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/int/ - International

Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
187855819Holy mother of based, leaf bros I kneel[View]
187856457This Johannes Klominek, a descendant of the founder of Sweden, King Gustav Eriksson. Say something n…[View]
187855845The kindest, gentlest, most loyal and beneficent people to ever exist.: Americans are Golden Retriev…[View]
187856089We are the chud country.[View]
187841255/ita/ - il filo: edizione transatlantica[View]
187851456Russia is so weird: In America you have 50 states. In Russia you have 21 republics, 9 krais, 46 obla…[View]
187856253the final bosses[View]
187856306Why some Japanese look not really a full East Asian sometimes?[View]
187841249How would you interpret this if you were not from Earth?[View]
187854566why are most incels on the internet firsties? we dont have incels in poland and i wonder what aspect…[View]
187853116/brit/: shartetaOUT edish[View]
187855691he cant name 2 Bulgarian cities[View]
187849347Good night european boys![View]
187854477GIV HOUSE[View]
187853018What if we traded the Maritimes for Michigan ?: It would be a win win for borth Canada and USA, no ?…[View]
187852564Are there street artists in your country?[View]
187850692When's the last time you went out with friends in your country?[View]
187855977they gifted us christianity[View]
187855943Do rich men date women their own age in your country?: Flag No[View]
187853499do latinx countries envy Costa Rica for its stability?[View]
187853320You must move to an island in the Lesser Antilles for 2 years. Which do you choose and why? HARD MOD…[View]
187854665are they getting Jeeted too?[View]
187855812>City doesn't have a major river >City isnt on the coast >Planned capital city >Cap…[View]
187853543how often do you speak a foreign language in your country? (including english)[View]
187854689Soul vs Soulless[View]
187854217Daily reminder to ZERCH in your country.[View]
187852594Countries with the most wealth: How come people in Australia are so wealthy ?[View]
187848442/polska/: edycja mojej krwawej walentynki[View]
187854961The eternal question, which one is the more attractive phenotype?[View]
187853180Is it common for 30 year old people in your country to still be in their dating phase?[View]
187818922/rus/: Издaниe Дмитpия Шocтaкoвичa. Пpeдыдyщий: >>187733411[View]
187855352Vatican Xvideos: Internationally speaking, what do you think Vatican citizens watch on Xvideos?…[View]
187855489Hey amerimutt: Look at this Big Mac. Looks tasty, huh? GUESS WHAT?! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! HAHAHAHA…[View]
187832052/skandi/: Er havnet i Sverige uden pas udgave. Yokoshima-sensei udgave.[View]
187850370Did you know that Finland belonged to Russia from 1809 to 1917?[View]
187855381What phenotype is this and where do I find girls with it?[View]
187847145which german town do i move to? >small population, prefferably german >short driving distance …[View]
187848077What will you do when Finland gets divided?[View]
187854027They are applying a double standard to Asians at work. It is not my imagination[View]
187855210How common are drive-thrus in your country?: How often do people use them?[View]
187849318Post a picture from your country that makes you go 'VGH...................'.[View]
187855047>France is Mediterranean![View]
187851713Now that it has become obvious who is going to win, how should we treat euros on their deathbed. Sh…[View]
187843154Why are southrons so damn dirty and disgusting? Jesus[View]
187854901How are the dating scene in your country/region/city? Pretty much all women over 30 are on drugs, o…[View]
187854958Unpopular Opinion Thread: Me: i LOVE Portugal. Can’t get enough of the place. Maybe they’re a bit be…[View]
187852599Chinese food mogs all other cuisine and i’m tired of pretending it doesn’t…[View]
187850137What are thoughts on this country?: Do you like Filipinos?[View]
187844196/lat/ hilo latino: edicion re pelirroja[View]
187852135Are security guards in your country old men far beyond their prime?[View]
187844948post the webm that best encapsulates your country[View]
187843800German food culture is phallic object that is put into mouth[View]
187854385/cum/ - canada usa mexico: S[View]
187854270Absolutely screaming[View]
187853950Is sweden the new humanitarian superpower?[View]
187851474Where are you on this scale /int/?[View]
187840602/éire/: Eagrán Caife le do thoil[View]
187841610>live in holland >know about the high salary in switzerland >never ski'd before but wo…[View]
187848807What happens here?[View]
187847812Which chaos god holds the most power in your cunt?[View]
187840917/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Bulgaria edition[View]
187848188How do women find this attractive?[View]
187840790Does America need it? what about your cunt?[View]
187854179Which one has more oomph?[View]
187852244are u're countrymen this bad in eng?: I pay 250 brl (4 days working) monthly to an English cour…[View]
187851922/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição: >além da sua compreensão anterior: >>187843003…[View]
187849873Europeans don't tip people who make their food. Instead they tip their government.[View]
187851898norwaybros.... is this true?!?[View]
187839776>Every /int/ poster gets stranded together on a deserted island What happens?…[View]
187852628Do you want to live in France?[View]
187850889What was your cunt's equivalent to these niggas?[View]
187852960I've seen people say that they can tell Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people apart just by look…[View]
187847136All of you would date and marry a retired porn star if given the opportunity[View]
187846850> At Savatthi. Standing to one side, that devata recited this verse > in the presence of the B…[View]
187852875Would you take care of a north Korean military woman? They are cold and have to eat at to survive cu…[View]
187851885>fights the US for twenty years >doesn’t let this bother them, sees the US as their main ally…[View]
187853068WAIT, Moscow looks like THAT!?!?!?!?![View]
187849734What goes on here?[View]
187849418Do you know that the Star of david was a muslim symbol before zionists appropriated it? Originally c…[View]
187848744Sverigetråden: Coreanens upplaga[View]
187847396Average Korean[View]
187850017/brit/: Abstract energy = absolute mass.[View]
187851851Is this true??: > nobody cares about white guys. Basically all American school, most popular guys…[View]
187851959Japanese Anime: Is it popular in your country? Do you watch it?[View]
187842114/norgetråden/: ribbautgave forrige: >>187823214 >>187823214[View]
187850430why are mexicans so butthurt anon bros ?[View]
187838495kurva anyátok[View]
187848844Everyone and everything gets to have sex in Brazil[View]
187842840>Greece >Argentina >Spain >Portugal >The UK am I missing another formerly great count…[View]
187851864Do uncle ben's rice still have a black man's face in your country?: here they don't a…[View]
187851586at what age do women peak in your cunt??[View]
187838277What do you think about Georgia. in your country[View]
187851273Why are some white people living in societies that resemble the middle east or Brazil? Where is the …[View]
187852065What happens here?[View]
187850555>you can't suffer in SwitzerlACK[View]
187848118You don't hear much 'sweden yes' anymore do you[View]
187851872why don't Americans spare money?[View]
187851938>rehearsal dinner Do you do this in your country?[View]
187851147Is it still summer in your country?[View]
187850730Why USA have too much thirdie sovl despite being a rich country?[View]
187851581Is there any reason to appreciate living and being from this country? I just fixate so much on how m…[View]
187851412Did you know in America girls pretty much never wear skirts anymore? Skirts are seen as pedobait and…[View]
187844125Do you love Lithuania?[View]
187849228anger thread: i am so angry does this happen in your cunt? what makes (you) angry?[View]
187851263Why do Araps go to germany to clean tiolets when they can come here and be worshipped?[View]
187843003/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição: Nórdica Anteriormente no BRA: >>187835107[View]
187851049How the fat people in your country looks like?[View]
187850840American culture: >watch picrel >think 'wow that was fucked how it ended, sucks for Radio Rahe…[View]
187848591It's been almost 4 years since covid happened and almost nobody even remembers it was a thing.[View]
187849700How do developers of DEs keep their login managers free of CVEs (for the most part) ? They use most …[View]
187820407/med/iterranean general: Uzumaki 𖦹 edition[View]
187849023Weebs: Post weebs in your cunt[View]
187844667Is your country autistic[View]
187849326Albanians or Indians: Which do /int/ prefer?[View]
187850745If you work as translater in japan , you have to translate weird shit things too Can you do it? http…[View]
187849288Do people kiss like this in your country or is it a Brazilian thing?[View]
187850240Why do their men look like nerdy incels while their women look like supermodels?[View]
187840330/balk/: >>187818078[View]
187847811is giving flowers to femoids still a thing in your country or was that replaced with whatever the zo…[View]
187848332why did nazism emerge in germany and not in the nordic countries?[View]
187849778Is it over in your cunt[View]
187844858/deutsch/: Klarer[View]
187820292/hung/ - hungarian general fashion edish[View]
187845656do girls still smoke in your cunt?[View]
187849966What province is kainuu of your country?[View]
187842057Worst dishes in the world. If your country is on the list, explain yourself.[View]
187849659From today’s Islamic march on Stockholm[View]
187850126Compare and contrast[View]
187847438/brit/: British schools are teaching the Pictish alphabet again to children.[View]
187849512Are Germans robotic[View]
187843337What are their people like?: Any experiences?[View]
187850068what is your opinio abut the marrano problem?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marrano[View]
187849137Growing up, I thought India was this magical place where people live in exotic places and ride eleph…[View]
187848512Do you like Pif and Hercule in your country?[View]
187848167Balkanx pipo would've been in SPACE like dey ansestuhs if dem TURKS ain't oppress dey culc…[View]
187849885Danish bros when are you burning the koran?: Are y'all going to be burning Korans? You gonna ju…[View]
187849184What sort of a place is this?[View]
187849639How often do you see people with face/ neck tattoos in your country?[View]
187844650Holy fuck at Australia: There’s being a doormat, there’s being a collapsing empire, there’s being a …[View]
187848857whats their music like?[View]
187848805Sverigtråden classic: Sverigetråden Classic - SOM SVP VAR <2015 Regler: - Inget spam - Ingen matg…[View]
187848888I got 2000 usd from my dividends, what should I do with this money?[View]
187844932non-americans of int be honest, what does it feel like when an ameriGOD mentions your little backwat…[View]
187849121>americans don't get that smell you have under your foreskin when you wake up…[View]
187839713International coomer thread: I made a thread here some months ago saying I stopped cooming to femboy…[View]
187848967How's language learning going in your country?[View]
187848992>negative canthal tilt, recessed maxilla, asymmetrical jaw >it's over, I'm prescribi…[View]
187840996is this game popular in your country? have you ever played it? I tried when it was released but neve…[View]
187848516Federal agents are trying to infiltrate my church does this happen in your country?[View]
187849148Brazil bros... we won again: Can you understand? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp-J7S9mHPY…[View]
187847199'Thank god, I wasn't born Indian.': Why would people say such hurtful things?[View]
187847059how many us states or what knowledge of the us do i have for amerians not to think i am stupid? Is k…[View]
187831443Lunches of /int/: ITT post your current/most recent meal. This is my breakfast, lunch and dinner…[View]
187844632Does Your Country Still Have Segregation?: Apparently we still do.[View]
187846951Will your country be covered by glacier ice the next ice age (incoming now)?[View]
187848829>went to resort >all Latinas from Chile and Colombians Thinking of moving there in the futur…[View]
187847089ENGLISHMEN: move here![View]
187841937Which part of your culture would you like to remove?: >Is there a cultural tradition you want to …[View]
187841572/polska/: wybacz za zwłokę anon super saiyańska edycja[View]
187848362$12: South Africans don't suffer. Here it's fucking $5 just for a bottle of nandos sauce…[View]
187847011What makes japanese guys so attractive to white girls? What do japanese guys have that other asians …[View]
187844006what would the positive timeline for egypt look like?[View]
187846893I made an account on Interpals and the only people who write me are Indonesians and Chinese. I also …[View]
187843691Does your country hate sumo for no reason? America? Yes.[View]
187845306Are you from a civilized people?[View]
187844861English girls are so cute[View]
187838018This is how the average kindergarten in Russia looks like. Show a kindergarten from your country.[View]
187845553Non-obese, average white Americans are one of the most beautiful folks in the world I'm tired o…[View]
187848445The duality of man.[View]
187848335How are the public schools in your nation?[View]
187848396Americans literally eat poison LMAO: And they won’t ever admit it. >1…[View]
187843516What happens here?[View]
187848104Chinese zoomers are the hottest they’ve ever been, in fact zoomer girls world wide have been the hot…[View]
187844771>normies in my country have been having sex since they were 13 Im basically sexually retarded…[View]
187847779UK Frontier Work Permit: Hi, I work as a seaman and I miss a lot of job opportunities because many v…[View]
187848027USA has trully the worst drivers[View]
187847713Post your favorite Brown country from Southeast Asia ITT, and name one thing you like about them. …[View]
187845176/brit/: Diogenes edition[View]
187846163What is wrong with Japanese people? Why are they so xenophobic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfN9…[View]
187844057Sverigetråden - Casinohundens Upplaga[View]
187844439/mena/ bros i need more music like this please i need this give me more https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
1878475081. your cunt 2. your favorite pokemon[View]
187845533Which region in UK Ireland has tallest people[View]
187847603>The word for dog in Navajo literally translates to 'shit pet' Uhmmm, dogoids? Ur response?…[View]
187847036What happens here?[View]
187846477women literally have breasts and vaginas hidden under their clothes that's literally ALL (biolo…[View]
187846877>Average Texan couple in 2023 America is healing[View]
187847100America, why are you lynching refugees?[View]
187847631I found a wolf spider in my house. Should I kill it or let it be?[View]
187846233i love boys[View]
187845466Are you in a position of authority at your work in your country? I oversee a site my company owns an…[View]
187847524/brit/: Philadelphia Eagles edition[View]
187836531>White, brown, or black Which way White man?[View]
187844697Mamma Mia![View]
187846864Just found out Hungary fought on the protestant side in the 30 years war[View]
187837307What was your country's culture like before Abrahamic religions?[View]
187840223>Once almost equally proportioned before the war, there is now one man for every seven women, acc…[View]
187844698it's 23:55 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
187846717the accent sounds fine to me[View]
187843958>gf be like >i don’t want to live in your house in suburbia >buy an apartment in the city o…[View]
187846844Are you excited about this weeks Slovakian elections?[View]
187846820Why do Japanese love lewd models so much?[View]
187845207>lingua franca (language of the franks) >it's english…[View]
187846785do japanese really put pocky in their curry?[View]
187844234/lat/ hilo latino[View]
187837565/sauna/: FTL painos[View]
187844084What your car will look like when you live it for 5 minutes in poland[View]
187846270Where is this and is it a good place to live or does it suck for some reason? also post pics of uniq…[View]
187844335>Americans call paprika 'bell pepper'[View]
187844017Firs thing that comes to your mind when you see this?[View]
187846116Why does black men likes white girls while white men likes black girls?[View]
187772677/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
187845142Explain to me: What's your problem Guys ?[View]
187846174what is the greatest in greece?[View]
187841886What's your country's big great moment of pride? For us it is the Great Commie Exterminati…[View]
187843612Germans are funding Anti-dutch youtube videos so that their car industry doesn't collapse.[View]
187845318Euros: would you live where your cousins live?[View]
187841840I seriously hope this isn't uncommon in your cunt.[View]
187840849>Nein, you musst the Noun with the Largeletter writen >Vei? It simply is like that, Okee?…[View]
187844313>Poland has no great composers apart from Chopi-ACK Shut the fuck up chud https://youtu.be/u8dWo…[View]
187845465Europebros... How do we respond?[View]
187844754Hobbits - Anglos Elves - Nords Men - Germans Southrons - Meds Orcs - Africans Urukhai - Chinese[View]
187830724>spaniards and italians look like this and dare say they suffer[View]
187845392How expensive is PlayStation 5 in your country?: Mexico - 550 USD for disc version[View]
187842739this is the most yankified country in the world[View]
187842025>One of the comments about Tennessee police Maegan Hall sex scandal Can Americans confirm this? D…[View]
187844116Is that a real board game? I'm guessing it is some Asian shit if so.[View]
187844228I miss this lil *** like you wouldn't believe bro[View]
187844893Post popular comedy from your country and rate others https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrFxKY6aFrQ…[View]
187843408This is France, my country :) Say something nice about France ! :)[View]
187836178What's your favorite cheese? Mine is the Italian cheese gorgonzola.[View]
187836698Why don't they call their country javasia[View]
187842397/brit/: british culture and that edition[View]
187841091/katz/ ehemals /deutsch/: katz[View]
187844764Buddha knew the pathway of moderation, so he ordered the Cheeseburger™ with water instead of the Qua…[View]
187834970/nederdraad/: >wanneer ze je piemel ziet[View]
187844151picture that broke /int/[View]
187842835>Visiting relative in Minneapolis next week Burgerbros whats the demographics like there?…[View]
187844500The world will end with a long winter, not as a tropical paradise.[View]
187843182Who would win?[View]
187842410It's over Chinese woman detained by police for wearing kimono in public[View]
187839420Did you do military service in your country?[View]
187840280heritage thread: What is your ethnic background/heritage?[View]
187838051How common is procrastination in your country? I'm supposed to be studying but today I'm n…[View]
187843392I would die for Baltchads[View]
187817552/lat/ hilo latino: ojitos lindos[View]
187844342https://youtube.com/@AMEENINFO rando albino channel I found. ed sheeran looking ass speaking in jeet…[View]
187842329Bros, how can i stop killing trans black womxn of color? that mcdonalds ad really got to me Any advi…[View]
187840351>Have caramel brown Mexican gf >Voted for Trump twice and supports building the wall, unironi…[View]
187843527man claims an AI spoke to him: as in vocals, not text https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/25/technology/…[View]
187843057what is your countries highest philosophical achievement[View]
187818985/desi/: Chhota haathi edition[View]
187844097I WANT AN EAST ANGLIAN GF, especially from eastern Essex (Dedham Vale), Suffolk, and Norfolk What d…[View]
187823264/esp/ - hilo español: Edición Tejeda[View]
187839330Say something nice about Russia[View]
187837777chinese girls look like THAT?[View]
187841681How come mena women have such nice bodies? White women have no hips or ass unless they're fat.[View]
187813774/Fr/ - le francofil: Édition mythomane Ancien: >>187800976[View]
187839046What do muslim women do all day?: >Be NEET >Go for my daily incelwalks when everyone else is a…[View]
187840865You literally can't suffer in an American prison[View]
187838797Does this happen on trains in your country?[View]
187838078Sex and violence are the core instincts of humanity. I believe these two things to be behind everyth…[View]
187840490Sverigetråden - OneTwoThreeUpplagan[View]
187841693how do you explain this?: >foreign chuds FUCKING FROG EATING SURRENDER CHEESES >foreign women …[View]
187817910/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
187838901Can they do anything except tourism? What a pathetic shell of a great nation[View]
187842401Canadians look like this and say this.[View]
187843597Oh, I'm blinded by the lights No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch[View]
187843357is your country a hapa heaven, /int/? we love asian girls in canada laughing at euros right now[View]
187834076what is the canonical mexican lifestyle?[View]
187843582What do you think California would be like if it was 90% white? Better or worse?[View]
187833666>gf doesnt want to leave sweden for her homecountry because 'it's a collapsing shithole with…[View]
187839839I'm starting to think global warming is real[View]
187835990What's your excuse for not visiting France?[View]
187826967So do they, the people, still consider themselves 'the true Chinese' and do they still want all of m…[View]
187838849American drivers...[View]
187835107/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição chinesa[View]
187842425its just me, or everything is lame nowadays? i feel like there is no innovation going on, or nothing…[View]
187826682Irrelevance is a virute: With the Indian hate surging In the last few years, all of five populated c…[View]
187841658Americans have water ships and space ships but they refuse to call this a sky ship[View]
187841371What do turks think about syrians?: I hear there's alot syrians in Turkey,even more than in eur…[View]
187842331what would Europe be like if Indo-Europeans never existed?[View]
187842484Is rice pudding a thing in your country? How is it made in your country?[View]
187842461Had Germans just learned how to plumb their own toilets they could have gone to the moon instead of …[View]
187841883>guy named Brown >actually black[View]
187830584what would you're life be like if you lived in israel?[View]
187840057How'd fix USA[View]
187834685post castles from your country[View]
187839675Why do firsties have slow internet speeds? I have the cheapest slowest option from my ISP and it…[View]
187839069/brit/: Albania edition[View]
187842338Is it possible to suffer in France?: Our top scientists are on the case, but results are inconclusiv…[View]
187842117Food property and gas in the usa is literally cheaper than the third world A good house in the usa c…[View]
187842009My company I work for has slowly but steadily been replacing our data analysts with Bosnians.[View]
187840021In my country nobody can find a job without nepotism: does this happen in your country?[View]
187829413>'yes my king your new torture device is ready... WHAT?!? YOU'RE GOING TO USE IT ON ME FIRST…[View]
187839535What's the most westernized asian country?[View]
187832911Why do Americans lick the boots of companies that refuse to pay them a living wage?[View]
187840828Inshallah the detestable west (and detestable india) will fall.[View]
187835534This is where all Swedes will move when the brown population reaches critical limits. Don't tel…[View]
187819698whats the most underrated country in terms of entertainment export?[View]
187835005Is the population’s collective lazyness killing your business in your country?: Yes. I’m the general…[View]
187838382Why do pajeets reject the Buddha?[View]
187841885How tall is too tall and too short for people in your country?[View]
187840361Do you live in the NPC country[View]
187841099/deutsch/ Ausgabe der Arbeit[View]
187823214/norgetråden/: Pepsihore-utgave. Forrige: >>187807330[View]
187837105canadians, explain yourselves[View]
187831989/polska/: edycja marnowania swojego życia przed komputerem[View]
187819010Turkish girls are evolving Next step: Arabic girls[View]
187841562Is Seattle west coasts response to New York City?[View]
187841188China will be the new America the new superpower[View]
187840376I ate SO many pierogi I am so fucking full and also fat holy shit does that happen in your country?[View]
187836318Post birds from your country[View]
187838491Coome to Brasil[View]
187840690traditional Latinx culture[View]
187841290how do i get neetbux in this godforsaken country i've never worked before and i dont want to[View]
187818146/ita/ - il filo: edizione calma e focalizzata[View]
187839759Are female pedos common in your cunt? In Brazil it is actually not that uncommon, but she'll on…[View]
187840548Ich mich bitch Does this happen in your cunt[View]
187836949I rely on meds to make my life bearable: And I hate it every day. People usually kill themselves in …[View]
187841074Is Human-Goblin Alliance even possible?[View]
187840439This is Hanna Marin the hapa MILF[View]
187839466European men give me the ICK!![View]
187835268Are you completely detached from other humans in your cunt?[View]
187839503after looking at a few scandinavian countries on google maps i can surmise that they don't conf…[View]
187836944>this made zoomers shit their pants back in 2014[View]
187838986>my online father substitute released another video pls watch Are zoomers like this in your count…[View]
187838336USA people hates cyclists: >Las Vegas hit-and-run death of cyclist Andreas Probst was intentional…[View]
187840138Does your Dad write Like This in Your Cunt?[View]
187840445All rise for the /int/ernationale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQAjS1fiY3I May your suffering en…[View]
187836304/deutsch/ bleibt deutsch: tuhufags ausmerzen[View]
187837026Sverigetråden - Sosse-upplagan[View]
187840417what if the west accepted all the women immigrants from MENA, Africa, Asia, and LA but rejected all …[View]
187808709/asean/: Hmong us edisi[View]
187834109What country do you want to live in? UK for me.[View]
187839784After 20 years of studying, those are my conclusions: The Synoptic Gospels and Jhon's Apokalyps…[View]
187840354You wake up in Africa, wat do?[View]
187840277do they still pray in ziggurats?[View]
187838600Would you convert to islam if your bf/gf asked you to?[View]
187838432Certain nationalities are overrepresented in this board when taking into account their population an…[View]
187840112>tuition and housing for an academic year at the finest university in China is cheaper than a sem…[View]
187838706Australian housing market is so bad that they have to buy abandoned houses from japan: Does this hap…[View]
187837381Name something you love about your country[View]
187839679This is what happens in Tunisia.[View]
187818078/balk/: Anything but a tranime edition edition Last: >>187788107[View]
187839960Can you do it in your country?[View]
187839849Did you know Swedish is the hardest language to speak? Finns have the best schools in the world but …[View]
187839845I just got here, it took me 26 hours door to door and i won the 5000 twd tourist lottery, goodnight[View]
187839665Hey, Canada....: Stop burning. OK? It stinks.[View]
187836394What would have happened if Indonesia became a British colony instead of a Dutch one?[View]
187839891What are some life experience you'll never have again? >Live in Houston, Texas >4yo >G…[View]
187834040Is theater important in your country?[View]
187836320Albanians are and always were Nazis because they were in the SS and use Nazi symbolism even today Wh…[View]
187837437Newfags don't know about Guangzhou(a city in China)[View]
187839289When was the oldest member from your family that still alive born? Me: 1925[View]
187838534Where do all the arab and nafri women go? All of the immigrants arriving from there in Europe are ma…[View]
187838732If you see this on your country's version of Google Maps you are based[View]
187839453Why are they starting to get uppity and out of line?[View]
187832242I grew up hearing about the supposed health benefits of the med diet but when I actually visited ita…[View]
187839238favelada japonesa..[View]
187839381Do you qt 3.14 fixing commodore 64 with a chinkshit oscilloscope in your country? >flag >yes h…[View]
187833498Do people buy used cars in your country? Nobody buys new cars anymore in Brazil[View]
187837566Chinese girls only like skinny twink, savages like me can obviously only be an incel for life, and I…[View]
187831616Does your country take care of its elders?[View]
187839059I will not be happy until I go to Japan And when I go to Japan I will probably still not be happy, b…[View]
