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156220919>Yes i drink two cups of coffee every day[View]
156230399Germans are not wholeso-[View]
156234816did you guys accomplish anything this year in your cunt?[View]
156233578How about no and go fuck yourself: :)[View]
156233320What is Uzbekistan getting right that 75% of other countries are getting wrong?[View]
156232736Good morning sirs of /int/, please pray for India. Thank you.[View]
156233356What's your favorite Megalopolis? Mine is the Northeast Coriddor[View]
156228250why are germans like this???????[View]
156232989why indian writing system looks like this[View]
156198053Are watches considered a status symbol in your country? Here's mine[View]
156234461how do you sex with girls in your cunt? Explain it to me from the start pls[View]
156234013What did Japan mean with this?: >black weak >blond strong…[View]
156233120Is this representable of Swiss women?[View]
156232272I don't hate the people of any country: It makes no sense to hate a population. You can hate th…[View]
156233938choose a side /int/ernational community...[View]
156230444What are some cool things from your language?[View]
156201637/med/ + bros: Dagoth Ur edition[View]
156233731how are you preparing for asian century?[View]
156233951England was paganized for nearly a century from 865–954 what impact did this have on English culture…[View]
156232043Whatever you do don’t google “American woman average height and weight”[View]
156231565/brit/: Island boys edition[View]
156233778This is the Greatest dad of the 21st Century, right?[View]
156231575This is what Japanese people sleep on: Pillows looking like butts. Why are Japanese dong this?…[View]
156211082where is this phenotype most common?[View]
156232386>caused both world wars >Germany is blame instead…[View]
156210513>every morning Euros(and brits) dont know suffering[View]
156216311does this happen in your country?[View]
156233684Lets measuring the purchasing power parity between two currencies with a hamburger Do gringos really…[View]
156233074The back of my ears smell like cheetohs Does this happen in ur cunt[View]
156229592sverigetråden - öpojkar upplagan[View]
156233253I have travelled far and wide seen many nations and walked paths trod forth by heroes of yore my pat…[View]
156233276im curious,tell me interesting facts about this region[View]
156227840Population density western iberia[View]
156230254Why the fuck is this shit illegal for self defense in Cucknada: My gf works late at night and someti…[View]
156229039/deutsch/: Vochel Ausgabne[View]
156232824/deutsch/ um 21:44 Uhr: Winter Ausgabe[View]
156226916Thoughts on the east baltic phenotype?[View]
156225646R8 my lunch bros[View]
156230676french is elegant french is upper class this board lack of french people This is how I imagine frenc…[View]
156227204Why do they have so many lakes? Are are they doing with them? What are they hiding?[View]
156231304Argentina was the third country in the world in 1914. What happened?[View]
156229530Thank you frenchies: Story was meh but the music and visuals were amazing[View]
1562225691. Your country 2. Do women in your country prefer smooth/shaved or hairy? Mexico Smooth, tb h[View]
156224266if you could travel to any country at any point in time where/when would you go? for me I would go t…[View]
156232208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqpkLWATbbA I learned music composition from baroque original books …[View]
156229385/brit/: Allegra Stratton edition[View]
156223537French meds -> French Nordoids[View]
156231247firsties be like >not being a shithole too spicy!!![View]
156229909I am Suebi[View]
156221290What is this korean face type called? I like it. The big face.[View]
156223504What do you do for entertainment during your free time in your country[View]
156230976Asians really be out there making fun of wipopo for not knowing how to make rice when no one in thei…[View]
156229345in this itt: we thank romania for synthesizing amphetamines and paving the way for future good times…[View]
156229096Can Americans help me decipher this? Is it some kind of ritual?[View]
156219823Are Americans even real[View]
156230748Guess her ethnicity Hardmode: no reverse image search[View]
156229811Imagine a Middle East where the curse of Islam never existed: Or a World really? I believe that Isla…[View]
156228646Aprender Italiano: Necesito material para aprender italiano y el material que tienen ustedes aquí es…[View]
156226709this is a pure Latin Mediterranean phenotype Roman people looked like this[View]
156223592What's the worst english accent and why is it indian?[View]
156228084why french people so protective about japanese culture?[View]
156227890>Downey's father was of half Lithuanian-Jewish, one-quarter Hungarian-Jewish, and one-quarte…[View]
156230708I just created the BASED Croatia[View]
156214244How is the financial situation going for young people in your country?[View]
156223398Are there Moroccan twinks in your country?[View]
156226479Western Europe, Canada: loved and admired China, Russia: feared and respected Poland: mocked and rid…[View]
156211890Do Poles really?[View]
156224895What do French think of him?: Based or cringe?[View]
156217683reminder that Pajeets are the most powerful people in the world[View]
156218160White people living in first world countries can’t suffer[View]
156214101Are people from these regions of France and Spain aware they have Celtic ancestors from Britain who …[View]
156225101The geographic displacement of the Armenian people is a tragedy. Armenians (and the land which Armen…[View]
156225654what is the best way to learn a second language? I live in England where very few people know more t…[View]
156208824Why don't you come Japan?[View]
156226167Your opinion on Czechs?[View]
156216580My name is NOT Ivan. Stop calling me that.[View]
156228290ITT: /int/-approved youtubers https://youtu.be/-Q4uPsuRXoc[View]
156201961Which languages do you hate hearing in real life[View]
156227738Do whypipo really need that clarification? I mean, maybe the video is ment for children but even tod…[View]
156224236Why do I look like this?: My DNA is 51% Neolithic Farmer, 33% Western Hunter-Gatherer, and 16% Metal…[View]
156227192how do I get an American girlfriend with a criminal record(significant portion of their population)?[View]
156229488Auf geht's:-): https://youtu.be/bG3kfV8qcuw[View]
156206335> Your country > What is the closest foreign country from where you live? France Belgium…[View]
156229441/brit/: girl abs edition[View]
156206002/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: edição: café da manhã old: >>156196421[View]
156202283Slovakia is like this...[View]
156228590inaccurate portrayals of your cunt: (or other cunts) here in argentina we have this cheese spread ca…[View]
156223482What if Tocharians (Arśi-Kuči) had never been destroyed by the Uyghurs? How different would the worl…[View]
156216596/fr/ — Le Francofil: Edition des cailloux Ancien : >>156208028[View]
156222839>Filters you[View]
156222192This is my breakfast. What do you have for breakfast in your country?[View]
156227323/brit/: black queens edition[View]
156203524/esp/ - Hilo Español: Edición pepera En este hilo queda terminantemente prohibida toda discusión s…[View]
156227984In every Italian beats the heart of a Centurion[View]
156229268ITT: We find Sovl from USA: America is an ugly soulless dystopian society BUT it has managed to crea…[View]
156222536why japanese always portrays americans as tall blonde cool masculine gigachads and gigastaceys?[View]
156215515Is your country headed towards mid-century collapse?: According to MIT, the world is on track for su…[View]
156228206Dating in your cunt: How is the dating scene in your cunt? >work your ass off to be an attractive…[View]
156216663Do drunk girls do Roman salutes while praising Hitler in your country?[View]
156227815дeд и бaтя cцeпилиcь пo пьяни[View]
156205913Why do moors worship vikings?[View]
156224964/deutsch/: Abendausgabe[View]
156228697HOLA, Ese![View]
156228748Did you know all Iberian males were killed at some point by Northern European invaders?[View]
156228416I believe that pushing someone's buttons and blatant harrasment/bullying and invading into some…[View]
1562264711. Your flag. 2. Can you dance? https://files.catbox.moe/yzfom9.mp4[View]
156220337/norgetråden/: Gjemmekontor-utgaven Forrige >>156211860 >>156211860 >>156211860…[View]
156222343>breakfast >lunch >dinner do foreigners really? in russia we eat when we're hungry or …[View]
156222932Sverigetråden- ensamma upplagan[View]
156227632My country has no nature left it's an asphalitzed swamp[View]
156224643Do girls in your country like indian men?[View]
156227174Do you ever have a good driving experience in your country? I don't think I ever have[View]
156219545/polska/: edycja dużego chłopa[View]
156215379/nederdraad/: 2022: we gaan eindelijk een vd/vdje krijgen -editie[View]
156225361/brit/: Lower Saxony edition[View]
156190150/desi/: Elaina-chan आवृत्ती[View]
156224917Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156224772cultural shock: im syrian living in syria since 2020... theres so many girls with skin revealing clo…[View]
156224037i dont believe they made a real country based on GTA[View]
156225337Czn i find a qt virgin gf in your cunt?[View]
156223601I assume every dutch poster is nafri until proven otherwise[View]
156225377I love you[View]
156220980Only Georgians and Georgian frens: Only Georgians and Georgian frens allowed itt[View]
156226252Does anyone else wish they had a French name? If you could have a French name, what would it be? For…[View]
156223327>Japan in the 2000s Ugh...peak sovl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msSgxkHA04M…[View]
156221184opinion on anglos?[View]
156201239/cum/: chetnik edish + lover edish[View]
156224116Live your myth in Greece / All time classic the first one is our older tourism slogan and the second…[View]
156223520Do you have beauty competitions for animals in your' cunt....? https://news.sky.com/story/camel…[View]
156224889This isn't Finland. It's the Masurian Lake District in Poland.[View]
156223992Do you want to find love in Georgia?[View]
156220093Why do Poles pretend they don't pass as locals in Balkans?[View]
156209389>your cunt >do you hate your name? flag yes, i'm doomed because my parents named me n*ki…[View]
156220184i wish my name was MIchael...or Raphael...anything Euro-friendly[View]
156224604Wtf, Italy[View]
156222821/brit/: Clown announcing restrictions I hope none of you follow in 45 minutes edition[View]
156213001/mena/: طبعة المستقبل >>156177528[View]
156213468/ita/ - il filo: edizione violenta[View]
156218886Is this music known in your country: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw[View]
156224835what did it contribute to the world?[View]
156215872why are italians like this? https://youtu.be/7_Cjb4sSYkw?t=82[View]
156224188ITT: Int/Pills of truth: >Rural folk are on average, less educated (superstitious beliefs), backw…[View]
156220835How common are American style street preachers/ evangelists in your country? In Japan its very rare.…[View]
156220616/deutsch/: Narzisstische Ausgabe[View]
156223285>white women are ugl........ APOLOGIZE[View]
156218117Seven percent of the population in my country is Zhang[View]
156219200what is this phenotype[View]
156222467There are white people in UK[View]
156220468Choose your way, Pagan man.[View]
156220445View from inside oriental pearl tv tower in shanghai[View]
156223932What's your favorite Megalopolis? Mine is the Northeast Coriddor[View]
156216544What's going on in Antarctica?[View]
156223596Justice will be served and the battle will rage This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage And…[View]
156223045we call ourselves brown reggaeton shitholes in latin america, what would be the equivalent in your c…[View]
156221105If you stop and think about it, Japan is the world's most hated country, since 80% of Chinese P…[View]
156214307Do you like the German language?[View]
156217807Norse anons, how do you pronounce these? Why do your languages use them?[View]
156217244post mems in you're language[View]
156221642will battleships ever be brought back?[View]
156213057which people speak better English? accent isn't considered[View]
156223032name their band /int/[View]
156221679>this is what heaven looks like according to muslims[View]
156221859Do you love American mythology?[View]
156220033I wish I was German[View]
156220361/brit/: It's Over edition.[View]
156219316'German' or 'Deutsch' is such an artificially created identity Elb Germans are as close to Rhine Ger…[View]
156207128Average brazilian couple[View]
156222493Is there something as too much individualism? Are there countries where people are too individualist…[View]
156220877What do you think about NYC blackout'77? Do you know that thanks to this event hip hop appeared…[View]
156219016This is why Brazilian people are strong.[View]
156219440You get to import 10 different 10/10 women from 10 different countries to your harem to be your pers…[View]
156209202>Vikings are extinc- Not so fast! There's still a million of them left…[View]
156187376/balt/ + /ausnz/ #629: average american couple edition >>156159020[View]
156219052I'm moving to Israel boyos: Feels good mane[View]
156221301American boys...[View]
156219225>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, tawny, cinnamon or chocolate?…[View]
156217413I can’t make friends because I am boring and have no personality. Does this happen in your country?[View]
156221471Name a more grimfy country.[View]
156219364do you suffer as a programmer in your country?[View]
156198661kurva anyátok[View]
156221138where the fuck i can find girls like this[View]
156220710FACT:: The entire country of Germany does not come close to having the same value as one drop of Fre…[View]
156221275do you think Irene is finding herself in her trips?[View]
156209652What do Indians & Arabs think of oriental Asians?: I always wondered about this because the two …[View]
156220935You are a country. Are humanities basically dead in your country? Hungary Yes, humanities are dead…[View]
156220998What is the typical age for somebody to move out of their parents' house in your country? How o…[View]
156219468arabic - the ultimate language?: look how refined and divine this arabic texts looks sandwiched betw…[View]
156215487>15 minute presentation due tomorrow fuck bros how do people in your country react to this…[View]
156220685Look at this pvre love: https://twitter.com/duck_BabyEito/status/1432505751159787523[View]
156218293dutchanons is this true?[View]
156220179what about you?[View]
156212905The people in your country DON'T discriminate against people based on their race... right?[View]
156219574>british pipo be like 'I live in Cornwall'[View]
156217281>no native speakers >official language is english…[View]
156213787What change?[View]
156217553/brit/: YOU VIL TAKE ZE THREE DOSE VACCINE edish[View]
156213116What country has girls like this?: Genuinely wondering[View]
156200841/sauna/: kontolapainos[View]
156216203Miss Italy at Miss Grand International 2021.[View]
156220246Is prime Swiss Miss representable of Swiss women?[View]
156215691What if Old English had never died out and had evolved naturally without Norman French influence? Wh…[View]
156216734Poles are Dinaric[View]
156211860/norgetråden/: Tilbake til den nye normalen-utgaven Forrige: >>156194435 >>156194435 …[View]
156216066**Eternal Anglo Appreciation Thread - #37th Edition **: This thread is meant to show love to the ete…[View]
156219600Would /int/ eat this pizza? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e5gTx1fVU4[View]
156219400>U.S., U.K., Australia all say they will not send dignitaries to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics…[View]
156218833What makes Black american Culture so amazing and original?[View]
156211234/asean/: Bully is bad m'kay edisi[View]
156213819What are your waifu phenotypes?[View]
156209698/polska/: stare baby wiadomo co wiadomo czym edycja[View]
156211979How to into Jewish economics? Please halp.[View]
156210628What was your country’s biggest “fuck around and find out” moment in history?[View]
156213519how do you feel about Germany becoming a pan-Balkan colony?[View]
156218460Is this why eurofags visit my country?[View]
156204710General opinion/stereotype on Germans in your cunt Swedes think Germans are friendly and cool. We ar…[View]
156214605/ampelkoalition/ ehemals /deutsch/: Impfkommando Ausgabe[View]
156210143Do you get out in nature much in your cunt? Post some photos of nature near your city[View]
156216371fun fact: english is a scandinavian language[View]
156217562Do American trannies really???[View]
156208662This is an EU country.[View]
156218155polish people are lame and have so much inhibition, whenever I watch concert recordings the ones fro…[View]
156215917>the state of Canadian military officers[View]
156218026Fun fact: Melbourne is the best city to live in the world https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destina…[View]
156208907Doing the needful[View]
156216741>Why yes, I am a LGBTQX+ studies teacher in Peshawar. What gives it away?[View]
156213311Why does London mog every other European city in terms of power and status? Who is the main contend…[View]
156217502https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMPskHojou8 Are you ready for the humanitarian superpower?[View]
156210643I just don't understand why a person would become a nurse to make fun of patients. To go throug…[View]
156215374>Americans get circumcised like pakis[View]
156206809[Celebration]Today is the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor![View]
156216435>ciao >arrivederci does Italian have the best words for 'hello' and 'goodbye'? I can't th…[View]
156215165/brit/: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak edition[View]
156212655ITT: weird things that Americans do >wear shoes inside >don't have butter on their sandwi…[View]
156215871Social credit is a meme you won't be executed for saying mainland China is west taiwan or be KM…[View]
156208996Do people love anime in your country?[View]
156216949Good morning, sirs! Please do the needful and do not redeem card[View]
156217143you wake up in Eastern Eur– .......Ireland?[View]
156214282let us thank Italy for bringing us civilisation desu thank you[View]
156216611Finnish lakes and the Baltic Sea are extremely murky with typical visibility being less than 50 cm f…[View]
156215924Did your country have slavery?[View]
156196691Do you add MSG to your meal?: > Japanese: There are five kinds of taste buds, not four. > Whit…[View]
156207714Iran doesn't even have half our population but 8 times the number of executions, honestly impre…[View]
156203523Whitx people, i......[View]
156213829Fuckable range >white 16 to 20 >black 16 to 17 >arab 16 to 17 >east asian 16 to 80 How d…[View]
156215637The fact that a large majority of women here and almost everyone that appears in visual media either…[View]
156214065what are your thoughts on dutch posters and dutch people in general?[View]
156214935>You wake up in America[View]
156209515hehe funny kitty do a stand up[View]
156216488What do europeans know of mexico n' associates?[View]
156210590good morning sirs[View]
156208028/fr/ - le Francofil: édition d'oiseaux[View]
156214087I used to think Japanese people were different from other Asians and had natural brown hair.[View]
156216124would you a filipino maid?[View]
156213220Are Levantines Arab?[View]
156207531>sheep is stuck in a gap >some dudes help the sheep by getting the sheep out of the gap >th…[View]
156201147Are they still mad at eachother?[View]
156212406Blxck people, i......[View]
156214976>america don't have any castl-[View]
156211942Hahaha dumb thirdie[View]
156210597why are not you doing this?[View]
156215206The southernmost part of Europe is farther south than North Africa[View]
156215670bangkok looks cool[View]
156215045Canada seems like a cool place, maybe i should visit it.[View]
156212523cartographers of /int/: Can you draw the shape of your own country based purely off the top of your …[View]
156208301Swedish women's suffragette alliance, Stockholm 1911[View]
156215321what country has women that look like this?: This is my type bros... I would literally convert to a …[View]
156213247>I will never return home to Ireland[View]
156215415So many endangered bird species were threatened by the popularity of taxidermied bird hats that the …[View]
156214491what cunt has the best ham[View]
156214926How's Ronaldo treated in Portugal? Does he make Portuguese anons proud?[View]
156212123/brit/: Perthshire edition[View]
156214979Why did they start WWI?[View]
156213876Do you have rape fields in your cuntry?[View]
156208138the polish breakfast[View]
156214074Wait, do Britishers really talk like this?[View]
156214448En dingunas redjiones ansina se dezveloparon trokamientos mui proprios de muestra lingua i ke la def…[View]
156210577Did you know? brazillians can not read Iberian portuguese books despite their language being portugu…[View]
156214551>Canadians think the main goal of the US in the war of 1812 was to annex Canada >This is the b…[View]
156214446do you have grass in your cunt?[View]
156213198Hello, I'm from India, nice to meet you. I would love to learn and understand different culture…[View]
156209218This is desmana moschata. It does not inhabit your country. You can be jealous.[View]
156203073Post pastries from your cunt: This is a Garibaldi[View]
156210408/deutsch/: Für mich ist es Douglas[View]
156203108brown pipo be like >milk is too spicy for me[View]
156210880Why are Europeans and Asians so afraid of large houses?[View]
156212411Can they pass in your country?[View]
156213868Are they even Europeans? How do you feel about them?[View]
156211575I wish that was me[View]
156193995Name one country other than your own. DON'T look at a map or use Google.[View]
156212643Why is Japan still so racist?[View]
156212169Does your country have any particularly unique ways of celebrating Christmas? Most of ours are at 4…[View]
156204786German tourist in Spain[View]
156208072How safe is it for Asian girls to hitchhike in your country?[View]
156198766would you rather have a White American girlfriend or a Japanese girlfriend?[View]
156213540Which Latin American country would you feel comfortable living in?[View]
156213293>beard doesnt fill out on just one side of face >look like a dysgenic chinlet clean shaven doe…[View]
156213518>Everyone hates Vietnamese (language) I suffer. Its because you have only heard Southerners speak…[View]
156209804Will you live in a pod? Poland Yes[View]
156190718/ita/ - il filo: i gommini[View]
156210187I will always be Lachlan Zhang[View]
156210406An upcoming festivity?[View]
156209627>see Kazakhstan flag >reply with Borat image…[View]
156205083>'Even the finest weapons are instruments of ill omen, to be hated by all. The Taoist does not av…[View]
156208915>Jaguars used to be found native as far North as Colorado but wypipo killed them…[View]
156209194Iraq is undergoing the feminization phase just like Germany and Japan did decades ago. This is the r…[View]
156183278Why aren't you learning French?[View]
156212241With all these Indians taking over our media companies, will we start to see more movies like this? …[View]
156208042VGH, my celtic ancestors...[View]
156213038Please stop posting Amerimutt memes They damage America's reputation[View]
156208997y parispipo so ugly doe?[View]
156209452do you live in the chosen part of the world? do you enjoy seeing the grays desperately coping by cal…[View]
156210286What do you think of this American girl dancing traditional Korean dance? The father of this girl is…[View]
156199500I love Italy[View]
156208105just learned about ww2...bros... wtf none of my family were involved in it because they were away in…[View]
156209107Wypipo be like >ayo this sun too spicy[View]
156204123you know you live in massive third world shithole when religious holidays are national holidays.[View]
156206865Do they really?[View]
156205089happy birthday[View]
156206844Allein - /deutsch/: Schwarzgepillte Ausgabe[View]
156212763i hate being wh*te /int/[View]
156210300https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2rrbV65-co&feature=emb_title why chinese language sound like this…[View]
156202299Australian Indestructible Box: Australia will invent an 'indestructible box' of this size. It will c…[View]
156177528/mena/ /شأشأ/: طبعة اشتاق إلى / قاف ألف / سابقاً على شأشأ : >>156137011[View]
156209672>I live in a town called Truth or Consequences, New Mexico >well actually it's a suburb c…[View]
156205573Why are Germans so skinny compared to Americans?[View]
156206207is it weird to hold your older sister's hand while walking in public places in your country? …[View]
156209935why the fuck this country fucking obbsessed with Korea?[View]
156197011FUCK YOU WORLD[View]
156205527Why are Italians so good at TV?[View]
156206544>Filipina gf rubs her belly after sex >Looks at me and say 'your baby' Sh...she's joking …[View]
156198933Japanese soldiers massacred an Anglo hospital in Singapore because an Indian sniper was using the ho…[View]
156210796Saudia is peak SOVL[View]
156211141when I was born my country was richer than estonia now it's poorer than romania[View]
156205347This is just another region of France, governed and managed by France. So how come it's such a …[View]
156212139Good morning sirs. I'm up early because my NEET life is over as of today. I have to go to work.…[View]
156208744Do Arabs rap in your country?: Flag Yes https://youtu.be/qJZQLXlZUYg[View]
156206508What do you wish your native language was[View]
156208352Do americans really ?[View]
156205190Can't believe these two ugly things actually existed in real life at one point in time. How cou…[View]
156209525Do you have spiders in your house in your cunt?[View]
156211649Indian dads and sons[View]
156205682What's your favorite flag of all time?: Pic related for me, it's my country's real fl…[View]
156206078Fun fact: Did you know that Norway is an asian country? Toyota, salmon sushi, whaling, japanese rest…[View]
156207931Around the time kids are 12 years old in swedish school we are FORCED to learn either Spanish, Frenc…[View]
156210844I’m so fucking lonely bros. I’m at college and I have absolutely zero friends. I don’t talk to anyon…[View]
156211448wtf why is asia so smoll[View]
156207567How do people react to blonde females in your cunt?[View]
156202457I have a question for all the Eastern Europeans who live in the Schengen zone. Why don't you ju…[View]
156205000As part of my university degree in Sufferology, I am conducting a study on suffering. Which country …[View]
156209251What's the worst thing you've ever done in a foreign country? As a kid I once pooped into …[View]
156210612/tr/: tiradınız öldü[View]
156194435/norgetråden/: Nyhomseanons kringleutgave Forrige: >>156183613 >>156183613 >>15618…[View]
156209229/brit/: PMQs edition Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R99SZlz-9lA Boris about to shat on.…[View]
156197773/asean/: >cute gay malay in highschool be like edisyon[View]
156207533You ever just ponder the fact that human like dwarves exist on our planet, that are enslaved, hunted…[View]
156207365why philippines don't use this traditional script as their official script[View]
156209333Is this common in the US?[View]
156208420Can these Navajo tribesmen pass as locals in parts of Latin America?[View]
156209140I already know when I return to the Emerald isle my knees will go weak and I will fall to the ground…[View]
156208258I love shit like this, LOL.[View]
156209633First official foreign trip of Olaf Scholz, just two days after his election ? Paris, France[View]
156208800hi anon, how are your icelandic studies going? you ARE studying icelandic, right? you're not le…[View]
156209384>calling Native Americans 'Indians' even though they're not from India >calling Romani pe…[View]
156203179Green areas = indigenous Muslims of Europe: What do other Europeans think of them?[View]
156209425I fixed europe , you are welcome[View]
156207537How do i find love in Finland?[View]
