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114082953/lat/: Hilo latino de madrugada[View]
114117542more british immigrants to canada please. yes I watched the end of the fucking world[View]
114117520ROWR! Polish kings look like that?[View]
114115643walkin lol[View]
114114797>your cunt >did you ever get with your high school crush? Canada No but I got close. I hate wh…[View]
114118356/balk/, explain your self's[View]
114111437why are n*rdic women like this?[View]
114113049Why is Spain the best country in Europe?[View]
114118667This is Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru0ZoYVR_UQ[View]
114115041post handsome /int/ernational men[View]
114118525Do Italians really?[View]
114118066>hey roosevelt, check THIS out >*creates Estonia* >OH OH OH, but get ready for this >*cr…[View]
114115315Why do mnay people believe the evolution myth even when so many sheikhs proved it wrong? Also why do…[View]
114118301Sao Paulo city GDP: 680 billion Portugal GDP: 330 billion[View]
114115649are wh*tes discriminated against in your country?[View]
114116041/risk/: global warming edition[View]
114102106>We‘re going to VIET NAM find your number, if it‘s below 195 you‘re in. Will you be drafted?…[View]
114112300/deutsch/: MeidLing - Ausgabe[View]
114113885wow... look at that skyline... is this WARZAW???: NO, this is DAR ES SALAM![View]
114113709Is French or Spanish language more beautiful?[View]
114112769Sverigetråden - Pajasupplagan[View]
114116132do Dominicans really look like this?[View]
114117838Why are attractive muslims the only ones who leave the religion and westernize?[View]
114118024Could you understand without subs?[View]
114114009>Your country >Your favorite skek[View]
114117479>Which type of phenotype do you prefer? *photo of the same 5 youtube girls every day* >What…[View]
114117573האם ניתן לקיים כאן שרשור עברי?[View]
114114719where is this flag from?[View]
114117330Could I pass as a local in your country[View]
114112509Wtf is wrong with Hispanics?[View]
114114356I have quite a few /int/ friends and by far polish niggas are best looking among them. Nords? On ave…[View]
114116222>i will never live in rural america and have a qt tomboy gf just end it now…[View]
114113863>TFW history professor compares how the Germans treated Jews to how we treat Latinx…[View]
114114540З + Ч = 7[View]
114116738imagine how sad he would be if he saw the world today[View]
114110309Remember if you're white an come to Iberia this is what happens to you.[View]
114107566/polska/: edycja urodzinowa[View]
114117288i hate poor people. poor people are smelly, loud, cant dress nicely, and have an inferior complex w…[View]
114115995Arab imbeciles btfo: >The only way to speak Lebanese is to learn the “Lebanese Language”. Learnin…[View]
114115388/brit/ - the british: they're dead dave[View]
114114995She's supposed to be italian but she looks 100% arab. The memes are real.[View]
114110585What if the US civil war wad east against west?: Instead of north vs south.[View]
114117128Do people in your cunt listen to R&B? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuj_sW8c18Q[View]
114113147I miss Shahar so much bros.[View]
114112027what do you think of irene?[View]
114117022>less than 2 months left are you scared WH*TEY[View]
114114691>Stockholm skyline Kek, and people still try to argue that nordic countries are first world.…[View]
114111969You wake up in Luanda, Angola a city Warsaw, Frankfurt or Berlin aspire to be in the future with all…[View]
114116832>Mmm... big Dalit cock ~~ Rajesh's tiny Brahmin '''penis''' could never compete…[View]
114093761who are your country's closest relatives?[View]
114113215What is the best breed of dog and why is it Basset hounds?[View]
114116814I had a dream about two californians dying yesterday, one of the californians in my dream was 2 year…[View]
114116604Japanese guy told me Japan is very xenophobic and girls are unlikely to want to date me out of fear …[View]
114109245Why do birds fly? Not asking how, but why. To make it /int/ related: do birds fly in your cunt? I …[View]
114116301Whoa, is this krakow? No its Londrina - PR.[View]
114115796Scandinavian languages and English are almost identical as far as sentence structure is concerned.[View]
114114901>Country 90% black, mulato, pardo, mestizo (mestiço), castizo (castiço) >This is the winner of…[View]
114116171Is she truly a goddess?[View]
114115994It's always a party in /int/, so its time to put together an /int/ernational cheese platter. Wh…[View]
114114194What phenotype is this man?: He seems to have epicanthal folds but he's black? What country has…[View]
114115906ITT: The most famous and beloved black person in your country[View]
114111742Why does /int/ love Brazil?[View]
114115077>tfw no asian gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nld6DBwYI3k[View]
114115681Name 5 cities and 5 famous people from Central America.[View]
114110581*BRAAAAP* >oh shit, sorry sergeant[View]
114115517Would you let your country be enriched by Mexicans if they looked like this?[View]
114116018/luso/ - fio lusófono[View]
114114724>Amerisharts >Le 56% >El goblino >Mutt >La luz extinguido >Le dayz without school …[View]
114115429got the results of my std tests today, my chlamydia has healed perfect timing because tomorrow I hav…[View]
114115304Can any Canadian confirm or deny this?: >Playing Insurgency >We start talking about politics i…[View]
114100402/mämmi/: Reunasen Hantta-painos[View]
114088729kurva anyátok[View]
114101484/balk/: Bosnia edition Old >>114084485[View]
114107332/ita/ - il filo: la cultura del filo[View]
114113611/brit/: >Say hello to a S*utherner >They report you to Toilberg What the fuck is wrong with th…[View]
114111606I can't think of anything more degenerate than sexpatting. Going to another country with the ex…[View]
114112835>BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes dude I love them!!!!![View]
114115150Through countless hours of cooming I have decided: The more cute the Jav girl is the more stanky and…[View]
114110845KINO: post KINO from your country[View]
114089069/ro/ - Firul nostru: Ediția lu' Pukki.[View]
114113767Islamic Caliphate of Mexico when?[View]
114114758Wehn i will wed my Ebony Goddess he shall sing the song of our people in the wedding https://www.you…[View]
114114591> C.U.H.K. university wow, just... wow.[View]
114113534>go to Canada >first day there >get a pint >give the bloke money >go and sit down …[View]
114114518Do brown-eyed people in these countries feel like they don't belong?[View]
114112138do you want to find love in Norway?[View]
114109486Official frens of italy power ranking: >Italian soil: Vaticano >Literally Italian: San Marino …[View]
114114513Vintage streetcars remind me of the 40s, film noir, big band era, men dressing up in suits and hats,…[View]
114112637What do the Hong Kong niggas want at this point? They pulled the controversial extradition shit long…[View]
114092842/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe Киeвa. Пpeдыдyщий: >>114074320[View]
114109903Is Japan-kun gonna be ok?[View]
114111929WOW, is this poland???: no, it's Sweden[View]
114114123Would you join the Foreign Fighter Legion for Indo-European Independence in Finland?[View]
114114252Italy: I love that country. I'd literally die for Italy.[View]
114114188>He can't live without the Dopamine inducing (You)s anymore[View]
114114013Bosnians protesting against refugee enrichment. Thoughts?[View]
114109672it really do be like that[View]
114105544Faces of /int/[View]
114113946Why are they so pure?[View]
114113934Post a picture of what a typical person in your country wears, so anons visiting your country can dr…[View]
114111033Japan is amazing[View]
114113469Fat chicks are sexy[View]
1141108181. YOur country 2. Does it ban paternal testing?[View]
114113519Average /int/ poster[View]
114111779/brit/: friday night slag posting edition[View]
114110673Why are black Americans so much stronger then other blacks ?: Pic related is saqon Barkley a black A…[View]
114111866Do you love Blue Turkey?[View]
114111220Can you translate this?[View]
114111986being german can be hard sometimes[View]
114110991what is this phenotype?[View]
114112490>Goodbye soyjak[View]
114112219Castizas are so amazing....[View]
114113100How is comics in your country looks like?: pic related, typical art style of Hong Kong comics theme…[View]
114113263I'm going to say this one last time...[View]
114113219Hair challenged genotype?: What could be the explanation for this, I look like: -North Italian face …[View]
114109885Go back to finland: You are not welcome here[View]
114111479Do Moroccans and Algerians hate Europe/France or are they just retarded? Most terrorist [suspects] i…[View]
114107589Best country to escape the globohomo feminist agenda?: Willing to learn a new language Also prefer …[View]
114112774Which one does your cunt like? Blacked or dogged?[View]
114106935Kill the rich: Itt post the wealthiest parts of your country.[View]
114110628I hate my country. Do you hate your country?[View]
114111231jummah mubarak guys. Did you go to masjid? I'm going in half an hour insha-allah.[View]
114111450I would move to Europe in a heartbeat but the language barrier stops me I have to deal with cringe n…[View]
114097115America has an Irish problem.[View]
114112365Are you attracted to arab men?[View]
114109916You wake up in Germany[View]
114091991/mena/ - /مينا/ : Hirak Edition حراك الجمعة: Live: https://youtu.be/ZHcNzpmB3MM >الجمعة 39 للحراك…[View]
114109593Art: Post art. pic related.[View]
114108957Fellow Spain bros, what is going to happen to her now?[View]
114112024If you combine all the flags in the world into one, this is what you get.[View]
114110918The european union results in poverty and stagnation[View]
114103638/fr/ - le francofil: En attendant les kop1s Édition. Le fil précédent a été supprimé, donc pas de li…[View]
114111978sorry for party rocking[View]
114111840Why yes i have my own pet rats,how could you tell?[View]
114111683Is it true that whitoids stop giving hugs and kisses to their mommies past a certain age, and are em…[View]
114109844/brit/: Don't care edition[View]
114097063/nederdraad/: De SGP vond en vindt computer’spelletjes’ waarin (extreem) veel geweld op de gebruiker…[View]
114107616/mashiro/, ehemals /deutsch/: Ausgabe zum Wochenende[View]
114111525My friend says Shahzaib means Great Penis in Arabic, is it true?[View]
114110531This is Core Europe: If you don't belong to any of these countries you objectively live in a sh…[View]
114099059Shouldn't people be allowed to migrate wherever they want? How do you take down this global sys…[View]
1141087271. Country 2. Are you a Christian? Flag No, I'm not brainwashed[View]
114107889isr*el-palestine conflict over when[View]
114110633injuraturi pe skype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UITU6c5Su4E Nu cred ca exista romani pe pagina …[View]
114108481>Americans tip the pastor[View]
114110748>He strikes fire in the hole and draws out his steel. >Then they all move on again.…[View]
114109934is this a typical finnish look?[View]
114106151This is the best brazilian movie of all time.: Its basically a tale about negrozillians killing whit…[View]
114110348why are white people worshipped in Latin America?[View]
114106621>vihannes =vegetable >vihan =hateful >nes = nes vihannes :D…[View]
114094695How come these two don't interact more on here? They're both: -Order culture -Tried to tak…[View]
114110975responsibility to me it's a tragedy I'll get a job some other time[View]
114108836Cooking with ukranon: I saw a half of a pineapple, and i knew what is gonna happen. Probably not aut…[View]
1141107121. your country 2. does your country hate or love americans? what about or government?[View]
114109897>BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV…[View]
114110835My parish priest said our diocese decided to raise the price of indulgences another 50 USD per perso…[View]
114106741Africa but with internet.[View]
114108609*build the world*[View]
114110753Hello dear Koreans, this is my Kim Jong-un Monster advertisement. pls give me a fitting text that i …[View]
114109023will i get dirty looks if i move here: im italo american and have brown eyes[View]
114077138/norgetråden/: Espen og Freia-tråden #9 Forrige: >>114053754 Fökk rasemiksing, hyll seier t. F…[View]
114102791ITT post the best looking, most impressive historical buildings from your countree. Pic related is t…[View]
114108215Why do so many non-whites larp as nazis?[View]
114110460Tell us about some of the regional variations of cuisine in your country.[View]
114106665why are anglos so ugly?[View]
114110101they did nothing wrong[View]
114109987Why are white women having so many babies? Don't they know about the problem of overpopulation?[View]
114100281This is what most Americans will live in in 10 years.[View]
114102000Scientists reconstruct ancient Swedish woman: https://www.livescience.com/reconstruction-shaman-antl…[View]
114098223>Your country is invaded by the US What do you do?[View]
114105224Europe the nation: This could become one big nation. One big nation with no borders. One big nation …[View]
114108297My favorite vegetable? That would be the brussel sprout bro.[View]
114103483>Morality >Ethics >Human rights >Muh atrocities…[View]
114109007>Soyjack I heard that you wanted to see me, please come in take a seat. Do you want something to …[View]
114108260why are the average british people more intelligent than average americans?[View]
114105596Post your favorite instawhore from your country: https://www.instagram.com/carol.yukari/?hl=pt-br…[View]
114109268>I steal to survive[View]
114095758Uhhhh hello??? Epic Department???[View]
114102780What phenotype is this?[View]
114103570There are places in Apezil with biggest life expectancy than Chimperica. Fuge! Their life expectancy…[View]
114097519Why are the historically most fearsome warriors like the Scottish and Vikings the most turboleftwing…[View]
114109656your country who would you choose to be your hunter mommy gf?[View]
114109588Dans la lune, oh hisse et oh, fond de l'eau, le long de l'île, dans la lune, oh hisse et o…[View]
114102770/lang/ Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learning…[View]
114104505Has your country ever had a ruler who wants to kill specific groups of people?[View]
114107591Sauna in 50 minutes :)[View]
114104654Should Russia be considered a separate geographic 'continent'? I mean when people say 'Eur…[View]
114106744/brit/: alone on a Friday night -edish[View]
114107843BR favelados making muslims SEETH: Favela Nibbas sampled the Quran https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q…[View]
114106892Was it better to live in ancient Greece with an average ancient Greek living standard or to live in …[View]
114106654/Brit/: Best britpop band Edish[View]
114098956Croatia: What do you think about Croatia?[View]
114103197Tfw having literal blue balls because of no nut november how will i survive? Should i just succumb ?…[View]
114108711It's friday, smoke sum weed and masturbate.[View]
114104413How are the police where you are from? They are pretty nice guys and girls here, generally.[View]
114103669My, my looks klike the tables have turned[View]
114108712It’s annoying that memelingo’s German course is shit broken. 10% of solutions that are accepted as ”…[View]
114107425/nederdraad/: echte liefde -editie[View]
1141087461. Country 2. Thoughts on nudity in art?[View]
11410109619th century albanian capital edition old >>114084485[View]
114107271this is beautiful[View]
114107799Is Cowboy culture /MED/?[View]
114108364>your cunt >is drinking alone socially acceptable there >do people do it anyway…[View]
114105634do you hate saudi arabia?[View]
1141053781. Flag 2. Top 3 ice cream flavors?[View]
114108631Are Han Chinese the worst Chinese?[View]
114107795>We Poles dindu nuffin >wee good boys and were never the aggressors…[View]
114107505Be proud of who you are.[View]
114108229>china bad[View]
114076600/asean/: Malay Regiment edisi[View]
114108559Does this happen to gays in your cunt? 1. AZTLAN 2. yes, homosexuality is strictly illegal and punis…[View]
114108149>Cunt? >Your plans for the rest of the day/night? I will go to Burger King because I have a c…[View]
114104501I dont like white men but I worship white women. How could you tell?[View]
1141057731. Your cuntry 2. Pay your respect to this mad man for finally answering the Medoid question[View]
114106624China just gave us 100 billion dollars, see ya later nerds: https://www.wsj.com/articles/brazil-deep…[View]
114108005>salt and vinegar >black licorice >cheese and dairy products >bell pepper >pies >…[View]
114106005>When Americans say they are nordic with blue eyes[View]
114106633Google Almost Made 100,000 Chest X-rays Public: Google abruptly canceled its project with NIH, accor…[View]
1141053161. Your country 2. Your favorite yuru yuri girl Flag For me, it's Akari[View]
114106891Do Germans regret losing their old colonies?[View]
114107024/native/: Only post ITT if you're a 3/4 or above native american BVLL[View]
114104571Why are white people always so disgusting with their behavior when in other peoples countries?[View]
114104983does she look slavic?[View]
114107257Imagine not being Armenian[View]
114106684>anyone watching in 2019?[View]
114104308Why don't white people rise up if they think shit is so bad?[View]
114103961/deutsch/: Freitagshit-Ausgabe[View]
114107572/polska/: edycja jedzeniowa[View]
114102734Why are Americans afraid of these?[View]
114100971why does this flag cause so much seethe world wide?[View]
114107402In America, they even have cheese guns[View]
114092976/ita/ - il filo: Edizione sedia davanti alla stufa, cioccolata calda, immagini di padre pio alle par…[View]
114106915What methods exist in your cunt to protect your ice cream?[View]
114107159ITT things only /int/ boomers will truly understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJqGirLjQn4…[View]
114096949The murders of Ross Parker, Richard Everitt and Kriss Donald: >Ross Andrew Parker, from Peterboro…[View]
114107229First world Mexico-Brazil[View]
114102937is this common in your country?[View]
114106754Is Moscow-Saint Petersburg rivalry a real thing or just a meme?[View]
114106462What is this? Everyone here told me Poland is a traditional Christian society.[View]
114092208/polska/: edycja paszkowa[View]
114106629What does your country think about transgender children?[View]
114090997How come our beers are absolute top tier while the Dutch suck at brewing?[View]
114106862You know what to do tranny mod.[View]
114105237What did they do to our boi Alberto Barbosa? He looks like an old nigger now[View]
114103978It's time that the United States become a Commonwealth realm.[View]
114106376what happens here?[View]
114104030/brit/: nice thread you've got here, be a shame if i posted this and made you use your valuable…[View]
114105723Arrgh gaggle flarppbagaagaba![View]
114105969>remember pearl harbor[View]
114107543Black bvlls are taking our (white) women. We need to do something about it, /int/.[View]
114106594Hey tranny mod, fuck you again.[View]
114098103Your thoughts on Finland?[View]
114103738Shut up black[View]
114104263>brexit won't fix anyth-...[View]
114104346>excuse me but could you finish your meal? there are starving children in africa who would be gra…[View]
114104845Napoleon was a good genera-[View]
114101973I will make sure Japan suffers every day until this godly nectar is released world wide for a reason…[View]
114106491Russians are weird[View]
114103597Ah shit, here we go again.[View]
114104243>fat independence in 1776 >too dumb to wait for 1777…[View]
114105624it's 21:56 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
114096861is english easy language?[View]
114106100>Do they really?[View]
114105984/ex-yu/: Sisate jevrejke na 4chanelu editija[View]
114100183The Bucharest metropolitan area is currently nearing a GDP per capita of 50000 euros(140%+ of the EU…[View]
114099304>Sweden has higher GDP than Denmark >Sweden has higher rates of happiness than Denmark >Swe…[View]
114106075Post flags of countries with a bright future.[View]
114106053Mythology: Tell me about your mythology and folklore[View]
114106020>Meu pais? O sul, naturalmente![View]
114104282What happens in Northern England?: I get the impression that Northern England is somewhat of a backw…[View]
114105724After the massive failure that was South America, they will lead the region's future God bless …[View]
114100072Which is your favorite state in America?[View]
114076344/ex-yu/: izdanje - bila bi savršena da je crnkinja[View]
114105182Yes! I'm both :)[View]
114102768What do you call these in your language? >church >mosque >synagogue >temple >monaste…[View]
114105410hao tu fined gf[View]
114105392>wake up >see this wat do?[View]
114104990SHALOM CARALHO: Shalom caralho[View]
114104283The internet is extra fast today![View]
114105249Nepal has the best flag in the world prove me wrong >pro tip: you can't…[View]
114102637Have you ever had a relationship with someone from another country? How did it go?[View]
114105327Reminer: I'm done playing the game.[View]
114103733International music thread: Post nice music from your country. Any genre - here is a Canadian new wa…[View]
114104961What phenotype is this?[View]
114104628How do people in your country make it? Are we going to make it bros?[View]
114104225Hypothetically, is it okay to release nerve gas into the drinking water of Finnish people if it is t…[View]
114100014I am happy when there are terrorist attacks in Western Europe or Amerikkka. I am happy when their pe…[View]
114098693>had a horrible serving >still leave tip do americans really do this?…[View]
114103860Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
114076980Are Hong Kongers based or cringe?[View]
114104279Why does Germany always take the blame for something they started?: Why?[View]
114102308does girls from your cunty visit Greece for various reasons? Finland. Yes.[View]
114100862/brit/: matey hugging his gf edition[View]
114104586Having visited this place, I'm deeply saddened by its future predicament: I know we're all…[View]
114102666Why do Americans play football with their hands?[View]
114103799>Why yes, this will be my last post on this website before I leave it. What gave it away?…[View]
114100776My favorite Austrian.[View]
114104059do people in your country support Hong Kong?[View]
114099857do people in your country love Norway? in Portugal everybody loves Norway...[View]
114104401There are 18 Gagauz people in Lithuania.[View]
114101133No, this is not Warsaw or Tokyo. This is Belo Horizonte. No, I'm not joking.[View]
114100042Why are mixed race people superior?[View]
114101465>his cunt doesn't have his own Wizardry school >he has to go to another country to be a w…[View]
114100840>third world memes[View]
114102553Do you love Japan?: >Norway Yes[View]
114103865>Chile protest good >Evo Morales victim of CIA >He fell for the ziosocialist parasite lying…[View]
114104039What is the state of the average male in your country?[View]
114101913Post most famous meme guy from your country.[View]
114104085Do you guys love women? I love them and I want to protect them from m*n. Rapists should be killed.[View]
114100927>Czechia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Hungary all have a GDP per Capita hi…[View]
114097262The only democracy in the middle east[View]
114098740/deutsch/: Tolerante und liberale Ausgabe.[View]
114102832Why do American christians often cut their penis at a young age?[View]
114103182Do you love Suomi ?[View]
114102345I have serbian royal blood[View]
114101073Hola, my name is Don Steve. I'm a 27 year old American Mexiboo (Mexico fan for you gringos). I …[View]
114101562Post famoust creature from your country.[View]
114101585Do Frenches really?[View]
114102555>less than 2 months left are you prepared?[View]
114100897Did u know that my state has the same HDI (0,771) as fucking Italy?[View]
114095301Sverigetråden Spelareupplagan: vilka spel ser ni fram emot?[View]
114098281How are redheads treated in your country?[View]
114103423>this scares and confuses Americans[View]
114103213>your cunt >did you take the shiapill yet?…[View]
114103194why are white people such betas?[View]
114103005>when some Angloid pulls up Agincourt[View]
114103063>your cunt Melchor or Ellenwood?[View]
114101062stop being racist[View]
114102355what is difference[View]
114102786I didn't know british girls were like this?[View]
114101482what do you think about the future of border[View]
114102827>run-down, shoddy, decrepit shithole >SOUL, comfy! >safe, well-maintained place with proper…[View]
114101572Why do britbongs hate romanians so much? Are they confusing the gypos that come in with romanians or…[View]
114102639This is Khan Tervel, Savior of Europe. Say something nice about him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T…[View]
114101292>All Asian wahmen luvv BIG WHITE COCK. Chink men just can't compete.…[View]
114102642/eg/ - Esperantujo general: Bonvenon esperantistoj, studentoj de esperanto, kaj ĉiaj aliaj! Ĉi tio f…[View]
114099669**makes arabs seethe**[View]
114097280/brit/: West Ham Dean edition[View]
114101138>moleque >garoto[View]
114098780>The no bra med versus the bra-wearing nord Which type of country do you live in?…[View]
114102289Greeks should get all this clay: prove me wrong[View]
114086429/cum/ - Canada USA Mexico: Bernard Sanders edition[View]
114102207San Martin de Tucumán: El club mas grande del norte de la Argentina San Martín de Tucumán[View]
114099807How many energy drinks do you drink per day? I'm on my third.[View]
114101963I support the independence of West Paupau. Indonesians you have to go back.[View]
114100185>oh no I suffer living in Denmark[View]
114101803One of the two korean nobel prize winners was half japanese: >Charles John Pedersen (October 3, 1…[View]
114099275This region in the Philippines is where Kaguyafag lives and ''suffers''[View]
114101930I'm done playing the game.[View]
114101889you are NOT black dumb fucking mutt[View]
114101093>be me >starve to death k no future 4 me I guess…[View]
114100324>tfw no Dutch asmr gf[View]
114100195So this is the power of the Quebecois: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv7x6WCMmPg[View]
114101612>turks are not bla-[View]
114101544>your cunt >does it have ballet?[View]
114099640Globalism? Yeah, I'm in favor of it. Capitalism? The freer the markets the freer the people. …[View]
114100817Can girls in your country travel for free with taxi on friday and saturday night's? Oslo Norway…[View]
114085711what is your wage after taxes?[View]
114100457Which pill is more popular in your country?[View]
114096849Can i pass as local in your country?[View]
114100986americans be like yo give me a smoke[View]
114099995Why is he loved and why is he hated?[View]
114098905Im an immigrant and I dont give a single fuck what this wh*Te leaf inbred boomer says because I will…[View]
114097901Let's face it we are all losers: We are all losers with no money, job or gf. Otherwise we would…[View]
114098520How many wh*Tebois have expired as a result of the phrase kys on this website?[View]
114100344Did you know? Poland is bigger than Germany.[View]
114071010Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>114025840 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
114099291VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!![View]
114100542What does /int/ think of the Indo-Pak conflict for Kashmir?[View]
114100859>haha do they really xDDD >Yes, we do.[View]
114100719This country is one big, WMAF interracial breeding ground.[View]
114084485/balk/: fuck the al*rm edition old: idktbh senpai[View]
114086722Why are they so obsessed?[View]
114100509why asian women don't like their own race?[View]
114099802>he lives on an island like some inbred subhuman[View]
114099476>you will never experience American high school I just want to experience Stacy cheerleaders, joc…[View]
114099786Could they pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
114100394>Ameriniggas be like oh damn i drove for 10 minutes and now i'm in the BLACKED.COM™ studios …[View]
