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108766814swedish traditional clothes are nice[View]
108764810Sverigetråden - Mysupplagan[View]
108763945Talisier 10 is my favorite whisky. Do people drink whisky in your country? What do you drink?[View]
108761610/fr/ - le francofil: Bonne petite édition bien ENDURENTE. Fil précédent : >>108748948[View]
108765464Do American people really do this?[View]
108766587Today I've eaten >French mustard and cheese >Italian ham >Spanish red wine >Scottis…[View]
108763922Itt: we discuss gypsies: What is more devestating , afro-americans or gypsies? For any mutt who need…[View]
108766762Yo burgers I heard Drumpf's main man in Puerto Rico is about to be lynched by the public after …[View]
108767541>4 days until Friday[View]
108766973Peole killing peole people dying: Children hurt and you hear them crying[View]
108767422>Mom, hurry up with your money saving. I need to book a plane ticket to Spain to live off welfare…[View]
108767297Serbian immigrant kills German woman: >In Nordrhein-Westfalen stieß ein Serbe kosovarischer Herku…[View]
108766430For sale: 3 bananas and 5 beers and you can take it[View]
108764701What does /int/ know about Algeria?[View]
108752185/mämmi/: annan pyllreikä aromit -painos[View]
108766233Why Black Women are so beautiful?[View]
108761736For me it's B4[View]
108767026I didn't go to work today because only losers work on mondays. Thank you for reading my blog as…[View]
108757873This is the future Polish hyperloop network.[View]
108766739GigaPedro: It looks like consultants of our current president took inspiration in imageboard's …[View]
108764939Do you like Poland?[View]
108764296/brit/: William Tecumseh Sherman edition[View]
108766284>sii me >ragazzo >LTR con una ragazza >i miei vanno in vacanza >pochi giorni dopo par…[View]
108767073Post your current weather[View]
108767045>we wuz kangz but then the Indo-European man came across the sea he brought us pain and misery…[View]
108763847Thoughts on Albanians: What do you think about them[View]
108765760>Japanese girls[View]
108766633I am half Armenian. What are you guys? Also, how are you guys?[View]
108764242>summer >go out >see this everywhere MY DICK CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK…[View]
108766896FUCK commies[View]
108741344/cum/: comfy sunday evening edition[View]
108766388What race is this?: It looks like a caricature or some animated character.[View]
108765216>Why yes, I poses like this when I make threads on 4chan, how did you know?…[View]
108759602Does there actually exist Europeans who look like Snow White? White skin with black hair?[View]
108673365/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
108766615what are some famous victories of american knights?[View]
108762370Is this the French phenotype?[View]
108765806Bye: Hello /int/, think im just gonna end it here, I dont think I can take this shit anymore. >fa…[View]
108766574What is the poorest region in your country? How does it compare to the rest?[View]
108766512United Europe marches to Brussels.[View]
108766414what do ugly incels usually end up doing in your country and how are they treated by real life (non-…[View]
108766066Post your ANGOLA[View]
108765422Is this true yuros: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/amp/entry/dating-european-…[View]
108766348[greek autistic screeching intensifies][View]
108765264Don't buy Ford, only Chevy: Henry Ford was a traitor to America and a nazi collaborator. He sh…[View]
108754539>Castilian engineering: How have these houses managed not to collapse?[View]
108755190do you want tto find love in sweden?[View]
108765514What happens here?[View]
108766281What makes Swedish men so hot, smart, and funny?[View]
108766238>americans have never landed on the moon, is it even a question?[View]
108765295>Protestant? No, I'm actually Christian[View]
108763919How are communist treated in your country?[View]
108763747Do Americans actually put their shoes in their fridge?[View]
108764977Wow British women look like that?[View]
108760064Osaka: SOUL Tokyo: SOULLESS[View]
108763844Why is Merkel shaking?[View]
108757871damn, how will they answer[View]
108764897I listened to a lecture on lipids once by a Nigerian lady doctor and the way she said oil was really…[View]
108765937are there many thicc slampigs in northern europe?[View]
108765993Do Americans really charge their grandchildren rent at 22 then ban them from having junk food or sta…[View]
108757248/balk/: Lazy fuckers edition Previous >>108744593[View]
108765104Post your Guatemala[View]
108755129I fucked up badly /int/[View]
108746233/NEDERDRAAD/: mogguh editie[View]
1087625271. Your cunt/region 2. How hard is it to get a bf there? Flag, SE VA Impossible[View]
108765764>yo bro I bought hochland cheese slices, want some?[View]
108765733Was genocide of Ashkenazi Jews justified? Pic unrelated.[View]
108736870Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>108684871 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
108765397From Today's march to Berlin.[View]
108765781God damn it, Iceland, I didn't need feels tonight.[View]
108765071Why are Mexicans still using Arab names[View]
108765492Why do I feel like I'm constantly in fight or flight mode? It feels like little, every day nor…[View]
108759382Get back to work Sven! Those bananas won't peel themselves![View]
108763438>it was communism's fault[View]
108763020Are electric scooters popular in your country? Macedonia yes, only 1st world countries have them.[View]
108760237Boy It's gonna be really awkward when it turns out they actually DID steal the guy's idea …[View]
108762715Greek nationalists launched an unsuccessful coup today.[View]
108762891Lula did NOTHING wrong[View]
108764165The Chad electrician is back. Now I have to spend all day in my room, because I'm embarrassed t…[View]
108765366>Hidden threads: 62[View]
108763739/deutsch/: Noi[View]
108765243Hello Austria, good evening Vienna![View]
108765226/Deitsch/ Pennsylvania Dutch General[View]
108765168Why won't Vlad return my calls?[View]
108764647So are they basically Americans?[View]
108765132Samurais looked like that?[View]
108763260I have a Russian bf.[View]
108765049>Tfw i remember ball inspection day Lucky enough for me it was a female nurse…[View]
108759886Yes, we're Albanian. Yes we're in Switzerland. Yes we're taking millions from the Swi…[View]
108764294>You wake up in the Netherlands[View]
108759692>Yeah, i finger my asshole to cum instead of rubbing my dick with a hand like a retard.…[View]
108764768a perfect world[View]
108764619This is how white people celebrate[View]
108763003I want a Japanese gf[View]
108760748/brit/: The ideal gf edition[View]
108764638>want to download Tinder >it's non-free software that spies on you >tfw botnet wants m…[View]
108763980Spanish people looked like this?: I never knew.[View]
108760857Is Paris actually based?!: Wtf /int/!! I think you lied to me...for ages I believed that Paris is a …[View]
108764439Reminder that TURKS are genocidal maniacs for what they did to armenian people[View]
108758338This is my Chinese wife Qizhen Gao. Say something nice about her /int/.[View]
108759807Your cunt How are posters from your cunt viewed on here? Vietnam B&r it seems.[View]
108756515>america has a natural disaster >everybody immediately starts looting what causes this hellhol…[View]
108764230This confuses the westerner[View]
108762984Norwood 1.5[View]
108764246Human, behave yourself, You have burst at the seams Let it all fall out Open your mouth Often I lie …[View]
108763477petite british boys with cute jawline[View]
108764001Look at his face.[View]
108762818What’s the best type of Domino’s pizza in your country?[View]
108761789>Why yes, I do believe in a united Ireland. >What? Under the Republic? HEAVENS NO! Ireland mus…[View]
108759913is sword ownership popular in your country?[View]
108762452How often does /int/ think about West Papua?: I think about it every day. FUCK INDONESIA.[View]
108763352How do you go from THIS[View]
1087612311) you're country 2) have you thanked the bus driver today? 1) flag 2) yes, I just did[View]
108763851>i'm wasting yet another day of my limited life browsing 4chan L O L…[View]
108761480Are you attracted by another country in particular?: A country you're completely obsessed with,…[View]
108763704What form of autism is this?[View]
108761113'Winter' down here mostly just means mild temperatures and different seasonal fruits, the trees are …[View]
108762965Just read the article how the Indians make America great again and this remind me of one of them. On…[View]
108763347Feet of /int/: Post 'em[View]
108763643why do white people do this?[View]
108763016>tfw haven't bathed in 3 weeks[View]
108763033Japanese girls are ugly: They are just uppity middle easterners with better facial structures and fa…[View]
108760041Dare I say it based? https://twitter.com/ToxicTikToks/status/1152958922849955841[View]
108763663Mexico is shitty because cartels. Why are all the other latin countries shitty?[View]
108762723>nordoid autists be like 'human presence is too spicy for me'[View]
108760975FACT: Chinese girls are the most beautiful beings on Earth[View]
108763599>For me, it's House Telvanni[View]
108759192Sverigetråden - Saknar BT-upplagan[View]
108760622>be 178cm >feel like a fucking midget how would I fare in your country? i've heard some s…[View]
108756605/polska/: edycja kosplejowa[View]
108763432I watched the fellowship of the ring for the first time in 8 years. After all this time it’s still c…[View]
108762802>ancestry map >groups Filipinos and Japanese and Thai together as 'Asian' WTF…[View]
1087625671. Cunt 2. Do you think /int/ is now a gay board?[View]
108763327... are you in charge here?[View]
108763062How do you feel when you see WMAF couple?[View]
108754974/deutsch/: Erfolgreiche Ausgabe Wir können es alle schaffen uezs[View]
108760746Face the reality takeshi, your women belong to us and you can do nothing about it except of making c…[View]
108757924Why are white girls on tinder so basic and yet so bitchy?[View]
108760876Sound familiar?[View]
108761932Iranian naval officer: 'If you obey you will be safe,alter your course to 360 degrees immediately,ov…[View]
108761180Wh*teoids be like 'black people look like monkeys'[View]
108761099Would you rather...: Live in Paris or Los Angeles?[View]
108763081Why don’t east asians realize that nationalism is cringe and bluepilled?[View]
108759857I'm so happy i have a foreskin[View]
108762553Now that Croats are confirmed land thieves when will they pay reparations?[View]
108762830Does your cunt use video surveillance? They recently approved police use of mass video surveillance …[View]
108761939>comment section for video of cheesy vapid pop song that is 10 years old at best >'OMG whateve…[View]
108762785Hello Japan this is me, Kim, Can't you just stop posting, please?[View]
108760127How many surnames do you have? Here is 2[View]
108755972Do eurofags really get offended by these silly 'insults'?[View]
108762678what race is this?[View]
108762728>Abroad in Japan[View]
108762672>90% of cucks are white >American >British >Canadian >German >Irish >Australian…[View]
108762755Americans will have their children taken away from them over $70 lunch money debt: An eastern Pennsy…[View]
108762600How does /int/ write?[View]
108725528/asean/: Edisi Photoshoot with cosplaying oneesan! 'E..Excuse me, can I take a few photo?' 'Eee, wha…[View]
108760427Who do people nowadays ramanticise about primitive hunter gatherer lifestyle? (including myself)[View]
108747500/ro/ Firul Nostru: Ediția tavrvlvi daco-roman[View]
108762640>Racism? No thanks bro, that stuff is vile. All human beings deserve respect regardless of the et…[View]
108762134>just be yourself bro, it worked for me[View]
108758718>The EU Army still hasn't invaded the UK Why?[View]
108760818Why does this country not have its own culture?[View]
108762507Putin put in some Ukraine in Russia. What wrong?[View]
108749620>OK! Let's get me a rhythm![View]
108762392/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Saco Cheio[View]
108762313Every time when you fart one american laughs in the world[View]
108761408/Rus/ + /bel/ + /ukr/: Ceзoннaя[View]
108757343How do you take your coffee?[View]
108761681Why did Germans invade Poland?[View]
108756058Why did only South Slavs unite? Why didn't North Slavs try Severo-slavija?[View]
108760033Evolution of arabic numbers in Spain[View]
108760764/brit/: The Jew is based and undoubtedly white edition[View]
108762059>15 c outside >rainy who here /comfy/[View]
108761413Why are Canadians such chads?[View]
108760537I wis I could immigrate to the USA: I hate living in Israel it sucks. It's a tiny country fill…[View]
108743826Can you /int/ergrate this? Shiw us you are not all talk.[View]
108760244what's your opinion on transplants?[View]
108758344How do you call this in your country?[View]
108761223The french are the Iranians of europe.[View]
108760561Do Norwegians really?[View]
108756310Your height and weight[View]
1087604911. ur cunt 2. have you already planned your suicide?[View]
108761774>tfw accidentaly choosed the wrong class with the teacher that reprobated you last year and now t…[View]
108760964Question for ex-yugos: What language did you speak in yugoslavia ,like if you were a serb and went t…[View]
108761654>NOOOOOO You can't just come to Europe. You have to go back, shitskin! You guys invited us.…[View]
108760278Why is animation only for kids in your country?[View]
108759083isnt it weird that tropical south america was colonized by the people from europe's hottest cli…[View]
108742449Do you like your country's leader in Civ 6?[View]
108760395Daily support thread to the free people of Hong Kong[View]
108760307I didn't know Germany is so economically unstable: .[View]
108748439ITT: Your cunt's political parties: ANC: Ruling party. Corrupt as fuck. DA: Can't we all j…[View]
108761134We need to save Rocky >>108760824 Americans, we need to meetup outside of the prison and reena…[View]
108759255China and Korea are both several thousands of years older than Japan[View]
108760866Out of all the Mexican countries why do they have the least amount of posters?[View]
108748948/fr/ Le francofil: Édition vent du matin Ancien: >>108740773[View]
108760766Spaniards are fatter than i thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgJXH9KgL2E[View]
108756877Budweiser announced they will start selling their beer in our cunt, starting september / october. Sh…[View]
108759798Chad sino-med alliance vs. butthurt wh*Te anglo loser[View]
108757334Would he pass as local in your cunt?[View]
108760030What happens in Greece?[View]
108757210Why do Europeans eat cold uncooked oats?[View]
108760780Do yall have nice food right now for dinner? Yes. I do. It’s falafel dish with chicken wings and cri…[View]
108758637/brit/: Seething edish[View]
108760504>innocent metal bassist YEAH CRUSH EM >innocent african-american rapper YEAH JAIL EM…[View]
108755461>Western women make fun of Asian women for taking sun precautions >Asian women make fun of Whi…[View]
108757306Dumping my photos from rural Spain trip: Starting with Puertomingalvo[View]
108760547why won't these fat fucks stop eating themselves to death?[View]
108760338I was facetiming with my African-American girlfriend and I didn't shave for a few days and she …[View]
108754722How would you arrange these ten major east, and south east asian nations from greatest to least? 1. …[View]
108760513Umm sweetie God doesn't exist, so he cannot be a Serb.[View]
108758541So nobody wants to be Latin, Eastern European, Serb, Arab and German in Europe?[View]
108760409What does the House of Lords actually do? What practical power does it have?[View]
108760441>All human life is precious[View]
108759554>Islam isn't a race[View]
108751479someone in school told me during lunch break that my daughters will marry muslim men and my sons wil…[View]
108760422>Banning dog breeds: Americans did it again, everyone. >Google 'pitbull law city of denver'…[View]
108760360do you agree with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlSIx8iaGh0&fbclid=IwAR3lZm4wcBwJM7P3B4J…[View]
108757712You all make fun of Lebanon, but did you know they actually were Greeks and Romans? Look up Antiochi…[View]
108758116https://youtu.be/CaFGlJ3InH8 hongkong now[View]
108759700>russian literature[View]
108753528Are there any females on this board?: Or are we all just a bunch of fat, loser guys with no gfs?…[View]
108760224do you meet lots of tourists in this city?[View]
108757959If you are a NEET, what kind of job would you like to have?[View]
108753237Yes I have never worked a day in my life No I am not planning to ever work a soul-crushing 9-5 Yes …[View]
108757451reddit: i hate white people! 4chan: i hate black people! me: at least everyone love india! cheers fr…[View]
108759105hey you, you're CUTE[View]
108755700Do you like MHA?[View]
108759872What did the American man say while pooping? Help! I'm disintegrating![View]
108755028Spanish men vs Italian men: left typical Spanish men right typical Italian men source: real life see…[View]
108757994Post Chinamen being assholes[View]
108755898Would you rather live in LA or NYC and why?[View]
108757826Comment je pense en français?: Je suis americain et apprentissage le français pour 2 moin (je sais m…[View]
108759821>Urgghhh mom it's not Japanese Prints it's Ukiyo-E[View]
108756604I will never forgive the Philippines. They are my enemy.[View]
108758703Your cunt Tourists that you like the most Tourists that you hate the most Flag English. They are alw…[View]
108759756Australia vs New Zealand: Same Anglos, but many differences. What happened to them?[View]
108759741>i don't know how to use the bathroom[View]
108758898Japan, a nation of warriors: Stop painting Japan as wacky weeb shit. Japan is known as a nation of w…[View]
108754927/ita/ il filo: edizione tragica morte di una milanese[View]
108759645>your cunt >the levels of chlorinated by-products in your drinking water >flag, >THMs: …[View]
108759552>lolicore >drone metal >cloud rap >techno…[View]
108757990/Nature/ Comfy photo edition: Post photos that you have taken and at least write something about the…[View]
108759150How can I join the Yakuza as a white boy?[View]
108756380I probably hate Americans more than anyone else here, I would not hesitate to straight up KILL every…[View]
108755974the most important leaders >germany bismark >france napoleon >uk elizabeth >usa washingt…[View]
108748564Every time someone is discussing finances, and US stuff is mentioned (e.g. wageslaving, student debt…[View]
108757382Russian cat[View]
108757144Anal Sex[View]
108757574>why yes I am half Armenian, what gave it away?[View]
108756917Your country A period of the past that you wish you lived in Brazil Le Belle Époque[View]
108750033DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2215.2215: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the lan…[View]
108758977Is it true that ancient Europeans were darker than modern Europeans?[View]
108759198oh god oh fuck[View]
108758018>remember the time when no one knew what autism was >remember the time when no one knew what a…[View]
108756161This is what I think of Hong Kongers: Worthless traitors, can't wait for the tanks to roll in l…[View]
108757233>some native English speakers can't properly use 'its' and 'it's' The fuck?…[View]
108758952How do i fix my social retardness?[View]
108758947I like black immigrants in my city, they are such hard workers and educated. The other day i was wa…[View]
108757270Will you live in this Flat paying 5m USD?: >6,300,000,000 KRW(63억원) = 5,358,969 USD >85,000USD…[View]
108756940Why can't I get pregnant and produce offsprings with my bf? It's not fair ;_;[View]
108752300what do you call this in your language[View]
108758799>That's one big heckin doggo doing a bamboozle[View]
108758788FACT: Chinese girls named Qizhen are the most beautiful beings on Earth[View]
108758269Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
108758741With every other country beeing so cheap, this is how i feel everytime i go abroad.[View]
108758635/brit/: fearless leader edition rorke eternally on the ropes subedition[View]
108757398Damn. Just like my anime before it caught fire. I'm saving up my disability checks and moving t…[View]
108756186>KARA BO-[View]
108757570Which of these are most popular in your country?[View]
108758524>You said something about a race war, white boy?[View]
108757403To us, /int/cels[View]
108758141My dad knows a guy named Ivan Perez Wtf is he some kind of Soviet-Cuban spy? Why does he have a Russ…[View]
108758092Why is england lacking in culture so much compared to the other big european countries[View]
108757667As an Aryan man i feel kinship towards all indo-europeans. When will we retake CONSTANTINOPLE and JU…[View]
108755194/brit/: Bloody foreners edition[View]
108757128>no culture >very little and pathetic history >perpetually enslaved and overshadowed by bri…[View]
1087553381. Your country 2. Why aren't you a socialist?[View]
108758324cunt did gangsta rap made you do it?[View]
108757863>it's another Korean vs Japanese shitshow thread I sincerely apologize to other /int/ reside…[View]
108758134>tfw normal and not autistic >can't post anymore because flag has been tainted since fore…[View]
108758223>My citizenship? The Earth, of course.[View]
108756767What's wrong with poltards >have brother over to my house >general chit chat when the con…[View]
108757858I love China: Because they hate dogs and kill them. I wish Chinese would come to my city and kill al…[View]
108756992If I become a podiatrist can I turn down anyone but little girls? I don't want to touch gross r…[View]
108755363Who do they hate the most? Albanians, Bulgarians, Bosniaks, Germans, Turks, Americans or Croats?[View]
108754236For me, it's the Dutch gf[View]
108751746Post your country traditional footwear[View]
108755019Dumb questions about American racial demographics. Please answer 1. What is the ratio between Whites…[View]
108750568> be European > proud af of your meme country > your car is german > your license plate …[View]
108757016How do you date in your country? >how do you start a convo? apps, bars, other places? >where d…[View]
108757437/int/ can you name this guy? He will get paid $430,000,000 across 12 years to play a sport you don…[View]
108752528>go shopping >discount for cola 55 cent each can, take four cans >see pic rel at home Fucki…[View]
108756414>americans are fa-[View]
108752990What's the music who can induce this emotion to you ? https://youtu.be/orL-w2QBiN8[View]
108756641God I hate the non-flagged parts of the internet. Americans drown out everything else and get butth…[View]
108755794Which one is better and cooler?[View]
108754887Your country Your opinion on Elon Musk Flag I think he's a cool dude[View]
108757323Should we add flags for american states on /int/?[View]
108752776Reasons why French is a superior language to German. >easier syntax >no counterintuitive gramm…[View]
108756097Have you ever kissed your mom after she blew your dad? what an experience[View]
108753656Sverigetråden sojaupplagan[View]
108755609>French be like 'Europeans too spicy for me'[View]
108757197>the netherlands will disappear during this century maybe even during your lifetime post yfw…[View]
108744980What are the standards of handsome guy in your cunt?[View]
108756942Where can I get a husband like this?[View]
108750190>Brits: We have the ugliest male phenotype on the planet >Chinese and Korean people: Hold my b…[View]
108757028>2020 is fast approaching On January 1, 2020, India will become a superpower.…[View]
108757003The Germans must learn to kneel to the Swedes or they will not survive[View]
108749768Turks are blac-: Wtf kara boğa explain[View]
108756914>Error: You forgot to solve the CAPTCHA. Please try again. >4chan Pass users can bypass this C…[View]
108748661Daily reminder there are 3 Scanian nazis and other immigrants to Sweden astroturfing /int/ spending …[View]
108754934Could I pass as a local in your country[View]
108756640The Virgin Black Block vs. The Chad White Mob: Hongcucks on suicide watch https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
108754223/Luso/ Portugalidade: Edicao fui banido na sexta feira durante 1 mes, mas concigo postar na mesma? O…[View]
108756627So is this the language of the future? Soros is even fluent in it.[View]
108754984Panama looks like that?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCaqaEK8afI[View]
108750675/polska/: edycja dużych piersi[View]
108756312Black girl.[View]
108744593/balk/: Бoгaти Бyгapи edition Cтapo: >>108714038[View]
108756482>I suffer in Arizona[View]
1087538441. Your country 2. Do you have a foot fetish?[View]
108755654Is this ulitimate level of WE WUZ?: Is this ulitimate level of WE WUZ?[View]
108754593Why does Canada look so rich and developed while the Northern-US is poor and ruined like Detroit? ht…[View]
108754162India sends a space craft to the moon: https://www.suomenmaa.fi/?app=NeoDirect&com=6/39/522689/1…[View]
108754495Does this happen in your country?[View]
108754767Halál az oroszokra! Halál a szerbekre! Halál a szlávokra![View]
108755653Why exactly are Americans so subhuman?[View]
108749938India is not: a space sup.... Umm..think again sweaty also >you're a cunt >pay your grati…[View]
108754602This is fucking Bullshit. I'm trying to do the moscow siege but I can't take the kremlin.…[View]
108755667How do I get a job where I can touch little girls feet without raising suspicion?[View]
108754970>hahahaha europe can't handle a little heat t.[View]
108752830All men are brothers under the red flag[View]
108755554do you have a bicycle-sharing system in your city? here you can hire these electric bikes from self-…[View]
108755494spanish niggas be like: >NOOOO YOU CAN'T DIVE INTO THE POOL FROM THAT BALCONY IT'S DAAA…[View]
108754835Why doesn't small dick gook grateful Japan? We pioneered Korea. They were turning poop into alc…[View]
108750652I wish I was born in Brazil[View]
108743785Do you love Japan?[View]
108753857Fucking jew gook rat why the fuck would I donate money to some fucking victims of a beta uprising? T…[View]
108755314Is he American, Canadian or South African?[View]
108752839Are these characters popular in your country? If you do not know them, guess from which country they…[View]
108755064Flat Earth: What is your opinion about flat Earth?[View]
108755349STOP IT![View]
108750630Let's settle this once and for all Which colonialism was the worst? The British The Spanish The…[View]
108749883do you want to find your love in Asia?[View]
108754190I always hated Scandinavia. I always thought Nords like Norwegians, Swedes and Finns were the cringi…[View]
108754000Meds and Nords: >I'm better >I'm better >I'm better Slavs: >............…[View]
108755056damn what a cutie: is she Brazilian or Portuguese? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzCWxGILNHU…[View]
1087547801 your country 2 please stop post gay stuff thank you[View]
108745305What the FUCK is their problem? Seeing them argue in broken English was kind of endearing at first, …[View]
108749786*STOMP* *STOMP* *CLAP*[View]
108693581Culture Pals /cp/: kpop edition Welcome to ruins of Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers can mee…[View]
108737572/ita/: il filo: Edizione umarosa[View]
108754990Cunt How do you recognize a fellow countrymen in a foreign country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C…[View]
108755031Did you know the Brits have no say in who their head of state is? Their leading party is about to se…[View]
108750246/brit/: Crown Jewel of the Raj edish >>108750144[View]
108754458I have a make-up exam tomorrow to clear the subject that I failed during the semester. I've fin…[View]
108751642So what does 'ESA' actually mean? Is it mostly France and Germany? If ESA broke apart, which Euro na…[View]
108751826FINLAND IS SCANDINAVIAN: Did you know there are shills right now at this board shilling against Finl…[View]
108753835>india Why are incel indians still a thing?[View]
108754535I figured out why northies don't like us.[View]
108754953You wake in Oklahoma City: What do you do? I run away from the tornadoes that plague the city.…[View]
108751112Is it true that East Asians are racist against small browns (Filipinos Indonesians etc) or is it jus…[View]
108744784My wife Chino is so cute[View]
108753824I am an anglophile, but only of the past Britain not modern Britian: I admire British culture up to …[View]
108747487/deutsch/: /deutsch/, standardausgabe. pur & unverfälscht.[View]
108739563When was the last time you've seen a couple like this in your country?[View]
108749013Which countries most engage in philosophical discussions?[View]
108754643>tfw Thursday[View]
108754627Proof ancient Indian were White Aryans[View]
108754514why do americans hate nintendo?[View]
108746182https://youtu.be/oJOQCr55VUo Go to train station in Hong Kong, got beaten.[View]
108745908This is the average (Fe)male in Norway wtf: Do (Fe)males look like this in your cunt?[View]
108751657TICK FUCKING TOCK[View]
108754123Embrace Islam: I have a PhD in Islamic studies, AMA[View]
108753769What could have been ....[View]
108754051Should I study Law?[View]
108753065Only hits!: Post a new modern song in your native language that you like.[View]
108754274Your kunt Do you like Tomboys? Sweden Yes[View]
108753229>Dokdo belongs to Republic of Korea low iq >Dokdo is Japanese low iq >Dokdo belongs to the …[View]
108754251>Yes, I listen to Russian trap everyday[View]
108752657Pure Coincidence: *Ahem*... Ay Tone, wait a minute... >'They are trying to take over the world.' …[View]
108753598>tfw public transport I hate being poor.[View]
108752687You're put in charge of Fiji How do you grow the nation's power?[View]
108752637why do they produce so many god damn cartoons?[View]
108753934>slowed down + reverb[View]
108753756*STOMP* *STOMP* *CLAP* *STOMP* *STOMP* *CLAP*[View]
108746102Would you marry a Gypsy, /int/?[View]
108750622HONG KONG for Han Chinese! No compromise![View]
108753409There is no such thing as an involuntary thirdie Just marry your way into the first world[View]
108753869Try your luck[View]
108753675Even an autistic person has there: 1. A big house 2. A Car inside the house (because of gates on the…[View]
108753811Is this the epitome of a Yugoslav man?[View]
108752639It would be fun if that part of Russia, San Petersburg - Murmansk, started to larp as Escandinavia, …[View]
108748263>defeated chr*stian dogs in hundreds of battles >peace and prosperity through out >was the …[View]
108753671>americans cook their oats before eating them[View]
108752251Eastern Sweden <3[View]
108750546>Ora ora ora... You've got a lot of nerve walking past the bancho of Dhimazaki High and not …[View]
108753629*STOMP* *STOMP* *CLAP*[View]
108747916Good morning.[View]
108752675>Scots niggas be like 'ayo Independence is too spicy for me'[View]
108753413I'm so fucking horny for art hoes. I want to fuck a coked-out tumblr hipster DIY aesthetic astr…[View]
108753534>son, me and your mother want you to get a job, you have never had a job in your 20 years on this…[View]
108753465>want a girlfriend >don't want to have sex…[View]
108752231Post your selfie[View]
108753520Goddam it I would like one day where Indians where don't make something that doesn't make …[View]
108752019Contents created by master races (Anglo-Saxon) Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, SpongeBob, P…[View]
108753443Why yes, I am Sigurd I 'The Crusader', King of Norway, crusader of the Holy Land and purifier of fil…[View]
108751338I am 183 cm on the dot. I've made it. When I was 18, I was 180 cm on the dot.[View]
108752044Is he the most based canadian ever created?[View]
108753084they are going to save the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzUStn7gtQE[View]
108750798/ex-yu/: Hrvat sam koji zivi u Bosni,Pitaj me bilo sta.[View]
108747551>This! So much this! >Epic fail >You sir just won internets >Someone give this man a coo…[View]
108753152having a wank lads[View]
108742941Gigachad posters: You aren't strong You aren't manly You aren't a chad You don'…[View]
108743913Daily Chinaman thread[View]
108750213Your country IS inferior to Finland. Your 'people' ARE inferior to Finns. All of you. There are none…[View]
108752875Do Americans really?[View]
108750349Halojas. Show pibels please[View]
108752286>culture is like so important to me and stuff. Like sure I consume american media, eat american f…[View]
108752905>'Ah hello my little princess just checking in if everything is alright, sleep well my baby'…[View]
108751449Having sex is the most npc thing possible: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/03/on-lat…[View]
108747506belgia, the land of the belgs: >belgian national day >when there is no belgian nation Who, whe…[View]
108752642Was this the aspiring secondary powers plan? To wait and break ground while the US rot away from the…[View]
108752175nuke us[View]
108752620American '''sports'''. https://youtube.com/watch?v=SwONnm4TKHw[View]
108752093This is Finland[View]
108751631hong kong is in open REVOLT against their Communist oppressors, will you join arms with your Kowloon…[View]
108752406How is like china's religion distribution? How good or bad means to them? This is epic but seri…[View]
108752020do they?[View]
108748340Sverigetråden - falla av: vad gör ni?[View]
108720141/mämmi/: Mustavalkoinen painos[View]
108752223Germany, the migrants you ordered arrived. Please remind me, do you want them with or without papers…[View]
108748731Why do Americans love (post)-apocalyptic movies so much?[View]
108752070Ummah Edition[View]
108748129Will this Fennoswede bring down the G*rman economy?[View]
108746418/brit/: Three Lions edition[View]
108751998>You cant spell biased without based[View]
108749765Do you want a Belarusian girlfriend? Yes, you do.[View]
108751731bro tier: >Vietnam >Philippines >Indonesia ok tier: >Japan >Malaysia >Thailand ins…[View]
108747933My Ancestors :) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dravido-Korean_languages I've started learning …[View]
108751551Yesterday we beat Spain in the U-20 European Championships basketball finals and become the champion…[View]
108749359Turning 34 this year. Is this considered old in your country?[View]
108751615>Why yes, I'm a NEET since 2010, what gave it away?[View]
108749931This is the US stance on the metric system. What do you think? Do they have a point? https://www.you…[View]
108746845hey Finland bros, is pic related true?[View]
108748193>It's a nearly only 5 months from 2020[View]
108750830>got a part-time job at a massage shop >people (mostly boomers) come here to get blowjob which…[View]
108749187Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
108751301>Wow this is some really good fanfiction[View]
108751287>why yes I get foreign girls drunk with my homemade wine and then fuck their brains out…[View]
108750823>you wake up in a third world beach resort[View]
108750503Where to find American girls like this?[View]
108749487I just want to wish you a nice international day anon![View]
108748808>salt and vinegar >roasted turkey >milk >cheese >chicken mayo >'why yes, i'm …[View]
108749590>Your cunt >Are you optimistic about the future of your cunt? >Are you optimistic about you…[View]
108750768>dude she's like your cousin what are you fucking going to do with her?!…[View]
108748995Why Asian girls looks so adorable ?: Why they look more cute than sexy ?[View]
108738720Nature thread: Post photos from your cunt that you have taken this summer. This is a phot from a mou…[View]
108750644>Error: You must wait longer before posting a new thread.[View]
108746663>uh eeh uh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang[View]
108730620/polska/: edycja lalek barbie[View]
108750594Could I marry a local in your country[View]
108749357How do you cope not being a chad?[View]
108739935>Bolivia >the most heavily amerindian country in South America >Is also the poorest >Chi…[View]
108750515Is land borders based or cringe?[View]
108749726What's your religion /int/ ?[View]
108748823/kor/ 요즘 어느 사이트가 흥하냐?: 디씨? 근근웹? 펨코?[View]
108749041>nah bro its not pedophilia, she's a four hundred year old vampire…[View]
108750393How common is steroid use in your country, /int/? I actually get the sense that steroid use among no…[View]
108750189/brit/: Rata inmunda animal rastrero escoria de la vida adefesio mal hecho Infrahumano espectro del …[View]
108750319Congrats to the Indians![View]
108748353Guess the sale price of this apartment.: It is an ordinary apartment in South Korea.[View]
108750108>My favorite anime? Legend of the Galactic Heroes, of course[View]
108750231why do we worship black male so much on this board? you know they're not so much above us righ…[View]
