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190908710/desi/: how was your day?[View]
190908600kill tourists humiliate tourists mug tourists murder tourists and make it look like an accident or s…[View]
190908195In 2009, Israel banned Gazans from importing pasta.[View]
190906481this went viral on social media[View]
190906598Thank you Sweden for helping us gain independence much löve hömies[View]
190908399>What's all the rage about BBC I keep hearing? Did David Attenborough die or something?…[View]
190908538The hero of Black people[View]
190901349Race mixing general: Thoughts on having hapa daughters?[View]
190906432How often do you go out to the nearest convenience store at 3 am?[View]
190905311Winter is coming...[View]
190907524>that child? She deserved to be gangbanged and killed by a horde of brown gentleman >all part …[View]
190905487Ever since the NSFI (not safe for /int/) event that took place in my country I've seen a lot of…[View]
190907091Why did Europeans never learn how to balance objects on their heads?[View]
190908132i like to watch kurzgesagt but it feels wrong because its german[View]
190902122What will happen to Nepal when white sexpats find out about its women? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
190908078American mathematics[View]
190903700Do you love Israel? Finland yes.[View]
190908021does your cunt tree do weird stuff?[View]
190862202/asean/: love is love chuds![View]
190907815I used to watch these two do dances on tiktok. The male is a 10/10 Russian. The girl, Nevada, is a 9…[View]
190907798Do americans who are watching sports via television or computer also stand up during the black dick …[View]
190905960Fellow mixed people of 4chan , what mix are you? I am pic related[View]
190905865Countries where Immigration is now justified >Canada >Australia >New Zealand >UK >Sin…[View]
190901273Do you think Islam will be a significant religion in Europe in the future? Or will all muslims becom…[View]
190907742Today, 6th December 2023 marks the 31rd anniversary of the day when us Hindus demolished one of the …[View]
190907412are they the most hated people ?: God anons, that superiority complex is incredibly bad even for the…[View]
190907720How frequently do you see girls outside taking erotic pics for social media in your country?[View]
190907449Do doctors and engineers in your country make more money than uneducated inexperienced managers in a…[View]
190904819What is it like to live in public housing in France? Why does it seem to make people angry and prone…[View]
190907618Miami is a shithole: and most of this country resembles a third world hellscape but atleast in third…[View]
190906281AI invents new name for Finland: He asked from ChatGPT what could be Finlands name if it had to be c…[View]
190907517Today was the last day of class in my uni before final exams. I'm scared.[View]
190906333Do you have humorous place names in you're country?[View]
190904497What does Tasty taste like?[View]
190900393Sverigetråden - Vaska oljanupplagan[View]
190907303I hate gypsies so much[View]
190905889What the fuck is wrong with Shias?[View]
190901868/brit/: The wounded cavalier edition[View]
190907169Pre-Islamic Arabia seems so far away, but then I remember it only became Muslim in 601[View]
190904808This is my girlfriend, Victorique de Blois[View]
190905370Finland 106 years independence.: I made Karelian stew for Finnish independence day. :3[View]
190896462We should all be friends in December. No more hatred, just love.[View]
190902443Greek brothers... We should unite.[View]
190907039Which countries have women with pretty fingers?[View]
190904244Japan is empty.: Did you know that despite having a population of 125MILLION people, Japan is actual…[View]
190906679wow that's it?[View]
190899458Japan sisters...[View]
190906392>adderal? no can do bro, sorry not sorry, best we can do is give you modafinil which doesn't…[View]
190904184You VILL eat ze bugs, won't you anon?[View]
190905608Berlin: How did the Wish.com version of Copenhagen convince zoomers around the world it's a coo…[View]
190904711independence day in Finland: its independence day and the shopping outdoors market of Oulu city is s…[View]
190905080Why are /int/cels so horny?[View]
190906593Do not celebrate finnish independence. Finns are a natural slave race with no agency or initiative. …[View]
190905160Did you know before the 60's, American movies weren't allowed to show alcohol and suggesti…[View]
190905684what does your country think about white juche?[View]
190905288You can tell if someone is actually an environmentalist or is just politically posturing if they bel…[View]
190906453How can I learn transatlantic?: It's the only English accent I find pleasant to the ear and I c…[View]
190898321I love Greek culture[View]
190906365Germans. Germans. Germans.[View]
190905208Did you know that Van Gogh was not white? He was J2, especially of the Semitic branch.[View]
190906221Do you get UV solar radiation warnings in your country?[View]
190905691What is the worst area where you felt on edge that you've traveled to? For me it's Buffalo…[View]
190890312Are non-whites white supremacists in your country?[View]
190906227.: .[View]
190903390>gained 13kg ever since I started ordering food 2 months ago do you order take out in your countr…[View]
190905175Nature is bad: Danish climate scientists are warning that Northern Europeans have the wrong ideas wh…[View]
190906134Indian vassal states.[View]
190902855/deutsch/: Kokonerausgabe[View]
190903583I am in India right now. But my American phone with T-Mobile posts from an American IP here. This i…[View]
190904394We were lied to about America[View]
190906046Sorry not sorry Chinabros. Will still show up at your all-you-can-eat slopfest for €14,99 doe.[View]
190905704Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, sushi…[View]
190906032>remember the thread on /int/ a third worlder made about white people laughing to themselves for …[View]
190905891Is this the most universal standard of beauty? She won Miss Universe. Her skirt accidentally fell do…[View]
190905563>latim American countries will again be flooded by this and still complain about it…[View]
190905855>the barbaric cavemen speech symbol[View]
190898130the whitest food[View]
190895805What's the difference between their Portugese?[View]
190900171Why don't American apologize for dropping bomb on innocent Japanese?[View]
190904649I only eat fried or baked sushi. Is it considered cringe in Japan?[View]
190905790/rom/ - Roman Empire General: Only true romans allowed ITT[View]
190905459The root of all suffering is comparison I should be finding a virgin gf marrying her and have kids i…[View]
190905716This is Martin Bormann. He gave Adolf Hitler, a good friend of Finland, a German Shepherd, Blondie, …[View]
190903391Is there a tendency in your cuntry to give children preposterous names? I saw some young bank emplo…[View]
190905655Soy word of the day: >fur parent[View]
190887387/lang/ - language learning general: Certified polyglot edition What language(s) are you learning? …[View]
190905355Oporto?, Niza? California? No, chile![View]
190904198early europeans looked like this[View]
190902127The weakest man from Greece[View]
190902857>God willing, all red squirrels will be slaughtered[View]
190904746German nations caused this: The *spit* 1.000 year lasting quasi-prehistoric period of obscurantism, …[View]
190905336Just talked to a girl[View]
190904955Has German faded out of use in your country? Hungary Yes, 30 years ago most educated people were abl…[View]
190901244Japan has passed a bill prohibiting the use of recreational cannabis[View]
190898136>telling my students about Jesus >they all start to mention cults Why are Japs like this?…[View]
190904842Choose wisely /int/: >Raise the three girls in the top pic as a single father in an ancient farmi…[View]
190905012will this suffice: hey, a dude from europe here wanting to get citizenship, but they ask for proof o…[View]
190905330Why did the deepstate choose Joaquin Phoenix for the role?[View]
190905298firstie pod vs the thirdie castle[View]
190905182arab-indonesian mutt looks like this[View]
190905040this is a 10/10 in squidland[View]
190899981>hOw dO rUsSiAnS wAtCh fOrEigN mOvIeS wItHoUt nEtFlIx?[View]
190903312How were black people able to create a powerful culture that represented America despite fierce disc…[View]
190896082Don't fool yourselves This is what the average Asian woman looks like[View]
190903922even from beyond the grave, shinzo abe gently whispers, 'have sex'[View]
190896020Which way, Florida man?[View]
190903934Every single Hungarian born before 2005 has seen this movie: and they all though it was the funniest…[View]
190900662Has anyone read Mein Kampf?: I have. Hitler spend like 40 pages complaining that Jews stink. Literal…[View]
190904456German women are obsessed with Indian men. They find them mysterious and alluring. They always make …[View]
190900077China is losing around 20 million people a year and will halve it's population by 2050. It…[View]
190902045Why do Europeans put Cheese in everything?[View]
190903589I GOT IT BROS! I GO TO AMERICA![View]
190904982Why do people look so dysgenic nowadays?[View]
190899235/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /اسر/ - /ИЗP/ - /እስራ/ - /イスラ/ - /ܐܣܖ/: מהדורת חתול סקוטיש פולד[View]
190902882>country has multiple time zones[View]
190891695Have you wasted your youth in your country?[View]
190894834Do you drink milk in your country?[View]
190900710Good afternoon or morning, Europe. How is your day going? Here is -22C outside.[View]
190904218Long nights: >solstice in two weeks Do people overreact in your country?…[View]
190902729It's just the same 50 people you have been talking to on this board for years. You're a hu…[View]
190901611>20 years ago when I was a little child I remember muslims used to seethe at western media having…[View]
190900238How easy is it making friends as an adult in your country?[View]
190904333Good morning sirs[View]
190904477Can one escape the fate of being genetically a third worlder? Sure I could speak a different languag…[View]
190901394What do either of them have to offer each other?: I didn't even know they had relations lel…[View]
190903249how has 2023 been in your country? its been a very bad year for me[View]
190903421>girl is into me >convince myself she's just being friendly happens in your cunt?…[View]
190901921man drank 1000 bottles of radioactives: he drank 1000 small bottless (33 milliliter) of certified ra…[View]
190904304>You VILL pay ze tax >You VILL follow ze regulation >You VILL welcome ze migrant…[View]
190904185fuck america fuck cars fuck fast food fuck fat people fuck mutt people fuck freedom fuck the ameri…[View]
190904289>mayan majority departments are as peaceful as europe and the nice parts of north america >mes…[View]
190904280Who the fuck is Napoléon woos ? Anglo invent name on an official wiki page and no one corrects this.…[View]
190903959Reddit: The Country.[View]
190902883Is it true that doing pic related is illegal in Nordic and western English-speaking countries ? Here…[View]
190902061I'm 181cm and I'm beginning to develop a psychological complex about my height[View]
190902173Is this the most universal standard of beauty? She won Miss Universe. Her skirt accidentally fell do…[View]
190904168only s. american cunt with boring landscapes[View]
190897445/brit/: Catherine of Aragon edition[View]
190903970GOOD MORNING SIRS >Lithuanian language is the closest surviving language to Sanskrit >Lithuani…[View]
190902957>chudtubers, chudtokers, chudgrammers on my feeds when did you realize this site is nothing diffe…[View]
190900786A Poland-Finland military alliance could invade europe and win ez. Just remember that next time euro…[View]
190903123Euro women seem just superior to American women in every single way, they look and dress better, the…[View]
190904092Happens in your country?[View]
190901828A question to Russians and Serbians: Do you think Russia would have intervened to help the Serbians …[View]
190902627They should join the EU[View]
190904022/polska/: ...i aby każdy scaraburi zdychał w straszliwych męczarniach. Amen. edycja poprzednia >…[View]
190902412/int/ recommended books: Post books that you recommend to anons from other countries esoteric, self …[View]
190900159When will the East Asian Union be established?[View]
190902938reunification when?[View]
190891599GTA VI is the official video game of /int/[View]
190901970What's your honest opinion on: America? Do you think we're a force of good or evil?…[View]
190902390>italian rocket science[View]
190903219opinion?: https://youtu.be/UhbVCkv9EVU[View]
190903536/desi/: good evening[View]
190902935is this normie also in your cunt?[View]
190881237/polska/: edycja miniaturowej dziewczynki mówiącej głębokim głosem czyli szczytu komedii https://www…[View]
190900838Int told me that hapas were cute and pure sexo: <----Actual result Brown people should not be all…[View]
190903093>God rules the heaven and satan rules hell >Satan hates god >God decides if souls are allow…[View]
190900147Ukrainians heat up caravans to 27 degrees: 'They are used to that at home': They are used …[View]
190892163Pick 3 languages to instantly become fluent in! The only rule is that they cannot be dead languages.[View]
190901901>Attempt to speak to a European in their language >They roll their eyes and talk to me in Eng…[View]
190902826Imagine if dutch had become the international language instead of english[View]
190903026i would like to thank all the right wing westerners on X (formerly known as twitter) that loves to r…[View]
190902652Do you type R in your cunt?[View]
190902246White people are the protaganist in this universe[View]
190902437What do YOU think about Russia and Russians?[View]
190902731What happens when they get Israelis' to move out?[View]
190901454In Europe at least you get caucasoid immigrants that follow an Abrahamic religion. Here we only get …[View]
190901528I want to start HEMA What can you tell me about it[View]
190901550What are the cultural differences between Pakistan and India? It looks completely the same to me apa…[View]
190902341Post small town neighbourhoods from your country[View]
190899872Daily reminder. This is Central Europe.[View]
190897014/bharat/ - demolish day edition[View]
190901887>when I was small >and Christmas trees were tall…[View]
190898903How do Mainlanders cope with using an inferior writing system: >Traditional characters have a ric…[View]
190902392>in germany if you're a foreigner and rape a geeman teen you can say you were frustrated in …[View]
190901705Helping your fellow man out of altruism is cuckoldry with extra steps. Helping your fellow man becau…[View]
190900498China is supposed to be a superpower even though it fears to even reclaim this small piece of land c…[View]
190902235This is an authentic Baltic woman from early 18th century. I thought they were blond on average or f…[View]
190902130Germans go to the toilet and be like >Ein Poopenfarten![View]
190902145med on ice fall down[View]
190899695Globohomo bots be like: 'Estonia is absolutely safe for Russians, I married an Estonian woman and fe…[View]
190901112Did you know that Estonians are by far the smartest Europeans? And that literal niggers outsmart Gre…[View]
190898333This drove the Slavic man crazy[View]
190900734'Zellig made me curious about Dutch culture and intertainment. Where do I go from here?[View]
190898213Is this a common custom in the US?[View]
190899498Americans pay rent to corporations to store our belongings inside their large garage complexes. Did …[View]
190901746Why are Finn from Finland like this ? The guy finds about 10 grams of gold and does this face like …[View]
190897310the /brit/ thread[View]
190900679How do Koreans explain this?[View]
190885083Which is your favorite East Asian country?: South Korea Japan Greater China (China, HK/Macau, Taiwan…[View]
190892355/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Dünen-Sandlaufkäferausgabe[View]
190901384Russian girls are overrated[View]
190899751Korean shamanism is fucking weird. Is that why Korean Christianity is wierd? Because it's infus…[View]
190900453ITT we thank germany for their contributions to the world I thank germany for electronic music,[View]
190898870did you know portugal is responsible for half of the world's cork production? now you know. pos…[View]
190901116does your town of residence have orange lights (SOUL) or led lights (SOULLESS) in your country[View]
190901409Why do they have Black Bull (KARA BOĞA) as their national animal?[View]
190898314What happens here?: Asking because I plan to move here now after seeing the GTA VI trailer[View]
190900552Why havent you become a farmer yet /int/? Most comfy job in the world >work on your own land no b…[View]
190898128Soul + Kino[View]
190901418Happen in your country?[View]
190899842Which country do you think will create the next Hitler?[View]
190900225>>190900159 When you get your shit together.[View]
190901317immigration is a travesty: every time I go out it's like poor little white boy[View]
190894317China bros Does the average Chinese young person give a shit about “overtaking America”? Is that so…[View]
190899648Sexpatbros.....it's over....Filipinas don't love you....[View]
190899825New map of Venezuela just dropped[View]
190901001White people look the same: She reminds me of that girl. Yknow, that one.[View]
190901106the idol industry of japan is dead now so nip zoomers train kpop dance to be kpop idol. nihon has fa…[View]
190901173What does your cunt think about white juche?[View]
190888678Why are 3rdies obsessed about Anglo elite universities? There are no elite universities in mainland …[View]
190900903>ella freya takes massive stinky shits Why does it have to be this way[View]
190882014/sauna/: syöttipainos[View]
190899961Total Salvadoran victory thread[View]
190897373/desi/: good morning[View]
190892336sverigetråden kallar den trådgeek[View]
190900290Fun fact: here you can't find 3L bottles at all. Especially with coke. BTW Walmart blocked russ…[View]
190899393>Chun Li was born in Brazil and not in China Oohhhhh[View]
190900298GRECIA ENTRADOR: Does your country have an /int/ernational appeal[View]
190900713im making turkiye coffee[View]
190900651When was the last time a woman looked at you like this in your country?[View]
190900649https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XvYjTipTNU Do you have monkeys in your country? >guatemala yes…[View]
190897511What happens in Minnesota?[View]
190900562Have you ever met a real Amerikan?[View]
190899734biggest whores come from this country[View]
190886081¿Yo soy reggaeton?[View]
190895978LatinX languages sissify half the world[View]
190899456Wtf is america really this dystopian?[View]
190898737Appreciation post to our friends across the pond for all of their contributions to the world of musi…[View]
190900261Do Bulgarians really?[View]
190898588/rom/ - Roman Empire General: Get in here, my fellow romans.[View]
190899444There is no such thing as true love in this country: You can only get married for the job and salary…[View]
190899246This is the kind of feminine little nigcel that plays video games kek[View]
190899953Cheer me up, /int/ will ya. I have trouble sleeping past couple of weeks and anxiety gets better of …[View]
190900124>Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito >Yo te quiero, oh mi corazón >Spanish bombs, yo te qu…[View]
190899205Everytime I see an Asian girl with a white guy I uncontrollably seethe. The fact that a group of wom…[View]
190898979How did a yellow and white country become the beacon of the brown world? Brown countries pls explain…[View]
190898397fuck me i keep noticing words in my language that sound arab or straight up rhyme with 'allah', how …[View]
190899927Canada should protect her at all costs.[View]
190899201When I was a kid, I thought this is a mixed race person: do you have /int/ misconceptions in your co…[View]
190898617This Jordanian man has just been murdered in Chicago because he was carrying $1000 according to his …[View]
190897168What happens here and why they look so different? Ive years once that they origin is a mistery[View]
190898890I have light brown hair, green eyes, and a mostly black beard (blond around the moustache and upper …[View]
190899320This confuses the average American[View]
190897376Stay strong bros, after this the days get longer[View]
190898803Do you like Manhattan?[View]
190899870SOVL commie era Poland photos just dropped: https://www.bygonely.com/1980s-poland/[View]
190895819i wonder, how night will be with a day that i, shall never see / i wonder, how winter will be with a…[View]
190888869Does your country have mormons?: What do your countrymen think about them?[View]
190898046If your country isn't on this list, you're not gonna make it. Singapore installed more rob…[View]
190887447>not respected by russians who call us slurs >not respected by chinese who are looking to entr…[View]
190897947>no culture >no inventions >no famous people…[View]
190896746Are there still americans that talk like this? https://x.com/real_hotaru/status/1732215529421627887…[View]
190898301Do posters from this country live in poverty?[View]
190899446Are you stupid in your country[View]
190895338Timmies won. WNWO won.[View]
190898003Se acabo[View]
190899650¿Que Miras, Bobo?[View]
190899484How can anyone deny that Jesus Christ is God when there's so much evidence for it? Paul's …[View]
190897296I want a Korean comfort boy.[View]
190899625Nuo upės iki jūros, Mažoji Lietuva bus laisva! From the river to the sea, Little Lithuania will be f…[View]
190899600>germans We used to respect you. What happened?[View]
190891718DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3357: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
190898057Stupid people in your cunt?: I will just jump off this tower for no reason, what could go wrong-ACK!…[View]
190897308Quran experiment: Why are Westerners such chuds against Islam? >Guy reads bible verses >Tell p…[View]
190899507Average Polish village family[View]
190896502why yes, i WILL visit the US and enjoy everything it has to offer no, i will not be tipping. it…[View]
190899360Thoughts on ancient Turkish women? https://youtu.be/3vqMXh85yDs?si=lcbz4TaTpqUA9muS[View]
190897503>reminds you why U.S. culture dominates the world in your path[View]
190897811Nepalbros we cannot stop our Ws at the cost of the westoids[View]
190896483/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Anterior: >>190894437[View]
190891960>Your cunt >Your national martial art >Your rating Brazil Capoeira 4 out of 10 Invented by …[View]
190898340Are fraternities and sororities a big deal in most American universities or is it just a movie thing…[View]
190892193Americans ruined social media.[View]
190898772Do you believe you're missing out? That everything good is happening somewhere else But with no…[View]
190899209In the Bible you can find echoes of the story of the god An creating the cattle-goddess, Lahar, and …[View]
190899218How did Uttarkhand do this?[View]
190898675>So Hungary is just femboy Mongolia[View]
190898384In America, speaking a second language other than Spanish makes you extremely intelligent and cultur…[View]
190899142New whiteness ranking just dropped[View]
190895017What's up with the current chud revolution in the West? It seems like chuds are occupying key g…[View]
190896619I don't want to go back to China bros...[View]
190898188didn't know muslims were this based[View]
190898655/éire/: Am I doing this right Edition[View]
190895763How many Jews are there in your country? >flag >1,000…[View]
190897769NEW GERMAN FRIGATES UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Aw yeah let's fucking go[View]
190898829What does it all mean?[View]
190898698this is a traditional american mating ritual could this happen in your country?[View]
190897704tajik girls look like this?[View]
190898429Fuck Aztecs, the Tlaxcalans were the injuns that were badass[View]
190891511How are zoomers desecrating your language?[View]
190897911If Hindus have the right to demolish mosque and build Hindu Ram Mandir temple, then Christiana have …[View]
190897679New whiteness map just dropped[View]
190898139>250 word essay due on Friday >I still haven't started It's over. Does this happen i…[View]
190896455/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição mordomo negro Anterior: >>190894437[View]
190898557I'm sorry Indiabros.. I had to do it[View]
190896119Can you easily read ancient manuscripts in your country?: >flag I easily can read any manuscript…[View]
190898637Will this game make Latinas hate white boys less? Or is it OVER?[View]
190893718Oh no no no no no no, are standards this high in your country too?[View]
190886793Why is England so culturally LGBT friedly in their country?[View]
190897438What are you gaming in your country?: I've played this a lot recently. Currently doing a campai…[View]
190896667Only Japanese understand the voices of insects: It is our superhuman ability[View]
190897864Why are their women so horny all the time? >inb4 they want a European passport There are dozens i…[View]
190889073>a literal professional PIMP became a role model of a TRADITIONAL male >got accepted by the mu…[View]
190898238Japan was already Anime even before it was born if you think about it[View]
190897101What is your favourite Russian republic? For me, it's Tatarstan[View]
190898394Why is it that every time I do a thread on TV, there's some guy telling me about reddit ? I…[View]
190898345Americans - we really do be like that[View]
190897493>Americans are angry at the depiction of America in GTA 6[View]
190871632/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Fargo(1996) edition[View]
190896920Would you pay $11.44 for Finnish food?[View]
190896874I'm still reeling from the video where you see a random girl, probably from a reality TV of her…[View]
190898251>434 crores spent on flood yet chennai is filled with water Tamilbvlls how do we cope?…[View]
190897649How are you celebrating finnish independence day in your country?[View]
190892615Is the internet ruining culture? I don't mean the whole 'zoomers getting their brains fried' fi…[View]
190888876does your country do well on educational tests?[View]
190896911Do men go bald in your country?[View]
190897586What are your prospects for the incomming year of 2024 in your country?[View]
190894150are American angels like this even real? if so, how can I get one to be my wife?[View]
190896556Would you lose your virginity in a favela??[View]
190894324Gomenasai, my name is Michelle-chan. I'm a 27 year old American Bijutsuka (artist for you gaiji…[View]
190887916GREAT BRITAIN SAVES THE WORLD!: The UK invented $120,000 pods. Now housing crisis in the UK (and soo…[View]
190897414What is the best country to meet cute guys in?[View]
190896668>English women are ugl-............. APOLOGIZE[View]
190895988/dixie/ - southern US + friends[View]
190880558You are approached by a dog in your country[View]
190896224>he’s not a top 1% learner on Duolingo how pathetic…[View]
190897686What does /int/ think of French electronic musicians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTBbb6XHMDo ht…[View]
190892327Canada 2nd Generation Immigrants had the best PISA scores: Canada mean math pisa scores >non Immi…[View]
190896217Europeans how do you feel about your cities, culture, people, and countries dying in front of your f…[View]
190896699Only third worlders love GTA because it allows you to play as a criminal[View]
190891211>tfw Canadians literally have an IMWF state governor It's been ogre for chud hockeysissies f…[View]
190896937>this is life in america in 2023 AD[View]
190895827Im a Brazilaboo. I love bunda, Bossa nova, and soccer. Although I have never been there, I plan on g…[View]
190897420Literally what happens in Switzerland???[View]
190896597Are people allowed to cure gays and trannies in your country?: If so, how do they go about doing it?…[View]
190896993is having no hobbies or passions common in your country (video games are not a hobby)[View]
190897363>>190874047 I tore off a piece of the skin of my penis from furiously gooning that then got in…[View]
190892660/norgetråden/: go' gammal jødisk utgave-utgaven[View]
190894820/brit/: beautiful london edition[View]
190896731Should people who work customer service jobs be allowed assisted suicide in your country? I think it…[View]
190895173How often do you pray in your country?[View]
190896039anons: is she died[View]
190897110116 days left[View]
190894809If Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Finland, and Cyprus are European, so is Turkiye.[View]
190896008Do you like mexican boys in your country?[View]
190896048I'm the chuddiest boy on this site, and ain't nobody gon' take that away from me. You…[View]
190895756La Chuda imperialista[View]
190896241Blonde hair doesn't come from ANE, blue eyes weren't exclusive to WHG: >Random Russian …[View]
190896741Say something nice about this jewish boy from uzbekistan[View]