156200821>Americans are fat ug- OH WAIT[View]
156204703>firsties can work at a grocery store and make enough money to afford renting a house to live in …[View]
156204170Is Russia really that cold?[View]
156192772/polska/: edycja bliźniaczy szczyt[View]
156206061What's the point of living in your country?[View]
156205483>thirdie bantering each other >firstie bantering each other funny >thirdie bantering firsti…[View]
156199816Uhh... What's going on, India? Weren't you and the US the best of friends?[View]
156205144whats the point of living past 35 in your country if you aren't well off in life?[View]
156199807Fun fact: Three-field crop rotation, wich was invented during the zhou dynasty in the 700s BC, did n…[View]
156208050>Digga Why do Germans say this? Is it some kind of derivative from the afroamerican 'nigga…[View]
156198876Why they be like this?[View]
156208862Sverigetråden - Inte Bög Upplagan: Bögus är inte inbjuden, matgeek får också vara med men måste bete…[View]
156205561>in your country >what's your favorite juice Russia I like unfiltered apple juice (non-tr…[View]
156205696i kneel[View]
156206942Do Britoids really?[View]
156208627British people be naming they cities Lester and Lootin[View]
156206180I met a German Nazi soldier when I was a kid[View]
156203292turkish yakuza: turkish yakuza[View]
156206772Germanbros... I got offered a job in Breslau and I am taking it. It's time to move back to thes…[View]
156204620what's your country's version of ikea girls[View]
156205191>If Europeans hadn’t colonized and spread across the globe they would have a higher population th…[View]
156203772Why does Frozen take place in Norway if Elsa is Finnish?: Norwegians don't look like this…[View]
156208281did you know the /int/ moniker changes based on your location? this is what mine looks like[View]
156204843>Norweigian niggas be like: HINGA DINGA DURGEN and Swedish niggas be like BÖRK KJÖRK DÖRK do dey …[View]
156196976/tr/: Güzel olmak istiyorum edisyonu[View]
156206702MAUSU MAUSU PASOKON MAUSU https://youtu.be/W65JhGY-z6Y[View]
156206382이재명 역전~^^*[View]
156207837They don't have washing machines in Sweden? I thought it's a first world country?[View]
156206183all gypsies are indians but not all indians are gypsies[View]
156206173Why do they look like white south americans?[View]
156199955The Belgian police are blocking off the highway and stopping everyone to inspect them. They say 'hi…[View]
156206602What race is this??[View]
156206972Lunch again[View]
156153588/éire/: Eagrán éire sa saol fíor[View]
156207269What piece of territory does your cunt contral that makes another cunt seethe? For USA it's Gua…[View]
156207171I am 25 yo and I never earned any money on my own, I still am completely dependent on my family, is …[View]
156196000/fr/ — Le Francofil: Edition des gros cons Ancien : on s'en branle[View]
156203370just dropped out of uni, does this happen in you're country?[View]
156205392Hey bro. Come to Ukraine. An attractive male like me shouldn't settle for a western woman[View]
156207572>this is how japanese see themselves Why?[View]
156207246>my name is Ivan (John for you, filthy capitalisti) >I practice with my vodka bottle and kalas…[View]
156204477how long would it take for someone to find humans in the russian steppe if they are tossed in some r…[View]
156206953Is this music known in your country: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm55lU9knw[View]
156203482/deutsch/: Wir werden es alle schaffen-Ausgabe (werden wir nicht)[View]
156201142Hello, Russian friends. Can you please translate this meme for me? Asking for a friend. Thank you fr…[View]
156203520You get to import 10 different women from any countries around the world to your harem to be your pe…[View]
156204182Ancestry thread: post ur trees[View]
156197669Do you want to find love in Toronto?[View]
156202876>Portugal is not part of Spain >Denmark is not part of Germany >Korea is not part of China …[View]
156201716Why do indians in india seethe so much at the fact that talented people are leaving india for settle…[View]
156201479You Can't Suffer As An American: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MldsJa193tQ >be American …[View]
156202051What ethnicity is this?[View]
156205046i wish it were the summer right now[View]
156205073>this is the power of Brazilian aviation[View]
156204989https://euobserver.com/democracy/153743 What is life in the Balkans like?[View]
156204855I will conduct a systematic review which will be translated and published in an international scient…[View]
156202588I'm a Christian Ask me anything[View]
156203266Why does it seem like these 4 countries hate the USA most?[View]
156198881>universities give you lower admission standards >if you're even remotely competent every…[View]
156202049>dude your legit crazy there is legit no conspiracy to convince you the byproduct of freezing wat…[View]
156200956Thank me for my service, /int/[View]
156201349You have to be reborn in either Bulgaria or Panama. Which do you choose and why?[View]
156204604In ANY sport that you search Argentina vs USA, Argentina is always whiter. . Football, rugby, basket…[View]
156204406This is your typical Aboriginal here in Straya. Now you know our suffering, mates. https://www.youtu…[View]
156198711You can elect one (1) non-euro country to become european Which country do you pick and why?[View]
156203803Do they still hate each other?[View]
156192532Do Brazilians really?[View]
156200238is eating fish really a wypipo thing? Fish too spicy for anyone else?[View]
156203227Is it crowded in Egypt rn?[View]
156193458Please, people of all nations, give to me your rarest pepes. Bonus points if they are [your cunt] th…[View]
156198359Is it true that Danes are so cold in their tiny poorly heated homes that they have to do household c…[View]
156202965>we call it großer schwarzer schwanz over here and grosse bite noire over there therefore we have…[View]
156198659??????????????????????????????: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/image/h-KZLraTjqIgvHsCLd_HRQ/…[View]
156204205I have to take a shit. But I've synced the album I'm listening to to perfectly end just be…[View]
156204180American media is the best in the world: And you can do nothing about it.[View]
156202973χαῖρε πλεῖστον, ἄδελφε.[View]
156201346Why do all Western women look like this recently? That makeup looks so fucking stupid and clownish.[View]
156204043Brisbane is becoming a Brazilian colony...[View]
156201314>you wake up in petah tikva, Israel[View]
156203990Dear god: You know I'm a natural preserve person, keep to myself but i don't mind people. …[View]
156198000/brit/: Isabella Loretta Janke edition[View]
156203748Average Brazilian family[View]
156203168Would Poles pass as locals in Bulgaria or Russia?[View]
156203089>get called a Zhang >actually a Nguyen[View]
156195468Is your country loved by the international community?[View]
156202201Which phenotypes are your waifus?[View]
156202125Pooja: Indians really do be naming their daughters Pooja....[View]
156202797F Indians: A Mi-17 V helicopter carrying General Bipin Rawat, the highest commander of the Indian mi…[View]
156202029What kind of men do New York women look for?: Black, White, Brown or Rich???[View]
156202417you wake up in romania[View]
156203011a tale of two countries: India and Australia are ugly children and pretty children of this site. let…[View]
156202879I retract my earlier statement about it being impossible to suffer in Brazil[View]
156201694Why are you a loser in your country[View]
156199570Is this true? I knew Austrians lived in basements but bathrooms too?[View]
156200033>The sex ratio for the entire world population is approximately 101 males to 100 females…[View]
156202440Would Bulgarians pass as locals in Russia and Poland?[View]
156202795Post the average family from your country.[View]
156201251Its United States of America, not 'America', retards.[View]
156202250Is it true Germany has not discovered paying for gas at the pump? They really go inside and pay an …[View]
156197896How has been your relationship with Female diaspora from my cunt?[View]
156201718You can't blame them for being poor, just think what kind of neighbors they have[View]
156202803Does your cunt have a 'labour shortage'?[View]
156202670Why do so many br*Wnoids and other non-whites have no concept of personal space? The retards will ju…[View]
156202048>this is an EU country[View]
156201850I will be sent to prison for being a virgin at 23, does this happen in your country?[View]
156202230say something nice about my home town[View]
156202152https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEQUSBrH8r0 foreigners use to view this as the average american fami…[View]
156201930Hiw did you American bros live without this?[View]
156202577No gaijins for our qt!!! I protect our qt from evil gaijins tries to fuck our qt!!! Thank you Covid-…[View]
156195460/deutsch/: Gacha Ausgabe, geht raus und fasst Gras an[View]
156201171I kinda liked countries (India my favorite dear sirs) but this book says every one of them is built …[View]
156202719Me when I talk to a Norse-Saxon-blonde-ginger cuck[View]
156202193the year is 2100: England is muslim. Their version of islam is pakistani because thats who brought t…[View]
156202646how good is law enforcement in your country[View]
156199249How accurate is this?[View]
156194770/lat/ Hilo Latino: hilo hololive[View]
156202429I like the sound of African languages being spoken[View]
156198780Do people in your cunt buy into the whole climate scare thing? >flag The media sure signals it an…[View]
156201922Top tier black women: Have better bodies than top tier white women. There are certain bodies that wh…[View]
156200609americans being misinformed: why are americans such as candace owens under the impression that austr…[View]
156197109choose wisely[View]
156201507Just used VGH in a IRL conversation.[View]
156201212We know the white man's burden, but what about the yellow man's burden?[View]
156198678Why does a simple bread have so many additives?[View]
156200199Do people shave their body hair in your country?[View]
156202145Welcome Chile to the /fag/ club[View]
156199938Are we retarded?[View]
156201855>I don’t see the problem with “race mixing” I mean, look at Brazilians, they got ancestors from a…[View]
156200755I'm sorry.[View]
156202093Do all countries celebrate christmas to an extent?[View]
156202055>50 threads by americans or about americans This is an american website. If you want to interact …[View]
156202040Ancient Greece fell because they ain't didn't pay no denbts[View]
156196271/lat/ - hilo latino: anime[View]
156201935>anglophones deal with ESLs butchering our language 24/7 >those same ESLs get angry when you t…[View]
156201974>tfw i'm not american: >tfw can't legally own a gun >tfw can't be jailed for…[View]
156200990>School isn't a place for smart people SO TRUE!!!! Does this happen in your country?…[View]
156198036>In North America, White people with 5% native blood will identify as Native >In Central and …[View]
156201699>be broke: >Go to store >can't pay >QVEEN pays for my food with her foot stamps…[View]
156201600Do you have qt girls in your cunt? If you do you can't even comprehend suffering[View]
156198784>you wake up in the wealthiest city of Brazil[View]
156198281Why do upper class americans have this stare? It seems like a paper thin veneer over their psychopat…[View]
156201562are people in your country patriotic?[View]
156194637Looking to do a sex tourism in india, which city has the loosest girls?[View]
156201332Why do British people use the same word that means 'perform passionate sexual intercourse' to refer …[View]
156200718American bros: Is north caroline kino ?[View]
156201272'Oreo' is a derogatory term for black individuals who are perceived as 'acting white'. It is derived…[View]
156200745ITT: We list Bulgarian achievements and accomplishments![View]
156201441Nicholas Tesla 12th president of the United States, inventor of the tooth brush, proliffic bird watc…[View]
156201267/cum/ - canada usa mexico: https://files.catbox.moe/41hm4j.mp4[View]
156196421/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
156199675We call her Hollanti[View]
156198621Do you want to find love in America?[View]
156200780How do languages happen?[View]
156201369It do be like that[View]
156201358what happens here? i know about the old churches but that's it really.[View]
156197536I don’t want to die for Ukraine or Taiwan. I can’t even find them on the map[View]
156194727/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Previous: >>156189159[View]
156199791Are you also sick of looking at frogs (in you're country)?[View]
156199610>The richest country in the world[View]
156200612why do whites claim that they know what winter is?: The Cold Winters Theory proposed by Richard Lynn…[View]
156199591Ethnic Banter: >Good morning, Pollack son of a bitch >How ya doing Martin, you crazy Italian p…[View]
156200907What do people do for fun at the Soloman Islands?[View]
156195536why do Americans like Viking history so much?[View]
156200333What ethnicity does she look like? Even if you know what ethnicity she IS, what ethnicity does she L…[View]
156200655Is there any better political system on the planet than the USA political system which has endured w…[View]
156200702do you think you're better off alone in your cunt?[View]
156196833Name a more iconic duo[View]
156201078Do they really?: >The most powerful, technologically advanced,Military, Navy, and Airforce ever s…[View]
156198248Why do Americans love Fentanyl so much?[View]
156200669/sauna/: herkku!!![View]
156201036Every time you say have fun, good luck and enjoy, I feel so energy I can do it!! Thank you!![View]
156199397I went to an Iron Maidens concert in the Marquee Theater: https://youtu.be/k6ez9uEs0JM UP THE IRONS!…[View]
156200671Which country is the most nationalistic in the world?[View]
156200038I fixed the Americas.[View]
156198797Why is the US so different from other countries? Are they just more advanced?[View]
156198662I wish I lived in heaven on earth (California)[View]
156196364Do you have neighboring country that you forget it even exist? >flag Palau…[View]
156191349Most kino rivalry of all time[View]
156200449How did France get so good at animation? I just watched Arcane and it's one of the best shows I…[View]
156200560Oi mate, got a license for that grog?[View]
156200202Do you want find love in Japan ?[View]
156196219America but Anglo[View]
156196385My PE teacher just said that in america, football is a girl's sport and rugby is a boy's s…[View]
156197987Why do Meds eat dinner so late?[View]
156199210Russians be like: 'I'll have one Porn Burger, please.'[View]
156175499/sauna/: pööripainos[View]
156194864I wanna get Hmong gf so bad what should i do[View]
156188647What happens here[View]
156200181Dicunt ei: Cæsaris. Tunc ait illis: Reddite ergo quæ sunt Cæsaris, Cæsari: et quæ sunt Dei, Deo.[View]
156198957Which country do you think has the best military uniforms?[View]
156200347What beverages do people in your country drink?[View]
156200386Canada: What is it like and why is every Canadian poster secretly Chinese?[View]
156197699I really love communicating with people from other countries/cultures and learning about them, does …[View]
156199784Today is Pearl Harbor Day: When the Japanese attacked my country in Hawaii in 1941. How does this ma…[View]
156187414What European country would you NEVER go to?[View]
156199779Is your city a literal square? Mine is.[View]
156199011I love you: I love you thank you for being my friends all over the world[View]
156199922Buddhists from Russia will get visa free access to Buddha's birthplace.[View]
156199887Do Japanese people still really sleep on the floor?[View]
156200175wtf is this?: https://www.google.com/search?q=fepfepepflepeplpelfpefplelfpefpldplplpelpeflepfelfepfe…[View]
156200024Latin language ATM in the Vatican[View]
156200136/NEDERDRAAD/: havisten zijn kanker dom editie[View]
156200093>I need the most British hero >Say no more…[View]
156199965How do other countries fire their employees? Do they have to give a prior notice or do they just tel…[View]
156195445Why are they so based and redpilled?: >Last Aryan country in the world >Bastion and haven of P…[View]
156199541European school system: primary school, secondary school American school system: elementary school, …[View]
156199264What's the best place for a guy who looks like this[View]
156199573How does a country of 20 million people control +2% of the worlds wealth?[View]
156199736How do i stop suffering if i am not even allowed to have a gun?[View]
156199586What's the price of freedom?[View]
156199650>the seashell of your mother Spanish speakers really think this is an insult…[View]
156199649Do American's really what?[View]
156197813>Watch Japanese porn >All the comments is in Chinese and Korean…[View]
156196885The Chinese could fuel 10 countries the size of the USA with the same yearly steel production of the…[View]
156199389>mfw latin american 'whites' descend from galicians, portuguese and extremadurans All western ibe…[View]
156198438i hate being white /int/[View]
156180987Stereotypes of white people?: White or non-white people, what are stereotypes of white people that y…[View]
156198266Where can I find beautiful and sexy American woman who drinks lots of beer?[View]
156198734Which is the better country? Scotland, or Ireland?[View]
156194804Why do europeans hate this and make fun of america for it?[View]
156197739Is life in japan nice for gaijins?[View]
1561983171. Your count: 2. Your favorite Japanese animation[View]
156196022Does this happen in your country?[View]
156196689How do I get a South Italian gf?[View]
156194849Do you like Finland?[View]
156198136>pavlova is from nz[View]
156197237Do you want to find love in squid land?[View]
156198916Why do so many people say that Hangul was influenced by the Phags-pa script? It looks really differe…[View]
156197713>His father was of Portuguese (from Madeira) and Swedish ancestry, while his mother is Jewish, fr…[View]
156199001Does your country have mixed gender sports? What do you think about them?[View]
156198973Does this happen in your country?: >Find a porn featuring a cute girl. >Watch it without sound…[View]
156198804There are two things I envy Americans for: A) Their ability to own guns easily. B) Their access to b…[View]
156192979do you love missouri?: hello friends i'm formally inviting you all to come home :)[View]
156197425I just found out that yugoslavia no longer exists[View]
156198813What phenotype is this?[View]
156196710Do you still drink milk regularly? I drink it twice a day, during breakfast and dinner.[View]
156197873What here goes on?[View]
156198640Do people in your country have a sweet tooth? I like sweets.[View]
156198240Built for BWC[View]
156197347Do Americans really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2_p_qwIyZ4[View]
156195061/afr/ africa general: Girl next door edition[View]
156198583This is Norton I, the last Emperor of the United States. Say something nice about him[View]
156196315Puerto Rico looks so comfy, bros Do I need Burgerland visa to live there?[View]
156198051Endless rain fall on my heart[View]
156195271Them hunting down Nazis was pretty based desu[View]
156198428Could he pass for a local in your country?[View]
156198462/kor/-korean: Frigga edition[View]
156194885>wow anon, how do you know so much about so many countries? Do you travel a lot? what's the …[View]
156198056Is it true that the Chinese invented spaghetti?[View]
156194501>I suffer in Morocco[View]
156198020How come Cuba is so civilized, bros? I really can't think of any difference from them to other …[View]
156197859i don't look hispanic[View]
156197465Would you listen to Torah recitation, /int/? https://youtu.be/OM3PXJfZ4Dc[View]
156196674Based Dads: Does this happen in your country? When I was a teenager, I wanted to shoot up my school.…[View]
156197517Did you know that Chile has rainforests?[View]
156197598Are the leading causes of death about the same in every country? It is a shame that the heart disea…[View]
156182768The true cultural marker.[View]
156195822These are the ten most powerful countries in Asia. What do you think?[View]
156198094ITT: Post lesser known music from your cunt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fxREvKt2LA[View]
156197651thank you korea for squid game and kpop. now girls are interested in me bcuz they think im korean[View]
156166400/asean/: dorky bookworm edisi[View]
156197769I'm a virgin in sexzil[View]
156194622Give me a single compelling reason why the US shouldn't annex Canada[View]
156196800Why are their women so beautiful?[View]
156196787I've never met a white American, do they exist outside rural southern and Midwestern towns?[View]
156197556East Africans may look like betas compared to west Africans, but at least they've never been en…[View]
156197411Does your country have an Eiffel Tower? Texas: Yes[View]
156196732IT'S OVER: IT'S OVER[View]
156197803/asean/: Ad for a fucking weight loss center edisi[View]
156197800Does the physical punishment exist in the school of your count?: In Korea, yes When the students arr…[View]
156197621>says something good about america >everyone assumes that im davido…[View]
156194594/brit/: London Borough of Croydon edition[View]
156196398>anglos have dress codes[View]
156197464I just found out what 'pinoy baiting' is.[View]
156197493is Japanese mass media popular in your country? I heard in Europe it is most popular in France...[View]
156189730Tomorrow is my country's most sacred day Millions will walk from their homes to go see the Virg…[View]
156196558>pussy russian > pussyrussian > prussian[View]
156197324Brothers forever[View]
156197520>France still exists[View]
156197147u double u bravo anglos, bravo[View]
156197044What are your thoughts on the people who founded your country?[View]
156194420How's your social life going in your country[View]
156196451This is Welsh footballer, Gareth Bale. Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
156187124Please visit Tasmania.[View]
156187264What is your opinion on Dutch movies? webm related[View]
156196797Reminder that these quotes from Caesar and Cicero are describing the Welsh. There were no English pe…[View]
156179726>Europoors who live in their puny cramped apartments and drive in their compact peugots unironica…[View]
156196645>Se llama 'Puerto Rico' >En realidad no es rico, es pobre. ¿Por qué no se llama 'Puerto Pobre'…[View]
156196300If you think about it life is like one long free fall and at the end you hit the ground and your int…[View]
156197177explain yourselves[View]
156197108Why are they so goddamn motherfucking autistic?[View]
156156434/flag/ + /extraflags/: Izhemsky rayon edition Previously: >>156106617 Welcome to /flag/ + /ext…[View]
156195515>buy product online >it smells chinese[View]
156197143What is life like in suburban South America? These places remind me of US suburbs from the 70's…[View]
156197105Nips are cute .. CUTE![View]
156196029just as incest is being pushed on porn sites for the last 6 years, the word community is being pushe…[View]
156193046how can i save her from evil japanese penis?[View]
156194583German tourist in Spain[View]
156197026>>>156196897 'Reminder, that french men enjoy the companion of other men, not for social bo…[View]
156193109Do people drink wine in solitude in your cunt?[View]
156196808Russia is now a first world country: Neva Towers is a complex of two skyscrapers in MIBC, Moscow. To…[View]
156192629Does this happen in your country? How would people from your country react over this reality?[View]
156195856Will Australians convergently evolve into Abos after thousands of years?[View]
15619537222 degrees C in Bangkok right now: H-Holy f-f-fucking sh-shit... Now I know how eskimos feel...…[View]
156167122/ex-yu/: Prijateljstva Izdanje[View]
156194935>1.4 billion people >High IQ >Hundreds of trillions in R&D And they still are as innov…[View]
156196167I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
156190426Is having a Latina gf a great achievement for Eurofags?[View]
156195612do females orgasm in your cunt?[View]
156192905How frequently do Australians see platypussies?[View]
156195402Do you have neighbors that gives you headaches?[View]
156195911What causes this in the USA?[View]
1561937651. your country? 2. can you ollie?[View]
156196048Édition du petit combattant ! Ancien : >>156186552[View]
156195838ITT: what you look like in your country[View]
156196125Do you have Mongolian Nationalists in your country?[View]
156195294I want an italian friend(not American Italian)[View]
156192055America is such a fucking joke https://youtu.be/-9yqXzZ16ns[View]
156193433is one world government inevitable? i don't see how it's a bad thing it makes me happy to …[View]
156193832Post handsome men from your country[View]
156190248Which way /int/[View]
156196541he's right, foreign devils should never come here[View]
156194814What's the best metropolis in the developing world?[View]
156196105Who was in the wrong here?[View]
156191677What state has the ugliest people?[View]
156193172So why were so many countries involved in this war?[View]
156196118Today it's Day of candles in Colombia, families reunite together to put candles outside of thei…[View]
1561884711. go on wikipedia 2. open random article 3. post what languages wikipedia suggets for you >israe…[View]
156196235itt: your cunt, your food >flag >i call it: rice with hotdog and egg…[View]
156149519DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2760: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
156193116>burning chest pain >left arm numb >hard to breathe am I... am I finally going to be free?…[View]
156195821Germany has the best food[View]
156189018La cucaracha La cucaracha[View]
156194780/cum/ Canada Mexico USa: Talking tree edition[View]
156195896Have you ever ate insect?[View]
156193167Which way, white man?[View]
156195768sometimes I think about moving to the other anglo countries: but then I remember the climate is terr…[View]
156185539Do women look down on virgin men in your cunt?[View]
156191706How did the black to mog the rest of races?[View]
156188577>american cuisine[View]
156194038Do you prefer modern American or classical Chinese philosophy?: >'Even the finest weapons are ins…[View]
156194279>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, tawny, cinnamon or chocolate?…[View]
156189945Sverigetråden - Gaymingupplagan[View]
156193895Which country will solve this first?[View]
156184723/bra/ fio brasileiro: Edição betas casadinhos.[View]
156183854>learn world history from 5000 BC to 2000 AD >nothing of note here…[View]
156195014today you learned the french for peepee poopoo is pipi caca[View]
15619291180 years ago, the US provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor[View]
156186552/fr/ - Le Fil Francophone: Édition de Course[View]
156193741>$900 Billion in debt why did they do it?[View]
156190981/asiangf/ ehemals /deutsch/land[View]
156195291>'I can speak English' No you can't, only the people from this territory speak English. What…[View]
156175433/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
156195344niggas from Thpain really be like >una thervetha, por favor[View]
156195459are tatars hated in slavic countries for their role in slave trading and raids in slavic territory i…[View]
156194056Is it true that in anglo countries parents make their sons pay rent? Sounds so insane, big cultural …[View]
156194965Just found out hungary's ultra far right is turanism[View]
156194924Brazil Brasil BR AJUDA: da uma força ai lek[View]
156192120I was exempted from conscription from the get go because I'm too short while others in my count…[View]
156173231Why are Americans like this? He could have at least order almond milk or oat milk which are million …[View]
156184334I WILL learn German. I WILL immigrate to Germany. I WILL stop working as soon as I get my citizenshi…[View]
156191906which nations do the QVEENS who you kneel before come from?[View]
156195329What phenotype are these women?[View]
156185682/nederdraad/: NEDERDRAAD welkom: plaatje niet welkom: alles buiten plaatje[View]