187837712Who makes the worst tourist in your opinion[View]
187831852Which one is superior? Indosphere or Sinosphere?[View]
187838691Your dreams x Your life[View]
187839088What do indian women smell like[View]
187837085/brit/: green eyes edition[View]
187837091Why don’t you just settle for an average girl[View]
187838922This terms don't make sense: Third World, First World, Developing World, Developed World, Globa…[View]
187817643Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>187769664 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
187834986what happens when we switch from mass indian immigration to mass latin american immigration?[View]
187838001Is there any worse fate than having to chaperone three blitzed drunk girls all night? Don’t ask me a…[View]
187838887Do people not understand how to use phones for video calls in your country?[View]
187838655I'm trying dating apps, and cute people are adding me up. They have pages with 3-5k followers, …[View]
187837655What mushrooms are popular in your country?[View]
187829730Post people you follow online[View]
187838233Is your country pro-LGBT+? Are you pro-LGBT+?[View]
187835141Do you use Google maps in your country? Is it reliable[View]
187838709What will a majority Hispanic US look like?: According to my MKTG professor, the States will be majo…[View]
187837499how does your cunt feel about firestarters?[View]
187838517American Christians >and nearly eight-in-ten (78%) say there is some risk that an innocent perso…[View]
187817392kurva anyátok[View]
187835003How hard is it to get a gf that is 4-7 years younger than you in your cunt? Is this a rare or uncomm…[View]
187837468We NEED to help thirdies. LOOK at how they suffer. They can't even afford clothes....[View]
187835262>Ukrainian man enters my store >not a lick of English >emply my shitty Russian from my year…[View]
187838402Should I go to law school or just be content as a paralegal?[View]
187833353why are they not part of Australia[View]
187838174fun fact: most japanese don't eat french fries with ketchup or any sauce most fast food restaur…[View]
187838215Imagine you're a russoid trotskyite. The situation around you is somewhat of a deadend, no good…[View]
187828253Why do British people hate rs?[View]
187838069post atmoswede kino[View]
187837364Do people suffer here?[View]
187834798Satellite Americans: what do you think of 'satellite americans'? these people live outsid…[View]
187835274>work makes me miserable >video games make me angry and evil >porn makes me disgusted and d…[View]
187835473Do we pass as locals in your country?[View]
187829136This is what you crave for breakfast in your country[View]
187835757How did USA and Vietnam become friends once again so quickly?[View]
187837894>India hate threads surges, China hate threads dwindles >China hate threads surges, India hate…[View]
187826896What goes on here?[View]
187783361/mena/ /شأشأ/: طبعة لن تحصل على صديثة جنية أبدا[View]
187835516Hangzhou Asian games medal table[View]
187837738Who's the master race among African ethnic groups?[View]
187836559Do you walk to work in your country?[View]
187837386Samael is a good guy, free-thinker and justice defender: Yahweh is a bad guy, cruel tyrant and hypoc…[View]
187834516What will the world look like in 2100.[View]
187836145Do you have basque pipo in your country[View]
187837199what did they find there?[View]
187834523Do you have a strong relation with your dad in your country?[View]
187836733What happens here?[View]
187830694Okay… why do we hate India again???[View]
187837382>camping on a Deathmatch game[View]
187836486Should Ireland be part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?[View]
187837283You need to work 124 days in Turkey to buy the iPhone 15 You need 66 days to work in Brazil to buy t…[View]
187835497Vgh... American knights...: https://youtube.com/watch?v=osinsnJmdLg&pp=ygUURnJhbmNlIHZzIHVzYSBid…[View]
187837224Southern Bros... how do you cope with humidity + heat?: I'm just coming back from lunch and I…[View]
187834604Yesterday and today I thought of Scandinavians and Finns. Yesterday around 6pm, I started to prepare…[View]
187837284:-<: I literally feel nothing towards women. I feel nothing towards my own race of women and as w…[View]
187835016What are Indian girls like? The only stereotypes about India I know are about the men[View]
187837066Somalis are white: Only chuddies would disagree Also best looking women on Africa (Literally Chocola…[View]
187836991how will /int/ react to a world where the USA and the West aren't the hegemon anymore?[View]
187837113america bad russia based japan cute euro+cucks[View]
187834526/brit/: amber seen edition[View]
187831808Soul: The way Earth was meant to be. Always was, in fact.[View]
187836853African milkers Shame for eurofags that 90% of their imkigrants are men[View]
187836910I feel the need to commit acts of violence against first wolders[View]
187834949How is Providence, Amerika like[View]
187826468Please visit Indonesia gomenasai[View]
187833176what did they mean by this?: >if you wanna go den you go to hill an den down >why you get figh…[View]
187827098Have sex[View]
187833649>poccия >Poccnr[View]
187832364Can You Tell Your Asians Apart?: One of these is Chinese, the other is Korean. Can you tell them apa…[View]
187835093saarland: Good morning SAARland! We will be having Currywurst for breakfast.[View]
187833307Say something nice about pic related country.[View]
187833965Well, well, well... Where does africa start now, huh?[View]
187832386Which one are you and which one is more common in your country?[View]
187831344why is southern Italy so poor and shit?: answer: centuries of Greek influence[View]
187831955Do people like spicy in your country[View]
187831038Sverigetråden - Äggmackaupplagan: smaklig frukost[View]
187833664/Deutsche/ Frösche über alles: Nationalhymne[View]
187835371>Europeans have to ask to Brazilian women if they are real women Is this true?…[View]
187833287FLAG RARITY THREAD: Can we get an updated version for /int/?[View]
187827785/sauna/: psykoosikattipainos[View]
187835999/AAAG/ - African American Appreciation General: ITT we appreciate African Americans, their countless…[View]
187833481You vill have ze USB C You vill have ze replaceable batteries You vill have ze headphone jack Und …[View]
187833540Robots in stores: Do you encounter robots while doing grocaries like Poles and Americans do?[View]
187836076Are Amerindians in North America still this tall or did their height diminish[View]
187836069>„Vaikų teisės, kurios yra pažeidžiamos, kurias pažeidžia pavežėjai visokie, kalbantys „čiurkų“ k…[View]
187835394Japs only post here to defend war crimes. They are a vile people, why hasn't America finished w…[View]
187833350Belgians tell and fart themselves with Baldur's Gate 3 but when you look the creation of this g…[View]
187831585Why are asian women so clumsy? I know a few and they constantly bump into things or trip, is that no…[View]
187835903You wake up British fan of Norf FC[View]
187833349I'm tired of pretending everything is ok in my country. I love the US and I'm not a self-h…[View]
187834951I didn't know they made a pride flag for NEETs[View]
187831473What makes your culture and religion superior?[View]
187835685/asean/: Happy 34th (Pyrrhic) Victory Day against Pol Pot, Khmer diaspora. To any of you who are sti…[View]
187835310>pic what the fuck explain yourselves japan[View]
187835751Why is the Hispano/Latin sphere like this?[View]
187832624Do women drive 40 miles below the speed limit in your cunt?[View]
187826888If India changes its name to Bharat then Pakistan should rename itself to India[View]
187834737How often do you think about being rich in your country[View]
187833282do zoomers bother random people on the street for clickbait videos in your country?[View]
187835508Is learning German through movies and TV series an effective method?[View]
187835507Why are arabs always lusting after yt women, but yt men never really be chasing arab women[View]
187831118I love my country and its people and traditions. Do you also love your cunt?[View]
187834574I just arrived from Paris[View]
187835330Damn, german girls look THIS cute?[View]
187829829/éire/: Eagrán Aindiachas[View]
187832228If a holiday lands on a Sunday, we get the Monday off, does this happen in you are country?[View]
187830602Do you have this in your country?[View]
187815801/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: gringo edição[View]
187834099IT'S UP[View]
187833436international ideas you like: For me it's Gesamtkunstwerk[View]
187835058this is the most yankified bomb site in europe[View]
187834969/nederdraad/: Abraxas mag ook meedoen deze keer[View]
187834759>i suffer in Germany[View]
187818137choose now: would you rather: >live in israel and suffer dictatorial discrimination because you a…[View]
187833926Is Black History Month celebrated in every anglo-country?[View]
187832928Are latina women overcompetitive among themselves?: I've traveled to Bolivia some time ago, and…[View]
187830221It's actually funny how westerns justify the wealth of their nations due to their own merits[View]
187833990How muslim are the muslims at Bosta i Hercegovna?[View]
187829603i just found out German (Hochdeutsch) and Portuguese are phonetically similar[View]
187832361not enough india related threads today, pls make some more sirs[View]
187832271TIL about other country: >South Korea’s spy cam crisis, also known as the Molka crisis, persists …[View]
187832726How do you regard the unique people of this small subcontinent, and that of their enthusiastic and n…[View]
187830756Is your hometown as grim as this city? Euro is blessed with beautiful landscapes.[View]
187834270>https://youtu.be/oI5nHaBDBGI?si=qqE9R8MkG9qrtP5M >40% of georgia population is russian alread…[View]
187832120What happens in this part of Germany?: I've looked up that 'Sorbs' (or 'Lusatian Serbs' and/or …[View]
187831363Heritage thread: Recently I was talking with my mother about my maternal family history. My mum has …[View]
187817742/nederdraad/: Gnosis editie[View]
187830507>latino dad wants me to travel with him for a whole month to visit my dying grandpa >he lives …[View]
187830395/deutsch/: Der kadserste ihre Ausgabe[View]
187832788Can Milei really save Argentina? Or is it hopeless?[View]
187826593>'The lowest unemployment is in Poland. The highest GDP after COVID in the European Union is Pola…[View]
187811839do you have mommy or daddy issues iyc?[View]
187833276I will learn Polish for her. Who is your inspiration to learn foreign languages in ur cunt?[View]
187833331do Americans really?[View]
187830997Anew European driving license: There is now an attempt to create pan-European driving license for SU…[View]
187827639So what happened?[View]
187832973Why are they all like this?[View]
187829916Do You Like Video Essays?: Do you watch video essays in your country? What sort of people do you thi…[View]
187831141I have come to terms with being a beta male. Now I can live in peace. Does this happen in your count…[View]
187831807How prevalent is the drinking culture in your cunt?: Do you partake?[View]
187832718How are your eyes in you cuntry ? >flag >a little sanpaku (lower)…[View]
187829392Would you live in North Macedonia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-t9XX2PXXM[View]
187828532stereotyped Images of German cities: Actually there are too many german decent sized cities to know.…[View]
187832440>He is the next German striker talent Thoughts?[View]
187826146These were UK poorfags in the late 19th century: Now you can't even find millionaires who dress…[View]
187830912Why are British like this?[View]
187826495>aquiline nose, jew :l >aquiline nose, roman :O…[View]
187827755It's 2023 and there are unironically people out there who believe that their race is superior t…[View]
187831475Does it happen in your country?: >25 years old >kissless virgin >No friends >NEET >Po…[View]
187830404Just finished reading about Irish history[View]
187827683The shape-shifting burger: >1960s: Americans want to be Hindus >1970s: Americans want to be N…[View]
187830980Is Italy the European country with the most beatiful architecture?[View]
187831278office jobs suck so much: I work in a nice, comfortable, stress-free environment and this is fucking…[View]
187831967I don't get it[View]
187827784Is he really considered a Chad in the west?: Is the Weeknd considered a Chad/Tyrone in your country?…[View]
187831722It really do be like that.[View]
187829360Don't you think this is cultural appropriation too? Nothing in this game looks Italian. Everyth…[View]
187828787is half this board indian? whats going on here[View]
187822393do people read manga in your country? ever since the flu everyone here reads them now[View]
187825700/polska/: Edycja polskiego uśmiechu[View]
187828963lmao why they be like this though[View]
187830782Which one do women prefer in your cunt?[View]
187831625Each winter it gets warmer and warmer[View]
187831611Finland, a country of brothers[View]
187831805winged hussar parade in Poland. we need this in america[View]
187830143/brit/: imagine eating this good edition[View]
187826540a better world[View]
187831428>pardon my french[View]
187827597what is military service like in your country?[View]
187829057Do you love Japan? I do[View]
187830164So whats wrong with it?: Why you hate american suburbs[View]
187827307Chinese goddess waving the CCP flag in Japan what are our thoughts on this event?[View]
187827054Do you cheat in online games in your country?[View]
187825795Anyone interested in moving to Svalbard and starting an /int/ expat community there?[View]
187825004what's this meme? i can't accept it: who made this kinda bullshit? we should speak up more…[View]
187831237I no longer have a fetish for white woman after falling in love with a local girl.[View]
187830598>you will never be a japanese school girl idol in 1980s japan experiencing VGH life why even live…[View]
187831112Do you have blemmyes in your country?[View]
187829679My wife will come from either one of these countries[View]
187826852hiki-NEET: I didn't left my room since 3 weeks, does this happen in your country?[View]
187830989>There's no free meal >To tow the line >I could care less >Freedom isn't free …[View]
187829898Tell me everything you know about France. No racism, politics or xenophobia, please.[View]
187829236How did Africans even manage to survive this far? Niggas still chucking spears, living in mud huts a…[View]
187826472sverigetråden juliaupplagan[View]
187826592Aussies Is the dropbear real? And if he is, how are you living down (hehe) there?[View]
187830708Does your country have gay prime ministers?[View]
187827702Czech pipo literally forgot their own language and had to make a new one few centuries ago just to c…[View]
187822321what is polish culture about[View]
187829260just some students from Belgium[View]
187828107Think how better the world would be if AmeriKKKa was nuked to ashes[View]
187830711Who else spends hours a day shitposting on /int/ and baiting for (you)s in order to get free English…[View]
187828651Will this guy cause irreversible damage to the reputation of somalis in japan?[View]
187827005Only anons from Yorkshire and north-west England will know what this is[View]
187827935Do you wish you were American? If yes, why?[View]
187828704How do we improve Hindu-Muslim relations?[View]
187830579Which mix is better? North European + East Asian or Southern European + SEAsian?[View]
187829110how long until does America have until it becomes hispanic?[View]
187830559american raceest...: isn't an oxymoron?[View]
187828069why do yuropoors try so hard to pretend they are superior?[View]
187823156Name a more iconic trio[View]
187822276why do white people blame other people with the name of the religion?: they blame other people like …[View]
187830244do you have people that tell you you're not white in your country?[View]
187829577News Article: im supposed to make a news article in school you guys got any ideas something relevant…[View]
187827243Do Poles really?[View]
187827454/deutsch/: Cosplay-Ausgabe[View]
187826294/brit/: Dr. Chud edition[View]
187827231what happens here?[View]
187830133Uwu I love my big brother in my country[View]
187820325>Gen Z can't read cursive >Gen Alpha can't read anything that's not on a scree…[View]
187823116Faces of /int/: This is me (I’m Albanian)[View]
187827012Romanian chads i kneel[View]
187826313>tfw want to learn Swedish >everytime I try to practice it, Swedes can tell I'm not a nat…[View]
187824212Got a link to the source video of this: >Repeated affirmations is essentially this: I'm goin…[View]
187829298I see you, rich westerner with a remote job living overseas to take advantage of the exchange rate. …[View]
1878247081. You are country 2. Is it walkable There used to be a shortcut to my workplace but some bastard st…[View]
187829407Philippines is the ultimate 3rd world shithole: My country's president is such a joke that a fo…[View]
187812178What solutions do you have to fix this place?: Post your ideas.[View]
187827386quick round down on china?: just arrived and everything is blocked only 4chan works, wtf[View]
187824692Arabic: How long does it take to familiarize yourself with the alphabet? Is there a rule for missin…[View]
187826126thoughts on German environmentalists?[View]
187826513'latin america' is a bullshit denomination invented by the french and pushed by the anglos to wash o…[View]
187817475please tell me how to immigrate to norway and become a citizen or permanent resident there I am read…[View]
187828051>black person: 'Are you sure? because I'm black...' Does this happen in your country?…[View]
187827073Psssst Frogs, Italians and Spaniards: How often do you hear each other's language in everyday l…[View]
187827201What is this phenotype?[View]
187828182Does this happen in your country?[View]
187824941what is your favorite latin american country?[View]
187828455/lativm/ Editio prima: Vbi svnt amici Latini?[View]
187828089is your cunt ice cream, popsicle or slurpee? >brazil ice cream and popsies…[View]
187825078Why is graffiti so prevalent and so tolerated in European cities? Even in the nice clean touristy pa…[View]
187828321According to BBC, the US government doesnt deem Brazilians as latinos[View]
187827823inflationmaxxing and it's consequences has been a disaster for the israeli people is your count…[View]
187821177/int/ jokes thread[View]
187821513what country or nationality of girl is most likely to have these qualities >not drink >not do …[View]
187826138How do I leave this homophobic shithole for the Promised Land?[View]
187824954>be american >walk >get brutally beaten by cops this is why they fear walkable cities https…[View]
187825715I grow my beard Could I pass as Jomon?[View]
187826290>Daily reminder to avoid wypipo in your country or they will curse you with the evil eye…[View]
187827948America fucking sucks: I am sorry but i have to be honest. This country is only decent if your rich …[View]
187826280/brit/: Ruby Granger edition[View]
187827632/int/ daily routine thread Post it[View]
187827946Why Are Finns Like This?[View]
187792045/tr/: ortalama sıçan edisyonu[View]
187824920Have you met any Japanese natives in your country? Tourists or immigrants or students or something? …[View]
187819221POPULAR milk product was moldy once again: S-Group in Finland sells quarks named x-tra (quark is Fin…[View]
187811328Post serial killers from your country >Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha, also called the Goiânia Ma…[View]
187827735How did they go from borderline first world to pure third world in less than 20 years? Has any natio…[View]
187825268USA number one country #1 in the world[View]
187827648Patriarchy: >your counter >do you dislike le patriarchy Poland No…[View]
187827644Does fatphobia exist in USA?: Since most of the murican pupulation is fat I can’t imagine someone be…[View]
187820783/sauna/: Elokuvateatterit eivät halua sinun tietävän tätä tekniikkaa -painos[View]
187825561Is Haiti a Latino country?[View]
187825704/polska/: edycja dykusji naszych AI startupów[View]
187825340/deutsch/: Apufreie Ausgabe[View]
187825226Former miss Finland moves out from Finland: Finnish woman Alina Voronkova (Aлiнa Bopoнкoвa) who won …[View]
187824408opinions about the latest polish anti-polish movie?[View]
187825938Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
187795196Making wires is a dangerous, heavy physical job. This is a wound drawn by wires running at high spee…[View]
187827072entra greece[View]
187823664here is your ramen.: hi /int do you have international fren? I have no real international fren ... I…[View]
187824379do women synchronise thier periods in your country?[View]
187827017I've been noticing more white people and far east asians in London. It's ruining the city.[View]
187822945>lazy rentoids are seething about based Landchad maximizing his profits…[View]
187824884what happens in real life Wakanda?[View]
187824733You wake up in the center of Robert Morris's stone labyrinth in Pontevedra, Spain[View]
187823133why are anglos so notoriously bad at their own language?[View]
187821928When did you realize the secret to learning any language is 80% watching TV shows in that language?[View]
1878246621. Your country 2. How long do you think you can keep going for?[View]
187826664So I've been reading that Greece is now a booming and resurging tutorial country, is this true?[View]
187820350Guess the country[View]
187825229apparently most famous greek historical sites were unearthed by germans and brits why didn't gr…[View]
187825790As a famous singer said once, 'the solution for our people is to rent Brazil.'[View]
187825312I just woke up I will now eats the ham burgie for breakfast[View]
187826022good morning sirs[View]
187824055Rate my Siberian husky[View]
187826625USA has bring asteroid samples to Earth: He took the Bennu -samples in 2016 with a asteroid sampler …[View]
187823115Now that canada has closed its door to indian migrants you must accept more east asians and my south…[View]
187826269An ancient poem from the Zhou dynasty of China, roughly 1st century BC. What are your thoughts?[View]
187825915zoomers are so fucked lol: society will prolapse when these guys are in charge[View]
187824150>24 >never did anything with my talents >never learned the skills and things i wanted to le…[View]
187824700Would you date a french brazilian boy?[View]
187819718Why are they like this[View]
187820391Meanwhile in the Cyberpunk Iran...[View]
187826427How is life for women in your country?[View]
187818881How many hobbies do you have in your country?[View]
187817932>AMWF is going mainstream oh no no no[View]
187823532maps: Is your country flat? It's all relative of course, but I think Australia is pretty flat o…[View]
187821416Swiss Languages: How does Switzerland work? There’s different regions with different languages? Does…[View]
187823423Every day I wake up I wish I were a Hungarian but I will never be one. I tried Duolingo but it doesn…[View]
187826246Post unrecognized heroes from your cunt: https://youtu.be/QC7NIJND2jk?feature=shared[View]
187826050Gayreek bros we're sooo back ENTER GAYREECE just like old times, ha?[View]
187822707Sverigetråden - bokstavligen anon upplagan[View]
187817919thank you based italy[View]
187818568Indian anons still haven't recovered from this[View]
187824297New phenomenon called 'passportbros'. Black and brown dudes with western passports going to the thir…[View]
187825783This is the weirdest tradition in Finnish Defence Forces. It is called Leirikyrpä (Camp cock) and so…[View]
187824546Arbeiter, Bauern, nehmt die Gewehre zur hand.[View]
187824004/brit/: not my problem[View]
187824881russian zoomer music is fucking kino https://youtube.com/watch?v=zMd_PxpF0Ug[View]
187822947Wakanda has fallen.[View]
187819927name 3 things POCCNR contributed to your country/culture?[View]
187823645Russians exist.[View]
187825752TIL that when a Japanese pilot was accepted into the Kamikaze program, his wife drowned herself and …[View]
187822341In 1921, the Empire of Japan turned a Korean royal cemetery into a golf course, with the graves stil…[View]
187812076/polska/: edycja cirnusa typu deftones[View]
187816229>the hapa star wars girl is Australian: lol you can't make this shit up[View]
187823078/deutsch/: 2hu-Ausgabe[View]
187806057/skandi/: Hvor blev tråden af[View]
187820723Japanese woman before and after getting civilized by White Men[View]
187822691Sometimes I fantasize about being an African American gangster in the middle of doing my white colla…[View]
187824588Why do we stick together with the same race when there are so many different kinds of people living …[View]
187823275Why are people with true French ancestry so based?[View]
187824791Food property and gas in the usa is literally cheaper than the third world A good house in the usa c…[View]
187824682why are russians so strong[View]
187824655what playlist do you listen to in spotify?[View]
187824287this is my everyday reality; this is my life every day i have to walk among the same decaying dilapi…[View]
187823486Stop being sexist in your country. Let’s see if the jannies delete this one too despite allowing por…[View]
187822944is life in usa really so hard these days>?[View]
187821328Is there a reason why Russia has been the only successful slavic nation in history?[View]
187819460As a Japanese I do movements of ASIAN LIVES MATTERS and get ton of apologies and compensation mone…[View]
187821695I can speak French[View]
187822115Its weird how: people still get angry over you for dating someone who is a foreigner or a different …[View]
187822159Who are some posters on /int/ that you recognise?[View]
187823346There's no one to talk to, everyone outside is a hobbyless NPC normie having the same basic tas…[View]
187824103I'm a NATO officer in my country and the USA agents today informed us Russia will attack our co…[View]
187824054Anime character is Japanese[View]
187819530ITT We be nice to Indians. I'll start Indians have peak moustache game[View]
187824178What are some folklore creatures in your country?[View]
187823353the only way to save /int/ is to further diversify the poster pool, browns have down a sterling job …[View]
187822674Would it be possible for any Iberian to acquire these cigarillos for me? I do not know anyone in Spa…[View]
187823959What happens here?[View]
187821241Image not related however I feel as though there is a secret funposting community on the internet t…[View]
187823662Ukraine buck broke Finland >Ukrainian refugee comes to Finland for brain surgery >Shes allowed…[View]
187819494next covid is gonna be lit[View]
187823915women expect you to be somebody: imagine you pick up a woman and step by step have to start introduc…[View]
187820672Apologise: Romania is a first world country now[View]
187821772You can Take 3milion us dollers but you have to live in this island 200days every year. Would you ac…[View]
187821952Does your country have an initiative to replace your population with immigrants[View]
187822352VGH.... THE RVSSIAN CHVDPIRE......[View]
187823366Recent turn of events: boys and girls on same sport: They have put boys and girls into same sport cl…[View]
187819533/brit/: massive knob edition[View]
187822231Are people like this common in ur cunt?[View]
187820638New Zeihan video dropped: In his conclusion the new Huawei 7nm a shit node that is unprofitable due …[View]
187822843/MIKTA/ - Mexico Indonesia Korea Turkey Australia[View]
187823691Is this a 10/10 in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MJXbe8gByw[View]
187819202What went so wrong with Europe and USA?[View]
187822859Giga happening!: Police officers in the UK are handing their weapons in to protest the officer who w…[View]
187822959>Moscow zoomers 2023 Do you have weird fashion trends in your cunt?[View]
187823442What do you live for in your country[View]
187821262What do people think about pit bulls in your country. Here they are banned, but some people have the…[View]
187822899So, do you think that the Hungarian general has humans or just bots writing random characteres?[View]
187822343western countries won't survive another 50 years of this in fact, i think most countries won…[View]
187821105Do you love india?: Picrel is me yes I do love India![View]
187818028You went japan This girl appeared and shows katana and say 'Take off your pants and let me fuck yo…[View]
187821446Sometimes I pretend to not understand ESL speakers IRL even if they're speaking perfect english…[View]
187822948Korean e-sports athlete Faker can skip Korea draft if he wins Asia Games https://asia.nikkei.com/Spo…[View]
187807939Why do Americans get so angry and weird at the concept of children and a happy family?[View]
187820992Everything westoids admire about le trad conservative Japan is found in muslim countries, but they i…[View]
187807330/norgetråden/: Svensk kort og rullespill-utgaven Forrige: >>187795131 >>187795131 >…[View]
187820230/deutsch/: Morgendliche Klarerausgabe[View]
187822939Which country has the best highways in your opinion?: Which country has the best highways in your op…[View]
