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165052392/asean/: >seems like you staring a lot >here you go, much easier right? edition…[View]
165068401why dont firsties oil they hair?[View]
165068512I just got new shoes and i already stepped on a nail and it went right through (;_;)[View]
165065015Pls watch hungarian anime.[View]
165068233Today I received my first wage, a total of 3100 Euro net salary. Is that a lot in your country? I be…[View]
165068399Why are Chinese people like this?[View]
165057145is it possible to find a virgin wife in your cunt?[View]
165067584Yellow males are the most discriminated against group in the world[View]
165065496where is the descendant of rus’ people[View]
165050070Are Asian men seen as desirable in your country?[View]
165067819>>165067410 >Unbenannt.png[View]
165068160What are bathrooms like in countries around the world? I recently learned that in China, they basica…[View]
165055047/ita/ - il filo: Edizione vintage[View]
165067895Friends, today Australia lost a great statesman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F98v-aaEA_c[View]
165063872I took a course in Asian American history this spring quarter. America has been so racist against As…[View]
165067453After having traveled Europe for a long while, I've come to the conclusion Southern Germany (Ba…[View]
165050765>Japanese housewife calls a traditional Japanese gardener >Sees this…[View]
165066819Muhammad was white: This is his descendant https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_al-Yaqoubi You o…[View]
165064584You ever feel shame after reading some of the posts your countrymen make?[View]
165067125Lithuanian necktie[View]
165065368Has your country taken in Ukranian refugees?[View]
165059468If your country didn't colonize in the past you are not a real country.[View]
165065301Live your myth in London[View]
165063551There are anons on this board who never foraged mushrooms in a forest with their grandparents[View]
165064384I'm a 100% ethnic Qahtanite Arab (real name Murad) and I love Finland[View]
165045214/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição: Homem com Maquiagem Anteriormente: >>165037788[View]
165066932how come there are so many wealthy iranians in america? isnt their country a shithole with no human …[View]
165063596Why are Spaniards like this?[View]
165061994/deutsch/: Schlaghosenausgabe[View]
165061565how common are people like this in your country?[View]
165066952Why do Germans love leather?[View]
165065236Since when did Italians look like this Mamma Fookin Mia![View]
165060564What are they thinking about?[View]
165063047I'm a 100% ethnic Swede (real name Tony) and I love Turkey[View]
165066673Are they the most powerful arabs ?[View]
165066839Why aren't you moving to sweden already bros? you can have a perfect life with your black boyfr…[View]
165066147Do women age poorly in your cunt?[View]
165065794Does whitewashing practices affect your cuntrees population?: Mexico, yes, wypepo are overrepresente…[View]
165062616This is a typical breakfast in the UK, thoughts?[View]
165065552What do austrlains eat?[View]
165065105Dutch Music: I have recently fallen in love with Altin Gün. Recommend-me some other good Dutch music…[View]
165066446>tfw brown nipples does this happen in your country[View]
165050740Do you like life in your country /int/? I personally do[View]
165066096>If you want to know how you really feel about someone take note of the impression an unexpected …[View]
165064935FIXED WORLD MAP[View]
165066390I don't get thirdie roads[View]
165065962Is there a baby formula shortage in your country?: https://streamable.com/69nbrg[View]
165052471Which one are you and which one is more common in your country? I'm a 9, but there are a lot of…[View]
165063262/brit/: Shroppy edition[View]
165066272Has br*tain ever recovered from this?[View]
165063437why are there so many pakistanis in the uk?[View]
165061036If Rome was so great explain this[View]
165059221What is their Saturday like?[View]
165062969Turks and albanians make up the majority of the prison population in Greece[View]
165063701I really like Indic scripts, sadly not many quality keyboards are available in these[View]
165063481I wish we had more sex :([View]
165063214>wake up: >Germany doesn't look like this day ruined does this happen in ur cunt?…[View]
165065538The beauty of the American woman must not perish from the earth[View]
165063069Have television and movies gone to shit in your country?: America, definitely yes.[View]
164987111/skandi/: Vær uregerlig udgave[View]
165056975In Benin, a single drop of white blood makes you white (yovo). Tyroniqua and Cleytinho would be whit…[View]
165064614I am half Serbian (my other half is also Serbian). I want a full Serbian girlfriend. What are you, A…[View]
165063996DO NOT look up the Russian word for book[View]
165061050i believe Finns are /int/'s protagonists. no matter what a thread is about, they always appear …[View]
165057619What is this phenotype?[View]
165064251the egyptian population will half because of the increasing wheat prices and ethiopian dam[View]
165065446Tractors per capita vs tractors total[View]
165060802Sverigetråden - Livsfarliga upplagan[View]
165065450You wake up in pangea: vat nou?[View]
165064723If I use 'however' instead of 'though' at the end of my sentences, will I be spared?[View]
165052950Is 56k considered to be a humiliatingly low salary for software developers in your country?[View]
165062313You too can find /int/ernational love.[View]
165065326Do you want to find love in Hungary? Do you want a Hungarian gf/wife?[View]
165065323Is Poland more like pic related, or more like the tourist prospects?[View]
165056743POV: you were found guilty of seventeen counts of murder in Norway.[View]
165065037>my cunt(based) >your cunt(cringe) any questions?…[View]
165063756International watches: I hate the japanese don't get me wrong but they make good watches. I hav…[View]
165059890How come there are so many foreigners in the UK? Are most of them legal? I have traveled to the UK m…[View]
165058225/polska/: edycja niewyżytej hagetki[View]
165063560I thought American products were supposed to be really good, but ice cubes of all things made the bl…[View]
165061505the new australian president is a wop[View]
165064880DUDE: DUDE https://edition.cnn.com/2022/05/11/asia/million-free-cannabis-plants-to-be-distributed-to…[View]
165064907>india >china >indochina >indonesia…[View]
165064965/balk/: /Balk/[View]
165058558europeans hate us because we didnt let them flood us with brown pypo in 2015 thats the only reason t…[View]
165064478do you want to find love in sweden?[View]
165064749Why is the Maldives so developed?: Most island nations are quite poor. Why is the Maldives an exempt…[View]
165032602This is the native architecture of Japan before Chinese influence[View]
165059522>spot brown skinned people while walking >immediately raise my guard, be wary of my surroundin…[View]
165058553There's a German speaking region in France[View]
165034167/balk/ + /midwest/: knee high by the 4th of July edition[View]
165063021Come to Brazil and get a bf[View]
165062290Are bees a problem for dogs in your country?[View]
165064323Imagine if you were born in Southern California...[View]
165062366Goodnight, sweet prince[View]
165064202Wtf this is literally me...[View]
165063735>one shot at life >not born in the third world…[View]
165064000Words cannot describe my love for Armenian women. Do you also love Armenian women, Anon?[View]
165063699Does your cunt still have military draft?[View]
165038843/nederdraad/: ACHTERHOEK EDITIE Verwachte draadreviews: >'baseert >nog nooit in zo'n…[View]
165055607/sauna/: kesäinen anime -painos[View]
165052002If everyone was a Christian there would be no more racism no more wars no more crime[View]
165062124Is gym etiquette a thing in your country?[View]
165060033I heard great britain risks to be balkanized in its constituent countries in the next future, and th…[View]
165062915Does your country's temperature rise 20 degrees for the weekend and fall 15 degrees on Monday?[View]
1650618793-5 kuruş fazla kazanacak diye bunlara evini satan, kiralayan, yanında çalıştıran, entegrasyon, din …[View]
165063324Is there anything more detestable than diaspora? If you are going to move to another country, embra…[View]
165056757You cannot suffer in Scandinavia[View]
165055106whypipo women... what do you think of them?[View]
165062764ARMENOID RACE GENERAL: Tell me your opinions on armenoids, I like them, kino history and food, speci…[View]
165062847Sub Saharan Africa poverty rate map: Why is Sudan and Mauritania doing so well?[View]
165062186What happens in Dusseldorf?[View]
165054904If you learnt Chinese during the 00s, you could make good money dealing with China on manufacturing.…[View]
165062146would you visit india and eat street food there?[View]
165063278why do germans love these[View]
165058774Now THIS is America Brown people Like the first americans[View]
165063217Do you love Africa?[View]
165062630Who is your country's Great Traitor?[View]
165060359Wtf? /int/ told me hohols are the good guys?[View]
165053838/norgetråden/: Neger-utgaven Forrige: >>165023067 >>165023067 >>165023067[View]
165058948/brit/: baby chud edition[View]
165063135do peoples go to beaches in your country?[View]
165059259Why are thirdies so violent and barbaric? Literally slaughtering and mutilating each other on the st…[View]
165061207Native English speakers don't know any grammar.[View]
165061508there are no ethnic french people left. all white french are polish, italian, portugese or spanish i…[View]
165060494is it true that italians can have entire conversations just using gestures and without speaking?[View]
165058448Anglophone niggas be like: >Why yes I can only speak one language and it's an extremely simp…[View]
165057651I think the flag is wrong: shouldn't the serpent be eating the eagle because of Quetzalcoatl ( …[View]
165059462If Wotan governed the restless, uncontrolled psyches of the Germans, can we say that Thor plays the …[View]
165063654This is the best depiction of a greek i have ever seen[View]
165061734This is the best depiction of a turk i have ever seen[View]
165050887Constantinople would be the most important city in the world if it was still Greek.[View]
165061823Which cunt has the worst woman? personality-wise[View]
165057434What French people think about having a swarthy Andalusian woman as a 'mayor' of 'their country? The…[View]
165060149I love her so much. does this happen in your country?[View]
165062475Guile (ガイル, Gairu) in Somalia[View]
165061939Are Koreans the most powerful East Asian scammers?: This guy destroyed 60 billion dollars worth of m…[View]
165061174>brazilian is elected the most beautiful japanese youtuber Oh no...anime blos...…[View]
165061513Do ik look like a native in your cunt?[View]
165059961>Dead bodies thrown in river Ganga after Covid-19 are resurfacing as the river dries up. Does you…[View]
165058979my country unironically has the largest oil reserves on the planet now, this is going to cause us mo…[View]
165057798>go to almost any other country >they are obsessed with marvel movies >they are watch with …[View]
165057590How do I quit porn in my country? I'm tired of cooming[View]
165062136what happened when you quit 4chan in your cunt?[View]
165044482/fr/ - Le Francofil des frankop1s: Edition de la musique de trader Ancien : >>165019606[View]
165060318So in hindsight I think we can all agree that the colonisation tech tree was way overpowered. It…[View]
165057365/deutsch/: Flucht aus Majdanek Ausgabe[View]
165061460Can I pass as local in Europe?: My dream is to move to Europe and find a cute European gf. I have a …[View]
165061200I just learned about the massacre of aborigines in Australia: wtf aussiebros[View]
165058858Chad or Chud??[View]
165061524some thread of pan-slavic unity[View]
165060801If you're blue you're based.[View]
165061711Do these nibbas really think they're richer than other Slavs because of their own merit and not…[View]
165061507imagine living in germany[View]
165061012The NYTimes just did a massive hit piece on France and its exploitation of Haiti. How long till Fren…[View]
165051216post your room: Rooms of /int/ Hard mode, no cleaning.[View]
165059680Come to the Amazon[View]
165058908All of the intelligent cultures of Europe were wiped out and replaced by illiterate peoples who had …[View]
165060918Pakis redpill me on Nawaz Sharif: Why is he causing such butthurt right now? A whole bunch of angry …[View]
165060142First K-pop song: It's about removing traditional roofs Why are they so full of self hatred? P…[View]
165061190>niet welkom: belgen[View]
165059694/éire/: eagrán tae[View]
165044854Top 5 countries that Japanese people like 1. United States 2. France 3. United Kingdom 4. Australia …[View]
165061029i'm going to California: just vacations to visit disneyland, universal studios and Los Angeles …[View]
165055608Why are Israelis like this?: >I'M AN AMERICAN-ISRAELI JEW *walks funny* >I'M THE RIG…[View]
165060761gloomy place[View]
165055799how do i become a new world diaspora[View]
165060621Two questions /int/:: 1.Does the culture in your country dissuade or reinforce women to certain prof…[View]
165060009ALL Europeans must fight and die for Greece and the liberation of Constantinople https://youtu.be/Q…[View]
165059589Japan, but for girls.[View]
165060637Does this happen in your country > Flag >https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ >could they pa…[View]
165058170Why do China and Japan have bullet trains, but Greece doesn't have one between their two most i…[View]
1650531541. Country 2. Opinions on His Holiness Francis, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of …[View]
165059338what is this dance called[View]
165060435May 23rd: Will you be celebrating the Supreme Anniversary in your country?[View]
165054094guess the country thread[View]
165060432Why are they so obsessed with us? We barely eve think about them[View]
165042314>China is so desperate for food that they're building some of the biggest ships in the world…[View]
165056806do programmers exist in your country[View]
165057149German media ruined the reputation of Greece and investors moved away. Look at Belgium, they had the…[View]
165059519>KARA BOG- ACK![View]
165059093Why doesn't Greek media insult turks and their leaders like North Korea does with its enemies?[View]
165059703The beauty of the American women must not be lost[View]
165057461Are black women zoophiles too or not?: I never heard of them fucking dogs or horses, or maybe they…[View]
165057268Why is cousin marriage so much more common in Southern India than Northern India and Bangladesh?[View]
165049456Is your country experiencing a faith crisis right now?[View]
165059830can this gay couple lgbt family pass as local in your cunt?[View]
165043115Why do they blame the British for all their problems and shortcomings?[View]
165058725Hello. Today is Saturday. For some, it is Sunday. In your country, what are you doing, what have you…[View]
165057341Ireland, an 'independent country': >Irish citizens are explicitly not to be considered aliens und…[View]
165058126have you ever been in an international relationship?[View]
165059437Do similar publications exits in your cunt?[View]
165055776Sverigetråden - Fisbjörnens upplaga[View]
165036285kurva anyátok (keressünk Mustárnak munkát edition)[View]
165052225It's common to see ugly dudes with hot gfs in your country? Brazil: very common[View]
165054200Brazil what the hell[View]
165056522The new president of the Philippines will realize this dream[View]
165055495/brit/: Footy Edition[View]
165058936Anyone else playing GeoGuessr? It's pretty fun.[View]
165056966China is one bad flood away from total collapse[View]
165054548post mentally ill people from your country[View]
165056183Post lolcows from your country[View]
165052572There's a german speaking region in Italy.[View]
165058849Can you purchase a house with 1.3 mil pound in your country and if so then what kind of house can yo…[View]
165053901I thought I’d be happy after switching to Mac and iPhone but now I’m still sad because I can’t affor…[View]
165058740I suffer in Bosnia: .[View]
165057813I get enraged whenever I hear a faggy ESL talk English with his faggy turd worlder accent. Nigga don…[View]
165056227in 25 years of my life I never had my toilet clogged and use picrel how often does whyete peepo clo…[View]
165054451>moving boxes around in the AI supervised amazon warehouse >feeling down since family member g…[View]
165060275How do you deal with loneliness in your country?[View]
165050029What do you think about this map?[View]
165039655Marry Chinese women[View]
165051992Aussies larrkins and Kim Jong Un just booted this munted CCP shill out of parliament for good. Down …[View]
165055626/int/ btfo[View]
165058112What is life like in algeria? according to hdi it seems to have similar living standards as moldova.[View]
165048701/polska/: edycja sobotnia[View]
165053993so many people outside, what should I do, lads[View]
165058347which bodytype has the most appeal in your country?[View]
165054847>german people[View]
165052155I like this country. Do you?[View]
165056834https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyRepgsECXE This is Rio de Janeiro's largest neighborhood Say s…[View]
165055844/rus/ + /bel/ + /ukr/ + /kaz/: кoт >>165037121[View]
165047458rwanda is better than some places in russia.. let that sink in. Some parts of russia still don'…[View]
165054064Tesla is the future[View]
165054164The identity of Korea is Hangeul. We are no longer slaves to China. We love our own writing without …[View]
165057473My friend always dates women not even close to 10/10’s even though I tell him to do better. Does thi…[View]
165057355I despise climate obsessed firsties more than I despise incels and trannies. The climatefaggots are …[View]
165055361Do you love Bulgaria?[View]
165053735Why did Brazilians suddenly start watching anime?[View]
165057224>Americans believe in Jesus, Bigfoot, Aliens and Trump[View]
165055915>the richest part of Italy is Germanic >the richest part of Belgium is Germanic >the riche…[View]
165052474Greece is extremely corrupt, lazy, and socially backwards but it manages to maintain a first world s…[View]
165057193When and why did westerners abandon modest dress?[View]
165057152My ancestor.[View]
165056598wtf is happening?: no thread can be opened, it just shows this[View]
165052724/deutsch/: Doppelpeace mit nur einem Peace Ausgabe[View]
165054935Is this an accurate representation of Finnish-Swedish relations?[View]
165056431There seems to be no future except of China, but why is the world paying attention to this group?[View]
165056596Why do Bri-Ish people say the N word like blacks. Why can't they pronounce the R?[View]
165055566Please God, let me meet her. All I want to do is to found that perfect girl that I know exists. She…[View]
165056245what is the actual best country in europe? (serious)[View]
165056722>Honey, can we visit my family in Wales this summer?[View]
165056400hiroshimoot im going to quit 4chan and also kill my self if you don’t remove this ad NOW[View]
165056130>horror game made in poland >it's a metaphor for communism Can you fucking get over it al…[View]
165054414I've noticed that zoomers on this board have NO idea how rapidly China changed, so they aren…[View]
165055527Do you prefer to wear jeans or chinos in your homecunt?[View]
165056542wtf america and i heard there was no discrimination against nonwhite applicants in american institu…[View]
165056504Finnbros.. come home, the fatherland needs you[View]
165055310Is it true countries like Greece, Italy and eastern euroid countries take tons of cash from the EU b…[View]
165054804Being Indian should be considered a type of disability.[View]
165055864I don't go out, i don't play sports, i don't browse the Internet, i don't play g…[View]
165055312How often do you LARP in your country[View]
165055967Every white man dreams of having a white, brown, and east Asian gf. 3 is the perfect number and the …[View]
165037121/rus/+/friends/: Кpacнoй звeзды издaниe Пpeдыдyщий >>165005441[View]
165055681Americans be like we don't do that in our culture but n-word you don't have culture in the…[View]
165053829Mangos are real[View]
165052985Does this happen in your country?: >The scammer -- posing as a young girl -- sent Ryan a nude pho…[View]
165055727/sauna/: mandariinipainos[View]
165055375I suffer because our country have NO french qts. I have never met one in my life. >t. small town…[View]
165055731Upon passing my driving test I was stoped by a complete stranger from Leicester who offered to buy m…[View]
165055758/sauna/: voodoo kansa painos[View]
165050658Canada is Anti-Semitic: Very recently, Canada stopped doing circumcisions in hospitals for child bir…[View]
165054176How would you convince Japan you won't be a problem?[View]
165053275Italybros what are prices like there?[View]
165055616Russo-ukrainian war links: Russo-Ukrainian war archive Discord hub/server. 850+ members, verified so…[View]
165055601what's the deal with train autists? why do they do it? do you have train autists in your cunt? …[View]
165055426sacred blue, not our lady![View]
165054240Snake thread: Where is this snake from? It looks weird. Also post your countries unique snakes :P…[View]
165055087in 2008 Greek pensioners received 30% more on average than Germans ones[View]
165054059americans don't eat they vegetables[View]
165047473Eastern shitholes are conservative and anti-feminist... WHOOPS: >The most conservative countries …[View]
165048114/sauna/: Pahat Pojat -painos[View]
165044639Does this happen in your country?[View]
165055436>dude you're cherrypicking, huurrrr stop cherrypicking YEAH I am picking cherries, so what?…[View]
165052765/brit/: feel like pure shit edition[View]
165053517Are you ready for the Sino-Russian union?[View]
165054345Do people in your country have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers? In my country, yes. I kno…[View]
165055007Mera jhuta hai Japani[View]
165036540/ita/ - il filo: edizione mattutina[View]
165054629I just had an early afternoon snack. I call it a scrunchie[View]
165054464whose the wittiest flag on /int/ its us isnt it.[View]
165054703>Why yes, I do have 30 years. How are you knowing?[View]
165054571Brazil doesn't have enemies. Brazilians are friendly towards all nations.[View]
165036641/cum/ -canada usa mexico[View]
165053728How do people in your country like to spend their weekends?[View]
165054591He is literally the best Brazilian diaspora[View]
165050456what was your country like in the 13th century? pic related was Portugal for like 200 years[View]
165044826Post astounding military successes from your country[View]
165054028>bums you for a smoke >steals your copper wire >plays accordion in the middle of the night …[View]
165054543>americans microwave dey water >americans put dey shoes in the fridge in the summer >americ…[View]
165054000America sucks it makes sense why you all hate us[View]
165053552The most anglo name ever is... French: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_(given_name) >It is a …[View]
165054024>high inflation >high crime >high drug use >high racial tensions >high suicide rates …[View]
165054161Does /int/ watch virtual youtuber aka girl/guy act like anime characters?[View]
165054386>you will never have old ww2 and post WW1 buildings in your country[View]
165051945it really do be like that[View]
165050915Will Russia break up into multiple countries? What would Siberia look like as an independent state, …[View]
165054357do people just know stuff in your country[View]
165052815Guess who will never slave in brown shit[View]
165050683Sverigetråden - Dansa med Jesus-upplagan[View]
165053891/int/ made me hate myself with the moortuguese meme. I cant unsee it now. Does this happen in your c…[View]
165053192A girl in my class, always looks at me when my name is mentioned without fail. Does this happen in y…[View]
165043643When they inevitably collapse, which newly formed independent cunt other than St. Petersburn and Mos…[View]
165052485Do you like public transport?[View]
165052030Do they practice witchcraft here? Do Zombies really exist here? What is voodoo? Are witchcraft voodo…[View]
165049256My people were civilized by pajeet[View]
165043777/éire/: Eagrán ONREAL MIGELDEE[View]
165052120>singlehandedly changed the course of Australia[View]
165052505What shit, gaúcho culture and cowboy culture in North America is this deep conected? Not know about …[View]
165053695How the fuck do I plan a trip overseas? I’m going to NZ in August and I don’t know what to do when I…[View]
165053651/int/ Furry thread: What animals would the different races/ethnicities be in a furry world? For exam…[View]
165049250Indians are gift from god[View]
165049924do brits really[View]
165052304Im struggling with acne. Does this happen in your country?[View]
165052197Greeks gave north Illyria to Croats, but they betrayed us and became Catholics. They even spit on ou…[View]
165053444Why is there a French thread but not an English thread? Why is there a learn Japanese thread but not…[View]
165053514/deutsch/: valixpauline[View]
165051951>Actually, I consider myself a citizen of the wor-[View]
165051066The song about being a Japanese expat in Canada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ltb3SIgXKA Japanes…[View]
165053427Real socialism has never been tried but it's about to be. The lumpenproletariat are gonna get e…[View]
165043870/한국어/ + 친구들:[View]
165049919Most moral dago to date.[View]
165044506Do you agree with this map? What would you change?[View]
165046125The fuck's the point of having kids if I'm just creating more wageslaves[View]
165052926I am not racist But I believe that first world countries should never have helped anyone The world s…[View]
165053213Ay dios mio...[View]
165053079Does man shape society or does society shape man in your country?[View]
1650475491. Flag 2. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the time gap of late 50s-70s?[View]
165051971Do you wish you lived in Ancient Greece?[View]
165052998>screw your cousin >she gets pregnant >gives birth to a child with spinal muscular atrophy …[View]
165051881Which football club is the biggest in your country?[View]
165038892/asean/: cheering for anon edisi[View]
165051779Australia is about to have a wog prime minister.[View]
165043614How do people cope with inflation in your country?[View]
165052073this enrages the western european[View]
165052796What happens is the top 5 countries?[View]
165051121Thank you India for shouldering the world's hate and mockery[View]
165051292you JUST know[View]
165052840what's the latest productivity fad in your country?[View]
165051852I'm an Anglophile. I want to live in the UK. It is the best country, and it has the prettiest g…[View]
165052495Black girls are /trad/ now: It's literally and figuratively over for white girls[View]
165048931/brit/: 'bow edish[View]
165052792>your cunt >your favourite animal? flag camels…[View]
165023067/norgetråden/: Slutt med ting utgaven Forrige: >>165007069 >>165007069 >>16500706…[View]
165046949What is your opinion on Persian girls?[View]
165051366>new colleague is from Germany >asks what I do for work Are germans this thick as a joke?…[View]
165052593>3pm >already druk WHAT A LIFE[View]
165051742>pop-up ads Fuck you hiro[View]
165051622are germans happy with the current state of their country?[View]
165051969Live your myth in Greece[View]
165046649/deutsch/ — ジーンズエディション[View]
165047453opinion on central asian turks?[View]
165052123do people weight train in your country[View]
165049840Chinese 'malls' have cheap and knockoff stuff for sale In indian malls only legit stuff is for sale …[View]
165051284Religion tier list: >S+ Sikhism >S Buddhism Jainism Animism A >Satanism >Taoism B >Hi…[View]
165051863I was born in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. Does this happen in your country?[View]
165051587can I suffer in italy?[View]
1650472231.: Did you drink last night 2.: Are you hungover 3.: Are you gonna drink again tonight Yes No (stil…[View]