108742565English Accent Power Ranking: Let's settle this once and for all.[View]
108748237havent had sex in 3 weeks[View]
108745934>his country doesn't have a wizard school How does it feel to be absolutely irrelevant?…[View]
108749742How do we fix this?: How do we fix this?[View]
108749804Pangulong Duterte there's too many of them what are we gonna do?[View]
108750005Why yes, I am indeed from Indonesia[View]
108748081Guys, Do you know ilbe?: Ilbe is South Korea's 4chan.[View]
108749982the average height in sardinia is 165[View]
108749921Here's a Quick Rundown on Turks: >Arabs bow to Turks >In contact with Tengri >Possess …[View]
108749858>(Benjamin) Franklin >(Benjamin) Netanyahu What did they mean by this?…[View]
108749849paganism general: African edition 2:01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK-cUTk3iT8[View]
108749540Defend this Yankees. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&channel=trow&q=pitbull…[View]
108749555>Americans actually do clap at movies[View]
108748777Do you love Austria?[View]
108737118>Let me tell you why communism is good despite that I never lived under such a regime…[View]
108749516Goddam it I would like one day where Indians where don't make something that doesn't make …[View]
108749172>tfw knowing the truth that the jap spammer i used to fight for last 6 months was actually an Ame…[View]
108749493Halojas. Show me your pibels.[View]
108747750Why do Germans look like bleach blonde Turkish Homo Erectus nowadays?: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
108748315>do a little bit of work each day? >nah, I'll just leave it until the last minute and do …[View]
108749420>Detained by Japanese forces, the pair were told that there were three routes back to the Chinese…[View]
108749331>I don't want to have enternal life, the peace of death is enough for me…[View]
108745105Imagine being such a loser that you can't even have sex with British slags even as a tourist.[View]
108749182>tfw water temperature in the lake is not climbing fast enough. I just want to go swimming!…[View]
108748628Haloust can I see your pibels?[View]
108748850>yes I have horrific insomnia, how could you tell?[View]
108749213Which countries can an average Anglo visit where he'll get this reaction from the local women?[View]
1087474951. cunt 2. who do you blame for everything thats going on with your life right now? i personally bla…[View]
1087491631.cunt 2. are you a wh*Te no I'm an ORANGE BVLL[View]
108748006>'My hobby? EXTREME Ironing of course.'[View]
108738902You can only post ITT if you unironically love your country[View]
108748984travelling in America: Hey< does anyone know some tourist student camps(uni summer courses cant …[View]
108746548Why do Canadians do this?[View]
108748392can jewish guys be good looking?[View]
108747829Could she pass as a local girl in your cunt?[View]
108749090Could he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
108747476Will this fennoswede bring down the German economy?[View]
108748840>Do I support the left wing or the right wing? I support any wing that will make the colonizers f…[View]
108748968He named the Anglo.[View]
108744625How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
108748742I want to be racist to fit in with /int/ but Chinese food...[View]
108747320Guys I'm so lonely I wish I had friends and a bf[View]
108746392Americans are 'morbidly obese shartinmarts' Indians are 'pooinloos' Frenchmen are 'frogs with poor p…[View]
108748812>No, why would you think that?[View]
108748745Why would anybody deny the Holocaust?[View]
108748682>my home town that i once knew is now filled with subhumans that i will never again drive through…[View]
108748719Will they ever like us?[View]
10874753019 people dies after drinking alcohol in Costa Rica: https://www.seiska.fi/Uutiset/Hengenvaara-Costa…[View]
108748626Who would win in 1vs1 fight? Left or Right?[View]
108748610Brazilians look like that?[View]
108747772Do Russians ever refer to Russia as 'mother Russia' or is it a myth?[View]
108748168Don't be a cunt thread: How many cunts are offended by don't be a cunt? How offensive is c…[View]
108746114>culture is like so important to me and stuff. Like sure I consume american media, eat american f…[View]
108748449Do Brazilians really do this?[View]
108745372Yes, we're Albanian. Yes we're in Switzerland. Yes we're taking millions from the Swi…[View]
108747967Never use a Korean Airline!: The Korean pilot landed without permission from the controller.[View]
108747874I unironically think Erdogan got those to be able to defeat another military coup.[View]
108740773/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du meilleur maréchal Ancien : >>108729986[View]
108748362Sverigetrådem: Kattuluupplagan[View]
108743074>one chance ay life >'jawline' lookd like this Why live?…[View]
1087481551. Your country 2. Has your mother ever kissed you on your lips? Flag I can't remember[View]
108747963Tonight i'm having bbq Wagyu buffet with the gf What are you having?[View]
108738300European countries in ranking of geopolitical importance: What do you think? Go ahead and post your …[View]
108747759Can any Finns explain Sisu? is it the same as the British 'stiff upper lip'? Do you practi…[View]
108746309Netherlands Incompetance ! ! !: https://twitter.com/DelftHyperloop/status/1153024742967795712 These …[View]
108747152>Hold on babe, I just got some new overseas Tinder matches.[View]
108744572How do I obtain gay Slavic bf? There was only a small amount on the dating app, and none of them hav…[View]
108742597>tfw hate living in australia >tfw lucky bastards who live in EU countries can move to any oth…[View]
108743421weebs completely and utterly BTFO[View]
108745681In Asia sex is seen as a reward for a lifetime of hard work. If a man isn't from a good family …[View]
108746084China. The Middle Kingdom. Home.[View]
108747974watch this, it's worth it: best video on pornhub,hands down view_video.php?viewkey=283405416…[View]
108743571why are western european women so heavily represented in the fashion world?[View]
108744802>want an asian gf >live in the midwest[View]
108742393Jesus is here for you. Repent of your sins and humble yourself before the Lord and ask Jesus to be y…[View]
108747027>Damn, you’re right Anon, that IS a load of bullshit. >i’m gonna go give that asshole a piece …[View]
108742656About the trade war that is happening in Japan and Korea now.: US Investor Korea Export Regulations …[View]
108747567>accidentally tap the 'Disable Mobile View/Use Desktop Site' button >instant eye cancer Glad I…[View]
108747627BIG TITTY COLTY[View]
108745860Is it true that Whitoids get cute girls coming up to them asking for a photograph when they go to Ch…[View]
108746649DO NOT GO TO THIS COUNTRY. I just got robbed by some fucking idiots with shaven heads and leather ja…[View]
108746356Russia is a massive hellhole with no freedom of speech. That's fine, it's their right to b…[View]
108746472I love italy[View]
108746357Why do Burgers say things like 'a-hole' and 'f-word' as an insult? Saying it like that would take aw…[View]
108742099Do you like tits? I want to lick tits.[View]
108728452/deutsch/: Cope Ausgabe[View]
108740754Why are mexican indians so ugly?[View]
108741340>be greek >go COMPLETELY bald by age 27[View]
108746872>the founding fathers would be proud if they saw america today[View]
108745691imagine getting radicalized by an anime image board[View]
108747110>Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do[View]
108746866>Why yes Hitler is indeed my idol, what gave it away?[View]
108745707Why are so many of them in Europe? You can't go anywhere without running into an Au*soid.[View]
108745530Ever wish you lived on a quieter planet with less people on it? Less noise, less congestion, less co…[View]
108747013I am a hapa: ask me shit or don't I guess[View]
108747165Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
108745747bestgore user contributions: >when you're browsing bestgore and in between a video of some c…[View]
108738756Give me your brutally honest, no-holds-barred opinion of Mexico and Mexican people.[View]
108742329which vpns aren't rangebanned here[View]
108725556Do women in your country find Med/Tan men more attractive than pale men? Do they prefer men with dar…[View]
108744600Why do male Australians travel in packs? Why do they all take pictures like this, crowded on top of …[View]
108744986I think Indian culture in general puts lighter skinned women on a really huge pedestal. The average …[View]
108746056clean up >>108744261 >>108744784 >>108742941 >>108745367 >>108744810 …[View]
108746924why did a swede fuck a goat? because he is a muslim and they fuck goats[View]
108743240This confounds, befuddles, confuses, and enrages the yuropoor.[View]
108746884I love Korean ASMR so much.[View]
108746902>Yaeji - raingurl[View]
108746795> i love my loli waifu[View]
108746825Do people eat Hercules in your country, /int/?[View]
108744795i'm drunk, you fucking euros. come suck my dick[View]
108745939is war between China and America inevitable?[View]
108746546Cummies! Cummies! Warm and tasty! Daddy! Cummies! Please be hasty! Refreshing drink from Daddy'…[View]
108745769These gangsters stole my divine inspiration. All that matters to me. My identity. Now I stole their …[View]
108740756/brit/: generational talents edition[View]
108745906rank the Brazilian states https://tiermaker.com/create/estados-brasileiros-6339[View]
108744080The People's Republic of China will propel humanity into prosperity against the reactionaries o…[View]
108745652Most Jomon looks./appearances come from Taiwan and Coastal China Jap and gooks like to LARP as Austr…[View]
108746154Cheeky booger sugar edition[View]
108745961/brit/: Paмзaн Кaдыpoв edition[View]
108746125Is Finland as comfy as it looks? It seems like one of the comfiest countries I can think of[View]
108745773Do K*rean males really do this?[View]
108746340mutt girls...[View]
108745198>Game is about US vs Russia >Get put in on the Russian team >No option to switch teams Than…[View]
108745249Gentlemen, can we please talk about the real immigrant issue going on in america? Yes, i'm talk…[View]
108746137FINAL WARNING[View]
108733799Sverigetråden: Fridfulla nattupplagan utan politikdamp[View]
108722864/NEDERDRAAD/: Ancilla editie[View]
108740915Why sandnigger so handsome?[View]
108744880>poltard posts pictures of majority white america in mid 20th century[View]
108744873Gigachad and anime posters make cute couples. I want a Gigachad poster that I can cuddle with in bed…[View]
108744433Quiero exterminar a todos los mexcrementos[View]
108746005Russian boyzzz :P[View]
108743661What are your favoruite episodes of Cream Lemon?[View]
108745807>What still here? >Hand it over >That thing >Your (you)…[View]
108745827who is your cunts best youtuber? for me its la beast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4674Xndrir0…[View]
108745122An outrage in Finland - prisoners suffer in the heat: Riihimäki prison in South Finland has had +30 …[View]
108746000This is the border area between the US states of Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. AKA the 'triborder.' Say…[View]
108745940>found out what an upperdecker is >too scared to ever have people over for the rest of my life…[View]
108743272WISH I WAS IN DIXIE[View]
108744976Did you know Jomons are descended from Southern Indians?[View]
108745486why do russians do this?: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/russian-zoo-names-baby-monkey-after…[View]
108745065reason why british left india[View]
108744841What happens here?[View]
108745428Are they white?[View]
108744028>We Japanese wuz mostly Jomons >routinely shit on Ryukyuans and Ainus, who are far more Jomon …[View]
108742340>Women have their own Taxis, Places of Worship, Schools and Universities > Highest Trans Popu…[View]
108745363Wow... Did you know sicilians are the most POWERFUL people on earth?[View]
108745641I want an English girlfriend[View]
108743607Thoughts on Hapas?[View]
108745567>be japanese female tourist in korea >throw yourself at korean police bvll Come here to cope t…[View]
108743818Why is Korea the only Asian nation that makes war films?[View]
108744982>based, fuck wh*toids[View]
108730822Racemixing with Jomon/Yayoi: Racemixing with Yayoi must be forbidden. Its offspring will most likely…[View]
108739937Give me your brutally honest, no-holds-barred opinion of America and American people.[View]
108736965Why do they hate arabs so much? Why do they bomb the middle east non-stop?[View]
108736380earth to SadGirl's: Sistema tóxico. Sociedade doente. Solidão. Vontade de morrer.[View]
108745282Your cunt Your favorite apple Flag Pink lady[View]
108744828Youre country 2. has your media cracked 4chan words yet? USA Yes, MSNBC has told normies all of of s…[View]
108745007In fealty to the God-Emperor, our undying Lord, and by the grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Ext…[View]
108745166>he is a gayposter[View]
108743039Is it ever possible to assimilate Chinese?[View]
108743288>one thing >i dont know why >it doesnt really matter how hard you try…[View]
108744948why are there so many gay threads now[View]
108743488Ned Kelly[View]
108744663Why do I feel disgusted with myself all the time? I always feel inferior compared to everyone around…[View]
108743948I owe the US government like 150k so I fled to Rural Canada but I think im getting tracked by the NS…[View]
108744928Would you make love to a cute boigirl? I would.[View]
108744872hypocritical motherfucker GO TO BED![View]
108744692>Please consider donating to help the victims of the KyoAni studio fire: https://www.gofundme com…[View]
108737889I’m ethnically Chinese but American. Do you have any questions you want to ask? Probably not, but I’…[View]
108743692they actually believe it was a lone gunman what are some government coverups from your country?[View]
108744335How do we help Hong Kong against the oppressive and evil Chinese mainlanders?[View]
108744297I hear gunshots. Is this what being american is like?[View]
108744560>your cunt >did you throw wet paper on the walls and ceilings in high school https://youtu.be/…[View]
108744302Why do Anglos say 'You're welcome' after receiving a thank? I'm welcomed to what? Welcomed…[View]
108743595literally the best thing to ever come out of hungary[View]
108743900What is your honest opinion of Chinese architecture?[View]
108743318/int/erplanetary: itt: we discuss future /int/ human pride galaxy wide[View]
108743710>wh*toids only cuisine is eating rotten fish[View]
108742744Your countries greatest weapon: Did you know that of every nation, the Muslim nation (ummah) has the…[View]
108714038/balk/: Izdanie na Sv. Dobri Dobrev. Staro: >>108697187[View]
108741628Why are American people so ugly?[View]
108744516>Nothing to see here. Keep moving.[View]
108743184la morra estaba hasta el culo[View]
108743301how are they so cute?[View]
108743351What dating site do I use if I want a long-term monogamous relationship with another man? I've …[View]
108741560I want to marry a rich white woman and impregnate her what's the best country to do this in?[View]
108739610Why do Americans have a higher murder rate than Africans?[View]
108703334Post the average 'prettiest of the school' girl from your country[View]
108744311I want a mexican wife[View]
108744244I have rated ten countries form eastern asia in descending order of greatest to least 1. Japan 2. Ta…[View]
108738611Why do they have a higher homicide rate than Africa?[View]
108744326>go to american school >'the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell' >get shot…[View]
108743966Why is America the greatest country in the world? They dropped us two nuclear bombs and made us a sa…[View]
108737353Why do they hate China so much?[View]
108741154why the rate of suicide is too high in japan?[View]
108744182Hey, a few days with actual summer.[View]
108743691How are you preparing to find love in the Colombian century?[View]
108741333what country has the best arthoes? I say canada[View]
108743678>n-no Joseph! I definitely wasn’t fucking Tyrone behind your back! This baby is a miracle...It’s …[View]
108742927>Brown skin is ugl- WOAH[View]
108743968https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ4114XO-Xo >americans will agree with this…[View]
108742829Why do you like asian girls?[View]
108743852What the fuck is going on in Puerto Rico?[View]
108742337Por que amar dói tanto?: Porque algo tão bom pode doer tanto. qual a lógica de uma poha desta[View]
108740817Recommend me a movie from your country. I watched a Finnish movie about a week ago called The Unknow…[View]
108741780Is Bahá'í even real? Do any of you practice it or live in communities that practice it?[View]
108737011>your country >do you find Asian girls to be more attractive than girls of your own race? Flag…[View]
108743536Good morning everyone: I wish you a beautiful morning anons[View]
108741592How do mexicans cope with being mexican?[View]
108742101>Go to bed, Britain![View]
108730234/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JodQ9Qoz3tQ[View]
108743360Korean male&Turkish female[View]
108742828>Mexicans would fuck this[View]
108738051/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
108743505Amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LSewbS5eQI[View]
108739919This is an swedish lunch Besides looking like literal poo it actually is very nice[View]
108741816Love thread: Can't we all get along together? Lets be friends for once.[View]
108741635What is the UN good for?[View]
108740731Do other Latin American countries hate Mexico for what they're doing to the US and making Latin…[View]
108743379Is there a more self-loathing region?[View]
108742281If you live in Europe, it is time for you to go to bed right now! Get off your computer! If you don…[View]
108739353I wish there was a pronoun in english for a unnamed entity you reference in a statement I know that …[View]
108743321anagram thread post, anagram that you know れいわしんせんぐみ = せいしんわレミング[View]
108743022>You mean communism transport?[View]
108735383Why do Mexican-Americans look so different compared to Mexicans? You don't see people like this…[View]
108742848Post some old screeshots.[View]
108742554I cant take it. Cant fucking take this shitty degenerate, consumerist, nigger infested shit hole. 'B…[View]
108742585Pakistan PM addressing crowd of 30,000 in Capital One Arena in Washington DC tonight. The political …[View]
108742653Is this true?: I saw this on Twitter the other day and I wanted to know if it was true?[View]
108742752How come guys in general get flak from seething femcels over Chad's tinder harem[View]
108741134Identifying Marks: Trying to identify region and artist on this modern pottery mark. Mostly sure its…[View]
108743142/balt/: võsapets edition fuck latvia btw[View]
108741511Why can't these ching chongs make good cartoons like they used to? I am actually getting depres…[View]
108737537Guess her race/ethnicity[View]
108743093>go to bed[View]
108740277why do asian men let women control everything[View]
108741644Aussie here. Enjoying my stay in the USA so far. Pic related.[View]
108743018HAHA Demonic Jews are dominating Americans,explain this,where is your freedom of press? And post yo…[View]
108740062is this common in your cunt?[View]
108740031Why japs not have dentists?[View]
108742952Planning a Vacation and thinking about going to Trinidad, but I'm just curious what do the peop…[View]
108735077>You wake up in Lisboa[View]
108739651canada are you ok?[View]
108742595>Go to bed,(insert country here)![View]
108742721why do people get so confused by company nationality? if a british company is owned by a german comp…[View]
108738998White Stereotype: Slave Owner: >Realize Whites are the only race to ever enslave another race and…[View]
108741405Which state do you think your country will be in after 50 years?[View]
108742410Does your country have food restaurants with over 5000 people rated? Have you tried it before?[View]
108741566Daddy wants to FUCK[View]
108742212How are heterosexual people treated in your country?[View]
108741742You're walking through the streets of a London suburb with your dog when this sharia police off…[View]
108740657How come there are no gays or trannies in North Korea?[View]
108740363>brown eyes >brown hair Feels good to be king.…[View]
108742411Post lullabies from your country: Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream Merilly, merrilly,…[View]
108741719LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: ¿Qué piensas de los Estados Unidos?[View]
108742127>Cool song. Is that on the iTunes store?[View]
108736361Why do British people pretend their women are ugly? Self deprecation gone too far? Is it to hog them…[View]
108741713Left: Beautiful, pure native Mexican Right: Ugly Mexican castiza, mongrel subhuman Learn the differ…[View]
108742041https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEqwKNNQBwc >Haha awesome video man, mind if I share this on face…[View]
108741589>Your country >Who, in your opinion, is worse girl Flag This harlot.…[View]
108741883Killer Tech: This kills the Mexican.[View]
108739973Sh1t sunday[View]
108736988Previous Thread >>108684871 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/djt 過去ログ:http://desuarchive…[View]
108742037your cunt which version of z were you taught in school? braƶil ƶ[View]
108742122why cant I poop at the end of my coffee instead of halfway through I'm sick of lukewarm coffee[View]
108741419Why do europeans keep doing what this decadent country tell you people to do?? Here in Latam we dont…[View]
108740646I wish I shared my bed with a strong Slavic man guarding me in his huge arms... Maybe then I'd …[View]
108741951Post countries you want to see getting nuked[View]
108739962>22 year old khhv >haven't talked to a girl since highschool or even made an attempt >…[View]
108741406Mexicunts: You alright Alejandro? Did your visa for you and your 32 kids get denied, again?[View]
108740960Do Europeans hate Americans for what they've been doing to western civilization and making whit…[View]
1087412821.your cunt 2.do you support amerigoblo ethnocide? Flag Yes[View]
108732743I want a french boyfriend uwu[View]
108736379Is there, historically speaking, a single nation out there that has done more evil than this one?[View]
108740975¿What was the Henry Ford of your country? Pic related[View]
108741391Do Americans really?[View]
108741797rent free[View]
108741697Why are Amerigoblos so evil? When will we finally kill them all and free the oppressed people of the…[View]
1087412181.your cunt 2.do you support mexican ethnocide? Flag Yes[View]
108739456When did New York become such a great place for Mexican food? There are like 20 taquerias/Mexican re…[View]
108741237your cunt do you know how bad things really are?[View]
108741607Reliability of Locanto: Hello everyone. Today I came to want to get sex for as less money as I can o…[View]
108740160Why is this so fucking funny? I am literally in tears laughing at this image[View]
108734030>who's still watching in 2019?[View]
108731620*stomp* *stomp* *clap* *stomp* *stomp* *clap*[View]
108741328Do you also have to give up your seat on the bus to veterans in America?[View]
108740380Why do people on this board reply to the same thread over and over again? Are you guys retarded or w…[View]
108741431What do Russians think of Russian Monogilans?[View]
108741396I call being a miser and only thinking about saving money on the short term 'being a dumb jew'. Do n…[View]
108735328I hate it here, I need to leave[View]
108740867Why do whites think Asians have small eyes?: The only Asians whose eyes are small are those living i…[View]
108741104Why do boomers collect so many useless nick-nacks?[View]
108719226Why do finns do this?[View]
108737846Why do they hate blacks so much?[View]
108736900Hairstyles of /int/: Post a pic of your hairstyle and rate others'. This is me. Before anyone s…[View]
108736412/cum/: Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky I…[View]
108741082>go on general >everyone is just posting willy nilly about random stuff…[View]
108735452Rachel and Jun[View]
108741098is there any way that the indo europeans of the world could one day unite?[View]
108725584/v4/+friends: crow trap edition[View]
108738807why are jap jomon spammers obsessed with this guy? he looks like some kind of south american mutt[View]
108740901>Communist niggas be like this is my concrete prison[View]
108733407>pale skin >brown hair >brown eyes…[View]
1087364791. ur cunt 2. thoughts on old Top Gear 3. what is your favorite special? Flag good stuff, Jeremy is…[View]
108740279Hong Kong 2019 Color Revolutions Cia smuggling drugs from latam Black operations in the triple front…[View]
108741064>Why yes, I DO still have dreams about my highschool crush, despite me graduating 5 years ago. Wh…[View]
108741048>Of course I always check what are the most dangerous, drug-infested, crime-ridden, prostitute-la…[View]
108737110>No I am not an Ang- BANG BANG[View]
108740480come to brazil[View]
108740938Sweden please just give us our nigger back. This isn't fair. We'll never go to the snow co…[View]
108740958Juntos e shallow NOw[View]
108732949ITT: Post the true borders of your country.[View]
108737047Makes you think...[View]
108695697/Norgetråden/: Nå må dere slutte å la trådene do ut-utgaven Forrige: hvem faen vet[View]
108740637the averave height in sardinia is 170cm[View]
108736181>your cunt >your carfu[View]
108737948/brit/: British culture edition[View]
108739810Post memes your country likes[View]
108740258What do you know about Honduras?[View]
108738924Do your country has the equivalent of Area 51?[View]
108718184faces of /int/[View]
108740479Why is this forum ignoring puerto Rico?[View]
108736741Is this what the average French girl looks like?[View]
108740332Ah yes, the night shift. Once again alone with my thoughts. In solitude one aquires wisdom yes?[View]
108737193yt “pippo” be like: >hot damn, i think i’ll drink some milk right now…[View]
108739871>tfw the latvian /pol/tard who spams pictures of le epic nationalist rallies is literally a fucki…[View]
108740078Do Americans really do this?[View]
108739660>highschool friend of mine is getting married to a Chinese girl I think the yellow fever meme is …[View]
108740369any kinos about taste slowly evolving from nordic to med women?[View]
108729416How do you write this letter /int/?[View]
108740339Hong Kong 2019 Color Revolutions Cia smuggling drugs from latam Black operations in the triple front…[View]
108738571Would you die for your country?[View]
108739576>I like rusty spoons[View]
108740022>Thanks for the song dude, this is a BOP[View]
108726202/danmarktråden/ 2.0: Investér i Region Sjælland udgaven Forrige tråd: >>108654532[View]
108739806Pakistan PM addressing crowd of 30,000 in Capital One Arena in Washington DC Thoughts?[View]
108738681Why do Chicanos larp as niggers and love nigger culture?[View]
108740021Communism is an antinigger ideology. Because all the niggers would have starved to death under this …[View]
108740009>do americans really do this[View]
108739485Lifting weights (not 'excercising') is the stupid hobby for the stupidest human beings. >I want t…[View]
108739347>japanese is so superior because we is jomon, look at this picture of handsome jomon man, he even…[View]
108739665Do you pray before you sleep, /int/? I usually do not. But I will do it from now on, to thank my cre…[View]
108693358/dixie/ - Southern US & /v4/ & assorted medshits & /balk/ & friends: punished lee: a…[View]
108739774What things does fascinate your about other countries? For me it's: American prison system. I …[View]
108736567Do people in your country know of the moon landing? What do they think of it?[View]
108737431>Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5? >China: Is this a Joke? >Japan: Impossible! …[View]
108738162my cousin got fat[View]
1087391601. Cunt 2. Is cringe a commonly used word?[View]
108737536is there any crispr gene editing surgery I can do to change my haplogroup? I want to become transhap…[View]
108739671In communism you must earn your right to eat. If you fall behind in your productivity quotas you wil…[View]
108738781Is there any nation more subhuman than Amerigoblostan?[View]
108719281/éire/: Eagrán buaiteora[View]
1087385521. country 2. how do you write this number?[View]
108737648Latvian qtboi won't love me back, what do I do to make him love me?![View]
108714305/mena/: Levantine master race edition[View]
108737776Why do many men in this country do ballet? Is it not stigmatized there?[View]
108736525Dane here I fucking love Italy Jesus Christ what a SEXY sounding language. I fall in love with every…[View]
108738877Don't forget to upvote my thread.[View]
108738930Why Japs no longer produce any good tech[View]
108729986/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition du nabot complexé ancien : >>108723699[View]
108727687Imagine if Europeans had never settled into the Americas What would the continent be like in 2019 if…[View]
108738374Just encountered a literal shart in mart Yes, we really do[View]
108738677>milfs >tomboys[View]
108738918>Yes, I do listen to GTA III music right now. How could you tell?[View]
108736740Can any Mexibros tell me what Michoacan is like?: My family is from there and I feel like most SoCal…[View]
108737565Enough with the racism threads, let's take a break. Waht's one of the most evil things you…[View]
108737621>You say Justin Bieber-I say ACDC >You say Miley Cyrus-I say Led Zepplin >You say T-Pain-I …[View]
108738461Guess her nationality[View]
108737587what is this?[View]
108738198Why are sharts like this...[View]
108736766why are the British so ugly? i thought it was a meme but it's not[View]
108736644Guys why can't I get a gf[View]
108737919Post countries you hate[View]
108737522Post GORILLAS from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JergVnzi0Y0[View]
108732081What the fuck is their problem? Why do they think they can have a war with the US or Israel when the…[View]
108738015How was your weekend, Anon?[View]
108738394>God? Jesus? The Virgin Mary? Sounds like fiction to me, bro.[View]
108738060>Superhero good, super-villain bad[View]
108731789>Your country >Why are you still here?[View]
108738330Is it true?: I heard from a friend recently that Europeans don't iron their money. Do they real…[View]
108734699>your country >are your electricity wires all over the place like USA…[View]
108738314In communism, if a province cant contribute enough to the state to justify its existence its populat…[View]
108738249>NOOOOOO you CANT read SIEGE by James Mason! He is a neonazi![View]
108738174>Shoreside Vale. Home.[View]
108735408>Well yes, I am from Finnland. What gave it away?[View]
108735089/brit/: contrapoints edish[View]
108736992Netherland Women?: How are women from the Neatherlands? Are they based and redpilled, or are they fe…[View]
108734286You are cute C U T E U T E[View]
108730791Reading their posts gets you the impression they are headed for a full scale civil war and a total c…[View]
108737075are you guys really anti self defense, or do you just meme?[View]
108737299>it’s say here your last job was in December 2016 >care to explain your work gap anon?…[View]
108735814So apparently a bunch of Albanian village girls in north Macedonia are getting kidnapped, raped and …[View]
108735037When the Prussian army comes towards you with a 5/5/5/5 general[View]
108738003How can I convince CIA to assassinate my president, /int/? Shit is getting so bad I'm almost t…[View]
108709660/lat/ - hilo latino: wenos dias gente[View]
108738001Happier.: That music. You can take you down to the bottom. So listen to me.[View]
108737991You wake up in the Philippines, Kaguyaposter's home.[View]
108737981We are a band of brothers and native to the soil Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil …[View]
108737667>Why yes I'm monolingual how could you tell?[View]
108736685>be american >get shot[View]
108737735What's the difference between a president, prime minister, and chancellor?[View]
108732935>Please consider donating to help the victims of the KyoAni studio fire…[View]
108737212Orange: soul White: soulless[View]
108737737They couldnt just stop eating potatoes and chose to starve to death lmao. Fucking dumb wh*Te niggers…[View]
108737748>be you >not armenian How do you live with yourself, Anon? Don't you wish you were Armeni…[View]
108736682Mongolians and inuits have the highest cranial capacity. This alone makes them the master race.[View]
108734035I didn't even ask to be born[View]
108737052>American naming conventions[View]
108730996Are there Spanish speaking schools in the USA? Are there Spanish speaking universities in the USA?[View]
108737363Why aren't there any Michelin rated Mexican restaurants? I thought Mexican food was one of the …[View]
108737171do not copy peast the face kpop gook: 99.999% of kpop has the same ideal face becouse they do plasti…[View]
108736229Why Russians wear this kind of hat?, at least here only old men use them.[View]
108737252Why? Why? Whyyyyyyy: A única pergunta que apareceu no momento.[View]
108735616>mfw blackpill is the only pill that matters and is completely correct >mfw there are guys, ev…[View]
108726812/ita/ - il filo: SI LAVORA E SI PRODUCE PER LA FIGA E PER IL DUCE![View]
108734150>WTF Pudge stop sapping my exp and go gank mid[View]
108736772What’s the deal with Aquafreshland?: This country is called both Holland and the Netherlands and the…[View]
108736715What's the most gibberish sounding language in the world? For my money, it's Irish and Swe…[View]
108725977do americans really?[View]
108736910>you wake up in dalaran - crystalsong forest[View]
108735310You Easter up on Wake Island.[View]
108736430Do americans really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob-qmfvnQVo[View]
108735227>Latina women[View]
108736507your country how do you cope shithuania the fact that'll be a rotting corpse in the next 5 year…[View]
108733754should we be worried[View]
108736831>study beats 24/7 stream lo fi trip hop city pop ambient chillwave[View]
108736830I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
108736798>Abroad in Japan[View]
108735669Why are like 1 in 10 /int/ threads just a soyboy wojak?[View]
108736765German niggas be like “hi my name is Muhammad Abdul Jafar-II and this is brother Paul”[View]
108735095Do Latinas find it sexy when a white english speaker tries to speak Spanish with a thick accent?[View]
108735928Help whites remember their ancestors: I think the biggest reason why whites are feeling depressed, h…[View]
108732708Yes, Brits, obey and you will be safe.[View]
108736684>Why yes, i am a KVRD, how could you tell?[View]
108736616what do european neopagans think of hindus?[View]
108730557I did it. I'm one with Eesti now[View]
108736615>4 T-80U's roll out of the treeline >every other unit is a strela launcher…[View]
108733469Japanese father, Mexican mother[View]
108724139S /cum/ - Sweden Canada USA Mexico: Early to piss you off[View]
108736621>try looking up a video with a weird name >get Indian/SEA results instead >try watching a v…[View]
108733756We are brothers we are Europe Regnum Francorum[View]
108731125Why do Cucktholics worship this man more than they do God? Are they idiots? Plain traitors to Jesus …[View]
108735747>You wake up in Miami Beach[View]
108736467Do You Want To Find Love In Spain[View]
108736460That chicano feel[View]
108736134https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwBOpBHHflo Explain yourselves right now, burgers.[View]
108722916you enter your room and discover Belle Delphine on your bed, sitting in a same pose and wearing same…[View]
108729690ITT: We all live in the same flat in 1940 Germany[View]
108734737Which one are you /int/?[View]
108728813So...: is the San Francisco poop problem a real thing? You can’t leave your house without stepping i…[View]
108736300'Why yes I deal drugs in my spare time how can you tell?'[View]
108727003They fought for Europe.[View]
108735710Are African Americans friends or foes in the reconquista[View]
108736241Muslims in 2019: thoughts?[View]
108736046''Dear son, i gotta go the store after some more beer. Please stay here and take care of y…[View]
108735805What kind of albanian are you /int/?[View]
108732785*ting* *ting* My country has got its first serial killer Wish them good luck[View]
108731445i have never kissed a girl despite my age of 23[View]
108725768Why do Americans dislike Latinxs? At least they work hard and don't do terrorism.[View]
108733819Why are Finns so gay?[View]
108736027>Your country >What do you think of this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHoT4N43jK8 Sw…[View]
108734135Guyana has spoken.[View]