156192299Thoughts on puerto ricans?[View]
156195208What are alt girls like in your country? How popular are they in your country?[View]
156195227I just found out about how French people are happy with a block of cheese for dinner! Pls send them …[View]
156194506>be northern german >blonde hair blue eyes >full aryan >vacation in turkey(constantinopl…[View]
156192636world of polska: edycja JEST I ON KURWAAAAAAAAA JEAAAAAAAAAAAHA[View]
156192855Are Lowlanders really Scottish?[View]
156192349what's wrong with new worlders, why are they like this?[View]
156191428would you lick a woman's butthole?[View]
156191228Who's the greatest person born in your state/province?[View]
156185552>doesn't allow visa free travel to their countries >gets mad when they have to get a visa…[View]
156194272Do statues have any significance where you live? Do people get upset over them? We have a really ug…[View]
156194182Brazilian niggas be like : ola my name is Roberto Da Jose Gustavo Silva Dos Santos Junior but you c…[View]
156185593Why do so many Spaniards live in apartments?: Even in small towns you don't see single family h…[View]
156191609/brit/: *smiles at you knowingly* edition[View]
156189159/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: noam chomsky fans edition previous >>156175212[View]
156189589This is how Indian women are viewed in America. Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8QDTiV5W…[View]
156194406My dad played ,'Gook Hockey.' In Vietnam: He just laughs and drinks his beer when I ask him if he fe…[View]
156194187Does your country register sex offenders? Does your country have an amber alert system?[View]
156193388Why is the french so good at screenplay?[View]
156194478I love finns, they are so tight and docile[View]
156151653/ישר/: מהדורת דודו ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op/…[View]
156193974Which nationalities of women cause this to happen to you?[View]
156190997How common is graffiti in your country? https://recordtv.r7.com/balanco-geral/videos/vandalos-se-pen…[View]
156190088Do you guys have famous song about your city? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3XlyT4Ums8[View]
156183613/norgetråden/: Den samiske stat-utgaven Forrige: >>156176519[View]
156193674What ethnicity is this?[View]
156144700/tr/: Ben ve anoncum edisyonu[View]
156190374Why you aren't moving to Australia yet, /int/?[View]
156193551Do bongs really?[View]
156191045Why so many Africans or Middle Eastern try to immigrants to Europe?[View]
156192008>You wake up in Rochester, New York (USA)[View]
156193759Why is the world ignoring hindutva and the rss(wannabe ss) turning india into an authoritarian count…[View]
156193980>Australia is a western cou-[View]
156191563At the moment my heart is pounding fast and my chest feels heavy. I miss getting affection. I instal…[View]
156186251>Go back to Europe where you belong, white man! Your immediate reaction?…[View]
156185416How common and popular is cosplay in your country?[View]
156193812>blah blah blah blah works to get your money >and so you need to give me money and that's…[View]
156166386/balk/: *Ding Ding Dong* edition old >>156142222[View]
156193029Um, Japan, are you ok?[View]
156193507Have you ever had sex sex sex with a foreigner[View]
156191615Poor India: India is as poor as China was in 2006. How does it feel to be 20 years behind China, Ind…[View]
156192360So thirdies really do suffer[View]
156187317have you attended college/ university? do most people go to college in your country?[View]
156192469In the coming years, what do you think your life will be like? What about the overall state of your …[View]
156190608>wake up: >A bundesrepublik groBGermaniums is squatting their thicc schlesiens in front of you…[View]
156188812How different are High Germans vs Low Germans? Do they consider themselves complete separate and dis…[View]
156190385>wypipo can't danc- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8G8cdbPmp8…[View]
156193141Is it true that southern italians hate northern italians because they are smug and look down on the …[View]
156192573It's 1:23 am and I really want a coffee[View]
156192897>your country >do you let your girlfriend walk around in public with a cleavage?…[View]
156192560Is it common to live with roommates in your cunt? My roommate is a very loud Indian girl.[View]
156192537What about your country do you not understand?[View]
156191519Is it true that some countries don't eat a meal for breakfast?[View]
156191705Good morning sirs[View]
156192941Good Morning[View]
156191915have you ever done something in other country that you would never do in your own?[View]
156192874How’re Belgian girls?: Do they all have rock solid jaws? I’d let her MOG me[View]
156192593Do you love Morocco?[View]
156189774>be me >have no real life, spend all my free time on 4chan, youtube and some other sites being…[View]
156192660>post a thread >get 2 replies almost instantly >don't get any more replies after that …[View]
156192693How do the women from your country age?[View]
156192562>that kid whose name you never learnt and you didn't even know was in the same grade as you:…[View]
156177130We morrocans are whiter than Spain and portugal: We look like picrel. I suffer in this gib governed …[View]
156190699America is becoming Latin America minus all the good parts of Latin America[View]
156160802/ukraїna/: Modern media influence edition У пoпepeднiх cepiях >>156116907[View]
156192656Has omicron spread to your cunt yet?[View]
156172919my mom is ranting about how things were better under apartheid again. btw we are black[View]
156186034What is your favorite foreign cuisine? For me, it’s tonkatsu (pork cutlet) I eat this at least once…[View]
156187757All we have to do is turn off your gas and you westoids freeze to death. How does it feel to be cuck…[View]
156147135/rus/: formerly +/ukr/+/bel/ cдeлaю тpeд нaвepнoe! ecли ecть yжe тpeд, тo copян! я нe нaшeл[View]
156189813what shoudl I expect: from a christmas vacation in Turkey[View]
156192341Do Turks and Greeks look alike?[View]
156189580/int/ Football Teams: What are some football teams from your country? Here's some from mine: ht…[View]
156178310are zoomers like this in your country?[View]
156191998How do you pronounce 'za?[View]
156185921This is a hated prefecture in Japan[View]
156192190does this happen in your country[View]
156191875>You wake up in the UK[View]
156188352Hey italiano vaffanculo![View]
156190973The absolute state of america in 2021[View]
156191948do this happens in your country? https://www.heavy-r.com/video/117776/Brazil_Subway_Suicide_Compilat…[View]
156188056Is it true europeans can only afford two meals a day?[View]
156190141why are argentinians like this?[View]
156191449You consider Usa is western?[View]
156190974>Hessen >highest percentage of immigrants of all Bundesländer >one of the wealthiest >on…[View]
156174938kurva anyátok[View]
156179694/polska/: edycja starych bab[View]
156191596Does The Fukuoka region have strong korean influence, japanons? I've heard the women from fukuo…[View]
156191507what is this phenotype[View]
156181064weather: How is everyone holding up?[View]
156190354redpill me on the maldives[View]
156189857Thoughts on vietnam?[View]
156183643German tourist in Spain[View]
156181471fixed The Balkans + Turkey[View]
156189334/brit/: Tony Blair edition[View]
156190789damn 10/10 greek girls date ugly and poor guys?[View]
156190445Sverigetråden - Efterblivupplagan[View]
156184047/bvll/: Кaкъв живoт eдишън cтapa >>156150232[View]
156190995People from Colombia, have any of you experienced repeated internet connection problems today as wel…[View]
156190665China isn't collapsin-[View]
156186545which royal dynasty shares your haplogroup? For me it's the Habsburgs And the House of Lancaste…[View]
156184830/moomin/ ehmals /deutsch/[View]
156186988go back: just learned that basques are the only true sons of evropa left. modern indo europeans are …[View]
156190909Good morning sirs.[View]
156183765Ireland Appreciation Thread: I've seen too much anti-Irish slander lately and I will abide it n…[View]
156184460I want to talk to the aussies , they are funny. Where do i find them?[View]
156187747Did you know America is known as 'home of the brave, land of the free'? What is your country known a…[View]
156186790/fr/ - le francofil: édition du Decameron ancien : >>156181119[View]
156176902i unironically think that poland is one of the worst places to live right now change my mind[View]
156181215/ita/ - il filo: edizione scivolosa[View]
156185195>There are 10 women for every man in Paraguay because of the war You literally cannot suffer in P…[View]
156185200There are already 1 billion Americans.[View]
156190165Tits are an ugly thing[View]
156189642Why is Switzerland such a utopia?[View]
156180397Lesson from history: 1. Do not ally with Italy 2. Do not feed italy 3. Do not give italy stuff…[View]
156181920Did you know that american women are on average 15 kilos(30 lbs) heavier than french women[View]
156189781What happens here?[View]
156187965>your country >are you from Kazakhstan Italy I'm from Kazakhstan…[View]
156187282How do i acquire an italian gf?[View]
156187479Daily reminder that Allah loves you. :3[View]
156170428Post your ancestry[View]
156185104Does this happen in your cunt? ;b[View]
156188263>sitting in the backyard >taking the sun, the air is fresh, it's 21° >take my phone to…[View]
156187791international pets: do you have cats and dogs in your country post photo of your own[View]
156189860We are literally BLEACHing Europe. Plus we are fighting against impolite asian tourists.[View]
156183470Conflict with Chinese-Indonesians: I heard that around 20 years ago Chinese citizens or people with …[View]
156178032You will wake up in India in your next life, choose one[View]
156189655Why does everyone in Switzerland want to commit suicide?[View]
156187516Name me a good movie or TV series that your cunt has made[View]
156186019Thirdies be like >Scandis be like: 'My life is imperfect'[View]
156187878whats his deal?[View]
156180568Why does the Irish flag look third world?[View]
156189373>relapsed into /int/ addiction god DAMN IT, I didn't browse this shit website for months and…[View]
156188558>Burgers unironically can get arrested for sunbathing naked in their own backyard…[View]
156183611/brit/: How do I get my hair like this lads? My hair's already very soft and fluffy but it…[View]
156174231What would Brazilian posters be like if the Dutch had managed to keep it instead of the Portuguese?[View]
156188350Is this show famous in your cunt, Denmark bros? It looks quite comfy, too bad I can’t understand pat…[View]
156179902Name ONE (1) country.[View]
156175212/cum/ - United States, Mexico: very high iq edition[View]
156185500the cuisine of america[View]
156187506wake up /int/ new bladee just dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNkm7-gM42Y[View]
156159020/balt/ + /ausnz/ #628: Baka edition >>156126423[View]
156187914You cannot suffer in India.[View]
156188139Spain my boy we need to talk[View]
156173053simple as[View]
156180947Do houses have gates and watchdogs in your cunt? How does this picture make you feel?[View]
156176914left is german, right is swedish[View]
156182981We already know that every Spaniard and Portuguese man of note has been of Visigoth or Suebi origin,…[View]
156187667if you live on the coast of Brazil YOU DON'T SUFFER i live in a small town in the highest regio…[View]
156174729ITT say something nice about Belgium. I like Flemish paintings and the band Front 242.[View]
156178802Scandibros, are you ok?[View]
156184214Sverigetråden - Mysiga upplagan[View]
156187320Why do thirdies pronounce -ed at the end of words weird? Invoiced. A thirdy would pronounce invoice…[View]
156187616You cannot suffer in Afghanistan.[View]
156175315Post Celtic phenotypes: I imagine them looking like the Brits but cuter. I met only Celtic people fr…[View]
156182381What's your typical daily routine like in your country[View]
156181979>this is what one of the best 'Arab' scholars has to say about arabs Arab bros...…[View]
156186670You all know the game fagz I'll start with a country in alphabetical order and you have to name…[View]
156181620It always snows in Russia[View]
156187926>*BRAAAAAAAAP BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP* Does this happen in your country? Do you do…[View]
156186974Gaijin who speaks Japanese fluently, live in Japan for a long time hates Gaijin who don't try t…[View]
156183018Brazil has cooler animals than Australia.: I don’t have a bias either way, so you know I’m objective…[View]
156165600Name 1 (one) way you can suffer in these countries Protïp: You can't.[View]
156186845what went wrong?[View]
156186105Which nationalities of women are the most feminine and least feminine?[View]
156176614>everybody likes English, it’s more sophisticated Is it true Spanish speakers think this?…[View]
156186104Although you think I cope My head is filled with hope of some place other than here Although you thi…[View]
156185494/brit/: Lara Lettice Johnson-Wheeler edition[View]
156184414I HAVE A DREAM[View]
156178742Do you collect scrap metal (to sell) it in your cunt?[View]
156181145What are your favorite and least favorite languages and why[View]
156186482He's got the red, white, And blue flyin' high on the farm Semper fi tattooed on his left a…[View]
156185866the average polish person[View]
156186920>be at Waffle House >hear a commotion behind me >'WORLD STAR WORLD STAR' Does this happen i…[View]
156187034>doesn't accept dollars L O L[View]
156150984/med/+friends ~ mediterranean general: chicken game edish[View]
156186611So this is the true power of the Amerimutt. Able to become all things and races at once and yet none…[View]
156183571/cold allergy/: Northern brothers, how the fuck do you manage? Two weeks, it has been -20C and my fu…[View]
156186449Dutch people may talk funny but they are very industrious and productive people. I respect them[View]
156176811>Bavaria is the Texas of Germany It this true, /int/?[View]
156185194You can’t suffer in Turkey[View]
156185774Just learned about the Mexican Drug War...oh man...[View]
156186012Do people have crippling addiction to Monster Energy Drinks in your country?[View]
156183534Suebitugal... home...[View]
156184523What makes you anxious in your country?[View]
156186320Which country is the best and worst? At the sametime. And why is it iceland. FIGHT YOUR OWN WARS. Al…[View]
156177688/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition 'viens ici que je te fasse un petit bisou' Ancien : >>156167694…[View]
156185625How would your life be different for better or worse if you were born a woman in your country[View]
156177345What city or part of your country is hated by low T soyboys?[View]
156185792So true[View]
156174001Now that's interesting...[View]
156185823The most famous Latvian is live now https://youtu.be/T0zFfekALU0[View]
156185611this is the flag of the republic of Québec thoughts?[View]
156185183>Sabaton 'Rise of Evil'[View]
156179566I wish i was fucking GERMAN[View]
156184399Do you like longswords in your country /int/?[View]
156185614my home...[View]
156185574Good evening sirs[View]
156185456>start a shitpost thread about Portugal >2 Portuguese come into the thread and start to jam to…[View]
156183987VGH, grossslovenia...[View]
156142416/desi/: Nako-chan आवृत्ती[View]
156172394The True First World: Aka The Developed World. It's composed of the United States, Canada, Port…[View]
156183603/brit/: https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1638408780089.webm…[View]
156185465dear West North Central anons: gimme the qrd on each[View]
156171594Here is a culture map I made of a post-apocalyptic Greece. Thoughts?[View]
156183650Does Ajet exist in your country? In USA, his name would be Jose.[View]
156180810turn duolingo on already ya fucken juice[View]
156185315Auf geht's! :-): https://youtu.be/bG3kfV8qcuw[View]
156185025Your country in one Pic.[View]
156183107This is Scotland, land is very inexpensive here. Would you want to live here?[View]
156182692what if you had usa parents[View]
156173338>invents the airplane >dont patented it, only incels with fragile ego needs it >commits sui…[View]
156181418>On this day, we honour the brave souls who lost their lives 80 years ago at Pearl Harbor defendi…[View]
156184848I miss her like you wouldn't believe. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156159125/bra/ fio brasileiro:[View]
156182401I am an engineer in the weapons industry. The fighter jets I contributed to building was used to bom…[View]
156179470Our future queen reached adulthood today. Say something nice about her. Did you know princess Amalia…[View]
156184236In school in your country, did they make you eat pills and go to a therapist?[View]
156182542What does a country have to do to attract this kind of immigrant[View]
156177712AYOOOOO!!!! /int/: From what country would you say he is from[View]
156171822>mfw i learned what microwave is in dutch[View]
156175675ITT: iconic firstie things I'll start with the most obvious[View]
156163690faces of int[View]
156184204Do Australians have criminality in their blood due to being one big prison?[View]
156174759What European country has the most liberal gun laws?[View]
156180412Why did Germany want Portugal and northwestern Spain but ignore the rest?[View]
156178799does your country have alt/arthoe subcultures? beautiful people.[View]
156182021New Silk Road Empire: What do you people think about it?[View]
156177978Stop saying Iceland is nordic, we are med.[View]
156150232/BVLL/: >>156131744[View]
156179233Food threads are the only worthwhile things on /int/[View]
156182729how does this crypriot citizen look to you?[View]
156180633what is this phenotype[View]
156181454What happens here? I feel it's a hidden part of European geography[View]
156183575Fuck YOU /int/ !: You fucking did this! https://tv.nrk.no/serie/gutter-mot-verden/[View]
156181401/brit/: Womfy Whristmas edition[View]
156181776i just realized there are 1.6 billion indians, they are all quite poor, and the men are short, etc. …[View]
156183367I live in a small town, should I move to a big smelly city?[View]
156181478What cultural experiences make life worth living in your country?[View]
156181326i wonder if Czechs or other Slavs can understand Silesians their language is funny as fuck[View]
156183164el phagocytator de las Americas[View]
156180449What are you planning for the holidays and new years celebration?[View]
156182924How would your life be different if you were from your favorite country instead of your actual count…[View]
156181835Are homes in your country affordable for the average person? 30 years ago my dad bought our house fo…[View]
156181897PSA: I come here to learn about international cultures. Please stop posting BUNDAs BOOBAs QVEENs or …[View]
156178683thank you Italy for gorgonzola, literally the ambrosia of the gods[View]
156179869would Botswana be a better country than your country if it didn't have an AIDS problem? >fla…[View]
156176519/norgetråden/: Tunfisk-utgaven Forrige: >>156162268 >>156162268 >>156162268[View]
156176166Average MENA woman[View]
156180285>average Berlin resident 2021[View]
156177303Question for Indiabros: What's it like living in a country with so many different languages and…[View]
156182409You wake up in USA[View]
156179429>your country >do you believe in Greater TVRAN flag Obviously. Praise Tengri, Eternal Sky God …[View]
156178763This is the world I care about[View]
156160650White or Asian gf: Which one would you choose?[View]
156176712>German word for German: Deutsche (Dutch basically) >Netherlander people: Dutch Depending on w…[View]
156181730At what time do people usually go to sleep in your country?[View]
156174633Do Indians ever move to another part of their country for jobs? What do they do about the language i…[View]
156180398Are you on the road again?[View]
156172212What languages did South Americans speak before the Spaniards and moor came along?[View]
156179279/brit/: Island boys edition[View]
156181459sakha rpublic... home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGaVl3WSwY8[View]
156180801This foto of me Hello intrenet[View]
156181437>Hamburg, 2021[View]
156171098Switzerland & France: What do they think of each other? Is it like Singapore and Malaysia?…[View]
156181191>omg look at all this poverty!!1! why are firstoids like this?[View]
156180277Which Germanic tribe that invaded Gaul had the cutest boys?[View]
156176135/brit/: Erewash Canal edition[View]
156169193/ita/ - il filo: edizione bavosa[View]
156177341You will never be bri ish[View]
156179776When ytpipo go hiking When ytpipo go camping When ytpipo drink straight from the tap When ytpipo don…[View]
156175791>American asks you how you are >tell them how you actually are >looks at you like you'…[View]
156173672I really want to drop acid with a Californian gf. What about you?[View]
156180280>You love Jesus right gringo? Your response?[View]
156180600We broke up What do people do in your cunt when they brake up?[View]
156177038How do non-native English speakers cope with the fact that they'll never reach the level of und…[View]
156180030cofe time? >flag cofe time[View]
156174978Do u eat figs in ur country?[View]
156176629What do men in your country think of Filipinx women?[View]
156180383(relevant) countries i like >spain >france >germany >china >japan if you are not in t…[View]
156179481>german monarchism[View]
156176315What do you think about people looking for love in other countries?[View]
156173474Argentinians and Poles think they are third world[View]
156179742mongolians be like suka blat xD[View]
156177759Egyptians, who are your gods?[View]
156176881Vivi la France!: List great things about France! But only non French people should post here. 1) Ali…[View]
156178089>Dominique Day is an American attorney, admitted to practice in New York. She sits on the UN Work…[View]
156179473How cringe is your cunt on a scale from 1 to Sweden. flag 8[View]
156178496/int/ frens tred: a toast! to my /int/ernational (and my only) friends[View]
156179001In an alternative timeline, Neapolitan became the lingua franca of the world. I suffer in the univer…[View]
156179462I want Salvadoran bf bros[View]
156170937/polska/: edycja czarodziejska[View]
156178113International love: Post something nice about the nation above you I start with saying something nic…[View]
156175932/deutsch/: Katz[View]
156176845Drugs: What are some drugs that can help learning language? I read that American students use Addera…[View]
156177324Purely socio-economic factors[View]
156175148Is it common to have a practice gf in your country?[View]
156179154>Be American >Complain about bad work conditions >Complain about people joining unions…[View]
156172085Why is this?[View]
156175820Has doing hitler salutes ever been a popular party activity in your cunt?[View]
156165201This is Americas new astronaut class, which will support current and future missions including the A…[View]
156178888thank you France. very cool: https://medium.com/veve-collectibles/veve-welcomes-citro%C3%ABn-1704126…[View]
156174840does anyone else on this board believe in Peruvian supremacy?[View]
156178565Do you like Brazilian women?[View]
156177041Post that place in your country, where everyone and their mother is armed to the teeth: no mutts pos…[View]
156169647muslim niggas be like >that little red dot is too big! lmao[View]
156178067Oh hello there! Is it true that ethnic homogenous countries are jealous on Norway? You know... since…[View]
156177737ITT: post the average house from your country[View]
156171729Did you know that Brazil has German themed Favelas?[View]
156176641Avenida Brasil/Brazil Avenue was the most successful Brazilian soap opera in recent years, it has be…[View]
156177684https://www.nairaland.com/6884706/lady-fights-man-refusing-pay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP_Wv…[View]
156177938Are you enjoying life in your country[View]
156175842The manliest man in Germany right now.[View]
156178083Everybody be saying USA isn't a real country when the Netherlands literally call themselves 'th…[View]
156177927>mfw someone mentions Wyoming (i don't know alot about the state)[View]
156155927Do you like Romanian women?[View]
156176827>200m people >speak English >have decent internet why have I never seen them on 4chan?…[View]
156177426Are there roads in your country?[View]
156176621How big a threat is climate change to your country?[View]
156178467Does your country have a problem with wildlife? Also what the fuck Canada?![View]
156174808SSLs (Serbian second language) be like: >Taкo caм љyт ca њим[View]
156176929Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156170848>Brazilian “architecture”[View]
156170983Did people find him funny in your cunt?[View]
156178321Is crossdressing popular in your country?[View]
156159748I went to Japan and didnt see a single girl like her.[View]
156178048What do you do during online lectures in your country? I shitpost, watch YouTube videos or masturbat…[View]
156177213I Amerika cashiers are not allowed to sit at work because the customers think ti's disrespectfu…[View]
156173120How Americanized is your country?[View]
156177673So this feel wrong...: the averaga morrocan bull is like this Meanwhile this is the white minority i…[View]
156174627Now that the dust has settled, do you prefer French or American wine?[View]
156173625Poles and Estonians are the same people[View]
156170706What would your family say if you bring a Colombian gf for Christmas at home?[View]
156171487What were the best Chinese dynasties?[View]
156174976Hey guys what's up Where are you guys from?[View]
156172397Post old footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXKafy8LDa4[View]
156176585My thoughts on German cats: All cars are the same nowadays. Haven't you heard about globalism? …[View]
156177809no need to thank us, americans.[View]
156177750Is this common in los Estados Unidos de América?[View]
156177579Which foreign desserts are popular in your country?[View]
156176411What is your opinion on Dutch Architecture?[View]
156177462>tfw there are no asian girls in Argentina[View]
156177314What do women of your country think about French men ?[View]
156175346>go out with 4/10 tinder girl to make my practice gf >she tells me she has a backlog of guys b…[View]
156177310How does it feel to live in country where dating, hookup, having sex is considered normal?[View]
156170071Brasilia is developing the X14 a hypersonic scramjet vehicle. I feel very happy for them, I hope our…[View]
156175929Do Americans really?: These poor Americans put 110% in for $7. I feel so sorry for them. At least th…[View]
156176157what's her name, again?[View]
156177183How safe is it to hitchhike in your country?: What's the worst that could happen?[View]
156167694/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition du mot 'diantre' Ancien : >>156159933[View]
156163184Do americans really do this ?[View]
156176901what is the biggest misconception about your country, /int/? >flag >people assume americans mo…[View]
156173395>Americans are lactose intolerant[View]
156176600this Greek border patrol agent stops you while you cross the Turkish-Greek border and shouts ' ΑΛΤ! …[View]
156174296The Daily Mail is lying here, right?[View]
156173376soy countries[View]
156168558Are people like this in your cunt? I've only ever seen Americans and French people bothered abo…[View]
156175569gismack (DE) -> smak (PL) -> smak (RU)[View]
156159948/skandi/: Jägermeister utgåvan[View]
156176649i sing i sang i have sung does this happen in your language?[View]
156175034The Irish are incredibly quick to shirk off people that claim their ancestry, yet have no problem wi…[View]
156172875say it with me Slavs θ[View]
156165217Honorary West Slavs.[View]
156170339>the best looking kpop idol is Chinese[View]
156169374Your country Do you help robots?[View]
156176269>canada has emergency maple syrup reserves I kneel[View]
156175545What is having sex with women like in your country?[View]
156174103Kids used to tease me and call me Howard the Coward. Did you have a cruel nickname in your cunt?[View]