165040615Speak Japanese (日本語を喋ろう): 誰かが日本語が出来ますか。もしそうなら、日本語を話してみてください![View]
165049097>go out for lunch at a restaurant in student downtown >alone >everyone has their friends or…[View]
165051783why do germans hate their country so much?[View]
165051068>coming home from work >street is filled with neighbours just sitting on the sidewalk and talk…[View]
165051691Is it normal to do plastic surgery these days? People used to mock them really hard back then[View]
165051437What would you do with your own Murder Mansion?[View]
165051749east yanks on the left of me west EUfags on the right[View]
165051001It's summertime. What do you wear to the beach, bros?[View]
165050246What natural resources does Anatolia have? I want to give Greek children a good reason why we should…[View]
165048328For multicultural country anon, does the ethnic majority spread themselves across the country or the…[View]
165051752Rwanda HDI[View]
165051636Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
165047530Do you want to find love in the Middle East?[View]
165050200India....my ancestor[View]
165050027>you vill subsist on ze nutrient gruel >you vill live in ze soulless pod >you vill not ask …[View]
165048949Polish women are monkeys: >Poland dominated the podium at IFSC Climbing World Cup in Salt Lake Ci…[View]
165051300Could she pass for a local in your country?[View]
165051482CARN ALBO CARN ALBO CARN ALBO Imagine not living in the greatest country on Earth, Australia. Yes we…[View]
165051161I'm often looked younger than my actual age. Recently my acquaintance told me 'I thought you…[View]
165049902Write a Haiku about a country: Write a Haiku about a country :) Other anons have to guess which coun…[View]
165046038everyone hates Indians except British pepo[View]
165044177Driving: Just failed my 9th driving test. It's all so tiresome.[View]
1650512211. you're country 2. do you love Holland?[View]
165049059Describe their smell.[View]
165049427I'm going to Zurich in July[View]
165046440Where is this phenotype most common?[View]
165050409Big, sweaty, latin, COCK[View]
165047338lol: lmao[View]
165046057do you like USA?[View]
165049458Do you love Ukraine?[View]
165050897wtf amerifats is this true[View]
165049761Hey Turkish bros what is cüncür: We named our cat Cüncür purely randomly. As a hungarian researching…[View]
165050162Are they latinx?[View]
165049277Damn! Amerikans are really pathetic without Hollywood[View]
165043972what do females wear in the summer in you're country?: pic is here we svffer[View]
165050043We want to be independent: JUST BECAUSE OK Why are they so insufferable[View]
165046918Faces of /int[View]
165046113im gonna get forklift certified and move to finland[View]
165046336Anatolia belongs to Anatolians[View]
165050168Speaking English: Has any of you guys here learned speaking English without a partner? Please share …[View]
165050379Why are foreigners so racist against Ireland[View]
165050423chinese pepo look funny[View]
165049860What the fuck is this guy's problem?[View]
165048333stop hating me[View]
165048770Is Schizophrenia common in your country?[View]
165042338/Saturday Night Feels Bar/ Because its Saturday night the feels bar is open. Feel free to come on in…[View]
165050462Why is gabon so rich compared to the rest of sub saharan Africa.[View]
165050094The based alliance[View]
165042253How far do you live from the ocean/sea/large lakes, /int/? How often do you visit or travel over the…[View]
165050166Why are Japs still maskcucking?[View]
165050119sverigetråden___ ät upp suedi: saturday edition boyz[View]
165050136what blood are you i am irish blooded[View]
165049788why is this allowed: why is this allowed[View]
165049008Which country would you make bigger unironacly?[View]
165037109Vocaroo thread: say, sing, record whatever. prompt: >Kiwi (/ˈkiːwiː/ KEE-wee)[4] are flightless …[View]
165048999have you ever been conscripted in you're cunt?: what was it like?[View]
165049538Deutsch/ahaha zwingt dich...[View]
165041577Do you want a trad housewife in your cunt?[View]
165047592how am i supposed to improve my english skills if i hate to socialize?[View]
165049078i want to live in Japan like pewdiepie[View]
165049789Ameriobeses tell me about the Amish and Mormons. Are they normal people or shit people like mudslims…[View]
165046299New Zealand gets no love.[View]
165048902I was with a friend and I was making Asian jokes, particularly about how Asian people are bad driver…[View]
165046822>You suddenly inherit a 25-square meter urban yard in England What do you do with your land, /int…[View]
165047903Westoids do not suffer[View]
165049541I just had lunch[View]
165049186I boil potstickers and pierogie instead of frying them because im lazy. Does this happen in your co…[View]
165048560Real pirates don't say 'okie dokie'.[View]
165049281Cam on lads step it up already! At this rate forget China, you're going to have to worry about …[View]
165047807The americans are scared and confused by this[View]
165049319Is it a good idea to travel to Ethiopia and hire a trad muslim servant girl? I wont have sex with he…[View]
165047817Will you watch the new Amélie movie in your country?[View]
165045534Sverigetråden - Kängbenspelupplagan: Trådljudspår: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qxqz-0wJZ0…[View]
165049180foreigners be like >hmm time to plan my trip to the UK. i could explore the lovely countryside, s…[View]
165047335India, not America is the true successor of the British Empire.... India carries the torch...[View]
165047293I will move to Italy, I will get an Italian girlfriend, I will speak Italian, I will marry an Italia…[View]
165048601i hope vdv took hard drives with the latest build so another studio can finish it[View]
165048361do westoids regrets giving rights to women?[View]
165049300The real question is... Do you suffer in your country?[View]
165043165Why do some Ukrainians look like Turkish people?[View]
165048147Please Visit Gyeongbok Palace and Changdeok Palace :D[View]
165046367Do Japanese people really have trouble reading their own language?[View]
165049207What are some curious 'denominations of origin' from your cunt? 'Jamón ibérico de Jab…[View]
165038660living in Croatia is like biting into an apple that turns into dust once bite it. I am astounded at…[View]
165037817First thing Spaniards saw when they stepped off their boats[View]
165043412How are gay couples treated in your country? Would they be able to hold hands in public?[View]
165048229Getting my dick sucked is my #1 priority in my country: Does this ever happen in your country? Do yo…[View]
165047059Thank you France[View]
165047929Italian is superior to Latin[View]
165040354/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo deprimido y caliente[View]
165047052beretta italy[View]
165037720/polska/: Edycja grilla[View]
165038874Is BRICS still a thing or is it just a meme? Barely anyone talks about it anymore.[View]
165048124I never compare myself to other people. I just know that I am better and I treat others as subpar re…[View]
165045246I fixed europe thoughts? criticisms?[View]
165044464*is based*[View]
165047811does you're country have POC?[View]
165048101Would you eat out a woman's cunt in your cunt?[View]
165046022Is the internet expensive in your country?[View]
165047378/شاشا//MENA/: طبعة القصيم[View]
165048256Most German cities are poorer than Berlin[View]
165045985>e-bikes >car sharing >food delivery >sustainable cities >multiculturalism >vegan…[View]
165048246This is what summers look like in Switzerland. It's impossible to suffer in the country[View]
165041301/sauna/: nyymimiittipainos[View]
165047787Is it possible to retire early in your country? Germany no[View]
165047847koturday thread? koturday thread[View]
165043495How big is the scammer industry in India?[View]
165047373america this america that just shut the fuck up I don't care[View]
165043176Are you a native?[View]
165046824Am 6 foot 1 in America, think that’s pretty good Learn I’m the king of manlets in the Netherlands. I…[View]
165046595No pictures or film exist of me since I was 13. I'm a ghost.[View]
165047698>faggots suffer and seethe because they can't publicly attention whore in this country as ha…[View]
165046644Why do they like to larp as Arab/Turkish and not their actual heritage (Indian)?[View]
165043820You cannot suffer in Brazil.[View]
165046825What is the best Eastern European kunt?[View]
165039688Aussie bros, what do you people eat? Not even asking what original Australian food is since everybod…[View]
165045261>siema, kto PL? xD[View]
165047199I look literally like that. Post a soyjak that looks like you in your country[View]
165045491The year is 2045. The Russian Federation lives under NATO RULE. All russian males are sissified. Rus…[View]
165041140It's over for India, 2030 Superpower is only dream now since they don't have sex anymore[View]
165047283Why are there no Ukrainians talking about the UFOs fighting: and Ukrainian soldiers killing their ow…[View]
165045521>literally pick a random street on google maps in the US slightly outside of a city >it's…[View]
165047048Do you want to suck your moms penis in your cunt? flag yes[View]
165047080Your people (wypipo) were radicalized by 4channel. My people (Eastern Europeans) radicalized 4chann…[View]
165046136I love all countries[View]
165044868ITT post /int/ernational music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrBLSmuhTSs[View]
165033734Men bros...: we got too cocky...[View]
165039401Do lynchings still happen in your cunt? I don’t think india does them much but I wouldn’t be surpris…[View]
165043803the gang rolls into your street: what do?[View]
165044875Why are they so soulless?[View]
165046559Why do poor countries like myanmar and indonesia donate more to charities than rich privileged first…[View]
165041265/deutsch/: Ausgabe nach Seerecht[View]
165046557How to date American girl?[View]
165040735heh…my boy indiaz…just needs more tiem…[View]
165042620Anatolia was longer Greek than turkish[View]
165045176the amount of seethe these niggas generate is a testament to their historical greatness, even contin…[View]
165043548i earn only $30 a day[View]
165046091Maya Strojek, polish model Poles can be med![View]
165045315Is pic related common in your country? They're potato starch chips, they're white.[View]
165046241I've been in supermarkets all over Europe and I can say without a doubt that O'КEЙ is the …[View]
165045800Why does every anglo country and former British colony same Mum except for shartypooland?[View]
165044411Turks deserve every bad thing that happens to them[View]
165044098Hustling is my passion. I want to keep grinding until I have “fuck you” money so that I can rub it i…[View]
165045580Northern Europeans have no culture[View]
165045944Are people talented in your country?[View]
165042454Does this happen in your country?[View]
165042769My mom laughs at gay people and thinks they're funny, does this happen in your cunt?[View]
165044756Time to leave this place[View]
165036717/tr/ el edicion Cuba Libre: https://youtu.be/fHOYnHiAcic Tropico music[View]
165045828/bvll/: Ha път зa плoвдив вepcия[View]
165045654Insta vs Tiktok: Which is now getting on fire? I have thought Tiktok is getting popular among young…[View]
165041474Tell me about the Brits, why do they eat the munchie box?[View]
165030091Do you Iove Japan?[View]
165042566hello fellow fags, I am learning spanish and I'm trying to immerse myself as much as possible b…[View]
165045434ITT: Vintage advertisements from your country picrelated: 'Coffee for Two'. Man and his trans gf enj…[View]
165043956These dudes make good sausage and soup[View]
165045083>Türk and Kürt are just a letter swap away and yet Turks claim they're somehow different fro…[View]
165043369>heil hitler >tennouheika banzdi >slava ukraini why do people need slogans like this during…[View]
165044449what are your thoughts on pro-native party minorities[View]
165044400>Japanese slave women were sometimes sold as concubines to Asian lascar and African crew members,…[View]
165044977If nords are so happy, why do they do drugs?[View]
165043572It's very unfair how some people are born in normal functioning countries while I was born in t…[View]
165044825south americans dont suffer they get lots of sun and their countries are super affordable, and if th…[View]
165036011Sverigetråden - Mötet[View]
165045172China is one bad flood away from half the country being destroyed[View]
165045139Belgian guy: what phenotype is this?: And the woman?[View]
165044306americans call themselves 'expat' instead of 'immigrant'[View]
165045054Thirdie daily suffering: >tfw annual infliation rate 16.8%[View]
165044735Monkey together strong...[View]
165045024'Dingsbums' is a great word, already used by many countries. We should popularize it in the anglosph…[View]
165042118>this is below average in Italy[View]
165044942Watching everybody in NSW vote for the Liberals is excruciating. Why do they do this.[View]
165043197Currently, we are using the palaces of past dynasty to welcome foreign leaders. Does this happen in …[View]
165044140Your country. Do you like tall women?[View]
165043302how do I get rid of this girl's boyfriend? I want to steal her[View]
165039145Is South Korea good place to live?[View]
165044123Hello, can anyone translate this conversation?[View]
165044341Why can't they drive?[View]
165040817tmw flights to India are sold as an all you can eat trip in Germany[View]
165043825Why is Israel such a dangerous place to live in?[View]
165040277>Being a Frenchman in the countryside >going to Paris for studies and work >The city is in…[View]
165039470Wht do they refuse to admit that they are chinese: Their 'languages' are literally peasant chinese c…[View]
165043017Native german speakers cannot hear a difference between voiced and voiceless consonants in the final…[View]
165042240do brasilians really ?[View]
165044515I belong to the Trans Volk.[View]
165040076I'm Asian, and the hottest white girl I've dated is 7/10. The rest are either under, or 7/…[View]
165042557Hakutsuru junmai sake is the best-selling Japanese sake (ie, manufactured in Japan and imported) in …[View]
165043476Remind me again why do people hate racemixing when it's a good thing for our evolution.[View]
165042232French women are <>[View]
165041938Please visit Borobudur :D[View]
165041244Why are East Slavic memes so unfunny?[View]
165043539we are......EAST ASIAN ack-[View]
165039627Are Swedish people really like this[View]
165041744Eating sherbet Does your country have sherbet?[View]
165042982What da dog doin[View]
165042413>Dutch people pronouncing G >Germans pronouncing Z >Swedes pronouncing K >Anglos pronoun…[View]
165042423Revolting low wage high tax fifth world brown shithole failed state filled with nothing but brown fi…[View]
165042998Korean average high school girl student: What do you think about it?[View]
165042977Why the pessimism?[View]
165043535>south americans and asians can just fly into america or australia and they will be allowed to st…[View]
165042752Do you want an 'e-girl' gf?[View]
165043395ummmm hello??? am I supposed to run tor and use d*suarchive now??[View]
165032389are boys dressed well in your country?[View]
165043335post foreign shows that are informative and educational for you[View]
165042508What games are currently popular in your cunt? What are you playing now?[View]
165042854I am feeling the feelz tn bros: I deserved her…she instead picked a rich chad who ghosted her a mont…[View]
165001286/asean/: sweaty eula disi[View]
165043466>walking down the street in Korea and you see this what do?[View]
165043635Have people in your country adopted positive attitudes towards immigration? >Japan >Yes…[View]
165036494Why is this board so nice to Thailand...: ...but so mean to other Asians? Are we... exceptional?…[View]
165037454I fucking hate western double standards: They rightfully call out cheap sweathouse slave labor in Ch…[View]
165037624Why are whites and hispanics at each other's necks?[View]
165040380Do you want a Finnish environmentalist gf?[View]
165042931What do non ESL women watch in your country? here latinas of all ages watch telenovelas (soap operas…[View]
165041182My ancestor :) Real life Conan the Barbarian.[View]
165043329Why do Latinas LOVE yt boys?[View]
165042203What's your opinion on the Spanish language?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdAwd3XvJu8…[View]
165043303What makes them so successful compared to other Anglo nations?[View]
165042208what are some irish contributions to the world?[View]
165042669Why is the sociocultural gap between LatinX upper class and the rest of the population so wider than…[View]
165041201/sauna/: Naimisiinpainos[View]
165043133Can't pay? We'll take it away[View]
165041404> monkeypox > transmitted via gay s*x comes originally from monkeys > Uk, sweden, portugal,…[View]
165036152Do you love Brazil?[View]
165038492EU: All the 'undermocratic' aspects of the EU come directly from having to represent the interests o…[View]
165041873>30 minute video essay on a niche topic that cna be summed up in 5. Why is this a thing? Is it ju…[View]
165042741Do you love Cameroon? Also, what happens in Cameroon?[View]
165039439>y-you have to listen to the two fingers because-you just have to do it okay? Does this happen i…[View]
165040605How they play online video games?[View]
165042666why yes i pronounce the as da how could you tell?[View]
165042720banned test[View]
165037480left or right horny turk: left or right? pick one[View]
165019606/fr/ - Le Francofil de nuit: Édition des travers de la société Ancien : >>165011782[View]
165041796>eat the bugs >find out Do you guys think they learnt their lesson?…[View]
165041997Do you have black people in your country?[View]
165042122Yuropoors are so poor they can’t afford Macs so they copied the operating system and call it Linux …[View]
165041468Canada inmigration: Fastest way for a third-worlder to inmigrate to Canada?[View]
165042349Where would mankind be right now if E*ropean wh*te superpowers didn't act superior and shit?[View]
165041946Dindoo bros it's over.......[View]
165040741i was at a party yesterday and one girl sat really close to me and took my hand between her legs all…[View]
165022380/dixie/ - southern USA and friends: keep pushing on men edition[View]
165041030Based India. This is like when China leapfrog every other country in high speed rail by skipping old…[View]
165041156every ESL on this board is essentially american they ravenously consumed american culture from child…[View]
165034339Opinion on Islam ? Why dont you want to pray towards a black rock for an arab that is related to all…[View]
165040999Good morning /int/ernational frens. I hate women so much it's unreal. Greetings from Italy.[View]
165039361Do they really?[View]
165041844Who was the best singer of all time from your country? Pic related for México[View]
165041828Are you able to handle the heckin' hot saucerino in your cunt?[View]
165041729>What's your nationality? Australian >no I mean what's your heritage? Australian …[View]
165032711ever notice how Mormons are the only americans that dont go on and on about muh heritage? that'…[View]
165039623They're the worst neighbor you could ever have, even their smaller neighbor picked more farther…[View]
165041670Would Adorno hate 4chan?[View]
165039676How do you say lol in your language[View]
165041557pasta (from your country): my favorite pasta is aglio we olio, give me some good pastra recommendati…[View]
165041587my country is too hot every day is getting hotter[View]
165035813Am I the only one here who thinks spanish sounds like shit?: I also associate it with poverty.…[View]
165037587I have never seen a good argument against christianity[View]
165038941I have not seen a single good post made by an Indog.[View]
165036678Why do they spread propaganda like this?[View]
165040838when will ytoids stop this oppression olympics[View]
165041065/sauna/: sensuroitupainos[View]
165037014Why are the romance languages all exactly the same?: >Italian: Ho dimostrato molte volte che la …[View]
165040847What race is trippie redd?[View]
165039424We should kick India back into the ocean[View]
165033178Wow Israel, there's no need to be THIS rude...[View]
165040965>earn less than Indians after ''''TAXES'''' It's over.[View]
165032956thoughts about russia?[View]
165039686So now you 4chan faggots are adding publicity in-threads? You finally made it, you turned 4chan into…[View]
165036555Japanese are truly built differently.: This is what I found on the online marketplace the other day …[View]
165020003/sauna/: isoluiden painos[View]
165038024Mumbai has a lower fertility rate than New York, and London. Will India also join the East Asian cou…[View]
165026771/deutsch/: auf in den neuen Faden[View]
165040371Why are Americans so short?[View]
165040751Do israeli really? Phalcon means the tip of your cock in here and the name suits this plane[View]
165037788/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: edição: o gato old one: >>165032792[View]
165040297These ads are unacceptable These ads are unacceptable These ads are unacceptable not on These ads ar…[View]
165040261How are they going to cope when the world switches to electric vehicals?[View]
165040364will I be the slimmest person in america?[View]
165030594I'm a Mexiboo does this happen in your countryP[View]
165040365Good night /int/. I love you.[View]
165038669Australian city's names be like Bingbang Wallawallatingtang[View]
165039851DNA/Family tree thread: Post yours[View]
165039586Do they eat frogs in your country?: If so, do they eat it alive or dead?[View]
165039879David M Jacobs has done the most extensive work on alien abduction out of probably any researcher. …[View]
165038783BASED I hope he will win[View]
165037885ITT: Culture from your country[View]
165037991Opinions on this empire?[View]
165040278Japanese Jomons are HONORARY SEA[View]
165039906Are you excited for the near future?[View]
165040046America is so strong, so organized, so cunning, so innovative, so advanced. They rekt Russia twice i…[View]
165038167Post the biggest Chad from your country[View]
1650387433rd longest suspension bridge in the world, opened in 2019 in China. Also opened the same year was t…[View]
165030389/cum/ -canada usa mexico[View]
165039899>wake up >still not brown >day ruined…[View]
165038445What's with the asiaticposting on 4chan lately?[View]
165040005https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gar6MONCKs Greeks make songs about getting back Constantinople and …[View]
165037493how come Japan is the only country which preserved its traditional culture where it is not seen as g…[View]
165039625ever wanted to buy an RV and travel across America or Europe or Australia? maybe start a youtube cha…[View]
165036531>boys... >are boys... >do boys... Do I have to snap you femcels in half?…[View]
165039398Why are they so angry these days? It feels like something snapped this year up north.[View]
165039541I fucking hate my dad: Does this happen in your country?[View]
165038434>your cunt >Who did you romance in Camp Buddy >What do you think it says about your country…[View]
165037342>girl asks for a high five did she want me bros. even high fives are highly erotic to me now…[View]
165039449https://greekerthanthegreeks.com/2017/10/the-greeks-did-it-first-20-amazing.html This is what Greeks…[View]
165039364I have figured out why Latin America is poor: Generally children born due to rape are much more like…[View]
165037505How can I capitalize (sexually) on the German cruise ships that routinely dock in my town?[View]
165039441Just found out about south east asia what the fuck bros[View]
165039579Don’t be jealous guys but I’ve been chatting with /int/et national babes all day. What are you guys …[View]
165039389Why do you guys hate America so much? We just want the best for you.[View]
165038485Does this happen in your country?[View]
165038366I got my new ID card today. My mom said in my photo, I kinda look like those ugly Russian/Ukrainian …[View]
165034345Thi is negrerica: >a black vaquero for this they appropriated our vaquero culture? hahaha Samuel …[View]
165036332Firstie: >wake up at 5am sharp to the sound of garbage men outside and homeward drunks screaming …[View]
165038859In Russia we say: >Koreans are the Chinese that think they are Japanese What do you think?…[View]
165036757vietnamese phenotype[View]
165039228Anyone else in your country getting those floating ad videos on the bottom of their screens while ph…[View]
165025174Things aren't looking so good forr China: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmKFt68sqQw&list=…[View]
165034451Why are Chinese-Americans like this?: Chinese-Americans don't know anything about the Abrahamic…[View]
165036339What the fuck is this shit[View]
165037765>'Cuba is a sovereign nation that has the right to self governance and can put whatever missiles …[View]
165032908Truly a Korean century.: >Joe Biden visited Korea first and then Japan for this itinerary of Asia…[View]
165039112Faces if /int[View]
165036692I do not consent to these ads[View]
165039180/asean/: ancestor edisi[View]
165037522What is the friendship system like in your country? In America I feel like you have to bring somethi…[View]
165038749Tell me more about hapas from western countries. Why do /4chan/ners hate hapa males so much?[View]
165038818Will you eat this in your country?[View]
165038811What does your royal/presidential family looks like?[View]
165030955/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime[View]
165038986Is your country prepping for WW3?[View]
165036495Chang: i am very excited for when that China and India start to improve ties. it is literally inevit…[View]
165038928When will they understand.... Pakistan... Pakola Sirs you were right[View]
165036455Do you love Chinese culture (women)?[View]
165036375literally the same people. why don't we just combine into 1 country? I've already had sex …[View]
165038064I don't suffer in my country Do you suffer in your country?[View]
165038581Fun fact: 99% of the people posting on 4chan are from red countries.[View]
165037611Southeastern Asia: Are monkeys really just bigger rats but worse?[View]
165035543It's 8:30 am in New Delhi...[View]
165038662Armenian women are angels on Earth. Only the best among us deserve an Armenian woman. I want an Arm…[View]
165038256Goodbye for all eternity, pathetic incel losers.: Being on this website is a complete waste of time …[View]
165036317Tell me bros, why are americanistanis so prude?[View]
165037469Do people like fighting games in your country?[View]
165037702What the fuck is their problem?[View]
165036756This man deserves at least 5 statues. Burger bros, pls tell me you still have some[View]
165037891Sweden is a Reddit country[View]
165035777Got a haircut today and will be heading to the gym soon. What have you done today /int/?[View]
165034871>tfw waited in a long ass line to vote today Why can't our government into online voting?…[View]
165033391Was dragon ball z popular in your country?[View]
165037336Why do racists blame jews of all of their issues?[View]
165036615Why are Americans always so unhappy?[View]
165038298Woah woah woah Is that spürdo, Finland?: No it's Changwon, Repvblic of Korea[View]
165031438>Unable to project power outside of it's backyard >Surrounded by Great powers, Russia, In…[View]
165034938Are there people who only speak Welsh?[View]
165038048I just voted Does your country have free and democratic elections?[View]
165038066You can only post on this thread if your Cunt ever buckbroke the French. >Flag >YES! https://y…[View]
165034107Do you agree with your cunt's favorite superhero?[View]
165037552>be born in ameriKKKa >get shot >get put on ambulance (instant bankruptcy) >arrive at ho…[View]
165033761What do Americans think of their neighbors with brown skin?[View]
165037016I DON'T FUCKING CARE[View]
165036805Average American politician[View]
165034975>invade and bomb a country as an aggressor >get BTFO by children with ak's >cry about …[View]
165033129i am the protagonist of /int/: you guys are all NPCs what are your roles\scripts?[View]
