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138448705Diet is nieet acceptable![View]
138449119Distribution of Germans in Europe: Distribution of Germans in Europe[View]
138430214do thirdies* feel honored when a firstie** replies to them? *including americans and brits **i.e. ma…[View]
138431053is it true that nordicks have some quality movies? what are some good nordic movies?[View]
138448928>India is surrounded by China,Russia and Pakistan. Truly the bravest country on Earth.…[View]
138443286What type of music do zoomers listen to in your country?[View]
138447675>Some roads in Australia are so long that the Australian government counteracts the risk of fatig…[View]
138447040I just send an electronic application to my local police station for black powder gun registration. …[View]
138439960>average Chinaman in 2150[View]
138444713Impractical people in your cunt: Does it exist men in your country who have never done any form of m…[View]
138447785I feel like I no longer have confidence in how international events are reported to me. Does your co…[View]
138444919The subways of Berlin[View]
138445187Me when I hear someone speaking french in my country[View]
138444434In Japan, people believe that blood type affects your personality, even though it doesn't.[View]
138445312>tfw snow western euros and d*nes will never know this feel[View]
138447129How close culturally are bulgarians and macedonians? apparently their languages are really similar[View]
138447717For Americans who live in this state: how common is it to meet with Brazilians?[View]
138438879/polska/: Edycja Żołnierzy Wyklętych[View]
138443579American school uniform.[View]
138445320So how is 2021 going for you so far?[View]
138446292Can the northeast redeem itself? Is south the new future?[View]
138448113How old were you when you realized Britain was a SHITHOLE - the anus of the world?[View]
138448224I ONLY BOUGHT 5 SHARES OF GME!![View]
138430663/tr/: 3D yazıcıdan silah üretme baskısı[View]
138448008>french guy on fetish forum keeps getting banned for posting in french >keeps making new accou…[View]
138444416In the belgian part (deep yellow), the curfew is midnight. In the Dutch part, the curfew is at 9pm.…[View]
138447226>ancient Croats were just a bunch of horny Poles who wanted a beach episode https://en.m.wikipedi…[View]
138445159Moortuguese are brown.[View]
138437229What was the worst decision you made in your life?[View]
138444689/brit/: lovely white women edish hint of underboob on big chebs sub edish[View]
138442728Bought a bottle of Chilean wine for 3 EUR? Is it any good?[View]
138447659In China, Soldiers and Police patrol schools. Do they do this for your country?[View]
138441610/fr/ - kl ful frab,cophone: Eduton de l'hzndoczp A,cirn : >>138436727[View]
138444156Stop yelling.[View]
138447393Do you have any useful sources to learn math? I'm very bad at it, I need to improve myself[View]
138439767>bulgaria borders turkey >instead romanians look like turks…[View]
138446843germans be like: >the door has a vagina!!![View]
138444246generalniggers get the rope[View]
138447176>heavyweight is full of bums: >the real talent is at flyweight…[View]
138444597>VHG >The barren lifeless wastelands >Home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD-jBLZSZNU…[View]
138443598Do S*udis deserve the hate?: I grew in a neighborhood that had a decent Arab population and they all…[View]
138444435We really live in a society...[View]
138446459what is it like going to vegas alone? is it fun or depressing?[View]
138446095Today I learned that 'Frigophobia' is the fear of cold[View]
138431916Finnish: Thoughts on the Finnish language?[View]
138438784This is what life in Britain looks like[View]
138444338Did something happen to all the CHIs?[View]
138446002>Why yes, i am a swedish zoomer, how could you tell?[View]
138437543Why do the Dutch hate KFC?[View]
138446188OH NO NO NO NO ML? MORE LIKE MD[View]
138440983/ant/ - Antarctica general: Australia Day edition[View]
13844086512.6 inches of snow fell in Omaha, Nebraska last night.[View]
138445136Norwegian niggas be like 'I'm 5 and 20 years old'[View]
138442765Last Merovingian king, humiliated by the new Carolingian dynasty in Saint Omer, northern France. The…[View]
138443738Why do Europeans choose China than America?[View]
138444366I just realized: Colombia vs Venezuela will be the new North vs south korea, except more retarded, b…[View]
138446105What do you know about the great Slovenian nation of Karantanija?[View]
138440655Sverigetråden - För mänskligheten och svenskarnas ära.: Svenskhet går utöver och bortom kött och blo…[View]
138443883Can any Estonians tell me about this guy? I tried to look him up after finding out he financed a vid…[View]
138379690/lang/ - Language Learning General: Edição Sopa de Macaco >What language(s) are you learning? …[View]
138441502/nederdraad/: kanker op met je amerikaanse politieke onzin -editie[View]
138445915Miranda Barbour looks like my market in cashier[View]
138445907Why should I feel sorry for non-whites that were colonised? Not my fault you couldn’t defend yoursel…[View]
138445582My country is shallow and pedantic, and it insists upon itself.[View]
138445528Can they ever be frens again?[View]
138445781Is is true that the Scottish never had a desire to be independent until Braveheart came out?[View]
138441134I am Macedonian.[View]
138439551Greeks wish they looked like this[View]
138439975England II[View]
138432794/cum/: Rocking/jamming out/on edition, true rockers only[View]
138445139Albino Iranians.[View]
138442140Are you doing eetswa in your country?[View]
138445179Do we really do this...?[View]
138442265>nooo I suffer in the land of eternal sunshine and no shitty rain Their suffering is even faker …[View]
138438535Check your privilege: How privileged is the average /int/ poster? I'm not a minority, I have wa…[View]
138444579It's all just so tiresome I wonder if there's a life after this one. Will it be kinder to…[View]
138439094I just learned mudskippers arent fictional creatures and that they live in Japan[View]
138439394/brit/: In memorandum of Jeff, our fallen Abyssinian prince. >Hey Frenchoid, I’m about to go hard…[View]
138433064This region has never made any contribution to science. Why?[View]
138444128> Federal Minister of Health > a mentally ill >>>>>>>>>> Health…[View]
138427015شأ شأ mena: اوه نو نو نو نو خرائر بروز وي كوت تو كوكي https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYRZsC2rLOs…[View]
138439822/sauna/: etana painos[View]
138442022Jesus of Asia[View]
138441146Best country in Central Asia?[View]
138444529/norgetråden/: Benjamin Hermansen-utgaven Forrige: >>138421377 >>138421377 >>13842…[View]
138440995/asean/: good idea edisyon[View]
138421377/Norgetråden/: Vise ord utgaven Forrige: >>138402522 >>138402522 >>138402522…[View]
138443041Which is the best way to organise a society, a society in which individuals are expected to do their…[View]
138441275Bri'ish 'people' be like >Oh poppycock, Oi scallywagged me jabberwocky! Oi'm such a twa…[View]
138438062How accurate is it still?[View]
138439335/brit/: R.E.M. edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKXooD1Z14k[View]
138431307>Pedro Alonso López (born 8 October 1948[2]) is a Colombian serial killer and child killer, who w…[View]
138437392>Why yes mate, I am an aboriginal, what bloody gave it away?[View]
138432841Would this Pakistani family be considered white on your country[View]
138443043wat nou?[View]
138428278Which one are you /int/?[View]
138433627Poll asks for the top 10 times Japanese men are disappointed in their adult daughters 10. When I saw…[View]
138435953This just feels so right: Free my people, CCP[View]
138443198How much freedom do American states have? How much do they differ from the perspective of a citizen?[View]
138440445The pies of england...[View]
138442274Beautiful Suebi specimen https://youtube.com/watch?v=yN62qIDvb3s[View]
138437041/deutsch/: Süßigkeitenausgabe[View]
138431689How do Europeans feels about the term “Eurocentrism”? My professor is already ranting it on the firs…[View]
138441650>everyone I know in real life has developed coping mechanisms so powerful that they wouldn't…[View]
138443576/carib/ edition: Lips: U know for what are made[View]
138438907Why do hispanics get so angry when Brazilians say they are not latino?:: JANNIE WTF WAS THAT FOR? TH…[View]
138439404>straightoids keep coming here trying to find anything other than gay sex HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wron…[View]
138387913/dixie/ Southern US& Friends: eternal rebelle edition[View]
138442444Let me in![View]
138443254>your country >how are you treated as a migrant germany it's tough, whitey keeps us down …[View]
138443150India: I find India such a fascinating country. It's scale is just insane[View]
138443210.: Why do argentinians LARP as browns if 99% of them are white, first world europeans stuck in econo…[View]
138439717what is a good salary in your country[View]
138441206American posters, which of you is the most exotic mutt?[View]
138441565ameribros, where is the best place/city to get a qt indie gf?[View]
138441489Who else is a Sealand chad here?[View]
138434402Did you laugh while watching this movie in your cunt?[View]
138439109>'Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never sof…[View]
138439321/brit/: lets get the pints in lads edition[View]
138438400Eastern Europe Told by Eastern Europeans: Opinions about Eastern Europe and The Balkans? I see a lo…[View]
138434954>absolute state of Eurocucks[View]
138430371Korean girlfdiens are highly valued and cherished[View]
138433047/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Шкoльных тaвapышaў нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138418688 https://textwall.xyz/…[View]
138434217Okay, I had enough, what the hell is LOAF? I'm not clicking the ads.[View]
138441654Edition: 12 Parsecs Thème: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEzgNtnEXt8 Ancien: >>138436727…[View]
138439531I unironically listen to Romanian pop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tht_EWTaZT8[View]
138439137Harassment in the public transport: Is it normal in your country? Is there any consequences to stand…[View]
138428585Latvia has basic human rights, what does your country have?[View]
138440784Why do Europeans continue to copy America?[View]
138436053Hello. I am a Yorkshireman. Pleased to meet you.[View]
138432166/nederdraad/: NEDERDRAAD Zonder-brabant uitgave[View]
138435509open bobs thots[View]
138436727/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition des méchants concierges Ancien : >>138426500[View]
138440025Do british people actually exist?: I mean, they must be a meme, there is a not a single thing about …[View]
138439497The Pink Terrace, or Te Otukapuarangi ('The fountain of the clouded sky') in Māori, and the White Te…[View]
1384380601) Cunt 2) Team Zilla or Team Kong? Germany Zilla[View]
138429389/asean/: Funan edition[View]
138438493https://www.studyincanada.gov.ca/ The Canadian government has a program handing out 18k scholarship …[View]
138437756From today's march on Warsaw[View]
138401701From a country no one cares about ask me anything[View]
138439499do women do this in your country?[View]
138439240Why do we have so much in common despite living so far apart?[View]
138428174How does it feel to be disliked by most of the European countries?[View]
138432255Why are Romanian women so top-tier?[View]
138433638/brit/: have it -edition[View]
138438847what is the homeland of all slavs?[View]
138437114Let’s try this again How hard is it to move to your country?[View]
138438962How does 'Ceremonial' work for non-monarchy countries? What does the guy do?[View]
138437843>why yes I am in fact from south sudan. how could you possibly tell?[View]
138434197*produces the best folk music*[View]
138439276Who lives more rent-free in others heads?[View]
138437112>why yes i'm ethiopian,how could you tell?[View]
138436028Is it true that Ethiopian jews are the elite of Israel?[View]
138437102Is Britain the Poland of Europe?[View]
138410497/lat/ Hilo Latino: hilo anime edición cultural[View]
138427639when did Russia lose it's soul? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR5USHu6D6U[View]
138431006/polska/: edycja śmiesznych żydów[View]
138438665What happens here?[View]
138427026/sauna/: poro-painos[View]
138435796>My grandfather started smoking again[View]
138437424Euros are jealous that John Paul isn't on their side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s58mlY1R…[View]
138434113International 2021: >day 26 of 2021 >still no gf How is your newyears resolution coming /int/b…[View]
138438184Pelinal please come back we miss you unironically[View]
138438309# of income earning population making over $100,000 usd: Canada - 5% USA - 20% Switzerland - 38% Den…[View]
138434390Sverigetråden - Ecruteakupplagan[View]
138436076Kyrgyzstan threaaaad! Basically smol and poor Kazakhstan.[View]
138437408German Humour: What do the Irish drink? GINGER ale[View]
1384138891. Your cunt 2. Which province are you from???? Flag I am from Jeonlla province(lic related) who lat…[View]
138437570This is what Germany is going to do with France.[View]
138436370ELSASS FREI[View]
138436676>People outside of America think the USA’s Negro population is around thirty percent Why?…[View]
138433934Is the name Toivonen common in Sweden?[View]
138435487Is it true that scandis are HARDCORE ROCKERS?[View]
138423645>you're cunt >do you like the new american 20$ bill turkey yes…[View]
138435123What's the most pathetic subhuman dysgenic mongrel dogfood-tier mystery meat Frankenstein brown…[View]
138437422All right, I'm done rocking out today[View]
138435984What caste/ethnic group do the chad Indians belong to?[View]
138436881Paging dutchies for information about your euthanasia clinics.[View]
138437224Dios mio.... el ogras de america[View]
138430681If you owned ten acres of land in your cunt, what would you do with it? >I would rock out/ jam on…[View]
138426059When will Chin- I mean France will stop its muslim genocide?[View]
138431210as an american refugee looking to flee communism what is the easiest way to get eu citizenship? I l…[View]
138431761Hi /int/, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the best city in Colombia and probably in Latin…[View]
138436337>noun adjective instead of adjective noun do latinx really?[View]
138436357Going to the stadium with the lads to watch a football match is not coming back, is it?[View]
138435436You can't suffer in Germany.[View]
138426818/frosch/ besser bekannt als /apu/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
138420792What?! The news showed me that all of Romania was only a third world looking, broken down village wi…[View]
138426546Red pill me on India. Why aren't they the best country?[View]
138434655why are germans like this[View]
138424678Quite honestly, I'm glad watching the UK collapse. England should suffer for her sins. You bong…[View]
138426500/fr/ - le francofil: Édition masquée et double-masquée. Ancien : >>138417274[View]
138433045/brit/: lovely white women edish random big chebs from /hr/ sub edish[View]
138436251I think STD is BASED. This means you´re having a lot of SEX. Better die young having sex than living…[View]
138436359Gotta be careful[View]
138403660/balk/: *Ding Ding Dong* edition old >>138385655[View]
138435763>sit in my bed in front of my laptop >prepare to watch some youtube vids while i think of a mo…[View]
138435708it's 21:47 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
138430477Ireland, Turkey, China, Luxembourg and New Zealand are the only countries with positive economic gro…[View]
138433766Why did they stop wearing turbans and fezes come WWI? I think that readopting such headgear would be…[View]
138432061Should we tell him[View]
138434986It is safe to browse 4channel, a site from the deep web in your country ? In France no, if you do th…[View]
138434404beautiful... UK knows how to do train stations[View]
138433324I just ate 18 tendies and drank a Bud. Does it happen in your country?[View]
138427891I hate them: for made islam[View]
138429598I hate my job so much but I feel trapped here like I can’t leave it. American thing or anyone else?[View]
138434152Das rite![View]
138434911You´re an amerifat Everybody in your country is fat This is why you like to watch Fatcollision[View]
138434531日本語スレッド: test[View]
138434517>your country >can you turn your life around at age 26 there >flag >no, its over.…[View]
138432047today on 26. of january is Baltic independence day, please congratulate us[View]
138434797Is the fight against climate change already lost?[View]
138416291Do you want to visit Spain?[View]
138434570Reynaldo Gianecchini (1,86) is a brazilian Actor and model, he was considered the most beautiful bra…[View]
138434626LEAF GENOCIDE: Never forget.[View]
138432243Bluepill me on Russia: You doing good? Unrelated picture.[View]
138430696Why isn't yorkshireish its own language? much further from english than scots or jamaican https…[View]
138430201Did Australia lose cultural relevance?: Australia seemed like a big upcoming thing in the 90's …[View]
138413857/prc/ - People's Republic of China General: Thread for discussing all things related to PRC…[View]
138414422What happens in South korea and Japan and why: Why are they so depressed?[View]
138431422Has humanity peaked when it comes to medicine?: There will be no more cures during our lifetife No c…[View]
138432486Sorry Brits, we are full[View]
138430998Which one of them has more international influence and will continue to have it in the future?[View]
138433539Is this the average meal in West Europe and America?[View]
138413335is your language hard?[View]
138431238why should I care if some chad or stacey of the same colour as me fucks someone of a slightly differ…[View]
138409426/balt/ + /ausnz/ #67: Previous thread >>138377932[View]
138424599Living in Berlin is my dream[View]
138427073Arequipa, in Peru Is South America finally first-world?[View]
138432925Sultan Suleiman attacked Vienna twice, but failed.: The modern Turks succeeded in attacking Western …[View]
138423277Turkey for who doesn't know what happens here: *ehm*[View]
138433789What products from your country do you like to purchase? What products from a foreign country do you…[View]
138431540Hungary? No, I just ate![View]
138432613>How do you recognize so many flags anon? How do you respond?[View]
138431033What country does my accent sound like https://voca.ro/1mYms1GywQ3U[View]
138428874Ex-Yu thread. Not-A-Self-Made-Cringy-Meme edition[View]
138427595What countries are the highest on Copium? I would say Brazilians and Russians are the worst by far, …[View]
138431145hmmmm what do all these countries have in common?[View]
138431676Plains Indians were the tallest people group of their time, with godlike hyperangular facial structu…[View]
138426452My Harry Potter fan fiction: My Harry Potter fan fiction takes place in between the 2 nd and 3 rd bo…[View]
138426256write him a letter, one word at a time[View]
138432642>'I implore you to not seek a better means of living within my domicile. You must return and keep…[View]
138432889/fr/: test[View]
138418688/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Япoнcкiх мiлiтapыcцкiх шкoльнiц нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138403129 https://…[View]
138426402Why are they all fat brown ugly manlets[View]
138426581i want an italian or russian husband Does this happen in your cunt[View]
138429842Name a better landlocked country than Argentina.[View]
138430114/brit/: Bunda -edition[View]
1384261931. What is your favorite country? 2. Why? Mine is Finland. Because of nice mixture of phenotypes and…[View]
138432268Are people religious in your cunt?[View]
138403203/tr/: Türkiyenin aydınlık geleceği edisyonu[View]
138432175rareflags thread: drop em in here boys[View]
138431505I was supposed to fly home to the United States at the end of February, but I no longer have any rea…[View]
138427824Sverigetråden - Bajsanons upplaga: >skitnervös inför en redovisning i skolan >magen orolig …[View]
138431607Now I know why german words are so long: They're actually two words in one. Example: Eisen(iron…[View]
138431539Ok now THIS is epic: >Public displeasure over Canadian citizens evacuated from Lebanon during the…[View]
138423107/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
138416529Post things that scare and confuse Americans[View]
138427620WWYD: >Oh go on then luv, just stick ye knob up me minge >You wot mate? You want to use a cond…[View]
138429539>decide to watch some burger news on youtube >political segmets are like advertisement for one…[View]
138431341I love Portugal[View]
138430350Japanese surgery: why japs do surgery to look like koreans? I think they should be happy with their …[View]
138429628Just learned about what germans did in word war two... Can you beleive sweet young greta thunderburg…[View]
138426329One sound = one letter[View]
138429663How is the grafitti scene in your country?[View]
138430996are you jomon or yayoi?[View]
138430860the n*W w*Rld is ultimate proof mass mongrelisation is a bad thing, so why do people want it?[View]
138430861Race? What's that? Oh wait, you mean the HVMAN RACE, right?[View]
138427296why do people say swedish and danish are related?: they're not. look at the diffrence >en: p…[View]
138430820Why do people only talk about split up possibility of China?: Why do people in internet only talk ab…[View]
138429293Which country is Pic related?[View]
138403157takarodjatok dolgozni edition: kurva anyátok[View]
138430708Fan fiction writers. Leaving their droppings like a rat crawling on a keyboard, even the lowest craw…[View]
138423255Post a beautiful picture of your country.[View]
138427455behenchod: does literally no language other than north indian languages have this as a curse? it mea…[View]
138430516Why are Americans like this? Back in the day Hollywood made movies for everyone in the planet to enj…[View]
138430488you may try to suffer in Japan, but you will fail[View]
138430109What’s the Yucatán like? What goes on there?[View]
138426472/brit/: hehe edition[View]
138423309>PENIS IS BUTT IS BAD BECAUSE... >... >...BECAUSE IT'S BAD!…[View]
138428697Tell me about Islam in your country. Let us not bicker because of different schools, let us rejoice …[View]
138429796May Allah save us all[View]
138425039/polska/: edycja komisyjna przedtem: >>138416728[View]
138423516Why do euros hate Esmeraldas so much?[View]
138426114are south tyroleans really whiter than italians, or is it just germanist propaganda?[View]
138428469Any bruhmins here? I need a fellow bruhmins to produce aryan high caste heirs to my throne requireme…[View]
138427848You know you can just watch walking tour to see how Paris is ACTUALLY like instead of relying on /po…[View]
138429992All of /int/ should move here.[View]
138426399My chinese neighbour is feeding and stroking a possum in her backyard.[View]
138428270What is it about Spain that confuses and enrages the world?[View]
138428315The absolute state of micks.[View]
138428924why are Americans always complaining about their women, and yet when an attractive woman is posted h…[View]
138429536Since this is the international board, who is better, Current Affairs or The Economist?[View]
138429088What exactly makes this sound special?: why would italian write 'nio' as 'gno', but 'dio' not as gdo…[View]
138423561Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
138422641Post your desktop[View]
138429648Good morning to everyone in the rocky mountain area, time to rock out today[View]
138402446/desi/ - Republic Day Edition[View]
138429506>too retarded to fit in with normies >not retarded enough to fit in with autists does this h…[View]
138426692Put your hand up if you want a state mandated russian wife[View]
138426851>if you speak french you are french[View]
138426863Vrei să pleci Dar nu mă, nu mă iei[View]
138425859One day Chechnoslovenia will reunite[View]
138425288USA food tourism: Whats the best place in USA to get fat? I want to put on some weight (i already tr…[View]
138428752>In America it's illegal to be uncircumcised[View]
138423538Lurker thread: Post here if you are a lurker. Why do you lurk? How's your day going?[View]
138429050They're always so smug, and they actually have the right to. Despite living in the center of We…[View]
138418308/asean/: Australia day edisyon[View]
138428875>wake >hop on computer to talk to /int/ frens until 1 or 2 in the morning is being a loser co…[View]
138425865I don’t like American futball but I like their ball Why are Americans so good in design sometimes?[View]
138428750How many barrels of copium does the average irishman consume daily?[View]
138426944Mfw n-am baieti cu care sa ma joc hoi4[View]
138428460>The Filles du Roi (King’s Daughters) were unmarried women and sometimes widows who were sponsore…[View]
138420661/ita/ il filo: edizione: 4 anni che lavoro online, ora faccio consulenze[View]
138426786how can we make the red area bigger?[View]
138427265>absolute monarchy >no democracy or human rights >being gay illegal and punishable with dea…[View]
138421505Study in Germany: Should I study in Germany? Is Hamburg uni good?[View]
138413378WTF why is Europe so based and forward thinking?[View]
138424685Why is everyone so depressed and killing themselves? How can we stop this?[View]
138428151Do trillionaires in your country have their own aquadiscoteques?[View]
138423588Is the climate changing in your cunt?[View]
138423997Did you know it's illegal for foreigners to not sex sex sex with atleast 2 girls and a boi for …[View]
138428058Anyone else feel like europe is slowly starting to reject muslim immigration?[View]
138425089You woke up on the continent of Pangaea.: What will you do?[View]
138425887Do americans know they live in a third world country?[View]
138425253Post forgotten memes[View]
138427832>My religion? Why, i follow the teachings of Zarathustra and the benevolent Creator Deity Ahura M…[View]
138428861There are no attractive phenotypes outside of Europe.[View]
138420708Whenever I reply to a Finn, I type extra slowly to make sure he understands me.[View]
138416310I don't know what Jewish people will think of Asians, But when I am seeing Jewish people I fou…[View]
138425697How do you charm a woman in your country?[View]
138425260I indentify as a Gamer first, a Queenslander second and an Australian third.[View]
138422251My budget as a Scandi on the best kind of NEETbux in my country. In Euro.[View]
138425932>your cunt (male) >do you support trans rights? >singapoor >yes we do!…[View]
138426990the n*W w*Rld must be dealt with once and for all[View]
138422739What was the last book you read, Anon ? tell us about it. Also, do you only read books written in yo…[View]
138421730Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
138423248I saw someone wearing an ahegao hoodie, does this happen in your country?[View]
138425803I like our pelicans best.[View]
138424600Spain is 3rd world and latinx[View]
138426674What is a bidet?[View]
138426765here's your liberal alternative to the evil dictator Putin, bro[View]
138426623HEY BR*TOID[View]
138426052Swiss people don't use bidets[View]
138422205/brit/: Black Lives Matter edition[View]
138417274/fr/⸻⸻⸻long tiret: GROS COQ BLANC[View]
138406225/mena/ مينا: طبعة الحضارة العربية[View]
138426065I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
138422371Sverigetråden - Zoraupplagan[View]
138424804Why, yes, I'm Mexican born and raised, what gave it away?[View]
138412205/sauna/: hävittäjä-painos[View]
138424053I just ate all of India: tasted a little shitty[View]
138415626Is your country on the up or down?: I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have a civil war a…[View]
138408583>he watches Youtube videos sponsored by Squarespace Other signs of an incel in your country?…[View]
138423274I have always felt an absolute indifference about the USA, but now I'm starting to hate them. …[View]
138425753Puerto Rico? Please explain this. Why are you being so mean to your women? PR girls are cute and sed…[View]
138420880Outside of a few headaches, I haven't been sick all year.[View]
138425725France is the only European nation[View]
138420005Is the suffering in your country justified?[View]
138425500Ok if Arabs worship White/European/Nordic/Germanic/Japhetic phenotypes so much, why did the Arab con…[View]
138415563>The foreign language that sounds most beautiful to you German - masculine language, even women s…[View]