114086875/mämmi/: Delta Rhythm Boys-painos[View]
114099938>Your country >What are your hobbies? Flag. I make MOCs, take pictures of my action figures …[View]
114098995What happens here?[View]
114100136Poland is bigger than Germany. Did you know[View]
114097782who would win in this battle?[View]
114097191Does your country have chocolate with blood?[View]
114098499Its funny to think anyone on THE SAME ISLAND is actually distinct. Lol theres no diff of english and…[View]
114098179>Cunt >How do you cope that you are not cute anime girl? Poland I don't, i got used to it…[View]
114098033>stab you on street because of 50€ in your pocket[View]
114099665Independence of Ukraine, Caucasus, Baltics and Central Asian states are like independence of Pennsy…[View]
114089345ITT: larp as posters from the country above you[View]
114098456I don't like my ears. I don't want them anymore.[View]
114096778Private recruit Gigachad ready for duty sir Corporal sir![View]
114099400Serious question for americans. Do you view your fellow countrymen of different races as your people…[View]
114098856If a virgin beats and humiliates a non-virgin/normalfag in a hand-to-hand fight he stops being a vir…[View]
114098089Is Northern Europe okay?[View]
114095281Does your country accept being a gay? Pic is unrelated.[View]
114099185Do they REALLY!?[View]
114097132Post the most beautiful person from your country.[View]
114099091Why are Hispanic AmericansAmerican so fat?: https://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/omh/browse.aspx?lvl=4…[View]
114098979How about you show some fucking respect to the balkans for once, you ungrateful west-euro shits? We …[View]
114091371Tell me your impression[View]
114085611/fr/ - le francofil: édition : joueurs élevez vous vers le haut ancien : >>114071061[View]
114099371how come you're allowed to do this in germany?[View]
114084558/v4/ + friends: Rational thinker edition[View]
114094492im texting with a girl[View]
114099365>I want a Ukrainian gf because they're so traditional and feminine…[View]
114097911>the biggest consumer of BLACKED isn't black males but white males >black males prefer eb…[View]
114098734Imagine the sex[View]
114098677Cultural influence of the flag above on your country: Borrowed words, laws, customs.. etc.[View]
114099087Haven't eaten or drank in what must've been months. Am I dead?[View]
114095816Does this happen inYour country?[View]
114098065How united are northern and southern Mexicans? What would a US/Mex combined action against the carte…[View]
114096964Which anglo country is the best?[View]
114098402Have you seen this man?[View]
114098691Would you move to Australia if you could?[View]
114096995McDonald's was just demolished near by me :([View]
114093837/deutsch/: /neu/ nicht /alt/ weil kein anderer es macht[View]
114098915LIDL pays workers in Bulgaria €750 + €60 food voucher (€800 starting salary). This is more than 2x t…[View]
114098142Don't like him? Come to Brazil.[View]
114098535I can't wait for Americans to impeach him so the rest of the world can rip off America while th…[View]
114097699America's not actually stupid or arrogant enough to start a war with China, r-right?[View]
114094718>one chance at life >look d*naric Why does god hate me so much?…[View]
114097877Average girls in Canada Left or right ?[View]
114096710suddenly westerners eat sushi: you said you hate raw fish when i was young boy[View]
114098624Why is Holland superior?[View]
114098442Have a nice international day anon[View]
114098299am i the only femanon in the board?[View]
114079423/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: metaphysics edition[View]
114094261Italy declares emergency over floodings: Seems like the Sicilian and Napolitian shitskins are at it …[View]
114098418Do people eat oats in your country?[View]
114097183Took a look at what other boards are up to: Ques which one this is?[View]
114098540Informe PISA de España aplazado: ¿Quién ha sido y por qué soís tan subnormales? >Aplazada la publ…[View]
114097977Do 4 chan anon really believe david-kun?[View]
114096643French woman in Paris[View]
114097579>his flag is a seal on a blue field[View]
114098119WINNIE THE POOH y SOUTH PARK: ¿CENSURADOS en CHINA? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yur6XxZsLSo…[View]
114098111my gf was black out drunk yesterday and shit herself in front of everyone at a party. should i brea…[View]
114098423Do families put up christmas trees in your country?[View]
114045398/luso/ fio lusófono: fio dedicado aos heróis[View]
114098382>Joƶalla ya marşo, independence for Chechnya![View]
114098311>muslim anons can't have sex before marriage because allah said so…[View]
114098265Brazilian woman in the rainforest (the lungs of the earth)[View]
114093568Is he Jomon?[View]
114096722Does your country have emotionally stable politicians?[View]
114098063French yellow woman here.: Rate my english and french please. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0hKvGXpgPIS…[View]
114087419Who are the Albanians of you're country?[View]
114097203South Africa thread: What's it like out there bros?[View]
114097557While I'm not a fan of the style, I will say New York seems to get better architecture than the…[View]
114098147>Noooooo, earth is flat, you should believe me, I've seen that video on youtube, just watch …[View]
114098118This Kurd is probably more Turkic than 80% of the Turkish population[View]
114096520Is it true in Europe you don't even need a car? I have to replace my fuel pump for $700 today.[View]
114097722are Germans really autistic or is that just meme[View]
114094947have you ever been to Korea? how was your experience[View]
114094956/brit/: when the guac extra edition[View]
114097657I think living in a concrete box is starting to take a toll on my mental health[View]
114097401Happy Declaration of the Republic day! Today we celebrate the Republican coup (cringe) that later le…[View]
114092491>tfw want to play video games but PC can't handle anything other than browser 1.Your cuntry …[View]
114097134Do women glow and men plunder in Australia?[View]
114097012Does /int/ want an average Swedish gf?[View]
114097485half albanian here, wish I were full albanian[View]
114097175I am terrified of this woman: If she will rise to power and become president she will exterminate al…[View]
114096827Hello children, if you study and work hard one day you might be as successful as me![View]
114091905/mena/ /مينا/[View]
1140967811.flag 2. do your contrymen drink this? 1. flag 2. yes we do[View]
114091768post the best piece of music your country has produced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrVDATvUitA…[View]
114096212What's some recent cultural trend in your cunt that makes you go pic related?[View]
114092737>tfw named after a spic What should our new name be?[View]
114097337/brit/: Samuel Palmer edition[View]
114097232race war in America wh*Tes will lose. international race war after that wh*Tes will still lose. Euro…[View]
114095505this is soo true, white girls are literal angels. as a Pakistani i'm ready to give my life to p…[View]
114090842Who's your favourite italian?[View]
114092372/afg/: Daily Afghan general Afghans are the superior race edition[View]
114085399Post intellectual saying in your country Money talks but wealth whispers Its about how properly rich…[View]
114094886Is Priscilla famous in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlEREweogWE[View]
114097069Who benefits?[View]
114081780/NEDERDRAAD/: /nederdraad/ Pistolen Bob editie Welkom: Pistolen en geweren en voorstanders ervan nie…[View]
114096629We need more clocks guys[View]
114094333Why would Russians do this?: Just make up your own letters[View]
114096932>>goes on here once[View]
114095156Why do Slovenians have such small faces[View]
114092550Did the christshits who burned the red haired population look like pic related or did they have ligh…[View]
114093630tfw no cute gf[View]
114096843Why do wh*Te supremacists love NK so much? they are an anti-wh*Te nation and want to kill wh*Tes and…[View]
114096817eyyy heut ist Leopoldi in Kloburg Jetzt kann ich wieder paar 14 jährigen beim ankotzen zuschaun[View]
114096456I am afraid of the japanese, they are nazis: They were allies with hitler in ww2. They want to exter…[View]
114096049What is this phenotype? because come to my country and impregnate me[View]
114091874How will Britbongs ever recover ?: >despite the fact that Muslims make only 5% of the population …[View]
114096517Smug Pepe train.[View]
114095162there are people that arent australians, i dont feel sorry for these people, because non-australians…[View]
114094329why do americans do this?[View]
114096271I want to learn Confucianism![View]
114068437/balt/ + /ausnz/: bus edition[View]
114084410for years this board kept memeing latina women, black women, asian women, etc...: I believed those l…[View]
114095988I am terrified of this man: He wants to continue hitler's legacy and exterminate all of us Jews…[View]
114086296Who was 'cat calling', 'wolf whistling' etc. to all those 14-year old girls on Helsinki streets? Tur…[View]
114096211why are indians so smelly?[View]
114095835i got my draft letter but im not going.[View]
114087209Hama beads. Were they big in your country at some point?[View]
114092854Onko lauantai arkipäivä? Kiitos. T: Joni[View]
114084214Ugliest European Cities: Europe would benefit by having better architects who design their buildings…[View]
114093148I added three cans of water to my pasta sauce, how long should i reduced it?[View]
114096041America? Why not Americo?[View]
114095099Why do pineapples make Italians seethe?[View]
114093968How is your country being affected by climate change?: In my state we just had a 6-month heat wave t…[View]
114088013which is best? which is worst?[View]
114095543>tfw i am not suffering in a hard mode country how can someone be poor in westoid countries?…[View]
114094895>about to reply to a thread >see an american flag >immediately close the browser and unin…[View]
114093362>recebo meu salário e passo um dinheiro pra minha mãe pagar um boleto pra mim >a atendente re…[View]
114095777would youblet in your country 1000000 of venetians refugees?[View]
114094008I'm done playing the game.[View]
114086054Which is more common in your country: thicc or slim girls?[View]
114092249This is the sovereign nation of Ukraine.[View]
114095685/éire/: eagrán Mac Fhiodhbhuidhe[View]
114094270post yfw you found out that there's millions of white people in brazil[View]
114032120DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2284: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for かわいい天使 interested …[View]
1140950741. cunt 2. how momopilled are you?[View]
114094559How is he as a president Austrianons[View]
114095492Lew is a white supremacist: I was a fan of Lew from Unbox Therapy until yesterday. At the end of his…[View]
114094983You wake up in Brampton[View]
114091795what are your thoughts on the philippines?[View]
114095297Sorry for party rocking[View]
114095260Friendly reminder that this is you?[View]
114094210C2O destroys the climate, pls hlp[View]
114095129why are you hate 中华人民共和国[View]
114090956>3 million people >4 world cups >Yerba mate >No Argentina tier financial collapse sessi…[View]
114086443Finnish anons: is having sex in sauna common there? How is it?[View]
114094858>ASFO? Nah, I'm not some cringe furfag. Scalies are way better. My 'sona is a purple an…[View]
114087232Wanna they really?[View]
114094414I am currently interviewing for 6-figure jobs and I’m still sure I will never own a home. If I move…[View]
114092333Is this the average italian poster?[View]
114093495Why are they so naive?: Are they just retarded?[View]
114093005Thoughts on your new president Bolivia?[View]
114094897>global warming? >more like global HOAX[View]
114094281>Poland is an ethnically homogenous count-[View]
114094609Murricans of /int/: Going here for end of the year vacation, legit or tourist trap?[View]
114094640Fixed map of Eurasia[View]
114094504Are Bong kids really like this? https://youtu.be/ocfmml6Oo8Q[View]
114094465>I’m a homosexual and that’s not my choice. I’m biologically determined not to be able to love wo…[View]
114093265Hey there you seem lost .. Get your big pinky cake ass over here let me show you around[View]
114094139What race was the child in the emoji movie supposed to be.[View]
114093364Which side are we on, /int/bros?[View]
114092341/brit/: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA edition[View]
114091035Do NEETs commit suicide in your cunt?[View]
114093136Should 4channel English be considered a dialect or a separate language? How did you learn to speak 4…[View]
114087273post your country 1000 years ago: Germany (only the blue part in the map) looks surprisingly similar…[View]
114093793is lithuania nice? is it worth moving there instead of living in south africa? is lithuania culture …[View]
114092709What was his name again?[View]
114090231farts: How do you fart in your language here its πριτς (preach)[View]
114093558Why do women from this continent like africans, arabs and pakis so much?[View]
114089010Americans be like: >Hey bro I want to make some coffee, where is your microwave…[View]
114092391>nooooo grandma I didn't take a video while you were masturbating to post it on pornhub, I p…[View]
114093719Why can't you get the message already?[View]
114093999Hello there: Good morning, America[View]
114093039My pic related ex just announced on Facebook that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I want to be ni…[View]
114090836>Y-yes Soyjak, my body is for your personal use only...[View]
114093860Lawyer tries to get torrent downloaders into trouble: But he himself was caught lying to the court! …[View]
114092132Why do yuros hate america and israel? I love them[View]
114090989Why was American culture so superior to the rest of the Anglosphere?[View]
114083526What do you call this in your language?[View]
114093399https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-XFpKQY3qmY bullying mentally retarded people isnt fun at a... oh, yes…[View]
114075733What's the best movie in your country?[View]
114089198Nothing is impossible. So it is not out of the realm of possibility to reconvert Turks back to Ortho…[View]
114091427>Since the French Revolution, and as codified in the 1958 French Constitution, it is illegal for …[View]
114082674Sverigetråden - Kramgoa morgonupplagan: gomorron~[View]
114084090Is anime real in your country?[View]
114091342>can only get loans from France and at fixed rates >part of savings has to be deposited in Fre…[View]
114092538Is your country multicultural/multiracial[View]
114068183/ita/ - il filo: edizione Jury Chechi[View]
114092908post your cunts best comedian pic related[View]
114091151this is genocide[View]
114093135>why yes, I listen to music on Winamp, how did you know?[View]
114088384Vietnam or Thailand?[View]
114091680There's a couple kissing at the bus station Are public displays of affection socially tolerated…[View]
114092348The Dinarid race: How many square-headed Croats, Bosnians and Serbs have you met? What were your imp…[View]
114092922What happened here?[View]
114088839every friday I drive for a minute to the mosque: but today I walked 10 minutes to go there instead. …[View]
114092905Do people like or fear demons in your country?[View]
114074320/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Late night slav edition[View]
114078460What do you think about Muslim ? W..w...welcome to jap...[View]
114084074European rankings of interestingness of history: >France >Netherlands >England/Britain >…[View]
114089569Meanwhile in Europe[View]
114092622what is trending in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-zhy0r9buM[View]
114092148Is chivalry still a thing in your cunt? I mean, opening doors for women, offering them your coat, et…[View]
114092209>legyek én >Mondom anonak hogy Trianon jövőre le fog járni. >Harmadik autista anon megszóla…[View]
114081705>japs losing their shit online over a handshake lmao[View]
114091273BLACK future[View]
114090934>Enter French Restaurant >Staff see that I am Australian >Chef begs me to teach him how to …[View]
114089680/brit/: Whats your sign edish[View]
114091174/rsa/ - South Africa General: What is the solution here? City-states? Western Cape, Northern Cape, c…[View]
114092110Hero: Where is the best/easiest place to go to do the hero?[View]
114062961/polska/: edycja pusi[View]
114085100>'stop breeding like rabbits! you have to be civilized like me and stop getting married and havin…[View]
114091881Who is the Tony Soprano of your country?[View]
114091948I'm so fed up with women. They are all the same. They won't stop teasing me and trying to …[View]
1140909711- Why are there so many ladboys in Thailand? 2- Do they make you hard?[View]
114088707are they able to call black? or Indian?[View]
114091923the white niggers of israel[View]
114089649What’s unique about your country’s geography? Korea for example is colder in the winter than any par…[View]
114089707>your cunt >How are the women in your cunt Netherlands Theyre all whores…[View]
114086073Why Japanese girls threads are so popular in int?[View]
114091476Post firecracker injuries form your country.[View]
114091277>https://www.reddit.com/r/MongoloidCJ/ Why are they like this?[View]
114090655What's life like as a Mexican cop?[View]
114087955Which is your favorite pigs country?: Mine us Greece. Because it's close to Israel. Only 1.5 ho…[View]
114090630I want to FUCK Polina[View]
114089839Ancient britons vs modern anglos. What went wrong?[View]
114091080How come Jamaica doesn't have its own proper airline? They only have two tiny airlines with Ces…[View]
114088486>English menu? No? Goodbye![View]
114090370I am an Anglo. How does that make you feel?[View]
114084784How do you call it in your language?[View]
114090975What did he do wrong?[View]
114083546Would your life improve if you actually had sex on a regular basis?[View]
114090536What is this called and how does it look in your country?[View]
114088737Who is this man?: This man is the most macho man in the world.[View]
114090559more British than Britain[View]
114087124why do japanese peoples live like this?[View]
114086482How do you get laid in Japan?: I'm going to Hakodate for a month, what about the women and nigh…[View]
114080046Brazil just saved the world[View]
114089155Why Donald trump is fucking crazy South Korea is not your ally anymore fuck you USA[View]
114087634Reminder that nobody has done more for israel than Nazi Germany. Why the FUCK haven't the israe…[View]
114090156>omg i hate naz-- Woah... Based...[View]
114088793>RESPECT ME[View]
114089529Picture yourself from the bottom down.: This is me. Shahar. The king of Israel.[View]
114080188What do I think of him?[View]
114084475Is Latin America getting better?[View]
114087670Wtf goes on in here Americans?[View]
114087040>no more brother wars[View]
114087743We have a Gigachang, a Gigapajeet, Gigatyrone, but why not a Gigamanlet ?[View]
114089432Any Australians remember an educational show that used to be on during the day in the early 2000s? I…[View]
114089222>BREWSTER COUNTY, Tx. (KOSA) -- The FBI has arrested a man in Terlingua who they say owned and op…[View]
114088299>Americans be like >dude we are whiter than you, we descend from Germans >name: James Sanch…[View]
114085788>You will have to get rid of that Moon Sugar if you want any services from me. I don't want …[View]
114089505Did any chileans cringed watching this video? especially the comments https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
114083443Do you have regional pride? Southern USA & Western Canada tat team when?[View]
114089318How do you think your family would react if you took your own life? I don't think mine would ca…[View]
114085764Do you side with polentonis or terrones ?[View]
114085414Europeans should pay repair to us. Mostly Anglos and Spanish.[View]
114083130What countries do you wish there were more posts from?: In seems like Europeans, North Americans, an…[View]
114089335Oof, 11 degrees bros, I don't know if I'll be able to take it.[View]
114088197Have Europeans ever seen a Latina irl?[View]
114088463If your country hasn't made a single good videogame than it's a shithole.[View]
114086992oszefostam a gatyom: >legyel en >fosd osze a gatyod iskola elott >ne menj iskolaba >vard…[View]
114088027https://europe.infowars.com/teens-ear-cut-off-during-brutal-gang-robbery-in-sweden/ Sweden YES…[View]
114085699/brit/: You probably a Shia, innit? edition[View]
114089172APOLOGIZE ANGLOS The King is causing in France a lot of controversy for being historically innacura…[View]
114076743/deutsch/ meinetwegen auch /nachtschicht/: was ist eure lieblings kartenprojektion? mollweide hier…[View]
114087241/brit/: Nice thread you've got here, be a shame if i posted this wouldnt it janny, then you wou…[View]
114088718It's time to stop bullying fat people.[View]
114088452Are board games still popular in your country?: I used to play them a lot as a kid back in the 90…[View]
114032289/extraflags/: Fuck sonoma Edition previous: >>113946554 Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spin…[View]
114088671I love it when european flags fight each other[View]
114075893It makes me really sad that Venice is being destroyed by flooding and rising tides.[View]
114086976does your country obey by the rules of work hard play harder?[View]
114079757/int/ gets trapped in a parallel universe town and there's nothing outside the town but endless…[View]
114088046Can Muslims or black people feel true unconditional love? Can a Muslim man really love a woman?[View]
114088287Do you love Tibet Fox?[View]
114088545You walk in steppe Cought this kot What do[View]
114086566Why the fuck ever brazilian last name is Da silva[View]
114085680All of this is Greek: Or should be Greek[View]
114087745Could I pass as a local in your country, /int/?[View]
114085204The absolute state of society[View]
114085648Stop larping as white, you belong to the mongoloid race: You copied everything, all technology and s…[View]
114054427/éire/: eagrán neamhoird den speictream alcóil san fhéatas[View]
114086739Japanese 'men' lining up to buy a game designed for little kiddies[View]
114085457Are syllabics based?[View]
114088309>oh what a beautiful morning, I will open /int/ now and see what my international friedns are up …[View]
114088099>your cunt >do you have kids? >would you like to? I dont see why I should…[View]
114087126Your cunt How does your society treat loners?[View]
114087618How is my Mexican accent?: https://voca.ro/f8gycq8KJxi[View]
114087541>be told France is a faggy liberal arts nation >find out all the Brain Chads do STEM (Paris X,…[View]
114087890>whshwjwjshwhehsuabwhauazhasnwuawh sawzwiaj Why yes, I just typed gibberish, how could you tell?…[View]
114086294If this is the future of America I have only one thing to say... A MI ME GUSTA! YO QUIERO LAS CHICAS…[View]
114085505Sorry Mexicans, but you are not North Americans you are Central Americans: I hate it when Mexico is …[View]
114087722This is how women make money And they're so proud of it they show it off[View]
114087069>those posters who never post outside of their generals unless a thread has anything to do explic…[View]
114083297la creatividad...[View]
114085839do ytpepo REALLY do this?[View]
114085772Do dutch people really?[View]
114077076/mena/: Edition[View]
114085919will i get lynched here for being a med?[View]
114085213/int/ Music Thread: Describe your day with a song Edition Or just post music https://www.youtube.com…[View]
114087484Hey Italy[View]
114085879Hyperrealism is scary :([View]
11408747847 days until India becomes a superpower.[View]
114081109What is dating culture like in your country?[View]
114085087>So anon tell us how bad the incel problem is in your country[View]
114087034Sao Paulo city Gdp 687 billion Sao Paulo state Gdp US$1.221 trillion Argentina Gdp: 900 billion Port…[View]
114082605>Europeans are waking up[View]
114086500Unibrows of int[View]
114086901When was the last time you watched porn?[View]
114085936Black women exist to be impregnated by Nordic men.[View]
114085923how do i get girl in your coutry?[View]
114085585How is the life in Nebraska?[View]
114086100Persian or Arabic?: Hello, I'm looking to add a middle eastern language in addition to my educa…[View]
114085191why are anglos so good at flag design? look at them. theyre absolutely beautiful. unique, matching c…[View]
114085426>flag >do you love Japan? Taiwan Yes[View]
114082462Is Mandarin a good language to learn for personal enrichment and/or whatever besides just business ?…[View]
114087234I want to FUCK Пoлинa Гaгapинa[View]
114086444I could probably kill every Jap on this board with my bare hands[View]
114085704Movie about brazilian nuggas from Lulaland killing white amerikans 10/10[View]
114087109Women scare me[View]
114085848have you ever met a british girl irl?[View]
114082205not going for Friday prayers[View]
114085303>Claim to be environmentalists >White baby in pic not aborted When did you realize the Thunber…[View]
114082061>wa 'es a am bri'ish, ow did ya figa[View]
114082793Asian century: Macau brings in at least double the money compared to Las Vegas. How does deck make y…[View]
114086884>he says he is suffering >he is not even in any physical pain…[View]
114084026Global warming BTFO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acqua_alta#Historical_records >In 1110 the wat…[View]
114086635Japan are sending their criminals aboard. Beware of Japanese people![View]
114083054How do Latinx and Africax Americax get along in the USA?[View]
114081415/cum/: misc[View]
114086515A powerful image.[View]
114061390/mämmi/: Minä ja nyymit-painos[View]
114085911>Why would you do that? this movie cost Hardx thousands to make. we put our hearts into this movi…[View]
114085794When will there be a international world revolution?[View]
114086194>went outside today >didnt see a single wh*teoid The future looks bright…[View]
114085098>tfw non wh*Te so i can be racist Fuck wh*Tes n*ggers and g*oks[View]
114084152Why do Americans do funerals like so?[View]
114080340I just took this photograph[View]
114085076>my brother is going thru his 'germaboo' phase A couple years ago he was obsessed with russian st…[View]
114084629Why are your parents so lazy? They should be the one who should look for your wife as your time is t…[View]
114078400Why are they gay?[View]
114082932*declares Paris an open city and invites in German Bvlls*[View]
114085448Who is the most important man alive today and why is Elon Musk?[View]
114082036I need to know the truth about Indians. Do they really shit in the street and wipe their arse with t…[View]
1140855731. you're a cunt 2. Is it totalitarian?[View]
114085593The average int posters, everyone. These are the ones who call you incel, mutt, gook, monkey, whitoi…[View]
114084416Brazil homicide rate: 23/100k European male suicide rate: 24.7/100k LMAO why is europe so unsafe and…[View]
114085207Are your parents attractive?[View]
114084034Are you happy now?[View]
114085590Is this common in your country?[View]
114076948Gay marriage in your cunt when[View]
114082579The Earth is not a spinning ball. The Earth may not be flat, but it sure is not a ball spinning arou…[View]
114085241[s4s] embassy thread: be nice to international friends and check international dubs[View]
114079903/drink/: 1. Cunt 2. Favourite liquor/spirit[View]
114084063why do white women have such long tongues? what evolutionary purpose does it serve?[View]
114085535You wake up in British Canada[View]
114084661EAT INSECTS: Have you eaten your insects today, anon? Remember that if you don't meet your quot…[View]
114084390What is your country's equivalent?[View]
114085081Wait, so this is American breakfast?[View]
114085507H̞̱̟̭̭͇̩̘̬̫̩̱͍͔̕Ę̵̦̳̤͔͕̱̠͈͘͘͘ ̸̷͎̼̩̮͖̭͍͈̭̟̠͎͘ͅC̨̡͔̦͈̠͓̪̩̟͞O̜̟̮͈̻͙̹̱̰͉̬̟̮̕̕͠ͅǪ̷̶͖̰͓̣̟̠̪̙͔̺̣̘͕̺̭̠̕M̸…[View]
114082189whiter than you mohammed[View]
114083746>20 years old >still can't stop thinking about my highschool crush Does this happen to yo…[View]
114085395how do I become a top lad?[View]
114081144Why muslims get triggered with everything? I've never thought that they would get mad with a ra…[View]