187822857Why do Indians fight with cow poop? https://youtu.be/3xnrbzfOiYE?si=pxU1qW__XjywJn3X[View]
187822762Is this what an average indo women looks like?[View]
187814835How did ww2 affect your country?[View]
187821313Viva la Raza![View]
1878224301. Your country 2. How do you deal with the feeling of catastrophic anxiety the next day after drink…[View]
187822544the only countries you feel are unsafe: after all, the modern societies are so safe in general no m…[View]
187810681Sverigetråden - Sömnupplagan[View]
187821202Powerful image[View]
187820185What will you do once you marry a Turkish woman?[View]
187808278Is your country conforming and obedient?[View]
187818769Are breast reductions common in your country?[View]
187821990Imagine being so cucked that you are not allowed to declare war anymore.[View]
187803196/mex/ - hilo mex[View]
187822336these africans need to be stopped[View]
187820349New Ben[View]
187820911Are you an agist ? You are not an agist are you ?[View]
187820296Indians are fascinating people[View]
187818133Yeah, I'm thinking this war is going to be a banger[View]
187820655>thirdie moves to the west >immediately starts complaining and telling us how superior his hom…[View]
187821771say something nice about the next Hellenic prime minister[View]
187820893You can get 3million us dollers only if you could live with those big oppaied japanese chunguses one…[View]
187821650Budapest, Hungary. The government is restoring historical buildings that were destroyed during WW2[View]
187818734I don't get it.[View]
187821861Uhhh, Sven...?[View]
187820070I kneel...[View]
187820785You can take 3 milion us dollers but you will be transforming to this girl. Will you accept it?[View]
187806443How is this not just a worse version of India?[View]
187821582Why did y'all do this?[View]
187813259I want an Ashkenazi wife to make high IQ niglets. Which country should I go to?[View]
187817359Tonight I had sex with an Asian prostitute, but I got the impression that she might be a victim of h…[View]
187819995Do women in your country ever get 'the ick'? What do you think causes that feeling, in your country?…[View]
187819762From today’s march on Lampedusa[View]
187819725Australia is healing.: >In July Juwai IQI named Australia as the most popular destination for Chi…[View]
187820662Does he still post here?[View]
187820011Do Canadians want to kill your great grandpa in your country?[View]
187821025When I approach one or a group of scrawny and emasculated wh÷te bois you can feel the tension in the…[View]
187813629Why the hell is UK education so difficult? >Entire grade is dependent on one exam >Have to tak…[View]
187821403How do you feel about Scandinavian girls, /int/?[View]
187820765You are visiting Panmunjom when this South Korean bull stops you and places you under arrest for sus…[View]
187818294TotalAryanVictorybros... we won![View]
187821088>rich people has a dinner room where the whole family eat together after praying and saying how m…[View]
187821289I fell in the wmbw ig algorithm. Is this pairing common in your nation ?[View]
187811330You can get 3million us dollers only if you could live with those big oppaied japanese girls one mon…[View]
187819413Have you ever been to Brazil, /int/?[View]
187821229Most of /int/ is too young to remember who this guy is[View]
187821166I just think of them as silly and embarrassing. I don't know a single fact about India that is …[View]
187818662Behold! The glory of the Philippine Navy![View]
187820324Which does your country prefer?[View]
187821006>How do I take my coffee? Black of course![View]
187819345What happens in this region?[View]
187819834Anyone here collect license plates?[View]
187819334Why was Japan like this?[View]
187819113>Somewhere in the world it's a comfy 80 degrees right now Meanwhile I sweat my balls on the …[View]
187820087Why are French people so based?[View]
187819680islamic history is an embarrassment, for many periods in the abbasid and mamluks periods literal sla…[View]
187819310>the slaughter of european crusader infidels by saladin and his army[View]
187808803/sauna/: Ette tehny uutta niin minä sitten tein, oma vikanne tässä sininen vaunu-painos[View]
187815171i used to think the 'indians worship cows' thing was a meme just to come here and realize they actua…[View]
187820665Poland should be German[View]
187814581What was she thinking...[View]
187819527/GG/ - GOYSLOP GENERAL[View]
187820176I want to live in Mexico.[View]
187820513I would literally kill for a girl like this[View]
187819162>when immigrants bring their old world beef to the new world[View]
187819107WOGs the Band They’re really an example of multicultural American excellence[View]
187820563why did lynn and vanhanen willfully ignore chinese iq studies citing IQs below 95? why isn't th…[View]
187820004/HELLENIC/: Only Greeks and white women allowed. Only proper Greek and English allowed.[View]
187818794Gookoid Japs spent 1000 years genociding the native White Ainus and Emishis, now they try desperatel…[View]
187808467/deutsch/: Fukushima mahnt Ausgabe[View]
187815468Why are American documentaries so simple ?: I feel they're made for retarded people[View]
187816564Why did Socialism fail in America ?: But it thrived and somehow made it in Europe today[View]
187820238ENTRA GREECE! what a great day time for some coffee[View]
187818871Well /int/ thanks for another SHIT DAY. There was 0 good content today and I wasted my day scrolling…[View]
187809100eyes of /int/: post yuore eyes in yuore cunt[View]
187817410'A country that cannot protects its own citizens in it own soil against foreign government is not a …[View]
187817631Why do Indians pretend to suffer?[View]
187803173live your myth in SEA[View]
187816691Holy sovl[View]
187819820Why are there no cool cults in Europe? I want to join one[View]
187818686Why do Japanese portray themselves as White Ginger in Anime AD?[View]
187819547Georgian niggas really be naming their children Gogita Khachapuridze[View]
187819508What happens here?[View]
187816987which flag reads well and fast on /int/?: https://swiftread.com/reading-speed-test[View]
187815049Italians never recovered from this one[View]
187819430Turkish men[View]
187815418Why are black men like this?[View]
187818266Americans have to pay a big fee to give up their citizenship[View]
187815753So what kind of violent crime do you have to worry about in Chile and Argentina? I know they'r…[View]
187818017Why are Indians in the loo have perfect thick hairline ?[View]
187814377/brit/: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind edition[View]
187815595I'd like to move to Canada and buy a house. I have a middle class job. Where can I afford to li…[View]
187819106france should be balkanized[View]
187818610Australia is healing.: The best of luck to them all. In my area there are countless Chinese that hav…[View]
187819125I just watched a pirated movie in a foreign language without subs and understood about half of what …[View]
187805144amerikkka be like[View]
187818122I want to move to Vancouver for the upcoming racewar between indians vs chinese so I can side with t…[View]
187816358When was the last time you're thinking about Indonesia[View]
187819014When did you realize we are already living in the hapa century?[View]
187816280I want a Mexican gf: How hard is it for a white latino to get a Mexican gf? Will they call me güero …[View]
187814280When did you realize it wasn't worth it to immigrate?[View]
187818888This is how the average adult American male dresses. Are people like this in your country, or do the…[View]
187818456Is it possible for the U.S. to redeem itself within the century?[View]
187816744Happen in your country?[View]
187813895>American cartoons[View]
187818467We are brothers, I love UK, I love my English brethren. Everyday I wake up and thank god that I…[View]
187817421Guys be honest, am I retarded?[View]
187818191Have you ever been arrested in your country?[View]
187814829/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
187810631Why are Latinces incapable of handling banter? I've never seen Latin American say something lik…[View]
187812909post ethnic maps of your country new worlders only!!![View]
187818589Euros that post during American hours are my favorite. I love you all.[View]
187818513Mexico, stop be gay[View]
187818571Are bethesda games appreciated in your country?[View]
187812677Do Europeans have some kind of Waffle House or Denny's equivalent? IE a breakfast focused diner…[View]
187818425Why do you live like this in your country[View]
187817086>Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica to a native family descending from Italian nobility T…[View]
187818480Central and South Americans of /int/ tell me your gnome/duende stories[View]
187817544Frogs are coping that they cant stronghand smaller countries to get the best end of a deal because o…[View]
187816810502 Bad Gateway: I was worried I lost u bros forever[View]
187815835Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
187733411/rus/: Cычeвaлeн aнoнa тpeд[View]
187817006These guys should go to war more often it would be so cool[View]
187817472Snap back to reality[View]
187812991/cum/: yeah edition[View]
187816837Do people like spicy in your country[View]
187816794Which next country is France going to go to get uranium[View]
187818335Turks are so primitive that’s how they meme arabs. They can’t even edit pictures in 2023.[View]
187818353Why don't you guys actually do bad nigga shit to wypipo in real life instead of larping as a BR…[View]
187815885/bra/- Fio Brasileiro: >>187812559[View]
187817470Finally moving to Japan: 終わりじゃない[View]
187808720VGH... imagine[View]
187817139US Suffering Map: Red = Impossible to suffer[View]
187818208Do men look like this in your country?[View]
187817938These people were the first the fly the stars and defeat the greatest military power the world has e…[View]
187818165Don’t look up the age of consent in my country[View]
187816476Pretend you're playing bigger scale cities skyline or something like that, how will you connect…[View]
187479576/flag/ + /extraflags/: Montegiardino edition Previously on /flag/: >>187035614 Welcome to /fla…[View]
187817555I will die for my Uruguayan brothers, if fate so requires it[View]
187816483Brazilbros, do you look like that?[View]
187817591POV: you arrive in spain[View]
187810833Portuguese sounds like Sean Connery speaking Spanish.[View]
187816291Why are Frenchmen the best lovers ?: None of your women are safe.[View]
187815995Which country has the best national music, and why is it North Korea?: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
187816878Why are there so many Hindoos and Muslims arguing with each other today? Can't we all just get …[View]
187816041Ukrainian privilege is when you're racist, sexist, fatphobic, autistphobic, pedophobic, canniba…[View]
187814943same people same history same religion brother countries the Austria/Germany of the Arab World[View]
187807299America is a German colony. Deal with it.[View]
187816592When did you personally accept that the West had fallen?[View]
187817227Dios mio[View]
187806875Is it true that American children have birthday clowns hired for their birthdays?[View]
187813006Mmmm dinner. Do you eat pizza with or without corn?[View]
187793157/gint/ - gay international general: himbo edition[View]
187817082why do you lie to yourself, /int/?[View]
187814710this is what white women want[View]
187811817Its my dream to one day visit the beautiful country of Ukraine.[View]
187814964there are two types of Brazilian men both are shown in this webm[View]
187813944I can't explain it but I find them incredibly fascinating and so boring at the same time.[View]
187816349>was an american colony >meaning inexistent train system >you have to have a car to get any…[View]
187816588What Happened on October 9, 1995: British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1963-64), dies at 92 John Al…[View]
187816724I'm going to spell America as 'Amerikkka' to own the fucking chuds. Because the KKK was racist,…[View]
187816052Are you still enjoying life in your country[View]
187816197is this a normal occurrence in Anglo countries?[View]
187801883which Latin American country has the best women? my vote is Mexico[View]
187816919Well, I heard they worked around it a lot.[View]
187811198What's local wildlife like in your country?[View]
187816706Overseas Chinese: hate and bully their own race, inflate housing prices, never serve the community O…[View]
187814526Why are slavs so good at wrestling?[View]
187815610If im in your country , i could fuck 10/10 woman in your country?[View]
187812625/lang/ language learning general: 21st century kato lomb edition >What language(s) are you learni…[View]
187816150whyte peepo use carpet in their bathroom[View]
187816257>your country >your favorite album at moment…[View]
187809804/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: edition[View]
187807803Frankly, there's nothing really impressive or worthy of note about the Eastern Roman Empire, it…[View]
187815414Is it common for women in your country to take it up the ass?[View]
187808637I didnt think about it that way[View]
187815862Comfy International Bed Thread: You can only post ITT if you are snug in bed.[View]
187816279>'allo mon ami, 'ow much do you want to visit le France?[View]
187813534where the fuck can i buy this shit in germany? i've searched half my local stores and all i fou…[View]
187816248Didn't this dude want us to eat insects, rent everything and live in pods, (on a /int/ernationa…[View]
187816026Countries where cannibalism was normal[View]
187814846Are you watching the demise of White Europeans and Americans with horror or with pleasure?[View]
187815287What aspect ratio do you prefer in your cunt ? >Flag 10:20[View]
187809353My ancestor[View]
187815810Who suffers more, firsties or thirdies?[View]
187815733which countries are easy to nuke out of existence.: UAE Saudi Arabia canada[View]
187816068MIKTAfags, let's save the world![View]
187809261Would you date a Squaw, /int/?[View]
187816064One day I will visit Brasil What are some countries you wish to visit someday?[View]
187816092desktop of /int/: post your desktop background[View]
187811080/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
187812851Puffin patrol: People of Iceland, tell us about it![View]
187815982It's impossible to suffer in Brazil[View]
187814539do americans really[View]
187797930What is the biggest divide in accents from your country?[View]
187799025Dinners of /int/: Post your international dinner ITT[View]
187815571Soy castellano[View]
187804791/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Prev: >>187790561[View]
187815725Indian Canadians applying for a job at Wal-Mart.[View]
187808816black women are evolving[View]
187814172ENTRA GREECE[View]
187813780What happens in Nueva York?[View]
187815353/global/: Lets have some fresh memes and feels.[View]
187815367imagine if india nuked canada (quebec) and the us retaliated nuclear holocausting india out of exist…[View]
187814707>dad is eating raw garlic for the 'health benefits' again and now the whole house smells of garli…[View]
187807357Συγχαρητήρια σύντροφε[View]
187808557does this happen in you're country?[View]
187806595Thoughts on the thinking man's cheese of choice?[View]
187812559/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Anterior: >>187809125[View]
187814996why did Lithuania allow themselves to get jewed by Poles? After the union of the two many parts of L…[View]
187815576Hitler was German[View]
187814627Do people smoke a lot in your cunt?: This guy is my average countryman. He will live to the ripe old…[View]
187800827how did they get so successful in mere 150 years?[View]
187811026Should I learn how to speak French or should I just learn Spanish? My ancestors are French Cajuns so…[View]
187815477Do you have beauty pageants: in your cunts international commonwealth territories, /int/ https://you…[View]
187815460Internationally speaking.....: ...../x/ is the best board on this website.[View]
187809825Is it true that Sweden is the country that despises Americans the most? Even when compared to other …[View]
187812699American civil war: Which one was the /int/ approved side?[View]
187809234first school day in norway[View]
187813809I hope China starts something so I can partake in the time honored tradition of spending time with a…[View]
187801076/ita/ - il filo: edizione folle[View]
187812963How are cyclist regarded as in your country?[View]
187807973Do you want to find love in Colombia?[View]
187814916I play with ayy-rabs and changed my pubg flag to israel, the amount of seethe ive gotten this past w…[View]
187814956I allegedly killed a black transwoman. Does this tragedy happen in your country?[View]
187813766how long till Bharat go full TMD?[View]
187812883/한국어/ + /친구들/: 마셔[View]
187808750Is German hard to learn if I know English and Spanish? I want tall white gf[View]
187813055Thoughts on spanish aryan dictator?[View]
187814917OH SHIT IM FEELING IT[View]
187814565Kill all unitedstatians: All unitedstatians I've seen online are terminally stupid or retarded,…[View]
187812025What happened to white people?[View]
187812637>heavily native state but also has the most Afro-Mexicans >violent but the cartels aren’t loca…[View]
187814861DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3295: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
187813631ENTRA GREECE[View]
187813133Do Arabic music really sounds creepy to native English speakerrs?[View]
187813330What went wrong with this continent?[View]
187814626What happens if the president of Mexico goes to California and shouts Viva la Nuevo Mexico libre[View]
187807847/nederdraad/: Fit editie[View]
187812756MENA anons do people actually live in sand homes?[View]
187814552'O salty sea, how much of your salt Is tears of Portugal! As we cross you, how many mothers wept, Ho…[View]
187814181Can't wait for Moldova to enter the EU, bros. Imagine the pussy.[View]
187811015*steals your millionaires*[View]
187812062This zone is pure SOY They are so hecking wholesome and walkable.[View]
187813114Swabia: Why are they so insufferable? Some of the worst people I met in my life come from this regio…[View]
187812258/brit/: king of the britons edition[View]
187814182good morning sirs[View]
187812772Why are they portrayed as paradise on earth? They have one of the highest suicide and alcoholism rat…[View]
187812416Allah, ameen[View]
187810554What happens here[View]
187811856Did you have a comfy childhood in your country?[View]
187813425is there really nothing like australia?[View]
187813081Brazil is notorious for the quantity and quality of our trans women, but did you know that our femal…[View]
187808525Do you agree in your cunt?[View]
187810319Go to bed European, Mena, African, Indian, and Central Asian[View]
187806065why are black pipo going after us?[View]
187806560>your country >favorite historical period USA Anglo-Saxon England…[View]
187786898defend this[View]
187812697Why do former Spanish colonies hate Spain so much but former British colonies have a great relations…[View]
187809466Did the 'shitalian' meme start from insecure and jealous euros because the Italian bulls kept steali…[View]
187813319imagine the first thing people think of your country is poop[View]
187805800This is what northern europeans really think about meds...[View]
187812163Why north korea decided to build such a highway system if they barely distirbute personal cars? Plan…[View]
187803777my life is so shit bros[View]
187806390>go to supermarket >cashier speaks spanish >go to restaurant >waiter speaks spanish >…[View]
187813044Does your country produce artistic innovation? >Flag No it was all imported from Europe around W…[View]
187812093there should be 1 billion italians in the world[View]
187806437>Turkish women are ugl-.............. APOLOGIZE[View]
187810571Do they sell this in your cuntry? >flag No, we are a thirdie shithole isolated from the rest of t…[View]
187810526>you are entering serbia bro[View]
187811429>here's your white girlfriend, bro I really don't see what my fellow brown Chads think …[View]
187812084Why do Canadians do nothing about the Quebecois? Why can't they just force these autistic chuds…[View]
187809209what kind of jobs do you guys have? is it hectic or relaxing?[View]
187803921netherlands was a world power 400 years ago[View]
187806499Why are the french so good at being depressed?[View]
187810452I live in a city called Beautiful Horizon And today I just ordered pizza and it is about to be deliv…[View]
187803029what is cuisine from this part of the world like?[View]
187812322How do people in your country find meaning in life?[View]
187783646/éire/: Eagrán máthair aonta[View]
187806932thoughts on belgian pop stars?[View]
187766845/lang/ - language learning general: Languages of Iberia edition >What language(s) are you learnin…[View]
187810682here's your dutch wife, bro[View]
187797248Slavs!: My Slavic Brothers! Our languages have been invaded by barbaric Anglicisms. We have to drive…[View]
187810216/brit/: dutch bitch edition[View]
187779410/med/ + friends: ENTER edition.[View]
187809125/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição chicoin Anterior: >>187805843[View]
187812173Are you a chud dreaming you're a troon, or a troon dreaming you're a chud?[View]
187776214DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3294: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
187811346me when i see exchange students from med cunts. your country?[View]
187800612/polska/: edycja sztamy volceli i goonceli[View]
187802459Swedish pipo only live in their capital because they have Stockholm Syndrome[View]
187810651Why are Ashkenazi Jews so intelligent?[View]
187788107/balk/: >>187776913[View]
187809494How come chuds spend all day on the internet instead of getting a gf and having kids?[View]
187811664Share your perfect europe !'[View]
187810442Americans are nice, good and generous while thirdies are jealous, conniving and aggressive.[View]
187808941an american girl will never give me a chance..[View]
187811373Why are Germans like this?: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2011/06/confederates-o…[View]
187811226When do you reckon they'll return? Also how many German and polish flags here are actually ukie…[View]
187808760I have a dream[View]
187811484Are/Were you ambitious in your country?: I'm quite baffled by stories of people who set their g…[View]
187810614Keep a positive outlook bros: even if you're a middle aged loser back home, you are a god in th…[View]
187807249PURA DOBLE P VIEJO[View]
187788729/lat/ - hilo latino: edición dominical[View]
187798536Come to 'zil[View]
187808872We must defeat the enemies of freedom.[View]
187808366fun fact, did you knew an average italian from rome is more related to: armenians, gypsies, palestin…[View]
187811158What is the difference between portuguese and galego? sounds the same to me[View]
187798906hung hungarian general[View]
187808479/deutsch/ Nachtschicht mit Apu[View]
187807863>After President of France Charles de Gaulle withdrew France from the common NATO military comman…[View]
187809280do you ever meet americans that worship your country? americans, especially upper middle class engin…[View]
187786209/v4/ and frens: sunday edition[View]
187799026Live your dream in San Francisco[View]
187807685Do /ita/lians really?[View]
187800976/fr/ le francofil: Edition qui mange des tendres de poulet Ancien : >>187773696 >>187773…[View]
187806767Hating on India is literally a glowie psyop Yes people disliked India but nobody cared much about th…[View]
187806270Are the Dutch really that different from the Germans?: I always thought of them as basically Germans…[View]
187804320Do you like Dutch literature?[View]
187805739rn there are lone unprotected women picking berries and mushrooms in the forest[View]
187809580Asian people don't smell when they sweat because of a mutation on the ABCC11 gene. Therefore yo…[View]
187808520/brit/: comfy edish[View]
187805132Sverigetråden - Tradfruupplagan[View]
187805225/GG/ - GOYSLOP GENERAL: Post toxic food that is killing us[View]
187809806If i understood clearly and limpidely. At the end of 7 years war, colonial section, France chose the…[View]
187809538Why isn't libertarianism more relevant in Europe? Are we condemned to be taxed 50% or more of o…[View]
187807890What's the more German of the two? Elaborate.[View]
187806846>doesn't let women anywhere near positions of power What's China trying to do here? All…[View]
187808859I hate this fucking country: the only reason i am still here is so i can get my remote job and leave…[View]
187803005Does this happen in your cunt?: How do you even do that?[View]
187808830Sainz Vázquez de Castro Cenamor Rincón Rebollo Virto Moreno de Aranda Don Per Urrielagoiria Pérez de…[View]
187805319>international students[View]
187804334>Your Cunt Brazil >Your ancestors :) Roman…[View]
187805843/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição funkeiras Anterior: >>187800732[View]
187808652How do you guys deal with the fact that european people are a dirty, disgusting bunch ?[View]
187798706The sun shines for everyone[View]
187807712The average American looks like this: Most Americans eat a diet of pure corn and sneedoils so they a…[View]
187803010Why don't Americans identify with their Anglo heritage when 90% of white Americans are Anglos?[View]
187802751Which countries is most appreciative of a foreigner learning ther language?: Which countries are the…[View]
187805638>Your country >Your country's best president Flag Emilio Medici…[View]
187806192North Korea is the best country in the world[View]
187808568/brit/: cold winters evenings edition[View]
187799042Why do people hate Indians?: I don't understand the hate with Indians or I should say the real …[View]
187803884Being an American is basically living life on easy mode. I feel bad sometimes that I have such an ea…[View]
187796497how do you deal with the fact that the summer is over in your country?[View]
187800110>cars are so expensive in Brazil that common people usually buy used Chevy Chevettes from the 70s…[View]
187808555Canada and the US are both awful: I am a dual citizen and have lived in both countries all my life s…[View]
187806283/brit/: arse anal edition[View]
187802737/sauna/: Ette tehny uutta niin minä sitten tein, oma vikanne tässä Juu-painos -painos[View]
187802250>Mexican friend tells me he wants to improve his country and make it safer, richer, and more free…[View]
187807907German map of the Americas.[View]
187802404/deutsch/: Suziausgabe[View]
187784075/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /اسر/ - /ИЗP/ - /እስራ/ - /イスラ/ & חברים: מהדורת למה יש כל כך הרבה רוקחים ערבים…[View]
187805603I love Swedish people (and the Nordics in general) because they are such ameriboos. <3[View]
187807929Does your country have a certain province that's over-represented in notable people? Bonus poin…[View]
187807546>mfw i ate so many shawarmas that i got literally hospitalized Does this happen in your country?…[View]
187802382I will never be american and i suffer because of it forever[View]
187807071Do you take care of your elders in your country?[View]
187808162Firstoids dont know about Cerol and Chilean String[View]
187805180Latinx cultures worship bunda: What caused this development? Is it actually the natural state of hum…[View]
187789651If your country isn't on this map, it's not a real country[View]
187801677spanish peepo are white portuguese are my brothers frenchies do not suffer bongs are muslim irish wi…[View]
187805002Why despite being the biggest immigration group in america, german surnames are so uncommon there?[View]
187806666Do you like Australians /int/?: Personally I think they are a bunch of mindless and rude drunks.…[View]
187805606How hard/easy is it to find a gf/bf in you're cunt? >flag >very hard…[View]
187807731Austrians are autistic like the rest of us Germanics, but they have a sense of humor. That's wh…[View]
187801366Why did they stop sciencing: >0 large scale experiments >infrastructure stuck in the 1940s …[View]
187807832stop living like slave[View]
187802408Good night european boys![View]
187798437Who has the hottest women?: White women appreciation thread.[View]
187800146kurva anyátok[View]
187806174Why do Americans use the terms ‘foreign’ and ‘international’ so weirdly when talking about media? Wh…[View]
187793857/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
187807676I used to side with men and say women became more entitled, but after seeing the absolute state of d…[View]
187806921thoughts on americans?[View]
187797794Why aren't you learning Spanish, French and German?[View]
187801320Tell me something about your country and your favorite Touhou girl.[View]
187802569is this true?[View]
187807415>flag >kino shot(s) from one of your country's films…[View]
187807038The only time I ever held hands with a girl is to pretend we’re together so she can get inside a loc…[View]
