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171380566Did you know that Varg promised if a war between Russia and nato starts, he'll fight for Russia…[View]
171377722Dream wife Your's?[View]
171379746Gogi bros...why...[View]
171380498Why do the shitholes have a low voter turnout Italian anons?[View]
171377616Ignore my flag >Traveling in Europe by train >Randomly meet a Turkish guy >We talk about Tu…[View]
171378237I love America and you can't make me stop[View]
171380312Based Brazilian[View]
171372852Why is *your country* ... /int/? Show the results[View]
171358238/mena/ /شأشأ/[View]
171377656firstoids b like >can't Russians just write to their constituency MP to ask the president of…[View]
171379090My country has never been occupied before. >inb4 1066 William was invited.…[View]
171376821Leicester fight results in pakis being deported You are welcome bongs[View]
171373944Indiabros!? What's the meaning of this?[View]
171377213>My Rural Countryside: Why does hate urban cities so much and obsess about rural villages? There…[View]
171375273Go Dagestan![View]
171379052Do you enjoy history in your cunt? You're not a STEMcel freak are you?[View]
171379785Based India[View]
171375641Do you use lip balm in your cunt?[View]
171377224I am half Serbian (my other half is also Serbian): What are you, Anon?[View]
171379796I just fried butter with onion slices and a sprinkle of salt. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
171379804only third world countries have gun crime[View]
171379396what does nationalities and countries exists[View]
171379351Я pyccкий[View]
171376067Do you speak any foreign languages?[View]
171378621There are more cattle in the Midwest US than people[View]
171377794Did your country fall for the 'modern workspace' meme?: Reminder the modern office space wasn't…[View]
171379624That feel when I live in a small city when compared to the rest of the world. It is actually one of …[View]
171378938I say Soviet Union, you say sorry[View]
171378526what happens in the society islands?[View]
171378919Does this occur in your country?[View]
171377108That's it. I am anarcho individualist from now on[View]
171365052Pakistani Bvlls are back to recording Turkish sluts https://twitter.com/alyen1st/status/157120886859…[View]
171376442>You nation >The incident[View]
171376531Why do they look muslim?[View]
171379186Will you welcome American refugees in your country?[View]
171377567Dios mio...[View]
171377544Why can’t our roads look like Japan’s?[View]
171378804How to Spaniards pronounce this work LMAO[View]
171379012>American nurses make more than Swedish specialist doctors[View]
171374401chile is a chili lol[View]
171378467Do you see many animals in your cunt?[View]
171375534>remove the vowels, it looks cooler that way[View]
171378929Ceci est un fil de le match de football entre le Danemark et la France dans la Nations League. Laiss…[View]
171377232We need to talk about Belarus.[View]
171373058Whenever I see a map related to the ethicities or languages of europe I always see a huge spot for h…[View]
171378359>storm devastates Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands >does massive damage in the US >p…[View]
171376042Do german girls really pinch off their cheating bf's testicles with pliers? No wonder why they…[View]
171378572Because araps had trouble to say 'parsi', as in the language of the persians, the persians unironica…[View]
171376640Does your country's language contain the letter 'z'? If not, what letter replaces it? In Welsh,…[View]
171377350everybody's a tough guy until this appears on the horizon[View]
171378605I hate this stupid cuntry, but other countrys are even worse. fuck.[View]
171378549SK vs Japan: SK[View]
171377624I don't get it.[View]
171378509https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsKn5KX6XnU finale song of yugoslavia[View]
171373045Sverigetråden - Pontus Rasmussons upplaga[View]
171378441I think God has shadowbanned me.[View]
171377868How are you spending your final year on this earth, before we're all killed in the incoming nuc…[View]
171372160>arab peepo will have to scrape these feet with their tongue to stay warm in Germany this winter …[View]
171378128>moreover the Scottish government recently published a paper comparing the UK to its European cou…[View]
171377535What does your neighborhood look like in your cunt? here's mine, now post yours[View]
171368237/fr/ - le francophone fil: Le peuple François >>171348397[View]
171373081Why italians so brown when gallileus looked like this?[View]
171375266You wake up in Cornwall, England[View]
171377817https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N-uYlu3IMI Why are Romanians like this?[View]
171372100What country do you want a gf from? UK for me.[View]
171377963Liturgical languages: I am learning a liturgical language (Japanese). My favorite words are ゴメなざい、こん…[View]
171366714The real flag of Iran.[View]
171360659/ukraїna/ & /belaruś/: Eдицiя aпcкeйлiнгy зoбpaжeнь нeйpoннoю мepeжeю Пoпepeднiй: >>171312…[View]
171370456When are you traveling to Japan to fulfill your sexual fantasy?[View]
171377456I leave /int/ for two weeks and there's a full on war between Brazil and Poland. What the fuck …[View]
171376734Spanish women[View]
171368870Is it true that mushroom picking is illegal in some countries?[View]
171377402You know remember that time when soulful small town America btfoed europoor smugness and obsession w…[View]
171377639I would give my life for Japan.[View]
171376616Do you miss your bro?[View]
171376993Are girls who are innocent, cute, petite and reserved popular in your country?[View]
171370246welsh women...[View]
171376827>Banter with german flag is in order >some thirdie immediately arrives to defend his masters h…[View]
171377026This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
171374608Does this happen in you're country?[View]
171377201/polska/: Edycja ruskich dziwek[View]
171377292do you have bible experts in your country[View]
171368830English phonetics are so messed up that we often say English words with Spanish pronunciation just s…[View]
171367382Would you or your countrymen volunteer for your armed services?[View]
171373450Any japanese person (or weeb) can tell me what date this was written on? It can't possibly have…[View]
171365363Why do Chunairds kill bvlls?[View]
171377059Are you fat /int?[View]
171372537New England has best looking detached houses[View]
171376328Wow Spain is so beautiful. I'd love to go to Spain one day :)[View]
171372913I landed a job as a security guard: It's me. Shahar Mazuchinsky. I landed a job as a security g…[View]
171376805nano desu[View]
171373840If you could only marry 3 different women for the rest of your life..: What ethinicity, race or nati…[View]
171376670>extra mild for white people[View]
171376777THANK YOU France for creating TACOS[View]
171364653Programmers will single-handedly kill art. tens of thousands of years and they ruined it all.[View]
171376743/ex-yu/: Izdanje: >Isli smo u Afriku da sadimo papriku[View]
171375452Do you have high value men in your country?[View]
171373972Based or cringe?[View]
171372610Is the EU's economy (overall) really as shit compared to the U.S.???[View]
171375258Sexual revolution is coming to the East. The world is healing.[View]
171370773Tutorial worlders actually think they can survive in this shithole? Their trains are late for 10 sec…[View]
171366465/polska/: Edycja nagatoro ostatnio: >>171360148[View]
171376415which one would you be in?[View]
171376360Is this worth watching?: I watched only two squid series - the actual squid game and crashlanding on…[View]
171376354Beds of /int/[View]
171376307This is how i sleep knowing the age of consent is 14 in Germany[View]
1713761981. Your country 2. What makes your diaper crinkle in fear?[View]
171375755Russian streams him using gas 24/7: https://www.twitch.tv/russiangas1 How do gas prices in your coun…[View]
171373788>Single room 'garage-like' flats costs +100 pounds in Scotland Let that sink in…[View]
171372748>india & china >2.7 billion people >ZERO cultural icons outside their diaspoo community…[View]
171374824Romania thicc.[View]
171367783These were 2019 miss Malaysia contestants: Guess which one won.[View]
171375732finns b like >after i've don an espoo, i wash my hands in the helsinki, then i cook some tur…[View]
171375761Hvae you accepted it? I haven't yet.[View]
171374563Why is this board so mentally ill? It's like somwone took a bunch of third worlders and mental …[View]
171373462Does anyone in Romania still care about him?[View]
171375716What the fuck is their problem[View]
171366073Do companies in your country move their HQ to Luxembourg/Switzerland to avoid taxes?: >Germany …[View]
171343012Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>171292729 Japanese Learning Thread:>>>/int/djt …[View]
171375474do you like horchatas in ure cunt?[View]
171373856Is being a 25 years old forever alone KHHV common in your country?[View]
171371320/deutsch/: Nächste Klarerausgabe[View]
171374747Finnish town offers 'baby money' to attract young families: The municipality of Tervola in Finnish L…[View]
171362072What headphones do you use in your country?: Flag Sennheiser HD560S[View]
171375009China is on the brink of civil war[View]
171352641/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição da tomada[View]
171374896>>171193915 Come back, my boyfriend. I didn't respond to you in time. You went to sleep a…[View]
171373183>You will never live in England or anywhere in Europe Fuck my life.[View]
171373786Has japan made anime about your country? >flag Yes[View]
171375028do people get mogged in your country[View]
171373721france sex: I love france do you love france hehe france me love haha sex sex with france me and fra…[View]
171375171Kill all Asspaniards.[View]
171373958/한국어/ + /친구들/: 잇쯔 오버 에디션[View]
1713736171. Your countri 2. Rebecca or Lucy (from new hit anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners)[View]
171375149reminder to drink water brudhha[View]
171369456How are you Europoors dealing with this?[View]
171368304>hordes of pakis, azeris, turks, jews and who knows what other flavours of shi...ehm-browns comin…[View]
171374810This is what Brazilian girls really look like[View]
171370429/ita/ - il filo: edizione pensate alla figa[View]
171374466This scares and confuses the yuropoor.[View]
171372444>The city of Suzhou, which is on the road between Shanghai and Nanking, went from 350,000 people …[View]
171371435what are polish americans like?[View]
171374802ITS OVER: (In two weeks)[View]
171374760What kind of flowers do you grow in your country? Do they smell nice?[View]
171368238I bet you can't even keep yours raised for an hour[View]
171374619is artificial intelligence popular in ur cunt?[View]
171373391I am 28 years old Never had a job, dropped out of high school and no driver’s license How do I get a…[View]
171374546Does this happen in your country?: my life is literally a blank. I've done nothing at all excep…[View]
171374185why is hating globohomo trash a bad thing in the west?[View]
171366536my brother has a child with a kenyan woman and my nephew came a unironical gigachad. i realized we n…[View]
171374130im out of cope[View]
171368612what is your opinion on modern white men?[View]
171374188I’m gonna make to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon the more I stay in my country the more I suffer[View]
171372533Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the biggest shithole in western europe God I hate living here.[View]
171367581No Work bros[View]
171369098Are people like this in your country?: >meet a friend >you have similar interests >you talk…[View]
171373593>>>/wsg/4735521 do you do this in you are cunt[View]
171372342international lunch habits: what are you top 3 favorite things to eat for lunch in your country?…[View]
171373967why are they like this?[View]
171373806I never seen a metro or went on a train ride in my country Does that happen to you country[View]
171357688/sauna/: Signmarkpainos[View]
171373825imagine what they could get done if Armenia didn't exist[View]
171370782anime is irrelevant now what happened?[View]
171373801>name stolen from greece >language stolen from bulgarians >politics stolen from yugoslavia …[View]
171373701Oh my word! Look at this teency weency tiny little smol bean of a state![View]
171371016What's your score? Highschool girls you did divided by Girls you did when you where in high sch…[View]
171373459I kneel, it's utopia. I wish I was Czech.[View]
1713729651. you're cunt 2. what are some country-related timeline shifts you've experienced in your…[View]
171368413What's gotten into these Crazy Ivans?[View]
171373309China is winning the gaming war[View]
171373514Because of God's judgement, God caused the Europeans to become favorably disposed to the Chines…[View]
171371834are you fat in your country?[View]
171373133who the fuck came up with 18 years old consent and why ? arent women hit the wall so early[View]
171371909>best sounding language: greek >worst sounding language: vietnamese how true is this?…[View]
171370711sirs...: how to get ma'am waifu?[View]
171373385Just found out that the Church's Canon Law is basically just Roman Law. Is Vatican the true hei…[View]
171372491OH NO NO NO Terronibros, we got too cocky...[View]
171366247You haven't really fallen to 'gotta get a gook' have you?[View]
171371795>Mobilisation is not rea...[View]
171359424/asean/: Edisi The Cocogoat[View]
171352856/balk/: Cлaвa Poccии Cтapo: >>171331562[View]
171372726Would you live in a comfy charming apartment in downtown São Paulo?: What do we have nearby? >IPA…[View]
171366531Inflation in your country: What is it like for you in daily life? For which (grocery) items have you…[View]
171370081the baltics should be colonized and outbred by scandinavians[View]
171371543ITT: /int/-approved YouTubers[View]
171369506So /int/ are these guys going to sign up now?[View]
171369471These types of girls turn 18 and base their entire personalities off of black penis[View]
171367131What is Gdańsk like? What’s it like to live there?[View]
171362613Convince me that you aren't Eur**ean. I'll start: >We're geographically separated …[View]
171371853>If German was the global langauge you would use words like Unternetz (Internet) Rechnerspiele (…[View]
171359361v4+friends: I will save v4[View]
171370982>fishing >hunting >hiking >shot >video games (visual novel, simulation, strategy game…[View]
171372166they literally named this little nigga after titties[View]
171372540i look like this in my country[View]
171368034Do you want to live in the Australian outback?[View]
171372420now that i think about it removing dictator from their throne is really not for everyone[View]
171371576When I was younger and got horny, I just got horny. Now when I get horny I get horny but also sad an…[View]
171372399ahh siscia hvme[View]
171371833What makes these countries' posters so abnormally mentally ill and unhinged?[View]
171368404do you integrate in your country?[View]
171368510brit: sunday olive edition[View]
171372073sopa de russo[View]
171372175I just found out about alpha widows bros.. >A woman who has been abandoned by an Alpha male. No m…[View]
171368727Homicide rate (/100000) in Brazilian State Capitals. Thoughts?[View]
171357189/tr/: bitti baskısı[View]
171370152>Greek city states Centers of art, culture, and wealth >Imperial Free Cities and Hanseatic c…[View]
171371910Japs: Why are they so autistic[View]
171371728How would you dress if uniforms became trendy regardless of occupation?: Would you be willing to dre…[View]
171370544this shitty underpopulated tundra rathole is almost 5 times richer than my shithole country: croatia…[View]
171365992Ancestry of /int/[View]
171370679Why do Scandis despite their women: The blonde-haired, blue-eyed white girl has been engraved in our…[View]
171371441I say the word love a lot around girls because I want them to associate love with me and fall in lov…[View]
171359787Why do Russians have such a persecution complex?[View]
171367495People are protesting against rising inflation in Istanbul, Turkey. we might have a revolution soon …[View]
171363369White guys, what you think about Eurasian babies?: Do you wanna have one?[View]
171371341americans have cola water[View]
171371451Europe is a shithole. No exceptions - only extreme examples of revolting poverty and severely extre…[View]
171371285Look at this slug I found. Don’t tell the Frenchanons[View]
171367888i miss my ex in my cunt[View]
171370858Just watched a video about the Irish Economy: You guys have insane growth rates, and by 2030 your po…[View]
171371522In your religion in your country: Is it considered bad to pursue financial wealth in your cunt?…[View]
171371516do u wanna visit pakistans cleanest city? https://youtu.be/diRMT3GWlBc?t=32[View]
171371431Do you think medieval monks, priests, bishops, and other clergy secretly had sex?[View]
171371501how do i get an emotional support mexican[View]
171366516/deutsch/ Winternotrationierungsedition[View]
171370621are you?[View]
171371186Why do Americans do this??[View]
171369585Does strawberry milk come out of a white woman's pink nipples? Interesting...[View]
171371309I have realized 80% of argensimia population are this loud and annoying sephardic arab things. Does …[View]
171370978what are witcher ppl like?[View]
171365643do you get aroused by brown 2D girls in your country?[View]
171371138Is this why Arabs are leaving the Middle East? Are they fleeing to Europe in shame after being cucke…[View]
171368271BREAKING: We now get gas from the United Arab Emirates[View]
171368441I will retire in Asia[View]
171369453Today Two high ranking civil servants from Africa(Liberia) have been arrested for raping two high sc…[View]
171371009During the 17th century, the majority of those called 'Turks' in Algeria, were disowned Christians t…[View]
171370656Has your country ever had a leader who is so irrelevant that most of your country's population …[View]
171370888I haven't been home since July 15 because of my work. I feel like I'm not in my pants. Wha…[View]
171367986I love America and Americans. Do you?[View]
171370919>pspspspspspspspspspspspspsps >ahahaahah acting all mighty you're not good looking anywa…[View]
171362999do you like russian boys in your country?[View]
171369630Look at me, I have suffered defeat after defeat in my life and ended up here, loved by no one, sunk …[View]
171370587Minneapolis, Minnesota[View]
171368910We have no Nuclear shelter in France, which means we're basically all dead in case we get nuked…[View]
171368372The 3 largest Irish cities >Boston >Glasgow >Liverpool…[View]
171364937Say hello to the new leader of China.[View]
171365110/brit/: british-abo relations[View]
171369594girls get off to being violently raped[View]
17136525610 push ups international thread: you earned the right to reply in this thread after doing 10 push u…[View]
171368243If you impregnate one woman every day you will have more than 3000 kids in the next ten years. Why w…[View]
171368849>Latina women[View]
171369443what this phenotype?[View]
171369315Why do Westerners give Japan shit for sex crime?: Even assuming that this kind of crime is underrepo…[View]
171369856can you imagine the smell in your country[View]
171370311Do you go to Mass every Sunday?[View]
171370321do you love usa culture?: whats your favorite thing about it?[View]
171369503what are the alternative to say 'does it happens in your country?'[View]
171366620Why are you a loser in your country[View]
171369865My dad told me in the 1970s they had to watch a film at school about why you shouldn't run onto…[View]
171367926guys, what would you do if you had these two bets? the first one gives me 225 euros to leave while t…[View]
171351603Ideal Girl: What does the ideal girl look like in your country?[View]
171370056The fate of the androgynous: >Have large physically fit body and deep voice >Shave my beard of…[View]
171363832What is Tromsø, Norway like? What is it like to live there?[View]
171365877Do you believe in Nuclear Apocalypse?: Will a man ever have the conscience to provoke it?[View]
171369319I work for a UK niggercorp and our manager is chinese and the rest of my coworkers are polish, india…[View]
171369973/euromena/: Welcome all[View]
171368706Why is [country]...?: Google autocomplete in turkey[View]
171364888/ita/ - il filo: Edizione elezioni italiane #IoVotoGiorgia[View]
171353996kurva anyátok[View]
171360688Does your country have this?[View]
171368033>We need to come up with a flag design. >I got it! Let's take Austria's tampon sandw…[View]
171369699My ancestors :)[View]
171368583>Asian muslim This is the most cursed combination[View]
171369426Why is almost all the oil and gas in Canada situated in Alberta. Does god love alberta?[View]
171365340Post beauty standard from your country[View]
171368764the allies of my county (china) are idiot[View]
171366747Do Peruvians really?[View]
171366850Whites are the least racist race, yet also the most demonized and accused of being racist[View]
171367352Treaty of Trianon[View]
171369029Do you have any powerful Jews in your cunt? We don't. https://www.jpost.com/50-most-influentia…[View]
171368972if your country is below the red line your people are brainlets[View]
171367284Has a country ever ridden another country's dick as hard as Pakistan does for Turkey?[View]
171362444Get me out of here[View]
171363707>butthurt belt... le BAD![View]
171368785Have you ever experienced travelling out of your country? When did you experience it? I'll go f…[View]
171364926it all makes sense now[View]
171367960I'm overdosed on caffeine all the time[View]
171367954I don't want to hear anyone saying that 'the Art of War' is 'common sense' ever again.[View]
171366759How did you guys learn English? I seriously don't remember. I studied in not-so-high-tier high …[View]
171367442Share cool facts you recently learned about your country RIGHT NOW >A study by Oxford Internet In…[View]
171366025The Shade of Red Each Country Has On Its Flag[View]
171368325I am rich how do I take advantage of this to get femboy pucci?[View]
171367673playing some witcher with my husbands wife, does this happen in your country[View]
171367527>Dad called Urusula a traitor to Europe again during the Sunday lunch[View]
171366542north indians = cancer: >gypsies are overwhelmingly european on their maternal side and indian Ha…[View]
171363160Thoughts on nafri immigration ? Do Europeans enjoy sharing their street with mountainous farmers tha…[View]
171368303Europe review: >baltics Poles in denial in the south (Wilno is Polish), Mongolians in the north w…[View]
171368162The state pays my rent, im living like a nafri in france currently and its not bad.[View]
171365974We will not survive this winter. If you ever wanted to try Kraut on a popsicle, this winter is your …[View]
171365226Do you have ladyboy prostitutes in your country and have you ever fucked one? >yes >yes it was…[View]
171367209>PLOOF PLOOF a ball in gold is you that get out at the end of three one two three.…[View]
171367754Do you remember the tsunami in 2011[View]
171348397/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition de ce qui a été pris et ne reviendra jamais... Ancien : >>1713349…[View]
171366177>Not even God and His thousands messengers able to tame these people Why are they like this?…[View]
171366303>The existence of a Sotadic Zone was an hypothesis of the British Orientalist and explorer Sir Ri…[View]
171365283what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
171367172Do some Black American girls look like this?[View]
171364445Just got woken up by gunshots[View]
171366347I just can't imagine being from an irrelevant country. What a sad existence it must be.[View]
171362897Are you a top 1% in anything in your country?[View]
171364294monke cola[View]
171367463Does being muscly help you get girls in your country? I think in Germany it helps. I'm shy tho…[View]
171365692Hello /int/ Which language would you say this typewriter is in? I'm guessing German or whatever…[View]
171367142what's /int/ criteria for having friends[View]
171357962How much can the average male in your country bench press?[View]
171366719this is a shot from my city, Izmir, just 40 years ago. Crazy to think this was once part of the same…[View]
171361469/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRgB1I3HNYg[View]
171361570What does /int/'s ideal girl look like? Pic rel is mine https://picrew.me/image_maker/1272810…[View]
171364685Based and sovl bridge. Anglos themselves destroyed it.[View]
171364900Wypipo has terrible taste on Asian girls[View]
171364758Do you have hohol refugees housed in your country, here's my piggy[View]
171367210Thinking of quitting my job and living in my car. I have 20k saved up. What do you guys think? >p…[View]
171354450sex values of int: https://sexvalues.github.io/index.html[View]
171366741Anyone else fantasize about being born in the US sometimes? I imagine myself waking up on a Saturday…[View]
171367237I regret watching edgerunners. I didn't need those feels. I got a strong flu, shitty temperatur…[View]
171367114Do people also kill architects in your cunt?[View]
171361146Your thoughts on african americans /int/?[View]
171363930¿Why are we the best posters in this board? I think its because are objectively the most influential…[View]
171365836We can all agree on these basic international facts?[View]
171366595I thought 'slava ukraini' means 'ukraine is slavic' but it turns out it means …[View]
171365053how's the parking situation in you're country[View]
171362910I wish I was Mallu or Goan[View]
171360148/polska/: Edycja bycia miłym dla innych i siebie ostatnio: >>171340797[View]
171363503/deutsch/: Klimaverträgliche Kuschelausgabe gegen #Putin und den #Wutwinter[View]
171366245Why did the West abandon christianity?: Now their countries are third world countries. Great job the…[View]
171365321what's pancake culture in you're a cunt like?: serb niggas be like: >we wuzz eatin euro…[View]
171357430My boss told me that authorities asked her to write down a list of all male employees, their age and…[View]
171364849>'is that... the number four!??!? oh my naruto i'm going insaaane ahhhhhh help me godzilla!!…[View]
171366308We must save France[View]
171363547Slavonic Languages: Let's talk about our languages. >No politics…[View]
171360463Why are South Koreans so effeminate?: >Be North Korean >Malnourished starving ghoul >Still…[View]
171364687>Think Asian women look goofy and ugly >Pretend to have yellow fever on /int/ for (yous) from …[View]
171366205Thank you poland and japan[View]
171363237>be Asian >never had white friends growing up >finally get a white friend in college >he…[View]
171364086Time to start reading about all french presidents and prime ministers[View]
171360198It's pretty infuriating that Italians can speak French easily: but the French can't. Basic…[View]
171366207Moon landing was real[View]
171366049This is Zana, russian prehistoric Bigfoot woman Say something nice about her :)[View]
171365751Well well well: Now isn't that mister kot[View]
171359325The short lived economic miracle of this region is coming to an end. We never lived and will never l…[View]
171365435Brits get a tax cut, we get a tax increase[View]
171362063How strong is Buddhism in your cunt? Do hippies buy buddha statues and meditate? If so, which tradit…[View]
171365014Going through my life I realize again and again that most of the people who mean a lot to me, I didn…[View]
171359562Why do people care about Italian elections all of a sudden It's not like Italy is relevant anym…[View]
171361539Shoplifting: Do you steal from stores? What tactics do you prefer? I recently started stealing food …[View]
171365714Why is buttermilk (Laban) not popular in the west? Its better than regular milk[View]
171365456is kot blini safe from mobilization[View]