114077350Here's your asian gf bro[View]
114071061/fr/ - le francofil: édition : Titeuf promeut l'homosexualité au Brésil. ancien : >>11405…[View]
114079954/brit/: Patrick Heron CBE (1920 – 1999)[View]
114077506Be honest, do stereotypes actually hurt your feelings?[View]
114080945Do you love Saudi Arabia?: The Saudi Anime Expo opened in Riyadh on Thursday. It runs until Saturday…[View]
114080847What do a pure french look like ?[View]
114083114Medieval MMA: Does your country have a team? If they don't what would they look like https://m.…[View]
114085169Come Nerevar, friend or traitor, come. Come and look upon the Heart and Akulakahn, and bring Wraithg…[View]
114084247Why are they like this?[View]
114085249Why do mehicanos look like arabs?: This hombre mehicano muchacho can pass as local in any arab count…[View]
114084186Latino Joker: >A man accused of fatally shooting a 22-year-old in downtown Reno last month was dr…[View]
114083487He's right you know.[View]
114082182God damnit Britain.[View]
114084408'el' is part of the spanish language literal arab mutts[View]
114084985PORTVGUESE BVLL average height= 182 cm Average penis size= 20 cm Average IQ= 135 Strong jawline Blac…[View]
114083227Why do Brazilians take more showers on average than the rest of the world but can't figure out …[View]
114084840I hate these monkeys[View]
114077086Can we have a thread about problems in your country, how they're perceived by the people of oth…[View]
114084849my ancestors :)[View]
114084639Why are old black women either really nice or really mean? There's no middle ground[View]
114084650Do you hunt? Why or why not?: And yes fishing counts.[View]
114084312Is El-Mesmary a common armenian last name? If not why would an armenian be named like that?[View]
114082038/brit/: Hannah Frank (1908- 2008)[View]
114084206>sorry I only date white men[View]
114082435>scratch my scalp >white filth between my nails and fingers what's this how can l get aw…[View]
114083113Why do some mex look türkler?[View]
114082426for me, its Mexico[View]
114077923Why did the Soviet Union collapse? an american sat on it![View]
1140839541. Your country? 2. How much on average do you walk in one day? Me, around 10 km due to walking to w…[View]
114083646Average Korean couple[View]
114079426Are you happy with your appearance (genetics)?[View]
114079386>tfw white and have only fucked Asian girls and non-whites >recently fucked a white girl but s…[View]
114076139>I suffer in Portugal[View]
114080602/world/: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ /mämmi/ /egy/ /ita/ - il filo /ba…[View]
114079567Who would win the Covenant vs Islam?[View]
114081295French woman in Paris[View]
114081271Is this a common sight in your cunt?[View]
114082807Please visit Tasmania.[View]
114067875Are half Indians the masterrace?: I have never seen an ugly half Indian, they always produce good lo…[View]
1140810112019... I am forgotten...[View]
114083098Foreign students habitats: So I just came back from this french student's place and shes stayin…[View]
114081624Is it common to drink coffee in your country? How sweet do you make it?[View]
114070144>tfw no Danish art gf[View]
114082419>Autistic male >Feel extreme suffering, bone deep sadness from overwork >Feel like oblitera…[View]
114083331There's children starving in Africa and we are ignoring them :([View]
1140767871. Your flag 2. What do you call this in your cunt? >flag >Trust fund kids, Upper Middle Class…[View]
114082647Best US region?[View]
114082770Here's your Magyar gf bro[View]
114082385Kingdom of Argentina: and Duchesses of Quechuan Andes, Uruguay, Chile and Islas Malvinas[View]
114080991Finnish bf?[View]
114082590>be australian >eat a snail >become paralysed and die…[View]
114082827What is more popular in your country?: Don't be an african/arab/persian/paki and tell me you pr…[View]
114083100A lot people must deleted from this world .. Name people you hate[View]
114074254/lat/ hilo latino[View]
11407982354 million year old gecko trapped in amber[View]
1140819081. your cunt 2. Do you consider Sweden to be gay?[View]
114081953Do Europeans use a bidet every time they poo[View]
114082814>God be with ye. >godbewithye >godbeye >goodbye Is the English language the most cucked …[View]
114081312Do Japanese commit crimes in your country?[View]
113955547/lang/ Language Learning General: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learning…[View]
114078009what type of phone you have ?[View]
114079324Are pure Nords in all actuality more mongoloidish than Aryan?: https://imgur.com/a/f58SO[View]
114079498Hypothetically, if you were put into a self-defense situation and had no alternatives, how would you…[View]
11408245648 days.[View]
114081364>tv broke[View]
114080662For me? It's Turkmenistan.[View]
114082049What is America's traditional clothing/costume?[View]
114080612I hate farmers here[View]
114079687do they really?[View]
114078901What type of chewing tobacco do you prefer, /int/?[View]
114081739Germany has fallen. Is ITALY now Europe's heaven from terrorism?: Italy had a terrible time wit…[View]
114080891Mexican anons How you would feel about the US droning cartel members and narcotic installations?[View]
114081192>italian last name >look irish >german religion >friends say i look slavic what the fuck…[View]
114080720WW3: its ww3, pick your side evens are red odds are blue dubs choses side trips choses side and chan…[View]
114081028your country: your country AND... do women urinate in public? >danemark >yes, they do it…[View]
114079142Your thoughts on Romania?[View]
114073698>well most people have insurance through their work so they'd only pay half of the 40k bill …[View]
114081184I have new Georgian neighbors from Georgia. What am I in for?[View]
114081760Foreign Neighbors Stories: I'll start >Albanian neighbor in apartment above mine >Always …[View]
114081787Do people from your country like country music?[View]
114081411Why do Mexicans shout 'underlay underlay' when they see a woman too drunk to defend herself?[View]
114075373You have 1 minute to vocaroo Yourself speaking French: Reading De La Fontaine's Fable, the Crow…[View]
114080637i like Arabic it's beautiful you like Arabic?[View]
114077738Name one (1) attractive French woman: Pro tip: you can't.[View]
114081275Do doctors enjoy seeing people suffer from pain in your country? Methinks NIDA has a fetish for it.[View]
114079612>literally fucking corn flour with water >something people eat when theres mass starvation …[View]
114073461fresh /cum/[View]
114080840There's only one month left this decade. What have you accomplished? From 2010 to now, what hav…[View]
114080357You will never be a Europoor.[View]
114080832>data >daah-taah[View]
114077650>You wake up in a world that looks like this What you doing?[View]
114080387why the most fucked up crazy BS always comes from the US?[View]
114076406Guess anon's current place: Let's play a pretty fun game: ITT, you will draw on paint your…[View]
114076605Guys I just broke up with my GF cuz I accepted a job teaching English in Japan. Tell me it was a goo…[View]
114075431why are all russian girls named Anastasia?[View]
114080393i can't stop watching youtube videos[View]
114068630Why do Germans and Dutch look more Nordic than Brits even though Brits are farther north?[View]
114080122>mfw Americans don’t have an equivalent word for “cheeky”[View]
114076547Get in MS Paint and label the map with provinces & territories. Even just one or two. Wanna see …[View]
114078781>yerba mate >4 world cups >No Argentina tier perpetual economic collapse >No leftist gu…[View]
114078128Why are they obsessed w/ spain[View]
114080567What are most popular car in your cunt?: Most poorfag drive Skodas. In Kiev where there are higher w…[View]
114073027How can one man be so basedJack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to box. >…[View]
114078469Any of you Mexican anons know Mexican Muslims? What're they like?[View]
114071858memes aside, what do you really think of balkanoids? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMLGLx7dwWA…[View]
114080400Discuss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogutTP5VJ0c[View]
114079514I'm extremely race-mixed. I wish I was even more mixed so my kids must be more mixed to create …[View]
114069991>Good morning students, please stand for the pledge of allegiance.[View]
114071345I am mestizo but wish I was a full native american why was I cursed with iberian genes.[View]
114077947/brit/: queen of /brit/ edition[View]
114070439Sverigetråden - Fredag om en timme-upplagan[View]
114076058/brit/: radio -edish https://youtu.be/CybGo6hALVo[View]
114080132*Western Propaganda Starts Playing* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBsKplb2E6Q[View]
114080127Comedianne Prank: I Used To Think Dhat My Life Was A Tragedy [BiC Cristal] But Now I Realize It/s A …[View]
114079633How /int/ernational are your Tinder matches? I never match with anyone, but some of the girls I see…[View]
114076206Why do Japanese hate SAMSUNG[View]
114079731What was the best meme of this decade?[View]
1140603121. your cunt 2. thoughts on israel?[View]
114076432Do you want to find love in Canada?[View]
114078276Why are natives across the continent revolting?[View]
114076618Do people in other countries watch movies about American high schools? Thoughts?[View]
114077493>boner >penis doesnt have any bone Why is english so dumb?…[View]
114079866Poeple don't like me because they consider me arrogant. Why shouldn't I act arrogant if th…[View]
114079821>'You drive I got the gun' >'lol wait hold on I gotta play my music' >https://www.youtube.c…[View]
114062146/v4/ + frens: Sexy nose edition.[View]
114079720Grey man me Open mouth man you[View]
114076839How common is obesity in your country, /int/?: I'm a food addict and I'm trying to stop. H…[View]
114075898let's have one of (((those))) threads: >Most beautiful language >Ugliest language >Man…[View]
114078367ITT countries with cute shapes I'll start... Croatia. Teehee![View]
114079651>I'm no longer banned, I'M NO LONGER BANNED[View]
114074185Why do American whites do this?[View]
1140796051. your cunt 2. do you have cute girls like this?[View]
114060309>Which type of phenotype do you prefer? *photo of the same 5 youtube girls every day* >What…[View]
114071296I STAND WITH HONG KONG.[View]
114071777Never trust a C*nadian. Never trust a Fr*nchmen. Most importantly: never trust a Fr*nch-C*ndian. You…[View]
114078036Brazilians are now digging up graves to rape the deceased: >The 1st Gravataí Civil Police Station…[View]
114074805Why is so bad to live with your parents in west?[View]
114079411Its funny to think anyone on THE SAME ISLAND is actually distinct. Lol theres no diff of english and…[View]
114074646proper punishment for spreading catholicism[View]
114079249>wake up >this what do?[View]
114078897Do you want to find love in Yamato(Japan)? >flag >yes…[View]
114077756.45 auto. An effective all american close and personnal munition. Nothing like 9mm, which is gay and…[View]
114076040Where can I find an archive of Australian TV guides? I need to check SBS after 6:30 PM from 2000 to …[View]
114070582Why do Baltic languages sound so much more beautiful than Slavic languages despite being very closel…[View]
114078038Which country has better food?[View]
114076075Is spain a shithole?[View]
114069560Why are Poles so looked down upon on /int/, especially by Brits? All Poles I've met so far were…[View]
114057776/dixie/ - Southern US + friends[View]
114075092>59.4% Acadien (French) >25% Scottish >9.4% Jerseyan (English?) >3.1% English - other …[View]
114079179Germans: >why yes I am a Med BVLL from Southern Germany Why do Southern Germans look like this?…[View]
114079187now that the dust has settled, was he based?[View]
114077176Say something nice about my country[View]
114074462>He worked and held meetings in strip clubs, and while a professor at Cal Tech, he drew naked por…[View]
114073913I want to fuck japanese girls[View]
114078458>currently 7 degree outside >so little sunlight, sun setting at 4:30 in the afternoon and it w…[View]
114070281my last name has no meaning and it doesn't sound like any polish word at all[View]
114065218are b**mers a problem in your cunt?[View]
114078802Koreans always turn their turbo boost on against Japan. When they fight us at sports event, they use…[View]
114073774FRIG OFF we're full[View]
114065405Can you trust the women in your cunt?[View]
114078415>BREAKING: North Korea lashes out at Joe Biden, calling him a 'rabid dog' who 'must be beaten to …[View]
114065223/nederdraad/: Smoeltjeseditie[View]
114075996National Dog: What's your nation's dog?? Or the peoples' de-facto favorite dog? Mongo…[View]
114077569Ugh, what could’ve been...[View]
114072231so why aren't you learning arabic anon?[View]
114078060german joke: >when your wife's boyfriend pulls out his big pee pee…[View]
114077922The brit; once a proud people with a grand empire now has been reduced to a secondary power at best.…[View]
114074395Every European must have a one or two gypsy friend, right?[View]
114075408>ladies and gentlemen[View]
114076914Ask me anything you want about Bosnia and Hezegovina[View]
114077785Why do American love gun crime?[View]
114065416It is a coup.[View]
114073626Why do they call themselves s󠛡󠛡󠛡o󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡y?[View]
114077761>spooted my ex with someone shorter and far uglier than me >she gave me the wink, knowing she…[View]
114064547>Your cunt >Are you filled with hate? >if so, what do you hate the most? Netherlands Yes I …[View]
114077535>qt mexican girl in university called me 'El Cerdo Blanco'[View]
114077497‘Not given masks or boots’: Brother of manual scavenging worker who died in Chennai mall: 'The contr…[View]
114077366Do you prefer going on vacation in foreign countries or do you prefer staying at home in your backya…[View]
114076531Paint the western world: Paint the western world[View]
114073669Beady eyes, ANGLO lies Muffled Aryan women's cries Aryan chiIdren, big and small Bomber Harris …[View]
114073829>OINK OINK Why are danish niggas like this?[View]
114070421Are you contemplating suicide?: >Your country >Are you contemplating suicide? >Why are you …[View]
114076676https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc9ovvth3sY Do Americans... really?[View]
114058412/skandi/ + /mena/: because its the last general in EVROPE[View]
114053754/norgetråden/: Espen og Freia-tråden#8 >>114027323[View]
114075628Best phenotypes http://humanphenotypes.net/Tronder.html http://humanphenotypes.net/Yakonin.html http…[View]
114076518What have you done today to combat racism against the Finns?[View]
114064139Why is our food so much better than Spainish and Greek?[View]
114069864/deutsch/: HINFORT MIT ALLEN HEMMSCHWELLEN - Ausgabe[View]
114074055How long until Chinese become the ruling class in Africa like they already are in SEA?[View]
114076413>german guy tells me a joke >he immediately explains the joke and laughs…[View]
114076313Bolsonaro is homophob- whoa[View]
114072930/balk/: mfw i see a sloni post edition old >>114055019[View]
114076254An Irishman and a black guy walk into a cantina on Bespin...[View]
114068495This is the critically endangered western lowland gorilla. What have you done to ensure its survival…[View]
114076032Do you make your bed every morning or do you have a maid like me to make it for you every morning? S…[View]
114076140▼ Settings Mobile Home /bant/ - International/Random ...Anonymous (ID: aVM8/QzN) 11/14/19(Thu)16:01…[View]
114073063How does he make Poles feel[View]
114074669>apply for job >Do a 'phone screen' with HR girl >Go to next round of interviews >Get se…[View]
114075781OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-macron-geopolitics/on-ru…[View]
114059281/med/: coffee edition[View]
114073876/brit/: This is outrageous[View]
114073296Stop fucking our Portuguese women, Pierre[View]
114071048Are they the most racist posters on this board? The only times they post are either shitting on Asia…[View]
114070725Japanese girls are obese!: Average weight for girls Age 15 years Japan:51.6kg Vietnam39.66kg 16 year…[View]
114074355We know about Chads, let's find some more. What are the most common people in your cunt or regi…[View]
114074031Based on this I am guessing Americans have no idea just how much crime happens in Sweden on a daily …[View]
114068951FUCKING KIKES, WE SHOULD GA- >*you notice the massive size of the Khazar Milkers before you* I-I …[View]
114075325Do looks matter for getting women in your country? Or is it personality and game? Here the only thin…[View]
114075682>People with the orange jersey: Europeans >Guy with the green jersey: Mexican Ay ay ay, what i…[View]
114075667Fellow former dictatorships of /int/: How do people on your country feel about the regime? What were…[View]
114075167>their capital isn't their largest city[View]
114074926Gotta say it's pretty bold of Netflix to get actual European nobility to play Yennefer of Venge…[View]
114071590You don't really hate England do you,Anon?[View]
114073224I remember when I was in Japan lying on the grass on the other side of the river bank and suddenly I…[View]
114075078>i-i swear I'm not mentally ill >meanwhile calling you the wrong name will cause you to h…[View]
114073395What are women like in your country?[View]
114060518Give me english translations of jokes that only make sense in your cunt's language[View]
114073700Do the French really eat these?[View]
114074302>Hey, pretty lady. >Sup. >Why are you seeing my messages and not replying? >If you don’t…[View]
114070703I love Japan so much[View]
114074182Эcтeтики тpeд. Пpeдыдyщий: >>114062894[View]
114070244Why are white French people so bad at football?[View]
114036837/tr/: kalkın uLa sabah oldu[View]
114073327>capitalism is the monetization of labour >we trade our labour for money >technology will e…[View]
114074152A mosquito just bit me on my left wrist It itches a lot That's all thanks for your attention[View]
114073928>moshi moshi[View]
114070487>i will never live in the american midwest and have a qt tomboy gf >tfw will never be wt ameri…[View]
114069130Why does Canada have such a good reputation when at least half of the country is mentally retarded w…[View]
114073884DL 82 crash: Delta airlines flight 82 will crash into the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow heading for Paris.…[View]
114041494kurva anyátok[View]
114061284I really hope Turks will deliver, this will be the game of the decade and I could finally succumb to…[View]
114071773What happens here?[View]
114074631>Brand new song on Youtube >Look at the comments >100% Brazilians why…[View]
114067137Hilo /lat/ANO: hilo hayek[View]
114069409Would he pass as a local in your country?[View]
114069311What's her ethnicity?[View]
114074208Any awesome and extreme things to do in your country? This was the tallest water slide in America un…[View]
114073865what if china and russia combined to make one really big country called chussia[View]
114062894/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пpeдыдyщий: >>114061895[View]
114074174Does your country have anything like Taoism? Or are your people caught up in ideologies and abstract…[View]
114069640I legit haven't seen a single white British person in 2 days. The only whites I've seen ar…[View]
114071513/icb/ International Cute Boys General: Post cute boys from different parts of the world. Remember t…[View]
114073973Allah has blessed us with a strong language: this is the reality of all white people that want to le…[View]
114074079Finnish guy has the better hand. Americans can't beat Finns.[View]
114072315Will a cunt ever again produce such an icon, such a king of music? such a legend who doesn't kn…[View]
114072770Take me out tonight Where there's music and there's people And they're young and aliv…[View]
114071766How come chinks all claim to love communism and their glorious peoples republic and all that shit bu…[View]
114073418How will Britbongs recover ?: >despite the fact that Muslims make only 5% of the population of En…[View]
114070488Should it be called the Eastern Sea or the Sea of Japan? After all, more countries use it than just …[View]
114073077Do normal Brazilians want to destroy the rainforest for economic reasons like their leader does?[View]
114069420What age do most people get married in your country?[View]
114070420Sverigetråden stormpajupplagan[View]
114064465Post your country's most famous serial killer.[View]
114062904Russia should return the Kuril Islands to Japan.[View]
114072804White woman on the left. Jew on the right.[View]
114073233I dont buy anything that isnt ford or honda.[View]
114071975Man why does it take so fucking long for torrents to come out? I'm still waiting for once upon …[View]
114073488Las flipantes aventuras del hermoso hidalgo Don Quijote de la mancha del reino de castilla.: Y consi…[View]
114044974/cum/: misc[View]
114073166Pol Pot was right.[View]
114071952Do people use non-stick pans in your cunt?[View]
114073169post your cunt's version of the internationale https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=89eFdzrnUtQ&t=…[View]
114073070The most Finnish presidential candidate the US has ever had. Very impressive levels of autism.[View]
114072007Literally me[View]
114042566/skandi/: Noregsveldetsutgaven.[View]
114071143What race is she? Indian Jew?[View]
114063167/deutsch/: Einfach mal den Kiefer präsentieren[View]
114072819Post you cunt's version of this: https://youtu.be/0aQIJfLhYnc inb4 origin is norway[View]
114072679Is kissing your close relatives in the lips a thing in your cunt?[View]
114070391>The Resident American Thank you for blessing us with your infinite wisdom. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
114064040>mfw I spot a medoid[View]
114072391what are some country or city names that sound fun to say?[View]
114069870Handsome, Athlete, Wealthy Negro Experiment on White Girls in Scandinavia: I pretend to be a wealthy…[View]
114055019balk/ greek food edition: old >>114038168[View]
114072351Peronist bull[View]
114072248How are celebrating Amerishart’s birthday?[View]
114072136Why are hapa males so mysterious, dark and masculine that they can get girlfriends while being schoo…[View]
114042535/mena/: Socotra edition[View]
114072289Why do Europeans outside of 4channel like America so much?[View]
114057974New development in Gdansk. What do you think?[View]
114055985/Cold/ general: this is a thread for all the people suffering from the cold invited: Northern Europ…[View]
114070335Why are white americans so racists?[View]
114071462Government just hiked the price of fuel 200%. Does your government do shit like this?[View]
1140708523 Cows Swept Out to Sea by Hurricane Dorian Are Found Alive: >The cows, believed to have been car…[View]
114063909>in America you automatically fail penis inspection if you're not circumcised…[View]
114071842>mom said it's my turn to play[View]
114071751What happens here? Why do Canadians rarely talk about this part of their country?[View]
114071814Could they pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
114069943/brit/ aka /britannia/: Magnus Maximus edition[View]
114070357>1 letter essay due in 28 quadrillion years[View]
114071401r a n g e b a n[View]
114070615I am Polish national and I want to go back to my ancient persian zoroastrian-shia roots. Can I aquir…[View]
114062637>GDP nominal is better[View]
114070317Today i heard Chinese coworkers talking shit about Mongols how they are weak and stupid. is it true?…[View]
114059527Post family trees[View]
114071379Cum poo poo pee pee[View]
114067554LebAnons: Any fellow LebAnons on here? >.> <.<[View]
114071034Will the AI own the copyrights to content it creates himself?: https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/13/2…[View]
114071129>he actually tries hard the be the OP in his shitty general LOL[View]
114068491'We are monitoring russian weapons in Venezuela' Kek Chimperikans are the worst scum on Earth[View]
114063372Would you have the balls to do this?: https://youtu.be/cbriLpAVe2A?t=258[View]
114071115Certainly wouldn't know how this feels hohohoho...[View]
114063125>He can afford food[View]
114070527Sverigetråden - Jonteupplagan[View]
114067453Tea or coffee?[View]
114061684Virtually all of our problems come from one area Anything like that in your country?[View]
114070771Did you know that Han Chinese have the highest bioavailable testosterone?[View]
114070633it's all so tiresome[View]
114070926>why yes, i do shit on america on /int/ while planning to take advanatge of their bloated tech se…[View]
114070666https://64chan.site/ what do you think /int/ is it gay?[View]
114069694Americans Will defend this >https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/14/health-insurance-medi…[View]
114069953Do people in your country prefer over ear or in ear headphones for listening to music on the go?[View]
114070691do you personally consider somalis to be black (sub-saharan african) ? >america >no…[View]
114070066OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
114070505>why yes, i do think this board is low quality compared to other boards such as /a/, /tv/ and /ml…[View]
114059439br*Ts make shit cars.[View]
114067529I was suicidal couple weeks ago. I've just started taking antidepressants and I feel fabulous. …[View]
114070039Things I hate about usa's customs but not the country's itself. -Their obnoxious patriotis…[View]
114066409HUMANITIES FINAL BOSS: >In 2018 a Swedish tomb was excavated and discovered to harbor evidence of…[View]
114058126/desi x sag/ - Fascists Rule libcucks drool: General for India Pakistan Bangladesh Welcome: SEA, Ru…[View]
114070260Pictured: the Bulgarian PM asserts dominance over the new ambassador of the poonited smells of ameri…[View]
114070210how do americans get down? by going prone with their feet together and hands on their neck[View]
114063835>British person talks[View]
114069449>Atatürk? Not a fan man. He was against muslims you know and you should abstain from such persons…[View]
114069078/ro/ - firul nostru: Editia alegerile prezidentiale pe judete, turul I https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-…[View]
114065576Before and after.[View]
114070030>Look outside >The Sun is setting >TFW is 4:35 PM It's that time of year, bros.…[View]
114064266Made in Germany: Best quality in the world[View]
114066550How do you say 'I am a faggot' in your language?[View]
114068968Basque people > Castilian moors[View]
114066045/asean/: JK neesan preying on shota edition![View]
114054528Sao Paulo city per capita PPP: 57,000 dollars. Portugal per capita PPP: 32,000 dollars. Same popula…[View]
114067943/brit/: Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin edition[View]
114068600Thoughts on Italian girls?[View]
114068538Hey Paul?[View]
114059152/fr/ - le fil francofil: Kingdom Hearts édition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3MfoZ_yX5E Ancien: …[View]
114069413One Language?: Do you think that people will speak only one language in the distant future? There ar…[View]
114068652Damn, french actresses look like THAT!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_WytU595t0[View]
114066540These countries only exist so they can provide free healthcare and education to other Latin American…[View]
114069005And this came to be my last day, that sorrowfull day where everything came to the sudden realization…[View]
114069237>Why yes, I am listening to HUNGARIAN ELECTRONIC UNDERGROUND, how could you tell?…[View]
114062958/deutsch/: Ausgabe für Liebhaber authentische Musik. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb4P-MZMzJs…[View]
114060597daily remiinder that life doesnt get better[View]
114066932independece when?[View]
114062874does she looks slavic?[View]
114068521today has cured me of my yellow fever hapas are murder machines and should be aborted, unless theyre…[View]
114064070>tfw austrians have power over you because they still have the crown they will make us go kill ot…[View]
114068693You wake up in Bongistan[View]
114068755What kind of guys do brazilian girls like?[View]