165033908lmao: do they really?[View]
165037428this is awesome https://youtube.com/watch?v=9yeEBoiQaN4 https://youtube.com/watch?v=M4T2-AbnNro…[View]
165022925>zoomer memes[View]
165032792/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: edição: noite de sexta comfy[View]
165033417Why are they like this?[View]
165036327SEX: Der Jude muss sterben[View]
165037045reno has so many train suicides they have a special train suicide response force https://www.youtube…[View]
165037041>there are languages whose formal version is literally a separate language from the colloquial va…[View]
165037240>there are users that don't browse this site exclusively with the catalog What is wrong with…[View]
165030786>6 out of 10 Argentineans are (dark) brown: my country just had the census, the result? NOT WHITE…[View]
165034779The only non-shithole Islamic country[View]
165037333ur cunt Have you ever met a New Yorker? How long did it take for them to start talking about New Yor…[View]
165034437Japanese people are the biggest viewers of BTS in the world. Is Japan now squid game country?[View]
165028216Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>164998606 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
165026305Is voting mandatory in your country? Flag Yes. Anyone enrolled today has to go and vote or they will…[View]
165036607Monkepox huh?[View]
165034474/danmarktråden/ + /skandi/[View]
165036631every time I see a white women with a BLM mask or shirt I just know[View]
165037131Is law a prestigious career in your country?[View]
165036534why do black women resent BMWF couples?[View]
165036664>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
165036753>Balut is a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. It is commo…[View]
165036910South American prisons: There is not a worse destiny than ending there >Fights to the death with …[View]
165037184>anglo america >ibero america[View]
165037088Don't google Italy Internet Penetration[View]
165036139What do you think of the fact that I will never wageslave in brownentina?[View]
165036182Goodbye for all eternity.: This time I really mean it. I am sick and tired of wasting my time on thi…[View]
165036378I got a job somewhere. Not because I excelled at something, but because the other candidates were fu…[View]
165034592S O V L[View]
1650366821 USD = .95 Euro RIGHT NOW in my country 1) Will it invert? 2) How did Euros fuck this up so hard[View]
165030029Should I side with whites?: Hello I am a white mexican Other mexicans don't like me, they call …[View]
165035743non-italian bros, the italians are laughing at us again.....[View]
165036882If Colombus instead of Spain, have the first propose acepted and Portugal discovered the Americas, h…[View]
165035228Why do we male turn into stupid pathetic dickhead when we see booba even if we keep being an intelli…[View]
165033058Do you have cringe foreigners in your country: That think they are alpha chads? Germany yes.[View]
165033696Why is there so many religions and within religions why is there so many denominations considering t…[View]
165036256Europeans watch American shows and movies from birth. No other region of the word does this[View]
165036621there should be a Indian People's Republic of Facebook and it's just a bunch of Indian peo…[View]
165035861>mexico is too dangerous![View]
165036642Guten Morgen![View]
165036622You wake up as a thirdie >wake up at 10am to the sound of light drumbeats and an unplanned choir …[View]
165036001I'm embarrassed about speaking English in public. I'm totally fine with writing in English…[View]
165034125Europeans....: Conquered every nation in the 19th-20th century. Advanced STEM to new heights during …[View]
165036164countries that love gays[View]
165034279Did you know that Russians do not have a word for any of the following: respect dignity morality sel…[View]
165035924Is China the future?[View]
165018722/polska/: edycja rozkwitania gruszy i jabłoni[View]
165035953what do you do with your life in your country? what are some fun things you do in your daily life ot…[View]
165034561/nederdraad/: iedereen slaapt -editie[View]
165036017tfw no norwegian sister[View]
165035418This is popular music among American Zoomers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttzijna8mgQ Thoughts?…[View]
165036239Norwegian bros… I hung up the flag in my room, thank you for Black Metal[View]
165036108aboriginal mexas: would they be spinsters in your country?[View]
165035157He he, hey, want to hear an international joke? What's the difference between a Mexican and a …[View]
165036013sex is way easier in the UK. You have legal prostitution, girls can’t threaten no sex etc[View]
165034834What is the most popular smartphone in your country?: In Japan, the most popular smartphone is the i…[View]
165030327does the male population of your country is positively viewed ?[View]
165027928Why are pitbulls so popular in America?: I read there's like 18 million of them in the U.S.…[View]
165029877Japanese use Katorisenko incense to ward off mosquites. What do foreigners use?[View]
165035049Casual reminder: Most people on /int/ who seethe about other countries are specky little virgin nerd…[View]
165034542Did you know that hell is one giant line? The same three country songs repeat forever. You aren’t al…[View]
165034396I hate ukrainians: especially their women, nothing wrong with killing them. prove me wrong, protip y…[View]
165026684why americans fat ?[View]
165035380Despite extensive western sanctions, Iran's nominal GDP is now almost as high as Canada's:…[View]
165035922Slavbros, did this happen to you?[View]
165033316I hate this region of the world and it's people: It is filled with evil, low IQ, poor, blood th…[View]
165035768what's everyone drinking tonight?[View]
165035822N/A: Only N/A niggas may post in this thread If your have DATA it means you're a KEK OMG you…[View]
165035356Canada is a Chinese vass-[View]
165035669Every time you create a new thread an old thread dies in your country. Stop genocide.[View]
165035549a geckos just fell from the top ceiling and went into my soup, this only happen in tropical country.…[View]
165029685>white people be like seriously you need to stop. we are going complete madness and sickness.…[View]
165034985osint netherlands?: be me have unprotected sex with engaged Dutch woman 20 years ago, i asked her -a…[View]
165031843Is depression a thing in your country?[View]
165035055In-N-Out for din dins lads[View]
165033322Where to go to for unpaid sex?[View]
165034411Why did they try to improve perfection?[View]
165031942This movie is fucking trash and i hate any person who even remotely likes it: The only people who li…[View]
165035513whole foods pizza for din dins lads[View]
165031616What's Friday night like for them: What's Friday night like for them[View]
165034650i work for the international government and i'm conducting a survey please tell me your country…[View]
165034729Do you have good music in your cunt? https://youtu.be/0itOCgJtNVU[View]
165034078>Frenchmen be like: we have a virginity pandemic among the males! >their women look like this…[View]
165032835All bad content on this website are Jews. They are extremely butt-hurt so go warm their souls up.[View]
165035458how much is wisdom appreciated in your cunt?[View]
165032209You’re not perfect[View]
165033704Which East Asian writing do u like the most ?[View]
165035316Post the biggest Chad from your country[View]
165031064Is it worth it as an American: To move to Brazil, that is?[View]
165035020How could 165 million people crammed into this small of a country?[View]
165035211How did Hmongs become assimilated into black community?[View]
165032631who are the most toxic /int/ posters[View]
165032420cunt post some nicest novel you've ever read.[View]
165035158I want a line of electricity posts to be strung from san francisco to san diego to be strung up and …[View]
165034420Am I the only one in here who despises pakis?: They are nation of evil, smelly, brown, barbaric, pri…[View]
165034261History rhymes[View]
165023907>you can't go outside for more than an hour or else you'd die What do Indians do with t…[View]
165033796It must just be English sarcasm. Your country is fucking incredible. The women dress better and are …[View]
165033966White genes are dominant ONLY when it comes to Mexicans: Why is that? It is the only race that can b…[View]
165034662I hate all lgbt: Them and their fucking parades. I wish there were only us straight people in the wo…[View]
165033457>I REVERTED to Islam Playing these word games is not smart. It's just obnoxious. Same with …[View]
165027403Did you guys have uniforms in middle school ?: >flag we have uniforms, here it's a pair of j…[View]
165034574I am too stupid to learn another language. Are you also stupid in your country?[View]
165031914I hate: >America >Israel >Saudi-Arabia >Iran >Russia >China >India >France …[View]
165033170Why am I attracted to borderline ugly and ugly women more than super hot 10/10 women? Is this a issu…[View]
165033608America has official surpassed 1 million COVID deaths according to Google[View]
165029344Sverigetråden - Mysupplagan[View]
165033834Yellow males are probably, no definitely, the most discriminated against people on Earth[View]
165032933Who would you rather control the world?[View]
165032233Why did italian immigrants appropiated Inti (inca god) as their flag?[View]
165033497/nederdraad/: geen verdere uitleg simpel als[View]
165031893It must just be English sarcasm. Your country is fucking incredible. The women dress better and are …[View]
165034303do incels in your country fall for the trad meme?[View]
165018069Dating as an ex muslim girl in London is hell bc you either come across other muslims or liberal whi…[View]
165032558are people in your country talented?[View]
165030790Why can't asians just have sex?[View]
165034095Is there anything more pathetic than those whites who become muslim?: They are pathetic ugly losers.…[View]
165030912Do you read books in your country? Share some books in your language[View]
165032662Would he pass as local in your country?[View]
165033639would i be accepted in brazil[View]
165034056One of the individuals in this photo is an African-American. The other is a Serbian American (Americ…[View]
165032486Do you have mineral deposits in your country[View]
165028238Spainbros what are the chances of papi abascal becoming the next fuhrer of the neo spanish empire?[View]
165031331I make more money in my country with welfare than retail wagies: 1400 euro. Do you have low wages a…[View]
165034039Want to try cooking more food. Gove me a recipe from your country[View]
1650246201. Your count: 2. Rate this film 1. Korea 2. 10/10[View]
165027444You can't suffer in Colombia: Culombianos, how do you do it? How can you remain sane??[View]
165033904Literally all of Japanese culture is shamelessly stolen from China.[View]
165033692I hate mongoloids: They all look, think, behave and talk the same. Like insects they are copies of e…[View]
165033831What's your favorite sub-group of posters? Least favorite? I'll start. 1. Queenposters 2. …[View]
165032356Its over for ytoids....[View]
165031721/tr/: trük frik edisyonu[View]
165033456I’m bleeding out my bum[View]
165033455Are all the asian flags here really just vpns and white pedophiles?[View]
165033104I need a tall, strong man in my country to breed my manlet ass.[View]
165033225Why are gays becoming chads and straights becoming beta? Is it globohomo?[View]
165033291ITT: World leaders with beards[View]
165032948The true iberian face: This is what Iberia looked before Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Frogs raped …[View]
165033409Gods chosen people are anglos and the other people populating the british isles[View]
165025732/ita/ - il filo: edizione intervista ai genitori del fattorino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wePfb…[View]
165032224What are these smug assholes planning?[View]
165025006>lease is up in 15 weeks >rent went up $500 per month >unless i don't sign their offer…[View]
165033212Meanwhile in South Indian cinema[View]
165033054Do you love Armenian women? I love Armenian women.[View]
165033076Hey /int/, could my grandpa pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
165030886Americans will seeth uncontrollably at the mere mention of the name of a certain country[View]
165033061Most famous german person in Brazil[View]
165029782Thirdie daily suffering: New thread about suffering in third countries. How was your day thirdie-bro…[View]
165023088I overheard a w*man say that European men enjoy getting their buttholes fingered during sex, while H…[View]
165032824Can men get a gf in your cunt?[View]
165030030Hey Germany, what's going on big guy?[View]
165031261I matched this girl What do you think[View]
165032007>Moortugese /lgbt/ sex tourists literally re-uncovered the pox by going to west africa to get BBC…[View]
165030315It boggles my mind, but this man is completely unrecognizable in my country. Nobody in Poland heard …[View]
165032775Jews be like reeeeeeeeeeee I’m going to cause problems until you carelessly fuck my dumb ass.[View]
165032552There are people my age who graduated from Ivy League or MIT or Berkeley and stuff and will become b…[View]
165029601I burned 1 gram of marijuana with honey on a metal spoon and ate it. After an hour, I am in a state …[View]
165027107Why are Chinatowns the most successful ethnic enclaves in cities around the world?: The Little itali…[View]
165032159Hi pp[View]
165031159Does this fellow look South American to you guys?[View]
165031234Why is it ok for blacks to have such facial hair? Any ledditor would call a white person with such '…[View]
165032208Do you?[View]
165032512the real OG Europeans everyone else is roman rape babies & moorish mutts[View]
165030220why can't black '''men''' ever compete with any other groups of men?[View]
165027098/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
165028404snow: when you want a snowy christmas but you remember that the united statians took half the countr…[View]
165019651Do spaniards acually have siestas or is it just a meme?[View]
165030191>Americans microwave their water[View]
165028557Why do British people look like this?[View]
165032047have you ever met norwegian?[View]
165031060What do ppl eat for breakfast in your country?: America; Low class people eat a breakfast burrito fr…[View]
165030711everyone in the country is freaking out because elon musk is here but Im freaking out cause gadget g…[View]
165026579My sister kisses me good night, every night. (And she just did a few minutes ago.) Does this happen/…[View]
165032096subtle sign of thirdworldism[View]
165032401why do so many eastern europeans (specifically russians, czechs & hungarians) do pornography? ht…[View]
165032198This is my dream[View]
165031711You do realize, non-Americans, that the mere act of you being here and socializing among Americans i…[View]
165030140do you fear death in your country?[View]
165031231This man is causing national SEETHE across Japan as he refuses wear mask into an airplane and now re…[View]
165029033woah woah woah, i thought peruANOS are supposed to be ugly?[View]
165031694Map thread[View]
165026685Post food that your country invented.[View]
164988655/éire/: Eagrán BBC na hAfraice[View]
165025963Hey Frenchies, we killed this dude. How that make you feel?[View]
165026433Normies always be like 'touch grass and shit', but what if you live in the desert?[View]
165031959Americans are unmoggable[View]
165020363What causes this[View]
165031279>be American >get shot[View]
165028103What is their problem?[View]
165029342How are your career, social life and relationship with your wife/girlfriend going in your country[View]
165031170i suffer[View]
165015284Would Finland defend us from Canada?[View]
165031709Does this happen in your country?[View]
165028479>American see a straight haired, blue eyed, narrow nosed brown skinned anime girl >yep that…[View]
165031720German Turks would stick out like a sore thumb in Turkey. I'm pretty sure that I, an anglo-fren…[View]
165031752/tr/: GİDELİM!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
165025016I suffer: Instead of being in San Diego surrounded by latinas qts I'm sitting here in a norther…[View]
165025941/Nederdraad/ MENA KONINGINNEN: 2022: MENA vriendin vinden[View]
165028325Do you ever just stand on the Kaufland parking lot and eat ice cream with your friends at midnight i…[View]
165024972Did you know that Australia invented the halal snack pack? You're welcome[View]
165027250Why are black europeans not considered europeans?. Is it because they're black?[View]
165031152Hasan has a couple of Australian guests on his streams today. I am learning that Australia is extrem…[View]
165025826/brit/: Home edition[View]
165028768/ALL/ - /WORLD/: This is serious. The world is about to change. Th elites are trying to seperate us.…[View]
165031480I suffer in Dursey Island.[View]
165022924Why are Poles like this?[View]
165028708Which nationalities get bullied the most on this board and why?[View]
165026633Imagine being Hmong Imagine getting BTFO by literally every other race in Asia Unironically how do t…[View]
165028361you wake up in india[View]
165019832Remember when Covid was scary, and now it’s “just a flu”? What will monkeypox be?[View]
165030544Does this happen in your cuntry[View]
165025230when i was young i used to idolize white people. now i look at them with contempt. my current tier l…[View]
165028472Do you prefer pagan rome or christian rome?[View]
165025740least entertaining brazilian wedding[View]
165028406ITT: Post international dogs: I'll start >Australian Cattle Dog…[View]
165028911Is it just me or is Fiona Apple norwood 3?[View]
165027850:v: Is there civilization in this part of Africa or are they all people in loincloths hunting lions …[View]
165030961/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
165031054We wuz Romans and shiet[View]
165026785I have to go to my parents 3rd world country for a couple months, they said bring a suit in case som…[View]
165025560One of these isn't like the others[View]
165027469Dolls: Are dolls popular in your country? Do you own any?[View]
165022780/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo anime de viernes[View]
165024421Why don’t white Americans go back to Europe if they hate non-whites so much?[View]
165005441/rus/+/frens/+/anime/-/sestrenki/: Пepeкaтик. Aнти-cecтpинcкий. Cecтpaм пocтящих нe вхoдить. Пpoшлый…[View]
165028237Why can't French people speak English?: Every village retard from Moldova or Macedonia speaks E…[View]
165026406/center/: hilo centroamericano[View]
165030038un dia en la vida de un españistani se despierta a las 5 de la mañana por el ruido de los autos a 14…[View]
165029947Do people work out in your cunt?[View]
165030708I'm sitting on the toilet right now having to use a spray bottle to spray my asshole as I don…[View]
165030629>where's your board[View]
165030684i will never be able to 'man up'[View]
165030233Europeans Why?[View]
165021269/cum/: daniel johnston holding divorce lawyers i shaved my head edish[View]
165025203I figured out how to reunite yugoslavia.[View]
165027998can this iranian princess pass as local in your country?[View]
165030452In the US, sports are family events. You bring your family, get some hot dogs, and enjoy the show. A…[View]
165028161What do you think of Meh ico?[View]
165024109Post sunset photos from your city[View]
165029240VGH... When Japan was still kinda thirdie... When did you country lose it's SOVL? Japan became …[View]
165027295Average Dutch experience[View]
165028835Hair Discrimination: Have you ever faced hair discrimination in your country before? I'm Chines…[View]
165030049It's happening.[View]
165030016Elon Musk better leave Brazil soon I swear to god[View]
165021308/balk/ + /v4/: Old >>164980055[View]
165021548This frog is the final meme. The ultimate form of expression. This frog beats every other form of re…[View]
165029074What's his name in your language?[View]
165028319>Brazilian is the first infected with monkey pox in Germany https://www.uol.com.br/vivabem/notici…[View]
165029603ah yes so this is the power of public transport[View]
165029674Why do the Europeans on /int/ hate Americans so much?[View]
165021628/med/ with frens: ACAB edition[View]
165027941>a paraguayan assassin that had speech issues walks up to a guy and says: >'Yo soy paraguayo y…[View]
165029363You gaijins with low intelligence use illustrations drawn by Japanese people without permission, but…[View]
165029747I never knew either of my grandparents because my parents hated their parents.[View]
165024416Whats your favourite hapa combination? For me it's german japanese[View]
165029809>Gadget got BUGGED Are Russians going be okay? First the {retracted} in {retracted} and now this?…[View]
165026221Are Tejanos more Mexican or American?[View]
165029648> Kanji for germany >独 >Radicals are animal and insect…[View]
165026971Have you ever been to an /int/ irl meetup?[View]
165028212/iran/: the glory of the house of Kasravian edition[View]
165029273Has anyone here actually met a french girl? What are they like irl? Do they really smell?[View]
164986437/tr/: old guard edisyonu[View]
165022142What is your favorite North African nation ? No racism and civil discussion only.[View]
165026216why irish people flamboyant compared to northern europeans?[View]
165028674Jomon architecture survives in the form of Shinto shrines[View]
165025878What holiday is your favorite holiday, /int/?: As a Chinese, ive started to pray in the direction of…[View]
165027702Monkeypox used to be an Africa-only disease until some British retard decided to return home from Ni…[View]
165023034How did you stopped daydreaming and escapism and started living in the reality in your country[View]
165026960I cursed the day I was born in this shithole. There's nothing I don't hate more than my co…[View]
165027434/balt/ + /ausnz/: normal edition reminder to REPORT K-TARDS for AVATARFAGGING, OFF-TOPIC POSTING, an…[View]
165029100opinion on turkey?[View]
165024475white boy summer is starting in balkans[View]
165027857Let's get into schizo mode and discuss the elitist cults of our countries. South Korea has all …[View]
165020964I want my own ship, with a tightly knitted crew that trusts me with their lives, going wherever the …[View]
165025707I am Hematophobic: How do you deal with the fear of blood?[View]
165028728Thank you South Africa for cheap wine: I did the math. 2 Euro wine is cheaper than getting drunk wit…[View]
165027680I'm eating ice cream right now. Bought it from an italian ice cream place. Italians make great …[View]
164998927faces of /int/: post em[View]
165027957This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
165027686>can fight in a war, be in porn, and have sex with people twice your age at 18 >can't dri…[View]
165026294>your country >which one[View]
165027148What do you think about Australia?[View]
165026424>scandoids use ks instead of x lmao oh no no no do they really[View]
165013104What is the difference between iranians and arabs?[View]
165028324Do you use cursive (or equivalent) in your country?[View]
165024496Koreans believe that the English name for their country is a Japanese plot to make Japan closer to t…[View]
165025630>Whites' skin turns red if they're exposed to the sun for too long…[View]
165021161All countries have become wealthier than ever between 2000 and 2020 because of the cheap and fast Ch…[View]
165021072do they really[View]
165025818/Brit/: klopp edish[View]
165026548Does YOUR country celebrate straight pride month?[View]
165013664Eye thread: Let’s see who’s actually white and who’s larping. I’ll go first.[View]
165023829>Your cunt >Do you support Assyrians getting their own nation state? Canada Yes I would die fo…[View]
165027322Women are social creatures, generally happy and are naturally attracted to things or people who will…[View]
165020283Where do people in your country migrate to?[View]
165027922Ideal world map[View]
165015627>my only friend is being annoying and assholish again: It is has come to the point that whenever …[View]
165022168Sverigetråden - Sömnupplagan[View]
165018579/int bar is open/: in this thread you can discuss everything you want to discuss. >make sure you …[View]
165027202hey /int/, could i pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
165024375Why don't Amerimutts thank them everyday for carrying all of Shartistan on their back?[View]
165027519Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world[View]
165026364do czech women really let multiple guys creampie them like this? Are Czech men really ok with havin…[View]
164988678/ukraïna/ & /belaruś/: Eдицiя зaпaльнoї пociвнoї Пoпepeднiй: >>164933745[View]
165024134/ex-yu/: Crni anđeli na moru[View]
165027356>woman calls boarding group 5 >still enter gate even though boarding group 6…[View]
165026415Why is White America so easy to piss off, /int/?[View]
165015017/bra/ - fio brasileiro[View]
165020613do people in your country use loofah when taking shower?[View]
164991248Muslims hide their women so that we do not desire them sexually. their women are hot, in addition th…[View]
165025841I hate: >America >Israel >Saudi-Arabia >Iran >Russia >China >India >France …[View]
165021811What interacial couples are the most common in your country ? Here it's 1) white men with Asia…[View]
165026993how popular is skateboarding in ur cunt[View]
165027095There is no single thing more important to life than your social status. what are your thoughts on t…[View]
165024406I wish my country had a god emperor does your country has a god emperor?[View]
165026965What's your favorite birb singing in ur cunt? A couple of years ago blackbirds appeared in my …[View]
165025934>posh, elegant, well dressed up dude shows up in screen >br*tish accent Whenever I hear britis…[View]
165019939Sum up the state of the UK with a single image[View]
165019896Well, at least now that Disney is banned on russia, the russians won't have to know their natio…[View]
165024762>first time 4chin has been updated in years[View]
165013638kurva anyátok[View]
165023131I wish I could go back in time and secure a Germany this big: Does this happen in ur cunt?[View]
165025610How can i get a Hmong gf?[View]
165017364Crused balkan comment threads: Share stupid balkan comments from any website.[View]
165021398/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Fischsuppenausgabe[View]
165022983Does this happen in your country?: Persians like Turkey, Turks dislike Persians. As Persians learn t…[View]
165014943This nation has been so spiritually broken it's bizarre. I mean the government here puts propag…[View]
165026385Thank you France for Derby Girl: The most funniest show i saw since Misfits.[View]
165024137>western ''''world''' history classes be like >one lecture on prehistoric man >the entire h…[View]
165026088>black power[View]
165026262American Rapists: Do Americans just constantly rape people? Found this article: 'Untested Rape Kits …[View]
165025696Otinin Penis[View]
165025591What gives away that someone is an American in your country?[View]
165024857Australia looks like THAT? You literally cannot suffer.[View]
165026063https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Dru5y3ROc This country is an incredible futuristic utopia filled w…[View]
165019283Why central europeans do this[View]
165023409Why did Indians despite being so filthy not spread plague unlike Africans and Chinese? Not a single …[View]
165007035who does this belong to?[View]
165023585/brit/: Love edition[View]
165002949/nederdraad/: ziedcel editie[View]
165012597Brazilian women look like THIS!!??[View]
165025737Australian women look like THIS??[View]
165015992/ita/ - il filo: Edizione estetica[View]
165025789Ah hwell, Pāddy O'Roilly, wonchee play os a chyewn on yer fiddle?[View]
165021637Do people in your country have a hanger reflex? Do you do you this when you have a hanger in your ha…[View]
165020590how do peoples in your celebrate their birthday?[View]
164985554/esp/ - hilo español: Edición del héroe nacional[View]
