and homosexuality so much?[View]
100162352For me, its shitposting on /int/ on a Monday night, while getting drunk and enjoying a platter of ch…[View]
100164828I just bought a RTX 2070. I have money to spare because I don't go out and I have no friends. a…[View]
100167761for me, its the Mexican Koreans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dtJ3evZgQ8[View]
100165704Why don't more people know about Idaho? It seems like one of America's best kept secrets[View]
100167992Globalist conspiracy.: Globalism. The more I look at how these international conglomerates, and mult…[View]
100168592American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100168730Are there statistics on the rate at which second and third generation Indian Americans intermarry wi…[View]
100168332Does your country have washing machines?[View]
100168014what does your country value more? >intellect and learning or >money and social respect…[View]
100168692I;;m black[View]
100167692Doomed to fail 1st time around.: Globalism. The more I look at how these international conglomerates…[View]
100168636Ayo listen Turk boi I’ve heard you is pretending to be black online, dat true[View]
100167988Which of these haplogroups do you belong to? I belong to R-L21.[View]
100167253Which country disappearing off the map would have the least effect on the word? No bullshit, don…[View]
100168503Antarctis is melting: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/a/b01cd55b-a6f7-413d-b728-e1b79fe13dbb After…[View]
100167991>why yes I WAS bottle-fed as a child, how could you tell?[View]
100168439Did Purple Aki squeeze your muscles?[View]
100168390no, finns are not gay[View]
100166537>Why yes, /int/ is my favorite board. What gave it away?[View]
100166991do you love chatolics?[View]
100167983I'm depressed[View]
100164175How can european women compete with amerindian/asian and causasian mix? Hapas and castizas literally…[View]
100168166Gathering perspectives on cultural lost, help your fellow anon out by answering this thought provoki…[View]
100162967I wish there was a reset button that could allow you live again and take all those opportunities you…[View]
100164703got something you wanna say whiteboi?[View]
100167351average sicilian girls[View]
100163108/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
100166559Why can’t latinas come her instead of America[View]
100141416/balt/: Monday evening edition, chaps[View]
100167575Why do Americans use the phrase 'sweating like a pig' when pigs can't sweat?[View]
100164687why are white people like this[View]
100167154Faces of /int/ thread Here is me and my dad back in our home country lol![View]
100166569>starting anything after the age of 23[View]
100164750literally me on the bottom[View]
100167223imagine a korean cute girl(male) in front of you hahaha isn't it too weird and kinky[View]
100167701This is Sultan Abdulhamid Han of the Osmanli Empire. Say something nice about him[View]
100144255/éire/: Eagrán Straséirachas Trasghnéasach[View]
100165930Average American family: Thoughts?[View]
100166055My paternal haplogroup is R-L21.[View]
100130847/2Sicilie/: edizione del mattino[View]
100165490Seriously / int /? Do you really want a fascist state to be the first superpower at the head of the …[View]
100167628Redpill me on hair guy[View]
100167641Thank you God for not making me a woman or a gentile: I am 100% straight Ashkenazi male.[View]
100166801German is evil. They genocided the people of Namibia.[View]
100166553Listening to foregin songs: https://youtu.be/rCeM57e2BfU What do you feel or think when listening to…[View]
100167225>'my teacher' what do Turks mean by this?[View]
100166883I wish I grew up in germany Instead I grew up in the most murderous shithole the world has to offer …[View]
100164747South Africans have the best English Accents: I want to find love in South Africa, do you, /int/? (w…[View]
100167239Tibet was under the rule of the Qing Dynasty from 1720 to 1912, 192 years of rule. For comparison, t…[View]
100165993https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUgpD0tW1rI Do you like Korean music?[View]
100167358What are the funniest cuntries? For me it's gotta be india and the middle east in general. Even…[View]
100167201Could my pupper pass as a local in your country?[View]
100167169Why are the british people so ugly and goofy?[View]
100158911Why did saracens raid them so much?[View]
100161764All the memes were true.[View]
100167100Clemson's: Well, Trump, we made it... despite your directions. Trump: Ah, Clemson Football Team…[View]
100166205What do you think of France?[View]
100165432do finland and norway really not have KFC?[View]
100162593which country has the most aspies per population?[View]
100164746Why do you hate black people?[View]
100160224Did they deserve it?[View]
100165557My brother is turning into a conspiracy nut[View]
100163662please help: the average wage in poland is 0.20 usd per hour please send help we are starving top 1 …[View]
100166904Captain' Virgulino Ferreira da Silva better known as Lampião bandit leader of the Cangaço. Cangaço w…[View]
100160673Do people do this in your country when passing somebody on a rural road?[View]
100162145Hello where is burdger:DDDDD[View]
100166853Flags?: Started collecting flags about a year ago after i saw a post here on int about rare flags, d…[View]
100166823China numbah wan![View]
100164886What if I unironically was a virgin like you always joke about, /int/? Are you telling me there…[View]
100162032how do we redpill old people?[View]
100161870I think I let ironic gayposting go too far today...[View]
100165515King Leopold... I don't feel so good...[View]
100160211is this right Belgium?[View]
100166419the ideal woman is a thicc pseudo-white romance-speaker debate me[View]
100159276/Nederdraad/: Vlaamse uitgave Welkom: Vlaamse leeuwen Niet-welkom: de VRT[View]
100166268>Donald Trump is a great president[View]
100164932ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN...[View]
100166550why do americans think Fagner is a funny name if they name their kids Dick?[View]
100166162how do I pull off the Mads Mikkelsen /Danish aesthetic? I end up looking like reviewbrah instead[View]
100166490guys I found american canned tomatoes haha[View]
100164631Does an average Scottish person identify as Scottish first or British first?[View]
100166127>only Americans are awake[View]
100153505My city is 2019s European Capital of Culture. This is their logo for the event. Thoughts?[View]
100164843Indian languages: - Excluding English - Is it normal to be bi- or trilingual? Are there also deep cu…[View]
100166404>be american >get sued[View]
100164591What's his endgame?[View]
100164221i love finland[View]
100164858Tell me about the Bulgarians: What are they like? They seem to be the most discrete and quiet people…[View]
100165055You have to survive in a South American shithole for 30 days. Which do you choose and why?[View]
100165439100% Slavic genetics[View]
100165483A British film about a nazi soldier falling in love with a black woman.[View]
100156601German anons, explain yourselves. What is it with your obsession with creating those shitty blue col…[View]
100164441The Final Amerimutt Picture In a Art Gallery (2197) (Super 7-D)[View]
100165084Do Koreans listen to Western music?: Or is it just Kpop?[View]
100160199Diversity is wonderful.[View]
100143866Where do high school dropouts work in your country?[View]
100161873Anyone else from Luxembourg on /int/?[View]
100163733Do you think protestant countries should unite? Would an union between countries based on religion w…[View]
100163848English is the most beautiful romance language.[View]
100163909What immigrants to your country are the worst at integrating?[View]
100163342I'd like to go to England one day but I don't know where to go nor what I'd do when I…[View]
100165392>dad sends a zapzap message[View]
100165322Stop getiing[View]
100159594Is Pan-Slavism even remotely possible?[View]
100165131>Hey guys should we execute the enemy commanders like humanity used to do it for thousands of yea…[View]
100165232C'est dans dix ans je m'en irai J'entends le loup et le renard chanter J'entends…[View]
100164612How does your cunt feel about pic related?[View]
100161862Stop it![View]
100164161German or Spanish? what should be my second euro language?[View]
100160876Hey all you racists who made fun of miss Algeria[View]
100164943Why does Russia even have a hiv issue?[View]
100163821Cuteness is justice. Why doesn't western civilization understand this? Why do they hate cute th…[View]
100164531This is my bed, I don't have power to clean it[View]
100162748another day of my Germanic life...[View]
100143249Why are maths so hard?[View]
100164407Is this man the logical end to the Mutt Identity Experiment?[View]
100164352American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100162373/brit/: love herefordshire (NOT hertfordshire) edition[View]
100159313/deutsch/: gewerkschaftsausgabe[View]
100161079mayor of Gdańsk who has been stabbed on stage during a charity event died in the hospital https://yo…[View]
100163283>when I see a white guy[View]
100161574/balk/: Previous >>100146521[View]
100155839ITT: /int/ in 1881[View]
100153415My fellow irrelevant nations :)[View]
100153442I love my Huawei phone. I love China. I hate the USA. I hate the West. Vesszen trianon.[View]
100160294Doing a pepsi lads[View]
100156319Why yes, It's only natural that the french german border should be drawn back to the Rhine.[View]
100161460Why yes, I did just fix EVROPA You're welcome :-)[View]
100156981Which one?[View]
100163846is it true that trump shutdown the government for a month and now he is forcing people to eat mcnugg…[View]
100157136I wish american girls had more hair on their pussies. Two american girls fucked, two had bald pussie…[View]
100163795>you can't draw chinese cartoons because you're not genetically born japanese I'm …[View]
100159699Sverigetråden: Kvällsupplagan[View]
100159450>took a nap >had a nightmare I was in Vietnam and Vietcong soldiers went sicko mode on me…[View]
100163718germans are human?[View]
100163225America was one of the biggest supporters for decolonisation, but also calls Europeans cucks. Really…[View]
100163371#melanin #blackexcellence #afrikans #Queens #ancientegyptians #cavemonkeyshatethis #OurQueensSlay[View]
100162591I know her from the gym i go to in Sao Paulo: https://www.instagram.com/jumassunaga/?hl=es-la…[View]
100160857>Say Y'all >Don't say W'all, T'all Care to explain Southerns?…[View]
100162872My South American friend (Argentine) says in Chile, Peru and Argentina, the fascists were anti racis…[View]
100161392I don't read any posts made by an amerishart flag[View]
100161609Tessa Violet is a Queen of the Russian National State. PУCCКИE BПEPEД! ДA ЗДPABCTBУET PHГ И ПAБЛИК '…[View]
100161760is London still considered an A++ city? https://twitter.com/xarapandapop/status/1084907808317947904?…[View]
100154782I‘m actually good looking and also got a pretty large cock but I still don’t get any sex because of …[View]
100154874>serbia doesn't acknowledge our church >bulgaria doesn't acknowledge our language …[View]
100159628What's the oldest cookbook on your cunts cuisine? pic related for america.[View]
100160137Why do they speak slavic languages but don't look like eastern european peoples and instead loo…[View]
100152322/polska/: edycja paszkowa[View]
100163325dab on them proxy ch*nkfags[View]
100160682I really don't like Brazilians[View]
100155199/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
100162849Why yes I'm Brazilian, how did you know?[View]
100161135>mexico=beaner >usa=burger Does your cunt have a derogatory name from a food item?…[View]
100161945>dad called my behavior racist cuz I gave my white friend a pass to say “coolie (nigger but for I…[View]
100160965all of our chads went to australia, this is why we've been in such a pitiful state and they…[View]
100160492please come to the UK and fuck our women[View]
100159781What are Asians in your country like?[View]
100160966Genetic Arms Race: Lets say all those nukes prove to be hoax, and even if they are real no country h…[View]
100158258Please, stop confusing the Dominican Republic with Panama's flag. Thanks.[View]
100153863Why do these creatures only appear in western society?[View]
100162056this triggers the wh*toid[View]
100162851Korean twat: He is naked[View]
1001624391. Your country 2. Your Country Brazil EVROPA[View]
100161678>your country >do you like american culture?…[View]
100161357when did you first hear about 4chan and when did u start browsing it me : first heard about it in 20…[View]
100162531Let's talk about this for a while. I don't think I've ever seen a community that is s…[View]
100162575Cuckolds produce good amateur content[View]
100160176So many centuries, so many gods We were the prisoners of our own fantasy But now we are marching aga…[View]
100151645/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: Ramzan Kadyrov[View]
100159885You havr these in your country?[View]
100162384/brit/: Modern Man edition[View]
100161064what side are you on, /int/?[View]
100161457>Hates Gays >Supports Modi and hates Muslims >Won’t let any refugees in >Opposes bans on…[View]
100161676Your town Size of your apartment/house Rent TURKu 40m2 430€[View]
100162318do you miss her /int/?[View]
100160744>ay bud, ya got a toonie you can gives me? >oh yeah nah it's cool... do ya got a smoke I …[View]
100162068Are They Friends In A World Of Enemies?[View]
100162171>cunt >do you still live at home[View]
100159077'Why MacKenzie Bezos deserves half of her husband's wealth': >https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne…[View]
100159289why does varg look like a man in his 60s but he's 45?[View]
100162081What's the best self-owns you've seen in your country? >guy only wants to marry a woman…[View]
100160743>Ya got a licence for that glue, mate?[View]
100147282why are Austrians so very european?[View]
1001592971. Your Evropa 2. Are you willing to be a foot soldier in the next big war for the future of the mot…[View]
100149756Do you want to find love in Norway?: Their girls are the most beautiful in the continent. Just look …[View]
100161178Just felt earthquake, am scared ;-;[View]
100161626American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100157973Yearly reminder that the Jews killed my nigga X[View]
100155375Go ahead, Anon. Put your cummies on it.[View]
100159430/brit/: The fear edition[View]
100161219My gf is studying law so she could help my father in law in the Faroe Islands despite my wishes[View]
100154069Two Poles bullied me in cs:go[View]
100129831/v4/+przyjaciele: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up![View]
100153991why does British accent sound so faggy and whiny?[View]
100160600Why do eastern europeans do this?[View]
100158665Is this how typical Finnish girls look like?[View]
100158536God Save the Queen/King was originally composed for the french king to calm his nerves while he had …[View]
100160950>American twitter communists have weeklong arguments about whether or not Stalin was white…[View]
100160824>yeah, I guess I'm gonna kill you now and rape your corpse. how did you know?…[View]
100144598The next American president[View]
100160826>mom is watching la rosa de guadalupe again[View]
1001608041. You're country 2. Thoughts? 1. Benis 2. Hot[View]
100150634What do these two countries think of each other?[View]
100160739Poland is the rightful heir to the Roman Empire[View]
100159975So this American guy wanted to recruit me for the Mormon church. Told him his holy book would fit ni…[View]
100160623https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hntgh37lkRo i just can't take this anymore, how did he get such…[View]
100153637How can I become an honorary Frenchman?[View]
100137770Polish immigrants as % of total immigrant population[View]
100160447Do you want to find love in Germany?[View]
100159931Wow well are engineers treated in your country? 1. Leaf 2. Badly we are oppressed by biz faggots eve…[View]
100160562>ano don't lets us catch you again drilling holes in the wall to watch little sister undress[View]
100160558Why yes, we are Americans. How could you tell?[View]
100154977Are Italians white?[View]
100160550https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0 This advertisement was beautiful I literally got chills …[View]
100160526Fuckin' with a real ass nigga (I feel it) Fuck how you feel ass nigga (I feel it)[View]
100160102The superiority of Islam[View]
100148816Why are they so bullied on /int/?[View]
100159060I love big black shemale cocks and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
100160001>Last night the temperature in the Russian town of Oymyakon was -55°c >This morning, it is a p…[View]
100159457*braaaaaps in ebonics*[View]
100153654I live in West Russia[View]
100156464Samurai descendants are still elites in Japan: If we calculate the relative representation of the su…[View]
100151276Your cunt tree Do you want to find love in Brazil yes or no? https://youtu.be/dsqxRMDvjVc[View]
100160084How do I afford private healthcare so I don't have to sit in a waiting room with a bunch of goo…[View]
100159847/int/ is my practice board where I try out my banter[View]
100146521/balk/ - Balkan General: >>100126265 Old[View]
100159268/int/ reversi: Come on faggots, let's play some reversi. https://reversi.dietchan.org/[View]
100157924This is the United States of America, say something nice or mean about it.[View]
100159966>claims to be a real country >doesn't have a Disneyland in his territory How do you cope …[View]
100156675who /smart but lazy/ here?[View]
100157727pick your /r9k/ waifu[View]
100159396What do chinks wank to if porn is criminalized in their country? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great…[View]
100159763is upstate ny the coldest place in the world? I literally cant find anything colder than upstate NY.…[View]
100156810How can one stay a virgin in his 20s? I mean, you are either deformed as fuck or you are so dumb tha…[View]
100158087If you ate anything spicier than butter and potatoes, you would shit in the street too, my friends.[View]
100159365>I don't consider suicide for every bad thing that happens to me no matter how small…[View]
100159140why are Americans so fat and stupid?[View]
100158890if you live on the canadian river are you canadian?[View]
100159076What kinda cheese do people eat in your country?[View]
100156051do you read mostly fiction or nonfiction[View]
100141546https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo-8IhYP-7Q >flag >Are you invited? Netherlands No…[View]
100153848Which one do you support?[View]
100156377/brit/: hmm edition[View]
1001593281. Your country 2. How well-known is The Godfather series in your country? 3. What is the The Godfat…[View]
100155072Running a little survey here. Cunt Age Still live with your parents? If so why? Mexico 23 Because I…[View]