190895723the US should really be accepting UK refugees over shit like this[View]
190895289The American equivalent of BBC? Pretty much every European state have a state channel, in Norwegian…[View]
190896764what's your opinion?[View]
190896720Will you save the Korean race from itself?[View]
190896606Why do Europeans love this gay sport?[View]
190894768today is finland birthday!!!!!!!!!!![View]
190894835Race and ethnicity are made up concepts. We are all human. Genetics prove this[View]
190896549Why is the Swedish flag the best out of the nordic nations?[View]
190896511When was peak America?[View]
190896161do you also get absolutely random <1k views shit in yt recommendations in your country? it never …[View]
190896364Japs be like 'Fuck your English'[View]
190894437/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição farmacológica Anterior: >>190892074[View]
190894242Portuguese speakers get in here: Who was in the wrong here? https://youtube.com/shorts/fOBjWp9vGiY?s…[View]
190895870Twitch plans to shut down in S. Korea over high network costs IT'S OVER[View]
190896214>Mass produce a bunch of prefab model houses in a row all at once >Make them out of the cheape…[View]
190896336What would South Americans do if their continent moved next to Europe the next day?[View]
190895522Are incels chuds hated in your country?[View]
190895453The lowlands grow onions, the mountains grow men[View]
190896227>yo SOY[View]
190896022What's the diference between USA and some latinX country with anglo fags like costa rica and br…[View]
190884950What do you know about our states and regions?[View]
190894941How would you fix it?[View]
190868595Waifus of /int/: Post your international waifus[View]
190895231Why are blacks and latinx's in America so poor compared to whites, asians and pajeets ?[View]
190895555Is this the most universal standard of beauty? She won Miss Universe. Her skirt accidentally fell do…[View]
190893151What dog breeds are popular in your country?[View]
190896084I still see it, even when it's gone.[View]
190895359Did your parents think you were a retard and send you to (pic related) in you’re country?[View]
190896025Croats, stop kiss our woman[View]
190895261Have you ever had your phone stolen?[View]
190894216do you like tailor swift in your country?[View]
190891763this is what i want from christmas[View]
190895691*fixes the middle east*[View]
190895720Europe is a failure[View]
190894375gamers only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting[View]
190895058Do you want China to collapse? Yes I would absolutely love for it to do so[View]
190895859/한국어/ + /친구들/: 조총으로 뒤져라[View]
190889052Please tell me about Jeffersonian democracy What was it about ? What did it do the country?[View]
190891622Which ethnicity should I pick to LARP as?[View]
190893214Why are their women so horny all the time? >inb4 they want a European passport There are dozens i…[View]
190895088How americanized are you? I have Madden NFL and MLB The Show videogames, and i eat McDonald's p…[View]
190895247Do they throw coconuts on your head in your country?[View]
190895591Does your country have liminal spaces?[View]
190890647>French humor https://youtu.be/dSyXcLwqPYE?t=7[View]
190890087Suomi (Finland) is Ancient.[View]
190895655I am getting stronger, chuds.[View]
190884394Why are South American countries going hyper-capitalist all of a sudden?[View]
190889513Best cuisine: If your country isn’t on this list then you can’t post on this thread.[View]
190895544tell me about the last time you went outside in your country[View]
190894441hey Spanish speakers, what does this phrase mean in Spanish? Trenque Lauquen[View]
190893550How do we resolve our differences with other nations?[View]
190895123In which cunt do girls have the biggest milkers? pic related is italian[View]
190895219I'm moving to the US to find love[View]
190895401People talk about amishes or mormons... What about old believers of Russia? We have some of this fuc…[View]
190894387Would you ever take to the rivers and canals of your country /int/?[View]
190895098Imagine going back in time and telling people that there would one day be a forum where people from …[View]
190889445Insomniacs of Central Yurop and FRENS: Can't sleep? It's okay.[View]
190888322what are the oldest things you own in your country? Mine are only photographs, but I love photograph…[View]
190890990I saw today on a rare ocasion of going outside to pay cellphone stuff on the shopping mall the defin…[View]
190889540Who's the greatest american president?[View]
190893097what's happening in north of brazil?[View]
190892666How do we fatten Canadians up?[View]
190895084Should I learn mongolian Seems based[View]
190892830how are trains in your country[View]
190893489New map just dropped[View]
190885674Is it safe to say, memes aside, that American Women are in the top 10 for most beautiful in the worl…[View]
190894571Do Australian really?[View]
190888675Don't cry that it's over: Smile that it happened[View]
190892458Do Americans really?[View]
190887049>you are born a mexican brown manlet >you are literally inferior in every single way: economic…[View]
190892737Why don't they just go back to Poland and Germany?[View]
190891866When and why did you stop hating America?[View]
190893084there is a bum sleeping on my commieblock floor im going to leave him some food and money and a mess…[View]
190892673What is the most horrific sentence ever uttered in your language?[View]
190894454>Me encanta tu acento[View]
190892822/brit/: mucky pup edition[View]
190893708>your country will never be featured in a GTA game Feels. Bad man.[View]
190894663Why are there so many cute twinks in Vietnam that are dtf? Not complaining btw if that matters.[View]
190894268The Mexicans laughed at my accent again[View]
190894409Obama was born in Kenya(his biography admitted as such), he had a forged birth certificate and marri…[View]
190894617It's an American's world, we're just living in it.[View]
190893733Do you have Aristocrats in your cunt?[View]
190892377What do you wear to work.in your country? Here we have a dresscode that you have to wear a shirt. Wh…[View]
190893949There is a Hare Krishna Hindu temple and an indian restaurant in the neighborhood where I live, the …[View]
190890469it's over the americans have destroyed the internet[View]
190893853>dogs first domesticated by the ancestors of the Indo-Europeans and by the Western Hunter Gathere…[View]
190893664Where so people go to xure depression in your country?[View]
190858845/éire/: Eagrán margadhballa[View]
190892074/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Anterior: >>190888930[View]
190894357How do you say >shut up buzz, I’ll kill you In your language?[View]
190894143How do I get a gf like this?[View]
190892337Thirdies, you aren't scared of having these in your house?[View]
190888133Why are black people so overrepresented in western media? This is what a city with a 15% black popul…[View]
190890724Why do poles love americans so much[View]
190889552Why is he like that?[View]
190894142*invents the modern world*[View]
190889118Do they really?[View]
190894139bruhhhh LMFAO[View]
190890377Do Takashi really?[View]
190893701Did you know highness[View]
190892182Is Florida a real or fictional place?[View]
190886891Germany fail[View]
190890020the land of milk and honey[View]
190887010thoughts on America?[View]
190886899These are the main cultures of the new world (Excluding Cities)[View]
190892240CBC is reporting that India saars are unaliving themselves in Canada after being unable to find work…[View]
190889917any advice for what to do or eat while in this country?: i am staying in sarajevo for a trip and won…[View]
190893561Unironically brazilians can be schizos. Is normal zoomers here believe that vaxxes kill, Blue Bean p…[View]
190892917>The findings suggest that someone who is 6 feet tall earns, on average, nearly $166,000 more dur…[View]
190889228This whole genocide in Palestine has reaffirmed my belief that us Irish stand on the right side of h…[View]
190891414Is my plant dead? I give it water once per week and I let it sit in the sunlight for a few hours eve…[View]
190882846What went so horribly wrong?[View]
190892754Do people in your country still wear masks?[View]
190881382/Nederdraad/: snieklaas editie[View]
190892642White people should be our slaves for 1 generation as a form of reparation If they did that, within …[View]
190889275What did Buddha meant by this? Is he the first chud?[View]
190880822new PISA scores dropped: With the latest PISA results, America has proven once again that it has one…[View]
190891225>2 non-anglo persons with the same flag talking to each other on /int/ >They talk in English t…[View]
190891044The Farhad case: Danish police chased a young Muslim man into a forest and he is never seen again. T…[View]
190891232Amerimutts unite, we must fulfill the prophecy.: the old world beckons to be renamed, 'new ohio'…[View]
190858543/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /اسر/ - /ИЗP/ - /እስራ/ - /イスラ/ & חברים: מהדורת חנות חולצות בירושלים[View]
190891063>Banning kinder egg surprise was our patriotic duty as Americans to save the children or somethin…[View]
190890918They look the same![View]
190891530The world revolves around my country. We are the main protagonists[View]
190892776I just updated flag of Pooland (Ukropolin)[View]
190890757/brit/: /brit/ish rose edish[View]
190891721Maybe in the past I had a destination in mind, but for the life of me I cannot remember it, so I sim…[View]
190892816they have the best people[View]
190884211/deutsch/: Münchner Ausgabe[View]
190885641i was born with blonde hair: but now it's brown[View]
190888166Are Mexicans embarrassed about living in a narco state?[View]
190891769Quién lo diría Que se podría hacer el amor por telepatía La luna está llena, mi cama vacía Lo que yo…[View]
190889026Sverigetråden - sötnosupplagan[View]
190886735Leftists admittedly uglified our flag: In order to stop Swedes from being proud. Does this happen in…[View]
190883467/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
190886702White men must stop dating Latinas. WMLF should not be normalized[View]
190891814Imagine being albino black: what would life be?[View]
190890302‘Mas ‘S ‘g[View]
190885081Polish music: Give me some good Polish songstresses to listen to[View]
190891093Post nice pictures of stuff from your country Anything goes, cars, cities, buildings, nature, animal…[View]
190889732how do they earn so much money? some 21 year old with no higher education will make more money than …[View]
190888930/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição Miri Sugo Anterior: >>190883878[View]
190873117/norgetråden/: ungdommens utgave forrige: >>190856872[View]
190890534Based and protectorofcivilizationpilled.[View]
190889447Do you love Cuba?[View]
190890304/rus/: Издaниe бeлых людeй[View]
190889027What are the most respected professions in your country?: I’ll start: >Scientist >Doctor >N…[View]
190889002>history, genetics, phenotypes, nationalism, the nuclear family, geopolitics, militaries, demogra…[View]
190872092It's been 3 years since we officially change our flag and have a darker blue.: Why didn't …[View]
190886358>18% of all cars sold in 2023 are electric vehicles How popular are electric cars in your country…[View]
190891384The eurangutan mind cannot comprehend the inhate adventuring spirit this continent gives to its inha…[View]
190891657I dont get it[View]
190856444Fio /med/iterrâneo: BOOMA Edição Thread theme : https://youtu.be/uiFpB1OsNTU Anterior : >>1908…[View]
190890806900 years of rejecting the Buddha Dhamma later...[View]
190889376This is what we think of you Brazil[View]
190891015There are ex-Muslims in Europe who long to be accepted by Europeans. How sad.[View]
190890863Googlee how much it costs to live alone in your cunt and most it here >brazil >4 minimum wage …[View]
190891111ask to add someone on playstation but i was ignored[View]
190890067how does japan see its modern golden age (1895-1942)? they were the strongest military power in asia…[View]
190891106/esp/: Mañana no tengo clase, me voy a fumar un porro como un brazo gitano. Que hareis mañana, panda…[View]
190890673This is what an American chud movie looks like[View]
190877619/fr/ - les Francofilles: Édition des Françaises qui mettent des robes et boivent du vin avec de la c…[View]
190885121>be indian >get harassed and despised all throughout the western world >have vitiligo; skin…[View]
190886317Europeans are going to sleep. Good night sweet dreams.[View]
190890689AA thread: >Alcoholic Anonymous >You're not a anonymous since you have to introduce your…[View]
190888721I have never ever meet a single euro that did not hate them, are gypsys really that bad?[View]
190889134/brit/: birthday gyaldem edish[View]
190880412Do you weep over fallen birth rates in your country?[View]
190876625Sverigetråden - brunpaj upplagan[View]
190888271Australian Exceptionalism[View]
190887451Europeans: Dumber, Poorer, and Unhappier than Americans: >Worse education >Significantly poore…[View]
190889007I feel bad for all the beautiful Japanese women who have to settle for shrimp dicked Japanese men in…[View]
190886497The new government is going to rename all government departments to have English names. Do such thin…[View]
190890314>America literally made a TND simulator Why does America make all the best games?…[View]
190890300Leafs tell me the about struggle in the streets of Toronto.[View]
190882558>1991 Moscow 1.5 million russians during a Metallica concert what happened to russians? why don…[View]
190889419I won a month's worth of minimum wage in my cunt in one hour with 130 euros thanks to blackjack…[View]
190890009>Dying by choking on food Do normies really[View]
190889738GTA 6 is running our image of America: Japanese imagine America (and the rest of the world really) a…[View]
190889987This is what the average Greek male looks like. What does the average person look like in your cunt?[View]
190886320Non-HuWhites & Blondes: I am now binging The Crown (just about to watch the last episode of S6 P…[View]
190888270I didn't masturbate and I didn't enter this website for the last 7 days and I feel way bet…[View]
190888555Here's your steppe waifu bro[View]
190889537do u have nostalgia when u listening to it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn8519pwSzU[View]
190888386What is the scientific explanation for the sexual sway women have over white men unparalled by any o…[View]
190889354Do you believe in Santa Claus in your country? Or are you a Santa Claus denier? Serious answers only…[View]
190888758Poland and India unification: Why don't Indians move there? Poles are known for toilet cleanin…[View]
190889373>somebody walks in front of me >they apologize >I say 'It's okay.....NOT'…[View]
190889595Id rather be muslim. Korea would have been much better off it was an islamic country.[View]
190888083If you don't love America, you should leave this board now[View]
190888395You could literally be rich in your country if you dressed like pic related: Why don't you do i…[View]
190888485mating ritual in ukraine[View]
190889443Do American students learn humility at public school by learning about America's first defeat ?[View]
190889218The only reason you niggas care about muh sovl and the old days is because you always had a stagnant…[View]
190889434Did you know: google maps gives directions to bomb shelters in israel?[View]
190888337how do you rate my chicken in your country[View]
190887445When will they learn?: They still struggle to use the loo and are covering up the fact. https://m.th…[View]
190889322>yes X country may be better at Y, but at least us europeans have free healthcare…[View]
190888476Are the Baltics worth visiting for a long time (1-2 months). I'm thinking of exploring the Balt…[View]
190888920i hate white men who soyface over indian food. they will make ordering garlic naan and butter chicke…[View]
190887163/brit/ - Shipping Forecast edition: Prev: >>190884984[View]
190883859Sverigetråden: Vinternatt upplagan[View]
190888851Euro posting hours are so fucking slow and boring holy shit. Is this what happens when your continen…[View]
190882979Is Miami Latin American?[View]
190883878/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Anterior: >>190878754[View]
190855036kurva anyátok[View]
190886258Do you enjoy shopping in your country?[View]
190888792is she autistic?[View]
190888791Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>190845495 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
190887834>officially and canonically via YouTube National Representative comes out as virtue signaling cuc…[View]
190886783thoughts on Lithuania?[View]
190888313>I got my AR-15, yep, now I can take down the government to protect the constitootion from the bi…[View]
190884465another reason why autistic thirdies suffer is because we have to negotiate the price of a lot of th…[View]
190888021they are declining in almost all countries but here's what your country is best at in PISA test[View]
190888715best bread from my country[View]
190887491It's a special kind of hell[View]
190887444Why are they so evil: Evil country[View]
190888619Image that saved /int/: I'll go first[View]
190886160Do women fight each other in your country?[View]
190887982>'Hmm... the Pharaoh is on the verge of letting the jews go?' >'LET ME HARDEN HIS HEART AND RA…[View]
190885935are you real Finnish? check from the list: https://listafriikki.com/vainsuomijutut/mista-tietaa-olev…[View]
190888520Have you ever seen a bear iyc?[View]
190886655>SOY FOR THE SOY GOD[View]
190888927>Sweden: hey let's let several million men from the worst countries in the planet into our N…[View]
190886514What can you realistically do in this situation[View]
190883566Which part do you like the most?: For me def northeast[View]
190884033could korea invade and occupy japan?[View]
190888119Are you still enjoying life in your country[View]
190888394>normies actually think dogs love them[View]
190881155/polska/: edycja sera mun[View]
190886586Why do central and western europeans poop so much?[View]
190888249why don't modern western europeans emigrate? they live in a dystopic hellhole full of muslims a…[View]
190881684I love America, do you love America?[View]
190885353Americans: I will be visiting a friend next month, I think I am well versed in American behaviors bu…[View]
190871574Pisa 2023 just dropped[View]
190886940Why won't North Koreans breed?[View]
190854901/tr/: Ö edisyonu[View]
190888084thoughts on latinx music in you're country?[View]
190887552When will the East Asian Union be established?[View]
190883716DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3357 (Lewd Doujins Edition): DJT is a language learning thread for thos…[View]
190887534What sport(s) are popular in your country? Hockey is Canada's national sport, but in the past d…[View]
190885131In Northern China, men must be skinny/athletic/lean: But women should be fat and plump In Henan prov…[View]
190888090How I sleep at night with my Austrian Imperial music compilation playing in my earbuds[View]
190882404Are these countries friends or enemies?[View]
190886918Why do people on this board care so much if women of your ethnicity date foreign men? Even if they d…[View]
190854447/cbg/ - Carpathian Basin General: This thread is for the discussion of the peoples and cultures of t…[View]
190886995boom, boom, boom, boom, boom I want you in my room[View]
190884954>welcome to New Zealand- i mean AOTEAROA, let me give you a traditional greeting- BLEEGGHHHHH WAK…[View]
190887881>be me >visit regularly my local Sri Lankan buddhist temple >monk opens the door >he spe…[View]
190886001Why do anglos fear them?[View]
190887284Why are they so evil?: Evil country.[View]
190881011Why can't China innovate?[View]
190887493WMLF should not be normalized in the media[View]
190887701Why are they like that?[View]
190886491I am seriously thinking of dropping of making some shitty indie game nobody gives a shit and just st…[View]
190884903Con il mio uccello, io ucciderò il paese d'Italia. Cosa tu penso di questo, Italiani?[View]
190885548I live in Brazil[View]
190887538Do women believe in Zodiac signs in your country?[View]
190887259Why would someone be proud over their own country? Seems kind of dumb[View]
190887565Did Türkiyë ever have a chance 9f joining the EU or was that all bullshit?[View]
190886728From when I come to America I remember theres no bidet so im fucking horny now...im pervert?[View]
190886067Do men in your country prefer left or right? Swedish men prefer left.[View]
190883721new GTA VI gameplay: Man, GTA VI literally has the best graphics ever made.[View]
190883706>meet a fellow Napolitan or Sicilian swarthoid >they're very proud of their culture, oft…[View]
190876102Germany and to a lesser extent all of Europe is doomed[View]
190885532Thoughts on LIthuania?[View]
190885891>Mother wont shut the fuck up about me not moving out of her house >Decided I am fed up with h…[View]
190887002Do you drink mate?[View]
190883147Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
190887091vgh, the western tradition We mvst retvrn[View]
190885654Italy random street view thread: ITT enjoy the natural and architectural beauty of Italy. You can po…[View]
190886155Is Finnish food any good?[View]
190884984/brit/: Match Annual 2005 edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 4[View]
190887097Why do the most popular English MALE internet personalities put themselves in a situation of cross d…[View]
190881287Have you ever met a Korean IRL? What are they like?[View]
190884523Holy shit Europeans are so retarded that they think painting to irrelevant shapes on a map is an ind…[View]
190886982metal music, which was the world's most popular, has become completely irrelevant recently how …[View]
190883299tfw no steppe gf: pretty nomad with a bad dad has to two-step on a new steppe tiktok dances, new rom…[View]
190870732Damn, new GTA looks like *THAT*?!?[View]
190884427Which part of Asia comes Scorpion and Sub-Zero's phenotype from?[View]
190860894/esp/ - Ponce de León edition[View]
190882098A lot of people here seem to be unhappy with their current life and dream about living in a differen…[View]
190885866Fascinating country and history: I want to move there because of the architecture[View]
190884236Lithuanians girls are hot but insane Why[View]
190885289In Japan the American occupation is called “the happiest rape”[View]
190877066The best thing you can hope for in this life is to acquire an Iranian wife.[View]
190868777/ita/ - il filo: edizione natalizia[View]
190877578/rus/ + /кaл/: cOcoк издaниe пp. >>190843895[View]
190886465Another Swedish win. Finland will lose 1000s of jobs because of this.[View]
190885522it's 1:06 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
190886064Internationally speaking, what's in store for the future of Islam?[View]
190884943Western europe more like western grimrope.[View]
190885230Lithuania vibes: I would like to point out that THIS is the capital of a European nation. https://yo…[View]
190879303What is the actual average salary in Ukraine outside of Kiev? I've been told that it's abo…[View]
190882717Thoughts on the Finnish archipelago?[View]
190883927What are the chances Argentina makes bitcoin its official currency?[View]
190879123why the fuck are there so many prisoners in the US? hard mode: not blaming melanin count[View]
190866856Why do Americans buy dumb cucktrucks instead of real worker trucks?[View]
190885881Americans unironically believe they are the main characters of the universe[View]
190884986>Ich bin Wiener[View]
190802913/lang/ - language learning general: Emil Krebs edition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emil_Krebs What…[View]
190874154Thirdies will never understand what it feels like being a giant (175cm LMAO) and holding their tiny …[View]
190880268i secretly admire Poland[View]
190854610/balk: engineering edition >>190836689[View]
190885868>meanwhile in Poland, one man can save the world, his name is. . Finland 2: it's better than…[View]
190880168sex with poland[View]
190884330>I'm Jewish because my great uncle married a Jewish woman[View]
190885212Poles are roughly equal to other Europeans in ability, intelligence and ethic[View]
190885428Can I get one of these if I'm North Macedonian with a Bulgarian name?[View]
190885718If you don't have a english wikipage, then you have done nothing in this world.[View]
190884479Why do young Spanish girls look Swedish these days ?[View]
190884223I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
190883749What is one thing that all Americans (and only Americans) have in common?[View]
190882468I just realises that im a Finn, from the Finland.[View]
190885584How's language learning going in your country?[View]
190885411>And so.... The moral of the story is that....If you have money....and you spend that money...You…[View]
190885403How do I cope with having a repulsive babyface and being unable to grow even a small beard or mousta…[View]
190885515Are you worried about the state of Western civilization?[View]
190882368English conjugation: Wouldn't it make more sense to add 's' to plural pronouns instea…[View]
190882501Brazilians secretly long for attention from White people, especially northern Europeans[View]
190884475average measured height by country of 19 year old males in 2019[View]
190872267It's so cute when Americans try to recall some fatherland's grievance and impart some pass…[View]
190884774Where the streets of London always disgusting?: What about Paris? Has multiculturalism actually made…[View]
190883163>Thank you for your service, here's your tip.[View]
190883270Guess her ethnicity.[View]
190885003Do you wake up in 22:20 in your country?[View]
190882964So what happens when you mix all the races together?[View]
190883484Would you pay a premium if you could use a version of the internet that is free from Indians?[View]
190883748The best friend you could ask for is Latin American[View]
190881503americans are the least macho people to exist: most of them are fat gay and feminine with few except…[View]
190885167Why does Azerbaijans national anthem sound like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLaFdEMnyKE…[View]
190883740How do New worldfags cope with being on the worse continent? We mog them[View]
190883526If you factor in Austria and Switzerland which is what the author should have done we have a serious…[View]
190879032I want a chubby Asian boyfriend.[View]
190883204How lonely and miserable are you in your country?[View]
190882682Who are the fakest races or nationalities you have met?: in terms of money, personality and looks…[View]
190880707/brit/: iPod Mini edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 3 (hat-trick hero)[View]
190884667tell me about your personality, /int/ i dont think i have one, never developed a specific identity i…[View]
190872556Two police man killed by gun in Poland. Apparently he had gun while being transported to police stat…[View]
190883340Brazil just approved a law written by chat-gpt. Motherfuckers are too ass drunk to care. Pretty base…[View]
190884887>Piaggio Ape Cross PEAK SOVL[View]
190884701>one shot in life >not able to be an American soldier in the 1800s wild west It’s so over..…[View]
190884878>image that saved /int/[View]
190884307Ugh... the walled cities of the low countries[View]
190876915Whole world is jealous of India[View]
190882703Bitcoin city El Salvador Home...[View]
190883598>no LinkedIn, no faceberg, no Twitter, no tiktok, no instagram, no YouTube account, no google/mic…[View]
190883704What do hobos look like in your country?[View]
190881240Russian niggas be like “I am going to name my son Sasha”[View]
190883742You'll never be as happy as them[View]
190883411>shitalians would tell this man he isn’t a real italian why do they hate their american brethren?…[View]
190879455Is it true that Iranians are most similar to Germans and Italians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y…[View]
190879847Do men get steroid pregnant in your country?[View]
190879092/deutsch/ d bumst koti, dieser jault erbärmlich und erzählt vom seinem E38: Hat der denn eigentlich …[View]
190843840/ex-yu/: grad poroka izdanje https://youtu.be/fykCpiKx9DY?feature=shared[View]
190881867Would you move to America?[View]
190878754/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição conflituosa Anterior: >>190874660[View]
190880887Do Chileans, Argentinians, and Uruguayans identify as 3rd worlders and members of the global south?[View]
190882002Don't you feel ashamed of wasting your existence on this dead website in your country[View]
190879873Why are they like this?[View]
190878902imagine eating a big tasty pickled cucumber right now not vinegar goyslop but properly homemade pick…[View]
190878369>154 days until Eurovision[View]
190883121time for good night in my country sweet dreams bros[View]
190883004i love slavs so much it hurts i unironically wish all the latinos flooding over our borders were sla…[View]