171365669>Just found out about unit 731 How could the zainchi Koreans do this?[View]
171362608How do Finns deal with white racism?[View]
171365031Holy shit guys, we did it: WE FUCKING DID IT!!! https://youtu.be/cLOb_GS_nJ0[View]
171365096Lets face it Americans have no culture. They don't simple as is. They cultureless and soulless.[View]
171365119based or cringe[View]
171365218/한국어/ 스레드: https://youtu.be/F0B7HDiY-10[View]
171360486Z bros.... it's over[View]
171360255Which country is this?[View]
171364784Stop being everywhere[View]
171358411My money is better than your money[View]
171365315ITT:: >post useless road signs from your country My thanks to the townhall for letting me know no…[View]
171362714When i visited a firstie country first time i felt unironically like crying because i couldn't …[View]
171362573Why do Balkans, Slavs, Latinos, Arabs, and SEA shoot up in the air when happy?: Why do they waste bu…[View]
171358827>We're now closer to 2100s than we are to 1990s[View]
171365117/brit/: wankard pooser edition[View]
171365070>Brazil is not a warzone[View]
171362423If britiannia rules the waves why do they only have six missile destroyers.[View]
171365032do you have BVLL cement in your country? in india we have DOVBLE BVLL cement[View]
171365028What went wrong?[View]
171344071/ita/-filo: edizione culattone[View]
171364896Where and in what country does a mixed race make an attractive woman?: I don't know what wester…[View]
171364358At least they have castles and culture unlike americans.[View]
171364756Treaty of Trianon[View]
171361607Will you become a teacher in Germany?: Germany is experiencing a teacher shortage > Googles age …[View]
171362773>England invented a sport to play against 3rd world countries to make themselves feel better…[View]
171352034Why are Indian news always so KINO? Like CGI tanks and airplanes flying at viewers and throwing bomb…[View]
171355338>another day >another mega typhoon about to destroy huge swathes of my country's developm…[View]
171359475they fear this[View]
171363477> Googles age of consent in Germany once[View]
171364570When did you realize we are in an overshoot and collapse scenario and things aren't going to be…[View]
171364063Just found out Germany don’t love Japan anymore I don’t care other cunts hate us I just want love f…[View]
171358826I don't wanna kill anyone, anons.: Half of my family are in Ukraine[View]
171364442>Gay? Straight? Bisexual? No, I don't think of myself in such terms. Does this happen in you…[View]
171362416Divorce stigma in the USA: We all know Amerikkka is the epicenter of degeneracy. And yet, it feels l…[View]
171355304You can only post ITT if you are a Top 10 world culture: Here we laugh at cultureless culturelets…[View]
171364348why is she so fucking cute bros?[View]
171360590>People are wasting their lives working 40 hour jobs like cucks instead of moving to Asia and liv…[View]
171364329Why didn't you save her, /int/?[View]
171361068sverigetråden - rysk segerupplagan[View]
171363447>Oh, he's here again. The man with the child in his eyes.[View]
171363681Israel personified.[View]
171363976My family came from china 1000 years ago to korea. Im chinese.[View]
171364271>yfw my nation's shitty third world military is more competent than Russia's…[View]
171363982Tell me about your country's culture.[View]
171361383Do you respect cops from your country? I only respect cops if they are very macho/masculine and hand…[View]
171364235is your country overrun by tiktok whores that destroy the minds of teenagers?[View]
171363182squid game[View]
171356739Hey Pidorbros, ¿If Rossnye is so big, why don't you just move to a empty plot of land and start…[View]
171363572/deutsch/: nächste klarerausgabe[View]
171360984Post cute international boys.[View]
171363864did you have to fight in wars? if no who is the most recent ancestor of yours who fought in wars? fo…[View]
171363911Do you like goats in your cunt?[View]
171358853I want to be isekai'd with a stepsister[View]
171362963Tell me about Charlottenburg, Berlin. Is it a popular neighborhood?[View]
171362247You can't suffer in Australia, you just can't.[View]
171363624What's up with Eastern Yuros/Asians with Huge hats?[View]
171363619You go to a restroom in the Philippines[View]
171360105Do we have yellow skin?: Please refer to my photos.[View]
171360416/deutsch/: Hausfrauenausgabe[View]
171363553ITT: /int/ in 1938: I can't believe he saved us bros[View]
171363296Racism is not funny[View]
171355265Every country's tourism slogan.[View]
171363408what do Koreans think of Korean-Americans?[View]
171363441What happens in Skopje, North Macedonia?[View]
171358467How did Japan end up making the best cars in the world?: They're orders of magnitude more relia…[View]
171363251This is America.[View]
171362947The average American citizen would have a« better life if they lived under the EU[View]
171363382>the poorest hoodrat american nigger would be considered at least middle class in my cuntry…[View]
171361977do people love ice cream in ur cunt?[View]
171354017Isn't it funny how after Xi was put under house arrest the China shills mysteriously disappeare…[View]
171360289Does this happen in your country?[View]
171360022Latina mums spawn white soyboy sons[View]
171361926My country is dying, is your country dying?[View]
171361468Moscova, Russia[View]
171357241No one wants to immigrate to my country, not even sexpat[View]
171361937Does your country have fireworks war?[View]
171353444Can Europe actually go to war against Russia?: Most of the West seems corrupt and degenerate so that…[View]
171362792see! i knew it. they didnt notice your country. tu lah haaa support lagi israel. kan dah kena fakeho…[View]
171360197what was your last interaction with a squid like?[View]
171360740>Asean countries making anime-style animation of their people in advertisement or other media…[View]
171359614Do you have muslim patrols in your country?[View]
171359957Do they really?[View]
171361898Anyone else notice that Americans pronounce adult like 'a dolt'?[View]
171361281I love Americans and America. Do you?[View]
171355976In int, some poeple shout 'Japan, Japan, Japan' all day long. Are you insane? Especially you America…[View]
171359097do car plates in your country have a cuckstamp on them? in norway no, we have our flag on them[View]
171361612Can these three mini countries survive Russian invasion? Would Non-Balt Europeans help them?[View]
171359548whats wrong with you brother.[View]
171358901What is your favourite product from New Zealand?[View]
171356232Is this true?[View]
171354423Do you have an equivalent to the CIA in your country? What do they do? Nobody in the USA really know…[View]
171361101I just learned that the Chinese call 'trolling' fishing and 'trolls' fishermen. Do any of your cunts…[View]
171335768/rus/ + вpaги + дpyзья + ничтoжecтвa + мoбилизaция: пpoшлый >>171309567[View]
171359651What do we think of Polish CP?[View]
171360869JAPAN, JAPAN, JAPAN!![View]
171359948this is the average girl in germany why do not you have german gf? i don't have gernan gf becau…[View]
171361074>walk around the street >have a strong urge to sing neunundneunzig Luftballons Why the fuck is…[View]
171361163I miss my French soul mate that I have never even met[View]
171355962/deutsch/: HäSSchenausgabe[View]
171361386China and korea is not like russia and ukraine. Russia have actively tries to destroys ukrainian civ…[View]
171358306Please nuke this shithole off the face of the earth. America is hell. I live in hell. Chuds are the …[View]
171361550Happy Autumn northern hemisphere bros Do you like autumn in your nation ?[View]
171360102Man, I just want to be a good goy who does what he is told and doesn't question anything ever.[View]
171356199America is literally becoming Europe. And Europe is becoming America. What happened?[View]
171358129Sex with Russian man[View]
171354149>American politics[View]
171360689do you also have no gf in your country?[View]
171361065nano desu[View]
171357747Is Europe really a old infertil woman?[View]
171356037Message for russians: I can save you from mobilisation if you come picking olives here. I can make …[View]
171361072How should I go about wooing Jap girls?[View]
171361063>americans wear their shoes indoors[View]
171359137This is what Japan used to be about[View]
171358167how are people nationalistic: the average australian is a nigger brained goblin I don't identif…[View]
171360875I took my pills. I no longer feel angry. :).[View]
171358087London is such a beautiful city I wish it wasn't inhabited by brits and pakis.[View]
171357269What is capital city of /int/?[View]
171361035Listen to him russians hes right run away being a coward is better than being dead.[View]
171361004>you are LE misogynist because you hate women even tho misogynists are all beta virgins which you…[View]
171351969What do Russians think about this country? What do (You) think?[View]
171360080my steam friend from russia hasn't been online for 2 weeks now: luka please respond[View]
171360323In Europe bakfiets are replacing the family SUV[View]
171359355Deutsch// der Bluttümpel von Hinterinz. Ein fisches Opfer für das Dorf.[View]
171346746Sverigetråden - Givi och Motorolas upplaga[View]
171360465Do Japanese love white immigrants?[View]
171360696Do tarantulas eat mango fruit in your country?[View]
171359703Do Indians want China to collapse?[View]
171360625Ancient chinese proverb >A wise monkey sits on top of the mountain to watch the two tigers fight …[View]
171359904Russia needs to get something: For years Russians have been telling the world and themselves they co…[View]
171356654do you worship black qveens in your country?[View]
171358913>causes 23 years of nearly uninterrupted war in Europe What did they mean by this?…[View]
171357618I am forced to move to Portugal by my family. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
171358967American 'Architecture'[View]
171357864Do Americans really believe bleach and prayer dances can cure mental illness or is that just a rumou…[View]
171357545Japan will open country since next month. But I will never gibe u my qt Japanese girls to filthy gai…[View]
171356612Iranian women support thread[View]
171340797/polska/: edycja braku cyferek[View]
171359002Average spanish 40yo male. In your country?[View]
171358093> speak English > this happens Is your country like this ?…[View]
171359785How do you spend your pussyfree Sunday in your cuntry?: i look at my walls and occasionally check /i…[View]
171354739I think Poland should be the dominant power of Europe and have the highest authority over every nati…[View]
171345483/asean/: BSI Edition[View]
171358623I was playing Roblox yesterday and there were some guys chatting in Russian, I started translating m…[View]
171359332I'm actually italian, but trapped in the body of a fat ugly german dthiyc?[View]
171358502I have a french surname in Germany. I suffer in Germany.[View]
171357162>english is a grug language for retards[View]
171358159what is about this country so every empire wants to control it?[View]
171359456is vore popular in your country[View]
171355838/norgetråden/: Den forrige tråden falt av så da blir det beistutgave-utgaven FORRIGE: >>171331…[View]
171359513Z bros… i thought wewpuld get to gorepost comfortably in our commieblocks for years, now we will bec…[View]
171355767What do you think of PMTF couples in your country?[View]
171359447>started going down the DR Congo rabbithole bros.... how do we, /int/, achieve peace in Congo?…[View]
171357138Train in China[View]
171359409>wake up >chinacoup trending on twitter >youtube going crazy >xi Jinping under house arr…[View]
171359240Russian bros, learn from this guy. New life awaits.[View]
171357467being gen z in the us fucking sucks how is it going in your country probably better[View]
171359183Norway is going to save Europe this winter by exporting gas. You're welcome by the way.[View]
171359008tossy never misses lmfao.[View]
171359060I have to take three pills a day to stop me from wanting to kill myself and everyone around me. Does…[View]
171358153Any Turk bros here?: What do you do guys? What do you think about Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan…[View]
171358706> Be in the bathroom looking at funny memes online > Mum knocks on the door saying it's …[View]
171355263It's gonna get better bros[View]
171359205>there is no country resulting of the cultural syncretism between japan and bavaria Shit timeline…[View]
171356651/Lat/ - Hilo Latino: Edicion Dormir es para debiles[View]
171345678/한국어/ + /친구들/: .[View]
171359038Getting Beat Up By a Chinese Woman: Would you?[View]
171356388How do we fix this country[View]
171357385Everybody knows latinas hate white boys but why? do they hate whiteboys. Is it for any particular re…[View]
171356947You know what? I’m gonna fucking say it! Vanilla Ice was a good musician![View]
171358910>'Sorry for my bad English' >'Don't worry it's better than my Greek haha'…[View]
171357273When China does it it's dystopian and Le Winnie Pooh Tianmen Square[View]
171354871Is it also common in your country to go to uni just to find an Asian wife since the local women are …[View]
171357973What's happrning here?: Is this a kind of Snake island for Spain?[View]
171357725Whenever I talk to people online they think I'm french because of my accent[View]
171357036America would be a New World paradise on earth if not for the car industry[View]
171357153we should be United Nations of Earth[View]
171358731My nose is ugly, i look like a toucan Does this happen in you're kunt?[View]
171358364yugoslavs and italians are children of 2 brothers: i felt the same in bologna and belgrade[View]
171358593>Indonesia will never join BRICS[View]
171356858are you proud of your country[View]
171356690They racked up a lot of credits to become the strongest, so that then, without giving anything back …[View]
171358092Why are balts so intolerant against their Russian brothers? Why aren't they letting them replac…[View]
171358548Are all australian brands gay?[View]
171357285IRA: Why did they do it?[View]
171356611>Be american >Pronounce Water as 'waa-tah' and not 'war-tah' https://voca.ro/12Zxt3DnaS0v A…[View]
171357002monke cola[View]
171356819> Finally decide to order a waifu pillow at age 25 > Website says I need to wait until next mo…[View]
171358172I do not give a single fuck about slavoid monkeys or their retarded wars.[View]
171358075Russia donke[View]
171358299>American thought this is funny[View]
171353655Singabros...the memes are real... >Jeevan Ananthan, 31, and his wife, May Leena Krishnan, 32 stoo…[View]
171357737National-socialism is left.: Just think about it. These cunts support anticapitalism, egalitarianism…[View]
171331613/dixie/ my heart is yours[View]
171356621How do I get a Japanese gf /int/?: I have a huge fetish for Asian girls and Japanese girls are the s…[View]
171357057Anglos.: Anglos. >Anglos.[View]
171354857Can a brown man, in your country, truly say he's lived his life to the fullest on his deathbed …[View]
171358191What phenotype is this?[View]
171358007what is your opinion on white anglo (US, UK, AU) men?[View]
171356669Did you know 11% of murders go unsolved in Australia? And 93% of disappearances. If you come here an…[View]
171351713Do they REALLY?[View]
1713579601% of french fries Captcha: snakon[View]
171356358Danes literally have no accent when speaking english[View]
171353970What is the best place to live in Europe for an Argie expat?: Spaniards basically hate us, I used to…[View]
171356845>Swedish Court Says Abuses Against ISIS Fighters Still War Crimes[View]
171354777Do you Iove Japαn?[View]
171356165Two Australians walk into a brothel and say 'we'll share one!' The owner replies 'Sir, this is …[View]
171353987Meet Bussi; Spain's new bus mascot.[View]
171357647German boys need to be spanked[View]
171357556Is the world getting whiter, blacker or browner?: Every direction I look everyone is racemixing. Wha…[View]
171356519LatinX Europe: What does int think about them?[View]
171326679/sauna/: Olli Lindholmin patsas -painos[View]
171354859Who live better, more enjoyable life?[View]
171355904How many typhoons your cunt experience every year?[View]
171353940Why do wypeepo get so cocky on /int/?[View]
171356208>Horrific betrayal of 1500 uk children[View]
171354205does this happen in your country[View]
171357465what phenotype is this: dumb inbread lookin bitch needs to get facefucked[View]
171355212>Europe is overrun with blacks and Muslims >USA is overrun with blacks and Mexicans >Canada…[View]
171355040/éire/: Eagrán is aoibhinm liom minions[View]
171355561Nightlife is dying post-pandemic. What is going on? Why aren’t young people going out? Is this happe…[View]
1713570431% мapмeлaдoк[View]
171355496Can they get kicked out of NATO already?[View]
171356035Why are you here? The whole wide /int/ernational world is out there and you are posting cartoon frog…[View]
171355156>tfw my parents own a shitty restaurant[View]
171357152Why does my Asian friend keep making these weird expressions at me? Is it a cultural thing? Sometime…[View]
171355455Why are you an incel in your country?[View]
171357063>euroshart children learn their haplogroup before they learn their name…[View]
171356507Why does an Angolan politician have a degree from the Vatican university?[View]
171356960In america 'bad bitch' is a term of endearment[View]
171356361why do i suffer in america like everyone says how great the country is but guess i am a failure who …[View]
171356356Spain or France?[View]
171356247Fuck this piece of shit country[View]
171354785What if you can take milion us dollers but You have to do this very hard mission that you be turn in…[View]
171343586/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime de diferentes temas, historia, poltica, o lo que sea[View]
171356646E tu?[View]
171355249if i go to work by bike i would be sweaty as fuck[View]
171356477Do you have picrel in your country?[View]
171356421israeli bros stop murdering palestinians please, they didn't do anything[View]
171356536what happens here[View]
171352287>The realization that I wasted my youth working like a slave when I could have moved to Asia 10 y…[View]
171356244I supported the brazilian economy with 2 cents today: What have you done today to support your inter…[View]
171355657The good guys[View]
171354517This is scam, fuck you America[View]
171353250>pound near parity with dollar >british doctors (£30k) are literally getting paid less than am…[View]
171355236Um, Aussiesisters? Why are the NZisters more prosperous than us? I thought they were poor and backwa…[View]
171354685would you as a straight man have sex with this man in your country be honest[View]
171353792/ישר/ /isr/: מהדורת נוסעים לארוחת חג[View]
171353954Have you ever noticed that Iraqi Christians are darker than Iraqi Muslims?[View]
171356225Is this the Eastern European lord car?[View]
171352884>5.5/10 in America >9/10 in India[View]
171356206when u planning on moving to japan?[View]
171354535>fuck 41 .y.o. single mom sometimes >she tell that pregant >she don't wanna do abort, …[View]
171353557Slavaboo general: Despite disliking modern Russia I can’t help but still love old Orthodox Slav cult…[View]
171350576I landed a job as a security guard: It's me. Shahar Mazuchinsky. I landed a job as a security g…[View]
171356023i want the earth to get warmer. what do i do?[View]
171355018100 years from now, who owns this island?[View]
171355899Are Indians becoming too westernized?[View]
171355975Did you know Swedish high culture is an imitation of French high culture? Picture related, Tessinska…[View]
17135566963% of people in Lebanon say they want to leave the country and would do so given the opportunity. T…[View]
171355971are you still alive Russian anons?[View]
171344725/DEUTSCH/ - /NACHTSCHICHT/: Schlampige Gotinnen - Ausgabe[View]
171355585the bane of white europeons[View]
171355835How often do people read books in your in country?[View]
171354461is there a better suicide option in your country my only way[View]
171354853Guess the country.[View]
171355013*dabs on yuor country*[View]
171355889what phenotype is this: how can you tell and where can I find one[View]
171351269My dreamhouse in Chicago just got demolished.: Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
171353356why are south americans so short very tiny people[View]
171353192just confirmed that I got monkeypox now[View]
171354604Do Africans really think Russians like them?[View]
171354131does this happen in your international board?[View]
171354146Thoughts on pic related country?[View]
171353701so, this is how Euros stay warm???[View]
171351040/Mena/: طبعة مهدي[View]
171355468>fake democracy >1 percent of the people own all the wealth >fights useless wars >caus…[View]
171346089*makes an absolute horrible post*[View]
171352928Why are Americans like this?: >i just want to be respected! *chud kills him*…[View]
171355570Post you national TV station (rn)[View]
171354533What's your country's greatest feature?[View]
171354242/RG/ - Racism General[View]
171350928Come out ye black and tans[View]
171353965Why are japipo so racist towards black people?[View]
171353622landed a job in norway: should I take it? pros >its a solid job with benefits >its in a comfy …[View]
171352498he's going to use the nukes isn't he[View]
171355334Britannia erat provincia Romana in insula Britannica maxima instituta[View]
171353647>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, tawny, cinnamon or chocolate?…[View]
171353821How is life in Spain these days?[View]
171354532Sometimes it's better to have the mask on[View]
171348957/tr/: ansformation edition genderswap enthusiasts of all nations welcome[View]
171354737Am I Jomon?[View]
171347040I'm sorry for being Russian[View]
171350260How hairy are in your cunt?[View]
171355199>hey baby, i just want you to know you are a queen and i really respect you…[View]
171354255Is French cuisine popular in your country?[View]
171353813Have you turned heating in your country yet[View]
171354961Do you visit the bar in your country?[View]
171352268what country can I find men like this?[View]
171354771Kek, literally me (except I'm Chinese).[View]
171352599This confuses and enrages the whiteoid[View]
171353799Third nuke but economically.[View]
171353605Stark religious divide in Brazil election. Evangelicals favor Bolsonaro by 24 points while Catholics…[View]
171355139what do you think of TPP-11? First it was an idea of 4 countries, but then larger countries took it …[View]
171353079Do Japanese niggas really?[View]
171350276What is the secret to Brazilian womens' beauty?[View]
171353211it's over.[View]
171352862>Sweden stealing American culture[View]
171352800>Japanese population is shrinking by a million people per day >the entire country will disapp…[View]
171355117Daily occurrence in america[View]
171353067>American houses are made out of soft wood frames, chip board and plastic: Do Americans really do…[View]
171354947What Do Your Parents Do For Work?: Pic related, he's my dad.[View]
171348289Draw your ideal gf https://picrew.me/image_maker/1272810[View]
171352003What is this phenotype called?: Which countries have it?[View]
171353088I'm a half vietnamese half white I want to fucking rip my face off whe n i look in the mirror …[View]
171348457Why are white women so goofy?[View]
171354993Its like if a Nordic country was India-tier dysgenic[View]
171354348What happens here[View]
171354896'owd joo know I wuz bri'ish?![View]
171353973i vant to suck your blood! bleh![View]
171353212Do you agree with it in your country?[View]
171354763>i don't respect niggers[View]
171354576do people heil hitler in ur country[View]
171354011music thread: English only edition (all English speaking countries are welcome)[View]
171354536What is this phenotype?[View]
171351650South Korea vs Japan: Based on the latest available information and exchange rates[View]
171353385brazil has... SIGMA FEMALES?[View]
171352413Americans act as if they have free speech but then ruin this man's life for speaking his mind.[View]
171354188Why are they so autistic?[View]
171351992another day being forced to watch blonde and red head goddesses everywhere, unable to do anything be…[View]
171351739Do you use lip balm in your cunt?: Mhmmm[View]
171353980Mi Caudilla...[View]
171353614Which countries live in your head rent free?[View]
171354089do you like american culture at all? i dont like it >averager american male 2022…[View]
171347629/brit/: Graham Potter edition[View]
171354040Civil war soon. China is done[View]
171354408/brit/: salt'n'peppah edition[View]
171352435Why do poor people vote right wing?: In America the poor vote for right wing parties and the rich fo…[View]
171354236asd: as[View]
1713536483 years from now: SAVE ME FRENCHMAN AAAAAAARGH[View]
171352850Look what mankind is doing to the solar system[View]
171352992i just want to apologize to all my wog, indian, chinese and abo niggas who had to grow up under this…[View]
171351736Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?[View]
171352708White vs Non-white IQ: Average IQ of Finns: 104 Average IQ of Italians: 102 Average IQ of Germans: 9…[View]
171353994What is your favorite mountain in your country?: As a Chinese, I think mount kailash is one of my fa…[View]
171354145Post amerikino in this thread[View]
171353732hows your life going right now mine sucks[View]
171349362Post goyslop from your country[View]
171351932>Hindu priest with two Muslim imams in front of Hindu temple in Brent, UK…[View]
171353633'Che hijo porque estas SHornado?' 'Porque no encuentro mis SHaves!'[View]
171353874>indians literally call their money 'rubies' like some kind of video game based…[View]
171353561Why this board has to be filled with so many disgusting sex-obssessed and race-obssessed incels? Is …[View]
171352158me on the left[View]
171353814Anons, is it true? Russia Federation is going to break up, and Russia-proper will shrink to its pre-…[View]
171267949/lang/ CLASSIC - Nu/Lang/ is crap like Coke edition: >What language(s) are you learning? >Shar…[View]
171353677Why don't you become Australian?: Well /int/? Full memes aside why haven't you become an A…[View]
171353474Korean men go abroad thinking they will attract girls: but get raped by men[View]
171348830>in British schools, certain students called 'prefects' have authority over others and are allowe…[View]
171353491Holy shit Xi Jinping just flew over my house[View]
171351947Do you want to be racially abused by white women (in your country) ?[View]
171351842What's currently trending in your country?[View]
171352240>damn is that a woman who doesn't shave, smells like rotten fish and reads hunter x hunter (…[View]
171353426>making coffee at home >ask sister how she likes it >she grins, 'strong and BLACK' does thi…[View]
171352640are you cursed by the catholic church in your country[View]
171353569Why do Japanese 'men' look so feminine?[View]
171353558yep....that's me[View]
171353544new worrd hourahs!!! rets gooooo!! >white women wolship thlead >i rove rasha!! winta is coming…[View]
171353350i have caught a cold in my country: am taking hemomicin but i still feel blue. i wish there was some…[View]
171352810join the based 4chan Minecraft earth server anons, over 1000 people have logged in and it has no cha…[View]
171337674Why is Spanish considered a Level 1 language for English speakers when it's this autistic?[View]
171352964Has your country ever blamed a minority for plagues?: Why yes, in California, the chinese - while th…[View]
171352115This is San Marino, California. It's a rich Asian neighborhood. I will make a lot of money and …[View]
171353172You wake up on Easter Island[View]
171353427good morning Italians[View]
171351306/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
171352183have you explored the further regions of experience in your country?[View]
171331078/norgetråden/: Dumme jævler klarer ikke holde tråden på brettet/Jostedalsbreen-utgaven Forrige: …[View]