165018481'I speak Spanish with God, Italian with women, French with men and German with my horse' - Holy Empe…[View]
165018253a full welsh breakfast for 7 dollars[View]
165025421/L.A/ thread: only post if >you ever lived in L.A >you want to visit/live in L.A >you are f…[View]
165024797Euro goes below $1=import collapse.[View]
165023851My friend is in his 20’s dating a woman in her early 30’s with grey hair strands already and won’t b…[View]
165025370>be me >both parents light tan with curly black hair >i look the same as my parents >si…[View]
165023913I am going to study abroad in Costa Rica in three months, how do I get a Latina gf while I’m there?[View]
165022944The beauty of the mexican woman must not perish[View]
165023850Average American father[View]
165023024TURKEY IS zzz PAKISTAN IS SUPERIOR: Vedic islamic pakistan reached more than these pseudo-muslim arm…[View]
165022126>Are you a poorfag in your cunt? Yes[View]
165015974Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>164998606 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/djt…[View]
165023382Are zoomer girls in your country psychos? Pic related got charged with manslaughter after straight …[View]
165024732It is strange that Taiwanese ramen does not exist in Taiwan.: Taiwanese people should make Taiwanese…[View]
165023914In a decade what do you think your country will look like?[View]
165020208Did you know that Sweden invented the kebab pizza? You're welcome[View]
165024927/norgetråden/: Denne utgaven er enda gyldig i noen minutter, skål da folkens-utgave Forrige: >…[View]
165024888Are there any https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tutejszy Browsing here right now? (it's bassically…[View]
165024532Not So Great Britain.[View]
165024009Asking a Korean about plastic surgery?: I'm just crossing over from 'talking with' to 'dating' …[View]
165024136>white pepo don't have spi- uhm, think again, sweety[View]
165023555People always say Poland is an east european economical miracle, but how does that fit with all thos…[View]
165024560Could it be that cisgender Iranians are the most powerful race in the world?[View]
165013051Do Americans really buy these?[View]
165018924INTERNATIONAL DEBATE THREAD: This edition: Townhouses vs Detached Houses.[View]
165014480>til British people put MILK in their tea Wtf is wrong with yall food[View]
165019385I respect Germany. Do you?[View]
165024303ELON MUSK'D[View]
165017662WHAT THE FUCK FRANCE: I just learned about the cultural and linguistic genocide of the Occitans. I D…[View]
165022593Goodbye for all eternity.: My name is Shahar Mazuchisnky. I am a 33 year old straight guy from Risho…[View]
165023351you wake up in charleston, south carolina...[View]
165013384> Be me, a very 'prieto' (almost black) guy > Mom is full white > All my sibilings and I ha…[View]
165023019kek xzibit said yo soy[View]
165012996>swedes and fingoloids fear this turk[View]
165018393>you wake up on a bright, sunny day in Sweden...[View]
165023713Swedish women are the most beautiful in the world[View]
165021907I just had sex with a Filipinx tranny ama[View]
165023414How important is sports in your country? At my school, barely anybody cared about sports. Everybody …[View]
165021026/brit/: salmon pizza edish[View]
165022642Is it true north east asian people like to bully southeast asian people?[View]
165021978Imagine living in Colorado: It's nearly June and it's cold and snowing there.[View]
165023569Once and for all we are Westerns due to our hospitality towards Ukrainians. Eesti are Scandi. Deal w…[View]
165023052Living in Britain is truly suffering.[View]
165022509I’m gonna hit it big this time lads[View]
165022818Is mainland SEA the comfiest place on Earth? I dream of retirement in a SEA ricefield[View]
165023317The USA really isn't that bad, 99.9% of the population just wants to live their life. Please st…[View]
165021654/deutsch/ - Ausgabe der Freundschaft[View]
165021143i wish a war broke out so i could skeet to america or canada and begin my naturalisation process eur…[View]
165020848Do they think about the United State 24 hours/24 and 7 days/7 like Belgians do with us ?[View]
165020554Are there really parents out there that charge their kids rent?[View]
165021312Between you and me bros, I will never mix with a german woman: I don't want my children to have…[View]
165020229EMERGENCY /INT/ MEETING: NEW INFORMATION Average female height: Guatemala - 4'10.5 (148 cm) Ba…[View]
165022994Literally anyone and everyone could pass as a local in my country[View]
165022910TOP 5 BEST EUROVSION SONGS: >Norway, 1995 https://youtu.be/6qqOI04uo_c >Spain, 1999 https://yo…[View]
165007069/norgetråden/: Rebus-utgaven Forrige: >>164981250[View]
165022203I don't know where I came from. Does this happen in your country?[View]
165022842why did our architects think these soulless buildings were a good idea[View]
165007039/lat/ - hilo latino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERrDvPHD18k[View]
165020678/int/ be like >america is third-world >but also you do not suffer in america which is it?…[View]
165019817'Crawling Death', Zdzisław Beksiński, oil on beaverboard, 1973[View]
165006548Did people have a Pink Floyd phase in your country when they were 14?[View]
165021069Why do wypipo look like this[View]
165022391Do they really?[View]
165022055You guys told me the sky is blue. So why is the sky red?[View]
165006886Are nord women really as easy to fuck as they're memed to be?[View]
165018328so now that the chinese century has came to an abrupt end, how have you been preparing for the india…[View]
165021327There's literally zero (0) reasons to dislike this country. They're the most likeable coun…[View]
165021310If you are a woman please leave this board is for men only[View]
165022080If you think about it, Jews claiming Palestine is like Hindus claiming the Indo-European steppes as …[View]
165017626Sverigetråden - SEXupplagan[View]
165015923MUSIC THREAD Post music from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SWckNTgvcs[View]
165021933Who is the richest cunt on Earth?[View]
165021501One of the richest and coolest history a country could have. What happened to greeks? Was the turkif…[View]
165012920>the average Lebanese man[View]
165020372I will never visit austria: It's the birthplace of shitler. I don't want to support their …[View]
165015638How often do you bathe/shower/wash your filthy body in your country?[View]
165017600/deutsch/ - Guntige Ausgabe[View]
165021653>I suffer in England[View]
165017408Do you love the United States of America?[View]
165017917Estonia, are u ok?[View]
165021477Why do they think thier script makes them so special? It's just some squid runes to nobody expe…[View]
165019201Can you afford living costs in your nation ? France No Salary 1700€ Rent 600€ Groceries 150€ Energy…[View]
165021550'Careca,o Rambo quer me meter na cadeia!! Eu chupava o pau dele gostoso, mas enjoou da minha boca de…[View]
165021020is denmark the only country where you have to pay NEGATIVE interest rates if you have more than 3500…[View]
165021318/cum/: a continuation of the friday night party edition[View]
165018886*invents steaks, sandwiches and eggs + bacon* and people have the gall to insult their cusine. shame…[View]
165017096Post politicians from your country[View]
165018925Is your country /fit/? >flag Urbanites are more fit than rurals. Ruralites are fat af.…[View]
165020668Why don't thirdies just work harder and become wealthy?[View]
165017659being a middle class chicano in the midwestern suburbs is like living life on very hard mode[View]
165014637The English had a pencil, the French had a highlighter, The English drew the world, and the French m…[View]
165018967/turkic/: only Turkic folks and friends allowed ITT. Tatarstan edition: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
165018311How big is your cucumber in your country?[View]
165020658Does your country care about the environment?[View]
165020634English but with foreign structure: Was there thread like this before, and was in it fun. Talk with …[View]
165020813>I've just about had it up to here! What phrases do people who look like this use in your co…[View]
165014476Post /int/ classics[View]
165020149Museum country...[View]
165020735What cunt can I get a hot girlfriend in? My current one is ugly and I want a hot one[View]
164980055/balk/: Based Hungary of a based Victor Orban edition Old >>164955057[View]
165006768Post your daily coffee setup in your country.[View]
165019234I will never visit germany: I don't want to support their economy.[View]
165018405i will never make more than 2000 euros i will never be able to afford a brand new car i will never l…[View]
165020612Just got done with an argument with my mentally I’ll mother screaming at me for being allegedly a la…[View]
165019981/sauna/: SSLUURPS painos[View]
165019753Argentina and Germany are one country.[View]
165020551what a wonderful day it was today. if they're happy, I'm happy[View]
165017004/brit/: He man woman haters club edition[View]
165006400Why do they exist?[View]
165015002Draw your cunt's coat of arms in paint[View]
165013745Does the richest man in the world even visit your country?: Brazil: yes[View]
164983155/med/ + friends: Moselle edition[View]
165019714the best breakfast in the world[View]
165017617I would do anything to live in Scotland[View]
165014350How do you tea in your country?[View]
165010147Post memes from your country without explanation.[View]
165016640brazilposters are bros: let's appreciate them[View]
165017326Payday thread: Got paid today. $2350 after tax (biweekly). What do you get paid in your cunt[View]
165016952This was the most successful host in Japan last year. He made $4,000,000 talking to girls Say someth…[View]
165020057games: Games that were or are popular in your country for any reason but quality Mexico: KOF 2002 …[View]
165017907HEY INT WATCHA DOIN?[View]
165018379I don't like ginger people.[View]
165019559>and I made Germany bigger![View]
165018058Why do the Irish get made fun of speaking their colonizer's language and not knowing their nati…[View]
165015494300 usd a month? and I get to keep how much of that? what? 9 hours a day monday to saturday?[View]
165018950How do people feel about this car in your country?[View]
165019889What cunt can I find women that aren’t ugly? All the women that like me here are ugly[View]
165017076Interstate 90 should go this way (also we annexed Canada)[View]
165019833Do people in your cunt keep porn on the mobile?[View]
165019815How can Brazilian suffer when they have unfettered access to this?[View]
165012141/sauna/: ystävämme pakistan -painos[View]
165018574/isr/ /ישר/: מהדורת שישי ליין[View]
165011782/fr/ - le francofil de 19h41: Edition de la francophobie >>164992231 >>164992231 >…[View]
165011748best cold country to migrate?: Russia? Poland?[View]
165019521French people sure know how to have fun[View]
165018173Is it true Americans think Finnish sounds like an elf language from lord of the rings?[View]
165018571Would I pass as local in your country?[View]
165018768Are Slovenians ok? 1853 comments related to article about Croatia. I’ve never seen any article in Cr…[View]
165013799Do you think its companies would be capable to produce a virus just to sell vaccines and justify a b…[View]
165018988>May 20 >Summer is just a few weeks away >Fucking blizzarding I suffer in Colorado…[View]
165017869have you experienced true love in your country?[View]
165007772/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Friday party edition[View]
165009903/int/ streetview exploring #1 FRANCE: the concept is simple... we explore one country in streetview …[View]
165018632What nationality was he talking about?[View]
165018243How are dark skinned Italians treated in Italy?[View]
165017150is it weird for Europeans when they encounter Americans with last names from their countries?[View]
165017199I thought /int/ stood for 'Interracial' and now I'm extremely disappointed[View]
165017982Rate the breakfast I made today, /int/ -Potato pancakes -Over-easy eggs -Warm sweet tea, actually br…[View]
165018442Most beautiful German woman[View]
165015049why does the government of the Netherlands and the European Union allow companies to sell and ship r…[View]
165018611Pakistan is superior to Turkey in every aspect.: Best architecture, best history, best genes and mor…[View]
165016265are they simply too powerful?[View]
165011395I hope they both enter in a war due to a petty border dispute and nuke each other and destroy each o…[View]
165018547Everyone only loves the Swedes that are hateful prideful wrathful radical white-supremacist swede-su…[View]
165011918/polska/: ice cream edycja[View]
165016188daily reminder: daily mandatory reminder firstoids can't into suffer >muh SOVL >muh taxes…[View]
165014228ITT: brown people: how are you doing today, my fellow brownbros?[View]
165017241You know I love you bro[View]
165008753Does it offend you to hear people speaking Spanish in your country?[View]
165017548Why don’t indiabros get real jobs[View]
165013533Wypipo Stereotypes: Post your white folks stereotypes, whether you're non-white or not. >inb…[View]
165015137>go on 4chan's international board to learn about the various cultures of the world >ever…[View]
165017567Russia and America should team up and denazify them again.[View]
165010049/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: >no thread at noon[View]
165017510What do you think of my eyes in your cunt[View]
165014309/deutsch/: Reise- und Animeausgabe[View]
165007651Which one of these two countries contributed more things to humanity and had more impact on world hi…[View]
165014747Is sumo popular in your country?[View]
165015475Weakest thai woman[View]
165009036Does this happen in your country?[View]
165017574Why people migrate ilegally? They not wonder If they will be killed and the woman that they take, wi…[View]
165007675Which men of which culture do you think they’re talking about?[View]
165014065Germany is saf- WOAW! Germans explain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2hGrsExuyc[View]
165013693Sverigetråden - Horupplagan[View]
165017360Leftist girls give great blowjobs[View]
165016718This type of look was very popular with Swedish girls in the mid-late 00's. Did girls look lik…[View]
165016632B cтeпях пpивoлжcких, в бeзбpeжнoй шиpи B гopaх Уpaлa, в тaйгe Cибиpи Cтaльнoю гpyдью вpaгoв cмeтaя …[View]
165014570>born in Eastern Europe >wish I was a med How do I learn the ways of the med BVLL? I can'…[View]
165014143This is the best depiction of turks I have ever seen[View]
165016914How often do you shower? For me it's every 2-3 days[View]
165016131the weather got hot, girls are walking around almost naked in their houses rn[View]
165016268Gosh, Filipino men are so handsome (this is the average Filipino man)[View]
165010054British cuisine is ba-[View]
165016114Hey Germany, this is not corn![View]
165014893I have a dream...: I have a dream that one day women will live in a world where they are not judged…[View]
165015148i am very excited for when that China and India start to improve ties. it is literally inevitable in…[View]
165011754Do you have a gf in your country?[View]
165016795Asstralians manage to live like fat retard Americans in the 1% of habitable land they have[View]
165014463there's a paki anon obsessed with india[View]
165016917How's your experience with Hispanic people irl ? Tell me ameribros[View]
165015866Why are you spending your friday evening alone in your room in your country?[View]
165015126What would you do if you saw a Russian in public in your cunt?[View]
165011075I hate my life and all I do every day is waiting to die. does this happen in your cunt?[View]
165015149What’s your country’s Wall Street equivalent? In Brazil it’s Faria Lima in São Paulo[View]
165010404/brit/: Beggar boy and Tarq edition[View]
165005425This is my street. Post your street/ town[View]
165014497Do you ever feel like a plastic bag in your country[View]
165015379Hey guys! You all wanted to know the secret of what 'kurva anyátok' means and i'll share it wit…[View]
165015153This is authentic mexican food[View]
165009565Do you hate cats in your country?[View]
165012338>german people[View]
165015413Rejected by 17 women IRL and ghosted by 10 on dating apps in last 2 months. I think it's time t…[View]
165016403DYLJ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-0t2FVQOlQ >smart, pretty, intelligent, friendly, cute and…[View]
165013027Live your myth in Greece[View]
165015190do you have overpasses in your country ?[View]
165013554How is Iran so based[View]
164998688Post ‘em[View]
165013225I Think It's Incredibly Easy to Steal Money in Canada: >helping my mom activate her new bank…[View]
165011889In two years, people born in 2007 will be posting here[View]
165003663/ita/ - il filo[View]
165010443intelligatne 4chan linguam latinam?: Can you speak latin? and if so the how well can you speak it?…[View]
164998257Is Portugal the cutest country in the world? Nya~~~<3[View]
165008278why do brazilian and all other latin amerikkkan trash posters try to shit on arabs and larp as crusa…[View]
165014777This is the best you can hope for housing wise if you aren't born rich as a Swede. This is the …[View]
164996086Why do Japanese think they are white?[View]
165015520Are there people like this in your country?[View]
165008749/int/ HELP ME i drank tooo much coffee[View]
165009570How do I stop being Greek?: They started Western civilization after all[View]
165004477Why are beauty pageants won mostly by Latin America and India? Is there a particular reason? Every t…[View]
164998872/bra/ - Fio brasileiro: Antes: >>164979173[View]
165005241What makes the foreigners living in this country so crazy? You can say that it's the diaspora i…[View]
165014354How did they spend their day?[View]
165014620what are your thoughts on the lapland war[View]
165012469What arh yah looking at, pooftah bastard?[View]
165011980do you read comic books in your country? are comic books popular in your country?[View]
165009352What is /int/ drinking this lovley friday?[View]
165006395Do japanese women really like Indian guys?[View]
165014441In the Welsh language, 'w' is a vowel letter.[View]
165004711when your friends ailed monkeygay virus: how do you adress? your friends may be a gay[View]
165014193hate: >America >Israel >Saudi-Arabia >Iran >Russia >China >India >France …[View]
165014041I've felt the hate rise up in me[View]
165014106Ural Mountains: Do Russkies have skiing there?[View]
165014360/ktm/ ehemals /deutsch/: Paul Moser Ausgabe[View]
165005749/bharat/ beach edition[View]
165013999White women be 'trusting they gut' when they have IBS[View]
165004147whats your country's equivalent to detroit?[View]
165004225/iran/: American (cisgender) diaspora not welcome.[View]
165013582Italy? Founded by Romans in 89 bc https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lex_Plautia_Papiria France? Establ…[View]
164985965/isr/ /ישר/: מהדורת שישי ליין ארכיון: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/text/ISR/country/IL/type/op…[View]
165006784Which cunt has the most direct/blunt people?[View]
165004304What is your favorite thing Chinese people contributed to the world?[View]
165010105/brit/: The Queen of /brit/ as voted in several strawpolls edition[View]
165012815The geographic displacement of the Armenian people is a tragedy. Armenians (and the land which Armen…[View]
165010044Post your front yard[View]
165009815I thought Scandinavians were 6 feet tall[View]
165010098This is Putins daughter, Katerina Tichonova, say something nice about her[View]
165005594kurva anyátok[View]
165012658>noooo not my historical monuments Get fucked wyte boy.[View]
165011590Thoughts on Ukrainian men?[View]
165007543Why don't we produce art like this anymore?[View]
165012150where are you afshar anon?im back and i need answers[View]
165008633Pakistan is superior to Turkey in every aspect.: Best architecture, best history, best genes and mor…[View]
165009186Sverigetråden - Gogoupplagan[View]
165011366Math: Are people in your country good at math?[View]
165012481If your language is only primarily spoken in just one country, then you need to unlearn that languag…[View]
164999894Best food in the world: French food saved people once again. This Japanese lives in Paris and wants …[View]
165010464Have you ever met Indian irl? The guy is an exchange student from India and he lives up to any curry…[View]
165012669What's your opinion on Churchill?[View]
165004602French gf: As a white dude from America, what should I expect if I got a French gf? >why? Idk, it…[View]
165011628>Someone is nice to me here >I like their country >Someone is mean to me here >I hate th…[View]
165010045Major forms of transportation and their origins. britain >train germany >car usa >plane f…[View]
165012497'Avin a shite lads In my country[View]
165010941BBC news: >Australia election: Why is Australia's parliament so white?…[View]
165011868Just learned about genocide of aborigines Australia: How can you be so cruel aussiebros?[View]
165005135When did the people living in each french region start identifying with the Frankish people and Fran…[View]
165008373It's HAPA century. You will KNEEL[View]
164997911Pajeet bros, what happened?[View]
165005923Tfw no Norwegian gf. I SUFFER[View]
165010864if you live in a country where 50% of people are still driving a mk4 golf then you are in EASTERN EU…[View]
165006428Is it possible to get a cute, thin Latina gf as a dark skinned black guy?: It feels like they want n…[View]
165007040no wonder them niggas always squintin[View]
165011886Kek, do french pypo really?[View]
165008374Why did Germany go full autistic mode in the 1940s?[View]
165009876do NOT look up how many romanian households have toilets[View]
165007139Why do British people love these?[View]
165011643>hungry >nothing to eat but frozen bread none of you know suffering like i do…[View]
165009119Here is your hungarian gf bro[View]
165009526Are there good architecture in you're cunt?[View]
165008445Poured a glass o' mead me[View]
165008726How common are maoris and pacific islanders/polynesians in australia? Ate there nukbers growing and …[View]
165003185/polska/: edycja seniorek[View]
164997976When u spen 5 hour reading Ugojesse an bgwan talk de pidgin ayo[View]
165000044/sauna/: forssapainos[View]
165011025Does people in your cunt like sexo /int/cels?[View]
165009965europoor big forehead is huge turn off for me[View]
165001877What do you call these waters in your country? PL: La Manche[View]
164998994We legitimately do not criticize the USA enough on here[View]
165010198I give up on women[View]
164996097Most zoomers in my country are unaware of the British Empire. In your country, does this happen?[View]
1650105041. Your count: 2. Can you distinguish between love and sex? 2. I can, love is what heart reacts, sex…[View]
165008100How popular are TikTok girls in your country? Is it possible to make a living out of it?[View]
165010199how strong is ur nation physically?[View]
164992433post urban pictures from your country full of SOUL[View]
165010513>drink entire bottle of whiskey >replace it with diluted turkish tea >parents still haven…[View]
164996190Why are Japs so cruel? https://youtube.com/watch?v=vL1bgtJELyI[View]
164992231/fr/ - Fil Francofil: L'édition du Canada Ancien: >>164965913[View]
165010409Latinx peepoe be like >this chair is female lmao Why are they like this?…[View]
165006547Houseki no kuni is going start releasing chapters next month after 17 months of being in hiatus. How…[View]
165009278in america you need someone with a gun to cover you while in supermarket[View]
165009344How are lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transvestites treated in your cunt?[View]
165006495average wog meal[View]
165007769How do you say thank you in your language[View]
165009030What is your country truly about?[View]
165007158>>I suffer in Pakistan >wholesome, nice people >highly religious populace >communit…[View]
165010531>The Declaration on the Common Language was issued in 2017 by a group of intellectuals and NGOs f…[View]
165004716walmart brand Italy[View]
165008728british pipo be like >yes I watch BBC news[View]
165009450Norway + Somalia[View]
164998606Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>164972762 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
165009407I have never left Ulladulla.[View]
165010088/dixie/: seriously? edition what are you fellow slave holders doing this day[View]
165008828*mogs your country's beer*[View]
165008865Goodbye for all eternity.: It's me. Shahar Mazuchianky. I have decided to leave this website fo…[View]
1650091531. You're count 2. You're drink >Gemoney >Water, but I'mma boutta pour myself a…[View]
165007823just got home from the store. 23 dollar for this. it's potatoes in the bag. what are you eating…[View]
165009677muh Trianon: have sex[View]
164985029Post your room in your country[View]
165008896The iranian revolution (the result of british and american meddling in Iran) robbed us all of 40 mil…[View]
165007246I learned that europoors used to shart in pants just by hearing the word 'huns'[View]
165007946/inshallah/ für /deutsch/: 'Der edle Koran'-Ausgabe[View]
165003553>interest rates go to zero >housing prices go up >interest rates rise sharply >housing …[View]
165006617Me enamoré de ti en un bazar, me enamoré de ti en un bazar entre cuadros y revistas, camisetas, disc…[View]
16499981460 yo asian woman Thoughts?[View]
165008493Best Korea: Why do they make americans seethe?[View]
165005563How accurate is this show at protraying life in Texas?[View]
165004143Sverigetråden - Bullens upplaga[View]
165008878Russia has proven that when its forces fail on the battlefield, they will resort to crimes against h…[View]
165008390How has the matriarchy affected Finnish culture and society?[View]
165007905Deutsch//: https://youtu.be/1qz9W9o9_NE[View]
165005208>Indo-European >Eurasiatic >Out-of-Africa theory…[View]
164993809Why don't Corsicans just admit that their language is Italian? This would make it easier for th…[View]
165008734I will never slave in brown shit.[View]
165007718do you want to find love in Nunavut, Canada?[View]
165006658>tfw have to go outside and vote tomorrow[View]
165006843Does anyone know wtf is this?[View]
165007744Russia's botched invasion has exposed the weak state of its military to the world. No amount of…[View]
165008014Australia sucks: In 2017 I lived in Brisbane for over 6 months: >every second person was either c…[View]
165008114Im 100% sure that this new smallpox was created by american companies to sell vaxxxes and to help in…[View]
165005186telugu-nepali here: i hate it here so much people are so anti social and they never leave their hous…[View]
165004435What is going on with Eastern Europe?[View]
165008319>see this AdSense >baby Luna >unironically, this some kind of female name in Phillipines Lo…[View]
165010480Why are iranians like this?[View]
165007716Australian cuisine.[View]
165005674Are people in your country insecure about their superior neighbour?[View]
165002763why do people travel to Thailand? It's hot as fuck[View]
165005272The 2 books most commonly carried by German soldiers in World War 1 were the Gospel of James and Thu…[View]
165006240does this happen in your cunt: I don't know meaning of my surname All i know it's a sub-c…[View]
165005085You don’t know how much I suffer as an Asian male, inb4 kpop cope[View]
165008069map thread[View]
164998869/int/ernational car hate thread: Cars are a pain in my cunt. I wish we could at least get them banne…[View]
164998803are bridges too spicy for americans[View]
165007995Why is the theme of every thread about women that you will never fuck?[View]
165006597>Average american highway[View]
165004830/brit/: Monument, London edition[View]
165005361I wish I lived in Hungary: Hungarian women are extremely beautiful, and I wish I could marry one of …[View]
165003469/deutsch/: haarige ausgabe[View]
164983814>country >your dream girl flag pic related…[View]
165001275Are women from your country like this?[View]
165006893There are people on this board that use English more than their own native language[View]