100148045/nederdraad/: Trilbil editie Welkom: mannen, vrouwen, kunstsletten en nerds Niet welkom: mensen die …[View]
100157169*Ahem* Portuguese Empire[View]
100157600>tfw no allies[View]
100150632Why do I get nostalgic listening to old Swedish music remembering the times Sweden was still first w…[View]
100154292/deutsch/: kommunistische ausgabe - der faden gehört den arbeitern![View]
100146537University and school: What is education in your cunt like? I study chemistry at a small state unive…[View]
100154130/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: peдaкция мeжзвeзднaя[View]
100140048kurva anyátok[View]
100157928American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100154851This enrages the thirdie[View]
100158177New World's race pride is a fucking joke. 'I'm so proud of being white!' 'I'm so prou…[View]
100157606What ever happened to the tick tock guy from denmark?[View]
100148465Why are meds still on this board?[View]
100154945It's the year 2030. After the failure and disintegration of the European Union a bunch of forme…[View]
100155016Daily reminder that usa is better country than EU Before you say eu is not a country well its a mixt…[View]
100156215>after couple of days not browsing here finally sit, put your headphones and open 4chan >newly…[View]
100150428Why are women of all races such filthy racemixers[View]
100156755Swedish and Norwegian are dialects of the same language[View]
100152066For me, it's Ilay[View]
100149638portugal: why are the portuguese people non white? is there any explanation why no one on earth con…[View]
100157497i wan touch girl milkies n butties n put me peepee in they vegina[View]
100154423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDUy3Y_w9Tk Why do Italians get so angry over their cuisine? Is it b…[View]
100156733Would you be friends with my friends? Post your group of friends[View]
100127856/danmarktråden/: Genstart udgaven[View]
100155547Literally me xaxa[View]
100158024What goes on over here? https://www.google.com/maps/@64.185067,-51.7018774,3a,75y,170.95h,94.67t/dat…[View]
100157974Why does my online girlfriend forgive me everytime after I sperg out and delete her on skype and sna…[View]
100157086Why do latin americans say 'Tu'? why are they so rude?[View]
100154037How do I get a native japanese to proof read my light novel about waifus?[View]
100143586Help these poor homeschooled Turkish girls escape their oppressive conservative Islamic household by…[View]
100150185*blacks your path*[View]
100120293hilo lat: edicion tojo fumanchera[View]
100151987>N....NO!?!!!!!! Germany stop! You have already killed all the men and raped all the women.....NO…[View]
100157519Do you haters from /pol/ and /int/ realize feminine gays are a minority, right? Killing gays is usel…[View]
100157684Why didn't Gitler ally with the White Emigré to save his Swedish brothers from the Churka-Judeo…[View]
100155330Whats the deal?: Ok I have a question for the Russians. I've travelled there twice now. Found t…[View]
100157500brazilianfag here. why are americans so fucking obsessed with height? and whats the deal with loving…[View]
100146735Whats the most logical thing your country has done.[View]
100157198here it comes: here it comes do you feel agitated of late? do you feel tense of late? notice you…[View]
100113767/asean/: /asean/ edisi sepeda motor don't tell me you're using public transports like a cu…[View]
100152084Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
100155630Why is the world so boring? Everywhere it's a fucking liberal democracy enough of that gay shit…[View]
100157349remmber that time we almost joined the axis after deporting a bunch of jews to be killed in germany …[View]
100154106'ate Saudi Arabia 'ate America 'ate China Love France Love Finland Love Cascadia simp…[View]
100157088Based pastabros[View]
100149537What would you prefer: 9/10 looks but micropenis or being ugly manlet with BBC-sized benis and with …[View]
100154196i haven't seen a single turk all day[View]
100156859If your flag is at least 10% black, you probably have terrorists[View]
100155308Higher gdp than Russia[View]
1001532431. cunt 2. Do you sleep naked? flag Yes[View]
100154938PAJEETS BTFO https://qz.com/india/951652/i-almost-feel-like-a-god-from-dating-to-business-white-men-…[View]
100149656/fr/ le francophile pour la paix et l'amour entre les peuples.: >Le Botswana première nation…[View]
100156203Was two enough?[View]
100153490/brit/: Makes you think doesn't it[View]
100155966>STOP! these children have nothing to do with the war![View]
100155763HOLY SHIT TURN ON CNN!!![View]
100152776Do you believe in human-made global warming?: I don't. 'According to the U.S. Geological Survey…[View]
100154907What's wrong with Germans? I see scat porn addiction isn't a meme after all, like they wer…[View]
100155577when did you realize that russians are TÜRKIC BVLLS?[View]
100156053Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a dickgirl top?[View]
100155984Turkish GDP per Capita Disparity: Why does Turkey have such a large disparity between purchasing pow…[View]
100155954its been so long but i miss her... she loves me too but i cant allow myself to be with her because o…[View]
100136757/cum/: Welcome to City 17 edition[View]
100155890You can't! They're unarmed civilians![View]
100155596South America is literally the coolest place on Earth.[View]
100140764go back to your roots: During the Japanese occupation, we gave them modern infrastructure. Japan gra…[View]
100155631If their forefathers had stolen from and exploited the numerous weak nations of the world for centur…[View]
100153275Is it raining? >Yes[View]
100136993/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Heoжидaнный, нaвepнo.[View]
100154786Dominican: Girl[View]
100154982Bratislava is a shitho-... Wow[View]
100155529>tfw no arab bf[View]
100155524Is this the ultimate country ranking for /int/?[View]
100155427my mom saw cuts on my arm and now she's on panic.. what to do?[View]
100155345Do you want to find love in Algeria?[View]
100155436Why do you love China?[View]
100155430>This town is like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked. What city does this statement ap…[View]
100151264>British woman Mia Ayliffe-Chung >French national shouting 'Allahu Akbar' is there a more accu…[View]
100155242Never start a relationship with a British guy, they are all unfaithful bastards[View]
100146684It’s happening[View]
100154975>What do I think about China? Aside from my strong belief that Inner Mongolia must be returned to…[View]
100154006>tfw no /int/ bf[View]
100154840Would you let a black guy cum all over your face and pet your head for $5000?[View]
100136489/norgetråden/: Oppgjǿrsutgaven Forrige: >>100109055 >>100109055 >>100109055[View]
100153366Is it true that you can buy Castles and Palaces in Europe?[View]
100148766/int/eresting facts about countries: Mexico and Luxembourg are the only countries that have an 'x' i…[View]
100154720why are swedes like this?[View]
100154201Do non whites actually believe this?[View]
100154313English native speakers that don't know another language well: does the positive fact that your…[View]
100147599you wake up 110 years ago somewhere in Europe what do?[View]
100151765Is the turk who posts the Spanish princesses, the turk who posts the gross swedish thots, and the tu…[View]
100153958Would you live in Hong Kong?[View]
100150915Do the frankish king Clovis I is veru known, popular and important in Germany ? https://en.wikipedia…[View]
100154163anyone else here a fuckin loser?[View]
100154304>cunt >thoughts on this egg?[View]
100153218make this image related to your country[View]
100154261Now that the dust has settled, did the jews really kill this catholic saint? https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
100154253American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100142430Spanish Black Legend: Did you ever wonder why most of what you learn about Spain in school seems to …[View]
100148829/deutsch/ verschwörungstheorieausgabe: >autismus durch impfung >antidepressiva helfen nicht un…[View]
100154042REMEMBER AMERICA: 60% of babies born in 2018 were non-white TIK-TOK[View]
100144877>wHY YES, I AM FINNISH[View]
100148147Why are americans so certain that the Earth is flat? What's their problem?[View]
100153008Was he right?[View]
100146955>Made in Poland[View]
100153964These Finns want to become mermaid: https://www.iltalehti.fi/iltv-lifestyle/a/74762c76-cead-4e60-afc…[View]
100153943I'm calling out russian fellows to clear out some grammar rule that is giving me some trouble. …[View]
100150929Finnish girls are prettier than White girls[View]
100152594Ur cunt How do you say 'How do you say in your language' in your language?[View]
100150704why does everyone in britain look like this[View]
100153811Thumbnails on 4chan should be bigger for replies and should also have a higher resolution. How can …[View]
100151582Fun fact - Anglos are the most powerful race in the world[View]
100147396How to 'stop being a bitch'? I've been repeatedly told that this is my problem but I have no id…[View]
100145243This is how your average American views the world.[View]
100152772How dis make u feel whiteboi?[View]
100153710xaxaxa kur[View]
100148633why do amerimutts feel about it?[View]
100145599What happens here?[View]
1001516671 Flag 2 Bist du einen Keinbenrd oder einen Bernd?[View]
100152756Does /int/ skate ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2blPzh-xVA[View]
100151158Say 'thank you Tolkien' in your language[View]
100153380>there are people judging others by the color of their skin & their facial features instead o…[View]
100149701My future :)[View]
100151137Why yes I'm nonwhite, how did you know?[View]
100153354Wine and other effeminate spirits: > Of all of these [that is, Gauls] the Belgians are the braves…[View]
100149720Have you ever seen snow in October?[View]
100153175>Pedro de Alcântara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonz…[View]
100148203/brit/: Lobotomy, lobotomy, lobotomy, lobotomy! DDT did a job on me Now I am a real sickie Guess I…[View]
100152132No commie chick from Saudi. No Chubak. No Lachlan. No Russo-Jew pedo. No Ikibey. No Croat queens guy…[View]
100148933Mama I just talked to a girl Added her to my friend list Sent a message, she replied Mama, I thought…[View]
100152929French (and European) radio: I just got gifted this nice four-band radio. You can listen to a lot of…[View]
100152835Hwy yes I am hwite, how did you know?[View]
100153146why come wold so fragmented? it shoud be one country. american word.[View]
100149633People who commit suicide in next life reborn in Russia[View]
100152989confess your secret[View]
100152939Once again today not even one brown girl even looked at me[View]
100151111What went wrong?[View]
1001519541. Cunt 2. Are you a manlet? 1. Flag 2. Yes, I'm a 5'11 manlet and I want to kill myself[View]
100152265This is our compensation for WW2. We are even now.[View]
100152819Do you haters from /pol/ and /int/ realize feminine gays are a minority, right? Killing gays is usel…[View]
100151443>Left won to right in the two world wars[View]
100152101>We're not meds >We're not germanic >We're not celts WHAT ARE WE? WHERE DO W…[View]
100152728I want to have sex with every Australian poster in this board. (But only with men because I am not g…[View]
100152093Why do german women put nutella on their pussies, pic related ?[View]
100152382Is Latin Spanish to actual Spanish as Appalachian English is to normal English? if there were hundr…[View]
100152012>don't join a gang[View]
100144546Argentines cry out for a 'Bolsonaro, like in Brazil' over rising crime and violence in Buenos Aires.…[View]
100152242It's called Danzig you fucking subhuman slav animal freaks Not even German Gas everything east…[View]
100152065What's the equivalent for challah bread in your cunt?[View]
100151553Image search *your country's name* memes. Post results.[View]
100152007you don't really understand suffering if you're not born a 175 cm 'male' manlet ugly brown…[View]
100146561/polska/: edycja plecna[View]
100150850what is your favourite nationality, /int/?[View]
100145125HELP, can someone get my ip, adress or name from 4chan? An arab tried to buy my sister and I dont kn…[View]
100146584My ancestors defeated the mighty romans what did your ancestors do?[View]
100150827Hitler = most influential of the 20th century.: WW2 changed a lot things. 100 years is a long time. …[View]
100151583Is Turkey first world?[View]
100151747>i will never get to be a 21 years old in 2002 making 15.08$ CAD an hour playing PlayStation 2 in…[View]
100124721/ita/ - il filo: Edizione notturna[View]
100150545I'm freezing[View]
100148008This is average family in Finland: Thoughts?[View]
100142058>be spaniard >travel to another country >everything is full of guiris…[View]
100151441Request for fellow non-whites: Guys, can we please stop wewuzzing over clearly European ancient civi…[View]
100140341Imagine eating a plate of this shit every fucking morning[View]
100150393Why are Turks like this?[View]
100150802>Traps are gay[View]
100147635McDonalds EDITION Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autistic sperg lo…[View]
100150559>cor blimey gov, why are americans so bloody fat? disgusting innit >ahh, toime for breakfast..…[View]
100135087Russian girls are better than Finnish girls because they cook and clean and other girly things[View]
100119466/lang/ - Language Learning General - Sleepless Edition: I will never stop bumping :^) (Thanks to the…[View]
100148725Riots have broken out in cities across your cunt. You and some Koreans are picking off waves of riot…[View]
100149489Murder rates across Russia: 2000 vs 2017 thoughts?[View]
100144653Asian men in general are very mean/arrogant/rude to Asian women. Especially they are very harass at …[View]
100149490There's a mouse in the live trap my mom set up in the basement. How can I humanely dispatch it?[View]
100147287Americans clearly hate us yet they won't let us be independent. Fucking assholes[View]
100150286This is Steven Smith from Microsoft technical support. He will remove wirus from your computer. Than…[View]
100150960Why do americans keep their bullets in their countrymen?[View]
100147663lads, i just realized that finland is the whitest country in the world >most blondes >most blu…[View]
100150608For me, it's white art thots[View]
100150762As far as I can recall my past 8 years on 4chan I haven't been insulted by Serbs and Croats as …[View]
100148156/brit/: Monday evening with the lads[View]
100147103Sverigetråden - Maggioupplagan[View]
100150179Can a Japanese anon post a vocaroo saying these words: >rarely >regularly >rivalry…[View]
100148697Why are nordics so much smarter than meds?: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/28/sports/magnus-carlsen…[View]
100150412your country are you celt russia no[View]
100149958Remember when NZ killed the planking meme?[View]
100147954Celtic England: Genetically and ethnically speaking, is England a Celtic country?[View]
100148421I hate my life[View]
100150097Does Hungary hold a very special place in your heart?[View]
100141689Why do Gulfies look like Indians?[View]
100147327What is your opinion on your cunts leader?[View]
100146266I've been listening to the same song on repeat for 4 hours[View]
100149483This is so sad[View]
100149992>On which countries we should be guided Belarus: >Germany >Poland >Russia Russia: >Ge…[View]
100147302what was his problem?[View]
100145712ur cunt how is /gf2019/ going for u, fren? brazil it isn't[View]
100145633>why yes im northern italian how did you know?[View]
100142002I'm glad I am not a Swede[View]
100149598My town has recently been flocked by Nepalese. Are they the same as pajeets?[View]
100149620American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100138892what's the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about this country?[View]
100149488Le Botswana première nation de la future oligarchie cosmopolite et abstraction théosophique des prec…[View]
100144003Literally no one can compete with her in gospels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPZuWzZvoYQ Just li…[View]
100147822Do less educated in your country tend to waste most of their money on expensive brands in order to l…[View]
100142742you like going to the beach, /int/? do you have beaches in your country?[View]
100141234british desert[View]
100149341/skandi/: Lenge sidan sist utgåva[View]
1001493501. Your cunt 2. What web browser(s) do you use? Canada BASED Vivaldi[View]
100144299Report: 2 killed, 40 detained in new gay purge in Chechnya: https://www.apnews.com/63a15d4aa08247c5b…[View]
100147015BASED is bezos /ourguy/? https://www.amazon.de/Needs-Tits-Slogan-Girls-T-shirt/dp/B018CU1NJG[View]
100142672Please explain the Eucharist to me, I'm not Christian. I know the wafer is supposed to be Jesus…[View]
100137412Iranian here. Any femanons who would travel to Iran? Pic related that's me. You can read more a…[View]
100148663I want to do like him and exile myself to uruguay[View]
100146871What animal is this?[View]
100146148Lasses at uni caught me taking creepshots again haha[View]
100148306Is there a scientific explanation for why Russians are good at cyber crime?[View]
100148036Finnish profile[View]
100143948/die uralte religion der drachen/ ehemals /deutsch/l: Mystische Ausgabe[View]
100148433R8 my beer. I was at the liquor store and wanted to get a German beer because apparently it's …[View]
100139595/fr/ le francophil haineux non inclusif.: Vive Le PNL fourtoujours Ancien fil >>100120718…[View]
100147153>Me? Yeah I'm a virgin. I'm saving myself for the right girl[View]
100147575UND DAS HEISST[View]
100144250Cosa pensano gli italiani di Cesare Battisti?[View]
100148091why are asian moms so autistic about their children and their lives past 18?[View]
100134226Boom. Socialists are so stupid.[View]
100147940English French Toast Pizza Style[View]
100147181How to get /int/ frens: Step 1: download telegram Step 2: verify phone number(will be hidden) Step …[View]
100148123could these croatian CHADS pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
100142337Who is really handsome here? I mean above 7 or 8 according to beauty standards of your country. No …[View]
100148095Is flyover country the worst part of America?: Or the best?[View]
100139986Could my retarded cousin pass for a local in your country?[View]
100147578Southern or Northern Europe?[View]
100145310/brit/: anyone remember this lad edition[View]
100141121why yes, i am currently ripping the album Skydancer + Of Chaos And Eternal Night by Dark Tranquillit…[View]
100143898>Germans are starting to wake up[View]
100147912Is the Black Turk arch nemesis of /pol?[View]
100147370How this make u feel, whiteboi?[View]
100147867Why yes I wasted my youth shitposting on a Cambodian hentai forum how could you tell?[View]