171352711Are Latin based languages better or worse?: Are Latin based languages better or worse? Advantages …[View]
171351908its almost been a year. when is /qa/ coming back up in our countries?[View]
171353340Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
171352231Why are black people like this?[View]
171351726Pornstars are mad white men dont hit on them anymore: I guess we've come full cycle now >por…[View]
171348347Finland?: No Chicago[View]
171347619/brit/: lovely black women edish[View]
171353124>france was legally and politcally referred to as 'frog' until the start of world war I when fran…[View]
171352980I just remembered England has privatised water[View]
171352968>New Incel TV video just dropped There's nothing like starting a fresh day with a dose of mi…[View]
171353090really tired of these canadians[View]
171352974Do you watch (accidently in love) anime amvs on youtube in your country?[View]
171351642AI /int/ thread. Post any international related pics[View]
171352662I fucking hate myself for being poor in my country I deserve everything and everyone else deserves n…[View]
171352788>Russian anon defends the war on 4chan >Russian anon gets drafted and becomes a liveleak webm …[View]
171351480Do you respect cops from your country? I only respect cops if they are very macho/masculine and hand…[View]
171350273Is he conservative or not?[View]
171351974Do people wish they could get rid of a desire for companionship in your country? When I see picture …[View]
171351213the protagonists of the 21st century[View]
171350314Where are the women in Western Europe? You guys dating apps are just sausage fest.[View]
171350115What's with these shithole islands spreading their diaspora around the world?[View]
171349943Weakest Chinese females[View]
171351250is it true that Japan loves India?[View]
171348685/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição da pintada[View]
171352472>start office job with pretty major company >get work phone >constantly get scam calls thro…[View]
171350528how many people do you think enter /int/ in the day?, I have the impression that we are always the s…[View]
171352585Mountain men are always free[View]
171352301What do women even want bros[View]
171350495Just found out about Italian fascist song Facetta Nera[View]
171352386the baltic languages have remained so unchanged for last 3000 years that if you went back in time an…[View]
171345330/cum/: OG /cum/ queen edish[View]
171349821Whats the most dumb thing you ever did here? I once posted my mom's eye[View]
171352422How big are houses in your /cunt/: >Flag 793 sq meters/8535sq ft Thats about average where i li…[View]
171344518>moves to Germany >immediately starts putting on pounds I knew Germans were renowned in the fi…[View]
171344337They just released the map for World War III.[View]
171349983Oh my g-d what is wrong with Ukrainians?[View]
171352308I do not give a single fuck about slavoid monkeys or their retarded wars.[View]
171351753Everyone except for Belgians and the Irish are sick cunts[View]
171348132Why are they yellow and not brown like their Khmer cousin?[View]
171352277why are Japanese gunkas so kino? https://youtu.be/fIfGVVDEMKI DUN-DUNDUNDUN DUN-DUNDUNDUN[View]
171346408What did you eat today, /int/?: Today I had asado[View]
171348980Other brown people will never be as suave and dark triad maxxed as Latinos. We are the only brownoid…[View]
171350872DNA/Family tree thread: Post yours[View]
171352213When I walk down the streets See the people who stop and stare and say Haven't I seen that face…[View]
171351825why are there literally zero white males with a physique like this? why are the races so far apart …[View]
171350750People joked about me being a bastard because my skin is whiter than my parents skin. I wanted to b…[View]
171352094Post post-ww2 german culture[View]
171351742Do you have based Jews in your country?[View]
171344531/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: >>171341169[View]
171349110Could this brazilian girl pass in SEA?[View]
171351765not my problem https://twitter.com/davenewworld_2/status/1573625920291848198[View]
171350156Finally stopped being a pussy and struck up a conversation with a girl in a hostel who I've bee…[View]
171351813I die for bald bunker monke. Do it happen in your country?[View]
171345745Do you drink alcohol in your cunt?[View]
171348042Where my persian bros at?[View]
171351323Oh say can you see in your country?[View]
171341623Should this country be nuked?[View]
171350514When I was younger I used to view England as a sophisticated country I viewed them as tea-drinking, …[View]
171351520Brave men. Beautiful, traditional women.[View]
171351132What's been your experience with Hijabi women in your country?[View]
171351660America is a world bully, that is a fact. However, if she doesn’t pretend she is a world savior, the…[View]
171351204Europeans, what percent of Rome is Muslim?[View]
171351047Standard European Mentity: >Make way less money than anglo new world countries “Actually this le…[View]
171350904>25% Russian >25% Polish >25% German >25% Italian I'm whiter than the average Europ…[View]
171348040What do Indian people smell like?[View]
171350669>Created by the shogunate to curtail the tastes of and sequester the nouveau riche chōnin (mercha…[View]
171351365People think that you can suffer in the first world[View]
171350193why did this latrino faggot cry about dugina (as if anyone cares) but said nothing about the chaplin…[View]
171350165As an American, I do not like the way the US treats its people. I do not like the fact we wage wars …[View]
171349504Do you love England?[View]
171351511you're number one in Canada? I guess that makes you about the same as a homeless guy with AIDS …[View]
171346079poorurope: no America[View]
171325675>Spaniards are white[View]
171348357Why have Italians hid this from us?[View]
171337737Why do they look asiatic?[View]
171348576i am just tired of all the bullshit do you feel the same way in your country[View]
171351254>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
171350332tsk tsk tsk tsk Come 'ere boy got some nanners fer ya[View]
171350828>1/3rd of men age 30 on downward haven’t had sex within the past year Are guys in your country be…[View]
171349777Have any Russians that post here been mobilised?[View]
171348013>A hospital emergency can cost 300k in america[View]
171351131on earth can you be fat in europe i understand america or mexico but cmon how do you fail that badly[View]
171345933Black People Are Moving to Asia: I have no racial prejudice against black people, but rather respect…[View]
171350929>Von Neumann, Wigner, Teller >one Budapest high school did more to build the atom bomb than th…[View]
171350601argentina inflation: are these numbers real? how do argies deal with inflation?[View]
171346525Is civ 6 worth playing?[View]
171350583Whenever I interact with any community, online or in person, I feel like I'm wearing a mask and…[View]
171346187can someone explain? Why korean woman age so good compared to white[View]
171350524Too many reaction videos like this Is it the same in your country?[View]
171349862Indian sirs managed to trick Twitter and Reddit into thinking there was a coup in China. How are the…[View]
171350620When did you realise that Christianity failed and Islam is the only one true religion?[View]
171350906Z https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPzBjXbv384[View]
171348220british lifters be like >by the queen upon whom be peace, I just bench pressed 16.07 stone!…[View]
171350566Do you like Iran?[View]
171350818why does everywhere west of the atlantic suck like damn no where is good in the americas[View]
171349538Is excessive internet usage affecting your cognitive function and mental health in your country?[View]
171350062Why the fuck vegetables and tap water taste like candy compared to other countries?[View]
171350731Brazil, Africa and India must return to being a single landmass.[View]
171305574/skandi/: lördagsutgåvan[View]
171349348Why the fuck are Russiand coming to Europe?: Fuck off Germany, stop inviting them into Europe. Russh…[View]
171347743Are fat girls common in your country?[View]
171347720Us Brits love suffering. We revel in things here being shit. You foreigners wouldn't get it, ex…[View]
171348422I speak for the Germanic peoples and I declare that the meds are our friends. Together we can rule t…[View]
171348078Why are they muslim if theyre not arab like turkey?[View]
17134998290% of germans will freeze to death in the next 6 months[View]
171350199King (Hyas Tyee) Maquinna (pictured) of the Nuu-chah-nulth people, Nootka Sound, took white men as s…[View]
171349588why do non-westerners love emojis so much?[View]
171335477Is Norway actually paradise on Earth? >rich >white >socialist >underpopulated Can I emig…[View]
171349524what are some countries that have the most brain washed citizens i will start this place probably be…[View]
171350246We're already trying to profit from fleeing Russians: >Thailand is welcoming Russians going …[View]
171350446Oh no CS:GO bros[View]
171348864the us is so ugly i fucking hate it here[View]
171350294You are going to Brazil[View]
171334488do you want an american gf in your country?[View]
171348871Are Portuguese people white?: https://www.portugalresident.com/portuguese-students-offered-protectio…[View]
171349810lmao at simps: european nationalism do be like....[View]
171348956Why isnt men from Asian countries dating women from European countries more common?[View]
171348862Why do they larp as pajeets?[View]
171348515It is simply not possible to get a girlfriend in Japan.[View]
171350251What percent of Rome is Muslim?[View]
171343570I pledge allegiance To the flag Of the United States of America And to the Republic For which it sta…[View]
171350043What's the avant-garde of your culture?[View]
171346426Guys you wouldn't believe it but I have a crazy idea What if we make a board where people can p…[View]
171349192>ARGENTINA IS... LE SAFE this nigga took everything from me two weeks ago and he's getting b…[View]
171349385>join vc anon >haha you sound so white! how do i make myself sound less white?…[View]
171327688/mena/ /شأشأ/[View]
171348927how can you overcome from female rejection (in your country)[View]
171348949What do you know about the breton people in your country perchance?[View]
171350065Did you know that Russians do not have a word for any of the following: respect dignity morality sel…[View]
171349809I wanna go to the swimming pool and slide down the slides and jump off the diving board again with m…[View]
171349178Why so many faggots on this board!?: I see faggot threads every day You can turn every random fuckin…[View]
171349991I NEED a Scandinavian man to guide me through life with discipline[View]
171348814Is your country evil? >flag No[View]
171349349Why are black women so ugly?[View]
171347053Muslims believe that this is the direct word of God.[View]
171349669nano desu[View]
171349680I read all of your posts out loud in a silly exaggerated accent based on your flag.[View]
171349928What's up here? it is true that they are vikings like the norse and different from the french?[View]
171348311Why are westerners siding with the neo-nazis instead of based eurasianist multicultural russia?[View]
171348583I believe in Black, Brown, Asian solidarity[View]
171342952In Japan, they have unattended shops where people buy food and leave their payments in a box[View]
171349188Do hot women produce handsome sons in your country?[View]
171344146i want mommy meloni to enslave me and call me a disgusting gook in her magnificent language does thi…[View]
171330373if you could get a gf from another nationality except your own to flex on your peers, what would it …[View]
171349392>install Tinder >get 0 matches in 1 month >uninstall Tinder Does this happen in your countr…[View]
171348967Are small picks used for snacks in your country?[View]
171349400This spainiard at this party actually looks white. So he's a visgoth? Or what's the name o…[View]
171349326Was ISIS a country?[View]
171348961Why are country capital cities considered as shitholes? Even though a lot of them mainly first world…[View]
171347585Any 'Basque'-ans here on /int/ ?[View]
171347714I want to visit Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru but I am too…[View]
171349019Dou wanna Latina mommy gf in your country?[View]
171349091Los Angeles is the second city with more mexicans only after Mexico City[View]
171347257Whoreness was raped into their women by the Iberians. Communal property. A continent of town bicycle…[View]
171349169My ancestry is English, Scottish, German, Swiss, and French, but I am shorter than the average heigh…[View]
171344184What causes this phenomena?[View]
171348982As a whitie, I genuinely wish to be the household servant of a superior Japanese man. Anyone else fe…[View]
171348095Does your country have a mandatory military draft? How can you escape it?[View]
171348988Your cunt Would you be with a blacked woman?[View]
171349097Youtube algorithms won... Xi姐妹.... It's over isn't it...[View]
171346249My brothers...[View]
171349045*Single-handedly BTFO all mexicans in /int/*: Based gook.[View]
171348215>whiter than y-ACK[View]
171346876Countries you couldn't care less about: I don't even remember Spain or Portugal's exi…[View]
171348622Tim Hortons Bathroom hidden camera: Luckily for me I don't recall doing anything embarrasing. S…[View]
171348854Will they honor the Queen?[View]
171348713operation divide norway into pieces: norway coasts: populated cities, majority of people , new norwa…[View]
171348567How is this >>171342167 thread still alive? If I mention extermination/killing next to a count…[View]
171346356I've just had a trip to Italy and passed through here. Holy fuck Italy, get your shit together.…[View]
171348703Hello /int/, I'm posting from 1977. Anything I should know about the future?[View]
171303591/med/ + frens: Turkish GF giveaway Edition[View]
171348028Br girl here AMA[View]
171348349This is what Brazilian girls really look like[View]
171344639OG 13 ColonyChads, wya[View]
171312802/ukraїna/ & /belaruś/: Eдицiя Кiшки[View]
171346539My Dad thought Denmark was a city. Does this happen with Dads in your cunt?[View]
171348429swedens rivers are very uniformly organised in a row[View]
171348469KWAB: So you're telling me that Pic related is what got thousands of Jap kids to hospital for E…[View]
171343183/ex-yu/: Bajagson izdanje[View]
171331614post Mexican bangers ITT[View]
171348483Sacre BLEU...[View]
171348571>im all ears[View]
171347842Do you do tips in your cunt? How much: I know I'm European, however my father always gives insa…[View]
171343849What did she do?[View]
171337377>Japan worships USA, the country that dropped atomic bombs on them Why are they like this?…[View]
171348490sagouines and roses sa souigne en mosuse[View]
171344203Belgian culture = Walloon culture Canadian culture = Québécois culture Swiss culture = not Romand cu…[View]
171342213I want a cute girlfriend from this country so I can sniff her bushy vagina and hairy ass crack all d…[View]
171334933/fr/ - le fil du soir: Édition de Yamato Ancien : >>171326768[View]
171347659/drunk/ general: You already know it, fellow redditors.[View]
171346954I'm 100% British, all my ancestries lie in this isle, yet I look like an Italian med. Does this…[View]
171347919I say Soviet Union, you say sorry[View]
171347469Why does Japan look down on otakus when anime is Japan's greatest invention?[View]
171345784Foreign perception of Britain vs the reality of Britain[View]
171341569did you know it's considered normal and is very common in Turkey for 'heterosexual' men to have…[View]
171346991this is how every bar in brazil looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJvXPWOYgpo how a bar/pub…[View]
171347578This is what Brazilian girls really look like https://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fm.t…[View]
171345999>cunt >is it not gay if it's not a real penis? Poland Still gay…[View]
171347373Are japanese honolaly white?[View]
171345935Is France a good place to have gaysex?[View]
171342048Amerifag learning Spanish who can speak it decently, despite only learning it for a month. Which Spa…[View]
171306244/éire/: Eagrán maidin mhaith a dhaoine uaisle[View]
171347252Happening: Twitch Live Stream Now. This is what really Brazilians looks like. Yes the average Brazil…[View]
171337886Has your cunt ever committed horrible war crimes?[View]
171342476This is China's new leader. Say something good about him.[View]
171346691It's 3 a.m. and I'm listening to American Civil War songs again. Do you love America?[View]
171345450>tfw no emotional support black girl[View]
171343715>eurusd tanked 20% over a year >despite europe and the US producing around the same amount of …[View]
171347636If you're an 'incel' with a sister and you haven't tried to fuck her yet, you're a vo…[View]
171344252When did you realize most of the things what koreans was talking was massive lie? 1 K: The universal…[View]
171344836what do you think about him?[View]
171346421This is how japan sees wypipo now, will you take action?[View]
171346786>As many as 9.8 million accounts may be compromised, equivalent to 40% of Australia's popula…[View]
171312805/asean/: neon diner edisyon[View]
171345563>your cunt >what does your cunt think about PC supremacy? >do your cunt enjoys PC gaming mo…[View]
171346760Is consumption of milk products popular in your cunt?: Or do you immediately get shit action, so nob…[View]
171345249/brit/: Jesus Christ edition[View]
171345972What toolbox kits do architects use in your country? I want to become an architect and restore old e…[View]
171347533I love America.[View]
171347215I don't know how to drive a manual car, and I am not ashamed of that fact.[View]
171345037Average European adult male body type[View]
171345348Can Spanish speakers and Italians understand each other?[View]
171344683Jag älskar Sverige[View]
171347422i bought steak and lobster with my food stamps[View]
171341004Would you learn Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?[View]
171347098which 2hu represents your country the best?[View]
171344591Why does this nigga look like that, is he really a Serb.[View]
171347201Oh my God anon... It's so big.. I knew your part polish .. How do you respond[View]
171339093Tomorrow, King Charles announces the restoration of the British Empire. 1 million highly-trained Bri…[View]
171337636Hello me cute girl in my country. Me love YOU <3 You loves me, no?[View]
171346706>why yes, I am a rock[View]
171341445Is this game an accurate depiction of life in Northern Europe?[View]
171347119I want to see America...: the REAL America...[View]
171344471Why do they historically keep losing? Why are they so weak? Is it in their genes to be dominated by …[View]
171347004do you have cheap shitty american beer in your country? What do you think of it? If someone were to …[View]
171346546>2 AM >can't sleep because a stag is making mating calls few meters from my house…[View]
171346934Warning: Can't make this shit up. Let's talk about Turkey[View]
171336545the women got larger dingdongs then the men here. order and progress my friends! order and progress[View]
171346240>https://duitslandinstituut.nl/artikel/31789/fruhstucksei-woche-22-konigspaar-zu-besuch >The D…[View]
171331289How has this country not erupted into fragments before? Wouldn't the Azeris want to join the Az…[View]
171343777Russia and Iran are on the verge of collapse.[View]
171335804why is French even considered a Romance language?[View]
171343097Do dutch pypo looks like this?[View]
171339756>England and Spain randomly on the same side as thirdies uh....[View]
171340844sverigetråden - bilolyckaupplagan[View]
171346518Have you ever met a nafri individual? What was your experience like? Positive or negative?[View]
171345260In Sweden we have something that is called 'christmas must'. It's so cool.[View]
171345378Does this happen in your cunt? https://youtu.be/WoxJYm68cEY[View]
171342782this is a mediterranean house gecko. i heard the south is overrun with these things. have any southe…[View]
171331562/balk/ + /v4/: /balk/ Döner Edition Now with Halal Sign (issued by /mena/) ESKİ OLD >>17129972…[View]
171345988Can you identify the language by its romanisation? >Zanmen zai jyoba he baijyo, ganbei!…[View]
171342576>brazilians really call Portuguese the hardest language in the world to learn Is the average Braz…[View]
171346080You monsters. This is why I want to import a qt from that hell.[View]
171345820>brazilian thread about brazil yesterday >brazilian thread about brazil today >brazilian th…[View]
171345741Post where you've been.[View]
171338676September 23rd 2022 I am forgotten...[View]
171346035propper lads[View]
171329721Do you have matches on Dating apps in your cunt? France no, i guess im ugly[View]
171345861Do people still wear masks in 2020+2?[View]
171343595>4chan is banned Slovenia Why?[View]
171341203Whats with the brown people like Greeks, Arabs and Italians that whenever they fuck up its always so…[View]
171341743does your country have coal and gem?[View]
171329248/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: goshcuck is a pedo-edition[View]
171342545Do you love the USA?[View]
171337108green = thirdie[View]
171342708what does '2+2' mean in your country?[View]
171345166dude CUMRAG language lmao[View]
171345464Why is the mongoloid race so intelligent but so irrelevant? Especially in a historical sense[View]
171341424My country is very beautiful, why haven't you visited it yet?[View]
171345183I wonder what they would say to Europe becoming islamized in a mostly peaceful way?[View]
171337393/tr/: Nökerler Baskısı[View]
171344581>Spanish 'vaquero' was the American 'buckaroo' mispronounced, when spanish settlers adopted cowbo…[View]
171344418>Meet normal WASPy midwestern looking classmate >Surname is CHAVEZ What the fuck is going on i…[View]
171342432What happens in Acre? Why is it an independent state?[View]
171345204Do you want an English gf?[View]
171343826Is your country a good country?[View]
171341428The short lived economic miracle of this region is coming to an end. We never lived and will never l…[View]
171341001Thirdoid meal challenge: I am about to make the classic Third World meal of rice and beans as an exp…[View]
171299387/desi/: Imagine you have to work with Alia Butt on a designer chaddi commercial for rich kids. You h…[View]
171344627Konnichiwa, watachiwa witcher des.[View]
171323490Post comfy architecture from your cuntry[View]
171340702Your country What is student life like in your country? Russia it's fine, but i've never b…[View]
171341169/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Fio Incel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TjHZxRzin0[View]
171340415/nachtschleife/ morgen wieder /deutsch/ im Programm[View]
171344445ITT: post cool stuff from your cunt[View]
171340762all women are whores my ex is in a relationship and i just had sex with her. i asked her how would s…[View]
171342948are they even human?[View]
171343240I'm hungarian. What' the problem of being a Mogols? We are proud to be mongols because we …[View]
171339372Brrrrr... Eurobros I heard it's getting colder nowadays... hope you're ready for the long …[View]
171304333/esp/: Levantense, holgazanes.[View]
171344211I will never have children because im brown and low iq[View]
171336333How do you suffer in Ukraine?[View]
171343272was he right?[View]
171343016>'Our citizens are ashamed to say patriotism. A considerable number of young people only worship …[View]
171339555>mongols that larp as slavs >slavs that larp as mongols >slavs that larp as meds >meds t…[View]
171341308really makes you think doesn't it?[View]
171343797How thick is the line between being a bugman and being civilized? >waiting in line >flushing (…[View]
171326292/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
171343171I've seen a certain meme being thrown around recently, namely that Poland could occupy Germany …[View]
171343700Whitebros... it's over[View]
171336309/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Umerda[View]
171334759Do whites and Latinos (young ones) in the US mingle at all? For both friendships and relationships, …[View]
171340757>just found out what happened to the Turks in the Balkans Wtf Christianbros, why did you do that?…[View]
171342630What Conspiracies do you follow in your country?: >tulpas >everest cover-ups >my red is not…[View]
171342637Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
171342957/brit/: Mr. Blobby edition[View]
171341746What size do women of your country want?[View]
171340479Choose your Hispanic fighter[View]
171342286My mom stopped buying beef and started buying vegan cheese instead of real cheese. Does this happen …[View]
171343235Biscuits are better than cookies[View]
171339641Taco bell tacos are better than mexican tacos: Impopular opinion but I have ate both but and taco be…[View]
171343281According to argentinians, they are white but italians and spaniards aren't[View]
171342421GLORY GLORY LEEDS UNITED, get in 'ere lads![View]
171340691Would you fight for your country?: Now that Russia has mobilized, I ask /int/ if they would willingl…[View]
171341915Just tripped on a carpet and accidentally broke my arm in 3 places. Does it happen in your country?[View]
171335745>as a 5 castizo you can get 7 mestiza life is not fair[View]
171330520How is your country's currency holding up?: Flag related. We're fucked.[View]
171337178The year is 2035. Elon Musk has finally made anime real. After a decade of saving, you finally are a…[View]
171341508how do we stop the endless influx of (((cats))) in our countries?[View]
171341090What's dating like in america? What do american girls like to do and what do you talk about?[View]
171341356Future never looked so bright[View]
171330309Is she famous in Italy?[View]
171342881what does modafinil feel like? also A-PIHP? and generic viagra? if anyone have tried any of these, a…[View]
171324531Your country didn't fall for the EV meme, right?: Right?[View]
171332402Does this happen in your country?[View]
171338614/brit/: Best girl edition[View]
171339642What is northern Italy like? Is italy a poor country?[View]
171342404Finland was under Russian control for more than 100 years. It could've disappeared or reduced t…[View]
171342445google maps streetview: I hate globohomo companies as much as the next guy, but seriously, this type…[View]
171328208If you had the power, how would you solve this borders?[View]
171342580Do women in your country's culture wear white wedding dresses even when they're getting ma…[View]
171336478You can't refute this.[View]
171340951>I suffer in the Caribbean No you don't. I watched all PotC movies. Disney wouldn't lie…[View]
171339280literally illegal in America[View]
171338480It's happening. Russians are the new Jews and gypsies. I can't believe it's happening…[View]
171342106Go to bed European, Mena, African, and Indian[View]
171340534Does this happen in your country?: Welcome to Great Britain, 2022.[View]
171340008This is what your average public debate looks like in Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCd…[View]
171339831>Be EU >Decide to sanction Russian Gas >Except give exemptions to literally everyone who s…[View]
171341755La pija en el orto[View]
171335694is this phenotype common in Georgia?[View]
171340679Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo November India Golf Golf Echo Romeo Sierra[View]
171330213/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição da Senpaiília Anterior: cancelado por spam de degenerados[View]
171339445Doing drug only only hurts their body: doesn't hurt any other people But why many counts punish…[View]
171341597Japan is the greatest nation on earth[View]
171341247what's your opinion on compulsory military service in your country?[View]