156175331Do you enjoy working with people from other cunts?[View]
156170896Post your favorite Swede.[View]
156170790Did you know that in Turkey women who wear the hijab in public are beaten up?[View]
156174736Your country. Can your Country's Prime Minister handle their jobs well?: It's over for San…[View]
156176131i want to kill myself every time I see a first world street on google maps. every single part I try …[View]
156173331/brit/: Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington edition[View]
156155634/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
156171494What's the plural of octopus.[View]
156172868I think in English and when I'm home alone and talk to myself quietly I talk in English. Is thi…[View]
156169067Nature in Germany[View]
156162268/norgetråden/: Helsom Tirsdagutgave Forrige: >>156142157 >>156142157 >>156142157…[View]
156172633Can girls dress like this in your country?[View]
156166512spaghetti Neapolitan Local Food in Naples[View]
156174240Americans be like >here we prepere the desert to the grow lettuce xDD[View]
156175572>Why yes I am a desert enjoyer[View]
156170287>Ask someone from the Netherlands whether he speaks Hollandic, West Frisian, Low Saxon, Limgurgis…[View]
156175127How do I do to not miss pic rel when I move to Ontario next year?[View]
156164114/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Nerd GF Edition[View]
156174955𐰴𐰣 𐱅𐰭𐰼𐰃[View]
156174931The Norman isles.[View]
156172251Now that I found a MENA gf, I've noticed I'm much happier, not bothered by the state of th…[View]
156170095/deutsch/: Bushido seine Ausgabe[View]
156137011/mena/ /شأشأ/: طبعة الطفل السمين سابقا >>156126062[View]
156171894>1 billion people >actual superpower Yup, nothing anomalous here…[View]
156174082Can you hear he's not American?[View]
156172885Is EVROPA a country of giants? Every euro flag on this board says they're 6'4' and conside…[View]
156174786cofe time? >flag cofe time[View]
156171455duolingo under maintenence but i want to learn now. what languages do you guys study? i study spanis…[View]
156173219Why aren't all South American countries friends? You have this whole continent of Spanish speak…[View]
156174325So are you team nordics or team meds?[View]
156174737>you will never be not poor >you will never be not ugly I can't understand how the vast m…[View]
156171068What will your country be like in the year 2050[View]
156174366What even happens here? I don't think even south americans realize these exist[View]
156170986In Finland, female circumcision is banned and male is not. What is you're situation?[View]
156170138my ancestor :)[View]
156162799How did the French outdo both American and Japanese animation so flawlessly?[View]
156159941/sauna/: 26. maaliskuuta painos https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/26._maaliskuuta[View]
156173239>1990-2010 'OK' >2010-2020 'Nice' >2020-2030 ?…[View]
156149814kurva anyátok[View]
156171809India is actually an island The Indus river's source is lake manasarovar, but that's also …[View]
156174058International University Thread: 404 edition. What the heck janny? What's wrong with CUNY (City…[View]
156171200How many yugos look like typical meds and how many like typical slavs?[View]
156151632Why is Yugoslav music so fucking good? I'm a kebab woman who can't go a day without listen…[View]
156171052Do you love India?[View]
156168730Why do Germans have homosexual names like Luca and Fynn? Are they really that deballed?[View]
156170346I'm getting pizza tonight.[View]
156167010What kinds of cartoons did you watch as a child in your country?[View]
156172328Have you lived in another country? Pic related my residence permit from turkey lol[View]
156171716What does 'blaharode' mean?: What is the meaning of the word 'blaharode,' Rusbros? Reading…[View]
156168431portalen fd matgeek fd psykos fd sverigetråden ft. matgeekus biancus sissyslynan mongomats[View]
156168809What is your favorite beer brand?[View]
156167541how much money do you make in one year and how expensive is your car? is int smart with their money?[View]
156172670anglo women sex sex sex[View]
156172655The world revolves around America but i wish it didn't[View]
156170535What region/city of your cunt best embodies pic rel?[View]
156170886Is there anywhere in your cunt that this applies to?[View]
156170940Is Cuba the country of the least suffering?[View]
156173025This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
156169942hey psst i made something come check it out: i dont know what to call this but its kinda of pasta ? …[View]
156166431/asean/: love is blind edisi[View]
156162463Swedes are the first Europeans http://www.svd.se/svenskar-de-forsta-europeerna Google translate: The…[View]
156171679Are men in your cunt narcisistic?[View]
156168656Science can't explain this.[View]
156171589How can be Finland the happiest country in the world and have at the same time one of the highest su…[View]
156172054How common are one night stands in your country?[View]
156171829Octopus Competition[View]
156169417Science finally disproves the lie that Asian women supposedly look like children.[View]
156171706Americans call their dad 'Sir'.[View]
156170544You dun did it /int/: Some newfags, aka Norwegian /int/fags talked to NRK (Norwegian lefty state med…[View]
156163808Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>156107936 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
156170695now that Part 6 is out, ugly fat amerigoblina women will start styling their hair and wearing make u…[View]
156163715/Nederdraad/: /nederdraad/ /inceldraad/[View]
156171888What's growing up in Germany like?: What is life like for the average person from childhood thr…[View]
156159079>Dutch women are ugly[View]
156171001Post late 1990s things from your country[View]
156171561I went through all of high school not knowing what a verb is[View]
156169484>at this moment, hundreds of anons from around the world are posting >every one of these anons…[View]
156166347>White men love japanese/korean women and vice versa >Japanese/korean men love white girls and…[View]
156171286Meanwhile at /int/ school...[View]
156169968You guys feel more like family to me than my extended family[View]
156170638It's not only Europeans and whites in the new world bros. Now even Gypsies can't escape th…[View]
156169171>watch documentary about France, and Germany and such cunts >beautiful architecture, art and c…[View]
156170821I'm jealous of Swedish Doner/Kebab cuisine options[View]
156169232Is this true???[View]
156151221What's their end game?[View]
156169034Do black men find black women attractive?[View]
156165961Number of chess grandmasters in Europe Notice anything?[View]
156168197/brit/: drax edition[View]
156164123BVNDA: Bri'ish women look like THAT?[View]
156145939>imagine not being italian How can other people survive without being based like us?…[View]
156170508Why don't Americans speak American?[View]
156170376London calling to the faraway towns[View]
156170057>your country >do you want hamburger shoe…[View]
156162066/polska/: edycja prawdziwej ludzkiej fasoli[View]
1561700881)your country 2)is your country a colony of France I'll start >1) flag >2) yes…[View]
156168751Eggnog in your country?[View]
156167759Australia is Norman.[View]
156169379what happens here?[View]
156168110>The Spanish word for 'Sports' is 'Deported'[View]
1561567861. Your count: 2. Do u have a pet? 3. If yes, post it[View]
156166759This is princess amelia of netherlands, she is now 18[View]
156168788Do anglos really?[View]
156166792/deutsch/: Halts Maul Schluchtenscheißer[View]
156169656Admit it, this could work in Denmark (where the people are the happiest on the planet). But it will …[View]
156166851police of asia[View]
156169481>spend numerous hours every day reading and writing absolutely insane, nonsensical texts on the I…[View]
156169221What's your favorite African country? For me it's France[View]
156156602Stop bullying Belgium[View]
156166056At what point in history did they stop being the subhumans of Europe?[View]
156168802Do they really think they are related to the rest of Europe?[View]
156165530>Cheese on macaroni soon entered the world of Italian proverbs—and has never left it—to indicate …[View]
156154055Why don't you acquire a french car?[View]
156168906Bronanaz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4nKUfYivk[View]
156164620Should have been the lingua franca instead of disgusting english.[View]
156162755>there aren't any cool building built after Indonesia convert to isla- *blocks your path*…[View]
156166521My sister got me a framed map for my wall, but messed up and bought a Cold War map.[View]
156167601post image if how you feel about you're cunt's future[View]
156164883no one has topped it yet, whats the matter?[View]
156166978i cant believe it: how did japan with small amount of population and small land conquered most of ch…[View]
156165539How come Anglo-Saxons and Britons haven't been able to get rid of the French Norman yoke for 10…[View]
156166253What you know about American space vehicles?[View]
156160089/ITA/ - Il Filo: Edizione: Per Nostro Signore[View]
156164635German tourist in Spain[View]
156166794If I want to quit my job I have to trll them two weeks before Does this happen in your country?[View]
156168423What is Vosges like?[View]
156168404>6'4' >not born in the USA god why, I could have a petite height obsessed gf by now…[View]
156168244Why are Japanese men so fond of little girls?[View]
156168533/한국어/: >설거지론이 뭐냐 아프리카계 한국인인데 내가 여자들 따먹어고 걸레만들면 내가 지뢰설치반되고 그여자가 설거지녀 되는거임?…[View]
156167708Eternal Anglo appreciation thread: This thread is meant to show love to the eternal Anglo. I persona…[View]
156167502>why yes my digimon pet is sexy busty angelic blonde white woman what did japanese mean by this?…[View]
156165919SEA OFF: which cultural house would you live in? philippines vs Indonesia[View]
156166938How do I stop eating the milka soft cookies?[View]
156166104I met someone whose dad is getting all his teeth removed and replaced with fake teeth because he dra…[View]
156164370Do you love Döner Kebab?[View]
1561675561. Your country 2. Are you better or worse than your neighbours?[View]
156168520i don't understand anons who come here and complain about their country that's family busi…[View]
156165208Damn its so cold and snowy here it just SUCKS, I wish I lived in a tropical paradise like Brazil or …[View]
156168273>work why? I've been wage slaving for the last 2+ months and this shit made me realize wagie…[View]
156161405/asean/: Brutal mogging edisi[View]
156166424how come Indonesia has so few diasporas compare to The Philippines and Malaysia?[View]
156163810Hey /int/, do you recognize Somaliland?[View]
156166616Do you think Irene is finding herself in her travels?[View]
156163840What are the biological/cultural differences and environmental factors that led to pic related?[View]
156166162What are yout thoughts about this Brazilian painting?[View]
156164740/brit/: Bob Dole edition[View]
156154366Is life in america really like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7layyUBQFs[View]
156166790Give me one reason why I shouldn't go to Germany to find a qt trad gf?[View]
156166590the worst type of dream is dreaming that you're back in college and you just remembered you…[View]
156165406VGH: https://haw.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CA%BBAmelika_Hui_P%C5%AB_%CA%BBia?wprov=sfla1[View]
156157539>tfw Asian with a western name[View]
156164486It's funny, I know more things about the United States than what's going on in my own coun…[View]
156148617How is this phenotype called?[View]
156158541/éire/: eagrán met éireann[View]
156167629N for number 1![View]
156162275Did you know that it was once illegal to marry someone of the same race in Paraguay? this means that…[View]
156159933/fr/ - le francofilles: La paire de miches qui a sauvé /fr/ ancien : >>156150884[View]
156165645How did the euros outplay the creator ?[View]
156164645Why are they so tiny?[View]
156167097Opinion on Dutch girls? Have you ever met one irl?[View]
156165454sweden: explain yourself https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/shock-campaign-suggests-people-go-c…[View]
156157268>*gives yellow fever to an entire generation* why did Korea do this to me?…[View]
156166798Why don't Europeans go to Kosovo?: The currency in Kosovo is the Euro, and Kosovo has the lowes…[View]
156166487English independence NOW!!![View]
156165802We need to introduce a certain Europeanism here in the United States. Personally, I find American cu…[View]
156158064What are some good individual language learning methods? I tried Duolingo but quit because of how ga…[View]
156163878Ireland : the true superpower[View]
156165781How is city pop viewed in japan?[View]
156164856Could they pass as locals in your country?[View]
156157464You get to import 10 different 10/10 women from 10 different countries to your harem to be your pers…[View]
156128127/ex-yu/: Ja za NG izdanje[View]
156167019What are some interesting places to see in Auvergne?[View]
156164471What is this phenotype?[View]
156150047>The last Indo-European civilization, religion, and culture on the planet How did we make do it? …[View]
156166658>no matter who starts the war, for whatever reason, Poland will be the frontlines and wiped out F…[View]
156163170what do they look like cowboy in your country[View]
156160445At Karolinska Institutet, the most prestigeous medical university in Northern Europe, a new study wa…[View]
156163903Le sommet des Dieux: What did Japanese think of their portrayal in this French Animation?[View]
156162673Vulgar Display of Power - /deutsch/: 2hu-Ausgabe[View]
156164898>i suffer in finland[View]
156158418What's it like to date a French girl?[View]
156162474Just found out that i'm Balkan: What are the ramifications of this?[View]
156166676Pois naci nunca vi Amor e ouço del sempre falar; pero sei que me quer matar, mais rogarei a mia senh…[View]
156160971WESTERN SHOCKED[View]
156165869Post one thing your country is best at >flag >cousine…[View]
156166634ITT post a pic of one of the most beautiful places you've been to and why where you there. Pic…[View]
156156938Do you know the country where the most Muslims live in the world? Indonesia. Nevertheless, Indonesia…[View]
156142222/balk/: Reflexion Edition Old: >>156096742[View]
156148038>Finns are asia- Woah didn't know Finns actually looked like this[View]
156166350Do your national agencies just randomly run disinfo campaigns involving hundreds of glowing ones(tm)…[View]
156160730do you have these in your country?[View]
156162014How common are after work hours business parties in your country? Do you have to go to work events …[View]
156165034do people get drunk often in you're country[View]
156163060should we just isolate this shithole for good?: they spawn new covid mutations every year, this time…[View]
156166040France would defend us if someone was attacked: ...R-right?[View]
156164605comfy UK thread[View]
156164507Belgium looks like THIS?[View]
156165015Our state TV made a whole TV series dedicated to our general. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156164747Studying linguistics in a Russian uni and we've had a lecture on English grammatical moods (Sub…[View]
156165328can they understand each other?[View]
156164185Do you realize how fantastic /int/ is ?: >When I see a macedonian bro talking with a mexican bro …[View]
156159445did these separate exactly at the same moment when your currency was taken off the gold standard in …[View]
156159008>ywn live in Russia[View]
156149186what is the best capital city?[View]
156165758What phenotype is this?[View]
156165644I can’t put words in how angry just thinking about this event makes me[View]
156160913You wake up in the Caucasus[View]
156159546>my life would be better if I lived in another country[View]
156107936Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>156066165 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
156162765I don't get it[View]
156160872does this happen in your country?[View]
156164573I have some very strong opinions about countries I know nothing of[View]
156162218CCP created billboard promoting russian peoples as one of the 52 recognized ethnic groups in china a…[View]
156163862is it possible that /int/ is lagging behind the other boards when it comes to quality?[View]
156157200Russian soul.[View]
156161523Who is suffering the most?[View]
156162850French anons, what do you guys think of the French Belgian accent?[View]
156164057I have never left Coombabah.[View]
156158765Is that a castle in England? Nope! That's a castle in Gloucester Massachusetts[View]
156163299What would Europe be like if Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo?[View]
156162337Is there a single city in Europe that can compete with London?[View]
156147548/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: I guess he didn't get the joke.[View]
156153196Kiribati and climate change: Kiribati is an island nation in micronesia comprised of several islands…[View]
156153603Holy fuck German is ugly Why do they add -ische to every adjective?[View]
156160342Swedish, not mixed no foreign ancestry Would or pass?[View]
156151641I seriously envy Finnish: Great Saunas are everywhere and cheap Here in Japan ,Sauna is actually bec…[View]
156160585Are football rivalries popular in your country?[View]
156163115>trying to buy a pepsi max in the US >only find regular pepsi >ask the store clerk 'do you …[View]
156162424'We share ancient history brother'[View]
156160023Why have Western men and women: given up on Marriage and having kids?[View]
156147871What happens here?[View]
156157796Good morning sirs.[View]
156151223>Hey anon, you know a lot about international culture, right? What country should we travel to an…[View]
156162361You can't suffer here.[View]
156152767what subcultures does your country have, /int/? we have goths, althoes, quebecois so many cultures h…[View]
156157135>tfw no californian gf[View]
156162913>nordcucks complaining about last year's winter being too warm >now they complain about t…[View]
156157146Chilean Spanish: >literally a mix of Argentinian and Andalucian dialects with some quechua words …[View]
156159676Where is the best place to live for food? Has to be cheap readily available and delicious.[View]
156163740東亞/東アジア/東아시아/East Asia: China/中华人民共和国 Japan/日本国 Korea/ 대한민국 Taiwan/臺灣 Hong Kong/香港 Macau/澳門 Singapor…[View]
156158466You are considered subhuman if you don't own an iPhone in the US[View]
156143670I love Germany: Germans are so funny and cute[View]
156161938straight0ids on int when they see a woman with a penis posted: >oh no im literally crying right n…[View]
156162623>mfw I am reminded of my past. Are you also like this in your country?[View]
156157915When you think about it, nationalism is irrational. You delude yourself into thinking that you share…[View]
156159620How well can you ESLs verbally speak and listen to English?[View]
156156191Using 17 letters, 11,172 combined hangul characters can be made. Does such an efficient writing sys…[View]
156161317Does your country have tree huggers?[View]
156161357What is it like today?: Are the Catholics and Protestants still segregated? Is it dangerous to wande…[View]
156157269I'm walking home[View]
156161201I want to come in Suomi[View]
156162698do you have girls like this in your country?[View]
156159584>I suffer in the third world because of British cartographers who drew some random lines centurie…[View]
156160058I had a Finnish friend in primary school. His name was Runka Kukalainen. I learned today that he die…[View]
156151334WHAT THE FUCK It's so fucking cold I tried to move a thing I put by my window and my fucking ha…[View]
156098786/esp/: Edicion Lunes[View]
156162177What Russia think of china? China and Japan Which so u like? Not political, but your own view[View]
156162156Mein ancestor :)[View]
156126423/balt/ + /ausnz/ #627: tulge maja räästasse kinni jääma paksud >>156088795[View]
156161776You wake up in Saskatoon, Canada.[View]
156158368How can jewish americans eat pork?[View]
156157826what happens here?[View]
156157942/deutsch/: Epische Ausgabe[View]
156161913my japanese friend[View]
156160264Why is this blue eyes pale skin and dark hair combo so rare bros...[View]
156157405Why are Asian girls so cute and beautiful? I don't want to be mean but i don't think other…[View]
156142157/norgetråden/: 'hif i fred willoch'-utvgaven forrige: >>156131753[View]
156161211I have a very large zit on my cheek. It's extremely itchy.[View]
156161546>indian english accent[View]
156156038Do u want find love in the midwest?[View]
156150103makes you think[View]
156141220/nederdraad/: Haagse Editie[View]
156160502I just realized that for people who aren't western the failure of the turks to capture Venice w…[View]
156158232Weibo and WeChat both have eyes. It seems to indicate that the Chinese government is monitoring.[View]
156159578Are the rulers of the Mughal Empire Mongolians? What do Indians think of them?[View]
156159490Albanian cisgender women: What makes them so hot?[View]
156161227I don't want to learn another language. I don't even know how I learnt English because I t…[View]
156161519could she pass for a local in you're country?[View]
156159074>friend of college >muslim, shorter than me >somewhat social but at the threshold where he…[View]
156155607>be Julius Caesar, circa 54 BC >your ships arrive in Britain for conquest >see pic related …[View]
156161170Whenever a firstie claims that the Soviets were no big deal for eastern euros, show them this pictur…[View]
156150564If race mixing is bad why does my penis become erect when i see an attractive brown woman?[View]
156159559Where can i find the phenotype from the right?[View]
156153022How common is consooming in your cunt?[View]
156159715>English isn't his first language[View]
156157244I don't hate the people of any country: It makes no sense to hate a population. You can hate th…[View]
156160845Have you ever stolen anything in your country?[View]
156151783What would happen if 50 million Indonesians moved to Australia?[View]
156148156Im a French-Arab AMA[View]
156158446/brit/: 190 edition[View]
156160037[Celebration]Today is the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor!: やったぜ。[View]
156159928How would you react if a Russian started chasing you?[View]
156157012is this new york city? london? or, dare say I, tokyo? no, my friends. this is WARSAW, POLAND.[View]
156154809Do you support the greek economy in your country? I do[View]
156158482Do you want to find love in Turkey[View]
156154425Greeks give me advice on Greek women. What do they like on men? Are they materialistic? Are they tur…[View]
156160535White americans deserve it for the opression[View]
156160608Japan vs Korea vs China: What are the differences between girls from these countries? Which of these…[View]
156149502What do Koreans think about westerners falling in love with her?[View]
156160115Bet you didn't know Australia has castles[View]
156160169Good at call centers.[View]
156152819Imagine if 1 billion Indians came to Russia[View]
156158664Are expensive mobile phones popular in your country?[View]
156159969what happens here?[View]
156153300Do ESLs know the difference between there, they're and their?[View]
156155772Sverigetråden - NEETdamptimmarna[View]
156156676Average Japanese boy[View]
156153138Do accused rapists send mobs to straighten out their alleged victims, in your country?[View]
156154607Europeans live in 30 sqm apartments and terraced houses. They think it's normal to hear your et…[View]
156148902Are Lebanese Arab?[View]
156153214Good morning sirs![View]
156155490I'm a Christian Ask me anything[View]
156150042/ita/ - il filo: Edizione cappuccino[View]
156159301Which country's police officer was great from your experience?[View]
156155549Why does every building in Cuba look like it hasn't been cleaned for years? This is the preside…[View]
156155702Arssenya from Ukraine: This is Arssenya, she's a very famous YouTube model from Ukraine. What w…[View]
156157117What does 'Polyphonie voix infinie' mean? it's for an assignment.[View]
156158865>Russia >Sweden >Japan These are the countries with the most beautiful women in the world, …[View]
156150884/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition café clope avant le boulot Ancien : >>156135862[View]
156132139/sauna/: viinipainos[View]
156159029/bra/ fio brasileiro: Edição betas casadinhos.[View]
156156801guess a country[View]
156158945How can she slap?[View]
156156019Poland is the Korea of Europe.[View]
156156979Indian reservations are the only SOVLFVL places in the United States.[View]
156158761D-Day was a ploy to try to sell the lie that the US was the hero of World War II. As everything rel…[View]
156158537I went outside for the first time in like two weeks to go to dogtor and had to ride public transport…[View]
156152487best cunts: best country in the world. which countries are you interested in anons? 1.switzerland 2.…[View]
156153994I need help from good English speakers. I matched with a Greek girl and want to ask her how old she …[View]
156156124>Sweden Swedish >Finland Finnish >Norway Norwish…[View]
156157811School Shooting drill: DO AMERICANS REALLY ?[View]
156155226/brit/: Island boys edition[View]
156156975I suffer in italy[View]
156155231Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth[View]
156148085Faces of /int/: post your real full face[View]
156157070>On monday I am the great Khan conquering the fertile steppes with my horse warriors like my ance…[View]
156146604this is the pinnacle of my people's culture what's yours?[View]
156156255I'm eating god jul bros...[View]
1561571521. Your country 2. Would you date a young Mexican woman?[View]
156153379/deutsch/: Türkische Ausgabe >>156143989[View]
156150371How would you grow the economy of these island nations? Are they just doomed to fail?[View]
156151679What would the world be like if Basque people were our overlords ?[View]
156157164I found out that there are companies, hospitals, and universities with the name of Dong-a (東亞, easta…[View]
156156857European banter vs American stoicism[View]
156154918>I told a girl I was bi so she thought I was progressive and we had sex Does this happen in your …[View]
156157111do you have chinese in your country?[View]
156156413Are people stealing packages from your front door common in your country? >UK >No…[View]
156151749Can India produce the next Space x? because our Government space agency already doing great but I am…[View]
156156678Do you spend quality time with mommy?: Does it happen in your country[View]
156156591Why are americans like this https://youtu.be/mko5Y8QUEjI[View]
156156949Are antique hoarders/collectors big in your country? If so what do they collect? Are there people wh…[View]
156153705Is cousin marriage a big issue in your country? UK yes, many disabled kids are being born: https://w…[View]
156156239Can we has nukes plsss?[View]
156151286How hard is it to move to Argentina? I’ve always wanted to live in the Patagonia.[View]
156138484Would you prefer an asian or european dominated world, /int/? we are at a precipice of a multi polar…[View]
156146556What percent of your country's young men are identifying as nonbinary / LGBT? In the USA about…[View]
156156445East Thrace: How 'Balkan' are they really? Are they culturally/ ethnically closer to other Balkan co…[View]
156156355There's a middle-aged Asian woman speaking some Asian language on the phone in the seat next to…[View]
156150961What's the difference between these two?[View]
156156271r8 my lunch Lunch at work[View]
156156377Are fat women considered attractive in your country?[View]
156153587What works of writing are in dire need of Translation? I can do Spanish.[View]
156155324Look what I encountered in snowy Saint-Petersburg. Rarest specimen. Who is this Aland guy and what i…[View]
156152728/東亞/ - East Asia: China/中华人民共和国 Japan/日本国 Korea/ 대한민국 Taiwan/臺灣 Hong Kong/香港 Macau/澳門 Singapore/新加坡共…[View]
156156217Is this trend becoming more common in countries besides america? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/…[View]