190881612one of the most famous pieces of MENA literature starts with a BBC cuckold impregnation fantasy[View]
190868036/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
190881633How are your career, hobbies, social life and sex life going in your country[View]
190882239this board would be nothing without us[View]
190883001Why do western cops hate their own people so much?[View]
190882485I love walking around my walkable city. Do you?[View]
190883167Ummm Colombian anons explain yourselves[View]
190881947Whenever a german tells a joke, I like to give them the most awkward pokerface, no matter how good t…[View]
190878436Tomorrow is the independence day of Finland. Here is what happens >maybe sauna >watch celebrit…[View]
190882170Argentinians are starving of hunger: We need to help argentinians. They're starving. https://ww…[View]
190881166can you write this in your country with the ^ on it: flag no i get it considered as spam[View]
190883033is your country affected by 'global warming' and 'extraordinary temperatures'? sweden no[View]
190877419قاعد اذاكر اختبار القدرات: ادعوا لي بالتوفيق يا شباب[View]
190881120Somalia has joined the East African Community. What train wreck will they invite next? CAR?[View]
190879696What language do Austrians speak?[View]
190882776Post food culture from your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJUAbIx4jLI[View]
190877950man took a revenge on a cheating wife: he killed her cat https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/keskisu…[View]
190879809We like them over here most people don't like Erdogan but there's no hate of Turks[View]
190881716do blapas (blasians) suffer in your country?[View]
190880766So, should I buy a house in Buenos Aires? Surely the prices there must be very low.[View]
190882827Name something people who are in love do that's not absolutely cringe! In your country.[View]
190879918Why do browns love this franchise so much?[View]
190882656/brit/: American church edition[View]
190877009>our collective faces when the brown hispanics and thirdies fall down on the ice and snow because…[View]
190880706/brit/: scran edish[View]
190882651>doe >a deer >a female deer…[View]
190882433What's it like to live with the aligators in Florida?[View]
190882303What foreign cultures are popular and well respected in your cunt?[View]
190879667this is what evrope used to be about[View]
190863274White Americans be like these Asian students are too spicy[View]
190882040I get brutally mogged by every man of my ethnicity: I’m an African immigrant and and every time I me…[View]
190882491Do your grocery store personell in your country hold up signs with a number of how many they've…[View]
190877564Anyone else find women really irritating?: I realized that most of my grievances with modern society…[View]
190878673Czechia: Honorary Scandinavias. They have already surpassed meds.[View]
190880934>I am not a Jew >But I am Jew'ish'[View]
190880846If you consider the hottest women a country has to offer, then Brazil must be on top right? I'm…[View]
190879122brother nations[View]
190882212What cunt?[View]
190881396Do you have snow in your country right now? We have a lot of snow in Sweden. I took this picture tod…[View]
190882281Do you like palestinian woman with big boobs?[View]
190875864I don't get this. What does that mean when a country freezes the assets ? Is it effective world…[View]
190881025How come Europeans don't care about Bitcoin?[View]
190880883take the macbookpill bros... its so much better than windows[View]
190870905How do Italian and Spanish men have so much sex if they live with their parents in their 30s?[View]
190879072We need to force race mixing and ban monoethnic marriages: >Marry a traditional woman from my hom…[View]
190881961Why are European cities so boring and lame?[View]
190880053>One shot at life >Not born in Hawaii Life is a sick joke.…[View]
190881914So what's the non-scammy, non-creepy way of doing this with slavic or Asian girls.[View]
190880087How much would you pay for an internet free of indians?[View]
190881998>mach die Augen zu >mach die Augen zu >mach die Augen zu und küss mich https://www.youtube.…[View]
190877152>Miami is degenerate and an indicator of a fallen culture Miami is literally one of the most dege…[View]
190872415/sauna/: Ja niinhän siinä kävi, että pääset huippuedullisesti postaamaan saunaan -painos[View]
190880501Basically i am at a fucked up ass crossroads in life, either I go to top TLV college and stay in thi…[View]
190874964>minimum grade required to pass in leafland is 50% >in bongland it’s 40% >in Sweden you can…[View]
190878126I just finished and sent off an email with 'Best Retards,' instead of 'Best Regards' Is it similarl…[View]
190881415veterinary students stripped naked to help animals: women stripped naked and posed with bunnies in p…[View]
190867182>thirdie complains about how short he is >he's barely below average in his country every …[View]
190876907FACT: Massachusetts is more Irish than Ireland FACT: New Hampshire is more English than England FACT…[View]
190877570>tranny prostitute I see kisses me and makes out with me without my permission again I am horny a…[View]
190880973American education...[View]
190880077Why are they like this?[View]
190879422In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. The…[View]
190872539/شأشأ/ /mena/ /إحراج/: طبعة العزيات دليل قاطع على وجود خالق فنان مبدع سميع عليم >السابق لا سابق و…[View]
190879721Is pairing black pants with brown shoes a fashion faux pas in your country?[View]
190878176What is your rural community like in your country?[View]
190879377Why is this common in Japan?[View]
190855557/nederdraad/: Witte sinterklaas editie[View]
190878683Have a nice weekend for everyone!!! Greetings from beautiful Serbia!!![View]
190875481They were ugly though[View]
190881320My city: According to the Citizen Security Report 2021 of the National Police of Colombia, the follo…[View]
190875530/polska/: edycja forszena[View]
190880035>Franco-africain reggae[View]
190878896I fucking wish it was saturday, why is the week so long[View]
190874095Risk creation thread: Yesterday one lad from here posted this map of pangea and it seems to have the…[View]
190880055Americans really do be like >NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'M ONLY MAKING 300K WHAT A FUCKING DYSTOP…[View]
190878909wtf /int/ eastern Europe is a shithole[View]
19088039023andMe/Ancestry thread: Post yours[View]
190876556Why are British people obsessed with America?[View]
190878070westerners be like: short hair is for men. women are supposed to have long hair and make their fore…[View]
190879375how was your Spotify Wrapped this year, /int/? also tell me about this place, Argentibros[View]
190859277>be me >italian american >eat italian food almost every day >date italian girls >wear…[View]
190878887/brit/: Mitchell & Webb edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 2[View]
190879478>'dating' 'culture' in your country?[View]
190880068Post the chuddiest fantasies you have in your cunt. I'll start: I become the chuddy leader of a…[View]
190879302Europe is a hellscape[View]
190874921Viral joke in Germany: A Swedish man gets in a car accident and calls an ambulance to the hospital. …[View]
190875834>discount ching chong[View]
190876227Could the average young adult portuguese woman pass as a native in your country?[View]
190879578Post funny videos from your cunt I'll start https://youtu.be/Rfqn6RN6csg?si=yTg3eVsZ8un50ixA…[View]
190877952Do generals get ghosted in your country?[View]
190879818'Show that you are suffering just by showing your flag and filling out text field with a dot' thread[View]
190878783Are the public spaces in your country completely taken over by homeless people?[View]
190879535>I am an atheist You believe in money don't you? You believe in laws don't you? Then yo…[View]
190879828Did your country do a booboo in the last 20 years? Poland, yes.[View]
190879870i spent two months working on something only to realize i overlooked something early on and so the w…[View]
190879658mfw want to visit europe but can't because of rampant racism against my people[View]
190877627what are your favorite english words? mine are lush and anathema[View]
190879543The so called fustian spirit is dead: you can't name a single notable invention made by whites …[View]
190878502/skandi/: Fasan udgaven[View]
190879821>The two most influential living scientists are both women Not looking good malebros.... Why did …[View]
190870292Why do Brits portray America as Sodom and Gomorrah?[View]
190877756Pretty sure a Bedouin living in Arabian desert is more Semite in language, culture and genetics than…[View]
190879385>D'hier et demain >Le vent les portera…[View]
190877672Do you like Frogslop?[View]
1908795331. Your country 2. Adidas or nike?[View]
190877802This is the average phenotype of Celtoid women. You can't suffer in Ireland, Scotland, Australi…[View]
190873747/deutsch/: kreidezeitliche Froschausgabe[View]
190875716>mfw missed out on teenage love which is the only authentic form of attraction in the 21st centur…[View]
190878899Would this woman pass as local in your country?[View]
190878785/bra/ - Fio brasileiro: Fio das coincidências >>190874660[View]
190877928I have to confess something I'm a retarded french mutt and I can barely speak italian[View]
190879077When are they taking back their diasporas occupying middle eastern land?[View]
190879127Im looking for the OP of yesterday's thread to continue this[View]
190877403Why are they the only country conscious of race?[View]
190877049>you may post ITT if it is legal to be a fascist AND legal to be a communist in your country NOT …[View]
190869538/desi/-/bharat/: munni editon[View]
190876891why do brits and russians always talk about europe as if it’s a separate entity? yall niggas are eur…[View]
190878119Why are they so bad at war and making weapons?: With both Ukraine and Israel getting their ass kicke…[View]
190878943Thank you Bulgaria for the medal, that very nice of you <3 https://www.canal26.com/internacionale…[View]
190878252Live your myth in Brazil[View]
190866119Do olive oil looks like that in ita/Spa?: nice job btw i only accept the finest olive oil , no count…[View]
190877716ok the burgers won, what pickup should i buy[View]
190876846/brit/: Songs From The Big Chair edition[View]
190874660/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição: discord anterior >>190870785[View]
190877150>El Salvador has finally made profit on its bitcoin investments Whos laughing now?…[View]
190876446Why is every male waiter in Frankfurt a zesty nigga with a metric ton of sugar in his tank?[View]
190878714Asheknazims more close to Middle easterns than to South European, and even more North Europeans. How…[View]
190860931Post the face you make when watching porn in your country[View]
190878569a german walks into a bar....[View]
190877261>The British chuds that create the best selling games on the planet Say thank you…[View]
190870973This is a brazilian woman, maybe colombian or ecuadorian or dominican (or any other of those tiny co…[View]
190875704Why are Italians like this?[View]
190878447>I CAN'T POOOOOMP[View]
190877812I live in Miami and this is accurate. I’m not even white just and growing up I was known as the “whi…[View]
190878077>I have to walk 100 feet in Wal-Mart to reach the snacks section so I'm going to use the new…[View]
190877985it's my 1st day in the work tommorow: wish me luck in your country[View]
190860721Is people abandoning your own language in your country?[View]
190866810New whiteness map just dropped[View]
190869952Do you love Mexico??[View]
190876173The only way to marry a trad virgin wife: is to convert to Islam[View]
190875723So this is where Germany's tax dollars go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMQkV5cTuoY[View]
190877731Before I am Finnish, I am Romanian[View]
190877295what are some slurs for *ndians in your country?[View]
190877848ਸ਼ੁਭ ਰਾਤ: https://soundcloud.com/bohemia/rooh[View]
190873972Ugly koreans have an eternal dept with kpop[View]
190875831Americabros is it that bad?[View]
190873106Is there anything you are proud of in your country? I am proud of our classical, timeless music. ht…[View]
190875542Do people from your country pretend to be American so they can infiltrate the State Department, be a…[View]
190870357>I am beautiful prettyboymaxxed young male >sitting near Red Square >pajeets approach me an…[View]
190874641Cat thread[View]
190851818/fr/ - le tempofil: Mourra dans la nuit édition. Ancien : >>190828598[View]
190872358what do you think of your country’s diaspora?[View]
190877102>I believe in freedumb granted by the constitootion but it ends with women's rights because …[View]
190877486>In Mahabharata, Draupadi and her brother, Dhrishtadyumna, were born from a yajna (fire sacrifice…[View]
190875036Asians are welcomed in Brazil...: Would you come to Brazil?[View]
190875646Does this happen in your country?[View]
190876755Brazil is such a miserable dog feces country that malnourished homeless black children ask you to bu…[View]
190875920Does your country respect trans women?[View]
190867050>turning 26 in a few years >khv neet live with my parents in a small town >miss out on all …[View]
190876877Imagine being afraid of AI stealing first world jobs, and not the fact you can hire for 5 usd someon…[View]
190871898Why are American women so horny?[View]
190876595MUTT TRUMP JUST DESTROYED EUROPOORS: >People tell me 'Oh, Donald, there's no way you can bui…[View]
190843895/rus/: Издaниe Mишeля Уэльбeкa. Пpeдыдyщий: >>190820730[View]
190874207Can you fags stop posting pictures of your disgusting ugly dicks so I don't have to see it on t…[View]
190872081Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
190875120/Brit/: klopp edish[View]
190876807>Thirdies visit their local market instead of the zoo[View]
190874716Miami: I used to think it was majority latino but apparantly its an afro-american city like Atlanta …[View]
190870889Question for Iberians: How common are Dominican criminals in your country? Like do you have any pers…[View]
190874460Favorite State?: For me its Georgia.[View]
190874195Thoughts about ancient Turkish women?[View]
190873430Greta must be happy now[View]
190875943Why is Britain such a pathetic shithole in your country?[View]
190874536I may be the biggest non-white simp for whites on /int/, the idea of a completely white world sounds…[View]
190857042Japanese gets very offended by Family Guy jokes: Why are they so sensitive like this? https://youtub…[View]
190872861Does this happen in your country[View]
190875504Post peak American SOVL[View]
190873392What are /int/'s thoughts on half black women?[View]
190874700My brothers...[View]
190870245Meanwhile, in Finland...[View]
190863030Green Finnish science score Yellow Finnish ability to read Blue Finnish math score[View]
190873661>Norways national anthem mentions God Holy fuck do these barbarians not realize its 2023? Everyon…[View]
190874039Do you have cute black women in your country? We have many Somali cuties in Sweden.[View]
190875404You cannot suffer in Miami[View]
190875519What do you dislike about your own country >Finland >people are by nature cold and vicious …[View]
190875857What are your opinions of Turkey in you're country?[View]
190864736/ukraïna/: Eдицiя Bceyкpaїнcькoгo пepeпиcy нaceлeння 2001 poкy Пoпepeднiй: >>190864232[View]
190875348>Old York >Old Jersey >Old Zealand >Old South Wales >Old Brunswick >Oldfoundland…[View]
190871020Why do people say Americans are dumb when most Nobel prize of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology and Med…[View]
190875302I want to live in the rural Île de France. Where do you want to live /int/?[View]
190876066ITT: uma delicia from your country: i'll start with roast baby pigeon[View]
190874247Do /int/ support the good guys when it's real life?[View]
190876020What happened Germany?[View]
190873951I used to live in England i believe me when i say: english guys are bitches. They have no spine, sim…[View]
190871049>/pol/ says that Sweden is a shthole completely swarmed with MENA immigrants >be here on Sexra…[View]
190873749I am 25 years old and have never drunk alcohol, besides a few sips of beer. I heard you are pressure…[View]
190872827Do men in your cunt look like this?[View]
190869521I go to the gym now in my country to prepare myself if ever I lose my wizardry. Are you the same in …[View]
190875694What ethnicities are the food delivery guys in your city? Here, they're almost all Middle Easte…[View]
190875728I'm pushing 30 and I've never once seen a starry sky. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
190869104Live your dream in Japan.[View]
190873787is this really ''Chadpreet'' or some larping paki take a guess[View]
1908735521. your country 2. Do you prefer wooden peflette over one made out of cloth >flag I actually do.…[View]
190869577/polska/: edycja życia na emigracji[View]
190872594Japan fact: After Japan defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904, all of Asia and Africa ce…[View]
190871358Daily reminder that you will never ever have this. She won’t even look at you.[View]
190875352Do girls in Miami, USA actually look this thicc?[View]
190871542Only third worlders love GTA because it allows you to play as a criminal[View]
190874116>you will never neuken in de keuken[View]
190874365>indian strategy to get white women Do that happen in your country[View]
190870808the endangered Ganges River Dolphin[View]
190870127Germany is becoming a country of retards: What caused Germany to fall from a cliff in eeducational p…[View]
190872893Why do normies laptops look like this, all worn out, greasy and disgusting. Do they ever wash their …[View]
190872999/brit/: irish need not post edish[View]
190871754Whitebros we're falling behind the Asians[View]
190871800>gta 6 capturing the chaos of american societal decay >polcels seething you cant lie you know …[View]
190874608oh my god fucking BOOBS SEXO SEX SEX hahaha guys I wanna sexoooooooo even tho im virgin haha omg guy…[View]
190874843I love learning about medieval warfare, with a particular fondness for the rich history of the Balka…[View]
190869817What will happen to them after they run out of oil?[View]
190874013what are the typical causes of death in your country? what is the best way for someone to die fast w…[View]
190874881Just found out Florida is a real place and not a fictional place[View]
190874803Post sandwich you eat in your country[View]
190872685Guns: Is it legal to own guns in your country? Do you own one in your country? 1) Yes, it's leg…[View]
190866866Thoughts about him in your country /int/? Is he watched there?[View]
190874761nofap day 5[View]
190870785/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição de almoço Anterior: >>190854402[View]
190873811What did she mean by this?[View]
190874634In an alternate universe...in the bizarro world...[View]
190874617i hate fucking nepalese and pakistani get the hell out of my country dirty disgusting stinking shits…[View]
190872912This is Houston's Katy Freeway, the widest road in the United States. Say something nice about …[View]
190873284The average American could not find your cunt on a map[View]
190871310Does /int/ like Os Mutantes?[View]
190872472>literally me internationally speaking of course[View]
190873534>Average male from Brazil What causes to that phenomenon, why brazilian men are so sexo?…[View]
190872286/mex/ el hilo mexicano: Edición: Makima mi esposa.[View]
190872139>America has no sou-[View]
190851143/bharat/: gta 6 edition[View]
190873955>Latin Americans (Spanish: Latinoamericanos; Portuguese: Latino-americanos; French: Latino-améric…[View]
190871847Oh come on, this shithole didn't even get to the point where average salary is decent before op…[View]
190858140/skandi/: Digimon's juleudgave[View]
190873844All latinas are crazy[View]
190867480IT'S A HAPPENING!!!!![View]
190871770My retard parents drink coffee every hour or two. Are they insane? The frequency of their coffee con…[View]
190872079>my country was much better in the past Literally how do you argue against this? He's right.…[View]
190868469do you believe in atoms in your country?[View]
190868812Echtes neu ohne d /deutsch/: Edition hallebebi wird verurteilt[View]
190872157any eufags that have renewed their passport recently? they removed french language in mine, it'…[View]
190873634Internationally speaking, manlets do not know true suffering: >195 cm in the morning no shoes or …[View]
190873562what went wrong?[View]
190872660What’s her indigena percentage?[View]
190873305A hunter is going hunting in the taiga, does not know the terrain, takes a guide from the locals wit…[View]
190873265There are only two sex in the USA: >black >blue haired woman…[View]
190872492>mfw trying to figure out who's hiding behind my flag Happen in your country?…[View]
190870506how are gamers treated in your country?[View]
190868164What are your dreams in your country? Mine are: >become a street clown >become a punkstar or b…[View]
190870183Translate your the most popular jokes[View]
190866593This is what centuries of Spanish colonization does to a people[View]
190870820/brit/: yankless edish[View]
190871686why African Americans are so obsessed with Egypt?[View]
190870304everything is easier for women[View]
190856872/norgetråden/: Skummel utgave Forrige >>190834579[View]
190872701How popular is cosplaying in your countries?[View]
190872637>put my bank details in a phishing website are you also a retard in your country…[View]
190872636eastern europeans are so good at english[View]
190870609>the only good spaniard fighter[View]
190871059If you're not part of the big 5 in UNESCO heritage sites, you don't matter[View]
190872503/sauna/: talvisen juna-autismin painos[View]
190869062Did you know iberian women floch here to try out Big Canarian Cock Does this happen in your country?[View]
190871464Me with the blue shorts[View]
190871267Is this accurate german representation[View]
190872022Do they feel english or they have a strong nationalism like americans? I know british pp need a visa…[View]
190862179/sauna/: Se on ohi suomalaisten lasten oppimiselle -painos[View]
190869794America is heaven for the black man.[View]
190869432how are asian men treated in your country?[View]
190871404>the new GTA is degenrate, america has fallen[View]
190872096Nightmarish shithole: Is haiti objectively the worst country you could live in as of now? It has bee…[View]
190866333Sverigetråden: Bioupplagan[View]
190870298Did you know that South India has become wealthier than North India, so Indians want to live in the …[View]
190864710this pizza cost me €12 has pizza become expensive in your cunt also?[View]
190871100Do muscle tomboys exist in your country? Here they don't and because of it i am extremely depre…[View]
190871996Are you ready for Gelendzhik expirience?[View]
190870668Are they the pretiest europeans?[View]
190871691That's just the way the burger flips. That's just the french in the fries. That's jus…[View]
190870139Is body count important in your country, thinking about it is kind of cringe in the USA.[View]
190838473>British women[View]
190863926/desi/: good evening[View]
190871538internationally speaking is this real chat?[View]
190871663Why are Dominicans obsessed with snakes?[View]
190868696Why do firsties seethe so much over thirdies having housemaids?[View]
190870797do you like foreign food in your country?[View]
190870888Have you ever gotten sick while visiting a third-world country? When I visited Vietnam I got explosi…[View]
190868018>I'm starting to collect guns, ammo, and tinned food for my makeshift bomb shelter because A…[View]
190871512Overrated /int/ food: Too salty[View]
190866720>spotify top 50 turkey >not a SINGLE Christmas song to be found 'Turks are Europeans' Gtfo Me…[View]
190863151recommend language youtuber?: One that doesn't look like a sex-pest or soi? >want to learn l…[View]
190871204This man saved Finland[View]
190869923Are we the baddies?[View]
190870081eat a huge amount of meat for free: theres a food challenge in Hämeenlinna city in Finland only 3 pe…[View]
190871139in america, cheating is so normalized and common that its expected that your wife will cheat on you …[View]
190868940What EFLisms do you use to mask your ESLhood in flagless boards? For me it's >would of, coul…[View]
190868913What happens here?[View]
190870256>Danish GDP per capita is 40% higher than Sweden's despite Denmark having no natural resourc…[View]
190867433Why are pakis/arabs so obsessed with being black? OP is the same guy who calls you chud and posts bl…[View]
190866746itt we thank polska husaria for defending EVROPA[View]
190868546i love finland and i dream about moving there but i dont want to spoil it with my thirdie presence w…[View]
190846848/cum/ canada USA mexico: Florida man edition. Ask not what florida man can do for you, but what you …[View]
190869043I love America: >Be fat, smelly and mutted up >Still the richest and most powerful nation the …[View]
190865622Is this a good place to fuck cute big booty latina?[View]
190863561Latinos stealing an oldman in Barcelona: https://www.tiktok.com/@elchatarrerodeltiktok/video/7308881…[View]
190870123How has the resilience of men in your country developed through the centuries?[View]
190868186don't bully indians who write under the canadian flag they're already struggling show some…[View]
190869051>talk about Koreans >Nips nationalists and their weeb dogs suddenly come out en-masse to sperg…[View]
190868621/brit/: Saint Dunstan edition[View]
190854402/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição Bolsonaro Anterior: >>190849773[View]
190869128I'd be fine with mass immigration if it were limited to europeans and arabs and such I know thi…[View]
190866033Indonesia has fallen...[View]
190870518South Korea and Japan: Why is this?[View]
190864458>wake up >I don't live in Miami >ruined day…[View]
190870425How do we resolve our differences?[View]
190870374I’m teaching my Vietnamese girlfriend to hate Jews. Am I good or bad?[View]
190870399i got no rizz in my country is that rizz bussin in your country?[View]
190869015what is winter like in your country? for me the only hope is to rope[View]
190857406Daily reminder. This is Central Europe.[View]
190869917when i was in school i did a presentation on why i love britain and everyone bullied me[View]
190869945Question for Asians: Do gay/trans/femboy Asians like Black/Brown guys? I want to marry one. Which et…[View]
190865154Which is the laziest country?[View]
19086158837.761962 N. 96.210194 W[View]
190870211ur thoughts on brazillisn cuisine?: gringos were mocking me for putting ketchup on my rice with chic…[View]
190870170Opinions? Im not too fond of them[View]
190863769Why do Australians hate Jews so much?[View]
190870085>You will convert to islam >You will get circumcized >You will grow a beard >You will ma…[View]
190869998Go to sleep Asia[View]
190866713>So you are telling me that you browse this website called 5chan...excuse me, 4chan and you are h…[View]
190850940/mena/ /شأشأ/: طبعة حي على الصلاة[View]
190867531I am spritually Spanish.[View]
190869980Six K-pop groups are set to perform on this year's NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen[View]
190869974*triggers south koreans*[View]
190868596recently diagnosed with having third world depression syndrome: in need of a firstoid to come itt an…[View]
190869741Do you have have a growth mindset in your country. I think I improve year to year[View]
190869537tea or coffee?[View]
190867085As based Britain left it, would German language ever become the official language of the EU instead …[View]
190868401a country full of soul[View]
190868729Sami blood really does make a difference[View]
190864414do you see yourself anywhere in this picture[View]
190869459thoughts on himbos in your country?[View]
190868993/MEX/ - HILO MEXICO[View]
190869408Saarland, Germany[View]
190869464A Korean store owner called me the n word this morning.[View]
190868332I don't care about the new woke cinematic tranny GTA movie[View]
190869187What's your countries claim to fame?[View]
190862449/polska/: edycja dojenia krówki poprzednia: >>190858220[View]
190865078Thoughts on sleepy girls?[View]
190867255Holy shit Australian girls are this much degenerate?[View]
190869385Did you know Finland invented gunpowder! A Finnish told me! Whoa![View]
190867989Do you still dislike Islam?[View]
190858846>tfw some 'person' starts watching a video on their phone with audio on full blast Whag nationali…[View]
190856511What do countryside looks like in your shithole?[View]
190856545do you listen to ASMR in your country[View]
190858976I am spiritually Japanese…[View]
190866043Do women get a pussy pass in your country?: >The Court of Appeal in Warsaw reduced the prison sen…[View]
190869075Why the fuck does it smell like barbecue and rotting corpses at 7am. I just wanna to for a walk to t…[View]
190869018Come to Brazil[View]
