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128173599I am considering moving to Grand Canaria for an IT job. Never been there. What should I expect?[View]
128172662Would an openly Atheist person become the president of your country?: Spain Yes[View]
128169249France has a nice shape[View]
128170422Euro has done more damage to world in 2020, than Nazi Germany in 12 years Euro is literally killing …[View]
128166792/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția resuscităm firul pentru că sunt în concediu și deși am bani mis prea zgâ…[View]
128167638I think this is the best country in Europe, so in the world.[View]
128173879>imagine not being able to shittalk people in your native language when on vacation how do anglos…[View]
128173700Are high school students politically involved in your country? Yes, but they are retarded.[View]
128172609Suomi on kaunis maa Is your country beautiful?[View]
128172622A friendship forever![View]
128171869Do you want to find love in Cugny?[View]
128173614Who is greater buffon or cassilas?[View]
128171366My parents named me Herman[View]
128173548Fuck jannies and fuck niggers[View]
128170536>my only enjoyment in life is laughing at soyjaks on a Armenian Horse-breeding forum…[View]
128155598/Nederdraad/: Ja editie. Welkom: Ja Niet-Welkom: Ja >Draadmuziek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
128172899How do we save the red countries from the raging fires of hell, my Protestant brothers and sisters?[View]
128173470>Why yes, i reply to 4 year old comments on YouTube, how could you tell?…[View]
128173098Left: the only standing building after the bomb in Hiroshima. Right: the only standing building afte…[View]
128173326>2 years of socialist government >Holocaust denial is still legal…[View]
128171393Imagine working for an american intelligence agency[View]
128171354why is english like that?[View]
128171624I think with using Lebanon we can reaffirm the Francophonie in Moyen-Orient: First step will be rest…[View]
128172132makkah,,,, home....[View]
128164816/ita/ - il filo: edizione Blade Runner 2049[View]
128172373>he can't mention 7 Laos islands[View]
128172567>tfw you will take part in the inevitable collapse and conquest of Western civilisation…[View]
128172846Here I come. There's no stopping me now.[View]
128171781help, I put my Alexa to Spanish for fun and lost my phone, now I cant communicate to it to find my p…[View]
128171993Piracy is wrong bros, people worked on those stuff: Years ago I used to download movies and gamea fr…[View]
128165089Land of greatness. How I wish to come here.[View]
128172252Why is Germany the only country in the world to have truly repented of their past crimes?[View]
128171852Taipei is not the capital of Taiwan.[View]
128172607Why the hell Argentina is the member of G20?[View]
128172359What happens here?[View]
128171598In Finland it is illegal for schools to charge tuition and so rich kids go to the same schools as ev…[View]
128169298Why did japan stop being based? All nu-games and nu-anime from japan suck ass[View]
128162366How can Finland compete with Brazilian schools?[View]
128171648Post phenomena exclusive to your country (and possibly neighbouring countries) >the pläp kid (pic…[View]
128170331The REAL China.[View]
128168110do brasillians really?[View]
1281701261. country 2. cofe time? >flag >cofe time.…[View]
128168994ITT:: we summon first worlders[View]
128171567Are Muslims allowed to befriend non-Muslims, or would that be falling into in impiety?[View]
128170563I'm so sorry...[View]
128170342Ik ook janny seething at the truth.[View]
128166617Today is the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing: On 6 August 1945, at 08:15, America dropped the …[View]
128171653Why is Italy so good at espresso? It feels like another, better industrialized country like Germany …[View]
128169944>yeah dude macedonians are just larpers, they have no hist- https://youtu.be/Ed5M1sU45SQ?list=FLP…[View]
128171573rac¡st wh¡te people give me house, healthcare, money and job[View]
128155811/mämmi/: Tuulihaukkapainos[View]
128159166/cum/ - canada us mexico: Sigmund Freud edition[View]
128171363>cunt >did you play battle network >were you able to do the varsword combo flag yes yes…[View]
128167981Is Overwatch still popular in your country?[View]
128164888High IQ Thread: Excellent job my Oriental brothers. We have successfully convinced the Western devil…[View]
128171183Alexander is the greatest name of all times (It's actually Jesus but it's not that common …[View]
128160092Why do Finns have high cheekbones and Gook eyes?: Are you whiter than them?[View]
128170980My City's landmark has been turned red to annkunce we have entered a Coronavirus emergency. Eer…[View]
128164319I don't get it.[View]
128168525I like anime and it is the only thing that makes me happy these days[View]
128170595I´m only jealous of Norwegians. Give us some mountains fuck.[View]
128169511EU women owe me sex >Does this happen in ur country[View]
128169335Why do you refuse the call to help restore Rome?[View]
128168869Brazil has the ugliest flag.[View]
128169439How the fuck is krautchan still operating? Almost every time I check their catalog has a pedo thread…[View]
128167781There hasn't been a single post on /int/ from Haiti for all of 2020 so far. Is internet really …[View]
128169642feel like shit man I hate living in a backward islamic extremist arapic-speaking failed-authority st…[View]
128158860Scotland=Based England=Cringe[View]
128170392Would you live here in replica Paris?[View]
128149324Post The Most American Image In Your FOlder[View]
128170083im so fucking ugly holy shit it baffles me how i was able to get a gf[View]
128168421YANKD: italians how does it feel that your capital's football club is now owned by an American …[View]
128169026How are Italian women compared to Spanish women?[View]
128170191>News reports have described how groups of Internet users have cooperated to exchange detailed co…[View]
128169447I'm an American in Japan and I refuse to go back because America is a corona ridden shithole[View]
128166976/brit/: norf edition[View]
128164417>open /int/ >half of the threads are about finns and finland…[View]
128156851Finnish man be like >Hello my name is Janne and he is my friend Miika[View]
128169260hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds out gun* my name is amerishart but u can call me t3h C0pp3r oF d00m!!…[View]
128169983this is /int/ anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFLExwIQKto[View]
128169467i've been to the capital cities of 4 other countries but i've never been to Warsaw[View]
128168899Japan should bring back the old provinces instead of prefectures. I learned all the old provinces na…[View]
128171733When will Americans apologise for Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Today is the 75 years anniversary[View]
128168742WHF do Koreans do this kind of shit even in this day and age?[View]
128166463Why are spaniards so racist?: The biggest forum of Spain made a poll asking people if they would sup…[View]
128168706>law and order[View]
128165075I am wageslaving in the most beautiful week of the year (usually it rains all year around) to afford…[View]
128169106Estonian Lives Matter[View]
128169484What would your country lobby for if your country had the power of AIPAC?[View]
128169382What percentage of your cunt is a NEET?[View]
128167925Doubt anyone has a view better than mine[View]
128166359Hey /int/! >*beelllhh*[View]
128168622Did you that men used to kiss to greet themselves?: Does this still happen in your country?[View]
128163892Japan handles corona very poorly because of their 'anti science' groupthink: This shit hasnt been co…[View]
128168602What the fuck is the point of borders: People should be allowed to live wherever they want[View]
128165985question exclusively for americans: - where is new england located?[View]
128168440Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
128169049Have you ever met a Mexican before? I'm convinced that they don't actually exist.[View]
128169015>twf your realize that the future of the human specie lies with the bantu people. https://www.you…[View]
128168524Do you really get fined if your car breaks down in Germany?[View]
128167382these little fuckers are fucking my shit up hard this summer. What the fuck is going on? Does this h…[View]
128165373Are there any examples where multicultural societies where two groups of people with vastly differen…[View]
128166197Does your country have a fuel cell plant so that excess electricity generated from solar panels and …[View]
128165593この日本語が読めますか? どうせ読めないでしょう? だってあなたは馬鹿外人君だもんね?[View]
128167540I can’t take it anymore, bros. The government will not back down until there’s a vaccine for this vi…[View]
128167240based quaden, fuck anyone who bullied this little champion, poor kid[View]
1281626751. Country 2. Cofe time? >flag >oh yeah you know it baby…[View]
128163376Sverigetråden - Episk upplaga[View]
128166518I hate sharing the same language with 22 countries[View]
128165671>/votekick Soyak[View]
128166091Is this common in your country?[View]
128163310/inferno/ ehemals bekannt als /deutsch/: Tag des menschlichen Gokkelschens-Ausgabe[View]
128167834Eesti ...[View]
128167893Fun fact about Bolivia: At around 3,800 to 4,200 meters high, Bolivia's metropolitan area is so…[View]
128167538>where are the hordes of russians we Khevsurs can take em on[View]
128162400French Lebanon: Based Lebanese pipo who want that French come back https://secure.avaaz.org/communi…[View]
128168088Croats look more Spartan than modern gr*eks.: Opinions?[View]
128166802>Y...you called me a Turkroach? Like a.. a.. cockroach? *sniff* anon why are you so mean! I am Tu…[View]
128164945Innawoods thread; Int Edition: http://www.innawoods.net/swf/InnaWoods.swf Enable flash settings and …[View]
128167000Pls save us.[View]
128165662Population: 169,080,796 What is their endgame?[View]
128163654Does this happen in your country?: I do deserve love and affection[View]
128163586I am a flag enthusiast. Im interested in design and everything about flags. Ill rate flags in this t…[View]
128166022>CCP cuckstamp >Islamic cuckstamp What is Singapore's endgame?…[View]
128167960He doesn't care about your feelings[View]
128164684Learning another country's language feels like you're getting cucked culturally[View]
128161084You alright lebbros?[View]
128167078Is this a fair statement about american posters?[View]
128162068France doesn't exist It was all a dream[View]
128167375I'm 1/8th French and 7/8ths Anglo but I identify as a German.[View]
128165251Why is the a janny deleting ikk ook memes?: Ikk ook ikk ook ikk ook[View]
128164742What food did you make and ate last /int/?: I made creamy spinach pesto gnocchi and chicken tarragon…[View]
128164559Do they really?[View]
128153397Will Muslims in India ever recover?[View]
128167229>In 1890 Japan had 18,625 baptized Orthodox Christians >Today there are only 10,000 :(…[View]
128160558I'm going to go sleep, can you guys watch this thread while I'm gone?[View]
128164364Is this a common occurrence in your country?[View]
128162853for me, its shiori kamisaki teacher roleplay[View]
128163533A camping in the Netherlands got 20.000 letters from the Dutch unemployment agency. All letters are …[View]
128159321Why western art has lack of Moe? Learn moe concept from japan and be wiser. Look at the significantl…[View]
128166337لبنان ليس وحيداً[View]
128165589Why is the birth rate in the Baltic countries so low? Their cities look comfy. Why don't people…[View]
128165338>As a self-described 'playboy of the Eastern world', Kishi was known during his four years in Man…[View]
128165307Fucking Iceland[View]
128159334The majority of swedeshits unironically believe we are the center of the universe and also the perfe…[View]
128161688Which is the best romance language and why is romanian? Probably because of daco-slavic influence[View]
128166666Was just checking out the Alaska website when I saw a familiar face...[View]
128166889>are you just going to go to Italy and leave your parents like that Luca Casaregola?…[View]
128161104>you wake up in Finland[View]
128165619If I get cancer I won't get any chemo or radiotherapy,[View]
128165657do you like self-defecating humour?[View]
128165336le barp: le barp[View]
128162692Why can't Anglos control themselves?[View]
128162893Your cunt How do you feel about tourists?[View]
128164280Because the beauty of the ARVAN WOMVN must not perish from this earth[View]
128145469/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
128166387What's the general concensus on sex with fat white female tourists?[View]
128162476do you love rage against the machine[View]
128160367why meds brown?[View]
128163741>SAY MUTT AGAIN[View]
128162232When was the last time you dabbed?[View]
128158803Pass this test and you’re smarter than an American[View]
128166096Good night int[View]
128163464I need a hobby but I don't enjoy anything.[View]
128146411/nocturne/ anciennement /fr/: Édition du Q Ancien: >>128138194[View]
128165435this is an average dinner in siberia thoughts?[View]
128162284Soon enough automatization will take hold of the low complexity jobs but as a response and as genera…[View]
128164137You cunt Why are you still NEET? Get a fucking job and fucking money Then you can do what you want t…[View]
128164514Oh..Americans don't understand the metric system, but apparently know what a 9mm is... strange.[View]
128156800What is it like to be an Asian man in a western country?[View]
128163911why are Americans, but also protestants in general, obsessed with Israel?[View]
128163800Why would an anglo ever learn another language? Literally no reason to[View]
128161037Would you live in these conditions as a seasonal farm worker earning 10€/h. Btw you have to pay rent…[View]
128165290Nipponese angels[View]
128162626you have to go through me before you bully japan fucktards.[View]
128165077I AM BRITISH: Are you British?[View]
128165548praise Portugal! https://youtu.be/DdOEpfypWQA[View]
128165533Why yes? Japs. the only based contry in asia Korea is just poor seething whore And im not ilbe.[View]
128159761/rus/: пpeдыдyщий: >>128101367[View]
128164632>Spanish bombs, yo te quierro y finito >Yo te querda, oh mi corazón >Spanish bombs, yo te q…[View]
128164649>267.7 Million subhumans >literally the worst shithole ever >even more than Bostil >gav…[View]
128162837Being a doomer doesn't mean to be depressed and sad all the time. It means you know everything …[View]
128163634itt: we send love to lebanon frens we love you beirut <3[View]
128151141Quick! Name 3 polish people![View]
128161960What happens here? I unironically got a job offer in Belfast(they also will be covering my relocatio…[View]
128137148/norgetråden/: Fjelltur-utgaven Forrige: >>128118418 >>128118418 >>128118418…[View]
128158217Having a Finish accent is suffering: https://youtu.be/rXdjhFrq5t8[View]
128134685/ita/ - il filo: edizione domani raduno del filo, non mancate[View]
128159606does your country have multiple citizenship? what are your thoughts on multiple citizenship?[View]
128163377I hate gray country.[View]
128164394Reason one: Finland isn't Scandinavian[View]
128164638What phenotype is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD1OPhYIvEk[View]
128160675Which English speaking people are least autistic?: I am fed up of Germany and want to move. I have a…[View]
128161940This is the best country in the world right now. The most advanced. The comfiest. Good in every sing…[View]
128162642/Africa/: Does your country have African students? >China has surpassed all western governments c…[View]
128163510>yes I am dutch but how could you tell?[View]
128159715Do the Uighurs deserve it? Did they have it coming or something?[View]
128160369>Netherlands >More like Nerdlands[View]
128164223Is it so bad to be an Asian men in the United States? East Asians in the United States are a wealthy…[View]
128163369How do I get a qt plain Jane brunette Brit gf? I need one bad bros.[View]
128163075How bad is the economic crisis in Lebanon now? Has it got to the Ukraine level where you can fuck pr…[View]
128163673Lebanese men who survive explosions look like THIS?!?[View]
128162369What do you call 'bum wine' (really cheap, low-end alcohol) in your language, /int/?[View]
128157667Have you ever get 300 over replies when you made thread here? me once. but almost my thread die befo…[View]
128162560somebody has to stop israel[View]
128161773Is being a social outcast as a nonwhite any better than it is to be a social outcast as a white pers…[View]
128161729sup /b/ what race am i? dont say mutt either.[View]
128162838Why don't other countries have gun cultures like the US?[View]
128160817There are three peoples in Europe >Nords >Meds >Slavs Which one(s) are you from?…[View]
1281520701. your cunt 2. your iq[View]
128163638>person, woman, man, camera, tv https://youtu.be/D61XWb1jSQU[View]
128163030i have unironic autism and adhd and cant concentrate on something for more than 20 minutes and im re…[View]
128163111What if I take a walk around 1:30am around La Banane? Has someone make it in Paris? https://www.yout…[View]
128160456Georgian women are the only whites who stay virgins until marriage[View]
128163480original = swear word in your language: this dude's name is pica in the original that means 'co…[View]
128163529In Athens of the antiquities, every year, two ugliest men were picked from their city and cast out t…[View]
128162552your cunt Your fetish Greece Macrophilia/crushing[View]
128150441/nachtschicht/ - früher oder später /deutsch/: Vorher aber auch >>128144687[View]
128162248>there are people who actually UNIRONICALLY INADVERTENLY travel to India…[View]
128162722>cunt >do you have friends in other countries? which ones? I have a friend from Belorussia. Al…[View]
128159418Finns are the most advanced race of people.[View]
128156342How many Brazillians look like her?[View]
128162888How black anons imagine themselves[View]
128163169Asian hair is coarse like that of a donkey. I was fucking an asian and it was borderline unbearable,…[View]
128160703Now you can't unsee it[View]
128162994/mena-شأشأ/: Ajman is on fire edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9emzYfVHdk[View]
128162264> cunt > your GPA Flag, just fucking kill me already.…[View]
128161970I've never had a girlfriend. Have you ever? Me: Never.[View]
128160438/gangia/ aka /gangusithan/ aka /bharat/: /desi/ got deleted because of coomers Ganges River edition…[View]
128161646why do brits suck[View]
128162911Chinanons, what does it feel like to be on the winning team, as well as part of one of the most anci…[View]
128162900> Why yes, i'm Finnish. How could you tell?[View]
128154277oh...what could had been..[View]
128162892>My qt Brit slag friend lost her accent God please let me mutt a slag myself already…[View]
128161239OWNED: >what the fuck is a KEELO[View]
128162008Was this popular in your count?: we? Yes[View]
128151167Literally everything bad about the United States comes from this area.[View]
128160807Can she pass as Fire Nation princess in your country?[View]
128160127STOP APOLOGIZING: There is nothing to apologize for , if they dont want us in their little or only u…[View]
128162443Why does Scandinavia look like a benis?[View]
128162506What is the most polarizing new or new-ish building in your country? >inb4 buildings that everyon…[View]
128161928Why does Portuguese sound so slavic?[View]
128161398is it possible to be an hermit in your country? it's not possible here[View]
128160805I dont think there has ever been a more pozzed country than The Netherlands[View]
1281548581. Your country 2. What do you want? -Uruguay -To be stereotyped and to be classified[View]
128160373I suffer in the 2nd world(Israhell)[View]
128162233partaking in BBC posting is the final redpill[View]
128139811Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>128116431 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
128159501Does this happen in your country? I've never seen it. Where does this happen?[View]
128161640i dont understand what a cossack is[View]
128160224Why are school shooting such a uniquely American phenomenon? This shit just doesn't happen anyw…[View]
128158348Countries that gave up their nuclear power plants are cucks to the big oil-hydrocarbon corporations …[View]
128158174Are big asses on women seen as trashy in your country?: Having a big ass used to be considered trash…[View]
128159138Kurva anyátok UwU[View]
128162065Do they really?[View]
128162028They're truer Muslims than Arabs.[View]
128156277How would you make Indonesia more relevant?[View]
128160404>Sikhs get to carry a KNIFE? >SIKHS ARE BROS AND HECKING BASED!!!!…[View]
128161994Degree of certainty’ linking Beirut ‘apocalypse’ to Russian ammonium nitrate https://www.youtube.com…[View]
128161119VGH.......... WHAT COVLD HAVE BEEN................[View]
128157575Did you know...: Sherlock Holmes/Hercule Poirot are Indian https://youtu.be/aqc9mQEbmS4 The Queen is…[View]
128153425Does america have any fan culture?[View]
128148109Sverigetråden - tuttkosseupplagan[View]
128161678>half italian/half german >end up looking 100% german why…[View]
128159951How do you call this in your country?[View]
128161402>amerilarps be like[View]
128160399Could I pass as a native English speaker?: https://voca.ro/bj9iVd2DiRW[View]
128160896>his 'language' uses logograms[View]
128161041Schizoism is detected at abnormal rates in Skandis and finns, we are afflicted by it more than 1000%…[View]
128159264Do Americans really[View]
128155794>Choose your race and class[View]
128161441>polish niggas be like Pzcsyzbszszzszzzscszszs[View]
128161356colloquial language differs greatly from written language = SOUL colloquial and written language are…[View]
128157435Why do Russians write like this?[View]
128159769The problem is not whether we had war criminals in WW2. The problem is the inconsistent and unfair w…[View]
128157262/brit/: Fitness edition[View]
128161380I'm fucking angry Post angry stuff, I want ANGRY THREAD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FU…[View]
128159740Expulse the muslims Expulse the jews Inquisition The remaining christians of jewish ancestry prohibi…[View]
128160930which country is gayest?[View]
128156276I'm obsessed with America: I just can't help it[View]
12816018790%+ of japanese flag posters here are actually proxies[View]
128159432non white here why are Italians and other meds considered dark Caucasian when their skin colour is a…[View]
128160432Can some one translate this for me please: Im trying to see what this image says, all I've gott…[View]
128153611/cum/ - canada us mexico: Alfred Kinsey edition[View]
128160799Your country is better than Brazil.[View]
128158925why are americans so prone to insanely random violence? Even old ladies, young teenagers and people …[View]
128156359I want to kiss Sayuri's tummy ;_;[View]
128159804A, am I only one person who thought English is hell difficult language??[View]
128157112Cunt: I hate my cuntry[View]
128160515why does she make americans seethe?[View]
128160850Your cunt Do you prefer chicken that is white and fresh looking or do you burn it and ruin it with s…[View]
128156835Does American knows where their ancestor come from? Does American care about their original country …[View]
128160268Skandis and finns are mentally ill, don't believe than when they talk about their own countries…[View]
128159895Japan has so much interesting culture yet the one that became the most popular is their shitty carto…[View]
128160741>be god >the promised land for jews is mostly inhospitable desert What did the god mean by thi…[View]
128159544Good morning Europe. Good afternoon Australia.[View]
128160654int in one gif[View]
128160494Post your best hamburger pictures[View]
128157374Related to your countries leader: Bob hawk fucked my gran, while she was married, my father was prob…[View]
128154469>Japan Catholic Population: 440.000 (0,5% of population) >Japan Catholic Prime-Ministers: 3 (H…[View]
128160645The real barrier to a trad society is heterosexuality. Once the concept has been dismantled we'…[View]
128156529Why are Western countries so mentally ill?[View]
128159742Is 181cm height relatively tall in Korea Tell me the truth big bro korean[View]
128159876>Land of the free[View]
128159660>I suffer in America[View]
128155548What do you think of Chechen language? https://youtu.be/5N8Ah33CViE https://youtu.be/f2hJoM020JM htt…[View]
128160125No! This is a public library! You can't deny the Holocaust here![View]
128157249British tourist broke 19th century Italian sculpture[View]
128159266Why arent you Catholic?: >The Vatican considers Americanism to be a heresy Woah, based Pope!…[View]
128158149>be american >lose to your girlfriend in a pissing contest…[View]
128160117ruski boys look like THAT?[View]
128159603who is the angriest gamer in your country? https://youtu.be/-ylnoB3wwKg[View]
128160110Foreigners in Beirut.[View]
128159759بصراحة بيسد بكل معنة الكلمة. الله يحفظ وينصر الزعيم الخالد إمانيويل ماكرون[View]
128158791Angloids are the greatest threat to humanity. What should we do with them?[View]
128158134the finnish gf[View]
128160047>browse some random videogame forum >literally all the ''''''women'''''' there are thailandese…[View]
128159061how the fuck do Russian even differentiate between themselves and Caucasus people ? Khabib looked li…[View]
128159997how are they so autistic? is american cock affecting their brain?[View]
128158732Which countries are poppin?[View]
128159869What is Estonians opinion on this? As a Swede, I'm curious as we did conquer your lands once ht…[View]
128159727my love for Finns, and Scandinavians knows no limits!! I want to squeeze you all and sex you all up …[View]
128158798Really makes my mind ponder[View]
128159310I am tired of living in this beautiful country full of corruption and impunity in all the orders tha…[View]
128159730I just think the world would be better off under a one world goverment modeled after the american co…[View]
128159647every time I hear a Dutch anon complaining about their life I feel like bashing their face in with a…[View]
128159531>why yes i'm a shitskin sicilian. How could you tell[View]
128159381Yes, I'm indeed a Polish Roman Catholic, and will of Christ is the most important thing to me. …[View]
128158979america? more like amerikkka lmao[View]
128157394Am I the only one who thinks Alaska as part of the US looks odd on a map? Like there is the mainland…[View]
128159522大越萬歳: Bring back the Vietnamese Empire[View]
128158718Chinese are forgetting how to write their own language because of autocomplete: https://youtu.be/VYC…[View]
128158755Indian diaspora: If Indian diaspora are so successful abroad then why is their home country so shit?…[View]
128159011I just ate a girls ass and it was really stinky and I got some ass hairs stuck in my teeth[View]
128156830I want an American gf like this.[View]
128156999Am I gay if I just jerked off to big dicked shemale pornography but I was mostly jerking off to thei…[View]
128159342How popular are fireworks in your country? Or for fellow burgers in your state?[View]
128157301There are 54 states on Africa, yet american media insists on referring to it as one place. What give…[View]
128155415Ban Cunt: >You can choose one cunt to completely be banned from traveling to or its people moving…[View]
128145440How do I move to Russia as a 19 year old NEET?: Belarus could work too.[View]
128156058>Finish military training >WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE STATIONED SOLDIER >(You):JAPAN >MIDDL…[View]
128159186https://www.codastory.com/disinformation/ammonium-nitrate-beirut-georgia/ The ammonium nitrate that …[View]
128155359do police chiefs in your country get paid better than doctors and lawyers?[View]
128157930Why do black people have such distinct voice? I can guess if someone is black by their voice and be …[View]
128159112This guy was the Glondald Blurmpf of Sweden. Post your Glondald Blurmpfs[View]
128156603My childhood will never happen again.[View]
128157468I wish I could vote Obama for a third time.[View]
128156185Why aren't you learning Mandarin?[View]
128153962>A sounds like O 90% of the time why are they like this?[View]
128157863>I suffer in upstate new york[View]
128158783Russia can't even win at chess anymore. The ONE thing they used to be the best at. How far they…[View]
1281575211. Your cunt 2. Does/did it have any violent regional independantist movement ? France Mainly Corsic…[View]
128158107A toast to all the cultures of the world![View]
128158461God I wish that were me...[View]
128152162Who here is a child of immigrants? What has your life been like? Have you been able to mesh both you…[View]
128152685Do Hershey's taste like vomit to you?[View]
128157941despite their nasty history, the nicest, most patient and likable people i've ever met have bee…[View]
128151687>inventor of global economy >smaller GDP than France today OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
128156640What is your favorite region of the US?[View]
128158189Post based restorations from your cunt. Tokyo station after restoration[View]
128145797/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends[View]
128158069Do boomers wear masks in your cunt? In the USA yes, pic related.[View]
128157787Goodbye frens: This might me my last time on here. My parents say they think my mental has progresse…[View]
128151682did you take the monkepill yet?[View]
128156798how do you deal with heart break in ur cunt[View]
128157190Do they really?[View]
128152945Catholic Japan: >you know realize that the mother of the current emperor of Japan was literally c…[View]
128155993How are manlets treated in your country?[View]
128157618Are the corporations in your country based?[View]
128157913Are people in your country aware of the fact that Australia has no scenery?[View]
128158050country do you wish you were a GAUCHO BULL? usa every day I wish I was a gaucho[View]
128154550>tfw parents think I'm smart because I managed to do well in school and know a bunch of triv…[View]
128157385are white people really the master race?[View]
128156967Greater Albanian Reich: I am ready to leave the American people and lead the chosen E-V13 haplo race…[View]
128157981Rectal ozone therapy to save from coronavirus: That's it, friends. After fighting with all thei…[View]
128154412/brit/: The wife edition[View]
128154865I am a dual citizen of America and Israel. Any other dual citizen bros here?[View]
1281545601 in 3 people born in the last 20 years will live to see their 100th birthday. The world you die in …[View]
128156023/skandi/: Nordisk-Indisk samarbejde udgaven[View]
128147622/lat/ + Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: hilo latANO y japANO Edicion esca[View]
128154220If your ethnicity doenst align your flags you shouldnt post here: I come here to talk to different p…[View]
128157793Is there a red-light district in Brazil?[View]
128155102Is the point of life really just to have as much wealth/power/sex/pleasure as possible?[View]
128152387Europe Opinion Thread[View]
128156072day by day the world becomes browner.[View]
128152531>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
128149668How did you guys learn English? How can we get our illegals to learn English like you guys have?[View]
128156040>Southern US cuisine is gros-[View]
128157296>kys tranny >gayposters should be permabanned >Islam was right about women >faggots shou…[View]
128153033>23 >still haven't lived my fantasy of playing in front of people how's your dreams…[View]
128155317Why are Sudanese so against reunification with Egypt I thought they were the same people[View]
128147572/lat/ hilo latino.[View]
128156138i have an idea to deal with racists on int especially those who hate blacks kings. it is basically l…[View]
128155287Is jomon girl add cats are origin of anime design ? >yes[View]
128155301no fucking one: literally nobody on the planet: 4chan: whites blacks whites blacks whites blacks[View]
128155958Wypipo be like[View]
128153811Why do black and white Namibians get along but Zimbabweans do not?[View]
128157024Why are americans so retarded when it comes to wearing masks? If it was some shit like the plague we…[View]
128156616sad stories from your country: >kid makes a video lip syncing a song and it goes viral >he is …[View]
128155141Why is it such a powerful image bros???[View]
128155268I would look so badass with blue eyes[View]
128155076tfw no Croatian bf[View]
128155880When did you realize being a mutt/brown is actually a good thing and the evil white race is slowly b…[View]
128153625>Dvach has a trap board What the fuck, even we aren't that degenerate…[View]
128154811>Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 What were they thinking[View]
128156742how much gold has the royal navy and friends taken from your country at cannon point[View]
128151689Post 90s music from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OEWwZqqBps[View]
128156362>when a cute Finnish boy bumps your thread[View]
128156692I have no self control.[View]
128156183>abolish the age of consent[View]
128151885My daddy served in the army, he lost his right eye but he flew a flag out in our yard until the day …[View]
128156066Paraguay looks like a chinless dude lmao[View]
128154142>brazilians call my accent 'cute' when I speak Portuguese RETIRE[View]
128156071https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JQm5aSjX6g Fuck, why is bach so good? This shit is better than mast…[View]
1281562525.44619 feet master race super hero reporting in! Here I am!!! Does your country have hero? Post you…[View]
128136955Vocaroo yourself pronoucing your country's name in your native language: https://voca.ro/oJg79r…[View]
128154436Hiщo їй нe зaвaжaє. Boнa пpocтo хoчe любити ceбe.[View]
128154989Do ik ookers sell poffertjes at flea markets in your country?[View]
128156218Post your favorite band from your cunt and your favorite song from them King crimson https://youtu.b…[View]
128156142>Haha your mom is Black? Nigger! >No, cr*cker i'm no n*gger. I'm a MULATTO BVLL, and i wi…[View]
128153297The fate of all the gay and tranny posters here[View]
1281528081. your country 2. do you like thanksgiving (the USA holiday)?[View]
128155781is it just me or does /int/ become much shittier at this time of the night?: it's like all the …[View]
128142951>17 year old >Messing around with his friends >Makes molotov cocktail and ends up setting…[View]
128155227do peoples hear voices in their heads in your country?[View]
128153562really obnoxious accent[View]
128152349The coronavirus fucked my country up. Things have gotten more expensive, people are losing jobs, and…[View]
128155570is this peak Asian masculinity?[View]
128155350It's impossible to be a currycel: You just send her your biodata and she brings you a host of b…[View]
128155829>tfw a white boy gives me a (you)[View]
128155358Will there be a happy ending[View]
1281540321. your cunt 2. are you having a quarantine crime wave argentina yes[View]
128141820DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2371: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
128155802Only facts[View]
128154085frenchbros is this true?[View]
128154161I'm fat muscle Wat do?[View]
128154667Do you know about Perón?: This is mainly for people outside of Argentina (god knows we hear enough o…[View]
128155687>spring onion flavour breakfast cereal Why does S Korea create so much meme food?…[View]
128152514Going to enroll in the army in a couple of weeks. I do it voluntarily, because I've been thinki…[View]
128153692When the Japanese draw those brown girls in anime, they are to represent Japanese women like this. B…[View]
128152466>Do nofap for 40 days >Literally no different except I'm hornier Fuck this stupid fucking…[View]
128154511What are good jobs to wrok from home in your country? Here most people that work from home are coder…[View]
128153928fat people are unused fuel[View]
128151679>Someone anonymously sent me a package of unmarked seeds from China? I should plant them.…[View]
128155670Manlets getting destroyed by 193cm bvll: https://youtu.be/g1z3pHc3Fhg[View]
128154256>Cicadas >Cherry blossom trees >High school >Magical girls >Akihabara >Summer fest…[View]
128154187I have a phobia of dogs, my local college is infested with stray dogs Due to the coof classes have m…[View]
128154288>watch eastern European porn >girls are too poor get tattoos Wtf?…[View]
128153838Stop referring to countries as 'her'[View]
128155210>1. Your cunt >2. Can you own this? Flag. Yes.…[View]
128154105Anglo Saxon more like Uglo Saxon[View]
128152719You wake up in Y, France[View]
128153772What do 25+ yo males with no working experience or a degree end up doing in your cunt?[View]
128138947/ex-yu/ Crni anđeli[View]
128155480When was the last time you went hunting or fishing?[View]
128155154My country was doomed before i was born, Olof Palme is burning in hell: >In the latter half of th…[View]
128150272la bójava demonica[View]
128154167>USA doesn't have welfare systm-[View]
128153742Kill all UnitedStatians[View]
128154331Does china really believe she can win a war against american bulls?[View]
128155389>Dozens of Hindu families converted in June in the Badin district of Sindh Province in southern P…[View]
128155269is he jomon?[View]
128151944Peasants btfoed: Belgian peasants vs french knights Ayyyyyy lmao[View]
128154816Why can't they stop falling?[View]
128153265>houseful of hot blonde girls just moved in next door[View]
128155091Do you love Germany?[View]
128155155Whyy do Canadians eat dessert for breakfast?[View]
128155006Are there any adult white Americans with good lives? I have never seen this in real life or online.[View]
128153749How many anons are in Foreign Legion?[View]
128155093You fucking midges need to show some respect[View]
128146112Do they...?[View]
128155053Post some based paintings from your country[View]
128155038>brown >5'6 >low normie tier attractiveness >5 inch dick >balding >extremely …[View]
128153850Karafuto - why is it Russian?: The native Nivkh, Orok and Ainu peoples are White Jomonic Japanese. N…[View]
128154207French niggas be based: >In a letter to Josephine a few months after they married, Napoleon wrote…[View]
128152551Jewish males are so beautiful[View]
128150759>ynr Russia's aggression is just dicklet rage it do be like this, don't it?…[View]
128154659This board sucks.[View]
128153612> I will never be a post-apocalyptic samurai girl driving an American car in search of revenge Th…[View]
128154856Being gay in the US must fucking suck. If you're white you'll get sent to a christian reed…[View]
128154300Unintentional foriegn accent: Anyone have the problem of unintentionally speaking with a foreign acc…[View]
128154739> find a small box where I saved stuff when I was little > find a card to my bigger self > …[View]
128153421Is this really what a 10/10 looks like in Italy? I gotta say I'm kind of disappointed . . .[View]
128153428ねえねえあそぼ 何して遊ぶ?[View]
128151790Imagine being a scenerylet[View]
128152211The most difficult Kanji in the world: Can you write it? https://youtu.be/V3Nb-CjIZYQ[View]
128152997Are slavs really orthodox or it's just a meme?[View]