108735888>'There is absolutely nothing wrong about abusing hardcore drugs. I snort cocaine every day and I…[View]
108734551These French kids are on a school trip to Dithney Land. Say something nice about them.[View]
108733541>What's the wecommended amount of dedotated wam I should have to a srvr?…[View]
108735506>me? I almost got my hands to the poison I'm going to give to my parents, once they're …[View]
108733275The heirs to the Belgian, Dutch, Spanish and British thrones. Do you like monarchies?[View]
108728512Russian niggas really be walkin' around with names like 'sir gay'[View]
108732289How do you take your coffee?[View]
108727362/balt/: Dead inside edition[View]
108726580Why can't we have arhitecture like this at modern times. Does the humanity becomes stupider?[View]
108730584*posts wall of text*[View]
108735612Flag Did you play CoD as a kid?[View]
108735692>Stop arresting homeless people! They are poor and need help![View]
108735583Did you know heroin, meth and weed is not illegal in North Korea?[View]
108727817Do you have any cool hobbies?[View]
108735581>I'm not brown I'm tanned![View]
108734363If I want to visit the land of spiders, monsters and death which city should I go to?[View]
108735024I just turned 24 and I am still a virgin with 0 real life friends and without a job living with pare…[View]
108735416>ginger hair >freckles >green eyes…[View]
108705668/Med/: REMOVE ARABIST IMBECILES edition[View]
108733030>Both are mestizo mutt countries >only americans get bullied for being mutts Why is this?…[View]
108735106/brit/: just got this back from the russian data mining agency edition[View]
108731041American's can't read this.[View]
108733301Remember the Armenian Genocide[View]
108734220GDP per capita, inbreeding coefficient, IQ scores for multiple countries.[View]
108735162>your cunt >have you ever been in a demonstration or riot? Québec Yes…[View]
108710739/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția Vasile Alecsandri. Precedent: >>108660654[View]
108732841Would you rather...: Live in New York City or anywhere in the state of Mississippi?[View]
108733158/brit/: Big brained atheists only edition[View]
108721831When will Swedes release him before Trump sends Navy SEAL 6 to save A$AP?[View]
1087345041. Your country 2. Thoughts on my skull?[View]
108728083Do girls in your country have pink areolas?[View]
108732636>2019 >he doesn't sleep with his father LMAOing @ yall…[View]
108732989>Pyки вepх фaшиcт![View]
108730819the american is a proud, noble creature[View]
108733968The Queen can literally shut down Parliament anytime if she wants but yet Brits go on about how she …[View]
108734886Why does this board insult American cuisine?[View]
108727301/int/ poll: >your country >your age >are currently, or planning to marry? >do you have k…[View]
108734857>be American company (GM, Time Warner, Facebook, Amazon) >use government subsidies to fuck ove…[View]
108731912Why many posters are racist against Americans ?[View]
108732042how do i proceed to get a black gf?[View]
108734855My name is Jafar I come from afar There's a bomb in my car ALLAHU AKBAR[View]
108733827>tfw no american gf[View]
108734197In Watchmen Alan Moore was trying to tell us that superheroes are linked with the dream about a mast…[View]
108734218Mestizo trap where did you go? Do you still post here? It's been a while since I've last s…[View]
108734790>if it’s slav, shoot[View]
108732740>when he is a white guy but he has brown eyes and dark hair[View]
108732230where could i escape?: i'm tired of this spic shithole full of spanitards and others sudacas. i…[View]
108733621Which countries would you want to erase? For me it’s Brazil and Mexico[View]
108734726>My rolemodel? >Robespierre[View]
108729666>Deutsche Bank (DB) is a pillar of the German economy, and by extension, Europe's economy. L…[View]
108733719>>108723853 dat swede who hates Norway and Bergen. There is nothing to hate. Well known music…[View]
108734212>bro, i'm going to take a dump on our favourite street, you coming with me?…[View]
108685806DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2215: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the language…[View]
108734595“The revelations yesterday of cocaine, escorts, prostitution has pushed me over the line and I used …[View]
108731298What the fuck is wrong with Japan?[View]
1087330621. Your cunt 2. Can you understand your language from 2500+ years ago? Greece Yes[View]
108731952Do you like Americans?[View]
108734195'Have I smoked crack cocaine?' 'Yes I have. Probably in one of my drunken stupors'[View]
108734070america before suburbs: beacon of civilisation, white, civilised america after suburbs:2nd world hel…[View]
108734104/Skandi/: Nordiska unionens utgåva[View]
108729646Do americans really...[View]
108728572/brit/: FUCK AMERIGOBLOS edition[View]
108733714Death to America[View]
108733944/int/ernational pictures: Post photographic scenery that you consider to have visual quality. The mo…[View]
108733797Sverigetråden vitt rymdimperium-upplagan[View]
108733783/int/ is a normal shitter board prove me wrong Protip: You can't.[View]
108730860Previous Thread >>108684871 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/djt 過去ログ:http://desuarchi…[View]
108728190What’s the best US city...: ...and why is it Seattle?[View]
108721202Does United States Air Force really do this?[View]
108731131Why are there so many STEM women in Eastern Europe?[View]
108733207Everything about this board is how white you are. It's about how light skinned of a black you …[View]
108729836if you have more than 25 points, then you are an npc soiboy and need to get off this website >mar…[View]
108733565gringos don't have culture, even cowboys are mexican lmao[View]
108730779>Piracy is not a victimless crime![View]
1087328511. you're country 2. when are you ending your life?[View]
108732848how do girls feel when it's a male gynecologist[View]
108727012American pussies can't even watch superior British horror movies >US release of The Descent …[View]
108724982Asian girls vs. European/White girls: /int/ talks a lot about Asian girls vs. European girls. So I t…[View]
108733164/brit/: rate my painting lads[View]
108732592160 cm[View]
108653964/flag/ + /extraflags/: Wangerland edition previous edition: >>108598528 Welcome to /extraflags…[View]
108731197/brit/: everytime i look in the mirror janny looks back edition[View]
108732139Why, why was I born with these disgusting long upper eyelids? No woman would want me. I am a lidcel.[View]
108727396For me, it's Baden-Wurttemberg.[View]
108730077California looks Satanic[View]
108732976>heatwave this week So how are you guys planning to survive this time? I cant afford AC…[View]
1087267751. your cunt 2. Has a girl ever looked at you like this before?[View]
108727611Thai girls or Brazilian girls?[View]
108732807>whiter than you Muhammad[View]
108732346Your opinion on french inventor Nicolas Teisselle?[View]
108730900Could she pass a local in your country?[View]
108731389How much black admixture do mexicans have?[View]
108729852What is the 'gayest' country (has the highest percentage of gays compared to rest of population)? My…[View]
108703506kurva halott anyátok[View]
108732241>I suffer in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay[View]
108700192/ex-yu/: osjećanka čeka izdanje, također bojana laban[View]
108732340>insult america on a samoan archery board >private hernandez and private rodriguez rush to def…[View]
108729730>another summer spent by myself in my room[View]
108730035Euro anons, are your countries preparing for Iranian refugees?[View]
108729910Why is san francisco so gay ?[View]
108732038>Your cunt >Do you have toil on the morrow flag Yes, toilberg is sucking the life from me…[View]
108707856America is ranked 10th in food culture. If your country is not above it, you eat literal garbage. h…[View]
108730949Does your cunt have any interesting conspiracy theories?[View]
108728786/deutsch/: Spreche ich mit Herrn Winkler? – Ausgabe[View]
108729210Being a virgin in Mexico sucks:: Bruh bitches are so fucknig shallow, boring and materialistic, if y…[View]
108725089Sverigetråden: Generationsupplagan[View]
108729429>mfw I watch German comedians Literally not a single one of them is funny. It's pure cringe …[View]
108730459lighthouse thread: show us your cunts lighthouses. other cool structures also welcome.[View]
108728088Bullying in Japan: How is bullying in Japan?[View]
108727719How did Protestant work ethic work out for Namibians and Papua New Guineas compared to lazy catholic…[View]
108731491why do americans?[View]
108728104>Yesterday a neighbor doctor was killed by bandits near to my house Now i understand i live in a …[View]
108723853If there ever were any doubts that Scandinavia is home to the most nanny state countries on earth, l…[View]
108731436>“I think that it is beyond dispute that men are VASTLY superior to women in all ways and regards…[View]
108728195>be American >get shot >police shows up and accidentally shoots you >get sent to the loc…[View]
108731326United States of Mexico[View]
108730632Are Spanish considered white in your country?[View]
108717861ITT we try to guess the age and occupation of the poster above us based on their music preference[View]
108731279/esperanto/: Parolu Esperanto ĉi tie. Ne krokodilu ĉi tie.[View]
108719756Do Eastern Europeans have big white cocks?[View]
108731107How is it to study here (Amsterdam) as a non Dutch Speaker? Are dutch girls hot and outgoing?[View]
108730433>i suffer in israel[View]
108703393/skandi/: Jentenes siste tur utgaven[View]
108724597iran, why you steal our ship?: give it back NOW or face the wrath of sweden and its nato allies…[View]
108727484>mfw i see a guerita with a prieto[View]
108728461How is it to study here (Amsterdam) as a non Dutch Speaker? Are dutch girls hot and outgoing?[View]
108724521Why Spaniards dislike latino americans yet they came here and raped the natives?[View]
108730187>me? Half Armenian of course[View]
108730637Why can't Europoors accept that America is the supreme race of the world? Is it because you guy…[View]
108730220Could he pass as local in your cunt?[View]
108726171>Mais oui ! Mais oui ! Mais oui![View]
108723225If you could create any new board, what would it be called and what would it be about?[View]
108728383Just realized Russians that didn't get KHAN'd or SVEN'd look like Afghans, Pakis and …[View]
108730449someday I will revenge[View]
108730568Thinking of going on a holiday here >has anyone ever been here?[View]
1087256122nd Largest Nationality Living In Each European Country[View]
108730509Why do French Canadians do this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv7x6WCMmPg[View]
108719458You wake up in Italy: wat do?[View]
108730378is Canada a more socialist version of the USA, or is the USA a more elitist version of Canada?[View]
108728723Pókemon: Do you like graphical accents? Look at this: Pokémon-Japanese, Pókemon-English, Pokemón-Spa…[View]
108727816>another day wasted[View]
108729871Why do they speak English?[View]
108726102Why is this board so obsessed with Asian people? We barely have a presence in your countries or pop …[View]
108729233Here you go Peru, this is your new flag. Now nobody will confuse you with a leafless Canada.[View]
108723523/polska/: Edycja protestancka[View]
108729715Reminder: All German posters here have had their grandmas raped by Russian BVLLS.[View]
108729594average danish street[View]
108711628wtf Ukraine[View]
108725345I currently watch Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on TF1 channel I will do a review after[View]
108729842Is there any purpose for the UN anymore besides celebrities promoting their latest reboots?[View]
108727291What is like having.platinum blond hair? Is it difficult to take care of it, does the sun affect it…[View]
108729749when will they evolve?[View]
108723699/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des petites grenouilles françaises. Clapotis précédents : >>10871…[View]
108728400>Why of course I use a Nokia 3310, who needs more?[View]
108729287Brazil hate thread. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-19/the-amazon-is-brazil-s-not-yo…[View]
108729269>one chance at life >widows peak subhuman instead of superior straight hairline…[View]
108729454Why are wh*Tes so impulsive?[View]
108729430Israeli posters are some of my favorites on this board[View]
108729153>Why yes, I do recognize the superiority of the Mediterranean man.[View]
108729316>Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena >Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria cosa buena >Dal…[View]
108726275/carib/: Sup /int/[View]
108727055I just want to be happy, just like when I was a kid[View]
108729224Why is Shahar such a tsundere to /int/[View]
108727469Most Kurds in Turkey can't speak their own language[View]
108728061>why yes, I'm a MED supremacist even though i'm a n*rd, how could you tell?…[View]
108725478>Hand over the semen white boi, I'm in heat right now What do?[View]
108725692Have you been in a drunk tank?: 1. Flag 2. Yes[View]
108727526I met my girlfriend on the gaming subreddit. Today I proposed to her with this 8-bit box I made usin…[View]
108728847>ywn know native america history because spaniards burned everything in their wake…[View]
108728676Most Chicanos in America can't speak their own language[View]
108728774ITT: talentless hacks[View]
108724880/deutsch/: Mathe-Edition Bild relatiert ist das heutige Putnam Problem.[View]
108725915FACT: HAVING SEX IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/03…[View]
108728730>tfw raining Soon, come October and November its going to rain every single day and im going to b…[View]
108728755Do you know someone in your family who can interpret accurately astrology birth charts ?[View]
108727861Why do Andalusians and Portuguese look like this?[View]
108728123Isn't this technology amazing?!? Feeling blessed to live in the best time ever![View]
108716883Do you have any wild critters in your cunt that are this friendly and tame /int/?[View]
108728633>American niggas be like 'good morning, my name is Ronny McDavis, I enjoy hamburgers and Wal-Mart…[View]
108725617/brit/: no yanks allowed edition[View]
108726118Do med girls like ginger guys? Uwu[View]
108728272Autumn is coming: Two weeks left of summer and I've done nothing but shitpost and play video ga…[View]
108728154The eternal kimchi robbed us again! This was the last time you humiliated the Hungarian man! We sha…[View]
108727372>I suffer in Russia[View]
108728329Why yes I am from Southern Spain and pure Visigothic wh*te, how could you tell?[View]
108722217your cunt has a girl ever looked at you this way?[View]
108728063kill whitey kill apes kill apes kill apes kill apes: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014…[View]
108726432Who do you like best: them or us?[View]
108728067people tremble with fear when they hear A L B A N I A[View]
108726748Do americans really?[View]
108727806>cunt >favorite movie US of A Pic relate[View]
1087240451. Your country 2. How to get a gf in your country[View]
108724294How sexually depraved do you consider yourself to be in comparison to your average countryman? Me, I…[View]
108725286How common are weebs and other anime autists in your country? Do you think that it's one of the…[View]
108727809All people native to this region(except Panama) shouldn't be allowed to leave their country[View]
108727686tf is wrong with wypipo?[View]
108727699>same people >same language >different countries Why?…[View]
108727726Need some vacation tips: Currently taking a vacation in this island. Pretty good so far but I wanted…[View]
108727367>NOOOOOOOO you can't just fly the Union Flag over the GPO. Ireland is independent…[View]
108727150MKULTRA LSD experiments syphillis conspiracy psyop deception and mind control psyop operations Psyop…[View]
108725648if he had won, would your country be better? Mine wouldn't even exist so yes[View]
108718613Ask a korean anything[View]
108727307Sex is for losers dumb breeders: You know, I can't believe there are idiots out there who actua…[View]
108726843>bunch of amerifats >still destroys every single country, every single summer olympics This an…[View]
108717280objectively true[View]
108726950>American poster says something I disagree with >call him fat…[View]
108726719Did you saw an UFO in you're country? yes[View]
108723702Anyone else used to be a normie with friends but ended up as schizo hikki NEET?[View]
108726935>Why yes i did just reinstall gta 3 again, but i uninstalled it after the first mission because o…[View]
108723986it appears that my superiority has led to some controversey[View]
108723398>My native language? Why, Ithkuil, of course.[View]
108727086America is so big, we have everything. Did you know we have M O T H S ?[View]
108722804Day after tomato-based dishes taste better. Disagree or agree?[View]
108727138>yes I post on /int/ while my parents loudly fight on the other room, how did you know?…[View]
108726875Regional rivalries: Does your province or country have them? We have then here in NJ. >North Jer…[View]
108726129>Yes, I use an Android phone. What gave it away?[View]
108721811Do you tremble in fear of the Swedish Finnish Alliance?[View]
108719243does this happens in your country?[View]
1087238961. Your cunt 2. Last time you were happy Flag I can’t remember, latest I can estimate is maybe 2015[View]
108714874/ita/ - il filo: Edizione ragazzi carini[View]
108723480Yeah, i am a turk rapebaby, how did you know?[View]
108726066What would be the reaction in your cunt if I dressed like this in your uni and started shouting marx…[View]
108725697>Through The Fire And Flames 100% Expert Guitar Hero 3[View]
108726883>live in far rockaway, nyc >is semi shithole tier >gradually becomes developed and becomes …[View]
108726401i hate nigger countries so much[View]
108726360Why didn't the French just build a moat in WWII?[View]
10872673215 minutes[View]
108725126he People's Republic of China will propel humanity into prosperity against the reactionaries of…[View]
108725413What are some pecho frio countries[View]
108723025/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição: Amor aos tugas[View]
108726374My brother and sister both married blonde goyim. My brother's kids are blonde and have the bigg…[View]
108725417Friendly reminder that you will never know true freedom until you can carry your gun openly to a res…[View]
108726070Hallo. I came to Germany today and I need a girl. I'm planing to just asking number on the stre…[View]
108720816cunt milkies or bundas? >flag >pic[View]
108722253Perfect world >Russians >Italians >Americans in Space No >Jews >Germans >Swedes ht…[View]
108719951Americans lost 19 guys during the battle of Mogadishu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mogadi…[View]
108725043Wow, Brazilians look like this!?[View]
108654532/dabmarktråden/: hvorfor laver i andre ikke en tråd[View]
108721281Post DNA Results: So what's the deal with this? Am i Celtic, Anglo-Saxon etc.? I'd have sa…[View]
108723556Are there any good words in your native language that you think should be added to english?[View]
108725897>5 creepiest Soviet psychological experiments - An american CIA declassified report (CREEPY)!!!…[View]
108530293Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
108725928I'll be going to CHIcago for a weekend next month. I'm probably gonna go out drinking just…[View]
108725824>tfw no sleepy spanish gf with a cute lisp[View]
108725602>1 (one) (1) chance at life >be born american…[View]
108719972Why can't french girls resist German cocks?[View]
108722417This 3 countries suould be nuked[View]
108721342do people love magic in your country?[View]
108716325Is it possible to live there (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala) using English only?[View]
108725060Do Indians and Japanese believe their gods and myths actually exist in reality? Like if I went to Ja…[View]
108724141This is our true flag. It reflects our germanic core heritage and history + mindset much better than…[View]
108721815/brit/: The Angel in the streets, Demon in the sheets gf edition aka the ideal gf edition[View]
108724777NORWAY= ALBANIA: Norway is a nonwhite brown shithole that's not only a puppet to the west but a…[View]
108725003Unironically third world[View]
108720902I want to live in USA[View]
108725664/v4/: christmas edition[View]
108711036This is the rankings of countries or ethnostates based on their achievements and history. It's …[View]
108717797Do you support the Swedes in their Genocide of the 7 Million Germans[View]
108725515La froid est venu, nos récoltes sont rentrés Les jours raccourcis et les nuits deviennent long Les g…[View]
108724756Ay Tone, wait a minute... >'They are trying to take over the world.' >'They are starting all t…[View]
1087221171. Your country. 2. Do you beat your children?[View]
108725374>Like if you're watching in 2019[View]
108724868>wh*Te people 'food' not even once.[View]
108724137>you're cunt >how long did it take to find a job after college…[View]
108725282mod should apologize to me for banning me[View]
108724169>tfw you voted leave but want to go and bum around Southern Europe in a campervan…[View]
108725033How do I get a beautiful, smart, /lit/ american gf with patrician taste?[View]
108723105Why aren't they independent countries?[View]
108697282Balt: Polish minority edition[View]
108724828Reasons to live:: > 27yo neet[View]
108724674https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDhptBT_-VI how alpha does one man have to be to get a favela gf?…[View]
108723130>not calling all Christians, Muslims, communists and humanities scholars simply 'kike' …[View]
108723993Aside from the blue/red board distinction, what differentiates /int/ in its current state from /bant…[View]
108724823I hate hot weather so much.[View]
108723781At what moment did you realize you like Croatia?[View]
108720681/deutsch/ ehemals /hl.landtirol/: Gemäldeausgabe[View]
108722429switzerland should rather join the usa than the eu[View]
108724653Should I go WMAF?[View]
108722837>heard cop sirens coming down my street >quickly smashed my hard drive with a hammer >neigh…[View]
108707147Eastern Sweden <3[View]
108721607>mexicans would fuck this[View]
108700278/v4/ + friends: Poruba edition[View]
108719463You know what's funny? I can snap and kill every motherfucker on this board if we met IRL. Seri…[View]
108724318There is nothing wrong with declawing cats. How could you tell I strongly feel this way?[View]
108721484>i am not clicking that[View]
108724302>swedes need buy all alcohol drinks over 3,5% from a designated alcohol store controlled by gover…[View]
108722729what do you think about this cat[View]
108722130How are below average looking males treated in your country?[View]
108721752/brit/: North Korean edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbxnBK0nX1w[View]
108697719/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Allen Ginsberg edition[View]
108719164do people in your country leave boxes of books and other assorted trinkets outside their homes for o…[View]
108724099The Stranger: >THE STRANGER within my gate, >He may be true or kind, >But he does not talk …[View]
108722932>Nooooo, you can't just violently beat down our protests with armed government hired mercena…[View]
108723586Should autists be allowed to live? Why don’t we follow Netherlands in how they deal with them? This …[View]
108722890HOOLLA CHICA, ¿COMO ESTAS?????[View]
108720892Why do Russians call him Gitler? Is it an inside joke?[View]
108723307>make 3000 eur/net >get additional 1000 eur in welfare >reee I can't afford to pay thi…[View]
108722621Gonna dedicate the rest of the year to getting a gf, will be travelling country to country in europe…[View]
108719109Do Germans Italians really do this?[View]
108722238Flag of Uruguay but its night[View]
108721174This is a symbolic representation of a difference between the European nation and Turk rapebabies.[View]
108722384How are you preparing for the Chinese century?[View]
108719939What the fuck Brazil: Today I learned that the vile brazillians have named a ghetto in Rio de Janeir…[View]
108723201how do you feel about american girls, /int/?[View]
108723378Korean Discriminated Against By Indian HR at Intel in California: >Korean-American software engin…[View]
108722518Why are french blacks so based and alpha? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epmR0g3udAk[View]
108722749studying abroad: i'm living in northern italy next year and i'm curious if anyone here has…[View]
108721028What are your favorite and least favorite countries by world regions >North America most: Canada …[View]
108723388Indios arent real mexicans, they all need to he deported to bolivia where they beolong.[View]
108716191/polska/: edycja bdsm[View]
108722892Americans really do this.[View]
108723216ITT: world leaders you have the utmost admiration for[View]
108719231you didn't sit in front of your computer all day, right? please, don't do that[View]
108723207how do they do it[View]
108723026Why is human life not valued in East Asian culture? Is it due to insect genetics?[View]
108721586If you use an Android, you’re a subhuman Even moreso if it’s chinkshit[View]
108707144/asean/: Edisi Legendary Equipment from Gyaru Oneesan 'Bocah kaya elo suka yang kaya ginian kan?' 'P…[View]
108709012/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
108722942/carib/ edition: Sunday: Chilling. Preparing homemade limenade and hamburguers with pasta.[View]
108722912/luso/ fio morto igual o nordeste.[View]
108721792>consensual sex? >no thanks. i prefer to rape my women. >it's much more fun when they …[View]
108716938Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
108717330Why do 'CHADS' act like this?: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo81YoQnjad/ >Walks arond in public fl…[View]
108722849Why should I bother learning any other language than English? >all of the media that I consume is…[View]
108720933Quale sarebbe secondo voi la migliore facoltà al giorno d’oggi per qualcuno che vorrebbe fare scienz…[View]
108720205I really, really like this country. Thoughts?[View]
108722781il filo terrone: TERRONI FURENTISSIMI[View]
108718956I went to a gay bar with a friend of mine and I wanted to dance and eventually have sex with this ma…[View]
1087204131. country 2. describe your life in one word I'll start 1. country 2. shit[View]
108721575The noble Slovenian shall once again rise against his subhuman tormentors (Bosnians, Albanians, Croa…[View]
108717519Post countries that you wish they get nuked[View]
108722692Why does /int/ have so many of them?[View]
108721032>A Saint Peter sticker? No, thanks, I'm not an idolatrous c*tholic…[View]
108721528thank you, Russia[View]
108722538Without googling name one Latvian[View]
108722323an advice to my: Int family Most of you're all are going to choose to never have a family or ki…[View]
108718251Is rock music popular in your country?[View]
108710456Western Britain <3[View]
108720798I'm making pizza.[View]
108721372>your country >whats the slang for drugs and drug dealers Spain We call drug dealers 'camello…[View]
108718972Bow down to China, and we give your government support money to keep in power. Yes, let us loan you …[View]
108719023Would this be considered fat in your country?[View]
108721649look at this kitty[View]
108722039I've just returned from a trip to the States and I wanted to share some nice American phrases t…[View]
108721874>your country >how often do you go to the pub or your country's equivalent? >is that …[View]
108721498https://www.youtube.com/embed/Mn7ku4_zOWg?start=669 i hate being a fucking zoomer i wish i was a tee…[View]
108705501Has anyone seen a good looking Asian man IRL? No actors or models you have never met but a real good…[View]
108719719/brit/: pengdon edition[View]
108721856Wow!!! Korean girls are like this?[View]
108718234German autism: I'm traveling around Germany right now and whenever I make a little mistake (lik…[View]
108716311/fr/ - Le fil vache: Meuuuuuuh ! précédente traite : >>108709542[View]
108718720Stop watching porn.[View]
108721718cade: cade[View]
108721705>youre cunt >do you support canzuk? I, for one, do fully support canzuk…[View]
108718881Brazil would be a world superpower if the UN didn't intervene when we tried to kill every nigge…[View]
108721097Do you consider people who move out of your country into other ones, and try to retain their 'identi…[View]
108721184>do whatever you want to me but please don't hurt my wife and kids!!!…[View]
108719975>Ure cunt >What happens when you say nigger flag nothing…[View]
108719169Post upstanding citizens from your country: Only the best, please. This Brazilian gentleman is using…[View]
108719968>tfw no autistic weeb chichano gf[View]
108721554Rare fish swallows the white shark whole!: https://www.stara.fi/2019/07/21/valtava-ahven-soi-kokonai…[View]
108720178If Han Chinese are that great, why did they let Manchus rule them for 300 years?[View]
1087215221. Your country 2. Has your country eaen the trust of the American government and its people wich gr…[View]
108721420I like non-human females and despise human ones. Is that normal?[View]
108721489Which South American country is still easy for whites I heard Colombia is full of white gringo beta …[View]
108721128>Imagine living in Russia[View]
108712615Why didn't you save her, lads? >A 16-year-old girl who came to Britain from Poland was found…[View]
108721412>Remember the times when Greater Armenia had a 13-century long war with Ancient Finnish Empire fo…[View]
108721351the eu caused the 2008 global financial crisis[View]
108721328cat zoom in: cat zoom in[View]
108715043Americans are stup-: NEVER CALL US DUMB EVER AGAIN! https://twitter.com/maanow/status/11523358999104…[View]
108718003Iran seizes British ship: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-iran-tanker/all-23-crew-of-seiz…[View]
108720394>why yes, i support the independence of Azltan and the killing of all amerigoblos, how could you …[View]
108699082Any 1997 bros here? How do I deal with the fact that I'm so fucking old. It's unbearable? …[View]
108706065ITT: /int/ in 1978[View]
108719706>set my tinder to Scandinavian cities and Paris because I was told the girls are care free about …[View]
108720781I really, really want to fuck a dumb wh*te t**rist and then lock her in the basement[View]
108720761basically Christian Turks with slight Slavic admixture. Am I right?[View]
108720776>North America becomes one big nation (Canada, USA, Mexico) >South America becomes one big nat…[View]
108712771PHOENICIAN LANGUAGE: Is it possible to revive it? Is someone working on it currently? I heard that t…[View]
108719639>Can't buy even buy a magnum revolver to blow my brains out. What's it like to shoot a …[View]
108720299This is my French waifu: Please say something nice about her[View]
108720587if your penis isn't bigger than your country average you should kill yourself[View]
108720448Why are ameriKKKans like this? Serious...: In brief, the removal of Dilma Rousseff and her Workers’ …[View]
108718203If you’ve never even had sex, your opinion doesn’t fucking matter. Get over it, incels.[View]
108716069/deutsch/: Richtig neu. Richtig geil. /deutsch/.[View]
108719631How the fuck are britbongs considered white?: They are fucking ugly as fuck[View]
108720452>Scofield Reference Bible[View]
108720408What the F*CK was his problem?[View]
108719739Getting a Stacey girlfriend: What are the requirements for getting a Stacey girlfriend in your count…[View]
108720405>Thinking Britain will leave with a deal.[View]
108714988/ITA/ il filo: Edizione pomeriggio[View]
108719193Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
108714465what happened to the real italians?[View]
108720258>imported 1 million slaves from senegal 200 years ago >mixed with them >now everyone is a l…[View]
108719201Are chubby girls popular in your country?[View]
108720218>I suffer in Malaysia[View]
108717375Fucking hate them so much[View]
108710985Do Americans really do this?[View]
108717197Would you rather live in the US or Estonia?[View]
108720106>tfw no animal loving russian gf[View]
108706289>wh*toids be like 'this family relationship is too spicy, I'm moving out at 18'…[View]
108714929What do you do for enjoying in this hot summer? Me? Pic related.[View]
108719837Germany has no slavic genes. Very few speak slavic in Germany.[View]
108719789Landlocked countries: Should not exist They should join together with the nearest and most compatibl…[View]
108715093/brit/: The Midlands engine edition[View]
108700627/mämmi/: Tekoäly vie meidän työt (ja neekerit vie naiset) -painos[View]
108717277why are they so dumb and racist?[View]
108719766υπάρχουν τίποτα γλυkουλια αγόρια στο int?[View]
108717838>american 'racing'[View]
108719708Do Americans support this?[View]
108715443Hong Kong pro-goverment militias hit people inr andom: No police shows up for hour, Hong Kong is not…[View]
108719610>getting fewer and fewer looks from Asian qts as I lose my hair[View]
108717710/brit/: british culture innit[View]
108717819Why do Americans do this?[View]
108718274I just found out Seoul, which doesn't even get colder -10°C in winter, has a giant indoor amuse…[View]
108715865Learn the diffrence americans[View]
1087146261. Your country 2. Your current debt 1. Sweden 2. $32k in student loans[View]
108719336Do Italian men really look like this?[View]
108719461why are fat people so strong?[View]
108719430Do you get good at identifying a poster's flag before opening a thread? Ive gotten really good …[View]
108717121Luxembourgish is very closely related to German. How come there are nonetheless more Luxembourgers l…[View]
108719323>tfw you find out how fucking racist your country actually is[View]
108719080What lessons can the world learn from the decline and eventual collapse of the West?[View]
108718267sweden is super duper uber GAY[View]
108718353Orange: soul White: soulless[View]
108717322Never forget Europoors.[View]
108718730Anyone here have cleaner robots? Is their AI useful? Are they viable, /int/? I want to buy one so …[View]
108684871Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>108632708 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
108718257Accurate: Yay or nay?[View]
108718150and that's a good thing[View]
108718617So... Have all the beautiful Greek woman moved to Canada?[View]
108718091What is 'black culture'?[View]
108718502*inhale* SIGH *exhale*[View]
108713301Who is your favourite foreign national hero? I love Ned Kelly but its sort of cheating seeing as he…[View]
108717995I'm balding bros[View]
108715339why does Ukrainian flag so rare here?[View]
108716471Why are Americans so scared of raw meat? Mettbrötchen is the tastied snack in the world and is compl…[View]
108717754si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tondu[View]
108715638I am of noble Aryan, which my N*rdic father and my HINDU mother gave me[View]
108717431it's 21:19 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
108717152>country >play any instruments? I've been playing guitar more lately after not touching i…[View]
108706335ITT Prime phenotypes from your cunt For me, it's Puck Moonen. Also who names their kid 'Puck'?[View]
108715599/int/ Hunger Games.: State leaders edition. With a few custom-themed events![View]
108715958>white poster insults asians >japanese posters spam anti korean memes why are they like this? …[View]
108716095>me >not longer interested with animu music/future funk/lofi music >prefer listening to cla…[View]
108717935I like you guys. I think this world is unfairly rude to you. You play chess in interesting patterns …[View]
108717387Poor mosquito[View]
108704579Why are Westerners so degenerate? All the White tourist girls here wear super tight pants with butt …[View]
108714214Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of Turkey https://twitter.com/alperenyalc/status/1152278856…[View]
108718162Your cunt. Your favourite movie.[View]
108718099why does your country hate pitbull owners?[View]
108717426Using an Android is a sign that you’re an inferior breed of human[View]
108717305>The next Prime Minister of the UK will be a Turk How will this be viewed in your country?…[View]
108717456>I'm offensive and I find this black.[View]
108716397polish immigrants are bad[View]
108717286>there are people here that actually fall for this[View]
108717570hey swedes, were coming for our nigger[View]
108716152My last name is Bogan[View]
108717853>diversity is our strength[View]
108717818Zverev is Russian.Do German girls suck his dick?[View]
108717752>this triggers the German[View]
108715621Sverigetråden - ny upplaga: nya upplagan[View]
108717655how are you preparing for the brazilian century?[View]
108713999Shaharia, everyone[View]
108693632It's time for /int/ to have fun.[View]