138424976Ancient Sweden: Ancient Sweden[View]
138423285Post music you like from foreign countries: https://youtu.be/kkTylXjJ0nQ[View]
138413323>and this is why our Lord Jesus Christ was born from a virgin and died for our sins, kids…[View]
138416728/polska/: edycja rozpędzonej miłości w Las Vegas[View]
138420888Uhhh... Ameribros..?[View]
138422581Do you consider Spain to be a developed country? https://www.imf.org/external/datamapper/NGDPDPC@WEO…[View]
138415584From today's march on Singapore[View]
138423373What made you hate israel?[View]
138413574Is the nintendo switch popular in your country?[View]
138424587I am white.[View]
138414007In Spain, politicians that are accused of corruption randomly 'commit suicide'. Does this happen in …[View]
138384137/ex-yu/: otok Vis izdanje[View]
138424434Toutism economy is the most humiliating economy of all You are basically selling out your sovereigni…[View]
138411796The Capital of a One World Government: Pretend that humanity put aside its differences and unified u…[View]
138422185How do you think would cute japanese police officers perform in ethnically diverse european or ameri…[View]
138424358ironically there are more opportunities in pic related than here: I have seen a lot of industrial jo…[View]
138418853DO GERMOIDS REALLY?[View]
138422608Have you ever met a jewish person? I haven't[View]
138417941What is this phenotype?[View]
138420866When you stopped being racist? When I realize all humans are the same hypocritical shit. Most peopl…[View]
138423324Average puerto rican man[View]
138424131what's it like being a war torn country? is it kino or bad? I feel like people exaggerated how …[View]
138424195Honest thoughts on British cuisine?[View]
138419913How are things?: What's happening in your country? Non-American answers only.[View]
138418602How does the future look for Romania? I heard they're becoming the Singapore of E. Europe. How …[View]
138420547Did your country fall for the F-35 meme?: https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/aircraft-propulsion…[View]
138414890>the most famous scandinavian of all time is some autistic screaming youtuber why are they like t…[View]
138420729Enough is Enough: Us jews have had enough of all this anti-semetism. We wont be leaving palestine an…[View]
138420263My 12 year old sister just asked me what a 'Chinese shill' is[View]
138423887>Why did you say doctor there was an accident? >My mother was involved in the accident and is …[View]
138411349Why do americans mix peanut butter with jam? I've never seen anybody do that irl[View]
138423780What phenotype are you?[View]
138408523Post the most popular Italian in your count[View]
138421612Is it safe in your country?[View]
138420368The mogging that divided /int/[View]
138423458Take this /int/, were going for a ride[View]
138423447Fagging: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagging >The senior, sometimes called the fag-master, …[View]
138422891>dad said if I fail my aryan blood test he will revoke me of my high caste bruhmin status hold me…[View]
138423206You and I will never be a greek[View]
138421532Do you wish to locate romantic attachment in specified nation state?[View]
138420701/ita/ - il filo: edizione zombie qt3.14[View]
138421581Always a fucking joy, standing in line to buy some groceries, in front of you a kid, no older than 2…[View]
138422106Jokes from your country: - How do you call a beautiful German woman? - A tourist[View]
138422736>Jesus said he will come back soon, just you wait![View]
138414523Why do Asians love chilli so much?: Seriously, you got like the spiciest cuisines in the world with …[View]
138412076Why is English still considered a Germanic language? 'Germanic roots' doesn't really mean anyth…[View]
138422696I know the strips-n-stars will defend this, saying they've got plenty of variation between peop…[View]
138417376Do you love Belgium?[View]
138421668Is there a civilization worse than these?[View]
138421007Americans invented this... i kneel to americans[View]
138421873your cunt have you seen the clown that hides from gay people?[View]
138422595Does this happen in your country???[View]
138421373You wake up on the nyc subway[View]
138414419/nederdraad/: NEDERDRAAD D I K K E billen uitgave[View]
138422120you wake up in Harrow, North West London[View]
138422376i wish pic related happened all throughout the world so everyone could be white or at least white pa…[View]
138409562>Euros don’t have 24 hour restaurants Imagine not eating at a comfy Waffle House at 3 in the morn…[View]
138415366Why haven't you travelled to Oslo Norway to find love yet?[View]
138419894Why does Russia love the songs from our dinosaurs of pop music (Al Bano, Pupo, Adriano Celentano, To…[View]
138422178Post the last book you’ve read[View]
138416739VGH...... THE SOVL OF EASTERN EVROPA....[View]
138422340Hungarians: When will my romanian brothers boot them out? I think its about time they stop leeching …[View]
138419186/brit/ thread: ITT we post like we're on /brit/[View]
138421835To Europeans: Why don't you migrate to the new world like some of your ancestors did?[View]
138408943Brits? Are you okay?[View]
138421417Why do Australians celebrate a r*cist holiday like Australia Day? It should just be the second Sorry…[View]
138422103Why are American games are soulless?[View]
138421942Do people in your country eat bugs? Do you like to eat bugs? How do you feel about eating bugs?[View]
138415860/brit/: omae wa mou shindeiru edition[View]
138416988>tfw didn't spend wild childhood in Poland[View]
138418147WTF Italy looks like this?[View]
138420090Any asians here? How do you learn English? Also how come there are more SEA's, Indians and Phil…[View]
138414157Does your country have islands? flag yes, we have lots of islands[View]
138420796Why do whites hate successful black families[View]
138401387What does a traditional breakfast look like in ur cunt? Pic related is pretty typical for the USA de…[View]
138421678Not only men but women suffer from balding too[View]
138419423>Foreigners speak English with an American accent[View]
138421228There is no hope for us, just war and death.[View]
138421313/norgetråden/: søte jenter-utgaven forrige: >>138402522 >>138402522 >>138402522…[View]
138421226Why does every thread start with OP asking a question then answering himself ? I'll tell you, b…[View]
138402522/Norgetråden/: Flyvende bil-utgaven Forrige: Hvem faen vet[View]
138416816There are a bunch of Indian and Algerian nationalists, raiding and editing wikipedia articles to mak…[View]
138419865MADE IN POLAND[View]
138338814DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2515: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
138415855I just learnt today that Americans saying Europoor isn't entirely false. I thought most of West…[View]
138420125What goes on here?[View]
138412277Post your ethnic gigachad[View]
138419621>try to turn the country you love into a superpower >people mock you and write shit about you …[View]
138413798Is it true that in northern European countries and in the USA, women prefer men with dark hair?: Tit…[View]
138418244Why stock investing isn't a big thing in your cunt?: Man this is the best game i ever met. look…[View]
138411809/ita/ il filo: edizione cattolica apostolica romana[View]
138419344What do you think of my voice https://voca.ro/1jcPZXvxwHiJ[View]
138417422Daily reminder that EVROPA has survived semitic occupations before[View]
138419624it took seven years for 40.000 brits to beat 10.000 frenchmen and indians in north america[View]
138420475What the fuck is this https://youtu.be/2RA_90SzXNU[View]
138415419Sverigetråden - Klas Lund-upplagan: här är vi[View]
138416060The first Chinese individual in Australia was a man called Mak Sai Ying. Born in Guangzhou 1798 he i…[View]
1384119431. Your country 2. The music you're listening at this moment| flag https://youtu.be/MPVq30bPq6I[View]
138400247What do you guys do for a living just curious[View]
138417854Are zoomers dripping in your country?[View]
1384171944chan has destroyed the US political system. Tumblr has destroyed the US family. Reddit is destroyin…[View]
138409260What's the easiest country to get SEX[View]
138407564Eat rice.[View]
138418925Why are they the most successfull Eastern European country?[View]
138417987Why are Russians and Germans like this?[View]
138409720turkish thread: beyler[View]
138419436Would the EU be successful if they didn't let Eastern Europeans in and Germonkeys have too much…[View]
138416828Do you bake your own bread?[View]
138419572>1 in 5 Americans earn six figures: You cannot actually suffer in the USA.[View]
138415007The future of YVROPA[View]
138418091>americans put commas inside quotation mark do they really...?[View]
138409908Do Aussies even speak the Queen's English in their country anymore? What on God's green E…[View]
138418487>watch westerners movies >hand just recently touch food >pet dog with that said hand >wi…[View]
138415231/deutsch/: Investmentpunkausgabe[View]
138416897Innocent norwegians were just going on with their daily lives but suddenly one day amerifat-claps be…[View]
138418367Do people know any philosophy in your country?[View]
138415973Russia and Turkey have the same amount of industry (excluding military and petroleum/nature gas stuf…[View]
138419057I am a mutt[View]
138415652Why upper class in these countries are mostly chink????[View]
138406063Can you do this in your country?[View]
138419043Sleeping 12 hours and still tired all day.[View]
138418452The UK is more Mediterranean than Portugal: Britain has Gibraltar and bases in Cyprus. Meanwhile Por…[View]
138416049are there mafias in your cunt?[View]
138419002VGH, what ould have been[View]
138417691How bad is the gun crime problem in Japan? I read that 10 people were shot to death in Japan last ye…[View]
138418392Watching porn makes me think my dick is small, but that isn't true, and mine is above average t…[View]
138411663Which country has the worst flag?[View]
138406963Today is Republic Day. It is a national holiday in India. This is when all royal and noble caste tit…[View]
138416864How are people supplementing their income in your country?: Here young women do online marketing for…[View]
138417239How do people think about taxes in your country?[View]
138418764i burned my hand while making breakfast: i suffer in argentina[View]
138418755You ranch stiffs you aint never no good.[View]
138406057What's happening in our western hemisphere to cause this?[View]
138416089/nordmed/ general: Invited: Britain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.[View]
138414565If socialized healthcare is so wonderful, why do so many British come to the United States for medic…[View]
138408642Why do the Japanese keep kidnapping Canadian men's children and giving them to the mother The g…[View]
138405125/asean/: workie workie fren[View]
138407974/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/balt/: здopoвoe вoccoeдинeниe бpaтьeв издaниe a wholesome reunion of brothers edi…[View]
138403129/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: -53 издaниe Пpeдыдyщий >>138382263[View]
138414605i am russian[View]
138411448Why are East Europe so poor other than Poland??? Why is Poland superior than the other East Europe??…[View]
138417062No we don't care about you lol[View]
138414945Are German people really like this?[View]
138414908Do you prefer americanized japanese girls...[View]
138414875>your country >is it multicultural? Poland Yes, very…[View]
138417469Are they Celtic or Germanic?[View]
138416239Browns, blacks and asians are inferior to White people Everybody subconsciously knows this but prete…[View]
138414195Are dark Irish considered med[View]
138417078I want to suffer in Russia[View]
138408949/fr/ - le francofil: édition de l'éternel état d'urgence sanitaire[View]
138412394aaah the white men of northern Italy..[View]
138414364>10% of American presidents have been assassinated[View]
138414911>Between 1905 and 1967 aboriginal children in Australia were taken by the government and given to…[View]
138415716Can he pass as a local in the med[View]
138412162Can he pass as a local in Germany[View]
138408472>cunt >browser flag Brave[View]
138415121>tfw you realize you are the main character of this universe >tfw you realize all your pals on…[View]
138391792/polska/: edycja /polski/[View]
138407881I have more respect for muslims than I do for atheists[View]
138397126Why are the Germanic and Scandinavian prisons so soft and comfy compared to the rest of the world ?[View]
138416054What don't you understand about owning nothing and being happy? Embrace the Swedish globo homo.…[View]
138407683Could I pass for a local in your country?[View]
138414744Anyone else utterly fed up of Br*tain?: I grew up in abusive poverty, now early twenties worth half …[View]
138415187I'll be a gangster in Romania: Only with my punch I'll earn the money and live there richl…[View]
138412663/한국어/ 시체 능욕 에디션[View]
138414250>foreingers? >YEAH KILL EM[View]
138414104I'm trying to go back to society but i'm 28 years old, NEET for 10 years, no skills, clums…[View]
138405689/ISR/ /ישר/: מהדורת בטהרט[View]
138413488/brit/: natives edition[View]
138412338Negroni: italians why did you invent this drink. it tastes like shit[View]
138414085did your country have anything similar to America's sexual revolution during the 60s or later? …[View]
138410970North America More like North Amuttrica lol[View]
138411382Do Brits really eat stuff like this at restaurants?[View]
138414258do you want to find love in trump's usa?[View]
138412819233 years ago today Captain Cook first set foot on this Great Southern Land. That day was the beginn…[View]
138410942Fuck it, one struggle[View]
138413321Are Germans able to recover from this?[View]
138413773>your countree Do you think Brexit is Brexit?[View]
138410625>always thought the Australian dollar was weak >go to google to check it out >1 AUD = 1 CAD…[View]
138412698What's for lunch int? For me it's bacon with onions over rice[View]
138413507What is the best country in your opinion, in terms of economy, friendliness and having sex easily. w…[View]
138412028God i despise this board and all of you faggots so fucking much. Worse than r*dditors and twittards.…[View]
138410593The defining moment of European culture[View]
138408113>slept for 8 hours >still tired Does this happen in your country?…[View]
138413986In a house Mother father and grandparents live together is common in your count?[View]
138410547/deutsch/: Klaunstüqq[View]
138414297Do you have Gay vets in your cunt?[View]
138406161You mad?[View]
138409731China, what a wonder of a country.[View]
138398757AUSTRALIA DAY: I would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we /int/ user…[View]
138411517Indians are ug---: 44 yo Chad. How can white bois even compete?[View]
138411529>ur nationality >does it have an inferiority complex poland flag…[View]
138412180whats their endgame?[View]
138403119/nederdraad/: Ja. editie welkom: Ja. niet welkom: nee.[View]
138413680I don't understand the difference between 'marmelade' and 'jam'[View]
138413896how does 'UVGH...' sound in your language? 1. BBC Portuguese 2. It's 'UHHRRR' with a very stron…[View]
138409652What do other Europeans think of them? Are they relevant in your cunt?[View]
138413129How popular are comic books in America?[View]
138411335>be me >white uni student >have a fuck buddy who is a qt Saudi hijabi >we have been hav…[View]
138412588what happens in magadan?[View]
138409794we're coming for you zhang.....[View]
138409492I love Norwegian girls need a girl with piercing blue eyes and soft feminine pale skin to make babie…[View]
138400763Is Pakistan more culturally aligned with India or Iran?[View]
138393664/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição da chuvinha[View]
138399699Sverigetråden: Bögar är äckliga[View]
138410373/brit/: tummy edition[View]
138412459Do people squatting on the toilet in your country?[View]
138403701I dream of a united latin america[View]
138410986The United States and Canada, fixed at last.[View]
138412289America is at peace[View]
138410070why are japs like this bros?[View]
138412039is touhou popular in your country[View]
138409177Nice vaccines you have there, Europe. Be a shame if they were sent to another country instead, would…[View]
138412147Is south america the last safe space of heterosexuality?: seems so.[View]
138408785One race... the Spanish-G*rmanic race...[View]
138388877What did you conclude from this movie?[View]
138407615Why despite the Napoleonic Wars are the French considered wimps?[View]
138411702your country opinions about this movie?[View]
138405984do japs really?: is this common in your country?[View]
138412283i dont care about age consent is america thing[View]
138412219It's a tragedy how the Somalia and Afghani casual female clothing that used to exist just are n…[View]
138408192Stay away from Ukraine Turkish creeps.: Their women do not like you.[View]
138410032I will KNEEL to any ASIAN.[View]
138410561Each and every morning I wake up, the first thought that comes to my mind is how much I hate women. …[View]
138410719German lovers be like > ich liebe dich mein lebensabschnittgefährte Which means I love you my dea…[View]
138407490what do people from MENA think of muslims outside of MENA?[View]
138410769https://youtu.be/aA30cz88eWE >be 18 year old american wanting to date a 15 year old >face 44 y…[View]
138411473If Manlet nations like China and Phillipines are so passionate about basketball why couldn't th…[View]
138410118Do I look a midget? 177cm 84kg[View]
138408565why do anglos seethe about celts doesnt make sense - celts never did anything bad to anglos. in fact…[View]
138411515stop groping jap women you incel freaks[View]
138399168keyed or locked?[View]
138411640Ancient Spaniards looked like THIS?!: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:La_Pasiega-Galeria_C-pa…[View]
138408408I just learned about CDMX ambulance shortage[View]
138398141/ita/ - il filo: Edizione perché cazzo non c'era nemmeno un filo up oggi quando di solito ce ne…[View]
138410359It's officially survival day here in aus, so to celebrate solidarity of the first aboriginal na…[View]
138408826Why all sort of white nations carry some amount of mixture with another race and minorities? They al…[View]
138396803How is the hispanization of USA seen in ur cunt? Do people know it's happening? Do they support…[View]
138407228Does this happen in your country?[View]
138408467The d ripoff belongs to the trash[View]
138386176/sauna/: paattitytyt rannalla[View]
138409791>look at that creep browsing 4channel >what a fucking loser…[View]
138411210>tfw no orangutan in my country no wonder all of my countryfolks are leaving…[View]
138411054Wearing mask really boosts my confidence since I don't have to show my ugly hideous face. Despi…[View]
138397706I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, the Yuin People …[View]
138397312Even the Japs are aware of the Med/Nord debate in the anime.[View]
138401251Well tu see... *coughs out phlegm*... Brits are sehr backwards... *taste buds genocided*... their go…[View]
138404400What's your honest opinion on Mexico and mexicans? What are your opinions about me? Go ahead, d…[View]
138408776It's past midnight in my country and I'm feeling a bit peckish. What do people in your cou…[View]
138410446What did japs mean by this?[View]
138406451Pygmy are seen as a completely different race by Bantu in Africa. Most bantus consider them subhuman…[View]
138403013REMINDER: You are on stolen land.[View]
138408014/brit/: for the discussion of British culture[View]
138408056Is living in autoluw areas as comfy as it looks? Surely there has to be some drawbacks? Did the amer…[View]
138410478One day I changed all the school computers wallpapers to gore, when the class was going to use it th…[View]
138408465average 30 yo indian girl.: How can white girls even compete?[View]
138408316Wtf, i thought Argentina was black. Why did you lie to me!?[View]
138405086>this confuses and angers the American[View]
138410205Which is better?[View]
138400353This triggers the non american[View]
138409810Why are poles always like this? >Muh safety >Muh terrorists in western Europe >W-what do y…[View]
138409585If there are 1 million Anglofag haters, I belong to them, if there are 1 hundred thousand Anglofag h…[View]
138410176How do we make English replace native languages? I can't believe no country hasn't done th…[View]
138410126ITT: Post highly specific political meme's from your country[View]
138394606/nachtschicht/ morgen vielleicht wieder /deutsch/: FuBausgabe[View]
138408831Press P to thank Poland for all the sesame.[View]
138363955/asean/: are ya scared, kid? edition[View]
138407999imagine being a greek in those times. traveling all across the mediterranean greeted like a king, ge…[View]
138409869Is this true?[View]
138400438Have the English ever made a good movie other than Trainspotting?[View]
138408263One race... the Italo-Spanish race...[View]
138409659Why do religious disputes have to exist and are the common in your cunt?[View]
138407765In the US, about 650,000 calls are made to 911 every day. That's about 240,000,000 calls to 911…[View]
1384085004chan is an anime website[View]
138409586Thoughts on brazilian azulejo?: Great contribution to its portuguese counterpart or just mordernist …[View]
138408087Based Armenia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q13BMlWKZWU[View]
138409239there are white supremacists on /int/ right now: and they unironically believe that marxist transgen…[View]
138409437just ruined a general: ama[View]
138407809America being stronger than Europe is a myth: The EU alone actually outnumbers them by over 120 mill…[View]
138409353how bad is corruption and organized crime in slavic countries really? of course everyone knows that …[View]
138350401/v4/ + friends: diarrhea edition Help me I have diarrhea.[View]
138409266Med bvll vs amerimutt https://youtu.be/PzxFJa6rfsg[View]
138409258Why don't countries with Germanic languages still use these?: The Latin alphabet is the writing…[View]
138377932/balt/+/ausnz/ #66: DISTINGUISHED GENTOOMEN edition Last >>138352854[View]
1383992251. your country 2. what type of women do you like >flag >Black QVEENS only…[View]
138408205/can/+/ausnz/: absolutely no poms allowed edition[View]
138403036Why do white Australians don't go back in Europe? Millions of Australians made a rally against …[View]
138404482im dying bros[View]
138408485Americans be like >if only I could have afforded my mother's treatment then she would still …[View]
138407866>Deutschland, Deutschland über alles >Über alles in der Welt…[View]
138398945Indonesia defeats the progressives: Recently, African Americans tried to cancel the nation of Indone…[View]
138407704Pic related are known for exporting unskilled labor but mainly homosexuals and prostitutes (both gen…[View]
138405428why cant all the countries just be friends[View]
138405060Are European countries still bringing millions of immigrants?[View]
138407872russia nato muscat nato other nasa USa[View]
138396258/fr/ - *bâiller*: édition de dormir[View]
138406183makes you think[View]
138405750/brit/: for the discussion of British culture[View]
138404343post your favorite musician and the country they are from: K4000 Israel[View]
138398697/brasil/: pensamento? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7E4XrfGGnE[View]
138406775What do you call this male phenotype?[View]
138405395CONSOOOM: the countries[View]
138398519>its just a tan bro[View]
138402209What’s their problem?: Koreans: >Will insult you straight to your face and be extremely rude Japa…[View]
138405109If you are an incel your genes are just not good enough to be passed on. Just accept the truth and m…[View]
138406339>I suffer in India[View]
138406955Is this TV series known outside Italy?[View]
138404286GERMAN HUMOR HOUR![View]
138400978Why do people simp so much for Australians? They call them the 'best' shitposters when in reality th…[View]
138407087>bongs even do that accent when no one is around[View]
138405837What does this Kanji say?[View]
138407179>european gangs grooming turkish boys[View]
138405442cunt secession?[View]
138400780>Uk: the based alpha male in the group, even when he’s not the strongest he still pulls through d…[View]
138406812>would you survive in your country’s prison system? me no my twinkish frame would surely get my …[View]
138404757Am I being too paranoid bros[View]
138407479https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFG7cMkEdoA Britishers btfo[View]
138400419/brit/: for the discussion of British culture[View]
138406780>What did you say about Glorious China and CCP, wh*te boi? Come here, i'm gonna kick your as…[View]
138397743/rare/ - rare flags: anyone here /rare/?[View]
138406041cunt favorite instant noodles? Mine is pic related.[View]
138406661goodbye: I'm leaving this shit board, goodbye losers. see you again never!![View]
138405584Happy australia day, war criminals[View]
138403998When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?[View]
138405438Why are nordoids so smug?[View]
138397900/lat/: Hilo latino incel[View]
138403159Happy Australia Day Aussiebros![View]
138403755>wake up >china looks like this wat du?[View]
138407099Do you ski in the middle of the city in your cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2795&v=GAAjkN…[View]
138402163how do you treat your less fortunate neighbours /int/? We give Indonesia $600 million a year in aid …[View]
138406082What the hell is 'Invasion day' and who's in the right? Better question, is it really a big dea…[View]
138392162Do you ever remember old posters you've talked to in the past and wonder where they're now…[View]
138402490What is their endgame?: Why do they behave the way they are?[View]
138399558British niggas be like >Oh it's a Chewsday![View]
138405480This is Korean beauty youtuber Lina Bae. Say something nice about her[View]
138400132/carib/ edition: Tetonas: Xxxxxxxxzzzzzzzz[View]
138405883What are you doing to celebrate Invasion Day?[View]
138404831happy australia day you sick cunts: getting tispy and watching the fireworks tonight hope youse are …[View]
138405840Choose your Australian of the yearfu.[View]
138401506Are brand cult followings a thing in your country?[View]
138398854Tell me about your life in your cunt[View]
138405816What do you call an audio tape/'cassette' tape in your language, /int/? Do you still own a…[View]
138397761So actually we have the most. We win again.[View]
138406284Alright I'm done rocking out I'm tired as shit[View]
138402339Is this city REALLY that funny?[View]
138403809This is england? Vvvgh My city in countryside is much better I don’t wanna go there anymore thanks[View]
138406296Big HArv says you should all be persecuted after prosecuted.[View]
138400655What can Google Trends tell us about cultural quirks around the world?[View]
138341284ITT: you're only allowed to speak in your language EEH: solo tienes permitido hablar en tu idio…[View]
138401840I'm legit scared of Finland. What the FUCK happens there? I can't imagine a more obscure a…[View]
138402337It's australia day: Why are you at home shitposting on 4chan?[View]
138400406>Non-European time of /int/[View]
138404146/brit/: So I read that the former United States is so desperate for medical supplies that they have …[View]
138405667How much use can one expect to get out of this?[View]
138405382You folow an American friend to his place. You enter and you witness this scene unfold before you as…[View]
138403259Meanwhile in Bizarro /int/...[View]
138403515So was this a real UFO or what? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO_M0hLlJ-Q[View]
138403500>you wake up in Shanghai, People's Republic of China what do you do?…[View]
138402298Here are my proposals to fix US currency >get rid of pennies, nickels, and quarters >introdu…[View]
138405310Why are Indonesians so desperate to deport these black goddesses? Why don't they focus their e…[View]
138401876I just took a shower in my country. You can ask me anything about the experience.[View]
138399226Aznbros... I don't feel too good[View]
138404128I genuinely don't think I've heard the american national anthem before. I know several fam…[View]
138395733Do Japanese people secretly wish that their country isn't an otaku, anime-infested degenerate c…[View]
138399092Native animals: What animals do you see a lot in your cunt? Flag (NE) Deer and squirrels[View]
138404337IT'S MY LIFE[View]
138404185/brit/: Irish women edition[View]