187806264if you had to spend the rest of your life as a native wild animal from your cunt, what would you be?[View]
187796471what are your thoughts on them?[View]
187791104How do I seduce chubby German girls?[View]
187807062>hear girl speak dutch or english with russian accent Very cute. I love. >hear girl speak engl…[View]
187805859Do you also have dumb weather in your country?[View]
187806705Speaking to my maternal grandfather feels awkward because I only exist because some man creampied hi…[View]
187806942is this forehead normal: is this forehead normal (she also complains about a headache in the text du…[View]
187806353Mexicans of /int/, what do you think of tex-mex?[View]
187790589/esp/: Edición Goebbeleriana.[View]
187798426Why are germans like this?[View]
187803367What is your favorite cheese?[View]
187808611The bad guys, destroyers of humanity, killers of society, erradicators of progress, genociders of tr…[View]
187807952>Northern European man be like this What cause trannification of westerners?…[View]
187803634THIS tiny speck of a country has had more influence on the world than your nation. What is your excu…[View]
187795131/norgetråden/: kostholdsutgaven forrige: >>187783796[View]
187805452>japanese ends their sentences with desu >indians end theirs with sir what does your country e…[View]
187797444Did you know?: There is a museum in London dedicated to everything the British looted and plundered …[View]
187803663is 5'11 a decent height in your cunt[View]
187805206This is a native american: This is a person indigenous to the Americas.[View]
187806150Idk be doing boy: I heard they worked hard for that lol :3 Fucking genocidal pieces of shit, GTFOH!…[View]
187806193What happens here?[View]
187802481vera was in brussels: do you have vera in you're country?[View]
187803722/brit/: Sian Lloyd edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 3[View]
187799990I will fit in with European society I eat boiled potato with chicken[View]
187805984god i wish that were me[View]
187778493/asean/: amogus edisi[View]
187802512Why are south american countries so sexually-open and accepting of LGBT, even though most of them ar…[View]
187802496Indian man with albinism.[View]
187795609Indians just keep on taking Ls[View]
187800316What did gringos see in this girl? She is beautiful and cute, but I think she is not extraordinary n…[View]
187802661Is your country safe for indians?[View]
187801260What is the most internationally versatile pasta, and why is it Fusilli?[View]
187800732/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição gótica Anterior: >>187795259[View]
187802975name 3 turk contributions to your country[View]
187803423facking luvly! me missus just made me fav meal for suppa, a plate of the good old Sir Wellington…[View]
187804923Just bouth this CD at Orlen gas station, time to listen to some disco polo in my car, God I love bei…[View]
187800303Do some White Americans really think they have different culture than Black Americans?[View]
187796769Cheese superpowers club. The ten countries that rule the world.[View]
187805201>We used to be friends with Americans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KxKnQ192O0…[View]
187805220Was this a thing in your country?[View]
187800155>nearly all the villains are deranged middle aged women What did Japan mean by this?…[View]
187802634if people in your country dont eat sheep head you dont have faustian spirit or whatever it is called[View]
187801555Sikhism is the fastest-growing major religious group in Canada. Sikhs are above 2% of Canada's …[View]
187796976As a buddhist, do I have any chances of scoring with pajeetas?[View]
187803069Why are Japanese kanas looks so meh comparing to Chinese hanzi?[View]
187799724Sverigetråden - Professor Robert Novy-Marx upplagan: https://youtu.be/mPyPqZSAssA https://youtu.be/m…[View]
187790561/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Gigachad edition prev: >>187776109[View]
187796311Guyana thread: Yes. A Guyana thead again. Uh what will it be about? I don't know. Um. How was y…[View]
187801296This is why building a house is so expensive in France.[View]
187803881Brits, what is the proper use for this? Why does this sauce exist?[View]
187804733Evidence that Paul, the little one, was Flávio Josefus, the short one/Curtus: -Both were born from t…[View]
187804513Ethical question: What do you think is better? To suffer in hell with hope and knowledge of why you…[View]
187801443Now I understand this mf FUCK THE SUN[View]
187801793Is Azerbaijan European? Is your country pro-LGBT+?[View]
187804167goodnight /int/[View]
187804008India has a total fertility rate of just 2.0 good things are coming[View]
187804100The only suffering-free countries left in the world.[View]
187800418VGH the fertile pontic-caspian steppes, where our proto-indo-european speaking ancestors lived and b…[View]
187798905What are the best places to live in the US? It's the country that offers everything, but what g…[View]
187788141Koreansisters ?[View]
187781722Rate your country's neighbours[View]
187803924I wish I lived in the Dedham Vale, what about you /int/?[View]
187802692Greenlamdic State Creation: Wanting to create a Greenladic state when we are so much better off not …[View]
187800152/brit/: suella's sph face edish[View]
187795143Russian parody English speakers: https://youtu.be/xAjVZXpQToI?si=vgL5Uuioi3Lxy1gn&t=34 How accur…[View]
187803452I live in a constant episode of being alive in my country Does this happen in yours[View]
187801748Why do westerns need to segregate people into races, ethnicities and nationalities so much?[View]
187798746>Wake up >Still an Americhad damn it feels good…[View]
187799987russkies, i kneel[View]
187801563After becoming addicted to Google Street View, I have realized that India is full of beautiful forts…[View]
187800580>the USA has no official language LMFAOOOOOOOOO[View]
187803416I wish I were a lower class Brazilian psycho https://youtu.be/80zPi7kbpBc?feature=shared https://you…[View]
187795705Well?: How?[View]
187802565Why don't they just book a flight to America?[View]
187803147>Rap Music >Fast Food >Social media >English words Everyone lives in America…[View]
187795117>just found out that the Alawites ruling Syria are crypto-christian secularists wtf? Why didn…[View]
187802066If I had 1000 lives to live, I would live every single one of them in the United States of America[View]
187789424Is it popular in your country?[View]
187802853In your country?[View]
187800611Why do Italians put literal rocks on their pizza? Is it rampant nonwhiteness?[View]
187802939Fuck you, Poland.[View]
187802775every white american family owns at least one dog or cat. does this happen in your cunt?[View]
187802305>basques when the sea starts speaking basque-icelandic pidgin[View]
187799196Is it true that their most popular dishes are Persian/Turkish?[View]
187798075/deutsch/: Dem Hauserich sein Lohn Ausgabe[View]
187796860>Listen to music while doing sport >Watch youtube videos everyday >The store has music pl…[View]
187800683This is the worst century in human history to be Indian[View]
187800209What’s it like here?[View]
187802282Imagine being a sir, you obliviously buy this apparently innocent book. Only for the narrator say th…[View]
187800710How does your country fight climate change[View]
187799037Well Sven, I told you I'd make it to Närke and I did. My flag might not have changed since land…[View]
187799751even their robots are fat lmao[View]
187798744Travelling to Istanbul for work in October, will be staying there for 4 nights and probably only wor…[View]
187792364/sauna/: miku kauppa kyltti mainos-painos[View]
187796838is there anything europeans do better than americans?: >europeans invent pizza >americans do i…[View]
187799768>during COVID pandemic, I mentioned that I have to quarantine when I visit Taiwan >coworker wa…[View]
187786462Did you know that the humble European Bison resides in the primeval forests of Poland?: That's …[View]
187787808IT'S UP[View]
187799457>Absolutely fuck everything up, destroy your life and burn every bridge >You have 1 million ch…[View]
187796607images you can smell[View]
187800357Final Battle: You prefer Final Fantasy Rebirth in VF : https://youtu.be/n69l0Paocq8?si=riz5c8bIKx26F…[View]
187799659What's going on in the UK?[View]
187796477The only countries that matter[View]
187791926Howdy my fellow american bros. Feels good to be honorary american >the new F-150 Lightning is on…[View]
187795597white people make work their personality[View]
187799823I hate lawfags so much. They are such naive idiots it confounds me. They have no actual concept of w…[View]
187788600>Brazilian flag claims to be white Lmao why do they do this?[View]
187800959There is a disproportionately high amount of pedophiles in my country: Does this happen in you are i…[View]
187799016this is my home city of Salvador, Brasil. It was the first capital of the colony. What do you think …[View]
187801270When are going to visit Turkey?[View]
187801327this country is the key to europe[View]
187801497In order to become prime minister in Canada, you must do the needful and befriend at least 1 million…[View]
187800073Wicked sinner who deserves to be tortured for eternity (romans 5), and whom god enjoys torturing (ps…[View]
187797018I am ashamed in my country[View]
187801339E eu só sei que esta vida é louca E eu tou bem com um beijo na boca Do meu bem, algures numa toca Lo…[View]
187801338Where can I find tall white women in the world Im considering northern Europe. I have family in Germ…[View]
187800188The American dream is still alive.[View]
187799920do American kids REALLY?[View]
187800457what happens here[View]
187792417HEY BRAZIL[View]
187801175When will this say Bharat[View]
187796784Another Indian L[View]
187800907is this true?[View]
187799280German TV is currently trying to make American Football the next big sports, but no one here gives a…[View]
187798977>90% of japanese housewives are sexually deprived thoughts?[View]
187793317how do brazilians feel about this game?[View]
187791725Indians are fascinating people[View]
187797034>getting disability benefits for depression Does this happen in your country?…[View]
187798408Compared to France: If France is in 2023 : - Japan is in 2033 - Canada is in 2005 - Brazil, Argentin…[View]
187799608gem or coal: gem or coal?[View]
187777257/desi/ - Pyaari (real) edition[View]
187800429White Americans are a combination of all the best European phenotypes.[View]
187788242/polska/ + /tr/: edycja seksu bądź jego braku[View]
187795259/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição trabalhadora Anterior: >>187778710[View]
187800066Today is our Republic Day /int/! How do you celebrate your country's Republic Day?[View]
187762181/ita/ - il filo: edizione di William Blake[View]
187800382Zoomers have gone insane: Internationally speaking, of course[View]
187779728>allow Germans to create a dog >they make this Zero nukes weren't enough…[View]
187799654Do Swedes learn much about the Vendel period in school?[View]
187792141In argensyria this is considered white btw. Never trust argensimians that say they're white. (o…[View]
187800301/afr/- apartheid edition: Afrikaanse draad. kom hier Afrikaans in![View]
187799854How well integrated are mexican immigrants in USA? I hear that by 2nd generation they cannot even co…[View]
187800169/brit/: English battle flag edition[View]
187800158kurva anyátok[View]
187796718/brit/: Myleene Klass' iconic I'm A Celeb shower scene edition Threads claimed by The Thre…[View]
187799567do you want to get out of your country and move somewhere else? where do you wanna go?[View]
187797842Do you enjoy your job in your country[View]
187798256What kinds of books do you read in your country?[View]
187799953Does huge Mexican bepis exist?[View]
187799170whats with this trend of young people absolutely depising children? I've seen fellow zoomers ba…[View]
187795938As a descendant of the brave natives of our beautiful island of Khéya Wíta, it is my right to get re…[View]
187797355What went right?[View]
187796662Are they more similar to Indians or Jews?[View]
187796806Sverigetråden: Kylskåpsupplagan[View]
187799205When did you realize that memes cater mainly to the 13-early 20s group of which you are no longer a …[View]
187799360heh, Spain do be like this[View]
187794426>FREE AZTLAN!![View]
187798699Has China stolen your DNA yet?[View]
187781286this is what i have to see every day[View]
187796073Are spaniards germanic? How come they look so nordic?[View]
187793271which is your favorite american city? mine is NYC[View]
187799101What will be the first country to voluntarily resign from first world status?[View]
187798630New 'toss Marge status?[View]
187798949How does South Korea have such high life expectancy?: They have some of the highest suicide rates an…[View]
187797374Does this also happen in your country? It doesn't happen in mine thankfully[View]
187795885Kim bros.. owari da..[View]
187773696/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition des espoirs brisés Ancien : >>187734079[View]
187798449Who is the indonesian?[View]
187797598ITT: Third world/brown lingo >indog >churka >sudaca >benchod >y'all >pidor…[View]
187796611Do you regret spending your life on the internet in your country[View]
187794770How is Minnesota and New England so catholic?[View]
187791840Is this part of egypt or israel? i found out its managed by israelis?[View]
187796455Thoughts on finnish slop?[View]
187798396American anons, you were a quarterback and dated a cheerleader in high-school right?[View]
187796961What is it like to live here?[View]
187798348Do you know that brown is a real category of the American racial census, right?[View]
187781698Do you read in your country? Pic related. I read Anna Karenina and it's the greatest novel ever…[View]
187798203Japaness bro, is it real?[View]
187798337paki bros is this real[View]
187790835How does this picture make you feel?[View]
187797556What country makes you feel like pic related[View]
187797207my sister’s been here for three days with her devilspawn and that fucking thing cries for hours on e…[View]
187798233I heard that browns can't differentiate blonde from attractive natural blonde = automatic 10/10…[View]
187790912Sexelő és szűzalázó fonál: kurva anyátok[View]
187790901This is some desert in Israel, Judea? Not, is Brazil[View]
187797133it's 90 F with 69% humidity and feels like 103 F right now what about in your country?[View]
187795687Isn’t it dumb that all of the red countries use the same timezone?[View]
187797655I don't like historylet faggots. I despise them with passion and write poems about them, the ni…[View]
187797487we should just all speak english: why bother with all these different languages? eventually we will …[View]
187792302International video games discussion thread: What games are you playing in your country this weekend…[View]
187795584How evil is your country?[View]
187796150What happens here?[View]
187794394i have not tasted another cunt's cuisine in a year[View]
187797524do europeans regret american influence?[View]
187793207Australian girls look like THAT??![View]
187794653>tfw no black girls in your country to make your gf[View]
187796685Thoughts on countries in red?[View]
187795229Is there a misconception that sports are good for you in your country? >Left 38 yo >Right 28…[View]
187794881There's an expression in Russia called 'Volcha yagoda' (wolfberry). It's any berry that lo…[View]
187797045What was your last meal?: Pic rel[View]
187796865Where do you want to live? For me, it’s the UK, United Kingdom, Britain, Great Britain, and England.[View]
187797118In which ways Americans fucked with your country?[View]
187796385>Have a meme language degree and master >Apply to receptionist jobs in hotel because 'le chatG…[View]
187794262Could they pass as locals in your country?[View]
187797002the descendants of warriors[View]
187796793Most dangerous jobs you've worked?: Worked as a tower climber for over a year in Asia[View]
187794401India folded: An Indian Air Force plane has landed in Canada. Most likely containing the one diploma…[View]
187787433I'm making a travel itinerary for Japan, and Jesus Christ going there is so expensive. I am a c…[View]
187796974What phenotype is this?[View]
187795619do they really?[View]
187796936how do you respond in your country without sounding mad?[View]
187796914My ancestors :)[View]
187795178why do american zoomers dress so terribly[View]
187796872How would asians pronounce the word 'election'?[View]
187796472What will Poland look like in 100 years?: Most geopolitical observers agree Poland is the next globa…[View]
187795979Would she consider me white?[View]
187796747/brot/: Dating prospects edition[View]
187792135Sverigetråden - Asiatupplagan[View]
187793163/brit/: dog edish[View]
187796419How often does it snow in England?[View]
187796404Name a beverage that is from your country only I'll start USA Root beer float[View]
187796628I will be emigrating to Québec tomorrow as a stowaway on this here vessel. I expect to have room and…[View]
187793390blessings upon you, how are you enjoying your Sunday so far anons? I hope your Sunday is absolutely …[View]
187796507when you point out that western countries standard of living has been steadily declining for the pas…[View]
187796388it's like the Iraqi going to Saudi and selling them the phrase 'all the world is ours…[View]
187793818Fell in the «asians having to leave Saudi Arabia» ig algorithm. Any of you part of this unknown demo…[View]
187796223They are on the spotlight. On every board there are memes about them, and now they are making the he…[View]
187792582is it safe for us to post on this board yet[View]
187794432they got that dawg in them[View]
187794289Why is this place so bland and boring? I have been to almost all eu countries and there is barely an…[View]
187796210Can i get a rundown on all the blue states?[View]
187796122How does melodic Portuguese sounds to foreing people? Rate it please. https://youtu.be/3D03ZeoBkG0?s…[View]
187794973Why is europe so shit? Look at asia, mexico, peru or colombia. All fun places with gorgeous landscap…[View]
187795853Is it over in your country?[View]
187769664Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド 終了のおしらせ: Previous: >>187729800 Japanese Learning Thread: >>…[View]
187795472We need more tourist in India: how can we get e-thots to go there and experience India?[View]
187794792Just took a walk in the local Park. Happy People everywhere, people with friends, couples and famili…[View]
187794901>Crackhead soprano was singing outside my apartment at 3:00 am again[View]
187795861Autism, the country[View]
187794346romania is healing[View]
187794857Is your country pro-LGBT+? Are you pro-LGBT+ in your country?[View]
187795689california: scorching weather, burning all the time, 2 hours driving to buy some eggs, no sidewalks,…[View]
187792731Why is everyone so rude to indians? Poor guys :([View]
187794638>Americans pay a tiny fraction of their massive wages for insurance and all their medical bill al…[View]
187791645Did accent in your cunt changed recently? Post a video from your cunt in the 90s or 80s and check it…[View]
187788155what happens here?[View]
187795549Unironically, afro-hues not have as culture only rap and roberry. They actually eat african food, fr…[View]
187784023It really do be like this[View]
187792967Luxembourg is creepy[View]
187790601Are you man enough to handle demanding norwegian love?[View]
187790814What are some cow breeds from your country?[View]
187794597Paki bros our cope?[View]
187795004>Eurocucks are getting buttraped by muslims and blacks and they are busy seething about India ins…[View]
187789959Why are anglo men like this? Americans, Aussies and Brits, explain yourselves[View]
187793636Hit jump to random phenotype, result is your gf/bf http://humanphenotypes.net/[View]
187790329what is the most hated and joked about accent in your country? in saudi arabia it is the accent of a…[View]
187795245Everytime I hear a fristoid here whinging about how bad his county is, and he is like, oh my God my …[View]
187756784/skandi/: Lidl udgaven[View]
187795016Where do I find women who look like this[View]
187778710/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição sorriso no rosto. Ultimo >>187775294[View]
187790841why the fuck would anyone go to the philippines for sex?[View]
187794927>Prior to the mid-19th century, the Dutch were one of the shortest populations in Europe, reachin…[View]
187794960Which stocks do you own in your country?[View]
187794956if your country is on this list it needs to rethink its choices and sort itself out[View]
187783796/norgetråden/: Ekornape-utgaven Forrige: >>187758266 >>187758266 >>187758266…[View]
187794062Today I had a dream where Poland invaded skibidi toilets, what dreams did you have today in your cou…[View]
187793801If you are an ESL, then you should avoid browsing online spaces where other ESLs hang out (such as t…[View]
187790048is this country good at anything?[View]
187787607why are they laughing when talking about their mother?[View]
187794520English is a dialect of French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-go2Lk6hqA&t=1229s[View]
187794371I suffer as an anglophile in my country...[View]
187788239/polska/: edycja Phantom Assassin (jest teraz metą)[View]
187789496One Piece characters nationality[View]
187792741Do you use public transport in your country?[View]
187788058Write something in your Germanic language and I will try to guess what you’re saying[View]
187790517At least you don't have to work 13 hours a day. And worked continuously for 24 days. Nothing to…[View]
187777211The person in the middle is a Korean laborer, and the person on the right is a Japanese pilot. The J…[View]
187776602New Johnny Somali just dropped[View]
187793550This is a reincarnation simulator made by our country. It calculates probabilistic based on the curr…[View]
187794250>volume up >volume down >volume up >volume down >volume up >volume down >volume…[View]
187794088it's 20:10 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
187793460Did you know there’s no word for suffering in Italian?[View]
187793297Why are Americans like this in 2023 ? I just saw a big budget movie in avant première because I know…[View]
187791480I like India, pajeetas are so cute, pajeets are so peacefull, even being poor...[View]
187787904/Nederdraad/: dienstmeisjes editie[View]
187791744>beans on toast it is good, why do anglo haters seethe?[View]
187790651Did you know this country has 114 million people? how many Filipinos would it take to produce an Ein…[View]
187793569Are things going unnoticed in your cunt ?[View]
187790408Kazakhchads... I kneel[View]
187793371Is england a bad place to retire, why are boomers leaving?[View]
187787978the webm that broke /int/[View]
187780204Reminder that black normies call it how it is and niggas are seeing this ad as AMWF.[View]
187793471Europeans refuse to tip in America: Should America close its borders to Europeans?[View]
187788899Are bikes popular in your cunt[View]
187791696Oof. Say goodbye to crypto expat paradise.: https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-thailand-tax-overs…[View]
187790100Does your cunt have cool famous prankers?: Ours is extremely sociopathic but VERY charismatic and is…[View]
187793306Are you looking forward to middle age in your country?[View]
187793227What goes on here outside of Birmingham and Coventry? What’s it like?[View]
187782878Which of these countries are European?[View]
187791061/brit/: Chelsea F.C. edition[View]
187786754asians: Do asians make jokes? or do things for fun? I think they only work[View]
187789213>literal tyrant that killed millions and ruled with an iron fist >national hero that is celebr…[View]
187790452Where do you want to live? For me, it’s the UK.[View]
187788390>21 century >getting married can you imagine LMFAO…[View]
187790230Poland vs Russia: who would win?[View]
187787074Americans don't really eat fruit. For instance: most americans have never had a kiwi before[View]
187786030Sverigetråden - städis upplaga: >städade asgnarp[View]
187781045moid bros?[View]
187789563Indian girls: What makes them so irresistible? I think it's the eyes[View]
187786726The loss at Stalingrad was the fault of the Hungarian and Romanian flanks, mein Führer[View]
187783577/sauna/: Vedenalainen painos[View]
187776109/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Pineapple edition[View]
187791554no... my plump princess... why??[View]
187786020What if Switzerland annexed Europe and everyone's province became a Swiss canton?[View]
187792094What made Les Schtroumpfs the biggest belgian export in the world? Was it popular in your cunt? >…[View]
187790964why is every single western video game franchise mishandled or driven into the ground compared to ja…[View]
187783258Whenever I thought muricans could not get any lower, they always suprised me.[View]
187788577Can you imagine being a German named Hermann? Or a Finn named Finn? Or a Frenchman named Francois? O…[View]
187786391you vvill eat at mcdonalds[View]
187791806https://youtu.be/MIgpmLuGXCc?si=sKwm3F2h_uRpBYlq Is this an accurate representation of how Filipino …[View]
187789921Argentina: Why are they like this[View]
187734322/tr/: Qüno[View]
187790075Why is Germany much more liberal than nords about regulating alcohol/tobacco consumption?[View]
187788866i am chinese[View]
187786764Do people still wear masks in your country?[View]
187786609>years ago medical doctors in Italy confirmed a case of a waifer turning into flesh of a man duri…[View]
187786749this would be the world if the Bolshevik didnt win the civil war. W or L[View]
187787606Internationally speaking, how would you gender this person in your country?[View]
187787988>Stop killing black transwomen[View]
187789447Average italian zoomer[View]
187790858What are the women from here like?[View]
187789412When did you realize your country was inferior?[View]
187787136Why is the Internet Japanese?: In memes and popular internet culture, you always hear about neko, ka…[View]
187791475I always thought Saudi Arabia was a bad country to live in. But then they built an empty skyscraper …[View]
187783234what country do you believe has the most beautiful women, /int/?[View]
187791260Are you hopeful about the future in your country?[View]
187789469In fact, SK's salary is higher than Samsung's[View]
187788594Are Americans even human?[View]
187789869Are there any memes in the Muslim world that make fun of faggot?[View]
1877890191941-2023: Rest in piece.[View]
187791005Autumn general: The weather is cooling down, rain is settling in. The farmers are all harvesting the…[View]
187788185I am Asian, but I have only ever had white gfs. I cant tell my family because they would flay me ali…[View]
187790839Redpill me on the Serbian phenotype[View]
187791281Anyone used the Pimsleur technique for leading a language? How do you prevent yourself from forgetti…[View]
187790493If your cunt doesn't have brunettes, blondes and redheads at the same time (+ all the eye color…[View]
187791194What are working class men like in your country? Do they also enjoy copious amounts of alchohol and …[View]
187789395/brit/: Fawlty Towers edition[View]
187787510What even happens in Bosnia outside of Sarajevo and Banja Luka?[View]
187784077A passable USED car costs 20k euros I dont even make that sum in a year, wtf do car makers think tha…[View]
187787251>local shaman said i have to find the urine of a virgin girl to get rid of the demons plaguing my…[View]
187788472>*Ding Ding* >*Ding Ding* >*Ding Ding* >*Ding Ding* Happens un your country?…[View]
187790880shitain is JUST[View]
187790876This is what France used to be about[View]
187785101I cant bear the sight of normal healthy happy people. Does this happen in your country?[View]
187789913Japs have not changed[View]
187785821How is this not just a worse version of India?[View]
187784776Indian unification: What do Indians, Pakistanis and Bengalis think about this? Is this just a schizo…[View]
187786255What fetish is your cunt?[View]
187776973kurva anyátok[View]
187790626My dream is to visit baikonur cosmodrome and pay respects to my hero: sergei korolev[View]
187779158Anglophobia causes this to happen[View]
187788355which chinese cartoon spiritually represents your country?[View]
187778867your country? do you prefer corruption or reverse-corruption?[View]
187787396uhh... talking about the mcd ads, we already got an anime based one a year ago, but why is no one ta…[View]
187788136Why is it that only in Finland we can make proper chicken legs? Why don't you have food culture…[View]
187789506>tfw not born in america it’s over[View]
187789004Is it over in your country?: >27 years old >live at home >hair is thinning slightly >kis…[View]
187789302Why Does SEA Dislike East Asia?: Seems like EA props a lot of SEA up with investments.[View]
187789416lmao, there's no way that's true[View]
187785305Have ever dated someone from another country? Would you ever date someone from another country?[View]
187789866I wanna have a cute Moro GF[View]
