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111577905>palm trees >DeLoreans flying around >synthwave.mp3 >anime letters on billboards in pink…[View]
111578332Easy moodo? Why yes we think only kids play in easy mode, how could you tell?[View]
111578300Arabs LMFAO[View]
1115744491. Your country 2. Are you a girl?[View]
111577591Are Estonians able to read?: Turns out 0.2% of Estonian population are unable to read. It makes up s…[View]
111578243So this is the real reason why uncle /pol/ pot has to ban glasses, huh?[View]
111577310>you will always be American: Euros, what’s it like having first world healthcare? >In the U.…[View]
111578184>(((Modern))) civilization[View]
111576765Dear Weaboos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax0s4lTidgQ[View]
111575956I hate having to work...[View]
111577347b-but white americans were supposer to be richer w-we built this country[View]
111577213Is it really wrong to rape women in Western countries? In South Asian and Middle Eastern societies, …[View]
111577928>do Americans really >Americans proceed to post replies that they really do this…[View]
111573001All white girls are pretty?: I haven't seen ugly white girls[View]
111577742>you look like Japanese Is it considered a compliment in your cunt??[View]
111577865HUT 23 HIKE HIKE *sharts*[View]
111544203Korean Students Speak: 'Don't call us KIMCHI. Do you feel good if I call you cheese?'[View]
111572615Face of /int/[View]
111577723Do white kids really do this ? https://twitter.com/Antoine_Vll/status/1174641415843962880[View]
111577513This is a town called Bitola in Macedonia, you've never heard of it. How much better is it than…[View]
111571472An Italian family entered the metro today. They were very loud.[View]
111577622She is 16 years old. I can legally put my penis on her pussy,ass and mouth. Imagine fucking this gir…[View]
111577554Why are amerikkkans like that?[View]
111565973Can you imagine?[View]
111574352Spanish girl: thoughts?[View]
111577409>Tous les cris les S.O.S. >Partent dans les airs >Dans l'eau laissent une trace >Do…[View]
111575657why dont you have a gf, anon? Are you afraid of girls? Are you considering to go tranny? or you…[View]
111577324sopa de macaco uma delicia[View]
111574959All white people look the same, only meds look different to eachother.[View]
111576147Who italians feel a closer connection too?[View]
111577255Mum said I can't use magic spells at home, but screw her I will do it anyway lol[View]
111577272This is the oldes video recorded in italy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGIqAauI7gI[View]
111576817Amerindians are ug..[View]
111557805/ita/ - il filo[View]
111573025Do you have a lot of pitbull owners (pit mommies) in your country?[View]
111573734/brit/: The model gf edition[View]
111577114oh no[View]
111516207Culture Pals - /cp/: Peru edition Welcome to Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers used to meet e…[View]
111574388How do we save Belarus from being swallowed by Putin?[View]
111573514sup wagie, enjoying your weekend? cool, but don't get too attached to it, mr shekelstein needs …[View]
111571520Why do they always look like this?[View]
111576877This is the real effective copypasta for Chinese.: Winnie the pooh ain't do shit. 你这是什么意思?你上次不是…[View]
111574889Are they the Polacks of Western Europe ? They are always angry and mad and they are religious as fuc…[View]
111576705Do you have gays in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0ByxyIAWrQ[View]
111564222Do Americans really though?[View]
111569031Ðis is justice[View]
111575377Do you not know that the americans turned their arms in this direction only after Ocean had blocked …[View]
111569544>be western woman >cringe and bluepilled >keeps lying to herself that she’s beautiful just …[View]
111574021/deutsch/: SüBtierausgabe[View]
111575665/mex/ thread: hilo de subculturas mexicanas. >el naco es una persona pobre o rica que cree tener …[View]
111575634why do so many natural blonde nordic girls dye their hair black? ancestor cry.[View]
111572520Why are Indians so obsessed with white women.[View]
111573220ITT post landmarks from your country: wither they are well known or underrated[View]
111574304Does your country have an alt right problem?[View]
111576264Is it okay to kiss your dad in public? Im 25 yo NEET, i kinda feel obliged but at the same time inne…[View]
111576227>Islam is right about women. This confuses the American.[View]
111576181trump is unironcally based and redpilled ngl[View]
111576303a Mexican construction company wants to hire me: what could i expect?[View]
111576199Today's independence day. It's been 55 years.[View]
111574710Why do white kids pay rent to their families?[View]
111576256Pashtuns are quite interesting group. Indo-Iranian group with most prominent European features, they…[View]
111571969>my smartphone? yes it's rooted, how did you know?[View]
111574086Do Americans REALLY do this?[View]
111573123What countries in Europe have good employment prospects for programmers and would actually grant a v…[View]
111576062This is aimed at Spanish speakers. How do you use the second person form of 'usted' and 'ustedes'? I…[View]
111575809>Me when I see an /int/cel[View]
111575920Birthplace of the house of Hohenzollern, birthplace of the house of Habsbourg, Euler, Gütenberg and …[View]
111572624The Islamic golden age never ended[View]
111575864BLACK Sea Nations: Everyone talks about Meds, Med union etc. Why don't you ever talk about BLA…[View]
111575096You WILL eat the bugs! Or we will eat YOU![View]
111575806We really do.[View]
111575687What would be the bare minimum you would require of your little sister/ girlfriend to wear for going…[View]
111573524Germans: Which accent triggers you guys the most? Swiss or Austrian? https://youtu.be/Ax5PGZgYaUs ht…[View]
111574823There was once a patriotic and powerfull country with no poverty, no homeless and no jobless Now tha…[View]
111574538>be american[View]
111565919Do you love Japan?[View]
111575387Kek! amuritans strike again![View]
111571873Do americans really need guides like this to have a proper grammar?[View]
111575363just had a nice big lunch with my whole family, we talked about lots of things, just before the lunc…[View]
111575289Imagine being so autistic that you would buy a map of Europe and hang it on your wall hahaha who wou…[View]
111570190Will Greece ever regain Constantinople?[View]
111572223'the Chinese are the negroes of the East' -my Mom Italian boomers really don't give a fuck abou…[View]
111570167/brit/: Chatteris edition[View]
111573244What does /int/ think about my country?[View]
111574275USA devoted themself to the justice: They prevented the spread of communism But why do you deride U…[View]
111572536For me, it's snorlax.[View]
111565889Sverigetråden - Partyupplagan[View]
1115748861. Your country 2. Would people in your country ever make themselves a meal like this in America? h…[View]
111574585Can they pass as locals in your country?[View]
111574892>She is as beautiful as a foot[View]
111573469Damn. Lithuania looks like THAT.[View]
111573723ITT Post songs from the early the 2000's that were either popular in your country or internatio…[View]
111573421Ok serious question to German posters: I learned German between 14-19 years olds, and since i'm…[View]
111573509Are university clubs worth joining? I don't want to force myself to join a club I hate just to …[View]
111571162r8 my handwriting in english and post yours[View]
111569697It not gay r-right the feminine penis only makes it cuter.[View]
111569028>call a US bank >American starts speaking straight and fast english >can't keep up, ke…[View]
111573280Why are Spanish women extreme feminists? Why do they believe all men are 'machirulos'?[View]
111572725If your country was a human body part, what would it be? I guess mine would be the kidney because hu…[View]
111572503Do australians know him?[View]
111573634do you love japan?[View]
111569377Makes sense.[View]
111570881Is there even a single real japanese on this board or is it all proxies and tourists/english teacher…[View]
111570741>cunt >'Islam is right about women', do you agree with this statement yes or no?…[View]
111574049What did they mean by this?[View]
111570352/deutsch/: Neu[View]
111573916>Energy drinks? No, thank you, for me it's Yerba Mate[View]
111573758Which politician has the best posture?[View]
111573354I am afraid of women.[View]
111573715/luso/: /luso/-fio lusófono edição awoo[View]
111571699i just realized im a complete faggot, I cant get off to women (not even to traps) at all anymore. FU…[View]
111573625I wish I was Thai. Thailand is the best mainland Southeast Asian country.[View]
111569649Korea bully thread: ITT we buli Koreans[View]
111573425Which European country has the best mena girls?[View]
111567976post the worst countries ever[View]
111573446>This is Chin: >chin is killing machine >he can kill 1,2 ugly reds in 10 mins…[View]
111572846Why do Westerners do this? Like what is the point?[View]
111570503moments in love: >you're a cunt >your Friday night out still on my date, at her place. ju…[View]
111572868I shaved my head: I hate having lots of hair. A shaved head is both manly and hygenic. I shave my he…[View]
111572586What's the origin of this pepe?[View]
111570997Why are Middle-Easterners so fat?[View]
111572839>'Nooooo how can you say I should die just because I bully you everyday???? You're an awful …[View]
111570050>If you vote for me i will invade jordan kikebros why do you always fall for bibi's tricks l…[View]
111568911Korean women stopped breeding with Korean men. Please come here and spread your seed to raise our bi…[View]
111573190>I will buy Greenland[View]
111572851What is the ratio of Bruces to Zhangs on /int/?[View]
111573092I want to murder Polish civilians.[View]
111571594Do you drink Chinese alcohol, /int/?[View]
111571236Did you know that Los Angeles has COMMIEBLOCKS?[View]
111572338If I go to Saudi Arabia and have gay sex, would I be stoned/hanged or just be deported to Sweden?[View]
111566300>yo momma is so fat, when she passes in front of your tv, you miss half of an episode!…[View]
111568952Been there done that. Can you say the same?[View]
111572903>Why yes, I am Jordanian, how could you tell?[View]
111564915Australian abbos are so fucking ugly, i shit on injuns a lot but I'm thankful we dont have THIS…[View]
111571858>Official language: Arabic >Majoritary reliogion: Islam >Most commom name: Muhammad >Lit…[View]
111563097What's the ideal bodytype for caucasian female?[View]
111571064finally i can rest in peace[View]
111570083Which anime girls do you identify yourself with? For me it's the Kong.[View]
111572762wtf i love african refugees now[View]
111570589/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția importurilor din Occident[View]
111572273The future ...[View]
111572222>watching porn turns you gay[View]
111572254did you know that Lithuania was once the biggest country in Europe before sneaky Poles stole their l…[View]
111567536This picture was taken at a gay party in Bahia, the blackest state in Brazil (81.4% black).[View]
111571344Which side are you going to support in the upcoming US/Saudi vs Iran war? The war is inevitable at t…[View]
111572504Philippines explain yourself[View]
111572491i love binlan[View]
111569727Post pics of you and your gf[View]
111568677Why are Balkans stupid?[View]
111569850There are more than 1 billion Indians. How is this possible considering the fact that Indian women a…[View]
111570864Russian Female/Mexican Female: thoughts? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b39000b10…[View]
111569315Why do so many Asians wear glasses? Why is there eyesight so weak?[View]
111572427>alright, lets get this party started[View]
111567513In southern europe the males are more attractive then the females: What other parts of the world is …[View]
111569111thank you to abos for sharing your land with us :)[View]
111568560>Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die, Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,Gory, gory, wha…[View]
111571633the slav bf[View]
111571409Italians are just better in everything. Its not fucking fair.[View]
111553495/fr/ - le francofil: édition familles royales ancien: >>111541209[View]
111569844Peace seeeeeeeeeellllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
111570443Why are asians so trendy?[View]
111569852Which movie best symbolizes your country?[View]
111570067>porn magazines on full display in every convenient store >DMM gift cards sold everywhere …[View]
111571572Hong Kong is China.[View]
111568025>Why yes, we'll get some purple pitched tail lights and thirty inch fins, oh yeah >A palo…[View]
111571351Aren't Thai people fed up with all those wh*toid immigrants ('''expats'…[View]
111570893>talk to someone from a different country >skin color comes up >mention that I'm black…[View]
111565762/cum/: Gear oil edition[View]
111570873Do you have any idea how strange and awkward it is to have a very close family member - an identical…[View]
111567916Terronis are the real Italians. Cringe northern LARPers should just fuck off to Austria if they hate…[View]
111571767Was burning Catholics the peak of human culture and civilazation?[View]
111568478Please come to America and fuck our women![View]
111571396>why yes i just paid my elementary school loan, how did you know?[View]
111569654This is America.[View]
111551486/balk/: Vlyuben sam v Tranlo edition My queen... Old >>111543427[View]
111569795phoenicians: how do they do it?[View]
111565678why do so many SEA people want to be east asian?[View]
111571296>Murderers >'YEAH LOCK EM UP FOR LIFE' >Child molesters >'YEAH KILL EM' >'W-What? Hum…[View]
111570421Whats your favorite interracial pairing[View]
111534320Post daily life in your country but use pictures something like this[View]
111568981I was the most famous poster in 4chan /int in 2012-2014. Ask me everything, lads ima girl tho (half …[View]
111568092>Bombs on Japan were not necessary, the war was already nearly over at that point. US just wanted…[View]
111569984Indian politics- Things can be way more serious than they appear to be.: I am writing this for those…[View]
111569646Imagine strafing it when they sing rule br*tania[View]
111571164The future of the British Isles.[View]
111568248When Islam conquer the west will they rape or kill those cucksoyboys?[View]
111567191What is this phenotype?[View]
111566129/brit/: Isle of Skye edition[View]
111570845Ni kudiye tu alright Aaja ni re I won't bite Lage tu mainu sexy Tahin main jaaga all night Kara…[View]
111569025do white people really do this ? that's some satanic stuff lol[View]
111566304Do women in your country do this?[View]
111570056They deserve their own country[View]
111570263Why don’t wh*toids ever find brown tings attractive?[View]
111569873The two greatest leaders in world history.[View]
111569419Anybody still going?[View]
111569434Eastern Europe expectations vs Eastern Europe reality[View]
111570597What is this ethnicity?[View]
111545192what do you guys think? butthurt ar*B maronite is not welcome[View]
111569561>you pissed in my bed, you have to pay for it![View]
111569843Is Bibi running against an older version of himself from the future?[View]
111570267Message from God: Stop being racist Stop masturbating Stop having sex outside of marriage[View]
111561200Northern Spain: Why is it so much better than the rest of the country?[View]
111570225/isr/: אין גויים جويم ممنوعين من تنزيل المنشورات[View]
111568855Do Americans really?[View]
111559305> oh my... Finland-san! ::blushes::[View]
111570212>cunt >pic related shows up at your door and says you're the father. wat do?…[View]
111564902When the American experiment is complete we will be the most beautiful race to ever walk the Earth[View]
111568391Post the funniest Pic on your device: Always gets me, based America[View]
111568289Why do you hate this country?[View]
111569530Why don't Western women wear pants?[View]
111570202American Law: Remember this if you visit America, It might save your life. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
111567874/한국어/: 미국놈들에게맞서싸우자[View]
111570058>Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam b…[View]
111559163/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/: Animemädchenausgabe[View]
111566250>imagine living in a city that got nuked[View]
111569763Jerusalem is the territory of Israel.[View]
111561990How common is your forename? https://forebears.io/earth/forenames[View]
111568711Indios are literally chinks[View]
111567691Anybody recognise this phenotype?[View]
111569745>Lebanon >Arab Imbeciles, it's a Levantine country in the Levantine coast…[View]
111564944>tfw wh*te pale C*ucasiod How do I become blacker? I want to become dark skin black, straight fro…[View]
111569240My dad just converted to protestantism and talks about fucking Jesus Christ all the fucking time.[View]
111569146it's just you and me against the world mr. duck[View]
111569162Typical Greek[View]
111569522Anyone planning on not fapping in the 2020's?: I've fapped too much in this decade probabl…[View]
111564300This is the map of Brazil internet speed, what is the secret facility in the middle of the jungle wi…[View]
111567939a russian, an american, and a canadian walk into a bar bartender says: i will give you drinks for fr…[View]
111568926how do you say 'obsessed' in your language?[View]
111569329>This is a British king[View]
111569286You talk a lot of shit about America, but I know secretly in your heart you believe we're the b…[View]
111569231I went outsode today and started having racist thoughts as I passed by non-whites it used to not be …[View]
111569406cunt how do you say 'there will not be new China without the Chinese Communist Party?' in …[View]
111566980Duterte shuns foreign aid of EU, some 'born with silver spoon' countries who voted against him in UN…[View]
111566540do americans really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usPo96yaSac[View]
111553275How to take a shit in Finland: 1. Go to the toilet 2. Drop your pants (optional) 3. Sit on the toile…[View]
111569149Would you rather live in the USA or Canada?: I would rather in the USA. Canada is too boring and too…[View]
111567923>Problem: feet get cold because you wear fucking sandals in January >Solution: just make it ta…[View]
111568342for me it's the average californian girl[View]
111569133AVSSIE BVLL.[View]
111568109Good morning /int/[View]
111561208Umm, Australia, are you OK?[View]
111569089Why dont Americans celebrate Easter?[View]
111568695Your countre Can I has cheeseburger?[View]
111567002intcraft: /int/craft is /int/'s historical rp minecraft server, running in some form or another…[View]
111568484can we please stop obsessing over race so much it’s so tiring to argue about[View]
111566936Why anime become world-wide? I think anime on air only in Japan. especially newest one / latest epis…[View]
111568213HAVE SEX![View]
111568955if greta hasn't personally thanked your country for helping to stop climate change, you're…[View]
111566848>Hello fellow human being. How do you respond?[View]
111568395Happy International Day of Peace[View]
111567935Why are amerisharts like this?[View]
111568256Why do americans smell like poo?[View]
111567627How popular are musicals in your country?[View]
111562303If I took a shit in europa’s underground oceans, would the bacteria from my shit evolved into comple…[View]
111568901I am a whore[View]
111566041Movies: What are the top 5 movies from your country? except USA, we all know hundreds of movies fro…[View]
111567185Mexican border: I understand why Trump wants to build a wall.[View]
111519217/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: Gear Oil edition[View]
111555838/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Fio Brasileiro & Fio Português. Edição sem politica. Quer discutir politic…[View]
111568362Why did europe fucking die bros, why couldn't we save them?[View]
111563778>I'm American and my opinion is *bbbrrrrrraaaaaaap* my opinion is *bbbrrrrrraaaaap* this for…[View]
111567632If you want to up your literature game, there is only one way: Start with the Americans.[View]
111566478What is the worst thing someone can say about people from your country?[View]
111567782And if the next raid we do it to the Baticano for the following year on the same date?[View]
111547353/mämmi/: Ketä kuvassa?-painos[View]
111567282Europeans look like THAT?[View]
111568441Do you support the Fenian Cause?[View]
111568282Post a place/cunt without actually posting it. Let other people guess it.[View]
111561730What's the most evil things whites have ever done in your country? In USA they almost forced B…[View]
111568436>See an ESL >spit on the ground Get out of my presence you ESL scum…[View]
111568275Did no one tell them USA is a republic?[View]
111568440People in Hong Kong have been protesting for months: People in America can't even raid a storag…[View]
111565249>mfw sushi is taking over the world Feels good my ancestors[View]
111554181Why are germans dog fuckers?[View]
111567316post your town city flag this mine berries[View]
111567516Why are amerisharts like this...[View]
111561000Is your country normal?[View]
111566079/brit/: Mild insomnia edition[View]
111568115Why do sharts shart?[View]
111566410What does /int/ think of Hindus and Hinduism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoLwJilhNkI[View]
111567810face of /int/. Here's me.[View]
111567958How does one get the boob girl to be a boob gf[View]
111567885do euros[View]
111564065Can Americans please explain why they love Amazon so much? They been trying to enter the Australian…[View]
111567221So I've accidentally deleted my cute/hot girl folder. Please help me rebuild it.[View]
111567151Why are Americans so bully'able? Is this is because they're FAT and STUPID?[View]
111564390I WANT TO LEARN ANCIENT GREEK: How do I go about it? I want to read the ancient greek texts in thei…[View]
111567053>tax cuts don't grow the economy and only help the rich![View]
111567912>Yes, i do have a flashlight app in 2019. How could you tell?[View]
111562090Asian names for European countries[View]
111567765Why are amerisharts like this...[View]
11156562623andme came back and I'm a Jew. Where do I claim my Israeli citizenship and membership in the …[View]
111560193do people in this area even feel like they belong in a certain country? you're in the core of e…[View]
111566973This is what the average brazilian male looks like.[View]
111566920>be me >get elected as PM this is honestly all I would do.…[View]
111567735This is a Greek man.[View]
111562868Why does Spain fight so many wars?: Why are there so many Spanish military bases everywhere? Why do …[View]
111564995Why're white people so straight?[View]
111566687What do you think of this Lebanese man ?[View]
111564034Nothing like 3 years old frozen fish![View]
111566559Australia: Why is Australia so pathetic?[View]
111565952I'm shitting myself of cold and is just 22° It's too fucking cold, pls help. It's 10 …[View]
111564653Which is the least cringe state?[View]
111567450>Be Bulgarian >Get BTFO by based Greeks when one of them loses their dog https://en.wikipedia.…[View]
111567009i literally wrote the book of revelation, did you like reading it ?[View]
111567093>you wake up in Cyberpunk Türkiye[View]
111565746Mogged: Post /int/ related mogs. The more brutal, the better.[View]
111566341Canada: Say something nice about my prime minister.[View]
111563737Thoughts on americas demographics? https://www.kff.org/other/state-indicator/distribution-by-raceeth…[View]
111566400What race is this?[View]
111567225This is your fiance: You bring him home to meet your parents. How would they react?[View]
111552965Average brazilian poster[View]
111566938Any chi online?[View]
111567057What fascinates you the most about white culture, /int/? For me it has to be cuckolding.[View]
111566858my country is in the rugby world cup and you?[View]
111564704brown people: Humor my curiosity /MENA/ and /lat/ friends; If an Arab man was to marry a Mexican gir…[View]
111565876Which are you?[View]
111566725Why are white couples so smart and creative?[View]
111566752>Sex? Nah bro im actually virgin and im planning on staying like that in support and solidarity o…[View]
111561934>be walking around in berlin minding your own business >suddenly webm related blocks your path…[View]
111544128Ancestry Results: 54% Native American![View]
111564184Americans literally think that Jesus was Texan[View]
111557455/lat/ + /chegalle/ = Hilo latino: hilo latino[View]
111564205Most Mexican citizens in Egypt are women and most of them are housewives. So Mexican women travel to…[View]
111563163Reminder, when you approach a pretty woman she gets INSULTED by you. 'Ew, how did this creep even dr…[View]
111557716C.G Jung's observations concerning America: >Another thing that struck me [in the American] …[View]
111556563Does your country have Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?[View]
111566154Can US JUST FUCKING STOP care about middle east?[View]
111566280If gender is a social construct why are trannies born that way?[View]
111564362/brit/: I can't remember if I cried When I read about his widowed bride Something touched me de…[View]
111566123Do you get along with your countrymen? Or do you prefer foreigners?[View]
111556720Does anyone even think this 'country' should continue to exist? It was an experiment gone …[View]
111565372Why is Latino or Hispanic considered a separate racial category? Aren't there castizo, mestizo …[View]
111564093Shut up fat[View]
111566072>that will be 4.69 plus tip and taxes cracker[View]
111566029>blocked my mom on instagram SO LONG AND GOOD NIGHT[View]
111565603Can I be friends with Japan?[View]
111562786>innocent Habsburgs DA KILL 'EM[View]
111563258>you have been visited by the Laura of unloved threads[View]
111562577>TFW we're being forced to read the communist manifesto for my Modern History class What hap…[View]
111563611>Who the fuck is gigachad? >yeah and who the fuck is the bogdanoff twins?…[View]
111563871Are you looking forward to Winter, /int/?[View]
111565231>Why yes, I do believe every new thread on /int/ should be required to have a gigachad or soyjak …[View]
111562139Are latinxs black?[View]
111564982>cunt/flag >number of cups/drinks on your desk >number of books on your desk >something …[View]
111563681How far left would they be in your country?: Basically, if someone with their views were to run for …[View]
111559917/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Joe Hill's Last Will edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkoMdhx…[View]
111563123Im a engineer wagie at the bruce nuclear plant ask me your questions.[View]
111563941How do I become Japanese?[View]
111565264What is the 'California' of your country?[View]
111561808How common are baizuo in your country?[View]
111563850these are the handsomest members of the japanese rugby team.[View]
111565485>Why yes i do think baizuos are subhumans and should be shot[View]
111564197what do aussies feel when they come across sudanese chads? do they just shrivel up or what[View]
111561769/norgetråden/:: Norsk-svensk vennskapsutgave Fredsmonumentet-underutgaven I forbindelse med markerin…[View]
111560416What strange things do you see in your metro? >pic related[View]
111560884Do Mexicans/Chicanos find this movie offensive or are they lying?[View]
111551269/polska/: hehe ktura godzina[View]
111565127he speaks >arabic >russian >chinese…[View]
111565139i just want a qt3.14 white vanilla mama to cuddle and drink coffee with[View]
111561925Why do people assume that just because of modern-day Italians pronounce a series of letters a certai…[View]
111561321americans really.......[View]
111565174How do you meet women when you transition into wagie life in your country? t.graduating college soo…[View]
111565036he doesn't speak >arabic >russian >chinese…[View]
111551851Anyone else here remember the pre-euro time? Talking about the currency[View]
111565218Thanks for letting me into your country bro, I always knew you guys were cool[View]
111564550>b-b-but muh #DrumpfRecession![View]
111561368>Favourite pornstar? Has to be Sydney Cole.[View]
111564760>you will always be a disgusting mongrel mutt[View]
111563755How do you rate this in your cunt?[View]
111564815Do Americans really[View]
111560816>google search news shooting usa[View]
111563452Thoughts on mexicans?[View]
111564762lol even in shows asian women prefer literal non humans than asian 'men' haha[View]
111564754woah, interesting map.[View]
111564616why can't europeans handle banter as easily as the rest of the world? Lime people from the amer…[View]
111564595Why do amerisharts keep their bullets in their countrymen???[View]
111564403You'll literally get 10x more attention in china if you're white and dye your hair black.[View]
111564457>his country has negative interest rates[View]
111523666/v4/ + friends: *** edition[View]
111560828Is this common in your cunt??[View]
111563727What is this sport called in your language?[View]
111563256/lgbt/ did a survey and they found out that the GAYEST country EVER is not Canada, is not Sweden, is…[View]
111562463Hey Language Masters. I have a question. German and Japanese. Which is hard to learn?? I heard Germa…[View]
111561204>did you just cut in line?: >you’re not allowed to do that![View]
111564401What the fuck went wrong? how can we save them? is there any hope?[View]
111563461i despise kazakh[View]
111564369Why do fat?[View]
111561834TF is zone 51? pic unrelated[View]
1115507391. country 2. how often do you brush your teeth?[View]
111564133This is the best place to live in the US. What about your cunt?[View]
111560584>Just lift bro the women will be all over you[View]
111561962How has racial diversity made your country better /int/? Please be specific.[View]
111554208Sverigetråden: Åke är med i NMR-upplagan[View]
111563594Germany is one of my favorite countries.[View]
111563595>Japanese courts will send an innocent person to jail for decades on a coerced confession alone E…[View]
111487824DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2256: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for 人々 interested in t…[View]