138400168Why does /int/ hate North American suburbs so much? What's wrong with having more living space,…[View]
138403894Do you wage slave in your country? If yes, do you hate it? At what time you wake up and at what time…[View]
138404829So, i'm seeing this american girl (argie parents, lived her hole Life in the states) and she is…[View]
138393161What happens here burgerbros?[View]
138404868kurva anyátok[View]
138397907>Somali diaspora exists in China >seems pretty chill overall thoughts? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
138402975any game in particular you're playing in your cunt? I have a hard time getting satisfaction fro…[View]
138404549Which type is more common in your kunt?[View]
138401643Have you ever made a family cactus rather than a family tree? The other day a Mexican poster shared …[View]
138401408Before I go to bed I often think about great this nation would be if they were united under a vision…[View]
138400756Do men in your country guard their little flowers?[View]
138402463>see thread in the catalog >know it will be shit >click on it anyway does this happen in …[View]
138400558This moment in time is the last horah for Europe. Why do people act like the EU isn't the most …[View]
138404198The nordic peoples must leave the EUSSR Fourth Reich.[View]
138396880Latinos who live in the southern United States get to post in /lat/, /dixie/, /cum/, and /esp/.[View]
138401570What is your opinion on Korean English accents? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaLPspI7CHA[View]
138399912Developing world is kino[View]
138401412>>/Doom/ thread. Tirense prietos, dejen sus mejores memes del donas.…[View]
138399747I think Brazilians and Indians are very funny online but extremely annoying in real life.[View]
138400824hows my german coming along?: https://voca.ro/15ofmHQrRnDt[View]
138396395Do Scots really?[View]
138395430you can't suffer in japan[View]
138400747what are your thoughts on americans?[View]
138397820Are Americans starting to notice the population decline?[View]
138400624>wake up >japan looks like this wat du?[View]
138401033Is your country turning into a third-world shithole, /int/? >America >YES! Proofs: https://www…[View]
138398663Do people eat five guys in your county ?[View]
138402402If you live in the non-blue countries: what does it feel like to be told by the state that you'…[View]
138400444High Rock... home.[View]
138400884Dios mio... la creatura de argentina... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaTiZomN6ek[View]
138403553>Pic related told me he was going to tell me about Britain >Tells me nothing I want to know…[View]
138398509>But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is gi…[View]
138402835>What is 4chan? >4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments a…[View]
138400262which country is your greatest ally?[View]
138393269>british and american[View]
138394588Oh no, how could this happen, Brexit-bros?[View]
138396380Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
138402573Who do you guys prefer Darker Indians or lighter Indians[View]
138402760why do people think ww2 was the most deadliest or special war if all wars in history have been about…[View]
138399693Do you love Canada?: I do[View]
138393267>Let me tell you about Britain[View]
138397323>there are PSA's in Australia telling abbo's to not huff gas and sleep in the road I ju…[View]
138401854I have no gf and no friends in my country Is this common in your country too?[View]
138345547/ישר/: פתיח: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly4Y4vDPwog ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/…[View]
138402139How come all our neighboring countries have minimum 2 times our population density ? Are they affrai…[View]
138400208>absolute monarchy >no democracy or human rights >being gay illegal and punishable with dea…[View]
138395277What is the matter with Arabs?[View]
138374337RUSSIA SCHOLARSHIPS: Future-in-russia.com The Russian government has a program handing out 18k schol…[View]
138397152Is it still possible to have a cult of personality in the modern age[View]
138400639https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrqPV40roH0 I miss the old Trans-Atlantic accent we Americans had. M…[View]
138398216Why can't Asian men find dates in the west?[View]
138396580Why immigrating is shit idea: 1. If you move you have live as a foreigners 2. Shit job selection 3.…[View]
138402116Post military parades from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz3v3AycPkA https://www.yout…[View]
138396727/brit/: Japanese British friendship edition[View]
138401888tfw no Russian gf[View]
138401068You cannot escape the truth.[View]
138373145What sound does it make in your language?[View]
138393610/한국어/ thread: 대한민국이 후진국인 이유 (공감주위) 1. 몰상식한 시민의식 2. 국민들 다수가 물질만능주위에 빠져있다. (돈이면 다 된다고 생각) 3. 여른이나 뉴스에 …[View]
138401183>(Taglish, intended for Filipino viewers) do they really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3uW2_r…[View]
138396641Konya, Turkey: Home...[View]
138400724What happens here?[View]
138398538Are evangelicals a plague in your country too?[View]
138400678I will genocide everyone in these countries it is gods will. How many lives did these countries ruin…[View]
138401314Say nice things to the cunt below you[View]
138385655/balk/: classic memes edition old >>138362103[View]
138401439GERMAN HUMOR[View]
138394369United Earth: What should the flag for Humanity/Planet Earth be? What should its ideology/government…[View]
138397589if the earth isn't flat: why does my house not slide down the street?[View]
138390374Is it possible for an incel to become a chad?[View]
138398581When will the Dominican Republic become a superpower?[View]
138399745I suffer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern[View]
138391592What are the 3 most relevant green countries in your opinion?[View]
138350374/flag/ + /extraflags/: Liberia Edition Previous thread: >>138288407 Welcome to /extraflags/, a…[View]
138398401>all the lads laughing and joking around >the brazilian brings up the kkk…[View]
138398337/brit/: for the discussion of British culture[View]
138396438Which country has the best sounding national anthem? And worst?[View]
138396717/brit/: The most refined nightclub in Britain edition https://youtu.be/PzP1XC51kro[View]
138398333do African-American posters here ever get tired of being fetishised so much? it must be annoying, es…[View]
138392360who is blame?[View]
138396165Our former president literally pardoned these guys for their endorsements.[View]
13838976850% of Canada's population lives under the green line.[View]
138400122Is it true that the chinese are attacking random nigs on the street because they blame corona on bla…[View]
138366401/norgetråden/: /sampihyssing/-utgaven forrige: >>138342653 >>138342653 >>138342653…[View]
138380890Ask me anything about Ireland: Been seeing a lot of lies and stereotypes want to debunk that.[View]
138399082Isn't life the same everywhere if you have a computer with internet access and airconditioning?[View]
138395936Do you know any of these 4?[View]
138374833Find a flaw[View]
138389544>once Europe falls, the white Euro man will have nowhere left to g- woah…[View]
138400038Five Races Under One Union: >Five Races Under One Union was one of the major principles upon whic…[View]
138399929Get a bloody move on, Europe[View]
138391208Do you love Latin America?[View]
138399591Do American really...?[View]
138397221has there ever been a more kino conflict?[View]
138399508/Fr/ères Bogdanov: /Fr/ générale pour toutes les francophiles et appréciation intellectuelle des bog…[View]
138393105What was your country's biggest mistake?[View]
138398855>latinx niggas be like 'yo SOY' >they are literal soyboys Holy shit…[View]
138384965What is your favorite book from another country /int/?[View]
138398984Here's your police force, anon.[View]
138396794Europe is hypocrisy the continent: Remember when you kept bitching about us picketing the lockdown a…[View]
138395554What was the worst domestic terrorist attack in your country?[View]
138374006The new Kween of Eesti. Thoughts?[View]
138371841Stop calling us central european, we are nordic, thank you.[View]
138399448What do you guys think of modern day Constantinople?[View]
138396309After 10 years, has India finally managed to poo in the loo?[View]
138343161/skandi/: agurk-udgaven[View]
138398118Do you love br*tish cuisine?[View]
138392400do you drink mate?[View]
138399017Have you ever met Somalis before? What were they like? Are there any 'good' ones?[View]
138396184What happened to them?[View]
1383795641. your cunt 2. favorite band from your nation >flag >The Beatles…[View]
138399251Imagine living in the fucking 'Old World', lmfao.[View]
138397529Do people in your country unironically think that Abraham is a fictional character?[View]
138398407Daily reminder that the world literally does revolve around us :)[View]
138394452What happened euro friends? ME fags are putting you to shame[View]
138397999If you could live anywhere in the US, where would it be?[View]
138376160Is Korean media popular in your country?[View]
138387546Why are Americans like this?[View]
138394228What is life in Vladiovostok like? It's as close a person can get to living near China, Korea a…[View]
138385094You literally cant suffer in brazil[View]
138382066/esp/ - Hilo Español: Sin porno ni cosas degeneradas que te denuncio[View]
138395722Why are anglos the biggest control freaks in the West? I noticed their obession with controlling oth…[View]
138366751/éire/: Eagrán Buaiteoir[View]
138394655Please stop being so smug and arrogant. Look at Romania, they are nice. They don't call everyon…[View]
138397537Best country in North America: -Canada Best country in Europe -Germany Best country in South Americ…[View]
138394393/cum/ - Canada - United States - Mexico[View]
138392381Do incels exist in your country? pic very related[View]
138387784Fuck weebs: Is there a weeb problem in your country?[View]
138387960Where in Africa are these phenotypes found in?[View]
1383972921. Your cunt 2. Do you have a gf? Flag Yes, pic related[View]
138396063/sig/ - small islands general: Live on a small island? What's it like? What are good ones to mo…[View]
138373713/lat/ hilo latino: edición fome[View]
138396654>learn hiragana >try to read any japanese i come across now >its all katakana and kanji Why…[View]
138397863>American houses don't have wal-[View]
1383950141. your country 2. do you drink tea? 3. what kind of tea do you mostly drink? >flag >yes >g…[View]
138376063Which country has been depicted the worst by Hollywood?[View]
138397098Question to Americans and Canadians What are they like?[View]
138368105kurva anyátok avagy reddit a javából: a generál[View]
138393761Brothers in Arms[View]
138391350The greatest genius of all time was HVNGARIAN I kneel before ugric chads[View]
138396906Does love exist in your country? It depends on race here. Mongrels like me are unworthy[View]
138386961Sverigetråden - Bondetågets upplaga[View]
138396553Eh why westies are such asiacucks[View]
138395979Wtf is this true? Why did meds destroy EVROPE?[View]
138364711is considered racist to have a preference for a specific race in ur country? I've always been …[View]
138394712You wake up on the SnK world[View]
138395119/brit/: Beans en poste haha edition[View]
138378930People with less than primary & lower secondary education: >Interesting map by Milos Popovic …[View]
138396404España, yo...[View]
138393468Ask me anything about murrica: >yes I did just copy 2 threads what are you going to do about it.…[View]
138393221My resume: - I am Italian - I am copying this thread from another in the catalog - I had a couple …[View]
138393646Wait do germans actually dig holes at the beach? Sounds fun but why?[View]
138390763why do spaniards shill their men so much? they look like fucking oompa loompas.[View]
138392821left: average brazilian doctor right: average australian doctor[View]
138395650Daily reminder that Hell exist: Repent sinner or we will kitnap you and throw you in pic related…[View]
138390010I am shirtless most of the time. You?[View]
138393530VGH! The minimalist landscape of Pardis, Iran.[View]
138389560Happy anon: I just proposed to my gf and she said Yes! And you are the first guys i tell it to=)…[View]
138395055people that are anti-CCP or anti-American think they're contrarians and the true revolutionarie…[View]
138388251/fr/ - Le francofil: Édition du PA américain. Ancien: >>138382618[View]
138389609Reminder for Northern Euros. You WILL get beaten here.[View]
1383918031. who the fuck is this guy 2. why is he being recommended to me by youtube 3. most importantly, is …[View]
138391842>gloria in excelsis deo[View]
138394651>tfw have been getting on trains for free because ticket inspectors have fucked off because of co…[View]
138395451what would happen if your countrys government started to be randomly selected from the population li…[View]
138394856>Arkansas >Newfoundland >Greenwich Why complicate things?…[View]
138386660So this is the power of Europe.[View]
138391030Is this peak serbian train technology?: >+19 hours for 350km train ride…[View]
138393139>You are this lad >your reaction https://youtu.be/1Y0lw_UhMTM…[View]
138392630Why did nobody tell me that brazilian gays looked like THIS?[View]
138394434>I'm british and my opinion is- SHUT THE FUCK UP![View]
138386064/ita/ il filo: Edizione prosecco[View]
138395074This is the average WMBF couple in America. Does your country select for highly successful pairings?[View]
138386381>cunt >gf? >why? >is it difficult to get a gf in you're cunt? 1. flag 2. no 3. anti…[View]
138395162Do you love American cuisine?[View]
138394717Just grow a beard and squint bro[View]
138393378/brit/: London edition[View]
138394364What's it like living in Connecticut? What are CT girls like?[View]
138387981/SDG/. Siberian Diaspora General. Sıbır Qağanlıq Edition.: Hmmm... Perepeč and Sora.[View]
1383906831. country 2. how many times a week do you shower?[View]
138389063I have fixed Germany: 1. Western, liberal, Protestant Germany 2. Eastern, socialist, Atheist Germany…[View]
138391757>wow Anon, how do you know so much about other countries and cultures? how do you respond?…[View]
1383932131) cunt 2) does this scenario happen in your cunt? >haha we're like MAKING our own meals at …[View]
138388502French will defend this[View]
138390369/deutsch/: Deutsche Ausgabe[View]
138394105Zedba or not zedba ?: I am currently learning Proto-Indo-European language. it's fun and intedr…[View]
138393371Why is Japan so short? Also why are all Spanish colonies short meanwhile British, Portuguese and Fre…[View]
138390596The thirdies of the first world[View]
138394357>Ιs that a German in my team? Time to team kill him I guess.[View]
138366719/luso/ - Fio Lusófono:: edição gatinho[View]
138393478>flag >Do you like sports >What sports are popular in your country 1. Croatia 2. Hate em …[View]
13838238680s Miami is SOVL[View]
138382263/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Эльфiц нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138369409 https://textwall.xyz/rus+bel+ukr…[View]
138391597>Hey, youse guys....[View]
138392545I am an (ex)Lutheran , AMA[View]
138392755Why do boomers love this shit? Seriously, even a projector is more useful.[View]
138382667How does the Yakuza still exists on Japan? Isn't one of the safest countries? How's that t…[View]
138393929>I'm moving to Japan! >Why i'm moving to Japan. >Do i hate living in Japan? Shut …[View]
138393916>hand-holding >schoolgirl >leather…[View]
138385732Be honest: Which country do you secretly admire. For me it's France.[View]
138390571Have you ever been to a Finnish pilgrimage site?[View]
138392654do peoples in your country drop out high school?[View]
138391099>The average Southern European posting on 4chan looks like this And he probably is from Rome, Nap…[View]
138388879>introvert in Spain[View]
138391451What went so wrong in this country? God, we are a shithole[View]
138382037You are stopped by Spanish (female) police officers. If you're white you'll be beaten for …[View]
138391385/brit/: Cupcake edition[View]
138392279What country is this?[View]
138388268Are people athletic in your country?[View]
138391364>Starting the day with bismillah.[View]
138392120Most israelian girls I see on social media look like europeans, did /pol/ lie to me?[View]
138392361What's your excuse for not using a desktop as your main computer?[View]
138391193What happens here?[View]
138381569How much more Nordic did Germans become during 1945 rapes?[View]
138388281Do women in your country tell men never to approach them at school, work, clubs, or anywhere else fo…[View]
138367080Medbros...it's over[View]
138392672Me arriving to Northern California[View]
138389855>open cold water tap >hot water comes out I hate summer.…[View]
138391512What goes on in Bicester, Oxfordshire?[View]
138379428Why is everyone around so poor?[View]
138390817I did it /pol/, two years after I got redpilled on the JQ and racemixing, I divorced my latina wife …[View]
138390045Happiest countries in the world: According to this Finland is the happiest country in the world. Do …[View]
138390551What was your country like in the 70s? Norway was pseudo third world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
138391646Daily reminder that your parents are responsible for all your suffering. If you hadn't been bor…[View]
138392007Why does Spain love commieblocks so much?[View]
138389499why is italian architecture so comfy? something about the way they stack houses on top of each other…[View]
138386656What happens here? What are their women like?[View]
138387153>Average argentinian poster[View]
138391721Hello international frens, i am once again asking for your support, how can you help me? Well, just …[View]
138389786Why isn't this a country yet intbros?[View]
138391262My ancestor :)[View]
138368873Show us the worst part of your town, /int/[View]
138376448This 'nation' is a SHITHOLE, luckily it will soon collapse and get the humiliation it so r…[View]
138374734I build for china[View]
138384725In a perfect reality, I was lucky to be born in Argentina Best coutry in the new continent Instead I…[View]
138390306Places in your country that have huge egos, but don't deserve it[View]
138387425Just bee yourself anon, be respectful and kind and everyone would like you[View]
138383627/polska/: edycja pożałowania godnej jakości polskiego rusznikarstwa wcześniej: >>138372463…[View]
138388995You wake up in Romania[View]
138391246>haha brits are so French'd xd >burgers say garage normally >anglos say gæ-ridge >b…[View]
138384649ITT: white people stuff: >I spent Saturday mornings combining all my recepts and bank account log…[View]
138377137/desi/: traditional wear edition[View]
138388603/brit/: in the garden edition[View]
138387513Why did Americans used to be so autistic over their Anglo-Saxon heritage?[View]
138387317brothers :)[View]
138388055I would like to be 10 yo again: So I could dress in carnival like L from Death Note[View]
138388364When you block a person in discord they still can see your messages, lol why is this shit program li…[View]
138383391When did Europe become incompetent? It wasn't always this way[View]
138384209The prole girl we made fun of for being a slut cause she fucked her bf at age 15 is now married to t…[View]
138380789>Argentinians are Italians who speak Spanish, think they are French and want to be British VGH, t…[View]
138389804>claims to be superior and ethnically homogenous >have speak english to communicate to each ot…[View]
138388653Does your country have a queen?[View]
138382546Does your country traditionally eat eel jelly?[View]
138390206Does history and modern socioeconomical realities steeming from it makes your country a misery and m…[View]
138389811i love the uk!!!!!!!!!!!: uk!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
138387761i keep telling myself to stop texting her back but everytime I break and reply back to her only to f…[View]
138386970Sverigetråden - Ranka sv ho-upplagan[View]
138389396Americans literally make £12 an hour stacking shelves in walmart, their biggest supermarket[View]
138388769Best yt channel to learn Russian? pic unrelated[View]
138382816In what countries is slavery legal? I want my own slave to torture and humiliate and stuff[View]
138389305What's the rarest language you speak? For me it's Pomeranian[View]
138389889> why yes, I think Bonn should be capital of Germany[View]
138382096/deutsch/ am Abend: Deitsch und frei wolln mer sei[View]
138375457Just learned about compulsory sterilization in Sweden: What the fuck it lasted almost into the 80s…[View]
138388053Serious question. Why do Poles look like this[View]
138382853What does the 20 bill look like in your country?[View]
138381782learn icelandic[View]
138385326/brit/-antilockdown edition: Australia should have a day of remembrance for the genocide of the Abor…[View]
138388138/ro/ - Firul nostru: Ediţia de seară[View]
138389229I'm only here for money. Now there is no money I want to leave.[View]
138388765on the 26th of Janurary 1788, the First Fleet arrived to Port Jackson to mark the life of a new land…[View]
138380692/int/ music thread: Post KINO songs from your cunt in your language bros https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
138389214post bridges from your cunt i'll start[View]
138384922Name me a more BVLL nation than the Polynesians?: Spoiler: you can't.[View]
138385130Pick one[View]
138345191/med/ - mediterranean general: Phoenicia edition Prev: >>138286931[View]
138386028What goes on in the Aran Islands?[View]
138388647Only Swiss, Australians and Icelandics may post in this thread.[View]
138387089I’ve tried fisting exactly one time and never again. It started with me just fingering the guy. He k…[View]
138385990My country is shallow and pedantic, and it insists upon itself.[View]
138376555what is your honest opinion about the best and most holy of all Popes? the slavic pope who single-ha…[View]
138386426I tought Cuba was shit[View]
138386789This is the average argentinean man So, basically when you see Argentina flag you are talking with h…[View]
138380501Why are third worlders so obsessed with being white?[View]
138387553These are the largest cities in Shitxico[View]
138387823newfoundlanders genuinely have an irish accent. what the fuck?[View]
138387332This guy is half Icelandic half Iranian. Does he look 100% european?[View]
138382618/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition anti simp Ancien : >>138376397[View]
138386161What do they think? -Greece, France sign $2.8 billion fighter jet deal -Starting in May, mandatory n…[View]
138384111Latin: Culter (knife): Italian: Coltello French: Couteau Spanish: Cuchillo Romanian: Cuţit *** Portu…[View]
138386012What the hell Norway? https://youtu.be/Ue-EsVSDiGQ[View]
138386317>Oh my God, you can't just kidnap that boy and sacrifice him in the woods because Baphomet d…[View]
138383402Ask an American anything: since Ireland-kun made his thread ask a guy from Wisconsin anything >do…[View]
138387343>family is watching Caso cerrado[View]
138387324Any TurkAnon in here?: I have a question about picrelated, Dogu Perincek. Who is he and why is he yo…[View]
138329140/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: chicken and waffles edition[View]
138381734Did you know being an Italian in Japan is life on easy mode, even more so than other whites? They ar…[View]
138386768Minute 2:00 https://youtu.be/T_qn6CZXXZ0 What does Nelson says? My english isn't good enough to…[View]
138386931Just found out Finnish army conscripts are subjected to Penis Inspection Day when they join.[View]
138386595Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia thread: Bring me back to Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia.[View]
138375353I work for CHINA I wake up for CHINA I breathe for CHINA I defend CHINA whenever i can I will destro…[View]
138386885i will become successful for china[View]
138381668Anyone else feel like they're right on the cusp of being disabled?: Like, 90's IQ range.…[View]
138386610White country[View]
138383436The Japan of Europe[View]
138386214> longest life span in the world > lowest crime rate in the world > world class food > w…[View]
138384814Why do they love the Taliban so much?: You rarely see people from other countries defend or glorify …[View]
138383571European country trapped in shithole continent I feel pity for them, EU should take them in[View]
138384362Do they really?[View]
138364165Why do they hate southern European countries and especially Italy so much?[View]
138382898i want to go back 2008 and find northwestern small town american gf[View]
138386417Yemen is so beautiful. It makes me sad what has been done.[View]
138386435I can't tell who is worse on /int/ at this point the self-loathing prison gays or the sanctimon…[View]
138386493Is vaping popular in your country?[View]
138378923who is more hated in russia, pic related or yeltsin?[View]
138383806are danish men cute?[View]
138354627/ex-yu/: edicija zenoidi[View]
138386257My hypothesis is that Arabs were literally black Nilotics before they bleached themselves with India…[View]
138383235they are so boring[View]
138385648.: >Colombia is classified as an upper middle-income economy and is one of Latin America's l…[View]
138370159you wake up in Louisiana[View]
138386041>I will never work at the American embassy in Russia during the 1950s Why live? https://www.youtu…[View]
138375504>be 100% purebreed germanic bull >170cm manlet >Black hair, brown eyes >Darker, natural …[View]
138382272Learn Norwegian Literally the easiest language to learn for English speaking ppl (by far) https://ww…[View]
138378925Post art that attempts to describe your society[View]
138379273/ita/ - il filo: edizione approvata dal maresciallo[View]
138382004/brit/: Shove it up your arse edition[View]
138372096/sauna/: hasu teitsikka velho painos[View]
138383420wtf med bros why did we get conquered by blonde and blue eyed savages who put upon us laws and becam…[View]
138383816Do you love Anglo phenotype? They mog us so hard[View]
138377194The SIBERIAN man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at hi…[View]
138385491American women are so ugly: I simply cannot bring myself to try to get a gf in America when I know t…[View]
138362103/balk/: >>138325900[View]
138380913What is happening to Europeanx?[View]
138379787Why are french speakers such pseuds?: I have seen frogs think they understand culture and art in a m…[View]
138376015/Nederdraad/: Gondola Editie Welkom: Observeerders en kijkers Niet-Welkom: Draad muziek: https://ww…[View]
138374216nosejob in febuary: i am really scared and my anxiety tells me that ill die but i really want people…[View]
138384246Must be the diseases[View]
138384808>Look at me, Oi'm Bri'ish! Oi got me loicense ta shitpost on /int/ so the jannies con…[View]
138384738America is not allowed to criticise China for their human rights violations before solving listed is…[View]
138384988Tatar: Let’s share the beauty of Tatarstan![View]
138369961Europe's China[View]
138379722Sverigetråden - GÖTAD-upplagan[View]
138384557He looks like such a nice lad[View]
138382352Non white people don't know the taste of this.. I pity them[View]
138384797This should be one country.[View]
138383689When is France going to pay reperations to Belgium?[View]
138377984How can one man be so based?[View]
138375379Do you prefer China or Japan? Personally, I think China is cooler.[View]
138384662What phenotype is this?[View]
138383008How do you live as a NEETbux?[View]
138381660do you live in CENTROPE?[View]
138384388National Anthem of Greece: Probably the best national anthem of all time. Beautiful https://www.yout…[View]
138384140Where did your country go wrong?[View]
138383934This SAMOAN BVLL slaps your gfs ass, what do you do?[View]
138381247Which kunt is he from?[View]
138382091Please do not use contractions they are cringe.[View]
138383852You've seen it many times before. A great thread gets posted and other countries post their val…[View]
138381605When is Germoney going to pay reparations to Norway?[View]
138364728Egypt you won. Congratulations Egypt you have won this geopolitical war, I don't think we will …[View]
138365652For those wondering why we have the same surnames: In the past, only nobles had surnames, the king u…[View]
138379316Do you love your own country /int/?[View]
138373394>30 years ago you could buy a small flat in Paris making minimum wage >Now you would need 4 ti…[View]