100134938What is healthcare like in your country?[View]
100143644How do I become French?[View]
100142092Is suicide selfish ?[View]
100145979>alright we'll be sezin goods then m8 >oy that's my deds stuff yeah…[View]
100147076Lithuania is BLACK.[View]
100135059What do you call this in your cunt tree[View]
100124601/nederdraad/: Schattig!-editie Welkom: schatjes Niet welkom: je weet wel wie[View]
100129155Chinese or japanese gf?[View]
100147304it's 22:00 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
100146758Why yes, we are Canadian. How could you tell?[View]
100147347Here’s your GEATISH fact of the day. The earliest known sequential listing of the elder futhark was …[View]
100146238Are Italy and Germany the least centralized countries in Europe?[View]
100144616Japan: I want to visit this beautiful country rich in culture and history before I die, even if it…[View]
1001444201. you are country 2. which posters are the most rude? 3. should something be done about r*doïds ?[View]
100147074Belgium vs Spain, who would win?[View]
100134527Nobody like France: Italians hate us, In fact meds in general don't see us as their kind and re…[View]
100135259/mämmi/: Alkoholismipainos[View]
100145512Do you think Algeria is proud of being one of the best countries in Africa by HDI?[View]
100145654Why do Finns have down syndrome?[View]
100146823Sweden is gay[View]
100146050Post immigrants working in your country[View]
100146247Lets rate each other name My name is joão[View]
100124750Most lethal injections in the US are botched. Rather than taking a few minutes, prisoners often take…[View]
100143284ITT most alpha person from your country >has youtube channel about north korea >goes there reg…[View]
100146267I kinda really wanna go buy alcohol but I've only been sober for 2 days[View]
100146443>my name is Lasse[View]
100146440Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/mjg8bUlJ03E[View]
100139172Asians don't like nature?[View]
100144934Tax rates map of Europe: Red: Corporate Tax rate Blue: Maximum Income Tax rate Green: VAT[View]
100144589ITT: Honest Trailer a country[View]
100145118why are the Spaniards so good at undersea exploration?[View]
100142397What kind of man is the most successful among girls in your country? This guy is a typical 'chad' fr…[View]
1001441181. ur country 2. the national hero from ur country pic related Dom Pedro I our independence leader a…[View]
100126265/balk/: Prev: >>100112126[View]
100145829What's the difference between a Frenchman and a bucket of shit? The bucket[View]
100145974>Starnge there is no wind, yet the trees on the Kahlenberg are shaking[View]
100145114Post good looking criminals from your country. UwU[View]
100144433My paternal haplogroup is R-L21.[View]
100143851Day of the Rake: Has it finally arrived? BEIJING — China’s diplomatic clash with Canada escalated sh…[View]
100142845You wake up in San Diego...[View]
100145642yes, we are polish. isn't that obvious?[View]
100145713>it is just a theory![View]
100140166/polska/: edycja kopytna[View]
100145046How long will it to learn russian for someone whos native language is already a subdivision of an in…[View]
100142517Just be yourself, bro.[View]
100140483ITT: countries that look like things: I'll start[View]
100144825>Talking to sister (23 years old) about general world stuff >She insists that Egyptians are bl…[View]
100145586Stop watching porn.[View]
100144903I just discovered that 2 girls one cup was produced by a brazilian[View]
100145088Recommend me a good youtube channel from your cunt, any content besides personal blog is good.[View]
100142945Nobody like Finland: Nobody like Finland[View]
100145026Is being Scandinavian good thing or bad thing? Would you like to be one?[View]
100143160>french cuisine[View]
100145115>tfw no Spanish bf[View]
100145234yes, we are celts, how did you know?[View]
100141420Sverigetråden - Sosseupplagan: *dabbar på sd*[View]
100142804/brit/: man on a mission edition[View]
100133739>Protestantism >Founded by a fat German named Martin Luther on 1517 AD >Catholicism >Fo…[View]
100120832/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Gay edition[View]
100144745why do you hate me /int/?[View]
100144177Does your country have a fighting force better than the United States Marine Corps? (No) https://m.y…[View]
100144176Who is more suicidal? Japan or Korea? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FDSdg09df8 https://www.youtub…[View]
100141344Thoughts on this state of the United States of America?[View]
100139381Turkish women are perfect[View]
100142421Why is /int/ so gay? Is it ironic or real?[View]
100140790Reason Portuguese people sounds Slav: I cracked the code guys You ever wonder why portuguese people …[View]
10014279050 Indian Soldiers 'Honey-Trapped' by female Pakistani Agent;one arrested for leaking info…[View]
100137187Korea's fertility rate be in danger We need better seeds. If you are a nice white man, please c…[View]
100141483Greece appreciation thread: >invented medicine >invented western philosophy >invented democ…[View]
100137114OKAY I ADMIT IT: I LOVE YOU GUYS I just wanted your attention okay...[View]
100138184Do al Swedish males look like WII propaganda? I have never seen a bad-looking Swedish male.[View]
100144442>I dont like what you say so im not gonna believe it and im gonna call you a liar despite any evi…[View]
100143798wtf is happening !?: fuck, i love amlo now...[View]
100143591Public service announcement: Lately I've seen lots of discussion on this board about hairlines …[View]
100143445I missed my first class, because I allowed old, immature, anxious habits to control me, but I will b…[View]
100144047What if we are just a reflection of past earth made 'sentinent' through aliens living billion ly awa…[View]
100139784I walked for 5 hours through forests in the snow: Do you like a comfy winter /int/?[View]
100141767My roomates are all normie faggots who talk about nothing but football, normie music and instagram. …[View]
100141184the most diverse country in europe....[View]
100144008Me? I'm North Atlantic (Celtic).[View]
100143537Is it common in your Cunt to have cringey people like pic related or is it just in the USA[View]
100139167/deutsch/: Kitsune Ausgabe[View]
100143729>Yeah, I take it in the ass. You want to pound my manhole?[View]
100138710Why are they so combative and angry at everyone but the US? Is it possible for an entire country to …[View]
100142609This is the only Turk from Ottoman royal family who was accepted into Dominican Order and he's …[View]
100044310Culture Pals /cp/ gen: BLACKED Edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! H…[View]
100142235My paternal haplogroup? R-L21.[View]
100142922What are your thoughts on the China social credit system?[View]
100141431Do they have snow in brazil[View]
100140870Thoughts on this country and its people?[View]
100143223*dabs on the entirety of the nordic countries*[View]
100136552why has USA constantly been making geopolitical mistakes/failures since 1970(except how it dealt wit…[View]
1001416451. Your mother's cunt 2. What country has historically been the biggest enemy of yours? France …[View]
100143122You wake up.[View]
100140611poland? more like poo![View]
100134532Is china a third world country?: and why we don't have any chinese posters?[View]
100138471Gossip Session only for Foolish Women: foolish women's gossip session come and join us![View]
100142980I heard of a story of Koreans beings racist against 2 white people and I got so mad while it didn…[View]
100141522Are there really Arabs in Sudan or are they just acculturated natives?[View]
100140457/brit/: squirrel edition[View]
100133970Confess your international sins.[View]
100139542Reasons to live?[View]
100138751all my problems would go away if i had a residence permit in a scandinavian country[View]
100142719'Brazilian education is shit' Said Vincentinho, evolution denier, anti vaxer, flat earther, 0 books …[View]
100123862Why do North Italians hate South Italians so much?[View]
100139876>Finns are not whi-[View]
100142600i want to be choked while having sex is that normal?[View]
100142462like how is cyberbullying even real haha nigga just close the screen haha[View]
100139837Why are Finns so weeb?[View]
100136487post pictures outside your window/backyard[View]
100132933wtf are americans fat?[View]
100141031I had too much caffeine, and now I’m really jittery and nervous and don’t want to go to my first day…[View]
100139027Is your country becoming Japan?[View]
100140823>he's a useless shit that starts supporting random countries out of nowhere because he meets…[View]
100141985Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 tomorrow[View]
100141246Who are your cunt's greatest friends/allies?[View]
100136473to make up for problems with your tax return you get your very own government issued gf the catch: s…[View]
100141000>how are you preparing for the chinese cent- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrNGeacJA1Q…[View]
100133053non white anons, do you secretly wish to be white? (Like have blue eyes, light hair) also, do you fi…[View]
100142139>Yes i may be a serial rapist but i would never cheat on my wife so i decline your offer.…[View]
100142063I'm Japanese, but I have to be completely honest and stop lying to myself, as should other Japs…[View]
100141977I’m self-sabotaging.[View]
100141999>suicide attempt[View]
100141978I want to find love in brazil[View]
100139222I'm blakc[View]
100141810American media dominates the world[View]
100140771Why do Swedes hate Norwegians so much?[View]
100137850face of /int/: please don't say a mean thing[View]
100141773>yes we do in fact appreciate deontological ethics over utilitarian how did you know?…[View]
100141770/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Finno-Ugric edition[View]
100140718Why is China so cruel? >Live animal keychains continue to be sold at a tourist market in downtown…[View]
100137736My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. What's yours?[View]
100140024Oi m8 the fuck yer lookin' at? I'll hook ya in the gob ya muppet lookin' cunt. God sa…[View]
100141430why is poland so dangerous???[View]
100139373catholics 1 proddies 0[View]
100139697Whats your honest opinion on Spain and Spaniards ? this is a normal beach in the east coast full of …[View]
100141562I can't live in this country anymore, every rotten thing from america leaked in here and ruined…[View]
100141341You'd think after Brexit Polish immigrants would at least calm down in relation to criminality,…[View]
100133154are they anglo?[View]
100141089I want to visit this country, tell me everything I must know[View]
100141345>what do you mean i shouldn't pay that girls college tuition since she isn't having sex…[View]
100138624When will fagapore stop drinking piss and shitting up this board?[View]
100138687>Gookmoot is now filtering 4+chan to 4channel Was that really necessary faggot?…[View]
100141265Argentina helped, but will you?[View]
100137299I have a question for Russia and Turkey: Why didn't you form the Russo-Ottoman Empires? Ottoman…[View]
100141065What is this[View]
100140935This is how people who love Japan look like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFKl22j1RY https://www.…[View]
100133994What's even the point of Brexit now?: Everyone knows Brits voted to leave not because they hate…[View]
100141651How bad is the Muslim 'problem' in Europe? Do you guys ever really fear of becoming a Musl…[View]
100141001How do you say 'yikes' in dutch? I joke, nobody wants to hear your god awful language[View]
100140881so after some research i came to conclusion that average Russian Poster looks like pic related[View]
100135185>country >what are you reading I want to thank the anon who recommended me this book. So far s…[View]
100136017Do you want to find love in Norway?[View]
100139026Why am I in a constant state of fight or flight?[View]
100140029Do you think she will get a Canadian BF ?[View]
100139024Russian anecdote One young man studied abroad and became an atheist. When he came back he was very s…[View]
100140495dude finland LMAO[View]
100140467I’m going to skip the first day of classes.[View]
100140532is there kimbap in your cunts?[View]
100140347You wake up in South Brazil.[View]
100137601>haha lmao life is suffering bro can't wait to die hope ww3 comes soon XDD >doesn't …[View]
100137745/brit/: best restaurant i've eaten at Edition[View]
100140171/world of polska/: Art 31 kk. Art. 31. § 1. Nie popełnia przestępstwa, kto, z powodu choroby psychic…[View]
100140292Only TRVE EVROPEANS may post in this thread[View]
100139745I just wanted to stop by this place that I used to frequent to say that I know that you are all prec…[View]
100139996>I'm successful, I made it to an obnoxious overpaid useless yuppie in a business suit who sp…[View]
100138969>you can get your ass kicked if you show this sign in alloha snackbar countries…[View]
100140056Pakistan is celebrating valentine's day as sister's day[View]
100138503I’ve been doing squats daily for the past six months. My ass is so perky and plump for you, Anon :)[View]
100128446kurva anyátok[View]
100136822Finnish country names[View]
100132310Problem is not with the people. In Germany, people are exactly same greedy, egoist, unthinking piece…[View]
100138701how are you doi- I like her, but she doesn't like me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHH WHY CAN'T S…[View]
100134027/hell/ - Νήμα Ελληνιkό: Έkδοση Καπέλου[View]
100132479/polska/: edycja kapłanek świątynnych[View]
100137769I'm a Big Black Man visiting your country. How welcomed am I?[View]
100139695le 8% face[View]
100139738I have a database that I made with 230+ countries/territories and over 1000 statistical indicators, …[View]
100128847I'm thinking about moving to Poland, probably Wroclaw, so I can more easily acquire a Ukrainian…[View]
100132806I am checking the world map again and it always amazes me that how US is truly fucking blessed geogr…[View]
100138492Finnish woman makes hc porn in Hungary: https://www.seiska.fi/Uutiset/Talta-Unkarissa-kovaa-pornoa-t…[View]
100137285Map of Europe in Irish: Do you like your country's name?[View]
100133265weather today : north america[View]
100134722My dog is tired[View]
100135738Sverigetråden - Burkupplagan: Patricier-behållaren favä[View]
100139265Why the fuck do females hate asian boys so much? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gWD9n1cyeQU[View]
100138838>master forgive me, but i'll have to go all out... just this once[View]
100136271Why do poo in loos make such ridiculous movies? https://www.imgur.com/gallery/wS9k0[View]
100138727These are the best borders for the Indian subcontinent: prove me wrong pro-tip you can't[View]
100137401>tfw half-German half-Polish Is there a more subhuman combination? I was born with this hairline…[View]
100138621What sounds do you make to relieve agitation?[View]
100120718/fr/ - le fil francophone français des hommes de bon goût.: Édition nocturne Ancien fil : >>10…[View]
100138927>his 'language' doesn't have these How can you wake up every morning, your disgusting unwash…[View]
100139037I want Anon’s cummies in my foot[View]
100138462>I am a leftist libtard commie SJW feminazi[View]
100134837How many people speak English in your country?[View]
100136510I’m a 169cm short “male” manlet midget...[View]
100138867Why animu otaku become so mainstream in Japan and also in the World ? Tokyo Dome Wrestle Kingdom 13 …[View]
100135595Your country. What do you call this in your country? For me? It's perfect and Aya.[View]
100138764post yfw brexit isn't going to happen[View]
100134499Why Northern Europe have mblonde girl that southern?: Why the Blonde+Blue eyes feature is more frequ…[View]
100138907>I'm white[View]
100136869Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
100109073/balt/ + Slovenia: Sveiki vyrai, gal galit padėt tam Mohammedui ?[View]
100137952This is your annual reminder that India will be an international superpower by 2020.[View]
100133778Fuck gookmoot and fuck jannies[View]
100138421Are motorcycles popular in your country? Do you ride one? In Germany, motorcycles are not the main …[View]
100138415Ha.. Say something to her[View]
100132119/mm/: /mm/ stands for /Mashriq/ + /Maghreb/[View]
100137443Are people here being ironically gay, right?[View]
100138359Germany is about to crash the world again[View]
100135930Gib snowy weather now! I'm sick of seeing pictures of cozy white, snow-filled neighborhoods wit…[View]
100138398>huge traffic jam >get up to the accident >it's in the opposite lane Are drivers huge …[View]
100138074>I call people niggers on 4chan[View]
100136308What do these two countries have in common?[View]
100137987He could have defeated Trump![View]
100137304I'm in a constant state of fight or flight.[View]
100138125/internationalradio/: Lets listen to music from around the world! http://radio.garden[View]
100134296Based İzmir girl starting pack[View]
100138111/flag/ + /extraflags/: Nepal edition previous: >>100075555 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely …[View]
100137892My favorite Operation System? Of course it's Linux. And doesn't which one, debian or fedor…[View]
100136214/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: Dagoth Ben welcomes you Neretard edition[View]
100136259Canada is the best country[View]
100137889>yes i do tell everyone when i think someone is a girl in my league of legends games how did you …[View]
100137533My hobby? Spending hours searching and downloading porn under the effect of ADHD medications then de…[View]
100125704Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
100136472How do we stop cancerous Nato shills from infesting this board?[View]
100137829do fags who think like this take their countries for granted? i dont understand why first worlders d…[View]
100127188/frühschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Kyouko Ausgabe[View]
100137698>germans are the master race https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjY0mv39nDo OH NO NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
100137623>whaaaaaaaaat they be trying to take our slaves? exile him! and just like that, Brasil is born, i…[View]
100126015/cum/: Sheikh Bedreddin Mahmud Bin Israel Bin Abdulaziz edition[View]
100135764Am I welcome in your country? I honestly really dislike the US and wouldn't mind leaving.[View]
100123485Why is this nip causing so much controversy in the West?[View]
100137404I need help with a French assignment: Our crazy French teacher is making us do a rap although we are…[View]
100132648favorite foreign name: Yuli[View]
100136417ITT: post what low IQ looks like in your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYpjFxksvAk[View]
100136891I am assembling a team! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo-8IhYP-7Q[View]