128153669What's her appeal?[View]
128154600Average Brit user hands: Pathetic[View]
128153158How do you say 'plain jane' in your language, /int/?[View]
128153156And this Australian here? he is a poor guy who lives in gyms and tries to save abandoned dogs on the…[View]
128140541/mämmi/: ihan saatanan hyvä painos[View]
128146055Do we have a recommended /int/ernational film list? If not what films would you recommend from your …[View]
128153254Do you guys know any sites/imageboards where I can discuss international cultures?[View]
128150660Nooooo! We got too cock Evropan bros![View]
128144226Brazilians are selling tranny pills (HRT) worldwide with pics of anime girls on the packet. http://…[View]
128149875/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: You will never reach your dreams[View]
128152009So i have a Spanish uni lecturer on zoom and 25 minutes in, having not touched it before but with it…[View]
128104700/skandi/: naturupplagan[View]
128152141I believe in America. Rough time are ahead for you Ameribros. But i believe in you, something good w…[View]
128152869What did he mean by this?: @ 22:45 https://youtu.be/JOktR-FbzvU?t=1369[View]
128151372Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires... the best big city in Latin America??? if no... what is then the best o…[View]
128148289In Swedish virgin means 'oskuld* which translates to zero guilt.[View]
128151717>you will literally never be a Soviet cosmonaut[View]
128149056How do I make atleast 1k per month working in Ukraine from home >I'm a male >I can…[View]
128150643/pol/: Brown people pretend to be white /int/: White people pretend to be brown. Why?[View]
128153497Still waiting for you to name more aesthetic borders[View]
128153140Are girls like this in your country?[View]
128151126The most masculine and effeminate men on the planet are mongoloids.[View]
128152615I’m sick of see our women with stinky foreigners english roses are for English men only[View]
128151479I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128151662Why did she do it bros?[View]
128150854>haha yah Soyjack, I enjoyed his book Beyond Good and Evil as well. But just a heads up, dude. Hi…[View]
128153358What do people in your cunt think of polyamory, would you ever be a polygamist?[View]
128130453/balk/: borger edis >>128113975[View]
128153371yuropoors from irrelevant countries want you to care about their countries and learn their languages…[View]
128152899>Yaoi (/ˈjaʊi/; Japanese: やおい [ja.o.i]), also known as boys' love (ボーイズ ラブ, bōizu rabu) or B…[View]
128153357This painting makes me feel sad even though I have no love for the Polish[View]
128143071Is your country an immigrant country? USA No[View]
128149533Is your country as beautiful as Sweden?[View]
128153237>he doesn't have OCEANVM NOSTRVM Literally Lol'ing at you countrylets…[View]
128145828What's it like living in Germany?[View]
128150594>3k people die in 9/11, what a national tragedy! >150k die from corona, nothing, no response.…[View]
128143615/nederdraad/: Noord-Brabant editie. Mensen van boven de grens moeten tol betalen[View]
128145271international music thread: 1. your cunt 2. post international lyrics you like argentina MY GUITAR W…[View]
128153104/rus/: пpoшлый >>128101367[View]
128153074Can he pass as a local in italy ?[View]
128148438How the fuck is Latin America not 'the West?'[View]
128149593>your cunt >do you release your anger and frustration of being a socially outcasted incel on o…[View]
128151051How do people in your country deal with dirty sneaky greedy bloodsucking mosquitoes?[View]
128151537Any Italians on /int/?: Is The Sopranos an accurate portrayal of Italians worldwide?[View]
128099074/tr/: Bokistan'ın açık ara en iyi şehirine hoş geldiniz[View]
128151664>Americans genius >KABOOOM[View]
128150158>An explosion occurred in Lebanon today, with over 10,000 people killed, missing, and injured. …[View]
128147285Populations of European countries if their diasporas came home[View]
128140640Post your ancestor: My ancestor :)[View]
128150130WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT OUR ABORIGINAL PEOPLE AGAIN ? heard some of you losers here were try…[View]
128151634Katyn was justified[View]
128151652Imagine a country which whole identity is based on public health care.[View]
128148422your thoughts on armenian women?[View]
128152520>Yes I eat the liver and lungs of humans.[View]
128149001Australia is a hoax and doesn't exist. There's literally zero concrete evidence that it e…[View]
128151363Anybody there? halo?[View]
128152422>why yes I'm making cherry cake at 3 o'clock in the morning and inviting a female neigh…[View]
128152115Do porn stars have feelings?[View]
128147718Anthem: Post your countries unofficial anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s Pic of unr…[View]
128148589>doggo >heckin good boy >chonker…[View]
128151067I want to kill myself.[View]
128151262If Europe is so great why haven't they made Europe 2 yet?![View]
128152175>Breve >Semibreve >Minim >Crotchet >Quaver >Semiquaver >Demisemiquaver >Hemi…[View]
128151234>date with girl >she truly believes in astrology…[View]
128151070This happend in your country?[View]
128151787>I'm living' in that 21st century Doing something mean to it Do it better than anybody …[View]
128144652do asian people really think that all white people look the same?[View]
128147818What caused China's population to reach over one billion?[View]
128151756America is conquering other worlds as well.: Burgers are appearing on all worlds.[View]
128148935Do you live in a high-income economy?[View]
128149160I fucking hate every swedish poster except myself and the skull autist. Stop embarassing us[View]
128109784/éire/: eagrán díolachán tosaithe gluaisteán[View]
128142686what happens here[View]
128151612go give him a hug i think he needs it :([View]
128149977I want friends, but I don't want to bring them down with me. :([View]
128151693>the obsessed Bulgarian is posting again[View]
128148049Poosmellrisharts really...?[View]
128151680How do we stay the spread of the red menace from collapsing Western Civilization, bros?[View]
128149121i wish i could run a marathon but i'm not even able to run for 10 kilometers i'm tired as …[View]
128148855On what day do American elementary / middle / high school start?[View]
128147086>Has public firefighting services because fire can spread >Leaves healthcare to the private se…[View]
128148587there are some really naughty little girIs out there[View]
128150381Sao Paulo Mega city https://youtu.be/-h2DNj-QaYY[View]
128151346Failed nofap again thanks to this shithole and the bunda thread I am quitting the coomer boards fore…[View]
128145415how do you talk to girls[View]
128150947Bug people[View]
128145463Canada or Australia, which of the two countries has the best Asian women? When I ask who has the bes…[View]
128148670does your country have anime walls?[View]
128149996>According to one source, female-perpetrated sexual abuse of inmates is a particularly large prob…[View]
128145003Why yes, i was just killed by 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate. What gave it away?[View]
128149117Japanese and Korean girls are overweight.: In 2019, The average of girls in the third year of high s…[View]
128151305Whats it like being a dutchmen (queer)?[View]
128149624If black people were cellphones, they’d have the volume turned all the way up, and the brightness tu…[View]
128151219‘In my opinion the French do not care for liberty and equality; they have but one sentiment, that of…[View]
128148851/brit/: The positive externalities of Afroid migration edition[View]
128143431what would you do with this specimen from Japan?[View]
128150743Schizoprenia thread.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhvVeJhcWGA Open youtube. Search for 'gang sta…[View]
128150451>i can hear gunshots in the streets again[View]
128149230I literally blast chief keef everytime i feel like shit and it helps. Thank you African-Americans[View]
128146795Why are crazy women so hot?[View]
128144687/deutsch/ - Froinde Edition: Freunde[View]
128148476Hong Kong Congo DR Congo Is there any other Kong country?[View]
128150012Japanese boys average 170.6cm62.5kg, Korean boys average 174.0cm71.5kg, Korean boys are overweight: …[View]
128147486Do poosmellricans really...?[View]
128149389Qt Japanese girls belongs Japanese men!! Hands off from our qt filthy gaijins!! They are Japanese na…[View]
128148209what does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN???????? WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT ALL MEAN[View]
128144840Thoughts on Polish qveens, /int/?[View]
128146961>hey Soyjak, how do you like my new shades?[View]
128118150/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição where's my f*cking /luso/?[View]
128149368Is it true that non-Americans don’t have window wells?[View]
128141359/cum/: tolkien ed prev >>128126644 1/2 'Then tell us what you will, and time allows!…[View]
128147681I want Japan and Korea to make peace in this board, please. :’([View]
128147442i don't mean to brag, but i live in warsaw[View]
128128730You have 10 seconds to act as Norwegian as possible.[View]
128149129The absolute state of SwedenLand A: Swedish incel and his brown wife want to move from Sweden and so…[View]
128148329What's your plan B?[View]
128148618>tfw only half med because my mother decided to marry a typical anglo trash drunk who else so clo…[View]
1281484751. your cunt 2. do you like to eat subway? >US >Yes, I'm a big fan.…[View]
128149891Your honor, I have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle[View]
128140443Man I am feeling very sad today: It's like I don't have any reason to live under this lock…[View]
128149628Who are your indigenious ancestors, Anon?[View]
128149499Map thread: Do we live in a world divided between the dominant center and a dependent periphery? Eco…[View]
128148314Is this real[View]
128147569>Kurmaçi zane bro Your reaction?[View]
128142963do you want to flee your country?[View]
128148351What happened to latin america?[View]
128144668>15 year old sister calls me asking for money so she can buy plan B I just can't do it anymo…[View]
128140219>singlehandledly saves millions of people in Europe from hunger and defeats the Nazis by being th…[View]
128149200Is your country geographically blessed or cursed?[View]
128147881Do you think that some guys in the scientific community calls him nigga behind his back ?[View]
128148249>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
128148972Mommies of europe[View]
128147289Hiroshima 75th Anniversary Peace Memorial Ceremony: Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kH…[View]
128132369/desi/: Sepoys not allowed edition[View]
128147493Is breakfast a sin in your country?[View]
128145273Im late[View]
128124465kurva anyátok[View]
128148868I don't care about Japan but I'd pretend to for a chance at porking a Japanese girl[View]
128148833I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128146459Do Europeans really?[View]
128148498I've been drinking for a week nonstop and my sharts corroded my arse. taking another one atm, a…[View]
1281391351. Your cunt 2. Do you live in a rural area? 1. Norn Iron 2. Yes[View]
128146920>land of the free >cant pay for sex[View]
128147430Usually Japanese, Chinese and Korean Women want Russian men. Young russian dude flirt with two japan…[View]
128147860>tfw hungry but dont want to eat too much so i dont get skinnyfat does this happen over there whe…[View]
128138506Sverigetråden + /rus/ + /mämmi/ - rurik var en svensktalande finne - upplagan[View]
128147879Do am*ricans really...[View]
128141500Post your most British picture. Hard mode: no pictures of teeth.[View]
128146491Why does it seem like Americans have way more sex than Europeans? From the internet I get the impres…[View]
128146531In german Virgin means 'Jungfrau' which literally means young woman. This implies that all grown wom…[View]
128147159How are you coping with being a literal mutt? I'm half Swedish/half Norwegian myself. I don…[View]
128147843You do support greater Albania, right Anon? You know the Slavs moved in later and took Albanian land…[View]
128147563Helen, GA, USA is a mock-up Bavarian German village!!!![View]
128142661>Germany >Deutschland >Niemcy >Tyskland >Alemania/Allemagne >Saksamaa/Saksa Why do…[View]
128146084Do you see this cute Japanese boy? He belongs to a chad who puts his penis in his mouth and ass ever…[View]
128145397I just want somebody to love me. Is that too much to ask for in your country?[View]
128118353/esp/ - Hilo español: Edición antinegrolegendaria[View]
128143888Lo extraño hermanos...[View]
128136145Post your most American pictures[View]
128147581What's Flanders like nowadays?[View]
128147579Canada was offered a choice between shame and recession. It chose shame and it got a recession.[View]
128147332good morning fren!! Morning here I love you all. god bless ya all.[View]
128144374/brit/: tiny pepps edition[View]
128145575I think Canadians are very cool and epic ;) The perfect neighbors :D[View]
128133194Does anything interesting happen here?[View]
128145378Don't ask questions Just pick a tie and shut up[View]
128146181Your dog didn't run away soyjak. I beat it and it died like a little bitch lmao![View]
128146278What languages are most worthy of learning: As third and fourth languages in particular[View]
128147181¿How did your capital city evolve in the past 70 years?[View]
128146757>what do you mean the three gorges dam isn't collapsing? of course it is look at these pictu…[View]
128147012>mfw spanish >mfw I have to stay 'home' with 90% of my salary because Netherlands & Sweden…[View]
128146754To what part of asia do i need to go in order to get a gf like this?[View]
128146839Why every hapa I see photos looks no diferent from any average spic? Specially when a white dude has…[View]
128145320Which phenotype is the cutest?[View]
128146200>Bien sûr, ce n'est pas la Seine >Ce n'est pas le bois de Vincennes >Mais see…[View]
128142748Why the average spain looks like this?[View]
128048477/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
128146835> STILL no Japanese gf[View]
128102508V4: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa edition[View]
128146380>hey what are you- put my child down immediately! w-why are you taking her to the train tracks? h…[View]
128141156Why do brown people like to live in dirty environment?[View]
128146282>you wake up in your cozy cabin in rural, northern, Japan >it's snowing outside, the ocea…[View]
128138313/int/ is /r9k/ but sfw[View]
128143769Just lost 70€ playing poker (against the bank) at the casino[View]
128145264Behold, the peak of skandi civilization. While Egyptians built pyramids, Skandis built this... a tho…[View]
128144695Why are Canadians such prolific shitposters?[View]
128144655Please tell me about the Norwegian city of Tromso.[View]
128145603español es mucho más dificil que ingles[View]
128146482i haven't seen a hong kong flag on here in a long time[View]
128145684Europeans fall asleep...Americans roam the /int/[View]
128131411What song are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_52RxKlE8eo[View]
128146238Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
128146239What are Curaçao and the other ABC islands like?: Are there plenty of white people?[View]
128138354Sverigetråden: Svinupplagan[View]
128141358Ok let's settle this once and for all. France =/= Franks: France comes the latin word Francia f…[View]
128144982it's 3:10 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
128141352Why are favelas so romanticized in the west?[View]
128145852I once got really angry at a white canadian who was really buff. I punched him and he didn’t even fl…[View]
128137964What are the best /int/ posters? For me, it's the Spaniards[View]
128146068What is the current state of university lectures in your country?: Nearly all universities in Japan …[View]
128140837>become desensitized to straight porn >watch gay porn instead How do I overcome this, I don…[View]
128134711yesterdays party[View]
128145757Don't use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA: I wonder why are they so concerned? Yo…[View]
128143644Interesting facts: Did you know about it?[View]
128144835What do girls think of white boys in your cunt?[View]
128145830Why did he do it bros?[View]
128104481/med/ - olive oil general: Italian cats edition. Previous >>128043125[View]
128146027What is the biggest body of water by you and do you do any activities on it?[View]
128145656Sure would be a shame.[View]
128140650I suffer everyday in Germany because my parents gave me a male finnish/ female japanese name. How do…[View]
128145733american cinema: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTUjmBpmjW8[View]
128139364How does the average countryside city look like in your country?: Here's a typical French town…[View]
128143761Daily reminder that the majority of Americans are cucks[View]
128100611/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Boat noise edition[View]
128101367/rus/: пpoшлый oтпpaвилcя в вaльхaллy[View]
128142727Why are arabs so obsessed over white girls?[View]
128141737>tfw no smart and innovative entrepreneur brit gf who exploits insectoids…[View]
128145654Based Greece[View]
128137736What's going on in the UK? looks like Brexit had 0 effect.[View]
128134592Why do europeans get a free pass on /int/?: Seriously, they can do whatever the fuck they want here …[View]
128144659What happens here?[View]
128138194/fr/ le francofil!: Édition des violences policières à grand impact sexuel Ancien : >>12813139…[View]
128145217my white neighbour told me to turn the music down, so I reported him to the landlord for racism. now…[View]
128144518Ya ví que estás en Twitter[View]
128145252Why do asian dogs look like this?[View]
128138311Are melanin-challenged people (gingers) discriminated against in your country?[View]
128145081what, Americnas have learned Telepathy??? God help us!![View]
128131537Japanese cuisine is the best cuisine in the world: Prove me wrong. Michelin seems to think so[View]
128143204>go to the local library >move all books about the Holocaust to the polish history shelf…[View]
128141990Eating tacos 2bh[View]
128144482What if Madara showed up in a BLM protest and killed everybody? That would be funny, I think.[View]
128143220>sleep during the day >stay awake during the night Anyone else does this?…[View]
128138492Unfunniest, most underage and all-around worst poster Q3 2k20: 1. New Zeeland 2. Iceland 3. Canada 4…[View]
128132821/polska/: edycja wieczornonocna[View]
128143897Is this accurate?[View]
128143583This is 4channel[View]
128143998he saved millions[View]
128144541my meal, bros[View]
1281432081.- Your country 2.- Do you believe in (((karma)))?[View]
128126415/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /isr/ - /ཨི་སི་ར/ +חברים: מהדורת הזדהות עם חברינו מצפון Thread theme: https://www.y…[View]
128143394I work in a copper mine Does this happen in your country?[View]
128125448/mämmi/: lintupainos[View]
128139174What's your favourite language?: Mine's Irish of course, but I like German, Spanish, Finni…[View]
128144281>tfw peter in russian means faggot >tfw 634,404 in the US are named peter >tfw 634,404 in t…[View]
128141841uggghhh...KARA BOĞA[View]
128141236ITT: post nationalities of people you have met: German Swiss Norwegian Irish French Canadian Brazili…[View]
128143410baby sheed[View]
128142738I'm was diagnosed with schizoid personality that explains everything[View]
128139630Americans think it's normal to eat all this for breakfast[View]
128140579/brit/: Powerlevel under 9000 edition[View]
128143655They should kiss[View]
128141580>named Peterson >his dad is not named Peter Why do anglo…[View]
128142442You wake up in Aspen, Colorado...[View]
128143963Let it be known that for me, it's Windows 95[View]
128144146Bongland's reaction when the WAR(economic or real) approaches >i'm monitoring this area…[View]
128138289Do you ever go to working class bars in your country? how do they look like?[View]
128144127>How to pick up a cat like a pro - Vet advice on cat handling[View]
128134328> there are more Slovak Americans than Spanish Americans Holy fucking based, I thank the gods fo…[View]
128143064da da da da-da dun dun da[View]
128142658>Yeah, it's quite a bunch. There is a bit of everything, like a boomer who sucks it off to a…[View]
128136057/deutsch/: Neu geil[View]
128134165Is this how the average american is born?[View]
128141713>dad asks what boypusy means[View]
128143889Why French blacks are so rich, materialist and constantly spending while British ones are so poor? F…[View]
128143550How often do you get packages in the mail, /int/?[View]
128141934European countries BTFO by Brazil in wars: France Netherlands Spain Portugal England had to say 'i…[View]
128143626Are French women all short haired dykes?[View]
128134760Unnecessary country.[View]
128143352So lets say you have 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a boat thats been standing ther…[View]
128141791>in America if you rape a woman you get sent to prison >in Europe if you rape a woman you get …[View]
128135957Gothenburg - home[View]
128141720Come visit me in Long Beach, California[View]
128142252Aww, come here quickly Wojak, look at that cute kitty! Aww, its wicking it bawws[View]
128138914So much freedom[View]
128143110I wish to visit America: But I am afraid that a wh*Te-toid police officer might chimp out and murder…[View]
128143168>be international PhD student in the US >university claims to give me full financial support a…[View]
128143284This is the most commonly used image on /int/ right now.[View]
128134863Which European country has the most attractive women?: The final thread, to put the debate to rest o…[View]
128142810i love finland: finland is just the better version of sweden but without severe autism[View]
128142773I hate white amerikkkans and western europeans. But what i think is funny: instead of trying to fuck…[View]
128142929British people be like: >I am addicted to fags[View]
128136685I got my first full-time job at 32 years old. Is this unusual in your country?[View]
128142061Hold on you're saying americans really don't take off their shoes before entering a home?[View]
128142379who was in the wrong /int/? https://files.catbox.moe/x9tk8o.mp4[View]
128139119Why do all Europeans east of the Rhine River act like this?.[View]
128141053How do I turn someone gay?[View]
128141490Why are slavs so intolerants? that's why they are in third-world hellholes[View]
128138075Why are Japanese TV shows so cruel?: https://youtu.be/aAlQ4vr-YrA[View]
128140421Daily Reminder They drowned in the sea so you could get the ps5 easily[View]
128142743What countries are hated too much and what countries are hated too little?[View]
128139747When will she fuck off the German Chancellery?[View]
128139907Who won World War II?[View]
128140947Which is the objectively best language?[View]
128139535What actually happens here?[View]
1281424681. Your country 2. Go to Asia and HABU SEKSU https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyEndearingGooseKappaRoss…[View]
1281424671. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWsRz3TJDEY[View]
128140847Can any Muslims on int explain to me why allah gave me aids?[View]
128142046where did you learn to shitpost?[View]
128142377Today I went to a 'bigger' shop near me to buy maple syroup. When I got out of my car and started wa…[View]
128139977el chapo got caught for simping really makes you think, girls ruin everything[View]
128137545here's your planet, bro[View]
128117080/nederdraad/: Noord editie[View]
128136735Europoors thread: In which we post our job and current salary and Americans laugh and say how much w…[View]
128141113>tfw arab[View]
128134899>Inner Mongolia, a Chinese province, is richer and more advanced than the actual country Mongolia…[View]
128142076I always have nice discussions with germans, germans are really nice and smart people.[View]
128141968Why is Tropico such a dysfunctional country?[View]
128087901DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2370: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
128126644/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: salami lid[View]
128141664Did you know that they named the US state of Iowa after the album known as 'Iowa' by Slipknot?[View]
128139161most of the world agrees that he was swedish, and finns claim he was finnish. but what do russians a…[View]
128138528what happens here?[View]
128141004Is Europe a German problem or Germany a European problem?[View]
128140661Shit grandparents in your country say to scare kids into doing something. I'll start >if you…[View]
128140835How annoying are fat people in your cunt?: In America they're so common you'll see more th…[View]
128132633We will reconquer all what is ours: Daily reminder that all americas is our rightful clay and our an…[View]
128136712Thoughts and prayers to Beirut[View]
128140361How do I get a job in Russia? I speak Russian.[View]
128140551Do europeans really?[View]
128130743https://www.google.com/settings/ads/ Google thinks I'm a 35-44 year old male who has a BA, work…[View]
128141063I am currently eating Beef Stroganoff. What are you eating, /int/?[View]
128136833>what the fuck is a keelo[View]
128140453Realistically, a girl with a pet dog is a major warning sign. Prove me wrong, you can’t.[View]
128140583/brit/: british anime edition[View]
128139564How do I get spaniard GF?[View]
128139797Do you have based independence movements in your country[View]
128136733Japanese men are different from other east asian males, this is genetically proven. Paternally they …[View]
128139874View from my crib.[View]
128137705Little known facts about your country >one of our mayors was a dog[View]
128140834How does the average family in your cunt look?[View]
128139933>even the most lefty brown women just want to date white men Can anyone on /int/ explain this phe…[View]
128140096Do Americans see themselves as the center of the world?[View]
128134816Do Americans know the diffrence between Sweden and Switzerland?[View]
128140645I have to go back to work today after 10 days off, please say something nice to me.[View]
128140689i will always be an ugly dicklet manlet need to slit my throat asap[View]
128140475>tfw no californian gf Guys, I don't feel so good. I'm seriously considering booking a …[View]
128125472/mämmi/: mio hondan läskiperse painos[View]
128128346Austria is at fault for everything bad in this world[View]
128138705I feel so happy /int/[View]
128136074>hop in, anon, we're going to get you the latest iphone[View]
128136731>banned from /v/ for “off-topic” post asking for game recommendations I’m not even mad bros but d…[View]
128137138Do Indians really believe that they are Aryan?[View]
128140286I'm getting more of a seared bite from the impossible whopper, than I'm getting from the a…[View]
128136749Does religion occupy an important place in your life?[View]
128139175What do white people think about asians adopting white appearance? Is this shape-shifting, cultural …[View]
128138677>Americans be like 'I can't go to university, because I'm not good enough at basketball…[View]
128140207Why are poltards against islam? Isn't it all they want?[View]
128135514/brit/: Big dick ed.[View]
128136892What goes on here?[View]
128136174Imagine buying PS4 in 2020.[View]
128134747do you have v*nezuelan immigrants in your country?????????[View]
128137471I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128138283can my gf pass as local in your country?[View]
128140016What the hell happened to culture pals? How am I supposed to meet the love of my life now?[View]
128131291/lat/ hilo latANO[View]
128129016ugh.. what could have been[View]
128139836>3 Most spoken languages in the world >English - 60% French and 40% Germanic >Hindi - 60% P…[View]
128137379What do white people think about South Africa?[View]
128139079why are angloids like this?[View]
128139816Give me things to say in Arabic https://vocaroo.com/kwW2EhH06bz[View]
128139372>my religious neighbour is telling me to quit weed again[View]
128135434what are some countries that we know nothing about? I'll start with Myanmar[View]
128137334pick one >10.000.000 dorrars >God[View]
128137175Thoughts on this country?[View]
128139578Hmmm interesting[View]
128139577Indigenous native Americans were and are dinaric.[View]
128138397>my point stands[View]
1281379291. Country 2. Music for people with no friends?[View]
128138406Grug no like outside grugs in tribe But long nose tribe put black grug in anyways[View]
128139123Are you powerful?[View]
128137274What do white people think about South America?[View]
128139056Why, Don't ask me why: Why, Don't ask me why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4_25MugqAY…[View]
128131689Hey black metal fags! The place where 90s bm evolution started is like this now https://youtube.com/…[View]
128138570Imagine a world with 1 billion finns[View]
128131473is this the most hilarious looking flag?[View]
128123621/ex-yu/: Izdanje JNA[View]
128132165>American suburbs are ugl-[View]
128138550which one are you in your country?[View]
128137223/norgetråden/: Norske jenter promper bedre enn jenter fra Japan, USA og Korea-utgaven Forrige: >…[View]
128138613we hate communists /muslims. because >they dropping atom bombs. >they colonize us. >they ma…[View]
128133368What languages are prestigious to know in your country? Here it's German and French, particular…[View]
128137791There is no such thing as a based Australi....[View]
128135301Kneel before Belgium: last chance /int/[View]
128138364i was born and then my life was over[View]
128135164Are they white?: If they are white, are they whiter than the Argentines?[View]
128136690Is london really that bad?[View]
128138122Can anyone in Israel confirm or deny that you are all smart?[View]
128138290ITT: Subtle signs of Third-Worldism[View]
128135096>Board is called 'international': >Every. Single. Fucking. Post. >America >America >A…[View]
128138101China will soon be the worlds largest economy: >China will soon be the world's largest econo…[View]
128138106>Why yes I'm European. How could you tell?[View]
128132784Post Unfortunate Facts Most People Don't Know: Finlandia vodka is 100% American-owned. >In 2…[View]
128137854>You must wait 1 second before posting an image reply[View]
128134614I search file names on http://archive.4plebs.org/ https://desuarchive.org/ to see what /int/posters …[View]
128137553It's a strange paradise[View]
128103695/balt/ides vs /ausnz/ites[View]
128137019Greece I...[View]
128117976why do euro normies buy Samsung phones? i exclusively buy Xiaomi[View]
128131396/fr/ - Le francofil™: Édition Charles Ollivon Ancien: >>128124538[View]
128128846First 5 things that come to your mind when you see this beautiful and majestic flag.[View]
128134093I'll have to live in it I own EU citizenship and it's the only country in EU which speaks …[View]
128137627Why is this not seen as cringe but european pagan larping is[View]
128131790do 7 year olds get shot in your cunt?[View]
128137325Why are 2nd generation Chinese people the biggest copers in the world?[View]
128137202I speak portuguese and spanish at native level. My english is pretty advanced since Ive been shitpos…[View]
128137460come to /ex-yu/, we're having our annual 'who is to blame for the war' shit flinging festival, …[View]
128137459WE WUZ GREEKS: The art of the Nordic Bronze Age is very similar to that of Mycenaean Greece.[11] The…[View]
128133763>have lived in Japan for 23 years and still not used to earthquake can i move to ur cunt?…[View]
128137425> Respective borderlands and former strongholds of their former religion > Go through a long …[View]
128135960>My allegiance is to the Republic and to democracy![View]
128137011>Poland is a racist country. I know that from the internet.[View]
128132431Albania Niger friendship threat.: Welcome to Albanian Niger friendship threat. Welcome: Albos, Niger…[View]
128132009i fucking hate myself and want to die every waking moment i think about ending my life i have nothin…[View]
128128977on new years eve 2017, I made and posted the original soyjak ITT you can thank me for my contributio…[View]
1281363951. how many languages do you speak 2. how many times have you had sex this is a very important exper…[View]
128130890What happens in your country's imageboard? >people with yellow skin shitting on people with …[View]
128133066you wake up in San Angel, what would you do?[View]
128127066This makes euros seeth[View]
128136976Ameribros how do we stop the overwhelming amount of America threads so we can actually browse while …[View]
128134787Is progressive rock popular in your country?[View]
128118418/norgetråden/: Stigende smittetall i Norge, bølge 2 har startet. Nauts skal arve kloden -utgaven For…[View]
128136389dad called me fat is this how americans feel on a daily basis[View]
128131026Do you guys style your hair? Whenever mine gets too long I just buzz cut it myself.[View]
128136230life is not worth living if you're not a 6'4 chad[View]
128131627Sverigetråden: Käkupplagan[View]
128132404do not trust them[View]
128136676This thing only popular in poor countries. See: Brazil, India I see them maybe like once in a month…[View]
128136571why is int so racist?: none of you ive seen studying the scots language.[View]
128133857I hate when men try to act 'funny'. Fucking apes.[View]
128136489Happy Victory Day, Croatia![View]
128134851i spend like 23 hours every day in my 10 square meters room i only leave for bathroom and food and 3…[View]
128134754Mom is bringing Jimmy Johns home![View]
128134978I am getting a very 'woke' vibe from this board. Why cant you just be racist? Why can't you jus…[View]
128136293me when a british 'person' enters my thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZD1f9RTEJU[View]
128121994/ita/ il filo: Edizione ciceri e tria[View]
128135380I want to go back bros...[View]
128129731/deutsch/: /deutsch/[View]
128133769Diversity is extremely important[View]
128134920>I suffer in the USA[View]
128135991I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon? Please only reply if you are answering this question. I…[View]
128136054Finland thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbqYgUDVNxI[View]
128132530I miss him lads...[View]
128134260Life is meaningless and pointless Morality is subjective What awaits us after death is neither hea…[View]
128135920I'm redisgning/improving the Argentinian flag so we can finally be first world and developed an…[View]
128133315FUCK YOU[View]
128133245>he only speaks one language[View]
128130230>American guys are often awkward, insecure, lack of self confidence, and it doesn’t look attracti…[View]
128135614Sweden is superior to your kunt in every way >You are muslims! No, i live in inner stockholm >…[View]
128132290the last thing muslims, americans, fascists, indians and rappers with tattoos see[View]
128133852/MENA/: You can't post here if your flag doesn't include the colour RED[View]
128135576Those are the chinese missiles DF-21D and DF-26. A single one of those missiles is able to sink that…[View]
128127132You cannot refute this. Northwestern Europe dominated the world.[View]
128134243Me and the girls before we go partying :)[View]
128132967For the past 2 years I haven't studied nor worked, just broswed 4chan 16 hours a day Does this …[View]
128116918How did Turks go from hairless Mongolians to the hairiest people on Earth?[View]
128129294YO YO NIGGAS[View]
128134270Liberland: What happened to Liberland? Is it still a thing?[View]
128133051>Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.[View]
128107930Do you like paradox games?[View]
1281353861. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9QC33os-uY[View]
128133350le plus gros soldat belge[View]
128130439munchy /brit/[View]
128133882Does every single country is South/Central America have majority of population of mixed race? It see…[View]
128135165God i wish that was me[View]
128133097>yea my great great grandmothers sisters husbands mistresses dog was partly from northern europe,…[View]
128131553>FONV >Larping as BoS scribe in hardcore mode >Dying of thirst as cross the desert to get a…[View]
128133675how do you treat spanish immigrants in your cunt?[View]
128091295/asean/: thick samples edition[View]
128125866Boys :3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNhJnBjwFcs[View]
128134680>judges you[View]
128134771I made the perfect EVROPA (in Kaiserreich)[View]
128134906Its time to help China Russia and Persia to destroy those fuckers once and for all[View]
128132746Swedes built America: >Swedish migration to the United States peaked in the decades after the Ame…[View]
128134635Imagine how much time has passed for us to get to our current point. Billions of events have occurre…[View]
128130590If you would have been born in the 1920’s, what would your life had been like?[View]
128133598My government pays me to not going to work. Is that a next level of being neet? to be paid to do not…[View]
128131002finlan thread[View]
128133132what do the turks and australians on the board think of the movie 'the water diviner'?[View]
128133151Lebagone: Lets discuss this cunt[View]
128129453Goodbye for all eternity.: It's me, Shahar. This is my last thread ever on this website. Goodby…[View]
128124727>tfw white but never had sex with a white girl, only Asians what does fucking a white girl feel l…[View]
128128051why don't you have a Polish boyfriend yet? Poland is a nice country in Europe[View]
128129113Right: Tokyo, Left: Paris: > Paris population: 2,143 millions > Tokyo population: 9,273 millio…[View]
128134274Why are americans like this?[View]
128134171https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVASmzAvFT8 Why do they sound so off?[View]
128132930All races are equal[View]
128133897Imagine...: I imagine myself in Los Angeles leading my Platoon. Our mission is to stop ch*cano dogs …[View]
128133369Are Germans Finnish?: pic related is a german model[View]
128131705gays of /int/: i took the gaypill and i’m seriously fantasizing about getting fucked by a random dud…[View]
128130181This ramyeon is amazing[View]
128129770Is prison rape an issue in your country ?[View]
128121249any of you cool cats play an instrument?[View]
128133877Hail Godric[View]
128133812I went to McDonald’s today, it was delicious. Where should I go for dinner?[View]
128133874My king...[View]
128133033mes frères espagnols...[View]
128132983>tfw no californian gf Guys, I don't feel so good...[View]
128132788Is there a molefags on this board? How are you keep yourself stable with fact that you will be ugly …[View]
128133001Average westerner: >wh*te girls are whores >cant fuck any white girls ?????…[View]
128130503I'm a swedish dude living in the border with Norway in Lappland aka literallywhereland.[View]
128131447Bald, fat, short, ugly, mosliem and poor. why should i live[View]
128122665there's an autistic Russia girl(girl) browsing this board this very minute[View]
128131726your opinion on asian girl with dyed blonde hair, heavy filter and insane amount of make up?[View]
128133290I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128131085Why are Ba*arians like this?[View]