138383968Shit, we got too cocky Europe bros. Any last words for across the pond?[View]
138383950Swedish women or bust. Fuck off non-nordics[View]
138382278You wake up in a Bulgarian village[View]
1383818741. Your flag 2. From which country were you in your past life? Argentina I'm sure, I was Englis…[View]
138381949Dutch Police Bicycle Force deployed! Curfew breakers scared and run![View]
138383554Mont d'Or..... Comté..... Mimolette..... Brillat-Savarin..... Munster..... Cantal..... Beaufort…[View]
138373934Is Togo the only country whose name does not return the country as first result on google?[View]
138383294LOAF omg so random lol Haha it's a weird and silly music band xd[View]
138380586Sweden wins Northern War and lasts until 1800s Napoleon breaks and partitions Swedish Empire https:/…[View]
138372463/polska/: edycja forda expedition kalifornijskiego patrol autostradowego[View]
138366879Posts houses in your cunt[View]
138383300Fuck it, free city states solution[View]
138374159>another famous and rich South Korean committed suicide They're not a big country. But every…[View]
138381281Why blacks are superior to whites 1.[View]
138367104When are the Swedes going to pay repeartions?[View]
138375338Can he pass in your country?[View]
138376048What is Germany like? Do you like Germany? I have never been there but would like to go one day.[View]
138373325>Western Europe: Milk and sugar >Eastern Europe: Lemon and sugar >MENA: Mint and sugar Do I…[View]
1383796581. Country 2. This guy walks down the sidewalk across the street in front of you, how do you respond…[View]
138374400Portuguese Map of Europe from 1953.[View]
138380912>West coast best co-[View]
138382302When are we getting dem reperations?[View]
138376397/fr/ le francofil: édition Rick Owens ancien >>138365024[View]
138381905Immigration Appreciation: You guys have plenty of legitimate reasons to complains about migrants in …[View]
138376161>why yes, I comment on every single youtube video so people start recognizing me…[View]
138370701Chile is the Japan of Europe Why are they light years ahead of everyone?[View]
138382219Refugees or identitarians?[View]
138376372does your country have creepy legislators?[View]
138382168/esp/ - el hilo español: Edición el janny la chupa[View]
138367210why there are so many content creators' girls from the Czech Republic?[View]
138369409/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Бeлых вaлacoў нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138354587 https://textwall.xyz/rus+b…[View]
138380193What would the world be like if it was entirely conquered by the DPRK?[View]
138379029/brit/: thot edish[View]
138379927How long does it take to learn japanese on a proficiency lvl?[View]
138381653What sound does it make in your countree? >'khooo'[View]
138375204/deutsch/: Abendausgabe[View]
138380226No more brother wars.[View]
138381674Yes, I do watch videos of cute animals on youtube. What of it?[View]
138380360Imagine a world where this man never existed[View]
138376869>your cunt >how much time did you (or will you) spend on /int/ today? pic not relayed…[View]
138381658>the shittholiest parts of the country were the one that had the highest percentage of votes in t…[View]
138380062Why they are like this?[View]
138379854What does the southern cone taste like?[View]
138375891Americans who unironically say y’all should be gassed[View]
138379785Why Alberta is a third world shithole.: 1. Entire industry is oil & gas 2. No jobs no future 3…[View]
138341921/esp/ - Hilo Español: Hilo romántico[View]
138377331Guess their nationality[View]
138376479What kind of apartments could I get for $4K USD a month in Buenos Aires? (Approximately $350K ARS)[View]
138374743Today is São Paulo's birthday. Please congratulate us ;)[View]
138367554the world's most kino flag was designed by a child: >The flag of Papua New Guinea (Tok Pisin…[View]
138380861/ישר/: ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op/ >לא להאכיל טרולים…[View]
138380770How old were you when you learned about Americans?[View]
138380660I had a dream I was under the ground, my friends and family were buried all around[View]
138380706>Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes[View]
1383788452/10 in Scandinavia[View]
138378634which one of you did this?[View]
138380495There are too many country specific topics on this board, might as well be called /cunt/[View]
138379886This may be a consequence of using USD or whatever but all of our supermarket scales are in lbs. I j…[View]
138380051Why are they so powerful?[View]
138380292I just found out that Spanish people don't post in /lat/ and they have their own general called…[View]
138376190How do I get a Sark bf?[View]
138380254Tips for gays and f*moids. If you see a tall (6'3 and over) and skinny white guy there's a…[View]
138378797Holy shit based[View]
138377867Does this happen in your kunt?[View]
138379900Welcome to /giga/!: >Want to learn something new? >The /giga/ Wiki is a language learning guid…[View]
1383609531. your country 2. what are/did you studying/studied at university?[View]
138374772Would the Middle East be a better place it Sa*di Ar*bia was destroyed instead of Iraq?[View]
138379828free them, free them, free them[View]
138379677>Hello miguel nice to meet you. Do you spic english?[View]
138371653This is why capitalism should be Haram[View]
138330776/lang/ - language learning general: Kotava Edition >What language(s) are you learning? >Share …[View]
138379753What's the point?: >gain all these epiphanies >they all evaporate as if it was all a drea…[View]
138373144Why do diasporachads live rent free on the minds of incels in other countries? Also, /diaspora/ thre…[View]
138379681>what’s the difference between Mario and a Canadian? >Mario can build pipelines.…[View]
138377672>polish man >does Hitler salute >speaks with Moroccan accent >in Rotterdam stopped for s…[View]
138374404>oh our humour is just so unique and special that you just wont get it unless you're born an…[View]
138370379/ita/ il filo: Edizione pizzoccheri[View]
138379143it's 23:44 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
138379217The hospital my mother got her and my little sisters tested for covid at in october is charging them…[View]
138373456Do you want Russian alcoholic gf?[View]
138378158I’m a zoomer[View]
138374181What do people in your cuntry do when they are sad?[View]
138373458/ro/ - Firul nostru[View]
138376621American culture is fascinating[View]
138376903Why do Germans always make threads about their own country? Why not discuss other countries for a ch…[View]
138377251>*insults americans* Why do french people always do this[View]
1383775401. your cunt 2. do you have freckles >flag >yes…[View]
138377272What's your favorite social media? Mine is Insta4redditchannel.[View]
138377840you should never make offsprings with a redhead woman. The last thing you would want is a MC1R cance…[View]
138377348>Angela Merkel is responsible for Brexit, The Telegraph reckons >According to Ambrose Evans-Pr…[View]
138374785/brit/ + /booba/[View]
138378537When people online ask where I'm from, I say I'm from New Zealand, so I can hide my identi…[View]
138377621Le 100% face: Prime NORDIC specimen[View]
138377844/balt/ + /ausnz/: #66 We K-Pop now[View]
138352854/balt/ + /ausnz/: #65[View]
138374601Why is Danish so absolutely not phonetically correct like Norwegian? Norwegian: (very phonetically c…[View]
138377563Why did they betray our kin in Xinjiang?[View]
138371898>go to friend's house >he has 2 dogs >dog hair everywhere, covering couch, visible on …[View]
138374721ITT: write a poem about your town (and if its your flag's capital, choose another one or write …[View]
138377826Meet the inspirational story of Isiah.: As a teenager, this black man used to be a pimp, and started…[View]
138371587Do your family members have any irrational hatred to a specific group of people?[View]
138376523>You are vondering vhat is going to happen to you, yes? First, I vill handcuff you to zis chair. …[View]
138376037Oh no German bros...[View]
138371497Thank you Poland[View]
138345923why won't WYPIPOs stop oppressing us?[View]
138371769FINLAND & AFRIKA: The first book printed in the Finnish language was printed in the year 1543. T…[View]
138377553I heard that europe is better than america... This cannot be right?[View]
138377228Come conquer the world with me: I'm inviting people to come conquer the world with me. Join: ht…[View]
138372243Sverigetråden: Sverigetrr0rkdh[View]
138374703Hungary bought 44 Leopard2 armoured vehicles and 24 PzH 2000 self-propelled guns from Germany. Do yo…[View]
138357358Study in Russia: Fag eurojanny deleted my thread earlier today. I'm looking to apply to NSU to …[View]
138374321Girls in my country use Tinder just to gain Instagram followers. Does this happen in your country?[View]
138370164I'm a fat ass and i have never lost a fight. Tips for interantional fatties: grab them. Literal…[View]
138367137Post Your Wife: Do it.[View]
138376841Are tattoos popular in your country?[View]
138369506The average european male is 5'8[View]
138373531Korean is the most perverted langauge in the world For example, when you search for the same word in…[View]
138376882Just as the Mosques of Al-Andulus were converted to Catholic Cathedrals, the city of the Vatican wil…[View]
138374226Are they actually doing anything, or is it another EU meme agency[View]
138346806/desi/ - Gotta catch 'em all Edition[View]
138369279Kill'da donkey fucker: If enough of us think of AMLO's death at the same time we can combi…[View]
138366564/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Cheese edition[View]
138376400We call Dutch 'Freestyle German' here[View]
138376475>finnish blackquean poster[View]
138372288Thoughts on best Korea?[View]
138376223Would you rather live in the vveath field of Evropa or the вeaя гoяests of Яussia?[View]
138375920Does your country have dripping J's?[View]
138376409/fr/ || francophonie et FRENS: édition dirigeants du monde. (le sommet de Davos vient par ailleurs d…[View]
138364143does 20 yr olds take finasteride in ur cunt? Denmark : Yes!![View]
138373958*ahem* Fuck mRNA 'vaccines'.[View]
138365763Do wealthy Norwegian businessmen have harems of banana peeling qts from Sweden?[View]
138375664Help: Also post weathers[View]
138371768I fuck only black women because white pussy is overrated.[View]
138374740/brit/: rational thinkers -edition[View]
138375771>ditt land? >är du galen? flagga ja, jag är galen...…[View]
138371787How do germans eat this stuff? Do they just pour it on the rocks then eat it? I don't get it wo…[View]
138374420'Which is erotic?' algorithm AI site have been getting better. https://gamingchahan.com/ecchi/ 7693 …[View]
138375073Spains national animal is a literal Black BVLL.....[View]
138373180What are Muslim migrants like in your country? Do most people dislike them?[View]
138362331/NEDERDRAAD/: Knuffelbeereditie IDD: We voorspellen waar vanavond patriotten vechten voor onze vrijh…[View]
138372905Just learned about Holodomor. What the fuck Russia?[View]
138365024/fr/ ── SAVOUÉ ABADA: Meilleure vallée représente[View]
1383722891. your country 2. what are your goals in life?[View]
138372605The only things I associate Irish American culture with are organized crime and boston celtics[View]
138370740/brit/: prone bone edish[View]
138361057What are police like in your country? Not invited: Americans[View]
138368893/deutsch/ Offizieller Elin Faden: Wozu sind Elins eigentlich gut?[View]
138354251Just bought some sushi for lunch, can you easily find sushi in your supermarkets? >shitaly Yes.…[View]
138365712Just learned that my home city was identified for 'systematic destruction' and was targete…[View]
138372608Does your cunt have a significant jewish population?[View]
138374634>walking down the street to a nearby store >pass a small, kinda poor kid with uncut hair >a…[View]
138374215I have brown hair, black facial hair and my chest is relatively hairy. Am I honorary med?[View]
138373115With which country are you obsessed? For me, it's danmark...[View]
138374353this country is cringe and gay what went wrong?[View]
138368990The amount of plastic wrapping East Asia, especially Japan uses for their food should be fucking ill…[View]
138374095How come Asians dominate in badminton?[View]
138374473Libyanons, Syranons, Iraqanons, Serbros, and others: I'm sorry we fucked up your countries so b…[View]
138373477RUSSIA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Future-in-russia.com Free tuition and accommodation for university degre…[View]
138374094What is the best language and why is it Mandarin?[View]
138371846>be scandi >work for 4 months until the sun sets for 8 months >spend the rest of the year i…[View]
138373840>Every night i dream of European Union Army and we Finnish Conscripts standing in it's Front…[View]
138374007itt: we partition Ukraine Post your territorial claims.[View]
138372376Did you know Donald Trump's mother, Mary Anne Trump, was from Scotland and was a native speaker…[View]
138371897Did you know?: In Sweden, the most popular language on Duolingo is Swedish (mostly by refugees).…[View]
138373409This is 10/10 in Belgium. So hot.[View]
138373601Is there even a point in living anymore /int/? If all you're gonna do is just be a wage cuck yo…[View]
138370440why the FUCK did my ancestors leave China and travelled to Indonesia they could've gone to Sing…[View]
138370220i love her so much i am lesbian for her[View]
138372804Will Iraq be divided into three ethnostates now that a proponent of regional autonomy is in the Whit…[View]
138365755An Irish girl living here told me not to visit Dublin, because it is turning into a massive shithole…[View]
138371843Which flag sperg out on you the most?[View]
138369033I wash my face 3 times a day, not including a daily shower. How often do you wash your face?[View]
138370565Have you guys ever loved someone romantically a lot (what cool kids call crush) and talked to them o…[View]
138371573Germans stole Polish blondes[View]
138339920/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime el hilo de kyoko[View]
138358107/mena/: نسخة القصور العراقية[View]
138369932Austronesians power level gap: >Samoans >Maoris >Tahitians >Tongans >Fijians >Mala…[View]
138367821Not European[View]
138369848Bri'ish 'people' be like >Bloo'y con'inentals are stealin' BRI'ISH fish …[View]
138368931I don't know what suffering feels like. Tell me about your suffering.[View]
138328883/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição da copa[View]
138372655Japan is literally like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qORYO0atB6g[View]
138364162This is probably the most hardworking Black man in the world: He has been: >US Football High scho…[View]
1383724071- your country 2- Do you clean you glasses everyday?[View]
138372072You can only pick one[View]
138370045Why the Germanic/Anglo man is so obsessed with this?[View]
138363227>Flag literally represents a fucking pizza[View]
138365529/polska/: edycja zarobkowa[View]
1383659911. Country 2. Have you ever been in a street fight?[View]
138368341Gott strafe England[View]
138361840Gáut þis gaízis, Gutané fruma, háuha harja, himinreikis, Austrógáuts Airmanis, jah Iggwis bróþar, dr…[View]
138371703Alienz: Why don't they show themselves? I mean, it's 2021. Half of the world population wo…[View]
138371395Just ate my first pop tard ever. Solid, 6/10 I might be getting diabetes from it[View]
138367044The Kalmar union: When will there be political parties in Norway, Sweden and Denmark that will promo…[View]
138371431ITT: times a country dabbed on itself or other countries: >Orkney and Shetland under Norwegian ki…[View]
138343976Why is the West letting China do this to Africans?[View]
138367376>daylight saving time is still a thing in Europe >As of October 2020, the decision has not bee…[View]
138371414Which country is the cooomer-king?[View]
138371815How do you get a girlfriend in your country? Do you have one, by chance?[View]
138371142>Oh, Berlin. What is Berlin? Berlin, as a city, brings nothing but shame to Germany on the intern…[View]
138367291What does it sound like?[View]
138364317>The EU is funneling money to the Iberian Union + Baltics so all of Evropa can be united under st…[View]
138371416>I suffer in Liechtenstein[View]
138366207>his country doesn't make art with dead people[View]
138369378THIS is what Argentinians look like ???[View]
138371031She's so cute. Why did the Italians have to bully her like that and not just let her go?[View]
138370135Explain this, Russia[View]
138358258/sauna/: halityynypainos[View]
138369082itt:post names of other countries in your language In most Pakistani languages we either use the Lat…[View]
138371108Sssshhhhh The Asians are sleeping[View]
138367794>your country >are you a cheeky lad germany no i'm a leaky chad! :D…[View]
138364843Ceйчac глaвнoe нe бyхтeть.: Oт нac тpeбyeтcя cидeть тихo. Пocлe тoгo, кaк вce cдeлaют, вce бyдeт y н…[View]
138369998Hey roosians: You will never be in the EU.[View]
138358016So this guy raped over 200 unconscious british young men and none of them had doubts?[View]
138371086>was under Spanish rule >most of the people speak English and English is one of the official l…[View]
138371125How is the general workspace environment in your cunt? I have a cousin in US who said that one of hi…[View]
138368203/brit/: there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lovely pie edition[View]
138368250What this phenotype ?[View]
138369078>It's almost 10 years since GALtv Japanese how did this happen.... https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
138370145/int/ translation challenge: How would you translate this page into your language? Any other things …[View]
138368240Are people from your country coffee snobs?[View]
138362002What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about modern Egypt?[View]
138366768When is Tencent going to be blocked from investing in the USA?[View]
138369223We are Northern Europe Never make a mistake again[View]
138368032What will you do if this lady appear in your dream?[View]
138370517What happens in belgium?[View]
138367204Because the beauty of the Welsh slag must not perish from the earth.[View]
138351845What does think about Finland in your country? Literally no one knows[View]
138370336itt we thank other countries for their service thank you for your service Cyprus[View]
138368547why are africans and indians infinitelly more funny and expresive than white 'people'?[View]
138370302I'm obsessed by the politics of peripheral states, but I can't force myself to care about …[View]
138369456Faces of /int/ thread: don't be shy, post yours[View]
138357016/ita/ - il filo: edizione lundini[View]
138370084Where did all the soyposters go? Especially the brazilian, haven't seen him in a while. Did the…[View]
138368838I fucking hate mariachis, they are a government invention that became part of the mexican iconograph…[View]
138369190What's your excuse for not using a desktop as your main computer?[View]
138365516Sverigetråden - Tännforsens upplaga[View]
138369930/luso/: homem de bem fio[View]
138362339I wish I was an American. Americans are proud of their country and don't give a fuck what they …[View]
138367382the idiom 'speak of the devil...' also 'exists' in spanish but it goes like 'speaking of the king of…[View]
138358624>the poorest US state is still richer than Italy, South Korea and Spain >the poorest EU member…[View]
138356388>The degeneracy of the Mediterranean: my town[View]
138369659There's a helicopter passing near my house making a lot of noise[View]
138366972>gainful employment[View]
138364957What are you listening to /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGTqhwnLvFQ[View]
138366218jokes aside, where can i find byzantine gf or at least something closely related to it?[View]
138366412>non americans >Americans are race obsessed far right wing fascists >also non americans …[View]
138360812will china ever compensate for what they have done to the world?[View]
138367432in italy there are more female university graduates than males[View]
138367631>Go to Vietnam >It ain't me starts playing…[View]
138359453What is the most devastating insult you can give someone in your language?[View]
138368217You're all my brothers.[View]
138366503Nazi Germany vs German Empire Which side are you on?[View]
138348419Kazakh girl from uni. Opinions on khazak women?[View]
138368215What's the deal with the 'I am a citizen of the world' crowd?[View]
138365175This is Anna Sofia She is the biggest model in Finland, a TV celebrity and a lawyer. Say something n…[View]
138365490Post army Rations from your country and rate others.[View]
138369080Turks and middle easterners, what's your opinion on your countrymen living in European countrie…[View]
138369133What goes on in North Iceland?[View]
138363195/deutsch/: Autistische Ausgabe[View]
138353748What is your country's most aesthetic battle?[View]
138368448What family names are based and what family names are cringe in your country?: based >choi >ch…[View]
138354587/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пoлeщyки издaниe[View]
138368257>Exploring Poor Rural Chinese Village [4K HD][View]
138365346Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: What's going on here?[View]
138368386Did ancient Swedes really look like this?[View]
138367772Is heightism a problem in your kunt?[View]
138368128Car named swift. It's actually slow.[View]
138365684>Did you see that bloke Farage on the telly the other night? >Bloody right aint he >We cant…[View]
138361208ITT do americans really... I'll start. Do americans really blow dry their bathroom mirrors?[View]
138356606average Romanian woman[View]
138368276/uni/: Post your university, discuss other universities. Sorbonne Université.[View]
138365571Why are Russians always fainting and collapsing and going into comas?[View]
138365476/brit/: my weapon of choice to beat up rorke edition[View]
138367946>50% higher net salaries >housing, fuel, food and bills are CHEAPER Americans don't know …[View]
138363847Do you have any special names for people of certain races in your language? A Slovenian word we can …[View]
138364374What's you most preferred /int/ernational news source?: For me its pic related since it's …[View]
138365956>oh boy, time to make boring, repetitive streams to separate retards from their money because i h…[View]
138366854Why does America fetishize Russia so much?[View]
138365321>your cunt >is your leader related to castro…[View]
138358962So Croats are Serbo-Croatian speakers who practice Catholicism, Bosniaks are Serbo-Croatian speakers…[View]
138365596>Country >Pepe or Apu? Flag I used to like Pepe more but now I prefer Apu…[View]
138359607Post pictures of your country's suburbs.: Most of the suburbs in Japan look like this.[View]
138367334>one chance at life >not born in the United Kingdom…[View]
138365994>clear my throat >dutch friend compliments my accent…[View]
138357480Brits really?[View]
138361151For me, it's Doric Greece, the best region of Greece.[View]
138364185What goes on over here?: Seems like an interesting place, any anons have been to Hainan?[View]
138342784takarodjatok az isibe edition: kurva anyátok[View]
138362292What's the difference between them?[View]
138366194>tfw need to sleep soon coz have to wagecuck tmr I can't do it bros. I think I'm gonna …[View]
138366371whats the punishment for child molestation in your cunt?https://streamable.com/urq7kr flag hanging[View]
138363440Internet censorship: Does this happen in your country?[View]
138365141This is what Ronald Reagan took from you[View]
138366557/int/ couples: French husband and British wife[View]
138366873>nigeria's biggest city has a Portuguese name[View]
138364635>Nationalism? Sure, i'm a pan-europeanist![View]
138365633/eadg/ - East Africa & Diaspora General: I summon all posters from east africa and the diaspora …[View]
138365500/brit/ + /booba/[View]
138362714who made this[View]
138364261If cooming is bad why do all successful rich individuals fap every day?[View]
138363301why yes?[View]
138352498/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: wake up and make that money edition[View]
1383663381. Country 2. Do you drink coffee?[View]
138365288Let's order a pizza with no cheese[View]
138363989this hread has the highest post number as of posting[View]
138363201if we nuke america then I'm fine with immigrants our immigrants are actually well behaved and i…[View]
138342653/norgetråden/: forrige: >>138308848[View]
138365522I love Swedes[View]
138363321What do we think about Turkish girls?[View]
138356518>Why yes I support pornography ban in my country, how could you tell?[View]
138365164What happens in Tasmania[View]
138365230How come I'm racist online, but if I hear people say racist things IRL, I get angry and want to…[View]
138363717Is this accurate description of Sweden and Osterland?[View]
138365531do you believe in god?: Jew: 'YHWH strictly forbids the consumption of pork.' Christian: 'No He does…[View]
138363306Is visiting cemetery a thing in your country? What are some nice ones?[View]
138344089Holy Based: Theodore Roosevelt on Brazil: >If I were asked to name the one point in which there i…[View]
138363311/brit/: the only people you can't criticise -edition[View]
138365436Tell me how the welfare works in your country, and how much does it pays[View]
138363573I'm thinking Asia for my Erasmus+ Alternatively either Germany or France probably What about …[View]
138358190i dream of a united latin america[View]
138362838>Oh go on then luv let me have a go at wanking your knob[View]
138353017/polska/: Edycja chevroleta tahoe departamentu szeryfa los angeles county[View]
138365457What goes on around the Oslo Fjord south of Oslo?[View]
138361826American plagiarism: What have Americans stolen from your country?[View]
138365314Yes I'm chicano No I'm not a brownoid[View]
138359986Just found out there is A TUNNEL UNDER THE FUCKING OCEAN between France and Britian and there is a p…[View]
138339950/tr/: ißßine PİÇlerine soQam edisyonu[View]
138359897Is the difference between North and South Germany still greater than the difference between East and…[View]
138363811>The largest Meat Festival in America is in Peru Lima and not in USA. How can ancient Incans BTFO…[View]
138360899Southern Europeans don't suffer: Northcucks work for years just so they can spend some weeks in…[View]
138364180Dutch bros, what’s your kit for the impending civil war look like?[View]
138358379what are you doing right now?[View]
138342525Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>138328954 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
138354439>Builds the only homegrown civilization in sub saharan Africa. Are they proud of that?…[View]
138360262Thank You France, Very Cool![View]
138364911Why do boomers love this shit?[View]
138358024With Arab history, it's the same as with the Vikings The more you learn about them, the less yo…[View]
138358319what do you think about the average polish male[View]
138357162/asean/: VR edition[View]
138359872Why can south east asians on this board write in perfect english while with east asians, you can bar…[View]
138356168Crazy eyes: Do you come across a lot of women with crazy eyes in your country? Netherlands: by the t…[View]
138363900Welcome to Brazil, where you learn to grow and deal with losses since early on. Truly the land of ba…[View]
138358057Why can’t Poles get along?[View]
138363163How intelligent would you say the run of the mill person in your country is and what is their genera…[View]
138362302Americans tip the landlord[View]
138360662/carib/ edition: Horny Monday: Here Post[View]
138364119Ech sinn d'lescht Joer an Däitschland gaang an ech konnt net verstoe wat gesot gëtt, also hunn …[View]
138362986>Spains favorite child is Argentina Fuck you dad...[View]
1383605621. Country of nationality 2. Have you recognized Fennoswedish soveignty over the geographic entity k…[View]
138354883How is Chinas rise affecting your country, /int/?[View]
138363688>talking about some local politician with friend >he says, 'Yeah, he's based.' >'What?…[View]
138358706Is it difficult to find love and start a family in ur country?[View]
138361030For me, it's the Atlantic Ocean[View]
138361627I want to return to my Asian roots and was thinking about the best way do it. Is to start cooking ev…[View]
138363408Why are you speaking a Danish language?: The Germanic language and culture originally came from Denm…[View]