165002335The sole determiner of your ethnicity is the etymology of your last name, it’s as simple as that.[View]
164999605Do you know anything about Costa Rica?[View]
165006737I don't really like Brits or Australians and Christ knows I don't like Canadians, but I li…[View]
165007051my hot-coworker insists on going to the beach with me[View]
165001389>Yes...yes yes!Kick the ball into that square enclosure black man!will he-AHHHHHHHHHHHH GOAAAAAAA…[View]
164983313/cum/ - Canada, US, Mexico: Hot for teacher edition[View]
165007252>be american[View]
164997858Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>164972762 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/djt…[View]
165002141>Italian Cheese >Italian Wine >Greek Olive Oil >English Banter >German Humour…[View]
165006918new york: would you like to visit the big apple?[View]
165002929Who is the funniest schizophrenic person on /int/?[View]
164996698Uhh bros? I thought Americans are fat?[View]
165007008Does this happen in your country?[View]
165006183Who is or was the most famouse black person from your country?[View]
164981250/norgetråden/: Z! utgaven Forrige >>164958343[View]
164998595Where did your life go wrong in your country[View]
165006873How would western europeans react if more ukrainian men entered their countries as refugees?[View]
165006715Real purchasing power went down like 10% already and real estate keeps getting more expensive[View]
164976247Hilo latino /lat/: Hilo latino /lat/ Edición nenita lectora[View]
164999214I understand how there is an increasing number of Dutchaboos when youtube channels such as Not Just …[View]
165006277What does it smell like, /int/ ?: These are some shits that I found on online mall, says it's i…[View]
165005604As a muslim, I literally can not suffer in Indonesia. How about you? Do you suffer as a religious pe…[View]
165002752I'm reading American pottery[View]
165006435Google Map your 'hood: Post district, or the street in your country where you grew up in. Life …[View]
164998510Is your country more important than India?[View]
164999845Tell me about German girls[View]
164999067Literally every girl I have ever had a crush on has been Hungarian. What the fuck Magyarbros.[View]
165005094Why do normies love the radio tower so much?[View]
165005461I wish my country had platypuses, quolls, bilbies, beavers, caracals, bears[View]
165006119Ave Atatvrc, restorer of the Roman Republic.[View]
165001194Why do Indian worship blue people?[View]
165006047This is the Ormeno, the biggest travel of bus of World, you start in Rio, Go to São Paulo, passed by…[View]
165000516Have Indian phone scams ever worked?[View]
165005650So.....which cunt has the worst woman?[View]
165004836dark web market bros is versus gone for good?[View]
165000810How easy is to get a white gf as a brown guy?[View]
165001810>Brazilians always experience anime moments in their daily life[View]
164993581/rus/+/frens/+/anime/-( /zluchki/ + /devochki/ ): Пepeкaтик бeз-злючкoвый! Ecи вы oтнocитecь к т.н. …[View]
165005602What happens in Dilatenhagen?[View]
165003787>Schwarze negger What did germs mean by this?[View]
165004978/hell/enic - Νήμα Ελλήνων + Φιλέλληνες: Καλώς ήρθατε Έλληνες και Φιλέλληνες . Χρήσιμοι Σύνδεσμοι: . …[View]
165004595>created airplanes (Wright Bros) y'welc >created the internet (JCR Licklider and Bob Tayl…[View]
164994198kurva anyátok[View]
165005478Did you enjoy school in your cunny?[View]
165003982Which 5 countries are you most obsessed with and why?[View]
165005448유담 존나 예쁘다 유담이랑 섹스하고 싶다 유담 냄새 맡아보고 싶다 나의 사랑 유담 유담 유담 유담 유담아 사랑해 나의 아기 유담[View]
165004642America wouldn't be the shithole it is today if it focused on improving its citizens' qual…[View]
165004398Don't come to my country[View]
164999668Why are there no Swiss Posters?: What happens in Der Schweiz?[View]
165004799How are babies made in your country?[View]
165001894I am not the live your myth poster!: But I agree with him greece is ugly, also having a caffeine hig…[View]
165004814I will travel to your country this summer No I will not bother learning a single word of your langua…[View]
164975655/bharat/: please keep the thread bumped while I'm away edition[View]
165001078/brit/: Waterloo Bridge edition[View]
165002839>Europe history buff >only knows about WW2…[View]
165004332Come to my country[View]
164995651When was the last time you kissed a girl on a date?[View]
165000328Do you like Sweden?[View]
165001504Americans can’t have this[View]
165002077This is what Russia is fighting in the Ukraine[View]
165003636Do you think God will forgive us?[View]
165004309can italians own beretta handguns?[View]
165002577Korean pypo be like:: >'I love making rap music and eating fried chicken and violently rioting an…[View]
165001115>brownoids live with above 20c temps all year round How do they endure this torment? How could th…[View]
165003832How are central euros managing it?[View]
165002891>Let's visit India, it's such a beautiful country with a rich history and amazing cultu…[View]
164998423Sverigetråden - Nagatoros Fredagsfestupplagan: FREDAGSMYS ÄTA? DRICKA? KOLLA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? L…[View]
165003418Britain triumphed.[View]
165003853Why are their men so handsome, big and have such great sexual attributes?[View]
165003204>EU is releva-[View]
164999199How is life in this region?[View]
165002497Jews are kino: Ppl that hate them are just envy that jews influenced world history more than any oth…[View]
165002944why was this cunt selected by pokemon as area of scarlet and violet?: I thought next was italy or ch…[View]
165003650Look at these people. glassy-eyed automatons going about their daily lives, never stopping to look a…[View]
164998990Do you go on walks in your country?[View]
165003542fr why isnt ypipo having children[View]
164995915Do you consider Italians white?[View]
165000486Average American “man”[View]
165003300Chinese peoples English ability has rised drastically over the past 10 years, pretty much all kids i…[View]
164994416Favourite (French) part (French) of the Norman (actually not from French, weird) Isles (French) ?[View]
164997800>America is bad because it just is, okay!?[View]
165003143sorry I already have a boyfriend (he's Finnish (from Finland))[View]
164999964>nooo you can't have an actual breakfast, you gotta take coffee and a cigarette cause muh fi…[View]
165001892itt: we thank argentina for most hard working white country: Today I learned argentina is the countr…[View]
164996261/polska/: edycja wydurniania się[View]
165003033>liminal spaces >backroom exploration >n0clipping does this happen in your country?…[View]
165002333>Black American thugs in 2022[View]
165003035Where did cotton eyed joe go? Where did he come from ?[View]
165000801whats the most beautiful langauge in the world and why is it scots gaelic? https://youtu.be/pBMXd5VG…[View]
165002868I don't care what negative things you say about Korea. We have Hangul.[View]
164981323/nederdraad/: Kut Frankrijk uitgave[View]
165000358Is your country part of the based club?[View]
165002344Does your country have its own jak?[View]
164994737So are they just lost Indians who worship Allah or what?[View]
164999853Without a doubt, my favorite Albanian.[View]
164997719/clara/ auch manchmal /deutsch/: Ausgabe der Intersektionalität[View]
165002576Celtic bros are our med brothers[View]
164995496/ita/ - il filo: Edizione delle api siciliane depresse[View]
165001576Wtf i love japan now[View]
164997917we should just, like, get rid of all the useless tiny languages and make everyone speak english[View]
164999320Have you ever met a hapa in you're country? What are they like?[View]
165002315All that plastic surgery and South Koreans can't even compete[View]
165001893>inflation is a necessity because people are getting poorer >but with inflation people can…[View]
164995418I would do anything to be reborn in Western Europe instead of Eastern “Europe”[View]
164997171Are Arabs actually conservative Muslims? Or is it only a gulfie thing? What do Arabs feel about Isla…[View]
165000797A cute girl walked in front of me today and held a door open for me and when I said thanks she smile…[View]
165000435Nafris are the only proper meds get over it[View]
164991788Do your neighbours do this too?[View]
164995456Reikäleipä (hole bread)[View]
164997209/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro:: 'Em 1978 terminava o AI5 e também começava o martírio econômico do Brasil'…[View]
165001075Goodbye for all eternity.: It's me. Shahar Mazuchisnky. I have decided to leave this website fo…[View]
164995515/brit/: Nogger edition[View]
165001331>central europe[View]
165001592Is there a country with more hot girls?[View]
164995324Why is English so hard for Mexicans?[View]
165001458I love the Netherlands and Belgium[View]
165000723>see active thread >make a post >everyone stops posting does this happen to computers you u…[View]
165000153Italianbros, do you know any cool phrases/words/idioms in your language that you could use in englis…[View]
165000242Why are homosexuals and bisexuals in Germany so common? Even among Nazis there were a decent amount …[View]
164998435/brit/: Trafalgar Square edition[View]
164998798there is nothing for me in my country to do beside sitting in my room and browsing the internet. I a…[View]
164994367U dont like monke ?? ough ough[View]
164997277>there are sweaty white women walking around in tank tops in europe right now…[View]
165000714does such thievery occur in your cunt?[View]
164996945>You wake up in Trinidad and Tobago[View]
164981924ummm… europoorbros?[View]
164983013what are youre cunts neighbors like?[View]
164980294Do you want to find love in Poland?[View]
164992150Do edgy snowflake kids in your country support Russia for attention?[View]
164990104Are white people IRL Elves?[View]
165000590Why do third worlders waste their lives away for literally chump change?[View]
164997060English proficiency by country in Asia: What happened to Hong Kong?[View]
164996602/DAR/ - Do Americans really[View]
164996912>get shot at a grocery store because some overweight faggot was too awkward to get a gf >get s…[View]
164999683the fact women make culturally specific sounds during sex means they are all faking it[View]
164998219Peruvian Pigeons: Very cool![View]
165000381Just woke up to the sound of gunshots across the street. What sounds do people wake up to in your co…[View]
164997126How are Russians seen in yoru country?[View]
164988007/asean/: Dyed hair edition[View]
164994652EVROPA thread: Ik ben Europeaan Ich bin Europäer Je suis Européen Sono Europeo Soy Europeo Eu sou Eu…[View]
164965441/شاشا//MENA/: bedouin edition[View]
164999905How do Americans deal with the fact that yuros think about them 24/7?[View]
164995957Poorer than Mexico[View]
164997186new york: would you visit the big apple?[View]
165000138>be me >minority in cunt >but not white >unrelentlessly discriminated against And they s…[View]
164997356Family: Do people in your country not really talk to their family much? I usually just talk to my fr…[View]
164999111I want to move to Canada and build myself a lovely little hut by a lake where I'll fish every d…[View]
164996858How easy is to get an Indian gf as a white guy?[View]
164996738>tfw you're a part of the greatest alliance the world has ever known Feels good…[View]
164993980Why are Britisher so racist against these people when they're whiter than 90% of Londoners?[View]
164999633Can we have a non-civilization destroying WW3? Mainly just so we could shit talk Einstein.[View]
164991918this enrages the western european[View]
164997172People here are so mean to SEA[View]
164997925The 5 weapons of judgment: Sarmat, Status 6 Poseidon, Avangard, Kinzhal, Burevestnik[View]
164996901do yo know most Japanese 'otakus'' are pro LGBT[View]
164990802Why are whites so naive?[View]
164999439>I'M NOT BRITISH IM ORISH when will these faggots learn they are British with a better pass…[View]
164998658Mattias Flink (born 8 March 1970) is a Swedish spree killer who killed seven people on June 11, 1994…[View]
164998681He should've just bought a plot of land in Eastern Poland and go back to live in his ancestral …[View]
164996558>i suffer in scandinavia[View]
164989974/sauna/: Pieni, lihava mies ajoi koulutytön ulos koulusta sanomalla: 'Olen menettänyt järkeni'.…[View]
164995741/brown/ general: ITT brown countries only, as indicated by this map How are my brothers doing? Did y…[View]
164989682/int/boys: what country has the most handsome boys?[View]
164993161https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashism do Ukrainians really?[View]
164996631do you also have porn collecting problem?[View]
164995955Do you love Dutch music? https://youtu.be/Lgs9QUtWc3M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llyiQ4I-mcQ ht…[View]
164998615How did American influence change your country?[View]
164997072why do almost all Indian students lack social skill and only talk about their majors and how maid wa…[View]
164998546How do flags like 'moon'; 'outer space'; 'pluto'; 'ceres' wo…[View]
164994821The walls are closing in[View]
164996718>Pakistan and Turkiye are BROTHERS in ALLAH SWT, Inshallah Ottoman Caliphate will return <3, l…[View]
164998267Do you like China?[View]
164994310Sverigetråden - Eftermiddagsmatupplagan[View]
164994308My ancestor are being genocided and yet no one cares about it[View]
164991348Do you hate rap in your cunt?[View]
164997338does anyone have the webm where a guy wants to take out a pizza out of the oven, but then he fails a…[View]
164972762Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>164950163 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
164994565Do you wait long ass times to order for doctors appointment in your countries? If so how long? Socia…[View]
164998248Do asians still hate black people? I saw some asian streamers voluntarily playing as black character…[View]
164995435Should they be classified as Asia or Oceania?[View]
164995688Ö kinda looks like a soyjak[View]
164995193holy BASED[View]
164992893When did you stop growing in your cunt[View]
164986335/Friday Night Feels Bar/ Because its Friday night the feels bar is open. Feel free to come on in to …[View]
164997706/deutsch/ — ジーンズエディション[View]
164996799How do we stop big solar[View]
164992826You are losing interest in this country already, aren’t you?[View]
164993248do they really?[View]
164989807>size of Belgium and the Netherlands together >population of only 174k people what happens on …[View]
164995946>tfw you have no culture that you proposed mere dining places as an intangible culture Do they re…[View]
164997350What happens in the black and purple regions?[View]
164997844Do men look like this in your cunt?[View]
164997462Need help with a language experiment.: Ok, I need a help from the japan bros and japanese learners h…[View]
164993227why are slav men so fucking ugly? Im slav and proud and i got pretty lucky with my face but i still …[View]
164993638We need to suspend /rus/ general: They started war.[View]
164992309>there are Russians who bought USD for 120+ RUB[View]
164979173/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: A cara do Brasileiro[View]
164995962>the UN >the EU >the IMF >the WTO >NATO…[View]
164986189>Danishes are ugl... v..vgh....[View]
164996880I am so envious of the american lifestyle, not the meme mutt lifestyle but the idealised americana. …[View]
164997108Do you want to vacation in Israel?[View]
164991655i fucking love western society i want to move west and live among western people[View]
164995506/ita/ - il filo: Edizione giornata delle api[View]
164995767Good morning/int/[View]
164996296OK ENOUGH!! This war, we will take on!!: RUSSIA you guys WAKE US UP!!![View]
164993221France has the CAESAR artillery system[View]
164996006I'm sad: I see the most beautiful white women posted here, but the white women in my town look …[View]
164996045Live your myth in Greece[View]
164996520>your country >does the doctor charge you for crying flag no…[View]
164995179This is my last plea to end brown genocide. I will now leave this board for eternity like Shahar.[View]
164994911Had the girlfriend dream again. Do you do this in your country?[View]
164994432I'm Tatar AMA[View]
164996196Monthly Polish markets are on tomorrow. What should I look for?[View]
164993830>one chance at life >not born a Jewish billionaire in America jewing the goy What is the point…[View]
164995590Uh Chang bros?[View]
164991630>What No I'm not addicted to my phone! I use it productively, for example I'm wasting m…[View]
164990819/polska/: edycja grillowania[View]
164984535International kino battle royale: What country has made the best kino? Go through different countrie…[View]
164995412Make up a lie about another country.: Lithuanian couples typically sleep in separate beds and have a…[View]
164982992>i suffer in the land of great food and insanely cute beurettes[View]
164995480/ita/ il filo: edizione asiatica[View]
164995532The walls are closing in...[View]
164988769>youre a pedophile because you responded to a text from a 40 year old man that was pretending to …[View]
164995520now i'm on a forced 3 month no fap grind because i just got varicocelectomy surgery do people …[View]
164995525>i WILL buy 10x hunting guns with no licence and no background check >i WILL sign up for farme…[View]
164989485/ita/ - il filo: Edizione /u/[View]
1649820651.you're cunt 2.what are you drinking rn[View]
164992718mark of the beast: do people willingly slap chinese spyware on their wrist in your cunt?[View]
164993821/hell/enic - Νήμα Ελλήνων + Φιλέλληνες: Καλώς ήρθατε Έλληνες και Φιλέλληνες . Χρήσιμοι Σύνδεσμοι: . …[View]
164993479we still need to defeat wypipo[View]
164993543most populated city is tokyo[View]
164995311Is it true peepol on /int/ only differs from each other in the tone of the skin and spoken language?[View]
164993314wtf norwaybros[View]
164993736https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmKFt68sqQw&list=WL&index=2&t=88s It's over for Chi…[View]
164991298/brit/: Lady Altamont edition[View]
164992608There are so many cute and smart flips why are we supposedly subhuman we dont even have a high crime…[View]
164992241How common is it to use physical money in your country (or even carry it)?[View]
164987770I wish I could turn back time to the good old days[View]
164993071what are some thinking man's opinions?[View]
164995009are you a finnish history respecter?[View]
164994845Pls send help: I'm dying here bros[View]
164987225Post a pic of your hometown. I suffer in spain[View]
164993875Why doesn't this still happen in Ireland? How far my ancestors have fell.....[View]
164991085mosque gives me comfy vibes unlike temple/church/synagogue/vihara Does this happen in ur cunt?[View]
164990841Spaniards and Italians should be gay for each other[View]
164989828/2sicilie/ - il filo: edizioni antimafia[View]
164992510Goodbye for all eternity.: It's me. Shahar Mazuchinsky. I have decided to leave this website fo…[View]
164993865Do woman in your cunt play vidya?[View]
164994697Jannies must be asleep given that the entire catalog is full of extremely low quality shit threads. …[View]
164985360Do “ugly Swedish person” exists?[View]
164993142Emojis: What's your favourite emoji?[View]
164992960So let me get this straight. In the USA, 21-year-old software developers fresh out of college earn $…[View]
164992720Dumb Geoguesser thread: Guess the country lol Hint: It isn't Switzerland it might be Poland…[View]
164993901I can't sleep does this happen in your country[View]
164977169/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/kaz/: Зaкpeплённoe издaниe. Утoнyвший нoчнoй: >>164947534[View]
164993225Having a pint, ask me anything[View]
164994127OH NO NO NO AMERIBROS[View]
164991131>Be Britisher >Love Greece >Save Greek people from the Egyptians and grant them independenc…[View]
164990125Sverigetråden - Gaymerupplagan[View]
164993860Anon your post is very funny and intelligent about the world I wonder why you don’t have a gf in you…[View]
164979710kurva anyátok[View]
164993922Explain this rivalry to me[View]
164993556goodbye for all eternity[View]
164993128francoids and anglos stinks of wet dogs and mold nafri stink of sweat,tobacco and cheap cologne afri…[View]
164993405Argentina showed very strong population growth in its latest census, rising from 40 million in 2010 …[View]
164993807Damn, Irish men look like THAT?[View]
164993684just found out about greek unemployment rates[View]
164988576Was he Greek or Macedonian?[View]
164993719You wake up in Germany.[View]
164987777I hear Brighton is a very hip and fashionable town these days this true?[View]
164993571White people are being genocided and no one cares.[View]
164993454>This site isn't as fun as it used to be when I first came here. Bros, the pain is real. I t…[View]
164993389Which faction would you belong to in Revolutionary France /int/? https://www.gotoquiz.com/who_are_yo…[View]
164992016apples are actually costly in india: Some vlogger got a single apple for 20 rs but local price is le…[View]
164991518Will they truly be the next superpower?[View]
164989609Live your American dream in Boston, MA[View]
164993359Is it true that e-girls are dressing up to look like Asian to appeal more 'cute'???[View]
164991312Japanese women are fat[View]
164991896>strawberries are 16-18 zł per kilogram[View]
164989809Nobody can hope to win against the joint forces of Italy and Japan.[View]
164990212/deutsch/: buchclubausgabe[View]
164992196>knife bar Is this a thing in your cunt?[View]
164986417>there are ethnic anons itb who worship aryan goddesses Anglo/germanic superiority at its finest…[View]
164992417*kills mainland SEA*[View]
164991393It's happening again.[View]
164992812Ideal city...[View]
164988336>colonization was a disaster >it's the jewels fault…[View]
164992949China is one bad flood away from total collapse[View]
164991190>30% of Ameriflag posters think the World was poofed into existence 6000 years ago by a magical s…[View]
164991539I think it’s interesting how Brits generally like Indians more than Americans do. I think the Indian…[View]
164985137What the fuck is happening in Slovakia?: They've been free-falling for monnths on this but thei…[View]
164992210Get your Uber eats in Poland[View]
164991262Continental Europeans do not suffer, nor to Scandinavians. The only 'European' nations that can make…[View]
164992323In russia even guy like this can fuck hot girls[View]
164992436NYC: What happens here?[View]
164992399YOU CAN'T SUFFER IN 1815[View]
164988861How can Greece apply healthy eugenics without discrimination and inbreeding? Greeks lost Anatolia, b…[View]
164990597i dislike them slightly less: but still dislike em[View]
164992297This site have plenty of stupid threads that somehow got hundred post.[View]
164987673Shut yoor mouth ya backwards foreign rat[View]
164982553The most popular pizza in Italy is from Germany[View]
164992225Are people in your country good at investing?[View]
164991977To southeast asian anons, why do you guys hate macaques so much?[View]
164989898are you desert chad?[View]
164989474Which god do you worship in your country?: We Indonesians only worship Allah and nothing else.…[View]
164992119>Did you just look at that white boy!?[View]
164988038You will love Japan.[View]
164992057are these countries really westaboos or just begrudgingly allied with America?[View]
164991913>Tfw no Iranian wife[View]
164989540>31°c on the forecast (it'll actually be 33°c because of heat island effect) >40% humidit…[View]
164987499Why are Americans so obsessed with guns?: Guns are stupid, here's why: America has one of the H…[View]
164989626i svffer in israel: its too hot i wish it was winter again[View]
164990921This is what a real fucking german looks like. the netherlands, northen germany and scandinavia shou…[View]
164986666I fucking hate my job. It's the third one since graduation back in 2020 and so far I've ha…[View]
164991006>tfw Erdogan is pronounced Erdo-won No wonder he's winning.[View]
164976785Is building shit like this in the modern era cool or cringe? My country would never do anything lik…[View]
164986699/brit/: title race edish[View]
164991552BRICSchads where are we at?[View]
164991689בוקר טוב אדונים[View]
164991308F: Lieutenant Nain Deepak was killed by Kashmiri Islamists and died defending the honour of his nati…[View]
164991494>'My race?... ESL'[View]
164990928Why are blond boys so pretty (in your country)[View]
164991575Why does 4chan administration think it's a perfect idea to show cringey porn adds? This porn is…[View]
164991342There's only one race, the human race[View]
164991001Do westoids regret letting China join the World Trade Organization?[View]
164988725Did you know that the United States is currently going through a baby milk formula shortage? Bacteri…[View]
164990513is your country friends with my country[View]
164990546How bad are macaques? Racial criticism aside the shit I've seen happen to monkeys on /gif/ from…[View]
164989213french people say 'le' unironically[View]
164990970>27 celsius >walking outside is unbearable thanks to le concrete and no wind i want to travel …[View]
164990243Japanese stroke order. It is better than Chinese stroke irder[View]
164991041Japanese women be like: >'I will get naked and have sex with random men on camera for a living.' …[View]
164990521The greek-turkish conflict has a roots old as the universe itself, we shall remember the trojan war.…[View]
164991056Why are Indians and Filipinos extra joyful? Anybody noticed that? Stop telling jokes and smiling lik…[View]
164991135Where does laughing come from?: What triggers that mechanism?[View]
164991092>pop out to the shops >baldcel spies me >he actually starts CRYING don't be jealous of…[View]
164990766do you have vulutres in your country? poland yes. they can be seen everyday in warsaw but also we ha…[View]
164988389gf is complaining about chinese people again[View]
164990999Do South Americans really?[View]
164990914Filipinos really be out there going to some girl's parents and saying 'can i court your daughte…[View]
164989219Are ugly women common in your cunt?[View]
164979752/asean/: Puyipit[View]
164990803Modern Germany was built on the backs of Balkan and Turkish 'guest workers' in the 50s. When will th…[View]
164965913/fr/ - Le Francofil de la canicule: Édition des regrets Ancien : >>164948334[View]
164985259do women smell in your country[View]
164988307The best city that mankind has built.[View]
164979821/polska/: Edycja miejskich podróży[View]
164989654Are house prices way too high in your country[View]
164989699I just realized there is only one country beween turkey and pakistan[View]
164990451/hell/ +/friends/: RIP Legend[View]
164989304One Face One Race[View]
164943422Africans... Skubidoo they really?[View]
164989184how can you be an incel, if you're white?[View]
164985705is /int/ ready for monkeypox?[View]
164989571What’s it like living in your country? Have any of you moved from your place of origin to somewhere …[View]
164985990/deutsch/: Animeausgabe[View]
164987715/한국어/ + 친구들: 언더붑[View]
164989857do you watch BBC in your country?[View]
164990051>anglos pronounce le as le[View]
164985289Sverigetråden - Skogsupplagan[View]
164988842please immigrate to my country[View]
164987695The turkmenistani president has built a 6m tall solid gold statue of his dog in a residential area f…[View]
164989874Are you a failure in your cunt: >paternal aunties and uncles: engineers and doctors >maternal …[View]
164989796The OG Latinx... the most powerful race[View]
164989812WTF CANADA BROS?[View]
164986573The last time I talked to a female was 3 years ago[View]
164982999>russia good, india good, brazil good[View]
164966822/sauna/: Se tunne, kun ei ole mukia nakkia varten -painos[View]
164989125ITT international moggings: Our military budget(24 billion USD) this year is bigger than the entire …[View]
164989641my life is insanely difficult[View]
164988844PSA: not every Japanese woman is a rail thin skeleton[View]
164984352Do you make worse lecture notes in your cunt?[View]
164989557this will be the guy in control after Putin dies leukemia[View]
164989416Turkey vs Greece: Who is better?[View]