190867324DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3356: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
190867599Es ist vorbei[View]
190863884do you own a dumb retard cat in your country?: I do[View]
190868044Have you ever realized that dogs and cats have a much superior healthcare system than humans, simply…[View]
190868718What country is this?[View]
190868707Are Americans the baddies?[View]
190867995My Multipolar world order: European border(and thw Russian Empire’s asiatic territory) reverted to 1…[View]
190865467If you had to live in one of the world's mega cities, which would it be? >hard mode: no toky…[View]
190867639Ethnics will never have this.[View]
190864442gegen-d-Ausgabe /deutsch/: Jetzt will er unschuldige junge Studentinnen angraben d ausser Kontrolle…[View]
190866869Is GTA a good parody of America?[View]
190865990/int/ sexuality thread: >country >sexuality Lithuania Autogynephilia…[View]
190865259Women are making fake Indian accounts because all Indian men are the same according to them[View]
190867244How do normies in your country make friends?[View]
190867123What centuries of Russian colonisation does to people[View]
190867686Our police dissect the pigeon that was run over and arrest the driver. https://youtu.be/LzMYd_a-0RU?…[View]
190868179>southhemispherecels have never had a white christmas[View]
190868650>That Pyro is a spy![View]
190868315>average 'suffering' bad day in yurop[View]
190866441/brit/: Kurosawa edition.[View]
190868609/cum/ canada usa mexico[View]
190864646your honest opinion on this kind of 'old-modern' architecture? Cool or kitsch?[View]
190867991There are people on this site right now who actually believe in Bigfoot.[View]
190859188What's it like to live in extreme climates?: >55 C in Brazil >-55 C in Russia wew…[View]
190865047>always between 0-5°C >wet and grey skies >not cold enough for snow This is the worst typ…[View]
190865669How do you say ' You just know' in your country?[View]
190867922whats the proportion of pretty boys/femboys/gymrats/chads in your country?[View]
190862600Do Americans think Finland is Slavic like Poland and Lithuania?[View]
190864257These two franchises get hundreds of millions worth of tax relief from the UK Government for passing…[View]
190858969/ita/ - il filo: edizione italoamericana[View]
190863703Let's go to Paris in the winter Share coffee under the Eiffel Tower Take your photographs by th…[View]
190868160Hens love Rooster Geese love Genders Everyone else love Ned Flanders[View]
190867784It's over[View]
190865199It is fucking insane how many women are selling their body now. You can go on snapchat or Twitter an…[View]
190866389https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCzQrljuEZI why is it okay to be racist towards germans now?[View]
190866742How is life as a taxi driver in Calcutta?[View]
190849456/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
190853657>American made videogame has with an attractive Latina MC APOLOGIZE[View]
190865478What city where you born in ? You probably can't tell but I was actually born in Vice City myse…[View]
190853321ITT: We pretend we speak Polish: Gudniewocz w nie ma wołyk prwczaczsky lodz owo ecałak warkij oszkal…[View]
190867636firsties complaining there are not much of breeding meanwhile this what happens in thirdies[View]
190857675I noticed japanese are getting tall which is good for men but not for women tall women are not cute…[View]
190848360/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
190866388Do you have bad dreams in your country?[View]
190865560Do you like fitness in your country?[View]
190850810Med or Balkan? What's /int/'s concensus?[View]
190865961what is the current winter temperature in your country >flag >30°C help…[View]
190866394>france is nearly as black as the USA in proportion to population size literally how? are your co…[View]
190866695>got really drunk on saturday >still feel hungover today does this happen in your cuntreh?…[View]
190866657Does your country support the coming restoration of Ethiopian Empire's borders?[View]
190862874>pisses and shits all over your streets why is this allowed?[View]
190858781What happened to the guy that disappeared after highschool in your country? I've been trying to…[View]
190866573if you open google earth you will find most North Koreans in Pyongyang live in those weird shaped sl…[View]
190866226When I was 14 I studied in 8th grade and there were two peers who studied in another classes. Three …[View]
190866236should i learn hindi or arabic? I wanna learn japanese but its too hard[View]
190865692Can you finance a candy bar purchase in your country, /int/? >America >YES…[View]
190862219It finally happened to me in my country, it’s officially OVER.[View]
190864340Thoughts on the late bronze age?[View]
190865769The dream of every Mexican man[View]
190861659this is how i imagine USA: is this an accurate depiction?[View]
190865029hey /int/ I'm gonna pick up some burgers. do you want anything in your country?[View]
190865188>wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why are japanese people like that?[View]
190862697Sverigetråden - Skibidi upplagan[View]
190864718/Brit/: Klopp edish[View]
190866225Do you own a gun in your country? How easy is it to get one? I have never heard a gunshot in my life[View]
190861701Which one wins the spot for the prettiest European country?[View]
190866245Do you have many mixed-race girls in your country? Would you ever consider marrying and impregnating…[View]
190866367Do you have autism in ur cunt?[View]
190865136Do you recognize the Bunjevci in as a separate ethnic group in your country? Hungary No, the Croatia…[View]
190862753>talk to older Somali people here >they spout the most racist, horrific things you’ve ever he…[View]
190865552Do men have a right to self defense in your country?[View]
190864384Americans are still oppressing the native people[View]
190864289Why are mutts so hyped for this goyslop? Can't they just go outside? America simulator is for t…[View]
190865037Come to Brazil white men >but tickets are expensive You have firtie money that is nothing for you…[View]
190863964Be honest with me now thirdies, would you let her call you racial slurs?[View]
190863299Do working class bogans worship niggers in your country? Boganoids blare hood nigger music from thei…[View]
190865778900 years without Buddha Dharma[View]
190859012What do you have for lunch anon? Enjoying my slop rn[View]
190863142Why dont you just bomb those fags Mexicananons?: Wtf is wrong with you why would you allow your coun…[View]
190865592Why doesn't my (Indian, red dot not feather) gf understand this scene in my country?[View]
190864721When will you get a girlfriend in your country?[View]
190864979Stop posting grand theft göyslop threads[View]
190861971New jewlingo data map, rate.[View]
190861205Failed my driving test again because I didn't do enough shoulder checks. Does it happen in your…[View]
190861769is it true all dutch are part indog? i dont wanna be indog[View]
190861142Based arabro defended us from chink and white capitalist psyops calling us lazy[View]
190864291Guess the ethnicity[View]
190864277Are there any articles of journal-essays on the topic of religiosity in actual-devout islamic commun…[View]
190858825Vocaroo thread!: https://voca.ro/1lhKDeq4ikdI Prompt: >I am Heavy Weapons Guy...and this is my we…[View]
190854412Say something nice about Australia. They could use some encouragement right now.[View]
190864908>Your cunt >Do you fight the zog? >Slovakia Every single day of my life…[View]
190859605>germany, but even chuddier[View]
190864539How do people from your country cope with balding?[View]
190863747>IT'S >A >SEPERATE >LANGUAGE!!!!!…[View]
190864745/brit/: Tiger Klopp edisherino[View]
190861231This the bitch calling me arap[View]
190864792Walle walle manche Strecke dass zum Zwecke Wasser fließe und mit reichem vollem Schwalle zu dem Bade…[View]
190856524Euros refuse to worship a brown man so they whitewashed him[View]
190864311Italianbros... How true is that?[View]
190864649The new Western and Eastern Roman empires[View]
190860772/brit/: GTA London edition[View]
190861970Do you have citizens of foreign countries as members of your national parliament? (We do.)[View]
190864106Is this real in your cunt?[View]
190863978God Bless America[View]
190860953/deutsch/: Fischnetz-Ausgabe[View]
190852578The TRUTH about the Vietnamese race. >pic related >ugly northeners >superior southerners…[View]
190863207Is this propaganda or are all the Anglo men actually going for black women[View]
190861913Saar...: Okay, which one of you had the idea of putting a bunch of German women on a team called BBC…[View]
190862928Do you dance in your country?[View]
190864360I watched a trailer for a Western game and it had white, Black and Latino characters but no Asians. …[View]
190863791I've started eating out so I can practice my foreign language skills at the local ethnic restau…[View]
190863625ENTRA GREECE: firsties duped once again by med cunniness[View]
190864052Do any europeos still have their great great great great great great grandfather's suit of armo…[View]
1908628521984 the country[View]
190864190America is the protagonist of the world[View]
190861890>They took the Kindereggs away from me because it wasn't protected by an amendment or someth…[View]
190862718This will happen solely due to birth rates. Only similar case in history was the Han overtaking of M…[View]
190860394>WMLF Kino[View]
190863696Miami, Florida when did it became black?[View]
190860304do people still wear masks in your country?[View]
190860187POV: Laying in your italian girlfriends lap[View]
190850759Sverigetråden - Sverigeställetupplagan[View]
190860873Did you go to grad school in your country? Was it hard?[View]
190862985Are you living in a dystopian country ?[View]
190859222Can I get a latina gf with the Polish look? Be honest here.[View]
190861795This is NOT ok[View]
190848384DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3355: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
190863501In ireland, people protest when algerians violently attack children. In france, people protest when …[View]
190863032What will you do when your country introduces 90% taxes?[View]
190859084What the fuck is going on in China? They are manufacturing big booba lolis now[View]
190862587If Vietnam had its own writing system, they would be the best country of asia[View]
190859797do kots look like this in your cunt?[View]
190859948I want a Korean comfort boy.[View]
190860740Post the first phenotype that comes out humanphenotypes.net/random.html[View]
190861744>ask an obviously sahel man where is he from out of curiousity >tells me he is from Nubia Do p…[View]
190861439if someone speaks to me in polish but with an ukrainian accent i just reply >sorry i don't s…[View]
190858794Good morning friends. This is your daily reminder that Colombian women are genetically engineered fo…[View]
190853051Latino family dynamics are interesting.[View]
190860764/brit/: Henry Cavill edition.[View]
190862278What is the best way to insult an American?[View]
190858521GEORGIVS CASTRIOTVS SCANDERBECVS: say something nice about him[View]
190859127Where can I get a gf like this?[View]
190852477Is WMAF the easy way out for white guys?[View]
190858614the fact: all of refugees in the world are people of abraham religions. refugees in europe are musli…[View]
190859766Why do we have to share the internet with them? Why can't they have their own internet like Chi…[View]
190857926I fixed Europe.[View]
190860254Is this the most universal standard of beauty? She won Miss Universe. Pic is her skirt accidentally …[View]
190861283how do i get a tall black american bf who will call me fitlhy jew for the giggles[View]
190860198What is the most Polish image on your computer right now in ur cunt?[View]
190859595If the Germans won WW2 they would've created breeding programs so all women would've looke…[View]
190862456I will conquer japan: Americans are spiritually unable to make SOVL.[View]
190861788Streamer asks body count of Japanese girls: But I thought we were 'traditional'? https://www.youtube…[View]
190858716It's over for /brit/ posters.[View]
190856453How gullible do you to be to visit India expecting a good outcome?[View]
190862200I am listening to stray dogs barking outside for 5 hours straight[View]
190860176Indian sirs are too quiet lately...[View]
190855476Do you love 30 year old women in your /int/ernational country?[View]
190858220/polska/: GM (guddo morning) ausgabe[View]
190860217>in Japan the manlet line is only 170cm[View]
190862078thank you wypipo: I appreciate white people so much because I can fill out college reports and paper…[View]
190862031black 'ol sons wont you cum, wont you cuuuum[View]
190857299holy shit[View]
190846761/sauna/: Rapulassa on mukavaa -painos[View]
190861488Going to America next month: Wish me luck![View]
190859520I hate this country like you won’t believe: I wish i was in europe but I need wait for my passport…[View]
190859842Why is Switzerland so rich? Real answers only, please![View]
190860237I'm watching The Crown right now, and I need some Bongs to answer me. Was Charles truly as auti…[View]
190852608Why do Finns literally look like anime characters???[View]
190861350Why Are Germans Like This?: Why are ya'll so rude?[View]
190861021Does anyone else internationally speaking have my condition: I am unable to register pain so I often…[View]
190857976VVVVVVGGGGGHHHHHHHH Das Schwebebahn[View]
190861341>mfw watching meds fall down on the ice and snow because they're not used to First World Wea…[View]
190860654I love you guys[View]
190859094what happens here[View]
190859755JAP hate: Why did the JAPs cancel her? She was the best thing that happened to me. I miss her winku.…[View]
190859967The average american is: 5ft4 from sneed oil based diet brown(hispanic or black) 200 to 500 pounds o…[View]
190859883Why are so many American zoomers wiggers? >Rizz >Sus >Mid All of these are just inner city …[View]
190856674Fact: Moldova is the most efficient country on Earth.[View]
190855241>abort female fetuses >get mad you end up an incel >cope by posting racebait on chan forums…[View]
190846714Does Qatar shit up your country in your cunt? It would be an Arab state that makes France look like …[View]
190861026What are some advantages of living in a desert?[View]
190860340Post your tan (in your country)[View]
190858744>Hebrew frequency list: 10,000 most commonly used words >first word is: belongs to You can…[View]
190857292/deutsch/: Kein Brudi Ausgabe[View]
190856373>be american >cops show up to your home (aka castle) >get in a shootout. >after hours th…[View]
190855842I am going to Miami find love.[View]
190858665/brit/: for me it's julian sands edition[View]
190858628imagine living in some warm rich place like california, instead of a frigid dark dump like this[View]
190860269>Indian women[View]
190858148Why are they like this?[View]
190859480Why is New England not as tall as midwest?[View]
190844613Can women safely walk alone at night in your country?[View]
190859477Faces of /int/: This is me, I’m a pure blooded ilyrian Albanian[View]
190847051Do you eat cheese in your country? Yes, we're big fans of cheese sauce[View]
190858265America achieves the culture victory (again): /int/ theme right now https://youtu.be/2AilA-M6N5U?si=…[View]
190859995Swedes in, Finns out[View]
190859728>R1a >1 = Odin in Russian >R Odin a >Rodina = birthland >Rod Odina >Rod Odina = pe…[View]
190857426Why does all good content come exclusively from Japan nowadays?: It wasn't like this before, wh…[View]
190857966What's it like growing up in a big ass country? Can an american from texas identify with an ame…[View]
190859241Could this Frenchman called Armand pass as a local in your country?[View]
190859302How common is this phenotype in romania?[View]
190856832/med/iterranean general: Paths of Vvaardenfell edition https://youtu.be/PIlh-wEDYTQ?si=R9HzcTNiallSi…[View]
190851636Strong Steppe Princess.[View]
190857884>only first world country with sovl How did they do it?[View]
190854562Singapore women be like[View]
190858414black sea is called black because it is actually dark[View]
190856923Why German nations larp is progresivists?: I mean they are the gens of people that burned Philosophy…[View]
190859002You can only post in this thread if you're from a banana republic. Hello, fellow /shithole/rs.[View]
190858723The simple reason Amerika is the most powerful company in the world[View]
190858882Why is everything designed as an American demoralization campaign: >random game, let’s spam Ameri…[View]
190858686Friendly reminder: You do not and will not ever live in Australia.[View]
190859008/ita/ - il filo: edizione due lati[View]
190853472Without mention crime and violence, lack of cultural identity, unwalkable cities, poor healthcare, c…[View]
190834077/ita/ - il filo: edizione gattosa[View]
190856809Is Work from home (WFH) encouraged or popular in your country?[View]
190857558please purchase the exports of scotland's video game industry[View]
190858732>Video about 5th largest country on Earth 12 minutes >Video about african shithole meme countr…[View]
190856799Do you subconsciously give differential treatment to people in your country?: Just realized when I g…[View]
190858599In other news, China has declared war on Israel. Chinese Ministry of Defense says due to enemy…[View]
190857347Who's the most well known intellect in your country?: for us it's him at the moment, a wel…[View]
190856961>You wake up in Miami, FL United States of America.[View]
190856791/brit/: British 'Steel' edish.[View]
190858230How do you eat them in your country?[View]
190855700You wake up in shartmerica[View]
190856704Swedish pipoule know what's up by giving up UK, Italy, Japan team. They will join the Franco-Ge…[View]
190858212/polska/: Wydanie Południowe[View]
190856144Bhutanbros... the Gross National Happiness tricks doesn't work anymore...[View]
190857832This guy proves Americans are retarded and anyone can infiltrate the American government.[View]
190858083If 'palestinians are the real jews' why do you blame ashkenazim for killing Christ?[View]
190843580/polska/: szczęśliwa edycja[View]
190856437>look up real life Miami beach >Is literally as mutted as the game Why are 4chan chuds so mad…[View]
190857503Greeks need your help: Greeks, dream of reconquering all this, will you lend a hand? they did give (…[View]
190857786Just watched Slumdog Millionaire for the first time...[View]
190854981Do all Japanese women love BBC?[View]
190854909What kinds of ads do you get?[View]
190856385Do you like modern American culture?[View]
190856948My best friend and I live together. My brother came to visit me. When he appeared, she smiled and he…[View]
190856853Why are muslims like this?[View]
190854506Do you wish for this in your country: Canada Yes[View]
190855818What does this tell us about the future of USA?[View]
190855667Do you like Queens?[View]
190845572/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Springkrautausgabe[View]
190856703which country don't suffer[View]
190856823It's An Indian World: Quora: India has the best scientists and engineers and is the most techno…[View]
190857127What country do you associate this color with?[View]
190847006>you wake up in America[View]
190855024How would you thank america for giving us this?[View]
190857328Is there a gun culture in your country? Here it's completly non-existant due to laws forbiddin…[View]
190851436You just want Jews to die, to be erased from earth. Just admit it. And you think they (the Jews) are…[View]
190856364Post a train from your cont and why you posted it.: >Union Pacific Big Boy >it's really b…[View]
190855994Which side is sexier?[View]
190856621What went right?[View]
190856876South American indios look like us[View]
190857124Is /int/ a Bloods or Crips board?[View]
190857058>GTA this >GTA that Don't wait for 2025, you can live your life in GTA (Greater Toronto A…[View]
190855997You guys aren't actually basing your entire perception of America off of GTA games right?[View]
190855359Wtf I thought America was a White country??[View]
190850900Last job interview in your cunt? How did it go?[View]
190856664>'Wait, what's wrong with the playlist in your car? It's all Steely Dan' >'Any major…[View]
190855433>make friends with American >ask him if he's white >'No' >Don't go into it …[View]
190856253Do you love American cinema in your country?[View]
190853588/brit/ - Gammon edition: prev: >>190851107[View]
190856588What the fuck is up with duolingos widgets?[View]
190856080You could've been living in a world populated by hundreds of millions of Germanic/Nordic women …[View]
190851564International race mixing propaganda game[View]
190850543Asian gf: expectation[View]
190855377Why are Polish people like this?[View]
190853241Why do Japanese politicians love the Unification Church?[View]
190855811Are you a NEET or wagecuck in your country?: Wagery is slavery competing to get a small part of the …[View]
190856350>thought canada had unaffordable housing >realize thirdies have it way worse well that explain…[View]
190856386White in Brazil is multiracial in America[View]
190854025>Spain, how do you want your army? >Mas gay >Say no more…[View]
190853010why do americans not like normal cars?[View]
190856484Do you love Cameroon?[View]
190855243>I can't stand wageslaving anymore Does it happen in your cunt?[View]
190856213Pick one.[View]
190855150/desi/: good morning[View]
190855354Why are Spaniards like this[View]
190856022Is American media popular in your cunt?[View]
190855872Folklore stuff: >folklore about a horse that starts flying the hero around when he feeds it coal …[View]
190856361How much you could do for plap plap plap: Internationally speaking[View]
190856163Post meme from your country without context[View]
190855938>15 concurrent threads about America's racial composition Do we need a board strictly about …[View]
190856304Good morning /int/ernational boys <3[View]
190855712They made GTA VI for /pol/[View]
190854088Janny pruned my thread. Go ahead Janny, do it again. Hell, ban me even. I will be back tomorrow anyw…[View]
190856078>Pic rel was cited as major inspiration for GTA 6 Why are Americans like this?…[View]
190855613presenting the master race[View]
190854385this image will make lot of people angry: i found it on ifunny i never made it[View]
190834579/norgetråden/: Koselig førjuls-utgave. Forrige: >>190828110 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT…[View]
190851710Which countries do your asylum seekers typically come from?[View]
190854443>We are about to see a mass hapacel wave of little Elliots shooting up various campuses around th…[View]
190855905This is a 'Native American' in the United States.[View]
190849980Long ago, just like the hearse you die to get in again We are so far from you[View]
190851245America could turn Nevada into a lush tropical paradise in only a few years but that would be tyrann…[View]
190855929I'm Ameriboo: I own American gaming consoles, drink American beer, eat American goyslop regular…[View]
190855618My dad is Ukrainian, but he left my Russian mom after learning she is pregnant, I never met him. Can…[View]
19085509680% of western women want to marry an indian man[View]
190854733American please explain: Why do you behave like this?[View]
190851280Have you ever considered becoming a cop in your country?[View]
190854496>rizzlers are waking up[View]
190853616Penthouse parties in your country?[View]
190854980>Americans are now complaining that GTA 6 is shitting on America Do they not understand the entir…[View]
190855397>forgot the radiator on high >woke up with a dry throat shit you, the world must know about th…[View]
190854977The absolute state of Straya.[View]
190855622Polish women LOVE indian men[View]
190855550nederdraad: opstaan editie[View]
190853468Let's talk![View]
190853632the new GTA trailer looks like american.webm thread we have everyday, only less insane. we wait 10 y…[View]
190854975Whats the life expectancy in your city?[View]
190852985What do you like about Australia?[View]
190852680>tfw no american white trash gf[View]
190848976/riceint/ - international ricecel general: >invited: currycels latinXcels brown pipo ea and seace…[View]
190849234Was this trailer an accurate portrayal of Miami?[View]
190849178Is it true that continental europeans don't think of britishers as european?[View]
190852708Post em: https://www.idrlabs.com/jock-nerd-prep-goth/test.php[View]
190855070bbc and made for bbc[View]
190852744Have you taken the yellow pill yet?[View]
190853635Tom Petty is officially now a Brazilian superstar.[View]
190854744>you will never ever visit this French island why even live??[View]
190852446WTF is going on in Nicaragua?[View]
190855148Behold: The color of great barat[View]
190853003It's weird thinking how many people existed before us. There are Greeks from 2500 years ago who…[View]
190848479sweden invented rus so all land between the baltic and ural should be swedish[View]
190847206There is some great British food out there and I say this as an Israeli.[View]
190854076>While approaching Kurumoch Airport, Captain Kliuyev made a bet with First Officer Zhirnov that h…[View]
190852751would you trust a fat doctor in your cunt?[View]
190853508Most masculine japanese man[View]
190854957I live in a third world country known as Argentina, people still use facebook here a lot, anyway, I …[View]
190849402/int/ has a normal fag problem[View]
190854890SAARS.......: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Asian_Association_for_Regional_Cooperation >The…[View]
190847215Sonne: Is/was sun worshipping a thing in your cunt?[View]
190854888Who was the most stereotypically “Chud” leader of your country?: In term of both looks and spirit. …[View]
190854593Explosion in Virginia: American man blows up his entire house to stop the police from searching his …[View]
190854781When will the that Russian that baits lee get banned.[View]
190849136Now that the dust has settled, which country is better: India or Pakistan?[View]
190852703UK men: Is this propaganda or are all the Anglo men actually going for black women[View]
190854691>the image that destroyed European pride[View]
190844622>In the 11th century southern Russia was occupied by barbarous tribes such as the Cumans, Bulgars…[View]
190850131This guy is a piece of shit. Post horrible leaders from your cunt[View]
190853800/ch/: chile thread CTM[View]
190853534They would fix all their problems in less than 1 year, but they won't do it.[View]
190852747How do we fix picrelated?[View]
190851562>female pilot >crashes the plane >with no survivors…[View]
190852835>Dark women are so hot lol. I love black and brown people[View]
190853873You have to admit the Albanian flag looks pretty cool[View]
190854638I've started eating out so I can practice my foreign language skills at the local ethnic restau…[View]
190854000>they took this from you[View]
190853507Is your country part of Team Globohomo?[View]
190853297HATO bros?[View]
190849773/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição alvinegra Anterior: >>190846644[View]
190854178Outdoorsy tomboy factory: the region[View]
190847168angloids and ESLs of /int/, what form of English did you learn and what spellings and vocabulary do …[View]
190847452mia moglie chino est tan linda[View]
190853106Do you practice any sports in your country?[View]
190845577Are British males always this kinky?[View]
190849500wtf is actually wrong with nips?[View]
190853738>eurosisses live under communism >great social services and walkable cities are awful >what…[View]
190851940this is a 5/10 in Sexzil[View]
190853580Do you notice anything ?: I dont see anything https://twitter.com/iamyesyouareno/status/173164033637…[View]
190853799Honduran neighbors are playing extremely loud mariachi music at 11pm again[View]
190850925'We tried to talk the Arabs into making peace with Israel, but no, they insisted on war. So we gave …[View]
190853927I'm Pinoy Brazilain. Ask somethig anythin, my brother from Manila City, Pampanga or Mabacalat C…[View]
190850915>MADE FOR BB-ACK[View]
190853195I relate a lot to this jew: Who do you guys relate to?[View]
190852742Do you have frenchmen in your cunt?[View]
190851404So, I am making a paper on 'free media' in the Philippines and I want to know what you think of it. …[View]
190853787whites have bigger pancreas which reduces the possibility of getting diabetes than asians Asian is a…[View]
190850887Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot was a French doctor during WWII. He told dozens of Jews that he coul…[View]
190851682>There are Firsties who are way poorer than me posting here Kinda weird Seems like most firsties …[View]
190852202>used to hang out and do drugs with a guy like a decade ago >i ditched the drug use while he j…[View]
190852540One of my cunt's kids songs, which is still popular among kids events, got popular on the anglo…[View]
190851416Are asian boys popular in your country[View]
190851107/brit/: winter choccies edition[View]