138363585Americans are the people with the most openness to new ideas and experiences, by far[View]
138351945/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition britannique Ancien : >>138348171[View]
138358644Sverigetråden - Hovupplagan[View]
138359825How mutually intelligible are these languages?[View]
138363652How does language learning affects your IQ?[View]
138355966Vice-President of Brazil.[View]
138360430How much do you pay for a hooker in your cunt?[View]
138359419are you a phone poster of a regular computer poster? which one are you posting from right now?[View]
138358241Do you intend to migrate/are you an immigrant?: It's a matter for survival for me[View]
138340493How are they even considered first world when their mafia is as powerful as it is?[View]
138360443Americans want to go live on the moon because, in space, fat people float.[View]
138359381Europe is like an RPG world, divided between humans(Meds), elves(Slavs) and orcs(Nords)[View]
138362889>I'm losing hair? Cool, I must be high test[View]
138355680I ran out of my money: 21:37, I ate nothing today Maybe I'll kms soon[View]
138362995Nachdenkliche Ausgabe[View]
138358112Why are they so obsessed in being cucked importing the worst nations in world?[View]
138355336Wow, brave[View]
138361511I didn't complete my Math exam[View]
138362115it snowed for ten minutes before slowly turning into rain then into nothingness what is an /int/erna…[View]
138360946How do you feel knowing that France and the UK are more mediterranean than Portugal since Ceuta was …[View]
138362729I make a lot of fun of muttrican posters because they're mongrels, but I'm only half frenc…[View]
138354547Imagine living in a country with a boring ass tricolor for a flag LMAO like seriously you guys can…[View]
138359948Why does our SEA neighbors hate us?: Is it because our dumbass of a president is in cahoots with chi…[View]
138360797>w-what, I'm in heaven? but I never believed in god or jesus! wait, you're saying I wen…[View]
138360808How is Damian Marley not considered white[View]
138355592is Korean culture winning against Japan culture?: I heard that kdrama and kpop is taking over the se…[View]
138361480>older than 18 >still listens to music[View]
138355328Is it true that westerners bro don't take daily shower? and if it's true. Why are westerne…[View]
138362110How did he get away with it?: https://youtu.be/qbQHGVE4Vpo[View]
138361792Weed: the american problem: What went wrong in the US? I'll tell you: people stopped drinking a…[View]
138355820/nederdraad/: De draadstarter zoekt een keukenmachine editie. Paal aub je keukenmachine.[View]
138360244Did you know the oldest fishing net in the world comes from Finland? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A…[View]
138360536Qatar: Why does Qatar make Saudis so mad?[View]
138352469How are retards treated in your country?[View]
138361746True/false quiz: ummm guys does Netherlands import muslims[View]
138325900/balk/: The fact that all of nature is based upon mathematics may suggest that mathematics is the co…[View]
138350048Japan loves Finland! https://youtu.be/YVnRe9BxdXM Please notice me, Suomi![View]
138358391Why are Europeans so Islamophobic?[View]
138356462The only way to solve the climate change problem is by killing 60% of our human population[View]
138359000Shut up brownfat[View]
138359906Is sugar wine common common in your country? >Finland >Yes High alcohol taxation forces us in…[View]
138361333>go outside >see normies >day ruined…[View]
138357710>Eastern european post punk[View]
138360288I SUFFER in Germany: >highest income taxes in the observable universe >highest electricity pri…[View]
138360572is this a good looking soup in your country?[View]
138360380Do French girls like Argentie boys?: I wanna move to France to get myself a French qt pic very relat…[View]
138360782I just learned about how much white people suffered and are suffering right now... I'm so sorry…[View]
138358104Is Finnish hard to learn? How does it compare to the other languages you know?[View]
138361038>Uruk, not Baghdad[View]
138358220/brit/: the decline of the british empire edition[View]
138360344>Ribbentrop took to shouting at the Turkish Ambassador in Berlin, as part of the effort to win Tu…[View]
138350037who is the pewdiepie of your country?[View]
138356707Albanians: Why does nobody talk about them anymore? It seemed like every third thread, comment or me…[View]
138356914What's the difference between them?[View]
138353743>Mossadegh What do you know about him?[View]
138357768why are they like this?[View]
138357206Are Americans like this in your cunt?[View]
138360171Is he gonna be ok?[View]
138355634staff sergeant is shouting and keeping everyone awake again[View]
138355841how are nafris considered not white[View]
138356206When will we stop this 'French are faggots/effeminate' meme: When Britishmen, Germans, or even Spani…[View]
138351908Europeans start learning sex ed at 10 and lose their virginity at 13[View]
138359180country that women will never understand[View]
138358702El hombre argentino es el hombre basado.[View]
1383598731. your country 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8g0ZZFqKz8[View]
138355767This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
138357877Does your country have a good civil society? I mean like NGOs, interest groups, unions, etc.[View]
138356078Forklift exam is tomorrow.[View]
138354683Japanese and Koreans are so similar, why do they hate each other?[View]
138353324Is this house price ok for you?[View]
138359493>germanic? nah we're Bergenic[View]
138356949Why do they think Germans are blond? Most of them have dark brown hair[View]
138359206>go outside >see peopke my age walkingwhile holding hands >go back home >contemplate sui…[View]
138355754Why are Blonde people universally considered the most attractive and desirable from others?[View]
1383459911. your country 2. can you go on walks at night without fearing for your life? >flag >yeah I l…[View]
138357302Not a single civilized country in blue.[View]
138358647Unironically a European settler colony Think about it rationally[View]
138358557бpaтaны: I am moving to Ukraine to teach English[View]
138358744>no Finnish gf to whisper her language in my ear[View]
138353123how do we make Poland a western country?[View]
138356134/brit/: Lads on tour at Stalingrad edition[View]
138342376I am an American of Mexican descent. I am the direct descendant of the otomi tribe of the Bajio regi…[View]
138328576/MENA/ 'winter is ending' edition What did you do this winter?[View]
138358530Turks keep winning in foreign affairs. Sweden backs Turkey and Azerbaijan to ensure our future.[View]
138355307>i suffer in HVLLAS[View]
138356115Based or cringe?[View]
138353697Foreign nicknames: Do you have a foreign nickname? My friends call me 'the Turk' because im quite sw…[View]
138358247Is it possible for them to ever reunite?[View]
138350779>Country >Do you have diabetes? >If so, what do you usually have for your birthday?…[View]
138357709I ate Mexican food today[View]
138350838/ita/ - il filo del cavalier alfredo[View]
138354725h-hullo. yes this is mcdonalds. can i take you order pls?[View]
138352044in this thread we post maps without legends and people try to guess what they are,and then hopefully…[View]
138352403vgh... what covld have been[View]
138353813Mouse plague in Australia at the moment. There are fucking mice everywhere.[View]
138347625Post pictures that please americans: Let's show our Amerifriends we like them[View]
138349745Do you think Elon Musk will succeed in creating a colony on Mars? Would you join it if you had the p…[View]
138357952VGH... my ancestor :)[View]
138356841Facts: Internet communities deteriorate the more Europeans they accumulate.[View]
138347194Do Czechs REALLY?????[View]
138347046>The housecat doesnt belong in europe because it was brought over from foreign lands >it doesn…[View]
138354679What youtubers do germs watch in Germany?[View]
138356435What goes on here?[View]
138354835>get remote job paying as little as 24k dollars a year >instantly the richest guy in your smal…[View]
138357573Brits should apologize for unleashing upon the world this new deadly disease[View]
138357642any international truck drivers, flight attendants/pilots, sailors? do you really 'see' the world th…[View]
138355141In my country's 73 year long History, not a single prime minster has ever completed his/her ter…[View]
138357509What would a developed Thai society look like?: It seems their hatly gaining wealth to breakthrough …[View]
138335748/asean/: reading together edisi[View]
138356846Is it possible to get a 186 cm tall husband who looks like this and works in an office when you…[View]
138356103>Country >Is driver license expensive? Flag Yes…[View]
138326621/sauna/: rutistuspainos[View]
138357296Woah - Swedish people look like THAT?[View]
138353651>HEIGHT >AVERAGE HEIGHT IN YOUR CUNT 178cm/5'10 - MINE 163cm/5'4 -AVERAGE FOR MALES …[View]
138356698Would you ever be an ambassador and if yes in which cunt?[View]
138352205Sverigetråden - Hundeupplagan[View]
138356989Your country Are you committed to diversity and inclusion? Why or why not?[View]
138354920What is considered success at 30 in your country?[View]
138356860How common is this in your country?[View]
138356862What kunts are you afraid of?[View]
138354385Why did Erdogan threw them under the bus? I thought he was the champion of Islam. A modern day Salad…[View]
138355165Map of where US government employees get danger pay. Blue = All employees Purple = DEA only/bonus Pi…[View]
138356553>I'm from Wigan, me[View]
138349493How can I stop fapping /int/ frens?[View]
138353104/brit/: POV: you’re a construction worker edish[View]
138355504Is it possible to have a flat occiput but still be dolichocephalic or mesocephalic?[View]
138353994Do patriotic Germans miss German Empire?[View]
138354584>slovenia comprised less than 10% of Yugoslavias population but was responsible for over 20% of i…[View]
138355009>Country (that's right country not cunt) >Is your head of state attractive Norway No, we…[View]
138351789what are you doing under corona?[View]
138351704/deutsch/: NEET-Überlegenheitsausgabe[View]
138353431>your country >how are you treated as a migrant germany it's tough, whitey keeps us down …[View]
138348240This is gay as fuck.[View]
138351317OH NO NO NO: >The evacuation and following mass-exodus of the Serbs from the RSK led to a signifi…[View]
138352998why do third world country always this rustic charm to it?[View]
138354483Are guys that hit girls considered scum in your country? My father taught me to never hit girls or b…[View]
138353011this is traditional european cuisine, what do you think?[View]
138353877Why do the Viennese still maintain that shitty soviet monument left by occupying ivans ~65 years ago…[View]
138354959Change the date: Some people argue that we shouldn't celebrate the 26th of January since that…[View]
138354291You ever think the reason Hungarians and Romanians hate each other is because Hungarians are Huns an…[View]
138354597India is a very old civilization with a rich history[View]
138352218The girl I like dont like me because Im not white or chink: This makes me very sad :([View]
138354398It wasn't fair. Simple as.[View]
138339387/NEDERDRAAD/: Tijd om op te staan lieve jongens, meisjes en andere soort.[View]
138354675soooo Americans literally give billions of dollars to Jews they never met in Israel every year?[View]
138354975Danish people are wild https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-bKDTNbvdw[View]
138353891do you prefer nothern or southern europe?[View]
138354708What's your favorite spot to be alone /int?[View]
138354701>your cunt >are you healthy? flag yes[View]
138350894I completely failed finding in Google local Chans. Let's create a list[View]
138352424No wonder they hate the English: 'When the town had been taken in this way and its citizens had subm…[View]
138338718/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: издaниe хз чeгo дeлaю этьт тpeд пoтoмy чтo хoчy пoшyтить пpo Чeчню[View]
138320810/ex-yu/: Boli nas kurac izdanje[View]
138348593>Firstoids eat waffles and pancakes for breakfast Wouldn't that make you phat?…[View]
138351983Australia should change its flag to this[View]
138354050Is there something about the eternal snow that makes Canadian actresses immune to the wall?[View]
138352222/hell/: never gone ekdosis[View]
138353600How will I be treated in Ukraine if I visit it as a brown full bearded man?[View]
138340268Why do Europeans dress like homosexuals?[View]
138350864Do you love Sweden?[View]
138346963When I see the glorious Turkish flag in a thread my heart starts beating a little faster. I immediat…[View]
138349882WTF I love china now[View]
138337982Which country do you prefer and why[View]
138351680Why do Europeans use posters of Indians and Pakistanis when they want to show Arabs. the Muslims who…[View]
138350591/brit/: reggi edition[View]
138352738>NPC; the countries[View]
138346898Just found out that Europeans don't learn about time zones in school. Do they teach them in you…[View]
138347348Moot left 4chan, moved on and created a family. Why haven't you /int/?[View]
138352896/hwan/: tinder edition[View]
138350309Is bellybutton piercings common in your country? While wearing earrings and nosering has always been…[View]
138344962This needs to happen.[View]
138352718>Get your life ruined because you talked to a girl not even 3 years younger than yourself >the…[View]
138352176/fr/ - le francofil: Edition des poissons Précédent: >>138348171[View]
138350975Calling all thirdies: You did do something to help your country today, right?[View]
138350136>I get no response in generals because of my flag happens in your count?…[View]
138353077>tfw not Hungarian >tfw romani-an It's not fair. I'm so close to civilization and ye…[View]
138353055Hey it's me Shithar: Just let you know that I'm currently in Germany were all people stare…[View]
138338153/polska/: edycja /deutsch/[View]
138351787https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vz4O_lNbZ4 Do Americans really?[View]
138349908How popular is cross country skiing in your country? >very popular https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
138337575Why do Indians eat on the floor like this?[View]
138324465/balt/ + /ausnz/: 64th thread >ywnh sex with slug editiom[View]
138351441This confuses and enrages the American.[View]
138352762Our president looks like a teddy bear[View]
138351021why do old white women like Africa so much?[View]
138332062/int/ webm thread[View]
138352340what is wrong using the word ' y'all '? seems like wytopeeps are suddenly coming out of the woo…[View]
138350884What are Italian Americans like?[View]
138346947Race fraud: How hard would it be to pass as another race while being a black guy? I’m honestly think…[View]
138352123Just found out about Frech: Damn...[View]
138352516/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: lemon edition[View]
138352339Tell me about this country anons. Why are girls from it always messaging me on interpals? Other 3rd …[View]
138347080why do americans use toilet paper to wipe their poop? isn't not sanitary and disgusting to you …[View]
138346581How to get rid of boredom?????[View]
138346162Why haven't you moved to an African country to start a new life and be happy?[View]
138351529>Argentina, hand over the Patagonia[View]
138352196Just found out abou..[View]
138349939>FBI agents get 10% danger pay in Bahrain That's Honduras-tier wtf I thought they were just …[View]
138349080>جني ماسوني خادم عين بصوته الحقيقي مع الراقي جمال الدين >خروج ملك الجن (شمهروش) خادم سحر الأرح…[View]
1383497491. flag 2. countries you hate 1. flag 2. Afghanistan,Albania,Algeria,Andorra,Angola,Antigua&Deps…[View]
138344131Im literally the only spain flag awake right now[View]
138348029/slo/: Kaj bi lahko bilo...[View]
138345143/deutsch/: Morgendliche Ausgabe für die Lohnschafbrudis[View]
138347322Are there problems related to the multiethnic background of Brazil? Are people racists there?[View]
138339489>Asians can't be badas- Chinese-Canadian, with a meth empire operating out of Australia. $17…[View]
138348171/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition filles gameuses Ancien : >>138340265[View]
138348056Why are East Europe so poor other than Poland??? What make Pole superior than the other East Europea…[View]
138347328What'sit like to live in a country with a high population?[View]
138347803Is your country a cultural colony of South Korea? >Taiwan >Yes, all young Taiwanese love Korea…[View]
138351258Do we have any American soldiers on this board?: Do you actually like it when people thank you for y…[View]
138351413/int/ vocaroo thread please give your best imitation of the black man in this video: https://www.you…[View]
138344171Just get along[View]
138350636Post the yearbook of your school[View]
138341108Realistically, only asian countries are capable of going beyond first-world tier imo. >only count…[View]
138344080Koreans are Stupid enough to disgusting The 3rd corona shock has now subsided, but this time there h…[View]
138350787>fährt do germoids really?[View]
138350204Japan is closed. No immigrants, no refugees and no tourists.[View]
138351042What's it like living in a metropolis? Does anyone here live in a city with say 10 million or …[View]
138341550Post lake towns from your country[View]
138350800why do nips refused to draw their own facial features onto their own cartoon despite seeking affinit…[View]
138350600/brit/: anime edish[View]
138346846Jewish thread[View]
138326184/ita/ - il filo: edizione Shinji è un frocio[View]
138346260Your country What are your favourite stories from school?[View]
138350789What youtubers do you germs watch in german speaking countries?[View]
138347536VGH THE NEW WORLD[View]
138343203This is considered a medium sized pizza in my country: However, I'm told it's considered s…[View]
138347034>Is your country's Wikipedia article protected? Unfortunately yes, other wise I might have s…[View]
138348069Portuguese if it was spoken by humans[View]
138344685You country Your favourite SCP[View]
138343831Why do the Japanese discriminate against the Japanese mixed with Europeans?: Is it a legitimate feel…[View]
138350327https://youtu.be/2EbDBcV8Nzo Can Turkish Chris-Chan pass as a local in your country?[View]
138342700> Well, actually you see, I'm like 12% muscogee.[View]
138350009This is the only based mukbang https://youtu.be/kad8auZo9Ng[View]
138345114Is Tokyo the greatest city on earth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kxKbFawvvY&ab_channel=Ramb…[View]
138336962These are the only European countries I care about, the rest can fuck off.[View]
138350154All I wanted was a Scandinavian fren. A little Finnish, Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian fren. Is that …[View]
138344181Give me a reason to leave the house tomorrow Dubs chooses what place I visit[View]
138343566>this enrages the 1st worlder[View]
138341521Tipping Etiquette: What amount is considered customary in your country to pay on the tip screen at b…[View]
138348519/brit/: Big man edish[View]
138348122As the storm raged around us, I walked up and down my sector. The men had fixed bayonets. They stood…[View]
138350094Any drawfags?: Can someone make a wojak of him?[View]
138331047Sverigetråden - bry int[View]
138346924If Ukrainians are not real nation, neither are palestinians[View]
138348659/한국어/: 외노자 에디션[View]
138345902>The British Union of Fascists (BUF) was a British fascist antisemitic political party formed in …[View]
138343962When did the whole world become so soulless?[View]
138349312>be american >commit small crime by accident >get sentenced to 835 years in prison…[View]
138344110We're heading towards brighter times northern hemisphere bros[View]
138344789Another Korean Rapper died: It is not known whether he suicided or not[View]
138346290Why do the Portuguese always have this flute-shaped kind of mouth?[View]
138344123Why do some North Africans look East Asian[View]
138348810If the Chinese attack on Taiwan ends up igniting an actual real war between the United States and Ch…[View]
138340602Are Croatians always this stern and bitchy?[View]
138345023Are you addicted to a particular food?: Yes. I cannot stop consuming citrus. Whether they be lemons,…[View]
138345431>yes you will come to America >you will make 100k a year >you will eat McDonald’s >you …[View]
138340159What does MENA (Muslim ) people think of Japanese? Do they think the same thing like European do?[View]
138325994All memes aside, what's life here actually like? The general stereotype goes: >very orderly …[View]
138346739Im Franco Ontarien and have a hard time understanding french from france[View]
138348517Nobody cares oldoid[View]
138343295In Turkey, they are actually taught that they built the Haghia Sophia. It is considered an example o…[View]
138345979>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, cinnamon or chocolate?…[View]
138346029King of the mutts[View]
138346089/brit/: crazy like a fool[View]
138347441IT'S DARE[View]
138344450Nooo joo hang up[View]
138346619Japanese government is falsifying the number of people infected with COVID-19.: >They have delibe…[View]
138346073.: What if South america wasn't ever colonized and never adopted christianity? What would a Bud…[View]
138345066is it true Russians love bears and see them as normal pets to have?[View]
138340265/fr/ - le fil /confit/: Édition /confit/ Seulement des postes /confits/ et /gentils/ sont acceptés A…[View]
138342496Indian cow piss step aside.[View]
138346744Its impossible for me to sleep the night before anything even slightly important in my life. What th…[View]
138344674I did it /pol/, two years after I got redpilled on the JQ and racemixing, I divorced my latina wife …[View]
138346108American 'comedies' be like >'YOU'RE A VIRGIN?!? HEY EVEYONE, LOOK!! HE'S STILL A VIRGI…[View]
138347809/Carib/: Post Negaritas[View]
138347491So fucking true[View]
138343216Does your cunt have an irish diaspora?: How about a greek population?[View]
138344870Despite kkkalifornia being 12% of the population, 47% of all homeless people in America are in kkkal…[View]
138346368You are a male but you descent from a female HOLY SHIT[View]
138346934Why do they pretend to be black? are they so ashamed of being arab?[View]
138347457Wtf is wrong with Americans?: https://youtu.be/tixOyiR8B-8[View]
138335379>read the Nobel Prize in latin america >no brazil…[View]
138345779What is this phenotype?[View]
138344294Do these niggas wish they spoke real Spanish instead of the knock off version?[View]
138347092Everytime you feel bad, remember that there are /int/cels who are race-mixed[View]
138335422Why is it still shit if they are so advanced?[View]
138343752In the wake of Brexit, CANZUK shilling has gone into overdrive as Britroaches attempt to define a ro…[View]
138346143Internet relationships aren’t real. Your “friends” in discord aren’t actually your friends.[View]
138339161>I love Jesus too (PBUH) as a prophet of God.[View]
138341852Burgerbros...: It's getting a bit real out there. Something bad's coming. You can tell…[View]
138345702They speak the same language and Filipinos are just Catholic culturally Latino Malays[View]
138340934I don't want to end up like this. Does this happen in your cunt ?[View]
138345619Looks asian lol[View]
138344214What does it cost to get a redhead spouse in your cunt? Are they worth it?[View]
138344927How do we deal with the Irish question???[View]
138346195we are the martians the butt ugly martians[View]
138346286Does this happen in your country?[View]
138335930>stopped watching porn >stopped hating life >suddenly stops liking femboys too >start pr…[View]
138345822>two languages? why would i need to know two languages?[View]
138343530/brit/: for the discussion of British culture[View]
138340349If you replaced all women in Korea with Japanese women and all Japanese women with Korean you would …[View]
138332931Why do American companies do this to their employees?[View]
138340626I suffer more than you[View]
138342597Half-japanese half-indian[View]
138345869Korean girls are so gosh darn pretty[View]
138345906Why are so many British Indians such insufferable coconuts?[View]
138344318>The Iraq–Saudi Arabia border is 811 km[View]
138345493How are hapa children treated in you cunt? Here they're ignored.[View]
138344743Why are incels so obsessed with Japanese women?[View]
138343720What's the deal with all these self hating argies on the internet? I'm not saying we all s…[View]
138343678I've just received an offer to be an instructor of Arabic in a European university. Their salar…[View]
138317825/desi/: late night edition[View]
138338578Ummmm... India bros??[View]
138344856I visited Armenia when last year. And now I got back to my homeland. Stuck in usual routine again j…[View]
138329162/nachtschicht/ morgen vielleicht wieder /deutsch/: Der Mellernie ihre Ausgabe[View]
138332914> i suffer in colombia no you dont, literal brap hogs everywhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
138343613do turks look like this?[View]
138344994It's fucking expensive and complicated to get a driver license here. Does it happen in your cou…[View]
138341880Brazilians, what are your opinions on neo imperialist westoids trying to stop you guys from using yo…[View]
138344873Is Pakistan a Turkic Nation?[View]
138343767Do Japanese people really get so sick from the common cold that they have to rest in bed for a week?[View]
138344895Are u part of the BASED belt?[View]
138342443Can someone explain the relationship between white women and canines?[View]
138344797The US would be based again if we returned to this kind of attitude https://youtu.be/PdjA3iKYjk0 Thi…[View]
138341401>nigeria's biggest city has a Portuguese name[View]
138344626Why are Japanese so polite?????[View]
138330722New England: What happens in New England? Is it a particularly English place in any way?[View]
138344320I am Portuguese by citizenship but my ethnic group is Celtic Gallaecian blood flows through my veins…[View]
138341374Another Korean actress just suicided[View]
138344536Why are Hindus like this?[View]
138344571Greatest pope ever Thanks Poland[View]
138342495Which country is this?[View]
138344555Middle and upper class Brazilians punish their children by forcing them to attend public school. Doe…[View]
138341047My DNA breakdown: Do you see your country in my genetic data?[View]
138343830I love the British[View]
138342602What are your thoughts on the second most successful country in Africa, Mauritius? Population: 1.3 …[View]
138317451What is the official gay capital of your country? Do you live there or would you like to move there?[View]
138340781How common are ushankas in Russia? Please tell me they're common.[View]
138344202Carinderia: Firstoids will never know the comfyness of dirty road side food stalls[View]
138343145korean gf is cu-[View]
138343437>The Congo has seen more fatal plane crashes than any other African country since 1945. As a resu…[View]
138342725>I suffer in Central America where gang violence and poverty are omnipresent…[View]
138329800Does your country have chinese eyes?[View]
138344133Anon, do you also feel disgusted by the thought of having relations with a non-virgin woman. I’m not…[View]
138342788I don’t wanna work, my company has to go into corona vacation so I can stay home[View]
138343337How to live like a king: >travel to Japan >move either into countryside or into an abandoned …[View]
138341460I hate racism. Wish that all people of different races can live together in harmony.[View]
138343801Can I pass as native in your country?[View]
138336630I want a cute American girl to become my girlfriend and future wife and for her to bear my children,…[View]
138337842Do Japanese really[View]
138342360>Your cunt >What would happen if I went to a psychiatrist in your cunt and told them that I…[View]
138343100ITT countries you have blocked on the 4chanX extension in red[View]
138340000/brit/: Tranny rat edition[View]
138342873I like Japan ever since I first played Shogun 2 in 2011 :)[View]
138340867what is singaporean culture?[View]
138343109Good night frens[View]
138338870Does this happen in your country?[View]
138342712Is she well know in your cunt?[View]
138342790Is Yokohama just southern Tokyo?[View]
138341794why are americans like this?[View]
138339758Übermuttsch The athletic prowess of a black man combined with the intelligence of a white man. What …[View]