100136726>start ww1 >start ww2 >one of the main sources of terrorism in Europe Why are the French so…[View]
100134978/brit/: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-46843833/is-brexit-voting-llanelli-changing-its-mind retard…[View]
100135889rares report pls: >welcome only whites >not welcome reds…[View]
100134606Where were you when the Japanese btfo the Germans?[View]
100135508memes aside, has America been a bad or good influence on the world? Would the world have been better…[View]
100136857>french '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''people''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
100137069>Yes i am spiritual but not religous how do you know?[View]
100136153Dubs and I end it with my online gf.[View]
100134361God I'm so sick of this: >huge food festival event in my country >want to go >you eith…[View]
100136503>2012 was 7 years ago.[View]
100135513Hey /int/,: why are Russians so gay?Or at least their posters are.[View]
1001314551. you're country 2. does ananas belong to a pizza? Finland Yes[View]
100133569They literally show some alt right anglo sissy shill's videos on our main 'news channel': https…[View]
100134890what is the most tsundere relationship beetween countries[View]
100135607>100.000 skin cancer cases per year >will surpass Australia Why white Brazilians can't ha…[View]
100135664Rate your country /int/[View]
100135809do turks pray five times a day regularly?[View]
100075555/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: Vaporwave Bhutan edition previous: >>100042835 Welcome to /extraf…[View]
1001344011. Flag 2. Is your country's imageboard better than 4chin?[View]
100133274>I love Europe[View]
100136501>No i refuse to be a slave to the thot.[View]
100135317>Why yes I do play as females in RPGS, how did you know?[View]
100132971start loving belgium[View]
100135753>Your country receives 100,000 immigrants like this what do you do[View]
100120444>male >first name ends in a vowel[View]
1001339821. Country 2. Is this a Chinese espionage organization?[View]
100133836>yeah I'm just gonna fly down to Melbourne for a few days, then drive up to Sydney and stay …[View]
100135454me: hello mr police I am just an australian born male carrying my tv out of this house mr police: Nd…[View]
100126792Who are your cunt's greatest friends/allies?[View]
100133949Why are the Balkans poorer than the rest of Europe? What is your opinions on the Balkan countries?[View]
100134211Hapas are mistake.[View]
100131758Have you ever fucked a girl in another country?[View]
100135726Why didn't they join the Netherlands? Was it because they were catholic?[View]
100133271favorite cunts thread: France - for always being there for us USA - cuisine and respect of freedom C…[View]
100135029Do you want to find love in Turkey?[View]
100134780met a qt lads shes filipina we're all gonna make it[View]
100133528WTF Japan, why are your fruits and berries so expensive? 4500 yen for watermelon seriously?[View]
100135237why did the 47 year olds asking for 'creep threads underage' and blatant whores have to ruin /b/ as …[View]
100132746now that I dropped out of uni I'm a neet untill next autumn. which language should I learn in m…[View]
100133861If we're inferior, why do you pathetic normies ape my culture and steal memes from creative mel…[View]
100134715Jews? Not my cup of tea.[View]
100135214>I can be your hero if you can be my princess.[View]
100109055/norgetråden/: Butterbird in winterland-utgaven forrige: >>100093657[View]
100133755>henlo >frens >pupper >doggo…[View]
100134186>your cunt >your height Aus 169cm :([View]
100134702>TheOdd1sOut >Jaiden Animations >TomSka…[View]
100133283>The current state of America[View]
100133285>yes we support gender identity,how did you know?[View]
100133887ITT : posters you recognize: 15cm Hungarian good night Slovenian[View]
100134809>Error! The search backend is currently unavailable.[View]
100134213how does it feel to have pink master nipples? i feel depressed whenever see my br*wn nipples, no one…[View]
100134700Do Australians have pubs like they do in the UK and Ireland?[View]
100134772Face of unidentified female's corpse at Cook County Morgue. What would you do if you were the c…[View]
100134694What kind of girl would he get in your cunt[View]
100131411this kills the non-american[View]
100132773is australia a meme country or a real country?[View]
100134591would he be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
100131556who would win? 7 swiss bois in a minibus VS 90 ton big boy swedish truck[View]
100134550>stop going on a hissy fit and breaking stuff whenever a girl doesn't cheat on their boyfrie…[View]
100131014American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100132783How many children would you have if your partner was a qt Asian gril?[View]
100133013Korean Reunification: When and how will it happen?[View]
100130443Explain yourselves bongs[View]
100132377/brit/: Male beauty edition[View]
100134203>Pick a more ideal flag for Poland I bet you can't b*tches[View]
100133292>he owns more than 3 pairs of shoes(Smart, Trainers and work/hiking boots)…[View]
100133460Why is there so much racism on /int/? This is supposed to be a language and cultural exchange board.…[View]
100133419Why do Americans write LIBERTY on government-backed currency?[View]
100134128Are Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews just as bad as Ashkenazi Jews when it comes to moral qualities?[View]
100134081Death to the Judeo-Masonic NWO[View]
100130746Visited Gdansk, Poland. Food was good, beer was cheap, people were nice. Streets and buildings were …[View]
100133474>lazy >their life relies on state welfare >vote everyone who promise free stuff >gang vi…[View]
100113387>falg >what countries have you visited Russia Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Armenia…[View]
100133085>wake up >still a 178cm subhuman FUCK[View]
100132992Dios Mioo: >This year's coming of age day (today) had a record amount of foreigners turning …[View]
100133506>My gf? They say she's like Aphrodite; she can never have only one because she has enough lo…[View]
100133757What's the next step of the master plan after we exterminate wh*Tes?[View]
100130121Knock Knock >Who's there? We. >We who? We have arrived.…[View]
100132948weather today[View]
100132198>yfw you realize that the Spanish national motto was lifted from a Chinese cartoon >yfw Spain …[View]
100133522>connection error >you seem to have mistyped the captcha…[View]
100133722I liked the original idea of Rand Paul about lifting restrictions on new exploration and drilling fo…[View]
100131968Would you ever eat dog meat?[View]
100133355How do Americans and Russians feel about each other?[View]
100131744Why do women chase bad boys, then think there are no good guys left?[View]
100133346>1 out of 8 flemish households arent connected to a sewage system Can belgium put the poo in the …[View]
100132291Hairline check: Hey /int/ hows the hairline?[View]
100106806/mämmi/: Maksimaalinen Kipu -painos[View]
100130640Sverigetråden: /kukluktsklan/-upplagan[View]
100128506>tfw can't come because of opiates[View]
100133296>you don't know the struggle I can't get any pussy because I WAS BORN UGLY…[View]
100131722Thanks snowniggers https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siglas_poveiras[View]
100128831Why yes, I am Ethiopian. How could you tell?[View]
100132597Dios mio...[View]
100130447Game of Thrones is coming bros https://youtu.be/wA38GCX4Tb0[View]
100130947Do they speak English?[View]
100131088What is your honest opinion of Romania and Romanians?[View]
100133109When did you realize that Brazil is the rightful heir of the Habsburgs and thus all of Austria, Fran…[View]
100130866Post Reality T.V. From You're cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR_9brkeIbA https://www.you…[View]
100133084>no stop having sex with only 6ft+, muscular, rich and handsome guys leave some of it for me…[View]
100121078Paint the map: how well do you know each cunt?[View]
100131243I keep smiling at girls/younger women for no reason: Literally don't look in the eyes of somewh…[View]
100132998lmao wtf is wrong with Americans[View]
100132651It's Brexit decision week.[View]
1001321861.Your country 2.Your favourite colour Russia Blue[View]
100132565My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100132066SUPELPOWEL official thread[View]
100132644I hate the internet so much and i hate normal people to death. Why can't we just go back when t…[View]
100131271absolutely shithole[View]
100132223what have non-anglos actually done to contribute to humanity? why do they deserve human rights when …[View]
100132769The world would be better if the following countries didn't exist: Afghanistan Albania Algeria …[View]
100127140I miss it so bad :([View]
100131130>tfw you own a libtard based and redpilled style[View]
100132249>girl says she's attracted to tall guys >her current boyfriend is short…[View]
100132712Someday i'll have to bury my mother. >tfw never went to funerals >tfw don't have mon…[View]
100126672Franco-German empire when?[View]
100131029fuck first worlders: why do first worlders complain about their lives so much? >Effective regulat…[View]
100130602Is it good ratio of penis/balls?[View]
100132603What kind of topics do you usually talk about with foreigners in your country? I want to be friends …[View]
100131356Russian is too difficult to learn[View]
100132414>Of course, we must do everything we can to support the Francophone minorities in this country.…[View]
100132368Which state is objectively superior?: Illinois or Colorado?[View]
100132301All faggots are to stay in the death camps[View]
100128049>ywn live simply in a cabin in the woods working a hard but fulfilling life >you will waste aw…[View]
100132402Why are American roofs so clean?[View]
100130492/brit/: feel like shit lads just want him back x[View]
100131097>yes i am an internet warrior fighting against the incel menace how did you know?…[View]
100130945president of Gdańsk has been stabbed with a knife during a charity event https://youtu.be/VkZwGrCzIa…[View]
100129557Are Chinese people the masterrace?: These are the only cities that matter on a global scale. Notice …[View]
100128852eurofags are scared of them amerifats are jealous of them personally I respect them and welcome our …[View]
100129839you ever just look at your gf and think: 'what the fuck was I thinking?'[View]
100131672Christ cucks btfo[View]
100130624I want to study the art in the US Is it worth the cost of $100k?[View]
100130957/USA & Korea Alliance Thread/: Japan - Backstabbed USA in WW2. China - Rivaling against USA d…[View]
100128181fuck third worlders: Why do third worlders complain about their lives so much? >no regulations o…[View]
100131433>Sorry, I can't go to the club tonight, bros. I have two hour-long language exchange session…[View]
100131694>I want to make the world a better place than it was when I came into it so the future generation…[View]
100129244Why do love hotels exist? You could just introduce the girl to your parents and bang her in your bed…[View]
100113024/polska/: edycja poniedziałkowa[View]
100131879Imagine if the holocaust happened[View]
100129150Capitalism is great in theory. It just doesn't work in practice.[View]
100130673i hope the heat gets turned up on those SJWs in Melbourne tomorrow[View]
100130550I'll learn to paddle by laying down on the board in my pool and build up my strength and techni…[View]
100131652what is the most iconic cultural duo, and why is it italy and japan[View]
100128643We've really come a long way.[View]
100130760>You can't just cheat on your boyfriend once as revenge for him cheating on you and bunch of…[View]
100131621My surfer friend told me I'll be riding the big kahunas in no time.[View]
100131139when do we kill all the rich people?[View]
100131345the girl from uni started making her moves on me, recently started forcing hugs little does she know…[View]
100129228literally just muslim indians :D[View]
100130331/mena/ /na/ /me/: Are these threads completely dieded these days?[View]
100131262I'm drunk and tired[View]
100131146Poland is the rightful heir of Roman Empire[View]
100131159EAT THE BLURAY[View]
100129292Are there muscle bears with asian and native background? I want to fap to them.[View]
100129671>In prefer tea over coffee[View]
100128093would you say your cunt is going in a positive or negative direction?: swedon negative[View]
100130542Has anybody else noticed the jannywannys 404ing a lot more treads than usual?[View]
100127962qt Japanese girls > all white girls prove me wrong.[View]
100129090>https://twitter.com/CueBallClarence/status/1084144652406579200?s=09 What is it with white women …[View]
100130964MENO MALE CHE SILVIO C'ÈEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXf-YbsSh0Y…[View]
100128398do people in italy/france do any real work at all?[View]
100130174Time to get up.[View]
100130242It is an error of geography to have assigned Spain to Europe; it belongs to Africa: blood, manners, …[View]
100129844>Socialism? Big fan. With the arrival of artificial intelligence, we will soon be entering an age…[View]
100130749>Shut up and start respecting President Trump[View]
100125970Porn hub is undergoing maintenance![View]
100129739Swedish government LMAO: 3 hours boys[View]
100130502Why are these States so full of gypsies? We even call the original abitants ‘zingari’ which literall…[View]
100126540Are they Wends or Sarmatians?[View]
100126394Sometimes I wish I had balls to hang myself. I often dream about drowning in a water so deep that th…[View]
100128106I hate this country Everything fun is illegal and everything else is too expensive[View]
100128530>Sit next to a friend: >Get turned on by his musk Fug, how do I stop being gay…[View]
100130515Why do I have a strong urge to help people who are in need?[View]
100128371How are wageslaves treated in your country? In Australia we are treated as subhumans by both custome…[View]
100129867Why does Switzerland have such lax gun laws?[View]
100123310What do you think about Venezuela? I think it should br annexed by Colombia and all Chavists put in …[View]
100125683I dont know how to call this, and i reeally dont know if it happens in other countries. Most of the …[View]
100128925Want int frens?: Step 1: download telegram Step 2: verify phone number(will be hidden) Step 3: chan…[View]
100126552>My state/city is better because it’s on the coast >No *MY* state/city is better because it’s …[View]
100130049I mean i could get mad and point out that rejecting him for having an android instead of an iphone i…[View]
100124378Can a Koreanon pls summarise the different regions of Korea pls?[View]
100096707/dixie/ Southern US & friends: Your qt Injun gf's dad edition[View]
100129871Was he right?[View]
100129347how do we fix the incel problem, /int/[View]
100129363Much more interesting than I thought[View]
100129621Is three weeks a long time for you?[View]
100129822Three weeks is a long time to wait when you have something on your mind.[View]
100127269>american hours[View]
100128248Guys, please help me. Recently I bought a couple of shirts with a fleece on the inside. Warm and ple…[View]
100129660>be russian[View]
100128358>America has no culture of their own[View]
100125394Why don't you love Japan?[View]
100128631>I think abortion is a murder and women have no right to ki-[View]
100129378Jenny Kearns, 43, from Birmingham, unenrolled her 15-year-old son Regan from Ninestiles Academy afte…[View]
100127203Why do men expect to fuck because of their personality instead of their looks or large dick. You can…[View]
100113663italy is alone france has belgium switzerland/austria/slovenia hate us (and they love germany anyway…[View]
100128551what the fuck is wrong with finns? I have never met a normal finnish person[View]
100128726I saw beautiful chinese girl with a tall blonde white man today. That feel when I will always be a s…[View]
100129400Why do Swedes do this to Finns?[View]
100129286My paternal haplogroup is R-L21.[View]
100129428Do Finnish people flinch when someone say finish?[View]
100129408>Okay you convinced me that maybe i don't really want a gf if i hate women so much. I will l…[View]
100129376Auckland, New Zealand is the furthest away city from Paris with a population of at least 1 million.[View]
100128938could these specimens pass in your cunt? usa yes we're 1st world so we use proper pronouns[View]
100125736Post flags you like[View]
100127748im traveling to the usa in 7 days and needed advice on attire appropriate for snow. im mainly concer…[View]
100126025Brazilians keep posting these European girls from South Brazil, but honestly I don't want to se…[View]
100127379Why are white boys so pretty OwO?[View]
100129109>one single chance at life >not born a millionaire I want to die lmao…[View]
100125939Fundatur, frater meus latinis Basé, mon frère latin Basado, mi hermano latino Baseado, meu irmão lat…[View]
1001270471.your cunt 2.your current age 3.at what age would you like to get married? >US >18 >30…[View]
100128140/int? More like niggerlarping tryhards underage gay incels amirite?[View]
100128606if you were given 400,000 square km to establish a country anywhere in the world where would it be a…[View]
100128997/Carib/ Kyle Jenner edition: Hi everyone,[View]
100128922Stop off topic posting[View]
100127221>sorry, I don't smoke[View]
100128679My paternal haplogroup? R-L21.[View]
100128284YouTube Live Streamings: Post YouTube streamings from your country, specially live cams and news. It…[View]
100126049/brit/: our queen edition[View]
100128699brap: .[View]
100127611hajimimashite my fellow nihonjin[View]
100128533>Occupation: Medical Student >Education: University of Queensland >Location: Less than a ki…[View]
100128389My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100127461>Black lives matter? how about All lives matter[View]
100126649I just want a fucking French bf god... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NjJLFI_oYs[View]
100119990Sverigetråden: /vårgrabb/upplagan[View]
100127074Why japanese are so deceiving?: Are they actually proud of this?[View]
100128323Southern France[View]
100127192I wish I was a cute girl with a genki personality[View]
100128134Vive le Québec libre[View]
100124119/sino/ - 中国: Brapppppffffff edition.[View]
100125667what is Australia and New Zealand like? it's so far away from everything and has arguably the h…[View]
100126276He has a point![View]
100127754Are you an extra-virgin? Flag No[View]
100125437Discuss about this map.[View]
100128254What’s British food like?[View]
100128205American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100123018*conquers 4chan with one shitty drawing of a head* Suck it, we truly are a superior race.[View]
100125681I save pictures from google and then rename them to 4chan number names[View]
100126145Is there such a thing as a race in south america? I want you too see it more in the cultural aspect …[View]