108711941If you could annihilate any two countries, which would it be? For me, it’s Mexico and Brazil[View]
108716482Does your country ever kill chinese people?[View]
108717358>you wake up in Doggerland[View]
1087160531. Cunt 2. Do you think anime is gay?[View]
108717017How many brothers fell victim to the street: Rest in peace young nigga there heaven for a G[View]
108717193>Der Erfolg einer Freundin und ihres Projektes >Der Erfolg einer Freundin und ihrer Projekte …[View]
108714229why yes, i support EU how did you know?[View]
108716770>Just wash your face bro[View]
108716658Finnish women are incapable of love[View]
108708460>103 yr old grandpa suffered a heart attack >miraculously nothing serious was damaged and he…[View]
108717110What the fuck is wrong with Europe. Why do they do this shit?[View]
108716946Itt: we talk about why Iceland is #1[View]
108716758>you have a-a-a-a YEAST INFECTION!? and you want me to go down on you??? thats sounds horribly di…[View]
108716299VIRGIN ALERT!!: >Are you gonna marry her? No! Then what do you care what she looks like. LMAO! Yo…[View]
108712679Turkmenistan president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has passed away. Press F https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
108714855Dude it is too fucking hot[View]
108714029'Paris is black' is not just a meme anymore. Holy-shit. African women are popping out 3 kids each pl…[View]
108715917Bolsonaro: É muito legal saber que um presidente diga que não há fome no Brasil porque nunca viu uma…[View]
108715818If this is what's going to replace Europe in the next 50 years, I'm legitimately scared.: …[View]
108716817If English speakers got teleported to medieval england they wouldn't be able to understand anyo…[View]
108715033what race is this?[View]
108710744Let me remind you, that Lebanon is a Christian, Phoenician Land. Mudslime invaders need to be system…[View]
108714551How's /int/ summer going?[View]
108716703>eats bunch of chilies to kill nasty bacteria which constantly enters body since hygiene levels i…[View]
108711892Last thing we need to hear is French are Meds. The French are Germanics who speak a Germanic languag…[View]
108716619God bless the USA.[View]
108714971>Heteros all across the world be like “this Norwegian boy is too spicy”.…[View]
108715894Why the closer to the equator you get; the dumber the locals are?: Canadians are smarter than Americ…[View]
108702494who else here /fucking gave up on life/[View]
108710078German men are very handsome[View]
108716350>Mexicans are American because they live in NORTH AMERICA woah...[View]
108704437Do you watch HENTAI? This video is mother sex HENTAI. so hot and awsome. but no dub. sorry. my Engli…[View]
108716436Last thing we need to hear is American are white. The Americans are African who speak a white langua…[View]
108716398Facial hair of /int/: Post a pic of your facial hair and rate others'. This is me. Before anyon…[View]
108714945how hard is it to move to china or japan without a college degree?[View]
108711999>I love to self scan at the supermarket it is so fun[View]
108715013>Kyoto Animation’s president, Hideaki Hatta, who founded the company with his wife Yoko in 1981, …[View]
108716192Have you ever seen two men kissing each other in your country?[View]
108714288Do Europeans really eat cold, soggy, unboiled oats?[View]
108713806I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend that looks like this in fact - I would love it[View]
108708829/polska/: edycja tradycyjnych wartości[View]
108711105/deutsch/: Etzala heben dannach als Belohnung zwei L koler und zwei von bild verwandt[View]
108713089Are Scots real human beans, /int/?[View]
108711734How does the Greek language sound to you?: How does the Greek language sound to you? >https://www…[View]
108715861Why do americans constantly feel the need to be loud as humanly possible, especially outside on the …[View]
108715592>MOOOOOOOM you got the wrong fucking fursuit. I can't wear this, I'm a fox, not a wolf.…[View]
108715853Are there beauty pageants in your country? How does it look like?[View]
108713645>jews are whi--[View]
108714818>it's another thread whose main purpose is to discuss women, again pathetic cumbrains…[View]
108711836What is your country's equivalent of Wal-Mart?[View]
108713573Do french people really do this?[View]
108715767I can't understand what makes a man, hate another man: help me understand people are people so …[View]
108715072dame brasil novia pls[View]
108712177Korean male&Iranian female[View]
108715452Is rock popular in your country?[View]
108713899>straight shota[View]
108715641white peeps be like >this spice joke too spicy, better call him a nigger and spam infographics…[View]
108712477I've been fapping to trap hentai all these months and now I have 3k saved up and I'm about…[View]
108710905does your cunt have a national dance?[View]
108715389Do you need to have a license to carry trash in your country?[View]
108715482Outta my way I'm gonna be late![View]
108709542/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition du voulzy semi-caché ancien fil : >>108701660[View]
108711672I want to find love in Portugal.[View]
108714600Do you love Greece? Flag, yes we're allies now.[View]
108712456Why do Chinese need Machus telling them what to do in order to not be complete barbarians?[View]
108714538>Scot niggas be like 'aye aengus we'll vote no for Scottish independence'…[View]
108707837Sverigetråden - Rädda norden: Rädda norden[View]
108715169Corea is most glorious nation under Heaven. There is no reason for anyone to purchase trashy jjokbar…[View]
108714059Why do I prefer Trotsky over Stalin? Trotsky wanted to spread communisn all over the world by any me…[View]
108714547Country Do you need a 4chan pass to post on some boards due to (((abuse))) >flag >yes…[View]
108713181>whypipo yikes[View]
108714156>your country >does your government execute people for carrying drugs into the country? German…[View]
108715077I am half Armenian, but I wish I was full Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
108714785Are robot bars a thing in your cunt?[View]
108713167Is cheating a common occurrence in your cunt. Flag No. When I went to America to study, I was appale…[View]
108714987do not copy peast the face kpop gook: 99.999% of kpop has the same ideal face becouse they do plasti…[View]
108709548What do you call people in your country that do not like blacks?[View]
108685354Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド PrayKyoAni ED: Previous Thread >>108632708 Learn Japanese Thread:…[View]
108705263/ITA/ il filo: Edizione: Cicalone massacrato di botte[View]
108712221/brit/: bald and bankrupt[View]
108714004Have you changed opinion over a country after visiting? In Britain and Ireland i noticed they have f…[View]
108707585For me it's Aya after I bred her[View]
108712420rigged election again in Japan[View]
108714752I love you.[View]
108714419Ay Tone, wait a minute... >'They are trying to take over the world.' >'They are starting all t…[View]
108714535>Gigachad? Oh you mean the guy I have replaced?[View]
108709239>I'm not brown, I'm tanned![View]
108713719I just had a breakfast of TWO egg and sausage burritos and coffee for only $3.21.[View]
108713914>this is a 6 years old female What the fuck do the Japanese put in their water?…[View]
108714075This is a very depressive and repetitive board.[View]
108713997Americans really do this?[View]
108714479This is the city of Hamburg in Germany. Do you want to visit? The local culture is beautiful, it inc…[View]
108710998>this is a 39 year old female What the fuck do the Japanese put in their water?…[View]
108714438>nationalism? miss me with that vile racist shit bro[View]
108711391Friend of mine that works in a missile silo said they were gonna cheat the safety mechanisms today. …[View]
108709541So who has been naughty today?[View]
108713011>From today's march on Sofia, Bulgaria[View]
108711424Do you believe that an union of egoists would be the best way to coexist?[View]
108712788How often do you wash your hands?[View]
108712469>see post from your flag that you disagree with >be filled with intense rage does this happen…[View]
108713856Orange bull?[View]
108697187/balk/: Izdanie na Stara Velika B1lgariq. Staro: >>108676744[View]
108713122>ur cunt >what do you call this animal 1. flag 2. monyet belanda (dutch monkey)…[View]
108713724Look at this! YOU can earn the money so easily: If you are a White then bring the camera and the mak…[View]
108712287Would you like to visit the Caucasus ?[View]
108710792>shota >incest >impregnation >sister >forced >femdom >thighhighs…[View]
108709512>mfw an american nigger enters the thread[View]
108713662MED MVMMY![View]
108713038Did you know that the United States has TWO (2) officially designated UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy? C…[View]
108708844How will the wolrd look like in the year 3000?: In 980 years when we are all long dead.[View]
108712712>mfw my favourite phenotype is the 'American white fratboy' phenotype They're so cute …[View]
108712791>tu y yo. >vamos. >vamos e sexo.…[View]
108715343Black girls are the cultured men choice Simple as[View]
108701603>get repeatedly by Euros told my country has no culture and no history by euros >Euros are act…[View]
108713389Would you rather live in Amsterdam or Los Angeles?[View]
108713006Südtirol: Offizieller Südtirolfaden[View]
108713291Should America even be ranked? They are basically melting pot: the country, it's like trying to…[View]
108712586Do Libertarians exist in your country? Australia. No. Thank God.[View]
108713030>renewable energy[View]
108713109Arabist imbecile[View]
108712398This will trigger and confuse the newfag[View]
108713029>yes the EU and NATO should both be disbanded[View]
108713115>Grimes - Venus Fly 1. cunt 2. what are some zoomer songs from your cunt?…[View]
108708794/int/ phenotypes: Post your phenotype http://humanphenotypes.net[View]
108712880Is it true that scandinavian men reject womenlets who are under 162 cm?[View]
108711328>60% of americans are obese[View]
108711638Eastern Belarus <3[View]
108710099Spent a few days there (I'm from the North of Portugal). Shocked me just how Castillianised the…[View]
108711159when did blacks stop being aesthetic?[View]
108707956What is your motivation, /int/?[View]
108711042>Well yes I love Southern European bussy. What gave it away?[View]
108711023>Welcome to Chili's, my name's Chad and I'll be taking care of you folks today. Ca…[View]
108709515I love you Slovakia[View]
108707524Do these bags get sold in your country?[View]
108710700Why do Westerners hate China so much? China is not evil. China helps other countries. Western countr…[View]
108712460What happens here?[View]
108701007Why don't you settle for a cute Nordic girl?: Nordic countries provide the best and hottest gir…[View]
108712219/brit/: Greatest country in the world Edition[View]
108701858Can you tell the east asians apart?: I'll make this first one easy for you. There is one Japane…[View]
108712244What really happens inside massage parlors?[View]
108711229>burger and Western yuros becoming right wing populists, no longer interested in any sort of glob…[View]
108712269KOSOVO JE ŠIPRIJA![View]
108710516Westoids should apogize for influencing my formerly pure oneitis to wear short skirts, t-shirts, hoo…[View]
108712353Why is Hong Kong so based? I wish they SUBMIT the evil mainlanders.[View]
108710683Why Americans are such parasites? USA export 1,2trillion USA import 2,16 trillion compare with Germa…[View]
108712117What did Lebanese women mean by this?[View]
108706408I will have approx. 200k usd saved in the next 5 years then move to the third world to be a perpetua…[View]
108709857Post your rightful ethnic clay[View]
108707593Why do slavs carpet their walls?[View]
108711945Good night, sweet prince[View]
108711452Post a your country's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Can not upload: Anglo[View]
108711001American Game: Post your distance from the nearest Walmart. The one with the highest number wins. I…[View]
108708889Are kids in public spaces (e.g. restaurants) obedient and quite in your country? Do mothers know how…[View]
108710861Hitler's strategic program for world domination was based on the belief in the power of Lebensr…[View]
108708753do americans really?[View]
108710079Noses of /int/: Post a pic of your nose and rather others's. This is me. Before anyone says 'go…[View]
108708251Post your bed[View]
108706917I had a look at Bialystok on google maps and I have to say, honestly it looks like a destitute depre…[View]
108711132Just like my pedophile cartoons before they all went up in flames.[View]
108709273Would you date Emma or Siri, /int/? Nordic men are gorgeous.[View]
108711054Why don't thirdies eat ice cream?[View]
108711390>be proud Romance speaker and rightful heir to the Roman Empire >my name is Slavic >my surn…[View]
108709047>modern diasporas? definitely some of the shitiest, untrustworthy people you can find out there. …[View]
108710509>his flag doesn't have a pineapple[View]
108706646>start to have a secured job >realize my life have basically ended what the fuck…[View]
108709621ITT:countries whose citizen you've seen irl[View]
108707983/me/ - Arabiyya + Mashriq: Nafris need not apply.[View]
108695305the future is scary /int/: are we gonna be alright?[View]
108708554>my partner Why do wytes do this? Just say girlfriend/wife etc[View]
108706783/deutsch/: > telnet hack-me.ddns.net 2000[View]
108706256The Turkish bride next door is crying again[View]
108711225>tfw the people in the apparment below you are smoking on the balcony and u get high for free…[View]
108709066Half Korean Swedish babies[View]
108708415If England is so great, why did they get conquered so easily by the French?[View]
108710395Why did you let her die?[View]
108708245I don't want to live in this country. Other countries don't let me in because I'm not…[View]
108710975안마방 진심 왜가냐? 시발 아지매밖에없네 대딸만 해주는곳인데도[View]
108709838Why do shithole poo subhumans anything for Western citizenship regardless of means and methods? Shi…[View]
108709618My ancestor :) I'm proud of him, he enslaved and kill many jews. Do you have famous ancestors?[View]
108710888China wants to make the world a better place.[View]
108709360>westerner would unironically sacrifice his life for that[View]
108710462Nice capital city you've got there Australia: I gotta admit[View]
108708859WE ARE THE RESISTENCIA: The american company Domino's Pizza uses Casa de Papel for advertising …[View]
108710645tffw: aaaaaaa I will fucking go insane if I dont move out can't masturbate in peace FUUCKK…[View]
108708029+35 degrees to the Finland: https://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/art-2000006180132.html Institute for Weather M…[View]
108710167Increasing wealth disparity? Crumbling social cohesion? Polarisation of political views? Bro, who g…[View]
108709890It's nearly 2020, time for me to leave this website for all eternity.: How can I put it?. This …[View]
108707962I was disappointed of Australia: In 2017 I lived for 6 in Australia, in Brisbane. I was disappointed…[View]
108710547/NA/ - north african genersl: بلاك جاك و شراميط edition[View]
108703886France getting BTFOd by weather Hope you've bought your aircondition[View]
108707522WTF Slovakia?: explain this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG4aYsvgchA[View]
108708821Do people go on vacations in your cunt?[View]
108710396when pretty girls go to tbe toilet, I imagine their poop to smell of Nutella and flowers.[View]
108682256There was a Rainbow Pride in Bratislava today. Police estimate the attendance at 8,000-10,000. The c…[View]
108698313/mena/: .[View]
108710374Is there anyone here who unironically believes Fingolian meme? I was there a week ago and the pic i…[View]
108710274What's the best burger food joint?: I'd say little ceasars tbqh[View]
108710216Are there dark skinned people in your cunt?[View]
108705470rate me: taken yesterday before a night out in the local night club[View]
108701764/reiner/ auch /deutsch/[View]
10870916811 people live in a country. One person earns 1000000€, the other 10 others earn 1000€. (1000000 + 1…[View]
108710011Please give me examples of good-looking wholesome Angloesses.[View]
108702933This man is Korean: Rate his face[View]
108709989Gonna be dating a Dutch woman what should I expect?[View]
108707714Europeans are weak, feeble and degenerate. But on top of the ruins of their self-destruction, the ba…[View]
108709820What part of Australia do the dumbest, loudest, most violent, most racist, most crass Australians co…[View]
108708830do you love turkey?[View]
108704880Did you know: that the only based place and with soul in north Europe -BERGEN- is called neger land …[View]
108709729I'm tired of people spamming picture of gypsies in Greek protests. So I'm ending the lies.…[View]
108709788Demography: What is your personal perception about the demography in your country? #Flag >Native …[View]
108705481Do Asian women in your country prefer white guys? In Australia, they do.[View]
108707220'Baltic sea'? Excuse me, but you made a mistake in 'Gulf of Sweden'.[View]
108709486for me, it's Aya[View]
108709340Why do French look like Brown sand nigger shit? Aren't they supposed to be White?>[View]
108709215holy shit: >Do Swedes really?[View]
108707682What do you think would have happened if the Pope had said this about none whites?[View]
108709712>fisting is 300 bucks[View]
108708674Is it racism?[View]
108709604>Thai sex workers beat up Wh*toid https://youtu.be/5z35TO4jx08 >Thai man beats up British fam…[View]
108707540>Slovakia is first world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG4aYsvgchA…[View]
108709259All i want is a world without germans Is that too much to ask?[View]
108701660/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition miaou ? ancien >>108686686[View]
108708390“Do you like octopus?” This useless sentence is the first we Japanese learn in English class. This i…[View]
108707078The tallest race in the world: are neither Dutch nor Balkan.[View]
108704667Any frenchmen here? Is this what real french beauty looks like? The one you will pregnate to make Fr…[View]
108709070Are Italians really complete snobs about cutting spaghetti? It seems so petty that it almost has to…[View]
108708590>tfw Macedonian >tfw found out my crush I've been pursuing once dated a Greek guy for a w…[View]
108705078>these trannies are inspiring everyone >these hookers are amazing and make 1k$ a day >insid…[View]
108709245I did not know there were algerians in UK. They burned London after the victory of Algeria in Africa…[View]
108709175>Tom Clancy[View]
108708221Americans be like, “Concrete and cement houses are too spicy.”[View]
108709174Will you be with a women who has children ?: Hell no. I didn't ejaculate inside her and I am no…[View]
108698882Why do filthy Russians do this?[View]
108707808>the goyim are being mean to us again[View]
108705342How do Indians explain this?[View]
108708773Beresheet? More like 'to bear shit', lmao: India about to claim Moon! WTF!?[View]
108708861>SHUT UP MUM, YOU CAN'T FORCE ME TO GET A JOB!!!!!!![View]
108706353I'm not even gay here is something intriguing and alluring about cute boys. It's not the s…[View]
108706036Did you know Denmark is FLAT?[View]
108708823SWASTIKA: >SWASTIKA[View]
108705266Why do Japanese treat migrant workers like shit?? They work in poor condition and get paid so much …[View]
108687775/nederdraad/: KANKERZONeditie[View]
108708905I suffer in finland[View]
108707752shitskincels, gookcels and nigcels be like >/int is my safespace, I can blame wypipah for pretty …[View]
108708155Dane here Just arrived in Italy Bonzorno!!! Italy turns out to be quite safe. I spent three hours ou…[View]
108707623imagine living in a country where less than 8% of the population has the N haplogroup[View]
108708120>Mother wants to call our son 'Angel' What do you think?[View]
108708619How do I get a job in Forensic Science?[View]
108707267Thailand has an epidemic of Russian prostitutes brought by the Russian mafia. I think they scary. Do…[View]
108705770/brit/: michael[View]
108704643You can only post ITT if your country fought the US in the Clancy-verse.[View]
108707994Guess their ethnicity[View]
108697870/polska/: Edycja niedzielna[View]
108700515>you wake up in Thailand... what to do?[View]
108708363I'm sick of all the 'gun control' talk that shits up 4chan so i'm asking directly: wjat fo…[View]
108702975I'm gonna backpacking alone next year. Where should I choose to go?: (I don't have any spe…[View]
108707958Chins of /int/: Post a pic of your chin and rate others'. This is me. Before anyone says 'go ba…[View]
108708252>in Europe you can pay a girl to cuddle with you for a few euros Feels bad man.…[View]
108700074>wh*Tes really do this[View]
108707656>His country hasn't won a football world cup Is there a more sure fire sign of international…[View]
108707473Why do Scandinavians say they're full? There's plenty of space there.[View]
108706937Give me a rythm ! *boom boom brap* *boom boom brap* WE ARE WE ARE WALMART *boom boom brap* *boom b…[View]
108708015>tfw no hot spanish brown gf why live? i really really really really really really really really …[View]
108691668Do britons really do this?[View]
108697496Do Russians really live like this? https://youtu.be/q1u7XZ9c8fI[View]
108707796>Romance langages are so beautiful![View]
1087012301. Your cunt 2. Is weed legal in your cunt? Canada. Yes. 6am here and I'm about to start the d…[View]
108707397What movies did you grow up on?: I am a 90's kid. I grew up on: Toy Story. The Lion King. Pocoh…[View]
108707693Why yes, my countrymen do not know about the prostitution stereotype because they simply do not care…[View]
108707108historical basis ?[View]
108703432>Biggest Vietnamese holiday >It's just Chinese New Years with a stupid name >Biggest V…[View]
108707479I've decided to become an audiologist my first step will be to learn sign language.[View]
108706381From today's march on Paris[View]
108704714I want a Japanese gf[View]
108706933Are men doing this in your country?[View]
108697536The only advantage of growing up in 3rd world suffering is that weak societies create strong men. St…[View]
108701482Where do you find flatmates in your area?[View]
108706987What the fuck is FRANCE problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HGm4NQtvyc[View]
108704165How can you survive constant +25c heat? It's getting too hot to go outside or even sleep.[View]
108696385How do south koreans live in these soulless bug hives without killing themselves?[View]
108707113>Nooooo /int/ is for discussion from international culture, stop gayposting you degenerate weeabo…[View]
108704867Are Japanese going to be replaced by gaijin?[View]
108706739This is the future.[View]
108707215How common is it got yuros to work 2 jobs (regardless if one or both is part/full time) >heading …[View]
108707184https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd3teNgUq8E >be amerishart >power goes out >panic and cause…[View]
108706008/asean/: Putangina mo edition[View]
108702724HEY ITALY[View]
108705933How are beautiful people treated in your country?[View]
108706881what a idiot[View]
108707092Why do Asian girls in your country prefer white men?[View]
108704311/Siktir/: Get in here siktirbros[View]
108707062>My foreskin? Why of course I have offered it to Yahweh Elohim at the Hill of Foreskins, what mak…[View]
108706992What do you think?[View]
108704770post russian contributions to your country[View]
108704731>not being American How do you cope?[View]
108701879>Be slovakian >See some Ukrainian refugee >Say to him 'Hey retard wanna drink with us?' …[View]
108702196Are these actually good? I want to try a sausage roll at some point[View]
108641139/asean/: Caturday edition[View]
108692784Your kunt Do you support the Megali idea, an idea which proposes that the borders of Greece should l…[View]
108704866Im slightly drunk. Ask me anything about slavic life Also i want to find girlfriend and i hope ther…[View]
108706726Why are ILBE BVlLS so CHAD unlike /int/cel????? I’ve seen tons of white girls with Korean men from t…[View]
108700315What's the point of living if you are not a pussy slayer?[View]
108705500Why does this make Slavs and Muslims go wild?[View]
108684148/ita/ il filo: edizione notte rilassante[View]
108705958Do you have these plants in your area, /int/? What do you call them in your language? >Yes >'b…[View]
108706504Does he know he's become akin to a modern Greek God?[View]
108704718>KARA BO-[View]
108703800>just woke up >ate all my data because I watched shit with wi fi turned off accidentally…[View]
108704220What the fuck is Laos?: I’m 26 years old and never once knew Laos existed until yesterday, I conside…[View]
108706388What's this called in your country?[View]
108704938What did girls look like in the 1970's in your country?[View]
108702173Sverigetråden: Veteupplagan[View]
1087011281.cunt 2.should sweden free a$ap? YES[View]
108705396https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLn3BOokmDU love Russia[View]
108687049What do you think about China?: https://twitter.com/markmackinnon/status/1152241649893945346?s=19…[View]
108699375if this doesn't turn you on you must be some kind of faggot[View]
108705492Do Japanese people really do this?[View]
108700804This is the average woman in kenya how can white roasties compete?[View]
108706153Why was the thread about Russian trafficking in Thailand deleted? It was a legitimate international …[View]
108704052You wake up in the quaint little town of Malmö...[View]
108704257Goodbye for all eternity.: I am a good guy, this website is not for me. It is for evil people. So I …[View]
108705998Hello friends. Thank you for being nice posters unlike those fucking faggots from /pol/. Have a nice…[View]
108705750Eyes of /int/: Post a pic of your eyes. This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some …[View]
108705630arabs: what does he say here? 'يارب نفس الشعور ونفس القهر ونفس الحزن ونفس الحرب ودمارا وتأثيرا على ت…[View]
108705317Is cheerleader effect real?[View]
108703993brit: love is love edition[View]
108691744Is rock music popular in your country?[View]
108705574>NOOOO you can't shoot civilians that's illegal and immoral![View]
108699274ititii vii taip laik vii spell shit ai start[View]
108698984faces of /int/: I'll post mine first.[View]
108705288Women on the rise in Arab national governments. Green = women should take national decisions. Blue =…[View]
108705378>It's 6 AM, better launch some fireworks to celebrate some retarded catholic mutt deity! why…[View]
108705334Has Trump gone too far?[View]
108705333Don't leave here Shahar: We love you[View]
108699712How do you go from this...[View]
108702623I hate gay people[View]
108705148Turkey plays dirty.....[View]
108697257>You just KNOW[View]
108705247>make thread/post >get flattered by someone calling me various variations of 'based' or quoti…[View]
108705268>I suffer in russia[View]
108701779Do you like black people?[View]
108705189What are you looking at foreigner?[View]
108701246Oh shit, i am sorry.[View]
108705124Fuck poland imagine actually believing the bolocaust actually happenned[View]
108703213What would America be like today if Ronald Reagan hadn't shut down all the mental hospitals?[View]
108704715https://eand.co/half-of-americans-are-effectively-poor-now-what-the-c944c518db6a > 43% of America…[View]
108704739>I WANT TO LIVE IN JAPAN![View]
108700036Well, Saturday is over, how was your weekend, fellas? Did you get to give a nice cute lady a little …[View]
108697188DUDE: 1. Your country 2. Do you smoke weed? yes but I think schizo symptoms come out when I smoke is…[View]
108704854>why yes, I did dress up in drag for school play when I was 11[View]
108704841Are rural small towns in high-crime countries like Brazil or Mexico comfy?[View]
108702209If An Assassin's Creed didn't take place in your country, you live in an irrelevant countr…[View]
108690928Will you fight for Greece in the inevitable war against the Turks?[View]
108698362For me, it's Baden Wurttemberg.[View]
108698198really makes you think.[View]
108700709good morning: what do people in your cunt eat for breakfast?[View]
108702220>you wake up in a Brazilian gay party... what to do?[View]
108701890>me >not longer interested with animu music/future funk/lofi music >prefer listening to cla…[View]
108702795>Albania never won an olympic medal >Brazil never won a nobel prize…[View]
1087039661. Your country 2. What anime/manga do you like >flag pic related.[View]
108702352Welsh independence: Aye, shwmae, and good day to you! I know virtually nothing about Wales other tha…[View]
108701809/brit/: ▪▪▪[View]
108703694You know remember he is still alive[View]
108703132In Europe, it's easy to get gf if you are white or Mediterranean as women need a man to protect…[View]
108701061Post FAVELA music from your hood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JergVnzi0Y0[View]
108703564What is your opinion on the Russian State and its people?[View]
108702672respect to this man america talk bad about this man but he did many good things for his country[View]
108703248This is a boy.[View]
108703861Meanwhile in Brazil[View]
108700935/isr/: No goyim, only g-ds chosen please.[View]
108700443The new invention of Finnish Master Chefs: chocolatefish: https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/kl/b1b9…[View]
108703746Who is a symbol of wealth in your cunt? This donkey looking man is known as a symbol of wealth here[View]
108699534ask anything about Hungary[View]
108702283Why do west euros care about climate change so much?[View]
108683594Would you rathar live in nyc or london?: I would rather live in nyc. Less muslims. Taller and cooler…[View]
108691671Do Americans really?[View]
108702179Valencia, first spanish city to limit its driving speed to a bike-friendly one: People driving at sp…[View]
108701518the more east you go in EVROPA, the more players in online games are toxic retards, and the less the…[View]
108702914>Los mejores exitos del Reggeaten Antiguo (BEST REGGAETON MIX 1990-2019)…[View]
108702482From today's march in Paris[View]
108697686If the West collapses, what advice do whites have for Asians?: Genuinely curious by the way, obvious…[View]
108702985Just telling you /int/ most of you could be died 100 years ago. Need to have a very good luck, to be…[View]
108696803Are they basically Meds? Or at least the people living near the coasts?[View]
108700753Post your hood, nigg*: https://youtu.be/aKfHia_bo64[View]
108703004>Quite the impressive Tau army you have their Soyjak. Unfortunately for you my weird boy is using…[View]
108701674Korean man...[View]
108702455Which one is superior?[View]
108698530Why is modern architecture so disgusting?[View]
108700964explain this[View]
108702941>Albanian niggas be like: 'My name is Enver Ismail Mehmet Pasha Ibrahim, and I am 100% Illyrian, …[View]
108701282Good news, guys![View]
108699312/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
108693297/brit/: fuck yanks edition[View]
108701664>m-med bulls KEK[View]
108700522>tfw no hot brown Arab Muslim wife to fuck and suck hung white Chads with I really need one badly…[View]
108702133why does japan have better infrastructure than virtually every western country?[View]
108701429I'm about to say something that most people probably on here doesn't hear very often, but …[View]
108702479ukrainian deputy look like this ? https://www.lepoint.fr/monde/beleniuk-lutteur-metisse-et-bientot-d…[View]
108701365>an independent Karakalpakstan? That's my number one goal in life.…[View]
108698935There's a 40% chance you get away with murder in America: If you murder someone in America, the…[View]
108699996>Gigachad? Oh he is on a vacation, he left me in charge.[View]
108701447Do you know water gun festival in korea?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMrKohRjDvg https://www.yo…[View]
108701873Do you love Japan?![View]
108701876Do people in your cunt tip?[View]
108701963What would Ataturk think of modern Turkey?[View]
108697901Why do Americans say this ? If it came to food-wise then Vietnam would still win because there are a…[View]
108698184A frog walks into a bar in Calgary. He goes up and orders a candian club and dry. The barkeep is ver…[View]
108695998portraits of /int/ posters[View]
108692210>same people >same language >Different countries Why?…[View]
108700528Tonight I've heard my 16yo non attractive neighbour fuck. It touched me becasuse I want some gi…[View]
108698489yay Colombia numba Juan: LMAO Y'ALL NIGGAS BETTER NERF US, QUICKLIKE[View]
108701757>I suffer in the West![View]
108669729Why yes, my mother is Indian and my Father is Swedish, how could you tell?[View]
108688188/deutsch/ Nachtschicht: Ich hab gepupst[View]
108701629>Ukrainian poster >No, we are not Russians >No, we are totally not Russians >Ukraine is…[View]
108700864Is this a common view of road cafes in your country? In mine - yes.[View]
108694031Post your greatest ally (and friend) :)[View]
108694077I hate America: I hate America. I hate the flag. I hate the troops. I hate multiculturalism and dive…[View]
108701359I hate this whole continent[View]
108694463How do I get a non-Islamic Indonesian gf? Of she's a hijabi, can she be trained to be normal? W…[View]
108696021If I cant get a real job that pays at least more than 40k a year after six months of finishing colle…[View]
108686686/fr/iends #franco: Le fil intersectionnel. ancien >>108674816[View]
108696565Saturday night thoughts: >mfw when you realize Japan would be ruling China right now, if they did…[View]
108701443oh no no no no no[View]
108697805>Kills your royal family. >Destroys your culture. >Leaves a complete maniac in charge after…[View]
108696870Why are Slavic men so attractive?[View]
108701276ITT:Movies that no one saw but you: I'll start[View]
108692413Results from this year's International Math Olympiad. Did your country do well? (pic rel doesn…[View]
108698001How come White couldn’t prevent themselves from Jew?[View]
108695981Lil Uzi Vert caused a scene at Finnish Weekend festival in Helsinki: American rapper Lil Uzi Vert ra…[View]
108700924>Thai niggas be like: Hi, my name is Pattanapong Jaturapattarapong and I'm from Krungthepmah…[View]
108697132Where has /int/ been? https://mapchart.net/detworld.html[View]
108698421>kills, rapes, leaves. Are they the worst people in history?[View]
108697460Why does nobody ever talk about Laos?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laos[View]
108696777Indian-European friendship thread.[View]
108700705Do Yugoslavs really live like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MGkkQu4sPY[View]
108700383Russian cat[View]
108697838Say I'm a male-passing American FtM transgender of European descent, and I go to Poland, Russia…[View]
108698947/ilbe/ - COLONIE FRANÇAISE: Le 18-25 souhaite établir un contact avec les kheys coréens Nous sommes …[View]
108699675Euros, grant me your wisdom[View]
108697796Australia? More like Assrapia lmao.[View]
108700293Does this happen in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6m08InT8Oo[View]
108697490how this make you feel human[View]
108700171Hello fellow British people.[View]
108700017What is inside this category of cultured.com? What will be found from this cultureless blob[View]
108699951How long until homosexuality is cured do you reckon? I am tipping within the decade at the current r…[View]
108684394>people find this attractive where did we go wrong?[View]
108683591Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
108691013People always say certain races have smells so what do Latinos smell like?[View]
108696990Does /int/ still doubt that Flips aren't the most powerful race?[View]
108697827Why are americans so afraid to invade iran?[View]
108695543/brit/: maybe i just wanna fly wanna live i dont wanna die edition[View]
108699282There is a qt brown French speaking girl massaging next to me. I think I will boner 0_0[View]
108696974There is literally nothing wrong with immigrants from developed Asian countries Why on earth you Am…[View]
108699833I love Americans. America fascinate me. Because I love their life style and outdoor culture. Am I US…[View]
108697253“These women have said horrible things about this country & its people.”: SHUT THE FUCK UP IDIOT…[View]
108699166Do Americans really do this ?[View]
108699220>Your weeb friend? He's in that barrel of acid.[View]
108673248/mämmi/: Tyhjä painos[View]
108695102If black people smell like cocoa butter and white people smell like wet dog, what do Northeast Asian…[View]
108699439I witnessed a negro throw a drink -- which he got with his Popeyes fried chicken -- at an Indian guy…[View]
108699261Literally /int/ the game[View]