190852417Come ‘long you darkies, yes come eb’ry one Come ‘long you darkies, join in de fun Music does ring, a…[View]
190852881how the fuck do you make friends after college are you a friendless loser in your country too?[View]
190852532I relapsed on speed.: In my country, internationally, in the global sense. I hate myself and I will…[View]
190850122for some reason australia is the only other country in the world i can picture having suburbs like w…[View]
190852424How would you handle this situation in your country?[View]
190851277I tried to make fun of a South American on /int/ for having a small penis. All the South Americans s…[View]
190853425They’re always dancing, dancing Dancing down in Dixie On the Mississippi shore See those steamboats …[View]
190852581I was born in a Dublin street, where the loyal drums did beat, the loving English feet, they walked …[View]
190851518This is what is planned for HSR in Brazil Brazilians what is your opinion on this? Will you ride t…[View]
190850214Canadian men OWE me hapa babies[View]
190839106/dixie/ - southern US + friends[View]
190848903Photographs you taken in your country? Please share I like taking pictures of wild flowers I will ne…[View]
190853103>TFW I make more teaching English for 15 hours a week in China than most full time Chinese doctor…[View]
190852977Why do British men turn into Asian women as they age?[View]
190853053just in case any1s wondering, this is how i look like.. yep, im fucking badass. remember this when u…[View]
190843587I really want to have sex. I'm so desperate that I stooped down to a handjob from my unattracti…[View]
190848184Honest thoughts on Poland?[View]
190850906>16.5cm erect but this feels like cheating. what's yours (in ur cunt)?…[View]
190851961Oh say can you see ..: Soon a freedom wind from south that will set us free[View]
190844627Chuds of the world we are all gonna make it[View]
190849745>American education[View]
190851833Why is Western Europe full of Arabs and Africans? QRD?[View]
190852576Europeans will really call Americans 'mutts' when this country exists.[View]
190851840ethnic origin?: I’m guessing white hispanic, white passing mena, Italian, Greek. Need to know.…[View]
190851783How are biocels in your cunt preparing for the synthetic century?[View]
190852618in 2016 I smacked my Irish GFs cousin with a shoe when I went to visit her.: Sometimes I randomly re…[View]
190851686do you troll normoids irl in your country? what sort of reactions do you get? I go up to randos and …[View]
190852407In terms of sheer beauty, you can't beat Russia[View]
190851729is antisemitism a problem in your country?[View]
190849353European spics like iberians and italians are now white according to the GTAVI trailer cope.[View]
190849746Being an ugly man is worse than a black woman: https://www.tiktok.com/@erikzackrisson/video/73079761…[View]
190850363Sorry, guys, I had no choice.[View]
190848572>GTA6 le bad even doe its an accurate representation of Miami[View]
190852275how do they do it?[View]
190852408did you get the shots in your country[View]
190844510Why do white girls like going to India alone?[View]
190848338I cannot stop obsessing over the fact that white nations once had almost zero presence of non-whites…[View]
190849914Northern Mali should be able to split off from southern Mali, it has a completely different culture …[View]
190852239>this is how europeans get to work And they claim to suffer.[View]
190850025America what the fuck are you doing?[View]
190839103Insomniacs of Central Yurop and FRENS: Early bake. Can't fall asleep? Never mind. Let's ha…[View]
190851828You wake up in Mooers, New York. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mooers,_New_York[View]
190850095would you live in macdonald, manitoba[View]
190851372What happened to the Dutch? I thought they were super progressive weed lovers[View]
190850605Tick tock, DeShawn[View]
190847951>you plagiarized this which is theft of intellectual property which means you’re evil! >of cou…[View]
190849743Justinian's dream: >roman mediterranean core reunificated >no barbarian savages anymore …[View]
190851214How diverse is your friend group?[View]
190843658*sigh* one day.. I will visit Europe... And I'll be happy...[View]
190850684>argue with westerner how killing innocent Muslims is bad >'what are you fucking isis terroris…[View]
190850734Why do thirdies love certain anime like DBZ and Naruto?: is there something specific for them to rel…[View]
190851556FACT: If you are capable of tanning you are not white.[View]
190825792ITT: we have just returned to Earth and must recolonize Pangaea[View]
190851790Do you enjoy poolish games? I don't. I hate how poolax are utterly unable to make a decent game…[View]
190850273How do you call someone a Karen in your country?[View]
190851656I'm Pinoy Brazilian. Why so hard finder jobs in Philippines?[View]
190851603It's never been this over (in my country).[View]
190851557>This is how Americans live[View]
190847337Does this happen in your country?[View]
190843944What's life like here?[View]
190851334How do people feel about onlyfans in your cunt?: I think it is crazy how any fit 5/10 girl can becom…[View]
190851317Cab Driver Arrested for Running Over and Killing Pigeons: The Shinjuku Police Station of the Tokyo M…[View]
190850316Did the Iraqi people want us to kill him?[View]
190850737>Brazil has 2girls1cup >Russia has 1guy1jar Which shock video is your country known for?…[View]
190844204our time is coming.[View]
190849847I got banned from rutracker again[View]
190850787What’s your favorite Barry Manilow song in your country /int/?[View]
190851234Is bullying common in your country?[View]
190848621/duo/ Duolingo General: Show us your 2023 numbers[View]
190851081there's only eastern euros who can post anything meaningful here[View]
190849015I feel bad about the decline in white population but I also want a white boyfriend. How do I square …[View]
190846699Thank him for his service[View]
190851116/brit/: Ken Currie edition[View]
190848359/brit/: Hello! Magazine edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 1[View]
190850815uhhh.. muzziechuds why are you like this?[View]
190847624Based bean people[View]
190850911they look so good[View]
190840394are you unlovable in your country?[View]
190849713i dont care about GTA 6 stop posting about it in my international culture board[View]
190850871>/int/: the musical https://youtu.be/F6va6tg62qg[View]
190849998The most kino Eurovision song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZQjBCvFd9E[View]
190850830What are some evil countries?[View]
190849755Learning Thai: Hello! I am interested in learning Thai. Do you guys have any resources to help me le…[View]
190850461Why did America delete the Wild West?[View]
190847595Do you like American culture?[View]
190845728fuck, i need fuck a kuruminha so bad[View]
190850292Is it true that any tourist in Brazil can approach a favelado, rub their belly and say “MMM… Sopa de…[View]
190845707spaniards forced on us their genes, language, customs and religion and then cringe when some of us s…[View]
190850140America used to be cool! Then they banned female pirates...[View]
190846221Your country Your fetish USA Mature Latina sheriff deputies[View]
190828598/fr/ - Le francofil: Léon le séducteur Ancien >>190792528[View]
190850439opinion on gayway?[View]
190846331Does WMLF happen in your country?[View]
190826280/éire/: Eagrán báisteach[View]
190849222What was the most eventful thing that happened in your country today?: >be me >go to pizza sh…[View]
190847702Would you marry a brown girl? Asking for a friend[View]
190844761You wake up as a cute petite Japanese girl (virgin). What do you do?[View]
190849845>Serb protag: S, not playing[View]
190846496'They have undergone immigration. Now they live in reservations. Think about it.' - Lega Nord (Itali…[View]
190849883dog eaters[View]
190846500Do people in your country enjoy Hispanic women?[View]
190848404city guess thread: 1. ai-generate 'average woman from X,' X being your city (100,000+ only) 2. post …[View]
190848216speak irish[View]
190848483This guy is refuting all your anti-Asian stereotypes with statistics[View]
190850174The new American dream[View]
190848288Why are French women so beautiful in your country?[View]
190836352/ישר/ - /isr/: meow[View]
190843118What is considered worse in your country, having a slut daughter or a gay son?[View]
190835932Are people excited for Grand Theft Auto VI in your country?[View]
190849497Post female national figures from your cunt: Post female national figures from your cunt NOW![View]
190845578How do we stop the Med brainwashing? The French are CELTS/GERMANICS.[View]
190846279Are you fit in your country, /int/?[View]
190850065What are beaches in your country like?[View]
190848104the Amazon.... is saved...[View]
190848710>I'm dancing in front of this church to protest against colonialism and oppression against i…[View]
190845389sverigetråden förargelseupplagan[View]
190850008>goose is called Canada goose >leafs distance themselves from it…[View]
190847695Post your favorite German musical artists[View]
190845904Religion I'm the Americas: They should abandon Catholicism and Protestantism and establish an O…[View]
190849887Why does France hate Algerians?[View]
190846644/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição Away Anterior: >>190838915[View]
190847923Inside Rio Tinto’s most advanced mine: Does your country export rocks? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
190849639pick your american[View]
190846350I can’t stand modernity doesn’t matter how much I try: I have an autocratic spirit. Is this common i…[View]
190842674>his cunt is less than 7000 years old lmao[View]
190835793/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
190812264/skandi/: Stor næse udgave[View]
190846749I keep pigs. Do you keep any animals?[View]
190849070Are you making more than an American dog walker making $100k starting? You can't suffer in Amer…[View]
190844176What's going on in Northwest India?[View]
190849161>latinas hate white bo-ACK![View]
190848640>your cunt >your age >your job >favorite part of job I'm a 34 yo male ER nurse …[View]
190848385i'm not hungry[View]
190849171>Taxi driver used to be one of the country’s most dangerous professions. Uber changed that. I don…[View]
190849120Why are chinese niggas so hated in gayming and shit? every single online game I played, there's…[View]
190849287I think I figured out who Poland dick sucks the US: >war hero in the American revolution and poli…[View]
190847431I literally look like this[View]
190846901I can’t bring myself to believe that something good is going to happen to me. I am afraid that if I …[View]
190849013How is Summer vs Winter dimorphism in your cunt?: In Castile like this[View]
190848922This can't be right can it? Spanish only split from Latin 1500 years ago??[View]
190847281France Spain and The Netherlands are all directly responsible for the existence of the USA.[View]
190840505Why isn't China as diverse as the UK?[View]
190847886What are your thoughts on blue eyes, /int/?[View]
190848789i saw a fox when i was having a smoke. do you have a lot of wildlife around the place you live[View]
190848785What phenotype is this called?[View]
190848352I kneel to americans: GTAVI trailer was literally 80% obese black people, and 20% spics, a 2 random …[View]
190847911Man, I know GTA is a satire of American culture, but I'm just not used to it looking so... real…[View]
190848533https://youtube.com/shorts/mh0qlDk-8FA?si=aJMQV13MJBBqV4Dg Jap bros you can NOT suffer[View]
190848347Why isn't Mexico considered part of Central America?[View]
190842759There is some great British food out there and I say this as an American.[View]
190848250grow up[View]
190846609/brit/: gta 6 trailer edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBZY2fkU-0[View]
190846407international manlet general: Behind some mexican flag, stretching himself to reach the keyboard the…[View]
190834729Why are people on the internet so mean to us. In real life nobody says anything negative about Canad…[View]
190848355/brit/: JaGeX edition[View]
190847748Do you think in English? There's a portugese woman at work who said after living in England for…[View]
190846495this IS america[View]
190837138There is some great British food out there and I say this as a Med. I feel like the rumor that all B…[View]
190847264Red neck girls look like THAT?![View]
190837103If I move to russia but don't drink alcohol what will seriously happen? I'm kinda scared. …[View]
190848217Why does the anglo fear them?[View]
190847826Behold, the Indonesian dream come true[View]
190848055I present you the color of BARAT[View]
190847970>hundreds of millions of white people are learning yoga worldwide India won, it's over…[View]
190847516what happens in Kazan?[View]
190847130Tell me about the French Saxons /int/?[View]
190846720Do you have rednecks in your cunt?[View]
190848095>Don't think Jesus is the literal son of God >Don't eat pork that much >Think som…[View]
190846337are you le paycuck in youre cunt?[View]
190848044>Pokemon, anime are standard child culture >Ohtani proves Asian masculinity >hapas all over…[View]
190839136Why so many Americans turning trans nowadays?: Do you have a guess why are all americans turning tra…[View]
190847838Whats the next 'game-changer'?[View]
190841813Why do young people in Spain not get jobs?[View]
190847262What do you think of 4chan culture?[View]
190847849Is long hair currently popular on young white women in the Des Moines area?[View]
190847433my gf never wants to have sex with me I think she might be asexual or something does that happen in…[View]
190847558>Polygamy is illegal but adultery is not does this happen in your country?…[View]
190847187South Korea and Japan: Why this?[View]
190846649>brit father has 26 children and lives on benefits how do brits procreate so much?…[View]
190843497/polska/: edycja cycatych nastolatek[View]
190844747New whitey map[View]
190847398Why are Turkroaches like this?: I was researching the modern history of Cyprus the other day, and ev…[View]
190846600New war in kosovo: Now that America is facing 3 wars at once (Ukraine, Palestine, and Guyana) the Se…[View]
190843269/RISK/: tried this map once let's try again pick a country, read the rules, we're starting…[View]
190844734I2 bros… I don’t feel so good…[View]
190846058China won[View]
190842893Do people age fast in your country?[View]
190847235I will never forgive germany for this[View]
190847227Is there advertisements in fortune cookies in your country >Flag >Yes…[View]
190846224>Racialized Canadians >Visible Minorities >First Nations >Peace, order, and good governm…[View]
190845905do you abuse substances in your country[View]
190845985Les haplogroupes de France[View]
190846005Why do my countrymen think the solution to every problem is suicide?: It's getting tiring.…[View]
190846365i don’t know about u guys but i’m riding with biden[View]
190842942I want to live in a country where i won't be treated as a drone because i'm a male. Does s…[View]
190845896>woodstock >1969 this was the beginning of the end of western civilization and white people.…[View]
190845995FACT: Minas Gerais is the most POWERFUL state of Brazil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamantina,_M…[View]
190842298White women are very unappealing to me.[View]
190821270A german BITCH decided to kill all the frogs in her garden with SALT because they grossed her out T…[View]
190834881/شأشأ/ /mena/ /إحراج/: طبعة العنطيزة الموفرة من لدن السلطات الحكومية >هذا يقتل التشود الأنسل لن ي…[View]
190808110/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
190845128All of my favourite furry porn artists are russian[View]
190846814How is South Korea the only proper developed nation in East Asia?: No other country is even close…[View]
190838434Europeans are starting to become unhinged.[View]
190845759It's so fucking over for ethniX.....[View]
190846795Why do all finno-ugric 'people' look like this?[View]
190844779Do you remember what you thought when you first saw someone without your skin color? I am a black ma…[View]
190837086I unironically like London. What much-maligned cities do you unironically like?[View]
190838779Deep down do they still have an ego and bitterness towards the rest of Europe?[View]
190835691/sauna/: ota koppi! -painos[View]
190838915/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição comestível Anterior: >>190829675[View]
190846581There is some great British food out there and I say this as a Turk.[View]
190839292Are mexicans the ugliest people in the planet?[View]
190844997>Germans are real how do I cope with this fact[View]
190832787/Nederdraad/: edizione il gatto[View]
190846466This is the most gook face ever[View]
190846042Young womans advise avoid sexual attack 1. Stay home study hard not party alcohol drug 2. Marry nice…[View]
190846138How do foreign women get men in your country?[View]
190846001Why are Americans so excited for this criminal simulator?[View]
190842275sweden is starting to deport muslims[View]
190844320/brit/: Hullensian public house edition[View]
190845695Go to bed European, Mena, African, Indian, and Central Asian[View]
190844954What is Ukrainian culture?[View]
190844298I want to make a motorcycle gang in GTA but I don't have any friends. We should start an intern…[View]
190845971NO DATA THREAD: does your country give data for maps? Lithuania no[View]
190845015czech this out[View]
190844771scat sucking germans[View]
190846056Who's the Gojo of countries?[View]
190811395/med/: I am no man edition Transitioned : >>190767813[View]
190844765how is he remembered?[View]
190845953Gn bros, have a giggle.[View]
190841811I want to live in a country with no racism[View]
190840171How is cheese ingested in your cunt?[View]
190846178American queet trans muslims: I've discovered the wonderful world of american liberals who happ…[View]
190836689/balk/: >>190809658[View]
190844541/cum/ - canada usa mexico[View]
190809382/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
190845570Why do white people think red heads are ugly?[View]
190845043Here's your conservative counter culture movie bro lmao[View]
190846078Int selfie thread? Me[View]
190816672Asian Alienation: Why do Asians in the West seem to be treated as perpetual outsiders and 'visitors'…[View]
190844365Are international sanctions a meme?[View]
190845976Indians are the most successful ethnicity in the west[View]
190842937Why are rich asians so obsessed with depleting the world's oceans? Japan refuses to stop eating…[View]
190845843How do you react to Chinese product 15€?[View]
190844040When did you get over your AOC hate?[View]
190840312/deutsch/: >apufreie ausgabe[View]
190844004My mind is set in stone: ALL Americans on 4chan look like the mutt meme. My mind cannot be changed. …[View]
190845444Americans think Asia= Ching Chang chong: I bet if you ask the average American what the biggest reli…[View]
190845423Uhhhhh vargbros?[View]
190838167>We need to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep the race pure or something…[View]
190842340Sverigetråden - sfw svart ho upplagan[View]
190840983British TV is very funny.[View]
190845495Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>190806444 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
190845488Holy shit guys the gta 6 trailer just leaked https://twitter.com/gta6trailerleak/status/173179510054…[View]
190845462>Hey satan check this out >I told this dude to sacrifice his own kid and he's actually go…[View]
190845271Please next life be born as a irish man from belfast during the troubles.[View]
190825506What's the best region and the worst region?[View]
190845268Today I will remind them.: Bros Im the 'legion serb', maybe you remember the pastas, maybe…[View]
190845257Just saw a jeet driving with the custom numberplate 'SAR1995'[View]
190845249big angiosperm flowering cocks outcompeted tiny conifer stiff peckers and the little incel chuddies …[View]
190845214>Asian women[View]
190836248Is being a nurse a slutty profession in your country?[View]
190843691Do better, Canada[View]
190842860>I can tell what race a girl of any ethnic background's boyfriend is just by looking at her …[View]
190832656DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3354: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
190843165What has your experience been with nafris in your country?[View]
190844834is your country a furry country[View]
190844948>Switzerland has a direct democracy As long as you have enough signatures you get people to vote …[View]
190842883How come bongs won't let me visit Falkland Islands? They tell me I have to mail an application …[View]
190838862>Thou shalt have no other gods before me >creates white women…[View]
190843940I got drunk and texted my crush again,. Does this happen in your stupid fucking cunt?[View]
190844433brownpeepo cant eat food quietly. all fucking day its smacking and slurping on food. revolting.[View]
190840117I'm 32 and I watch MrBeast and skibidi toilet videos[View]
190838249What the fuck is wrong with georgians?[View]
190843262you wake up on Vancouver Island[View]
190844742>Beeps at you for no reason[View]
190843327This is your role model, chuds: > History buffs know that Adolf Hitler had an undescended testicl…[View]
190839725When a Russian speaks, I listen. When a Russian thinks, I stay quiet. When a Russian gives orders, I…[View]
190843641As a latin american I don't really get the bad publicity behind british food: That would be jus…[View]
190843195People in America seriously think you are weird if you walk instead of driving. They also associate …[View]
190844131Anyone agree?: White women have the most boring looking pussies. Their pussy is the same color as th…[View]
190839048ugliest language on earth[View]
190842542>During the gift exchange ceremony, Chinese leader Xi Jinping gave Belarusian leader Alexander Lu…[View]
190843982>'an an italian i believe that...'[View]
190844075How accurate is this, Argentines?[View]
190843694>I can't leave this place because I have nothing in the real world.…[View]
190843787Why does no one seem to be worried about the fact an entire generation of young people is growing up…[View]
190842539I listen to songs in ancient Hebrew composed according to Babylonian Iraqi Jewish tradition. They…[View]
190842079/brit/: the lads edition[View]
190841233Why Americans don't like us? I want Americans to like me.[View]
190842966I suffer in Reddit: The Country[View]
190833683Japanese diaspora: Brazil 2,000,000 United States 1,550,875 Canada 129,425 Philippines 120,000 Peru …[View]
190839481what could have been...[View]
190844145>Y-Y-YOURE A TURK RAPE BABY YOU FUCKING ROACH SHITSKIN! I don’t see how that’s a bad thing to hav…[View]
190841431Venezuela Guyana Thunder Dome: >literally nothing happens[View]
190843302I love you too Poland bros. Have I have some of that qt pole bussy now?[View]
190840803Which of these important and essential developmental milestones have you achieved so far? You ARE ma…[View]
190840668>country with more guns than people >supposed to defend them from le government tyranny >me…[View]
190810372/ex-yu/: Srbija ne sme da stanje - siguran glas izdanje[View]
190833677Did you know that Italians are prominent in Syria?[View]
190843820Has any race fallen as hard as the Bulgarians? They lost their land, they lost their religion, they …[View]
190843221PECCHE SIAM NNAMMURAT QUEST'AMORE CIOCOLLATT In the America, if you play high school sports you…[View]
190837070Watch french animation movies[View]
190843649How developed do you think India can become?[View]
190842314This can't be real: I refuse to believe the same people who invented pizza, lasagna, pesto, fet…[View]
190838668Do blonde people have blonde pubes?[View]
190822984Bhutan AMA: Nobody to join me for dinner tonight so I dine with this shithole. I'd rather not a…[View]
190829938this simple letter confuses and angers the Castilian speaker[View]
190839089What does a 10/10 woman look like in your country? A 10/10 looks like this in Sweden.[View]
190842912based on your experience in your cunt, what do think that nature meant by women?[View]
190839170/polska/: edycja >filtruje 90% postów w nitce nic osobistego dzieciaku[View]
190840094Here's your white gf, bro[View]
190828779>work in france >die[View]
190843315tfw you don't live in BULGARIA. The Germany of the Balkans...[View]
190842345Why don't you European fucking pussies do something about it and kill your politicians? Oh wait…[View]
190841490hehehehehh they want to be frends with each other so bad but we won't let them[View]
190842729Time to BTFO americans. Does this happen in youre kanni?[View]
190839402> You're from East Asia, have a masters and want to work here? Not so fast, little buddy, yo…[View]
190842282I'd rather live in a country with empty super markets than in a country where 80% of people are…[View]
190843084in your country?[View]
190841661Who's the most notorious sex criminal in your country?[View]
190843023How common is it to see cute brown girls working in stores and supermarkets across western Europe?[View]
190842294>the wal-mart in my new town in Tennessee is really big so I'm going to use the mobility sco…[View]
190840511>your country >if ya toilet was sentient, would ya rather it crave ya bodily waste or hate ya …[View]
190841585I just want to be happy[View]
190841607How can (You) improve your country?[View]
190820730/rus/: >>190789526[View]
190840753You mad black boys?[View]
190836134Why don't the Latinx governments hold Spain accountable?[View]
190842616Rusbros...: The 15th panzer division has entered Rzhev...[View]
190841717>*takes away your job* wwyd?[View]
190842438name my band[View]
190838882Why hasn't the white population of South America contributed much to science and technology? Wh…[View]
190840998The most regrettable pitiable aspect about white genocide is the disappearance of the white phenotyp…[View]
190842349What the fuck is 'European other' in the German census? They are 8% of the population[View]
190839217Why is /int/ too stupid to learn japanese? Don't you feel bad for being so incompetent and usel…[View]
190838605>hey LADS[View]
190836878Sverigetråden - svart ho upplagan[View]
190839109Was the anorexia ever explained?[View]
190837645How do you cope with your country becoming nonwhite in your country?[View]
190833679my favorite Russian ASMR girl converted to Islam and deleted all her videos[View]
190842160Why do blacks hold cutlery all weird?[View]
190840448/brit/: From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But fo…[View]
190837682нeт пoвecти пeчaльнee нa cвeтe, чeм пoвecть o пpoпyщeнoм тpeдe[View]
190839991>I need muh gunz because the big government is controlled baby eating Satanists and will take my …[View]
190840185republicans let a crossdressing brazilian faggot into congress in my country, has this happened in y…[View]
190836099>meanwhile in china[View]
190841262I'm having difficulty getting the hang of rust (I'm a (former) professional C codemonkey),…[View]
190841573Factos: Every brazilian plays soccer Every brazilian lives in a favela Every brazillian has been to …[View]
190839931https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/190242092 I'm still writing my book. This time I'd like…[View]
190841401Do you have wife and kids in your country?[View]
190841047Swedish pipo be like >Oh I need to go to ze permit from ze government system to get ze flask of w…[View]
190839661>what do you call a pile of sticks? >what do you call a structure that regulates water levels?…[View]
190837187>Ganges River Dolphin[View]
190834719What do you think about the cider lands of Europe /int/?[View]
190838961What is your city famous for?[View]
190835659No this is not Italy This is SP-BRAZIL ![View]
190838021Hardbass was never popular here We dont have word for motherland, we call it birthland Gopniks is j…[View]
190840715Diaspora koreans are the gypsies of korean society[View]
190840247You mad breh ? New Rafale F5 will be the next Archangel in the sky[View]
190840912>red sea oh ye, lets make another conflict in this place and in this decade.…[View]
190840259non-italianpipo don't spice they cheese[View]
190834108European bros... Our response?[View]
190840392Anon, why, why did you betray me? We were from the same clan, yet you sought out power and became ev…[View]
190840491Austria Aka the other Germany[View]
190840502>Ah bru we're like, doing it tough ay?[View]
190840095Bürgi ist drauf. Das macht den Schafbernd mett[View]
190840484I love living in Europe because I get to share a continent with the best people in the world: Slavs …[View]
190837946Are your local women losing in your country?[View]
190839550What each Amerimutt would order from McDonald's... or some shit[View]
190837759Is ancestral memory real?[View]
190839235I really, really, really hate kaffirs. Does this ring true in your cunt?[View]
190832336choose your characther[View]
190839510Can't we just EMP blast them all so we can go back to how the Internet was before their bot far…[View]