111560715Do you have sisters?: If so, what is she like? Is she a virgin?[View]
111563916If Germany could be forgiven for all of its crimes against humanity, could America be forgiven too?[View]
111555809egy/misr/masr/زب/مصر: the new storm edition[View]
111560278Why is there a more negative stigma against 2 men kissing each other than there is against 2 women k…[View]
111563856Germans niggas be like: 'lmao this land too spicy'[View]
111563092How do we stop them?[View]
111561399Do you enjoy expensive restaurants?[View]
111563818Faguo. Fageans.[View]
111560993/brit/: Wor Dave edition[View]
111559268Why are they so fucking based?[View]
111563479Do amerisharts really?[View]
111561917I can read Chinese at an intermediate level but I am pretty much a beginner in speaking. Is it inevi…[View]
111558685>This is what a feminist looks like[View]
111562484Does your country have cute boys?[View]
111554551Do you ever plan to visit countries from South America?: If yes, which one?[View]
111563321To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Sneed's Feed & Seed. The humour i…[View]
111525210/mena/: choose wisely edition[View]
111563212ITT: Faces of /int/[View]
111545204Why do they love eachother so much?: In the USA they fucked and mixed like crazy. Every White guy in…[View]
111549995How do Russians and Germans feel about one another?[View]
111557271/nederdraad/: Gebied 51-editie[View]
111545522anim/ex-yu/: dbi dbi anime gledamo svi![View]
111559031What the fuck is wrong with Brits? Milk does not belong with tea. This is fucking disgusting.[View]
111563120>Be American >Be lucky my parents didn’t mutilate my dick unlike 80% of males >Forgot to sh…[View]
111561210You wouldn’t believe how hard it is in a Canadian university. So many QT’s like pic related but I ca…[View]
111562023why don't europeans like to shower or bath? Is it a cultural thing?[View]
111559398Lets clear up a few misconceptions you people have. Pic related is what the average american girl is…[View]
111561753How common is plastic surgery in your country?[View]
111560175why yes we are Canadian how could you tell ?[View]
111562402i'm spinning around move outta my way i know you're feeling me cause you like it like this…[View]
111562814>why yes, i do give gigachad swirlies every day after gym class, how could you tell?…[View]
111562423>in soviet russia X do Y >edit: thanks for the likes guys!…[View]
111531399/skandi/: Det er freddag, drenge/gutta/grappar[View]
111561091Who is /int/'s ideal man?[View]
111562754Where do you see your country in a few years? America -Decent if we can get a good president soon.[View]
111562160>Official language: Arabic >Majoritary reliogion: Islam >Most commom name: Muhammad >Lit…[View]
111562092In this thread, we have a civilized discussion about all things related to India.[View]
111559034are middle easterns based? how did they manage to make the three most well known religions? how do t…[View]
111561114We're all here shitposting because this hairy thing had a lot of sex millions of years ago.[View]
1115626211. Cunt 2. Are there any demon lizards in your cunt? Flag Yes, they’re fucking EVERYWHERE[View]
111562517MAMA КAЗA, ЧE ИЗГЛEЖДAM КATO 5 MИЛИOHA ЛEBA https://youtu.be/MgAkZQvFT_w[View]
111561695What countries are they from?[View]
111561891With a weak Mordor, Europe can enjoy real democracy[View]
111560738What do non-white Americans mean when they say someone is 'whitewashed'?[View]
111560044Why don't they have humor?[View]
111562233Is it though?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hKGwGAHznFQ[View]
111557778Have you tried the new Coca-Cola Light Taste™ I'm really liking the Exotic Mango flavor ! I on…[View]
111555302السلام معكم يا أصدقائي ، أنا أتعلم اللغة العربية أنا سعيد :)[View]
111560257What the fuck is wrong with my cunt?: >This is a Brazilian white male…[View]
111561600What phenotype is this?: ?[View]
111561954>RTE (National broadcaster) is advertising Culture Night here: >By promoting Nigerian rappers …[View]
111560523Have you ever been to the Sahel, /int/? Do you want to visit?[View]
111556946Is Spain so empty because of colonialism?[View]
111550910Wtf this is actually possible?[View]
111557768so whats happening at area 51?[View]
111561408Anime is a mental illness in your cunt? >denmark >yes…[View]
111561755Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
111552230the coomer: >>>/fit/52472910 h-hes dead guys.....[View]
111559517they look like meds but pretend not to be why?[View]
111535456/norgetråden/:: Herr hovmester? Kan jeg få en dose hivladning takk?-utgaven Forrige:>>11150073…[View]
111560425Why did we let Europe die?[View]
111559877Kosovar's look like THAT?![View]
111556555What is the most important thing to learn about your cunt.[View]
111558578Reasons to love Israel >Homeland of the Jewish people >Won many wars in which they were outnum…[View]
111561375Do qt guys date r*asties in your country? Here they only date other qt guys.[View]
111561346>ஜ۩۞۩ஜ SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE NIGHTCOREஜ۩۞۩ஜ[View]
111560928Could I fit in as a local in your country?[View]
111559978Area 51: These people are like the idiots who stood on top of the skyscraper in Independence Day, bu…[View]
111560867>Official language: Arabic >Majoritary religion: Islam >Most commom name: Muhammad >Lite…[View]
111561293>edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger![View]
111559589The virgin Milk Carton vs the Chad Bagged Milk[View]
111557952I can't even get a desi girlfriend if i tried.[View]
111559757say something nice about south Sudan[View]
111559670/brit/: lads...[View]
111558074my cat has such bad posture. How do I make him sit up straight?[View]
111557163The average american consume 3500 calories daily How can they eat 175% of the daily recommended inta…[View]
111558266> Norway is better than Sweden > Finland is better than Japan > Ireland is the best in Euro…[View]
111548399>tfw no tomboy gf[View]
111560087for me it can only be finnish queens[View]
111559464Бyдь кaк дoмa пyтник, я ни в чeм нe oткaжy Я ни в чeм нe oткaжy, я ни в чeм нe oткaжy Mнoжecтвo иcтo…[View]
111558286Do Americans really do this?[View]
111557172The main difference between Finland and Sweden[View]
111561053Did you know: Moscow has 100k+ cats living there? They are so cute[View]
111559760Redpill me on this grill. Her name is officially 'Anna-Sofia', but sometimes I see 'Ali-Sisto' attac…[View]
111558455Why hasn't Australia gotten its own flag yet? I thought they had a strong republican movement.[View]
111560959The Assyrians honestly have one of the coolest flag designs[View]
111557913/brit ////////////////: You better have striked for climate change, the most important crisis we fac…[View]
111560506What if my soulmate is white[View]
111560785My ancestor :) DON'T EVER call me an Ar*b[View]
111559535All he ever wanted to be was German.[View]
111552968You can choose one country from this map and swap it for any other country on the earth. Uruguay-Ne…[View]
111560544THEY DID IT AGAIN GUYS!!![View]
111558618I gamble in Macao[View]
111554888bulgarian thread: any bulgarians on 4chan rn?[View]
111556786what makes you instantly recognize an american online?[View]
111558992I wanna make Pulled pork this weekend. Your country do you enjoy Pulled Pork?[View]
111556412Your honest opinion on Germany and the German people?[View]
111557431>White people https://eu.jsonline.com/story/communities/south/news/south-milwaukee/2019/04/17/bai…[View]
111558290What do people think of lawyers in your country, /int/?[View]
111556403Rural Spain...[View]
111558698why are polish girls so hot? they just blow english girls out of the water Are all non english europ…[View]
111559109>He's no friend to the friendless >And he's the mother of grief >There's onl…[View]
111559860Reasons to love USA >Only nation founded on liberty for all people rather than language, ethnicit…[View]
111550050Name three good things about this country[View]
111555906/brit/: Shite and shower edition[View]
111548293Has any of you guys gotten into a fight before? And by fight I mean a serious fight where someone en…[View]
111544776Lets clear up a few misconceptions you people have. Pic related is what the average american girl is…[View]
111560401What could be more quintessentially English than midnight tea?[View]
111556317How would America be like today if they'd won?[View]
111557568You wake up in Portuguese Brazil[View]
111559560why is int the only board that constantly uses this pepe? what does it even mean, he is just making …[View]
111558951>Trips decides my new phone background[View]
111538094>climate strike[View]
111557864>Jomon men[View]
111559708>his country doesn't have a Constitution[View]
111560171Why are they so devilish?[View]
111522365Who is /int/'s ideal woman?[View]
111556841I am Korean these my demands: I will leave your pathetic liberal faggot country if my demands are me…[View]
111559640Where did the 'le atheists are smart' meme come from? In australia all the country bumpkin rednecks …[View]
111559647What's your opinion on the Oktoberfest? Do people in your country copy the event?[View]
111560089Weird euphemisms in your cunt: Unapproachable married women are 'encrypted' Crazy people have no 'ne…[View]
111549641/cum/: retard edition[View]
111555067Is the world finally waking up to the climate crisis?[View]
111549707what do childless europeans do in their free time? in my imagination they smoke cigarettes in cafes,…[View]
111558918wait a minute... Toulousain girls look like THAT?[View]
111552610Are Nilotes chads?[View]
111556075I liked this book. What book(s) did you like?[View]
111559633Do Americans really shart in marts and then get shot by incel mutts with brown skin and fat nigger l…[View]
111555242What was your country known for in the 1700s?[View]
111558929How would this man be treated in your country?[View]
111559359Things the class lunatic told you because you were impressionable and shy: >if you electrocute co…[View]
111549361Post the most German music you know. Nothing with red balloons allowed. https://youtu.be/5HtFbBAHiWg[View]
111555778Epische Gamer Ausgabe /deutsch/[View]
111558703identityless italo american mongrel: >Glorify crime and violence just like niggers >Muh dick a…[View]
1115575193rd Friday havin a beer. What are you doing?[View]
111557819>americans have to make a gofundme if they're seriously injured[View]
111558011Why do leftists and muslims hate Ayaan Hirsi Ali?[View]
111554786What the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
111556049Why does /int/ recognize Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Macau, and Reunión but not Palestine, the C…[View]
111558121I can't distinguish American from British english. What's the difference?[View]
111557237>no you cant try on my glasses you stupid dumb fucking whore[View]
111552811Is Europe just a discount version of Japan?[View]
111557359Germany should ____________ to annihilate the eternal anglo. Please complete the sentence above.[View]
111558016/loner general/: lets be lonely together, anon.[View]
111555314Do you remember when a soviet jet built in 1956 shot down an amerikkkan plane built in 2017??[View]
111556261Is your leader the opposite of what he seems?[View]
111484187/flag/ + /extraflags/: The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhode…[View]
111557692Latin american people are disgusting, they are literally all fat, 4 feet tall, and they look like fu…[View]
111557274How can anyone with an IQ over two digits believe in global warming? Global CO2 levels are 400 ppm, …[View]
111541070/ita/ il filo: Edizione :verità celate[View]
111539977/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
111557775>Why, yes, I support liberation of Kurdistan from Turkey, Iran and Syria, how could you tell?…[View]
111554173>Watching sopranos >There is a guy wit the name PUSSY do americans really do this?…[View]
111557616'Free the Nipple' movement: Women can now legally go topless in 6 states: https://www.yaho…[View]
111551252Dear Europe, you are welcome for liberating you from Germany in both World Wars. Regards, America[View]
111556959saw a white woman with a black man walking hand in hand the other day on that very same day i also s…[View]
111551463Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
111557244Serious question about American healthcare: I'm a Frenchman visiting Miami for two weeks. If I …[View]
111554260What's the pagan version of your culture's place of worship would looks like?[View]
111557092I want to have meals 3 times a day[View]
111557405/CHI/ - Chicano General[View]
111557278>For me personally, nothing shows MENA region better than Aladdin.[View]
111557327>press 1 for english[View]
111552921No Finlan thread? This is Finlan Thread. Welcome to Diss, Hate, purge anger, Love, like and give us …[View]
111556131french girls make wine with their smelly feet[View]
111553249>meet Argentinian guy >he says 'que onda?' I thought only Mexicans said that?…[View]
111548210/nederdraad/: Echte meisjes editie[View]
111553934White people feel comfortable around me because i'm despite being a brown man i'm socially…[View]
111556333Is this what the average American girl looks like?[View]
1115568511. your country 2. how are women treated in your country? 3. why are women so based?[View]
111556884>why yes I do support Scottish independence[View]
111549327It's time for the princess of Italy find a handsome, rich and royal husband. Who should she mar…[View]
111527459/egy/ /زب/ /misr/ /masr/ /kemt/ /ahwa/ /مصر/: تفتكروا الإخوان والكولجيه هيعملوا حاجه النهارده اديشن؟…[View]
111552138/luso/ - Fio em português: luso - the portuguese thread image translation: Great day[View]
111524316kurva anyátok[View]
111554507>ITT: >We pay our respects to one of the hardest working posters on /int/ Thank you for your s…[View]
111556572>i exclusively eat well done steak with ketchup, and chicken nuggets with chocolate milk. you got…[View]
111547111Alsace(-Moselle) destroyed this Europe[View]
111554913How do we put an end to the G*rmanic menace?[View]
111551853Why do pigs make muslims so angry? Is it jealousy?[View]
111551184What will they find up there?[View]
111554377are there a lot of punk girls in your country?[View]
111547180>be worth $30 million+ (probably a lot more) >your work isn't location dependent >you …[View]
111554734And they say that Germans have no sense of humor.[View]
111553226Lei Wong: Wakes up, goes to sweatshop and he sweats for 12 hours in inhumane conditions and eats sti…[View]
111555840I want... ten dollars[View]
111554446Do people in your country like American cuisine? Would you eat this fine example of American cuisine…[View]
111555392I live in a slum. wat do¿[View]
111543855Thank you for your service.[View]
111554420Does your country have vampires?[View]
111544995Why are everyone love Asian girl?[View]
111535730What video game are you playing, anon? i'm playing anno 1404[View]
111555469THE FUCKING MAD MAN[View]
111555624>la cara del americano...[View]
111555793Why is American “”””””healthcare””””””” so atrocious? >In the U.S., health insurers can require …[View]
111538986/Med/: Blushing apu friendliness and hugs edition.[View]
111554614Italian MEP defends UK: This is not how EU should treat a country that has chosen own path: Based A…[View]
111550114Based Abe importing Polynesian BVLLs to save Japan![View]
111555686>shitalian father fucked a white irish/german woman >german part of family says i look greek…[View]
111554192Why does Brasilia look desolate? Looks as if someone had said 'let's establish our goverment he…[View]
111553841How do you say 'one ticket for JOKER please?' in your country? >une place pour RIEUR s'il vo…[View]
111553534reminder: everytime you take a dump. it will go here[View]
111553453/brit/: picked up a new book edition[View]
111552813pröööööööööööööö :D :D :D[View]
111554026Why do (((they))) hate us?[View]
111549894Questions for FOB asians or asians living in east asia: Are asian countries as some people online li…[View]
111550855/deutsch/: Die Kaviar Fetischisten haben immer vor dem Sex den Darm prall mit Scheiße gefüllt und da…[View]
111554078>he dates only black girls[View]
111555489Sweden appreciation thread: There's too much Sweden bullying on this board. Post the things you…[View]
111555243I love australian girls[View]
111554761Spot the prime minister of Canada.[View]
111539167Do you love Korea? Do your family love Korea? Do your friends love Korea? Does your country love Kor…[View]
111555194>*smiles and stares at u*[View]
111552737Is finland racist?[View]
111555262Watch this video, guys: https://archive.org/details/Georgian/The+Jewish+Problem-English.mp4 Still va…[View]
111545747I suffer in Eastern Poland[View]
111553033>Bosnian catches goldfish >goldfish says: Release me and i will fulfill you 1 wish >Bosnian…[View]
111554914This is my favorite Mexican. What's yours?[View]
111552823this is the average Spaniard[View]
111553326Is he the king of the brown people? How much power does he hold over them?[View]
111554616>chile is first wo-[View]
111554872No mamen bros, que tal si tiembla otra vez? Y mas huerte?[View]
111554859>watching londoner biker youtuber >90% of the people he talks to on the street can't spea…[View]
111544569This is the most handsome Polish man in history.[View]
111553948I like this country a lot[View]
111553715Another Friday, another opportunity to fulfill your duty of making a lady happy and gettin' a p…[View]
111554490ITT: we post historical chads from our cunt: >Pettersson was one of the six children of Carl Wilh…[View]
111550764How do Brazilian remember Brazilian Holocaust?[View]
111549117Why are swedish people always trying to convince us to sell our souls to united nations and jewish b…[View]
111552758>Serb catches goldfish >goldfish says: release me and i will fulfill you 3 wishes >Serb man…[View]
111551137This just in!!!!: Accident happened in Poland!!! What to do?[View]
111549960Which Dutch poster was this?[View]
111551068I'm having a dinner with my kot: what are you up to, /int/?[View]
111552218imagine naming your country after this[View]
111554148Is there a more capital-esque city in the world than Washington D.C.?[View]
111552893Do white couples really?[View]
111551942Would gays around the world want a Latin American bf?[View]
111553971I have a three digit IQ, living in a two digit IQ country.[View]
111547729>average med family[View]
111550657What is it like to be a black man in Europe?[View]
111552378You wake up in Spanish Mexico[View]
111547968>nofappers on suicide watch You're not a fascist are you /int? The Finnish coomer was right …[View]
111552720>Something happens >OMG IT'S THE CIA Living free in the world's head since 1776.…[View]
111551788Europe 1871 Map: Perfect: You might not like it but this is what the best European map looks like. N…[View]
111553766What do you call this in your language?[View]
111553760Why are the best books always being written by white women?[View]
111552146>Dude, I dont fucking care it says she's hundreds of years old, that's a fucking child …[View]
111551999My ancestors :)[View]
111553494https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Köçek >men would compete for the boys sexual favours and bid high…[View]
111550109>BONJOUR MONSIEUR How do you respond?[View]
111541209/fr/ - le francofil: Édition vendredi couscous Ancien: >>111531466[View]
111553397>you wake up in Cyberpunk Türkiye[View]
111550593Are we just gonna keep pretending that these people don't exist?[View]
111551127/brit/: British dramatizations of coke use edition https://youtu.be/aUfMdoiDgLc[View]
111553228What's the difference between Arabs and Israelis?: They all look the same to me.[View]
111549486Did you serve in the military?: Yes I did. Here it's mandatory after high school for 3 years. B…[View]
111552574My ancestor[View]
111552961Xi? More like They/Them[View]
111552340hello american anons, I have the opportunity to study for a semester at the university of Baltimore,…[View]
111547963/vocaroo/ vocaroo thread? Say anything you want to your /int/ friends https://vocaroo.com/i/s1VoINC3…[View]
111552328Why do Americans dance when they're no longer in debt?: https://youtu.be/X0bsL8L9iIY[View]
111544781>american tourists asked me for directions today >i sent him the wrong way…[View]
111546381Would you racemix with a colombian girl?[View]
111548176How powerful would a united Türkistan be?[View]
111547294Why is this board so obsessed with women and sex? Like, I don't give a shit about how you like …[View]
111550452to dutch faggots, how the fuck do I find a mommy gf for visa? i'm trying to find a solution to …[View]
111551432Has any nation ever benefited from Russia's support in the long run?[View]
111544141>You will never die of frostbite while fighting 30 000 russians with your gang of 2500 karelians …[View]
1115512161. Your cunt 2. Can you Triforce?[View]
1115524081. Your country 2. Has your country made contact with ETs? Flag Yes[View]
111549124Do they?: Do Magyars really do this?[View]
111551237Today I learned that my name is considered a girl name internationally. I disagree.[View]
111548671Sverigetråden - Fredagsupplagan: Vad ska ni... ÄTA? DRICKA? SPELA? KOLLA PÅ? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lmao n…[View]
111551674How come modern-day Greece and Rome are no where near as great as they were thousands of years ago? …[View]
111551818plastic face[View]
111551015What should we do about the Polish question?[View]
111551174>When you see a boomer tourist[View]
111544950This whole Islam angle is making this Left vs Right wing thing very confusing in the West[View]
111551849Hey /int/ how dominant are women in your country? Do they have positions of power,etc?[View]
111548594Is fat acceptance a problem in your country? This disease spread like a cancer in America.[View]
111543802Basest country?: >Constantly shat on by subhumans from all over /int/: Never respond nationalisti…[View]
111543427/balk/: Cpпcкo цapcтвo eдицијa >>111535057[View]
111551246edycja mojej czarnej gf[View]
111550465>Americans want to make her the next President very based[View]
111546300is this accurate?[View]
111548839/brit/: Rugby Worldc Up edition[View]
111541702/polska/: Edycja Chrzestu Polski[View]
111542318Portuguese women were built for the french massive cock[View]
111550836This is powerful...[View]
111538706>hey anon u rikeu our costumes?[View]
111550975>war in country >school gets bombed killing 40 children >.... >ancient temple gets bombe…[View]
111537099How are you preparing for the African century?[View]
111549407>be American >dress up like weirdo >go to restricted military area >stand in front of en…[View]
111510010/asean/: Edisi kontol wibu...[View]
111546642How are Big Buff Chicks treated in your cunt?[View]
111549281When will t*rks return Constantinople?[View]
111546998Albania: I find it ridiculous that a pyramid scene caused your goverment to collapse at one point B…[View]
111549079English people look like that?[View]
111550632>I'm an incel in a 1st world country >I suffer At least you have decent jobs and pay ov…[View]
111548425Thoughts on AmeriKKKa and ameriKKKans[View]
111549365*sighs* do they really...[View]
111546154I stabbed one annoying kid in middle school in the eye with a kitchen knife. He died instantly.[View]
111548538it's 23:36 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
111550644The United States Of America has the strongest military.[View]
111545762>thousands of this guy raped german girls in 1945: Was the soviet union just r/asianmasculinity a…[View]
111546602/deutsch/ am Abend: grüner Huhnd[View]
111550401>Boom, boom, boom, boom!! >I want you in my room >Let's spend the night together >F…[View]
111541171When I show this to arachnophobes, they don’t seem fazed by it compared to the image of a spider. Wh…[View]
111548861How do I join the yellow fever incel discord?[View]
111541837/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: Potato edition[View]
111536608What phone does /int/ have?[View]
111550018russia vs usa[View]
111547150>Attracted mostly to Arab women >Also the hardest to get especially as a Cvtholic I never stoo…[View]
111550005https://youtu.be/k1jgLdQlsUc German turk speaking Turkish. R8[View]
111544435This will be the tallest building in Czech Republic. Rate pls[View]
111546018Just fired an AK at my cousin's wedding[View]
111536897/nederdraad/: Autistische meisjes editie[View]
111544246>Was watching amateur cuck porn as usual >Started paying more attention to the bulls >Notic…[View]
111549670Jomon Thread: Does anyone else find it funny how the Jomon-spammer single-handedly asswrecked the en…[View]
111549663>oldest door in ______ country[View]
111545966Lets clear up a few misconceptions you people have. Pic related is what the average brazilian girl i…[View]
111548731You wake up in the Kongo Empire[View]
111544284How many women have you fucked?: I fucked only 1 woman in my life. Feels bad man feels bad.[View]
111546428>youtube commercial >is another light skinned female with a black male…[View]
111546415>New 'England' >Is one of the few area in the US with dominant French ancestry OH NO NO NO N…[View]
111549019what is it about heroin consumers that makes them so recognizable? even when they are not under the …[View]
111542738luso /Fio Lusófono/: Fio Brasileiro & Fio Português POSTEM QUALQUER COISA, FILHOS DA PUTA! MAS P…[View]
111543420Why not just[View]
111545638>TFW no one gives a shit about you or your problems and wants you to fail >TFW you realize you…[View]
111548750this is what an asian chad looks like: vietnamese bvll that is a self made millionaire and former wo…[View]
111546876do americans really do this?[View]
111548832Opinion on californians?[View]
111548674>The only thing worse than delusional, jingoistic nationalists are pathetic, self hating cucks.…[View]
111548622important research for my phd thesis: >your cunt >when you get a blowie do you use a condom…[View]
111546657/brit/: ssbbw edish[View]
111548033why do they dislike us[View]
111548720Sverigetråden - Höstfredagsupplagan[View]
111545150>You're a puffy cunt >Does toilet paper go up or down?…[View]
111545766How many languages are spoken in your country? We have 24.[View]
111546127>yeah anon I'm from Brazil how could you tell ?[View]
111548548poo in loos be like >HOLY COW this pie too sweet for me >*proceeds to eat boiled lentis sprink…[View]
111547523Humanidade segundo a esquerda: Divina, nasceu pura, deve ser celebrada e ganhar coisas de graça, sem…[View]
111546613Which country is the least fucked up? Brazil or South Africa? SA seems to be comfier than my country…[View]
111532220How will life in the year 2100 look like?: That's 80 years from now.[View]
111545642La Wallonie est la seule région de la B*lgique ayant une culture quelque peu dévéloppée Wallonia is …[View]
111548316>Imperialism bad![View]
111547991I've just been diagnosed with being Irish and the doctors fear it may be terminal[View]
111546176>la cara del americano...[View]
111547063>Realize, as social creatures, the internet is an anomaly >Men and women are stuck inside of i…[View]
111548105Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
111548013for me, its chelsea manning[View]
111547066Is there a more alpha death than commiting seppuku ?[View]
111547875Your opinion on German banter?[View]
111547951This is the GIGACHAD that created both Tour Eiffel & Statue de la Liberté: Can any of your count…[View]
111547758>tfw I will never be an American pilot and grow a mustache in march.[View]
111542065>be Central Europe >be ancient time >be inhabited by Germanics >be later >slaves spre…[View]
11154413999 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of bee…[View]
111546543NOOOO! nonononononononoNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!! Smoking is BAD!!!!!!! DO YOU WANT TO GET CANCER?????? …[View]
111541237Do Americans really do this?[View]
111510534Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>111434631 # Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/in…[View]
111544286How can French tell the difference between an Arab and a Frenchman?[View]
111541320White People's Problems: >when you want to click on Youtube on your SmartTV but accidently c…[View]
111546040I have a cro-magnoid blockface[View]
111547184Do you miss Czeczenoslovenia? Poland Yes[View]
111543947>English language >English flag >English system of law >English placenames >English m…[View]
111547249The Japanese BVLL[View]
111536835/mämmi/: Pizzaperjantaipainos[View]
111542321what will you do if your daughter brings home an african boyfriend?[View]
111546755Destroyed his nation millenary cultural heritage and starved millions of its people to death to LARP…[View]
111545603Why did Russians name a city Electrosteel? Why do Russian things always explode? Why do Russians lov…[View]
111545773/ex-yu/: dženi može da ga žvaće[View]
111539488Imagine how much these faggots would shitpost if they actually had a culture or history...[View]
111544361Why don't drug addicts just stop doing drugs? I quit smoking and alcohol with no trouble.[View]
111542520Why are Italian girls so perfect?[View]
111546249Are Italians so shit at fighting wars because they're basically Arabs?[View]
111545825>amerimutts unironically believe China will just collapse lol how delusional…[View]
111546295No, I am not wh*te Yes, this is a good thing No, we Iberians are not European Yes, the legacy of the…[View]
111546880Is now the perfect time to strike and annex Canada? Being racist is a crime in 2015+4 and the genoci…[View]
111546808It's 2019... and I am forgotten[View]
111544759When’s the last time you went crying to your mom? Be honest[View]
111546722There! Right there! Look at that tanned, well tended skin Look at the killer shape he's in Look…[View]
111544096/brit/: Where's homealone edition[View]
111540859The solution to the 'White question' isn't is to bring more immigrants. We have to bring aricul…[View]
111540569Sverigetråden - FredagsUpplagan[View]
111546129No matter how much you shit on Paris, your town will never have such a KINO Landscape.: ...and will …[View]
111543343/deutsch/: richtige ausgabe lol[View]
111542909The only girl that loved me were non whites One morrocan, one mulatta and an asian chick[View]
111546028What is simply the dumbest way people speak your language in your country? How did it get that way? …[View]