138342247I want to make this thread to thank the GERMANS for THE SCORPIONS. THE SCOPRIONS are the best band i…[View]
138342934>when I get too full from eating, my body has a physiological reaction where my nose gets stuffed…[View]
138341927What happened to all of the European tribes? When was the last date for a European tribe as they los…[View]
138342004Who wore it best?[View]
138338901who would win in a battle of autism Ben Franklin or Varg?[View]
138320106american houses dont have fences why[View]
138341269Pic related is whiter than all of Latin America and Most of Southern Europe despite having 2 black p…[View]
138342325why are somalians either really ugly or attractive? there is no inbetween. My polish cousin in the U…[View]
138342796what do you hear? share it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6ntsnoI1vcc[View]
138339642>open thread on /int/ >some thirdie from a country with nice weather and beautiful women is tr…[View]
138338587Have you ever been in a lockdown in your highschool?: >yes we had a bomb threat when I was a fres…[View]
138336607Did you know Brazil has T U C A N O?[View]
138338216What goals would you like your country to achieve?: What goals would you like your country to achiev…[View]
138337859Do you have people that read either of these in your country?[View]
138342277As an American.....I am free[View]
138337729just make the entire thing into an Indian Reservation[View]
138340086Do Americans really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMZ_rQKAy7c[View]
138286033/v4/ + friends: Nuremberg Chronicle edition[View]
138341054.: Why are nearly all men from this country bald?[View]
138341358>that that >had had Do Anglos really?[View]
138340839Does your country have high quality journalism?[View]
138341608why jews, muslims and christians hate themselves if in theory they worship the same god?[View]
138340748What race would I be in your country?[View]
138341784Thoughts on fondue?: Also which nation does it originally belong to? Switzerland, right?[View]
138339674/lat/ hilo latino: Hilo Pikachu con Inka Cola[View]
138308848/norgetråden/: Ambulansepersonellutgaven Forrige >>138285926 >>138285926 >>1382859…[View]
138288407/flag/ + /extraflags/: Tajikistan Edition Previous thread: >>138220850 Welcome to /extraflags/…[View]
138341459i will always be stupid and low IQ[View]
138341558This is the face of the poster who calls you Zhang.[View]
138340342> Close associates of the Emperor Alexander I wrote in their memoirs that in spring and summer th…[View]
138341337Why are brits nice in real life, but massive fags online?[View]
138341479are your country's mailmen trustworthy?[View]
138340292what part of australia is most similar to your cunt?[View]
138339179Why is women’s prime age so low? Women aren’t hot until they have atleast a few wrinkles on their fa…[View]
138339444# of income earning population making over $100,000 usd: Canada - 5% USA - 20% Switzerland - 38% Den…[View]
138337926Are women gold diggers in your cunt?[View]
138340733> As most Brazilians have a mixture of Portuguese, African and Indian ancestry, Gobineau saw the …[View]
138338483Are MENA mutts?[View]
138339454I unconditionally hate women. Irrational sneaky chaotic hypocrticial ego centric selfish whores that…[View]
138331823impossible to suffer[View]
138340458>cheapest studio bedrooms in my city go for $1400 does this bullshit happen in your cunt?…[View]
138338450Do you love Japan?[View]
138340486Yet another Korean Actress commit suicide: Actress Song Yoo Jung has committed suicide. According to…[View]
138340910Why does this place look like penis: It literally looks like a penis that got chopped but part of it…[View]
138324291Post some food from your cunt you would be proud to show to a different cunt[View]
138338043Why cant the west make anime ?[View]
138340900So, he's /ourguy/, right?: I honestly couldn't think of someone who would be a better cand…[View]
138318260/prc/ - People's Republic of China general: A general thread for all China related discussion…[View]
138340611New Scotland[View]
138338609Why are they so mean?[View]
138340584Albania: Any Albanians here that can get me up to speed on the culture? What movies, in Albanian, ha…[View]
138340085I can't enjoy most popular medias anymore because my brain has been destroyed by race shit so I…[View]
138337875Why are white incels so scared of the mutt bvll[View]
138337306>15% of the population are non Europeans >15% of the population are recent euro diasporas …[View]
138330296feels bad[View]
138337270Are Southern Chinese the best looking Chinese. They do not have plastic surgery.[View]
138338518Have you ever seen the Luxembourg flag on 4chan ? Yes, i think we all probably mistook it for the D…[View]
138334429/ro/ - Nebunia lu juvel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwbgYxcIlio[View]
138335962Red & White Club: You can only post on this thread if your flag contains ONLY the colours red an…[View]
138340224>Europeans invade literally all the continents on earth bringing destruction, genocide, slavery a…[View]
138335207Breakfast in 50 countries[View]
138328954Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>138300082 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
138328756Damn. Just learned this country is based.[View]
138329070/lat/ hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
138332704You wake up in rural nevada[View]
138337622/brit/: for the discussion of British culture[View]
138337424Our presidente has COVID. Say something nice about him[View]
138339582Morning birds in your city/village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EZ66v4T7Zw[View]
138337653wtf dutchbros...[View]
138334308Anyone here get vaccined for covid yet, how do you feel?[View]
138336651https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F45yNv7OeBw This is Mediterranean monkey 'culture'[View]
138336367Isreali Anons upon watching the spectacular film Cuties[View]
138336179>Europeans are sleeping :)[View]
138335682Dating as an Ethnic Minority In Your Nation: Hello /int, I am an Indo-Semite. I only like Asian girl…[View]
138338852Why do hindu women like to post comments like this?[View]
138333698>Went on the latina hashtag on TikTok >Go back on my nofap I started on New Year's Fuck…[View]
138338097I've thought..: Is it possible for nowadays Americans who have obvious proof of root on Anglos …[View]
138334881wtf spain?[View]
138338889Does your country have G I N G E R S?[View]
138328842wh'te men are hot i want to get bleached[View]
138339020>as a kid, he crawled into duvet covers and played cave explorer imagine being this autistic lmao…[View]
138337801he would be so much hotter if he grew his hair[View]
138337486>your cunt >do you watch american football flag yes…[View]
138332590Do Asians actually get offended by the whole 'good at math and karate' stereotype? What's so ba…[View]
138337445Why doesn't Australia change its flag to this?[View]
138337320How many times do you eat mcdonalds a week in you're country ? I eat it 6 times a week, sometim…[View]
138338167>right one destroys british pussy >left one destroys british bussy How can indonesians be so …[View]
138335056Germany Sweden Friendship Thread[View]
138335230Was Finland for the Axis or allies?[View]
138334445>Europeans i know speak simply or are sometimes socially cringe/akward >Americans i know speak…[View]
138247662DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2514: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
138328083why are americans like this? wtf does coffee have to do with guns?[View]
138311069/esp/ - Edición memes de mierda[View]
138338490>Just found out I have Irish heritage I can't go on. I can't live like this. I always t…[View]
138336961Have you knelt to Xi and China yet? It's unironically the Chinese Millennium, better get on the…[View]
138337816Make me Hungry for your cultures food.[View]
138333129Do you use Latinx or Latine?[View]
138334669.: My very religious mother found my milf cooomer sketchbook, wat nau?[View]
138336848I DON'T consent to the bullying of German people on /int/. They are humans just like us and des…[View]
138321672What is your net worth?[View]
138327591>open an islamic terrorist group Nasheed on youtube >50% of the comment section are latin amer…[View]
138332871Country Joke Thread: Joke time! Whats the most angry country in the world?[View]
138288236/skandi/: Ridderne af LIDL-udgaven[View]
138331935What do mexicans think of him?[View]
138330976here's your Germanic white nationalist gf bro[View]
138332576I don't know why people are so obsessed with having children, they are hard to take care and de…[View]
138316850kurva anyátok[View]
1383357191.cunt 2.do you like self help book?: 1.jap 2.I hate.[View]
138333207Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
138337600Please /int/ bros, help me overcome my severe boredom by asking me anything, i'll answer with e…[View]
138336585Is this the perfect girl? >cute >thick >a literal princess…[View]
138337301why are there so many pictures of xi jinping toasting?[View]
138332916What is she gonna write /int/?[View]
138335695/brit/: the gang edition[View]
138330991/polska/: edycja gorącej babci[View]
138337564Soy un trolazo me gusta el pedazo lalalalalalalala[View]
138334620Why is the north of Morocco like this While[View]
138334949/graph/: Seatbelt usage per country[View]
138336572>be middle class millennial meme struggling to make ends meet >find answer for meme mental ill…[View]
138327682/MEX/: Edición finales de conferencia Que hacen este domingo amigos? , Mantengan el autismo al mínim…[View]
138328588Rightful property of the French empire, along with all of its qt girls.[View]
138332346Are women in your country racist?[View]
138336431Brexit: What the fuck am I gonna do now? I wanted to go live in Spain but some old cunts in my count…[View]
138316468/éire/: Eagrán déanach[View]
138336802>Zhang killed and ate 20 people. Based Chinese Cannibal Chad dabbing on Chinks…[View]
138315484>other countries still have the ideal of the Disney princess which must be elegant, polite and re…[View]
138335792>Family is half-German >Have German cousin added on Steam >Ask him if he wants to play with…[View]
138334775All of these belongs to us.[View]
138336321what is up with english teachers being rude?[View]
138294848/asean/: Du30 edition[View]
138333788why is so rare to see large ethnic european families in western countries nowadays?[View]
138332681>the canadian that reacts to random images screaming 'BARNEY FAG DIE DIE' >ausfreak >the ga…[View]
138336209Ten years ago, the age of consent in Spain was 13.[View]
138330093>There exists and ENTIRE continent and not once in 4chan's history has someone with a flag f…[View]
138321922How are sexual minorities treated in your cunt?[View]
138331939/NEDERDRAAD/: Atmosfeer editie Welkom: lucht en vluchtigheid Niet-Welkom: vacuum[View]
138333970/brit/: last sosig edition[View]
138335117Where does one meet future wives in your cunt? I want to start a family early, am 19 years old. Want…[View]
138309829If Spain, Portugal and Southern Italy as well as the balkans are Europeans why can't western Tu…[View]
138333431Are you proud of your country's Mednigger heritage? I am.[View]
138330292Sverigetråden: Stalin[View]
138330465Damn Varg is going all out[View]
138329548Why do the Dutch start balding at an early age?[View]
138334966Who is this little Norwegian and why are they so cute[View]
138334153>make a typo on /int/ >worry everyone will think I'm an ESL immigrant…[View]
138328925I like Japan[View]
138334717>tfw you remember the times you lived in a college fraternity with the boys >tfw you were happ…[View]
138330563How do french women smell like?[View]
138334898WHY A LEAF[View]
138326625How has corona affected your country? >Bars close at 00:00 >Military parades have been cancell…[View]
138332822my internet provider: german my car: german my bank: german my mechanical watch: german gas station:…[View]
138327985what are attitudes towards mental health in your country? In mine it seems to be nonexistent. People…[View]
138333522Every second firstoid has all of the following >house >car >phone >computer >the late…[View]
138330678german turks: Are they really a 'society within a society' that refuses to assimilate and maintains …[View]
138319847/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Caгнaння cмaгi нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138308205 https://textwall.xyz/rus+…[View]
138334741Pelopincho en la vereda: does this happen in your country?[View]
138333366What defines something as 'Western' or 'influenced by Western culture' if you don't mind me ask…[View]
138333004>yes queen[View]
138334511eastern europeans always say they suffer but the prettiest women I've met have all been from th…[View]
138329038>men of Moroccan origin, aged 18-25, commit 5,4 times more crime than native Dutchmen of the same…[View]
138332701It doesn't matter if they are white or not, they are cute (:[View]
138333831VGH.....THE SOVLFVL STREETS OF ÅmericÅ[View]
138329688Holy moly mother of god! Just learned about Norway and BERGEN. Based S-O-V-L[View]
138332477/brit/: leave it on reddit next time edition[View]
138334225>I had an overdose and gastritis in the last 24 hrs Does this happen in your country? I got sick …[View]
138331912Are Croatians the most powerful people of Europe?: Perfect mixture of the best Italians (Venetians) …[View]
138332377I'm almost 30 years old and I have no children and no wife. Does this happen in your country?[View]
138333215Why were Britishers so good at drug dealing ?[View]
138327743Wh*te Americans really convinced the world that all Black Americans live in ghettos or projects. Did…[View]
138333045how do you progress past regular progressiveism, where would progressivism go with no standard for w…[View]
138287356Post pictures that scares the American[View]
138333373>we truly are the united states of america[View]
138327304If you're a Brazilian who listens to funk: please off yourself[View]
138327119/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Yeah, it's a Brady edition[View]
138332029UVVVGh ... the brazilian Belle Époque ... what it could have been ..,.[View]
138333247>I am the Chile of my sword Why is this country so edgy?[View]
138328025swedish twink engineers........ i kneel[View]
1383330881. your cunt 2. do you appreciate classical paintings?[View]
138331785>called in sick >not even sick[View]
138330284>japanese writing[View]
138324042The virgin white ptsd victim...[View]
138333003>I suffer in Vietnam in the '80s[View]
138327975Pakistan has cosplay[View]
138331890In Vietnam they eat rice paper pizza[View]
138332659How do people around the world view MXC compared to their own variants of Takeshi's Castle?[View]
138332275Eyyy fuggedaboutiiiiiiiiiiiit[View]
138331687Calabria or Cantabria?: a very important question[View]
138329247Beware: The new queen of /int/![View]
138328818Do you want to find love in Australia?[View]
138331121Hungary: What do we do about the hungarians in Romania? I think for Romania to flourish they must be…[View]
138331024/SDG/. Siberian Diaspora General. Dulimbai Gurun Edition.: For diaspora with Siberian ancestry. Be i…[View]
138330302/brit/: British women edition[View]
138330031What the fuck, Indonesia: Half way through the director's cut What the hell[View]
138331983It's a sweaty kind of day.[View]
138331576Canadian ghettos look nicer compared to america and Europe https://youtu.be/ruN-KYnjJxc[View]
138330380Are u /fit/ int?[View]
138329207/deutsch/: Tiefenentspannt durch die Nacht[View]
138328911Just found out about Poland[View]
138327465Boomer extinction is good: These two countries only exist because boomers support them. Western mill…[View]
138316091You wake up in Brazil[View]
138326368>2/3rd worlders bitching about the US Understandable >1st worlders bitching about the US Why? …[View]
138331659My neighbour is so lucky, he just died he is finally free from this country[View]
138323315/nederdraad/: Het kontgat is een uitgang.[View]
138329627My majority White suburb is now overrun by Indians, Chinese, and Hispanics. This only took one decad…[View]
138330630america over[View]
138322777this one sparks joy[View]
138316179/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Shigure[View]
138302096I'm bored af. Post any text, either in your native language or English, and I'll try to re…[View]
138329868All jokes aside, what the fuck is their problem?[View]
138327000does your cunt have a neigbhour that dislikes you simply for being luckier than them at our point? …[View]
138331319How do East Asian women in your country perceive Indo-Jewish people like me ? Serious[View]
138327909>just read about American involvement in the Salvadoran Civil War[View]
138329607>Breaking Benjamin >Skillet >Linkin Park >Thousand Foot Krutch >The Offspring…[View]
138314195The human race was made to live in tropical, subtropical and, at the worst scenario, temperate clima…[View]
138331259Are the people in your country religious?[View]
138327868Are you white? Do you like dairy products?[View]
138326900anybody been to monclova, mexico? is it safe to visit?[View]
138330900Is this what France should really look like?[View]
138326808Have you ever lived on the coast, /int/? Next to an ocean, a sea, or even a large lake? How was it?[View]
138328493> Close associates of the Emperor Alexander I wrote in their memoirs that in spring and summer th…[View]
138318402Why are all British colonies so successfull but Bongland is a thirdie shithole?[View]
138325709What goes on in Brno?[View]
138329763This is how imagine US children look like. Obese lumps of fat, yelling 'PURPLE NURPLES' on the stree…[View]
138330514Just learned about Obama bin Laden...[View]
138326678GRIM SHITHOLE but you all knew this anyway...[View]
138327973Why are Indians so successful in America?[View]
138306387holy shit why?[View]
138324778Are they latins, germanics or celts?[View]
138330397Youth of The Netherlands: On the news > young people are suffering the most from the corona lock …[View]
138328400/brit/: Great gates of Minas Tirith edition[View]
138329467Im on a seafood diet: I see food I eat it[View]
138330136A maconha é baile de favela[View]
138286931/med/ - Mediterranean general: The Trouble Trio edition. Previous: >>138225679[View]
138329891/celt/: Pan-Celtic Edition[View]
138328451International Ethnicity Thread: This lady is half Italian. I'll bet you can't guess the ot…[View]
138325009I like America[View]
138317183/ita/ - il filo: DUCE! >DUCE! DUCE! >DUCE! DUCE! >DUCE!…[View]
138320285/polska/: edycja z brzucha[View]
138324440Would you like to find love in Colombia?[View]
138329353I just learned about the USA.[View]
138315326Iranian girls are ho-: Don't fall for the meme, the 'Jewish' Semitic nose is actually an Irania…[View]
138320395Is this what Romanian villages look like? I swear it looked like it could've been some shitty t…[View]
138324962What do Scots and Welsh think about their English neighbors? And what do the English think about the…[View]
138320848This strikes fear and confusion into the hearts of americans[View]
138327427what do you think of my new t-shirt?[View]
138328531I read last year that Amsterdam plans on making weed illegal for tourists and plans on deporting who…[View]
138268989/lang/ - Language Learning General: Not forgetting the title edition >What language(s) are you le…[View]
138314008Japan is country for Japanese only[View]
138323790I'm so tired of being poor, but all my efforts are not working out! What should I do? Firsties …[View]
138324865the fuck is wrong with Japanese posters?[View]
138328314I am a United States Veteran.: >Yes, I got my school completely paid for >No, I do not intend …[View]
138326199Do they exist in your cunt?[View]
138327500>everyone will be mutts in the futu- *blocks your path*[View]
138324718*blocks your path*[View]
138327659what is your opinion on modern art?[View]
138326283>oh, so you finally came to Brazil? Great! In this case, take off your pants NOW!…[View]
138327121EXTRA FLAGS: Install Extra Flags immediately![View]
138328739Damn...: so just found out about Bin Laden.... what a fucking legend[View]
138322070Just learned about North Korea.[View]
138323004Sverigetråden - PANGPANG-upplagan[View]
138328527>sleep with multiple blankets >more often than not one is disorientated off my body or even on…[View]
138319501The entire purpose of black metal is to be edgy and contrarian. Trve black metal must be recorded wi…[View]
138324517Has your country ever been DEVILISH? >be germany >invent communism >invent national sociali…[View]
138323733This is how an average italian brazilian boy looks like. Thoughts?[View]
138318095/lat/: hilo latino[View]
138325566/brit/: The better Hitchens edition[View]
138318331/deutsch/ am Abend: ja das binsch[View]
138325736Portuguese Elections: Porto is carrying the country (again) edition[View]
138319403describe to /int/ what the girls in your country are like and the differences in your culture compar…[View]
138326533how do you treat cats in your cunt ? >flag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwrBfcv0EhE…[View]
138318614>Occupy everything from Scandinavia to Greece >Still manage to lose Are Germans retarded?…[View]
138325582I am very hungry[View]
138327272Do you know this man?[View]
138313316شأ شأ mena: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXPMAYm40qM[View]
138326595Vancouver has soul[View]
138327640How long until they chimpout again?[View]
138327473How does your cunt contribute to the almighty CCP?[View]
138326187Do Danes really?[View]
138327349i really want chocolate but it is illegal to go outside[View]
138325560Why are Europeans so threatened by us manlet brownoids? Look at the disparity between this average S…[View]
138327468There are several janitors on this board. Stop crying.[View]
138325718Do people wear masks in your country? How obsessive are they about it?[View]
138324409does this happens in your cunt[View]
138325983Did the Century of Humiliation effectively define everything about China's modern foreign outlo…[View]
138316461>ciao in italian means hello and goodbye[View]
138308798What’s the point of being an immigrant?: Human migration isn’t a normal part of humanity. Immigrants…[View]
138319194Do you love Poland[View]
138324899I just learned about this forum called 4channel.org/int/[View]
138309280German boys are goddamn cute. I just adore German boys.: Do you love German boys?[View]
138314457I remember girls used to talk non-stop about going to Paris all the time but now they seem to not gi…[View]
138321510How do you feel about germano-americans?[View]
138306783Switzerland: I want to move here.[View]
138325019Codlands, UNITE[View]
138307784Show me your favourite doughtnut.[View]
138325059Earth is not a globe: When are you going to take the flat pill anon?[View]
138320466/fr/ - Le fil faisant honneur aux maman avec de grands laiteux: Edition maman Ancien : >>13831…[View]
138326505International Human Mixing General: This man is half Indian. Guess his other half?[View]
138326307>Lucas was granted a stay on his death sentence after it was discovered that details in his confe…[View]
138314354/carib/ edition: More Negritas: Hello. Post them.[View]
138321859Goddamn, British boys look like THIS???[View]
138325023>be from working class broken down buildings and stabbings every day Northern town >get into t…[View]
138324369>American prose[View]
138323260Why are these two different countries? They have the exact same culture.[View]
138319003Why are the French so bad at colonising?[View]
138325537Did this happen in your country?[View]
138314331Are trad women still common in northern europe?[View]
138325036How common are bottle blonde women in your country?[View]
138325855im learning chinese in order to future proof myself and take advantage of globalization what are you…[View]
138282733/ro/ Ediția matinală de la opt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZBnQB_yyh0[View]
138325704Half-italian half QVEEN[View]
138325679Just found out about the French...yikes[View]
138281721/balk/: creepy drunk Albanian lurking in Ushkub edition >>138259804[View]
138322139/brit/: minichamps edition[View]
138325112Ukrainians - can you help me out?: I was on a cemetery walk the other day, and noticed a lot of Ukra…[View]
138317129>1 in 5 Americans earn six figures: You truly cannot suffer in the USA. Impossible.[View]
138325359Post cute vocaloid versions of regional songs from ur cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-gvSYTPE…[View]
138323100McDonalds literally fucking forget the chicken in my chicken burger. I already called them and they…[View]
138283455/isr/ /ישר/: מהדורת תמונת פסטה מקורית מה התוכניות לשבוע העבודה החדש?[View]
138306825/sauna/: vihane auto painos[View]
138324410Thai women look like THIS? Why do all the ones here look like monkeys then? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
138309671>your country >Lidl or Aldi? germany i'm an aldiboy! :D…[View]
138325130>tfw when you wake up at 3:30 pm in your country and log on to /int/[View]
138324632Why doesn't Macedonia just join Bulgaria if they want to be in the EU?[View]
138324783I can't wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted and to visit your country, can you?[View]
138324958Americans live like THAT?: https://youtu.be/i3KacGg9aec?t=104[View]
138324803>Break into house thinking its easy money >House is owned by known gay sexual predator >Pre…[View]
138324579When does /int/ think the world will realise, that's it's pretty much only the English wor…[View]
138324707people here in my city do not like afghans because their wealthy niggas move here into top class nei…[View]
138321273Non-Westerners, what do you think of Dutch people? If you were colonized by us, then i hope there…[View]
138323112>EUROvision >Russia, Turkey and South Caucasus okay, I guess >Israel, Lebanon, Maghreb uhh …[View]
138324256Is there a place on the internet where i can find legit international sugar mommies?[View]
138323829Hombre, desearía ser hermosa[View]
138312874/balt/+/ausnz/ #63?: Hit or Miss? Sophia edition Last >>138290927[View]
138320800>so, anon, you discuss international culture online even though you never left your country?…[View]
138323814If I were sent to the front in a war, I'd fire my rifle clean over the enemy. I don't want…[View]
138324335In America, you get a free deep fried twinkie if you go to any participating Long John Silver's…[View]
138320160What country are your favorite athletes from? For me, it’s France. Look at these FRENCH men, so skil…[View]
138315695Which is better ro live in: Eastern Europe or South America?[View]
138319599is the NFL popular in your country?[View]
138324108Why doesn't Hong Kong look like this irl[View]
138323326Imagine your GF is Japanese and you need to hear a voice like that everyday ? https://youtu.be/z8yaK…[View]
138323948how do I keep out women from everything I like? They are like a plague infecting things I love then …[View]
138320153Just learned Europeans don't cut their foreskin and have to live a life of bad hygeine.[View]
138316420What is the best region/province/state in your country? For the US, it's very clearly Californi…[View]
138323559I wish every white county outside of Europe was ruled by a reverse apartheid minority government of …[View]
138313679Favelas: How do you survive in one of these[View]
138323242Why are they like this?[View]
138319557Madrid is a city of contrasts[View]
138318074>If you're American don't talk to me Why are Euros like this, I just want to make frien…[View]
138315271i was in bratislava today and that city looks garbage thats what they deserve for leaving our empire[View]
138317560>Country >Are you going to watch Packers vs. Buccaneers? Flag Yes, I like American football an…[View]
138323510>cunt >is your citizenship a controversial fact? flag yes, whites break out in spontaneous se…[View]
138322211Will we see a powerful Brazil in the decades to come?[View]
138325197Tell me about Korea under Japan occupation. Was it really that bad? The stories I've been heari…[View]
138320179I have spent about 12 hours a day every day since 2007 on 4chan. I don't know what do anymore..…[View]
138315134Is ISIS still a thing: I haven't heard of them in ages.[View]
138316428/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabant cq. Eindhoven-editie.[View]
138322778Has your cunt gotten rid of the uneasy and chaotic s*ul having embraced FVNCTION yet?[View]
138319878>PERUVIANS: why are they like this ?[View]
138322960Al-Andalus: Vgh... what could of been[View]