108699468>tummy rumbling[View]
108699414>Party? At Sunday? Sorry my friend but no, I am going to church and then I'll spend my day r…[View]
108699171there are more ftms than mtfs here[View]
108699253>It's cool bro, chillax[View]
108697832I'm clumsy and awkward as fuck, I think I might be slightly austistic, is this common in your c…[View]
108699109How are you preparing for the Chinese century?[View]
108696518Good morning /int/![View]
108699097>schedule pipe repairs have started >no water for the week heck…[View]
108697891How do I get over my hatred of the taste of tap water[View]
108697338Im proud of being a chicano Id kill myself if I were a mexcrement https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r6sS…[View]
108698822A recent research paper done at Berkerly reported that white women have melanoma receptors all over …[View]
108697804Are you ready for the Indian century /int/?[View]
108698972I went to a gay bar with a friend of mine and I wanted to dance and eventually have sex with this ma…[View]
108698772Why do non-anglos think they're allowed to speak english? Did you ask first?[View]
108698174>australian banters a leaf >gets shot[View]
108698774Why do 4chan gather autism shit Anime nerds from around the world?[View]
108698664Would you want to grow up in Laos?[View]
108698671This is the best place in the world. If you do not live here, I pity you and am happy that you are n…[View]
108689651What are you listening to right now? https://youtu.be/LRV8FBPcTTo[View]
108696959>see reflection >it's hidious[View]
108694062Is America the GOAT of music?[View]
108695991Have you been listening to music that's not in your native language? I've somehow discover…[View]
108698617Why yes I am pc[View]
108695840/kz/: Кaзaхи нa мecтe?[View]
108697213Is going to Eastern Europe and then going on grindr and picking up Slavic men sex tourism?[View]
108698466What can you tell me about my ancient ancestry?[View]
108698478>Why yes I'm monolingual, how could you tell?[View]
108698435What are some violent euro countries?[View]
108697858Do Poles really?[View]
108696547Why brown nigger Arab niggers women has hair on the face and legs ? Ewwww yuck!!![View]
108695920Was this the strongest flex in history ?[View]
108698157Why do Asians treat black people like this?[View]
108696719>warm summer evening >go outside to throw out garbage >weird bug sounds everywhere >be a…[View]
108696841>I suffer in Arizona[View]
108696334>got into reading about American serial killers this late at night Why do Americans have to give …[View]
108696940Im going to join my comrades in the DPRK. No need to stop me. If dirty mudslime shitskins here can j…[View]
108678889>that annoying virgin femcel with an Arab fetish that derails every single thread she posts in as…[View]
108693110Hilo latino /lat/[View]
108697159why would someone arson an anime studio in japan because they copied his nickname on 2ch?[View]
108696596>imagine dragons >ed sheeran >ariana grande…[View]
108697508The Most Handsome Leader in the World: Canada's prime minister is the most handsome, I think.…[View]
108695453Ugh... what could have been[View]
108691771>one chance at being normal >parents named me Fitzgerald…[View]
108697993Anyone noticed all Japanese look exactly alike?[View]
108697884일베충들아 4chan 에 온 것을 환영한다.: 한국 아파트 글 보고 넘어온 일베충들이 보이는데 int 게시판에 온 것을 환영한다. 이기야 여기서 영어도 배우고 유머도 배워서 일베에…[View]
108695792My favorite soda? Sprite of course[View]
108695044>Of course I'm Greek and stand with my Iranian brothers. We may have been mortal enemies onc…[View]
108696757>a thread died for this[View]
108697687If I were to visit one city in your country which city should I visit and why?[View]
108697269What are examples of hot gypsies?[View]
108696611I am a French guy who wants to live in Texas and get a Mexican American gf who knows how to use a gu…[View]
108697053The tallest race in the world: are neither Dutch nor Balkan[View]
108697594I like to watch unhygienic Indian street food videos to feel superior about myself.[View]
108697532Dis true?: I saw this thing on twitter and I have a hard time believing is true because I looked int…[View]
108697356>Dude the USA is a SHITHOLE compared to Canada. USA is basically a third world country at this po…[View]
108697201kurva anyátok[View]
108695922Vegetarians in Korea protested at the mart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCAO1PRxOVw They're…[View]
108693838Post FAVELA music from your hood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JergVnzi0Y0[View]
108696120http://norberthaering.de/en/32-english/news/784-gates-india-demonetization >Figuring in the power…[View]
108696072Joint US-Australian invasion of Canada when?[View]
108697503Cultural Differences in Short Distances: I live in between states and going to the nightclubs in one…[View]
108696546Why is this the most based country on earth? Literal bros.[View]
108694377My nephew is visiting from California and he constantly uses 'he or she' for gender neutral pronouns…[View]
108697375Why do Poles have an inferiority complex toward Western people??[View]
108696491Why do Americans say things like 'as fuck', 'as shit' and 'the shit' when complimenting something? W…[View]
108697439>your cunt >your thoughts if a fuckton of poor people started to riot and start killing rich p…[View]
108696562how does it feel that islam is taking all over europe? euro cucks probably get pissed when they see …[View]
108652548/mena/: Independent Kurdistan Edition ®[View]
108695321I am travelling to Pisa, Italy in a couple of hours for the first time in my life Is Italian mafia r…[View]
108697227>Those little islands next to Argentina? Yeah, british clay[View]
108691504/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: British breakfast edition[View]
108686014The History of Vietnam >Enslaved by China for 1000 years >Vassalized by China for the next 100…[View]
108697305Do Americans really?[View]
108697290Do you want to find love in Nagoya?[View]
1086944351. Ur cunt 2. Do you uh um or er erm?[View]
108696407>communism doesn't wo-[View]
108676744/balk/: Izdanie na Asparuh. Staro: >>108652862[View]
108696896>Post YFW Aussie with a mic joins the server You know you're in for some shenanigans when a…[View]
108696384>thank you for your service[View]
108695794'All the other tribes and races of this world, who are not born from the Creator (not of the Hindus)…[View]
108696277>Dude, i will have to ask you to stop stealing my car, i worked hard to aquire the necessary fund…[View]
108696749>'Yes I willingly betrayed my country to fight in the Soviet Army to kill sandniggers in afghanis…[View]
108675581/luso/ - Fio Hetero e Feminista: Girl Power[View]
108695682>Hello potion seller.I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions.…[View]
108696769I am half Armenian. I want to be full Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
108691943Are Nordic girls really slim or Thick like pic related?[View]
108693674never forget Eurocucks[View]
108694974Redpill me on indios. How common are they in South American countries?[View]
108693781>No girl will ever look at you like this[View]
108696540How does /int/ cope...[View]
108695690>I suffer in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay..[View]
108696416What’s his IQ[View]
108696367I WANT A SLAVIC MALE[View]
108696361>tfw when literally anyone could pass as a local in my country[View]
108695158How do you feel when you see Asian men who are objectively more masculine than you?[View]
108695498Can we save Germany?[View]
108696323Hello. Im the local heroin and cocaine merchant ask me your questions.[View]
108682036Has anyone actually seen a good looking Asian man IRL? Not plastic made up koreans in magazines and …[View]
108696314Turkey? I think they need to water down their sand first, so that's a no from me.[View]
108696294Are russians insane? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbT7h_J1RBQ[View]
108688160/polska/: edycja snów[View]
108696173>property exists[View]
108696184Trump wants to go back to the Moon.: Gee, I wonder why?[View]
108695881wtf did I just watch?[View]
108696167Post your edits[View]
108695993Congratulations to Sri Lanka for defeating Pakistan in the west asian baseball cup today: Congratula…[View]
108696112reading about the situation in China and India makes me sympathize with men in those countries, it…[View]
108696110>Shitpost and provoke on /int/ >Foreign males call me a fucking leaf, get angry Why does this …[View]
108646852/skandi/: Á miðarinátt útgávan.[View]
108694391The Kinshasa region has over 12 million people. And that's just Kinshasa; it doesn't count…[View]
108695829Llegan un hindu, un judio y un peruANO a un hotel de un pueblito pequeño y piden un cuarto para tres…[View]
108695933A bug bit my ballsack[View]
108695437What killed your indo-European phase?: >wanted to learn a bit of reconstructed proto indo-Europea…[View]
108694691>2019: >following the speed limit Are you school bullied or just retarded or both? >b-but t…[View]
108695835Are women well educated in your country?[View]
108693354i have noticed this strange phenomenon where the quality of all boards drops drastically during amer…[View]
108688789>Cunt >Are ruralfags overdramatic about everything in your country? Flag Yes, extremely: https…[View]
108693941Is this true?[View]
108695821>Wait, so you mean to tell me your 'pure' waifu is another man's creation, with her existenc…[View]
108695752wh*tes fuck off my continent now[View]
108694893>hey wtf bro, what are you doing to my eyes?, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH wtf bro stop it AAAAAAAAA…[View]
108695477State of emergency in New York - weather is too hot: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/ankara-hell…[View]
108683624>same people >same language >Different countries Why?…[View]
108695389>tfw chad brother invited his gf family to the house again Fuck off i want to be alone!!…[View]
108694493What City on Earth could be described as the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow?[View]
108695492Who else here has a completely detached opinions of British people and their British English and I c…[View]
108695475You wake up in dalaran - crystalsong forest[View]
108692291Hey lets make a deal scandis we take all your refugees and minorities in exchange for us to unload o…[View]
108695275>1995+24 >Japs still do not use off site backups why? Off site backups have been standard sinc…[View]
108694081only handsome men can post in this thread[View]
108695226Will they bomb Ey-ran or will they only bark like they did with Venezuela??[View]
108689197ITT: Americans tell you about your country.: ill start >no future…[View]
108689360how do we stop /pol/and? https://twitter.com/serimiee/status/1152646597467131904?s=19[View]
108694955>tfw no black queen gf[View]
108693642Why are people from these states so individualistic?[View]
108679458You're all going to church tomorrow, right?[View]
108695004As crime dries up...[View]
108694382Devilish things you do on /int/: Bait an Eastern or Southern Euro into a debate and then halfway thr…[View]
108694923Have you ever witnessed a miracle ?[View]
108695011>shit myself again I'm so Fucking pathetic I hate myself. I'm literally sitting in my p…[View]
108695038>Where is my soymilk?[View]
108694772Why are Y*nkees so angry all the time?[View]
108692400could I get laid in your cunt?[View]
108694108is your cunt black or wh*Te? >NZ >BLACK[View]
108695001Are Americans treated well in Argentina or negatively? I plan on moving there at some point in the n…[View]
108690948>your cunt >does this happen?[View]
108690826/brit/: Gibraltar edish[View]
108691498Still using rockets created by the commies in the 60s[View]
108694842>The United States has the highest prison and jail population (2,121,600 in adult facilities in 2…[View]
108694301>just realized it's July already What the fuck...[View]
108693919My brother :)[View]
108694305why yes, my girlfriend is a race traitor how did you know?[View]
108693969The two types of latinas. La diabla y la goblina[View]
108688673What ethnicity is this guy?[View]
108684546How are swedes and other scandinavs dealing with this? I'm kind of annoyed at how americans se…[View]
108693928I like to sniff my own socks.[View]
108694498Americans unironically literally really do this[View]
108694680>mfw /int/ is a CHI board[View]
108693005Why do mexicans kill each other so much, is it because they hate their race?[View]
108694224Alright fun is fun but why am I getting Chinese ads Hiro? Please stop this meme RIGHT NOW![View]
108692898Do girls from your country also do this shit?[View]
108692070Autism Bux: >Have autism because mixed-raced >Feel no attraction to women because of autism …[View]
108693899Are Argies Kangz? https://youtu.be/9w7MKBdWfHg[View]
108694590Why there is zero inmigrant in iceland?: It sound like they are letting them as some kind of pure wh…[View]
108694505ive never seen a pajeet (brown indian dude) do a cumshot :| ive seen the cumshot out of the dick of …[View]
108694387>2019 >still defending democracy when its literally replacing white people with shitskins…[View]
108694027how old where you when you realized that the holocaust never happened?[View]
108693521>Why of course Im the best movie ever made how could you tell?[View]
108694195I´m in love: https://www.instagram.com/amanda.possas/?hl=pt-br[View]
108693370Arabic: I want to learn arabic and need material to work on my immersion, trouble is i want to learn…[View]
108694367Why would someone burn an anime studio in japan?[View]
108694095drawing 2D cartoons girls can get you killed in japan.[View]
108694321Imagine not learning French and German.[View]
108693875>Why yes, I am indeed mexican and I do find pic related attractive, why? Why are mexicans like th…[View]
108691454So what’s this process called in your country, and how much does it cost?[View]
108686838Cunt ? Opinion on filthyfrank ? 1- morocco 2- i think he's the funniest man ever[View]
108693992What type of people join the army in your country?[View]
108693100/balt/: lads, it's sunday edition[View]
108693034What's his endgame?[View]
108693350Yes, I do shit on the streets, how could you tell?[View]
108693135Why do they like to pretend they're any better than Africans?[View]
108692905The only school that accepted me is in Seattle. I don't want to go there but I have no choice.[View]
108693719I let all my assignments pile up. I'm going to have to work all day tomorrow.[View]
108688970>american niggas be like my house is a wooden shed lmao[View]
108692840>Be American >be morbidly obese former college athlete >get shot >by a dog Does this hap…[View]
108688235What do you put in your ramen, /int/?[View]
108691794I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
108693487Why yes FIFA is indeed my favorite game how did you know ?[View]
108693604Is this Argentina national anthem? https://youtu.be/SJ1aTPM-dyE[View]
108693523https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4oMZhkxocA Serious question: what the fuck is wrong with Americans?…[View]
108693568Your kunt Are ya a nerd? Sweden No[View]
108693330How do I smoke without coughing?[View]
108691299Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
108692939>try to watch some gringos opinions on brazil >type ''brazilian'' >unce…[View]
108690769Would the USA, Liberia and Myanmar be able to pull off something like this?[View]
108693025Why are Italians triggered by the American pasta buffet? It's a brilliant system that gives the…[View]
108660183/dixie/ — The South & Friends[View]
108693152this shit is being blasted by the old cunt living next door https://youtu.be/og7P3t8ctsw[View]
108692092cunt are you a manlet?[View]
108692318>your hate isn't strong enough...yet[View]
108693185>take your meds[View]
108690785Have you ever been in a fight? If so did you win?[View]
108669460/noregtråden/: Anon Anonsen utgåva Forre: >>108651228[View]
108693184who else /thunder storm/?[View]
108691113How does one acquire a Venezuelan gf?[View]
108684528/lat/: Hilo latino hilo me bale berga todo[View]
108693149Do people in your country wear 'jorts' - ie, 'jean shorts' - /int/? How popular are they?[View]
108693121>pakistan sindibad[View]
108693078>New world hours >Board is dead[View]
108665762/éire/: Eagrán Alita[View]
108692942>tfw this shit is going on outside right now they should all register as sex offenders https://ww…[View]
108692599Yanks, never mention the emu war again. You cunts have trouble catching one of them, now try going a…[View]
108691527itt post pics you’ve taken[View]
108686949The weekend (and life) ain't over yet, anon! You can still go out there, find a nice cute lady …[View]
108691027do asians really do this?[View]
108692777>Someone really wants my bf and is offering him large sums of money to cuck me…[View]
108692549I cut my feets, legs and hands in the river. Hope I won't get flesh eating bacteria like florid…[View]
108680187This dudes are chechens Your thoughs?[View]
108692355The American Dream: Having a 6 figure paying job, a hot blonde wife, at least 2 kids who are very at…[View]
108692713What is your opinion and your opinion of Serbia? I personally dont have much of an opinion. Maybe on…[View]
108692527fellow whites i thinks we should gas the jews,irish,french,iberians,americans,australians,canadians …[View]
108682602/ex-yu/: staropedersko izdanje[View]
108685857Which one one them cunts has the best opportunities for a med poorfag? I dont take much space,i prom…[View]
108680293/v4/: kino edition[View]
108686922Literally a forgery by the American Imperialists. They never went to the moon, they never even left …[View]
108690947the future face of sweden[View]
108692437>KARA BO-[View]
1086901691. Your cunt 2. Thoughts on Evropa?[View]
108692201I'm gonna plant cacti tomorrow,but now is time for sleep[View]
108692514>I suffer in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay[View]
108690399>Are you finished? >No, I am Danish[View]
108689349I'm in Eastern Oregon[View]
108690799how much influence do the cartel have on the average Mexican's life?[View]
108692383>the Irish? Easily the worst tribe of humans the earth ever spawned. America would be in a much b…[View]
108691870Have sex? Of course I'll have sex with you! Why didn't you say so earlier?[View]
108689657USA, France and China was beaten by Vietnam in the War[View]
108684187What's on your wrist /int/ ?[View]
108692011Post the least white country in your opinion[View]
108688196>why yes, I do think that the fr*Nch are fucking subhumans and foie gras should stay banned forev…[View]
108692282Why yes my country is pretty based how did you know ?[View]
108692258Your country Would you fuck him?[View]
108692203good night frens[View]
108688139Why do Chicanos hate white people even though it was Arabs (Spanish) who invaded us and destroyed al…[View]
108689352Is it just me or are American fantasy books retarded, boring as fuck and completely mediocre?[View]
108691967>don't worry America, we can take on Iran[View]
108690639Can we agree when it comes to gays, Latinos are top tier? Gay Latinos are perhaps the most bro peopl…[View]
108692099>Error: You are banned[View]
108691015Imagine not being able to speak your own language: I descend from Britons so I speak English Germans…[View]
108691513>have sex How do you counter this? If you say it's childish and not an argument they'll…[View]
108691901>take me out tonight >where there's music and there's people and they're young …[View]
108689099>Linkin_Park_Meteora_Not_Fake.exe >Do you wish to run this file? >Yes…[View]
108690938How do we get rid of the literal Twitter/Reddit faggots that post on this board?[View]
108687064>The norwegian man is out for 6 months because he works in an oil platform in the middle of the o…[View]
108684035When are you planning on leaving this website forever?: I plan on doing that later today. It's …[View]
108681288>Soyjack, this is me, gigachad. Don't feel guilty for what happened that night, it was an ac…[View]
108691751*intimidates northerners*[View]
108689876Guess the map[View]
108691557What is your personal favorite album that came from your country? Mine is Pic Related[View]
108689146which faggot actually went to reddit to cry like the little faggot bitch that you are?[View]
108691482How many threads do you have hidden? I have 52.[View]
108684139/cum/: *gets shot*[View]
108689535Did you guys knew that the public transportation is the brazilian man's favorite place to mastu…[View]
108687966FUCK faggots[View]
108690574>Me? Half Armenian.[View]
108691371/girls/ #7: Sunday edition[View]
108690750Why are they obsessed with skiing and hiking? Why do their tourists come here to ski and hike as if …[View]
108691268Pure coincidence: Ay Tone, wait a minute... >'They are trying to take over the world.' >'They …[View]
108690790On behalf of all Swedes, fuck americans and fuck your gay rapper[View]
108691220Is there any worse fate than being a curry or asian incel in a western country?[View]
108689043I am 100% pure celto-saxo-scythian. Do you know about your ancient ancestry?[View]
108688853Do femcels exist in your cunt?[View]
108684255/ex-yu/: legitiman, staropederski konac[View]
108683271your cunt how will you die? shithuania i will die inhaling helium before 30[View]
108680291>My parents were born, raised and lived in the South East of England >All 4 of my grandparents…[View]
108687593I want to learn a Med language. Which one should I learn?[View]
108688879Lebanon has no arab genes. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon[View]
108686236Are you honestly good looking ?[View]
108690074Look at what they took from us... it's not fair bros...[View]
108690429>show me the fucking normies man, I know two of them hid here, lemme strangle each one of them sl…[View]
108690652Aikido or Hapkido Which is more popular in your nation? Which do you prefer? Reason? Discush![View]
108690765What goes on here?[View]
108690573Porn Tags: Sometimes I like to look for pornography from other countries (mainly amateur), but it is…[View]
108685889>same language >similar culture Why Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and half of Switzerland be…[View]
108688761Is it true that Denmark’s capital is unironically called Cockismybuttholehagen?[View]
108689967why do east and nothern european have no body hair?[View]
108689976The French: Are the French thought of in other countries the way they are in the US? Ever since I wa…[View]
108688624How's it like living in South America? I keep hearing it's a crime and drug ridden mess wi…[View]
108689854Better than Machu Picchu Tbqh[View]
108690033>your country >do you love your country croatia yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a0su-l8TX…[View]
108690518>Yeah, I feel more sympathy towards animals than people. It's common sense, right bro?…[View]
108688470Why didn’t he just have sex?[View]
108689345average brit[View]
108690378Sweet home Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet Home Alabama Lord, I'm coming home to you[View]
108690301fuck guys I think I'm an alcoholic[View]
108687299Thoughts on japanese bbq?[View]
108690195/asean/: ngap tangap tangap tangap edisi[View]
108690028I support IRA[View]
108688341I just saw an albino guy for the first time today. It was completely funky. It's not even the p…[View]
108689284>I can't get no girl reaction[View]
108687961We post our cunt's folk ambient songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smCEMa0vEtY[View]
108689661>tfw some people are siding a poor backwards terrorist state over a functioning wealthy democracy…[View]
108688913>Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)[View]
108688844>Takes your empire and religion. >Changes it. >Splits the Churches. >Hated by everyone. …[View]
108677547>Manager forces me to close restaurant by myself until 2am >have to wake up at 5am for my 7:30…[View]
108684724Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
108689744>Can't get my mind out of those memories Now time to tell them 'don't take my dream' …[View]
108689202This place isn't American, it's a Eurocuck colony. They have similar gun laws, similar soc…[View]
108689307Something tells me English is the only language with spelling bees[View]
108689466The California Dream: >Working out on Venice Beach >Drive your Chevrolet convertible down the …[View]
108687749>No, mom. I can't have dinner now, I'm chatting with my international friends.…[View]
108688776Im off to sleep guys. Bad dreams and bitter and resentful futures to all you guys.[View]
108687837You wake up in Bergen, or what swedes like to call it - neger land aka Albania https://youtube.com/…[View]
108689530why though? britbongs, do you do this as well?[View]
108689524Korean niggas be like this is my hive.[View]
108689500>Your cock feels so fucking delicious in my tight little asshole, bruh[View]
108680953Hairstyles of /int/: Post a pic of your hairstyle. This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeri…[View]
108674943Why are Dutch people so huge?[View]
108677731What did they do right? Why are they in top places in most indexes[View]
108689299>AAAAAAAHHHH, that was a comfy post-coffee poop, bro!![View]
108689175>The story is told as a narrative by an unnamed veteran who participated in the Battle of Dorking…[View]
108687934what's office work like? I tried to youtube 'Day in the life of [insert job title]' and they al…[View]
108688379i'm going to cuck every nord*c girl in my morisco's land this summer. prepare your anus Cl…[View]
108688690What is The Master Race?[View]
108687440My plan is to live in Iceland 1. get a PhD degree 2. apply for teacher or professor in Iceland 3. se…[View]
108688908are there any real americans anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0Rz-uP4Mk[View]
108687975Why yes, I like rap, how did you know?[View]
108688636how do europeans cope with being indo-european? imagine being related to indians lmao, this is just …[View]
108686702I'm putting together a team. You're in anon, right ? https://mcafee2020hq.com/index.html#t…[View]
108686993why are there hundreds of picture of them looking at each other this way[View]
108650135Balt: American influence edition[View]
108687889>I can't wait till i get home >To pass the time in my room alone…[View]
108688410*quotes you with a soyjack image*[View]
108681951This is the best fast food sandwich in my opinion Thank you America[View]
108686214Is rock music popular in your country?[View]
108684211Rotterdam vs Los Angeles/Long Beach: Hey /int/, I'm curious what your guy's opinions are o…[View]
108683405Why did they nuke Japan?[View]
108659616/med/: weekend at the beach edition[View]
108686124/brit/: Architectural abomination edition[View]
108687997West vs East Edition[View]
108687680Who should I vote: Do you have any recommendation?[View]
108681726Why do white American people don’t come back in Europe ? USA is for Asians, blacks and Latinos but …[View]
108686849>your cunt >do you like to fuck your gf while shes on her period flag yes, its a bit bloody bu…[View]
108681926How does English sound to speakers of other Germanic languages? Do we sound Germanic like you or are…[View]
108683795/deutsch/ schicksalsausgabe: gleich gibts ofenkäse original xl und koler yeahöööh morgen heben und t…[View]
108684769Which one are you /int/?[View]
108687413Thoughts on faggots? I think they should all be shot and sent to hell where they belong.[View]
108686696/fr/ Le fil des Francs: Edition électique précédent >>108674816[View]
108651279kurva anyátok[View]
108678488Do they really?[View]
108687946which phenotype is this?[View]
108680281/polska/: edycja gotycka[View]
108687402What feeling does this image evoke from you?[View]
108685013Now taking new applications to be our 51st state. What are your qualifications?[View]
108687631Not sure if this is a place to look but I've been lurking a while, I'm trying to find Ital…[View]
108683184>Scotland in 1950s >Tory stronghold, very unionist >Scotland in 2010s >Pretty much commu…[View]
1086875921) Your cunt 2) Did your ancestors burn my cities well before my ancestors even reached wnats life a…[View]
108685136What would you do if your sister appeared in a porn movie?: I have two older sisters and have though…[View]
108683502Tapenade: Do you like tapenade ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapenade[View]
108685124>Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our Community Guidelines…[View]
108683954>there are asian girls and white girls browsing /int/ RIGHT NOW >every time you have a WMAF po…[View]
108685181>Stop! Don't cross the border that's illegal![View]
10868418925yo in 3 months. Crippling passive depression. Virgin. No drivers license. Wasted my entire youth. …[View]
108687006I'm happily married with a young nurse, we met when she was 17, however ever since she did beco…[View]
108687314cunt post the shoes that you're currently wearing[View]
108687318I would rather have a girlfriend from my country than from another one.[View]
108681104Who are the worst posters on /int/?[View]
108661745/lat/ hilo latino: hilo obscuro y depresivo[View]
108681027I just deleted 3 years worth of 4chan related pics and files: about 4 thousand files are gone foreve…[View]
108687123Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
108686964>beat meat >stretch my left leg as I get closer to commining >leg cramp the very moment I …[View]
108684626Is Atatürk a libtard republican?[View]
108682805What kind of jobs does /int/ do? I am thinking of getting a job in the shipping industry. Nice way t…[View]
108684755naf nafri naf nafri naf naf nar-ee! a nafri's as silmy as slimy can be naf nafri naf nafri naf …[View]
108675594Ushuaia: What happens here? Is this a nice place to live?[View]
108686868>your cunt >is it a US vassal state? Portugal no…[View]
108686935I literally live and breathe for hungarian women They are the engine that drives my will to live[View]
108686918>why yes, we do consider ourselves cunnysseurs and experts on little 2d girls, how could you tell…[View]
108684406Am I fit bros?[View]
108685473Let's play a game of Refugee or Identitarian: I'll start. So /int/, refugee or identitaria…[View]
108686697>swarthy dark blue eyes instead of white light blue eyes[View]
108680431Polish cities and provinces declare ‘LGBT-free zones’ as government ramps up ‘hate speech’. https://…[View]
108684809>Be japanese weeb >get angry at anime studio >Burn it down with 40L of gasoline…[View]
108684116What do you call this in your country?[View]
108685963>the colony of new australia in paraguay failed ugh what could have been…[View]
108685006There could be girls lurking on /int/ right now[View]
108682149Why are they so OBSESSED with asians.[View]
108682786Stop using derogatory terms to refer to other people. >Americans are not 'morbidly obese shartinm…[View]
108686489>You can’t just date my daughter! YOU ARE 25 AND SHE IS ONLY 17! What do you mean the age of cons…[View]
108665335How are you preparing for the hapa century? in 2050 all humans will look like pic related[View]
108686479I don’t have the platinum trophee on PS4 of Sekiro. Isshin is too hard[View]
108684486Is this what British Chads look like?[View]
108683552Do americans really[View]
108686302''Why yes i have never traveled before''[View]
108686183/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: metamesoniktio hell meta apo eksodo? giati oxi tous leme ekdosis[View]
108683918i wish to live in the heaven that was the late 90s and early 2000s western europe[View]
108683885Why do white people flock to Thailand when they want to learn to fight? Why don't they go to Ja…[View]
108684281dame brasil novia pls[View]
108668304/nederdraad/: Grote denkers editie.[View]
108686051somebody post the original pls. had to recreate it myself[View]
108685983Stop it mom I told you not to buy more sweets and ice creams[View]
108684359Argentina lost all its amerindian war plus after killing the natives, that's why the suck at wa…[View]
108682428your thoughts on the Norman phenotype?[View]
108685798Everything north of the Danube shouldn't be allowed to exist Prove me wrong[View]
108685881fuck you and your rapper america. he will never see the light of day again. he will die here[View]
108683913/brit/: Mar a Bha[View]
108684980I'll go hiking tomorrow. can't wait. what about you, any plans?[View]
108685512why do you love bosnia?[View]
108683167/brit/ /lat/ /balt/ /fr/ /nederdraad/ /eire/ /ita/ /deutsch/: Do people even visit the cemeteries of…[View]
108685586Anyone else grew up watching this show?: I grew up watching this show in the early 2000's. And …[View]
108685092>why yes, i build bionicles. how did you know?[View]
108684976Thoughts on Amerigoblos?[View]
108684036>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can't just rape and kill whoever you want!!!…[View]
108685309>germans are incapable of typing 'squirrel'[View]
108685189Cooperatives are essentially corporations but instead of being by ceos and their shareholders it is …[View]
108671908/ita/ - il filo: Edizione non siamo mai stati sulla luna https://vimeo.com/349073263[View]
108665331What do French people think of Germanic countries and their people?[View]
108679653Do arthoes exist in your cunt?[View]
108683941why the hell is my country's birthrate so low?: What the fuck are you doing to my country, Bols…[View]
108684186not me, us[View]
108681563Post burgers from your country[View]
108681881>change grindr location to bumfuck sweden >3 swedish boomers hit me up in under a minute does …[View]
108678035don't get angry this is just how it is[View]
108674816/fr/- Le fil de la francophonie: Édition des meilleurs d'entre nous Ancien : >>108665781…[View]
108604688Friday's for future edition Welcome to ruins of Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers can me…[View]
108677433Where is the best place for me to buy a house if I want to stop having to deal with human beings? In…[View]
108682193>please sit on my face Soyjak[View]
108684212Why didn't u have sex with ukrainian girl ? (Original photo)[View]
108684268In which culture is it unacceptable a mom doesn’t cook normal proper food? I want to go there so the…[View]
108682251If any of you have Eastern Euro food stores in your cunt you should try this. It's super good[View]
108684254Why is /int/ so shitty?[View]
108675268/cum/: follando a tu papá[View]
108652676/ex-yu/: Edicija na aparatima[View]
108683204Why do people think Robin is Russian and Nami is Swedish?[View]
108682666/ex-yu/: najmilije lice na svijetu izdanje[View]
108683550Daily reminder Canada is a communist nation because >All workers entitled to have maternity leav…[View]
1086722741. Cunt 2. Do you like anime?[View]
108681919Why are they so obsessed with us ?[View]
108679643Sam > Clover > Alex[View]
108683801This is Hector, the newest ebin memey. Get it while it's hot![View]
108683796>tfw you’ll never live the California lifestyle, fucking a blonde Stacey valley girl in a convert…[View]
108679839What is life in Tokyo like?[View]
108683694Good night! I hope to have a cool dream.[View]
108682451current weather at 10pm[View]
108672248Well, /int/ ?[View]
108679882/deutsch/: Trittinaffe wünscht guten Abend![View]
108682144is this peak american?[View]
108683526What the fuck UK? You didn't inform us of this.[View]
1086783921) ur cunt 2) did u experience young love 1) flag 2) no ive never had a gf and i it feels like i mis…[View]
108682102What are /int/'s thoughts on WMAF?[View]
108683175hey russia[View]
108683236I used to work at a bar and I was basically treated like a freak on account of my strange personalit…[View]
108681305That's a based from me.[View]
108683146well, which one are you /int/???[View]
108658856>You wake up in 26 AD[View]
108681780Anime is stupid and for children and brainlets: After reading so many great works of literature, ani…[View]
108674823Do Americans really ?[View]
108677197Do you love Italia?[View]
108682437UK wagecuck rankings: Born to be wild top to bottom: Romanian gypsies Chavs Some blacks Born to wage…[View]
108681586Where would you rather live?[View]
108681237>khhv >frustrated about anything >no friends >antisocial >redpilled >live in a ho…[View]
108683153post your contry's national costume: here is ours. I'm sure the rest of you have better on…[View]
108607673DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2214.5: DJT is a Japanese language 勉強スレ for 人々 interested in the langua…[View]
108681101Pure coincidence: Wait a minute... >'They are trying to take over the world.' >'They are start…[View]
108682974Why do you hate yourself so much?: Im not sayimg that spain is perfect by any means but 90% of you s…[View]
108680531Please enlighten me on high-tech toilets. Am I living in the stone age for not having one? Are they …[View]
108682996I can't leave 4chan. The world out there is just too scary and also very boring, desu.[View]