190838369favourite food from your cunt?: >brazil Sonhos.[View]
190837387A WHITE Ethnic German man called COLLIN made a terror attack in France: Why are Germanic people like…[View]
190838884do people feel the same way in your cunt?[View]
190836232/deutsch/: Apufreie Ausgabe[View]
190839516I like Scots. I like the Irish. I like the Welsh. I like Canadians. I like Americans. I like Austral…[View]
190835981Muslims and Jews really don't know what they're missing out on with pork. It's uniron…[View]
190838620When dating women, does the 3 day rule of Barney Stinson still apply? Is it actually accurate? https…[View]
190838729Die Judenfrage ist nochmal aktiviert.[View]
190833646>fully blown gay agenda on arabic netflix >didnt even notice it because it was my underage cou…[View]
190835331Why do Romanians like saying schnapps so much?[View]
190839767Reach out & network with others: Most people never ask That's what separates sometimes the …[View]
190835575How is the USSR, Stalin and communism in general viewed in current day Russia?: Like what do they te…[View]
190834678Thoughts on the neo-Andean architectural renaissance going on in the highest city in the world (elev…[View]
190837500>155 days until Eurovision[View]
190837203>Europeans are willing to die for the royal family[View]
190839025What board do you usually go to when you get banned on /int/? I go to /lgbt/ or /tv/[View]
190838376Is this accurate[View]
190838590>mass murderer who said the magic words 3 seconds before getting the electric chair? Welcome to h…[View]
190836579Would you live a trad African tribe life?[View]
190839220Islam Korea japan strong: https://youtube.com/shorts/2wxm6NBWDN8 ..... Is islam the savior of Korea …[View]
190837357What's their deal: >Have tiny population >Spend years forming colonial empire in South Am…[View]
190833028/polska/: эдыцйa пoлcких дзeвyшeк[View]
190832667do you need to pay tip in your cunt? in Japan, we don't, so can you tell us how to pay tip smar…[View]
190830758Why is this part of Rome so shit Italybros? Is this where the gypsies live? It looks like Mexico lol…[View]
190810763kurva anyátok[View]
190837989Why do Argentinians look like that?[View]
190837120I was born in a Dublin street, where the loyal drums did beat, the loving English feet, they walked …[View]
190829675/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição bélica Anterior: >>190820876[View]
190836284Does this map mean anything to you?[View]
190838810What do modern day Tunisians/North Africans think of them? Do you care about your Phoenician heritag…[View]
190837044I wish I was born an east slav or at least finno-ugric instead of a west slav germanic mutt[View]
190836874/brit/: Klaus Schwab edition[View]
190838565If japanese still control this place we would be like the irish of the british empire.[View]
190835059In which country do you see yourself in 5 years?[View]
190825069>yes I am polish how could you tell?[View]
190836630Why are Americans scared of academic competition[View]
190832405Why do Finns act like they won the Winter War? They literally lost and ceded their land but everytim…[View]
190838397>Algeria isn't whi-[View]
190832760I fixed it[View]
190838161What are your thoughts and opinions on muslimas in your country: internationally speaking[View]
190836128How do ESLs think 'Gorge' is pronounced?[View]
190837071in your country?[View]
190838259What phenotype do you call this?[View]
190834590Egypt launched a new frigate[View]
190828676I can't breathe[View]
190837890>Władysław Franciszek Jabłonowski (25 October 1769 – 29 September 1802) was a Polish general and …[View]
190836391Honest thoughts on Dominicans?: https://youtu.be/ZyIfpwdPkEQ?feature=shared https://store.steampower…[View]
190837450British bros...: The Germans have landed at Suffolk...[View]
190837826what is your greatest sporting achievement in your cunt: for me, it's coming in second place in…[View]
190837524Are dating apps popular in your cunt? Have you ever used them[View]
190837283>Bismillah you don't need cars when ALLAH gave us legs to walk from our goypod to the mosque…[View]
190833447What are some Anglo-Saxon things I can see in London /int/?[View]
190836207Why didnt Euros have brain like Americans and take us: instead of Blacks, Latinx and Muslims?[View]
190837877>We mvst like protect the western of civilization by importing more ghanan boatmen or so I say…[View]
190837789I love living on Earth because I get to share a planet with the best people in the world: Americans …[View]
190835865Asians are forgettable: Everyone is obsessed with darkies. >Darkies are feared. >Darkies made …[View]
190836986What was your favourite children's toy you had in your country?[View]
190832534Why does everyone hate them: /pol/ hates them because they think they are effeminate (even though th…[View]
190830712>this is the /mena/cel leaf who posts blacks 24/7 and calls you a chud He's the most mindbro…[View]
190831426>Aldi stores in USA: 2342 >Lidl stores in USA: 174 Lidlbros we lost, it's OVER…[View]
190837577I'm never dating a Turkish man again[View]
190830459Is your flag cursed with a cuckstamp too? >Spelt in French as “fleur de lys“, it's basically…[View]
190837510>mistake German guy for Dutch guy >no one bats an eye >mistake Caribbean guy as African …[View]
190817843Do you appreciate superior Japanese cuisine in your country?[View]
190837284ski jumping is the ultimate white man's sport[View]
190819515Why are the Japanese so uncreative?: Not only is every anime plot copy-pasted, but even their city d…[View]
190836921It has begone.[View]
190833392What would European politics look like if only female refugees came?[View]
190815798Americans will defend this[View]
190837372South Korea and Japan: What do we think about this? Lmfao[View]
190836522Old British poster informing people that farting on pictures of the king is treason.[View]
190832741Would you guys buy Italian phones?[View]
190836873I remember seeing a YouTube video in which Indians beat shit out of Muslims for eating beef and piss…[View]
190836031What is the most internationally neutral country? It's no longer Switzerland.[View]
190836824I persecute East Germans and Southern Italians on /int/ they deserve it[View]
190836822German immigrating to the USA: So after looking at the current state of my home country, it is time …[View]
190833527This is what Russians look like according to Americans.[View]
190836935>wake up >hand is completely numb >grab my dick >hand immediately goes to normal Happens…[View]
190810228/cbg/ - Carpathian Basin General: This thread is for the discussion of the peoples and cultures of t…[View]
190832948Sverigetråden - Väldigt ensamma upplagan[View]
190832201/brit/: webm edition[View]
190835399>be American retard >wake up at 4 in the morning >drink coffee-infused high fructose cornsy…[View]
190836724>the amazing walkable multipurpose BBC and diversity enrichment or so I say…[View]
190833644>I'm against walkable cities because I won't be able to drive to the toilets in Walmart…[View]
190830048My father told me that he got his last hug from his parents when he was 11. Does that happen often i…[View]
190836287I'd like to leave this place, but I'm too low IQ to emigrate. Future seems macabre and obs…[View]
190830515Why do Royals always marry bankers now?: Does your country still have royal marriages[View]
190836641>one chance at life >born in jobthuania[View]
190835252What's the objectively whitest nation?[View]
190830122Countries that use a lot of garlic are generally more civilized and happy.[View]
190831316I hail BRITANNIA, the protagonist of history and the loving mother-nation on whose supple breasts ot…[View]
190835923Why is it such a grim dystopia? They have more crime than latam, worse wages than russia and lore te…[View]
190834987would your parents accept you marrying a Finnish femboy in Finland[View]
190803888/bharat/ fka /desi/: मानवता की अजय आत्मा। edition[View]
190821931Do you watch the new KINO Russian TV-series about street gangs in the perestroika period? Even Ukrai…[View]
190809658/balk/: *DING DING DONG* edition old >>190778254[View]
190834920What's the average body count for a woman in your country?[View]
190829563Do girls in your country shame men?[View]
190835856Post top news from your country today: At waste disposal facility, a large pile of trash fell down o…[View]
190836324Cats > D*gs in my opinion in my country[View]
190832510Will you stand with JVPITOR to save EVROPA?[View]
190835720Who wins a fight between a German guy from Lower Saxony and a German guy from Bavaria ? Fair fight, …[View]
190835266What goes on in the R-U106 populated areas of France?[View]
190836004Russian men be like “privet my name is Sasha”[View]
190831714/deutsch/: Klarerausgabe[View]
190835999This is what I imagine the anti american brazilian schizo looks like.[View]
190835489What's the point of Turkey? I don't even have the interest to insult them and give them fr…[View]
190835872How is alcohol so cheap im Germany? I was there for Erasmus and 24 crate of beer was 10 euros, bottl…[View]
190835832>be Portuguese >get divorced[View]
190832734/Missed oppurtunities/ or /feels/: Internationally speaking, talk about some missed opportunities of…[View]
190835886>from the deranged mind that brought you Nine Months...[View]
190814937Does this happen in your country? >flag >yes, they also shit out 8 kids because the government…[View]
190810727/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
190835330Will you enroll yourself at APU Uni if it's free, int ?[View]
190834234Why don't you be a Niggalot?: Pilot (average annual income 10 million yen): 'With autopilo…[View]
190834278Did you country ever try to build nukes or have nukes tested in it?[View]
190835705This is the flag of Finland[View]
190833065Both “lost” WW2, yet…: >German economy: 3rd strongest in the world >Japanese economy: 4th stro…[View]
190828287/sauna/: Sikamiespainos[View]
190835015>Wait, you mean you have no money to give to our powerful supreme pedophile pope? Well guess what…[View]
190834760You wont believe it but…: New whiteness map just dropped[View]
190812578/esp/ - hilo español: >Ser yo >Ordoño Valdivia Quiñones Ponce de León >Un chico normal de A…[View]
190826997If you survived the initial apocalypse (nukes, disease, disasters, all that), what would you be doin…[View]
190834249There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas: will they even know it's Christmas?[View]
190834226Why are Canadian like this?[View]
190828579Why do Japanese hate sex?[View]
190832289Dios mio[View]
190834280You wake up in Jellybelly, Turkey.[View]
190833918do you support militarization of japan in your country?[View]
190833731Ich liebe Deutscheland[View]
190834618my delivery driver just picked up my fast food £30 order and drove 12 miles to my house (more like 2…[View]
190833535Living in the UK or Scotland on welfare/unemployment is literally the exact same thing as being a th…[View]
190833870>czech culture[View]
190835135Belgium LOVES Japan <3 Does Japan love Belgium?[View]
190809095/شأشأ/ - /mena/: Iraqi Turkmen flag with two white lines missing Edition.[View]
190834119They sacraficed everything...[View]
190835054Is your tax money utilized well in your country?[View]
190831170Mouriscos, lusitans, celts, visigoths and suebi. Portugal is such a diverse country[View]
190833682I am extremely picky with women but a 6/10 darker skinned girl is obsessed with me and genuinely lik…[View]
190830301ITT: Countries that should be more discussed on /int/[View]
190834993this is how I imagine all italian posters[View]
190831857>Canadian accents are disappearing[View]
190830691Ceramic head from the Beta Israel culture of Ethiopia[View]
190833772>pass through some place in city. >Place that used to be nice is now a favella slum full of ro…[View]
190834742I succeeded in my inorganic chemistry exam but now i cant sleep because i took too many amphetamines…[View]
190834501Who can stop him?[View]
190831040My Turkish boyfriend left me for a white girl[View]
190829020>He's right behind me isn't he?[View]
190827965>Chinese cuisine[View]
190828110/norgetråden/: Glødene-utgave. Forrige: >>190817405 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kpc3UZ-rw…[View]
190830003Is there a country in Europe with blonde women like this? I'm from Midwest USA and I'm loo…[View]
190826968How come you never see any black downies?[View]
190833107>'Mass immigration is killing our beautiful European culture!' >The beautiful European culture…[View]
190834350*sigh* one day I will have my European dream come true. One day...[View]
190832002In which arrondissement of Paris should my future gay French lover and I live, and in which scenic r…[View]
190822347MENA is unironically over. This is how their 18yo's are dressing these days: America has won.…[View]
190833426America is healing[View]
190832173/brit/: Songs From The Big Chair edition[View]
190825724/ita/ - il filo: edizione comfa pomeridiana[View]
190829241American police is leveling up[View]
190831172Americans don't have castl—[View]
190831084Why does new york have so many homeless studnets ?[View]
190827033/dixie/ - southern US + friends[View]
190829099I want a Korean comfort boy.[View]
190833656How is the rare pepe trade in your country currently?[View]
190831362>Woman next to me has been talking for 10 minutes straight about stupid shit and WON'T SHUT …[View]
190814187The most sold cars in Canada (Black Truck) and EU (Red Hatchback)[View]
190829290>greek niggas be like 'hi my name is Testicles'[View]
190810890/nederdraad/: idd danken wij de loonslaven[View]
190829443Ridley Scott attributes French inventions to rosbifs. Damn I almost screamed when I saw that after …[View]
190832743whats your opinion on Russia?[View]
190825653But I thought Sweden was brown[View]
190826978/polska/: edycja w hołdzie Yukio Seki[View]
190831145I need a cute high iq Jewish girlfriend in my country[View]
190832954Is long hair popular for young white women in the Des Moines area?[View]
190829384Thinking about the time when Pakistan and Bangladesh had 30-40% Hindus who had to leave all their an…[View]
190828479Sverigetråden - Häll raps i vasken[View]
190830518The first slav hater[View]
190829212Why were so many Finnish people on the Titanic?[View]
190831814i never realized how beautiful Turkish women are till i flew with Turkisk Airline. They really don…[View]
190828309Is your country whiter than Serbia?: Yes or no question. Answer it truthfully. You can possibly find…[View]
190832687Polish cities are 1st world and western europe.[View]
190832443What's the most common beer appetizer of your country: You're drinking a beer in your coun…[View]
190829614What do you call this in your country?[View]
190831971how are the bordellos in greece?[View]
190824739Tell me about your cunt's law system. Is it fair and just? Do you have any personal experience …[View]
190832226Pedro the cruel wasn't cruel at all[View]
190831456Do women have rights in your country?[View]
190830865so you think europe is gay huh? well let me show you something i like to call........ EASTERN EUROPE…[View]
190831048Why his head shape like that?[View]
190832197My meaning in life is to hate women.[View]
190829810/brit/: dave edition[View]
190829317People laugh at this today: But this was literally how most of the world got conquered[View]
190831783>brazil? a failed state...[View]
190830929Do Indians even have any good stereotypes abou them in media? Blacks have BBC and gangster culture A…[View]
190829343why is south mediterranean worse than the Italy and Spain even though they are the same people?[View]
190831761what's everyone listening to or watching right now?[View]
190831743Only SK, Australia, NZ and Israel are proper developed nations: There are 50 countries in this regio…[View]
190827162/deutsch/: dem mashirer seine ausgabe[View]
190831564POV You take the train in China[View]
190830598Do Americans really put carpets on their ceiling?[View]
190830853Post the Coat of Arms/emblem of your cunt and explain the meaning flag Eagle: Sovereignity Hammer:Wo…[View]
190829142Russians are you okay, are you okay, would tell us if you're okay Russians?[View]
190829872/fox/: Post foxes. (No furries allowed)[View]
190830980/desi/: doraemon edition[View]
190801388Post american SOVL[View]
190820201Do you respect trans rights in your country?[View]
190829472its over[View]
190806443How would you rank language families from easiest to hardest? For me it'd be >babby tier Aus…[View]
190830099best posters of /int/?: >brasil >suomi >rassija >bharat…[View]
190830151>You're walking down the street in bum fuck nowhere small town USA and this guy slaps your a…[View]
190829165Post: Culture and customs from other countries that make you go 'Nigga that shit gay asf'[View]
190830824Are you husband material in China?[View]
190828559In Napoli, a lot of people are not so happy for Columbus. Because he was from Genova. The North of I…[View]
190830493>You WILL go slow >You WILL be over taken by cyclists >You WILL put up with people raging b…[View]
190830386You wake up in a Euro polyclinic[View]
190828294>Australia has no cultur... fukc off wog >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajeL87l3prM&list…[View]
190826707I made it[View]
190825445Post your city's weather forecast Gonna kms[View]
190824030Russian nibbas be like >Ah, yes, Gitler.[View]
190829963Do you agree with this classification of first world countries ?[View]
190828970Is converting to islam worth it to get a gf? Someone on /int/ told me it's really easy for a wh…[View]
190824995'jeets can escape inceldom by simply blackmaxxing.[View]
190825715What kind of men get love and sex in your country?: Here in Latin America it's >criminals …[View]
190830284This gesture literally drives Koreans insane: If you want to send them into an epileptic seizure, ju…[View]
190822486The faces of LA FRANCE[View]
190829578What exactly do you know about Guyana as a country[View]
190828038Sorry but we're full now: no more easy visas[View]
190830119The Walmart Greeter[View]
190829540Crime, drug cartels, violence. What else is there?[View]
190830103just eat green plants, they said: two plant meals in Finland, made by company SNUF OY, has been pull…[View]
190813945Forgive me but what's the reason Lithuania is wealthier and more successful than Latvia despite…[View]
190827791How did Germany produce so many revered philosophers, was it autism?[View]
190829943...Eh ben, 'fin voilà quoi...[View]
190827574/brit/: home from toil edition[View]
190829904/brit/: Posting a new /brit/ edition[View]
190828431What is your opinion on white Americans?[View]
190829874Do you supports your Christian neighbors against Jews (Israel) and Muslims (Iran) in your country? …[View]
190829718I respect Russia[View]
190828293Thoughts on not having kids in your country?[View]
190828173What has your country ever done for (You)?[View]
190829716THE PRAGMATIC WHITE PILL (っ^‿^)っ: Take a look at this: 2010-2013 2014-2016 2016-2019 And here now ar…[View]
190828305>smelled another latina today[View]
190829765The most important film of the decade in the US[View]
190829379You can be black in USA, commit crimes and cops wont do shit and you wont go to jail.[View]
190819735Countries whose capital is not in the middle of the country confuse and annoy me.[View]
190829349Wtf i love pakistan now[View]
190823877What explains this phenomena, internationally speaking?[View]
190820876/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição: continental. Anterior: >>190800295[View]
190829525Is dis wite in yo cunny? >America Apparently.[View]
190828935Post Germany memes[View]
190829097I have found the final solution to the American poster question.[View]
190821638its over for neandrethalcels[View]
190827984Hilo iberoamericano[View]
190826752Are women passive in your cunt? Why is it often expected that men take the first step in most situat…[View]
190823511Which country has the best worker rights in the world? I'll more there[View]
190828858>yeah, I'm going to neg that hb and display high Sexual Market Value and initiate SST: Push-…[View]
190827529Asians students: Are they too spicy for locals in your country?[View]
190829027What's renting like in your country, and how much tip is generally expected for your landlord? …[View]
190824143The 'Finn' is driving me insane. You know which one I'm talking about.[View]
190826046What happens in Kazan Oblast?[View]
190828890શુભ રાત્રી[View]
190817599Dindus are to buddhism what jews are to Christianity. They pretend they're one and the same gro…[View]
190828552Boomers are the worst generation: >normalize sex out of wedlock >normalize sex pest culture …[View]
190827374What western countries are still in their prime?: >X country used to be so good in the 80s/90s/20…[View]
190824785Why do white people think Japan is the best, Japanese culture is superior and Japanese people are ma…[View]
190823302I'm a Jehovah's Witness: Do we exist in your country ?[View]
190827417why are asian supermarkets so soulful?[View]
190827998There are no soulless countries that end in -stan.[View]
190828463are you redpilled about them? they were a jewish kingdom and killed the christians in islam. they f…[View]
190826391>I'm not Indian Life is good.[View]
190825112The US looks interesting to watch from a distance or through a video, but i sure as hell wouldn…[View]
190827627Does the police do this in your country?[View]
190828475womans eyesight at age 15: Ulla Jensonen got her eyesight at tender age of 15 https://www.iltalehti.…[View]
190792528/fr/ - le fil du soir: Édition confite du samedi soir Ancien : >>190767253[View]
190827737Thanks for choosing our plane koreabros https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20231204009000315[View]
190827851i am a supporter of fk partizan: happens in your country? do you have folks like me in your country?…[View]
190828028Meme culture of the early 10's was so cool and based. Today, everyone is doomed and cynical whi…[View]
190825190god damn this country: I had a kfc because the food here sucks. It has the choice to use a recycling…[View]
190823649Sverigetråden: Mystiska upplagan[View]
190814868germany turk: >taking public transportation in a small German city >Notice there's no Ger…[View]
190827958I will destroy american industry: My game will have this level of 2D animation. https://www.youtube.…[View]
190823685>racism good >caste system bad[View]
190827169Britain, I kneel: https://youtu.be/sLLQFLXz6VE[View]
190827827Do you enjoy seafood in your cunt?[View]
190806639Please learn the appropriate etiquette for hanging out with an Asian American friend group[View]
190824350In terms of the /int/, what are the three least rare countries?[View]
190828020/ไทย/ - ประเทศไทย: เรามะม่วงกันหน่อยเหี้ย[View]
190828066sumo wrestlers are actually just average weight americans tripping over each other[View]
190824077Are you an egoist in your country? Do you believe in spooks?[View]
190827388>be me Factory workers >Today the customer sent two noob truck drivers to receive the goods …[View]
190819636/sauna/: Mennään asian pohjalle -painos[View]
190827909Good morning[View]
190827346Slavic men and black women: name a more iconic duo[View]
190826008*migrates to your country*[View]
190827601>ghost your parents to preserve your sanity or >stay and ingratiate yourself to them even thou…[View]
190819407come home European man[View]
190827656watching some Turkish kino in my country right now. The girls are white and so beautiful. I can stop…[View]
190823123Do people in your country fall for the American moon landing hoax?[View]
190817405/norgetråden/: Mandagsutgaven Forrige >>190797445[View]
190825717Why do they have so many Moroccans?[View]
190823400I wish I was american and have a big house and a big car[View]
190812717I should do something today Or something should happen today[View]
190827524Median networth by each age[View]
190819562Say something nice to the best girl in Eva, it's her birthday after all.[View]
190822181/brit/: auschwitz edition[View]
190823539You pronounce both Kyiv and Kiev incorrectly. It's Kyjiv and Kiif or Kif when spoken fast.[View]
190824058sirs we use toilets sirs... i swear sirs....[View]
190824737Someone puts a gun to your head and forces you to eat food from an Indian or a Chinese street restau…[View]
190823106So glad I bailed out on my plan to go to Canada: >Dream of going to Canada as an international st…[View]
190818372you can walk along this entire path[View]
190826727Mischievous squirrels were spotted today in Kirov Central Park.[View]
190825165my croatian family is very obnoxiously loud. i visited and they arent letting my kids get any sleep …[View]
190822539What is the main difference?[View]
190820520And would it be allowed in your country?[View]
190822707/deutsch/ 2.3: Isoliert und Merkwürdig - Ausgabe[View]
190826740Wait hold up do timmies actually do this? Internationally speaking[View]
190821735/polska/: edycja górnego śląska podedycja wpierdalania węgla nadedycja wspomnienia Św. Barbary…[View]
190821496What do you call these things in your language, /int/? How often do you eat them?[View]
190824015Why do they have so many Chinese?[View]
190825449Some local hindu guru was preaching about how toilets are western propaganda and we need to reject t…[View]
190826493Fax or nah?[View]
190826657Brahmin bros... our response?[View]
190826131Is this true[View]
190826745>WHY DID YOU REDEEM[View]
190825603Japan music in european high culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA6Za0hahyw https://www.youtub…[View]
190822741Do you watch twitch streamers in your country[View]
190823658i physically suffer not being american[View]
190823533live your myth in new england[View]
190811602Did you know what happens after sauna in Finland?[View]
190821349Yeah we are the best country in the world or something like that[View]
190825990>muh whites >muh white this >muh white that Is that all you have to talk about? Even faceb…[View]
190825615These are official gov statistics. What's your opinion of it?[View]
190826139What is 'humanity' (as a group)?: I see a lot of people talk about humans as 'humanity', usually in …[View]
190825171Why I'm Leaving Canada Forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZC8LyUQiyc Canada has fallen..…[View]
190823172indo-europeanbros… our ancestors were so cool…[View]
190824337The comments under a video of a man pissing in the new york subway[View]
190825700good afternoon my international friends[View]
190815034Jewish IQ decline more than double that of whites: According to Peter Frost, a Canadian scientist, J…[View]
190825852Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana should be placed under administration of close U.S. allies (Saud…[View]
190793400/ita/ - il filo: edizione furente perchè PORCO DIO METTONO IL BLUETOOTH NELLE IDROPULITRICI[View]
190824937How come Mexico sold us Southern Arizona for almost twice as much as California, Utah, Nevada, and p…[View]
190824775Why is American sovl so comfy?: This honestly doesn't look like the worst way to live as long a…[View]
190823414>I need muh gunz because those black gentlemen over there are so scary and I don't know how …[View]
190823790Tipping: I can understand the reasoning behind a 5% tip, but more than 10% is just ridiculous. Who c…[View]
190823865I dont want to be serbian, not by ethnicity or by culture ir by nationality or family or anything Is…[View]
190825369Do you love Finnish autistic trans women?[View]
190823515Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
190752753DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3353: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
190822628FACT: Minas Gerais is the most POWERFUL state of Brazil https://youtu.be/yWStupR-NH4?si=SgQmSfCgmbH…[View]
190821200Anon: Guyana needs you! Will you defend it?[View]
190815232His blood is on latino hands[View]
190825029Mexicans worship Coca Cola.[View]
190823403Are there regional differences in intelligence in your country? >Finland >Yes Fenno-Swedes, Ta…[View]
190822926There's still time[View]
190824833It is absolutely fucking over.[View]
190824587What goes on here?[View]
190817932I suffer in Transilvania.[View]
190820456TIME has selected a Finnish movie as the best movie of the year and a Finnish game as the best game …[View]
190822158/brit/: british wildlife edish[View]
190824530do people play kabaddi in your country? we don't[View]
190815266We will win[View]
190818461Deutschland has fallen.[View]
190821227>Quoting is so convenient, Anon! I can mock and completely shatter people's self-esteem just…[View]
190822184Why do white people sometimes laugh to themselves in silent rooms?[View]
190823405Do you use Threads in your cunt?[View]
190809648/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /اسر/ - /ИЗP/ - /እስራ/ - /イスラ/ - /ܐܣܖ/: מהדורת הכל שקט בחזית העזתית[View]
190822761Are your cultures civilized enough to be recognized by UNESCO this year? https://ich.unesco.org/en/f…[View]
190823513Günther Schwägermann, born in 1915, who served as a personal adjutant for Joseph Goebbels, is still …[View]