187785657What is life like in India?[View]
187789650/esp/ hilo español[View]
187787755There is nothing more humiliating for a country than having a tourism-based economy. All the best p…[View]
187784019>If you don't tip you fucking die[View]
187788134the west won: It's over zhongguobros[View]
187789069Im a disabled korean truecel society wants me dead because im deformed. Id rather be born with no le…[View]
187788069Is India a good country to live in?[View]
187783899/brit/: death edition[View]
187787160what happened to low waist jeans in your country: it was my favorite thing on woman.[View]
187784710When you take islam too seriously[View]
187785337America is just not a good place to live in. I say this as someone who is like 95th percentile in te…[View]
187787681There is an old Russian proverb that says 'When they cut off your head, why cry over a few hairs?'[View]
187788591How are recruit agents actual like in your country?[View]
187789134What’s something that your countrymen do that you hate?[View]
187786632White people 'refugees' like ucranians >country is in war >refugees are women and children …[View]
187780602Do you work in your country?[View]
187784946I want to apply for Romanian citizenship. It will cost almost a thousand euros to collect all my doc…[View]
187788816nukes can't be that bad if they almost became the world's largest economy and enormously c…[View]
187780944name your: >favourite israeli person >favourite israeli invention >favourite israeli city …[View]
187735600Post ethnic mixes German-filipino[View]
187788175Is this accurate?[View]
187785047what would it take for you to live your myth in turkey?[View]
187776913/balk/: Meds were never an option edition Last: >>187755198[View]
187784829Two years ago a russian femanon posted this vocaroo. I saved it and listen to it regularly when I…[View]
187786315Treasure: I want to find a treasure in my country, similar to the picture. How can I do it? I would …[View]
187783494Why are most Europeans unaware of their brother nations hidden within Russian Federation?[View]
187787490Why do Indians love Archie?[View]
187787439Racism is scientifically and morally correct.[View]
187784974Act as an average Japanese right now[View]
187783669Yummy yummy in my tummy: It's our kulcha[View]
187787600Australians are rising up against the tranny dictatorship. Is this happening in your country? >ht…[View]
187786194Why are Japanese people so clean and polite?[View]
187779393Italians are WHITE: I finally accepted it. They are white, and they’re probably whiter than you.…[View]
187779556/polska/ + /ISR/: edycja kamienic których nie oddam[View]
187785431How we doin' tonight MIKTAfriends?[View]
187785761>under 178 cunts females >over 178 cunts males simple as…[View]
187786275Have you ever served in your country's army?[View]
1877861701. Your country 2. Is your phone screen cracked or are you a loser?[View]
187786429Why are you mean to me? Because…am too cute?[View]
187782149/deutsch/ solide Handarbeitausgabe[View]
187784193Fun fact: there are more obelisks in italy than in egypt[View]
187781892India- Italy frendship thread: Hope our countries have a fruitful relationship[View]
187782212I don't think I'm gonna make it (in my country)[View]
187786101Can't get any conversation on interpals: Such is life for an Indian[View]
187782844>invaded, massacred and colonized arabs for almost a century >shamelessly considers arabs as t…[View]
187786328So what are your hobbies in ur cunt beyond foreign languages?[View]
187786099does your country have an insane coffee culture? >Sweden >Yes, barely anyone functions without…[View]
187781518The image that wrecked a whole region ...[View]
187783820How do you say 'Le café est servi...' in your country?[View]
187784357Macedon did more than Athens and Sparta combined: Why isn't it more famous than those two?…[View]
187784697Is it easy to find time for friends and social life in your country among everyday tasks, work etc.?[View]
187783193Is Spain the only place where the capital and/or biggest city in the country happens to be the chudd…[View]
187784902What would you do to get a Swiss passport right now?[View]
187786439Guess where it's eaten[View]
187783629Philippines veri guud!: What makes their cuntry so shitty? - bad infrastructure What else?[View]
187785939The american mind cannot comprehend this[View]
187784455How do we fix the Turkish inferiority complex towards Europe?[View]
187786215Is this what freedom looks like?[View]
187786607Anyone here who unironically gives a fuck about the Asian game?[View]
187786593Are frogs underrated in your cunt? England likes frogs but I think people should like them more.[View]
187786521>brown >poor >catholic >raped by the spanish Are they Latinx?…[View]
187782914>your country >do you legally own a firearm in your country? Austria yes…[View]
187783892/brit/: You've Been Framed edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 1[View]
187783157Do people prefer the aquiline or straight nose in your country?[View]
187783541White genocide is real. White boys are going extinct[View]
187785694I wish France won the Seven Years' War so we'd be saying honhon baguette instead of brunch…[View]
187783375what's boomer-hellworld in your country?[View]
187783456Can't we all just be friends[View]
187778892does heat affect a country’s development?[View]
187785219>fall asleep on my keyboard >accidently write a polish novel…[View]
187776093English is a shit language and I can prove it: How do you even know, when reading a text, when to re…[View]
187785355What is the best sounding language and why is it Polish?[View]
187786006East Asians: Why are they larping as some completely separate races with completely different cultur…[View]
187781917>'Nihao!' >no soy chino por favor porque no como gato This is how you survive in latin america…[View]
187784771Would you date a drug addict?[View]
187783284Do you have these cunts in your cunt? In Frane, every Sunday they come out en masse and shit up the …[View]
187785695ITS UP: /INT/'S MOST KINO COUPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anANFi1mh8E&t=5s&ab_c…[View]
187784181New NJB kino just dropped. https://youtu.be/HACaRm2KP6Q?si=cNcTUKSmYeS_VKxV[View]
187778487I refuse to believe that Europe is going to disappear.: It's not going to happen.[View]
187785396There's nothing more pathetic than chinks acting all patriotic towards Australia and acting all…[View]
187784775>ywn live in white america, ever it's literally over. my family tells me stories of when the…[View]
187784381>wants people to be happy >rejects hedonistic materialism >wants to preserve and restore Ea…[View]
187783149How come they're all literate with their own writing systems, despite having such low IQs?[View]
187783580/sauna/: Leffateatterit eivät halua sinun tietävän tätä tekniikkaa -painos[View]
187784797why are americans like this?[View]
187784131Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
187781006What went so wrong with USA and Europe[View]
187775969Females and males are attracted to each other by instinct. By reproduction instinct. But also, every…[View]
187775783/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
187783745Mexican Food: Is Mexican food popular in your country? Do you like it?[View]
187784638>just lift bro… Fuckers have been giving me bad advice for years. It all about self grooming and …[View]
187784762Have they actually been the good guys all along?[View]
187784650>mrw i see americans whine about a $15/hour wage you don't know suffering…[View]
187782804>father's first language is cantonese >mother's first language is polish >i can o…[View]
187783271post delicacies from your country this is tillimakaroni, it's cold macaroni seasoned with dill…[View]
187784672Your country is too young, too simple, sometimes naïve[View]
187783217the new revelation of america the most christian cunt: >my lord what should we do to become rich …[View]
187781767Latin civilisation at top and Germanic civilisation at bottom.[View]
187783878good morning sir we were getting high before it was cool[View]
187784128Why do you still visit this dead board in your country[View]
187784457I don't care to know any more Finland facts[View]
187784567This place is so fascinating and exotic, despite being so close to where I live.[View]
187784352Do you greet strangers casually in your country? I lived in Tokyo for a long time, and I know they a…[View]
187783756Does pic related have the most obnoxious internet users?[View]
187783172Just found out Europe bans gay men from buying a baby while mine is just fine with it. When my count…[View]
187782948/esp/: Edición Filemón.[View]
187784432Proud moment of India: White people loves us[View]
187781193Why is america so underdeveloped?[View]
187784272question for americans: do you guys tip at mcdonald and burger king?[View]
187784092make it stop[View]
187781602Do women point and laugh at you in the street for being a virgin in ur xunt?[View]
187783942take notes east asia, this is how you make vidya characters trad[View]
187783913Do you have Baptism in your country ?: >Flag Yes, I was just a small boy when my parent's th…[View]
187775169>Flag >At what age did you become lactose intolerant PR 25…[View]
187781356Dors this happen in your nation?[View]
187782894Georgian bread: Topic of the bread-I often hear Turks being called invasive for running successful b…[View]
187783690Why do Asian men suffer in the West?[View]
187781693/brit/: /egg/[View]
187781280India Appreciation Thread[View]
187773968Sverigetråden - Informativaupplagan: ALL INFORMATION OM SKOUNOTRÄFFEN VARJE DAG >VAR Utanför Sko …[View]
187783441why do they hate leafs so much[View]
187776507Do you see guys with 'girlfriends' in your cunt?[View]
187783670its like we all know its going down but no ones saying shit what happened to the home of the brave? …[View]
187781784How accurate is this?[View]
187782572Was he a good prime minister? He looks like a nice man[View]
187782977Post a more powerful passport combination. Pro tip: You cant. Expert tip: You're mad and jealou…[View]
187783539Does your country have mid women?[View]
187783439can any anglo pls confirm my theory thay Amber is short for Amberger[View]
187778218Serious question: Where in the world did Cows originate from?[View]
187765777/sauna/: Pitääkö mun lukita sut takahuoneeseen? -painos[View]
187783009/شأشأ/ /mena/: Prophet Muhammed edition[View]
187781288what the fuck is wrong with wh*Te people[View]
187782862billions must burger[View]
187781420Why are Koreans committing suicide?: This is the best time in history for Koreans. just leave from k…[View]
187780311Spanish Bastard?: Writing a scene, but my Spanish is Really Rusty, I also know Mexican Spanish isn…[View]
187781210Asian sports: Do you like western sports or a sport that no one plays outside asia[View]
187783176Mexico has built the first bullet train in the Americas: whats wrong with you americans, you were ou…[View]
187781016/Maghreb+egypt/: طبعة نهضة الإتحاد المغاربي تحت قيادة جلالة الملك الحسن التالت[View]
187782827How do asian males cope with their women fantasies?[View]
187781469What do the normies of your country do for fun? What are their hobbies and interests[View]
187783153Have you bought enough koler for the weekend in your country? Me: No, I'm out of it[View]
187779234How common is it to find SEA-looking nipponese?[View]
187780124filipinobros, care to explain?[View]
187758266/norgetråden/: Lørdagsfest--utgaven Forrige: >>187743969 >>187743969 >>187743969…[View]
187783025Differences between Japanese and Korean/Chinese The Chinese and Koreans are emotional and call for a…[View]
187782891This country is run by pussies and pacificists. They cant even guarantee the safety of its own citiz…[View]
187775615Why do indians eat cow poo?[View]
187780557As a brown man from a colonized country, I can confirm that this is true. I think every brown and bl…[View]
187780885'Wooste-sha' Explain yourselves britbongs[View]
187780553In america you can only drink alcohol after age 21. Not just strong drinks but even beer. you also …[View]
187782696if this is your ideal woman, you are a brown man at heart[View]
187781333How would the upcoming Chinese-American War play out?: How horrifying will it be? Post your opinions…[View]
187779212reading about what germans did to jews, gypsies and slavs makes me feel nauseous. why are germans li…[View]
187781119big love to india from brasil!![View]
187781880I am an international communist, does this happen in your country[View]
187782749>your average romanian[View]
187782689How different is their culture from the mainland?[View]
187774564I hate trannies and I hate men. Does this also happen in your country?[View]
187778606Eyes of /int/: Post your eyes and we’ll guess what you are. I’ll start.[View]
187782479>be a canadian citizen living in canada >Get murdered by the indian government Dumbest nation…[View]
187782573Discount switzerland[View]
187782556We'll get in your car and you'll lean to kiss me We'll talk for hours and lie on the …[View]
187782471America greatest nation on earth[View]
187781002I live in a shithole suburb but they decided to build a supermarket which is like 8 minutes walking …[View]
187780099if this wasnt a macdonald ad no amerimutt or westerner wouldve been triggered lol. this shit controv…[View]
187782346Mwy wisdwom tweeth are aww gwoing and nwow my gummie wummies are aww twender Dwos dis happen in you…[View]
187780337Japan Korea friendship thread[View]
187778001Why do Koreans shave off their jawbones to look more feminine when they have natural gigachad chins?[View]
187782016how would you save them?[View]
187779605Bring back the F-22. Can't believe we bought these pieces of shit.[View]
187781933Princess Kako of Akishino, Japan[View]
187781136Do you miss middle school, high school and college in your country[View]
187779632Latam criminals are white: Do chicanx realize how white they are?[View]
187782038Repent sinners https://youtu.be/i-3h9TQ312c?si=nF-yjqwAZ-PHJyhS[View]
187781766drinkypoos: i go to work all week just so i can get drunk on the weekends. you will never be as base…[View]
187770799NACHTSCHICHT /deutsch/: Sonntagmorgen - Ausgabe[View]
187780646Eurobros, when was the last time you met with a Gypsy?[View]
187781192Franco's police was ironically based: At that moment the leftists have no balls to confront the…[View]
187779429/brit/: mmm yum beans and eggs edition[View]
187781462ENTRA GREECE[View]
187770593why do other latinos hate us so much? is it because we are not as ugly as you and we are world champ…[View]
187781559Why do Americans put peanuts in the butter?[View]
187780880>The word for dog in Navajo translates as 'shit pet' Ohnononononono how will dogoids recover?…[View]
187780608Advise to thai people: make sure to end all yoursentences with a 'kráp' even when speaking english![View]
187780750Do you have a mommy make out day in your cunt?[View]
187780904Is this what the American dream looks like?[View]
187779258Philippines, the greatest Taiwan's ally[View]
187779100Do you have a malnutrition in your country?[View]
187779646finnish niggas be like 'see you in the morning' then sleep from late october to early march[View]
187778655why do americans use a microwave to boil water[View]
187781160Morning:Woke up to the soothing sound of the Aegean Sea. Morning beach walk and Greek coffee at a lo…[View]
187780823Which country has the most Asian fetish girls?[View]
187774420I'm a Polish supremacist.[View]
187780043Tourists are all racial trash[View]
187779316What year did globohomo start in your country? Here it was around 2018 that it started to not feel l…[View]
187779401America fucking sucks: I am tired of pretending it doesn’t[View]
187778158Shitalians invented the 'za. My people perfected it.[View]
187779563What happens in Dominica?[View]
187779151/한국어/: 아메리카의 꿈[View]
187780205America Beat Canada: >Be Canadian >Foster another anti-American delusional psy op to cope wit…[View]
187780626What is it about an Argentine Jersey that makes it so sexy[View]
187779476Why don’t Iraqis dress like this anymore?[View]
187779780>be socialist country >divide your country into autonomous ethnic nation-state republics >w…[View]
187739068/asean/: axilas húmedas y sudorosas ausgabe[View]
187779068How intelligent, athletic, wealthy, socially outgoing and sexually active are you in your country[View]
187779455Study Asian languages.[View]
187780470Have germans always been so incestuous?[View]
187780540GAYMERS WON![View]
187779757Squid gamer bros... Not like this...[View]
187774489Why are WMAF and BMLF so common in the US? Despite the memes on here, these are easily the most comm…[View]
187778013This is what happens when you dont speak English[View]
187780320why not hire americans?[View]
187780379The Mediterranean is a suffering-free zone. Anyone from this region claiming to suffer is a LIAR.[View]
187739150/شأشأ/ /mena/: شقيقي بقى بسم ___ توكلنا على ___ ء[View]
187779483Is he famous in your country?[View]
187771686Is the West a bubble coasting off centuries of previous generations accumulating wealth?[View]
187779094SINO-EUROPEAN AXIS: Name one reason why this would be a bad thing[View]
187779998Do I look Japanese(Jomon)? I'm half Japanese.[View]
187780065America and Canada are now dystopian hellholes: Somehow America and Canada went from being great cou…[View]
187778439Just put 4channel on my website blocker Once I press f5 I won't be able to come to this website…[View]
187779197customs in my country are soo fucking shit aaaaaa[View]
187778947What does this look like?[View]
187778031What the fuck is wrong with Indian men?[View]
187780137I like this pic a lot. 10 years ago I would've said we were on the right, but now I think we…[View]
187780073How common is heterosexual anal sex in your country?[View]
187777380Last night I had a dream that Australia had fallen into anarchy, in this dream I was being chased by…[View]
187779875Is Ronaldo actually Portuguese?: (internationally of course)[View]
187776791Is dip tobacco good?[View]
187769102Imagine how much intellectual capital the Wes is missing out on in Africa. Let them in![View]
187779027thoughts on anarchism?[View]
187774417Why are these annoying foreign YouTubers targeting Japan? We are all docile sheep and rabbits unlike…[View]
187779227Ikea Looking for tables: I hope I could find a good table Weird I don't see any customers…[View]
187776406What do people in your country think of corridos tumbados (newest genre in mexican music)?[View]
187776105I would like to know why this specific zone is producing so many high-level wrestling and weightlift…[View]
187779604did you know Most americans never seen Orange yolk?: most Americans eat food thats so toxic that its…[View]
187778273Did you know that Nordoids put cheese in flavored tubes?[View]
187776114we did it bros....: we're in....[View]
187774432Japanese tourists here Do not go to Singapore We just paid $1k sgd for 3.5kg crab a few days ago Ari…[View]
187778272>when you're favorite streamer isn't online does this happen internationally?…[View]
187779277Why does this state upset people so much? It's one of the best places to live in if you have th…[View]
187779435countries similar to South Korea[View]
187778321How am I supposed to write this shit. Why do you people have such a retarded alphabet.[View]
187775689/brit/: Grocery Shopping Edition[View]
187763864/polska/ + /asean/: edycja fajnego czatrumiku comfy chatroom edition motyw/theme: https://www.youtub…[View]
187777133Why should anyone care about what race someone chooses to procreate with?[View]
187778912Alcoholics around the world should thank China[View]
187777498Why Filipinos don't rename thier islands?[View]
187779345This image speaks volumes[View]
187778733Which countries have the best dog breeds?[View]
187779333Would you consider this man huwhite?: I have noticed as a brown Muslim man that the darkest european…[View]
187779252when are mods going to add a korean culture (/kr) board?[View]
187777430I have never seen snow. I suffer in this tropical shithole.[View]
187779222Finland is a shithole: You cannot drink Finnish tapwater on Urjala city for the moment Urjala is kno…[View]
187778124Vietnam is East Asia[View]
187778037>1 second after you visit a porn website in Worst Korea[View]
187777666Why is Saudi Arabia locking up all their religious leaders and allowing kpop concerts to take place …[View]
187777624> open /int/ >see you discussing Japan Why are you obsessed with us?…[View]
187776848It actually amazes me that i will live to see Europe become minority white (and most likely with a s…[View]
187778350South American women are the best: You can’t even argue against this[View]
187778173can indian bros explain to me why does this stuff happen a lot in india? like i remember reading abo…[View]
187776907Whould you date a girl from another country?[View]
187778605What flag is the most attractive for a man and what one is most attractive for a woman? Like what fl…[View]
187779040The most pure form of race mixing is between European Peoples and Indigenous Americans. I wholly bel…[View]
187776608>fuck off, shitsk- Wow[View]
187776637What causes a grown man to play a lalafell in ffxiv?[View]
187776167Are Indian doctors the best in your country?[View]
187776773Seeing WMAF couples is so surreal: Like I'm seeing Aryan gods flush away their genes in real ti…[View]
187772344In argensimia this is considered white btw. Never trust argensimians (or any other latam btw, brazil…[View]
187777587>go to barber shop >get hair cut >barber will not stop talking to me >barber takes break…[View]
187778480Do women have a lot of baggage in your country? How much baggage is too much baggage?[View]
187778087Australian are so paranoid of us it's ridiculous[View]
187777304Your country how funny is this?[View]
187774931Manliest man in Riyadh.[View]
187777775Can we take one moment to appreciated the United States of America?[View]
187778461just a vent: I just wanted to be an 18-25yo NEETA american so badly, living in the midwest or New En…[View]
187777452Did accent in your cunt changed recently? Post a video from your cunt in the 90s or 80s and check it…[View]
187775294/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição Asian Girl Ultimo: >>187772720[View]
187774772a country full of soul[View]
187776136>chudcels in 2016: >Facts don't care about your feelings, feminist! >Wow... we surely …[View]
187778474What's the ethnic makeup of your university like[View]
187777690what cartoons are popular in your cunt?[View]
187778113Survival of the fittest: Liberal genes will be eliminated while conservative genes will be perpetuat…[View]
187766863Every country should have a Japanese leader[View]
187778279Was he innocent in your country?[View]
187777465>dissatisfied with my life >everyone has to collectively suffer for me to feel better why is…[View]
187774895Foreigners did this.[View]
187777122>(formerly Twitter)[View]
187775943Your country How good are you with cars? I'll start; USA I can change a timing belt, refill wip…[View]
187778167Is it possible to suffer in Italy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxxms-HaeIo[View]
187777521Today is Sunday. What do you do in your country? I'm at work[View]
187778112why do japanese peepo love claw machines so much[View]
187773590Did you know the Mormons managed to build an expansive complex on the Mount of Olives right in the m…[View]
187776501Is this accurate for your cunt?[View]
187776987I love Koreans There is no more handsome race than Koreans[View]
187776831Was he a white hispanic?[View]
187775839I want an Ashkenazi wife to make high IQ niglets. Which country should I go to?[View]
187775626Why do Japs draw themselves as White in their cartoons? It makes no sense. >'T-they are Japanese,…[View]
187777523Every single day I dream about moving to Oslo, Norway Starting a life there for myself[View]
1877770801. Your country 2. Did you save this webm for the butt or for the feet?[View]
187771940Portugal's biggest mistake[View]
187775484Challenge: Here's a challenge for lonely anons, casually mention a gf in front of your family.…[View]
187775518North America is fucking awful: Having lived in both Canada and the US, I can confidently say that t…[View]
187777719In Germany Before The War There was a man who owned a store In nineteen hundred thirty four In Dusse…[View]
187777657He’s literally me[View]
187777569I hate this country so goddamn much but I missed my chance and I will never escape this evil hellhol…[View]
187770934Why did daylight saving time fail?[View]
187775440God bless America[View]
187777365their english isn't that good. how do we help our finnbros have less thick of an accent[View]
187776409>be Korean >get koreaboo pussies >be Japanese >women are hunted by gaijin It’s over…[View]
187767936I live in a city called Beautiful Horizon In fact, the building I live in can be seen in this pictur…[View]
187772474Is this all there is to Swedish culture?[View]
187775336I love women, trannies and men. Does this also happen in your country?[View]
187775917Northern europeans paint their faces in order to look scary, then they take their musical instrument…[View]
187766497/dixie/ + friends: FRIDAY NIGHT edition[View]
187777209My stupid mother thinks my generation are entitled because we think social security is a scam. She h…[View]
187777321In early 1943, the second world war raged across multiple theatres. Hitler’s army had just suffered …[View]
187753627How do I seduce chubby Arab girls?[View]
187775986https://www.varsitytutors.com/ap_world_history-practice-tests#diagnostic-tests-section I did all 11 …[View]
187775444Did your country have evil clown sightings back in 2016?[View]
187777224How popular is chess in your country?[View]
187767461/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: The /nightwalker/ edition[View]
187774092If your parents threw you out on the streets right now, would you be able to survive in your country…[View]
187773282Da fuck timmydeau gonna do?[View]
187776371Good sources of info about cultural genocide, like when China moves non-terrorist Chinamen into trad…[View]
187776078Would you marry an Asian woman in your country?[View]
187774941Do you have yellow pipo in your country[View]
187770602What happens here[View]
187776170/int/ is so hostile at this hour[View]
187769390Thoughts on Boers in your cunt?[View]
187775237what character is from your cunt. despite not being from your cunt. at all? >jade and jake are fr…[View]
187774425How come white Americans constantly lick the boots of every corporation?[View]
187775722I used to sneak into hotel resorts to use their pools back as a kid: What's your sneaking stori…[View]
187776190Good night[View]
187776572Good morning[View]
187770129How can we achieve TND (total narco death)?[View]
187775428Could this work?[View]
187773961Why are girls from this country so much on the lookout for the european cock?[View]
187775903Do you pee your pants ?: be honest[View]
187774299“I LOVE JAPAN!!!! ACKKKKKKK” happens in your country?[View]
187776244have you ever been to rural spain?[View]
187776066What makes the Japanese do this?[View]
187770663do ppl speak english or american in your cuntry?: >English is Illinois's official language. …[View]
187762275Is this considered white in your country ?[View]
187775754Are people in your country into ghae gobe?[View]
187769245/lat/ - hilo latino: edición pekora[View]
187775070what are some popular musical stars in your country? here in the U.S taylor swift uses her army of y…[View]
187775248>middle of winter >indians wearing flip flops >middle of rainy season >indians wearing f…[View]
187776197Do you support people immigrating to nordic countries?[View]
187776040Do you Iove Japan?[View]
187774505I'm Canadian and was a NEET for over 10 years, but after 4 years of hard work (and no formal ed…[View]
187773281>jeets really believe that the only reason they are not rich and a superpower is because of nigel…[View]
187775980do you have women like this in your country?[View]
187774899So which country has the most beautiful women[View]
187767042>arrive in Mexico >hear funky town in the distance…[View]
187775212If you go to Japan and speak in casual form with them they'll get offended.[View]
187775393Really makes you think: Is this a normal Arab behavior?[View]
187774341Give me magical objects: Hello there, your friend Gale has arrived. Your friend Gale must consume mo…[View]
187774113Monte of color[View]
187775445what is your hometown’s rich and sovlfull history?: when the state was founded some guy bribed the s…[View]
187771478/brit/: China is unreal peng edition[View]
187767306VGH... WHAT COVLD HAVE BEEN....[View]
187771129Is it just me or do these places have kinda the same energy?[View]
187772685Lets be honest here: trans rights are human rights. My cunt recognizes trans rights. Does yours?[View]
187763443/Nederdraad/: GEEB. GULBEN. TRUK[View]
187767652Which Part of China Are You From?[View]
187767141Iceland is, without a doubt, one of the countries of all time Certainly in the universe, maybe even…[View]