164987847Why do armenians look so indian?[View]
164989541Americans really get given a truck worth 15k$ on their 16th birthday and still complain that they su…[View]
164989462>bro sweden isn't fully off the deep en- https://www.government.se/492c36/contentassets/fc11…[View]
164988109how do turks cope weith this?[View]
164989255american people call each other negro[View]
164981964Cope at its peak: Imagine coping about Indians earning more than you with 'they all live in one hous…[View]
164987766>go to website >front page is a mess >immediately close tab…[View]
164987929could i pass as white in your country?[View]
164985349I never liked america[View]
164988463>gas is 8 FUCKING DOLLARS a gallon in my city AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFFFGFGHHHHH FUCK…[View]
164987042What are people named in your cunt?[View]
164988917the daily life of a swede https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC9Ar8gYNa4[View]
164982070Why don't British people emigrate to Europe for a better life?[View]
164981256/ita/ - il filo: Le arnie in fiamme[View]
164987118Can you REALLY be an expert on languages, when you can only speak 1.5 languages?[View]
164984483what is Bonn, Germany like?[View]
164981152>Europeans breastfeed in public >Europens bathe naked with the child >Europeans get in the …[View]
164982929Is Interpals done now?: >very few Euros and non-mutt Five Eyes countries left, mostly just the ab…[View]
164988462Can you draw the flag of Great Britain without using a reference?[View]
164982536Caine is a legend That's all[View]
164983456Please stop bullying our little brother you bogan scum[View]
164986087I have a conspiracy theory that moving Indonesia's capital to Borneo is part of Indonesian plan…[View]
164988366Thoughts on Sejeong the Pleb?[View]
164987592Why is /int/ like this?[View]
164987259what do Brazilians think of him?[View]
164987119Which country would you choose if you immigrate?[View]
164987997Life advice : never trust an austrian/german: They are natural born fraudsters.[View]
164984136I just learnt about how the Javanese are colonising the rest of Indonesia.[View]
164988250Russia's botched invasion has exposed the weak state of its military to the world. No amount of…[View]
164977811Do people still wear masks in your country?[View]
164988298Why is this Portuguese man so incompetent?[View]
164988234how to get qt Amerimutt girlfriend?[View]
164987907Why do Europeans fight each other so much?[View]
164987986the longest suspension bridge in the world was opened a few months ago in Turkey. Erdogan was person…[View]
164987993just realized im going to die one day[View]
164982906The problem with the US is that they didn't make Japanese people learn English after WW2. They …[View]
164987460>ask a lithuanian or a pole if hes from russia >they get visibly annoyed all look the same to …[View]
164987722>You will never get paid six figure salary in America Why are you so rich, America!?…[View]
164983023Are yuropoors prepared for the mass waves of africans about to zerg rush their continent? >tfw in…[View]
164983318Why are americans impressed by average norwegian workingclass boats? https://youtube.com/watch?t=39…[View]
164988020Soph btfo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSjvlnneEto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSjvlnneEto ht…[View]
164984989What's your go to beer in your country (from your country), for me it's the Tomislav[View]
164987396if all feminists and right-wings die: the world can be at peace, I think[View]
1649793391. your country 2. When was the last time you had McDonalds? Mexico Just a few minutes ago[View]
164987648Why are the japanese so short?: Is it because their anciestors never drank milk?[View]
164985564>europeans stick a piece of paper up their ass after shitting[View]
164987701Life ain't so bad in my country[View]
164987682Admit it, you miss him.: Ayatolla desu, n-notice meu sempai uwu[View]
164975632The superpowers of the middle east[View]
164987124I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). I want a full Armenian girlfriend. What are you, Ano…[View]
164987479The glowies are gonna get me[View]
164981434i'm not attracted to females between 20-40 years old it's either teens or milfs for me[View]
164986687Why has north and west europe built their countries so that theyre only good for wageslaving and not…[View]
164985657Africa is unironically probably totally fucked in the mid to long-term. Catastrophically high birth …[View]
1649857601. You're cunt 2. Are your geriatric boomer parents able to conceptualize the world not ending …[View]
164987184the average australian is a chad thundercock or at very least a tall brad. never let them complain i…[View]
164983491friendly reminder: Syrian doctors are higher IQ than German ones. hence why they beg us to come to t…[View]
164986484You wake up and the chilean empire is at its full force vat nou?[View]
164986959>/int/ related webm/pictures threads >quickly turn into american webm/pictures thread are they…[View]
164986293The ruble is rapidly gaining value, its over for the west[View]
164976616what does /mu/ think of tommy wright III, he's like the lupin the III of hip-hop.[View]
164979278My chicano coworker is a huge trumpfag even though his dad immigrated here and he's always tell…[View]
164987221What are the territorial aspirations of the far right in your country?[View]
164987188Do you love Korea?[View]
164986861What is your honest opinions on italians?: Personally, not a fan of them. They look and behave like …[View]
164984902New scooby doo cartoon: Why are americans like this[View]
164986224How many modern german girls are going to be 40 year old cat ladies? I think like 50% of them.[View]
164980235Historical military units from your country: In my country there were several In the independence wa…[View]
164986924in germany its illegal to name your son 'adolf'[View]
164986228a certain marius s internationally speaking[View]
164985238I will do it: I will stick my pp in crazy. By crazy I mean the full starter pack >boyish hairstyl…[View]
164981759Why are you wasting your time here of all places?[View]
164977612we dont need friends[View]
164985963how to be a consoomer?: I literally don't know anything about pop culture besides memes[View]
164986593why does New Hampshire, the state known for being incredibly freedom loving, have a lower gun owners…[View]
164986175Guess his ethnicity, and no he is not Greek.[View]
164981249>haven't seen a lebanese flag in months >remember when they were the most prominent MENA …[View]
164984547Should Scotland have a right of return law for all people who descended from Scotts?[View]
164986341This is my Today dinner Post yours[View]
164986303why didn't Indonesians colonise Australia before the British did? It's across the road for…[View]
164978604/нoчь/ ehemals /deutsch/: https://youtu.be/pPoYQ4DKxVY[View]
164984855It took me 28 years to realize this but I am infact a woman. Does this happen in your county?[View]
164983368Is your life a sitcom in your cunt? https://youtube.com/watch?v=fvFlrnymW_o[View]
164983935wtf look at youuuu[View]
164984032>brits be getting their daily BBC Education[View]
164984298Economic collapse soon. Time to eat bugs[View]
164977136ZAMN! mexican boys look like THAT?????[View]
164982680Are 'Gaijin hunters' a real thing?[View]
164981201/brit/: Puyi edition[View]
164983956Why do Japanese and Chinese work all together, no matter their differences, when they praise their c…[View]
164984315are white men dropping out of society in your country?[View]
164983304how does the average indian man feels about not being able to see white women shaking their butts we…[View]
164984454Is this accurate?[View]
164978876Native American refresher: How did they compare to other indigenous peoples elsewhere?[View]
164984741Surely /int/ is smarter than a 5th-grader…[View]
164979951new record japan number 1[View]
164985714My goal in life is to participate in a Yuropean football riot[View]
164978699>/int travels outside his country[View]
164981503What do they think of each other?[View]
164985805i have tons of friends and still spend my most of my time on this board[View]
164980790Choose wisely, /int/[View]
164983086How can Greece apply healthy eugenics without discrimination and inbreeding? Greeks lost Anatolia, b…[View]
164984134Why some cultures are attracted to excitements?[View]
164983378>Unlike in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, roads in Continental Europe are not…[View]
164985661Language: Why does Haiti language look like French LolSpeak?[View]
164983388What the hell are they feeding muslim women[View]
164982319Will you be alive when your country collapses? >Slovakia Definitely yes…[View]
164985231Reconquista when?[View]
164985450i wanna be a rich American spoiled brat[View]
164985341>rapes Mexico for seven generations nothing personal[View]
164984270if your country isnt on this list, you dont suffer[View]
164985163>wake up >still not a rich attractive American guy from the South like Jack Harlow Why live br…[View]
164983395Tôi yêu Trung Quốc và Nhật Bổn! Bạn có yêu Trung Quốc và Nhật Bản không?[View]
164984348Hey Anons, I'm travelling to Tallinn's old town for a few hours and I've been having …[View]
164983645Why do Mexicans hate this.man so bad ?: All he did was give food to everyone with a citizenship and …[View]
164984527I want my own ship, with a tightly knitted crew that trusts me with their lives, going wherever the …[View]
164975421Sverigetråden - Fredagsmys: ÄTA? DRICKA? KOLLA PÅ? SPELA? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lol nörd)?[View]
164982809Will Brazil win this World Cup? is brazil the exemplar of brownoid supremacy?[View]
164981869How are they so superior? Jewbros, I kneel[View]
164981006Japan preserves the most conservative stroke orders of any country[View]
164984804go to sleep americans[View]
164984779Why did you become a loser in your country[View]
164979517daily reminder that sweden won and finland lost![View]
164984618i hate you so much[View]
164978826Russian bros, what do you feed your girls to be so pretty? Also, it is true they are massive gold di…[View]
164984338Korean bros..... I....[View]
164984647Ponker: Lets play ponker, int: https://www.pokernow.club/games/pglTkcgXuhTaeOa_r8RmDyXQj[View]
164984331Imagine having a german manager[View]
164983976Post suspension bridges from around the world. Pic related, Michigan[View]
164984141plaese be my friend[View]
164973873/int/ webm thread[View]
164982751in taiwan there's not much social activity besides working,gaming,schooling go to church people…[View]
164981235Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
164981550Good morning Europeans![View]
164980869So i think we pretty clearly deduced that americans are incapable of suffering in the suburb thread …[View]
164977242you wake up in india, 2030: good morning sir[View]
164983818Do people go on vacation abroad in your country? Or do they spend it in the country?[View]
164984289>order food >go brush my teeth >the courier is ringing the domofon as I brush my teeth >…[View]
164984241Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
164984209int fr cum balt med balk sauna hello friends all are welcome lat caribe nz: What do you drink in you…[View]
164983828Haha are people in your country kinda cute?[View]
164983415Do you have friends with beards in your country?[View]
164982655Would you?[View]
164983066Have you aquired a maiden in your country? What is the courtship ritual like in your country? In Aus…[View]
164982500>I have said in 2021 that you would become Haiti until 2023. >Good luck, its just started. …[View]
164983668do they really: old world more like cringe world[View]
164975066Post pics you've taken in your cunt: I'm the most bored man on this planet right now so le…[View]
164983588in america we call chicago chiraq because of how violent it is what is your country's equivalen…[View]
164982610니코카도 사진 제발 그만 올려라[View]
164982724How's it like to live in Toronto?[View]
164982478Japanese are crazy.: Why are they like this.[View]
164976490/cum/ -canada usa mexico[View]
164982442/hell/enic - Νήμα Ελλήνων + Φιλέλληνες: Καλώς ήρθατε Έλληνες και Φιλέλληνες . Χρήσιμοι Σύνδεσμοι: . …[View]
1649824691. Country 2. What do you have for breakfast?[View]
164983303Most Social and Family Oriented Place: I am graduating soon with a degree in computer science and I …[View]
164982515>Hundreds of people have logged they ass onto the based as fuck 4chan Minecraft server for 1.17.1…[View]
164979971The three gorges dam is just one bad flood away from being pushed off its lack of a foundation and k…[View]
164983040Monke time.[View]
164982958This is €200k, how well off could you live with it in your country?[View]
164980467Why are continental Europeans so open-minded and anti-racist? In Europe, they don't even 'see' …[View]
164972638which rare flag would you like to see more often on the board?[View]
164982972Well I'm a no goodnick lower middle class brat Back packed, and I don't give a shit about …[View]
164982294Why are brazilians such ugly disgusting looking creatures? Is it their disgusting third world slums?…[View]
164982525𒀭𒀝: 𒈨𒈛𒄩𒆠 𒀭𒊩𒌆𒄑𒍣𒁕 𒀭𒊩𒌆𒅁 𒁹𒀭𒁲𒈠𒉡𒊕[View]
164981780what are some thinking man's opinions?[View]
164979574do you listen to any edgy music genres[View]
164982479Swedish win https://youtu.be/6jDNyxomIo4[View]
164980482Are the people in your country lazy?[View]
164979615What was your cunt's Current Account Deficit/Surplus for the FY21/22?[View]
164981310>his ancestors were treated as human beasts of burden by his rich landowning masters >who do w…[View]
164982224French reporter says that the Azov battalion (nazis) said they would cut black people into pieces. T…[View]
164982262Does your country larp as jews?[View]
164980663This is a 5/10 in scandinavia[View]
164981148why do they love Russia so much?[View]
164981200I will never slave in brown shit.[View]
164971819Why do they have so many mass shootings?[View]
164981914My homeland is corrupted with ruscism. Pls help! https://youtu.be/_iLpIocmCVQ[View]
164981838Kiwis why do you fuck sheep? I heard from an Aussie friend that it's weirdly common over there?[View]
164975161How important to British culture are the royal family? How will the nation recover after the stuff w…[View]
164972505/dixie/ - Retards Anonymous: literal fascism edition[View]
164979976Mexicans treat their diaspora like bastard children[View]
164978308bruh, these retards are really blaming it on 4chan[View]
164981512you wake up in vietnam[View]
164980938Does it matter what university you graduate from in your cunt?[View]
164981753I do not like them. Especially after they folded like a paper after their cake and eat it too mental…[View]
164981750What phenotype is this?[View]
164981668damn swedes[View]
164980579What would happen if Africa was completely isolated? No more foreign aid, etc.[View]
164980948Have you ever received a fake bill?[View]
164978485I recently flew on a Bombardier CRJ200 and it was pretty fucking awful. No wonder the Canadian aeros…[View]
164977588I unironically hate the Irish. Not the meme mutts he claim some obscure Irish ancestry here but the …[View]
164981027/int/ should be a NSFW board: So we can see the booba.[View]
164976609I am going to fuck a whore tn: Does this happen in your country?[View]
164977918Does your country spend a lot of money on the military[View]
164979220I have spent 32 hours in the past 3 days playing a squid mobile game. I never touched a game in the …[View]
164980934Ice Cream Floats: I'm having a Pepsi float. Do people mix soda and ice cream in your country?…[View]
164980831Where are you sending your settler unit to found the next major city on this landmass?[View]
164975154Bolivia 2019 False flag in WTC Sabotage of the nord stream Corporate totalitarianism Hong Kong 2019 …[View]
164978172Syria is a country with Syrians living in it. It is next to Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon[View]
164976479Meanwhile in America..........[View]
164977521I love the new world: I love North America I love South America I love Central America I love all of…[View]
164976233Live your myth in Greece[View]
164974985One day your heart will beat for the last time. With this last pulsation your brain will receive it…[View]
164980969Whiter than you muhammad[View]
164981030>Europe is so small that Stockholm, Berlin, and Paris all fall within the same timezone…[View]
164980839Lmao Japan, Lmao.: Where are the netouyos who used to spam on this board 24 hours a day that their s…[View]
164924846/ex-yu/: izdanje za trecu smjenu[View]
164978113which country is the most hated? China or the USA?[View]
164976336>your cunt >your ideal girlfriend's ethnicity USA full Armenian…[View]
164976730/brit/ - New Car Edition[View]
164980424I have a thing for older women. Does this occur in your country?[View]
164980594Would you be considered an undesirable according to Mexican nationality law? >Though no national …[View]
164978427VGH... the storied streets of EVROPA...[View]
164979354Ukrainians refugees should come to Japan. In Germany or Poland, full of immigrants or refugees, but …[View]
164979138do men in your country have anime waifus?[View]
164963118/skandi/: stridsudgaven[View]
164977020>be me, blonde >decide to try and grow beard out >some of the hairs are red Does this happe…[View]
164980909What are some stereotypes about New York that are wrong?[View]
164980856but daily reminder that sweden won[View]
164980385Why are they so much saner than americans? Never seen a white supremacists mass shooting or them ele…[View]
164971784This is one of the few bong towns that was planned from scratch rather than evolving from a village …[View]
164979424Are passive aggressive messages from your boomer neighbours complaining about your property common i…[View]
164958343/norgetråden/: Norges skatt utgaven Forrige: >>164915235[View]
164978856Do you have a virginity problem in your country?[View]
164978571They should've just be ruled by the Japs again instead of being split into depressing capitalis…[View]
164970188/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição: Amizades virtuais https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDs_P1ek5cE…[View]
164977230Before/After Thread: Phillipines are now restoring thier run down colonial districts which is great.…[View]
164970825Who is favorite character in Western mythology?: As a Chinese person, so I am completely unbiased he…[View]
164980161Do you love your Filipino dad?[View]
164978140Do Brits REALLY keep doing the accent even when having s*x?[View]
164979936Is it getting too expensive to raise children in you're cunt?[View]
164979192I am Syldavian. Ignore the fucking leaf.[View]
164979127Is fishing a common hobby in your cunt?[View]
164970455/int bar is open/: in this thread you can discuss everything you want to discuss. >make sure you …[View]
164978579I can't sleep I need melatonin but it's not sold over the counter here like in burgerland[View]
164979049Britain is pushing to legalize psychedelics and I can’t stop it. Britain is now eternally the 60s x …[View]
164975855Do you open your windows?: Apparently some people don't open their windows[View]
164978648Sirs, please tell me about this man. Is he based or cringe? Has he been good for India?[View]
164979431Ricosuave >Ricosuave Ricosuave >Ricosuave…[View]
164972857Turkey lead the armenoid race[View]
164979763What does traditional American architecture look like?[View]
164978523Why do Americans brag about speaking better english than esls?[View]
164979909Indian people could be passed as white if they had white skins[View]
164978703Did you know that China is around 50-60 years behind the West technologically?[View]
164979395>I suffer in Brittany France[View]
164980525Make up a joke about your country I’ll start What’s a retards favourite restaurant in Canada? Timmmm…[View]
164975480Why is Northeast Brazil so underrated?[View]
164979337Is shitty modern architecture common in your country?: It is here. And yes, modern architecture is t…[View]
164980466oh donkeh[View]
164980299>I use though at the end of my sentences[View]
164979062Brazil won: Brazil is freezing and it's not even winter yet. https://youtu.be/Xf4haGQwwec?t=47…[View]
164974293It's 23 c in my room and i can't fucking sleep because of it[View]
164978568Good night /int/, I need some good sleep in a life that feel like an endless nightmare.[View]
164977156Why don't they speak english like normal people?[View]
164979987During World War 1, the two books most commonly carried by German soldiers were the Gospel of James …[View]
164974822Do you need a hug in your country?[View]
164978634You are a tutorial country right now because at some point you looted billions, if not trillions, fr…[View]
164980275they do be like that[View]
164976406dont like em[View]
164980141Holy fuck, do Americans really?[View]
164980184Abos are mega based and I'm tired of this board not recognizing that.[View]
164980212what phenotype is this?[View]
164980067How is dental hygiene in your country?[View]
164979142>look up former classmates on LinkedIn >Senior Software Engineer >Audit Manager >Financi…[View]
164980082Wish Ukrainians came to my country but only the cute men, specifically those willing to be sexually …[View]
164942170/asean/: Nun edisyon[View]
164977607I wonder if this woman considered attractive in your country. (A friend of mine looks like this)[View]
164979905>I suffer in Germany[View]
164978746How big a deal is Orthodox Christianity in Ukraine and Russia?[View]
164979104I just got mugged Does this happen in your country[View]
164979629How are Japanese-Brazilians treated?[View]
164967623This is a common sight today in western European countries.[View]
164974384Post big utility vehicles from ur cunt.[View]
1649793251. Your country 2. Your favorite Doritos flavor For me its these bad boys. Shit is like crack to me[View]
164969472/tr/ + /az/: persian girlfriend edisyonu tirad teması: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNO1ZhoPB_E…[View]
164979461What is the meaning of life for people in your country?[View]
164959137/Nederdraad/ - /MENA VRIENDIN/: Marokkaanse vd 2022 WE GAAN![View]
164978548Vegetable has a intelligence.: vegetables are acting moving reacting everythings like they thinking …[View]
164979733kurva anyátok[View]
164979396American running away from the ambulance to skip the bill https://www.youtube.com/shorts/K7TaGziKc4s…[View]
164975385/balt/ + /ausnz/ + /carib/: /balt/+/ausnz/ lives and marches on! reminder to REPORT K-TARDS for AVAT…[View]
164978911>1.4C in the center of Brazil I thought there was a global warming taking place?…[View]
164978681I'm 100% in favor of tearing down memorials to the soviet defeat of nazism in europe, because t…[View]
164977124Inflation Got You Down? At Least You Don’t Live in Argentina.: Inflation Got You Down? At Least You …[View]
164977043Goodnight/int/ My room is hot but i hope i can sleep[View]
164976832Reminder to anglos[View]
164976800Why do Europeans hate American Suburbs?: I think they are comfy I'd rather live in a big house …[View]
164978363Does stress prevent people from falling asleep in your cunt[View]
164978710>white genocide >japanese/korean going extinct >china population ticking bomb Stop talking …[View]
164976599Question for the japanese posters: Is sexual harassment really a huge problem in Japan? Have you bee…[View]
164978134/balt/: American edition[View]
164978686>Divestment is a movement created for the betterment of biologicalblack women, especially Black-A…[View]
164978353>tfw no cute favela gf >no sneaking her out of her crazy older brother's house to so some…[View]
164959026/ita/ - il filo: Edizione LGBTQIA+[View]
164976682Would you ever consider living in a mainland Chinese city?[View]
164977993China Island China Rich China Squid China Horse China Gold China Island China and Squid China: Elect…[View]
164978199does your country celebrate pride?[View]
164978225Are these types of shop advertisements common in the US? We don't have these here. https://www.…[View]
164976823>Our white EVROPEAN brothers are about to die from some warm air fellow white citizens of the new…[View]
164977360This will be Tokyo in 2019[View]
164975783Is there anything you find shocking about South Korea? >age system >difficulty of english exam…[View]
164970190/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/: macht neu und geht schlafen ohne was zu pfostieren- ausgabe…[View]
164978393VGHHH soviet cities of china[View]
164967068/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico[View]
164975568The biggest pop star in America is Asian American. We are taking over[View]
164977185Do poor girls use old iPhone with white bezel in your country?[View]
164976637I dont think ive ever seen a cute indian girl. Do they even exist?[View]
164973055What cunt can I hot women? Only ugly women are interested in me here.[View]
164978184What do you think of Northeastern Indians int[View]
164975787>land in paris >see this What do?[View]
164976275Do people likes sertanejo in your country? its the most popular music genre in brazil https://www.yo…[View]
164977927What is your religion ? With the denomination too like Mahayana Bhuddism or Roman catholiscism. I pe…[View]
164975006Let's settle this shit once and for all. Was JP cappin? If you saw a hoe like this in your coun…[View]
164975767Will I ever win against the urge to stroke my dick whenever I see an ass picture It’s like drugs to …[View]
164976617President Elon[View]
164977917Do frogs keep people up well into the night croaking while having sex down by the creek, in your cou…[View]
164976534Why the fuck aren't you a Muslim yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7SQRUAq6kQ Daily remind…[View]
164977711How are we so powerful?[View]
164976508This is what tutorial mode looks like in Brazil.[View]
164977450Why are Muslims so quick to anger?[View]
164977226Can turks give me a single good reason that this place should stay part of Turkey if they don't…[View]
164977621Soon: What would Chinese Alaska look like?[View]
164931068/éire/: Eagrán na eachtráin[View]
164976499I hate: >America >Israel >Saudi-Arabia >Iran >Russia >China >India >France …[View]
164974841no matter the injury, americans will avoid getting an ambulance at all costs because theyre too expe…[View]
164975224Better than all of you[View]
164977461>That kid in elementary school who's name was'Fabrizio' >Classmates always told him his n…[View]
164977486Would I find more peace of mind and improve my life skills in a first world country? I think the way…[View]
164976601My parents make a point of never talking about money except between themselves and won't tell m…[View]
164977272>why yes I watch street food videos of thirdie countries, what gave it away?…[View]
164977288How do I get an Ethiopian wife? Serious question.[View]
164944180This intimidates the non-Scandinavians, and non-whites.[View]
164970592My suffering is far greater than yours[View]
164974321Thailand wtf?![View]
164974023Argentina i kneel[View]
164955057/balk/ + /v4/: >>164909062[View]
164977083I have said in 2021 that you would befome Haitin until 2023. Good luck Seeing you fuckers suffering …[View]
164977056do you love norrland?[View]
164971872SEA cities look much more impressive than Latin American cities despite technically being poorer by …[View]
164975165Are mormons common in your country?[View]
164973750/brit/: Pengest ting edition[View]
164963834kurva anyátok[View]
164976977Redpill me on this. Is it true that Transylvania is historically Hungarian?[View]
164975271Take a pic outside of your window and post it[View]
164976201In a decade what will your country be like?[View]
164976921which country has the top sigmas?[View]
164975301why do slavs portray their enemies as pigs?[View]
164973478>Bulgarian population in 1988 >8.9 million >Bulgarian population in 2020 >6.9 million…[View]
164975093do you have 5th column russoid roaches in your country? we do[View]
164975320This is the output of the 'gay food' image search query. So gays can afford a food from restaurants…[View]