128133252>JKASJAKSJKSJKAS why do Chileans and Argies do this?[View]
128117528>child murder is still legal in this fucking god forbidden shithole I want to leave…[View]
128128766For you who live in Europe and in places where there are only white men and white women. Don't …[View]
128121315>I suffer in Korea[View]
128125964do amerikkkans learn about the native american genocide in school?[View]
128128947>this is what sits behind Finnish flags thoughts?[View]
128132554Why can't sodomites simply behave like normal people?[View]
128132765I am Frankenkraut[View]
128131770>i don't have an accent, i'm Merican Why do Muricans do this??…[View]
128132965Do people catcall often in your country?[View]
128127447Hi: I have no friends. Why is it so hard to meet people[View]
128132961How do you find motivation to learn another language? I don't see reasons to learn anything oth…[View]
128132945What happens here?[View]
128132829Why are East asian script are so wide?[View]
128129200Germany is saving your ass be grateful. prove me wrong[View]
128124201ITT: We summon Iceland.[View]
128131911/flag/ - EXTRAFLAGS GENERAL: beast germany edition Previous: >>128065502 Welcome to /extrafla…[View]
128130142I stopped being a functioning member of society at age 15, and you?[View]
128127617>3am What time do people In your cunterino usually go to bed?[View]
128132549I’ve come to the conclusion that although I received great wisdom from my years of isolation and imp…[View]
1281280711. ur cunt 2. ur age 3. ur favrouit me me's sweden 18 i like soybo whojak and giggs chadd[View]
128132045you wake up in Ciudad Neza, what would you do?[View]
128122320They could have become the second South Korea...[View]
1281324971. ur cunt 2. is having ADHD tough in ur culture?: 1. animeland 2. yes, japan is a country of peer p…[View]
128116621bird: international bird thread post birds from your area bonus points for woodpeckers[View]
128127710Besides English, what are the 3 most useful languages right now?[View]
128132121Why are americans so racist?: >The prominent role of Finnish immigrants in the 1907 and 1916 Mesa…[View]
128127374post OLD structures found in your cunt[View]
128132040look at this dude[View]
128129775>only 6 soyjak threads this board is dying[View]
128129814Do... Americans really?[View]
128131824Finland and Korea are best friends![View]
128108545/desi/-Bhajipao have their Mandir edition: woohoo wow time to finally fix everything else haha…[View]
128131757My ancestor...[View]
128131519>two foreigners from the same cunt having a heated argument >they switch to their own language…[View]
128102135/mena/ + /frens/: >Posting 24/7 on shitchan & /MENA/ threads yikes , NEEToids are so cringe /…[View]
128129282What are some examples of culture shock you guys have had when visiting other countries? I was surpr…[View]
128127973how old is too old?[View]
128130425What Do you think is the easiest language familiy tree to learn ? All romance languages >French,P…[View]
1281300891. Your country 2. Thoughts on Germany?[View]
128130868Why do Finns have high cheekbones and Gook eyes?: Are they Germanic?[View]
128125693/brit/: Church of England edition[View]
128130406Should the word 'slave' be removed from the dictionary?: It's racist towards Slavic people.…[View]
128125088>Catching up on attack on titan is gonna cost me $242 >Jap bros only have to pay $120 This isn…[View]
128127968Dicks Out For Floyd: Dicks Out For Floyd[View]
128112510/polska/: edycja niejedzenia słodkiego[View]
128130831on new years eve 2017, I made and posted the original soyjak ITT you can thank me for my contributio…[View]
128129192do you love lebanon??[View]
128127865Thank you France, you truly are the greatest country to ever exist[View]
128128626ITT: You can't post in this thread if you have no outdated flag[View]
128131200Does Eastern Europe still have a high suicide rate?[View]
128124538/fr/ le fil franc: Édition de la bagarre franco-belge Ancien : >>128120247[View]
128131150Are American suburbs really that bad?[View]
128130945Are men based or cringe?[View]
128130291You have 10 seconds to act as Austrian as possible.[View]
128128651What does it mean to be a chad in your country? How do people attain chad status in your country?[View]
128129348Why aren't latinos considered european when half of europe looks no diferent from spics? these …[View]
128130712does this happen in your country?[View]
128130371Does /int/ know what day it is today?[View]
128129619>make thread about the kazakh gf >argie comes in >>White and Mestizo (97.2%) why are the…[View]
128130913Thailand: much better than Korea Women are beautiful and the city is wonderful.[View]
128129504I feel pathetic whenever I think about Alexander the Great. He did all of that shit in his 20s[View]
128103467Jesus Christ only 70 people died!?[View]
128125509/lat/ hilo latino[View]
128127388Cute japanese girl playing guitar: is this how average female japs look like?[View]
128130223Fuck niggers, all my homies hate niggers[View]
128130753I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128130506literally arr rook sam[View]
128128587I have severe depression and I can't think myself out of it. Does this often happen in your cou…[View]
128118544>IT WAS ISRAEL'S FAULT[View]
128129324Am I welcomed in Scandinavia?: I visited Sweden and Finland last year I liked it. I want to settle h…[View]
128130550do you have mountain people in your country? we do have Górals, and they are scum, they collaborated…[View]
128119241Are Koreans the jews of Asia? They're still seething over WW2 after all these years.[View]
128125656I don't know why, but I think Favelas are pretty comfy to live in (minus the crime)[View]
128124305Sverigetråden - depressionsupplagan[View]
128127660What do austrians think of her?[View]
128130409why can't norwegians swim?[View]
128129024>Static X - Push It[View]
128129440Saudi BVLL: >Was 6'8, an absolute monster among brown manlets >Unified the kingdoms of He…[View]
128121879Why do Euros SEETHE at the mere THOUGHT of these countries?? Is it jealousy?[View]
128129934Thoughts on the Ukraine?[View]
128124085Fucken based hispano hablante trio[View]
128129975Why are germanic languages so popular/successful? There's a reason 75% of the world knows/is le…[View]
128127674Do you have a gf? Ans has she sucked your penis?: No.[View]
128130127the illegal deforestation in the amazon might bring out some new virus we've never seen from th…[View]
128126564Dicks Out For Floyd: Dicks Out For Floyd[View]
128127459Would a mutt Africa develop more?[View]
128127428Yugioh: Is it popular in ur cunt? Do you play it if so what deck do you play?[View]
128122553Indians are honorary Anglos An Anglo is strong, wise, intelligent Indians fit all of those descripti…[View]
128113832Dairy consumption keeps dropping every year in the Netherlands. Do you drink milk?[View]
128129897Why are nordic girls so pretty?[View]
128129858>Tfw Mom has enough time to throw the furniture around in my room because I won’t get out of the …[View]
128129598Get ready for Euromaidan 2.0, Monke gonna be seething[View]
128128449Post the last movie you watched: for me it's this I just watched it on Netflix[View]
128129780This is the German saying that we aren't white. I AM! My dad is Irish even if I have brown skin…[View]
128125714Sweden has not been in a war since Napoleon. We peaceful niggas[View]
128109510What nationalities have you had sex with? >Danish >German >Greenlandic >Iraqi…[View]
128113975/balk/ + /ro/: Slavic influence edition ITT no niggerdonians and bulgfags Old >>128113494…[View]
128123480rudest shithole I've ever been in. Awful roads, mediocre cuisine.[View]
128127045I can't speak Chinese.[View]
128129038Let's take a look at Canada: >One of the most irrelevant countries in history >The bigges…[View]
128129577spanish is too hard, with english you have a billion resources, movies, books, songs you name it, ev…[View]
128129424HAPPENNING: 22 MINUTES OF BILL COSBY SHITTING ON ALL RACES >I've never seen a chinaman smile…[View]
128126937How do you say 'I've had enough' in your language[View]
128129435What does /int/ think of China-based YouTubers like SerpentZA and laowhy86?[View]
128125782Are women desirable in your country?[View]
128124426Who would win in a war?[View]
128129227Do some people deserve to die (prematurely)?[View]
128120710what happens in afghanistan?[View]
128128460Why is nobody in this fucking board celebrating that corona is over? Have the news not come over to …[View]
128128913Pick a tie, Americans[View]
128127989>any eastern european who says his country is first world[View]
128128658>And here you have Germany, one of the countries most concerned about global warming and protecti…[View]
128128608This is what Norway used to be about[View]
128127510Dont care what you guys saying about fetishizing our women Just fuck gook girls and we can make Raci…[View]
128126342If South Americans leave /int/, would it be better or worse?[View]
128125813>Mudvayne - Death Blooms[View]
128128479Based redpilled doomer coomer oomer trad cath jesse meme groyper Why is America like this[View]
128116431Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>128098210 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
128128642I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128128224>the crown jewel of Italian humor[View]
128124840First 5 things that come to your mind when you see this beautiful and majestic flag.[View]
128125917Who is the greatest man that has ever lived?[View]
128126251>Americans don't know how to spell Beirut[View]
128128314NEW JANNY FROM GERMMANY amirite[View]
128120660What do you see[View]
128127672thoughts ?[View]
128126481korea = Favella[View]
128124251What do you think about American literature?[View]
128126401Do you have to know another language to order food in your country?: >USA >Yes https://www.you…[View]
128123923Kurva anyátok.[View]
128126462do american tourists get made fun of and beaten up in your country[View]
128127847Does any one of you have pics of a person that has one parent that's half white half black and …[View]
128125634I don't suffer in the UK[View]
128127656>native american genocide[View]
128120363Why are Nords so tall compared to others?[View]
128124643what's this a metaphor for in relation to /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axiGV09C85A…[View]
128125018Guess the city[View]
128127749OOOOOOO CANADA: I cannot stop thinking about the wheat fields of CANADA. I love everything about Can…[View]
128127332Do Russians and Eastern Europeans miss the Soviet Union?[View]
128127387Ellemagne Union(EU) Prove me wrong[View]
128127276Im an Andean-boo, are you a -boo of anything?[View]
128116395Is 18 cm big in ur country?[View]
128127583Rich 'people' from Latin America love to buy houses and move to Miami, US. Where do rich people from…[View]
128127117Japs are only based contry in asia.[View]
128123848Why is Erdoğan such a chad ?[View]
128126260>be american >torrent something >get threatened by their ISP the next day…[View]
128127406countries that should be permabanned tbqh[View]
1281273055 days nofap and i'm already tristhy, getting a boner for a couch that look like buttocks, why …[View]
128127314CHINESE CENTURY[View]
128126511Germans Would Have Killed Me: I’m so sick and tired of seeing pro-German and even pro europe stuff i…[View]
128120942His vountry can't reach space, what a meme counrry bros.: That being said only a limited select…[View]
128124273Why is Western media so fixated on this Lebanon explosion? It’s still on the front page a day after …[View]
128126832Is this phenotype common in europe?[View]
1281270371. Cunt? 2. Does this kind if thing happen often? >flag >wouldn't know, never been on a d…[View]
128121341Best brand of cigarette available in UK/Ireland/EU?: >inb4 'no anon don't smoke it bad for u…[View]
128124138*knock knock* can i come back[View]
128127070>In Sweden it's illegal to name your child Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116…[View]
128126942based or cringe?[View]
128125796Argentinian cope.: I love how argentinians try to make their thirld world shithole not a thirld worl…[View]
128126924Herro ferro huwaito manu ai amu huwaito raiku yu, ai amu jomon, huwaito powaaaaaa Who the japs thin…[View]
128123815Coninck is looking hot lately[View]
128125901>selling churros?[View]
128126456where are the finish threads yoo[View]
128125669>Kalevala is Karelian, not Finnish[View]
128115953/cum/ - Canada, USA & Mexico: Big boi stretch edition[View]
128118944is this name popular in your country?[View]
128125671uh oh[View]
128126347If you were a country which one would you bw?: I would be Argentina. Started off with a lot of poten…[View]
128126312the pic that saved /int/[View]
128124092Do canadians really?[View]
128126239I wish I were pinoy No need to study No need to compete Everyday drug and sex is everything[View]
128126231we want to be niggers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgvtKk83wsQ Refrain: We want to be niggers L…[View]
128126166>Be in a hostel abroad >Touch people's property, use racial slurs after they tell me wher…[View]
128102511/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /isr/ - /ཨི་སི་ར/ - מהדורת צירוף מקרים: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
128125178I love everyone except for Portuguese people![View]
128122875>nord girls hit the wall hard at 25 >latinas turn into 'abuelitas' the moment they have the fi…[View]
128121155Is Korean noodle famous in your country?[View]
128124987I feel depressed if I don't go out and take a sunbath. Does this happen in your country?[View]
128125777This happened when I was four/five years old.: This happened in kindergarten. I, my 'gf' and her fri…[View]
128125482LARPing has spread to Japan. Help[View]
128113817>i suffer in america[View]
128118014Post the most american picture you have[View]
128121382/brit/: The Toilman edition[View]
128123398>go outside >see a person with dark hair >day ruined…[View]
128122900wagecucks of /int/: what's your job? do you work a soy (office-based) job or a real man's …[View]
128125569Why are all taxi drivers in euroep are arabs/paki: It's scary. When visiting europe I walk to a…[View]
128124653mum is listening to power metal again[View]
128122571Why is east asia so boring These three countires are everything of east asia[View]
128123188What is the purpose of Finland's existence?[View]
128114271/lat/ hilo latano: Hilo anime peruano[View]
128113102China #1 China #1 China #1[View]
128123110Why are Italian Americans so tribal, he collar and low iq? Italians, can you take these idiots back?[View]
128123492Are we the Jews of the west?[View]
128123363How much milk do you drink every day? I drink about 1 liter, and I'm also always eating yogurt …[View]
128121562This is the man who says 'nigger' on 4chan[View]
128121635>Migrants make up 8% of Russia's population but only commit 3% of all crime Why can't W…[View]
128114899>Yes ? >The edgy reddit zoomer atheist finally discovered the glory of God ? >Convert him …[View]
128121288Italian cuisine[View]
128124993Remember step by step?: I grew up on that show bros. It was peak comfy.[View]
128124974Your country's leader is now Jeb! Bush. Is this an improvement?[View]
128120370What is your opinion on American (New York Style) pizza? Do you like it?[View]
128124752South Americans will claim they suffer when their men look like this[View]
128124806/한국어/: 감스트 게이 어디갔노 ㅇㅣㄱㅣ?[View]
128121582Sweden's sister countries are: Norway, Denmark (faraoes,Greenland inc.), Iceland and Finland. I…[View]
128124562will the shit hole countries ever be developed ?[View]
128124743I love how muslims in all countries in all languages pronounce 'Allah' in a very 'arabic-ish' way. h…[View]
128124519I'm an attention whore but I can't be helped I need you No you no life[View]
128124286everyone forgot the explosion in Lebanon[View]
128124589colloquial language differs greatly from written language = SOUL colloquial and written language are…[View]
128124199Why are levantine people soo good merchants?[View]
128118926We need to be in charge of Lebanon again. Then we need to expand it. The only acceptable Middle-East…[View]
128124365We shall rise again, we shall slay the papist there where he lays, and in the name of the lord we wi…[View]
128124358Make France Cute Again[View]
128120247/fr/ - Le Francofil: Éditon mignonne Ancien : >>128114211[View]
128122899The Emperor of Korea in the middle. Why is he so tiny? Kawaii[View]
128124304I wish flag of china were this[View]
128122983The lifecycle of every Slavic female immigrant in England: Why do you stupid Slavic men keep sending…[View]
128114819Why didn't India become a superpower as of 2020?[View]
128112797No we won't close our re-education camps. No we won't care about 'human rights'. No we won…[View]
128120018Most of you don't care for countries or International culture at all. Just want to use this boa…[View]
128122711Does Japan really hate Carlos Ghon so much they'd try to assassinate him?[View]
128120520Do you have curry pizza?[View]
128123891Why are Vietnamese so optimistic?[View]
128123448Why do Scandinavian countries have crosses on the flag even though they're irreligious?[View]
128123472I'm disgusted by Japanese posters here so much they are hopeless, i decided to fuck off bye, it…[View]
128121895Does hangul looks special and distinct amid Japanese and Chinese?[View]
128123260I am listening to this popular 2000s song (https://youtu.be/mmfrz90nerM) about going to disneyland a…[View]
128123846Dont care what you guys saying about fetishizing our women Just fuck gook girls and we can make Raci…[View]
128101606/ex-yu/: mi smo goti iliri kelti slaveni ba we wuz banovi bogumili pravili piramide n shiet vladali …[View]
128123675Hearing Caribbean and Andalusian Spanish makes me want to kill a nigga[View]
128110532I'm this frog. Which frog you are?[View]
128105207/mämmi/: Pihapiirin lintuja -painos[View]
128123745We are literally the whitest country in all of Asia[View]
128113225Why do modern white supremacists idolize Hitler so much when he planned to genocide all Slavs and ki…[View]
128121039I think most of Japan haters are korean.[View]
128119357How do 34 year old women look in your country?[View]
128120406Your cunt Do you use a mask? How do you think of the mask?[View]
128123439I wish to find love in Taiwan.[View]
128122475>larp as a successful person on boards with flags so people think that Aussies are successful …[View]
128117325/simmi mach ackermann/ besser bekannt als /deutsch/[View]
128120675Lol why don't these shitholes just join the EU already? They don't want free German gibs?[View]
128121493average household incone in uk is £29.6k or $38.9k usd or €32.7k. thats a household not individual i…[View]
128122188Do your countrymen believe in evolution?[View]
128121975Why does every girls instagram look like this?: Isn’t this extreme narcissism?[View]
128120062Can landlocked countries even be considered countries?: Imagine having no ports and no navy. Two ess…[View]
128115048Are Indians the new Jews?: They're also the highest-earning ethnicity in Singapore.[View]
128102369kurva anyátok[View]
128122403die faggot :3[View]
128119161My sister thought that Hitler made the Berlin wall to oppress east germans. She also thought that co…[View]
128122555I was disappointef of Australia bros: I grew up watching the Australian soap opers 'Home and Away' w…[View]
128122586do girls in your country make this face?[View]
128122420Your average American. Thoughts?[View]
128121487I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128114577>Functional potential european countries forced to live inside a South American country: why is t…[View]
128121444do the pajeets on /int/ own toilets?[View]
128120781Mashallah: When did you realize you won the fight against the Kaffir, brothers? They have started to…[View]
128120056>Hello white boi enjoying your stay?[View]
128120692Is it true that Palestinians are faggots? I hate Jews and the whole Israel situation but most Arabs …[View]
128115539Sverigetråden - Johtoupplagan[View]
128104059Map thread[View]
128121069esls tell me something weird or otherwise interesting about the english language[View]
128120991Are you optimistic about the future of your country?[View]
128120421>1. Your country? >2. What language do you choose for your games? flag always english, don…[View]
128118666>tfw banned while asleep but a power outage overnight resets your ip[View]
128118305China should reuse this flag to find their glory again Current flag dosen't contain their tradi…[View]
128121290Med bias: Med bias on 4chan Is it just me or do medfags run this board?[View]
128121954Day 8 of no fap and all the tranny shit posted here is looking full on repulsive to me now wtf bros …[View]
128121347What even happens here?[View]
128118382Reminder that these two took a dna test and the german had 2% sub saharan african and the persian 0%…[View]
128065502/flag/ + /extraflags/: Tuvan People's Republic edition Previous: >>128018945 Welcome to /…[View]
128116619Didn't you that Scottish people wear skirts as traditional clothes?: They call it the Kilt. Wou…[View]
128115306/ita/ - il Filo: Edizione viva le puttane[View]
128115552What is this phenotype?[View]
128118998>Soviet engineers caused the greatest nuclear catastrophe[View]
128117028Hi ^.^ my name is Eun-Soo Kim! Today, I'm going to teach my husband Jerome Floyd how to count t…[View]
128117727/brit/: Michael Bisping edition[View]
128119782>no E What do Italians mean by this street sign?[View]
128116454I fixed Europe[View]
128113050Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Me:[View]
128120047What do we think of him?[View]
128115262European chimpout: Does anyone else lowkey wonder if Europeans will ever Chimp out Serbia style and …[View]
128117532imagine being virgin brazillian: when the trannies are willing to fuck for free[View]
128118081What phenotype is this?[View]
128119019Why do Germans have statues of this genocidal villain?: >Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly was a f…[View]
128120339>OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
128120089Taking back control[View]
128120211Is onlyfans beneficial to society or not?[View]
128116892How are journalists like in your country?[View]
128116139Green=recognizes Palestine: why does latam recognize Palestine?[View]
128116901Greeks are better than other humans[View]
128116509/int/ What song are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QTtOMn5aEI[View]
128115615We should replace Jewish-Christianity with Islam[View]
128118806Is donating to Vtubers a form of simping?[View]
128120157You wake up in a Gypsy neighbourhood[View]
128118228What happens here[View]
128116394Australia appreciation thread. This interview is the funniest shit ever, leave it to aussies being s…[View]
128115441Analsex: How common is Anal in your country Is it only something gay people practice or is it very c…[View]
128120091Old Postcards: MIT Visualizing CulturesMocking the Japanese Although Japan was formally allied with …[View]
128120054How are bald men treated in your country?[View]
128119006Do new zealanders really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybv7HDGhCio[View]
128120364Why is western civilization so awesome?[View]
128119133>When you spend all your life obsessing about niggers >you forget the true problem The white…[View]
128117867>according to Europeans, these people are both Egyptian (gypsies) and Czech (les Bohemes) How do …[View]
128115522Ah.... The good ole days[View]
128119810Were Germanic peoples a mistake?[View]
128115424Bear ate the honey: https://www.maaseuduntulevaisuus.fi/ymparisto/artikkeli-1.1155248 Bear came out …[View]
128114211/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition: RIP Free Ancien : >>128105984[View]
128119731>cunt >have you accepted that latam has the best daily meal, in both nutrition and flavor aspe…[View]
128119815the police came around asking for a young male and they said something is happening[View]
128117347/mongol/: Mongolia anons, come here. Tell us your tales. My gf is from nearby Tuva and I'm inte…[View]
128119812>tfw you miss the cunny thread[View]
128117585Who is the most famous singer in your country right now?: Here it's the guy in the pic,Rony Bir…[View]
128117102Should we have left the EU? Should we rejoin? A Euro superstate dictatorship sounds pretty cool ngl[View]
128117788Women should be in the kitchen. Men should be working in the factory. Children should be playing wor…[View]
128117393>THIS IS SPARTA[View]
128119645I like Mario Botta's buildings. I wish there were Mario Botta buildings in Canada for me to vis…[View]
128115075__ ____ ______?[View]
128118025Who is the most famous women in your country right now?: It's the woman in the pic. Dana Bar Zo…[View]
128119540Conscript Reporting: Glory To The Union![View]
128111605Do Brazilian women look like this?[View]
128118734You wake up in Oulu[View]
128119162is it possible to move and thrive in georgia: I like georgia and the georgian people[View]
128117128I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
128118459Who is the most famous cook in your country right now?: Here it's this guy. Doron Muchinsky. He…[View]
128119083How come one of my legs gets twitchy when I'm sleep deprived?[View]
128119188i just want to own a small mechanics shop with a friend or two in america smoking cigars on the roof…[View]
128117546Modern europeans are too cucked by 70 years of propaganda to not face the degrading conditions that …[View]
128114780Does your country have name tags in front of their house?[View]
128118659Does this looks comfy to you?[View]
128118860American and Japanese versions of the same game.[View]
128107197Who was the most intelligent leader your country has ever had?[View]
128118889Do millionaires actually enjoy eating poop..[View]
128117313>ik ook[View]
128118838......... u ok, lebanon?........[View]
128111504Is public transport crowded where you live? >Bergen Norway Yes, asian tier crowded…[View]
128118807do they really??[View]
128116834Why is it spelled Magyar when it's pronounced Madyar?[View]
128114656What's the most recent demographic census in your cunt and how does it look like? This decade…[View]
128118691I got quints and jannies deleted it[View]
128107615One day you will move to Moldova.[View]
128118706The swastica should be The flag of the united nations[View]
128117296are there bears in your country?[View]
128114872Have there been any big explosions in your country Can't think of any in Finland[View]
128118049Built for SEX[View]
128114690Nords actually have less money than most meds. Meds only tax roughly 40% of their real income (black…[View]
128115978>wake up, see this what's the most accurate move here?[View]
128117260>Catalonians are white-: oh nonononono[View]
128117875Americans clean their chicken with soap[View]
128116842when will my reflection show.... who I am...inside...?[View]
128118379What happens here?[View]
128112753V G H ..... the squares of BARCELVM.... home.......[View]
128111841Tbh I don't have a friend that doesn't smoke at least sometimes[View]
128113684Moor education: Austria, Portugal, France, what are you doing bros?[View]
128086923/norgetråden/: Seksualundervisning på Ulsrud VGS-utgaven Forrige: >>128073975 >>12807397…[View]
128117766fuck this board for making me attracted to niggers: I fapped to niggers and now i feel disgusted in …[View]
128117304I miss this FRENCH BVLL like you wouldn't believe[View]
128110401Why do Americans have this fetish of the USA being invaded?[View]
128108611Traditional Japanese walled neighborhoods are being replaced with American style ones with parking i…[View]
128116234did this country give good advice to this other country here at Internationals?[View]
128112965/deutsch/ FBR's Wiederkehr: Kleenes liehk von der krankenschwesti die nicht weiß wie man Blut a…[View]
128115966>tfw overprotective parents >tfw they let my older sister go to parties at 14 but didnt let me…[View]
128117443Do not be sad over shittiness of start of this decade. Don't forget that Roaring Twenties didn…[View]
128112700You are my only friends[View]
128117096/nederdraad/: Elitaire editie. Welkom: geïnitieerde draadleden Niet welkom: nieuwflikker gepeupel…[View]
128117209>can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs[View]
128115329They can't be trusted[View]
128115500when two niggas get busy together, only the guy getting his shit pushed in is gay, the one pushing i…[View]
128106278Personally, not a fan: > all look the same. > think and behave like aliens. > think they ar…[View]
128116964>Day one of nofap/no alcohol/daily exercise Everything is going well, I can already feel my mood …[View]
128117131I don't like them, for obvious reasons but I am curiois about something: How come their populat…[View]
128116572SBERMBANK :DDDD[View]
128113559/brit/ london (and that other town) edish[View]
128116211I'm so fucking horny bros, why can't I just have sex?[View]
128117218There’s a 99% chance that queer you’re replying to on /int/ will convert to Catholicism or sth on hi…[View]
128117174>Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz > > >Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…[View]
128096752/lat/: Lat hilo latino[View]
128113183We are Southeast Asians, not East Asians. Don't mention us along with those countries that star…[View]
128112421Brits, is this true?[View]
128116958Do germans look at the EU and feel proud with what their country accomplished?[View]
128116608Korean royal guards got a special mask upgrade from the government. Based[View]
128116890>tfw bipolar disorder >tfw hypomania[View]
128099745/nederdraad/: PauperflatsNL uitgave https://youtu.be/0kfB-D0H_bo[View]
128116832R.I.P Farfour.[View]
128116280Hello my friend. I've been fucked up mood during all the day. One day, when I did some research…[View]
128109344>amwf porn >white woman is manlier than the japanese '''man''':…[View]
128116102What do people fear in your country? We are very scared of Russians so we spend billions of euros a …[View]
128116269Is he the original schizo poster?[View]
128114546Based or cringe?[View]
128116263How frequent are dark hair blue eyes people in your cunt?: I think this is the best combinaison poss…[View]
128115844You're welcome for our service.[View]
128116461Will he be consider chad and he could fuck a lot of woman in your country?[View]
128097022/cum/ - canada usa mexico: faglord edition[View]
128109925oh no no no moldovan bros we got too cocky[View]
128098210Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>128054985 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
128112144What is Muslim food like? This meatball looks tasty[View]
128110566Why do asian women talk shit about white men, while at the time fucking white men? Makes no sense.[View]
128115731/hell/: >out for a beer >see not one, not two, but 8 fufcking shitskins day ruined…[View]
128115886ah, the motherland..[View]
128116232Cant fucking anon cause I'm always on the internet cause of COVID or I must have an internet ad…[View]
128101228Does anybody find it easy to identify 'Japanese' posters? I can identify 4 different 'Japanese' post…[View]
128116191>Yes I make violin and guitar strings out of human intestines and vocal chords, how could you tel…[View]
128116020>take a homosexual europoor song >make it absolutely phenomenal How do we do it ameribros? Ou…[View]
128114579Do not trust them. They will betray you[View]
128113123Do people still play local multiplayer games in your cunt?[View]
128115977Henlo: Guess where am from[View]
128115597Humans? more like COOMANS[View]
128114098ITT: We post countries with german leaders[View]
128110364Japan will change its naming system: Now we show our name in English as First name first and Surname…[View]
128115225US allies BTFO[View]
128113865>a faggot gypsy gets murdered >comments are all cheering his death is your country as based as…[View]
128114929No tutorial countries allowed in this thread[View]
128110534i often mistake Bulgarian and Hungarian flags i have to hover my mouse over them to make sure who i…[View]
128114015Your opinion on Canada?[View]
128111939When will anglos apologize for spreading the wrong sound for this letter?[View]
128111542Is your cunt diced up into bite-sized pieces?[View]
128115699Our son has been repeatedly written unpleasant accusations of other countries and cultures accompani…[View]
128115676Vodka, vodka vill jag dricka Jag vill äta kaviar Jag vill älska russkij flicka Jag vill spyr i samov…[View]
128115392Is this true?[View]
128115557Pajeets won't eat THIS???[View]
128114907question: why are eastern european guys so racist but eastern european women so open minded i have m…[View]
128109731What did she mean by that? https://news.trust.org/item/20150217153305-2p4ii[View]
128105120>be American >order a fugging McBurger Box i clap evry tiem…[View]
128113777Do you lads like girls in sarees?[View]
128113426>rich getting richer Why don't you just get rich then?[View]
128115455i am scandinavian-american[View]
128114393/ukr/+/bel/+friends: polak i ukrainec dwa bratanki[View]
128115428As a swedish BVLL i say yes to Nato partnership![View]
128115081These are some of the easier tasks from the Lithuanian school-leaving exam in mathematics. Could you…[View]
128113406I would like to thank Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands for their overwhelming willingness to hel…[View]
128110533>noooooooo you cant just exterminate my tribe because were sacrificing children to Moloch think o…[View]
128115217Would you live in Alicante province?: I live here and I think it couldn't get any better[View]
128115296I wish I could spend a summer on a cartrip driving through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and then someh…[View]
128113644Why are you hate Amsterdam?[View]
128115156mutt toilets is it real or meme[View]
128115138Why do firsties sperg so much about piercing baby's ears? What's so bad about it?[View]
128114472How popular is yoga in your country?[View]
128112448If you are heterosexual, you are mentally ill: Let me break this down for you. At birth we are all m…[View]
128110504me confronting the KGB intern responsible for killing my country's democracy[View]
128114922I'll never forgive the japanese[View]
128114413How much pussy do Jomons get in japan?[View]
128106491what are gamers like in your cunt?[View]
128114796Rootless mutt country which was colonized astonishingly hard by romans[View]
128114694>Yes I hunt humans in order to eat them, how could you tell?[View]
128113058If we ever meet on opposite sides of the battlefield, I hope I can defeat you, anon. Nothing persona…[View]
128099813/ita/ - il filo[View]
128114131Ugh, what could have been...[View]
128114572Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison in July 2017 after pleading guilty to child porno…[View]
128113151Why the fathers of enlighment were do anti semitic[View]
128110362set tinder location to Krakow >beautiful, health girls in nice dresses >feminine >polite an…[View]
128112593The only European exclusive haplogroup: Does this make the Turks European, since they have small tra…[View]
128106137>your country >what web browser do you use? USA Chrome but I hate Google out of principle and …[View]
128113006I live here[View]
128110187Why do thirdies have so much soul?[View]
128113189Our capital city has 116000 people per sq m, social distancing is just impossible. Even with the lon…[View]
128094520Can you speak spanish? What can you say in Spanish?[View]
128100752/balk/: The race of the future edition. Previous: >>128086084[View]
128114183How do you navigate the contradiction: Of wanting an asian wife and and having hitlers posters in yo…[View]
128114037Do you have this in your cunt? Me: no[View]
128113577Do they really? With all the videos of Chinese tourists misbehaving abroad, I can't imagine how…[View]
128113158theoritically could India buy a large piece of land in europe, annex it, build their capital their a…[View]
128112991Who are more cringe Western Byzaboos or Indian Ottoboos?[View]
128112597hello /int/: can you teach me racist anti-white words today?[View]
128110359Sverigetråden - Episka upplagan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ_56w7AT7Q[View]
128111384Why are Whitoids sociable and cheerful I'm not talking about you guys All the white tourists i…[View]
128106895>Poland isn't first world, it doesn't have school shooti---- https://en.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
128105959Is it true that America (the US of A) is the true successor state to the Roman empire?[View]
128104161does this happen in your language?: >other country's language sounds like own languages some…[View]
128112581/int/ hates him because he speaks the truth >inb4 you are him[View]
128104449How popular is Spotify in your country?[View]
128111869how is life there?[View]
128105984/fr/ le francophile: Édition de la vie heureuse, saine et équilibrée Ancien : >>128090810…[View]
128108203VGH... the histroy of EVROPA...[View]
128110389I have an Al Andalus fetish. Nothing makes me hornier than Al Andalus and Moors. This makes going to…[View]
128111380>Why can't architecture like this make a comeback in America? Property taxes. When you build…[View]
128092370why are they so obsessed with mentionings? what do they hope to achieve?[View]
128112678Why are black Americans so...excitable ? Why can't they literally stay in place ? I mean for ex…[View]
128111985Which Asia is the best?[View]
128113108>I suffer in Russia[View]
128110886>If you have middling iq you are a farmer >If you dont have adhd you are a farmer >If you a…[View]
128110300/brit/: Israeli helicopter drops cutting-edge zionist fire bucket to annihilate any Lebanese survivo…[View]
128108649VGH... this is what EVROPA used to be about before the (((enl*Ghtenment)))...[View]
128112308What do you think of North Korea's division of rule?[View]
128113118i'm addicted to porn i have to stop[View]
128111378from now on I'm just going to assume that anyone who expresses antisemitic thoughts on 4channel…[View]
128113061Asian women are wonderful. Asian-American women are Satan’s spawn prove me wrong buds[View]
128107575EVROPA NAZIONE[View]
128110279Chinese people, come to this thread for a minute.: Try writing that Xi Jinping looks just like Winni…[View]
128103003All world borders have been erased. Time to claim your land.[View]
128107319Ausbros.... why did you kill all the aborginals?[View]
128110996Americas most celebrated young 19yr old athlete look like this ?[View]
128112765This is a street in the middle of the city in Chile, in one of the regions of South America with the…[View]
128111943I want to move toz the united states so bad.[View]
128107320/minderjährige japanische määdschn/ auch bekannt als /deutsch/: Mjam-mjam-mjam-mjam-Ausgabe[View]
128112504>yeah, I do think that immigrants are ruining my country, how could you tell?…[View]
128112075Norgesveldet... hem.[View]
128112498??? do you (flop fo no hoe)[View]
128108266>*Goes to Piran* Does this happen in your country?[View]
128112567Imagine you are a Slav who can’t get a penis erection so you have to be a serial killer instead[View]
128105397Hilo /esp/: Hilo oara /esp/añoles[View]