156155544/éire/: Eagrán na tSuid[View]
156156148>Finns are huwait- Woah didn't know Finns actually looked like this…[View]
156155805this is the peak of Australia's tallest mountain[View]
156156122Does your country have any planned but unbuilt buildings? Pic. is a submitted plan for our capital, …[View]
156154494Do you wish to born in Indonesia instead?[View]
156155821Why do British use stones to measure weight? Are they so arrogant and desperate that they want to be…[View]
156155152Hammond, Clarkson and May: Native Briton, Anglo-Saxon and Norman respectively.[View]
156144648How common is cross dressing in your country?[View]
156147332>animus is cum barbari romano e raptu nati se romanos dicant accedit hoc tua in patria?…[View]
156155225Although Korea is included in the Sinosphere, it uses a completely different type of writing system …[View]
156148694>Nordic runes >Celtic cross >German SS bolt >Doesn't even look European Full: https…[View]
156153081Is there any script as intuitive as Hangul in the world? It is very clean in design. There are only …[View]
156155595Why is sexual harrassment accepted in Japan? >B-but it's fiction!!! Kinda implying, isn…[View]
156110448/dixie/: disney+ edition[View]
156154905Q is a useless letter in þe English language, it represents no sound of its own and 'qu-' can easily…[View]
156149811Are you enjoying life in your country[View]
156150714>*stops you* Sorry Davido, let me see some I.D.[View]
156154402東亞/東アジア/東아시아/East Asia: China/中华人民共和国 Japan/日本国 Korea/ 대한민국 Taiwan/臺灣 Hong Kong/香港 Macau/澳門 Singapor…[View]
156155015What is your opinion on their language?[View]
156152821Is /int/ pro- or anti-Somaliland independence?[View]
156148201Why doesn't America have a public bath culture like Japan?[View]
156151084/brit/: American Queen edition[View]
156154594Post the most underrated count: For me it's Australia Australia is the perfect count But they …[View]
156151751Which nationality do you think Samus is?: Samus is from a videogame, but based on her looks, which n…[View]
156151871Rank them in order from best to worst. If you're post soviet don't include your country. F…[View]
156154276>you wake up in north england[View]
156152135Which European country has the best welfare system for a family with many children? I want the lates…[View]
156154694https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2aWLjWHb2o Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156152642>your country >are newspapers so out of touch and racist as this?…[View]
156148002What are your thoughts about brown asian (SEA) woman?[View]
156150902Can anyone suggest an E-Reader that will let me read my thought-criminal .pdfs in bed? I dont want …[View]
156153501how can I - pig skinned 4/10 potato face slav manlet - acquire a brazilian bunda goddess?[View]
156154745https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plAspkXMtgg indore india... clean india... home Indian bros... orga…[View]
156148943woman: Am I a woman in your cunt?[View]
156152932>all of the advantages of the first world >all the advantages of the third world >none of t…[View]
156149782Do you have Asian international students in your country? If yes, what are they like?[View]
156154013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Om0TvT3A0 말을 허라니 허오리다. 말을 허라니 허오리다. 보름이면 간을 내고, 그믐이면 간을 들어내다. 파초…[View]
156152321Do you believe in souls?[View]
156147215>that country where locals always try to get a photo with a tourist Which country is it?…[View]
156153455>be American pilot >be so fat that the plane you are sitting on falls out of the sky >dies …[View]
156151177Redpill me on this city[View]
156153039Woah, Irish look like that?[View]
156141667Sverigetården - mjölkisupplagan[View]
156149171Americans be like >let me buy useless shit with my 20% interest credit card and get into lifelon…[View]
156148230I thought germany was a 1st world country: They are literally doing drugs on the street in broad day…[View]
156153330>movie is based on true events are americans really this crazy?[View]
156150735This is a map of Australian conquests of what metric you are to decide.[View]
156151397>You will never be a shepherd in the fertile crescent, minding your tribe's honor codes, tel…[View]
156151805what is this 'meme'?[View]
156151682why do the toilets here in Europe have so little water in the bowl? I keep shitting and it sticks to…[View]
156143989/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: GenieBt den Rest der Nacht ohne mich uezs[View]
156152693Germans what free stuff can I expect if I have 10 children? I have an engineering degree but can…[View]
156151395What are the best places in india like? Any intellectual centers in india? Which indian province is …[View]
156153033Do you have these in your cunt? I couldn't find any information on where they originated. Anywa…[View]
156152971What is your opinion about diaspora? I think most diaspora is mentally ill and very whiny Why do the…[View]
156151441>want to learn how to code >have to learn ScrumAgile ; 'how to wageslave more effectively…[View]
156151673>australian flag >either obsessively loves or obsessively hates china / asians …why? they all…[View]
156152447Bad things seem to happen after I masturbate. Does this happen in your country?[View]
156148909Why do Indians think they're superior[View]
156142650did you knew that ashkenazi jews are basically southern italians and viceversa? well, you know now[View]
156150236Which one of you Chuds did this?[View]
156148069Is it common for Brazilians to sexualize their relatives?[View]
156143896Question for burgers: No cheating allowed. What is Sardinia and where is it?[View]
156149138Do you Iove Japan?[View]
156145353Is it possible to reach native tier fluency in a foreign language[View]
156152230Svltan Mvrad Khan: was he based turkbros?[View]
156148539Slovakia moment[View]
156148636why do American clap so much? frpm personal experience when i visited US last time the passenger cla…[View]
156151987what is this 'meme'?[View]
156146908What writing systems can you read?: I can read: >Latin >Greek >Cyrillic >Arabic >Hebr…[View]
156152027I wake up soaking wet to the sound of gunfire, explosions and angry voices in a foreign yet familiar…[View]
156150431Post cute anchorwomen from your country[View]
156151043what is your favourite bug? i like praying mantis[View]
156150167Their entire economy is based on car manufacturing: They don't have an innovative high - tech s…[View]
156151809/int/, have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?[View]
156151365Thank you Norway for producing an amazing human being[View]
156150537Import women from SEA to Central Asia.: I want to live in central Asia. Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan and…[View]
156150668Taiwan is more culturally similar to Japan and South Korea than it is to mainland China. If you have…[View]
156147358>most devout Muslim state >also the richest and most advanced Does it correlate?…[View]
156147740School children in China.[View]
156150652Every day I spit in the face of God for making me wh*te Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156151494>Canadians consider this to be harmless[View]
156150989What do you think of this anons? was that the right move? what you would have done if you were in hi…[View]
156150817is dick lenght a big deal in your cunt?: comment your lenght if you want to i have found ever since …[View]
156151364Why are Turkish men so ugly but their women so pretty?[View]
156151151Why can't white Australian women be more cute and feminine like women from Taiwan?[View]
156150655This is how Japanese portray their most famous female ninja: What do you think of it? https://strawp…[View]
156151244If Japan had won WWII... So beautiful.. I can't stop crying https://youtu.be/rlj6oELngXI[View]
156146307You will be nice to Australian people and posters[View]
156149591I am Human-American, what are you anon?[View]
156149639Average 25 year old white Australian woman in her prime when she sees you with your cute Taiwanese g…[View]
156146142/lat/: hilo anime[View]
156151117Is this statement true in your country?[View]
156150110Does 4chan register Palestinian flags?[View]
156142989Why aren't there many people learning Chinese in Japan? Compared to English and Korean, Japanes…[View]
156143141/brit/: English female edition[View]
156150719>American athletes[View]
156150207How to get big bunda Brazilian gf as SEAman?[View]
156150697>be me >5'8' and 140 pounds >wants to date a white Minnesotan woman who's at leas…[View]
156143121I want to live in the United States of America.[View]
156149732>Least American board on 4chan >It's also the best by far I'm seeing a pattern here.…[View]
156147709are there any cool locations (haunted houses, creepy buildings etc.) or mysteries in your town/cunt[View]
156150365I don't like Latinos because they act like negroes[View]
156143135Is Malaysia first world or close to it?[View]
156149894Is it true that you have to ask first before you take an american to a hospital?[View]
156149765Americans!!! What do you think of the chicken tikka burger?[View]
156139968/bra/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição: KASINO !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCDaw0QmQQc[View]
156150420I want a big butt latina gf[View]
156149847Women of European descent are aggressively unfeminine, right down to being entitled narcissistic sch…[View]
156145301do people in your country often keep pets? and do they generally prefer cats or dogs over there?[View]
156149112Dear west, stop westernizing india, stop complementing india. No, we don't like you. Your weste…[View]
156141278WMAF couples are starting to get out of hand in Australia. There's whole neighbourhoods develop…[View]
156149372I had three big Macs today, what you gonna eat dumb thirdie?[View]
156149100He alcanzado c1 en español pero sigo terrible en él ¿Pasa esto en tu país?[View]
156135862/fr/ - Le Fil Francophone: Édition Sourire Ancien:>>156129241[View]
156149533Just found out about drop bears[View]
156148771why don't your country pursue cute way like Japan?[View]
156147998>if I marry a black or Asian girl, my rich family will make sure I live poor forever Does this ha…[View]
156149565>I suffer in Uzbekistan[View]
156150351I should be President. I'm an idiot but at least I would try my best and actually care about pe…[View]
156145676If you had to choose, would you rather be a Mexican man or an Indian man? Think of the pros and cons…[View]
156149654/한국어/: 노스탤지어 에디션[View]
156144649>You wake up in Rochester, New York (USA)[View]
156148764what sort of pets are common in your country?[View]
156144739>War is... le bad![View]
156143045Why do American pronounce 'A' as 'ē', 'E' as 'ī', 'I' as 'ai', and 'U' as 'yū' ? >Arabs pronounce…[View]
156149841Why Japanese anime depict eyes bigger??: It's like asking why Disney makes animals speak human …[View]
156149237What's going on in St. Louis?[View]
156129156/ita/ - il filo: edizione maresciallo[View]
156144972What's stopping u from moving to Medellin, Colombia[View]
156149905>Swaziland changed their name so they wouldn't be associated with us Why do they hate us bro…[View]
156149057mountainlets need not apply[View]
156149137Do Mexican anons have run ins with the cartel?[View]
1561488461) Your country 2) Your flag[View]
156147678Would he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
156143356How many somalis are here? lol[View]
156149282Does white privilege exist in your country? In the US, it’s still a big problem[View]
156149633are Danes proud of their diaspora?[View]
156149422Does this happen in your country?[View]
156148222Looks at you in wypipo[View]
156147992world script map[View]
156144340Rich brazilian favelados be like >wow those suburban sterile midwest US aesthetics sure look good…[View]
156136563/éire/: Eagrán Chonchúr Mac Gréagóir[View]
156147277Is there any script as intuitive as Hangul in the world?[View]
156149118I am a portuguese woman of germanic descent AMA[View]
156148810There are 1.5 million Japanese people living in Brazil[View]
156148355Because I American you hate me?[View]
156148107Why are none-Americans ok with being slaves to the state?[View]
156140144at what age do girls lose their virginity in your cunt?[View]
156146349>Muslims actually believe that Allah will torture them for all eternity for using an Instagram fi…[View]
156148883How are foreigners treated in your country?[View]
156147743Height preference: Which countries are the least and most brutal for manlets?[View]
156148823J'ai passé la nuit menotté sur le banc Sur les lacets de mes Air Max il reste un peu de sang El…[View]
156145606Could Hugh have turned it around?[View]
156147816Give to each one a friend from another color and give me your reasoning.[View]
156145666/island life/: Welcome to island life! grab a mimosa and chill on the beach for a while anon! what …[View]
156147805the average polish person[View]
156148424Which European countries Japan had sex with![View]
156147891Pearl Harbor Memorial Thread: On this day, 80 years ago, the Japanese murdered thousands of American…[View]
156141159Do you love American culture? I love American culture[View]
156147282What causes this?[View]
156145044French girls (cute)[View]
156146992Learn Thai alphabet >_< https://youtu.be/1Tk-x5KHJFI[View]
156146273Reminder that there was in the 1920s a plan to use dams to dry up huge amounts of the Mediterranean …[View]
156145213Why are they like this?[View]
156143813What are they[View]
156146385what are Albanian girls like? are they cute and Mediterranean?[View]
156144715is it true that islam is derived from arianism?[View]
156142335What happens here?[View]
156138657draw yourself mspaint[View]
156143583>America >Kino[View]
156142298>The average American woman approaches you what do you do in your country?…[View]
156141734Why do Americans do shit like this?[View]
156144213there are still some holdouts, but for the most part Europe and America have fallen...[View]
156147968Have you ever been afraid of being murdered in your cunt?[View]
156143132Have you seen the movie Letters from Iwo Jima? In America, WW2 era Japanese people are often dehuman…[View]
156147105What is the most evil thing your ancestors :) have done in your country? My sixth great-grandfather …[View]
156142329What's your excuse to not come to brazil and lose your V-card?[View]
156147942In Brazil women go to the gym just to exercise their asses and men only to exercise their arms. Is i…[View]
156147380I’m jealous of and angry with rich attractive ppl in my country. Why do they have such good and easy…[View]
156138337Pic related is an average Norwegian woman.[View]
156144684>United 'Kingdom' >doesn't have a king…[View]
156147707Do they really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Asf9n848M&ab_channel=LongmontTimes-Call…[View]
156147841How do you say 'Britpop' in your language, /int/? Was this type of music popular in your c…[View]
156144174imagine living here and being an incel. Is there anything more pathetic?[View]
156145938Why is this?[View]
156142633>cut finger washing a knife >walk half an hour to the ER >they disinfected and glued my cut…[View]
156147144Would you fight a Samoan?[View]
156145026You get to import 10 different 10/10 women (virginity status is your choice) from 10 different count…[View]
156147371Do supermarkets in your cunt have cute shortstacks?[View]
156147898Tourism: >Philippines beaches are no longer filled with trash, the waters are now blue instead of…[View]
156143000Let's race mixingu! Viva international marriage! Viva race traitor! mixing with other race is a…[View]
156144918I ate 20 chicken nuggets. Why cant I control myself?[View]
156145418Portuguese people are so honorable. We have so much soul. We are so peaceful. I am happy to live in …[View]
156148022>Japanese people post our threads on their own message boards and make fun of us https://itest.5c…[View]
156145300learning so much about Brazil today Brazil is easily the most interesting country in the world, I d…[View]
156148032Name a more iconic duo[View]
156143986BLACK METAL.[View]
156122920/skandi/: Nord[View]
156148116>Treat yourself to our newest bacon members on the menu at Papa John’s. Pick from our delicious T…[View]
156147733did you know researches have founf the first sight of the holy wagie, better know as wojack datazion…[View]
156147920Will you have a tree this year /int/?: Here's mine, I actually don't like to cut them but …[View]
156146494i have never left my country in my entire life[View]
156147827>mfw nobody knows VIetnamese is the most efficient language in the world, according to research W…[View]
156148074/Rus/ Russia /Poc/ Poccия: This is thread of to celebrate Russia. Russia is great country. Not of an…[View]
156145597what happened here ??: why it so big[View]
156135847what was your country used to be about?[View]
156145322is it coffee time in your country?[View]
156145579Why did he do it?[View]
156143877'India' is south Pakistan[View]
156142740when did americans decide to set themselves apart from the rest of humanity?[View]
156139846/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: imperial library edish[View]
156146032Logically and empirically what do you think about Christian morality? why was christian morality so …[View]
156146665I woke up like a White man in the morning from sucking a gorgeous girl 10\ 10 and immediately ordere…[View]
156144105What's it like having a Jewish friend or gf?: How different are they from others???[View]
156145753Ok but which one has the best women[View]
156146644What is the best Caribbean island to move to?[View]
156145314Why dont Italy and Japan just kiss already?[View]
156142498have a BAD morning...[View]
156146062Did you know? Swedish band Bathory invented musical genre Black Metal (with Venom) Now you know![View]
156146498>Pictures hanging in a hallway and the fragment of a song >Half remembered names and faces, bu…[View]
156144616My parents named Chester. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156146267Paradise is a world where it's more often than not raining softly.[View]
156143522damn.. hes right.....[View]
156132531>Anthropologists called Brazil Belindia: the upper classes live similarly to Belgians, while the …[View]
156126075/polska/: edycja instrumentalna poprzednio... >>156116069[View]
156141824/lat/ - Hilo Latino: Edición de Autorretrato[View]
156131744/bvll/: къcнoвeчepнa вepcия[View]
156141406if you're richer than europe's poorest country, you're first world[View]
156143622ITT: post rare occurrences where Americans are likeable[View]
156143066Do Americans really?[View]
156145834HOLY americuts BTFO[View]
156145185>*takes Karelia* >*takes Istria* >*takes Prussia* >Slavonic chads offer to give the land…[View]
156144750What do you think of women from your nationality and ethnic background? Do you view them with respec…[View]
156143043Have you ever written a song, /int/?: Freedom's March - 06.12.2021 Our God who made our nation …[View]
156144805How do I move to the UK?: I'm am American who has lived in Japan for a while and I've gott…[View]
156144427Which countries/languages (other than English) have the best movies and tv shows[View]
156143318What cunt(s) has women that look like this[View]
156144100What's the easiest language for a native English speaker to learn?[View]
156142663I just found out that Christmas is illegal in Israel[View]
156140159Why is it so common for latonas in the US to get blonde highlights?[View]
156140017>you wake up in the Brazilian Germania[View]
156144926Good morning sang-woo the marbles... do not redeem them[View]
156141078Do you have schizos in your country[View]
156142840Spanish culture re pissing in public: I found myself on an esoteric porn site and found literally hu…[View]
156144686do you refer to your close acquaintances any of these words in your country? which do you use?[View]
156143430Why do American shops board up their widows?[View]
156144560I like a Turkish girl and she doesn't like me Aaaaaaaa[View]
156140170My dick is 20 cm big. Would I be popular with women in your cunt?[View]
156141193Germanic or Latin /int/?[View]
156143602did you know, latinos are the hottest (quente) people on earth we were colonized by southern europea…[View]
156141548Why do foreigners complicate their language[View]
156143314The End of the UK: Within our lifetimes, Great Britain will cease to exist and will become merely a …[View]
156143625I wish I lived here[View]
156143740All Americans should be at least b2 in Spanish or at least another language besides English. Being s…[View]
156143542Korean Thread - /한국어/ 스레드: korean flag edition[View]
156099340kurva anyátok[View]
156144141AWLW is purest interracial love[View]
156143255>getting drunk in the middle of the week does this happen in your country?…[View]
156141022How would your country be like if it was divided like USA provinces into little squares? What would …[View]
156139709Why is Japanese culture and history so much more interesting than Chinese culture and history despit…[View]
156143355What happens in Northeastern New York? Why is is so fucking empty?[View]
156143568Would you date this tranny in your country?[View]
156137017/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: kuschelige Nachtausgabe[View]
156136236>37% of the U.K. is BAME.[View]
156143702What would have happened if the Soviets were to invade China/Korea and do an invasion of mainland Ja…[View]
156136460Why are interracial relationships between north Euro men and south Euro women so common?[View]
156138383What does your country thinks about Midna?[View]
156128093What are common terms to call muslims in your country? Kanacke, Kameltreiber, Kümmeltürke, Ziegenfic…[View]
156142240Japanese schoolgirls are starting to dress sexy again[View]
156137666This is Americas new astronaut class, which will support current and future missions including the A…[View]
156142340What's the history of this video[View]
156141093behold! the regions of Europe![View]
156143082SHALL go to the third world. SHALL do manual labor for free. SHALL donate money to wildlife preserva…[View]
156142485Do you eat Blood Sausage in your country?[View]
156140569It's true.[View]
156139082Capitalism failed in every country it has been tried.[View]
156140370Why are Argies so obsessed with chicanos?[View]
156126733>practice gf wants me to meet her parents Does this happen in your country?…[View]
156142415>there are people who unironcally believe that Mexico is not in North America…[View]
156140636/brit/: Trans women are women pass it on edition[View]
156136277/mex/ - hilo mex[View]
156141018How do I get a Greek lute playing GF? (she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen)[View]
156143129How do you got so much hormones?[View]
156143050Your flag sucks my flags BBC[View]
156142709Do you like the USA[View]
156141655/afr/ Africa General: qween edition[View]
156141678>sex Thoughts on this word?[View]
156141016Do you ever get ashy in your country?: Is ashiness a phenomenon that occurs in your country anons?…[View]
156141621Americans. Do they? Really?[View]
156142002Why does r/int act like mcmansions are bad?[View]
156142635How do we make the UK first world like the rest of Europe?[View]
156140678indian women look like THAT?[View]
156115286What kind of guys do women prefer in your cunt? & are you one of them? This is how it is in Amer…[View]
156137425>cute girl comes out of tv, soooo scary Why are japs like this?[View]
156142033anglo women sex sex sex[View]
156141758>casus belli? >I wanted your land and your wealth and titles and women and animals, and your r…[View]
156135815>Christopher Columbus Do anglo-americans really?[View]
156135114Why haven't they had any impact on popular culture? Nobody knows anything about them[View]
156141271Do you want to find love in Turkey?[View]
156121684I'm moving to Poland boyos: Feels good mane[View]
156138641I just watched a large horde of mexican children from middle school jump some girl right in front of…[View]
156134577/tr/: Trans ve Prusva hakları basımı (bu tirada yazarak Trans birey olduğunuzu kabul ediyorsunuz)…[View]
156142334Is it true that Denmark is built entirely out of LEGOs?[View]
156135343Name countries that are considered an iconic trio.[View]
156117788/bra/ fio brasileiro: Edição maconholo.[View]
156137008Just found out schools in Finland doesn't have homework[View]
156131037Draw the borders of all the African countries, no cheating. Let's see how well you know the wor…[View]
156140806This strikes fear in the heart of the Canadian and Australian[View]
156096742/balk/: *Ding Ding Dong* edition old >>156047339[View]
156139757What are your thoughts on gay people[View]
156139829Are Indians asian? They don't look asian to me[View]
156141950Why do Anglos think like this[View]
156141250Femdom: All the women I attract are into femdom and/or bdsm. Does this happen in your country?…[View]
156141570Does this happen in your country?[View]
156142018sneed: do people suck and fuck in your country? please discuss this international subject in the thr…[View]
156139512>he lives in an ethnically homogenous country VVGHHH you will never know the power of living in a…[View]
156141028Has anyone here studied abroad? What was it like?[View]
156140920/int/ music thread post international music pic unrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RvMRcdLrb…[View]
156141902/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
156119716Hilo /lat/ino: Arriba argentos[View]
156132080WTF... I can't believe that... Germany is secretly still NAZI? https://youtu.be/86uJ19mYgLI[View]
156138538Me and my russian gf[View]
156137677while spanish artists frequently collab with latinx artists and spaniards have no problem admitting …[View]
156141567Are these people equals in your cunt?[View]
156140305>you haven't lived 1980s shouwa era Japan And you never will. Why the fuck are you still ali…[View]
156106617/flag/ + /extraflags/: Inta edition Previously: >>155945982 Welcome to /flag/ + /extraflags/, …[View]
156141428Im living in Italy for a year, what places should I visit? Besides the obvious ones ofc. Im speciall…[View]
156140245Arhm... what happened in medieval Europe?[View]
156131753/norgetråden/: glødeutgave forrige: >>156124722[View]
156140265>be american >breastfeed a cat on a plane…[View]
156139285I have never read any economic or political theory and it's all I fucking post about. Does this…[View]
156140432My sister is dating a british guy how do I break them up before it's too late? /int/[View]
156136427I've watched too much gore to leave the house without a knife: I can't never unhear the sc…[View]
156138965I just watched Funkytown. First gore video I could not take. Am I getting old?[View]
156132599/nederdraad/: Editie Amsterdam[View]
156140365Why don't you like him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb_UPYSRwhE[View]
156141197>As an actual 6'1' man, every time I see someone a few inches taller than me I feel sorry fo…[View]
156140196Where would be a good place to move if I like the cold and hate liberalism?[View]
156140583caseless bros...[View]
156139275>I suffer in India[View]
156140628Imagine being named after a family[View]
156138810Show me your country's best street musician. I'd say for Spain goes this one: >https://…[View]
156139821USA - Cowboys Mexico - Charros Argentina - Gauchos Colombia - Llaneros Peru - Morochucos Brazil - ??…[View]
156140443Never trust Odessa women: This board is being patrolled by some group agency who don't want gen…[View]
156140931>tfw I would take a bullet for my souf fc brothers, but they're embarrassed we even exist Ca…[View]
156139369Good morning sirs I would like a white girlfriend thank you sir[View]
156140909just had my blood test done. i'm one of 12% of Americans who are metabolically healthy.[View]
156120895>USA should be renamed to New Germany Discuss.[View]
156140771post kino music performances from you're country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfV7NLCWiiU…[View]
156140802'Branch Covidians', get it? Like Branch Davidians but with Covid. Get it?[View]
156139004Yikes, all the children inherited their mother's nose.[View]
156138699Erasmus experiences?[View]