190819503>Sir, stop resisting or something[View]
190814713Most masculine Japanese man[View]
190815988>slavs are the black people of white people >americans are the indians of white people >can…[View]
190820844Thai people are white.[View]
190823983my house and I got banned from recieving mail or getting it delivered to any of the Post Offices so …[View]
190823636What's your country's greatest achievement?[View]
190823946yellow = go back to europe light blue = go back to siberia Chile = son of the american land[View]
190818657Can hispanics be trusted to inherit the United States?[View]
190823888seems like viets are the mexicans of east asia, they commit crimes everywhere. why are they like thi…[View]
190806444Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>190752316 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
190823421Stop calling Arabs in Egypt 'invaders'[View]
190823794took a nap and had a dream in which i met a ctue tomboy who asked my number, then i woke up. does th…[View]
190820268Do you love your country?[View]
190823699Go to sleep Asia[View]
190822578currently walking through gornji milanovac[View]
190822415Would you marry and impregnate an African woman in your country?[View]
190822772Based: I wish i could do backflip[View]
190823540Canada & Australia = Colonies without the touch of Yorubas. No SOVL. Boring and cultureless. Tha…[View]
190823496Any Venezuelans in the house? Are you ready for the future date of your getting Paraguay'd?[View]
190822503Honest thoughts on Dominicans?: Would fellow latinxyz support these Dominican brothers Nintendo vide…[View]
190819566Thoughts on dinaric people?[View]
190823159Czechx sisters?: We live in a world where the only famous Czech video game character was made by 2 D…[View]
190818688Sverigetråden - Legoupplagan[View]
190818098do stores in your country discriminate against everyone that isn't a young women when they hire…[View]
190821959Holy sovl…[View]
190822143Comic by Kentaro Miura.[View]
190812714I wish I could live in a tropical paradise. I hate winter, snow and cold. Thirdies DO NOT suffer[View]
190819157how different are they from the rest[View]
190821223this is the only true southeast asian phenotype because you cant find them naturally anywhere else[View]
190816749i suffer in sweden[View]
190822488do you have famous serial killers in your country?[View]
190818783/deutsch/: Der Elif ihre Ausgabe[View]
190822599what's wrong with this statement, internationally speaking?[View]
190822174Feels good being albertan[View]
190815953>Turkiye will be 50% Turkish by 2100. What are the implications of this, internationally speaking…[View]
190812306sirs, not like this[View]
190815805Hot take Korean made the retardest decision to eliminate hanja and they're too far into it to r…[View]
190820949Can someone explain the 'huehuehue' meme to me. I've listened to audio of these Brazilians laug…[View]
190823047>Man arrested for posting chuds Can you post chuds in your cunt?[View]
190821371>same language >same religion >same culture >same look Pic unrelated…[View]
190822242Is your country truly free ?: Western free democratic countries will arrest you for watching or owni…[View]
190819848For me, it's Prince Cheeky Phillip. Who's your favourite British Royal in your cunt?[View]
190817955yeesh that's fire fr fr[View]
190816272Why are Americans like this?: >Polish immigrants? Yeah they are the same White race as the people…[View]
190820234Is Airsoft/imitation firearms stuff popular in your country, /int/? Are you a competitive Airsoft pl…[View]
190821055>just one more lane but underground bro[View]
190821942Me reading english cursive text[View]
190818934>sends army on the border Its clear they sent the army to prevent mutts from doing anything and k…[View]
190821639is loli trending in your country?[View]
190821926Look at this. Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment.[View]
190817105Do you find them strange? I do. I get this feeling that they are Deep Mediterraneans who have remain…[View]
190821827Has your consciousness been rapidly elevated with no obvious explanation this year? What's your…[View]
190815734Why does the EU make brown people, anglos, and other third worlders seethe so much?[View]
190817703/polska/: edycja ayo goshujinsama, can I take ya order[View]
190815668Why is that?[View]
190816310What do you do when you pick up the Death Note? Kill criminals? Is this the correct way to use it?[View]
190819654>Americans all make 100k a year in average !!! Yea but only if you are indian…[View]
190819600How do they cope with being worse than Switzerland in every way apart from having Wien?[View]
190816961Did you ever believe in santa in your country? Poland NO. but I also didn't really ever get pre…[View]
190819210why do you drink wine in your country, while fully knowing it is the most inferior alcohol?[View]
190817471How are reviews in your country? >Alberto - Italia (terrone) >3/5 stars >'It doesn't f…[View]
190820982In Napoli, a lot of people are not so happy for Columbus. Because he was from Genova. The North of I…[View]
190820245Antarctica: America Always Beats Yuropoors: Antarctica. Britain and Norway raced to reach the South …[View]
190819231>serbian lidl frozen raspberries are literally poisoning finns i am sincerely sorry for the horri…[View]
190819019I really love these niggas[View]
190818133how are indians so powerful?[View]
190821140Whenever you think your life is shit just remember at least you weren born an introvert in Chadstral…[View]
190821011>Sir, stop resisting or something[View]
190815033Toothbrushing: How is toothbrushing perceived in your country? I'll begin: >Japan Toothbrush…[View]
190800295/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: edição: anime anterior: >>190795705[View]
190820378Do you love Shoe0nHead?[View]
190816067Is this the most universal standard of beauty? She won Miss Universe Her skirt accidentally fell do…[View]
190819428Switzerland's navy is one of the weakest in Europe. What can the Swiss do to improve this situa…[View]
190820549I can’t bring myself to believe that something good is going to happen to me. I am afraid that if I …[View]
190816208There won't be snow in Iraq this Christmas: Will there?[View]
190816517XI NOOOOOO[View]
190817964Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
190789526/rus/: издaниe дopы! >>190774706[View]
190817357/brit/: Northern Ireland National Football Team edition[View]
190811549Kiev, the Ukraine[View]
190817535This guy is my cousin (mothers side)[View]
190773071/asean/: ngopi edisi[View]
190819903Go home !!!! White pig!!! ACK !!! (ToT) White pipo is invincible even at meanie[View]
190817975There is a wolf spider living here: The zone is plagued with holes in the ground[View]
190819516>bydlo are complaining here about how evil Christians stole Yule Does this happen in your countr…[View]
190817953Does this chart mean that Russians and Poles are still Baltoslavs?[View]
190819177/eire/: Oh fuck![View]
190819366When did you realize your internet opinions are compeletely: different from what's happening in…[View]
190813099what are your thoughts on the arabic language?[View]
190805259/sauna/: Keppijumppapainos[View]
190819287Do you suffer in your cuntree?[View]
190814924/deutsch/: Meine Freundin ist ein Angriffshelikopter Ausgabe[View]
190803515this is the list of languages I'm considering, please advise >french >german >japanese…[View]
190818573Who is the most powerful thirdie? Philippines?[View]
190819012redpill me on the Balkan: with a cool name like that surely it must be a nice place to live[View]
190819526I'm 45. I've been on this website since I was in my 20s. How long have you been here?[View]
190811796is desert storm 2.0 coming?[View]
190819118Pic goes hard Feel free to screencap[View]
190814388/brit/: errol flynn edition[View]
190813608It stared in my city yesterday:3 streets are decorated, old town is, some trams are as well. Christm…[View]
190813207When did the US of A became like the webm related? Was it during the 90s?[View]
190810432meme-images of your current president: Post the best image of your current president, monarch, dicta…[View]
190816262Your view on tomboys?[View]
190815347Would you support this?[View]
190815664What makes milk chocolate so much better than dark chocolate in your country?[View]
190818091Good morning to my American bros[View]
190816708What was it like in 80's Britain? Looked comfy.[View]
190817465I have to wash the dishes in my country[View]
190817963How come other South Americans constantly shit on the Argentinians? t.gringo[View]
190818538Your country? What do you call this in your country? >Türkiye >Kalamar oyunu…[View]
190813320Why haven't you reverted to Islam yet?[View]
190818435>Umm is that a picture of an underaged anime girl in your pic!?!?!?!?! What the fuck bro that…[View]
190814228Did this ever happen to you in ur cunt?[View]
190812880Sverigetråden - Tomteupplagan[View]
190814135Is your country secular?[View]
190818384eagrán wagie[View]
190818413I cant believe that afrocentric amerinegros are racist towards my hamitic brothers as well calling t…[View]
190817913Man Serbia is such a shitty country why did I come to vacation here? At least the food is good enoug…[View]
190817305Which country makes you feel like this?[View]
190816400Makes you think.[View]
190812944The Spanish language is evolving. And that's a GOOD thing.[View]
190817289New package just arrived (in my country). Take a guess.[View]
190817476When do you plan to stop being a terminally online loser in your country[View]
1908174701. Countree 2. Terrorist or counter terrorist? 1. Flag 2. https://streamable.com/c57sn5[View]
190815065>your cunt >thoughts on the chemical imbalance theory of depression?…[View]
190817832Say something good about Slavs[View]
190809984/polska/: edycja[View]
190817601Internationally speaking, what's a single aspect of life that is getting better? Seems like abs…[View]
190816782Reminder that the only people making fun of soy drinking funko pop collectors are brown thirdworlder…[View]
190812420>Betray the Ottoman Empire on the grounds that we are irreligious nationalists and that we didnt …[View]
190817455How come the best musicians come from France?[View]
190817355LatAm countries see him as the DEVIL: all these military juntas especially: Pinochet in Chile Videla…[View]
190816957how stupid are you at your uni, internationally speaking? i'm so stupid, i attempted to read bo…[View]
190815151When's the last time someone hugged you in your country?[View]
190816902What do you do for work in your country[View]
190816311I need a Jewish girlfriend in my country.[View]
190816938now that any shithole with a retarded dictator can start a war without repercussions, how much in da…[View]
190813518>Thirdies this >Latin america this >browns this what is his problem?…[View]
190817025Make Vlad Slickbartender go viral on social media: I want to make Vlad Slickbartender go viral inter…[View]
190814447>Shahar hates this[View]
190815619I now know at least 3 English women at my work who go to Turkey each year , especially Antalya just …[View]
190797445/norgetråden/: negersamons siste utgave forrige: >>190784250 >>190784250[View]
190816752We're bringing drugs. We're bringing crime. We're rapists. And some of us, I assume, …[View]
190816753Why dont they study hard in school get a job: or start businesses and become successful in their liv…[View]
190816763bra/+/desi/+/ru/+/sauna: .[View]
190810226Thoughts on Baldur's Gate 3?[View]
190813429Ich will so viel Deutsch sein, Brudis...[View]
190816615Can you buy this in your cunt?[View]
190812302Do you love Indonesian cuisine in your country?: I eat this 2 packs at a time, a few times each week…[View]
190811589So true..[View]
190815118In Japan, it is popular to track menstruation cycle of celebrity: Happens same in your cunt?[View]
190815715Have you returned to Islam in your cunt Inshallahly speaking?[View]
190812921>Korean women have the lowest fertility rates on the planet >African women have the highest f…[View]
190815321Talk in your language, let's see which countries can understand each other. Pic unrelated[View]
190816071Did you know that a romanian city has a german mayor with a chinese wife?[View]
190815061What was their reaction?[View]
190813325This was a newsworthy incident here too, which means it doesn't happen often. So stop spreading…[View]
190816037This ongoing never ending pedo scum going overseas to hurt children does my head in. I swear wheneve…[View]
190816022The French manga scene is the biggest outside of Japan: They even produce their own original works. …[View]
190815639Venezuela has approved the referendum to invade part of Guyana Yet another war on the horizon, are y…[View]
190814515I support Greek irredentism and the Megali plan.[View]
190815842I made two spicy veal schnitzels as my post-workout meal, but then I remembered I'm a white boy…[View]
190815036>0 degrees outside >decide to go for a walk >walk past sport store >see basketball …[View]
190814534Woah is this true?[View]
190815685Are men sexist in your land?[View]
190805263When did the downfall begin?[View]
190814949The n*rth has the m0n*y but the south has the SOVL and PERSONALITY.[View]
190813831Did you ever experience young love?[View]
190810430Most indian diaspora males have never had sex[View]
190815501>I fight with browns on 4chan[View]
190815595he is the best american president and he actually do things. he would have stopped the gaza shitshow…[View]
190811444Haha its time to go to work haha bro just 2/3 of your day gone haha[View]
190815427Here's your trad Russian army bro[View]
190815342International feels thread Are you happy in your country ? Why ?[View]
190815145>Dutch cuisine[View]
190810360I look like this[View]
190777526Italy has fallen......billions must die.....[View]
190811247Is 4chan addiction a problem in your country? >stopped posting on /int/ after japan trip >stop…[View]
190814504>Handguns are illegal in Englan-[View]
190805364Do they really?[View]
190815343>average american relationship[View]
190811462Poland here I come...[View]
190815228Thirdies prefer to breathe polluted air.[View]
190815380What phenotype is this?[View]
190814568Padania is not italy.[View]
190814800>Walk inside with dirty shoes >It's Aktually good for you! Do Westoids really?…[View]
190807056What was 2016 like in your country? Did you have an alt-right phase?[View]
190815216Does war never change?: IMO,Most of the wars comes from resources such as food, land, gold , except …[View]
190813621The modern russian[View]
190814487Daily reminder. This is Central Europe.[View]
190811088I make 700 euros a month and don't pay rent, is this considered good in your country?: Also foo…[View]
190813387what do you call this phenotype?[View]
190814981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJLKMvjLbaI >south africa is so fucked up rich whites are literal…[View]
190813726Fun Fact: Blumpftards convinced Americans that the economy is bad purely by making shit up[View]
190814941Are all Japanese men like this?[View]
190814927>democracy >a socially constructed arena where individuals temporary agree to agree to advance…[View]
190812460Having an inner monologue is a sign of a brown thirdie mind. Those without are faster, deeper thinke…[View]
190814128did you know Poland and Lithuania used to be much bigger and powerful?[View]
190798877sverigetråden toongeek 'lagan[View]
190802626fact: italians invented pizza, but americans perfected it[View]
190814691Do you ever have elections in your country?[View]
190813204South Afwica is one of the most powerful Sub-Saharan Afwican countries, yet AIDS is the biggest in t…[View]
190810529What does the international community think about this?: >Black guy streams with cam on >600-8…[View]
190814472How it employee/employer relations in your cunt?: After a million went abroad and 500,000 turned int…[View]
190814143Why do American women do the screaming thing?[View]
190813345what do you call this phenotype?[View]
190811303/brit/: basketball edition[View]
190813180Do you support TKD (taekwondo) in your country? I’ll start >flag >yes I advocate for TKD…[View]
190812946Do you know in Chinese opera, it's very common for male to act as a female character?: what oth…[View]
190812586Greetings to our Irish friends from Finland! We made supportive video for you! Stay strong! https:/…[View]
190813594let me get this straight, this test says that i am 0.8 percent slav, is that correct?[View]
190811999>korea korea korea korea korea!!! why are they like this?[View]
190810972Are you eating good in your country: I started eating normal proper food for a few days, like, meat …[View]
190813245What is the best thing about your country that makes you happy that you were born there?[View]
190812986Ah, EVROPA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra09uAujFJo[View]
190814027Why germanzees are so ugly and autistic???[View]
190813217What's next for her?[View]
190811813why are they so irresistible?[View]
190814115do you like Pokemon in your cunt?[View]
190812652Mexico was a stronger than the USA under spanish crown, even with 70% native indigenous population. …[View]
190813271>Monastic comes out as transgender Why is Thailand like this?[View]
190813938Will you move to China once the west has collapsed? The CCP will be looking for high quality laowai …[View]
190813266Ngl guys Islam is the only religion I even slightly gravitate too. Christians worship so Jewish rape…[View]
190811388Have you met Freemasons? How are Freemasons in your country?: According to the Freemasons Community,…[View]
190813331>Are you retarded?[View]
190812096These two regions are culturally so diverse only by indigenous peoples and I'm tired to pretend…[View]
190812594Chocolate digestive: Eaten in your country?[View]
190813564Bro you have to approach the 7/10 hb with the secret negging technique you found in book for 29.99[View]
190809055the world is too stinky, i'm moving to brazil[View]
190813492Europe is going south[View]
190812750Howcome Germans wore these silly pants in WW2? It makes it look like they shit themselves.[View]
190811957Please talking about anything regarding to Indonesia[View]
190813102How do you feel about housemaids?[View]
190810664This is what Al-Andalus was all about: >A Jew and a Muslim playing chess in 13th-century Al-Andal…[View]
190810640Why are turks so politically slimy?[View]
190812742Is it normal to only start having feelings and desiring relationships in your mid 20s[View]
190812959Why did brits stop believing the bbc?[View]
190809737But I thought Sweden was extremely niggerfied?[View]
190810159>no one knew Toronto or what Canada was until Drake became popular I wish I was making this up.…[View]
190811360You wake up in Saudi Arabia.[View]
190811929Good morning saars: This pic is my trademark for my next business of turning jeets into soap thought…[View]
190812924>you will never have saber dancing cossack gf Why live ?[View]
190811674why do americans complain about latinxs taking over >better food >more soul >sexier women…[View]
190812867In my thirdie cunt, the most popular type of car on the street is 1.5L engine 7-seater low mpv which…[View]
190812762Are there many cum guzzling iToddlers in your country?[View]
190812701>tfw a foreign government forced the Australian government to lock up an Australian soldier by re…[View]
190808083Why are white americans so prone to believe conspiracy theories such as Qanon and the great replecem…[View]
190811983which one of you did this??[View]
190812154Why are Malaysian bosses so ruthless?[View]
190811637Post your face When you see a pair of Italian titties and remember that they are exclusively for the…[View]
190811978The real whiteness test https://youtu.be/hPvArENzuuk[View]
190812629DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m i…[View]
190810892POV: you're an english monk in late 8th century[View]
190811980Why does Japan have so much soul[View]
190811679Ha e you ever met an Italian? How was it?[View]
190800290/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Der Flammkuchenpidser ihre Ausgabe[View]
190812435Post avg couples from your country[View]
190812250The webm that destroyed a nation[View]
190812404Braxil is latinoamerican[View]
190810129Why /int/ hate them?[View]
190812258>God in New Testament Doesn't mean Yahwnh even though Christ were worshiping him and mention…[View]
190810143>your country >your favorite souls game[View]
190811064>created Gods chosen people >has them slaughtered in every nation and kicked out everywhere …[View]
190811382day 649 of the 3-day special military operation[View]
190809861ESLs don't now I am in their generals, translating everything, reading their secret conversatio…[View]
190808962Best non-Italian pope in your country?[View]
190811584How much does a driver's license cost in Australia?[View]
190812072The future of Amsterdam.: Under the American Empire.[View]
190812013This is east asia. Other parts are irrelevant/larp[View]
190812108Spanish will become the most important language in North America: Are you learning Spanish?[View]
190810482Ok bros tell me something: Why are nips so obsessed with this character? Almost every large nips med…[View]
190781885/MEX/ - HILO MEXICO[View]
190811696How does one go through life knowing this is absolutely unattainable?[View]
190811881>video essays[View]
190810073My body is a fucktoy for big boys to use[View]
190811789What are your nations biggest obstacled[View]
190811794Hali fucks[View]
190811231its over[View]
190809890dysgenic bogans and hillbillies and 3rd worlders that don't wash their ass[View]
190810832Are you strong in your country?[View]
190807537>oh honey, dinner's ready How do you respond in your country?[View]
190811684I live in Serbia, but I hate Serbia and the Serbian people. I can't wait for some country to de…[View]
190807811It's called capitalism.[View]
190811618Earn money from korea Spend money in japan I will never spend money in korea[View]
190811615how do women get such big boobies in your country irish women have small boobies which is just anoth…[View]
190811595What's so bad about taking away the property of people that threaten the government and society…[View]
190809773uhhh bros I don't feel so good[View]
190810343What's your opinion about the Indian Space Program?[View]
190810698GOOD MORNING INDIA![View]
190811336In my next life I want to be a white girl in the west because they're the most privileged group…[View]
190808911An italian girl told me that in Italy girls love korean boys. Is that true?[View]
190811104I speak english in a generic Northumbrian accent[View]
190811318/brit/: British edish[View]
190802883It's up.[View]
190810766Spaniards are weird with sex. In the new season 7 of Elite TV show, there's a girl who says, '…[View]
190810266I like to see trannies being fucked but i dont want to fuck them[View]
190809291Dating in tutorial countries (first world countries) is easy. Can first worlders stop saying they su…[View]
190810022>I wanna go to Brazil because it's full of hot wom-[View]
190811140Firsties do Love marriages and 60-90% ends up in a Divorce So Love doesnt exist at all and its a myt…[View]
190810661Do you love the Philippines?[View]
190810980How would your family feel if you brought home a girl from Trinidad and Tobago?[View]
190809254you wake up in a seaside town in England[View]
190810643Why do poles want to fuck a cat bot?[View]
190809570Mexico: tfw >nor fully amerindian nor european >no geopolitical relevance >no scientific a…[View]
190810930What's your favorite snacks in your country?[View]
190810231if we wiped it from the face of the earth, how many world problems do you think would disappear?[View]
190810277If the world is without the anglo menace be like. You're response?[View]
190809923I wish I were a Whitexican.: Imagine being a bougie, rich, elitist, neoliberal Euro-Mexican who gets…[View]
190810976Does your cunt have special mythology about the first women?[View]
190809173What's the oldest meme you remember in your country?[View]
190810952Remember to NEVER visit SEA for this sole reason, it's just a massive trap[View]
190810623Why do white people always seethe at black and brown people in their countries?[View]
190807112/brit/: fucked it edition[View]
190810196Three Kingdoms: How well known is this in your country, and do you personally know anything about it…[View]
190805491do oriental, bantu, persian, arab, jewish, desi, and any other men ever get a sense of inferiority o…[View]
190809898>As temperatures rise, the melting of Arctic's ice reveals ancient Yakub's creatures…[View]
190809814What goes on in these cunts?[View]
190810085>Yakub can't make things wors....[View]
190810690Did you know Canadian currency smells like maple syrup?[View]
190805917/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
190809325The year is 2030: America lives under MEXICAN RULE. All american males are sissified. American fema…[View]
190810476germans learn about american propaganda in school: most schools should learn that the only thing goo…[View]
190807600How are the Japanese so good at making video games?[View]
190810616This is what Argentina used to be about[View]
190806246it's happening this month what a kino way to end 2023[View]
190808405Are Arabs white?: On the left is a syrian Arab muslim and on the right is a white supremacist though…[View]
190808784Did you knew bernacles are like shrimps whose head grows attached to the surface then start building…[View]
190803643Americans be like: cardboard is the perfect material to build my McMansion with[View]
190809425Seattle set an all-time record for homicides this year. What achievements do YOUR cities have this y…[View]
190808669I was born in Wales, lived here all my life and always considered myself Welsh but after researching…[View]
190810197There are absolutely no valid reasons to hate us[View]
190805920lunch: Do people make ornately prepared lunches for their loved ones to take to work/school in your …[View]
190809799>ok lil bro How do you respond without sounding mad in your country[View]
190808400Why is Japan better than America for this?[View]
190809993>Indonesians of America[View]
190808756Are women funny in your country?[View]
190810203Nordic stare[View]
190808675>most boomers and X genners in poland understand russian[View]
190809813how i'm supposed to go back to my normal life in this brown shithole after visiting Japan?[View]
190810264Do you know that many 'arabs' believe that they're more arab than arabians? is there a more suc…[View]
190806857>get told that American food in particular is goyslop >visit China >they literally just eat…[View]
190808631Do you have hairy arms in your country?[View]
190807443Internationally speaking, now can I stop my brother from being into shit skins like Indians and blac…[View]
190806096> Born in brazilian south > Summer usually did not reach temperatures higher than 30°C > Gl…[View]
190809832How do you say 'drunk and peeing outside' in your language? Are their any euphemisms that someone, p…[View]
190808653Barat bros...[View]
190807789I'm a worthless subhuman shitskin spic trash from an irrelevant no-name South American shithole…[View]
190807188How often do people in Argentina/Uruguay actually eat grilled meat? Is it mostly a meme, or is every…[View]
190807508Few people know this but /int/ was actually the original soyposting board. /qa/ became the hub for s…[View]
190806310Post your state/ National emblems[View]
190807419>finally get QT trad virgin gf >she wont have sex with me until marriage…[View]
190809818Why do Thirdies treat people with handicaps, both mental and physical, like trash and so differently[View]
190809532I love it when older women trample my face with their feet <3[View]
190809931It is the 4th[View]
190809402It became a popular meme in Poland that everyone wants to copulate with Kerfuś. Kerfuś is for sex an…[View]
190809776>Turkey is the only white country left in MENA Grim...[View]
190807841A skinny incel can just kill a chad with an AK47 in america. This is why they call it the land of f…[View]
190809410I MVST RETVRN[View]
190809274>Oh My God >It's gonna be AWESOME >I am SO excited for this >*Vocal fry* >Daaaam…[View]
190805932/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
190809584Bihar Teacher Abducted, Forced To Marry Kidnapper's Daughter At Gunpoint: and yet they say they…[View]
190808314Mystery meat names: Roscoe Pascal Sergio Naomi Nia[View]
190809416>put beer in the freezer so it cool down quickly >forget about it, now it's frozen How do…[View]
190809667So how many people are going to hell?[View]
190809712>“tttttTTTHHHHHH…” >(*holds breath*) >“you smell so fucking disgusting it’s unreal…” >…[View]
190805128When did you lose your KHV letters in your country? K 23 H 23 V 23 I got a boyfriend at 23 years old…[View]
190809589is it weird to obsess over the nordic countries?[View]
190809207I will destroy american industry: >mfw in a couple weeks I will BTFO most of the fine art world, …[View]
190809569Do you want to dismantle capitalistic institutions of oppression and abolish neocolonizational pract…[View]