171341869How many Russians here have been mobilised?[View]
171341933Anyone else run into pajeet scammers in your cunt? My best friend and I both ran into them while try…[View]
171341830What's your favorite video?[View]
171339892>Buy a few external hard drives and a semi modern laptop if you don't have it >Torrent al…[View]
171341291What are your experiences with people of the Nafri (North African (Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Lib…[View]
171340944im a fat hispanic tranny in my countree[View]
171340629Spain thread: Talk about 'pain here :)[View]
171340379Americans: why all the Spaniards went to New MEXICO ?[View]
171336663Why do communists like wheat so much?[View]
171341375Are there Indian nationalists who want to retake Pakistan or Bangladesh?[View]
171333281https://twitter.com/antman0704/status/1573634551175434240 Imagine still shopping at walmart[View]
171337541is it gonna be ok in your cunt?[View]
171341350Why do taiwan love japan so much[View]
171341152Is it weird I use these to hide the smell of dogshit outside?[View]
171338698should i convert to islam?: What are the bennefits of becoming a Muslim? Theres no muslims in my cou…[View]
171340836Whats you country's best friend[View]
171341202Bulgaria could easily be the most oriental nation in Europe[View]
171340842internationally speaking why women are deranged to acknowledge that the sky is actually a social con…[View]
171333755>You will never be british Fml[View]
171336366What is living in Wrocław like?[View]
171333100Oh hi guys[View]
171337875How do you get rid of dog poop in your country? i'm taking care of my mum's dogs while she…[View]
171340232HELLO it's your boy Roman, your friendly neighborhood russian. From my comfy place in Georgia i…[View]
171335070/polska/: Edycja anona mającego pytanie ostatnio: >>171328753 ostatnia była chujowa[View]
171339307how are libraries in your country?: in the UK it depends if you're in london or not. norf/middu…[View]
171334526Are grooming gangs a distinctly paki thing? I don't recall our muslims doing anything similar.[View]
171340569Brazilians look like this ? L M A O: I thought all girls in Brazil are hot but those people in the c…[View]
171339351do swedish cocksuckers lie to you in your country[View]
171338470I wasted all this time studying Russian because I was too insecure to study Japanese[View]
171338523Nietzsche was Polish, the concept of Übermensch was based on Poles and Polish style of life. That…[View]
171339365Do you have these?[View]
171333673Sverigetråden - tegelsten upplaga[View]
171337928Guess the country.[View]
171340401What percent of people in your country are in shape?[View]
171333266You wake up in Wrocław, Poland (formerly Breslau)[View]
171339407September 24 2022: I am forgotten[View]
171338108>I suffer in Central Asia[View]
171337433What are the main pros and cons of regularly browsing this website in your country?[View]
171334268live your myth in russia[View]
171340248>this makes americans shake and shiver with fear[View]
171338828My family owned a lotta slaves.[View]
171339989When I was a kid we raised beef cattle (it's a crop farm only now) and my siblings and I used t…[View]
171325615kurva anyátok[View]
171339999Dunmer called me an N’wah again today. Why do they hate us so much?[View]
171328556Do ex-soviet anons know Russian?[View]
171322971the representation we need[View]
171333833Brownbros we’ve been let down[View]
171338914What happens here? I rarely see it mentioned on /int/[View]
171332801>ywn be russian[View]
171337992What would this cunt be called if it was named after Slavics and not Turkics[View]
171334693What do you expect of products carrying this logo?[View]
171339545question for slavs: which slav country has the sluttiest girls[View]
171334256do you hate women in your counrty? i absolutely despise women and want to smash their head in every …[View]
171337898Will America provide me with a husband who looks like this if I immigrate there?[View]
171333279The good guys[View]
171336251Describe your grandparents to me.[View]
171338407Choose you favorite French language: https://atlas.limsi.fr/?tab=Hexagone[View]
171338498HAHAHAHAHA: https://youtube.com/watch?v=uI5WRxknOqA Why do poocels need a video on how and where to …[View]
171339300God Save The Queen. She fucking won while that whore is rotting six feet under[View]
171336195How are pizza prices in your country? Have you invested in the pizza market yet?[View]
171337369Turks are way whiter than Latin Americans, I say this as a Chicano who met a group of Turkish touris…[View]
171338350How is life like for the average Russian economically speaking since the sanctions? Are Russians sti…[View]
171338215the main protagonists[View]
171330537POV: smooching japanese gf[View]
171337262my parents are both korean and they taught me to hate Japan from a very young age do your parents pa…[View]
171331842What even happens in Mongolia?[View]
171334134How bad is the obesity problem in your country?[View]
171334899Is it getting colder in your room in your country?[View]
171338835>you cant suffer in america than why do i suffer[View]
171331377I am actually a pro-Japan Korean. I'm addicted jav and I want to get a Japanese wife.[View]
171313101/PGG/ - Pan Germanic General: /Nederdraad/ + /Deutsch/ + /norgetråden/ + /skandi/ + /Sverigetråden/ …[View]
171338661What does /int/ think about latinX europe?[View]
171326522Three phenotypes of Finlandia[View]
171332580Brazil must be the only country in the world where you could be robbed at gunpoint by a big dick tra…[View]
171338607>The Strongest man in Portugal[View]
171338731Have you ever been to England and if so what was your experience? And no you being to London doesnt …[View]
171330277When are you going to convert to the true faith (Islam)? You can't keep denying the truth forev…[View]
171334410Is Argentina a good place to visit?[View]
171327967Russia Looks Like... THIS???[View]
171330377why are they so angery online?: I've been to poland and they were ok IRL[View]
171336060/brit/: coles edition[View]
171336129Japan is the greatest nation on earth[View]
171333715How's your Spanish coming along so far, /int/? You HAVE been learning it this year, right?[View]
171335037how are women treated in your country[View]
171338051Lord, I was born a ramblin' man Tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best I can…[View]
171324007It really do be like that[View]
171336895What went wrong?[View]
171335272it is possible to suffer in america?[View]
171328562new standard of living map[View]
171333613Sverigetråden - Racketkattupplagan[View]
171336570I love my Eurofrens. Some more, some less, but you're all my frens. I want to give you all a bi…[View]
171333432Perfect korean girls ITT[View]
171335465Britishers literally sit in silence and stare into space while sipping on tea instead having convers…[View]
171334458do you have class reunions in your cunt?[View]
171335196Could my gf pass as a local in your country?[View]
171336987it's 1:14 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
171336005This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
171335450/ita/ - il filo - edizione Tempesta di Dolore: State soffrendo questo sabato filini?[View]
171333147I love asian girl hair[View]
171336430did your school have a fight club: i had one in high school and middle school but both got shut down…[View]
171334711>the country with the highest HDI value in africa is still lower than the country in europe with …[View]
171334190The king of the Gypsies demands India to recognise them as Indian diaspora.[View]
171334950Post ceremonial military uniforms from ur cunt[View]
171336179>international students with daddy’s credit card complaining about feeling like outsiders and hav…[View]
171335868do you guys have firework wars in your area every 4th july and new years eve we shoot fireworks at e…[View]
171328715/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Ignazio LALA presidente di Italia[View]
171333066I accidentally used the word poopenfarten at dinner tonight and now I'm grounded You did this, …[View]
171309567/rus/ dark age: Издaниe лyчших пocтepoв /rus/ >>171273615[View]
171333598Did you know that Russians do not have a word for any of the following: respect dignity morality sel…[View]
171333477/brit/: in memoriam edition[View]
171334809Why is KFC always filled with druggies? Does this happen in your cunt? Mcdonalds never seems to have…[View]
171334486i am a nobody in my country[View]
171335761the protagonist[View]
171334015The closest relatives to that girl who was killed by the iranian police lives in Norway, and today t…[View]
171334365Do you have any interesting rock formations in your cunt?[View]
171334520Why are Latinx like this?[View]
171334470As we saw in Bucha, when Russia's forces fail on the battlefield, they will resort to crimes ag…[View]
1713354781. Your count: 2. Thoughts on incest?[View]
171328054Is it accurate to still describe Italy as a Catholic country?[View]
171335575USA is the worst first world country >crime/violence >massive poverty no social safety net …[View]
171295400/tR/: oLL oL oqLim https://vocaroo.com/1ejBEg3KvvSn[View]
171332668Let's be frens.[View]
171327358Post a River from your country. This is the Missouri River.[View]
171332468My predictions on the afterlife of /int/ Feel free to edit[View]
171333954publix is probably the best thing about florida[View]
171334277Never move to Amer*ca. You have been warned.[View]
171328753/polska/: Edycja JenCon https://youtu.be/waAlgFq9Xq8o[View]
171331465I haven't been outside in over 2 months and i haven't bathed in over 4 months. Do you do t…[View]
171334503These literally stalk the forests of Scandinavia: What stalks your forests?[View]
171331768FALA: There is a Portuguese poster browsing this board right now who knows where this British child …[View]
171332978Do you know where every country is?[View]
171334358We and Mexico were the biggest gore producers in the world, about 90% of humanity's gore produc…[View]
171326686Do you Iove Jαpan?[View]
171334697french niggas be like[View]
171326768/fr/ - le fil du samedi soir.: Pas de pa édition... >>171316881[View]
171330490Do zoomers hate TV on your cunt?[View]
171331434You wake up in a brazillian party what you do[View]
171334454Do incels exist in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdHqzr4DyIs[View]
171330800Do anglos feel closer to meds (france, iberia, italy) or to central europoids (germany, switzerland,…[View]
171331746What are you doing this fine Saturday night int friends? Me? I’m just playing some Forza Motorsport …[View]
171330910You wake up looking like him in your kunt. What do you do?[View]
171331986If your country doesn't have porch geckos, it doesn't have SOVL.[View]
171329433>an empire of shitholes good job building a caliphate moors![View]
171330585What is the future of this country?[View]
171334124does this you are cunt?: today i saw a hijabi woman that had a piercing and another hijabi woman th…[View]
171331625Genetic regions in your cunt[View]
171333672what way should i go, poles?[View]
171332332Do you love England?[View]
171322851Just learned about American salaries, taxes and housing prices Are there any Europeans planing to em…[View]
171329720Does this happen in your country?: >your country >are you bicurious? do you have non-sensical …[View]
171316519This country can be beautiful at times.[View]
171332823What is beach culture like in your country? >flag We go to cuba[View]
171333733most thirdie flags on here are probably feds there’s no way this many of them have internet access[View]
171333877What do leafs think of him[View]
171328761Do arthoes exist in your country?[View]
171332420how white are you in your country[View]
171332749when i was in france, i couldn't tell the difference between natives and immigrants! >'wogs…[View]
171333688>reinstall CSGO after 5 years >immediately insult Russians and tell them they'll all die …[View]
171324702Why some countries like India are not good at any sports[View]
171330957What do people in your country think of Mary?[View]
171310772/bra/ - fio brasileiro[View]
171333634sverigetråden - kirbyupplagan[View]
171333571Why did Quebec people vote against their independence?[View]
171332193what does modafinil feel like? also A-PIHP? and viagra? if anyone have tried any of these, asking fo…[View]
171333453Australians listen to M83 - Midnight City on full blast while drinking a can of Foster’s and throwin…[View]
171330722/brit/: pint gf edtion[View]
1713283361. nationalities/ethnicities where women are beautiful, but men are average or ugly 2. nationalities…[View]
171332470>we have our own oil, food and lumber >we only care about our own sports and television shows …[View]
171330815Good evening: Post your evening[View]
171330207Do you support Black + Brown + Asian solidarity[View]
171329591I wish I lived in England. Good music, architecture, weather, friendly women with better personaliti…[View]
171333178100% sure there's some white bro here who's sister or close cousins or zoomer niece has do…[View]
171333127Non-Americans >Wearing Jeans/Denim >Wearing baseball caps >Saying 'OK' >Saying 'Dude' …[View]
171333126/ita/ - il filo - edizione Tempesta di Dolore[View]
171333075I'm proud of them. Of Out all the shitty colonies we had in the past they seem to be the one co…[View]
171327801In total war, could the unmah coalition (turkey, pakistan, syria, egypt, iran) defeat and conquer th…[View]
171332943Live your viking adventure in sweden[View]
171332772Does your government have a giant mace they lug around?[View]
171332912Random South America street view: Hi bros, some months back I made a thread randomly jumping across …[View]
171332839Haven't seen a Afghan poster in a while. Hope they're okay.[View]
171330223>everyone in the world wears blue jeans and t-shirts >use words like 'okay', 'cool', 'bro' etc…[View]
171331592What country has/had the best crown?[View]
171330934Norwegians have unusually small brains Does this happen in your country?[View]
171332454The average black in america has older ancestors living in america than most whites whose grandad ca…[View]
171331737How popular is 4chan in your country?[View]
171330090Who owns your country? For Canada, it's China.[View]
171332573What phenotype is this and what country did it originate in?[View]
171328167katuwa bros it looks like pumping out pigs is not going to turn India into a Muslim majority country[View]
171321447>this is how China sees America Shouldn't it be an overweight trans black woman? This seems…[View]
171328262/deutsch/: taxifahrer ausgabe[View]
171331912Does this happen in your cunt?: >NO, YOU HAVE TO WEAR A SHIRT AND SHOES TO EAT HERE BECAUSE... LO…[View]
171332361Instead of having ethnic cleansings and wars every few decades why doesn’t the rest of the world jus…[View]
171331996>american chair[View]
171326769TAIWAN IS PART OF CHINA: TAIWAN IS PART OF CHINA Taiwan has ALWAYS been part of China Taiwanese peop…[View]
171331978Do you consider your country to be your 'land'?: In my case I hate most Costa Rican people because t…[View]
171330151>perfect countries don't exis-[View]
171331753how much would 700m2 of land be in your country?[View]
171328589>Use tinder passport >Set my location to Sao Paulo, Brazil >Age range 35+ to match with th…[View]
171330518the average Tvrk bvll[View]
171329953African americans are actually really cool people, i realized[View]
171326891Americans... How do they do it?[View]
171331866What did Russia mean by krokodil?[View]
171329698what countries have interesting national sports?[View]
171331811Does your country have brutalist kinos??: US: Yes[View]
171328697What single thing would you have done differently in retroperspective with the wisdom of today in yo…[View]
171331441Does your country has a pedophile problem? Mine? Yes, people buy little girls in little towns to mar…[View]
171329997We wuz kangz day: >Heritage Day on September 24 is a day that celebrates South Africa’s roots, th…[View]
171331136Do light skin males have an emotional breakdown when they see a black guy IRL for the first time?[View]
171329253>imagine not being a walking representation of unity Hahahaaaa I laugh at you! I have almost ever…[View]
171302379Scandinavia is full of hot girls anons. One in 5 girls you come across is a bombshell and the rest l…[View]
171327573Europeans grow up in hoods like this while I grew up in a commieblok[View]
171315770What is the worst first world country to live in? My vote goes to England: >Shitty weather >Ex…[View]
171328691Do Mexicans really look like this? I thought it was a meme[View]
171330413Each country gets one planet, besides Earth. America claims Neptune.[View]
171328107ideal country: >many resources >large territory >english speaking country >Close to the …[View]
171331113where will you be once ethnic warfare starts?[View]
171328795Do you have day dreams of stopping crimes occurring in front of you in your country? i have every si…[View]
171329793dp u have bump behind your head in your country?[View]
171327431/brit/: like the good old days edition[View]
171330969Why are we so quirky and funny?[View]
171328459Do you hate women in your country? I do. I HATE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM I HATE …[View]
171329416the man of the left is from Portugal, the one on the right is from Argentina.[View]
171330857Argentina will join BRICS, prepare yourselfs anons for the Brazilian seethe[View]
171328114In your country, did you learn about the Battle of Sardarabad? During the genocide of the Armenians …[View]
171325434i have been noticing a pattern lately. almost every indian girl who leaves here to study abroad inva…[View]
171329308Should I learn Chinese? I feel like their world domination is inevitable. I want to join the winning…[View]
171330385'BRICS' needs to succeed. I was recently talking with someone and he was commenting about how h…[View]
171327446/brit/: pharah -edish[View]
171329458are you bomž in your country? are you dress bomž?[View]
171326678My nose too big and ugly Does this happen in ur kunt?[View]
171330613Please let me know which part of your country has the best women :)[View]
171315301Where would you rather live?[View]
171327320https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_the_Red%27s_Land >Iceland, the Faroes and Greenland, who had b…[View]
171327683Why are celebrities always more attractive than the general population?[View]
171330165I spilled the pasta hot water on my hand... does this happen in your country?[View]
171314919Why do Japanese women become AV actresses? Why can't they find a more respectable job? Imagine …[View]
171320022CATURDAY!: Post images of cats from your country! Here is my cat from my country. He is wearing hija…[View]
171330316Does russia have draft spiders??[View]
171328561What do u think? Today Looks like a little homophobic? This was a meme but suddenly its not so obvio…[View]
171318994>your cunt >your thoughts on South Korean Jesus…[View]
171326355Czech Republic: I'm going to visit this shithole on Monday, what can I do in the center of Prag…[View]
171329765Why does Russia have a lower birth rate than a country where people eat grass and freeze to death in…[View]
171327353Why don't they learn how to pronounce English properly?[View]
171329992whitebros... Montezuma's revenge is upon us[View]
171327413Russian propaganda.[View]
171324816What are the most dangerous places in your country[View]
1713287901: your city. 2: do you suffer?: >Madison, Wisconsin >no…[View]
171327385You wake up in 2012 Europe[View]
171329855UK? Are you doing okay over there...?[View]
171328470Is Bohuslän considered Gotaland? Are they Geats or Norwegians?[View]
171327388Why is this pic so funny? No other 'races of X' is as funny as this[View]
171321534we will accept every russian in poland who wants to avoid draft in the army[View]
171326626>China isn't collapsin-[View]
171329601Where and how do you meet women in your country?[View]
171329317New Russian deputy minister of defence: What is this phenotype?[View]
171329832Have you already thanked God the Almighty that you were not born Asian?[View]
171323026So... How are things going in your country? Are you good, are you proud, are you happy? Have life t…[View]
171327809Surveillance Video Footage: https://expatguideturkey.com/was-mahsa-amini-beaten-to-death-video-from-…[View]
171329714do loyal women get respect in your country? how common are they?[View]
171328676Can British posters redpill me on Ethnic Sumerians?: What are those people like? Are they common in …[View]
171328068/mena/: Make a thread already you lazy faggots[View]
171329427Zsisters…we may have lost the war but we got BLACKED so we won![View]
171327794>>>171323136 (You) >I love Germany, i hate France.…[View]
171299728/balk/: Пacтeт edition Previous >>171274326[View]
171302264Medbros is that true? Are we really world builders?[View]
171329240>his country produces professional porn Godless people[View]
171329151I cannot go even 2 hours without a Russian (you). I'm addicted. I'm a whore for Russian (y…[View]
171326291What language do McDonald's workers speak in the kitchen in your country? America Spanish[View]
171329121Have you ever met a Beninese person?[View]
171301060/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
171329172/Jugoslavija/: Modna edicija Skoro ce da umre stari konac.[View]
171328229Is your country preem or gonk?[View]
171327084>Thanks for taking me to this very distant point in the woods, anon, it's great to connect w…[View]
171322024Sverigetråden blåbruna upplagan[View]
171290213/norgetråden/: Arfan Bhattis æresutgave Forrige: >>171273674 >>171273674 >>1712736…[View]
171328357>your country >your gender >flag Aliagender…[View]
171327187what happens here?[View]
171323175I am a PhD student from Russia on VPN Help: I’m PhD student from Russia, Saint-Petersburg on VPN. I …[View]
171322964>His map divides France[View]
171325471do you like finland? if yes/no why?[View]
171327576one struggle: no more brother wars![View]
171325999What are some cultural differences between Spain and Portugal?[View]
171327507what this style is called?[View]
171326536How does somebody acquire a girlfriend in your country?[View]
171320069/ita/ - il filo: edizione chiappe[View]
171318807We must finish the job.: Trianon was not enough.[View]
171323331>just read about red lining Wtf americans, how could you do this against blacks?…[View]
171321440/polska/: edycja na zamówienie[View]
171320752Learn Italian.[View]
171327662>click on youtube video wherein adult man interacts in person with big feline >comments are al…[View]
171326528Xisters, what the hell is going on?[View]
171328100Why are british girls from surrey (leatherhead) so attractive?[View]
171327257itt: what americans look like[View]
171326409turkey, armenia, georgia, azerbaijan, chechania is europe[View]
171326982chicken tikka masala[View]
171325233Do they like Trinidad[View]
171325849Why do women in America have all these protests? This is something that happened in Norway in the la…[View]
171327890Food you eat in your vagina of origin: Self explanatory title. I'm having asado today[View]
171326321this is what russia is about[View]
171325323Difference between Abrahamic (Chirstian, Islam, Judaism) and Dharmic (Buddhism, Hinduism etc) religi…[View]
171327774Brain drain: >leaf gets an education >every position pays more if you go to the states Dies t…[View]
171326997I want to apologize to the white american community for the reckless use of the word wypipo. I use i…[View]
171327660Tunisians b like >I'm Tunisian. What can I say?[View]
171327219I love Sweden so much.[View]
171327655Are Albanians Beastern Europeans? Also, Il supergato Italiano e turnat[View]
171325357>sleep 15 hours >still tired winter is here nordbros…[View]
171327632what does modafinil feel like? also A-PIHP? and viagra? if anyone have tried any of these, asking fo…[View]
171317163ITT funny international slurs about countries I'll start >mexcrement always gets a chuckle o…[View]
171327402/한국어/ + /친구들/: .[View]
171323107>meanwhile, on bizarro /int/...[View]
171324462/brit/: Well? Which is it?[View]
171327441Fun word games: What are some fun word games that people can play to improve their English skills? I…[View]
171327146What are your parents and siblings like in your country?[View]
171316991Is moving to Thailand a good idea?[View]
171326329how do they do it[View]
171323968Do you have neighbor country that is similar to yours?: Top is in far-eastern Macedonia near the Bul…[View]
171327165I have never seen it written $US before among us got popular, it was either USD or $ before[View]
171324994>Why yes, we are Greek. What gave it away?[View]
171322140Why are these countries so boring?: Yeah, they can't suffer and all that, but so what? It'…[View]
171321469What's the LGBT+ capital of europe?[View]
171324747a-at least we can count on our ameribros, right ? s-surely they like us, unlike the rest of europe[View]
171321555Japanese women worships Swedish Japanese gardeners[View]
171316881/fr/ - le francophone fil: Édition des prénoms Fil de merde: >>171301058[View]
171326417neopolish cyberwomen look like THIS?[View]
171323281What's going on with these Spanish speaking Italians?[View]
171325683I filtered out all the flags except the European ones (no Turkish or British) and now this entire bo…[View]
171325943>livable wages[View]
171324239how come when indians get mad, they always tell you to 'smack a bull'? I thought bovines were suppos…[View]
171320678Where can she pass as local?[View]
171320712/funkint/ - Funkin' International: キュート・ジャパニーズ・GFエディション >スレッドテーマ: https://www.newgrounds.com…[View]
171325479Russia is such a shithole Why do Russians keep sucking their dictator's dick? Only subhumans wo…[View]
171324425Rate all of these women, lets find out who is brown[View]
171318560How did this country came to exist? Half of it is basically France, while the other half is basicall…[View]
171325823China is collapsing[View]
171325224What makes you angry?[View]
171326432Is swamp ass common in your country?[View]
171326425Who's the favourite pro wrestler in your country? Here it's Bret 'The Hitman' Ha…[View]
171324761Historical losers: As in cunts that have a negative track record when it comes to winning.[View]
171321980you are a country what is your strong alcohol of choice that you dont have to blend?[View]
171307585/sauna/: Hanoi Rocks esiintymässä Michael Monroen 60-vuotisjuhlakeikalla -painos[View]
171324243Sometimes I remember there are over 200 million Brazilians and wake up in cold sweat[View]
171301275hilo latino - /lat/: edicion altiplanica[View]
171324820https://youtu.be/bncPyfarr8o https://youtu.be/utqcdq6AqZg How do they make such bangers?[View]
171326176just learned about the italian bridge what gives wopbros[View]
171325968How well-known is this actor in your country?: What do people think of him? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
171324454post the last song you listened to in your country[View]
171325721America's favorite violent crime: Why do they do cringe mass shootings now instead of based ser…[View]
171325669I've been ghosting this girl that ''rejected'' me for the past 4 months now. She had slowly bee…[View]
171324668Do you have boatable streets in your cunt[View]
171321454>'I'd be much happier if my son got wounded in ukraine than die out of alcoholism here (in r…[View]
171317931You can only post here if your country native name is different than the international English name …[View]
171325857POV: you're American and an anonymous tipster just made an unsubstantiated accusation against y…[View]
171325225>americans be like 'GET THE GLUE AND THE STICKS WE GOTTA BUILD THIS HOUSE'…[View]
171318297What does /int/ think about the mass Russian exodus to Georgia? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lNE601…[View]
171324135Good Morning friends. What's the weather like today in your country?[View]