156130964>the most perfect specimen created in human history is Southern European How can non-Meds cope, h…[View]
156138041/brit/: Island boys edition[View]
156139605I am from Massachusetts, have you ever heard of my state? What are we stereotyped as?[View]
156140080>the practice son wants you to meet his practice gf Is this a common situation in your country?…[View]
156135172Sverigetården - Dittos upplaga[View]
156137753Meeting chick: Is it worth spending $1000+ to meet this Pakistani chick I've known for years. (…[View]
156138585I got a speeding ticket in Iceland over 4 years ago and never paid it. What would happen if I went b…[View]
156131457I met a Mexican girl on tinder in my city. I don’t have a fetish or anything but I want Mexican frie…[View]
156140103>I will move to Canada! sweaty, you won't.[View]
156139964Now you remember being 16-17 and thinking how you're going to go and do great things after high…[View]
156139306Good night[View]
156140154>>156137133 this one always cracks me up >>156135847 saving mankind one heart at a time[View]
156135758Which country has the sexiest women?: And why is it France? https://strawpoll.com/j8y8yk2a7[View]
156135656Why does the west German one look the most chad?[View]
156134924Please learn Estonian[View]
156140083I wish I could choose my dream when sleeping. I've had dreams that I wish I could continue afte…[View]
156139444Slang words help me: Recently I see “practice gf”. What’s it mean? I think gf it’s meaning girlfrien…[View]
156140068In another, different occasion, following the February Revolution, Roure observed Tukhachevsky carvi…[View]
156138510Self-help books are the most sold genre of books every year in the U.S.[View]
156139669>ante meridiem >post meridiem[View]
156110644/desi/: no edition edition[View]
156119746>language has articles[View]
156132329/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Shouts out to the janitorial staff edition[View]
156134633What are the best programs/resources to learn German? I have a Swiss ancestor that wrote some untran…[View]
156139752/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Wolf Link Edition[View]
156138952does this happen in you cunt?: >mum wants to change her car rego from business to private >cal…[View]
156138951Italian is a very exquisite and comfy language. Here are some of my favourite things about Italian: …[View]
156133866>so what if I'm 25 and live at home I'm not a loser, it's common in places like Sp…[View]
156129650Why do Turks do this This is literally anti semitism[View]
156117111/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe Hивы пpeд>>156098656[View]
156139185Las Malvinas son Argentinas.[View]
156138318It hurts my heart when yurocucks pick Brazil. No more soybeans for you![View]
156139153China surpassed Japan. tehepero edition[View]
156137902Imagine, for instance, you are an American zoomer sent to Ukraine. You get shot by a Russian sniper …[View]
156137173>practice gf found out about the practice practice gf Does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
156136377This is how Norwegian /int/ posters look like. Norwegian media just made a documentary about us[View]
156127952France, I wish you'd find a way to retract or fold these in: Must be distracting as hell for th…[View]
156132567What is your opinion on the island of Cyprus?[View]
156131850your country are yeou fat?[View]
156139058>large car manufacturers build car factories in every east european country but ours >tf force…[View]
156137853why are americans like this?[View]
156138478>Your cunt >Your favorite animal Netherlands Elephant…[View]
156125127Chinabros...: This kills the dragon.[View]
156111599/med/iterranean general: Lol gotcha edition[View]
156137364Hi guys just wanted to let you know that I'm a smelly short ugly brown shitalian and we are ind…[View]
156137275Can't we all just get along?[View]
156135372I have an interview in English tomorrow I am not ready, do i have to try and do an American accent?[View]
156116726DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2759: DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thr…[View]
156137864Do people in your country like to gamble?: >flag >yes…[View]
156138544does this happens in your country?[View]
156131565I wish I was Brazilian[View]
156138465You did thank him today Finnbros? Right?[View]
156128979Why Americans like this? >Nordic runes >Celtic cross >German SS bolt >Doesn't even …[View]
156130662Can anyone post the picture of that black Ukrainian nationalist nigga?[View]
156135977I can't speak Spanish even though I’m Mexican. Does this happen in your country?[View]
156138253I don't watch anime I don't read manga I don't play Japanese video games I don't…[View]
156132359What is your country's opinion on the sun? >Canada >it's good…[View]
156136331Konnichiwa japanese outsider: What books, mangas or animes do you recommend for me to know and under…[View]
156132948what is this called in you're cunt[View]
156135305I am a Finn[View]
156137347Interpals: What's wrong with asian girl edition[View]
156133490>western video games[View]
156137887>animus is cum barbari romano e raptu nati se romanos dicunt accedit hoc tua in patria?…[View]
156131642Are Norwegians the peak female aesthetics?[View]
156134231I am convinced that all Germans have an uncanny ability of quick transformation from peace loving hi…[View]
156133800I've been noticing a lot of racist posts on https://boards.4channel.org/int lately I just wante…[View]
156137644why does this little frog mean so much to me?[View]
156134846Euros don't uderstand the beauty[View]
156134245Do Kazakhs really look like this?[View]
156135776Is it true that France wants to invade Brazil because they think that we are destroying amazon to pl…[View]
156136863These are my DNA results.[View]
156131716Good evening everyone I want to kill myself[View]
156133036Do you want a beautiful Moroccan boyfriend in your country?[View]
156137046>Sweden >France How the fuck those two, totally not Slavic cunts, are the world's largest…[View]
1561293961. Your country 2. When did you realize this guy is actually dumb as fuck and a total fraud who live…[View]
156137383Why does google hate gypsies?[View]
156136090How feasible is it for wagies in your country to just quit their job if they don't like it?[View]
156134926wtf is this shit[View]
156115595/Éire/: eagrán tony soprano, trans rights, Milesian, etc.[View]
156116907/ukraine: Aaaah, fuck it! Ukraine thread >all my countrymen are dead edition Prev threads are dro…[View]
156130335>Greatest French composer was Polish >Greatest British writer was Polish >Greatest Russian …[View]
156107143weather today[View]
156126062/شأشأ/ /mena/: https://youtu.be/9BvfUU2vJVE[View]
156131773/deutsch/: Mit dem FBR durch die Nacht[View]
156135627what can i do in your country that i couldn't do anywhere else?[View]
156135830>He loves Japan[View]
156135573international factoids: the literal name for diluted coffee is 'Americano' during WWII, the US soldi…[View]
156130294What is this called in your country?[View]
156135287Which countries are Eurasian? What are they're qts like?[View]
156130826>slavery >Indian removal >Manifest Destiny Is your country’s history shameful?…[View]
156129312Why are Balkan leaders mostly white-looking but the average person in the country can barely be told…[View]
156136349>Atithi Devo Bhava Based India![View]
156108012Are you Americanized? I am Americanized.[View]
156132250The alliance that saved EVROPA[View]
156133746...well /int/? Why? Why not? >Federation of Yugoslavia (take four) >Capital: Sarajevo >Popu…[View]
156132555America is literally the exact definition of first world. You can't suffer in USA of America ev…[View]
156129764Your country cares about the climate, doesn't it, anon?[View]
156133636What will your country be like in the year 2050? What about your own life?[View]
156131491Does your country have cheap, affordable, housing?[View]
156129043Do women love French men in your country ?: Be honest[View]
156127267>Filters you[View]
156108074do finns really use the sauna naked with friends[View]
156135669Syrian Architecture: Do you like Syrian architecture?[View]
156130280>tfw no mena gf: i fuckin suffer[View]
156129241/fr/ - le fil du soir: Édition du gros manul dans le cul du canadien. Ancien : >>156119052…[View]
156133520I want to marry a trad Polish girl with big milkers.[View]
156135453>this is what Germans saw entering Poland in 1939 how could they be so heartless...…[View]
156132741/brit/: Missing brain edition[View]
156133661Post American image you have[View]
156127698What are some obvious 'thirdie redflags'?[View]
156101870What was your nation's 'Columbine'? Like, an event that started a shit storm spiral for years t…[View]
156130210/brit/: leftypol silent on this one edish[View]
156134378Soy gordo[View]
156132156What's the dating scene like in your country?[View]
156129930>0°c i will literally die in this cold[View]
156130818Where is this?[View]
156131697oh no no no![View]
156134874After finding out that my nigerian neighbor ist anti-semetic i am sorry for any racism against his n…[View]
156133718The USA needs a state a state religion and a national church too[View]
156134922>Gaytalians >straight >white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHRN3wir3MQ…[View]
156128598A challenge where you get thrown in here naked and if you don't ejaculate for an hour, you get …[View]
156120131Is this true perubros?[View]
156134693they go through all this effort not to seem gay but then they write the word ANUS underneath[View]
156130437Sverigetråden - /int/brevar-upplagan[View]
156132033>Betrays cringe Francoists >Makes the Communist leader shout 'long live the king, today we…[View]
156132864/black/: Only black people are allowed in this thread. Horners and portugese stay out.[View]
156116799is it true German is the easiest language for a English speaker to learn?[View]
156130647Why are these two the representatives for the human species on Wikipedia?: They don't represent…[View]
156133457What did your cunt invent?[View]
156133908americans really?[View]
156130125how much camel, cow and human dung and piss did the cities of al andalus have? what would be the sme…[View]
156133094How do you feel when you see Indians in real life[View]
156130956Are women in your country more likely to spend the equivalent of $150 on new shoes or helping starvi…[View]
156133584Do you have ppl like this in your cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocVjYvwneIQ[View]
156113743Why are American cities preserve no history even though there was no war in America?[View]
156132928What would the world be like if they stayed Mexican?[View]
156133924Are people in your country animal lovers?[View]
156129881Interpals thread: Where the fuck are all the South Americans?[View]
156132829/한국어/: 다다다에디션 스레드테마 https://youtu.be/x8EReQdjrIw[View]
156133274Crazy how you can be a low iq ugly fat manlet but as long as you are black, you can fuck any white b…[View]
156130807How is the average russian household? what is a common russian dinner?[View]
156133627Man starts over again every day, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows[View]
156133662just about had enough of the desk job life[View]
156129419What happens here?[View]
156133335>non anglos call their parents and teachers by their first name[View]
156128905Where my fellow euromutts at?: Only evolved beings of the white race may post ITT[View]
156132506Non Americans, do you like country music or know of a subculture that does in your cunt?[View]
156132326Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
156132273Kansainvälinen painos[View]
156130304Why do Canadians and Northern Europeans look like this after attempting to lift heavy weights? Is it…[View]
156132926Roman Republic -> Roman Empire -> Eastern Roman Empire -> Russian Empire -> Republic of …[View]
1561311531. Flag 2. Thoughts?[View]
156133012what did i do wrong[View]
156122125>be center of the Muslim world for centuries when it was at it's peak >look like this…[View]
1561305561. u are cunt 2. do you hate your job flag yes, I hate all forms of working. why can't I make m…[View]
156126240Athena...the jewel of Attica...[View]
156120329/nederdraad/: >hij doet niet de vla even twee minuut twintig in de magnetron, zodat deze lekker w…[View]
156128537Norway wtf?[View]
156130507how are public transport employees treated in your country?[View]
156118426What’s the general opinion on Croatia in your country?[View]
156124861True European beauty: Is Alizee definitive proof that Europe produce more beautiful women than the U…[View]
156120385Why aren't you learning German yet, Anon?[View]
156132315Turks have qt anime wolf girls[View]
156128774Do mothers shame sons for getting bullied in your country?[View]
156132352>leave my house >get robbed >go to the police station to sign a police report >the poli…[View]
156132343what's your favorite dutch phrase? mine is >ik ook[View]
156120919Why do Japanese people depict their eyes bigger than they really are?: What is your opinion about th…[View]
156118843Latinx bros…[View]
156126359Japan vs Korea vs China: What are the differences between girls from these countries? Which of these…[View]
156131998Spain and Portugal bros, do you hate tourists?[View]
156131171Which thirdie brown people have the biggest inferiority complex towards white firsties? In my opinio…[View]
156124072/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Your mom edition[View]
156127405When are the India hate circlejerk threads going to die down?[View]
156129682brazil why[View]
156129945Why are Americans like this?[View]
156124722Norgetråden: Hivladning >>156116802 >>156116802[View]
156131288Do you like chinese cities?[View]
156130558Sinterklaas: Dutchies are chimping out over attempts to do away with Sinterklaas. https://twitter.co…[View]
156128155What do you think about Minnesota?[View]
156121705>we don't want immigrants ! >immigrates to every single european country…[View]
156109326/bvll/: Умpeл пoнeдeлник eдиция. Пpeдишeн: >>156096759[View]
156131239Greta has studied every report and figure about climate change thanks to her Asperger's. She kn…[View]
156128331Bros......: If i don't feel happy in Denmark where will i then feel happy?[View]
156129890¿What happens in Mezhgorye, Russia?[View]
156127695>I suffer in Iberia[View]
156123351I'm moving to Sweden boyos: feels good mane[View]
156117984/sauna/: Linnan juhlat -painos[View]
156127560/deutsch/: Bitte impfen, dange -Porsche https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/146789454190681…[View]
156129322>Westernised Afghan hoe reminded of her place by the Indian aunty.[View]
156128633Have you ever been approached by an undercover fed/police officer in your cunt?: >Los Angeles -- …[View]
156123164Is this pairing popular in your country[View]
156129999Our gov recently made it easier for migrants to get work and residence permits, and some firms are l…[View]
156124839How come Europe is the only tall continent: Every other continent pales in comparison to Europes hei…[View]
156128838My prince :3[View]
156128381Do indians feel bad for their gypsy indo aryan brethren who suffer discrimination In europe?[View]
156127070>country?: >do you have epicanthic fold? flag yes (partial)…[View]
156126382Are Finns black?[View]
156129324>Muh traditionalism[View]
156126790The toughest week so far in my life. 1. I lost my shared flat with my friends in Barcelona because o…[View]
156097890/ישר/: ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op/[View]
156128011what's like living in a country where women are hot?[View]
156127138>Slavs, Balts, Celts and Germanics are mocking us Latins again for not having as many blue eyed p…[View]
156127917how do i find romanians here do they have a general[View]
156126263Indonesian father Iranian mother. Could she pass for a local in your country?[View]
156126690/brit/: King Harold Godwinson edition[View]
156129401So /int/, are the Iberians correct?[View]
156127807Have you had your daily sauna /int/?[View]
156129490I just realised islam and judaism are like 90% the exact same thing, even arabic and hebrew are like…[View]
156129456International music thread: https://youtu.be/sWoPWkBmnfo[View]
156129796Cose da boomer: Salve a tutti, ho una domanda molto importante e che probabilmente farà riflettere a…[View]
156126707Sverigetråden - sommaravslutningsupplagan[View]
156122157Is London safe for Jews anymore?[View]
156124044Do you need a license to watch television in your country?[View]
156123789I praise Dyēus Pater every day for being born with light eyes, I seriously can't imagine being …[View]
156128670Jewish people...i kneel...[View]
156127821Ameribro and I[View]
156126693I have never seen an aboriginal poster on this board: Seen a Papua guy but that was it Are aborigina…[View]
156123029>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, tawny, cinnamon or chocolate?…[View]
156129175>I must take every opportunity to let everyone know I have tons of guns Are people like this in y…[View]
156128200In Europe, people work to live. In America, people live to work[View]
156126558Happy Pizza Day: Google is celebrating Pizza Day, the best cuisine invention to come out of the US!…[View]
156129351December 6 2021 .... still no Brazilian gf: Still no Olivia. No apartment in an Curitiban skyscraper…[View]
156122810Do you live close to a volcano? The closest volcano to me is Yellowstone.[View]
156128813Post your city's Finnish club.[View]
156127152the alliance that makes germans SEETHE[View]
156128949Why do they larp as conquistador?: Their ancestors were peasants. Conquistador heritage is in latin …[View]
156128658I do not care about countries, neither mine nor yours. Nations and history are just a part of the lo…[View]
156129188Is acne a problem in ur country?[View]
156122655This would solve a lot of problems[View]
156119052/fr/ - Le Fil Francophone: Édition des filles asiatiques Ancien: >>156102924[View]
156124829Muslim niggas be like >I do not drink as it goes against fundamental tenets of my religion LMAOO…[View]
156128702Tire Burning: I just learned from a Romanian that they burn tires for Christmas as a tradition, but …[View]
156126887Is this phenotype common in your country?[View]
156122401Post cults from your country This was Jonestown, led by Jim Jones who made everyone commit after a …[View]
156121942what was he thinking when he got off that boat and saw them[View]
156125340How do people suffer in your country?: >be me >flag >at the hospital for an appointment …[View]
156126046Do you want to find love in Brazil?[View]
156126307Indian nominal GDP is going to surpass the Japanese nominal GDP by 2027, does this piece of informat…[View]
156125868I hate the lack of sunlight so much waking up is impossible staying awake after work is hard and you…[View]
156122641ITT: Post something you do that is highly unusual for people from your cunt, and also something that…[View]
156127224>ESLers for friends >not too many mistake in their typing, some awkward phrases here and there…[View]
156128270>see one of those 'polyglot' artists on the street >has a '20€ if I don't speak your lang…[View]
156119193What should be the primary and accepted cultures of Germany?[View]
156126331Europoors don't know about this[View]
156113376/ita/ - Il Filo Italiano: Edizione della fidanzata americana[View]
156126409Thoughts on the proposed latinx union?[View]
156126782What does your Scandinavian language tier-list look like, /int/?[View]
156125070What’s the gender of these objects in your lang? >Table >Computer >Telephone >Door >C…[View]
156097991/ex-yu/: zarazio me anđeoski soj dbi[View]
156126189JOSE CAN YOU SEEEEEE?[View]
156126515here are the 13 yule lads, and jólakötturinn their parents grýla and leppalúði in the background[View]
156123543Why is everyone putting their phones face down these days?[View]
156121220Why can't Africa produce kino like the other Old Continents do? It's clearly not a poverty…[View]
156127271>replace pizzerie based or cringe?[View]
156123475/deutsch/: Braun ist die bessere Ausgabe[View]
156117229Could we pass as locals in ur couNtry?[View]
156127068Ur flag Do you call yourself a 4channer in this place or outside of it?[View]
156121870What happened?[View]
156126639guess which country this is[View]
156127403WMAF hapa singer Sub Urban: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNrKoWG7Cj0 >Daniel Virgil Maisonneuv…[View]
156123750Is it true every Swiss has to own one of these?[View]
156122411>you wake up surronded by persian girls wat do?[View]
156125898You can't suffer in Asia[View]
156126164Starting from scratch: Since everything everywhere has gotten too far and is beyond any control or s…[View]
156126846How to translate 'cмeкaлкa' in english?[View]
156123339/brit/: beachy head edition[View]
156125104i just want a whyte boy from the norf to cum and colonise me down ere in daluseya, hmmmm lol[View]
156088795/balt/ + /ausnz/ #626: kiwiboiwife edish >>156030275[View]
156122413AAVE is now a required curriculum in High Schools across the US.[View]
156126430>he's not a descendant of Indo-European speaking peoples[View]
156126482Why were 1 kopeck coins minted in 2017 when they were/are basically worthless?[View]
156111088Anglos, be honest with us ESLs on this board, how good is our English level?[View]
156126133What’s happening here[View]
156126222Why do English people on here seethe so much about Celts? Is it because they're Celts in denial…[View]
156118901So... it's nice how few people can travel internationally now because of the Chinese, isn'…[View]
156124621Is it actually possible to tell these three apart from each other based on facial features or is it …[View]
156116952>Hungary's actual name is Magyarország >Finland's actual name is Suomi >Greece…[View]
156098494/شأشأ/ /mena/: paystashin edition نسخة بلستاشن[View]
156125662How is it possible to live in a country where your currency loses value every day? Why is it happeni…[View]
156112899What is your bilingual society like? Here we speak the two languages interchangeably, it's very…[View]
156113863Is height important for males in your country?[View]
156125421Please rate the song I wrote.: https://youtu.be/Zcia8XI-yMw https://youtu.be/TgIJUo3zL0A https://you…[View]
156125939Happy Hanukkah to all my /int/ friends :)[View]
156120894why yes i am an american how could you tell[View]
156125555Would she get a lot of right swipes in your country?[View]
156125625Is preschool education important in your country? Sadly here its left to television and sometimes ev…[View]
156116683do you want to find love in France?[View]
156125779I will NOT submit myself to the administrative courts of France. I believe in the unity of jurisdict…[View]
156124767Walking sucks unless it’s hiking in nature, Stop complaining about car-oriented city planning. Walki…[View]
156117173post pic which conveys how you feel about your country[View]
156124482Russian anons, pls translate. What are the kots saying?[View]
156119979Are the norman bvlls the reason England was and still is succesful?[View]
156120768Does your country have self-checkout sections?[View]
156125402What went: wrong?[View]
156123689please annex us denmark[View]
156123792I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the lone seeder of this esoteric torrent I had that …[View]
156122180Would it have worked?[View]
156125309its getting cold...[View]
156125158Why do people from your country deny evolution?[View]
156124945Do people write hit songs where they list the names of people they have murdered in your country?[View]
156117351White women are aggressively unfeminine.[View]
156124104Is this true Swedish bros?[View]
156121829why do people think Germany is some eternal construct that always existed when in almost every map i…[View]
156125019French peeeepel say 'He weather' lol Germany > France[View]
156119516Where do you want to live /int/? For me - Auvergne[View]
156116069/polska/: edycja nagłego ataku kościeja[View]
156124291How are teachers treated in your country?: When I was on an exchange program in America, I noticed t…[View]
156124624w/int/er wonderland edition: do you live in a winter wonderland /int/? if not do you wish you did? i…[View]
156124274I am of Scandinavian, Balkan, Kartvelian, and English ancestry Do Euromutts happen in your country? …[View]
156123930Why are American men so internationally desired by women?[View]
156119810When I was younger I thought all English folk are as charming and intelligent as Sherlock Holmes[View]
156123186What are the European equivalents of the US, Canada, Mexico, India and China?[View]
156123371Would English people accept me if I moved and tried to integrate Or would they see me as a barbarian[View]
156116802/norgetråden/: Jahy-utgaven Forrige: >>156108776 >>156108776 >>156108776[View]
156124218If I had one life I would give it to France If I had two life I would give it to France If I had ten…[View]
156121793Why is China clamoring for this to happen?[View]
156123716I just found out that he is not Italian[View]
156111637Candies from your country: bonus points if they are unique + gross to anyone but people from your cu…[View]
156121798Who are your favorite Englishmen of all time?: >Tolkien >Lord Byron >Henry Cavill…[View]
156121148Mutts of int: Do you have an identity crisis and problems with assimilation?[View]
156123968Today is the day of St. Nikolaus, I hope you have been a good boy, /int/.[View]
156123918i would fight and die for my romanian brothers[View]
156098851/cum/ - canada usa mexico: winner of Canadian Premier League, Pacific FC edition[View]
156123524I'm moving to Nigeria Boyos[View]
156122688I'm moving to USA soon boyos: Feels good mane[View]
156121172Londonabad(Almamlakat Almutehhida) vs Al-Baris(Rajul Dafdaeistan) Where would you want to spend yo…[View]
156123274What's your excuse for not having a perfect accent when this exists?[View]
156120319you stay?[View]
156123445I hate living in Australia: All the women here are overweight and unfeminine, unlike the girls from …[View]
156123046good evening i hate americans[View]
156120041/brit/: quality biscuit edition[View]
156120296Can she pass as a local in your country?[View]
156122300how to get a cute femboy asian gf like pic related in your country?[View]
156111288I'm moving to Ukraine soon boyos: Feels good mane[View]
156118552Hey guys whats up I'm at work bark bark[View]
156119828/deutsch/ Süße Bunnies statt Impfzwang Ausgabe[View]
156122817Do Brits really have mandatory tea time?[View]
156114200post lolcows from your country[View]
156121608How did South Korea make it to be the center of modern culture? Pic not so related[View]
156123168Just as there are people born into the wrong body, there are people born into the wrong nationality.…[View]
156122477Do you want to find love in England?[View]
156120487England died with Godwinson. What people call England should be called New France[View]
156116057suicidal thoughts live rent free in my mind[View]
156121075I cant quit smoking[View]
156121571>go on 3rd date with a girl >she concludes that she’s bi and just wants to be friends >mfw…[View]
156121027So this dude was definitely Italian, right? Fucking look at him.[View]
156117198>My country voted for even MORE lockdowns Is your place as cucked too?[View]
156121513Why is it so easy to match with Mexican girls?[View]
156116880>I suffer in Brazil[View]
156120762I have to pretend to be Austrian abroad so I don't get lynched[View]
156122578Why do Americans love pre made supermarket food so much? They aren't even good[View]
156113083do you love England?[View]
156122088>Norwegian women are ugl.............. APOLOGIZE[View]
156121393I got double R my car. >I got the double G my belt. She counts the stars in my car while i get lo…[View]
156121576Brazil is the best country in the world[View]
156122232If British are 'cold' and Mediterraneans are 'warm', why does English have way more words for facial…[View]
156119293Brazilians be like > brazil aint latinx america Mean while big bundas, soccer in favelas and carn…[View]
156122031Is it possible for women to suffer in your country?[View]
156119632I wish I didn't like women Why are they so pretty[View]
156121240I have a dream...[View]