100127966is there anything you wish your country did more like another country?[View]
100127601Despacitos of /int/: Are you guys the rich ones[View]
100127664>song in non-English language >random lyrics that are in English Why?…[View]
1001253671. ur cunt 2. does it have an anime acceptance movement NZ, no but i would be willing to form one s…[View]
100122391What happenned with this flag?[View]
100125099When did you realise that money is the only thing that matters in life?[View]
100125922Can i pass as local on your country?[View]
100127845>that kid who Blitzkrieged to school[View]
100127820>be me >need new laptop >find one that will work >amazon doesn't ship to Austria an…[View]
100119030How often do you use credit cards?[View]
100126682American company buys small Finnish A.I. firm: https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/kl/bbccc346-c0ac-4…[View]
100124505Do you know this man??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zObCCCsCo2I[View]
100127698>Your cunt will never have a leader as good as Stalin[View]
100127166>australia and finland are the only good countries in the world who aren't polluted shithole…[View]
10012763150% of European protected forests are now in Finland: Where are the forests in EU? In Finland. https…[View]
100126885>School tomorrow[View]
100127209anyone? (redirected from /b/)[View]
100127278Why don't Hungarians poo in loo?[View]
100083585/v4/+przyjaciele: Wake up, dummies.[View]
100126168Holy shit, does this mean I'm hispanic now?[View]
100125774How do they manage to be first world while having so many Indians? What's their secret?[View]
100124113Whats the easiest EU country to move to? I want an EU passport[View]
100126834>the americans are especially horny today here[View]
100127176I love western, secular turks man. They help me defend my posts against arabs and islamists.[View]
100120244Is anybody else here really depressed?[View]
100127152Military Rations: what country do you think has the best military rations? if you've tried some…[View]
100124832how common is evolution denial where you live? here it's seen as fact except among some christi…[View]
100126837You wake up in Elizabethian London[View]
100127172Have any of you non-white posters ever wanted an older white MILF mommy with big titties to take car…[View]
100125937Im black[View]
100123523can americans give me what the political climate is for 2020? who are the favorites?[View]
100123207'Oh my god Anon, I was *just* in the hallway when I heard you talking': >'Say something else in t…[View]
100124185why do finngolian snow monkeys from siberia pretend to be white? pic related is average finngolian i…[View]
100124052is that accurate?[View]
100125445>cucks the US >nothing personnel comrade[View]
100116403/nachtschicht/: /deutsch/fadenelite so auch kommen kann wieder auch alkifotze[View]
100123151F**k Y*u![View]
100126319I'm a NEET hikki that lives in parents' house (my childhood room)[View]
100125035How can I become French?[View]
100124956Do you agree[View]
100121545Is 21 years too old to go to university? asking for a friend[View]
100125395Income inequality is a natural and healthy consequence of the Gaussian distribution of innate human …[View]
100124211i am bad at everything i do[View]
100125423Post places (from other countries) you'd like to visit Pic related[View]
100124152Post pics of your city[View]
100126668How are you preparing for the African century?[View]
100125679>Ministry of Defence[View]
100125476FUCK I overwatered the gf lads. What do?[View]
100126383cringe brown wannabe Europeans[View]
100124237>elderly asian couple are eating durian on the train again THEY CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH…[View]
100124629It's 04:37 am: Good Morning int![View]
100125682bullfighting spain videos: Hello from the Cayman Islands, My 85 year old uncle was asking me to find…[View]
100126326Africa begins at the Pyrenees.[View]
100126346This is the comfiest board after /hm/ , /wsg/ and /vg/ . I want to absorb your culture desu[View]
100126263I posted a pic of a girls ass in a bikini on here and she deleted her insta. Which one of you did it…[View]
100123604Who else here /warprofiteering/[View]
100126481Does this happen in your country?: When I was in highschool, all the students had to do 'work experi…[View]
100122744/cum/ - Canada US Mexico[View]
100126337>I'm giving my inheritance and title to my wife's son and not my sister's son.…[View]
100119572Post your county/state flag.[View]
100124913What's the difference between these guys?[View]
100110179Would you rather live in a commie block, or would you rather live in a suburban copy/paste detached …[View]
100126104>Asian-Americans >hygienic, intelligent, and perfectly integrated into the nation. (no accent,…[View]
100123646Giving Up General: post ITT if you have given up[View]
100115883Is there any countries more meme than baltic ones? >Small population and irrelevant languages …[View]
100125215>France >England >Germany >Italy >Greece What have other european countries contrib…[View]
100121176vegans stay out: how much does a pound (or kg) of this ground-up slaughtered mammal in your country?…[View]
100125027>Average Italian man vs average Swedish man How did the rest of Europe even compete?…[View]
100126109Your cunt Dop you trust and drink from your tap water? flag no >trusting the government to do any…[View]
100124794Post the view from your window.[View]
100123611Lets do survey: Spend a minute and help your fellow anon out, do this survey: https://docs.google.co…[View]
100125431Me? I'm Celtic.[View]
100125800should non-virgins be taxed more? It makes sense they're a burden on society since they spend …[View]
100125866What do you think of reviewoftheweek?[View]
100122102Best Food, Best Martial Arts, Best Culture, Best Kot: Thailand.[View]
100125042Were people like this always around and just not noticeable or has something gone seriously wrong in…[View]
100123564/brit/: Prick edition[View]
100125073How do you pass the time?[View]
100124254New Zealand superpower 2050![View]
100120067Do you want to convert to Judaism? the best religion.[View]
100125123Are American women really like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-O-z5gELUY Looks rough haha.…[View]
100089998Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
100122380tfw just remembered we burned our museum[View]
100124645I refuse to believe there was a time when Western 'women' weren't high-test rebellious trashy t…[View]
100121118Attractive politicians from around the world: Post them and others, guess the political ideology…[View]
100125130Why do Finnish girls have small eyes and high cheekbones?[View]
100124167How does /int/ feel about the push for more Asian representation in the video game industry?[View]
100125452American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100124934post yfw u will never be med masterrace[View]
1001253491. Your country 2. Should abortion of women be mandatory. Flag Well lets think logically for one sec…[View]
100123663My heart cries out to these majestic creatures. How can we best protect these intelligent beings?[View]
100124662Whales are cringe & bluepilled.[View]
100116291well, /int/?[View]
100122665Why are Han Chinese the socioeconomic elites in all of these countries? Is it because of a superior …[View]
1001219801. Country 2. Is life in your country stressful? Flag Yes, unbearably so[View]
100123009What does /int/ think of these two?[View]
100123985Traditional attire: A saw some black folks wearing some colorful clothing called a da-shiki i think?…[View]
100122047>Australia is now a battleground between Chinks and Africans wtf its worse than the Americas htt…[View]
100121826why do americans have an unnatural sounding, monotone accent?[View]
100124444why are the british people so ugly[View]
100111588Another one[View]
100124779How do Slavs feel when they are called 'SUBHUMANS'?[View]
100122469Hahaha the based government is going to fund my education.[View]
100124460>institutional revolutionary party revolutions by their definition aren't institutional why …[View]
100124764There's people on this planet who are non-virgin[View]
1001164801. Country 2. Post a picture of your shower[View]
100123097Do you want to like in France? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAVTb96L6nU[View]
100119764what is his endgame?[View]
100123784Regionalisms: ITT we post regionalisms that divide our cunts. In Korea the two main regionalisms are…[View]
100122653Tell me about Western Iberia.[View]
100121879China or Japan?[View]
100119789Spen appreciation thread: Say something nice about spen[View]
100122788I have no friends >tfw 26 soon[View]
100114617What is this called in your country ?[View]
100124471New Zealand superpower 2050![View]
100121534When will Japan and Korea merge as one? I mean it's bound to happen someday to battle against C…[View]
100123854Do manlets get humiliated like this in your country?[View]
100120139Interesting History: What's an obscure historical event from your local area that most people w…[View]
100124374Does DuoLingo work?: Hi guys, trying to escape neet life and culture myself. I want to backpack thro…[View]
100112923Why are Asians so fucking ugly? I hope I'm dead before the so called Asian century.[View]
100124267Redpill me on Coventry, England[View]
100124233average r1b male[View]
100115756what countries do you wish were more active in this site? I wish there were Portuguese-speaking Afri…[View]
100122122Why is public safety in America so abysmal compared to Europe?: Just look at the image for Christ…[View]
100124145Do Brits really love the queen?[View]
100122583Serbia is the most likeable nation in Europe[View]
100121234why can't taco people into good movies?[View]
100122720When life gets me down I remember how thankful I am to be born in Queensland, Australia.[View]
100123493how do I make myself dumber? I'm to intelligent for my own good[View]
100123868How are you preparing for the silicone century?[View]
100115605They are slavs larping as scandinavians[View]
100123775Hi! Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Gautama Buddha?[View]
100123832ahem not an argument[View]
100123436Does Felix realize she's not white?[View]
100097157/luso/-Fio Lusofono: Edição:Séria e Madura[View]
100122041Post international kots[View]
100123445Range ban now![View]
100122206Grandsons of rome.[View]
100123565There are girls who like small penises right? Hahaha[View]
100123456i'm gunna say it[View]
100121999What's the best sounding language? Pic unrelated.[View]
100122988Your cunt How much dairy products do you consume every day flag a good amount[View]
100123586/brit/: is this bloke here edition[View]
100123003What the F*ck is their problem?[View]
1001233081. u are cunt 2. what are your thoughts on this image[View]
100122166I'd hate Korea too if I was Japanese.[View]
100122260Why are Americans like this?[View]
100118594Sad but true...[View]
100123452ITT: we act like old timey doctors >be me 17th century doctor >wear cool bird mask to ward o…[View]
100119354Your thoughts?[View]
100121379What the fuck why do they dominate Japan market so much? Windows and android are so much better yet …[View]
100118351A current candidate for president of the US has appeared before on the Joe Rogan podcast.[View]
100114468I am moving to South America and there is nothing you can do to stop me, but you can recommend where…[View]
100121857Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland are the most paleo countries in Europe.[View]
100122703turkey is a proud ASIAN ethnostate[View]
100122485>why, yes. i'm suffering from depression in first world cunts of europe. how could you tell?…[View]
100121558/brit/: please leave the wwii debate in /pol/ edition[View]
100109594/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Beat back the savage edition Not invited: Amerindians Invited: Most Europe…[View]
100122778Im italian.[View]
100119848Turkey is the ONLY muslim country on earth. >brave >independent >modest >helps out its n…[View]
100115725How do you say “Greece is full of fags and Turks” in your language?[View]
100119462I'm starting my cleaning job after leaving NEEThood tomorrow. I'll be paid €2500 a month a…[View]
100122725What's her ethnicity?[View]
100122904Prove me that mestizas/mulatas arent the best kind of woman created by God[View]
100119818Ask a bored Belizean girl!!!!!![View]
100117796guess ethnicity[View]
100122832*: Who else /expat/ here?[View]
100122654things borned in usa: mgtow, incels, kkk, pua, white nationalism is usa truly the peak fortress of f…[View]
100122394Do unitedstatians unironically think they have it better than us?[View]
100121925>this is considered handsome in medieval japan Gazo mo harazu ni sure tate tona?…[View]
100122235Why yes I'm nonwhite, how did you know?[View]
100122299Are cigarettes good? This is a list top 20 most cigarettes per year on average for every person. Ou…[View]
100122821Why are brazilian posters such insufferable attention whores?[View]
100112629>Only one (1) (Uno) chance at life >Born in the UK I can't take it anymore. It's so …[View]
100096009/danmarktråden/ 8.0: polser med kartofler-udgaven forrige tråd >>100042202[View]
100122570>brown women Lulllz white women are superior Thanks for nutting intcels ahhaahah…[View]
100121446Why are leafs in this board so rude? Are they really chinks?[View]
100121262>your cunt tree >price of a base Mustang GT Leaf Just under 40,000 CAD…[View]
100122543my heart is 100% european[View]
100122434>tfw no gf[View]
100121625I have a question for you brazilian bros What would you do if you found out that your daughter is da…[View]
100110702ITT post a picture looking out from the apartment/house/tent/etc. that you are currently living in.[View]
100121057I used to think left wing antisemitism was a meme but reading posts by brown gommies on twitter made…[View]
100122416List /int/ rivalries. I'll start. >Poles hate Germans, Ukrainians, and Russians >Koreans …[View]
100109015it's time[View]
100119915what country would you rather live in?[View]
1001198081. Country. 2. Post a picture of your toilet(s).[View]
100121536I, is whitu grill's nipple a pink?[View]
100113114/ita/ - il filo: edizione smug[View]
10012235970 percent of the time I get a match on Tinder don't ever message back regardless of what I say…[View]
100118984I have a samsung s9 and I fucking HATE the bixby button most useless piece of trash I have seen in m…[View]
100122191>your cunt >do you like bosnians 1. flag 2. yes this guy who calls himself eugene just moved i…[View]
100104752ancestry thread: yet another one because there are no active threads edition[View]
100117485>tfw some loser mentions he has guns how do people in your country react to this situation?…[View]
100120645Spanish vs Esperanto: To satisfy the language requirements in university, I can either take one year…[View]
100120125Why do American men look so much manlier than sissy Yuros?[View]
100121982>mate >lad >bullocks >dodgy >tellie…[View]
100121378> You can't bomb arabs and Palestinians! Y'all kikes are all racist and islsmophobic!…[View]
100120250/brit/: Late night edition[View]
100119197I don’t know what it is but I have found myself really attracted to pajeetas latley. I never really …[View]
100121801I wish people from different cultures just dropped dead to be honest[View]
100119564>ywn be 16y/o scandinavian boy and do sauna with your frens my lyf is full of pain…[View]
100121717Betting my soul 4 urs I never lose a soul bet all future souls inc.: Betting my soul 4 yours I never…[View]
100120855North Germanics or West Germanics?[View]
100121767who coud beat yhadist japanese warriors?[View]
100121032this man DESTROYS neoliberalism[View]
100119110I.. I wanna sniff qt whitu grills ....[View]
100121435Flag Do you believe in science?[View]
100103990/Nederdraad/: niet AIVD editie :^) welkom: mannen, vrouwen, kechs en Belgen niet welkom: NSB'er…[View]
100121185im so fricking horny[View]
100119599You got 2 seconds to tell a war that Brazil had ever lost.[View]
100121572Czech em[View]
100121373Suck on em little man.[View]
100121433Today my surfing training begins.[View]
100118300wtf! i thought Poles and Lithuanians are the same people and look identical they really stand out[View]
100121496>be first worlder >unable to cool down on hot summer day by sleeping on the floor because thei…[View]
100120898America's future first woman president.[View]
100073204DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2116: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
100117329>I'm an atheist although I live in a society where the cycle of activity is seven days!!…[View]
100121133>do not fap to trap doujins[View]
100120975I went to a hospital yesterday to have my phimosis fixed. As I was fading out under anesthesia, I he…[View]
100119246Why is traditional Vietnamese cloth so sexy?[View]
100121091me on the left[View]
100091883/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пo кapтинoчкe вcё и тaк яcнo. Бaн.[View]
100118081Fell in love like a god-damned secondary-schooler again. God fucking damn it. Things like this shoul…[View]
100117552Is this the whitest flag ever?[View]
100116936Is this normal selling in Supermarket in your country?[View]
100118610Why do Americans call themselves 'World Champions' in sports that only they participate in?[View]
100120582Americans had slaves: get over it[View]
100120060Ask me, an american, anything![View]
100117011history of polish coat of arms which one was the best?[View]
100120655What are some customs your country has that other countries might find strange? I'll start, ame…[View]
100119680What do Latinos think of their diaspora? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q87RHYxsIo[View]
100119489I dropped out.[View]
100119287I find it hard to understand my gf's epirote accent[View]
100119573canadian in rome here italy confirmed for >best women outside of eastern europe >literally bes…[View]
100120561>local crackhead broke my window[View]
1001153281. Your country 2. Who did your country genocide? Does your country regret it?[View]
100120203If your country was attacked, would you fight or run?[View]
100119628>in about 15 years 40% of all jobs on earth can become automated How are you preparing for the fu…[View]
100119745Do u like Korean girl?[View]
100120453>her face when she finds out you're from Edmonton[View]
100119557I just... want... an asian.... girlfriend.[View]
1001174831.Your country 2.Your favourite colour Russia Blue[View]
100106131Are Britain and India the only countries that take their tea with milk?[View]
100107707do American girls really go out like this? that's like asking to get raped[View]
100118881I want to go to korea I want to go to korea I want to go to korea I want to go to korea I want to go…[View]
100119881Look at the Nap![View]