138318045Why are the French considered European?: I present to you the 'European' faces from nation of France…[View]
138322243>there are yuros on this board who have never left their home nation[View]
138315973>A dutch mom whose son is growing too old for cuddles has come up with a unique solution. When he…[View]
138320214>start getting bald >boil some potatoes >get the potatoes out, wait for the water to cool a…[View]
138308384I am a Native American.[View]
138321483Are normies in massive debt in your country?[View]
138320755What do you think wouls happen if you went in the water with the monkeys at Japan's Jigokudani …[View]
138314426Americans literally lynched people on the streets during the 20th century. Why did nobody stopped th…[View]
138318526No really, why do euros do this?[View]
138321956I'm about to move to Germany. I'm at the airport now. When I get a new flag should I make …[View]
138319313/brit/: skirt edish[View]
138316982> be me in 2009 > get a payment of 1200 Bitcoin as a joke >forget about it for 7 years >…[View]
138304910give me your honest opinion about pic related and its people.[View]
138320333Getting my first dog ever, a whippet puppy in a few weeks to raise and train in my apartment. I work…[View]
138319635Why aren’t they part of China?[View]
138321477Just learned American parents cut their children's foreskin at birth. That's fucked up.[View]
138317865Polacks: They could make gold tier Witcher 4 based on European medieval fantasy with white people on…[View]
138320900Do you have Chechens in your country? in US the only chechen we had did the boston bombing[View]
138320961Why does absolutely everyone on /int/, other than some people from North America and South America, …[View]
138319990The Netherlands Failed state!: The Netherlands Failed state! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCkWf2c…[View]
138300082Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread: >>138266041 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
138316919What do Russians think of Soljenitsyne ?[View]
138321506Hey, have you guys ever heard of CANZUK?[View]
138319024African militants are making drill music now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kLt711HESg[View]
138320186Imagining all of the things you would write to all of the people you've ever known in your life…[View]
138321127My home is 110m2. How big is yours?[View]
138311519How are Aussies celebrating Invasion Day this year?[View]
138318010Wait do people really get paid 2000 dollars for working a regular full time job? I thought it was a…[View]
138318121France still has an empire.[View]
138308041/ex-yu/: stara vremena edicija[View]
138307573/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Clown edition[View]
138320530First my ancestors were like this...[View]
138320149>depression >anxiety >abusive relationships…[View]
138320757/cum/ - Canada United stated $ Mexico: Come on get in here, buds[View]
138315666Sorry bros but Portuguese is an ugly language[View]
138315602What does Norway have left?[View]
138315216Sverigetråden - Ligerupplagan: Liger är en tiger korsad med ett lejon[View]
138320211What traits unifies all of the people who are labeled as 'caucasian' as a single skull type? Is Cau…[View]
138315589Would you accept 1 million dollars to walk from Yemen until North Korea in 4 months? If you don…[View]
138313198/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition - Messiaen Ancien : >>138301540[View]
138310644Have you ever served your country's army?[View]
138314382can you make faces with your alphabet? ㅎㅅㅎ ㅇㅡㅇ ㅁㄴㅁ ㅠㅇㅠ[View]
138316562Is r/4chan much different from this place?[View]
138317587>university forces all humanities majors to take an 'internalization elective' >pic related is…[View]
138310706/polska/: edycja rzucania palenia wcześniej: >>138301625[View]
138315824What are they always so angry about?[View]
138318376>call anime poster pedo >100 replies of cope…[View]
138315358peak SOVL in eastern europe[View]
138318582How old are you?: 1. Your country 2. Your age Flag 23 soon 24[View]
138317360/brit/: the only image of females the janny will allow[View]
138308205/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пpoшлый >>138300346 https://textwall.xyz/rus+bel+ukr[View]
138317086Could a single Nimitz class carrier defeat your country's armes forces? Hungary yes[View]
138301341why is nationalsm so cringe?[View]
138283742>Are you mixed >With what >Are you accepted by your races or no? Yes White/Spic I get along…[View]
138315607Which country is this?[View]
138317383/brit/: Baby food edition[View]
138313953Ireland: Honestly, what do we think about Ireland, the people, and their diaspora?[View]
138318835does this happen in your cunt[View]
138306370/int/ is pretty negative lately so post nice pictures from other countries.[View]
138311486I have very few months of life left. AMA[View]
138299387/ita/ - il filo: Edizione /cm/[View]
138314552I will never have a happy life. Does this happen in your country?[View]
138302334Swedish grills, what are they like? Got one whos thirsty for my BPC (big paki cock)+shit is getting …[View]
138313978hey, dutch. there's no need to chimp out so much: .[View]
138315405how would the world change?[View]
138316229I really like a local small batch milk brand because it's fucking delicious but it costs 3 time…[View]
138311639/deutsch/ am Abend: Ja das hensch[View]
138310456Do you possess the God gene /int/?[View]
1383131731- your cunt 2- did you pass you exams this semester France I'm dropping out[View]
138318285https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oJNBGf0yik&t=362s Uhhh Japanesebros, what the fuck is this?…[View]
138313850The anthem of the Brazilian parachute brigade has literally the SS march instrumental https://youtu.…[View]
138310949Can I pass as local in asia?[View]
138317771All white Americans are either Paddies or Krauts. Which do you fall under or prefer as people?[View]
138318239That was WW1 and this is WW2 >>Ribbentrop liked and admired Joseph Stalin and was opposed to t…[View]
138314302South America Anons: In your region, you have all the well-known elite minorities (Jews, Lebanese, J…[View]
138315469Does this happen in you are country[View]
138317923RIP He was a pure soul[View]
138301543/lat/ hilo latino[View]
138312109How will you celebrate when the Mandate of Heaven finally destroys western cultural imperialism?[View]
1383175581.ur cunt 2. Do you watch gore? 3. With what purpose? I watch it to be updated in what's going …[View]
138281991/desi/: Uttar Pradesh diwas edition[View]
138310666what's with this brazilian weeaboo manchild avatarspamming this board? does he think he's …[View]
138317160>americans when they have to walk and the temperature is above 23°C[View]
138313647>zoomers are starting to use grone[View]
138296803Do people in your country actually do this or not?[View]
138308277I tried to cut myself today, but the blade wouldn’t cut. Maybe this is a sign from God? Goodbye.[View]
138277133/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição fofinha[View]
138316520>Kurva Anya- *CHOMP*[View]
138313676going to venezuela: How do I go to venezuela and survive? what measures, techniques,and what do I ha…[View]
138314726/brit/: >mental illness edition[View]
138315952I just learn about French malls...[View]
138316204>yea I watch professional chess how could you tell[View]
138299398Type 'X teens' and show how zoomers from your country look like[View]
138314993Will chainlink reach $1,000?[View]
138312000What language needs to be learned in 2021 to sound sophisticated? Not be sophisicated, sound sophist…[View]
138316369What’s the SOVL capital of your country?[View]
138310069/nederdraad/: nederdraad skireis editie[View]
138315620Post kino from your city[View]
138316044fixed europe, yur welcome: Before you reply and say thank you for fixing europe just know I understa…[View]
138315636Good, solid, reliable pr0n, none of that artificial American crap. The salt of the earth.[View]
138291506EU Challenge: Can we get every European Union member state to reply to this thread?[View]
138315575Belonging: Any anons here born in one country and immigrated to another as a child with no say in th…[View]
138314451Norwegians were just going on with their average daily lifes. But one day amerifats suddenly started…[View]
138290927/balt/+/ausnz/ #62: interdimensional teleportation edition Last >>138262219[View]
138313222Daily reminder that 4chan is a pro Lil Baby website.: And if you hate lil baby, you belong to reddit…[View]
138303769/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: It's time to post edition[View]
138313982>'Plot' >loli >onee-san >best girl >harem >ecchi >isekai'd >ahegao >…[View]
138315324I can't wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted and to visit your country, do you?[View]
138312585Did you go to an all-boys school?: I think going to an all boys school ruined my life https://en.wik…[View]
138314361>il ne parle pas français[View]
138314491why do Indians have such big beautiful anime eyes?[View]
138315128Ich will eine Deutsche Freundin haben :([View]
138314504Are Irish Germanic?[View]
138287386anyátokat megbasszátok edition: kurva anyátok[View]
138312966What is the typical phenotype of my country?[View]
138314902I don't season my steak[View]
138307595Why yes, I am French, how could you tell?[View]
138313012How do we save them?: Much of the Netherlands is already below sea level. What happens as sea levels…[View]
138301478Haplogroups of Greece[View]
138312145International love quest: /int/bros of the world give me your country's advice to get a gf…[View]
138311542>they brought me to the temple of amerikkka, the central shart-mart >A a billion obese karens …[View]
138313118How is WWII remembered in France?[View]
138314816>risotto >pasta all'arrabbiata >lasagna >penne con panna e salmone >patate dolci…[View]
138312347just voted. does this happen in your cunt.[View]
138291365Which country has the best countryside?[View]
138310716Tomorrow you'll wake up in some miserable post-junta shithole: Either in Brazil, where you will…[View]
138312914vrooom! :D[View]
138314271>Since the reign of King Henry IV, the heads of state of France have been granted by the pope the…[View]
138312484A Germanic Nation[View]
138309368Why is Europe considered a continent but the Arabian peninsula isn't?[View]
138313586>raids your countries coastline[View]
138311275what's the deal with ukrainian women[View]
138311973Why does the German word for newspaper (zeitung) looks like a chinese word?[View]
138310701Bow to France: > Pope Urban II, otherwise known as Odo of Châtillon or Otho de Lagery, was the he…[View]
138313817If carrom is popular in your cunt, it has SOVL.[View]
138297053I like them despite their terribley inflated ego.[View]
138308782Tribes of EVROPA: >Set in 2074, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a globa…[View]
138308968>I suffer in a pink area Shut up, it it literally impossible for you to suffer!…[View]
138306192>Woah, is that Norway or Finland??? No it is England. We are Nordic confirmed.…[View]
138313304/mena/ مينا: طبعة العراق غير العربي غير الاسلامي[View]
138313136did your country support Solidarność and anti-commie movements in the eastern bloc?[View]
138313478Ooops haha Based[View]
138311117It seems though that even unlikely though, The city of Dough Ireland is where many US Dough boys end…[View]
138307679What went wrong?[View]
138308271mejorar la raza[View]
138312199The fusion of Islamic and Hindu culture is unironically kino.[View]
138313147Why do people say Islam isn't an Arabic religion? Arabic religion Arabic script Arabic words Ar…[View]
138312726this girl comes on /b/ and chats it up with everyone, any guess what her nationality is? Says she’s …[View]
138285454What colour are your eyes? Mine are bottle/emerald green.[View]
138307499Sverigetråden + /esp/: Visigotiska upplagan[View]
138312892Is it true that if an American shoots a British man in front of his family, his wife will fall in lo…[View]
138281245/mena/: Ronaldinho الإصدار[View]
138306967Does your country's CDC portray viruses as sexually ambiguous anime characters and use it as an…[View]
138311605>order video game >receive perverted mousemat what the fuck is wrong with Japan, you guys are …[View]
138311206Es ist zeit fürs Reich[View]
138309944Is Japan based?[View]
138312450What are your honest thoughts and feelings regarding 40-year-old Canadian women?[View]
138303934Damn, Italians look like this?[View]
138297462Someone cut the whiskers of my cat, but only on the left side of his face. What the fuck is wrong wi…[View]
138303935Do people use pornography or their imagination to masturbate in your country?[View]
138306047What are some dog breeds from your country?[View]
138312491Is it true that Americans of Scandinavian and Anglo descent are on average less intelligent than Ame…[View]
138288494What went so right?[View]
138306938My country is shallow and pedantic, and it insists upon itself.[View]
138302794There's a cute French-Argentinian girl posting on /int/ right now.[View]
138305044HEY ITALY...[View]
138312318Is it true brazilians can't swim?[View]
138309967What goes on in Hampshire?[View]
138312268A toast, to the new world Beautiful weather, endless sex, cheap drugs, and no eurosissies to shit up…[View]
138312245>Your country >Your favorite Dragon Ball character Flag Jiren. He reminds me of what American…[View]
138309904>Netflix has now launched a new massive ₩770 billion KRW (approximately $701,738,422 USD) plan to…[View]
138307377>Argentinians are white. I'm so sorry, I take back everything I said.…[View]
138308086who is this man?[View]
138310436There's something you need to know about Arab flags ...[View]
138311815Cute boys[View]
13830908721st century belongs to China. Do you look forward to chinese overlordship?[View]
138283537/esp/ - Hilo Español: Hilo antisistema[View]
138311856Eres fuego de amor Luz del sol, volcán y tierra Por donde pasas dejas huella Mujer, tú naciste para …[View]
138311823Why doesn't Greece host it?[View]
138302269What I’d Mile End in London like? Is it safe?[View]
138311763Al Haga: What does /int/ know about the obscure Dutch city of The Hague? I've only been there …[View]
138287901/ex-yu/: Izdanje brata Sija[View]
138308738it's 20:53 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
138303792Why is this 100% accurate?[View]
138309268Just read about the Opium War. So Anglos deliberately tried to get an entire country addicted to dru…[View]
138306812>$80,000 for bullshit jobs: Yeah, you cannot suffer in the USA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o…[View]
138308329Where does an incel soffer more, Brazil or Finland?[View]
138305658/deutsch/: deutschfaden-ewige-alman-ausgabe[View]
138309534Pls come to Minas Gerais https://youtu.be/Gz9e3naH8gU[View]
138311235Singaporenese niggas be like “what’s up, my name is Johnny Dong[View]
138304156Just a daily reminder that Jesus loves you and you should really consider converting to Catholicism.[View]
138308487Talk me out of moving to the states, my auntie lives up there and has her own business, i am kinda b…[View]
138309005>Woah, is that Norway or Finland??? No it is England. We are Nordic confirmed.…[View]
138306412American culture thread[View]
138306627Can't wait for WWIII to kick off so all of you wannabe liberal newfag zoomer shits get drafted …[View]
138310207>new /brit/ thread >200 replies in one minute Is this the power of the anglo?…[View]
138304467how come they didn't end up a disgusting mess like the rest of Spain's colonies?[View]
138310919Why are American horse girl movies so emotional?[View]
138305437I like Russia even though my country doesn't.[View]
138310710do fat people wear sweaters when they go to the beach in your cunt?[View]
138308580Turks aren't black: Guys, we are not actually black. It's a joke.[View]
138301540/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition féline Ancien : >>138292124[View]
138310563What happens in Falklands?[View]
138296883China has Maglev. Your country has?[View]
138301625/polska/: edycja życia w dużym mieście stara: >>138283848[View]
138307349Why are they chimping out? Will they eat Rutte alive?[View]
138292118First World General: A thread for superior human beings (no thirdies) to talk about how great life i…[View]
138309809what happens here[View]
138310060I want to rejoin the EU because I miss Nigels EU parliament speeches[View]
138306925/brit/: reminder to exercise -edition[View]
138308902Bri'ish 'people' be like >Footy, me mates an' a cold pint o' lager: that's al…[View]
138296801>you wake up in medieval England What you do? Me: >become the new king of Britain with my div…[View]
138306830Haredim Question: Leaving the Palestinian question aside, why can't Israel be a singular entity…[View]
138301380My ancestor :)[View]
138301283Which country is the most democratic in Asia?[View]
138308675tak tuk tak tuk tak[View]
138296125Europe is like an RPG world: divided between humans (Latins), elfs (Germanics) and orcs (Slavs)[View]
138308835Mom said she wants grandchildren, fuck this latino culture, just because all my cousins are having b…[View]
138300226/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
138301240>tfw when reading an entire book with journal articles and pics of the Sarajevo siege and the mas…[View]
138308312My bʰréh2tērs...[View]
138303115What race are Angloids?: They’re not nordic. They’re not germanic. They’re not slavic. They’re not M…[View]
138306272Americans: Which state do you consider to be the best and why?[View]
138308365/bel/+/ukr/: Haхyй cмepмкa[View]
138299620What do they think of each other?[View]
138306080What country will I be sailing off to today?: (OC Apu, donut steel)[View]
138308162/rus/: Tpeд пaмяти pyccким мyчeникaм Taлepгoфa и Tepeзинa. Пpeдыдyщий>>138300346[View]
138307496alsace lorraine is german territory: And vichy france is real france under germany Fuck france, pie…[View]
138304838moroccan anon: My family is upset with me because I refused to go the wedding of my cousin who is ma…[View]
138305944You will stay at home You will wear a mask You will get vaccined You will eat the Bugs You will prai…[View]
138306791In the USA we have a city that's called 'Atlanta' despite the fact that it's 380 kilometer…[View]
138297504/ro/- firul nostru: Editia dubs[View]
138301995today on 24. january is Baltic independence day, give us some love[View]
138298592tell me an interesting fact about any of these 3 countries (estonia, latvia, lithuania) I'll go…[View]
138297644New China Flag: I made a flag that is a cross between the Qing Dynasty flag, the Nationalist China f…[View]
138307930i made this[View]
138305321Since /int/ loves talking about Aborigines I'll get the designated thread going. What is your o…[View]
138302851Why aren't there millions of Southeast Asians storming Australia, like Mexicans with America, o…[View]
138307741Out of which container do you drink your water out of? I use a milk bottle. I dont know why but the …[View]
138304213/brit/: shit's on fire edition[View]
138306503What is the most likely big thing thats going to happen in your country in the next 20yrs?[View]
138291997How do I get a Romanian GF?[View]
138285926/Norgetråden/: Samisk uvennskaps utgave Forrige: >>138270761 >>138270761 >>1382707…[View]
138307575Post freeways.[View]
138290390/cum/ Canada USA Mexico[View]
138299054do french girls like brazillians?[View]
138306548Do you like Swedish culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT4rcOVDUAU&ab_channel=Bladee-Topic…[View]
138303646I have become almost absolutely distrustful of the media and the culture they push. Does this happen…[View]
138297142Is this accurate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPUOT46ucrk[View]
138300346/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пepaaдзявaнняў нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138290588 https://textwall.xyz/rus+…[View]
138306923>danish guy came to my house asking for rent >asked 5x what the normal rent is >agreed W…[View]
138307046for some reason i hate greece(and other mediterranean countries ) and the fact that i am greek alot:…[View]
138305233Is incest a big problem in France?[View]
138298740Why are Germans so good at making cars?[View]
138306691/deutsch/: /deutsch/ Nachbarschaftsausgabe[View]
138306704>God I wish I had an ass like that[View]
138303591Asian nearsightedness problem: Time to talk about this problem I wish I don't have it when I ge…[View]
138301089Is it a meme or will this area actually be fucked by global warming very badly?[View]
138305520>this is your average argentine[View]
138303793These three gentlemen slap your ass and ask if you if you were planning to jump over the wall.[View]
138300453/int/ernational women: Now that the dust has settled, which peoples of the world can lay claim to th…[View]
138292476Is he jomon?[View]
138305825>tfw the best restaurant, best convenience store, and best laundromat near me are all mexican own…[View]
138300992They said I couldn’t do it: In 5 minutes I will officially be a mexican. Seethe scoundrels[View]
138305135What supermarket do you like getting food from? This store is common in my state.[View]
138306219>Englisch ist mein Lieblingsfach, Lieblingsfach, Lieblingsfach[View]
138306174Indonesians and Malaysians of /int/, what do you think about Islam/Arabs?[View]
138299097Post the first image that comes to mind when you think of Germany[View]
138306114bunger bunger bunger bunger[View]
138301305/deutsch/ am Sonntagnachmittag: Die gemütliche Ausgabe für froinde des kleinen leicht behinderten fr…[View]
1383056491.)your society 2.)is it a shit society? (lortesamfund) >sweden yes its a lortesamfund…[View]
138305258I can't decide if I love or hate my country[View]
138303121Hello. It is Sunday. What are you doing, what have you done, and what will you do?[View]
138305904Can I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
138296355/sauna/: Kulinaristipainos[View]
138304169I'm retarded, socially and otherwise[View]
138302299You wake up in Southern Poland[View]
138305646Does your country have pyramids?[View]
138302089Attention to all Americans: please rise, place your right hand over your heart, take off your hats, …[View]
138304029Do you love Sakartvelo?[View]
138300268Sverigetråden - Skadeupplagan[View]
138303948Autism: really makes you think..............[View]
138301168Korean exchange student is dancig to Aphex Twin in the kitchen again[View]
138305307i don't get it[View]
138304816All memes aside, what's life here actually like? The general stereotype goes: >very orderly …[View]
138289037VGH..the rural small towns of AMERICA[View]
138299292Why can't they speak english like normal human beings?[View]
138300749>my friend that doesn't speak a jot of English told me that my English accent is disgusting …[View]
138295515We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Russian children[View]
138304486Is this the most neglected rule ever? I don't even understand why it's still considered a …[View]
138299382The only country in South America where an european could comfortably live. Most similar landscapes,…[View]
138304809In Australia, it’s impossible to buy lemonade (lemon juice + water) because they think that lemonade…[View]
138301968Rate the cities and the nature in your country out of 10 Cities: 4/10 Nature 6/10[View]
138302833What do you think about Turkish posters on 4chan?[View]
138298872I'm wondering if I should buy an erotic game. Do you think I should buy it?[View]
138301455How do you call people who annoy you in your language? >spanish >fastidioso…[View]
138304251/brit/: orb edition[View]
138291273uber eats delivery man refuse to take the stairs and insisted that I should come get my sushi myself…[View]
138301315I hate hangover[View]
138304073Canada: True Canadian can speak both their official language If you speak only English then you…[View]
138303397Let's say France putting the Eiffel tower for sale: How much are you willing to pay to put it o…[View]
138301296Please, my dear Father, give me strength. Make me overcome this. I humbly lay all of my pain at Your…[View]
138303825California has worse wealth inequality than Mexico[View]
138304101Everytime I see an american flag I picture some brownoid out of Detroit called Tyrone pointing me wi…[View]
138303682Have you heard what they said on the news today? Have you heard what is coming to us all? That the w…[View]
138302933I will wear this if you invite me to your home party.[View]
138298261Do you love New Zealand?[View]
138299807/éire/: Eagrán sneachta[View]
138302816We all know that feel desertbros[View]
138300624Why is this?[View]
138300429I am 27 years old and have literally never been to a hospital. Would this be seen as weird in your c…[View]
138292860Norwegian yellowfever anons hometown https://youtube.com/watch?v=9EQThUMM4QE[View]
138285494Post subtle signs someone is a thirdie[View]
138298750Do you eat Nusszopf in your country?[View]
138294900> curfew in netherlands > people riot > lockdown here > people accept it submissively is…[View]
138300007How would apocalypse go in your country,/int/?[View]
138300388Why do american men wear nail polish[View]
138300249Come back to God brothers: I advise all Muslim and ex-Muslim anons to leave this website, come back …[View]
138302968Does anyone have the child belly erotic meme?[View]
138302717top tier jobs in your country[View]
138302377ALL MEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeBwXJtJqs4 When did you realise women are insane? Look at …[View]
138292473Emoticons: do people still use them in your country?[View]
138297566Which country is the best for sex tourism?[View]
138301329What types of bread do you eat often?[View]
138297831He's now the official successor of the Russian Romanov family Please tell him something good[View]
138302433France: Protagonist Anglos: Antagonists Rest of the world: NPCs[View]
138302527Poor Cromwell[View]
138295188Italy why do you hate us[View]
138290661I can't last more than 2 minutes in bed Does this happen to your countrymen?[View]
138293768>Hey white boy what's up? I making some american cheese burgers for us, do you want somethin…[View]
138301521>he switches in-game language to learn a foreign language[View]
138298594Describe your perfect woman Mine would be someone who’s skinny with average sized boobs and a averag…[View]
138296829what is their culture? no memes this time please because i really want to know[View]
138300952>it's perfectly acceptable for delivery services in America to just leave the packages outsi…[View]
138301495>2014 was 8 years ago[View]
138297767Iceland and Me: I am swarthy (half Latin) French Canadian with Swedish mother who wants to learn muc…[View]
138296015why are americans obsessed with race?[View]
138300674Today I learned about SCP-53 and SCP-682[View]
138300238Why are French women so mean towards anglo men? Was she wrong saying what she said?[View]
138294071Post traditional hairstyle from your country.[View]
138294037what are you addicted on?[View]
138274920/lat/ hilo latino: /lat/ hilo latinoamericano y del caribe[View]
138298575This is the world where the Axis powers won.[View]
138283848/polska/: Edycja prawdy[View]
138292124/fr/ - Le Francofil: édition moi avec la pa haha ancien>>138286260[View]
138298603/brit/: Freddos are too expensive edition[View]
138301007Name one fighting sport your country invented: 1. Flag 2. Savate (French Boxing). It's the ance…[View]
138298056I like them despite their terribly unwarranted self-importance[View]
138293414My Arabic handwriting is getting better :DDD[View]
138298497Cześć pedały, Nazywam się Janek i nienawidzę Was wszystkich i każdego z osobna. Wszyscy jesteście pr…[View]
138296390Everyone should apologise for the Armenian genocide[View]
138295004Are stray dogs well dressed in your country? Yes.[View]
138297117What happens here?[View]
138298415Sorry Germans, but this is how rest of the world sees your country[View]
138300301I can't tell the difference between Dundee and Dunedin[View]
138295164Did your country ever had a 'plague' of a specific car model?: During the late 2000's…[View]
138296870Post the first lady of your country: Brigitte Macron[View]
138290588/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Hядзeльнaгa aдпaчынкy нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138267010 https://textwall.x…[View]
138295111Would you enlist as a foreign volunteer to the Fennoswedish Peoples Army and give your life to see a…[View]