156119202Could he pass local in ur cunt?[View]
1561172751. your country 2. how come you don't have a japanese wife?[View]
156115647What is Grisons, Switzerland like?[View]
156121380Do people hate doctors in your country?[View]
156120063Drugs: What are some drugs that can help learning language? I read that American students use Adder…[View]
156113966What is the best way to move to Switzerland?[View]
156110695POV: You are on a date with a polish boy. >So tell me, anon. What is your opinion on the partitio…[View]
156117939I am portuguese and therefore very cool :)[View]
156120681you WILL pay for my pention and healthcare and you WILL be grateful[View]
156120852Am I chad?[View]
156120298Rightful French clay.[View]
156121097just learned about 1800s american hibernophobia (Anti-Irish sentiment)[View]
156120354>you wake up in The Appalachians What is your next move? Is it even possible to suffer there?…[View]
156120263If you're countree doesn't have neetbux, you can't suffer. It means your society is c…[View]
156105798Your country isn't free if you can't buy hard liquor at every grocery store[View]
156120104im the smartest UK flag on int though admittedly is a low bar how about u?[View]
156106180ITT: iconic thirdie things[View]
156119873In the past people here just translated songs from foreign countries and were successful with that h…[View]
156114386I will never forgive the spanish they stole our land and made my ancestors breed with people we almo…[View]
156116762why do they never go hiking[View]
156118911italy bros...[View]
156110522FACT Iran has the most beautiful women in the world.[View]
156119316Does this happen in your country or it's just an American thing?[View]
156120136شباااااااااااب الييييييييوم نشوي بطة معدلة بطة زيييييينة شوفوها شوفوا طيزها عذبناها عذاب[View]
156100046/Nederdraad/: Sinterklaas editie[View]
156100744How strong are regional identities, dialects, cultures, traditions, foods, and customs in Germany? C…[View]
156114289Are you ready for the BROWN century?[View]
156117813brazil is the only third world country that lack of soul[View]
156117288Does America still have SOVL?[View]
156118022Warsaw... the city reborn[View]
156119618Ich bin ein berliner.[View]
156113095Most bullied country on /int/ despite being the Land of Peace[View]
156114734How would you feel if you found out you were adopted and your real parents are Australian?[View]
156116456/asean/: moon cancer edisyon[View]
156117699American I'm american Because I was born in america It's early morning Freedom in the air …[View]
156107833Today is Finland's Independence day. Congratulate them.[View]
156119959Do you think that in 1000 years when they are only a memory they will be remembered chiefly by their…[View]
156119020GREEK THREAD: Is it true Americans are more proud of Greek culture and history than even the Greeks …[View]
156118995Now let us have a moment of silence for our monoligual american brothers[View]
156119663I haven't heard a single country have a bureocracy so convoluted, pointless, bloated, redundant…[View]
156117720/skandi/: Nord[View]
156116252/brit/: quality biscuit edition[View]
156093927/lat/: hilo anime[View]
156119286Germans are embarassed of their cute accents: Its true :([View]
156116289/deutsch/: männleinausgabe[View]
156118613What happens in the Balearic Islands? How is life like there? Do they suffer?[View]
156119323How can such close countries like Croatia and Italy be so different in a height difference?[View]
156117622Med guy staying in the Netherlands for work for a couple of months I'm 8/10 in looks but manlet…[View]
156117642I dream of an independent Basque Country[View]
156119171I WILL shart my pants in public today and I WILL be happy[View]
156116000I will go to a Brazilian restaurant in Poland in 3 days[View]
156102924/fr/ - le fil: Edition de la Nederdraad Angèle. >>156079422[View]
156118841It reall do be like that fr[View]
156104600How's the Indian diaspora in your cunt /int/?[View]
156113571america is rising[View]
156118038This is a half-Welsh half-Irish woman. Pure Celtic phenotype. Would she pass as a local in your coun…[View]
156112552I was about to make a thread about how great it must be to live in Helsinki: No really, you can ask …[View]
156117008Why can't Aussies catch a break?: What did they do to deserve this?[View]
156113800Are you obese in your country?[View]
156116222>a-anon-kun, I l-live in a v-v-very v-violent country and i'm a-a-afraid of g-getting shot. …[View]
156117067I'd give anything for a Lebanese GF.[View]
156101396Why don't you come Japan?[View]
156118423>Americans willingly die for ZOG Is your country as to cucked to Israel as the US?…[View]
156116240Does this shit happen in your country?[View]
156117211>300 spartan soldiers defeated 1000000 persians Yeah, and whites say black history is 'bullshit'…[View]
156117625>tfw you spew up a little chunk of yesterday's meal and get to enjoy its taste once again do…[View]
156105844r8 my lunch Lunch at work[View]
156117869I get bleeding gums when brushing, does this happen in your cunt?[View]
156117796How much of int is blonde? I have black hair[View]
156107405/sauna/: Rokkapainos[View]
156115932Just realized it's been years since the last time I saw a woman with a dress or a skirt Does th…[View]
156115685>good morning sirs, you are fired holy cow indians are based[View]
156117390Sweden has American inequality with GDP per capita smaller than Austria. It's a low tier first …[View]
156071885You get a GF from a country which posts below you[View]
156109921pls learn english: >How does it look? correct >How does it look like? incorrect >What does …[View]
156115900Omg they're literally going extinct why won't they think of the economy[View]
156094376/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição de pés[View]
156116367What happens here?[View]
156113562Do you love English girls?[View]
156111140Pic related is considered the ideal woman in Britain[View]
156116561Do you spend quality time with mommy?: ???[View]
156115384Ireland was and is a black country, we suffer from anglo opression[View]
156116024What's the best za topping?: And why is it (unironically) anchovies?[View]
156117334What's life like in Athens?: Imagine living within walking distance of the motherfucking Parthe…[View]
156114325I heard some senator in South Carolina is trying to change the drinking age in South Carolina to 18 …[View]
156106501Japanese schoolchildren sing this French military song for some reason lol https://youtu.be/p3BHyOhV…[View]
156111903would you date british woman?[View]
156116935Europe is a product of the germanic invasions, not of Rome/ Greece[View]
156116664is the yakuza really in turkey?[View]
156116965Existence of wahmen: It's either being abused in third world shithole or whoring in first world…[View]
156116957Countries better than Austria: Switzerland, Denmark, Norway Countries worse than Austria: Everyone…[View]
156114093Does it happen in your cunt: >Have a conversation with mom or dad >Dad or mom show up and join…[View]
156116579Do you want to find love in America?[View]
156112278Got disability pension. Want to travel: Which country is cheapest and best to live in? I'm look…[View]
156114447At this very moment, as I'm typing these words and as you're reading them, someone is havi…[View]
156108776/norgetråden/: Gutta mot verden(HD)-utgaven Forrige: >>156096776 >>156096776 https://tv.…[View]
156115953Americans are rising from the ashes.[View]
156116101Good morning Americans. How are you spending your morning?[View]
156107577Honorary anglos.[View]
156116379>Why yes I'm Austrian how could you tell?[View]
156116316vgh, JOMOM craftsmanship…[View]
156111054/asean/: My beloved wife[View]
156114486What would an English France look like if he succeeded?: >After the Siege of Calais of 1346, King…[View]
156115165/int/ernational music thread: E por que não? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEfg6T9DCIg[View]
156116168The forgotten Anglosphere:: Why are so many Anglo-bros forgotten about outside of the official big o…[View]
156113196who was in the wrong here?[View]
156106848>You HAVE to pronounce everything like I do, and spell everything like I do, or you're doing…[View]
156115578I'm a Swedeboo[View]
156108005does this happen in your country? i recently found out that some people find it weird[View]
156112916/brit/: Pokemon Red edition[View]
156115726>>156115273 I think it's somewhat true. But I think a lot of it has to do with people gro…[View]
156113066Are anime girls popular in your country?[View]
156112849Bros pls help us bros.[View]
156109855God Almighty: 'I'm going to give you 300 points, and you're going to allocate these to you…[View]
156112976I wasted 2 years of my life in vain. Doing nothing, being NEET, and not improving at all. I regret i…[View]
156106067/polska/: edycja żabki w moim bloku[View]
156096474How will your country deal with the incel menace in 10 years? 30% of western men are virgins at 30[View]
156114986>in Germany >talk to French coworker >tell him that I’d like to visit places where famous …[View]
156111998reminder: it's literally impossible to suffer in these countries . what a life[View]
156105538I love Iranian women[View]
156112566When will Poland surpass Germany on this list?[View]
156112672Why does this country exist[View]
156115497post the average lower class person from your cunt[View]
156113371Just a cheap copy of italy[View]
156110314Anyone here who actually learned a language on his own? Do you have any tips? I want to learn the la…[View]
156111885Do you european people still honor tradition?: How is the average european these days?[View]
156113733Are there shitty football clubs in your cunt? Here, this is my city's retard club, which can…[View]
156115274why do /int/ say that italian food tastes bland? isn't that the point? why would you ruin the f…[View]
156108418Has a Dutchman ever svffered?[View]
156112097>I will never need any language other than the one I already speak Anglophones, did we win?…[View]
156107661I propose we invade france, take all their frankish women and breed with them. who's with me?[View]
156111543A native Briton with an Anglo-Norman[View]
156115145I asked my sister to pick me up a framed map for my wall, but she bought a Cold War map by accident.[View]
156109598Is this a meme or do people unironically believe in this?[View]
156115316Can you find this in your country?: >USA Yes, very often[View]
156107817>these kill wypipo[View]
156113502why techno and edm failed in america despite it's origin is in detroit?[View]
156113053Why did people stopped kissing each other in front of the people in France ? I remember in 2014 it w…[View]
156112879I'm a christian Ask me anything[View]
156104735What's the best Southern European country to live in?: Just got an inheritance and I've be…[View]
156115218Why does the American left seem to seethe at France? Left leaning media like Washington Post keep cr…[View]
156114323Soupeur: >Soupeur is a sexual practice involving attraction to other male secretions, specificall…[View]
156114049What's it like being raised by Divorced parents or Single mom in your country?: How different a…[View]
156113622Why do Alman Wessis still hate Ossis so much nowadays? Did they do something evil? Cant you two just…[View]
156111017Are girls well fed in your country[View]
156113288Mediterraneans and anime or other cartoons: Is it true that meds think it's pathetic,unmasculin…[View]
156097202DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2758: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
156111826Imagine u are sick with cancer, and this little fucktard visits you in the hospital... How do you re…[View]
156110797Is fluency in English a useful skill in your country?[View]
156114896I have never read a single book written by a non-European or a woman. Have you read any non-Europea…[View]
156111346It started to snow bros[View]
156111049At what age do women get wall'd in your country?[View]
156113561would you wear this in your country?[View]
156107610Do Koreans really eat squids? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phFk9g7cocE[View]
156110249I wish I were Czech.: The Czech Republic is the most beautiful country in the world. https://youtu.b…[View]
156107596Why does S.Korea have so much centralized planning even though they are not communist?[View]
156111752If it weren't because my town is poor and full of blocks, would you think it's Austria?[View]
156112870>Wypipo don't season they foo-[View]
156106900Looking for light entertainment: Name some genuinely interesting /int/ youtube channels! Language do…[View]
156104518Do you like your country[View]
156108080Cuntry? Do people hate jews in your country? Australia fortunately no[View]
156110938Is it true that they shart themselves?[View]
156111560How are short men treated in your country?[View]
156112992Why do we send a ring for getting engaged? Who started?[View]
156112302This is a German art installation called 'Petra' depicting an urinating policewoman. What are some …[View]
156101777China Pictures Thread: In this thread, I will post pictures of china. You can criticize, roast, comp…[View]
156098082> perfect geographic position > hasn't been in a serious war since WWI > Allied to the…[View]
156105618Why doesn't the rest of the world use a logical measuring system?[View]
156111831What is it like to have a hapa gf in your country?[View]
156112187Does your name have a Hebrew origin? in your country[View]
156104870/ro/: firul nostru: Editia Ziarul Financiar[View]
156108442you will NEVER live in russia: how do you cope?[View]
156114139>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, tawny, cinnamon or chocolate?…[View]
156113159Does this happen in your country?[View]
156110823HUNGarians,: Tell me the secret, why is this house so extremely cheap? (35k euro) https://hungariahu…[View]
1561110392021: We're all gonna make it.[View]
156109578Would you move to China permanently if you could? Why or why not?[View]
156114057whitoids fear the slavic-nafri alliance[View]
156107642does /int/ know as much as is expected of a migrant to germany?: passing grade is 60%[View]
156110135how much does public university cost in your cunt? >India >$2500/year…[View]
156112293I wish I was born in the north of England Where there's so much SOVL there's even some for…[View]
156101645>tfw no finnish gf how do i get finnish gf in finland[View]
156113578If a country gets cold during winter it's SOULLESS[View]
156111031/asean/: watch AEW edition[View]
156103905/ita/ - il filo: edizione cameretta[View]
156108905/brit/: Black men edish[View]
156096019Why do women from this country like to put on a fake, shrill, childish voice? It's very annoyin…[View]
156112304How do thirdies not die of tetanus from the rusty shacks they live in? This isn't a /pol/ tier …[View]
156098953/med/ + women: Respecting women edition[View]
156104831Why are switch games so expensive? How much are switch games in your cunt?[View]
156109816guess the country what is he from[View]
156106377What are your thoughts on Indonesia?[View]
156112533What do you wear on your feet in the comfort of your own home in you're cunt?: Flipflop? Your r…[View]
156089938/asean/: A life spent on losing fights is better than a life with no fights at all.[View]
156111837>cunt >are you happy with your life? Finland Yes I'm super happy and consider myself a lo…[View]
156109014Chinese taxis refuse to take in dogs and french people: Based[View]
156105738Does your cunt have snow? >flag >yes, pic related Just came back from comfy walk in the fores…[View]
156108620Why can't Australian women be more feminine, like women from Japan, Korea or Taiwan?[View]
156110621/ukraїna/: Зимoвe видaння[View]
156112178Turkey and Argentina: we are brothers in inflation now...[View]
156104743It's finally decided: Finland is buying F-35 fighter jets.[View]
156111121/asean/ allstars: Post infamous /asean/ celebs! Dude in pic is Amos Yee. He is a paedophile activist…[View]
156097833France legalised sodomy in 1791, thus becoming the first gay country in Europe. Did you know the Pru…[View]
156105067You austrian bastards had one job. One. To keep the company that produces this alive..[View]
156108570Does this happen in your country?[View]
156102363/éire/: - Eagrán omicron[View]
156111489Slav VS Pajeet - who got more cucked by kebab: Bosnian dialect - Hindustani - English zrak (slavic) …[View]
156096868Mongolian government says they will revive their traditional script by 2025. It seems to be a very g…[View]
156111303is it even possible to be a shut-in virgin in Russia?[View]
156075432The Vancouver experience[View]
156107558Would this be seen as a big butt in your country?: 1) Everything is subjective. Americans probably s…[View]
156111537I'm high on sugar in my country (I have type 2 die of betes) Are you high on sugar in your coun…[View]
156111617thank a country for a product: thank you india my poos have been much better consistency also this i…[View]
156109454I hate kangaroos: I hate them so fucking much. I never met one irl but one day i'll travel to A…[View]
156108443Yesterday 20 C im freezing Today 19 C comfy Does this happen in your cuntree?[View]
156106976Why do Am*ricans do this?[View]
156104001/deutsch/: ausgabe in der autisten verstehen wie man entspannt witze auf kosten der freunde machen k…[View]
156105324I am not Turkish. I am Hittite.[View]
156101757Why are American like this? And then they are surprised when we didn't acknowledge our own crim…[View]
156111167Ask me anything about Australian culture[View]
156108758What are university/college parties like in your region/country? Do you actually go? >pic-related…[View]
156108036Today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas. Fuck protestants and especially Dutch people for turning …[View]
156103511Say at least one nice thing about Croatia! Something you like![View]
156108235>'Anon, you had a girlfriend in high school right?' What's the correct move here lads? shoul…[View]
156101571Prettiest woman in Europe.[View]
156107377Which countries do you hope to be reincarnated in[View]
156110434Are your country happy?[View]
156043100/desi/: Yukino my beloved edition[View]
156109737the average polish person[View]
156110856Name my band /int/[View]
156108718FACEs of INt[View]
156110839>shittiest borough in the largest english speaking city >shittiest borough in the largest span…[View]
156109131This is how original Europeans looked and sounded like, you may not like it, but it is a fact[View]
156106181>mfw a browntalian, a moortugese or a balkanoid starts talking to me[View]
156107819comfy finland thread[View]
156110140When will Poland surpass Germany on this list?[View]
156100368Post swedish women[View]
156110705Good night anons[View]
156108021>Your country >what are the newspapers from your country like?…[View]
156109516Why do Japanese people like wearing clothing with English text on them that they don't understa…[View]
156106727Hangul? no this is phags-pa[View]
156108016Am I Jomon?[View]
156107071/skandi/: grønlænder udgaven[View]
156109859west slavs are just scaled down and sfw version of russians[View]
156110166suomi: suomi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB1oA8rLKiE[View]
156110060Captain America platoon[View]
156109444What happens here? This looks very thirdie desu.[View]
156105221Summer is better than winter[View]
156106299You're not white[View]
156107588Why are Turkish barbers so weird in their style? I really dig it[View]
156108760Is censorship prevalent in your country?[View]
156105922post your cunts true borders[View]
156107798What are you all doing for Pearl Harbor Day?[View]
156108519does this happen in your country?[View]
156106687French school looks like THIS?[View]
156107113>Imagine how much brown pussy whiteboys would be drowning in if India wasn't so conservative…[View]
156096776/norgetråden/: Rettferdighetens time-utgaven[View]
156108559Do modern Norwegians look like this?[View]
156105279*entire world forgets about your existence* Woopsies![View]
156107291Do americans really?[View]
156106458What's her name /int/?[View]
156103796i would fight and die for my romanian brothers[View]
156100305How are race relations in your country[View]
156097280Happy independence day day Finland! What do you wish Finland for their birthday?[View]
156107743>ywn grow up in japan[View]
156105915Rank the likeliness of these states to survive until the next century without being balkanized or ab…[View]
156107855I wish I was born in a 3rd world country, or at least a 2nd world country[View]
156066165Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>156027831 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt Ar…[View]
156106675what is considered the 'northern' hemisphere?[View]
156104000/deutsch/: Weltenchef wegbuxxen - Ausgabe[View]
156105297do you feel safe when walking alone at night in your country?[View]
156107440Do average westoid still eat real meat/fish daily? or yall eat processed scrap meat?[View]
156103901>USA flag >It's a chicano >Canada flag >It's a Chinese >UK flag >It…[View]
156102858/brit/: British literature edition[View]
156094767i have a question for the russians. how accurate do you think google translate is for russian?[View]
156106781What's the internet like in your language, ESLs[View]
156103690Do you believe the United Nations has been helpful or harmful to the world?[View]
156104447You immigrate because you want a better life. I immigrate because I hate my country. We are not the …[View]
156099197In my country all markets are owned by chinks This is so extended that we say 'the chinese' as synon…[View]
156095932Post vidya from your country Pic related is Gothic 2. It is a fairly challening RPG that wipes the f…[View]
156107420/sauna/: stroganoffpainos[View]
156104193You literally cannot suffer in Greece[View]
156105482What is your country's equivalent to 911[View]
1561010781. Your culture 2. how would your parents react to you coming out as gay?[View]
156107197>It's okay, I'm only your STEP-sis like stfu you bitch you just had to ruin this fuckin…[View]
156106875would you marry a german girl? You would have to relocate to germany and raise your children there t…[View]
156095742English is objectively superior to all other languages.[View]
156106106How come people still deny Japan being White?[View]
156106984Cute or hot? Which one is more preferred in your cunt?[View]
156084874/sauna/: Itsenäisyyspäiväpainos[View]
156105192the blood of allah (TENGRI) flows in every TÜRK's veins the call of the steppe... slayers of s*…[View]
156106758How do you cope with the fact that you will never be Turkish?[View]
156106865name the greatest man who ever lived of the following races: >germanic >slavic >romance …[View]
156105948What's stopping you from moving to New Ireland, the last bastion of the White race which isn…[View]
156096759/bvll/: Чeмбep зa минepaлнaтa вoдa и лeoнчo. Пpeдишeн: >>156075546[View]
156106308Do you sometimes larp as a different race/ethnicity online? I sometimes larp as a Turk on /pol/ beca…[View]
156105580Do Koreans eat a lot of pork or is it just a Chinese thing?[View]
156104595It's weird that you guys are doing sex before marriage.[View]
156060702/dixie/: Virginia edition[View]
156105454Is anime popular in your cunt?[View]
156103767What is your opinion on this country and its people?[View]
156106257My cunt is the big guy of Europe[View]
156100228Is this true Indians?: >In India, if you are accused of committing a crime against a person from …[View]
156106168Israël vaincra.[View]
156103371Would you eat gambas al pil-pil?[View]
156105505What do they eat?[View]
156105496Do teenagers have sword fights in broad daylight in you country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ…[View]
156106175What did Russians think of this movie?[View]
156104202Do you want a Mena gf?[View]
156106243Rockall is rightfully Irish.[View]
156097203The Latin alphabet isn't suitable for the English language, nor are any existing scripts. We ne…[View]
156102842>the colombian piece of shit woke me up again with his awful music blasted at max in his motorbik…[View]
156099719Frowns at you in German.[View]
156103503What's the most High T chaddest country?[View]
156106035EFLs be like >this hits different >do it careful like >it had a good affect on me >their…[View]
156105980How do I get Russian gf?[View]
156104819have you ever had an international gf?[View]
156105867me when /int/ insults china[View]
156105663Does anyone know this program in your country?[View]
156104182would you do it for Denmark?[View]
156094491Korean Thread - /한국어/ 스레드: Korean Thread - /한국어/ 스레드[View]
156084736Itt: pics of cultures colliding: A Dutch girl in Japan[View]
156100166If your American friend offered you a Large Baskin Robins Chocolate Oreo® Shake would you drink it?[View]
156102108>asian race arr rook same >native american race arr rook same >muslim race arr rook same …[View]
156102737I didnt even know that a non-plastic asian could be this beautiful. And she lives in Sao Paulo. I wi…[View]
156101822How does it feel to wake up and not be Anglo?[View]
156101667>Almost 20% of women in the world are sterilised. What the fuck?????[View]
156102916Do you spend quality time with mommy?: Does this happen in your country?[View]
156099364I have an assignment for my geography class that requires me to create a solution for some problem i…[View]
156104472Why is famous Italian gelato so much worse than Russian ice cream? I've tried it both in Italy …[View]
156105334you wake up in sweden in the 70s[View]
156073285Why you haven't moved to Spain yet?[View]
156104278Why did the jews stop using this cool cap?[View]
156104965Are French tourist like this in your country?[View]
156105002>English and Spanish in los Estados Unidos will eventually merge together to form a different lan…[View]
156104090i wish i was born in the first world[View]
156103262I suffer in South-East Asia[View]
156088207/polska/: edycja czadowa prawiczkom wstęp surowo wzbroniony[View]
156104994turkish yakuza: turkish yakuza[View]
156096978Redpill me on Jewish women[View]
156104890Ethiopia bros, are you ok?[View]
156099839>yfw you will never date a turkish girl i suffer[View]
156097661Guess the Country #1[View]
156104365Describe this butt in your language: The description can be as short or as long as you want, but you…[View]
1561007871. Your country 2. Did robots manage to lose their virginity before you did?[View]
156104578Does your country has aggricultre?[View]
156103696Are driving teachers assholes in your country too?[View]
156098696Give me 1 (ONE) single reason for not turning Europe into a gypsy ethnostate.[View]
156099410Give me one reason that the Empire of Japan was 'evil'. I find it hilarious when Westoids cope by co…[View]
156101984I just realised islam and judaism are like 90% the exact same thing, even arabic and hebrew are like…[View]
156103266what do you think about phags-pa script?[View]
156100036Happy Independence Day to Finland! How do you celebrate this day, Finns? Also, please recommend me a…[View]
156103513>Santa Claus doesn't exist becuase....because he just doesn't ok?…[View]
156100967>Norway and Finland are now at all out war whom do you side with?[View]
156095946Thoughts on US culture?[View]
156103277Well, /int/? Do you agree with this man in your country?[View]
156100397What is yuor favorite country in the Middle East[View]
156083219/ita/ - il filo: i piedini[View]
156101776I don't get it, what's the difference?[View]
156101251Who is the biggest celebrity in your country? In my country it is Hunter Schafer.[View]
156100665Is suicide common in your country[View]
156099892how far does the anime cover in the manga?[View]
156099188pls ask a bored black anon who cant sleep & lives in the midwest anything[View]
156103668Damn.. Latin America: Is developing faster than Eastern Europe https://youtu.be/hobRuENH9mQ[View]
156101642/Impfpflicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/: Designierter Pozzminister lässt die Ungeimpften bald aus ihren So…[View]
156100439>there are anons here who can only speak 1 language Monolingoids explain yourselves…[View]
156099328why isn't there a latino union state yet?[View]