187770202/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição chocolate branco. Ultimo: >>187767064[View]
187775530No suffering in the southern cone: Apartments in the richest areas of Argentina are literally a frac…[View]
187770453How will you deal with the reality that all the UFO and alien stuff is real when it soon gets reveal…[View]
187772260I coined a new word in English today. It's lollerkek lollerkek is when a post makes you lol but…[View]
187765847What happens here? Preferably non-political sorts of stuff I'm not interested in your gay argum…[View]
187775413Ethio/Sudan/Somali/Egypt anons, what are your view on the completion of the renaissance dam?[View]
187772865Most underrated cuisine in the world desu. Caribbean food is god tier.[View]
187772720/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Montevideo edition. Ultimo: >>187770202[View]
187775231Designated niggresstory thread: What's your favorite kingkong I mean kingdom? hard mode, no …[View]
187774177Total Med Genetic Superiority[View]
187768999Is India ok?[View]
187774426>speaking to Europeans they still think of America as being like it was in 1985 Why are they so d…[View]
187774815Say something nice about us.[View]
187765900Thoughts on this red blooded American in your country?[View]
187774135What country/region has women who look like this?[View]
187775039VGH..... the fresh mountain air of Santiago[View]
187770504Do you mess with Texas?[View]
187771369They should've remained under Iberian control. They could've been Canada tier by the 1900s…[View]
187767888keep going tomorrow might be the day[View]
187774806North Macedonia[View]
187774867>The face when you gaze a strumpet cherry walking along with some bracket-faced fumbler type, as …[View]
187774227>Want to see how to say a word in japanese >It's just english written in katakana…[View]
187772972polish super soldier[View]
187767355>here's your Miss Zimbabwe bro: Waiting for /int/ to condemn this.[View]
187773200Are you a Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
187774627瑪 차돌 마[View]
187774624Revive ńanasan: https://youtu.be/W2PZYIkQzO8?si=h4BLJu5_bcoL73N6[View]
187774418Miss America 1947[View]
187630112DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3293: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
187774554Breezewood, PA, should be made the capital of the USA.[View]
187768551Post your countries anthem with lyrics and I will sing it[View]
187773832>writing an effort reply for 5 minutes only to realize janny deleted the thread…[View]
187764466Internationally speaking, the downfall of the internet is because of the downfall of society[View]
187774357Do people consider buying a car a great achievement in your country?[View]
187772884This is how money moves in Japan. Does this happen in your country?[View]
187772979brown women can't compete, yet have a more annoying princess syndrome. this world is insane[View]
187773951Are you ready for the Argentine Century?[View]
187768497>I will never live in NYC in the mid 90s What's the point even[View]
187774268/nip/: /nip/ is short for Nippon or something else Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/djt…[View]
187773122what do you think about italians?[View]
187774208Would you marry an Asian woman in your country?[View]
187764794Japanese women are beautif-GNAAAAARRRGHHHH[View]
187772116were you ever in trouble with the law[View]
187774053Americaaaaa thread: The USA is third world now. https://m.youtube.com/shorts/BDUc8XI-Hlo…[View]
187774071your country do you love early modernism and late modernism[View]
187773817Remember that spengler book of architectural styles for each civilization? Or something like that? A…[View]
187771413Are (you) tired in your cunt?[View]
187771801this still hasn't been refuted by butthurt belters[View]
187771161Guys, check out my cat![View]
187772871I just realized that Italians are essentially the Pajeets of Africa.[View]
187771837>this is considered 5/10 in the west[View]
187770752What happens here?[View]
187769853Sverigetråden - AllraSötasteVackrasteUnderbarasteOchFinasteÄngelnsUpplaga[View]
187773289Philosophy, mother of all sciences, was technically invented in Türkiye.[View]
187772049Canadian plumbers: Tell me more about Canadian plumbers. Why do they pose with AK-47s while visiting…[View]
187771550Good night european boys![View]
187773892My dreams vs Brazil[View]
187772036what is your favourite /int/ernational meme? make sure it's /int/ related and on topic please.[View]
187773334Germany lost its strongest latinx today[View]
187773809What phenotype is this?[View]
187773805People of NYC: Do you ever get tired of always hearing your them song? >Fresh potatoes used as di…[View]
187773804is karaoke popular in your country? have you ever been to one?[View]
187773664Chinese train: This killed Japanese samurai's pride. >Tfw when your country got high speed t…[View]
187773010Why aren't you hanging out with your friends right now in your country[View]
187773761I can't go on much longer in this heat All I pray is that every single climate migrant impregn…[View]
187773723>caturday came and went without a proper thread[View]
187771427/brit/: Flagler College edition[View]
187770309Your genuine opinion on the brown belt?[View]
187756163>italichuds still praise a 2000 year old despotic dictator why are meds so chuddy?…[View]
187771392/한국어/ + /친구들/: 가 죽[View]
187773028If you try to pay for things with this they get mad in my country.[View]
187770811I got tired of you thirdies making fun of us americans for not driving stick, so I bought one. I hav…[View]
187738660/éire/: Eagrán na cait[View]
187773093I really want to learn a romance language but here in America they are all useless except for Spanis…[View]
187773025You're not EFL if you don't know this word[View]
187772130Does your country have poetry?: Salto no asfalto Fumo um baseado Palco do chorume que umedece a chuv…[View]
187759208I love Russia so much, it's unreal! I read Russian literature, I listen to Russian music, I wat…[View]
187773007When is Canada going to stop giving safe harbour to the murderer of the founding father of Banglades…[View]
187769536race relations were good till early 2000s. what went wrong?[View]
187772659What's the most important isogloss in your country?[View]
187772581>Horrible what's happening in Ukraine, they're being invaded by Russians! Anyway bring …[View]
187767978Have you ever met a black girl?: what are they like?[View]
187750777Heritage thread: lessgo[View]
187771947Can you really be suffering in North Korea?[View]
187772243LAND BACK: Give us indigenous Americans our land back[View]
187769577Québec should secede from Canada and become an independent nation, the Republic of Québec, with its …[View]
187772544>Americans pay a tiny fraction of their massive wages for insurance and all their medical bill al…[View]
187771229>it's Americans in Vietnam but in space[View]
187772632Are the sex workers in your country different pre-Covid vs. post-Covid?[View]
187770326When Germany wants to reclaim its ancient lands it's portrayed as on of the biggest crimes ever…[View]
187770186How do you rate spoken Latin, /int/bros? >Beautiful? >Average? >Ugly? Both ecclesiastical a…[View]
187771660do you enjoy Italian cuisine in your country?[View]
187772482How did they do it?: >worst writing system >worst accent…[View]
187771372Why should common men fight and rally over the decisions of foreign and domestic politicians?[View]
187771745Why do these niggas choose to live on freezing mountains?[View]
187756588/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
187772412How often do you go to the bar in your country?: Is it a place to socialize in your country?[View]
187770311How late is too late to make it in your country?[View]
187768099Is posting on /int/ made you a better person?[View]
187772226I literally can't stop thinking about the economic history of the 19th century Ottoman Empire.[View]
187766683The Netherlands were a world power 400 years ago[View]
187770024I want to immigrate to Mexico and start a business. Which parts of this country will accept my White…[View]
187771122Do you help minorities in your country?[View]
187770648Are there any actual arguments against sexpats? Or is it just incels mad that other people are havin…[View]
187731690/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /اسر/ - /ИЗP/ - /እስራ/ - /イスラ/ & חברים: לכי מפה יא בת זונה נה נה נה[View]
187769146why does France get so many tourists? It makes sense that it is top 10, but I don't understand …[View]
187772002If other countries weren't gay, I would not support Western-suprermacy over just American-supre…[View]
187769283Why do non-Americans make video games about American instead of their own country?[View]
187770261ITT shit wypipo say: >oh my God this equation is beautiful[View]
187771889Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
187734079/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des lecteurs de Safarir Ancien: >>187703728[View]
187763792You wake up in Malorita, Belarus. A town entirely populated by ethnic Ukrainians who have forgotten …[View]
187715956/balt/ + /ausnz/: weekend edition[View]
187767512>exist >in the timeline where Novgorod lost against Muscovy…[View]
187771539Where do worms originate from?: Similar to Mosquitoes, theses disgusting creatures are NOT AMERICAN!…[View]
187767796/brit/: Wheelock College edition[View]
187770530Is most of the population in your country also retarded?[View]
187770772>Possess Ultra gaming PC >Finally decide today to play vidya for the first time since purchase…[View]
187769892I'm addicted to goyslop. Today I ate $60 worth of mcdonalds and yesterday I had 2 large pizzas …[View]
187769636What happens here?[View]
187770033argentinos... i kneel...[View]
187766860>be /pol/chud for my entire teens >early 20s >get a job and move out of parents' hou…[View]
187770856I don't get it[View]
187767564>Still recognize my posts from 7+ years ago while browsing the archive Do you have this feel in y…[View]
187770144How would you respond if your male best friend told you he was born a girl, in your country?[View]
187767446why are different countries coloured so differently?[View]
187767473How poor are you? Most people here can't afford basic needs.[View]
187766965Why the fuck do girls always want an older guy???[View]
187770825What phenotype is this?: And what country/region can it be found in?[View]
187770519열심히 돈을 많이 벌겁니다 내 인생도 이 미 반이 거이 다 가는데 성공할겁이다 시 간이 없어요[View]
187768802Is romance dead in your country? Latinos need not post, we know romance is alive and well in your pa…[View]
187770499Say something nice about pic related country.[View]
1877706653 years more saving and its over, im leaving and forming a cult but im not sure where, question for …[View]
187769074Mexicans come to me.: Are there any Mexicans on /int/ who want to immigrate to America? I will feed …[View]
187763334/nachtschicht/ bald wieder /deutsch/[View]
187762464Do americans really do this?[View]
187764176Why they hate their students so much?[View]
187766989Are you disrespected by foreigners in your cunt for no reason?[View]
187769292>Cultivated amnesia is a craft enormously facilitated by two broader trends in American culture: …[View]
187755198/balk/: >>187735697[View]
187766597I work as a waiter in a tourist town in Florida.: I spit in the food and drink of all European custo…[View]
187770371I've gone from reading trap doujins once every 3 months to once a week[View]
187766483I take back every unkind thing I ever said about Europeans on this board. Please come to America mor…[View]
187766698Ethnicity is a fucking meme. Its a social construct.[View]
187768495You walk around your city, alone, at night. What happens?[View]
187761175post song from your cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYTG5yJd1ko[View]
187764750Are these the only languages that matter?[View]
187769790Fun fact: when Mao Zedong realized he was fucking up with his Cultural revolution, and that trying t…[View]
187768756Sometimes the good guys win[View]
187761319Why are they so normie? They don't have the interesting autism of Germans and Nordics.[View]
187769967Triples and doubles won't lie.[View]
187767406Iraqi Sufis kill amerimutts I thought they were supposed to be the peaceful muzzies t. curious Chris…[View]
187769729How do you feel about typical american families deciding to move to your country for cheaper living …[View]
187766128Why are they so weird?[View]
187765791Sverigetråden - VärldensVackrastePandaUpplagan[View]
187767025how come finns are such milkchuds?[View]
187767064/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição: pai é quem cria antes >>187763180[View]
187757567Post your watch in your country[View]
187767404According to Dr. Edward Dutton, high status men prefer skinny girls while low status men desire fat …[View]
187769315Left: >I died 2000 years ago, just two more millenia until I return and btfo all of the evil doer…[View]
187762374Why do they post on /Pol/ but never on /int/?[View]
187768924I'm 85% European and 15% Native American. Would you treat me as white in your country?[View]
187767795/brit/: You arrive in Neocastle edition[View]
187769321Chuds ruin everything: Now I can't be friends with Middle Eastern cuties because they all think…[View]
187767812/brit/: Serious edition[View]
187766998Did you know as Finnish speakers come from the East, they are culturally Russian (untrustworthy, alc…[View]
187760862Live your myth in Finland.[View]
187769225Where can I get customized worksheets¿[View]
187761872I'm a handsome guy[View]
187765609what are you putting on your hot dog?[View]
187769069can any anglo please confirm my theory that Amber is short for Amberger thanks[View]
187767708Why is the relationship between Sweden and Finland like this? Most victims of colonialism hate their…[View]
187740746/ukraïna/: Eдицiя 'Ґeoґpaфiї yкpaїнcьких i cyмeжних зeмeль' зa aвтopcтвoм Boлoдимиpa Кyбiйoвичa Пoпe…[View]
187761492Are Belgians spreading misinformation about your country?[View]
187764669what do they want[View]
187768295what should i eat from your cunt?[View]
187768503Kom estaa :D[View]
187766567>Mexican food is ba-[View]
187768172Enhet och rättvisa och frihet för det tyska fosterlandet! Låt oss alla sträva efter det broderlig me…[View]
187766728how is the middle east getting just as obese as america?[View]
187767380International living: Does anyone here live with or have lived with someone from another country? Te…[View]
187767533Living in Asia must be hell if you are an ass man[View]
187768248New World bros...[View]
187765183/brit/: Unbelievable tekkers edition Mousenonce sub edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister tod…[View]
187766413Do northern europe really just eat bland food all day? Is this common? What is it? What is the brown…[View]
187763755The dream of every latinx family.[View]
187767166I can’t speak Dutch but I am going to speak to Dutch people by guessing their language and freestyli…[View]
187768359You will never be Earthborn, filthy Spacenoids[View]
187763145Did your cunt ree have skinheads? Does it still have them?[View]
1877561011. Your country 2. The country you boo for[View]
187759636Is it true that only european kids dreamed about being a knight, serving their King and wearing armo…[View]
187736790/med/ + frens: Cat balconing edition. >>187724540 I'll make sure of that,catnigga.[View]
187762632Why don't the three Baltic states just combine to form one respectably-sized country? It's…[View]
187766493FFs: Im tired of this 'Global' world just a codeword for Eurocentric shit Kill me senpai, what a shi…[View]
187767696i really hate the europe; concept wise, is pretty retarded, i actually don't consider people wi…[View]
187761982Reminder that Poland started ww2 by partioning Czechoslovakia with Germany[View]
187768054In all aspects but the physical I am a braw laddie frae bonnie Sco'lan'.[View]
187767415My sister was at my brothers and he said he was gonna give her some chili and cookies to take back t…[View]
187760930Ironic both of tomatoes and potatoes come from America..[View]
187767957How do zoomers in your country dress?[View]
187767499Go to bed European, Mena, African, Indian, and Central Asian[View]
187765824kurva anyátok[View]
187766346What’s living in the Ardennes like /int/?[View]
187767826/brit/: Post your favorite films edition[View]
1877575581. you're country 2. is you're country friends with Germany? 1. Italy 2. Ja[View]
187765803How do Jews feel about the fact that billions of goyim worship Yhwh?[View]
187767337Why is French wikipedia so much better?[View]
187767503For just one time I would take the Northwest Passage To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the B…[View]
187764663How do I get a body like this in your country?[View]
187767036This is what America used to be about[View]
187767335Poland is literally the saviour of the White race[View]
187746678Zoomer women are fucking hot, HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU RETARDS NOT DATING THEM?!??!?![View]
187767082North Portugal confirmed SOVL[View]
187745266/cum/ - canada usa mexico: hilo anime prev: >>187731698[View]
187758917Do germs and scandis also consider italians to be non-white or is that an anglo thing only?[View]
187766866Indigenous nahuas are proud of their Hispanic heritage[View]
187761112Saudis are getting sissified anons Is globo homo going to conquer even the holiest site of Islam h…[View]
187763852/polska/: edycja już za pół roku życzymy kuniarzowi wszystkiego najlepszego ^^[View]
187766659Are romanians white?: >pic related, your average romanian[View]
187762665BRs is this true? Do you guys really love Australian food?[View]
187763180/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edicão amor Maria Laura + Uruguaia. Ultimo >>187755850[View]
187765882Average Romanian[View]
187727809/desi/ - abba nahi manenge edition: >Good morning sirs[View]
187753184How come British monarchs speak a perfect French, but French presidents can't speak English for…[View]
187766879This is the Korea that I miss, no plastic in sight just trad and quirky.[View]
187760369IPA: Worst drink of all time. Fuck anyone who likes it. t. had to drink IPA today because real beer …[View]
187764459New white ranking...[View]
187764255Which country do I find girls who look like this???[View]
187765639Are there WOLVES in your country?[View]
187762126Not only do we have car meetings in Norway, but did you know that we also has the worlds biggest bab…[View]
187754205You have the power to instantly make the 2 countries of your choice best buddies. Who do you pick ?[View]
187761421Could you live on $27 a month, the average unemployment benefit in Ukraine, in your country?[View]
18776271024 years old Never had a gf or sex at all It's unironically over[View]
187709331/lang/ - Language Learning General: >tfw monolinguals exist edition >What language(s) are you …[View]
187763374Do the teachers whip you in your country? We phased out such barbarism years ago.[View]
187764010The government alcohol shop closed at 3 PM today (Saturday). You don't suffer in a country with…[View]
187759254Have you made out in your country? >financial succes >good life >good gf >active life …[View]
187766194Different species - One family PL <3 US[View]
187765412brazilian women are weird: my girlfriend makes fun of me for being pale and blushing a lot when ever…[View]
187756686I'm a Polish supremacist.[View]
187766274>Canada has no culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1fzJ_AYajA…[View]
187750272british police brutality[View]
187766241Their country is absolutely surrounded by seismic activity and they are situated in the middle of th…[View]
187763182/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição cangaço Anterior: >>187755850[View]
187762190Do you also get bullied and called a fag when you go out in hot pants and cropped tops?[View]
187766103Daily reminder that the Canadian government pushes garbage like this onto its civilians because it…[View]
187764908How do Americans breed?[View]
187765635Why do Irish drink so much alcohol?[View]
187765808Sverigetråden - Casinohundens Upplaga[View]
187760744Should brazilian 'portuguese' be considered its own independent language? https://youtu.be/7RJCtBx6…[View]
187759150Sweden happening. Massive landslide. Does this happen in your're cunt? >https://www.lifei…[View]
187763264British food has the weirdest names >faggots and peas >toad in the hole >spotted dick >b…[View]
187764882>smash keyboard with fist >a sentence in dutch appears on my screen…[View]
187758071/sauna/: parkkipaikka painos[View]
187760917Sverigetråden - Pandansfruupplagan: Sötaste sötnosen av alla sötnosar någonsin![View]
187763536Top podcasts in Nigeria[View]
187761565How is life over there ? What do they eat ? Do they have nigs nogs ? Suffering level ?[View]
187763280Why are WMAF and BMLF so common in the US? These are by far the most common interracial pairings I …[View]
187763907Do you have a chance in your country?[View]
187764951Morning:Woke up to the soothing sound of the Aegean Sea. Morning beach walk and Greek coffee at a lo…[View]
187752196Do you love 'zil ?[View]
187764539Do you want a German-Paraguayan gf?[View]
187760507Afghanistan Women Look Like THIS???: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1703261741826854912/pu/vid…[View]
187763768Pray for Mexico[View]
187755823>Go outside >WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF >'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH' >go inside yep, I live in a…[View]
187765062Carl Emil Petersson, a Swedish sailor in the 1860s. His ship was wrecked on a Polynesian island full…[View]
187765097My ancestor :)[View]
187763171/brit/: Coffee is good for you edition[View]
187751108>10. Poland[View]
187765068why don't somali pirates use jolly roger flags?[View]
187759171I want to become a Sufi. Should I go to Egypt or Iran?[View]
187765106>ITT: international images that aged badly[View]
187764816What do americans call white women in USA who have a negro baby?[View]
187757699>those are the 'people' that calls you europoor[View]
187759898I love pretending to be an Indian on other boards to troll wypipo. Why are they so angry about India…[View]
187762312Why are zoomers in America/UK unironic communists? They'll troon out and be permanently online …[View]
187760686All around the world, there are two types of men White or Asians, /int/?[View]
187749617Why is it so impossible to stop them?: Just don't let them through?[View]
187763497Mexican here, I don't like American Natives they have been mentally damage like blacks by white…[View]
187760398Only country i respect.[View]
187757093What will Greece look like in 100 years?[View]
187763681Jesus christ it’s literally true isn’t it[View]
187761760West Coast France: What goes on out here?[View]
187764003In my house we respect Germany[View]
187748600Sexelő és szűzalázó fonál: kurva anyátok[View]
187763790How bad are things in your country these days[View]
187759200With climate changes and economical shit going on, expect office chairs to blow up more often[View]
187761020I do not hate any other cunts. We must stop infighting among common men and unite against bourgeoisi…[View]
187757668/polska/: edycja inna niz wszystkie[View]
187760977Even If you managed to scape Latin America, the trauma of growing up there never ceases.[View]
187760889Would you rather be poor in a developed rich country or rich in a third world country? Explain your…[View]
187756554/nederdraad/: kazachstan editie[View]
187760639When will Germany pay Poland their due reparations: For WW2 crimes[View]
187762549Tfw no paraguayan cosplay gf[View]
187761132Why are women with iberian admixture so desired across the world?[View]
187762956https://youtu.be/-CtWlcGCo04 Consciously hate the devil with all your thoughts. Consciously attack t…[View]
187760039/brit/: Everybody's dead, Dave edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 4[View]
187759061>filters non-meds[View]
187762982Sorry chudcels, in the end the BrazilBVLL gets the Asian girl[View]
187755850/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição radinho de pilha Anterior: >>187739175[View]
187760363How common is this in Scandinavia?[View]
187751564The world was THIS close to speaking Spanish instead of English. What the fuck happened...[View]
187759888Why are Japanese people so talentless? Is this why they steal European inventions?[View]
187759030Do Women Respect You in Your Country?[View]
187761676>your country >what are you drinking right now in your country? Austria Gin…[View]
1877629721. Your country 2. Are you waiting for your real life to begin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQBH…[View]
187757182/deutsch/: Gigerfickerausgabe[View]
187760276'at least 373,000 people died due to tiger attacks between 1800 and 2009 averaging about 1800 kills …[View]
187762697How do hipsters look in your country: They all look like Australian Bogans here now[View]
187759992wanna talk shit?: im bored and want to talk to someone in english. hit me up les talk some shit…[View]
187749204China will win: >Chinese Tiktok (Douyin) influencer with 60,000+ followers who traveled to Japan …[View]
187756433This is how Jap girls dress Thoughts?[View]
187761923Why don't they just become one country?[View]
187762476I cant believe americans actually do that[View]
187762419ITT: funny misconceptions about english you had as an ESL when I read the word 'CCTV' I thought peop…[View]
187760878Nazi germany killed the most white people. America killed the most non whites than any nation in his…[View]
187761028Are there individuals from less safe areas like Brazil who visit the /int/?[View]
187761584ethnicity check?: any clues as to what her ethnicity may be?[View]
187758608Eating With Hands is Superior: Why haven't you taken the hands eating pill yet?[View]
187760853Hello? I would like to submit my application to become deutsch, what are the requirements?[View]
187756753>who came up with you're cunt's name? >what does it mean?…[View]
187755515In the event of a collapse, are your skills of any use ? I'm a carpenter, I could easily create…[View]
187759538>every slav has automatically at least level A1 at every existing slavic language what are your, …[View]
187757896West VS. East[View]
187761275>I NEED MORE BOOLETS I NEED MORE BOOLETS BIGGER WEPPONS WEPPONS Does this happen in your cunt? ht…[View]
187760829is it just me or are the finns kinda retarded?[View]
187760825how popular was he in your cunt?[View]
187757337>work for fortune 500 company >get along well with English manager >identified a way to mak…[View]
187755909How am I supposed to call people from this cunt?[View]
1877540391) you're cunt 2) GOAT video game[View]
187760114dear scotlanders: if you see a >5'4' indian guy >wheatish coloured >wears picrel >…[View]
187760968I just learned about the Trail of Tears[View]
187743683>watch a video of Americans buying groceries from big stores >a kilo of steak is $3.5 >big …[View]
187761241Why so self-hating, Brazil?[View]
187738349ITT: food that are too spicy for brownpypo[View]
187760601اليوم الوطني: اليوم الوطني السعودي[View]
187761255Is there any reason I shouldn't grab a remote job and move some Greek island to live my myth an…[View]
187741354[sad news] Ukrine girl got japanese citizenship and joined Miss japan contests and her beauty massac…[View]
187758784africans created aids[View]
187760149Surround the area you feel is too far away[View]
187747394what country has a comparable history? >born out of rebellion >instituted a form of democracy …[View]
187760378Do people openly consume large amounts of cocaine in your country? >Costa Rica >I dont know r…[View]
187756129Sverigetråden: blöjtjädsupplagan[View]
187758961how much do you tip your landlord in your cunt? Netherlands: no tips are expected but when you move …[View]
187758772We need machine guns: They’re a horde of zombies but they’re out for our white genes and money inste…[View]
187760654its easy to hate firsties but do you have the courage to hate thirdies?[View]
187760146The presence of other people raises my heartrate and tenses my body. Does this happen in your countr…[View]
187757446Why do all the worst people on earth like Japan so much?[View]
187758294>Japan >a literal island nation starved of resources >islands are mostly forested despite …[View]
187760718ITT: Times you acted like a Kazakhstani[View]
187760549In your country: How would you deal with a negro neighbor playing music at 2am while you’re trying t…[View]
187756317Question for Europeans: Who are the arabs who commit crimes and live the ghetto? where are they from…[View]
187760499How is this possible in literal tutorial country?[View]
187756650/int/ is this a real cat ?[View]
187760007What is Yekaterinburg like? What happens here?[View]
187754380lil bro is getting cooked :skullemoji: :skullemoji: :skullemoji:[View]
187758141Does detergent need protection in your country?[View]
187757777If God real why didn’t make me white[View]
187748864*makes Spaniards seethe*[View]
187755939Is this style common in your cunt? Do you approve it? In Italy it is and I very much approve it[View]