100117089UK appreciation thread: Empathis on England.[View]
100103707Ask a bored italian girl anything[View]
100119360croatia is a western european country[View]
100082463Hilo /lat/ANO: hilo latino ya despierten hijos de puta[View]
100117476>always thought I was russian >did some research and found out I'm actually a jew-tatar-m…[View]
100118995AUSTRALIA IS A LIE!!!! Australia, the most bizarre 'country' we know, where the most sinister animal…[View]
100118355/brit/: Metro edition[View]
100104058kurva anyátok[View]
100119886I scraped a huge glob of resine in my vape head and I'm going to smoke it all at once.[View]
100108756Are the men in your country nice?[View]
100118965Me voy a dormir, mamarrachos. Buenas noches.[View]
100119487>be 'murican >turn signals are on >get 300 lives in prison…[View]
100116288>Haha, look how weird Americans are. They do things so differently! >Hurr durr, America has no…[View]
100117779Ask Latin Americans anything![View]
100099289Thhhh: What is with their fucking accents LOL[View]
100109139Ask a bored brazilian girl anything!!![View]
100118706enjoy sunshine[View]
100117655Why do bongs keep trying to pick fights with vatniks?[View]
100114631Daily reminder that Poles are just fair skinned mexicans.[View]
100119127>here comes the airplane! say aaaaaaa![View]
100119562Macron Démission[View]
100117821Are there any posters gayer than these three?[View]
100116074How is wearing fur viewed in your country? In Finland there are 'activists' who trash fur coat shops…[View]
100117885Does your country regularly get put in its place?[View]
100108635/fr/ - le fil francophone: Edition du soir soviétique Ancien : >>100101844[View]
100118599>eating disorders are a serious problem![View]
100117898how to get friends?[View]
100118139the world less than 100 years ago sad isnt it[View]
100116366I want her to be my gf anon, how do I make her my gf https://www.instagram.com/p/BqLcSiZHDdP/[View]
1001190851. your cunt 2. do you have a waifu? 3. who's she?[View]
100118003Redpill me on Iceland[View]
100118971If the '''natives''' weren't so sloppy in the development of their civilizations, would there b…[View]
100082145/2Sicilie/ - Ita: Edizione Domenicale[View]
100118368>Klopp standing next to Virgil ‘big’ van Dijk who’s known for his immense size Notice anything?…[View]
100118589Has racism gone too far?[View]
100110461ITT: Cute Nordic girls: I'll start[View]
100114888America? More like Amexica![View]
100114935HAPPY NEW YEAR[View]
100116223European vs East Asian: which would you pick?[View]
100049272/lang/ - Language Learning General: Romance edition Wlmeeoc to /ng/l!a >Whta leguanag are you lie…[View]
100106428Is it cold in your country?[View]
100118328American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100114807The USA is a second world country.[View]
100097680>your cunt >have you taken the yellowpill? Sweden YES…[View]
100109873Central Europe = Best Europe[View]
100117213what is the relationship between these two countries like?[View]
100116617know the difference[View]
100115048The USA is the only example of a country where Mexicans, Germans, Blacks, Poles, British and the Iri…[View]
100117988>tfw no gf[View]
100108604Ask a bored British boy anything.[View]
100116095/brit/: Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, General of the Red Army edition https://youtube.com/w…[View]
100111298Is this a common sight in your country?[View]
100112126/balk/: Previous >>100064005[View]
100116938the netherlands ca. 2200 t. the future[View]
100117684My slavshit great grandfather was a coal miner in Pennsylvania. He died of black lung in his 60s. Ra…[View]
100114550Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
100109445>Euros name their favorite American authors >always Poe, Dreiser and Twain Is it just because …[View]
100072558/br/ - fio brasileiro: edição: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsglWlcZTio ENTRA NU RITIMU, POVÃO ht…[View]
100117317Is divorce common in your country? Most of my friends parents divorced and my own parents did too[View]
100115240This how the Japanese think what Americans look like. How accurate is it?[View]
100101378ITT: military ads: Post military recruiting ads from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5…[View]
100117432>Why yes I'm Norwegian (Celtic) how could you tell?[View]
100103064>you see this in your rear view mirror Who drives those brands in your country?…[View]
100114417founding father of Finland = nazi[View]
100116148>one chance at life >i'll never meet the person whose vagina i entered the world from …[View]
100115332Denmark is nice: Thank you Denmark for not genociding the Eskimos[View]
100117271a Neo-Confucian Han-ethnonationalist National Socialist state[View]
100113512'United States of America' shouldn't be united. The states should be all small independent coun…[View]
100115624'I hate krauts who disagree with me, but I hate other countries even more.' t. Otto Von Bismarck Th…[View]
100112338I just realized that all of the Indians I've ever met were high caste[View]
100116901the mark of the amerindian... every spic has it.[View]
100116544Well my tinder passport expired. I can no longer swipe for cute brown girls in Latin American countr…[View]
100115390>white genocide is bad![View]
100115825My ancestors :)[View]
100110961Ever notice how some of the most influential people in technology are Finns?[View]
100104335/masr/ مصر: نسخة الغيرة قديم >>100086904[View]
100107328What happens here?[View]
100116682can any greek anon redirect me to the greek genocide memorial? i'm in dire need to empty bowels…[View]
100116181>ur cunt >is it legal to do the nazi salute Brazil Yes…[View]
100081489/éire/: /fa/ /thinspo/ twink edition anyone awake yet?[View]
100115303no big titty stepsister[View]
100114738Me? I guess you could say I'm a holocaust agnostic.[View]
100110019/deutsch/ am Sonntag: Gallophilie-Ausgabe[View]
100113165/ita/ - il filo: Edizione 100%[View]
100115907Finally someone civilized. I am already sick and tired of eastern slavs.[View]
100116118>mfw I see Europosters being lewd[View]
100105901We are going to be part of Eurovision's expansion into Asia: Terrible. I've watched some E…[View]
100115533>be Brit >brag about how much better you are than Germans >all your iconic businesses bough…[View]
100113541>Nooo you can't just genocide an entire world religion[View]
100112425It’s up to you anon[View]
100115871Louis Cachet?[View]
100114535He does it for free[View]
100115685>Me? Yes my ancestors hail from the ancient hittite Empire, how did you know?…[View]
100115650>oh no don't pollute the air, china!! we gooks are gonna die of lung cancer!…[View]
100115548>Why yes I do believe in Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. How did you know?…[View]
100115541Make this /int/ related[View]
100114514>i can't have sex with a 14 year old girl! she's just a child!…[View]
100115402>You cant do that it is degenerate[View]
100115398>Balkan Slavs larping as Byzantines[View]
100111507Why Are We Still Here? Just To Suffer?[View]
100114857How can I become French?[View]
100115221>only 6 soyak threads this board isn't what it used to be[View]
100115277We Poles are real subhumans ;)[View]
100111402I'm assembling a team of Anglos...[View]
100115199>christian orthodoxy should be a respected religion[View]
100109687I'm really glad this meme never made it to 4channel.[View]
100112418Well /int/, this is my region What do you think of it?[View]
100107530>Tenerife >Martinair Flight 495 >Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 >probably others i'm n…[View]
100114992Your country What games are the most popular in your country? flag csgo, league of legends and fifa[View]
100114799is it true Americans hate and resent Europeans?[View]
100111575Yes, I'm American! How could you tell!?[View]
100114792What is your country's equivalent to Deano and the lads?[View]
100114767>nooo my baby!! what did you do to her!? why isn't she moving anymore!? MURDERER!!…[View]
100114777Jacking off for an hour, can’t finish >Google “Danish economic stagnation” >Shoot ropes all ov…[View]
100107872Seriously why do americans do this?[View]
100104714Is a 4 year difference a big deal?[View]
100114318>yeah I admit apartheid was bad but you can't blame ALL boers! it's time to turn a new …[View]
100111822Why are Chinese so good at making money?[View]
1001099961. Cunt 2. Are you a manlet? 1. Flag 2. Yes, I'm a 5'11 manlet and I want to kill myself[View]
100114770I swear I try to love this country but it is just too hard[View]
100114763/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: ox ox, tha pesei poli ksilo[View]
100114409MENO MALE CHE SILVIO C'ÈEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXf-YbsSh0Y…[View]
100114523why yes, I browse /pol/ daily, how could you tell?[View]
100111830Why do Germans park their cars in the middle of the road?[View]
100109848>Why yes I'm POLISH, how did you figure?[View]
100112602You wake up in the middle of Stockholm[View]
100110613its all over for me[View]
100111274>ask a bored (insert nationality) girl anything No. All women are whores. Disgusting, irreproach…[View]
100114303Based Pews gassing smelly poo in the loo shitskins[View]
100092278Rahaf al-Qunun has arrived safely in Canada... her new home. Thank you to Canada for welcoming her …[View]
100113172My gf is legitimately stupid, to the point of not being able to solve primary school tier tasks by w…[View]
100111516guys i fucked up and i need to reset my life to start again but i can't seem to find the button…[View]
100109291Without using Google, name 5(five) cities[View]
100111144Do men wear fragrance in your country[View]
100114064How do you call French Canadians? We simply call them >kanadanranskalaiset…[View]
100111021Omg, Berlin really looked like Paris before the war![View]
100112205My dream is to be an InfoWars Journalist,how can i make it true?[View]
100113908>his country has a: >State >Canton >Oblast…[View]
100111784/brit/: 6'0 vs 5'11 edition[View]
100112915SHIT CUNT: I don't wanna fuckin die in this cold, ugly, overregulated, expensive, unfriendly pi…[View]
100113876remind me to remember my neckwarmer i bought from wish when i go to school tomorrow and my lunch[View]
100104791I changed my mind, Germans can have this whole country. It would be much better than living under th…[View]
100091943Why do Germans hate Americans?[View]
100113675Yarına hayat bilgisi sınavım var dostlar annenizi gönderin de iki üç ders çalışayım[View]
100106473Portugal Love Thread: Do you love Portugal? Voice your opinion! I personally love their culture, mus…[View]
100112027>Some russkies unironically celebrate new year just as we speak Thoughts?…[View]
100111219how do euros cope with all the U.S only restrictions? all the time I see new features added to servi…[View]
100113598>be American >catch American selling nuclear secrets to East Germany >surreptitiously recor…[View]
100106480country do you put fruit stickers on dog?[View]
100111034Is it only me? Or did the Mexicans ruin Southwestern USA with their illegal immigration.: They remin…[View]
100099519This is America.[View]
100112443I WANT SNOW[View]
100113150>My mom is telling me to take out the trash again[View]
100113014When did you swallow the Vargpill for the first time?[View]
100094256/ita/ il filo volutuoso[View]
100104532Do you have difficulty getting to sleep?[View]
100112890SPQR thread only mediterranean race edition[View]
100112561>be German >make of everything an excuse for race war…[View]
100112163Going to London for the 1st time tomorrow: And I'm scared of getting stabbed in the tube. Shoul…[View]
100112769gimme your gold[View]
100111801ooga booga me be chieftain[View]
100112434what recreational activities do people partake in in your nation, /int/?[View]
1001069391.) country? 2.) whats your drug of choice? for me its watson 853's with some amphetamines and …[View]
1001121651.Your cunt: 2.How do we fix the racist problem?[View]
100112219Any russia fag knows this symbol or know that it says?[View]
100106217/polska/: edycja śląska[View]
100101561PISA 2015: Singapore tops latest OECD PISA global education survey, Japan, Estonia, Finland and Cana…[View]
100109806>Why yes, im a british tourist, how did you know?[View]
100110439>americans would unironically wear this[View]
100100523This board gives a false impression that we're /pol/ people because of the worst literal reject…[View]
100108291Ask a bored Slovak anything: I'm not a girl or anything btw[View]
100108668Sverigetråden - Ingrid Bergmanupplagan[View]
100107423ASKING ALL BURGERS!!! PLS RESPOND!!!: Is Geppetto starting third world war!?![View]
100110524This place made me hate germans even more[View]
100110670>i love 4chan[View]
100109219/brit/: Povvo edish[View]
100107096*blocks ur path* this is a southron free zone only true white people can post here[View]
100110178Extreme coldness covers Finland: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/hyytava-kylmyys-valuu-suomeen-a…[View]
100109728Whats with the sudden surge of newfag liberals from reddit these days, especially on /int/?[View]
100106704What exactly is the 'Gallic temperament?' Do French people even know that the concept of the 'Gallic…[View]
100105986>mutts in nature are generally stronger than their parents >grizzly and polar mutt is the stro…[View]
100109021*Black Panther *Hip Hop *Negroball *Nogcollision *Oprah *Will Smith *Blacked *Ebony porn *Interracia…[View]
100064005/balk/: midnight hours edition old >>100049908[View]
100109942>anon post really triggers me >insult him heavily using also the N word, offend his country/cu…[View]
100110555This is the Bohemian Rapsody of national anthems https://youtu.be/q4EqExkv-o0[View]
100110424Theoretical Nation Thread /TNT/: As a Texan, we've loosely heard of the 'sister republic' other…[View]
100109862>why yes, I am landlocked! how did you know?[View]
100107054I love my mom[View]
100110496>The absolute state of Germany[View]
100110302>Why yes, I am right-wing![View]
100105172Ask a bored German girl anything[View]
100110636Happy New Year! XDD[View]
100107600Are tribal ethnicities still a thing in Germany? I know there's still some kind of bavarian nat…[View]
100109577Peruvian women are ug....[View]
100108092What's the equivalent of Cartoon Network from your country?[View]
100110255>tfw you never will date a vietcong[View]
100109748Once you'll realize that the only acceptable female is the asian one, you'll find every ot…[View]
100102332Is this what the average Northwestern Russian looks like?[View]
100101980We need MORE yellow immigration to Canada.[View]
100110322American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100110165ITT: we pray to the West: Our Father who art in Brussel, Hallowed be thy name. Thy democracy come.…[View]
100109027Chick-fil-A: When will they open in Latin America?[View]
100110160be honest. have we ever done your country any wrong? do you want ab apology? lets get it out in the …[View]
100108304Who of you idiots actually reported it? Can't you PLEASE re-contact the police if you directly …[View]
100109893I am TVRK.[View]
100110078Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months this is what it's like when you're waiting…[View]
100109954Uk is ruined by pakis,arabs and africans.: I visited London and Liverpool last April with my dad. We…[View]
100100846/cum/: peds, incels, and degenerates[View]
100102976Is your country an American puppet? >canada >yes :(…[View]
100109912In 2012, Kwait played the Borat version of the Kazakhstan anthem in the medal ceremony. https://www.…[View]
100106725Ask a bored brazilian girl anything[View]
100109786Is this how Finns look like?[View]
100107629The man on the left is American. The man on the right is a South African of Greek origin. Are they t…[View]
100103752Would you lift her out of poverty, and rescue her from her corrupt and oppressive authoritarian gove…[View]
100107748*rules the waves*[View]
100090610What do these two cunts think of each other?[View]
100108622Why i born in this way?[View]
100107545My dad started wearing crocs at home[View]
100102857I just realized Varg posts here. I wrote something in a thread about him with a French flag anon def…[View]
100101940Would you rathar live in your country or in the USA?: I would rathar live in the USA. Israel is tiny…[View]
100106180Has anybody here even travelled on a work holiday visa? How was the whole process? I was told its pr…[View]
100107747do college textbooks cost fuckloads of money in your cunt too?[View]
100109344>innocent Americans YEAH KILL 'EM[View]
100108661Sverigetråden - Bögar är äckliga v2: https://youtu.be/oN4w8e432_o?t=2561 http://www.zombietime.com/u…[View]
100096424How does this make you feel?[View]
100108983Why won't white women fuck me, this is genocide[View]
100093657/norgetråden/: Ivorytråden-utgaven forrige: >>100080414 trådtema https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
100106831/brit/: Single lads on Facebook be like[View]
100103167>'hey, loser. how come you only speak one language?' you're not gonna stutter are ya?…[View]
100102914Lebanon has no Arab genes.[View]
100106688is sweden becoming a racist country?[View]
100106956Roblox: The human race is doomed[View]
100104994If you don't have blond hair, you are not real western people desu.[View]
100107824I am backpacking through the US. I am Finnish. What are some good places to get free showers in Hous…[View]
100102104how do I find asian qts in this shithole of a continent whi*e ''women'' fucking discust me[View]
1001049331. ur female reproductive organ 2. does it have student associations/fraternities 3. are you part of…[View]
100107909>i am atheist[View]
100108010Nowdays, in America, daughters are offering their mothers on the altar of KARA BOĞA.[View]
100098472Why is Mediterranean culture so temperate and moderate? How is their consumption of caffeine and alc…[View]
100091807/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Anime edition.[View]
100106376Left: Germanic Right: Slav Any questions?[View]
100104924I wish I had an anglo name[View]
100091253Why Northern Europe want to be American so bad? I will never understand. Nobody is forcing you to li…[View]
100098606Portugal Hate Thread: So we're just gonna ignore the fact that these bastards enslaved more Afr…[View]
100107592It was a fucking joke you stupid cunts, I used a source picture and turned it smaller and changed th…[View]
100101844/fr/ - le fil français: édition spatiale ancien >>100093515[View]
1001030515 things to thank China for: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005964502.html 1) they ship cheap el…[View]
100100462Salaam post stinky footpussy and brappers and anime and brown and aryan qts here[View]
100105190These two assholes show up at your door: >We're gonna give you a choice, either you pack you…[View]
100081893pretty sad tbqh[View]
100106484Which 3rd world countries have the best general?: /hilo latino/ /asean/ /mena/ /eastern europe/ /bal…[View]