128111329What is your favorite foreign name? my favorite foreign name is David.[View]
128109033My gf got married 2 days ago.[View]
128110021I love this Brazilian girl[View]
128077589Russia is such a beautiful country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eRz-gnCtg8[View]
128110878map thread: post maps[View]
128109197Most Europeans support an EU army, do you support an EU army?[View]
128109651This place made me bisexual[View]
128107889>you will never be french how do you cope with this[View]
128110749so 'Muhammed' is supposed to be the most common name in the world, but I bet there are 0 Muhammeds l…[View]
128111357So now that the Lebanese dust has finally settled, why did they do it?[View]
128111935Imagine the country being messed up by too many immigrants.[View]
128108419Okay dutchman[View]
1281082691. Curntre 2. Does your country have nafris that refuse to take their rightful place as fertilizer?[View]
128111545Look at the world. Why did they eat that bat?[View]
128111777VGH... it's the heart of EVROPA[View]
128108729every thing outside of the circle is 'the new world'[View]
128110805You wake up and everyone in the world, except for inhabitants of your country, has vanished. What ha…[View]
128111505>that danish korean hapa anon https://youtu.be/Am3zkOeRBT8[View]
128109143Japanese Retailer Pushes Retirement Age From 65 to 80: What is the retirement age in your country? D…[View]
128108821This is Germany. It's the only country that has Germans in it. There is no such thing as a germ…[View]
128109525I thought the Serbs were a proud people. LMAO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS[View]
128101489The Kazakh gf[View]
128110876Do you believe in cultural appropiation?[View]
128111566Anyone up for some minecraft? I Giveaway an Elytra 1.16.1 voxed.playmc.at[View]
128111528>von Mises >Rand >Hayek >Friedman…[View]
128108122Pray: Pray for Lebanon. A Lord's Prayer or a Hail Mary... anything, whatever, even if you…[View]
128109205Mon Empereur... rightfvl rvler of France.... come back and cleanse this beaitifuk country from shits…[View]
128110019>watching YouTube videos of murderers >in America murderers get life sentence >in Japan mur…[View]
128111116Why is this board so gay?[View]
128107721Why do Japanese have shorter legs than mainland Asians? Is it remnant of Jōmon DNA?[View]
128108411The topic of the day in my country, rich man or poor man, is that terrible bomb in Beirut! Terrible!…[View]
128110130americans....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sODQG990nBI[View]
128108197Jesus Christ England what the fuck[View]
128082381/polska/: edycja siusiaków do kontroli[View]
128110832can you guys tickle your own feet without flinching and stopping?[View]
128110814'I KNOW WHAT I GOT': 'NO LOW BALLERS OR TYRE KICKERS' Why are they so delusional…[View]
128110735blasian x Eurasian: What are their children called? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8ZWY_0_HX8&…[View]
128108796>American cities are ugl-[View]
128107771Why do Americans think healthy food is expensive?[View]
128105102where do I start with Christianity?[View]
128107820Damn... Chinese people are the TRUE Aryan master race...[View]
128110450Why are ameritard puritans so afraid of recreational weed use?[View]
128110422your cunt your fetishmon team[View]
128105878Pakis breeding Korea after Britain: how can ind*ans even compete? despite being 4x smaller than indi…[View]
128109427Do you like russian propaganda on /int? Flag No Basically our president is a terrorist and we don…[View]
128109737A springtime celebration unfamiliar to Americans, mayhaps?[View]
128110226>Nooo you cant torture me for being a traitorous 5 columnist jewish supremacist that want slave y…[View]
128087782>Christianity is dying in Europe :([View]
128110175/hell/: >went to grab a coffee >not a single pakiskin seen…[View]
128073351/Desi/: Junagadh, India Edition[View]
128109899All the Lebanon posters haven't posted since yesterday. Are they ok? I'm worried.[View]
128107781Austrians can't be trusted, learn from our mistakes[View]
128109810please give me tips on how to save money.. I struggle so much and I'm already a minimalist on e…[View]
128109702Why do Asian look so edgy when they're the villains in movies?: Lmao, looks like I'm watch…[View]
128111408African Americans really do be like that, don't they.[View]
128103501/brit/: the future is now[View]
128109944hello /int/ how are you today: can you please teach me racist vocabulary against white people?…[View]
128109062Post airplane photo of your hometown[View]
128108450>Haha NUTS xDDD Christ its like Reddit went to war. How do they manage to be so cringy on every p…[View]
128106398>Canada Way more Indians than Pakis >USA Way more Indians than Pakis >Australia Way more …[View]
128103249Why do Finns look so masculine in comparison to Swedes?[View]
128106612I dream of it every night.[View]
128108565Miss this little nigga so much i want to eat your cheese toasties at 3am so badly not even one store…[View]
128108484Every religious person I've ever met was really annoying.[View]
128101619Is Japan actually a hellhole?: I'm paranoid. I want to get my Master's degree in Japan but…[View]
128106777SOVL CENTRAL[View]
128107116This is why you dont have your store of explosives in your capital city https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/…[View]
128105968Victory Day in Croatia: Today is Victory Day in Croatia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Day…[View]
128101471I suffer in Austria. Where do you suffer?[View]
128106910I just found out there's a 'secret' foreign language bookstore near where I live, mainly French…[View]
128108510>rest of the world: Listens to english music all the time even if they dont understand the lyrics…[View]
128104435Why are counties so arbitrarily shaped?[View]
128102752/int/ Music Thread: Sharing music for normies at a reunion Edition[View]
128107231Do they really?[View]
128107074ugh seriously what could have been imagine if we learned indian languages instead of *ngl*sh[View]
128106294>two strongest Muslim countries are now enemies Geeee I wonder who benefits from this…[View]
128107984>New board: /vrpg/ - Video Games/RPG[View]
128108398What do Luxembourgers look like?[View]
128107905Why isn't Russia in the EU?[View]
128106970The absolute state of my country[View]
128101014RIP Transzördögke: Kurva anyátok[View]
128107061Would she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
128094347Sverigetråden - Tintinupplagan[View]
128106741Thank you Sucker Punch. My ancestors are happy in heaven.[View]
128104966Glad we could agree on this[View]
128107255How the fuck did the Imperial bloodline go from absolute JOMON BVLL Emperor Meiji to fucking chinlet…[View]
128108302only fox gods knows[View]
128090215/cum/ + /aus/[View]
128106171this is how Poland would look like if Piłsudzki and Petlura chased away c*mmies and helped the white…[View]
128107487Why are anglo saxons so butt ugly?[View]
128108139>download random handbook >manually type out the contents for no reason >feel relaxed and p…[View]
128108129Do you play Fall Guys?: 1.flag 2.do you play fall guys in your cunt?[View]
128107922Have you kissed/had sex with women from another countries? Which one was the best? I have had a tast…[View]
128107945So this is the power of the dutchman?[View]
128106538/luso/: edição da Província Ultramarina de Cabo Verde[View]
128103656You become a Portugal[View]
128107992Very Nice Video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASjEWnO6uzU[View]
128107569Why are Germans so obsessed with putting warning symbols on things?[View]
128105514>Ora ora ora! We heard you've been talking shit on /int/ and saying how you DON'T love …[View]
128106602Nananalo ka ba, anak?[View]
128102965Everyday I wish I was born american... what is the point of living in Europe, everything so bland. W…[View]
128107349your country how much do you pay for your mobile service? Poland 25 PLN (5,5 euro) per month for eve…[View]
128107335Why cant architecture like this make a comeback in America[View]
128101850>live in Hungary >One of the basedest country in the EU >see more and more black people by …[View]
128107192>stfu Binland no one likes you[View]
128104826Do they[View]
128100747Why do Indians sexualize navel so much ? is it like the foot fetish of the Indian world[View]
128105970I saw a polish girl with 2 half black twins on the train this morning.[View]
128099846/deutsch/ am Morgen: Ihr husos lasst den faden sterben RIF[View]
128107245He's heard: He's heard people say Indians are so ugly that they feel like vomitting when t…[View]
128105586A woman has probably posted in a thread you've made.[View]
128091140>American education This is what the reopened schools in Georgia look like…[View]
128103350>white people[View]
128099776Americans will defend this[View]
128104883Why Russians spam the western Internet with racism?: Why Russians spam the western Internet with rac…[View]
128105901Miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
128106956>swing states[View]
128106624Where would you rather live?: New Zelaand > Speak English (albeit with a hard to understand accen…[View]
128104312白馬(white horse) thread: Post your favorite white horse[View]
128106533Rivia no Geraruto[View]
128106081/int/: MVH BLACK KWEENZ/BVLLS . . also /int/: díos mio...la luz extinguido[View]
128100660Do you love Japan?[View]
128106973/brit/: sip edition v1.1[View]
128105986Dont care what you guys saying about fetishizing our women Just fuck gook girls and we can make Raci…[View]
128106833>In 2019, changes were announced to the laws governing names. Given names will no longer be restr…[View]
128102886How often do you get tornados ? There have been 4 tornados in the past two months where I live[View]
128102345How many times did you buy skyrim? Be honest[View]
128105476oh no no no no[View]
128105222Please go to Hungary and fuck their women.[View]
128106482Meatballs are Persian. Sweden lied/Freedom died.[View]
128106163It is over for brown boys?: Bruce jenners white side of the family vs his brown side of the family…[View]
128106667Post in here if you can understand: ʎɐƃ ǝɹɐ ǝldoǝd ɥsilod[View]
128106117This is what French speakers look like. They are always happy. Why don’t you speak French?[View]
128105840Pussy looks like someone cut off the dick and and horribly maimed the resulting wound. There's …[View]
128105282>If Tsar Bomba dropped on London, England will go from being 50% English to 90% English in am ins…[View]
128106452How will Brapzilians ever recover?[View]
128106430Do you love Ameircan women? https://youtu.be/F57P9C4SAW4[View]
128097182Damn.. will nords recover?[View]
128101649This is what argentina used to be about before cheap socialism took over.[View]
128106014I want to be cuckolded by a Jomon[View]
128105814I'm sorry for insulting your country I didn't mean it I was just being provocative.[View]
128105046Why do white women have wide hips and sheep butt Whereas Asian women have narrow hips and flat butt?…[View]
128103161Why do Indians write video titles and descriptions in English,: yet still speak Hindi (or whatever) …[View]
128105906>Hey soyjack i want to show you the project me and my friends were working on.. so you like it h…[View]
1281050411. Ur cunt. 2. Do you like the next German Chancellor?[View]
128100030Why is Moscow full of Uzbeks and Kyrgyz?: Why do they go to Moscow instead of Western Europe?[View]
128099656Why do you love me so much Thank you for your love I would appreciate if you tell me the reason I…[View]
128103225Suppose that you saw a woman in the street getting beaten by a man, and you don't know whether …[View]
128105385Russians, how does it make you feel that your country's name (or at least the English spelling …[View]
128101468Is this place really that spooky?[View]
128105508Why do Russians smoke so much? No wonder your life expectancy is like 40 years guys[View]
128104682Do you like old Philippines?[View]
128104183holy SOVL[View]
128090810/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition de notre Maître et Sauveur à tous, Cthulhu Ancien : >>128081546…[View]
128104219typical Iraqi[View]
128103571Fuck new zealond: How will they ever recover?[View]
128103240>Mohammad[GER] has joined the server[View]
128094281Do you hate America?[View]
128104125Guys, please listen to me real quick. The austrians are going to try it ag[View]
128103584Are Romanians white?[View]
128099267Why is Brazilian culture so sexual?[View]
128102783is there one turkic language I can learn which will let me talk to every turkic in the world more or…[View]
128101321US nuclear threats directed against Russia predate the Cold War. They were first formulated at the h…[View]
128103392How's late twenties' life in your country?: Laddies, I can't stress enough how it is …[View]
128105129When will Israel just murder all Palestinian and take over their land and get over this whole drama?…[View]
128101289>people think I'm an incel >I'm actually a volcel…[View]
128101170>your cunt >are you hairy?[View]
128104430Hey /int/, just wanna say thanks to our vietnamese frens. Without them we couldn't succesfully …[View]
128104990Is America as bad as the movies make it look?[View]
128103487I could pass as a local in your country?[View]
128104761/한국어/: 베충이들 모야라[View]
128103468https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kO5XgQQnEg Why are frenchoids like this? Imagine coming as a touris…[View]
128101718thank you Spain[View]
128104729To every single Southeast Asian who shits up this board, please shut up for once in your fucking lif…[View]
128101855I'm so addicted with geography, countries and ethnics that sometimes I just open a google page …[View]
128104962POV you're the pentagon intern defending Israel[View]
128104210Objectively the best country in the world, if someone thinks otherwise he is unironically a retarded…[View]
128104828ITT we ask stupid questions we always wanted to be answered. Does the name Portokal (Orange) stem so…[View]
128098491Is this phenotype common in your country?[View]
128103896>chidolhub .org[View]
128104673https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWBj4pyJJkk Is this how average american roasties react to the avera…[View]
128101224I'm literally living off tea and biscuits since 9 years. When would it be my end /int/? t. 183 …[View]
128104892Why don't more Americans return home to the Fatherland?[View]
128100916When I die I want to become a tree. I don't want to fuck this planet up with more shitty gravey…[View]
128104220Would you rather have 1 billion more Indians in the world or 1 billion more Americans?: I'd cho…[View]
128104557>getting teased because dad look just like mario Does this happen in your country?…[View]
128104023Wow, Tokyo's standards have gone to shit, huh[View]
128080342/mämmi/: Mä ja nyymi -painos[View]
128104675Why do germs bully this guy Who is this?[View]
128103864The United States has the most powerful military and economy in the world. They have the best scienc…[View]
128104401The only European exclusive haplogroup: Since I-M170 is the only native European haplogroup, and it …[View]
128101783Im chicano and I encourage black and whitevmen breeding our women. Pls fuck are women black/white me…[View]
128104239/v4/ + friends + North Korea[View]
128104211Economic Ruin: I had my bank account closed, was sent a check, no one would bank it or open a new ac…[View]
128103129Do zoomers love emo rap in your country? flag, yes My brother always listen to it.[View]
128099700do you have a fetish for a specific nationality/ethnicity? we have a big population of lebanese loca…[View]
128103829Turkic language Arab religion Armenian genes Greek cuisine Latin alphabet Persian philosophy Are tur…[View]
128104001What's this phenotype I see it in american fat girls all the time but never in NZ[View]
128102707Austrians are not able to suffer, do not trust what they say[View]
128103108How come britain produces so many handsome lads but few beautiful women?[View]
128100729>Montreal, USA >Warsaw, USA >Paris, USA >Moscow, USA >London, USA >Athens, USA …[View]
128103359>your whole life was predetermined by a few inches of bone[View]
128102677Do you want to find love in Germany?[View]
128102471How do I get a Chicana gf? Serious question.[View]
128100888Does this happen often in your country?[View]
128101435I find it interesting how people always seem to know what a person's ethnic background is just …[View]
128099121/brit/: Janny can suck a DICK edition[View]
128066803/balt/ + /ausnz/: Wagga Wagga edition[View]
128102330Bhutan is the most based country in the world: >Ethnic mountain country >Ancient monarchy …[View]
128103461>South Americans post just when we start waking up so whenever we browse /int/ the board is much …[View]
128102802Korea in 1930: Watch from 4:30 https://youtu.be/d_98jT7XmZw[View]
128102834What does this country's shape remind you of?[View]
128102174Good night, pinkoide!![View]
128103230Georgians are the only white people who still marry virgins[View]
128102992China Central Television, the state-owned television network in China, is abbreviated as CCTV.[View]
128103222>overslept again I wanted to wake up early and go swimming[View]
128088643/luso/: edição não relacionada a política[View]
128102926What is it like to live somewhere where people listen to science and the experts?[View]
128100800Retiring at 31: What country is the best to live in and plow the locals if I am 31 and have a perman…[View]
127983329/skandi/: hiv ladnings utgave[View]
128102534Can you be stupid and wise at the same time? Poland Yes.[View]
128102741Are presidents deified in your country? In America, we worship our presidents like a cult. Warmonger…[View]
128102405>your cunt >are the british subject to forced assimilation and xenophobia in your cunt? austra…[View]
128099337Characteristics of a Loser.: virginity (esp. of a man) Unemployed person. People with no friends. Yo…[View]
128102547Are Croats white?[View]
128100490Why is Brazilian culture so sexual?[View]
128102265what do anons think of medical weed[View]
128100879Why do they like blacks so much ?[View]
128090623do you have a daughter /int/?[View]
128102089>australian/poo zealand flag >it's actually a diasporafag pooskin every time why don…[View]
128094919starting to actually feel nostalgic for 2016[View]
128095180Thoughts on Sao Paulo's street carnival: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HkkIknKHBKo[View]
128101959>The only Chinese guys people know of are Bruce Lee, Jackie chan and Jet Li. >No one knows Ste…[View]
128100523Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
128098514Fun fact, Mongolia has the lowest population density in the world with a population of only 3 millio…[View]
128094787How has your country's economy been affected by the flu?[View]
128101099How often does this happen in your country?[View]
128099847I’m nostalgic for the 2000s Life was so comfy back then Windows XP play some flash games go to schoo…[View]
128099984Any Koreanons around? Oh yes, I started with the alphabet just yesterday and have these two books. …[View]
128102284Does pic related exist in your country?[View]
128101358Good morning Europe <3 Good afternoon Australia.[View]
128099288How does Chinese cope that their founding father was westernized christian guy?[View]
128101114Germans are the most bullied group on /int/. It hurts so much.[View]
128101881>white lives matter ?what was that soyjack , what nonsense did i just hear you say…[View]
128101445Jus Sangunis: >Yes, I do have German citizenship thanks to Jus Sangunis >No, I dont speak a w…[View]
128101012If Americans leave /int/, who will be bullied in our place?[View]
128096237Korea is sueing us again help: They are now demanding forcefully taking money from Japanese companie…[View]
128101861I'm eating a horse today, again[View]
128101362brazilian boys are the cutest. how do other countries bois even compete?[View]
128094700You deserve to be loved[View]
128099243do you like people from this country?[View]
128101469Will he be victorious again?[View]
128101784I dont care what you guys saying about fetishizing asian women Fuck gook girls and make Racial impro…[View]
128101638>sore throat >cold sweats >upset stomach >tiredness these may be my lasts posts int…[View]
128099246>go eat some tacos late at night >a huge unmarked truck casually pulls over >4 heavily arme…[View]
128100608Why do Japanese speak English sound like Arabs speak English?: https://youtu.be/ssRweDrU2sc 0:21 ~ …[View]
128101150I hate every single one of you so much.[View]
128101521VGH... WHAT COVLD HAVE BEEN[View]
128100280Time is ticking. You choose to waste it by browsing 4chan(nel). Your days are limited. Your loved on…[View]
128100099Do Argentinians really really ?[View]
128099731I've met a Ukrainian girl recently. Talked her up, got her phone number. That part went just fi…[View]
128099877Why do Americans say 'Middle East' instead of West Asia, and 'Asian' instead of Far Eastern? It mak…[View]
128098429you guys say.: Japanese are selfish, racist, in this board Japanese participate only into the Japane…[View]
128100276Why can't homosexuals just behave like normal people?[View]
128097903What phenotype is this[View]
128100094I got quints but jannies deleted it[View]
128100631Murrilards are biohazards[View]
128095921I ironically think after the civil war the US government should have encouraged miscegenation in ord…[View]
128099513Hispanic people unironically be like >Why yes, of course my last name is 'Moor slayer'. why do yo…[View]
128100987I like how bee stings feel Does this happen in your country?[View]
128100876Pancha mamá: Who /pancha mamá/ here?[View]
128100828Have you learned a language majorly if not entirely through shitposting on /int/?[View]
128100619We could have chosen the winner side.... but those retards pentecostals had to choose a country that…[View]
128099637Do girls in your country like black men ?[View]
128099425This is a multicultural thread: This is a multicultural thread. Everybody must speak their mother to…[View]
128095762Ready for our road trip /int/?[View]
128099748Post brawls or social incidents of your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTjU_qcqKZU https:/…[View]
128100183Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
128098619Does anyone on /int/ wanna meet up and fight?: We could have a tournament and each country is their …[View]
128095526>his house doesn't have a courtyard Yikes[View]
128100737Do americans really live rent free in the heads of foreigners? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H1s_…[View]
128100495what phenotype is this[View]
128099417CCP is just one letter away from CCCP.[View]
128100638Post your k36 results[View]
128097688Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking.[View]
128100369why do japanese people nearly die when they get a cold? are they weaklings? love japan btw[View]
128099483Damn...the pyramids of CAMBODIA...[View]
128099945XUE HUA PIAO PIAO BEI FENG XIAO XIAO (English version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2OUvITUPr4 …[View]
128099699whites and latinos are practically the same people, i don't get the hubbub about our difference…[View]
128100346>go on the comment sections of countries national anthems >everybody hoping these countries li…[View]
128092156third world stories thread[View]
128100181Do Americans really say 'your whitness show up'?[View]
128097904/kurd/: Silav hevalênmin. Cihû berpirsiyar bombebaranê in. Ma hûn çi difikirin?[View]
128084711/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Terminal sleepytime edition[View]
128096217>I suffer in Lebanon[View]
128098871Does someone know where i can find prostitutes in las vegas? I live there but i don't know what…[View]
128098881Confuciusism is a great thing if you are the ruler. It's basically the ultimate wagecuck cultur…[View]
128100081How does this number make you feel?[View]
128100067Does America like your country?[View]
128099497>>16048742 Are American elites ever gonna cut the shit and realize their promotion of an anti-…[View]
128098638>only thing i'll get jacked for is to go fight in a war against china…[View]
128098227Would you rather have a leaf or burger gf?[View]
128100217George Floyd did a silly thing[View]
128100090>tfw my father named me Bob for my middle name because Dylan is our last name are you parents aut…[View]
128099674>List of notable Zainichi Koreans[View]
128099710Impressive. With this most recent achievement, fate has in a single stroke, marked the decline of th…[View]
128084631What race was he?[View]
128098680What would you do as dictator of your country? How would you get there? Me: >false flag some shit…[View]
128099459japan created the first superhero 'golden bat' he predates every other superhero[View]
128099339>be distinguished Field Marshal >come from long line of Prussian nobility and military officer…[View]
128098637would you let an american inside your house?[View]
128098384The Amazon rainforest is not the lungs of the world! Trees consume CO2 and produce O2 while they gro…[View]
128096076>literally nobody here cares that Tik Tok was just banned until the United States You know this m…[View]
128075708Taleb when a waiter gives him sunflower seed oil instead of olive oil[View]
128098807I never lived it, but how I yearn to go back...[View]
128095677>be Lebanese >KABLOOIE[View]
128098203These are Hakka people, the Jews of China Say something nice about them[View]
128099536Have you ever caught your parents having sexu?[View]
128097216How do you feel about our gun culture in The US?[View]
128097044International: Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
128097139I'm Korean hitler god told me I'm a reincarnation of hitler I will now lead the gookoid ra…[View]
128099172VGH..... this is what evrope vsed to be abovt....[View]
128098303Why are Americans so 'dutch'?: >muh freedom >muh states rights >muh calvinism >muh money…[View]
128097558Workers of the world, unite!!!![View]
128099225Ugh...the beauty of the egyptian civilization goes beyond words[View]
128098884Is it true that there are neo pagan larpers in Greece just like there are in Scandinavia?[View]
128099271Serenos y alegres, valientes y osados, Cantemos, soldados, el himno a la lid. De nuestros acentos el…[View]
128099088Why did prehistoric men draw animals on the cave?: draw for what?[View]
128096623Let's draw the national flag of the country where you were born and raised!: Any art material i…[View]
128095410My blood is Chinese: But my heart is INDIAN.[View]
128097666Even Germans are funnier.[View]
128097844>there are people on /int/ that were born in the 21st century[View]
128094765Wow: I always thought phrases like 'we gots 't go', 'we finna beat his ass', 'I ain't say …[View]
128099090would it be worth it to visit russia just for the girls let's say i'm a rich brazilian boi…[View]
128094658>I am learning french solely to trash talk back at the french in online games because they won…[View]
128096561What I like about Jōmon girls is their thick eyebrows and pretty eyes. They also have sexy hair puss…[View]
128098808>Known as successful businessman in africa and south America. >Cant manage their own country m…[View]
128096999Attention all faggots, you are not cute, you are mentally ill, go to your board >>>/lgbt/…[View]
128096946Why do they dress like a gay dress designer?[View]
128095649why do most nazis have this look and look absoloutley nothing like their ideal Aryan phenotype ? Is …[View]
128097616>whiter than you ahmed[View]
128098657Who do you think would win norf vs souf?[View]
128085556>I'm not racist, I just want my grandkids to look like me[View]
128095739What's the dead language with the most speakers?[View]
128094881Why do gaijins on /int/ think that abos are 1 big nation instead of 500 different tribes?[View]
128091059Post how you dress regularly. Let's see if /int/ has any fashion sense (pic related and yes ik …[View]
128098704Could he pass as local in your country?[View]
128096817Traditional Danish culture.[View]
128083987/EA/ East Asian: ￰ ￰ ￰▲ ￰▲ ▲ 三国时代 edition 南妙法蓮華經之版。歡迎香港・澳門・臺灣・新加坡・越南・朝鮮・日本。East Asian Cultural Spher…[View]
128097978I inherited this guy's ashes from my grandma when she died recently. He's supposedly a dis…[View]
128097025Do you think broad noses ruin all faces? Even white people with broad noses look ugly as hell.[View]
128097961What percentage of women are pretty in your country? About 10% of 16 to 26 year olds are pretty[View]
128097135how are my new shoes /int/[View]
128095529what region/state in LATAM is the most first world... looking at low crime rates... good salary... g…[View]
128054985Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>128025881 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
128091053Why do Afro American love to latch on Nubian culture and claim it as their own even though Bantiods …[View]
128098324Tell me about your countries military and how your country views it.[View]
128095215Why the fuck are these separate countries[View]
128092620Why do you guys want to come into Canada so badly? Stay over there[View]
128098212Why are Lebanese such an attractive people group?[View]
128098274DON'T MESS WITH JEWS, Arab Boi!!: https://youtu.be/93tV6-0Ugwk[View]
128098261Ich will diesen hübschen Jungen heiraten. Passiert sowas in euren Ländern?[View]
128097751russian people appreciation thread: >russians leave a minute and everyone starts killing each oth…[View]
128096982I've started using Al Andalus as a unit of time, where 1 Al Andalus= 1 hr 49min 2s (the last ye…[View]
128095055/brit/: the gauntlet has been thrown[View]
128097910>In 1976, while attending Princeton University as a junior undergraduate, Phillips designed a nuc…[View]
128097945Redpill me on the amerikan culture[View]
128097866why are they so funny?56[View]
128097362>'Thanks for bringing me along to meet your black friends, Anon. You are the best big brother a l…[View]
128098100Would people view this as an interacial couple in your country ? In Canada no[View]
128097753Are there any safe livable areas near DC with a similar vibe to it? I heard DC itself is kind of dan…[View]
128085319This corona shit got me fucked up >lost my job due to COVID >lost my old hungarian neighbor wh…[View]
128086564/ex-yu/: nocno izdanje[View]
128089129/mena/: Martyr Edition.[View]
128096275Hey lebanon...[View]
128094570Redpill me on Latvia What's there /int/[View]
128095904Who are low key the WORST posters on /int/? As in posters who don't get the hate they deserve f…[View]
128090809/deutsch/ durch die Nachschicht mit /dunning-kruger/ früher mal /majus/: Ackermannausgabe[View]
128093234BREHS How do I get a swedish gf?[View]
128095645What happens here?[View]
128092021I don't understand what's being said in this.[View]
128094377Hello my chinese friends Or should I say Ni Hao Hows it going[View]
128097382thoughts on this?[View]
128097468>Be American >Get charged for holding your baby…[View]
128092488What do Mexicans think about going to Canada or 3-4 months out of the year and picking fruits and be…[View]
128095788he cant name 3 korean products[View]
128094776You wake up in Derry, Maine[View]
128094491AZERBAIJAN: >your cunt >do you support GREATER AZERBAIJAN? ME? YES I DO. https://youtu.be/2Z_1…[View]
128097191How are sinners treated in your country?[View]
128096391ooga booga[View]
128097087What are your thoughts on Canada's demographics?: I think we're showing the world that a m…[View]
128085174/ita/ - il filo: la gianna senza mento[View]
128097100Hey Peru, use this! Haha[View]
128093959How can I get a Norwegian girlfriend?[View]
128095209I got robbed today: Anyone want an AMA?[View]
128096849I am going to ask this one question, and then I will never ask it again. Again, this is just one, in…[View]
128085844do you love Polish girls?[View]
128093477>call itself united states of America >it's actually divided and polarized do Americans …[View]
128095811/nederdraad/: >hij doet niet de vla even een paar minuutjes in de magnetron zodat deze lekker war…[View]
128096758PAY THE FINE[View]
128090842/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
128096189Konichiwa dude![View]
128096548Konnichiwa, Freund![View]
128096712If you haven't robbed anyone recently you're not black. I'm sick of larpers on /int/ …[View]
128094546Why do Southern Europeans eat dinner so late at night?[View]
128095620How do you call this in your country??[View]
128081100Why are Portuguese so brown?[View]
128095551>No I won't take my meds Lizardman.[View]
1280965801, your countr 2. s your country GAY????[View]
128087127/carib/ + island friends: Crabs and stuff[View]
128096234I lurked this board for 6 months before posting anything: Do we have any lurkers today? Don’t be shy…[View]
128096583This a drawing of me Would i pass for a local in yours knut?[View]
128095808come HVME yue man....[View]
128089022Why do Eastern European countries have low empathy?[View]
128096256Goodnight, Ireland.. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything... mischievous while you are asleep. Heehee[View]
128096078Why always new 'Virus' came from China?? https://youtu.be/d0yMETyaJfg[View]
128093506move: Last Samurai game: Ghost of Tsushima Why USA love Japan so much?[View]
128096175>Yes I eat various body parts of humans, what's wrong with that?[View]
128094320Guys, I think I finally figured it out. The reason why unitedstatesofamericans are so mentally ill. …[View]
128095498What do these results say about me?[View]
128094905>Gets baited easily and cries lmao why are they such dumb cunts[View]
128091629American men scare me[View]
128090996Why are they so undeveloped and war torn?[View]
128096063r/int: the game[View]
128094270> colony that far surpassed its former colonizer > unseasonably whoring itself to immigrants …[View]
128075689Does European Spanish sound prestigious in Latin America? Like how Amerifats get a boner over Briti…[View]
128091111Why are you so Anglophobic?[View]
128094952Why do Indians have such great immune systems? Know a few colleagues that have never requested sick …[View]
128093925Germany stands against national socialism and other right wing ideologies, and thats a good thing[View]
128094594What is the emergency number of your country? >Australia >000…[View]
128095663My family is such fat inbred trailer trash it makes my stomach turn around, our yearly family reunio…[View]
128090549Do people, especially gays and white girls, appropriate from AAVE in your country?[View]
128094911How do we stop him?[View]
128091436> History begins with white people enslaving them > Also ends with white people enslaving the…[View]
128092751New fashion trend: I've been seeing girls walking around wearing very loose dresses that expose…[View]
128091254The internet is slow tonight.[View]
128095301wear a mask please guys: thanks[View]
128060289/tr/: el travestido de diablo edisyonu[View]
128093198I like Europeans: I know there’s a lot of banter on here between us and shit but I actually really l…[View]
128079149Is Portugal the Finland of southern europe? The more I think about it the more true it sounds[View]
128093508Is the tower of babel located in USA?: >California allows people to take their driving test in th…[View]
128085819Post overrated cuisines: >pic related[View]
128093869>tfw you literally have to pay your government just to be in prison Does this happen in your cunt…[View]
128095263A thousand tons of fireworks sitting in a lebanese warehouse. Exploding for no reason? No our writer…[View]
128095241This is what Brazil used to be about[View]
128090057I hate the point in language learning where you can understand and disagree with a person, yet still…[View]
128093000Please cure me of being a Chinaboo, I can’t take it anymore. I feel horrible knowing that China runs…[View]
128095147I want to have sex with every woman in Latin America[View]
128094040which one /int/?[View]
128086084/balk/: old >>128070964[View]
128093763>¿ ¿Why do they do it, bros?[View]
128088455I am a loser.: These poor things are my breakfast.[View]
128094932Who were the indo-europeans Were they black?[View]
128086413Post photographs of your country[View]
128092740>tfw no californian gf[View]
128091008>Country >Have you ever been to prison[View]
128093642>hey guys. My ban expired. Where’s Soyjack, I got a little present for him.…[View]
128094865Yesterday I made a thread asking about living in DC, but someone said it was dangerous. Are there an…[View]
128094575Who samefags like this? Who uses always the sames pics with the same filename? Is he retarded? What…[View]
128081642the view from my house[View]
128094264Kowloon Beneluxed city[View]
128093059St petersburg looks like THAT[View]
128092633Sao Paulo looks like Tokyo[View]
128085931How are NEETs treated in your country?: >Get a job you lazy NEET! Why? >If you get a job you c…[View]
128093852What are /int's favorite shows?[View]
128073967>be german >sit down to pee[View]
128087614Explain this Israel: In 2018 you claimed the area was an ammunition and missile depot belonging to H…[View]
128091485Do any of you sniff your cat for comfort?[View]
128092281>your cunt >can your people make a grain silo fly?…[View]
1280938431. your country 2. do you like Germany?[View]
128093445Chicanos (or Mexicans): Do you guys know more songs like this banger here? https://youtu.be/lHMlD6bo…[View]
128094141> ywn be born han chinese > ywn be born in the imperial family > ywn defend your walls from…[View]
128094162How is military service in South Korea like?[View]
128073676In 10 years, will your country be better or worse than it is now?[View]
128090771>enter grade 8 school dance >hear “party rock is in the house tonight” What are some based so…[View]
128094081How obese is the people in your country? Here in chile is so-so[View]
128090863/brit/: Return of the lads[View]
1280930471. Country 2. How much money do you have available that could be withdrawn for use in your bank acco…[View]
128093894I've never met a Greek in real life[View]
128091435>I suffer in Lebanon[View]
128093664I summon you[View]
128090139Could you survive being guillotined?[View]
128093311el pity[View]
128093377Do you like surfing?: I sure do. If you live in a coastal city, seize the opportunity before it…[View]
128042478/v4/ + Uzbekistan + friends: Haute culture edition[View]
128084378/nederdraad/: zuid limburg uitgave[View]
128092444Why the fuck do Asians need so many writing systems?: Just look at this map. It looks awful in Asia.…[View]
128085916To which european countries should I move for my studies without bankrupting myself in the process? …[View]
128053078/éire/: Eagrán Ríomhaire[View]
128091198They cute.[View]
128089536When will it be Eastern Europe's turn to give the UN Secretary-General?[View]
128044228/esp/ - Hilo español[View]
128091657>IT WAS A NUKE[View]
128090795Why are Chinese names so short[View]
128089341I don’t like people with darker skin than me.[View]
128091265https://thispersondoesnotexist.com >generate a person >guess their nationality I got pic, she…[View]
128083398Are dominoes popular in your country?[View]
128090132Swedish masculinity[View]
128088137Croatia is the best European country[View]