111545754This was really good. Why did Americans sperg over it?[View]
111525367/ex-yu/: zene su zakon[View]
111545694Americans you have no right to whine from now on: We are all toiling here for shit wages , living in…[View]
111545431>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?…[View]
111545760lots of these kinds of threads on >>>/mu/, if you have any of these templates feel free to …[View]
111545050>I suffer in America ...[View]
111541598My hometown and village in Thailand is flooded. NOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
111545602how will americans ever recover?[View]
111544400Your cunt Do people eating this in your cunt? Sweden Yes I love it[View]
111545377>MFW the Europoor meme is true[View]
111537918Fuck feminazis Fuck black lives matter Fuck LGBT Welcome Lenin Welcome real socialism Welcome Stalin…[View]
111545112I am afraid of American refugees after USA falls. I don't want tens of thousands of overweight …[View]
111544850>you wake up in London[View]
111532957*blocks your path*[View]
111538224was this song popular in your country ?[View]
111535160Does she have the ideal European Phenotype?[View]
111543422I want to travel from Sweden to Italy by boat: I would like to visit Capri in autumn or winter…[View]
111543756>he isn't at least half Armenian[View]
111538176pic related[View]
111536623finding a dutch girlfriend: dutch bros, how does one find a conservative dutch girl to date in the N…[View]
111544132Why do Americans treat science if it was some sort of magic?[View]
111538933Do Arabs girls like Indian guys ? I am traveling to Dubai and Levantine area and I want to date Ara…[View]
111543274wtf russia is so smol https://brilliantmaps.com/mercator-vs-true-size/?fbclid=IwAR2_MOAb5BOxe2D1_uNL…[View]
111527862It feels like they're over-represented here. Why?[View]
111528264you wake up in Australia[View]
111538052cunt Is your family very religious? flag yes My family is obsessed with religion, everything has to…[View]
111543066What do people do with rats in your country?[View]
111542441I do not class them as Europeans. In my opinion they are part of the 'Near East'. This has nothing t…[View]
111543264Weltweite Passbesteuerung für EU Bürger Ausgabe[View]
111538049int is the worst board[View]
111537519Why jap, cina, korea and fin hated each others?[View]
111542534Roma termini yesterday at 9pm[View]
111542639post gfs from around the world /int/[View]
111519789Why are asian women so soft? White women have much more muscle definition[View]
111543673is 'bastard' a curse word in you're country?[View]
111543981Music exchange: ITT: We post a link to a song and a language, and the next anon will rate that song …[View]
111544119I'm wealthier than 99% of Americans because I've got my foreskin[View]
111543611Question for people who wear shoes in the house: don't you want to let your feet breathe? Do yo…[View]
111536906Do messicans ever get black girls in the JewSA?[View]
111543242is this common in your kunt?[View]
111541764/brit/: effy edish[View]
111539110Area 51 Raid: Crazy motherfuckers actually did it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ScEVZAGjLc…[View]
111543095I love Asian American girl. I love American porn.[View]
111543470do they really >A couple busted on DUI charges couldn’t wait to jump each other’s bones — so they…[View]
111543371How to evade sharia patrols while searching for love in London?[View]
111540286Bring me a chamber-potty, Anon[View]
111543651I've been juggling the idea of either learning Chinese or Vietnamese. Which one would be more u…[View]
111543662>Lock them shoulders >Lock them arms >Now lock that neck Just raise those fingers in the aa…[View]
111538073It's only the middle of September, and here it is already 5°C with the wind. I want global warm…[View]
111541299Dutch people are so brave. I wonder what they saw.[View]
111542831Are girls in your country /fit/?[View]
111536721So in Canada. unless a girl specifically says “I want to have sex”, it’s rape?[View]
111538368Name 1 (ONE) country[View]
111540790>Brazilian posts in a thread >it suddenly starts to smell like bananas…[View]
111542515Post your best Scandinavian pornstars: Post best Scandinavian pornstars[View]
111540127How common is incest rape in other countries?[View]
111535057/balk/: King edition >>111523914[View]
111543275>no one talks about this anymore Why has The Return completely been forgotten?…[View]
111542965I want to hit your head with a shovel[View]
111539709NEA (Northeast Asia): Learn the real geography. It could save your life. NEA: Japan, Russia SEA: the…[View]
111537002How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
111540062Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
111535143the ideal woman[View]
111540618/deutsch/ Mucki Ausgabe[View]
111542106>nuclear power? nah bro, they’re just shilling that popsci bullshit to the rick & morty audie…[View]
111541885Why is UK so dirty? I'm a Finn currently traveling around the country, and although its rural a…[View]
111510323Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>111470269 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
111539243So, when are they repatriating to Arabia?[View]
111538054اللهم إني أسألك بنورك وعزك وجلالك ، وجميع معاليك أن تأخذ الجانتور أخذ الزلزلة ، أخذ الرابية أخذ الدم…[View]
111525574/cum/: when fk posts edition[View]
111541091Sverigetråden - Lördagsupplagan: Vad dricker du o äter å sånt[View]
111542890>white guilt[View]
111540893Thoughts on Amerikkka and amerikkkans[View]
111539948Egypt has the largest gypsy population in the world, by far. Why is that?[View]
111542640>NOOOOOOOOO WAITER!!!!! THERE'S A HAIR IN MY SOUP!!!!!!!![View]
111537404Is there anything more cringe and bluepilled than abolishing the death penalty?[View]
111537186The perfect country doesnt ex...: ....[View]
111542657/int/craft: YUGO WARS EDITION: /int/craft is /int/'s historical rp minecraft server, running in…[View]
111542608How do you preparing for the century of Sami peoples :)[View]
111538202>Your country >Muslimku or Jewku?[View]
111542575How do you prepare for the Polish century?[View]
111542598>you pissed in my bed, you have to pay for it![View]
111539221What’s the best kind of interracial couple and why is is asian/latina?[View]
111539836>Sanjay is asking Stacy and Stephanie for bobe and vegana again[View]
111542132Brigitte is for _______.[View]
111530148/ita/ il filo: Edizione: raduno del filo ad Arezzo[View]
111540989It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday[View]
111541136You are only allowed to post in this thread if you unironically hate your own country.[View]
111542200How much do you pay to watch AmeriKKKan propaganda?[View]
111542174Do they really?[View]
111540335post renowed/famous songs from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CI3lhyNKfo p-pic unrel…[View]
111540439Sweden YES[View]
111540728Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
111541339>cunt >how much would they have to pay you to teach these kids?…[View]
111541893Do gypsies really?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8jZKAjwvLE[View]
111541807He killed millions...[View]
111540969Why does Finland hate Sweden? All their successful people came from there?[View]
111541749Is this common in your country?[View]
111540625>150 word essay due by Monday >still haven’t started How fucked am I?…[View]
111541478I am 54 yo and never fucked sex What?[View]
111532458Why are germanic names such as Rodrigo, Ricardo, Roberto, Fernando, Raul, Henrique, Ramon, Geraldo, …[View]
111536636>mutts keep posting pictures of turks and arabs in Germany >turns out it's still whiter t…[View]
111536918>yes, I do feel personally attacked whenever my country's past misdeeds are mentioned…[View]
111532580/polska/: edycja wojska polskiego[View]
111538017What your flag origin? We just ripped off the blue color from some flag[View]
111541500Is it the Chinese turn to colonize the Balkans?[View]
111539689Having a snack, lads[View]
111538153The future of the British Isles.[View]
111539728100% asian = big heads, no tits, no butt, flat chest and butt, shitty teeth, ugly, autistic, yellow …[View]
111538499Sweden WHY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anflTyvUwBk[View]
111538793>man I LOVE travelling![View]
111539827>Mom asks for the password of my computer while i'm at uni because my sisters needs to send …[View]
111541233Gopnik: Gopnik[View]
111541234Why do Americans do this??: Why?[View]
111531466/fr/ le francofil: Édition apolitique[View]
111539542How do I attract Nordic women online?[View]
111538260/brit/: a serious problem and surely not a delusion edition[View]
111539599>DUDE WE’RE LIKE AMERICA BUT EVERYWHERE IS FREEZING seriously what’s the point in this shit “cou…[View]
111529837Do you love Belgium?: I certainly do![View]
111540059CHINA STRONK[View]
111540165This what i do to Every single sc*ndi snownigger especially sw*des. I murder them and dissolve body …[View]
111537898>cunt >築地市場は[View]
111540373Would you rather be rich and ugly or beautiful but poor?[View]
111529411How can you tell the difference between Brits & Norwegians?: Their girls seems to bear the same …[View]
111534365Why is Spanish/French/Italian accent hot, but Eastern European or German disgusting?[View]
111538319Who are some posters you recognize?[View]
111538469>Turks and Commies kept us poor. We would be rich if we were part of western world. what's …[View]
111540183Belgium is french, all of it[View]
111539997When was the last time your parents asked if you are gay?[View]
111532090The virgin Azeri The Chad Armenian[View]
111539423>Culture >Languages >History…[View]
111537758/deutsch/: keine scheiss klima oder politik diskussionen hier, ihr verfickten linken sozispasten - A…[View]
111539956stop posting here. it will only give you a sexual fetish or infect you with racism[View]
111519215hilo latino /lat/[View]
111534124Bye bye whitey[View]
111539933What is the official position of Kuwait on Syrian conflict?[View]
111537759i miss him so fucking much[View]
111539781Post old ads/psa from your cunt. Wine nutritional values 1L of 10° wine equals 900g of milk, 370g of…[View]
111536982I'm assembling a team.[View]
111538021Macron, are you ok ? Blink if you need help...[View]
111539159Area 51 Streams are up!: Area 51 Streams are up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOkR83VNklg https:/…[View]
111538542The Solomon Islands and Kiribati withdrew recognition of Taiwan this week - leaving Taiwan with only…[View]
111538460>Why yes I live in Brent, London. How could you tell?[View]
111533376>go to get a haircut >haircut was $16 >open my wallet >only have $20 bills >am forced…[View]
111537476My country sucks. I need to move to a high income country?[View]
111535332How do you deal with being ugly? I unintentionally look like a neonazi and I'm ashamed of going…[View]
111531316Japan made Korean women their sex slave: We just want their apology for their crime But Japan never …[View]
111532655Two girls in this pic, one small, another big Which one would your country be, and who would be the …[View]
111538483List your top 5 most hated/liked ethnicties. You can't include your country Most Liked 1. Japan…[View]
111539057ITT we say nice things about America: all parts of their education are working[View]
111536637>incel in brazil[View]
111538913Good night /int/[View]
111535055Would you live in it?[View]
111538370>ok mista >I pay your politician blackmail money >He do what I tell >Understand?…[View]
111539033Finding love in Brazil[View]
111534561Me when I see french[View]
111538179>Why yes, I do associate your country with a specific color based on the Paradox map games I play…[View]
111535171you have 5 seconds to explain why you haven't converted to Orthodoxy yet Anon[View]
111535476/Norgetråden/: Fredagsutgaven forrige: >>111500739[View]
111534890Ok so they say a krach will happen Will germany turn into a facist state again and invade its neighb…[View]
111536063Eastern Europe expectations vs Eastern Europe reality[View]
111538141WIsh I had friends haha[View]
111534505Will they ever be a superpower?[View]
111532885Sverigetråden - Ett värdigt slut för en värdig häst upplagan[View]
111533092here’s your korean gf bro[View]
111538299Why is America so passionate about life compared to other countries? Why does Europe especially seem…[View]
111537956I suffer indoors.[View]
111531055ITT: Post your favourite Italian[View]
111537096Korean women don't want to date Korean men What happened?[View]
111538216das rite[View]
111535218>yes I do support nuclear power and technology being intergrated into our society, perhaps my phy…[View]
111522433How common are white American and Latina relationships? The board constantly shitposts about Whites …[View]
111533572Lebanons, please help me out. I'm thinking about ordering some food, and there is that 'Lebanes…[View]
111536647I made a fresh pot of coffee if you want a cup anon[View]
111532970My flight to China is in two days and I'm kind of pussying out :([View]
111535309>*creates another WMBW thread on /int/*[View]
111533829Fio Brasileiro e Fio Português. Vamos conversar, filhos da puta. Postem qualquer coisa nesta thread,…[View]
111535527>mfw Americans unironically call roundabouts traffic circles[View]
111530070Why are men are superior to women? Greeks and Romans were redpilled as fuck. 1 - Men are better look…[View]
111531894White people in the 21st century be like[View]
111537657Why yes we are Canadian how could you tell?[View]
111531182>A map from a 1997 French textbook represents 'gradients of Europeanness…[View]
111533106>Doesn't look any better than Northern Ireland which is 3 times poorer >Nobody in Ireland…[View]
111528251Why are Poles such victims?: When I was slaving in Norway I often discussed history with my Polish c…[View]
111536095I had candy for breakfast :DDD[View]
111537366Guinea Bissau is a brother of Brazil[View]
111531539/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du pique-nique un brin mollasson. Fil précédent: >>111514824…[View]
111535182Hey Japanese learner. Why you even try? Hiragana 27 Katakana 27 Kanji unlimited stop learning Categ…[View]
111537203Give land back to Indians All those German and Scandinavian farmers need to go back[View]
111530618>'Fight the people of the book until they pay Jizya or become Muslims..' again, if only you read …[View]
111536336Why do spainiards love to abuse bulls?[View]
111534363/deutsch/: Mutumbe's Schockostange am Mittag[View]
111531658Paint Bucket the World[View]
111533574/brit/: You WILL post in my thread my dear puppets edition[View]
111530987Gypsies look like this???[View]
111537074GIB LATINA GF NOW![View]
111537069>your knut >what album have you listened to the most recently La República de Tejas Pic relate…[View]
111536611Do Americans really have to give obligatory tips to waiters[View]
111534217Femanons: I have a question for femanons. Why do you put up with this place or 4chan in general? Doe…[View]
111508258/nederdraad/: T woord editie[View]
111536437you're country are you a good joe?[View]
111535561What phenotype is this?[View]
111533852I drank polish bottled water and it made me shit myself[View]
111535742I'm willing to bet this guy will be found hanged in his basement in the next weeks. Once he…[View]
111522108/mämmi/: Édition de Je suis Teemu[View]
1115360101. ur cunt? 2. how many hours per day you work? 1. flag 2. 40 min - 1 hour[View]
111526658My name is Miika. Does that sound a gay name to your language?[View]
111535650Pros of genociding bald people: 1. No more nazis 2. No more baldness in the DNA[View]
111531939>I like my women how I like my coffee - black and sweet[View]
111525883Are you fighting to end the Pittie stigma?[View]
111536025Someone made a ransom note last week saying they were going to shoot up the school today if they did…[View]
111531318>he torrents his movies[View]
111533070Seriously. We have let these Germans go too far. Today it's weird animal porn, tomorrow it…[View]
111535551Argentina & Spain Friendship thread[View]
111532242Do thirdies even realize how easy they got it? They live in a tropical paradise without stress. Ever…[View]
111532954/pol/ in a nutshell[View]
111531841Can Euros please take their tardcard back? This social experiment has gone on long enough[View]
111500739/norgetråden/: Anime-utgaven Forrige: >>111465388[View]
111535317mentally ill women[View]
111534975How did you guys learn English so well? im trying hard to learn another language, but I always lose …[View]
111533925Seriously if somebody doesn't do something about these fucking Germans I am going to lose it...[View]
111533919HELLO THIS IS ME NO IM NOT A TURK IM MAKEDONIAN Do you know about Macedonia(Northern Macedonia)[View]
111523583/ro/ - firul nostru: Ediția lui Andrei. Precedent: >>111497738 Sursă: >>>/x/2340563 p…[View]
111523533those master race feels..[View]
111531347>Country is named after the Roma people >Romanians hate them and want them out ??…[View]
111530733could you blend into this crowd?[View]
111533440>i love Indian food[View]
111534274Americans be like: >I suffer in my castle in the state of ________ >I have PTSD and depression…[View]
111523914/balk/: Today under the Sunny slopes of Kale Fortress, where Tsar Dusan was once crowned, we crown o…[View]
111534838tfw: >you're a cunt >you're a feel flag current feel I wanna see it I wanna feel it …[View]
1115341871.cunt ree 2.Do you recognize Mao as the greatest leader to ever live and Deng as a capitalist ghoul…[View]
111532356Whats public transport like in your cunt? NZ its fucking dog shit to the government agent monitoring…[View]
111526467pay denbts[View]
111530555This is the most reddit board on the website.[View]
111534014You are reborn into three of these countries. Which one would u pick between Vietnam, Thailand or Ph…[View]
111533274Would the Arabs accept this?[View]
111534065Japanese BULL.[View]
111531364Wo sind die ganzen Deutschen?[View]
111531146>advertisers think Europe has 20 months[View]
111531270Rate my apartment It costs about 330k USD btw[View]
111533778is russia based?[View]
111531018Does your country have a lot of expats? If so, where are they usually from?[View]
111532014Eurolads, come here: I heard the Amiga and the Atari ST were super popular in Europe Do you own one?…[View]
111533968It's actually a proven fact that Gamers become successful nice guy Chads if a girl shows them l…[View]
111532589I want a Japanese Gf so bad! Are there any Japanese girls here? Why are they so perfect? They are th…[View]
111533859Climate thread: Go to your city/town's wikipedia page and post your climatic table[View]
111532480this is how the average californian girl looks like[View]
111533426why doesn't a nigger stab me to death ? I hate my life in France[View]
111530772>In his country they don't have milk bags[View]
111531784why people likes brazil more than usa?[View]
111533104Jesus: What nationality was he of?: Students of theology (and not only) have been reflecting for yea…[View]
111532852>cunt >do you coom? flag yes on daily basis, how could you tell…[View]
111530535how is the police in your country?: are they cunts like in Sbain[View]
111530443UK fighting for us Gaymers!!!: so far the UK has been fighting for the rights of GAYmers by trying t…[View]
111531870I don't want to interact with 3rd worlders, it depresses me: One of the reasons I am going to l…[View]
111529531/brit/: coom edit subedit janny's a cunt[View]
111533031>three Japanese general threads and DJT thread on catalog I think Japan is the most cancerous cou…[View]
111526811Is this accurate?[View]
111525357i LOVE isreal you should TOO[View]
111532139You wake up as a black man[View]
1115328591. Your cunt 2. Are you a NEET or a Wagie? 3. Describe the look and personality of the avarege wag…[View]
111527088I'm suffering in Istanbul.[View]
111530963Latin America was a mistake: Yesterday I watched Rambo 5 in the cinema. Rambo Last Blood. It convinc…[View]
111532622How are conquistadors perceived in modern Spanish society?[View]
111529183What the fuck[View]
111532642Sphagetti rice[View]
111530268There are 6 continents[View]
111532490Why do Blizzard games use different Number fonts for Korean? It makes 0 sense, they use the same ara…[View]
111531931>So Quartilla took a closer look at the young boy and heard around with great interest to who he …[View]
111529833America is a fucked up country[View]
111522083/polska/: edycja po/l/ska[View]
111532126Is there anything more disgusting than a wh*toid '''woman''' with no tits or ass?[View]
111532374>he doesn't maskpost on /int/[View]
111531968>nordic '''''''''''''food'''''''''''''''''[View]
111531506>tfw no weeing aussie gf[View]
111532247Area 51 watch thread: This is going to be Americacore kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP3uFOnpv…[View]
111523538Thank you for everything Britain[View]
111532201>Spain is not an African country, you're europ- woah[View]
111531781s/opinion (.*)/ignore me I\'m retarded \1/g[View]
111526945Good morning, wagie. Just pull through this day and you're free! Well, until Monday, that is...…[View]
111531090makin scrambleegg[View]
111530435what happens in Mexican california?[View]
111530283This is how my ideal Brazilian husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
111531215Why are they like this?[View]
111529185>tfw delusional wife >tfw refuses medical treatment and demands recognition of her 'lifes…[View]
111531162>We must protect the White race and the future of white children >Wh*toids:…[View]
111531941Fml even Duolingo knows I am balding, it is over.[View]
111531529>Nothing wrong with cooming, bro. It's called having a healthy sexual appetite and normal te…[View]
111530106I love Spain, I wish I could visit someday[View]
111520505/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пятничнoe издaниe Пpeдыдyщий: >>111508049[View]
111531110No you're not subhuman No you're not ugly No you're not disgusting Yes you're pr…[View]
111528951>Why yes, I do deeply research the types of women in a country and how easy they are to sleep wit…[View]
111531704Tumblrina's be like: >Oh sweetie think of the consequences you sexist pigs…[View]
111531702What do your country think about having a job as a police officer?: Is it honorable job? Or just a m…[View]
111527251>roast a poor thirdie >b-but we have s-soul!! Why are they like this?…[View]
111528149/Deutsch/ migriert zum Klimerprotest[View]
111522748is wearing blackface acceptable in your country? could your head of state do it and get away with it…[View]
111531561Would you date a California girl?[View]
111531460Why do Dutch people do this?[View]
111531242>Belgium? You mean Southern Netherland[View]
111531402>Yes I am half Filipino half Nigerian[View]
111526817isreal is rightfully ruler of this world[View]
111527297Yes I'm smol And yes, I'm cute[View]
111529716I want me some delicious Mexican cuisine.[View]
111530581What kind of shirts do nationalist/patriotic boomers use in your cunt?[View]
111527494People are live streaming the area 51 raid lmfao: Is this it? What do you think will happen?[View]
111531184did other countries have Mystery Hunters?[View]
111531213Gopnik Boris best Boris[View]
111527610How did Britbongs get so based?[View]
111527679>Just ordered a large HSP >Not even hungry HAHAHAH eat SHIT socialists…[View]
111530625is this really what the average greek looks like?[View]
111529978why are black people so funny?[View]
111530699>What do you mean there are states other than Texas in the USA?[View]
111528525nicki minaj[View]
111529313Oh nononono this lil motherfucka finna didn't just MURDER ALL MY CHICKENS!!![View]
111527352Which is better: 4chans /int/ or kohlchans /int/ ? Asking for a friend btw[View]
1115278301. Your cunt 2. Do you have Epicanthic folded eyes (Asian eyes) ? 3. Is this frequent for non-asian …[View]
111529256Future is looking good[View]
111530603>americans elect trump in 2020 >he and xi continue to duke it out until Xis big business frien…[View]
111525432We have to do something about the fucking Germans[View]
111530798My favourite Arab countries: Italy Greece Turkey Cyprus[View]
111524980ugh........what could have been............[View]
111511583/ita/ - il filo umaroso notturno[View]
111529885>country >favorite sleeping position flag for me, it's sleeping on my sotmach with my lef…[View]
111530240Lebanese niggas be like, 'My name is Georges Ouissam Abu bin Muhammad al-Arabiyya *hops off camel an…[View]
111530697Admit it, you'd live in an arcology habitat in a heartbeat if someone offered: Free wi-fi and q…[View]
1115278991. Native language 2. Language you are learning >Scots >Japanese…[View]
111528742What should I do about my desi fetish as an east asian male? It’s getting to me stronger and stronge…[View]
111528245>Go on Facebook for the first time in years >All of my school classmates are chads with full t…[View]
111529060Takes me back.[View]
111529790Can you make money online?[View]
111530653>Published in 1925, La raza cósmica (The Cosmic Race) is an essay written by Mexican philosopher,…[View]
111530639My ancestors[View]
111525097Name a better country Protip: you can't[View]
111526841>Israel? More like Basedrael[View]
111528451My ancestors? They were mostly italians from Fiumme and Istria.[View]
111529210>“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear…[View]
111530205left: Your country right: My country[View]
111529019Facts that trigger faggots: >As a fair skinned Mexican with brown eyes I have made out/ had sex w…[View]
111528614Does this shit live in your country?[View]
111528497>Gigachad, I bought you the pair of programme socks you always wanted. Gigachad?…[View]
111527535What are r/int's favorite games?[View]
111529967their was brief period in Pakistan in the 2000's where Spanish/Latin American music was super S…[View]
111527835Have you stopped drinking yet?[View]
111521815Why do they lisp? they almost sound as gay as the French. why are Euros so homosexual sounding compa…[View]
111529896War on Terror Patriot Act PRISM Edward Snowden Guantanamo Bay CIA black sites Human Rights NSA mass …[View]
111529916Does your country have libertarians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvULsrjLdI4 https://www.youtube…[View]
111529186>This scares the FUCK out of southern euros[View]
111527319Why is the USA split up into 50 states?[View]
111528458The German kids have no fingers: Medicinal experts told people to 'not worry' because it is too soon…[View]
111529861/한국어/ 스레드: 홍구 에디션[View]
111529761Why would a country have as its official language a language that very few people in their country s…[View]
111526947/autumn/ thread: post your /comfy/ autumn oc's, frens.[View]
111528284>Mention that I am a middle class Australian >European starts CRYING about capitalism…[View]
111529451Why American love to shoot somebody so much?[View]
111529741You Just Know[View]
111528193>I date all races except italian women[View]
111529601Let's go to mcdonalds[View]
111528896What phenotype is this?[View]
111529288What phenotype is this?[View]
111525159Wtf indian women look like this???[View]
111529510How do we fix reality?[View]
111526525/brit/: do yanks really.... edish[View]
111526733Would your cunt have let in refugee girls from the Salem Witch Trials?[View]
111525877Would you rather live in the Pacific Northwest or the Northeast?[View]
111526262Why do Koreans do anti-Japan education?[View]
111513692I am black just fucking say it faggots[View]
111514824/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition de la nuit Ancien : >>111502189[View]
111529026>Israel ? Never heard of her .[View]
111518354/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Fio Brasileiro e Fio Português. Vamos conversar, filhos da puta. Postem qualque…[View]
111526225You have 10 seconds to act as Canadian as possible.[View]
111528732And that's why I and everyone I know vote PD[View]
111525518No one: Literally no one: Germany: *kills 6 million Jews*[View]
111528784What is the most beautiful bird in your cunt?[View]
111528023Im a friend of Evrope. Are you?[View]
111528463Why is Hindi not a working language of the UN? It has more native speakers (at 341.2m) than French …[View]
111528328Do people in your country make this face?[View]
111527656>tfw no viking bf[View]
111526974>吉野家 USA[View]
111527362why they are so happy[View]
111528472Why is french so annoying?: Renault - pronounced reno. Peugeut - pronounced pejo. Bordeaux - pronoun…[View]
111528030What's his phenotype?[View]
111522175What's the special drink in your country?[View]
111528097Does American media make anyone else kind of sad they didn't grow up in America? Despite the f…[View]
111527289So these are the great Danish vikings huh?: Really makes me think https://www.redlights.be/prive-ont…[View]
111513587Why are mutts like this[View]
111527304/cofe/- coffee general: henlo frens, its time 4 cofe, hows your day going?[View]
111524982Hey lads just enjoying some premium european cider :)[View]
111526195Could you work in a butchery? My friend did many years but he went crazy from all the blood and shit…[View]
111527581>why yes I do have a sever mental illness, what gave it away? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GU8Vm…[View]
111524458/DEUTSCH/: Ralle ist angepisst Ausgabe[View]
111527386Jacinda Ardern confuses Japan for China during Tokyo trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT5sEwxN23…[View]
111526929>European women kill their mate after sex[View]
111527612>Uhm.. that's Doctor to you. I have a PhD you know. >Well, umm I'm not actually a M…[View]
111527856draw yourself: >pic related is there any hope?[View]
1115236491. Evropa 2. Who here is hypothetically ready for a conflict of an absolute variety?[View]
111518787The French Empire should have won. Imagine living in a world where Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité w…[View]
111526187>Why yes I am from Canada[View]
111527097why are russians on the internet so based? They are the most cultured group of people on /int/[View]
111527283Are people with disabilities discriminated in your country?[View]
111524583How common are Apple products in your country?[View]
111527336I just don't want to cause anyone problems[View]