100105734Ask a bored French girl anything[View]
100106900>Unemployment is bad ! >Debt is bad ! >Immigration is bad !…[View]
100105614/hell/ Ήρεμη θάλασσα πριν την kαταιγίδα , στείλτε την μουσιkή που αkούγεται τώρα ή τι kάνετε αυτή τ…[View]
100107151When you are reading this, I have already left this website FOR ALL ETERNITY.: I have decided to lea…[View]
100102245Laugh at this continent: One hundred years ago they were world powers. Two hundred years ago they we…[View]
100105582Post trap/rap from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES7hPqTSY0s https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
100105642Tomorrow, Queen Elizabeth announces the restoration of the British Empire, and declares it will star…[View]
100106253If I say I like ecchi manga to a Japanese person, will they think I'm a pervert or is it accept…[View]
100106729I can't take it anymore, I want big German cock![View]
100104710I am the whitest man alive AMA[View]
100106033Ask a French boy anything[View]
100105483My paternal haplogroup is R-L21. And yours?[View]
100103666how much do you love Japan?[View]
100086273/balt/ - Sunday morning edition: There was no need to delete the last thread, it's not like it …[View]
100103920/brit/: Rasheed and rastafa on the ropes[View]
100106213>woman is fat >OMG you go girl! fuck the haters! >man is fat >WTF you disgusting neckbea…[View]
100104005Which country/nation do you consider the worst?[View]
100106391GOODBYE FOR ALL ETERNITY - 13/01/2019.: Once I see that this thread is archived I am going to IMMEDI…[View]
100106108How come we're racially superior?[View]
100105664>Trump wants to deport this[View]
100106271Why are Anglo Canadian women so ridiculously ugly compared to French Canadian women? What enabled th…[View]
100104602>me? Yes I am a migrant NEET living of free gibs from the state, how did you know?…[View]
100105923How are you preparing for the race war /int/?[View]
100102015Sverigetråden - Bögar är äckliga: Bögar är äckliga[View]
100078259Guys which country is more relevant globally: Mexico or Brazil?[View]
100104588/brit/: rorke on the rocks edition[View]
100095055Hi /int/. I collect football shirts sometimes and I'm considering purchasing a USSR kit cause i…[View]
100090671/mämmi/: Simulaatio -painos[View]
100100288/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: rock n roll sunday edition https://streamable.com/bseii[View]
100104382>Hey Spain, who is your national hero? >'El Theed!'…[View]
100104510If you don't have an American flag, you're browsing /int/ on easy mode.[View]
100098788/polska/: edycja bezdeszczowa[View]
100105605彡 (^) (^) 'Oh! I bought Oronamin C at a vending machine, two came out!': On 30th April, vending mach…[View]
100105018>Be me >Go in the US >Open /int/ and make the dumbest threads I can think of Do any of you…[View]
100105463There is a global conspiracy of leftists against Jews and Europeans. Socialism and nazism were creat…[View]
100081650>brown skin - clearly non-european >brown eyes - somehow european Why are people like this?…[View]
100104217Is Disney well known in other countries? What do people think of it? Which is the most popular Disne…[View]
100105421Standing at the limit of an endless ocean Stranded like a runaway, lost at sea City on a rainy day d…[View]
100104333>Native Americans >Red >Europeans >White >Africans >Black >Asians >Yellow …[View]
100104456If niggers have their own flag why we can't have our own flag?[View]
100102588Bonjour, mon name is Monsiour Ken. I’m a 27 year old American Francophile (ouiaboo for you barbarian…[View]
100105221Пocтим пикчи cвoeй мyхocpaни: Пocтим пикчи cвoeй мyхocpaни[View]
100103067>interests: K-pop >Learning: Korean[View]
100105058American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
1000976971. cunt 2. want an elder sister? flag yes VERY[View]
100097321Is Greece the last mosque free country in the civilized world? probably.[View]
100102044Why are European horses fat?[View]
100103726Teniendo en cuenta la importancia del español, debería ser el idioma oficial tanto en 4chan como en …[View]
100101437>Actually, everyone in my country is tall and white with blue eyes. The people you posted are cle…[View]
100104810Stop being racist[View]
100101076>be the Bulgarian empire >have almost the entire Balkans at one time >have the first autono…[View]
100104750Why worry if Russia shithole may be better worry about not having Crimea?[View]
100104474it's monday morning, normies are up and getting ready for work, i haven't slept yet and im…[View]
100104599*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *…[View]
100089140Average palestine supporter[View]
100103441Japanese girl and her gaijin BVLLS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhJx0E6XPWE[View]
100094710This is what Europe would look like if it were colonised and then given independence. Maybe white pe…[View]
100101106This is my bedroom[View]
100103954Seven countries have more than half the world's population.[View]
100100146Is Italy a rich or poor country? I ask this because they drive this and they have very bad infrastru…[View]
100095779Do you want to find love in Scandinavia?: Who else want a Superior blonde girl?[View]
100100458YES i'm algeria yes i'm on welfare NO i do not like infidels, white people or fr*nce YES m…[View]
100099950Your country are you mentally ill? YES[View]
100102149/brit/: is this paki bloke in edition[View]
100102136Why people say American people are mutts? Being honest, they dont have a long history but is obvious…[View]
100103753>5.0 earthquake in Alaska you ok there Alaskabros?[View]
100096608Sverigetråden: FM-upplagan[View]
100100448>welcome to turkey my friend[View]
100103025Why do Finns have flat round faces and Gook eyes?[View]
100095475Post poorly known fact about any country you know. I start: there is Jewish autonomous state in Russ…[View]
100103052Who is more relevant and more important?[View]
100099617ranking published by forbes, thought?[View]
100103408A girl was starring at me in one of my uni classes. What do?[View]
100103331What's it like being a farmer in Russia?[View]
100100308How much money do you need per month to live comfortably in your country?: In Israel i'd say yo…[View]
100102488*stares ýou in Indian*[View]
100098016Maple syrup takes too fucking long to squeeze out of the bottle fucking kill yourselves no one would…[View]
100078967kurva anyátok[View]
100103122Fuck jannies for deleting a perfectly fine thread about Konigsberg.[View]
100097517Do Americans know that they border a French-speaking country?[View]
100101790What is your country poorest region and most undeveloped region? Brazil Northeast[View]
100095433What are you favorite Muslim/Arab variants for common names? Mine is Israfil (Raphael) I'm mys…[View]
100099998German history... it isn't good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v5QCGqDYGo War...phony peace.…[View]
100096550Post cars from ur cunt.[View]
100102167/brit/: go LARP in /deutsch/ retard, /brit/ is for the United Kingdom not for German LARPers who lov…[View]
100101276Why were Germans so damn sexy back then but look meh now?[View]
100093236/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie Welkom: Noord-Brabant, Vlaams-Brabant Niet welkom: Niet-Brabant, k…[View]
100102086it's impossible to outjew a jew[View]
100099458This is the secret to winning two world wars.[View]
100099592anyone else a globalist? don't care about nationalism at all. think being internationally orien…[View]
100101917Any (fun) Russian lyrics or sentences that I can repeat to train my Russian pronunciation? https://y…[View]
100099472>2019 >still no polish gf[View]
100096501Reminder than Al-Andalus was lightyears ahead of the rest of europe thanks to eastern knowledge and …[View]
100102459It's sad, the US is on track to beciming the next Brazil: Majority of the babies being born the…[View]
100099120I want to be free[View]
100101722I have restless legs syndrome[View]
100099946thank you france: >be cute italian girl >go to france >explode…[View]
100096568Post aesthetic villas from Ur cunt[View]
100094175Opinion on Seven Years War?[View]
100102230Does your country have high tech fighter airplanes?[View]
100101341Guess the count[View]
100097944imagine your country having 4m syrian refugees and 500k afghan-iraqi-central asians etc. thats Turke…[View]
100101638He is Brazilian.[View]
100100297I visited New Mexico The people there treated me fine[View]
100097803/brit/: This round on me edition.[View]
100086904/egy/ ايجي: نسخة مش قادر اتنفس[View]
100101893Why do wh*Te people do this? Why are they so disgusting[View]
100101138... river ... 'sacred' ...[View]
100099634Why is Germany is perfect? https://youtu.be/MnyzRrcXmH4[View]
100096064/ita/ - il filo[View]
100101728Old 4chan culture is cringy I'm proud to be newfag Who also?[View]
100100763Are you North Atlantic (Celtic)?[View]
100100500>when a firstie starts rambling about his 'problems'[View]
100097292Post tings your country is number one[View]
100099413How is int preparing for the norwegian century?: Ellen who is 'hotwife' is getting ready t…[View]
100101534i love pikastan because of pakichu! =)[View]
100101533In my opinion this board peaked when Scandinavian posters responded to every non-Scandinavian post w…[View]
100101484>its a japanese rock song with techno, screamcore, autotune and edm mixed in Holy shit why does J…[View]
100091934What is it about guys that look like this having girls that look like that?[View]
100097009>2019 >still no English gf[View]
100098578Finns are european btw[View]
100098651Honestly cannot come up with a single argument against race mixing. Love is the most important thing…[View]
100099030>majority of Brazilians have full or partial African ancestry >African slaves were originally …[View]
100098722What happens here?[View]
100094364/deutsch/: Eben den Wecker für morgen früh gestellt-Ausgabe[View]
100100610when wil pajeets clean the ganges? 2020? its fucking disgusting, just knowing it exists[View]
100100437$1000/mo is a pretty good salary here[View]
100098897Can Japanese who can not speak English overseas be laughed?: I am scared of going abroad because I c…[View]
100098240who's gayer?[View]
10009579460% of babies born in 2018 were non-white: Welcome to the club!!![View]
100095645I'm leaving this here, guys[View]
100088110Is college life in your country as fun as in America?[View]
100083135Why does Trudeau do this? All my life I've dreamed of moving to beautiful Canada to escape from…[View]
100093515/fr/ le suissofil, québéfil, francefil: éditions Gilets ancien >>100073691[View]
100099149>I only speak English[View]
100096989>american infrastructure yikes...[View]
100099987This gif is actually the 21st century Korea, not the Russia Good old days.[View]
100097300This is the ultimate redpill[View]
100099855I wanna move to Ireland. Already have a passport due to irish family. Where should I move to?[View]
100078396I literally sleep every day with my room's window open. Can you do this safely in your vagina?[View]
100099079>Go to the supermarket >only buy the items in promotion (-30%, one bought the second at -50/70…[View]
100094610How can I tell what caste an Indian is? Should I just google their last name?[View]
100097742/brit/: dresden DIDNT happen edition[View]
100099450youtube translations: why do americans think this is a good idea? a few years ago youtubers were att…[View]
100094362Why do i get fucking korean adds on YouTube?[View]
100099665it's 21:20 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
100095863Sverigetråden - ᚷᛖᚱᛗᚨᚾᛊᚲᚨ ᚢᛈᛚᚨᚷᚨᚾ[View]
100094540Anyone else ashamed of their mutt country? I'm not even an Anglo[View]
100087259Do you want to find love in Turkey?[View]
100099549>tfw you will never have a chinese girlfriend[View]
100096027/danmarktråden/ 8.0: Lige meget hvem du er, lige meget hvor du er, så velkommen her Forrige tråd: …[View]
100099486Aryan race is everyone how have european ancestry. Even amerimutts are considerate Aryans.[View]
100097172Canada now offers automatic citizenship to any third-world thot who hates her traditional parents fo…[View]
100095424Are Swedes as cucked irl as they appear on 4channel?[View]
100098466English is my first language![View]
100098273How far is your city, town, or village from your country's largest city? And what are their res…[View]
100098629vaginas... straight sex... movies...[View]
100095788Based china: >china still uses shock therapy to cure homosexuality https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
100067064/asean/: Birthday girl edition[View]
100097952People often talk about moving to a country and using the natives to improve their ability in that l…[View]
100098991What's his name again?[View]
100098191getting drunk before this 3 hours train trip[View]
100096887What happens here?[View]
100098553>could be born anywhere >born in america >tfw monolingual fat stupid retard surrounded by n…[View]
100095630To non-asiatic country including MENA, psedo-ruskies, and finland, how does east asians perceived in…[View]
100073635How your country was known in ww2 >Be brazil >Dont have nothing to do with the war but decides…[View]
100088378/polska/: edycja loli[View]
100096926Invest in Southern Virginia[View]
100093879Saudi appreciation thread part 2 What a great country with an all loving royal family that never hel…[View]
100096351>still no adverts on 4channel *dabs on hiro*[View]
100098169do you want to find love in the east?[View]
100097199I can't get to sleep I'm so restless[View]
100092792I love Russia and Russian anons![View]
100096389So how is that gf hunting going anon ? Do you have an /int/ gf yet ?[View]
100097975What are some alternate names for your country? Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_alternat…[View]
100097737So obviously circle of life of civilization is 600-200 years (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Babylon, Pesria e…[View]
100097848I don't like it here[View]
100097835Do you have Johny rebel type of singer in your Country? In poland we had >honor[View]
100097545Mfw no qt gf[View]
100097816Do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?[View]
100092122Long live China. Death to America.[View]
100097427why are most spanish girls 'happy go lucky' daddy's girls that think they're princesses? i…[View]
100091154This is how an american leftist looks like. Why do both left wing and right wing americans act so wi…[View]
100097014>uber eats[View]
100096826Our neighbours in Latam can make fun of us all you want but they know that we are the boss of the re…[View]
100095063Daily reminder.[View]
100095430/brit/: Brythonic edition[View]
100097193>Tfw no Irish gf Just kill me. All I want in life is a sweet Niamh or Saoirse or Aoife to whisper…[View]
100091607Do the farms in your country have enough trust to use a self service shop for fruit and veggies?[View]
100093292Why dont you live in hawaii? Please dont tell me you actually live in some frozen dark shithole in 2…[View]
100095254Do you will leave your actual country to be in the ethostate?[View]
100092299Finland is Russian clay. Deal with it faggots (specially you Austria)[View]
100097215Do Americans really do this?: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/31/us/waymo-self-driving-cars-arizona-…[View]
100096968Canada does what American't[View]
100096702mum buys such shitty snacks who the fuck wants unflavoured rice cakes and water crackers i want pizz…[View]
100097132would you kneel in front of the Spanish Princess and her sister?[View]
100097148Investigation: someone of u have some information about Kiara Marie? if u have her social media, ple…[View]
100094722/Savizudybe/: Only Lithuanians allowed[View]
100096947*stares at your gf and seduces her*[View]
100092936This is how that Parisian bakery looked like before the explosion. Thoughts?[View]
100097095/FR/ Fil Francais: Petit Thread Français ; Parlez d'autre chose que les Gilets Jaunes svp…[View]
100096075Daily reminder that Israel was gifted to Jewish people by G-d Canaanites and Palestinians are invade…[View]
100096931How will Canada's immigration story play out? What will our country look like in 20 years? Desc…[View]
100096458Your race is determined by a single nucleotide out of the 3.2 billion nucleotides in your genome. If…[View]
100096916Countries where communist symbols are banned: >post-socialist Eastern European countries >Indo…[View]
100096844I want a Girlfriend guys..... I want a big tittie liberal German GF that I can watch exploitation mo…[View]
100087416Why do people on this board hate China so much?[View]
100096675Is this peak Europe?[View]
100094008Wish I was born a Saudi Prince. I would fuck euro sluts all day long.[View]
100095385Greatest Alliance. >Get a cute nord titcow Gf med man >Get a swarthy Peach ass thin med gf nor…[View]
100096381Post ghetto music from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5yGZRjXzgM https://www.youtube…[View]
100096469J'haïs les anglos J'haïs les nègres J'haïs les arabes J'haïs les chintoks J…[View]
100095329Why can't Americans drink?[View]
100096326did you know: that there are around 50,000 ethnic slovaks living in serbia[View]
100093752Did you know she is half br and can speak Portuguese? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah6UOxlTFOI…[View]
100094171do you like moscow?[View]
100096290The more I browse /int/ the more I just want to stay on my cunt[View]
100095718Atheists and pagans fear this: https://youtube.com/watch?v=MKLwutElZ-s[View]
100086522ITT germans getting BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD8GSyLaxrI[View]
100092167I want to visit the potala palace: I want to visit the Tibet. What do they think about tourists?…[View]
100089593>6.1ft spaniard >Handsome >Green eyes >With perfect beard >Engineer > With money …[View]
100042202/danmarktråden/ 7.0: Hænderne op eller bukserne ned udgaven Forrige tråd: >>99997907[View]
100095398Idea: have an EU funded initiative to drag the surrounding waters until britain connects to the euro…[View]
1000948531. cunt 2. how fast your internet? http://www.speedtest.net/[View]
100089923Iberia, the shame of western Europe.[View]
100090896Do you love northern Romania?[View]
100095782based or cringe? let's settle this once and for all.[View]
100084863Slovenia: Why is this country so much more better off than other former Yugos? I don't remember…[View]
100085563are you ready for the vietcong century?[View]
100094211Araberian peninsula has a bigger % of people with light eyes than Amerimutterica...kek 1924: 'Iberia…[View]
100095403Extremely stupid car thief gets caught immediately[View]
100093945>you will never be Russian >you will never be French >you will never be Franco-Russian…[View]
100094354This is a nightmare to read[View]
100087855Do people from your country know/care that these countries exist?[View]
1000891711.Your cunt: 2.Your opinion on homosex Me? 1.Flag 2.Fag[View]