128092593>gets all up in your grill >smears good looks and hormones on your face >'Ciao, I want to t…[View]
128092609>call itself the 'Islamic' State >'By Allah, we will win!' >lose the only war they ever fou…[View]
128091753/cum/ - Canada Usa Mexico[View]
128089921It is true that the Russians have some Asian blood and that is why some ot them have Chinese eyes?[View]
128092554>The real Jews are this small tribe of Ethiopians, Moses was a black man…[View]
128092076on hot day, i walked into a restaurant to get a cup of water (and just water) i left without paying …[View]
128092029How common is this in Spain?[View]
128090950Are Dominicans Black or are they Spanish? I live in New York and most Dominicans I meet say they…[View]
1280869881. Coño 2. Do you support Kurdish independence? I personally do and I can't wait to see Kurdish…[View]
128069968Ancestral tree thread[View]
128092117>nooooooooo you can't just like non-hairy women like that, that's literal pedophilia!…[View]
128087230we made England's native language the mandatory global language and ensured that it would live …[View]
128084517reckful killed himself a month ago and his friend have forgotten about him lol two days before he ro…[View]
128091083RIP terrone[View]
128091009How blonde is your cunt?[View]
128059131/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /isr/ - /ཨི་སི་ར/ - מהדורת החברה: >התחושה הזאת כשאין חברה שתכין לי אינג'רה …[View]
128084474Sverigetråden - Majoras domedagsupplaga: Om ni inte har spelat det här spelet så är ni inte människo…[View]
128086438Brazilian otaku José-Kun shows his talent https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=STsbAN5Muio[View]
128090787Is he autistic?[View]
128091773CORRECT MAP: For future references please use my pic related map. Other version of maps are wrong gl…[View]
128087056How much do you guys tip in your country? When I order pizza I usually leave a tip in the range of 1…[View]
128086607How likely is it that I have somebody living in my apartment? At a height of 2,5 meters of my apart…[View]
128089830Why do Romanians do this?[View]
128087629How do you actually make friends?: Unironically for the last 7 years I've only had one mate. Ma…[View]
128090371What do you call this in your cunt?[View]
128091638No one in the world is as dumb as Hoosiers (people from Indiana(a state in America)). We are so fuck…[View]
128091611Is BMAF cute?[View]
128091451> ywn belong to a kamikaze unit Why even live[View]
128080073A picture of my mom when she was 20.[View]
128091389What ethnicity in your country do you wanna impregnate the most? >flag I love persian WOMEN…[View]
128088453Post irrelevant shitholes with no culture, cuisine, industry or even scenery.[View]
128083679Why American Africans don't have this skin tone?[View]
128080305/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: S/cum/ Gang[View]
128089143Where does the 'frenchmen are smelly' meme come from?[View]
128090959Thank you greece[View]
128081131What are some unsolved crimes or mysterious cases in general from your country that created a big im…[View]
128087324anime intros in you're language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dXbF-hjiNE https://www.youtub…[View]
128089388Virgin frenchman vs Balkan chad Frenchman gets his shit fucked up by waiter after he tried to leave …[View]
128089095Your brains will be like this if you convert to christianity, do it, NOW.(A little bigger if orthodo…[View]
128086448/deutsch/ Nachtschicht die Allerechte: Mit FBR entschleunigt auf ruhig durch's Nächtle[View]
128086710How do you go from this[View]
128086411how come cats in east asia look like this?[View]
128088636How big this really was /int/? Everyone saw the explosion, but in numbers, what the hell happened. W…[View]
128090240Is British MED ass better than British ANGLO ass?[View]
128088591Greatest Asian country[View]
128083397>Helsinki? more like Hel-stinky[View]
128086100Landscape Thread[View]
128090034I love Gallon Milk: >When I am in America I don't drink Sodas, Craft Beer or w/e are typicl …[View]
128090063>Why yes, I am no longer able to type out words which include TVRK normally. How could you tell?…[View]
128082454The Norwegian on this board who goes around fucking Swedish boys is back. This time he took the boat…[View]
128081546/fr/ - Le filet de sueur qui coule le long du dos et qui vient mouiller l'élastique du caleçon:…[View]
128084102Where did all the Lebanese shitposters go[View]
128089566Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
128088106/brit/: una vela edition[View]
128088030>why yes, i am indeed Slavoid: how did u deduce?[View]
128083970/lat/ - Hilo latino: hilo en honor al mejor presidente que tuvo la república de los cogeburras gonor…[View]
128082063Please translate this sentance to your language[View]
1280851931-your cunt 2-how do you dress 1-france by residence, algerian by heart 2-pic related[View]
128084511What is it like to live in the UK in 2020?[View]
128089470>tfw no californian gf[View]
128089326korean niggas b like >yeah I haven't had surgery this is just how we look naturally, racist …[View]
128088350This is what (((they))) are trying to take away from us.[View]
128089445Why does Belarus hate Polan? They called their designer artillery 'Polonez'. They want to kill us al…[View]
128084945Russians in denial[View]
128081531>Your cunt >Can you swim Netherlands Of course Im actually baffled that there are cunts where …[View]
128059960/rus/: Издaниe yютнoe Пpeдыдyщий: >>127982003[View]
128086538>Cunt >Confess your fuck ups /int/ Polan I spend 100 to 200 eur on Granblue Fantasy and Fate G…[View]
128084946Is he based or redpilled?[View]
128089049What is life like in small-town Canada?[View]
128081117DO YOU LOVE PALESTINE??[View]
128085301I havent eaten for 14 hours and its midnight and im really hungry why cant i have been born in ameri…[View]
128083570Portuguese from Northeast Brazil (aka South America Angola) had to adapt itself to African languages…[View]
128081444>your cunt >country of your ideal gf/bf and why flag (half Japanese) Danish, because they have…[View]
128085631I don't get it: Do americans look like this...[View]
128073683If everyone in mena excluding the gulf states simply asked Israel to annex them nicely they would al…[View]
128070157kurva anyátok[View]
128077948Today’s my town pics[View]
128086299Are these also banned in the US?[View]
128088638Did the Lebanese anon survive?[View]
128088382CALLING ALL FRANCOPHONES: How do Louisianaisms sound to you? Callin all Quebecois, Francais, Hatiens…[View]
128043157/luso/ edição idioma que ninguém lembra que existe[View]
128085542French niggas be like >yo imma eat this slug[View]
128082315How charming is the average man from India?[View]
128086224I can't use Omegle because even talking to people online scares me. Does this happen in your co…[View]
128088474Do you like Portugal?[View]
128087141Italian men[View]
128088404/hell/: >didn't see a single shitskin today >even though I didn't leave the house…[View]
128087726Why is this so common?: >meet white supremacist/nationalists e-celeb >eventually discover they…[View]
128087832MÄRIÖ BRÅTHERS...[View]
128071156What do you think about this map?[View]
128087455I farted during our national anthem...[View]
128069564Brits want to become German because of Brexit: >since the referendum, 31,600 British citizens hav…[View]
128019629/asean/: this is a japanese boat edisyon does it happen in your cunt as well?[View]
128087568the last unbiased source of news edition[View]
128087190mes frères albanais...[View]
128086189I'm tired of getting so much pussy. Does anyone else know this feel?[View]
128087659Why are Norwegian men so attractive?[View]
128087433Is it bad form to have sex with your AirBnB guests?[View]
128085937We don't want to fight, but by Jingo if we do We've got the ships, we've got the men,…[View]
128084587Call me an Arab one more time.[View]
128084087Good Morning /int! I will sleep one more time![View]
128086835does your country have L A K E S?[View]
128084273Is their country the equivalent of a washed up celebrity that went through rough times?[View]
128085257They would be unstoppable if they got their shit together.[View]
128087209>tfw no strong mummy-gf[View]
128085665Why do Americans like fattening foods?: The following is what Americans like. Cheesesteak hamburger …[View]
128086289anglos be like >hey can you measure this for me? >yeah, let me just take my shoe off…[View]
128083158/brit/: The formidable Tommy edition[View]
128086857i want to be a rich boomer in my 50s, i want to travel around the world, fuck hookers in colombia, t…[View]
128080692How do you say sisu in your cunt?[View]
128082937What's he thinking now?[View]
128073975/norgetråden/: Gutta-utgave. Forrige: >>128057902 >>128057902 >>128057902[View]
128054921/ex-yu/: blagajnica iz konzuma edicija[View]
128086214IG Farben invented Zyklon B. After the war IG Farben split up into multiple companies. Bayer, one of…[View]
128086540You are now aware that the BBC has a Pidgin English service: At least 50 pipo die and 2700 injure af…[View]
128081957/deutsch/e Nachtschicht: Ausgabe für existenzialistische NRW-Spieler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
128086372why are they like this... i mean how could she racist the indian BVLLS?[View]
128083837>German word order[View]
128036208DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2369: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
128044851/mena/: /منا/ مؤمن edition[View]
128085975Why do Americans hate international treaties?[View]
128084493She looks like my uncle[View]
128084950I kneel. To Spain and Portugal's superior meat.[View]
128084396Does your country cheat?[View]
128082660I am losing the right to live in 30 other countries in January against my will haha now i will find …[View]
128085860Alvarito: someone has more information about this man[View]
128085843Apparently the Vietnamese are the people that the Japanese government wants to export the most to so…[View]
128082608Why do we need to have so many boards just to discuss electronic toys for children?[View]
128087010Bleached Tik-tok: The reason they're banning Tik-tok is so they can stop the power of BWC.…[View]
128071225Do people in your country see France as a dream destination? Here they certainly do. I remember whe…[View]
128080623Do you have classy Mercedes gang in your country? 3 people stabbed with knife and 12 injured when M…[View]
128085195Thoughts on Laoshu?[View]
128081685do you love Germany?[View]
128079663Can i just use a paintball gun for home defense since im not allowed guns?[View]
128085102>for Baal's sake Taleb really is the arab Varg[View]
128085333look at him go[View]
128083263Hi what does this mean: pls help[View]
128084833Indians are buying up all businesses and hiring only their own people from india again[View]
128082195>first Asian person to run 100m under 10 seconds >accomplished in 2015 Why are Asians so bad a…[View]
128081244island thread: ONLY island nations are welcome in this thread landcrabs not invited[View]
128083655Does your country have city destroying explosions ?[View]
128085118Average SPANIARD BVLL[View]
128082575How do we deal with the anti-Hellenism problem that is plaguing 4channel?[View]
128084231what makes the japanese and korean people vastly superior to all of asia?[View]
128083372I never knew how much being white and european helps in life until I started to travel. Atm I'v…[View]
128084528Is something going on in Italy?: https://radmon.org/index.php[View]
128082913Cause I'm proud to be an American: https://streamable.com/mqfzr9 Where at least I know I'm…[View]
128082909Gay lefty Bavaryan here. I hear there are females on /int/...[View]
128070964/balk/: издaниe зa бocнeнcки бюpмитизъм old >>128062566[View]
128073656Does anyone else here love Middle Eastern culture and history? Sometimes I wish I could live in a Tu…[View]
128081111Why dont they like worker's rights and unions?[View]
128079158/brit/: hold me mommy edition[View]
128082510>i will never drink south african beer[View]
128082536Does this happen often in your country?[View]
128084092What race is this guy? And why aren't males like this anymore?[View]
128082280You're cute[View]
128083765It is illegal to reject BBC: If you reject the BBC, you will have a racist incident on your record a…[View]
128083820Why are they so butthurt at Germany? It was never personal bruh[View]
128043125/med/: Med frens edition. Previous: >>128003600[View]
128083894Australia: Australians, how racist or open is Australia? I always see pictures of the 'fuck off we f…[View]
128083747>In his original last will and testament he requested 'the establishment, promotion and developme…[View]
128083150>Just minding my own business until suddenly Bigotopia decides to blame us for their missing wars…[View]
128077448/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime de celebracion[View]
128078444/ita/ - il filo: edizione imperatrice d'Europa[View]
128073202/NEDERDRAAD/: Drugs - Uitgave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0IYGfn1IMw[View]
128083809Well Jannies?[View]
128083792American boys[View]
128083403This thread is for people who learn language out of passion. >which languages are you learning ri…[View]
128081426>tfw americans cant understand what this british youth is saying https://youtu.be/wfsRr8KNByY…[View]
128079855Is France Med or barbarian?[View]
128082365is taipei the new tokyo?: what's taipei's music/art scenes like? how do they compare to to…[View]
1280797991. Your country 2. Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?[View]
128082725How are transracial people treated in your country? Can you be a transracial black and paint you fac…[View]
128081821Good work in Lebanon my boys, keep playing the goyim like retards they are[View]
128075955Do you really get upset when people call your country 'Holland'?[View]
128081199how come the biggest shitholes always have the strongest sense of nationalism?[View]
128083406>canned food[View]
128083317I'm trying to listen to a play in my room and there are kids still yelling around outside. I…[View]
128082902I'm getting aneurysm trying to mod a country into Victoria 2 for the last few hours, what have …[View]
128079365Is your country corrupt? Corruption is severe in Asia and Africa, and there is no freedom of the pre…[View]
128079390Meanwhile, on Bizzaro /int/...[View]
128077008/deutsch/: Ausgabe für gesegnete Bilder[View]
128083021>hambaga? yes?[View]
128082661>only 4 soyjak threads this board is dying[View]
128080141>Race is 19th century pseudoscience![View]
128081951>IT'S HAPPENING[View]
128083183this what they took from you[View]
128077289Amazon expanding into the Nordic region: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1160772/head-of-marketplace…[View]
128081723VGH... Rosengård of EVROPA.... home...[View]
128080848Mon Empereur...France... has fallen to sandniggers and niggers... Vgh... if only you were here...[View]
128079495Sverigetråden - Skridskoupplagan[View]
128082051You wake up in Scarborough[View]
128080018>yeah I'd love to move thousands of kilometers away from everything and everyone I've e…[View]
128080320Americans associate rice with Asian cuisine when rice was extremely common in the southern United St…[View]
128080956Based as fuck explosion kills many many lebanese subhumans and injures even more, beirut is the capi…[View]
128082424/polska/: edycja czemu nikt z was nie robi nowych nitek[View]
128079307>Cunt >Are you nocturnal? Flag Ye[View]
128082285i lost my phone yesterday and this showed up on my icloud 10 minutes ago what ethnicity is this?[View]
128080465>Aegyo (Korean: 애교; Hanja: 愛嬌) in Korean refers to a cute display of affection often expressed in…[View]
128080686Why are Argentine posters like this?[View]
128073785Have a bowl of siskonmakkarakeitto[View]
128078947Worst. President. EVER[View]
128081461I'm 24 and I never came inside a woman[View]
128080292Jag, EvaX, höjer ödmjukt en skål till Niklas Alexander, som med framgång laddat ner Krigshantverk 3,…[View]
128078836What's his end game ?[View]
128081387Does this kind of stuff happen in your cunt?[View]
128082124my cousin just had another kid, out of the fucking blue, he didn't even know his gf was pregnan…[View]
1280820181. you're cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9KKBvWTdMQ[View]
128081030How is possible to be a virgin past the age of 20 in Latin America?[View]
128079958>81% of americans never drink water, just cocacola[View]
128081700USA started the war again[View]
128081629Fireworks can do this much damage?[View]
128081862>NVBIAN KWEENS[View]
128081164are greenlanders jomon?[View]
128081738it's 1:28 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
128072309>Slave literally means nigger in arabic[View]
128081343Hello /int/ frens I have just come across the funniest joke of all time would you like to hear it?[View]
128081086Are the Lebanese posters gonna be ok???[View]
128079262What did they do wrong?[View]
128081626Why do meds always project their savagery onto the nordic race?: >“It is no use trying to escape …[View]
128071347nipponese cuteness[View]
128075565Do Americans really?[View]
128081345Suomi Suomi vill jag dricka Suomi Suomi vill jag spy Suomi Suomi ont i huvet Suomi Suomi Alko stängt[View]
128072624Seriously why do Euros have no modern pop culture? Looks like they are only enjoying Amerimutt stuff…[View]
128080155Is there any standards the US will adopt?[View]
128078445An explosion in a shithole is interesting and all, but when are we going to get some actually intere…[View]
128075338Do you like Portugal ?[View]
128072083German media vs Bulgaria: Why is German media so obsessed with us? Seriously, Krauts, what have we d…[View]
1280773071. Your cunt 2. Which one do you support in the upcoming nuclear holocaust? Flag My Indo-EVROPEAN b…[View]
128079119t. ur cunt when was the last time you wanted to fucking die? >be me 24 virgin >latebloomer, s…[View]
128080890half of the websites i usually arent working but 4chan still is whats happening[View]
128074710Koreans love German cars. Even the poor buy German cars on debt. It's really weird to see luxur…[View]
128077735Give me back I'm fucking foreskin[View]
128081239Don’t worry about Greece: It has access to sophisticated financial instruments that give it bottomle…[View]
128074639/fr/ der französische Faden: Édition de l'amitié franco-allemande Ancien fil >>128068321…[View]
128074540>watching videos that came out of Lebanon >families are speaking to each other in English, no…[View]
128080790Americans do be kinda cool though[View]
128080065why didn't the romans attempt to civilize the german apes?[View]
128079529Choose your character[View]
128075115Why do germans and russians like assaulting shota west slavs?[View]
128078532Does your country have Catholics?[View]
128074210Why does riding the bicycle suck everywhere except for the Netherlands? pic related, purple lines ar…[View]
128080254Ghost of Nanking: Have you already played it?[View]
128080866Wie geht es Deutschland im Moment?[View]
128080595Which people do you think are the most obnoxious about their heritage ? For me I think it’s between …[View]
128067088ðis is what ðe west was all about...[View]
128080803Behold: The master race[View]
128079804Macron is Arab actually, I did not know. What did he mean by this ? https://twitter.com/EmmanuelMacr…[View]
128070584Three intellectuals: Three intellectuals of our age. Nordic, med, afro, who is the most based?…[View]
128076556>Ah... 2pm... Time to play CK2 until midnight. Does this happen in your country?…[View]
128077251Would you support a Greater Canada?[View]
128076007what is the average Swedish woman like?[View]
128080637Are you guys ok?: I just woke up and I see videos of you guys being nuked wtf[View]
128077699Medieval european stereotypes: Do they hold firm?[View]
128079887I fucked your mom last night and made her recite all your posts from desuarchive.[View]
128074569How bad Coronavirus fucked up your passport? https://www.markuslerner.com/travelscope/[View]
128080154How come they are so successful despite all the incest?[View]
128062473/cum/ - Canada, USA, Mexico: Penis edition Previous thread: >>128042101[View]
128076695Isn't it incredibly interesting how even though we may come from very different countries &…[View]
128079408>yeah nigga, I motherfucking love Japan. Yo, how did you know?[View]
128068238/polska/: Edycja wkurwienia[View]
128080296North east european phenotype[View]
128079513>Köçek (film) >Köçek ('Dancing boy') is a 1975 Turkish romantic drama film written and directe…[View]
128070864What is it like to live in Eastern Europe?[View]
128080004Sexual tension skyrockets when 2 cousins of opposite genders havent seen each other since they were …[View]
128073728Why do Africans not appreciate us for teaching them about Jesus and the fact that eating members of …[View]
128075994ITT cringe flags from your cunt[View]
128077134the chinese are basically real life Borg, stealing technology and shit[View]
128075977why Americans look like this?[View]
128079136On the left is a US Black American On the right is an African from Senegal[View]
128078550My female roommate is having real sore neck. I hear her use her musclemassage machine and moaning fr…[View]
128065942Why are there so many Ukranian nationalists when literally no one can tell the difference between a …[View]
128074064Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
128074674Why are the French so rude?[View]
128078255Is he realistically the greatest Portuguese person who has ever lived?[View]
128075071Are they east asian?[View]
128075497What happens here?[View]
128065068/mämmi/: staattinen painos[View]
128079293Why do arabs have such small heads?: Their heads are so small. Why are arabs such headlets? http://…[View]
128076750I found a bagworm. How’s your day ameribros?[View]
128079210>the second you mention Poland on leddit libs start screeching and seething because of muh PiS I …[View]
128079144What happens in Portugal?[View]
128078475So this is how polders are made...[View]
128076445Is any of you anons socially awkward? I’m very much so. How do you cope?[View]
128078873>baby born without skull lives >parents keep it to suffer Burgers are first worl- https://m.yo…[View]
128073822Do americans wear thight pants?[View]
128076823>birthplace of communism >birthplace of nazism >spread communism to russia, subsequently sp…[View]
128079024Americans smell like poop.[View]
128075475do people open the schools in your country?[View]
128075130/brit/: A shaggers general Either shag or prepare to be shagged.[View]
128078922Does your culture have a good sense of humor[View]
128071397Has communism ever been attempted anywhere in Africa? Did it work? Did it fail? If so, why? Given th…[View]
128078238>american tv show >the hero protagonist kidnaps, tortures and executes people on behalf of the…[View]
128071049Are Americans less intelligent?: Just watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ3RrqBqk14 A…[View]
128078682Is there any discernible trace of humanity or soul in these people?[View]
128075562If you were given free trip and citizenship to my country, for how long will you stay here? and what…[View]
128076639reject modernity embrace monke[View]
128078252mes frères russes...[View]
128078083If your found out your child is gay or lesbian would you disown him/she? Does that sort of thing hap…[View]
128078341Death to Israel[View]
128077773C'est l'heure de la pêche ici[View]
128072590How many gfs have you had in your life so far?[View]
128076813Ottoman stamp I found, help[View]
128073607>american kids start every schoolday by reciting a 'pledge of allegiance' to their flag and count…[View]
128076356Where does this 'British people are polite' meme comes from?: Why do Brits believe such outrageous l…[View]
128077753Arab Mafia Homeland Explosion: All arabs asked to return home.. How will it impact on your towns dru…[View]
128077710Americans are named what, now?[View]
128073684What college/uni did you attend to in your country?[View]
128077653/edhg/ - EDH general: Green spirit edition Previously: >>74145289 RESOURCES >'Official' Sit…[View]
128060925/ita/ - il filo: edizione Alizee[View]
128047828Trips decide the country I visit for a week this august[View]
128073864Sverigetråden - Il filo upplagan[View]
128075590>your country >is /int/ too international for your taste germany yes, /int/ should only consis…[View]
128076532do americans really make up their middle names? i took my mom's maiden last name as my middle n…[View]
128072109>find out my friend who I thought was male was actually ftm transgender >this is my opportunit…[View]
128059968how do you get in university for free in your cunt?[View]
128077129asian music thread: post asian music you like to listen to https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QUOoJ1H7OTU…[View]
128077361>20 euros got pick pocketed from me when i was on the metro in Rome[View]
128073344/deutsch/: MINT-Ausgabe[View]
128074123/int/ wishes they could live like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvk7jQHDgsI You wish you cou…[View]
128074601every girl ive liked had this haircut, what can i do about it?[View]
128067908What age do people usually lose their virginity in your cunt?[View]
128065979/lat/ - hilo latino: Hilo muy argentino[View]
128074949what is the easiest way to kill a Swede?[View]
128075183is this a common meal in your country[View]
128076487the view from my window thread[View]
128073817brother send me picture of situation in Libanon[View]
128073102What do dogs taste like?[View]
128076441finna boutta try some all american dew Do you get limited edition soda flavors specific to your cunt…[View]
128066199This is the most commonly used image on /int/ right now.[View]
128073552Post your hometown Pic related, native swede btw ;)[View]
128076568Why are arabs such brainlets?: http://humanphenotypes.net/metrics/headsize.html[View]
128073841Methinks >4chan is extreme because 'disillusionment' >mainstream media laps every ma…[View]
128076291>poor country soul >rich country soulless…[View]
128076543>Ho ho ho, bring a bottle of rum >Ho ho ho, cream and whiskey bourbon…[View]
128075832How is this guy seen in your kunt? And obviously i'm aware that 90% of normies don't know …[View]
128076355Any LebAnons in Beirut? Did you guys saw the explosion?[View]
128071686Look into this noble, proud man's face. You murdered his race, and for what? For burgers, israe…[View]
128074815Regions that do nothing for the world economy[View]
128076303do u have signs that are clearly made by some fundamentalist cult that is somewhere in your town but…[View]
128075962Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suomi Suom…[View]
128070413LebAnons...: what ðe fuck is going on? https://twitter.com/SawtBeirut/status/1290682227089694720…[View]
128074436Why are Germans so ruthless?: Is there any other group of people that has inflicted more damage to t…[View]
128070600Why are all East Asian zoomer girls obsessed with this drink?: Only happens in East Asia[View]
128072958Do yall shower before or after bed?[View]
128075709Your cunt Your thoughts on Real® Music™?[View]
128075171Does atheism turn you into a consoomer?[View]
128068969Why do third world countries put bars in front of their windows???[View]
128075086>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community.[View]
128073800Rank these faces in order of their intelligence. Dinarisch Westisch Nordisch Fälisch Baltisch Osti…[View]
128073148What went wrong?[View]
128072071> giant painting of some white guy on the wall why do people do this?[View]
128069947/brit/: >OMG, IT WAS LITERALLY A NUKE edition[View]
128075090>marxism isn't a suicide political cult[View]
128068115You have to accept the facts.: Japanese girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
128074720pay reparations to Spain when?[View]
128069559Is it possible to study a degree in germany (berlin) just using english? i've known it is possi…[View]
128072203>'Z-Z-Zimbabwe' ?... >Ah, you mean Rhodesia...…[View]
128072157Thoughts on LebAnon?[View]
128063814You're not white just because you're pale. White people are PINK. There's a reason am…[View]
128074288Is makeup used in your country to deceive others?[View]
128072138>israelis cheering after the explosion in beirut[View]
128069502Why do people think Canada is more Americanized than Australia? There's no place in Australia l…[View]
128074381>be Lebanese >explode[View]
128069023what are flover states in amerikkka like??[View]
128069620Do you and your cunt wish to leave the Union of European Cultures?[View]
128069207What made you choose 4chan’s /int/ over the many subreddits that focus on the same topics?[View]
128073811qué ella habla en 0:35? yo no comprendo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-au7F5reGTI[View]
128073790What makes an American comedy movie/tv show seem really American to you?[View]
128073122Are there really Tarantulas in Spain, Italy or Turkey?[View]
128073647japanese lesbian: >TIL Japan has mastered the technology to turn anyone into a Japanese Lesbian W…[View]
128074153>i suffer in usa[View]
128074077Americans sweeten their bread with corn syrup. Why?[View]
128068321/fr/ - Le francofil™: Édition Hugo Jacomet Ancien: >>128062164[View]
128072382https://ylilauta.org/sekalainen/128492156 >finnish imageboards[View]
128073912>be Korean >date former prostitute >break up and call exgf former prostitute on social medi…[View]
128073963i tried to get a portugese pasport but i don't have the money. who's joining me to fly to …[View]
128060971Tell me ONE (1) good thing that came out of the turkic migrations[View]
128073762Why are they deranged[View]
128057902/norgetråden/: Don Rosa-utgaven Dedikert til onkel Don fra /norgetråden/ Forrige: >>128024532 …[View]
128073792>1/16th Irish? Funny, I can see the other 15 of you just fine, bud >One mutt, burger & gut…[View]
128061650This is a random buenos aires street. This is the capital of argentina. This is considered the count…[View]
128071656Republic of China's flag in the future[View]
128069019Austrians have THIS as their leader? Mommy...[View]
128072113Why flag of China has no traditional element[View]
128072903See, if Liban was still under French rule, this would have not happen: How long until it's offi…[View]
128072474> no steppe gf Where my Mongolian brothers at?[View]
128069415id rather be poor in eastern europe or LATAM than be poor in FRANCE[View]
128070455Have you taken the monkepill yet?[View]
128062033If this aren't your summer colours, you need to get out of Europe and go back to where you belo…[View]
128072437What if America was colonized by Italians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwoK5k7iFq8[View]
128056205/desi/: I have the utmost respect for bengali women (but also I wanna SEX SEX SEX them) edition…[View]
128070350>anon, bring me 500 foreskins[View]
128073212>Childhood >wtf the Japanese were so barbaric >Adulthood >惜しい!大日本帝国に住みたい。天皇陛下万歳!…[View]
128069666absolute best muslim country if they weren't friends with erDOGan they'd be perfect please…[View]
128067182Picking out a wife: Should I pick a russian/ukranian, filipina, colombian, or chinese girl to be my …[View]
128066756>w-we are full[View]
128054649Do Scandinavians holiday in your country? What are they like?[View]
128070510VGH...the righfvl rvler of France... if only the subhuman prussians were pushed back east of the Rhì…[View]
128072920Do you love China /int/?: https://youtu.be/Vm74AkxGI9A Bart Baker Shure does[View]
128072702Dicks Out For Floyd[View]
128068409Your Canadian gf is here[View]
128070045Does hangul looks so special and distinct amid Japanese and Chinese?[View]
128060162/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabant editie!![View]
128072577True flag of China China should use this flag to find their glory again[View]
128068380Chinanons, what does it feel like to be on the winning team, as well a part of one of the the most a…[View]
128066562>flag quiz at work >'how do you know so many countries anon?'…[View]
1280696111. Your country 2. How do you cope? 1. India 2. I cope by drinking Coca Cola and watching videos of …[View]
128071294This is what the Ancient Greeks looked like.[View]
128069064explain this, frogbros[View]
128066593>I suffer In Lebanon[View]
128072296>vacation in Germany >not a german Everybody will think im a germ when ill shit post Muhahaha.…[View]
128072285VICTORIA VERY SICK: Many cases send your wishes and prayers[View]
128072222Swedes are less wh*te than Lebanese. Don't confuse as wh*Toids[View]
128067814What's the cultural difference between Australia and New Zealand and Canada >Cant explain is…[View]
128067217Sverigetråden - Mjölkisupplagan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-cVcJKBRiY[View]
128067249WHY dont they paint all favela houses in bright colors like in Italy???[View]
128072011What is the best country for monkeys?[View]
128071340>average indo aryan 'male' vs average dravidian turbochad[View]
128071895>tkmiz posters are also mentally brats imagine my shock[View]
128068144how does one cope with being fat[View]
128071149>Hey Soyjack watch this funny video you'll find it hilarious https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
128065503Why are Polish men so horny?[View]
128066755Moka pot: Why do Italians like them so much?[View]
128069815What is it like to live in northern Canada or Alaska?[View]
128071673If Hitler had won would I be white now?[View]
128070494YO YO NIGGA[View]
128071519what happened to the french emma poster[View]
128071380>why yes, i'm range banned from making threads on /qa/. what gave it away?…[View]
128067721>your cunt >would you ever date a midget? flag yes, I think they're cute…[View]
128070454Why does Poolanders hate Russia and Russians so much? Why does Poolanders side with CIA and wect?[View]
128071627Why are London boys such qts?[View]
128071508Isaiah 40:15: To the Lord, all nations are merely a drop in a bucket or dust on balance scales; all …[View]
128071296Italians are useless shitskinned nigger mutts that haven’t amounted to ANYTHING after Roman Empire. …[View]
128066678I'm a handsome Japanese guy. also I have Jotaro voice. How easy is it to turn weeb white pussy …[View]
128064718San Andreas Multiplayer: Is SAMP still played in your country in 2020? >Romania >yes, pretty p…[View]
128071078do you love America[View]
128068842>europe 2100[View]
128068724Can a Monarch be tried, /int/?[View]
128069686>fireworks caused a bunker buster level explosion[View]
128071016>'I dont like Japanese stuff like anime. Japan is fucking problematic! Also fuck weebs!' >uplo…[View]
128070828Turks and Berbers look very much alike because they both have chinky eyes.[View]
128058755does your cunt have a family?[View]
128062566/balk/: Nordicist edition >>128039888[View]
128070983>there are African countries with better living and economy than these three…[View]
128069495>Greeks are wealthier than g*rmans and sw*dish AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH EAT SHIT 3RD WORL…[View]
128061741Do Russians really?[View]
128068676Explain to me the cultural difference between Ireland and Britain: Hard mode: >No muh language n…[View]
128068754I want to put my pearls on Caro's face, you know what I mean[View]
128066637/brit/: acid ketamine white wine european summer and a good time[View]
128068131If you have problems with telling Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians apart, here's an elabor…[View]
128070145>Reincarnation is real >As soon as you die, you open your eyes as a newborn baby >In the ho…[View]
128070511Based slogans: How does your country fight facism? Here's how the UK, France, Canada, and the U…[View]
128068788Hello, fens. I love you all. :)[View]
128067584Pic is me consisting of ancient pakistani dna. My ancestors invented the wheel and fire.[View]
128069444Itt apologize for warcrimes: Sorry new zealand for absolutely destroying you >>128068772…[View]
128070338What's wrong with racism?: Racism is the reason were not ugly dumb monkeys who steal from and r…[View]
128069187>ripped out of dream where I’m not lonely for 5 fucking minutes[View]
128068627Dutch university students don't visit their mommy and daddy throughout the year. Why do they ha…[View]
128064134RUSSIAN: We are friends[View]
128070024I have to go sleep now good night /int/ frens[View]
128067980Americans are hypocrites[View]
128067331Did you know that Bangkok is the world's warmest city ?[View]
128066957Has any European bought a Cadillac in the last 10 years?[View]
128068222>Up next: 'Mix: Soviet-Afghan Warsong collection'[View]
128056673kurva anyátok[View]
128069461I'll start https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0-RRaxMgh86eOwndAklxw (Real Life Iron PIll) https…[View]
128069430mes frères croates...[View]
128065627https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Square_(painting) >In 2015, while viewing the Black Square wi…[View]
128069412In what south american country are girls like this most common?[View]
128069029Im so jealous of white people, why i cant be white and join a white supremacist group like this guy,…[View]
128067755>I love my country, not my government.[View]
128065174my dad browses /int/ what do[View]
128069175Why do they?[View]
128063645/deutsch/: M. S. Hurensohn-Ausgabe[View]
128066382Does your country have ketchup brands? We do even though everyone just buys Heinz so I don't kn…[View]
128069081what's going on in Lebanon?[View]
128067933I fucking love rain, I love it so much it’s made me wonder if i’m autistic. I get so excited when it…[View]
128066969In 2050, it will be just normal to see anons from Ethiopia, Congo and Nigeria.[View]
128066262New Zealand is HUGE!!!![View]
128063979you are americans there are no differences between you people, so stop with this cringe anti-america…[View]
1280613041. Your country 2. Do you prefer Blur or Oasis?[View]
128066882.: 1. Count 2. Blood type 3. What do you watch on Netflix these days? 1. Korea 2. A 3. <the rain…[View]
128063467i fucking hate this place so much[View]
128068772Fuck new zealand[View]
128064954>a penal colony to which we can ship off the scum of our nation? sounds great this will definitel…[View]
128063381itt post your three least favorite countries. for me, its pic related.[View]
128068231>that Austrian nazi poster why are they like this?[View]
128067048are they the next superpower?[View]
128065649these countries exist[View]
128062670Watches of /int/[View]
128068331official /porridge/ general: >making porridge >put slightly more milk than needed >porridge…[View]
128067696Are immigrants seen as natural cowards in your country? In the USA, hell yes![View]
128068017>Argentinians are not Ital-[View]
128066853/balt + ausnz/: NO THREAD - WTF LADS edition[View]
128067045Do you have mentally ill people in your cunt's general?: France Yes >nazi caribbean nigger p…[View]
128062164/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de l'Étrange Rituel. Ancien fil : >>128053176[View]
128068102>clinics where cute young girls are whipped on their bare butts with heavy branches until they bl…[View]
128067882americans look like THAT??????[View]
128052934I am not even memeing when I say that I'm genuinely only attracted to black women. Something in…[View]