111526241I'm better than you. Does this make you angry?[View]
111526696Why do burgers feel in charge of defining what a latino is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aosT6Kec…[View]
111527438Howgh, paleface, welcome to chief's tent of my tribe. Supple squaw have prepared pemmican for y…[View]
111527478>You wake up in america Choose your faction[View]
111522093>Be 25 >Unemployed >Always living at your parents home >I have three jobs oportunities, …[View]
111526274Russian Family Butchered two Adopted Children: Usually I'm happy when Russians kill their bantl…[View]
111526028black pipo be like oh nooooo dis sickle cell too spiceeyyyyy[View]
111527503>Street Photographer Beaten Bloody for Taking Photo of a Couple Hugging based. All those retarded…[View]
111527376what are german-american people like?[View]
111526958hon hon hon france sucks[View]
111527368>You are cute[View]
1115257621.cunt 2.do you only get matched with sinoboo women and feminine brown boys? flag yes, how do i att…[View]
111519579Do people in your country eat bugs?[View]
111526998Our day-to-day existence is very much alive with hope, although there is no guarantee of our future.…[View]
111523656What's the most popular pizza topping in your country?[View]
111523197Can Chicanos find love in Mexico despite the partial language barrier?[View]
111527038UN committee told states to ban virtual loli/shota porn: Virtual as in those that are not based on r…[View]
111525181Down Syndrome and Sport: Im curious, is the major team sport of your country something that is parti…[View]
111526915No more cooming thanks to Greta[View]
111523468homos & trannies of /int/ whats your ethnicity? https://strawpoll.com/zc32961f[View]
111519809Do Americans Really?[View]
111526991Sweden still banning their flag?: This was 5 years ago And still?[View]
111526826Finally we find new master bro: China Our new master Usa can not stop china Nobody stop china China …[View]
111525870I am 25 and just quit my job. They have paid me 2 months salary due to unused leave. Should I go sol…[View]
111526113What happens here?[View]
111526206We finns are the superior hapa race, we have Väinämöinen class nuclear missiles and we will conquer …[View]
111522384Do you love Montreal?[View]
111523854Dark skin appreciation thread: The blacker the berry The sweeter the juice[View]
111520835Oh Canada: Brown face right before election. Time to ditch this guy.[View]
111526643WE WUZ PRUSSIA AND SHIEET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adzg_iMg9Sc[View]
111522660you do nothing with your guns why do you get so triggered at the idea of losing them? they clearly …[View]
111524483>wake up >earth has turned 90 degrees into this wat do?…[View]
111526604>si señor soy de california como supiste[View]
111524860are people fashionable in your country?[View]
111525543Why do you faggots keep insisting that 180cm males are manlets. Thats the average height of like 70%…[View]
111526476how do you solve the ironic redditposter problem?[View]
111516508Do you love Japan?![View]
111525679Como van sus noches perras y que estan tomando[View]
111522817Your thoughts on 'Communism with Chinese characteristics'?[View]
111525395I miss the whip era. I will never be as happy as I was in 2015 hittin tha whip. I still whip alone i…[View]
111526183I didn't know sweden look like this: I thought it was america[View]
111526145When will these 'people' disappear? The world would benefit from their demise[View]
111526088TFW no li-zi-qi-like girlfriend I can spend everything just to having a night with her. https://www.…[View]
111518791what does the far left look like in your cunt??[View]
111524376>be wypipo >colonize entire world for spice trade >can't eat spicy food What is wrong …[View]
111523566jihad, SDI, Uzi, Fort Meade, Fourth Generation Nuclear Warheads, Sarin gas attack, Times square nucl…[View]
111525326Is there a shy white girl in your count?: Shy and kind and loves Asian boy[View]
111526012If you mess with these three, you're going to have a bad time.[View]
111524395Why can't they just behave?[View]
111525034i was in a car crash i think i broke my tooth[View]
111523223What would happen if someone blew up the pickering nuclear plant and released 50000 hiroshimas of fa…[View]
111525582They need to go back to Canada.[View]
111523373I thought /pol/ is dangerous: >TV News said to me there are tons of scary white-extremist >ent…[View]
111523680today is area 51 raid. I honestly wish someone dies during the raid for fun[View]
111524574I'm dumb, she's a lesbian.[View]
111525868How is possible to someone be incel in this country? even a looser like me manage to have sex[View]
111525809YA ALI[View]
111515734How do we civilize these people?[View]
111524492>*tries to hold back laughter*[View]
111525086I hate all chicanos except myself, they dont assimilate and give me a bad name[View]
111516837why are Arabs so cringe and imbeciles?[View]
111523620>Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam b…[View]
111524582Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again.…[View]
111525132Perfect eurasia.[View]
111524641>Why yes I'm the Scatman[View]
111525202/ok/ - ok general: ok[View]
111524743sorry brah, pootugal's cool and u not suck dese nuts, fresh as fuck str8 out of oide-schwitz pu…[View]
111524605How do I extreminate wh*Tes.[View]
111525347>just remembered that the DC mayor thinks he has authority[View]
111518523>Honey, when are you gonna introduce me to your parents? >You're not . . . ashamed of me…[View]
111520430Why are Chicanos like this? https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/1174707218731528193[View]
111522386My Japanese teacher just recommended watching the Eternal Zero for a different perspective on the wa…[View]
111524018Did you know: that Xi Jinping used to live in a cave and is now the emperor of China, battling someo…[View]
111524836Do they think about anything other than race, money and appearance?[View]
111522262Would you rather be: >27 and NEET or a shit job with shit pay but not an incel (like most of /int…[View]
111521056What are your experiences with American women >Anon can you say this word again? Shut up…[View]
111523198do faroese really[View]
111522498Where can i attend university for free (or at very low cost) in Europe as a non-eu student?[View]
111524292>asian women[View]
111522427>NOOOOOOOO you cant claim 12 nm territorial sea your islands are too close to our shore and you w…[View]
111524857>Yes, i do think that the janitors should crack down on gayposting and cumbrains.…[View]
111522052Shouldn't this be called Indian Empire? 'Emperor of India' is a high-ranking title than 'King o…[View]
111524841I do not care for immigrants.[View]
111524795Is this common in your country?[View]
111524811>Be in america >Drop a 10c coin >Americans rush on the floor screaming 'THANKS FOR THE TIP …[View]
111523524Give me 1 (one,一,uno,ein,un) good reason why I should hate Iran.[View]
111517256Hispanics, explain yourselves. https://twitter.com/BurgerKingArg/status/1174722318452572163[View]
111523143Today I´ve met a tranny who looked exactly like Gal Gadot but with a giant butt[View]
111524477Who is the left guy?[View]
111522893Post nig*er music from your country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c910QHoeZ3Q[View]
111522018You can get a jap girl, sure. But no one has said anything about her being attractive or feminine.[View]
111524304What's her ethnicity?[View]
111524368Someone made a ransom note last week saying they were going to shoot up the school tomorrow if they …[View]
111519612i lik cofe and frens hehe[View]
111521771/brit/: Sea bunny edish[View]
111512020/deutsch/ Abend: Will ausbildung machen endlich rii[View]
111521503Is /int/ a frenzone or a bullyzone?[View]
111522546>make a thread about my cunt so that people can know more about it >countryman shits up the t…[View]
111523219>koreans are ugl- >koreans are plasti- checkmate japanophiles…[View]
111519585>Official language: Arabic >Majoritary reliogion: Islam >Most commom name: Muhammad >Lit…[View]
111524124I wish certain written things could be felt Like a virtual hug I need a hug[View]
111523073Help: I said this. 'ich weiss nicht, was du gesprecht' does this qualify as foreigner or is it accep…[View]
111523976how will we destroy the neobong empire[View]
111522930I'm cute[View]
111522268>Capitalism works tho[View]
111523090What products does your country export?[View]
111522500>chile is first wo-[View]
111515563Why westerners are so mild? I think Asians are much more get angry easily. But white people are much…[View]
111520502The Fourth Rome.[View]
111523690Let's suppose you define a prediction is a statement made prior to some event such that the sta…[View]
111523461i do not really like polish ¨¨¨people¨¨[View]
111523247Does your country have state-sponsored breweries?[View]
111521522Why do mexicans insist on using american words while speaking spanish?[View]
111515525Why do Asian girls smell so much better than white girls?[View]
111523281Dios mio....El atrocidad canadiense[View]
111522591Good morning, wagie. Just pull through this day and you're free! Well, until Monday, that is...…[View]
111523350Terrible country filled with terrible people: Always was, always will be, a shithole Australians don…[View]
111522265greta thunberg needs to get fucked imagine being in alabama with this preachy prissy mumble munchkin…[View]
111523081who is your cunts best fren?[View]
111522417I want a cutie brasilian gf how to get one please and thank you[View]
111521767iran needs the japan treatment so we have islamoanime[View]
111522442How do I get a Mexican girlfriend like Aislinn Derbez ?[View]
111522803why Italian people are so beautiful and their food is good and their culture or history is amazing[View]
111523188Reminder that if you encounter a Canadian speaking poor English, it's a chicom or a retard not …[View]
111522741I vant to suck your blood: bleh[View]
1115210361. Your country 2. Your pick Flag David[View]
111523000I wanna kill at least 150+ wh*Te people. Only 30 more to go.[View]
111521627Is your country this retarded?[View]
111522491The great Wikipedia is hosting a contest for best photograph of an American monument. I'm so gl…[View]
111521050Post your most recent breakfast: For me it is brunch, I never eat before 10am >Yuja juice >Str…[View]
111522697Why do East Coasters hate science?[View]
111519429I love this Australian girl[View]
111517421What are words that you use that make people instantly know what nation you come from?[View]
111519664Does your country have a best friend?[View]
111518298Damn why dont we get attractive politicians like Israelis do, this women is perfect[View]
111522197False flag in saudi arabia and WTC Sabotage of the nord stream Corporate totalitarianism Hong Kong 2…[View]
111514196Which country has the best looking traps/trans[View]
111518588I've been reading the wikipedia page for every country. Is there a better way? It all turns to …[View]
111522615How do amerikkkan favelados behave?[View]
111522574Do all college age people crave escapeism? Everyone I know is working towards a stable occupation bu…[View]
111520860E_ _ _p_ _r[View]
111522543Whats the finnish equivalent of senpai?[View]
111522336mex music thread: post good mex music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dkE6ad3eDYc https://m.youtube.co…[View]
111522519Do thirdies and Floridians actually believe we're going to take their people in when their home…[View]
111516967/mena/: prev: >>111484815[View]
1115225021. Your country 2. Would you have kids there Fuck no, I'd rather be dead than having kids in th…[View]
111520878>grandes penes blancos[View]
111518590Why does America produce the most disturbed and soulless people in the western world?[View]
111522100>>>/qa/2957822 How does he inspire such hate /int/?[View]
111521171Stop making fun of Americans.[View]
111518945Why are United Statesians so ignorant?: There was this one United Statesian I knew who was proud of …[View]
111521102any other meds here have brown eyes and want to kill themselves?[View]
111519524Why are their post so rare?[View]
111521385Do white people really do this?: https://twitter.com/holdit247/status/882364615786725377[View]
111516600>new movies suck >new music sucks >new games suck >new cars suck >new internet sucks …[View]
111516847New /int/craft coming soon: /int/craft is a historical RP minecraft server made by faggots for faggo…[View]
111517198is mexico relevan for your cunt?[View]
111520306I worship this country: I have an inferiority complex towards Danes, they are so much better, smarte…[View]
111521915Would you support American-style gun rights in your country? For me the answer is no because I don…[View]
111522010turkey should be nuked for trying to steal our oil[View]
111521568Thoughts on American comedy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BsT4IiLpoE[View]
111521947AmrKKKa: False flag in saudi arabia and WTC Sabotage of the nord stream Corporate totalitarianism Ho…[View]
111521635>american praises my country[View]
111518846Why don't African/Middle Eastern countries just recreate the borders of their countries so the …[View]
111522019Edition 6h du mat. Y a t-il des français qui se lèvent tôt?[View]
111521586For me, it's Romania[View]
111520897What language does he speak?[View]
111521675>Cyprus >White[View]
111521009should women be allowed to watch sport?[View]
111521589Good morning /int/[View]
111519871/brit/: /brit/ edition[View]
111521022Why do we filipinos use brand names as verbs? >Can I get this xeroxed (photocopied)? >Pabili n…[View]
111521703Why are white males such cucks regardless of country or culture? Even here in Brazil where they…[View]
111521664Go traveling as an american, still end up tipping when I don’t have to...[View]
111518842Amerikkka will stand with CaNazida[View]
111520624What did he mean by this? https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Putin-says-Israel-is-a-Russian-speaking-…[View]
111503778/mämmi/: Puhtaan ruoan puolesta-painos[View]
111513480How difficult is it to learn Finnish?[View]
111521117Guess my aunt and cousins ethnicity[View]
111519113/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: after party hell? giati oxi[View]
111520789I wish I was born in Quebec so I could be bilingual instead of a mon*lingual[View]
111521006>Error posting: Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info] 4chan pass …[View]
111519584Ask a Scottish person that lives in Scotland anything Leg hair and Stella Artios cans for proof[View]
111518734/mex/ subcultures: >dreamers those are the mexicans who grew up in U.S.A but got deported. They l…[View]
111521228Are (White) South African girls good or bad?[View]
111521241In East Asia, the women are not fatter than you.[View]
111511705are you able enough for an Italian gf?[View]
111521177Do they really?[View]
111521069How various countries are in /int/ now?: Creat a reply so that I can check your flag If your country…[View]
111519693Do you like Portugal?[View]
111521227SO LONELY...[View]
111518728wh*Te crackkkas on suicide watch[View]
111521068how fit is your cunt /int/[View]
111521061How did you react when you found out that the so called 'Moortuguese' are whiter than the entire Med…[View]
111519499What are polacks genetically?: are they just west slavs? anything else come to the mix?[View]
111517106sum up your cunt in one image[View]
111521004What did Kafka mean by this?[View]
111520786>banter a Brit >no response because most posters here don't have a banter license…[View]
111519734This........one.......last......cooom... Then....im......done.....[View]
111511059Sverigetråden: Kukupplagan[View]
111520162Only in America Dreamin' in red white and blue Only in America Where we dream as big as we want…[View]
111520886Japanese penis small. American penis big. Sooo big. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVKsuc1UDEQ[View]
111520798Well? https://www.instagram.com/p/B2nSlLVHKnq/?igshid=1sm4v8v8tvynd[View]
111517964Can non-Americans explain to me why people would enjoy being packed like rats in a big city?[View]
111520753Fix K in 'gook' into D: Then it becomes 'Good'[View]
111519080East vs West coast?[View]
1115186011. your cunt 2. are bald men despised? 1. flag 2. yes, most bald men are ugly as fuck here. it'…[View]
111519512I was at woolworths yesterday and this group of Cambodian tourists rocked up and were fawning over e…[View]
111519571Naked mass photo shoots: Do people do these things in your country? Just had a dream that one has oc…[View]
111512294I hereby declare any nation that fetishizes BLVCK QVEENS great allies of the Baltic Nations (Republi…[View]
111519250Opinion on marijuana?: I’m high af rn.[View]
111518957Thoughts on Mexicans-'Americans'?[View]
111517811In America, the majority of children are not proficient at math.[View]
111519696Post parks or streets named as the cunt of the poster above[View]
111518381Hey, you havent finished your daily 4 big macs. You dont want to be put away for disobeying us now d…[View]
111520478Are Sikhs bro tier?[View]
111520514Why are wh*tes like this?[View]
111520149Corsica will be free from fr*Nch oppression.[View]
111515390/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: The late (swedish) edition[View]
111519759What do people in your country think of the aliens?[View]
111518764would you date a mexican girl?[View]
111508431/ex-yu/: veliki vozd slavoljub izdanje[View]
111519510>makes a thread with a lot of effort and thought put in >2 replies >none of the replies are…[View]
111519866MAMA КAЗA, ЧE ИЗГЛEЖДAM КATO 5 MИЛИOHA ЛEBA https://youtu.be/MgAkZQvFT_w[View]
111518160IMPEACH HIM NOW: Lmao it’s literally over for Truds. Repeat after me, /int/: IMPEACH NOW IMPEACH NOW…[View]
111519291Stop going to asian countries and corrupting the master race with your inferior 95 iq white man gene…[View]
111520128How will amerikkkans recover?[View]
111517584This is the flag of Armenia. Post other flags itt.[View]
111520097>My bed? Casper, of course! My toothbrush? quip, of course! My home security system? Simply Safe,…[View]
111517759Germany >>>>> Donkey shit >>>>> Rat piss>>>>>>>…[View]
111519966he based[View]
111519961How come Australia doesn’t have dick sucking parlours like Japan etc? Yes i am a coomer[View]
111513634what is the difference?[View]
111519170This terrifies and confuses the first-worlder[View]
111519041Do thirdies even realize how easy they got it? They live in a tropical paradise without stress. Ever…[View]
111519333Why japanese love war so much?[View]
111518102Do Zoomers in your cunt act like they from the 90's?: Nothing more cringe that seeing girls bor…[View]
111517790What is it like to live in an American world?[View]
111519087Why do Asians produce the most beautiful females?[View]
111518451What cities in the world could I unironically find attractive, interesting women? All of the attrac…[View]
111506792Why do cute asians date meh strangers?[View]
111510793latinas vs germanics?: discuss[View]
111517322/brit/: banter edition[View]
111504400hilo latino /lat/[View]
111519406Les martiniquaises look like this ?[View]
111517215bros, I'm balding[View]
111518757What went so right for Poland?[View]
111476730/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: Gear Oil edition[View]
111516228Do Russians really do this?[View]
111513355/balk/: Chadification edition[View]
111518819Dumbass dad now wants to vote for Justin Trudeau just to spite brown and black people.[View]
111519028Ie, dwi'n ffwcio defaid, beth ydych chi'n ei wneud amdano?[View]
111518913Why do shitholes love it so much?[View]
111518963Has anyone noticed how fast American culture evolves in comparison to European cultures? Why is that…[View]
111518693Do Americans really?[View]
111514197>English isn't his first language[View]
111517905Agua de caca[View]
111518881What kind of phenotype is this?[View]
111518806>I am black just fucking say it faggots[View]
111518827Thank you, Georgia[View]
111517094How do we civilize these people?[View]
111514916am i simply mentally ill? or am i normal but most of the people in the world went insane, and what a…[View]
111517294serious question no bm: What cunts are considered to be second worlders?[View]
111518336Do real life russians look like THAT? damn[View]
111518493Would this joke work in your country?[View]
111516791Does throttling happen in your cunt?[View]
111518620>3 months 10 days until India becomes a superpower[View]
111517785For me? It's how expressive and open american girls are.[View]
111518536Why yes, i use reddit[View]
111516911Good evening, frens. Tell me how ya'll doing today.[View]
111518431>being an asian manlet in the year of our lord 2019 Is there a worst fate? https://twitter.com/da…[View]
111511244You learn the US has just had a communist revolution and the economy has been collectivized by the A…[View]
111510825/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
111518461Do you wish you were Armenian? I wish I was Armenian.[View]
111517965America seems like a scary, backwards shithole where innocent people are thrown in prison and I…[View]
111518220>This is the guy who posts giga chad[View]
111515963Do Americans really?[View]
111518411>german niggers be like 'hitherto henceforth whence with whom of whomth thou hast?'…[View]
111445679/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Ruivas https://www.testosterona.blog.br/leitoras/a-ruiva-lili-kurt-e-a…[View]
111508317>in Germany where men tend to pee sitting down HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
111517213What are iran defensive capabilities in case of a war?[View]
111518094Fact: there has never been a black sperg. We’re all outgoing, athletic, chill, sexually active, and …[View]
111518262I hate Koreans: They are so vapid, dumb, and lazy. I found this on the ground two feet away from the…[View]
111517031The age of the BLACK QVEEN is upon us. It is in its early stages, yet it is extremely powerful alrea…[View]
111512495Why are amerisharts like this https://youtu.be/23PlSUJUzHQ[View]
111505911egy/masr/misr/زب/مصر: EGYPTIAN BVLL EDITION كسم البشر عايز حد يجبلى ارشيف ثريد فايجى بتاع الاستقلال …[View]
111516056Too which one italians feel closer too?[View]
111517103Why are Chilean 'men' so gay?: Why are they so gay?[View]
111518074>Why yes, I follow the Jacksonian school, how did you know?[View]
111517069Chilean 'men': Look at how pathetic Chilean 'men' are.[View]
111517782This Republican senate candidate from Arizona wants to annex Mexico. Do you think this would be a go…[View]
111517807Wie heisst er nochmal?[View]
111517428left: Your country right: My country[View]
111515944Good morning /int/[View]
111428157/lang/ - Language Learning General: Commie polyglot edition >What language(s) are you learning? …[View]
111515484Could she win the Beauty contest of your country: ...and become Miss?[View]
111516925what has ISIS been up to lately?[View]
111510919my president[View]
111514519/balt/: no racism allowed edition[View]
111517806Have you ever been victim of a rental scam, /int/?[View]
111509955>neutral in WWI >neutral in WWII How did they do it?…[View]
111500472/tr/: idi amin edisyonu[View]
111514568Do people play 1 on 1 games in your country?[View]
111516460>What the fuck, Anon. How come you're still a virgin?? Have sex now or I will punch you!…[View]
111517232In London Bwaccu man say to me, 'Why aren't you in Japan Japanman?'. I say 'Why aren't you…[View]
111517573soy chicano y tambien homosexual[View]
111515383Map thread[View]
111506726Would you marry an italian woman?[View]
111516996Does high school in your country have sports festival like this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d…[View]
111516039I helped my dad do yard work today.[View]
111517448What do people in your cunt think of America and it's relationship with guns?[View]
111517511Me english no good Me want be good english speker[View]
111517532Why yes i go into stores and break the floor model nintendo switch[View]
111517433Do amerisharts really...?[View]
111517196Argentina wtf?[View]
111509117i hate chr*stians so much[View]
111507771>THERE'S A HOUSING CRISIS IN OUR COUNTRY >let's just build more houses then... >N…[View]
111513170The third worlder: >1st worlders just don't get it! I wish I lived in your busy, wealthy lif…[View]
111515428What would be the capital of your country if it were autistically built in the center of your countr…[View]
111514937/brit/: bell them birds again edition[View]
111517335>coomed to pic of femjak again[View]
111517037Does this happen in your country?[View]
111517262Why do Americans think being a 1 gazillionths Irish is a personality[View]
111515389>cunt >do you support capital punishment? Flag Yes. It should be an option for particularly …[View]
111514547damn, Ukranian girls look like that?[View]
111516732They elected Donald Blump[View]
111515659Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? Getting drunk at 1am because of…[View]
111502359>tfw hairy and light skinned >tfw Spanish rapebaby Life is suffering…[View]
111517170Post a car form ur cunt and r8 others.[View]
111516361>Movie industry heavily dominated by the USA >To fight American dominance, China only allows a…[View]
111517036Do you like these islands?[View]
111515455Mormons: I'm sick of all these mormons knocking on my door in the morning. I think they should …[View]
111517011>He unironically calls Indian people 'poos' in real life.[View]
111506560Thread for the international /int/-related discussion and admiration of East Asian people. (janny pl…[View]
111515145Why kind of hair have /int/?: >I have curly hair >I don't like to take care of it It gets…[View]
111516114when you noticed the Hong Kong protests song is taken from the former national anthem of Zaire (now …[View]
111516256Post items of jewelry you wear[View]
111516778I dropped 50 mil in beyond meat stocks now that caused their stocks plummet in value[View]
111516905>tfw no japanese gf to make qt hafu children with[View]
111515110>no you have to help us you are allies and the bomb our refinery[View]
111516730I've been thinking about this for a while: If everybody in the New World (whether it's Ang…[View]
111503101/v4/+friends: Fish in the fridge edition[View]
111516603>you have been banned[View]
111516752Why do thirdies such cry babies[View]
111516716Is there such a thing as a politically moderate city? What cunts have them?[View]
111516384I don't have foreskin.[View]
111515887do leafs really?[View]
111514978Who's the hottest dead female celebrity from your country's past? >Mistinguette https:/…[View]
111515619Animeposters are not cute. But apu posters are![View]
111509615What is the best Latin American country?[View]
111516601Why do Japanese people post pictures of dead relatives on their blogs?[View]
111486024Would a Japanese girl date a white guy? Im pretty handsome and fit but I heard that they dont like f…[View]
111505945Only the best countries ITT We could take over the world if we wanted[View]
111516254How does the carceral system works in your cunt?: What's the capital punishment? What prisoners…[View]
111514006Anyone have any cool ancestors? >Great grandad was big in the mafia >Family was given land in …[View]
111515245how are manlets treated in your cunt?: ?[View]
111514134Why do fat?[View]
111516247Sexpats get the fuck out of my country!!![View]
111516120Hey, libtards, how about showing some respect for servicemen?[View]
111515974>Meet cute and friendly goblina >Chat for hours, have a really fun time >Forget a basic Eng…[View]
111513704Why are amerisharts like this?[View]
111494948/ita/ - il filo ciceroniano[View]
111515868Fellows Greeks, Is this week a special holiday or something in your country? I need to know because …[View]
111506856The future of the British Isles.[View]
111515945Is there any legitimate proof of jewish celebs actually celebrating Chritmas? Any jew who doesn…[View]
111512350Why does Eastern Europe produce such good video games?[View]
111516067¿How do you prepare to go back to school in your country?[View]
111514218Workers of the World Unite!: 1. Your flag 2. Are you a fellow member of the proletariat? Would you e…[View]
111513265Hello can a Corean explain to me why kpop girl singers always become depressed and try to commit sui…[View]
111511612So they are pretty much western europe, right?[View]
111512645Why are Europeans like this?[View]
111515799me and the lads[View]
111515825Greenland: greenland[View]
111515796Why does South Korea (a developed first world country) have such a big diaspora?[View]
111515787Is stokholm a safe city? Opeth's singer said he is scared of it and been robbed 2 times at gun …[View]
1115107431. Your cunt 2. How is public transport?[View]
111514318Will all members adopt common currency eventually?[View]
1115013201. I am a broke American that works online. 2. For complicated and autistic reasons I need to be nea…[View]
111515042What is the age of consent in your country? Do you agree with it? Should it be lower or higher?[View]
111513669Say something nice about the country you hate the most Isreal has good planes[View]
111514246>Country >Does your country have M O U N T A I N S? >Do You love Mountains? Georgia Yes Yes…[View]
111504504/cum/: getting fucked by the government edition official thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
1115147821. Your cunt 2. Where do normies in your cunt hang out? I'm autistic and I have no idea. Malls …[View]
111484815/mena/: Baljeeki edition[View]
111515045Once our world inevitably mixes to a brown mess will blacks and asian differences in IQ cancel out e…[View]
111427940Culture Pals - /cp/: Reverse hunt edition Welcome to Culture Pals. Here autistic sperg losers used t…[View]
111498650go against america = poverty, misery, no future[View]
111509643Why do spaniards have germanic names such as Rodrigo, Roberto, Fernando, Afonso, Alberto, Henrique e…[View]
111514853Have you ever been hunting /int/? When I was young my dad took me, and taught me how to gut pheasant…[View]
111514710I hate my job, but at least I get to post here. Is this normal in your country?[View]
111512986Non-Americans: So do you know anyone who has ever been killed by a gun? I feel like everyone does bu…[View]
111515043>YouTube demonetized your videos? Maybe you should try getting a real job.…[View]