138299362What is your zodiac sign ?: Im virgo asc sagittarius[View]
138299950As developed countries continue to age, over time there are fewer and fewer people of working age, a…[View]
138297250Second world general: No autistic assies or discusting thirdies. Let's talk about how meh life …[View]
138266580/nederdraad/: Jezus Christus de verlosser van onze eeuwige zonden editie[View]
1382915331)do guys like him exist in italy? 2) do guys like him exist in your cunt? how do i find him? please…[View]
138293925>just learned the family name is of viking origin Oh, yours isn't? How sad....…[View]
138298309cant wait for it to be sunmer again so my pale ass can tan[View]
138299651British snow warnings: How you holding up fellow brits? I've got 8cm of snow and it's stil…[View]
138294896/deutsch/ Windische Ausgabe[View]
138294984>we’re just tanned bro, if we lived in Northern Europe we’d look just like Nordics…[View]
138288134>china isn't communist bro! it's only communist in name![View]
138296382I am Asian. I find 2D blonde girls extremely attractive but I have 0 interest in 3D white girls. Why…[View]
138266041Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>138234979 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
138299043Kingsclere, Hampshire... my ancestors...[View]
138292936Germany and Russia are the villains of history[View]
138298659It seems though that even unlikely though, The city of Dough Ireland is where many US Dough boys end…[View]
138287204/ita/ - il filo: edizione gastronomica[View]
138298218>umm sweetie you must leave a tip[View]
138284784/dixie/ Southern US & Friends[View]
138286389I don't eat fast food but I could probably eat that in one sitting[View]
138295405How do you call a 'black powder' gun in your language, /int/? Meaning, an older type of gu…[View]
138295750Why do some Brits look like this?[View]
138295518/brit/: britain edition[View]
138290432>you wake up in 1970’s Japan[View]
138293375Why do Japs and probably other Asians too wear facemask even if they're alone?[View]
138297548Is this really the epitome of American cuisine ?[View]
138297945Why don't your parents say you to get a job?[View]
138297471Why are SEA monkeys like this? Would they be better off just being Chinese territories instead of s…[View]
138297974Why do westerners think we are part of China? Apart from Vietnam, we aren't really influenced b…[View]
138292614Sverigetråden - Sommarupplagan[View]
138292965Does this look like flying turd to you? Well i call it 'Flying japan'. I'm a Korean working in …[View]
138292086Top: Western Europe Bottom: Eastern Europe[View]
138297141HAS /int/ READ UMINEKO[View]
138289765China needs to stop being so imperialist.[View]
138297796IPA is BS: >'now say 'e' but round your lips and you shall find you will sound an 'ewh' sound ins…[View]
138290705Did you know that during the Soviet siege of Budapest in 1945, Soviet forces set on fire hospitals f…[View]
138294271Hello from Germany: How are you doing today, international frens? It snowed a bit over night, but it…[View]
138296246This is America[View]
138296526Wtf is wrong with that russian posting nonsense word salads followed by russian songs?[View]
138293867>earlier this year the amount of South East Asian posters went up massively >now the arabs are…[View]
138297307why are the Dutch so rude?[View]
138297501Earth is neither flat nor round Earth is ALGERIAN[View]
138296613Potential EU enlargment.: >Your cunt >Do you this pic related pretty much sums up the public o…[View]
138294786How do you feel about diaporas from your country? Do they make your country look bad or are they mor…[View]
138292047SOVL language[View]
138293551>You wake up in Ghana[View]
138288641Blackface should be okay as long as Europeans do it: Europeans had no institutionalized slavery unli…[View]
138293847Oh Allah, please take this pandemic from us. Hasten the vaccination. Save our lives.[View]
138292994Why do the French go on strike all the time?[View]
138296921>Your country >Is your language dead, academically speaking? Yes we use English in the academi…[View]
138296759Blacks get mad when you call them black: But being black isn't a bad thing, why get mad? CHECKM…[View]
138283146>Here's your Canadian gf /int/[View]
138296137Do Brazilians really?[View]
138293403/mex/ job list: does you cunt value more a software engineer or a witch doctor?[View]
138292973how come behind every single china bad thread, there is an anglo flag? could it be they're AFRA…[View]
138296321>no thanks Grandma, I'm full. >wtf! you say I'm 'satisfied'! does this happen in yo…[View]
138291832Why do they complain about poverty? They chose to be poor. They have no right to complain about bein…[View]
138291784Best pan-romance language to learn?[View]
138296560there is almost no genetic difference between a (north) frenchman and a (west/south) german, yet we …[View]
138285012this thread is dedicated to you[View]
138296080Melbourne or Sydney[View]
138296105Are georgia and armenia european?[View]
138292288What is the most extroverted country in your opinion? For me it's Australia. I find it very sca…[View]
138289291Are you fat?[View]
138289126>2021... I am forgotten.[View]
138292907>Canada! New Zealand! Finland! If from R3ddit you may be, you will love these countries three…[View]
138287602>Euros complain about immigrants not integrating >admit that they will always see them as seco…[View]
138285854You will never be conscripted[View]
138294339The KVRDISH BVLL is unstoppable[View]
138296087A cant is the jargon or language of a group, often employed to exclude or mislead people outside the…[View]
138293488Is it just me or do you see a penis and scrotum on the map of Dallas too?[View]
138294262is it easier to learn chinese or korean if you already know japanese or filipino?[View]
138289247Name me a more based Italian region than Venice (spoiler: you can't)?: > the only piece of t…[View]
138271616/sauna/: mä ja nyymit painos[View]
138295717Have you ever mailed a letter to a random location before? Did you ever get a reply? And where did y…[View]
138294803What happens in the border region between Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia? Is it true that giga…[View]
138291283VHG the trad wheatfields of Africa[View]
138293058This should be the capital of United Europe[View]
138292146You wake up in Wuhan.[View]
138292942When an Argie runs into a Brazilian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GKqna5txkw[View]
138282996The Philippines has the weirdest economic development path compared to its tiger cub peers in the re…[View]
138293487Is any female entering to your life is lethal to your success? It consomes mental energy, time, mon…[View]
138292512why Russia's corona cases keep coming: idiot protesters are to blame[View]
138293178/brit/: thumbs up edition[View]
138295107how it feels to have little siblings ?[View]
138268578map thread[View]
138291355Why are Americans so into 'Eating ass'?[View]
138295255>mfw 'Australian maps' were correct all the time.[View]
138292756USA, confirm https://www.tema.ru/eng/travel/usa-3/ >Americans eat mostly crap. What’s more, nothi…[View]
138294730This is America[View]
138290308>be Japan and China >always rank very high on those IQ maps >can't come up with a reas…[View]
138265856/asean/: pengen ngentot gan[View]
138290849Is it okay to call them British?[View]
138294104there are no jobs available in a radius of 50km around me, does this happen in ur cunt?[View]
138292045>50% of all female suicides happen in india[View]
138293174I dreamed about getting attacked by a rhino today. What does that mean?[View]
138279551What's happening here?[View]
138290057America had been the greatest country in the world. HAD BEEN[View]
138289487Is cosplaying common in your country? Finland yeah a lot of young people love to do cosplaying on th…[View]
138290415VGH... The white German people of Northern Italy...[View]
138284348Shikoku is so irrelevant out of Japan's four main islands.[View]
138286158/deutsch/: Klaunstüqq zum Frühstüqq-Ausgabe[View]
138287951>sheep pain land[View]
138291445>tfw Europe doesn't have soulful martial arts culture[View]
138292858/cucked/: Red bros get in here[View]
138293413cheese is absolutely rancid, one must possess a rotten palate to consume it willingly what's so…[View]
138290326At what age did you realise that life in America really was better? That their houses really were b…[View]
138291564I just learned from Wikipedia that Brazil is the only south American country that speak Portuguese[View]
138292987>tfw completely irrelevant but people are still incredibly racist against us…[View]
138276319> he doesn’t speak the “English/Chinese/German/Spanish”-language pack It’s like you belong in the…[View]
138291882Americans make hands down the best, most realistic games. Can't deny that. The temples in Far C…[View]
138293564Why does it give the impression that only American and European explorers and archaeologists seemed …[View]
138293515>He feared it would eventually come for him too. Clyn, like many others, believed he was living t…[View]
138291331scammers, both online and in real life, that scam whities and firsties, have my respect[View]
138291575gib slavic gf[View]
138288904Finland: Northern Italy Estonia: Southern Italy[View]
138291250ITT post picture to scare the country above you. Pic related is scary to americans[View]
138290078/brit/: Ernst Thälmann edition[View]
138292521are ganguro still a thing in Japan? do gyaru exist outside of the porn industry?[View]
138290448is your cunt xenophobic?[View]
138291169What do fins even celebrate on their national holidays when they have so little history?[View]
138292580How hard does your capital/biggest city mog the rest of the country?[View]
138286996Do you pretend to be liberal in real life?[View]
138286115> turkish-german relationship literally creates vaccine that'll save the economy and possibl…[View]
138287752another day on /int/ another day of being bullied for no reason[View]
138281855What's the best way to eliminate poverty in Latin America?[View]
138291179Russia should consider this an act of war[View]
138291706What is the fundamental difference between the anglo and the celt, and why do anglos hate celts so m…[View]
138291039What's it like living in the heads of europeans completely rent free? It must be a glorious fee…[View]
138288815Yes, I will immigrate to northern Italy. Yes, i will start a mafia family to increase northern Italy…[View]
138290148Google *Finnish music*: This is the first result that I got https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHReqKRv…[View]
138291738it's a fennoswede world, we're just livin in it...[View]
138281477So THIS is what Japanese nationalism looks like: https://youtu.be/MylcdLMuPcc[View]
138286715This is what Sushi looks like in Finland (10euros)[View]
138286260/fr/ ─ Suprématie Jouale: Un autre bon dimanche pour faire pleurer les anglos[View]
138290027>your country >it's been a year of COVID, how has your life changed since then? NEETaly i…[View]
138291211I feel so sick: Pray for me[View]
138291504What phenotype is this?[View]
138290795Fixed it[View]
138290475How are your mother and your grandparents get along each other?: They are friendly each other?…[View]
138291229These are my Finns.[View]
138291225>classmate says everyone on a nearby island is inbred >professor corrects her by saying that t…[View]
138287837>Ah, la vache![View]
138285362Enjoying my 25 minutes launchbreak during a 13 hours shift.[View]
138283942>A little insight here from someone who knows Denmark and Danish mentality : >Anything arab/mi…[View]
138288465Gods, wish I could go back in time[View]
138279560Why doesn't the best part of Mexico just become its own country? safer, homogeneous, catholic, …[View]
138262219/balt/ + /ausnz/ + /luso/: #32, Cute and sexy edition[View]
138290945/balt/ + /ausnz/ + enemies: Presidential chart edition[View]
138286524Lebanese don't look Mediterra-[View]
138287278I will immigrate to Norway[View]
138277932make a tier list of your presidents.[View]
138282679Sverigetråden - Kungliga upplagan[View]
138287012Is cosplay popular in your country?[View]
138288649Post your country's busiest airport[View]
138288581why are they so feminine?[View]
138288916why so gav[View]
138290631well it's decided[View]
138289263Will Greece ever return to its former glory?[View]
138288660if i moved to USA, Canada, Europe, Japan or Australia or NZ (any first-world country) I'd work …[View]
138283917>tfw no deutsch gf to teach me deklination[View]
138288228Love-Hate USA: Why is the rest of world so tsundere for America?[View]
138289688eat the turds, bigot[View]
138285826>one shot at life >shitskin[View]
138288590Do people use public transport in your country? We have such dogshit public transport. Our country b…[View]
138289661>Sex before marriage? No way.[View]
138284668>Yes, I still say Persia >Yes, I still say Siam >Yes, I still say Burma >Yes, I still sa…[View]
138290178VGH... so far gone are the days when argentina is white was a topical meme, it was the best time i h…[View]
138289777>can't get druk because le ancient pedophile said so POINT AND LAUGH !…[View]
138274615>Japanese goverment and 4chan autists are like : wtf, japanese people aren't having babies t…[View]
138277991Why is China such a wonder of a country? Will anywhere else be able to replicate its success?[View]
138289889Yes, I will immigrate to Madrid, the Basque Country or Aragon. Yes, i will start a mafia family to i…[View]
138287470Americans can earn six figures salaries right out college ... no one suffers in America.[View]
138289673On behalf of the American people: We apologize to Germany for our crimes against your people. We are…[View]
138289996>be slightly popular Croatian podcast, show or video on youtube, news site >yugoshits storm th…[View]
138288459>even the cemeteries are kino in buenos aires What is it about buenos aires that makes it look so…[View]
138267010/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Чыcцiнi нiць. Пaпяpэдняя нiць: >>138252976 https://textwall.xyz/rus+bel+ukr…[View]
138288283Opinions on this US state? American opinions more appreciated.[View]
138287424/brit/ + /poopa/[View]
138286261We have lost this battle, but we are not conquered. When the time is right, we will come again![View]
138281735Say two things you like and two things you hate about the country posting above you[View]
138284465This is what the average couple looks like in Sweden. How does the average couple in your country c…[View]
138289296Is it true that jews want white genocide so they can rule the world? Seems a bit farfetched to me[View]
138282805I seethe at yuros a lot but deep down I'm really jealous of them. Fortunately they're all …[View]
138288915>I don't mind blacks as long as they're socially conservative…[View]
138264321/ita/ il filo: edizione velocissima[View]
138284756>I suffer in Turkey[View]
138288329Why did he do it?[View]
138285005I DEMAND, I DEMAND, I DEMAND....[View]
138288024>your cunt >effects of climate change in your cunt flag Pic related.…[View]
138284011Really makes you think[View]
138281558English very ugly language, this one much better. Probably why the English words taken from it.[View]
138285402Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
138287876Tell me about Malta. Is it based on cringe?[View]
138288995Why does Johnny Depp simp for Europe so bad?[View]
138288976https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsgjp0EXlrw I want to find love in Wales.[View]
138286338>The sailor uniform is loosing popularity with japanese schoolgirls. only rural girls wear them. …[View]
138288572Filipino humor is so based.[View]
138282916>born poor, fatherless, struggling, no college at age 25 >work in hotel, moving luggage and se…[View]
138284856Asian guys started BBC posting in real life, kek[View]
138282975can someone redpill me on these 2 cunts? why do they hate each other if they are essentially the sam…[View]
138269776/ex-yu/: izdanje ovdje smo[View]
138284840>You will own NOTHING and you will BE happy[View]
138285200/brit/ + /booba/[View]
138287652How would you call Scandinavian phenotype?[View]
138285805What do you think of the phillippines?[View]
138287124ATTENTION CANUCKS: I'm coming over in 2 years, make some room will ya?[View]
138285398Are gyms in your country open?[View]
138287579They're white: They're white[View]
138280615Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
138286808Wait, turkey isn't a third world country?[View]
138262168Imitate the above posters language: I'll start Hello, my name is John. I come from America. Sem…[View]
138286274do black people or brit bongs who do really? tell me now[View]
138285992Would you rather settle down in Texas or Florida? Why?[View]
138284157Anons, what country is best for weebs? Where can I find a girl that isnt going to try to turn me int…[View]
138266102Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッ: Previous Thread:>>138234979 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/d…[View]
138285637'American' is a fine demonym for people from the US. But if you pedantically insist that you have to…[View]
138286975Picking a place in America to settle down is so soulless. It’s literally >pick scenery specific …[View]
138282549What is the point of paying taxes in thirdie countries?: You get no healthcare, no public transport,…[View]
138287195Countries without a single river[View]
138284884Mask on: Hey anon, is it normal/Socially acceptable to wear a gas mask in your cunt? Post'em…[View]
138276246/MEX/: Hilo para la zona culturalmente mexicana eso incluye chicanos[View]
138283587What is your English name?: My English made is Fitzgerald[View]
138268616>you will move to Iraq[View]
138285995VGH... MY ANCESTORS... I KNEEL...[View]
138283306I heard that North America is the only place with house keys like this. Post house keys from your cu…[View]
138272028In Japan you can buy brains to fuck.[View]
138282414We Japanese love Abe: He will become Prime Minister again.[View]
138285255Is PC gayming popular in your country?: Australia No Vast majority only plays playstation[View]
138283905>Be argentinian >Lost las malvinas because you care more about futbol https://youtu.be/lIF9bM3…[View]
138276527ITT: Post the first thing that goes through your mind upon seeing the flag of the poster above you[View]
138286117Okay, /int/, explain something - how did Bulgaria go from this:[View]
138285545What is the history of human sacrifice in your cunt and/or ancestral culture?[View]
138286285This is America... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=911NWb4R3Hc[View]
138280531Takuan tsuke is so god damn pickle[View]
138286291Are Italians the worlds ultimate coomers?[View]
138286254/fr/ - La France est tombée: L'édition de la défaite Ancien: >>138271430[View]
138285035Islam and Judaism: Early Hebrews were, well, Hebrew, and you can find the same people in the Bible a…[View]
138284645I must learn Welsh.: https://youtu.be/Zsgjp0EXlrw[View]
138273582I want to help the people of North Korea. What can I do?[View]
138264699/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Schwiegermuttertaugliche Ausgabe[View]
138285834What should be the legal limit on how big a country can be?[View]
138282155Has this ever been refuted?[View]
138281636white or mixed?[View]
138284448>the anti-american bulgarian was mean to me again today[View]
138277817Do you want to live on a ranch in the high desert, /int/?[View]
138285702>wake up >still not powerful american i want to be american…[View]
138284066someone please explain this american college ritual to me, does the M stand for McDonalds?[View]
138275118My 'Polish' classmate: >be me >16 years old at the time >at school >we had a classmate a…[View]
138271430/fr/ - le machin qui parle français: Édition tendance Ancien: >>138262744[View]
1382849761 your country 2 can you play to intro to enter sandman 1 america 2 no[View]
138285199Before the end of this month, infected people will surpass 100 million. China You win[View]
138284478Miss the days when Romanian culture ruled over the world[View]
138284889/int/ couples: Starting with an Italian & French couple[View]
138285383Vai votar.[View]
138284523>Tokyo Harajuku and Omotesando night walk - 4K HDR[View]
138279561ok australians explain why again is this yours?[View]
138285260Whats life as a third world wagie?[View]
138280706Do they actually believe they're honorary Aryans?[View]
138282600/brit/: seal edish[View]
138282456new year, new excruciating hot summer[View]
138283613Is identity theft a problem in your country?[View]
138283486shitty neighbourhood kids broke into my backyard and attempted to break into my house again does thi…[View]
138268833Italy is always based, it comes naturally to us, born to be based[View]
138284779DO WE REALLY?[View]
138283785>german nobel peace prize recipients[View]
138284730This is what the average anglo male looks like. What do average men in your country look like?[View]
138282042>you wake up in 1980’s China Wat do ?[View]
138281517Is your country preparing for the green hydrogen economy? Australia Yes, we are going to be the Saud…[View]
138284570Is this the most aesthetic american city map? Looks like a video game map.[View]
138282235I think this country should be called Usonia.: It makes more sense to think of America just as a con…[View]
138280442/brit/: virgin freak edition[View]
138267899Yes, South Brazil is white and european Yes, we're german descendents Yes, we would be 1st worl…[View]
138276699Experiences with Mongol maidens?[View]
138284384Why doesn't english spend public money on a workgroup to free their tongue from french grip lik…[View]
138280934Do Romanians honestly believe that they are successors of Rome?[View]
138282460fellows anons living in Muslims countries, how common are shrines like this in your local mosuqes, m…[View]
138281152ITT we post the countries we have blocked with the 4chanX extension >red = blocked…[View]
138283575Death to Hegelians[View]
138283584positive/hope thread: feeling down bros. want to hear some good stuff going on. what's good in …[View]
138283299It's pains me to know that he's so fucking hot but 5'8, I thought Germans were suppos…[View]
138237667/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: Antelk edition[View]
138281295>WTF Europe looks like that !![View]
138279677we're better than you[View]
138283826Whenever i see a Britisher flag i imagine William Aoife Brachovic Muhammad Al O'Baghdadi Chong …[View]
138278019If America had invested in Latin America in the past century instead of overthrowing governments the…[View]
138283281>tfw still no thai gf[View]
138282350my street is in snow[View]
138283682immagine how much fun the world would be if instead of boring political meetings we just use nukes[View]
138279977I'm rooting for Poirier, and you /int/?[View]
138282879what is your cunts version of Area 51?[View]
138280592/cum/ - Canada, USA & Mexico[View]
138282409Had the British not intervened India would be 100% Muslim.[View]
13827843937,900 KM: That is the length of China's high speed rail network. For comparison, the circumfer…[View]
138280747Post engineering feats of your race: To start of XM8 - the peak of gun design and 100% germanic…[View]
138281490A new delicacy was born. Guess the country.[View]
138283294Americans live like THAT?: https://youtu.be/i3KacGg9aec?t=104 (1:44)[View]
138280900Interesting country[View]
138283308yes I am obese yes I do eat fast food daily yes, I will rely on taxpayer money to keep me alive yes …[View]
138267994USA thread.: Give 3 reasons why you like USA and 3 other reasons why you hate USA.[View]
138280829International Bookclub: Emhyr var Emreis is actually Duny and he wanted to unironically fuck Ciri wh…[View]
138283016to the Arabs of the int, does he look like Lebanese?[View]
138281756Does your country have someone so beloved that basically nobody can say they dislike them? For Ameri…[View]
138282979How do we fix Ladyboyland? Should they just become a Chinese territory? I mean it couldn't poss…[View]
138279860>it's normal for males in muslim countries to reach their 20's without ever touching a …[View]
138266464/polska/: edycja lania wody wcześniej: >>138260206[View]
138282070>Just be confident bro In this some are born hunters while some are born prey. Stop coping…[View]
138281599https://youtu.be/_IDZI2WL4EY https://youtu.be/7LiWLuPVFd4 Do these phenotypes exist in your country?[View]
138282720This is the world where the Axis powers won.[View]
138283190>be german >banned from wearing certain clothing brands…[View]
138282952do you trust the mailmen in your country?[View]
138279085American Culture: >tfw American culture manages to create kino like Citizen Kane, Paths of Glory,…[View]
138276461What did English sound like before you could understand the language.[View]
138273215I feel like Black Americans live in a completely different world from White Americans. A while back …[View]
138280396Nation-states founded on territorial identity are outdated, unstable, soulless, fake and gay. Having…[View]
138281330/loser/ thread: > Korean > Soon Bald > No future > No money…[View]
138280368you wake up on Mount Fuji[View]
138277450Antinatalism: Is antinatalism the solution to all the world's problem? Is antinatalism the fina…[View]
138282615I love you guys: Goodbye bros. If I survive I will come back in a few years for nostalgia. Hopefully…[View]
138278944When did you figure out this virus is way worse than its depicted? For me when a 21 yo cousin caught…[View]
138278591Describe the future of your country in one image.[View]
138281075let's eat crisps[View]
138276050What's the best state of the USA?[View]
138282626Redpill me on Karachi[View]
138279817tfw no ethnic british gf: tfw no ethnic british gf[View]
138282150What do different kingdoms in GOT represent? >Targaryen==Romans >Valyria==Greece >Ghis==Egy…[View]
138277669>it's 32ºC and 78% humidity inside my room coldfags don't know what suffering is…[View]
138271378/v4/ + friends: Nuremberg Chronicle edition[View]
138279341Are you a manlet: >Leaf >6'1 I'm so short bros. All my friends are like 6'5 at …[View]
138277802Haplogroups of Greece[View]
138276249Faces of /int/[View]
1382756781. Your cunt 2. Are you forced to wear a mask in public?[View]
138282376/map/ - map thread: Tropic vs desert edition[View]
138273909Why is this language so fucking ugly?[View]
138278775>2021... I am forgotten.[View]
138282047I am glad I live on the other side of the planet as Dutchmen[View]
138280772Is France trying to steal Dixie’s championship?[View]
138282026>i suffer in nigeria[View]
138281933>this is considered normal in USA[View]
138275717Why do Americans do things like this? Also, what is his phenotype?[View]
138281203Poland... Oh no le another me killing me Truly mexico hates mexico Call UN pls polandball Teehehe[View]
138281121why do nips refused to draw their own facial features onto their own cartoon despite seeking affinit…[View]
138280369Wait, you guys aren’t ACTUALLY from different countries, right?[View]
138281027>tfw wanting to join a monastery does this happen in ur country?[View]
138279218>search 'skater girl' in hoping of getting pics of early 2000s girls >get modern 'aesthetic in…[View]
138281609Westerners be like haha spics cram their whole extended family into an apartment but I mean why not …[View]
138281503Mordern Japan is cucked and gay. Agree[ ] Disagree[ ][View]
138279679Why is Hungarian so weird and complex? This language is literally for aliens or something[View]
138281419>Wears the Basque >Had one of the biggest empires ever, qualifying him as a big guy >Owns t…[View]
138277330Alternate names for your cuntry that no one probably uses Pearl of the Orient Seas[View]
138277618Is American cuisine popular in your country?[View]
138276345you wake up in Bruxelles[View]
138280546>mfw Mexico will never be a decent country in my lifetime let alone a first world one First world…[View]
138280155>'Won' WW2 >More butthurt about it than any of the other major combatants Why is this?…[View]
138280974What are Hungarian women like?: I have no doubt that many of them are no different from Western caro…[View]
138279169The other dystopia: A world where >Polnish are dominating the culture despite beeing not there ho…[View]
138280755>bald 'people'[View]
138279136Your country DOES have star forts, right?[View]
138280737why do the chinese and russians not speak english? I just want to play csgo soloqueue and hear comms[View]
138279707Why black people there so good?[View]

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