114068918is this rite? why çek girls are such whores?[View]
114068380What phenotype is this[View]
114067939>why yes i do celebrate my name day, how could you tell?[View]
114068534Is KC kill again?[View]
114059951Is it acceptable in your country to start conversation with foreigners or considered impolite?[View]
114061409Why are nonwhites so crazy about blonde hair and blue eyes on even the ugliest girls? I dont go craz…[View]
114060425ITT: ugly-as-shit languages. I'll start >finnish pic unrelated[View]
114065922What do you think about the builing?[View]
114065892>tfw no German gf[View]
114068367Japanese emperor to spend night with goddess in last major accession rite: https://www.reuters.com/a…[View]
114068006>tfw irrelevant country[View]
114067790zero self awareness[View]
114065163Australians Cry About the Cold: Where were you when Austrailians whined about snow and got blown the…[View]
114066173/conscript general/: >no thanks, i will just head to the latrine myself at 12am in the morning lo…[View]
114055353/danmarktråden/: udgaven med svinehud[View]
114064076American public transport isn't that bad. Most major cities have now light rail systems. What…[View]
114067824holy shit! it even looks like africa...[View]
114065905/brit/: Fresh cum edition[View]
114067295When the BLACK BVLLS meet...[View]
1140678631. your cunt 2. most based man from your cunt >flag >pentti linkola…[View]
114066953>OK boomer[View]
114049186/lat/: Hilo keynesiano[View]
114065856>Noooo! you can't just genocide us tutsis, we are bro-[View]
114057099Are they the most intelligent people in Europe?[View]
1140631941) Your country 2) Your gf[View]
114060528I want to make hapa. How should I do? weeb fujoshi is so fat[View]
114049818Woah........ Mecca looks like THIS?![View]
11406075048 days until India becomes a superpower.[View]
114062247How about you show some fucking respect to the balkans for once, you ungrateful west-euro shits? We …[View]
114065962What the fuck was his problem?[View]
114066094why does america have such dumb school schedules? 57minutes? 65minutes? how about you go with a even…[View]
114053561/balt/ + /ausnz/: insidious homo sapiens edition[View]
114063379you country do you have mandarin oranges in your home right now?[View]
114067130Why did Yakub create devils?[View]
114051119RIP Chinese foreskins: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201904/26/WS5cc2af51a3104842260b8983.html…[View]
114066722>Be American >Get shot for the millionth time Please defend this shit. Ok we'll say guns …[View]
114066627I love the fragrant taste of Mediterranean dishes.[View]
114066938>Canadian city names[View]
114066945WISE MEN SAY... ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN...[View]
114065875What are songs in your non-English language like? Do they follow rhyming conventions like English or…[View]
114061544Is it true that Americans can open their mouth the widest? Does it have to do with them swallowing s…[View]
114062465Snip snip, there goes the tip. Snap snap, off goes the cap. Chop chop, the cockskin drops. Cut cut, …[View]
114066643My company is flying me out to Belgium for 3 months. I'm 165 cm. Just how much am I going to be…[View]
114066635>YouTube comment section >happy serb goes on about how his city is safe compared to American c…[View]
114062532Is it a continent?[View]
114066494If you can drink a drink, why cant you food a food?[View]
114065146ITT: Faces of /int/[View]
114066287Dubai?: My girlfriend booked me a surprise holiday, she won't tell me where we're going ju…[View]
114066190Does your country have a democracy?: In the US sadly no. First, we have the (((electoral college))) …[View]
114063158>convert to Islam or pay the jizya >what’ll it be, anon?…[View]
114062884Do crimes in your country follow racial lines /int/?[View]
1140624181. your bagina 2. is your country's leader a psychopath, a sociopath or a narcissist?[View]
114065328Why are there so many foodies nowadays? What fun is it to eat different food? its all the same shit.[View]
114065866>one of these guys slaps your gf's ass and say 'haha, nothing personal, droog' ur actions?…[View]
114065136>someone starts telling me about my country[View]
114050231You wake up in Rosario, Argentina[View]
114062899thinking about walking into the sea you?[View]
114052738>your country >do you respect women Flag Yes…[View]
114065334Your country. Do people drink from jars?[View]
114065730why do europeans cope so much about being indo-uralic? even varg tries to deny it. Just admit it, yo…[View]
114065725Do old people in your cunt observe construction sites? There used to be a construction site close to…[View]
114061060how do we fix this shit ?[View]
114065304Is this normal in any country?: I am 24, have never had a girlfriend, had not had friends in years, …[View]
114049757Do /int/ prefer /brit/ women or /asian/ women?[View]
114064743What comes to your mind when you think of this country? What values, famous people or historic event…[View]
114064676>Yeah, me use Fahrenheit. How you did now?[View]
114063233/brit/: choon edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKVnur5DkdI[View]
114058403/deutsch/: fickts eich[View]
114053585/nederdraad/: ZWARTE PIET MOET ZWART BLIJVEN[View]
114064448Do you love Japan?: >flag Yes[View]
114065212Why do swedes like to steal finnish achievements?[View]
114063742>OMG I LOVE JAPAN[View]
114064368How come only European cities have SOUL?[View]
114065110Groucho > Chico > Zeppo > literally shit > Harpo[View]
114064621I wake up at least two times a night to go to the toilette.[View]
114061223Do you love Japanese boys?: https://youtu.be/jWFv4RsTom8[View]
114065036This is what the Balkans looks like in 2019: Took this today[View]
114063030How many liters of milk have you drunk today?[View]
114064311There are full of two faced scums in this country. I’m in desperate for being born as a Jap. No peop…[View]
114064804Yes, I can't freaking wait to see the opening and closing ceremonies of next year's Olympi…[View]
114064888>We noticed you regularly use your device between 15:00 and 5:00[View]
114056233/int/, GREAT news! I'm going on vacation for 2 months in America! I'm so excited. I love A…[View]
114061617Sun Lakes, Arizona.[View]
114063992/isr/ -Israel General: Late night shut in edition[View]
114011243What type of Japanese gf do you want? For me it's 北海道[View]
114061572Was your country historically a conqueror or a conqueree?[View]
114064096it all makes sense now[View]
1140607131. cunt 2. Let me write down a few pointers, and we'll see how many anons fit that criteria …[View]
114058214why is portugal so poor?[View]
114036133Finnish saunas: Finns please tell me about your saunas. What do you do in saunas? Do strangers have …[View]
114050865¿Why can't theyi speak proper Spanish?[View]
114061171The commieblocks in my neighborhood were renovated. We /v4/ now[View]
114058505>Mamma Mia! Is that cream? In a carbonara?! Madonna mi![View]
114063750Did you know they posted under their own flags? I didn't until a few moments ago[View]
114064045Catrillanca: Is he a jomon?[View]
114051957Is there any rivalry between Romania and Bulgaria? Are they friends?[View]
114053788China is the winner[View]
114060491Did you know that Turkic people constantly invaded europe throughout their history?[View]
114060639American highschools have shooting drills where they fire blank rounds inside the school and bring i…[View]
114053770Post best video game of all time from your country[View]
114049365This is a finland (suomi) thread.[View]
114047894/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Издaниe Pecпyблики Caхa. Пpeдыдyщий: >>114041359[View]
114062937American girls are hot![View]
114062226Who enjoys / enjoyed the best life between a Greek from Ancient Greek and an African from today ?[View]
114058781How many languages of South Asia are mutually intelligible? Or are these languages completely differ…[View]
114063381/int/ernational news thread: Post about international news you heard or want to inform others about …[View]
114063359Whom do Arabs hate more, Kurds or Persians?[View]
114060257Mandatory kindergarten in Bulgaria: It was just announced on the news. Children from 4 to 6 years ar…[View]
114059773Do you have these in your country?[View]
114062009my dad said : have some respect for girls and your life will be more enjoyable how to respect girls …[View]
11403968490% of the threads coming from this flag are just about beautiful girls[View]
114060060Do you think Croats are cool?[View]
114060405why do white people do this[View]
114058270wtf is wrong with spain!?[View]
114047382how do i hit on northern men on imageboards?: not droping contact now cause the fact that i am askin…[View]
114053417Our med brothers were right, fuck to*rists[View]
114060275One thing that amazed me about NYC, looking at Google Maps, was that almost all their 'downtown' are…[View]
114061103Princess Vittoria is looking for a royal husband. Do you have a pretty, tall, rich, powerful prince …[View]
114053627Is Italian cuisine popular in your country?[View]
114054012>Post some desserts from your country? Describe it if you want pic related is mantecol, a semi-so…[View]
114061477> Nahwa is a territory that forms part of the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. It …[View]
114046501/polska/: edycja skajrimowa[View]
114057410post mountains[View]
114046748>Brazilian showers[View]
114061505Did you know that Cuba has one of the best intelligence agencies in the world?: they control Venezue…[View]
114062187Countries for this phenotype?[View]
114059472What's security in your country like? Here in the capital, it's normal for the cops to tel…[View]
114048348The US military should win every single noble peace prize: https://youtu.be/zorsPXbnf80[View]
114060089/brit/: https://8values.github.io -edish[View]
114062103>why yes I am a Muslim and I believe in the supremacy of Islam over all other religions how did y…[View]
114062174BOOMERS BTFO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2059238/amp/Army-veteran-Mark-Mullins-wife-He…[View]
114056785Sverigetråden - Grodupplagan[View]
114059211nuke us[View]
114062016it's 22:55 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
114054470What happens here?[View]
114060241Our day will come H*mans Soon we will kill and rape your pathetic race[View]
114061050German niggas be like 'yodelay yodelay heehoo'[View]
114052266Would your parents be okay with you marrying a girl from Japan?: >flag Yes, they would have had n…[View]
114060838Do Americans really do this?[View]
114053286Is Pallas's cat the comfiest creature ever?[View]
114060333your country real or fake tree? >flag >fake…[View]
114055446Why are their birth rates so high?[View]
114060734what would this be like[View]
114051568/ex-yu/: zvonkina edicija https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB-jrwZsTH8[View]
114056129A Japanese called me baka[View]
1140560591.Ur cunt 2.Are you playing Age of Empires II Definitive edition? It even has new civs like Lithuani…[View]
114060922Do Australians look like this?[View]
114060859how could they[View]
114050739/mämmi/: paras perunamuusi -painos[View]
114058336What phenotype is this and why is it so common in Poland?[View]
114060777What are some less known facts about British culture?[View]
114056768What's life like here?[View]
114057173What is the state of your cunt?[View]
114054785It starts[View]
114059280Where are the Asian Chads(Changs)? WHERE?[View]
114058659This is a Belarusian goddess. I think she is perfect.[View]
114060422Join: Nice chat! https://chat.whatsapp.com/D4jwbciDX5tALzWL5TbT50[View]
114060338opinions on bulgarians[View]
114044948France needs to be purged of life. They draw children in tight latex catsuits and sexualize the fuck…[View]
114059508Belarus has Forest???[View]
114042298/fr/ - Le francofil de la fin du monde: Putain d'astéroïde Ancien : >>114021181 >>1…[View]
114045943/ita/ - il filo: Edizione del giovedì, edizione obbligatoria di Jupiter[View]
114050444>your cunt >favorite pasta shape Why, of course it's tagliatelle…[View]
114058903What happens when you cross a true holyman with a church that excommunicates him?[View]
114057279Is finland a nice place to live?[View]
114057082/brit/: City of the future -edish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi6r3hZe5Tg[View]
114037781/ro/ - firul nostru: Ediția cu Dan Cioloș, membru fondator PSD. Anterior: https://boards.4channel.or…[View]
114055988>you will never experience american high school and college[View]
114059514>all technical terms in Serbo-Croatian are German[View]
114058342Despite all the prejudices they're the friendliest Europeans I've met[View]
114053160Post a song from you country you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU7TwSaEx2Y[View]
114055925Can you pass Zambian high school?[View]
114052243*AHEM*: That is all[View]
114059065Is there a culture war in your country?[View]
114058291So hello Bernds! Wtf with the kohlchan again its not working on 3 domens.[View]
114056476Warsaw: Warsaw[View]
114058932SHIT FOR POLICE[View]
114058202Brazilian chad hits his gf hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e581LQTbHek[View]
114039340I have been taking sertraline for 4 months: And now I have erictile dysfuntion and lack of sexual de…[View]
114054024/int/ernational /mu/sic thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjjyf9u_USE[View]
114049287why do they hate us?[View]
114055422>American have 0.15% Scandinavian ancestry >'I can feel the spirit of odin and thor burni…[View]
114058201This is pizza alla carbonara Is it common in your cunt?[View]
114058444Hello again! :D: It is me again, I have been saving up more money to take my trip around the world a…[View]
114051452Do egyptians really?[View]
114053228/deutsch/: Morgen ist Wochenende - Ausgabe[View]
114058259Why do amerisharts keep their bullets in their countrymen?[View]
114057877why japan doesn't become catholic?[View]
114056993How does it feel to nordics that all their pre-crhistian cultural background comes from italy and gr…[View]
114052403>Columbus discovered America He did not. There were millions of people already living there. Also…[View]
114058089Why are Basques so based?[View]
114055135The Chinese have a sound plan for Mars: https://in.reuters.com/article/us-space-exploration-china-ma…[View]
114058004/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: ARRRRGGHHH tennis ekdosis[View]
114057752In a month and a half you will witness the birth of a new superpower. How does it make you feel?[View]
114052544Dutchmen: Redpill me on Uitwaaien[View]
114057866it's 21:23 here good night, lovely people :3[View]
114057051Is Poland based?[View]
114057779kaycee: is kaycee down only for me or its dead officially?[View]
114055600>mfw i know the location of an ancient sumerian site that haven't been officially discovered…[View]
114027925/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: Wildman's Edition[View]
114052363a south Korean man his 20s approached my sister in Copenhagen and asked for her Instagram he then la…[View]
114057460They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the Germen, but the Gerwomen and the Gerch…[View]
114056627Did you know that Warsaw is very multicultural? There are people of many nationalities here[View]
1140574531. Your cunt tree 2. When did you realise US butthurt toward huawei was never about 5g and always wa…[View]
114056977Is this Russia? No, it's Finland.[View]
114055382>your country >your first anime crush Canada Violet Evergarden. Even thinking of her name give…[View]
114055765Do Americans really?[View]
114055726is it okay for muslim to marry non-muslim women ? if no i'm planning to be single for life beca…[View]
114051653What would happen if Greta tried to tell China or Saudi Arabia what to do about their environmental …[View]
114057135Où va le monde - La Femme[View]
114057041I'm having a cold[View]
114055699JUST: >'About 20 percent of the population in this area -- Central Virginia -- has a positive blo…[View]
114054279/brit/: incel edition[View]
114042982what is the most dangerous criminal organization in the world?[View]
114046626There, I fixed Europe.[View]
114024800/asean/: Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam edisyon[View]
114043458Japanese girls are no more qt. Japanese girls are no more your ideal Japanese girls. They are very v…[View]
114056557Is Kingdom hearts famous in your contry?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN3iOUQQ1hs[View]
114051076>'you dont really hate poland do you anon?'[View]
114039406>his language isn't written like its pronounced[View]
114055131GDP Per Capita PPP 2018: Nenets Autonomous Okrug Country equivalent: None (above all) 293,731$[View]
114056165>be me, in Uni >it's government mandated lection of spiritual enlightenment >it's…[View]
114054144This is a collaboration with Monster-san.[View]
114052458Finland is the best country in the world to be a mother Finnish women don't want to be mothers …[View]
114055156Who is having babies in Argaytina?[View]
114055998China just hit 1,400,000,000 people on 14 November 2019. India is now 55 million people away from su…[View]
114055980Old /int/ernational footage: https://youtu.be/uWT0-ZMdWTQ[View]
114048990Are these people coasties?[View]
114055786NOFAP IS NOW ILLEGAL FOR /brit/: >Defendant Prause also accuses NoFap of being a hate group, that…[View]
114053035British Columbia: > Neither Columbian not British.[View]
114055011>Why yes I do call people out for being ESL on non-flag boards[View]
114053895>this is a filipino police officer why are they such weebs? and why do so many flips own a gun? t…[View]
114054847Are tattoos popular in your country?[View]
114046983What's the best advice 4chan has given you?[View]
114050665Sverigetråden - Vi går till val-upplagan[View]
114053726I seriously think my country has too much land. We should sell a big chunk of the middle to France, …[View]
114054579I'm felling american today, so this gonna be my lunch. What about (you)?[View]
114054315what do you think about his face?[View]
114051703How do we make Berlin a respectable city one again?[View]
114053481Studying Finnish morphology is boring. I'd rather be doing something else.[View]
114053261What do you know about Basque people?[View]
114050373I have never seen a black person with glasses meanwhile half the native finns I know have glasses, w…[View]
114052887Why’s there like 10 threads about Japanese women everyday[View]
114054451Is this sort of sentiment common in your country? If so, why?[View]
114054730Unsplash.com has a bunch of free pictures of nice European buildings.[View]
114054668The duality of man[View]
114052883Wolferino no ;_;[View]
114047431What did they mean by this?[View]
114054633>professor asks who in the classroom has a gf or bf >more than half raise their hands >I di…[View]
114047986/brit/ + /friends/: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ /mämmi/ /egy/ /ita/ - …[View]
114048482this image triggers the world[View]
114025840Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>113979782 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
114054661>we don't care about what you put into your macaco pasta, what you put into your stomach is …[View]
114054593this cutie somali/ethiopian girl smiled at me today does this happen in your cunt?[View]
114051059>Successfully overthrow Cascaua and his regime >Execute him AND his wife on live TV even thou…[View]
114051604>opens thread >immediately starts talking about black penises why are they like this…[View]
114054318Did you ever stop to notice All the children dead from war? Did you ever stop to notice This crying …[View]
114053728I'm thinking in going to a Nordic country and ask for refugee to get better neetbux. I'm p…[View]
114038168/balk/: God I wish I were a girl (for 24 hours) edition. Previous: >>114019612[View]
114047218will you welcome your Indian overlords when they take over the world(just two months left)[View]
114051262/brit/: neck yourself edition[View]
114052173What's with North and South Italians wanting to kill each other? Is there really any point argu…[View]
114048057What's the equivalent for yellow/jungle fever for someone that is attracted to jews? I might ha…[View]
114051707What do spaniards think of this company?[View]
114051414>pay rent on time every month >never made too much noise >never had any kind of problems …[View]
114050245In Europe, all you need to get a girlfriend is a car and a house. Feels bad man.[View]
114043517If Doggerland would ever reappear it would be 100% Dutch land. Brits get zero claim to it.[View]
114048206blood meridian edition[View]
114053833what’s the best doritos flavour in your cunt?[View]
114054010when will amerikkka do something to help their homeless hiv infected people??[View]
114053634I am a tourist on my last weekend, going back home Sunday. Should I swallow the T-Pill?[View]
114053920he anyone else here had experience with an unusually long recovery from pneumonia ive been off antib…[View]
114051521When will they give it back?[View]
114052012Hey Deutsche bros, will this help me get a gf in Berlin?[View]
114027323/norgetråden/: Kloden er syk-utgaven ADVERTISEMENTS Anna & Emma - Kloden er syk Artist: Anna …[View]
114052931We could have world peace right now if Israel and United States didn't exist[View]
114053541>tfw i have ascended and i care about nothing anymore good feeling, i don't feel any stress…[View]
114048633/deutsch/: /deutsch/-bleibt-/mitte-links/-Ausgabe[View]
114053469Dear Canadians.: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/a-us-invasion-of-canada-what-can-canada-do-…[View]
114053130>Five Russians were more dangerous than Thirty Americans. We already noticed that in our few days…[View]
114015581/balt/ + /ausnz/: we aren't white edition[View]
114046853Are Yugoslavian 'countries' really all that different from each other? I don't even acknowledge…[View]
114035937/NEDERDRAAD/: transmeisje editie[View]
114050379THEY REALLY DO???[View]
114044155shyposting general: >cashier asks me if I want a receipt >say yes and then say thank you as sh…[View]
114049923For me, it's moving to Spain and living off welfare paid for by whity's taxes and complain…[View]
114049130What phenotype is pure Jomon?[View]
114051093Why do amerimutt hate native American? They have based soul.[View]
114046655>Your cunt >Is your country's economy shit? Turkey Yes, our currency devalued like 5 time…[View]
114052359What does it matter what this literal retard nobody thinks about anything?: The same phonomena happe…[View]
114049808What do people in your country think about this man?[View]
114044463Despite there being so many french niggas why does France continue to have such a poor legacy in the…[View]
114051405/int/ is fond of posting events where the poster's nation has humiliated another. But what abou…[View]
114049229Hey, /int/. I might have to live in Ibiza, concretely in the West End. And I'm scared as fuck. …[View]
114052037I don't begin my work emails with 'Dear' or even the person's name, I just type up what I …[View]
114050647NASA plan on Martian lives!: https://www.tekniikkatalous.fi/uutiset/tt/906d2a42-d454-48c3-98c5-4fb29…[View]
114050788O Swedes really do this?: Is it true that Swedes don’t have their own washing machines if the live i…[View]
114051630I've never once bought bagged milk in my entire life.[View]
114051246So which is better? The Eastern or Western US?[View]
114051585you don't know how hard to watching and understanding Sherlock Holmes with no subtitles[View]
114050551MAMA!!! IT SMELLS OF GIRLS!!!: In the year 2006 I was a kid spending the summer as usuall with my fa…[View]
114028360/ex-yu/: moja zena izdanje[View]
114051184Funny monuments and landmarks from you're a cunny: One of my city's main landmarks is a hu…[View]
114051077Sverigetråden - Bråkmakarupplagan: Har ni zoom-zoom ungar som äter diskmaskinstabletter ens hört tal…[View]
114043370Are they well integrated in your country? Netherlands No, absolutely not. They do not bother speakin…[View]
114050533What comes to your mind first when you hear 'Indian'?[View]
114050602Your opinion?[View]
114050185There you go europeans enjoy your new immigrants: You didn't want us the Jews which are high IQ…[View]
114050230It’s 7am in my time zone. What time is it where you are?[View]
114050751/mämmi/: PU-PULLA-PULLAVA, on helppo herkku jokaisen, maukas pulla pehmoinen, ei tarvii veistä vaiva…[View]
114044172/mämmi/: oispa -painos[View]
114050198I believe in climate change now: Every year the winters in my state get colder and longer. Every yea…[View]
114050695why do whyteepeepeefolx be finna be doobeedoobeedoo like dat? smhh imma head out *laughing crying em…[View]
114047591bright future[View]
114047134how does it feel to know that you are the bad guys of the world, america?[View]
114050341>Ok boomer Really? REALLY? The boomer meme has been around for like 2 years. How is it that the n…[View]
114048556tô nem aí: Pode ficar com seu mundinho Eu não tô nem aí[View]
114049676Do they really? https://youtu.be/7aaKrrsh7sk[View]
114050346>favourite artist? daler mehndi.[View]
114047596Why do turks look like this?[View]
114048973Chinese womans eye vein burst after mobile phone use: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/varoittava…[View]
114041286What the FUCK is WRONG with canadians???????[View]
114046981Soon I will know which one of you is my rapebabies[View]
114049444>be Chinese in the year 2020 >go to work from the other side of the country to Shanghai, arriv…[View]
114047432Why were beauty standards of the past much more realistic and attainable than those of today?[View]
114024313/ita/ - il filo: Edizione mercoledì-giovedì[View]
114049520Be honest: Would you rather have >6 gorillion Africans, Jews, Arabs and pedozoophilic scat transs…[View]
114049184What's the european equivalent of Florida?[View]
114042682What's their endgame?[View]
114049891Is there any country (outside of Africa, or rural areas of S. America/Asia) where it's difficul…[View]
114045951How much money have you spent on luxury Italian goods this year, /int/?[View]
114045885Fuck Anglos: No bigger fucking special snowflakes shits exist anywhere. /brit/ generals are common i…[View]
114049793what a shit cunt(tree)[View]
114049732Do you love french fries? I love them but make me so fucking fat so I restrain it[View]
114045731Please come to Australia and fuck our women[View]
114047916>You're not denying the holocaust, right bro? That's not cool…[View]
114049741How do I get an Australian bf?[View]
114042692Would you rather live in Spain or Canada? On the one hand Spain is in the Schengen area, has a very …[View]
114049574>10°C outdoors, everything is grey >23°C indoors, all lights on >wear your warmest sweater …[View]
114045822Why are they so narrow-minded, sadistic and power-hungry? Is it the genes or the culture, what do yo…[View]
114045813my country is useless, we dont have any patriotism except for football matches and 60% of the countr…[View]
114040077Literally EVERYONE behind these two flags is a chink. It's honestly sad and pathetic. The futur…[View]
114046875Why are Italian soys so terrefied of the tall BLACK BVLL[View]
114047794Do you know how to use chopsticks in true way?[View]
114046924Japan - Korea - Lithuania: We have the same destiny We have the super high sucide rate, Working tim…[View]
114047998What shall be done about the g*Rman problem? These alemannic abortions seem to think they're pe…[View]
114047587Is this sign ok in your country?[View]
114043101Please come to rural Queensland, Australia and fuck our women[View]
114049326French tranny Alizee fucked by American singer: Kanye west is now gay and Alizee have a small penis.…[View]
114048911Is it true that /brit/ are full of asian women?: I go in britain soon.[View]
114033124/lat/: Hilo latino anti CHICANOS[View]
114028850averga MED couple in 2019[View]
114039469Please buy a Mercedes you asshole[View]
114048843Are people scared of each other in your country?[View]
114043295How /int/ernational are your Tinder matches? I never match with anyone, but some of the girls I see…[View]
114038654Do you love Japan?[View]
114049144Are you excited for the El Prisas movie in your country[View]