111513919>favorite African dictator >Kagame of course…[View]
111511264do you say America or amerikkka??[View]
111508275>american houses[View]
111480951/balt/: Is this baltic?[View]
111512098/brit/: this is not a crime edition[View]
111514764I haven't talk with black dudes (no counting the Hispanics one's and that Haitian I met) e…[View]
111501111>his country uses fahrenheit[View]
111505488Where were you that night /int/?[View]
111502189/fr/ - le francophiles: french celestial gf edition official thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
111511999Das ist ein, achtung Wortspiel, Spider-Man /deutsch/-Faden: Die Spider-Man Ausgabe[View]
111513088>My profession? Why, I'm an engineer of course.[View]
111514561>white privilege doesn’t exist[View]
111514447I don't know if you all realize this, but much of America is not first world.[View]
111514068Why are amerisharts like this[View]
111507761What's the best burger place you've been to in your country?[View]
111508362/americas/ general: kuruminha editon[View]
111504556Emigrating to Canada: Convince me not to move from Amsterdam to Vancouver. >45 minutes more sunli…[View]
111509919What is 'light' beer and why do americans love it?[View]
111513195>your cunt >thoughts on 'tiny houses'? I think they are pretty based when done properly and n…[View]
111513339Is this just a big list of bad guys?[View]
111512930¿What are your honest thoughts on Galicia and the Galician language?[View]
111511531thank you, spain.[View]
111514227I want an American girl to step on my cunty face[View]
111513399>mfw I talk to all my international friends on /int/[View]
111512606is this common in your country?[View]
111512928wtf, us braziliians até getting murdered everyday and nobody is even talking about It. There is a ne…[View]
111508049/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe гpaфинa вoдки. Пpeдыдyщий: >>111486948[View]
111513792Bosnians be like 'Hello my name is Biserka Bojerka'[View]
111509908Redpill me on Amish people. It seems as if someone's LARP went way out of hand.[View]
111513845favourite of this (sweet pills?) in your country: >1. Spain >2. Juanola…[View]
111513771East vs West coast?[View]
111512204Have you ever met rude people on Public Transport in your cunt?: >What are you looking at? ...I D…[View]
111512031>noooooo you cant ban me from your private platform[View]
111511252>one chance at life >born turk[View]
111511572Destroys sexual market for sub8's while taking your money: > Nothing personal kiddo Do jews …[View]
111512230>cost of healthcare in my state makes it such that I have nearly identical disposable income in A…[View]
111512114what race is this?[View]
111513472>actually grandpa joe i do have some jewish heritage my mother was a jewish immigrant that came f…[View]
111512582Why is it so fucking smug[View]
111512522TOTAL WAR[View]
111504990Eventually all women will be fat and your choice will be either bang fat hogs or be an incel.[View]
111507813This terrifies the Alt Right[View]
111509477Does this happen often in your country?[View]
111513121>one chance at life >not born in Japan or Europe…[View]
111511909This is a list of my favorite countries in order from best to not best.[View]
111509568If they love their country soooo much, then why dont they just, leave? what is the point of celebra…[View]
111508090Is Austria the most comfy country on the planet?[View]
111504327I hate Am*rica so goddamn much[View]
111509887Has your mom/sister ever date a black guy ? My mom is dating a senegalese and he improved me the wa…[View]
111512470Lunguage destruction/corruption: 1. Your country 2. Which do you prefer American English or British …[View]
111511186Jomon bull: https://youtu.be/GKJtrX1tQn8[View]
111511731>your countrt >which one would women in your country prefer >which one you'd prefer to…[View]
111511979is Madonna popular in your kunt?[View]
1115120101. country 2. how would you feel if your country's leader were replaced with Xi Jinping[View]
111508454muh gubermint[View]
111499769/med/: Going boating edition.[View]
111511995wtf I just heard on the news that another innocent Uber driver was violently murdered while he was w…[View]
111512149my fingahs smell like artificial pizza chips flavor powder[View]
111510395>this one event turned Muslims into an endangered species in the West[View]
111501190Finland paying denbts to Sweden, colourised.[View]
111504325/deutsch/: Jetzt die fußsohlen von so ner südländerprinzessin beschnuppern puh[View]
111509501Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
111509652'New World' forum game: >Artan is a fictional continent set in the Atlantic. Players can either j…[View]
111511864Your kunt Have you taken the hobo pill yet? Sweden Yes[View]
111507945/brit/: wheres the shitting new[View]
111511722>just found out Anglos and other foreigners think we're weird people because we greet our wo…[View]
111511392>I suffer as a European woman[View]
111511668>Why yes, I am involuntarily celibate. I've never kissed or even held a girl's hand bef…[View]
111502157How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
111511014Your kunt Your ancestry dna results[View]
111481076kurva anyátok[View]
111511683Does anyone have any experience working in their country's foreign service? I'm trying to …[View]
111508156How to get Syrian/Levantine GF ?[View]
111511242I want more blacks/arabs/nafris in my country[View]
111511468whoa... what the hell? soo sleepy.. what did yo-... put in'mdrink.. soyjak? ..somvbi... *tump* …[View]
111511334>noooo you cant monopoly everything. thats illegal[View]
111511389Should I have sex in all cost or just stay in a stream of my usual life which means, probably, stay …[View]
111508860>Why did you call me an N-Word on that imageboard you browse, anon? I'm a human just like yo…[View]
111506987everyone under 2% in this list owns Greece money[View]
111511229Are you excited for the East African Federation to become a country?[View]
111508885>Americans really do this...[View]
111510677one two three four yummy chocolate give me more five six seven eight my favorite food is chocolate![View]
1115089341. Your cunt 2. Do you feel like you fit in 3. Are you patriotic[View]
111505522Watch our military parade Live https://youtu.be/bicEpL52MFQ[View]
111508674>when a non-Arab talks shit[View]
111495239alright Spen, how do you plan on dealing with these 'people'?[View]
111510558Fuck this shithole country. You literally cannot have a regular job and support yourself unless you …[View]
111511023Americans really...[View]
111510585>do Germans really ????[View]
111511004>Jannies ban you for using proxy because they just cannot comprehend people posting outside of Am…[View]
111508838poop poo poop poo poop poo shit[View]
111509806>A mother and a starving child who are so poor they don't have a bowl to eat from. They ask …[View]
111507973America is the most decadent and hedonistic country in the world Disgusting[View]
111504169I suffer in Fr*nce[View]
111510899imma smoke sum weed[View]
111510833Will this really affect his re-election campaign?[View]
111510942>Nooooo I don't wanna share your currency and free market, but only earn half as much money …[View]
111510886Do the French regret colonizing the Algerians? I mean at least with us the British Raj was actually …[View]
111508921Tfw you realize most second worlders like Mexico and Poland who post here have LITERAL double digit …[View]
111510495Deutsche thread: Is it der or das?[View]
111510704https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwCRep9qZIM Is this the average american highschool experience?[View]
111504349/polska/: edycja DOOPY[View]
111510488>tfw no tomboy gf[View]
1115091181. Your cunt 2. DO YOU HAVE HALF-WAY CROOKS IN YOUR CUNT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoYZf-lBF_…[View]
111508863is art taught in schools in your country?[View]
111510336>Global warming? Sounds good to me![View]
111505684/celt/: comfy edition[View]
111509760Asians are sleeping. Quick, let’s make fun of them before they wake up.[View]
111510297>lo fi hip hop beats to study to[View]
111501949/balk/: The King of balk edition >>111495703[View]
111508928We know americans have stupid measurement systems, but what about decimals? Where do you stand?[View]
111510096Did you have this toy when you was a kiddo? Also, post nostalgia from your country.[View]
111508259Turko-Greek discussion thread: Are Turks and Greeks happy with their borders? Do you think it's…[View]
111509637>please step out of your vehicle, keep your hands where I can see them[View]
111510080This is a medium coke in America[View]
111507368I hear people talk about how China will one day fall apart. What evidence is this based on?[View]
111508227In weekends I like to use the vacuum cleaner at 7AM to wake up my neighbors[View]
111510139Post items of jewelry you wear[View]
111507792What country is this?[View]
111509186Is this the power of the french blood?[View]
111508837>'y-yo soy b-blanco...' >*cries and starves*…[View]
111509664>UHM WTF?! America is a CONTINENT, NOT a country! Why does everyone keep calling it that, it…[View]
111504727Gonna do laser eye surgery to change my eye color when it comes out, fuck it[View]
111504370>noooooo we wont pay the war reparacions we own those things happened suck a long time ago !…[View]
111484459/skandi/: groBnavien utgava[View]
111508926Do Swedes really?[View]
111508562https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castrato > Pope Benedict XIV tried to ban castrati from churches,[1…[View]
111503904Why do brits make the best music[View]
111509711Imagine being a dirty fucking mexican in toronto making like 12 bucks an hour doing menial labor lma…[View]
111508649Post things your country or people are first in the world Not welcome: Finland, we already know you…[View]
111508468Why are amerisharts like this https://youtu.be/23PlSUJUzHQ[View]
111509387Western decadent[View]
111507273>capitalism sucks >sent from my iphone while taking my starbucks…[View]
111505157Christian arabs[View]
111508890How much power do the largest subdivisions (states, provinces, region) of your country have? What is…[View]
111507565do americans really have burger police?[View]
111508909Why yes, I always pee sitting down at home or using a host toilet. No mess, no stress you know?[View]
111505736>And this is our son's room. He's very knowledgeable of other people's cultures…[View]
111504140Sverigetråden - Fridlysta upplagan[View]
111494823Why is Eastern Europe so poor still after 40 years of communism?[View]
111508724I sniff butts I lick butts I eat butts I praise butts I eat farts I sniff farts[View]
111497225What's going on in Canada?[View]
111508230Which is the best country on earth?[View]
111502299How often do you think about suicide? I think about everyday since 2009.[View]
111507405The People's Republic of China will propel humanity into prosperity against the reactionaries o…[View]
111502964Best brazilian fast food: Mate Tea and Brazilian cheese bread. Post from your country[View]
111497793no future[View]
111508452I've started to notice during working days the central heathing of my apartment building almost…[View]
111503333What is wrong with British women?[View]
111502685whitoids be like 'uh oh marriage too spicy'[View]
111505506104 DAYS LEFT![View]
111503196What's your favorite thing about finland?[View]
111507172Blue = Best part to live in France[View]
111507471Vietnam? The greatest empire in the world defeated by Viet-fucking-nam?[View]
111508601Can i pass as a local in your country?[View]
1115079191 . flag 2. which american rapper represents your country? 1. denmark 2. young thug[View]
111495228I will finally kill myself next week: what would u do right before u die?[View]
111507319Is it common to flag when celebrating dates in your cunt? In Norway we flag on birthdays and 17th of…[View]
111508472i had a dream with somebody named Šperman in it rate he also had a tiny neck and a big flat face of …[View]
111501639/nederdraad/: Natuur editie[View]
111506087Racism isn't natural[View]
111504328Was soll ich als Nebenfach wählen? Hauptfach ist Mathe ehemals/deutsch/: BWL VWL PSYCHOLOGIE PHILOS…[View]
1115072331. Your cnoutry 2. Did you appliyed for being a janitor 1. Frnace 2. No[View]
111481712/ex-yu/: $kopa edicija https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqCCegi8mRs[View]
111506246KONICHIWA ^_^[View]
111507222Visiting france again :)[View]
111504053/brit/: Sieg Heil, lads edition[View]
111506473https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anflTyvUwBk opinions?[View]
111470269Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>111434631 # Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/in…[View]
111507894ITT: Countries that should be protected at all costs.: Pic very related.[View]
111507872The proud multicultural UK has declared independence from the England, Scotland, and Wales to remain…[View]
111507903Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
111497738/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția firelor care mor ziua în amiaza mare. Precedent: >>111470942…[View]
111505188He got a friend now[View]
111503762What are the most effective seduction techniques in your country?[View]
111507653hitler and islam: >'The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France' …[View]
111507803>/danmarktråden/ is dead >because they all went to play WoW classic Danes confirmed to have th…[View]
111496933This is Varquez Vikernais, famous Basque separatist residing currently in France. Say something nice…[View]
111503411Greta thunberg and her links with energy lobbies in sweden and soros foundation. All info here: Watc…[View]
111504338Picrelated is the true ruler of France. When was the last time this fucker has gotten a pie in his k…[View]
111507747https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rmo3fKeveo&t=28s Jesus Christ...this is all I want in life. I w…[View]
111503420WTF?! I always heard that European beer is the best, why odds it so small and foamy?[View]
111505768>told both anglos and frogs to lick my smoothy balls >get banned on /v/ Can I say this here wi…[View]
111499000do you hate saudi arabia?[View]
111505360Why is the President of Ireland so adorable?[View]
111503174what the fuck goes on here?[View]
111506359You have 5 seconds to flex on the country above you...: By showing your current military. Ready? Go!…[View]
111505151Is it true that European women don't care about money?[View]
111506866>yeah, i don't care for non euro flag opinions and never give them (You)s, how did you know?…[View]
111507041im italian and have never had a girlfriend[View]
111494748Idk how someone can be gay in latin america. Specially in Brazil, where girls rather anal than norma…[View]
111506108Thoughts on Amerikkka and amerikkkans[View]
111507034>21 year old zoomers who grew up on gay soulless shit like Drake and josh and Totally spies, inst…[View]
111505996>What did you just say about my origins?[View]
111502872Ask an Italian girl anything[View]
111493917why do Poles have this hairline? it's so ugly[View]
111506389Honestly they're arabs[View]
111493556Why is it so poor?[View]
111503415>Oktoberfest starts in two days How are you going to celebrate? I might go the festival in town.…[View]
111504184Sverigetråden - GretaUpplagan[View]
111505029Have you ever caught your parents having sex? If so, how did you deal with it?[View]
111505209How can Switzerland even recover from this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anflTyvUwBk[View]
111503564German niggas be like 'our toilets need a shelf for inspecting and analysing the shit'[View]
111501440MEXICO WILL JOIN THE USA!: https://twitter.com/Politics1com/status/1174423047756865536[View]
111498235No wonder Saudi Arabia wants war so badly.[View]
111503868western building level : god Why???[View]
111506469>September 19, 2019 >I am forgotten Lol what a short lived meme…[View]
111506204>Konnichiwa, my dude soyjack![View]
111503382Lmao this country is easy as fuck, I was 6/10 virgin incel in my country, but now I am getting pussy…[View]
111503909Nuke us[View]
111502480Pay denbts[View]
111506239can you do this in your country?[View]
111504245Map thread: >Green = countries with higher GDP per capita than Spain…[View]
111502460For me it's ayelet.[View]
111506124>It's okay soyjak, I'm sure she'll text back. Probably just fell asleep or somethi…[View]
111506116Which general has the biggest cumbrain?[View]
111501259Post fertility from your country[View]
111500736Would a Chinese lead world promote degerneracy or crack down on it?[View]
111501882How did the Spanish go from blonde hair, blue-eye chads to short brown people that look like Mexican…[View]
111505058Are you French?: Green=Rightfully French by Blood & Soil. Light Green=Ehtnic Frenchs (Only Frenc…[View]
111499858Is muslim SEA doomed?[View]
111504409You wake up in Alofi, Niue Island[View]
111505383我は官軍我わが敵は天地容れざる朝敵ぞ 敵の大將たる者は古今無雙双の英雄で 之に從ふ兵つわものは共に慓悍ひょうかん決死の士 鬼神きしんに恥はじぬ勇あるも天の許さぬ叛逆を 起しゝ者は昔より榮えし例ためしあ…[View]
111503653I am Swedish What are you?[View]
111471491/asean/: Malaysian cars edisi[View]
111504969I wonder how the Khoisan feel about black bantus and whites killing each other and claiming their la…[View]
111504083Cviček is a Slovenian wine from the Lower Carniola region of Slovenia.[1] It is a unique wine, compo…[View]
111501370White people and music: >Be me Eurofag >long line of family with african related DNA (kinda a …[View]
111500780Lads, I think I just discovered greatest twitter account in existence. https://twitter.com/mugshawt…[View]
111504803>real estate >no fake inverno[View]
111501950Faces of /int/[View]
111503502>tfw too /int/elligent[View]
111504693Why do posters on here always claim that most wmaf couples are between seagooks and anglos? Like whe…[View]
111504573>Mommy, where's daddy? >He's on a trip son :)…[View]
111491657Are they the ugliest group of people? They have the worst features of Indians and Chinese (who look …[View]
111504345Chiba hasn't been recovered from the typhoon for over two weeks: My friend lives in Chiba, Japa…[View]
111476752/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
111504514from 2013-2016 you could have purchased a 300$ ticket to the IS and have been assigned a fertile chi…[View]
111501169An America girl tourist just told me 3 minutes ago >OH MY GOSH! Do you eat corn here too???…[View]
111503703wow America really is better than Europe[View]
111492880What is /int/'s opinion on life in eastern europe?[View]
111503757Do girls do this in your country?[View]
111502324Ban all firearms, ban all drugs, ban fag marriage, ban all pornography, Insitute Mandatory conscript…[View]
111500723/brit/: fascism with celtic characteristics edition[View]
111500412/deutsch/: Rainer Chad Ausgabe[View]
111499931these are your brothers and sisters. dips on top right btw[View]
111499138You guys are losers, just be normal[View]
111503793> Fucking Turk savage not letting us Euros have our customary 8 hour sleep Do European diplomats …[View]
111503697What do you think about the police in your country? Should they all be shot?[View]
111493805/polska/: edycja kwantowa[View]
111503513This is the famous scene from Euro trip movie about Eastern Europe Anyone curious how it looks the e…[View]
111496662/mämmi/: Hui hai nyymi[View]
111502297I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE: I want to desperately fuck the boipussi of the Jordanian fag and hel…[View]
111503629>'We belong to the Roman empire'[View]
111502700Irish threads on 4chan be like[View]
111500497>Puerto Ricans and the US: A tale of two brothers >Bravely settled in unoccupied lands >Hav…[View]
111496740toothpaste looking ass[View]
111503523Most pathetic fetish I have ever heard of is financial domination. There was some finnish anon who h…[View]
111503351>Fuck you fucking nigger eat shit cocksucking loser nerd I shit in yo mouth fucking cocksucker ea…[View]
111502979these games suck[View]
111502594>La Revanche du berceau ('the revenge of the cradle') is a term for demographic threat via high b…[View]
111499486do you support European products?: Sbain Yeah[View]
111502407My mother is Jewish My father is Ostrobothnian I am Swedish[View]
111501964Israel...: Israelis what do y'all think about the election results and this women(?) ..... gosh…[View]
111501001>Switzerland and Norway are the best and richest countries in Europe >not members of the EU Hm…[View]
111500013What went so wrong?[View]
111485907/ita/ - il filo renziano: edizione unstoppable[View]
111501850These body mod apps should be fucking banned from existence. Just hired pic related and she turned o…[View]
111502944>clean shave, full beard, what are those? I keep my facial hair trimmed to a stubble at all times…[View]
111502516Have you ever lived in another country? Alone or with your family? Share tips to not be lonely and m…[View]
111500581Why are Russian cosplayers so much better than Anglo ones? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cAeFH3AG…[View]
111489881/fr/ - le francofil: édition littéraire dépassé : >>111467631[View]
111502846do japanese girls really likes guys with Crooked Teeth?[View]
111500580Is 172 cm acceptable in your cunt ? >France No[View]
111494553How is life in the flyover states?[View]
111481502/v4/ + friends: Big thighs save lives edition[View]
111499263What does it feel like when you realise that you'll never become a part a part of God-chosen na…[View]
111496966Do americans really?[View]
111502316Come home Finnish man.[View]
111502344>your cunt >what is a completely untrue stereotype about your cunt Germany We destroy europe e…[View]
111501697You can talk hot on the internet, boy That's that goofy shit, we ain't into that, boy Blac…[View]
111501387>man I LOVE travelling! it's like it charges my batteries![View]
111497638Sverigetråden - Dirlewangerupplagan[View]
111490849Russian girls are STRONG![View]
111502431>me? of course i have never been to a party, how could you tell?[View]
111500905>green niggas I'm thinking yikes[View]
111502377Scandanavia looks like THIS?[View]
111500564Feeling good, what about you bros?[View]
111498744German girl come up to you and fart on you. your action? -run away -rape her -fart in revenge[View]
111495528So this is the power of free market neoliberalism and a US friendly government ..woah[View]
111502003it's 22:23 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
111497474What happens here?[View]
111487217Future is looking good[View]
111497770Sw*doid meets a superior Finn for the first time[View]
111501365This is how Germany developed their shit fetish.[View]
111502146Το kρασί δε με μεθάει όσο kαι να πιω kράσο πίνω kι είμαι εντάξει όπου kι αν βρεθώ το πρωί σαν kολατσ…[View]
111494144The only dictator in US history is of French descent.[View]
111501822Yes Iam an immigrant Yes I will vote only liberals because my home cunts government told me so.[View]
111500821Our presedent is disabled fucker cant even whip ass He is still wining the Presidential elections[View]
111497247>Duterte thread >gets 300 replies >Joshua Luna thread >gets 300 replies >Maharlika th…[View]
111501729none of you people exist, only i exist. when i dont exist, you dont exist.[View]
111500969>tfw not born in Sweden how do you cope[View]
111496625How do you say 'Boulevard of broken dreams' in your language: שדרת החלומות השבורים[View]
111491856/nederdraad/: Elven editie![View]
111499974You excited for more dead Americans, /int/?[View]
111500454Greeks had blue eyes?[View]
111501323Based and redpilled I will vote for Justin Trudeau again fuck shitskins. 1488[View]
111500854It started raining and temperatures are below 20c, the summer is over and the days will get shorter …[View]
111495703/balk/: Maкeдoнcки шитпocт eдицијa >>111490518[View]
111501142Look at that steely psychopathic gaze of a physically and mentally superior person.[View]
111501215be Indian >wake up to screams of women being gang raped >pray to blue two headed rhino god …[View]
111498250You can only post here if your country is a monarchy[View]
111498869>orange man bad[View]
111495915>why yes I am Filipino, how could you tell?[View]
111501156How would one go on about expressing love for Israel and Israeli Jews and hatred for Jews outside of…[View]
111499456Not having a good day, buds[View]
111495220Post a map of the countries you like/dislike etc. Last thread was archived before I could post mine,…[View]
111493105what would you do if you found yourself stuck in this situation in your country?[View]
111498021/int/ Do you sometimes wish you could suck your own dick? (no gay btw)[View]
111500329thank you for your service[View]
111500810>don't spoiler the movie[View]
111500647>visit Italy on vacation >see this human perfection What do?…[View]
111496070What do you call this in your cunt ?[View]
111495948Koreans are getting famous European paintings tattooed on them.[View]
111500182Your country's head of state has just been shot dead on live TV. How do you react?[View]
111499152Sharted me pants today after having some McDonald's. I'm sure everyone on the light rail c…[View]
1115005915 chicken selects 3 double cheese burgers 2 large fries a big mac and a chocolate milkshake edition[View]
111496434Guys.... i have to confess something.... i dont how exactly to put this into words but eh i have n…[View]
111495294wait a second... are we (british people) the bad guys?[View]
111498547They are superior. That's why we all speak their language.[View]
111500233>be me >19 > virgin > never had girlfriend > live in africa > have a bad case yell…[View]
111492545Why do Czechs like going to Croatia so much?[View]
111500164Anglo sucks[View]
111499433Post yfw you found out Spain used to rule over Italy[View]
111500129Why are sikhs so handsome while other Indians are... not so handsome???[View]
111486819>colonial ''''powers''''[View]
111500254I hate am*rica and what it stands for so damn fucking much[View]
111496864>your cunt >your hobby >is it popular Starting with the basics, yelling at foreigners onli…[View]
111497304/brit/: Brythonic edition 2[View]
111498404Show love to Burger anons ITT.[View]
111496772Just American things[View]
111486291Which cunt has the best cheese?[View]
111498703let's say you have been a bad girl, let's say hypothetically you have been a naughty girl …[View]
111495719How are Indians so potent?: My sister is married to an Indian man who looks exactly like pic related…[View]
111496519/deutsch/: starker nacken Ausgabe[View]
111496610here’s your korean gf bro[View]
111498888How would this man be treated in your cunt?[View]
111498739Who are they? Do they even know?[View]
111499797>women and children first[View]
111486794Behold the parliament of every european country[View]
111499655There's something so exciting, so romantic in peeing outside. And I don't mean peeing in f…[View]
111499357where can i acquire a camouflage passport? basically a fake passport designed to look real (there…[View]
111492936Translate 'Glory to Hong Kong' into your native language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
1114966371. cunt 2. Do your cunt have an actual aesthetic and talented singer? 1. Mexico 2. Yes. https://www…[View]
111465388/norgetråden/: Sutreanon i sitt naturlige miljo-utgaven Forrige: >>111439168[View]
111499101In the spring of 1147, the Pope authorized the expansion of the crusade into the Iberian peninsula, …[View]
111492013do japanese females really do this ? ps : i like to smell my balls after masturbation[View]
111499097Why do 'people' in some countries need so fucking much resources? They buy 5 apples and throw away 4…[View]
111493397Are they frens?[View]
111498091I made $54 from the beer empties I had in my room.[View]
111492504What's the tallest church in your country?[View]
111496877Is there a reason why Spanish separatist movements are much stronger in Spain than in Italy or Germa…[View]
111496048Do they really eat with their hands?[View]
111482532>Official language: Arabic >Majoritary reliogion: Islam >Most commom name: Muhammad >Lit…[View]
111495873Princess Kako meets Brigitte Bierlein, Chancellor of Austria: On the third day of her visit to Austr…[View]
111498805>If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race con…[View]
111494475time for coffee[View]
111491257Dear mexican friends, where is the easiest place to pass the border? Im talking no checks whatsoever[View]
111494965>Sharia punishment towards lesbian/gays/sexpats man I love my country[View]
111488974Black Americans must work together to make Wakanda.: They really need a Wakanda because they have no…[View]
111498120>tfw my government is stupid enough to use drones made by our enemy[View]
111498500Europeans are insatiable sex fiends who all lust after American tourists: Where did this trope even …[View]
111492373Why are Japanese people best east Asian? In all departments.[View]
111489992Body stats: 180cm 70kg[View]
111490926Any boaters here? Do you have a boat?: Does anyone here like sailing or racing with boats?[View]
111497889>get free university education paid by the Finnish government >some uneducated Polish guy is …[View]
111495568>tfw 95 kg[View]
111498263ayy yo white boi white boi come here you slackin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QbFk51Sp8w[View]
111495077hi newfag here. who is fyrombey?[View]
111497861>horny gilfs in your town wanna fuck now 100% free >>CLICK HERE<<…[View]
111495561The queen of /int/.[View]
111497385>attack Yemen >Based Shia Muslims strike back >'No you can't do that! That's an a…[View]
111493990Post guns from your country.[View]
111495174what do you think his wife thinks of this video?[View]
111497168What is better?: to buy 1 75 inch 4k tv or 2 65 inch 4k tvs? The price is nearly the same.[View]
111492864Why do posters from these countries constantly make threads about themselves?: When you see a Finlan…[View]
111497867Any Africamigos here?[View]
111497689is this true: do americans really look like this? thought they'd be a bit more brown, hmm…[View]
111497754>You will never be one of 3 Kusunda speakers[View]
111497708japan after ww2: Why most Japanese are locked up at this kinda places ... go outside .. go see the t…[View]
111497406So which one of these two would you rather have Israel anons? Whose going to kill more Palestinians …[View]