108681885pic one, such a hard choice for me...[View]
108675656Today i become a chad. Had sex with 3 german woman all from the same group. I love central Europe[View]
108678812what happened to /ourgirl/?[View]
108682599>Well yes, I am Anglo. What gave it away?[View]
108679097How is it possible for a country of 300m + people to have no culture at all? No cuisine no art no ar…[View]
108677578>Android users[View]
108682719Is ASDA like this?: https://youtu.be/qD_Dt0aqAvU[View]
108682687>mommy I made a pee pee poo poo in my pants please clean it up[View]
108680730>He doesn't know the English system of measurements >He doesn't know how to convert …[View]
108682579>You can't just walk into a store and take things! That's theft!…[View]
108682567¿Did you know Don Quixote is the most sold novel ever written? The only book that has been printed m…[View]
108681229>it costs $40,000 to give birth in the US wtf no one told me this, im fucked…[View]
108681597This is what Italy would look like if wh*Tes minded their own fucking business.[View]
108682291>The Autonomous Republik of _______[View]
108682346>a hundred mutts die in a shooting i sleep >a few crispy japs real shit…[View]
108681995I just came back from the movie Alladin: It gave me nostalgia as I watched the original animated mov…[View]
108681891Having internet arguments is useless because no matter how much time you invest on them, how much ev…[View]
108682138Ecли б я был cyлтaн, Я б имeл тpёх жён И тpoйнoй кpacoтoй Был бы oкpyжён. Ho c дpyгoй cтopoны, Пpи т…[View]
108678334Uruguay: The most mysterious country in the world. Other than being good at football, what else happ…[View]
108682028>Boy, you got my heartbeat running away >Beating like a drum and it's coming your way …[View]
108681175Stop watching porn.[View]
108681773take your vaccines americucks[View]
108678925Why do the good guys always lose?[View]
108681938>americans can't pay hookers without going to jail[View]
108676001what do the police drive in your cunt or county?[View]
108681459>These chieftains were in every manly part greatly above other men that have ever been in the wor…[View]
108679212/brit/: JUST an edition[View]
108681821>Hey bro, let's just make a compromise[View]
108676389Norwegian cuisine: I went to the grocery store today. While I was walking down the frozen pizza isle…[View]
108676328Sverigetråden: Stolthetsupplagan[View]
108681807Ah its raining on my potatoes! That means the queen has taken a piss from up her castle. God bless t…[View]
108681639>Why yes, I get emotional whenever a presumed female calls me cute on /int/, play platonical roma…[View]
108680433Is the culture of Skyrim based on any Scandi country in particular or is just a combination of all o…[View]
108681604stop bullying Asian men[View]
108680382What is The Master Race?[View]
108679931>inflatable means actually flatable[View]
108675361What do you think is the best food to come out of your country? Pic related[View]
108679961If humans cant tolerate living with even their sub species imagine what will happen if they met alie…[View]
108680856/esp/ - el hilo[View]
108679656>ywn live in a comfy polish village and dance traditional dances with a qt polaca and drink vodka…[View]
108681379Do French people really do this?[View]
108676736The murderers of the Scandi tourists have just been sentenced to death, this is the first time in al…[View]
108681383>Why yes, I do still post this dead Gigachad meme.[View]
108681405Goodbye for all eternity.: I am going to make it short and to the point this time. There is one prob…[View]
108678507this is not Europe[View]
108678318>why yes, I will disappear within a decade. how could you possibly tell?…[View]
108680945Here's your American gf bro[View]
108677952Buy a gun Kill rich people Kill yourself[View]
108678214>mfw this shit is an actual existing thing in this world........ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
108680445Handsome /int/ernational men[View]
108681107This what east asia would look like if wh*Tes minded their own fucking business.[View]
108681116Just finished reading about him. Such a sad story. Why cisgender people are so fucking evil?[View]
108680965>I want her to sit on my face[View]
108679900Increase your /int/ vocabulary with the help of Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_eth…[View]
108677826Lebanese teachers are prime marriage material because they're generally known as caring, good w…[View]
108681018jesus was a christian palestinian he was killed by jews[View]
108670063Why do German people use 'Schwein' as an insult? Is it because pork isn't halal?[View]
108680021>Why yes i my cheeks are always open for americans, what gave it away?[View]
108680695Thoughts on hapa creaturas, bros?[View]
108678165O_o I need to go to Israel! Please tell me it's not a meme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UU…[View]
108680647What do koreans think about koreaboos ?[View]
108680518>why yes i have a thing for black women, who told you?[View]
108678401>Why yes, I don't give a shit about your opinion. How'd you know?…[View]
108679958>NOOOOOOOO! You can't kill that innocent dog! It's the owner's fault that the dog …[View]
108677061Do you find Indian women attractive? Personally I find them incredibly attractive even the dark ones…[View]
108679537How do I make latino friends?[View]
108678914I drank all the bottle. Wish me luck /int/.[View]
108678626There are american employees without health insurance and foreskin and they are dancing and singing …[View]
108675935>that italian stacey[View]
108676880Why do Spanish posters on /int/ usually equate themselves to Greeks and Italians as creators of civi…[View]
108678249What happened to the Malta anon? He used to be in every med/mena thread[View]
108677903Based Poland[View]
108676802I am a 169cm short 'male' manlet midget. My life is over before it has even begun. I have no chance.…[View]
108680301/v4: Edycja za Skonfederowane Stany Ameryki. Stara: >>108644008[View]
108680124>americans will defend this[View]
108677158https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxvq20v5tys Deep in the Brazilian jungle in the state of Rio Grande …[View]
108676468/deutsch/: Ausgabe zu Ehren Stauffenbergs uezs[View]
108679895how come eastern euro women are so attractive when the region is the biggest shithole on the contine…[View]
108672945/polska/: edycja dziewcząt zza wschodu[View]
108678913EUSSR: Who can save us?[View]
108679778why yes I am Brazilian how did you know?[View]
108679594>cunt >are your body and mind already that of a girl?…[View]
108654052/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ edition[View]
108679509How do chinks stand living in cage homes? It seems inhuman.[View]
108677103/brit/: can't believe that gender is a social construct edition[View]
108674241Wearing shoes at home: Yay or nay?[View]
108666676Post your neighbourhood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKfHia_bo64[View]
108677704What is ze point: I hate Americans. They export TV series around the world but they just take care a…[View]
108674016Why are Italians so snobby about a piece of bread with some tomato sauce and cheese?[View]
108644008/v4/: >when you drink the Krakowski Kredens cherry vodka edition…[View]
108675382Why does this enrage slavs and brown people?[View]
108679339>No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a ma…[View]
108675047I can't believe KyoAni is fucking dead.[View]
108670369Post arm + etnicity.: Ethnicity = Berber[View]
108677787Researcher makes shocking discovery, millions of Americans have claimed that they all saw this same …[View]
108676165>Your cunt >What do you think of Macron? Flag He seems nice. His wife is very ugly though.…[View]
108678816>Why yes... I prefer 2D girls over 3D ones... how could you tell?[View]
108678917>Tfw no argie girlfriend[View]
108676943Do you have nice zoos in your country?[View]
108676185Why is this so hard for Europoors to understand? People willing to trade their freedom for temporary…[View]
108676105Americans can afford spending billions on wars and the military but not on a basic thing like free u…[View]
108678300Why are brazilian men like this?[View]
108677408fuck PLC glad this meme country fell[View]
108676399>Be British >Have its aircraft carrier owned by Iran…[View]
108677854>his 'country' doesn't have more than one timezone Lmao what is like being a countrylet?…[View]
108679028These fags stop you and ask if you're a brexiter. What do?[View]
108678130Do Swedish people really eat this?[View]
108678793>America right now[View]
108676278These are the chosen people of the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus; the angels in heaven speak their…[View]
108676086Do you like Poland?[View]
108676865Why are Germans so bad at actual video games? Even Brazilians, Japs, and Russians are better than th…[View]
108678651do you guys actually care about race that much irl? i don't see how one would function if all o…[View]
1086780221.your cunt 2. do people in your cunt understand how the criminal justice system works?[View]
108675787I want to move to Texas, how hard would it be for an Australian to live and work in America?[View]
108676475should i go buy some alcohol /int/?[View]
108678517vučić got some nice dick sucking lips not gonna lie[View]
108673230How is the criminal who killed 34 people by arson judged in your country?[View]
108667404How come Spanish genes are so dominant? Pic related is half German[View]
108677574this where germans will make vacantions this year[View]
108671940>I'm back! >Oh hey mom how was your day? >It was ok, so how's the job hunting goi…[View]
108676999/slovak/: Je tu niekto kto neironicky podporoval Kotlebu počas prezidentských volieb a keď áno tak p…[View]
108675444You wake up in America 2072.[View]
108676010Now that the dust has settled, was he in the right?[View]
108674948/brit/: A mealy mouthed edition[View]
108673571>Iran falls >Persian qt refugees flood Europe GO NATO…[View]
108675921What are my /int/ bros playing right now?[View]
108675905would you marry an average southern italian girl?[View]
108677613Azul = Paraíbas[View]
108671531The chad alliance.[View]
108676725Post upstanding citizens from your country. Only elite, please[View]
108676099Why do they hate blacks, whites, arabs and amerindians when they are a mix of those races?[View]
108672720>Hey anon, let's deal out these fliers and then have sexual intercourse for the sole purpose…[View]
108675250why don't POCs come to eastern europe? it's closer than north and west europe[View]
108676533Which country has the best cuisine?[View]
108677449I shaved my dick, there's no chance of me having sex and now it itches[View]
108673145Yesterday a nice old man said I should be grateful for the life God has given me, it felt surreal to…[View]
108664702Pay denbts[View]
108677145this confuses and enrages the american[View]
108674519Chinese media coverage.: Koreans are angry at backpackers begging in Korea. 'Go out of Korea! ' Why …[View]
108674745Unironically, great posters.[View]
108677414niggas be like: >innocent fetus YEAH KILL'EM[View]
108673476>ayyyyyyyy papiiiiiiiii[View]
108674812Opinions of White Americans?[View]
108677155If your country was a game of thrones kingdom: which would it be? I think the all arab cities on the…[View]
108675854>Jehovah's witnesses are knocking on doors in the neighborhood again…[View]
108676734/balk/: Balkan seljak starter pack edition Star: >>108652862[View]
108673462You wake up on the Shankill Road, Belfast.[View]
108677105The food of this cunt sucks. Poland and Croatia had much better food, what the hell. The tomato bre…[View]
108674834For the last couple of years A&W restaurants in Canada give out free root beer once every summer…[View]
108675436go to google and google: >why is *insert your cunt* and then post the suggestions ITT…[View]
108668742Are you balding?[View]
108676209>tfw khhv[View]
108676442Is british food really that bad?[View]
108676366Sverigetråden - Lördagsfest: ÄTA? DRICKA? TITTA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA? (lmao nörd)[View]
108676700whats /int/ listening to right now? https://youtu.be/g0d9B9oL2h0[View]
108676754>Watch an episode of Pawn Stars >Rick said about a riffle of 19th century “British army was th…[View]
108652862/balk/: Fucking dead edition >>108641261[View]
108674637Why are peruvians so cute?[View]
108676044Why are there so many spics, frogs and spaghettis bashing this show? They are crying everywhere, eve…[View]
108672186/deutsch/: KARBONARERausgabe[View]
108672856For me, it's Schleswig-Holstein.[View]
108676391'It has recently revealed that the South Korean government secretly provided weapons grade uranium a…[View]
108668102Do Japanese really...[View]
108672316Blue = based Green = cringe[View]
108660654/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția Universitatea Craiova. Precedent: >>108652609[View]
108673709how talented are you int?: share your talents[View]
108672932do you love sweden?[View]
1086757401.your country 2.does your mom call you all the fucking time and ask you where you are?[View]
108673837What do they think of each other?[View]
108675953Do you love the Kurds?[View]
108675527Is this true?[View]
108673548anyone else suprised by how easy it is to annihilate a major anime studio? like seriously, all it to…[View]
108669823Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama are Colombian clay.[View]
108674874Why are they such terrible posters?[View]
108671966Sverigetråden: Kvällsupplagan[View]
108675213>of course i spot enemy soldiers using the Q key, what gave it away?[View]
108673368does this happens in your country?[View]
108674921Why are wh*Te ''men'' like this everywhere?[View]
108675097Are there SWEDISH BVLLS in your kunt?[View]
108665829>try to LARP as a nationality >don't even have a language of your own not so fast, Croati…[View]
108674654>Democracy dies in darkness[View]
108671756Do you want an injun gf?[View]
108671739>dark hair >dark eyes >short >swarthy >speaks a Romance language Why are they not con…[View]
108668019Imagine being an Asian man in 2019[View]
108664576What's the dumbest thing you've done as a kid, /int/?[View]
108675339>I do commute using a tricycle, what gave that away?[View]
108672061>us retro game collectors[View]
108675265>Your cunt >your favorite 90s band Pic related…[View]
108675228>Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday called it “inhumane” for [Joaquin 'El …[View]
108674326W*men are subhumans.[View]
108675081What is this called in your cunt?[View]
108674968>eu >relevant[View]
108674163What are /int/'s favorite youtubers? Atm, it's Mark Wiens for me. I fucking LOVE Mark…[View]
108671617you wake up in Haiti[View]
108673005/brit/: god i wish that were me[View]
108674815Wtf is their problem? Why won't they speak Arabic? Arabic is a based language.[View]
108674698Wtf is their problem? Why won't they speak English?: English is a based language.[View]
108674804I heard that when Americans and Canadians speak Polish or Russian, they sound like Slovaks. Is that …[View]
108674264this is america[View]
108674213Would you rather live in the USA or Canada?: I, the USA. It's more exciting than Canada. Canada…[View]
108670172>Hey! come and sit here. What would you say in your cunt?[View]
108674635Is rock music popular in your cunt?[View]
108672655Anybody here have uneasy/anxiety provoking experiences with homeless people in your country? I have …[View]
108673990Why are Latvians so shy?[View]
108674563anything good for dinner, lads? I'll have a salad[View]
108674478what's his endgame?[View]
108673928>Marijuana? None for me thanks, my mind must be as sharp as my blade to enjoy the latest visual l…[View]
108665781/fr/ - le fil francobelge: édition des héros pour les jeunes >>108656358[View]
108665255Wtf Mods why is the word cr*nge censored now?[View]
108672784would you like to find love in america?[View]
108673852>his country doesn't have a CS Major win Yikes![View]
108673920she's mine[View]
108674353Why can't I pay for sex in this country?[View]
108674284>why yes, I am a British unionist despite my Irish Catholic background, how could you tell?…[View]
108673603My gf is a nymphomaniac she wants to have sex 6 times ler day I cant keep up with that[View]
108674152If your lands got conquered by the swarthy manlet Romans you are a descendant of a weak people[View]
108669895Congratulations to the participants of this year's International Math Olympiad. Did your countr…[View]
108673227ITT former countries by 2020[View]
108657827From today's march in Berlin[View]
108673198These are the municipalities of Liechtenstein - surprisingly complex for such a small country.[View]
108673933Pequeña, yo te doy la luz del sol paque tú me quieras Te regalo el corazón si tú me quisieras Yo te …[View]
108670524>I hate Berlin[View]
108671296Are all Greeks inbred?: >everyone is the son of some god, titan, or hero >those gods, titans, …[View]
108664635Which is the 'purest' part of your country?[View]
108673190Is it possible for an EU citizen to move these French overseas territories without much paperwork? I…[View]
108672979Why do South East Asians write half-English half-native? Are their native languages so primitive and…[View]
108673407Fap material: Dubs decide what I fap to.[View]
108671845Why does my leg get really twitchy late at night?[View]
108672809Hope Trump send them back so they will be able to work for the glory of CHINA[View]
108673669I thought Canada was a safe country.[View]
108672660At least 90% of /int/ is composed of brown people[View]
108673623*ting ting ting* AHEM[View]
108672215Brazil ended this shit in 29 place??? I thought we would end in the 100 or something like that.[View]
108670782why the migrants dont go to korea and japan they have a very old population and they are developed …[View]
108666091Is it the fate of all white boys to fall in love with the BBC?[View]
108671173>Yes I'm a Socialist, Why? Because it makes it easier to pick up hot leftist chicks in the c…[View]
108632708Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>108585601 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
108672343is the economy of greece still shit?[View]
108673313Dear international community, the whole world faces tremendous threat. The guy on the photo is the f…[View]
108666876how common are dark people in sweden? there was a guy in my high school who is half swedish but has …[View]
108672028>be beacon of capitalism and freedom >suck at financial literacy >be 'liberal gommunist' co…[View]
108670925Why does this cause so much butthurt?[View]
108672253Why do mostly women have blonde hair in Southern Europe? Where are all the blonde men?[View]
108673379Trust a leaf Life is brief[View]
108673209Who will you support in the upcoming war? The shithole filled with religious extremists or Iran?[View]
108673370I rented Long Dong Silver 3 times before I finally bought it...[View]
108673341/tr/ long time no see edition: Uyanın lan orospu çocukları[View]
108673289>hey you! you're not a t**rist, are you? WHAT? come with me right now, we gotta book you a t…[View]
108673321do muricans really..............[View]
108673296>I suffer in the first world[View]
108673053Getting addicted to these right now.[View]
108672951What did he mean by this?[View]
108669328What are your goals for 2020?: Mine are: 1) leave 4chan forever. 2) leave youtube forever. 3) stop m…[View]
108670599Is this acceptable behavior in your country?[View]
108673038oh no... OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
108661477/mämmi/: Huoleton painos[View]
108671950What happened? I thought Japan was the safest country in the world.[View]
108673079>My wife is my best friend[View]
108671753Does anyone miss the USSR aside from Russian boomers and American zoomers?[View]
108671644What are some aspects of your culture that you personally don't like? I don't like rice an…[View]
108672333Is this common in youre cunt?[View]
108667149Why does /int/ feel like a watered-down version of /pol/?: I used to troll /pol/fags all the time by…[View]
108672724>I WAS BLONDE AS A CHILD[View]
108664853/polska/: edycja dupna[View]
108672865Has anyone else noticed those Croatian flags that are obsessed with racial types and talk about how …[View]
108671044explain this, America[View]
108670092/brit/: >>108670062[View]
108671460/danmarktråden/: jeg glemte dippen udgaven[View]
108663552ITT: /int/ in 1921[View]
108670447it's 21:39 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
108671818I want a Chinese gf[View]
108660906/İTA/ İL FİLO: edizione sorrisone[View]
108672250Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
108671706Is it true that Whites are relentlessly bullied in these places?[View]
108667765How come Finnish genes are so dominant? Pic related is half Iraqi[View]
108671913I would murder for arabic queens, how do i get one[View]
108672004Sverigetråden: Blev så svettig av kvällsmaten att jag var tvungen att ta av mig tröjan-upplagan…[View]
108672105>i suffer in ukraine[View]
108672127/brit/: Mariah Carey eating McDonald’s (September 12, 2001) edition[View]
108672049>German Autism >Italian ADHD[View]
108669766Yesterday I saw the new Lion King movie.: It gave me nostalgia as I watched the original back in the…[View]
108669260your cunt how much you hate your face? shithuania I hate it so much, that if i met my clone, i would…[View]
108671850Japanese Ainu are distantly West Asian in origin or relation: Anons in another thread were posting A…[View]
108671920/χελλ/ - /hell/ official thread: Έkδοσις Ατατούρk[View]
108667202>Why yes, Denmark is the only country in the world where Peugeot is the most sold car. What gave …[View]
108670408Your cunt Would you mind becoming the 51st state? Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico don't have …[View]
108666796What does /int/ know about the history of Black Africa? Hardmode: No Ethiopia/Horn[View]
108671790/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Data Limite[View]
108671730do you want a white bf who will give you foot rubs?[View]
108669271Do chinesr people really...[View]
108671232asian guys: >being asian guys mean being fucked up whole life >chinky face which all kind of g…[View]
108669845>6'2 >white >good at soccer >blond if i went to mexico would they make me their kin…[View]
108671058What is it like to have a hapa gf?[View]
108670436Would Europeans take Latinxs instead of Menas if they could as immigrants?[View]
108668134Learn spanish, faggots[View]
108670841Something is about to come.: >https://youtu.be/wwyznoWJDHI?list=LL388OS1Rvill4lASZ8jFd7A…[View]
108669733My old schoolmate will be celebrating his daugther's 6yo this year Does this happen in your cou…[View]
108671486Good evening, Mr. Trump.[View]
108664423Is singapore full? If not, can I live there?[View]
108670270obviously we are all descended from noah /int/, but which of his sons are you a descendant of? gree…[View]
108662111What do Polish normies think about Russians?[View]
108668897>cunt >zodiac sign >MBTI type >political compass flag Scorpio ISFP-T pic related…[View]
108665782Ideal map of Europe thread[View]
108669467Mutts are really a hit or miss Jesus fucking Christ[View]
108670926And that's a good thing[View]
108667543Does your country have good hiking areas?[View]
108664916All Japanese girls belongs to Japanese male. no one can't touch our qt without permission.[View]
108668743What did he mean by this?[View]
108670409>Why yes, I can't see, how did you know?[View]
108670571>Nips literally have an emperor named Naruto Lmao you can't make this shit up…[View]
108663256Why are white women like this?[View]
108667130>aaaah, mutt boy. come come >we been waiting for ya. >come show us how to make burghuru…[View]
108670283NO mom, you really have to stop buying me junk food and sweets[View]
108668784The majority of Americans believe that Al Yankovic is Jewish, but he's actually a Serb.[View]
108670061I'm going to buy Japanese product just to spite my dad[View]
108670624Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
108670606>5 months left until India becomes a superpower[View]
108666333France is OVER[View]
108667479How common is shoplifting in your country? Are you for or against it?[View]
108666937What is the difference between white and ethnic pusy?[View]
108669862What is the difference between president, prime minister, and chancellor?[View]
108667542Has Linus Torvalds affected most to the World from Finns?[View]
108665073>White girls are pure angels!!!![View]
108669341white people are an extremley rare sight in India: Pajeets will always be amazed[View]
108669131Why yes I am pc[View]
108659146Half Korean Moroccan baby[View]
108668764Orange: humans White: soulless[View]
108668291>have sex incel I wish I could[View]
108666440Can you ESL shitters stop saying 'How it looks like' thanks[View]
108669340What is your country's Canada?[View]
108669859What kind of nose is this?[View]
108663701Salvini Draws Up Plans To Raid 'Illegal Settlements': Deport Roma, Sinti: based. >Italy's In…[View]
108669640Why do Americans make their characters Japanese-like instead of white women irl?[View]
108661647Sverigetråden: Eftermiddagsupplagan[View]
108669795My ancestors :)[View]
108665889Lebanon has no Arab genes. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon.[View]
108667924>tfw no gf[View]
108663346The mexican navy invades us right now, pls do something send help[View]
108656122post countries you've been to: map: https://mapchart.net/detworld.html[View]
108669185Why are people on /int/ so obsessed with me? They make threads after threads about me and try to exp…[View]
108668459I like to kill white people and eat them then steal all their money.[View]
108667427Why do White women age like this?[View]
108666312what happend?: 何があった?[View]
108669498>why yes, I am in sweden as I make this thread. how could you tell?[View]
108669360>italians have been drying out egg+flour into different shapes for hundreds of years and calling …[View]
108668778So...: how many actual friends do you have in your country?[View]
108657629Meds stop being so hairy[View]
108668503why don't white girls like cute guys? when i put my masculine looking, bearded photos on tinder…[View]
108669298YouGov: Duterte voted as most admired man in Flipland: OH NO NO NO NO[View]
108668937Does your country have school shootings?[View]
108667636Do Americans really have McDonalds guards?[View]
108668672Why are there so many more mtf trannys than ftm? Is this different between countries?[View]
108667168Post leftists from your kunt[View]
108664155https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPsQ04HolFs What music do zoomers in your country listen to?[View]
108669179Do Americans do this?[View]
108668862>I'm a volcel[View]
108666435being forcefully moved to Poland, specifically Lublin because of a job, how will the local poles tre…[View]
108665568Who does it better?[View]
108668122>ATATÜRK was a BEYAZ BOGA How do turks cope with this?[View]
108669045give it back REEEEEEE[View]
108666810How do I get a White girl that looks like this?[View]
108666584good beer with cool knight[View]
108668878Those heatwaves are a proof of global warming: When I was a kid I don't remember it was that ho…[View]
108668986How is the situation with special guests in Sweden? Watching the videos of the Angry foreigner gives…[View]
108668118>anime >reaction images >winterball >no profile or private messaging function why is 4ch…[View]
108660724Why Japanese women like to travel to South Korea?: Japanese right-wings hate Korea, But why Japanese…[View]
108668923I hate muslims, vegans, vegetarians and kikes. We should starve them and feed them pork. We should s…[View]
108667343Why does Russia even bother pretending to be a democracy? I don't really get it[View]
108668602god i hate ___tards, i can't wait for summer to end so they go back to their containment board[View]
108668103Whats the biggest social problem currently plaguing your country?[View]
108662724Does he know about /int/? Should we tell him?[View]
108667394Where will Europeans go once their countries are taken over by the brown hordes?[View]
108668802So I'm watching some Lion King promotional interviews and stuff and everyone is just describing…[View]
108665406What do you think about the English question?[View]
108654433/rus/ + /bel/ + /ukr/: SpB edition Previous: 404[View]
108663046Which ice cream in this pic do you think is the best[View]
108666166Is therr any reason why Serbs are swarthier than Albanians?[View]
108668316I am traveling Johannesburg: Which city and town do you live in? I'll travel where you live…[View]
108667062/luso/ - Fio lusófono: Edição somente em Português.[View]
108667474>be 16 years old kid >robbery go wrong someone get killed >get judged as an ADULT >guil…[View]
108665996i don't know what to post about i don't feel anything anymore; not sad nor happy, just not…[View]
108666888Why do incels do this?[View]
108666928BRITAIN AND RUSSIA: When will we be friends again?[View]
108663350Why is there so much hostility against white people here? It's quite sad to see, they are subje…[View]
108656971Why don't you guys settle for a 6/10 from your country instead of aiming only for 10s?[View]
108668253Why is Italy so dirty?[View]
108667529Wow. The solution to white women (aka whores) was Chinese women after all. They are so traditional, …[View]
108659918if left, you're a subhuman[View]
108668128Y flaidh maidh.: Dŷdda maidh?[View]
108668197Can this man from the American South pass as a local anywhere in Europe?[View]
108663625do your country have anime based on your nation?[View]
108666210Has a white person ever looked at you like this before?[View]
108668037Macedonian country is very beautiful do you agree with me Pic related its me.[View]
108665778HELP: I have been searching for her for 6 months in Seoul but I haven’t found her yet until now I g…[View]
108666229Reply to this thread if you think the new world should get rangebanned.[View]
108666562>170cm is already considered tall here >mfw I’m 182cm Basically I’m considered a god here and…[View]
108667983can you really blame the americans for trying to stem the tide of demographic change and preserve th…[View]
108667891Another Slav femoid was murdered by an Irishmen in Toronto today.[View]
108664570>tfw you accidentally click on /polska/[View]
108656883who /lost control of their fucking life/ here[View]
108665939what is going on?[View]
108666018I am genetically superior to 99% of you[View]
108665833All you need to do to be the most beloved country in the human history is to nuke AmeriKKKa. Or at l…[View]
108666830Just paid 203.5 euros at the local atm to get 200 Did I get cucked? I am flying to Italy tomorrow.[View]
108648868/nederdraad/: >dvwg rechtse dominante milf vd[View]
108665401Cultural differences between Austrians and Czechs: What are they? Would you say there is a big diffe…[View]
108666890>I'm a foodie[View]
108664475why was Spain's history so based?[View]
108651228/Norgetråden/: Saria-utgaven Forrige >>108602909 >>108602909 >>108602909[View]
108663682/deutsch/: gleich shisha bar uezs[View]
108667090>That 40 year old half-Italian 'Swedish' poster[View]
108667101Why yes, I did spend my golden days posting dumb shit about interracial couples on the internet How …[View]
108666649Thoughts? Would you say this corresponds with your /int/ experience,[View]
108665732/ita/ - il filo: Edizione non siamo mai stati sulla luna https://vimeo.com/349073263[View]
108658089finland on left sweden on right[View]
108666925Kite: July - August is windy here in brazil. It's also the time when students have their mid-ye…[View]
108666729I am What are you, Anon?[View]
108661068How to change my korean passport to american passport?[View]
108666700>iconodulia and hiperdulia? >thats one hella way to say idolatry…[View]
108665708tfw no sissy ethnic trap boi to cuddle with[View]
108666473/hell/-νήμα (φιλ)ελληνιkό: Έkδοσις Κούλη[View]
108665539what flavor of pussy do you eat in your cunt?: what flavor of pussy do you eat in your cunt? for me …[View]
108662997Army ants, found in both the New and Old World tropics, move through the jungle floor in colossal sw…[View]
108665442I can't understand what makes a man, hate another man: help me understand people are people so …[View]
108664413Tell me anecdotes about the Bahamas[View]
108666138Why are there so many weebs in Latin America? fucking virgins[View]
10866549750 year ago today, USA faked the moon landing[View]
108661840https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-20/death-of-sydney-man-and-girlfriend-was-homicide/11328136 wtf …[View]
108659072Is there anyone else from Luxembourg here?[View]
108666047>land of the free[View]
108664632So today I tried Cola with peach flavoring. And it’s fucking horrible, but not as bad as cherry Coke…[View]
108662597stereotypical USA: i unironically enjoy the kind of people white united statians are portrayed as. I…[View]
108665120>your cunt >do you use catalog? >flag >yes…[View]
108660544Música Portuguêsa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TCkj_WpPAU[View]
108662298Why the fuck Germany still exists after WWII? It wasn't supposed to be permanent annexed by all…[View]
108664459Will you volunteer in the upcoming Tibetan War of Independence?[View]
108665800Do girls do this in your kunt?[View]
108663017>tfw no autistic finn frens it's all so tiresome[View]
108665565Your country What did the people in your country do before the invention of YouTube?[View]
108665699Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highlands of …[View]
108665717https://twitter.com/NicholasFerroni/status/1150150846384091137 holy shit fucking based[View]
108661315Bbc came to faroe islands. Lets see how those W*itoid slut will stand agains black king[View]
1086637571. Your country 2. Is the struggle real?[View]
108660289Why I barely see people talking shit about Germany?[View]
108664071Stop watching Anime.[View]
108663414Do people in your country think that they're smarter than scientists? Here it's so widespr…[View]
108665527>Czech Republic? It's Czechia now[View]
108665411which ethnicity/country enjoy violence the most ?[View]
108662763https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl0b2LGf9jM 11 years lads[View]
108661806Daily reminder Sweden is the fifth most powerful nation on the planet https://www.thelocal.se/201211…[View]
108665193French girl on the left and Quebecoise girl on the right[View]
108664174Have you ever seen a bear in your country? What happened?[View]
108663812Who is the most autistic nationalist in your cunt? >Konstantinos Plevris >Believes every great…[View]
108663977man encounters a bear: of course his first reaction is to get as close as possible to get some video…[View]
108663913We won: >A 2017 Pew Research report documents Muslim population at 8.1% of the total population o…[View]
108662612do you prefer women or animals?[View]
108665342I finished Zyuranger. Should I watch Dairanger or Kakuranger next?[View]
108657350>stay over at my white gfs place >her dog sleeps on the bed >Why do wh*te people do this?…[View]
108661805Do americans really...[View]
108665276/int/ must rise up.: /int/ is a BROWN and BLACK board[View]
108654792NORWAY= ALBANIA: Norway is a brown country continued Facts >All real Norwegian Vikings died out …[View]
108665006This man gives you five (5) seconds to PROVE that you QUINTESSENTIALLY BRITISH How do you respond?[View]
108665065White American we wuzing: We do white Americans we wuz the founders and shiet when most of them are …[View]
108650159*Steal your religion* Stop being Orthodox![View]
108664947Hello /int/ I am new here. How are you?[View]
108664705>omg I love travelling! travelling is so great! the people, the culture, the food. it's just…[View]
108661590Tell me anecdotes about Michigan.[View]
108664992Every time I see a picture of a European breakfast there's a boiled egg hidden somewhere in the…[View]
108658336You can free to choose from these.[View]
108634765/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
108656358/fr/ le francofil: édition gopnik ancien - >>108642728[View]
108664472/kor/ 니들 영어 잘하냐?: 4chan 할 정도면 영어 잘하는거지? 나는 번역기 돌려가면서 한다. 씨발[View]
1086638951. Country 2. Countries you're planning to visit in the foreseeable future Flag Belgium, Spain(…[View]
108661641Sverigetråden - Belles upplaga[View]
108660541Are Asian men destined for inceldom?[View]
108639930/polska/: edycja dużej buły[View]
108655312Children could become a rare sight in Germany The German population will fall to between 69 and 74 m…[View]
108663670look at this weird cat[View]
108651407Europeans be like 'I don't care how ridiculous I look, it's good for the environment!' LMA…[View]
108661507>Why yes, of course, I am both Protestant and an Irish Republican, following in the footsteps of …[View]
108664294It's not summer around here until the first brit falls down.[View]