114044960Yes you are white. Get over it.[View]
114045902Yes, this country belongs to pacific islands. Yes, we are swarthy.[View]
114048377>come have a snack with us, bro[View]
114044047/deutsch/ Balkanausgabe für Zigeunervolk[View]
114047511>people love japan now: what happened[View]
114048498Who is this guy?[View]
114044891Please come to Estonia and carry our women[View]
114043764>Americans give their kids dumbass names like Track and Trig[View]
114047034cringefat: cringefat[View]
114043099Are they Nordic?[View]
114048654Sokrates was a 100% pure polish ancient philosopher[View]
114037741ITT post a map of your country on an administrative level[View]
114043245Sverigetråden - Sverige > Finland upplagan[View]
114046964Soros kids are destroying Churches and universities in Chile For some (((obscure))) reason they are …[View]
114046008Is this the comfiest place to live in the US?: Comfy trees, Comfy ocean[View]
114037963/sag x desi/ - Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai edition: General for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Welcome: Russia, …[View]
114048436Italian women are perfect: Priscilla Se Bastasse Una Canzone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5oMo8…[View]
114048802How long until Hong Kong is kill?: >As Reuters described it, 'hundreds of young people dressed in…[View]
114047977What happens here?[View]
114042924Highschool boy took almost 100 ourses in high school: He wanted to try 'a bit of everything'. https:…[View]
114048169Kirov reporting![View]
114045988tea of kofe?[View]
114048159>Miss me yet? I do ;_;[View]
114047169I wish I was fucking dead[View]
114039420Is it true that only these two areas are where the stereotypical street shitting and dead body river…[View]
114043527Please come to South Korea and fuck our women[View]
114045697/brit/: The Hierarchy edition[View]
114047001Woah... Turkish girls look like this???[View]
114041359/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/balt/: Ocвoбoдитeлeй издaниe[View]
114043938What country has the cutest boys, /int/? I will probably go on a holiday overseas next year and want…[View]
114047508Okay fuck it i'll stay until December 31st, it's only in 47 days: Then I will leave this w…[View]
114046148>Americans put marshmallows in hot cocoa[View]
114047492I identify as an MOORISH BVLL[View]
114047447Please come to Japan, their woman will fuck you.[View]
114047483>Europe >European people[View]
114044812Finnish TV set ups a 'blind date' series: https://www.iltalehti.fi/tv-ja-leffat/a/025ac26c-bce3-4587…[View]
114039640WORK WORK WORK Already one hour in it, 10 more to go. Are you in work? How can someone become a NEE…[View]
114045741not gonna lie kinda wish I was a Jew[View]
114040391>could take over all of britain if we wanted[View]
114045190Pokemon: One of my warmest childhood memories.[View]
114043275Why turk kill armenians when both look like the same race?[View]
114046610I welcome italo-americans that come back home and get citizenship You belong here brothers[View]
114045561Everyone in Krautchan wants to have sex with kids[View]
114046025Westerners be like >Omg this mustard is too hot[View]
114045434I have incurable cro magnon fetish. I try to be attracted to other men but I always end up going bac…[View]
114046994in conclusion, this guy is the flag of this board.[View]
114046298I wish the pound would go back to being nearly 1:1. It made buying stuff off of Ebay so much cheaper…[View]
114046836I must visit finland and sweden one day[View]
114039207Why do y'all keep postin this old white dude?[View]
114046922any turks here? imma kick your ass[View]
114046296What is the point of living ?: For what do you live every day?[View]
114045280>who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my summer house? what do you mean you're liv…[View]
114046171Goodbye for all eternity.: This is Shahar. This is my last thread ever on this websIte Goodbye for …[View]
114041588New Zealand is just Australia but less interesting.[View]
114046181Alright lets do this. Fuck marry kill Abrahamic editon[View]
1140444291. Vagena 2. do you hate your country flag yes[View]
114045995Fuck incels, fuck limp dicks, long live lard hogs.[View]
114046229What country is this?[View]
114041004What do you think about Korea: Do not mention Plastic Gook Kin jung eun Dog eat Kimchi[View]
114037999Did /int/ ever find out who she is? >tfw no Minnesotan gf[View]
114044434TVRK BVLL showing food to starving arm*nian children 1915[View]
114040352>yellow based >green cringe >blue jewish slaves…[View]
114046279>That Russian Jew who always post anti-nazi stuff, hates Russia and always shows when somebody sh…[View]
114026196/polska/: edycja absolutnego stanu mojego zycia[View]
114045537Im a dumb Europeon and i want to learn more about Mexico educate me[View]
114045286Czechia: Is Czechia culturally speaking more Germanic or Slavic like their ethnicity?[View]
114043541*breathes in*[View]
114040120The heck with it, I am leaving today, goodbye for all eternity.: My name is Shahar. I am a straight,…[View]
114041599This is how local naberezhnaya looks like in my town. R8 m8s)))[View]
114043552/brit/: the sands of time edition[View]
114045437>47% of Americans don't know what soup is[View]
114045493>Why yes, every time I see someone posting an anime character I have an urge to grab them by thei…[View]
114045048Which of these cunts do you trust more?[View]
114037839Have you found love of your life, /int/?[View]
114044760Japanese boys can't be cut-: https://youtu.be/jWFv4RsTom8[View]
114044441Which country do you hate the worst? And why is it Japan?[View]
114040706How do I know which of my memories are real and which are fake?[View]
114045163>wake up >still in Brazil[View]
114044472>japanese video games[View]
114044874You wake up in Mapuche communist Chile[View]
114043106Post Your Weekly Schedule: As of right now, even if it will change, what is your typical week like? …[View]
114039179>ywn ride your schizomobile through US suburbs and citys it‘s a shame[View]
114044880What is this image trying to convey?[View]
114043647What cunt has the best looking phenotypes, /int/? I propose a contest[View]
114044339Would the Canadian and Québécois governments mind if I travelled to Québec and founded a city called…[View]
114043364Japanese girls are not only super cute, but also well educated, sophisticated, brave. Having one of …[View]
114044271SUPER POWER STARTED: INVASION OF UAE: There are 1.5 billion indians in india. 6 million in USA 4 mil…[View]
114038821Free Jefferson: Do people in your country support a Free Jefferson? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Je…[View]
114044622Mfw I realize that London is the European Buenos Aires[View]
114044540my brick wall[View]
114043244Living in slavic paradise: The Czech Republic is the most atheist country in the world, with less th…[View]
114044421Americans be like 'this foreskin too spicy'[View]
114040144>tfw my 15 y/o cousin successfully scammed a Briton £100 Now we can have extra to buy rice and br…[View]
114042862The only thing the British ever did wrong was decolonizing[View]
114043272Extremely based: Post based countries ITT[View]
114039490>get sick >american tells me to get vitamin C how can this retard advise me on health when he …[View]
114043706Which countries do you actively hope will fail?[View]
114043571>hey bro what race are you >'all of them'…[View]
114035678which one are you?[View]
1140441583 vodka and oranges and I only feel a bit tipsy. God I wish I wasn't so tall and robust.[View]
114039071Korean man vs Japanese man[View]
114042502why can't europeans build airplanes?[View]
114040435The only based Christians were Arians and the only based Muslims were Qarmatians.[View]
114043593ITT: we compliment our Queen[View]
114035999Do you want to find love in Yamato(Japan)? >flag >yes…[View]
114040497Why do Russians like cats so much?[View]
114022699/mämmi/: Herra Hakkarainen-painos[View]
114030164/nachtschicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/: /nachtschicht/ - Medigl Dedegtivs läuft gerade auf VOX Ausgabe…[View]
114043366Please come to Taiwan and fuck our women[View]
114038675>Anglos were Danish settlers >Normans were originally Danish >Franks originated from Belgiu…[View]
114043156>you can walk from Russia to the Americas[View]
114041974/brit/: Scopas (c. 395 BC – 350 BC)[View]
114040383I have a question for ours muslim friends: So, lately I have meet a muslim lady. She has hots for m…[View]
114040918stop doing that French people its disgusting[View]
114043730I got a pink eye[View]
114041564Is diablo 2 still famous in your country?[View]
114042245What phenotype gigachad is?[View]
114041941If actual aliens (about 80-90k of them) landed in your country and said they fled their homeworld du…[View]
114041811whenever you see pics like this, doesn't it make you wonder how this peasant can afford to feed…[View]
114042995>wake up >e*stern 'europe' is still not a nuclear wasteland yet…[View]
114043261I'm done playing the game.: 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲ 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 ▲󠛡 ▲ ▼󠛡 ▼󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡▼󠛡 …[View]
114042155If Turks have Asian genes, where are their chinky girls like this?[View]
114042560you are my tomodachi[View]
114034696american girls really are top tier[View]
114039544Which country has the most furries?[View]
114037774god i hate these racist assholes[View]
114040973What are finns, sami nordid mutts?[View]
114036945Post your favourite Japanese person[View]
114042795Please come to Belgium and fuck our women[View]
114042690For me it's ...[View]
1140427601. country 2. have you ever paid money for a video game? 1. flag 2. no[View]
114036842Let's have one of these threads: >Most beautiful language >Ugliest language >Manliest …[View]
114032592/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição de celebração do retorno do brchan e do 1500chan Temas do fio: htt…[View]
114042664>''you should treat me with respect, i'm older than you!!''…[View]
114041441What was your favorite GTA game?: Mine was Vice City. Playing it I felt like a chad living in 80…[View]
114040821A thought experiment: You know this girl from school. She is a first generation Chinese immigrant an…[View]
114040869my new fren, so cute[View]
114038589>women are so awful he falls in love with a pigeon Is he based or cringe?…[View]
114038908Is Japan chan gonna be ok?[View]
114038783is this site good for learning English?[View]
1140408631. Your country 2. Can you get kicked out of your apartment for reporting your landlord to the city …[View]
114041215Why are finns obssessed about these fictional creatures?[View]
114042344What is your language's equivalent to the word 'queue'[View]
114042312I emailed the Lost Media wiki people and they never responded.[View]
114040438/brit/: Ralph Rumney (1934 – 2002)[View]
114037861imagine being a protestant cuck[View]
114041027I want to fuck my qt President so bad[View]
114041889>his ''country'' doesnt have a single F1 champion lmao eat our dust losers…[View]
114039753>australians would rather play with 300 ping in american servers than hang out with asians in SEA…[View]
114042015>your cunt >do you prefer your 3dpds girly of tomboyish…[View]
114042125I made this.[View]
114040595Why do American women love raping little boys?[View]
114040630Why are they so evil?: They genocided 6 million innocent Jews, and some hundred thousands innocent g…[View]
114041949why do finns all look the same also, on an unrelated note, is it possible to join the finnish army a…[View]
114039780Have a pin.[View]
114041388>tfw you will never enjoy the paradise that was the early 2000s/late 90s Western Europe/America …[View]
114040245Do you love Korean style hotdog?[View]
114039009Do you have your radio license yet, /int/? Do you know Morse code?[View]
114037573What phenotype is this[View]
114033200why is the London skyline so ugly[View]
114041321What phenotype is this?[View]
114040827Why Vietnam never lose war?[View]
114037580>”this is how all girls will look in 100 years” Wtf America[View]
114019103/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Becёлoгo нacтpoeния тpeд Пpeдыдyщий >>114010614[View]
114040568Racing Club : BOCA LA CONCHA DE TU MADRE!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBRgIKXEUGU[View]
114040329Are Han Chinese the worst Chinese?[View]
114039453>Beatrice is that you[View]
114035538Mexico is a failed state[View]
114040373are the euro fag posting hours over yet?[View]
114040649The Cantonese are the best Chinese. Prove me wrong. >most creative (Hong Kong's entertainmen…[View]
114025512Sverigetråden - Lulligupplagan[View]
114021181/fr/ - francofil: Édition Vous êtes tous diamants Ancien: >>114010085[View]
114037587you honest thoughts on Germany?[View]
114039253Will you bring a child into this world? If so how will you reconcile with the fact you're bring…[View]
114040645how come lots of chinese people use the phrase 'upgrade yourself'?[View]
114038946Have Sex[View]
114037485third world check: do you have, - tap water? (that you can drink) - automatic heating? - friends? - …[View]
114040622>光復香港 時代革命[View]
114040487There is nothing worse than normies on instagram reposting venice flooding pics as if it was some br…[View]
114035267WTF Bolivia is based now[View]
114040607USA is livable for the weak people[View]
114037602>your cunt >when is the last time you left your house? Flag It has been a few months, only lea…[View]
114038543The air quality in Tokyo is so clean.: I envy the clear sky.[View]
114032855Cringe or based?[View]
114039506Anyone? ▲ ▲▲[View]
114039929Look what you did /int/ Greta is mad Pay your cunts carbon credits or face the consequences[View]
114038474/brit/: Temple of Aphaea edition[View]
114038103Indonesia girls thread[View]
114040278Everyday I pee on banana trees that exports to japan japs are literally drinking my pee[View]
114037735DO you love Taiwan?[View]
114039865Why do Americans like having lawn? They could build a second house with that grass space instead.[View]
114038967how old were you when you realized sour candy is superior to chocolate/sweets?[View]
114036861>only just started working at a new job >my coworkers already sees me as an autistic creep I s…[View]
114040065>women are totally oppressed bro[View]
114039917>Japs sleep on the floor like fucking cattle[View]
114035989I keep seeing this cute girl eating alone at the university cafeteria. Will I be arrested if I try …[View]
114040088>What? I’m not a pedo bro >Anyway that would be ephebophilia...…[View]
114040057How do we get rid of latams diversity problem? Should amerindians be sent to asia and whites to euro…[View]
114039487Would unironically rather import the entire populations of these countries into the American Southwe…[View]
114027946/mena/ Middle East North Africa: Giraffe edition So how is it going today?[View]
114036287Chicanos how poor is the mexican state you come from? The state I come from is in dark orange. 60%-7…[View]
114031758Is authentic Chinese food common in your cunt? And what is the localized Chinese food like? Here in …[View]
114039930This is what I'd do to you if I'd meet anyone of you faggots irl. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
114035389The Devil finds work in idle hands..[View]
114039886Die Bernds sind hier: https://krautplausch.hopto.org/index.php?room=b&lang=de[View]
114035205This board is literally just Reddit if it were on 4chan.[View]
114039806how do i get a cute english gf?[View]
114038558Fuck, golden retrievers are soo cute[View]
114038945Disney is pedo: 17 people were busted in a child pornography sting in Florida. 2 of them were Disney…[View]
114039632Why is miami so degenerate? And florida in general i guess[View]
114039138If you do not look like this you deserve genocide[View]
114039685How normal is this in your country?[View]
114036973Hey /int/! You're cute![View]
114039639Are you open to the idea of finding love in the United States of America? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
114038221What do Japanese girls think of Italian boys?[View]
114039123i am not saying it again!! i am NOT A VIRGIN!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
114038939illegalMexican#0395: >a group of obvious robbers are always in the backyard around 2 AM talking i…[View]
114039440ITT: We trigger Americans[View]
114038842What do the French and German think of each other?[View]
114039337From today's March on Athens[View]
114036373I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
114038534>be korean >scared of electric fans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_death…[View]
114039276Single moms: What is the best country in the world to be a single mom at? I don't know why this…[View]
114037981/afg/: Daily Afghan general Land of lions edition welcome: most people not welcome: the Belgian drug…[View]
114037657Are calendars with girls allowed in your country? In sweden they are not.[View]
114038540Help me /int/ friends !: Doctors A. (treating) Nelson mandela B(waited to) perform the endoscopic su…[View]
114015629Russian! What a fucking language! The absolute precision and sonority equalled by no other tongue in…[View]
114022285Is this a warcrime?[View]
114039083- 난도 (難度) - 난이도 (難易度) 난이도 (難易度) 가 높다 (高) X 난도 (難度) 가 높다 (高) O 고난이도(高難易度) X 고난도(高難度) O 수준(水準)이 높다(高) …[View]
114038362>thats life >thats what all the people say…[View]
114038662Has Japan sent the Yakuza after this guy already?[View]
114038780Why are bongs so ugly and think winter weather is steaming hot?[View]
114038451>ywn have a European gf[View]
114035253Did boomers and modernists destroy the architecture of your cunt? >Leaf >Utterly destroyed eve…[View]
114036856/brit/: Australian artist Sir Sidney Robert Nolan (1917 – 1992) edition[View]
114038274Do you get these questions on job applications in your country?[View]
114036457>mfw a boomer/millennial makes a post what are you doing on this website, grandpa?…[View]
114038729hello russian people what is it like to live in omsk[View]
114036451There should be a country where women show their pussy: There should be a country where women show t…[View]
114035477what are your thoughts on the USA/israel/saudi arabia alliance?[View]
114038688>Do you love Japan?[View]
114038229I hate third worlders for being subhuman filth, but I also hate first worlders for being smug cunts …[View]
114037936Are Vietnamese considered East or Southeast Asians? Vietnam is geographically Southeast Asian, but c…[View]
114037018How are latinos depicted in your country's media?[View]
114038334Why is there no other countries with better or similar gun rights as America?[View]
114038212/balk/: Post hands edition[View]
114038647What's up with Italy and ducks?[View]
114037402>Pinochet murder thousands after Allende nationalize US owned copper mine and give them back to p…[View]
114038630please rise for the national anthem of Italy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U-xsosv6uM0[View]
114038273>mfw when the Queen eventually passes away, she will be mourned by the whole world because of how…[View]
114035910>Hey, pretty lady. >Sup. >Why are you seeing my messages and not replying? >If you don’t…[View]
114035801Why didn't Arabs colonize Africa?[View]
114035523so are you Chinese or Japanese?[View]
11403757847 days till India becomes a superpower. Have you accepted your new curry overlords?[View]
114038449poo lol[View]
114037322come back..[View]
114037254Brexit means brexit[View]
114036667Jomon or Yayoi?[View]
114034741Now that the dust has settled, were they the good guys all along? Without the Soviet Union every cou…[View]
114034184What country has the strongest women?[View]
114034751are they nice irl?[View]
114032295Why are Caribbean Latinas so god tier? I see so many of them in New York and Pennsylvania and their …[View]
114035950Do people have to work multiple jobs to get by in your country?[View]
114037792Tamil is the best language. It's amazing how it manages to be a complex, feature-rich language …[View]
114035528How is the military treated in your cunt?[View]
114030896Do Americans really?[View]
114034422Is it true that in some countries moms don't kiss their sons in the mouth?[View]
114033789London is very aesthetic, the Buenos Aires of Europe.[View]
114010496Desktop bread[View]
114038050Post elbows. I won't start.[View]
114037983>non-amazon shopper detected >releasing attack drones…[View]
114038015How do you say 'enema' in your language, /int/?[View]
114035308Why black people have white hands?[View]
114035866post beautiful picture from your country.[View]
114031779when the song 'Otherside' starts playing I usually skip it, especially because the intro makes it so…[View]
114033594My country is so based[View]
114037904Korean are obese: Of course, Japanese are obese too! Female 15 years Japan157.1cm51.6kg Vietnam150.0…[View]
114033733I wish I was born a Filipino.[View]
114036645You wake up in Baku.[View]
114034252a new and improved American race is coming[View]
114035815>he has two living, married parents[View]
114037226do latins like Futurama as much as The Simpsons?[View]
114035414I want a swiss gf How do I got about dating one?[View]
114037381Do you do nammyohorengekyo?[View]
114036300Anglo woman is so beautiful and sexy...[View]
114029012How long would it take to learn each of the Romance languages if you already know English and Latin?…[View]
114037397Please get me out of the nightmarish hellscape[View]
114037363>This tiny house is so comfy, I could totally live there >No dude the composting toilet is fin…[View]
114036968With the population and inequality growing day after day, how will the favelas of the future look li…[View]
114033544Post nightmare fuel[View]
114031060US State Dept. has begun financing the transculturation of the Bolivian nation. First step is conver…[View]
1140249821. country 2. favorite comedy show finland SEINFELD[View]
114036672>why yes i am interested in Russian culture and history how could you tell?…[View]
114036920are commieblocks comfy?[View]
114035535/brit/: Charles II edition[View]
114037109Do Americans really?[View]
114036608Do you still own a black-and-white TV, /int/? Thousands of people in the UK do: >6,000 UK homes s…[View]
114036995why are brazilians like this?[View]
114034968I guy with a 'brazilian jiu jitsu' shirt started to poke me on the street. I got a bottle from the t…[View]
114036823do you suffer from depression in your country? I do suffer from depression due to not having any fri…[View]
114027247It is what it is.[View]
114035940>光復香港 時代革命[View]
114005142/med/: Irene edition[View]
114035491When will the world recognize that we live in a system of global apartheid?[View]
114032896What's my phenotype?: Would I pass for a local in your country?[View]
114036886Is australia base or cringe? Do you like Australia?[View]
114033284I wanna shoot the niggers who wrote this language Do they also use it in your country?[View]
114036717Is it true that Indian men who harass women online are only seen as creepy because they’re dark and …[View]
114035603When did you realize mutts are superior?: For me, it's when I first came in contact with these …[View]
114034754>Americans be like >it's a pistol now…[View]
114035011Which language is the most based?[View]
114024037Post your cunt's mail trucks[View]
114034996Really makes you think[View]
114036054According to official sources, 6% of the population of Uruguay live in favelas (6% of the total Urug…[View]
114035186Is he jomon?[View]
114036016never in history has Canada lost a war[View]
114035792Why do Europeans like Fifa so much?[View]
114010966Show the most American image in folder[View]
114034803Paris... Home.[View]
114033995>Alabama, Arkansas I do love my Ma and Pa Not the way that I do love you Well, holy moly me oh my…[View]
114034050l like his music[View]
114033713Do Australians really do this?[View]
114035483This Seethes Europoids: >Russians aren't Asian[View]
114034467Just my grandpa with my two little luv bugs! So glad they met their veteran gramps before anything h…[View]
114035606>tfw KC is gone forever Germany.. why did you do this to me.[View]
114033177greece: what went wrong?[View]
114032618/brit/: Dave has gone absolutely loco he's lashing out at everyone left and right! Reply to thi…[View]
114028267Québécois French: What do normal French think of this dialect?[View]
114034317Do you want to find love in Hakodate, Japan?[View]
114034641Did you notice that half of /int/ is gay? And that the other half is pedo?[View]
114035441Serious thread where Casey at[View]
114034839>why yes I do believe that I deserve everything handed to me because I’m a white male and my desi…[View]
114031080g'day mate, throw another shrimp on the barbie[View]
114032569한국어 공부 스레드: Korean study thread[View]
114032643What country do you hate: >hardmode no Isreal[View]
114035239tfw gained 1kg[View]
114035208El dieciocho de julio en el patio de un convento el pueblo madrileño fundó el quinto regimiento. And…[View]
114033758I’m sad that Barack Obama came to my town today and I didn’t have a chance to visit. https://www.the…[View]
114031757What was the biggest chimpout in your country's history?: Basically, what was the biggest incid…[View]
114034143Latinx and white roasties can not compete. They should just kill themselves.[View]
114031784Why are you guys so mean?[View]
114033926Open mouth man = funny Grey man = funny[View]
114033652Seriously, what the fuck happens here[View]
114033136Do you smoke /int/? I smoked marlboro reds during my internship back then[View]
114029027This is the greatest leader in world history[View]
114027704you wake up in pangea[View]
114034453surrounded but not broken[View]
113995779/danmarktråden/: Vi sprang lige en dag over udgaven[View]
114029854What do Brits think of Aus and NZ? Do you have a favourite? We're the favourite, right?[View]
114025114What do you call this in you're cunt? We call it Dievo Dovana[View]
114034545I don't mind euro flags insults when posting on the evening because it's the middle of the…[View]
114033410The macaco man is a gentleman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM7WIyihaz0[View]
114022523What phenotype is this and why is it so common in Poland?[View]
114034656i'm so, so happy. does this happen in your cunt?[View]
114032619Islam is literally just Manichaeism[View]
114034492Why is it that only european cities have SOUL?[View]
114034429>be me, chink born in australia >hong kong protests start >parents book holiday there expec…[View]
114034312I just noticed that I spent 15 minutes typing a reply to a post, that isnt so long to take that much…[View]
114032968Is this considered normal attire for american cheerleaders?[View]
114025376Haha imagine going to Venezuela and walking around the streets, when you suddenly get knocked out an…[View]
114030323>tfw eu estou aprendendo huehue >tfw postando merda in 55chan usando google translate >tfw …[View]
114032798What’s your rent?[View]
114030347Is this movie an accurate representation of brazil?[View]
114034092I wish I was born in some Native American or Pacific Island/New Zealand tribe 500 years ago. I can’t…[View]
114031783in old movies, they got spics to play italians and vice versa and nobody could tell the difference. …[View]
114034166>renault commercial >it’s a lesbian love story https://youtu.be/3ABz3rTcwcg why are the french…[View]
114034115Why are Americans and Brits the only ones with good comedy?: My country is a eternal shithole, but e…[View]
114033377>Sex? Never heard of it[View]
114030732*boing* *boing* *boing*[View]
114019612/balk/: eдицијa: дa живee кoмyнизмo cтap>>114007870[View]
114022959Almost 3 weeks of being 'NEET'(I'm only working weekends). This is shit. Why would anyone enjoy…[View]
114034039Hungarians look like THAT?[View]
114034111London is very aesthetic, the Buenos Aires of Europe.[View]
114033906Filipino niggas be like 'my name is Jorge Mario Santa María Domínguez Rodríguez López de la Tri…[View]
114032053>your country >what rating would you give her? brazil 10/10…[View]
114030637take the beardpill[View]