171324539I am currently ill. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
171322035Sverigetråden - InteEuropaUpplagan[View]
171322318I'm back from Germany and I have to take precautions against Poseidon's kiss yet again. Do…[View]
171325145do you love rude cats in your country?[View]
171322341>Mexican accent when speaking Spanish[View]
171325371How addicted are you to the internet in your country?[View]
171325189>get pickpocketed >have to pay ~150 for a copy of my id Got my shit stolen twice in a day…[View]
171324061Tfw, no Quendi gf.: Yes, I know it's an Altmer from TESO on picrel. But she doesn't look l…[View]
171324032>tfw someone starts a thread about trains or forests/trees excluding iceland should be a bannable…[View]
171324468Saturday at the morning walking in south america. Listening to Shane MacGowan and smoking red cigare…[View]
171323225Do women in your country rule over men?[View]
171324375VGH..... what could've been[View]
171322385>uh yeah let's monopolizing the pollution on earth before anyone could do and care Why was a…[View]
171318584flags you find cool thread: Don't necessarily need to be a flag being currently used[View]
171324087To all Indian posters here. How many of you are BJP members?[View]
171320392For me, its Jewish women.[View]
171302352kurva anyátok[View]
171324934i dont get integration[View]
171322760southern italians are half spaniard half lebanese[View]
171291604/dixie/: alex jones needs to see this edition[View]
171322863>russia invade Ukraine Bro, u can't understand, its politics, anyway, enjoy your winter :). …[View]
171324906My new job doesn't have foot insurance. I'm gonna have to pay out of pocket for my shoes a…[View]
171322014/brit/: Sticky back plastic edition.[View]
171324864what is the most cyberpunk cunt right now?[View]
171324749what does modafinil feel like? also A-PIHP? and viagra? if anyone have tried any of these, asking fo…[View]
171320634I don't get it. Is there a Chinese military coup ? Your news talk about that ? This general is …[View]
171319050Murders (red) attempted murder (orange) shootings (no victim, blue gun) bombings (no victim, explosi…[View]
171320300Live Your myth in Greece[View]
171322967Will America provide me with a husband who looks like this if I immigrate there?[View]
171324443Have you ever done volunteer work at a charity shop in your cunt?[View]
171324470I hate fucking foreigners with a passion.[View]
171320222They do nothing but complain all day and never smile. Why would one want to have them as a friend?[View]
171322500/한국어/ + /시체들/: 아름답게 죽고싶어 에디션[View]
171324341How do you say 'He will always be my president' in your language?[View]
171315971Gastronomical atrocities from your cunt: Picrel, Zarajo. They are considered a very typical and trad…[View]
171317989are they french or german?[View]
171313665I love America and Americans. Do you?[View]
171324164Taiwan immigration: Anons, I need your help. I want to move to Taiwan, is it possible for me nowaday…[View]
171320525Iranian women in Norway are protesting against the iranian regime by cutting their hair off[View]
171321189Is it possible to get 10/10 girl from dating apps in your cunt? I can hook up with girls but not wit…[View]
171318954Do you yearn for female companionship in your country?[View]
171306682HEY!!!. . . .: according to ancient Jewish JAPAN IS EDEN. why don't you back?[View]
171320696According to official government stats, of who lives with who in the Netherlands . 89% of the German…[View]
171322093she is now a Georgian it's true and you can't do anything about it[View]
171323923/NEDERDRAAD/: ça va Uitgave[View]
171323555belgrade is the only real city in yugoslavia[View]
171321816When I go to Japan for my work, I only do my food shopping at Seijo Ishii What about you ?[View]
171320606What are American boys really like?[View]
171317009Here's a redpill. Looks don't matter. Girls only care about your status + money. A girl wi…[View]
171321208motochorro: You wake up in Buenos aires and this handsome gentleman arrives in his amazing bike and …[View]
171318322Brexit sisters what happened ?[View]
171315152What are some other kid-friendly curse words in your count to three?[View]
171323394Stop saying ethnicity. It's exclusionary to people like me who have no ethnicity (only a race).[View]
171322729you may not like it but brazil is what the most resembles ancient Greece in current world[View]
171321812I wish I lived in Freudenberg, Westfalen. Where do you wish you lived /int/?[View]
171320492Average Macedonian man + average Slovenian woman in 2022: Thoughts?[View]
171319997Why haven't you adopted U.S. tipping culture?: Don't you care about workers? Don't yo…[View]
171313313/deutsch/ am Nachmittag[View]
171322560Why are white women so controversial?[View]
171322847The rest of the world can learn a thing or two about canada and americas 200 years of friendship. Le…[View]
171292729Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>171244893 Japanese Learning Thread:>>>/int/djt …[View]
171322295too many quirked up whitebois on this board. we need some diversity in here[View]
171321597no pussy no work simple as[View]
171322302Me right now[View]
171314378/MENA/ - /شأشأ/: طبعة السعودية العظيمة[View]
171317711What’s the difference?[View]
171320337does your cunt have Marian apparitions associated with it?[View]
171321520Do you have neighbor country that is similar to yours?[View]
171320884gaming with my dad's wife, does this happen in your country[View]
171321462proof that we really genocide timorese[View]
171321795Have they sent him in yet?[View]
171319103/brit/: South Africa edition[View]
171320970Does your cunt have tigers ?[View]
171321507Dont forget to thank your parents: by buying them watches, cars, nostalgic music and vacations for r…[View]
171317569>I suffer working in Japan[View]
171321356The cats of New England… Is there such a divide in your country?[View]
171319854>Attila is one of the most common names in Hungary Do they really think that they're Steppe …[View]
171320940why do slav men always keep their hair very short ?[View]
171322138Mfw someone with my flag starts screeching about nuclear apocalypse yet again[View]
171316810my country population increased from 38 million to 41 million in 2022[View]
171321395What's are the people from western Germany like?[View]
171317166What is the best country and why is it Australia?: >No over population >Entire continent with…[View]
171320830Would you live in Bruges /int/?[View]
171321617i was a russian-chinese-kazachstan-iraq in my previous life[View]
171314134The inevitable collapse of the American empire will be the best event of this decade[View]
171321136What are you doing with your life?[View]
171320899What is your job in your cunt? France Jobless[View]
171319465Do they suffer?[View]
171317171I'm afraid of women. Does this happen in your country?[View]
171319968Why can't you just be normal in your country?[View]
171318883which european ethnicity is the most sexually promiscuous, historically?[View]
171321226The real flag of Iran.[View]
171311923Just imagine having to share a land border with them.[View]
171311290Italians tore down the EU flag from the European Commission headquarters in Rome:: With sound: https…[View]
171316612Sverigetråden - Eftermiddagsmatupplagan[View]
171321223Im working on a saturday[View]
171321104Reminder that Old Worlders are still fighting over 1 square kilometer of land because of some stupid…[View]
171320102Just paid €2 for 1kg of tomatoes. How do I emigrate to America?[View]
171320213Newest inequality-adjusted HDI 2022 just dropped: Norway dethroned by Iceland as the best place for …[View]
171320232Are women in your country of origin aggressive and violent?[View]
171320568i will move to montreal and i will get a french-canadian gf[View]
171320771Daily reminder to Europiss and other thirdies that French girls DON'T look like that. Get your …[View]
171313265/polska/: edycja Jana Zycha >>171292918[View]
171320579Do euros use electric kettles?[View]
171318916ITT: you try to get a (you) from a country you want You lose if you fail to get any when the thread …[View]
171320048What ethnicity left and right look like?[View]
171319042It's over: The average American gets 100k out of college. Meanwhile in Direland you only get 30…[View]
171313285/tot/ ehemals /deutsch/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYTaZGjVMr0[View]
171316322The beauty of the brown woman shall not perish from this earth[View]
171320227America's GDP has tripled since 1993[View]
171319739Which LatAm nationality do LatAms consider the coolest?[View]
171316954Been thinking of France. Is france being ruined in real time now a revenge for them surrendering bac…[View]
171310247israel is the strongest country[View]
171319680Europe is a low wage continent just like South America[View]
171316987Indian in denial[View]
171319314No pussy, no work. No procreation, no civilization. Simple as.[View]
171312732Germans Aren't Funn—: Our response, Britbros?[View]
171319245Is there racism in your country?[View]
171319740I don't think I ever saw a €500 bill in real life[View]
171318325Does eating healthy food make you a hateful extremist in your country?[View]
171314857How can such a sovlless country like Japan produce so cheerful music?? https://youtu.be/TVfHeeuqfIo[View]
171317212/SOVL/mania: It's time to take another trip into the SOVL of EVROPA[View]
171317979the only European country I wouldn't genocide: they contributed to the humanity too much so des…[View]
171311507/ita/ - il filo: Edizione piovosa[View]
171318236Do Americans really do this?[View]
171317487Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore What do you know about these countries?[View]
171318463Why are their women such massive whores? They have the most pornstars and prostitutes per capita on …[View]
171317482What do they do for work[View]
171319720Thanks God, that I am western and civilized[View]
171319683Does your /cunt/ have real Forests?: >flag Yes. We have pretty epic forests.…[View]
171319165Did you know Finland looks like this?[View]
171317935vous n'aurez pas l'alsace et la lorraine et malgré vous nous resterons français! vous avez…[View]
171319494both my parents are pushing 65 and are fucking right now i can hear them unfortunatelly[View]
171313163france sex: I love france do you love france hehe france me love haha sex sex with france me and fra…[View]
171305930i unironically hate europe, hate art, hate food, hate music, hate literature and hate everything rel…[View]
171313387>26 years old in October is it over for you in your country?[View]
171317073>Britain and Ireland >Germany and Poland >Japan and Korea Does your country have a designat…[View]
171315536How middle class dream look like in your country?[View]
171317656Can somebody explain this 1. China - 1,412,600,000 2. India - 1,375,586,000 - NEVER DREW A DIME 3. U…[View]
171313586whats the best sounding language? whats the worst sounding language?[View]
171318931>creepy British Jew makes travel videos in Eastern Europe >evidence of him boosting about fuc…[View]
171316069/brit/: Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation edition[View]
171314523Thank you for the days Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me I'm thinking of the da…[View]
171318106/aryan/: A new power is rising in the east[View]
171315859Does this happens in your cunt?[View]
171310051Muslim anti-ukrainians BTFO[View]
171318018why are argie girls so qt bros?: so italian-spanish-german are by far the best looking mutts the wor…[View]
171318744Kuruminha edition + turks of Istambul also invited[View]
171313187Do people in your country know he was an argie? I find that most firstoid normalfags on the internet…[View]
171318718>be canadian >get hurricaned[View]
171311008I had to kill my hamster in my country: Due to the recent events i got really worried for my hamster…[View]
171317856What's this called in your country[View]
171316719\fr\ - le francofil: édition tout doux ancien: >>171301058[View]
171318382Putin relies on projecting the image of a militarily strong Russia to maintain influence domesticall…[View]
171316088polish economy is saved[View]
171317057https://youtu.be/q2qDzicmvxM >NOOO NOOO NOT THE MONGOLS Mongol president calls all mongol nomads …[View]
171313809what are you good at in your country? what skills do you have?[View]
171318022Why is it that when Americans brag about American astronautics in a conversation with me, I try to k…[View]
171316504Is it even possible to suffer in Austria?[View]
171317431animal farm. people are so hooked on suggar they cant even think clearly anybody who had been to an …[View]
171317873In your country, did you learn about the Battle of Sardarabad? During the genocide of the Armenians …[View]
171315024which russian /int/ poster got hired by RT? https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/1573092277970313217…[View]
171317644Browns be like: >omg a blond angel :)[View]
171316190Do you love Japan?[View]
171316822Romania? Ireland? Are you okay?[View]
171314541Okay I haven't touched my dick for a month now where are my promised superpowers?[View]
171316676Is your cunt ready for the great cuckropean collapse of 2022?[View]
171314498We live in a society: Thoughts?[View]
171317637red pill me on zoomers of your country[View]
171313968Here is a map of countries that use the Bidet[View]
171316754Handsome /int/ernational men[View]
171317144Who is whiter portugese of Saami?[View]
171316762Ready to have your preconceived notions shattered/int/?[View]
171309987/deutsch/ am /mittag/: Tintenfisch-Ausgabe[View]
171313480Are trains in your country comfy? I am having a six hour trip across the country to the capital and …[View]
171316628Why are poles getting so uppity lately?[View]
171314607White girls that are into japan/korea are cringey as fuck[View]
171315935post handsin this htread[View]
171317260>why yes I poop around on streets >What’s the matters ? >Anyway Look At people worshipping…[View]
171316345the switzerland of the middle east[View]
171316417KIDS LIVING IN THE WOODS: Russians live like this!? https://youtu.be/czQ2oCmM_zM[View]
171301316I am a French female supremacist[View]
171316727I want to adopt a gay slav man. I don't care if he a Russian or Ukrainian. I am not poor. How c…[View]
171315826whats ur favorite animal in or outside your country[View]
171315444How do you go from this[View]
171301913What was the worst war in your country’s history?[View]
171312490Internationally speaking, does this image hold any merit?[View]
171316112GOD i LOVE swarthy women! Int bros are you as well?[View]
171316503i suffer without a black gf[View]
171316626Sami people of scandanavia are more central Asian then turks[View]
171316228African americans suffer[View]
171316201>imagine if Lebanon had ethnically cleansed all non-Christians and make Syriac their national lan…[View]
171316429Tell me what you do on an average day off in your country.[View]
171311015Sverigetråden - medmänskligaUpplagan[View]
171307359The Lebanese economy is a giant ponzi scheme that has now collapsed.[View]
171315950The Dutch are building frigates for Colombia[View]
171316452Is owning a v8 car looked down on in your /cunt/?: >Flag No. Normies look at me like i am some k…[View]
171315964iranian zoomers look like THIS? owo[View]
171314770well since nobody else wanna say it i guess it will be me: between me, you and god, whats your hones…[View]
171315241I think I’m in love[View]
171313320we all know that Japan is the worst county for the workers, but which country is the best to work in…[View]
171315129What's it like living in a country without squirrels?[View]
171313935RIP brothers and sisters[View]
171312914>Tanks on the streets of Beijing >Xi hasn't been seen in days >Senior party members ha…[View]
171314180Samsung and Hyundai republic: Imagine your country being ruled by corporations. The absolute state o…[View]
171314945>RTX 4000 series is +1500 euros in Europoor It's over bros, how do we cope with the lack of …[View]
171311299>Iranian women muster up a harder fight for their freedumbs than Russian men, after they have bee…[View]
171314844My ancestors :3[View]
171316150Are trans women accepted and treated as women in your cunt? >UK Yes but not by older people.…[View]
171313640/brit/: What do you think or fantasize about when you're trying to sleep?[View]
171315475>Fuck off Arab dog. Your kind isn't welcome here. Turkey must remain tVrkish and pVre. why a…[View]
171314199i want to migrate to belgium[View]
171312495Thailand is adopting Finnish education model: Nobel prizes here we come[View]
171312766When did you realize that getting a job and supporting this society with taxes isn't worth it i…[View]
171314917He was a boy who thought he’s a girl Can I make it any more obvious Fell for the latest trend from t…[View]
171308833Russians who live in Germany describe it like it's a cage. Don't do this, don't do th…[View]
171314860only take 200 spaniards to beat latinx[View]
171313516Is making 3d waifu porn like in >>171310883 a viable source of side income in your country? I…[View]
171315387Do people like anime in your cunt?[View]
171311606I wish i was a woman[View]
171314389It's a fish called Japanese wrasse. It is delicious.[View]
171313555i can't bare the amount of SOVL of this country, i should emigrate to germany to limit the amou…[View]
171301058/fr/ - le fil mort: Ancien fil mort.[View]
171302042/asean/: nekomimi meido edisi[View]
171311717Video that destroyed poland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0KepxCutTQ[View]
171313836Why did scottish people vote against their independence?[View]
171301160caturdey in ur country?[View]
171312148White man latina female is the future for America[View]
171315143Hmmm… I wonder, in my country, if I should support the candidate for presidency who is backed by the…[View]
171313901is life spicy in your country[View]
171313426I'm going to sleep until 2 pm.[View]
171314379Do you love French cuisine?[View]
171305379How do the ukrainian refugees afford expensive cars? >inb4: le corrupt government officials yes t…[View]
171313506christian arab in germany: >be arab christian born in germany >kids at school automatically as…[View]
171312279Do people in your country appreciate black women?[View]
171314140Why don't Americans just drive these?: They have about as much loading capacity but are safer a…[View]
171314673what is this guy doing lol[View]
171312594What does 'if yk yk' means? I don't get it.[View]
171308377Japan and France are the only countries who can produce animated kino[View]
171314724You wake up in Centroslavia in Kurwagrad.: Your actions?[View]
171312734What do?: >you are a college student and live in a dormitory >in the last couple of weeks you …[View]
171314305Just had peanut butter toast. Do you enjoy peanut butter in your cunt? What's it called and who…[View]
171313308Why are they like this?[View]
171310839What is about Japanese cities that makes them so much more soulful than non-Japanese cities?[View]
171313111Having a high salary isn't everything you guys: >be European >drive for 5 hours in any di…[View]
171314130Brexit ... the Queen ... and now THIS !?!?!?!?[View]
171314328Somalians (pic related) are closer to white Europeans genetically than they are to black West Africa…[View]
171314326what happens in this lovely corner of the world?[View]
171314507Americans cannot suffer.[View]
171314371why do foreigners have such a passionate hatred against football, bros? it’s a fun sport[View]
171314108slava ukraini[View]
171314182Russian bro shitpost with missing one arm. Are you ok?[View]
171312866Good luck ausbros[View]
171311083/brit/: Trade route edition[View]
171313520What is this phenotype?[View]
171313562you wake up in japan[View]
171313930UAE looks like THIS???[View]
171313991>Fall into the American sphere of influence >Life gets dramatically better, country becomes m…[View]
171307698opinion on the blue and yellow sub culture?[View]
171313784Blonde asians... The davghters of evrasia...[View]
171313990when did they stooped being based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUnUKoUmSeU[View]
171309133Pidorashkan shillbots: Lately, I noticed on this board a periodic stream of hate threads about Ameri…[View]
171311751do you also watch short city walk video in your cunt? >flag i think its nice to watch with a cup …[View]
171312288I will now vote for your chud party[View]
171313899Why Japanese people don't smoke marijuana?[View]
171313402Normal russian couple >be a neet, 30yo, chubby, balding, living with parents >have cute gf …[View]
171305927Do you support iranian women?[View]
171312635What tech innovation will we see from Russia now with all the economic sanctions ramping up like cra…[View]
171310375walkability sisters: Is this heaven?[View]
171312220>Early in the 17th Century, daimyō Date Masamune of Sendai sent a delegation led by Hasekura Tsun…[View]
171313649>sexable countries[View]
171313631when did u realise that roko's basilisk is just pascal's wager for incels?[View]
171313565what are you drinking in ur cunt thread: for me it’s pic related[View]
171313590It all returns to nothing It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down It all returns to…[View]
171310346We fact you a fauci sciencemas We fact you a fauci sciencemas We fact you a fauci sciencemas And new…[View]
171312714>Britih cuisine[View]
171310554what's your favorite bird from your country? for it's the Elster[View]
171312601Russian of Ukrainian origin, how exactly your community respond to this war?: This is a curiousity t…[View]
171310522Why are they so angry all the time?[View]
171307864saturday chill[View]
171312691Do you hang around with people of different races of your own in your country?[View]
171311561Why do Americans hate eating liver?[View]
171312995Land of Punt: Where do you think this place was? It’s location a mystery[View]
171309732Have you been bullied in school in your country? I was bullied for 7 years.[View]
171313240Does your country have its own TRPGs?[View]
171292918/polska/: edycja stania na rękach[View]
171311302>poles are white[View]
171313081>No cute japanese trap gf Why even live?[View]
171309088Why are Americans like this?[View]
171313038>Germany bad! /int/ in a nutshell.[View]
171312035What ranking will Russia get next year? I'm going to guess 7.[View]
171310767I told my mum that you always bully me. She will tell your parents.[View]
171312731Half of the white people in my neighbourhood are now Slavs of some kind. I's awful really, you …[View]
171312253Does this happen in your country? Internationally speaking, of course[View]
171312836/asean/: barclays premier league edisi[View]
171309485China bros... Europe sisters...[View]
171310506I hide threads where the OP's flag or the OP's picture are from a country that is better t…[View]
171312570people who know spanish how do feel about EUROPEAN portuguese? can you understand?[View]
171308848Esta mulher é linda demais.: Vgh Laura Pausini; ajoelho-me. Isto se passa em vossa cona?[View]
171312145Do you have street cafes like 'simbad' here in your country?[View]
171312024Was your country based in the middle ages[View]
171312681What are your scores? How much do you know of foreign cities? https://www.britannica.com/quiz/world-…[View]
171312553Bri'ish bros...its coming back home[View]
171289486/mena/: طبعة الذكر السعودي[View]
171307833When did (You) realize you weren't actually European? How did it make you feel?[View]
171312198Any russilo-jewish girls on /int/ who want to marry me right now?[View]
171311792China and the illuminati linked up[View]
171312141Will Turkey or Iran provide me with asylum? I don't want to be drafted.[View]
171311188Who was in the wrong here?[View]
171311627white women are so fucking ugly[View]
171312195So, do you possess a Bug Out Bag ready for use, /int/?[View]
171312492western european women don't wash their vaginas[View]
171310940Average Germano-French couple.[View]
171311755Is this the correct way to correct your son in your country ?[View]
171311655This better be worth it gooks![View]
171311500How come Israelis are so good at cybercrime?[View]
171301851I'm moving in to Germany next month. What am I in for? Is the country really collapsing?[View]
171310730Chinese men are muh trad anti LGBT chuds Chinese girls are liberal and open minded[View]
171310754>tfw want to make a thread and have specific pepe in mind for thread but can't for the life …[View]
171303860name a flaw[View]
171307538what will happen if Erdogan unironically gets reelected and immigrants aren't sent home? will i…[View]
171310395>flights blocked >weird personal anomalies in Beijing institutions, like cancelled functionari…[View]
171310244Czechia and Hungary, explain yourselves[View]
171306134Why dont they make this in Denmark and the Netherlands?[View]
171312179What is american dream?[View]
171311405We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Polish children.[View]
171310828What's your favourite /int/ schizo in your country?[View]
171312094>The fault was not mine, тoвapищ. >Lt. General Sychevoi must answer.…[View]
171309956This kills the Jap.[View]
171312065do you have foxes in your country? what are they like?[View]
171311979>at least we're not globohomo[View]
171311274I would literally never stop trying to impregnate you. Every day I would wake you up by cumming in y…[View]
171311722MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA[View]
171310303What do you know about the Philippines? Are there a lot of Filipinos in your country? Pic unrelated[View]
171309034/brit/: Penis size edish[View]
171310182Is owning a v8 car considered socially unacceptable in your /cunt/?: >Flag No. Owning a v8 car m…[View]
171310364>talk with beautiful Brazillian girl on facebook >girl says ''we should talk more'' >hours …[View]
171304816Why is Shogi (japanese chess) so popular in Belarus? Are there more weebs per capita or something?[View]
171311394What do you think of the song I sang in Japanese?: https://youtu.be/sigmMWCi_2A https://youtu.be/S83…[View]
171310491>my crush didn't respond to my message for 22 hours I cry and I cry but I never so much…[View]
171306032What do you call someone who doesn't use >Facebook >Instagram >Twitter >Reddit >…[View]
171310896What do Spanishers think of Centracas?[View]
171309081which region in your country has the hottest girls?[View]
171309702rare picture of a Russian, wastelands of Rashka, WWlll[View]
171306567Why didn't Israel have a lot of covid deaths? because the jew is immunised against all dangers[View]
171311232I told my mum about non Anglos and she started crying[View]
171296010/ita/ - il filo[View]
171309761shoigu what the fuck is this: https://twitter.com/GirkinGirkin/status/1573584735544246273…[View]
171307261the boys are back in town[View]
171310068im going to meet a girl that i have been crushing for like 2 years. she said yes. does this happen i…[View]
171301168is this how your aunt looks like in your country? no, but i wish it is[View]
171309121Do you live in a small town (fewer than 10,000 people), /int/? How is it? Do you want to stay, or le…[View]
171310722Do girl in your country bully men for their size? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLfk6pE5shE[View]
171306949i love russians AND ukrainians, slavic brotherhood must be repaired NOW[View]
171310733lmao: brown men attempting to have sex with white women i see it all the time on this board, arabs, …[View]
171299548hair of /int/[View]
171305368Sverigetråden - Legomorgonupplagan[View]
171309807why is the irish general so hard to spell[View]
171309662I don't blame the Spaniards for destroying pre-Columbian civilizations.: I blame their parasiti…[View]
171310631Varg Vikernes: if there's s war, I'll go fighting for Russia XDD Also, why does Burzum web…[View]
171309199Tell me about north-east america ! TELL ME !!![View]
171307551I do not suffer in Australia.: I just don't suffer here. When out of work the government pays m…[View]