111493877Black people in Syria and Levant: Are there black people or Africans in Syria or Levantine area ? Ho…[View]
111487983No one likes us.[View]
111493884>arrived home >brother left my PC on >and TV on >and the lights left on in almost all ro…[View]
111495480>nooo I don't want to use the same currency and not deal with currency conversions, exchange…[View]
111494708Do they wish for the Russians to be expelled from their country?[View]
111492804Which English accent to ESL’s find easiest to understand? most difficult? I assume midwestern Engli…[View]
111497040This Canadian man is my brother in blood. We share the same roots. I would risk my life to defend hi…[View]
111497145>NOOOOOO, you can't cross my countries border illegally[View]
111493738/brit/: Brythonic edition[View]
111483831/tr/: dekonstrüktif edisyon[View]
111495774If you wouldn't post 'Save us Putin' in this thread, those jerks will annoy you every time you …[View]
111496783anybody have today's date?[View]
111492959It's horrifying how with every ADV/Laowhy video China is getting more and more totalitarian htt…[View]
111474757Do you agree with CNN's '50 BEST FOODS IN THE WORLD' list?: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/arti…[View]
111495630'Spastic' is apparently a very bad word in Britain.[View]
111492844/deutsch/: Kreuzzugausgabe[View]
111489988/mämmi/: Mamulle ei kelpaa suomalainen perinneruoka-painos[View]
111496537LGBT: there's alot homosexual in japan lately And still growing you better solve this shinji k…[View]
111495614Played this with a girl from my Uni: We both laughed at the interrogation scene and RETARDED QTE and…[View]
111496258>I suffer in Chicago >Sufro en Chicago >Eu sofro em Chicago >Je souffre à Chicago >So…[View]
1114942652 girls one bus: Is that girl allright??[View]
111487364Sverigetråden - Knegarlunchupplagan: Riktiga lunchtimmar[View]
111494425Why do Scandinavians have flawless American accents[View]
111494720What will their kids look like?[View]
111488562>/int/ speaks english >everyone worldwide speaks english >there's even countries like …[View]
111496119Spanish constitution: Is It good Rate ur cunts constitution[View]
111495976Why are there so many great writers on /int/?[View]
111486574Your cunt How do you cope with having br*wn eyes? Flag Im gonna kms for being a t30 subhuman and tha…[View]
111494514When was the last time you had friends /int/? Do you have friends now?[View]
111494166How do we expell f*moids from our pure board? We did it with FWG, we can do it with rest of them.[View]
111494049How good is the quality of your countries fish? Can't be worse than the french.[View]
111492560Do you love Germany?: Do you want to find love in Germany?[View]
111494982Why yes I am Justin Trudeau: What gave it away?[View]
111495736have you ever seen someone die?[View]
111490240Does /int/ invest? This shit right here is the only company in my portfolio who seems to be in state…[View]
111495415we will know the truth the truth will set you free[View]
111489858Why are east european women so perfect?[View]
111495733Every time I use irony in my posts or make a joke there is always a german flag will takes it to the…[View]
111493679Challenge: let's try to have a Russia thread that doesn't get deleted by janny[View]
111493290What's my dads ethnicity? And no he's not Paki, Indian, or Arab[View]
111490518/balk/: Пo-дoбpe нa хepoин, oт кoлкoтo дeбeл eдиция Old >>111467372[View]
111495494Do you think being overproud about your country is a bad thing? I don't know Anon, I always fel…[View]
111492009When teenage girls snap out of K-POP, they'll permanently associate asian men with their cringe…[View]
111495340Να ξεφύγω δεν μπορούσα Καθώς γύρναγα απ' την Προύσα Με πρόδωσαν kάτι μπράβοι Και με πιάσαν στο …[View]
111491404/international food thread/: What's your favorite foreign food? >Korea I love Samgyeopsal 三겹…[View]
111494390You wake up in Constantinople[View]
111489732Bow down, you non-germanic cucks![View]
111494932Why do so many wh*Te girls do this?[View]
111484418我は官軍我(わが)敵は 天地容れざる朝敵ぞ[View]
111494438What does Britain stand for these days?[View]
111488049>fuck off grandma, this is my bus seat now[View]
111494743Do Germans really...?[View]
111494122Does your country celebrate Halloween?[View]
111488853Kitchens of /int/.[View]
111492762>Be French >Invent silliest bicycle ever[View]
111492696Laura Codruța Kövesi (born Lascu) will be the new European chief prosecutor from October 1st, despit…[View]
111487606They need to stop posting here and have sex[View]
111487363Would you rather be rich in a 3rd world country(brazil,mexico,india)): poor in a 1st world country (…[View]
111492870no but really, without a hint of irony, if china does not become superpower in the 20s I am gonna lo…[View]
111437908I suffer in America as a SEAsian.[View]
111492495Ugh.................. what could have been..........................................................…[View]
111489977How Many of you are NEETS ?: How many of you are Neets ? And what is your story ? I have been a Neet…[View]
111487740Finland builds military ships in the small city of Rauma: https://ls24.fi/uutiset/uudet-sotalaivat-r…[View]
111485887How did the Japanese manage to build a technology advaned, first world society without a shred of fe…[View]
111491929Shart In My Heart: An American Odyssey: >Be American >Wake up to the sound of birds sharting …[View]
111494004>Why yes, I've been captured alive by a gigantic spider.[View]
111494155>spoken Latvian[View]
111494002What do you call this in your country?[View]
1114939811. Flaggot 2. You buying playstation 5?[View]
111485432How to look attractive as Jewish girl in Asia: should I dye my hair blonde before I go to asia? I…[View]
111494068Why is Russia so good in Moscow but sucks outside of it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRzjJmMvGeo…[View]
111493846It's cold Does anyone want to snuggle with me to warm up?[View]
111485535>makes Spain apologize >makes the U.S.A apologize >makes the French apologize fucking based…[View]
111492866What's your favorite Pokémon /int/? For me, it's Metagross.[View]
111492990The R*ssian fears the French.[View]
111492879Russian man kills thot: Russian man butchered his wife for cheating on him. https://radikal.ru/video…[View]
111492233I am from Finland (Suomi)[View]
111493921>Listen to me very closely, you idiot. >YOU DO NOT THINK IN SUFFICIENT DETAIL ABOUT SUPERINTEL…[View]
111493831/polska/: edycja wegan zbawcow planety ziemi[View]
111493416Saud dynasty coming to an end: > Today, it seems more realistic than ever that Saudi Crown Prince…[View]
111493359my japanese niggas: i need help what's her name ? twitter acount ? any information ?[View]
111490931Cringe Baltics Based Armenia Based Greece[View]
111493622Most Based men from Arab world is an Orthodox Christian. How does this make you feel?[View]
111492719Why are Nördcucks so retarded?[View]
111491456How does it make you feel?[View]
111491563Do you love Israel?[View]
111492655From cockroaches to flies, now gecko disrupts Duterte's speech >The President was in the mid…[View]
111493178>Spain, how do you want your special forces? >Mas gay >Say no more…[View]
111490622/brit/: bladee edition[View]
111481818At which age did you start jacking off /int/? Have you tried breaking the habit? What did you use as…[View]
111493409Is it hard for an American to immigrate to Australia? I'm thinking of moving there[View]
111490146Where did all the Christians go? How is this not talked about more often?[View]
111490336This is a UNESCO world heritage site.[View]
111492269Do people in your country love math? I love it, specially abstract algebra and number theory[View]
111493295>americans cry about european banter threads against them once in a while >then they proceed t…[View]
111491154>tfw you'll never have a comfy wageslave job in Norway[View]
111491921>capitalism is responsible for the suffering of humanity[View]
111488413Your favorite European country?[View]
111489689Why we are so superior than other asian: I think Superior gene is reason.[View]
111487703Kims Be Like: >Whoa even Tanzania that is totally irrelevant to East Asia is side with Kims >W…[View]
111491861/danmarktråden/: Regnvejrs versionen[View]
111490296Paint the countries you like and dislike[View]
111490088>Be France >have one of the most strongest army for most of its history and has dominated Euro…[View]
111492760Ahhh yes India, land of millions of gods with fascinating stories, kamasutra, yoga, ancient temples,…[View]
111489309Is this even a human being?[View]
111479667/polska/: Edycja czwartkowa - nierozerwalnego sojuszu[View]
111491961/YIKES/: This is a YIKES! general! Today's topic is what's YIKES! about your country?…[View]
111488980>elections in Tunisia dominated by pro-western neo-liberal capitalists and goat-fucker islamists …[View]
111492430>2k19 >monarchies still exists wtf[View]
111492395Has he saved the white race yet?[View]
111492460I was at woolworths earlier today and this group of Cambodian tourists rocked up and were fawning ov…[View]
111487888Why are the Asian American community so angry?[View]
111488110>you will never grow up in rural america >you will never have complete, doubtless faith in the…[View]
111481737>ohh yessu~ raw fish on rice, very dericious... >rive octopussu...world crass dericacy... Japa…[View]
111491029>cowards >mutts >every great men are foreign to some degree >bottom of every joke >de…[View]
111491324i feel like i live in the worst asian country in the world[View]
111490163there are unironic italians here[View]
111492100Is it true that if you hate something, you are just suppressing your feelings and you actually like …[View]
111492005>take a shitload amphetamines to study for a final exam >instead of studying, I end up playing…[View]
111491680Everyday I wish a nigger would stab me to death at every street corner but the ride never end[View]
111490881The babies, anon. Bring them to me.[View]
111491854this is what an asian chad looks like -vietnamese bvll who was a mma world champion and have 2-3 dif…[View]
111489635oh cmon...[View]
111472941Vladivostok: I am really interested in this city. The city name literally means the lords of the Eas…[View]
111486507HORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA: why many asians are insecure about their look keep using all this damn fil…[View]
111487658Wtf I love France now?!? >The Franco-Italian friendship is indestructible. Sometimes we do not ag…[View]
111488058/deutsch/ hübsche mettchen-ausgsabe uezs[View]
111491444>be britain >try to conquer the world >lose your empire cause you stopped anoather country …[View]
111491652Thoughts on e-scooters? Are popular in your city/town? Also, can anyone explain why did they become…[View]
111491651نك زبي يا اخي: ahhhhh yes feels good to be in middle of the world[View]
111490018>JUst become a freelancer bro!![View]
111491428LA CREATURA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIN41mT5gPc[View]
111491437Why are amerisharts like this https://youtu.be/23PlSUJUzHQ[View]
111491045*Tennō Heika Banzaai*[View]
111491151Warsaw 2025[View]
111491001It’s so sad how far Europe has fallen. I visited my ancestral homeland of Rotterdam and it felt like…[View]
111489996How does it feel knowing that this guy has had more white pussy than you?[View]
111490828Itt: Post weapons from your country. Easy Mode: Modern Fire Weapons. Dante Must Die mode : Underrate…[View]
111490837There’s this girl in my uni: I know she is in a higher grade, same as my major. I don’t know her nam…[View]
111490771Asians: /int/ is where whites make dozens of threads daily about asians and wonder why there are so …[View]
111487733refugee or identitarian?[View]
111488639Pea soup is the only good white people food[View]
111491133Why yes, I believe the US should stop all aid and cut diplomatic ties with Israel. It's a one w…[View]
111490142What goes on here?[View]
111487433>'son, have you got job yet?' t. father >'yes, dad' t. me >actually shit post to /int/ all …[View]
111487811Why is Estonia so popular? What does Estonia have that I don't, huh? I want Sweden and Finland …[View]
111490412>yuropoor hours[View]
111489605>Canadian travels to the Philippines to be with her LDR boyfriend What's your excuse you khh…[View]
111486381White girls be like[View]
111488156/brit/: the vintage year of 1997 edition don't even think about it janny[View]
111490246Why are Chinese people so ugly? The female prostitutes are Russian, Ukrainian... And the male prost…[View]
111488677>country >what does a pussy from your country smell/taste like? syria smells good in a very w…[View]
111490602As a European citizen, if I'm lost abroad I can attend to one of 28 EU embassies in my vicinity…[View]
111481710What does pussy taste like in your country? t. mexican virgin[View]
111487698why butt is the best part of body[View]
111467372/balk/: Papi Hans edition https://youtu.be/MgAkZQvFT_w Old: >>111453421[View]
111489546Why are Americans so abusive? What part of their culture makes them do things like this?[View]
111490405>No you can't just blow up that 150 yo house in the middle of the city! That's a histor…[View]
111490024stop watching porn.[View]
111487092People always say Serbs are the Russians of the Balkan but in reality it's Bulgarians imo. They…[View]
111490463>read turkish pm statement >the refugee crisis is no different than the one during the 15nth c…[View]
111490366What do you do to beat frustration? https://armenpress.am/eng/news/988375.html[View]
111490154/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: hell? giati oxi[View]
111488323Why are e*stern 'europeans' so delusional?[View]
111489919it's storming down here texas bros[View]
111489794How did Lithuania go from being the biggest country in Europe to being so irrelevamt?[View]
111470660/mämmi/: Vai ei ole Suomessa ruokakulttuuria? Maista tätä-painos[View]
111479622I hope you're keeping up your Duoling language streaks[View]
111487736Do Americans really[View]
111489902>Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info] >4chan Pass users can b…[View]
111489714This is how Americans look like[View]
111488417Arabs are white, Finns are Asians.[View]
111489873Why do balkans look like that??[View]
111489215There are people on this board who support an EU army[View]
1114877451. your country 2. pepsi or coke 1. Pepsi 2. Coke[View]
111489860>UGH why wont bigoted protties come back to us?[View]
111486229Are you a tier one European in French view? Wtf I love France now[View]
111489677The Amazon Solution: Isn't this fucking obvious? If there isn't a market for their nuts, t…[View]
111487206>european union >relevant[View]
111487080False flag in saudi arabia and WTC Sabotage of the nord stream Corporate totalitarianism Hong Kong 2…[View]
111489578Why can't we just get along?[View]
111482342This is Thailand's King. Do you live in a country where Monarchy still exist?[View]
111487928your thoughts on Spen: mutts from latam aren't allowed in this thread[View]
111486666Why are there so many fucking shizos on this board?[View]
111480807i hate having an interracial sex fetish, how to get rid of it[View]
111489315i'll fuck russian girl tonight: so i have Q. 1. Is this woman at least 5/10? 2. Is worth to 120…[View]
111487884>me? of course i did pretend to be homosexual jehovah's witness to avoid being drafted into …[View]
111487054PC or Mac?: Never had a Mac. It's overpriced and not good for gaming.[View]
111489352>X country BASED >why? Ummm because my future gf will come from there of course!…[View]
111489296why is Eurasia two continents?[View]
111486878>be Anglo >Go to Spain >Fight for Spanish communist >Lose >go back to England >Ere…[View]
111484361Please don't illegally download Japanese video games and anime. The more you pay, the better pr…[View]
111488160I wish all first world countries were nuked: First worlders are so disgusting and they think they ha…[View]
111486181Maidar eco city: Mongolia is building Maidar Eco City designed for 300000 inhabitants. It is 50 km f…[View]
111489224is the problem really that big of non europeans not being able to find a girl, as the media present …[View]
111487011>Why yes, I do have a deep fondness for the period of my country's history less than 100 yea…[View]
111489130did you know that cuba has higher life expectancy than usa?[View]
111489101Tell me, who is the worst poster, and which country has the worst posters?[View]
111488996>Why yes I am a first world country how did you know[View]
111488010Can someone who speaks Russian please translate this to me? Or at least find the book online[View]
111488617>Why yes, I do LARP as the living embodiment of my nation as if I have the vested power to conduc…[View]
111488777>Why yes, I would willingly sacrifice myself to save my international friends, how did you know?[View]
111488815Al Calchoni! Al Calchoni![View]
111470942/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Ediția muzicii foclorice. Precedent: >>111442127[View]
111488622>why yes, i am jomon how could you tell???[View]
111484675>That's a sun, retard[View]
111474244Why is the Japanese here obsessed with jomon?: Most of the Japanese are yayoi.[View]
111486474Are Protestants really Christians? First they killed millions of children in gas chambers for not ha…[View]
111485947Please donate money to the Sami people to stop prejudice against Sami peoples: Please donate money t…[View]
111487728>be Sigurd I, King of Norway in the 12th century >it's fucking boring fucking the same wh…[View]
111485943I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
111484668Just give us few years Super power 2022[View]
111484092I was reading some youtube comments and a black woman said that they're the most desired and fe…[View]
111487967I miss this lil nigga like you wont believe...[View]
111487463Koreans are well known for mmorpgs but they are also good at making rhythm games[View]
111471053/ita/ - il filo: Filo notturno di anime[View]
111467631/fr/ - Le francofil: Édition de l'éternelle normande https://actu.fr/normandie/havre_76351/temo…[View]
111488012It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the whol…[View]
111488157will this guy get laid in your country[View]
111488151Is it a good way to meet /int/ people or a way to find trouble? Any experience?[View]
111482324/danmarktråden/: dǿdsmarktråden vågne op, venner! lad os hygge![View]
111478993What's your opinion on her?: How serious is climate change? What factors of life does it effect…[View]
111487411Does your cunt have a right-wing populist party/movement? What do you think about them?[View]
111486247Every single female is a fucking whore. Every last one. They fuck other guys so males like you can p…[View]
111487715>We can dance if we want to >We can leave your friends behind 'Cause your friends don…[View]
111485788/brit/: >He doesn't play cricket edition[View]
111483982Based and non-biased[View]
111484821/deutsch/: Rettet die Wale![View]
111487555>pictures that make you think if race is a social construct[View]
111470333>Admit to dad I'm an Ameriboo >He gives me 1 week to move out…[View]
111487662Found out normie Chad at my workplace is footfag.[View]
111485195so cute, i love them[View]
111484191Japanise - Polish thread: Some time ago I heard that japanese people are somewhat fascinated with po…[View]
111486167I wish I lived in Australia rather than this barren, cultureless shithole with a 97% infant mortalit…[View]
111487511Why are you all so fucking mean to women? Calling us retards, useless, bitchy, gold-diggers and othe…[View]
111487501>Yoshinoya USA’s menu[View]
111485474asian male and white female: so white girls dating asians guys because they look like one of those k…[View]
111483029Why does every white girl in relationship with an Asian look like this?[View]
111478959Does /int/ like guns?[View]
111487196>If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says >Fif teen miles to the, LOOOOVE SHA…[View]
111486150I guess traveling is not that bad all. Right now I'm talking with 4 different girls on Whatsapp…[View]
111486123>tfw pakoid[View]
111486943Red = Subhuman[View]
111486804Brazilians are the best posters, prove me wrong[View]
111484935A message from a black woman to white and Asian girls. KOREAN MEN DON’T WANT YOU LOOOOOL[View]
111482474>good >nice >fine >well >great…[View]
111470279/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe oceнних нoчeй. Пpeдыдyщий: >>111457978[View]
111485718I'm half white and half med. Should I just kill myself and end the shame of having med genes?[View]
111486788Why steal Argentina's sun?[View]
111486710>You can't call Chinese Taipei the Republic of China, you'll hurt the feelings of the C…[View]
111485009How can you be so retarded that you need more than 1 official language?[View]
111486701LOL earthling BTFO https://youtu.be/RjV8zSQ7Cj8?t=115[View]
111485730What did Donatello mean by this statue?[View]
1114834802 arab countries[View]
111479295>I'm the Scatman >Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub, Yo da dub dub…[View]
111405928DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2255: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for アホンダラ interested i…[View]
1114848801. Your cunt 2. Do you dress up like this during christmas parties? >flag >yes!…[View]
111486199lesbian cringe: I have no problem with homosexual Because man gona take another man, = A few men…[View]
111482758Average Swede: Morally superior arrogant autist[View]
111485069If ashenazi jews are supposed to be closely related to southern Italians, why are they so much white…[View]
111486035the eu caused the 2008 global financial crisis[View]
111484405wtf Trudeau[View]
111483917Why does Australia have so many big things?[View]
111485403>Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? >'No!' says the man in Washington, …[View]
111485388Italian feminist welcoming refugee boats.[View]
111484869Your cunt. Are you still waiting for the inevitable collapse of society? Flag Yes. Cant wait for thi…[View]
111485958Why can't nice things just happen to me? I wished for this to happen for years now[View]
111485737do japanese really ??: i don't want walking grave to harassed my kawaii waifu how do we solve t…[View]
111483385Is the whole Germans/Nazis in Argentina thing real or just an urban legend?[View]
111480875Is 27yo old in your country[View]
111484790What happens here?[View]
111485554>How come the video has 1 million views even though I watched it 2 million times ? Haha…[View]
111485763Why are Norwegians so poor?[View]
111484520>europeans have better faces >africans have better bodies >asians age much better >lati…[View]
111485147i want to do something fun: Is the theory that women are gold diggers and looking for only e-boys tr…[View]
111485029Come on, give me your best insults you grimy tub of lard. Your face looks like the underside of a g…[View]
111479620Tell me that somebody believes she is real... why don't you people believe me! I'm not cra…[View]
111485646>July: kfc cheeto sandwich >August: popeyes chicken whatever >September: donut chicken burg…[View]
111478301Question to Canadians: Is Quebec really the right-wing bastion of ethnic French paradise /pol/tards …[View]
111484016/brit/: doing a poo edition[View]
111485298What do you think about Korean women?[View]
111484094Post Traditional Music Of Your Country: https://youtu.be/kx1uw4n575M[View]
111483979Faces of int: This is me in my car. I am 31 yo from Israel.[View]
111483123**invents modern civilization88[View]
111481478Have a nice International day anon[View]
111484181Is he cute?[View]
111481538Why are muslims here so eager to defend their shitty religion if they fled theirs muslim country?[View]
111483306'New World' forum game: >Artan is a fictional continent set in the Atlantic. Players can either j…[View]
111485088Ali Madad Ali Madad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIM6_qrL-L0[View]
111482537>I believe black people are systematically oppressed by society and need more representation…[View]
111484906>His country doesn't have BRAAAAP culture[View]
111482722Is it true that majority of MENA muslims hate Saudi and other Gulf monarchs?[View]
111483122Which jobs paying above minimum wage are easiest to bullshit you way into?[View]
111478038Imagine not having Winter. I'd move.[View]
111484496>Shit, did I leave the stove on?[View]
111479253/brit/: depression edition[View]
111468357Sverigetråden - Landsbygdsupplagan[View]
111481273>go to store with gf's Italian immigrant grandfather >he notices it's owned by a Sic…[View]
111480744What was your last dream, /int/? Was it related to your country? >in office >playing skyrim …[View]
111481238Every poster with an Aussie flag is non-white[View]
111482794>cunt/flag >weirdest fetish you have[View]
111477033/deutsch/ verrecke: neu[View]
111483839I suffer in the North[View]
111484551Please stop allowing nazis on this board and also stop fetishising ethnic women. When i came to this…[View]
111484534What was life like in French Indochina?[View]
111483629Meanwhile in Europe[View]
111481335exchange the froges[View]
111479987>finns on /int/ tell me that only 5% of finns speak swedish and that swedish is irrelevant in Fin…[View]
111484372The warsaw uprising was the worst thing to happen to civilised society[View]
111484141>American English language is composed of many languages. Greek, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, German, Fren…[View]
111481345Your cunt Are you a subhuman? Flag Yes. Cant wat to kms[View]
111483251Say something nice about the country above you[View]
111481941fuck japan[View]
111483698I love you /int. Do you love/like me? If not, why not?[View]
111484168Would this happen in your country?[View]
111481830soy chicano y tambien homosexual[View]
111484108>That's right, I post cunny to scare the redditors away. How did you know?…[View]
111483473Why do ameriblobs get triggered so much by him?[View]
111480530>they had over 200k visitors >Only arrested 137 people > Most cases were dismissed >Do …[View]
111483850My grandpa doesn't believe in evolution.[View]
111484035>Why yes I'm Arabic and I hate kufr's and lebanese how could you tell ?…[View]
111477285Do you like your country's leader in Civ 6? Your country IS in the game, right?[View]
111482286Reminder that there is only one China, the Republic of China[View]
111481897/brit/: british culture edition[View]
111482904Why do Greeks always lie about their country on my surveys? Or is everyone just using a Greek proxy …[View]
111483639Greenland anon has Fregoli delusion. It is a common delusion that schizophrenics and possibly other …[View]
111483346Why are gays so adorable? They're like cuddly toys.[View]
111483077What are you think about Russia?[View]
111478739>There are no innocent civilians. It is their government and you are fighting a people, you are n…[View]
111481192>Latinx >Filipinx Why are people doing this? I thought they took the O out of Latino as way …[View]
111480201Cunt Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Cunt Yes[View]
111481633Post memes about your country[View]
111483253Wtf Bulgarians are white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgAkZQvFT_w[View]
111481751I'm officially over 3d women i only like 2d now i have accepted i will be a permavirgin, i feel…[View]
111476457/cum/: fk edition[View]
111479381Why is /int/ 90% ethnic copecels now?[View]
111482081Do you like Denmark?[View]
111482940I'm hungry[View]
111481096absolute unit[View]
111481736>Oh, you touch my tralala. Mmm, my ding ding dong[View]
111483204Me ready to defend the honor of Argentina.[View]
111482974Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.[View]
111473209Why are brazilians like this?[View]
111482648Well done, I don't eat raw meat.[View]
111482852Black bus drivers are more reliable than wh*toids[View]
111477901I want to have sex so bad bros[View]
111479360Ah yes. /int/. There is much to be learned here. Perhaps if you observed these creatures, in this ha…[View]
111481133Do Americans really?[View]
111479940I’m the guy who posted American White horse yesterday She is 181cm btw[View]
111480445i suffer in australia[View]
111481597What are the opinions of Japs about Power Rangers? in terms of music, voice acting and overall plot …[View]
111482570What do chinks, Japs, and gooks think about living in MeNa? I can imagine for the expats it's a…[View]
111482545What's wrong with war?: I don't get it. Whenever people are talking shit about Africa, or…[View]
111480370ftw no Jomon gf[View]
111480407Are people fashionable in your country? Do you like how they dress?[View]
111479826Canadian nostalgia thread[View]
111482229Are you pro Alberta[View]
111478019Woah wha[View]
111481680What can you tell me about french healthcare? It certainly cannot be worse than here.[View]
111479472What are burgers not telling us?: Tell us about the aliens already.[View]
111481861>111441682 this so much. why can't we just have more options for work? you'd think es…[View]
111481057Why is Jomon gene based? Thank you Jomon people![View]
111478982Attended her funeral this week and took a photo of the face of the body while at the funeral home. A…[View]
111479630Which countries love butts more than boobs?: In which countries are butts more popular than boobs? h…[View]
111481701post russian art and music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-1gNSPdU_E https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
111481756why do asians look like monkeys?[View]
111481198which country is the cutest?[View]
111477055do people go on dates with their moms/older female relatives in you country?[View]
111480115Can a french guy translate?: I understand it has something to do with a women who converted to islam…[View]
111481139>my French celestial girlfriend[View]
111480259*studies you*[View]
111473164>tfw no tomboy gf[View]
111481254>Why yes, I do support a political and economic Indo-European union of sorts, stretching from Wes…[View]
111479035What's his endgame?[View]
111479714How old are /Int/ users? https://www.strawpoll.me/18662225[View]
111479258too sad and exhauted to go to work just gonna call in sick, fuck it[View]
111438908/flag/ + /extraflags/: You better run, you better take cover edition Welcome to /extraflags/, a love…[View]
111481418This apartment costs 2,762,199.72 USD per a house[View]