128068066It was a republican weeb who prevented Truman from nuking Kyoto and Tokyo. Say something nice.[View]
128065475Women are officially canceled on /int/: This is a MALE ONLY board now.[View]
128067466Australian niggas be like >blimey, cant wait to jack off tomorrow when that porn picture has down…[View]
128056652>throwback to when india was under the rule of two homos and defeated Mongol BVLLS…[View]
128067774Does korean looks so special and distinct amid Japanese and Chinese?[View]
128059083Map of modern Asian script groups: Blue = Cucked[View]
128067149Are Americans generally the most humble nation in the world? We tend to not brag about our accomplis…[View]
128055817>pic >does this happen in your cunt?[View]
1280663731. Your cunt 2) which 2hu wud u fuq[View]
128063010Are amerindians the lost aryan tribe?[View]
128067637Sverigetråden hedniska upplagan[View]
128064440P O W E R F U L[View]
128067264Do people in your country HOOM?[View]
128059201/polska/: edycja demokratyczna[View]
128056198Why are Europeans racist against Poles?[View]
128064840What actually happens here and why is it so popular?[View]
128066259does this happen in your country?[View]
128063549>I suffer in Russia[View]
128062440Why is that spaniard girls being by general norm a '5/10' think they're goddesses, nordic and s…[View]
128067118Kaliningrad is west of Lithuania.[View]
128066911Nuke the USA.[View]
128065830WTF is wrong with Australians: https://youtu.be/5V59HEQPDvA[View]
128066962>american 'food'[View]
128065870Is he gonna be ok bros[View]
128066838have a great day, hope great things happen to you today[View]
128066455> Americans are unironically taught North and South America are 2 different continents…[View]
128066706Rep your set right now: Where you from homie, what set you claiming? https://youtu.be/dfrhSGgn1R4…[View]
128066689The gay spam on this board is going a bit overboard lads, I mean sure, kissing guys is fun. sometime…[View]
128066555>bruh, do you even mircodose[View]
128057254Have you ever had girls crush on you in your cunt but you were too stupid to realize it or you didn…[View]
128066653Humans make dwellings out of gigantic plants and then use the Earth's own flesh to make the fou…[View]
128066049>mfw westoids cease to exist in 100 years[View]
128052948What is /int/'s overall opinion on Islam?[View]
128062673Will you travel to other countries when the quarantine is over?[View]
128066396do dutch people like magic tricks in ur cunt?[View]
128065760Why don't men wear skirts?[View]
128053324Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki.: 75 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasa…[View]
128065861Hangul is alphabet but also a syllabaries (ㄲ + ㅗ + ㅊ = 꽃) Hangul is God's writing system[View]
128062024What are the sterotypes in your country?[View]
128065918>white lifes matter, too, you kike shill glow nigger[View]
128064955Are the Turks whiter than the Greeks?[View]
128065127He really made anime real: For a short period of time at least Only for that HEIL HITLER!!!![View]
128065963KARA BOĞA[View]
128060957I hate my people for rebelling against the romans. we couldve had it so much better if we just assim…[View]
128063227Why do Finns have high cheekbones and Gook eyes?[View]
128062333Geology: Tell me the geology thing that makes your country. >Taiwan Taiwan is formed by a thing …[View]
128065785please stop posting lewd things on the international board i don't want to stop coming here bec…[View]
128064110Some Portuguese institutions are trying to help Brazilian natives. What do you think about it? https…[View]
128062008Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
128065038Is this true?[View]
128065561i haven't spoken to anyone in over 2 months and last time i went outside was 3 weeks ago tomorr…[View]
128062896Hindu BTFO by America: Even Americans will side with Muslims over Hindus topkek[View]
128064400Indians: >very high education >high income >low crime >low birth rates >no terrorism …[View]
128058540i live in Kyoto where do you live[View]
128061174Sverigetråden - kasselupplagan[View]
128063749Is it true that he was racist?[View]
128065304What actually happens here and why is it so popular?[View]
1280616481. Your cunt 2. What do you think of this song? https://youtu.be/YhT97UIOaUs[View]
128064592Why did hitler hate france soo much?[View]
128059941Thoughts on Polish diaspora?[View]
128065077Is there anything comfier than a courtyard home?[View]
128065057its another day bored af drinking beer and making off topic bait threads all day long....[View]
128053297/mämmi/: Levyraatipainos[View]
128064715Explain Indonesia to me[View]
128060766french food is so refined bread butter and cheese is a delicacy[View]
128064756Would they turn the other cheek if I throw a rock into a window in Vatican City? :DDD[View]
128040097hilo latino /lat/: hilo cuck[View]
128060654>your cunt >does the power go out every time there's a little rain Yes, and it sucks caus…[View]
128062636Do you love Japan?: yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ackr8hAnwIY[View]
128062053It is okay in your country to stalk your crush through Instagram through multiple accounts, commenti…[View]
128051399I actually feel bad for people who live here, we nearly have 2x as much GDP while only having about …[View]
128018945/flag/ + /extraflags/: HTS edition death to all flaglets, inshallah Previous: >>127986267 Welc…[View]
128059252No one but NAFRI eat this fruit[View]
128063134The EU will be...[View]
128063464>tfw no db4 https://youtu.be/1V-52JVpzek[View]
128064433I’m definitely retarded but: >at dollar-tree >hear to my right “that one” >it’s a child and…[View]
128063957>Soyruto! You are too weak to be the Hokage![View]
128062228Do Romanians really?[View]
128061877Are trikinis popular in you're a cunt?[View]
128054640Am I white?[View]
128062911Will I pass as a local in your country?[View]
128063632It's about family that's what's so powerful about it[View]
128063863666666月4號 喔Taiwan T.A.I.W.A.N 台台台Tight tight tight yea 門門門門門我有厠所門 喔taiwan 蛋蛋蛋蛋茶葉蛋 法法法 Fulun Gong[View]
128060707Why does Southern Italia have more SOVL than the robots up north? https://youtube.com/watch?v=G0mTpH…[View]
128063995Please remove more boomers[View]
128061317IT WAS HER TURN[View]
128063875>people living in Melbourne are on lockdown because a CHAD cop fucked a Stacy that was on quarant…[View]
128047426how do you view asians?[View]
128035178/balt/+/ausnz/: I have awoken edition.[View]
128060043Do you love Japan?[View]
128057894Drugs in your cunt: What drugs do the underclass in your cunt consume? In arg it's paco , the r…[View]
128063325/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du village qui résiste toujours et encore à l'envahisseur[View]
128052912>your country >size germany 15cm, uncut :3…[View]
128060047Why don't amerikkkans like duck comics?[View]
128064881The Beiruit Explosion Megathread: There was an explosion in Beiruit. THis is the thread to talk abou…[View]
128063511>his dick is sub 5' girth[View]
1280629391. You are cunt 2. How hairy are you?[View]
128043713>my favorite uighur artist won't be releasing any new singles or doing any more shows becaus…[View]
128059034YOU ARE DEAD NIGGA[View]
128048786Any NDN /int/ers on right now?[View]
128063013What's the point of being med and autistic? It's like being an imperial and being terrible…[View]
128059432What type of food do French people eat on a typical day?[View]
128062094I just walked 20 km today at 40 degrees celsius over a cliff and into the wilderness[View]
128060928Italy WTF lol. Why you hate gays so much italianbros?[View]
128059725>be zoomer >spend seven hours a day online >have failing grades >so memefied that you ca…[View]
128057094/brit/: bristol for the british[View]
128051457whats everyone listing to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFU5lP5BzDo[View]
128061553Why do they always make faggot threads?[View]
128062235Sorry I have a question for you?: Why are you so fucking gay?[View]
128062546When I walked in Saudi ar*bia the women instantly lifted their niqabs to show me their breasts and v…[View]
128060696America please explain.[View]
1280620871.Your cunt 2.Would you let an American into your home?[View]
128056368Are there Japan apologists in Asia, like Hitlerboos in Europe?[View]
128061194/brit/: duality of slash brit slash edition[View]
128062092Biggest unsolved mysteries in your country?[View]
128057075>Your country >How many kids can you afford to have…[View]
128042101/cum/ - canada us mexico: /ourguy/ edition[View]
128061713/int/ is like minecraft. During daytime it is all fun and games, but at night time we must sleep bec…[View]
128062301/pakturk/: Pakistan and Turkey brotherhood edition[View]
128052377/skinny fat/: Are people with my body type common in your country? I feel subhuman every time I take…[View]
128059098American posters seem to be tsundere against Japan.[View]
128060857Is zoophilia among females a thing in your country? Is it bad seen?[View]
128039888/balk/: Oksana's edition[View]
128061915Anyone here white?[View]
128061896why are non whites so dumb?[View]
128059711We are quite literally the Christ of Europe.[View]
128058122Why is Blackey like this?[View]
128058648Do you have people like this in your country?[View]
128059151one country[View]
128053176/fr/ - Le fil élastique de masque: >>128043507[View]
128061748Do people in your cunt have good taste in music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPqTCrm61-I[View]
128061549my Fräulein can't be this cute...[View]
128056135You may only post ITT if you are roman[View]
1280615341.8 litres of milk. It is 4.18 dollars. Expensive? Or cheap?[View]
128061518/int/: MVH BLACK KWEENZ/BVLLS . . also /int/: díos mio...la luz extinguido[View]
128051182Daily reminder we're overall the best country in Europe.[View]
128059915Cant stop listening to 6ix9ine Does this happen in your cunt[View]
128061157Are they white? They look Hispanic to me.: Two 29-year-olds were arrested Friday for allegedly sayin…[View]
128058011Reddit: the flag[View]
128058532I found the American the mutt meme is based on bros[View]
128056077Did you know that the 'shotacon' was invented in the USSR, not in Japan?[View]
128059497What TV shows did you watch in your childhood? For me, it's Tom & Jerry[View]
128056597What are they saying, /int/?[View]
128053316/ita/ - il filo: edizione Ciao a tutti.[View]
128060738>his dick is sub 5' girth[View]
128060030>in brazil Papai Noel (daddy noah) >in USA Satan’s Claws WHY THEY DO THAT?…[View]
128048915>this kills the anglo[View]
128060628Veseljko HAHA[View]
128058781What is american cuisine?[View]
128059490I'm a HIV positive man looking to visit Europe: Which nation will be friendliest to me?[View]
128060489Just saw a video of some fag walking his pitbull mutts at Rotterdam downtown and the only people wal…[View]
128040642/tr/: Bülent Ersoy edisyonu[View]
128060216Would you date leaf?[View]
128060502>reddit bad[View]
128057318Do people in your country keep bone piles? This is mine. I think the small skull is a dog's[View]
128060423Canada and the U.S. are great friends.: America and Japan, America is the master and Japan is the pe…[View]
128054454Are Croats the most handsome Slavs?[View]
128059882/landlocked/: Long time no sea[View]
128056696Why does med culture produce a lot of philosophers.[View]
128060063why is this tv curved? did someone punch it?[View]
128038144/nederdraad/: De beschikbaarheid van porno draagt niet bij aan een gezonde visie op seksualiteit, ma…[View]
128058667>tfw europe is an incestual cesspit based[View]
128052492Memes aside, is she actually a good PM?[View]
128050893Is cheating normalized or even encouraged in your country?[View]
128058718Hangul is alphabet but also a syllabaries (ㄲ + ㅗ + ㅊ = 꽃) Hangul is God's writing system[View]
128046280Are you afraid that Trump might ban 4chan? For example, a lot of /int/ posters here don't like …[View]
128056540When I think back to 2016 I cringe at how embarrassing I was, I actually believed in the alt right a…[View]
128058380How can Japanese people be OK with their daughters posing risqué in skimpy outfit for the purpose of…[View]
128055860There is a type of sushi called Sukeroku sushi for the poor: Sukeroku Sushi is a very inexpensive su…[View]
128051951Did you know that Greece has flamingos, vultures, wolves, bears, otters and seals? What animals doe…[View]
128059613>america's most obese state in 1990 is thinner than their thinnest state today…[View]
128052869You are skyping with your daughter on her exchange year in the US and suddenly these guys jump in fr…[View]
128057210The webm that destroyed /int/'s conception of the world[View]
128057507Daily reminder that Indian is not a race.[View]
128059292Does your country make kino? >Finland Not really we really just have one good director from our c…[View]
128059538Just learned we are Scythians. Mental we preserve their language in all it's purity.: Po Chü-I …[View]
128059130The dutch could have owned Australia now, lol what a bunch of losers: They actually discovered what …[View]
128059493>son please we love you. please come with us so we can get you help. we miss you so much. there i…[View]
128057679The only European exclusive haplogroup: Since I-M170 is the only native European haplogroup, and it …[View]
128057767Poor gigachad the fame ate him[View]
128053935Sverigetråden - Episk upplaga[View]
128057428Why do we have to be 1 united County why can't we just kick the shithole south and California o…[View]
128057157Would a papua new guinean be considered black in the US?[View]
128057823Look at her go[View]
128057286Itt we write an international letter one word at a time: To m00t I'll start, Dear[View]
128057274Roast the flag above you: Be the meanest possible to the point of ending the whole flag's caree…[View]
128059072Do people in your country commit it?[View]
128058669>amount of new infections and hospitalizations has doubled this week Why can't people just n…[View]
128038253/polska/: Edycja zmian w życiu[View]
128050016Turkish women[View]
128053282How are pakis unironically treated in turkey[View]
128058707Fuck the (((English))): Fuck these traitorous self hating reptile brained cucks. Not even real white…[View]
128058853do you have high IQ?[View]
128057704Finns eat meatballs that are only 16% meat what a bunch of retards lmao dumb[View]
128042338/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /isr/ - /ཨི་སི་ར/ - מהדורת הטיטאנים: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
128053655Who does your country fangirl over?: We literally spent an entire century trying to get France to no…[View]
128053090/deutsch/ - Österreich-Ausgabe: /deutsch/[View]
128057402When we are going to start to behave like men ?[View]
128056706https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX39G6Xihlw 1. ur cunt 2. did u cry? >flag yes i cry…[View]
128058309Should I buy it or Garbage?[View]
128055054Thoughts on this quote from Ibn Fadlan regarding nordic/germanic women?[View]
128057769Truman did nothing wrong: You reap what you sow japan you reap what you sow![View]
128058259Americans in 2020, what went wrong bros?: Americans used to be white and based. Now they look like g…[View]
1280580101. country 2. were you in the military?[View]
128058093Weaboos ruin the image of learning Japanese.: こんばんは Are there any people who are learning Japanese w…[View]
128058114What the hell is that leftie argentinian so butthurt about?[View]
128057683Why do American amateur pilots do this stupid vocal fry on the radio?[View]
128058071ik ook[View]
128053377how do we fix reddit bros?[View]
128057601> Wi aru nato cowarudu raiku yu gaijins > Wi aru bureivu samurai woriaaa. Banzaaaaaiiiiiiiiii …[View]
128043349Based Finland: > This political ideology originated in the work of the Finnish nationalist and li…[View]
128052794PORK: >your cunt >do you eat pork? Me: Yes I ate it minutes before. It was delicious.…[View]
128024532/norgetråden/: Alkisbalkisdalkisjalkis-utaven å herregud drep meg dette er et rop om hjelp jeg vil d…[View]
128057777I meant every bad thing I ever said about Brazil.[View]
128056533stop calling us ass*an we're 100% jomon pacific islander[View]
128054927What's your favourite American phenotype, /int/? I like the Appalachian goblinas https://m.yout…[View]
128055413Croats and sebs are scythians: Researchers Milan Hustich and Tadeusz Sulimirski also claim that Sarm…[View]
128057495>slewing >coldfap >no shower >no mellow…[View]
128057244We could have choose the winner side.: But noooo, we have a bunch of pentecostal pardos that were co…[View]
128050806I finished this game ghost of Tsushima today. After I played this game , let me say thank you to Suc…[View]
128052138Australia is an Asian country[View]
128051866This is the Japanese alphabet.[View]
128053893/brit/: off on my hols[View]
128056150President of Gabon with his White French wife. Thoughts?[View]
128050788>Just be yourself bro[View]
128056821I never joined any school clubs nor did anyone else I don't know if they exist here[View]
128056761Since the Brits are claiming 21 Savage as a Brit: Why won't the Germans claim J. Cole as a Germ…[View]
128050306>gets humbled by anglos >still uses their language Are there bigger cucks in existence?…[View]
128052127Waiting for my burger, bros...[View]
128054118In which country do you find people looking like this?[View]
128057041I suffer in Germany. Do you suffer in your country?[View]
128055591We got too cocky Muslimbros[View]
128056032I like white people Jomons and Native Americans: They are the most aesthetic and attractive people t…[View]
127982003/rus/: чтo блядь тoлькo чтo пpoизoшлo[View]
128055307/choco/ - Chocolate international women appreciation general #1: Welcome to the FIRST edition of /ch…[View]
128056908And Walmart and McDonald's and the walmartians were cast alive into the lake of fire where the …[View]
128055937leave the Britishers to me[View]
128053539This is the highest IQ type of pizza[View]
128056122Why do Amerikikes hate nudity and the human body so much? Why do they fear penises and boobs?[View]
128047062What do Europeans think about blonde hair?[View]
128054674why do they always make faggot threads?[View]
128052707>It was Coney Island, they called Coney Island the playground of the world >There was no place…[View]
128056470your cunt what do you call this depending on where in the province it varies from >deck >veran…[View]
128054439>american engineering[View]
128055289are hamburgers a life or death matter in your cunt?[View]
128055662ITT Stupid rules from your country: In France, if you attempt suicide and Police saves you, you can …[View]
128053234japs deserve another nuke: feast your eyes on this abomination[View]
128055451>muh stable cuckonomy[View]
128054381Miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
128056119Why do so many American vers want to kill themselves: https://youtu.be/FDh20pBt7II[View]
128042196/desi/: Me with my wife and kids edition[View]
128054155What language do you like? I like Italian the most among these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y36…[View]
128054423Coronavirus isn't real.[View]
128055584This is our town child rapist Do you have them in your country?[View]
128053191/fr/ - le Francofil: Édition Mélusine de ma pine. Précédent : >>128043507[View]
128052928Thanks god we picked the right side[View]
128054379How many Africans could this feed?[View]
128049419>I am greek[View]
128054877>je suis fatty gay[View]
128051968>'Great' Britain[View]
128051247This is the 'Blue House' of Korea where the president lives. Its a very cultural building unlike Jap…[View]
128038740Kurva anyátok xD[View]
128055213/ex-yu/: zna se[View]
128053036What is the word like racist but for countries (not nationalities)? What is the word like racist but…[View]
128050649First worlders have failed: It's time for the third to take power[View]
128051917>there's a country in Europe called 'Mount Nigger'[View]
128054152What is your opinion on the repatriation of African-Americans?[View]
128051237Now that we will obtain the Euro in 2023, what shall we print on our coins?[View]
128025395/ex-yu/: hrvatske curice edicija[View]
128054943/ex-yu/: blagajnice iz konzuma izdanje[View]
128053985>be foreigner >go to Japan >get laid without 24 hours easily Why is it so easily for wester…[View]
128053664I'm cute[View]
128047745My eyes aren't even light brown, they're practically black...[View]
128054059Thought on american orthodox christianity?[View]
128048637Why is Poland the whore of NATO and EU ?[View]
128025881日本語スレッド: 前スレ: >>127991903 日本語学習者スレ: >>>/int/djt 過去ログ: http://desuarchive.org/int/sear…[View]
128052983Where do you even find those people?[View]
128054551Does your country have sovereign citizens?[View]
128051821What is the final goal for the EVROPEAN VNION?[View]
128046657Which is the most cursed country[View]
128048839Why are anime and manga suddenly unironically getting so fucking popular in the west? Its actually g…[View]
128052783What do I do now?: I walked to the store accross the street to buy cigs and now am sunburned. My fac…[View]
128054358Does your cunt floss[View]
128053548In your country , is there legendary hero of founders of your nation? Japan has prince Yamato-Takeru…[View]
128053735Eid al-Adha: What are you sacrificing on this years Eid al-Adha? I am thinking about pig but my fath…[View]
128051195Are any Indians gonna explain this? Is this what the whole war with Pakistan is over?[View]
128046936What country has most tomboy sluts?[View]
128054115What are some international cultures about being a leftist shithole?[View]
128053719ITT: underrated country[View]
128050741thoughts on italian-americans?[View]
128053186/fr/ - Le fil des singes: Édition il faut retourner[View]
128052802>Thanks for the A2A[View]
128050979Americans... Are You Okay?[View]
128053861Is Alger nice? Reminds me of some places of Southern Europe, at least their skyline.[View]
128045341Are the himba the most based African tribe??? > Women tend to perform more labor-intensive work t…[View]
128053204Love my town[View]
128052845>New board: /vrpg/ - Video Games/RPG[View]
128053586>his country doesn't end in 'land'[View]
128054328Twinks of /int/: Post the most attractive bois out there. Bonus point if OC or Anglo.[View]
128050606/brit/: what films are we watching today? edition[View]
128053479Check out my new haircut /int/: may have made a mistake[View]
128053373>lesbian strapon[View]
128053185Would these men pass as locals in your cunt? Flag Yes[View]
128052280Yes I am R1b haplogroup, how could you tell?[View]
128039932>his country ends in 'ia'[View]
128042010/mämmi/: kotisinappipainos[View]
128045954ITT: ugly flags[View]
128051830>Your cunt >I'm starting a 2 weeks nofap/no alcohol/daily exercise challenge, care to joi…[View]
128050236Use of the word subhuman per country per 10,000 posts: kek[View]
128049242Does your country's monarch flee to escape criminal prosecution?[View]
128042090Korean girl without makeup[View]
128051121>A Serbian Film is the best movie ever made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddwrbcMmzlc…[View]
128052899Does your country have decentralized power? Finland no. Parliament holds all the power, they do elec…[View]
128035629/ita/ - il filo[View]
128048994/deutsch/: Brunzen & schlonzen - das lob' ich mir. - Ausgabe[View]
128052828>watch american cartoon shows that arent sitcom >everything is about gays aping yaoi/yuri the …[View]
128052812Friends :)[View]
128051941Why are Italians like this?[View]
128052372Japan is not part of the Sinosphere. We are part of the Shinotosphere >Korea, Vietnam, Ryukyu use…[View]
128036594I want the world to know something about sushi.: I want the world to know something about sushi. Jap…[View]
128046414Why are Ukrainians like this?[View]
128052494>Have sex NO![View]
1280441331. your cunt 2. opinions on the CIA?[View]
128052392How do we fix american politics?: https://youtu.be/fnx-SqMYknI[View]
128051741All jokes aside, do Brits like American visitors as long as they aren't fat and retarded? Becau…[View]
128048716How do we feel about the next president of Belarus?[View]
128051779Is america really more German than Anglo ? I just cant believe it im sorry how the fuck did that eve…[View]
128047707Sverigetråden - Svenska basketupplagan[View]
128048535greekbros I dont feel so good[View]
128051305>gigachad what are you doing!?!? you can't just run over innocent families in your car…[View]
128051213Irish and Italian flags look like African flags.[View]
128052024East Asians use stamps. Many people now use autographs like Westerners. But it's still used a l…[View]
1280479991. Ur cunt. 2. Do you have an iPhone?[View]
128052004>Ich liebe deutsche sprache, es ist schön[View]
128051300Byzantine Empire banzai![View]
128051947>yaaaay desuarchive search function is back![View]
128049878>You were bullied in school so much you too scared to leave the house or get a job? You're s…[View]
128048878Do russians really?: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butyrka_prison >Since epidemics are a proble…[View]
128051128I look like this. Would I get harassed in your country?[View]
128050568Do boomers miss the EU?[View]
128048771In Japan, foreigners, mainly Koreans and Chinese have been the targets of discrimination by a number…[View]
128039615how do we remove racism from /int/?[View]
128050794convince me to stop being racist: how can any honest white man look at these mongrels and say we…[View]
128051972Are women in your country into dating black men?[View]
128049843How long does it take for four policeman in your country to catch a hobo armed with a spoon? (Ukrain…[View]
128044891typical Iraqi[View]
128051618What does breast feeding feel like? Is it like peeing?[View]
128050573My GF is a legal loli: My GF is a genetic Loli. She is 20 but her genetic age is behind. Her pubes b…[View]
128047412SEX SEX SEX[View]
128050011Why Bosnia has so many Islamic people?[View]
128045458>wake up >still in the mediterranean >scream 'BASED' many times out loud as i turn on my pc…[View]
128049080Why do they talk like fags?[View]
128049025>his language has less than 10 grammatical cases[View]
128050532I took French in high school and college but have forgotten most of the vocabulary. If I reteach it …[View]
128051069Why do Americans think they were impacted by WW2 or that they were important? They are no more than …[View]
128050654>everything sounds sexier in French Is this true?[View]
128047838Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
128048471i hate non blond people[View]
128050880How do you feel about the NSA of your country?[View]
128044650/celt/: Invited- The Irish The Manx The Highland Scots The Welsh The Cornish The Bretons The Ibe…[View]
128044823You become northern portuguese[View]
128049688Why do people on /int/ think that their opinions matter?: Why so many people serious-posting?[View]
128043507/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition du sourire de /pol/ Instance précédente : >>128027249[View]
128048372Why are white men so creepy?[View]
128046751/brit/ aka /shit/: here's your new you lazy cunts[View]
128050587/Éire/ - cu albannach[View]
128050373So what exactly is this 'nixtamalization'?[View]
128050485Does your cunt have lauantaimakkara?[View]
128045363If you could eliminate one country, which one would you eliminate?[View]
128036641Miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
128048935>Nooo you can't dislike Communist China because your culture comes from Ancient China Why ar…[View]
128049007How much is a kilogram of minced meat in your country?[View]
128047998Does this happen in your country?[View]
128048916exactly two years today since she left[View]
128049804Turkey has opened its borders...: I'm thinking about going to Turkey or buying an imac. Which o…[View]
128050226Why he look Filipino?[View]
128042516Should these countries be returned to their natives and all whites be moved to Earth's northern…[View]
128042250Croatia thread: Let's talk about Croatia[View]
128037797What is Helsinki like?[View]
128050074Me on the left[View]
128049954>tfw no big tiddy Greek gf[View]
128049744Name a bigger joke >Australian culture[View]
128048305>See British people use American grammar and spelling on /int/ you have been reverse colonized…[View]
128049589Built for BBC[View]
128046211>Son, your mother and I are getting a divorce[View]
128049232Japanese: 'We will change history. Koreans: 'We will change history. Japanese: 'Your daughter has be…[View]
128047344>Racism?... really Soyjack?... a blind person cant judge you by the color of your eyes, or the co…[View]
128049596Get fucked dutchlet[View]
128049434Bless Israel: Bless Israel[View]
128045853Would you say that to my face kid?[View]
128046762UEFA borders = EU Borders[View]
128048623How do you wash your hands, /int/?[View]
128047876Would people in your country say this is ready to be picked or wait a little longer?[View]
128048113I'm a straight guy but sometimes I fantasize about being a cute girl and getting fucked and cud…[View]
128049244can americans actually explain which specific traits is an indication of built for BBC or they just …[View]
1280425711. your cunt 2. what OS do you use?[View]
128041875wat nou?[View]
128043826How do people in your county kill themselves?[View]
128048498What race is she? I guess british Pakistan.[View]
128045949Why do you call us insect or bugman? It pisses me off so much So I call you Baka gaijin It is even …[View]
128048840all women are fucking ugly[View]
128048538Many Finnish police are Nazis They also hate Estonia I'm ashamed[View]
128048537I think it's armenian, what does that means?[View]
128047183>1 more day until they turn on the hot water again >I smell like a horse Let this end…[View]
128048885My parents tried to force me to find a job I told them i am going to kill myself if they pressure me…[View]
128047943What do the people of your country think about Japan?[View]
128045096/deutsch/: Burschikose Charlotte-Gainsbourg-Ausgabe[View]
128048185Do we really? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/08/03/florida-man-killed-burger-king-w…[View]
128048410Well /int/ can you guess where he is from?[View]
128039972Who do I need to fuck in order for my son to look like this???[View]
128046705>a job? no, I prefer to talk with international anons about flags on workdays…[View]
128040714Post average people from your country. NO cherrypicking. New worlders of course don't need to p…[View]
128048683>be on /v/ >in some 'share your favorite childhood vidya' thread >post some of my favorites…[View]
128029447Why young burgers live in the costal regions are slim and hot, in contrast to their fellow people?[View]
128048588How do you get your driving license in your cunt? In Canada, atleast in BC, you have to pass a writt…[View]
128047002Some guy insisted /lit/ leads the semen slurped per minute rankings on this website but I'd say…[View]
128038429magnetic Implants: Are magnetic Implants popular in your country?[View]
128040280Can you walk at night in your city/neighborhood?: If you were to leave your home at 3am, just to hav…[View]
128042429I want to live in America. Especially New York.[View]
128047413Sweden unironically looks cyberpunk as fuck[View]
128047642Would he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
128046052Why are poos like this?[View]
128047471I wish i had him as a guest for a month so i can take him everywhere and have him point at me and my…[View]
128041950>singlehandledly saves millions of people in Europe from hunger and defeats the Nazis by being th…[View]
128045395I got my driving license today frens[View]
128044498Why Dutchoids are so cruel?: Korean Teen Kicked In Face By Rac!st Netherlands https://www.youtube.co…[View]
128048147Being Indian is like starting as deprived class in dark souls the whole world is against us[View]
128048194does your country have traditional dances?[View]
128037121Why do Mexicans fear this?[View]
128035180These four countries should team up to counter growing Zhang influence or else it will be tributarie…[View]
128043928racists: How do racists come to terms with being Christian and replacing their culture, religion and…[View]
128045072The Britannia Coconut Dancers, nicknamed the 'Coco-nutters', have been kicked out of the national mo…[View]
128045294only beetle thread[View]
128040872What does race mean for you /int/, is it more biological or cultural? What race do you consider your…[View]
128047756Let’s get a thread about Europe. What is happening in Europe? Any big news? What’s it like over ther…[View]
128046506Post creepy, macabre, horror, brutal, sick art from your country.: Only pre-modern or medieval/ancie…[View]
128047696When other countries steal Finnish memes[View]
128047660bah oui, i am french, how could you tell?[View]
128046911>Americans have an accent more similar to the English settlers than English have today >Japane…[View]
128045992POLAND: POLAND[View]
128045273I Kneel Before This Flag. The Motherland.[View]
128047575what phenotype is this[View]
128042623what's your favorite fact: leave a fact cunt[View]
128046793>I don't need a shower mama, people in EVROPA do it all the time[View]
128046721Is metal music considered the genre for virgin losers in you cunt?[View]
128043289have yuo ever physically fought[View]
128047328Do people go to the chiropractor in your country? >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pivvMBnqFEM&…[View]
128047189Swedish girls[View]
128046718Moscow Home[View]
128046755Do Americans really[View]
128046553Will I make it? Or will this journey break me?[View]
128044888Anime or K-pop: Which is more popular in your country, Anime or K-pop?[View]
128042601your cunt do you have a gf taller than you? pepsiland yes my gf is 175cm which is 2cm taller than me[View]
128043778/brit/: michael[View]
128043318One of these countries has a population with the worst hygiene of any country in the world. The othe…[View]
128042807A British holiday is a half hour drive to Southend-on-Sea[View]
128044842culture pals /cp/: pls be my bf edition Tired of quarentine? Want to practice your Chinese? Thinking…[View]
128046583Ook ik[View]
128045125mamamatay nako sa gutom[View]
128046423Getting worried about ‘rona lads, especially since we’ve got people with America’s mask autism and e…[View]
128046488Average Scottish phenotype[View]
128046213Why are balkanoids so aggresive? why cant they live in peace?[View]
128041043/deutsch/: Antifaschistische Ausgabe für den Weltfrieden und die sozialistische Weltrepublik[View]
128041847>the average person in every single Western country is obese it's breaking my heart, anons. …[View]
128042840>You are stranded in India due to plane crash. What do?[View]
128043656Post a count which has no presence: For me it's Bosnia[View]
128046249>ywn ride a elephant[View]
128045562>Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell[View]
128041833Only good part of the U.S.[View]
128046151Please rate my trip plan[View]
128024016Thoughts on Vietnam? Do you like Vietnam?[View]
128045641The only things I don't like about Finland is the hot summers, the people, the mosquitoes, and …[View]
128045754ITT BEAUTIFUL RARE SONGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0gQXiZhS_I[View]
128043146It feels like I have food stuck in my throat but I can still breathe. I had a gummy like candy/lolli…[View]
1280449971. your cunt 2. ever been kissed like this?[View]
128043135what's a cool word: what's a word where you think is cool or some shit. words in any langu…[View]
128040439The most beautiful woman on earth is Russian[View]
128031655Sverigetråden - Svenskisraeliska vänskapsupplagan[View]
128044468>come play with us anon it’ll be fun[View]
128044562How do you get a korean gf? askin for a friend[View]
128044279>How can you say 'socialism has never worked' with a straight face!? Just look at Scand…[View]
128043499Daily reminder that Americans are absolute cucks[View]
128043440Get fucked dutchmen[View]
128039856Is he jomon?[View]
128043890Westerners think this advertisement of Audi is pedophilic, therefore Audi had to apologize to the pu…[View]
128044990>cunt >is your country more fun than america? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW_jsS_JnMY >…[View]
128038954Is Spain really like this? That's so cool![View]
1280288581 Your age 2 Are you a virgin? 1 20 2 Yes[View]
128044412USA in 2020: You know how in a MMORPG when the game first starts everyone plays it levels together a…[View]
128041788announcement to americans: we dont learn anything about american revolution in uk typically. we just…[View]
128040110Do people in your cunt use dating apps?: Have you? How'd it go? Greentexts welcome.[View]
128043207*rubs tummy*[View]
128042794Miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
128044196I know nothing about eastern europe and I intend t to keep it this way.[View]
128042069why are you so autistic: just get a job its not that hard. work at a grocery store, get a special li…[View]
128040631Countries where blacks get beaten for touching white women: Greece Turkey Every arab country Central…[View]
128042395>go on le epic 4chan to chat >BBC spam at routinely at 2pm AEST Why? What time is it for you g…[View]
128041382>I don't need a mask, God won't kill me.[View]
128039229do people dress like this in your country?[View]
128040502Why aren't you a mutt /int/? Pic related is me[View]
128040465Why is South Africa so violent?[View]
128043000The elite of every continent have big noses. Are big noses a sign of high IQ? >Japanese royal f…[View]
128043905ik ook[View]
128041708>mfw I googled what kurva anyátok meant[View]
128043513Is the afghan banned or busy wageslaving?[View]
128043144i've had 4 hours of sleep and feel fucking horrid does this happen in you're cunt[View]
128043682Post mating calls from your country.: Post mating calls from your country.[View]
128037355The American experiment was worth it if only for this interaction[View]
128043003>Walking with my friend >He meets his old friends in the street >They start talking >Aw…[View]
1280388341. your cunt 2. who would you choose and why[View]
128041930I will never forgive my government for initiating a coup against Irans greatest person to have exist…[View]
128043509Reply to this thread and I will give you a (you)[View]
128041234>Levant, Persian, Caucasus and Turkic influence on food via Ottomans >Italian influence on foo…[View]
128041701Does this happen in your country?[View]
128042673What is on channel 5 of your TV, /int/?[View]
128027249/fr/ - le francofil: Édition morte. Ancien : >>128019912[View]
128039949>warfare in the 1940s >let's go out on thw battlefield and kill each other in the millio…[View]
128041503Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>127991903 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/i…[View]
128042804Does your country have cute black girls?[View]
128034171Your country now has its own Second Amendment embedded into the Constitution. What do you buy?[View]
128042705Stop ignoring my unfunny threads and reply to them, thanks.[View]
128041640which country is cutest of the world??[View]
128041344>He needs a license to go fishing[View]
128041793Based or Cringe[View]