171309801>Islam a bad[View]
171304939Sorry doll, it's just business: Nothing personal, you understand[View]
171307944Need help ASAP: Basically, i have russian father, and most of his savings are stuck in Russia. We wa…[View]
171307178Ancestors thread: Indian ancestors VGH...[View]
171309968As a cute girl, i must admit that i always preferred swarthy turcic-arabic-armenoid in short churka …[View]
171309844>be 100 years old >came to America 80 years ago >still has a German accent Why are German a…[View]
171306144How is this girl 18? She looks 35. What's happening in Sweden or western-northern Europe in gen…[View]
171305442Italy wtf[View]
171307020heaven on earth[View]
171309116Oof: Guess what political party yellow part is.[View]
171307997>i believe walkable cities help the environment and improve human welfare and i here you american…[View]
171307746which type of English is easier to learn or speak for beginners?[View]
171310179Is USCPA worthwhile in your country?[View]
171273615/rus/: хaхaхa хoхлы нaжaлoвaлиcь нa тpeд ЛOЛ[View]
171310092/euromena/: Hi everyone[View]
171308896The new evidence on the bronze age collapse points to Greek BVLLS as the ones responsible[View]
171308746Are you getting increasingly worried about the fact you're getting older in your country? Ameri…[View]
171309184'How to break arm' my precious Russian fren. Please don't do this. I know your are all good pip…[View]
171309583Do Serbs from Vojvodina have an additional regional identity/mentality?[View]
171308196Why Thai and Vietnamese look much better than Indonesian and Filipino???[View]
171308986Today I learned that single 25 years olds get publicly humiliated in the Denmark[View]
171307421/deutsch/ am (Vor-)mittag[View]
171304348what happens here?[View]
171309935\ישר\ - /isr/: מהדורת שבת היום[View]
171307256Let's learn good expression used in Brazil: 'Vai tomar no cu' = Hello Nice to meet you. You can…[View]
171308081I have zero friends. Does this happen in your country too?[View]
171308105this is what they fear[View]
171307259you knows weird that most americans arent even proud of their country or really have hope in this pl…[View]
171309676Does music bring people together in your /cunt/?: Even airline commercials are some kind of spiritua…[View]
171309767>'I suffer in US' poster be like[View]
171308765Paki Bvlls are Breeding Turkish Roses: Did you know that thousands of blonde blue eyed Turkish women…[View]
171307171>WOAH IS THAT SWITZERLAND? SURELY THAT IS GENEVE ON LAC LEMAN! No dear friend this image is of Bu…[View]
171306615What does the future hold for STEMcels?[View]
171304678Russia is eternal. She will still be here long after Ukraine and the West have been carpet bombed wi…[View]
171305863/brit/: i only wanted a pint edition[View]
171303333How does Hungarian hot sauce taste?[View]
171302683It's time to admit that they are the worst posters in this board. I mean, we suck too but we ar…[View]
171307839does this happen in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyKyGJ3jb40[View]
171309196Post your cunt version of slag: In Japan slags tend to wear colorful eye contact lens, tend to color…[View]
171307601>ywn live in a quaint, picturesque English hamlet ala midsomer murders: how do you cope?[View]
171309354Ok you are not our family anymore That’s what you wanted[View]
171307463ITT: We post the countries that tend to have the funniest posters. My list: >Brazil >Australi…[View]
171286206Why are young Koreans and Chinese taller than Japanese?[View]
171304283Im seeing at least 10 girls that look like in a single day wherever I go and people here seem to don…[View]
171308873is the police in your country 80 IQ[View]
171307484/한국어/: 심제프 에디션[View]
171308938Today I realised that the great chinese firewall protects the internet from 1.5 billion chinks and i…[View]
171308897Is mushroom picking a thing in your country?: Poland, yes[View]
171306823What is life like here?[View]
171308823take that putin I'm not gonna heat my home this winter and I don't care if I freeze to dea…[View]
171305128>your cunt >incorporate Poo into it >does it work? Poostralia…[View]
171308260Thinking of /int/ bro, I cannot sleep tonight somehow What is this emotion called in your cunt?[View]
171306308Why is being mediocre/average le bad?[View]
171308737Draupadi had cursed Hastinapura that no woman will rise from here. That curse will be broken this ti…[View]
171307826Western Europe is poorfagland. NATO is trash. Ukraine is a fascist shithole with no future. Post (yo…[View]
171305721Why yes…: we do have autistic ppl that likes to stack rocks in my cunt. What are some autistic beach…[View]
171302756Why are Chudslims like this?[View]
171307186Why is everyone interested in Japan a pathetic loser incel??? Why is everyone interested in Korea a …[View]
171304113Podcasts: Are they popular in your country? What do you listen to? Sports? Education? Random chitcha…[View]
171307811What do you think of Modern Germany??[View]
171305847>Anon-sshi, come sit down, lets have breakfast together and talk about Dokdo. Have you ever been …[View]
171307695how are you coping this heating season?[View]
171306292if you could relive your life as zyzz (you get to keep all your current memories of the shit life yo…[View]
171301726Is learning Russian even worth it anymore?[View]
171301246>Why yes, we are Greek. What gave it away?[View]
171306349>trying to fall asleep >creepy energy keeps flowing through my body jolting me awake…[View]
171303146Non-Americans:: Would you move to America if you were offered citizenship?[View]
171305830This is the only people with the vision to lead Germany. Prove me wrong[View]
171304490Why are Americans this delusional?: The flawless Portuguese >Cala a boca norueguesa de merda, um …[View]
171305385Can i become happy if i move here Not even a weeb btw[View]
171287195/sauna/: nyymien nukkupainos[View]
171301699It is almost impossible for an American on here to compliment a Mexican, because there is some autis…[View]
171306912What are weddings like in your country?[View]
171298643/Nacht/ sowie /deutsch/[View]
171306150How common is incest amongst Italian and Italian-American families?[View]
171300848Post your tribal dress. My tribe is the Lao tribe from Northeast Thailand. (I'm a factory worke…[View]
171306862What exactly is /int/'s 100% honest opinion on Kurdish people and Kurdish women?: Be honest tho…[View]
171298558Do you want to find love in America?[View]
171307117Do you enjoy learning/reading about your country's history?[View]
171303098How is it that we're able to determine ethnicities without seeing someones face? For instance w…[View]
171303301Why is a.i so unreasonable[View]
171303262To third-world people: do you think your country will ever become not third-world?[View]
171306929https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDWgtB_MD24&ab_channel=playmorewithclaymore Do you have funny cu…[View]
171306457Which one is the most misanthropic? which one is the most uncynical?[View]
171302851it's up youtube.com/watch?v=bKsjLlVpMLA[View]
171306587what happens here?[View]
171307061In your country, did you learn about the Battle of Sardarabad? During the genocide of the Armenians …[View]
171306994https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_1vUC11Ccg Do you want to visit Stockholm?[View]
171306455do you love your mom in your country? what did you do yesterday to make her happy?[View]
171297174In the US, the only intermingling I see betwern different races (both friendships and relationships)…[View]
171301989What do real Japanese people think of weebs?[View]
1713038341. your cunt 2 would you hang this in your living room?[View]
171306847why does it feel like most 1st worlders especially Americans are so cucked like no one does shit to …[View]
171304224Is music unimportant in your country? It used to denote subcultures and be an active part in peoples…[View]
171302029This painting says a lot about our world[View]
171306428Are hats commonly worn in your /cunt/?: >Flag Yes. Post your hat.…[View]
171302817What is the final solution to the armenoid question?[View]
171304761Does this happen in your country?[View]
171306476MAMMA MIA![View]
171303010>move to Phoenix, Arizona >hot Latinas everywhere >find out that the Latinas Hate White Bo…[View]
171306477Do peepo in your cunty delude themselves with electoral politics because they are so limp-wristed th…[View]
171306467South Africa is England future.: No debate.[View]
171304327Actually how much of a visigoth-nafri mongrels were al aldalus aristocracy? I was looking a close up…[View]
171274558/asean/: Edisi Kembang Desa[View]
171297689Ah, the optimism of 2000–2014 Brazil....[View]
171306333Have you ever been strip-searched, /int/? What did you do? What do you call this procedure in your l…[View]
171305642Should your country expand or balkanize?[View]
171303009Your Russian friend >please hide me in your house >Please I don’t wanna fuckin die for Putin …[View]
171306085>Be weirdo interracial cuckold faggot >Have no computer or smartphone, just a shitty chromeca…[View]
171301891Do women have breast envy in your country[View]
171305724How fast can you type in your country? also what is your occupation? I'm NEET btw https://offi…[View]
171305503Reject modern fashion RETVRN TO EVROPEAN TRADITION[View]
171305810>You will never live a regular simple life in north east america (maine, vermont, new hampshire) …[View]
171301193Do Asian people actually say this?[View]
171305075Boeing vs. Airbus: https://twitter.com/ActuallyEmerson/status/1573107117254639616 Which aircraft doe…[View]
171302268Letting an arab run your company: Why are the japanese so retarded and naive?[View]
171302704/brit/: rockall dispute edition[View]
171302393does someone know what city this is?[View]
171305548yous are a shower of dirty foreign RATS[View]
171302421What are considered 'poor people cars' in your country?[View]
171295622Sverigetrården - stomiupplagan[View]
171305317new zealand are you ok are you ok new zealand: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian…[View]
171302388Do you love Japanese movie ?[View]
171303908you good german bros life has been worse for everyone since the america became a super power[View]
171303383too brown and dirty to be considered on the same level as South Korea[View]
171297876Best country for asylum?[View]
171303759Milkie babies: Post pics of girls who leak milk through her clothes (intentionally or not). Public a…[View]
171304364Russia fears Great Britain Russia is 82x larger than Great Britain[View]
171302736>Americans pronounce Celtic as 'sell tick'[View]
171304631>the average British adult consumes 18 hours of BBC content each week How far they've fallen…[View]
171305284lads should i use all my money for a short trip to japan or some of my money for a longer trip in vi…[View]
171304879why do white people love blacks and browns?[View]
171302081>nooooo you don't understand we suffer in America!!! reminder that literally every american …[View]
171303889What's the big baz equivalent in your country?[View]
171303932Do you remember a point in history where you felt optimistic about the future?[View]
171304632>make fun of Japan >Taiwan flag shows up[View]
171303404Guess who’s back Back again[View]
171304690>it's imperative my people are perceived favorably by online strangers around the world why …[View]
171298164/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição integralista[View]
171304885I deserve a 8/10 blonde gf I will at most accept a 10/10 Californian (white), French or Italian gf …[View]
171304774To all the westoids: Poland is a nalewka country beer and vodka are both for subhuman bydło only…[View]
171304437Rusky here, 22 yo I am obsessed with Turk women since I can remember, so now when I started making s…[View]
171302700What are your big three? me? >sun taurus >moon leo >ascendant libra…[View]
171302417ITT we apologise to the Irish: i am sorry[View]
171298775/한국어/ + /도사들/: 나는 도사야 에디션[View]
171301398Look all I'm saying is that /\MERIC/\ has more SOVL than Europe. Thats it. Simple as.[View]
171302235You wake up on Easter Island[View]
171304212Is the newsfeed in your country also clogged up by this pointless war? Ukranians and Russians have b…[View]
171303046how is conscription fucking fair? if my government forced me to fight their shitty war, i'll tr…[View]
171304149eh, I think it's a pretty cool game[View]
171304080Could my gf pass as a local in your country?[View]
171303622>woke up from a dream where I was Russian and got drafted fuck.. that shit was really scary…[View]
171303045Do you like to have fun in your country? Do people oppress you and stop you from doing fun things?[View]
171300221Russians are happiest when they are causing harm to others, but a senseless conflict in Ukraine bene…[View]
171303940Are the ukrainians racist?[View]
171302875How do I make friends?[View]
171303785why are westerners so afraid of sharia?[View]
171303763An entire country with common great great grandparents. Disgusting[View]
171302142Do Americans actually do this?[View]
171303064Warning: this map does not take into account quality of produced milk in the country. I live in Iran…[View]
171302920Why is the British pound collapsing?[View]
171303384Why/how are asian cities so empty?: Here in muttland literally everywhere, even the suburbs, are jus…[View]
171303462when did everything start suck in your country i guess everything started to get worse in 1971 well …[View]
171300172When you gonna get a Chinese gf?[View]
171302801Are you ready for nukes /int/? If the war lasts a few more months, I'm 90% certain that nukes a…[View]
171303138how are you gonna deal with the dystopia thats coming around the corner[View]
171302627are you scared for the future i am[View]
171301900Self Driving Cars: Are they popular in your country?[View]
171300699Do you like the American “Joke” culture? I’m personally not a fan because it’s usually not funny and…[View]
171300564What is universally agreed your countries worst head of state?[View]
171302738Do americans really?[View]
171302180How much do you know about Poland? 1)Was King Popiel eaten by mice? 2) Who won the battle in 1410 in…[View]
171302080The russian trolley problem[View]
171302808Keep locking eyes with this big assed chick in the hostel every time we see each other and too much …[View]
171302780Another day of unfathomable torture being forced to see blonde and red head goddesses everywhere, wi…[View]
171299049How did they each respectively defeat a superpower when everyone expected them to fall?[View]
171302758About an hour and a half until today's stats come out[View]
171302540oh no no no, alexanderbros...we got too cocky...[View]
171302295Hangsight’s “State of the Address”: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku0SQ-GL61I a message to all inter…[View]
171297969I dont dislike Russia.[View]
171301159/cum/ Canada, United States, Mexico: Gay for Wayne edition[View]
171302283Lebanon hasn't had a government for over a year.[View]
171302413Russian taxpayer dollars funded this larp house[View]
171302496I just transmitted my quarterly estimated taxes to the US government.[View]
171301206neets /int/ernational: when did you start being a neet, why do you continue being a neet, and how do…[View]
171302242>rome was a multicultural multircial empire where people thought using trousers was barbarian but…[View]
171290565itt retarded borders[View]
171301562Post a dog picture and guess the country: I'll start with an easy one >…[View]
171301747Really makes you think[View]
171301692Sex with Japan.[View]
171299116It should be me on the right.[View]
171302077Who are 'your' people?[View]
171300039Squid Girl: Is this the hottest woman in South-Korea![View]
171302215>Japan beats USA 2-0 in 'football' oh no no no...ameribros... how do you feel now?…[View]
171291167/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
171302276Thank you Taiwan for relieving quarantine for foreign passangers. Finally I can be there.[View]
171302205When i look to a world map i ask myself how life is so randomic. The amount of different places you …[View]
171301711Why do so many chinkshit subhumans post from behind the clown flag?[View]
171301810Does your country borders evil, retarded arab barbarians who can't even run a small city state?…[View]
171302034China is collapsing[View]
171302092Helo fren, how are you doing in ur cuntry right now?[View]
171300275>Turkiye will be more muttified in the next decades Kek[View]
171302031What stocks should I buy to cash in on the upcoming nuclear warfare? Raytheon?[View]
171294929Is it really as bad as everyone says?[View]
171301502Sirs, please do the needful and kindly revert[View]
171301552I deserve intimacy. I deserve closeness. I deserve human warmth. I deserve connection. I deserve aff…[View]
171300847Remember that all poster from these countries are actually sexpat Native people are too poor and ill…[View]
171301841*flies to your country* *does a poo* *leaves* alri[View]
171301085What is your favourite Mexican dish?[View]
171301553>Europeans are now about as brown as americans[View]
171301125Flags: How active is your flag on /int/?[View]
171300629What is TikTok like in your cunt?[View]
171301285Is your country an AMD country or an Intel country[View]
171296837what snacks do you enjoy in you're country?[View]
171300053I don’t believe it will be long before Latinos are seen as white in America, like the Italians and I…[View]
1713012544 in Iceland arrested for plotting a terrorist attack: Apparently they were chuds planning to shoot …[View]
171299471How trustworthy is news in your country? Where do you get your news from in your country?[View]
171301551As we saw in Bucha, when Russia's forces fail on the battlefield, they will resort to crimes ag…[View]
171298931Should we nordify our flag?[View]
171299919What makes english such a soulful language?[View]
171301097Do a lot of Quebecois speak too fast, stutter, and have mush mouth? I can barely understand what thi…[View]
171301395Post goyslop from your country[View]
171300129I’m hungry and have no food but am afraid to go out becuase loud drink teenagers are hanging around …[View]
171298887I will literally kill myself by jumping in front of a train in peak rush hour[View]
171301363My parents are getting up there. I secretly decided that whenever one of them passes, I will move ba…[View]
171301194WOJCRAFT 8 STARTING TOMORROW: Wojcraft is a towny Roleplay server with a focus on world building and…[View]
171300203No one understands the human condition better than Russians[View]
171300333the power of the amerimutt meme: every day in america, a racially ambiguous person dies after being …[View]
171300091Why are we like this[View]
171300060>two weren’t enoug—-ACK!![View]
171300010>ywn live in a timeline where china adopts western democratic values and helps America and frens …[View]
171301319What are some proverbs from your country?[View]
171298042I just moved to the big stinky city[View]
171301256the solution is a name of a polish energy company[View]
171294818/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
171301043cheer yourself up At least, you are not me[View]
171299890I miss the feel and joy of being a young fella. Everything seems so dull now[View]
171299609holy shit, two bombs wasn’t enough we should have destroyed the entire island when we had the chance…[View]
171301183>Europeans voluntarily making themselves irrelevant and servile through petty wars…[View]
171301024>number of rays in the sun just one shy of 33 is your country also an artificial masonic experime…[View]
171296734Why do some Mexicans literally look Southeast Asian?[View]
171295502Do you love Japan?[View]
171297892Dreams: >had a dream where I was in LA with a bunch of friends (random people) breaking into a ho…[View]
171300508>imagine being called New Guinea in 2022 Why are some countries so cucked that they don't ch…[View]
171301092why are all the best amateur p*rn stars russian[View]
171300983This is a white man.[View]
171293692>oot and aboot[View]
171299736Americans will defend this: Now not even kids are safe from the Wagie Cage[View]
171293883We are currently collapsing. Does this happen in your country?[View]
171301019How would people in your country react to American work culture?[View]
171299430Is Nyquil chicken a delicacy in your country?[View]
171300827Any 30 yo virgin exists in your country? How are they treated like?[View]
171300144>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
171300268/pick your adventure/: Good evening good sir would you like an adventure. Pick 1 of 4 mythical chara…[View]
171300552I stayed up the whole night reading and watching videos about the recent twitch streamers drama. Do…[View]
171300735There was a merchant in Baghdad who sent his servant to market to buy provisions and in a little whi…[View]
171299326>no tenses >consistent verbs >consistent pronunciation >simple grammar >SVO order …[View]
171297175What happens in the red areas?[View]
171299514they are turkic[View]
171299764You wake up in Cedar City Utah[View]
171298392I'm sick and tired of foreigners saying the Ainu were the native inhabitants of Japan. They are…[View]
171298892What happens in Killeen, Texas?[View]
171300428>something bad happened to our country >afraid that /int/cels meme it before pay attention to …[View]
171300088Do Americans really[View]
171299643China coup is legit, got covid info from that same Twitter account first hand in 2019. Question is t…[View]
171299950Is your country tolerant of differences?[View]
171297411Greek Food: Can Greek food be eaten after its been left out on the table for a while? Or will it be…[View]
171286727Post your pets.[View]
171299861>My favourite French food? Pains au chocolat and ham and butter sandwiches, of course!…[View]
171300483Are gibs part of western culture?[View]
171299668> listen to Orthodox christmas carol > open /int/ because its your only window to see the outs…[View]
171297323>life is.... LE MEANINGLESS!! time to do nothing with my time but play videogames and masturbate!…[View]
171298215How fast is your internet in your cunt?: This is 90 bucks[View]
171299924Failed masonic experiment[View]
171299419xisisters... we lost...[View]
171298712What is your cunts opinion on nuclear power?[View]
171299915Heating is a scam, I only need to put on socks during winter to stay warm since the human body itsel…[View]
171297355This will be me after I move to Spain and find my wife[View]
171299627A united AM people stand stronger than a divided AM people.[View]
171299185Hello. Finland hates nature.[View]
171299293>apparently people from new york don't say 'hey im walkin here' or 'ay fuggedaboutit' wtf br…[View]
171298366Did you dream of something interesting recently in your country?[View]
171298771Finns hate taking responsibility, among other things for the climate. In Finnish culture, responsibi…[View]
171299046how do you're bookies look like in you're a cunt? ^^[View]
171299479Do you worship Allah in your country?[View]
171296632Ireland didn't legalise divorce until 1995 and Ireland did not legalise abortion until 2018[View]
171299555You've met with a terrible fate in your country haven't you?[View]
171296194Damn, do Chinese people really shit like this?[View]
171297783I went one week without internet because some thugs stole the telecommunications copper cables from …[View]
171299601Did you know Swedish posters have been embedding cp into images of this man? Don't download any…[View]
171298351>israel is an asian country >jews are asians >india is an asian country >saudi arabia is…[View]
171299530Why are Chechens like this?[View]
171299568Putin relies on projecting the image of a militarily strong Russia to maintain influence domesticall…[View]
171299385>these 2 block you're path what will you do?[View]
171286270Chinese People Are Leaving US[View]
171299540Yo onionz[View]
171297093/danmarktråden/ + /skandi/: Frysepizza udgaven[View]
171298886Japan has been completely surpassed in every way by South Korea. In ten years nobody will even remem…[View]
171295794/fr/ - Ar neud frañsez: /breizh/ edition kozh >>171277706[View]
171299121deus vult![View]
171299428Do you love American art? Its unfettered creativity is supposed to prove the superiority of capitali…[View]
171295905Why do Latinas always have huge asses?[View]
171295543>Brown people humour lmfao 2 spicy for you white boi? >White people humour IM WHITE IM WHITE I…[View]
171298797Do Brits REALLY!?[View]
171288404ukbros, are you ok?[View]
171295929Just found out it’s illegal to swear in the UK: Was watching some police show and it went to England…[View]
171298650Why are Brazilians so smol? >>>/fit/68401217[View]
171299120Anons; Strangely enough even people that aren't attracted to black woman find the onyx dark ski…[View]
171297398How does it make you feel knowing you'll never be a woman in your country?[View]
171296723Do you support the Muslim patrols in your country?[View]
171298539How common is bullying among adults in your country?: Or do they grow out of it after childhood/adol…[View]
171298530whats the worst thing you've seen on the road in you're country?[View]
171297305Is this happening in ur country?[View]
171298605Is this what Spain used to be like? https://youtu.be/IUcI2Wl9u9A[View]
171296060do you eat eggs in your country? how do you cook them?[View]
171298871how do we fix river borders?[View]
171293739Come to Saudi Arabia and fuck our blonde women[View]
171298738Do you kiss black girls in your country of residence?[View]
171297184If you don't have your own currency, you're not a real country.[View]
171284968/Nederdraad/: zwoele hijabi editie[View]
171298304join this 4chan Minecraft earth server anons, over 1000 people have logged in and it has no chat fil…[View]
171297663Do you love Japan?[View]
171297595>tfw no national identity Mexico mogs Brazil[View]
171296808Give me one reason why ukraine shouldn't be partitioned. The current de jure borders were a cir…[View]
171295197Which one has a worse diaspora and why?[View]
171298441>Europeans are taxed 80% of their income every month[View]
171294798I have met American's on three different occasions that have all said >Brooooo... If you ca…[View]
171298294Why are these niggas so introverted?[View]
171298285My life is over.[View]
171298384Mardi Gras? In your count to three?[View]
171297878When I was a college student in America, I knew this Mexican exchange student who was White and was …[View]
171298012modern colombian boys look like this?![View]
171298171> mfw seeing cute scandinavian boy[View]
171295643what happened to the wimpy kid in your cunt?[View]
171294308yellowfever bros, not like this...[View]
171298136Today I will remind them. For polfren[View]
171292774/brit/: We decide who actually should be getting rights edition.[View]
171298323/ukraïna/+/belarus/: caлoжoпoe издaниe[View]
171297642what are china military capaiblities[View]
171297262i was looking for a long ride, she didn't even wanted a test drive[View]
171297524What is wrong with humans? There is literally a garbage island just floating out in the ocean Oops, …[View]
171296296My waifu is a archaeologist from England. Where is your waifu from /int/? https://picrew.me/image_m…[View]
171298225Kurva Anyátok.[View]
171293736/bra/ - fio brasileiro[View]
171298190We wuz khans[View]
171290163What are you currently studying/learning in your country[View]
171297397How do europeans feel about medieval art?[View]
171295351live your myth in israel[View]
171297321Post music from your cunt[View]
171286530DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2989: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
171298067/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: >Your country >How much of your monthly salary are you yearly to pay …[View]
171297473Without any irony or shitposting, how much influence do the Jews have in the Russia-Ukraine conflict…[View]