111479323How do you cope with being born in a shithole?: Sweden is done, it will soon be erased from history.…[View]
111479855Why is AMWF porn best? https://youtu.be/bz-qVmTnlCg[View]
111481462Cute teeny little country.[View]
111481202Are you an American or Americant[View]
111479829Do European men dress better than Americans?[View]
111476842There is no ' good country '[View]
111466502>that title I don't even[View]
111480316My name is Satoshi Nakamoto[View]
111479586The black american is truly something else. He defines masculinity more than any other humans ever c…[View]
111480649Would you be willing to live in a high-rise building with no elevator (only stairs) if it meant a si…[View]
111480843Do muslims eat pork in Minecraft?[View]
111480604havent gone to class in 3 weeks skipped my midterm which counts for 20% havent left my room for 2 d…[View]
111480454i do not really like indian ¨¨¨people¨¨¨[View]
111480100>fuck int[View]
111480369What happens in Dickshooter, Idaho?[View]
111477194Does Canada have a culture of racism? Aren't they supposed to be like America's culture bu…[View]
111480175what does the text on the bottom right say?[View]
111480830anyone want to visit north macedonia with me?[View]
111479689Terrible country filled with terrible people.: Chinese don't have a culture besides insecure ma…[View]
111475178Germany × Japan: These two countries are maestros of manufacturing watches, cameras and automobiles …[View]
111480811If I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean. And if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat. An…[View]
111479784Why are Americans so beautiful? https://nypost.com/2019/09/16/teen-girl-accused-of-threatening-to-sh…[View]
111479328Please stop consuming so much[View]
111479106If I was an American I would have unironically shot up a school by now and an-heroed myself.[View]
111479351British people really look like this?[View]
111479864why do most white people who post here hate me?[View]
111480109>ameriniggers be like 'this building is about 60 macbooks high and weighs 10,000 big macs'…[View]
111476633Ted Kaczynski was right. leftist will literally invent new problems.[View]
111479999walk into fast food joint see this what do[View]
111479357Why is Cuba so much better than every other caribbean shithole? After more than a half century of em…[View]
111477453I just want to move to Finland.[View]
111479876Just a little encouragement for our European wagies before they head out for their daily commute tod…[View]
111480140Do Americans REALLY?.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCTTJZk6HJs[View]
111479336Always was, always will be, a shithole: Terrible country filled with terrible people. Australians do…[View]
111477584Post the most American thing about you. I used to think the Civil War was the only civil war. I didn…[View]
111477882Japan is perhaps the most disgusting and racist country in the world. Its people are horrible and di…[View]
111472394What school subject did you struggle with?[View]
111478793follow your dreams is a bad advice[View]
111479534>Why yes, I am learning Japanese and French. What gave it away?[View]
111476377To people who live in Americans, can you tell me how Native American men are like now days?[View]
111480120Good and Bad Portrayals of your Cunt?: What are portrayals of your country or people you like seeing…[View]
111478282so I'm 68% rapist and 23.4% raped?[View]
111478469Good morning /int/[View]
111471270Can I pass for a Slav?: Image traced from real picture Hair texture is soft, straight and only sligh…[View]
111480008What are gay nightclubs like in your country?: My trans girlfriend took me into a gay club once to m…[View]
111477286>white americans are moving to europe >europeans meme them with 'muh ancestry, my nigerian im…[View]
111478048Europoors, would you be kind enough to give us your top 10% attractive women so we can keep our Asia…[View]
111479922>Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Thursday said the Philippines would “lose” in [t…[View]
111479017why do americans have such big lips? what's the evolutionary advantage?[View]
111478097what gay shit do you wear in your cunt /int/?[View]
111475401This is your typical /int/cel poster.[View]
111479079I'm very drunk and going home[View]
111479312Are zoomers from your country based and racemixingpilled?[View]
111478763What type of emotions does this man evoke in you?[View]
111479558Texas belongs to Filipinos.[View]
111478992Do lobotomies actually work? I remember hearing a story about a guy who attempted suicide by shootin…[View]
111479118Who would win this fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XpCptaukhc[View]
111479376Hank Yoo would have not be in prison if he lived in Canada.[View]
111477670>mfw a med thought he was european near me[View]
111479382Big Guys are Greco-Macedonian. Very few Big Guys speak Arabic.[View]
111479455How do you tell someone to calm down in French if you don't know them well yet?[View]
111476008NYC >Finance, Business Los Angeles >Media, Entertainment San Francisco >Technology Chicag…[View]
111477006Who would win in PUBG solo.[View]
111478082All I wanna be is El Chapo All I wanna be is El Chapo Three billion dollars in pesos All I wanna be …[View]
111479271I drank a fifth of vodka in four days[View]
111479235north korea will still exist in 2020[View]
111479303>Why yes I flicked a gnat that was on my laptop screen with my gargantuan middle finger and smash…[View]
1114757791-country 2-what insults that actually make you feel hurt 1-Lebanon 2-sandnigger/shitskin[View]
111477386Your typical South Korean poster[View]
111478091language question..: Say a French woman gets adopted and a lot happens but in conclusion the French …[View]
111479090Why are mutts like this...?[View]
111475805>tfw went to Japan and could only get old leftover xmas cake gross women attracted to me. No youn…[View]
111476953Shenandoah valley, home.[View]
111475806>soldiers? oh no, those poor sweet darlings aren't all baby-killing sociopaths, they're…[View]
111477642Will Europe be completely destroyed before I even get a chance to visit?[View]
111478811In USA, is there welfare? I have a hard time imagining a ghetto violent black guy going to mop the f…[View]
111473537/brit/: fifa 20 is out edish[View]
111479047Show some God damn respect.[View]
111477147>wins the fucking lottery while in jail holy mother of based only in Brazil…[View]
111461693post your gfs /int/[View]
111475500Dikson, Russia... Home...[View]
1114770831. Your cunt 2. The most prominent meme ideology in your cunt 1. Hueland 2. Anarcho-Capitalism[View]
111478644>your cunt >are you lacking? youtube.com/watch?v=4nHnJULnL6w&feature=youtu.be…[View]
111479030>Friends try to 'wingman' me in pubs and clubs >'Yeah he's got a massive cock' >Am act…[View]
111476312france must answer for this The bible says God forbade man from living past 120 years and this woman…[View]
111475910another lonely night[View]
111478595>white incel shooter >attacks school, church, mosque, etc. place full of unarmed women and chi…[View]
111475593you can only post in this thread if your country's leader has dressed in blackface[View]
111463896/cum/ - canada, usa, mexico: cum lmao[View]
111478814Norway is Greco-Macedonian. Very few people speak Norwegian in Norway.[View]
111476680Shhhhh /int/, my dog is sleeping![View]
111478718My country? Europa My people? European[View]
111476579>When an American refers to you by state >When a non-american hasn't even heard of your s…[View]
111475588>male feminists EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL[View]
111476416I have only 5000 American dollars but I want to run away to Argentina. How long can I survive there …[View]
111476017Why do hapas look so European?[View]
111477758Why are amerisharts like this https://youtu.be/23PlSUJUzHQ[View]
111473950>Your country >What's one of the biggest mistakes you've ever made? Flag I cut my …[View]
111463891Why are Americans here so opposed to public transit?[View]
111476513>be a blonde hair blue eyed canadian >see a latina girl on tinder >start speaking to her in…[View]
111477784What's the deal with asians?[View]
111477390>e pluribus unum[View]
111478521what's the difference between john wayne and jack daniels[View]
111477739I live in a blue part[View]
111478113I'll be honest America really is not the best country for an Indian American male. My family wa…[View]
111476275ITT: Skylines/Cityscapes[View]
111477544>Italy considered one of the great powers >Basically no Italians die in WWII I can't tell…[View]
111477392>If you country is not a civ in Age of Empires 2 then you literally live in a non-country Post re…[View]
111476048would you date mex girl[View]
111471228Ah shit, here we go again.[View]
1114768262019 Southeast Asian haze: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/haze-hits-unhealthy-levels-on-wedn…[View]
111477910It’s so sad how far Europe has fallen. I visited my ancestral homeland of Rotterdam and it felt like…[View]
1114745261. Your country 2. Which one would women in your country prefer?[View]
111477258Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok... Ugh.. What could have been...[View]
111477649Where do I find chicks like this in Japan?[View]
111475835do people in your country sleep naked? I always do...[View]
111471723Why are Europoors so redpilled on Islam but so bluepilled on niggers?[View]
111475752>did well in school >cant pass a job interview because of autism…[View]
111470904Latinos are so lucky >Promiscuous sex-thirsty women >Outgoing extrovert culture >Open minde…[View]
111474809Good morning /int/[View]
111475771how old is your country?[View]
111438157/v4/ + friends: no edition today[View]
111477927Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
111475775You MUST pick one state to live in: For the rest of your life! What state will you move to euros?…[View]
111475349>why yes I do wish not to wake up again every single time I sleep[View]
111474158left: ugliest thing in the world. Truly abominable. right: white pussy magnet Why are women so super…[View]
111476297How much tax do mega companies in your cunt have to pay?[View]
111475298Your cunt Do you have an overbite Flag Yeah, I had asthma as a kid and caused it me to develop an ov…[View]
111476705>tfw 236cm tall >still no gf[View]
111438182time 4 cofe[View]
111477503J U S T U S T[View]
111477559Any other ameribros want a cheeseburger right now?[View]
111475935best 'upper crust' places to live in the USA?: Lived in PHX and SD for most of my life, traveled to …[View]
111472722I personally know the illegal mexican in toronto AMA.[View]
111477081mexican girls give good head but they can only do it once[View]
111477165/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Proper /cum/ edition[View]
111476390Which flag is the left one?[View]
111468207imperial japan was just as ruthless (if not more) than nazi germany: >imperial japan conquered an…[View]
111464472Is that gay to find korean sissies attractive ? Only asians traps make me hard, and I'm 100% s…[View]
1114749201. Your Cunt 2. What's your country's policy towards the queer? 3. What about Transsexuals…[View]
111474787Cute French trans girl with Berber BVLL: Will the future have more couples like this?[View]
111473366/birt/: cuckio meme edition[View]
111476907>still thirsty at lunch >gf gives me her choccy milk…[View]
111462784/norgetråden/:: Herr hovmester kan jeg få en ladning med HIV, takk forrige: slikt har vi sluttet med…[View]
111476991>tfw you remember your channer phase[View]
111476480what nationalities do you really love? >leafs, especially from the vancouver area >mexicos, li…[View]
111476485left or right?[View]
111476837My Chicano cousins can't speak Spanish but their English is terrible too. What do Chicanos do t…[View]
111464144Is Switzerland the America of Europe?[View]
111470076/lat/ Hilo latino: Edición de la gran nación italiana[View]
111476756Things that boomers do in your country.[View]
111459875/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: S H A L L edition[View]
111472027/frosch/ besser bekannt als /apu/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
111476589Give me your brutally honest and no-holds-barred opinion of America and Americans.[View]
111476161Is getting cucked a common occurance in your country?[View]
111475182>he has molly[View]
111443759/mena/: >>>/his/7261316[View]
111474352>Getting so cucked that you use the script of an enemy nation which has no relation to your own l…[View]
111474950Chilean 'men': Why are Chilean 'men so pathetic?[View]
111469490I love Japan![View]
111472237Why is France so bloody BASED?[View]
111475052Where are the cute mutt girls?: >live in the US >live in a part that's supposed to be lib…[View]
111476338you are cute[View]
111475530Do foreigners search for porn using terms in English, or in their own language? Do they use American…[View]
111476227Do arabs understand random slang from other arab countries?[View]
111454083/ex-yu/: 'vako 'nako...[View]
111475525I've heard Bolsonaro removed taxes to electronic stuff (consoles, pc hardware and so on) is it …[View]
111474624One Vanderbilt is now officially the 5th tallest building in the USA[View]
111473962>When some non-american doesn't address me by state.[View]
111476050what was his problem? why did he hate it here so much?[View]
111474555I actually cannot think of a single country that I despise on the fact that I don't know enough…[View]
111475904Gigacoomer has uronically a much better life than me I mean he is happy cause he can COOMS[View]
111474249>I suffer in Japan[View]
111475964esto confunde y hace enloquecer al español[View]
111475398What's my phenotype? Turkic? Levantine? Pashtun?[View]
111475085I'm headed to Switzerland (Zürich) for work and I do not know a shred of german. I'm plann…[View]
111464491/carib/ + island friends: Surviving hurricanes edition[View]
111474818>american education[View]
111468709/brit/: YANKED edition[View]
111475567https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WclYu5l4G0 how long until europe and the first world becomes zimbaw…[View]
111475065I have never met an actual 4chan int poster who was an actual chad instead of a scrawny nerdy lookin…[View]
11147542513.12.19 أل دجال: SINNERS WILL BURN[View]
111475691海參崴: 'Vladivostok' will be Chinese again. Its real name is Haishenwai 海參崴 and it was part of the Qin…[View]
111466864do ameircans really like this movie? fuckin kek.[View]
111474752Why do Europeans keep saying their country have no culture when it's has arguably the most inte…[View]
111475557what do you think about my french celestial girlfriend whom is in fact a real existent divine entity…[View]
111474553Sorry everyone but why are Canadians so fucking annoying and why does every one of them seem like th…[View]
111472711Do your cunt have Memri TV?: What do you think about this channel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o…[View]
111475101I support finnish economy![View]
111475470Good morning Australia. Keep being sexy cunts.[View]
111474954Why can't a nigger just stab me to death and end my life ?[View]
111472729I have a passive income of 500-600€ each month. Where can I move and have a comfortable life with th…[View]
111468976I was watching some amateur Brazilian porn and I notice that Brazilians refer to black people as Ang…[View]
111474885Why are white people so hypocritic?: They shit on the Jews for what they do when whites themselves a…[View]
111461666/tr/: jil dölöz edisyonu![View]
111474897Do canadians really?[View]
111474741How true is this?[View]
111473115> Popular music nowadays is beyond disgusting... and their music videos are even worst. Immoral, …[View]
111473501Does any one else think we have to re-map states according to geographic and cultural boundaries?[View]
111475041People who post in generals are unironically intellectual cowards[View]
111473736Post maps[View]
111473072Have you ever seen a goth Chinese girl? I have[View]
111474019This morning my French celestial girlfriend told me this morning about kids dying in a school and I …[View]
111474983Eat the cheese Soyjak.[View]
111471679Do people in your country follow lord Jesus Christ?[View]
111466707The doggo is dead. ;([View]
111474374How do people in your country stop thinking bad thoughts?[View]
111472975>your cunt >thoughts on girls with crazy-eyes?…[View]
11147152460000 years. Sixty thousand years of living on Australia, and not once did a single Aboriginal think…[View]
111474101These people duplicate their population each 8 years, they are already 1.5 of bolivia and paraguay…[View]
111472525Bolivia: Eastern Bolivia is the richest and most developed area in the country. They produce all the…[View]
111474768卐 ARYAN GIGACHAD 卐: SHOW ME BOB[View]
111469325I-Is it true France senpai?[View]
111472003Reminder that if you're not a virgin then you're a disgusting normalfaggot and you are not…[View]
111473394>swear in front of an american >'Be careful with those f-bombs mister!'…[View]
111471887>America? I hate the government and love the people. >China? I love the government and hate th…[View]
111474740Why does this trigger Europeans?[View]
111464646/polska/: edycja na kogo głosujecie?[View]
111473398Are the Bogdanoff Twins really as powerful as they say?[View]
111474546why are morocans seem as africans yet southern iberians are white? why are sicilians white yet libya…[View]
111454345>Imagine for a second hating on Paris[View]
111474542Can Latinos explain what this is?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI9q0miq4hs[View]
111474142I need to sleep, /int/ Sing me a lullaby from your country[View]
111474392>wh*Teboi complains about birth rates >tell him to have sex >the incel fucking freaks and s…[View]
111473973>he's learning esperanto[View]
111474394>well ,yes i am what you call Übermacht[View]
111474268Look at this board. Absolute 100% inarguable proof that third worlders should be confined to their o…[View]
111457563kurva anyátok[View]
111474369/WEST COAST USA/: Perth fags welcome too. >walking down the street >see a bunch of white guys…[View]
111468169I want to know your opinions on each US state that you know anything about.[View]
1114738201. your cunt 2. is it frowned upon to live with your parents at 27 to save for a house 1. cunt 2. ye…[View]
111472412>in the u.s barely get any tinder matches >come here and get a match every minute... Im not ev…[View]
111474154Canadians, amongst the most educated: 13 million Canadians between 25-64 hold a degree/diploma/certi…[View]
111473247So..: Are Scandinavians considered white in your country?[View]
111474135>2019 >Fattys still havent apologized When will they apologize?…[View]
111450330I'm A60. Tag yourself[View]
111473329I never had a childhood love, moreover I never had the love grow with me to adulthood. I have no con…[View]
111472974>get absolutely obliterated blastered face-down on the ground in an argument >close the tab, h…[View]
111474094>well, yes i am the savior of the white race how could you tell[View]
111473883Are people with these looks common in Italy?: >Elia Soriano (born 26 June 1989) is an Italian-Ger…[View]
111474014Do you love Japan?![View]
111473795Do you love half indian half austrian women?[View]
111473240>This is unironically the pinnacle of N*rdic 'architecture' OH NO NO NO…[View]
111469245He took the JOMONPILL: From one generic-looking actor, to an aesthetically-pleasing actor with prese…[View]
111470516>Homeless people are still people![View]
111469974imagine not living in the hood: >left £2.50/ticket cinemas watching Ad Astra >smoke a very hig…[View]
111473339What if all african and middle eastern migrates to China instead of Europe[View]
111463599>dude evroba[View]
111470193>you’re cunt >do women go crazy for doctors on your cunt: El Salvador Yes[View]
111468015FACT Jewish girls are the cutest[View]
111471528/indo-uralic/ aka /subhuman/: invited: indo-uralics like me how do we cope? edition[View]
111472632WINTER IS COMING LEAFIES: Hope you enjoy your suffering >b-b-but i like the cold Then why do you…[View]
111473236>Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me …[View]
111471565Please, cum to Brazil.[View]
111472746What does /int/ think of New Jersey?[View]
111471714Do Europeans really live with their parents past the age of 15?[View]
111473084Giving my children my wife's dad's haplogroup?: Is there anyway to give my children my wif…[View]
111469860>1 out of 4 germans is an immigrant >1 out of 5 swedemite is an immigrant >1 out of 3 brit…[View]
111472676Remove one countries to fix as many problems with the world as possible[View]
111472885What did Yoda's syntax sound like in Japanese?[View]
1114697891. Your cunt 2. Your flag[View]
111463699Are brazilian girls easy to get for european guys?[View]
111464551mexico's new culture: ok fags, I'm gonna talk about the new subcultures mexico has and nob…[View]
111472871Did you know that the Dutch do not wear helmets when bicycling?[View]
111467709>mfw the inevitable race war happens, once again, italians will be able to pick the winning side …[View]
111470406Woah... Abos look like THAT?[View]
111472091Why is everyone afraid of blackpipo ? https://streamable.com/rvdb9[View]
111471272Pineapple pizza[View]
111472685Hey when I make it big I'm going to change my Haplogroup with gene editing in a lab I'll f…[View]
111471987I'm half white and half med. Should I just kill myself and end the shame of having med genes?[View]
111456771Today is Chile's 'independence day' Thanks France, Argentina and the Chilean patriots. Fuck Sp…[View]
111471942Wished I lived in Australia instead of this barren, cultureless shithole with a 97% infant mortality…[View]
111471049damn, how can scandinavian girls compete with Iberian women?[View]
111472207Why do Americans say BBQ is American?: Do they really believe people didn't barbecue long befor…[View]
111460352Do third-worlders have access to high quality meat? Or is that something exclusive to the first worl…[View]
111472381chiken in the corn corn dont grow[View]
111472339Even Ayy lmaos want more BLACK babies.[View]
111472354Americans REALLY rape people: Americans can't stop harassing people. Fuck them, stop abusing wo…[View]
111466945white women... my only weakness.[View]
111471437Where is Third Rome?[View]
111470820My little brothers :)[View]
111465362Germany appreciation thread >best cars >best house appliances and tools >good sportmanship…[View]
111472135Racist Basques: Some Basque just came up to me and insulted my Indo-Uralic heritage. Gosh I hate him…[View]
111472160>I travel to your country >I knock your door >I offer you some money for your dirty underwe…[View]
111471901Is PUA common in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfmkHNSSSMs[View]
111470873If gender is a spectrum, then why can't I fourier transform it? Check mate, trannies and jannie…[View]
111470168What the fuck happened to /éire/?[View]
111465499i'm French/portuguese, what about you ? My ancestors come from nothern portugal in a small tow…[View]
111471304>I'm BALTIC, not Slavic! We're completely different! How you ask? Uhhh...…[View]
111471606iran do egplosion[View]
111471477Today I got pay both of my jobs. I wish I wasn't poor. >What's your pay per hour? <m…[View]
111448966/med/: na na na edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_iEis_ZRoQ[View]
111471090How do you say Mother in your language?[View]
111468547/deutsch/: Sörenfreie abend ausgabe[View]
111464761What do you think girls from your cunt talk about when men aren't around?[View]
111471738Πέντε χρόνια διkασμένος μέσα στο Γεντί Κουλέ από το πολύ σεkλέτι το `ριξα στον αργιλέ Φύσα, ρούφα, τ…[View]
111470427Post your cunt’s worst military disaster.: Pic related is the Battle of the Wabash. Well over half o…[View]
111471102Ware wa kangun waga teki wa, tenchi irezaru chouteki zo[View]
111468656/brit/: man cave edition[View]
111463672How does your country deal with d*nes?[View]
111464544>find on Instagram THE cutest guy I've ever seen >send him an elaborate and thought-out m…[View]
111469662Why do Turks dress like this?: Erdogan looks like a travelling salesman from 1950's. >Garish…[View]
111452267/ex-yu/: milf piks kaficachach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfOJS2_5M0E[View]
111468485How do you say “busiest” in german? As in, “it’s the busiest airport in the world.”[View]
111470075Will Germany ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXdtafGdIVM[View]
111471169>you will always be Indo-Uralic how do you cope? you could've been a non-indian caucasoid l…[View]
111470446is this common in your country?[View]
111471078>well yes,affirmative, amenfine,good,okay,true,yea,all right,aye,beyond a doubt,by all means,cert…[View]
111454596/ita/ - il filo: cucù[View]
111469554Chilean 'men': Why are Chilean 'men' so pathetic?[View]
111470996Why?: Why barefeet Yemenities can blow up half of Saudi Oil industry by single raid, but mighty Ukri…[View]
111442127/ro/ Firul Nostru: Ediția groyper[View]
111464050Why can't all you motherfuckers look like this?[View]
111464012Why yes, bringing back Al-Andalus is a great idea. How could you tell?[View]
111469047does your country contribute to the UN peacekeepers? Portugal sure does...[View]
111463137Lebanese are ethnically Med/Phoneician. Very few speak Arabic in Lebanon.[View]
111465732lmao: Imagine living in a country where this is a normal commercial. American do they really? https:…[View]
111466177Which phenotype has a perfectly cubic head?[View]
111470492>Dutch people be like Oh boy[View]
111459029/mämmi/: Kyllä ajattelen Suomen kartalla tällä tavalla, mistä arvasit?-painos[View]
111467111If only you knew how bad things really are.[View]
111423750/ITA/ il filo: Edizione Io e Jupiter[View]
111469853If you had your whole countries military under your control who would you attack first? Me Iceland, …[View]
111469516Do you love Japan?[View]
111457978/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe мaлoчиcлeнных нapoдoв Poccии. Пpeдыдyщий: >>111451915[View]
111463273>whiter than you mehmet[View]
111464929Filipinos be like HEH-LO, MY NAME IS CHING CHONG RODRIGUEZ[View]
111470100how do eat pizza? Italy YES[View]
111425662hilo /lat/ANO[View]
111467732Is corporal punishment socially acceptable in you're cunt?[View]
111469081Last thing we need to hear is French are Meds. The French are Germanics who speak a Germanic languag…[View]
111466821this is what American cities are going to look like in 10 years your thoughts?[View]
111464273whoa... the more you know...[View]
111469805HOLD UP. Saxon girls look like THAT?!!![View]
111468446You wake up in UCCR[View]
111464913Is it true that a new accent is developing in London due to immigrants?[View]
111469720>Why am I traveling to Asia? Because of the culture, the food, the views, the friendly people, th…[View]
111469667Who posts behind this flag? Serbs or Bosniaks?[View]
111466813'Western women are roastie whores, only Asian ladies know how to peoperly treat a gentleman such as …[View]
111466006Do mothers trade their children to pedophiles in exchange for drugs in your country? They do in the …[View]
111469462Do you watch jidaigeki films, /int/? How popular are they in your country?[View]
111469540>mfw Non-Americans don't address me by my state.[View]
111464872Post interesting YouTube videos. https://youtu.be/ZRuSS0iiFyo[View]
111469527Is he popular in your country?[View]
111469433Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
111462171More of this INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL meme please[View]
111467512Do jobs drug test in your country?[View]
111462745>you wake up in moscow[View]
111469384Poo Shuttle: Where did it go? >NASA Moon Orbiter Fails to Spot India’s Lunar Lander: Report today…[View]
111466003Why are Euros so obsessed with us?[View]
111465009does this happen in you're country?[View]
111465907Remember. The more they hate you, the more it means you are doing something right.[View]
111462806I found a 20 cent coin today[View]
111468815we are being replaced[View]
1114658421. flag 2. Which country makes the best music?[View]
111469235Every wonder why countries with stars on their flag are universally hailed as evil?[View]
111457608I finally met a Brazillian-American: I'm dumb founded because I can't tell what race he is…[View]
111466305Why do you like big butts? Correct me if I'm mistaken but if it is big, it is harder to introdu…[View]
111465845Is it true? Are Bulgarians even stronger than Albanians?[View]
111466253>Iranians are called Majoosis which is derived from Magis So are you fucking telling me that they…[View]
111455958>well yes, i'm well aware of the horse pill how could you tell ?[View]
111466058non kosher non halal /brit/: here we are, the lads[View]
111462996I am 20 years old and I am still a virgin[View]
111466336why does the amerimutt look predominantly negro, when most mutts are part mexican?[View]
111466323>pronouns in bio[View]
111468634England or New England?[View]
111455619Why are you guys so obsessed with Asian girls?[View]
111466629Why are women of all colors so attracted to south european men? What is it about us that drives them…[View]
111466890/int/ humor thread Post funny /int/ related images, I want to build my folder up[View]
111467780Canadians are masters of combat and warfare, and have never lost a war.[View]
111466023Why do Lithuanians drink and kill themselves all the time?[View]
111468746Post things that put your country to shame[View]
111468536What do you know about the great country and people of Armenia?[View]
111466859The UN is gay as fuck and i wipe my ass with the international treaties[View]
111468515Puerto Ricans were loyal to Spain all the way until 1930s and 40s when Americans began to plan the n…[View]
111465019>Why yes, I am Scandinavian. How could you tell?[View]
111464267>I suffer in Gabon[View]
111467635please come to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch https://youtu.be/fHxO0Udpo…[View]
111464430/deutsch/: Haushalt Ausgabe[View]
111465652Why do people here say /int/ is a normie Board ? It’s literally just /r9k/ lite[View]
111467259Why do americans hate socialism yet they get a boner over their military, the biggest and most expen…[View]
111466845American Black Women: What are they like?[View]