100095202Do jakiego kraju polecacie wylecieć po studiach informatycznych?[View]
100092737Southern italians are a really nice people[View]
100092643Half-R*ssian, Half-Armenian. In America, this means I’m still considered ‘wh*te’. Isn’t that fucked …[View]
100091368>Irish >Welsh >Bosnians >Montenegrins >Albanians >Cypriots >Russians >Belaru…[View]
100082572Daily reminder that if you use gas for cooking, you're living in a third world country.[View]
100074532/ita/ - il filo[View]
100090215>your flag >do people keep fireplaces in their houses Germany Yes…[View]
100092180Border crossings are cool because I get this cool feeling entering another country with their office…[View]
100090804>mfw someone tells me oats are mere horse food[View]
100094919Is Romania the Latin America of Europe? They kinda have this vibe.[View]
100082862/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Bocкpecный[View]
1000949881. your country 2. do you own a legit copy of minecraft france yes ofc[View]
100094613What's it like being able to drive to a ski resort? Hate having to plan holidays for this. You …[View]
100093147people keep saying i need to shave but i don't think i am really bald[View]
100085235Last Sunday, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Windsor hosted a private birthday party for her fam…[View]
100093051/brit/: Anglo-Saxon edition[View]
1000879731.Your country 2.Your favourite colour Russia Blue[View]
100088045Long live The Juche Idea Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il-sung http://www.korea-dpr.info/lib/Kim%20Jon…[View]
100092295Do you like your country?[View]
100081351/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: Election time babe! https://www.protothema.gr/politics/article/854737/o…[View]
100088429/deutsch/: 'Winter in Stalingrad'-Ausgabe[View]
100094546Finland? do you love Finland?[View]
100083931>tfw I know +50 arabic words Feels good to be broke in a multicultural country…[View]
100092244Is god real?: If so, what scripture? Can 100% of it be taken true?[View]
100094245fuck ikea and FUCK denmark[View]
100082584Why is commiefornia such a shithole?[View]
100094044>travel insurance[View]
100094212>Americans would rather some old fart rule their country than her[View]
100089565i think i lost a hundred euros bill i'm been looking for it for literally an hour, i live in a …[View]
100094026>tfw my city still looks bad even cherrypicking[View]
100085184Japanese Govern: >Canada legalise marijuana >The Japanese consulate asked that 'Japanese natio…[View]
100093916what are your thoughts on America?[View]
100073198What's it like living in the developed world, having only 1st world problems?[View]
100090673*saves Europe*[View]
100091382Sverigetråden - modeupplagan: du är inte värd en flickvän om du inte handlar på Saman Amel.[View]
100092035Meds are just slavs which are to lazy to kill themselves[View]
100092947Did you know that aussie settlers threw some dirt into the sea in 1820? That dirt later became New Z…[View]
100082336Tell me your first name and I will give you a Korean name[View]
100087894How do you pass the time?[View]
100083087Would you marry her?[View]
100093739>by the queen this is worse than the opium war[View]
100081471what is this called in your country?[View]
100087887are you fat?[View]
100089591>Hate myself and want to die >Drinking myself into a coma is my only plans this fine Sunday ni…[View]
100080414/Norgetråden/: Hvit og stolt-utgaven Forrige >>100059519 >>100059519 >>100059519…[View]
100084074>racemixing is never acceptable unless the man is white![View]
100093572is this true?[View]
100093216édition des voitures françaises ancien >>100073691[View]
100093493We drink alcohol![View]
100093348Sans permis dans la gova استغفر الله l'alco-test Accompagné de قحبة avec l'accent de Bucha…[View]
100081761Some people havent sexed in last 12 months: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000005961045.html Osmo Ko…[View]
100077855French is the best language to learn after English. Change my mind.[View]
100093306/NEDERDRAAD/: Je kan niks doen -editie https://youtu.be/RC57V19pOzY[View]
100091435Which East Asian language is most aesthetic to you?[View]
100080799Would he pass as one of you countrymen? Is he fuckable in your country?[View]
100093201Why weebs around the world want to fuck asians if the girls in anime seem in fact northern europeans…[View]
100090535Fuck rich people.[View]
100080332Are there any major routes through this range connecting Tibet and India? Its the only way India cou…[View]
100070988/Nederdraad/: Groningen editie[View]
100086187Will you stop Germany?[View]
100093015If I sleep in late my dad calls me the N word. He accuses me of behaving like an N word. We're …[View]
100090572/brit/: Bitter Sweet Symphony edition[View]
100091189This is what peak European feminity looks like.: Proove me wrong. Don't (You) me, you can'…[View]
100092862>Anon when are you going to find a job? You can't just sit in your room all day!…[View]
100083534>go to italy >brown people everywhere >dont know if they are immigrants or actual italians…[View]
100083802Arabs on /int/, how do you deal with the racism?[View]
100088308/polska/: edycja jp (jebać pedałów)[View]
100089182क्या आप सनातन धर्म (उर्फ़ हिन्दुइस्म) स्वीकार करते है?[View]
100073691/fr/ - le fil francophone français: Édition des rêves confits. Ancien fil >>100062753[View]
100091617Are Romanians white?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tZdPM3fncE[View]
100091499How do you deal with heartbreak /int/ ?[View]
100083818Suburbia is not comfy.: Nothing that requires you to routinely drive is comfy, driving is constantly…[View]
100086364White people think Asian people is ugly and inferior?[View]
100091655Your flag What is the unique way to cook eggs in your country? How do you like them cooked/raw? soib…[View]
1000853801. Your country 2. Do you know any coinsidences, when name or surname of certain person from your co…[View]
100091755tell me about wyoming burger bros: so recently i have had enough with multicultural bullshit and eur…[View]
100090605/mämmi/: Friendship painos[View]
100091027Personally I think Germany shouldn't exist desu[View]
100088736>big boobs disgusting[View]
100090905Why are psychiatrists so incredibly evil and corrupt?[View]
100091475>Is this true Indian anons are Pakistani planned Honeytraps that big of an Issue https://www.ind…[View]
100088699Possible breakthrough: Found the YT of my future Tunisian gf. She's got a playlist of some clas…[View]
100091311what happens here[View]
100091417Sverigetråden - ᚷᛖᚱᛗᚨᚾᛊᚲᚨ ᚢᛈᛚᚨᚷᚨᚾ[View]
100087607What do you think of the cheese eating surrender monkey meme?[View]
100090070>your cunt >when was the last time you got laid Flag Yesterday…[View]
100091152My uncle got his cancer removed for free, I thought socialism had ruined my country and my life.[View]
100091038>your cunt >do you worry a lot Flag Not recently…[View]
100088506Russia Poland Friendship Thread: In this thread, we celebrate the friendship between these two broth…[View]
100090803Do you want to find love in Italy?[View]
100084871Oi, you gots a loicence fer them wrappers?[View]
100083985Are you ready for the moroccan century?[View]
100090309the Swedish Freedom to Roam is often touted as something unique, but to us it feels like a given. Wh…[View]
100079301Is Russia a good country to live in?[View]
100084942/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: early morning edition[View]
100054409/ex-yu/: u ex-yu klub ulazim ja[View]
100088640Is this map true?[View]
100056673Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
100086095ITT: we act like Americans: AYO *guzzles moonshine* SO Y'ALL YANKS SAYIN' *race mixes with…[View]
100088751>In 1907, a coworker of Runkaa Kukalaainen, Austrian Africanist Herwig Fotzenknecht (Photo: right…[View]
100087593Is Finlan' the only Chinese country that doesn't have its own martial arts?[View]
100085646I have to make certain sounds to calm my self down when I'm feeling agitated.[View]
100086236When are we going to see employers being more accommodating of people on the spectrum?[View]
100081436/mämmi/: jesse puljujärvi -painos[View]
100085953>you cant cum on a girls face while she is asleep[View]
100089366>police just raped me[View]
100088584How does it feel being a non-jew, knowing that we have complete control over your people?[View]
100086941Hey, racists: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are…[View]
100085029>mfw snowed in today and dont have to leave my bed to go on a date with my gf…[View]
100089019Pyccкиe: впepёд! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkGZk6ZPXLM[View]
100088131Virgin yellow jackets meet their first Dutch bull: Result: 1 sucker dead[View]
100083944Guillotine all racists[View]
100088928>What to do with the black man[View]
100084834Sverigetråden - ᚾᚢᚱᚦᛁᛋᚴᛅ:ᚢᛒᛚᚬᚴᛅᚾ[View]
100083256>bloke >mate >lad >pal >bog >gal >cheeky >wanker >slag…[View]
100088636/tiger/: m-my third attempt at asian tigers general. p-please make this happen[View]
100085670Mamma mia!![View]
100073927incel: How do u feel to be an incel in ur country? For my, it's the worst thing that happened t…[View]
100085063Kirby swallows your country. What superpower does he get?[View]
100086759Any Sudanese anons here? Why are you guys so addicted to violent crime?[View]
100084965He is a best president[View]
100088001i wish my country was in civil war so i could flee to Europe[View]
100088215>Italian food[View]
100086838>1,4 billion people >practically none of them post on the English-speaking internet What'…[View]
100088123>always wanted to be a blonde twink >too dark, tall, wide, big-boned, hairy, chiseled, manly a…[View]
1000862381. Your country. 2. How do you execute gays in your country? Turkey We use cranes because it is the …[View]
100077339which country is most bullied on Internet[View]
100070907/polska/: edycja rekinia[View]
100083674Good evening guys. How are you doing. I am slightly drunk and my head feels heavy but my thoughts …[View]
100081919/deutsch/: Vielfalts-Ausgabe[View]
100084174>Why yes, we are zingarans! How did you know?[View]
100059823What do you think of people who love your cuntry to the point of obsession (weaboos, slavaboos, etc)…[View]
100082815fair criticism of korea: My main criticism of Korea is that it always seems to be having some sort o…[View]
100086743Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months this is what it's like when you're waiting…[View]
100086545Moнгoлчyyд тpэд Maнaйхaн хaaгyyp шaaж бaйнa[View]
100087328Rate my moustache. Should I grow it out?[View]
100087366>beheading tourists is bad![View]
100087392>I love the Oriental philosophy so bad!![View]
100086961Please Help! I'm dying, it's cold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jj9n74xNW8[View]
100087030How do we get rid of Nato bots infesting this board?[View]
100080839Why were European ''''''empires'''''''' so small?[View]
100087033Support Sinn Féin![View]
100085948>tfw you'll never go to Coachella Why even live?[View]
100086975Any fellow surfers here?[View]
100086465Is latino music popular in your country?: >flag >yes…[View]
100084654/شأشإ/: خيط الشرق الأوسط و شمال أفريقيا إصدار مفكريين بدون قيود[View]
100081964Do you love China too?[View]
100082148>severe limitations on free speech and religion worse than neighboring countries >one of only …[View]
100086470What do you think of my country?[View]
100082265What is the future of Russia? I hope they will join EU[View]
100085014Why westerners and japanese fear Russia?[View]
100085352Indians on suicide watch[View]
100079245This is the future of Finland and others who follow the rapefugee madness: >Seven men have been a…[View]
100083333What race have the biggest male butts? Many Brazilian men tend to have big butts, but they don…[View]
100081064To Americans: what state do you think has the most beautiful women and what state has the most Chad …[View]
100084953Australian posters are an archetype I know well. Underemployed, uncultured, not widely read little s…[View]
100085681Is there any country where it's possible to find a gf if you're subhuman chinlet?[View]
100085685Well my tinder passport expired. I can no longer swipe for cute brown girls in Latin American countr…[View]
100085294>non-latinos leave their homes before their 30's Feels good to have mom cook me breakfast an…[View]
100085138>I watch anal porn[View]
100081901I don't like poos but this man is the most based person of 20th century.[View]
100085494I think as of now the memes are true and the majority of french posters are maghrebis[View]
100082577How much does an average South or East Asian know about Europe? For example, do they know that count…[View]
100081679>Japanese copypasta poster replied to my thread[View]
100085299I'm going to learn how to surf.[View]
100081637Why did America stop making these?[View]
100083209Do you love Japan?![View]
100085040>Jacking off for an hour, can’t finish >Google “Danish economic stagnation” >Shoot ropes al…[View]
100083359I wonder what his paternal haplogroup is[View]
100075712kara bonga[View]
100080682This is what British people live in. Thoughts?[View]
100084622>I do it for free[View]
100080432>Why, yes. I'm a Japanese boy. How could you tell?[View]
100077602Just found out that the cunt that bullied me at school died in an accident 2 days ago[View]
100075740wh*Te '''men''' are PATHETIC[View]
100083826Why does USA have school cops?[View]
100083264Why are Americans posting at this time? Shouldn't they still be sleeping at the moment?[View]
100084116Don't you want to save her?[View]
100083863Jap traps: Why are people so into japanese traps? I dont understand. Whats so attractive about this?…[View]
100084346This really makes you think[View]
100084179Skyfather not exist Groy too smart to believe[View]
100079643Do you like Shinzo Abraham?[View]
100084229https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIa3BFBHJFI Check the subtitles in your language for grammatical err…[View]
100083622I stopped racism[View]
100083429All races of the world report in. We have a problem.: What can we do against the Filipinos? They are…[View]
1000823291. your cunt 2. does your cunt have walmarts >flag >they tried to establish themselves here bu…[View]
100081823What’s it like in these places[View]
100078352I just got diagnosed with Spanish Flu[View]
100083748heh your country is in 3rd world[View]
100077526China is a shitshow of country and will suffocate themselves in their own pollution and degeneracy. …[View]
100081233Is traveling important for social status in your country ? Im a panthetic loser and a coward so i am…[View]
100081133Why are people racist? Jews are unstoppable with their diversity-pushing, so you may as well just en…[View]
100078954>1760 >British conquer Canada and take control of the French-speaking colonists living there 2…[View]
100079804Can I call the people who live/want to live in Japan 'Loser'?: ”Another new group identified in the …[View]
100082580Video of the REQ team hosting an event in Singapore, showing off their progress to the greatest mind…[View]
100083128Why wont f*nns stop oppressing my people?[View]
100083451im sick as a dog, feels like im dying i didnt renew my health insurance (renewal of national health…[View]
100080320Magyar bros what's it like to have international students flood into your hometown[View]
100083300When are black pipo going to pay reparations for destroying the first world?[View]
100079477why do aussies clap so much? it's like every five minutes they have a biological need to applau…[View]
100080250>U.K >Portugal will still be welcoming English people even with Brexit Greatest ally ^^…[View]
100075787If all of Latin America united, would it still be irrelevant?[View]
100082449MAHAPURA: Thoughts on the future Megalopolis?[View]
100080685do you like durian /int/?[View]
100081561A common Mexican suburb.[View]
100081365American River is a town in the Australian state of South Australia located on the western shore of …[View]
100081610What does Ukrainians mean by this?[View]
100079639Non-Burgers what you think about Dan Carlin and his podcast?[View]
100076629/skandi/: Hahaha skandi doyr aldrin[View]
100081899Is there a realistic scenario that China gets balkanized? I hope karma hits China for intervening du…[View]
1000804621. Your cunt 2. Are you tired of society treating intellectuals like crap despite us being able to c…[View]
100081048Good morning I hate Palestinian children[View]
100081792Which direction of writing is best?: >left to right, top to bottom >right to left, top to bott…[View]
100079147Peruvian girls are ug...[View]
100082552Save us from bullies[View]
100081868>'hey, loser. how come you don't have a foreign gf yet?' how the heck do you respond to this…[View]
100080971Topkek, jannywannys just 404'd that thread about a study into age of consent What could this me…[View]
100082734>Circle K is Canadian wtf I thought K for Korean[View]
100080683What was the last good era in this pic?[View]
100080123We have arrived. Let us in.[View]
100076616Why Americans do this?[View]
100080286Average Finnish male.[View]
100080273This is what happens if you say the N-word in real life. Internet is your safe space.[View]
100079018which country should be range banned from /int/?: it's russia russians are committing war CRIME…[View]
100074298Sverigetråden - Morgonupplagan[View]
100077490>asian cup facebook posted national foods of each contestant nation >australia has a BASED mi…[View]
100078697Why is this not the capital of Germany?[View]
100074014>Gas costs 5 cents more, so let’s riot >t. Pierre de la Francois…[View]
100081855>Homosexuality made up 97% of my cunt's economy last year[View]
100081853I'd love to have a human zoo.[View]
1000809461. ur cunt 2. is ur govt this shit? 1. ur cunt 2. yes[View]
10007848523andme: Post them. Both parents are from Poland so no amerimutt[View]
100081280My ancestors :D[View]
100080170Why didn't anyone stop this country from being destroyed in 1975?[View]
100081671>expect American chocolate to taste sweeter and richer >it actually tastes like vomit with a w…[View]
100079797why do serbs kill off their parents and grand parents when they become a financial burden? Do they n…[View]
100079777What happens in your country?[View]
100079318The young people are hugely devided between 'creams' and 'alternatives'. The former are mainly right…[View]
100081630Are whitoids still the most powerful race? how much longer till asian century kicks in?[View]
100078095where were you when you found out the New Zealand Labour party are nigger lovers?[View]
100081176Well we’re 13 days into the new year and we haven’t gotten a single mass shooting. You guys think th…[View]
100079307can we try something a lttle different niggers? post songs/music from your country, rate others and …[View]

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