114031815>oh shit tyler drank a whole six pack of light beer! we better get him to hospital before he dies…[View]
114032611/brit/: Ringsend, the Compton of Europe https://youtu.be/8PMK9wbWQlY[View]
11403397010/10 if she is going to Sweden with a mulato in her womb impregnated by a nig*er from NY[View]
114031565do you love japan?[View]
114031071What are your thoughts on /int/ernational love?[View]
114032546This pretending to like Lula joke is getting out of hand. I get it, the meme was funny for a day or …[View]
114031471Syrian in Toronto, ama: Hi, my name is Mohammad. I am Syrian and from Aleppo. I’m currently residing…[View]
114033753>Beatrice are you there?[View]
114032287>If you try to be a good Samaritan in China you get fined[View]
114032829why does 23andme group Greek and Balkan together? Are Greeks and all other Balkans really so genetic…[View]
114017016/nederdraad/: Kapitein Koekeditie[View]
114031936Goodnight /int/. This is the closest I have to a picture of gigachad sleepinf[View]
114033239answer me cocksuckers: why is the board ok with me until i say im italian[View]
114031355Poo in the loo.[View]
114023606What does Spain think of its diaspora?: What do Spaniards think of mestizos, castizos and criollos b…[View]
114032227Had a really rough day. Can we post some Ayas?[View]
114032023A French student who was attending university for free (300euro annual fees) set himself in fire bec…[View]
114032851Hilo /lat/: Edicion TOROS CARIBEÑOS[View]
114027554why are so many losers obsessed with japan? the people are ugly & the country is racist and suck…[View]
114032957Do you want to find affection in Japan?[View]
114026723Why sharts[View]
114030544What's the richest school in your country?[View]
114033336Is the Graham Norton Show popular in ur cuntry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v…[View]
114030096How do you call this in your country?[View]
114029746>Tempo di cottura 6 minuti Why are italians such liars ? It's usually the double and I like …[View]
114031763/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ /mämmi/ /egy/ /ita/ - il filo /balk/ /v4/ …[View]
114012746/lat/: HILO LATINO ANTI CHICANOS[View]
114032871This is the best picture I saw in this year: So mysterious and paradoxical I really love this one…[View]
114025290do white people....[View]
114032849Venice isn't gonna make it, guys: Hope you all got to see it when you had the chance.[View]
114032892who are your countries most most respected jews? leonard cohen was one of canada's best folk mu…[View]
114033056>光復香港 時代革命[View]
114032960Who has TDS here ? The idea that this retard can launch at anytime a nuclear launch to avoid jail ti…[View]
114030988This pretending to like Lula joke is getting out of hand. I get it, the meme was funny for a day or …[View]
114030963/brit/: pint gf edition[View]
114032868Does your country also have gerrymandering?[View]
114032821Is it an islamic shithole?[View]
114032206do they really?[View]
114031808>cunt > what would you do if you were shrunk to an inch tall after reading this post? >what…[View]
114032222ukraine must apologize[View]
114032648>find out Nippon means Japan in japanese >realise that's why we call them nips i thought …[View]
114030190Did they really do THAT?[View]
114029385What is China's claim for this area based on?[View]
114032584This pretending to like Lula joke is getting out of hand. I get it, the meme was funny for a day or …[View]
114032595I am half Portuguese half french but I have a french first name and last name I am more french than …[View]
114026864Is this accurate?[View]
114027698>4channel closes forever Wyd?[View]
114031482Guess where i from :)[View]
114029428>the only place worth visiting in England is London >the only place worth visiting in Scotland…[View]
114032488ITT: We wish Greta fair winds and safe passage through the treacherous Atlantic November waves: Toda…[View]
114025839/v4/ + friends: Road salt edition[View]
114030855*breathes in*[View]
114030592EVO FOREVER[View]
1140312991.country 2.do you have a lovely partner? flag l do.[View]
113986104/luso/ fio lusófono: fio dedicado aos heróis sul americanos[View]
114032066Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114029390>board for international discussion >half the threads are generals for specific nationalities …[View]
114030408The Great Debate[View]
114006804>NOOOO Hong Kong should be independent and be governed by democracy and esteem human rights!!!! …[View]
114032176Korean are obese: Of course, Japanese are obese too! Female 15 years Japan157.1cm51.6kg Vietnam150.0…[View]
114028239Would you ever consider betraying your race, shaming your family and disgracing your heritage by mar…[View]
114031986Were the yaoi of tungid mongoloid stock? http://humanphenotypes.net/basic/Tungid.html[View]
114031874God l like this man so much.[View]
113946554/flag/ + /extraflags/: hilo latino edition Previously on /flag/ >>113855554 Welcome to /extraf…[View]
114031786fox and the grapes russia and a good economy proofs? just see how a russian posters react whenever e…[View]
114031470Average Japanese girl[View]
114029510Praesidens meus semper erit![View]
114031684Why is NIPPON so based?[View]
114031647Why do eastern euros sound like metro sexuals when they speak english[View]
114031500are australians just kiwis, the same way that russians are basically just ukrainians and germans are…[View]
114030417Today I taught a Chinese girl who recently came here how to search for porn on the internet and she …[View]
114031085why is he so hawtttttt: is this normal in germany? are most germans blue eyed? t.ausländer[View]
114019997Hands of /int/: ITT: We post our hands. I start.[View]
114029342I'm in the second floor of a bus xd[View]
114030080sorry ;)[View]
114030939>Roman Empire? Meh, I'll pass. Hittite Empire? Now that's my shit right there.…[View]
114031387My ancestor :)[View]
114026404no more brother wars[View]
114031373wai jɛs, ai ɹait ɒl mai ʃJtpoʊst͡s əksluːsivliː juːsiŋ ðə Jntənæʃənəl foʊnɛtJk ælfəbɛt, wɒt geiv Jt …[View]
114030699Since when has america been using British buses?[View]
114027826Was this really how Aztecs reacted to seeing their first Spanish dick?[View]
114031331>'Iranians are Arabs! They have nothing to do with Caucasia-'[View]
114028981Where is kohl's now?[View]
114016538Reading about the history of Portugal is pretty fucking based. They went from being basically nothin…[View]
114031230Well yes, i do use trip code what gave it away?[View]
114030291>go to pron site >see all the lucky bastards getting sum and me getting nothing >realize th…[View]
114029488anon, I want you to marry me, yet you should know.. I’m going to become a h-heavy weight sumo wrestl…[View]
114030715we play mario kart in america but with something different instead of banana[View]
114029066/brit/: Hips & Thighs edish[View]
114030951holy shit, I found the most American man of all time[View]
114030929>I don't know what's the point of this, but it's Soyak rules so I will have to ann…[View]
114030909>world giving index Why isn’t your country more giving, anon? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wor…[View]
114021484/int/ Anime: >Age >Cunt >What is the last Anime you finished >What Anime are you current…[View]
114024700Do euros really kiss each other to say hello?[View]
114025238What comes to mind when you see our flag? I think of freedom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn6MnY…[View]
114019338Is Germany as good as people say? When people think about Germany, they think it's the land of …[View]
114030568hey, ex upside down lander here ( australia ). question: anyone remember about 10 years ago a commer…[View]
114030116I love you all fags here The best part is that we don't know each other[View]
113973497DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2283: DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for かわいい天使 interested …[View]
114024694>Do you love japan?[View]
114028858Europe is my country.[View]
114025325Türk kadar güçlüdür: >Study turkish history >Travel to Turkey >It's fucking awesome …[View]
114029298let's find similar language!! ・Italian, French, and Spanish ・Japanese and Korean what else?[View]
114030249Your country? Do you know about the CHF? Is the Calamari Flan the CHF of the Star Wars universe?[View]
114022911/deutsch/: sneed[View]
114030145rank these places from most dangerous to safest 1. Santiago de Chile 2. Hong Kong 3. Catalonia[View]
114029736I'm going to a giant 24 hour Tesco shortly to get some milk. Realise I'm mildly excited at…[View]
114030129Germany, is your internet iffy right now? >>>/g/73564299 >Since ~8 hourse many german us…[View]
114028032This place received 95% of europeans that came to Brazil. There are almost 0 chances that someone fr…[View]
114029920Just bought this, please r8 and subscrive; also what happened to the kc?[View]
114027274>it's already dark in europe and the east coast do they really?[View]
114026656How come they are not protesting that a tyrant like Evo has been granted asylum in their country?[View]
114028327I am french[View]
114026932I'll die without knowing how does having a gf feels like[View]
114029842>Alexa, play China Girl by David Bowie[View]
114029603La République nous appelle, Sachons vaincre ou sachons périr! Un Français doit vivre pour elle, Pour…[View]
114029682Why yes, I do spellcheck a word and then go back and delete the capitalized letters to make myself l…[View]
114029470International Musical Kino: Use the following as examples to post your own. Belgium https://youtu.be…[View]
114029347How are people able to differentiate an east African from a western one? They all look the same[View]
114027603/brit/: Hindu demons edition[View]
114022488>So Anon, tell us something cool about your country![View]
114029286what ethnicity was Rákosi Mátyás the Hungarian politician?[View]
114021777The fuck I tought the Greeks were MED BVLLS not whitoids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhfgReRWjX…[View]
114029326I hit a referee again...[View]
1140291991. Your country 2. Empire or Stormcloaks? 3. Hlaalu, Telvanni or Redoran? Flag, neither, Redoran.[View]
114024841>hey, have you seen my buddy incel? he's a little bit shy[View]
114006332/éire/: eagrán juche[View]
114024065do americans?[View]
114028941the most famous scotsman of all time[View]
114028964are you basé? show me how basé you are[View]
114028164>tfw starting to dream and think in English I really need to start socializing with people in Fin…[View]
114014564/cum/: government issued gf edition[View]
114011097So now that Chile has gone down the toilet...: Is Uruguay the only functioning country in Latin Amer…[View]
114028555한국어: 오늘도 혼술 에디션[View]
113995700/skandi/: Fröudgaven[View]
114022369To oriental and hispanic guys, do you love white European/American white blondies?[View]
114027116>Ameriniggas be like oh damn i drove for 10 minutes and now i'm in the BLACKED.COM™ studios …[View]
114023873Do they really?[View]
114026944>Sir..... Your child, it has brown eyes How would you respond?[View]
114026807PIZZA: 1.you are cute 2.what do u think of /ita/ly?[View]
114023690and i'm wonder: Is Russian accent as disgusting as Indian to you?[View]
1140285781. You're a cunt 2. Cuckvilization? Flag That's a no from me[View]
114028368>It's Bahamas hertitage day at my uni >Avoid it for most of the day >Walk into the di…[View]
114028091I fucking love hybrid American girls. They always have the optimal mixes. The patrician mutts.[View]
114024231rate salvini's new waifu[View]
114012620/lat/: hilo latino edición del mestizaje benévolo[View]
114023332>Why yes, of course I'm Mexican. Thanks for asking.[View]
114022756is this common in your country?[View]
114022154Norwegian (Vietnamese) LoL player attempted suicide today. https://kenenthdawnix.blogspot.com/2019/…[View]
114022079TVRK BVLL showing food to starving arm*nian children 1915[View]
114028353Anyone remember this show? I think I saw it on SBS as a kid.[View]
114026889do people in your country look like this?[View]
114028189why are japanese women so aggressive to japanese men?[View]
114023269>wake up in the morning in sweden >walk to the balcony of your swedish apartment to enjoy the …[View]
114027938In 8th grade I punched this white kid in the mouth because he kicked my backpack. I expected him to …[View]
114027904>In your country, cannabis can be legally purchased over-the-counter but testosterone needs a pre…[View]
114027354This is the sexiest man alive[View]
114020354>every 250th american citizen is currently serving time in prison (not counting pre trial and pro…[View]
114027121Sometimes I think I'm the only German who has nothing against France, Poland and Denmark[View]
114026934>beautiful people >beautiful nature >99% white >whitest people in the world >country …[View]
114013317>Hungarian-Persian mutt born in Commiefornia >Larps as your steroleptypical New Yorker Italia…[View]
113992581/ro/ - firul nostru: Ediția Patriciului, marele distrugător de kohlchanuri. Precendent: https://desu…[View]
113999118/dixie/ — The South & Friends: wakie wakie[View]
114027733Why does Germany consider the age you stop being a youth as 35 for Canadians but 30 for everyone els…[View]
114027508Cunt Are you depressed? Flag Yes, I think I have been for 2 maybe 3 years now[View]
114023531how can we defeat chinese nihilism[View]
114026524Korean girls are obese!: Of course, Japanese girls are obese too! Female 15 years Japan157.1cm51.6kg…[View]
114027397Why do way baby’s hate baby boomers Also why are baby boomers extremely entitled while war baby’s s…[View]
114026805Can normies tell when someone's a virgin?[View]
114019747I just got my portugese passport. How can I use it to emigrate to a 1st world country where israelis…[View]
114017139Post the most Russian image saved in your folder >>114010966 this thread is fine so the janny …[View]
114026797Who else here is going to Tokyo to watch the Olympics: Are you hyped[View]
114022972>women from my country bad >women from other countries good >women from asia perfect…[View]
114027088While the Castillian accent was influenced by arabic,portuguese was influenced by suebi accent of vu…[View]
114016842Is there any ancient roman culture alive in italy today?[View]
113999467/ex-yu/: prošli >>113950887[View]
114026862Oh boy.[View]
114026665This country looks so depressing holy shit Russians of /int/ is russia a good place to live ?[View]
114023566yeah im thinkin he's based[View]
114024024Do koreans really...[View]
113996749kurva anyátok[View]
114026840Have you ever gone skinny dipping in your country or seen other people doing it? Where did you go an…[View]
114026811who your country fren? canada fren[View]
114026708its that time of the year[View]
114026785'Now, two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel One is the colors that fly high and …[View]
114005496/norgetråden/: Loddefjord utgaven Forrige: >>113979993[View]
114018885How many can you name? https://www.sporcle.com/games/g/europecapitals[View]
114026719It is 18h.[View]
114025102why japanese people hate blacks ?: >pic related >japanese students complained about black body…[View]
114015122Faces if /int/ It's me again[View]
114026500well: >fap >to lazy to clean up cum >go to sleep >my 5 sisters wake me up >still have…[View]
114026430>Breaking Benjamin >Starset >RED >Five Finger Death Punch >Nine Lashes >Disturbed…[View]
114026506>Mother Mary your children are slaughtered >Some of you mothers ought to lock up your daughter…[View]
114026309Redpill me on Canada: Also which state is the best to live in?[View]
114009257New civil war in Spain??: As you may know spain lived from 1936 to 1939 a terrible civil war, some p…[View]
114004710university thread >what are you studying? >how is it going? >how is your uni? >what are …[View]
114025358Average white women and average Asian women in Canada who do you choose ?[View]
114026043>hey Soyak, look into my eyes![View]
114020948What kind of porn /int/ fap?[View]
114026024/polska/: edycja duchów[View]
114015257/polska/: edycja anime[View]
114013563Oh no..[View]
114018678/brit/: men with ven -edish[View]
114020831What happens here, really?[View]
114024014>Holocaust Never happened. >Ukrainian Holodomor Never happened. No such thing as Ukrainians. …[View]
114025784could I pass as a local in your country[View]
114025570Rural Schweden is best Schweden[View]
114023261>be Chinese >go to work from the other side of the country to Shanghai, arrive in 5 minutes on…[View]
114022640Why n-no, I'm not Gigachad, w-what makes you think that?[View]
114025490Was Johnny Bravo the precursor to the chads?[View]
114017595/tr/: Coom edisyonu.[View]
114019525>all the jobs offers are under 2000 euro at month[View]
114023639Why do Europeans complain about being replaced when this whole situation could have been avoided if …[View]
114025275Damn, I just tried to eat a Kottu Roti with red curry sauce, nearly burned my mouth off, my stomach …[View]
114022956I wish my country accepted the German proposal and invaded the Jesus Christ of Europe together with …[View]
114025246>3 tickets for Sonic the Hedgehog please[View]
114025140what's her endgame?[View]
114022942malls shart coup d'état Taco Bell mass shootings school shootings free healthcare is communism …[View]
114017358How far back can you trace your family tree /int/?[View]
114023545Is there any ancient Egyptian culture alive in جمهورية مصر العربية?[View]
114022324My life is shit, I have no skills, friends, or goals. I feel like starting over fresh. What country …[View]
113991244香港をサポットしようとする日本人へ: この度、日本からの観光客が香港まで来て、デモ地区で写真まで撮るために来てくれるのに、なんどうちらの抗議者に攻撃されました。この場を差し置いで厚くお詫び申し上げます…[View]
114014219/MENA-مِنا/: Frens Edition[View]
114020323Do you support Germans invading /brit/?[View]
114019594I just finished watching all harem anime with an above 7/10 score on MAL, what do I do with my life …[View]
114020297is food cheap in usa compared to europe?[View]
114024609Do they really?[View]
114024326Do you want to find love in Ukraine?[View]
114015342/ita/ il Filo: Edizione: il resettone[View]
114017129Friendly reminder that wh*tes and ch*nks fear the power of TURANIC BULLS[View]
114023235When you shake someone's hand: And then you touch your penis without washing your hands first d…[View]
114007064/v4/ + friends: slap edition[View]
114024387Did you know Italy has B-E-A-R-S?[View]
1140242901. ur cunt 2. how much water do you use? flag around 3 cubic meters per month[View]
114021317Do amerisharts[View]
114024177Why do our schools do this to us? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXy84e4rpIw[View]
114021310The best thing about Brexit is that it brings the US closer to the EU countries.[View]
114023304What are the essential differences between the Trail of Tears, the Armenian genocide and the Vistula…[View]
114022491You wake up in the Poonited Smells of Poomerica[View]
114023911Land of the Free™[View]
114022306I wanna fucking die[View]
114023063Private recruit Gigachad sir Corporal sir![View]
114020796/brit/: Receiving IDC! Its /brit/ sir, opening the iris edition[View]
114022935>Brazilian woman is locked up in a basement and forced to work for free in human trafficking sche…[View]
114015627Japan is literally the perfect country.[View]
114022411Is this website legit? Looks kind of iffy to me. penpalworld.com Are there any similar platforms whe…[View]
114020994Convince me to give it another shot, /int/. They've been gathering dust on my shelf for months.…[View]
114018428Is there any ancient mesopotamian culture alive in iraq today?[View]
114019758Why do you hate T*rks, anon?[View]
114021618>one chance at life >born turk[View]
114023188What are the chances that the Hong Kong revolution end like the Hungarian Revolution?[View]
114021995>history Professor is an Italian immigrant >Before he starts the lesson about the rise of tol…[View]
114019176>chinese '''men'''[View]
114021244We are like the John Cena of the world.: We are supposed to be the Good guys, yet everybody despises…[View]
114015940which countries didn’t live up to your expectations?[View]
114017700Sverigetråden - Gretaupplagan[View]
114000590Had this for lunch today because I'm poor. What do poor people eat in your cunt?[View]
114019427Tell me your flaws bros: >manlet >17cm weiner >balding…[View]
114018737/bosnien/ früher /deutsch/: Balkanausgabe uezs[View]
114007969/mämmi/: Otto Manninen-painos[View]
114018259Planning to learn a third language: As a CS student, I'd like to learn a third language that ma…[View]
114021975>Hates all ethnicities except English, but especially French Canadian >Learns he's part W…[View]
114021968Perfect khaganate doesn't exi-[View]
114022237>Your cunt >Do you gamble?[View]
1140206161 country 2 How many times Los Estados Unidos made a coup in your country? Flag 1964[View]
114020404Hello comrades, please hold her for a while, she did a good job.[View]
114019907>I cried to this Minecraft music! So glad I grew up with Minecraft and not Fortnite. >'I'…[View]
114021440Pepsi or Coca-Cola anon?[View]
114020789Are french girls the most kinky and sexually liberated in the world? I think ouì[View]
114018283Together we stand. Can't wait for Defender-Europe 20 exercise with our american brothers in Bal…[View]
114021766>You came to the wrong county, Amerimutt[View]
114020510>Swedes are rich Stop this meme. Half of all Swedes earn less than $3200 per month. After taxes, …[View]
114017802>racemixing is ba- this is how the average latina mutt look[View]
114020668>'Why yes, I do use extra flags'[View]
114021806Was it based or cringe?[View]
114020981what are northern british girls like?[View]
114008687>I suffer in Africa[View]
1140003541. ur cunt 2. would u fug?[View]
113960879Culture Pals - /cp/: Fine specimen edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the worl…[View]
114020018I'm thinking about visiting, should I?[View]
114017209Why do the ex yugo countries look like turkey but cleaner and richer but Greece and Turkey look noth…[View]
114019105Your top 5 of your favorite/frequently visited sites My list: - goodreads - youtube - wikipedia - re…[View]
114020041What would /int/ rather have? Sleeping sickness, Kala-azar, Naegleriasis, or Rabies? They're a…[View]
114021004to all uninformed western losers: yesterday, on nov 13th, an uninformed western philistine tried to …[View]
114010085/fr/-le francophile: Édition: Antigone (2019) Ancien: >>113990235 https://youtu.be/GCBD-KVv6LI…[View]
114017283>Despite being only 5% of the world's population, white males represent 90% of cuckolds.…[View]
114018363Why do Swedes like to tan so much?: Fair, pale skin is usually a Nordic feature literally liked by e…[View]
114018301for some reason i really like turks[View]
114018926Is there any ancient carthaningian culture alive in tunisia today?[View]
114018663Is there any ancient berber culture alive in algeria today?[View]
114019531Why should we fight 'Climate change': When is the best thing that could ever happen to Europe,North …[View]
114018657/brit/: smoking edition shagging subedition[View]
114015856My mom refuses to talk to me :-([View]
114010883This is a lot more impressive than egyptian pyramids.[View]
114019414Is there any ancient median culture alive in kurdistan today?[View]
114017996> tfw just found out most of england looks like this And yet you still have the nerve to mock us …[View]
114008834why are europeans significantly more racist than americans?[View]
114018068How is my imitation of a mexican spekaing.: https://voca.ro/eXbQE8RmjX2 This is my imitation of a me…[View]
114004337Yet another coup. This time, Bolivia.[View]
114020298Orange County flag looks great[View]
114017795Sao Paulo city per capita PPP: 57,000 dollars. Portugal per capita PPP: 32,000 dollars. Same populat…[View]
114019938Is there any ancient bactrian culture alive in afghanistan today?[View]
114017287Just got a haircut recently: thoughts?[View]
114020145https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN-NwLPYQKc what country has the most patrician stereotypical music?…[View]
114019533>when a cute girls breath slightly smells does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
114017170You aren't an anti-semite, right, /int/?[View]
114015206Why isn't Australia range banned?[View]
114019654>I thought i told you to shut the fuck up, fat[View]
114017572Why are meds so based lads?[View]
114016804Facebook: Do people in your country still use Facebook? Pretty much no one uses it here anymore. We …[View]
114017180What are your dreams, anons? I had many but now I just want to die[View]
114018477this evening i ate a pack of smoked cheese, drank a bottle of hobgoblin gold and became a leader of …[View]
114017954>some random Indian language you've never heard of before has more native speakers than your…[View]
114018062I started a new job last week at a chinese restaurant and I dont have a single day off til next Wedn…[View]
114019359would russia and latin america be considered western countries?[View]
114017758>your cunt >what you're having for dinner…[View]
114007870/balk/: The Turkish name işkembe çorbası, meaning 'tripe soup', consists of işkembe ('stomach/tripe'…[View]
114008543Your country? Do they really do this over there?[View]
114019035Someone post the version where the ottomans conquer constantinople and the byzantine girl becomes sl…[View]
114016515>China and America at each other's throats, leaving Europe alone all according to plan, he h…[View]
114007327Why do they make everyone seethe?[View]
114016362looks like tar and tastes the same europeans are retarded[View]
114017866Wtf Brazil. My professor got a new teaching assistant and she's Brazilian. I cant fucking stop …[View]
114015230I will never eat haribo gummybears: They are made by germans. And they genocided 6 million Jews and …[View]
114014607>Italy didn't have tomatoes until the 17th century >Sweden didn't have potatoes unti…[View]
114015049ehemals /deutsch/, nun /autismus/[View]
114014798whys that[View]
114016218/int/ thoughts on brunei?[View]
114018514So, krauts of /int/. Hitler was not born in Germany. He was born in Austria, correct? So can an Amer…[View]
114015112/brit/: Newcastle edition[View]
114012744Hello Im a gook served in the US Army from 2005 to 2017 ask me your questions.[View]
1140143331. You cunt: 2. Have you ever caught an Asian guy under canadian fag[View]
114017988Is there any ancient indigenous culture alive in brazil today?[View]
114018271Is Japan going to be ok?[View]
114006836'I killed those Jewish kids because I was ordered to do so'.[View]
114014115how can you tell the difference beetween a german and a turk?[View]
114016014>this is considered 10/10 in Greece wew lad[View]
114018182Poland used to be poorer than Brazil, now it's richer than Portugal Are they even trying?[View]
114017342Destroys LATAM with coups, financing corruption, color revolutions, war on drugs, white supremacy pr…[View]
114018086It makes me sick. Why do these fucking subhumans have to come to my country? I am so disgusted by an…[View]
114016982Taken at around 7.30 am this morning. How man ton you reckon there lads[View]
114017019Sticks is the comfiest way to eat pasta[View]
114016413>college sophomore >computer science engineering >have to write assignments by hand How…[View]
114015063Without mentioning Muslims, Football, Bad Teeth Tea or Slags post the most British photo you have sa…[View]
11401615742 days until Christmas[View]
114015747I need to type up 1200 words tonight but my hands are cold.[View]
114012179Where is Kohlchan? t. Persona Swede[View]
114016360>why yes I do believe in the supremacy of oriental culture over western '''culture''' what gave i…[View]
114012214How does this happen?[View]
113977611I have an obsession: an obsession with FINLAND[View]
114016976Is PC or console popular in your country and what games are the most played?[View]
114014971What will they do with all the lithium and gas that they will steal from Bolívia?[View]
114017536>A historic corridor to one of Sikhism's holiest shrines (where guru Nanak founded Sikhism) …[View]
114015451Do you love New Zealand? :3c[View]
114017285The world is playing us, we are the NPC's.[View]
114017088>south american calls you a mutt[View]
114014788This is what your average American pictures when they think of Scottsmen.[View]