128039579What the fuck is happening with the world, /int/? At this point it should be raining nonstop in my c…[View]
128040717tfw indian accent how get rid? I used to make fun of other for having it but i have it 2. 。゚(*´□`)゚。[View]
128042402What kind of people support UBI in your country? In Germany, it's mostly NEETs[View]
128041255pakistani aryan goddesses being sold to ch*Nks: is this new kind of Turkification?[View]
128039091Are you having a good time?[View]
128039956Uruguayfags, is your country actually as good as some people in my country preach it to be?[View]
128036727Why do Americans get so triggered if an American says he wants to go to another country?[View]
128040192Fact: >face Japanese girls>Chinese girls>>>Korean girls >personality Japanese girl…[View]
128041991>NERVOUS BAD >CALM GOOD[View]
128041823Why do Nips call apartments 'mansions'?[View]
128040281I'm sick of dating brown girls. I want a white blonde gf, but local blondes won't even loo…[View]
128037387>85.5% of our COVID deaths were clinically obese fat fucks Does this happen in your country?…[View]
128041251I'm interested in girls, but I'm afraid to talk to them. Does this happen in your country?[View]
128039373i love you :3[View]
128032076How come everyone has their population under control except Africans? Are they seriously that incapa…[View]
128041905How do you call an 'art hoe' in your language, /int/?[View]
128036875Vgh, the sovlfvl poo'd beaches of Sovthern Brazil.. home[View]
128039560Los cuatro generales, Los cuatro generales, Los cuatro generales, ¡Mamita mía! ¡Que se han alzado! ¡…[View]
128041606What is life like in Argentina? I heard they are first world.[View]
128041319How is this common in your cunt?: Flag I seen 2 in last 10 years.[View]
128040896Yes hello sir, are you learning the proper English accent sir?[View]
128030450I was born in petropavlovsk kamchatsky, in eastern russia, but was adopted by a white American famil…[View]
128041080New World bros: If there was no NW Where do you think you would be, right now? Me: Africa[View]
128036489/cum/ canada usa mexico[View]
128042163How do B*snians justify now invading everything south of Neum?[View]
128041623cats or dogs: does /int/ like cats or dogs better[View]
128017751/mämmi/: mä ja söppänät nympykät -painos[View]
128041786>EU wakes up >entire board obsessing about the US again…[View]
128040886Are people in your cunt aware of the Canada problem?[View]
128039270you will never be american you will never live in a house made of cardboard you will never get shot …[View]
127973608/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
128035867Though on the man Bolivar? All anons welcome to respond[View]
128039881God bless.[View]
128040231What happens if you let an American visit your country[View]
128038799Can a Norwegian anon please translate this ?[View]
128035977>elementary school >computer class >Asian kid whips out his USB >4 kids crowd his comput…[View]
12804081103:29 PM, So sleepy[View]
128040758Do rich people use personalized CoronaVirus™ merch in your country?[View]
128039993How is the black community seen and treated in your country? Would you say that they are an integral…[View]
128040276Is fertilizing your cousin popular in your country?[View]
128038752Ok, so tomorrow is the last day when i can sign up for a language course at uni. But, I cant pick be…[View]
128037803Why do americans do this?: Why are americans ok with their taxes being used to bail out banks doing …[View]
128035277how do americans fall for this?[View]
128039439Can any French anons confirm if this is really how you guys get bullied in school over there?[View]
128040130is australia a better country to live in than ireland? i wonder because if i was born a couple hundr…[View]
128034326Number of posts on /int/ per country[View]
128040322>be me >see woman[View]
128040148What's the point in 'working harder' in life to get a high paying job when more of my hard earn…[View]
128040796This med bull cucked by pig skin nordic boy.[View]
128023641/deutsch/ Nachtschicht: Schlonz und Brunz-Ausgabe[View]
1280404481. your country 2. kofe time[View]
128040042>Mom, I am not wasting my life behind the computer. I'm learning english and learning useful…[View]
127995712/tr/: Aleyna Tilki edisyonu[View]
128039708my dopamine receptor are melting dowm[View]
128040018Get fucked dutchy[View]
128007344/desi/: Parachute journalists edition[View]
128037040americans be like[View]
128037963>the jews strictly follow kashrut >cash route…[View]
128038093Hi, I'm a high school student in Korea. Now I study culture of other countries, and my group wo…[View]
128040337Why yes, of course I get panicky and nervous when talking to other people. How could you tell?'[View]
128038434What does it feel like to be a middle eastern man in a western country?[View]
128039513how do you translate Hong Kong Hero of freedom Meeting with Joshua Wong, the man who stands up to Ch…[View]
128038922Good morning /int/!: How was your night? I couldn't sleep due to bad memories regarding my last…[View]
128035828American English: the child's dumbdowned retard version English English: ya u wot m8 ill prick…[View]
128039643Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
128039123This is a Nauru warrior about to fuck your shit up, What do now?[View]
128038047You can only post ITT if your country was based enough to implement Universal Healthcare[View]
128038891>8 sickly boomers dead from COVID already Does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
128039253Why is this song so popular on TikTok?[View]
128038305I have a fever and they want me to get a COVID test, should i?[View]
128014576/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição: empaTite - 0,5 X 0 é goleada Fio anterior: >>127974187…[View]
128037342How do you stay focused on learning a language? I'll try to learn a language, but then I get in…[View]
128039407>*lives rent free in our heads* lmao do they really?[View]
128035087/lat/ hilo mundo perfecto: hilo latino[View]
128039486>I suffer in Finland[View]
128035988>$15 an hour[View]
128035943What are you reading today?[View]
128039683I'm half full blood French. Can any French or French Canadians enlighten me? Why do like cookin…[View]
128032916>Did you just say the N word?[View]
128033456Is there a single native poster from these flags?[View]
128035495why are asians so incapable of being sexy? Every time they try they look cringe af. Stick sexy anime…[View]
128038828Do people in your country like cats?[View]
128038128>why yes, i'd accept 100 years of torture to save a mexican, amerimutt or an argentine, but …[View]
128038451>search america >17 threads >all of them about the USA >search euro >nothing >sear…[View]
128039140Doctors now can sue the president for negligence.[View]
128035577/brit/: breakfast in bed[View]
128038999>55% of homes in Japan are houses How bout your cunt?[View]
128039145Thoughts on her?[View]
1280382561. Vagina 2. Do you agree with this graph?[View]
128038627Does this happen in your country? https://mobile.twitter.com/pegacaopoagay/status/129008521937505484…[View]
128037810Wood is an amazing material. Nature has given us such a bounty of material to use.[View]
128036867Homesickness: I can't be the only one. Where's home for you /int/? What do you miss most a…[View]
128036406>ywn be a poster anons remember in poster threads[View]
128039158Why is this song so popular on TikTok?[View]
128038977lmao if you know, you know.[View]
128016870Anyone else here trying to become an English Teacher in Japan?[View]
128038778>american warfare[View]
128039199i did it bros... we are all gonna make it...[View]
128038183I like to think that /int/ is actually all just world leaders and politicians all just shitposting o…[View]
128037606Why do people hate us?: I get our gov and president, but nothing else.[View]
128038616Do you binge drink in your cunt? The night before last I woke up in the hospital for the second tim…[View]
128038628>Sir i'm feeling bowl movement. Where can I defecate and dispose the solid waste?…[View]
128039134I'm 13 hours in a row posting here Does this happens in your country?[View]
128037303>American adults watch Pokemon and Naruto[View]
128035573girls with bangs are the epitome of female attractiveness Is this haircut popular among women in you…[View]
1280390271. cunt 2. do you have nightmares often? 1. nl 2. yes, for some reason the couple days after i do xt…[View]
128038810Nope. Don't see any borders from up here.[View]
128039053despite only being a small percentage of america, why were there so many black american writers, int…[View]
128038983Apology: To all Slovakians on this board, i am sorry. Two days ago while chatting in some thread i m…[View]
128038704Why isn't this country renamed to the republic of Peron?[View]
128036698i played runescape for 16 hours today and plan on doing the same tomorrow[View]
128037801what are your favroite anime[View]
128036337I am drinking large amounts of alcohol in order to get rid of a bottle I don't like so I can mo…[View]
128038440I still believe in the american dream[View]
128034357your country thoughts on christianity?[View]
128037648Pornography in Asia: How do koreans jack off?[View]
128036304Post your local shirt[View]
128036498I'm genuinely curious about this country. What are your experiences here? Any Argentinians here…[View]
128038048Suspect in court goes on a rant listing all the republican politicians and their family members he p…[View]
128034985>you will live to witness the gradual decline and ultimate death of Islam >MENA will become a …[View]
128038557Face on /int/: pic related I’m 100% Nordic[View]
128030532Why are there so many gay/trans people on 4channel: I thought these people were only 1% of the popul…[View]
128037613Mexicans are my brothers: For a long time I thought Brazil had no brothers, but now I realized Mexic…[View]
128038100You now remember Heelys[View]
128037468What does Brazilian Jesus soda taste like?[View]
128037096Based or cringe?[View]
128031063Are the descendants of Spaniards (non-Mexicans, from Spain) in the US dangerous?[View]
128036341If dubs pepe get a anime girl for this lonely night[View]
128033866Post Argentine women[View]
128037983Do you support polygyny? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygyny[View]
128037943I could use a blowjob right about now bros[View]
128036221My mom is an elementary school teacher and she says something about introducing me to one of her pup…[View]
1280379081/4 Native American is the best Latina admixture[View]
128036139Why are americans like this?[View]
128035449How do we stop collectidrones?[View]
128037384reckful killed himself a month ago and his friends have forgotten about him mizkif and andy milonaki…[View]
128033991Are there any pro unification with Spain movements in Latin America?[View]
128036154Check this out niggas[View]
128036625How do they afford the suits?[View]
128034150gypsies: who are they, exactly? where do they come from? are they common in your cunt?[View]
128036908why did this guy make wh*Toids seethe so much?[View]
128036268Another day spending 12 straight hours switching between 10 different boards on 4chan and making 80 …[View]
128034884How are the beaches in your country?[View]
128033766Guess what it is?[View]
128037418Is DC a good place to live?[View]
128037516I don’t feel happy all of a sudden: The “do you have a home” thread made me realize how lonely I am…[View]
128037445Why don't you have a gf yet?[View]
128032899/ita/ - il filo: Edizione di Ambra[View]
128034664thoughts on Napoleon?[View]
128035397do you drink mate like GUACHO BULLS in your country?[View]
128034894/int/ makes me obsessed with countries Does this happens in your country?[View]
128036410Homelessness should be criminalized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju5QTVPkIjc[View]
128036088why does monarchy exist?[View]
128034992>Miami >Nicknamed the 'capital of Latin America' >Suppose to be full of beautiful beaches, …[View]
128034353What if Britain and Ireland (Republic) Unite?[View]
128036436Do people worldwide really think using a mask is communism?: Do they believe being obliged to wear m…[View]
128035055Japan wtf[View]
128036730I'm going to put coffee on my morning noodles because fuck my life.[View]
128036925all human culture ultimately is also ape culture[View]
128037059>trying to find cute black kweens in my area >it's all just white women with blonde hair …[View]
128035583Faces of /int/[View]
128035837I don't get it.[View]
128036682What's this called in your country?[View]
128036122I'm kinda bored, post the version of 'you've got a friend in me' of your country so I can …[View]
128029146What was your country's worst dictatorship?[View]
128011307Hasan Piker could castrate you with his bear hands. Bow to your TVRKISH master.[View]
128026926/balk/: late night azn qt edition >>128012943[View]
128036405I'm starting to think I shouldn't expect the same shit from women than from males. It does…[View]
128035036/lat/ - hilo latino: Hilo muy argentino[View]
128033776Your thoughts on American cuisine? https://youtu.be/JeYdXztDcdc[View]
128035915do you ever stop to think what is the point in all of this?[View]
128035106>tfw you remember your USA loving, American culture worshiping, defending the US against any crit…[View]
128035886Post autism from your country: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=STsbAN5Muio[View]
128032592is your wife cute?[View]
128030143>A European makes a Super Bowl reference.[View]
128032481has /int/ helped you get better at a language?[View]
128033634Can finns please explain finnish drinking culture to me? Do you like fancy drinking glass like the p…[View]
128035377/polska/: edycja pierdolonych norników[View]
1280359402030 GDP positions.: 2030 GDP[View]
128034742>Spain's former King Juan Carlos has decided to leave the country, the royal palace says, we…[View]
128028262/NEDERDRAAD/: /nederdraad/ Oh wee mij editie Welkom: zondaars, afvallen en donderstenen Niet-Welkom:…[View]
128035117Does this happen in your country?[View]
128036147The Shart: https://hoodsite.com/man-playing-dice-dookies-himself/ In The Bloated Sharts of Failing H…[View]
128032905I have never seen a friendly post from a french flag[View]
128030464/cum/ - canada us mexico: johnny eagle edition https://youtu.be/AY1bA23hGMU[View]
128035256this board fucking SUCKS at this hour. I have to fix my sleep schedule FUCK YOU 3rd worlders[View]
128028634Why don’t Germans like Merkels corona response?: https://mobile.twitter.com/BeachMilk/status/1289702…[View]
128034222are wakfu and ladybug the only two European animation series that have global popularity in recent y…[View]
128035812How do you say based in your lang[View]
1280357461. Country 2. What's the current weather like? Flag Storm's a-coming[View]
128035820>why yes I'm Welsh, how could you tell?[View]
128035415What's the peak argentinian life experience?[View]
128034436>8 hours of work >8 hours of sleep >8 hours of cope…[View]
128021212>The UK is hated by all of Europe even though we're completely loving in return This...hurts…[View]
128035852What do you think of Pepe stare?[View]
1280336041. You count to three 2. Do you see the cat?[View]
128035818Do your parents have 'the talk' with you in your cunt? My parents never said shit to me.[View]
128035199good night to who sleeps good morning to who wakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8blfr7Kj3Wc[View]
128034402>furry porn[View]
128030584bootleg france[View]
128035535I need to leave this website[View]
128032366Why is Japanese food so yummy?[View]
128028822this flat chested, flat ass having, gigantic forehead child is a 10/10 in france[View]
128033168/brit/: pride of the west country[View]
128034031Russian men look like THAT?[View]
128035188Africa is based[View]
128035354Why is going outside at night so comfy but going outside during the day so uncomfy?[View]
128035395Allah Al-Kudus is not real: He is not real[View]
128032178Norwegians are Atlantic and based (and not Nordic and cringe)[View]
128035074Tell me a country you admire and why >Czechia >Makes great beer >Good food >Nearly saw i…[View]
128027163Which one is best??: Four leading European countries. England, France, Germany and Italy.[View]
128035084How many people in your cunt read historical books (books at least a couple centuries old). I do pla…[View]
128034770https://discord.gg/UhHdnj the (un)official /int/ server, back up after some long drama, this time dr…[View]
128034680I forgot what I was gonna type[View]
128031149A fucking cock: >Nooo stop calling us chickens, we are not fags!!1 >You know what, we will uni…[View]
128034681Why does God hate the US?[View]
128034997frens? https://t.me/joinchat/KH-XXU_hfK0qGHwc3UHgUg[View]
128034239>Is int a brown gay board ?[View]
128034445almost 22 mom doesnt want to buy me coca cola because im getting too fat[View]
128033835i want to nuke these subhumans once we hispanics become majority in america and get a hold of americ…[View]
128034038Drugs in your cunt: What drugs do the underclass in your cunt consume? In arg it's paco , the r…[View]
128032216DO YOU LOVE IRAN????[View]
128034049me n mexico n canada (europe is visiting)[View]
128032713What do japanese and non Americans think of American anime?[View]
128033107how bad will climate change get?[View]
128033139Shut the fuck up dutchman[View]
128033922What do foreigners think of the American way of interacting?[View]
128032825A board that is international: int[View]
128029163>take a 3 weeks vacation in the south >forget to bring what to shave >shave when I get back…[View]
128034311I just tried honey flavored peanuts and it's awful. Post disgusting foods from your cunt.[View]
128032518>at a bar >someone says something I disagree with >put on my glasses, start crying and repe…[View]
127974798DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2368: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
128031484hilo latino /lat/: hilo chancho culiao[View]
128029459Almost every Muslim majority place in Europe is full of non-hijabi women, alcohol, and premarital se…[View]
128033720if i was a deviantart or fanfiction user for the past ten years i'd be a decent artist or write…[View]
128033931It was my birthday two months ago: Please give me birthday wishes[View]
128021299IMAGINE not making it in this country: U earn more money as a garbage collector in USA than a doctor…[View]
128034283>i don't suffer in america[View]
128019428/MENA/ Based poetry edition[View]
128031140How come when women are drunk, aka uninhibited and not hiding their true self, they stop being inter…[View]
128034178Hello frens! Did you listen to the new Murdoch Murdoch ama?[View]
128032176R*ussians don't actually mark their letters with accents, it's just to help Anglos pronoun…[View]
128034002Do Americans REALLY? https://youtu.be/Ez_hQdWN4Rg[View]
128031750¿What are your honest thoughts on Poland and their politicians?[View]
128033773Why do they have so much Attitude?[View]
128033979Yesterday's drink foods with family. Yum yum.[View]
128033241Do Americans really????[View]
128033028What Countries are Good for Being Openly Gay?: When this lockdown ends I'm thinking of vacation…[View]
128033788My on the left, /int/ in the right[View]
128033714Why do Americans get nostalgic over ads? I was just in a nostalgia thread on /wsg/ and literally eve…[View]
128032288WWE: my fellow burgers, how does it feel to go to a WWE show? it seems to be the most burger thing y…[View]
128032969i have achieved absolutely nothing in the past 4 months[View]
128032050We love people who love us. We hate people who hate us.[View]
128033126Do you want to find love in Northeast China?[View]
128032391>your country >do you wear a mask flag no…[View]
128033530Do you want a Manchu GF?[View]
128032253Simple as[View]
128033226cousin called sayin his wife is giving birth and he didn't know she was pregnant[View]
128028005Are you tsundere, yandere, yangire, kuudere, dandere, deredere, kamidere, tsunshun, oujidere or hime…[View]
128033392Hey, who wants a slice?[View]
128010991/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /isr/ - /ཨི་སི་ར/ מהדורת קח קואסון: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U…[View]
128030847/brit/: /kevinedition/[View]
128031492Has anyone on /int/ contracted Corona?[View]
128032393In your country do people cut themselves.[View]
128032798Congratulations Mr. President![View]
128033062Why are Muslim men so gay? I am a Muslim male and I can attest that I am a closeted homosexual who o…[View]
128031524I feel stuck about a situation and need help: >be me >Got this new job in communications &…[View]
128033018i hate my parents they deserve painful cancer[View]
128030468What sound does an alpenhorn make?[View]
128031870>Be me >Take DNA test >Find 5 half sibling I've never heard about >Think my father …[View]
128030771Do people in your country like kitties?[View]
128031797The United States should apologize to Italy.: Pizza originated in Italy.[View]
128030025What is George Floyd's phenotype? He looks kind of odd.[View]
128020330/polska/: edycja łysonów[View]
128032476>hate China? heck no they make our sex dolls, go hate Russia or something.…[View]
128032686What was it like to live in an ancient society?[View]
128031970What happened to British Music?[View]
128032885Driving POVs thread: Any driving POVs from your country or other countries you like? I recently foun…[View]
128033070Was Russia better off during communism?[View]
128031305Anglos, return this.[View]
128027036Algeria is RICHER than 90% of Europe: GDP of Algeria in 2015 : 220 BILLIONS GDP of Croatia+Macedonia…[View]
128032684do you have countryside games? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c50K64YJmdo https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
128018395Why is America fear the this?[View]
128032457Round and round up and down Through the streets of your town Everyday I make my way Through the str…[View]
128026652What's 2+2 in your country?[View]
128032091>be aryan >try to have a normal conversation un a random chat app >SEA female monkey pops …[View]
128020517Are they really THIS white?[View]
128032249Why do americans love to play whale speedrun videogames?[View]
128032244Rightful icelandic soil[View]
128025581>opens face book >my childhood friends are mostly married…[View]
128032163i want to move to japan: let me have babies with yuor women[View]
128031965wow... this is LITERALLY me[View]
128030917I am polish-hatian with weird eyes. I want to preserve my eye color what slav country should I immig…[View]
128031702Ancient Japanese alphabet. Thoughts?[View]
128032126map thread: Debt trap edition >Convince shithole country that they will improve a lot of they buy…[View]
128031738France is unironically the best country in Yurope to live in.[View]
128029066José-kun shows autism: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=STsbAN5Muio[View]
128030434Are there actually lots of foreigners who misunderstand US tipping culture in some absurd way like …[View]
128025637islamic vs hindu india in one picture[View]
128031043You know, incels always have a seething hatred, but at the same time a great lust and sense of respe…[View]
128031833What separates humans from animals? It is culture. Knowledge and customs can be passed down generati…[View]
128030849>tfw you live in one of the most peaceful and beautiful countries in the world feels good…[View]
128027973How would your countrymen react to this man?[View]
128031042>1. your cunt >2. Where were you when Yeezy jumped over jumpman? flag I was in my house.…[View]
128032021LOL Spain[View]
128027188Do you like italian food[View]
128031819He was based?[View]
128028898Imagine if all the Anglos and chinese are gone from the his world.[View]
128031630stoners should be put up against a wall and shot[View]
128029503why is its grammar stupid[View]
128030106>last year go with zoomer buddy to art college open house because he's interested >almost…[View]
128025410Why are Norwegian women so beautiful?[View]
128028940Uniquely American experiences: >having to find the studs before you can hang a picture…[View]
128030387Turcs have Kebab French have tartiflette Italians have pizza Japanese have sushis Americans have…[View]
128024471Blue eyes: its us versus the apes bros[View]
128029071Mahmoud thread: this is Mahmoud thread. post here if you respect him[View]
128029817Is it over for Asian men?[View]
128029627Are you ugly, /int/?[View]
128027638Anyone here bi-racial? I'm half Black, half Dominican. Its kind of cool to be two different thi…[View]
128031220What goes on in Soho?[View]
128024924>right now as we speak, there are Arab women posting on this board with their bare feet exposed…[View]
128016481A Polish lad drowned trying to save 3 German children in Ik Ook land. >The three kids were brough…[View]
128030264Thinking about moving to Russia, don't know what to expect.: Thinking about moving to Eastern E…[View]
128028790>Euros are going to bed Nyooooooooooo :( Americans threads are always off-topic and I'm so l…[View]
128028208I left fan on last night to kill myself because i hate me but i didn't death why????[View]
128030286This is Finchingfield, Essex.[View]
128031421Would you live in America if given the chance?: I'd be too afraid of dying violently, seems lik…[View]
128029189/lat/ hilo latino lat hilo el hilo lat latino /lat/[View]
128031284Is it gay to masturbate in you're a cunt?[View]
128022721post your ancestors[View]
128031087>sleep >wake up 1 PM >eat meat, rice, beans >sleep >shitpost at int for straight 10 h…[View]
128024722>mexico is the brother brazil never had[View]
128031047Why is anglo mass media so sensitive about the word 'prostitute'? When you go in to their tabloids, …[View]
128025212why is non-American (especially British) standup so bad? it's like 30 years behind American com…[View]
128001024/celt/ - some irish boy wanted me to make this edition[View]
128025082/cum/ - canada us mexico: https://youtu.be/TdWEhMOrRpQ[View]
128025070>Sell out important info to mongols which led to the deaths of slavs and subjugation of Russians …[View]
128018734/ita/ - il filo: edizione vampirica e idolatrata[View]
128006338The year is 2150 and Mars has been terraformed. Claim your land.[View]
128029843If there was no New World, I'd be German.[View]
128018932There, I fixed North America.[View]
128021839Does your country honor those fallen in supermarket shootings?: https://twitter.com/brie_san11/statu…[View]
128026817me when I see a latin american flag: https://twitter.com/icaptainchanel/status/1289629290678505473…[View]
128030831How are the zookeepers regarded in your count?: are there the school or college for zookeeper?…[View]
128028654how do we fix western men?[View]
128029778does greek rely?[View]
1280306801. your cunt 2. do you have forklift operators? flag yes[View]
128024666How do you develop a thick skin?[View]
128021929I Love France[View]
128030394deed hitler dood?[View]
128028900Me in the center :) When I say the forbidden word :)[View]
128027051Could anyone from your country defeat Florida Man? He has: Unlimited money Unlimited bath salts Unl…[View]
128009173Any immigrants here? Why didn’t you stay in your homeland and improve the place? It’s not that hard …[View]
128021010>Finland and Italy >Portugal and Norway Why do Northern and Southern Europeans magnetize so mu…[View]
128029998i blame my parents for making me an anti social autist that cant talk to girls or even people in gen…[View]
128025544Aren't the Jews supposed to be smart?[View]
128015897Why Anglo boys are such qts? Shot by me by Han River, Seoul.[View]
128022210I can't take all the tranny shit in this country. Is Poland a good place to move to? Promising…[View]
128024848China is almost invincible.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZExiUB_VZRg[View]
128026359itt: countries you've filtered[View]
128028546Ich bin ein Staatenloser. Ich hasse die Anglo-Gesellschaft. Ich werde im Dezember ins Land gehen. Da…[View]
128001217>Germany is the best friend of the Netherlands >The Netherlands is only the second best friend…[View]
128026605europees are falling to sleep one by one[View]
128029026official board rankings: right where /int/ belongs.[View]
128029636Do they really...[View]
128020899Sverigetråden - Gotländska etnostaten[View]
128026983hi iq thread: 4chin should be banned from the internets[View]
128029549Do you like living in a society?[View]
128029252You can pay 20k USD and Korea can make you wh*Te from non-white.[View]
128028046Wh*Tes: >'No you cant be racist against wh*Tes in non-white country DONT KILL ME I dindu muffin' …[View]
128028612Why don't they just join New Brunswick? This puny little island is too small to be its own prov…[View]
128029113>See's white woman >Liberals want to make this extinct!!!!!…[View]
128028306is coffee good for you?[View]
128020018Are you able to say that you work harder than this kid?[View]
128029202/lat/: hilo del rey del hilo[View]
128027331kek they do be like that[View]
128022297>There are people other than ORTHODOX CHRISTVANS browsing int Convert, NOW!…[View]
128027551TikTok USA (owned by Microsoft) vs TikTok Global (owned by ByteDance): Now that TikTok will split in…[View]
128027655Do the Chinese know what these mean?[View]
127983526/esp/ - Hilo Español: edición del simpeo[View]
128023852America has fallen! Lay claim to spheres of influence. Be warned, the population is not completely p…[View]
128025848I love germans because kill Anglos.[View]
128026263do you like finnish women, anon?[View]
128028744brb frens just need to do some skincare please make sure i dont miss any fun stuff[View]
128028587>When one government official was asked if Sudan would join other countries in limiting entry for…[View]
128028564Do north americans consider people Portugal and from other euro latin countries to be white? My frie…[View]
128024265/lat/: Lat hilo latino[View]
128028155How common is racism in your country?[View]
128027402World's biggest brown reggaeton shithole[View]
128026509Are you a casual homosexual.[View]
128028279JEB 2021!![View]
128023927What countries are relevant?[View]
128025615/brit/: A night to remember[View]
128027340Italy should just make this their national flag[View]
128027265A gathering of the world's most powerful nations...[View]
128027686>Did you just call me a fucking Arab? What do?[View]
127920518/v4/+friends: Sundah edition[View]
128019427Why are Americans such heartless monsters?[View]
128019397>I used to be a dinosaur, you know...[View]
128014856Why do the Nordics buy houses in Spain en masse?: then later don't cry when a gypsy goblin occu…[View]
128021616>civilisation? nah bro fuck that just give me a sharpened stick and i'll bring back some din…[View]
128025392Will they become western when they become first world?[View]
128019911What country is this phenotype most common in?[View]
128027464Why does he oppress latinx people?[View]
128027315Hey /int/, don't wake up tomorrow[View]
128009921/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
128026030This is your future, white man[View]
128018574/Nederdraad/ - 5G-editie Welkom: Mensen met alu hoedje Niet-welkom: Mensen zonder alu hoedje[View]
128025935/NATO/ - Green = good: Why are Europoor countries so cheap? Also, love to Bulgaria from the USA…[View]
128027185Am I bisexual because I'm in denial? Because I'm a slut or because I can't decide? No…[View]
128026427>land of the free >cant make tik toks[View]
128020720Americans can be shot in their own homes by the police: Then walk away without even being charged fo…[View]
128026412I am half black[View]
128026514Time to admit he was right, /int/. Fuck cities, fuck intellectuals.[View]
128022942Sweden WTF? I always knew nords were incels but damn...[View]
128021268What are you having for dinner tonight lads?[View]
128025145what are the Jews scheming there?[View]
128026117Mountain Mama: 1. Your cunt 2. What you think of West Virginia?[View]
128026333Does smoked salmon count as sushi[View]
128021587Fuck off, we already have enough exiled mobsters[View]
128012943/balk/: BROTHERHOOD & VNITY >>127998151[View]
128026173Women just cannot resist the MED BVLL cock[View]
128025555IM: HIGH WAT NOU?[View]
128024808Are these cunts ever gonna get their shit together? Frankly I'm sick and tired of throwing mone…[View]
128023676>As American as apple pi—[View]
128020758Who would win Japan invading SK+NK[View]
128018582Am I Greek?[View]
128025529>mfw face when amerimutts tore their country apart over a hoodrat whose drugs were literally drop…[View]
128024185I've always had this fantasy where I'd own a secret appartment/studio hidden in a public s…[View]
128025058Do you love black people?[View]
128012183Could England and Japan be considered similar? > Both were important in the 19th century > The…[View]
128025887opinion ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWptb6W_J-Y[View]
128025167Is your country politics hyper focused on identity politics and nationality? or do they care about t…[View]
127991903Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>127963251 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
128012305/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: New thread, rise and shine sleepyheads[View]
128025757https://youtu.be/IfBPo7cLWFw I think RVSSIA has SOVL[View]
128025247Things that bothers you on /int/: >Nord vs med[View]
128019488finland thrade[View]
128014724This grandma...: >15.000 millions of dollars wealth >100 millions of dollars each year from pu…[View]
128025033What do Japs think of Avatar?[View]
128024944>Well 80% 'Slavic'? You know that you will not be native to any slavic country,you will be just a…[View]
128014992Japanese/Asian people of /int/: Is or was doing pic related considered ok or normal? Someone please …[View]
128019614What's the most bullied country on /int/?[View]
127979708/ex-yu/: ovde smo edicija https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34DY2_swDZ4[View]
128017355Why is France so based?[View]
128025255Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>127991903 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
128025315Nou wat nou, bly jy of ry jy Nou wat nou, hou jy nog van my Nou wat nou, praat jy nog met my Ooh, ka…[View]
128025292Mutts fapped to this[View]
128017725>OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU >Haha, see guys, I know the language and totally love anime so can I be…[View]
128003600/med/: For free edition[View]
128023998ITT: strange cultural traditions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umarell https://en.wikipedia.org/wik…[View]
128024992>Let me go >Gravity >What's on my shoulder? >Little by little, I feel a bit bett…[View]
128024972Adulthood is realizing Islam is actually the right way[View]
128024108Were most native women raped or was it possible that some gave their consent?[View]
128023575i've found the solution to the suicide pandemic in the western and asian worlds[View]
128020290Why do Americans have a serious problem with hard drugs?[View]
128024716Do anchovies belong on za?[View]
128020216int ylyl[View]
128023319Me going through everything in 2020[View]
128024713your cunt your canon pokemon girl? flag misty[View]
128022088What countries are more sexually open?[View]
128019912/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des hommes de belle destiné Avant: >>128014071[View]
128024601I don't post in n*derdraad anymore because they're racist against black girls.[View]
128022783>There are countries where corn is a common food yet they don't even know about Nixtamalizat…[View]
128022451Me when Denmark sends me a discord DM[View]
128024334>NO SLEEP TILL[View]
128010653hilo latino /lat/: hilo latino[View]
128024266The average british phenotype.[View]
128019959your cunts mexico: Is Estonia the Mexico of Finland? Our Mexico is Albania[View]
128022861>be brit in spain >fall from height[View]
128009881/norgetråden/: Klassen-utgaven Forrige: >>127992222 >>127992222 >>127992222[View]
128008184kurva anyátok[View]
128017152Would this work?[View]
128023889Why not?[View]
128014846East Asians and East Asian Diaspora: Where are you from and what is your opinion of this flag? You m…[View]
128023437Dear /med/: Take your schizo, meds.[View]
128019375post girls from your local area[View]
128013906You may only post here if your country has an aircraft carrier. Hello relevant countries.[View]
128023350>The country's GDP may fall by up to 32% by the end of the year >burst of 'anti-racist' p…[View]
128023585Any eurofags here watch this? I have just seen the last episode on TV.[View]
128018595Average Dutch/English/German/French boy[View]
128015877My addiction for this site (and board) Is making me mentally ill. Does this happens in your country?[View]
128015017>Be Herzegovian >Live through the horrors of war >See your father killed by Serbs >Flee …[View]
128020009China is literally just like pre-WWII America. >Huge wealth gap >No safety regulations >Bui…[View]
128020012I am in the prime sexual years of my life and I have yet to touch a woman intimately ever[View]
128023025Besides this guy, who's your favorite Slavic philosopher?[View]
128022725>White Americans[View]
128021529How many first world countries do you see on this map?[View]
128017896international try and buy thread: what are some things from other cunts you want to try /int/? I wan…[View]
128021026A Nafri just got lynched right now down my appartement: As usually fight between a bunch of blacks a…[View]
128018842>8 year term limit KEK[View]
128011885/deutsch/: Heile-Welt-Ausgabe[View]
128021441Post your favorite first world country[View]
128021936Are sites like Reddit and Twitter actually representative of the general population of Western count…[View]
128021439I was having a good day then I remembered al Andalus and now I’m sobbing at my desk I want it back s…[View]
128022419so why tf is everyone protesting over this racist ?[View]
128015417Enter The Prince Exit The Mexican[View]
128020109Why do latinx zoomers love their music so much?[View]
128020242Who is more powerfull and why? I really consider them the most relevant countries in Europe[View]
128018126Do you have a passport?: I heard in the USA many people never own a passport in their life[View]
128018646How fucked are we because of climate change?[View]
128020417Which one of these are more true?[View]
128018918mamatay nako sa gutom[View]
128004138How did romanians preserved the language with all the invasions and migrations that happened in the …[View]
128014665your country do you meditate bro?[View]
128020031I sincerely hate Sweden from the bottom of my heart. I don't know why or when it began, but whe…[View]
128017043is the mutt meme really that accurate? american anons, show me yourselves.[View]
128017707Who were the biggest LARPers of the Roman Empire?: https://www.strawpoll.me/20712012 https://www.str…[View]
128021171>That retarded portuguese trying to prove that Portugal is white[View]
128020888I NEED to escape the Bahamas. Would you adopt!?[View]
128020980Oh no no no[View]
128019211Would first worlders spent 1000 dollars to have the chance to spent 27k more dollars on a game?[View]
128020853germs pls answer this is important: Would I, as a poolish-slavisch untermensch that nearly got exter…[View]