187758246Brunswick Germany: during the Napoleonic wars the german regiments from Brunswick became notorious a…[View]
187755802Rome has fallen.[View]
187757242sars........ not like this..[View]
187757300/brit/: David's dead edition https://youtu.be/97pEKGNT0Xw?feature=shared Threads claimed by The…[View]
187759328Do you have to show ID to fuck a prostitute in the Netherlands? To verify your age and everything[View]
187755034How many continents do you see, in your country?[View]
187756751What is this guy called in your country? In mine he is Poldo[View]
187755161Uruguyan passion is insane.[View]
187759529I fucking hate 4chan discord servers >:([View]
187759871>polish supercomputer[View]
187753516What did ypipo mean by this?[View]
187759326Why do they teach French in the USA? I think this just make this country pretencious. Its useless, m…[View]
187757945>Anglos dance and sing in church[View]
187758153What happens here? What is Georgian culture?[View]
187756341>187 Germans will get this joke[View]
187759571RIP Japan: What do we like about them now?[View]
187759148official whiteness map (2023) Red is very white Green is white[View]
187757911>I’m woke huh buddy? Well, at least I’m not ASLEEP like you! Checkmate, incel!…[View]
187756885What’s it like living in a forgotten shit town/city that’s being gentrified by developers?[View]
187753098ITT we post the most hideous, unnatural state/province borders.[View]
187755767some of the most interesting people i've met[View]
187752318/taberluger/ ehemals /deutsch/: Am Bisersamstag kam das Bisersams zurück[View]
187755364reminder that women suffer in your country and that shes right[View]
187756064Everyone hates America for no good reason: But would you all hate America more or less if it was sti…[View]
187755824central european food is so cromulent[View]
187759039How do Portuguese people feel about PR-BR being more common than Portuguese when it comes to localiz…[View]
187759013Europe is healing[View]
187758098mfw I actually live in (Nordrhein-)Westfalen[View]
187753366Chugged down a beer and feeling very happy. Now I'll make fettuccine aglio e olio with chili fl…[View]
187755059What dating app is popular in your country[View]
187758050/sauna/: Auto laiva suu avaus[View]
187758399English wunderkind Bukayo Saka[View]
187758607Total Armenian Love.[View]
187753059Good morning sirs: Pajeet here. I want some tips for integrating well into Western Society. What I…[View]
187751055Help!: I got a date with an Asian woman. What do I say to her when she asks me'anon did you date me …[View]
1877568874chanint is filled with bastards whores, I swear, with prostitute minds literally. One day I made a…[View]
187756842I visited a polish store today: And the only energy drink They had was called 'BLACK' sex energy Wha…[View]
187753441What are the international implications of this?[View]
187748907Do I mog most male models and actors?: Measurements >Height: 5’9” >Shoulder width: 18” >Neu…[View]
187757525Let's play a game - Guess the ethinc cleansing.[View]
187757240Is this true?[View]
187751663How often do you see people pissing in public in your country? Is it socially acceptable?[View]
187749238/sauna/: Töksäytyspainos[View]
187757479Poland has joined the American Empire. Polands US nominal fiat dollar GDP will drastically increase.[View]
187757658Live your myth in Portland, Oregon.[View]
187754433Why doesn't your country have an anime industry?[View]
187755328To be honest I like the idea of Taiwan more than CPR. If we distinct from politics for a second then…[View]
187756845>chugging water >something hard went down my throat Does this happen in your country?…[View]
187757107do you agree in your country?[View]
187757674How did Wuxia not propel China to soft power status?[View]
187756269What's your national animal?: This is ours[View]
187753551Are you more of an African Nut Water or Austrian Goysip kind of person?[View]
187752006/polska/: edycja cyców[View]
187757053Question for americans. What are these wires font of the tires?[View]
187757334/int/ kino thread: Let's discuss films or TV, internationally. What have you watched or are wat…[View]
187752400I dream every night of the creation of my beautiful Große Österreich, VGH... >t. Südtirolian…[View]
187754320/brit/: not my problem edition[View]
187757159September is the hottest month in the entire Earth, because the sun releases more fire from this spo…[View]
187756692This is what the future looks like[View]
187748651Does /int/ prefer Chinese food or[View]
187748316/sauna/ + sverigetråden[View]
187741455Poland is the lamb of God in Europe and we are the sinners.[View]
187755744>be saudi arabian anon >get woken up at 11:30 by a blowjob from your assigned-marriage 10/10 a…[View]
187749664/esp/: Edición vegana[View]
187755298What does /int think about Slovenia?[View]
187753293Why do the Jews expect everyone to suck their dicks? It's like no one should be allowed to hold…[View]
187747126Western masculinity: An average Serbian woman can beat up a grown ass western men. What happened?…[View]
187731037/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
187756306Is online dating popular in your country?[View]
187755676woman, 21, does youtube content rate her outward appearance? do not rate videos, the contents are al…[View]
187754459Why does everyone dislike brits[View]
187752031What will be the 51st state?[View]
187743969/norgetråden/: Bare tok en tilfeldig utgave-utgaven Forrige: >>187728070[View]
187755185What country is most likely to become Hapaborea?[View]
187738849That's it, I'm moving to Norway[View]
187756637Say something nice about them: https://youtu.be/YkhkZ_EoJtE?t=90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGc…[View]
187751697>go to Cartagena, Colombia >drink some cold Aguila and stare at local Colombiana asses by the …[View]
187747990/Nederdraad/: Waardevol editie[View]
187756538>great food >cute girls >nice weather did you know there’s no word for suffering in itali…[View]
187746941>Iberians about the Roman conquest Well pre Roman Iberia was cool I guess but there's not mu…[View]
187739175/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição ??? Anterior: >>187729247 Tomei MDMA essa madrugada e estou EXP…[View]
187754540westoids : >'XDDDD oui oui baguette du fromage!' >'HAHAAHA fr*nch' (get it cause i censored it…[View]
187746714Why are south Americans poor like that ? I wanted to go in South America because life start to be re…[View]
187755246is it over in your country?: >175 cm manlet >rentcuck >bikecuck >never had sex >no so…[View]
187752498Japanese tourist scammed in Singapore: I thought Singapore has more decent chinese. Traditions are h…[View]
187749844>Cunt >Homm3 faction Georgia Tower[View]
187756192How do we imprive relations between Honduras and Peru?[View]
187755745Only autists may enter hyperborea: ADHD and ADD are fine too. Get in here tards.[View]
187752162The average IQ in Italy is 102, the highest in Europe.[View]
187749242Why they using Arabian sounding beats in their pop and rap music?[View]
187754262sometimes i wish i was not white...[View]
187751470Sverigetråden - Studentupplagan[View]
187755507Being an upper middle class Pole is literally the peak of humanity. I have never suffered in my lif…[View]
187752080Euroids don't realize that despite earning more we have some of the highest wealth inequality i…[View]
187751281favourite fruits produced in your country? >Kiwi >Chile…[View]
187753564what happens in Switzerland?[View]
187755704Do Austrians love fried chicken like Nigeriens and Kentuckyians?[View]
187755491Why are blacks so loud?: Why do they think the rest of us want to hear their shitty negro rap? Do th…[View]
187752696What country currently still has this?[View]
187755358Today I will remind them: Screencap this post int. I have been saying it for some time now. And I st…[View]
187750965Say something nice about pic related country.[View]
187753113how does your country intend to stop tiktok?[View]
187750916have you contributed in your country?[View]
187746681The American mind cannot comprehend this.[View]
187753216what happens here?[View]
187754392British peepo be like >Why yes dear, I will have the eggs and sausage in the bum >and for dess…[View]
187749132how come only white people have enjoy fish?[View]
187751087not my problem[View]
187742525Are all Corsicans autistic incel freaks like him?[View]
187751919I want to be friends with them[View]
187743226This is what awaits westerners if they get convinced by (((them))) that suburban houses are bad, ine…[View]
187755384Do you have a wholesome mommy in your cunny?[View]
187755223what do they eat?[View]
187749857Why are they everywhere?: Im not racist, im so sick of them, taking over jobs and filling up college…[View]
187754944i wish i was a jew: how do i become an honorary jew[View]
187755204British women are the most attractive on earth + Britain si the best country[View]
187754888Who are the people next to Macron ? They are not French already.[View]
187754607Today I learned that Japanese workers are forced to go out and drink with their boss and can’t stop …[View]
187752277Why does no one ever talk about Mormon Genetic superiority?[View]
187735697/balk/: >>187703252[View]
187752716why don't korean chicks approach an extroverted and fit cubanese-american guy[View]
187755026Two men fall to water - only one comes up: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000009876212.html It happe…[View]
187754671my ancestors used to eat shit like this for free everyday but this dish would be somewhere around $1…[View]
187748177/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Eric Cartman edition[View]
187745170What are some garloid recipes from your country ?[View]
187744832This food cost me about €10. How much would it cost in your country?[View]
187754525Why do Americans hate squirrels? Let him in >The 23-year-old man and his pet squirrel are an unus…[View]
187754876Most Americans are either unenlightened flyovers or out of touch coasties. Philadelphians are both.[View]
187752548>be me >want to play cricket because yes >no pitch >don't know how to find suitable…[View]
187753553would you be willing to become the wife of a fat fuck (196 cm 135 kg) if it meant that you would get…[View]
187752912Ukrainians in America eat raw bacon instead of salo[View]
187754669>4000 euro a month Europeans do not suffer[View]
187749577>A girl unironically forfeited a match on Pokemon showdown when I said I was Indian Wtf…[View]
187754536Post your country's VGH map.[View]
187751888/int/ larp as if Germany won: Imagine a world with only whites, no more wars, only science.[View]
187754376I'm finally moving to Germany anons. What part of Bavaria would you recommend I send my swarthy…[View]
187754092The Hindu epic Mahabharat is the greatest story ever told or written.[View]
187754236Why do my fellow amerifats hate Mexicans so much? I'm not talking about mexican-americans but M…[View]
187754324>ss >kss >ksks >psks I refuse to believe this is a real language…[View]
187751331/brit/: 5ive edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 2[View]
187746379thoughts on Macedonia?[View]
187751889The neighborhood dogs barking every night are driving me to suicide, does dogs keep barking all nigh…[View]
187729800Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>187689650 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
187753520An old band suddenly makes music: You would think its time to stop if its 2023 and your band was fou…[View]
187753830what are some jobs that even a moldovan could do?[View]
187754016Wtf was this tranny looking mofo smoking?[View]
187701266/skandi/: martin luther ugåvan[View]
187740182They hated him because he spoke the truth[View]
187749130the most developed countries[View]
187751485Koreans don't suffer: I'm in love with a dictator.[View]
187752564I am an honest proletarian worker. Some of the /int/ content is too advanced and esoteric for me[View]
187753444Imagine grabbing this manlet by the neck and lower jaw and stomping his head against the wall, repea…[View]
187753513The /lgbt/ poster certainly can't imagine that those strange threads come from a wire worker wh…[View]
187737305The european mind cannot comprehend this[View]
187752246Central Asia: What happens here?[View]
187749921How far away is the beach from your house? 2 blocks away for me. t. Florida chad[View]
187751491The American diet: The American diet is corn syurp and sneed oils. which is why most Americans are a…[View]
187746381How is it like being a minority in your country? ry: It's pretty shitty in my case, but honestl…[View]
187752975is america cursed?: ever since I arrived here I literally can't stop pooping every 3-4 hours ha…[View]
187751136What did they mean by that[View]
187749088No this is not Rome - Italy: This is São Paulo - Brazil[View]
187749473If you could have a $250K a year remote job and could choose to live in any neighborhood/town/city i…[View]
187752430Your amicable reminder to enjoy the cheap strawberries. It's their season right now in the sout…[View]
187751387Women laugh at us and the Roman Empire and then they do shit like this[View]
187736877Small nations of europe be like >hurr why half my games are with Russians Germans or Turks…[View]
187751635Do people listen to kpop in your country /int/?[View]
187751668My baby boomer master. Divide his $1 million house into dozens of small rooms to rent to a proletari…[View]
187746653/polska/: edycja napierdalania takich na ulicy[View]
187751965do not look up 'age of consent world' and look at mexico in the wikipedia map[View]
187749808What could've been...[View]
187751401MUZZIES BTFO: The Pope is right now making a sermon at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, the biggest…[View]
187749440What went so wrong with USA and Europe?[View]
187750316Asians will never be treated as equal human beings in America. I give up trying to find acceptance h…[View]
187743415Do you look nordic as fuck in your cunt?: Prussian german ethnicity?[View]
187738259How do people in your country punish their children?[View]
187751582My asshole have been itching for two days am i honorary american now?[View]
187749906I'm thinking of moving from my Apple iPhone™ to a Samsung flip phone, but fear losing my status…[View]
187749364A new craze: Scandinavian hairlines: Scandinavian hair is not for everyone https://www.mtvuutiset.fi…[View]
187749398Americans have to pay the psychiatrist themselves (+ tip)[View]
187750882>distribution of non white population[View]
187746765Sverigetråden - Sovmorgonupplagan[View]
187749744>Fermented foods fuck my ass and call me a wypipo all you want cause I ain't eating that shi…[View]
187750012Man, 33, has a bug in ear: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/5f4524ec-5789-4914-8db4-8cc0c216c545 A…[View]
187749735Today belarusian scientists showed the first belarusian excavator. Show excavators from your country[View]
187748612how famous is he in your cunt?[View]
187747506There should be at least one country for white caucasoid europeans. If jews get israel to ensure the…[View]
187747581Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
187748904/brit/: Hollyoaks Babes Calendar 2009 edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 1[View]
187735146You can't refute that[View]
187750973My father has beautiful hazel eyes but I got my mom's shit colored eyes and shitty black curly …[View]
187747875How do you cure misogynistic tendencies and indifference towards women and big booba asses feet etc …[View]
187750895Its over for usa[View]
187736441What is life like here?[View]
187747225If I mail my camera randomly to a /int/poster and ask him to take a picture of his country, then sen…[View]
187750757Eurofags will defend this[View]
187739780Welcome this man to Europe![View]
187750650I will learn Polish for them. Who is your inspiration to learn foreign languages in ur xunt?[View]
187749972reminder that no matter how you bitch, moan, be racist to and make fun of us indians, it will not st…[View]
187748940Does this happen in your cunt?: >almost all of my friends have good cars, their own apartments, s…[View]
187746608Have you ever met Irish? What are your thoughts on Irish people?[View]
187742665I am a nationalist for this country Are you a nationalist for countries that don't exist (yet)?[View]
187750535Are there any Americans living outside of their country? Share your thoughts on the place where you …[View]
187746043Scottish people just set up a border between Scotland and England demanding passport checks[View]
187750132I don't feel so good...[View]
187749357I dream in English[View]
187750086is it true we're seeing the world at its peak population? how is your country dealing with decl…[View]
187750387In which ways does the internet and real life feel different from the 2010s in your country? Are the…[View]
187738761I just went on the Slovakian Internet and discovered they realy hate Slovenia for some reason[View]
187747554How do women treat you in your cunt? Friendly? Hostile? Threatened?[View]
187748951what is one of your favorite childhood memories in your country?[View]
187747877>Half naked passionate bunda woman dancing front of kids Ladies and gentlemans, Latinx '''culture…[View]
187744104people were less insane a few years ago not just in the world but here localy,my dad says that the m…[View]
187744356Daily Finnish food.[View]
187742846Why are anglos incapable of correctly naming the numbers past 1099? It's so daft. It feels like…[View]
187747221White and Asian men literally cannot suffer: >Both can fuck each others women >Both can fuck e…[View]
187749042I am an autistic. And work 13 hours a day. Which country is suitable for autism and can allow a subh…[View]
187739124/asean/: Taytay edition[View]
187747898White bros.... we won[View]
187749913what happened to him?[View]
187748709>tfw you will never be american Why even try, it was over before it even began…[View]
187744750the most beautiful girl in the world is american. well done; USA. I usually hate murrikans, but cred…[View]
187744836European children think and speak in English even among friends that speak their native language. Th…[View]
187731698/cum/ - canada usa mexico: hilo latino prev: >>187722630[View]
187748549My judgment mainly comes from vor v zakone law[View]
187745315Fuck spain: >no actual siestas >work more than Germans >Lowest birth rate >The empire is…[View]
187749341Thirtoids are unable to understand this concept[View]
187746720What happens in Naxos, Greece ?: I'll be going there on December[View]
187748888please invest in the romanian economy by buying a Dacia[View]
187749175Japanese superiority https://github.com/nasa-jpl/open-source-rover[View]
187747313Everyone makes fun of Spain for Al Andalus but forget about Portugal[View]
187740480I am so fucking glad that the whole world has forgotten about this clown.[View]
187745131>PLAP PLAP PLAP *sigh* 'Can you hurry up kont, me da will be home any minute now' PLAP PLAP PLAP …[View]
187746404What is Uruguayan culture?[View]
187739773/sauna/: Nyt on kyllä eeppistä -painos[View]
187746087/brit/: walkies edish[View]
187749073>>187748793 This is true If you're a summerfag leave now before you get too hooked. If yo…[View]
187748988Does anyone have real statistics of who do Eurasian women date the most? I'm talking about >…[View]
187731255kurva anyátok[View]
187746517Do you love Lithuania?[View]
187748640Imagine leaving your spacious house in Brazil to live like a dog in the 1st world sharing a house wi…[View]
187748751ADYGHE DANCES: LOOK AT THEM GO!!!!! ADYGHE WEY WEY!!!!!! source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9V…[View]
187744005/ita/ - il filo: edizione carota anguria e melone[View]
187746418ITT: we talk like the zoomers in ur cunt in this thread[View]
187746932* scares the american *[View]
187739086>literally just horizontal commieblocks without any local utilities[View]
187746884how to enrage normies in your country?: Brazil just say that Argentina is whiter than Brazil, it wor…[View]
187747538east asia: We are more closely related to japanese than beifaren HHAA[View]
187745001As soon as you cross the Scottish Border the accent completely changes In your country?[View]
187748391>Irish immigrants come to america >most corrupt motherfuckers ever and create multiple illegal…[View]
187741932Why are women no matter where they are from, so aggressive about male height?: I didn’t even provoke…[View]
187740541What could it be?[View]
187745995How did he get big in Amerikkka with THAT last name?[View]
187743858/deutsch/: Salami Ausgabe[View]
187741990BBC addiction has reached Turkey. The black man marches on, and won't stop until his BBC has be…[View]
187746921etrea greece[View]
187746776Sverigetråden - Hästpenisupplagan: >Hennes största dröm, att få böja sig ner och pussa en hästs t…[View]
187747986I just noticed, every separatist movement from every country has a similar flag to usa. Uruguay from…[View]
187733538/nederdraad/: yoga editie[View]
187747929Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
187747535Brazil will start burning up today. Pray for Brazil (also Paraguay and Bolivia)[View]
187747504some of you are unironically xenophobic[View]
187743716/ig/ Indian general[View]
187742719My new iPhone 15 Pro Max has the same charging port as some cheap rip off broke ass chinese phones a…[View]
187747516Does your country have confessions?[View]
187746370Do you seed in your country?[View]
187746600I don't get it.: What's the point of turning your own ethnic group into an ethnic minority…[View]
187742722Ireland: Guy walks up to me and says 'hey bitch when did life become so shitty' I tell him it was th…[View]
187747255I am determined to expand my knowledge on Ethiopia. I think it’s the most interesting country in Afr…[View]
187746889>siema, kto PL? xD[View]
187745868How to get argentina Gf? T. Bolivian[View]
187747182America is.... LE BAD[View]
187745670>immigrate to a western country with terrible immigration policies >go to university and grab …[View]
187730581Surviving in a 3rd World Country is Hard: Howdy thirdies bros, how do you survive in your country? I…[View]
187745968been compulsively browsing this board for the whole past 2 hours does this happen in your country?[View]
187745542You cannot suffer in Asia... This is a simple fact.[View]
187745981Tunisians are literally plotting for ethnic cleansing of blacks and nobody wants to stop them[View]
187738149How come that Indians were the people who successfully resisted Islam?[View]
187737751do russians find cyka blyat adidas jokes funny[View]
187742957Sverigetråden - Equinoxupplagan: Glad Equinox[View]
187746172Canada, why the hell do you drink milk from plastic bags? Arent you worried about microplastics?: It…[View]
187734714The White race is superior than us Japanese[View]
187742293/polska/: edycja pielgrzymki[View]
187746536Post hafus/hapas that actually look White: I can't find a single picture of one that actually l…[View]
187743430This is what an ideal Europe looks like[View]
187745431Imagine being a wagie, going to your cubicle job in some soulless tower and you look to your left an…[View]
187743299God is dead. Man must become Übermensch and forge their own values.[View]
187745632This is my sculpture made from industrial waste (PVC), 0 pollution, environmentally friendly. It is …[View]
187743680Why are you unironically browsing this board on a Saturday morning in your country[View]
187746241ok flipbros, what's his performance until now? is it as bad as the westoid-brained 'filipinx' p…[View]
187744912Studying modern Greek is based, anyone else on this path? It's rewarding but pretty damn hard I…[View]
187738938Please choose one of these logo for our new HSR and yes we named it Whoosh[View]
187743414/brit/: brygestowe edition[View]
187742816Is it true that northern Italians claim to be German[View]
187745843there seemed to be a surge in india hate posts in the past month, did the china hate department run …[View]
187739548Why are Finns and Danes so bluepilled? I can understand Japan, but western countries trusting in med…[View]
187745897is this a competently run country? are they closer to south africa or switzerland?[View]
187745778my gf is a cuckquean she lets her best friend peg me while she shlicks in the corner does this happ…[View]
187745172swiss walk in grocery[View]
187745382Serb asks Italians to put ketchup on his pizza: They do https://youtu.be/MLh5zY10vwY?si=1Wz0L9lkrXRQ…[View]
187745809Wagies in spain can't move out of their parents house, they make 1200 a month and have to pay 9…[View]
187741180>Crickey! Welcome to Austraya anon![View]
187742618Thoughts on Chinese food?[View]
187744899Other than high networth individuals and literal royalty, is there a more privileged and self-assure…[View]
187743657Post local meme from your country[View]
187744214cucked cunts: level of cuckness measured by the number of foreign languages used on your nation…[View]
187744392I met Di Caprio at my local Lidl: I see a guy in front of the pataya bottles Since I wanted to buy o…[View]
187743709the Norfen and Southern divide....vghhh[View]
187745228describe mexican culture[View]
187745090do chubby japanese women like foreigners[View]
187740768>Chinese 100 years ago: 'Nooooooo~ please don't kill us, we admit the Japs are the master ra…[View]
187745062Do american kids still play outdoor games? Stuff like hide&seek, street football or those game …[View]
187743887Spanish speaking countries: Do they consume each other's media? Who's the biggest producer…[View]
187742791so what is this guys name?[View]
187743378when i see a western flag on the internet, i still assume that its a white person posting under it t…[View]
187744603who were the greatest warriors from your cunt?[View]
187742439Do you live in terribly managed country? Fr*nce (Regime of P*ris) Yes[View]
187744777The southern accent will die in our life time: I am probably the last person I know that's my a…[View]
187743856walkability won[View]
187737897Looking forward to WW3 on a stack no keezy. I finna join the Australian expeditionary force to South…[View]
187741518Singaporean restaurant charges S$1,322.37 (US$968), and Japanese tourists dial 911: or whatever that…[View]
187739748Thirdiebros do you scam tourists in cunt ?[View]
187743149Are Rich Chinese Leaving Your Country?: >Their choices have graver consequences, however. The rep…[View]
187742414The world needs to come together to send humanitarian aid to Australia. They are starving[View]
187743818I WILL get a Czech gf who will casually tell me while we're watching Channel 10 that she used t…[View]
187739506No: We were not Japanese and shit ![View]
187743983What does a room filled with Japanese girls smell like?[View]
187738284/deutsch/: Der Klarer ihre Ausgabe[View]
187744568does this happen in your country[View]
187744448Immigration and diversity aren't that bad.[View]
187744407Freedom :D[View]
187742024Capitalist America starves more than Socialist Vietnam This isn't what Radio Free Asia told me[View]
187736448Do you cope with drugs and alcohol in your country?[View]
187743754On the 2nd of september I turned 29 and I have: >never had sex >never had a girlfriend >nev…[View]
187740329You now remember Sanna 'cheated on her husband' Marin: Why did she do it Finnbros?[View]
187744065>browse my country's subreddit >see post 'Hey guys how can I find this and that in your c…[View]
187741736>Norway has less people than New Jersey >Finland has less people than New Jersey >Ireland …[View]
187744107You wake up in Neolithic Europe.[View]
187742788>American woman gets confronted by an upstanding citizen for obstructing the road with her SUV wh…[View]
187744007How much money do you pay for tv in your cunt. it's free here but regime uses tv programs to sp…[View]
187744137/ASIA/: Who else unironically watching the Asian game opening?[View]
187737016Hair of /int/: Post your hair, products you use, norwood status[View]
187723717/ita/ - il filo: edizione organigrammi[View]
187741444favorit swedish invention in your cunt?[View]
187743489Why does Chinese propaganda make America look cool as fuck?[View]
187739757nyt sydämmeeni oulun teen -painos[View]
187742784do you want to be a waiter in your country?: I used to be. Pretty awesome job. I was the best in my …[View]
187737432What was the greatest geopolitical mistake your country made? Hungary Not supporting pic related.[View]
187728070/norgetråden/: Annika-utgaven Forrige: >>187720916 >>187720916 >>187720916[View]
187742432>all blacks look the sam-: These men are all Senegalese, a country in west Africa. They look noth…[View]
187742759Koreans eat this fish raw sashimi it's about 50$/kg at fishmarket I'm thinking of being a …[View]
187739271Just over one month until Halloween. Non-Americanized countries will never understand this feel. Th…[View]
187736725/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Firul nostru cel de toate zilele și nopțile[View]
187742091Why did the world care so much about Hong Kong?: But for this fucking nothing?[View]
187738844Why are they like this?[View]