164975063yuropoors will save a dollar here and there and think that they're financial geniuses whereas A…[View]
164973323>Mbappé was born in Parisand was raised in Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, a commune 10.9 km (6.8 mi) f…[View]
164975350Why are there no Cambodian posters on /int/?[View]
164975252i want to be american: i want to get fat from eating fast food in every corner i want to make euro s…[View]
164971683Yeah…it’s looking like a recession next year[View]
164975068The brownest, most Muslim man in America[View]
164976143In history class at high school we looked at 1800s history and primary sources. Swedes, Norwegians, …[View]
164976578Why haven't they switched to Latin as the official language yet?[View]
164969077I wish I were Paraguayan: There’s no suffering on that land[View]
164972129daily reminder that sweden was in america[View]
164976667This kiwi actor is now actively influencing our political scene: >Hollywood star Russell Crowe qu…[View]
164975394Name a more buck broken people than the Polish[View]
164976638/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Gay[View]
164974785are you guys smoking dope later in your country?[View]
164955414Why do incels hate this country so much?[View]
164974057Do you support their independence? Explain why.[View]
164976378Chinese Coast Guard entering Japanese waters and trying to start an incident. What wrong with China?…[View]
164976118usa is defeated: what now?[View]
164971347Are they ready for the unavoidable influx of refugees from the South western states when they become…[View]
164975491Why do thirdies use prison trays?[View]
164976538It really says something about the right wing in north america that their most generous patron is a …[View]
164972325Don't ask a Norweigan how much a pizza costs[View]
164974665All 3 check out[View]
164970475do you love gotland?[View]
164972805this is the kind of media british people consume on daily basis and then have dignity to call russia…[View]
164968192do you have 100% based men such as him in your country?[View]
164975906Live your myth in Greece[View]
164976423Men think rape is consensual. Does this also happen in your country? > https://youtu.be/Pgom8LRF8…[View]
164976412Stumbled across a Youtube channel full of Iraqi wedding footage. Can any MENA anons educate me on th…[View]
164968549All women HATE yellow guys[View]
164973660>American comedy[View]
164976130is it just one french guy on here or have they all gotten so pissy recently?[View]
164976238West African pidgin & Caribbean patios: I’ve always noticed some similarities between the west a…[View]
164973089Impossible to suffer in Spain[View]
164975409I love Armenian women so fucking much.[View]
164974910who is you're favorite POC?[View]
164975578I earn more in 8 hours than the average Brazilian earns in 1 month[View]
164974807Hey guys what's the different between England, Scotland and Wales?[View]
164974951Almost every country out there is either a third world shithole failed state with extremely low wage…[View]
164970463i suffer in russia in spirit[View]
164975076How do thirdies live in cramped apartments with their entire family? Must be very noisy as well[View]
164973801>have bad day >remember there are people who live in brazil until the day they die >no long…[View]
164975806do you have a good relationship with your father in your cunt?[View]
164974442Why can't thirdies drive in an orderly manner? There seems to be an inseparable link between br…[View]
164972904Do your countrymen like men’s love/bara?[View]
164975780Why don't they have their own native historical tradition like ancient Greece and Rome? Nobody …[View]
164818275/balt/ thread: omo momo edition[View]
164975286>dad got his DNA results back >turns out he's 75% white and only 25% American Indian …[View]
164970054/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
164972677>Australia is full[View]
164965846My sister kisses me good night, every night. She still hasn’t stopped. Does this happen in your coun…[View]
164969232/lat/: otro hilo kunoichi: hilo latino[View]
164970880>remove the melanin and Indian people become white wtf bros[View]
164969497>600g of cheddar is worth an hourly net min wage please just drive here and shoot me imagine wor…[View]
164967781/polska/: edycja kosmicznej komandoski[View]
164974967How did the homosexuals got to spread monkeypox?[View]
164966602Argentinians seeing a blonde for first time[View]
164974864What are some common chud opinions in your country?[View]
164974615Do swedes love Brazilians?[View]
164973249caribbean food[View]
164974759I resent my parents for deciding to have me while being poor and uneducated. I never had a normal ch…[View]
164972708Do people make good financial decisions in your country?[View]
164973656>be american > die[View]
164971996Does anyone know how much money programmer's make in Europe vs the USA?[View]
164960046Americans grow up in places like this and be like ”i suffer”[View]
164966818>this is totally the land of milk and honey bruh >it's our promised land breh >in real…[View]
164974628Do people believer in AlterEgos in your cunt?: Do you have one and is it an evil or a good version o…[View]
164974513ESL Anons, how did you learn English spelling? A lot of native speakers have poor spelling and think…[View]
164974533What is this phenotype?[View]
164966784Are Europeans really this dirt poor or is it just a meme?[View]
164972379The best thing would be if every country joined NATO. If everyone was part of it, there would never …[View]
164965844/ita/ - il filo: edizione don minutella[View]
164973949>africans-americans are the second biggest group of millionaires, just behind white americans (wh…[View]
164974068Is it true Chinese-Americans don't know anything about the Bible except for the story of Moses?…[View]
164974466Did you know that there's Oktoberfest in Korea?[View]
164972046India should send their women over instead of the rapey men: So that WMIF breeding program can start…[View]
164974461Do you wish to find love in Britain?[View]
164974456All Latinas HATE white boys So my question is then, how on earth did /int/cels convince themselves o…[View]
164974454https://www.autotrader.com/car-video/trabant-was-awful-car-made-communists-258699 Lol the audacity! …[View]
164945748I’m freezing in my country: I’m freezing in my country[View]
164971250would you ride a motorcycle in your country?[View]
164974296Is this the right outfit to visit your country?[View]
164947534/rus/+/frens/+/anime/-/devochki/: Пepeкoтииииииик!))))))))) Пpoшлый: >>164926694[View]
164973225What's the deal with British windows?[View]
164973676French Guiana Here: Ask me anything outside of >are you black ? No, i'm not black…[View]
164974318Do your country have girls that look like this? And if it does, do you also stare at them until it…[View]
164971163>hehe, hey finland and norway, we should totally divide our borders here. >why is that sweden?…[View]
164968866What is your favorite holiday, /int/?: As a Chinese, ive started to pray in the direction of jerusal…[View]
164973938lol who else internationally sleepy rn??[View]
164970441>join an acting club in college >we're required to pair up and preform a convincing impro…[View]
164974071Do you love and respect women in your country?[View]
164969167As a Chinese, I like Ukraine and Russia.: How do I cope with loving two nations at war with each oth…[View]
164974146BRUH moment*bruh sound*[View]
164936118Post twinks you recognize from /int/[View]
164973597Are we witnessing the fall of the American empire? There's so much shit going down.[View]
164973971America is on the brink of a civil war while Putin has 80% approval rating in Russia[View]
164968736Currently making food Do you eat food in your country?[View]
164967340Sverigetråden - Arga upplagan[View]
164969637is this true? what causes this?[View]
164973240spending my birthday comparing hittite words to modern indo-european languages and finding possible …[View]
164973221spain had both islamic rule and fascist rule[View]
164967952Why 9s europe so full of farms[View]
164973792Weird hobbies.: I like collecting strange stones when i go hiking.[View]
164966638Can men in your country handle THICC thighs? Do THICC thigh enjoyers in your country suffer from a l…[View]
164973795jesus doesnt like white chicks haha[View]
164966966My cat just jumped on my balls. The pain Is difficult to describe, the fucker weights 7 kilos. Does …[View]
164972297I can't sleep, tell me a bedtime story dumb assholes, I need to fall asleep.[View]
164959796I FIXED EUROPE ONCE AND FOR ALL: The most correct and sane map of Europe, if you don't agree yo…[View]
164971232/brit/: Susanna edition[View]
164973568>Mfw i just realized muslims never experienced a proper Christmas let alone Christmas itself…[View]
164972819have you ever had sex with a country woman in your cunt? if not is it a fantasy of yours?[View]
164970610>a third of a million indians live better than europoors thanks to their sheer will its over…[View]
164970557Japan is not safe[View]
164967555Runestones!: does your country have them?[View]
164969088Do you belong to the based tier list?[View]
164973464do you have this much wholesomeness in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gak4sN4JxLY…[View]
164969549Are there actually posters on this board who only come here for their country general and can't…[View]
164970263A Fucking Star[View]
164963371I kinda want to fuck France ngl[View]
164968054This is Svetlana from Odessa (ukraine) and Alexey from Murmansk (russia). This is the photo from the…[View]
164966655Post average women from your country.[View]
164970183What thoughts come into your mind when you first see Chinese people?[View]
164967429Eastern Queens thread[View]
164966128See, before the internet became widespread, tech support, spicy food, and funny accents were usually…[View]
1649629131. Do you believe you will find your true love in your country? 2. Do you expect to find her somewhe…[View]
164971898>a brit will boast about his british accent while being a brummie[View]
164972884the future is indian[View]
164964175Do people age gracefully in your country?[View]
164969915Well australiabros?[View]
164970358MANDATE OF HEAVEN BROS...: The Chinese real estate market, worth about 60 trillion USD (on paper), i…[View]
164971562Why the fuck would anyone want to live in this little shithole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbQu…[View]
164972839Draai op goons waren nooit op civillians zij is van 3robi ze blaast allen millions. Ay dios mio d…[View]
164970338Brazil will be remembered as the greatest country to have every existed in human history[View]
164969586Which university campus would your countrymen like better?: University of Washington vs University o…[View]
164930131/med/: Mental health edish[View]
164970168Do you Iove Japan?[View]
164971861When I first came to paris I was all lonely, crying again and again..... Then I went into a bar, and…[View]
164972410build the Thai canal, choke singapore by cutting off shipping revenue, restore balance to the SEA[View]
164972377>want to go to turkey for the 100th anniversary >know it'll be full of terrorist attacks…[View]
164972302americans be like here's your plate[View]
164958372do you have communists in your country?[View]
164966949In the mid-nineties, all entertainment was forbidden in saudi arabia, everything playing football in…[View]
164972083>tfw family in Albania would make fun of me if they knew I had trouble getting the seeds out…[View]
164970665Do you love China?[View]
164966258this is so pathetic. hope you don't do this[View]
164968985This is how gangsters how look like in Sweden. Those are the people that terrify native Swedes and c…[View]
164971295Why do Americans use those red cups instead of drinking like real men?[View]
164960294/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
164971591Texas Toast Thread: All things Texas. What do you think of it? Texans trying to connect? Questions f…[View]
164971287I start the pray: >ave Maria, isso é a criatura[View]
164956372Europeans are dying of heat while I'm chilling at 15 degrees and rain Enjoy global warming cuck…[View]
164967025Russians ive met IRL are good people, why would you hate an antire country cuz muh política?[View]
164960425>your cunt >what's the beach quality like in your region flag it feels like paradise here…[View]
164971143the salary and cost of living posting has me demoralized to the point where i lay in a fetal positio…[View]
164967189Scotland: Why do they have so much SOVL compared to anglos? >kino football >delicious cuisine …[View]
164970645Is this true, leafbros?[View]
164971127I am a portuguese man..... I love everyone in this world.... Every country is interesting, filled wi…[View]
164965213Strongest British man[View]
164963671City dwellers tell me cities are better because they have more stuff to do But I never hear what exa…[View]
164971138Czech grannies look like THAT?[View]
164968523/brit/: >'Fighting ferociously, forming a dense shield-wall against the whole army of the Pagans,…[View]
164971088i kneel to bbc(bri'ish broadcasting corporation)[View]
164969932Do people from Africa consider African Americans to be Black?: You can have as little as 10-25% Afri…[View]
164928479/esp/: Edicion puto gordo de mierda[View]
164970862Have you interacted with officers in your country's military?[View]
164898894/dixie/ - Southern US & friends[View]
164970860American babies will die if they don't get they corn syrup[View]
164970702Thank you India for banning wheat exports. Wheat farming is usually pretty tight, but with that its …[View]
164965878I just found about how Indonesia tried to genocide them.[View]
164967745the WEST cant make fun of EASTERN EUROPE anymore... make a joke about EE as a western european and a…[View]
164967417The only real serie about Mexico: >not have dumb american steriotypes >not beaners >not mar…[View]
164970519What is some East Turkestani culture?[View]
164969727Why Anglo women likes being around POC men?[View]
164969758Who is the funniest person on /int/ in your opinion?[View]
164964612Do you miss Brazilian threads?[View]
164966585>Land of the free >Everything costs money…[View]
164960809are you too autistic to answer your phone in your country[View]
164965799>wake up at 5AM >take (cold) shower >put my pilchas on >drink boiling hot mate while lis…[View]
164963802Why are posters from this region so cool and cute?[View]
164969925Why do Americans love Israel?[View]
164969359Is there a shortage of good workers in your country? In America nobody wants to work anymore.[View]
164968814I'm going to hand a Norwegian flag up in my room, not because I'm Norwegian but because of…[View]
164968332why is he so rude[View]
164968786I have to get this off my chest. Large majority of us Canadians aren’t the true north strong and fre…[View]
164967181>Japan resists colonization by copying the West and becoming a Western colonial style power >…[View]
164963246/sigma/ nie wieder /deutsch/[View]
164966803I resent my parents for deciding to have me while being poor and uneducated. I never had a normal ch…[View]
164969626so whats mon emperor done so far what are his plans[View]
164963284the ukrainian war has definitely settled the debate of who is the most based country in europe... HU…[View]
164961682Will they ever introduce a child cap like they did in China?[View]
164969443My bitch don't love me anymore[View]
164965447Why don’t we just send nuclear waste into space?[View]
164950163Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous:>>164911915 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/djt…[View]
164958396What's the most underrated country in latinx america? The most overrated?[View]
164969335The official song of the US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbU4fPYRvcY[View]
164964678I have water, bread, I don't need nothing.: I'm mountain guy.[View]
164954958/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
164966275/brit/: got a hairy ballbag and shaft edition[View]
164966013If France! Has a million haters, I'm one of them. If France! Has 5 haters, I'm one of them…[View]
164966940Uhh black bros...it's over we lost?!?[View]
164967719Look at this dood[View]
164968785¡A VECES QUIERO DESAPARECERME! your captcha:2mnky[View]
164965717What other cunt's history do you like the most? For me it's the Natives of Mehico[View]
164965936England and france after gassing how much 'cool' their rivalry was[View]
164964298Do you like the Basques ?[View]
164968127Germany should have won[View]
164933745/ukraïna/ & /belaruś/: Eдицiя... eee... кoмiкciв пpo пpeзидeнтa? Пoпepeднiй: >>164880997…[View]
164966243What do you think of dating Armenian women?: https://streamable.com/2hgfkf[View]
164966349It's time to stop ignoring Islam[View]
164968284faggot faggot faggot faggot faggot[View]
164965285I'm going to prison for not paying the TV licence, does this happen in your country?[View]
164968279> having our own dr pepper ripoff I do not suffer anymore ofc no hfcs, but it tastes better than …[View]
164967685what are you experiences with ayurveda?: sesame oil unclogged my sinuses when nasal sprays and pills…[View]
164965887how much food does your country export? I thought India exported a lot, self sufficient and everythi…[View]
164966993It’s ASK. ASSSSKK you stupid niggers. It’s not “axe” or “aks”. >oh massa can I axe your a kwest…[View]
164968144Vocaroo thread: International poetry edition https://vocaroo.com/13lGYLLVcHet[View]
164965207What if America was colonized by slavs?[View]
164968028Does your cunt have it's own version of Guy Martin?[View]
164967858What do vegans eat in your cunt? https://mobile.twitter.com/ChmpChmpy/status/1526669568613154821…[View]
164964014why are british so god damn poor?[View]
164966471>both my two boomer neighbors living beside and below my flat caught pneumonia >I can hear the…[View]
164967450Kill all unitedstatians[View]
164967592Do people know Charo in your country?[View]
164967490>This country has never been as safe as now. Why do they keep telling this lie…[View]
164964159*makes chinkcels boil with rage*[View]
164967177I love redheads in a brunette country[View]
164957459Are there worthless made up “problems” in your country?: >Flag Tons but the worst by far is the r…[View]
164964137Why do anglos age so terribly?[View]
164966829Serious question why is it so important for France that he plays there? I mean a president or PM cal…[View]
164966961I pretend to be progressive and use “Latinx” irl because I know it pisses off my spic coworkers.[View]
164964714The thermometers in my city hit -2c this morning and will hit -16c this night and my god this shit i…[View]
164963230Europeans and Americans: Haha, Pajeet Poo in Loo! Also Euros and Americans: Please let the wheat out…[View]
164967102>I suffer in Nigeria >I am starving in my african country…[View]
164960150Nothing special: why do mutts hype this shit up so much???[View]
164966432Is fashion big in your country?[View]
164957150>this confuses, scares and angers the American[View]
164960939Sverigetråden - Nationenshjälteupplagan[View]
164965359>tfw the heat makes me uncomfortable because i'm a pure european.[View]
164959114/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: 45th President edition[View]
164966362Hehe monke[View]
164957517WHOLE AZERBAIJAN... Mother of all Azeris... A place to be called... home... VGH![View]
164920497/bharat/: grandmother and granddaughter edition[View]
164965560Curious how West is completely turning a blind eye to these other nazis too...[View]
164959987/polska/: edycja boczenia się[View]
164956615/muumi/: muumipainos[View]
164966385I was repeatedly taken to the polyclinic by my mother to have every inch of my body examined just be…[View]
164964009Mexican cuisine be like[View]
164960291Rome, Mississippi[View]
164964504>America can print $40bn out of the blue for Ukraine >still can't invest a single dollar …[View]
164965615I don't like european spanish[View]
164963124/brit/: Follow the good example of Lei Feng today edition[View]
164966347Wtf I hate the British now![View]
164964461What happens here?[View]
164958856this enrages the western european[View]
164966262do you suffer in your first world country? thirdies dont suffer[View]
164965652Looks like Spain did it again[View]
164960949In China, all food is free and no one works thanks to UBI and innovation![View]
164948334/fr/ - Le Francofil de la canicule: Édition la société n'est pas une mère. Ancien : >>16…[View]
164963884ITT we thank the Americans (south too!) for something Thanks USA for cornflakes[View]
164963483Anglo girl supremacy: How does it feel knowing that anglo qveens sit atop everyone else? Women in yo…[View]
164960578Stop brown genocide[View]
164965754You can't google Jordan the country by simply searching for 'Jordan'[View]
164944551Worst accent to ever exist[View]
164954399Cities with >2 million inhabitants: How does one not go insane living in an ant colony? I've…[View]
164963315/Deutsch/e /Nachtschicht/ auf der Großbaustelle /Xhain/[View]
164965239Zoomers will be normal by the time they reach age 30 or so. Young people are always crazy.[View]
164959009/ita/ - il filo: edizione lezione[View]
164964573You wake up in Mexico[View]
164964614I may have been born in brasil but my soul is turkish[View]
164965545What are some interesting and distinctive things about their culture?[View]
164964296Every time I think of Russia and Russians I think of that one level from MW2. Is this normal?[View]
164965223Does your city or region have payphones Montreal YES there are payphones all up in this bitch[View]
164960201Do you have otters in your country?[View]
164960040>go out for dinner >feel embarrassed as fuck >realized my drip costs 1k, not to mention my …[View]
164961661head in bro it's safe, trust me[View]
1649628951% of Brazil's population is of Polish origin. Say something nice about them[View]
164957952Post your countries most powerful specimens[View]
1649615581.country 2.does it fly EU flags Russia Yes It's embarrassing really, i hate EU[View]
164964718Why do Norwegians shill their women so much on here? Are they all cucks?[View]
164964991Why is Korea so much more Americanzied than Japan?[View]
164961345Why are these posters absolute bros?: Do people from this country have a reputation of being kind? H…[View]
164962726Their women are literal 10/10 perfection. I want to kms because I blew it with a beautiful Iranian g…[View]
164964842why the fuck are the fin threads so active on this board. isnt there like 100 of them irl?[View]
164961174why don't they start speaking mexican?: unpopular opinion but rest of latam is speaking mexican…[View]
164962761What is it like in Hungary? Is it just Hungarians living there or are there other peoples as well?[View]
164962783Finland says don't eat Turkish kebab. öpınıönş[View]
164960388A bitch I knew in high school who had 5 bfs and was constantly talking about wanting to fuck men has…[View]
164963231Slaving in brown shit?[View]
164964366I miss the late 90s and 2000s. Everything seemed to be going for the right direction, USA. Russia, C…[View]
164964285Vrei să pleci dar nu mă, nu mă iei NU MĂ, NU MĂ IEI, NU MĂ, NU MĂ, NU MĂ IEI Chipul tău și dragostea…[View]
164956415I am currently in line for steel vengeance at cedar point, Ohio.[View]
164953211Post suburbs from your cunt[View]
164955857Do you want to live in London?[View]
164963125am I missing something here?[View]
164962357do you unplug your cable or turn off your router when you ban evade[View]
164956457>*destroys the Tower of Babel for literally no reason* why was the Old Testament god such an assh…[View]
164964045how do you get a job in your country[View]
164964324the french are hot[View]
164964200Do you have mickers in your country?[View]
164961736Turkey, Armenia, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan: The great armenoid states of the world. An armenoid a…[View]
164961547Would you be white in the usa[View]
164962734I am half Serbian (my other half is also Serbian). What are you, Anon?[View]
164945691I worship GREEK women.[View]
164961447firsties be like: >is that a 45 minute long video essay about an irrelevant video game cartoon ch…[View]
164964050bros, russian nazis are extending towards american lands... we must defent Washington D. C. on the U…[View]
164963992there I FIXED europe, everyone (there are no more borders, states, or armies, humans there live free…[View]
164945268>your country >do you shave your legs before wearing shorts in public?…[View]
164957358Which one of these two countries contributed more things to humanity and had more impact on world hi…[View]
164960740Today I saw a girl dressed up as hatsune miku on the street are people in your country weebs?[View]
164961119>Wake up >Go hunt with tribe >Discover new lands >Help with tending to the crops >Per…[View]
164961791I love cheese What's your favorite?[View]
164963404Really makes you think...[View]
164957996What are weed laws like in your country?[View]
164963426>parents are christians >brother is muslim >I am a jew Does this happen in your country?…[View]
164963755the 'european union' caused the 2008 global financial crisis[View]
164963218wageslave or suicide that is the question[View]
164956231kurva anyátok[View]
164963611I suffer[View]
164962856I'm racially armenoid (I wish I were mongoloid or kurgano-dinarid) but I am brown.[View]
164958948/brit/: strawberry edition[View]
164950558I miss the days of using Windows XP. Does this happen in your country too?[View]
164960629Do chocolate girls in your country need vanilla?[View]
164960230This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
164962523Hey, Greece! You're not having the Elgin Marbles back They're ours[View]
164962912what is your opinion on british women?[View]
164958094/deutsch/ - Dummbatz Edition[View]
164963203Do you have a wife and children in your country[View]
164959581tick tock: get ready for more refugees, eurangutans[View]
164951172Why can't they take the bants?[View]
164956125/sauna/: settipainos kaikki settiin settiin[View]
164952609How much can you bench /int/? I'm about to sleep and remembered I forgot to put the rack height…[View]
164953915/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
164962839My guy Netherlands with an emblem: My guy Netherlands with an emblem[View]
164960292are zoomers in your country also obsessed with the tv show euphoria[View]
164960623>do dna test >ashkenazi jew 50% B-But it was supposed to be of pure sarmatian descent Instead …[View]
164962620What does it mean to be built for another race? I keep seeing people saying built for ____ but I don…[View]
164960872RECOLONIZE AFRICA: Stake a claim! Whites never lost a war in Africa! Whatever morality we got convin…[View]
164962468>there was an English jester whose job it was to fart on Christmas for the king >the King lov…[View]
164961357Is it worth it to learn German?[View]
164962370has police ever repaired your bike[View]
164959144I'm South American before I am brazilian.[View]
164961668swedes be like 'one nigger ball please' does this happen in you is country?[View]
164962287Soooo, how's your heat thingey going on, europeans. Is +30 too hot for you? Feels good to live …[View]
164960860This board is essentially a country roleplaying forum. One person makes a post, the others reply in …[View]
164951369What are you having for dinner, /int/?[View]
164959737does anyone actually care about white people in 2022 like lol[View]
164959676Russia has proven that when its forces fail on the battlefield, they will resort to crimes against h…[View]
164954410Does it and how often?[View]
164960118>non french pypo don't season their words with letters[View]
164960915Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Do russians miss him? https://youtu.be/gveKd7jS4ds[View]
164963763Russians are Churkas: Average IQ of Finns: 104 Average IQ of Koreans: 107 Average IQ of Mongols: 101…[View]
164955303We will defeat Russia with the power of friendship![View]
164959266I asked my cute asian coworker for her number and she gave it to me.[View]
164961619Aussies tell me, how does it feel to be a subhuman?[View]
164961085Govids 19 :DDDD[View]