190804242From the march on Belgrade today.[View]
190807132Do people think that we bring drugs. We bring crime. We're rapists. And some, assume, we'r…[View]
190809012>race-baiting Just a year ago we would have soy battles, but now it's all about race. I don…[View]
190807382Louisiana is rightful Japanese clay[View]
190808230Who did you vote for last election?[View]
190806965How can Arabs read this shit? >each letter has three different forms >letters are not separate…[View]
190805997ITT post most american images: My photo[View]
190809221fat nigger cock in Chinese Taipei[View]
190809363>Old York[View]
190764791/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
190809102Made in India thread: I’m noticing more things are being imported from India instead of China. Pic r…[View]
190809061Why do birds[View]
190808441>Just recovered from total governmental collapse >Worst economy in Latin America >Populati…[View]
190808858Would you marry a black woman in your country?[View]
190807192what citizens of your cunt you think of the neighboring cuntry? mexico has an unfavorable reputation…[View]
190807459Please come and impregnate our women[View]
190808057>Gets BLACKED for years >Becomes a lesbian Does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
190798638>just move to sexzil bro, girls throw themselves at you![View]
190808449>Thirteen >Thirdteen >Fifteen >Fifthteen >Fourty >Forty Do you know which is the c…[View]
190807110Fun Fact: Trumptards convinced Americans that the economy was bad simply by whining like big babies …[View]
190808633When will we be able to unite like the EU? We no longer want to harbor hatred towards each other.[View]
190801565There's no such a continent as Europe. Asia too, they're just one continent. There are no …[View]
190805655>That's him! >That's the guy that has to use Google Translate to check his ESL messa…[View]
190793185She's not wrong, you know[View]
190804162Do you have $8 Costco cheesecakes in your country?[View]
190807081Do you have this phenotype in your cunt? The brown haired, round glasses, thin beard, brown eyed abu…[View]
190807719>Gaza Strip HDI: 0.699 >Philippines HDI: 0.699 do filipinos suffer?…[View]
190805935hilo latino - /lat/: edicion pala gato[View]
190808602What is your opinion on New Guinea island?[View]
190803760Do you get along with brown pipo? They tend to like me for some reason.[View]
190806308Do you drink mate? Me, yes![View]
190804551Is that what french women have become?: She is in a live wearing a pancarte saying. Looking for a Bl…[View]
190807772so you believe in American exceptionalism in your country? >my flag we certainly do…[View]
190808290What is life in Bolivia like?[View]
190807856Walkable middle class house America[View]
190805741What language should I learn to pound the most pussy?[View]
190808297Post your country's most beautiful cities[View]
190776317Do you enjoy body pillows in your country of residence?: West Turania Yes[View]
190801231/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Taylor Swift edition[View]
190806332What happens in your country's southern regions, /int/? How much do they differ from the north?[View]
190808126Your cunt's three most immoral wars: Prove you aren't a blind nationalist. Post three time…[View]
190783219/Nederdraad/: sneeuwkonijntje editie[View]
190807975Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
190807877What did your country name in honor of your Immigrants?: The Imigrantes Highway connects the city of…[View]
190807863Remember how the whole world lost sympathy for Catalonian independence when they found out that Cata…[View]
190806981you will lay on your fucking death bed jerking off to some minor event that the football star in any…[View]
190804512/desi/: i shit on /bharat/ edition[View]
190802862Why do many relationships fail after the honeymoon phase?[View]
190807365Why are they such unique and cool compared to European ones?(in your country?)[View]
190797822/polska/: edycja ciasnych szparek[View]
190806847What's the deadliest country to be a woman?[View]
190804700>I'm on a diet now so I'm only drinking diet soda or something…[View]
190805334hm hm hm, attetion please! it is my pleasure to inform you that today i officially lost my Virgin st…[View]
190799167/ex-yu/: Hamburek izdanje #23944[View]
190804742White anons, if you had to pick a wife from an Asian country, which one would it be?[View]
190807288why do pakis and indians hate each other if they are practically the same people?[View]
190804543This is a Chinese Buddhist temple in Midong, Urumqi, Xinjiang: Xinjiang province in China is a beaut…[View]
190807448Happens in your country?[View]
190807652How do I move to La Serena, Chile?[View]
190804827If your haplogroup isn't R-L48 you're not really an Anglo-Saxon[View]
190807604scientifically spealing, why do european women love british men so much? pic related[View]
190804510It's fucking December 3rd and I have to turn the fan on in my room because its getting too hot …[View]
190807215>Accused of the most outrageous fabricated 'genocide' in human history >Could've proteste…[View]
190806584You wake up in Ibiza, Spain[View]
19079855190% of this board would accept a fellatio from him: I'm pretty much sure about it. Especially i…[View]
190803453Portugal is the comfiest European country.[View]
190802384Why are canadians like this?[View]
190807299alemania bros...[View]
190800265/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição cão chupando manga Anterior: >>190795705[View]
190804928>1 billion pagans live here These pajeets must be converted. This is literally an uncivilized pla…[View]
190802109Why is interracial sex so weird and yucky?[View]
190807277you aren’t actually a chud in your country, right?[View]
190806527Here's your British gf, bro[View]
190805138Thank you Spain!: The father of our literature is a Spaniard, José de Anchieta. While the Portuguese…[View]
190806923>I don't want free at the point of access education or healthcare because it's a big go…[View]
190803542Countries and nations are all a spook[View]
190807115More American airlines are taking the Airbus pill. Why is this?[View]
190805925thoughts on cannabis in your country?[View]
190801228nerdy white/asian guy + bitchy black/latina girl is the match made in heaven[View]
190800364What games you're playing tonight /int/?[View]
190806730yall fell for nip propaganda[View]
190806630Do you get a lot of rain in your country?[View]
190804765/brit/: back into the cold December week[View]
190806907Hopefully Japan will love this.[View]
190806739https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=386iVwP-bAA Come to India[View]
190806200French girls smell like coffee, cigarettes, wine, bakery, pastries and unwashed pussy.[View]
190778596/dixie/ - southern US + friends[View]
190806643>people livestreaming until they being robbed does this also happen in your country? https://twit…[View]
190806732AaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAmerica...im american...because i was born in America.... It's…[View]
190805167Is this the most universal standard of beauty? She won Miss Universe Her skirt accidentally fell do…[View]
190803561/int/ sexuality thread: >country >sexual orientation Lithuania Homosexual autogynephile…[View]
190802491Insomniacs of Central Yurop and FRENS: Can't fall asleep? Let's enjoy comfy slow-tempo.…[View]
190785674/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
190804675Did serbs ever recover from this.[View]
190806225Giorgia Meloni, prime minster de l’italia[View]
190805810Only one man can save EVROPA. His name is JVPITER.[View]
190805574I no longer like sweets, chocolates or sodas all that much. Happened very suddenly. T. lvl 28 wizard…[View]
190806556Ti Geimee kiras fura dok tan sheen kin tath Arahul.[View]
190804544>decade or 2 passes >White people just start killing each other en masse Why does this keep ha…[View]
190802531Internationally speaking, which one would you choose?[View]
190802167Question to Nordic countries, do you have it as government policy to shill your nordic model and do …[View]
190806366are you interested in data in your cunt?: xx.xx >peculiar >interesting >fascinating >odd…[View]
190802178>Americans have no cul-: USA USA USA USA USA USA[View]
190805732Per qualum motivim non existere una thread romaniam cuesti dies?: Desiderest essere plus romani ad q…[View]
190804261Indians and white woman interacting for the first time: Have you ever witnessed something like this?…[View]
190806321In which Arrondissement should my French gay partner and I have our apartment and in which scenic ru…[View]
190806080Remember the time Tariq Nasheed exposed the existence of black soyboys?[View]
190790123Post your भारत WebMs.[View]
190798446>tfw never will be a home owner in my country happen in your country?[View]
190804554Where in the world am I most likely to acquire a harem?[View]
190791587How common are couples that look like this in your country?[View]
190805215is this correct?[View]
190806107How are tattoos perceived in your cunt?[View]
190796769Is it true Pakis take all the White girls in UK?[View]
190804291Every Irishman is born with two things: a sense of humor, and a sense of justice[View]
190804665>Watching anime or playing Japanese video game >Marie Antoinette reference Why?…[View]
190805900I can't keep going on like this bros...[View]
190801883>arabs you like the most >arabs you hate the most…[View]
190806008why do swedes have such a strong internet presence what is wrong with them[View]
190805424I live on the comfiest city in Japan AMA >Not an overcrowded shithole like Tokyo or Osaka >Has…[View]
190804399the plan.: there were lots of 'predictions' or 'prophecies' around internets which describes current…[View]
190803545>tfw my grandpa spoke greek and/or armenian Turksisters... I don't feel so good.…[View]
190789701Share some jokes[View]
190803279What happens here?[View]
190798960New American whiteness data is out. >only 41% of Americans are white[View]
190805492I'm based[View]
190805775Why are internet racists like this?[View]
190805852fact: God invented diabetes, but americans perfected it.[View]
190804890does your cunt border norway?[View]
190802218Guyana sisters, not like this[View]
190805699despite these two islands being right next to each other, they're a whole day apart from each o…[View]
190800320Which areas have the best and worst accent in your native language? English speakers need not apply.[View]
19080555995% of the posts on this board are men expressing their anxiety, either consciously or unconsciously…[View]
190804920Statues: What's the largest statue in your country?[View]
190805614Do you know how to count in English?: >Thirteen >Thirdteen >Fifteen >Fifthteen >Fourt…[View]
190803320Thanks to a combination of genetic drift plus breeding with foreign women, Albanians are less autosm…[View]
190796776opinion on rus?[View]
190798918Sverigetråden - Drottning upplagan[View]
190805546Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like In Your Country?[View]
190805095Are 6.5 inches enough to get a girlfriend in your country?[View]
190803425It's over, Hollywood has reached Bollywood tier[View]
190804617/int/ draw yourself challenge: draw yourself in ms paint or any other program of your choosing and s…[View]
190802415Do you enjoy spending time on this website in your country[View]
190805277How white is it?[View]
190804775>ashwaganda doesn't work >clonazepam doesn't work >alprazolam doesn't work …[View]
190802712The Eurosissy mind would never be able to conjure up anything as innovative or bold as this[View]
190802205El Salvador Looks Like THIS???: https://twitter.com/nayibbukele/status/1724967538369413515 https://e…[View]
190805244do people pee/poo in public in your country?[View]
190795935/sauna/: karikukko painos[View]
190804610>World's happiest country[View]
190802887why are ESLs like this?[View]
190804591If I go to Colombia, will I get robbed or kidnapped?[View]
190805083people from north london be like why yes i am a gooner[View]
190803238Is it normal to feel most people just talk about themselves constantly? What do you do when they…[View]
190804119>'just try french cusine bro you're gonna love it bro I heard you like Italian cusine but th…[View]
190802801Do you do this in your country?[View]
190804279the population of scandinavia was ethnically replaced long ago, way before any migration within this…[View]
190804200What is jail/prison like in your cunt?[View]
190802316/brit/: eldritch horror edition[View]
190804416A deal: The Mexican immigrants can stay in the US as long as they help us deport the Central America…[View]
190800377If an obese firstie woman agreed to marry you so you could have citizenship in her country, but you …[View]
190797393Why did they do it?[View]
190801567>be 30% white shit hole >insist to be a country why are they like this bros? if you ask ME, i …[View]
190803165Tell me about your cunt's law system. Is it fair and just? Do you have any personal experience …[View]
190804699I'm gonna move to Turkey illegally[View]
190804396would you rather be german or bosnian? why or why not?[View]
190801305When I awoke from my slumber I realized I had nothing left.[View]
190803050Tajik Jew: > Just go to the gym bro, just get a haircut bro and that’s all you need to be happy! …[View]
190802736show me some cute places in your cunt suicide is my only cure[View]
190801771My Professor is Dutch...: ...why would he leave the literal best country on Earth to come to this sh…[View]
190804233Do you love Finland?[View]
190801322Snow Coverage of Europe: Biggest snow coverage of Europe in history. How are ya'll Europeans ha…[View]
190802928someday i want to use my skills to live in germany for a brief period. i liked berlin when i was the…[View]
190804195>thread >surface-level iceberg quirky statement or shallow insight offered by American flags …[View]
190796791What do you think of the world heritage site known as Liverpool?[View]
190791759What are some words for pussy in your cunt?[View]
190804203americans gloat when foreigners die in american national parks[View]
190767746/شأشأ/ - /mena/ - /𐩦𐩱𐩦𐩱/: طبعة إكسبو[View]
190802874Have you received the Nordic stare?: Yea, once when I told one to wash his hands in the bathroom.…[View]
190804131Does this count as a french cuckstamp? I'm beginning to fell insecure rn[View]
190803900literally who[View]
190802979What is life like here?[View]
190803788If I’m an ethnic Serb, how come neither of my grandmothers looked like this?[View]
190799904They look worse than pajeets[View]
190803121Oil: Does your country use a lot of oil? For Canada? Somewhat. Despite having one of the largest dep…[View]
190791839City Life: These English night life videos are so addicting; I love watching these women stumble aro…[View]
190803811live your myth in ethiopia…[View]
190793956/balk/: last one got jannied >>190778254[View]
190800756What kind of car do you drive in your country?: do people see cars as a defining part of themselves?…[View]
190803518find a person: Can anyone tell me where I can find a relative I lost contact with? His name is Lorin…[View]
190803331I just got back from Belfast, Irish people are cool.[View]
190796918I kneel to nafri girls of muslim race[View]
190795775How does this smile make you feel: XD? I remember when I was 13 we used it in almost every sentence …[View]
190795366>Sweden >NO[View]
190801340Which would you like to sex more rina(red) or naaga(purple),[View]
190801201The anti-immigrant, thirtysomething, leftist-identifying, soylattedrinking, hard working student rep…[View]
190800233/bra/ - Fio brasileiro: Edição 80 000% >>190795705[View]
190803210>hate my dad but have to suck up to him to not get written out of the will >constantly have to…[View]
190802593What do hungarian pipo look like?[View]
190798902I accidentally used my pube razor to shave my facial hair: Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
190797740Guess her ethnicity[View]
190803229Do you know Toronto is a well-designed city?: even better than New York, WOW[View]
190771694/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: lol dead dead dead dead general edision[View]
190802094>I need to go to walmart to stock up on mountain dew but it's too far to walk so I will use …[View]
190802353kosovo is not a country, ok?: kosovo is a region within serbia's autonomous province of kosovo …[View]
190800924Eyo cuh dat hoe do be gyatt I'mma rizzler her she do be bussin nocap frfr[View]
190802723Do you love autistic transgender Finnish women in your country?[View]
190800433I do not understand the Germanphobia in this board. Germany is so cool.[View]
190801862China's Ice Homes: China has no houses left. They've resorted to building homes out of sno…[View]
190799739France is what happens when Germanics get psyop'd into thinking they're swarthy meds. Aust…[View]
190802383What americans think about the indian diaspora?[View]
190802857Are mexicans the ugliest mofos in the planet?[View]
190802905who handles finances in a couple relationship in your country?[View]
190798934>the nurses are disrespecting me behind my back, I know it[View]
190792740Do you identify more with your nation or region, /int/? As for me, Vive l'Alberta Libre.[View]
190802659Zwarte Piet: do Dutch people still do it in 2023?[View]
190800430Would you fight for your country if it were attacked? I would not. I would fight for the Russian Fed…[View]
190800278Is the sir right about marriage in your country?[View]
190802129Night City? No, this is Oakland, CA.[View]
190802643How do you say 'Britpop' in your language, /int/? How popular was this type of music in yo…[View]
190795258Honestly even if it happened, the geography sucks and it will be landlocked surrounded by enemies. K…[View]
190795357opinion on great britain?[View]
190795562I love living in Europe because I get to share a continent with the best people in the world: Scandi…[View]
190801930can you roll on this board? asking for a thread[View]
190801320Someone's not having sex this weekend. I am staring right at that person aren't I?[View]
190800897How easy is it to own a home in your country? I've given up on owning a home in my country. But…[View]
190802466>pixel >pic xel >pic cel >cellular picture >cellular component of a picture do you ha…[View]
190773227/éire/: Eagrán an iodáil[View]
190798104>brown people cant eat ice cream I feel bad for you guys, you will never know what vanilla ice cr…[View]
190800589europoors arent gonna like this one: i got a FREE BIG MAC and YOU DIDNT!!!![View]
190798116>type in Slovenian women on google images >this comes up I’m I being gaslite here? Do Slovene …[View]
190799120i idealize quebec as a magical land of french myth preserved through the ages undisturbed. does this…[View]
190800291/brit/: little monkey fella edition[View]
190802194One can not suffer there[View]
190800241/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição: BOLSONARO FAZ ALGUMA COISA SOBRE O CALOR anterior: >>190795705…[View]
190801056Americans are literally demons[View]
190800107The patrol boat 'Princesse Gabriella' is the flagship of Monaco's navy. Say something…[View]
1907937081.Country 2.Your job and hours worked per week[View]
190802053Day 37 of the especially jewish military operation in Gaza.[View]
190801080Would you live in Tokyo: Tower of Babel if it was ever built? >The Tokyo Tower of Babel (Japanese…[View]
190801433Made in India: I’m seeing more of these now. Will they be better than Made in China crap? I can atte…[View]
190801929siberia during summer is so fucking kino: i wish it'd stay like this all year around[View]
190796540Unification has arrived. Feminism brought down the country. I think I need to learn the North Korean…[View]
190801095Go to bed European, Mena, African, Indian, and Central Asian[View]
190797080Why are Latinx women so nice?[View]
190799803>Latinas have a spicy personality >African women have big butts >MENA girls have big lips …[View]
190782531Are churkas cool guys or not? It seems that they have a really friendly reputation as well as a real…[View]
190799165ITT: Anime characters that are literally you: Anime characters that are literally you in your countr…[View]
190801692Ancient european art.: My GUI now has ancient old nice ornaments. :D Gotta start working on it'…[View]
190799748Indians are asleep post your Indian pics[View]
190801130What's a typical day of your life like in your country?[View]
190800459How do you dispose of smartphones in your country? To dispose of an unused smartphone, I disassemble…[View]
190799932Do you like women in your cuntry?[View]
190792285>'...in 1925, Berlin officially recognized its post-1918 borders in the west but not the east, le…[View]
190800473this shithole is full of slavs >leave house >go big city away from small town >everyone sta…[View]
190801214Was country better or worse in the 90s?[View]
190800439What's the craziest city in your cunt?: In Poland it's Wrocław >all drugs avaliable, in…[View]
190767813/med/: Person of short stature edish Thread theme : https://youtu.be/FqnhEm8KZFU Culled : >>19…[View]
190800551Would you date the average USA woman[View]
190797898What did God mean by giving blue eyes to only 15% of the population?[View]
190798994>BBC BBC BBC!!! why are they like this? when will they stop being obsessed with BBC?…[View]
190800951its been 10 months since the earthquakes: i heard some earthquake victims were able to emigrate to e…[View]
190795443/deutsch/: Nudeln mit scheiße[View]
190799998what is this phenotype called?[View]
190798139What is the life expectancy of your country?[View]
190797345how comfy is the town of bath, england? is it like the pictures? also post comfy towns[View]
190794136Why are they do different yet so close?[View]
190800525Low birth rates in my country? Not my problem, boomer[View]
190798087Why are Mongolia and Ethiopia so high T in comparison to the rest of the world?[View]
190800039What is your opinion on white Americans?[View]
190800204>picrel is the average syrians Why do europe vehemently reject them again?…[View]
190798515I hope Alan Wake II did well in terms of sales[View]
190798419The pic that makes /int/'s whitecels schizophrenic[View]
190795705/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição: Kamen Rider Kuuga anterior: >>190790632[View]
190789308/skandi/: Digimon's Juleudgave[View]
190794477do you want to visit the Karni Mata Temple?[View]
190798400/brit/: Rosie Jones edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 3* (hat-trick hero) *I mista…[View]
190792803>R1b and I haplogroups Europeans >castrated conjugation, almost no inflection, underdeveloped …[View]
190795374>realising you were the lolcow all along[View]
190797751Spanish would be a pretty cool language if it wasn't spoken by the undesirables south of this c…[View]
190794186I'm better than 99% of the anons on /int/ (including North Americans and Europeans) simply beca…[View]
190796082>polish boys have no riz-............. APOLOGIZE[View]
190797084Kino time[View]
190795777Do you have mixed gender sauna customs in your country or do groups of men and women take turns in t…[View]
190796808>he doesn't own a limited edition Shinto-blessed F-35[View]
190799891Whats the ideal size in your cunt?[View]
190766210/tr/: tiktok.com/@hakanyagar98 edisyonu[View]
190797715why did ancient africans not respect the diversity of Yakub's creations (pbuh)?[View]
190795992why do we know so little about this region?: what goes on there?[View]
190798450total grecoid death: I hate g*d with all my heart every day all day if there's one for making m…[View]
190794545this is what i want from christmas[View]
190798845Weekend: How did you spend this weekend in your country? Did you do something productive? What did y…[View]
190777732Despite all the problems with China, they are still based.[View]
190768215kurva anyátok[View]
190798798Will you believe her?[View]
190785898/isr/ /ישר/ thread: מהדורת: נתניה של שנות האלפיים המוקדמות https://youtu.be/KnBdf559ofQ?si=WBy9EstxN…[View]
190794350>I need guns because one day I'm going to single handedly fight the government like Rambo fr…[View]
190794716Has anything happened in the past 10 years in your country? >Poland No.…[View]
190767549/ex-yu/: sjecas li se spanije izdanje[View]
190798785>everyday in the news a new 1% biker or a nafri gangster gets shot dead…[View]
190794500So they organized a football tournament for Bulgarian kids in London. Notice anything in the picture…[View]
190792343Sverigetråden - svart ho upplagan[View]
190796303Sheesh.... and people wonder why black men are becoming passport bros en masse. I'd do the same…[View]
190793519Nigga Zesty[View]
190792272So I listened to you: https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1701631895448555.webm And I tried to shave myself down …[View]
190796003Imagine if you didn't eat breakfast >I ate cereal But imagine if you hadn't. >I did …[View]
190798519>YOURE 18, PACK YOUR SHIT UP AND MOVE OUT does this happen in your country? It is all but common …[View]
190790340I've always been saying that ashkenazi 'Jews' are Poles LARPing as Russians LARPing as an ancie…[View]
190794066I have $5,558.23 saved[View]
190796620>Indo-Europeans >Turkics >Mongols Why does this environment birth all the conqueror warr…[View]
190797243What is healthcare like in your country?[View]
190794894What are the greatest achievments of your country/race?[View]
190793268Pick one (1) American cultural region to live in for the rest of your life.: You have no choice in t…[View]
190798267Literally cleaned my car this morning[View]
190794950/brit/: Michelle McManus edition Threads claimed by The Threadmeister today: 1[View]
190795967This is a cisgender asian man Passing is genetic. game over for troons[View]
190791176>This was considered a 10/10 in bogland during the 19th century[View]
190796483Do people show respect for other cultures in your country?[View]
190795312Are there any white anons under this flag ? Or are they all spics[View]
190797263Bruh it's -16 degress rn[View]
190797401Could you see yourself eating bugs if cute japanese people ate bugs as well[View]
190795757Why are there so many Arabs and Indians in the UK and Australia? Indians in the U.K. tend to be very…[View]
190794963the testimony of taliban soldiers proves that being a soldier in a war is a preferable lifestyle for…[View]
190794823How is climate change in your cunt in last decades?: I feel like in Poland warming peaked in 2020 an…[View]
190797180>someone posts an image of a white queen >I post 'Built for BBC' >chuds start raging It…[View]
190797765I wish I was a wealthy Parisian of noble Frankish blood, who also owned vineyards throughout the cou…[View]
190790841/polska/: edycja frostmourne[View]
190795488>tfw no Iraqi femboy bf Do you know this pain in your cuntry[View]
190797767Quica quica quica quica quica quica[View]
190795941>I'm going to drive in my 1999 Toyota to WalMart because there are no stores in walking dist…[View]
190797049Each people, culture, territory or state intrigues me because of some aspect of its history or idios…[View]
190795071do this happen in ur country?: Im a light mestizo and girls wont even look at me because they'r…[View]
190797267Mutt Story 2: >listen here buddy i served in iran i got three purple shart medals ive been throug…[View]
190795121Why don't English people regard themselves as European? Why do they have a superiority complex …[View]
190796024Finland: Finland[View]
190796748Mutt Story 1: [KEY: > is Mr. Mutt, < is Mutt Jr.] >son open up ive been hearin strange soun…[View]
190795190What a clusterfuck of a place: Does Armeania even have border crossing with Turkey or Azerbaijan or …[View]
190795845whats wrong with the new world? (ignore pakistan)[View]
190793868How do you cope with the idea of being alone forever?[View]
190784250/norgetråden/: Jonas som spiser pyyyylse utgave forrige: >>190760370 >>190760370 >…[View]
190796555White men are built for BTBP (BIG TIGHT BLACK PUSSY)[View]
190792880This is the phenotype of average cashier, waitress, pub barmaid, nurse, police etc. in the United St…[View]
190796848Argh! Goodnight me hearties![View]
190793347>internationally speaking saying intertnationally confessiong internamationly soneed snee dns nig…[View]
190794945/brit/: >Nightmare £85 Grinch who ruined woman's home is now available for hire again…[View]
190796067/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Anterior: >>190790632[View]
190796592Do you have gay saunas in your country? What are they like?[View]
190794047Are they aware their ancestors spoke IE languages?[View]
190794722Argie cinema sucks Please stop making movies dum dum americans see a foreign flick for the first tim…[View]
190795977Is this accurate in your cunt?[View]
190793409‘S ‘g[View]
190792665Are you stupid in your country: The problem with stupidity is that you can never comprehend if you a…[View]
190791054do all nowegians looks like a japanese theater mask? do they love japan so much?[View]
190794123happens in your country?[View]

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