156091925Does this happen in your country?[View]
156079422/fr/ - Le francofil: Edition du grégorien Ancien : >>156071359[View]
156101779Do other countries even watch anime?: Favorite animes?[View]
156098787fugg :D is imbebendence day :D[View]
156101868In light of Finland's national day, post what you love about Finland. Pic related[View]
156100706what foreign country are you obsessed with? no cringe answers like 'Germany' please[View]
156102766gerfew gersome germany[View]
156098352Theories?: Who's hut do you think it is?[View]
156101835A lot of Siberian groups will disappear before the end of the century. Thoughts?[View]
156100635>Northern Hemisphere niggas don't need to glue their fornitures on the floor They truly don…[View]
156100842How is life in Romania? It seems like such a weird country[View]
156101494What did you have for your breakfast, today, /int/? I had pizzas (custom-made) & coffee[View]
156100654What did i do in my previous life which warranted the punishment to be born half Anglo and half Indo…[View]
156102138Bronanaz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4nKUfYivk[View]
156096782I watch educational YouTube videos about history for fun. Does this happen in your country?[View]
156101227I find it perplexing how low the population of Greeks are in Instanbul despite being a major world c…[View]
156098492Why is there more culture in Australia than in New Zealand?[View]
156094648what are your thoughts about korean women?[View]
156086282Which countries have the best traditional clothing[View]
156100494Stylized 3D: Western vs Eastern: Which do you prefer?[View]
156099033What men best represent the golden age of their respective countries? I'm thinking Henry Ford f…[View]
156098035>spain >white ?[View]
156101333Is it true american schools regularly have school shooter drills?[View]
156100785What does the future of Turkey look like?[View]
156098283/deutsch/: gute morgenausgabe https://youtu.be/1DTNJJ1rr2A[View]
156100703Why do white people love soy so much?[View]
156089272Eyes of int[View]
1561011021) cunt 2) how many frogs did you save? ls /path/to/menes | grep -E 'frog|apu' | wc -l 550[View]
156098230Swedish culture is abhorrent.[View]
156100827Miss Ukraine vs Miss Moldavia: Who wins this specific battle? Pic related. https://strawpoll.com/gd8…[View]
156101181Do you drink this in your country?[View]
156098792What would the United States of America be called if it had a proper name? Legit question.[View]
156097545When did you eat at McDonald's the last time? I'm embracing Finnish culture and avoiding g…[View]
156101289white people activities: continuation of a previous thread. discuss. I'll start with 'hitchhiki…[View]
156098519Mongrel vs Inbred Index: The lower the interbreeding distance the more mutt you are, the higher the …[View]
156100510do you have friends of other races in your cunt i'm half-mexican but all my friends are white …[View]
156098701>best weather/climate in the world >world literally get's their culture from us >best …[View]
1561006642050 came early[View]
156100914Would she pass a local in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRUGQU2KHJw[View]
156100798I literally have sleepless nights imagining the sheer amount of luck of the draw I have for being bo…[View]
156098879Get vaccinated: https://youtu.be/pd8P12BXebo[View]
156099684the perfect germany we need to go back[View]
156100673Japanese high school girls wave farewell to a kamikaze pilot departing to Okinawa. Less than a year …[View]
156098128Did you know Transnistria uses multicoloured plastic coins?[View]
156097617I had sex with a Ladyboy while in Bangkok in 2016. I didn't tell my wife. Do people keep secret…[View]
156100683There are ESLs browsing 4channel right now who are doing it to improve their english[View]
156099917Allenese Thread / アレン様語スレッド: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD5iTV-NYck[View]
156098948When did you accept the reality of Japanese superiority? For me it was when I played dark souls[View]
156099003What are the best programs/resources to learn German? I have a Swiss ancestor that wrote some untran…[View]
156100213What would have happened if Austria won against Prussia in the Austro-Prussian war and Prussia was B…[View]
156093914What are the iconic comics from your'e cuntry? Hardmode: no captain & manga derivatives[View]
156094276Are they twinks or nordic bulls?[View]
156099721Why do some of these famous Greek islands like Mykonos and Naxos look like something from Lebanon or…[View]
156099949What's your country's equivalent to the island boys?[View]
156099760>wyte people buy dead pines to put in their living room Did they not know about plastic trees?…[View]
156087320>indians are keeping THIS hidden from us me arrodillo...[View]
156099111QRD? Is it based?[View]
156100069Thoughts on modern architecture? Should they be torn down?[View]
156097627How will Japanese economy survive if people aren't buying their products anymore?[View]
156100076Bulgars dress as transsexuals and demons on Christmas[View]
156099445We were all once happy babies and then society ruined us[View]
156091763Why was the Korean Empire so small compared to the Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese Empires? When wil…[View]
156094885Firsties have no fucking clue how good they have it.[View]
156099416please, Russia, don't invade Ukraine, they are frens[View]
156099565Hi anon How old are you?[View]
156097819Was it a mistake? Should they postpone it to 2022?[View]
156098064Post rare phenotypes. This is the 7/8 Russian 1/8 BLACK phenotype.[View]
156099963do racists in your country dream of a white christmas?[View]
156098450What's going on in Minnesota?[View]
156099297Why are Americans acting like this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_(elephant)[View]
156097861Canadians kills thousand of baby seals every year for no reason. It makes me sad everytime i think a…[View]
156090677Human hair look so nice, it must feel soft and smooth...[View]
156099582I'm addicted to nougat[View]
156098612no one: brazilians on /int/: KKKKK[View]
156098465My uncle told me a story when i was a kid that his wallet got snatched by random gypsies while walki…[View]
156051322Whats about dating in your country?[View]
156096613ITT we post German girls.[View]
156095827/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
156099466/int/: which cunt has women like this,thinking of immigrating???also who is she??[View]
156098867Bon appetite, frens![View]
156098872China is the future[View]
156096667Do you like Mountaineering /int ?: I am going to hike Everest later this month[View]
156099150The past, when past is gone, No amount of wishful thinking will bring it back, In life, we must move…[View]
156097954Tell me about the Algerian civil war /int/[View]
156094310Is he based?[View]
156093998Post your ancestry composition results[View]
156088243what would be your work /int/?[View]
156096693Do you wish to find love in Israel?[View]
156097961>ASHkeNAZI You can't make this up.[View]
156096337>The Protestant Reformation and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.…[View]
156099227How can you suffer in nordic countries when qts touch your benis daily to check it for problems[View]
156089629I envy chicanos breeding white american women while I'm here being poor and posting on a chines…[View]
156098928>I’m in a different city in my own country and everything feels so different >people posting h…[View]
156094519What do you call this in your country?[View]
156093744>/int/ be like NO THIS AMERICAN MEDIA TOO SPICY >also /int/:…[View]
156093496Is this in USA??[View]
156094659Are the cities where you live dangerous? For me it's a yes[View]
156092667What's the worst region in your country? Rotterdam is the most criminal (and ugliest) city foll…[View]
156095928What are you guys doing for Pearl Harbor Day?[View]
156097213Say anything nice to Javanese Jesus[View]
156098617Imagine the identity crises of brazilian americans. They literally have no clue where they come from[View]
156093421>As all human things have an end, the state we are describing will lose its freedom and perish. R…[View]
156091362>you wake up in New Jersey Whats your next move?[View]
156095865Thank you italy[View]
156098306They need to go back to Canada.[View]
156095150Why do thirdies fuck their mothers and assume the role of their fathers?[View]
156098404Why do american cops do this? https://youtu.be/rngerMY-WS8[View]
156088348>no spanish speaking MENA gf[View]
156097430what kind of man do you need to be to get a gf like this?[View]
156096361Hello Australians[View]
156098287What is your favorite name for God? I think Adonai Elohim is my favorite name because it sounds pret…[View]
156089702/deutsch/: nachtausgabe[View]
156095861world literacy rate I'm pretty sure India would at least be green if all their languages were …[View]
156095037so, is it zee or zed?[View]
156098087firsties never experience this[View]
156096870Did you know? Sweden has most islands in the world. Now you know.[View]
156097631Brazilians out here calling Americans mutts while they import our sperm in mass for white babies: ht…[View]
156096086India and China, please stop coming to Canada. Go to the USA instead.[View]
156095638>spent all day masturbating and being hungover again >tomorrow is work Does this happen in yo…[View]
156095547Is there any hope in your country?[View]
156097930Do you keep a dream journal in your cunt?[View]
156096227Why don't you have a black queen gf yet?[View]
156096713>americans never meet a gipsy >europeans never meet a latino…[View]
156097125I suffer in Malaysia[View]
156092863What will you name your children?: I will give my children traditional Anglo-Saxon names, such as: …[View]
156096300/NEDERDRAAD/: abortus=moordeditie[View]
156094362Do Techno interest you in your country?: Yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzdvN4waUvA[View]
156094385Why are American slim and Japanese obese?[View]
156092874Used up my two permitted bathroom breaks to post on /int/, does this happen in your country?[View]
156081092ITT we worship the beauty of women of European descent.[View]
156097456What do these blue chips taste like? Ive never seen blue chips before.[View]
156096896In ancient India, every once a year, all the philosophers from various parts of the country would ga…[View]
156095280Are you a good goy?[View]
156095427Do you regret being born a homo sapien?[View]
156095687I study and think about Hangeul every day, but suddenly I feel so unfamiliar with Hangeul. As if I b…[View]
156097335Brazil will be a desert in fifty years. How will this impact our BVLLS?[View]
156097228I work in customer service where I have to deal with immigrants from across the world all the time, …[View]
156097116Why are Albanians so powerful?[View]
156097123In Sweden we have saying: trans girl without cock is like angle without wings. Is rhis true in youre…[View]
156090151>tfw teenage gyno destroyed my self confidence an I'm doomed too date and fuck fat goblinas …[View]
156089167After WW2 Germans were considered an evil species who weren't humans who had no human rights wh…[View]
156096804White niggas be like >asian girls love white boys >latinas love white boys >black girls lov…[View]
156093157ITT: phenotypes and phenotype discussions.[View]
156095632What is school in your country like? What do did you learn about your own country?[View]
156085181/mex/ Invitados chicanos y centras[View]
156096450Type in your native language in the most informal way possible using as much incomprehensible, untra…[View]
156095071I had a good idea. Japan accept married man only as entering Japan. Then our qt girls are protected …[View]
156095876>ywn be Spanish[View]
156093057>His national costume doesn't have a hat like this soulless.[View]
156096204Do American families really look like this?[View]
156088232Traveling Through the Congo in 2010: A Belgian couple's experience trekking through the Congo -…[View]
156092904Corporations in the US run promotions where you get free stuff if you name your baby after their pro…[View]
156092480>every Brazilian on 4chan has been robbed at least once in their life Well, tell us your stories.…[View]
156094631American Jews traditionally order Chinese food on Christmas to show that it's just an ordinary …[View]
156095384Guess the country.[View]
156094630so were the schizos actually right about how aussies are only allowed a single shitpost ration a mon…[View]
156091955Is it just me or do Germans look different now? I can't quite put my finger on it[View]
156094815What do people of Japanese descent do in your country?[View]
156092591american cars[View]
156094279Do you like Takoyaki?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIO5zbi93fA[View]
156094686I am legitimately terrified of talking to euros online.: I’m afraid they make fun of me incessantly …[View]
156094356I had a dream that I was on the outskirts of sydney and behind the opera house was a gigantic water …[View]
156093798Do people prefer cats or dogs in your country?[View]
156078606If you were to retire in France, where in France would you like to retire?[View]
156094155Breakfast's of /int/[View]
156075532just learned about the persecutions of the irish why are brits like this ?[View]
156094788>you wake up in the rural town of Hallstatt, China[View]
156092371How much cheese and horse meat do Europeans eat that they needed to invent a device to wash the conc…[View]
156096162What's your African American name?[View]
156095611>You've probably interacted with a CHAD by now without knowing it, instead mistaking them fo…[View]
156096396mechs: who did it better?[View]
156095604the amount of fucking frogs in this board just look at the catalog[View]
156091733There is no suffering in America. It is a myth.[View]
156090448Do Chicanos make Mexico proud?[View]
156096350What do the French think of Corsica? Any of you actually Corsican?[View]
156096302If you ate this when you are young post itt[View]
156095121I wish I lived in a swamp[View]
156078797/mena/ - /مينا/: طبعت الخيراق[View]
156096295What was it like in your country anon as a child? In your heart you loved it even if time buried tha…[View]
156095976I hate living in IsraHELL.[View]
156096284Which countries havw the mkst twinks?[View]
156094849Petition for New Zealand to become the 51st state of USA.[View]
156087371say something nice about russians and its people[View]
156096079https://vimeo.com/405103748 Come visit exciting Tokyo![View]
156093010/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
156090259How are animals treated in your country?[View]
156080882Interpals thread: I'm somewhat glad that I read Harry Potter now, seems like every other girl h…[View]
156095650ITT Post Countries that claim to: Be Different but are inside the same countries, I'll start …[View]
156094000Do you want to find love in Turkmenistan[View]
156095246was your country better or worse off in the 1990s?[View]
156094761>his country has such a bad reputation that people bend over backwards to impress tourists and he…[View]
156077748/ex-yu/: Dani i život prolaze[View]
156095326Is it even possible to suffer in Spain's coast? Especially the Balearic Islands. Is it too exp…[View]
156094157Is it possible to suffer in brazil? I don't believe so[View]
156095069American natural woman[View]
156094856usa: i am going there , any way i could shoot some guns, if yes then how????[View]
156092636>Guatemala is not 1st worl- WOAH![View]
156095059>There are currently about 2,300 mosques in France with a further 200 to 250 planned. Machallah, …[View]
156092497Which way, hohol man?[View]
156094977why doesn't finland launch fireworks to celebrate their independance? is murica the only ones t…[View]
156089752are you worried about future in you country?[View]
156088524MA or CT: What's the better state to move to?[View]
156094427I hate the metaverse. Does your country?[View]
156093984Did you know mexico got tired of being made fun abot its dog breeds like chihuahua and because of th…[View]
156093481This is the future queen of the Netherlands, Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange. Say something nic…[View]
156082593/norgetråden/: Anon har nassekopp-utgaven Forrige >>156065071[View]
156081607/bra/ fio brasileiro: Edição ciência.[View]
156094210A technique for analyzing and dealing with worry: Identify the worry, get all the facts, identify an…[View]
156068938what are the things that happen only in your country but you used to think that its normal everywher…[View]
156089951I have green eyes but I only prefer brown eyed women. Does this happen in your country?[View]
156093084what's fashion like in your country?[View]
156091847Anglo nigg@s be like >'Hello my name is William Gaylord'[View]
156091332>My femcel teacher talked about how much she likes Hiroyuki Do Japanese really…[View]
156087606/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
156093340Im thinking about going to Japan for a vacation. Im not a weeb, I just want to see how its like. How…[View]
156087916Is this true? Do men sexualize latin women?[View]
156087737this 12 year old has been diagnosed with the omicron variant and his mother tossed him out of their …[View]
156089464International Fren Thread: Would you like a fren? Would you like to be someone’s fren?[View]
156089060/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
156092572Post the weirdest building in your cunt.[View]
156093614ama: hello im alan pedowitz ama[View]
156092817I miss Japan. It's so nice there.[View]
156092021If Italians are turbo food snobs, then why would they make this?[View]
156089809/brit/: On the precipice of Omicron oblivion edition[View]
156092624what makes you go crazy in your country?[View]
156089717/deutsch/ Nachtschicht[View]
156092011artist in US faces five years in prison for pretending to be an Indian: Artist faked Apache heritage…[View]
156092657My mother died when I was 8 and whenever I see Shmi Skywalker she reminds me of her. Or at least wha…[View]
156090922Why do Americans worship people for getting shot?[View]
156092003Since France doesn't allow paternity tests, I wonder what's French for 'I grew up not know…[View]
156092251>Be a gigamanlet abomination >Get woshipped like a literal god Indians simply can not suffer…[View]
156092799Why are they like this?[View]
156091042Egypt, mother of civilization Vgh[View]
156087278/brit/: zoom call edish[View]
156077597Where are your ancestors from /int/?[View]
156080221/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: JFK Pickle Rick edition[View]
156092915Thank you India for doing the needful.[View]
156092884Have you ever been to the moon?[View]
156092781Romantic video animated: Give me your opinion. https://youtu.be/X37hemnFMqU[View]
156089534you literally can not suffer in colombia[View]
156092656When did you realize Brazil is a demographic economic powerhouse with the potential of being a conti…[View]
156089351Why does latin america paint their towns/houses rainbow? THATS NOW HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO LOOK[View]
155945982/flag/ + /extraflags/: Heard Island and McDonald Islands edition Previously: >>155851324 Welco…[View]
156092719https://www.farandwide.com/s/european-countries-ranked-ccef2494f3994077 How accurate is this ranking…[View]
156091544The biggest Chad in Eastern Europe tbqh[View]
156087977Is it better to be rich in the third world (not extremely rich just enough to be among the top 1% of…[View]
156090903Do asians really like taking pictures?[View]
156092411Why are you (brownoids) like this? The middle one is clearly the best.[View]
156092097What parts of this map can you run into 'soyboys'?[View]
156091068>Move to Paris >Become extremely racist for whatever reason Explain?…[View]
156088805OH NONONO[View]
156092451Impfpflicht: >Germany considering fine for not getting vaccinated. I'm never gonna study in …[View]
156047512/éire/: Eagrán pairtí naisiúnta[View]
156092470Korean script modified to write Vietnamese[View]
156091613Japanese were a nation for the last 2,000 years while most modern European identities were invented …[View]
156092434/int/ Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsDtmdWFBxU[View]
156092406They have a cholitas wrestling in Bolivia: They fight for gender equality[View]
156087753Which way, Western man?[View]
156091848Why are Eyetalians like this?[View]
156090678Did you know that Russian and Ukrainian only share 60% language commonality? Now you know.[View]
1560886181. Flag 2. What do people do with flour in your cunt[View]
156090876Why are meds always so proud?[View]
156078577/nederdraad/: typisch nederdraad[View]
156088263>Google removed the dislike bar on all videos. Wtf? When? Why? I can't believe they finally …[View]
156091057I've got diagnosed with Lupus today I already knew God hated me, but holy fuck[View]
156082403Why is this allowed?[View]
156091752Cheems: Just watch it and give me your opinion. It´s a funny video in spanish[View]
156091480added a category to belgian inventions, no need to thank me[View]
156090832MISS UNIVERSE 2021: Who is our girl, /int/? https://missuniverse.choicely.com/semifinalvote/?choicel…[View]
156089998What are your thoughts on the Captain America movement?[View]
156091220Do you love serious Japanese culture (anime-free thread)?[View]
156086254why are americans asian fishing?[View]
156063618/asean/: free ngentot edisyon[View]
156086069The shekel is currently one of the most powerful currencies of our time How did this happen?[View]
156085235Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
156089789Are French white ?[View]
156084604I'm going to Bongland as an exchange student next year. What am I in for?[View]
156091703do people from the balkans have big dicks[View]
156088252are you biracial in your country? me yes because my skin is white and my penis is brown.[View]
156083952My tiny apartment that I call home.[View]
156091286Do black people elsewhere in the world (SSA, the Caribbean, the diaspora) copy African-American cult…[View]
156091061What do you call this in your country?[View]
156086698the Turks are ug-[View]
156090826Yesterday I get shot of Sputnik light. Third shot for me. My body trembing, I feel like I have cold …[View]
156091396England doesn't exist. It's not a real country. England is a rebel province of France[View]
156090577What happens here?[View]
156090299Words that only Thirdies know: Remittance.[View]
156087911>you wake up in São Paulo[View]
156082589How is dating in Mena?[View]
156083843Do Brazilians really?[View]
156090296Do you have these people in your country? >White trash.[1][2] used in American English to refer t…[View]
156088020Why does Austria still exist? 1. They're no longer Catholic they have no state religion. 2. The…[View]
156085892It was snowy and like -1 but the feel was -8 in my village (pic rel) today :3 how is your village do…[View]
156090818Show me the dance of your people.[View]
156088239Why do they export so many illegal drugs to their European neighbors?[View]
156088376>dutch mountaineers >german comedians >turkish economists >african scientists >italia…[View]
156090875What are some things that only Americans can do well?[View]
156087126Im going to Nigeria in 3 (three) weeks.[View]
156050393/med/ + friends: Le Saucisson edition[View]
156087706Apparently the miss universe contest will be held on December 12 Post your country's contestant[View]
156082787my country has no lakes or mountains[View]
156086906>tfw the only Arab nationalists I know are boomers >tfw arab nationalism is dying…[View]
156083335What was the 'college experience' like for you in your country[View]
156090672I want to move to Europe. Any other Ameribros know this feel?[View]
156084419Brazilian BirthDay Party[View]
156090541How common are blonde women in France?[View]
156089275The moderation on this website is the worst fucking thing i have ever witnessed. I pray hiromoot get…[View]
156080451kurva anyátok[View]
156087365Diversity is our strength UWU[View]
156086087How are Asian girls so cute? I'm a victim to their beauty every time[View]
156088642good evening sirs[View]
156089574Can a language expert identify what language it is?: Sounds something from Levant/Middle-East but no…[View]
156088176Who are the meanest people in the world?: Americans? French? Germans?[View]
156080775Why are new worlders always very proud of having italian ancestors but not the same for other europe…[View]
156076768Remember when Argentines killed a baby dolphin?[View]
156089886/brit/: Giga-chad protestants only edish[View]
156087298How is life for poor people in Russia nowadays?[View]
156087399Do non-American countries ever have chimpouts? The injuns came close to chimping out in Western Ca…[View]
156089754Did you know that Brazilians are the most powerful race in the world?[View]
156089892What phenotype is this?[View]
156081673/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição interior do Espiríto Santo[View]
156087263Firsties be like: >'I suffer in my tutorial level country because i can't afford a penthouse…[View]
156089045Korean Culture: did you expect korean music, films, and art to have such a profound influence on the…[View]
156087328Are people obsessed with America in your country? https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ameritard/…[View]
156085132Jomon or Yoyoi?[View]
156087520Are men supposed to be into cars in your country? Here they are. I find it to be a very boring subje…[View]
156086703/brit/ & /bryth/: Saint Nilus the Myrrhstreamer Edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezb4iDA…[View]
156087550Do you hate winter in your cunt?[View]
156080069Where in mexico can I find a gf like pic related?[View]
156088447>no sales tax >no income tax Yep, Alaska is based…[View]
156085145What country do you want a gf from ? Webm verry related[View]
156088531Is causal sexo common in your cunt? What % of the population engage in this?[View]
156084339/deutsch/: Der Luisa ihre Ausgabe[View]
156085251/int/ jokes: Q: What happens when Mark Wahlberg visits Hanoi? A: Vietnam fucking shits[View]
156084864America? Land of the free? More like land of the free at fighting games, lmao.[View]
156087398When i aksed my father why quran is written in arabic he told me that at the time arabs were the wor…[View]
156087477what's up iceland nation[View]
156087711Do people exercise in your country? >amerikkka >no…[View]
156088450fuck brits: This is the fuck brits thread, come one come all All the world's my homies except b…[View]
156086083England! My England! can the surging sea That lies between us tear my heart from thee? Can distant b…[View]
156052327/esp/: Están todos tus amigos.[View]
156081950Are you okay americans?[View]
156088757I don't know why people say bongs are ugly. skelly british people look like cute tim burton cha…[View]
156085959Is the average neighborhood in the poorest and blackest US state better than yours?[View]
156030275/balt/ + /ausnz/ #625: I mean who doesn't love anime and tanks >>155999166[View]
156080895>your cunt >do you personally know people who became victims of crimes? Flag A classmate in mi…[View]
156085098Im addicted to /int/: Does this happen in your country?[View]
156086439Everything is boring[View]
156087821im planning on checking up what happens on pol for the first time in my life how to behave there[View]
156088436Nuclear weapons were actually invented by the Anglos through Tube Alloys which U.S. jews then stole …[View]
156088390What is the guide on dealing with third-world women? Im talking about a GDP per capita below $3000.[View]
156084943Norwegian bank robber David Toska[View]
156088414Imagine being sweedish[View]
156082488ITT we worship the beauty of men of European descent.[View]
156083356>You wake up in Malmö[View]
156088152What are pictures that people save in your country? Do those pics go hard?[View]
156087712In the coming years, what do you think your life will be like? What about the overall state of your …[View]
156087021I hate being a cumskin bros... Everytime I go out in the sun more of these blemishes appear[View]
156085891Wth is the difference between 'fun' and 'funny?[View]
156086126the european fears the african marksman[View]

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