128020628Why, Don't ask me why: Why, Don't ask me why[View]
128019405Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
128020341Peak america webm.[View]
128019905are Finns the semites of northern europe[View]
128020228José-kun shows autism https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=STsbAN5Muio[View]
128012630Why are there so many weird deformed people in Brazil? What exactly happens in favelas?[View]
128008233Are you normal by your country's standards?[View]
128020621I finally installed Ginger on my chrome as an extension. Additionally Hemingway Editor too. With thi…[View]
128016932/brit/: Sam Underhill edition[View]
128020281I wish i was born Japanese[View]
128017741What is wrong with humans? There is literally a garbage island just floating out in the ocean.[View]
128020511Why would you want to live in Japan if the vast majority of Japanese people can't speak English…[View]
1280135781. your cunt 2 Hot chocolate time?[View]
128019774>/bant/ = SOVL >/int/ = souless[View]
128019820This is what the average polish male looks like.[View]
128016098Sneed...we're leaving.[View]
128019895Will it happen in our lifetimes?[View]
128016530please stop posting lewd things[View]
128017147I hate London. I am here for two weeks and I'm already hypervigilant, I can never relax. I neve…[View]
128015139How do you say 'mogged' in your native language?[View]
128020044Koreans really think this is ok[View]
128016601How would you explain the gigachad folder on your computer to your mom?[View]
128019636Marry me, Juliet You'll never have to be alone I love you and that's all I really know I t…[View]
128018564The Duke of Wellington was a superior general to Napoleon[View]
128009727Post the most famous person from your city.[View]
128019927I may be brazilian but at least I'm not a hapa american[View]
128019832breton nationalism is mostly built around the existence of this drink. crazy how nature do dat[View]
128016813I am star to think that I would be happier as a woman, is this normal?[View]
128014152>I always wear a kilt, because I'm Celtic, I'm French and I was born in Brittany.…[View]
128016916helo frens how are you doing today[View]
128014490Brazilian cities look like AliExpress New York[View]
128014071/fr/ - Le fil Francophone: Edition du début de soirée et des gros seins bordel de merde Ancien fil :…[View]
128016611your average chicano[View]
128017702>I suffer in Congo Thirdies have no reason to complain[View]
1280178241. Your Cunt 2. Have you ever eaten an MRE for your country's military?[View]
128006783/polska/: edycja plażowa temat muzyczny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASrS7GrhBH0[View]
128018880When I approach one or a group of scrawny and emasculated white bois you can feel the tension in the…[View]
128015611>The best breeds of dog come from Japan[View]
128014989>he only speaks English as a foreign language[View]
128017948How much music do you listen to?[View]
128008682>I change my underwear all 2-3 days this is normal right ?[View]
128005774/ita/ - il filo: edizione la classificazione del negher[View]
127986267/flag/ + /extraflags/: SDF edition Previous: >>127917055 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spi…[View]
128012105Sverigetråden - Närconupplagan: Ni har väl varit på Närcon? Det finns bara en tjej i den här bilden.…[View]
128017473/deutsch/: ch a d Ausgabe[View]
128015212Why are white people doing this?[View]
128015868>Poverty stricken families from Groningen could spend the last weekend camping in what would be a…[View]
128018190Mountain lover thread: Does /int/ like hiking?[View]
128009752Eyes thread: Gib mir deine Augen Gib mir dein Licht Schenk mir deine Tränen[View]
128017916Why are half Danish half (insert almost any ethnicity) men so handsome?[View]
128017533Jirenscholars: Why are we so powerful? >>128013299[View]
128017995Helsinki tap water is better than Evian. It's the best water out there. This is a FACT.[View]
128002537Turks aren’t whi-: This is the great granddaughter of the Sultan Abdülhamit II, of the Ottoman Empir…[View]
128017597I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
128008226>americans just stole several mexican states >they think mexicans in those stole states are i…[View]
128018209Sahih Bukhari 9:83:39 >Narrated Anas: Whenever Allah's Apostle greeted somebody, he used to …[View]
128018018A business in China: I'm 32 and married to a Chinese girl from Beijing. I have 100k € and was g…[View]
128013770Germany will be the EU's downfall[View]
128017464Hi, I'm Brad. No matter where you hide, i will occupy your safespace, no matter what you do, I…[View]
128017629Is this a bad or a good thing? https://vietnamtimes.org.vn/vietnamese-community-in-japan-reached-alm…[View]
128013310It feels like I have food stuck in my throat but I can still breathe. I had a gummy like candy/lolli…[View]
128005213/nederdraad/: BARF uitgave https://streamable.com/4kqu7q[View]
128016075When did you realize that jobs are a meme?[View]
128015552>Port O'Ricko[View]
128009466how do I become a sexy female like her? is hrt the correct way? I want my pusst to get wrecked by bi…[View]
128017318The future of USA[View]
128015585This is a Hungarian boy[View]
128011863/deutsch/: fernöstliche Ausgabe[View]
128010282Con Franco: Todos tenían trabajo Te ibas de vacaciones, dejabas la puerta de tu casa abierta y nadie…[View]
128017103I spent my whole 20's getting drunk the whole night, fooling around with girls and rasing hell.…[View]
128015328Do you have shops in your country specialized in selling goods from one specific country?[View]
128014559Name a more iconic duo.[View]
128013365/brit/: Amerifats bake two in a row edition[View]
128014924/int/... how are you doing?[View]
127987448/mena/: ايه جو انا من اكبر مشجعين أمير الاحساس كيف عرفت؟[View]
128012557>death to america[View]
128015828White people smell like _______[View]
128004985Why does picrelated trigger Poland so much?[View]
128015439Why is this board so obsessed with shit? >indians shit on street >americans shart in mart >…[View]
128015420Who won the war?[View]
127999303/mämmi/: Datsun painos[View]
128014817What /int/ernational tv series are you watching?[View]
128016108german people destroyed rome and caused the dark ages and 2 world wars, they created protestantism a…[View]
128011391mmmmm thick thighs[View]
127954493/asean/: mole under pits edisi![View]
128004774>During the first waves of migration to the United States, the Swedes were also subjected to cert…[View]
128015024Do Nafiri's really?[View]
128014107Greeks want to genocide us[View]
128015649>As leader of the Facist Congo State (Zaïre), Mobutu wore the 'Abacost', a contraction of the Fre…[View]
128011967Fuck ErDOGan[View]
128015578How dangerous are countries like Bulgaria and Serbia?: I had a dream last night that most foreigners…[View]
128013356Would having a Mediterranean gf make you happy?[View]
128010411/hell/: >Saw two pakiskins today[View]
128014121I spend long nights wondering if the EU will succeed[View]
128015267This is what America used to be about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I4zkHgdw2w[View]
128014955>croats >civilized[View]
128014172Are there any ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on /int/[View]
128014589Counter Strike Video Game[View]
128001821Do Russians these days wish the monarchy never ended? It seems these days they really miss them.[View]
128012202Post school classes from your country: Ukrainian class[View]
128011796Forehead thread[View]
128014047Any Greekmen wish to rate my authentic Greek salad?[View]
128014662I summon all Texans to this thread.[View]
128014643>meow yes, i'm an American cat what give it away?[View]
128009980Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: What’s the opinion on him in your country? I personally think he did a lot of…[View]
127974187/luso/: edição 1 MILHÃO DO ATILA[View]
128012961>eye thread brown bug eyes, wow so interesting[View]
128014330Visit Athens in march so you can see the military parade[View]
128012106/Nordic/: Monday edition[View]
128003363Why do they hate each other all of a sudden?[View]
128013917What's some low class names in your country? Here they are names like Braian, Kevin, Dylan, Jon…[View]
128003833bootleg france[View]
128013920I think the world would be a MUCH better place if western euros and their diaspora + black people di…[View]
128012499What does a typical couple look like in your country?[View]
128013359>open int >no oil driller thread[View]
128013443Would you support a croatian genocide so Greeks can resettle in Illyria?[View]
128012728Who would have thought a pedo can bring world peace?[View]
128011852What's going on in Oslo?[View]
128012465>didn't shower for one day >head gets itchy and full of dandruff by the next How frogs do…[View]
128012668>finns are not ugl-[View]
128007838Americans be like >You're too young to drink but old enough to die for Israel…[View]
128007821Uh, Germany, are you ok?[View]
128005420Post your favorite Brazilian music[View]
128013473>See whitoid coming up to speak to me >'No hablo ingles' >See black person coming up to spe…[View]
128001383I sometimes go naked in the forest and have a wank. It is our family owned forest so I have the righ…[View]
128013583Do you like smoking a marijuana cigarette?[View]
128006314Post your favorite thing of Uruguay: for me it's their street view https://youtu.be/Cgdf9xGf46Q…[View]
128013355Nkosi Sikeleli AFRIKA Maluphakanyisw Uphondo Iwayo Yizwa Imithadazo Yethu Nkosi Sikelela Thina Lusa…[View]
128009629Do Azeris really think this way about Armenians?[View]
128009304/fr/ - Frankreich: Edition de la fertilité. N'oubliez jamais de gicler à l'intérieur. La s…[View]
128008819/brit/: spiderman edition[View]
128011025Today I will remind them[View]
127998413lmao do nordicucks/alt-incels really believe they were Romans? I thougth it was just a meme.[View]
128012273>'Run away' in Japanese.[View]
127998151/balk/: r/mkd izdanije >>127980303[View]
128009135Do people dig holes on the beach in your country?[View]
128011311Punch Bin Laden[View]
128012880If your country's monarchy was so great then why did it collapse?[View]
127992657post humour from your country[View]
128012831Literally the best feeling to share anecdotes about my penis to people all over the world. Thanks in…[View]
128012238Do you like roller coasters/rides of all kinds, /int/ ? I fucking love it[View]
128009627This country and the propaganda of the rich elites who control it has destroyed the world as it was …[View]
128001861Why is /int/ like this?[View]
128009104Why the Mediterranean[View]
128011434If you are from this country: please dont reproduce: >Germ*ny >America >Russia >England …[View]
128004663/int/ /mu/: whats everyone listing to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETip5i7YgwU[View]
128010121Out of your friends which are you?[View]
128011958It’s a well documented fact that garlic can cause vaginal odor. >https://www.abel.care/blog/my-va…[View]
128004341>Argentina >white[View]
128012347>actually having a segment for morals at the end of a cartoon episode The absolute state of ameri…[View]
128008895this is a tranny who got the title of 'most sexy brazilian woman', the most sexy brazilian woman was…[View]
128010001Westoids have a knife dedicated entirely to bread-related applications[View]
127983345/cum/ - canada us mexico: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Shirts_(Mexico)[View]
128012048Luigi Cristiano Caciello, famous italian farmer[View]
128012089Very cool, Japan! Thank you![View]
128011989There's going to be absolutely no differences between any of our countries in 10 - 20 years[View]
127995527European Cities: How many can you name? I have 193 https://iafisher.com/projects/cities/europe https…[View]
128007026why western 'males' have such skinny legs? they have whole culture of 'males' having skinny legs and…[View]
128007897who cares?[View]
128010492>some americans get paid to sniff a poo[View]
128009082So... we just found out that half the anon on /fr/ are or have been part of this 'cultural and acade…[View]
128009810>americans are waking up[View]
128011679>Cannot connect to CAPTCHA, please try again[View]
128008722thank you israel: thank you israel for selling us these drones, we could capture one of the most wan…[View]
128011176An imablanced power dynamic is natural and healthy: Yeah thats right. I said it.[View]
128010441Texas was its own country for 10 years. What parts of your country were their own country at some po…[View]
127995644>Your country >The most recent album you’ve listened to Flag Picture related. It’s unironical…[View]
128006269Country What's your phone?[View]
128006184What were your grandpa and dad like in their youth?[View]
128008018https://www.arealme.com/colors/en/ How good is your color vision?[View]
128011022>The Mexicans seething in that Mexican-American War thread even though only 10,000 Mexicans lived…[View]
128008596What's Hemsworth's heritage? Why doesn't he look like a typical anglo male and by tha…[View]
128010749/中文/ - 欢迎来到中文主题: 孙悟空你坏事做尽! 咯咯咯咯咯咯咯咯咯咯咯咯[View]
128010885Name a more iconic duo[View]
128011020CovidPass: https://invidio.us/watch?v=aqMoxkHm3mQ[View]
128008200Do asian people think that regular people look weird?[View]
128006247turkish girls...[View]
128008077Too many countries are using Latin alphabet and it is so boring[View]
128010836HEY SHITALIANS[View]
128001908Home :)[View]
128010320Is this the best place in Europe?[View]
128007087>larps as 'first world' >has roomies >works at McDonald's…[View]
128010530>scandinavian style socialism >denmark norway and sweden are totally socialist bro and they…[View]
128010381It feels like I have food stuck in my throat but I can still breathe I had a gummy like candy/lollie…[View]
127991244/lat/: hilo latino antisemita[View]
128007660i can't remember the last time i was proud to be american[View]
128010449Capitol building rate: >Region served >When it was built This is BCs capitol building, built f…[View]
128009114what did you learn from you /int/ experience? I've learned that every ethnicity is unique and b…[View]
127982735/ישר/ - /อิสร/ - /isr/ - /ཨི་སི་ར/ +חברים: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4N2KqT4TeU…[View]
128010200Do you hear this in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrNn568rmGU[View]
128009591the anglo problem: if your not from these area and to be able to post in /int/ in english you have t…[View]
128005221Sverigetråden - Spelkubupplagan[View]
128008717>get unsolicited text from some government worker telling me to register to vote >text back 'f…[View]
128001557If you went back to 1900 in your country, what would you do?[View]
128010011I dont have a physical form..: I was born with this rare case that 1/7000000000 people have It has …[View]
128009907>Russian Kid CS:GO Rage Compilation (Funny)[View]
128002310My Austrian ex-girlfriend Maria I miss her[View]
128009371wypipo: >Immediately, the hussars and infantry engaged in combat with one another. During the con…[View]
128003466If the EU is ever to truly unite we need radical administrative reform. We need to abolish current …[View]
128005074>tfw no qt slav gf[View]
128008110I just bought 12 pairs of socks because they were 50% off[View]
128008753Am I welcome here?: Scandibros Am I welcomed in your cunt?[View]
128000626My little brother and his friends pooled their money together and bought a broken down house in a ba…[View]
128005439Is Cuenca (Spain) the ugliest city in continental Europe?: Just look at this shit. Looks like favela…[View]
128003013Who's your favorite? How many of the sultans in the pic do you know?[View]
128003914/brit/: are moz edish[View]
128007989>have a fetish for chubby women (not entirely obese though) >be born in america Living the dre…[View]
127999733>his country doesnt eat human meat[View]
128007904I want Vietnam to use this They should be seen as east asian cultural sphere not Latin[View]
128007151What happens here?[View]
128006346Germans are evil according to google[View]
1280091411. cunny 2. Is ASMR kino? yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emh7heUQd0Q[View]
128008531my dick is soft, bros[View]
128007766latino food[View]
127992222/norgetråden/: Det kom et cruiseskip til Tromsø i juli 2020. Bølge 2-utgaven Forrige >>127954…[View]
128008936ooooo, дpaгyнoв ...[View]
128008906I am a turkroach but I wish I was Greek[View]
128002450/fr/ - Le francofil™: Édition Michèle Mouton Ancien: >>127995199[View]
128006400>I did my time. >And I want out.[View]
128007240I've yet to have a night where, after a night of crazy sex with someone I love, we're cudd…[View]
128008724what does French wine taste like[View]
128008495>Yes, i do believe that germanics are superior to meds both in body and spirit…[View]
128006776>a toast, to england[View]
128008586>USAn mad at constantly being the target of /int/ernational sneers and jeers >USAn mocks non-U…[View]
128007642How's you're a cunts media?[View]
128004248Post country shapes you like. I really like Ireland's shape. Beautiful borders.[View]
127995442Come home white man[View]
128008040Do you know that there’s a caste in India called “Turks”?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turk_Jamat …[View]
128003663I want to move to Germany. Would I be welcomed there?[View]
128003448>hey where you from? >uh germany >oh cool funny enough sometimes it happens that they say g…[View]
128006899Born premature: Just wondering if I can blame being born at month 4 (looking barely better than a ra…[View]
128008374So...?: Why is Chinese cinema so realistic and thought-out? I mean, you see the emotion in the chara…[View]
128007632France and Argentina confirmed cucks LMAO[View]
128008325>Seek help.[View]
128007691>Why yes I live in Brussels. What gave it away?[View]
128007409I'm about to eat an entire frozen pizza by myself.[View]
128004377I can only relate culturally at city level, the rest of my country can burn the fuck off, countries …[View]
128007842The SOVL of /int/, my sweet and tender /int/... is gone[View]
128007948This is a indonesian bbq, how is bbq in your cunt?[View]
128006343Everytime i see a short brown sub-human latin american blasting their god awful reggaeton or favela …[View]
128007880Why are Germans so creepy?[View]
128004482I love crypto traders. Thanks for everything.[View]
128004875What country is left girl from?[View]
128004129What’s actual Spanish like?: Here in the US, we are only exposed to the bastardized Sudaca monkey ve…[View]
128006907What kind of garbage writing system is this and how were people able to read and even write it[View]
128003314/deutsch/: https://youtu.be/AY1bA23hGMU 5PIX9INE[View]
128004484Is this common in France?[View]
127990300/balt/ + /ausnz/: Godspeed Swedish poster edition[View]
128005820While I was writing an answer, a thread was archived, so I'm starting a new one. OP's ques…[View]
128007580Kuffar nigga be like >I love beer[View]
128004458Do American women really???[View]
128007476Here's a picture I drew celebrating 9/11 when I was a kid.[View]
1280018981.your cunt 2.Do you find american women cute? 1.Germany 2.yes[View]
128001464Is everyone on /int/ just the opposite of what people from their countries are usually like? >Ame…[View]
128003625go to https://thispersondoesnotexist.com would you fuck the person you got?[View]
128006357Post traditional food from your country: Here is a spice bag[View]
128004407I fucking hate you people[View]
128003669>Yeah bro, I'm White. My family comes from Europe, right here. >This is Europe right? …[View]
128007237>NEAR DEATH CAPTURED by GoPro and camera pt.77[View]
128007236>Belfasts most recognisable structure >it's a fucking crane I hate this city so much…[View]
128006297Lusovenator Santosi, bigger and stronger than the Trex[View]
128005302Doomer thread: Are doomers common in your country? How are you holding up anon[View]
128005110>American parents ask their sons to pay rent to live in the family home…[View]
128005488/INT/ER CHADREN[View]
128005628Ppost your favorite British songs.: https://youtu.be/9_uQzEsSA1A[View]
128004056I suffer in America. :([View]
128006763Do people in your cunt live in a society?[View]
128000682which countries most hate each others?: German vs French England vs Spanish Ukraine vs Russia Israel…[View]
127991660/polska/: edycja majonezowa[View]
127993135kurva anyátok[View]
128004087What do you think is the best thing on earth?: I think it's equal for everyone. My opinion sex …[View]
128005604>US citizen? You're a United-Statesian. >UK citizen? You're a United-Kingdomian. Or …[View]
128003442Why are there so many gay and tranny threads on this board? Should they consider making an /lgbt/int…[View]
128006563What is your Power level?: I took judo all the way from fifth grade to my senior year of high school…[View]
127995055Do you love Japanese girls?[View]
127995884/ita/ il filo: edizione c'è un nuovo sceriffo in città[View]
128003312A toast! To /int/ernational love and friendship![View]
128002277Do they know that the Otan´s plan was to destroy Russia completely, steal its nukes and resources, a…[View]
128001157OH NO NO NO[View]
128003902Chinks are de facto asexual.: The Chinese man doesn't feel the urge to fuck or impregnated a wo…[View]
128003151>Package says it's for two people. >I'm still hungry.…[View]
128006030It's only love moshimo negai hitotsu dake kanau nara kimi no soba de nemurasete donna basho dem…[View]
128003069I bought fake Nutella from LIDL. What am I in for?[View]
128005833Who is Greek?[View]
128003193What was the biggest cope you've ever heard from a fellow countryman? Once in a dicussion, a 'r…[View]
128002403Rangeban Europe[View]
128005085>americans are killing each other[View]
128000705Does your country have local food that looks like this?[View]
128003964We have culture![View]
128001568Future International Predictions: I predict that France and China will fight in Africa over influenc…[View]
128003768I'm starting with the man in the mirror[View]
128001295How would you rate your country's society?[View]
128005248Sverigetråden - Mackans upplaga[View]
128002614Would having a mena gf make you happy?[View]
128004231Yes, i do support mass immigration, but only if its women under 30.[View]
128005129Why are Anglos so weak?[View]
128004200глянь нa мeнe пopoжнiми oчимa i cпpямyй cвoї cлoвa y мiй бiк.[View]
1280039091. country 2. Which one is more popular in your cunt, tea or coffee? flag Coffee, but tea is better…[View]
128005183Why don't okinawa use this flag?[View]
128001027Miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
127992488What's Luxembourg like? Has anyone here ever been there?[View]
127987319/nederdraad/: Eekhoorn in mijn broek editie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaFdUkf8Hik[View]
128004508'When I grow up I want to be a fucking loser than posts on a Vietnamese cartoon forum all day'[View]
128000269What is your country's opinion of Colgate Toothpaste? Specifically the one with tartar control?[View]
128004702it's 21:18 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
128004424Kylie give me just a chance let's go out and dance we can get into the groove I can watch you m…[View]
128003215Do you love Japan?[View]
128003795>je me souviens[View]
128002011Is Napoleon viewed as infamous in France like Hitler is in Germany?[View]
128003158does this ever happen in your cunt?: flag yes[View]
128002213Is there an evil country that wants to destroy yours?[View]
127999284What is it like to work in skilled jobs in your country? Both white collar and blue collar? I have 0…[View]
128002877I WANT TO GO TO MÉXICO: I want to go to Mexico to get a fat amerindian gf. Will I be welcomed in Mex…[View]
127995103I will be drafted tomorrow, goodbye everybody[View]
127998751/brit/: MP for Fiat 500s edition[View]
128002091Which country has the most coomers?[View]
128003078Do you follow any twitter/telegram accounts to keep up with gaming-related news?[View]
128002692How can I get a white daughter?[View]
127996057Zimbabwe is occupied Rhodesia: and is rightful British clay This is only the beginning! The empire …[View]
128003409Do people in your country respect jannies?[View]
128002993What do Japanese posters on /int/ think of the Nanking Massacre?[View]
128001155i tried making art with paint + mouse[View]
127995566Why don't you move to Japan? many people are getting notice only japan is the utopia / dreamlan…[View]
128003737Why flag of goetsu looks like korean[View]
128003534Being this flag: There's probably slim, girly looking, crop top so we can see their lower tummy…[View]
127997660Remember when some English poster's brother was craving for some French cock?: Now I understand…[View]
128002830Thank you Indonesia[View]
127998607Sverigetråden - Våldtäktsupplagan[View]
128003081Americans will pay for what they did to Hungary[View]
128002053>American think there's more freedom in a communist state than in the land of the free…[View]
128001386is it normal in your cunt to fail in everything?[View]
128001419>in an anxious mood after seeing some midly creepy shit >open up my yt reccomendation playlist…[View]
128001395I hate Russian (because they hurt my feeling the worst but I love Russian too (because they are most…[View]
128001090There’s nothing that came out of European culture that can beat China, aesthetically.[View]
128002036Brown boys: What’s your view on your girls dyeing their hair blonde? I personally think it looks stu…[View]
128003015>tfw no gf Can’t stop thinking about her bros, physically hurts Is it better to have loved then …[View]
128002419Are there any Indians (American) on /int/?[View]
128002939>I wish *cough* I wish I had *cough* worn that mask...[View]
127998287Really makes you think[View]
128001888Cottage pie... steak and kidney pie...pie and mash... full english breakfast... People who say briti…[View]
127998901Does your country have a chad name?[View]
127998479/deutsch/: Klassische Ausgabe[View]
127998787What are you listening to, Frens? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeBfmxcBvw0[View]
128002558Do you find this cute?[View]
128002736thoughts on Northern European culture?: https://www.tiktok.com/@mushtaqahmad2/video/6855948779816783…[View]
127998431Does your country have cringe fans? We have pakis[View]
127992056>Just talk to girls, bro[View]
128002564are you prepared for the chinese century?[View]
127999453My village is much older than my country[View]
128001077Greta when you drive a car[View]
128002216Anons, if you'd found out that your beautiful college/uni teacher is in serious trouble and bei…[View]
128002536Post-brexit our economy will depend entirely on runescape gold. How can other countries even compete…[View]
127998912Are you a girthlet?[View]
128002481Christ, save our souls.[View]
128000618Post famous historical figures from your cunt[View]
127999129i want to live in Mozambique bros[View]
128001713Are loli illegal in your country? How does it make you feel?[View]
127996044I believe in the existence of female warriors. But I don't believe they were in the USA[View]
127998379Hitler dood[View]
128001762Arabs eating this[View]
127994375>u r cunt >u r rightful borders >Avstria >pic related…[View]
128000603what did you get, /int/? http://www.heightdb.com/blog/am-i-tall-or-short[View]
128002285>this is the average brazilian 'male'[View]
128001354is not bread, is anglo bred[View]
128000604Americans look like this?: I can't even tell what race or ethnicity this thing is.[View]
127991955>skandinavian men[View]
1279970321. country 2. cofe time? >flag >cofe time.…[View]
128002086>I like COOL FOOD™ much better than food >COOL FOOD™ is better because it's cool >That…[View]
127993030What are people from here like?[View]
128000490Did you know Japanese Hiragana chart comes from Sanskrit of India?[View]
127999578>enters your thread >makes a stupid post Why does this happen everytime?…[View]
127999647When was the last time you feel genuinely happy with your life? Me 2010.[View]
128000873Do you have these in your country?[View]
127988973i'm this frog. which frog you are?[View]
127984509/Éire/: Is Èirinn Albannach.[View]
128001595When will Vietnam give up using latin alphabet? It has good alternative thing[View]
128001069Armenian and Azeri bros. How tense are things right now in your countries?[View]
128000785this land should be Greek again think about it logically[View]
127997928What is your favourite foreign dish?[View]
127997655>The only flaw in the picture is a recent social-ethnic one – for FINNS, eternally confound ‘em, …[View]
1279995411. your cunt 2. does it have organized crime my favorites are the japanese yakuza. we only have bike…[View]
127998385Why can't Irish people just accept that their language is dying? It's just so embarressin…[View]
128001410Greece has military parades[View]
127999702ITT: ugly flags[View]
127998989EU enlargement: What is your stance on further EU enlargment? With what countries should the expansi…[View]
127998637Language: Where should i find a good language tutor while all this covid bs is still alive and well?…[View]
127999506mfw there is a white ethno state in the Middle East[View]
127999289I accidentally called someone anon on another /int/ imageboard and like 10 people are bullying me ab…[View]
127994166How do people even escape Russia? I can't live on my salary, and have no ways of climbing all t…[View]
127996116The Sneaking Tiger of Asia: With a GDP per capita on par with South American countries like Argentin…[View]
127994934You can choose a girl from one of these two countries to be your wife. Which one do you choose ?[View]
127998669Finnish Pizza Muffins!!![View]
128000161I've never seen a black person in my life[View]
127998186Does your country have plot twists?[View]
128001186Do people in your country have 3 year gaps in their resume?[View]
127995199/fr/ - Le Fil Français: Édition du bougnoule inconscient Ancien: >>127988448[View]
127997017This is probably the greatest mind in the world right now. If you haven't heard of him yet, you…[View]
127986189The great debate[View]
127993466If the EU were the USA, what US state your country would be?[View]
127999336what happens here?[View]
128000857Vietnam is going to use this as their main writing script instead of Lain alphabet[View]
127998497Why the fuck are there Nordics like V*rg that try to feel so superior to Mediterranean? It is not ev…[View]
127999890Are westerners really that stupid: Comments on the video about the execution of Beria. These people …[View]
127995768edizione DIAMANTI, SIGNORIIIII!![View]
128000722>you're cunt >do you spend your free time watching youtube? flag No. Frankly, I don'…[View]
128000565Have you ever seen this many birds at once?[View]
127990732Norwegian couple buy a house in Spain and its occupied it: https://www.elespanol.com/reportajes/2020…[View]
128000429It is my destiny. You cannot stop me.[View]
127998905Why didn't they creat writing characters just like korea?[View]
127999765when will Korea completely remove chinese characters ? This is Korea not China[View]
127997180>mfw there are people that still idolize this guy[View]
127995450When will Israel give back the pyramids to egypt and settle the tensions in the middle east once and…[View]
127998432What do you think of nudism?[View]
127997728/deutsch/: weiße Auslöschung[View]
127998947>Be poor Algerian >Only wish in life is to get some mayo >Can't afford it >https:/…[View]
127983787/med/ - olive oil general: LOTR edition previous >>127922190[View]
127996998What phenotype is this?[View]
127999326I rarely see any sparrows anymore :( what's the local neighborhood bird in your country?[View]
127998825>110% more Aryan than you Muhammed-Rodriguez[View]
127993996Do you want to live in this world?: I want to live in this world. This world is definitely safe and …[View]
127995705Would this /int/ poster be considered attractive in your country[View]
127998626Why do Americans insist on calling their 'American Revolution' a fight for freedom, and build their …[View]
127995475Greeks 500 years before Jesus Christ Look whites to me[View]
127995298If you are homophobic then you are a closeted homosexual.[View]
127999314>N...Noooo... Japanese people can't dislike Communist China because Japanese culture origina…[View]
1279992641.cunt 2.is gaysex common in you're a cunt?[View]
127997804>religion failed me in spiritual fulfillment >capitalism failed me in employment >upbringi…[View]
127999134>fat amerimutt lol haha[View]
127996136Why aren't you rich /int/?[View]
127996576Is there anything comfier than a traditional Korean house?[View]
127996499>Working hours are 9 to 5 >All stores close after 6 Whats the point, in normal countries store…[View]
127988387/mämmi/: talkkari hereil?[View]
127995887What is with Russians saying that other slav countries aren't real? Do they still think that th…[View]
127998794Why aren't there markets where you can trade away your citizenship? I would trade away my US ci…[View]
127991640Do Muslims see this as the we see the Romulan Empire?[View]
127981063Why they can't get along?[View]
127998108Flipland is getting 10,000 cases of covid daily (only 5000 get tested). Japan, Korea and Yurop and M…[View]
127995117Why do so many americans learn a useless language that's being replaced by english: Instead of …[View]
127998824Well /int/ how did they get there?[View]
127998789/brit/: Golf ball edition[View]
127997403GREECE balcony VIEW: what do u think of it?[View]
127997549who would win? Woolly Mammoth vs American Mastodon[View]
127997407What happens here?[View]
127993308/brit/: birds edition[View]
127995132*educates in a British accent in your path*[View]
127997323How do I get a job with no skills and no will to work[View]
127998369How do I become moe?[View]
127998329So I'm really just meant to work until I'm too old to enjoy anything and just let my kids …[View]
127995718When will the g*rms know their place?[View]
127995940>America starts defunding the police >Dunkin donuts goes bankrupt does this happen in your cun…[View]
127994208ITT: things that make you discard a woman from being your couple > not being able to cook > n…[View]
127995849Why are Scandinavian women orange?[View]
127992065/deutsch/: Piloti seine Ausgabe[View]
127996482>Are you registered to vote?[View]
127997685Asian and north euros have both genes of living in the north eurassian steppe in the distant past bu…[View]
1279977811. your country 2. your pronouns, gender, and sexuality 3. do high school security guards look like …[View]
127998098wtf i thought he's white[View]
127995195ahh yes, Evropa, just the way i remember[View]
127998219>If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where …[View]
127980998how common is your surname /int/?[View]
127994592American tourist makes a complaint because he won't fit into Toledo[View]
127980303/balk/: /balk/: watermelon cooling off in the chill waters of Lake Ohrid edition Old /balk/ >>…[View]
127995869which one do you want to study?: and why?[View]
127995674My ancestor :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onfim[View]
127993822This is the flag of the former Congo Free State. The Congo Free State was composed of many different…[View]
127994840You wake up in the year 2000: You wake up in the year 2000, in a random place in the world, what do …[View]
127996214looool americans[View]
127993707Say something nice about my country and I'll say something nice about yours[View]
127977801What can Indonesia do to be more relevant?[View]
127996725Anglo bois are for Big French cocks only.[View]
127989880Dont come to Germany This place has no jobs or soul and everyone is racist[View]
127992702I think blonde hair suits Asians.: I know,, you will say cringe.[View]
127989643>you wake up in Matamoros, Mexico[View]
127996037>month ago >meet a qt female tourist from countryside >we make out and exchange contacts …[View]
127997001What is the punishment for disrespecting the flag in your country? In the USA, they are mauled to de…[View]
127996539LMAO DOES GERMANY REALLY?: >In the German Jewish museum there's a room full or metal crying …[View]
127992762are we white bros?[View]
127992883Sverigetråden - Konungens upplaga[View]
127992780what you reading now? i reading Baudelaire[View]
127994388How can it be that everyone in japan takes their shoes off inside? My feet reek if I use shoes and w…[View]
127996857>Spanish hours[View]
127996713>get added on steam >it's some retarded scammer trying to get my items >they link thei…[View]
127995976Why are they first world?[View]
127990332Going to Japan when the borders open back up. Give me some tips on how to be disrespectful as possib…[View]
127992684ORA ORA ORA TEME... Do you really think you can just post on /int/ without paying respect to the /in…[View]
127992721I've decided that I'm going join the Australian Military. Once in I will hand over every s…[View]
127996130Post a person of your count who influenced on USA: Cho, he eliminated the racism in USA[View]
127995045>American enters the thread[View]
127984336>Oh look theyre posting about us again[View]
127996427Does this happen in your country?[View]
127994473Dont come to Poland This place has no jobs or soul and everyones homophobic[View]
127978786/desi/: Happy Raksha Bandhan edition[View]
127991716what happens here /int/?[View]
127994947Your thoughts on a r i d landscapes and countries?[View]
127977611Are you afraid of Chinese becoming the new lingua franca?: I am. Chinese is a totally alien language…[View]
127996035>내 얼굴 언제 한국어를 배웠다[View]
127994127>When my mom was a student she was their big fan Really makes me think[View]
127993966Feminist Pakistani show becomes hit: Trailer: https://youtu.be/HJSQ27S-m9k OH NO NO NO NO[View]
127991639ESL: Any tips on how to become more fluent in English? I mean people can understand me but I still s…[View]
127976238/ita/ - il filo[View]
127988310English language words with Indian origin: 1. Loot — from Hindustani “Loot” (लूट) meaning to “steal”…[View]
1279932761. your country 2. do you have friends Holland no[View]
127988025Why is joining the military so popular in the USA? no australian under 25 would even contemplate mil…[View]
127989082When did you realise that every 'Japanese' poster on /int/ is either a davido-kun or a private gomez…[View]
127995763>Go to Finnish Lapland >everything is flat and looks boring https://youtu.be/m9ml3qh4rgw?t=793…[View]
127993079Why do Finns not want to be billionaires?[View]
127992241I have a headache. What is this about? Do people suffer from brain problems in your cunt?[View]
127995389I genuinely don't care what gaythiests say anymore. Look at how fruitful the relationship was b…[View]
127994666My phone keeps thinking I live here. What can you tell me about it?[View]
127993064>you can't suffer but you also can't enjoy life the countries…[View]
127994913I fixed Europe.[View]
127994111Do you want to find love in China?[View]
127992250hate China thread[View]
127993119My dad (center), his 8 brothers and his dad eating paella in the 60s: They had happier vacation duri…[View]
127992531My great grandfather died in France in WW2 rescuing a nation of cuckolds who couldn't defend th…[View]
127992034What does it feel like to be a middle eastern man in a western country?[View]

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