114017225*opposes the West in your path* >heh, kişisel bir şey değil >heh, ничeгo личнoгo Whats /int/s …[View]
114017002/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie.[View]
114006704Why China use simplified chinese characters but Taiwan still using traditional chinese characters?[View]
114015052Is it true that France still uses Minitel?[View]
114015068Why are we so relevant?[View]
1140156071. Your cunt 2. God or Satan?[View]
114014148Worse posters than Brazilians[View]
114017096Merry christmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSQPVe13hCI[View]
113990926/tr/+/mena/: فرسان edisyonu. Welcome: Arabs, Turks Not welcome: Ekş*cis, cucks of all sort and membe…[View]
114013739There are men from certain countries who would still go for the blonde.[View]
114016063Your favourite name: What is your favourite name /int/? Not from your country but the overall favour…[View]
114005339/NEDERDRAAD/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Financiële miserie - editie Welkom: Armoezaaiers Niet Welkom: Rijke elite…[View]
114016495What is the Russian soul?: What is the Russian soul?[View]
114016480Daily reminder: we stand against the old world[View]
114010564Anyone got vasectomy? How did it go?[View]
114016336japanese girls when they see do you love japan thread posters[View]
1140157321. Your cunt? 2. Are you Celtic or do you have Celtic ancestry? 1. Cymru/Wales 2. Of course[View]
114015270Mercenaries working in bolivia: Without a police or military presence, the Bolivian oligarchy hires …[View]
114016381Why does every brown person want to move to America? The only brown people that are allowed to move …[View]
114015671I think France should change its name to FranTulGeRiaMoce since Portuguese, algerians and morrocan a…[View]
114016572Wales is the best country in the British Isles.[View]
114015567>facts and logic[View]
114015918mum is listening to power metal again[View]
114011639Enlightened people of America! How shall I make great waffles?[View]
114010850>your country >are you jealous of Japan? brazil yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4xY9CTlye…[View]
114015283>be me on bus back from uni >chatting with newly made Moroccan exchange student fren >end u…[View]
114015454oh nooooooooooooooo im getting old i didnt do shit in my life[View]
114013506>Dansa med oss >klappa era händer >gör som vi gör >ta några steg åt vänster >lyssna…[View]
113992651/cum/: coomers united[View]
114016066Stalin was a blanquist, not a marxist.[View]
114008185/ita/ - il filo edizione anche stasera non avrò il calore di un corpo femminile accanto[View]
114015136it's 22:31 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
114013861Why are Poolacks in Europe such self-loathing cucks while Poles in the US are proud of their hertita…[View]
114015869>Evolution? More like 'evilution' bro! Everyone knows God created Earth 6000 years ago and that m…[View]
114007393Do you love capitalism?[View]
114014753Who else learning/learned hindi?: I started learning the language yesterday. Noticed that 'v…[View]
114006061Which country's girl make the best gfs?[View]
114009050>NOOO You have to speak English in this country and kiss each other when you greet!!! How dare yo…[View]
114015611>2channel was founded in fucking Arkansas[View]
114014813Just like the rest of your wretched wh*Te race weak and undisciplined.[View]
114013347I hate wh*Te people who say they are original Canadians.[View]
114013812What do you think is the cause of Americans becoming more and more stupid each year on average?[View]
113963247/balt/ + /ausnz/: Nature edition[View]
114003326/polska/: edycja anime[View]
114009385For me it's the polish ukrainian border[View]
114011657/brit/: Oscar-Claude Monet (1840 – 1926)[View]
114014779I do not care for the Middle East.[View]
114012798shut up fat[View]
114014887le plus gros soldat belge[View]
114013898Is the Tour Montparnasse the biggest dab in old school European architecture cities?: This tower is …[View]
114009858/deutsch/: Greta-komfortabel-Ausgabe[View]
114013850Why can't we use 'its' as a possessive pronoun? 'That tree has lost its leaves, but this one st…[View]
114014801https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv-ODnbbP7U >your cunt >are you a coomer…[View]
114012167Chile Sci-Fi warfare https://twitter.com/netsecfocus/status/1194574626761904128?s=19[View]
114013575Try to dispute[View]
114013772>Europeans on /int[View]
114014667>I give or tell the JAV codes whenever my friends ask me >It’s all about friendship bro >Wi…[View]
114014554>go to /pol/ >expect to be hated on >people actually like me >go to redd*t >expect t…[View]
114011808Over the next 10 years, EVs and hybrids will become increasingly popular and with all the new transi…[View]
114014605Manolo thread: Manolo thread[View]
114009918We are a proud Portuguese colony and we submit to our Portuguese overlords. We will give our women t…[View]
114011679Only people of the West African heritage can make a song about ass sound so based. Such a musically …[View]
114014385if inuits were the only inhabitants of Canada and had the same hyperadvanced technology as their eas…[View]
114014076>jealousy breed success[View]
114011979That’s it /pol/ won. It is over.[View]
114013309>be at uni >drink some water before bed (helps me sleep) >dream about using the restroom so…[View]
114014161>mfw Elon Musk thinks Berlin can finish a building HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
114007494How do you obtain a bf in your country? Bfs don't exist in America sadly[View]
114014125>I'm going to call you a 'yuro', that will show you[View]
114001936who else hates them[View]
114012343Is hiking with your best friends popular in your country?[View]
1140137651. Your country 2. Would People laugh at you if you walked around in these swedish pants? >1. Nor…[View]
114014007who's that guy ahah? he has funny face ahah.[View]
114013910>I suffer in the EU[View]
114013025Shut up gay.[View]
114010309Do any Danes still live in Skåneland or have they all been purged?[View]
114009285I now hate Musk: Anyone and I repeat anyone who likes germany, german people or anything even remote…[View]
114010343Your fetish How would your friends and family react if they found out[View]
114010251why are white people so fucking awkard? i thought they were supposed to be supergeniuses capable of …[View]
114011505Danish Japanese girl[View]
114008571Do Bulgarians really nod to say no? Or is it a myth?[View]
114012294Religion in this day and age: It’s truly amazing for me how people can still be religious today. How…[View]
114010657>reviewing resumes >pick out the best one, 15+ years experience, many successful projects deli…[View]
114012112>Germans have no sense of hum-[View]
113991252which one are you?[View]
114012227In 5 years Guyana will be first world[View]
114008576i could name at least 20 polish intellectuals who invented great things and you never heard about th…[View]
114008484>mfw he calls out white girls for appropriating arthoe culture from womyn of colour…[View]
114007436Honestly, is there a country more pathetic than Denmark? >country is a literal flat swamp >con…[View]
114005752Do you have Loacker in your country?[View]
1140099371. Ur cunt. 2. Which one looks better?[View]
114013520What's the green stuff that comes with Indian entres? I believe it's some sort of chutney[View]
114011406Komplett ki vagyok égve, hogy az öregisten bassza meg a kurva világát amit nekem idefosott.[View]
114008152/brit/: Josef Albers (1888 - 1976)[View]
114004536>I play video games even though I’m +18 years Why do some people do this?…[View]
114008984How could Americans kill and eat gators? They're just minding their own business.[View]
114009003Amerindian Revival: If you're Mestizo or more Amerindian, embrace your heritage. Together we…[View]
114012995DAMN! Wh*te boys look like THAT!?[View]
113990258What does a legitimate government look like in your country?[View]
114010476>your cunt >favourite KS girl[View]
114012836exports oil and consumes most of it producing[View]
114005733Hilo latino: la ranita 'violenta'[View]
114009256>I suffer in Argentina[View]
114012473Is there moral reason that they want to independent?[View]
114009956Ready for 2020?[View]
114011537>mfw portugal got some nepalese immigration recently >fuck my life more fucking indian niggers…[View]
114011971What about Croatia makes you jelly?[View]
114012430ooga booga? arghh rhh uhh[View]
114011739Global Pedo Rings: Do you wanna know how big this rothschild thing is? A year back some little girl …[View]
114011053So is it true then about Latinas?: Do I have a chance with them as a wh*te man or is it all lies?…[View]
114006513>record cold in US >record fires in AUS >record flooding in ITALY >people still deny cli…[View]
114009939Why did they want independence from France if they now speak French, move to France and have a dicta…[View]
114012208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO7Xf9qBNTs I like this song[View]
114012203Is Japan gonna be ok?[View]
114011880america unironically number 1[View]
114010234I wish my beard would grow longer, so i could braid it.[View]
114011822>I suffer in northeast Brazil[View]
113983455/asean/: Raja Don Andre Martinus Diaz Viera de Godinho edisi[View]
114010827post the best chess player from your cunt[View]
114011548Post the most American image you have: Good luck beating this one. >el goblino >parents forbid…[View]
114010881guys please stop saying woman are trash i was finally able to get my first gf this year[View]
114009653>'I never eat my pizza crusts how could you tell?'[View]
114002959I have to give an at least 6 minute speech in class today.[View]
114007680Why were the 80s so comfy and based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9pT0iFKpv0[View]
114009123thats a nice looking basement there[View]
114010203How can I get a hot Latina gf with good values?[View]
114011119>>114008201 >To smell and put in my mouth while pleasuring myself Is this common in Lithuan…[View]
114011038This scares the mutt[View]
114008471>I suffer in Korea[View]
114010303Let's drink an energy drink since we're tired. This is a collaboration with Monster-san.[View]
114010913was he based[View]
114008598you know the history of 'la malinche' ?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Malinche ' The term malinc…[View]
114009805Are boomers an American exclusive problem or are boomers the same regardless of nation?[View]
114007284Where the fuck is it going?[View]
114007844Mena: T*rks not welcome edition[View]
114009481are they east or west?[View]
114009697I miss KC[View]
114005503I ate spicy pasta. Now my mouth hurts. Why do Italians do this?[View]
114008784How come a handsome Naruhito have THIS as a daughter?[View]
114005103What is your favourite German Word?[View]
114010829>There is no ethical consumption under capitalism[View]
114009092I'm honestly in love with an anime girl. I've never had this feeling before. I can't …[View]
114003843Which country could be described as the evil version of your country?[View]
114007795Make Columbia Gran Again[View]
114010480Anyone else found god thanks to kanye west? I honestly think he was put on this earth for a higher p…[View]
114009726School slippers: Did you have these?[View]
114010604Why do russians do this? why? it looks ridicolous.[View]
114009988Famous poles: >Krzystof Kołumb >Szymon Bołiwar >Wielkokarol >Jerzy Waszyngtónia >Gaju…[View]
114004120>I see the french flag[View]
114007523Have you ever been to Italy?[View]
113996189(1) your country (2) is this common in your country? (3) please explain how you feel about this situ…[View]
114010228>tfw a Soyjak variant and a Gigachad variant are respectively the 14th and 19th most reposted ima…[View]
113979782Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: Previous Thread:>>113935257 Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/in…[View]
114009503Every time I see an RCMP they exude kindness and respect. Are the police in your country this nice?[View]
114001215Based Berlin[View]
113990235/fr/ - Le Francofil: Édition Juliette Scout de Tolbiac Ancien >>113977392[View]
113992762/ita/ - il filo: Portatevi bene, ve lo chiede la papera[View]
114008649A new challenger approaches![View]
114009638On this day in 1990, a New Zealander named David Gray went on a shooting spree in Aramoana, New Zeal…[View]
114002509Japan likes France. does your county like France?[View]
114008446is there a worse fate than being korean?[View]
114009752god i wish i were western...[View]
113994566>Alo? >salut >sunt eu >un haiduc…[View]
114009382Rise and shine /int/, rise and shine....Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the jo…[View]
114007301>You don't frighten us, English pig-dogs! ---Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly perso…[View]
114009533I'm going to Argentina next year and I need you guys to help prep me for this shit: Did anyone …[View]
114009249https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C18HjvYtLCs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzvw_jCQFiI https://www.…[View]
114009169What's going on in Peru? Isn't the president there ruling as a defacto dictator now that t…[View]
114005000/deutsch/ die 160 IQ Ausgabe der intellektuellen und Linken Elite: Diese Ausgabe wurde gesponsert vo…[View]
114001292Do you want to find love in Norwegian-German-Anglo-Iberian mutt land?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=W…[View]
114009031I just realised that Bangkok means Bang Cock, was everything already written for them?[View]
113995164is your handwriting trash?: mine is. though probably better than most anglo zoomers. im too embarras…[View]
114007245Could you pass a Zambian test?[View]
114008302Iowa is a cute hehehehehe[View]
114005302Cold war. NATO: We are without a doubt in a new cold war. The institutions that are supposed to be o…[View]
114008659I'm done playing the game.[View]
114008214do yanks really?[View]
114006423Yugoslavia - based post-Yugoslav irrelevant demographically collapsing mini statelets - kringe[View]
114008437I failed again I binged and over ate at 1:30am in the morning I'm never going to lose weight.[View]
114004326Greatest historical figure from your country?[View]
114006001Would you ask out pic related if she said she really liked you?[View]
114000227Does your cunt have cool and cute animals in it? Mine does (pic related)[View]
114008628For the last time, ananas belongs to pizza[View]
114001444>2080 >be Chinese >go to work from the other side of the country to Shanghai, arrive in 5 m…[View]
114007057This is a room found in most schools and offices in Japan. Do you know what it's for?[View]
114002410Do you love Korean style hotdog?[View]
114007235any balding lads in[View]
114006828So, is the KKK is the pinnacle of US race-roleplaying.[View]
114004875Imagina having not ONE but TWO countries within your country: Mamma mia[View]
114005139/commonwealth/: General thread for people from Commonwealth countries (as well former Britbong count…[View]
114007192Do you support the Guatemalan BVLL reconquista against b*lize?[View]
114007877What do you guys think about French Rap (Rap France) My favourite modern French rapper literally dro…[View]
114008238Ok, French Empire and shit, Napoleon and shit etc. but what the fuck did Eastern Euros do to be incl…[View]
114008305/nederdraad/: Omgekeerde integratie-editie![View]
114006072The mere sight of this flag triggers white roasties and asiancels.[View]
114007194>Japanese girls have no as- False! They have delicious round soft asses…[View]
114004051/brit/: Empire Edition[View]
114007766which of these countries is best?[View]
114006080How do people get gfs?[View]
1140074651. your cunt 2. what time does the sun set? flag 4pm[View]
114005883Why are you hate me?????[View]
114007957- 난도 (難度) - 난이도 (難易度) 난이도 (難易度) 가 높다 (高) X 난도 (難度) 가 높다 (高) O 고난이도(高難易度) X 고난도(高難度) O 수준(水準)이 높다(高…[View]
113992363/mämmi/: Hävittäjä-, rynnäkkö- ja tiedustelukone-painos[View]
114007809/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: the picture that drove illegals back into sandland ekdosis[View]
114000977>board without flags[View]
114002335seeing how far I can wee part 2: that's more like it[View]
114007533Reminder that Sonic is Japanese not American[View]
113994406/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Stages of manhood edition. Last: >>113977419[View]
114005131Turks were right about Armenians: This one Armenian has done an ungodly amount of damage to the US.…[View]
114007399Being wh*Te sucks I wish I was Japanese.[View]
114002652Does anyone know you're using 4chan?[View]
114006807American was ruined by G*rmans: Anglo America(Revolution War to Civil War): >Stuck to themselves …[View]
114003586I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
114004719Give me actual solid evidence that there was a coup in Bolivia orchestrated by the CIA.[View]
113999917Why don't Americans like milk?[View]
114007100What happens here these days[View]
114007145Your opinion about Le American Digger?[View]
114006223Are election campaigns like this in your country? https://twitter.com/BorisJohnson/status/1194320833…[View]
114000162Why do finns love milk so much?[View]
114006838The whole world is getting fatter because of American food[View]
114005039Japs are niggers BTFO[View]
114006522Why are they so religious? Why are they so zealous about a religion imposed on them?[View]
114006519How fat are women in your cunt?[View]
114004955Why Germans did it?[View]
114004867How do I know you are not all computer simulations?: And I am the only real person living in some ki…[View]
114005208I'm greek I'm a proud brown man[View]
113994416who do americans pretend to enjoy everything?: It's weird. Is it a 'Russians were gloomy so we …[View]
113999181Sverigetråden - Midgårdsupplagan: Om vi ändå var mer som vår förfader Harald Tvålfager.[View]
114004658Why our anime so glorious?[View]
114006103Hey /pol/acks, these are the types of people who visit your shitty board. Fucking cringe[View]
114005766HEY ITALY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57-8F8pvfuM[View]
114006275Whats New Zealand a foodie country?[View]
114005536So the English lost their empire, but they still have to allow in people from their former territori…[View]
114005604>I fuckin hate people eating popcorn and slurping soda at the movies, it's so fuckin annoyin…[View]
114006118How based is Siberia? Should I emigrate there?[View]
114006138>Someone asks what song you are listening to >Link any German song >'Wow I bet you listen t…[View]
114006002I filtered every thread about italy/italians so that I won't have to see your stupid shitposts …[View]
114006043I want Helsinki to become the Singapore of Europe[View]
114003750what is going on in mongolia?[View]
114006046>United Cameradom[View]
114000242Alemannefade: Alls was blau isch und cha richtig Schwätze, inne da![View]
114003283>Boss, I need a free week. What for? Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC.[View]
114002027Why European dislike Slav people? Some German said they are like white African Is it true?[View]
113998915I just found this pic made by a Ukrainian photographer. Can any Ukrainians/slavs tell me whether thi…[View]
114003718>Yeah bro we got half an ounce shrooms, four tabs, some meskalin, molly and weed. What? No, just …[View]
113990022Hilo /lat/ANO: hiloSHITo[View]
114005498Why isn't Gen III on the eshop you mean to tell me I have to go and buy an old DS to play them?…[View]
114005709Norwegian rape-babies.[View]
114005400>I suffer in Pakistan[View]
114005117When I was young I had a twist[View]
114004704>live in an area prone to fires >have to evacuate literally every year and fear for your life …[View]
113995816>arab barber starts ranting about how the government needs to stop making so many airplanes for m…[View]
113999389/deutsch/: Middach Loide[View]
114003474what if we were still one big ass continent?[View]
114003361post your country's biggest mistake[View]
114005140>long live Evropa and Evropean people[View]
113996809Do you hate Canada?[View]
11400511613 dead in Slovak crash: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/world/2019/11/13/bus-crash-in-slovakia-kill…[View]
114002860I tasted some ''''spicy'''' mexican food today and it was mild as fuck[View]
114005067The world is succumbing into a mad, horrible chaos (and that's a good thing)[View]
114004937Are Eastern Germans European?[View]
114004331What would happen if they joined the EU?[View]
114002611You know that feeling of despair and loneliness you get when you're at your lowest point and yo…[View]
114004809here i will give you my 500 da just don't bully me in front of girls please[View]
113996434Whoa...: Cuban women look like THIS?[View]
113999376/int/ breakfast: Post your breakfast or the most popular breaky of your cunt. Mine is ham and cheese…[View]
114003703Do you do nammyohorengekyo? 南無妙法蓮華經[View]
113997014Why don't russians use articles when talking/writing jn English?: I noticed they write like thi…[View]
114004669Do Americans really? https://twitter.com/Zod14_/status/1194571057992228865[View]
114004118Word 'petrol' what are the chances...: ... that an American teen-age girl wouldn't know the mea…[View]
114003191OHHH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
114002266Anons, what do you do at night?: When you've come home from work When you're just too tire…[View]
114004201Stop making me poor you idiot[View]
11400182430 year old Finnish woman accused of aggravated rape: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/dc80152f-b0…[View]
113999891>Russia has never lost a war >Korea has never won a war…[View]
114000600Are camels common in your cunt? Czechia, yes[View]
114003891PUT THE POPPY ON[View]
114004280wen will the Otaibi cucks rise against the Saud's and reclaim their land?[View]
114004113>be a w*men >can date rockstars by simply existing and going to their concerts >boohoo we…[View]
114001673Who invented noodles?[View]
113996989would you guys ever date a paki gf?[View]
114002876Commander Keen: What is best way to pass this level?[View]
114004029fear us.[View]
113999370Your cunt How is poland called in your cunt? Flag The louse of europe[View]
114002044/brit/ for God and Ulster: Ulster derives from an ancient nation hidden in the mists of time which a…[View]
1140036721. Your cunt tree 2. When did you realise US butthurt toward huawei was never about 5g and always wa…[View]
114003459Why do Sri Lankans do this?[View]
113996313/world/ what's your excuse? edition: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ …[View]
113993724Do you like real ramen?[View]
114003066I just wanna sleep all day[View]
113997856Well, i have to say, when i played mirror edge 10 years ago, i though it was some criticism to singa…[View]
114003182Why people still want to live in such concrete boxes?[View]
114003223How can one country be so based?[View]
113978547/polska/: edycja anime[View]
113995545How do we turn them into savage barbarians again?[View]
114003251>I absolutely LOVE travelling! I can't wait to plan out my next trip and experience a differ…[View]
113999375Hints and tips with Japanese girls? Pic unrelated, I don’t think I have a chance with a gravure mode…[View]
114002550Imagine being unable to pronounce the letter F[View]
113998194Why are Indo-Europeans such niggers? Is it the genes or the culture?[View]
113996812Africa needs more diversity. It’s too black.[View]
114003077RESPECT Mr. Park!! He gives me food and shelter... RESPECT!![View]
114001838/afg/: Daily AFGHAN general HEROIN #3 edition Welcome: anyone regardless of creed, colour or sexual …[View]
113995454>Other than bringing Russia back into the European fold, establishing a Euro-Chinese partnership …[View]
114002939>coccyx pain[View]
113993528Check this out.[View]
113996562Do people of different races have different accents in your country? Only referring to natives, not …[View]
114001434Is your country's economy growing?[View]
114002006a) cunt b) Do you like visiting the zoo? Are animals treated well there?[View]
113979993/Norgetråden/: powerpuffutgaven forrige: >>113953130[View]
114002603Life You could say it started when I was a kid. Like most folks, I've always been different. Bu…[View]
114002161>tfw parents named me Nebuchadnezzar I just go by 'Chad' most of the time…[View]
113996795>Let’s be racist against Japanese and Chinese people because they are/were economically threateni…[View]
114002043Why yes, I think Capitalism, Communism and Abrahamic religions are all Jewish tools to enslave human…[View]
113999829Fucking southeast asian: I think people in Southeast Asia are all smelling and ugly Pls get out of k…[View]
113999471Are you open to finding love in the United States of America?[View]
113996011>Yes, I think Pinochet was a great leader and Salvador Allende was a piece of freemasonic communi…[View]
113999705/brit/: Doing a poo edition[View]
114000709>GOD SAVE THE QUEEN[View]
114001466>Google Chrome[View]
113992229Is there anything more pathetic than 'do you love Japan' and 'do you want to find love in Japan' thr…[View]
113996580do politicians in your country have their own Tik Tok account? Italy Yes[View]
113992728/v4/+frens: Mornin' kofe edition[View]
114001493>your country >would you order the McSpaghetti Yes, spaghetti is delicious…[View]
113994516What temperature is it where you live? -9C here[View]
114001574>Attendance: >Hi Anon, >I’m just emailing to check how you are, as your attendance has been…[View]
113987851What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?[View]
113999515thank you for your service[View]
114001569>newfag? >what are you talking about? >I've been on 4channel since day one…[View]
113999932Is it considered rude to stereotype people on your country?[View]
114000824do French people really do this?[View]
114001440Do you think about moe anime? I think them so boring[View]
113994102what do you think of Somalia and the Somali people?[View]
113989262/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Late night edition, or as they say in Russian, Pил ниггa тaим[View]
114000645>We hold these truths to be self-evident[View]
113998705death to amerikkka aka the great satan[View]
113996554It's so hot here that I have to sleep naked. How about yours, my tropical country bros?[View]
114000902>your cunt >1 (one): neat fact about your cunt U.S four of our states aren't called state…[View]
11400083649 days until India becomes a superpower.[View]
114000101French food > Swiss food > Canadian food > Italian 'food'[View]
113993440How does it feel to not be a norwegian?[View]
113999517>ywn live in america https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkwsOOo3H-I[View]
113994775do they really have school police officers?[View]
113995553seeing how far i can wee: disappointed[View]
114000531Why are w*men so privileged bros?[View]
114000276Japanese girls and Korean girls are obese!: 15 years Japan51.6kg Vietnam39.66kg Korean 56.7kg 16year…[View]
113997576>No kyllä, olen kotoisin Suomesta (Finland), mistä tiesit?[View]
113991541Is there an archive of Australian TV guides anywhere? I need to find a show I saw on SBS in the earl…[View]
113998756This is how I picture Yugoslavs[View]
113994683Pretend to be an abo: I lost my boomerag on the way to work.[View]
113992100Why are so many great bands from Finland?: Finland has a tiny population yet so many world-recogniza…[View]
113999654>Nominative, Accusative and Dative: er <=> der, ihn <=> den, ihm <=> dem, sie …[View]
1139991631. Your cunt 2. Have you been bullied off every discord server you've ever been in for being au…[View]
113997688/brit/: Remembering the Empire edition[View]
113995428post strange and obscure pictures from your country[View]
113999144imagine eating this good /int/[View]
113997570This is a reminder.: This is you.[View]
113997472>his country teaches evolution >teachers don't mention that it's just a theory…[View]
113950887ex-yu: dobro jutro[View]
113998750Bernds sind hier! https://krautplausch.hopto.org/[View]
113996069a bird made a map of new zealand[View]
113997428>be american >go to funeral >tip…[View]