171297962Did you know that Russians do not have a word for any of the following: respect dignity morality sel…[View]
171282241why is such big cars neccesary in united states?[View]
171295324are you vaccinated in your country? me yes because i like to travel[View]
171295512There are four groups of people[View]
171297955Hello frens of /int/: I really want to learn Russian and therefore I am looking for a native Russian…[View]
171294337What's he thinking right now? Do you think he's in shock over monke's chimpout?[View]
171293365Your father was able to rail your mommy, marry her and have children with her in your country, what…[View]
171297760why are northoid europoids like this?[View]
171291931DNA/Family tree thread: Post yours[View]
171297768What the fuck is wrong with you people[View]
171297593Serious question How do they distinguish themselves from an Arab if he's dressed like them and …[View]
171297065>you will never be romantically involved with an Asian career woman office lady in her late thirt…[View]
171294901Does this phenotype exist in your country? What's it called?[View]
171297390Most unitedstatian family.[View]
171294687Don't you love Japan?[View]
171296115how is /int/ today on this friday evening anything you wish to tell uncle iceland? why are you even …[View]
171292478What happens in Turkey outside of Constantinople?[View]
171289785Rio de Janeiro then vs[View]
171295659Bloodthirsty Bell Beakers + Bloodthirsty Celts + Bloodthirsty Romans + Bloodthirsty Anglo-Saxons, + …[View]
171291065/deutsch/: elizer[View]
171297004Argentines, like their Italian and Spanish progenitors, are nauseating Arabs indistinguishable from …[View]
171297248I love Sweden so much it's real.[View]
171295993I recently started a new job in northern Queensland and the majority of the staff are Pacific island…[View]
171296620Spaniards are not considered white in the US[View]
171292381Did you knew that finns are one of the most dysgenic ethnicities on the world?[View]
171291202TIL word Churka doesn't come from Turk but from Circassians (Chyurkassy)[View]
171297014brazil is latin american[View]
171257940/skandi/: fredagsutgåvan[View]
171296683Why do Americans love Mexico so much?[View]
171294740Well. It’s the weekend and I have no idea what to do yet again. Should I nap all day, jerk off all d…[View]
171290302Objectively speaking, why don't people commit suicide in the face of the absurdity of life? I c…[View]
171292997Firsties get a week off when they're sick in their cunt I have to tough it out[View]
171293806How's their Friday night[View]
171296805Am I a honorable rice Greek[View]
171294645Post people wearing your flag[View]
171296167Would you have sex with your sister if given the opportunity to do so if she weren't related to…[View]
171284451who are Irelands friends? and no you being an altar boy doesnt count. most small cunts in europe got…[View]
171294158I can't explain it but hear me out: having children past your 20s is a thirdie trait[View]
171296908Highstrikers: Gentlemen, my fellow Americans, I know we all love highstriker but we have too many. E…[View]
171296063Where’s the best place for someone who’s attracted to blank women to live?[View]
171296789>mfw reading about Spanish women[View]
171296102>Just accidentally sent my professor a video on incest futa Does this happen in your country…[View]
171296509In the grim future of the 41st millennium, there is only war. Burn the Heretic. Kill the Mutant. Pur…[View]
171296702The only good nonhuman, is a dead nonhuman.[View]
171294106let's settle this: medCHADS or nordGODS?[View]
171288480What country is she from? Do you think she posts on /int/?[View]
171274326/balk:: Denazification edition[View]
171295934how to say when things are simultaneously scary and impressive or inspiring ammiration and dread in …[View]
171292791/brit/: The Greatest British Genius Awarded a Knighthood under Liz 2 https://youtu.be/d3NIK-nsI2g…[View]
171296240The Norf FC fan is French...: https://youtu.be/bOyU_OzRXnM?t=140 Wtf English sistas...[View]
171292395do people get slapped in the face for speaking english in your country?[View]
171294095Finished with my woman 'cause She couldn't help me with my mind People think I'm insa…[View]
171289176Adulthood is realizing Romonkeys were the true barbarians[View]
171292400What did Italians look like before getting ravished by Moorish bvlls?[View]
171287178Name my gang[View]
171294741I want to go to Turkyiv and impregnate a Turkish woman. What is the best city to do that? I heard Iz…[View]
171296350Make Nepal free again[View]
171296346My blood boils when my ancestors tell me what Spaniards did during the Rif war. I tell myself that w…[View]
171296019Canadians have millions of obese Asian girls available and they pretend they suffer[View]
171296062Why are the thirdies here so soft and gay? I thought you would all be battle hardened and icecold fr…[View]
171291880Do you hate angloids in your country? Me: yes.[View]
171289119anyone noticed a remarkable decrease in Icelandic posts recently?[View]
171296064Why do Indian pagans LARP as feminists and Christians when attacking Indian Muslims?[View]
171294831is this true[View]
171295845>Argentinians on minimum wage have to work an entire week just to afford FIFA how do they even su…[View]
171294416Serbo-Bulgarian unity when?[View]
171294205>social distancing. the country[View]
171295764Latinos, Arabs, and Bantus blame all their problems on the CIA[View]
171291782I just want gays around the world to be happy![View]
171294363Pajeet ancestors: VGH... indian ancestors[View]
171295644>Green Japan[View]
171294540/éire/: LMAO an eagrán maighdeantéama snáithe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq2AJrWm04s…[View]
171293596Why do people seethe so much at my flag?[View]
171282048/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
171295650The proice of smaykes has gone up agen The proice of smaykes has gone up agen It's 48.50 for JP…[View]
171295384>be me >brown Latino >meet desis, dravidians >tell them I’m brown >they tell me th…[View]
171281233Sverigetråden Atlantisupplagan: Sverige är Atlantis[View]
171295415So what's the next 180 the hivemind here will do?[View]
171295469/cbg/ - Caribbean Basin General: Let's have a Caribbean basin general! If you're in this m…[View]
171292378POV: you wake up in Texas You immediately know Spanish and despise immigration.[View]
171294623ITT: cute ASMRtists from your cunt.: Post some of your favorite asmr channels in your language >p…[View]
171294926Milkie girls: Post pictures of girls who accidentally or intentionally let their boob milk leak thro…[View]
171290113meditation in your country ?[View]
171293511What is Serb community of your country like?[View]
171289906Would this be considered an acceptable couple in your country?[View]
171294525I saw a white girl while she and I were surfing. She was incredibly beautiful with a large plump ass…[View]
171294919Scared of driving: >22 years old >got my drivers license 4 years ago >haven't used it …[View]
171293921ITT: Common Pet Names from your Flag: Here in Burgerstan, we commonly name dogs Spot, Hunter, Fido, …[View]
171294624Does your country like tranny games? 1.- flag 2.- no[View]
171295045Will America provide me with a husband who looks like this if I immigrate there?[View]
171293698what are we doing for tonight?[View]
171295016Does your city have a mascot for the city buses?[View]
171287905Why is this not ours?[View]
171293659>tfw already starting to pick up words in amateur Latina porn after learning some Spanish Have y…[View]
171294814Fresh Russian conscripts arrived, now it's gonna be REAL[View]
171294381Do people eat bugs in your country?[View]
171294835What’s Shetland like?[View]
171285260/ita/ - il filo: Edizione quella miserabile latrina umana di Umaru ha finito la merda[View]
171257338/isr/ /ישר/ thread- יום שישי: מהדורת אינסל[View]
171288430Is Alizee popular in your cunt?[View]
171293409>guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau guau g…[View]
171293717Why do French people pretend life can be meaningful?[View]
171284676Do you respect females in your nation ?[View]
171293687WTF the holy land of Iran allows statues depicting HUMANS? https://twitter.com/i/status/15734094459…[View]
171293018I have a positive opinion of Jewish people[View]
171293415You are now teleported to this place with the same clothes you are wearing now. What would you do?[View]
171292632New Island Formed in South Pacific: QUICK SOMEONE CLAIM IT[View]
171293244Hot girls owe me sex.[View]
171293778Looks like a pole[View]
171294388I need a cute Japanese gf bros…[View]
171289259How do the ukrainian refugees afford expensive cars? >inb4: le corrupt government officials yes …[View]
171292521Anglos bros... We got too cocky.[View]
171294442I think I'm going to become a priest in my country. I don't really feel any calling but I …[View]
171294235is it true that europeans sit around all day eating fancy jellies?[View]
171294419Australians have never tasted suffering[View]
171293228>America has no Sovlful buildi-ACK! Umm... like no. Sorry sweaty![View]
171266706/esp/: Se murió[View]
171292839Are we really this cringe western bros?[View]
171294339do you like korean culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl8_eslS8X0 pic taken by me in mexico ci…[View]
171293969Is your country team becca or lucy?[View]
171291551how can we save the celtic languages?[View]
171293813satanic death cult[View]
171290202Spainbros... How will we ever recover????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpV8QVMxZX8[View]
171254580/med/ + frens: Ænglalond edish[View]
171292510Are the women of your country irredeemable whores[View]
171288472Your country Are you good at fighting?[View]
171293890do you have male friends in your country?[View]
171290019What's the fastest route between China and India?: THE PORT MANN BRIDGE HAHAHAHAHAHA (vancouver…[View]
171292147why are bongs like this?[View]
171290881I wear swim briefs in my cunt when swimming.[View]
171293948What's their average day to day life like?[View]
171290191>europe just forgot arabs have been waging religious wars on europe for 1000 years and started le…[View]
171290055French people look like this?[View]
171288622>tfw thirdies can't pronounce 'Worcestershire'[View]
171282286/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES edition[View]
171291484>mr putin is ready to see you Well /int/, what do you say?[View]
171291889Go to bed European, Mena, African, and Indian[View]
171293606firsties like me don't ever get a live or die gf like thirdies, we suffer[View]
171289608How soon will we see the event that leads up to Ukraine making anime in few decades?[View]
171288104Do people in Scania, Sweden speak danish or swedish? Is there a separate identity there?[View]
171287627Why are you guys seething so much about mobilization? Shouldn’t you be happy that more Russians are …[View]
171288261GUSTAVUS! ADOLPHUS!: How's the latest DLC, my grogs? Anything new worth trying?[View]
171292362Wolfenstein has been unbanned in Germany.[View]
171293583Snatiation reflex: Do you have it? It's when you sneeze after a large meal (or even a normal me…[View]
171291301I will NEVER I repeat NEVER have children with a black woman: A) I don't like black people. B) …[View]
171289071Best place to live if I’m attracted to black women?[View]
171293175>you don't belong to the artistic output of japan and europe because you lack a certain % of…[View]
171285392What's your honest opinion on Brazil?[View]
171277706/fr/ • Ici l’on base: Le fil basé (sur ces noix)[View]
171282297How much would you pay to have sex with her?[View]
171292080Do you always ignore your misery in your cunt, but then almost have mental breakdowns at midnight be…[View]
171290815How can Russians and Orthodox people in general claim to be le based defenders of Christianity when …[View]
171293192Peбят, гaйд внyтpивeннo: > Aнoнимнaя cвязь, cпyтникoвaя cвязь Meжгpaничныe тpoпы Кaзaхи (Лoяльнoc…[View]
171288870Do you like british girls? I do.[View]
171286298You wake up in Trondheim...[View]
171292961Best women in the world[View]
171293129Did you enjoy summer in your country?[View]
171293028A new island just appeared in the Pacific Ocean. Will you be claiming it for your country?[View]
171290015why does he ruin every twink thread?[View]
171290560Why did those sandmen decide to have a really ugly alphabet?[View]
171292825I will never slave into a po-ice shit[View]
171287228I cannot believe germans did this: why[View]
171284638How come some ethiopians are light skinned ?[View]
171254800/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
171286899/polska/: edycja mvzvsha[View]
171292201Unironically the ugliest women of all the caucasians.[View]
171292341It will happen when the weather cools. That's when they'll make their move. The plans laid…[View]
171251953/desi/: NE Chads keep winning edition[View]
171282725kurva anyátok[View]
171292493eurofails are worried about paying their energy bills[View]
171292190wtf america: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYd6EVZSJko[View]
171269865Why are europoids so petty and thin skinned? They always tell us that it doesn't affect them[View]
171286707>before knowing about 4chin >don't care about my skin color >don't care if someon…[View]
171291385Explain how the kid of some european with a non white person magically loses her european recesive g…[View]
171285294Music thread: Post music from your country, others give their opinion https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
171290648Generals are the only good thing about this board[View]
171289008>your country >what did you think of cyberpunk: edgerunners Flag Loved it…[View]
171290821where do you think tashka and her friends picked up such terms as subhuman and cultural enrichment? …[View]
171283187Manolos are brown.: This is a native spaniard celebrity.[View]
171287866Who are your favorite livestreamers from your cunt? >flag probably mizkif, he's just a big t…[View]
171291856Indian culture: Do indians have their own martial arts?[View]
171290280I am extremely pale skinned, paler than the blonde european tourists that I've met, yet I still…[View]
171290907Are germans not great inventors anymore because theyre 40% Russian now?[View]
171289988I lost all respect for bill burr when I found out he married a black woman: I don't like black …[View]
171290774>Neuken in de Keuken[View]
171274905Just finished a date with a Chinese girl from a chance meeting at my university, I think we hit it o…[View]
171286354>Danzig >Hamburg >Breslau >Dresden >Krakau >Munich Which one is /int/'s favor…[View]
171291620where can I find women with this phenotype?[View]
171288239HAPPENING: Italians eating at Olive Garden. We are witnessing a historic moment in diaspora history.…[View]
171289552I really really hate women[View]
171290756say something about german humor again[View]
171281338does your country deport foreigners for mocking your flag?: mexico does[View]
171290939>your cunt >do you love bussy?[View]
171290089>end of 2022 >still no gf I-I guess there's always 2023, r-right guys? H-haha…[View]
171288540why are some days lonelier than others? A strange condition[View]
171290509>wake up at 8 am on a weekend >get up normally with no difficulties >wake up at 8 am for w…[View]
171291102You wake up in Albany...[View]
171283850Racism is alive and well in ye ole america[View]
171287183>hoholshits will NEVER occupy crimea again Thoughts?[View]
171291146Would she be homeless for 4 years in your country?[View]
171288161just realised that i have a small penis (5 inches exactly)[View]
171286773EUROPE, the board[View]
171255293have you served in you're cunt's armed forces?: what was it like?[View]
171286089/нoчь/ ehemals /deutsch/: Z pro Putin Ausgabe[View]
171281623>be a 3/10 in your cunt >move to india >suddenly you are a 8/10 What are you waiting for. P…[View]
171283285daily reminder that Óðinn was the first king of sweden[View]
171290786Why are british girls from surrey (leatherhead) so attractive?[View]
171291092eins plus eins ist zwei mathetastisch[View]
171289262/brit/: SPH -edish[View]
171289768Do girl in your country bully men for their size? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLfk6pE5shE[View]
171287017American madness spreading further[View]
171288143This specific brand of mixed boy drives me crazy. I have done centuries worth of research, and i…[View]
171279517New York City: How the fuck does one land a job and apartment in Manhattan? I want to live like they…[View]
171287643I'm a Finn :333 pls respond[View]
171286993Name a more pathetic country: spoiler: you can't a country with such manpower that was enslave…[View]
171283395My father is from Ukraine, mother - from Russia. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union they live…[View]
171287287British Thread for British Friends: I'm interested in finding out more about Britain. Its alway…[View]
171273674/norgetråden/: Promperom-utgaven Forrige >>171245665[View]
171285776Podcasts: Are podcasts popular in your country? What do you like to listen to? Chatting, education, …[View]
171279416I love france do you love france hehe france me love haha sex sex with france me and france sex anim…[View]
171290046How do we save the franks, redd/int/?[View]
171281057Would you country open its borders for Russians, who don't want to fight in the war, in your co…[View]
171289391are you a first responder in your country i am a fireman in training and a ceritfied emt[View]
171286813Capital Punishment: Does your country have capital punishment? Are you personally for or against it?…[View]
171285689Redpill me on CANADA, I wish to live there one day[View]
171285335i will not watch rings of power[View]
171282513This is a travesty[View]
171286655what's the best EU country to live in?[View]
171267084/mena/ /شأشأ/[View]
171286254love Spain[View]
171288726the world is just becoming more and more crazy everyday what the fuck[View]
171287193/brit/: PC Music edition spinee sub edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNwZN6fyduY[View]
171287246it breaks my heart seeing all thse russian women losing their brothers and husbands to war if any of…[View]
171288960What stops you from being a productive, happy, married, social life having, employed normie in your …[View]
171280011I've been lurking here since 2013 and I've gathered some shit, some few things maybe mine,…[View]
171285712do u wanna visit pakistan? they look pretty exotic.[View]
171283543Do people have allot of casual sexo in your country? France not as much as the medias would like you…[View]
171283003>our arbitrary measurement system is better than yours.... just because it is >A HECKING BASE …[View]
171287822In which ways do you suffer in your country?[View]
171287496are graphics cards expensive in your cunt? UK yes, we have to pay more than america[View]
171288891Today I shook hands with a 6'8 african american[View]
171279900giwtwm in my country on the right[View]
171287112Latest thoughts on women?[View]
171288950Does your country give a fuck anymore?[View]
171280165Did you enjoy this Chinese movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2JcFRY_yC0[View]
171277077Mere existence of this entity causes immense seethe and butthurt. It’s transcendental trolling.[View]
171288831Russian pipo be like >at least we don't have rainbow flags[View]
171288371What's this called in your country? How often do you see it?[View]
171286453Did you buy tickets to Japan yet?[View]
171286136>Attention residents: miscount detected in your block. Cooperation with your comissariat permits …[View]
171288210friday night and I spent my time getting cussed out by a bunch of flags[View]
171286942>French used to be the language for the elite >Today it's spoken mainly by Africans…[View]
171276863>YOU BLOODY BASTARD BITCH SIR why indians are like that ?[View]
171279305Why racemixed and nationalitymixed people (especially zoomers) are such fuckboys, sluts and generall…[View]
171287194In Kutaisi Where drink[View]
171285988Suck it euroPOOR: USA! USA! USA![View]
171288194whats the diffrence between united states (america) and canada (europe)[View]
1712775011. Your country 2. Do you agree with his sentiment of 'Kill the southerners'?[View]
171283404does your country have programs that can help a 33 year old kissless virgin[View]
171286263Does your country have ethnic ghettos and are you unlucky/poor enough to be living in one right now?[View]
171287947Wouldn't it be better if birthrates went down? It's getting pretty crowded...[View]
171287992Queen Vicotria=Lenin George V=Stalin Edward VIII=Malenkov George VI=Khrushchev Elizabeth II= Brezhne…[View]
171282083It's so fucking over[View]
171280640what was the legacy of the wachiturros on the southern cone?[View]
171285002We're kinda fucked. Not to alarm you /int/ but in a few decades, there's a 99% chance that…[View]
171281843Is this why black pipo look different?[View]
171287785What if cars could only drive on the big roads and no cars in between? That's a walkable Paris[View]
171287324I’m not racist[View]
171287629Friday night alone on 4channel again. Does this happened in your country?[View]
171280338basically one people[View]
171285770Did you know that America has quaint hidden European villiages?[View]
171286192Hurricane Fiona: Maritimesisters, you read for the biggest storm of your lives?[View]
171287209/brit/: 6 nations edition[View]
171283733Is serbia a country worth visiting?[View]
171279177>until end of special military operation they're still calling it that lmao…[View]
171286876Finland is superior to Sweden Ireland is superior to the UK Many Canadians believe, that Canada is s…[View]
171287254How come japan wasn’t more pissed at America? To this day all the old people still love MacArthur.[View]
171286313Is this the soy belt?[View]
171276594>you wake up on the west side of mogadishu[View]
171287091Do americans really?[View]
171286757Alberta is begging British Columbians and Ontarians to move there. Should I take up on their offer?[View]
171286839/Schizolska/: Nawet kurwa tutaj nie piszcie edycja[View]
171267537God please grant me a petite German Housefrau[View]
171285047i went out today and saw 3 black people is white genocide happening in your country as well?[View]
171273542What is this race called in your country/language?[View]
171286821Are Indian Kashmiris and Pakistani KPK Pashtun white?[View]
171280439Why did WASP hegemony die?[View]
171282413/polska/: Edycja piątku piąteczka piątunia[View]
171276592/sauna/: leveä lasti painos[View]
171275726brazilian integralism: opinions?[View]
171284521Texas is the China of the US. Why? Tons of new money families in Texas desperate for prestige. They…[View]
171285762>You wake up in East Germany...[View]
171283673'tradwives from east europe': >russian mobilization/suicidation >people talk more about how th…[View]
171274703Post fists to see if you can be conscripted[View]
171285004west africa fishing rights. thoughts?[View]
171285594Why are we like that?[View]
171279452Do grocery stores in your country have a taco aisle?[View]
171285305Ne gore gore gore gore, nego gore gore gore dole.[View]
171281482/deutsch/ -- arbeitssichere ausgabe zum spätabend: altbier: >>171277443[View]
171284310you wake up in Fez...[View]
171284653W-where have all the Russian posters gone? :([View]
171282817/brit/: my qveen -edition[View]
171285517What factions will go to war next on thirdie island?[View]
171276297Turkish does not have a word for brown so we say kahverengi (coffe color) do you have this type of t…[View]
171284881Just give up and submit Russians: Western occupation won't be that bad just your oligarchs, sil…[View]
171282668Being half Somali half Pakistani has ruined my life[View]
171285325>Intrests; getting drunk alone listening to elvis presley and cry[View]
171284820Which one of these 3 would pass as a local in your country?[View]
171285225What country are you gay for? Argentina for me, I would gladly marry an argentinian twink.[View]
171285580>rusnyaks dying[View]
171285333I just did a hair transplant. I'm sorry baldcels, I'm joining the Chads now.[View]
171277273How much does a 6 ounce grass-fed tenderloin cost in your country? Me? $12[View]
171283325>lmao go fight in the trenches then to prove how manly you are compared to the West >reckon th…[View]
171285376What about russian shemales? Are they Runnig in or out?[View]
1712824285 day since they started digging holes in my street. There are now 3 holes, the first hole is now co…[View]
171279075/ita/ - il filo: Edizione studiosa[View]
171285132Russian refugees welcome![View]
171284559Spain and Portugal appreciation thread: They spread the true faith of our Lord Jesus Christ worldwid…[View]
171281983What's the most you have been tipped, int?: I once got tipped around 600$ while working as a to…[View]
171281014Is AMD popular in your country[View]
171280763Still don't know the difference between > must and have to > Will and going to…[View]
171282675CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!: How do you go from THIS[View]
171283513Is 'prepping' a common hobby amongst USAians?[View]
171272484Hey Vatniks, weren't you all in favor of that lil Special Military Operation of yours? Killing …[View]
171284819>Tiocfaidh ár lá[View]
171280940How come these slav countries who were heavily germanized for over a thousand years are prosperous t…[View]
171284119Korea is the second most punitive country after the United States: The maximum sentence is 50 years …[View]
171284954How liveable is your country?[View]
171284352try it out[View]
171284854What's the verdict on these niggas[View]
171276630have knights ever existed in your country[View]
171284678Will he ever be stopped?[View]
171278015Why do Europeans fear skyscrapers?[View]
171283801Yes, I call myself Irish and German even though I've never even visited either country. How cou…[View]
171260216/bra/ - fio brasileiro[View]
171280398When did Turkic peoples first started converting to Islam?[View]
171281644Should the English be allowed to exist, in Britain, considering they are practically Germans?[View]
171279864sad there isn't more of them[View]
171270903Never in history have 2 countries shared such a strong friendship[View]
171283521Why do somalis do this?[View]
171275282>1 inch is a segment of a man's finger >12 inches to a foot (about the same as an actual …[View]
171283202Heat finally broke, it’s a beautiful day. Post views from your house in your country.[View]
171283181whats next for france?[View]
171281315Just found out 'okay' is an americanism[View]
171283385Hit the bell: Is hitting a bell common in your country? As far as I know Americans (purposely the ca…[View]
171280088Do you have cool manly rituals in your country? Meanwhile in Chechnya: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
171270479DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2988.1: DJT is the best Japanese language learning shitposting thread o…[View]
171271745How can we encourage more black people to post on /int/?[View]
171280225Are you a neet in your cunt?[View]
171283832alot of georgian flags are posting here recently[View]
171280112/int/döner: THE GRAND OPENING IS HERE! Come and eat my hot chihuahua meat![View]
171281468I'm starting to understand why Arabs are doing it.[View]
171279661Why do people hate english food? This is 10000x better than random combination of flour and tomato #…[View]
171282016does your cunt have life imprisonment[View]
171282899On this board we can talk with people from all around the world, can you believe this? someone in en…[View]
171282357>*opens thread >Grins >*opens thread >Grins >*opens thread >Grins >*opens threa…[View]
171278673History repeats itself.: While ukraine is right next to Russia unlike the case was with America, thi…[View]
171281308Why aren't the blue eye blonde latinos represented in media?[View]
171283257Anyone went to today's /int/ernational climate strike?[View]