108662361In July 20th 1873 Alberto Santos-Dumont was born, the creator of the airplane.[View]
108662222if you could push a button and destroy one shithole, which would it be?[View]
108664275Why yes I enjoy black music, why don't you?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4E2-KAYNO4…[View]
108663886Do Europeans really do this?: Do Europeans really do this?[View]
108664024What kind of nature does your area have?[View]
108659131How is this seen in your country?[View]
108661443The Basque people are an ancient Georgian tribe who moved to modern day Spain 10.000 years ago.[View]
108662590>Monster girl quest[View]
108663737fuck weeaboos: I hate them so much and I want everything to be confiscated from them their lives sho…[View]
108663054Why are Asians obsessed with the piano?[View]
108663708Pressing this button removes one entire ethnicity of your choosing[View]
108660946Why do white people do this[View]
108663689>Пpилeтит вдpyг вoлшeбник >B гoлyбoм вepтoлeтe >И бecплaтнo пoкaжeт кинo. >C днeм poждeн…[View]
108660480Is it just me or Italian men are plain ugly?: The absolute majority of Italian guys are extremely un…[View]
108663672>All /int/ says is 'whites, americans, chads, soy' >I just wanna grill for God's sake!…[View]
108661517>'Pokemon? What is that? Isn't it like some gay fag weeb shit?'[View]
108660298>europoors can't make good tv-sh-[View]
108646615AIportraits: I wasn’t able to participate in the first one because the website said it had too much …[View]
108663341itt post the biggest white-worshipper countries[View]
108659712>Polish women[View]
108663205why doesnt america legalize prostitution do deal with its incel terror problem?[View]
108660412/deutsch/ und Sommer, Sonne, Inselspaß[View]
108661071Went out and talked with strangers like you told me to do. >still no cute japanese gf…[View]
108663137On a many a summer evening Found me searching for the fire The elusive sea of childhood Then became …[View]
108661441never seen a bad poster with this flag. far better than the koreans/japs[View]
108661601Do Korean girls like European men?: I'll travel to South Korea in August with my friends. I al…[View]
108661681why do the danish love australians so much[View]
108662739/drugfeel/: Homemade hash rosin edition What are you on? Do you wanna talk about it?[View]
108662522Very autistic languages?[View]
108655445>I am white and I hate brown people racist >I am brown and I hate white people no racist >I…[View]
108660270/brit/: Edition[View]
108659215>Shinji Aoba >41-year-old resident of Saitama City, near Tokyo. >Indicted in 2012 for a con…[View]
108662649>'You there stop beating up that poor nerdy weeb autistic kid.'[View]
108661174/int/ challenge: Name 1 U.S. city you would leave your current city/country for I'll start >…[View]
108661609Metric world: When the fuck is the world going to speak in ONE unit? Seriously, America.[View]
108662411another ilbe guy boasted about french girlfriend.: http://www.ilbe.com/view/11090483489 ilbe is a gr…[View]
108661640How often do you cut your hair?[View]
108662514my farts smell like lipton® ice tea[View]
108660936I'll give your $100 for Belgium[View]
108661997Why are southrons lazy?[View]
108660951What is the appeal of kpop boybands?[View]
108661579why everything is three times more expensive on amazon than on alyexpress? is this how the US will c…[View]
108662142>why yes, i have spotted a hostile machine gunner to the south of your current position, what gav…[View]
108657116Tell me what do you like about Croatia[View]
108660219Aikido or Hapkido, which do you think more interesting?[View]
1086595351. your country 2. whats your sexual orientation 3. whats the gayest thing you've ever done …[View]
108662007>there is South Korean band named 10cm I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing…[View]
108656892There's a new breed of half-Indian, half-Filipinos called 'Indipinos' in migrant worker countri…[View]
108656027Yellow fever is for betas. Jungle fever is for alphas. https://twitter.com/PaulSkallas/status/111244…[View]
108652695Is there any other nation who are as universally loved and respected?[View]
108661467Goodbye for all eternity.: A few days ago I threw my smartphone into the sea because I wanted to sto…[View]
108657105Do you want a Belarusian or Slavic girlfriend? Дa[View]
108661003What is this ethnicity?[View]
108661719Redpill me on pepiks t. clueless northern pole[View]
108661154how do we save Britain, bros? my heart aches everytime I go outside and see what has happened to thi…[View]
108661050Your countrymen agree to this?[View]
108661661>American and America inspired media depicts Russians as bald, super tough, super cold, die hard …[View]
108658370What do you call a very muscular man in your language? English has several terms for this: >jacke…[View]
108658959>Let me help you be yourself *deposits 1M$ on your account* >Now go enjoy being yourself arou…[View]
108660328Do Americans completely lose the plot?[View]
108660366>Yes, I'm originally from London, but I moved to Stockholm because I feel more comfortable t…[View]
108661143White people really...[View]
108653602So I bought a Spotify accounts several months ago, could /int/ share their playlists ? Mine has only…[View]
108661480I'm going to buy Japanese products just to spite my dad[View]
108660467The future looks bright.[View]
108650422/mämmi/: Juha Mieto -painos.[View]
108659488Why do Bulgarians still live in that shithole? You are in EU idiots, just get out.[View]
108659854Would you rather...: ...move to Chicago or Los Angeles?[View]
108658252Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
108661350funny, kind and informative posters[View]
108656915>be Russian >die[View]
108658790who is taking the Chapo's Money, USA or Mexico?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okibh3WgOs4…[View]
108658748>Your cunt >What kind of lover are you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZj176ZoM4Y…[View]
108641730/ita/ - Il Filo: deceduti[View]
108661084/dixie/ Southern US & Friends and >catholics: holocaust[View]
108660820so i've just heard from my mother apparently my uncle cheated his wife with 2 black women[View]
108660810>Please consider donating to help the victims of the KyoAni studio fire…[View]
108653352I really miss Fagapore. I haven't seen a single post from him for months. What happened to him…[View]
108659427I am just seeing two jews harrasing girls on street in my town. They speak broken English on the cli…[View]
108660524Why Thai songs become popular among Malaysian/Indonesian today?[View]
108660206I genuinely hate wh*tes and especially the d*tch. The sooner they drown under the sea the better for…[View]
108660220>You can't just deepfake porn of someone without their consent![View]
108657627i suffer in the second world. We're poor, and we're depressed. If i move to the first worl…[View]
108653384Ok guys. I found this nigga in my back yard. What should I do to it?[View]
108659384DAMN, slovenian women look like THAT?![View]
108658025western men make sense: I mean the choice is obvious[View]
108659351Do Muslims do this in your country?[View]
108660775does this happens in your country?[View]
108656088>Grab a taxi in town >Taxi driver is a swarthy med >Get into a nords vs Meds debate with hi…[View]
108658390Burgers are about to be cooked in their trailers: RIP (Press F)[View]
108642438How are you preparing for the Indian century? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-kYGagd2sw[View]
108660658Why westerners and easterners on 4chan are so stupid?[View]
108658706What is life in Tokyo like?[View]
108656740>Why yes I only date white women with blonde hair and blue eyes[View]
108649126Baby has penis amputated after nurse ‘pretending to be doctor’ botches circumcision: A one-month-old…[View]
108660445American neo Nazis in a nutshell.[View]
108658982Why yes, I do recognize the superiority of Asian men over loser white boys[View]
108655864What's your answer to this Americans?[View]
108654823Do you eat pasta with a spoon and fork?[View]
108657860/NEU!/ auch /deutsch/[View]
108656018How popular are pickup trucks in your country, /int/? What do people use them for?[View]
108658100/brit/: This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of British culture.[View]
108658111WE WUZ COWBOYS N SHIET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7qovpFAGrQ[View]
108660295I've warned you[View]
108660319austrian incel: im mounting a team to capture the weeb soyboy incel yellow fever austrian who want …[View]
108658346Guess the country[View]
108652120UK 1- 2 Iran.[View]
108655491does your country eat dog? what flavor is best in your opinion[View]
108655995Sverigetråden - IKEA-upplagan[View]
108659906https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE4oz2u6OHY I hate Asians because they are weird creatures who are c…[View]
108656896Do you have bike roads in your country? In Valencia we do but I think Castile doesn't[View]
108660079>Why yes... I do nofap hardmode.[View]
108658983Show your desk: i need some interior design ideas.[View]
108651611>Greeks aren't White. Here's a pic I took from a morning show I'm watching. Also,…[View]
108659358Why do black people smell bad?[View]
108659961/lat/: hilo latino despiertensensen[View]
108658163Grey day today here in Albarracín: What's the weather like in your town?[View]
108656400Rightful Dutch clay[View]
108653343Please move to Spain: Spain is dying empty, we need immigration[View]
108653664what race is this?[View]
108651946Hobby thread: How crazy are your hobbies, /int/?[View]
108653070Do you love Japan?![View]
108654670So this is apparently the guy that started the fire.[View]
108658668>Casa de papel >stranger things >orange is the new black…[View]
108654087Why are Western Europeans richer than East ones? Why are East Asian richer than South east Asian one…[View]
108658923>Akkadian empire? no thanks.[View]
108658194>You thought being gigachad is easy? I too feel weak and lonely sometimes.…[View]
108659459If you're a normie, DO NOT take the red pill! Save yourself! Or you will never escape from that…[View]
108657083Porsche carrera GT: who here have the balls and the skill and the courage to drive this monster to 3…[View]
108659256>be a 5'10'' guy where average height is 5'7'' >be a 6' guy…[View]
108656937I wish i were 200cm I am a 190cm manlet and it hurts every day I do stretching exercises every day t…[View]
108658691>drugs bad[View]
108654568>Invoker persona? Pass, I don’t play terrible heroes[View]
108656326>6:00 AM[View]
108653608I had to pull my gun on a homeless that was trying to break into my car. It ran off. I called the po…[View]
108658470Your kunt Do you have a good relationship with your Sister? Sweden YES[View]
108658087Why are Japanese so short and small?[View]
108658838only thing driving my ambition in life is knowing that all nonwhites would be happy to see me fail a…[View]
108658434Port Arthur Tasmanian Shooting: Did he really do it?[View]
108650811do Japanese people of /int/ like Abe Shinzo(安倍 晋三)??[View]
108654547>European immigration policy[View]
108650630What part of your culture do you just pretend to enjoy because the social pressure is too great? Fo…[View]
108652808Careful this button kills Americans[View]
108658454What’s this called in your cunt?[View]
108651448Virgins be like >sexy soft female feet? Ew no that’s gross[View]
108658369>here your little religious bible says you must let in immigrants >believe in god? no I don…[View]
108655821>RACE WAR[View]
108658300wish i was born in japan: am a 170cm I'm manlet in here but I felt I'm average when I was…[View]
108646908It isn't fair I wish Japan was the global cultural superpower instead of the USA, the world wou…[View]
108655854Do you ever get pissed at your countrymen on here so you post like a retard to have your country rid…[View]
108655309/brit/: perf with surf[View]
108656939What do you do with used clothes in your country? Here I think most people put them in these bins wh…[View]
108651999Damn I love indonesia[View]
108657674which country has finest and thiccest brown girls?[View]
108655444From today's March on Oslo.[View]
108654699/deutsch/: zuggnde Ausgabe[View]
108655200>Indians hate pakis >Indians also believe the proto-indo-europeans were pakis Explain this lar…[View]
108657362>why yes i'm zainichi and cuck japanese soyboys, what gave it away?…[View]
108655878Music thread: Post jazz anons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cydqv7sKPIk&list=PLYTxUXTBcsEPdibE…[View]
108657132Big steppy[View]
108657459What are some sauces of your country? Pic related, Daddies sauce is enjoyed in my cunt.[View]
108656532>your vagery Does _________ belong on pizza? Best pizza ingredients? Can you even make your own? …[View]
108656615TV drama series about sauna bathing just started here. I want to hear opinion from Finnish dudes.[View]
108652684Do you support the Swedes in their Genocide of germans[View]
108656746Why does China have such shit internet?[View]
108654863I don't like them.[View]
108656383slavic subhumans stop playing csgo, kill yourselves it's better for the world[View]
108655381LMAO: LOOK AT THIS DOOOD!![View]
108656596wypipo be like 'sex is too spicy'[View]
108656818How come there are so many pooftas on this board?[View]
108654187Modern Greek: Greekbros, do you know any webs to download audiobooks and books in Greeks? Are there …[View]
108655879>Why yes I'm currently the most watched video in France what gave it away ? https://www.you…[View]
108656669Is that true that meds are not neurotic as north europeans and dont feel guilty if doing nothing?[View]
108655619>Why yes, i have just taken captured objective bravo, what gave it away?…[View]
108653002>eastern euro hours[View]
108655180Why there are so many spics and frogs bashing this show? It looks pretty good. https://youtu.be/FdOf…[View]
108656726any military anons here? i need advice: am 22-years old Korean anon (from worst one) and discharged …[View]
108656622>Hmm yes I always appreciate my afro jazz music more than some westernized pop music how could yo…[View]
108650694Is it true even though you guys are in ASEAN, you secretly look down on everyone and would rather be…[View]
108656522Have you ever heard of the 'dad paradox'? No matter what you do, no matter how strong you become, Da…[View]
108655266Best Capital Cities: Name more beautiful Capital. Pro tip: You can't[View]
108656419dose your cunt have pinatas?[View]
108650842did you know that orangutans in indonesian literally means 'people from the forest'?[View]
108655415What do 18 yo girls look like in your country?[View]
108655011Russian niggas be like: >nah man, we're the third rome, my commie block has heating!…[View]
108651849Is this the ultimate 'I can't afford a proper Porsche so I'll go with that to pretend I…[View]
108652315>music festivals[View]
108652458¿What was your country's Vietnam/Malvines? >Spain >pic related https://en.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
108654341Is fog common in your country?: In castile we have almost constant fog half of the year[View]
108655336Hairstyles of /int/: Post a pic of your hair. This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or…[View]
108656174Neil Muttstrong, the first white american to shart on the moon (1969 circa)[View]
108650242Have Japs never heard of the cloud?[View]
108649620/lat/: HILO[View]
108655008'the scum of Brazil lives in favelas and the scum of AmeriKKKa lives in trailers' Dilma Rousseff Whe…[View]
108655734From today's march on Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.[View]
108649158British women look like THAT?[View]
108655844>Turkey >First world[View]
108653323>go on /int/ >see a grindr thread >guy in a thread asks if gay yugoslavs exist >am gay a…[View]
108645338Post Southeast Asian architecture[View]
108655739do americans really go to church every sunday[View]
108654313I want a Japanese gf[View]
108651231Post shit countries with failed goverments that need to be nuked and their territory be shared among…[View]
108655480>this man slaps your gf's ass and proceeds to call himself a South European What would you d…[View]
108655062>Why yes, i have spotted a hostile anti-tank soldier to north of your current position. What gave…[View]
108655361We should rangeban the highlighted area.[View]
108652135Post recent rap from your country that foreigners can like without knowking the lyrics, i'll st…[View]
1086550841. Your cunt 2. How long have you been an incel >germany >over a year now…[View]
108653823Italy is the greatest country in Europe[View]
108651192I vote him for new Roman Emperor.[View]
108654275Is this the ultimate 'I came back from Western Europe as gasterbaiter' and flex on you car?[View]
108655281>4 of 5 Americans that have (You)d you are mutilated[View]
108654992>Why yes, I do let some water in the end of the glass and then pour it on my leg for no reason, h…[View]
108654554Reminder that Jerusalem is rightful Christian clay[View]
108654169Why is Finnish cuisine so bad?[View]
108650839/brit/: threw a ripe orange across the room an janny left the band edition[View]
108642728/fr/ - le francofil: La jaunisse qui fait du bien par où ça passe ! Précédent: >>108636527…[View]
108655124Fags keep claiming that /int/ is ruined. Let me explain. It's not /pol/, leftypol, fags or anim…[View]
108654236>migrate to Europe? No thanks, I don't want to pour myself into the pit of ugliness that is …[View]
108651074Watching a video about the ius solis in Italy: 99% of the comments are white supremacists from USA h…[View]
108654876black bois are for arab men[View]
108646456god I wish that were me[View]
108654905Russians of /int/, what's your opinion on Gadget Hackwrench making a comeback in Ducktales …[View]
108654679Agent Orange.[View]
108653570Hong Kong 2019 Color Revolutions Cia smuggling drugs from latam Black operations in the triple front…[View]
108652589Which countries is your country currently exploiting?[View]
108653958>Enter French restaurant >Chef sees that I am Australian >Begs me to teach him how to cook …[View]
108654092Ive watched a movie about Rio de Janegro... Hehehe Favelas...heheh...carnaval... Rio de Janegro.... …[View]
108650405बजने दे धड़क-धड़क ढोलताशे धड़क-धड़क भंडारा छिड़क-छिड़क मल्हारी कड़क, तड़क, भड़क झाली चटक, मटक, वटक झ…[View]
108648271who else /selfhating/ here?[View]
108654008I love them.[View]
108651977Does this happen in your cunt? https://vip-deep.com/archives/25630[View]
108643119/deutsch/: nachtschicht im Kampf gegen rechts (mutig und wichtig)[View]
108654370All you need to do to be the most beloved country in the human history is to nuke AmeriKKKa. Or at l…[View]
108653431Please do not fight. I am coming soon to visit my aunt/cousins and want a peaceful vacation[View]
108651193How much money do you save every month?[View]
108652347Why yes, girls don't like me. How did you know?[View]
108654264What are some good documentaries (or 'doccos,' as they call them) which expose the cruel r…[View]
108654117>see White tourists girls with blonde short feminist hairstyles >They have slutty shorts with …[View]
108647527/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Spokane, WA edition[View]
108652555/bg/ - /Boomer General/: Boomer General Have you mowed your lawn today? edition Not welcome: z**mers…[View]
108649130Have you ever seen your family members nude in your country? How did you react? Have you ever had se…[View]
1086521485 months until India's a superpower[View]
108652609/ro/ - Firul Nostru: ediția metin2[View]
108652020What happens in your region?[View]
108643533/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: sharing fine georgian products with savages edition[View]
108653493>no hat, no play.[View]
108653698Lebanon has no Arab genes.VeryfewspeakArabicin Lebanon.[View]
108653721>the poop shears are in metric units[View]
108653683There are: >children that spend all day posting about cars >children that spend all day postin…[View]
108650600Could I pass as a local in your country[View]
108653215I hate English people. I hate them so fucking much. So I've compiled every single military enga…[View]
108598528/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: Londonistan edition previous edition: >>108508260 Welcome to /ext…[View]
108649358México >unique and fascinating culture >speak beautiful Romance language >sexy women >Ro…[View]
108650746I've decided to abstain from watching porn and masturbating because of this Catholic girl I…[View]
108652824>Alcoholism and fairy bread does NOT count as culture !![View]
108651837WE are Cute have respect[View]
108649710Latina women are god tier: >Start getting private Spanish language lessons >She is a really c…[View]
108653336>why yes I'm Zhang how did you know?[View]
108653320>culture? bro the only thing i talk about with my friends is the stock price of tech and insuranc…[View]
108650754Post your house[View]
108651243Why is /int/ so shitty?[View]
108651289all posters in Australia are surely Zhang, prove me wrong[View]
108647026what would happen if mexico was french and canada was spanish?[View]
108653225country are you mentally ill no saddo sob stories pls[View]
108652497Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
108653151Me desu[View]
108651883>be chi >Basically hang out with only chis and half bloods (half whitoid half mexicans). >…[View]
108653091Good morning[View]
108652026https://be.wikipedia.org https://be-tarask.wikipedia.org https://no.wikipedia.org https://nn.wikiped…[View]
108652199What about this concept, amongst many brown-skinned nations in general and indians especially, is so…[View]
108653041>Poland ordered prosecutors to probe Ikea of Sweden AB after its local unit fired a man over his …[View]
108653010What the actual fuck is wrong with Americans. Is it really appropriate to just start hailing hitler …[View]
108652542>want to jerk off to virgin humiliation JOI >not a virgin FUCKKK. WHY DID I LET SOME BITCH TAK…[View]
108652771>chinese niggas be like, 'Hewo. My name Sun Huivchai'[View]
108651614>Your cunt >How is the cuisine in your cunt Flag It's pretty bad, the best thing we have …[View]
108652878North Korea Good Japan Bad Muh sovereignty Yankee go home[View]
108652881I’m worried about war and getting roped into it to serve Israel.[View]
108651140>my sister is a slut[View]
108645362Do you like french?[View]
108652723>OMG Daniel come look at this a chink is eating a fresh bird without it being pumped with antibio…[View]
108652672Based MONGOLIAN brother[View]
108643383So... apparently the Mexican president is going to change their flag. Thoughts?[View]
108651150Do Americans really do this?[View]
108652476>No, I have never watched a single anime through and through in my entire life. What gave it away…[View]
108651988Damn, Russian boys look like that?[View]
108650204>'Quit passing notes in my class' >'Stop burning shit on the playground' >'Stop gambling wi…[View]
108649949>the American poster you are talking to is probably doing it on the phone while bleeding profusel…[View]
108643120how strong is your military? how hard is the training? USA is STRONG[View]
108651181What country do you think is the seat of the Devil?[View]
108649187Is there a Weeb subculture in other east Asian countries too?[View]
108650236have you tried mate?[View]
108647852On what grounds can Americans call my home country more immoral and soulless than theirs?[View]
108648595Do Central Asians and Mestizos looks similar?[View]
108621273/luso/: Edição vocês deixaram o luso morrer[View]
108651121https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)_per_capita How can the US be richer…[View]
108650460Why would a Japanese boss do this to their employee?[View]
108652063I am half Armenian. What are you?[View]
108651470Is there a difference in pronunciation between ‘Gina’ and ‘Jina’? According to Google translate, it …[View]
108651735Do Americans really?[View]
108651722what do you think of Mexico and Mexican culture?[View]
108650954>ride around city on my bike >like a insane person, never slowing down and almost crashing int…[View]
108651553Why are wh*Tes like this everywhere?[View]
108651636Bozonaro trembling before the EMPEROR[View]
108650603Did you know Australia is the only country that covers the entirety of a mainland continent? Austral…[View]
108651713>be me >work in sales for military-grade smart weapons >enjoy working at the company >h…[View]
108651260>Bro are you retarded? There are only 3 continents: Austro-Afroeurasia, the Americans and Antarct…[View]
108651615>order paternity test kit >get jailed Does this really happen in France?…[View]
108651328>Have sex you say? No thanks, I don't engage in animalistic acts of hedonism, civilization i…[View]
108651768succ my dicc private rodriguez[View]
108649273Hello here are some core tenants of Marxist-Leninism you must know after the we bring communism to y…[View]
108647419Post CIA´s puppets[View]
108651266International Mathematical Olympiad(IMO) 2019: #1 China USA #3 S. Korea #4 N. Korea[View]
108651586>I think wojak is based and funny what else ?[View]
10865069250 years ago, the Americans landed to the Moon.[View]
108650434>This board is for the discussion of foreign culture and language. >half the threads in the ca…[View]
108651326'WE SENT A MAN TO THE MOON AND SHEIT!!' No, you don´t Your country is not even capable of building a…[View]
108646943/int/ BTFO[View]
108651350I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
108651338Most religions say they keep a scorecard on your behaviour and assess your performance when your gam…[View]
108648293Italy vs Mexico: What's the pro and con of each?[View]
108650934Do Filipinos prefer the US or Spain when it comes being a 'colony'?[View]
108650153Why yes I am nafri, how could you tell?[View]
108650197German tourists fined 950 euros for a coffee incident: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000006179212.…[View]
108651161Did you know that 5G was invented to keep the black man down?[View]
108651059Is this true?[View]
108650571Damn. Killing krauts is expensive. >'During the three hours preceding H hour, the Allies expende…[View]
108651096>Why yes, I spy on my brother's girlfriend.[View]
108650332I am greek You are Greek We are all greeks[View]
108649562Why didn't America invade Canada like they invade Mexico?[View]
108651027Snurreharald-utgaven Forrige >>108602909 >>108602909 >>108602909[View]
108650163>still no cute japanese gf[View]
108650700Janny, is there something in my pussy? I kinda feel something but I’m not sure. Could you please tak…[View]
108647944I HATE Italians[View]
108650963>Gamelan: What a dumb instrument LMAO[View]
108644423>considered moving to USA >can't stand black people damn, anything that can be done about…[View]
108648844I always imagine all you guys sitting on a stool, in a hut in a slum with no proper floor. Child pro…[View]
108628033How can I start a conversation with an Australian girl? In instagram dm I clarify: >She is relati…[View]
108649981>'Give me ten thousand Filipinos and I shall conquer the world' >-General Douglas MacArthur Wh…[View]
108647808/brit/: Thinking about becoming a tranny so I get paid to get my cock sucked Edition[View]
108649501Nadendal: the Finnish summer city often missed by tourism: https://www.hs.fi/matka/art-2000006177566…[View]
108648351Can you guess the title?[View]
108648794Nigger... Home...[View]
108650066How will world look like if New Zealand conquer it?[View]
108650634Do the Vietnamese really brag about 'defeating' the US?[View]
108637043How do the Japanese see your country?[View]
108650621J'fais mon footing au milieu des algues et des coraux Et j'fais mes pompes sur les restes …[View]
108650580are kid fucked jannys waifu edition[View]
108648327I just looked through an old photo album from the time I was a kid, and I burst into tears when I se…[View]
108649971I HATE F*nns[View]
108649223I blame Americans for this![View]
108650541Have you ever seen a solar eclipse, /int/? I saw one at a baseball game in 2017.[View]
108649570>Go to popular for women pornhub >Half the videos are gay porn or bisexual men fucking each ot…[View]
108650187>tfw I've never watched a straight porno in my life[View]
108649589Reminder: Canada is a Slavic country![View]
108650303Jewish women are CUTE![View]
108647690Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
108645014Why does every man want a Brazilian women ?[View]
108650036>at your local supermarket >see this >hear 'SOMEONE GIVE ME A RHYTHM' What do you do, /int/…[View]
108649014Words can kill. Be nice, friends.[View]
108649313What happend to Internet humor ? https://youtu.be/8hWVSvzh9os[View]
108650133UFOPORNOOOOO: Is this quintessential Finnish culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKk8u89oBxc…[View]
108647993I ate at McDonalds and I really about to puke guys.[View]
108647515Post Em: anyone with gedmatch can do it https://gen3553.pagesperso-orange.fr/ADN/similitude.htm…[View]
108647822Blacked at least 3 times before 18: Ah, yes, Australia![View]
108647552Finally game about evil ruskis Fuck chinks, we're the villains again[View]
108649809Lebanon has no Arab genes. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon.[View]
108649987>*trips on foreskin and falls unto gun*[View]
108648952What does the average middle aged man look like in your cunt?[View]
108649748From today's march on Rome.[View]
108648990>only one province in Canada speaks French >Canadian law requires all Canadians to be bilingua…[View]
108647086Good morning /int/![View]
108649618Chinese Colony[View]
108646434How suicidal are people in your country?[View]
108646892Why naturally gook women in LA fucking ugly like this?[View]
108648689Nuremberg Laws: Are you Jewish, /int/?[View]
108644987post rare mutts[View]
108645019How are red headed men viewed in your country? USA absolute subhuman, women are so disgusted by them…[View]
108646566>İ suffer in Sweden[View]
108647836>Why normies destroy everything? I would loved to have a tatto but... today is safe to do it. So …[View]
108649094/med/: MARE NOSTRVM[View]
108649040Don't mind me, just cooking eggs for the Saturday's morning.[View]
108649486Quite honestly, I wish you wouldn't keep doing that.[View]
108621986/mämmi/: Perunanuijapainos[View]
108649645History of China: Who wants to separate Korea from Japan? hint) the Communist Party of China[View]
108649427the boats... hand over the boats[View]
108639079Are latinxs allowed to say the n-word?[View]
108647584>Why yes, I am learning French! How could you tell?[View]
108649602If according to Turkanon the Eastern Asian people were insects, does that mean they Uyghur people we…[View]
108646687/lat/: gilo violador[View]
108648417What is this man called in you're country?[View]
108647062Foreign memes[View]
108649533Give one single idea for a basic MMO with polandballs I can make for /int/[View]
108649373Why do Canadians like Slavs so much?[View]
108646531I WANT A PERUVIAN GF[View]
108645310What is this called in your country?[View]
108649421*enters girl's bathroom* >'Sorry girls but there's loud guys in our bathroom and I don…[View]
108641261/balk/ roach free edition[View]
108647256imagine bringing tons of slaves to your country and you still end up poor... looking at you brazil[View]
108647538Do people have a good work ethic in your country?[View]
108647688Do you ever just drink a glass of milk or 5 with lots of lactose and still feel alright unlike most …[View]
108647678Anal Sex[View]
108648179Should mestizos born in america move to latam?[View]
108648606الڭناوي بان علامو، الذبيحة في باب مقامو، يا سيادي تفاجي الهوال الڭناوي بان علامو، الذبيحة في باب مقا…[View]
108648311>Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge? >“Where were you when I laid…[View]
108649015>another summer spent in my room by myself[View]
108649096Fashion Culture: *steal your trademarked* Nothing personal, weebs[View]
108648394France really : big pharma (Sanofi), weapons (Thales, Safran...), oil (Total), aerospace (Airbus, Ar…[View]
108644545which of these cities would you rather live in? london, moscow, rome, amsterdam, paris, vienna, berl…[View]
108648765Wtf Britain are you just gonna take that[View]
108649064OH THE HUMANITY[View]
108648777>be me >go to sleep >have gf in my dream >wake up >realise it was a dream It's …[View]
108648050>Why yes, I am from Melbourne and believe we are a nation of immigrants, what gave it away?…[View]
108648864The average lithuanian looks like this?[View]
108648212>Yes, my alma matter is Prager University. I rejected an offer from Harvard because it's ful…[View]
108648214Brasil is with bernie.[View]
108647954The Islamic treatment of women is the most based and redpilled treatment of women. If you give women…[View]
108648837>Just intercepted all of the KyoAni funds and gave it all to japanese terrorist groups…[View]
108646667Anyone else notice the increased leftypol activity on int?[View]
108648701Why is there so much hostility against white people here? It's quite sad to see, they are subje…[View]
108648621How do I improve my writing skills so I can make better quality posts?[View]
108648744I don't know what he's saying but it sounds interesting. Can anyone translate? https://you…[View]
108646271Why does everyone here suck so much italian dick?[View]
108646836RCMP visited me again. I was just joking you cunts![View]
108648550'In 2017, an estimated 1 in 8 Americans were food insecure, equating to 40 million Americans includi…[View]
108647220Any other immigrants from actual 3rd world countries on this board? Talk about what hardships you…[View]
108648512Why are wh*Te m*n such pussies?[View]
108648321>Step outside >glasses immediately fog up AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S SO FUCKING HOT…[View]
108646697Orange: soul White: soulless[View]
108646051>Driving through Spain >see this what do[View]
108647333>bombs iran heh, nothin personnel[View]
108638533/deutsch/: Die nacht ausgabe für kotmöngis[View]
108647318White mexican here, AMA[View]
108645944>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can't just put a bomb on my car! That's terrorism you Irish bas…[View]
108644378/int/ posters you recognize[View]
108646389i want to wake up and look like this[View]
108647757I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
108642265/cum/: Canada USA Mexico[View]
108643165/ex-yu/: Anime Eksju[View]
108644720Curious fact the average IQ of brazilians shitposters are over 200[View]
108646791What ethnicity is THAT?[View]
108647406/mena/: ONE TWO THREE, ALGÉRIE![View]
108644388>Mention public transit and public healthcare to an American >He calls you a socialist…[View]
108646386I just cut my own hair because I was too lazy to go to the barber.[View]
108647540I want to move to a dictadorship without free spech.[View]
108644935¿What went wrong?[View]
108646401Australia, you are not full. Let my brown brothers IN.[View]
108602909/noregtråden/: Jodefri utgåve Forre: >>108560148[View]
108647872Hello moroocan here !: How many of you are recent inmigrants? Are you adapting to the local comunity…[View]
108645361This is what Japanese people think Italians look like[View]
108643548>You will never own a five million dollar mansion on Mackinac Island, Michigan Why even exist?…[View]
108647189Portrait of /int/ https://aiportraits.com/index.html[View]
108647576Goodnight /int/[View]
108646203/brit/: david roberts edition the humble abode subedition[View]
108647805super hero[View]
108647347I hate this pepe so fucking much[View]
108636605NOoooooooooo: Another Japanese qt employee at Kyoani just died. She just entered a month ago. She wa…[View]
108641200Augusto Pinochet was a cuck who was installed by the United States to sell out his entire country to…[View]
108646713How can China build gigantic new bridges in just a few months while the same thing takes YEARS in th…[View]
108646236What country has boys that look like this?[View]
108647505NEETS ASSEMBLE: What's your country and why are you a NEET? What's stopping you from livin…[View]
108647578>tfw no mxbf[View]
108647525Oh, dear - do Russians actually do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgm14D1jHUw[View]
108647565ugh if only i was born five hundred(500) kilometers to the north i'd be Finnish and not some b*…[View]
108647024>Excuse me, but I prefer the term Caucasian than White. Thank you.[View]
108643522Would you rather...: Live in Boston or Los Angeles?[View]
108645365why are you drinking alone on a friday night[View]
108647049Rate Rio de Janeiro´s governor[View]
108641071what countries are they from?[View]
108644253>yes, I only fall asleep listening to ASMR. How did you know?[View]
108647044>Finnish 'knife'[View]
108646475you wake up in amerikas forenede stater[View]
108645154>day of the rope[View]
108645401What could've been...[View]