187739844Do you want your impact to stay for 10 years? 100years? 1000 years? For how long and why do you want…[View]
187733430Fellow Europeans. Please pay the tip or STFO[View]
187742223What is the mythology origin of the skeleton archer seen in games: Western? Japanese? Is it somethi…[View]
187743044Korea, where the number of children with autism is increasing: >Blue numbers are the number of st…[View]
187730093What the fuck is wrong with Norwegian men? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/norwegian-man-convicte…[View]
187743272How do you say 'cyberspace' in your language, /int/? What was your country's internet…[View]
187743089>5'5 >Humiliated France >Destroyed the american air force (10,000 aircraft) >Destro…[View]
187742122Do you support Best Korea?[View]
187739581Sverigedetråden - kopterupplagan[View]
187739484>Hello, my name is Rakesh and welcum to this Programming Tutorial >ab agar aapako yah veediyo …[View]
187740254Has Islam ruined them or have they ruined Islam?[View]
187741117The things I would do for a japanese girl...[View]
187739654glowniggers are syphoning wypipo weather from ukraine into spain with the HARP[View]
187739375/nip/: /nip/ is short for Nippon or something else Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/djt…[View]
187742578mfw I see a mainland european[View]
187742492Do you have criminal gangs in your city?[View]
187741637I've never seen so many McDonald's (besides in the US) as I've in Netherlands, wtf is…[View]
187739026ngmi: Its 7:39pm aest on a saturday night and i'm laying in bed staring at the ceiling. >no …[View]
187742315Do you like American food?[View]
187741566Do you want a cartel gf?[View]
187742356>forces your company to implement the European regulations otherwise you will have to pay a fine …[View]
187739069Would you live in Alaska?[View]
187732181Smiling and waving to the press... Unsolicited distributor 'Somali' suspect sent to prosecution, Osa…[View]
187728692/polska/: edycja chińskokuniopaszek[View]
187742207'Latinx' is the worst slur for Hispanic people[View]
187736985There is nothing more cringe than a Marxist and my qt Polish gf agrees![View]
187741612Why can't Asians into modernity without sperging out?[View]
187739518what killed the OC production and collegial atmosphere of this board? it wasnt this bad a few years …[View]
187741995Road to el dorado corrupted me: this movie gave me a fetish for latinas and mena women. Now i only f…[View]
187736691>you're in a spaceship >you hear banging on the outside >muffled 'KURWA' sou…[View]
187741752Swedish zoomers is the most rightwing generation in the country's history. In the election of 2…[View]
187740815What do Saudi people think of this?[View]
187741442I’m a Japanese nationalist Do such events occur in your country[View]
187738275My surname is DiStefano, and I always tell people Di is Italian and DE is Spanish, but some Italanon…[View]
187742041ADYGHE DANCES: LOOK AT THEM GO!!!!! ADYGHE WEY WEY!!!!!! source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9V…[View]
187734261Do people from your country still remember her?[View]
187740844We need to talk about Trisha Paytas.: Breaker of chains Chicken nugget Skinny legend jew lovin Calif…[View]
187740308Man buys a ticket to space: Vesa Pekka Heippala has bought space trip for 150 000 monies https://www…[View]
187737888Hey Hans, give us Ukrainians back or else...[View]
187738551When did you get out of your anti-India phase?[View]
187739087wait a minute. Do you see what I see or it's just me???[View]
187740632Why did the matchmaking industry fail in the USA but it pretty damn popular in Asia/Europe?[View]
187741620我愛中國: Why are Confucian societies so kino?[View]
187736557/Maghreb/: Royal guard edition[View]
187740354Indian-Trans people alliance: Indians and trans people are hated just for being our true self. We wi…[View]
187738309Where would humanity be without Jews?[View]
187738809Why do Canadians larp as Americans abroad, and try to act like chads when they're clearly despe…[View]
187740370Do you think /lgbt/ is a good board in your country? >flag yes[View]
187741218ITT: rate other countries' airlines: I've only ever flown lufthansa and I love them, never…[View]
187738473Is this country relevant or not?[View]
187736782>Hannam or 한남 is commonly used as a derogatory word/slur for men which is used by Korean Feminist…[View]
187737889>one chance at life >not born in Finland Why even live when I suffer by not living in Finland?…[View]
187739127>2023 >Drinking shitty water[View]
187740945Freak roads in Sweden: Stenungsund city ('Wholesome bedrock' in English) had its road somehow natura…[View]
187739436what do they eat for this physique?[View]
187740053Send me your some of your country's more 'melancholic' regional music. I'll start: https:…[View]
187739682>ara-ara anon-kun... stop being so rude to my hikkikomori son in this neet forum how do you reac…[View]
187740758Fellow wagies, did your zog overlords finally pulled the trigger and start replacing people with AI …[View]
187738742/brit/: smartest dog in the world is scottish, just like their master (scottish people) edish[View]
187740802God save the king: God bless the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland[View]
187740690Coober Pedy Australia[View]
187739610I love going to shopping malls in South America: Seeing shit like this is fucking hilarious[View]
187738848>can't consume a meal without watching something on phone >can't work without listen…[View]
187738835What does a realtor do[View]
187737919What are teachers like in your country?[View]
187739885just found out about ineffective coping do you cope effectively in your country?[View]
187740311what plans for the weekend bros? internationally in your cunt[View]
187739312Do ugly people get ostracized in your country?[View]
187737964I just watched a travel video from Morocco and it looked surprisingly nice. It was clean and well-ma…[View]
187740177Thoughts on native americans? This woman is indigenous to the Americas and she wants her land back[View]
187739880When did you revert to the world's oldest and greatest path of life, Sanatan Dharma? For me, it…[View]
187739166America and its culture are the greatest in history: The very fact you post on this site means Ameri…[View]
187740048do programmers inb your cunt look like this ?: LOL https://twitter.com/PTVtelecom_com/status/1701905…[View]
187740046Do you reckon double entendres were used more back in the day?[View]
187736695Why are Christian in the West become so irreligious nowadays? Even people relate Christmas to Santa …[View]
187739210>blacks and asians when the new yeezy breezy mcsteezy sneaker drops: seriously why are they like …[View]
187738226does your country have BDSM clubs?: I was looking at night clubs here out of curiosity and I found t…[View]
187739710Does this kind of saxon still exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWBcBEk9T5g[View]
187738117>Oi anon you feckin kunt, you don't support the Plantation of Ulster do you? Your response?…[View]
187728177/sauna/: Laiska makoilupainos.[View]
187739471I would like to thank white people for inventing civilization[View]
187738492Why are Arabs such massive hypocrites?[View]
187738347Who the fuck decided to make this part of Turkey? Why isn't it just an independent Kurdish stat…[View]
187738979France is destroying the USA.[View]
187738926Convict cichlid is called Negro in Korean[View]
187703934/asean/: austronesian angels[View]
187738437I got a big nose and everyone makes fun of my face everday. I thought it was a okay for dudes to hav…[View]
187737732노가다 게이 치킨 묵닌다 (박근혜 아님)[View]
187736213Which type of Islam is more based? Shia or Sunni?[View]
187737210I speak 4 languages and I am about the learn the 5th. Imo this is just too much. I wish I only knew …[View]
187724782Sverigetråden - Hästsnoppupplagan: >Donken man är ute och går i bland gårdarna och ängarna och så…[View]
187738918What is /int/'s opinion of traditional Irish music? Do you ever listen to stuff like this? http…[View]
187738867just got back from raving, whats up in your country?[View]
187737552>went to pay something to the government >the slip said I'm making the payment to a place…[View]
187737209LatinX are mediterranean Finns[View]
187736935/brit/: the new as it were edition[View]
187738202>2019 was almost 5 years ago[View]
187738229Remainder that anti indian hate is fake: In real life, nobody hates Indians and people are actually …[View]
187724995/deutsch/ Justiziable Ausgabe[View]
187735293Do you have state-mandated military training for college students in your cunt? https://youtu.be/UqI…[View]
187723053Canada bros[View]
187736726is male pattern baldness common in your country?[View]
187738439ITT: We post people and things that fit our views of our own countries[View]
187738126Does your country have satanic rituals takign place in random abandoned buildings?: >flag Yes…[View]
187737473This is a kurwakura, theyre very annoying and common Do you have them in your cunt?[View]
187736690What would the west look like without him?[View]
187736855>Listen to music while doing sport >Watch youtube videos everyday >The store has music play…[View]
187737270good morning, sirs. can i wear this in india and be a true sir?[View]
187738316Did you know that Mr. Kuzhegetovich built a Buddha statue in Tuva?[View]
187737326Why are they like that?[View]
187738293Home altar in your cuntry of origin: You have set up your own altar for domestic worship, right?…[View]
187738079Latvian colony in Gambia... Lost home https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curonian_colonisation[View]
187737575What's your opinion on British suburbs constructed from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s? Cringe or…[View]
187727867This terrifies the American[View]
187734717How do you say ''it's over'' in Spanish?[View]
187738234Prabowo remember this name, he will be our next president[View]
187730374What flash games were popular in your country? Grow island was really popular for a while[View]
187733982Which countries have the best-looking vulvas?[View]
187737569>americans are the brown people of white people >canadians are the asians of while people >…[View]
187734023I really dislike beer, it's such a disgusting grainslop drink. Wine is the superior light alcoh…[View]
187738161'Native American' btw[View]
187738152/deutsch/: Klarer[View]
187737885Is this the correct way to describe the Cyprus situation?[View]
187721976Are hapa women the perfect women?[View]
187737191There is nothing more detestable than a nationalist who does not reside in the country they are nati…[View]
187735434Chief Cabinet of Japan has criticized annoying Youtubers. Please respect privacy and refrain from an…[View]
187733442Why do they refuse to have sex?[View]
187733864Hey /int/, I’m curious about your countries. Where are you from and what are some interesting facts …[View]
187729635Why are Japs such pussies? I would have knocked that American streamer out[View]
187735756spanish pipo be like >yo soy[View]
187737766Do you miss apartheid?[View]
187735162Swede chuds be naming their children: Björn[View]
187729660Eyes of /int/: Post your eyes and we’ll guess what you are. I’ll start.[View]
187735125Does this happen to you in your country?[View]
187737559Why are Sikhs always leaving India? Over 10% of their global population is now outside India. A larg…[View]
187733731Why do these people keep coming to Europe when they hate Europe?[View]
187737264what are people from this cunt like?[View]
187736908This is a Turkish couple[View]
187736066Does your phone bear the thirdie mark?[View]
187737134Should AMERICA TAKE MEXICO?: https://strawpoll.com/05ZdWaJ4Qg6 Fix the cartel problem[View]
187727504My wife wants to name our kid a Western American name but i want to stick with a Turkish name what d…[View]
187735238>be me, dating ultra Jewish chick >spill my beans and admit I had a 1488 skinhead phase in the…[View]
187734313do they legitimately svffer?[View]
187737494I lie I cheat I steal[View]
187737573What did he mean by this?[View]
187737562average love story in South Asia[View]
187734408How easy is it to get a cute Japanese girlfriend in Japan?[View]
187737471China claims the entire South China Sea as its own territory despite it being the rightful waters of…[View]
187737459Do you like cats in your country?[View]
187735520Koreans are #1 and I'm proud of them.[View]
187736750I am absolutely convinced (with empirical and a priori evidence) that its safe to believe that atlea…[View]
187735905our tendency to rape stems from the fact that we simply have higher testosterone compared to you tra…[View]
187735988it's a happening: youth terror: Rauma city, known for operating most of Finlands nuclear power …[View]
187736130Which country are you from Do you wish to holiday in Italy with your significant other? Flag, yes[View]
187736640>america and Mexico friendship Picrel[View]
187736205What happens in Germania?[View]
187736765What country is this?: What country is this and why do the women from here always look really ugly? …[View]
187736922American elite is scary[View]
187736831canada would financially collapse if they decide to purge every single indian from their country[View]
187734281What is it about Filipino men being better at getting white/east asian women compared to other races…[View]
187721633Pretendians: In my home country, Canada, it is a recursive problem where non-indigenous people will …[View]
187736208I'm almost 30 and I still watch anime[View]
187733959Anime is harmful or not?[View]
187736547when was the last time u celebrated ur Birthday in ur cunt?[View]
187732411/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição Uruguay. >>187729247[View]
187731967please don't accuse our country of being a plastic surgery country[View]
187735725Indonesia is now honorary first world[View]
187735614haha eye small[View]
187732044Are you considered gay if you like futas in your country?[View]
187731513/brit/: Not opening it[View]
187735860>dad messages me >I ignore him >he calls me >I don't answer How do you punish your …[View]
187731665Bros, what caused the Rwandans to want a clean nice civilization?: Seriously, Rwanda almost looks fi…[View]
187730307White girls HATE latinos[View]
187733472Do you have military parades in your country[View]
187736506Why are Japanese so sensitive?[View]
187733492Everytime I see videos on youtube like '[insert tutorial country here] IS TURNING INTO A DYSTOPIAN S…[View]
187735701I'm short and non-white so I have to cope with crippling loneliness by consuming entertainment.…[View]
187735657Good morning to all European boys :3[View]
187736267>thirdies will never understand this feeling Wish I lived as a redcoat in the 1700s Raj desu…[View]
187736334>stares you in spanish what do?[View]
187734346Why did American ditch the superior F-22?[View]
187734465what could fix you?[View]
187735589This is a sketch I drew in a five-minute gap at work. This is one of the few entertainments I have[View]
187736204I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning, I sleep alone Swee…[View]
187734139Did you know there is a country is South America where everyone is Indian? I just found out today[View]
187735313>white woman >brown woman[View]
187703252/balk/: gypsy edition[View]
187735602Do people like culo/bunda in your country?[View]
187736134Are you married to your cousin in your cunt?[View]
187735186>eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy giovanni, where's-a the-a pizza-a?[View]
187730579Rice vs Bread Which do you prefer[View]
187730158All I hear about is how every country is getting worse. What are some countries where everything is …[View]
187732786do americans feel any remorse over the bombings?[View]
187735721you wake up in australia[View]
187732222So, while searching for a travel itinerary in Japan for November, I saw this: https://www.japantimes…[View]
187726374thoughts on Israel?[View]
187733488What comes to mind when you think of Indonesia? Does anything even come up at all?[View]
187735433I desperately wish women had penises. Women would be so much better if they had cocks instead of vag…[View]
187733515Do Japanese people actually ever go to maid cafes, or is it purely a thing for tourists?[View]
187734136What makes the United States of America the greatest country in the world?[View]
187735555What do you love most about pic related country?[View]
187731210Why all Mexicans so mean in this board[View]
187735512What turned the coolest dude so called American into just a laughing stock I grew up with American …[View]
187735277>Ethiopian pops into my thread >Hasn't posted all day >'Update your picture' >Doesn…[View]
187728038do you masturbate to video games in your country?[View]
187734473Why Canada has collapsed?: Are their wages still make up for super high prices? Does average Canadia…[View]
187735318How can I meet American/Canadian gfs?: I want a blonde qt gf, where can I find them? Facebook is ful…[View]
187734491Do you like your country as a tourist destination?[View]
187735346I am a true motherfucker. A real one. My entire life revolves around getting high, killing niggas, a…[View]
187735312Left: >I died 2000 years ago, just two more millenia until I return and btfo all of the evil doer…[View]
187734413favourite goyslop place in your cunt[View]
187733374How many languages are just too many languages in ur xunt?[View]
187732690How can we encourage more Black people to post on /int/?[View]
187735151Americans be like: >Howdy Partner[View]
187733566Stop Abusing Japan OK !?: > Oh Mr Texas hakujin I'm so moved > I will gladly watch your v…[View]
187733276Europe? Moscow? No, this is the Nation of China[View]
187735118I like your country.[View]
187733996Imagine if Canada vs India becomes the cause of WW3. Bet you never saw that coming huh?[View]
187735068Racist radiohead be like: >SS Police >Arrest this nig >He talks in rap >He looks like Ge…[View]
187732145*teleports behind you*[View]
187732565Why did Europooeans kill all of them?[View]
187732161why are white people so childish?: NO ITS JEWS NO ITS LATINX NO ITS NUGGERS NO ITS CHINKS NO ITS ...…[View]
187734866Australian exceptionalism No Ethiopians edition[View]
187734144Thew Hittites were Indo-Europeans, so Whites have more claim to them than Turks.[View]
1877342081. Your country 2. Optimates or Populares?[View]
187719178>American houses aren't built with cardboar-ACK[View]
187730458The swedes.. are gay[View]
187731491How well do Polish women age (compared to Russian women)?: Just wondering I got the hots for a part…[View]
187734459I want to have white friends[View]
187734826How do Euros cope with the fact that they never had a show like 'Soul Train'? https://youtu.be/bp3pV…[View]
187729588Kazakhstan has changed since Borat[View]
187727856THIS is a native Japanese, native to the Japanese archipelago. Not the Chinese/Korean invaders you k…[View]
187734162post slavpunk[View]
187734111To be a real country, you must host the Olympics at least three times.[View]
187725725New worlders, do the media in your country also won't stop talking about muh Indigenous people …[View]
187734432>Jesus holding a wand just like Harry Potter: Do you believe in the MagicJew??[View]
187734630ITT: we say sorry to Portugal[View]
187733162Curry nigga bros.. This is why Japs hate you...[View]
187733214I'm about to pray to God (Allah): What am I in for?[View]
187733468Helsinki is the fourth Rome. It is also the heir to the Mongol empire.[View]
187733741Don't be fooled goyim, America is stronger than ever and China will collapse in 2 weeks.[View]
187731332I'm a Polish suprematist.[View]
187724892What do you think of TIL (Total Italian Love)?[View]
187730838Why does this happen only in Japan?[View]
187734213live your myth in canada[View]
187732134Since most of you are incels, would you dare to date a fat girl?[View]
187733881How did Korea eclipse Japan so quickly? Why does the Korean culture appeal only to women and not men…[View]
187734225Our election is in 3 weeks The 2 main parties are competing to allow immigrants to bring their paren…[View]
187733519We need to stop the normalization of anime. It's crazy how many relatives (even older) and frie…[View]
187734326do you have this eurochannel in your eurocountry?: we used to have it in french but they recently st…[View]
187734248You and I must make a pact We must bring stagnation back[View]
187734247Is crime Latin America's only contribution to humanity?[View]
187734077Just learned most countries don't refrigerate their eggs[View]
187733458Americans put English subtitles when a guy speaks English with a French accent. Then the other one s…[View]
187719335If Japan is best country in the world, why aren't more people moving there?: Checkmate weebs…[View]
187730423Do you like English ppl?[View]
187703728/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition smug.[View]
187734029Is Paris different from the rest of France?[View]
187729948YTboiz HATE latinas[View]
187733811Is HIV a prevalent disease in ur cunt ? No pun intended[View]
187728821What are white American girls good for?[View]
187732849Do you like Persian women in your cunt?[View]
187733769>Tfw will never experience nectar of gods that Mexican food is[View]
187730861honest opinion about my country?[View]
187732224>Oje papi you're Awstralian? I love Adelaide![View]
187733065Are all bongs pedos? Wtf is going on[View]
187733224>he fell for the based Poland meme Its a gay Ameican vassal state like Canada…[View]
187731308>girlfriend breaks up with me >sends me weird momo pic of herself >dies in car accident a w…[View]
187732367Who are your favourite new anglos?[View]
187733706Friendly reminder, if you don't elect males as 'miss homecoming' then you're a bigot[View]
187729536/mena/: BBC edition[View]
187728022>nationwide strike occurs >new influx of cheap labor conveniently arrives Does this happen in …[View]
187731815Korean culture is stolen from China. Everything you identify as Korean is actually Chinese in essenc…[View]
187732952Your genuine opinion on Akhand Bharat?[View]
187731682How would people in your cunt react if a family member came out as gay: I live in the part of the co…[View]
187733290every time I try to troll wypipo, wypipo never bite my bait. my trolling threads always fade away wi…[View]
187732934I just realised it's SWORDi Arabia haha[View]
187732336CHICANOS are my BROTHERS I long for the day we can reunite and be prosperous together[View]
187732892Post castles from your country.[View]
187733394Why did the Danish government spend millions on psychological torture experiments against me as a to…[View]
187732243Are women like this in your country ?[View]
1877333321. Don't pick up the phone, you know he's only calling 'cause he is drunk and alone. …[View]
187732735I'm currently hanging out with pack of Finnish girls I just met at a bar in Brooklyn. I'm …[View]
187731911There is this Uruguaya on /bra/ and she wants me money and body.[View]
187732304I don't want to work, it's Saturday and I'm still working[View]
187732441Bharat originally only meant the part of land in present say pakistan and north western india accord…[View]
187731591are their any famous crimelords and rapist youtubers in ur country.[View]
187725991Is it caturday in your country?[View]
187727500how often do you shower in ur cunt[View]
187732472I have solved the European question.[View]
187732782>Yuropoor trying to tell me that his specific country and ethnic group is relevant >Ask him w…[View]
187732414Only nation I respect.[View]
187732457Another day another struggle[View]
187732664Do you like women who are Lebanese[View]
187732618My scientific and factual map of Europe: Red = Western Europe Purple = Eastern Europe Yellow = Gayro…[View]
187722630/cum/ - canada usa mexico: the new edition[View]
187720199/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: motochads edition[View]
187732423Are you pro or anti drunk driving in your cunt?[View]
187731968Are women hard to decipher in your country? I've been ghosted twice in the past two days[View]
187731890just ate with a rusty spoon, tasted the iron the entire time, am I gonna die in my country?[View]
187731811I want to leave this country.[View]
187732638The only country I respect[View]
187730613Do as thou wilt.[View]
187732063i didnt know usa was so cool: did old USA also suffer prejudice from Europeans when america was poor…[View]
187732548Do you love Japan?[View]
187731952>land of the free >cant build thier own houses >have to pay a private company to do it Do a…[View]
187729821Japanese culture is stolen from China. Everything you identify as Japanese is actually Chinese in es…[View]
187731305Muslims run away if they see a black dog because they think they are djinns[View]
187729247/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Palestine edish >>187724318[View]
187732438know your place, goyim.[View]
187729254Americans have no shared culture. If you put a New Yorker in the same room as a Californian they wou…[View]
187732399>what's the deeeeaaaall with Nippon? >Why are all of their posters permanently butthurt c…[View]
187731803Europeans are dying by the thousands in the name of a tribal sociological fiction, their country. Ha…[View]
187729909I think it's about time we have another Appalachia thread.[View]
187727578Why are you into Asian women, anon?[View]
187731610World peace thread: Rather than starting another international cyber war here in /int/, let's s…[View]
187726914South Korea is the Third Israel. It is the true Kingdom of Heaven.[View]
187731003Has bullying of Christians on /int/ gone too far?: Have we made fun of Christianity too much on this…[View]
187694358wtf indonesia[View]
187731957Why dont china support the khalistan movement considering india supports tibetan independence i thin…[View]
187731487Do bumpkins believe in supernatural monsters inside of your country?[View]
187728862el duende...[View]
187731917>log onto 4channel.organisation >literally nothing remotely funny or interesting Huh? Wha! Bye…[View]
187731916If your country glorifies alcohol and demonizes drugs then it's hypocritical(for example Japan)[View]
187729717Do Europeans go through their country's feudal era during their history lessons? How autistical…[View]
187722569have you ever seen the ocean? flag no[View]
187730798ay caramba...[View]
187727749Does your cunt have fujoshis? I feel like cute and attractive fujoshis only exist in Japan And if …[View]
187731504Are you a Top G in your country?[View]
187725548In which stupid pharaefelia do you spend your money on in your country[View]
187728059>European immigrants in America/South Africa/Australia unironically be complaining about non-Euro…[View]
187730801I want to lick a hapa pussy[View]
187731224Excuse me? What, now?[View]
187726135Do you support Quebec's independence struggle?[View]
187730060South Korea's leader of opposition is going to jail soon. Did you apologize to Yoon yet?[View]
187731119was your country mentioned in the holy bible[View]
187721623How come albino indians have a whiter facial structure than most white Americans?[View]
187730176Scandinavian begpacker tourists who constantly trash talk America and the UK for being racist when y…[View]
187729004What happens here?[View]
187726133The dalits of European people[View]
187730014>the masculine savagery of Muslim Turks >the height of Northern Europeans >the physical pow…[View]
187730678>Northern neighbours allow India to meddle in their politics >Southern neighbours allow China …[View]
187730793Did anyone ever find out who Johnny Dickering was?[View]
187731075Would girls in your country be able to tell it was a guy’s first time doing sex?[View]
187729196>my fingers smell of my gf's pussy >can't sleep because of it, sniffing them Does th…[View]
187724187/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
187730434Are there many Australian-born Indian girls in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney?[View]
187725866Why Mexicans loves fags so much? This would never happen in El Salvador because we are part of the a…[View]
187730803He can't be that innocent if Jesus killed him[View]
187689473/ex-yu/: moja zena izdanje[View]
187730916black metal and neo folk will save the white race[View]
187725302Real Brazil: The reality of Brazil that Americans rarely see (yes, I'm Brazilian).[View]
187717907What is your most lefty opinion and your most righty opinion in your country?[View]
187725116I deserve this in any country[View]
187730499summer endered in my country[View]
187729827>lives rent-free in Europe's head to this day Powerful.[View]
187730677So I don't care whether EV expands or not[View]
187728382Good evening. I hope all my Russian and Ukrainian bros are okay.[View]
187728268America is like a dystopian hell for dating. >can no longer cat call >cold approaches can get …[View]
187726454/한국어/ + /친구들/: 오 마이 갓[View]
187725539/nederdraad/: Geen Poenie Geen Werk editie[View]
187730638Is that true Ukraine and Russia used to be brother nations until the euromaidan?[View]

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