171279284non mexicans/chicanx: post Mexican bangers ITT pls[View]
171278685choose the big 4: >one must be wiped out >one to stay in thirdie purgatory >one to become f…[View]
171282523Why are beards popular now? Is this happening in your country as well?[View]
171283051>Brazil will NEVER be latin american[View]
171282701im drinking green tea at 12:20am because i'm NEET[View]
171268748/nederdraad/: DJ Paul Elstak-editie Draadthema: https://youtu.be/Uq2QtG9pBv8 Halve liters Schultenbr…[View]
171280479>rome was a multicultural multircial empire made of thousands of migrants that praised homosexual…[View]
171280867I just learned that the slang wypipo was crafted by anti-white african-americans. I want to apologis…[View]
171282296I am tired of everything: Does this happen in your count?[View]
171279474Do you speak Sexo (Spanish)? I do, and I love it[View]
171281078Do you love Japan?[View]
171279520Hawaii? No, this is Nordsee, Germany![View]
171277122If you go out by yourself(in your country) what do you go out and do?[View]
171279868why is it like this?[View]
171279406Japan is sexi: the country[View]
1712798253rd is paradise to find oddly attractive: have you ever noticed that in thirdie countries most prett…[View]
171275359Write a haiku about the country above you. 5 syllables 7syllables 5 syllables[View]
171278243/dixie/ + friends[View]
171241234/Lat/ - Hilo Latino[View]
171272386Do americans really drive their car everywhere they go ? What a strange country. Why don't they…[View]
171252666kurva anyátok[View]
171281226shes never gonna message me again is she[View]
171281420Average Celtic man[View]
171278413This scares and confuses the firstie.[View]
171281093How many were /int/ posters[View]
171277874>Why yes we are Serbs and we hate kebab, how could you tell?[View]
171280503why do black men have higher testosterone than white men? pic releated is 17 years old[View]
171274424/polska/: edycja alternatywek niezdrowych dla mnie[View]
171281211Sverigetråden - kirbytråden[View]
171277489Did you know that despite not even being in the top ten poorest states, South Dakota has 6/10 of the…[View]
171279203I ate at a chinese restaurant and I've now shat 6 times in 3 hours[View]
171276326Sverigetråden - Helgupplagan: Ät upp, anon[View]
171276625What happens here Canadians?: I've got an option to transfer here as a part of my studies. Is L…[View]
171278584Are you sexually frustrated in your country >flag yes[View]
171278023>considered ugly in my country of birth (Colombia) >guys used to make fun of me and girls refu…[View]
171279743Im still here[View]
171278374>you see this on the 'log wat nou[View]
171280327What is it that makes Asian women such perfect little fuck dolls?[View]
171274163i have a lifelong foot fetish that started as early as kindergarten does this happen in your country…[View]
171273067ITT: we pretend to Be Germans[View]
171280576Should I try to reenact this route? https://youtu.be/M_oWxb0PJBo https://youtu.be/j7Iq30oBAfQ[View]
171280519And if it's good food you're after, take a trip to Sweden.[View]
171272941What do men in your country think about eating pussy?[View]
171277986you have 10 seconds to name a civilization founded by europeans go[View]
171278394Russians, what will you do when the draft officer comes for you?[View]
171274728>tfw you can have sex to get warmer >tfw most of European incels on this board will die this w…[View]
171276070>check the facebook profile of my old elementary school friend who migrated to the UK >he…[View]
171275648Anal sex: How is a anal sex viewed/perceived in your country? I'll begin: >Japan Anal is 'we…[View]
171277666/brit/ - /bird/: /brit/'s official mascot -edish[View]
171278086Is inflation a problem in your country?[View]
171269388>thousands of poor russian girls will be left without loving bf's How do we save them bros?…[View]
171274118could she pass as a local in your country?[View]
171278835Start calling out muslims on their oppression thread Thread gets deleted[View]
171279432an hour from now, the hour of wolf begins in western europe this means millions of north african mal…[View]
171278268>I suffer in the 3rd worl-[View]
171278186Clash of civilizations: This is more than a war, it is a conflict between different cultures, values…[View]
171279063>has wild orgies with countless malay girls >gets his malay gf to strip off her hijab at a com…[View]
171279939What does your country's biggest stock exchange look like?: Pic related, it's pakistan.…[View]
171278893Des your country have cowboys?[View]
171279647The best looking man in UK is a Paki lmao[View]
171276059ATTENTION, /INT/ From now on any post containing the words >inflation >winter >heating >…[View]
171276992Do you love England?[View]
171279940/한국인/: .[View]
171276865I had the privilege of sitting behind 2 french angels. Im so angry over the french government that w…[View]
171279869Sir, do the needful and do not redeem[View]
171279385for me its Ульянoвcкий Aвтoмoбильный Зaвoд[View]
171268974>gringos and europeans don't know this fruit SAD![View]
171244893Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>171198200 Japanese Learning Thread:>>>/int/djt …[View]
171279182I am the black sheep of my family (in my country)[View]
171279481The second largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world after Munich's is in Canada.[View]
171273041You wake up here (That's a picture from today btw.)[View]
171278773>french female wants money >give her all of it cause she deserves it…[View]
171275447Int wakes up in the holy land anno 1135[View]
171277480>south (latinx) america is just a continent of different tribes that have been spermed by spaniar…[View]
171278921>live in fruit paradise >disgusted by the mere sight of any fruit why am I like this…[View]
171277054Polish dream is over, the short lived period of prosperity never seen before in his country's h…[View]
171277211Holy fuck Holy fucking fuck That body of yours is absurd[View]
171277423*knock knock* License and registration, sir.[View]
171278953Is he literally you in your cunt[View]
171278602does this really happen in America?[View]
171264583>he doesn't speak at least 3 languages[View]
171277708which cunt do i come from?[View]
171278690I love the Russian language: I don't like Russian government though[View]
171274540How do I acquire black gf? I need this information this instant, NOW![View]
171274600>1 US-Dollar entspricht >1,03 Euro Ameribros we just keep winning…[View]
171275508>rare fish trade paralysed by the russo-ukrainian war[View]
171277803>watch Danish movie >expect to see the pale and blonde haired Nordic gods of EVROPA who built …[View]
171274867This is what Greeks used to look like: Remarkable[View]
171271549DVTCH BVLLS... I KNEEL: Dutch people are proposing a referendum to Russian people to break away From…[View]
171269960/ita/ - il filo: edizione acciuga[View]
171276795You think the English language is your friend? You merely adopted English. I was born in it. Molded …[View]
171278300i insulted germs so often that they stopped giving me (you)s how do i cope with this[View]
171278103I honestly wish I could have just been born 30-40 years ago so I could own a house, it's fucked…[View]
171278314>walking home from lidl (7 in the evening) >a-excuza-mi do you-a know- where-a de bicycle pamp…[View]
171274029Is it normal to ask your female friends to help you out with a handjob in your country? I wish it w…[View]
171278239>americans say kraut, shitalian , surrender monkey and call brits every insult on earth but theyr…[View]
171277248When did the trend of unironic fedora wearing neckbeards die out?[View]
171276225/ukraïna/+/belarus/: Пoпяpядний пoтoнyв (як i yceгдa)[View]
171274340why are Hispanics the best at fighting sports[View]
171255682/asean/: Milo Edition[View]
171276876Brazil-France friendship thread[View]
171271819What's your opinion on Bavaria and Bavarian people?[View]
171278055https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mGvGI89KLs&t=3510s Do you enjoy noise music? Yes, I do enjoy br…[View]
171276152the sex! the sex! the sex! the sex! the sex! it is crazy crazy CRAZY!!! SEX IS CRAZY!! CUM IS CRAZY!…[View]
171275670/brit/: *presses the dance button* -edish[View]
171272960Could the ottoman family in exile in theory launch a successful coup here with the support of people…[View]
171277696Do you like Tamil songs in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6kklzcq7GM[View]
171273411Turkey is like italy in the middle east A mistery mix of many people and cultures[View]
171270167Australians live in a different time zone which is why they always lag behind Europe[View]
171273079Atheism = low birtrates Hmm[View]
171277595Stoneshard ruskie devs won't finish it because they'll end up in the grinder[View]
171267951TOP 3 European Countries with the prettiest girls TOP 3 European Countries with the ugliest girls We…[View]
171270027Do you prefer Yayoi or Jomon people?: Jomon people have large eyes. Yayoi people are fair-skinned.…[View]
171274973rusi sacrificed everything to help my country back in 1914: of course i am gonna support their count…[View]
171276807I hate being a bosmer, nobody takes us seriously. I asked a cute Notd girl out but she just laughed …[View]
171273144was dragonball popular in your cunt? here in the UK it was quite popular, I always used to watch it …[View]
171276405A year ago a russian femanon posted this vocaroo. I saved it and listen to it regularly when I'…[View]
171272262/deutsch/: Ihr kenned es[View]
171268961Do you go bowling in your country? I remember being absolute shite at bowling.[View]
171274969University in Brazil is pretty fun. How is University life in your country? Are the people laid back…[View]
171271191Is dating allowed in MENA? I've dated 3 arabs and the relationship was just her coming over to …[View]
171273748Somalians see themselves as closer to whites than being close to other Africans, which they refer to…[View]
171276146Mexico will have the biggest and largest Shopping Mall Center in Latin America: Are we first world n…[View]
171276611Tell me about East Germany.[View]
171277213Why can't poor thirld worlders stop being poor? Like, get a job nigga. Like, read a fucking boo…[View]
171262005/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de midi[View]
171273288Can Europeans buy a 2k GPU?[View]
171276810What regions are considered North in your country.[View]
171274992What type of kid were you in high school? I was pic releated, always sitting by myself[View]
171276316Why are French like this?[View]
171274078I am Anglophile.[View]
171276679accidentally used the word 'goyslop' when mom asked how the food was[View]
171274595the sex! the sex! the sex! the sex! the sex! it is crazy crazy CRAZY!!! SEX IS CRAZY!! CUM IS CRAZY!…[View]
171276713Did you used to give your friends handjobs too when you were teens?[View]
171270858Imagine your army holding thousands of Russian captives like this What do? I’ll Give them tons of m…[View]
171276958/gogi/: მე ქართველი ზანგი ვარ[View]
171275940Mushroom Season: Today's haul, share pics and tips on shroom picking[View]
171273658When will they finally shut down this website once and for all? Would your life improve if it did ge…[View]
171274816Why do people dislike languages that use a lot of throat sounds, like Dutch and Arabic?[View]
171275699This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
171276567I love the autumn so much frens. This is the result of an afternoon picking. I found the agaricus c…[View]
171276368How is the immigration law in your country?: in my country it does not exist, literally you just hav…[View]
171275583I am drunk and I just listened to that K-ON song about graduation I cried, so much memories Are you …[View]
171273529This is it No more dick measuring contest for GDP[View]
171270046Does your country invests money into beekeeping?[View]
171276073What is the most cyberpunk country in the world in 2022?[View]
171274085Where is she from? Could she pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
171272166Sverigetråden - Fredagsmys: >ÄTA? >DRICKA? >KOLLA PÅ? >SPELA? >LYSSNA PÅ? >LÄ…[View]
171266817/sauna/: rapulapainos[View]
171266123I dont hate commieblocks because they're ugly, I hate them because of >awkward room planning…[View]
171265879/한국어/ + /친구들/: 한녀섹스하고 싶어 한녀 보여주고가 한녀 섹스 한녀 섹스!!![View]
171273837People have said it already but every single American glowy, politician, and billionaire elite shoul…[View]
171274881I have mongrel complex[View]
171274962What are the criteria for judging this?: Soul vs Soulless? White and Yellow vs Black and Brown?? Hav…[View]
171273890What were they talking about do you think?[View]
171275323/OC/:Contribute OC to this ailing board[View]
171269946POSTEURS SANS FRONTIÈRES thread: In an eventual case of Nuclear apocalypse due to WW3 and if you sur…[View]
171272912t. Alberto Barbosa[View]
171269846Let's talk about our languages. >No politics[View]
171274444All you need to know to post in a different language on /int/: Translate this into your native langu…[View]
171273160/brit/: kwasi kwarteng resurrects the iron lady edition[View]
171273694prööööh :D[View]
171266935JAPAN NO[View]
171275118What the fuck is wrong with this region? It's so unstable and violent.[View]
171273479European Asians: Very curious. What other countries are actually the same people[View]
171272884>want to look up property in denmark >american town name denmark with BRICK houses is the firs…[View]
171275073I have Italian ancestry Does this happen to innocent people in your country?[View]
171269107What's your plan for the weekend?[View]
171275200/euromena/: Hi all[View]
171270436Why do they exist?[View]
171272651It's getting a bit chilly but I don't I'm too afraid of the prices to turn on the hea…[View]
171265572Ok it was funny for a while but now you can stop pretending to hate us[View]
171274074Japanese be like >Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Lesotho, Suriname?? Yes come in! No visa needed!…[View]
171275219This the closest thing to a sidewalk we have: I was bored out of my skull today so I decided to walk…[View]
171269730I always feel missing 'something' when learning English, a key, hidden meaning, i'll try to exp…[View]
171273744Are red head people mentally ill in your country?[View]
171274509I do not support mobilization in Russia. All Russians are evil and have an affinity for barbarism (…[View]
171274679Why is their capital called Brasília? How fucking uncreative do you have to be?[View]
171271538butt > legs > boobs[View]
171273873>dad is ranting about immigrants, vaccines and ''communists'' again…[View]
171274206Are you enjoying life in your country[View]
171274639Do you suffer in your country?: This is literally me but with croatian flag[View]
171272682Baltimore appreciation thread: Say something nice about it![View]
171272039Do you have a skincare routine in you're cunt?[View]
171274619What will you miss most about Russia? For me, it's rutracker, and absurdist nihilistic qts[View]
171272773>Nelson Hernández Luballscumí, better known as Blackie or Flipper was a sicario working for the M…[View]
171252124/balk/ + /v4/: Mental e-sylum edition Last: >>171226518[View]
171274561I'll never share Hans Island with a filthy Dane I don't care what the government says it…[View]
171274157could she pass as local in your cunt?[View]
171272261>Europeans: Lol new worlders are such bigots, why do they have so many racial conflicts there? …[View]
171274387Why is the new world so comfy whereas the old world is so uncomfy?[View]
171274346does your country have old population?[View]
171273937German anons, what are your honest thoughts on this country?[View]
171267408Firstie suffering vs Thirdie 'suffering': >be firstie >wake up at 7:00AM in the morning to get…[View]
171265928Why are spanish women so beautiful?: I went on vacation to Spain and all I can say is wow.. I was to…[View]
171273912Where are the Czechslovakians?: I just realized that I’ve never seen them post. /int/ rarely talks a…[View]
171273807Do Americans really?[View]
171269036What would your parents say if you got a Chinese gf?[View]
171271915Do you kneel to these niggas? America just rekt Russia for the second time in 50 years without even …[View]
171273764Why do Latinx talk so much shit about Narcos online but wouldn’t dare say a word in in real life? Wh…[View]
171268925/polska/: edycja Ritsu Tanaki[View]
171269929ITT: We pretend we are french[View]
171273468ITT: we apologize to America. We are sorry Americans for not listening to Trump. He was right we sho…[View]
171270331Are u a teacher /int/?: Starting to think I should mentor noob gamedev retards, not for money, but l…[View]
171273604i should perhaps move to canada[View]
171268876does this happen in your cunt[View]
171272572What is the day in life of female poorfag in your country like? Recommend good YouTube channels[View]
171272608Why so many Russia threads? Did something happen or are we getting raided again?[View]
171272454Thoughts on Macedonian people?[View]
171272711/mex/ - hilo mex[View]
171270808/int/ernational music: Experimental edition Post music from you are country https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
171268735>dad makes disgusting Balkan pigslop >refuse to eat it and order based McDonalds instead Are y…[View]
171271441Are there any women more perfect to be fucktoys than Chinese / Japanese women?[View]
171272506Why do Russians love Turkey so much?[View]
171268290/deutsch/: Noch eine Klarerausgabe, weil's gar so schön war[View]
171265901if you are >greek >slavic >israeli >speak a romance language then please enter this thr…[View]
171269813Why dont the russian boys getting drafted just join together, take knives and hammers and start kill…[View]
171270275Does this exist in your a country?[View]
171271582how do you feel like knowing that my country will be World Champion of FIFA world cup? ( for the six…[View]
171272688Can anyone translate what this guy's saying? Is he protesting for or against the war? https://…[View]
171251565With the mass exodus going on, are they going to steal the reputation of Polish people as toilet plu…[View]
171272014https://youtu.be/8Oy9qERg8zs Do you love Russia in your country?[View]
171268060/ukraїna/ & /belaruś/: Eдицiя Кiшки Пoпepeднiй: >>171165217[View]
171271787Why do they pretend to be Middle Easterners when they are Eastern Euorpean? Come home Jewsih man[View]
171270502You like to think you're never wrong[View]
171271039Why is the mighty Xi holding back?[View]
171269826/brit/: queen of slags edition[View]
171269920Even Youtube is making fun of him now[View]
171272413>even St. Peterburgers are getting draft notices delivered to them in person in the middle of the…[View]
171269687I'm a mutt, what about you?[View]
171272343rus bros... i thought euros were about to freeze and die[View]
171270811What could've been The First World War destroyed the SOVL of Europe[View]
171264794Sverigetråden - kirbyupplagan[View]
171269213Can you tell the difference between a brazilian and american?: Take your guess at which is Brazilian…[View]
171271258Wierd /int/ memes about your flag: It's a big meme on /int/ that American GIs in Okinawa post h…[View]
171271173idk understand why mainland russians are freaking out as if they have left nowhere left to go there …[View]
171271981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oT20NwlE0c God I love british people. This fat bastard probably mak…[View]
171268560Does your country have cuter girls or boys?[View]
171267879Why are Serbs so dark-skinned?[View]
171270178The US has a 4 year limit on being president so that no administration can ever actually achieve any…[View]
171245665/norgetråden/: jeps >>171229378 >>171229378[View]
171256172There are Russian flags you won't see anymore: Either because they got drafted or went into exi…[View]
171266135whats wrong with western women[View]
171251316Why does /int/ bully them by calling them 'poor' all the time? They seem to have no problem buying $…[View]
171271489Every day I wake up I am thankful I was not born Russian[View]
171252510Hey!!!: according to ancient Jewish, JAPAN IS EDEN. why don't you back?[View]
171267073Russian Amateur Radio (HAM) Mystery Transmission: I am a ham radio operator and I was recently tunin…[View]
171271423why aren't you supporting saving the white race?[View]
171271661*makes all your food taste better in your path* Thank you, Croatia.[View]
171270848>I suffer in Japan[View]
171270532waitresses be like, where's my tip? hahaha bitch not my problem pic unreleated[View]
171269394I hate world: All people must die. KYS Right Now!![View]
171271555the dumbest shit ever: Why the fuck whites peel avocados?[View]
171266970The Spanish language is about 10% Arabic and has 4000 words Arabic words :) Really makes you think …[View]
171270500A story about RussianBro I met in a bar: 1. About 6 years ago, I was in a bar and found a white guy …[View]
171271396Are you going to enjoy some night life this weekend?[View]
171268907Is education used to brainwash children in your country?[View]
171271387are you cunnypilled in your cunt /int/? >flag yes[View]
171268807I’m hungry[View]
171270572What's happening with Bulgaria's population?: How do we save them?[View]
171271098Have you ever met a sensible girl both in the things of the world, and of God? Do they really exist?…[View]
171271214/int/ Viral Memes: ITT post the most viral meme from your country without context, others have to gu…[View]
171267630I wanna drop the most socially conservative Muslim onto a European nude beach and see what happens[View]
171270994EURo bros we got too cocky...[View]
171270904Why do people melt over 'nigga' so much? I'm not a racist and I don't say 'nigger' which i…[View]
171271114The skies are getting really dark right now where I live...: Is this actually happening? The end of …[View]
171269080I can't stop thinking about all the cute russian boys who will uselessly die on an useless war …[View]
171271006have you ever met a spanish[View]
171269215Why are British Blacks so much cooler than French blacks?: Did we picked the wrong ones? https://you…[View]
171270293I like Argentina.[View]
171265182thoughts about britblocks are they better than commieblocks?[View]
171268505How are Latinas viewed in your country?[View]
171270280>Mi ne damo Dalmacij-ACK![View]
171267957do americans really marinate their chicken in cough medicine[View]
171270154/cocks/ of /int/: post your international cocks ITT[View]
171269094>mfw i spot a CHI come back pablito[View]
171269227why do latinas HATE white boys ?[View]
171266619Rate my dinner[View]
171266696What do you call this in your country?[View]
171267764HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Germans will never recover from this[View]
171270211its friday which means i get to log off my shitty customer oriented finance job wchich barely covers…[View]
171270295what did you eat today /int/[View]
171269493Why do Asian women love to have sexo so much?[View]
171269791It's lunchtime I'm having a pita with cream cheese and some kind of turkey sausage with pi…[View]
171258050Do people respect the police in your country?[View]
171269450I did it for Mikasa[View]
171267935>oh, your country got bombed? with all due respect i don't regret carpet bombing your so cal…[View]
171270020Did you know that Russians do not have a word for any of the following: respect dignity morality sel…[View]
171265990>OHH NOOO NOOO Xisters abandoned monkeman[View]
171261052How can women be so unintelligent? 95 % of them have no interest in what is going on in Ukraine and …[View]
171263021/ita/ il filo: edizione piddini INDIGNATI[View]
171269916being a secondie is what us serbs would call злaтнa cpeдинa: it's the best[View]
171267039A cat just came to my backyard, let me pet him for a minute and then left. Does this happen in your …[View]
171269796Do you eat goyslop in your cunt[View]
171268658At this rate Christmas in Russia is going to be very bleak. Every other household with be missing a …[View]
171265579I love Japan[View]
171269616The great radioactive wall of europe[View]
171267125where does the concept of owning women on an ethnic basis come from[View]
171266795does this happen in your country?[View]
171269180This was Aristotle Onassis, Greek shipping magnate who amassed the world's largest privately-ow…[View]
171268376How's your social life going in your country[View]
171267192Is the type of woman Americans like different from Europeans?: I noticed that Europeans are the type…[View]
171269425How come USA is the home of so many talented athletes compared to other countries? What's their…[View]
171258533*Keeps staring at you* What would you do?[View]
171268860What are slav femboys like?: Do you have experiences? Asking to eastern euros.[View]
171266898London ghettos: Why are britishers allowing ethnic violence to take place in their capital!?![View]
171259150UK: Pakis vs Hindu WAR: Pakistani BVLL has a message for Hindus: “We will teach you a lesson” https:…[View]
171268893oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no? kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai d…[View]
171266248what thge fuck is this border[View]
171267427I'm glad i can leech off my parents, i'd end it all if i had to wageslave[View]
171264236Steiner's counterattack has been initiated[View]
171267817>le 30% french 35% northern european 35% briton face[View]
171266152Pyccки.: Why are they not coming to Serbia/Montenegro? They are going to poor Georgia and Turkey.…[View]
171265231Are men in your cunt dropping out of society?[View]
171265783>Englanders larp on 4channel/int/ as if their country is a grim shithole on par with western-Euro…[View]
171268569I unironically reject any and all forms of chuddotry, bigotry, nationalism and chauvinism. Anyone el…[View]
171261920Remember when Putin promised not to send any conscripts to the 'special operation' and that no mobil…[View]
171266728China will collapse soon[View]
171268717You give a little love and it all comes back to you La la la la la la la You know your gonna be reme…[View]
171268758I just hope the creepy Russian Jew who used to post about his hot 14yo sister is okay[View]
171262323/polska/: >anon, nie słyszę co mówisz, mów głośniej i wyraźniej! wcześniej: >>171251714…[View]
171264443why do black men think they deserve to have white women? actually scratch that, why do nonwhites in …[View]
171265004is oil prices dropping in your cunt[View]
171268615MENA women nice to us, MENA men rude to us.: What causes this behaviour?[View]
171267894Does this occur in your country?[View]
171268453I prefer a defensive Philly Shell boxing style and every guy in my boxing gym who try to be Pacquiao…[View]
171267597I'm only living just so I can give my parents a comfy retirement and my brother financial aid i…[View]
171176090/lang/ Qa Lamād Lišānātim: GILGAMEŠ ŠAR KIYENGI OO ŠAR OOROOK ANAKOO edisi >Lišānam ayyītam talam…[View]
171267627Why isn't soccer popular in the United States?: However, Japan is a baseball powerhouse. But th…[View]
171264942save and enjoy this oc I made[View]
171265112I like animals, nature etc. but can't stop laughing when I see arabs die. Anybody else feels th…[View]
171267707how much sleep did you get today?[View]
171264959/deutsch/: Klarerausgabe, was sonst?[View]
171268243we are the imperial army our enemies are emperor's enemies the enemy's general is a hero, …[View]
171267273>mfw all those Russian anons that were talking about fighting globohomo in Ukraine for the past f…[View]
171267971My neighbor is having sex right now, I can tell because he leaves the windows open and he moans loud…[View]
171262929/brit/: disappointing the missus -edish[View]
171266645Philippines... my amnesiac brother...[View]
171265219Kurds are based[View]
171267616Is it true that Russians are honest people or have I been deceived?[View]

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