108645922Do you know North Korea technically name is Democratic People's Republic of Korea?[View]
108638989How did these imbeciles manage to carve out an empire from China to France?[View]
108644789why cant we all be frens[View]
108646698Do Americans really..? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njp7ZPeUy2w[View]
108644196What is life like in Seattle and the surrounding metropolitan area?[View]
108646275What's the soyest city in your country?[View]
108646183>no anon you can't say that its hate speech. having the wrong opinions is illegal does your …[View]
108646862true french aren't med[View]
108643810is it acceptable to hit a girl back in your country?[View]
108646922Cunt Are you low IQ? >Uruguay >Yes, I'm low IQ indeed.…[View]
108645836i wish i was a gipsy im jealous of them and their lifestyle, they get married at 14 to virgin girls,…[View]
108646873You wake up in a Mexican Country[View]
108630761Why the hell does everyone hate this country so much?[View]
108643901Have you ever put your finger into your anus while you are fapping??[View]
108642426Do you want to find love in turkey?[View]
108646112Austrian niggas be like “Hi my name is Hans Schmidt and his is my brother Fuck”[View]
108645608American Chinese food >Actual food >Use chicken instead of whatever 'meat' is lying around …[View]
108646593dad, get on your knees right now or else.[View]
108646718cunt does this happen[View]
108646662How do you travel to school/work? Do you ride a bicycle, bus, or train? Do you drive a car or motorc…[View]
108646299Why are they so subhuman. Glorious nippon should genocide them all.[View]
108645346I am half Armenian what ethnicity are you /int/[View]
108643913What is it about finnish people that causes them to be so exceptionally homosexual?[View]
108636720/lat/ Hilo latino[View]
108645437What if... we shipped all French people to California?[View]
108646466your cunt do women do this there[View]
108644535Cars of /int/.[View]
108642751I fucking hate gayreeks! >Oh Greece is so bad, we are so poor AAAAAAA. We live in constant pain!…[View]
108646411זיין ג 'ניס Fuck Jannies החיים השחורים The Black Lives Matter protests of 2016 הטבח של סנדי הוק…[View]
108646409Pour one out for A$$$$$$$$$$$$AAAAAAAAP My nigga rocky boutta bust outta there go ape on those swedi…[View]
108646332Why is it that posters from south of the equator are twice as likely to be gay? I swear, with the ex…[View]
108644938>Use a proxy on /int/ >Someone starts writing to me in the language associated with that flag…[View]
108646244You mock others to confirm your identity here? But you are still in your mom's drawer.[View]
108635488Should my fat body go to the downtown tomorrow after work? (My shift ends at 9 PM) I haven't be…[View]
108643465>NOOOOOOOO! You can't kill that innocent dog! It's the owner's fault that the dog …[View]
108646224Japniggas be like 'Hello, my name is Akasuki Toyotayoshi'[View]
108646064You faggots better stop posting soyjacks[View]
108646077Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
108644629/brit/: No Irish allowed edish[View]
108645882>have a great day[View]
108645213>*honk honk*[View]
108645185>*honk honk*[View]
108645656how would your parents react if you introduce her as your girlfriend?[View]
108642423Post white Latin Americans from your country[View]
108644949Seems like your record has been shattered Germany[View]
108645631https://vocaroo.com/i/s1jwFrxEkuzX: EVERY BREAAAAATH YOU TAKE EVERY MOOOOOOVE YOU MAKE EVERY BOND YO…[View]
108643016do they beat up trannies in latvia[View]
108645630>CREEPER >AWWWW MAN[View]
108645690>im jewish[View]
108645466>https://dataunodc.un.org/crime/intentional-homicide-victims >several African countries have l…[View]
108645671do ameriglobos really...?[View]
108642016How diverse is your country?: My country, America, is pretty diverse, as is my hometown. I'd gu…[View]
108645158Imagine having a single name and a single last name.[View]
108643075Why do D*tch women act like a man, look like a man and probably smell like a man?[View]
108643260Me in the middle[View]
108645244>I said what's cooler than being cool[View]
108641435Hairstyles of /int/: Post a pic of your hairstyle. This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Lebano…[View]
108644919Why are they so obsessed ?[View]
108644200I just with that nintendo consoles didn't cost more than an entire month of this third wolrd sh…[View]
108644681Finally, a resting place for a manlet king. Everyone around here looks like 15years old or 99years o…[View]
108640700What country have the most pro LGBT Muslim population?: I do not mean Muslim majority country but th…[View]
108645298https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv1rKHGeMRk >northern irish ads[View]
108645280kankerdraad: steen editie[View]
108645228>you wake up in Athens[View]
108642432The cold war children. They sucked the soviet propaganda and STILL worship soviets and hate capitali…[View]
108644905mfw i get a notification that X IP address has downloaded a 4channel image I've posted[View]
108645097My name is Huseyin Atsiz but I am not Middle Eastern. Turks are Southern European and East Med, ther…[View]
108644270>the absolute state of prostitution in the US[View]
108644956Why do italians think they're so tough? Everyone knows we'd beat the fuck out of them[View]
108644468>old good >new bad Old buildings are overly ornate, autism structures for aristocracy. Brainle…[View]
108645104Facial hair of /int/: Post a pic of your facial hair. This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Alg…[View]
108644979Ancestor thread? These are my great great great grandparents. Either the lost or great generation. …[View]
108644921I'm forcing myself to eat all my perishable food because I'm leaving for a vacation tomorr…[View]
108644072You walked into the wrong alley imbecile[View]
108643118Lose weight[View]
108639085/danmarktråden/ 2.0: /danmarktråden/ 2.0 Tidligere tråd: >>>108606980…[View]
108640756Can american people reclaim their revolutionary potential?[View]
108640944can we euthanize this ' person '[View]
108643078Why do Americans do this?[View]
108644491>cook put a fuckload of pickles in the evening meal even though he knows I detest pickles He…[View]
108644297This man is not white according to /int/[View]
108642785>mfw there's a pan-european nationalist movement getting stronger and stronger…[View]
108642329>Signs and symptoms may include: >Being unable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink >Wa…[View]
108642612/brit/: Vocaroo edish[View]
108641889I think my cat is from Finland[View]
108641934Serious question : Wtf is wrong with brazil?[View]
108639557country rate thread: https://mapchart.net/world.html >use the link and keep the color scheme simp…[View]
108644214Why didn't the presidents of old do something to stop the G*rmans from overtaking the Anglos? I…[View]
108644149i took a shower today[View]
108639426She's the best not white girl.[View]
108644348What are your opinions on pic related?[View]
108643353why are americans insane?[View]
108642851American food is superior to any other nation's[View]
108641177Do women do this in your nation state?[View]
108637868NORWAY=ALBANIA: Norway is a nonwhite brown shithole that's not only a puppet to the west but a …[View]
108639042Which country in Europe has the cutest boys? Please only objective answers.[View]
108637738Your cunt When was the last time you went outside Flag 1 month ago[View]
108644090abandon your gods and face the consequences 'A strong earthquake hit near the Greek capital of Athen…[View]
108642855>found out i'm 1/64 danish Kobenhavn, mit hjem[View]
108642109psst. hey kid. do you wanna go die for Israel?[View]
108644147Would you fight a Polynesian? https://twitter.com/adrianocho/status/1151755547823095808[View]
108642941/Luso/ Portugalidade: Edicao sexta feira . Tive grande sorte hoje depois de os anons me dizer para …[View]
108643719>can't tell if a poster is italian or irish[View]
108643105>Minimum requirements I5 8600k with RTX 2080 16 GB ddr4 RAM[View]
108642249Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
108641800red countries are poorer than the poorest american state, mississippi[View]
108643616World domination: Anglo rule: 1763-2019 Chinese rule: 2020-???[View]
108635839If you could declare war against one other country in the world, which would it be and why?[View]
108639337Sum up your country's history with one image.[View]
108642364>I suffer in America.[View]
108643161Why do many poles seem to use this ':p' emote a lot?[View]
108643396Why did the Americans kill such a qt innocent little girl just because she promoted peace and friend…[View]
108643782What's the SECOND-biggest/busiest airport in your country, /int/? How does it compare to the bi…[View]
108642285I would kill all of you.[View]
108643669Is rugby popular in ur country? Have u ever played it? If not, Would you like to play it? https://ww…[View]
108643523Army of Luxembourg[View]
108636420where were you when trump got the black people's vote for 2020 election? also, fuck Sweden.[View]
108634305/balt/: more like /bald/[View]
108643461I'm going to sleep I leave this to make memes: your pic is converted into a classic painting My…[View]
108643415Gentlemen, I present to you the Greco-Russian master race. I ask Russia to send us 5 million Russian…[View]
108640219This is the State of São Paulo, say something nice about him.[View]
108642179>woah there, stop criticizing the government of israel, that's anti-semitic!…[View]
108639429Can we all agree on banning Brazil?Worst posters ever,their whole mental state here consist of sucki…[View]
108643326Post the view from your NEET bed. I'm a neet living in a shitty condo fml[View]
108633506>why yes, I will die in swedish captivity. how could you tell?[View]
108642353>Gun ownership is a right, bro. Healthcare is not.[View]
108642158Thoughts on extrumaderans?[View]
108641395>European diversity[View]
108643092https://youtu.be/DSDNMB0CpJo give me a quick rundown on india[View]
108642937So slaves have been freed and now niggers live side by side with white people. Can you believe it? L…[View]
108642856Was this album popular in your country, /int/? Apparently it was extremely popular in the US and sol…[View]
108605871/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends[View]
108642824>Oh another cute anime girl with a reply, this anon is pretty cute if i do say…[View]
108642831I need a girlfriend Loneliness ia killing me[View]
108641609why yes, we are mexican protestants[View]
108638351Yes i do enjoy classical arts how did you know?[View]
108642318>open borders president is elected >they abolish ICE >move close to the border >smuggl…[View]
108639694>Both like gold jewlery and chains >Both have dark skin >Both create criminal gangs and maf…[View]
108639719Post your favourite song from your country. https://youtu.be/zhtB8x_gwV4[View]
108640261/brit/ England Win The Cricket World Cup And Secure The Historic Triple Crown: They Hate To See It E…[View]
108642564how to get shot: Hahaha what is this, a joke?[View]
108623717/v4/ - friends: big sheep edition[View]
108631950STREETVIEW GUESS GAME. Guess the country, Winner picks the next one[View]
108640302>GDP per capita in the Americas Chile is now first world. Canada, America and Chile are the Wealt…[View]
108629986/cum/: Virgo edition[View]
108642362I am half Armenian. What are you? What is your ethnicity? What is your ancestral background?[View]
108638810For me, it's Italy.[View]
108628558I was visiting Italy last week and met a local and a Turk who was also on holiday there. The Turk sa…[View]
108641738What have become of them?: Are they executed?[View]
108641327Nippon Kaigi: 2 blocks from my home there is a japanese association called Burajiru Nippon Kaigi, in…[View]
108632456why are you hate russia[View]
108639706Now that the dust has settled, was he right about America?[View]
108640273I want a fucking Vietnam era Ithaca 37 but I'm poor as fucking fuck![View]
108638927Is it common for mexicans to have french ancestry?[View]
108635516your thoughts on African-Americans?[View]
108642006Has every girl dated a giant chad to compare against you?[View]
108641993>no mom, I won't attend this semester either, I also feel too tired to search for a job…[View]
108637022There are two types of Mexicans[View]
108639227how to avoid getting jewed while buying plane tickets?[View]
108639655Do you like olives?[View]
108627672i love non-nordic white women[View]
108597067Post Aiportrait versions of yourself https://aiportraits.com/[View]
108637997>he legitimately feels worse about his country after browsing /int/ >he lets morbidly obese ga…[View]
108640660恨美国佬 恨倭寇 恨薄熙来 恨制裁 爱国 爱华为 爱和谐社会 爱包子 简直就是[View]
108641866Sverigetråden: Anon har dogit upplagan >>108638469[View]
108633384Why is it legal in the US of A to reproduce yourself if you have massive genetic defects?[View]
108641662Second Marshall plan Y/N[View]
108640455>see thread with tons of turkish posters >start flinging shit at non-turks >sit back and e…[View]
108641749>be canadian >visit USA >get shot…[View]
108641205Left: Europe Right: Russia[View]
108632303/ITA/ il filo: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
108640614I suffer from premature ejaculation.[View]
108640684>female to male tranny looks more manly than you[View]
108622540/ex-yu/: hahahahahahhahahha jebes an*me[View]
108641479https://youtu.be/-VRsQXDGAoQ 'Welcome to Greece, bitch. We're not rich, but we love to party. W…[View]
108636167Why are the Chinese so irrational?[View]
108623319/nederdraad/: HIJ KAN ER NIET MEE WEG KOMEN Editie[View]
108634038How long you lasting with your girl in this position?[View]
108640794Why are blacks against the Black and Brown alliance? Why are they so hostile to the idea? We are bot…[View]
108639993Trump and Kanye are on the case, your days are numbered swedoid.[View]
108632979ITT: personal 10/10 phenotypes[View]
108625883/lat/: hilo latino[View]
108639235Hey fags, I received this for my birthday, what do I name it?[View]
1086413841. ur cunt 2. would you trust this guy around your kids?[View]
108632566What your issue with anime posters ?: Yes we aren't cute but I find no problem with posting cut…[View]
108631831I wish I was Chinese: China has 5000+ years of incredible culture, rich and powerful empires, divers…[View]
108636468Is it true that that vast majority of Asian people looks almost the same ?[View]
108611890/med/ - Mediterranean Thread[View]
108622902White pill: White girls are the most feminine and beautiful girls among all races. Western bois shou…[View]
108612408What happens in your town at night?: here basically pic related and barking dogs[View]
108641243this is a stupid board: i hate you all[View]
108636527/fr/ le francofil: édition du sommeil profond ancien : >>108632910[View]
108640773Why is there no Mafia in Argentina or Brazil? They received a lot of Italians like America did, but …[View]
108639682>IKEA? No thanks, JYSK has higher quality products[View]
108641050>omg /int/ is like the BEST BOARD EVER! >don't you like the flags? epic epic epic! >w…[View]
108638858>got to a hotel >the shitty TV doesn't allow you to change inputs for some cucked reason…[View]
108633077Why don't Chinese toilets have stalls?[View]
108640019why dont americans eat crust?[View]
108635871mfw paris is burning tonight[View]
108627079/balk/: Izdanie na Atlanta. Staro: >>108605836[View]
108638926Post the California of your country: Post the part of your country most like California, where its b…[View]
108637952Does /int/ like the 2020 Corvette?[View]
108640979You can talk hot on the internet, boy That's that goofy shit, we ain't into that, boy Blac…[View]
108640841I don't get it.[View]
108638161>I suffer in southern italy[View]
108638475/brit/: There are 3 global sports: Rugby, Football, and Cricket. Only one country has been World Cha…[View]
108634746/int/ music: What are you listening to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPvoxu2TG1U[View]
108639964Why yes, I do want another cup of vodka, thank you France.[View]
108638557According to my BMI, I am obese.[View]
108640682>Favorite european country? Kazakhstan.[View]
108640416>hookers in the US are all expensive and in their 40’s[View]
108637611I feel a hole in my heart, like something left it forever.[View]
108639768You guys make me feel inferior.[View]
108625225thank you for ruining this damn earth americans you fat humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you reall…[View]
108636408literally just fucking kill me[View]
108632387Sverigetråden: Skrattupplagan[View]
108640028>Algeria just won the AFCON Someone check up on France.[View]
108634983If you could travel back in time to assassinate ONE person, who would it be?[View]
108639024It's impossible to be happy without a gf.[View]
108639162music thread: post nice music anons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAuP_m4YDOg https://www.youtube.…[View]
108639452[1](1) /int/ - [1](1) /int/[View]
108638862This is me. Before anyone says 'go back to Algeria' or some shit, I'm a white Brazilian, not a …[View]
108639729What do you think of the state of your country's media?[View]
108638884The day I think of america as an ally is the day I put a bullet in my head[View]
108633637Something new, a really dark girl[View]
108632613>seeding ratio: 0.01[View]
108639423US/Russian Top 5 Aircraft Combat Statistics: >Format: Air-to-Air Kills – Air-to-Air Losses – Loss…[View]
108638190>can understand English perfectly well >can't speak it without stuttering and spilling my…[View]
108637006Communism is unironically want the ME needs. Communist Afghanistan was so much better than modern Af…[View]
108629678/polska/: edycja chłodu[View]
108637508Fight me, filthy pigskin[View]
108639180Swedish civil war when?: Now that Rocky has shown us how to properly deal with harassment, how long …[View]
108639211>People all over the world >Join hands >Start a love train, love train…[View]
108638780Uruguay the best![View]
108639109man i wish i was born jewish[View]
108638783>normies? fuck these shits, they better hide while my great exodus from this life is taking place…[View]
108638949I love Spain! It's my dream to become a Spaniard.[View]
108604108kurva anyátok[View]
108635221You wake up in Scotland[View]
108637276>Rhythm is a dancer, it's a soul's companion. You can feel it everywhere.…[View]
108638572>go to england >head to restaurant for food >watch is set to timezone of hometown >ask s…[View]
108636932is this beer any good my fellow europeans[View]
108638590>Stop creating offtopic posts! You're breaking rule 1![View]
108637751>I know our language is difficult. Sometimes, even locals make mistakes!…[View]
108638647Russification: The is the best thing to happen to Eastern Europe in the past thousand years. Prove m…[View]
108635616American and British P.O.W.s marching through the streets of Paris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
108638411We're not brazil we're northern Ireland[View]
108635013/nachtschicht/ wieder ehemals /deutsch/ auch heh: köterbru wedelt ausgabe heh[View]
108626553/brit/: This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of British culture.[View]
108634838What are some good youtube channels from ur cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsR-2zkEwCM[View]
108637427So...: why does every single American I've come across absolutely hate California (especially S…[View]
108638270Why do americans do this?[View]
108638449>cock and ball torture[View]
108638362Hey =D lookking something jobs in Hamburg currectly now what not need lot of things to start somethi…[View]
108635357Are things actually getting better under Bolsonaro? Is it true that there is a real chance of Brazil…[View]
108634751Is Taiwan first world?[View]
108635891>Russia is rare. First-hand anecdotes of Russia that endorse the said thing?…[View]
108637162/asean/: Beijing Bikini edishun.[View]
108636007Our gypsies are the best gypsies! >They play good football >Some of them are rich >Some of …[View]
108637295Does South Asia have the best street food culture in the world?: https://youtu.be/Jv6FyirCKvs https:…[View]
108637475>street food[View]
108627574Are there any famous US sites that would actually make you upset if they were destroyed (like Notre …[View]
108637599I broke my finger at the job today, AMA[View]
108636724Hello im from the future. This what will happen to the United States in ten years. Just accept it co…[View]
108635093post the best instant noodle your country has ever made[View]
108636050Apologize, Greece: >In September 2001, shortly after the attacks, Greek soccer fans burned an Isr…[View]
108635676I've been meaning to learn mandarin for a while now, not just because I think it's useful,…[View]
108635707Does anyone know which cities skyline this is? (in the US)[View]
108606980/danmarktråden/: ris og kylling udgaven[View]
108635431James Dresnok is a highly respected figure in North Korea and was awarded the Order of Korean Labor …[View]
108636950How hard is it to learn russian?[View]
108637125/pol/ was right about you guys https://desuarchive.org/_/search/text/she%20looks%20like%20she%20fuck…[View]
108637405>be American child >banter about your principal online >get arrested by the police for maki…[View]
108635590Does the US government really do this to their citizens[View]
108630379>I fucking LOVE Estonian boipussy[View]
108637294me in the top left[View]
1086354624chan is making me hate Americans. What are some reasons I should like Americans?[View]
108635486/asean/: 50th anniversary edisi[View]
108633815Do Americans really[View]
108629606what do you think of Scottish people?[View]
108636475Hello im from the future. Iran will collapse in two years. A communist revolution will sweep through…[View]
108631614Why does the US media do this?[View]
108627057>Rule Britannia! >Britannia rule the waves >Britons never, never, never shall be slaves. …[View]
108636269Thoughts on Brazil and brazilians[View]
108636091let's have a country discussion thread[View]
108635734Why doesn't Mexico have native reservations like the US and Canada? Don't natives there fe…[View]
108636329Y ESTOY AQUÍ[View]
108630637What do border crossings in your country look like?[View]
108632910/fr/ le francofil: édition de la panique ancien - >>108630367[View]
108625158What are wypipo like in your country?[View]
108635966Hello im from the future. South Korea will collapse in three years and its people will vote to be ab…[View]
108635799Los Angeles: >Me thinking this movie was largely filmed in some South Central ghetto in Los Angel…[View]
108635360Tell me about this country[View]
108636112dumpster fire: the country[View]
108629943I really hate tourists[View]
108635285>Why yes, I HATE my country. Got a problem, bro?[View]
108634316Hong Kong 2019 Color Revolutions Cia smuggling drugs from latam Black operations in the triple front…[View]
108629524>mocked in western countries by white guys and asian girls >go to asia to be with my people …[View]
108635843Where can I see Arab Muslim girls getting naked and twerking their fat brown ass and spreading their…[View]
108631846How could I tell she was Slavic?[View]
108634449What are homeless people like in your country?[View]
108634037Who made us?[View]
108632590cunt do you lift flag yes[View]
108634804>ITT: We thank Western philosophy for giving us empathy, individualism, and morals so that we did…[View]
108631978>some refugees harrassing women in stockholm, slapping their asses >rocky sees this and tells …[View]
108632575Why are Germans so rude and obnoxious?: I was in Germany last month and this German guy bumped into …[View]
108635484https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owmfesTtz9g 1) Your cunt 2) Does the state media in your cunt make c…[View]
108621072Did Putin killed them? :([View]
108634657Post music in an amerindian language: Nahuatl: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zZNnrFXSrBM Yucatec May…[View]
108629193/brit/: duck edition[View]
108624104/ITA/ il filo: Edizione: il ritorno del canale youtube del filo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puhP…[View]
108633545How do we get Swedes to revert to how they were pre-Great Northern War?[View]
1086350944chan? Never heard of him. Sounds Chinese.[View]
108634702>NOOOOOOO you can't just trip every day! You'll go crazy and permanently fry your brain…[View]
108619547Can we agree this is worse than 9/11 and Notre Dame combined?[View]
108635074>Names and tripcodes are for attention whores, and it completely goes against the point of 4chan …[View]
1086219251. Flag 2. Is recycling mandatory in your country? 3. Do you recycle?[View]
108634972Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>108585601 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
108629490/deutsch/ am Vorabend: Heinrich 'Gaudi' Krafft Gedenkausgabe[View]
108632158So... Like... Uuuhm... I... I just wanted to say... War on Terror 9/11 Larry Silverstein Mikhail Gor…[View]
108633306this is what the average mediterranean male looks like[View]
108627382Coffee drinkers of /int/, how do you have your coffee? For me, it's black coffee brewed with a …[View]
108634709I want to move to Europe. What is the best way? I have a computer science degree and 1 year experien…[View]
108633773China basically has surpassed the USA: what can i expect in the new world order? should i buy gold o…[View]
108634617The People's Republic of China is the future of humanity, those who oppose it in favor of the A…[View]
108633927Dakar is so comfy[View]
108633854I swear I will punch a f*rstworlder one day if they keep whining about how much they suffer[View]
108624491>183 cm[View]
108626430Happy birthday to me.[View]
108633365>Americans drink their tea cold[View]
108633640Why some Nips try to attain perfection in every thing they do ? Is it a cultural or religious thing …[View]
108633378>your country >number of tabs you have open 195…[View]
108632213Why did CIA arrest him?[View]
108611757/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: third anniversary of the funniest night in roachland ekdosis[View]
108631032WWIII has begun, which side are you on?[View]
108630653>Germans unironically have a song titled 'if you're brown you can easily get women' >http…[View]
108628123ITT say something nice about the OP's country[View]
108628035it's 23:36 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
108634202Oh my god it makes so much sense[View]
108634158Does anybody have more of these ?[View]
108634104>Britian is starting a war with Iran Oh god fucking dammit[View]
108633444Please consider donating to help the victims of the KyoAni studio fire: https://www.g 0fundme.com/f/…[View]
108630913>these are the key figures in american foreign affairs[View]
108633293Hey Sven how does it feel knowing an American nigger has done more to defend your country and women …[View]
108633865>wider than you Muhammad[View]
108611953What did your family did during WW2? >my great grandfather was in Einsatzgruppen and shot bunch o…[View]
108633893>my heart goes out to all the innocents who died at kyoto animation! this is the worst tragedy of…[View]
108624434>euros learn how to put condoms on in school[View]
108630464why americans defend this bullshit so fiercely? there is difference between patriotism and idiotism[View]
108632879foreign girls look cute but they always smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol whyy this is bad behavio…[View]
108633737is this beer any good[View]
108633724I wish I had friends, but I can't even maintain internet friendships.[View]
108630705Any videogames as BASED as this one? I think not..[View]
108631743Daily reminder: circumcision is for the untermenschen[View]
108632981are you fru m I am wr had some Pic unrelTed random fiahing gyy I've met todat[View]
108632114currently standing in front of some shithole bar: contemplating whether i should end my life or go i…[View]
108631265Once the internet is fully global, what would happend if you start air dropping smartphones in untou…[View]
108633160this is a spanish girl[View]
108629952sorry germany: for exporting such retards to your lands. this retarded incel keeps taping white whor…[View]
108632698>wow look at dat booty![View]
108632801>ywn go to space with your soviet bros Why even live[View]
108632554Would you breed (procreate) with a Colombian woman?[View]
108632822I am half Armenian. Anon, what are you?[View]
108623010Baltic states how do you feel about your neighbors?: How do you guys feel about your southern, north…[View]
108623362/fr/ - le francofil: Aviation édition ancien : >>108614121[View]
108632415give me my boat back[View]
108613684Why do japs give their characters white skin instead of the yellowish-brown skin colour they have ir…[View]
108632093why are meds soo o retarded?[View]
108632178It's been nice knowing you, lads. But I now must give my life to protect Oilberg. Wish me well.[View]
108628345>thank you for buying me orange juice, Anon[View]
108629341Cara al sol con la camisa nueeeeeeva, que tuuuuú borraste en rojo ayeeeer, me hallará la muerte si m…[View]
108628689do/have you experience(d) earthquakes? what's it like? how do you prepare and what do you do af…[View]
108632141>mfw I live in a Italo-Japanese household and I get to have delicious dinners from the both of tw…[View]
108631952Why can't Asians do breakfast?[View]
108631510Midwestern Hellscape: >First World cold temps >Third World heat temps That's a high of 44…[View]
108630035Who else /learning 3 foreign languages at once/?[View]
108628596>brown hair >brown eyes good to be king :)…[View]
108631808The worst people in Europe. The shittiest region to live in Europe[View]
108628613>Spain >France OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
108629014>nooooooo, you can't genocide your neighbors for more lebensraum, it's mean!!…[View]
108621591>Philippines >LARPing as Spanish by joining Spanish Falange…[View]
108631771In the Turk/Greek argument thread some retard Christian is calling the ‘Star / crescent’ symbol a “j…[View]
108628529What was your first contact with American popular culture ? For me, watching Terminator 2 on VHS whe…[View]
108625610>wake up >Europe is now this What do?[View]
108630859To all the posters(Grosters) who go 'COPE', 'BASED' or 'CRINGE' in a long reply thread to multiple p…[View]
108631347How's the weather where you are? It's fucking HOT here[View]
108630781Why this is called 'manhole' in English? It sounds like bad language or the hole/ass of a man.[View]
108625586I wish I was Conor McGregor. >handsome >fit >healthy >billionaire >probably has hig…[View]
108629369Why can't Americans poo in loo?[View]
108631520Apollo 11 thread: Only countries that contributed to the first tripulated moon landing may post in t…[View]
108627786Is it true that Americans get fired for being members of workers unions?[View]
108631383Is Nicolas Cage popular in your country?[View]
108630279japanese niggas be like https://youtu.be/VqB1uoDTdKM[View]
108631374Ugh... what could have been[View]
108631316o kurwa :DDDDdd[View]
108627666And yes, it took place in that order: My question is does that make it better or worse? Kind of make…[View]
108631152Mexican anons: Is there some video like this about Mexico City? I´ve found one, but is very short an…[View]
108630529we should ban fire from society: >butantan >boate kiss >national museum >kyoani studios…[View]
108628350/afg/ Africa general: share some interesting pictures of this place[View]
108628950Better watch out, Sweden, Trump is coming for you[View]
108628634Typical /balk/[View]
108624646Putin means slut in french.[View]
108628721what are bald men like in your cunt[View]
108630384These shitholes shouldnt be part of mexico[View]
108628074I ate a lot of Chinese food from Panda Express, I'm now eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream…[View]
108629020Can you make frens on int? t. Fren seeker[View]
108630277I want peace with iran and britain.[View]
108604655/balt/: Future edition[View]
108625453really makes you think[View]
108629444say something nice about the country whose post is above yours :)[View]
108629120>Toronto isnt the capital of Canada >Isnt Vancouver either >Dont even think of Montreal…[View]
108627948How do I get a /med/ gf?[View]
108628902>Your Cunt >How does your country's culture deal with death and its inevitability? >Ho…[View]
108625171Why isn't this just the same country? They're so weak by themselves[View]
108626849ITT: Us brits apologise for creating Australia I'M SORRY WORLD[View]
108629863>I need a hero. Im holding out for a hero til the morning light.[View]
108607670/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: ojo edition[View]
108624324Sverigetråden - Fredagsfest: ÄTA? DRICKA? KOLLA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lol nördar)?[View]
108629972left one is the gay brother: can you detect it just by looks?[View]
108626002>I am strong[View]
108629395>Turkey >more supporters than in Eastern Europe Why?…[View]
108615918BREAKING NEWS: ASAP Rocky to REMAIN in jail: >Rocky's lawyer: 'I am SEETHING' yeah, I'm…[View]
108586885/asean/: かけがえのない宝物 名前のない花は 静かに眠るよ A treasure more valuable than all A nameless flower lies in peace…[View]
108629042Why do americans were used to do this? (Lynch italian immigrants)[View]
108624848Why do Americans always sit on their porch? Aren't they scared of getting shot?[View]
108616955/polska/: edycja animkowa albo rozpierdolę wszystko[View]
108625369/deutsch/ auch manchmal bekannt als /tirol/: gemütliche Ausgabe für gemütliche /deutsch/e[View]
108628904I hate German immigrants: Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens…[View]
108628922Old pictures of people from your country[View]
108621124I really hate boomers Like genuinely hate them[View]
108628683this is my favorite bench[View]
108628216Are you a health conscious type of person?[View]
108628789Cultural differences between Finland and Estonia: What are they? Do Estonians experience any cultura…[View]
1086272251. country 2. does this happens in your country?[View]
108627603>I hate Berlin[View]
108624083How well can you parallel park?[View]
108628773Ugh... What could've been...[View]
108623372Why do Indian woman academics and professionals in the states often have white husbands? Can pajeets…[View]
108626227/int/ /lgbt/: 1. Your country 2. Your letter[View]
108627094My wife's boyfriend called me a 'poгoнoнeц' today. No idea what it means, any help?[View]
108628635Hey americans, stop doing it![View]
108624785Why are Canadians so bigoted and intolerant?[View]
108625671Interviewer: So, tell us anon. Where do you see yourself in five years? Me:...[View]
108628473Would you fuck the goat if she sucked your dick in return?[View]
108622752Do you faggots know how to cook?[View]
108627289>be me >fart >Turkish SWAT team breaks down my door looking for natural gas…[View]
108628283Tell me anecdotes about Michigan.[View]
108628238Why are mexicans obsessed with guns and trucks?[View]
108626280Do you reckon ayy lmaos live amongst us?[View]
108619800Americans be like: >Well yes, I do have to do humiliating dance and sing performances at my retai…[View]
108623448>Yes, I'm a princess >How could you tell?…[View]
108625149Any plans for the weekend, Anon?[View]
108627775What does he remind you of in your dreams ?[View]
108625733>be American[View]
108620325God I can't even imagine being poor. Some of you poories really disgust me.[View]
108624649Why do most French cities close to German border have German names? Is it to show respect for their …[View]
108627128>Be me >On a cross country roadtrip >Usually shy but decide since I'll never see any o…[View]
108626835why do the Lebanese think they're white?[View]
108627511Listen boss, I don't give a shit that this absolutely needs to be done before midnight or that …[View]
108622759Isn't it crazy that we held them to the same standards as blacks back then?[View]
108622506>Jalapeños >”Hot” Why do Anglos think this mild snack is spicy?…[View]
108625940Jugoslavija, home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MGkkQu4sPY[View]
108624086>your flag >did you ever cuddle with someone Germany No…[View]
108618416Behold, the pinnacle of European monuments[View]
108618539Is Philippines the most failed country in the world?[View]
108626303south italian girl[View]
108624002/brit/: sesh toil looms[View]
108625777>most of /int/ are animefags >most of /int/ are christfags I’m going back to /sp/. So long suc…[View]
108626927quick q: what part of america pronounces 'roof' as 'ruf'[View]
108623630I like Australian and Canadian posters.[View]
108605836/balk/ - Bulgaria and frens: Bulgarian white hacker feminine programmer hands edition. Previous: …[View]
108626536Any French ''''people'''' here? Hold still...[View]
108626541I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]

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