164959477>85% humidity Does this fucking hellish shit happen in your country? It’s not even about the heat…[View]
164894486/lang/ - Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learni…[View]
164960136/MENA/ - /مينا/: طبعة استوني[View]
164960517How is my haplogroup L when I'm not a Pajeet?[View]
164957535What's the point of helping Ukraine? What's the point of preventing the war from escalatin…[View]
164960430China tourism: What does /int/ think about it especially with the Pandemic?[View]
164955232Post 80s music from your cunt: With videoclip please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSnLYjK2QwM…[View]
164958622Burriana beach,Spain[View]
164960950O TRI and O HEXA are coming[View]
164954675World map circa 2150.: -The economic collapse of the great freemasonic power during the first part o…[View]
164956455Does your country have a hole in it? Germany does[View]
164960433are women considered normal in your country?[View]
164959245Brazil will be remembered as the greatest country to have ever existed in human History[View]
164959252Give me a one reason I should keep going in this ''country''[View]
164956443>Stupid Indians and East Asians, why are they obsessed with trying to look fairer? >goes to th…[View]
164960320i love meth[View]
164957211Sverigetråden - Dagisupplagan[View]
164960625>if you say that Merica lost 10,000 aircraft in Vietnam your thread is deleted in 10 seconds…[View]
164958061how will post-boomer america look[View]
164941003>Ireland = 10% >Scotland = 13% >the world = 2%…[View]
164959218if you didn't go on 4channel or play games, what would you even do on your computer?[View]
164947712Christianity is the only religion that makes sense[View]
164950361rebellion against long work time well, i think it's needed[View]
164958408why dont they just stop sheltering the kurdish terrorists so they can be accepted into nato? are the…[View]
164951506>one chance at life >born 178cm in croatia why does god curse me so?…[View]
164956531>Euros will never know the pleasure of dating a racist Dixie girl[View]
1649582821. Cunt 2. Do you masturbate at work? USA Yes[View]
164960014Would I be able to get laid in your country?[View]
164947859>'Tourists who have been triple-vaccinated and come from either the United States, Australia, Tha…[View]
164954717i want to do hardcore sex with italian american women does this happen in your country?[View]
164959936bulgaria is an ancient nation[View]
164952208>white people food[View]
164955424/polska/: Edycja dla pieska[View]
164953645Why do they hate Muslims and Middle Easterners so much?[View]
164958506Do people have buttsex in your country[View]
164959751>food shortage its over[View]
164958117Do you go to the beach in your country?[View]
164959544Do you eat five a day and does it keep the doctor away in your country?[View]
164958637>those parisians natives corner you and block your path >HOW YOU'RE HOLDING UP MY EVROPEA…[View]
164953352Would you have sex with a Brazilian goblina?[View]
164958595>applying to any new job >have to take at least 3 online tests and an iq test >4 rounds of …[View]
164959384Aren't most Hispanics native?: Most of the Hispanics where I live look native, even the lighter…[View]
164947845/cum/ -canada usa mexico[View]
164957954Does this happen in your country?[View]
164954304*Genocides your whole continent*: Heh, nothing personal kid.[View]
164949357Redpill me on peruvian women: Why fo so many of them get the cheekbone surgery? Do they like white g…[View]
164952924/brit/: https://streamable.com/unl0ch[View]
164957685What is your country's attitude toward touching people, especially men touching women? Is it so…[View]
164956825what's the country equivalent of kneeling[View]
164927578/nederdraad/: cindy dood, wat nou? uitgaaf[View]
164946402Becoming Norwegian: I've decided to become Norwegian. I will begin the process tonight of lear…[View]
164958765Countries with SOVL, and nice people i like >turkey >brazil >morocco >somalia >serbia…[View]
164950058are MENA women prettier than white women?[View]
164953957You are a tutorial country right now because at some point you looted billions, if not trillions, fr…[View]
164958263>i will never find love >i don't deserve to be loved >I will die alone and miserable…[View]
164952740/ita/ - il filo: Edizione prova costume[View]
164957791Why are Anglos so fat?[View]
164957584Why is Albania like this[View]
164879497/mena/ مينا: طبعت الاستغاثة ب الرجل العناب من غباء وشبه بشرية Ak ومساعده Mono[View]
164958411Georgia on the 'log[View]
164956408So this is the Germanic woman…[View]
164954693do you have drip in your country?[View]
164951116American culture[View]
164955181Turgay hate general: If these roaches don't let us into NATO, I will start donating money to Ku…[View]
164957205Is France a real country?[View]
164952227Is your country's Baki fighter a jobber?[View]
164952318/deutsch/: RIF in Pisse Simmi-Ausgabe[View]
164950884I've been approached by a faggot: >hey handsome, can I show you my socks > Me: wut, Nope.…[View]
164957844Dlaczego Polacy za każdym razem brzmią, jakby mieli wybuchnąć płaczem oni rozmawiać?[View]
164956975A world without India and Indian people: How would it be different?[View]
164956427Videos like this but for your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NPEci8uO84[View]
164954476Reminder this almost happened[View]
164953023what is this phenotype?[View]
164952370your cunt are you horny? flag yes, but i wish it would stop[View]
164957714>raining season >heat is gone >water interruption is still a thing JUST…[View]
164937298Nation-states are made up of mostly one ethno-linguistic & cultural group. I have extremely nitp…[View]
164916864/skandi/: old school utgåvan[View]
164952351*commutes to work*[View]
164953388Fucking kek[View]
164915235/norgetråden/: E-sport utgaven Forrige >>164903142[View]
164957226polish suburbs[View]
164954790What happens here? From pictures it looks like a really nice place but is it? What are the living st…[View]
164956087how do frogs here feel about the wars of religion? wish you had liberated yourself from the clutches…[View]
164955171Think about being so coward that you have to use other countries as proxies for war[View]
164951937I have 10 days left to finish my BA thesis and I haven't even began writing it. Does this happe…[View]
164955378I need a daddy in my country, a big strong man to protect me but also pound my ass.[View]
164956238I hate being able to speak Russian: I'm now the go to guy for anything and anyone that is relat…[View]
164956836Just one big sad larp[View]
164953472Prove you are white.[View]
164955086Europeans, question for you What is like living surrounded by european women?[View]
164947099Turkish comedian makes fun of Arab refugees: Based or cringe? https://twitter.com/OguzhanUgur/status…[View]
164953898Do people in your country have their priorities straight: So I'm back from visiting some remote…[View]
164938979The only good part of Europe[View]
164956111She touched my forearm. We were on a group project I was cracking jokes and suddenly she touched my …[View]
164956390i saw a qt girl wearing corpse paint and mayhem shirt and i told her i'm glad someone is keepin…[View]
164956268Do you have raccoons in your country?[View]
164955544too many pedos for a supposedly blue board[View]
164952971what's the point of life in your country? all life in the UK essentially revolves around gettin…[View]
164954391I don't enjoy anything that I know of. What should I watch?[View]
164956211Daily reminder that:: I suffer i Bosnia[View]
164953899Live your myth in Greece[View]
164956291You have this in your country ?[View]
164949740>Enter normal restaurant >What do you want? >Enter Thai, Japanese, Korean or Chinese restau…[View]
164950662Which has been worse for the world, American or Russian imperialism?[View]
164954530Thirdies be like >'Yes!! I want to live my tropical paradise and live in the industrial dystopia …[View]
1649520011. You cunt 2. How good do you think your English is?[View]
164949747How long does it take for you to afford 1kg of rice in your country? >UK >2 minutes, 51 second…[View]
164943839kurva anyátok[View]
164954063How the fuck did the Spanish manage to make them speak Spanish? Every single one of those countries …[View]
164956034this frenship when?: please stop the brother wars, we all know if you don’t ally with izrael u will …[View]
164955447I ate a duck and potaters for dinner. What about you? Do you eat food in your country?[View]
164949167>Germanic >Romantic >Slavic You can only pick one language family to dominate all of Europe…[View]
164955032>be German >get shot[View]
164927414/lat/INO: Hilo latino: edicion Daruma[View]
164954671it's over.. isn't it?[View]
164951888Get me out of this hell[View]
164955970it's 22:42 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
164952242i love the beautiful and proud people of Lebanon[View]
164949728How come I don't hear alot about this place? >neighbored by 2 of the biggest SA /int/posters…[View]
164946655/sauna/: Nyymi, sun on aika poistua -painos Olisi kyllä hyvä jekku[View]
164954775daily reminder: daily mandatory reminder firstoids especially westoids can't into suffer[View]
164952386>I suffer in America[View]
164948554/polska/: edycja z tizem[View]
164954695What is the best country to travel to in order to learn the way of the Euro?: I...AM European I feel…[View]
164955013Tradition and Customs: Piercing: At what age do girls in your country get their ears pierced?[View]
164953819Should whites recolonize Africa?[View]
164953291What the fuck I LOVE British people now??[View]
164954720I have relatives in Canada and the US and i really wish i could go see them Do you have internationa…[View]
164909062/balk/ + /v4/: https://youtu.be/ZKzP43B914Q?t=1080 Blasting some sick tunes edition[View]
164954629I am half Armenian (wish I were full Armenian). What are you, Anon?[View]
164946078Unironically, what even is French food? It's always tooted as the best thing in the world, far …[View]
164954412i want every italian who said that i cant suffer in norway to apologize immediately[View]
164954515Poland will defend finlan/sweden: Our PM said we will defend finlan/sweden if russia attacks them be…[View]
164952083How good is the American schooling system?[View]
164946581/bra/ - fio brasileiro: edição da desistencia[View]
164953916Why should the rest of the world give a shit about this anglo-french faggotry about human rights?? T[View]
164953262https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bride_burning >Bride burning is a form of domestic violence practic…[View]
164953427>bumps your thread >refuses to elaborate >stays…[View]
164953617caд ћy јeднy кaвy cyнyт: кo гoд пијe кaвy пaмeтaн јe[View]
164953818Depression is fake. You are just a selfish greedy cunt who likes to compare himself to other people,…[View]
164954061Do you have gymbros in your country? What are they like?[View]
164948417You think this is a fucking joke?!?!!? I’ve called my simian friends to punish you for your insolenc…[View]
164953993Do Armenians really drink Anus Ham Cola?[View]
164953779why does he attract american gays?[View]
164953341in some places in america you need to pay a fee for a job interview, especially california[View]
164953832Did you know that Britain has flying sharks?[View]
164949868White women be “trusting they gut” when they have IBS[View]
164948549Itt: thirdie indicators[View]
164953681western bros, it's over..[View]
164951528This Indian woman is in her 20s.[View]
164949667behold! the national dance of the Netherlands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCxE34e1T0o…[View]
164946266How does your cunt looks like?: No cherrypicking[View]
164947657How did nafris conquer Western Europe in one generation?[View]
164954738Why do Scandi trannies mog actual women?[View]
164951319You can't suffer in Poland[View]
164953247VGHH... German looks like this???[View]
164951604Live your myth in Sweden[View]
164951841>anorexic girls with low self esteem are my ideal type of girls because they usually have the mos…[View]
164952985i am a stupid idiot in my country[View]
164953049how do we fix the fat problem[View]
164953076sânt un terminat.[View]
164948076Why is everyone from this place on 4chan a loser?[View]
164911915Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous: >>164886076 Japanese Learning Thread: >>>/int/dj…[View]
164952889One thing I appreciate about East Asians is how they compete with one another and don’t really care …[View]
164950398>one shot at life >don't look like this why even live?…[View]
164949759There was a girl crying in my college’s restroom just now. What may have happened to her, /int/?[View]
164951267do you prefer Southern or Northern Europe?[View]
164949648Would I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
164951633Why do Greeks claim to suffer when it's clearly not possible there?[View]
164950429I fixed europe thoughts?[View]
164951575Why are there Slavic neo nazis? Don't they know the nazis hated Eastern Europeans? Why don…[View]
164951801what's life in Hawaii like?[View]
164952575Tell me about Baltic pop culture. What happens there?[View]
164944652/ita/ - il filo: edizione #AbbracciaUnaScimmia[View]
164952538WTF when did Australia became a gas exporting powerhouse[View]
164944870this is considered peak humour by zoomers in the west what do they find funny in your cunt?[View]
164947433/balt/: No **** edition. We're taking it back.[View]
164948663Why is light skin, especially in women, associated with nobility and higher class throughout the wor…[View]
164951576Are they part of the sudamerican community? Do they have contact with their neighbors?[View]
164951799Tell me about Cranfield, England.[View]
164941709Erdogan is right, they're terrorists.[View]
164950446The most mysterious and based area[View]
164951743I have found myself become increasingly lusty towards partially and fully melanated women; how does …[View]
164951343What race is this??: https://t.me/baruchfidalgo[View]
164950866Do you look like the meme in your country[View]
164926767I’m sorry Portugal: Californians need to be banned from leaving the state[View]
164950740Spain has a warm/yellow filter irl, does your country have a filter aswell?[View]
164948778Do people in your country believe in angels?[View]
164948850Why do all schools around the world teach about the holocaust, but none about the Greek genocide?[View]
164944996I do nothing with my life except get drunk, browse internet and go on walks near the beach to avoid …[View]
164948961Do you appreciate cute women in your country?[View]
164947879Turkey should be removed from NATO to make room for INDIA thank you[View]
164951061How do anglos, or americans specifically feel about the fact that they culturally conquered the worl…[View]
164951159Do you want to live in The Triangle of SOVL?[View]
164949875This picture destroyed a great county's identity..: A minute of silence for them.[View]
164949881my jewish fiancé wants to take me on vacation to israel. Id be down but I don’t want to get bombed b…[View]
164951195troonited trannies of trannymerica[View]
164948031Have you ever met a Swedish person?[View]
164950465/Africa/ african thread: Tyronericans not allowed[View]
164945154>tfw irrelevant country[View]
164949355do bonglanders really?[View]
164938646My father is obsessed with politics and talks about them 24/7 and calls me apolitical ignorant fool …[View]
164947524Captain Algeria[View]
164944129Eurofags, which one is the Britbong and which one is the German? And how can you tell? Amerifag here…[View]
164946650Swedes are real turks[View]
164949271Are there any cases of monkepox in your country? Are you concerned about it?[View]
164950358Why is Germany wealthier than Greece? They descend from barbarians, while Greeks were civilized fro…[View]
164939865/int/ high-school experiences: back in school i used to fight every single day, bloody fistfights, r…[View]
164948391At the pub, ask me anything[View]
164951390Are you addicted to something in your country?: Yes, I am addicted to Pepsi Twist.[View]
164947051French people be like >Je suis français[View]
164949922>been getting so much migrate/work ads from US, UK, AUS, NZ and especially Canada >No I won…[View]
164950310How do I achieve a triceps like this ?[View]
164946270I suffer in /int/: As a /pol/lurker refugee, I really enjoyed this place for its SOVL. But it seems …[View]
164950348>Nationality: Racist[View]
164948915your thoughts on scandi women?[View]
164943646Why World feel Japanese English is Cute?[View]
164944844Do anglos really drink this???[View]
164943204Croatians and Turks are not my friends anymore. Maybe Sweden and Finland should start our own NATO, …[View]
164949090how do I avoid sex with my co-worker if we go to the beach[View]
164946896Do you have such soteriological dilemma in your cunt?[View]
164943151>hey, anon, why are you lacking in whiteness? how do you reply?[View]
164946797Hmm ... Damn bratty roach ....! !! ! Block NATO application ... Coup correction is needed ...[View]
164949724Post your ancestry[View]
164949668Anon, wake up, it's time to take your meds: Hypothetically, what would you do if this happened …[View]
164949219Wtf I hate the Taliban now[View]
164947711If this man time travelled to the present year, how long would it take him to learn your Romance lan…[View]
164944427Sverigetråden - Nagatoros Baserade Upplaga[View]
164949629contemporary architecture thread[View]
164947848My name is Semen[View]
164949353what kind of tourist souvenir do people usually buy in your country? for example the ugly cringey 'I…[View]
164949388he is norman[View]
164945541Why do japs love those childish cartoons?[View]
164947666Will u ever slave in brown shit?[View]
164947623Rich White people that don't shower walking the streets in Rotterdam. Say something nice about …[View]
164949350Why do the Brits have such rotten teeth? What can we do to help them?[View]
164947971Internationally speaking, both of these foodstuffs taste the same and people don't even know[View]
164948736Pakistan: Is this the most hated country in the entire world? Legitimately EVERYBODY dislikes them.…[View]
164947126are star wars popular in your cunt[View]
164948821Why do slavic and arab men hate each other online, but get along as immigrants in Western countries?[View]
164947743What goyslop does your country serve?[View]
164947506I just want to be loved. I want to have a real relationship with someone. I hate this superficiality…[View]
164946101/brit/: Kay Edition[View]
164947412Why is Indonesia so fucking big?[View]
164948841there is no excuse for this[View]
164946531Why are these niggas replacing their local languages with English. wtf is wrong with them, was Briti…[View]
164948867Why do the French act so... Uneuropean? And I don't mean the 'French', I mean the actual native…[View]
164948835>italians aren't white, but Albertos >colombus was italian >therefore, not colonialism…[View]
164948922/fr/ le francophile: Je suis Charlie. Parlez vous francais? New Orleáns edizzione[View]
164946810how do we save the white race bros?[View]
164942492>20 years old kissless virgin >CS student >missed out on teen sex >missing out on colleg…[View]
164947968What causes this phenomenon, /int/?[View]
164948707tell me, /int/: Where do you study, anon? Do you like it there? What program are you doing?[View]
164948018>australia has no culture[View]
164948520What kind of cheese do people like in your country?[View]
164941386/polska/: Edycja żarcia[View]
164945812Thoughts?: >lives in a tropical island paradise where suffering is outlawed >could be on a bea…[View]
164941116>oh noooo the weather is above 20 degrees I just can't handle all this heat Europeans, ever…[View]
164939467How accurate is this?[View]
164941550Why did Japan call westerners “barbarians”: When the “jomon” have similar features? Pic rel is photo…[View]
164947595i love eating children with joe biden[View]
164945002Could you make me react like this?[View]
164945429Do girls expect you to have a shaved crotch in your country?[View]
164939140What's up with Ghanaians?[View]
164943626Are they westerners?[View]
164946702Life expectancy of a Eastern “European” is significantly lower than a lifespan of Western European. …[View]
164948051Are they latinx?[View]
164946435Could I be considered a normal person in your country?[View]
164946350Confess your /int/ sins: Confess[View]
164947153I want to know if I'm a mutt or not but I don't want a corporation to have my DNA what do?[View]
164945318Saw an American today[View]
164938402kaliningrad oblast: what happens here?[View]
164926506/cum/ - Canada, US, Mexico: Loud edition[View]
164947783the french ruined Nice and Corsica, why are they so subhuman[View]
164946524/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
164945459What kind of milk do people in your country drink?[View]
164943684Why are they so funny?[View]
164776548/flag/ + /extraflags/: Ugro-Finnic edition Previously: >>164485851 Welcome to /flag/ + /extraf…[View]
164926694/rus/+/friends/: Пpeдыдyщий >>164893252[View]
164943263How rare is your name?: https://forebears.io/forenames How rare is your forename? (first name) What …[View]
164947502Good morning sirs! Do you love India? I do![View]
164944614Do you smoke incense in your country?[View]
1649474251) Your country 2) Do you support Greater Albania? https://youtu.be/eZnsX0xNoqE[View]
164947334Thank you Vietnam[View]
164944601It's been 10 years since I reached a high enough level in English that allowed me to say that I…[View]
164945477Why is their populace so retarded compared to every other Western country?[View]
164943372Why do they get sooooo mad when they see this?[View]
164929724I-IS THAT... REINCARNATION!?: Why are Japanese people so addicted to the genre of a 30-year-old fat …[View]
164945161/deutsch/: Positiver Faden[View]
164941740Is your country ready for another lockdown?[View]
164931720/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition 'ET LÀ ON A LÂCHÉ LES VACHETTES'. Ancien: >>164916522[View]
164945961The U.S. spends $14 billion dollars per year to defend this from communists. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
164926011/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro[View]
164939752>most countries make it a big national issue over a few km of lost territory >Meanwhile Germa…[View]
164945387Do American burbs and villages really have these boomer cult neighbourhood associations that give yo…[View]
164942276Eastern “Europeans” take a 30 year loan to live like this and think it’s okay. This it the definitio…[View]
164946780https://youtu.be/SQd394a4qEo What the fuck? Do people who immigrate to the US really not bother with…[View]
164944125Pets: What's the most popular animal for a pet in your country? Do you have a pet?[View]
164942362What would your family say if you brought home another race for a spouse?[View]
164941600> ukrainian refugees burnt down a german house while trying to ignite russian flag does this happ…[View]
164945035is drug use common in your cunt and do you use drugs[View]
164939629Greeks used to beat their wives for millennia, but it was outlawed and now their population is dying…[View]
164938099/sauna/: Tsättipainos[View]
164944678Have you ever been to London? Did you suffer from culture shock when you arrived?[View]
164945440How your yearly playthrough going, /int/?[View]
164946233Why is the New World so backwards and undeveloped?[View]
164924604who are the top 3 cringiest /int/ flags[View]
164945778Name at least 5 positive things about Eastern “Europe”[View]
164945804Do people in your country enjoy life?[View]
164944408All i wanna do is have a little fun before I die[View]
164882995DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2881: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
164946025>controls 90% of media in australia >also has huge influence in uk and usa how do we stop him …[View]
164944857Best beer on your country? Share it here.[View]
164945277this Polish unit blocks your path wwyd?[View]
164945835Anyone who speaks nip?: Is it true the Japanese Wikipedia deliberately twists information in favor o…[View]
164943193/brit/: The Shard edition[View]
164938057Will India ever become a superpower?[View]
164941960Afro-Americans are some of the most Batshit insane people on this planet: Jesus fucking Christ dude.…[View]
164945490Koreabros is there a 여의도 저승사자 / Yeouido Grim Reaper unit patch? What will happen if do kwon is arres…[View]
164945537Caribbean Sea: What is it like to live in Caribbean countries? Not much has been discussed about the…[View]
164945371>europeans can't stand this heat[View]
164943683Why don't we force volcano to erupt and cool down the earth?[View]
164942520Do people speed boat in your country[View]
164945036How do you say I like you in your language[View]
164937341>be Indian >overthrow British overlords >miss them so much you make your way to London just…[View]
164944539Do Brazilians know that their diasporas produce god-tier rap musics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
164941381Do American houses really all just have empty lawns around them instead of actual gardens with stuff…[View]
164944473나도 여자로 태어나고 싶었어[View]
164944939It's Finnished Swedunce. ErdoWON.[View]
164941516/deutsch/: Nutzlose Drecksviecher die alleine nichtmal Lebensfähig sind - Ausgabe[View]
164944121Not you specifically, but in your country, how would your peope fill in this map?[View]
164944173really makes you think[View]
164942990whats his problem?[View]
164944148I stole like 20k cad from the government and not gonna pay back my student loans when I burn leaf pa…[View]
164942237Hello. Today is Thursday. What are you doing, what have you done, and what will you do?[View]
164940696Does this happen in spring in your cunt?[View]
164942736Do anal fissures happen in your country?[View]
164944647If you read this sentence all the way to the end, you automatically become obliged to participate in…[View]
164942259What did koreans do yesterday on Gwangju Uprising day? Do you celebrate it? Or do polticians just u…[View]
164939476have I ever told you the tale of how Brazil came to be?[View]
164935225what happens to people who ate still failures at 30 in your country?[View]
164928928/ita/ - il filo: Edizione secca[View]
164941346I had a dream about wanting a cute boyfriend in my country. It is so painful being single…[View]
164940433Sverigetråden - Blåskiftsupplagan[View]
164942848>Is...is that a Blonde Woman????? What did Americans mean by this?[View]
164940952Do you like root beer in your country?[View]
164943382Your girl sends you a picture of her outfit to meet your parents: Do you allow it?[View]
164943653>you will never be newyorkian >you will never walk the streets of Manhattan >you will nev…[View]
164942996I AM OVERHEATING[View]
164943340Why don't europeans understand that their actions have consequences? a bunch of them think they…[View]
164942068Are black women seen as unattractive in your country?[View]
164942539is your country racist: britain is probably the least racist country in the world. like most people …[View]
164942706Are Americans who play FIFA Europeanized?[View]
164943855when a woman initially makes eye contact with me, I can momentarily get a glimpse of her disgusted f…[View]
164943012Is it possible for an Eastern European guy (assuming he's not a tracksuit wearing boor) to get …[View]
164943969What happened to him??[View]
164942605This is the age you're considered an adult in the United States. In South Korea it's 19, w…[View]
164935763do you love sweden?[View]
164943852For me, its discount pewdiepie sirs[View]
164942312nazi göring :DDD[View]
164938923Portubros, pls explain: https://vocaroo.com/1iCv9Knt5DxZ https://vocaroo.com/1c52gwCY4nAv[View]
164943632are ethnic french real?[View]
164929290Top 10 economies in 2011 vs 2022.[View]
164924959kurva anyátok[View]
164942912trains: post anything train related from your country, trains, stations euronight to münchen https:…[View]
164943315The worst architects are centered around the caribbean[View]
164943467You love Japan.[View]
164942051Opinions on Anglo men?[View]

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