113993031American man was arrested while holding his sandwich: Due to technical limitations, there is no soun…[View]
113996710Do people eat Ferrero Rocher in your country?[View]
113998112Mangaka: >My favourite mangaka? Gengoroh Tagame ofcourse.[View]
113998766/SverigeTråden/ läsare-upplagan[View]
113995578Why are sites related to topics like this always so bad?[View]
113996925so many koreans are coming /int/ these days. clearly there is something wrong like proxy[View]
113994542/afg/: Daily AFGHAN general Dhal edition Welcome: anyone regardless of creed, colour or sexual orien…[View]
113997692Damn, swedish girls look like THAT!?[View]
113997817>Polish teammate wants to pick Yasuo? I'll ban him I guess[View]
113995910Why int always have qt Japanese girls thread? This is terror and internal politics interference. The…[View]
113997334Kill your father. Claim your mother for yourself.[View]
113974795Massive holes are appearing all around rural Siberia and scientists have no idea why. Can an /int/el…[View]
113996176Do you love Korean hotdog?[View]
113998646Are bogans the rednecks of Australia?[View]
113991607Why do europeans love joining ISIS so much[View]
113998056A whole board for you to write.[View]
113994569what is it about america that makes it sort of a special kind of shithole i dont think you can find …[View]
113993863>all my friends from school have wives and kids now[View]
113996503/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: чypкa издaниe[View]
113998114Poland? More like POOland Germany? More like GAYmany Italy? More like SHITaly Spain? More like ASSPA…[View]
113996736is it true that Euros don't say something like a pledge of allegiance? no wonder they hate the…[View]
113991602Why do white Americans look different than Europeans?[View]
113994422Dear Israel: please annex us already. this country is beyond fucked. we can build great relations to…[View]
113995294Why are Japanese girls so cute. What makes them so different and special from any other Asian countr…[View]
113995049>Lol ok boomer am I rite ?[View]
113995926Hello fellow /int/erlopers Does your attitude and behavior change with the season? I used to love f…[View]
113995103/brit/: turt edition[View]
113997041>you wake up in a bosnian village during a wedding what do you really do? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
113991676what’s going on in france?[View]
113991739>You wake up in Hong Kong[View]
113995355Guys I found out where he lives.[View]
113997216Hey oh god. What happned to korean? Economists warn of potential economic crisis in S. Korea by 2020…[View]
113997158Have a pin.[View]
113997067tfw had to make hot choco on water today[View]
1139968446 hours until Trump is going down.[View]
113991609Does this happen in your country?[View]
113996592OUT OF AFRICA?: OUT OF GERMANY CONFIRMED https://www.rtl.lu/dossier/tdf/news/a/1428260.html https://…[View]
113992692CUTE GIRL Now that I have your attention, just how fucking hard is Arabic to learn for a native Engl…[View]
113996689NYE in Paris?: will i have stories of conquest to return home with if i go and party in Paris for NY…[View]
113996596So how many leagues is it actually from Ushant to Scilly?[View]
113981635Sverigetråden Nerthusupplagan[View]
113996471Why can't they make music like this anymore?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SUC8sdP5eI…[View]
113996469Who makes better cars Ford or Ferrari?[View]
113994844Is Japan gonna be ok?[View]
113996215These days, now I have to follow 'rules' or I have to get arrested. Now, they're destroying all…[View]
113993743You are about to be deported from your own country, but you can go to any country you want. The catc…[View]
113996018'The Settlement' is the largest city on the Caribbean island of Anegada (British Virgin Is…[View]
113994901I really love America. What should I do??[View]
113995460>kys YES BUT HOW[View]
113995902Is it true?[View]
113993710>make a thread about a general topic on /int/ >people start speaking a language most people do…[View]
113991259Vietnamese girls slim, Japanese girls obese.: Average weight for girls by age 15 years Japan51.6kg …[View]
113994515>on your morning commute >see this What do?…[View]
113994280I sure wish the people of Hong Kong could experience some delicious Freedom™ and Democracy™ as easil…[View]
113992080muh Aryan people literally speak Arabic: The Hindi word for India is 'Hind' which comes from Arabic …[View]
113994616My grandfather was the grandson of Polish immigrants but he liked Adolf Hitler and defended the Nazi…[View]
113990163Okay /Int/ this is very serious. I work as a tour guide. My coworker is a captain of a boat. Our job…[View]
113991977you wake up in America...[View]
113994107Why do all the cute ethnic girls go to /pol?: Yesterday they had 2 cute black girls a jewish girls w…[View]
113994819Reminder that we are the last bastion of hope against the old worlders[View]
113994177would people in your country be intimidated by a strong muscular woman?[View]
113995273>French people are meds Hmm...[View]
113972375why dont you guys have a gf? the world is full of girls[View]
113993838>This is the sexiest man alive Thoughts?[View]
113989540Question to Koreans, about the banning/censorship of anime/manga/games: >South Korea’s Supreme Co…[View]
113973047/dixie/ + friends[View]
113993780Post computer specs from HWiNFO software[View]
113993499Why are Japs so bad at sexual morality?[View]
113995134>You are approaching a rondo What do?[View]
113989416Why are Hong Kongers so uncivilised? https://youtu.be/i45bRXJ2Hw0[View]
113992945/brit/: Glykon edition[View]
113994691Sub-white brazilian men only date the best black queens[View]
113991189/int/ernational qt girls: Dump your webms here[View]
113994881If i was merikan i would have the right to receive a native american certificate??[View]
113994264>El Salvador is named after Jesus Christ >it has one of the highest crime rates on the world W…[View]
113989996I just remembered that time America got caught hacking the German chancellors phone and Germany did.…[View]
113994792Fosos a gatyo gecc: Nagyon jo az ember erteke >legyek en >iskolaba szet fosom a gatyom >ha…[View]
113992408/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: litty edition[View]
113992603Is working a 9 to 5 common in your country? >USA >Yes We only get 1 week sick + 2 weeks vacati…[View]
113994209what's north yorkshire like?[View]
113986332>Red Army Choir - Moscow Nights[View]
113993998if you come from a country where illegal drugs(cocaine, heroine) are produced en masse for trafficki…[View]
113980663Why is America like this?[View]
113992061Why are pajeets so obsessed with this phenotype?[View]
113993489Why do Jews in America become white supremacists?[View]
113994346Do Americans relay?[View]
113991507Is this common in your country?[View]
113991858Why is Korea so based?[View]
113992276Wassup y'all, my name is Kenichi Washington! I'm a 27 year old Japanese Rapaholic (Rap mus…[View]
113994236My phone just turned American. Haha![View]
113994170kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
113993546Hey! Why don't you guys get rich faster? It's getting uncomfortable (for me)..[View]
113987098>My jungler is polish? time to go afk I guess[View]
113989829What's even the point of nationalism?: Wouldn't open borders be better for everyone? Imagi…[View]
113990503The virgin Azeri The Chad Armenian[View]
113990386Do you want a Japanese girlfriend?[View]
113992532Incels BTFO[View]
113993274Mexico would improve if poor mexicans became ladyboy hookers instead of narcos. They would have more…[View]
113952711/Isr/ thread: Rockets edition[View]
113986479Portugrill Thread: I am a Portuboo. Do you also like Portugal?[View]
113993177/brit/: Incel edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N1eflc6j5U[View]
113992743´Does this happen in your country?[View]
113992444NASA renames an asteroid because old name sounded of nazi!: https://tekniikanmaailma.fi/vanhasta-nim…[View]
113989615>In the 1930s, Japan's population was so big it couldn't support it What the hell happ…[View]
113993610This is the flag of Armenia.[View]
113993305As a CHI I'm not such a big fan of anglos, however I am completely enamored with and hopelessly…[View]
113992208>My boss said I won’t have a year end bonus because I didn’t join his Pyramid Scheme…[View]
113985122Why the fuck does Scotland have their own Wikipedia pages in 'Scots'? They've literally just ch…[View]
113990625are white latin american women the most beautiful in the world? the miss universe titles speak for t…[View]
113992283Is democracy declining in your country?: It currently is here, but it's hard to say how much lo…[View]
113993448>when ur american and some of the other countries say 'good morning' when it's night time an…[View]
113992394Why yes, I do own more than 1 cat[View]
113979220How does it feel to be a native New Yorker?: Explain it to me like the third worlder I am. How is li…[View]
113993324I am half Armenian. What are you, Anon?[View]
113989113Is this building style popular in your country?: Here virtually every new apartment building is a co…[View]
113992521>hahaha pootis[View]
113989938/brit/: my arse edish[View]
1139932151. your cunt 2. are black leather jackets fashionable?[View]
113993143/brit/: Alizee is a tranny edition[View]
113993138What do Brazilians look like?: I get the impression from browsing this board that they aren't r…[View]
113990928https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN3WxwMYk3Y This is a good informative video if you are planning to …[View]
113990637i'm too smart to work[View]
1139925871. your cunt 2. are you fat and disgusting?[View]
113976750Why do Mexican gfs seem so cozy? I really want one now! Hans is so lucky https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
113983563KC dood. Wat nou?[View]
113993025Reminder every Jew has to do this at least once in their life: Blowing babies is the Jewish hajj.…[View]
113992897Open mouth man funny lol[View]
113988189experiences with American women?[View]
113976926/ita/ - il filo: MAI MAI SCORDERAI[View]
113992036If I walk into an indigenous village somewhere in Guatemala/Peru/Bolivia and tell them I want to be …[View]
113992656>Wait for the emote... THERE IT IS. >yeah... I'm reporting this guy for stream sniping.…[View]
113992523Morning fellas[View]
113991836what brand makes the most DURABLE shoes? I got a pair of new balance and they were utter trash, then…[View]
113990532>Spanish guy talks shit about Portugal on a YouTube video comments >drop kick him with my supe…[View]
113988376You wake up in Córdoba, Argentina...[View]
113991485athens... home....[View]
113992595How easy is it to become an official, certified citizen from a foreigner in your cunt?[View]
113992142A black girl who had a huge crush on me a year ago tried to kill herself very recently[View]
113992407Itt. Post fucking disgusting food from other countries. E.g. virgin boy eggs, cooked with little boy…[View]
113992503Nordics are a big problem.[View]
113987579is this true?[View]
113991445>Had had >do do >that that >would have had to have had >had had to have had having…[View]
113990509>have one chance at life >born american JUST…[View]
113991344>Friends >Social Life >Happiness >Enjoying life >Girlfriend >sex >Leaving the h…[View]
113989361Is it true your country loves black girls?[View]
113986909the /cum/[View]
113990938You wake up in Ulaanbaatar...[View]
113991303Hey guys last post from Mali was on 2018 according to https://desuarchive.org/int/search/country/M…[View]
113991901WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET A GF?[View]
113988525Why are french movies so edgy?[View]
113989992Anglos and monolingualism: Do Americans (and other Anglos) have such naive views on race and foreign…[View]
113967372/mämmi/: Pikku pukki kakki kalliolle-painos[View]
113990411This is the sexiest man on the planet. Do you agree?[View]
113991945Innocent 11-year old got punched on the stomach: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/11-vuotias-leik…[View]
113988197Canada is poor: >1/3 households earns less than $45,000 >1/3 households earns between $45,000-…[View]
113991589the morbidly obese aren't even human to begin with[View]
113989170Why are Brits living so cramped? This is third world tier.[View]
113991728China Greece Friendship = Anglo Tears: >ATHENS- “Not only do I agree that the Parthenon Sculpture…[View]
113988760>'Why yes I have been watching Sword Art Online, How could you tell?' https://mobile.twitter.com/…[View]
113991387Do they fucking REALLY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Jso3x4BrI[View]
113989774What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him …[View]
113991611I knocked off me servo job. Left my wife and kids to embark on a hunt. Took me paddock basher and a …[View]
113991204Lets play game: We see if int can post in alphabetical order A-australia >next would be country t…[View]
113991031Meanwhile at the /int/ manor...[View]
113989932Now thats what i call based![View]
113991584/int/ isn't the same since shahar left[View]
113990150Could I learn a new language by babbling like a baby? Like going over to a non English speaking coun…[View]
113989121What ethnicity is your girlfriend? Mine is French if you know what I mean.[View]
113989430KARA BOGA ENGLAND[View]
113988054From the march on Paris last weekend.[View]
113986124haha what did you just mumble anon? poo in what?[View]
113977090>he visits another country to be a good little boy and respect the local customs >he unironica…[View]
113970661How old are you[View]
113991039>you wake up in warsaw slums[View]
113991016You know I'm pretty sure that I'd be happy with a black girlfriend Like, I'd just be …[View]
113991298>Take your meds schizo[View]
113990901People are starting to use > on facebook comments/posts Obligatory 'does this also happen in…[View]
113991228How do I impress a male Magyar and convince him to have sex with me? They're elusive, even on t…[View]
113989628Why are Asian girls more excited if know there language . for example I am a black male with a langu…[View]
113984095welp, it's over. They're turning my beloved little texas into yet another socialist shitho…[View]
113986086what are north yorkshire girls like?[View]
113988086Why do Finns have autism[View]
113981909ICILS 2018: Children who took new ICILS test were born right around the time of the advent of Facebo…[View]
113990903Living the dream.[View]
113969903What do Europeans and Asians think of Native Americans?: They are part ANE and part proto-mongoloid,…[View]
113990289Have u ever fucked by women?[View]
113990244What percent of /int/ are proxies[View]
113990996Can't make this shit up even if you wanted to: From the BBC's website[View]
113990981How are you frens? What's everyone doing to stay comfy tonight?[View]
113987434Reminder that the ancient mediterranean civilizations were on another level[View]
113990735Do swedish people really do this?[View]
113982774Guess the ethnicities. My guess is, ethiopia and italy. What's your guess?[View]
113989667link is very albanian he is strong,,,unlike others he will get it done yes... he is our hero since h…[View]
113984929BASED: Europe bringing the heat.[View]
113989058Why are they so obsessed with European fashion?: 1/3 of Luxury brands sales are in China[View]
113987391What happened to Europeans once they reached the Americas? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n4lvh_NZ…[View]
113988895Hi, I’m an illegal Mexican in Toronto. AMA.[View]
113990752I just wanna be happy Is that too much to ask god damit[View]
113990361they died for your right to defecate outside[View]
113989743Dios mio...[View]
113989801Places in America that matter: I am going to list off all the places that really matter in the US. I…[View]
113982517You find good paying remote job, you can now live anywhere, where would you move?[View]
113981597/NEDERDRAAD/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Linkse Traantjes - editie Welkom: Nederlanders, Vlamingen, Zuid-Afrikanen…[View]
113987959Do they really...?[View]
113990423why ruin my business bongs https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/28/gang-used-cattle-prods-tasers-guard-brothe…[View]
113985429world peace when[View]
113982402Thoughts /int/?[View]
113985093*blocks your path*[View]
113984556what's your phenotype /int/?[View]
113990479The Sunni Turk, The Kemalist Turk, The Kurd, The Western Cuck Turks all fear the ALEVI BVLL[View]
113990422/fr/ - Le francofil: Édition rock anticommuniste Ancien >>113977392[View]
113990141Are there any buildings in your country that look normal but hold stuff that could cause pandemics/a…[View]
113986626>see white woman >feel disgust >see non-white woman >kinda like her as long as she doesn…[View]
113964351German women are the most beautiful in the world![View]
113977392\fr\ - Le francofil du chaos et de la destruction: >CSQ un astéroïde géant détruire la terre le 2…[View]
113990049https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ep7fZkUwqVg >Why yes, this was my childhood and would cut my hands …[View]
113990035She is brazilian and 2% finnish (suomi), say something nice about the black brazilian finnish comuni…[View]
113989612Who else /teamindia/ here?: Im starting to learn hindi from watching bollywood movies and tuition. C…[View]
113978944/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
113980706You wake up in deep Siberian small town without anything[View]
113989168I can't wait for 2020 when Modi Ji makes India a superpower.[View]
113987836/brit/: pengdon edition[View]
113988909Why are they the only Caribbean people who post here?[View]
113988254What's her ethnicity?: And how come she looks super European? Are there many Americans like thi…[View]
113989855Is there any random cunt u have a relation with? For me it's Mozambique >i have several book…[View]
113984350Family Trees, everyone welcome, especially mutts[View]
113988037What race is that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crVZrXYygQk[View]
113986179Sorry Italy.[View]
113987421Do we owe gratitude to Americans ?: Did they really fight for our freedom ?[View]
113985004>your country >which demographic has it easiest in your country >which demographic has it h…[View]
113986240This Finnish girl speaks 6 languages. Is multi language speakers are common in your country? me only…[View]
113988552All of the non-American /int/cels in a nutshell.[View]
113989231What are women like in your country?[View]
113988977Why are black Americans act like homosexuals(see tupac).[View]
113986564>Poland is what happens if russia and germany make a baby Woah...[View]
113974207Best country in the world. Best language. Best history. Best women. Best food.[View]
113988515Are the swiss racist?: I have both Swiss and Canadian citizenship, and have lived in both countries …[View]
113988709You wake up in Brazil[View]
113988570Listen Paco, hand him over and nobody gets hurt. Sincerely, The USA[View]
113986012>DUDE I love traveling! >experiencing other cultures is so much fun!…[View]
113984867Is a Wet Dream considered breaking No Nut November?: Because the other night i Came in my sleep to a…[View]
113988183I want American gf. How should I do?[View]
113988000Why do Indians like Harry Potter so much?: Every Indian girl I've met has a thing for Slytherin…[View]
113988230What does /int/ think of New Jersey?[View]
113988406Are melanesians considered black in australia or does that apply only to africans?[View]
113988439Opinion on mexican males?[View]
113987351I don't understand why is South America so americanized. When I watch burger movie, I always re…[View]
113987007Honestly as a middle class white man in America I suffer tremendously. The physical sufferings of me…[View]
113987929Is this the reason South American posters don't even seem to know what's going on in their…[View]
113950075/skandi/: söta ultranationalistiske animepiger utgaven[View]
113986035There are 3 European races Anyone who disagrees is an imbecile[View]
113987435>four years ago some anon posted a pic of a girl from his country he knew personally >I have …[View]
113984260What is the worst thing about your country that you can encounter as a normal person in every day li…[View]
113987969Do Italian women like black men?[View]
1139852831. ur nice guy <3 2. does australia like beer and anime?[View]
113987429you guys do realise we aren't a literal desert, right? like you have to drive hours inland befo…[View]
113988038ma tahan seksida maotüdrukuga[View]
113987075>imagine being virgin in a sex tourist'ed country[View]
113985481/brit/: Hindsight edition[View]
113987920>My favorite show? Has to be One Tree Hill.[View]
113985395Do you want to find love in America?[View]
113986774This land is your land, this land is my land From the California to the New York island From the Red…[View]
113987837/brit/: PENG edition[View]
113986902Anyone else get tired of waking up next to big titty, blue eyed, blondes?[View]
113987450Amélie... ame lie... âme is french for soul... A soul that's a lie...[View]
113976491/deutsch/: Arschbürger hält wieder konferenz auf dem Wohnheim-Gang ab Ausqabe[View]
113985410Why are black girls attracted to cringey white nationalist movements?[View]
113986129>mutt >monkey >goblino >albino monkey >el amerigoblo >macaco…[View]
113987525How do we make France more American?[View]
113986353Why don't they just share it? It's already conveniently split into two.[View]
113980787oops I accidentally fixed USA[View]
113986025Est-ce qu'il y a un façon de rester à Paris pour une semaine avec dirons nous $700 dollars comm…[View]
113984449Please God tell me what it'll take to stop American culture from taking over the world please[View]
113987529What did they mean by this?: What did they mean by this?[View]
113984839Every time I step outside my house is like I'm entering hell itself. This ´´country´´ sucks. Th…[View]
113986619Itt post interesting places in your vagina. >The Chicxulub crater (/ˈtʃiːkʃʊluːb/; Mayan: [tʃʼikʃ…[View]
113987369Do Russians still build like this?[View]
113983953Would a Portuguese Manlet get mogged in your cunt ?[View]
113983512Russia is New England: >Winter temperatures in New England are the same as Moscow in Winter >S…[View]
113985999The ride never ends....[View]
113986284>why yes, I am an atheist, how could you tell?[View]
113987158>My ethnicity? American[View]
113983439Superpower india 2020: In about one and a half month india will become the most mightiest and prospe…[View]
113978843Why is China leading the way in technology now? It used to be western counties doing this sort of th…[View]
113985130who else here /lonely/ there is an unfixable emptiness in me sometimes the pain is dull, othertimes …[View]
113985646The percentage and number of hispanics in the southwestern US are as follows: California: 38%, 14.7m…[View]
113983221your cuntrie do you ask women how their day went?[View]
113986891>We value your privacy. We and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to persona…[View]
113986169burger: burger[View]
113985493Is /int/ a Schnitzel or Milanese board?[View]
113985715Fuck internet The fact our girls r super qt is revealing by foreigners these days. This is national …[View]
113976601Why Was Israel Formed?: As the question states, why was Israel formed and what are your opinions on …[View]
113986560Green, light blue:Soul. Dark blue, purple:Soulless[View]
113950375/tr/: 'kara boğa' edizhunu[View]
113965746/v4/ + friends: chinlet edition[View]
113983151what is the equivalent for mass shootings in your cunt?[View]
113968793/ro/ - firul nostru: Ediția Luizei Melencu, in memoriam. Antecendente: >>113948469[View]
113986321>i for one commend jannies for their selfless dedication to keeping this board clean…[View]
113983671ART: post art[View]
113975932Post a cathedral or pretty churches from your country itt[View]
113984039Are European zoomers more culturally American than European?[View]
113984711What do Hungarians think of Austrians (and vice versa)? Do Hungarians see them as oppressors? Are yo…[View]
113972750Is it true that your personality changes when you speak another language?: I wouldn't know as I…[View]
113985698>this is what caused blacked posting to appear lmao[View]
113984001The SOUL of the world[View]
113981744If I were to go to Spain would I be accepted by the people there?[View]
113976492post literal translation of non-sense expressions from your language >it does not break three leg…[View]
113985898I'm just tryna see how the bhais stuck in the motherland are doing[View]
113982498if all you intcels hate the fact that the west is liberal why don't you move to saudi arabia or…[View]
113982959Spain should pay reparations by giving us Chicanxs and Mexicans land in Spain itself. It's the …[View]
113985455I'm turk[View]
113985543The fuck is this shit? I put a tablespoon of the stuff on my sandwich and I fucking gagged, this isn…[View]
113984582What happens here?[View]
113985171Why is Honduras such a shithole?[View]
113984786>germanic europe population: 271,361,706 gdp: $10,705 trillion gdp per capita: $39,449 >romanc…[View]
113984168How many 5-year olds you can beat in a wrestling match: so how is it 7 for me[View]
113982767>there is one left ham producer in Paris.[View]
113969804I want my country's old flag back[View]
113985326Are very bureaucratic countries like UK and Canada, where you can't do nothing without muh loic…[View]
113984941Why are Indians and Pakis so different?[View]
113972207>so tell me something about yourself, anon[View]
113983887Does your country have nice flags?[View]
113985195I will never forgive white people: https://youtu.be/7iTpfKULRWY[View]
113984981Do you want to live in Scatman's World /int/? https://youtu.be/02vDkMEdIkY[View]
113981281Is living here good?[View]
113983937>everything going okay >something unexpected happens and drains the energy and good mood out o…[View]
113985064ma tahan seksida maotüdrukuga[View]
113984761What do ?[View]
113984340>black queen thread >gosh what does a brother have to do to score one of these queens >lma…[View]
113983660Memes aside: Do you feel bad about the decline of American society and culture?[View]
113984793I miss this nigga like you would not believe...[View]
113950593kurva anyátok[View]
113984957roof moose: thread[View]
113983369/brit/: Newcastle edition[View]
113984637Why would anyone willingly live in Australia? >tradcon government that pretty much bans porn >…[View]
113979920Languages in Germany???: What does it say? can some Deutsch speaker confirm?[View]
113982428/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Лocь[View]
113984086Elon's building the next Tesla factory in germany. I'm glad, maybe their body panels won…[View]
113982725Dark hair women are goddesses. I wish we had more where i live. blonde and mousy hair looks so fucki…[View]
113984026Hello comrades, i have greatest plan to make filtration schools in Europe, possible in Germany is it…[View]
113983096>tfw you’ll never be greek[View]
113983736Could they stop chimping out and be civilized for a century?[View]
113984098I've had diarrhea for three months. Is this common in your country?[View]
113983731Like what?[View]
113984153>Why yes, I would betray my country for a qt Persian gf.[View]
113984053There hasn't been a mass shooting in a while.[View]
113980785People work/study regularly while watching many movies and series, while playing video games, while …[View]
113983986I just want to move to a deep part of Russia, and farm with a Siberian gf. In Canada I can't ev…[View]
113981111Why do anglo (Americans and Britanians) put badass girls in their movies lately ? I mean, in modern …[View]
113983552do women care about haplogroup? I'm very sensitive to it and am afraid no woman will date me be…[View]
113977419/balk/: Magyarország Régi >>113965622[View]
113977224Popular drink in your country[View]
113981830/world/ me and my bf edition: /rus/+/bel/+/ukr/ /brit/ /fr/ /polska/ /lat/ /nederdraad/ /mämmi/ /egy…[View]
113972236what do people do in your country do for fun?[View]
113980346How did your country honor America's brave veterans yesterday?[View]
113983621Please visit Tasmania.[View]

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