111468114/skandi/: Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Island, Færoyene, Åland, Svalbard, Shetland, Orknoyene og Gronlan…[View]
111468088Why are italian immigrant so unbelievably annoying and butthurt.[View]
111468100I just don't know anymore.[View]
111468093Sverigetråden - Nostalgiupplagan[View]
111463973I'm not even White but I consider myself an Anglo[View]
111464980>post that insults my country >south american flag wew…[View]
111464508Average Frenchman: What phenotype is this?[View]
111467386Are blacks hated in Mexico? I remember my Mexican dad would call black people niggers and mayates al…[View]
111465087why are we not allowed to talk about politics here?[View]
111467750Fuck the police.[View]
111464994can brown latinos have an ethnostate in africa? the americas are too racist and white dominated[View]
111466248>be turk >look like a northern italian >go to wh*te area >everyone thinks that you are w…[View]
111466861>why yes, I do have a beard and large muscles, how could you tell?[View]
111467525At last, for the first time in 70 years, another worthy adversary to destroy...[View]
111467734Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>111434631 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int…[View]
111438156/balt/: kurva anyátok edition[View]
111453421/balk/: Big developed 1st world Sofia edition >>111440155[View]
111450708/fr/ - Le francofil: le 1er fil est tjrs un fil de merde[View]
111463951In what year will you be 100?: Me in 2089. I turned 30 this year.[View]
111466906If USA and Iran were allied in a war against Israel how long would it take to beat the jews ?[View]
111466987How friendly is Japan towards Isralite Jews?[View]
111465262what REALLY happens in Northern England when the cameras aren't there?[View]
111446817Beautiful language[View]
111466356Why do incels always obsess over white women ?[View]
111465735We arent friends ok[View]
111463114Sverigetråden - Vår grabb lyckades! Upplagan[View]
111463249how do we stop this?[View]
111465893Do you seriously believe some places are socially better than others just because muh ethics? How do…[View]
111465313>very high HDI >very low crime rates >importing hundreds of thousands of men from third wor…[View]
111465660>why yes I'm Japanese and I love anime and big tittied milfs[View]
111464744Family curse: All the men in my family have extremely curly hair. My great grandpa fought at the Mex…[View]
111461584/brit/: slam piggy chav gf[View]
111464831>tfw have stomach flu I want to stop vomiting and shitting water[View]
111464760For all the third worlders that post here, are you upper middle class or rich?[View]
111464842How common is this phenotype in your country?[View]
111464157>Asian women[View]
111450521Genetic Dead End.[View]
111446896French ghetto memes: Please post more of these French ghetto memes[View]
111464020What about North/South Germany and East/West Korea?[View]
111458989Why do danes and leafs fight for this...rock?[View]
111439168/norgetråden/: Sameutgaven Forrige: >>111395487 >>111395487 >>111395487[View]
111452785egy/misr/masr/زب/مصر: the future of egypt edition[View]
111464865Israelis may be my favorite posters on 4chan. They either make insightful or witty posts, they have …[View]
111461533Swedes! I'm heading across the border tomorrow for a meeting. And i will of course do some shop…[View]
111463569https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpUKJ6-LMI8 Russian goes to North Korea[View]
111465219It is confirmed, the Norwegian failed mosque shooter killed his own sister because she was Asian. A…[View]
111455141https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpohTIQIbX8 France is Poland's best friend. J'aime la Fran…[View]
111461519I hate living in this shithole. Wish I lived in prosperous Western country with bigger opportunities…[View]
111464374Destroy this racist shithole.[View]
111464610What's up with Anthony from ltt?: He looks like the meme of the fat American. He needs to work …[View]
111463650>yes, conversion to Christianity was the worst thing that happened to my country…[View]
111463415>>We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endow…[View]
111456135/dinner/-/lunch/ thread: uma delicia! what you're having for tonight, frens?[View]
111464152>Why yes, I am replacing you. What gave it away?[View]
111463713Today is our foremost national holiday how are you celebrating?[View]
111455356choo choo[View]
111464426/deutsch/ muss morgen rasenmähen >doppelte und noch 1 bier für mir[View]
111453284/polska/: edycja szczęśliwego życia z żoną[View]
111463892>Dude, what if, like, everything is like a dream, or a simulation[View]
111463966Asian thread: Are Asians in your country cringe too?[View]
111464047Why yes, we're hiring![View]
111464177>yeah, hold on bro, let me just take a selfie real quick[View]
111463425you wake up in Myanmar[View]
111459593How do we solve the Finnish Question?[View]
111461893Do europeans actually drink out of toilets and then wipe their penis with toilet paper?[View]
111459021/brit/: leftypol edition[View]
111449294My wife chino cooks the pigs I hunt[View]
111463112ITT we post negative stereotypes about our countries that are true. >Spain We really are very fuc…[View]
111463354Who is going to win the 2096 US elections?[View]
111425553/asean/: Babi guling edition[View]
111461592/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: hell meta apo kairo[View]
111459873damn Indians are based and redpilled[View]
111460556can any boomers tell me what this was like? was there a debate in your country about inviting shitho…[View]
111461337america sucks[View]
111463683Does your cunny have warrior poets?[View]
111463667are mansi people peak finnish aesthetic?[View]
111457467nobody care who I was until I went to blackedraw[View]
111461194As an Italian man, I will say that the best cuisine in the world is not Italian. No, it is not Frenc…[View]
111455033Why do the Dutch love Tesla?[View]
111463455>Why yes, I am Finish-American. How could you tell?[View]
111438631/cum/: Canada USA Mexico[View]
111463486>plutocracy? yeah i support that, how could you tell?[View]
111457392What was it about the HRE that caused Germany and Italy to unite centuries later than most other sta…[View]
111459743Which country is more dangerous?[View]
111462413Overheard people at work today calling Japan a weird place because 'business men pay schoolgirls to …[View]
111459529Based Britain and Germany who let France dominates the game in EU. >distracted Britain and a weak…[View]
111462083The craddle of western civilization: Thank the Hellenes for their service[View]
111463170I have 5% north african admixture[View]
111463032Based Czech cartoon makers[View]
111461652Post yoyu wallpaper[View]
111463171Will you be participating in that global warming protest, /int/?[View]
111453852I only fap Asian schoolgirl.[View]
111460715>brit says something mean to me on voice chat in a video game >I don't understand >I r…[View]
111461257yo! 4chan muthafukas! we found this muthafuckin board!!!1! fuck all y'all postin' all this…[View]
111461651Do Asian men handle rejection well in your country?[View]
111448122Why do Arabs hate Africans[View]
111460647What donyou think about American vikings?[View]
111461959Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
111458259Princess Kako meets Austrian President Van der Bellen in Vienna: Japan's Princess Kako, niece o…[View]
111453270This image has been haunting me: Which Aldi is better?[View]
111457294Who would win: General Cho vs Elliot hapa rodgers[View]
111462680>I suffer in St Louis[View]
111459403The 5 best places on earth 1-Switzerland 2-Canada 3-Denmark 4-Norway 5-Singapore[View]
111462338i predicted it... she's real... i predicted it and she's real... i predicted it... and... …[View]
111459638Yes. It's true. We're France but less good in every single aspect. Except cuisine, we…[View]
111453480whats a normie these days how is virgin even an insult at this point[View]
111462655I'm looking for the gif with the ugly soccer supporters.[View]
111458200here’s your korean gf bro[View]
111462234Damn, Spainards look like THAT.[View]
111462275>I love travelling[View]
111462383Imperium America :)[View]
111462404Does having sex with Malaysian women worth it?[View]
111462331What is /int/ doing to celebrate our holiday?[View]
1114615771-Your people 2-Do you support the GAVLISH BVLL in his fight against all his enemies (especially the…[View]
111461795Don't you EVER call me a mutt again!: America is a BLACK nation I will kill anyone who suggests…[View]
111461016Once you go Japanese cars, you never go back. No wonder we see more and more Japanese cars. My first…[View]
111458764Pan-siberianism: Do any other Amerindians, Inuits, First Nations, mestizos, Chicanos, Yakut, Chukchi…[View]
111459895Why is the beauty of Japanese girls so unparalleled?[View]
111449670Why are Italians so autistic: Noooo, you need to cook exactly like we do with our extremely specific…[View]
111462044do you feel ashamed about the size of your cunt?: Yes[View]
111454711Coldest temperature you've experienced? -21c here[View]
111462063El Salvador is pretty nice int why you guys lie to me ..[View]
111462100were the americas named after tupac amaru?[View]
111460130Even the Japs are making fun of incels now.[View]
1114620492019... I am forgotten.[View]
111458773do americans really do things?[View]
111453398>Thigthest pussy among the other races >Completely submissive >But also take care of you as…[View]
111461862>delete post[View]
111461771Your nation's worst crimes: >persistently exterminate and dislodge natives from their lands …[View]
111461217Spanish royalty: imagine going to war for this[View]
111457506>another group assignment[View]
111461644rich chinese exchange student arrives in canada thinking he's hot shit, remains a friendless vi…[View]
111459840It's just Ohio with frogs[View]
111461510Mexico: >Spain hasn't apologized and runs Mexico's GAFTA which censors everything >F…[View]
111461506>stop! STOP! YO- YOU TROGLODYTE! no, I won't have a word with you, DON'T talk to me bef…[View]
111460978brazilian starterpack[View]
111460810Ένα πιτσιρίkι είναι ξαπλωμένο μες στα χορταράkια παραπονεμένο. Θέλει να φουμάρει ένα τσιγαράkι, μα δ…[View]
111457508You wake up in Asturias[View]
111461220>X country based >why? ummm because my future gf will come from there…[View]
111461111My neighbor just came back from Nigeria with a SMOKING HOT BABE Niggess. She looks like she's n…[View]
111461149Would you travel to Brazil?: https://brazzil.com/7090-one-killed-dozens-mugged-its-tourist-hunting-s…[View]
111443127Were they gay?[View]
111460580Beautiful architecture...[View]
111456371Sverigetråden - konspirationsupplagan[View]
111458752>there are people here that live on the mainland fucking losers[View]
111461070Cocktail mix: Black and latina edition[View]
111458769Tko sam ja? Tko si ti? Možda sanjam, ali ne sanjam. Zatvoren u začaranom krugu. Dolaze po mene svuda…[View]
111459973Argentina is white: So...i guess this settle the dispute[View]
111460871Canadian niggas be like “Ight im boutta head out, let me just put my shoes on”[View]
111456038Risk Thread: Another BLOOMIN Eurasia map Edition: Another Risk thread, we're on a roll this wee…[View]
111459994What is the average salary for this man in your country?: USA ~$29,857 a year[View]
111460776I love everyone!: ((except canadians))[View]
111460151She’s Indonesian: Here a pretty Indonesian girl. They say she’s a thot but she’s beautiful.[View]
111457818/deutsch/ um viertel vor sieben[View]
111460654>why yes, I believe my country was better off under paganism, how could you tell?…[View]
111444278>go to the hairdresser >she talks to me while cutting my hair…[View]
111457023Höyrer Harald Sigurdsson, dei draumtegn frå brodir Olav Matkhugen må du dölje no, ille det deg gange…[View]
111451393How are the trains in your city?: I'll start >Chicago Good if you live by them, or if you li…[View]
111460515How much money do you manage to save each month? Here as a student, I can save like 150-200€ each mo…[View]
111450100>President Rodrigo Duterte will not support the celebration of the quincentennial of Christianity…[View]
111460242We've won the battle, Kirei. Victory is ours![View]
111459522Why is cuckolding so popular among white males? Could it be cuck genes?[View]
111458922Turks consumed Persian literature without learning Persian, they learned religion from Arabs without…[View]
111457613Post parks or streets named as the cunt of the poster above[View]
111460200Imagine a Europe w/o arabs. We could finally put the southern part to good use instead of squanderin…[View]
111460068>wh*Te pypo be like 'is this gluten free?'[View]
111459024Is this really what Britons will look like after 1000 years of brexit?[View]
111455408could I get ladies in your country[View]
111457939>Spaniards raped Amerindians >Arabs raped Mediterraneans >Mongols raped everyone Why didn…[View]
111457768I want to seize the power of la luz extinguido. How do I decrease my whiteness percentage and gain t…[View]
111456145Does your city have a Mexican street? Budapest yes, pic related the Mexican avenue of Budapest.[View]
111459814Do you skewer kebabs in your country? Here we roll them up.[View]
111459553>Your country isn't responsible for the deaths of millions[View]
111456034>il monstruo dell'asia orientale...[View]
111457654It’s such a lovely day out :) What is /int/ doing right now?[View]
111459551Do americans really?[View]
111456507This is called a ute: It's like a sedan in the front but a pickup truck in the back. Only peopl…[View]
111454836Propaganda posters from your cunt[View]
111457115>colonial ''''powers''''[View]
111457401Damn,British women look like THIS?[View]
111456368So this is the face of junglefever: >I exclusively date black women. The lord created one specifi…[View]
111457957>in public transport >respectfully using headphones to listen to music >some faggot to my l…[View]
111459005I want to groom her and have sex with her in a dark alley![View]
111456427How well known is the video game serie from which this picture is fan art of in your cunt? Not well …[View]
111456080/brit/: JUST[View]
111453565Stockholmers off to work. Most people take the commuter train. After they're done working for t…[View]
111458859Daily reminder: Chicks are dont care about your height as long as you are taller than them https://y…[View]
111457097Really says a lot...[View]
111451728Am I white enough for your country?[View]
111448381/mämmi/: Kanna minut metsään apinanyymi-painos[View]
111451913WHY THE HELL DO SO MANY BRAZILIANS IMMIGRATE TO PARAGUAY? There's literally fucking nothing go…[View]
111453325People from these countries have no right to complain about browns or immigration or 'invasion' or w…[View]
111458604Bartolomé de las Casas: Opinions/Opiniones[View]
111440111>My political stance? >centrist >My sexual orientation? >bisexual >My religeous belie…[View]
111458593Why are Indian fellas like that? https://streamable.com/wrr48[View]
1114578471. Flag 2. Do you want to get back to your childhood? Russia Fucking yes, things were so much better…[View]
111457919Why are German girls so charming ? I swear, they’re all sweethearts.[View]
111456510>You wake up in Spain in the late 30's[View]
111458014Remember when they created civilization? Me neither[View]
111457364Is it common for men in your country to have long facial hair?[View]
111455433>country is good because something happened there thousand years Ago[View]
111458252Meanwhile, in South Brazil...[View]
111458220are italians lynched in the south still?[View]
111453196Last wednesday I fucked an 18 year old horny Swedish freshman girl at my university. I don't k…[View]
111455781*loots your art*[View]
111418207/dixie/ - The South & Friends[View]
111451915/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe шизoфpeнии. Пpeдыдyщий: >>111447580[View]
111457760Western values are all shit Might makes right Liberalism is a choice of losers at the bottom of the …[View]
111454232What do girls in your country wear during summer?[View]
111449049Imagine going your whole life without meeting someone from a neighboring country[View]
111453015Why is Romania so based?: >Last of the Romans and true heirs to the empire >BTFO and raped th…[View]
111456254Does this happen in your cunt too? It happens in America and I'm so jealous[View]
111453414>Non je ne pense pas[View]
111454547>this video was sponsored by The Great Courses Plus[View]
111434631Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread >>111426213 Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/…[View]
111457283My name is America , I stand proud and free: My name is America, Don't tread on me! https://you…[View]
111451691/deutsch/ am Nachmittag[View]
111457266Any American can set me up with a teastoop or two of roxarsone? That shit is illegal in EU ad I don’…[View]
111457191Why pro Chinese protesters in Hong Kong didn't make a songs to counter the so called 'Glory to …[View]
111437498kurva anyátok[View]
111455060Do Russian cats really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzQb4CV7hLY&t=[View]
111451509Most respectable women in Western Europe with italians women they are frigid and based (diaspora doe…[View]
111441670Post average girls from your country[View]
111456985>Anglicized names[View]
111456004I'm a 6'2' athletic black man, what's the easiest way to get with a white nordic woma…[View]
111450803French, apologize now: and return the p̶a̶r̶r̶o̶t̶ prehispanic art http://www.rfi.fr/es/francia/2019…[View]
111456864Why do brits still dress like it's 1819?[View]
111455799Who would win in a war?: The USA or literally all of Euorpe? I say the USA. Not even close. Sorry Eu…[View]
111453964Why do lefties usually look better than rightists?[View]
111456115Your opinion on the 'UK': My opinion is this: A country that used to be powerful and great but now i…[View]
111451852>You wake up in Galicia, Spain[View]
111454510Is Venice the most historically significant city in history?[View]
111448574Why was king Leopold so mean to the Africans?[View]
111456459Why do Egyptians look more Asiatic than other Arabs? Seljuk presence?[View]
111444824Absolutely based. Fuck those lazy fat bastards.[View]
111452690So, a while ago, the president (I will not say his name) said he declares around 1800 former inmates…[View]
111447698Arab countries should form a single union.[View]
111456307SWEDEN YES[View]
111456182>Why yes I want to genocide all wh*Te people how can you tell?[View]
111456185>his '''country''' does not have meme battle boxes where they defeated millions of enemy soldiers…[View]
111453387Do you have strong bones Anon-kun?[View]
111456047Why do /int/ so obsessed with heights? I've seen dozens of under 5'7 guys who happily marr…[View]
111453375Would someone like pic related considered a fellow white European in your country?[View]
111454489hi anon: How many hours you sleep in a day ? Do you get up early ? What time you go to sleep ? I…[View]
111454018/brit/: gf edition[View]
111450159do Japanese people think it is very natural to sleep on trains ?[View]
111454126are they considered white in your country?[View]
111454391Me: Poop poppity poop Woke 4channeler: Do you have any idea about the consequences of such base leve…[View]
111454014Rate me elevenses, lads[View]
111452858>cunt >your go-to instagram 'stars' for me, it's @jemwolfie…[View]
111455109Chillis, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Avocados come from Mexico.[View]
111455634Annual Average Temperature: The red area is too hot[View]
111450724/fr/ - le francofil: Édition champêtre. Fil précédent : >>111432975[View]
111455675Do you want to find love in North America?[View]
111453592HOLY F*CKING BASED[View]
111447184Sverigetråden - Greta upplagan: klimatet mannen..[View]
111455579>me when wh*te people criticize italian cuisine on this board[View]
111448892>tfw no Asian gf[View]
111455459Do Americans really?[View]
111435255ITT: Faces of /int/[View]
111455447>tfw no nvbian qveen gf[View]
111452375>spelled Leicester >pronounced Lester what the FUCK is wrong with Anglos?…[View]
111450258A girl told me I look eastern european when I'm a MED portuguese[View]
111453886Please koreans,don't make her NTR the main character[View]
111454835This China girl is 17 years old, yet she wants to show you her bare feet. What do you think? Is it O…[View]
111454910Sad music pls ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UAkaHCPMao[View]
111454322What is it like to live in a country with culture and history?[View]
111448579proom proom: why do japanese obsessed with trains ?[View]
111455107No mom, you fucking blue pilled slut. Dad didn't run off. He's being held hostage at Comet…[View]
111454611Why do Britbongs flex about having free health care when they all have rotten monster teeth? Seriou…[View]
111454602Engineer anons, How long do you work in your cunts?I'm currently at 8-9 hours a week with 1 day…[View]
111450285Did any of you ever go to prom?[View]
111453938Why do humans fear death ? What do you think is gonna happend after death ? how after life is gonna…[View]
111452185Would you rather live in Taliban controlled Afghanistan or American controlled Afghanistan?[View]
111452036Do you know people like this in your country?[View]
111452556Why is cousin marriage so prevalent in Islamic societies? In India also it is common among Hindus as…[View]
111453492>White Milk and cum (Birth of new life) >Brown Shit and general filth…[View]
111451944>you stupid cunt >did you experience young love? Flag Yes, very briefly in grade 1 and 2, the…[View]
111422539/ex-yu/: Sove nisu ono što se čine edicija[View]
111453395/χελλ/ - /hell/: ότι να 'ναι έkδοσις[View]
111454059This picture triggers the filthy brit Tiocfaidh ár lá[View]
111453953Thank you for your service sir *tips 56%*[View]
111452882I can't decide if I like black or asian women more[View]
111453521>you can't discriminate people because of their race, sex, height, health >you can legall…[View]
111452411Thank you Germany for creating a lot of useful things,especially related to engineering and learning…[View]
111451836I need a fren: Any fren? So lonely[View]
111451016/brit/: you'll work for me one day edition[View]
111453786I'm not even a /pol/turd but this is unironically the most based and redpilled and accurate pro…[View]
111445865They are as much European and white as are Armenians or Georgians. They sure are Caucasian like Arab…[View]
111449439Do Chinese not understand the concept of privacy?[View]
111446664Eastern Europeans are poor. I wish that I could help them.[View]
111452231pantsu misete: Is there actually thefts of panties in Japan or that in anime only[View]
111453501Always tip all service workers[View]
111453377>his 2009 fb profile picture is Vin Diesel in a black wife-beater with his arms crossed…[View]
111452854>tfw Atlantid phenotype[View]
111451946i got 11 matches on tinder[View]
111451600>incel >cope >fpbp >have sex…[View]
111452716>I was driving over 50 miles the speed limit? Relative to what, sir?[View]
111440882You will NEVER speak english unaccented. Your accent will always make you seem like a joke.[View]
111450903Woah wait.... are Americans the bad guys??[View]
111440155/balk/ - irredentism edition: old ??? ??? ???[View]
111446923What is wrong with yanks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_i8X7TLXbA[View]
111452922I'm trying to get fired but my fucking boss doesn't want to fire me! Today I even arrived …[View]
111445292>Be uni >Asian girl gets introduced to the class >She gets immiediately picked and flirted …[View]
111450493How do you rate these posters ?: Algerians are probably some of the best posters on this board I hav…[View]
111447123*makes up 75% of the Portuguese economy*[View]
111451081Car dwelling: This American woman lives in a car on $800 a month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b…[View]
111452883>he has white man drugs such as MDMA and LSD[View]
111452789Do Americans really?!? https://twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/1174302556291338241?s=20[View]
111452702welcome to /int/ island auction where we bid on tiny islands from all around the world first up is t…[View]
111449406Gods plan looks like this.[View]
111447639El americanos thread[View]
111445550/polska/: edycja niekontrolowanego walenia[View]
111452689>he doesn't trill his R's[View]
111451456Do you believe reincarnation?: >You die and you respawn[View]
111450050Why do Asians dress more Western than Whites lol. I always wear my joggers and a t-shirt or hoodie l…[View]
111449834Is this picture true? What's wrong with Hungarians and Czechs? Russian tanks can solve it quick…[View]
111452275>WATCHU LOOKIN AT CRACKA??? I KICK YO ASS!! wat do?[View]
111451264>Voluntary euthanasia? I agree, it should become legalized. If a person genuinely wants to die I …[View]
111452361Who wins with the European anti-Russian rethoric? only China[View]
111430501Do verticalized favelas exist in your country?: In Brazil, for a lot of factors (land price, familly…[View]
111449215TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Netizens have become outraged over a video posted on the Uyghur dissident Fa…[View]
111442903>Romance languages[View]
111452078is this a common mating strategy in your cunt?[View]
111450937Does /int/ have a wh*Te male problem?[View]
111452051>your cunt >do you tip your landlord? yes yes, on christmas, when the lease is renewed.…[View]
111446800Every time I step outside my house is like I'm entering hell itself. This ´´country´´ sucks. Th…[View]
111451459اليابان: Why Japan has so many deserted places[View]
111450716The Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland[View]
111444381In a job interview do you say you browse 4chan?[View]
111451365>waaaah they're killing our perfect white race >Wh*toid:…[View]
111451512Do you consider Scandinavians white?[View]
111451458Today is our independence day![View]
111451614>have one chance at life >born American It's not FAIR bros!!!!…[View]
111436891NEDERDRAAD: NEDERDRAAD Woensdagochtend-editie Welkom: Het koninkrijk der Nederlanden, Vlaanderen en …[View]
111450391>US, Brazil, and Japan calling our women plastic[View]
111448874White people are pretty cringe in a final analysis[View]
111450001What's your favourite European city?: For me, it's Bruges.[View]
111449357D. A. K 19.10.19[View]
111423701/ita/ il filo renziano: ed. bye bye PD[View]
111451596>send a very thought-out DM on Instagram to THE cutest guy I've ever seen >specify I…[View]
111449864How are you guys preparing for the chinese century?: I'm going to learn mandarin[View]
111449902A united europe is the only way for our societies to preserve their independence and not become pupp…[View]
111451415Do Americans really do this?: >be american >let me tell you why you're not white…[View]
111448907>1. Country >2. Does your local supermarket make fun of Americans? 1. Flag 2. Ja…[View]
111443793>Scotish accent on a woman[View]
111449761>Why yes, I have a black gf. How could you tell?[View]
111451128why do you incels freak about people's gf preferences? Its not like their entire life is proje…[View]
111450463Wish I had my foreskin. Be thankful for yours.[View]
111451394Is it gay to fuck men like in prison where there's no other choice?[View]
111445068Daily reminder to support Taiwan[View]
111443443What phenotype is this?[View]
111447952>I push my fingers into my eyes, it's the only thing that slowly stops the ache…[View]
111448469/brit/: The Kingdom of England and Wales[View]
111450529Good night /int/[View]
111449740How hard will the sycophants disavow trump after he expends his usefulness in 20/24? More than Bush?[View]
111438931Korean girls are so beautiful, I will definitely marry a Korean girl. I will be a dad with half Kore…[View]
111448225Who was in the wrong?[View]
111437537Do Germans really do this?: >Asylum seeker accused of raping a German woman and forcing her boyfr…[View]
111450615i hunt with this[View]
111446853any koreans here? im in korea right now and there is this old guy who probably sells some dancing pi…[View]
111450426>South Korea forbids people who have had sex within the past one year to donate blood. These rule…[View]
111450158Knock knock. It's the United States, with huge boats, with guns, gunboats. Open your country. S…[View]
111443591What to do against house dust mites allergy? Help! Ehemals deutsch: Was tun bei hausstaubmilben Alle…[View]
111441524>election >erection[View]
111449680>I don't want immigrants in my country >...unless you bring them in legally, then it…[View]
111450305I'm 2D flat face Yayoi Otaku Japanese. I want to become 3D face Jomon chad White American. How …[View]
111450208Average mexican children[View]
111449396>be me, have Ghanan-Danish coworker >she has a danish last name >found out her mom met her …[View]
111450061Americans remember 9/11 so much that even their emergency number is 911[View]
111449711>I was driving over 50 miles the speed limit? Relative to what, sir?[View]
111450080>I don't see race, I will date her if I have chemistry with her.[View]
111447794tell me something about your crountry no foreigner knows[View]
111444353Only frens welcome: My frens: USA Iran Armenia Georgia Germany Italy Japan Syria[View]
111449822meals of /int/: what was the last meal you ate? this is my breakfast[View]
111444145Who is the top military general in your country?[View]
111449852Ik art en Jud of England. Ik hat min lif.[View]
111449849Hun bastards, leave Belgium alone[View]
111449768i want japanese gf do japanese women hate when men play with her tits and lick her deet ?[View]
111449827I'ma brown guy (Portuguese) and I wish I were french instead of a manlet berber[View]
111449384>'anon all I wanted was to leave this world knowing you were on your two feet' >'we've a…[View]
111446776ITT: Countries and nations you pity. I'll start with these guys. A complete JUST of the 20th, a…[View]
111447954How common is bunda in your country?? 'If you're white, you can coom here!!'[View]
111448148Holy based[View]
111448121Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world: What makes them so powerful?[View]
111449487Happy holidays![View]
111446570ara ara~[View]

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